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Full text of "A theoretical and practical grammar of the Otchipwe language [microform] : for the use of missionaries and other persons living among the Indians"

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^1^ 1^ 

IL25 1 1.4 








WeSSTER.N.Y. 14580 

(716) 873-4503 















Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Micro'eproductions / Institut Canadian de microreprcductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes/Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy availab'e for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be uibliographically unique, 
which may alter any of the images in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checked below. 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a 6t6 possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-dtre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
uns image reproduite, Ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la methods normale de filmage 
sont indiqu6s ci-dessous. 

to 1 






Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

I I Covers damaged/ 

Couverture endommagde 

Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaurde et/ou pelliculde 

I I Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 

I I Coloured maps/ 

Cartes g^ographiques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I I Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 

Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
Relid avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La re liure serr^e peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distortion le long de la marge int6rieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches ajoutdes 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela 6tait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas 6td filmdes. 





Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires suppldmentaires; 

Cover date is correct date. 

Coloured pages/ 
Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommagdes 

Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
Pages restaur^es et/ou pelliculdes 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pages ddcolordes, tachetdes ou piqudes 

Pages detached/ 
Pages d6tachdes 


I I Quality of print varies/ 

Quality indgale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary material/ 
Comprend du matdriel suppldmentaire 

I I Only edition available/ 

Seule Edition disponible 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont 6X6 filmdes d nouveau de faqon d 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

or i 




This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est film6 au taux de reduction indiqud ci-dessous. 







1 -w^ 








The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

Glenbow-Alberta Institute 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol —^ (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol y (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

L'exemplaire filmi fut reproduit grdce it la 
gAn^rosit^ de: 

Glenbow-Alberta Institute 
Calgary - 

Les images suivantes ont 6x6 reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin. compte tenu de la condition at 
de la nettetA de l'exemplaire filme, st en 
conformity avec les conditions du contrat de 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
papier est imprim^e sont film^s en commandant 
par le premier plat at en terminant soit par la 
derniire page qui comporta una amprainte 
d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second 
plat, selon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont fiimis en commen^ant par la 
premiere page qui comporte une amprainte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la dernidre page qui comporte une telle 

Un des symboles suivants apparaitra sur la 
derniftre image de chaque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbole —»• signifie "A SUIVRE ', le 
symbole V signifie "FIN". 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtre 
film^s i des taux de reduction diffdrents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtra 
reproduit en un seul clichd, il est filmd d partir 
de Tangle sup^rieur gauche, de gauche 6 droite, 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images n6cessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la m^thode. 












••^■i'^AiS%-:i!f-»j,- ■•;/*..; 







4 »«w »^oiti BIT 4 IfiMrtoHAar 

0» TSOt OBLAflM. 

lit „^ 



■^i w iM inan i ; t i I I I 




I . 



tev '■■,.• 

"/■ "" '*,'t'^(^!'WIWW(IWW 















'- ) ■■.•■■ = /jST 


'.?- -J* 

h iV: 



Bfif . Pere ALB. LACOIE, M J. I. 






i*i ' 



tf>^Dl3»4^?l ^1 





F.£iL.TlT XX. , 




Let foreign imtioiiR of their lanBuage boast, 
And, proud, with skilful pen, man's fate record ; 
I like the tongue, which speak our men, our coaat, 
Who cannot dress it well, want wit not word. 

->-o-<>o— <^ 


BEAtlCHEMIN & VAL0I8, Publishers, 
256 and 258, St. Paul Street. 



W'l I 

•'♦ ' 


r-^TKC -*»»~-— -^,_„ 

■■\ ^ifHi^^sM'''''^^'^^'^''' • ■ ' '^i 




The celebrated Lexicographer J< 

loHNSoNsayfl: ** He that un- 
dertakes to compile a Dfctionary, undertakes that, which, 
" if it comprehends the full extent of his design, he knows hin»- 
" self unable to perform. Yet his labors, though deficient, 
" may be useful ; and with the hope of this inferior praise he 
*' must incite his activity, and solace his weariness." 

A true saving ! Pbobatum est I If anybody experienced the 
truth of it,' I did. 

What Johnson says here, is true even in regard to Dictiona- 
ries of civilized languages ; but by far more so in regard to a 
Dictionary of an Indian language. 

This is, to the best of my knowledge, the first Dictionary of 
the Otchipwe language ever published. The compilation of it 
has cost me several years of assiduous labor; and still I must 
acknowledge that it is yet very defective and imperfect. I con- 
sider it as next to impossible to make such a work perfect at 
once, in the first edition. 

In order to understand this Dictionary and make a practical 
use of it, the Otchipwe Grammar ought to be first studied, es- 
pecially the Formation of Subatantivefi and the Formation of 
Verbs; because you will find in this Dictionary only some of 
{Reformed substantives and verbs, as examples after which you 
may form others yourself, according to the Rules explained in 
the Grammar. 

The pronunciation of the Indian words in this Dictionary is 
the same as explained in the First Part of the Otchipwe Gram- 
mar. Here is a short extract of those explanations. 


• a in {)ronouiice(J long or short like a in father, 
and or hand, 
e " " like e in net. 

i * " like i in live, 

n " " like in bone, 

g " '* like </ in get. 

J liftH the French sound, us in Jour, jnli, etc. 

The other consonants have the English sound. 
Nkcessabv Remarks Fon thr propkr tse op this Dictioxary. 

1. The verbs iit this Dictionary art given in the first person 
singular present, (as in Greek Dictionaries,) because tliere 
is properly no infinite mood in Otchipwe. 

2. In the siguilications of active verbs animate, ordinarily' the 
'ma.yr«//ne gender only is expressed, and the feminine is un- 
derstoofl. As: Nin icabama, I see him. — It njeans also, I 
see her ; but this is understood. 

3. Verbs ending in endan, endamawa, endago.t, etc.; may also 
end in enindan, enindamgioa, enindagos, etc., which is 
not always expressed in this Dictionary. F. i. Nin jawen- 
dagoH, or, nin jawenindagos, I am happy. Nokendagwad , 
or, nokenindagwad, it is soft. 

4. Tho unipersonal verbs ending in a vowel, have ordinarily 
two terminations, but tlie same signification in both ofthem. 
They end in a vowel, a, e, i, o, or they add the termination, 
magad. F. i. Sogipo, or sogipomagad, it snows. Kia.nna, 
or kisisinamagad, it is cold.— In this Dictionary vou will 
find the second termination expressed by a dash ana magad ; 
us: Sogipo, OT-magad,\\\\\c\\m(i&nii, or sogipomagad. And 
in the participle you will find a dash and magak ; as : Swa- 
(fipog, or-magak, which means, or swagipomagak. 

5. The imperative mood is not always expressed, because it 
can be easily constructed according to the Paradigms of the 
Conjugations in the Grammar. But where the imperative 
is difficult or irregular, it is ordinarily expressed in this 

6. Many verl)s that are passive in their signification, are neuter 
in their formation and conjugation, and therefore marked 
down as neuter werbs. F. i. Kind inendagos, I am destined. 
Nin nondagoa, I am heard, etc. 

7. To indicate the plural of substantives, onl^ the letter or let- 

* In someplncos in the Dictionary, the letter a, when long, Is marked with the 
Clrcunifle,x accent. 






tcrs ure exnrorttiOil that art- luMoil to the Hiiif^ular in ordor to 
fbriii tlie plural ; ami the daHli Iteforo those h'tterw repre- 
Hciita the Bulintuiitive. As: T(hinn, luriiip; \A.-nn ; wliirli 
ineiiiiH, tchixsan. Inini, man ; pi. //•«//, llml in, ininiwaij. * 
There are Home coiiHormntH wliicli tiie ImliiiuH don't prt»- 
iiounce distinctly and unifi>rniullv. Tliey very otlen con- 
found the letters II and /', I) and f, 11 and A'. It in otlen iin- 
|tos8il)le to aHcertain, hy the pronunciation of an Indian, 
whetlicr tlic word liej^inH with a // or /', witli a I) or 7', with 
a (i or A'. For this reawon pleawe mind tlie uliort Note you 
will find at the he^'inning of each of thcHc letterH in this 
Dictionary. See likewiso the Note at the be;;inning of the 
letters I) anil U'. 

In rejjard to the Second Party I have to remark that what- 
ever relates to a suhslanfive, is to he found under that huI)- 
stantive. As : I have lar^e feet, I have small feet, I have cold 
feet, etc. Look for all that under the suitstantive ''Foot." 
Mind the same in rejj^ard to cerb.s. The adjectives rtdatin;^ 
to a verb and mo<lifyin<; it, are to he found under that verh. 
As: I look an^ry ; I look stranj^e, etc. This all occurs 
under the verb " Look." 

Sometimes the v?rb act. an. is followed by the termination of 
the inan. F. i. Sayia iniiul) Hon, that is : nind sayUton, 





f. i. 
n. or niim 
num. v. 
n. V. 


per 8. V. 



8. th. 

,\irn\l\eH animate | See Otchipwe (}rannnar. 
" inanimate. / ' 

for instance, 
numeral verb, 
neuter verb, 

personifying verb, 
participfe and substantive. 

















* In Manitoba the Otcliipwe Inilliiii.s or Sauteux pronounce more wok tlian 
wag, for verbs as well for substantives. 





6*.., t 

SotnetiiiieH, when iieoeHHary to imlicaU' tlio third ))er80n plug. 
j)refl. of active verhn animate, the l»oj;;innin;^ of the vcrli is 
•^iveri, aiui then the teriniriation, \vhi(ih is « ; an: Nin waha- 
ma ; 3 p. o wabn; vvliich moans, o xoabamdn. 

To sjiow tlio third person sing. pres. of active verbs inanimate, 
when it is not regular the heii;innin<' of the verb is marked, 
and three periods ; v.g. : Nin wabanadn ; 3 p. o wab... ; wh'cK 
means, o wal>atid(tn. 

'Vo indicate the participle, ordinarily, when it appears to he nsc- 
fnl fur tiie beginner, the beginning and the ena of it is niarU- 
t'd (h)\vn ; as: Mashkau-adin ; p. mesh...inff ; which means, 

iS. 15. — To save time and expenses we liavc tliouglit not ahvays to 
repeat the liiird persons neither the i)articiple, becanse we sup- 
pjsethat persons using this Dictionary have some previous 
Knowledge of the Granimar. 

F. signifies, 
C. " 





in French. 

in the Canadian dialect of the French 


in Latin. 

in Ottawa or Otawa. 

in Algonquin. 







\ • 


'■"- ' \ 

i(S ^T#,JJKv :: Vi -•' 



1— Thifl first letter of the Al- 
plinltet liaH priiioipally two 
houikIh, tluit is oiio loiij' and 
tlie other Hhort. We know 
when tliip firHt letter or the 
.syllable with A, in the liej;in- 
ning of a word, is long or 
short, according to the way 
thechangeia formed; v.i^.Nhid 
ahnwa ; hero the firnt letter 
A is long, because at the par- 
ticiple, you have to sav : aya- 
bawad—Nind agnna ; here on 
contrary the first A is short, 
because you say for the par- 
ticiple : egonna ; see the rule 
of the Craniniar. 

1 — This letter is sonieti*nes in- 
sorted in verbs which signify 
repetition or changing of 
place ; as : liapa-((ij( , he goes 
from one place to another ; 
instead of haba-lja. — Anoich 
ninapinewo;/, they have dif- 
ferent and frequent diseases ; 
instead of anotch indpiaeiratj. 
A notch ainassin wdjikwan; 
cncndanij sn loedakcd od aini- 
kwean ; the vessel goes in 
diJierent directions ; where- 
ver the steersman pleases he 
steers it. — When Ih'.' verb to 
which ft is prefixed, begins 
with an a, the letter i is in- 
serted between vlie two nr / as : 


Aijuiinde, it is on the surface 
of tiie water ; aifi(/nu'iidc, it 
tioats about. — Atewdii, they 
are there, {in. obj.) aiatevmii, 
they are scattereil round. 

Amre, s. pi-^oon-tail, (a kind of 
wild duck ;) pl.-y. 

Ab, {nhid) 1 am ; J am in, at 
home ; p. ebid. 

Abainnau'tt, (m'nd). I unite s. 
th. for him or to him ; p. (dd- 

Ab(mn,{niiid) a. v. in. I untie 
it ; p. aiubaaiK/. 

Ababikaan, hihih) a. v. in. I 
open it with a key, I uidock ; 
p. ainb..a7Hj. 

Ababikaiyade, or-maf/nd, u. v. 
it is opened, unlocked ; p. 
aiab.. dej. or-magak. 

Ababikaigan, s. key ; improper- 
ly 'a lock; pl.-a/«. — S. Knsh- 

Ababikaigairike, (nind) n. v. 1 
make a key or lock, (keys or 
locks ;) p. (iiab..kcd. 

Ababikaiganiketvfn, s. 1 o ( k- 
smith's trade or business. 

Abahikaiganiketvinini, ,^. lock- 
smith, (key or lock maker,) 

Abnbikdinawa, (nind] a. v. an. 
I open or unlock it to him or 
for liim ; p. ainb..wad. 

Ababiknwn, [nind) a. v. an, I 








open with a key Honie an 

p aiab..wad. 
Abadad, u. v. it is useful, ser- 
viceable, beneficial ; p. aia.. 

Abadis, (nind) n. v. 1 am useful ; 

p. aia .sid. 
Abadjia, {nind} a. v. an. I make 

use of some an. obj. ; he does 

me services, is useful to me ; 

p. aiabadjiad. 
Abadjitchigan, a. an. any an. 

object tHat is useful ; pl.-a^. 
Abadjiton, (nind) a. v. in. I 

inake use of It, I profit by it, 

it is useful to me. 
Abadjitowin, s. the use of s. th., 

the act of using, s. th. 
Abagamisan, [nind) a. v. in. I 

warm it a little, (liquid ;) p. 

Abaigade, or-magad, u. v. it is 

untied, loosened ; p. aiab..deg. 

Abaigas, [nind) n. v. T am loos- 
ened, untied ; p. aia. sod. 
AbaJ, 8. lodge-pole ; pi. abajin. 
Abajiiak, a. an. rafter ; pi. og. 
Abakamass, [nind) n. v. I take 

a warm foot-bath (after the 

Indian fashion ;) p. eb..ssod. 
Abakamasswa, (nind) a. v. an. 

I give him a warm foot-bath ; 

p. eb..wad; imp. abakaniasswi. 
Abakiganes, [nind) n. v. I warm 

mv breast ; p. eb..sod. 
Abakinindjiicas, [nind) n. v. I 

quicken or warm my hands ; 

[F. je me d e g o u r d i s Jes 

mains ;] p. eb..sod. 
Abakisides, [nind) n. v. I quick- 
en or warm my feet ; p. eb.. 

Abamibato inind) n. v. I turn 

round, ruiming ; p. aiab..tod. 

Abamigabaw, [nitid) n. v. I turn, 
standing ; p. aiab..wid 

Abamigabawitan, [nind) a. v. in. 
1 turn towards it, standing ; 
p. aiab..dang. 

Abamigabitawa, [nind) a. v. an. 
I turn towards him, standing; 
p. aiab..wad. 

Abamisse, [nind) n. v. I turn 
round, flying ; p aia..s.ied. 

Abamitigweia sibi, u. v. the 
river inakes a turn ; p. aiab. . 

Abamodjiwan, u. v. the water 
turns round, (at the foot of a 
rapid;) p.aiab..icang. 

Abamoianimad, u. v. the wind 
flies round ; [F. le vent ra- 
fale ;] p. aiab..mak. 

Abanab, (nind) n. v. I look be- 
hind ; p. aiabanabid. 

Abanabama, [nind) a. v. an. I 
look at him behind me ; p. 
aia.. mad. 

Abanabandan, [nind) a. v. in. I 
look at it behind me ; p. aia., 

Abanikive, s. female slave; maid, 

Abanini, s. male slave ; servant ; 

Abaodjigan. s. reel ; [F. d^vi- 
doir ;] pl.-an. 

Abaodjige, [nind) n. v. I unwind 
from a reel ; p. aiab.. ged. 

Abaodon, (nind) a. v. in. I un- 
wind it from a reel ; p. aia.. 

Abashkobissan, [nind) a. v. in. 
I warm it a little, I make it 
tepid, (liquid;) p. abash., 

Abashkobite, or-magad, u. v. it 
is a little warm, tepid, (liquid;) 
p. ebaah..ieg, or-magak. 




— 3 


Abaio,(nind) n. v. 1 run there, 

to some place ; p. ebatod. 
Ahawa, {niJid) a. v. an. I untie 

or loosen him, I unswaddle 

(a child ;) I unharnesH (a 

heast ;) p. aiahaioad; imp. 

Ahawa, or-magad. It is warm, 

mild weather, soft weather, 

thaw-weather ; p. aiabawag, 

Ahaioas, [nind). I begin to feel 

warm, 1 am no more cold ; p. 

Ahea, (iimd). I give him the 

lie, I convince him;[ le 

dementis ;] p. aiabead. 
A beidmin . Cfon v ic ti o n . 
Abibidon, {nind). I draw out 

the threads of it, (stuffs ;) p. 

Abidckamig. Surely, certainly, 

Abiding. Once. 
Ab'gina {nind). 1 unfold some 

object; p. aia..nad; imp. 

Abijiva, jan, {^nnd). I rip or 

unstitch some object ; od abi- 

jwan ; p.aia..ioad; imp. abi- 

Abiminikxcai, beaver-skin ; 

Abinass. The place in a lodge 

or house allotted to a family ; 

Abindama inind). I devour 

him, bite him much, cruelly; 

p. aiab..mad. — Animoshag o 

gi-abindamawan pijikinsan ; 

the dogs have cruelly bitten 

the calf. 
Abindis, {nind). 
Abindjia, {nind). I treat him 

ill, I abuse him ; p. 

Abindjine, (nind). I am getting 
worse (in my sickness;) p. aia.. 

Abindjiton,(nind). I abuse it, 
treat it ill ; p. aia. .tod. 

Abinindjiandis, {nind). I warm 
my hands ; p. aiab..snd. 

Abinodji, ». child ; pi. -iag. 

Abinodjl-ijiwebisiwin, childish- 
ness, childish behavior. 

Abinndjiika.s, {nind). T play the 
chilti, I feign to be a child ; p. 

AbinodHing,\\ke a chid, or like 
children; abinodjiing nind 
yiwebis, 1 behave likeachihl, 
(I am ;) abinodjiing 
iji gijwe, he speaks like a 
child ; abinodjiing iji mawi- 
wag, they weep, or cry, like 

Abinodjiiw, {nind). I am a child, 
p. eb.-ivid. 

Abinodjiiwin, i n f a n c y, chiKI- 

Abinsika, ov-magad. It is 
ruined, spoiled ; p. aia. kag, 

Abinsoma, {nind). I abuse him 
with bad words, I despise 
him ; p. aia. .mad. 

Abinsonge, {nind) n. v I abu.'se 
with bad words, I use bad 
abusive language, I despise. 

Abipikwanes, {nind). I warm 
my back; p. aiab..sod. 

Abis, {n i n d). I war m my- 
self ; p. aiabisod. 

Abisan, {nind). I warm it ; p. 
aia.. ana. 

Abishkwmiginindjishin, {nind). 
I have a blister on my ha. id, 
from working; p. 

Abishkwebigis, {nind). I have 
a blister ; p. eb. sid. 







— 4 — 




Abiahkwehij/isidebis, [niiul). I 

have a blister on my foot, 

from walkinj^ on 
AhiNhkiPehiqisideshm, (nind). I 

liave a blister on ray foot, 

from \valkin<r. 
Almides, [nind). I warm my 

feet; p. aia..sod. 
Ahisimjwnsh, (nind). I awake 

from a profound sleep; I 

awake perfectly ; p. aia.dd 
Abinshin, {nind). I revive, I 

recover my senses, (after 

faintinp;;) p. aia.dng. 
Abisiwadis, {nind} n. \, I re- 
cover, (from a sickness ;) p. 

Abi.moemagad. It (juickens, it 

revives; p. aia..gak. 
Abisiwendam, (nind). I recover 

my senses, (after fainting ;) p. 

aid.. dang. 
Abitiiwima, (nind). I console 

him, solace him, encourage 

him ; p. aia..mad. 
A bi.nwindiioin, consolation ,con- 

Abisiwinge, {nind) ; I console, 





Abisiwi.s, (nind). I recover. 
Abiskobidc, or-magad,\t is un- 
tied, loosened ; p. aia..deg, 

Abiskobidjigade, OY-magad, it is 

untied ; \). aia..deg, or-magak. 
Abiskobidon, (nind). I loosen it, 

untie it; ^t. aiab..dod. 
Abi^koka, or-magad, it gets 

loose, untied, it loosens ; p 

aia..kag, or-magak. 
Kbiskona, (nind). I untie him, 

deliver him ; p. aia..nad\; 

imp. abiskon. 
A bi -s knan e, ov-m ag ad. It 

loosens or unties; heing 
thrown, or falling ; p. aia., 

sseg, or-magak. 
Abistcota, (nind). I get loose, 

untied ; p. aia.. tad. 
Abiswn, (nind). I warm him ; 

p. ebisivad ; imp. abisivi. 
Abiia, adv. half; aiabiia, half 

Abitan, (nind). I inhabit it, 1 

dwell or live in it, (house, 

lodge;) p. cbitang. 
Abita-omoaai, half a bottle, a 

Abitatibikad. It is uiidnight ; p. 

Abitawa, (nind). I dwell in 

him ; p. 
Abitdwdgdm, ad v . halfway 

across a river, lake, etc. 
Abitawamadjiw, adv. halfwav, 

(going up a mountain or hill.) 
Abitaivikana, adv. halfway, (go- 
ing from one place to ano- 
Abiiawis, (nind). I am a lialf 

breed, (half white man and 

half Indian;) p. aiab..sid. 
Abitawissag, adv. half a bar- 
AbitcJiiba, (nind). I rise from 

the dead ; p. aia. .bad. 
A b i t c h i b a a, (n i n d). I 

raise him from the dead ; p. 

aia.. ad. 
Abitchibaidis, (nind). I raise 

myself from the dead ; p. aia.. 

Abitchibawin. Resurrection . 
Abilonana, (nind). I kill him 

almost, (I kill him half;) p. 

aia..nad ; imp. abitonqj. 
Abitoshkine, or-magad, u. v. it 

is half full, (a bag or sack ;) 

p. aia..7ieg, or-magak. 




AIntosse, (;mtrf). I arrive at 
halfway ; p. aia..sed. 

Abiiosse, or-maffad. It cothcp 
or arrives to the middle ; j). 
aia..seg, or-magak. — This 
word is also used for Wednes- 
day, which is the middle of 
tlie week. Dassing aiabitose- 
gin, every Wednesday. 

AbitotcMpidon, {nind). I tie or 
hind it in the middle; p. aia.. 

Abitotchipina, (nind). 1 tie or 
bind some an. object in the 
middle ; p. aia..nad. 

Abiwin, habitation, mansion, 
room ; p\.-an. 

Abo, in compositions, sifj;nifies 
liquid. It is used when the 
first part of the composed 
word ends in a consonant; 
as : Manddmindbo, corn soup ; 
[mandamin, Indian corn.) 7b- 
toshabo. milk; {totosh, female 
Ijreast.) — But when the first 
part of the composed word 
terminates in a vowel, the 
word wdbo is used instead of 
dbo. — S. Wabo. 

Abodagwaje, (nind). I put a 
blanket orcoatover me in the 
wrong way, inside out ; p. 

Abodinan, na, [nind). I turn it 
overj(a coat, etc. ;) p. aia.,ang. 

Abodishivia, (nind). 1 put it 
in the wrong way, (some ob- 
jects as moshwe, a handker- 
chief;) p. aia.. ad. 

Abodjidon, {nind). I liave down- 
hanging lips ; p. aia.dong. 

Abod^igwanisso, (nind). I tum- 
ble over head ; p. aia..sed. 

Aboiawe, young beaver between 
two and three years. 

Aboiaweiagig, young otter be- 
tween two and three years old. 

Abo.nkan, (nind). I put it on in 
the wrong way, inside out, (a 
coat, shirt, etc. ; p. aia..ang. 

Abwamine, (nind). I roast In- 
dian corn ; p. ebw..ned. 

Abu'dnak, spit, a stick with a 
piece of meat on one end, put 
near the lire to roast. 

Abioatchigan, grate to tlry veni- 
son or fish on it. 

Abwatchiganabik, gridiron . 

Abwatigwdn, roasted ear of In- 
dian corn. 

Abtoaiigwe, {nind). 1 roast an 
ear (or ears) of Indian corn ; 

Abweiabowe, (nind). I sweat eat- 
ing; p. ebw. toed. 

Abwen, (nind). I roast it ; p. 

Abwenan, (nind). I roast some 
obj. (a fish, etc. ;) p. ebwed. 
V. Conj.) 

Abwenindji, (nind), my hands 
are sweating ; p. e6 ijid. 

Abwes (nind). I sweat, I per- 
spire, I am warm ; p. ebtoesod. 

Abweside, (nind) ; my feet are 
sweating ; p. eb..i\ed. 

Abwesowin, sweat, perspiration. 

Abweta,(nind). I sweat (work- 
ing ;) p. ebwetad. 

Abweioin, frying-pan, pl-a/t. 

Abwewinens, a trying pan with 
a short handle. 

Abivi, paddle, p-n. 

Adabikaan, (mud). I fasten it, 
hook it, (a chain, etc. ;) p. ed.. 

Adabikissidji(jan, buckle (of me- 





: .1. 





- h 


jr !'■ 


I , 

Adabikissidon, (nind). I hook 
it ; p. ed.And. 

Adabikissin, it hooks, Jcatclies, 
(metal;) p. ed .sing. 

AdagamagiHhin sihi, (nind). I 
am stopped by a river in my 
voyage, hindered to continue 
n)y journey ; p. 

Adawaama, (nind). I em hark 
with him, I go .somewhere 
with him in a canoe or boat ; 

f). aia,.mad. 
awaatci, (nind). I embark 
(with somebodv ;) p. aia..wid. 

Adikweam, (nind). 1 liohi the 
rudder, I steer ; p. aia.any. 

Adikweigan, rudder. 

Adidiodge, (nind). I am steer- 
ing ; p. aia..ged. 

Adima, (nind). I overtake him ; 
Jig. I equal him ; p. edimad. 

Adiman,sno\\'-shov string; p. an. 

Adindan, (nind). I overtake it ; 

J3. edindang. 
isokan, tale, fable. 
Adisoke, (nind). I tell ; p. ed.. 

Adisokewin, tale telling. 
A disokiwinini, tale-teller . 
Adissaioaieshi, a kintl of large 

grass-hopper, locust ; [F. ci- 

Aaissigan, dye-stuft', anything 

used for dying ; pl.-a?t. 
Adissige, (nind). I dye color; 

p. edissiged. 
Adissigewigamia, dyer's shop, 

dye-house ; pl.-a«. 
Adissigewin, dyeing, business 

and occupation of a dyer. 
Adissigewinini, dyer ; pl.-M?a^. 
Adisso, it is ripe ; p. edissod. 

Some berries are animate in 

Otchipwe, as : Miskwimin, 

raspberry ; ndi-'^soioag nmk- 

wiminag, tlie raspberries are 
ripe, (are colored.), it is dyed, (some an. 
obi.) p. edis.sod. — Weweni 
adi.s.'io nw moshwe, this hand- 
kerchief is well dyed. 

.\diie, or-maaad, it is ripe, (an 
inanimate uerry, etc.) p. edi- 
teg, or-magak. — Odiimin adife 
odeiminan adit ew a n, the 
strawberry is ripe, the straw- 
berries are ripe, (colored.) 

.iilite, or-magad, it is dyed, 
(some in. obj.) p. editeg, or- 
magak. Mandan w db oi an 
adite, this blanket is dyed. 

Adjaosae, (nind). 1 am lame ; p. 

Adjibidjigan, a small hook ; [F. 

Adjibidjige, (nind). I fasten with 
a small hook ; p edj..ged. 

Adjibidon, {nind). 1 fasten it by 
means ot a small hook ; p. erf/'.. 

Adjidjdk, crane ; [F. grue ;] pl.- 

Adjidjakopin, crane-potato, (a 
big eatable root, growing in 
the water ;) p\.-ig. 

Adjigicadan, (ninii). I take it 
up or catch it with a hook, I 
hook it, I accroach it; aia.. 

.idjigwadjigan, hook to catch or 

frapple with, commonly used 
y the Indians in catching 

sturgeon ; pi .-a?i. 
Adjigioadjiganabik, iron hook, 

grappling hook ; pl.-a?t. 
Adjigivadjige, (nind). I take or 

catch with a hook, I accroach ; 

p. aia..ged. 
Adjigwana, (nind). I take or 

catch him with a hook, I 

■ ji ^:.i:;-.a^itoy -Vf^-: .% 



hook liiui, I accroach hitu ; 
\). aia-.nad ; imp. adjiifwaj. 
Nami nhi gi-adjigwana, I 
cauglit a sturgeon with a 

Adjima, inind). I speak of him ; 
I), diadjimad. 

AdjUchikesui, a kind of fish ; 
[C. millet ;] wag. 

Adopoioin, tabh'. 

A dopowinigin, table-cloth . 

AgCiming, adv. on the other side 
of a river, lake, etc., on the 
opposite shore — Ag aining 
kitchigami, on the other side 
of the'great sea. S. Kitchiagd- 

Agaviina, adv. on the beach, on 
the laKe shore. 

Agdshi, [nind). I am small, lit- 
tle ; p. egashiid. 

Agashiidis, (nind). I make my- 
self small, little: p. eg. .sod. 

Agasom, (nind). I am bashful 
in speaking; p. eg. .mod. 

Agaaoma, {nind). I cause him 
shame, I make him ashamed 
by my words ; I dishonor 
him ; p. eg. .mad. 

Agdss, in composition signifies 
small, Jine, narrow. 

Agassa, or-magad, it is small, 
narrow ; p. eg,.sag,or-magak 

Agassabigaa, it is fine, (thread, 
string, etc.) ; p. eg..gak. 

Agassabigisi, it is fine, (sewing 
silk ;) p. ea..sid. 

Agassabikad, it is small, (some 
obj. of metal ;) p. eg..kak. 
-Osdm agassabikad ababikai- 
gan, the key is too small. 

Agassabikisi, it is small, (a 
stone or a piece of silver ;) p. 
a shilling is small. 

Agasaadea, (nind). I make some 
obj narrow or narrower, I 
straiten it ; p. eg. .ad. 

Agassadea, or-magad, it is luir- 
row ; p., or -mag a k. 
-Pindigeiog egassadeag ish- 
kwandeming, go in through 
the narrow gate. 

Agassadeiabikad, it is narrow, 
(metal ;) n. cg..kak. 

Agas.mdeiaoikisi, it is narrow, 
(obj. of stone or silver;) p. eg., 

Agassademo mikana, the path 
or trail is narrow ; p. eg.. mag. 

Agassadengwe, [nind). I have a 
small face ; p. eg.. toed. 

Agassadesii naoagissag, seniba, 
etc., the board, the ribbon, 
etc., is narrow ; p. eg. .sid. 

Agassadeton, (nind). 1 make it 
narrow, or narrower, I strait- 
en it ; p. eg. .tod. 

Agassaki mawrs, (nind). S. Gi- 

Agassate, or-magad, it is small, 
(house, room ;) p. eg. .teg, or 

Agassaton, (nind). I make it 
small, or I make it smaller ; 
p. eg.. tod. 

Agassendagos, (nind). lam con- 
sidered insiifnificant, I am in- 
significant, little ; p. 

Agassendagwad, it is considered 
insignificant, it is insignifi- 
cant, little ; p. eg. .teak. 

Agassendan, (nind). I consider- 
ed it insignificant ; p. eg..ang. 

Agassenim, (nind). I have hum- 
ble thoughts of myself 5 1 am 
humble; p eg..mod. -Abinod- 
Jiing agassenimo, he is hum- 
ble like a child ; (L. humiliat 
se sicut parvulus.) 



i \ 

1 Ifl 



i I 

■f ;:: I 


Ai/axnaniiiKC, (niad). 1 tliiiik 
little ol' liiiii, I curiMitlcr hiiii 
insiiiiiiliciitit ; )t. e(i..mad. 

A (J II s .sea tin o to i ii, iiuiiibk' 
lliuiigiit>*, lunniliation, liuinil- 

Ai/(i.sfii(h'i:, iniiid). I li a v e a 
.siiiiill lu'art ; p. Cj/ .cd. 

Ai/a.snidjaiic, (iiiitd). I liavc u 
siiiiill iiuMC ; \). i(/..ncd. 

A(/(is.sidi>ii,, (nind). 1 have u 
siiiail niontli ; p. ei/..d()U</. 

Ai/ii.ssiiloiii'd, ov-7n(i</(t(l, 
small iiiuuth, u Hinull open- 
ing, (a liottlf, etc.) p. C(j..aij, 
or -DKKjak. 

Aijnss'i<iud, it, is small, or nar- 
row, (cotton, linen, etc.) p. 
eij.Jiak -Aj/assigiid adopowi- 
nij/iii, the talile-cioth is .small. 

A'/Ufi.siytidr, [nind). 1 have a 
Hmall lejj; ; p. ti/.-dcd 

Aija.ssiijisi nioshioe, the handker- 
chief irt Hmall ; p. eg. aid. 

Ai/ii.s.sii/onddi/an, {nind). 1 Jiave 
a t'eelile voice, (properly, I 
have a .small throat); p. ec/.. 

Aj/a.saikum, (nind}. S. Uabiwish- 

.Ij/rv.Hikodan, (nind). I make it 
Hmaller by cutting it ; p. eg., 

Ag(i.'i.sikona,{nind). I make some 
ohj. smaller by cutting ; p. 

Aga.s.sigweiawe, (nind). I have a 
.small neck ; eg. .wed. 

Ayas.nminagad, it is s m a 1 1, 
(some >r;lobular obj.) p eg... 
gak. -Kilclii agansiminagadon 
onow anwin, these niusket- 
1 tails are very small. 

Agassimiuagisi aw opin, this 
potato is small ; p. eg ..nd. 

Aga.f.siib, it is small ; p. tuiaHsing. 
AgaHsinad, there is little of it, 

it is small ; p. eg..nak. 
Agaaaindihe, (ninth. I have a 

small head ; p. eg. .bed. 
AgdnKinike, (nind). I have a 

small arm ; p. eg..ked. 
Agas.nniviin, [nind) or nind 

(igii.s.sinoniin, WG nrv a lew in 

number, tiur number is small ; 

]). egansinidjig, or egassinud- 


Agax.tinindji, (nind). I have a 
small Itand ; p. eg. .id. 

AgaHsishkiuji, he (slie, it) lias a 
small snout, (animal ;) p. eij.. 

Agassi.fkkin.jigwe, (nind). J have 
a small eye ; p. eg. .toed. 

AgasHishwandiia, or -ma gad, 
there is a small door, or nar- 
row door ; p. or-viagak. 

Agaasiaide, (nind). I have a 
small foot ; p. eg. ded. 

Aga.i.ntawage, (nind). I have a 
small ear; p. eg..ged. 

Agaasiton, (nind). S. 

Aga.s.son, (nind). I have a small 
canoe ; p. egassonod. 

Agas.sonagad. It is small, (ca- 
noe, boat, etc.) p. eg.. gak. 

Agatch, (nind). 1 am ashamed ; 
p. egaichid 

Agatchia, (nind). I him 
shame, I make him ashamed, 
1 dishonor him ; p. eg. .ad. 

Agatc/iiiwe, (nind). I cause 
sliame (to .somebody ;) p, eg., 

Agatchiiwemagad. It causes or 
brings shame ; p. eg. .gak. 

Agaichim, (nind.) S. Agasom. 

Agatchishk, (nind) . I am baeh- 
fiil, shy, timid ; p. eg. .kid. 

I f 


i |). <(fatf.sin</. 
9 little of il, 

I. I have 11 

. I liave il 
d) or n i n d 

area ti-w in 
il)er iHHinivll ; 
3r egassinod- 

I). I have il 
Iff.. id. 

she, it) lias a 
iiial ;) p. ei/.. 

niiid). I liave 
;//. .loed. 
)r -m ay a d, 
oor, or nar- 
aff or-ma(jak. 

I h a V V u 
. ded. 

d). I have a 

S. Affastta- 

have a small 


? email, (ou- 

, eff ..(jak. 

im ashamed; 

I cause him 
im ashamed, 

I cause 
)dy;) p. ey.. 

It causes or 
, ey..yak. 
S. Ayasom. 

I am baeh- 
3. eg.. kid. 


9 — 


.\ijalchishk\tcin. Baslifulnesa, 
timidity, shyness. 

■ \'/aft'hi(ayoii, (iiind). I am 
asliameu of speaking, unwill- 
ing to speak before people ; 
p. eg..sia. 

A y at chit a «, [nind). I am 
ashamed of it ; p. ey..any. 

A y atchitaioa, (nind). I am 
ashamed before hin» ; p. ey.. 

Ayatchiton, [nind]. I bring it 
to shame, I dishonor it ; p. 

Ayatchiwadi.s, (nind). Agatch- 

Ayatchiwadissiwin S. Ayatchish- 

Ayatchiwin. Shame. 

Ayaichiuus, (nind). S. Ayatch- 

Ayatcndago.i, (nind). My con- 
duct is shameful, considered 
shameful, dishonorable, des- 
pisable; p. eg...nd. 

Ayatendaywad. It is shameful, 
it is considered shameful, 
despisable ; p. ey.,wak. 

Ayaiendayioakamiq, adv. shame- 

Agateiidan^ {nind). I am asham* 
ed of it ; p. eg.. dang. 

Agatenima, (nind). lam asham- 
ed of him (in my thoughts ;) 
p. eg.. mad. 

Agatenindis. I am ashamed be- 
fore myself; p. eg. .sod. 

Agawa. Hardly, scarcely ; very 

Agawahawas, (nind). I put my- 
self under a shelter, in rainy 
weather; p. eg. .sod. 

Agawahaxcasowin. Shelter 
against rain ; umbrella. 

Agawadnmaxca, (nind).. I can- 

not obtain it from him, al- 
though I endeavor, I ijannot 
prevail upon liim to give ii to 
me ; p. eg. .wad. 

Agawadan, (nind). 1 cannot 
nave it, although I wisli and 
endeavor ; p. eg. .dang. 

Agawddis, (mnd). I am crazy, 
tbolish ; p. aia...nd. 

Agawadjia, [nind). I cause or 
make him damage; p. eg. .ad. 

Agawddjiidis, (nind). I make 
damage to myself by drink- 
ing ; p. ea. .wd. 

Agawaii, adv. behind. 

Agawanapi, adv. soon, as soon 
as possible. 

Agawa nin pangaog, my pult'c 
beats slowly. S. I'aiigaog. 

Agawate, or magad, there i.s 
shadow; p. eg..teg,or-jnagak. 

Agawateo7i,i)a.r&so\ ; umbrella; 
pi. — an. 

Agaioates/nmon, (nind). 1 am 
in the shadow ; p. eg. .nod. 

Agaioateiihin, (nind). I make 
shadow with my body ; p. eg., 

Agaioatesh kago / ■ , (nind). It 
covers me with its shadow ; 
p. eg..god. 

Agaicateshkam, (nind). I make 
shadow (with my body,) 1 
overshadow ; p. eg..kang. 

Agawateshkan, (nind). I cover 
it with my shadow, I over- 
shadow it; p. eg..kang. 

Agawateshkawa, (nind) or nind 
agaicateshkamawa. I cover 
him with my shadow, I over- 
shadow him ; I am in his 
light, I cover his light ; p. 
eg.. wad. 

Aaairntesse hineshi, The bird 









■I i 

\ i 


- 10 - 


throws its sliadow, (Hying 
hy,) p. e(/..sed. 

A;/awatcsne or-'/nagad. It makes 
shadow, ( II (doud etc. ; p. e*/.. 
seg, ov-ituKjak. 

AyawatesHin anakwad. The 
clotid throws it8 fihadow ; p 
efjf..,v)w.-S. Ayawalessc, or- 

Agavyignmhi, adv. behind the 
island, under the covor of tiic 

Agaroinagos, {niiid). I look bet- 
ter, or appear better, than I 
iini, I am fallacious, deceiv- 
ing ; J), eg.. aid. 

Agawinogwad. Jt i.s deceiving, 
liillac.ious, it look.s better than 
it is; p. eg. wuk. 

Agawis, [niad). I guin nothing, 
I make nothing by what 1 am 
doing ; p. cgawisid. 

Agawhshku, iuiiid). S. Agawita 

Agaunta,(nind). I work in vain 

guininjf nothing; p. eg .tad. 


njf notning; 
Bad cold, 

c a t a r r h ; 

Agigoka, (iihid). 1 have a bad 
cold; [F.j'ai le rhuine ;] j). 

Agigoka aw bchejigngatijl. This 
horse has glanders ; [F. oe 
cheval a la gourme.] 

Agigokawin. Bad cold, indispo- 
sition from catchin" cold. 

Aghn. Snow-alioe ; pi.-ag. 

Agiind, (nind). I count him, I 
put liim in the number; p. 

Agimak. Ash-tree; pl.-ioa//. 

Agimike, {nind). I make snow- 
shoes ; p aia..ked. 

Agimikewin. The art of mak- 
ing snow-shoes. 

Agim nind ashkima. I lace or 

fill a snow-shoe ; p enhkitnad., (nind). I walk 

I count it ; ]). 

snow-slioes; p. 

Agindan, {nind). 

Agindass, {nind). I cijdier, I 
inindicr, I count; y. eg. nod. 

Agind/ifixobiigan. Cipher, 11- 
gure ; pi. an. 

Agindati.s'ohiige, {nind). I ci- 
pher, I iiuniber, 1 write li- 
gures ; ]). i'g..ged. 

Aginda.<i.v)hiigeivin. Ciphering, 

Agindatoiowin. Cipher; num- 

Aginda.s.sowiunn nind njibianan. 
S . Aginda.'t.iobiige. 

Agindjigade, ov-mngad. It i.s 
counted ; p. eg . .da/ , or-mugnk. 

Agiudjigadcwin. C o u n tin g, 

Agindjigas, {nind). I am count- 
ed ; p. eg. ..sod. 

Agobidjigan. Curtain ; pi. -an. 

Agobidjiganigin. Calico for 
curtains. - 

Agobina, (nind). I tie some 
remedy or a plaster on hi.s 
wound; p. eg..nad ; uwp.agu- 

Agobis, {nind). I have a pla.s- 
ter on my wound ; p. egobi- 

Ayobison, or agobisowin, (or 
agwoblson, agwobi.sowin). Re- 
medy tied on a wound, pi li- 
ter ; pi. -an. 

Agodakikwan. Kettle-hook, ket- 
tle-hanger ; pi. -an. 

Agode, ov-magad. It is hung 
up, it hangs ; it is up some- 
wliere ; p. egodeg, ov-magak. 

Agodjin, [nind). I am hanging ; 



— U — 


am counl- 

1 uin up HOiiiuwhere ; p. eyod- 

Aijoajiwanfin. Scaflold, to put 
HuiiK'thiiig on it ; pi. -an. 

Aijodjiwanak. iS. Aijudjiwitnan, 

Ai/oujiwananakohe, {niiid). I 
inuke li scatlbid ; p. eg..kcd. 

Aijodon, {nind). I hung it uj); 
I put it up HOuiewhere; p. 

Atfo(fin. It sticks or cleaves 
to.... ; p. egoijing. 

A(/0(/waaan, (nina). I sew it to 
H. til. ; J), eg.. dang. 

Agagioddjigan. A kind of nar- 
row lace ; [F. tavolle.] 

Agogwana, (nind). I sew 8onie 
object to 8. th. ; p. eg.nad. 

Agogwass, Uiind). I am sew- 
ing one object to another ; p. 
eg.. sod. 

Ag(>jiwe,{nind). I uni lianging 
up persons. 

Agojiwewin. S. Agonidiwin. 

Agojiwetvinini. S. Agonidiwi- 

Agoke, {nind). I stick or cleave 
to s. th. ; p. egoked. 

Agoke, or -magad. It sticks or 
clocaves to s. th. ; p. egokeg, 

Agokiwasm, [nind). I seal him ; 
I stick some obj. to s. th.; p. 
eg.. sad. 

Agokiwassan, {niiid). I seal it ; 
I stick it to 8. th. ; p. eg..ang. 
— Agokiwassan ow niasiaai- 
gan, seal this letter. 

Agokiwassigan. Any thing that 
cleaves or sticks to, sealing 
wax, wafer ; paste. 

Agokiwa^sigas, (nind). I am 
sealed; p. eg. .sod. 

Agokiwassitchigade, ov-magad. 

It is scaled; pasted; p. eg., 
den, or inaguk. 

Agnkiwa.ssUr.higan, or agidxi- 
ii'dssitvhiganahik. 8 e a I, a 
plairi seal without any en- 
graving or figures or letters. 
8. Mdsinikiwagaigan. 

Agokiivii.i.nlc/iige, (nind). I seal; 
1 paste ; p. eg..ged. 

Agokiwa.s8wa, iniud). I seal 
him, I seal some obj. ; p. eg., 

Assinin o (/i-agokiwa.s.iwawau. 
They sealed the stone. 

Agom, {^lind). I am on the sur- 
face of the water, (in a canoe 
or boat ;) I float ; p. egoviod. 

Agomowewebanahi, [nind). I am 
fi.^hing with a line and hook 
in a canoe (jr boat : p. eg..hid. 

Agomowin. Harbor, port, liaven; 

Agon, Aganika, Ot. 8. Gun, 

Agona, (nind). I hang him 
up, I hang up some obj. ; I 
put it up somewhere, or on 
s. th. ; p. egonad ; imp. agrij. 

Agonakwe. A virgin whom the 
pagan Indians place on an 
elevated scafTold and present 
to the Great Spirit, in onler 
to obtain a prosperous suc- 
cess in war. 

Agonamawa, (nind). I hang or 
lay it upon liim ; p. eg..tcad. 

Agonassdb, (nind). I hang or 
spread a net on a pole to dry ; 

Agonidis, (nind). I hang my- 
self; p. eg..sed. 

Agonidixoi-mitig. Gallows; pi. 

Agonidiwin. Hanging, hang- 



^ ■*; 


— 12 — 


iiiaii'H work, execution of u 

Aijtinidiwinini. llanginai), exe- 
cutioner; lA.-WiKJ. 

A(/onwcienilam, (itiiul). I don't 
lielievo wliiit \h Huid, I contra- 
dict in thoiightH, r am incre- 
dulouH ; I). aia.AiUKj. 

. {i/onweiciiaamowiii Unliel ief, 
tlio\i<?lit or thou;^iitH contrary 
to what iH Haid, contradiction 
in thoughtH, incredulity. 

. [(jouwetadiinin , { n i ii d) . We 
contradict each other, we dis- 
pute, argue ; p. aLa(j..didji(j. 

.ti/oHwetadiwin. Dispute, con- 

Aijonwetadis, {niiid). I contra- 
dict inyHelf, p. aia..di.sod. 

A(jonwetatje, (nind). 8. Agon- 

Atjonwetagenhk, {nind). I use 
to contradict, to gainsay, to 
disobey ; p. aia..kid. 

A gonioeiageshkiwin. Bad hahit 
of gainsaying, of disobeying. 

Agonwctagetcin, S. Agonweta- 

Agonwetam, {nind). I contra- 
dict, I gainsay ; I disobey ; j 

_' deny ; I am incredulous ; p. 

Agonwetamowin. Contradiction, 
gainsaying; disobedience. 

Agonwetan, {nind). I contra- 
dict it, I don't believe it; p. 
aia..ang.-Nind arjonwetan iw 

■; bitddgimowin, 1 contradict 
that news, I don't believe it. 

Agomoetawa, {nind). I contra- 
dict him, I gainsay him ; I 
ilisobey him ; p. aia..wad. 

Agoshkowewashk. Herb of Ve 

Agoshligwaweon. Helmet; pi. 

Ago.ii hineshi. The bird is rest- 
ing on.... ; p. egnsid. 

Agoskuna, {nind). I am afraid 
and anxious about him, (he is 
in a dangerous situation) ; p. 

Ago.ikanidis, {nind). I am afraid, 
anxious, (about some misfor- 
tune or ac(Mdent happening 
to me) ; p. et/...Hod. 

Ago.iki, {nind). I foar, I am 
afraid ; p. egn.^kid. 

Agonkwadm. Jt sticks to it by 
freezing; [G. angefroren ;] p. 
eg. .ding. 

A q n Hsii c h i g a d c, or-magad. 
riiere is h. ti>. hidden behind 
some object ; p. aiag..deg, or- 

Agonsiton, (nind). I put it be- 
fore s. til. to hide it ; p. aia.. 

Agotat/os, {nind). I speak in a 
liidJen, mysterious manner; 
I use a parable ; p. aia..nd. 

Agotagosiwin. Hidden, mys- 
terious speaking, parable ; pi. 

Agwaadon, {nind). I draw it 
out of the water; p. eg..dud. 

Agtoaam, {nind). I come close 
to the shore, (in a canoe or 
boat, not landing); p. egwaang. 

Agwaan, {nind). I sew it on ; 
p. ea..ang. 

Agiodhian, {nind) or nind agwd- 
bigaan. I draw it (liquid] out 
of a kettle or other vessel ; p. 

Agwdbikide, or-m a gad. It is 
burnt, (something that was 
cooked in a kettle,) ; p. eg., 
deg, or-magak. 




icct liuH Ihe tftHto 

Some u\y 
of kteiii'' 



uiwad. lit hns 
hoiiig Ixinit ; p. 

burnt ; p. 
tilt' tantc ot 

Aijwabihh, [nind). I hum iny- 
Hi'lt'tukin^ ill my liiunl u liot 
oliject of motal or stone ; p. 

Atjwdhikisehwt:, {nindf. I burn 
what I um cooking; p. eg., 

Atiwabikixn jKikwijigitn. The 
hread iH luirnt ; p. c!f..sod. 

A!/w/ibikiswa, (nind). I hum 
liiin with some hot obj. of 
iiictnl or Htono ; p. e(j..wad, 
imp. agmdnkiswi. 

Ai/wabina,{nind). I draw liim 
out of the water, (a liwh, etc.) 
p. eg..nad. 

Agwabinngan. Dra<r-net ; [F. 
Heine;] pi. -ag. 

Agwabita, inind). I come out 
of tliC water ; i). eg..tad. 

Agwabiwa, {ninu} 1 draw some 
object out of a ve,'»8el ; p. eg., 

A gwddamawa ,ikweican,oriinini- 
wan,) {nind). I accuse liim, 
(her) of an unhiwful inter- 
course with a person of the 
other sex ; p. eg..wad. 

Agwadashi, a kind offish, bull- 
pout ; [C. petit crapet;] pi. 

Agioagobaga, ov-magad. It is 
mouldy, (a leaf, or something 
that is in leaves ;) p. eg..gag, 

Agwagobagisi aw asscma. Tliat 
tobacco 18 mouldy ; p eg..sid. 

Agwagopogosi. It has a moul- 
dy taste, taste of mouldine.s.«. 

(some object) ; p. eg..sid. 
Agwagnpngwad. It tuHtos moul- 
dy, u'/j. obj.) ; p. eg.,W(ik. 
Agwagwdbikdd, (pr. agwagobi- 

kad]. It is rusty, (metali ; p. 

Agwagwubiki.s/iin, (pron. agwc- 

gol>iki.Hhin). It is rusty ; («». 

obj. metal) ; p., 
Agwa<fiiu'ibiki.ii\ (pron. agwntfo- 

ttikhfi). It is runty, {an. obj, 

metal,) p. eg..sid. 
Agw(tgwahikin.'<in, (pr. agwagn- 

bikis.iin). It is rusty, (metal) ; 

p eg..ning. 
Agwngwi.isaga, or-magad,{\)r()V . 

agwagoKHngn). The Hoor iw 

mouldy, (or other object.^ of 

wooil:) p. eg..g(ig, or-niagnk. 
Agwagwi.Hlii, (pntn. ogwagnshi.) 

It is mouldy, (some an. obj.) ; 

p.^akwi'JigaH agwag- 

wi.s/ii, agwagwiiihiwag gaic, 

ojritiitf ; the bread is nioiildv, 

and tlie potatoes are mouldy 

Agwagwisxin, (pron agwago.'i- 

sin). It is mouldy ; al.-^o, it is 

rusty ; j). eg..ninq. 
Agwaiadaga,' {nind). I swim to 

the shore ; p. eg..gad, 
Agwaiadagak, [vind]. I arrive 

to the shore, walking on tin- 

ice ; p. eg..knd. 
Agwaiadagas, {nind). I come 

to the shore out of the water ; 

p. eg..ftid. 
Agwaiakiganendi.t, [n ind). I 

cover my breast; p. eg..sod., {nind). I make for 

the shore, I sail to the shore ; 

p. eg.-shid. 
AgwaidnHin. It comes to the 

sliore, it is driven towards the 

shore by the wind ; p. eg..sing. 




' ) ■ 



14 — 


Aijwaigad e, ov-magcd. It is 

sewed to s. tli. ; p. eg..deg, or- 

Agwaigaso. It ia Hewed to s. th., 

(an. obj.) p. eg..sod. 
Agwaige, [nind). I am sewing 

H. til. to 8. th. ; p. eg..ii..d. 
Agwainekwe, (nind). 1 take 

Irom the fire what I have 

cooked ; p. 
Agwaje, {nind). I cover lu v self, 

(with a blanket, etc ) ; m. eg,. 

Agwaji'wa, (nind). I cover him, 

(with a blanket, etc.) ; p. eg.. 

wad; imp. agwaje. 
Agwakamigi.ssin. It sticks to 

the ground ; p. ea,.sing. 
Agijokidaan, [nina). I lift it up 

with a lever ; p. eg..ang. 
Agwakidcigan. Lever ; pi -an. 
Agwakidaige, {nindi. I am lift- 
ing 8. th. with a lever ; p. eg.. 

Agwakidawa, (nind). I lift up 

some oVjj. with a lever ; p. eg.. 

wad; iiiip. agwakidd. 
Agwdkossin. it sticks to some 

wooden object ; p. eg..sing. 
Agwakwdwa, (tiind). S. Sassa- 

jigwanaan, (nind). 1 cover it; 

p. eg..ang. 
AgwCmahawas, (nind). I put 

myself under a shelter, in 

rain ; p. eg..sod. 

Agwdnabaioe,(7iindt. I am un- 
der a shelter in rain ; p. eg,, 

Agwanaiqade, or-magad. It is 
covered ; p. eg..deg, or-magak. 

Agwanaigas, {nind). I am cov- 
ered ; p. eg..sod. 
AgwanaknkviHgan. Cover of the 

powder-pan of a gun ; [F. Bat- 
teries ;] pl,-an. 

Agwanapakwas, {nind). I put 
niyself under a bark-shelter, 
in rain ; p. eg. .sod. 

Agivanapakioasoicin. B a r k- 
shelter, in rainy weather ; 
pi .-art. 

Agwdndss, (nind). 1 unload a 
canoe, boat, etc. ; p. eg..sod. 

Agwanassowin. Unloading. 

Agwanawa, (nind). I cover 
him ; I clothe or dress him ; 
p. eg..wad ; imp. agwand. 

Agwanema, (nind). I put in my 
mouth some obj.; p. eg..mad. 
— Assema nind agwanema, I 
take tobacco in my mouth. 

Agwanendan, (nind). I put it in 
my mouth ; p. eg..ang. 

Agwanendjiqan. Chew of tobac- 
co; [F. cliique.] 

Agioanendjige, (nind). I put or 
take in my mouth ; p. eg..ged. 

Agwanikweodis, (nind). I co- 
ver my head, (with a blanket, 
handkerchief, etc.) ; p. eg..sod. 

Agwanikwcwa, (nind). I cover 
nis head with a handkerchief, 
etc.;; imp. agwor 

Agwaodon, (nind). I convey it 
to the shore from the lake, (a 
canoe, a log, etc.) ; p. eg..dod. 

Agxcaoma, {nind). I bring him 
ashore from a canoe or boat, 
on my back ; p. eg. mad. 

Agwauna, (yiind). 1 convey 
some obj. to the shore from 
the lake ; p. eg..nad; imp. 

Agtva6nddn,hiind). I bring it 
ashore from a canoe or boat, 
on my back ; p. eg..dang. 

Agtcdp, (nind). I take out of a 


- 15 - 


kettle or pot sornethiiiji: to 

eat ; p. egwapod. 
AgwdpidoH, (nind). I tie or 

bind it on a. tli. ; p. eg..dod. 
Agwdpina, (nind). I ie or bind 

some obj. on h. tli. ; p.<l; 

imp. agwapij. 
AgwCishima, {nind). I take him 

from the lire ; (a person, or 

any other obj.) also, I tako 

liim out of a canoe, etc. ; p. 

eg. .mad. 
Agw&shinge, {nind(, I take from 

the fire ; p. eg..ged. 
Agto&sdidon tchimdn (nind). I 

haul on the beach a canoe or 

l)Oat ; p. eg..dod. 
Agwdssitchigade, or-magad. It 

is taken out of a canoe, boat, 

etc., it is put ashore, landed ; 

p. eg..deg, or-magak. 
Agwdssilon, {nind,). I take it 

out of a canoe, vessel, etc , I 

land it ; p. eg..iod. The same 

verb is alrfo used for : " I take 

it from the fire," (in. obj.) 
Agwdta, (nind). I come out of 

the water; p. egwdiad. 
AgwdtcJmiiy adv. Outwardly, 

on the outside, externally. 

Agwdiching,&A\, Outside, out 
of doors, without, out. 

Agwatching nakakeia, adv. 
From without; on the outside. 

Agwatching nind aia, or, agwat- 
ching nin bodawe, (a squaw 
speaking,) I am in my month- 
ly flowings. 

Agwatchiwakai^an. Out of the 
Ibrt. S. Pinajwakaigan. 

Agwaioa, (nind). I draw him 
out of a vessel, kettle, etc. ; p. 
agwawad; imp. aqwa. 

Agwuwdnak, s. an. Beam, under 

the upper tioor of a house ; 

pi.— 0,7. 
Agwawebina, (nind). I throw 

liim out of the water, (a lish, 

etc.,), I throw him ashore 

out of a canoe, etc. ; p. eg.. 

naa ; imp. agwawebin. 
Agwawcbinan, (nind). I throw 

it out of the water, or out of v. 

canoe or boat, ashore ; p. eg.. 

Agvna, (nind). I clothe him, I 

give him clothes already 

made, or clothing materials; 

p. eqwiad. 
Agwiaaan. Agwidaigan. Agwi- 

daigc. Agwidauui. — S. Agwa- 

kidaan. Agwakidaigan. Ag- 

wakidaige. AgicaJcvdawa. 
Agwidah, (rind). I sit upon ; p. 

eg. .bid. 
Agwidagan. The upper part or 

top of an Indian moccasin ; pi. 

— an. 
Agwiidimiu, (nind). We clothe 

each other ; p. eg..didjig. 
Agiviiding. Receiving clothes, 

(present or payment in cloth- 

es, received by many 



Agwiidis, {nind). I clothe tny- 
self, I provide for my own 
clothing ; p eg..sod. 

Agwiidiwin. The giving or re- 
ceiving of clothes or clothing 
materials, as a present or p.ay- 

Agwin, (nind). I have it on, I 
wear it, (a vestment ;) p. eg- 

Agwinan, (nind). I wear it, (an. 
obj.) ; p. egivid. v.',Conj. — Av^ 
ikwe kitchi moshwen od agwi- 
nan, that woman wears u 
large shawl. 


! I 






— 16 - 


|l ' ! 

Agwinde, or-magad. It soaks, 

it is in the water, or rioating 

on the water ; p. eg..deg, or 

Agwiadjima, (nind). I put him 

(her, it) in the water, (any an. 

obj.) I put some an. obj. in 

the water to soak ; p. eg..mad. 
Agwindjin, (nind). I am in the 

water, (sitting or lying in the 

water ;) also, I float, being 

partly in the water ; p. eg.Ang, 
A^windjiton, {nind). 1 put it 

in the water, I put it m the 

water to soak ; p. eg..tod. 
Agwindjonagan. Float for a net ; 

Agwingoss. A kind of small 

squirrel ; [C. Suisse ;] pl.-ao. 
Agwinmoebina, (nind). I biinu- 

fold him ; p. eg..nad. 
Agwingwehvi, (nind). I am 

blindfolded ; p. eg..sod. 
Agwingweon. Bow over the 

Indian cradle ; pl.-an. 
Agwingweon, or agwingwebison. 

Veil ; pl.-ctft. 
Agwinoie animosh. The dog is 

Agwitawishima, {nind). S. Ag- 

Agiciiawissidon, (nind). I put 

it on a pile, I pile it up ; p. 

Agwitchikijeigan. Andiron ; pi. 

Agwiichisideshimon, (nind). I 

put my feel on s. th., sitting ; 

p. eg..nod. 
AgwitchisidesMmonowin. Foot 

stool ; pl.-an. 
Agwitoiabikishin. It is piled up, 

(silver or stone) • p. 
Agiciioiahikissin. It is piled up, 

(uietal), in.) p. eg. .sing. 

Agwiton, (nind). I clothe it; 
p. egwitod. — Dehendjiged api^ 
tchi weweni od agwitonan wa- 
bigonin kitiganing ; the Lord 
splendidly clotheth the flo- 
wers of the field. 

Agwitoshimag, (nind). I pile 
up some objects ; p. eg..mad. 

Agwitoshinog. They are piled 
up, {an. obj.) p. eg..shingig. — 
Kitcki nibiwa nabagissagog 
agwitoshinoa oma ; great 
many boaras are piled up 

Agwitossidonan, (nind). I pile 
them up, (in. objects ;) p. eg., 

Agwitossinon. They are piled 
up, {in. objects ;) p. eg..ssin- 

Agwitowane, {nind). I put s. 
th. more to what, I carry on 
my back ; p. eg..ned. 

Agwiwin. Any vestment, 
clothes, clothing ; pl.-an. 

Aia, (nind). I am, I exist ; p. 

Aiad, an. being, any an. object ; 
pi. aiaag. — Kite hi aiaa, a 

Sreat, large, big being, (used 
oth of persons and animals.) 
Kitchi aiaag, grown persons ; 
aldo, great noble folks. 

Aiaans, young being, (human 
or other being, or an. obj.); pi. 

Aiaawish, bad wicked being ; 
pi. -a^r. 

Aiad. This word is also used 
when one endeavors to recol- 
lect the name of a person, (or 
any other an. object.) When 
you ask an Indian : Awenen 
ga-ikitod iw ? Who said that ? 
— If he does not remember 



- 17 


immediately the name of the 
j)er8on wlio said it, he will 
say : Aiaa sa </i-ikito, aiaa.... 
(In order to gain time to re- 
collect the name.) 

Aidbe. The male of animals, 
(quadrupeds,) not of birds ; 

Aiahewaidn. The skin of a 
male quadruped ; Tp\.-ag. 

AiabSwegin. Skin of a male 
quadruped of the largest kind, 
us moose, buffalo, etc. ; pl.-on. 

.1 iabinwinged. Consolator, 
consoling, comforting person ; 

A idbita, half each. — Aiahita ki 
gad -aiamin iw, nidji ; mv 
friend, we shall have each 
half of that. 

Aiabitawisid. A lialf-breed man 
or woman ; p\,-jig. 

Aiddjimigowis, (nind). S. Waw- 

Aidgonwetang. Gainsayer, in- 
credulous person, disooedient 
person ; p\.-jig. 

Aidjagonesse, (nind). I stagger, 
in walking ; p. eiaj..sed. 

Aidjmoendam, [nind], I change 
my mind often, I am incons- 
tant ; p. eiaj..ang. 

Aiajaxcendamowin. Changing 
of mind, of thoughts, incon- 

Aiajdendam, (nind). I regret ; 
p. eiaj..ang. 

Aiajikwe, (nind). I cry loud ; 
p, aiaiajikwed. 

Aidjigidaami, (7iind). S. laja- 

Aiafindendimin, (nind). We 
debate, dispute, quarrel with 
each other ; p. eiaj..didjig. 

Aidjindendiwin. Dispute, con- 

Aidkosid. Sick person, patient ; 

Aidmagad. There is, it is ; p. 

Aidn, (ni?id). I have it ; p. 

Aiandj. The change of J.nd/. 

Aiangwamendam, (nind). I en- 
deavor ; I pay attention ; p. 

Aiangwamendan, (nind). I di- 
rect my care and attention to 
it; eian..ang, 

Aiangwamenima, (nind). I re- 
commend him s. th. in 
thoughts ; p. eian..mad. 

Aiangwamenindis, (?>. i n d). I 
recommend it to myself ; p. 

Aiangwamige, (nind). I exhort, 
recommend ; p. dan..ged. 

Aiangvoamima, ( nind). I recom- 
mend him to do s. th., or to 
behave in a certain manner ; 
p. eia..mad. 

Aiangioaminan, (nind). I take 
well care of it, I pay attention 
to it ; p. eian..ang. 

Aiangwamis, {nind). I take 
care, I endeavor ; p. aian..sid. 

Aiangwamitagos, (nind). I an\ 
heard recommending s, th., I 
recommend, exhort; p. eian.. 

Aiangwamiiagosiwin. Recom- 
mendation, exhortation. 

Aianibesse, (nind). I lean now 
on one side and then on the 
other ; p. eia.,sed. 

Aianibesse, or-magad. It is lean- 
ing or rolling from one side 
to the other, (a canoe, boat, 
etc.) p. eian..seg, or-magak. 




^L '^ 



— 18 — 


Aianikanotaged. One who re- 
peatH 'he speaking of another, 
an interpreter, (man or wo- 
man ;) pl-Jifj. 

Aianike. S. Anike. 

A ianike - anamie - dihddjimowin. 
Ancient religious tradition, 
tradition of the Christian 
Chiircli ; pl.-aw. 

A ianike-dibfuijiviotoin. Tradi- 
tion, (ancient and repeated 
saying ;) pl.-a/i. 
Aianimilagos, [nin). I nmke 
a speecli or harangue of some 
lengtii ; p. aiai.Md. 

Aianimitagosiwin, Speech or 
liarangue of some length ; pl.- 

Aiano. The change of Alio-. 

Aianwenindisod. A repenting 
person, a penitent ; p\.-Jig. 

Aianweninaisossig. An unre- 
penting person, impenitent, 
liardened sinner ; pl.-o^. 

Aiapi, adv. From time to tin»e; 
from distance to distance. 

Aiasswapidon, (niiid). Freq. I 
gird it often; p. eias..dod. 

Aiasstvajrina, [nind], Freq. I 
gird him often; p. eias.jiad. 
imp. aid..pij. 

Aidwa [nind], I have him, I 
have or got sf^me an, obj.* 
also, 1 scold lum, reprimand 
him, upbraid him ; p. eiawad. 

Aiawetagos, {nind). I make my- 
self underfitood a little, some 
words; lam understood only 
a few words ; p. eiawetagosivi. 

Aiawetawa, {nind). I under- 
stand him a little, some words, 
(bespeaks a strange lang- 
uage;) p. eia..wad. 

Aiawigon, (nind). It scolds me, 
upbraids me; p, eiawigod, — 

Nin kiichi aiawigon ki masi- 
naigan; thy letter scolds me 

Aiawiidim'in, (nind). We scold 
one another, we reprimand 
each other; p. eia..didjig. 

Aiawiidiwin. Scolding, repri- 
manding, (of several persons.) 

Aidwin. Existence; mino aid- 
win, comfortable existence, 
welfare ; kagige. mino aidwin, 
eternal welfare. Matchi aid- 
win, miserable e x i 8 t e n c e, 
misery, kagige matchiaiawin, 
eternal misery. 

Aidwin. Scolding, reprimand. 

Aidwiwe, (nind). I am scold- 
ing, reprimanding ; p. da., 

Aidimin, (nind). S. Idimin. 

Aitkogade, {nind). I am tired 
in my legs; p. eiek..deg, 

Aiokoidis, (nind). I tire myself, 
I cause to myself fatigue ; p. 

Aiekonike, (nind). I feel tired 
in my arm or arms ; p. eie.. 

Aiekonikeivina, (nind). I tire 
his arm or arms ; p. eicnad. 

Aiekonikewinigon, (nind). It 
tires my arm or arms; p. eie.. 

Aiekonindji, (nind), I feel fa- 
tigue in my hand or hands p. 

Aiekos, (nind). I am tired, fa- 
tigued p. eiekosid. 

Aiekosia, (nind). I tire him ; I 
molest him ; p. 

Aiekositon, (nind). I tire it-; p. 
eie..tod. — Nind aiekositon nii- 
aio anokiidn ; I tire my boily, 
myself,) working. 

Aiekosiwin. Fatigue, weariness. 


— 19 — 


Aiaekwanam, (nind). I breathe 

with (lifHculty; p. eiek,.moil. 
Aiekwia, (ninii). I molcHt liiin, 

fatigue him ; p, 
Aiekwiwi, (nind). I am tired of 

carrying or packing on my 

hack ; p. eicwid. 
Ail. Thing, any in. olyect; pi. 

aiin.-Anotck aiin, a unary 

Aiins. Little thing; \)\.-an. 
A iiwi.ih, had contemptible 

thing; p\.-an. 

AH. This word is alno eniploy- 
od as a help to recolleci. the 
name of some inanimate obj. 
So when you ask : Wego7ien 
iw ? What is that ?-the -pev- 
son asked (if he does not im- 
mediately recollect the name 
of the thing,) will say : Aii 
.90.... (This gives him some 
seconds of -time to recollect 
the naihe of the object.) 
-When one wants to gain time 
to recollect the name ot a 
place, he will say : Aiing sa.... 

Ainabingwam, (nind). I sleep 
with open eyes ; ein..ang. 

Ainadjindis, (^nind). S. Inad- 

Ainawa, (nind). I ape or imi- 
tate him ; [F. je le contrefait ;] 
p. einawad. 

Aindapidon, (nind). I bind it 

well ; p. ein..dod. 
Aindapina, (nind). I bind him 

well; p. ein..nad. 
Aindina, [nind). I hold him 

well ; p. eindinad. 
Aindinan, (nind). 1 hold -it 

well; p. ein..ang. 
Aladjissitchigade, or -magad. 

It is put firmly; level; it is 

established ; p. ein..ieg, or 

Aindjisaiton, {nind). I settle it, 
I estalilish it, I confirm it, 
conclude it, consolidate it, 1 
put it level, right p. ein..tod. 

Aininamawa, [nind). I beckon 
him, wink him ; p. ein..wad. 

Aininike, {nind). I beckon with 
my hand, (arm ;) I wink ; p. 

Aiodjigade, or-magad. 1 1 i s 
used, made use of; p. eio..deg, 

Aiodjig'e, {nind). I make use ; 
p. eio..ged. 

Aion, {nind). I make use of it, 
I use it ; p. eiod. 

Aiotoin. The use of s. th., using. 

Aioioin. Any thing used or 
employed ;'pl.-aft. 

Aiotoin. Any obj. used or em- 
ployed ; p\.-ag. 

Ajdgamissin. It spoils, cor- 
rupts, itis corrupted, (liquid);) 
p. eja..sing. 

Ajageshi. Crab, crawfish; pi. 

AJagidiktoen, {nind). I throw 
my head backwards ; p. aiaj.. 

Ajaok,ai\v. Back and forwards, 
from one side to the other, 
from one to the other. — Ajank 
ijawog, they go back and for- 
wards, from one side to the 
other ; they come and go. 

Ajdssin. S. Ajiicassin. Ajiia- 

Ajaw, ajawi. In compositions, 
signifies crossing or travers- 
ing to the opposite side or 
shore of a river, bay, lake. It 
alludes also to the other side 
or oi)positc side of anything. 







t \ 

i : 

i ■ 




— 20 — 


(Examples in Honie of the fol- 
lowing words.) 

jijawa,(nind). I cross a river, 
bay, etc., in a canoe, boat, 
etc. ; p. aiajawaod. 

Ajawaa, (nind). I cross him or 
convey hinn in a canoe or boat 
over a river, etc.; p. 

Ajawaam, (nind). S. A,jaica. 

AJawaan, (nind). I cross or 
convey it in a canoe, etc., 
(over a river etc. ;) p. aia..ang. 

AJawadaga, (nind). I cross a 
river etc., swimming, I swim 
to the opposite shore ; p. aiaj.. 

Ajmcddagak, (nind) or, imid 
ajawagak. I cross on the ice 
a lake, a river, etc. ; p. aiaj.. 

Ajawagdm, adv. On the other 
side of a river, lake, etc. ; on 
the opposite shore. 
A,}awagameosse, (nind). I 
wade through a river to the 
opposite shore ; p. aiaj..sed. 

Ajatcaii, adv. Behind. 

Ajawakamig, adv. On the op- 
posite side of the earth. 

Ajawandawe, (niiid). I cross 
or pass over a river on a tree 
or log • p. aiaj. .iced. 

Ajaioaoajigside, or-magad. It is 
carried or conveyeii across a 
river, etc., in a canoe or boat; 
p. aiaj..deg, or-magak. 
ui-aj awaodjig ade. It is 
brought over from the oppo- 
site sliore in a canoe or boat. 

Ajawaodj'xgan. Flat-bottomed 
ferry-boat; pl.-rt». 

Ajawaodjigas, (nind). I am 
carried or conveyed across a 
river, etc., in a canoe or boat; 
p. aiaj... sod. 

Ajawaodjige, (nind). I cross or 
convey people over a river, 
etc., in a lK)at, etc.; p. aiaj.. 

Ajawaodjigewinini. Ferryman ; 
[F. traversier;] p\.-wag. 

Ajawaodon, (7iind). I convey 
or carry it across a river, 
lake, etc., in a canoe, boat, 
etc. ; p. aiaj..dod. 
Nin bi-djawaodon. I bring it 
to the shore, to this side of a 
river, lake, etc., in a canoe, 

Ajawaona, (nind). S. Ajawaa. 

Ajawaonigos, (nind). I get my- 
self crossed over a river, bay, 
etc., I employ somebody to 
take me over ; p. aiaj..sia. 

Ajawaosowagon. Ajaicaodjigan. 

Ajatoash, (nind). I cross sail- 
ing, I sail across a river, bay, 
etc.* Y>. aiajawashid. 

Ajawemij. Beach-tree; p\.-ig. 

Ajawemin. Beach-nut; pl.-ajj. 

Ajaweshk. Sword ; pi .-on 

Ajaiceshkons, dim. dagger; pl.- 

Ajawew, adv. On the other 
side of a point, or behind a 
point, ^in a lake.) 

Ajaw'igamig, adv. The space 
or interval between two 
houses or lodges. 

Ajdwigdd. The other leg, the 
leg on the other side.) — There 
is always a possessive pro- 
noun before this word ; as : 
Nind ajawigdd, \ny other leg ; 
kid ajawigdd, thy other leg, 

Ajawi-gwashkwan, (n ind) I 
jump or leap to the opposite 
side of s. th. ; p. aiaj..nid. 

Ajawiidssin ndbikwdn. The ves- 




Hcl tacka about ; p. 

Jjawinik. The other arm. — 
This and the two following 
words are always preceded by 
a possessive pronoun. 

Ajawinindj . The other hand. 

Ajawisid. The other foot, (the 
opposite foot.) 

Ajawi-sigindn, {nind). I pour 
it in another vessel; p. aiaj.. 

AJawi-wdbang, adv. The day 
after to-morrow. — The same 
as : awasswdbang. 

Aje, or waje, at the end of verbs, 
alludes to the human skin ; 
as : Nin makatewaje,! have a 
black skin. Nin giiibaje, I 
feel itchings on my sKin; etc. 

Aje, in composition, signifies 
going bark or backwards ; 
[F a reculons.] (Examples 
in some of the f o 1 1 o w i n g 

AJeb, {nind). I move backwards, 
sitting; p ejebid. 

AJiibalo, (nind). I run back- 
wards ; p. ejebatod. 

AJebidoji, (nind). I move it 
backwards ; p. e}.,dod. 

JJebina, {nind) I m o v e him 
backwards, (any an obj.) ; p. 
ej..nad; imp. ajebij. 

AJebinan, {nind). S. Ajebidon. 

Ajeboian. Oar; [F. rame;] 
pi .-an. 

AJeboianak, pl.-on. S. Ajeboian. 

Ajeboianeidb. Oar— strap; pi.- 

Aji'boie, (nind). I row in a ca- 
noe or boat; p. ejeboied. 

Ajidibaamawa, (nind). I pay 
him back; also I avenge on 
him a bad doing, I render 
him evil for evil; i>.aiaj..ivad. 

Ajebibaan, {nind). I pay it back; 

I avenge it; p. aiaj..ang. 
j\j6gabaw, {nind). I step back ; 

p. €j..wid. 
Aj^gandina, (nind). I thrust or 

push him back; p. ej..nad ; 

nup. ajegandin. 
Ajegandinan, {nind). I thrust 

or push it back ; p. ej..ang. 
^ijegiwe, {nind. I go back 

again, I return ; [F. je re- 

tourne sur mes pas ;] p. ejegi^ 

Aj^iddjim, (nind). I repeat old 

sayings, old news, etc. ; p. ej.. 

AjHddjimowin. Repeating old 

sayings, old traditions ; pT.-rtn. 
Aj^iash, {nind). I am driven 

backwards or back again by 

the wind; p. ej..wid. 
Ajeidssin. It is driven back- 
wards or back again by the 

wind ; p. ej..sing. 

I give 


Ajena, {nind). i g 
again some an. obj, 
it; p. ejenad. 

Ajcnamatca, {nind). I give him 
back 8. th., I return it to him ; 
p. ej..wad. 

Ajenan, (rmid). I give it back 
again, I return it ; p. ejenant/. 

Ajdosse, {nind). I walk back- 
wards ; [F. je marche a recu- 
lons ;] p. ejeossed. 

Ajesse, (nind). I slide back ; I 
relax; I relapse ; p. eje^^ed. 

Ajesse, or-magad. It slidt.^ or 
goes back or backwards , p. 
ejesseg, or-magak. 

Ajessewin. Backsliding; relaxa- 
tion ; relapse. 

Ajeta, {nind). I move back- 
wards, draw back ; p. ejetad. 


'<:' ^ 

,v , 

, '! 


' *:■ 

' ^ 

>1 u 




— 22 — 


Aj6takoki, inind). 1 inakeuHlep 
I>ackwuru8; p. g..kid. 

Aj(Ha7i, (nind). 1 draw Itack 
from it ; \). eja/ana. 

jijeiawa, (nind). I witlulniw 
I'roni hill), I draw back from 
him ; p. ej..wad. 

Ajewidou, (nind). 1 lead or 
convey it back: p. ajewidod. 

.ijewina, (nind). 1 lead or con- 
vey him back ; p. <'J..nad. 

.{ji, adv. Ot. S. Javjwa. 

AJihik, Rock, cliff; pl.-ou. 

Ajibikoka. It is rocky, there 
are rocks; p. aiaj.,ka(j. 

AJida, adv. of new ; in revenjj;c. 

AJida-bi'madis, (niiid). I live of 
new, I live another life; p. 

Ajida-biniadisiwin. Another 
life (in another world.) 

^\jida dodamowin. R e v e n j^ e, 

Ajidawaa, (nind). I repay him 
(evil for evil,) I revenge my- 
self on him; p. 

Ajidawamoiu. Vengeance, re- 

Ajidawaige, (nind). I take re- 
venge; p. aiaj..ged. 

Ajidawama, (nind). I revenge 
myself on him in loovds ; p. 

^ijidawiwin. S. Ajidawadwin. 

Ajideendam, (nind) or nind aji- 

deenindam. I contradict or 
gainsay in thoughts ; p. aiag.. 

Ajideia, (nind).. 8. Aiidekawa. 

Ajideidtig. Cross ; pl.-of/. * 

AJidekawa, (nind). I miss liim 
(in the road,) I don't meet 

* It is the expres.sIon used for IheCroHS 
of our Lord. Tlic wood mude in the 
shape of a cros.). 

him, he comes one way and I 
go another; p. aiqi..wad. 

Ajidckonciki. Cross-bill, cross- 
beak, (bird ;) pl.-t«f/. 

AJidema, (nind). I gainsay him, 
I give him cross diereapoctfnl 
answers; p. aiaj..mad. 

Ajidena, (nind). I withstand 
him around the body, in 
wrerttling; p. aiaj..nad. 

Ajidenge, (nind). I gainsay, I 
give Dad answers ; p. aia..ged. 

Ajidengenhk, (nind). 1 use to 
give bad answers, to gainsay ; 
p. aia..kid. 

Ajidenikth, (nind). I am sitting 
'vith crossed arms; p. aiaj.. 

Ajidenima, (nind). I contradict 
him in thoughts; I don't care 
for him ; p. aiaj. .mad. 

Ajidesse, or-magad. It crosses 
or intersects, (a line or road 
intersecting another;) p. aiaj.. 
sea, OT-magak. 

AJideioa, (nind). I miss him, 
(traveling by water, in a ca- 
noo, boat, etc.) he comes one 
way and I go another ; p. 
aiaj. .wad ; imp. qjide. 

Ajidewe, (nind). I gainsay, give 
bad answers ; p. 

Ajidewldam, ( nind) . I gai nsay , 
contradict, dispute ; I give 
disrespectful answers; p. 
aiaj .ang. 

Ajidewidamowin. Gainsaying, 
disrespectful answer ; p\.-an. 

Ajigan. Foot-rag, (nippe) ; sock, 
stocking; pl.-a/i. 

Ajigan^, or-magad. There is 
half or part of something ; p. 
ej..neg, or-magak. 

Ajiganeaii, adv. Half or part 



— 28 — 


Ajjijant^kamig aki, one liaif or 

' pint of the earth. 
Ajii/niiilce, {niiid). I knit MOcks 

'or Htockin^^s; p.<l. 
. [lii/idabikinan jxlshkinvjan, 

' [Iliad). I cock a gun ; p. aiaj.. 

AJi;/i<linan,, [nind). I turn 

over, (a cliflli, a plate, etc.) 
' IJii/idji-pangishin, { nind) . 

' iJi'/nlji-paiKji'fsin . S . 

Ajii/idjiisse, (nind). I fall hack- 

wiirds, I fall on my back ; p. 

AJiijidjisse, or-magad. It falls 

l)'ack\vard8; p. aiaj..seg, or- 

AJigwa, adv. S. Jaigwa. 
Ajhubikissin. It is dull, blunt, 

it does not cut well, (steel- 
tool ;) p. ej..sing. 
Ajiahki. Mud, uiiro, dirt. 
Ajiahkiwamika, or-magad. It is 

niiry at th<! bottom, (a river, 

etc.)^ p. ej..kag, or-magak. 
AJishkiwika, or-tnagad. It ie 

inuddv, miry ; p. eg..kag, or- 
Ajiwa, or-magad. It is dull, 

blunt, it does not cut; p. eji- 

wag, OT-magak. 
AJiwassin. S. Ajiiahikissin. 
Ajiwi, adv. Ot. S. Iwidi. 
AJodeiiima, {nind). I unite with 

him ; p. ej..rnad. 
Ajogan. Bridge; wharf; pl.-an. 
Ajogaaikade, or-magad. There 

is a bridge made; a wharf; p. 

aiaj..deg, or-magak. 
AJoganike, (nind). I make a 

bridge ; a wharf; p. aiaj..ked. 
Jjoge, inind). I cross a river 

walking on a bridge, I walk 
over a bridge ; p. aicjnged. 

AJognnndawe, (mnd). S. AJa- 

j{}onda, adv. (it. S, Oma. 

Ak, as end-syllable of substan- 
tives, signilies handle, or u 
2)iecc of wood for a certain 
use; as: Trhigataiganak, 
broom-stick, ((r/iigafnigau, 
broom.) Anitiiak, handle of 
a spear, [anil, spear.) \Vd- 
kai(/anak, a log for a house, 
wdkaigan, house.) — Instead 
of ak, they sometimes use 
dfig. S. Aii</. 

Aka f adv. Where? 

Akakanakide, or-magad. \i 
burns to coal, it is burnt to 
coal, if is carbonized ; p. ek.. 

di'(i, or-magak. 


I burn 
; p. ek.. 

nakis, (nind). I burn 

coal, entirely ; p. ck..sod. 
Akakanakisan, (nind). I bun 

it to coal ; p. eA:.. sang 
Akakanakistoa, {nind). 

some an. obj. to coal 

toad; imp. ak..swi. 
Akakanate, or-magad. It is con- 
verted into coal ; p. ek..tcg, 

Akakanje. Coal, charcoal; 

also, red-hot coals. 
Akakanjebwe, {nind). I am 

roasting s. th. on red-hot 

coals ; p. ek..toed. 
Akakanjeuwen, {nind). I roast 

it on red-hot coals; p. 
Akakanjebwenan,{nind). I roast 

some an. obj. on red-hot coals ; 

p. (V. Conj.) 
Akakanjeka, or-magad. There 

are coals ; there are red-hut 

coals p. ek..kag, or-magak. 
Akakanjekan. Place where 





»,tf ': 



— 24 — 


I t 

they burn (or make) charcoal; 

Aicakameke, (nind). I make 

(burn) charcoal ; p. ek..kf:d. 
Akakanjekewin. Charcoal- 

nian'H trade and buniness. 
. I kakanjekewinini. Charcoal- 
man ; p\.-wag. 
Akakanjewan. S. Akakaiijeka. 
Akakaujewansin, or akakanjr- 

waki. Coal, p i t^c o a I ; {¥. 

charbon de terre, houille.] 
A kakanjewasninik, or-viayad. 

There is a pit-coal, there is a 

pit-coal njine; p. ek,.ka(j, or- 

. \ kakanj^wassinikan. Pit-coal 

^ 1 kakanjewassinikcwiuini. A 

miner in a pit-coal mine ; pl.- 

Akakanjeicigamiij. Coal-house ; 


Auakwidjish. Finher, (animal;) 



cakwitoshimag, {nind). S 

Akakioitoshinog . S. Awitoshi- 

Akakwitossidonan, {nind). S. 

Akakwitossinon. S. Agwitossi- 


Akamawa {)iind). I lurk, I lie 

in wait for him, in ambush ; 

p. ek..wad. 
Akamawewin. Lurking. 
Akamigis,{nind). Alg. S. On- 

damxs, or Ondartita. 
Akandamo. A kind of big root 

growing in the water; pi.-*/.. 

Akando, (/nind). I watch ; I 
lurk, I lie in ambush; p. 

out, I 

A kfindovoigamig . Watch-house, 

t^uard-houHe ; pl.-on. 
Akandowin. Watching ; lying 

in ambuHh. 
Akandoxoinini, watchman, sen- 
tinel; pl.-icao. 
AkawCtby {nind). I look 

wait for... ; p 
Akawfibama, {nind). I look 

out for him, I expect him ; p. 

Akawdbandan, {nind). I look 

out for it, I expect it; p. ek.. 

AkdwanJ. Low thick under- 

bush ;0f the fir-kind ; [C. 

Buis;] ^\.-ig. 
Akdwaujika, ovmagad. There 

18 underbu8h of the fir-kind, 

(somewhere in the woods;) p. 

ek..kag, ov-mayak. 
Akawisnkawa, {nind). I am 

the first after him ; p. ek,.wad. 
Aki. Earth, the globe, the 


ing, on earth. Akikang, in 
the earth, in the ground. 

Aki gi-moshkaang, deluge. 

Akik. Kettle; pl.-o*/. Probab'y 
derived from aki, as the an- 
cient Aborigines made their 
kettles of earth. — Akikons, u 
small kettle. Akikosh, a bad 
old kettle. 

Akikodjiwan. There is a violent 
and dangerous whirlpool ; p. 

Akikoke, {nind). I make ket- 
tles ; p. ek..ked. 

Akikokewin. Brazier's trade 
and occupation, kettle manu- 

Akikokewinini. Brazier, kettle 
manufacturer; p\.-wag. 

, country; farm; soil, 



-26 - 



Akini/i'ii'an. White duMtonllie 

Akiw, {nin(l). I nin earth ; p. 

Akiiiuni. It irt earth, there Ih 
eiirth ; j». vkitraiKj. 

'; v\.-i(tii. 
I am an old 

Akiircsi. Old rnuii 
Akiiresiiir, (iii'ikI). 

man ; p.'d. 

Akiwif/aitiijf. E a r t h - li o u h c, 
lialiitation under <r refund; 
also, root-house; pl.-o/*. 

AIco, (ill t!ie chuiige ck-o.) This 
word in never us(mI alone ; it 
is always prctlxed to a verh, 
and sii^nilies, (i.t Inntj as, since, 
mjo. — (i e(l-(tk(iln' mad isi i (ill , as 
lonjf as I shall live. Hka- ilaij- 
visliinef/, since your arrival. 

Akobimioau. S. Wak-aii/<ni. 

Aknifib, the name of a lake in 
Upper Michigan. Ako</ihini/, 
at, in, from or to that lake. 

Ak6kohinu(/aii. Of. A platted 
ve.«jsel, hasket; pl.-rt». 

Akokohinai/nnikc, {nliid). I 

1)lat (»r make a hasket or ha.s- 
:et8 ; p. ek..ked. 
Akokomidnss. Stocking; pl.-rt». 
— vU-«A'o alludes to platting; 
inid<(ss signifies a leggin<r. 
Akdkoinidassike, {iiind). I knit 

stockings.; p. ek..ked. 
. 1 kokumidassikein'n. K n itting ; 
[F. tricotage." 

Akos, [uind). 
height, so ta 

am of a certain 
; p. eko..sid. — 

Kkosiian nind ukos, I am as 

tall as thou. Ekosiinu akofti, 

he is as tall as I. 
Akos, (iihid). I am sick, in- 

lirm ; p. aiaknsid. 
Akoshkade, {nind). I have pain 

in the howels, colic ; p. aiak.. 


Ako.flik(idewin. Pain in the 
howels, colic. 

Akoshk(i(j(m, [nind). It comes 
hard tipon nie, it is heavy to 
me, it tires me, molests me; 
i». i'k..(fnd. 

Akdshkawa, {nind). \ tire him, 
(he carrying me ;) 1 molest 
him ; p. aiak..wad. 

Akos/ikos, {nind). I am tired, 
(carrying a load or pack ;) p. 

Akmishk,(^nind). lam sickly, 
always sick ; n. (iia..kid. 

Ak(isik(t.t, {nind). I feign to he 
sick, I dissemhlc sickness ; p. 

Akosin, {nind). I have pain (in 
some part of my hody ;) p. 
aiakostd. Mshfi(/W(iii nind 
(Ikosin, I liave headache, 
(pain in my head.) Nihidan, 
nind (Ikosinan, I have tooth- 
ache, (pain in my teeth.) 

Akasiiuuios, {nind). I look sick, 
I have a sickly api)earance ; 
p. (tia..sid. 

Akosinaijosiiein, sickly appear- 

Akosinan, {nind). I have pain 
(in some piirt of my IkxIv;) 
p. niakosici. [V. Conj.] Nin 
fotoshim nind ak ns i n a n, I 
have pain in my hreast, (on 
one side,) [a female speaking.] 
Nin tntoshinuKj uind akosinuy, 
I have pain in my breast, (on 
lH:)th sides.) Hospital, infirm- 
ary ; pl.-o». 

Akosiwm. The lieightof a per- 
son, his stature. — Mi mandaii 
nind dkosiicin, this is ny 
lieight, Tiiv stature. 
■ 3 

/« ' 


;?' ^^ 



— 2(i — 


\ > 

Akoaiwin, SicknCHH, iutirni- 
ity, (liMcjiHo; j)l.-a/t. 

AkiixiuHH iiiiibidon, or dko.siwiii 
iiin hi-mitjiwi', I infect u iducc, 
I Itriiiji; u HickncHH to a |)lac('. 

Akosniu. It in of a ccrtuin 
l('n;;th ; p. ekoiminy. — I'tajira- 
na nin kikciiddn iw iuu/uiikhi 
cko.'iniii(/, I know l)y lii-arl 
that whole hymn, (an long as 
it JH.) 

Akotvwaifix., (iuihI). I am well 
armcii un<liiangurouH; p. aia,. 

Akwd, ov-wo(jad. It is of hucIi 
a length; p. ckway, or-iiwijak. 
— Mi ckwiuj nin wCikuiyan ; 
Hdwatch na akwCi cndaian t 
My liouwe is .sulong; Ih thine 

Akwah, inind). I can see IVdni 
nnch a diHtunce ; y. cktcubid. 
HchIio nind akwau, I can see 
(only) from a short distunce, 
1 am shortsighted, myope. 
Wdssa nind akwab, I can see 
from a great distance, from 



far, I am 

Akwanani, {nind). I breathe 
with fatigue, I can liardly 
breathe, (a sick person) ; p. 

Akwdndaiv agan. Ladder; 
stairs, staircase; pl.-a/t. 

Akwaudawe, (nind). I aacend 
a ladder or staircase, 1 go up 
stairs, I climb up, (on a tree, 
etc.) ; p. ek..ived. 

Akwandawebato, (nind). I as- 
cend a ladder or staircase run- 
ning. I run up stairs; p. ek,. 

Akwawa, (nind) (j)ron. nind 
akowa.) I an 

id) (i)ron. nind 
u lishing witli a 

spear, (on the ice); 1 am 
spearing fish; p. ekiraimd, 
(pron. ckowiid.) 

Akirr. Akirew.Akwc.s.tens. Ak- 
wencnuiw ; (01.) H. Ikwc. Ik- 
wrw. Ikwe.Hfnu. Ikirr,icn.siir. 

AkiirndiinKtijaitODifi, {nind}. 1 
hurt him by striking; p. aiuk,. 

Akwind(unia, (nind). 1 hurt 
him, [caus(^him pain in some 
part of the body ; |». 

Ahwrndum<iiwc,(uiad). 1 hurt, 
|). aia.jrol. 

Ahwiiri, (nind). I am tired, 
(from workimj ;) 1 am ex- 
liausted ; p. ekiviwid. 

Ainadad^tn, [nind). I weep 
awaking; j). eni.,mod. 

Amddina, {nind). 1 awake 
him, I wake him up, I rouse 
him from sleep; p. em..nad. 

Amadjia, (nind). S. Anuidina. 

Aniaajibind, {nind). I wake 
him up by pulling or push- 
ing him ; p. em..nad 

Amadjistie, {nind), I awake ; 
J). ew...sed. 

Amadjiwa, {nind) I ascend a 
mountain, I go up on a moun- 
tain ; p. 

Amadjiwebato, {nijid). I run 
upon a mountain; p. aiam.. 

Ainadjiwcbinn, (nind). I awake 

p. aiam,.nad. 

him briskly, I rouse him up; 

Amadjixoeniye, {nind). I go up 
on a luountain, or hill, carry- 
itig s. th. on my shoulder; \k 

Amadjiwewane, {nind). I go up 
on a hill or mountain, carry- 
ing a pack on my buck : :>. 

> I' 


— 27 — 


Ainndii'cwrwa, {nind). I nwakc 

liiiii liv iiiukiiii; noinr; p. em.. 

trail ; imp. amadwi'wcw. 
Ainanitssimo animntth. 'I'lio dog 

is rutting; ; p. ftui.juoil. 
Aiii<niiss,(iiiiid). I Hin iilannod, 

t'rijrlitcnod, liy h. tli. 1 hoard; 

p. cmaninsoil . 
.iiiiniiinntnriii. Alurin, rri;rlit, 
Aiiitinosn (iHU'ssi. 'I'lic uniiiinl 

in rutting; p. aiam...ind. 
Amaxiha, in hid). I awnko; p. 

Aiiinwii, (nind). I frighten him, 

or J t'rigiitoii an animal, [F. 

je I'ellaroiichc;) p. aiammiHid. 
And)!' ! amhe.s.>i(i ! andn-.tsann ! 

amhcHsino ! iiiterj. well I come! 

conio on ! 
Anddeiiamidc, or - mat/ad. It 

ovcrtlowH hoihiig ; j), aiain.. 

dcif, or-mo!/(ih. akik. The kettle 
overtlowH, (what is hoiling in 
it overflows;) p. ainm...toil. 

Ami yiijO. The fish is sj)awning; 
p. emid. 

Amik. Beaver* pl.-ica//. Ami- 
kons, young boaver ; pi. -ay. 

Amikobiwai, an. Beaver Air; 

Amikoyan. Beaver'n bone; pl.- 

Aniikoj/enda. Beaver-Island, in 

Lake Michigan. 
Amikoshib. n e a v e r-duck, (a 

kind of wild duck;) pl.-a//. 
Amikosow. Beaver's tail ;' also 

Amikwar/in, {nind). I live like 

a beaver : p. cm..sid. 
Amik'vqj. Hole (not lodge) of a 

beaver; pi .-aw. 
Aniikwdndaf/, an. Small vvliite 

luHiiirack tree; [C. opinette 

liluiiche;) J»l.-f<//. 
Amiku'inh. Beaver's lodgf ; pi.- 

Atno. Bee; wanp; lunnble-bec ; 

Anin-biinidc. Wax. 
. I nni-biniiili'-wdxsakw(imndji(ian 

\Va.x-candle, wiix-tapcr ; pl.- 

Ami) • bimide - imnsakwaHcndJi 

uiin.s. TU'iu wax-taper ; [F. 

Longie tiloe.) 
Amuij, [nind). I am canceroii?^, 

I have a cancer; p. cmoi/oU. 
Aino-.n.sibn/>ii'iid. Honev. 

Amini, [nind). I at Home au. 
obj. ; p. I'mU' imp. amioi. 

And, {nind). I I: ! ■ s. th. stick- 
ing in lily th, (a bone, a 
fiHli-bone, etc.); 3. p.— a/mo ; 
p. cndod. 

Andiianankk. Fern. 

Analc. A small gray bird; pl.- 


Anak, adv. At all events, how- 
ever it turns out; [F. en tout 

Andkau. Mat, tloor-mat ; [F. 
natte;] p|.-a». 

Andkanashk. Rn-sh for inat.>', 
(tloor-niats;) \A.-un. 

Andkaneiub. A little cord used 
in platting mat.s ; pl.-iH. 

Andkanikc, {nind). I am mak- 
ing a mat ; p. en..ked. 

Andkona, an. Sea-bread, bif- 
cuit; pl-g. 

Andkonnns. Crackers; pl.-ay. 

Analxwad. Cloud- pl.-ojt. 

Anakwad. It is cloudy ; p. ai- 

Andm, anami. In composition.*, 
Mignifies under, nnderneath, 

, V 




i HI 


— 28 — 


fi i 

beneath. (E>ample,s in some 
of tlie following woi'fla.) 

Aufimndopoiciii, adv. Under 
the tahlc. 

Andmaii, adv. Under, beneath, 

Anamdjihik, adv. Under the 
rock, or under a rock. 

Andmakam>(j Hell, abode of 
the devils. 

A nam akamig, adv. Under 

Aiidmaking, adv. Under the 
surface of the eartli, under 

Andnicndaii, (uind). I li a v e 
su.^piciourt thoughls towards 
8. tn., I suspect or accuse it 
in my ihoin/hh of some fault 
or defect ; p. en.,any. 

Aiiamenhna, {nind). I suspect 
or accuse him in niy thonghtf 
of some fault, I liave suspi- 
cious thoughts against liim ; 
p. en..mad. 

Aaam&ssika'je, (nind). I say 
mass for somebody ; or bet- 
ter : Lamessikage, and so on 
for the root : Lamess, instead 
of Anamess ; p. en..gcd. 

Anam^ssikan. S. Anamessike- 

AnameKsikas, {nind). I say 
luass for myself; p. en..xod. 

Anamessikawa, [nind]. I say- 
mass for him; p. en,.wad. 

Anamessike, {nind). I say mass ; 

p. en..ked. 


Anamessike adopowin 


tar-cloth ; pl.-o»i. 
A namessike-aywiwin. M a s s • 

vestment, especially the cha^ 

suble; p\.-an. 

A Harness ike-masinaigan . Mis- 
sal, mass-book; pl.-«n. 
Anamessikewin. Mass; rA.-an. 
Ano.messikeioinagad. Mass is 

being su' ', the time of mass ; 

p. eiL.gak. 
Anamia, {hind}. I i)ray ; I ani 

a Christian; p. enamiad. * 
Andmibai/an, adv. Under the 

bed. ■ 
Andmihing, adv. In the water, 

under tlie surface of the water. 
Andmide, adv. In the bottom 

of the heart. 
Anamic-himossemin, {nind) pi. 

We walk in procession ; p. en.. 

A namie-biviossiiwin. ^ '^1 igious 

Anande-gagikwewin. Religious 

.^ermon, preaching. 

Anamegijiqad. Sunday, sab- 
bath ; pi.-on. 

Anamegijigad. It is Sunday ; 
p. en..gak. Dassing enamie- 
yijigakin, every Sunday. 

Anamickas, {nind). I am an 
hvpocrite, feigning or disseni- 
bling religion and piety : p. 

Anamickasowin. Hypocrisy . 

A naviii'-kikinawadjion. Ch urch - 

banner; \A.-an. 
Anamie-iuasinaigan. Prayer- 

book ; pl.-a/j. 
Anamieminag, an. pi. Rosary, 

Anamieminag nind agimag. I 

say the rosary. 
Anavw'minike, (nind). I am 

making a rosary ; p. en..ked. 

* The root nnami signifies every thing 
which belongs to religion, divine wor- 
ship, etc. 

t 1 1' 



— 29 — 


A namic-minikwddjiyan. C h a- 
lice ; pl.-a/t. 

Anamie-nn(/amon, (or nayamo- 
win). Religions song, liynin ; 
pi .-aw. 

AtiamU - nanayataweiulnmowin. 
Religions meditation ; pl.-a?j. 

AnamU-nibaumcui. Christian 
marriage, Sacrament of Ma- 
trimony, or, unamie-witiken- 

Anamw-nnminidiwin. Extrome- 

Anamie-pagidinijfaii . Rd igions 
oflFering; church-tithes; pl.- 

AuamU'-patjidinv/e, {nind). ' 
perform a religious offering ; 
also, I pay my church-duty, 
or tithes, due to the church 
and the clergy ; p. en..<jed. 

A nam le-payidi nigetviii. Rel igi- 
ous oflenng, the act of offer- 
ing or giving in religious res- 
pect ; the paying of church- 

Anamic-ngaaiidddiwin. Ann- 
mie-sigaanddge, etc. S. Siga- 
andadiwin. Sigaandage, etc. 

Anamirtamawa, {miid). I pray 
for him ; I bless him ; p. eii.. 

Anamietdn, [nind). I bless it; 
p. en..tang. 

Anamietawa, (iiind). I piay for 
him, I biess him, (any an. 
obj.); also, I adore him; p. 

Anamiewdbo. Holy water, bless- 
ed water. 

Anamiewdtig, an. Cross; pl.- 
og. Anamicivdtignn.'i, a small 
cross; ])\.-ag. This word 
would suit better to say the 
holy Cross than, tchipaidytik 

or, a.'iileidfik, but the we of 
the latter have prevailed. 

Andinir-widige, inind). I am 
nuirrieil according to the rules 
of the Church ; p. en..gcd. 

Annmie - widigeudi u'i n . Chris- 
tian marriage, according tothe 
rule.H and rites of the Church. 

Anamie widokawa, {nind). T 
keep societv or company with 
him ill religious respect; p. 

Anamiv-widokndadhnin, (nind). 
We are in company together 
in regard to religion, we are 
in the Communion of Saints ; 
p. en..didjig. 

Anamie-widnkodadiwin. Com- 
munion of Saints. 

Anamithirigamig. House of 
prayer, church, chapel, tem- 
ple; pi .-OH. 

Anamii'tviganiignns. S mall 
church, chapel ; pl.-nf». 

Anamieivin. Prayer; religion; 
pi .-an. 

Anamiewin wendjinanind. A 
peison killed "for religion's 
sake, that is, a Martyr; pl.- 

no- ^ ' , 

Annwikago, {nind). I salute ; 

I make my farewell visit ; {F. 

je fais mes adieu.v ;) p. en..ged. 

— Nakawe nin hi-anamikage, 

tclii hum madjaidn ; I come 

to make my '"avewell visit, 

before I start. 

Anamikagewin. Compliments, 
greeting, salutation, wade. 

Anamikdgowin. Compliments, 
greeting, salutation, received. 
Hemark. In the Annunciation 
of the B. Virgin we see these 
two salutations, one made (by 
the Angel) and the other re- 


'.li % 

k I '\ 



— 30 




'I P 


reii'ed (Vty the H. Virgin.) 
Consequently we have to sav : 
Anjeiii od anamikagewin, tlie 
Hulutation of the Angel ; and : 
Kitcliitwa Marie od anauiikd- 
</owin, tlie sahitation of S. 
Mary. — The same is tiie case 
with great many otlier wordH 
of thi8 description; as; J)i- 
hadinnr/ewiii, and tibaamaijo- 
wiii, judgment; etc. (S. 
Otcliipwe Grammar. Forma- 
tion ofSubstantive.s.) 

Annmihin, {niiid). I salute it ; 
]). en. .am/ — Nind anamikaii 
anamewl(/aiHi(j tc/lssa onsa- 
handamua ; I salute the 
church when I see it from far. 

Anamikawa, [nind). I salute 
him, I greet him ; I give or 
send him my comphments, 
my greeting; p. en..wad. 

Aiiamikodadiitiin, {nind). We 
.■salute each other ; p. cii..did- 

Anumikodadnii/. When tliey 
salute each other, New year's 

Atiamikodadiwin. Mutual sa- 
lutation, i^alutation of several 
to socal persons. 

Andmima. {nind). I express in 
words my suspicion against 
him; I accuse him of s. th. ; 
p. endmimnd. 

Andmimakakf adv. U n d e r a 
barrel, box, chest, etc. 

Andmina, adv. Underneath, in- 
wardly, in the body. — KeiCibi 
anamina aidhaa iiinywiss, api 
nehonid ossibanin. My son 
wa.s yet inwardly, (in my 
body,) when his father died.' 

Andmindan, (nind). 1 express 
in ivords my .suspicion 

it ; I accuse it of acme fault ; 

Andmiadim, adv. In the water, 

in the depth. 
Andmindiwin, or andmingewin . 

Andming, adv. Und^r, beneath. 
Andminge, {nind). I have sus- 
picion, I suspect or accuse; 

p cn..ged. 
Andmi.'isag, adv. Under aboard 

or under boards; under the 

Andmis.Hag-wdnikan. Cellar 

under the floor of a house. 
Andmonag, adv. Under a canoe 

or boat. 
Andn. King or bracelet worn by 

Indians round the wrist ; pl.- 

Andng. Star; pl.-o*;. 
Anangog end aj i — ganatmba- 

mindwa, observatory, (place 

where they gaze on the stars.) 
Andngoka, or-magad. There 

are stars, it is starry ; p. en.. 

kag, ovmagak. 
Anaugon ijinagwad. It is star- 
Anangon kekenimad. A&trono- 

mer; p\.-jig. 
Anangons. Little star, asterisk; 

Anang pangisliin, (a star falLs,) 

Ananidji. Pearl ; pl.-.7., nind. I bring nothing 

coming from hunting ; p. dia- 

Anapi ? adv. When ? 
Anuioabnma, {nind). I despair 

of him. by his appearance, 

(of a sick person, etc.,) ; p. 

Anawabaminagosy {nind). I am 


— 151 - 


despaired of by my apjwar- 
unce ; p. aian..sid. 

AiKiwabaminagwad. It is des- 
paired of bv its apjiearaiice ; 
p. aian.,iC(ik. 

Anawabaiidan, (nind). I des- 
pair of it as I see it ; p. aian.. 

Aitawabandji(/e,{nind). S. Ana- 

Ai>nwenaago,s, {nind). I am of 
little profit, I am considered 
unable to do thin or that; p. 

Aiiawendagioad. It is rejected, 
not considered useful or ser- 
viceable ; p. aia.Aoak. 

Aiimcendan, {umd), I object 
against it, I think it is unfit, 
I find fault with it ; p. aian.. 

A naivendjige, (nind). I aban- 
don, quit, give up; <le8p"ir; 
p. aian..<; "d. 

Anawendjig '.win. Giving up, 
discontinuAnce* despair. 

Anawenim, {nind\. I doubt 
whether I am aole to do it or 
not; p. aian..niod. 

Anawenima, {nind). I object 
at^ainst him, I think he is not 
able to do this or that ; p. aia.. 

A nawenindis. A 
win. S. Awenindis. Anwe- 

AnawAwis, (nind). I can effect 
nothing, 1 work or endeavor 

in vain ; p. ain..sid. 

Anawewiaimagad. It does not 
profit, it yields no profit, no 
truit, it fails; p. aia..gak. 

Anawi, adv. Yet, indeed, how- 
ever, for all that. 

Anamigin kitigdn. The field 

produces no fruit ; p. aian.. 
ing. 8. Nigin. 

Anawinainawa, {nind). I find 
he does not give me enouj^h, 
not my full phare; ; p. aui.. 

Anivinse, {nind). I am getting 
weaker, worse, (in a sickness 
or starvation,) ; p. aianawis- 

Anawisse, or-magnd. Itilecays, 
it pori.shes ; p. aia...seg, or- 

Anawitagos, {nind). Mv \oice 
irt low, weak, (from hunger, 
fatigue, sickness ;) p. ain...ii<l. 

Anaioitawa, (nind). I find his 
voice weak, low ; p. aia..icad. 
Anawito, {nind). I am un- 
able to walk, (from starva- 
tion, etc.); p. a«nf../o(f. 

And, andj. In compositions, 
signifies chantje, alteratinn, 
reiteration. (El x a m p 1 e s in 
some of the following words.) 

Andab, {nind). I change seats, 
I sit down elsewhere; p. aian- 

Andabide, {nind). I am getting 
otlier teeth ; p. aia..dea. 

Andaki, {nind). 1 go to live in 
another country or place, I 
move to another country or 
place; \). aiandakid. 

Andakiaine, {nind). I put other 
shoes on, I change shoes, or I 
put them on in another way; 
p. aia..ned. 

Andanam, {nind). I breathe 
otherwise, my respiration 
changed, (a sick person ;) p. 

Anda^)idon, {nind). I bind or 
tie it again, or otherwise; p. 

i I 


*i , J, . 



— 32 










i ~ ._ant.,.. 

Andapina, {jiind). I tie again, 

or otherwise, fonie an. object; 

p. aian..nad. 
Andapis, (nind). 

selfotherwise ; 

girdle or belt; 
Andawe. It is 

I girdle iny- 
I take another 
p. aian..sod. 
changing fur, 

getting new fur, new hair, 
(an animal;) p. aiandawed. 

Andek. Crow; pl.-way. Andek- 
onu, young crow, pl'.-a^. 

Andi? adv. S. Tandi ? 

Andj, or minawa andj, adv. Of 
new, again, once more, other- 

Andjia, {nind). I change liim, 
I change some an. ohj., I make 
it otherwise ; p. aiandjiad. 

Andjiaid, [nind). lamcljanged, 
I am otherwise than before ; 
p. aia..iad. 

Andjibian, (nind). I write it 
once more, I transcribe it, I 
copy it, ; also, I write it 
otherwise, I change it ; p. aia.. 

Andjibiigan. Copy, duplicate, 
transcript ; altered writing; 
pi. -an. 

Andjibiige, [nind). I copy, I 
transcribe ; I write otherwise ; 
p. aia..ged. 

Andji-bimddis, {nind). I live 
or bebave otherwise, I chang- 
ed my life, my conduct, I 
turned ; p. aian..sid. 

A ndji-bimddimcin. C h an ged 
life or conduct, conversion. 

Andjigade, or-magad, or andji- 
tchigade, ov-'magad. It is 
changed, altered, made other- 
wise ; p. aia..deg, ov-maqak. 

Andjigas, (nind) or nind and- 
jitchigas. I am changed, al- 
tered ; p. aian..sod. 

Andjiye, (nind). I change a 

lodge, I make it otherwise or 

elsewhere ; p. aian..ged. 
Andjyiioebisiwin. Changed be- 

Andjik, (nind). I am with child, 

I am pregnant ; p. endjikod. 
Andjikwanaie, (nind). I change 

clothes ; p. aian..ied. 
Andjikwanaiewigamig. Change 

house, or changing house ; 

Andjimik. She-bearer, bearing 

young ones* pl.-iea^r. 
Andjinagos, (nind). I appear 

different, changed ; p. dia..sid. 

Andjinagosia, (nind). I give 
him another appearance, I 
make him look otherwise ; p. 

Andjinagosiioin. Changed ap- 

Andjinagwad. It appears dif- 
ferent, changed ; p. aian..wak. 

Andjinagwi, [nind). I appear 
changed, I take another, ap- 
pearance; p. aian..wiod . 

Andjinagicia, (nind). I make 
liini appear cnan^ed, (a per- 
son, or any an. obj.);p. aia.. 

Andjinagwiidis, {nind). I give 
to myself another appearance; 
I transfigure myself; p. aia., 

A adjinagwiidisoicin . Transfi- 
guration . 

Aadjinagwiton, {nind). I give 
to s. th. another appearance, 
I make it look otherwise ; p. 

Andjine, {nind). I relapse in 
a deadly sickness; p. aiand- 

AND — 33 — 

Andjinewis, {nind). Ahj. S. 
lialxU/i kadis . 

Andjinuj, {nind). I um born 
again, I am reborn, regene- 
rated ; p. aianjiniyid. 

. I ndJinifliiHn . Regeneration . 

Andjinikadan{ {nind) I give 
another name to it, I change 
its name; p. aian..ang. 

Andjinikana, {nind). 1 change 
his name, I give him another 
name, (to u person or any an. 


obj •);{). aian..nad . 
\ ndnkanidi 

djikanidis, {nind). I change 
my name, 1 take another 
name; p. aian..sod. 

Andjinika.<f, {nind) . I have an- 
other name, I am called other- 
wise ; p. aian..nod. 

. [ ndjinikasoicin . Changed 

Andjishima, {nind). I lay him 
down elsewhere, or otherwise, 
(a person or some other an. 
obj.); p. aian..mad. 

Andjishin, {nind). I lie down 
elsewhere, or otherwise, 
I change position in lying ; p. 
aia.dng . 

Andjiso pijiki . The cow is to 
have a calf; endjisod. 

Andjiiisimo a n i in o s h. The 
young ones ; 

bitch is to have 
p. endjlssimod . 

Andjissin. It is lying else- 
where, or otherwise ; p. aian.. 
ing . 

Andjissiton, {nind). I lay it 
elsewhere, or otherwise; p. 

Andjitawa, {nind) or, nind and- 
jitamawa. I alter or change 
s. th. for him or to him; p. 

AndjUcliiijdde, or-magad. S. 

Andjifoii, (nin<I). I change it, 
alter it, I make it otherwise, 
I reform it ; p. aiandjUod. 

Andjiwiimowin . S. Andjiniku' 
Howiu . 

Aneakukwnn . S t i c k to stir 
with; [C. brassoir]; pl.-rt/i. 

Aneukokwe, {nind). J stir what 
is in the kettle; p. 

An/'nn, {nind). I stir it, (a. th . 
in a vessel;) p. eneang. 

Anelgdn. Stick to etir with; 
pot-ladle; p\.-an. 

Ancigc, (nind). I stir s. th . in 
a vessel ; p. en..ed. 

Aneiakwe, {nind). I stir blood, 
boiling in a kettle; p. 

Ango, or viagad. It comes to 
nothing, it finishes, it breaks 
flown, it decays, it beconjes 
desolate; it passes away, 
vanishes; p. aiangog or-ma- 
gak . 

Angoa, {nind) . I destroy him, 
bring him to nothing, (a per- 
son, or some other an. obj.); 

Angogane {nind) . I am weak 
in my bones; p. eii..ned. 

A n g OS h k a, {nind) . I break 
down, I am brought to no- 
thing, I perish; p. aia..kad. 

Angos/ika, ov-magad. It passes 
away, it finishes, perishes; it 
breaks down ; it is worn out ; 
it is abolished ; it is brought 
to nothing; p. aia..kag, or- 
magak . 

Angoshkan, [nind). I destroy 
it, I bring it to nothing; p. 
aian..ang . 

Angoshkaxoa, {nind). I destroy 





V ^1 



hi:- 1:1 



I.! < 




— 34 — 


or Ijrinjr to nothing some a». 
ol)j. ; ji. aia.Arad. 

Aiijftmo (/(III. The snow is melt- 
ing; p. aia..H(>d. 

Amjutamawd, (niiid). I take 
ort'orawHVH. tli. from him, 
I liring to notliing or abolish 
8. th. belonging to liini ; p. 
aia.Aoad. — iJebeaiminin, nu- 
(/oiainawishiii (/a-bi-(iin(lik1,n, 
Lord, take away from me 
(pardon me) what I have done. 

Aiu/ofchU/ade, ov-mmjad. It Ih 
taken ciown, taken otf; it is 
abolished; p., or- 

An(/ot()H, {iiind) . I bring it to 
nothing;! abolish it; p. aia.. 

Aiifjwnbama, (iiind). I lose 
sight of him, he disappears to 
me; p. eii.,mad. 

An(^w(ihandan, (nind). I lose 
sight of it, it disapi^ears tome ; 
p. en..un(j . 

Angwabaadjuje, (nind). T am 
losing sight of some object ; 
p. en..ged. 

AnywauKias, adv. Certainl}', to 
be sure, surely . 

Angwixmendiim. He is full of 
hope. Anywdmcnddn . Ang- 
wanicnima . A ngioamemndis: 
Angioamima . Angwaminaii. 
Angwaniitagon . A ngwamita- 
go.iiwiii . — S . Aiangwamen- 
d(im . A i u n gio a in en dan. 
Aiangwanieuima, etc . 

Angioamikan, {nind). I ain de- 
voted to it, zealous for it; p. 
aia..ang . 

Angwamikawa, (nind). I am 
devoted to him, I am zealous 
in his service; p. aian..wad. 

AngwanmjoK, {nind). I disap- 
pear ; p. en..sid. 

Angivanagwdd. Itdisapi)oars ; 
p. cn..wak. 

Angw(( A piece of alluvi- 
ons wood on tlie beach of a 
lake, floodwood; p\.-og. 

A ngiodxiiagoka, or-ma gad . 
There is lloodwood on tin' 
beach : p. aicinJcaij or-imigak. 

Ani; S.Ni. 

.Ini-, in compositions, signifies 
in /ii iure, henceforth. It 
marks gointf on, appmncking 
towdrd.s... Nin gdtdni-kitimd- 
gis, henceforth I will be poor 
and miserable. Ki gdt dui- 
bakadem, you shall starve. 
(P. eni-) 

Anib. Elm-tree; pl.-J^. 

AnibMina, or-nidgnd. There 
is a steep ilescent of a hill or 
mountain; p. en..nag, or-ma- 

Anibvgabaw, [nind). I lean on 
one siile, standing; p. en..wid. 

AnibiHd, or-magdd. It is lean- 
ing; p. enibeiag, OT-magak. 

Anib^kamiga, or-mamd. There 
is a rising ground, (inclined 
ground, leaning ground;) p. 
en..gag, ov-vmgak . 

Anibdkiveii, {nind). I incline 
my head on one side; p. en., 
nid . 

Anibeshka, ov-nuigad. It is 
leaning on one side; p. en., 
kag, or-magak. — TcJdimtn dni- 
beshkd, the canoe is leaning. 

Anibe.sse, {nind). I am leaning 
on one side ; p. enibessed. 

Anibhse, or-magad. It is lean- 
ing ; p. enibesseg, or-magak. 

Anihi'ssin. S. Anibesse. 


35 — 


Auihdti, (nind). S. Anibeya- 

Aiiihiki Elii. -grove, oliii-forest ; 

Aiiihins. Young or small elni- 

trce; nl.-a//. 
Aiiihinsmi-sibi. Elin-ll i v e r, 

iiiiki' Superior. 
Aiiihiinin. Uurberrv ; [P. vi- 

iiette,^pii)e-vinette,peiiil»in!i] ; 


Aiiihish. Leafof atree or plant; 
also, tea in leaven; pl.-r//t. 

Aiiihishuho. Tea. 

Anibixhabn-akikom . Tea-ket- 
tle, tea-pot; pl.-«'/. 

Anihishabo-emikwaneas . Tea- 
spoon, pl.-a/t. 

Anihinhabo-niiar/nns. Cup or 
Huucer; pi. -a/i. 

Anihiti/tika, or-magml. There 
are leaven; p. en..k(((/, or-ma- 
(jak . 

Anilils-/iikaii(j, in the shrubs, in 
the hushes, among leaves. 

Anibhmiiayek . Bark of the 
elm-tree, elm-bark; \)\.-wa(j. 

Aiiidjimin. A pea; pi. aiiid- 

Ani-ijUjisia, (nind) . I take him 
along with me ; p. en..nd. 

Aiii-i/i(fhsin, (nind). I take it 
along with me ; p. en.dny. 

Aui-<fwekab, {nind) . I turn to 

another side, sitting; p. en.. 

Ani-tjicekir/abaw, hiind). I turn 

to another side, standing ; p. 

Anijitani, {nind) . I abandon, I 

give up, 1 discontinue; p. 

ain..ang . 
Aiiijitanioa, {nind) . I m a k e 

him give up s. th., I dis- 

suade him from s. th . ; p. 
giving up. 



women ^ ; pi 

Anikanotabian, (nind) 


Suspenders, (for 
-an. S. Udjoia- 

I trans- 
it, writing, (a letter, a 

Anikanolabiiff(i(fc, oi'-vuKjad, It 
is translated, in writing. 

Anikanotabiitjan . Translation, 
version, (written;) i)\.-an. 

Aniknnat<d)iiffe, inina). 1 trans- 
late, writing; j). aia..(jed. 

Anikunut(ibii(/ewinini. A man 
that makes a written transla- 
tion or version, translator; 

Anikanot(ir/c, {nind). I repeat 
what another says, I inter- 
pret ; p. aia..()cd. 

Anikanotagekwe . Female inter- 
preter ; pi.-//. 

AnikanotiKjewin . Interpreta- 
tion, work or occupation of 
of an interpreter. 

Anikanotayewinini . Interpre- 
ter; pl.-wa</. 

AnikanoUin, (nind). I interpret 
it, (a sermon, a letter, etc.) ; 
p. aia..tan(/. 

A nikanot(idJi;/ude, or-magad . 
It is interpreted, translated, 
orally; p. aia-der/, or-imtf/ak. 

Aniknnotdwa, inin^) . I repeat 
his words, I interpret him ; p. 
aia.,tDad . 

Anike, or aidnike. This word 
signilies futurity in succession; 
also, a continued succession 
from ancient times ; some ob- 
ject, a«. or ih., following in 
succession. — G e-n i-aianika- 



i,' if 




— 36 — 


hhnddmtJJiif ; thoHe who i^liall 
live in futuro succession, the 
future jreneratioriH. Oil aia- 
lu'k'e-djftiheion, his j^rnml-chil- 
(Iren of future generations. 
Niiid anike-nimis/iomiss, my 
great grand-f'atlier. 

Anikemawa, inind). I let a. th. 
come to him from hand to 
hand ; p. nian..inad. 

Aniki''-o(fiin(i. Second chief, 
underchief ; pi .-(/. 

Anikeshkaije, [n i n d) . I suc- 
ceed, I follow in succession, I 
am the next following; p. 
aian..(jed . 

A nikeshkageioin . Succeed ing, 
succession . 

Anikes/ikawa, (nind). I follow 
him in succession, I succeed 
him ; p.aia..wad. 

AnikeHsin. It follows, it is next 
after this; p. aia..sin(/. — Aia- 
nikesHing odena, the next 
town or village. 

Aniketchigadc, or-magad. It 
is lengtliened out, there is an 
addition made, an eking 
piece; p. nian..deg,ox-magak . 

Aniketchigaii . Addition, eking 
piece ; pl.-a/j. 

AnikHon, (nind). I lengthen 
it, add to it; p. aia..tod. 

Anikdhidjigan. A string tied 
to another, in order to lenght- 
en it; pl.-au. 

Anikohidjigan. Great grand- 
son, or great grand-daughter, 
greatgrandchild; pi, aniko- 
hidjiganag, the children of 
grand-children. The ^rand- 
children of grand-children, 
and their great grand-chil- 
dren, are likewise all called! 

anikohidjignnag by their great 

Aiiikdhiitnn, {nind). I tie one 
string to another, to have a 
greater length; p. nin..dnd. 

Anikoiiiinnde, or-magnd. There 
is a company, a society; j). 
auin..dt'g, ov-magak. — T h i s 
word has been formed after 
the French word "eurommu- 

Anikonitnodcu'hnin, {nind). We 
associate, we form a society, 
a company ; p. aian..widjig. 

Anikonnnodciriivin . Society, 
company, association. 

Aniknton, {nind). H. Aniketon. 

Anim. Abbreviated from anim- 
o.hIi, dog ; pi .-og. — This word 
is also used as a bad name 
given to a person, calling him 
" dog." 

A ninia . A G e r m a n ; pl.-Zm/. 
— Tliis word comes from the 
French " Allemand." — The 
Indians also call a German 
Detchman, which comes from 
Dutchman, as the Gernians are 
improperly called in some 
parts of this country. — I say, 
improperly, because the Dutch 
and the Germans are two dif- 
ferent nations. 

Animad. It blows, the wind 
blows, in a certain manner, 
or in such a direction ; p. 

Animad. It is painful, unhap- 
py, horrible; p. aianimak. 

Ani-mddagak, [hind). I go 
along on the ice ; p. en..kod. 

A n imakamigad . There is trou- 
ble, difficulty; p. aian.,gak. 

Animakamigu, [nind). I liave 
some difficult business; p. 



-37 - 


aia.Md, (Animad, p a i n f u 1, 
(iirticult; nindakamiyis, I .-itn 
liiisy, occiH)ie(l.) 

A iiiinakaviitjifiiwin . D i fti c u 1 1 
or troublt'Homp huHinefH. 

Animakicc. German woman; 

Animhu, (nind) . I Hpouk Gor- 
man ; p. en..itind. 

Aniinamnwin. G e r ni a n lan- 

Aiiimcndam, {mud). I suffer 
in my thonglitH, in my mind; 
p. aia.Miuj. 

Aniiinn, (nind). I make him 
snrter, 1 torinent him ; p. aia.. 

Aiiiinidnhi, {ninil). I drag (h. 
th.)\vith great difficulty; p. 
aid. Mid. 

Animidabia, (nind). I make 
him drag or draw .i. th. with 
great dimculty ; j). 

AnimiidLt, (nind). I make my- 
self suffer ; p. aia..sod. 

Animiki. Thunder, thunder- 
l»olt; pl.-fl'. 

Animikibag. Flea-herb ; [C. 
herbe a la puce] ; pi .-«« . 

Animikika, or-inanad. It thun- 
ders. Kitclii animika, there is 
a thunderstorm; p. en..kag, 
or magak. 

Animikiwan. S. Animikika. 

Animikiwanakicad . Th under- 
cloud, black heavy cloud ; 
p\.-on. * 

Animikogahaic, {nind). I turn, 
standing; p. en..wid. 

Animikogabaiciian, (nind). I 
turn TJiy back towarus it, 
standing; p. en..ang. 

Animikogaoawitawa, {7iind). I 
turn my back towards him, 
standing; p. en.Aoad. 

Animikonan,{nind). I turn it 
over, upside rlown; p. en,. 

Aniniiknnif/ade, or-magad. It 
is turned over, upside down ; 
p. <'n..di'g, or-niag<ik. 

Animiko.i.'ic, (/(//(</'. I fall to 
the ground on the face; p. 
en..sed . 

Aniniiknwehina, {nind). I over- 
throw some an. object upsiile 
down ; p. en..nad. 

Aniniiknwehinnn, (nind) . I over- 
throw it upside down ; p. en,, 
ang . 

Aniniikirin/iin, In i n d) (pron . 
nind unimiko.s/iin,) I am lying 
on my belly; p. en„ing. 

Aniniikwissidnn, (nind). (Pron. 
nind animikoxsidon ;) S. Ani- 

Animikwe.'Oiin. (Pron. animl- 
kos-sin,! it lies upside down ; 
p. en...'iing. 

Animima, (nind). I trouble or 
annoy him with my words; I 
reprimand him with hard 
words; p. aia.,mad, 

Animis, (nind). I suffer, I am 
in distress, in misery ; p. aia., 
sid . 

Animishka, {nind). I go along 
in a canoe, boat, etc. ; p. en., 

Aniniisiwin . Suffering, misery, 

Animiiagos, {nind). I make a 
speech', a harangue ; also, I 
am troublesotne with my 
words, I annoy with my re- 
proaches; p. aia.,nid, 

Animiiagossiivin . Speech, har- 
angue ; also, troublesome 
speaking, hard reproach. 

Animitawa,{nind). It annoys 



:?■! i^v 

'I i 

. IM' 

!■ ! 


« ,' 

( ;!l3/ 

■ T. 



:w — 



ji <- 

I I 

iiio to Iicur liiiii, (.-iti'iikiii): to 
me or point' otiicr ,pornot> ;) p. 


AnimUoiii {lUiid). I iiiiike it 
811 fib r ; i». aia..tnd. — Nind 
(iiiiiiiifiiii uiidir, I iiiiikc sutl'cr 
my liody, (myst'lf.) Kid nni- 
viitoa niiidt', thou mukcHt 
Huffor my liourt. 

AniinoloidiL 01. (iojr; pl.-tVa/. 

A iiimosh . \)o'^ ; [)1 . -<«// . 

Auimos/iiiOfiiiiiid). I am adojr; 
J). cu..wld. 

Aiiimiiicwi'shin, (iiiud). I um 
liciinl j^uiiig on, or iiway ; p. 
ex.. ill;/. 

AiiimweuuUo, (iiind). I ^o away 
talkinj^: p. en.Jod. 

Aiiimwewidam, ( n i a d). S . 

Aniif^ What? how? 
what is tlie nuitter ? 

Aniiul, pron. some, an. and in. 

Aiiiii dn.s.siit(/ 'f adv.. how often ? 

Aidndi'f adv. where? 

Ani n endanHobinaian? H o w 
many fishes hast tliou cau<T;ht 
in thy net? — Nin bejiiiobiiia, 
niit iiiidas.<iobiaa as hi bejiii ; 1 
caught one, two, eleven fisiief*. 

^Iniii eiida.i.^o-<libai</nne</? What 
time is it ? what o'clock in it? 

Aniu enitaiibikak f What time 
is it? (in tlie night.) 

Anin epifch-yijiijak ? Wliat tinie 
i.M it ? (in tiie day.) 

Aniiigwana, adv. Certainly, to 
1)6 'sure. 

Anini, Ot. Man, male ; p].-wa(/. 

Anin iw? adv. Which : what? 

AninivHipi ? adv. When? 

Anin minik? adv. How much ? 
how many ? 

Ani-oiiaifuski, or-magad. Even- 
ing is approaching, it is get- 

ting late; \). eni'onaifoshiij, or- 
III HI I ok. 

Aiiis)i, interj. Why, well. 

Anix/i, adv. (H. S. Aninlid. 

.liiis/iii, iidv. For nothing; 
vainly, without reason, with- 
out necessity, only for the 
purpose of... 

Ani.i/ia dash. conj. But. 

Anialia-ikitowin. Lie. 

Aiiis/Hiinendamowiii. Imagina- 

Anixlia nind ikkii. I tell lies. 

Anislia niii iridiijcina ikity. I 
keep a concubine. 

Ani-flidnin windii/endiiiiin. We 
live together in concuhinago. 
P. anis/ia wudi(/endidjig. 

Aniskd-widigeiidiwin. Concu- 

Anisliima, {nind). I discourage 
him, dinsuade him to do s. 
th. or to go somewhere, I 
make him give up; p. aia., 

Aniiihindbe. Man, (human be- 
ing, man, woman or child); 
(L. homo;) also, Indian; 

AnisluiKibe-bimddi.s, {nind) or 
ani.shinabeng nind iji biniadi.s. 
I live like an Indian, (pa^an 
Indian,) according to the In- 
dian mode of living ; p. en., 
sid, or aiUshinabeng cji-biinu- 
disid. . 

Aimhinabe-biinddisiwin. Indi- 
an life, (pagan life,) Indian 
fashion or mode of living. 

Ani.'ihinabe ijitwawin. Indian 
pagan religion. 

Aniihinabekas, {nind). 1 play 

the Indian ; p en..sod. 
Anifikinabeki, (nind). I live in 

III ' 

■ 1 


— 39 — 


the Indian country, iiniong 
Indians ; p. (:ii..l:iif. 

Anis/iiiKilirliire, Ind'mn woman ; 

AiiixhiiKthekwcw, {nind). I am 
an Indian woman ; p. r/i..jr/'/. 

Anis/iiiuthein, {iiiiul). I ."peak 
Indian ; p. fiLjiiod. 

Ani.sliiii(ih(iiioiii(ii/(i(l. It pjjeakH 
Indian, it in written in tlie 
Indian langiiage; p. en..(i(ik 

Aiiisliinaheniowin. Indian lan- 

Anis/iinahe-iKiff((m, (nind). I 
f^in;^ an Indian song, or Indi- 
an Hongs ; p. en..)iiiid. 

. I uis/Unnhc-iKii/uinnH. Indian 
8ong ; pl.-ou. 

Ani\s/iiiiahc-o(/iinn. Indian 
Agent; pi.-//. 

Aiiisliiiudtcip, {iiiiid). I am a 
liuman being, (n)an, woman 
or child ;) alHO, I am an In- 
dian ; p. en..wid. 

Aiii.s/iiii(ih(UHidi.s,(itiitd). I have 
llio Indian character, I am 
like an Indian, I have feel- 
ings, principles, notioiiH and 
di.<po«itiona like those of an 
Indian ; p. en..sid. 

. I nin/nuahcwadixiicia. Indian 

Aiii-shinabewalcL Indian coun- 

Anishinabeirapine, {nind). I 
have a sickness which some- 
body caused me, by magical 
influence, (according to In- 
dian not'ona and supersti- 
tions ;) p. en..ned. 

. I niaJmudyewapiuewiih Sickness 
caused by somebody, (accord- 
ing to Indian superstitions.) 

Aiiishinabewiat {idnd). I make 
him man, I make him be- 

comi> a human being ; p. en.. 

Aiiixliin(d»'ii'ihrn/fni. Indian 
writing, a writing in the In- 
dian language. 

AiiisJiiiiid)(iril>ii</(', {iiiiid). I 
write in Indian; p ni..i/ed. 

Aiiis/n'it<d)ririln'iifiiriii. Thi* act 
or knowledge of writing the 
Indiati language, writing in 

Aiii.s/iiii(d>nfidjii/e, {nind). I do 
or act like iin Indian, after 
the Indian fashion ; p. cii.j/id. 

Aiii.s/iinalii'inidjiifenu'n. Indian 
fashion, Indian mode of liv- 
ing or acting. 

AHi.ifn'iHtlxin'iili.'*, [hiikI). I 
make myself man ;p. m.-sod. 
— Dchfiihninoiii/ Kije-Mnniln 
l/ihi ( tc h i 
iiodjiiiioiinniif ; God made 
himself man to save us. Ani- 
.s/iiiud)cwiidi.sowiii. Incarna- 

AnishindbcH'inikadan, {n hid). 
I give an Indian name to s. 
th. I name in Indian; p. en., 

A ni,s/inabeu'hiikude, or-ina;/a<f. 
it has an Indian name; p. en,, 
dey, or-mai/ak. 

Anisliinabewi iiikana , {nind). I 
give him an Ind an name; p- 

AmnhinabeAtnniku.'i, {nind). I 
h»ve an Indian nanie; p. en., 

Aniii/iinabciciiiik((iiowin. Indi- 
an name ; pi .-an. 

Ani.s/iin(d} Bad wicked 
Indian ; pl.-^f/. 

Anifshinabeinxliim, {nind). I 
dance after the Indian liisli- 
ion ; p. cn..mod. 

% . 







t f 


^ 40 - 


Aninhinahewin/iiinowin. Iixliiin 

Anixhindhcwitisin. It is in In- 
dinii, ill the Indian laii;;uu^e, 
(a letter, a booit, etc.) ; p. en., 

Aninhinnbewi.isHon, (nintl). I 
make if i iun, I write it 

in the In hin;^im^e ; p. 

en. .tod. 

. 1 n i.s/i innhewhn'n . II « man i ty , 
iiuiiian nature. — Ihhinimia- 
(in</ ,l(:<iH.<< (I !/i-itflin)in<iH n 
hiJe-.Maiiitnwiwinin;/ hid ani- 
.shinahewiwiniudn ; the Lord 
JesuH took into iiis divinity 
oitr humanity. 

Anis/iwiu .'' ndv. Why? what? 
what in that? what is the 
reason? — Tliis word ulwaya 
iniplieH a reproach. — Auisli- 
w i a kikandanniwiui i w t— 
What ? you don't know tliat? 
Anisfiwiu bi-ijaxidwan, kiki- 
noaniadiuij > '^'hy don't you 
come to 8c ? 

Ani.s.ial), (ni luive no fire 

in my liouse o. iod;j;e ; p. en., 

.Inis.idbu. Any kind of soup not 

Anisaboke, {nin<l). I make poor 
thin 80up without any sea- 
son in"; ; p. en..ked. 

Anis.sddi.s, (nind). lam sober, 
(not drunk now ;) p. en..iiid. 

AuLtnadiniwiu. Sobriety, the 
state of a person after liaving 
been drunk. 

Anixxate, or-matjad. There is 
no fire in the Ijouse or room ; 
p. OT-nuKjak. 

Aniitsendam, (nind). I calm 
myself, I am appeased, I don't 
care ; p. aia..ani/. 

Anis.iiM.'<in,oT dni.<<.s(iH.sin. Iteva- 
poratcf), it exhales; p. aid., 

.tni'f. Spear; pi. nnitin. 

.lni-(il)ik(id. Ni^rhtis approach- 
in;; ; p. vni-tibikak. 

Anil ink. The handle or stick 
«if a spear ; pl.-o/t. 

.Iniir, (iniiri. Proii. 8. Iniir. 

.lniirin,(nind). I precede him ; 
I HurpasM him, beat him ; p. 
en i wind. 

.\niwi;/ima,{nind). I overi^row 
liim; I ;:i'uw faster than he; 
p. cn..niad. 

.iniwii/imlnn, (nind). I over- 
grow it ; p. en..nni/. — Nin tji- 
aniwi<jendan nind babisikawa- 
l/auy I have overgrown my 
coat, (it is now too hiiiuII for 

Aniwishinin, {nind). I put too 
much of it, (an. obj., joniia, 
silver ; .leniba, silk, etc.) ; p 

Aniwishknn, (nind). I precede 
it; I overcome, surpass, 
bent it; p. en..anff. 

Aniwi.tJikawa, (nind). S. Ani- 

Aniwi.ihtawa, (nind). S. 


Aniniis.satchij/e, (nind). I put 
too much of 8. th. ; p. cn..yed., (nind). I um super- 
numerary ; p. en...<ied. 

Aniwi.'i.'ie, ov-niagad. There is 
too much of it, it is surabun- 
dant, supernumerary ; p. en., 
seij, ov-magak. 

Aniwi.tniton, (ninti). I put too 
much of it ; p. en..iod. 

Aniwiton, (nind). I precede it, 
I surpass it ; p. eniwitod. 


1. 1 


- 41 - 


Aiiji:ni. Anjiel,* \A.-iiuik. — Kit- 

v/il Anjciii, Arcliiiiij;!'!. 
Aiijeniffifii/dd. 8. Nijoijijiifad. 
Anji'i iw,{nind). Iain uti An- 

L'l'l ; i». uia..wid. 
Ann, coiij. Thoii^'h, ulthou<7li ; 

Au(njanam<(, (nind). I wound 

lii'in, Htrikiii-;; I utali him ; p. 

Aniikddany(nind). 1 iiiuke u^e 

of it; |). en..(iiiij. 
Auiikadjit/aii. M e r c h a u d i Hf , 

<i;i»oiiH ; pl.-a/t. 
Auiikanu, {uiiid)> I iiiiike use of 

Home an. olij. ; p cnukunad ; 

imp. anokaj. 
Anokanowin. Tool, instrument; 

Annki,{nind). I work,l lubor, 

I iict, ; p. Snokid. 
Anoki, (nind). I order Home 

work, 1 (.•auflo 8. tli. to lie 

done ; p. enokid. 
Anokia, {nind). I muke him 

work, 1 put liim to work ; p. 

. 1 n(tki(jiji(jad. Work i n jr-day , 

week-day ; pl.-«/t. 
Anokiijij'Kjad. It is u workinj^- 

(lav ; p- en.jjak. 
Anokimagad. It is workinjr, it 

is doing work ; p. en..(f(tk. — 

Ih'Menhninanij ad ikkitoioin 

kitchi anokimamd oma ; the 

won! of our Lord i^ doing 

great work here. 
Andkiu, {nind). I order it to 

be made ; p. enOkid. — «i- 

annkin o babisikawagan, he 

ordere*! a coat to he made for 

him. Nind anokinan milig- 

wakisinan. 1 order bootH. 
Anoki nan, {nind). 1 order some 

an. obj. to be made; p. enokid 

— Nind u'lokinan dibaigixia- 

mviln, I order a walcli to l>e 

Kid nnnkinng akikog, you 

order kottioH. 
Anukitagan. Hireling, male or 

teniale wervuni: \^\.-ag. 
Annkitage, (nina). I serve, I 

iiin in .service, I work lor 

Homebody ; p. cn..gcd. 
Aniikilagckwe, or annkitage- 

wikwc. Fennile Her van t or 

waiter, nervunt girl,chiiniber- 

niaid ; pi.-//. 

Annkilugcwin. Service, state, 
occu|)ation, condition, of wer- 

Annkilagcwinini. Male servant 
or waiter, valet, footman ; pl.- 

Annhilan, (nind). I serve it, I 
work for it, take cure of it; p. 
en..ang. — Weiccni nd annkilan 
anamitwigamig, he serves 
well the church. 

Annkilan, {nind). I nerve myself, 
work for myself; p. i'n..sod. 

Anokitawa, {nind). I serve him, 
I work for him; p. cn..wtul. 

Annkiwigamig. Working-house ; 

Anokiioin. W^ork, labor ; trade, 
iiusint'Hh ; pl.-ft/t. 

Anokiwinagad. There is work ; 
p. en..gak. 

Anokiwinini. Workman, labo- 
rer ; tradesman ; u\.-wag. 

Anomaia, adv. 8. Nomaia. 

Anuna {nind). I hire or em- 
ploy him, to do me some ser- 
vice or work; p. cnonad ; 
imp. annj. 

Andnagan. Person employed 
or hired for some work or 






' ( 



— 42 — 


Anonam ; nind anotiam, my 
hired person, (man or woman J 
nind anonamag, my hired 

{)erson ; oi aiwnaman, his 
lired person or persons ; etc. 

Anonawa, {nind). I wound him 
(shooting;) p. aia..wad. 

Andnige, {Hind). I hire people ; 
p. en..ged. 

Anonigos, {nind). I engage in 
a service, J take an employ- 
ment or service; p. en..sid. 

Anonigosiwin. Employment, 

Anonindiwin. S. Anonigosi- 

Anoshka, or-niagad. It fades, 
changes color ; p. aidn..kag, 

Andsowin. Ot. S. IjinikcLsowin. 

Anotaaan. S. Anokitagan. 

Anotcn, adv. Of diff'erent 
kinds, of all kinds, several, 
divers, sundry. In the Cree 
language : *' to-day." 

Anoich gego daiehwdang. Cre- 
dulous superstitious person ; 

Anoich ijiwebisiwin. Miscon- 
duct, misdemeanor, bad hab- 

Ansananiy (nind). I sigh ; p. 

Ansapinadonan, {nitid). I tie or 
bind them together, (m.obj.); 
p. en..dod. 

Ansapinag, {nind). I bind them 
together, (an. obj.) ; p. en..nad. 

Ansidn. Breech-cloth worn by 
Indians ; [F. brayais ;]pl.-on. 

Ansig. A kmd of wild duck, 
sawbill; [C. betsie ;] pl.-ioagr. 

Ansisiw. Herb on the bottom 
of rivers, etc. : vl.-an. 

Answekan, (n»..u<;. I omit it, I 

pass it over, (by mistake ;) p. 

Answekawa, {nind). I pass him 

over, I miss him in the road ; 

p. aia..wad. 
Answetaginan, {nind). I leave 

it out, (a thread in weaving ;) 

p. aia..ang. 
Answetaginigade, or-magad. It 

is woven with holes in it ; p. 

aia..deg, or-magak. 
Answetaginige, {nind). I leave 

threads out in weaving ; p. 

aia. .ged. 
Answewidon, {nind). I carry, or 

convey it further than I 

ought; p. aia..dod. 
Aanwewina, {nind). I carry or 

convey him further than I 

ought; p. aia..nad ; imp. 

Anwdbamewis, (nind). S. Ma. 

A nwdbikissin pdshkisigan. Tb e 

gun misses hre ; p. aian. .ing. 
Anwdkanii, adv. Of tan. 
Anwdta, (nind) I fi n i s h, I 

cease; p. enwatad. 
Anwaiawin. The ending or 

finishing of a work or of an 

Anwdtin, or anowdtin. It is 

calm, the wind does not blow ; 

p. en.. ing. 
Anwaweweiashka, o r-m a gad. 

The high sea is over, the 

waves are appeased ; p. en.. 

kag, or-inagak. 
Aiiweb, {nindj. I rest, I repose ; 

p. aianwebid. 
Anwebia, {nind). I make him 



, p. aia. 
Anwebiwin. Best, '■epose. 
Anwebiwiniaijigad. Day of rest, 
Sabbath-dfay, Sunday ; pl.-ou. 


— 43 - 


Anwebiwinigijigad. It is Sab- 
bath, Sunday, resting- Jay ; p. 

Anwendagos, {7iind). lam wor- 
thy of reproacli, my behavior 
is reproacliable ; p. aia..sid. 

Anwendam, [iiind). I despair, I 
give up; p. aia..ang 

Anwendan, {nind). S. Anaweur 

Amoenima, {nind). I find fault 
with him, I reprimand hin», 
I blame and reprce his con- 
duct, his behavior; p. aia.. 

Anwenindis, (nind). I find fault 
with myself, I reprove my 
conduct, my doings, I re- 
proach to myself; I repent, I 
am contrite ; I convert my- 
self; p. aia., sod. 

Anwenindisotoin. Reproach 
made to one's self ; repentance, 
contrition ; conversion. 

Amoeshim, (niiid). I rest or 
repose lying down ; p. en., 

A7iioi. Musket-ball, bullet; 
pi .-/I. 

Anwikadjigan. Bullet-mould ; 
pi. -an. 

Amvike, {nind). I am nmking 
or moulding balls or bullets ; 
p. en..ked. 

Aiiwins. Shot ; pi. amoinsan. 

Apab, {nind). I am sitting on s. 
th. ; p. epahid. 

Apabin, {nind). I am sitting 
on it; p. epabid 

Apabiwin. Any thing to sit on 
it, chair, stool, bench, pew ; 

Apabowddan, {nind). I season 
it, (something io eat;) p. ep.. 

Apabowade, or-magad. It is 
seasoned; p. ep..deg, OT-ma- 

Apabowdn. Any object to sea- 
son victuals with. 

Apabotcana, {nind). 1 season it, 
(some an. eatable object ;) p. 

Apaboioaso. It is seasoned, {a7i. 
obj.) ; p. q)..sod. 

Apabow, {nind). I season vic- 
tuals ; p. 

Apaboweivin. Seasoning vic- 

.\pagadashka, or-magad. Tlie 
sea beats, the waves beat, 
against s. th. ; p. ep..kag, or- 

Apagadashkanmg tigowag. The 
waves are beating against s. 

Apagadjiffse, or-magad. It is 
beating against s. th. ; p. ej).. 
seg, or-magak. 

Apagadjissitamawa, {nind). 1 
throw it upon him, I lay it to 
his fault, I impute it to him; 
I accuse him of it; p. ep.. 

Apagadjissitawa, {nind). S. Apa- 
gadjissi tamawa . 

Apagadjiwebaog, (nind). The 
waves beat against n)y canoe 
and carry me away ; p. ep.. 

Apagdndaigan, or-apagdndai- 
ganak, H. flail; pi .-an. or-on. 

Apagdndaiqe, (nind). I thrash ; 

Apagandaigekwe, T h r a s h i ng 

woman ; p\.-g. 
Apagandaigewigamiq. Th rash- 

ing floor, barn ; pl-on. 
Apagandaigemn. Thrash i ng . 




m m m il ' » i 'i » «Mi ' 


— 44 


Apagandaigewinini. Thraslier ; 
pi.-waa. ' 

Apagasikagoii, {nina}. It comes 
iifK))! nie ; it throws me down ; 
j). ep..f/o(L — Naninqim isfiko- 
iewabo od apagasikagon, ar- 
dent liquor (firewater) tiirows 
him often down. 

Apagcudlawa, (uind). I come 
down ujHjn hink ; I fall u|)On 
him and make him fall, I 
tlxrow him down ; p. ep..wad. 

Apagatanimad. The wind blows 
in a certain direction ; p. c^a. 

Apagijiwe, 'Xnind). I throw, I 
cast ; p. 

Apagitui, (uiiul). I throw or 
ca«t him somewhere ; p. epa- 
ginad ; imp. apagij. 

Apagis, [iiina). I tlirow or pre- 
cipitate myself somewhere ; I 
take refujre to some place ; p. 

Apagitadimin, (nind). We throw 
R. th. to eacli other ; p. ep.. 

Apagitaniawa, (/uwt/), or nmd 
apagitawa. I throw s. th. be- 
lon^in^ or relating to him ; I 
throw it to him ; p. ep..^sad. 

Apagilan, {nind). S. Apagilon. 

Apagilchigade, or-magad. It is 
thrown or cast somewhere ; p. 
ep..deg, ov-niagak. 

Ap ag itch iga s, {niiidi. I am 
thrown somewhere ; p. ep.. 
nod. ^ 

A p a g'i tc hige, ( ( nind) . lam 
throwing ; p. ep..ged. 

Apagitov, (nind), or nind apa- 
gilan. I throw it somewhere ; 
p. ep..tod, or ep..tang. 

Apagidimin, (nind). We throw 
ourselvtd together some- 

where, that is, we rush [to 
some place ; also, we take re- 
fuge somewhere ; p. ep. .did- 

Apakode, or-magad. It is cover- 
ed, it is rootlid, (house, lodge, 
etc.) ; p. ep..deg, ov-magak. 

Apakodjigade, or-magad. 'J^hert- 
is a roof to it, it is roofed; p. 
ep..dcg, or-magak. 

Apakodjigan. Shingle; \A.-ag. 

Apakodjigaa. Roof, the cover- 
ing of "a lodge or house ; pl.- 

Apakodjige, {nind). I am cover- 
ing, making a roof; p. ep.. 

Apakodon, (nind). I am cover- 
ing it, putting a roof to it ; p. 

Apdkosigan. Weed or bark 
smoked with tobacco. 

Apdkosige, (nind). I smoke 
wood (or bark) with tobacco ; 
p. ep..ged. 

Apakweshkwai. Rush for mats ; 

Apakwei. Mat, lodge-mat; pl.- 

Ap dndj igan. By-jncat, any 
thing eaten with some other 

Apdndjige, {nind). 1 eat s. th. 
with s. th. ; p. ep..ged. 

Apdndjigcn, (nind). I eat it 
with s. th. ; p. ep..ged. — 
Nind aimva wdbos, tchiss dash 
nind apandjiijcn ; I eat a rab- 
bit, and turnips with it. 

Apdmijigcnan, {nind). I eat 
some an. object with s. th. ; p. 
ep..ged. — Widss nin midjin, 
or, kokosh nind amwa, pak- 
tvi'jigan daah nind apundjige- 
nan, or, opinig nind apandji- 



— '!.-) — 




f/ennff, J eat meat, or, I fat 
"j)(>rk, and I oat bread with it, 
or, I eat notatooH witli it. 

Apanf/ishin, [nind). I fall some- 
where ; \ 

Apdnyissin. It falls somewhere ; 
J). ep.Ang. 

Apnssagokidjan. Tobacco juice 
in the pipe or pipe stem. 

Apawe, [nind). I liave n had 
ominous dream, (dreaming of 
death, etc.) ; p. aiapawed. 

Apawewin. IJad dream, omin- 
ous unlucky dream ; pl.-o??. 

Apn/ish, or npidash, adv. These 
two adverbs express a wish, 
desire or request, and correa- 
j)Oi)d exactly to tlie Latin : 
iitinam.— Apegish loaiba bi- 
tltigttnshmowad ; I wisli they 
would soon come here ; (L. 
utinam proesto advenirent.) 

Apringi, Of. He it so, I wish it 
would be so. 

Apenimon, (nind). I rely on it, 
I put my confidence in it, I 
trust to it, or in it ; j). epeni- 
mod. — Win igo o nibwiikdwin 
od apenimon, he relies on his 
own wisdom. 

Apniimonan, (nind). I rely on 
him, I place my hope and 
yonlidence in him, I trust in 
him ; p. openimod. V. Conj. 
Dcbenajiged nind dpiichi ape- 
nimonan, I put my whole 
confidence in the Lord. 

Apenimowin. Relianco, co!ifi- 
dence, trust, hope. 

Apmindi^, (nind). I rely on 
myself, I put confidence in 
myself; p. ep..snd. 

Api, adv. Wlien. 

Apidanis, (nind). I sojourn, I 
stay in some place; p. ep.. 

sid.-lin-apidamaiidn oienanii 
vihiiiovg, qi-mbo am iiiiiii : 
that man died durinj»inv etay 
in town last summer. 

Apigancgwas.son. The upper 
part of a moccasin ;(C. hausse 
de Soulier ;) pl.-o?j. 

Api Jesus gijigong ejM. Ascen- 

Apikan. Portage-strap, pack- 
ing-strap ; \)\.-au. 

Apikkan. A kin<l of snake ; pl.- 

Api kitchilwa Marie gijigong 
ejdd. Assumption of the B, 
V. Mary, 

ApikvpeidwegiDdson. Collar of 
a coat, etc. ; pl.-n??. 

Apikun'shim, (nind). I have my 
head resting on s. th. lying 
down. I lay my head on s. 
th. [L. recline caput ;] p. ep.. 

Apikwesh.imon. Cushion, any 
thing put under the head in 
lying down ; pl.-«7t. 

Apikweshimnn,\nind). I lay my 
head on it, or I put it under 
my liead, in lying down ; p. 

Apikweshimonan, (nind). I hy 
my head on some an. object, 
in lying down ; p. ep..vwd. 

Apine, adv. Always, ever since, 
incessantly, always the same, 
without interruption ; done, 

Apingweignn. The middle orna- 
mented part r'' a moccasin ; 
pi. -an. 

Ajnshim, (nind). I aii\ lying on 
H. th. ; p. €]y..mod. 

Apishimon. Any thing to lie 
down upon, l>ed ; pl.-flr?, 








— 46 - 


Apishimon, (nind). I am lying 

on it ; p. ep..mod. 
Apishimonaa. The boards of a 

floor ; the little cedar branches 

on the floor of a lodge. 
Apishimonak. Board for a floor ; 

Apishimonan, inind), I am 

lying on some an. obj. ; p. ep.. 

mod. (V. Conj.) 
Apishimonigin. Carpet for a 

floor ; pl.-oji. 
Apishimonikaddn, (nind). I am 

making a floor (in a house or 

lodge) ; p. ep..ang. 
Apishimonikade, or -magad. 

There is a floor made, (in a 

house or lodge); p. ep..deg, 


Apishiinonikawa, [ni7id). I pre- 
pare him a place to lie down 
upon ; (branches, mats, etc.) : 
p. ep-.W-f. 

Apishimonike, {ni7id). I am pre- 
paring a place to lie down 
upon ; p. ep..ked. 

Apishimonikodadis, (nind). I 

ftrepare to myself a place to 
ie down upon, (branches, 
mats, a bed, etc.) 
Apishkagagi. Mag-pie; pl..wa^. 

Apishkamonan onagek, (nhid). 
I put a piece of bark under 
my knees in a canoe; p. ep.. 

Apisidebiwin. Footstool ; pl.- 

Apisika, (nind). I am on the 
way, I am coming ; p. ep..kad. 

Apisikd, (nind) . I walk as quick 
as I can ; p. ep..kad. 

Apisikd, or-magad. It is com- 
ing on; p. ep..kag, or-magak. 

Apissa, or-magad. It is of a 

dark, livid, black-blue color ' 
p. ep..sag, or-magak. 

Apissdb, (nind). I have a livid 
or dark-blue eve, (or eyes,) 
(.from a fall or blow ;) p. epis- 

Apis.'tdbaive, (nind). I am dark- 
blue, I have a livid dark- 
blue spot, (or spots,) from a 
blow or fall: p. 

Apissdbik. Black-lead, for pol- 
ishing stoves ; [C. de la mine.] 

Apissabikishka, or-magad. It 
is of a dark-blue color, (obj. 
of metal or stone ) ; p. ep..kag, 

Apissaje, {nind). My skin is 
dark-blue, (from a blow or 
fall ;) p. ep..jed. 

Apissi. Alg. Violet ; pl.-M. 

Apissin. It is of a violet or 
dark-blue color ; p. epissing. 

Apissingwe, (nind). I have a 
dark-l)lue face, from a fall or 
blow ; p. 

Apissis, (nind). I am of a dark- 
blue or livid color ; p. ep.-sid. 

Apissitagan. Thin broad long 
slice of cedar in the bottom of 
a canoe ; pl.-a^. 

Apita, or-magad. It is of a cer- 
tain thickness or height, it is 
so high ; p. epitag, or-magak. 
— Anin epitag ki wdkaigan ? 
— Owsa apita. How high is 
your house ? — It is so high. 

Apitagima, (nind). I estimate 
or value him at..., 1 put his 
price at..., (aw. obj.) ; p. ep.. 

Apitagindan, (nind) . I estimate 
or value it at..., I put its price 
at..., (in. obj.^; p. ep..ang. 

Apitakamig, aav. At a certain 

( 1' 



— 47 — 


depth under ground, so deep 
under ground. 

Apitandjige, (nind). I 8pen^^ 
so much time in eating; I eat 
as long as...; p. — Epi- 
tandjiged nishime, nind api- 
tandjige gaie nin ; I spend as 
much time in eating as my 
brother does ; (I eat as long 
as my brother.) 

Apitdodon, {nind). I tie it down, 
with a knot ; [F. je I'attache 
avec un nceud ;] p. ep..dod. 

Apitch, adv. During, as long 
as, all the time ; as much as : 
(in the Change, epitch-.) Ged- 
apiich-aiaidn oma, as long as 
I (-hall remain here. Ga- 
apitch-dkosid, ' d u r \ n g his 
sickness, or, all the time he 
was sick. 

Apitcha, OT-magad. It is of such 
a distance, as far as..., it is 
distant ; p. epitchag, or-ma- 
gak. — Amn epitchag wdkai- 
gan f odena ? etc. — Nissimi- 
dana sa dasso dibaigan apit- 
cha. How far is the house ? 
the village ? etc. — It is thirty 
miles distant. Moniang epit- 
chamagak, mi epitchag wend- 
jihaidn ; the place where I 
come from, is as far as from 
here to Montreal. 

Apitchi, (nind). I am prepar- 
ing, I contemplate or intend 
to do s. th. ; p. epitchid. 

Apitchi, adv. Mucn, very much, 
very, perfectly, entirely, emi- 
nently, exceedingly, exces- 
sively, extremely, absolutely ; 
for ever. 

Apitchi banddjia, (nind). 1 des- 
troy or annihilate some an. 
obj. ; p. 

Apitchi banadjiton, (nind). I 
destroy or annihilate it, (in. 
obj.) ; p. diab..tod. 

Apitchi giwe, (nind). I come 
back again entirely, (to re- 
main here ;) p. aia .wed 

Apitchi kigijib, adv. Very early 
in the morning. 

Apitchi madja, (nind). I move 
away all together, I quit or 
leave the place entirely ; p. 
aia.. ad. 

Apitchinana, (nind). I kill him 
•entirely; p.aia..nad ; imp. 

Apitchinikeb, (nind). My arm 
is so tired that I cannot 
stretch it out; p. 

Apitchi ondgochig, adv. Late 
at tl>e close of the daj^, in the 
beginning of the evening. 

Apitchishima, (nind). I let him 
fall to the ground; p. aia.. 

Apitchishin, (nind). I fall to 
the ground stumbling, I fall 
hard ; p. aia.. shing. 

Apitchita, (nind). I am occu- 
pied in doing s. th., I am 
about ; p. ep.Aad. 

Apitchi-widige, (nind). I am 
married lawfully, for lifetime, 
(not after the Indian fashion ;) 
p. aiap.ged. 

Apitchi-wiaigema, (nind). I am 
married to her, (or to him,) 
in a lawful manner, perma- 
nently ; p. aiap..mad. 

Apitchi-wiaigenaaa, (nind). I 
join him in marriage law- 
fully, for lifetime; 

Apitchi-widigendimin, (nind) . 
We are married together law- 
fully, for lifetime ; p. aia . . 









! ^ 

A])itchi-ml<li(fen(limn. Lawful 
iniirrin<^e for lifeUine. 

Apilcldwin. Preparat ion. 

A pi ten dag OS, {nind) . I am 
worth, lam worthy ; nm kit- 
rhi apitendagosy I am preci- 
ouH, valuable; p. ep..sia. 

Apitendaffwad. It is worth ; 
kilchi apitendagwad, it is pre- 
ciotiH, valuable; p. ep..wak. 

ApUmdaniy (nind). 1 value or 
esteem ; p. cp.'davff. 

Apilendiin, (mnd). 1 esteem it, 
valuo it, 1 ap))rpeiate it ;*p. 
('}).. dmn/. 

Apilenim, [nind). 8. Apifami' 

Apitenima, (nind). I esteom or 
r a p o c t liiin ; I appreciate 
him ; p. ep..mad. 

Apitenimonan, (nind), or, nind 
diUipiMnimonttn. I esteem 
myself as high as him ; I put 
myself equal to him in my 
estimation ; p. cpitenimod. 
(V. Conj.) 

Apitenindis, (nind). I esteem 
myself; p. ep..sod. 

Apitinigos, (nind). I weigh so 
much ; p. ep..sid. — Gcga nij- 
wak doRso dibdhiskkodjigan 
apitinigosi; he weighs al- 
most two hundred pounds. 

Apitinigwad. It weighs so nmch ; 
)). ep..wak. — Anin minik epi- 
timfjfwak ki kilchi babisikawa- 
gan ? — Midasao dibabishkod- 
jigan sa apitinigwad. How 
much weigns your cloak ? — 
It weighs ten pounds. 

Apitis, (nind). Jam of age; I 

au) of such an age ; p. epiti- 

sid. — Epitisiidn apitisi, he is 

of my age. 

Apitosse, (nind). I walk as 

nuick as 1 can ; p. ep,.sed. — 
S. Apis'ika. 

Apiloioc, (nimt). I speak as loud 
as..., or I speak as loud as I 
can ; p. q) — Epitowcmi 
nagamoda, let us sing hnul, 
or as loud as we can. Epito- 
weian nind apitowc, I speak 
as loud as yon. 

Apilwewedjiwan. It sounds in 
such a nianner, or so loud, 
(running water, or a water- 
fall ;) p.—Tibi.<i/ikn 
.tihi ga'wabandamfln pilcki- 
nfigo apilwewedjiwan, ow epil- 
wewcdjiwang ; the river I saw 
y^esterday has the samesound 
(in its course,) as this here. 

Asddi. Poplar, asi)on-trce ; pl.- 

A.^ddika, ov-viagag. There are 
poplar-trees ; p. es..kag, or- 

Asadikang. Poplar Point. 

Ash, or ianh, end-syllable in 
verbs, signifies sailing, com- 
ing with the toind, or agitat- 
ed by it ; as : Nin kijiiash, I 
sail fast, liabdmashi, he is 
sailing al)0ut. Ninwcbash,\ am 
thrown or driven by the wind. 

AshamS,, (nind). I give him to 
eat, I feed him ; I give him 
provisions; p. esh..mad. 

Ashanddn, (nind). I ieed it ; p. 
esh..ang. — Nind ashanddn nii- 
aw, I feed my body. 

Ashandis, (nind). I feed myself; 
p. esh..sod. 

Ashange, (nind). I give to eat ; 
I keep boarders ; p. esh..^ed. 

Ashangikwe. Woman that ":ives 
to eat, that keeps boarders ; 
boarding-mistress, 1» o 8 1 e s s, 
landlady ; pl.-<y. 


— 49 — 


As?iang^ioignmi!/. IJ o a r d i n <j;- 
lioiiHo; hotel ; inn; pl.-o». 

Asliawfcwia. (riving to cat, 
feedinjn, boardinji; ; the ket'i)- 
iiig of a boarding-houBC or 

Aahangiwinini, A man that 
i^i vea to eat, that koeps board- 
ni<^-hou8(^ or hotel ; l)oard- 
inj^-inaster ; landlord ; pl.- 

Aski, conj. and, (in numlters 
only ;) — Midilssioi ashi nij ; 
nijiana ashi nanan ; twelve, 
(ten and two ;) twenty and five. 

Aslixn, (iiind). I incite him, I 
Htir him up ; lencouracehim, 
to do evil ; I seduce him by 
my bad example ; p. aia.. 

Anhidaan, (nind). I stick it to 
fl. th. ; p. esli..ang. 

Asliidakwawa, (nind). I hold 
him or support him ; p. esh.. 

Aahidjikiwagaigan. Any th ing 
tlm't sticks to s. th. ; also, a 
seal ; pi .-an. 

stick s. th. to 

(nind) I 
some other 

thing; I seal ; p, 

A.thiqan. A kind of fish, bass- 
tiis)i ; [C. achigan ;] pl.-ag. 

Aafiimang. Bastard-loon ; j)l. 

Ashinanqwana I strange ! curi- 
ous ! I don't know what to 
think of it. 

Ashi wegwagi, adv. Although, 
even if. 

Ashiwina, {nind). S. Ashia. 

Ashk, or ashki, in compositions, 
signifies raw, fresh, nev). 
(Examples in some of the fol- 
lowing words.) 

Ashka. At the end of a syllable 
ulludoH to {]\o wove-f on a liike 
or sea ; as : Mam/lngfiska, tlif 
sea is high. Anwaweweidshkc , 
the waves are appeased. A'/;'/ 
wcweidshka, there is a loud 
roaring of the son, of the 

Ashkakwa, or-magad. There is 
green wood, or standiii'j; 
wood; ]). esh..wog, ov-magak. 

Ashkakwa-onagij. A gut of the 

Ashkanddn, (nind). I eat it raw ; 

p. esh..ang. 
Ashkashkanagingivc, \pind). I 

have sore eyes, (red and full 

ofniatter;) p. e.'sh..ived. 
Ashkatai. Green skin of an ani- 
mal ; pl.-07. 
Ashkdtig. A piece of green 

wood ; pi .-on. 
Ashhdtigoke, (nind). I chop 

green wood ; p. esh..ked. 
Ashkendagwad. Ashkendam. 

Askkendamia. Ashkendamo- 

win; Ot. S. Kashkendaqwad. 

Kashkendam. Kashkendamia . 

Ashkib, (nind). I eat raw ; p. 

Ashkibagad. The leaves (of 

trees and bushes) are budding; 

p. esh..gak. 
Ashkigin. Green skin of a large 

quadruped ; (moose, buHalo, 

etc.) ; pl.-«n. 
A shkikovidn . Lead . 
Ashkikomanikan. Lead-mine; 

pi .-an. 
Ashkikomanike, (nind). I make 

lead, I produce lead. I work 

in a lead-mine ; p. esh..ked. 
.ishkikomanikeioin. Work, bu- 






I ■ 



sinefiR, occupation, of a miner 
in a leacl-niine. 

Ashkikonianikewinini. Miner in 
a lead-mine ; p\.-wa(f. 

Ashkima,(nind). S. Ayimnind 

AshkivianHuh. Strings of lea- 
ther for lacing Hnowelioes ; 
[C. babiche ;] pT.-iH. 

Afihkim^, {nind). I lace or fill 
Hnowslioea ; p. eshkimed. 

Askimewin. Art, work, occu- 
pation of a person lacing or 
filling Hnowsnoes. 

Ashkin. It is raw ; p. eshkin(^. 
— Anhkinmandan wiidss, this 
meat liere is raw. Ashkinon 
tchissan, the turnips are raw. 

Ashkin. It is raw, (an. obj.) ; p. 
eshking. — Anhkin aw gigo, this 
fish is raw. Anhkinog ogow 
opiniq, these potatoes are raw. 

Ashkipidan, (nind). It tastes 
raw to me, I find it tastes raw 
to me, I find it tastes raw ; p. 

Ashkipwa, (nind). It tastes raw 
to me, (an. obj.) ; p. esh..wad ; 
imp. ashkipwi. — Mnd ashkip- 
wn. aw gigo, I find tliis fish 
tastes raw, it tastes raw to me. 

Ashkiwiidss, ashkigigo, etc. 

Raw meat or fresh meat, raw 

fish or fresh fish (not salted,) 

Ashkonawis, (nind). Alg. S. 

Ashkote. Ashkotekan. Ashkoteke. 

Ashkotewdbo. Ashkwatch ; Ot. 

— S. fs hk ot e. Ishkoiekan. 

Ishkoieke. hhkotowabo. Ish- 

Ashdsikawa, (nind). I fall upon 

him ; I throw myself upon 
him ; p. esh..wad. 
AshotabucisHitchigan. S. Asli- 

otchinsiichiganahik . 
Ashutayandma, (nind). 1 strike 
some an, obj. putting it on s, 
th. ; p. esh..inad. 
Ashdtagananddn, (iiind). I 
strike it, putting it on s. th. ; 
p. esh.ang. 
Ashotakdmigina, (nind). I keep 
him on the ground ; p. cih.. 
Ashotakamiginan, (nind). I 
keep it down on the ground ; 
p. eiih..ang. 
Ashutakamigisliima, (nind). I 
put him down on the ground ; 
p. esh..mad. 
Ashotakamigissidon, (nind). I 
put it down on the ground ; 
p. esh..dod. 
Ashotataigan. Anvil, or any 
thing to strike s. th. on it ; 
Askotataige, (nind). I put some 
object to strike s. th. on it ; 
p. esh..ged. 
Ashotchishwa, (nind). I put 
liim underneath, under a. th. ; 
p. esh..wad. 
AshotchisMn, (nind). lam un- 
derneath ; p. esh.."ng. 
Ashotchissin. It is underneath, 

under s. th. ; p. esh..sing. 
Ashotchissitchigan. Foundation , 

basis; pl.-an. 
Asholchissiichigandbik. Foun- 
dation-stone ; pl.-on. 
Ashotchissiton, {nind). I put it 
underneath, under some (ob- 
ject ; p. esh..tod. 
Ashowina, (nind). I observe 
him, I mistrust him ; p. esh.. 

1 1' 


-81 - 


Ashiv/imanis, [niml). I am in 
fear of tlio enemy ; p. esfi.. 


Aitliwi, (niiid). I nm Hrmc<l, I 

^uani mvHoIf; p. enh..wiod.', 
Asliwikandan, (ntml). 1 guard 

myiaelf against it ; p. esh..any. 
Ashwikatca, (nind). I guard 

mvHelt' against him ; p. etih.. 

Ashwiwin. Arms or weapon of 

a warrior ; pl.-mt. 
A.sikawa, [nind). I go to meet 

iiim ; p. es..wad. 
Aningwfim, (nind). I slumber, I 

am half asleep, I doze ; p. 

Askig, seal ; [F. loup-marin ;] 


Seal's skin ; pi.- 
I am amhi- 


A.skwanis, (nmd). 
tious; p. aia..sid. 

Assa, (nind). 1 put or place him 
somewhere ; p. essad ; imp. 

Assdh. Net, fish-net; pi. -t^. 

AsahCih. Thread ; twine ; yarn. 

AssabCihike, (nind) . I ni a k e 
thread ; I spin ; p. ess..ked. 

A.s'sababiwegin. Linen. 

Assdbike, {nind). I am netting, 
making a net ; p. ess..ked. 

AssaMkeidb. Twine for mak- 
ing nets. 

Assdbikeshi. Spider, (net- 
maker ;) pi. -10^. 

AssabikesMwo.Hsab. S p i d e r 's 
web, cob-web ; pl.-ig. 

Assabikewin. Netting, making 

Assdbins. A small net, with 
small meshes ; vA.-ag. 

Assdbish. An old bad net; pl- 


As.<idgaan!ihk. Reed ; [F. ro- 

Hcau ;] pi. -on. 
A.H.'idkamigMoHi*, on the ground. 

S. Atagib. 
A.i.samdbandimin, (nind). We 

are together tiice to face, we 

are confronted ; p. aia.didjig. 
Aifsana, or-magad. It is settled 

down, pressed down ; [F. 

c'est foul6;] p. cisanag, or- 

Annd.nago. Gray squirrel • pi.-//. 
Assandgonaga, or-magad. The 

snow is hard, settled down ; 

p. esH.-gap, or-magak. 
Asaandnig. Ot. 8. Ininatig. 
Assdnasshkinadon, (nind). I 

press it down, in a vessel ; p. 

ess.. dad. 
A.<tndnanhkine, or-magad. It is 

pressed down, in a vessel ; p. 

es.i..neg, or-magak. 
Asudndjig, (nind). I put s. th. 

somewnere in order to keep 

and conserve it, or to hide it; 

3. p-o ; p. ess. .god. 
Assd,ndjigon. Place where s. 

th. is kept and conserved, or 

hidden ; pl.-an. 
Assdndjigon, (nind). I put it 

somewhere to keep or hide it ; 

p. ess. ged. 
Assdndjigonan, (nind). I put 

some an. obj. somewhere to 

keep or hide it; p. ess. .god. 

(V. Conj.) 

Assawdn. Arrow with an iron 
point or head ; pl.-a</. — S. 

Assdwe. Goldfisli ; [C. per- 
chaude;] p\.-g. 

Ass4kadan, {nind). I dress it, 
I tan it, an in. skin ; p. ess.. 
ang. — Pijikiwegin Jiind asse- 


!,' iff' 

m i 


. .'.'Hi 





-52 - 



htdnn, \ am tftnnlnj? nn ox- 

An.v'fi-n<lc,or-nini/atI. Ft indroHM- 
I'fl or taiiiipd,' (in. Hkiii ;) p. 
tnHjiey, OT-mnf/ak. 

AnHi'.kana, (imid). I tlrcsfl or 
tail it, an an. Hkin ; p. ess..)ia(l. 
— Wawanhkeahiv^cihn n i n d 
HHsekana, I am lanniii}? a 
floor skin. 

Assi'kvmo. It is (IrcMHi'd or tnii- 
110(1 {nil. skin ;) p. vi^H..!tnd. 

Aaseke, {nind). 1 am drossing 
askin, tanning; p. e.<t.te..ked. 

A-'i'^ikeurigamig . T a n-h o ii s e, 
l*atlior manufactory ; pi. -an. 

As.^cki'vnn. Tannery, tannor's 
trade, occupation, bu.sineRfl. 

A-faikcwinim. Tanner, leatlier 
manufacturer; pl.-toa//.'mn. Toi.'icco; flnu'tF; p. k. 

A.s.srmdke, (niiid). I manufac- 
ture tobacco or snuff; p. e.i.i.. 

A.^semAhmiijamig. Tobacco 
manufactory ; pi. -on. 

A.'isemaktiwinini. Tobacco ma- 
nufacturer; pl.-w>ay. 

A.ssema-makak. Tobacco-box ; 
snutf-box ' pl.-on. 

A.s'.tiginak. Startling, (bird;) [P. 
etourneau ;] pl.-toa^. 

A.i.'iignbanimod. A sack made 
of the inner bark of the lin- 
den-tree ; pl.-an. 

A.t.sigobi, (tiiud). 1 soften the 
bark of the linden-tree, by 
boiling it; p. ess.. bid. 

As.nn, Stone, pebble; pl.-i//. 

Assin. At the end of verbs, 
signifies coming with tlie wind 

• (in. obj.), or boing driven or 
agitated by the wind; as: 
liidCissin, it comes witli the 
wind, it is driven tlii.'^ wav 

by the wind. Wchfttsiv, it is 
thrown or driven away liy the 
wind. — (id.shkobagdxsin, tho 
loaves (of a tree) are agitated 
l»y the wind. 

Assindb. Stone tied to a net to 
sink it ; pl.-?n. 

A.tsinibtodn. Stonc-Siou ; a kind 
of Siou-Indian ; t)\.-at/. 

Assinika, or-wagau. 'J here arc 
stones, it is stony, full of 
stones; p. e.<ia..kag, or-magak. 

Assinikade, ox-magad. It is 
made of stone; it is pavo<l 
with stones ; p. css..dcg, or- 

A.fsinikandc, ox-maqad. Thero 
\i^ a stonc-foundation, fa wall 
undor a wooden building;) p. 
e.<is..dcg, or-magak. 

Assining ijindgwad. It looks 
liko stone, it resembles stone. 

Assinins. Small little stone, o.'<- 
necially a little stono n the 
ueach of a lake ; p\.-nj. 

A.i.nninsika,', or-magad. There 
are little stones, it is full of 
little stones, (especially on tlio 
l)each of lakes;) p. ess..kag, 

As.nniw, {nind). 1 am stone, I 
l)ecome stone, I am petrified ; 
p. css..wid. — liejig ikwe gani- 
ood Moniang gi-assiniwi ; si 
woman who died in Canada, 
became stone, petrified.) 

Assiniwan. It is petrified, it be- 
came stone ; p. ess..ang. 

Aasini-wadjiw. Rocky Moun- 

Assini-wdkainan. Stone-build- 
ing; rttone-built fortress; pi - 

Assini-wukaigewin . Masonry, 




f ' r 


— 53 - 



i; pl- 


work, trade or uccu^>uiioi) ut u 

Ansini-wdkaii/ewinini. Maaou ; 

Ansipuniyan. 01. Scistiore; pl.- 

Ansissawcinin. Sand-cherry ; 

[C. cerist'b tl j^ruppe ;J pl.-a«. 
. I .'iissaweminaaawaiij . Sand- 

clierry Hlirul» ; pi.-///. 
Asxokwcskiu, [nind). I am lean- 
ing with luy head on e. th., 1 

lay my head on a. th,; p. 

Assolc.kibuljigan. Girth ; or a 

rihhon around a hat; [F, 

aanjrie;] pl.-a«. 
Aaswadab, (nind). I lean sit- 
ting' ; ^. 
AsswadJLslUmun, (nind). I am 

leunin;,; on 8. th.; p. aiass.. 

Aaawakwaan, {nind) . I .support 

it, piUtinjj; a prop, I prop it; 

Asswakwaiyade, or-mayad. It 

i.s prop{)cd, supported ; p. 

uiass.dey, or-inayuk. 
Aasioakwaiyan, or asswakwai- 

(janak. Prop, h u p p o r t , 

(made of wood ;) p].-an,oT-ou. 
Asswakwaiye, {nind). I an 

jrtopping, supporting; p. 

Assioana, {nind). (Proii. nind 

assuna,) I support him with 

my hands ; p. aiasn-.toanad. 
Asswapidon, (nind). I gird it; 

1). css..dod. 
Asswapina, {nind). I gird l>iin; 

p. (iss..nad ; injp. asswapij. 
Asswaakin, (nind) or, nind ass- 

loi.shin. lam leaning on .some 

object ; ]i. aia.. shiny. 
Asswawa, (nitui). I support 

him, 1 lioid him upright ; p 

Aladikana, (nind). 1 caut lotn 
tor some an. ohj. ; p. et..nad , 
imi). atadikitj. 

Atadi-mdifinaiyan. Playing- 
(;ard ; pl.-a//. 

Aladimin, (nind'. We put in 
together; wo are ganilding, 
playing at card.s or at «ome 
other intercHted game ; we 
curit lotH ; we ^are betting; p. 

A tadiitiiyavdy . P 1 a y-h o u s e, 

Alddiwin. Interebted game; 
card-playing; l»et, wager. 

Atuye, (nind). 1 put it; I plav 
an interested game, a.s card- 
playing for money ; I bet; p. 

Aluyen, (nind). I put it in, I 
put it at stake, I play lor it ; 
1 bet it, (an. olj.l ; p. daycd. 

Ataycnan, (nind). 1 put at stake 
some an. obj.; I play for it, 
(liim, her;) I liot it, ^him, 
h(ir;)\>.etayed. V. Conj. 

Atayen mamakiaimn, (nind). I 
inoculate with the cow-i)ox. 
S. Mainakisiiwe. 

Aldyewin. Card-playing, or tlie 
playing of any interested 
game; (considered in itself, 
or in regard to one person 
only; in regard to several \xii- 
eons playing together, alddi- 

Aidyih. Green moss on stones 
on the bottom of a'lake, etc. 

Aiaid! interj. aha! ha! aiil — 
used by men or boys only, to 
express juy, surprise; impa- 
tience, fear; anger, indigna- 


El ; 

^ ^.i 



— 64 ~ ATC 

It i i 


AMma, {nind). I 8cl| liim h, 
th. ; I), ft. mad, or, I huy h. 
til. of hill). 

AtamadLi, {7und). I lay or 
Htore it lip for nie, I am lay- 

• ing up a treasure; [L. tliesau- 
ri/-o iiiihi ;] p. ed..nnd. 

Atandikandauy inind). I caHt 
lots for it ; p. et..antj. 

At/indiwln. Commerce, triide, 
trafKc, huyiiiji! and Helliii;^. 

Atnss,{iu'iul). I put tliingfl up, 
I store up; p. etihtsnd. 

Atdxson, (nind). I put it up 
Houiewhere to keep and coii- 
Hcrve it, I store it up; p. etas- 

Afdssonan, inind). I store u 
some an. onj. ; p. etasaod 
Conj . ) — NUnwa vakxoejUjanan 
od atd.ssnnan, lie stores up 
much flour. 

A (asitowigamig., 
warehouse; pl.-o». 

Atdssnwin. Place wli ere to put 
or keep s. th., larder, pantry, 
etc. ; pl.-a7t. 

Atassowinini. Storer; x>\.-vuig. 

Atawd, (ni7id). I put or set him 
8. th.; I bet him ; p. eiawad 

Atdwdgan. Any thin;; given to 
a trader in exchange for his 
goods, e.^pecial]y fnr or skins 
of wild animals; pl.-a», or- 

Atdwama, (nind). I borrow of 
him; I trade with him, buy- 
ing B. th. of liim, or selling 
him 8. th. ; 

Atdwa viamakimoin, (nind). I 
inoculate liim with cow-pox. 

Atdwange, {nind). I borrow ; 
p. etawamjed. 

Ataioangen, {nind). I borrow it; 
p. etawanged. 

Alawange.nan, (nind). I bor- 
row some an. object; p. eta- 

Atawangeshk, (nind). I am in 
a habit of borrowing; p. et. 

Atawangt'shkivun. Bad habit 
of borrowing always. 

A laumng?.win B«)rrowing. 

Atawd.tue, (nind). 1 fall liuck- 
wards, I fall on my back; p. 

Atdwc, {nind). I sell, I trade, 
I trafKc, 1 (leal ; p. etawed. 

A tarn e, {nind). I have no fuel, 
my HregoeKOUt;p. aid. tawed. 

Atdwe-niasinaigan. Trading- 
license: pl.-a/j. 

Atdwen, (nind). 1 sell it, I dis- 
pose of it; p. etawed. 

Aidwenan, {nind). I sell him, 
(her, it,) some an. obj., I dis- 
pose of him, (her, it;) p. eta- 

Atawcwigamig. House of com- 
merce, of trade, trading- 
house, store; \)\.-on. 

Atdwewin. Market, commerce* 
trader's business or occupa- 
tion, trade, traffic 

Atdweioinini.. Trader,merclian(, 

store-keeper; })\.-wag. 
Atawissan. Cord of wood ; pi. 

Atchdb. Bow-string; pi. -in. 
Atchigade, or-magad. It is put, 

placed ; p. etch..deg, or-ma- 

Atchige, {nind). I put s. th. at 

stake as a prize ; p. et..ged. 
Aichigewin. Putting at stake 

s. th., also, the prize put at 

stake ; pl.-a/i. 
Atchigwananish, {nind). I am 


— 65 — 


unilcr n nliclter, (in rniii ;) p. 

Atchikiua, {nind). I make iin 
enclosure or ii park aruiind 
liini, I fence him in ; p aiat.. 
nad. — IHjiki nin wi-otchikinu, 
I will fence the cow in. 

Atchikin(in,{nind). I separate 
it, putting a partition in ; I 
niaKe an enclosure ; p. aia.. 

Atchikinigade, or-mayad. There 
is a partition ; an eticlosure, a 
park ; p., or -maf/ak. 

Aichikinhjan. Partition or se- 
|)aration of rooms in a liouse ; 
also, enclosure, park; pl.-a/i. 

Atchina,&A\. A short time, a 

Atchinisy {nind). I am shy, I 
fear; p. etchinhid. 

Airhisiaebison. The foot-board 
of the Indian cradle ; pl.-on. 

Alclmidebison bimibaiyong , or, 
tessabing, stir up. 

Atchitakisse,{nind). I fall down 
headlong; p. et.sed. 

Afchitamo. Squirrel; v>\.-g. 

Aichitchab, {nind). S. Awassab. 

Atchiichaii, adv. Aside, away. 

Alchitchibana, adv. Ot. Sud- 
denly, all at once. 

.itchitchingwesse, {nitid). I fall 
on my face ; p. etch..sed. 

Ate, or-magad. The fire or can- 
dle goes out; p. aiateg, or- 

Ate, or-magad. It is, there is ; 
p. eteg, or-magak. 

Atea7i, {nind). I quench it, ex- 
tinguish it, put it out, (fire or 
a candle, etc J ; p. aid..teang. 

Atebi, {nind). I am sober again, 
(after Laving been drunk ;) p. 

Atvbimn. Soliorness, the state 
of not iteing drunk. 

Ateigan. ExtinguiMher ; pl.-a/i. 

Ateigc, {nind). \ ({uench or 
fxtinguish, (Hre, etc.;) p. aid' 

Atenhin, {nind). 8. Atebi. 

A tig. At the end of sctme com- 
pound \vonln, signilies iiJoi)d, 
tree, .ntirk ; \)\.-(ig, or-on. — 
W'dkaigandtig , a log for a log 
house; niltagandtig, liedsteafL 
When the lirHt part of the 
com[)08ition eiuls in a vowel, 
iatig, or watig, is annexed ; 
as : Ajidtidlig, anaviiewdtig, 

Atik. Koindeer; [F. caribou;] 
pi .-wag. 

AtikonH. Young reindeer; pl- 

Atikamef/. White fish; n\.-wag. 

AtinH. Sinew, nerve; pl.-m. 

Atis.nwag. Nerve or sinew with 
the flesh on it; p\.-og. 

Atoban. Trough; [F.* auge ;] 
pi .-a7t. 

Atobanike, {iiind). I am mak- 
ing a trough ; p. et.ked. 

Aton, {nind). I put it, I place 
or lay it ; I bet it; p. etod. 

Atwab, (7iind). I put up or 
conserve provisions, victuals ; 
3. p. o. ; p. etwabod. 

Atwakogabaw, {nind). I lean 
against s. th., standing; p. 

Atwanhima, {nind). I put him, 
(her, it,) there to lean against 
8. th. ; p. aiat. .mad. 

Aiwashimon, (nind). S. Atwa- 

Atwaasidon, {nind). I put it 
there to lean against s. th. ; 

.1.! : 




- 56 


U < 

I ! 

Aw. (nind). I am ; p. aidwid. 

Aw. Pioii. that, tliiH. 

Awa, {liintl). I make UHe of 
Homeaw. oltject; p. aiawad. — 
Nin wi-awa kipijikim, I want 
to make use of your ox. 

Awadagaodass, {nind). I make 
several trips in a caii(;« or 
boat, fetching or carrying «. 
th. ; p. aiaw..s()d. 

Awadass, {nind). I am fetch- 
ing or carrying s. th. in a car- 
riage ; p. aia..)>od. 

Awadassim, (nind). I am car- 
rying stouos; p.aia..nid. 

Awadinisse, {nind. I am fetch- 
ing or carrying wood lb r fuel 
J). aia..sed. 

Aivadjiddbi, {nind). I am car- 
rying, on a carriage or sleigh ; 
p. aia..hid. 

Awcuijidahia, {nind). I make 
him draw a load ; p. 

Awadjidabiwiu. Conveyance in 
a carriage. 

Awidjiioanadis, (nind). I am 
•jarrying s. th., in a carriage 
for njyself ; p. aia..sod. 

Awadjiwanagan. A thing to 
carry s. th. in it, back-basket; 

Awndjiwanage, (nind). I am 
carrying <br somebody ; p. 

Awadjiwana} (nind). I am car- 
rying for him ; p. aia..unud, 

Awadjiwane, (nind). I am car- 
rying s. th. in a basket, etc. ; 
p. aia..ned. 

Awadon, (nind). I carry it or 
convey it on a carriage or 
.sleigh ; p. aidwadod. 

Awakdn. Slave, enslaved pri- 
soner of war i also, domestic 

or tamed animal or bird; pl.- 

Awakdna, (nind). I enslave 

him ; I treat h'm like a slave ; 

I tame an animal or bird, or I 

keep a tamed animal or bird ; 

p. ew..nad, 
Awakdnigon,{nind). It makes 

me a slave, it enslaves me ; 

S). god. — Datadowin od awa- 
Mnigon, sin enslaves him, 
(he is a slave of sin.) 

Awakdnindis, (nind). I enslave 
myself, 1 make myself the 
slave of someboily, or some- 
thing ; p. ew..sod. 

Awdkaniw, (nind). I am a 
slave, a prisoner o'" war, a 
captive; p. eiv..wid. 

Awakdniwin, or awakanidiwin. 
Slavery, captivity, state ant! 
condition of a slave. 

Awakinan, (nind). I tame it, 
(animal or bird,) or keep it; 
p. ew..nad. 

Awdn. Fog, mist. 

Aivdn. It is foggv ; p.^wang. 

Awan. It is; p. aidwang. 

Awana, (nind). I carry some 
an. obj. on a carriage or 
sleigh ; p. aidwanad ; imp. 

Awdndjish, adv. Purposely, 
stubbornly, contrary to a pro- 

Awanibissa, or-magad. It is 
misty, it rains a little ; p. ew.. 
sag, ov-magak. 

Awds, (nind). I warm myself ; 
p. ewa^od. 

Aioasibi, (nind). I collect or 
gather the sap of maple tree.t 
in sugar-making; p. aia.Md. 

Atvasn. At the end of some neu- 
ter verbs, alludes to a chikl 

' fi 


- 57 - 


or to children; as: Nin kijd- 
ddu'uss, I give liirtii to a 
child., lie (she) 
scolds ill regard to his (her) 
children, heciiuse they were 
ill used> etc. 

Awass, adv. Further, away, 
go away. 

Atvassdh, (niiid). I am .squint- 
eyed, I .«quint ; [F. jelouche;] 
p. ew..hid. 

Awas.mdaki, adv. Far beyond 
the mountaiiLS. 

AwdiiS'iUjdm, adv. On the other 
side of a river, lake, etc. The 
same as (u/dmiiu/. 

Awastsaii, adv. l^^iirther. 

Awatssaki, or aivdsnadjiio, adv. 
Beyond the mountain, on the 
other side of a mountain or 
hill. — Awassaki Assini-wad- 
jiio nin yi-ijunuban, I have 
been beyond the Rocky 

Avmssdsi aw awessi. This ani- 
uial is shy, wild ; p. ewassa- 

Aioass-bibonoufj, adv. The win- 
ter before last. 

Aivassewaam, (nind). I go 
around a point in a canoe or 
boat; p. 

Awdssigamiif, ail» . Behind the 
house or lodge, on the ,other 
side of it. 

Aiodssissi. Burbot (tish ;) pi.-// 
also, mvdssi ; pl.-H'«y. 

Awass-nibinong, adv. The 

summer before last. 
Aivassouag, iAv. On the other 

side of a canoe, vessel, etc. 
Aivas'soiidgo, adv. The day be- 
fore yesterday. 
Awaas-sigicanong, adv. The 
sj)ring before last. 


adv. The 
The day 

A wass-taqwaaong, 
fall belore last. 

Awaiiswabang, adv. 
after to-morrow. tvMi, adv. Furtlie r 
there, yonder, beyond. 

Aivea, {nind). I liken him to 
somebody, or to s. th ; p. aia- 

Awcgwen, pron. whoever, who- 
soever ; I don't know who. 
Awenen aw bemossed wedi 't — 
Atct'gwen. Who is that who 
walks there? — I don't know 

Aioekadan, [nind). S. Awiton. 

AiLH'kana, {nind). S. Aioia. 

Awcma. This word is never 
used without a poissessive pro- 
noun. Nind awcma, my liro- 
ther, or my sister. — A male 
will say, wind awema, my 
SISTER, (whether younger or 
older than he ;) but a female 
says, nind awema, my bko- 
THEK, (whether younger or 
older than she.) 

Aivcne7i 'f pron. who? 

Awenima, [nind). I suppose to 
be him; p. aid..ioenimad. 

Aweninhc. A young beaver 
under two years old ; [C. 
avolat ;] pi.-iag. 

Awes.'ii. Animal, beast; pl.- 

A nendamowin. Instinct, 

sagacity of an animal. 
Awc.ssiwaian. Aninial'a skin, 

hide; pi .-«//. 
Awetchigan. Comparison ; re- 
presentation ; parable. 
Awaic/iigc, {nind}.. 1 make a 
representation of s. th. ; 1 
make a comparison, a par- 
able ; p. aia..gcd. 








w> 'kit 



*- 68 — 


f ' 

Awelchiaen, (nind). I make it 
resemble h. th.; p. aia..ged. 

Axoetchigenan, [nind). 1 make 
him resemble s. th. or some- 
body ; p. aia..<jed. (V. Conj.) 

Aweton, (nind). I liken it to s. 
th.; J), aiawetod. 

Awl-, particle signifying to </o 
un, or togo to..., to go to same 
place witli the intention to do 
8. th. there; as: Nind ijn 
ugidaki awi maninseidn ; I go 
on the hilltochop wood there. 
Minaxoa madja awi-minikwad ; 
he goes again to some place 
to drink there. 

Awi, pron. Ot. S. Aw. 

Awia, inind). I lend it to liim ; 
p. ewiad. 

Awia, {nind). I make him be 
this or that; p. aid..wiad. 

Awiid, pron. somebody, some 
person or some other animate 
l)eing or object. 

Awiidis, [nind). I make my- 
self this or that, I say of my- 
self to be such a one, I pre- 
tend to be this or that ; I 
transform myself; p. aia..sod. 
— A toene n aiawiidisoian ? 
What do you say of yourself, 
who are you ? Who do you 
pretend to he ? 

Atoiigoicin. Anything lent to 
somebody, borrowed by some- 
body ; pl.-a7i, or ag. — Nin hi- 
givjewidon • nind awiigoicin ; 
1 bring back again the thing 
I borrowed . hi Innag na gaie 
kid awiigowinag ? ijoniiag ?] 
Do you bring also tiie things 
lent to you? (money? silver- 
pieces ?) 

Awiiwe, (nind). I lend to some- 
body ; p. ewiiwcd. 

Awiiwen, (nind). I lend it ; p. 

Auniwenan, (nind). ; p. ewiiiced. 
(V. Conj.) 

Awiiweioin. Lending, the act 
of lending s. th. to somebody. 

Aioi.fhtoia. Blacksmith, smith ; 

Awishtoiaw, (nind). I am a 
blacksmith ; p. ew..wid. 

Awishtoidioi garni g. Black- 
smith's shop, forge, smithy ; 

Alois htoiaivi win. Blacksmitli's 
trade, occupation or business 
of a blacksmith. 

Awissa, or-magad. It is a little 
damp ; p. ew..sag, or-magak. 

Awiton, {nind). I make it be 
this or that; p. aidwitod. 




Some toordti tohich arc not found under B, mat/ be looked for 
under P. Vorv often you would not perceive wlictlier the word 
is sounded h or p, whereas the b is more accentuated by some 
Indian tribes, while ihep is more by some others. 


IJa-, particle, (The Change of 

lidba. Papa, father. 

Udba~, *n compositions, Kigni- 
fies (joi)i(i or vionmj about, 
from one place to another; 
as : Jesus nissQ bibCm gi-baba- 
gagikwe ; Jesus p r e a c h e d 
three years in different places, 
(went from place to place 
preaching.) liabd-dajinge, he 
(or she) speaks ill of people in 
different pl.accs, (he (she) goes 
from place to j)lace backbit- 
ing people.) P. licbd-.... 

lidba-aindd, {nin). 1 live or 
stay in different places, chang- 
ing often ; p. 

Jiabd-akoshfca, {nui). I tire or 
fatigue mvself traveli:;g about; 

Unbd-danis, (nin). I move about, 
I rove, I change often my 
place of residence ; i).beb..sid. 

Babagwaajigwe, {nin). I take 
oft" the bark from a tree 
which I cut down ; p. beb.. 

Babdijibi, (nin). I ana drinking 


liquor in several places; p. 
beb. bid. 

Babdijita, (nin). I bustle 
about; p. beb. .tad. 

Babdikaivin. Godfather; 8j»on- 
Kor at baptism; also, my 
adopted father ; pl.-a//. There 
is always a ))08sessive pro- 
noun prefixed to this word ; 
nin babaikawin, ki babaika- 
win, o babaikawinan, etc. ; 
my, thy, his godfather, etc. 

Babdi node, (nin). S. Babdmode. 

Babakedikwanagisi aw mitig. 
This tree has many branches. 

Babdmadaga [nin). I am swim- 
ming about; p. beb. .gad. 

Uabdmadagas, (nin.) I walk 
about in the water; p. beb.. 

Babdmadis,(nin]. I travel about; 
p. beb. .sid. 

Babdmadisi-wagdkwad. Travel- 
ing axe; pl.-oji. 

Babdmodisiwin. Voyage, tra- 
vel; peregrination. 

Babamddjim, (;wm.) I tell s. th. 
in different places, I go from 

> * » 


> i 








place to place to tell it ; p. 

News-paper; pi. -an. 
liabamadjimowia. The telling 

of a story or news in ditt'erent 

j)Iaces ; news, story, report, 

rumor that is goin^j round. 
Uabdmadodjiijade, or-mayad. It 

is noised out, rumored about; 

p. b(, or-mayak. 
Uabdmajaani, {nin). I am going 

about in a canoe, near the 

shore; p. beb..ana. 
liabdmash, {uin). I am sailing 

about; p. beb..shid. 
liabdmasisin. It is driven about 

by the wind ; p.<j. 
UabamasaitchUjan. A kite made 

of'psiper ; pl.-a». 
liabamatawe, (nin). I podle, I 

carry goods aboufc for sale ; 

p. bebamytawed. 
Uabamataioewiii. Pedling, ped- 

ler's trade or occupation. 
Babamatawewinini. redler; [F. 

colporteur ;] pl.-ioa^. 
Babameiidayos, {nin). They 

pay attention to me; p. beb.. 

Uabamendaywad. Attention or 

care is given to it; p. beb.. 

Uabamendam, (nin). I pay at- 
tention, I care; p. beb. .any. 
Babamendamadimin, {nin). We 

turn our attention to each 

other's actions or words, or to 

something belonging to one 

or the other; p. beb..didjiy. 
Babamendamawa, (nin). I pay 

attention to s. tli. belonging 

to him, or relating to him ; p- 

beb..wad. — Nin oabamenda. 

inawa nimisse od ijiwebiuwin, 

od aywiwin, etc. ; I pay at- 
tention to the conduct, the 
dress, etc., of my sister. 

Babaniendamowin . A ttention , 

liabamendan, {nin). I pay at- 
tention to it, I mind it, I care 
for it ; p. beb.. any. 

liabamendjiyade, or-mayad. It 
is minded, considered, taken 
care of, it is not neglected ; p. 
beb..dey, or-mayak. 

Uabamendjiyas, '{nin). I am 
taken care of, attention is 
paid tome; p. beb.. nod. 

Babamenima, {nin). I pay atten- 
tion to some jierson, or to any 
other an. being or object; I 
care for him, (her, it ;) I take 
notice of him, (her, it^, p. beb.. 

Uabdmenindis, {nin). I turn my 
attention to myself, I care for 
njyself ; p. beb.. sod. 

Ikibamibaa, {nin). I make him 
run after me ; p. beb. .ad. 

Babdmibaiyo, {nin).I am made 
to run about ; I ride in a car- 
riage, sleigh, etc. ; p. bebami- 

Babamibaiyo-titidahdn. Calash ; 
pi. -a//. 

liabdmibalo, {nin). I run about, 
to and fro; p. beb. .tod. 

Babdmibissa. Showers of rain 
are passing by ; p. beb. .say. 

Babamima, {nin). S. Babame- 

Babdmindam, {nin). S. Baba- 

Babdmindan,{nin). S. Baba- 

Babdmishka, (nin). I am going 
from one place to another in 

r in 


— Gl — 


lioat, e*c. ; p. beb.. 

is Hying about, 
p. beb. .sea. 

a canoe, 

liahdmUse. It 

(a bird, etc.) 
Uahamitam, (nin). I obey, l am 

obedient, I listen ; p.<j. 
Itabfimitamowin. Obedience. 
liabdmitaH, (nin). I obey my- 
self, I do accordinj^ to my 

own will ; p. beb. .sod. 
Babdmitaioa, {nin). I obev him, 

I listen to hin), I do wliat he 

asks, I grant his petition, his 

pi-ayer ; p. beb. .wad. 
Uabamiioebaan. It is driven by 

the waves, (in a high sea ;) p. 

beb. .am]. 
Babamiwebaog , (nin). I am driv- 
en by the waves, (in a high 

sea;) p. beb.. god. 
Babamoae,(nid). I creep aiiout, 

I drag myself about; p. beb.. 

Babamo.'!se, (nin). I walk from 

one place to another, I walk 

about ; p. bom., sed. 

Babanadis, (nin). I am losing 
myself, losing property ; I am 
in danger of perishing ; I am 
dying ; p. beb..sid. 

Babanadj, adv. Dangerously ; 
losing. — liabanddj kid indi- 
viin, we are in danger of per- 
ishing ; also, we are losing 

Babornanandoshkite, (nin), I go 
about to hear what is said, 
what they say ; I am spying 
them out ; p. beb. .ted. 

(nin). I am standing here and 
there, to hear what they are 
saying ; p. beb..wid. 

Babd-nandotamage, {nin) , I beg, 

mondicate, ask aims ; p. beb., 

Baba-nandofamagewin. Begga- 
ry, mendicity. 

Babanasitaqos, (nind). I am 
despaired of, by my speaking, 
for instance a sick j)erson liy 
his feeble dying voice ; p. beb.. 

Babanasitawa, (nin). I despair 
of him, of his recovery, by 
Xuc voice ; \\ beb. .wad. 

Babapijima, (nind). I laugh 
with'him; p. beb. .mad. 

Dabdpijisse, (nin). I walk or 
run fast ; p. beb. ..ted. 

Dabd-pindige, (nin). I go from 
house to house ; p. beb. .ged. 

Babapingwe, (nin). I have a 
gav smiling countenance ; p. 

Babdpinis, (nin). I am joking, 
drolling; p. beb.. sid. 

Babdpinodage. Uabdpin adage- 
uiin liabapinoddn. Babdpi- 
nodawa. — S. Bdpinodage. Jid- 
pinogewin. Bapinodan. Ba- 

Note. The duplication of the 
first syllable in the above four 
words, and in many others, 
does not change their signifi- 
cation ; it merely denotes a 
repetition or reitcation of the 
satne act. So, nin bapinodan, 
signifies, I ridicule it ; and, 
ni7i babdpinoddn. I ridicule it 
often ; etc. 

Babdpinwe, (nin). I am telling 
drolleries, little jokes and 
tricks, to make people laugli ; 
p. beb.. wed. 

Babapinwewin. Drollery, joko- 
ry, bufi^oonry. 

Baodwasse, or-magad, A clefif 


! » 

'^ -" jiii 





— (;2 — 


nit'co of land, a clearing or a 
tiikc, is Hceii througii the 
wckhIs ; [C. on voit nn 6clnir- 
ei ;] p. beb..seift ov'magak. 

Babawidjiendiinin, (nin). We 
accompany caclj other goinjr 
about, we go about togetlier ; 
p. heb..did)i</. 

habawidjiendiwi II. Going about 
together, mutual accompani- 

Hubdwidjiwa, [nui). I go about 
with him, I accompany him 
to several places ; p. beb.Aoad. 

DabMjinawis, [nin]. S. Ikibtl- 

Uabcf/ikadandjiije, (nin). I eat 
slowly ; p. beh..(fed. 

Ji<(bi'(/ikadiit, (?mj). I am slow, 
(lu)l, in doings, th. ; p. beb.. 

Babegikaduhoin. Du 1 1 n ess, 

slowness, in doing p. th. 

Dabenag. A little better, a little 

Babu/odee, {nin). I am peevish, 
sulky ; passionate ; p. beb.. 

Babigodeeicin. Peevishness; pas- 
sionate teniper. 

Babigumakaki. A kind of big 

toad J pl.-i/. 
Babigwatagad. It is spotted or 

dotted ; also, it is coarse, 


Babijagihiddn, {nin), I notice 

it, I see it, in going by ; p. beb 

Babijdgenima, {nin). 1 notice or 

see him in going by ; p. beb.. 

Babikomigens. Small pearl ; pi. 

babikomigen.iag, small pearls 

worn round the neck, 

liabiknminagad. It is glolml- 
ous or ''Hjbular; p. beb..gak. 
— Mashkild bebikominagnk, 

Ilabikoniinugiiii. S. Ifikominn- 

Ilabimiwidadimin, (nin). We 
carry the load or pack of one 
another ; fig. we forbear with 
each other; [L. alter alterius 
onera i)0rtamu8 ;] p. beb.,did- 

Babimiwidawa, {nin). I carry s. 
th. for him ; also, /f\/., I for- 
with him, I liave na- 

)ear with lum, 1 liave ] 
tience with him ; p. btb..wa<(. 

Babiinodakwe, [nini.l am shoot- 
ing with bow and arrows; p. 
beb.. wed. 

liabimv'ds.sin, {nin). I am throw- 
ing ! tones ; p. beb. .sing. 

Ikdnnasse, {nin). I stagger ; y. 

Uabindassagan. Raft; \)\.-ng. 

liabindansdganike, {nin).\ make 
a' rail to cross a river on it ; 
p. beb..ked. 

Babishagi, {nin). I move about 
on earth ; p. bob..gid. — Bebi- 
filiagidjig aking, people living 
on earth. 

Uabis/tagi.shkmoa, (nin). I move 
about with him ; p. beb. .load. 

Babishkotawu, (nin). I listen 
to him with distraction, (sleep- 
ing, or otherwise distracted ;) 
p. beb..wad. 

Babi.'ihkwendain, (nin). I lose 
my senses (my recollection) 
from time to time, fainting ; 
also, I am not attentive in 
listening to a sermon or dis- 
course, I am distracted ; p. 

; i'. 





— m — 


linbiniln, {nin). I lielcli, winds 
coinc lip I'roin my ntoinacli ; 
j). baia.M'nl. 

Ilabiftiifakwaan, (nin). S. 7V7i- 

liabmffindihe, (nin). 1 li a v e 
curled huir ; p. beb..bed. 

I'xibisioinindjiioadj, {nin). My 
lianas are l)enuiMl)ed by cold ; 
p. beb..djid. 

llabimjiHidewadj , (nin). My feet 
lire iK'iiunibi'd by cold ; j). 

Itabisikaicdgan. Coat, jacket, 
Crock f(jr men ; a kind of 
waintcoat worn by women. 

iUibisine, adv. Atler it was done 
or said, tuo late. — lidbinine 
nin (ji-mikwendan, I remem- 
bered too late, (when h. tli. 
was already done or said.) 

Ilabiskishin, (nin). lam wrink- 
led ; p. beb.dng. 

liahiskissin. It is wrinkled or 
shriveled ; p.<j. 

Ilabitchi, (nin). I put on stock- 
ings and shoes, etc, [F. je me 
chausse ;] p. beb.M. 

Uabitchia, (nin). I p u t h i m 
stockings and shoes on ; p. 

Ikibiwawan. They are small, 
(in. objects ;) p. bebiwayin. 

Babiioiij, (nin). I have small 
limbs, (hands, feet, etc.) ; p. 

Babiioigade, * (nin). I have 
small legs ; p. heb.dtd. 

llabiwiaaige, (nin). I m a k e 
small notches or incisions in 
maple-trees, (in sugar-mak- 
ing ;) p. beb..ged. 

*See Note at AgasfiimU. 

liabiwijinimin, (nin). We are 
Hmall, [an. objects; ])■ behi- 

liabiwinikt, {nin). I have small 
arms; p. bebked. 

Ihibiwinindji, (nin). I have 
small hands; p. 

Ihibiwitihkani, {nin). I leave 
small footsteps or traces be- 
hind me, in walking; p. beb.. 

Habncishkinjigioc, {nin). I have 
small eyes ; p. beb.. wed. 

liabiwiside, (nin). I have small 
feet ; p. beb..ded. 

liabiwitmoage, (7iin\. I have 
small ears ; p. beb..ged. 

liabwtdana, (nin), I blow ii 
sick person, after the Indian 
fashion ; p. beb..nad. 

liadagonig, (nin). I am op- 
pressed by the night-mare ; p. 

Badagoahkan, (nin). I ojipress 
it, or crush it, putting myself 
upon it ; p. bod., ang. 

Badagoshkawa, (win). I oi)press 
him, 1 crush him, putting 
myself upon him ; p. bed., 

Badagosidea, (nin). I burn my 
foot putting it on some hot 

object; p. bed..sod. 
Badakakwaaiiy {nin). Oi. S. 

Badakakwdwa, (nin). Oi. S. 

Bag, baga, in compositions, as 
end-syllables or in the middle 
of the word, si";nifies leaves ol' 
trees or of plants ; or somo 
reference to leaves ; as : Meg- 
tvibag, among leaves. Sagi- 
baga, tlie leaves on the trees 

1 'I 





) .: 


.1 , 



— 64 - 



are coming forth, (ionhknba- 
gansin, the Icavefl treinhk' or 
shake l)y the wind. 

llaoukiidis, {nin). I am not 
(Irunk, I an» Hohor ; p. he(/..sid. 
S. Anissadis. 

Hagakadisiwin. Soherne.'<8 ; [111. 

llaf/anowe, (nhi). My check is 
swollen, (or, my check.s are 
swollen ;) p. baiag.Aoed. 

lidganhkauige, {nin). My jaw 
in Hwollen, (my jaws are swol- 
len ;) p. l)ma..(/ed. 

liaj/idSnam'we,{nin). My tongue 
is swollen ; p. 

lidyidjCine, (nin). My nose is 
swollen ; p. baia..ned. 

lidgidnn, [nin). My mouth is* 
swollen ; p. baia..dong. 

lidgigade, {nin). My leg is swol- 
len, (or, my legs are swollen ;) 
p. baia..dr'd. 

Bdgigonbagan, {nin). My throat 
is swollen ; p. baia..gang. 

Hdgignshkinjiuwe, {nin). My 
eye is swollen, (my eves are 
swollen;) p. baiag..iced. 

Bdgindibe, {nin). My head is 
swollen ; p. baia..bed. 

Hdginatoe, [nin). My face is 
swollen ; p. baia.ived. 

Udginike, {nin). My arm is 
swollen, (my arms are swol- 
len ;) p. baia..ked. 

Ddginindji, {nin). My hand is 
swollen, (my liands are swol- 
len ;) p. 

Bdgish, (nin). I am swollen ; 
p baidgishid. 

liagisMwin. Swelling, tumor. 
lldgiside, (nin). My foot is 

swollen, (my feet are swollen;) 

p. baia.,d€d, 

lldgi.s.sin. It is swollen ; p. baia.. 

liagHairaye, {nin). My ear Is 
HwoUcn, (my ears are swol- 
len ;) p. b(iia..ged. 

lidgwa, or-magad. It is shallow, 
not deep, (a river, lake, etc.,) 
p. baidguHig, ov-magak. 

liagwadn, {nin], I mem I it hv 
sowing a piece to it, I patch 
it ; p. begwaang. 

Uagwad.sti, {nin). I mend shoes 
l»y sewing a piece on, I patch 
them ; \). beg. .nod. 

Uagtodassabi, [nin). I mend a 
net; p. beg.. bid. (The same 
as, nin bogwdioa ua.sdb.) 

Bagwadjina, (nin). I rip him. 
1 take his entrails out; p. 

Bagwaidds.^e^ (nin). I mend or 
patch leggings ; (middss, log- 
ging;) p. 5e(/..verf. 

Bugwuigan. Patch, piece: pl- 

Dagwdige, {nin). I am patch- 
ing or mending clothes, etc. ; 
p. beg..ged. 

Bagivdigeioin. Mending, patch- 

Bagumon, {nin). I mend or 
patch a canoe by sewing and 
pitching a piece of bark to it ; 
p. beg..waonod. 

Bagwatimveia sibi. The river 
is shallow ; p. baiag..iag. 

Bagivdioa, {nin). I mend or 
patch some an. object; p. beg., 
wad; imp. bagwa. — Nin monh- 
wein bigoshka, nin ici-bagwa- 
wa ; my handkerchief is torn, 
I will mend it, (by sewing a 
piece to it). 

Bagwashka, or-magad. The 




— fi5 - 


waves hreak on ii fihallow 
place, the surf \h l)eatiiijj: on a 
Hliallow place; p. haia..ka(j, 

Ilihjin'stihi. It touches the Ixit- 
tuni ; p. haitnfivissiiuj. — 0.s7?/» 
hcslui ii-hiyihiij kill aui-ijamin, 
lu-h(t(jiiiisia tckiuidn ; we ^o 
too near the nliore, the canoe 
will touch tlie hottoni. 

Hdidlil-ijiwcbisiil. Sinner, trans- 

vresHor ; 


iUtiiVaiKjfshkiil. Hal)ituai ac- 

cuser ; y\.-iiij. 
I'xndtet/ Jomin. llaisin. 
It(iiiitiiin</<idc(l. Wood-loose, mil- 

liped, (inillepe<ies;) \>\-Ji(/. 
Ildii'toj. At the same time, just 

at that time. 
lUtjibnujnn, {nin). T am staltbed ; 

I am speared; p. hfj..s(>il. 
iUtjihdiiHiy {nin). I stab him ; I 

spear him; p. he}.. wad ; imp. 

lUijidt'hadony {nin). I make it so 

full that it Hows over, I fill it 

to overflow ; p. hej..dod. 
iUijidehi, ov-makad. It is under 

water, (a piece of ground, a 

point, etc.,) it is overflowed ; 

p., oT-magak. 
Ilajidedjiivau aihi. The river is 

highlit flows at full banks; 

p. bej..ang. 

I>ajidhidan,(ni7i) {nima). I pre- 
fer him ; p. bej.:mad. 

Ihijinana, (nin). I put him in 
danger of being killed, of per- 
ishing in some manner; p. 
bej..nad ; imp. BajinaJ. 

Ihijini', (nin). I come near being 

liajincwagendam, [nin). I am 
glad to be saved. 

llajHon, (nin). I miss it ; p. 

lUikiulf, (nin). I am Iningrv, I 
starve, I fast, I have nothing 
to eat ; p. bckdded. 

Ildkdd('d, {nin). I nuike him 
hungry ; p. hfk..dd. 

Udkddeidis, Anin). i make my- 
self sufl'er hunger ; J). Iiek..t«id. 

Ihikadnn, [nin). I weep or cry 
being hungry, 1 weep of hun- 
ger ; p. Itekudtniitd. 

lidkdd^noddn, {nin). I Imnger 
after it, I long after it, I desire 
it ardently; p. b<;k..dan</. 

p. Ock 


lidkadhrin. ll'Miger, famine, 

Hakad'unndijnd. There is tii- 

mine, hunger, starvation ; p. 

Ihikdnui, (nin). I cut through 

with my teeth some nn. obj. ; 

p. bck..nidd. 
lidkiin, adv. Otherwise, dill'e- 

renlly ; another thing. 
Unkdnad. It is another thing, 

it ia difl'erent; p. bckdnak. 
Ilakandan, (nin). 1 cut it through 

with my teeth; p. 
Ihikandjiyadc, ov-magad. It is 

cut through with the teeth ; 

p. I)ek..deg. 

Bakcinenim, {nin). I am divideil 
in my thoughts, in my mind ; 
p. f>ek..?nod. 

nakdnenindin, (nin). I am di- 
vided against myself; p. hek.. 

DakdniSi Imn). I am another 
person; "p.bek-.nd. 

Bakdn-ishkotawp, (nin). I am in 
my monthly flowings, (a w<»- 
nuin.) Properly, I make my 
Jire elsewliere, not in the 

i 'i\ 

: \ 1 



1 1 



— t'.ti — 


lotl^«> ; (UH tlio pu^rtm Nvoineii 

use tiiilo lit the tiiiic ol tlicii' 

inoiitlilv llowiii^ri.) 
Jhiliduu'ai(((/(i(l. It Ih ot'iinotlicr 

Hctrt or kiiitl; p. kck. ijak. 
JI(ikniiW(ii<i</is, {iiim. I iini ol 

uiiotlKT Million ; p. hck..siiL 
Jiakt', (iiiu). I take uiiutlicr 

route, unotlu'r direction, I 

take iinotlicr lir'uich (>!' tlie 

roiul or Iruil. 
lltikiUtii, 11(1 V. Aside. 
ll<ikrt/(Xiiia. Sepunition ofa lake, 

wliere a lake in divided in two 

lirunelies by h projecting: 

Jidki'idiiiiiii, in ill). We neparate 

I'roni ea(di other, we leave 

eacli <ttlu'r; p. bck..i(i(IJi</. 
Ihikn'iliii'iii. Separation ol' per- 

UakrkdiKi, ail v. On the way- 

lUikciuik. Youni: lieaver of tliree 

veurH; pi -«»«//. 
Unknno inikuiui. Tlu! road 

split.'^, Heparate.'^, divides; p. 


lUfkrshkawa, {iiiii}. i leave liiin, 
<|iiit him, I separate from liini; 
J repudiate her, (him ;) p. bck.. 

J rei) 

Uakhhkodudimin, [niii). We 
.separate from each other, es- 
pecially marrieil jieople, we 
make a divorce; p. bck..<Ii<l- 


Uukcli'i/ircia slhi. The river di- 
vide.'', it S])lit.s t)nt in two 
liranche.-*; p, hdciiKj. 

liakcwehina, (nin) {nan). I 
throw liim a.'iide, (any ohj.); 
p. l)ek.:nud. 

UakciDina, (nin) {don). I with- 

draw I'rom him, depart t'roiu 

him, I take another road ; p 

ItdkiiriiKui, [iiiih. I depart froni 

it, withdraw from it, 1 put it 

away ; p. hck. auij. 
ItdkiVti, iuiii.], 1 ^o into the 

water, (to luithe or to fetch .s, 

th., etc.) ; p. bckohid. 
ltdkdl)ibulo, (/t//t|.. 1 run into 

the water ; p. bek.dod. 
lidkohii/ird.s/ikivdil, (////*). I 

jump or leap in the water ; p 

Itdkdbiiui, (nin) (nan). I launch 

or put liim in the wator Hlii^ht- 

ly, (a person or any ohj.i 

p. bek.:iiad. 
lidkdbiiiiiidjdird, {niii). I hid 

him go in the water, 1 make 

him jTo in the water ; p. bek.. 

wad ; imp. bakobininuja. — 

Nindui nin wi-bakabiuinajd- 

wa ; [ will hid my dog go in 

the w;'.t<'r, (to letcli .«. th. out. 
llakobisne, [niii], I lall or .slide 

in the water; p. bck.-sed. 

Bakobi.', ov-maijad. It .slide- 

or tiillH in the water; p. bck.. 

.teij, ov-inuijak. 
Bakiibiirebina, (nin) {nan). I 

throw Jiim in the water ; p. 

Ilako/riioebinidis, {nin). I throw 

myself in the water; p. bek.. 


Dakwabidcbina, (nin). I pull 
him a tootli out ; p. bck..ndd. 

Ijukwabidcbidjiijan . 'I'ooth-pi n- 
cer.s; (F. davier;) \)\.-an. 

Dakioakobidon, (nin) {bina) 1 
pull it out ; p. btk..d()d. 

llakwakotchibikebidon, {7iin),ov, 
nin bakwdkotchibikufjinan, 1 


— r.7 — 


pull it out with llic root, 1 

rodt it out; |i. bvk.And^ or, 

hvk\ nuij. 
Ilakiri'ikolchiliikihina^ {uin)y or. 

////( iKifiwahn/i/tiftikdiffiKi. 1 

|iiill soiiio an. olij. out witli 

tlio root; |). l>f/\..iKi(l. 
Ilitkirdii. Fruit of tlii' viiiojj;iii'- 

tiTo; j)l.-r"' 
lliiliirtinntiuy hukwiininiij. 

\'iiK!(ri' ■ • ; • '. viM!ii;,'ri(.'r ;) 


I tftUe cfirp r.r 
)i>i'l lifni, I clothe 

him, I su, )()rl litni, I cl 

ami I'cctl hiui ; |». Itemidd. 
Itiiiiiiiiiis, (iiiii\. 1 tukc cnio lit' 

riiNsi'lf, I .support luysi'll"; p. 

liiniiiiili.iniiu'ii. iSc'ir-fl\ipport. 
Iltdiiiiiliwin. Support, euro, of 

-(lIMcllOljy, HUSttMliUU'O. 

Ildiuiiivi', (iiin). I take care («»»" 
a person or persons,) I i*ive 
support, HUHtt'iiuuce ; 

lUiiitikdii, {iihi). 
charge, I take 

lidiiiiknwa, {iiiii) 

I liav( 
curi' ot 

p.' t)e- 



,1 have S01HP 
Kii. oiij. ii'i cliar<ro, I take cure 
ol'iiiiu, (lier, it ;) p. hem. .wait. 

llainikodadin, (nin], S. liamii- 

11(1111 iskw(( i(fade(/ ,s(U/a ujaii . 
Screw: (that is, a turned or 
twisted nail ) 

l'(niiii(7(jan. Servant, waiter; 

]•• •-«'/• 
l>(tiiiil(h/ckwc. Female servant, 
iiiuid-servant, .servant-jrirl ; 

1 •'•-.'/; 
Iliimihljfetviii. Service, state and 

eojiditiou of a servant. 
I'xtniib'Kjcwiniiii. Male-servant, 

"ervaiit ; \)\.-W(i(j. 

Ildinihtii, (nin). 1 nerve it, I la- 
lioi' ill it or for it ; p. heini- 

Ilamitdwa, (uiii). I serve liiiii, I 
mil his serviml : p. Ikiii-.u^kI. 

Hdinifini, niiin. I take care ol 
it, I support it ; p. InmUad. — 
\Vvw<:ni ki Ixiniifou viiaiv, 
vou lake well care of my 
liiidy, (of me,) 

Uditddn, {ithi) I miss it, I 
don't hit it, (shooting or 
throwinjr at it ;) p, IniuutiKj. 

UdiKihdintt, iiiiu}. I lose si^iht 
of him ; p. licn.Jiidd. 

Ihiddlidiuldit, [nil!]. I lose si^ilit 
of it ; u. hen. .an;/. 

lUntilddil, * It is spoiled, lost ; 
p. hvndddk. 

Ildiidd'iiddi/o.f, (niiij. I am con- 
sidered lost; p. hi'n...iid. 

lldnddciuid(fwd(l. it is consi- 
dered lost; p. beu..Wdk. 

Hdnddtnddm, {nin). I despair 
lof s. til. or soincdiody;) p. 

Jlduddeuintd, Inin). T despair 
of him, I consider him lost ; 
p. ben. .mad. 

Ii<inddi.s, inin). I am losinji' 
j)roperty, l<jsin^ my soul, am 
running into perdition and 
ruin ; p. benddi.sid. 

Jianrldiniwiu. Loss, ruin ; per- 
dition ; damnation. 

Bdnddjid, {nin). J spoil him, I 
.seduce, ruin, lose, destroy 
him ; p. ben., ad. 

Bdiiddjiidi.s, {nin). I lose, ruin, 
destroy myself, I condemn 

* XoTK.--Tli(' fifiiKi (itidire oC Itils 
iiiiil the lollowiiiK 8cvi'ii verliH is liinii- 
ed by iiu-riiy duubliii^' the lii'sl sylUible; 
as; Jiabumulad, etc. 




— 68 — 


niyaelf, I imiuhc my own daiii- 
fiuliitii ; p. hen. .sod. 

Hiiuailjiin'diifi(/(itl. It Ix caiis- 
\\\<: lr)HH, (Icstnic.tioii, ruin, 
iluMiiiiKioii ; I), hen. .(ink. — 
Mill ikiiu's/i kiwin innii hiilin/r 
ltiiii(((ljiiirfin(itf(iii ; the I mil 
liti'iit of (Iriiikinj; lanlent li- 
(|iior) is i'Hpcciiilly (rauHinj? 
loHH, (IcHtructioii, etc. 

JhiiinirfiHass, (iiiii). I lose jiro- 
pcrfy, I HulIVr, (luiiia<;c> ; 
p. hcn..snd. 

IJdiifitr/n'fdssowiii. LctHH of pro- 
|KM'ty, (lania^rc 

llnnddjitmim, inin) or, ?Ji« ha- 
iKiiljHammrn. \ H\yo\\, lose or 
ruin Honictliin'' Itolont'in}' t(» 
liini, or any way relating to 
him ; p. hen.. vail. 

lUiiiililjUoii, {nin\. I spoil it, I 
ruin, (lostroy, lose it, I dissi- 
pate it, waste it ; p. hpn..tnd. 

JidiKu/aiiJi/ihkft, inin). I lose a 
nail ; p. hcn..k<id. 

Jidiidj/irniin, («///). I miss him 
in my snare, he avoids my 
snare, or escapes out of it ; ]). 
heii..nnd ; i:np. hanagwaj. 

JhinatfWfi.t, inin). I avoid or 
escape a snare; p. hen. ..sod. 

Jinnaukan, (nin). I bruise it, 
crush it; p. hen.. any. 

Jianaaikawa, Uiin). I bruise or 
crush him ; p. hen..wad. 

Bandwa, inin). I miss him, I 
don't hit him, |(shooting, 
throwing, spearing;) p. hena- 
wad ; imp. hand. 

lianigakmaxinaiyan. Chan pa- 
per, (that is, white, not writ- 
ten paper.) 

lianijdwdn. Slice of dried sjjiok- 
P(l venison ; pi. -an, 

Jtaniktina, (nin). I miss him in 
my trap, he avoids my trai). 
escapes out of it ; \\.hfn..nad ; 
imp. haniknj. 

lianiko.i, inin). I avoid or es- 
cape a trap, ! was alnxint 
caught in a trap; p. Iti-nikn- 

lianina, (nin\ {nan). I let some 
obj. fall to the grouml, I drup 
it, it escajx's my hands ; p. 
ht'iiinad ; imp. haiiin. 

lianl.'ihkiratafjaii. Ahj. mask; 
\)\.-an. * 

lianitani, (nin). I don't under- 
stand well what I hear; p. he- 

Jianitdn, inin) (wa). I don't un- 
derstand hiu) well, (although 
I hear him talking;) p. hen . 

liannan, (nin) {swa). I broil or 
grill it; p. hennany. 

Hap., (nin). I laugh, I smile; p. 

Hdpia, (nin). T laugh at him, I 
smile at him frien«lly, kindly ; 
1). haidpiad. 

Jiapiiima, {nin). I revile him ; 
p. haia..inad. 

Bapijima, (nin). I speak to him 
urgently, connnanding iiim : 
p. hep. .mad. 

Jidpinendavi, {nin). I rejoice 

in thoughts; p. haia.,ang. 
Bajnnendamona, {nin). T make 

him rejoice in thoughts; p. 

Bapinendamovyin, Rejoici ng, 

joyful thoughts, joy. 

Bdpinenim, (nin). I rejoice, I 
am joyful, gay, glad ; p. haia.. 

Bapinenimoa, {nind). I make 



» '; 


— G'J — 


liini rejoice, I iniike liiin gay, 
u'lml, jdVful ; \).lnliii..o>l ; iiii]), 

!liil>iiu'iiiiiH)wiii. Joy, rejui''iiij?, 
pleiiHiint, j^iiyneHs, iiierriiiient. 

Itiipini,iiw<iaau. Kinitieiit diiii- 
jjor, peril, tliingeruuH thing; 

Hdjiinndaf/f, tnhi). I scorii ; I 
wiirtte i |). Ixiid.ijtui 

l!ttltiii(i(l(t[jcwiH, or, ixtpintKhi- 
iiKiirin. Scorning, deriHion, 
niiK;i<ery, HcoHing ; wasting, 

I!(h>ini)(laii, {niii}. I laiigli at it, 
I riilicule It, mock it, deride 
it; r waste it; p. b(ii(i..ilaiti/. 

rni}iiiin<law(i, (««'«)• I langli at 
liini, I <leride or ridicule him, 
I mo(d< him ; I waste Home 
nil. oltj, ; p. h(ii(<id, 

Hi'ijiish, or hiihaj)is/i, adv. Tiiis 
word always occurs cuimect- 
ed with an ailverh ot'negation, 
k<i, kiiwin, kcijo ; and is em- 
ployed to give an additioiuil 
force to the negation or pro- 
liihition. — A'«w//t bnpinh ; no, 
not at all. Kcijo bnpish IJd- 
h'en ivedi ; don't go there at 

Bapishky (nin). I like too much 
to Inugh, 1 am in a hahit of 
laughing always; p. haia.kid. 

lidjntamowiniken, (nin). I ex 
pose it to laughter, I make it 
ridiculed; p. baiap..ked. — Ki 
haintamowinrkeik Iced anoki- 
win, you make people laugh 
at your work. 

liapUamowiiiikcnau, inin). I 
make sonieau. obj. ridiculed ; 

p. baiu..ked. (V. Conj.) 
HCipiton, [nin). I laugh at it, I 

ridicule it; p. 

mock, deride, 

lidpiwin. Laughing, laughter. 

/iim/ionjiii/au. Whig; scourge, 
lash ; pl.-/n<. 

/{os/iiiiijrii/iin, {iiind). \ am 
whippeil, scourged ; p. hr.s/i.. 

Itii.i/ii'init'iifi', inin). I whip, I 
chastiMc; p l>i;.s/i..(/rd. 

lid.i/imijriijnrin. Chastisement, 
whipping, scourging, tlage'u- 
tion, lashing. 

Ihi.Hliaiijrwu, (nin). I whip him, 
scourgo him, chastise him; I 
lash him ; p. bcsk..wad ; imp. 

HiLs/iii/icudis, inin). I am capri- 
cious, I urn Helt-willed ; p. 

Jid.s/ikiibi.'t.sini, (nin} or, ///;/, 
ba.'iku'idjowii.s.'tdn. I scald it, 
I pour boiling water on it ; p. 

Bd.'ihkohi.s.'iodi.i, {nin) or, nin 
hd.skirahdird.'s.s. I scald my- 
self with boiling water ; p. bcs.. 

HdskkobiK.^wa, (nin) or, nin, 
bankwabnuHis.swa. I scald him, 
pouring boiling water on him, 
(a per.son or any other an. olc 
ject ;) p. bcs..wad ; imp. basli.. 

BtiKkikwa^nn. Lancet for bleed- 
ing ; pl.-au. 

lid.tkikw^ii/e, {nin). I let blood, 
I bleed somebody; p. bdia.. 

Bdxkikweiijewin. Blood-letting, 

lidskikweiva, (nin). I bleed 
l"im ; p. baia .wad ; imp. bas- 


, \ 

f ii 




- 70 - 


I have 

Jiuss, {mn). I dry, 1 !)ocoino 
dry ; p. haiCiiisod. — Naoayin- 
n(i(^()i/ ;/i-hrsatoaa, tlie boards 
dried, ('.ii'caine dry.) 
Iias:s(i(/w(((jaini, or-iiia<ja(L It 
'8 thick, (soiiie liquid ;) ii.hcss, or-7naf/ak. (T.'ie Hanu' 
as l'<ts<i(/ir(i(/(aiti.) 
Jidssakoiiiii iljiu , ( II in). 
sticky liiiiids, (from 
otc.) ; ]).\.ii}(l. 
Ha.t.sania, iiiiii). 1 am drying'; 
meat, or other olijects ; )). bai- 
lidnsamdwin. The act ot dry- 
ing' s. til. 
Jiiis,sa>i, {niu). Iilry it; p. Ixii- 

lianaassuhanalc . Pole to li'ini: 
a net on to dry, net-drying 
pole ; \A.-()n. 
Jhtssikodiii, iiu'ii]. I match it 
(with a matching plane;) p. 
Jias.sikudji(/aii. Matching plane ; 

^iuKfiikona, iiiin). I match it, 
{((II. u\\].) ; Y>. baia..nad ; imp. 
bii.s.sikoj. — NidnKjistiaiioij niii 
basfiikuiiaii, I am matching 
JkiNsikuiebina, inin). I tie or 
hind .>■'. th. round hi.s Iiead ; p. 
liassikwcbU, (nin). I put or tie 
s.tli. round my head ; p. bcss.. 
Bassikwebison. Any thing tied 

round the head; pl.-a». 
Basfiiiif/wewu, {in'n). I strike 
him in the face ; p. bcsn-.ivad ; 
imp. bas,sin</ti:r. 
BdHshidpakwcjiiian . Flour. 
Banaitdtjan. Sun (lower ; (F. 
tourno.sol ;) pl.-«//. 

Bdssiwa, {nin). I dry ponie an. 

ohj. ; p. baiass-.tvarl. 
Bdtiir-. This particle, prefixiil 
to verltH or substantives, give.-- 
them a signification \\'liich 
implies the idea of sin, wr(>ii;f. 
damage. (Example.^ in some 
of the Ibllowing \Nords.) 
Bnta-dodiKje, {nin). 1 do wrong 
to pc'oi)le, I sin against somt- 
liody ; p. ba!u..;/ed. 
Bata-dddam, (nin). I do wrong, 
I sin, (ii) aciioii); p. baia.. 
Batddowiii. Sin, bad action, 
tault, vice, transgression, 
crime ; \A.-an. 
liald-ijijwc, [nin). I speak sin- 
ful v'cked word.s ; I bhi>- 
pheme ; p. 
Ikdu-<i[iwcwin. Sinful speak- 
ing; blaspheining. 
Bafa-ijiuiebad. It is sinful, il 
is wicked, wrong; p. bain, 
Bafa-ijiwebis, {liin). I sin, I am 
a Kinner, I ;iin wicked ; p. 
liata-ijiwebisiwin. Sin, sinful- 
ness, wickedness, bad sinful 
behavior or condr.ct. 
Baiainad. 'J'hereis much ol' il ; 

}t. baia..nak. 
Bata-indind, (nin). I sin ; p. 

IkUa-inead^ja, (nin). I have a 
sinful thought, or sinful 
thoughts, I sin ia thouglit.s ; 
p. baia..dan(j. 
Ba Id-in cndani o w in . S i n f u 1 

thoughts, sipfui thinking ; 
Bataini. The. '^ is much of il, 
[an. obj ;) they areinimcrou.- ; 
also, he lias a large family. 

'■ i . !' 




-- 71 


P. baiatainid. — Batdinijouia 
oiiKi, tliero is too much ino- 
iicy licro. liataini JcUjand.sli, 
Tlic Eiij^lish arc nuincrouH. 
IhUdiiii aw atualdndbe, tliis 
Iiuliiui luiti a nuriierous fami- 

Jidlamd, (iiin). I accuse Iiim, 
I give testimony against liii», 
I condemn him hy my testi- 
mony ; J), haidiamad. 

HdtaiKjc, (aiii)- I accuse,! give 
testimony to ciaiviction, to 
coiuk>mnatio?i ; p. hnidtuiKji'd. 

Jhilas, {uiii}. i luirt myself, 1 
ilumage or wrong n)yself, I 
lame myself; I sin ; p. baia.. 

Hntc, oY-mayad. I is dry ; p. 
Iniiatcijy ov-maiiak. 

Itd/ei/ii/o. Drieil fish ; pl.-m//. 

Ildlrmiu. A dried whortleberry; 
pi -ail. 

Bdinnishimiii. Dry apple; pl.- 

lliittwiidmi. Dried meat. 
Ildiraan, iiiiii], 1 l<nock it off 

w.tli a stielc, (wild rice ;) also 

I trash it ; p. beioaaiuj. 
I'lnrdiljij/au. Dream • lA.-ati. 
llnwddjiiie, [aiti). I dream ; p. 

iUncdhjidi, or bawaiijanak. A 

stick to knock out ; flail ; pl.- 

aii, or ail. 

Ihiwamindn. A kind ol' wiid 
cherry ; \A.-an. 

HuwdiminanafjawaiiJ. A wild 
cherry-tree ; \)\,-ia. 

I'xnrdiia, {iiin). Idream of him ; 

]>. bi'irdiiad. 
lUui'i'iiiiia, ill hi) (ndii). I strike 

oil' the dust from it; p. bcw.. 

itad, — Niii mos/nvciii iiln ba- 

imyiiia, I shake ofT the dust 
from my handkerchief. 

Jiawi.'iidciihinionowiu. Any thing 
to wipe the feet on ; \)].-aii. 

lidwitiii, (pron. baolii/). Uapids 
in a river ; (F. rapide, saut.) 

Bawiwcbina, (niii) or, nin bairi- 
webislikawa. I shake him oil', 
(any an. ohj.) ; p. bcw. .ad. 

Bi'bakdn, adv. Separately, dii- 
ferently, in diil'erent direc- 
tions, in ditlcrent places. 

Bcbaiiiadisid. Traveler, pas 
senger; pi.-;////. 

Bcbdiuika iijod bcbi'Jii/u<ja iijiii . 
One who is carried in u car- 
riage ; \}\.-i/odji(j bcb... 

liebdinouiiijod bcbrjii/oijuiijlii. 
One that is carried alioiit on 
the back of a horse, a rider, a 
horseman ; \'\.-<l<>djiii. 

Bcbrjii/, num. Some, a few ; one 
by ono. 

BebrJi</o(/uiiJ/. Horse, (animal 
with one iioof, that is, unclo- 
ven hoof;) jyl.-//.— S. IxauJ. 

Bcbeii</o(/aiiJi-biiiakwei</ait, or 
bcbcjij/oifaiiji-biiiikiraii. Cur- 
ry-coiKl>, horse-romb; \)\.-an. 

B('b(ji<jiH/anJi-iii(niiiiiiiii . Oats, 
( projjerly , hurse-rico.) 

Bcbejij/oi/aiiji-niii bimamii/. The 
liorse carries me on his back, 
I ride on horsel-dick. 

Bebcjignr/aiijin.s'. Colt, tilly ; 

Iir,bci/i(/i)(/a)iJ/-ouapi.s'oVHii. Har- 
ness of a horse ; \A.-aii. 

j'h'b(''iii/o</aiiji-ii.s(iir. llorsp-tai I. 

Beb<ji(/o(/aiiJii('i(/aiiii;/. StJibh; 
for horses, (horse-house ;) pL- 


Bcbcjiijoijaiijiwimij. Horse-dung. 
Bcbejiijoijaiiji-winisitssaii . Tho 





- 72 — 




■' ' ;i 

mane of a liorso, (liorse-liair.) 

JiflK'.sho, adv. Xoar togotlier, 
near one another, thickly. — 
Jiehcuho nia daiiiia, we live 
near to<;ether. Bebeslu) aiii- 
aiewaii odeiidwan ; there are 
villages all long at short dis- 
tances from each other. 

Jlidyikinoiuj, adv. Ditl'ereiitly. 
— Kawiu huhihiiKHii/ iiiinl iiic- 
initKisshj, I don't think them 
diderent, (1 don't esteem them 
diH'erently, hut alike, without 
respect of persons.) 

Ih'hitosi. The first stomach of 
ruminating animals. 

Jicbiwijiaidjhj. The little ones, 
the small ones, (person.s or 
other ail. ohjects.) Jicbiwiji- 
nidjiy ahiiKx/Jiid;/, little chil- 
dren, litbiwijinidjiij opiiu'i/, 
small j)0tatoes. 8. Jiabiinji- 
ni III ill. 

licb()kwcda<iiiii iiii/-(/isi.s.s . The 
month of Ajjril; (the snow- 
shoe-hreaking moon.) 

Bed, bidj, in compositions, sig- 
iiities nlow, slack. (Examples 
in some of the following 

Bt'dciulam, iiiiii). 1 ani slow, 
(in iny thoughts and resolu- 
tioiis;) p. baicdendaiKj . 

Bcdendamowiii. Slowliness of 
mind, tliought, resolution. 

Bcdjibato, (iiiii). I run slowly ; 
J), bale. .tod. 

UnljiiJ, (niii). I grow slowlv • 

p. bale. .(/id. 
B<'djiijiii- It grows slowly ; p. 

Jiedji.'i.siii,{iiiit). I eat slowly; 

p. baictiid. 
Bcdjiw, {niii). I am slow in my 

doings, works," etc.; p. buir.. 

BMoxsc, {nin). I walk slowly ; 

p. baie.-sed. 
B([ji<l, num. fine ; a certain ; the 

otlier. — 1i''ji<J kwiwi.scii.s, n 

certain hoy. Bcjig kinik, thy 

other arm. 
Bi'jig, {nin). I am one; I am 

alone ; p. baiejii/dd. 
Bcji;/ nijiirad. One of the two, 

{an. obj.) 
Brjii/di'ninia, (nin). I think only 

on him, 1 think constantly on 

him ; p baicwad. 
B^'jiijokam, (nin). I am alone 

in a canoe or boat; p. baic. 

lhjii/oininatj,i\., an, one.-— This 

word alludes to a ijhibuhiiis 

object; as : BejiijoiniiuKj tvhiss. 

b(j'(/»niina<j nii-s/iiiiiin ; one 

tiirni]), one apple. 
Bcjiijnnjan. An only child. 
Bcjiyonje, iniii). T have only 

one child ; p. baicjed. 
B('Ji(/o.slik. One breadth ofclotli. 

of cotton, liiicn, etc. 
Brjikwdbik, a, an, one ; allud- 
ing to metal, stone, (ila-s.s ; as : 

Beji(jwdbik Joiriia ki-minin, 1 

jfivethee a dollar. 

\\'n.setc/ii(janubik nin. (ji-biij- 

traan bejiktcdbik, I ijroke u 


Bejigicakivoagan. 8. Ninyol- 

Bcjigii^cin. It is one, one thing, 
the same thing. 

BejiijwanoiKj, adv. Always in 
the same place ; always the 
same thing. 

BeJi(jW(ili(/, a, an, one; alluding 
to wood ; as: Bejij/irdliij im- 



i.s ; a« : 
dnin, 1 










- 7:^ - 


}t was given to me, ami 
u liunakercluef. 

haijUxay, bejiifwdtiy abioi ; u 
lioard, or one l)oard, one pad- 

}}rii(fwe<j, a, an, one; alluilinjr 
to stuff', a blanket, a )iaii(l- 
kercliief, etc. ; as : Bejigiveij 
wnboidn nin (fiminufo, win 
dash he'iijweii monntvea : a 
lilanket was 
to liini 

I'eiigu'endmjwad. It is consi- 
dered all one and the same 
thin<r ; p. bai(;..wak. 

J'njiiiwenaaaoHimin, (nin). We 
are considered all one and tlie 
same person ; p. bait.. aid jiij. 

Jii'Jii/wcndain, (nin). I have 
always the same thought, I 
am cinstant ; p. baie .anq. 

I]cjiiiwendamin,{nin).. We think 
all the same thing, we are 
united i'l our thoughts and 
sentiments, we agree together; 
]). baicdangiij. 

I'i'iijfwendamoiinn. The same 
thought, unity and conform- 
ity of thoughts and senti- 
ments, concord ; constancy. 

/>V7ia, adv. Slowly, quietly, 

Jir/iU ! interj. Stop ! hokl on ! 
not so quick ! 

Bekildendatjos, (nin). 1 ant long 
suftering, jjatieiit ; p. baie.. 

■ .sid. 

Btkddcndayosiwin. Long sutler- 
ing, uatience. 

J>>'k<idi.s, \nin). I am (juiet, 
still, mild, meek, forbearing; 
patient in contradictions, 
{witkout snfferiny ;) p. baie.. 

BckadisivHn. Tranquillity, still 
iinil quiet behavior, miMness, 
meekness ; patience, 


liekadowc, (nin). 1 sjjeak low. 
(not loud;) p. baie. .wed. 

Ih'ka nin kfilat/endam. I am 
patient in mff'vrinti.H, in sick- 
ness, lalior, perseciitidii. 

Jiekaninid. Another one. 

Jii'kiiih, adv. At the same time. 

Bi'komi n ayakka^t/i kobikaiijan. 
Padlock, (round lock.) 

Bnnddai/ad. One that swims, a 
swimmer ; y\ -Jiff' 

Bnnddawabid. One thats(piints, 
a squ inter ; pi.://.'/. 

Bdinddinid. One that lives, 
somelio<Jy ; p\.-l>eni(idinidji;/, 
people, folks, the world. 

BhnibatiHl. One that runs, ji 
runner; \)\.-jiif. 

Bnnidekadeg pn-thki-iit/an. Car- 
abine. S. Bimidekade. — This 
signihes pn){)erly : " Greased 

Bemiijed. One living in a house 
or lodge, an inhabitant ; jil.- 

Benio.s.s'</. One that does n< it 
walk, a lame person, unable 
to walk, a cripple ; pl.-o,'/- 

Benddjitod nd ai~tnan. One that 
wastes his things, a spend- 
thrift, squanderer, prmligal 
person ; pi. benadjUodJiy nd 

Benyox, {nin). I am dry, not 
wet ; p baicngo.vd. 

Beni/wah'ainif/a. The ground or 
soil is dry; p. l»aie..(/u</. 

Benywan. It is dry ; p. baieny- 

Bniywanain, {nin). My throat 
is dry, I am thirsty ; p. haie.. 

Be.ihibia, (nin). I mark it, {an. 
olij.),Imake marks or figures 
on it; p. baicad. 


I i 

< ' 

i ' i 



— 74 - 



> i 



lieHhiijahiaii. A tiling to mark 
with, a 8crat(!li-a\vl, a jjrraver, 
etc. ; ])l.-o'/. 

Jitisho, iidw Near, ni*:!!, clope 

Hrahodfuis \iiin]. I draw iii<!;li 
liiin, I approadi him, I come 
to him ; [). 'inie..ail. 

livsho Ilia tail.!."'. I make a 
fihort step ; helirs/io ain iako- 
ki, or, bes/in iiia tatakoki, I 
make short steps in walking. 
— S. Wassa niii inkoli. 

lU'slioHikava, (iiin). I come 
near him, I approach him ; 
p. haic.vmd. 

BeHlwwad. It is near, close l)y ; 
p. haies/inwak. 

B(''n/i()wendn(/w(i<J. It is con- 
sidered near; ]). haicwak. 

Jii'sika {w'li). I walk, navigate 
or travel slowlv ; p. haiedsiikd. 

Jie.sikimui(/otl. 1 1 goes or moves 
slowly ; p. haie.Jiak. 

Jiesikmcin. Slow walking, slow 

lUtchiij, {nin). I grow very 
slowly ; p. haietchujid. 

IhUcliUfin. It grows very slow- 
ly ; p. baie.iiij/. 

Jhwendagos, {nin). lam worth 
little ; p. haie..ftid. 

Jiewenhna, (nin) (dan). I think 
little of him, I esteem him 
little ; p. haie.mad. 

B^tiriiajos, [nin). They mi.s- 
trust my sp .king, they <lon'l 
helieve wliat they hear me 
say ; p. hnie..sid. 

Bi, or, pi. This particle is pre- 
fixed to verbs or substantives, 
to give them the signification, 
of upproachimj, coming on ; 
fts ; Bi-naivakicci(fissinin, come 

lo dinner. Bi- nauantoiok ,Cinw 
here to sing. 
Bi, as ond-syllaiile in some neu- 
ter verbs, signifies, /;7/e<Z vith 
/i</iior, f)r otherwise rclatiini 
io /iiiHor ; as : iJr/iihi, lie 
drank enough. Odirilii, he 
falls being drunk. Modjiqihi. 
he is gay and joyful in liis in- 



Hi, {nin). I wait ; 3. p. hio ; \ 

liia, {nin). 1 wait for him, I 
await him ; p. hdad. 

Bihtiif, {nin). I cry out, I shont. 
I call loud ; p. behagid. 

liibar/d, or-ma(/nd. It is thin ; 
p. I)el)a (/<!(/, or-nia(/<ik. 

Bib(U];1bik(id, It is thin, (metal ;) 
)). beb..kak. — O.sdm bHt<i(/(dii- 
kad ow abwewin, this fryinu- 
j)an is too thin. 

Bifxif/nbikid, {nin). I make it 
thin or thinner, I thin it, (it- 
lating to joniia, silver, or 
(issin, stone, which are an.) 

Bibair^'bikitii aw joniia, aw as- 
nin, this ])iece of silver, this 
stone is thin. 

Bibdijatandi wi n. Auction, (cry- 
ing sale.) 

Bibdijatawc, {nin). I am selliiiLi 
at auction, (I cry selling;) p. 

Biha(/if/ad. It is thin, (wood;) 
]). beb..(/ak. — KUcki bibagij/ad 
ki tikinagan, thy cradle i,- 
very thin. 

Bibagigad. It is thin, (clotli. 
cotton, etc.) p. beb..gak. -- 
(l.sdni bibagiifad mandaa ado- 
2><)wini'jin,u\'\8 table clotli \> 
too thin. 
Note. The difl'ercnce between 


- 7.' - 


tliis iiml Ur- prt'cfdiiiir \v<»nl 
consists only in tlie promin- 
ciation, which must he lieard. 

nihaijif/iNi. It istliin. (ii hoard ; 
or some .silk-stutl';) p. 

Jlihajikoua, [n,n) [an). I make 
some ohj. thin, (or thinner,) 
hy cutting; p. hth.-ndd; imp. 
hihaijikoj. — ]iiba</ik(>J aw na- 
hat/i.s)fn(/(ins, cut that shingh' 

]h'l)d(/ima, {nin) I call him 
with a loud voice. Nin hibil- 
(jitna ananiitin't/aniit/vn;/, I 
juihlish his hans ol' marriage 
m the church; p. beb.inad. 

BibOgindCin, (nin). I call it ; 
J). — biba</indan 
nibnwin, he calls death 

Bibaginiiine,{nin). I have tem- 
ples, (on hoth sides of the 
head ;) p. beb.ned. 

Jiib(i(/ishe, [nin). It tingles in 
my ears ; p. beb..ed. 

Jiibaifi.v. It is thin, (some ohj.) 
p. beb.,sid. 

Jiibagissaga, or-nnij/ad. The 

tloor is thin , 
magah . 
Jiibaf/iwin. Crv 


.tjacj, or- 

loud callin>r, 

voice ; publication of the han.> 
of marriage in the church. 
Bibilgntam, {nin). I raise the 
death-whoop, indicating the 
number of the enemies killed. 

Jiihai/oiamoicin. Indian deaih- 

Bihini'kamate, or-nuu/ad. The 
ground is dry, tliere is a 
drought, want of ruin ; p. heh.. 
feg, ov-matjak. 

Bihin/'shkinc, or-wa</ad. It is 
not pressed down ; p. beb..nef/, 

JSibon. V'inter; year. IlibCiniimi, 
last winter; viinawa tcfii bi- 
bting, next winter; bUnntg or 
l)ib()'i(/in, in winter. AV.v.ff) lii- 
b(>n,nann bibon, midd.'nio bi- 
bon ; three years, five years, 
ten ears. 

Bibonai/ad. Year; p. bebova- 
i/ak. — This word is always 
preceded liy a number or ad- 
verb; as: A)iin endas-fo-binn- 
naguk eko-aiaian (una 'f How 
many years hast thou been 
here? — .loiijUHi ni.'^ bi- 
bunugad eko-aiaidn iirc/i ; 1 
have now been eight years 

Bibonagi.s, {nin). This verb is 
ordy used in conne.xion with 
a number or adverb, to denote 
the age of a person ; as : ^Inin 
oida.stio-bibonagi.siian 'f How 
many years art thou old ? 
— Nijtana nin da.s.'io bibonagis, 
ni.'ihime bibon a- 
gi.n ; I am twenty years old, 
and my bnjther ten years. 

Bibonish, inin). I winter, I am 
in my winter-quarter ; I spend 
the winter-season in a certain 
place; p. 

Biboni.shrmagad. It winters, it 
remains or lies somewliere 
over winter ; p, beJt..gak. — 
,1// mna gebibonisliinmgak ow 
nabibwdn, ; this vessel will lie 
here over winter, (it will win- 
ter here.) 

Bihoni.'ihiwiii. Wintering; -viii- 

Uiboniwaidn. Winter-skin, win- 
ter-fur ; pl.-rir/. 

Bibon-mikana, Winter-path, 
(where they use to walk oiily 



r ■ 


H\ - 



in tl»e winter-sctiHoii ; i»l.-//. 
Hid, bid}, bidJL In compoHitioiis 

HitrniHcH rominutkis way, tip- 

proac/iinf/. (^ExninploH hi 

Hoine of the following wonlH.) 
Iiidul>ama, {nin). I Hce liiiii 

coming this way ; p. bad..viad. 
Bidubaii. It begins to dawn, 

the hreak of day ; p. hada- 

JiidOdiKjak. I nni coming, on 

the ice; p. bad..ed. 
Jiidndew, {m'n). I come weep. 

ing : p. bad .mod. 
Jiid/idjim, {nin). F come to tell 

H. til., I bring a nowm or story ; 

p. bad. .mod. 
Jiidtidjimnfa(/e, (»///). I come 

to tell people s. tii. ; p. bad.. 

liidadjimoian, {nin). I come to 

tell it ; p. bad.. an If. 
JiidOdjimntawa, {nin). I come 

to tell liim s. th., I bring him 

news; p. bad. .wad. 
liid/idjimowrn. Rejiort, news 

brought in ; p].-an. 
Hidd(jimn.<tse, {nin). I am com- 
ing on snowshoes ; p. bad.. 

Bidaifinan, {nin). I bend it 

towar<l8 ine, (wood) ; p. bad.. 

Bidamawa, {nin). I bring him 

s. til.; p. bad. wad. 

Biddnimad. The wind ia com- 
ing ; p. bad..mak. 

Bidd.t/i, {nin}. I ai.i coming 
with the wind, (sailing this 
way before the wind ; j). ba- 

Bidd.s'.f, {nin). I bring; p. ba- 

Bidassanmhha, {nin). I am com- 

ing this way in a canoe, boat, 

et(r. ; p. ba<l..kad. 
Hidd.'<.'iamos.^t, {nin). I come 

this way ; j). bad. ..'ted. 

iild.'isin. It is coming bore by 
"the wind ; p. bada.<tsin;f. — N<i- 

bikwdn biddsitin, a vessel is 

Bidibiiixa. A Hhowerofrain is 

comitig; p. bu-.tat/. 
Bidikwdlonc, ov-viayad. The 

tire makes noise | p. bed..ned. 
Bidina, {nht). I give him or it. 

(some an. o\>y)', j). bddinad : 

imp. bidin. 
Bidinamawa, {nin). Igiveliim 

or it to him, into his hands ; 

p. bad. .wad. 
Bidipn, or-magad. A snow- 

storju is coming; p. badipng, 

Bidjaniiki, {nin) or, bi-annki. I 

come here to work ; p. lia-.kid. 
Bijibato, {nin). 1 come hen' 

running ; p. ba..tod. 
BidJUtiannu/d, {nin). I receive 

a letter; p. badjibiamawind. 
Bidjibide, or-magad. It comes. 

sliding or flying, it slides; p. 

iHtiL.deg, or-magak. 
Hidjibiigftn. Letter received. 

Bidjibi.sti bene.s/ii. 'J'he bird 

slides through the air p. bad,. 


Bidjidabi, (nin). I come here, 
dragging s. ih. after me; p. 
bad.. bid. 

B'uIJidJiwan. It runs this way, 
(/rater, etc.) p. bail .ang. 

Bidjigade, or-magad. It is 
lirought liither ; p. bad..dvg. 

Bidjigava, {nin). I supplant 

the I 




- n 


liini witli my .foot; }>. had.. 

wad; imp. bicljii/d. 8. /i/ao- 

liidjiyidas, {iiiii). I come liere 

Hnjrry ; p. bad. .nod. 
th'djiju, {nin) or, iiiii hi-ija. I 

come here ; p. ba..jad. 
nidjimai/OH, («/;»). 1 am biiu'II- 

('<!, my fKlor comes; j). bad.. 

r>idjiinasni<ic, (nin). I spix-ud 

the smell or odur of 8. tli. ; j), 

had.. (led. 
Itid.'linikawn, (nin\. I puMli or 

nliove him on with my arjn 

orarm.<; \). bad. .wad. 
lUdjiniHsiton, {nin]. 1 push or 

niiove it Homewliere ; p. bad.. 


HidjiHHe bincKhi. The bird <lie« 
hither, to this place ; p. bad.. 

Hid.jisise,or-ma<i(td. Jt lliow hi' 
thcr, thiw wuy ; p. badjissey. 

liidjitass, (nin). 1 curry a load 
licfore hand to .'i place whi- 
ther I intend to move; p. bad' 

liidjiwukwane, (nin). I i)ut on 
my hat; p. b<cdj..ned. 

liidoma, [nin). I bring liim on 
my back ; p. badonutd. 

Jiidon, (nin). I brmg it; p. 

Bidonddn, {nin). I bring it on 
my back, on my carrying- 
strap or portage-strap; p. bad 

llidwewe, in compositions, al- 
ludes to the hearin;/ oj'aii ap- 
^noachiny sound. (Examplen 
m some of the following 
words. 1 

Bidwewedjiwan. The running 

of a stream in heard, or the 

rapids of a stream are heard ; 

p. bad..wany. 
Jiidioewenhin, (uin). 1 urn heard 

coming on; p. Ijad..iny, 
Iiidwcioetaqoa,{nin). I am heard 

coming liither speaking; p. 
* i>ad. .aid. 
Bidweweiawd, (nin). I hear him 

coming hither speaking ; p. 

bud.. wad. 
BidwcwiduDi , (nin). I come here 

speaking; p. had. .any. 
Bicicayeninia, (nin), I wait for 

him, in my thoughts, I am 

thinking on his arrival ; p. 

Bi-yiyiHf (ain). i have or bring 

with me, (somebody or s, th.i ; 

]). ba..yiyi.sid. — Kawin bi.ji.thiy 

nin bi'ija.', nin bi-yiyia ,su ; 

I don't come alone, (or with 

nothing,) I bring with me, 

(some person, or some other 

Bi-yi(/i.sia, {nin). I cause him 

to bring some an. obj. along 

with him ; p. 

Bi'yiyisimdyad, It comes with... 
it lirings along with it... ; p. 
ba-y..yak. — Kitimiwin bi-qiyi^ 
aimayad kitimdyisiwin, kofd- 
yitoicinyaic ; laziness brings 
along with it poverty and stif- 
fen ng, 

Bi-yiaiain, {nin). I brin^ it along 
with me, I come with it; p, 

Bi-yiyi.sindn,(nin). I have him 
along with nte, I come along 
with bin), (any an. obj.) ; p. 
ha. yiyi.tid (V. Conj.) 

Biyi.fatcdb. iniu). I cannot see 





\ 1 






I ^ 




- 78 - 


uell, I huve weak eyes, dim 

eves; p. bay.. hid. 
Jiii/inawuuiii, (idn). I cannot 

M'f it well ; p. I)a(j..(t)i(/. 
Jii-t/iive, (uiiiK I come buck 

ii<^uin ; p. ha-fjiwed. 
Jiif/obidJi(jade, or-m<i(/(id. It in 

torn J It is taken down, (ii 

l»uildin<^, etc.); it islirokeii, 'a 

commandment ;) p. ha;/. .da/, 

Jii(/(fbi<(ji(fan, or hif/ol)odJi(/<tii. 
All}' tiling to tear with ; also, 
a plongh; a harrow; pl.-«/t. 

Jii(/ It Ih torn, (an. 

ol)j.) ; p. baa, ..sod. 
Jiii/fdjidjiye, (nia). I tear 


plough ; p. ba;/..(jed. 
Jiif/ona, [niii] [don). I tear some 

ol)j. ; \). h(ig..nad ; imp. bi(/a- 

liiijodanx, inin). I have torn 

leggings; p. bag..Ned. * 
Biijode, or-ma(/a(lj (bit/wade). It 

l>reaks in two, hnrning, it 

l)nrns through in the middle ; 

p. ba(/i)dc(/, or-inoj/ak. 
Bii/i></onam<(, (nin) (or, nin hi(/- 

wdijaiKlma). I break it bv 

striking it, [an. obj.) ; p. bay.. 

Biyoyaadadaii, Iniu) (or, niii 

bitjwayanandan.) I break it 

by striking it, 1 shatter it to 

pieces ; p. bay. any. 
Jiiyokicaiiaie, Uu'n). I wear torn 

clothes ; p. bay. .ted. 
Biyunu, {nin). I break some 

an. obj. into pieces; p. bayo- 

nad. — Pakwejiyan nia biyona, 

* Xi>/^. In somooftht'followiiit; words 
tliere ou^bt to bo tun or wi, iiistetid of o, 
in tlif second syllable ; but us o is plain- 
ly beard In pronouncing, we dot it also 
in writing. Very often wa and u'l are 
pronouuced like o. 

ashamaywa ahinndjiiay ; I 
break bread into pieccHtogive 
it to the children. 

fiiyonii.sdiin, (nin). I break my 
canoe; I shipwreck; p. btiy.. 

Hiyas/iin, (or, biywishin). It 
breaks, falling to the ground, 
{an. obj.) ; p. hm/.-iny. 

Jiii/o.^-lika, {nin). 1 break down, 
J am brcjken, ruined ; I am 
put out of power, I am rc- 
mosed from ollice; j). bai/().'</i- 

Biyo.s/ikaira, {nin) {l>dn). I 
break him down ; f break 
some <ni. obj. ; I tear it ; ji. 
bay. .lead. — Nin yi-hiyd.s/ikawi 
(ur yair nin yi 
liiyoahixiiwa nin mo.s/iwcni ; I 
broke this watch, and I tore 
my liandkerchief. 

Biijussin, lor, biyunnsin.) It 
(»reaks falling down to the 

jirouiid ; p. hay 

I break- 

it; p 

Biywaan, {nin). 

Biywajeiva, {nin). I tear his 

skin, scratching hiuj ; p, bay.. 

wad; imp. biywajc. 
Biywakamiyaan kitiydn, {nin). 

I break a field or "garden, I 

plough or hoe it ; p. hay. any. 
Bi(/wakaniiyuiyade, ■ ov-nuiyad. 

The soil or ground is broken 

up, it is ploughed or hoed ; 

p. hay,.dey, ov-mayak. 
Biyioakavtiyihidjiyan. A thinu 

to break up the ground with, 

a plough ; pl.-rt». 
Biyicakamiyihidjiye, {nin). 1 

plough ; J). hay..yed. 
Biywakukioeoiihiihi. A kind ot 

wood pecker; \>\.-iay. 
Biyirania, {nin) {dan). I tear 


7U — 


liiin \\\{\i tlie tootli ; |). hn;/wa- 


ni(/W(iint, {iiin). I lircak .soiiio 
(lit. «)l>j. ; |t. Ikii/.h'oiI ; iiiip. 

I>i;/irel)iiiiii(/iiil. 'I'licre arc liniii- 
clieis ; J). lnii/..</iih\ 

l{i(/ivehiiiiiii/ Diiliif. Tlic tie* 

llHS IpnilU'lK'S. 

Ilii/iirkdh, {iiiii). I turn tliis 

\\!iv, ftilfiiiif ; p. hii-(/..hiil. — S. 

Jiii/irii:ii/iihtiii\ (iiiii). I l\irii 

this way, utmnlimi : p. />«-</.. 

«'/(/. — 8. Aiii-ifwrkij/iihinv. 
liij/weiii.s/iin It hreiiks fiiUiiig, 

(an. ol)j.) ; p /i(ii/..iiii/, 
Mi(/iri.s/niiiii, {iiiii) iiloii) (i>r. 

iiiii l>ij/()s/iHii(n. r lirciik it tn 

))ic'C('s, liy letting it fall down ; 

p. I)(i(/..)ii(iil. 
Jii-ijd, {niii>, I ('(jiiie; p. ha.. 

Jii-iJi-(/ikah, iuin). I put iny.-'C'lf 

iioiirer here, sitting; ji. hn.. 

Hi-inika, (niii). I cniiie lion 

fur some roasuii ; p. hn-iiiikiui. 

— Weijoiu'ii lia-inikiiiiiii ? Wliy 

(lost tiioii coinc Iktc? iWliat 

is the reason (jf tliy (•oiiiiiij^?) 
llijibd, in coinpositioriH, signilies 

round, ((round, 
liijibdlnifo, {niii}. I niii rouiid, 

anmiid s tii. ; p. bi'J.tod. 

liijibdbiirnii. TliiTcis a wiiirl- 
wiiid di'iviiii: round the snuw; 
!>. f >(■].. anil . 

Hijibdoiisc, ill in) 
J descrilie acireh 
p. be/.. nod. bincshi. 'J'lie hird flie 

i'OUIkI, ilescribes a circle. 
Jlijibrninia, (nin) iddn). 1 tliiid 

, i>. nej. 

01. I feci an 

voniit ; p, 



I v.alK' rDniui, 
in walking ; 

always on liiiii 
liijibiidec, (aiii). 

MKdinatioii to 


liijiw, or pi.siii'. Lvnx ; pl.-a;/. 
Ilijiwiiidn. Lynx-skin; pi. -</»/. 
Hijiwc, (nin). 1 hring a scalp, 

oPHcalpH; p. bdjiwcd. 
liikinniiienx. A kind of small 

pearl ; pi.-''//. 
JiikfiiniiKii/tiil. It i.s round, of a 

jilobiiltins form; p. bek..i/(ik. 
ItikdiniinKji.^i. It is round or 

|.'luliulous, ('<//. ohj.) J p. I)ck.. 

liikiiHikwa, or-inai/(id. Tliere is 

a numiier of trees standin;^ 

liinidndon inikiina, (nin). I fol- 
low a road, path, trail ; p. 

JiinuianKi.s, (nin). 1 pass Ky in 

a canoe, singing ; p. hem. ..sod. 
liiiiHKiiHoi/ bint'.s.siiraij. The 

hirds are together hy tronp.-, 

Iiy gang.M ; p. hciiKiiiinodJi;/. 
liiiiKKin (nin). 1 take oil' the 

cream, the foam ; p. bciiKtani/. 
Iliniuiina, (nin). I follow hi.-, 

track ; j). bcni-iKid. 
liinidboi/, (nin). 1 titiat down 

with the current of a river ; 

'A. p o. ; p. bcin..ij(id. 

JliiniVtoii, (nin). I go down- 
stream ill a caiioe or hoat ; '.i. 
\t. o. ; p bcni..n(id. 

Biindddd. it is livini', it ](■ 
alive ; p. bemudak. — licindduk 
nihi k, ijd ininain. I will give 
thee living water to drink. 

Iiinidd(i(fd, (nin). 1 swim ; p. 

liiindddijdk, (nin). I walk uii 

the ice ; j). Iicni .had. 

.* VI 




( 1 




- HO - 


Jiim/idaifasi, (niii), 1 walk in 

the Wiitor, I \va<l<' ; p. hem... 

ISiiiKKhiwah, {niii). I look ulili- 

i|ii(>ly or unidi', 1 H<|uiiit ; p. 

liiinailiH, {nin). I live, I aiii 

ulivc ; |). he,»i..Hul. 
liiiiiiuU.siniiiiiivl. It livt'n; p. 

JiiiiiihliKiirin. Life, f^ai/i'ifi' I'i- 

niddixiwin, litV I'vcrluMliii;.', 

liinii'iiljiii, [nin). I iniikt' him 

live, I ;rivt' him lili-, I huvc 

liiiii, I viviti(!iite ov vivit'v 

liim ; p. ht'iiiiidjiad. 
JSiiiHidJiiirr, (nin). I j,'ivc liti-, 

I i*ii\v lilc; p. h('iii..iri(l. 
Ilini.(h(iit'in,(n.hi). I inuke it live, 

tiiHl is, I ciMiscTve or wave it 

Irom (h'ftriiction ; p. hcnL.tud. 
liinid<fim(, {nin). I jhihs bv 

wiilkiiij; witli huowhIiocs ; p. 

Jiihi)iJ(i(nn, (nin). S. Jijndrird- 

(ini. Hini(ij<hjitin, (nin). 8. 

Jijixli'we. liiindkosi initi(/. S. 

JUoKikira, ovniaj/ail. Tht>re is 

ii IbroMt, wootif; p. he>, 

or-nidi/ak.-Wa.' toedi binia/i- 

wa, t!ic' Ibri'.st in fur otl IIkti'. 
Biniakwaan, (nin). I twist or 

H(iucezt' it witii a Htick ; j). 

liimdkwad. 'I'wistod wood ; |)1. 

Biinnkwaiiion. Stick used lor 

twiHtiii;j; or «(pu'ozin>!:; pl.-(//(. 

liinidkwaii/c, (nin). I twi.stwith 
a stick, I e-iiueeze ; p. ham., 

Jiinidkicajiuiv, (nin). I pass liy 

in a canoe, or boat; p. hem., 

liimdkwnmo, nr-ntitijad. A piece 
of wood licN <</j liiilhy (not on 
the ;:roiind ;) p. hc)n..nio<ii or- 

nini(iki('(ini(it(tn, (nin). I put a 
]>ieee ol' wo(kI Homewherc cle- 
rnfcd trom the j.'ronnd } p. 
h('ni..1iid . 

liinidkwdwa, (nin). I Hipieeze 
mtUH'tin. ohj. with a stick ; p. 
htm.vdd : imp. hinuikwd. — 
llinidkird dir icdird.'i/ikc.i/ii- 
icdidn ; S(|Meeze tlii« ih>er- 

liinidnddjiwcy (nin). I walk on 
tlie summit or iMi tiie ridi^o ol 
a niountain ; p. hem. .wed. 

Jiimdmt) mikand. The road pas- 
ses... ; p. hcnidnxn/. — .Mi ini(( 
/>cmd(/(></ )nikdn<(, tiie road 
passes there. 

Jh'manddii}(',(nin). I walk over 
a log elevated I'rom tlu' 
ground ; p. h('in..iri'd, 

Jiimd.s/i, (nin). I am sailing; p. 

liimdshiwin. Sai I i ng. 

Himdfiin. Jt lloatH 
liy the current; p. i)em(if,nn<j. 

Iiim(in'dnidiwd(/ divc.s.via(j. 'J'lie 
beasts (ur animals) arc toge- 
ther by troops, by gangs. 

Bimi-. preJix giving to verbs the 
accessory idea i>\' (/(jinafn/, ui 
])dstiin(j through a place or 
places. (E.xamples in some ol 
the Ibllowing word.«.) 

}iimihd(/in(( d.s.tcina, (nin). 1 
twist tobacco; p. ham..nad. 

Bimihd(/ini;/uu,. Twisted to- 

Bimihai(j(>, {nin). i aui made 

I. i 


- 81 - 


to pBH.s liy running; I pam l»y 

riiliii^r u'l liurscliark or on u 

carriage; |>. hcmilntinil, 
lliiiiilnilo, (iiiii). I itaSH liy, nui- 

niiij^; J». luni..(oa. 
Iliniih<ifniriii. Itmi. 
Iliiuihii/iiia^ iniii). I f<(|n('ozv it, 

((*/(. HtuH;) p. />«/». (m/. 
I{iittil)iiilji(/<iii. Pioujrli; \)\.-fHi. 
Iliiiiilxiiljii/r, (iiill). 1 pln\iirl) ; 

I p. l)i')U..</ril. 
ItiiiiihiiK, (iiili). I i^litlf on the 

ico Cor HniUf'cnicnt ; |». hem.. 

Iliniiihniifdii. 8. AifirotraiKik. 
liiiiii(hil), (iiiii). 1 am .-tittin;: 

()l>li(iiu'ly ; i». In-m.AiL 
HiiiKKuihuiui, {nin) {dilii). I 

draw oi' itra^ liim aion<.' ; I 

|ia.-j,« liy curryinj: hin> on u 

;^lt'i;.'li ; p. hein,.mid ; imp. 

I}iiiii<l(il)ii/iiii(/(iiiili(iile, or-iii(i- 

ijdil. It in woven ; p. Iivm. 

tit';/, w-iniuidk. 
Iiiiiiiihil>i;/iiiii/<(uikuii. Any wo- 

vi'h work ; \}\.-(iii. 
lUiiiiddhij/iiiii/Kiii/ce, {tifii). I 

wcavo ; }». hein..l\t'<l. 
liiiniili'tkii/Hiian. Clavicule, col- 

lar-t)oru' ; pl.-«/(. 
I)iiiii(((i/iiniii/iiii. Hail-yard; pl.- 

Uliiiiddkoiiiauii, or, bimidiiho- 

iii-tjan. ruttern for tlir 

nu'rtlK'N in making ti.sji-nets ; 

\>\.-it,a; (meHli-patti'rn.) 
I)iiiiidd.'</i, {nin). I am driven 

a^idc l)y tlic wiml, (in ft cf ..lOc 

i>r lioat ;) p. JJar of a canoo or 

iioat ; pi -//. 
lliiiddd.ixiii,. It iei driven aeide 

Ity tlie wind; \}.hem..iiiUff. 
Iluiudc. (jlreuae, fat, oil. 

liimider, {nin) or, hiinidinhka. I 

feel weak and ."^iik, (properly, 

my heart InriiH ;( p., 

or, lidin.kad. 
liiiniiU-jdhiniiijan. (!ttHturM;il, at< 

a purging medicine. 
Uiinidi'kddc, oi-m(((fdd: 1 1 is 

greased ; p, f)<;in..dri/, oi'-ina- 

Hiiiiidi'u'ddjiin. Mnimt t)livet. 
Hiniiilni'dii, It i« greasy, full 

ot';irease; p. Itriii..diii/. 
Jiimidrwinu, {nin). I put grease 

on him, (or on any iiii. ohj.) 

I gri'iise him ; p. I>eni..ndd ; 

imj). hiinidiirin. 
/iiniidiirinii/d.i, (nin). I am 

greased ; p. i>ein..sinl. 
liiiniiii'wis, {nin). I am greasy, 

i am dirty with greawe; p. 

liiiiiidind, {nin) (ndn), I hold 

some ol)j. olilitjUcly ; p, hem. 

Hiniidji.sfiinid, {nin). I put it 

oltli(|uely, {an. ohj ) ; p. hem... 

liiinidji.^hin. It is ohliquely, 

{dii. <iWj.) ; p. fiein.ini/. 
Biiniilji.s.siu. It in or lies ob- 

licpu'ly ; }>. hcin.Jnij. 
Jiiinidjiivdijdkiedd. Hoe, axe 

with an ohlique or turned 

edge; \A.-oii. 
Jiimidjiirdii. It is running, 

(water;) p. hcoi..dnjj 
Jiimidjiiriih)ii,{nin). I carry it 

ohliquely, awry ; p. hem..dod, 
liiiniii, {nin). \ work or em- 

hroider with iHirc^upineipiills ; 

J). hdini<fid. ' 

Jiimii/dhawimin, {nin). We are 

Htunding rourul,(around Homt- 

body or 8. tli.) ; p. hemit/aha- 

nddjii/, bystanders. 




1 \ 







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— 82 — 



liimiije, {nin). I live with otlirrs 
ill ii villiigo (jrtowii; p. heiiii- 
(jed. PI. bcmii/cdji;/, tliose liv- 
ing in fi village or town. 

Jjiini(/(;i(linn'ii, (nin), W'c live 
togetlier in a villa.L'e or town, 
we are iieigliliuiv ; \). hi'inli/ei- 
didjUj, iieigliliors. 

Jiiinh/cniin, (nin). We live in 
a village, (nut in the wuods, in 
the wilderness;) \). heini(jed- 

Jiinii-ija, ()iiJi). I passliv, ur 1 
come thi'oiigii, a place, in go- 
ing to another place ; p. hanii- 

liiinihawadc, or-nidi/dil. There 
are tracks or vestiges, foot- 
steps ; p. I)eni..dc</, ov-nia</((li. 

Jiiniikau'c, {)iin). I'lioreare my 
tracks, my footstejis, tliev 
show, (on the snow, in mud, 
etc.) ; ]). h('ni..W('d. 

J)iniil>(iiri'win. Vestige, track, 
lbotstej).s ; [A.-tni. 

IVuninMnxainitwd, [nin). 1 am 
jealous towards him ; ]>. bttin.. 

J>iniiniassi;/(', (nin). I am jea- 
lous ; p. I)(ihi..(/(il 

Jiimina, {nin). 1 twist him; p. 

liiniiiinjilxawa, {nin). I run al- 
ter him. I ]»ursiie him; p. 

Biniinakti'dn. Rope, cord ; line; 

Jiiniinaku'dncn.s. Small cord, 
line, string; pi -an 

Jiiniinakwaiuke, {nin). I make 
• cords, ropes, etc.,1 am a rojie- 
maker ; p. Item.. Iced. 

Biniinakivdnikewin. Trade, 

work, occupation of a rope- 

Uiniinukwnaikewiniai. Rope- 
maker; \)\.-W(UJ. 
Biminnn, (nin). I twist it ; p. 

Hinii-niliileshkdnan, (nin). I 
go from one thing to another ; 
p. Iieni..d((n</. — Kdkina wakai- 
ijdnun <> hinii-nihiteslikdnun ; 
lie passes from one house to 
liinii-nUcs/ikdU'di/, {nin). 1 
pass from one person to ano- 
tiier, (or from any an. olij. to 
another ;) p. hein..iodd. 
Jiiinini(/dil(Unod, (nin). 1 make 
him carry s. th. on h's shoiil- 
iler ; p. hem. .ad. 
Himiniijdildii, (nin). I carry it 
on my shoulder; p. hem..anij. 
/iimini(/dn. Auger; \>\.-dn. 
Iiiniinii/dnd,(nin). 1 carry on 
my .-houider some an. ohject ; 
p. I>em..iidd. 
Jiiminii/dnnk. Barrow carried 
on the shoulder; (F. liraii- 
card ;) pl.-an. 
Hiuiiiii(fdn.s. (iimlilet ; \)\.-dn. 
Jiiminif/e, (nin). I i-arry on my 

shoulder; |). hem. (/rd. 
liiminik. Ciihit elhuw. Thi. 
word is always preceded hy u 
number; as: himinik. 
three ciiliits ; nijland daasn 
himinik, twenty cubits. 
Himiokwinumin, (nin) or, nin 
himioku'inimin. \Ve are many 
together ; p. hem..n(idjii/, oi , 
liimifxi, in'-md<jdd. The snow 
storm jiasses by ; hemipoj, oi- 
liimi.skkd, (nin). I go to some 
place in a cMioe, boat, etc., 1 
travel in a cauoe, etc. ; p. 


— 83 



IliDiixhknwin. Traveling bv 
wiitcr, navij^iitioii, (not sail- 

Iliniisi. Eel ; j)l.-(r^/7. 

Ilhiiixkn<1issi. Snail; jd.-//. 

Biinil\t>(/<ih(U(', mill), h. (iiri'ki- 

Hiiiiiskixiatlpshiii, { II ill). I dis- 
tort or disjociite my h'^' ; ji 

li i III i-skokw I'll, [hill). I turn my 
lu'iKi ; p. I II I III .11 ill. 

Itiiiii-skiiihi, [iiiii) {ii(iii). 1 turn 
it rouii'l, or twist it, (some 

""• •'''.i) ; P- ham..iuid. 
I'iiiiiskoiiiki'.sliiii, iniii). I ilis- 

lort or dislocate my arm; p. 

lid in.. i III/. 
IliiiiiKkiiiiindjiHliiii, (iiiii). I 

distort or dislocate my liaml; 

p. It<iiii..iiiif. 
liiiniskoaidcHliiii, {niii). I dis- 
tort or dislocate my toot ; p. 

Iliiiiiakntii, {iiiii). I turn round; 

(or any (tii. olij. tliat turns 

njund or revolves;) p. biiiii.. 

/ml. Weici'iii biiiii.sknfd jiij- 

irniitUiik, the <!;rindstone turns 

liiiiiinkdfoii, (iiiii). I twist or 

turn it round ; p. Iiitin..titif. 
liiiui.'ikdwcliiiui, (iiiii). 1 turn 

round hriskly some an. olij. ; 

p h(<l. 
liiini.skira, {iiin), or-iiuhjail. It 

turns a little; p. Iiiuii..icaij, 


Hiini.'ikivaii/an. Screw-driver ; 

Biini.skwaiijc, (nin). lam driv- 
itig screw; p. biiin..<jcd. 

liimi.skwi.s.sidaii, (nin). 8. Jii- 

Jiinii.'i.Hr, (nin). I fly ; p. hcmi.f- 

Biinis.'ii'ii'in. Fliirlit, tlyinix- 
fiiiiiifiijdi/iiini'., (nin). 1 come 

here walkinjr on the lal<e 

shore ; p. heiii..nii'd. 
Biniiirtiiii', (nin). I carry a loa I 

or pack on my hack, I pack 

with a porta^^e-strap, or car- 

ryinj:-Htrap; p. heni-ncd. 
liiiiiiinnirn, (nin). I j^ive him 

a pack to carey s. t!i. on his 

hack ; p. ban. .ad. 
Biniiii'diidii. The load or j>ack" 

carrieil on a portage-strap, 

pack, hurden ; pi. -(//(. 
liiiiiiii'i'liddn. It IS driven away 

liy tiie waves; p. beiH..aiiif. 
Iiiiiiiii'rbn(i<i.(iiiii). I am driven 

away hy the waves, in a ca- 
noe, hoat, etc.; p. />("" .//'»r/. 
Hiiniirrba.s/i, [nin). I am ilriven 

away hy the wind ; \). 
Iiiiiiiirrlni.'^.'<iii. It is driven away 

liy ths winil; p. bi'iii ..iinj. 
liiiniwabidjiwan sibi. The ice of 

a river L'oes oti' entirely; y. 

bfui .u'dii;/. 
Hiiiiii('ida.'</iiiiid, (nin). I sail 

with him ; j). ban. .mad. 
Biniiiviildwa, (nin). I carry s. 

th. lor him ; |). b<'iii..iciid. 
Hiiniiridon, (nin). 1 carry it, I 

carry it away ; j). bciii..diid 
Jiiiiiiicina, (nin). I carry hijii 

away, I conduct or convey 

him ; p. beni..nad. 

Biinoa, [nin. I .slioot at him 
with an arrow; p. heniodd ; 
imp. biiiio. 

Binindiin,[niii). I shoot at it 
with an arrow ; p. bciii..anij. 

Biniadc, (luii). I creep, I crawl ; 
p. bciiindcd. 

' d 

m i< 

! .' > 




kf \ 




' (1 

liimodi'ijox, {niii). 1 camp from 
distance to distamit', (j'oing 
tlirou^rli tlu' wooils in wmler 
from Olio place to uiiotlier ;) 
p. hem... aid. 

Iliiiiodniosiwin. 'I'lio travoliiij: 
of an rmliiin I'uinily from 
camp U) (}iimp tliroiigli tlu- 
woods in wintor. 

Iiiiti6({ii(/(iii.. Aim, murk or 
tuigct t)tiin urclu-r; ]A.(iii. 

J!ii)i('»lii(/fi,(iiin). I nlioot with 
an arrow; j). Ii(;iii,.i/c(l. 

liiiuoiiKt, (lu'o) I carrv him on 
my hack ; p. IihiikiukkL 

Bitiionitiii'ii.s.s, {ilia) I carrv 
HomehLMly on my hack, a 
child ; )). hriii .sad. 

liiiiiundaa, (iiiii). I give him 
I*, th. to curry on his hack, I 
make him carry 8 tli. ; ////. I 
lay it to his charge, 1 impute 
it to him, I lay the fault of it 
upon him ; ]>. Iinii .ad. 

Ilini()ndam,(nin) 1 curry s. th 
on my Itack ; p. </(:iii,..aii(/. 

JiiiiiOiuUiii,(inn). I curry it on 
my hack ; p. l>eiii..un(j. 

lUmoslikodoirait. Comh ; \A.-aii. 

JiiiH()nlc(>(/isi air iiiHiij. This tree 
is twisted, it cannot be split; 
[). bant ..lid, {ain). I walk, 1 puss 
hy ; p. hciniist<eil. 

JiiiiKjHKciviii. Walk, march. 

liiinonnrwinat/ad. Tliere is walk- 
ing ; p. hein..i/ak. — K'Uchi 
hhno.s.seii'iua(/(id iio)\<i(nii,iuiii(> 
hhiio.sxewiiia'/dd da.'i/i ; there 
is much walking to-day, hut 
there is good walking. 

Rhmcdijaii. Wounded person ; 

Himioaifaitcx, (ain). I am 
wounded ; p. hem... aid. 


Jiimwa(/ania, (niit). I wound 
him ; p. In; 

niiiiirdi/anih/e, (ain), I wound, 
1 inflict a wound or wounds; 
p. belli. .ijed. 

Jiiiiiivdi/auihfennii . Wounding, 
inflicting wounds. 

Hiinwdgaiiiigdwin. Wound ; pl.- 

Jiiniirdi/aiiiir, {iiiii). I um a 
wounded person,! am wouml- 
ed ; p. l>t'in..tvid. 

/ihinrd.s.siii, (nin). I throw a 
stone; ]k beiti..iaj/. — Freq. b<i- 

niiiiii'a.i.sinaa, inin). (Pr. biiiio.f 
.siiiaa. 1 stone him, 1 throw 
stones at him ; p. btiii.-tid. 

liiniii'd.tsiiiaiijif (nin). (Pr. 6/- 
nwHuinaiije, I throw stones at 
somebody, I stono people; p. 

Jiiinirdfii/wc, [nin). I shoot at 
a mark with bow and arrows; 
p. b<'in,.wtd—ii. (iodaakwe. 

Hi III uv' we, (nin). I um lieanl 
making noise, in pussing by ; 
p ban.. wed. 

Biniicewe.t/iin., (nin). lam heard 
jtassing by; \). beni..iii</. 

Jiiinweinidani, (nin). 1 am lieard 
talking, in passing by ; |i. 

Hind! interj.lo! behold I now I 

liina, (nin). I bring liim with 

signifies noth- 
ing hy itself, and is never 
used alone, hut always in 
connexion with a number, 
where it signifies how many 
fishes have been caught in a 
net or .-several nets ; as : Aniit 
enda-stiobinaian ? How many 
fishes hast thou caugVit in 

me ; p. bdnad. 
Hind. This word 





in 11 
All in 
\t in 


— 85 - 


tliy ni't (or nets) — iV//( bejii/n- 
hiiifi, niii nijoliina, iii)i viiilds- 
sdbhia, nin wvlasaohiiia as-hi 
hcjiij, ashi iiij, ('to., iiijfiiiui 
iihi dassnhhui ns/ii luniaii, 
etc ; I caught one, two, ten, 
eleven, twelve, etc., twentv- 
live, etc. ti.slies. — Tiie^e verbs 
are n. v., and lielon;^ to the I. 

Hin/thide, {iihi). T lose my teetli ; 
|). hen. .(led. 

Binad. It i.x clean, neat, pure; 
|). hnnnk. 

IliiiOdiii, (nin) I come for it, 
I come to fetch it; p. hii.. 

HiiKtdi.s, [nin). I behave ilc- 
(•(■iitlv, imrolv chastelv : ?). 
Intn. .'iid. 

Bliindisiu'in. Decent chaste con- 
ilnct or liehavior, purity, 

J)inudjiiti, [iiiii). I am tellin;^ 
H. th. decently; p. ban. .mad. 

Uinddjimoudn. Modest decent 
narration or tale; pl.-a». 

Jlindt/dnii. It is clean, (water 
or other liquid ; j). fKiii..iiii</. 
Binagidoiienhka, {nin). The 
-kinol'my lips (H)ines off; j) 

I'>iii(i(/in(/we.s/ilva, [nin). The 
skin oC my face comes otl'; |) 
hen.. had. 

llinaijislikn, or-^na(/ad The 
skin conies off, tiill.s od'; p. 
hen.dnKj, m-nunjak. 

lllnniadixy {nin). I am always 
iro ng aliout, from house to 
liouse, nr traveling ; p. hen- 
si d. 

Bindidel-omdn. Fine conih, 
dandruff comb ; pl.-rtM. 

I'iiiaiendnn, (nin). I chansre 

my thoiiL'hts or my miinl of- 
ten ; p. hen. .ant/. 
Binnitje, (nin). I destroy the 

dam of a heaver in order to 

catch him ; i). hen. .(fed. 
Iiin<ik(imi</is/i/C(i, or-nnif/nd. The 

dust falls in s. th., or tipon s. 

th.; p hen .kft;/, or-nuti/nk-. 
Bin(tko)ni<iii<hknu,{nin). I tnakc 

it dusty, I tnaki* the dust lly 

and fall on it ; p. hen..nn(/. 
Bindki.sdn, {nin). I jMirily it 

by fire, by burning it ; p. han.. 

an (J. 
Hinnkixwn, {nin). I purity some 

«?>. obj. by fire p. hnn.vHid; 

imp. hinnh'siri 
Bin/rkdhidjii/e, {nin). I take 

down a sail ; p. hen..;feil. 
Binnknnan nin;fos.<iinii>n()n. 

{nin). I take down the sail; 

p. lien. .an;/... 
Bindkonif/e, {nin). S. Binako- 

Binakwaif/an . Hake, 

Bindkwniije, {nin). I 

harrow; p. hen..(fed. 
Bindkwnn. Comb, rake. 

I arrow 






Binakwnninindj. Finjjer ; pl.- 
///, — Nin hinnkwdninindj, my 
finger; ki hiniikn'aninindjin, 
thy linjrers, etc. 

Biniikwdnisid. Toe ; \)\.-nn. — 
Nin hiniiku'nni.^id, ki hinnk- 
n'anisid, etc. ; my toe, thy 
toe, etc. 

Jiindkiri, oi-niiii/ad The leaves 
of the trees fall off, autumn, 
fall ; p. henakiri;/, or-nia(/(ik. 

liindkwiifi.siss: The ntooa of 
the falling of the leaves, the 
month of Ootol)cr. 

Bi-nana, {nin). I come for him. 


: i 





:„ il 

I ' 


I conic to li'tcli liiiii, to talvi' 
liiiii away, (|tersoii or any 
iitlu'i" (//(. olij.) ; i>. hiiiKiiiiid ; 
imp. hi-niij. 
J'liiniii/i('>il)i(/iii(i)i, {iiiii). S. 

Jh'iiitiiikirr, {iiiii). I loose my 

liaii", p. hen.. writ. 
IliiKinjt'.iKin i.shliofey [niii). I 

let fall rirc; p. liciL.tnnf., {niii). I come down 

tlyiiijr; p. Iia ..scd. 
lliiKDioki, OY-DKUjad. The .snow 

is Tallin;: from the tree.'^ ; ji. 

I)i'n..kitl. or-iiHi(/((li\ 
J}iiiH.'<, (iiiii). 1 am ahvay.s ;;o- 

ing aitout, I don't remain lotii^ 

in the .'^ame place; p.heiianid. 
}iiii('i.i.s((ir((i/nida))i, (niii). I of- 
ten change my plan.'', my 

thought.^, my mind; p. hen.. 

(I III/. S. Buiaiiiuhiiii. 
Jiiiiiifc, or-miij/dd. It i.< clean, 

neat, (a house, a room, eic.) 

p. haiuitef/, ov-maijitk. 
liiiKiirnii. The tog i.s fallinir; 

p. heii..aiii/. 
liiiiawi'dii, (iiiii). I wipe the 

(lust oil ; p. heu..ani/. 
Iliiiiiirei(/aii. JJrush ; \)\.-aii. 
Jiiiiinri'ii/i', {iiin). I hrnsh ; \). 

hni. lied. 

Bine. Partridge; \A.-wog. 

liiiiehiuf. I'artridge- 1 i • i <• 
1 „»■• 1 . ° a kind o 
leat ; ui.-tiii ; ' t r 

Uinemhi. Partridge- ( l"'."*^" 

iierry ; pl.-(//< ,• | 
lltne.^hi. A .siindl hin 

S. Biai' 

Jiiiii'xli iira II (i.'i/i kill. 
.small bird ; p' .-///. 

Uiiieshiit'idUHm. Feather of a 
small l);rd ; pl.-m/. 

Jiiiieasi. A large bird ; lA.-wcu/. 


; pl.-my. 

Tail of a 

— m - BIN 

Jiiai's,sinHih, {iiiii). 1 am sittiiiL' 

like a iiinl ; p. hen. .hid. 
Iiiiie.s:sin'ii/ii'(ni. Feathers of a 

bird ; pi.-'/,'/. 
liiiij/edj, (nin). I am cold. 1 

feel cold ; p. hirni/edjid. 
liiiiijeniiirdni, {nin). I sleep loo 

much ; p hiin..iiii<i. 
liini, in compositions, signitic- 

rlrdn, ]tiire r/i(i.sfe. (E.xampli- 

in some of the followini,' 

Jiiiiiii, {nin). I clean him, 

cleanse him, purify him ; p. 

liinidee, {nin). I have a clean 

heart, I am chaste, pure; y. 

Binideewin. (""leannesfl of heart. 

liinii/iid. It i.s clean, (clolh. 

stuff, pajier^ p. lidnii/ak. 
Biiiii/i:<i. ft is clean ; p. /hiii.. 

Biniiijo.H, {nin). lam clean.sed; 

p. h(in...sid. 
liinir.dijos, (nin). I have ii 

clean appearance ; p. hmi. 

Biiiin(/we, {nin). 1 have a cleiin 

face ; p. Inin .wed. 
Hinis, {nin). lam clean, neal; 

pure, cha.ste ; innocent ; p. 

Binis/i, adv. till, until, as far 

as, up to, to. 

]iini.'</ii,\u compo.sition.s, siijini- 
iies, on my own iicronnf, nn/- 
xelf, enfirehf. (Examples in 
some of the following words., i 

liiniiilii-an<j()!ihka,{nin). I lircak 
ilown entirely, I come to no- 
thing ; p. haa..kad. 

Binishima, {nin). I accuse him 




— ST — 


t'lilsi'li/y I ciihiiiiiiiiitc him; p. 
I'iiiis/ikdii, iiiiii). \ niiiK'c it 
t'iill tVuiii its |ila<'(^; p. Ikiii.. 


r>:uiis/ih-iin'n, {iiiii). 1 inakc'I'all 
suiiic iVoiM its place; \>.haii.. 

I'tiiiisihti, i\iiv. Witlioiit reason, 
unprovoked ; spoMtaiicoiisly, 
on one's own acMioiint. — Jiiiii- 
sikd (ji-iiixlikadlsl ; lie ^ot 
aiijrry (Hew into a passion 
without reason, (unprovoked.) 
K(ui'in wiha hinisik/i iiiii uii- 
iii(/oss-i (jeyo ; he never jijives 
me anything spontaneously, 
(on his own .iccount, without 
iit'in<r asked.) 

liiiiisiu'in. Cleanness, cleanli- 
ness; jjurity, chastity. 

I'ivis.^aifid )i(il>(ii/is.s(ii/, {nin). J 
clean a hoard; p. h(ni..aa. 

liinissai/isi iiftli<i(/iss-<ii/. The 
hoard is clean ; ]>. h< 

liiniss(u/ifoii, (nin). I clean it, 
(a Moor ;) p. ban. .fad. 

liini.t.'iipdf/o.'ii. It is insipid, it 
has no taste, (of victuals; j). 

Binitdwa, (nin) or, nin binita- 
niairn. I clean or ])urify it 
for him, 1 make <dean s. th. 
helonging to him ; p. ban., 
wad. — Debcninn'ian, binifawi- 
n/iin ninde; Lord, make clean 
my lieart. 

J'inifon, (nin). I clean, cleanse 
or i)urify it; p. ban Hod. 

Biniwine. He throws off his 
horns, (a deer, a stag, etc.) ; 
p. ben..ued. 

.Bin.<}in,{niii). I have s. th. in 
my eye, a mote, s. th. fell in 
]^^y eye ; jd, bansined. 

p. be- 



Iii:'<t'i(/(i(nn, (nin). I coini' out 
of some place; p. 

,'iisan, adv. (^uiet, still. 

liisnnab, (nin). I am 
quiet ; I stop, I cease; 

liisdnahiirin. Silence, 
(|uillity, (piietude. 

/{isanaifiinii. It is still, 
(li([uiil; p. be.'<..i(f. — Jii.sana- 
(janii sibi, the river is wtill, (it 
does not (low rapidly.) 

Jii.sancndani, (iiin. I am (|uiel 
in my thoughts, in my mind : 
p. bi'<i. 

Hi.'<diiix, (nin). I am (juiet, still, 
peaceahle; p. bc^.^sid. 

liisdnisliin, (nin). I am lyiiiL' 
still and (piiet ; p. bf' 

Hisnni.siwin. Tranciuillity, still 
quiet hehavior, peaceful dis- 
position of nund. 

BislKKidndh. Little narrow 
string ot' leather; ))l.-v/(. 

Iii.s/id(/ibin((, inin) (don) or, nin 
bi.'i/i((i/ibii\Jibina. I peel, pare 
or shell some ol)j; also, I flay 
or skin him, (iier, it ;) p. 
beHh..nad ; imp. — bij. — ()]h- 
niij nin bis/iaf/ibina<j ; I jiare 

lii.'</ia</i(/iju'a, (nin). S. Pakona. 

Iii.skd(/ikd, (nin). My skin 
comes olf, (from the face or 
other parts jof the hoily, in 
sickness; p. bes/i..kad. 

}ii.s/ii(jnidd(/o.'<, (nin). I am 
fair, heautiful ; I am glosious, 
splendid ; p. bi:'ili..Kid. 

Bi.s/ii(/('nda;/o.'<iirin. Ueaiity, 
fairness; glory, splendor. 

Iii.s/ii(/eudd(/iri, (bin). I ilres.s 
splendidly, gloriously ; p. 

Biahifjcadagwia, (nin). I glo- 





^, 5" 

I I 


I I 


— 88 — 





1 tell 
8U)i'v : 



rity liiiii, I mala 

ona ; p. heHh..ail. 
liishigmiwa, (iiiii) {ilthi). I 

honor liiin, urlorit'y him; \>. 

Jiis/u'i/irdd, ill comjjoHitioiis. 

Jill Miles t() iiii})i(rit(/, inir/ias- 

fiti/. ( Examplen in koiiic oI 

the follo\vin<r words.) 
Jiishiifwadad. It !>< impure, uii- 

clijiste, liceiitiouH, iii(lo(;eiit ; 

p. hcitk..dak. 
Jiish ijfirad/idjim , { uhi ] 

ail impure unchaste 

p bes/i-.nind. 
Jiis/i itfvuldddjimnwiv . 

sloiT or report ; pl.-rt» 
Jiin/iit/irildcndam, (nin). I have 

impure uiichaHte tho'ifrhtn ; 

p. he.sli..(in(f. 
Jiis'hif/waden dam nwiii. LT n - 

chaste thouf^ht, impure tliiiik- 

Jiishii/wndis, {mil}. T am uii- 

clmste, imi»ure, licentious; 

p. hes/i...sid. 
Jiis/iiffwatlisiuu'ii. iMichastity, 

iMi|)uritv, licentiousness; tur- 

nication, adultery. 
Jiisfiiifwadj, in compositions al- 
ludes to uiir/iasfifi/. (Exam- 
ples in some of the following 

Jiis/nt/wndjia, {nin) I make 

liim (her) commit impurity. 

adultery; p. 
Jiishiiiwadj-diidaiii, {nin). S. 

Bishiifwudodain . 

]lishi(iwnd.j-dnd(Mnowin. S. Bi- 

lii.'i}ii</ii'adj-gijW(',{Hiii). f speak 
unchastely or impurely ; p. 
be.'ih. wed. 

Bis hi (j wadj-ifijtocwin . Unchaste 

talkinjr, unchaste imimn 
word ; \i\.-aii. 

lii.t/iif/iimtljijiirehi.'i, {in'n). I 
hehave unchasicly, 1 am un- 
chaste, impure; p. hcs-h.-sid 

/■ii.shiiiu'adj-ijitnclii.siirin. Im- 
pure hehavior or conduct, iiii- 
chastity, iinjiurity. 

liiHiiiiiwndjiku'c. S. (iaijihud- 

Bi.'i/ik(niairn.{vin){nnii). I mis- 
him, (in shooting at ;) p. he.s/i. 
wad., {nin). I jret as- 
leep, I fall asleep ; j). Iies/i.. 
sliid. (Freq. hahiKhkinufumsli. i 

Jiishkwdbaiiiinn(fn.'i,{iiin\. I am 
lost sifrht of, they can see mc 
no more ; ]). hi'..i/i...<iid, 

Bislikwnbaminaiiwitd. It is lost 
sijrht of, it is out of sijrht, it 
can he .seen no more; p. he.shk.. 

Bi.sikaffan. Cloth injj: material, 
any article of clothing; pl.- 

Jii.'iikaffe, {nin). I jiuton, (cloth- 
:no;;j p has..(jea. 

liinihdn, {nin). I put it on. 
(clothing;) p. haHikanfi. 

]ii.<tikawdi/(in. S. Bdhiaikawa- 

Bisikona, (nin) (nan). I clothe 
him, I dress him; p. hu!i..nad ; 
imp. bisikoj. 

Bi.s'ikwanaic, {nin) or nin bi.^i- 
kiiiKiic. I put on my clothe.-. 
I dress myself; p. ba.'f. ied. 

Bi.sikwandjiyan. \Vig; pl.-«//. 

Bisinddis, (nin). I am frivol- 
ous, thonghtles.", imprudent, 
foolish, wild ; p be.s\..nd. 

Bisinddi.siuun. Frivolous and 
imprudent hehavior, foolish 


— 89 — BIS 

conduct, frivolousncss, fool- 

llixluadj, in compositions, al- 
ludes* to frivotousnota, fixd- 
ixh neux, imprudence.<IJ-(fiyH()win, or, hisinadj- 
t/ijicewin. FrivolMus, impru- 
dent, indecent npeaking ; pl.- 

Jiiniiuljia, (nin). I make liiin 
frivolous and foolish, I ee<hice 
liim to an imprudent and in- 
decent l)eliavior; p. 

Hisiskddendam, (nin). I liuva 
my penee.s ajiain, (after faint- 
ing ;) J). beH..dan(j.!, (nin\. I recover my 
flenses, (after fainting ;), I 
am at the age of discretion ; 
]). bets...'! id. 

Biaish-eiiddii, (nin). I rememhcr 
it well, I know it plainly, 1 
have knowledge of it ; p. be.s.. 

BiHiskenima, {nin). I remem- 
ber him well, 1 know him 
well ; p. bcs.,}nad. 

Biska, or-niai/ad. It in bent; j). 
heskatj, or-imu/ak. 

Biskdb, adv. Again, returning, 
hack again. 

Bikdbato, (nin). I return, run- 
ning, [ run back again; p. 

BinkCibi, (nin). I start and come 
liack again the same day ; p. 

Biskabikikonidn. .lack-knife, a 
knife that shuts up, (not a 
table-knife) ; p\.-<in. 

Biskabikindn .vndxoindn, (nin). 
I shut the knife ; p. be.s..(in)f. 

Bi.skadddn, [nin). I rivet it, 
iiend it; p.<j. 

Iiiskaddi(/ade, or-nuit/ad. It is 


riveted ; p.</, ov-mai/ak. 
lii.skaddifjiin. Hi vet-hammer, 

riveting hammer; \A.-an. 
liiskddawa, (nin). Irivetsomo 

obj. ; p. ben. .wad ; imj). bi.'<- 

Bi.skakone i.shkoti', avnuii/ad. 

The fire blazes, it flames up; 

J). br.''f/, ov-iniKjuk. 
Bi.'ikaknnendiii/nn. Kindle- 

woo<I, to make the fire Hame ; 

liiskukoncndjiije, (nin). I make 

a fire flame up ; p. Ix'^.tjcd. 
Jii.skdkoneton i.^tlikule, (nin). I 

make the fire blaze, tlamy up ; 

p. bc.s'..(od. 
Bi.^kane, or-m<i(/(id. S. Bi.ska- 

Biskancan i.thkole, (nin). S. 

Jii.'ikdneid.'^.sin islikoli'. Th^ fire 

blazes up by the wind ; \k 

Bi.ikunendnn, (njii) nr, nin hi.s- 

kanenindan. 1 enkindle it, I 

itiflaine it 

; J). be)i..(in(j. — 7^'.^- 
kancnindnn nindr, irrwcni 
Dcbaniniiinn .' 

Irhi .m(/iindn, 

Tiord, inflame my heart, that 

I may love thee as I ought ! 
BiKkanepwa, (nin). I light my 

pipe or cigar ; p. bes..ii'ad. 
Bisknona, (nin) (don). I tie a 

bow, obj., a ribbon, etc.; p. 

hi's.nad; imp. fiiskitDJ. 
Bitikibaijishka inifi;/. The tree 

bends and breaks; p. ben .kad., vr-ni(i)jad. It is 

bent; p. hen. .kad, uv-niai/dk. 
lii.skind, (nin) (ndn). I bend 

some obj.; p. bes..n(fd. 
liiskinigade, ov-nuvjnd. It is 

bent, folded ; p. be,s..dv<j, or- 



, i 


L it 







— i»() — 


I bend inv 

UinkiniLcii, (niii 
anil ; ]>. 

Ili.skuiihinoH'in. ]"]llio\v, cuhit; 
(F. coudee.) — NiiKjo hiskhii- 
kcnowiii, nisso his/diii/iciw 
ii'ln nijluiiu bislciiiiliC. 
Hou'in, one ell)0\v, tliree tl- 
liows, (wenty elbows (long or 
lii^li). S. Uiminik. 

lUfikistiiii. Jt is l(>liU'(! ; p. Ix's- 

ll/skHniiif/dii. Vessel or di.sli 
ol'bireli-ljfirk, folded together, 
to receive tlieHiip runniii;i^ out 
of iMU])le-trees in sii^rur mak- 
ing, ii siniill bircli-biirk 
I rough ; \>\.-<iii. 

Jli.sdj/c.s/iiii, (iiiii). 1 fall, stiunb- 
ling over s. th. ; ]> bcs. Iik/. 

j.i.soi/t'icd, {ulii). I supplant 
liiiii ; I make nim fall, (with 
any thing); \). baa.. wad ; imj). 

Iiitidii, vv 2>i''^'iii. This termina- 
tion of some 8\ibstan(ive,s al- 
ludes to bindiiKj, aiiiiKjiiii/, 
/laiH/iiKj J'roiii, etc. ; as : A'a- 
(/asidebi.soii, i^i'ir uj); (jlbidef- 
biisan, waist-coat, vest; kii- 
ckipison, girdle, belt ; etc. 

llisideshin, [nin\. I stumble ; p. 

liiaosidcti/iiirin. Stumbling. 

Bisusldeshiu'in i-umsin . Stumb- 
ling stone. 

lii,ssa. At the end of words, 
signilles the manner of rain- 
hui ; as : Aivanibissa, it rains 
a little ; Jmcanibissa, the rain 
comes from the south ; in/i- 
kioubissa, the rain ceased; 

Dissa, in compositions, signifies 
.'^'nialL fine, in .small little 

jticces. (Kxamples in some o I 

the Ibllowing words.) 
lli.ssd, vr-md(jdd. It is ground. 

reduced to tine particles; p. 

Ixi.sxai/, or-indijdk. 
IlisKddn, {nin), I lireuk it inin 

snuill pieces, I crtjsh it t" 

small j)ieces, to powder ; p. 
Bis.sdttidc, inin). I have lim 

small teetli ; p. l) 
liisKdijdndnid, (nin). 1 break 

some obj. to pieces, by strik- 
ing it; p. bo.s.s.jndd. 
lli.s.sdifdiid, (nin) (nan). 1 makr 

a gootl and prolitalde use i>t 

it, I lose or waste nothing ni 

it, (dn. obj.) ; p. bas,s..((d . 

imp. t>i.s.sdi/on. 
l'>,{nin). 1 use thiiig- 

prohtaldy ; \). bdss..ijed. 
m.s.sdffonjc, [nin). I liave pleiit\ 

of children; p. bd.'<.s..t/ed. 
ItiHuCKjoai akik. The kettle i- 

protltable, it holds much ; p. 

bd.sudi/o.sid dkik. 
Uinsaijwdn. It is ])roli table; ii 

liolds much, (a bag, a vessel;i 

p. bass..dn(j. 
Hi.s.'idira, [nin). I crush uv 

break to snuiU pieces sonn' 

ol>j. ; p. bd.s.sdWdd ; imp. />/,v.v''. 
lU.s.idtdt/dd. It is line, (stull, 

clothing material;) p. bdsa.. 


liis.sdtd(/ h is lino, (stall- 

silk ;) }). ba.'is..fiid. 
lUtsui, in compositions. 

Bis.sibidji<jad, ov-mayad. 1( i.- 
torn to small pieces; p. ^^.v^.. 
dey, ov-ma(/ak. 

Uistiibidon, {nin). 1 break it 
into small pieces in uiy liand.s, 
I crumble it ; p. bass..dod. 



, }'^^^ 





- 91 - 


lli.txihiitjaile, oi'->iioi/<i»l. It i.-< 
written witli stnnll letters, or 
printed in Hiiiall type; ji. 

liixtiihUijan. Siiiiiil writing, or 

Ilissihiiijv, (//</(). I write with 

small lettorH ; i). i/ed. 
Iliss-ihiiKi, inin). I criunMe some 

oiij., I l)reuk it into small 

pieces with my hands ; p. 

Ii(iss..ii(«l. — A7/( hissihiiui pa- 

ku'cjii/an, 1 crumhle breiid. 
Ilissihareie. It has a line fur ; 

p. hass:.ied. 
I'i.ssibude, ov-DuujuiL It is 

ground ; p. batis..dv(j, ur-iiia- 

llissiho<IJi(/an. Grind-mill, Hour 

mill ; pl.-fl_(/ ; also, corn-nieiil. 

IlisNiljuiiJiijandbilx. Mill-stone ; 

I'isxihodjifjans. Cotlee-mill ;pl.- 

l'isfiihodJi(/e,{iiiii). I iim grind- 
ing, I keep a tlonr-mill a go- 
ing ; p. I)afss..;/ed. 

lli.-^.slbodji</ewiiiiiii. Miller, kee- 
per or proprietor of a Hour- 
mill ; i)\.-ir(((/. 

Uissibona, {don) (niin. 1 grind 
some ubj.; p. baii)i..nud ; imp. 

Ilissibuso. It is ground ; j). bunx 

liinsiijaan, {niii). I split it into 
tine small pieces, (wood); p. 
bass.. any. 

I'lissit/aige, {ain). 1 chop wood 
into small sticks, (for a. small 
stove j) p. bads..</ed. 

I'issij/diisan. Split wood for 
fuel ; pi .-«/«. 

lUssigawa, (ain). I split it into 
small pieces, {an. ohj., 'jijik, 


cedar;) p. bass. .wad 

ilissikodc, or- inatjad. It i.n 

crushed or broken to j)iece.s 

liy s. til . that fell on it ; p. 

ba.<is..dei/ i^r-i/iai/ak. 
IW.'isikoso. It is broken (o pieces 

by s. ill. that lell on it ; p. 
lUssijin, ar-in<i(/<(d. It snows in 

small Hakes ; p. bassijtoi/, or- 

inatjak. it isgrouiid, {an. olij.); 

p. b<tssi.sid. — Bn.'isisid paktcc- 

Ji</an, flour. 
IU'.''i.s(d>/os, {nin). I insult, I 

use insulting or abusive lan- 
guage ; p. bes,s..sid. 
liis.sitawa, inin). lam insulted 

by his w(jrils, I tVel insulted 

in hearing his tulkini:: n 

Ih'ssoind, {nin 

p. bcssoniad. 
Bisirdi, {nin). 

eyes, I (,'annot 

Uiswdbiiji.^hin, [nin). I am en- 

tangUnl in a cord ; p. bc.s\.ini/. 
Bisir((ode,ur-ma;fad. It is tied 

with a looj) ; \).<j, oi- 


Biswaona, {nin) {dun). 1 tie 
some obj. with a loop ; p. bes.. 
nad ; imp. bisivaoj. 

iiildkuyidiijivesliin, {niiid). I 
knock or dash my knee 
against s. th. ; p. bet. .in;/. 

Uifakokwatiyweshin, (nin). I 
knock my forehead againats. 
th.; p. bet.. in y. 

Bifakondibeshin, {nin). I knock 
or dash my head against s. 
th. ; p. bet..iny. 

'r, V 

F insult him ; 

I lia\e weak 
see well : ii. 






:; 1 1^ 

i I 

<K ' I 





.11 i( 




' r I 

\( fl ii 

. i 



— 92 - 


Ititukos/tiu. Jt toucliCHorhtrikcf* 
H. til. ; j». bet..iiti/. 

Ilihiko.s/i/cuwn, initi) (/.<//() I 
strike or kniick a^rc'iiiiHt liiiii ; 
|). IteLuHiil. 

lUtakossidexltiii, (iiiii). I knock 
or (lush my loot u^niiist h. tli. ; 
p. lu'L.imj. 

lUldkdxxiit. It touclieH, ••strikes ; 
|i. b('f..siii(/. — Tchiinun bild- 
Liixsin, the ciinot^ strikes 
(tdiic'hos) the j^roiiml, u rock, 

l'itoi('i)jihuclcic<jwuii.s(iii. Draw- 
ers; (F. calcroris; ])\.-aii. 

HHrhiiiau'ia, (niii). I oHeml 
hill) ; I luakf liiiii aiigrv ; j) 

Uilclnnawema, (nut), f make 
him angry, or otleiid him, 
with iiiv xvords ; p. bet. .mad. 

l'il<hiiiutrcs,(Hhi). I um angry, 
1 keep anger or rancor ; 1 am 
passionate, impatient ; ii. bd.. 


Ilitcltinawesiicin. Anger, ran- 
cor, had i)assionate temper, 

Iiile. Foam. 
ltitewand)H,{niii). I loani at my 

mouth, running ;ji. but. .mod. 
latewidon, {niii). My mouth h 

full of foam; p. but.doiuj. 
Jlitetcidoni'f/ida.i, {niii). My 

mouth is full of foam froiii 

anger; p. bat.. sod. 
litikwabewis, [nin). I am thick 

and short; p.-j; bet. . sid.— S. 

It Ho, in compositions, signifies 

double. (Examples in some oi 

the following words.) 

Ililobiy. Pond ; \A.-oh. 
liUoyicadan, (nin). I Hue it, 

of clothing ;) 

douiiU) it, (some articles of 

clothing ;) p. Intt..uny. 
Ililoifiiutdc, uv-iiiuiiad. It isliii- 

til, (doulih'd ;) p. but..dc(jf or- 

Ditoi/u'udiii/(in. Lining, douh- 

ling ; (F. doiildiire.i 
Ih'tot/UHulJiife, (nin). I am lin- 
ing (some article 

p. bat..(jvd. 
ll'itoiiHHinn, (nin). I line some 

(ilij. (silk-stutl' ;) p. bdt.nuil: 

imp. biloifU'uj. 
lUtoifwanKon. b. ItitoywOdjiiian. 
liitoki.nine, (nin). 1 have two 

pair of shoes on ; j). t>ut..ncd. 
UHokwanuic, (nin). 1 have a 

douhlosuitof clothes on; p. 

Uiton, [niii). I wait for it, I 

await it ; p. batod. 


lliwubik. Iroi 


wabUion, pieces ol iron, or 

iron tools or implements, 
Uiwdbiko-biwibodjit/an. Filings, 

liiwdbikokan. Iron-niine, or 

mine ; \)\,-an. 
Iliwdbikoke, (nin). I work iron, 

or other metal; lam mining, 

working in a mine ; p. bcw.. 

Biwdbiko-mikuna. Ilail-road, 

(iron-road ;) \)\.-an. 
Biwdbikons. Wire, (small iron ;i 

j)l. biicubikonnun, i<m&\\ j)ieccs 

of iron, small iron iinpk- 


BviLHdnko-suyabitjiniijan, or, bi- 
wdbiko-saaibidjif/an, or, bi- 
UHibiko-takobidjiyan. Jroii 
chain; iron fetters; pl.-«//. 

liiwdbiko-tvlunidn. Iron bout; 






iron ;i 





— !)IJ — 


Itiw/thikwakih'. Iron pot; (('. 
iimniiitc;) pl.-o//. 

Iliiiuii. S. Ohiwdi. 

Iliirun. The hii«\v is drivon l»y 
tli(i wind, Hiiow-Htonii, hiiow- 
rlrill ; p. hdHUiHij. 

Iliit'diKKf. Flint; pi-"//. 

ISiwondjiifnii. Crunili ; pl.-«». 

I{iiri'kfi(la)na</<in. Sliavin^r, wood 
siia\ inj^, (thill slice of wood 
pared oil from a hoard in 
plaining; it ;) \)\.-nii. 

liiioihodjii/au. Saw-<lust. 

IliwiiU. A stran^icr who arrives 
to a place, vinitor, coiner; 

lli-iiu(ljiira, {nin). I come hero 
with him, I nccompany him 
hither ; I hriii<^ him alon<; 
with me ; p. l)<i..w(i<l. 

lUiridou, inin). I cnimhlo 'it ; 
p. Iiawidod. 

Biwiyaan, {nin). 1 cut or chop 
it into small pieces, into 
chips ; p. ba. autj. 

Biioi(/aiguu. Small piece of 
wood, chip; pl.-a?t. 

Tiiwi(faiye, {nin). I make chips ; 
p. baio..f/ed. 

Iliwigaisse, {nin). T am chop- 
ping wood into small pieces ; 
p. haw..sed. 

Biwijiyan. A little piece re- 
maining after cutting a coat 
or any other article of cloth- 
ing, remainder, shred ; (F. 
retaille;) pl.-a/t. 

Biwikodan, (nin). I cut it, I 
take off" pieces ; p. haw. .any. 

liiwikodjigan. Shaving, wood- 
shaving; pl.-a/t. 

Biwikona, {nin). I cut nome 
obj. ; p. batcnad. 

Biwina, {nin). I crumble some 
obj. ; p. hawinad. 

Biwipo. The .xnow liogins tn 
cover the ground ; p bawiixiy. 

Biii''i.shinia,{nin). I dis|K'r-e it, 
put it ill disorder, {an. obj.) ; 
p. baw..iiia<l. 

Bewi.i/ika pakuwjiydn. The 
breJid breaks or crumbles; p. 
haw.. day. — S. Jliiri.i.'«\ 

Biwis.'ic ])akirrjiyan. The bread 
crumbles into .*mall |)ieces 
and falls to the ground ; p. 

Iliwinxidjiyan. A gun-cap, pow- 
der in the pan of a gun; ([•'. 
amorce ;) pl.a/t. 

Biwi.Hnidon, (itin). I disperse it, 
I i)Ut it in di.sorder ; p. baw.. 

Biwinsidon pdshki.iiyan, \niii). 
I put powder in the pan of n 
gun, or a cap, I prime a gun ; 
p. baicdod. 

Bii(Hs.<iin. It is dispersed, it is 
in disorder; among one ano- 
ther; p. bawi.tsiny. — Kakiiin 
nind aiinian biwi.ssinnn, all 
my things are in disorder. 

Biwiwebina, {nin) {nan). I 
throw or strew it about, I 
scatter it, {an. olij.) ; p. bew.. 
nad ; inip. biw..bin. 

Biiciwebiniyade, ov-mayad. \{ 
is disjiersed, strewed, scatter- 
ed ; p. bew..dey, or-mayak. 

Bobo. Little pain, little wound, 
tin the language of children.) 

Boboyidjibiyoiyan. Little sy- 
ringj made of wood or tin ; 


Bodiiddn, [nin). I blow it ; p. 

Bodddjiyan. A thing to blow 
in, trumj)et, horn, bugle ; 



h ' 




— 04 — 


* I 

JiiifldUJiffe, (niiij. I am lilowinj:: ; 

p. fiwa..f/ed. 
JiodadjinJika, (nin). My lielly i.s 

swoi'len up; p. hwa-.knd. 
llodadjishkotaifdii. Hollows ; 

fhtdddjishkniawe, {mn). I hjow 

tlio iir, witli bellows ; p. hira.. 

Jiodakwe, (nin). 1 let fsvll in n. 

hole or vessel ; I put in u 

hole ; p. hira. .wed. 
J'oddhren , (nin). I ])\\\ it in a 

hole or vessel, I let it u'o i'l; 

p. hu' 
Ihtddkwenan, [nin], I ]nit it, 

or let it Jiill, in a hole or ves- 
sel, [an. ohj.) ; p. hn'a..icrd. 
Iloddkires.'ie, {nin). I fall or 

slide in a liole; p. hwa...fed. 
I'oddnd, (nin). I olow him ; ]). 

Iniuidanad ; imp. hnddj. 
hnddsltka, (nin). I am swollen, 

all my body is swollen np; p 

Undau'dn. Chimnev, rire-i>lace; 

11 (id owe, (nin). I make fire, T 

build u fire | p. hivadaiced. 
Undawen. I . urn it as fuel, I 

uiake tire with; ]).hivadawed. 
Jtodntrenan, (nin). I burn some 

obj., I put it in the fire as 

fuel ; p. hwadmred. — ■'fji;/- 

wdtig nahagisag nin gi-hnda- 

ireuan ; I burnt up a board. 
lio(/;d, ()iin). J fart; ]). bwd(/i- 

Uuifidiinn. Fart, farting. 
Hftjo ! jrood day ! (F. bonjour.) 
Hok or boko, in compositions, 

alludes to a half or part of s. 

th. (Examples in some of the 

followinjr words.) 
l]okakamifii.<>se. (nin). I break 

lliroufrh, or sink in tiic 
fjrrouml with my foot; j). hnui 
DnkisKc, [nin). I break throujrh 
s. th. with my foot; p. Inca.. 

Uakohinn. (nin) (don). I break 
some obj. in two ; j). hfra..nad. 

Bflkndena. One half or part of 
the village or town. 

nokodJi.<^/ika, or-inar/ad. Some- 
thing in my body is broken; 
p. hwa..ka</, or-niaf/ak. 

Uokoi/nde, (nin), 1 have a brok- 
en leg ; }). // i,.ded. 

llnkof/ddci/iin, (nin)- J break 
my leg; j). 

lUdcof/adeica, (nin). 1 lireak his 
leg ; p. biva..vnd ; ini]). bnki- 

Piokokojennn, (nin). I break 
the point of s. th. (of a needle, 
knife, etc.); p. bva.ang. 

Tiokonigan . A broken l>rancb 
to indicate the road in tlu^ 
woods ; \)].-an. 

Iiokoni(/e, (nin). I break bran- 
ches to mark the road in the 
woods: Y>. biva..f/pd. 

iloko.shkan, (nin). I break it. (a 
hinff obj.) ; p.!/. 

Iloko.'i/iknira, (ni)i). I break 
some /rt»/7 obj. ; p. bu'a..nuui. 

liokoshki1>inn,(nin). 1 l-reak it 
off, (rt«. olij.); p. bwa.vad. — 
Mi.'<okosi nin bokos/ikibina, I 
break ofl" an ear of Indian 

lioko.'ihkibinan, inin). I break 
it otf ; p btra..ani/. 

Iloko.'isidon, (nin). I break it in 
two; p. bwa..dod. 

Doloic.hishka am^db. The net is 
breaking ; p. bwak..knd. 

I]('kn1t'liis}ikn. or-mnqnd, ft 




liroak^;; ]^. hu'dk.J.rif/, or-vfo- 

r>(ikwdhik. A piooo or frag- 
ment ot iron. 

I'lokwaigane, (nin). 1 liroak a 
lionc ; 1). hira..iic(L 

UCikwaii. A piooo, n, fragment. 

Ilnkwaiwhihinm, (nin). I Itreak 
it otT, («». olij.) ; \\.hu'n..mad. 

Ildku'anv'iasidnu, {nin). I Itreak 
it oil', I notcli it ; p. Incnk.. 

liokirasika, ox-magad, (pr. ha- 
knsika.) Tt break.s, (wood;) 
p. hwnk..kar/, or-mar/ak. 

lltikw(W(j. A piece of wood, a 
fragment of wood. 

Ilokwdirir/an, (nin) or nin hnk- 
wawif/ancshka. I am hump- 
hacked, or liunchhacke<! ; iF. 
jo .'^uis bo.'sn); p. /, 
or, hwak-.kad. 

}>nkwdwi(/aneia, (nin). I am 
lame in the haMc; p. hv'a..iad. 

UnkivMaf/iming. S. hehnkxveda- 

Ili'ikweg. A piece of clc :h, or of 
any other clothing material. 

Ilnkwemagad. Branclie.'^ or lit- 
tle sticks on tlu^ ground 
break, when a person or ani- 
mal goes through the wood.s ; 
p. bwn..gak. 

Itame, (niHJ- I recover from 
my fear oi* fright ; p. hioamed. 

I'n:i or honi, in comjio.sition?, 
signifies finishing, reasinf/, 
flopping, or the end of s. tli. 
(Examples in some of tlie fol- 
lowing words.) 

Ilondbigina, [nin] {nan). I let 
liim down on a rope ; p. btva.. 

Bonakakjir/an. The line of a 


net with a heavy stone to kee]i 
steady the net, to anch-^r it ; 
anciior ; pl.-rt)>. 

Bonnkadjige, {nin). I cast an- 
chor; ]). hivn..grd. 

Bnnakmia\ {nin)idon]. lanclior 
it, (a net, o.?."?/?/*;) p. bwn..nad. 
imp. bonakaj. 

Uonnni. Sh" lays eggs, (alien, 
or any other female bird ;i p. 
bwdnang. (II. Conj ) 

Uonnnimad, The wind goes 
ilown, dies away, ceases blow- 
ing ; p. bnm..mak. 

Bmidshka, ov-viagnd. The sea 
runs down, the waves cease 
to rise, it becmies calm; ]>. 
/) iranash kag , or-;H agiX k . 

lionendani, {nin). I cease to 
think on s. th.; I forget ; p. 

lUmcndamnwa, [{nin). I forget 
s. til. relating to him, F forget 
how he beliaved what he did, 
what he said, etc.. I forgive 
him ; p. bu'an..xvad. 

ndnendamoicin. Forgetting, for- 
giveness, pardon. 

B()nniima,{nin){dnn). 1 forget 
hiui, I cease to think on him, 
(a person or any other obj.) ; 
p. bwan..mad. 

nGnenindiwin. Mutual pardon, 

Donia, {nin). I let him alone, 
I desist from him ; p. Own- 

Boni-akiwan. It is the end of 

the world ; p. bwani-akiwang . 
Boni bineahi. The bird alights 

on a branch, (or somewhere 

else ;) p. bewanid. (T. Conj.) 

Bonigidetawa, {nin). I forgive 
hiin ; p. bwan.vnd. 

■ m 








96 ^ 


lionima, {nin). I let him alone, 
I don't speak any more to 
hi in ; p. hwanimad. 

lioninagos, {nin). I cease to ap- 
pear, to he seen, I disappear ; 
p. bwa.Md. 

Ihiiinagwad. It ceases to he 
seen, it disa])pear.s ; p. bivan.. 

nCinindawa, (nin). I alight 
upon him, I descend upon 
liim, come upon him ; p. hiva . 
wod. — Wenijishid-Maniin o (ji- 
bonindawan Jesusan apt ga- 
idgaandawimind ; the Holv 
Gliost descended (alighted, 
came,) upon Jesus, after liis 

lioni-nibagtae, {nin). I cease to 
he tliirsty ; p. bwd-wed. 

lionita, {nin). I cease working ; 
p. bwdnitad. 

liCinitchigade, or-magad. It is 
let alone, it is given up; p. 
bwa..deg, or-magak. 

lidrdton, (nin). I cease, I let 
it alone, I let it be, 1 desist 
from it ; I give it up, I aban- 
don a habit, etc. ; p. bwani- 

Uonwewidam, {nin). I cease 
speaking; p. bwan..anq. 

Hos, {nin). 1 euihark ; 1 go on 
board ; p. bivasid. 

flos, bosa, in compositions, sig- 
nifies ^Jcwcfj'a^m^r into 8. th., 
^filling. (Examples in some 
of the following words.) 

liosabawe, {nin). I am drench- 
ed with rain, (penetrated to 
the skin ;) p. 

Unsangwam, {nin). I sleep pro- 
foundly, (I am filled Avith 
sleep;) p. bwa..ang. 

Bosas.'ir^ or-magad. It pene- 
trates, it goes into s. th.; p. 
bwasa.tseg, ov-magak. 

Dosin, {nin). 1 make liim em- 
bark. I embark or ship some 
obj.; p. bwasiad. 

Bo.sika, or-magad. It is deep ; 
p. bivo.nkag or-magak. — Bwd- 
aikag onagan, a deep dish. 
Rumsikag tessinagan, deep 
plate, soup-plate. 

Bo.nkado. A kind of large turtle; 

Pl -ih 
Bosikitchigade, or-magad. It is 

made deep, it is deep ; p. bwa.. 

deg, or-magak. 
Bosikiton, (nin). I make it deep; 

p. bwa.. tod. 
Bosinajawa, (nin). I send hini 

on board a vessel, a boat, etc.; 

I bid Jhim embark; p. bwas.. 

BoHitCiss, (nin). I am loading a 

canoe, boat*, vessel, etc. ; I 

am shipping; p. bwa.. sod. 
BoutCissoioin. Loading, ship- 
Bositon, (nin). I ship it ; p. 

Bosiwin. Embarkation, goinir 

on board. 
Boamakatewaxoe. It has a black 

fur, (an animal ;) p. bwas. .wed. 
Bosmakatewegin. Black cloth. 

BQswebina, {nin {nan). I throw 
him in a canoe, boat, etc, la 
person, or some other ol)j.) ; 
I embark him by force; ji. 
bwas. .nad. 

Boldgadan, (nin). I stamp it ; 
p. bice.. an g. 

Botagan. Mortar, stamper ; 

Botdgana, {nin). I etamp some 


■- 97 - 


obj.; p. hwefayanad ; imp 

I'litagandk. Pestle; p].-o». 

Ilotffcfe, (niu). I ritaiiip, (corn, 
t'tc.) ; p. hwetac/ed. 

Unto. Button ; pl.-m// 

livm, ir/ii hwa ; prefixes signi- 
fying, before. 

I'>waiauns,'{uin). I am slow at 
work ; p. bwaiawuid. 

Ihruma, inin), I cannot prevail 
upon him, I cannot make him 
come, or go, or do s. th. ; p. 

liwdn. Siou Indian ; pi. -0,7. 

Bwdnaici, (nm). I cannot (go 
son)ewliere, or do s. th.) ; p. 

Dirdnawia, (iiin). I can do no- 
thing with him, or witli it, 
{mi. ol)j.); he does not listen to 
me, not obey me ; p. bwaia.. 

Ihvdnatrifn, («/«). I cannot, I 
am feeble, weak ; p. bwaid- 

Jiu'dnawUou, iniii). I can do 
nothing with it, I cannot 
make it, I cannot do it ; I can- 
not get it ; )). hwaia..tod. 

Uwanawifowin. Weakness, in- 

Birdnim, (nin). I speak thf 
Siou language; p. bwaidn'i- 

Bwdnimowin. Siou language. 

Ihoadma, (nin) idan). I can 
liardly carry him on my back, 
or it, [an. obj.) ; p. bwaiaomad. 

Bwdwane, {nin). 1 carry a lieavy 
burden on my back ; p. bwai- 

Bwdwibina, {nin) {don). I can- 
not draw him, (a person, or 
some oilier obj.) ; p. bwaia.. 

Bwdwina,(nin)(don). I cannot 
sift him up, (a person, or 
some other obj.) ; p. bxoaiawi- 

Bwdwinan, (nin). I cannot lift 
it up ; p. bwaia. .aug. 


<■ ,1': 

I i :M 

lAdi » 






i .1 



i I 

Some worifs v'hic/i ar<' no/ Jonnd iiiulcr 1), 7»rn/ he lookptl J'oi 

iiiidcr T. 


I). Tliiw tliird lettor in tlic Ot- 
cliipwe jilpliiilK't, \h the eii- 
l)li(»iii('iil lettor oltlio Otcliij)- 
wc Ijingna^c, to avoid a dis- 
a<rrooal)le crowd of vowels ; 
as: 0(1 (tinn, he lias it; in- 
stead of, o aian. — Kid ijn, 
tlioufioest ; instead of, kiija.* 

Da-, a }»artic]o that denote^! the 
i-oiidilioudl mode, in a verh. 
(See the Conj. in the Grani- 

Da, (niii). 1 lodgo, dwell, stop ; 
]). cnddd. — Kairiii kin onia ki 
ilassi, nin, nin da oma .- thou 
dost not stop here, I stop 
here, (this is my liahitation.) 

I)a, in (ionipositions, denotes the 
]>lace where some work is do- 
ing, or lias been done; as: 
Mi ima i/ndagirassoidn, nin- 
t^nt/mtni ; it is hero I have 
lieen sewing three days. 
(More coiiimonly daji is used 
in these cases.) 

Uahnndad. It is respectable ; 
p. deb an dak. 

Ihdiandfiulayos, (nin). I am 
respectable. I am thought 

* In Mauitoha we proiioiiiicc morn : 
/.iif ija. kil aiiln, f'tc, ctr. 

him ; 


(considered) respeetfiblo ; p 

Dahandenda</wad. U is consi- 
dered respectable, it is res- 
pectable ; p. del).. leak. 

Dabandendamowi n . Respeci , 

Dahaadenima- {nin) 
respect or esteem 
dab.. mad. 

Uahandis, (nin). I am respect- 
able, worthy, I am deserviiiL' 
of resj)ect and esteem ,'; p. 

Uaddiabanaiiidon, (nin). 1 
sjjeak fast, quick'; ]>. dt'd.. 

Daddiabanam, (nin). 
qu'u'k resi)iration 

Daddfabi, (nin). I hasten, I dn 
8. th. quick, I am speedv, ex- 
peditious, in doings, til.; p. 

Daddfabinia;/ad. h hastens, ii 
goes on quick, runs, it 
works fast; p. ded..f/ak. 

Dabdtabitcin. Plaste, expediti( 
speed, activity. 

Daddtabowe, inin). S. Dadnla- 

I have ,1 
p. dcd.. 



— no — 


Ihfdihahanin, (nlii) (don). I oli- 
-crvc liiiii, watch liini, T look 
ii|t<iii liiiii, to POO wliat lio is 
jruiiig to do or to say ; j). (led., 

lh'idod<!wa(/ad. It opens, pplits, 
I ill lioiliii;: ;) p. dawd.r/ok. 

Ih'idd.'iotnu/ mail d ami' n (If/. Corn 
is splittinj; or bursting open, 
(ill lioilin;.';) p. dniudoHodjii). 

luiiju, incompositions, siji^nities, 
iiiiionf/.if (dhcrs, or amoiujsf 
(it her lliiny.i. (Exjvinples in 
-oiiie of tliP foUouinji; words. i 

!i(i(/('), ()r-ma(jad. Tliere is, tiicre 
is some ; p. eiid(i(/n(/. 

Iidi/onid, [tiiii]. I am, amf)iijist 
iitlicrs; p. dc(jCjuutd. 

luinfitUncas (liiii). I Lav liim a 
~iiare to catch liiin ; j). d(y.. 

lhn/(u/(V>(iv', (»/»). T stand some- 
\\ iicre aiiioiijf others ; p. dcij.. 

Ihii/ni/aliavitdwOf (nhi). I stand 
with liiin, or near him ; [>. 

li(t(/o(/inia, {nhi) {dan). I ])iit 
iiim in the numhcr, T count 
iiim amoiiij; others; p. dc;/.. 

Iiiii/u(/nn(i, {vin) {dan). I swal- 
low some ohj. amonir another 
ihini; ; p. d('(/..nnd. — ()>fji 
in'n (/i do(/ti(/n)ia (ii-nihiikici'i- 
rhi iiihi ; J swallowed a tly 
when I drank water. 

iUtijidi-onidis,* Iniii). I put my- 
.-elr in the numhcr, I count 

■ NoTK Tn scvcnil of llicse words 

'huKi is .soiiH'tiines i)roiionnct'(l iltiiiifd ; 
;s : .\in (Inpii'dA-iiniilin, »ii?i dtii/ii'ntoii. 
nhi ddiiwaHUd, »'lc. rt eouUl also lie 
written so; but for uniformity's siiki' 
uf iihviiys write It (frtf/o ; ami it is ordi- 
iKully |>ronoiiiu'e(l ddfin. 

myself aiiionjxsi others ; p. 
d('(j. ..'iod. 

Da(/f)ni7, (nin) tniln). \ put 
some obj. amonir another ob- 
ject, and mix it with it; j). 

DiKjoniK {nin\. I die amoicj.' 
others; p. d'-ijonrd. 

Da(/oni(/(7de, ov-nKKjad. There 
is.. in, it is mixed with... ; p. 
dc(/..dc(/, OY-inaijak. — Si.^iilxV,- 
wad da(/oni(/((d(', there is .'■ii- 
<rar in. Ka nn ishk(dcH'('il>(> 
daf/oniffadci.s-iiion .•* Fs there 
no anient licpior mixed with 

Ddf/o.'i, at the end of some neu- 
ter verbs, and dayiiuid, at the 
end of some uiiipersoiiiil 
verbs, allude to heinji; consi- 
dered or i/i(iu(//if su(!h anil 
such; as: Nin jin(/endd(/(i.'), 
I am considered hateful, or, 
I am hateful. — .lin(/(n(U''(</ir(id, 
it is considered hateful, or, it 
is liateful. 

IhKjoKxa, [nin] (f<>n), or nin. da- 
(/o.<tira. I put some obj. anion li 
other things, vrd mixing it ; 
p. derioHsad. — Nin dai/os.^a 
nnut nin moshu'ern ; T put my 
handkerchief here among 
other handkerchiefs. 

Dnf/oii'ina. inin). T name him 
amongst other words I pro- 
nounce, (I swear by him. b\ 
liis name;) p. de(/ 

Dar/onyindan, inin). I name it 
amongst other words, (I swear 
by it; I p. de(f..(in(/. 

D(i!/H'(7l), [nin). \ am sitting 
with others or amongst others; 
p. de(fUHd)i<l. 

Dagwaddii, («/«j. I sew it in 
such a place: p. endagira- 














— 100 



(lany, — Endaian nin <j<i-(la- 
(jwaditnan kid aiiman ;\ will 
><('\v thy things (clothop) in 
thy house 

Ihv/iiHvna, iniii);< S. 

Ihu/irand, in In). I sew fioine 
oltj. in such a^place ; |). end., 

lhi(/ionndan, inin). S. Apandji- 

Ihujwuhima, {nin). I make him 
arrive to some place, (a per- 
son, or some other ol)j.) ; p. 

Daf/winhin, inin). I arrive hy 
land ; p. degici^hinf/. — S. Mi- 

I)agwi.s-Hnn, (nin). I hring it to 
someplace ; p. deg..iod. 

naiebwetngo.tid. He tliat tells 
the truth, truth-teller ; pl.- 

, J>!/- 

Ihnelmietang ; pl-/</, believer. 

Dai^hwetansig. Intidel, incre- 
dulous person, unbeliever ; 

Dqji-. This word, prefixed to a 
substantive or verb, denotes 
the place where some action 
is performing, or where a cer- 
tain object comes from. P. 
endaJi-.—Kego ijdke.ji enddji- 
nimiiding, don't go where 
they dance. Mi oma ga-daji- 
migaditoad, here is the place 
where they fought. Mnnidng 
daji-ikive, a woman from Mon- 

Dajibi, {nin). I drink in a cer- 
tain place ; p. endajibid. 

Dajigijiganam, {nin). I spend 
n)y day in such a place; p. 
endcy..niid. — Mi imn ga-daji- 

gijigannmiidn pitchiiidga 
there is the place where i 
spent my day yesterday. 

Dajikdn, {nin). \ am occuplcil 
m making such a thing, I am 
ut it ; p. endajikdng. 

Dajikawa, (nin). I am occupicij 
about some oi>j. ; p. end. .wail. 
— Mnjag ki dajikawa aw bihe- 
jigoganji ; thou art always 
about that horse. 

Dajike, {nin). I am in a certain 
place ; p, end. kcd. 

Dajimd, {nin). I speak of him ; 
t censure him, I speak ill ni 
bin), I backbite him, calum- 
niate him; p. dejiniad. 

Dajinddn, [nin). I speak of it ; 
t speak ill of it, calumniate it; 
p. end..ang. * 

Dajinditnin , (nin). We apeak 
of each other; we speak ill o\' 
each other, censure one aiiu- 
ther ; p. dejindidjig. 

Dajindixoin. Ill speaking, de- 
traction, backbiting, slander, 

Dajinge, {nin). I speak ill ol 
people, I slander, I calum- 
niate. I backbite ; p. dejinged 

Dajingeahk. I am slanderous. 
calumnious, I am in the ha- 
bit of speaking ill of peoj)l(' ; 
p. dej..Kid. 

Dajita, (nin). lam occupied at 
8. th. in a certain place ; ji. 

Dajitibikanam, (nin). I sj)oii(l 
the night in such a place ; |i. 
endaj. .mid. — Anindi ga-dajiti- 
bikanamiian ? Where didst 
thou stay all night? Nopi- 
ming nin gidajitibikanam, 1 
s})end the night in the woods. 



-- 101 — 


ll(ijt)iutcebisoit. Sut^pcixlerH, 

liraces, (furimik'.s ) S. Aitika- 

III a u. 
l)oji)nikeUy (uin). I f-tretcli out 

my anil ; p. dcj..nid. 
Ildjnnikcs/iiii, (iiiii). I liuve my 

arms strotclied out; \>. dvj . 

ill If. 
Ihijirabihiiia, {iiin) iiian]. 1 uii- 

tuM or fritri'tch out some obj. 

of metiil; p. d<j.:iuid. 
Ildjicei/ai/onu, {iiin) [don). 1 

spreud out some obj., hungiiij^ 

it up; i(. drj..nad. 
Ihijwci/is/iima, {iiiii). I spread 

It out oil tlie rioor, on the 

jirouiid, etc. ; \). dej. u'ad. 
Ildjwcgina, {nin) inan). 1 spread 

it, iiolding it in my hands ; 

1 1, dcj.juid. 
l)(iJwe(/iiisi(oii, iniu). I spreatl 


ground, etc. ; 

It out on 

Ihiii, inin}. I j)ossess, I have 

l)roperty, I am rich ; p. endd- 

Ihiiiub, {nin), 1 am sitting in a 

certain place; p. eudunabkl. — 

.)// oma mojiif/ cndunabiidu ; I 

am always sitting here. 
Ihdiadem, (nin). I am weeping 

in a certain place ; p. enaan.. 

Ikaiukaini(/is, iniu). I do s, th. 

in a certain place ; I play 

.■somewhere ; p. end(tu..isid. 

ikiiiaki, {nin). I live in a cer- 
tain place; or, I am a native 
of a certain place or country ; 
J), endanakid. 

l)uii((ki,s, (nin). I burn in a cer- 
tain place; p. end. .sod. 

Uiinakiwin. The state of living 
in a place or country. 

Daudnaijidun, {nin). I talk ; p. 

UandmKjidiniiiwiii. Talking. 

Dunenddijos, {nin) I am thought 
or l»elieved to be in such a 
l)laco ; p. endan..Kid. — (iiji- 
(jfhiij dancnduijdtiiiiHKj ija-mino 
ijiwi'bisidjiii akiiii/ ; thocei that 
lived a "^oou life on earth, are 
believed to lie in heavon 

J)ancitimu,(niii). S. Indanciilina. 

Ddiii.s, {nin). 1 am in a certain 
place ; p. endani.nd. 

Piiiii,s.s. S. Nind(1ni,<i.s. 

hdnissikuwin. God-daughtor ; 
1)1. -flf//. 1'here is always h 
possessive pronoun prefixed 
to this word ; nin ddiii.mikd- 
win, my god-daughter ; ki 
ddnisnikdvHii, thy god-daugh- 
ter ; ddnissikuicinan, his 
god-daughter, etc. 

/-/^fu/jru. Property, riches, trea- 
sure, all that one has or pos- 

Danurwen, (nin). I make noise, 
1 am heard, in a (pertain 
place; p. end. .wed. — I'iudiij 
dunwetcewai/, they are heard 
inside, (working or speaking ;) 
heard by people that are out- 
side, out of doors. 

Uanwcindam, (nin). I speak, 
1 make myself lieard, in a 
certain place; p.<j. 

Dapinanidimin, (nin). We are 
Killing one another; p. end., 

Dapi nan idi will. Slaughter or 
murder of several persons. 

Ddpinr, (nin). I die in a certain 
place ; p. endapined. — Nibi- 
kanij tji-ddpiiie, he died in the 
water, (he was drowned.) Dc- 

f i. 



f 1 


~ 102 — 


tieniiuiiKiutf [fchihaidlit/on;/ 
((iiifri/('ili(/oiif/) tjldiipine, our 
Lord (lii'cl oil a crofss. 

Ih'tpinea, i/(//ii, 1 make Iiiiii die 
in a certain place; p. end. .(id. 

I)(is/t,c()uj\. J?ut, and, too^ 

Ua.s/iiiiiiii, fiiiii). We are in a 
certain niinil)er, in such a 
numher, in a certain (quantity, 
so many persons, (or otlier 
oltj..) — Mi <i(t.ihixliiw(i(l in'iid 
u})ininia<i, my itotatoes were 
so many. 

Ihis/iwd. Shell, shield ; pi.-//. — 
Mi.s/iilinrid(i,s/iira. The shield 
ol a tortoise. 

Ddsshig, adv. Every time, as 
often as., ({)r do.ssiri.) Tins word, 
(the inter|»retatioii-word of 
the Otchi))we numliers,) sij:- 
nilies notliin;: in itself; it is 
put between niDiibrrs lii<:her 
than nineteen, and fudtufaii- 
fii'cs denotiii;.' measure, of 
time or of other olijeets. So, 
f. i., they will not say : A'//- 
laiiahibou, twenty years, hut, 
nijtana dassn hihoii, etc. 

Ihoisohaiienind). So many times 
a handful, (in numher over 
nineteen.) For less than twen- 
ty, 8oe NiJobaacnindJ. Nis«o- 
ban^niadj, etc. 

Ddssabidoixni, iiiin). 1 tie so 
Mjany tojietlier, (in numher 
over nineteen;) p. end..aii(/. 
NissiiihiddiKi II in dassobidn- 
donan uslii iiij. I tie thirty- 
two together. For less than 
twenty, see Nijobidoiiun. Nis- 
sobidonan, etc. 

Dassobina, (nin). I catcli so 
many Hshes in a net, or in 
.several uets; ]». indassobinad. 

This word is put atler nun - 
liers higher than nineteen, in 
denote the numher of iisJK- 
eaught in a net, or in severnl 
nets; as: Nijtana nin dft.s.^o,- 
biiKt ; uifixiniidanfi dassDbiiin 
I I'aught twenty fishes in mv 
net, (nets;) he caught thirlv 
tishes in his net, (nets.) 

Ihissobiiuni, (nin). I tie so jr.aii\ 
ol)jeets together, (in numln r~ 
over nineteen.) — For less tlian 
twenty, see Nijobiiuif/. 
biiiatj, etc. 

Dd.s.sobiiiiikdn. So many tini(> 
hoth hands full, (in nunihei- 
over nineteen. 1 — For less tliiin 
twenty, see Nijobonikan. M-:- 
."iiibonikan, etc. 

Dds.^iKjdiniij, so many lodges m 
houses, (in numbers o\tr 
nineteen.^ — Niinidana f/(/.v.v-,- 
ijdniitj liitvhi wi(/iiraman nh- 
wan iina enil(iji(/abc,s/iiir(iil 
(inishinabcij ; there are fortv 
largo loilges there where the 
Indians are encamped. — For 
less ntimhers than twent\, 
see Nijoijamiij. Nissoi/aini'j. 
etc. . ' 

/^/.s'.v<K//Vm-H'«///.v, iiiin). I am 
so many months old, (in num- 
liers over nineteen ;) p. cn- 
dd,'',s'..sid. — (iwaiuk nij/aim,n aw aliinml- 
Ji ; this child is just twenl) 
months old. — For numhers 
less than twenty, see Nijo'ji- 
.s- is SIC a <j is . Nissoyisus wan '" • 

Dassogwaa. So many days.— 
This word is always precedeii 
either hy the adverb dnin .' 
liow ? how much ? or hy a 
numher hiirher than nineteen. 

lit i 

DAS - 103 - 




— ii'(\lana dasmtijH'aa nin iji- 
aid wcdi, 1 stuyeil there twen- 
ty (lays. 

l)(iss(ii/waiu(i/u(L It is 8u many 
(lays j p. eu(lass..tjak. — This 
\{'rl> IS (vlways preceded eitlicr 
liy the adverb unhi? or hy a 
nmnl)er higher than nineteen. 
— .hdi/wd iii.s.siiniildita if(it<.su</- 
wanaijud eko-mdiljad ,• it 
is already thirty cUiys since 
my f'atlier started. 

Ii((.s.s<)(/iv<ina(/is, [uiiii- I am so 
many days ohl, (a person or 
uiiy other olij.i ; p. — 
This verb is always preceded 
either by the adverb diiin 'f 
or by a nunil>er higher than 
nineteen. — Anin ciidas.soi/ird- 
iKHjifiid kitihiinc ? how many 
days is thy little brother old ? 
Mjtaiui d(mi«>iiwanaijisi, he 
is twenty days old. 

llii!i,sfti/tC((iu'nd,{niii). 1 am ab- 
sent so many days, going 
somewhere; p. CHd(iss..did. — 
This verb is jiut afti-r a nnm- 
b( r higher than nineteen, to 
signity the number of days of 
absence ; as : lii-mndjdwdij 
j'c'b(i,iiistii>nidana dank ia-das- 
Kixiwaneiidiwoy ; thev start- 
ed this morning, and tliey will 
lie gone (or absent) thirty 
days — When the number of 
the days of absence is under 
twent\', they will say, for in- 
stance, middssogiccii ta iiieii- 
(liwiti/ ; midassuijwaii ta-iiien- 
diwuij (is/ii iuino(/icaii, etc., 
they will be absent tideen 
days, etc. — S. IneiuL 

Da.ssokantin, [idu). We are so 
many in a canoe or boat, 
(when the number is over 

nineteen ; p. cnda.s^kanifii/. 
— Nijtana nia dtmsokainiii ; 
iiijUind Ilia da.sunkdimn {i»hi 
nitiswl ; we are twemlyi in the 
canoe; we are tweniy-lhrec 
in the canoe. — For leas than 
twenty, see Nijidxuiniii.'Migsu- 
kdiiiiii, etc. f 

DuN.suka, inin) or, nin 
ku. 1 come with my whole 
family, or with my wIkjIc 
band; p. cndd-sfudidd. — Eni- 
(jokwiniiun nin hi-ddxsukd, I 
come with my whole family, 
or, with my whole band. 

Dds.s6niiiia)f, so many round 
''lobular ol)jecls, lia numbers 
higher than nineteen. i — AV.s- 
ifiniiddiid dd.ssiiniiii(i(/ ini-shi- 
niindij ux/ii niiriii, thirty-tbur 
apples. — For numliers nmler 
twenty, see Nijinnina;/. AV.sao- 
iiiinaij, etc. 

Daamna, inin). I catch him in 
a trap, I trap him ; p. dd.ssn- 
nad ; imp. dufsfn'ij. 

UasHunay. So many canoes, 
boats, etc., (in numbers high- 
er than nineteen.) Niitdiid 
J II-- ■ ' 

ilds.sondij ic/iinidnaii iiiu uui- 

bdiiddndu ; I see twenty ca- 
iu)es. — F'or numljers under 
twenty, see Nijonay. Ninxo- 
ndij, etc. 

Dassundyan. Trap; snare; pl.- 
an. X 

UassDniJiijaii. So many pieces, 
(of meal, lisli, etc ) (in num- 
bers over nineteen.) — Nissiini- 
dana dassonijiijan (/iyoian i/i- 
anliamaway (dnnadjiiuy ; 
tliirty pieces of tish were giv- 
en to the children to oat. — 
For numbers under twenty, 



"-! ' ♦ 

' t 









— 104 — 


\ oee 

Ihifttdnik'. So niaiiy falhoiiiH, 
(in nttinlitTR over niiicteeii.) — 

'• Mijtaud ilaxsoink a.sfii ikiiiiiii, 
iij twenty-five fatlioniH. — For 
-»>iMin» Iters iitulor twi'uty, wfe 
Nijn II ifc . .Mssoiiik. 

DaxxunindJ. So nmiiv inchcfl, 
(in nuiiilKTs lii<^fi('r than 
nineteen.) — For nuiniiers un- 
der twenty, see N'ljaniiulJ. 
Nisnoninilj, etc. 

DasHos, iniii) I am trapited, I 
am cau<rht under sonifthinji 
that fell upon me, (a tree, a 
rock, etc.) ; p. densomid. 

IhssoNhk. So many hreadihs of 
cloth or other stuff, (in num- 
liers hi;j;her than niru'teen.) — 
For numhers under twenty, 
see Nijunhk. A'mo.v///r, etc. 

hax-fos/ikin. So many hajjs full, 
(in numhers over nineteen ) 
— Niiiniiu Ida a dun son /i kin 

npiiiii) ninatjigishpiiiauaif ; I 
l»ou;.^lit thirty bajis full of 
jtotatoes. For numbers un- 
der twenty, see Nijoslikhi. 
NisHoshkiiii etc. 

Uassnsid. So many feet, (in 
numliers over nineteen.) — For 
n)iml)ers under twenty, see 
Nijosid. Ni.ssonid. 

Ikusosotpiii. Being trajtped or 
caught ; also, the bruise or 
bruises caused to a person by 
8. th. that tell upon him. 

Dansossaij. So many barrels or 
wooden boxes full, (in nnm- 
ber.s over nineteen.) — Nijiaiia 
dassossatf pakxcejujan niiid 
aiawa ; I have twenty barrel.s 
of flour. — For numbers less 

than twenty, see Nijossuij. 
Nitinsn(i(f, etc. 

Dassw/fhik. So many objects of 
metal, stone, or gla.«s, (in 
numbers over nineteen.) — 
Naiiiviidana danxwdhik Jiniii- 
aii o </i-iiiinan ; he gave hiin 
fifty dollars. — For numbers 
under twenty, see Aijwahik. 
Nisximhik, etc. 

Ihisxiiutiaiidd It is of so many 
kinds; \). end..(/iik ; (in nnin- 
ber.'* over nineteen.) — Fur 
numbers less than twenty, 
see Nijioaiaijad. 

Duxxwaiaifi.simiii, (iiiii) or iiiu 
duxxdinijixiiiiin. We are of si • 
many kinds ;p cndaxx..xiil)iii ; 
(in numbers over nineteen.)— 
Nijtaiia (iaxswaiai/ixiii'di/ it/iir 
hiiiesliiiaii ; those birds arc 
of twenty different kinds.— 
For numbers under twenty, 
see Nijivaiaiji.iimiii. M.ssirai- 

baxsimk. So many hundreds, 
(in numbers over nineteen 
wliieh are put before the num- 
ber hundred.) — Nijiana dass- 
tpiik, twenty hundred ; iiissi- 
iiiidana dasHwdk, thirty hun- 
dred, etc. — For numbers un- 
der twenty, put before the 
numlter hundred, see Nijwnk. 
Nisswdk, etc. 

Uasswdkoximin, [idii). We are 
S( .nany hundred in number ; 
p. endaxs...sidjig ; (\u numbers 
over nineteen, put before the 
number hundred.) — Nixsimi- 
daiui niii daxxwakoximhi, \m' 
are thirty hundred of us, 
(three thousand.".) — For nuni- 
bcrs under twenty, put before 


10.> — 



We arc 
umlier ; 
ore tlu' 

nin, w 

of us, 

or iiuin- 

t lieturi' 

llu' nuiiilicr liumlrfd, bcc 
MJwah<i,iiiit ill . Ni.'tsH'alioxi- 
III in, etc;. 
lUis.swaku'iiaifuu . So iiiiiiiv 
opsins, (in iiuiiilierH o\ cr iiiiic- 
iccii.) — iMJIaiKi (la.s.sinilxWdd- 
1/(1 a nL'iiiha lei mini a; J ;jivt' 
I lift! tweiity 8panH of ribbon. 
— For nuniltors under (woiity, 
see Mjinthiroaifun, Ni.i.'tin'ik- 
iriia</(in, etc. 
lUisKwnlitj. So many olijects of 
wood, (in nnnilicrs over niiu'- 
tcH'n.) — NdniiiiiilaiKi dasKird- 
liij nabu(jis.s(t(/on o i/ii/is/ifii- 
iianan ; he boujjjht forty 
lioiirds. — For nunibc*r.s undi-r 
twenty, 8oe Niju'i'ditf. iMss- 
irdfiij, etc. 
Ihi.i.sirvij. So niiiny oljjccts of 
stntr, clotli, (in niinilier.'^ over 
nineteen.) — Nitnimidiina (A/.v.t- 
irc;/ wtiboiuiuin od nidnan air 
iiluireuHnini ; tiliut nierciiant 
lias tlfty blankets. — Fur nuni- 
liers under twt'iity, .-^ee iMJ- 
iri'if. Nissiceij, etc. 
Ihixsirvwdn. So niuny pair, 
couple, yoke, 8et.«; (in nnni- 
liers higher than nineteen ) 
MJtuna das.siceiranpijikiu'iii/, 
twenty yoke of oxen. Ni.ssi- 
inidana dasxweioan ntakixinan 
lid aianan, he lias thirty pair 
uf shoe.s. — For numbers un- 
der twenty, siee ^iju'rwdn. 
Ms.swcicdn, etc. 
li'ilai/db, {niit) or, iiin ddl(i(/<i- 
iidb. I lift uj) my eyes, 1 look 
upwards; ]». d<ii( 
lidlaijikxoen, {iiin). 1 lift up my 
head and incline it back- 
ward.^; p. daiat..nid. 
Ih'— ; a i>article which is pre- 
li.U'd to verLs or numbers in 


Ih'bililiilUiltil . 
Driiiib, {iiiiD. 

order to signify, ciiomj/i, siij- 
firii-ntlif, ijnite : aw: huwiu 
Iiin dr-kikcniiidixdssi, I don't 
know myself suiliciently. Ih- 
tipilixi, he is old enough. 
hdii'in dciiiJIiiiKi, not (|uil»' 
twenty. S'in dcakos, 1 am 
tall enough. 
lit'b, dtbi, in comiHisiiions, sig- 
nily, siiUirinillij, ennnijli. (lt).\- 
amples in Home of tlie follow- 
ing words.) 

I'ayer ; pi.-;//,'/. 
I have room 
enough, (in sitting;/ p. daii- 
Drbdb, iiiiin. I see from 8U(di « 
distancte ; p. diiirbdbid.. — 
U«.v.v<f nin di'bdb, I see from 
tiir, (F am not sliort-sighted.) 
Ih'bdbniiiii, mill). I see him, or, 
I can see him, from such a 
distance ; p. ddif-.iiiad. 
lJrbdliiiiiiiii(iif(i'<, [niin. J can 
be seen from... 1 iim visible 
from such a distance ; p. 
ildit:h .sid. 
Ih'bdbaiiiiniKjn'iid It can be 
seen, or, it is visible from 
such A distance; p. daicb.. 
Di'bdbaiidan, (nin) 1 see it, or 
can see it, from such a dis- 
tance ; p. d(iir..uni/. 
Uebaijenini, (nin). 1 am sati,— 
lied, contented, I think I have 
enough ; p. duieb..mod. 
Ih'b(iii/ed. One who measure.'^, 

measurer ; li\.-Ji<f. 
l)i!l)iiii<i</idon, (nin). I tall; 

enough ; i». daii'..(in[i. 
Dibdiii, adj 01. right. Nindcba- 
ninik, mv riglit arm ; nin di- 
biiiiiniiulj, my right hand. 
Debaoki, [nin). 1 give io all, 








- m - 



/in a (liHtrihiUion ;) i». tlaie.. 

Il^/xinmt, hiin). I ^'iv(> also to 
liiin, (ill a tlintriljutiuii ;i |i. 

hrhaiilikhic, or-maifml. Tlierc 
iis room <'tiouj^li in il, it IioMh. 
it coiitaiiiM, (dry oIijocIm ;) p. 
<ltne..uf'(f, oi ■VKif/nlx. — Nihiira 
<h''l)(ishkiu( iw VKikitk : fliul 
liox coiitHiiiH iniicli, (holds 

Ildxiiihkiacmin, iiiin). Wo cnii 
all ;io ill, tiicrc is room ciion^ii 
tiiriis; |)l. ilaic. iK'iljijf. — Nin 
dtlxisltkintiniii itita anamicwi- 
i/niiiii/nii;j ; tliorc is room Cor 
iiM all ii; tliat cImu'cIi. 

Ih'lniiilditi, (nin) 8. Ih'hfiiiin. 

Hchendan;/. Proprietor, muster, 
inifltreHs ; ])\.-i;/. 

Ih'hi'ntJJif/rtl. Lord ; master, 
iiiistreHs; proi)rietor ; \>\-Jiu- 

I ><'!)''' nini, (nin) or, nin di'ltentloin. 
I tliink it is enoujj;li, I think 
I iiave enoujrii ; I am con- 
tented, .wati.stied ; \). dale.. wad, 
or, diiie..(in(f. 

I)4hhiim(>win. Coiitentedne.''s. 

Deheninf/cd. S. Ih'hendjii/ed. 

I)chi<i, {nin). I content iruii, I 
make hii'i liappy, satisfy 
him, I pjive liim surtieiently ; 
p. ddirbiiid. 

Drhibi, {nin">. I drank enoujrh, 
I am filk'il with licinor ; p. 

hcbihi, ov-mayad. It lioids, 
contains, (]i(|nid;l p. daiiibi- 
hi(/, ov-maijak — Kilchi ptiiH/i 
dcbibi iw oiHodai ; that oottle 
liolds (cunlains,! ver\' little. 

Ocbibina, (nin) {iiuni. 1 catch 
him. take hold of him, with 

my hand, 'or hands;) p. dair.. 

Ih'binid, tnin). I tell the trulli 
of him, what f tell of him, \- 
all true; p. dairbimnd. — An' 
ijiini nin d<biiniij i/(y</ . mr 
<i(i.s/i iho' kiitriii nin drbinn- 
(fo.tsi. What that man is tell- 
in;r of me, is true indeed ; Imi 
what that woman tells f)l' im . 
is not true. 

Drbinn, h(in){ni'in\. \ reach him. 
(with my hand or otherwise ; 
1). do i.. mil/. 

Driiijxt. It snowed enough ; p 

Ifrbi.s', inin). ! iiave enoupli. I 
ajii contented, I am liappv ; 
p. ibiiebi.^id. 

Drbi.'i/ikun, inin). I cati itiii n 
on easily, its tits me well, (an 
article of clothing', or a hai, 
a shoe, a hoot ;) also, 1 reail 
it ; {). dme..iinij. 

Ucbi.shkndadimin, {n:in). W( 
reach one another; p. dni'.. 

hcbitiiwin. Happiness, sulii- 
ciency, ahundance, plenty. 

Dehi.f.s-atrhii/c, (nin). F pm 
enough, I put everywhere ; 
p. daie..(/ed. 

Dt'bi.'i.saion, {nin). I put enoii'jli 
of it, f ])rocure enough of ii; 
p. daiclod. — Nin, wi-dcJ)i.^s,i- 
ionan numhku.'i.nuiau ; I wiil 
procure hay enough, (for tlif 
whole winter.) 

Debi.s.fe, inin.]. I am sufticieni. 

I can do it, 1 (;an atl'ord it ; \<. 

dairbi.'iKed., or-niarfad. It is snlli- 

cient, enough, it .^uthces ; }i. 

daicbissey, ovmaf/ak. 


]>■ (i( 


- 107 — 


IhliiKKiii, iinin. I alt' Millififiil- 


Hill Hiitunilfd ; |i. ilnit 

lirliisniiiitoin. Siiiurilv, tlio.«tttli' 
(if liiiv iii;i t'iitcii ciKPii^ili. 

lh!iil(t(/o.'<, \nhi). 1 ('till lie lu'iinl, 
I HfM.>nk lixnl ciioii^h In In- 


). (I<n<'..sit 


I'l liilidfirdil. It ciiii lie licard, 
it Himinlrt IimkI t'nniii.'|i ti> lio 
lifiinl ; |). ihiic.iiufk. — llrhi- 
Itti/ii'dil (iiiKi kifiif/ii/fiii. I lie 
Ik'II ('.'III lie lifiinl liorc. 

l>iliH(twii, i III in it (III) I licnr 
hill) licri', (lie hjxuIvs loml 
(■iiiiiiLrli ;) |i. ifdip. Willi. — 'I'rhi- 
l/i.s/i/tiriiin/ iiiii nihiiw niinniii- 
ii'ii/iiiiiii/niii;, iiitiiiri iln.s/i iiiii 
ilihi/tiira i/ri/ikii'cil : I stiiiid 
at till' (Idur ill the cliurcli, 
lull .still I lu'iir 111*' prt'iH'licr. 

Iiihiloii, liiiii). I sati-l'v it, I 
iiiaki' it cuutcntcil, liii|ipv ; jt. 
(Iiiii'hihid. — A7// iti'ltiinn iiiiiiti- 
iliissiiui nii'iio-((i)il<iiiii'iiiiii ; I 
iiiako my heart conlciilcil an 
olleii aw I act well, (as I do 

Iiihiwniir, iiiiii. I carrv all at 
(iiice, iti one trip; \).<leic..ii<(l. 

Ih'hiirehiiiii, (iiiii\ {itum. 1 tliruA 
f^oiiic i»l>). to siicli !i distance; 

p. <lnil'..ll(tll. 

Iirhwe, (iiiii). 1 It'll tlir truth ; 
p. ilairhwcil. 

Iii'hii'i'iciulai/v.f, {iiiiij. I am ve- 
raciouH ; I am considered as 
telling' the truth ; p. daic.sid. 

lU'bweinidnijwad. Jt is true; it 
is considered as truth ; ji. 

bi'lnvnendiuti, (iiiii) or, niii drb- 
ireendain. I helieve, (in my 
tiiou<;lits, ill my mind,) 1 
think it is true ; p. daicMni/. 

DrlnriiiiidiiniDii'i'ii, or, dihin'cii' 

dntiiiiwiii. Heliel, lailli. 
D^lnriinidi'iii, [iiiii) or. iiiii dih- 



liclieve in it, I 

think it is true ; p. daiejiii;/. 

r. III It dclf 


li'rli iiDiKl, nun) o 

inniiiiin. I iielieve in IiImox- 
isleiice ; j). doii'.iiinil. 
hittirrfdt/ii.s, {iiiii) or, /(//' dili- 
iri'fiii/r. I Hpeak the truth, [ 
am heard speakin;.' the truth ; 

I. llltll',.SII 

Dihinliii/iisiiriii. N'l'i'acious 

speakinir, trulh-telliii'.'. 
Ih'/iii'i'fiii(iiii)ii(, {iiniK I think 

he is tellini: the Initli ; p. 

diiii iiiiid. 
I)iliii'ifiiiii,iiiiii). I lielievc what 

I hear ; ilides per auditiim ;) 

p. d(ii(l)ir(diiiii/. 
l)«Uiin/iiii, {niii). I helieve it, 

'hoariii;.' it ;) \). dnii Itirrlumj. 
hihii'i'/iiint, \iiiu]. 1 helieve him, 

I helieve what he says, I obey 

him ; p. iIu'h ..iiuul. 
Dilnnircisiii. ItM sound is heard 

at this or at that place ; p. 

do ii'.. sill;/. 
Ililiin ii'iddii/, iiiiin. I make mv- 

sell' heard from a certain dis- 
tance ; p, 
I lilt in ir ill. 
hihwtiHiHiijiid. It is true, il ia 

• lie truth ; )). ilaic-ijuk. 
hrhirririiiiimnjad. S. Dchireici- 

Ui'hiciwiui-inaninalijnn. Certili- 

cnte, document, deed, (pa])tr 

of truth ;) pl.-«/t. 
hihiriiciiiiinui. It is the truth ; 

p. flair. .(iiiif. 

Ik-i, ill ill). My 
daii'cd. — Niii 
iiiii iiiiiKidee,] 
^ood ; niii matclii-dce, (mat- 

Truth. ' 

heart is... ; p. 
niiiKhdec, (or, 
mv heart \h 




^1 ; 

f! >1 

1 I 

i i ■ 


— 108 — 


rhidee,) my heart is wicked. 
Mi eji-deeiun, my heart in ho. 

Deda, (nin). I make his heart 
HO ; p. daii'ead. — Nin miiio- 
di'ea ; nin matchideea ; I 
Jiiuke hiH heart <;oo<l ; I make 
hin heart wicked. Eji-derian 
iji denakin, make my heart 
like thy lieart. 

Itren/ika, (nin) or, nind iji 
dcenhka. Mj heart is affect- 
ed in a certain manner, is lill- 
ed with certain sentiments; 
p. daieeshkad. Sesika gi-nish- 
kadji-deeshka , his lieart was 
Hiiddenly aflecced with anger, 
(tilled with anger.) 

Dc-t/ijia, inin.) I finish it, I 
have time enough to finish it ; 

Drjintjcuhkid. Habitual slan- 
derer, detractor, cahunnia- 
tor; ])\-jia. 

Dejinged. One who speaks ill 
of somebody, (without a habit 



so,) slanderer ; ul. 

Tongue. There is 
i possessive pronoun 


prefixed to this word ; as : A'in 
denaniw, nty tongue ; ki de- 
naniw, tliy tongue, etc. 

Ik'nimiigon, {nin). The water 
comes under me, (in a camp 
after a rain ;) p. daie god 

l)4w, deica, drwi, in composi- 
tions, signifies evil, ache, 
pain, infirmity. (Examples in 
some of the following words ) 

Dewdbide, (nin). I have tooth- 
ache ; p. paie..ded. 

Ihiwdhidewin. Tooth-ache. 

Dewakigan, (nin). I have pain 
in the breast ; p. daicwaki- 


Dcwidee, (nin) I lieel j)ain in 
my heart, my heart is op- 
pressed, cran)pt'<I ; p. daiewi- 

iJewlgdde, (nin). I have pain 
in )>iy leg; p. daid-.ded. 

l)ewigane,[nin). I have pain in 
my bones; p. daie..ned. 

iJrwiktoe, (nin). I have head- 
ache; p. daie.. toed. 

Ucwikiceid.s,H, (nin). I 
head-ache from too 
heat ; p. daie .nod. 

Dewikwewin. Head-ache. 

Ih'winike, (nin), I have pain in 
my arm; p. daic.ked. 

Dibaaki, (nin). I survev, il 
measure the earth ;) debaa- 

Dibaakiioin. Survey, surveying, 

Dibaakiwinini. Surveyor, geo- 
meter; \A-wag. 

IHbaamddim,. They pay toge- 
ther, a payment. 

Dibaamdding. When they pay 
together, the time of a pay- 

Dibaamddiwin. Payment made, 
or received, by several toge- 

Uibaamage, (nin). I pay pen- 
pie ; I recon)[jense ; 1 return, 
repay ; p. deb..ged. 

Dibaamagcwin. Payment or 
reward given to somebody. 

Dibaamagos, (nin. I receive 
payment, I am paid ; p. deb.. 

Dibaamagoicin.* Payment ur 
reward received by somebody. 

Dibaamawa, (nin). 1 pay him, 

* Hee Jianark U\ article Anamlkaao- 

» i 


— 109 



I reward or recompense him, 
1 return him or repay him 
what lie <li(l to m.- or for me ; 
p. (leb,.wad. 

lUhaan, (nin). I pay it; or for 
it; p. d^baaiuj. 

Dihahishkodjiffan . Balance, 

Hcale, steelyanl ; also, a 
pound- p.-au. 

Dihalmhkodjigc, [jiin). 1 weif^h 
in a balance, 1 am weijrhing; 
p. deb..ged. 

Ilihabishkodon, (nin). I weigh 
it ; p. deb..dod. 

IHbabishkona, {nin). T weigh 
him, (a person, or any other 
obj.) ; p. deb .nad. 

Ilibaboweigan. Cover of a ket- 
tle ; pl.-rtH. 

IHbddJim, {nin). I Itell, I nar- 
rate, I relate; p. deb. mod. 

hibfldjima, {nin). I npeak of 
him, I tell a. th. of him, (how 
he is, or what lie did, etc.) ; p. 
deb. .mad. 

Dibddjimntage, {nin) I am tell- 
ing, relating ; p. deb..ged. 

Dibddjimotawa, (nin). I tell 
him ; p. deb. .toad. 

Dibddjimowin. Narration, story, 
report; pi. .an. 

Dibddodamawa, {nin). I tell 
him s. th. ; p. deb. .wad. 

Ih'bddoddn, {nin). I tell it, I 
relate it ; p. deb..ang. 

I)ibdgima,(nin). I conduct or 
oversee him ; I judge him ; 

Dibdigan. Any kind of mea.snre, 
as, yard, bushel, acre, hour, 
league, mile, etc. ; pl.-«H. 
IHbdige, (nin. I measure; p. 

Dibaiqen, (n/n). I measure it ; 
p. debaiged, 

hebaigenan, {nin). I measure 
some obj. ; p. debai</ed. (V. 

I)ibai(j6win. Measurement, mea- 
sarng.'nn. Watch, clock, 
sun-dial ; \)].-(fg. — Dibaigiaias- 
wdn mddji.shka, kijika, 
ka, nagashka ; the watch 
goes, goes fust, goes slow, 

I) i b a i g i s i .t .s w anikew i n i n i 
Watch-maker; p\.-wag. 

Uibaivtinan. Bushel, (measur- 
ing vessel containing a bu- 
shel ;) pl.-a«. 

Uibdkona, ivin). I judge him ; 
p. del). .pad. 

Dibahmidiwigamig. J udgment- 
house, common-hall; pl.-o//. 

iHbakondiwin. Judgment, court. 

Dibakonigade, or magad. It is 
judged ; p. deb..deg, or ma- 

lHbagoniga.<i, {nin). I undergo 
judgment, I am judged ; p. 
deb.. .sod. 

Dibakonige, {nin). I juilge; jj. 

Dibakonige-gijigad. Day of 

Dibakonigewigamig. S. Dibako- 

Uibakonigewin. Jtidgment, made 
or pronounced; law, justice. 
Gaiat dibakonigeunn, the old 
law, (Old Testament.) 

Dibakonigeiinnini. Judge, jus- 
tice of the peace, magistrate ; 

Dibakonigowin. Judgment vn- 
dergone or received. 

Dibdkoniwe, (nin). S. VibabO' 
nige, etc, 

,■ (liil 

i : V fit 






— 110 — 


hihaknnUccwiu. S. Dihakniiif/e- 

Di I) (I k niivewim-npahiioj n. 
Judfrnieiit-Hcat, trihntml ; pl.- 

IlilHOiieiu'm, {nin). I inoderuto 
inyHclC, put, iiiysclr on a ccr- 
tiim rule ; p. 

Dihando, (m'li). I iimkca vow ; 
p. dehanddd. 

J)il)(iiidnii, (nin). I i'ullil a vow ; 
p. deh..dod. 

Dilxnidnirih Vow ; sacrilico, 
olieriug ; pl.-r</(. 

Dilxtonon. Measure of a canoe ; 

Dihawa, (nin). I pay for some 
olij. ; p. d eh.. wad; imp. dilnl. 

J)il)enda(fn.<i, iiiin). I have a 
master ; (L. Huh j)OteRtate 
(;ou9titutuH sum ;) )). ilch. .^id. 

Dibetidamon, {nin) or, nin diix- 
nindnmoa. I make liim mas- 
ter of s. til. ; p. del). .ad. 

Dihenddn, {nin). I am the )»ro- 
prietor of it, the ma.ster of it, 
1 possess it; p. dehendnnf/. 

Dihenda.'ifi, (nin). I have ))ro- 
])erty, I possess, I am ])ro- 
prietor ; p. deb.. nod. 

Dihenda.'isoirin. Property, 'pos- 
se.ssion ; treasure. 

Dihrndjiffe, inin). lain master, 
lord ; p. deh-.tjed. 

Dihaidjitjewin. Dom i nation , 

Dihrninui, [nin). I am hi.s mas- 
ter, his proprietor ; I jjossess 
iiim, (a person, or any other 
ol)j. ;) p. deb. .mad. 

Dibcnindis, {nin). I am my 
own master, T am free and 
independent ; p. deb. ..sod. 

Dib^jiindismoin. liilierty, free- 
ilom, independence. 

Dibr{va(fendaw,{nin). I reflect, 

considei' ; p. deb. . ami . 
I)ihetr(i(/endan, (nin\. F eoii^-i 

ilcr it, I reflect upon it; p. 

deb. .anil. 
Dihewaijenini, (nin). I relicct 

upon myself; p. deb..mod. 
Dibewaijenima, diin). I retlcci 

up(jn him, I consider liim ; p. 

deb. .mad. 
DibinilcauMy [nin] (dan). I iiicm- 

sure some ohj. by the fathom ; 

p. deb.. mad. 
Dibomtna, {nin). 1 'irrange m' 

settle him ; p. deb. .mad ; imp. 

Itibowe, (nin). I arrange, I wei- 

tle, I serve on the jury ; p 

Dihrtinrin'n. Jury. 
Dibowi'irinini. .luryman ; iil- 

Dinii, ov-ina</(id. It is deej) ; a 

river, a lake, etc. ;) p. deinii/. 

Dimiianike, {nin.) I dig <leep . 

p. dem..ked. 
J)iniinen,(/aii. Shoulder. Theic 

is always a possessive pid- 

noun prefixed to this wonl ; 

as : Nin diminanf/an, ni\ 

shoulder; o diminant/an. In 

shoulder, etc. 
Din>ifi(/irei((,ov, dimifit/vwiai/id- 

(/ad: The river is deep ; |i 

dem,..iag, or, dem..ffak. 
Dino, dinovan. Like, e((u;il. 

ohj. (hi' dino, or, ow dinmni. 

one like this liere. Ow ditm- 

van, several like this niir. 

(hiow dinowdn, several ohjcit 

like these here. 
Dinonij. in the same tliiiiii; 

nn.f.'idb dinon;/, nlwayf* in lli'" 

same thimi'. 



— Ill — 


Uodi'dimhi, (iiin). Wo do to 
oac'li otlior, we troat eaoli 
other ; p. dwadadidjit/. — Mn- 
j(f(j mino dodddiwoy, they 
treat each other always well. 
Ke<jo wika matchi dodddike- 
</an, never do evil to one ano- 

Ihidddhcin. Mutual treatment. 

Do 'M(]ema(fad. It does; \). end.. 
</ak. — Kitchi matchi dodaye- 
vmgad ishkotewdbo • ardent 
liciiior doe.s iinich evil. 

J)('nktm, (nin). I do, I commit; 
p. endodany. 

Dodamowiii. Act, action, deed, 
doinii ; p\.-an. 

Doddii, {nin). I do or e. 
th. to some obj. ; p. endodany. 
—0 matchi dodan wiiaw, lie 
doe.** evil to his hodv, (to him- 

Dttdaa, {nin) or, nin dndadift. I 
do it to myself, T cause it to 
myself, I brint' it u[)on me ; 
p. end...ind. 

Dodawa, {nin). I do it to him, 
J treat him ; Icause it to him, 
T bring it upon hint; p end., 

Dowa. \iL'\ke, equal, olij. — Nin 
doum kin dmoa, win dmimn ; 
one like myself, thyself, him- 
self. Nin <)nwag, kin doway, 
nin dowan, several like my- 
self, thyself, himself. — Nina- 
wind doum, kinaioa dowa, wi- 
naiua dowan ; one like our- 
selves, vourselves, Ihem- 
sel ve s . NinaiHnd d. cvay, ki- 
nawa doway, iHnawa dowan ; 
.several like ourselves, your- 
selves, themselves. 





M! , 



1 1 

! ; 

ill the Eng- 


/?. Til is vowel lias only one 

sonml ill the Otchijjwe liiii- 

jruage, which is the Honnd of 

the fame vowel woril met. 
E, or eiih ! adv. Yes. (See Otcli. 

Graiiiinar. Adverbs denoting 

Ehashkobiteff nibi. Tepid water, 

a little warm. 
Edissufed. One who dyes, dyer ; 

pl •:/»■//• 
Editeyin. Tilings that are ripe, 

(all kinds of berries.) 
Ej/atcMssuf. One who is not 

ashamed, a shameless, impu- 
dent person ; pl.-o.^. 
Eij. S. Naimj. 
Ejanhawehagisid assema. 

bacco in square piece. 
EJessed. He that slides 

backslider; Jig., who 

up religion, or some 

good practice ; Y^\--jig. 

EJmdebiidn. At my feet ; eji- 

' aidebiian, at thy feet ; ejisi- 

debid, at his feet, etc. (I. 

Eji.ndekawe, {mud). 1'he tracks 

of both my feet appear ; p. 

EJi..tagwag, or eji-takicamagdk. 

As it is short, the abridgment 

of s. th. 
Eko- : The Clijinge of Ako, 



Ekn-dchiwcbinind a.i.iiii. A 
stone's throw far, 

Ekn-dniikvmning. The length of 
an elbow, a cubit, (a foot anil 
a half.) — Nijimj ekn-donkwa- 
ning, middtching eko-doskuui- 
ning, uiftana dassing ekn- 
dofikwaning ; two cubits, ten 
cubits, twenty cubits long. 

Ekn-jangatcMng,\\\\m. Ninthly ; 
the, ninth. 

Eko-nananing, num. Fifthlv ; 
the tifth.~(For the rest ',-^ec 
Otch. Grammar. Chap. V. 
No. 5. Ordinal Number.) 

Ekosid. As he is long, his length. 

Ekn.Hsing. As it is long, its 
length ; pl.-wj. 

Ekwag. As it is large, its e.x- 
tent; pi .-in. 

Emikwdii. Large wooden spoon, 
spoon; pi. -an. 

Emikiodaens. Tea-spoon ; pl- 

Endbandang. One who dreams, 
dreamer ; \>\.-ig. 

Endbadassinog. Useless, bein;.' 
good for nothino;; p\.-in. 

Endbadisissig. Useless unpid- 
fitable person, or other being; 

Endbigis. S. Nindawatch. Mium. 
Enamiad. One who prays, a 

Christian ; \A.-jig. 
Enamidssig, One who does not 


ig, Its 

its ex- 

8 pool 1, 

)n ; pl- 


5S, beiiiiT 

r bt'ii !,•:■; 

does iK't 


— IIM - 



pray, a pagan, heathen 

I'jiitnih'kasotl. One wlio feigns 

religion, an hypocrite; pl.- 

Eiiiimietttuuiil hije-Mcwilon, ado- 
rer ofCiod ; \)\.-Ji(i. 

EiKDuietdwad inasiiiiiiin. Adorer 
of idols; \i\.-ji(j. 

EiiiiiKjp ka, adv. Yes certaiidy, 
(hiubtless, undoubtedly. 

Eiifipiiiadon, (niud). I (hunage 
or injure it; p. aien..dod. 

Eiidsmmabiian. Before me, 
[xittinq ;) endasamahiian, be- 
fore tliee ; enaHsamabid, be- 
fore liini, etc. 

Eiiitsmim'gdbawiidn. Before me, 
{standing ;) enassaniigabuwii- 
(ui, before thee ; endssamiga- 
Imwid, before him, etc. 

Eiidssainiidti. Before me, in 
niy presence ; endasamid, 
helure him, etc. 

EiKt.ssamimagali. Before some- 

Eiidxaamifihiiidn. Before me, 
(/l/ing,) endssamishinan, be- 
fore tliee, etc. 

EiidKnamishhinjigioeidn. Before 
my eyes, endssamishkinjig- 
ired, before his eyes, etc. 

Eiid.sxamissing. Before soine- 
tliing, (lying on the ground, 
or standing there.) 

Eiidnd. He who stays ; or, 
where he stays, his habita- 
tion, his dwelling, his lodge, 
his liouse, his home. 

Eiidtigog. What there is. 

Eiidaidn. My home, my dwel- 
ling, my habitation, my lodg- 
ing. — Enddian, thy home, etc. 

Eiidaji-. (The Change ol' Daji-.) 


vanaie, where the priest puts 
on his church-vestments, or 
sacerdotal garments, sacristy, 
Endas/iid. Himself and all his 
family ; or, all what there is 
of some obj. — Mi endasliid 
joniia endaidn ; that is all 
the money there is in )iiy 
Endanhiidn. Myself and all my 
family, all those who belong 
to me. 
Endassing. All what there is 

of it, the whole of it. 
Endaasd-. (The Change of 

Endaaso-gijigak. Every day, 

daily. — 
EndasHo-tibikak. Every night, 

Endogwen. I don't know. 
Enigo. Ant, emmet; pl.-//. 
Enigok, adv. Strongly, much ; 

Enigokodeeidn. From all my 
heart ; enigokodeeian, from 
all thy heart ; enigokodeed, 
from all his heart, etc. 
Enigokodewisiidn. My whole 
household, my whole fiunily ; 
enigokodewind, his whole 
household, etc. 
Enigo konsing, or, enigokwis.iing, 
the whole extent of it, the 
whole heap. 
Enigokwadeasing. As it is wide, 

the whole width of it. 
Enigokwag aki. As wide as the 
earth is, everywhere on earth. 
Enigokwagami gag , or, enigoko- 
gamigag, adv. In the whole 
Enigokioiniidn, S, Enigokode- 



) il 







— 114 


Enigoiolgrunif/. Ant's hill; |il.- 

Enimuwa, {wind). I surpnss 
liiiii, (ill a ronoe ;] p. (licit.. 
wad; imp. enimd. 

Eiiimanwe, {nindj. I Hurpiiss, 
(paddliiij? ill a Ciiiioe, or sail- 
in ji; ;) p. 

Eiimiia, [timd], I surpasH hiiii, 
beat him ; \). aieii..iuL 

Knimiiwe, (niiul). I surpass ; p. 

Eiiiiiiis/ikuwa, (nind). I ont;i;o 
or outrun iiini, I arrive he- 
fore him ; f surpass iiiin 
walkinj; or runniiij? ; p. aieii . 

Eninajaond. One who is sent, a 

iiiesseiiirer; pl.-;y'// 

i affirm, I say 
I'owanls even- 

E, nind ikkit 


Eni tihikak. Towards night. 

Eiiiwek, adv. Toleraljly, mid- 
dling, pretty; (F. passaltle- 

Enokid. Who orders s. tli. to 
lie done, who gives work, em- 
ployer; p\--jig- 

Enonind. One that is employ- 
ed to do s. th., an employed 
jierson, hireling, mercenary; 

E^xingifilmnng. West, Occident, 
setting of tlie sun. 

Epifag. As it is thick, the 
thickness of some ohj. ; pl.- 

Epitagamig. So deep in the 
ground. — Mi epitCikamig wd- 
niken, dig so deep in the 

Epitrh. (The Change of Apitch.) 

EpHchiig. As it is far, the dis- 
tance of a place, 

Epilrhiidn. As much as I can; 
as quick as J can. 

Epifrhiiig, adv. Strongly, witli 
all force. 

Ejiifi.s.siiii/. As it is high, it- 

Einldirc.iig. As we speak, loud. 

Es/((uiged viatr/ii maahkiki. One 
who gives p<jison to enl. a 
poisoner* pi -////. 

Eslikam, atlv. More and moif. 
(Examples in some of tlieflj]- 
lowing articles.) 

E.s'hkam nibiwa. More and more, 


Eshkavi nin pakakados. I ai 
getting lean, poor, more iin 

E.'<hkam [jiin loiniik. I am 
ting fat more and more. 

Eshkampangi. Less and 



decreasing, (more and iimn 

Es/ikau. Horn (of cattle, deer. 

etc.); pl.-«//. 
Eshkan. Ice-cutter ; (F. tranche; ) 

Eshkandaming. What is eatiii 

raw, cucumhor, melon; pi 

Eshkdnigan. S. Eshkan. 
Eshkihod. One who eats raw. 

an Esquimau Indian; pi.-//;/ 
Eahkosseg, or, eshko.'Hiemagilk. 

Remainder, remnant; pi.-///. 

Eshkioessing. The last ohj. in .1 
it is high, the 
height of s. til ; pl.-«i. 
Eshwdmanissongin. S. A.'^/iwir 

Esiga. Tick. tike. 

range or row ; 
Eshpag. As 


- n:> - KT'Tc 

E.iis^or^fiis. Slicll, (lystor; pl.- 

Essilxiii. Wild fill, mckoon ; 

Essilxtuiwai'tlii. Skill of the 

wild cat; I )1. -('//. 
litsilniuiwekon. Coiit made of 

wild cat's skins; \)\--(iii. 
Esshiii;/. HreuHt-plate, (Indian 

ornjinu'iit;) ])\.-<i!/. .hniiidwes- 

shiiif/, breast-plate made ol' 

silver; viigitisries-siwij/, made 

(if iieads of porcelain or 

El II, adv. Only. 
EltiijcA iiinnidliisiiriii. One who 

puts tlie cox-pox, inoculator ; 

|)1. cliufcil/ii/. 
Ehiwa, eluu'i, in conijjositiun.s, 

sijjnilles hof/i, (»r hut/i siilrn. 

(Ivxamples in some of the I'ol- 

lowin^i words.) 
Kttiivaifnm, ndv. On iioth sides 

of a river, lid<e, hay, etc. 
Kliiii'dii, adv. On both sides. 
Kl((in'<lfi.ssc,(niii<l}. I have both 

le;.f,L!:in;is on, (on both sides, on 

both lejis;) p.'if. 
Efain'i/dd. Hoth leizs. 
Ehdclkonidii. Knilc with two 

Etiiu'iiut. ]>oth sides of the 

E/iiirinik. Both arms. 
Elawiniiulj. Jloth hands, in 

both hands, witii both hands. 
Efdirisid. ]UA\\ feet. 
En/ill n'.sfiici II. Kucdiarijsl. 

! ;' 

, i 

\ I 


i ■ 



Some words that are not fmind under G, mat/ he looked for 

under K. 


Ga-, or (/ad-. This j)article is 
UHC'd in the first and Hecond 
persons of the future tense, 
and in tlie participles of the 
pant tense. (S. the Conjug. in 
Otcl). Grain. J 

(idhd, (nin\. I land; p. (jehad. 

(iahdnhhna, (7iin) lion). I put 
some ohj. to the lire in some 
ve.ssel, to cook ; p. (/eh..inad. 

ludniah, (nin). I camp, encaiDp; 
p. (/eh.. id. 

G(d>enhmin. The act of camp- 
ing, camp, encampment; pl.- 

(iah^.win. Landing placf, land- 
ing; pl.-a/t. 

li(i(/abddj, adv. Much. 

Gac/aienia, (nin). I am cun- 
ning, artful, crafty ; p. ge(j.. 

Ga(/aienisiwin. Cunning, artful- 

Gd(/andawa, * (nin). an.fre(j. I 
push him repeatedly; p. gai- 
(((/.. wad ; wup. j/ajjanda 

Gatjandenima, [nin). I have a 

* Nt)TE. Most of tlie verbs beginning 
with guiia are j'requeiitatii'e verbs, de- 
noting a repetition or reiteration of tlie 
saine act, or allnding to more than one 
oliject. They lueiiiarlied here witU the 
^ymble /req, 


malicious joy over liis griefor 
damage, (m thoughts;) p. //<(/ 

Ga(/andini-odabanens. Wliccl- 
barrow ; (F. brouette ;) pl.-c//. 

Gagdndjia, {nin) J'req. b. (in- 

Gaf/andji(/idea, (nin) fre(j. S. 

Gdgandjigidema, (nin) freq. 1 
e.xpress a iiuilicious joy over 
his grief or damag**, I say, it 
is right that this or that hiqi- 
pened to him; \). geg..mad. 

Gag(1ndjigiiage, (nin) fre</ I 
am expressing a malicious 
joy over the grief or damanf 
of somebody ; p geg.ged. 

Gagandjinatvea, (7iin). I irri- 
tate liim, I provoke or excite 
him to anger purposely; ]). 

Gagdndjinaweiditpin. Malicious 
provocation to anger. 

Gaganohiiraie, fre(j. Its fur nr 
hair is long, (of an animal ;) 
p. geg..ied. 

Gagd-nodamage, (nin) freii. I 
pray or speak for someliody 
repeatedly, I iiitercedc ; ]' 


ed for 

is fj^riefor 
ts ;) p. .'/<■,'/ 

. WIkh-1- 
te;) pi. -",'/■ 

q. S. (,ii- 

i) /Ve(/. 1 

s joy over 

f», rpav,it 

that iiivi*- 

eg.. mad. 

or daiiiaiif 

i). I irri- 

|e or exciti' 

■posely ; i'- 

ItB fur or 
animal ;) 

lO frci,. I 


?rce(le ; i' 


- 117 


liiK/uaodamagetviu. I ntorccs- 


lidijanuddutaiod, {iiin) ft'oj. I 
pray or npeak for him repoat- 
eilly, I interce<le tor him ; p. 

Hiti/iiiKimd, (niii). I coiihoU' him, 

1 tell liim to take con ra>i( , 

r,i((liiiiniM, iniu). I 

with him, I speak 

iHomewIiat Ioii;;er ;) 

liiKjauKitam, (niii). I 

1 j;ive had auHwern ; 

i'laijihisitau, iii'ui). I sj)eak 

a;.'aiiist it, I jrainsay it; p. 

liiiiiunailawn, (niii). I <;aiii.«ay 


to him, 
p. geg.. 

p. geg.. 

iiiiii, disohev liim 



Iiiilliiii.siniia, \iiin). J oxliort 
iiiiii, [ encourage, incite, per- 
suade, urjire, animate, insti- 
;:ate, counsel, push him, to 
do s. th. ; p geg. .mad. 

(iiii/dii.soudiin'ii. Encouraging, 
inciting, instigation. 

liiigdntiDiige, (nin). I exhort, 
encourage, incite, animate; 
p. geg..ged. 

(inijdnwabide, {nin) frcq. I 
have long teeth; p. geg..ded. 

Cjiigdiiwanikwe, (nin) freq. I 
have long hair, acrocome ; p. 
geg. .Hied. 

liarfdicendjige, (nin]J'req. I am 
jealous frequently,! auj envi- 
ous ; p. geg..ged. 

Gagdwenima. iniii) freq. I am 
frequently jealous in regard 
to him, (her ;) I tiivy him ; 
p. geg. .mad. 

(Tlie freciueii- 


(j'agdnireiij, adv. 
tative of ginwenj,) a long 
while every l'\uu\—Naiii)igi>ii 
hi-ijfi iiina gogdiiweiij this/i 
iko din ; he comes here fre- 
quently, and remains a long 
while eveiy time. 

Ciugdwcilik, itiiii) Jici/. 1 am in 
a haliit of lieing jealous; p. 
geg. kid. 

(iiigi'Trigwaaii. Ice-liank on the 
lake-shore ; pi. -('//. 

Gdif^nigiPafinokd, or -niiigdd. 
'J'liere are ice-lianks on the 
shore ; p. gp>i..kdg, ov-iiuigak. 

(idgihdddd. It is foolish, stu- 
piii, imprudent, irrational, 
alisnrd, unchaste, impudent, 
impure ; p. geg .ddk. 

(idgihddendtiiii, iiiiii). f liuve 
stupid, foolish, ahsnrd, impru- 
dent thoughts; I have im- 
pure, uiu'liaste tlioughts; p. 

Gdgihadendamou'ia. Voi >l i s 1 1 , 
absurd thought, impure 
thought; \^\.-dn. 

Gagiiddi.s, iniii). I am foolish, 
stupid, irrational, imprudent, 
imbecile, ignorant ; I am fri- 
volous, lewd, unchaste, im- 
pure ; p. geg... si d. 

Gagibddisiwin. Foolishness, im- 
prudence, stupidity, absurdi- 
ty, imbecility, ignorance, fri- 
volousness, impurity, impu- 
dency, disorder, lewdness. 

Gagibddgi-gijwe, {nin). S. 6'^?- 

Gagibddji-gijwewin, gagibadji- 
gigitotoin. S. Gdgibaisilago.'<i- 





\ I 



'1 1 


1 ■> 

» i>^ 

' 1 





1 1 



m - 


llo.')ihntlJikicr. Unc.liaHtr imitii- 
ilciit \v()iimii,strmiiji('t, wliorc, 

prohtitutc, ruriiic'utrt'Hrt, iuhil- 

trcss; ]}\.-(j. 
(i(ii/ihit<ljiitini. riichuslc ini- 

|tU(l(iit iimii, wliuri'-inoii^i'i', 

loniicutor, lulultcri'i' ; i»l.-(/v/(/. 
lidifilxhljilc/iiife, iuin\. 1 act or 

licliiivc f'liolislily ; Ji. fH(f..iJ(il. 
(jtii/ihiuiiii/iialiiri,, (iiin). I sliiiii- 

iiior; p. i/<</..we<l. 
GoiiihatiHiiijos, ill ill}. I >i)t'iiU 

tuulislily, iin|»ru(l(.'iilly, uli- 

siinlly ; I t^pcuk imclui^tcly. 

indoct'iitly ; p. ijv(/..Ni<l. 
(ioijilxhilai/o'iiii'iii- I iiipruili'iit, 

luolirili, iihsunl ; iVi- 

voluii-^, iiiipiirc, iiidi'Ct'iit talk- 

(iinjihaNildtcd, {iiiii). I lisU'ii to 

liini witli the iiiii>ri'.<Kiuii that 

111' Mpi'iikrt t'ouliHiily, alisurd- 

\\ ; p. iitij..W(id. 
(iai/ihu.siuiKi, (iuii\. 1 iiiiikc him 

stupid, loolisli ; I ilcliuucli vv 

corrupt liiiii, (lior) into evil 

impure' coiuliict or lewtliit'S.s ; 

p. i/(i/..i)tad. 
ti(i;/ihi'i(J(tiic, {iiiit). My uoHc is 

slopped, obstnictod, icalch- 

iii,«i cold, etc.); p. <jc'(J..iu(l. 
(ia(/ihi<iiiiiu'lit(joii, {inn). I speak 

through the nose ; p. <jeij. aid. 
Ila<jihiii(/U'c, (u/u). My eyes are 

shut, lam blind ; p. (jc( 

Gaffibin(/wea, {niii). I make 
him blind, 1 blind him ; j). 

Gaijihin(jv:ehina, (nin). I blitid- 
told him ; f). yeg..nad. 

OagihimfH'cbi.'t, {in'u). I am 
I'lliiuit'olded ; p. tje(j..sod. 

(kujiMngwckwc. A .small kind 
ot' mole, a little animal that 

livesaiiil workH uiidorj^roiiiiil; 

(itil/iliingiriwiii. liliiidiie.-iH.', (nin). My earH arc 

stopped, shut, I am deal'; p. 

(idjjihin/ieljiiKi, (iiiii}. 1 stophiiii 

liolh earn, 1 Htu|> up botii lii^ 

ears ; p. </(i/..iidd ; imp. </".. 

.''('■ . '. ' 
(idi/ihi.s/inriu. I )eat ness. 

liih/idi.'i, \iiiii',. I am Hensihli , 
ilelieate, (weak of eunstiln- 
tion,) I easily leel {>aiii ; \<. 

lidijidisiiriii. Delicacy, bodiK 
seii.'iliility, weakness of ecu- 

Ii(h/idji(i, iniii). 1 apj)ease him; 
p. i/t(i( 

(idijiiljiijitncwe, {uiu).M\' tliro.ii 
is sore ; p, i/did..irril. 

(id(/id(dr<, \iiiii). 1 mourn, I La- 
ment, I wail ; p. (jdiu..i('i(l. 

(idt/i(/iju'd, [iiiii). I cut nfl' 
what IS spoiled, (an,, obj.) ; |i. 

Gdjfii/ilctnldn, [niii]. 1 cut nil 
what is spoiled, [in. obj.) ; y. 

Gai/i(/ik(ind, [nin] 
what is sjtoiled, 

Gai/iijinag, [nin). 
out, 1 select them out, I seleci 
them, («H. obj.); p. getf..ii(iil. 
— Nin ijagiijindi/ iimliiminan. 
(ipinig ; 1 jiiclc out aj (]»!('.-, 
potatoes, (the good ones, tin 
rotten ones, etc.) 

(}d</i(/innndn, inin). I pick them 
oui, or select them, {in. obj ' 
J). jfeg..avi/. — Nin gdiji</iiiii- 
nan anindjiininan, 1 pick oin 

I cut 
{in. obj.) 

1 pick ll 


{ '^ 


- Hi)- 


liiii/il/H, Iniiij/'rvfi. I am Hpcak- 
iii;;, fiilkiiig, convcrniiifr ; p. 
ildid Jfxh 

lldi/ijiiris/iiii, iiiiii)- I urn lyiii^r 
(■(iiitra(;tril ; p. 'jr;/..ini/. 

ii'tifikiiiifi, iiiiii]. 1 pri'iu'li 1(1 
liiiii, I exhort liiiii ; p. i/cij.. 

Iiii;li/iiii(lan, inin). \ preach to 
it ; y <t«'!i-nnii. — Niii <jiiijikin- 
iliui hiiaw, I preach to thee, 
(to thy hody.) 

liailikin(Uwin. Miittiul exhor- 
tation, or exhortation ;j:iveii 
lo several jJerHuns. 

I'ldijikiiKjc, iiiiii). J am exhort- 
iti;.', recoiiuiiendiiijr ; p. //e//.. 

lidifi/cwc, iniii). 1 jireacli ; p. 

iidijlkwi'-inasi imiijd II . Serinon- 
liook ; any Itook containin;:; 
relij^ious instructions; pl.-«u. 

lidi/ikiveiiodutvu, (niii). 1 preach 
him, (I preacli his (hjctrine;) 
p. (/i'<j..ioad. 

I'idijikwcwia. Preachin^r, ser- 
mon, rolij^ions exhortation, or 
instruction ; \A.-an. 

(idi/idwewin daicbwdaiuj. Be- 
liever; pi-///. 

lidi/ikwcwiuini. Preacher, min- 
ister ; pi. -«'«//. 

lidj/hmdon, {idii,) freii. I mur- 
mur againat sbmeltotly ; p. 

(i(h/imidowin. Murmur, com- 
plaint, not heard by the per- 
son against whom it is iiuide. 

(i(i(/rnatvishk, {iiin). lam a liar, 
J am iu the liabit of telling 
lies; p. <jey..kid. 

lia(/iuawishkiiiui, (nin) Jrcij. I 
tell him lies ; p. ;/€(/.. mad. 

(lai/inaii'i.skkiwiii. Hahit of toll- 
ing lies. 

(itiijiiuljidoiiii, [ II ill). 
it down, {in. ohj.) ; 

(i(ii/indJidi)W(t, (;»///). 







ilown some an. ohj 

ii'dfl ; imp. ijdijiiiiljidn.- 

nujiijan nin ifdijindjiddird 

iiidkdkoiii/, I press ilown lloiir 

in a liarrel. 
Ii(((/il)i(/nil(', inin) J'lrf].* My legs 

are cracked, or chapped ; (F. 

j'ai les jiiinltes gercwes;) p. 

Gaijipinindji, uiin). My hands 

ar(» cracked ; p. i/i'i/..i'l. 
(idifijiitiidr, (nin\. My feet are 

cracked, chapped ; p. ;/(';(.. 

(]d<iipisiwin, or t/ijii.siirin. 

Orack, split (in the skin) ; 

pi .-*(/<. 
Ou</i.'<i>inu, inin). I appease or 

pacify him, I make him jnild ; 

p. r/dia.jiidil. 
Guiji.'<inid(iinawa, (nin). \ aji- hiin tor somebody; p. 

(idi/i.son(jc, iiiiii). I ajipeasc, 1 

console; p. (jdid..i/e((. 
Gayitaw, (nim. I am jirudcnt, 

wise ; p. (faid..wid. 
Gd;/itaioenda>n, inin). I have 

wise prudent thoughts ; p. 

Gmjitawcndamia, (nin). I maki' 

him wise; ]). f/ 
Ga(/itdwcndamowin. Prudence, 


* NoTK. 'I'Ui.siiml llu' CoUowiiiK twii 
verbs u.w fviiiUfnUttlvt', vi-rbs. Tlu^ .ilni- 
plv verbs are : Uiglf;<uO\ etc.— Tlie /rev/, 
verb alliaU'H to l>()tli limb erackwl, or 
to .several cracks in one linil). 

I A 



> 1 

t, • 

"'liiMK'il^nVaJiWirt^-11.. . 




: 'i 

i 1; 

:. i 


— 120 - 


(ini/i/dwiflijwe, inin). \ Hpcnk 
|>iinl<'iilly, wi^(•ly ; |». i/aia.. 
ti'itl . 

(iiiijitthi, (uin). I take vt\' my 
hIkjch or l»o()tM, my Huckn, 
Ht(K;kiii}^H or iiippcrt; p. tftt- 

(i(i(/i/r/n'a, inin). I lake otY hiw 
hIioph, etc, ; j). (/ci/ .lul. 

(itiijiwcs/ikd, or- iiKiifiid. It goen 
liack arxl t'orwanls, il .MliaKe.^; 
p. (/r(/..k(t!f, oT-nnu/(ik\ 

(i(i-(/ii(l(i(i/ii('e(l. lie who shooth 
(or lias .shot) at a mark ; a 
markHinan. S. (ioilaakwv. 

1 sink in mud, or in a Kwam- 
py or l)o;;gy place; p. ^t'//.. 

GatjivdninKaff.... These syllablfH 
are connected in many in- 
Ktances with sultHtantivos, 
verhH or adverliH, and imjdy 
tht' idt'a of torih/e, f'rii//i/J'i(l, 
abtntiinable, hideonn, vie. ( Ex- 
amples in some of the follow- 
in <; words.) 

Gaijwduisxagad. It is frightful, 
horrid ; p. (/e(/..<jak. 

Odtjiodnis.sagadein, inin). I 
weep bitterly, horribly ; p. 
(jcij. .mod. 

Cmiiwdnismijakamiij, adv. Hor- 
ribly, frightfully ; Giujwdnia- 
Hiujukamiy ejiwebak, frightful 
news or accident. 

(Idtjivdnissayendagos, Inin). I 
am frightful, formidable, hor- 
rid ; hateful, abominable ; p. 
(/eg. .sid. 

(iagwdnixsagenddn, [niii]. I 
abhor it, hate it ; p. geg.Mnt/. 

lidgwdni.snageniinu, {nin). I ab- 
hor him, hate him; p. gcg.. 

Gitgwnniss(igin(i(/. There is an 

enormous or a iVi^htlul <|naii 

tity <»f it; p. grg.jiak. 
Gagirdni.isaginindji, [nin), 1 

have abominaiiie hand.s ; p. 

(iogirdnis.sngintiniin, inin) ur. 

nin ifiigirdni.ssiigininiin.'VhvM' 

is an enormous or friglitfiil 

numlu'r of us ; p. geg.,ncdii'i. 
lidijwdnissdgis, {nin}. 1 am 

frightful, etc. ; p, geg..iiid. 
(ingired, oY-ijdgwvdj, in conipo- 

sitions, signilie.s^f.vA//(,7, cxdm- 

ining, procing. ( Examples m 

some of the following words, i 
ti(igw<;ddk<tddn, inin], I souh'l 

it with a sounding lead; p. 

(id gu'Makdilj I gan . Sounduig 

lead or plummet ; pl.-«/i. 
(idgwiUlina, inin). I feel him; 

(E. je le tatc;) p. gcg..ndil 

imp. )/dgir<'din. 
(idgwi'tlinun, (nin). I feel it ; p. 

geg .dng. 
Cuigwcdjcniniid, (nin) I try In 

surpass him; p. gvg.,dd. 
(iagwcdjid, inin). 1 try him, I 

tempt him ; p. geg..dd. 
(idgwvdjiiwc, inin). I try; p. 

geg. .wed. 
(iagwedjikddaodimin, (nin). \\ i 

run a race in canoes or l»oal.- ; 

p. geg..didjig. 
Gdgwedjikddaoive, {nin) . I run 

a race in a canoe or boat ; p. 

geg.. wed. 
Gdgiredjima, (nin). 1 ask him 

aciuestion, I question him ; 

J). geg..nidd. 
Gngioedjindiniin, (nin). We ask 

each other questions ; p. //';'/ 

. .didjig. 
Gagwedjindiwin. Question. 

.> IH nil 


,i). 1 
iila; 1.. 

■M) t'l'. 



I am 

/, rx.aiii- 


1 siiUikI 
U'iiil ; p. 


v\ Www, 
eij.-na<l . 

•c'l it ; 1' 

I irv I" 

V him. I 

try; \'- 

iiin). ^^ 1 
lor liuiilr ; 

|(). I run 
Itout ; !'• 

I ask liiin 
Ion Itiiii ; 


(lAJ - li 

(|UPHtioii to H(Meriil piTsons; 

liiiiliriiljiiraiiiiilaii'ii, (niii) iilan). 

I wTL'stlc with him, cinh'avor- 

iii^r to HurpUfH him ; p. ijnj.. 

Iifi(firi''iliiu', [iiini. I anU, I in- 

t|uiro, I iiit'orni inysi'lf; p. 

(IC(f..ireif, , 

liiii/wcfirrwiii. Iii(|uirv, (pio.M- 

lidii, iiitormation ; \)\.-ttn. 
liitiiiirjaiiitKimia, iniii). I try t<» 

NiirpaHH him iti Hpi'akiii<; or 

tli'hatiiij^ ; p. jfej/..via(l. 
lifn/wejttt/dsdnifc, (iiiii). I try 

tOHurpasHHiiothor in nHpct'ch; 

]). (/rif..!/v<l. 
liiKfii'cJai/o.soiii/rwiiiiiii. A man 

who snr))aHH('.s others in 

sp('akin<5 ^r ili'hutiny ; pl.- 


fiiii/iirset/ima, (/;/«) or, iiin ijan- 
iv^.sci/ia. I try to frighten liim, 
to intimidate him, I try to 
make hiui tear, I tlireaten or 
tnennce him ; p. 

(i(i<fwen/ii.s, iniii). "l am timid; 
p. (leg. .aid. 

lidi/ivetadjitchij/an. Bng-beiir ; 
(F. epouvantail) ; pl.-a«. 

I'ldiaxlik. Gull; \>\.-icnii. 

lidiaxhhui.s. A yonng <inll ; 

(lukmlikwiiwan. Gull's e<i;i; ; pl.- 

lidint, adv. Before, formerly, 
liefore this time, in olden 
times ; (L. olim.) 

I'laiaHjitwdwiii. The Old Tes- 

Guiat-ijitwminni-inakak. A rk 
of the covenant. 

dai', conj. And, also. 

'idjaife, (niii). I eat much and 
fast ; p. ffaiaja;/ed. 

I - (iAN 

(idjd'ffiiy. C!al, pu.«s ; j)l.-r///. 
(idkddiiui, >>r-iiid(/(ifl. It is the 

summit ofa hill or mountuin ; 

p. iffk..iiiii/, ox-iiidijdk, 
(idkddjiiiulidtdf \iiiir. I run 

down hill ; p. (frk./tid. 
(idkikijii'd, (iiiii) (dii). I ripe 

someolij.; \\, ijdia..wdd ; imp. 

(idkikislikd, or-iiidiidd. It is 

ripped up, unstitched ; p, 

!fdid..kdi/, or mdi/nk. 
(idkiiiu iii.<idkn.ii, iiiin). I shell 

a corn-ear ; p. ijdiakinad; 

imi). jfdkiii. 
(Idlilnriniiti Galilean ; pl.-Hvt//. 
(idiiidilj, (iiiii ' am dancitij^ 

with a scalp my hands, in 

order to re "i -e Home pre- 
sents ; p. i/ci, .J id. 
(iaiuddjiiioaawa, inin]. I cotne 

to him dancinjr with a scalp, 

to receive s. th. from him ; p. 

(idinddjiwahd Ill-Ilk. He dances 

the .scalp dance. 
(iainddjiwiii. Indian dance with 

a scalp. 
(idmid Deserter ; j)! -7///. 
Gdiuihendan, inin). I allow it, 

1 approve, permit, sutler it ; 

p. jfeii..nii(/. 
(laiiabendjiije, inin). I approve, 

allow, permit ; p. ijeii..j/fd. 
Gdiiabeiiiina., {nin). I let him 

do, I pertnit him, allow him ; 

p. f/eii. innd. 
(iaiidbitaird, {nin), I have pu- 

tietu-e and tbrliear with him, 

when he otVends me with his 

vundH ; p. ()en..vmd. 
Gdnnij, or, (idndiimgnk. Sharp, 

pointed, the edge of u tool. — 

o. Giiui. 
(janaijt!, adv. At • 



• il 

[1 'I 




I i 1 ■ ; 



i 1' 

I ' 


— 122 — 


Uanandawis, (i/m). I urn in 
good health, I have no infirm- 
ity on nie ; p. ye)i..sid. 

(iandndawiniwin. Good liealth. 

Gandpine, adv. For the last 

Oanasonye, (,nin). I make com- 
mandments, regulations ; ]>. 

(iandf«>ii(/euiin. Commandment, 
regulation, precept, mandate ; 
pi. -an. 

Gaiidwdbama, [nin] [dan). T 
looi< at him ; p. yen.. mad. 

Ganaivabimoyisis.noeshi. A bird 
tliat looks at the sun, a bit- 
tern ; (F. butor) ; yl.-iay. S. 

Ganaweiidaa, {nin}. I commit 
s. th. to his care, I it 
to him ; p. ( 

Ganmvendainas, (nin). I con- 
serve to myself; p. gen..sud. 

Ganawcnima, {nm) {dan). I 
keep him, conserve liim, take 
care of" him, (person or any 
other obj.) ; p. gen..mad. 

Gand, gandi, m compositions, 
signiHes pushing, thrusting, 
ptressing. (Examples m some 
of the following words.) 

Gdndaigan. Anything to push 
with ; pi. -an. 

Gdndaige, (nin). I push, shove; 
p. gaia..ged. 

Gdndaigwasso! . Tl^imble; pl.- 

Gandakiigan, or gandakiiga- 
nak. A pole to push a canoe 
or boat; pl.-a?t, or-o??. 

Gandakiige, (nin). I pole (a ca- 
noe or boat;) p.gaia..ged. 

Gdndawa, (nin). I push him, him ; p. gaia..wad. 

Gandikwena, {nin). I push his 

head ; p. gaia..nad. 
Gondikwetawa, (nin). I salute 

h' .) with an inclination of 

the head ; p. gaia..wad. 
Gdndina, (nin) {ndn). I push 

him, I thrust in some obj. ; 

J), qaidndinad ; imp, gdndiii. 
Gdnt!ini(ian. Draught-board ; 

(F. daniier ;) pl.-a/t. 
Gandinigani-tiiihidabanens. S. 

G agandini-odu banens . 
Gdndinige, (nin). I push, I 

draw on a draught-board ; (F. 

je joue aux dames ;) p. gaia.. 

Gandj-bapia, O'hi). I laugh at 

him, mockiiig or despising 

him ; p. 
Gdndjia, (nin). I incite him, I 

push him to s. th.; p. gaia.. 

Ga-nibnd. The deceased, the 

defunct, the late ; Toi.-jig. 
Ga-nikani-dibadjimod. He that 

foretold, a prophet ; p\.-jig. 

Ga-nigani-kikendang. He who 

knew the future, a prophet ; 

p\.-ig. S. Niganadjimowinini. 

Ga-nodjimoad ki tchitchagonn- 
nin. He who saved our soul.<, 
our Savior, our Redeemer. 

Ganojiwe, (nin). I speak to 

somebody, I exhort; p. gen.. 

Ganona, (nin). I speak to him, 

I address him ; p. genonad ; 

imp. ganoj. 

Ganwkoema, (nin). I keep hmi 
back from s. th. by what I 
am telling him ; I prevent 
him ; p. gen. .mad. 

Gdossed. He that hunts a 


— 123 — 


(^ ports- 

hunter, himtsinaii, 

man ; p\.-Ji(/. 
lidpama, (nin) (dan). I scranch 

.soiue obj. ; p. <jaia..mad. 
(idpina, {nin) [nan). I crush or 

crumb some obj. witli my fin- 

fj;er8 ; p. gaiapinad ; imp. </«- 


lidpinan, {nin). I burn it a little, 
1 parch it; p. gaia..ana. — 
Nin gavisau makatemashfciki- 
wdbo, I burn cotlee. 

Cidpisige, {nin). I parch ; p. 

liim/ikaan, {nin). 1 cut or pierce 
it with difficulty ; p. ges/tk"- 

i'lUshkaanagekwe, {nin). I am 
taking ott* cedar bark, I de- 
corticate cedar trees ; p. gesh 

liafilt.xadin. It freezes over, or, 
it is frozen over, (a lake, a 
river, etc.) ; p. genkkading. 

liaskkadiho-gisijis. The freez- 
ing moon, the month of No- 

Gashkakokw4igan. Spattle to 
stir sugar in sugar-making ; 

iidshkakwaigc, (nin). I scrape 
u bark ; p. gaia..ged. 

Gdshkainegwaige,(nin) . I f^crape 
H fish, I take away his slime ; 
p. gaia..ged. 

(iashkaode, or-magad. It is tied 
with a knot ; p. gesh..deg, or- 

Ganhkaodou, {nin). I tie it with 
a knot ; p. gesh. .dod. 

Gashkaona, {nin). I tie some 
obj. with a knot; p. genlu.nad ; 
imp. gashkaoj. 

Gashkaoso. It is tied with a 
knot, (obj.) ; p. gen/i.-sod. 

GashkalCigan. Spiuniog wheel; 

GashkaUige, (nin). I twist, I 
spin; p. gesk.ged. 

Gashkaioa, (nin). 1 take off 
some obj. ; p. geshkawad ; 
imp. gashkaw. — Nin qeshka- 
iva onagek, I take off tlie bark 
of a cedar-tree. 

Gashkia, {nin). I prevail on 
him, I win him, I overcome 
him, I gain him over ; I earn 
or gain some obj. ; p. gesh- 

Gashkibddan, {nin). I shave it ; 
p. gesh. .ang. 

Gashkihddjigan. Razor ; pl.-a/t. 

Gashkibana, {nin). I shave him ; 
p. gesh..nad; iiup. gashkibaj . 

Gashkibds, {nin). I shave ; p. 
gesh.. sod. 

Gashkibdsowigamig. Barber- 
shop; pl.-on. 

Gashkibasowin. Shaving, bar- 
ber's trade, occupation, busi- 

Gashkibasowinini. Barber; pl.- 

Gashkiewis, {nin). I have power, 
I am powerful, I prevail ; p. 

Gashkiewisikawa, {7iin) {dan). I 
have power over him ; p. gesh 

Gashkiewisimagad. It is power- 
ful, it prevails • p. gesL.gak. 

Gashkieioisiwin. Power, author- 

Gashkigon, {nin). Isewacanoe ; 
p. gesh. .nod. 

Gashkigioddamawa, {nin). I 
sew 8. th. for him or belong- 
ing to him ; p. gesh..wad. 

Gashkigioddan, {nin], I sew it; 
I p. gesh.. ang. 

V\ ■! 

I I 

il * 



I ' I'l 


— 124 


t '■ 

I am sew- 


Gafihkvmdde, ov-maqad. It is 
Hewea ; p. <, ov-ma- 

(jutihkigwdnay (nin). I sew Homo 
obj ; i).genh..nad ; imp. yash- 
kiijwaj. — Moahwe nin uoshkig- 
•wana, I sew a handkerchief 
or shawl. 

GiiHlikigwCissy (nin). 
iiig ; p. gesh..,snd. 


GanhkigwasKoikwe. Seamstress ; 

uashkigwdssowin. Sewin^,trade 
and occupation of a tailor or 
a seamstress. 

Gashkigwassowinini. Tailor ; 

GasJikiiAis, {nin). I overcome 
or vanquish myself; p. gesk.. 

Ga.shkina, {nin) (nan). I can 
lift him up, (a person or any 
other obji); p. gishkinad ; 
imp. gashkin. 

Gashkinawi, {nin). I am able 
to work ; p. gesh.Acid. 

Ganhkio, {mn). I can go some- 
where, I pass through or 
over 8. th. ; I succeed in pass- 
ing through or over s. tli. ; p. 

Gashkitamas, {nin) or, ningash- 
tamadis. I earn or procure s. 
th. to myself; p. geslu.sod. 

Ganhkitamason, {nin\. I earn 
it, I gain it; p. geslu.sod. 

Gaslikitamasonan,{nin). I earn 
or gain it to myself; p. gesh.. 
.sod. (V. Conj.) 

Gashkiiamatca, {nin) or nin 
gashkitawa. I earn or gain 
it for him, I procure it to him 
or for him ; )). gesh-.wad. 



Gasfikita.'i, {nin). 

Gashkitchigan. Any object, in- 
animate or animate, earned 
or obtained by labor, earn- 
ings. Pl.-flji or-ag. — Nin hi- 
don kabiskawagan, maki.iif 
nan gaie, mi sa nin gas I kil- 
ehiganan ; I bring a coat and 
shoes ; they are my earnings. 
Nij kitchi osawa-joniiag nind 
aidwok ; mi sa nin gashkit- 
rhiganag ; I have two |largc 
gold pieces ; they arc my 


Gaskiichige, {nin). I earn, I ac- 
quire, Iprocure by labor ; p. 

Gashkiion, {nin). I can, I can 
do or aflibrd it, I am alilc, 
capable ; I win it ; I overcome 
it; I earn, obtain, acquire it; 
p geshkitod. 

Gashkitoane, {nin). I carry the 
whole of it; \). gesh..ned. 

Gashkiwegina, {nin) etc. S. 
Kashkiwegina, etc. 

Gashkiwina, {nin) (dan). I can 
name him ; p. gesh..nad. 

Gashkoma, {nin) (dan). I carry 
him on my back, (a person or 
any other obj. ; p. gesh.. mad. 

Gdskanabaqwe, {nin). I am 
thirsty, 1 am dry; p. gaia.. 
loed.—^. Nibdgwe. 

Gaskanabagweivin, (nibdgwe- 
win,) thirst. 

Gdskanas, {nin). I speak low, 
not loud ; I whisper ; p. gaia 

Gdskanasotawa, {nin). I whis- 

})er to him, I speak close to 
lis ear; p. gaia. .wad. 
Gdskaskaan, {nin). I scrape, 
grate, rub it ; p. gaia..ang. 



125 --. 


llnskaskaige, {nvi). 1 scrape, 

grate ; p. gaia..ged. 
(iaskaskani'djL Nightingale ; 

GaxkaskCiwa, inin). I scrape or 

rub some obj. ; p. gaia..tcad ; 

imp. gaskaska. 
Gaskatai. A dry skin ; pl.-fl//. 
Ilaskibaga, or-magad. Tlie 

leaves of a tree make noise 

being dry ; p. gaia..gag, or 

(laskibagassin. The wind moves 

the dry leaves of a tree ; p. 

(ithikide-gigo. Dried fish, smok- 
ed fish ; p\.-iag. 
(iaskid^-gigoike, (nin). I dry 

or smoke fish ; p. gaia..ked. 
Gaakide-wndss. Half-dried or 

smoked meat. 
(laskide-toiidssike, {nin). I dry 

or smike meat a little ; p. 

gaia .ktd. 
Gaskigin. Dry skin of a large 

quadruped ; pl.-ow. 
Gdnkigin. Bombsin, a kind of 

slight woolen stuff. 
Gdskiswa, {nin). I dry some 

obj. in smoke; p. gaia. .toad ; 

imp. gaskiswi. 
Gnukioe, or-magad. It buzzes, 

makes a slight noise ; (F. il 

gazouille ;) p. gaia.weg, or- 

Gaskwewe, or-magad. There is 

glazed frost or rime on the 

ground; (F. verglas;) p. gaia 

..weg, or-magak. 
Gdssiabawadawa,{mn). S. Gas- 

G(7.<t!iiabawadon, {nin). I wash 

it clean, I clean it by wash- 
ing ; p. gaia..dod. 
Gdssiabawana, {nin). I wash 

him clean, 1 wash away his 

stains; p. aaia..nad. 
GdHsiabaive., (nin). \ wash clean, 

I wash away filth, stains; I 

cleanse ; j). gaia..ived. 
Gdssiabawe, or-magad. It is 

washed away, it is cleaii.^ed ; 

p. gaia..tceg, or-magak. 
Gds.nabaicen, {nin). I wash it, 

clean, washing away its 

stains; p. gaia. .wed. 
Gdssiamage, {nin). I blot out, 

I ef!ace, I pardon, I absolve, 

I remit; p. gaia..ged. 
Gds.vamag&ioin. Blotting out, 

effacing, pardon, remission, 

Gdssiamawa, {nin). I blot him 

out s. th. ; I absolve him ; I 

pardon him ; remit him ; p. 

gaia..wad. — Gassiamawishi n 

nin matchi dodamoxoinan, De- 

benimiian ! Lord ! blot out 

my iniquities. 
Gdssian, {nin). I blot it out, I 

wipe it off"; p. gaia.s.siang. 
Gds.sibian, {nin). I blot out or 

strike out something that is 

written ; p. gaia..ang. 

Gdssibiigan. India rubber. 

Gdssibiwa, {nin). I blot out or 
strike out his name that is 
written: p. gaia.. wad. 

Gdssiiakide, or-magad. It is 
cleansed For purified by fire; 
p. gaia..deg, or-magak. 

Gdssiiakis, {nin). I am purifi- 
ed by fire ; p. gaia. .sod. 

Gdssiiakisowin . Purifying by 
fire ; purgatory. 

Gds.nigade, or-magad. It is 
blotted out, effaced ; pardon- 
ed ; remitted ; ]>■ gaia..deg, 

( I 





* I 




f ^ 


12(5 — 


Cldsmgan. Disli-clout, or any 

thing to wipe with ; \A.-an. 
Gdssiika, ov-magad. It hecomcs 

blotted out, ettaced, it ertsicos 

itself; p. gaiasiiku;/, or-nut- 

Gdssinagane, {nin). I \vi|„^ 

dishes or plates ; p. gaia.jied. 
Gdssingtocwa, {nin). I wijjehi.s 

face ; p. gaia..wad ; imp. gas- 

Gdssinsihingwe, (nin). I wipe 

my tears ; p. 
Gds.niisihingw4wa,^{nin). I wij)e 

his tears; p. gaia..wad ; imp. 

Gdssisidewa, (nin). I wipe his 

feet ; p. gaia..wad ; imp. gas- 

Gdssiwa, {nin). I wipe him, 

(any obj. ;) p. gaiassivrnd ; 

imp. gdssi. 
Gdtchibia, {nin). I tempt him, 

I move him ; p. 
Gdtina, {nin). I take care of 

him in liis sickness ; p. gaia- 

tinad ; imp. gdtin. 
Gdtiniwe, (.'tm). I take care of 

sick persons (especially of 

women lying in ;) p. 
Gdtiniwekwe. A woman taking 

care of sick persons, nurse ; 

also, a midwife ; (F. accou- 

clieuse, sage-femme ;) p\.-g. 
Gdtiniweivinini. A man taking 

care of sick persons ; also, a 

man, a physician, practising 

midwifery ; (F. accoucheur ;) 

Gawadk'ioandjigan. A place 

wliere many trees are cut 

down ; (F. abattis ;) pl.-ffH. 
Gawadkwandjige, {nin). 1 cut 

down trees; p.geiv..ged. 
GaivadJ, (n??j). I freeze to 

death, I starve with cold ; p. 

Gawdiqaso mitig. The tree is 
cut down ; p. gcic.sod. 

Gawaijii/we, [nin). I cut down 
a bircli-tree, to take the liark 
oH, for a canoe; \). gew.. -d. 

Gawdiase, {nin). I am fi'liing 
trees; n. geic.sed. 

Gawdkaaos, {nin). I am ex- 
tremely lean, poor; \i.geii'.. 

GawdkomiJ. A kind of ash- 
tree* pl.-i/i. 

Gawdkowebina, (nin) {hinan). 1 
overthrow or overturn some 
long obj. ; p. gew..nad. 

Gaiodkwaige, {nin). I fell trees; 
p. gew..ged. 

Gdwama, {nin). I am jealous 
of him, (her;) p. gaidwamad. 

Gawamd, (nin). I tiirow him 
down biting him ; p. getra- 

Gmvanad. It falls, being rotten, 
(a stick or post that stood up;) 
it decays, (clothing ;) p. gewa- 

Gawanadapined. He that is 
lunatic, a lunatic ; p\.-jig- 

Gawanadisid. He that is mail, 
a fool ; v\.-jig. 

Gawandndam, {nin). I starve 
to deatli, I die from hunger ; 
p. gew.. dang. 

Gawandndamowin. Starvation . 
death from hunger. 

Gawdsh, {nin). I fall by the 
wind, the wind throws me 
down ; p. gewdshid. 

Gaivashkwebid. A drunkou 
person ; ^\.-jig. 

Gdwendani, (nin). I have jea- 
lous thoughts; p. gaia..ang. 

Gdtcenima, {nin). I have jeal- 


127 - 



ous tlioutflits towanlfl 
(lier;) p. (jaia-watl. 

(t'i7ipes/)k, {nin). I air. ton jeal- 
ous ; I am in a hal)it of Imw^ 
jealous ; p. f/aia..kifl. 

Ctnwetamawa, {nin) or, nin gd- 
wetawa. I am jealous for him, 
instead of him ; p. 

Gnwewin. Jealousy. 

Gawi, in compositions, signifies 
iumhlinQ, Jailing down. (Ex- 
amples in some of the follow- 
ing words.) 

Gavna, (nin). S. Gawishkatoa. 

Gawibi, (riin). I fall down, be- 
in gdrunk; p. geioihid. 

Gawigika, [nin). 1 lower and 
become benl by old age ; p. 

Gawind, {nin) {nan). I capsize 
some obj. ; p. gewinad ; imp. 

Ghwingwash, {nin). I fall into 
a profound sleep ; p. 

Gawi.thim, {7iin). I he down, I 
go to bed ; p. gew-.od. 

Gawishkawa, {nin) {kan). I 
make him fall down ; p. geto.. 
wad; imp. gawiskkaip. 

Ga-wissagang . Pepper, (a thing 
that is bitter.) 

Gawisse, {nin). I fall do'vn 

Gawiss^, ov-inagad. It falls 

down ; p. gewisseg, or-magak. 

— Akioandawagan gi-gawisse, 

wdkaigan ta-gawissemagad ; 

the ladder fell down, the 

house will fall down. 

Gawitamawa, {nin) or, Jim ga- 
wilawa. I prostrate myself 
Ix'fore him, I fall down before 
him; p. gew..wad. 

Ge-, gea-, particle denoting the 


future tense. (See the Conj. 
in Otch. Grammar.) 
Gebakwaigasod. Prisoner; pl.- 

Gega, adv. Almost, nearly ; 

Gaganodamaged. He that 
speaks for somebody, or in 
favor of somebody, interce.j- 
sor ; p\.-jig. 

Gegapi, adv. Finally, ultimate- 
ly, at last, at length; by lit- 
tle and little. 

Geqet, adv. Indeed, ♦ruly, 
doubtless, undoubtelly, veri- 
ly, in truth, certainly. 

Gegihingwed. A blind person ; 
pi .://(/. 

Gegibished. A deaf person ; 

Gegikwed. A preacher ; pi .-jig. 

Geginaioishkid. A liar; p^.-jig- 

Geginaioishkid mashkikitirinini. 
A lying doctor, quackdoctor ; 
(F. charlatan.) 

Geginaioichkid niganddjimnwi- 
nini. A lying prophet, false 

Gegn, adv. Something. 

Gema, adv. S. Ki'ma. 

Genawendang ishkwandem ana- 
miewigamigong. Beadle, sex- 
ton ; (F. bedeau.) 

Genawenimad aiakosinidjin , 
nurse of a sick person ; (F. 
infirmier, infirmiere.) 

Genawenimad kebakwaigas^n- 
nidjin. Jailor. 

Genawenimad kakoshan. Swine- 

Genawenimad pijikiwan. Herds- 

Genawenimid Anjeni. My guar- 
dian Angel. 

Geshawdh, {nin). 1 am sitting 



\ ' 

,'1 I 




— 128 — 






hroadiv, I occupy iiiucli room 
in Hitti'ng; p. yaU.Md. 

Ghhawikan, [nin). I put it on 
witli ease, it is lar<^e for me, 
(a coat, boots, etc.) ; p. gaii'.. 

(teshawishhOf or-mngad. It is 
loose, untied ; p. gauK.kng, 

Oe.sika, adv. S. Si'.iika. 

Oessikau, (nin). I come to it 
before it goe.H away, I find it 
yet, arriving; I arrive at it 
in due time; p. qaie..ang. — 
Nin giqesaikan iskkote-ndbik- 
wdn ; I found the steamboat 
yet there when I arrived, (I 
arrived there before she start- 
ed ) 

Gi'ssikatim, (nin). I come to 
liim, or reach him, before he 
goes away or dies, I find him 
yet when I arrive; I arrive at 
it in due time; p. gate. .wad. 
— Wewib nin viddja ivi-gessi- 
kawag aw aiakosid ; I start 
immediately, I wish to find 
yet alive that sick person. 
Nin gi-gessikawa k^oss ; I 
found yet thy father tliere 
when I arrived. 

fre-i-iikona, (nin). I come to 
him in good time, (to give 
him assistance in distress, in 
starving, etc.) ; p.ges..nad. 

GeU, adj. Old, ancient, former. 
This word is always followed 
by a substantive; as: Gete 
ma.nnaigan, an old book. 
Gete Anishindbeg, the ancient 

Gi-, participle or prefix signify- 
ing the past tense, (S. Conj. 
of Utchipwe Grawnmr.) 

Gia, ()iin). I escajje out of liis 
hands ; p. gdad. 

Gibuan, (nin). I stop it ; p. 

Gibabikaigan. Cover of a ket- 
tle ; pl.-rt/t. S. Padagwubori- 

Gibaboeigan. S. Gibabikaigan. 

Gibndin. It frozes over," f)r. 
is frozen over, (lake, river, 
etc.) ; p. geboding. 

Gibagawaigan. iJam, cause- 
way ; pi .-OH. 

Gibagawaige, (nin). I am mak- 
ing a dam ; p. geb..ged. 

Gibagodjigan. A curtain in a 
house or lodge, instead of a 
partition, (especially for H\v\i 
persona;) pl.-an. 

Gibagodjige, (nin). I am hang- 
ing up a curtain fur a parti- 
tion ; p. geb..ged. 

Gibdigan. Stopper, in loadinir 
a gun ; pl.-aH. 

Gibaktoaan, (nin). I shut it, I 
stop it, I obstruct or bar it ; 
p. geb..ang. 

Gibakioaigan. Stopper, cork ; 
cover of a box, etc. ; pl.-an. 

Gibakwaodiwigamig. Prison , 
jail ; -pl.-on. 

Gibdkiimwa, (nin). I shut him 
up, I imprison him ; p. geh.. 
toad; imp. gibaknm. 
Gibdmikaan sdgi. The mouth 
of the river is shut up, is till- 
ed with pebbles ; p. 
Gibatdwangaan sdgi. Tlie 
mouth of the river is filled or 
shut up with sand; p. geh.. 
Gibaxoa, (nin). I shut him up 
in a hole; I stop the hole ol' 
a kettle; p. gebmoad; imp, 


— 129 — 


(lihendam, {nin). I have much 
sorrow; also, I liave much 
pain from sickness; p. (jebend- 
dihendamowin. Sorrow, afflic- 
tion, pain. 
l/ihendaims/ikawa, (nin). I 
cause liim much sorrow; p. 
(,'ihid^ebinou. Waistcoat , vest ; 
(a vestnient tliat stops or 
presses the heart;) pl.-a/t. 
(lihidiean makak, (nin). I bot- 
tom a barrel, I put the head 
or the bottom of a barrel in ; 
(iihidjane, (nin). My nose is 
stopped, I caught a cold ; (F. 
Je suis enrhume ;) n.geb..ned. 
(lihidonena, [nin). I stop his 
mouth, I muzzle liim ; p. geb 
(liliijigiwine.<ihka, (nin). I have 
tlie disury, difficulty in mak- 
ing urine; ]}. geb..kad. 
Qibijigiwineshkawin. Dysury. 
(,'ihikinic/adan, (nin). \ make 
a partition in it, (in a house;) 
p. qeb..ang. 
Qibihinigan. Middle-wall, par- 
tition ; pl.-a». 
C'ihikinige, (nin). I make a 
middle-wall or partition ; p. 
GihinSwebina, {nin). I strangle 
or choke him with a cord ; I 
lian^ him ; p. geb..nad. 
(lihinewena, (nin). I strangle 
him with my hands, I suffo- 
cate him; p. geb..nad; imp. 
(iibinindjin, {nin). I stop s. 
til. with my hand ; p. geb.. 
Glbiahk^gei {nin), I am in the 

way or passage of somclKxly, 

J encumber or obstruct the 

way or passage; p. geb..gcd. 
Gibinhkdn, {nin). I encumber 

it, I obstruct it, (a pa8saf,'e, a 

door, etc.) ; p. geb..ang. 
Clibinhkawn, (nin). 'I am in his 

way, I oli.Mtruct his way or 

passage; p. geb.. ad. 
Gibiakwe, {nin.) I am, 

I cannot speak loud; p. geb.. 

Gibiakwewin. Hoarseness. 
Gibissagaje, (nin.) I am con- 

stipateci, 1 am costive ; p. 

Gibitan, (tiin), I bleed at the 

nose; p. gebitang. 
Gibitaneganama, {nin). I make 

him bleed by a blow on the 

Jiose ; p. geb. .mad. 
Gibitawage, (nin). One of my 

ears is stopped ; p. geb..ged. 
Gibodeiigwason. rants, panta- 
loons, breeches ; pl.-a/t. 
Gibodonepina, (nin). I tie up 

his mouth; p. geb..nad ; imp. 

gibodowepij . 
Gibogicddan, (nin). I sew it to- 
gether ; p. geb..anq. 
Gibo(/wana, (nin). 1 sew some 

obj. together ; p. geb.. nad. 
Gibdsan, (nin). I bake it, stew 

it; p. gebosang. 
Gibosigan, or gibd.nganikan. 

Stewing oven ; pl.-^m. 
Gibosigan-akik. Stew-kettle, 

stew-pot; p\.-ag. 
Gibosioa, (nin). I bake or stew 

some obj. ; p. geboswad ; imp. 

Gibwdgamishka, or-magad. The 

water shuts up, (as in the 

Red Sea in the aays of Moses); 

p. geb.Mg, or-magak, 


M N' 

' r 

1 I 


I I 




— 130 


I ! I .' ; 


' t| 

(J ihwnunhawnna, (nin). I drown 
liiin, I putfboftte him in the 
water ; p. geb..nad ; imp. 

Gibwan/ikoah. A lieifer, or any 
young animal between two 
and fouryears old: pl.-r?//. 

Oifmandm, (nin). I stop my 
breatli, I stiHe niyHelC; p. (jeh 

Gibwanamabawe, {nin). T am 
drowned ; p. (/('b..ioeil. 

Gibwandmos, (nin). I am stifled 
hy Hmoke ; p. </eb...'iod. 

Gibwandmoshkawa, [nin). I 
suffocate him, stifle him, 
strangle him ; p. f/eb..wad. 

Gibwdnasi. Kite, hawk ; p\.-g. 

Giddmawa, (nin). I eat up h. 
th. belonginjr to him ; p. ged.. 

Gidamwa, (nin). I eat some 
obj. all up; p. (jedamwad ; 
imp. gidamwi. 

Giddn, (nin). I eat (or drink) 
it all up; I consume it; p. 

Giddnawe, (nin). I consume 
all ; p. ged. .toed. 

Giddn, as end-syllable in com- 
positions, signifies anger, an- 
gry ; as : Nin mddjigidd.'i, I 
\)egin to be angry. Nin sa- 
gidjigidds, I go out with an- 

Gidiskakogade.ihin, (nin). My 
leg is dislocated ; p. 

Gidiskia, (nin), i escape out 
of his hands ; also, I get him 
out of s. th., I make him es- 
cape, I deliver hin) ; p. ged.. 
Gidjibina, (nin). I hurt him 
touching his wound ; p. ged,. 
nad; imp, gidjibij. 

Gidjigdbikad. It is veined ui 
veiny, full of veins, (astonc ; 
p. ged..kak. 

Gtdjigassagad. It is veiny, un- 
dulated, (wood ;) p. geil..g(d. 

Gidjikas, (nin). I don't want lu 
go, I refuse to go, I renwiin; 
J), ged. .sod. 

Gidjim, (nin). My evil, or iii\ 
sore, increases, when I speak 
or cougli ; p. qadjimod. 

Gidowe, (nin). a. Gidjim. 

Gigaiawes, {nin). I am of ii 
slim slender size; p.geg.sid. 

Gigakisine, (nin). I have .stock- 
ings or socks and shoes ur 
boots on ; (F. je suis chaus- 
sd) ; p. geg..ned. 

Gigang. Ut. virgin ; pl.-ww/. 

Gigan'gow, (nin). I am a vir- 
gin ; p. gag..tcid. 

Gigdtigwan. A splinter in tlif 
hand or foot; pl.-aw. 

Gagdtigwe, (nin). I draw oui 
a splinter; p. geg..toed. 

GigawSgamiga, or-magad.Thcn 
is [a peninsula ; p. geg..gak, 

Gige, (nin). My wound heal- 
up ; p. gdged. 

Gigea, (nin). I heal his wound ; 
p. gagead. 

Gigi-, in compositions, signi- 
nes with, together ; as : 
Gigi-agim gi-pindige wdhu- 
ganing ; he came in the housf 
with his snow-shoes on. 

Gigibimddis, adv. Alive. 

Gigibingwash, (nin). I ain 
sleepy, drowsy ; p. gad. .id 

Gigibingwashiwin. Drovv^i noss. 

Gigine, (nin). I die with... ; p 
\ Giginen, (nin). I die witli it; 


— 131 — 



, I 

p. f/nffineU. — Kaginiij la-kotd- 

t/ili) kilr.hi batadoimn f/nyincd; 

]n' wlio (lies with a niortiil 

sin, will Hutler eternally. 
(ii(/ini'nau, (idii). I (.lie with 

liiiii ; ]). (/aifiucd. (V'.Conj.) 
(liil'inib, {nin). S. GiijinL 
(iiijiniy, {nin). I am born 

with... ; p. </(ttj..<jid. — Kakuui 

Li gi-hi-(/i(fini</iniiH batado- 

iria ; we were all horn with a 

(liijishkage, {nin). I oari-y 

iiu'or on me 8. th. ; 1 am 

a family way ; p. (jeg..(fed. 
Gii/ishkan, {nin). I carry 

wear it on me or in me 

have it in me (in my body or 

soul ;) p. geg..ang. 
(lillishkawa, {nin). I carry 

some obj. on me or in me ; p. 

(I(l/..wad. — Nin gigishkawa 

(iltinodji, I am in a family 

way, with chikl. 
(!i(ji.'iia, {nin). I make him 

liave or bring some obj. with 

liini ; p. gag. .ad. 
Gi(ii.sibingivai, adv. Witli tear.s. 
Ci(/i.s'ibingwebup,{nin). I laugh 

with tears in my eyes; p. gag 

Giijimnagad. It comes with.., 

it brings or has along with 

it... ; p. gag..gak. — Kitimiwin 

gigimnagad kitimfigi.mrin, 

laziness comes with poverty. 
Gi(/i.sin, {nin). I come with it, 

i bring or 

ine ; p. gagisid. 
Gigimnan, {nin). 

liave some obj. with 

gagisid. (V. donj.) 
Gigi't, {nin). I speak, I talk, I 

make a speech, a harangue; 

p. gagiiod. 

have it along with 

I bring 


I am 

Qigitchibikuiiissin. it is with 

the root, tlie root is to it; p. 

gag. .sing. 
Gigi-tckitrluig. With the .^on 

together with the soul, body 

and soul. 
Gigiioxoin. Speaking, talking, 

(liscouree, council ; pl.-«/'. 
Gigi-toiiaw. Together with the 

body, soul and body. 
Gigo. Fish; \)\.-i(ig. 
G igo-h imide . F i s h -o i 1 . 
Gigniag nind ugwubinag. 

hshing with a drag-net. 
Gigoika, ov-magad. 'I'here is 

plenty of tisli ; p. gag..k(ig, 

Gigoike, {nin). I am fishing ; 

p. gag.'ked. 
Gigoikewin. Fishery, fishing. 
Gigoikewinini. Fisherman; pl.- 

Gignwigamig. I-'ish-store ; 

Gigoioigan. Fish-bone ; pi 
Giigioishim, {nin). 1 last 

Giigwishimo-gijigad. Fast-day 

pi. -o?i. 
Giigwiahimo-gijigad. It is a 

fast-day ; p. ga..gak. 

Giigicishimowin. Fast, fasting. 
kitchi giigwishimowin, lent. 

Gi-ishkwa-anamiegijigak. Af- 
ter Sunday, Monday. 

Gi-ishk wa-nawakiceg. A f te r- 
noon, in the afternoon. 

Giiwe, {nia). i escape; p 

Gijakona, {nin). I pronounce 

a judgment or sentence over 

him; p. gaj..nad. 
Gijamaajiwe, {nin). I arrive at 

the summitof a mountain ; p. 

-"•*rrr ibrtii 

; P 






— i;w — 


g(tj..we(l. — S. Pdt/ainaitKol- 

frijande, or-ma<f(i<l. It haw the 
color of ripc'iieBH, (some licr- 
rv ;) J), (jajandej, ov-viayak. 

(lijanHi). it liuH tlu' color of 
ripciu'sH, (Home Iterry or 
IVuit ;) p. (fajannod. — (iijan- 
xowojf o(/ow niixfi i mi na(f fthe^v 
applt'H liavc the color of rijH'- 
iieHH, they look ripe. 

Ctijnnkkobile, or-itun/dd. It is 
u little warm, half warm, 
(liquid ;) p. k(ij..te(/,or-)ii(ii/<ik: 

Gijendavi, («/«). 1 determine 
or decide upon, I resolve, I 
Hrn)ly purpoHe- p,(/ajendaii</. 

(lijendamowiH. Resolution, de- 
termination, firm purpose. 

Gijenindis, hiin). I resolve 
upon, I make up my mind ; 
p. yaJ...sod. 

Gijia, (mil). I make some ohj. 
I finish it ; p. qajiad. 

ftijib, in conjpositions, signifies 
itching. (Exajnples Jin some 
of the' following words.) 

Gijihaje, {nin). I feel itchings 
on my skin, I am itciiy, man- 

Gijibajewin. Itching, itch on 
the skin ; (F. deniangeaison.) 

Gijihis, [nin).. It itches me, I 
have itchings; p. gejibinid. 

Gijide, or magad. It is cooked, 
done ; p. gajidek, or-magak, 

Gijig. Day ; sky, firmament; 

Gi'jig {nin). I am adiut; ripe; 


Gifigad. Day ; pi. -on. 

Gi.jigad. It is day ; p. gajiguk. 

Gijig ado-maainaig an. Day-pa- 
per, calendar ; pl.-a». 

Gijigassigewog {animikig.) 

'I'here are iininterrnpteil 

lightningH, making the nii.'lii 

almost as light as the dav. 
(lijignte, or-magnd. It is liglit. 

moon-light ; p. gnj.Jed, nr- 

Gijigate.ise, or-iinigad. It sliiiM< 

forth suddenly; p. g<;i, 

Gijigi. It is ripe, {mi. olij.) as: 

Dpin gijigi, mishimin gijii/i . 

the potato is ri|^»e, the apple is 

ri|)e. P. ifajigid. — 8. Gijig. 
Gijigiii. It is ripe, (in. (tlijj 

as : Maiiomin gijigia, tdiiss 

gijigin ; the wild rice is ripe, 

the turnip is ripe, — P. yaji. 

Gijigiiiiba, (nin). 1 sleep in tin- 

day-time; p. 
Gigik. Cetlar, cedar-tree ; pl.- 

Gijikdn, (nin). S. Gijiton. 
Gijikanday. Cedar-branch ; pi- 

Gijikaiihkimnd. Bag or sack of 

cedar-bark ; pl.-a/t. 

Gijikawa, (nin). I hurt him 
flailing upon him ; j>. grj.. 

GijikeiiH. A small cedar-tree; 
a latli ; pl.-a(/. 

Gijikensag nind agwakwinroij. 
I lath, «,I nail on little cedars.) 

Gijikigade, or-magad. It is 
made, done ; p. gaj..deg, oi- 

Gijikkki. Cedar-forest; cedar- 
swamp; pl.-wan. 

Gijiko.<i, (nin). I get hurt iiv 
carrying too heavy a loml; |i 

pi .-.7. 

Grown girl, adult; 



— 133 - 


n ' 

(lijiinaj/ad. It ia ri|)e ; p. tjaj.. 

'iijijKK It. snowed oiioujj;li ; p. 

(I'ijildinair, {nhi) or, iiin i/iji- 

luim. 1 iiiiikc it for him or 

to liiin ; J), (jaj.. until, 
(lijilon, {nin). I make it ; I 

liiiiHli it; p. (jnjitnd. 
(iijwe, (nin). I talk, I Hi)eak ; 

p. (J a) wed. 
liijwcuu'u. Spi'ukin;^, talkin;,'; 

1(1. -(fM. 

(I'lhd, {nin). I am very old ; 

p. ijekad. 
(likauiHawa, {nin). I make him 

iiiiirkH, (on a trail, etc. ;) j*. 

dikdh. S. Hi-iji-gikah. 
ilikad, in compoHitionp, Hi;rni- 

tics yiave ; respertah/e. (Vjx- 

Hiiiples in Home of the Ibllow- 

iti}^ word8.) 
(likudendagn.s, {nin). I am con- 

HJdcred re.'^pectable, grave, 

.«eriou.s; Tp. gek..sid, 
(likddcndam, {nin). I have 

grave serious thoughts; j). 

Gikddis, {nin). I am grave, 

nerious ; p. gek...sid. 
(likCidixiwin. Grave serious 

Gikadj, {tiin). I am coKl, I feel 

cold I p. gakadjid. 
GikadjinindjiivadJ, {nin). My 

hands are Cold ; p. gafc.djid. 
GikadJisidewadJ, {nin). My feet 

are cold ; p. gak..djid. 
Gikadjitawagewadj, {nin). My 

ears are cold ; p. gak..djid. 
Gikadjiioin. Cold felt in the 

body from cold weather. 
Gikdma, {nin). I scold or re- 
buke him ; p. gakamad. 


(Jikannmodc, or-magad. It 

smokes, (in a house (ir lo<lge ;) 

p. g<ik..deg, or-ni<ig<ik. 
(lUkanihnn.H, (nin). It smokes 

in my hou.^e, or 

(/Ilk. ..sod. 
(iikannmnxwn, {nin). I make 

smoke arouml him, I make 

him be in the smoke ; \).gak., 

wad ; irap. gik.,}iwi. 
Gikandnn, (nin). I scold it, I 

speak ill of it ; j). gak..ang. — 

(I gikand/in <in(tmii'wigamig, 

he scolds the church, (speaks 

ill of it.) 
(likdiriditw, (nin). i (|uarrel, 

ilispute, wrangle; X).g((g..ang. 
Gikuwidaniowin. A Itercat ion , 

(luarrel, wrangling, dispute. 
(likilirin. Very old age. 
(rikini, (nin). I weep much ; p. 

Gikinianis, (nin). lambenuiid)- 

ed ; p. gak..,sid. 
Gikimanixide,(nin). My foot is 

benumbed; p. gak..dcd. 
Gikimanisiwiu. Numbness; (I''. 


O'iki.isiton, {nin). I add to s. 
Ih ; p. gak..U)d, 

Ginidb, {nin). I look in a steal- 
thy manner, unperceived; I 
spy out ; p. gamabid. 

Ginidbama, {nin) {dan). I look 
at him unperceived, in a 
stealthy manner, I spy him 
out ; p. gam. .mad. 

Gimi, {nin). I desert, I run 
away, I go somewhere secret- 
ly ; p. gainid. 

Giniia, {nin). T make him de- 
sert ; p. gamiad. 

Gimidoa, (nin) {freq. nin gdgi- 
midon.) I murmur against 



1 1 




— 134 


HoiiicbcHly, not liciii^; lieard by 
hill) ; j>. j/(tmidini(/. 

(Jiini ' ' ''lan. Illi'nitiinati' 

chi ot in a Hti'iiltli} man- 

lier, I cliild out ol' vvedluck, 
biiMtard; \i\.-ti<j. 

(iiminidji, (niii). I gt-l a cliild 
out ofwt'illock, (ill a Htealtliy 
niaiinoi;) 1 lirin;; lorlli a Ims- 
lard ; p. ;/ain. id. 

(f'imiaiwa, [iiiit). J tuucli him 
in a Htoalthy manner without 
liiH knowinji it; p. 0(i)n..i('(id. 

O'imUawd, (iiiii). 1 liear him 
nccrt'tly, in a Htcalthy inan- 
ner, he does not know that I 
hear him, I overhear him ; p. 
(jam. .wad. 

Gitniwau. It rains ; p. (jemi- 
wa, '. 

Gin iaam,{niii). I travel in 
a ' or lioat in rainy wea- 

tiit. , J. (/cm..(in(/, 

Gimiwdndfx). llain-water. 

Giniiwanibon, {idii). I embark 
or Htart in a canoe or boat in 
rainy weather; \). yevi..tiid. 

GimiwanUoii, {uin). I make 
rain, I cau8e rain; p. (jein.. 

Gliniwaiutssv, (nin) or, iiiii yi- 
miwanishka. 1 walk in rainy 
weather; p. fjem..ed. 

Gimiwin. DeHertion. 

Gimod, {nin). I steal, J purloin, 
I take away s. th. and make 
use of it without perndsHion, 
although not with the inten- 
tion ot'keepin<? it; p.yemodid. 

Gimodad. It is hidden, it is a 
secret, a mystery ; p. </emo- 

Gimodddjim, {nin). I tell s. th. 

Gimodddjimotawa, {nin). I tell 

eat 1,1 
manner; p. yvm. 

him s. ^th. aecrctly ; p. yew., 

Giimidandjiycy {nin). I 
a steal tliy 

Gunodinia, (nin). I steal h. tli 
I'rom him ; I take s. th. wilh- 
oul his kn()wled;;e and |ii'i'- 
missii^n ; p. ycui..niad. 

Gimodin, inin). I steal il ; I 
lake il without permit-'-idii 
and make tiee of it; p. tjainr 

Ginindinan, {nin) I steal sonic 
olij. or take it and make ii.'^e 
of it without permission ; p, 
yiniodid {V . Conj.) 

Gininili.s/ih-, (nin). I am in ,i 
habit of stealing, I am tliiiv- 
ish, I am a habitual thief; p. 
y cm.. kid. 

Gimodi.shkiwin. Habit of sleal- 
ini;, thievishness. 

Gimodidiwin. Hidden tliin;', 
secret, mystery; iA.-an. 

Gimodiwiyainiy. House, alxtilr 
or den of thieves; pl.-o«. 'L. 
spelunca latronuni.) 

Gimudiwin. Stealing, thefl. 

Giinodj, adv. In a stealtliv 
manner, secretly, clandestine- 
ly, privately, in a hidden 

Gimddjikana, {nin). I leave 
him in a stealthy manner, 1 
<'o away from him witlioiii 
his knowledge ; p. yem..nad . 
imp. yimodjikuj. 

Gimodotve, (ninj. I speak .-e- 
cretly, mysteriously, in a hiil- 
den manner ; also, I use n 
parable ; p. 

Gimodowewin. Secret hidden 
speaking; parable; pl.-a«. 

Gina, or-mayad. It is shiirp ; 


— i;« — 


it JH pointed, (an iron toul ;) p. 
i/dhiii/, or-mat/ak. 
HiniiiiiiidddHy {iiiu). I I'orbid it, 
I i('l)ukt' it; p. )/ — 
.li'siiM n jfi-uiiKKinuidau nodin 
l:il(/iijf(nni (](ik\ mi, dan/i {/a- 
i ji-kHchi-anwut i ni niij ; Jchuh 
icliiikc'd iho winds and the 
>(ii, und there was a ^roat 


liiiniamadini . One in lbrV)iddi'n; 
(F. on est d<^'R'ndu.) 

Ilinanmuifewin. Proliiltilion, 

(!iii(i(ii>i(ti/ewiu. Any thing t'or- 
liiddcn; |)l.-a/t. 

(,'iii(((tmnw((, (nin). I I'orbid hini, 
1 liinder him to do s. th. ; p. 

(liiiat/idji, inin). I an> tickliwh, 
easily tickled ; (F. je hiuh 
cliatoiiilleux ;) p. (jen.Ad. 

(liiiai/idjina, (niii). I tickle him; 
|i. tjeu,.nad. 

Ciiuiijinn, [nin). S. Giiiagidjina. 

fliiiOKhkad. It cuts, it has a 
>liarp edge, (a plant or herh ;) 
1 1. (/aiia.inknk. 

(liiuiwinhk, [idii). vS. Qayina- 
iris Ilk. 

(linawuhkia, {nin), I makeliim 
tell a lie ; p. gen. .ad. 

IliiKiwishkitan, inin). I consi- 
der as a lie what I hear ; p. 

(liimwishkilavm, (nin). I hear 
liini, or listen to him, with 
the impression that he is tell- 
ing a lie, or lies ; p. (jen.. 

Oinddbiyinn, (nin) {na7i). I dip 
80iiie ol)j. in s. th.; p. yen., 

Giiulabiqiniyaso. It is dii)ped 
ill s, til.; p. yen. sod. 

(i inddiawanyaan, [nin], I wink 

it in the Hand ; p. ytn..any. 
Cinddiawanyawa, (nin). I «ink 

Home olij. in thenaml; p. yen.. 

Gindnkamiyi.shka, i>r-mayad. It 

sinks in the ground ; p. yen.. 

kuy, or-mayak. 
(iindd.s/ik(t, or-inayad. It in 

htaded much, it sinks ileep in 

the water, (a vensel, caiiuc, 

etc.); p. yen..kay, ur-inayak. 
(linddwuynnense, (nin). 1 sink 

in the Huuw ; p. ycn..ned. 
Gindjibaiiri', (nin). I run away 

tor Hafcty ; p. yen, .wed. 
Oindjidaan, (nin). I thrust it 

in 8. th., I press it down, 

(Homething contained in a ves- 
sel;) p. i/cn..any. 
Ginjidadjiae, (nin) or, nin yind- 

Jidaiye. I press down ; p. yen.. 

Gindjidanam, {nin). I have a 

heavy oppressed respiration ; 

p. </en..viod. 
Ginajidashima,{nin). I thrust 

in, or down, some ohj. 

(in a vessel ;) p. yen..mnd. 
Gindjidasne, {nin). I Isill in ; 

p. gen..sed. 
Gindjidus.sidun, {nin). I thrust 

it in, or press it down ; p. 

yen.. clod. 

Gindjiddiva, {nin). I press down 
or thrust m, some ohj. ; p. 
yen.. toad. 

Gindjidawi, {nin). I press in, 

I strive to get in through the 

crowd ; p. yen.:wid. 
Ginebiy. Snake, serpent; pl.- 

oy. ' 
Ginebiyojayaai. The skin of a 

serpent; pl.-a//. 

i . \v 

( '. 

I i . 


136 — 


Ginebigonini. Snake Indian; 

Ginebigwaidn. S. Ginebigojaga- 

Ginebigwaj. Hole of a serpent 
or snake; pi. -aw. 

Ginibi, in con)po8itiunH, signi- 
fies /"is^, quick. (Examples in 
some of tne following words.) 

Ginibi, {nin). I am quick or 
expeditious in working, in do- 
ing 8. th. ; p. qenibid. 

Gimkig, {niii). \ grow up fast ; 
p. genibigid. 

Grnibigi, or-magad. It is grow- 
ing Vast, (tree, lierb, plant;) 
p. gen..gig, or-magak. 

Ginibiniiiilci,, {nin). 1 am get- 
ting old fast; p. gsn.ked. 

Ginikaje. It has a long beak, 
(a bird) ; p. gan.jed. 

long neck ; 


I have a 

p. gen..ioed. 
Ginoqweiawestiib. A kind of 

wild duck with a long neck ; 

Ginonagad. It is long, (canoe, 

boat, vessel, etc.); p- g^n- 

Ginonde, or-magad. It is long, 

(a house, a lodge, etc.) ; p. 

genondeg, or-magak. 
Ginonike, {tiin). 1 have a long 

arm ; p. gen..ked 
Ginoninaji, {nin). I have h long 

hand ; p. gen.dd. 
Ginos, {nin). I am long, I am 

tall ; p. genosid. 
Ginoside, {nin). I have a long 

foot; p. gen..ded. 
Ginwd, or-magad. It is long ; 

p. genwag, or-magak. 
Ginwu.o.gad. It is long, (thread, 

string, rope, etc.) ; p. gen,. 


Ginwabigiidwe, (nin). I have a 

long slender body; p. gen.. 

Ginwabigisi seniba. The ril»- 

bon is long; p. gen..sid. 
Ginwdbikad. It is long, (sonio 

object iiade of some metal, 

or of stone;) p. gen..kak. 
Ginwabikisi assin. The stone 

is long; p. gen...nd. 
Ginwdiakossin. It is long, it 

reaches far; p. 
Ginwdko,n mitig, nabagi.f.'taii. 

The trep, the' board, is lon<: ; 

p. gen.-sid. 
Ginwakwadn, {nin) . I cut it 

long ; p. ifen..ang. 
Ginwdkwad. It is long, (wooil- 

en object;) p. genwdkwak. 
Ginivdkwanwi. A long arruw ; 

Gimodkicawa, {nin). I cut it 

long) p. gen.. wad ; imp. gin- 


Ginwambis, {nin).. I wear a 
lon^ frock, (woman ;) p. gen.. 
load ; imp. ginwakwd. 

Ginwanowe. It has a long tail, 

(a beast ;) p. gen. .toed. 
Ginwdtchita, {nin). J. continue 

long, I am a long while in 

doing 8. th.; p. gen. .tad. 
Ginwdton, {nin). I nuike it 

long, I lengthen it; p. genwa- 

Ginwecjad. It is long, (aiiv 

clotliing article or material ;i 

p. gen.. gak. 
Ginwegisi mosliwe. The Jiainl- 

kerchief "S long ; p. gen..iiid. 

Ginwevj, adv. Long, a Ion? 

Ginivindima. It is deep, (a 

river, ete.) ; p. gen.. mag. 

r= iXi . rs . y T is: ssjis is ". l"1-:- ' JfSS ' E l fr!."- ' . • ■> i ' . ? WK"! " ' 


— 137 — 


have a 
I. fjeii.. 

lie rilt- 


, (f-oiuc 

1 metal , 


Le stone 

long, it 

is lon^ ; 

I cut it 

T, (wooil- 
g arrow ; 

I cut it 
imp. i/''i- 

wear a 

;) P- .'/c • 

long tail, 


while ill 

make it 
p. tjevwa- 

ing, (anv 
jnaterial ;i 

the lian;l- 
t a Ion;: 


mouse, {niii). I go a liunting; 

p. gaossed. 
I'liossewin. Hunting. 
(iipidon, {nin). My lips are 

cracked, or chapped or sore; 

[t. gdpidong, — llie freq. is, 

iiUf gagipidon ; p. 
I'lipidoneias, {nin). My lips are 

cracked or sore by too much 

heat ; p. gap.. sod. 
liipidonewadj, {nin). My lips 

are cracked or sore from cold ; 

]). qap..djid. 
(lishliabdgwe, {nin). I thirst 

nuich; p. gash..ioed. — S. Ni- 

liixlikCtbugwewin. Ardent thirst. 
liishkdbdgwenodan, (^nin). I 

thirst after it, I desire it ar- 
dently; p. qash..ang. 
t'llnhkdkwandjioe pijiki. The 

ox (or cow] browses, it eats 

little brancnes or browses ; p. 

(lishkishe. Bitch ; pl.-iag. S. 

liislipinadaganiwan. It is a 

tlimgthatis bought; p. gash 

. ang. 
liishp'inadagan. Ware, mer- 
chandise, any obj. that may 

l»e bought ; pl.-ag. 
Cihhpinadaga. . Merchandise, 

ware, any obj. tliat may be 

bought ; pl.-a«. 
Ginhpinadamadis. I buy for 

myself; -p. gash.. sod. 
(iiahpinadamadison, {nin). I 

buy it for myself or to myself; 

p. gash..sod. 
(iiahpinadamadisonaii, (nin) I 

buy some obj. to myself; p. 

gash..sod. (V. Conj.) 
Cishpinadamawa, {nin) or, nin 

gishpinadawa. I buy it from 


him ; I buy it of him ; p. 

gash. .wad ; imp. gishpinaj. 
Gishpinadjige, {iiin). I am biiy- 

ing ; p.gash..ged. 
Gishpinaaon, {iiin). I buy it, 

purchase it; p. gash..dod. 
Gishpinage, {nin). S. Gishpin' 

Gishpinana, {ni}i). I buy some 

obj. ; p. gash.,nad ; imp. gish- 
Gisikan, {nin). I take it off, 

(clothing ;) p. gasikang. 
Gisikwanaie, {nin). I ntrip, I 

undress myself; p. gas.Aed. 
Gisikwanaiebina, {nin). I strip 

or undress him ; p. gas..nad ; 

imp. gisikwanaiebij . 
Gisiktcanaiebinidis, {nin). I un- 
dress mys-elf; p. gas...<ind. 
Gisikwanaiewin . U n(J ressi n g, 

Gisisamawa, {nin). I cook for 

liim ; p. gas. .wad. 
Gi.n.san, {nin). I cook it, bake 

It ; p. gasisang. 

Gisisefcwe, {nin). I am cooking ; 
p. gas. .wed. 

Gisisekwewin. Cooking, cooke- 

Gisiso. It is cooked or baked, 
(some object ;) p. gasisod. — 
Gasisod gigo, cooked or bak- 
ed fish. Gasisod pakwejigan, 
baked bread. Sun, moon, month ; pi. 
-og. To distinguish the moon 
from the sun, they call her, 
iibikigisiss, or tibikgisiss, 

Gisiss dbitaivisi. The moon is 
in her first quarter, or in her 
last quarter ; p. aiahitawisid. 

Gisiss ani-bakwesi. The moon 
is declining ; p. eni-bakioesid. 

( r 




- 138- 



f I 

' i I 

\\ i . 


i ,■• 



Gisisa ani-initclidhikisi 
moon is growing, 
p. eni-mitch..sid. 

Gisiss ishkioaiassige. The moon 
do«8 not sliine any more, (the 
er, J of a moon or nionth ;) p 

Gisiss nihu. 1'lie sun (or moon) 
(lien, that is, is eclipsed, tliere 
is an eclipse; p. ntbod. 

Ghisswayad. This word never 
occurs alone ; it is always con- 
nected with a number, and 
signifies a certain period of 
months. — Nisso (jisisswayad 
jaigwa eko-dagwhkinun ovia ; 
it is already three months 
since I arrived here. 

Gisisswagiss, {nin). This word 
is always connected with a 
number, and signifies the age 
of some object in months. — 
Ai'J ahinodji nano gisisstvagi- 
si ; this child is five months 

Gifiiss wdwiiesi. The moon is 
round, that is, it is full moon; 
]). waiawnesid. 

Gisiswa, {nin). I cook or bake 
some obj ; p. gasisioad ; imp. 

Giskabag. In the back of a 

Cissadendam, {nin). I am sor- 
rowful ; p. gess..ang. 

Gissadendamowin. Sorrow, af- 

Gitadn, {nin). I draw it out of 
something ; p. getaang. 

Gitabid. Large tooth, grinder. 

Giuiigan. Gun-worm, (to draw 
the' load out of a gun ;) cork- 
screw; pl.-a«. 

Gitawa, {nin). I draw some obj. 
out^of s. th.; \i.getawad ; imp. 

Gitchiqanakwad. There nro 

small curled clouds in (h'' 

sky; (F. le ciel est poinmele;) 

\). get..ioak. 
Gitchiganejun wiidsi, {nin). I 

take oil' the tlesh from the 

bones ; p. getch..ang. 
Gitcliigfinejwa, {nin). I take hi> 

llesl'i otr from his bones; \>. 

get, . wad ; imp. -/«'/. 
Gitckigitchiganeski. A small 

l)ird' that Hies close to tlic 

ground ; \)\.-iag. 
Git(:higobina,{nin) {don). I draw 

some obj. out of s. th., I pull 

it out; p. get..nad. 
GUchigwakonan, {nin). I draw 

it out, (obj. of wood;) y.gef.. 

Gitcniminagishkan, (nin). 1 

tread it out, instead of thrash- 

ino; ; p. get. .ang. 
Gitcliiminagaigan. Flail, or 

any thing to trash out grain : 

Gitchiminagishkawa, {nin). I 

tread it out ; p. get.icad. 
Gitchiwakivane, [nin). I take 

my hat off; p. gat..ned. 
Gitchiioebina, (nin) {nan). 1 

throw out some obj. ; p. get.. 

Giwaadis, {nin). I ramble ; 1 

am a vagabond ; p. gaivaadi- 

sid, vagabond. 
Giwaadisiwin. Rambling ; va- 
Gitoadendagwad. It is doubt- 
ful ; p. gaicwak. 
Giicadendam, (nin). 1 doubt ; 

p. (/aw.. ang. 
Giwddendamowin. Doubt . 

doubtful thought ; pl.-mt. 
Giwanddapine, (nin)- I am in- 


— 139 — 


pane by intervals, I nni a lu- 
natic ; p. gdw..ned. 
liiiranadapinewia Insaneness 
liy intervals 

I am insane, 
fool ; p. gaw.. 


I tell a lie; p. 

I tell him a 
p. gaw.. mad. 

liiwanddis, inin 
mad, I am a 


(liwanim, {nin). 

Ciiwanima, {nin). 
lie, I belie him 

(liwanimowin. Lying, lie, false 
iiood; pl.-an. 

IliuHts'Jirabinodji. Orphan ; pl.- 

iiiwdnhis, (jiin). I am a poor 
orphan, I am alone, I have 
no relatives ; p. 'gaic.sid. 

(liwushito, {nin). S. Giwashis. 

iliwashkwe, {nin). I am giddy ; 
]). gaw.. wed. 

liiic/i.thkioebi, (nin). I am giddy 
from drinking, I am drunk, 
intoxicated; p. gaw. .bid. 

liiwashkwebia, (nin). I intoxi- 
cate him ; p. gaw.. ad. 

(iiwashkwebishk, (nin). I am in 
a habit of getting' drunk, I am 
a habitual drunkard ; p. gaw 

{'iiwaHh bwebi.^hkagemagad, or, 
giwashkwebimayad. It uses 
tu intoxicate, it intoxicates ; 
p. gaw..gak. 

Giwdshkweganama, (nin). I 
.stun him, I make him giddy, 
liy striking; p. gaw. .mad. 

(iiivashkweiendam, {nin). I have 
confused thoughts, I am be- 
wildered ; p. gaw..ang. 

Ijiwashkweiendamia, (nin). I 
bewilder him ; p. gaw. .ad. 

(iia-nshivckos, (nin). I am made 
iriddy, or di/zy, by some ob- 

ject that fell ui)0n me ; p. 

Giwashkioinos, (nin). I bocon\i' 
giddy by smelling s. th.; p. 

Giwashwcs, (nin). I become 
giddy from heat ; i> gaw. .sod. 

Giwa.shkwe,shin, (nin). I am 
made giddy, or diazy, by fall- 
ing ; p. gaw..i}ig. 

Gvxashhwewin. Giddiness, ver- 
tigo, dizziness. 

Giwe, (nin). I return, I go back 
again, I go liome ; p. gawed. 

Giwe, (nin). I return in a ca- 
noe or boat ; p. gaioeod. 

Giwe. S. Kiwe. 

Giw^baio, {nin). 1 return run- 

ning ; p. gaw..iod. 

Giwebibon. It is after the mid- 
dle of the winter, the winter is 
on its decline, on its return 
from where it came ; p. gaw.. 

Giiv6din. North, northwind. 

Giwcdinong, in the north, 
from the north, to the north. 

Giwedinaamog (animikig). It 
thunders in the north." 

Giwhlinakwad. The clouds 
come from the north; p. gaw.. 

Giwedinobissa. The rain comes 
from the north ; p. gaw. .sag. 

Giwegom, {nin). I turn round 
with a canoe or boat ; p. gaw 

Giweiabowe, [nii'^. I return 
home with s. th. to eat, com- 
ing from an Indian feast ; p. 

Giweiassam gisiss. Alg. The 
sun i.s on his decline, it is in 
the afternoon ; p. gaw.. ana. 

Giweiendam, {nin). T think to 

■) >■ ; 

( ■«: 

!' I 


: f 1 ' 1 



( i 



140 — 


return, I think on my going 
home again ; p. gaw..any. 

Oiweki, (71111). I move back 
again to Tny own country, I 
return to my native place'; p. 

Giwemagad. It goes back again, 
it returns 5 p. qaw..gak. 

Giwenajawa. t bid liim go 
home, I send him back again ; 
y.gaWf.wad; imp. glioenaja. 

Giwenihin. It is after the mid- 
dle of tlie summer, the sum- 
mer is on its decline, on its 
return ; p. gaw.dng. 

Giioeona, (nin) {don). I take 
or convey back again some 
object in a canoe or boat ; p. 
gaw..nad; imp. giweoj. 

Giioewina, {nin) (don). I carry 
back again some object, I lead 
or conduct back again some 
object ; p. gaw..nad ; imp. 

Giwideonan. Detour, (place.) 

Giicidewa, {nin). I go around a 
point in a canoe or boat ; p. 

Ghoine, (nin). I am dying; p. 

Giwis, (nin). I am an orphan ; 
p. gawisid. 

Gtwita, in compositions, signi- 
fies round, surrounding. {Ex- 
amples in some of the follow- 
ing words.) 

Giioitaam, {nin). I go around 
a point or buy in a canoe or 
boat ; p. gawitaang. 

Giwetabato, (nin). I run around 
8. th. ; p. gaw..tod. 

Ghoitaiahikiniqan. Wall around 
a fortress ; pl.-an. 

Giwitaiajagame, (nin). I jwalk 
around a bay ; p. 

Giwitdianikadan, {nin). I dig 
a ditch around it; p. gam., 

Giwitdianikana,(nin). I dig a 
ditch around him; p. gaH\. 
nad; imp. kaj. 

Giwetaii, adv. Round, around, 
all round, in the environs. 

Giwitdkawig, a.dv. Round in the 

Giwitakinigan. Enclosure, pa- 
lisades, (of a fort, etc.); pl.- 

I fence it in all round ; p. 

Giwiiaosse, {nin).l walk around 
8. th. ; p. gaw-.sed. 

Giwiiashim, {nin). I dance 
around s. th. ; p gaw..mod. 

Giwitashka, (7iin). I go round ; 
(F. je fais le tour;) p. gaw.. 

Giwiiasse. It flies aroudd s. th.; 
p. gaw-.sed. 

Giwitatigweia sibi. The river 
turns round (or back again) 
in its course ; p. gaw..iag. 

Go, or igo, {go, after a vowel ; 
igo, after a consonant ;) par- 
ticle which conveys the idea 
of affirmation or assurance, or 
to express just; as: Nongom 
iqo, just now. Kinaica go hi 
da-ijdm, just you ought to go. 

Godaakwe,(nin). I shoot at a 
mark, at a target ; p. gweda- 

Godass. Frock for women ; petti- 
coat j pl.-an. 
Godj; m compositions, signifies 
essay, trial, experiment. (Ex- 
amples in some of the follow- 
ing words.) 
Gddjia, (nin). I try him, I essay 




- 141 - 


I, I essay 

or try any obj.; p. gwedjiad. 
Godjieio, (nin). I striVc, Iliy; 

p. gwe.,wid. 
Godjiewinodan, (nin). I prove 

it, try it ; p, ywe.ang, 
(iodjiewinodawa, {nvi). I try 

linn ; p. gwe-.wad. 
Godjieioisiwin. Experiment, 

proof, trial ; pl.-a». 
GodJi-kikenda7i, (mn). 1 exa- 
mine it, try it; p. gwe..ang. 
Godji-kikenima, [nin). I exa- 
mine him, try him ; p. gxoe.. 

Godji-nagam, {nin). I sing for 

a proof ; p. gwcviod, 
Godjinike, {nin). I feel the 

pulse; p. gwe..ked. 
Godjinikena, {nin). I feel his 

arm ; p. gwc.nad. 
Godjipiaan,{nin). I trv or exa- 
mine it by the taste, 1 tatste it; 

p. gioe..ang. 
Godjipwa, {nin). I try some 

obj. by the taste ; p. gica.. 

wad; imp. godjipwi. 
Godjiskiceiabigina, {nin). I 

feel his pulse, {oskwelaby Mit^ 

vein ;) p. giccnad. 
Godjiton, (nin). I try it ; p. 

Gogaam gigo. The fi.'<h leaps 

up, over the surface of thi' 

water ; p. gwagaang. 
G6gi,(nin). I dive; p. gxcagid. 
Gogina. 1 dip him in the \va- 
1 ter; p. 
Guginan, (nin). I dip it in the 

water ; p. gwa..ang. 
Gogisse, (nin). I glide, slip or 

fall in the water; p. gwagis- 

Gokokwa, or-magad. It is roll- 
ing, (caaoe, boat, etc.) ; p. 

gwc.ivag, or-magak. 

Gokwadendagos, (nin). I am 
considered worthy ; respect- 
able ; p. gwc.sid. 

Gokwadendan, [nin). I esteem 
it, respect it ; p. gwc.ang. 

Gokwadenim, {mn). S. Gokica- 

Gokwadenima, {nin). I respect 
him, esteem liiin ; p. 

Gokwadenindis, (jiin). I esteem 
myself too much, I am 
haughty, proud ; p. gwe..snd. 

Gokxoadenindisoicin. Pride, 

Goktoddiii, (nin). I am worthy, 
respectable; p. gioc.sid. 

Goma, or, gotna minik, adv. 
Middling. — Nibiwana kid nia- 
nan masinaiganan ? — Goma 
minik. Hast thou many 
books ? — Middling. 

Goma minik, adv. For a time ; 
(L. ad tempus). 

Gomdpi, adv. Some time, by- 
and-by. Gomapi nin gad-aia 
oma ; I %vill remain here for 
some time, (not long.) Goviapi 
nin gad-aia oma; I will re- 
main liere for some time, 
(not long.) Gomapi nin ga- 
madja ; 1 will start by-aiid- 

Gon. Snow. 

Gona, {nin). I swallow f-omc 
obj. ; p. gtcenad. 

Gonababog, {nin). I capsize in 
a rapid, (my canoe or boat 
ovensets in the rapids of » ri- 
ver ;) p. give.. god. 

Gonabislika, (nin). I capsize my 
canoe, boat, etc., is overturn- 
ed, it oversets ; p. gwe..kad. 

Gonddgan. Throat; (F. gorge.) 

Oondakamigissan. Gulf, abvis, 

)! i'ti 

! I 


V r 


■ Hi 




, «H 


'fill I! 





r I 




-142 - 


(oHccted by the sinking down 

of the ground ;) pl.-an. 
Gondakamigisse, or-magad. The 

ground sinks dovvn, (and 

eft'ects an abyss, a gulf;) p. 

gwcaca or-magak. 
(jondashktvei. Windpipe ; (F. 

Gviidasse, ov-viagad. It enters 

or penetrates in the flesh ; p. 

gwendasseg, oi-magak, 
Ooiigwawa, (nin). I thrust him 

away ; p. gwe..wad ; imp. 

Gonige, adv. S. Gonima. 
GonUca, or-magad. There is 

snow ; p. gwanikag, or-magak. 
Gonima, adv. Perhaps, may be; 

Gunwapon, {nin). J won't eat 

it, I abstain from it; p. gwe.. 


Gonwuponan, {niy}. 1 won't 
eat some obj. I abstain from 
it: p. gwe..od. 

Gomoapowin. Abstinence. 

Gopaam, {nin). I go into the 
inland^ in the woods, in a ca- 
noe, on a river; ]p. gwepaang. 

Gopamo mikana. The road 
leails into the woods ; p. give- 

Gopasovia, {nin). T despise him, 
(with words,) I have a low- 
idea ofhim, or of his abilities; 
p. gwa..mad. 

Gupasondan, {nin). I despise 
it, I contemn it ; p. gwa..ang. 

Gopasondis, {nin). I despise 
myself ; \). gwa.-sod. 

Gopi, {nin). I go into the woods, 
m the interior, inland ; p. gwe- 

GopiwidoH) {nin). I carry or 

convey it up from the lake- 
shore ; p. gwc.dod. 

Gopiwinu, {nin). I carry or con- 
vey him up from the [lake- 
shore, from the beach ; ji. 

Go.f, {nin). I move to some 
other place, I decamp ; p. gwe 
. .,si<l. 

Gosdbi, {nin). I sink, I go to 
the bottom ; p. gwesdhid. 

GosliCi. This word cannot be 
given in English. It signiiics 
that a repetition is made, or 
that something which is told, 
is known. The Indians alsu 
will xise it sometimes in rt- 
questing you for somethill^^ 
— Ki gi-windamoninimaba» 
goshd ; I had told it to you 
repeatedly. — Maninaigau go- 
shd ; I request you for a book. 

Goshima, {nin). I respect him, 
dread him; p. gweshimad. 

Goshiwe, {nin). ■ I fear; p. lyMv... 

Goshiweshk, {nin). 1 am timid, 
timorous, fearful ; p.<l. 

Goshkoa, {nin). I surprise him, 
I make him shrink or start 
back ; p. 

Goshkobagassin. The leaves 
tremble, are agitated by the 
wind; p. giocing. 

Goshkoka, (nin). I shrink or 
start back, I am surprised ; 
p. gwc.kad. 

Goshkonagos, {nin). I liave a 
curious, ridiculous appear- 
and, p. gtve..sid. 

Go3likonawes, {nin). S. Goskk- 

Goshkongwash, {ni7i). I awak(! 
starting up ; (P. je me re- 
veille en sursaut ;) p. gwe, .id. 


- 14:5 



lioshkoft, {nin). I awake, 1 

wuki" uj) ; p. tjwcslikosid. 
lins/ikwakohina, {niti). T Hhako 

liim, (any ol)j.) ; p. t/we..iiu<l. 
(lOskkicnkoHhkd, or-)nu(/ft<l. It 

shakes^ it trcinliles; p. give-. 

kay, ov-magak. 
(loshkwakoshkawa, {niii). 1 

shake some obj. ; p. gwe.uHul. 
lioshkwatoddix, (nin). I am 

melancholic, pensive; p. gwe 

Ilihshkwendam, inin). J am sur- 

j)rise<l in my thoujrhts, in my 

mind ; p. gwcang. 
Iiiis/ikwesse, {nin). 1 stagger; 

p. gwe..Ncd. — Freq. nin gosk- 

(ioshkwStakoki, {nin). I make 

a step oat of the trail ; p. 

// w e.s' h..kid. — T h e / ) -c^ . v e r 1 > o t' 

it is nin goshkos/ikwciakoki, I 

miss often my trail, stepping 

aside, (f. i. a drunken person.) 
(iosia, {nin). I niake liim move 

to some other place ; p. gtre- 

(losikan, {nin). I try it whe- 
ther it fits me, fa coat, a shoe, 

etc.) ; p. gwesikann. 
(Ktsikaion, {nin). I;J try it, (a 

gun, etc.); p. gioe..tod. 

(losiwin. Removal, decamp- 
ing, moving from one camp 
to anotlier. Ningo gosiivin, 
the distance from one Indian 
camp to another. 

fiossd, {nin). I fear him, I am 
afraid of him ; j). gwessad ; 
imp. gonlii. 

Cosnitaica, {nin) or nin gossita- 
maioa. I am afraid for him ; 
p. gioe..wad. 

dossitaioenima, {nin) {dan). I 

fear liim, in thought.^; p. gwe 

(ioHsiton, {nin). I dread it, I 
respect it ; p. gwf'.'isi'od, 

GoiaiiJ, {nin). I fear | I appie- 
hend danger, (es|»ecially from 
enemies ;) p. gwetadjid. 

(ioiadjigancf, (nin). f am fear- 
ed, dreaded, 1 am formidable ; 
}>. gwe .sid. 

Gotadjishk, {nin). I am too easi- 
ly frightened, I am too fear- 
ful ; |t. gwe. .kid. 

(jotadjiwin. Fear, fright, alarm, 
apprehension of danger, (es- 
pecially from enemies.) 

Golania, {nin). I taste some 
obj., I swallow a little of it; 
]». gwe.. mad. 

Golantandan, {nin) or, ningola- 
mandjiton,. I tried it, I know 
it by experience; ]). gwct..ang, 
or, gwei..fod. 

Gofaniawa, {nin). I fear s. th. 
belonging or relating to him, 
in regard to him; p. gweta- 

Gotdmigoa, {nin). I am dread- 
ful, frightful ; p. gwet...sid. 

Gotdmigosiwin. Dreadful j)Ower. 

Gotdniigwab, {nin). I gaze or 
look on dreadful, I have a 
frightful look ; p. gwe.. bid. 

Gotamigwahama, {nin) (dan). I 
look at him frightfully; p. 
gwe.. mad. 

Goidmigwad. It is frightful, 
dreadful ; there is a great 
storm, a gale; p. gwc.wak. 

Gotamigioendagos, {nin). I am 
to be feared, I am horrible, 
frightful, formidable; p- gwe 

Gotamigwendagwad. It is to be 





a m\ 




' I M i 

I 14^ 




— 141 — 





fcured, it is awful, horrible ; 

p. gwc.wak. 
Gotdmigwenini, {nin). I am ar- 

ro<rant, I think mvflelf hi<^h, 

powerful, dreadful; p. {/we.. 

CjloUlumjwewe, or-ma(/ad. It 

iiiakeH a frightful noise ; ]>. 

{/we..we(/, or-via{/ak\ 
Gntun, (nin). I fear it, I aui 

afraid of it ; p. {/wetang. 
Gotandan, {nin). I taste it, I 

swallow a little of it; j). {/we.. 

Goidaenima, [nin). 

him, in thoughts 

Gotcin'is, {nin). I am 

timorouH, I keep far otF, Ity 

fear ; p. {/we..sid. 
Goiina, {nin) {nan). I weigh 

some olij. in my hand, not on 

n balance ; (F. je le soupese ;) 

p. {/we,.nad. 
Gowe .' gotcen{jifih ! inierj. 

strange ! lo I already ! 
Gwdhaabowe, {nin). I draw 

hroth or soup out of a kettle ; 

p. (iwaia..wea. 
Gwdbadgan. Scoop-net ; pl.-an. 
Gwdbaam, {nin). I draw, (wa- 
ter, etc.) ; p. gwaiahaang. 

Gwabadn, {nin). I draw it, {wa- 
ter, etc., out of 8. til.) ; p. 

Gwabdwa gigo, {nin). I draw 
a fish (or fishes) out of the 
water in a small net; (C. je 
puise du poisson ;) p. gwai.. 
toad; imp. gwabd. 

Gwabaibi, {nin). I draw water 
of a fountain, a river, etc.; p. 

Gwdbdigan. Any vessel to draw 

water or any other liquid with ; 

Gwaiak, adv. 'and adj. Just, 
justly, straight, right,upright, 
well, certain, certainly, ))rc- 
cisely, perfect, perfectly, ex- 
act, exactly. 

Gwaiak dihadjimowin, or, gwai- 
akwddjimnwin. True state- 
ment or report, sincere avo- 

Gwaiak joniia. Ready money, 

Gwaiak nin bimddis, or, nin 
gxcaiakobimddis. I live up- 
right, I lead a just and honest 
life; p. gwe.Hid. 

Gwaiak nin dibddjim, or, nin 
gwaiakwddjim. I make a true 
report, I confess or declare 
openly, sincerely ; p. gwe.. 

Gwaiako-bimddisiwin. Upright 
honest life, cliristian justice, 
probity, uprightness, honesty. 

Gwaiakokicen, (nin). I hold my 
head straight up; 

Gwaiakoviotawa,\nin). I make 
a road straight for me ; p. 
gwe. .wad. 

Owaiakoshka, (nin). I walk on 
the road tliat is straightest, 
on the short way ; p. gwe..ka(l. 

Gwaiakoshka, ov-magad. It goes 
right, straight; p. gwa..kag, 

Gwaiakosse, (nin). 1 walk 
straight ; I live or act justly 
and Iionestly ; p. gwc.sed. 

Gicaiakotawa, (nin) {tdn). I 
hear him right, correctly ; p. 

Gwaiakoion, {nin). I make it 
straight and just, I straighten 



— 146 - 


it, I fix it right, arrange it; p. 
(/we. .tod. 

Gwniakowc, {nin). I speak 
right; just; p. gwc.wcd. 

(Jimiakwendaywad. It is coii- 
.sidered or known to he riglit 
and just, it is riglit; \). give., 

flira'akwendam, {nin). I have 
juHt and right thoughts, I 
tliink right ; p. gwe..anr/. 

(,'waiakwendamowin. Riglit and 
jnst tliought ; concord. 

Gwaiakwendan, (mn). I think 
it is just and right; p. gwe.. 

Gwaiakwenima, {nin). I tlunk 
or consider some ohject riglit 
and just ; p. gwe.. mad. 

Girnkwdpigan. Any vessel used 
in tlirowinjj the water out of 
a canoe or 1)0at; pi. -aw. 

Gwakwdpige, {nin). I throw 
the water out of a canoe or 
l)oat ; p. gu'aia..ged. 

liwdm. As end-syllable of eonie 
neuter verhs, relates to uleep- 
iiig ; as : Nin tawannngwdvi, 
I fileep with my mouth open. 
A7» bigengwdni, I sleep too 
much. Ainabingwdm, he 
sleep with his eyes open, or 
with open eyes, etc. 

GiPtin, {gon.) This word signi- 
fies dag ; out it is never used 
alone; it occurs always con- 
nected with a number, or 
with tiie interpolation-word (S. Otcb. Grammar, 
Cardinal numbers. Remark 

Gwanagad. This verb is always 
connected with a number, or 
with dasso ; and signifies a 
certain number of davs ; as: 

Nanogwanagad jaigwa eka- 
dagwi.f/iindn ; it is five days 
since I arrived. 

Gwanagis, (nin) ; p. gwanagi.'<i. 
This verb always occurs with 
a number, or with dannn ; and 
signifies the age of an object, 
expressed in days ; as: .lan- 
gtisHogwanagin aw ahinodji ; 
this cliild is nine days old. 

Gwanagodj i.'i/ikiwaga,ov-viagnd . 
It is muddy, miry; p. gwaia.. 
gag, or-magak. 

Gwandtch, adj. Fair, fine, beau- 
tiful, pretty, hand.«<ome, good, 

Gwandtchiw, {nin). I am fair, 
beautiful, handsome, gotnl, 
useful ; p. gwcxoid. 

Gwandtc/mcan. It is handsome, 
beautiful, fine, gotxl, useful ; 
gwe. ang. 

Gwandtcliiwin. Reauty, fair- 
ness; usefulness. 

Gwanwadjia, {nin). 01. S. Ma- 

Gwasli, as end-syllable in verbs, 
alludes to .ileep, sleeping, as : 
Nin goshkongioash , I awak? 
jumping up, Nin gigibing- 
toaan, I am sleepy, drowsy. 

Gwd.shkawad, adv. Much, plen- 
tiful, plenty of... — Gwas/ika- 
wad ani,<ihinabeq, plenty of 
Indians. Gwaskkaicad 
nai ganan, r>]eaty of books. 

Gwdshkxoanaaon. Crutch; pl.- 

Gwdshkwan, {nin). I leajt, 
spring, jump ; p. gwaia.nid. 

Gwdshkwatijenan ishkoie, {nin). 
I let fall fire to the ground ; 
p. gwai..ang. 

Gwdshktoanodawa, {nin) (dan). 
I jump on him, (a person or 

i • 

i M 

,' j.<l 


■ I i 

^ :^i^ :, — . 


1 ) 






— U6 


Hiiy other object ;) p. ywaia.. 

Cirus/ikira.s/i/ciundon, \nii}]. 1 
(ill it witli a lu'iip, not ovor- 
rimtiin;r ; p. (fwain.jltid. 

(rw/cslikwdsli kiranibike. The 
vein of the licart. 

(ri(u7.i/ik-iori(''l>, 'tiiii). I rc- 
l»onnil, t'allitij:; on nii'tiil or 
stone; p. f/w(ii( 

(iivdnkkwi's, (iiin). I ain zeal- 
ous at work, smart at woik 
«ir walkin;^, quick ; \). i/wnia.. 

Gwnshkwesin, (iiin). I rebound 
or spring up, falliiiiir; p. 
(J wain. All (J. 

GuH^x/iktvesiwin. Zeal, smart 
expeditious working. 

Gwnakkweaxin. It rebouiuis 
lalling ; p. (jwaia .huj, 

(tifawdbaiiDwe, {ain). I have 
lioUow cheeks ; p. (/we.-toed. 

Giri'k, or t/wrki, in composi- 
tions, flignities turnituf round, 
tHrniiKj over. (Examples in 
some of the following words.) 

GwC'kab, (n/«). I turn round, 
sitting ; p. jjwai^kahid. 

Gwekabikishhna, {nin) (sidoii 
I turn it over, (a stone, or si 
ver;) \).gioaie..mad. 

Gwekabitaioa, {nin). I turn 
round towards him or from 
him, sitting; p. {fuiaie..irad. 

Gwckanimad. The wind comes 
from another direction, it 
turned, it shifted; p. (jwaie.. 

Gwikendam, (nin). I change 
my mind, my thoughts,! turn 
them into another direction ; 
Y>. ( 

Gweki, {nin). I turn ; p. yioaio- 


Gwdkiyubaw, {nin). I tiirii 

round, standing ; p. f/wuii. 

(i'w^ki;/nh/iwitawil, {nin). I turn 

t/iinird.'i him or from liiin. 

standing: p. (/nmie..wad. 
Gir^kii/wddari, {ni)i). I |sc\v il 

on tlie other side ; p. rjintii.. 

GirrkiffwaiKi, {nin). I sew hoimc 

obj. on the other side ; p 

Hwi^kikwini, {nin). I turn mv 

head round ; p. gwaia.nid. 
Gin'kiud, inin). I turn sonic 

<*bj. ; p. (jwaiekinud. 
Gioeki.s.sin. It turns, it is cliaiiL'- 

ed into...; p. gioaiekis.sin;/.— 

A'/ niinawaniijoHiwin ta-(/iri 

ki.i.'iin tchi ka.'ihkendamowiiil- 

uuin(/ ; thy joy will be cliaiiL- 

ed into mourning. 
GwSkifa, (nin). i turn rouml, 

(sitting, standing or lying ;) 

p. (/waiekitad. 
Gwendtch. S. Gv^Cindtch. 
Gwenddaseg. Camphor. S. I'mii- 
Gwengouna. A kind of owl; (F 

.sorte de chouette, (bois-puur- 

ri ;) pl.-7. 
Gwenibibidon,{nin). I overthrow 

it, (a table, etc.); p. gwait:. 

Gwrnbibina, (nin). I overlhnj" 

some obj. ; p. gwai..nad. 
Guietch. This word is used witii 

kmvin, or kego, to signify, nut 

much ; as *: Kawin girelih 

anokinsi ; he does not work 

much. Kego gicetch uii.s,sokii- 

vmken mo oshkinawe; don"' 

keep much company with 

that young man. 

This word may also siguiiV, 



- 147 - 


ju.^l, properly; im : (I welch 
(itciiimiwaiii'H ; wliat thou 
just wiltot'mo, (tliat I hIiouM 
Iiirii/wiii(/w<«> hiiir. 
Iridjrc i.-j Hhiikiii;:; 
(niukiii;^ ii liollow 
clif^tant lluuidor ;) 


a it'i(/inii<jiva()U'/ilii/ 

Tlic pur- 
liis win^H, 
noise, like 

p. (/wai/.. 



nil wlneli tlie purtri<l;:e is 

sliiikinj; his wings; ul.-nii. 
(I'iriuawi, in com [)Osit ions, si;;- 

iiilies (iduhtin;/, not hnnwiiKj, 

loss. (Exainplus in sunie ui 

the following words.) 
liiriiuiUH-al>,{inn\. 1 don't know 

whore to lie, wliero to live ; p. 

(J wan., id. 
(lu'iaawi-dodant, inin). I don't 

know what to do; p. f/wan.. 

Girinawi'dudawa, {nin). I don't 

know what to do Ibr him, or 

to him ; n. ;/W( — AV/t 

(/irintnci-itvddH'd ((w niiikt>.-*id ; 

I don't know what to ilo tor 

this sick person, (how to 

treat hini.i 
liwinuiri-incnddni, (nin). I 

douiit, I don't know what to 

think, I am perplexed ; p. 

liirindwi-u'dlnnnii, inin). I ciiii- 

iiot see him, cannot liud him ; 

p. (/ioan..viad. 
(In'hKjUHidi/i'. Wolverine ; (C. 

careajoii ;) pi.-//. 
liwini/nHin. There is a trem- 

hliiig of the ground from a 

cause above ground, thunder, 

Gwiniiwishi. A kind of small 

magpie ; Y>\.-wd(j. 
Cnino/n, inin). I tind 

water; p. (jwanobid. 








Haw / iiitorjpctioii, liallool In>r- I llin/it ! intorj. Hey ! liear! 

rnli ! we 

lliii ! iiiterj. llulloo 



/. — This vowel lias ahvHVH tlic 
same houikI in the wuhIh of 
the Otciiipwc hin^^uuge; it is 
invuriahly pronounced like i 
in the Eiighsh word })in. 

latig. S. Aiiy. 

II a I. It was, it has been. — 
Mewija ibon, it has been a 
long while ago, 

Iddm. One eays, it is saiJ, 
it is called; (F. on dit, 
OD appelle ;) p. edamiuy. 

Iddii, {ni7id). I speak of it, I 
Hay 8. th. of it ; p. edang. — (t 
matvlii idan oiv tviyiioam ; he 
speaks ill of that house, (or 

Idimin, {niiul) or, nind aidimin. 
We say 8. th. to each other, 
or of each other, we speak of 
one another ; p. edidjig, 

Idis, (nind). 1 say s. th. of my- 
self; p. edisod. 

Idiwin. Sfjcaking of each other. 
— Maichi idiwin baiainad oma, 


there is much ill speakiii;: ul 
each other in this place. 

Idng. This word is emi)I()y(d 
to express uncertainty, or not 
knowing. — Anin ga-ijiu-ehak ! 
— NamCindj idog. How did it 
happen? — I don't know how. 
Anindi k^ 'f — 776/ iihii\. 
Where is thy father ? — I don't 

Igadeiagamishka, o\'-n>a<i<ul 
The water opens, it dividiH 
itself; egad.. hag, or-maguk. 

Igadekamigi.s/t ka, or-mai/idl. 
The earth oi)ens, divides it- 
self; p. eg..kag, or-maguk. 

Igadeshka, or-m'agad. Jt ojieiis 
it goes asunder, it divides it- 
self; p. eg.,kag, or-magak. 

Igadcthkawoq nahagisxagiKj. 
The boarrls go asunder; )'. 

Igiw, pron. 'I'liese, those, tluni. 

Igo. 8. Go. 

Jguicia. The word or words saiii 
to somebody. — Geget osami- 


- IIO - 


uiid nin mntrhi igowin ; the 
"vil wonlH that are naid \o mo, 
are too many imlcetl. 
//'?, {uind]. I )^o ; p. cjud. 

Ijoiian, {nindj. 1 ao tu him, I ^o 
to Hce or vjrtit Tiim ; p. ejud. 
iV. Conj.) 
//'/. 'I'liifl word has soinctimos 
no si^iiitication, and could he 
ninitted in the plirai^o. (S. 
()t(;ii. Gram. Remark I., alter 
tlic KiileH of the Change.) But 
commonly, and especially in 
compoHitions, it HijrnitieH a.f, 
ill Hitch a manner, in a certain 
vafi, so, like... (ExampleH in 
Home of the following words.) 

///, (nind). I dreps like...; p. 
ijiod. — Aniahinaheng nind iji; 
Wanitigojinq ijin. I dress 
like an Indian ; lie dresses 
like a Frenchman. 

Ijihiamawa, (nind). I write to 
liim or for him msuch a man- 
ner; also, I write of him or 
respecting him, in a certain 
manner ; p ej..wad. 

Ijihiigade, or-magad. It is writ- 
ten in a certain manner, it is 
marked so... ; p. ei..deg, or- 

Ijihh'ga3, [nind). 1 am written 
ill such a manner, descrihed 
80... ; I am painted; p. ej..sod. 

Ijihiige, [nind). I write in a cer- 
tain manner, I mark so... ; p. 
ej.ged. — Ji^ihiigeian so ni id 
ijihiige gate nin; I write as 
tliou writest. 

Ijillijwewin. Talking in a cer- 
tain manner, jargon. 

Iji(jikab, {nind). I move in such 
ii direction, sitting; p. 

Ijikwanaie, {nind}. 1 aress in a 
certain manner ; p. ej..ied. 

IJikwanaieton, {niml). I tlress 
or clothe it in a certain man- 
ner ; p fj..tod. — Mamnkada- 
kamig ejikiranaiefnd Kije-Mn- 
nilo wnhiifonin ; it is wonder- 
ful how ^}(mI clothes the flo- 

IjimCigoH, (nind). I am of such 
an odor or smell ; p. ej...nd. 

IJim/lgwad. It is of such an 
odor or smell; p. ej..wak. 

Ijinad. There is fo much of it; 
p. ejinak. — Ki kikendan na 
ejinak? Do yon know how 
much there is of it ? 

Ijinngn.i, (nind). I look like...., 
I have the apix'aranc'J of... ; 
p. ^..Htd. 

Ijindgosiwin. Appearance, forni, 
figure, shape. 

Ijindgwad. It looks like..., it 
has the appearance of... ; p. 

Ijinagwi, (nind). I appear so. 
I take such a shape; j). ej.. 
od. — Ginehigong gi-bi-ijnag- 
wio matchi manito kitchi kiti- 
ganing ; the evil spirit took 
the shape of a serpent in pa- 

IJinikadan, (nind). I call it, I 
name it; p. ej.,ang. 

Ijinikade, or-magad. It is call- 
ed, named ; p. ej..deg, or-ma- 

Ijinikana, (nind). I call him, 
(a person, or any other obj. ;) 
p. ej..nad; imp. ijinikaj. 

Ijinikanigos, (nind). I am nam- 
ed in a certain manner ; p. 
ej..sod. — Mi ge-wi-ijinikanign. 
siidn ; I want to be named so. 

Ijinikas, (nind). I am called, 
my name is...; p. ej..sod. 

1 1 

< VlJ 

,' ♦ 



Mi 'M 


' .' 


■i • t 



I » 


■ I 




- 150- 

ljiiiil:asnwhi. Name, appella- 
tion ; pl.-a». 

IJiniken, [nind). I have my arm 
8tretclu'(i out ; p. 

Ijinimin, (mnd), or nind ijino- 
min. We are in sm^li a iium- 
lier ; p. cjinidji(f, or, cjinod- 
Jiy. — Misnawa brad onidju- 
nissan ijinonid cjinuk neijaw 
kitr.hujaminjf, panyi eta ta hi- 
infidjiawnii. Altlioii<;li tlit 
number of the children ot 
Israel be as the .saml ol' the 
sea, a remnant only shall be 

Ijinindjitawa, (iiind). I lay my 
hana uix)n !um ; p. eji..wad. 

IJisfie, {nind). I slide or tall 
somewhere, or in some man- 
ner; p. ejissed. 

IJissin. It goes so; p. ejissing. 

IJLsaiton, i^nind). I put it, I 
arrange it, fix it, in a certain 
manner ; p. ej.dod. 

IJitc.hiyade, ov-magad. It is made 
or constructed in a certain 
manner ; p. ej..deg, Oi -may ak. 

IJltckUiaso. It is made or con- 
structed in a certain manner; 
p. e)..sod., (nind). I do, I act, I 
practise so...; p. ej..(/ed. 

Ijitchigemayad. It does so... ; 
p. ej..gak. — Geget kiichi mal- 
chi ijitchigeniagad ishkotewd- 
bo oma aking ; ardent liquor 
iloes inc'eed much evil on 

lJifira,{ninJ). I do or act so ; 
also, I profess or practice re- 
ligion ; p. ejitivad. 

Ijitwdwin. Practice; religion; 
pi. -a?*.. — Gaiat ijitwdwin, the 
Old Testament ; also, Get4 
ijitwdwin, Gweiaknssing ijii- 



18 so... ; p. ejiirt'. 

ioawin, tiie true religion. 

Otihki ijitwdwin, tho New 

Ijiwi'l)ad. It 


Ijiivebis, {nind). I conduct my- 
self in a certain manner, I 

behave so, 1 am so ; p. ej..:dil. 

— Ningot nind ijiwelm ; I am 

in certain circumstances. 
Ijiwebimmn. Conduct, belia- 

vior, manners, co.'nportment. 
Ijiwidawa, {nind) or, nind ijitri- 

damawa. I carry it to him; 

p. eji,.wad. 
IJiwin, {nind) {dan). I carrv. 

conduct or convey some obj. ; 

p. ej..nad; imp. ijiwij. 
Ijiwinde, ov-magad. It is called 

or named so ; p. eji..deg, ov- 

Ikigome, {nind). I draw uj) niv 

snot; p. 
Ikkii, {nind). I say ; p. ekkitod. 
Ikkitomagad. It says .p. ek..g(ik. 
Ikkitowin. Word, saying; ])\.-<iii. 
Ikkitowini-masinaigan. Vonl- 

book, dictionary, vocabulary; 

Iko. S. Ko. 

Ikogd, {nind). I go away, I go 
out of the way, aside; p. ebi- 

Ikogdbaw, {nind). I step aside, 
out of the way of somebody; 
p. ck..wid. 

Ikonn, {nind). I takeliim away, 
aside, I remove, (a person or 
any other obj.); p. ekoiual : 
imp. ikun. 

Ikonajuigas, {nin). S. Madjinu- 


Ikondjatva, {nind). I send him 

away, I bid him go away; 1 

Ii I 


- 151 - 




. ejin-c- 

ict my- 
iiier, 1 
, ^..:u<l. 
; I am 

, behii- 
Ill ijiii-i- 
lo iiiiH ; 

I earn, 
me oil). ; 

is callcil 
.(ley, ov- 

w up my 

1. ekkUoiJ. 
I. ek..(i(il^- 

v\ or<l- 
cal)uUu\\ ; 

^\vay,I iT" 
; p. eJoi- 

|top asiilf, 
»niebody ; 

iim away, 
person or 


Isend li'n" 
away ; I 

ili\ve him oti" ; p. eh. .wad ; 

imp. iknnajd. 
IhiiKiiiuiwa, [iiind) or niiul iko- 

iitiwc I ])ut liiiii iiway or 

iiside Mometliiiiir, I deliver him 

t'nmi .s. til., I remove it from 

hiiii ; J). ek..wad. 
Ikhium, {niiid). I put it aside 

or away, I remove it, I put it 

uiit of tlie way ; p. ekonaiig. 
Ikmrchiiia, {iiind]{n(()i). I tlirow 

or imsli Homo obj. a.side ; p. 

ik..nad; imp. ikowebiii. 
Iknui. Louse ; 1)1.-//. 
Ihirtil), (iiiiid). J draw hack or 

aside, sittiuiT ; j). ckwabid. 
Ikwabian, {nind). I wind it up, 

d'. i. an anchor, in lif'tin^i ;) p. 

lku-ahi(jina, (nind) (nan). I 

(Iniw him up to me on a rope ; 

p. ck..nad. 
Ibcabiwa dibau/isi.i.swdn, (nind) 

I wind up a watch or clock ; 

\i(:k..wdd; imp. ikioabi. 
ILimnam, (nind). I sigh pro- 

toiindly ; p. ek..mod. 
Ikkiir. Woman ; p\.-ira(/. 
Ikkwi'-aiad. Feniaie beiii^j;, le- 

male, (ol'aninuils;) pi-//. 
lkkin'-bebeJi(/(>(/aniiMa,ix'; \)\.-g. 
Ikkwronjc, (:iind).S.Ikwesen.'iike. 
Ikkur-pijiki. Cdw; pl.-Hvr//. 
Ikkwesen.s. Little girl ; pi .-«//. S. 

llshkinij/ikwe. Gijikwe. 

Ikkn'e.-ien.iike, (nind) or nind 
ikkwi'ke.l give hirth to a girl, 
I am delivered ot a girl; p. 

Ikhrenensiic, (nind). I am a little 

girl ; p. ek.u'id. 
Ikkurir, (nind\. Tarn a woman 

|i. ckwcicid. 
Ibviijia, inind). I bring liitn up 

I him, iVed liini ; \). 

Iku'ishin, (nind). T lie down a 
little farther there; p.ek-.ini/. 

imti, adv. There, thence. 

In. In 8ome verbs, .signifies a 
certain «v/// or manner in 
which s. th. is done or used; 
or the direction in uhich 
some person or thing i.s going. 
(Examples in some of the tbl- 
lowing words.) 

Inil, inind). F tell him, I say to 
him ; I call him, I give him 
a name; \). enad ; imp.//'/. 

Ina, (nind). I go there in a ca- 
noe or boat, I steer Ibr a cer- 
tain point or jdace ; p. enaod. 
(Jwaiak wcdi iieiaxhiwaniniij 
inuo ; he steers directly for 
that point. 

Inn ! interj. S. Na ! 

Indb, (nind). I look somewhere, 
to some place, to some object ; 
p. enabid. 

Innbadad. It is useful, servi- 
ceable, beneficial, good Ibr s. 
th., in a certain manner ; p, 
en. .dak. 

Indbada(/enda(/n.'i , (nind). I am 
esteemed useful, I am servi- 
ceable, good for 8. th. ; p. en., 

Inabadaf/endagosiicin. Utility, 

Indbada(/endaf/irad. It is coi,- 
siilered useful, good for s. th.; 
p. en..ivak. 

Indbudis, [nind). I am u.«efu!, 
good for s. th. ; p. en. .aid. 

Indbadiniwin. I'sefulnes.s. 

Indbadjia, [nind). I make use 
of 6omo obj. in such a man- 
ner, it is useful to me ; p. <;«.. 



M i 

1; : ' 





— 152 


hinbadjiichii/an. Any obj. use- 
ful or serviceable ii) a certain 
manner ; pl.-of^ or-an. S. 

Inuhadjiton, {nind). I use it in 
a certain manner, it is useful 
to me in such a manner ; p. 
en tod. 

Iiiabadjiinwin. The act of using 
s. th. in such a manner. 

Iuabama,{nind). I see him so, 
in such a manner; p. en., 

Inabaminat/on, inind). I resem- 
ble to... ; I look like... ; p. 

Inabaminagosiunn. Resem- 


Innbaminagwad. Jit resembles 
to..., it looks like..., it appears 
in a certain manner; p. e?i.. 

I nabaminagwaton, {nind) (pron. 
inabaminagoton ;) I make it 
look like...; I make it resem- 
ble to... ; p. en. .tod. 

Linbandam, {nind). I dream, (I 
see 8. th. in a certain mantier, 
sleeping;) p. en..ang. 

Indbandamoioin. Dreaming, 
dream ; pl.-a?». 

JnObanddn, {nind). I see it in a 
certain manner ; p. en..ang. 

Indbandjigan. Dream ; pi. -oh. 

Indbandjige, (nind). I dream ; 
p. en..ged. 

Inabideia, or-magad. It has 
snch an edge, or such teeth, 
(an iron tool ;) p. en..og, or- 

Inabimagad. It looks to some 
point; p. en..qak. 

Indbiioin. Look, looking some- 

Inadaga, {nind). I take my 

swunming ; 

weep ill II 
p. en.. mod. 

id). I "•(» In 

course there, 
(hi gad. 

Inadem, {nind). I 
certain manner; 

fnademotawa, [nind]. i go 
him weeping; p. en.vHid. 

Inadengwe, {nind). I have u 
face like... ; p. en..ived. — .{ni- 
.shinabeng inadengwe ntnido. 
mdkomeshi ; the monkey liiis 
a face like a person. 

Inddis, {nin). S. Ijiwebi.'s. 

Inddisiivin. S. Ijiwebisitvin. 

Inddjim, (nind). I tell s. th. in a 
certain manner; p. 

Inddjima, (nind). 1 tell s. th. 
of somebody in a certain \v,i\ , 
I speak of Iiim; p. en. .mad. 

Inac, {nind). I slioot off' an ar- 
row ; p. enavd. 

Indgami. It has the appear- 
ance or taste of such a liquid ; 
p. en..mig. — Jominabong iini- 
gami mandan ; this lias the 
appearance (or taste) of wine, 

Inagima, (nind). I value him 
so much... I put his price at..; 
I destine him for s. th. ; p. en 
. mad. — Ningotwdk da.^.tird- 
bik od inagiman o bebcjigo- 
ganjiman ; he puts the price 
of his horse at a hundred dol- 

Inagode, or-magad. It hanirs 
so..., it is inclined so...; p. 
en..deg, or-magak. - Manada- 
dong osdm inagode ninde,u\\ 
heart is too much inclined to 
evil. Mienagodeg nindc ;^\U'\\ 
is the inclination, propensioii, 
senti)nent, of my heart. 

Inakak6, inakakeia, adv. S. 

hiakamiga. The ground, sc'' 
or country, is sucli... ; p. oi.. 





ijfKj. — (la-iji-iviud(imonnn sa, 
mi (jiLHWtk ciiakamijaii ejaian; 
tlu! coiiiitrv wliithor tliou art 
iroin;:;, is sucli as I told tlici-. 

Iii'didinif/ad. TIrtc sire ne\v8 ; 
]". ('n..gak. — Mi)if> inakamirjiKh 
;ruoil news. Ma(('/n' inakami- 
ijad, had news. Kitchi ina- 
kdinifjad, jTreat news. 

liniL-iijix, [iiiiidi [nan). I appoint 
liiui tors, til., I exercise au- 
ihority over hiin ; p. en..nad ; 
imp. indko)i. 

liiiiiii(idii</(', {niiid). I have a 
certain ruad uv trail which I 
I'ollow; p. CH..(jed. 

hiamo mikana, or, iiinmona(/ad 
intkdiia. 'J'he road or trail 
leads to..., goes to...; p. ciia- 
iiiDij, or viagak. — Mi ovia mi- 
Iciiita enainot/ odencuif/ ; here 
is the road tiiat leads to the 
village. Endaiun iiianin aic 
mikana ; this trail leads toniy 

litamolawa, [niiid]. I niakohini 
a road so...; p. en.. toad. 

Iiiande, or-maffud. It is dyed in 
a certain manner ; p. en..dc(j, 

Inandjigc, {nind). I cat in a 
certain manner, I fax-o so... ; 
ji, ('ii..i/ed. — Keti)iuujisidji(j 
I nnndjii/ewad, nind cnandjiye; 
1 tiire, as poor people fare. 

Iiuinokadan, {)i.iud). I iise it in 
such a manner ; ]>.<j. 

Inaiinkana, [niitd]. I use some 
iiiij. in a certain numner; p. 
iii..i}nd; imp. kcrj. 

Imitoki, [nind). I work in a 
certain manner ; p. cn.diid. 

Iiidiiokiwin. Working, work, 
lound, pci' I liuinso. Some object is dyed in 
a certain manner ; p. cnanaod. 


Inaona, (nind). I give him a 
certain share; p. (:n..nad ; 
imp. inaoj. — Enaotnindii itiml 
inaona ; I give him the same 
share as to thee. 

Inapidon, {nind). T tie it in a 
certain manner; j). cn..dod. 

fnapina, {)iin). I tie some ohj. 
in such a manner; p. en..nad; 
imp. inapij. 

Luipiaana, {nind). I kill him 
in a certain manner; also, I 
give him a certain sickness, 
(according to Indian supersti- 
tions;) \). cu..nad; imp. inaj'- 

Liajrine, {nind). I am sick in a 
certain manner, 1 have such a 
sickness ; j). en..ned. 

Inapincma, {nind). I grieve 
him, alHict him with words, I 
reproach him, revile him, 
blaspheme him, give him hud 
words, in a certain manner; 
p. en.. mad. 

Inaju'ncndan, {nind). I revile 
it, speak ill against it, I blas- 
pheme it in such a manner ; 
p. cn..anr/. 

fnapinewidam, {nind). I revile, 
1 blaspheme, I use bad lan- 
guage, in a certain manner, I 
use oftensive words j p. en., 

InCqnnevnn. Sickness, disease, 
malady ; \)\.-an. 

InapiMowin. Apron ; \)\.-an. 

ladsh, {nind), I sail in a certain 
manner; p. enashid. 

Indchia, {nind). I excite him, 
or push him, to s. th. ; p. en., 
(id. — Nin mino inas/iia, I ex- 
cite him to good actions. Nin 
inatchiinashia,lQ\ciiQ hini t(j 
evil actions. 


li» ' 

i k\ 

■ 1 


— 154 — 


Indshka, ov-maf/ad. Tlic sea 
runs in a cerUiin manner; p. 
en..<iu1i, or-mm/ak. — Noiij/om 
iiiiaHhkuff (li-inanlikamayad 
pUrhinai/o apt mejaj/awdd ; 
yenterday, when they arrived, 
tlie sea ran as liigh as it does 

luaxkkbie, or-mayad. It is full 
in a certain manner; p. en., 
neg, ov-mayak. 

Intdt, or-mayad. There is room ; 
p. enaiey, or-mayak. 

liuiwa, {nind). I resemble him, 
I am similar to him ; p. ena- 

Inaioanidiniin, {nind). We walk 
together ; p. ^n..didjiy. 

Inaiocma, (nind). I am his re- 
lative, or, he is a relative of 
mine; also, I am h\a friend, 
he is my friend, I live in 

f)eace and friendship with 
lira ; p. en. .mad. 

Inawinidyan. Relative, relation, 
kinsman, kinswoman. — This 
word occurs always connect- 
ed with a possessive pronoun ; 
as : Nind inawcmdyan, a re- 
lative of mine; Kid inaioema- 
yan, a relative of thine, etc. 
Is. Otch. Gram. Chap. I. Pron. 2. Form, an.) 

Iwawomikana, {(nind) {dan). I 
employ him in such a man- 
ner ; p. en..nad; imp. inawc- 

Inaioendaa, [nind). I make him 
a relative to somebody ; also, 
I reconcile liim with some- 
hoily ; p. en. .ad 

Inawendayan, S. Jnairt'mayan. 

inaioendan, {nind). I am its 
friends, I am friendly to the 
cause ; p. cn..anff. 

hid, {nind). I do, I am, I lio- 
have. (S. Otch. Gram.) 

Indayitayan. The place where 
a wild animal uses to eat in 
the woods. 

Inddii,{uind). I have, I possess; 
p. cndanid. — h'awin yeyo nind 
indanisni, nin kitimayi.s ; 1 
have nothing, (I posse.'^s noth- 
ing,) I am poor. 

Indaneninia, (nin). I think lie 
is in..., or at... ; p. ca..mad. — 
Moniany nind indanciiiiiin 
nissaie ; I think my lirothcr is 
in Montreal. 

Indibe, {nind). T have such n 
head ; p. cndibed. — Kiywiss 
endibed, vii ya-iudibed ynif 
ninywissiban ; my son tliiit 
died, had just such a head as 
thy son. 

fndowin. Fault, guilt"; (L. 
culpa.) This word is always 
preceiled by a jjossessive pro- 
noun ; as : Nind indowin, my 
fault, etc.— To give more force 
to the expression, they will 
.«iay : Nin nind indowin, it is 
thy own fault; win od iudo- 
rein, it is his own fault, etc. 

Incnd, {nind). I am absent, I 
am 80 long on my voyage; p. 
enendid. — Moniany nin yad- 
ija nibiny niaso gisias dank 
nin yad-inend ; I will go to 
Montreal next summer ; ami 
will be absent three months. 

Inrndayos, {nind). I am destin- 
ed, I am thought; p. cn..xid. 

Inendaywad. It is destined, it is 
thought; p. en. icak. 

hiendani, {nind). I think, I sup- 
pose, it is my opinion, it 
.'<eems to me ; I will, I pur- 
pose, I intend ; p. enendanij. 


— 15.') — 


laer ; 

u (lestiu- 
ined, it i-^ 

I ai'- II da mow iti. Thinkiiiuj, 
tlioiij^lit, opinion, 8ui)posi- 
lion ; will, intention, purpose ; 

Iii'iid/in, {nind). I think of it, 
[ liiive iiu idea of it, I destine 
it ; p. cnemUiiKj. 

liinidjhjc, [nind). 1 will; p. en.. 

!ii(iid(»ua(jad. It is absent, it 
did not yet come back ; p. 
ni (ink. — Kitchi r/imcenj inen- 
dtimatjad nahikwdn ; the ves- 
ted is absent a long time. 

Iiiriiima, {nind). 1 think of 
liini..., I have the opinion of 
him... ; I destine him, it is 
my will he should... ; I enalile 
him... ; p. en..(id. 

Inniindis, (mnd). I think uiy- 
self... ; I destine myself,! 
have the opinion of myself... ; 
p. en. .sod. 

Iiti. In some verbs denotes a 
certain manner, extent, direc- 
tion. — S. ///. (Examples in 
some of the following words.) 

//(/'/('', ov-maf/ad. It is cooked, 
or Imrnt, in a certain manner; 
p. cnideg, ov-mngak. 

Inii/aa, {nind). linjureor hurt 
jiini, I wrong or damage him ; 
J make him unhappy; p, en., 

laujaa, {nind). I make myself 
unhappy, I wrong or damage 
myself; p. eiu'i/a.-iiil. 

iHiijaliKjo,^, \nind\. I excite 
I'lMupassion with my words; 
p. en..sid. 

hiii/aton, inind) I injure or 
ilumage it ; p. en. .tod. 

Iiil</nira>/cnduni, [nindi. I have 
l^ittcr remorses of conscience, 

my conscience troubles mo; 
p. en..ang. 

Inujin, {nind). I am so large, so 
big, of such a si/e ; p. enit/i- 
iiid. — EnigiiAii inigini, he is 
a.s large as I am, (he is of my 

Inigokodec, {nind). My heart is 
so large, ol' such an extent; 
p. en.. deed. — Enigokodceidn, 
at the extent of my lieart, 
(irom all my lieart.) 

Inigokodeicis, (nind). S. Inigo- 

Inigokwa, or-magad. It is so 
large, of such an extent ; p. 
en. .wag, ov-magak. — Enigok- 
wag ki kitigan, inigokwa gaie 
nin nin kitigan; my Helll is 
as large as tiiine. Enigokicag 
aki, as large as the earth is, 
(on the wdiole earth.) 

Inikatca, (nind). I cause him s. 
th., I uiake him be so .. ; also, 
I put on so some obj.; p. en., 
wad. — Nin sa nin ginikawa 
iw wendji-dko.sid ; I have 
caused him the sickness he 
has, (I unvde him so sick.) — 
Mi iw enikawag nin mindjika- 
wdgan; that is the way Ipiit 
my mitten on. 

Inikiveam, (nind). I steer for a 
certain point; j). enikwcang. 

Inikicean, [nind]. I steer it (cii- 
noe, boat, vessel, etc.) for a 
certain ])oint, in a certain di- 
rection ; p. enikweang. 

Inikiren, {nind). I make a cer- 
tain motion with the head; p. 

Ininajaanniwo, {nind). 1 send 
him somebody; }).cn..wad. 

Ininajaaguwin. Message, errand. 

Jninajawa, {itind). I seud him 

1 1 


,l: , 





■ 1, 






— 15(J — 


sDincwhcre, 1 semi liim du an 
ciTsiiid, 1 ck'spatcli liim; ji. 
i'n..ti'(ul ; imp. iniuaj^. 
liiinoJda'Of/an. S. l/i)i(ijauui(/an. 
hunavM, [ni)id). I give ur pn- 
.•^(.'iit it to liiiii, 1 put it bt't'orc 
Jiim ; also, I h<lio\v it to Jiijii 

with the linger ; ]>. ciljikkI. 
Iiiiiian, (iriiiil). 1 pre.seiit or put 

it ; p. i.dnang. 
Ijiinandaf/. Fir-tree, >s])r\ice ; (C. 

.•^apiii ;) pl.-o//. 
luinatiij, Wiipie-tree ; \\\.-oii. 
liiiiialii/os.'<(i;/. Maple-wood, a 

l)iece of inuple-wood ; jil.-o/t. 
/;///(/. !Mai), male; (L. vir;) ]>].- 

hiiiiijim, {niiul). I fly to some 

))Iaoe tlir safety, I take refuge 

soiMewhere ; p. en. .mad. 
Iitiiiioiije, {nind}. I give birth 

to a hoy ; }>. en. .Jed. 
Jniiiis/iilj. Duck, (of the same 

hj)ecies as our domestie 

ducks ;) pl.-(/^. 
Iniiiilo, [nind). 1 am a juaii ; 

[). eniniicid. 
Ininiwiditi, [nind). I make un- 

solf man ; p. en. .sod, 
Ini.sltkagun, (nind). It jiierces 

me ; p. en..(/od. 
Inisltkaira, (nind). I pierce him ; 

p. en., wad. 
Jnilage, (nind), 1 liear peojtle 

say so... ; p. cn.ytd. 
]ni/u(/o.s, (nind). 1 am Jieard in 

a certain iminner, 1 8peak 

so...; I have sucli a voice; p. 

en..nid. — (ia-iji-hikinoam((<j()i- 

un inienii(t(/attiiua ; as I liave 

heen taught, so J si)eak. 
Initam, (nind). I hear what is 

said, or how it is said ; j). 

Initawa, {nind). 1 hear or un- 

liim 8o... ; ]). en. 



Iniir. Pron. those, those there. 
Iniircn, inind). I give him \\\>, 

1 ahandun him, reject him ; 

j». en. .(id. 
Iniircidis, \ni:id). I aliandnii 

(nyself, e.\})ose myself,! risli ; 

p. cii..,'<(id. 
Jniicc.s, (nind). 1 am oHendcil; 

1 am impatient, angry ; p. 

hriwe.sid, (nind). I otfend liim, 

J make him angry ; ji. cn..<id. 

hio, ov-w(uj(id. He is ; it is, it is 
HO. (S. Otch. Gram. Dd', 

Inoa, (nind). I point liim out 
with the iinger, I show liim 
with my fore-linger ; (F. je Ic 
montre an doigt ;; p. enaad. 

InocnnauHi, (nind). I show him 
s. th. with my finger, 1 point 
it out to him ; p. en. .wad. 

Inuiin, (nind), I point to it, w 
show it Avith my linger ; p. 

hiodewis, (nind). I have sncli 
a }jroi)erty ; also, I have sucli 
a househcild, my family is -o 

• large ; j). en,..sid. — Kakiim 
enodciciidn ; my wh(jle ]iru- 
perty and household ; iny 
whole family. 

Invdewisiwin. Proi)erty, house- 
hold, family. 

InOiijc, (nind), I sliow with tin.' 
fore-linger; p. en..t/ed. 

hiOiyan. A person, or any oliici' 
olij., that is shown with llu' 
linger ; \)\.-a</. 

In6i(/((n. Any ohj. that is slniu ii 
with the finger; pl.-«u. 

Inoiijanindj. Fore-tinger, (which 




— 157 - 


i.'^ usod in i)ointing to eoiiic 
,.l.j.); lA.-iit. 

Iiii'i/awa, ill I ad}. J repeat lii.s 
words, I siiy as lie huvs or 
said; p. en.. wad. 

hnru.s-, (iiind). I try,T ondeavor, 
without imicli elloct, I fU'ect 
link' ; p. enwuaod. 

liiu'd.^omafiad. 1 1 c 11 e c t s 1 i 1 1 k' ; 
p. eu..</(ih'. 

hiirr, (ii'ind). I siH'ak (in a for- 
liiiii iiiauncr,! I speak a laii- 
LTiiage ; I lot hear a voice or a 
sound; p. cn.H'i'.d. — Niji('>'il- 
tliiiKj hihukdii iiiirc ; he spcak.s 
scseVal ditlerent hinsua;4es. 

Uiii'nndijtid. It speaks a laii- 
una^'o, it <;ivcs a certain 
sound; j). cn..;/(iJc. — A)iiii cn- 
irciiuii/ak iir niasontif/nny — 
Eawcidii Nil inwcmaiiad. What 
lanirua^xe iloes that book 
speak? — It speaks the lan- 
^ruage I [speak. (In what lan- 
iiuage is it written? — It iH 
written in my language.) 

liiwiHon., (niiul). I give a cor- 
eertaiu melody or tune to a 
liymnorsong; p. cnwelod. 

liiinlvHU. Language ; voice ; 
tune or melody of a hymn or 
melody, of a hymn or song ; 

Ill ! interj. oh ! ah 
(if pain or ache.) 

/(//'*, i)ain, (in the 


10, pam, ^lu lue language of 

Ipiiican, (nin). I pay it so muc]), 

1 give so much for it ; p. ^pi- 

Ipiiiewa, (nind). I pay so much 

for ,«ome ohject ; p. ep..wad. 

—Nijwdbiknin qi-ipineica nin 

iiioshicem; I paid two dollars 

for my shawl. 

fpof/o.'ii. It has such a taste; it 
tastes like.. ; p. epoijoi^id. — Am 
(/i(ji> vuiil'^.v'n;/ i])<)(fn.'<i : that 
tish tastes like meat. 

Ipogoniwin. The taste of .s. tli. 

/.s7/'.' inter). Iley! hear! 

ifltk. A.s iir.«t flyllal)k' in .«oinc 
verbs, signifies tired, wcdrii. 
(Hxamples in some of tlie tiil- 
k)wing words.) 

l.shknh, iiiiinh. \ am tired of 
silting; p. €sltk<d)id. 

Islikakofih'in, {nind). I am lying 
in ii fatiguing manner, on a 
hard iicd ; p. i'.'</i..iiiij. 

h/ik(/n(H)i, {nind). i breathe 
with dilliculty, with fatigue; 
p. e!ih..viod. 

J.^likatdwdb, (nin,. My eyes are 
tired by looking for a long 
time at some object; p. c.^h.. 

Jtihkidee, (nind). My heart is 
tired of sorrow, fatigued with 
grief; p. eshkidei'd. 

I.shki.^hin, (nind). I am tired of 
lying; p. ct^h.-in;/. 

Ishkiu'i, (nind). 1 am tired of 
carrying ; p. csh.,ivid. 

l.'i/ikobodji(fan.*A ])iece of board 
sawn oil', a remnant of a 
board ; pl.-rt'/. 

Ishkojdn, (nind). Something re- 
mains when I have dono cut- 
ting a Coat, etc., I leave a rem- 
nant ; p. cshkojantj. 

khkoJi</an. Shred, renmant af- 
ter cutting a coat, or any 
other article of clothing ; jd.- 

Wikonctf (nind). I return him, 

Note. The first two syllnlilos of Uiis 
mill tlic I'ollowiJig words, could iilso he 
writti'iv inli/afo., Imt still iiroiiouiicfd 





— 158 


, P- 

I spare him, I keep back or 
retain some obj., I don't give 
it away, nor use it up ; p. enh- 

Mikonam/is, (nind). I reserve 
it to myself; p. e!th..snd. 

hhkonamawa, {nind). I reserve 
it to liim, I keep it back tor 
bim ; p. esb..wad. 

Jshkonan, initid). I sj)are it ; I 
keen it back, I reserve it, I 
don t dispose of it; p. c.v/t. 

hhkonif/an. Reserve; 

J,shknni(/e, hiind.) I reserve, 
keep back ; p. esh..ged. 

Jshkotd Fire. 

I.thkotekun. Fire-steel ; pl.-a^. 

hhkotcke, (nind). I make hre, or 
strike lire, (with a fire-steel 
and flint, or with matches ;) 
]). esh..ked. 

h/ikote-nfihikwdn. Steamboat, 

!". (tire-vessel ;) pl.-rt7t. 

Ishkotenit. A match, (a small 
lire;) \A.-an. 

IxaTcoUl-oddbdn, Railroad car, 
(fire-carriage ;) \A.-ag. 

hhkoU-tashkibodjigan. Steam 
saw-mill, (fire-saw;) pi .-a/;. 

hhkoUwdho. Ardent liquor, 
whiskey, rum, brandy, (fire- 

hhkotewahoimagoa, (nind). The 
sn»ell of ardent liquor comes 
out of my moutli ; p. e.'}h..sid 

hhkotcumhoke, [nind). I make 
ardent liquor, I distil; p. esli 

JsJikoieiodbokcwigamig. Distil- 
lery; pl.-OH. 

Ishkoteiodbokcwinini. Distiller, 
(a man that makes fire-wa- 
ter ;) pl.-«?a^. 

It is liry ; it if- 
p. esh..d(7k. 

sembles lire. ,,. ^.,.....^,^„. 

lnhkwd-, gi-isliwa-, after or ai 
the end of s. th.. — This wuiij 
is always connected with n 
substantive or verb; as Si ml 
isfikioa-ipi.ssiv, I have (Idiif 
eating. (ii-ishkvm-kikitUKiuKt- 
diiig bi-ijdn cnduidn ; iiitii 
school come to my house. 

khkwa-akiwdii. It is the cinl 
<tf the world. I.s/iknui-akiirdini. 
or, gi-i.shktra-akiivang, at thr 
end of the world. 

Mikwdhi, or-m/fgad. (Proii. /.v/(- 
kohi,) it cannot «io all in, the 
ves.^el cannot hold all, (Ji- 
(juid ;) p. c.Hlikivohig ox-magtfk . 

[shkivabis.s'a. It rains no more ; 
]). csh..s(ig. 

hhknmga, or-magad. The sn]> 
of the maphc-trees runs no 
more, (in suf^ar-inaking;) y. 
eshkwagag, ov-mi'gak. 

Islikicagdpogwad] mibdkiral- 
The sugar tastes the spoilcil 
iiiaple-sap,(the last sugar tlmt 
is made, when the sap is no 
more good.) ; p. esh..ioak, 

Ishkwagd-sisibdkicat. The kr^t 

sugar that is made, out of the 

spoiled sap. 
Ishkwaiadjiw, [nind]. I am the 

last in a row or range; p. es/i 

hlikioaiag amiss Cy or-tnag ad. The 

water is no more agitated, it 

is calm, (after a storm and 

heavy sea;) p. esh..seg, or- 

Ishkwaiakis, (nind). I cease 

burning, I burn no more ; p. 

esh .s^d. 

h \ 


— 15'J — 


hhkwaiaaai(je giaUs. The moon 
shines no more ; p. efth..f/e<{. 

l.ffikwakami(/ad. All is over ; 
p. esh..f/ak. (la-isfikwaktimi- 
l/ak dibaamadiwhi nia ijl-fatj- 
icinhiii.' I urrivod when the 
payment was all over. 

hhkwaknmigis, {nind). 1 uiii no 
more busy, I have hnished 
my work ; p. e.'</i...sid. 

Ishkwakamigi.siwiii. The end ol 
an action or work. 

l.i/ikwama, (nind). 1 leave Honie, 
after eatin;; nonie of it ; p. es/i 
wad. — Nind i^hkwanui 
opinig gaic nind inhkwaniag ; 
I leave noine pork and Home 
potatocH, (after eatin'' some.) 

Is/ikwanian, {nind). I hroathe 
my last, 1 expire ; p. esh..mod. 

Ulikwanddn, {nind). I leave 
some, after eatinj; some of it ; 
p. — Nind ishkwan- 
dan pangi wiidss ; I leave a 
little meat, (after eating some 
of it.) 

Ishktcdndem. Door ; \)\.-(in. 

Ishktoandemike, {nina). I make 
a door, or door.s ; p. esh..ked. 

Uhkandemiican. 'J'here is a 
door; p. esL.ang. 

Uhkioanhgan. Itemnant, re- 
mainder, (after eating some of 
an obj.) ; pl.-«<7. 

hhkioandjige, (nind), 1 leave 
some of what I am eating, I 
don't eat all up ; p. es?i..(/ed. 

hhkwani^, (nind). (Pron. is'hko- 
«<?,) I remain while the others 
die, I survive ; p. eshkoned. — 
Ahinodjiiag eslilcwanedjig, tlie 
children of a family that re- 
main yet alive, when several 
had died. 

hhkwd-nona, (nind). I wean 

him, (a child,) I cease to give 

him suck; p. enh..nad. 
Ishkwa])<)y or-magad. It ceases 

snowing, it snows no more; p. 

€.></(.. pog, or-magak. 
[s/tkwan/iima, («V/uO- I have 

some of it remaining, after 

i)Utting or laying ; p. ciih..inad. 
lnhkwnsse, \nind]. (Pron. w/.- 

k(i.<<iie,)l remain, I am left or 

spared; (L. superstea sum;) 

p. t'.v/iA''r/, {cs/ikdnsnl.) 
Islikmi.s.sin. It finishes, e.xpires, 

( period of time;) p. €xli..sing. 
ln/ikwa.s.siton, (nind). 1 have 

some of it renuiining, after 

l)utting -r hiving ; p. e.^/i..fnd. 
In/ikw/ltd, (nindi.l finish, (doing 

s. th.j) p. cs/ikw(if(td. 
hhkwatagan. S. Ishkwu1vhig<in. 
Ishkwatawin. The end of a 

work ; the end of a perioii of 

Is/ikwdtch, adv. Finally, at, 

at length, ultimately ; the last 

Jshkwatchigan. A person that 

escapes from a general ma?- 

sacre ; pi. -or/. 
Ishkivawe, (nind). (Pron. i.fh- 

koioe), I cease speaking, I 

finish my discourse or speech ; 

p. eshkwaioed. 
Ishkweaii, adv. Behind, after 

the others. 
Iskkweb, (nind). I am sitting in 

tlie last place, in a row cr 

range ; p. eshktvebid. 
IslikwegabaiCy (nind). I am 

standing in the last place, in 

a row or range- p. esh..wid. 
Ishkw4gainig. The last lodge or 

house, (in a row or range, or 

in a camp or village.) 
Ishkwege, (nind). I live in the 

1 !' 



II I: 





— 100 - 


liiflt lodf^e or house of a camp 
or vi liaise; i). csh,.<jcil. 

Inhkii'i'ldui/, udv. S. Ishlcwaiii. 

Ixlikweii'iulduox^ (iiiiul). I am 
(•oiiHiilcreu the lust, or one ot 
the laHt ; p. ctilL-sid. 

f.shkio(':knwa, iuind). I walk af- 
ter him, 1 follow him ; p. cs/i.. 

Islikwriiindji. Tlicsnmll finj^ei- ; 

Is/ikwenshi. It i.s the, (the 
JaHt object ill a row or raii;j;i' ;) 

Tlie last or 


vt) child in a lamilv, 

ami which remains the last ; 

Js/ikwi, (nind}. I remain, when 

the otliors are gone ; p. c.s/i- 

Islipd, ox-majad. It is liigh ; ]». 

cs/ij)(1(/, or-i)iai/(ik. 
Is/ipdbika, 0T-i)ia(/ad. Iti.s]ii<fh, 

(a rock ;) p. csk.Jcay, ov-iiki- 

Iskpabikad. It is hij^h, (ohj. of 

metal ;) p. csh..kak. 
f.s/ip(d)ik,'si. It is high, (ohjeot 

of metal or stone ;) p. esh...sid. 
Itihpadiaa. It is high, (a hill or 

mountain ;) p. esh..7iag. 
Islipudjlbiwan. There are hcajjs 

of snow, driven up Ity the 

wind ; p. csh..n)ig. 
khpOgonaga. The now is deep, 

there is much snow; p. c^h.. 


'pukweia, or-maf/ad. There 
are liigh trees, (in a forest;) 

p. esh..iag, or-magak. 

Ishpdiiike, (nind). I dig a deep 
hole in the ground ; p. csh.. 

IsltpdnHikcti ov-magad. It is 

high, thick, wide, (a hook, ii 

niecu of (doth, ftc.) ; ]). es/i.. 

kiig, ov-miigak. 
h/i/td.s/ikdd. It is high, wide, a 

mat, clolliing stull', etc.) ; p. 

Is/indfc. The snow is dc'('|i, 

(higli,) ; \). (shpatcg. 
Ls/ipii/iin, (nind). I make it 

high ; p r.sJi}Kit()d. — Od ish- 

nii/nd I) irnk((i(/(Ui ; he make- 

Ills house higli, (he l)ui!(ls ii 

high house.) 
lnhpiiwc (iir This ani- 
mal has long liair or fur ; \>. 

hdijtcniin, (nind). I am |)ron,|. 

I exalt myself ; p. in/t.-mtnl. 
hlij)cnini(t, (nin<l). le.xalt him. 

glorilyhini; p. t'.f/i..iii(id. 
In/ipoiindi.s, (nind). I exalt mv- 

sclt, I am i»roud; p.'i()il. 
I.i/ipcnindi.soirin. Pride. 
Islipi^ in comjjositioiiH, signifies 

///////, late, adcanvcd. (Rxam- 

ples in some of the fotlowiii;;- 

h/ipid, (nind). J put him high, 

I exalt him ; ]). (shpiad. 
h/ipihibitn. The winter is far 

ailvanced, is high ; p enlipilil- 


hhpigabawi aw awe.f.ii. 'J'hi- 
animal stands high, it ha- 
long legs ; p. <:.sli..wid. 

hhpi-gijigad. It is lato, (in the 
forenoon,) the sun is alreaily 
high. It is not late, (in tin- 
afternoon,) the sun is yet high. 
P. csltpi-gijigak. 

Is/ipiniing,a([\'. Ahove, on high, 
at the top ; in the air. 

hhpiniing nakakcia, iulv. l']- 

Ishp imissagB kade, or ■ m a gad. 



— 101 - 


Tlicn- is an iippiT tloor ; also, 
there iH a Htory, (in u liotise ;i 
]i. ('.■i/i..ih'i/, or-iiiiiiftiL' — A'////*// 

is/ij)iiiii.s.siii/iih(lilr, lliiTC iiri' 

two Htorics. — Xissiiii/, iiiii'liKj, 
ii'hihii/ is/ip!i)iissi(i/ii/iiii(e ; 
there jire three, four, live ntu- 

Islijiinii.t ' ' "III)/, iiils', l'i>-stiiirs, 
iFii tjie .' •• floor. 

l.-tli/iii ii '} iih'in). I nii<e 

Hi . u|>; p. *:s/i..ii(i<l. 

Isliin'iiHun Tlie suininer is iii;:Ii, 
i- Cur > ;lvanco(l ; p. fs/i. in;/. 

l^hjtiHkiiKK/. Tiiere in ii liijrh 
hi'iip ot'olijectH ; p. e.i/i/jis/iiii- 
(j'kj. — IslipiahiiKH/ HohiK/i.ssii- 
1/111/ ; there is ii lii;j:li heap or 
'[(iie of hoardn. — Also in the 
.'•ini.r. ; as : Is/ipishin Joiiiin, 
there isahiii;h heajtof money. 

Ulijiis-siii. There is a hii,'h heap, 
(-(iinethin<^ heaped up ;i p, 
is/iiii.ssiiK/. — Ixlinis.silloil llli.'i- 

sail ; there is a hi^h heap of 

udud, (for fuel.) 
Uhpi-lihikdd. It is late in the 

iii,nht,(hij;h nijiht;) \).viili..h(ik. 
Uhjii'iiuii/ad. It is hi<:li; oi- deet), 

II eanoe, huat, etc); p. call.. 

Ishpoirc, iiiiiK,']. I s|)eak with a 

liiuh tiiiii voice; p. eslqjowal. 

— S. Tdhds.^oiira. 
hiijiu'rirr/oii, (lu'iid]. T sin;.' it 

liiirii ; \). e.sii..fu(l. 
iilil ! inter), lley ! hear ! 
iilil(' I intei'j. Aha ! yes ! 
hlikinin, iiiiiid). I empty it of 

ivater ; I pnmj) it out ; f make 

it dry ; \). eskudut/. 
Ukahi, or- 1 1 1.(1 (/ad. The water 

dried up; p. cskdhi'i/, or-ma- 


I'<h('(il>(((l(iii, (iiiiidt. I pump the 

ll'piul, out ol 

water out of il, (a voHsel, 
vU'..) ; p. ('.'ih..fni(/. 
Ishaih'in. Spunire, pump ; pl.- 


fskdilii, iniiidj. 1 pumj) water 
out ; r dry it u)i with a 
sjiuiiL'e; J), in.dtid. 

I.f/idiidiiii, iiiiiid). f driidv it all 
up ; |) csk..<iii(/. 

l.ikdlCf or- iiiti;/iid. It is dry, 
there is no water, it drieil up; 
p. (■:<k(it('(/yOY-i4i!i(j<ik.-Slj>'ni'(n> 
i.skdlcindii, there is no watei- 
(or only a little water) in the 

I.ikliljiwdii, It runs all out, (wa- 
ter or any other 
a vessel ;) p. 

I.'<ki(/atiiid(', ^>v•llld(/dd. It is rt- 
dueini;, drying np, hy iioilin:i; 
p.<lt'</, or-iii<(i/nk. 

l.'iki(j(iiui,'«iii, iiiiiid). I reduce 
it, liy boiling ; p. fnk..ani/. 

iNkif/diiii.siijdii. Place where 
tluy are I'cdueinj^ inai)le-sap 
to Huifar, hy hoilin^ ; s\i<rar- 
eamp ; su<i;ar-liush ; ul.-an. 

i-<ki(ianu!il (/!'., iiiiiid). I reduce, 
hy hoilinji; 1 reduce niaplc- 
sap to sugar, hy Ixdling, I am 
makiii;;- maple-su;.avr ; \). e.<k,. 

l.'fkii/dnrhif/ckau;. A woman that 
juakes iiiajjle-siigar ; \)\.-j/. 

Iski'i/dnii.'d'i/eiriii. Art, oc(Mii)a- 
tion or work ofsuj^ar-makei's. 

hkiiuik. Nit, e,if,<r of a louse; pl.- 


fir. Pron. that ; \)\.-iiiiir. 
lira. He says. 

Iwapi, adv. 'J'lien,at (hat tinu'. 
lioidi, or iircdi, adv. There; ; 

thence ; yonder. 
liridi nakakcid, adv. There, 

that wav, in that direction. 

\ 1 








" I. 









IV; M 







I* - , 









.l/lhohi, uTiiKKfitd. Tlie wiiU'i' 
<;oi'H or passes tlir')ii'."-li .■^. lli.; 
). ididltiihij/, or->u<(ifitk, 
ixiilf, (iihi). I <n> or i»arta 
tlirou<j;li ; \). Jaidltoiicil. 

Juhodf, iiviii(ii/(iil. It <s.O('H (»r 
piiMHOH tliruu;^l»; \). ja'mh(Klvij, 

,lah<i(/(ni(lhia, inin). I push or 
thrust throujih Hume ohj. ; p. 
J<ii<i. .1111(1. 

,l(ih(i!/(in(liii<(ii, iniii). J push or 
tlirust through, sonif obj. ; j). 

Juhniinwitchiijan. Straining ves- 
sel; \)\.-an. 

.lilbotidii'Hchiyc, (niii). I urn 
straii'ing ; p. Jaia..f/ed. 

Jahofiamitoii, (nin). I strain it 
througli a Inien ; p. juia.Aod. 

Jdhohav'm, (nin). I liave the 

Jdbnmin. Gooeeberrv 
seille;) pl.-</</. 

Jubominayawanj . GooselKM-ry- 
hush ; pl.-?V/. 

Jahondean makahossmi, (nin). 1 
knock the hcatl ami the bot- 
tom of a barrel out; p. jaia.. 

.luhondeia, oi'-ina:/ed. It is 
knocked hoUov , (a barrel, 
when both the liead and the 
bottom are knocked out;) p. 
jaia..aij, or-magak. 

Jdbcndeiassin. There is a 

(F. gro- 


(iriuight of the air; p. Juin . 

,ldbnn<l('.i/i/x<i, inin). I have the 

bloodv Hux: the dv8ent(M\ ; 

I). fiiia..litid. 
.ldoondenhkawin. Bloody lhi.\ ; 

.Idboncnan, {nin). S. Jdhoij'ni- 

Jdbonij/an. Needle; p!. -'//). 
.lubonii/anike, (nin). I make 

needles ; p.Jaid..ked. 
.Idbonii/anikcwinini. Net'ille- 

manutiicturer, needier ; |il- 

Jabopa(/i('nnedn, {nin). I |i(rtl)- 

rate it, 1 bore it througli ; [i. 

.Idbopat/iodnPwa, {nin). I per- 
forate or bore through soine 

olij. ; \).Jaia..wad ; imp. /a,.///. 
JdboH, {nin). I pvirge myscll, I 

take a purging medicine, ii 

purgative ; \^. jdidbn.idd, 
Jduosaa, {nin). I sift it; p.,/rt/rt 
Jdbnshkam, {nin]. I passthroiii'li 

H. th. ; i). jaia. .an (J. 

jdboshka.ssa, (nin). S. .lalidsini 
Juboshkatchiyan. Sieve, crililile; 

Jdboshkaidiiye. I am sifting. 
garbling; \).jaia..t/ed. 

Jdbo.fhkaion, {nin). I sill it ; p 
jaia.. tod. 





— n;:^ 


h'lhnsijfnii. I'lirjrc, piiri^in;^ ine- 

iliciiif, pnr;r!itivp. 
ii'dntHHe, {nin). I j.'i» (ir tall 

fhroil^ll f. {\i,',]).Joi(t .Imssdl, 
.li'ihnssf, or-mn(f(i>l. It tiiils, or 

'•lidi'H, tlir(»ii>;li H. til.; p. Jain- 

liosHCij, or- iiiaijnli. 
hUioswd, (itiii). I ;j;ivt' liini a 

niirjiiii;^ tiHMliciiit', 1 ))urf;e 

liiiii; \).Jui..UHi(l ; im\t. Juho.s- 

I'ihii'uhaniluii, {iiiii). I )*i'v 

tlirf)u;^li it; J search it ; p. 

Jiiid .(till/. — Dcbtniniiimnff o 

jakwahtnuhumn Icidchiniiiii ; 

tlieLdpI (scarolics our hoarls, 

(lie set's tlirf)ii;^li thcin.) 
Jilhirahawe, {nin). I am (Jrencli- 

I'd all tlirou<rli, to the skin, 

(ill a heavy rain ;) \\. 
Ji'ihiriihawe, or-nuv/ttd. It is 

(Ircnclicd thron<rh, all wet ; p. 

jiiia..vie(i, ov'inn;/aL-. 
.laliinijitjairitr/iii/an. A filteriiif: 

vessel, colander, strainer ; pl.- 

Jlhirdjiifawifna, {nin). I ptrain 

it ; p. jai(i..iod. 
iahwdknstiidon, {nin). S. JdJin- 

.liViirfna()(/on, {nin). It pierces 

Eii^rlish roli>.'i«>ii; p. i(titi..nd. 
,ld<f(inds/ii-finaniieirin. llie EnjJ- 

lish reli)ni)»n. 
,ld</iindn/ii/cin\ English woman ; 

Irish wunian ; pi-'/- 
.Idjdndxhiku'vns. An En<.'liHli 

or Irish ;rirl ; pl.-ff.'/. 
.hh/duds/iini, {nin). I Hpeal 


Eiii.'lish ; ]).Jdia..nind. 

me through ; \\.Jnid..r/t)d. 

'indwd, {lii, 
throu;»h, I perforate him ; p. 

j)ass or fall 
; I escape ; p. 

J(lhwendwd,{jiin). I pierce him 
)rate hiii 

J<tid..wad ; wuv). Jahwend 
.lilhiri, {nin). i 

through H. th. 

Jnhwia, {nin). I escape from 

him ; \) 
.Idhiriiiri', {nin). S. Jahwi. 
.h'Kidndnh. Eiiglisliman, Irish 

man ; pi .-«//. 
Jdfiand.'iki-anamia, (nin). I pray 

English, that is, I profess the 

,ldi/<ind.s/iiin(twin. The Unglish 

.Idi/dnds/iiu'dJxi. England, Great 

Britain anil Ireland. 
.Idi/d.slii, (nin). I sloop (goini; 
throiiirh a low door, etc.); p. 
Jeij .id. 
.Idkdnklxid, {nin). I make him 

stoop; |) ji'ij..dd. 
.Idi/tt.'t/iLintin. A kind of flat 

raspherry ; ])\.-(i<j. 
.Id<jd,inkifd, {nin). I incline my- 
self, r how down ; p. Je;f.,(ad. 
,ld(J(islikHdn, {nin). I how down, 
or incline myself, hefore it, I 
salute it ; ]). Jef/.-dn;/. 
,ht!jn.tJihildnvi,{nin). I how down 
hefore him, I salute him ; p. 
.hi(/dWd, or-via{/dd. It is ohlong, 
longer than wide; p. jdidf/U' 
war/, or-mdtfdk. 
,ld!/awahi(ji.<ii.\t is ohlong,(stnfl"); 

p jdia.Kid. 
.Jai/ 7idho<ji.'{.'id</. The 
hoard is ohlong, longer than 
wide ; p.j(iia...sid. 
Jaf/nwabikad. It is oblong, 

(metal ;) p. jaia..kak. 
Jai/dwdbikisi. It is ohlong, 

(metal ;) Y).jaia..sid. 
.Jaf/awa(finnde miniss. The is- 
land 18 oblong; Tp.jaia..deg. 
Jagawamika, ov-magad. There 
is a lono; shallow place in the 
lake, wliere the waves break, 



I '. 

' I' 

I I 




104 — 


(!•'. il y .'. rue l)attur(' loii.iiuc;' 
p. JaiUfkag, ov-muf/ah- 
Jdi/Ctoafoii, {iiin). i ui'ikc it 

(il)loiiji- ; Ii. Jain. .foil, 
Juf/nioei/ad. It is ohloim', (inl!;^ 

\)- Jaia..</(il\ 
J(i(innnil. Widow , widowtM* ; p!.- 

,////. — Jdf/dKHil iiiini, \vii|.>\\ 01'. 

.Icr/dwid ikwc, witluw. 
Jdf/dwii/ad. It is obloii,;;', (wood ;) 

1). r/did..(/d/i\ 
,ld(j(twik(iddii, {iiiii). 1 cut it 

oblong, with a knife; \).jii/ii.. 

Jdi/dirikodnwa, (nui). I cut -oiiic 

olijcct olilonu'. with il Iviiitc; 

.Idj/divi.s.'iHoii, {ilia). S. .Uiijanvi 

Jdi/i(/diiilii'dii. Tlu' ice (jii a lake 

or river breaks off, so that tlie 

water ajjpears again ; p. Jnid.. 

.Idf/odee, {iiin). I am a coward, 

a poltroon, I am timid, timor- 
ous, fearful, jiusilianiinous ; 

Jdi/ddciiwiii. Cowardice, timid- 
ity, pusillaninnty. 
•IdtjodJ, adv. In spite of.... ; 

aji'ainst the will ; (F. mal^-rc.) 
Ja</odJia. {i.iii). I overco'ne liim, 

vanquish luiu ; p. jai'.i..dd. 
Jj.(jodjiiwc, {nin). I am victori- 
ous, I vanquish, surpas.;, ov t- 

come ; \) 
.hiyodjiiwe, ov-md(/ad. Jt nver- 

come-s, it is victorious : ]>. 

jdid..irc<j, or-)iia(/dk. 
.Idi/odjiioii, {iilii]. I overcome 

it, I vatufuish it; ]>. Jala. And: 
Jdijos, (nin). lam iiabby, weak ; 

p. jaiuynsid. 
Jayosdma, (nin). I vanipiish or 

overcome him in disputinjjj, ar- 

^;|, pleadini;; ]).Jaid..iiiinl. 
,ldi/fis(iiii/c, (nin). I sur})ass ur 

overcome in disi)>itinii', ar:;ii- 

\i\<X, etc. ; p. jiii(i..ii'''d: 
.ld(/iradd'(. Ft i- weak ; ]>. Jala.. 



am weul 


.IdijWddi.'i, (niii). 
\). j(iia..t<id. 

.kii/irai/diiii. It is weak, (liiiuid ; 
p. jaid..wi(/. — .ld(/wdi/dini ani- 
his/idhn in'Uiikircidini : Ihvliu 
we are Irinkinii; is weak. 

.id(/wendaii, {niii\. I think it is 
weak ; \>. Jdi(i..dii(/. 

.Jdi/ircniin, {nin}. I dare nni. [ 
fear, I iiave not the courn ;■■ 
to .say or do s. th.; p. Jdln,. 


.hii/iveiiiiiid, iiiin). I think he is 
weak, (not stout and strong ;i 

.Jdifwcniniod, {nin). I discourai.'t 
him, I make him tear ; \).J<nii ; h\\\).jd'/ir<'iiiiii(i. 

Jdtjwcn.imolatjd.'i, [nin). \ ask 
excuse for not I)eii><i' able to 
do s. th., or, tliat I don't dare 
say or do .=?. t!i. ; j). jaid..sii}. 

Jni/ircnindi.'i, iniii). I tear my- 
self. I n'.i ai'raid of my lnul 
disposition ; \). Jaid.i-:od. 

Jd</niit(>n, (liiii). I weaken il ; 

Jdi/iiu'io, [iiiiVi. lam wealv-,(iioi 
stor.t and sii'OU'j; ;) ]). Jiii'i. 

Jdywiwlmdiiad. It is weak, im- 
potent ; ]}.j(iid..(/dk. 

.Ididf/ddeed. Coward, jjoltronn; 

1>1 •:/'>/• 
.laidir, o,dv. ()/. S, Ciruidk. 
.Idiair-inudi.'^iwin. Of. S. (I'lrain- 

kdhiinddixiiriii . 
.Ididw niml inddis. 01. S. Girti- 

iak nin itiniad's. 



— 105 


Jai(;*>v Jajaic, adv. Ot.S.Mi'wya. 

Jiii'/ifd, or Jak'fjwa, adv. Alrea- 

Jiiidl/oshkaii, (/(/«). I crush it 
witli my I'uot or body ; p. Jaia 
..(I III/. 

lijaijonhktnra, iitiii). 1 cnisli 
sniiic (ilijt'Ct Avitli my toot or 
I "Illy ; \) 

.'■ij(isli((<i(i(iini, {iiiin. r walk 
with my toes turned oiitsidt' ; 

Jiiiiiircii<lJii/(\ (iiiit),f'irtj. I jirac- 

tisi' charity, I do ol'len works 

(it'eharity, I give alms, I am 

iiciieMcoiit ; ])■ jcj. ;/<'<! . 
J(ij<iireii(IJi;/ciriii. Hal I'lialcliii- 

rity. alms-tiiviiig, beneticeiicc. 
.iiijinrcniiidiiiiiii, [iiiii), J'rcij. S. 

■hij'iliniiaiii, {lu'ii). I lircathe \>y 

\n\\<s iiitervaks, with long 

[laiise.s ; \).>d. 
.liiiil)iin'(i.ssaL-(ccia, ov-iiiaijdd. A 

clearing, or clear jilace, is seen 

iliroiigh tlie woods ; |i. Jij..ia(j, 

■Iiijiln-iiddiii, [uin). 1 am patient 

:it work, persevering; p. Jrj.. 

■Iiijiliciiddinmriii. Patience, pcr- 

■hijiliihuii, {nin]. Twill not li,-t- 

rii ur oliey ; y. '/i'i..iiiiij. 
■l(iL-iii/(iit(((i(i. The fsnow is soft 

ur watery, (from thaw wea- 

tiier;) \).JeL yen/. 
■liiL-(ii)i, (ni It) or. ^ A-Kkkaiii. Inut 

in my mouth something eat- 

alik' ; J), jekamud. 
■kkainiiii, [nin). I put it in my 

inouth to eat it; p. Jckaniod. 

~N>a JukdviDii H"//«.s'.s', J put 

iiicat in my mouth to eat it. 
Jak(nnoiu(ii, (nin). I jiut some 

ol>). in my month to cat it ; p. 
jvkaiiiod. (\ . C(jnj.) — Ihikinji- 
(/an nin jukaninitdn, I put 
l)rea(l in my mouth to oat it. 

,l(fkdino»(i, {nin). I jnit s. tli. 
eataijie in his mouth; p. ,/''/.-.. 
nail. An<(nulifs(dainn), he re- 
ceives the ho'v communion. 

Jakijio, or-nnn/ad. Soft watei-y 
snow is tailing; \\. jain. .<>[/, or- 

■Idii;/, ahridged from jamjasuwi, 

.](iiiij((s.s!niidann. Ninety. 

.luni/d.sNiniidandk. Ninety hun- 
dred, mine thousand.) 

Jan</((.s-iiiniidan(tko.siniiii, hiin ). 
We arenine thousand in num- 
I er ; ]). Jaia...sidji(/. 

.luni/ii.'i.finiidanaku'adon. There 
are nine thousand. 

■/((in/d.shirniildiKtn'cniiii, {niiij.'W'c 

are iiiiietv ui nunuier 


aic ninety objects. 

.ldiiij(i.--.-<i>, num. nine, (before 
."^ulistantives ilenoting .mka- 
siitK of time oi' of other 

,i'an</a.s.'iiren'an. — Nijobidunan, 
etc., always changing in Eng- 
lish, iiro into nine; as: Nijo- 
(lani'nindjftwici- (or two time.<) 
a handful. Janya.s.'idbancnindj, 
nine times a handful. — Nijo- 
bidonan, {nin). J tie two toge- 
ther. .Idni/as.soliiddnan, {nin). 
I li>' nine together. Ni/'dbina, 
{nin). 1 caught two Ikshes ;an(.i 
so on respectively. 

.I<tn;/d.s.'iivi. Nine. 

Janijalchimin, {nin). ^Ve are 
nine ; p. jani/atrhiwinj. 



V : ' . 

.1 -A 




166 — 



i I \;i 

.-■' ^ r 

Jaiif/atchinf/. Nino tii)ies ; tlie 

iiiiith tiiiio. 
■lanyutcliinn mida.sHwdlc. Nine 

.lain/dlchiiioH. There are nine 

.laiKjendj'Kjcd. Uo that hates, 

an enemy, fiend ; j)!. -//.'/. 
.huuiioilalic. Mink ; (C.lbutreau ;) 


.laiKnccskenn. A voun*' mink ; 

Jualialnoahiiiimifwh, ov-nnujad, 

freq. 1 1 i s t \v i s ted to<!;e t h e r o f 

several threads ; p., 

J afihabwabiginii/an . Cord, stri;.^ 

or line of several threai Is ; \:]'.'~ 

Jus/uibii'nbi(/iiiii/e, (niu). I twist 

several threads to^etiier in 

one string or cord ; p. Jdia.. 

J.i.s/i'j(/a,s/ikadchomnn. A kind 

ofcrooked knife; \)\.-(iii. 
JatihdyawatilikogissL A kind of 

green frog ; pl.-y. 
.latihagL Storch ; \)].-v'(ig. 
Jashagidjanc, {niii). My nose 

is turned up; (F. j'aile nez 

retrousse ;) Y>.jaia..ii('d. 
Jdnhaginigade, («/»). lam I)are- 

legged, I have no leggings on ; 

p. Jaia..ded. 
J(h/idginindibe,{nin). lam hare- 
headed; }).Jaia. bed. 

J i.sJidgininike, {iiin). I am l)are- 
armed, my arms are nuked; 

j.hhdgimnindji, {uiii). I have 
hare hands, 1 haveni) mittens 
nor gloves on ; \).jai<(..djid. 

Jdxh(1gini)iide, {iiiii.). I ant haro- 
foot ; \).jaki..dcd. 

JuHhaqita, {nin). I am hem 
haclcwards ; \).jaia..iad. 

.Idshdgddjaaoiliin, {nin). I hint 
or l)ruise my nose by fallinLr; 

.Idshdgondihewa, {nin). I crush 
(ir liruise his head; p. juia.. 
w(ul ; iMip.j'a.dibe. 

Jn.slingonindjigunandis, [niu). I 
hurt or bruise my finger o/ 
hand, (striking vvith a Juini- 
mer, etc.) ; ]).j'(tia...sod. 

Jd.s/ifigonindji.s/iico.s, (nin). M\ 
hand (or tingcr) is wounded lir 
liruised liy s. th. that fell u]hhi 
it, or 8. til. that catches niv 
hand or linger; \).Jnin...s(td. ' 

J.i.<hdg(niliko.s,[nin). I amcriisji- 
ed, hurt or bruised b}' s. lii. 
liiat fell upon me ; ]> Jiiiu. 

.Id.s/i(ig<i.s/iki),s(ni'in. Bruise; (F. 

.In.s/i(ig<).side.'</ik().s, {nin) My f(i<it 
is bruised by s. tii. that Icll 
ui)on it ; \>.j(tiu...s()d. 

.ldsliiigwabcwi.'<,{nin). lam einii- 
cia'.ed, I have nothing but the 
skin and the bones ; (F. jo 
snis decharne ;) \).jai(i..tsid. 

.b}.s/uigwnni(i, {nin). 1 clicw 
.'■ome obj.; \>.j(ti(t..viad.—As- 
scnia ninjanliagicania, I chew- 

Jdshagioaniigiwc, {nin). 1 iim 
chewing pitcli ; p. ,jaia..wcd. 

JaHlmgwandan, [nin,, {JcLshagnii. 
dnn.) I chew it ; j). Jaia. amj. 

,ld.s/ingwnndjig(in. Some object 
that is chewed, a.s pigi"', 
l)itch ; or ((.■^.scnut, tobacco, 
(piid. — PI. jdshagwandjignn- 




— 1G7 


(IJiffe.) I chew, I rnininato ; 

J(islt(iwaba.s/ii ihUmj. Tlic tree 
lic'iids l)y the wind ; \\}tiia..vh 

hhhdwahinfte, ur-via</(i<h It 
lii'iitls; Y).<i, ov-maqak. 

Jils/iawamhinKi. Swallow, (hird;) 

.Iihlidirein, or-moj/aiL It i^ 
.<(|iiare ; \i.jaia.ia(i,ov-itiaiiak. 

Jiislii Ill/a. Til is word cannot be 
irivi'ii in Enj^Iish with a or- 
n'SIHindinjj; word. It iinplic^ 
if'inoach and disupproliation. 
— (I'i ija }ia kishinid (iiKimieun- 
(jiiiiiiifoii;/ (/i-(maiiiic(/ijit/ak ? 
— .Id.shhij/d fii-ij<i. Did tiiy 
lirother go to church last Sun- 
day ? O no ! he i.« very far 
Iroin goin;; there. Ahi iia hi 
iridh/rhuv/an 'f — .htxiiuiijtl ta- 
(ihi. Is thy husband at home ? 
—One! he is almost never 
lit home. 

.l<'i!fliiii</niii(/wciiJis, {lu'ii). I 
liniise my face; \).JaHi...i(id. 

.I(hhintfwiiiijiri''ir<i, {iiiii). I 
liniise his face; \). Juki. .wad ; 

.lairdi/iiKt, {iiiii). 1 bend a young 
tree or a rod growing ; ^.Jewa- 

Jawih/inan, (niii). I l)0 it it, 
(wood, standing; p. jeicaiu/. 

■Ii'niuni. South ; jdwiinong, m 
the south, to the south, from 
tlie south. 

JihriiiKKiinnif {animikitj). It 
tiiunders in the south. 

■hhvanakwad. The clouiis come 
from the south ; ]). J(iia..i(uik. 

■hontiu'l'incihi. South-bird, bird 
<;uniing from the south; pl.- 

■Ii'licanibiim, Tho rain comes 

from the south; p. Jaid-stuj. 

.laivaninodiii. South wind. 

.Idwaniiiodin. The wind comes 
from the south ; ]). J<ii<i..iii(/. 

Jdw(inoii(/ iiuk((kcia. Toward.s 
the south. 

.I(iir<iiid(i(/fis, {nil)). I am happy, 
lam lucky, prosijcrous, tbrtu- 
nate ; also, I take Holy Com- 
uiunion ; \). jcic.sid. 

.I(nrnid(i</(isiu'iii. Hai)piness, 
good luck, prosperity, clianci', 
also. Holy Communion. 

.hiu't'ndumhlcc, {nin). I have a 
charitable heart; \\j<'U' 

Jawendnmidee. Charitable dis- 
position of mind, heart-felt 

Jawcnddmit/anawahama, {iiin). I 
look ui)On him with mercy ; 
p. Jew.. mad. 

Jawcadai)iiU((jnn, {nin). I make 
a sp och, a petition or a 
prayer, in order to e.xcite itity 
and mercy upon uie ; p. jew., 

.Jawnidaiiiitawa, {nin). I hear 
him with pity and mercy, I 
grant his })etition having pity 
on him ; p. Jew.Arad. 

Jawenddn, {nin). I liave pity on 
it, I do charity to it, I benefit 
it ; p. jcwcndang. — WcAhipi- 
namj anamicwin o jawcndan 
wiiaw ; he that takes religion, 
does charity to himself, (to 
his body, that is, to his own 

Jairendji(/c, {nin). I have juercy 
or pity, I practise charity, I 
liestow a benefit; j>. jcw..(i((l. 

Jawi'ndjii/cwin. Mercy, l)ity, 
charity, compassion, benefi- 
cence, l;euefit, grace, divine 

'i i 


' i 

i i 

■i i 

•IE J 

l(l.s — 


Jdwibiima, (nin). T liavo mercy 

;>i' pity on liiiii, I do him cliur- 

ity, r lioiiflit liini, \ liJivcMX)ni- 

puHnion with him ip./cu'. mad. 
Jawnu'ii'lift, [nin). J huvo i)ity 

Oil my.-i'lf, I iii'iiclit myselt'"^; 

.lc;/o/dnJcna, {nin). 1 ;)iit .^oiiie 

ohj. in thclirt'; ]>. iiiin/..nad. 
Ji''i/i>/iinjen(iii, {ii/'n). I jmt it in 

the lire ; \).jai'..iinti. 
Jrf/ojia, {nin). 1 j.ul, or (iirust 

it in ; p. jaiL.uit. 
Jc'i/ona)!, (nin). J pnt oi' tlirupt 

it in ; \).Jiiie..(ini/. 
J(';/onindJiclJin, [nin]. 1 thrust 

a uplinter in my liand, (not 

purposely ;) p. 
./('■i/o.s/i/ainjiiljin, (nin). Itlirust 

a splinter under my nail, (ac- 

eidentally ;) y>. J<ii(''<j. 
Ji'ijoaidedjin, (nin). I thrust a 

splinter in n)y t'oot, (unjnir- 

posely ;) \) 
Jri/o.'i.'iaijwedjin, [nin]. I tlirust 

a thorn in some part ol' my 

body ; y. Jaii'.Jni/. 
Jci/wakosidcssc, (nin). I put my 

foot in an openinjr, my loot 

slide in ; \).jaiv...s(id. 
Jeiakoaamawa, (nin). I open it 

to him ; \).jaieiak..wad. 
Jciakossi)i, It is opened, there 

is an o])ening; ^.jaiciako.ssinj. 
Jciakossilon, { I leave it 

open ; ^ make an opening ; p. 


Jrjawi(/adcsJtka, (nin). My feet 
and legs beeome lle.\il>le and 
warm again ; (F. mes jambes 
se degourdissent ;) p. JaieJ,, 

Ji'jdirinlikd, in/n). J beeome 
llexible and warm again ; (F. 

je me degourdis;) \). JwjIJ.. 

Jejdkwnani, (nin). I go to thi' 

woods on a (rail; p. Jairk.. 

.Icsii.'i Kri.sf. Jesus Christ. 
,/e.svrv od andjimujosiwin. The 

Trans(igurati(.)n oi" Je-ij.s 

.A.^s•;^v od ijinikdsuwin. The Naiiu' 

of Jesus. 
•Icsiis n Idkinoamaijandn. A di.-- 

ciple (or the discipk"^) of ,]i- 

siis Christ, an Apostle, ortlp' 

Jcwahikaan hiicObik, (nin . 1 

make souml a i)iece ol' \vi i ; 

\t. jaicwid>ik(faii(j. 
.lihc, in eomposiiions, signilic- 

f/troni/// s. th. ; dvyabla, pvr- 

.scrcfin;/. 'Examples in somi' 

of the tiillowing wonls.) 
.liha, OY-nuKjad. There is a hole, 

a gap ; \).Jaba(j, oY-ma;/ak. 
Jib<dti(/ibidijn, (nin). I extoml, 

"ti'etch, expand it, by pulling; 

Jilxdjiijibina, inin). 1 extend or 

stretch out some olij. by pull- 
ing; \). Jab. .nab. 
.libabiki.ssin. It is dnrali'e. 

(Some obj. of metal ;) p. Jah.. 

.Jib(d)islik(i, ur-nia<jad. It c.n- 

tends, itexjKUids ; p. Jab..k(i;/, 

.libadddn, {nin). I expand it ; 

.libadawa, {nin). I expand sonic 

obj ijoniia, silver ;) p. JaL. 

wad; u\\\).jibad(7. 
■libadj, {nin). I can endure 

mueii cold; p.jibadjid. 
•libaiabania, (nin). I see liim (or 

look at liim) througli a teles- 





Jihi/Jij/uii, (nh 
t^tiibbed tlirc 

cope, (a pernoii, or any other 
olijoct;) p. jab. .mad. 

Jilxiiahandan, («/»). I see it (or 
look at it) tliruugli a telescope 
or spy-giass ; \).Jah..aaij. 

Jlbaiabandjiaan. Si)y -glass, te- 
lescope; pi. -an. 

.I'thaiixhahdjiyc, (nin). I am look- 
ing through a 8])y-glasrf ; p. 

Jihaii, adv. Through. 

m). I am pierced, 
rough ; p. J ah.. nod. 

Jiliaii. It is tough ; (F. c'est 
curiacc;) p.jabauf/. 

■libuiiabawc, {iii)t). I can be a 
king time under water, T am 
ii good diver; Y>.jab..ioed. 

JilHiiiani, {nin). lean be a long 
time without breathing, with- 
out taking re.spiration ; i).jab 

Jibundmos, (nin). I can endure 
much smoke; y). Jab. ..sod. 

■libanandam, {nin). I can en- 
dure much starving, I can be 
a long time without eating; 

Jibaiiikej if/as, {nin). I have a 
pierced arm, my arm is pier- 
ced through ; i).Jab...sod. 

Jibanindjijiyas, (ni)i]. My hand 
i pierceJ through ; p. 

Hb((iii.sideji(/as, {nin). My 
is pierced through ; p. 


■libdtif/. Passage or channel for 
Ciiiioes or boats, between is- 
lands ; pl.-ovt., ov-mayad. S. ,liba- 

Jibuwa.sseiyad. It is thin, trans- 
])areiit, (gauze or other stufi"; 
i^tiitt';) \). Jab.. yak. 
I'ART n. 

Jab. . 


Jibawassciyin. An\' transpa- 
rent stult'or texture, as gauze, 
etc. ; pl.-o/t. 

Jibaioasso. It is trarsparent, 
(stuff;) \). Jab. .sod. 

Jibawaic, or-niayad. It is trans- 
parent, thin, (stuff;) p. Jab.. 
Icy, oY-niayak. 

Jibcla, ov-mayad. It is clear (in 
the woods,) there i.s no brusii- 
wood, no underwood; ]». Ja- 
beiay, or-mayak. 

Jihendam, (nin). S. .lajibcndam. 

Jibendamoioin. S. .lajibendamo- 

Jibi, inin). I stretch myself; 
p. Jab id. 

Jibidenaniwen, [nin\. I show the 
tongue ; (F. je tire la langue ;) 

Jibiyaden, (nin). 1 stretch out 
my leg or legs; \). Jab..nid. 

.libiyika, {nin\. I am always 
yet vigorous in my old age; 
\) Jab..kad. 

Jibiyis.sin. It is durable, (wood;) 

Jibinawi.s, (nin). I am hardy, 
my bodily constitution is dur- 
able ; )). Jab..!iid. 

Jibinyicas/i, { nin ). I sleep softly, 
I am easy to be awakened ; p. 
Jab.. id, 

.libinikeyodjin. {nin). My arm 
is stretched ami hanging 
down ; \). Jab. .in;/. 

.libiniken, {nin). I stretch out 
my arm ; p.Jab.nid. 

.libinikefawa, {nin). I stretch 
my arm out towards him; p. 

.libinindjin, {nin). I stretcli out 
my liand, or my finger ; p. 

Jibishin, {nin). I am Iving 




1 ! 






/ I 




I I 



1! 7^^ 



170 - 


Btretchcd out ; ij. jabishim/. 

Jibisi, It is touji^li ; p. jdbisid. 
— .libitii icawashkesiii ; the 
deer ia tough, (the deer-meat.) 

Jlbisxin. Itistougli; it is dur- 
able; Y).'iabissin(/. 

Jibitaivat/ebina, {nin). I jaill 
his ear ; p.jab..nad. 

Jiga. Widower, widow ; pi.-,'/. 

Jigaagami. Ilia thin, (li(iui(i ;) 

Jigaukwa, ov-magad, or, jigaak- 
toeia, ov-magad. The wood or 
forest is clear, light-timbered ; 
p. jag. .ag, or-viagak: 

Jigaamiton, (iiin). I make it 
thin, (liquid ;) ji. jag..tod. 

Jigaddnagidon, {nin). I am tired 
of telling tlie same tiling so 
often; \> 

Jigadmdam, {nin). I am disgust- 
ed or tired of s. tli. ; p. Jeg.. 

Jigadcndanwivin. Disgust, wea- 

Jigadenddn, {nin). I am disgust- 
ed with it, tired of it ; p. jeg.. 

Jigadenima, (nin). I am dis- 
gusted with hiu), tired of him; 
p. jeg..mad. 

Jigddjibia, {nin). I am disgust- 
ed, or tired, of waiting for 
liim ; I), jeg.. ad. 

Jigddjibiige, {nin)' I am tired of 
writing; ^}.jeg..ged. 

Jigddosse, {iiin), I am tired and 
disgusted of walking (so long 
or so much ;) p. jeg. .S'ld. 

Jigdgawanj. Garlic ; (F. ail ; pi. 
-ig. — Kitchijigagawanj, onion. 

Jigdgawanj meshkossiwid. Pot- 

Jigaw, {nin). I am a widower ; 

I am a widow ; f.iagawid. 
Jigaiviwin. Widowhood. 
Jigindwhis. Worm, (on or in tlic 

ground ;) ph-ag. (Mossc, woriu 

111 the wood. Ogejagim, worm 

ill the belly.) 
Jiginaivdni, [nin). I pies in the 

bed during sleep; p. jeg.AUKj. 
Jigiwin. Urine-bladder; pl.-o/(. 

— There is always a poseessivr 

pronoun connected with tlii.s 

word ; Nin jigiwin, ki jigiwin, 

gigiwin ; my, thy, his blail- 

Jigiwinabo. Urine. 
Jigiwinagan, Piss-pot, night- 

pot; pl.-a/i. 
Jigibodjigan. Slab of a log saw i, 

into boards • pl.-ar/. 
Jigoshigan. The carcass of iiu 

animal; pl.-an. 
Jigoshin omapijiki, etc., here is 

the carcase of an ox, etc. ; p. 

Jigoshkadjigan. Husk of corn 

or wheat ground ; pl.-ag. 
Jigoshtigivaneshka, {nin). I 

crueh his head ; Tp.jeg.-kad. 
Jigosi gigo. Tlie tish is sott, 

(too tender;) p.jegosid. 
Jigosse, ov-magad. There arc 

dregs ; p. jagosseg, ov-magak. 
Jigota ginebig. The ser])eiii 

moults, he changes his sk'in ; 

Jigwa, adv. S. Jaigwa. 
Jigivakados, {nin). 1 have the 

consumption, I am hectic; p. 

jag. .sod. 
Jigwameq. Stockfish ; \A.-im'j 
Jigwandbik. Grindstone; houe; 

Jigwande min. The whortle- 
berry (bilberry) is very ripe; 




■ 111 ilie 
, worm 
, Avonn 

H in till' 
ef/. . «",'/• 

ith tliis 
lis blad- 

., nijrlit- 
log sawn 

ISS of !UI 

c, etc. ; !)• 
k of corn 

{nin). I 
h is soft, 

Llierc aro 
e eci'iient 
his skin; 

have the 
hectic; p. 

; ph-iOO!/ 

)ue; lionc; 

|e wliortle- 
very vi^i 


Jil/wanso miskwimin. The rasp- 
berry is very ripe: 
.iii/wapinyivane. The upper 

white part of aahcs.—Jiywa- 

pingwaneng nin apitcndayo.i ; 

1 uin but ashes. 
Jigw^iabama, {nin). I aim at 

liitn, (with a guuj etc.) j p. 

.ligweiabandan, [nin). I aim at 

it, (with a gun, etc.;) p.jcg.. 

Jigwoiabandjige, {nin). I aim 

at; p.jeg..ged. 
Jijibansagisoioag nabagismgog. 

The boards shrink drying ; p.^iig. 
Jijubian, {nin). I rub it with s. 

th. ; I rub s. tli. on it ;I paint 

it over ; p.jy-.ang. 
Jljobiigan. Salve, or any thing 

tliat is rubbed on s. th. ; also, 

paint ; pl.-au. 
.lijobiige, (nin). I am rubbin<; 

8. th. with 8. th. ; p. JeJ..ged. 
Jijobiwa, {nin). 1 rub him with 

8. th., with a salve, etc. ; p. 

jej.-wad ; imp. jijobi. 
Jijudakwaatn, {nin). I walk on 

the border of a forest; p.Jej.. 

J I jodc w, a.dv. Along the beach, 

along the lake-shore. 
Jijodcwaam, {nin). I coast in a 

canoe or boat, (near the beach 

or shore) ; p.jej..ang. 
•lijodctoe, {nin). I walk on the 

beach, on the lake-shore; p. 
Jijoiaasopakwqiigan. The bread 

is buttered; p.jej..8od. 
Jijokam, (nin). I tread into dirt, 

(human excrement j) p. jqj.. 

Jipkiwedn, {nin). I pitch it over 

— 171 . JIN 

(a canoe or boat ;) p. jej..(ing. 

Jijokitvedgan. to pitch 
with, pitch-brush ; pl.-a». 

Jijokiweiget {nin), I am pitch- 
ing over, (a canoe or boat ;) p. 

Jijowa 2)akw^igan, (nin). I but- 
ter bread } p. jejowad. 

Jikdg. Polecat, litchat, fitchew, 
(a stinking little beast ;) pi. - 
wag. — From this word is de- 
rived the namo of the City of 
Chicago. — .likagong, at Chi- 
cago, to or from Chicago. 

Jimdgan. Lance; pi. -a?*. Soldier 5 pl.-o//. 

Jimdganifihi'odcna. A military 
fort; p\.-wan. 

Mmdganishi-ogima. A military 
ofHcer J pi.-//. 

Jimdganishi-ivmaigan, Casern , 
(soldier's house ;) pl.-O/t. 

Jinawdakokibc. \i sounds, (obi. 
of metal ;) p.^en^wed, — Kitc/ii 
jinaakokwe aw akik ; that 
kettle has a strong sound, 
(when struck,) 

Jinai4}abikibidon.j (nin). I make 
iron sound, (or other metal,) 
by moving it } p,Je7i,.dod. 

Jinaivdbikibina, (nin). I make 
some obj. of metal sound, by 
moving it, as joniia, silver ; 

.linawdbikishin. S. Saugwewe- 

.Hnawabikisse, or-magad. S. 

Jinawaodjigan. Small globular 
bell; (F. grelot {) pl.-a». 

Jinawaodjige^ {nin). 1 produce 
a sound Vfitii some object of 
metal ; p. gen..ged. 

Jitimivaodon, (nin). I make it 
sound, (metal ;) p.jen..dod. 

f ' \^n 





H.'j ! 

■ \ I 


H i> 



— ITJ, — 


Jinnwe. Kattlc-snakc; pl.-^. S, 

Jinawe, or-mayad. It rattles ; 

\).Jcaaivcfj, uv-mayak, 
Jiuawisae, or-maijad. It roll.s 

ruuiid, (inside of .some liollow 
t olijectj) it rattles inside ; ]). 

jcn, ov-muijak. 
JinauHwcbinan, {iiiii). 1 make 

it rattle in something; p. Jen.. 

Jiaduyaii. Sickness, pestilence. 
• Jlnaadeinikwan. A kind ol' tur- 
tle; pl.-o^. 
Jiiigadenan, (nin). I s])read it 

out, strew it ; p. jan..aiuj. 
Jim/adena, {niit). 1 spread out 

or strew some obj. ; p. jaiKj.. 

iiad. — Opiaig nin wi-jiur/adc- 

nay oma, ic/u hansoioad ; I 

will spread out here i:)otatoes, 

that they may dry. 
Jinyadcniye, {nin). I spread out, 

strew ; p. jan..ged. 
Jinyadeshin. Some object lies 

spread out or strewed ; p. jun 

.Any. — Joniia jinyadeshin ado 



jwwimng, money 
out on the table. 



Jinyadcshkine, ox-mayad. A lit- 
tle of s. th. is spread on the 
bottom of a vessel; p. Jan.. 
ney, ox-mayak 

Jinyadessin. It lies spread out 
or .strewed ; yi.jan.dnq. 

Jinyadewebaan, (nin). I spread 
it, I strew it; p. jany..any. — 
Pijikimo nin jinyaaeioebaan 
kiiiyaniny; I strew oxen dung 
over the Held. 

Jinyakamiya, ox-mayad. There 
country, even 
ground, no hills; p. jcn..yay, 

Jingendagos, {nin). I am hate- 

ful, odious, abominable ; 
agreeable, uni)lu*sant ; p 
Jinycndayo.siiriu. 'i'he sfiih 
being hateful, iibominalile. 
Jinyendaywad. It is hatelnl, 
abominable, odious ; it i,s (ii>- 
agreeable, unpleasant; \).j'iii 
Jinaendamawa, {nin). I hate .<, 
th. belonging or relating tn 
him ; p. Jan..ivad. — Kutrin 
win nin jinyenimassi od ijhn- 
hisiwin eta ninjinycndaniaicd; 
I don't hate him, I only liak' 
his conduct. 
Jinycndamowin. Hatred, (to- 
wards some object.) 
Jin</endan, {nin). I hate it, I 

detest it; ]).JaH..anf^/. 
Jijiyendjiye) (nin). I iiate, I am 
enemy, adversary ; p../a«..//('/. 
Jinyendjiyeshk, {nin). lamina 
habit of hating, of bcariiiL' 
hatred in my heart; p. Jan.. 
Jinyendjiyeshkiwin. The had 
habit of hating, habitual ha- 
Jinyendjiyeunn. Hatred, lie- 
wards people,) enmity, anti- 
Jinyeninia, {nin). I hate him, 1 
detest him, (a person, or any 
other obj.) ; p. Jan. .mad. 
Jinyenindimin, {nin). We luitu 

each other; \).Jan..didJiy. 
Jinyenindis, [nin). I hate my- 
self; \). Jan. .sod. 
Jinyenivdiwin. Mutual hatreil ; 

liatred of several persons. 
Jinyibiss. A kind of v.-ild duck ; 
(*C. poule d'eau;) also, a kimi 
of intianimation, called a 
whitlow; pl.-a<7. 


" ; I (k 

/'; hja 


'<> Jiear 

'",^S p. 

J'l.-/y. ' 




~ 173 - 


.lliii/imama, (nin). I hate the 

siiu'll of sotno obj.; p. Jan.. 

mini. — NiiiJiiit/htKiinn a.s.sfiua ; 

It jiiujiutavuui {/i;/<ti((ii. I liate 

the siiK'll of toliiu'cu ; he luites 

till' smell of fish. 
Jitii/imaii<lan, inin). I Imte the 

Miiell of some ohj.; p. Jan.. 

mil/. — Ki jinyiinandan na (ji- 

ili'i-bimide? Dost thou hate 

the smell of lish-oil? 
Jiiii/iiiilie, {nin). I stretch out 

my arniH ; also, my arms haug 

ikiwn ; \). Jen. .led. 
.liiiiiinikeh, (nin). I am sitting 

with down hanging:; anus; p. 

Jen. .hid. 
Jliii/, (nin). I walk 

with down hanging arms; p. 

Jen.. .led. 
Jiiii/i.s/iima, {7iin). I lay or put 

liini down, (a person, or any 

other object;) p. Jen. .mad. 
Mnginlnn, [nin). 1 am lying 

liown ; Y).jen..inf/. 
Jiiii/i.s/iinomaf/ad. It is lying 

tiiere ; Y).jen..ij(ik. 
Jiii!/ita(;/n.<t, (niii}. I am dis- 

ngreeahle in my si)eaking, 

tiiey don't like to hear me, my 

-speaking is hateu ; j). Jan.. 


.liiii/ilar/wad. It sountls dis- 

iiirreeable, the sound of it is 

liated ; p. Jan. -leak. 
Uniiilan, (nin). I hate to hear 

it ; I don't like the sound of 

it; \\jangitan<y. 

•liiif/itawa, [nin). I don't like 
to liear him, I hate hisspeak- 
'"o; ^■jan..xoad. 

Hn[/ob. Any kind of fir-tree; 

■Jiitrjohabo. Beer made of fir- 

branclies, spruce-lieor. KUchi 
Jin</(ih(il)0, beer. 

Jinifolxi/xon. Branch of tlie tir- 
tree; \A.-<ii/. 

Jin(/i)hi(/(iu. Shelter or hut made 
of liV-branches or boughs ; 
pi. -a//. 

Jinijobiije, (nin). 1 am making 
a shelter or liutof lir-boughs ; 
also, I an\ under sucli a shel- 
ter; \i. Jin..<i('il. 

Jini/obi-f/ijii/atl. Palm-Sunday ; 
(!'. Di'manclio des i{ameaux.) 

./in</t)bin.s. Little fir-branch or 
cedar-branch ; pi.-"//- 

.linyoss. Weasel ; pl--r'//- 

Jinf/irak. Pine, pine-tree; pl.- 

.ruujwakoki. Pinery, pine-lbrest ; 

Jiniiwalunis. A young pine-tree; 

Jinodayan. Line on the under 
and upper border of a fish- 
net ; (('. maitre de rets;) j)l.- 

Jijnngwande, ov-magad. It is 
dyed ash-colored, it is ash- 
colored ; \).Ja2)..e<;, or-mngak. 

Jipingumdissan, (nin) or, nin I dye it ash- 
colored ; \). ja2}..ang. 

Jipingwadiaxo, or jipingwa.'tun. 
It is dyed ash-colored, it is 
ash-colored, (obj.); p. j(i]>.- 

.Ji2)ingn'adi.<i.fii'a, [nin] oi' nin Ji- 
2)ingwaji.-uri(. 1 ^lyi.- it ash- 
colored ; p. jap>..wad ; imj). 

.li2yingioasige, (nin), I dye ash- 
colored ; p. jn2)..gcd. 

.hpingioegad. It is ash-colored, 
(stuff;) \).jap..gak. 

Ji2nngioingice, (nin). I have 


• Si 

-, \ 




It > 

1 ; 



- 174 - 


oilios on my face • p. jap.Mtd. 

Jiihanaf^hkibidon, (mn). I pluck 
it out, (lierb, plant ;) p. jash.. 

.liahib. Duck ; pi. -o/y. 

Jishibakik. Tea-pot'; pl-o//. 

Jishihanagidjiif/aii . itamrod , 
battering rod ; pl.-an. 

Jiahibanwi. One grain of shot; 

.Ishibamoinj. One grain of 
S)nall shot ; pl.-a«. 

Jishibidonen, (7un). 1 Htretch 
out the lips ; i).jash..nid. 

.lishibi(/ibidon, (nm)- I expand 
or stretch it out in every di- 
rection ; p. jash. .dod. 

JisMbif/ibina, (mn). I extend 
or stretch some ohj. in every 
direction; \). jash..nad ; imp. 

.lishig, (iiiii). I i)iss, I urine, I 
make water; \). jashigid. 

JishigaUkwaigade, or-magad. 1 1 
is clear, or cleared, (in the 
woodH ;) p. jash..deg, or-ma- 

JisMqaanikloe, [nin). I am lialf 
bald ; p. jash.. toed. 

Jishidaaowan. The matter vo- 
mitea ; (L. vomitus.) 

Jishigagoxoe, [nin). I vomit, I 
retch, puke; \t. jash. .wed. 

Jishigagowea, ()«>*). I |make 
him vomit, I §ive him a vomi- 
tive, an emetic medicine ; p. 
jash.. ad. 

Jishigagoivesigan . Vom iti ve, 
emetic medicine. 

Jishigagoweswa, {nin). S. Jishi- 

Jishigagowetoin. Vomition, vo- 

Jishigimewanj. Soft maple ; (C. 
plaine;) pl.-/w. 

Jlshignnindjama, {nin). I crusli 

Honie object in my hand ( )i. 

Ji.shigo7iindJandan, (nin). \ it in my hand ; p.jesh.. 

Jishigosidama, (nin). I criiHli it 

with my foot ; ]).jesh..vKi<l. 
Jishigosiaandan, {mn). 1 cruHh 

it with my foot ; p. jesh.,nini. 
Jishigivama, inin). 1 gnaw soim' 

"''J-; P'jesn..mad. 
Jishigwan. A gourd-bottle with 

some shot in, used by pai^iin 

Indians to rattle with at their 

Grand Medicine ceremonioK. 

Jishigivandan, {nin). I gnaw it : 

\x jesh..ang. 
Ji.ihigioe. llattle-anake; pi.-//. 
Jiwa, OT-magad. It is sour, acid; 

p.jawag, ov-magak. 
Jiwab, {nin). 1 have a penrl on 

my eye ; p. jewabid. 
Mwdbiic. Alum. 
.Hwiibo. Vinegar, (sour liquid.) 
Jiwdgamisigan. Maple-sirdji. 

Kite hi jiwOgamisigan. Mo- 
Jiwan. It is sour ; it is salted ; 

Jiwas, {nin). S. Pashagisliki- 

Jiwibag. Sorrel. 

Jiwisi. It is sour ; p.jawiaid.— 
.faigica gi-jiwisi pakwejigau ; 
the flour got sour. 

Jiivisia, {nin) or nin jiioishimw 
I make sour some ohj. ; p- 
jaw.. ad. 

JitvissUcJiigan. S. OmbissUchi- 

Jiwissitchiae, {nin). 1 make 

sour s. th.; p.jaw.ged. 



- 175 - 



Uwisaitony {nin). I make 
HOiir; \ 

Jiwiidgan. Salt. 

yucitiiganaamaifCy {nin). I fialt 
|i)r people; p. jaw..ffed. 

Jiit'i(a(/anaamawa, {nin). I ealt 
lor ium ; p. jaw. .wad — Jaii/wa 
iiihiioa niii jitoitaganaamawa 
giijoian ; 1 have already Halt- 
ed many fi^heH lor hiu). 

Jiu'itagaaiij {nin). I salt it, I 
pickle it; p. '}aio..ang. 

JiwUngandho. Saltwater, brine; 
])icl<le ; (F, saumure.) 

Jlipitaganaigade, or-magad. It 
is Halte<l, picklcil; \\.jaw..deg, 

Jiwifaganaigaso. He, (she, it) i,^ 
Halted, (any obj. ;) i).Jaw.,sod. 

Hwiiaganaige, {nin). I aniealt- 
iugjl salt; Y).jaw..ged. 

Jiwitaganaigeioin. Salting; (F. 

Jiwitaganawa, {nin). I salt or 
pickle some obj. ; xi. jaw. .wad. 

Jiwitagani-gigo. Salt-fish, salt- 

ed fish ; pl.-/«gr. 



sea. It tastes salt 

ed; Y>.jaio..sid. 
jiwiiaganipogwad. It tastes 

sailed ; Y>.jaw..wak. 
Jiwitdganiioaii. It is salted ; p. 

Jiwitdganiwi. It is salted ; j). 

Jhoitagani-wiidss. S.iit-nieat, 

salted meat. 
.liwitawa, {nin). S. Jiwisia. 
.liwiton, {nin), S. Jiwissiton. 
Jobia, {nim). I tempt him, I 

attract him ; p.jwaoiad. 
■loUton, {nin). I tempt or at- 
tract it ; p. jwabitoa.^Ki jo- 

hilon niiaiv, thou temptast me 

Jobiige, {nin). I tempt ; p. jwa 

Johiigenu'ii, 'remi)tatiou, the 
act oftemptiiij^, of attracting. 

Jobiigon, It tcmpt.s mo ; p. jwa 

Johiigowln. T\[o ohject that 
tempts ; \)\.-un. 

Jdgamamagad. It is liiniid, in 
a liquid state; ]).jwa..<jak\ 

Jogamia pigiw, {nin), [ make 
pitch iKjuid ; \), jwa. .ad. 

Jogawisi ]>igiu'. The pitch is 
in a liquid state; p. 'Jwa..sid. 

Jogamitchigade, ov-niagad. It 
IS reduced or brought to a 
liquid state, (some obj.) ; p. 
jwa..dcg, ov^magak. 

Jogatnifon, {)iin). I make it 
liquid ; y^. jwa. .tod. 

Jof/andm, {nin). I breathe deep- 
ly* (by surprise and aston- 
ishment, or from fatigue by 
walking or working ;) i).jwa.. 

Jojakwad. It is slippery, (on 
the ice, or on a irozeii road ;) 
p. jwajakwak. 

Jokamagad. It whizzes through 
the air; p. jwa.,gak. 

Jomdnike. Copper-cent ; i)l..</. 

Jnmin, Grape, raisin ; pi. -an. 

Jomindbo. vvine 

pe, rji 

Jominabokan. Place where they 
make wine; press-house; pK- 

Jominaboke, {nijij. I make wine, 
I produce w'lna^ p. jwa}n..ked. 

Jominabokewin. The work ne- 
ces.sary to make or produce 
wine, production of wine. 

Jominahokewinini. Vin tner, 
producer of wine, vine-dres- 
ser, wine-presser ; \)\.-wag. 




1 \.\ 

'I I 







.V-^4^ fc 









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- 176 - 


Jnininnr/awav}. S. Jnmindtig. 

.liiviiiutiig. Vine; pl.-ou. 
JomiiH/ireii, {nni) or, /<m Jojn- 
miiKfwen, ,fi'C(j. I liave .a 
sniilinjz; jnj'ous counton.inco ; 

,J()iniii</weiuwa {nhi.} or niii jojo- 
iningwetawa, freq. I sliow 
liini ajovoua Hiniling counto- 
naiice, 1 smile friendly in 
looking at hini ; \).jwa..i(md. 

JoDimihaf/. Vine-leave; nl.-ou. 

Jomini-kUif/an. Vineyard ; p\.- 

Jomiioadis, {nin) or nia jojomi- 
ivadis, freq. I am joyou.'<, 
joyful , gay ; p. jwa. .sid. 

Jomiwadisiwin. Joy, gaiety, 

Jmiiia. Silver i money. 

Joniikadan, (nin). 1 silver it, I 
plate it;<j. 

Joniiakade, ov-magad. It is sil- 
vered, plated ; ornamented 
with silver ; p. jwan..def/, or- 

Joniiake, (7iiii). I work in sil- 
ver, I manufacture silver 
ware, I am a silver-smith ; p. 

Joniiakeioin. Manufacturing sil- 
ver ware, occupation and 
trade of a silvei'-smith. 

Joniiakeuniuni. Silver-smith ;pl. 

Joniid-makak. Money -box, save ; 

Joniia-mashki i)wdcn.s . 

Joniiag. Silver-money 
of silver. 

Joniians. Shilling; pi 

Joniiaivessimig. lireast-plate of 
silver, (Indian ornament;) pi. 




.hrtjo. French dok ; pl.^A Dim. 

.loujowassiii', \)\.-og. S. Jnnjn. 
.loxhkogaan* [idn). 1 polish it, 

(wood), I make it smootli ; ].. 

Jo.s/ikngawa, {nin). I polish or 

smooth some olij. ; p. jira . 

.In.t/ikonigan. S. Ganninigan. 
Jo.f/ikoaiqe, {nin). S. Gandinigr. 
Jo.s'hkotrhigade, ov-magad. It i- 

polished, made smooth ; \\. 

Jti'a..deg, ov-magak. 
Joshkntchigan. Smoothing plane; 

Joxhkotchigan!^. Small ])laMe ; 

(F. rabot ;)pl.-fl/(. 
Jo.i/iknichige, {nin). I plane, I 

polish, I smooth ; p. ^'«v^^7^. 

Joshkwa, or -magad. It i< 

smooth, ])olished, even ; it is 

slippery ; p. jwashkwag, or- 

Joshkwdbiqanaigan. Trowel ; 

(F. trnelle;) pl.-au. 
Joshkwdbiganaige, {nin). I 

plaster with a trowel; p. Jwa.. 


Joshkwabikaan, (nin). I polisli 

or smooth it, (metal) ; p. Jwa.. 

Joshkwabikatva, {nin), I polish 

or smooth some obj. of metal 

or stone ; p. jwa..wad. 
Joshkwadaagan. Skate ; pl.-oH. 

Joshkivadae, {nin) 

Joshkwadjiioe, {nin). 

I skate ; p 
I descciii 

* NoTK. The two first syllnbles in tliis 
anrt the foHowinK seven words, coul'l 
iilso be written jos7iAm)«.... But they lire 
rather pronounced Jo«/tA.a...; uud theix- 
lore we write them so. 



— 177 - 


. r»im. 

olish it, 
)otli; i'. 

^lisli or 
p. ju-d . 

\iifan . 
.d. Iti< 
)th ; i'. 

ng plane; 

1 plane ; 

piano. 1 
. jwa.sli.. 

It i> 
en ; it i- 
:ica(/, or- 

Trowel ; 

ft liill sliding, I slide down- 
hill; p-jwas/L.tved. 
Joslikwaiyaiyade, ov-mngad. It 

is ironed with a sinoothiiiij; 

iron ; ip,jwash..deg,OY-ma(iak. 
Jos'hkwai(fai(/an . Sinootii in <r 

iron, Hat iron ; pl.-a». 
hshkwaigah/e, {nin). I flatten, 

iron ; \).Jwa..ffed. 
JosJikii'anabika,or-ma{/ad. There 

is a flat smooth liroad rock ; 

p. jn'af!h..ka;/, oi'-inognk. 
Jdshkwnton, {nin). I make it 

fiinooth ; \>. jwn..ind. 
J(is/ikwt[/aan, {jiiii). I iron it; 

Jos/ikwegawa, (nin). I iron some 

olij. {seniba, silk, ribbon ;) p. 

jirn..wad ; imp. joshkwega. 
Jushoicabide, (nin). My teeth 

are set on edj^e; (F. j'ai les 
dents agaceos;) p. Jwanh. ded. 

Jntt'ganc, {nin). I feel a weak- 
ness in my bones; ip. Jim. .veil. 

Joieganro.s.'ic, {nin). I can 
scarcely walk, I am weak, 
fatigued; \).jwo...sed. 

Joirendam, iiiin). I am merry, 
joyous, being half drunk; j). 

Jowendammcin. Gaiety or joy- 
fulness in half drunkenness. 

Jowibi, {nin\. I am half drunk, 
I am tipsy ; p. jwawibid. 

Jowibiwin. Half drunkenness. 

Judaicikwe. Jewess ; p\.-g. 

Judawinini. Jew ; Tp\.-wag. 

Judging. Judea, or in Judea, 
froiil or to Judea. 


11)0 • 


I polisli 

of metal 




I^kate ; p. 


khlos in tliis 
lords, cuul'i 
lut they iiic 
1 uml tlu'if- 


i i 



■ t 



.SoTwe worda which are not found under K, viay he looked fur 

under G. 

Ka, ailv. No, not. 

A'a awiia. Nobody, or nothinji, 
110, none, (speakiii^r of obj.) — 
A'a awiia joniia nind aiaioansi; 
I have no money. 

A'a nego. Notliing, no, none, 
(flpeakinf]; of /«. olij.) — A'a gego 
viiasan, ki </a-j/awadJiinin ; 
there is no wood, we will freeze 

Kamas/ii. Not yet. 

Aa nin(jotchi. No where. 

Kawika. Never. 

Kahc-, This word is onlv used 
in compositions, and .«i<rniHes 
all, the whole ; as : Kabe-hibon , 
all winter ; kabe-nibin, all 
summer; kabe-gijig, nW day; 
kabc-tibik, all night. 

Kabenii, adv. Long, a long time. 

KabegXJicjanam, [nin]. I outlive 
yet tills day, (sick dying per- 
son;) p. keb..mid. 

Kabeshkan, (nin). I go to the 
end of it, ( a period of time ;) 
p. keb..nng. 

Kabrsse, ov-magad. 'I'he time 
arrives ; p. kcbesseg, or-nia- 
gak. — NishioassoguHin ga-ka- 
besseg... ; when the eighth 
day was arrived... 

Kabetibikanam, {nin). I outlive 
yet this night, (a sick dying 
person ;) p. keb..mid. 

Kabelibikioe, {nin). I spend the 
whole night in... ; p. %eb..ii^eb. 

Kabik, in compositions, sigiii- 
^m passing, coming by. (Ex- 
amples in some of the follow- 
ing words.) 

Kabikagon, (nin). It goes bv lac, 
it passes me ; p. keb..god. 

Kabikan, (ninj. I pass it, I go 
farther ; p. kebikang. 

Kabikawa, (nin). 1 pass him, i 
go fiirtlier than he is ; p. ktb,. 

Kabikosse, ov-magad. It passe? ; 
]). keb..seg, ov-magak. It pass^cs 
noon, (it is more than twolvf 
o'clock,) kabikosse naivakwr, 

had, leg. Tliis word is always 
connected with a poss-essivc 
pronoun ; as : Nikud, my kg. 
Okddan, his legs. — The k is 
softened into g in composi- 
tions; as : Niogade, he liiis 
four legs. Nin dewigdde, I 
liave pam in my leg. Gi-bokn- 
gddeshin, he broke his ]o<i, 

Kddadjim, (nin). I don't tell 
all of it, I conceal some in my 
report; p. kaia..viod. 

Kddadjimotaiva, {nin). I duii"i 
tell him the whole of it, 1 
make him an incomplete re- 
port ; p. kaia..wad. 

Kadadjimoicin. Incomplete re- 


- 179 — 


port, where some circum- 
stances are not told ; xA.-an. 

K'1dawa,{nin). or nin kadama- 
wa. 1 hide or conceal it to 
jiiiii, I hide s. th. belonging or 
relating to him ; I don't tell 
or declare liiin s. th. ; p. ka- 

KMjigade, or-magad. It is hid- 
den, concealed, secret ; p. kaiu 
..deg, or-juagak. 

Ktidiiu, {nin). I hide it, conceal 
it, 1 keep it secret; p. kaid- 

K'ig. Porcui)ine, (a kind of large 
I'u'dge-hog ;) pi. kGgxoag. — The 
k of this word is softened into 
g, in compositions ; as : Wu- 
hipCig, a white porcupine. — 
Dim. A.'%on5, a young porcu- 
pine ; pi .-Of/. 

KogahCiais, (nin). J am very 
large ; p. keg. .ml. 

Kngaoddjibiua. I catch a very 
large hsh in my net; p. keg., 

Kagiigi. llaven ; (F. corbeau ;) 


Kuqugi. Uvula ; (F. luette.) 
I'here is always a possessive 
))ronoun prefixe<l to tins word ; 
us : Nin fcagagim, my uvula ; 
ki kagagim, thy uvula, etc. 
The final m is the possessive 
termination. S. Utch. Gram. 
Chap. II. Possess. Term.) 

Kdgiigishih. Raven-duck ; cor- 
morant, (bird ;) \)\.-ug. 

Kagagiwanj. Hemlock ; (F. 

pruche ;) pl.-i^. 
Kagagiwanjikn. Hemlock forest ; 


Kagagiwamitedbo. Hem lock-tea, 
(tea maae by boiling little 

branches of hemlock in wa. 
KagagiwikoJ. Haven's 

(The IndFans call so a kind of 

small iron lamn.) P1.-?h. 

Kagetin, adv. 8. Enignk. 

Kdgige,ai\j. I'erpetual, everlast- 
ing, eternal. This word is 
never used alone, it is always 
connected with n substantive 
or verb. (E.\amples in some 
of the following words.) 

Kaqigt hadadjiidisowin. Eternal 

Kagige himddisiwin. l.ife ever- 
lasting, eternity. 

Kagige jawendagn.siunn. Eternal 

Kagigekamig, adv. Perpetually, 
eternally, for ever and ever. 

Kdgini, adj. and adv. Of. S. Ka- 
gige. Kaginig. 

Kuginig, adv. Always, continu- 
ally, eternally. 

Kdgohitoai. Porcu pi n e-« i u i 1 1 , 

lu.sed by Indians fur emi)roi- 
dering after the Indian fash- 
ion;) pi. -««, 

Kdgwaajiu\ Pt)rcupine Moun- 

Kdgioaidn. The skin of a j>or- 
cupine ; pi. -a;/. 

Kaiagige-bimadisid. The Eter- 

Kaiadjigafeg. A hidden thing, 
secret, mystery ; \)\.-in. 

Kaidkamis, (n?w). S. Kakamine 

Kaidkamisiwin. Kakdniinewin . 

Kaka, or kaka.sJi. They say this 
word to children, to express 
that s. th.. is l>ad or dirty. 

Kakabika. There is a cascade, 
a cataract, a waterfall over a 
steep rock ; p. kek..kag. 


■ L > \ 

I ! 


180 — 


Rakahllanfj. In a place wlicrc 
there is a waterfall ; at, to or 
from such a i)la('e. 

Kakahikawan. S. Kakahika. 

Kakabikcdjiu'cin. Then- is a 
HtroDg rapid in a river over 
rock.s, or u little cascade ; p. 

Kakabisld'. Screech-owl, (an owl 
whose voice is supim.scd by 
Lillians to foretell iiiisrortune 
or death ;) pi. -/«//. 

Kaknkumagaa. It is square ; p. 
kek. j/ak. 

Kakakvjad. It is square, (stuft';) 
]). kek..!/ak. 

Kakakigisi moshice. The hand- 
kerchief is square; p. kck..sid. 

Kakcoii, adv. Sudden, short, 
shortening the way. 

Kakamaam, [nin). 1 sliorten iny 
way, I go liy the short way, 
(traveling in a canoe or boat ;) 

Kakamibato, {nin). I run by the 
sliort way ; p. kek. .tod. 

K(ikumine,\nin]. I die suddenly, 
or, I die after a short illness ; 
J). kek..ned. 

Kakdminewin. Sudden death, or, 
death after a short illness. 

Kakdmishka, (nin). 1 take the 
short way ; p. kek..kad, 

Kakdmnindija. S. Kakamishka. 

Kakamwikioedweam, (nin). I go 
(by water) from one point 
straight to anolher, shorten- 
ing my way; p. kek..ang. 

Kakdwendjigan. Cartilage 


Kdkigan. Breast. There is al- 
ways a possessive pronoun 
prefixed to tliis word ; as : Nin 
kakigan, my breast ; ki kaki- 

qnn, kakigan, thy breast, his 
breast, etc. 

K({kin(i, adv. and adj. All, the 
whole, all of it, entirely. 

Kdkiiia gcga ddirhwtttuig. He 
that believes all, a credulous 
]»ei'son ; pi.-///. 

Kakina ketrliitw(twcnd(ig(isiilji(i 
gijigong cbiiljig o gijigtidnnii- 
va. All Saints day ; (F. la 

h'dkis, [niiiK Of. S. Kdft. 

Kukilc/ti.s/ik(diidcii, inin). 1 
gnash, I grind or collide the 
teeth ; ]). kck..nid. 

Kakiwe, (nin). I traverse or 
cross a point of land on foot ; 
p. kckiiccd. 

Kakiiceonan. A place where 
tliey traverse a j)oint of land. 

Kamig, kamiga. At the end of 
wonls, alludes to the ground .• 
as: Annmakamig, uniKr 
ground ; onakuniiga, there is 
a level ground ; anibekamiga, 
there is a rising ground, etc. 

Ka7i. As end-syllable in com- 
pound words, signifies bone 
This word is always connect- 
ed with a possessive pronoun ; 
as : Nikan, kikan, okan, nika- 
nan ; my l)one, thy bone, his 
bone, my bones, etc. In cimi- 
position,the k is clianged into 
g; as:Makdgan, bear's bone; 
amikogan, beaver's bone ; nin 
jotegan, I feel weak in my 

Kdna, (nm). T hide him, con 
ceal 1 ,m, (a person, or aii\ 
other obj.); p. kaidnad. 

KanJ, or shkaiij. As end-syllable 
in some compound words, al- 
ludes to a 7iail of a person, (on 



- 181 ~ 


erson, (on 

liiiml or foot,) to a hoof'oi an 
animal or l)inl. IJiit tlio k of 
LiinJ i.s softened into // in coni- 
|ie).sition.s ; as : M(il:<i//(niJ, 
ln'ar'rt claw. Uchcjii/di/unji, 
onc-lioolWl animal, horse. 

KiijKidad. S. KajHiit. 

HiijiniUfi. S. Kopisi. 

hii/Kin. It in inflexible, it is 
hrittle, it cannot be bent, it 
breaks when bent; p. kdiajxtmj. 

Kiipisi. It is inflexible, brittle, 
it cannot be bent ; \). kaia..sid. 

A'((.v, [)iin). I am hidden, con- 
cealed ; (L. lateo;) also, I hide 
myself, I abscond ; p. kaiatiod. 

Kds. As end-syllable in some 
verbs, signifies dism'inuhttioii, 
J'ciijninij ; as : Nind anamie- 
ki'is, 1 leign religion and piety. 
Mud dkusikas, I dissemble 

K't.s/tk(ibi(jinamas, (niii). I choke 
ov sutibcate myself with a 
r(»pe ; p. keslu.sod. 

Kmhkabhjiaamawa, {iiin). I 
choke him with a roi)e or 
cord ; p. kciih..w<id. 

Kas/ikdbikuii, (niii). I lock it; 

K((,s hkubikai(jake) or-niayad. It 
is locked; p. kesk..dc(j, or- 

Kanhkubikaigan. Lock ; pl.-«». 

Kn^hkdbikaigan bckomiiuujak. 

Padlock, (round lock ;) pi. 

ki(.sh..naii bckjda. 
Ha.-ikkdbikaiyanike, [nln). I 

manufacture locks, I am ii 

lucksmith ; p. kesh..ked. 

Kashkabikaiganikewin . Work , 
trade, occupation of a lock- 
smith , lock-manufacture. 

hus/tkdbikaiganikeivinini. Lock- 

smith, lock-munufact' cer ;pl. 
Ktis/ikdkidr, or-i)i(ig(id. It burns 
all up, it is consumed by tire ; 
p. ki:iih..deg, or-iiKigak. 
Kas/ikdkiganeodis, {tiiii). I tro- 
ver my breast ; p. kcs/ 
KaslikdkiguHCon. lireast-pin ; 

Kdslikdkns, ()iin]. I burn up, I 
am consumed by tire ; p. kcsk 
Ka-s/ikantakodonci/iku, [niit). My 
mouth is f^topped ; p. kcs/i.. 
Kasltkdodj'Diikvb, inin). I have 
my hands under my arms, (I 
keep the liands iinder the 
armpits;) p. 
Kds/ikcitdagwnd. It is sad, af- 
flicting, grievous, sorrowful, 
Kd.f/ikcitddijwakainig, ad. 

Kashkniddin, (lun). I am sad, 
melancholy, aftlicted, sorrow- 
ful, dejected, grieved ; I am 
homesick, I feel lonesome ; p. 
Kdslikcndamia, [nln). 1 niake 
him sad, alHicted, I give or 
cause him sorrow, trouliie, 
affliction ; I hurt his feelings ; 
p. ke,sh..ud. 
Kd.shkaidainidee, {)iin). My 
heart is afHictod, sad, grieved, 
lam sad froui my lieart ; \). 
Kashkendamideewiu. Hearty sor- 
row, sorrow of the heart. 
Kd.t/ikendamitdn, (nin). I hear 
it with i^orrow, with sadness ; 
p. kesh..ang. 

onesome ; p. 
Sad , 





i .• » 

; ( 


— 182 - 


Kashkmdamitawa, {nin). I liear 
hini, or liston to liiiii, with 
sorrow, with nadnosa ; p. kenh 

Kashlcendamowiii. Sorrow, ead- 
iiesH, afHictioii, melancholy, 
troulilo, hoine-Mickiu'SH. 

Kashkiliiilc, ()r-)iia</<t<l. It is tied 
uj) in H. th.; j).</, or- 

Ka«likibidji(iaa i kaskijtitdyan.) 
Any object tied up in s. th.; 
eMpecially an Indian medicine 
tied up in a little rag or 
piece of leather ; pl.-rtyt. 

Kashkibidnn, {nin). 1 tie it up 
in a handkerchief, etc.; ]). 

Kashkibina, {nin). I tie up some 
obj. in 8. th. ; p. kesli..nad. 

Kas/ikibin, {nin]. I am tied up 
in H. th. ; p. kesh..iod. 

Kaahkidassebisoa. Garter ; pl.- 

Kashkikanokan. The threshold 
of a door ; pl.-au. 

Kaskkiiibikad. It in dark, dark- 
ness; p. kcsh..kak. 

Kashkiweyina, {nin). I wrap 
him up'in s. th., 1 swath him 
up; i>. kesh..nad; \n\\^. kask., 

Kashkiweginan, {nin). I wrap 
it up in 8. th., I envelop it ; p.;/. 

Kashkiweginigan. A sheet or 
piece of stuff, to wraps, th. 
in it; pl.-a/t. 

Kdsoiais, {imi). I hide or con- 
ceal myself; p. kaia..sud. 

Kdsotagon, {nin). It is hidden 
to me ; (L. latet me;) p. kaia 

Kdsdtawa, {nin). I hide myself 
before him ; p. kaia.,wad. 

Kdtchim, {nin). I cry, I weep ; 
p. kaidtchimod. 

Katchimonhki {nin). 1 cry or 
weep always ; p. kaia..kiii, 

Kateskiin. Catechism. 

Katigwan, Forehead, brow. This 
word is always ])receded hv u 
possessive ])ronoun ; as: S'iii 
katigwan, ki katigwan, o ka- 
tigwan ; niy foreliead, tliy 
forehead, his forehead. 

Kafo/ik, adj. Catholic. 

Katolik anamicwia. Catholic re- 



spruce ; i»l.- 

Christian ; V^-Jig 

Kuwundag. White 

kawessa, adv. No, not at all, 
that won't do. 

Kdwin, adv. S. Ka. 

Kdwin awiia. Kaivin gego, etc. 
S. Ka awiia. Ka gego, etc. 

Kdwin awiia endashiwad. Nei- 
ther of them. 

Kdwin bdpish, adv 
by no means. 

Kdwin ganagtl, adv 
least, not even. 

Kdwin nind abissi. I am absent. 

Kdwin nind agatchissi. I um 
shameless, impudent. 

Kdwen nin gijenaansi. lam un- 
decided, unprepared. 

Not at all, 
Not in the 




Kdwin ningot, adv 
not any. 

Kdwin nin minwendansi. I 
dissatisfied, discontented. 

Kdwin nin sagakamisissi. I am 
negligent, I am careless. 

Kcffijebaioagakin. In the morn- 
ing ; dassing kegijebawagakin. 
Every morning. 

Kcao, adv. Expfeasion of prolii- 
bitioD, don't I (L. noli,) or, 


— 183 — 



ponictliinfi, kerin nin wdban- 
(InHflHec sonu'thing ; kdwin 
kei/n, notliing. 

Kcidbi,&dv. Yet. Kawiii kciabi, 
no more. 

hijidin, krkcjidiii, kekt'Jidiiie, 
iiilv. Quick, quickly, iiiiiiie- 

Ki^kek. i^parrow-lmwk ; pl.-»v///. 

Kckeitdausii/ (jeijo. I^rnoruut per- 
son, knowing nothing ; pl.- 
<lo<J gcyo. 

hckiiwamaijcd. Teacher, mas- 
tor, richool-teachcr ; precep- 
tor; pl.-/i.'/- 

hckinoumuwind. Scholar, pupil, 
apprentice ; \A.-Ji(/. 

Kckinowijiwed. A person that 
."hows the way, a guide; pl.- 


hrma, kcma (jaie, adv. Or, per- 

Kcshkakidcg. IJrand, fire-brand ; 
pl.-i'/t . 

Ktishkaskkijiged. S. Ki.shkash- 

Ketchi-bishi(/wadisid. Adulterer, 
adulteress ; pl.-j"///. 

Kekhi-danid. Rich j)crson, weal- 
thy person ; pl.-J/V/. 

Kdcld-iiishkadisid. Enraged per- 
son, raging person, a person 
ill a great passion ; pl.-ji;/. 

keic.hi-omigid. Leper, leprous 
person; pl.-j7^. 

Kdchitwawendagosid. Blessed 
holy person, a Saint in hea- 
ven; pl.-jig. 

Ketimagisid nin jmoenima. 1 do 
chanty, I give alms. 

Kelimeshkid. Sluggard, lazy 
person; p\.-jig. 

A7, pron. Iho'u, we, you; thy, 
our, your. 

Kibinis. Browse, little rod ; pi. 

kibi'jisau, ashrul), a hush. 

A7t/, pron. The same as ki ; {d 
is the euphonical letter be- 
fore a vowel.) 

Kidnmiknn. Tliy chin. 

Kidji-, ov kidf-. This word is 
only used in connection with 
a substantive or sul)8tantive- 
verli, in the second person 
singular, and the first and se- 
C(jnd plural, it correspomls 
to the English word fellow-, 
or the Latin syllable c'oorrnn, 
in compositions; and signifies 
similarity or equal quality; 
as : Kidf unnkitagewimni, a 
servant like thyself, thy fel- 
low-servant ; (li. conservus 

Kiijd. Tliv mother. 

Kigijeb, aifv. \n the morning, 

Kigij^hawagad. It is morning, 
morning-time ; (F. la mati- 
nee;) p. kcg..gak. 

Kigijeb-wissin, '(nin). I break- 
fast ; p. katj..nid. 

Kigijeb-wisnniwin. Breakfast . 

Kigiwin. Thy motherhood, thy 
maternity. — Gagangowiian 
ketchitwaioendagosiian, kigi- 
%oi)i mamakadcndagwad ! O 
blessed Virgin, thy mother- 
liood is wonderful ! 

Kigodewishka, {nin). I move 
with my whole family, my 
whole household ; p. kcg..kad. 

Kiiaw. Thy boily; thou, thee, 

Kija, adv. Beforehand, before, 
in advance, by anticipation. 

Kijdbate, or-magad. The air is 
warm; p. ke^..teg, or-magad. 

Kij&bikide, ot-magad. It is 
warm, (8C«iie obj. of metal or 





•:'. ' '» 






' !M 




— 181 — 


stone :) p. keb..(hu/, ox-mmjak. 
Kijabikisi. Itiswiinu; (ol)j. of 

iiK'tal ;) p. kr)..sid. 
KiJubildHi(jaii. Stove, box-stove ; 

pi. -an. 
Kijddan, [nin). I watch it, guard 

it ; J). kejaddiKi 

Kcjdddwatis, {nin). I {juard a 
" ■"". : liklr 


child, (or children 

p. kcj.. 
I <'uard the 

Kijddit/e, {nin). . ^ 

lodge, house, villaj^e, etc., I 

remain at home when all go 

away ; j). ki'j..<ied. 
A'//«f////CM'i/t/»/. Guardian, watch- 
man ; \)\.-u'a(j. 
SiJddiK, (nin). S. Kijewddis. 
Kijddi,siuii)i. S. Kijcwdditiiivin. 
Kijdijamidc. It is warm, (water 

or any li(|uid;) p. kcj..dc(j. 
Kijat/amidccs, {nin). I warm my 

heart hy drinking something 

warm ; p. k<ij..xod. 
Kijdyamisan, {nin). I make it 

warm, I warm it, (water or 

some other liquid;) p. kej.. 

Kijaiijade, or-mar/ad. It is cut 

by accident, or by mistake; 

p. kej..dc(j, or-mcKjak. 
Kijaigas, [nin). I am cut by ac- 
cident, or by mistake; p. kcj.. 

Kijakiijanes, {nin). I warm my 

breast; p. kej.. sod. 
Kijana, {nin). I guard him, I 

watch over him ; p. kcjanad. 
Kijaodis, {nin). I wound myself, 

I cut myself; p. kcj. .sod. 
Kijdte, ov-ma(/ad. It is warm, 

(warm weather;) p. kcjateg, 

Kijdwd, {nin). I wound liim, 

cut him, (not purposely ;) p. 

kejawad; imp. A-Zya. . ,, 

Kijnv^eudan, (nin). I envy it ; 
p. k<\i..(nig. — Xiii kijttircitdiiii 
kiiutr ; kdwin nin dti<lod<iii.siii, 
I envy thee; I ought n^l in 

do HO. 

Kijiiircndjige, inin). I envy, 1 
feel envy, I feel pain at tiif 
sight of any gtod (juulity, ex- 
cellence or felicity of others; 
p. kej..gcd. 

Kijdwcndjigcwin. Va\\\, cnvidu- 
disposition of mind, pain fcl; 
at the sight of some good (|ua- 
lity or pros|)erity of others. 

Kijawenima, {nin). 1 envy him; 
p. kej. .mad. 

Kijawenindiwin. Envy. S. Ki- 

Kije-Manitij. God, the perfect 

Kiji'-Manito o masinnigan. Tin 
"book of God, the Holy 

Kijt'-Manito o niasindigcDi niml 
odjindan. I swear on tlir 
Bible, (I ki.'^s the book ct 

Kije-ManHow, (nin), I ani G(xl; 
p. kej..ivid. 

Kije-Manitowiwin. Godhead, di- 
vinity, divine nature. 

Kijewddis, inin). 1 am godd. 
benevolent, charitable, com- 
passionate, humane, clement, 
amicable; hospitable; p. kej.. 

Kijewddi,sitadimin, {nin). Wu 
are charitable to each other : 
]). kej..didjig, 

Kijewddisitawa, {nin). I ain 
charitable to him ; p. k<'j..iriiil. 

Kijeicddisiwin. Charity, benig- 
nity, bounty, goodness, kiml- 

* ThP root kij moans iKTlect, well 
rtiiished,v. K.nin kijla, I finish him well, 
I reuder him perfect. , . 


— 185 — 


vy u ; 

iidl til 

nvy, 1 
lit the 

ity, »'N- 

ivin t't'li 
»uil t|u;i- 
vy liim; 

S. A(- 
■ jierfcct 

in. Tlu' 
y IJil'ly. 

/rtU lliiid 

uii tlu' 

book (if 


Goil ; 



;lll\ gOlKl. 

l)le, coiii- 


e; p. /»■(;/■• 

h oth 




I am 



Iv, beiiiL" 


..Tlect, WPll 
tslihlm wi'U, 

iii'SH, Itc'iievoloiicc, clciiioiicy, 

uiiiicaliility, liosi)itality, coiii- 

A///, ill cotnpoflitiuiis, sijrnilics 

j'lisf, (/iiirk, .slroiii/. (Ivxatn- 

|ilt's ill soiiio of I lie following: 

Kijihailinokc, (niii). I turn 

i'oiiihI until 1 tail •town, (us 

(•l>ii<lron do, plavini: ;) i). licj.. 

KijilxtUi, (iiin). I turn round 

(tor a wliilt',) I wiiirl round; 

( F. jo tonrnoie;) V- krJ.J(i<L 
Kijibnwcbina jiijwaiidbiky (lu'ii). 

I turn a grindstoi.c ; p. hrj.. 

hiiihfiirchitKtii, {iiin). F turn it 

round w itli a (.'rank ; p. kcj.. 

Kijili(iircl)hiii/(ni. C'rani< ; (F. 
iiianivellc;) \)\.-(iii. 

Kijihairchinii/c, (iiiii). I turn a 
cranlv ; p. k('/..i/c<l. 

kijihciuldii, {nin). 1 think al- 
ways on it; p. kcj..aiii/. 

hijibeainui, [nin). J think al- 
ways un him ; )). k('j..)nail. 

hijibidc, OY-)nai/(t(/. it jroi's or 
;:lides fast, quick ; p. Ix(j..(lei/, 
w-uuujiik. — Anind ishkote- 
iKibikirnnan (jeyct kiir/ti kiji- 
bidewan ; some steamiioats go 
very fast indeed. 

hijihidee.s/ika.'i.sci, Inin). I hang 
iiini on a cord and turn him 
round, until he teels sick, (as 
Indians doto wicked children, 
tor a punishment ;) p. k('J..fiad. 

hijibima, inin). 1 speak of him ; 
p. k('j..mad. 

kijibindan, {nin). I speak of it ; 
p. k(! 

kijide, ov-ma(jad. S. Kijnic. 

Kijidjiwan. Itruns fast, (liquid.) 


there is running water ; u 

rapid or rapids ; p. krj..(inij. 
Kijij/d, or-nt(((/(td. Jt runs fast, 

(speaking of the sap running 

oiit of maple-trees in spring, 

in sugar-making;) p. kijii/n,/, 

Kijihdb, (nin). I look at s. th. 

.steadily; (F. je regarde li\e- 

iiient;) p. kej.hid. 
Kiji(fnb<(ni((, {nin). 

him steadily, wat( 

p. k('<id. 
hiji(j(d)(ind(tn, [nin ). 

it steadily ; j). k('j..<inii 
lfiji(j(in(>n(i, (nin). I speak t( 

him loud ; p. krj..nad ; imp 

h'ijii/i'nd(vn, (nin). I 

desire earnestly ; \). 
Kijiijcndtin, (nin). 1 

earncsilv, stronj'lv 

J lool\ at 
ling him ; 

I look at 


think or 


desire it 

p. ki'J.. 


Kiji;/i''ninia,{nin). I(k'sire strong- 
ly some hoily ; p. kcj.jnml. 

Kijiidniniad. 'J'liere i.s a good 
fast wind, (tliat mtikes us sail 
fast ;) p. ki' 

Kijiinsli, (nin). 1 sail (ust ; p. 

hijij, in compositions, signilie.s 
stronii, diir<d)Ic. (Kxamples in 
sou\e of the following words. i 

Kijijn, adv. Strongly, .soundly. 
— Kdicin kijija nin hiniitifi.'^i.s. 
•s'/ ; 1 don't live strongly, (I am 
not in good health.) 

Kijijawdd. It is durable, strong; 
]). ke)..wdk. — (ici/ef kijijuwdd 
kii((u\ kini'in wikd kid dkoa a- 
.s/; thy body is strong indeed, 
thou art never sick. 

KiJijaioiydHC, (nin). 1 have 
strength i'l my bones, (T am u 
.strong man ;) p. k<j..ned. 

I '. 


,» ,; • 


— 18G — 




i i 


Kijiji'twin, {iiin). 1 am "lnrulilc, 

KtroHji;, vijj;or()!iH, indnHtriouH, 

norHCveriiij; in working ; p. 

/(ijijnirisiirin. Vi;^or ; iiidustry. 
Kijika, {iiiii). i jjjo on (luick, 1 

walk liiHt ; |). krjikdd. 
KijikdhiUo, (niii). 1 run liiHt ; 

|». k<j.J(i(l. 
MJiKaiiKn/dil. It j^och or runs 

lust ; j». kri..i/ak. 
Kljikaii iiiii iii(i.sin(ii(/au, {nhi)- 

1 j)iiy my dclit, lor my ilclits.) 

I Holtlc my accounts ; p. kcjik- 

MJikcui, (iiiii). I ck'iir mysclt'df 

my debts, I pay all ; p. kcj.. 


Kijikaira, \iiiii]. I pay liim my 
del)t, I settle witli liim ; p. 


Kiji'kiiijdirc, {iiiii). I make a 
larj^e lire ; p. kcj. .wed. 

Kijiku.'f, [niit]. I get hurt by 
carrying too heavy a load ; p. 

Kijiiiduijati. Contagious sick- 
neH8, pest. — 8. .linddi/aii. 

l\, {iiin}. S. Kijika. 

KiJijioiKjatii/, (iiiii). My pulse 
beata (piick ; p. kej.j/ud. 

Kijipikwa lies', {tiin). My back 
gets warmed ; p. kcj. .sod. 

Kijis, {nin). 1 am warm, I feel 
heat in my body; 1 liave tlie 
fever ; p. kejitiod. 

Kiji.s-aii, !?(/»)• i warm or re- 
warm it; p. kejinaiKj. 

Kiji.sii/aii. A warmer ; (F. re- 
chauiibir ;) \)\.-aii., {iiiii). I warm or re- 
warm ; }). ktj..(/cd. 

Kiji.sudis, [iiiii). I warm myself, 

i get warmed ; p 

warm mysc 
. kij..iioa, 

Kiji.HoHHe, {nin). I get warm 1 \ 

walking ; p. kcj..>icil. 
Kiji.sowdpiiic, iiiiii). I iuive thi' 

li'vcr with great heat; p. Ary.. 

KiJin'JU'apincu'iii,. Fever wiiii 

Kiji.'^nwiii. Heat in the IkmIv. 

fevi'r. i)iin:i/ii. The l>ird llu- 

(|uick ; J), krji.s.scd. 
KijifiWd, \nin). I warm or ii - 

warm some (ibj. ; p. kcJ..H'(lil ; 

imp. kiji.siri, 
KiJiwdijoiKU/a, or-iii(i(/a<l. The 

snow is settled, tin- snow i- 

siink down and hard ; p. kij.. 

;/<i;/, iM'-iii(t(/ak. The .'•anif 

signilic;atioii as a.s ts (/ an ;/ n- 

II a I /a. 
Kijiire, (nin). 1 Hpeak loud ; p. 

KijiwcuKKjad, Jt 8ound.s loud, 

it has a strong sound ; p. kcj.. 

Kijiu'cwtia.'ilikii, ov-in(i</(i<l. 

There Ik a loud roaring oi' the 

waves, higli 8ea ; \i. kcj..k<ii/, 

Kijiwihceton, (nin). i make ii 

sound loudly; j). kej.Aod. 
Kijob, (niii). 1 am warm, (in ;i 

lodge, lujuse, etc.); p- kijo.. 

Ki/'iihike, [nin). I melt snow \u 

have water ; ]). kaj..kcd. 

Kijdijdde, (nin). My leg.s arc 
warm ; p. 

Kijoia, or-ina(jad. It is warm, 
(in a building;) p. kaj..a(j, ui- 

Kijokawa, (nin). I warm hiin 
with my body, lying with 
him; p. kaj..xoad. 

rV 'S 

!un le; 

,!'. /.//.•. 






||- kek.\ 


— 187 — 



Kijoijit^, (iiiii). I ilrt'i^s wiiniily, 
I liiive wiiiiii clotlios oil ; p. 

Kijos, (iti)i). I iiin \v;iiiii iuid 
riiiiit'drtlllil*' ; |i. Ii'tljnsiil. 

Kij'i.shiii, {iiiiii. 1 lie uariii; p. 

k'iLditffiu. Murk to jruiili' tni- 

M'li'i's, ()!• It) puiiit out (liin^cr- 

iiiis places ijii the road ; pl.- 

l\i!i(iii/e,(iiiii]. I iiiiiUe niiirUs 

nil ilie road, (sotliii,:; up ln'an- 

ihcs, etc.) to direct i»r warn 

lilt' t I'u V e I cr ; p . Ac/.* . .//rv / . 
l\'iL(is.s(t, iiiiii). I put aside, oi" 

set apart some liody ; p. kck 
Kil,(i/oii,(aiii). 1 jiiit it a<ide, 

I set it apart; ]». kvkatoil. 
KikintUhjox, {niii}. I am Uiiowii; 

\K k<' 
Kiki iidamiiicc, {nin). 1 maUe 

kiKPWii, J pulilisli, amiiMiiici' 

s. til. ; p. krk..U'i'il. 
KIb ii(l(i)iiiiu'cii, {nin], 1 inaUe 

it known, pulilisli it, announce 

it ; )). kek..wc<{. 
Kil:ni(l(iiiii'i((, {nin). \ make liim 

knows, th., J make known to 

liini s. til.; p. kck. .ail. 
Kikcndamowin. Knu\vled,L"e of 

KikcniUhi, {nin). J know it, 1 

iuuawareot' it, J experience 

it; )). kek..ani/., (nin). I know ; I 

uiM learned, 1 po.sHe«.s scic.ce; 

!>. kik...sod. 
Klkciul(i.^,<iowin. Knowledge, 

science; p. kck. ..sod. 
Klhiiiljii/r, {nin\. 1 know; )). 

Kiliaiinia, {win). I know him ; 

11. kck.. mad. 

k'iki'iiindin, {nin). 1 know mv- 
self; p. k)k...snd. 

Kikihikonicshi. Grey lark ; (('. 
cendrille ;) pl.-m//. 

h'ikinid, uiin). I promise liin? a 
rendez-vous, I prouise liim 
to l»e at siicli Hi)lace at ,su(di u 
time ; p. k( kiunul. 

h'ikinairddfdniirfina, {nin). I 
LMve liim private baptism, or 
lay-haptism ; p. kik..nad; 
imj). kik..u'(ij. 

h'ikin<lir>'id(iil. It is remarkalde, 
it IS easy to lie found, to he 
seen, to lie recojrni/ed, to lie 
noticed ; p. 

Kikindirnddkii'didddr, uv-nid- 
<ldd. There are maiks on the 
trees tor tho traveler to lind 
out the trail throuirh the 
wooil,tlie trees are hla/.ed; p. 
kt:k..ili'</, i)V-ni(ii/dk. 

Kikinan'oddkicdii/dn. Mark on 
a tree, hlaze; \\\.-dii. 

Kikindii'<fdiikirdii/(', {nin). I 
liijl/.e trees on a road or trail ; 
]). kek..(/<'d. 

Kikindirddcnddi/ii.s-, (nin). I am 
marked, J am C(jiisidereil a 
mark, a si<^n ; also, 1 am cir- 
cumcised; J). kck...'<id. 

Kiki)iawndendai/(>.siwin. 'J'lie 
state or nituiition of heinir a 
mark', eirciimci.sion. 

Kikinduuldenddn, {nin). I re- 
mark it in my thou,!_dit.^, (in 
ordei' to rec(),G;nize it after- 
wards;) I remark it to Ibllow 
it ; p. kck.. ami . 

Kikinawdkenimd, Inin). F re- 
mark him in my thouirhts to 
recoLjnize him ; I remark him 
to IoIKjw him, to imitate him ; 
p. kck. .mad. 

KikiaaioadJ, adv. In a remark- 



.1 Si' 




— iss — 




ulilo man nor, easy to be f'uiuul, 
scon, noticed, 

Kilciaaicadii, (nin). I am mark- 
ed; lam circumcised; \). bek 

Kikiiiawddjia, {iiiii). i mark 
liini;, 1 put u mark on a j)cr- 
f^oi!, or on any other ol)j. ;, I tell or indicate to him 
a mark or marks; I circum- 
cise him ; |». kck.xul. 

Ki/diuiwddjioii, or, kikiiiawad- 
Jiowiii. Any mark ; circumci- 
sion ; banner, Hag ; lA.-aii. S. 

Kikinawddjitawa, ( niit ). I gi ve 
him or tell him a certain mark, 
to find s. th. ; p. kck..ivad. 

Kikiiiawddjitchiijan. Mark, 

siglit or aim 

on a gun , 

Kikinawcnima, {niii). I regulate 
my mind and my thoughts 
alter his examples ; \). kck.. 

Klkiadimin, {nin). We promise 
each other a rendez-vous, we 
promise to one another to 
meet in a certain place at a 
certain time • p. keldndidjUj. 

Kikindiioin. Mutual promise of 
a rendez-vons, of a meeting 
in a certain place at a certain 

Kikinge, {nin). I promise to 
come to a rendez-vous, to '•" 
present ; p. kck..(jed. 

Kikingewin. Promise to come 
to a v^ndez-vous. 

Kikiiioamadi-inasinaigan . Spell- 
ing-book, school-book ; rA.-an. 

Kikinoamdditoigamig . House 
of instruction, school-house ; 
Synagogue ; pl.-ou. 

Kikinoamddhcin. Teaching, in- 

struction given orreceivo(l liy 
several persons. — S. Kikimui- 
magewin, and Kikinoamagu- 

Kikhioamdgaii. Scholar, pupil, 
disciple, apprentice ; pl.-o//. 

xikiaoamage, liiiii). I am teadi- 
i.ig, I koep school, 1 instruct, 
I show, I indicate; p. kck.. 

Kikianamdgekioe. Female scIhk,! 
teacher, school-mistres.s ; pl.- 

Ktkiaoamdgewin. leaciiing w 
instruction giccn. 

Kikiiwamagew in iui. 'J'eac 1 1 c i' , 
school-teacher, school-master; 

Kikinoamdgowin. Teaching ur 
instruction received. 

Kikinoamatva, (nin). I teacli, 
instruct, inform him, I sluiw 
him, indicate him s. th.; |i. 

Kikinonoicin. A year, twelve 
months ; pl.-au. 

Kikinotaioa, {nin). I speak al- 
ter him, I say what he says ; 
p. ^.ik..icad. 

Kikinowubama, (nin). I imitutr 
him, I do as I see him doini^, 
I take his example; p. kck.. 

Kikinowd bamig, {nin) . J 1 e 
imitates me, I give him an 
example; p. kckiaoioabamid, 
lie who imitates me. 

Kidinodbaviigowin. Example 
taken, imitation. 

Kikinowddandaiwe, {nin). J 
give or show an example ; p. 

Kikinowdbandaiwewin. Exam- 
ple given, (good example, uv 

{ilin). 1 
ample; {>■ 

,1. Kxiun- 
:ample, ur 


IH'J — 


KikinouuVjanddii, {nin). I imi- 
tate it, I copy it, I make a .si- 
milar tiling as I see before 
me; p. keJcan;/. 

Kiki nowdbanJjiijan. Example 
tor imitation, model, standard; 

Kikinowijiive, {nin). i jruide, I 
conduct, I lead, I show the 
way ; p. 

Klkinowijiw^winini. Ciiiide, con- 
ductor; pl.-iro//. 

Kikiiwwina, {niti). I jruide or 
conduct him, I show him the 
way ; p. kek..nad ; in. p. kiki- 

Kikitdwa, {nin). 1 j)ut marks 
for him on a road or trail, to 
direct him ; p. k('k..icad. 

Kikiweidbawadji(/e, {nin). I give 
private baptism ; p. kek..iied. 

Kikiweiabawadjigcivin . Pri vate 
haptism, lay-baptism. 

h'lkiweidbawana, {nin). I give 
him private baptism ; p. kek.. 
iiad ; imp. kik..7('aj. (The 
same as, nin kikinaradaba- 

Kikiweidbaioas, (nin). I receive 
])rivate baptism ; p. kek. .sod. 

Klkiiceon. Flag, banner ; pl.-«». 

Kik'iwcondiig. Flag-staff ; pl.- 

Kill, pron. Thou, thine. 

Kinawa, pron. You, yours. 
K'indwind, pron. We, ours. 

Klniijawabimin, (nin). We are 
together all mixed, or ditfe- 
ront kinds; (F. nous sommes 
tons pele-mele ;) p. ken..bidjig. 

Kiiiigaicdgomoicag j is h i b a g. 
The ducks are swimming 
inixtly, of uitferent kinds. 

Kihhiaicigabawimin, (nin). We 

together mixii 

p. kni.. 

are stand inj 

of different 

Kin igawiifeidim in , ( n in ] . 

live mixed together in the 

same village or town ; p. km.. 

Kinir/dwissin. It is mixed, 

things of different kinds are 

together; yt. ken.dng. 
Kinigina, inin). I mix someoli.j. 

with another object, (dry ob- 
jects;) p. ken..nad. 
Kiniginan, (nin). I mix some 

obj. with another object, (drg 

objects;) p. ken..ang. 
Kiniginige,{nin). I am mixing 

together objects of different 

kinds ; p. ken..ged. 
Kinigissin. It is mixed toge- 
ther, different objects in one 

mass together ; p. (S. 

Kinislitino. Cree Indian; j)!.-.'/. 
KinishUnokice. Cree S(piaw; 

KiniskiinokiL'eslub. A kind of 

wild duck ; \i\.-ag. 

Kinitam. Thou in thy turn, 
thou now ; (F. toi a ton tour) 
Kinitam nagamon, sing now 
in thy turn, (it is thy turn 

now to sing.) 

Klnitamiwa. You in your tuni» 
you now. — Kiniiamiuia irhi' 
meiog, ginwcnj nin gi-tchimc' 
min ninawind. Paddle now in 
vour turn, we have padiiled 

Kinitamiwind. We in our turn. 
we ncv, — (The person or per- 
sons spoken to, included.) S. 

Kiniiv. War-eagle ; a kind of 



, I 



, in 

.'I i: 


■I . '^\ 




h ■;;' 



— IIJO — 


od'^le tliat rciiiaiiiH almost all 
('.ay very hijrli in the air. Tiie 
Indian warriors wear his fea- 
thers as an ornament on their 
heads. These leathers are 
rare, and not easy to he oli- 
tained. PI. kiniwi;/. 

Kiiioje. Pike, (tish ;) pi.-//. 

Kiiiow. Tlty cheek' ; ])! .-«//. 

/\i/)(i(/(1, or-ma;/a(L It is thi(;k- ; 
p. kfi(/(i(/(i(f, or-)tin;/(ik. 

Kipa;/dhi</a((. It is liiick,stroni^, 
(some narrow stult';) p. ke)>.. 

Khxigdhicpsi senilxi. The rili- 
hon is thick, strong; p. kep.. 

Kipaf/dbikad. It is thick; (me- 
tal ;) p. kep..kak. 

Kipa(/dbiki((, (niit). I make it 
thick, (ohject of metal or 
stone ;) ]). kcp..a(l. 

Kipaijdbikisi. It is thick, (ohj. 
of metal or stone ;) \).k(])..nid. 

KipaijubikUdu, {niii). I maice it 
thick, (ohj. of metal ;) p. kep.. 

KipcujudiH. It is frozen thick, 
(thick ice;) \). kep..inq. 

Kipai/di/amL It is thick, (some 
litpiid ;) j). kep..vii</. 

KipcKjdgamHon, [ma]. I make 
it tiiick. (some liquid;) ]». kip 
..tod. — (ham o (pldpiujaijuitii- 
ton maiidamindbo ; she made 
the corn-soup too thick. 

Kipaydkamiga, or-mayad. There 
is much earth, (the good soil 
or ground is thick, l)etbreyou 
come to stones or sand under- 
neath ;) \).kep..ijaij, ov-hiayak^ 

Kipaijid, dun). I make it thick 
or thicker, I thicken it ; p. 
kep.. ad. 

Kipaf/ii/ud. It is thick, stron-. 
(stutr, clothing inaterial ;) |,, 

Kijxdi'njisi. It is thick, stroii-, 
[seniba, silk ;) p. ksp..sid. 

Kipaip'ffisi nabcrfiUsacf. 'i !■ 
liiiiird is thick; p. kip.,.^iil. 

Ki}Hiiiisluma, (niii). I lay it dii 
thick, or thickly ; p. kiji.. 
iiitdl. — Nctwatc/i ki dd-kijid,/:- 
■s-hinia vu'tbii/nn ; you oughiiM 
lay your clay thicker, ii, 
jflastoring a house.) 

Kipa(jhi. It is thick, stroriL'; y- 

Kij)(t<lisil()n, (iiiin. I layor|iiii 
it on thick or thickly ; p. /,<;/ 

Kijxii/iioii (ii/'ii). I miike i: 
thick, I thicken it ; p. krji.. 

Kiahkaan, {iiiii). I cut il; |i. 

Ki'^hkdbaiioin'kaga, or-vxii/mi. 
There is a clay-hank ; (F. il v 
a un ecore ile glaise;) p. ku.sli 
..(/a;/, oY-maijali. 

Kishlidbika, ov-iiia(/ad. Tlicit- 
is a steep rock, a perpendicu- 
lar iihrupt rock or clitt'; tluic 
is no heach, hut a high st(i'|i 
rock ; p. kas'/i..k(t(/, vr-)n(('j<iL\ 

Kis/ikabik<id. It is cut, (inelal'i ; 
p. k(ish..k((k. 

KifiJikadina, ov-via;/ad. Tliorc 
is a very steep hill, very .'^tccji 
ascent; p. kas/]), ov-iiki- 

Kishkcijrwn, {nin). I cut lii< 

skin ;p. kas/i..iL'ad ; imp. /i'/.v//- 

Kishkdkado.'i, {nin). I am i \- 

tremely meager, lean, pjor ; 

p. ka> 


vial ;) ji. 
, Ktroir.', 


rf. Til" 

ay ii nil 
p. /.■'//.. 

ouirlit to 

ker, ill ; p. 

lay orimi 
V f p. /'''V 

inukf II 
; 1>- /'■''/'■' 

cut ii ; !' 

or- »"■"/""'■ 

k; (F.'il.v 

;) p. /.■('•■•'' 

1. Thciv 
ilV; there 
i'ih stct'ii 

t, (lueiHl' ; 

/(/. There 
very i^tee)! 


>, ov-iiin- 

I cut hi- 




l am e\- 
.■aii, p Jur : 


— 11)1 - 


.(/a(/, ov'Via- 

Kishk-nkamida, or-magad. Tliere 
is a very steep ^ place or 
i^roiind ; |t. kas/t. 

Kishknkidc, ov-7naf/ak. Ithreak.s 
by huruiiig tlirou;zli ; p. kas/i 
..der/, OT-ma(/ak. 

Kis/ikakisdn,' (iiin). I Inirii it 
thron.i:li, (I break it in two by 
lire ;) J), kash-saiif/. 

Khhkakiswu, (nin). 1 burn 
fomc obj. tlirouffli, in two 
pieces; p. kash.Avad ; imp. 

Kishkanakad. Stump of a tree ; 
(F. souclie ;) ])\.-nn. 

Kishkanakadons. Little stump ; 
(F. chicot ;) pl.-a/i. 

Kishdanakisimitiii. Tlie top of 
the tree is broken, by tlie 
wind ; ]i. kash..sod. 

KiK/ikaiidm, [nin). My breath- 
ing is interruj)ted, is cut; p. 

I\i.'^/idandiin,{nin). I cut it with 
the teetli, I bite it through ; p. 

Kiahkanj/kodan wdssakwanend- 
Jii/an, {nin). I snufl'tho can- 
dle; p. kash..anf/. 

Klslikanji'kodjigaii. SnutVers ; 

Kis/ikas/tkijan, (nin). 1 cut it 
with a scythe or sickle, I mow 
it; p.<j. 

Kis/ikashkiji(/an. Scythe, sic- 
kle, reaping hook; p.-an. 

KiakkafihKijige, {nin). Ireaj), I 
harvest, I cut, I niow ; p. kas/t 

Kis/ikashkijigewin. Harvest, 
reaping, mowing. 

Kisltkashkijigeivinini. Harves- 
ter, reaper, mower; \i[.-i(iag. 

Kishkashkossiwe, {nin). I cut 

cut some 
imp. kish- 

l tear it, I 

down grass, 1 mow; p. AywA.. 

K i .V /* k a t d IV a n g a, or-nia<fad. 

'i'liere is a steep .«and-hill, or 

a steep saiid-bauK on the beach 

of a lake, (F. ocore de sablo ;) 

p. kush..gag. 
Kisilikibidjigaso. It is torn or 

rent; p. k(tsh..fiod. 
Ki.'i/ikaiva, {nin). I 

oiij.; p. k(ish..wad ; 

Ki,<ihkibidon, {nin). 

rend it ; p. kaah-dod. 
Ki.sdikibina, (nin). I tear or 

rend some obj. ; p. ka,^h..nad; 

imp. ki.'ihkibij. 
Ki.ihkibitdgan. Tobacco-pouch ; 

pi .-«//. 
KLshkibnde, ov-magad. It is 

sawn; j). kn.'<i, ov-magak . 
Kis/ikibodjigan. iaw, hand- 
saw ; pl.-a?J. 
Kishkibodjige, {nin). I saw 

(across, not along;) p. ka.s/i.. 

ged. — S . Tashkibodjige. 
Kis/ikibodjigevun. ' Sawing, 

(across only, not along.) 
Kiskkibodon, {nin). I saw it 

through, (across;) Tp.kasih..dod. 
Kishkibona, {nin) . I saw througli 

some object ; p. kash..nad ; 

imp. kishkiboj, 
Kishkibos, {nin). I am sawn 

through, in two ; p. ka.'i/i...'ind. 
Kishkidenaniwe, {nin). My 

tongue is cut oil" ; p. kas/i.. 

Kishkidcnaniwejwa, (nin). I cut 

his tongue ofi"; p. ka.'i/H.ivad; 

imp. kish..jivi. 
Kishkigaige, (nin). I cut ; I 

chop wood; p. ku.iit..ged. 
Kishkigana, {)iin). I cut off 

some obj. ; p. kash..nad. 








11)2 — 


i ♦ 

Khhkiganjiandh, (nin). I cut off 

my nails; ]) 
Kixhkhjauuiviitifi, (nin). Tent. 

down a tree ; p, his /i.. wad. 
Ki.s/i/cif/we, (nhv. My throat is 

cut ; p. kaiih..%oed. 
Ki-'ihkhjwahina, (nin). I tear liis 

]»ea<l off; p. kash..nad ; imp. 

Ki.thkitprejwa, {nin). I cut liis 

thro.'ii ; p. kash. . wad ; ^ imp. 

Kishkigioena, {nin). I break 

his neck ; p. ka.'iJi..nad; imp. 

Kiahkitjioewa, inin). I cut his 

neck off', (his liead,) I beliead 

liim ; p. kash..%oad ; imp. kish- 

Kiskkijan, (nin). I cut it ; p. 

Kinhkijigas, {nin). T am cut; 

ali^o, I am castrated, I am a 

eunuch ; p. kash..sod. 
KisJikiJir/a.'iowin. Castration. 
Ki.s'hkijodis, (nin). I cut myself 

with a knife ; p. kasli..sod. 
Kislikijioa,{nin). I cut liim ; I 

castrate him ; p. kash..wad; 

imp. ki.'ihkijwi. 
Ki.s'hki.'isin nin tcliimdn. My 

canoe break.'*, (it is cut by a 

rock or snag ;) p. ka.thkis.sinfj. 
Ki.fhkitaioaf/e, {nin). My car is 

cut off ; p. kash..(/ed. 

Ki.'ihkiiaicaf/etfanama, {nin). I 
strike one of liis ears oft'; p. 

Ki.fhkitawar/ejwa, {nin). I cut 
liim an ear off"; p. kasJi..u'ad ; 
imp. ki.i/i..jwi. 

Ki.'ihk itching minikivddjigan. A 

Kishkowe, {nin). I ceaso speak- 

ing, weeping, etc. ; p. kash- 

Kishkoivca, {nin). I make him 

be still, I make liini cea~c 

speaking, weeping, etc. ; p. 

A-fl.s'A. .ad. 
Ki.'iJipin, con}. If, provided, in 

case that, wliether, suj)|n)>- 

Kifiiiahaioadon, (nin). I w.i-h 

it out, I rinse it; p. ke..<i..)l,i<l. 
Ki.<^itahawana,(nin). I wash m- some obj. ; p. ke.<i..n(hl : 

imp. kis..waj. 
Ki.sidbdwe, or-magad. It fade.-, 

it loses its color, in washinL', 

p. kes..iveg, ov-magak. 
Ki.sian, {nin). I wipe if, I al - 

sterge it ; p. keaiang. 
Ki.s'idioass, (nin). 1 wipe or 

clean an infant; p. kes...wd. 
Kisibakwad. Tliere is a .lound 

produced by tlie rubbing (.1 

two trees against one another. 

when they are agitated by the 

wind ; p. kes..ivak. 
Ki.fibanashk. S h a v e - g r a i^ s., (a plant for poli.>^li- 

ing ;) (F. prele ;) pl.-o?J. 
Kisibiaaamawa, (mn). I wa-li 

for him, I waA his clothis; 

p. kes..wad. 
Ki.ubigaigan. Soap. 
Kiubigaiganike, (nin). I m.nko 

Foap, I manufacture soap ; p. 


Kisibigaiganikexoigamig. So.ap- 
liouse, soap-boilery, soa])- 
majiufactory ; pi .-on . 

Kisibigi, {nin). I wash niysoir; 
p. kesibigid. 

Kisibigina, {ninj. I wash hinu 
(a person, or any other ohj.i; 



193 — 


p. kaali- 

ake liiin 
III ceii'-c 
etc.; 1'. 

ivitied, ill 

I WU-ll 

ken. .(lull. 

1 wajili <iV 
kes..nail : 

It faile^', 


2 it, T ill - 


[ wipe (ir 


is a soiiihl 

rubbiiiji; (it 

ne another. 

ated l»y tlic 

e- cr V a!= s. 
for poliMi- 
' .-on. 

I \va>li 

lis clot! 

u's : 

u). I infil<c 
ire soap; p. 

mig. Soap- 

ery, foai>- 


ash my self; 

Avasli liiiii' 
other olij.i; 

j{is!hiqinaffaH(V)(>. Dish-water, 

suiii ; (F. rin^nre (ie vais- 

Ki.tihit/inni/nne, {uin':. I wash 

111" rinse dishes ; p. k('S..neii. 
Kisihiffiiian, (niu). I wash it; 

p. kes..auf/. 
Kisihiqindihe, {niii). T wash my 

licatl ; p. kc^i.-bed. 
I\i.'^ihi(/in(/wena, (uin). I wash 

his lace ; p. ke.'i..nad. 
Kisiinagnnan. Dish-clout; (F. 

torclion ;) pl.-«H. 
Ki'<iina(/a)ie, {iiin). I wipe 

dislies ; p. kes..ned. 
Klsii)(/we, (iiiti). I wipe my lace ; 

p. k('ii..od. 
KiKinindJuijan. Towel ; (F. es- 

suie-main ;) pl.-rt». 
Kisiiiiiidji, {nin). I wipe my 

hands ; p. ke.'i..'id. 
Kisi.'<ide, {nin). I wipe my feet ; 

|). Ar.9..o(?. 
Kisisidrwa, (nin). I wipe his 

feet ; p. ke.s..U'(id ; iiiil). A'/.s'/- 

Ki.siira, inin). I clean him, I 
wipe him, (a i)er.son, or any 
iitiier obj.;) \i. keaiwad ; imp. 

Ki.^-finu, QV-ma(/ad. It is cold, 
iculil weather ;) p. kessinag, 

Kiasintibikad. It is a cold night; 
p. ke.<i..knk. 

Kilagakons. Young deer, a 
tiiw" II yet dotted or spotted ; 

Kihif/ia, [nin). I spot him, (any 
olij. ;) p. 

Kilagigad. It is of various 
(•()lors, variegated, (stutl", 
clothing material ;) p. ket.. 

Kifagigin. Stutl' of various co- 
lors," or variegated, calico; jil.- 

Kitiigi</i!^i nin. nio.'ihwcii. My 
handkerchief is spotteil, (it 
has spots and dots of ditlerent 

Kifagisiwin, (nin). Spot, speck ; 

Kiiagiton, inin). I spot it ; p. 

Kifagwinde ichiman. The ca- 
noe is sure, it is not danger- 
ous, not rolling; p. ke(..deg. 

Kitakamiga. The continent, it 
is the continent; p. k('t..gag. 
— KHakamigang, on the con- 
tinent, on the main land. 

Kitchakiwi, (nin). I hurt my- 
self, by lifting or carrving too 
heavy a load ; p. katchakiivid. 

Kitchi, adj. and adv. Groat, 
grand, large, big, ejxtensive; 
))re-eminent, principal, old, 
aged ; much, well, very ; arch- 
(in some compositions, as ; 
Archangel, Kitchi Anjeni.) — 
This word is always followed 
by a substantive, verb, adjec- 
tive or adverb, and remains 
connected with it; it cannot 
be used alone. 

KitcJii agaming. On the other 
side or shore of the great wa- 
ter, that is, in Europe. 

Kitchi aiaa. Great being ; a 
big, great, noble, mighty or 
elevated person ; an old aged 
person ; also, a large, big or 
old animal ; pi. -17. 

Kitchi aii. Great thing ; any 
great, big, large, important, 
or old object ; pl.-». 

Kitchi-dmo. Ilumble-bee ; buz- 
zing fly ; ^l-g. 


' ^ 


t! i 


— 19 1 - 


\ { 


KUchi-anihhli. (Hir; leave,) cab- 

liajrc ; \)\.-au. 
Kilflii-aiiisliiiidhc. Old person, 

(man or woman); pi.-//. 
Ki/chi-(niis/iiii(iheir, {iiiii). I iim 

an oil! person, (niai) or wo- 
man ;) p. kct.Afhl. 
Kilrh i awassn na>/n . T 1 1 ree < lays 

ULTO ; (L. nmliiis tertiiis.) 
Kilrlti awasHWubani/. After 

three days. 
Kiiclii aiotlnsi. (Large l),) 

olephaiit ; ])1.-/V^//. 
Kitciti babisikawtvuni. Big coat, 

edonk, riding-coat; \A.-an. 
Kitcki biddiilmad, There comes 

a sfiuall ot'wind ; p. ket..iii(ik. 
KiicJii biminakwan. Big roi)e, 

cable ; \t\.-a)i. 
Kilchl himinhjan. Angar 

tariere ;) \)\.-aii. 
Kite hi bindkwun. Harrow 

an. , 
Kilrhi biiiliigioCalishvin. Adul- 
Kitrhl dan, (nin). 1 am rich, 

wealthy ; p. kclchi-danid. 
Kitchi-daniwin. Riches, wealth, 

KUckigdd. The right \(-";i. — 

There i.s always a po.ssessive 
• i)ronoun ]n'eli.\ed to this word ; 

as : Nin kifchigdd, iny right 

leg ; ki kitchigdd, thy right 

leg, etc. 
Kifc/ii (jai/ibingwekwe. Mole. 
Kitchigami. Great water, great 

lake. — (Hchipwc-kitckiganii, 

Lake Superior. Jiwitagani- 

kitnhigami, the Ocean. 
Kitcliiganiiwaslik. S. Andka- 
. ' naslik* 
Ki fr/ii ga w is. id gang 

(F. muscade.) 
Kiielii-gigo. Whale; pi .-/a// 


Ki/rhi-gigo himide. Sperm-nil 
Kitcki (jiigwi.'ihiniowin. Jjeiit : 

(F. carrmc.) 
Kitc/iigijdn, (nin). I indent it, 

I .iagg it ; )). kct..ang. 
Kitclii jawnnin. Chestnut; |il.- 

Kifr/ii JigdgawinJ. Onion; pi.- 

Kitclii jijnagan i.-i/i i-nginia. ( i n-ai 

military chief, that is, a ;.'tii- 

eral ; pi.-//. 
Kitr/ii jiiigobalxi. Beer. 
Kitc/i i jiwdganiisigan. Mola>>c« 
Kitchi-jomin. Fig ; pi. -<(//. 
Kitclii-jouiindtig, or, kitclii-jh- 

niinagdiriinj. Fig-tree; ]j| ■ 

gon, or-//*t. 
Kitclii ki.slikiliodjigan. Log-.-^au. ; j)l -an. 
Kitclii manumcg. Whale; vn^j, 
Kitchi-mekatewikwanaie. Bi.-li- 

op, (Groat black-gown ;) pl.-r/. 

Nagani.sid Kitclii-mekatcirll- 

wanaie. Archbishop. Mnimnn- 

wi-n igan i.sid Kitcli i-nicknli - 

wikioanaie, Pope, (the lim- 

most Bisho]).) 
Kit chi-m ekatewikwanai c o sakn- 

on. Crosier, (the BLsliO])'- 


Kitchi-mekatacikwanaic <> viirn- 
kwdn. Mitre, (the Bisliii|r- 

Kitcki niikana. Public roa'l.a 

trodden beaten road. 
Kitcki ini.'ikioeidb. Artery. 

Kitckiniokoindn, American, (liij: 

knite;) pi .-«//. 
Kitckimokomdn-aki. The Uni 

ted States, (the land of lli- 

big knives.) 
Kifchimokomanen.t. An Aineri- 

caa boy ; \)L-ag. 








Kite hi 




Kile hi 



1 pill 

illKl. (ilTat 

t is, 11 i^cii- 


liC) — 


Kitchiwokftvmnikwc An Ainori- 
ciiii woman ; |il.-.'/. 

Kilrhinik. The ri;.'lit arm. — 
Tlicro is always a jHisscssivi' 
]ii'iiiioiui lid'orc lliiswonl ; as: 
Sill liili'/iiiii/i-, hi kih'hinik, o 
kitchinik ; my, thy, his i-iglit 

Kilc/iiiiinilJ. Tin- I'iiilit hand. 
This won! is always ]ir('cc(|('(| 
hv a iiossf's.sivo prononn; a<: 
,V/// lii/chininilj, o kUchiiiinilj, 
WW right linntl, liis right hand ; 

h'ih'lii )tis/ikitih's, ())iii). I ani 
cnrngt-'d, vcrv anirrv ; p. /.t/.. 
si, I. 

Kilr/ii vi.sJiadi.siiriii. Vinlcnt 
anger, rago, fury. 

Kllrliiiiow. Tho riglit pheck. — 
This word has ahvay.s a pos- 
sessive pronoun hotore it; as: 
,Y//( kitr/iindw, my right 
t'hc'ok ; .0 kifchinoipuih his 
right ohoek, etc. 

Kilclii odt'iKt. City; ])l.-?r(7//. 

Kilrhi-ngima. King, emperor, 
Mivereign, jjotcntato, (great 
chief;) pi.-//. 

Kih-lii-oijiina ajxibiirin. Throne; 

Kilchi-Dgimiikwc. (^neen, em- 
jiress; ))1.-//. 

I'JIrlii-ogiwa o iciwakicni. 
(.'I'uwn ; pl.-rn/. 

I\ili-/ii oniif/iiHii. Leprosy. 

Kilcli i-pilnh kisigan . Canon, 

gun ; \)\.-aii. 

Ki/c/ri-pd.^Jiki.'iiuan amoi. Canon- 
liall ; pl.-?j. 

Kilclii-jiipiyivan. Ciiurcli-organ; 


Kilc/n'pifi,()iiii). [gird my.self, 
1 put a girdle f)r lu'It around 
my waist ; p, 

'i'error, fright, 

riie right eye. 
alwavs coii- 

Kifclnpixnii. Mrlt, girdle; )F. 

eeiiiture;) \)\.-af]. 
Kilclii-satidiiidii. Spike; \A.-<iii. 
Kifrlusaiji. Misery River, fiake 

Kilclii siujisiiriii. 

Kilchislikiiijiij. T 
— This Word is 
neeted with a possessive pro- 
noun : a< ; .V//( kifchittlikiii- 
Jiij, ki kitchishkliijiii ; my 
right eye, thy right eye, et(\ 
Kilrltisiil. 'I'he right foot. — 
This word is always preeediii 
liy aj)ossessive lu'onoun ; as : 
A7/( kilcliisid, my right foot ; 
ki kilrliisid, thv right l()ot,ete. 
Kilcltisiddii. 'I'he i)ig toe. — 
A7;/ kilcliisidmi, n kitchiaidiiii: 
my hig toe, his hig toe, el(!. 
I\ilclii-l<ikici'iii(iji(/(iii . Screw- 
vice; (F. etau ;| ])].-an. 
Kili-hifti'ii. lloiioralile, Iioly, 

KilrliilH'd(pJi</(fd. Holyday, fes- 
tival ; \)\.-oii. 
Kilrhiirfiiiijitidd. It is a holy- 
day ; p. k(I.J/(ik. 
Kitrliitwu M'trie od (Diamikai/a- 
iriii. Aimunciation of the 
Jilessod Virgin Mary. 
KitrhHwdwc)iil(f<j().s,iniii.)- 1 iiiii 
honored, revered, 1 am consi- 
dered venerable : I am glori- 
ous, sulilime, holy ; p. led. .aid. 
Kilrliitwi1iveiid(iijosi<i, [niii). I 
nuike him glorious, jionoreil, 
1 e.xalt him ; I sanctify liim ; 
Kitrldhmwcndarinsiwin. Honor, 
veneration, glory, glorifica- 
tion, sanctity. 
Kilclii Iwdwi'-nddn, (iiiii). I res- 
pect it, I honore nnil rc^vere it. 

• i 

' ■.' » 

f i 4 


mm ^ 



— I'JG — 



I liold it ill veneration, I es- 
teem it holy, glorify it ; j). 

J\i/c/iHw(1wPiii»i, {)u'ii). I have 
jiroiid tlioiijrlits, I exalt niy- 
Hcll' in my tliou^^lit.s ; p. h-et.. 

h'i/r/ii/wtlweniuia, (nhi). 1 res- 
pect, honor, revere liim, '^\i)- 
riCy liim, I consider hiin ve- 
nerable, holy; J). kct.mntL 

K i fr/t i / icil wriii iiili III i II , (iiiu). We 
think each other worthy of 
l)(inor ami respect ; p. kci.. 

KHohiiwawcniiuUs, (iiiii). I 
think myself worthy of honor 
and glory, I exalt myself; p. 

Kitc/iHwdweniudisowiii. S(df- 
glorilication, vain glory, proud 

Kifrliilwdiria, {nin). I make 
him glorious, honored ; I glo- 
rify him ; ji. kcf..a<I. 

KHchitwdwUdis,{nin\. I glorif^v 
or honor myself, I seek my 
own glory ; ji. kef. .sod. 

Kilchiiwdudn. S. Kitcfdfwdwi- 

.S' /«'/». 

Kitc/iiiwdwina, {nin). I glorify 
him with words, I praise him ; 
p. kef..nad. 

KUchiiwawindan, [nin). I glo- 
rify and praise it with words ; 

Kif('Jiitwdwinika.9, (nin). I have 
a glorious name; my name is 
holy ; p. kef ..sod. 

Kifehilivamnikasowin. Glorious 
name ; holy name. 

Kifchifwdiois, {nin). 1 aiu glo- 
rious, honored, noble, elevat- 
ed, exalted ; p. ket..sid. 

Draw in:.'- 

Cork ; 1'. 





Kifchitwnu'i.mvin. (i lory,hc mor, 

KitrliifwdwHon. (nin). 1 hoimr 

it, I glorily it, sanctify ii, f 

make it holy ; |). 
Kifcli i-wd(fikoniii n . 

knife ; pl.-w/i. 

Kifclii - wnJa.iJikwcdo 

(/an. t'urk-stopper ; p 

(big-mouse ;) pl.-Jd;/. 

Kifc/iiwebison. Bracelet ; 

Kifniim, {nin). 1 have 
thoughts of myself; p 

Kifeninia, {nin). I think liim 
proud ; p. kct..mad. 

Kifrnimowin. Pride, prouil 

Kifrnindi.s', {nin). I think iny- 
self higher or better lli;ii: 
others ; p. kef...iod. 

Kifii/nn. Field ; garden ; \)].-iiii. 

Kifiijana, (nin). I sow it, 1 
plant it ; p. ketif/adnn(f. — M- 
hiwa mandamina;/ inn xci-kili- 
(/anai/ ; I wi'll , plant niiich 

Kitiydniwiyamig. Field-house ; 
garden-house; pl.-OH. 

Kitigv, {nin). I farm, I plant. I 
cultivate the ground, I till 
the ground ; p. kefiyed. 

Kitiycwin. Agriculture, fann- 
ing, husbandry, tillage. 

Kiteyewiiiini. Farmer, ploughor. 
husbandman ; p\.-way. 

Kifim, {nin). I am lazy, I don't 
like to do s. th., or to goscinit- 
where ; p. kefimid. 

KHimdyad. It is poor, miser- 
able, pitiful, pitiable, woitli 
pity ; p. kei..gak. 


— Iii7 — 


KilhiuKjaknmhj, julv. Miscnvl)lc, 

|iilil'iil, poor. 
h'iliiiii((/animifa[/o.s, (niii), I 

iiiiike a spoocli or liiiraii^uc 

ill oriler to excite pity on nif, 

loolituin cliurilfiliie assistaiico 

in my waiiLa; p. ket..iiiil. 
I\'itiiii(i(/animit(i(/»siiriii . 1 1 araii- 

irui' in order to obtain charity. 
Kiliiinii/C)i<l(i(/(>s, {iiiii). I am 

piMir, 1 am known to lie jiour ; 

|). Let. ..sill. 
Kilimu(/enil(i)ii, {iiiii). I pity, I 

have thouglitH ol' compas.<ion, 

(if pity ; p. kit..anii. 
KiliiiiaijciiHdn, (iiiii). I pity it, 

I tliinU it i.s j)oor anil iiiiser- 

aiile ; p. ket-.tinij. 
Kilini/'Kjeuima, (iiin). I pity 

him, I have 'compasHion on 

him, 1 think him poor, worth 

|iity ; p. he1..mad. 

Kiliii>ii<jiih (hi/0- I make him 
iMinr and niiseralile, I make 
iiiin unhappy, niit'urtimate ; 
]!. keL.U'l. 

KiliiiKtijimatawd, niii). I a.'sk 
him ciiarity ami assi.^tance in 
my wants; p. kef. .wad. 

Kitinidi/inai/ox, {niii). I lodk 
|Kiur, miserable, unhappy, in- 
ili;Lrent ; p. kct..sid. 

Kiti iiia[/ina(/o,shvi II . Poor mi.ser- 
aiile appearance. 

KitimdijU, (nin). I am poor, in- 
ihu'eiit, I am unhappv, unfor- 
tunate, miserable, ileservin<r 
nfcompassion and pity ; worth 
liity ; p. kei..sid. 

Kilinidi/isiwin. Poverty, indi- 
ircnce ; unhappiness, misery. 

Kliiindgitagos, {nin). I am 
heard with pity and compas- 
sion, I speak so as to excite 
jiity on me ; p. ket,.sid. 

KHimaijilnwa, {nin). 1 H.^ten to 

him with pity and compa.-^- 

.«ion ; p. kef. .wad. 
Kiliiiiarjilon, (nin). I make it 

jjoor and n^.-'orable ; p. kt t.. 

Ki/iinindi/n.i, [nin). I look lazy, 

1 have the appearance of a 

lazy per.«on ; p. ki'l...sid. 
Kitiini.slik, iiiiii). 1 am haliitnal- 

ly lazy, slothful, lam a hIiij^- 

jrard ; p. ki'f..kid . 
Kiliiiii.s/ikiiriii. Habitual 


ne.-^,", sluthfiilnotf.'^. 

Kiliiiiiiciii. jjazines.-^, sloth. 

Kili.s, (nin). J am old; v. kdli- 

Kifisi ; nin ki/i.siin. My jiareiit, 
my father or my mother, my 
am;e.-'tor; <> kiti.siinaii, his fa- 
ther or mother, or his ances- 
tor, etc. — PI. nin kitisiinaij, 
my ])arent,«, or my ancestors ; 
ki kia.siiniiKibaiii;/, our fore- 
fathers, etc. 

Kifofdi/an. Bell ; \)\.-itn. 

Kifiiiii(/ana(/(>di'(/. "Where the 
bell han;:s, tiiat is, the belfry, 
the (duirch-stoeple, steejiie. 

Kifdfc/iit/oii. Violin ; pi. -(///. — 
Kiic/iikifi)fchi(/<(n, l)a.<e-viol. 
— S. Najdbiii/an. 

Kltofc/iiije, {nin), I play on the 
violin ; p. kel.jjcd. — S. Nnja- 

KiUnccidpikaiijan. Alj. S. Najd' 

Kifwen, adv. With reluctance, 

notwithstanding, in spite of... ; 

against the will ; (F. nialgre.) 

Kiwanakamiijis', (nin). I am al- 
ways playing, or diverting 
myself, Ineglecting all other 
occupations ; p. kau\..sid. 

■ < , 

) V 

:> i 

I m\ 




P I, 
It < 

\ 'ft 



K(JK — iy« — 


Kiwanakdmiijixiwin. Pliiyiii^ or 
ilivertiii;^ with nfj^Ir(;t ul'iluty. 

KiwKiits, uiiit). I iiiuke iioiH(!; 
1 am fuolisli and wuntoii ; ji. 

Kiiraiiisiiriii. Foolish, 

Kiwc w t/iirc. Il is siiid, ihcv 
Huy, J iiiKlcrsliunl. 

Kiii'ish, (not iiiucli used,) thy 
wilo. — 'ilu'y coimiiunly f^ay : 
hi w/d/'i/nnai/iiu, or, /iv" inindi- 
luuieinin/i, thy will', 

Ao, (or i/yo, iitU'r u coii.soimiit,) 
if* a particle denotiii;:; use or 
oisfom. — /\i(l iju lui iiO ircili y 
— Nind ijti .svf k(i. Dost thou 
list' to ^o there? — I use to go. 
Nimiwoij i/iO, they use to 

KdJ, ill eompOMitioiis, si;;iiilii's 
the bill or hcak oi' a bird ; us : 
luti/di/iivikdj, raven's heuk. 

K(tk()li('(j(ni(in. nrid;^e over the 
Sty\, (in Indian iiiytiioio;j:y,) 
over which must j:o the souls 
ol'the dej)iirted, to arrive to 
the land ol'apirity. Tlie jrood 
souls pass easily over it and 
enter the hai)py land ol'sjjirits. 
Tlie wicked souls caiTiiot pass 
it: they fall in the dei)th he- 
neatli, and are unhappy lor 

Kdkoki). Owl; (F. hihou ;) pl.-^. 

Kokoah. Pig, hog, swine, -ow; 
pork; pl.-(V/. 

Kokoshcas. A small pig, or a 
young pig, suckling pig ; pl.- 

Kokoshi-bimide. Hog's lard. 

Kok(ishiwaj(((/nai. Sward, (skin 
of bacon ; (F. couenne.) 

Kokosliiwibwdm ijakaiidmodcij. 
Smoked ham. 

Hog's iiiual, 
The Buoiil III 


livei'; kikdii. 


a hog ; pl.-//^ Moth ; 

Ao;(, iiikuii. My 
thy liver; oAo//, lii« liver, etc. 

/\ui>((di;nfld(/(i.'i, (iiin). I am con- 
sidered stupid, awkward, 1 
am despised ; p. kwii..f<id. 

Ki'ijKidcuddj/ti'ud. It irt desiiic- 
able, it is awkward, (awkward 
situation ;) p. kwi(..wak. 

KopddLs, {niii). I am stupid. 
dull, awkward, clumsy ; \\ 

/i/(V/...S7V/. ' 

K(ipddi.'ii((, (iiin). 1 make liim 

stupid, dull ; ]). kw(i..(id. 
Kiipddixiioiu. Stupidity, uuk- 

w ani ness. 
K(ij)ddjid, {niii). I treat hiiiiill. 

1 despise liim ; I use him in 

a stupid manner ; I spoil suinc 

ohj. ; jt. 
h'ojnidjiwc, {niin. I treat ill, 
_ despise, destroy ; [i. kw(i..wiil. 
KopadJiiHdia, [niiij. I kill an 

animal uselessly, without any 

prolit to mo; p. kiva..iiii'l : 

imp. kojxidjiud/. 
KapadJUoii, {nin}. 1 make il ur 

do it in a stupid and awkwanl 

manner, 1 sjjoil it, destroy ii ; 

p. kwa.dod. 
Kopaacikwc. Servant-wonuiii, 

or maid ; pl.-^. 
Kopuiu'winini. Servant-man ; 

Kvpasitayos, (nin), I sjK'ak 

stupidly ; p. kwa..nid. 
Kopdniiawa, (nin). I hear him 

or listen to him with the iin- 

l)ression that he speaks •■tu- 

pidly ; p. kiva..ivad. 
Kopdsoma, (nin). I despise liim 



— l:ii) 


with liad words, I Iri'ut liiin 

ill ; p. kira,. 11111(1. 
Ki'>ii(is<iii(laii, (niii). I lUispisi' it 

with bud words; p. kirft..(iii(/. 
Kiijiii-'ioiidi.s, (niu). 1 ik' 

myself with words; p. hwa.. 

K"S'il>uni(i, {niii). I practise In- 

liiiii ju,L'j!;lery on him, to 

kiinw his sickiicHs and tlio 

rJL'ht rciiK'dy for it; p. kiiu.. 

I\iisnl>nii(l((ni, inin). J pnictiHc 

Indian jujrglery, to know the 

tiitiirc, in rcfriird to f<ick ju'r- 

soiis ; p.<j. 


iialion un.l .jii;j:gk'ry 

lian (livi- 
.„.v^._, in or.k'i" 

I.) Know the lutiirc, in rcgar.l 

tu sicknesses un.l their renie- 

KiisuhaU-lutjan. The jugglery 

l\iisltjns-ijodJi(/an. The weight 

u>i'.l on ii halance to weigh 

uitli ; (F. le poid.s d'une ba- 

laiK'c;) pl.-«y/, 
k'l.sii/oiraiic, inin.) I carry a 

licavy j)ack on my back; p. 

kusiijirdii, {)iiii]. J am heavy, 

lioiiiK'rous ; p. kwe.siijn'anid. 
kiisi(iir((n. It is heavy, jMjn- 

'lerous ; ]>. kwes,.an<j. 
kiisi(/trania, inin). I make 

heavy some obj.; p. kwcad. 
k(i.vijicunUon, (niii). I make it 

heavy ; p. kwctod. 
hifsii/weinuui, {nhi). 

heavy, I think it 

p. kwc.ang. 
knsii/irnneniina, {nin 

him heavy, (any obj. 


A'w.y. Thy father. 


iin.l it 


heavy ; 


I find 


; p. kwe 

Kixhiijahandinn, {nhi). I have 
a paintiil .Ircam ; p. ki('i;.(niif. 

KiddijdiHiiidoiiinu'in. I'ainfnl 
"Ircani ; j)l.-«/j. 

hold'jdpinc, inhtj, 1 have a 
painful sickness; }t. kirc.ned. 

K(dd(jd{n'n('in'n. I'ainful sitd<- 
noss, plague ; \>\.-an. 

hdldi/citddf/ds, inin). 1 havo In 
sull'iT, I am sulk'.ring; p. kwc 

l\ii/di/riidd(jir(td. It is painful, 
hard, causing .-ull'ering ; p. 

I\(d<ii/nii(((i/irdkdiiiii/dil. Tlii're 
is Iriliulalion, it is a painful 
event, jjaiiiful acciilent; p. 

h(da<jniddin, (nin). I sull'iM', I 
am in a painful trouble ; p. 

Kiddijenddnuiwin. SuH'eritii^', 

sorrow, ti'ibulation, aliliction, 
pain, trouble, adversity, (es- 
pecially .spiriliutl.j S, Kdtd- 

J\<>/d(jid, [nin], I make him sai- 
ler, I i)lague him, I give him 
jiain and trouble, J torment 
liim, torture him, martyri/.e 
him ; p. kwcid(/idd. 

Kot(((/ini!indan. I sufler from 
the smell of some obj. ; p. 

Kotd(jin(j, adv. \\\ the neigh- 
boring lodge or house, in the 

Kokigis, [nin). I suller, I am 
miserable, I am in trouble; p. 

Kotdijisiwin. Sulk'ring, troubk'., 

Kntwjita, [nin), I suffer, (bodily 
from sickness or labor;) p. 

\ .' 

' <H 

I 1 ! 


" i 





— 200 — 




h'oldffiloii, (iiiii). I iiiftkc it 
HuH'or ; p. kwcJotl. — ()ol(ii/ih- 
/iiii v'iiitir, lie iiialvt'H fiuH'cr 
liin l)0(ly, (liiinscir.) 

l\')t(i(/Uowiii, Siid'criiitr, iniiii, 
ilistrcHM, (0H|»('<'iiilly huilili/.) 

Holdi/iii', iiiin). J toil and liiltur, 
I endure liiinhlii|i ; p. kirc. 

Kdllll/iwclHKii/, (///';/). I 111)) t(IS- 

.se(l ubuiit ill n caiiue, liuat, 
veHHC'l, etc. ; p. kipcj/cil. 

KoldH'iiii. A lilock, a iiir^^c 
)»ie(;e of wood lor I'liel, tlirow ii 
III the hack of the chininev ; 

l\n(ii/ot/((tlcl(i, (>///(), My lej; i^ 
dislocated ; p. kwe.-tod. 

Kiiliaokinhiii, (iiin). I dislocate 
my lejz hy lalling ; ]). kivciiii/. 

K»lii/6iiikex/iiii, {iiiin. I dislo- 
cate )iiy aril) hy fulling; p. 

Kolitjfinikcta, iitin). My arm is 
dislocateil ; ]). kwc.tad. 

KiiHijoniadjishin, yn'ni). I dislo- 
cate my haml hy a fall ; j). 

Ki>(i(/dnin(IJi/<r, [iiiii). I liave a 
dislocated hand ; p. kirctad. 

Kd/ii/o.shka, inia), or, niii knti- 
ijdta. I dislocate some lii))l) 
of my hody, 1 have son e limh 
dislocated ; p. 

Ki)/i(/ofihkmcin. Dislocation of 
a linih of the liuman hod}'. 

Kotfir/osideshin, {)iiii). I dislo- 
cate my foot hy a fall ; p. kivc 


Kfdit/nsidcfit, inhi). My timt i* 
diwiocated ; p. kwc.Mid. 

Sti'ddiii, or kwoiH, as eiid-s\ llu- 
hie in coinpositioiis alhidc- i- 
ti/'ori'sf; as: Niii xniidi'thirn- 
mil, or, tiiii papakii'iUMiiy I 
come out of the woods. 7''7//- 
ijdku'diii, near the forest. 

Kti'rii,n^ eiid-syllalile in eoiii|"- 
sitions, alludes to the pusitimi 
of the /ii'fid ; as; A'/// innr,.- 
l/ikwiiifl iiudine my head li'- 
ti)re me. Anihckwciii, he in- 
(•lines his heiul on one side. 

Kwi'U'li. 'Pen, (in common (|uiik 

h'wixlikwish, (aim. I whi.-tlc; 


Kiri.s/ikirishiiiKi, iiiiin. I I'^i'l 
him wliistling; p. kwasli..iiinil 

Kiskkii'i.sliiiKKjdin, (iiiii<. I 
whistle an air, a SOUL', a im- 
lody ; p. kwccmod. 

Kiri.s/ikwinkiwin. Whistliii'.'. 

Kwi.s/tkiris/ikwasniiinrc, inin . 
I whistle after a dojr, I call n 
dog whistling ; p. l<ivih.woL 

Ktviioi.sciis. Boy ; pl.-ay. 
Kwiwiseiis. Kind of lizanl, n I 

lizard ; \>\.-u</. 
Kwiwiscn.sike, (aiii). 1 am ilr- 

livered of a hoy, 1 give I'irtli 

to a hoy ; j) kwa..kcd. 
Kwiwi.scnaiw, (iiiiij. 1 amahuy; 

p. kicaw..ickl. 

tout 1:* 


'(«tiii, 1 

1. 7 '■/"■• 

1 fOlll)" ■ 

)(, )M/I''M- 
lu'llil 1"- 
/, lu' ill- 
e sitU'- 
un iiuirk 


. I (m'I 

lllill). 1 

i;:, a 1111- 

r, {,iin. 

^r, 1 (Mill 11 


li/.ar'l, U'l 

I iiiu 'U- 

jrive liii'ili 

am al'i'V 





]lii : particle siLrtilfyiiii: a rc- 
iiit'orccMiK'iit of wliiit is Miiil : 
iis ; llV/t m(( iij-ikkitd ; lie ^iiiiil 

it liiiiiHC'lt'. Kit )iit( v'iii ; lui, 

Mi'ilidiii, jU'dii , tliis, tills 

tilJH hc'iv. 
)h'iil(i(iil(ni viikinifi, (ill II 

)lii(l(i(iii, (iiin). I scrape a liiiie 

iji' skin ; p. niaiiolditin/. — Nin 

iiimlaaii pijiliiirei/in, i Hcrupe 

iiii ox-liide. 
Mi'nliKiiia, lllill). F '^o uflcr liini, 

I tiillow liiin ; I pniviic liiiii ; 

p. iiiaid..ii(i((. 
Mvb'ihi, (nin). I come out of the 

woods to the lake ; p. inahihid. 
Mmliiliii/oSy {II ill). 1 come from 

camp to camp out of the 

wuous to the lake; p. imil.. 

}l(i(lal)ii)Hii/(id. ft comes to the 

lake ; p. luiuL.i/dk. 
MmhlhinNi', {nin). 1 nlide down 

t(i tlie lake ; p. nu'd..sed, 
Maduhisse, ov-mdt/ad. It filidos 

iluuii to the lake; j). vied..,sei/, 

Wwlabiicidoii, {nin). I carry it 

to the lake shore ; \). nicd.. 

iladi'iOiwina, {nin). 1 carry or 

convey liim to the lake shore, 

la])erson,or any other ohj.); 

ji. nied..nad. 
I'Airr II. 


Miiili'ilniii , { nin). I i^o on a I'ivcr 
in a caiio(> or huut down to the 
lake, to the month of the ri- 
ver ; p. inril..niid. 

.Milihldis, {nin). 1 ti'!i\e|,| niii 
on ajoiinify ; p. iniiiii..sii/. 

Mdiliidjini, {nin). I iie<,'in to tell, 
I hegin my report or narra- 
tion ; |>. niaiiidddJinitiil.lWtr'iil- 
Lii'd from intidji, lie;:innin;; ; 
and niii (lihddjiin, I tell.) 

.Mndddon, (nin). I carry a canoe 
to the water*; p. nii'il.nnd. 

.Udddi/miii. 'Iroiililed or a;_Mtat- 
eil water. 

Mdddiinniislil^d, i)V-nid(/dd iiihi. 
The water movi's, it i.s m^t 
still and (juiet; p. iiicd../.dij, 

Mdddiijdn. Scraper; (('. ;:ratte, 
grattoir;) \)\.-dii. 

.]ldd<(iife, {niih. I scrape a hide, 
a skin ; p. indidddii/id. 

Mdddhdiniiiis,\nin). I commence 
some work ; I hejrin to make 
noise* p. nidia...sid. 

Mddfdidjiiji', {niii}. I liegin to 
eat ; p. nidid..(/ed. 

Mwlaninidd. 1'he wind hcgiiis 
to Mow ; p. nidid.innk. 

Mdddohcn, {nin). I distrihutc or 
<livide it among several per- 
sons ; p.<l. 

ytdddokenan, {nin). \ distrihutc 
or divide some ohject among 
several persons; p. inaia..kcd. 


M 1 


I I 



Ik ' 
/I'' i 

'• i 





/ ^ ■ 



£l ) 

MAD — L'02 — 

(V. Conj.) — Nin madaukcnan 
ninJuiiUdm; J distribute my 
iiioiu'y among several persons. 

Mi'idaoki, {iiin). 1 dividi- or dis- 
tribute Jimoii;^ several jier- 
sous ; p. )nai(t..kid. 

Madaokiwin. Distribution, (li_vi- 
sioii, repartition, 
amoiij; several persons. 

Mdddoiiumawd'j, {iiin)._ I divide 
it amongst them, I give some 
t(j every one ol' them ; jt. iii'iiit 

Mada<inidimiii,{niuK We divide 


it amongst 

us ; p. iiiaitcdid- 

idiiriii. Distriliutioii 

made liy several amongst 
• themstdvcs, to each other. 
Mddnpine, {nil)). 1 liegiii to ti'cl 

a sickness ; p. )iiaia..ned. 
Madapiiu'u-in. Beginning of a 

MadufiKidint, (niti). I carry it to 

the water, (a canoe ;) I launch 

it, (a vessel, etc.) ; p. iiicd.. 

Mddawa, [iiiii). I scrape a hi(le 
^orskin; p. maia..w<id. — Nin 

madaica wawashkds/iiivaidii, 

I scrape a deer-skin, or buck- 

Madima, [iiiii). 1 wear it. I 

clothe niyself with it; ]). me- 

Mddlmona, {nin). S. Modinda- 

Mddinddijan. Clothing, clotlies, 

clothing material. 
Madindwjanin'i<janil(i. Clothing- 
store; ■p\.-(>n. 
MadindamauHf, {nin). \ give him 

clothes, 1 clothe him; p. mc, 

Madindciu, {nin). I weqj' it, I 

clothe myself with it; p. mni 

Madindns.s, {nin). I am rich in 
clothing, I hr..e many clothi-; 
]). vied. .sod. 

Mddipo, ov-maijad. It eoniiiicn- 
ces snowing, it begins to smou: 
p. nuiiddipaif, oi-ni(ii/<ik. 

Mddjti, {nin). 1 start, I go awav, 
I go on ; J), maiddjud. 

M'idjamayad. It goes away, i 
goes on ; p. m(iia..tjak. 

Mddji. This word, in comicc- 
tioi with a verb, signilKs Ih- 
ijinnuKj, or qoimj on. (Chaiit.'i , 
niaiddji.) Mu inddji-annli. I 
begin to work. MddJiijaijiLiri. 
he begins to preach. — (OiIkt 
examples in some of the pil- 
lowing worls.) 

.M(7dji,iidv. S. Mddjikanu)/. 

Mddji, {nin). T go away, 1 stiiri 
in a canoe Oi boat ; p. nntidd- 

Mddjibuiwe, {nin). I run iiwav 
in a great haste, as (juick a>i 
can ; (F. je me sauve a pKim- 
jambes ;) p. maid.-u'cd. 

Mddjibato,{nin). I begin to run; 
p. main. .tod. 

Mddjibiauiawa, (nin). I write t.i 
him, L write him a letter ;|i 

Mddjibide, or-mi((/ad. It goes di 
glides away ; it dies ulf ; ]',oi'-magak. 

Mddjibii(jan. Missive, writii.' 
sent to somebody, letter .vc/// , 
pl.-a/<. S. llidjibiiijan. 

Mddiihiirje, {nin.) I am writini; 
a letter to send to somcbud}, 
a missive ; p. maia..(jed. 

Mddjihissa. It liegins to rain ; !' 





— 203 — 


Mhljidabddan, (nin). 1 ilruw or 

(li'iig it away ; p. 
}l(hliidahana, {ii,iii). I drsnv or 

drag him away, (a i)ev80ii or 

liny other obj.) ; p. iuaia..U(ul. 
Mddjidabi, {nin). 1 draw or ilrag 

away ; p. main.. bid. 
Mi'idjidaiwe, {nin). I send h. th. 

to soniehotly ; p. maia..wc(l. 
Mddjidaiwcn, (niii). I sent it to 

suiiiebody ; \) 
ilddjidaiircnan, {nin). I send 

f^oiJie obj. to aomobody ; j). 

vKiia..ived. (V. Coiij.) 
]lddjidaw((, {nin). I carry it to 

liiiii ; p. niaia..w(id. 
Mdjidjimde, ur-niayad. It is 

carried away ; p.<f, 

M(Hljidji(jas, {nin). I am carried 

iiway, (a person, or any other 

obj.) ; p. maia..sod. 
Mdjidjiit'un. It runs on, it rnns 

iuvaj,^(any liquid ;) p. maia.. 

]lddJidode, {nin). I move away ; 

|). maiadjidukeod. 
Mihljidon, {nin). 1 carry it away, 

I carry it off", I convey it away; 

!». maiadjidod. 
)lddji(j, {nin). I grow taller ; p. 

Mddjiga, or-moi/ad. The sap of 

maple-trees begins to run ; p. 

iiiaiadjigay, or-ma</ak. 
Mddjigidas, {nin). t begin to be 

an^ry, I get angry ; p. maia.. 

Mddjiijin. It grows on ; p. ntaia 

..iiijj., {nin). I begin to 

sew ; p. maia.. sod. 
Mdjiiddjim, {nin). I carry word 

or news; p. maia.,mod. 
^Id((jiidd,jima, {nin). I tell of 

him, I S{)read his fame, or his 
shame ; p. maia. .mad. 

Mudjiiadjimo'we, {nin). I send 
word or iie\,s to somebod} ; 
p. maia. .wed. 

Mddjiidsxin. It goes away driven 
bv the wind; p. — 
i^fibikwdn mudJiiiU.sin, the 
vessel goes away, (driven by 
tlie wind.) 

MO.djikamiy, or madji, adv. Not 
now, nut so much. — Mojag <ii- 
hiniafchi-ijiwcbisi, nntdjika- 
miij non(/fiin fa-minf/ 
He always behaved badly, he 
will not now liehave well. 

Mudjikauiiyad. It begins, (an 
action or event ;) p. maia.. yak. 

Mddjikan, {nin). 1 commence 
some work ; p. 

Mddjikiktvewis.^. The first-born 
girl of a family. 

Mudjikikwewib-sikandage, {nin). 
I am like a mother to my 
younger l)rothers and sisters ; 
p. tncd..(jed. 

Mddjikikioewissikandawa n i- 
ahime, (nin). I am like a mo- 
ther to njy 3'ounger brother, 
(to my younger sister ;) p. mcd 

Mudjikikwewissiw, (nin). I am 
the tirst-born girl of the fami- -, 
]\ ; p. mcd..wid. 

Mddiikiwiss. The first-born boy 
oi a family; pl.-a(/. — Ninmad- 
jikiwissim, my farst-born son ; 
also, my oldest brother. 

Mddjikiwissiip, [nin). I am the 
first-born boy of our family ; 
p. medj. .tcid. 

Mddjina, {nin). I carry Kim 
away ; p. maiadjinad ; in)p. 



1 >: 

■ i ' ' ' 

V i 


1 If 







— 204 — 


M/i'l/'inajay/as, {nin). I am sent 
away ; p. inoi(i..sod. 

Mddjinajawa, (nin). I sciul him 
awav ; p. maia..tcad ; imp. 

Mndjinojik-awa, [nin). I pcikI 
away in liasto, I luirry liim 
away; I drive him away ; p. 

Mudjita, [nin). I begin, I com- 
mence, (a work or an action ;) 
I attack, I aggress ; j). mai- 

Mddjiwidawn, [nin), or, vin 
madjiwidainmra. S. MCidji- 

Mndjiwidjifian, [nin). I an) car- 
ried away ; p. main.. .sod. 

Mdd^iwiton, (nin). S. Mddjidon. 

Mddjiwina, [nin). I carry or 
convey him away, (any ol»j.) ; 
J). maia..nad ; imp. madjiwij. 

Mildjiunnidi.'i, [nin). I carry or 
convey myself away ; p. inaia 

Madudinson. Indian steam-ltath ; 
(C. Huerie eanvage.) 

Madodo, [ni)i). I take a steam- 
hatli, (in order to recover of 
a sicknt'PS hy a violent pers- 
l)iration) ; p. viedodod. 

Madoma, [nin) I carry him 
away on my back on a pack- 
ing-strap ; J), niaiadomad. 

Mddondan, [nin). I carry it 
away on my back on a por- 
tage-strap, or pack ing-.« trap ; 
J). maia..anij. 

Maduncxodbik. Hot .«tone nsed 
in an Indian steam-bath to 
heat the water; pl.-o//. 

Madur, in compositions, signi- 
fies hearintj a report, a sound, 
a noise ; as: Kis/iinie ui- 
madice-nibo ; we he»r that thy 

brother died. No.s.s t/i-uindiri- 

datprisfiin tH)idon</ ; I limi 

my father arrived last ni;:lii 
Madwcdiujas.Kin. The wind \vlii>- 

persin the leaves of a tree; y. 

Madwrhintsa. The rain is hcani 

(falling on a roof, on leaves 

etc.) ; J). med..Ka(f. 
Mndic^djiwan. The current 

a stream or river is heanl ; 

med. .aujf. 
Madxccidbideshimon , (nin), 

nin madweidbideskin.) 1 cliiit- 

ter with the teeth, from cold : 

p. med. .nod. 
Madwnna, (nin). I crack sonn 

obj. witlj the teeth, I crauncli 

it; p. mcdici'niad. 
Maaw(hif/wam, (nin). 

p. med.. an If. 
Madwc nriwamowi n . 

(F. rontlement.) 
Madwcmjuiash, (nin). 

Madxoeshim, [nin). I 

falling; p.<j. 
Madw^si(je, [nin). I fire a gun; 

p. med.. (fed. 
Madweniipi-gijigad . G u n -1 i r i 1 1 l' 

day, the day of firing guns. 

Madnr,ssagi.<i/n'n, [nin). I am 
heard falling on the floor, mi 
boards; p. 

Maduic.s.sagi.s)(in. It is heard full- 
ing on boards, on the floor ; p 

Madwh.nn. It is heard falliiii:; 
it sounds, it rings; p. med.. 

.)ladwcs:'<iton, [nin). I niiikc ii 

sound, ring, I ring it; p. incl 


y I Madiirta, {nin\ (freq. nin ma- 


I snori' ; 


S. .lA/'/- 

am licanl 

» I 




- 205 


madiceia.) I am licanl some- 

wliero inuking noise; \). med- 

]lii(liir'we, or-magutl. It sonnd.s, 

it rings ; p. med-waj, or-ma- 

Miulwhoco bine. The partridj^e 

is making witli Ins 

wings ; p, med..od. 
ilddwcweshin, {uin). I am lieard 

tr(im some place ; p. 
]l(iilwiwefisin. It is heard (rem 

>oine place ; p. med..iiH/. 
Maihmcetchigan. Any thing 

tliat produces or gives a sound 

or sounds ; a musical inslru- 

nient, trumpet, liorn ; harp, 

jruitar, etc. ; pl.-o«. 
iUuhtrwetchige, {nin). I make 

something sound ; I produce 

sounds;! make n)usic ; p. 

)l(((lwewetoii, (nin). I nmke it 

sound ;p. med.Jod. — Nin mad- 

weweton hodddjiqan, I make 

a trumj)et sounc^, a hugle, a 

ililliobidon, inin). I jjreas or 

compress it in my hand 

sfrongh/; p. maia..dod. 
]lu(jiihina, (nin). I press ov 

compress some oltj. atronghj 

ill my hand ; p. main..)iad. 
Mijona, (nin). I press some 

olij. in my hand slig/ii/i/ ; ]>. 

MiV/oiian, (nin). I press it in my 

hand .slij/hthj ; p. 
ililjioiiindjina, (n//j). I press his 

liand ; p. maia..uad. 
iliK/oshr, {nin). I make an In- 
dian feast, as a religious cere- 

nionv; p. megoshed. 
MagoshSwin. Indian religious 


Magwdwigan. Hunch hack. 

Magwtiwigan, (nin). 1 am hump- 
backed ; p. meg..ang. 

Mdywia, (nin). I am stronger 
tlian he, I surpass him, over- 
come him ; p. main. .ad. 

Mdgwiigon, (nin). It overcomes 
me, 8ur!)asses me ; p. maid., 
god. — Min nuigiriigon nintf 
dkn.siwin ; my sickness over- 
comes nie, (it is stronger than 

MngwHo, (nin). I am very sick, 
I am overcome hy sickness ; 
p. maidgwitiKl. 

Mdgwiton, (nin). I overcome it, 
surpass it; i). maia..ind. 

Maiddaokid. He that distributes, 
a distributor ; p\.-jig- 

Maiddjitad. He that commences, 
aggressor, attacker; p\.-Jig- 

Maidg, in compositions, signi- 
fies /bre/7/t, utranqe, changed. 

Maidganishindbc. Stran<5e In- 
dian from another tribe ; in 
Scriptural language, pagan, 
geutile ; pl.-y. 

Maiagendago.<t, {nin). I am con- 
sidered, or found, strange, 
changed ; I am changed ; ji. 

Maiag^nima, (nin). I find him 
<'hanged, strange, (a person, 
or any other obj.) ; p. mai . 

Maidgikwe. Foreign, strange 
woman ; pi-//. 

Maidqinago.'i, (nin). I look chan 




I look like a 

stranger; p. meia...sid. 
Maidginan, (nin). I see it chan;:- 

ed ; p. vieia..ang. 
Mainginawa, (nin). I see hin) 

changed, (any obj ) ; p. meia., 



i'' ( 




■ i ( • 



1 ,i' 






Mnidfj/whii. I''oreigu, straiif^e 
man, foreigner; ])\.-ivaf/. 

Mnidgis, {nin). i am a ntra'iiger, 
a f'oreij'ner; p. meiiap'sid. 

Mnicigislikwjigwe, (nia). I lunc 
ii strange face, or a clianged 
tiice ; p. meia,.ined. 

MaiiigissHon, {nin). J put it, in a Htrange man- 
ner ; p. meia..tod. 

Maidgitagos, (nin). I am heard 
speaking strangely, I speak 
like a stranger, or with an al- 
tered voice ; I speak a foreign 
language ; p. meia..sid. 

Maidgitawa, (nin). I find, in 
Jiearing liim, tliat his lan- 
guage (or his voice) is chang- 
ed, strange, I liear liim speak- 

■ ing strangely, like a stranger; 
]): meia..toad. 

Maidgiton, {nin). I make it in a 
strange ;inanner ; also, it 
sounds strange to me, I find 
strange (or changed) wliat 1 
liear; \\wei„tod. 

Ma iagive, ( nin ) . My speak i n g i s 
strange or clianged ; I speak 
a strange or foreign language ; 
p. maiagwed. 

Maiagwda, (nin). I make him 
speak a strange or foreign lan- 
guage; p. meg. .ad. 

Maidjimagosid manitons. Stink- 
ing insect, bed-bug. 

Maidmakddendang. He who ad- 
mires, admirer; pl.-((/. 

Maidmaioi-niganisid Kitchi-me- 
katewikwanaie. Sovereign 
Pontiff, Pope, (the tbremost 
Great Black-gowji.) 

MaidoshUgiodn. S. Nainsigok- 

Maidosse,{nin). I niarch fore- 

most, at the iiead ef a gjuii'. 

band or company ; p. mei...'<eil. 
Maidi>s.v''winini. War-captain, 

war-chief, who inarches at tin- 

head of liis band of warriors; 

Maiatawanishinahe. Straiiirc 

Indian, in particular a Sion- 

Indian ; pl.-y. 
Maiatawis, (nind). S. Muiaqix. 
Maidwah, {nin). I am sitiiii.' 

straight uj); p. me..hid. 
Maidwaiekwaiauiki.n assin. Ii 

is a corner-stone. 
Mniawaknnan, {nin). I erect it, 

I make it stand up; p. n.eiti.. 

Maiawdah., [nin). I am put \\\r 

right, I am erected, b\ the 

wind; p. mdawdshid. 
Maiawunfdn. ft is erected , or put 

upright, by the wind; \).vi.('i.. 

Maidwendagf).'<, {nin). I am oon- 

eidered the foremost ; p. ind'i 

Maiairendagwad. It is consiilei- 

ed foremost; i).meia..wak. 
Mnidwcndam, {nin). 1 am fore- 
most, I am at the liead ot u 

band; p. meia..ang. 

^faidwikana, adv. In or on the 
trail, road, street. 

Maidwina, {nin). I raise him up, 
I make him sit or stand 
straight up ; p. meia. .nad] 

Maidwishinia, {nin). I erect him, 
I put him upright, (a person 
or any other obj.) ; p. me. wad. 

Maidwi.s'hka, {nin). I erect my- 
self, I stand up straight; ]-. 

Maidioishkan,{nin). I go straight 
upon it ; p. meia. .ang. 

■ I 



MAJ — l.M)7 


Voiawiahkowd, {nhi). 1 ts^i 

>lriiiglit upon liiiii ; p. weiu.. 

]liiiiiwissi(cJii(fas.s(). It is oroct- 

oil, put uprijrlit ; p. mcia..fifi<J. 
\l(ii(1i('is.ntnn, (nin). I erect it, 

1 put it uj) etraiglit; p. met.. 

}l(iiincissiii. It is iipritilit, in 

nil upright iKJsitioii, erected ; 

p. meia..iiiff. 
)l(ii(iwHa, (/</«). S. Maiawishka. 
Shiicit, adv. Aside, apart ; .is : 

Maien nind atnn ow ; I put 

this aside. 
]liiiniisiiendansi!/, iic(/. He wlio 

t'cels no sliame, a shameless 

person, i/u])udeiit, brazeu- 

tiiced ; pl--o;/. S. Er/ateh>Nsi(/. 
]l((irn.mnawas, {nin). I joke, I 

tell jokes to make peopU' 

laugli ; p. 
Mniiii/an. Wolf; ])\.-a(y. 
.\liiiiii/anika. There are wolves ; 

p. inein..kag. 
Vdlnf/aniknn. A place where 

tliore are wolves. — Mainr/ani- 

L(inin(j kid ininajaoninim; I 

send you in the inidst of 

wolves, (in a place where tliere 

are wolves.) 

]lnjamC(joss. Salmon-trout; i)l.- 

]laii(likwanai(fe, (nin). I cut off 
liranches ; p. mej..(jed. 

Miijidikwanewa mitig, {nin). 1 
cut oft' the branches of a tree ; 
p. mej..U'ad ; imp. niajidik- 

Majiidkonigan. S, Majiigan. 

Majiidkoniye, [nin). S. Majiige. 

Majiigan. Clearing, a cleared 
piece of laud ; p\.-an. 

.\Utkak. Hox, trunk, chest, (;otVer, 

» barrel, Indian sugar-box ; \>\ - 

Makakokc, {nin). I make barrels 
(or boxes) ; p. 7nek..bcd. 

MakiwiO, {nin). I take it from 
him by Ibrce, I rob him of it ; 
p. mekomnd. 

Makando.ihkaniogr, (nin). I get 
s. th. before another, I take 
s. th. before some other dc^es ; 
p. inek..g('d. 

Md/candushkamdwa, or, nin nia- 
kando.s/ikawd, {nin). I get it 
or take it before he does, (he 
wishes or intends to get it, 
but 1 get it before him ;) p. mek 

Makandto^, {nin). I take by 
force, I rob, I pillage; p. mek 

Makandwin, {nin). 1 take it 
away by force ; p. mek. .wed. 

Makandwenan, {nin]. I take 
some obj. away by force; p. 
mek. .toed. (V. Conj.) 

Makandwcwin. Taking away by 
force, pillage, robbery, 

Makandwrwini. Robber, ])illa- 
ger, brigand ; pi. -wag. 
The Indians of Sandy Lake 
are called Makandwewiniai- 
wag, from the circumstance 
that once they pillaged the 
store of their fur-trader. 
Makair. Gun-powder. 

Makafc, adj. Black, dark-color- 



Black serpent ; 
A kind of black 

bird" pl.-o.^. 
Makatrke, [nin] 

I paint n)v 


1 ■ 

1 » 

I I 


, ' •;: 

! I 


I I 

i n'V', i 

liice black; p. mek 


W I < 

' ^ 


t, t 


- 208 — 


.! ' 


Mnlrt/^ho(lo7i, {niii). I liliickon 
il, painl it Muck ; \>. nick.. 

Mdkntvkntia, (niii). \ hlackcn 
r^itme obj., I paint it l)lack ; j>. 


M/i/:aii''kniiidi.t, (iiiii). J Ijlaokcn 
my I'aCL' ; p. 

Miihdlr-ina.s/ikilciirtiho. CofFce, 
( black iiiedicinc.) 

Moltolc.thih. IJlack (luck -,p\.-aff. 

MnlinirKHihildniifa.s-n. Iti.s made 
Mack, painted Macdc, (metal) ; 
p. melcund. 

MakdU'iimbikifti. Jt is Ijlack, 
luihi'v, joiiiia ; stone, aa.siii ; 
ihe nnn, f/hins ;) p. mek.Md. 

Mukalcwdyami. It is black; of 
a, dark color, (some liquid;) p. 
mek-..mi(/. — KHchi makatcwd- 
(/(ivii 710 jominubn ; this wine 
js of a very dark color, 

Makateiiiaf/ami.s'hkiiijii/waii. A n- 
))le of the eve; (K. pnpille cfe 
I'ciMl ); 

MakaUwafiamUi(jwe.ia sihi. The 
river is black, of a dark co- 
lor ; p. mek..ia</. 

Mdkah'waie, (nin). My skin is 
black ; p, mek..jed. 

Makaiiiuiiids.s-. Ne^rro, mulatto, 
colored man ; (black tlesh ; ) 

Makalciiniasfiikwe. Ne<rro -wo- 
man ; mulatto woman ; color- 
ed woman ; pi.-//. 

Makatcwikwaiiaic, (nin). I dress 
in black,! wear black clothes; 
]). mekatewikwaanie,i\iQ priest, 
lie that wears black clothes. 

Makathcingwe, {nin). I have a 
black face, my face is black- 
ened ; p. mek..iced. 

Makatewis, [nin). I am black, 

I am of a black or dark cum- 

plexLon ; I am colored, I ain 

swarthy, dusky, sun-burnt ; 

p. mek..sid. 
Mik<iftiiriwe,(nin). I am a black 

jjerson, a nej^ro ; also, I am u 

(Milored person; p. niek-.tral. 
Mdkht, (nin). I wound him; y. 

Mdkiewin. Wounding, woiui'l; 

Mdkiijanamn, (nin). I wouii'l 

him, strikin<!; him with s. th.; 

p. maia..inad. 
Mdkijd, adv. Perhaps, may be. 
Mukikinak. A kind of turtle ; 

Mnkinuna, (nin). I wound him, 

1 lame him, cripple him hv 

striking him ; p. maia..iiitil . 

imp. vidkin<tj. 
Mdkis, (nin). 1 am a cripple ; |i. 

Makidn. Shoe, moccasin; ]p|.- 


Maki.sin-agwidd(jnn. The uppci 

part of a moccasin ; (C. hausse 

de Soulier) ; vA.-an. 
Maki.sincidb. String of a sIkic 

or moccasin ; pl.-m. 
Makisinikr, (nin). Imakeslioo>, 

boots, etc., I am a shoe-maker: 

p, mek..ked. 
Mdkisin ikcwiga m i'j . S h oe-i i la- 

ker's shop ; \A.on. 

Makisiniki'win. Shoe-makiiiL'. 
occupation, work or trade nf 
a shoe-maker. 

Makogan. Bear'.s bone; pl.-.//(. 

MakoijanJ. IJear's claw; pi-///. 

Makojigan. Bear's croup; pl.- 

Makons, (properly makwdns.) a 
young bear; pl.-a</. 

r 1 

nakiciiiii^.) a 


]l(i}iOpin. Ik'ar's p^tatd, 

ciiliililc rodt ;i |»l.-/(/. 
.yuLns/ifif/iraii. IJc'iir's licinl ; 

Mdhnweithi, (properly makira- 

indaii.) IJi'iir-Hkiii ; ]A.-o<f. 
]l(il,iiiriiiiss. Ik'ar-nu'iit . 
jlnliirn. I'ciir ; \)\. intihwdij. 
MdhinlJ. Boar's liolo or dcii ; 

\)\ -(III. 
}l(il:ini.sso(fiiii . Jk'ar-snow.sliot', 

a i^iiiall rtiuiid huow-sIioc, till- 

t'd or laced with Itasswood 

liiirk, made in the woijds in a 

case of necesHity ; pi.-"//; (C. 

jiiitte d'ours.) 
.]hikw('iti(f. Jk'ur's tree, hollow- 
tree where a bear winters; pl.- 

]l(ikwi»iij. Sorb, service-tree; 

(F. Cormier ;) pl.-/». 
]liil,H'iiiiiii. Sorli, service-herry, 

(liear's herry ;) \>\.-aii. 
]l(liii(i. ^lother, mamma; o ma- 

iiKiidii, his mother. 
MniiKi, iiiii iiKuiKi. My eyebrow; 

/*/;/, hKiiiKKj, my eyebrow.s; (j 

tiiiliiKin, hi.s eyebrows. 
MiiDid, [iiiii). y harvest, I reap; 

]i. iiiciikkI ; imp. miiDidii. 
]liiiii(7(1(ih, (iiiii). I stir or move, 

sittiiiji; ; {►. m('in..l)i(l. 
.\l(iiii(1(liiu'i, [liiii). I move 8ome 

tilij. ; p. iiwiii. .11(1(1. 
Mitiiii'i(likwtu,{nin). I move my 

head ; p. jtieiit..iii(L 
Mainildji, (niii). I stir, I move; 

p. Ill em (1(1 Jul. 
.\l(iiini(Ijihiiia, (iiiii). I move him ; 

|i. ; imp. maiiuidji- 

^IdnuaJJipaiji.'i. I palpitate, I 
sprawl ; p. iiie))i.,.<i(Hl. — (ju/o 
vKimadjipiujiso, the lish pal- 

— 201) — 



MamOiliixxp, (uiii). S. Mmiiildji. 

Mintiiidokis, {iiin). lam extreme- 
ly biir, iar;re ; p. iii(' 

Mdiiuidire, liiiii). I ;rroaii, (espe- 
cially a sick person ;) p. me- 

M(ini(i(lu'i'i(thidishh)ifin, [iiin). S. 

Mdiiiddwn'd.s/ihd, or-iiid(/iid- The 
waves are roarintr, the roar- 
inj: of the waves is heard ; p. 

)IICI)l..kd(/, OY-DldlJdk. 

.MdiiiddicciKjii'din, {iiiii). I jrroan 
sleepinjr ; p. irciii. (in;/. 

.MdVK'idwi'win. Groan in<r, ;zroans. 

Maitidikawiii. God-motlier, spon- 
sor at baptism ; also, my 
adopted mother ; pl.-«7. — 
There is always a jxissessive 
pronoun prefixed to this word ; 
as : Niiimniiidikdwin, myjiod- 
mother ; o mdindikawiiutn, his 
}j:od-mother, etc. 

Mdiiifijiiuddji, {niii}. I do it or 
make it badly, negligently, 
not in a i)roper manner ; j). 

MdMdJifdwaj/c, {iiiii). I have 
ngly ears, ill-formed ; \). iiiciii 
. .(ji'd. 

Mdindhhlakdiu iij , adv. Admir- 
ably. snrj)risin>i:, astonishinjr, 
curious, marvellous, won- 
drous, j)rodigioiis, miracu- 

Mdmak(7deiida(/n.'i, {nin). I am 
admirable, lam curious; p. 

M(imakddenddgwad. It is ad- 
mirable, it is astonishing, cu- 
rious; p. maia..wak. 

Mdinakadendam , (jiin). I won- 
der, I admire, 1 am surprised, 
astonished; ^, main.. any. 


i ) 



... i 


I I. 

1 ■ 


— 210 — 


Mrtj)wlrt(fc))(l(iiiii)(t,{jiin). I iimke 
iiiiii woiidor, udiniiT, I aston- 
ish liiin ; |). main. .0(1. 

MraiKikddentltrniiiU'in . Ai 1 in i rii- 
li(in, surprise, astonisliincnt. 

M/h)i(t/,a(l('ii>ft'iii, (iiin). I luhniro 
it, .1 wonder at it ; 1 liinl it 
etirious ; p. )7Kun..(nii/. 

Mt'tiiKikatlt'itiiii, (iii'n). I mlniire; 
p. )ti(iiaiii..iti(ttl. 

Mi'imnkadcniuui, {iiiji). I admire 
liin), ] wonder iit liin) : I tind 
liini cnrions, (a person, or 
any other ohj.) ; p. maia..iiiail. 

MaiiKikadis, (niii). \ am snrpris- 
in>i,Hiii;ruhir, curious, stranjre 
in Tiiy conduct; p. maiamit- 

MdiiiakHdjaU, adv. Wonderful- 
ly, curious, stran<ie. 

Mdmiikadji/c/iif/an. Wonderful 
thing, sign, miracle ; \A.-aii. 

Md/ii(fk/7dJ)fc/iJi(/e, {iiiii). I do 
wonderful things ; I work 
miracles ; p. viaia-.tjciL 

Mam iikmlji tell jhiewiii. I)()ing 
wonderful things, luiracles. 

Mdiiiakdscdxnna, (iihi). I gaze 
at him with astonishment, 
with curiosity; p. maia..mad. 

Mamakifsabaiuiaii, (/(/»). I gaze 
at it with astonishment, with 
curiosity ; p. inaia..ainj. 

Momnknsnbaiidjigdn. Any thing 
that is gazed at with astonish- 
ment, awonderful thing, sign; 

MaiitakaHabantjc, {iiiii). I look 
on with curiosity and sur- 
prise ; ]). mai(i..(/ed. 

Miliuaknsabange, {uiii). I look 
on with curiosity and surprise; 
];. maia..ged.' 

Mamakdsabamjeshk, {iiin). I 

am in a hahit of looking on 

with too much curiosity ; |,. 

M(i itiii kdsabd II !/('x/i k I irl II . llnA 

curiosity, iiKpiisitiveness in 

looks. — The same signitica- 

tion has niniiKikdsiiHuiKiiriii, 
MiiiiHikfisiiKtn, iiiiii). S. MiiiiHi- 

MdiiKikdsiiuiird, (iiiii). S. Maiiui- 

Mdiiidkds, fdifus, iiiiii). r am 

t(dling ailmiralile wondertiil 

things, curiotis stories ; |i. 

MdiiidkdsiUtirn, {niiij. I listen 

to him with astonishmciii. 

with admiration; p. maid.. 

Mdiiidkii/diKiiiid, {nin), J'ro(j. \ 

wout){l him in seseral plans 

liv striking him 

My face in 
C sm,.ll-)i(ix; 

Mdiiiakisiuiin. Snuill-jjox ; (F. 

petite verole, picote.) 
Mdiiiaiidke, in in). 1 am a poor 

archer, I cannot sh<;ot ucji 

with a how and ar" .w ; p 

Mniiiandd, in compositions, sij;- 

nities woiiderfnl, anionisliiun . 


Mamamdddodam, {nin). 1 iln 
astonishing things; I woik 
miracles ; p. mem. .an;/. 

Mdinandddodamowin. Adinii- 
ahle, astonishing doing; mi- 
racle; \\\.-an. 

Mamanduaa.shkiio, {nin). I can 
do wonclerful things ; p. nn-in.. 

Mamanda(/onin i. Braggari . 

»' ■'■' •■■■•■« 

Mdmakiiuiwc, (nin). 

marked with thf 



- 211 - 


haastoi- ; (F. fanfuron;) |»1.- 

\l(tma7id(iuHua(fos, {nin). I li>ok 
cxd'Hordiimry, I have ai) as- 
tonishiiii;, eurprisitic;; appear- 
ance; p. mem..sid. 

Mniiinndawitrhujaik . (-iirioiiw 
strange action ; pl.-cru. 

SUimanddwitchige, [nin). I have 
curionfl manners, 1 act 
strangely, curiously ; p. mem., 

) Curious 
Htrange (lu.stoin or manners; 


!\hmandessadendagoSy {nin). I 
am looked upon as a rascal, I 
liave a roguish ai)i)earanco ; 
1 1, mem.. si d. 

.\l(iin(n}gh.<tadendam, {nin). I 
iiave had roguish thoughts 
and plans ; p. mem. .any. 

Jiainandessandiii, (nin). I am a 
rascal, a rogue; p. mem.. Hid. 

MamnndjiAjonindjibina, {nin). T 
Iliad or fetter Jiis hands hy 
force ; p, viem..nad; imp. wirt".. 

.\lamandJigo,9, (nin) . 

I am lame. 

I cannot walk, or, J cannot 
sitions, sii- B walk well; p. mem...v'd. 

Mamdndjigosidebina, {nin). I 

fetter or bind his feet l»y force; 

1). mem..nad ; imp. mam..hij. 
Miimdndjiffosidehi.^, {nin). My 

feet are fettered ; p. mem.. nod. 
Mamdndjigwapidjigan. Fetters ; 

pi. -an. 

Mamdndjigwapidjigas, {nin). I 
am fettered ; p. mem. .nod. 

Munmndjigwapina, (nin). I fet- 
ter him, bind him by force ; 
p. mem.,nad- imp. main..pij. 

.Mamundjilc/iige, (niu). I pra«'- 
tise'^iagic, witchcraft ; p. mem 

Mamdniljifr/iigcivin, or mamnnil- 
jinowin. Magic, witclicraft. 

Mumdndjilr/ii</en'iniiii, or mo- 
mdndjinou'inini. >Iagician ; 

Mumdngnnhka, or-magad. The 
sea runs high,there isa heavy 
sea; p. mcni./cag, ov-mugttk. 

Mamdiigutigodjiicun. The water 
runs in heavy waves, (in ra- 
l^ids ;) p. mcm..nng. 

MumanJ, adv. Jiadly, negligent- 
ly, carelessly, not right, su- 

Mamdnjia, Iniii). I overcome 
him, I prevail against hiu), I 
vanquish him; ^ 

Mumdnjiigon, (nin). It ovi'r- 
comes me, vanquishes me, ii 
prevails me; p. mem.. 

Mamdnjiton, (nin). I vanquish 
or overcome it, I prevail 
against it ; p. mem. .tod. 

Mamdnjitwa, {nin). I prevail, 1 
overcome ; p. mem. .toad. 

Mamdnniuam, (nin). I see s. th. 
admirable, I have an appari- 
tion, a vision, (according to 
Indian jugglery ;) p. mem..ang. 

Mamdnsinamoivin. A ppar i tion , 
vision, (tricK of an Indian 
juggler ;) pl.-«/t. 

Mamdsika, {nin). I stir or move 
several times ; p. mem..kad. 

Mamaaikdmagad . It moves, it 
stirs several times; p. mem... 

Mamdsikan, (nin). I move it, I 
agitate it ; p. mem..ang. 

I ■ * 

I . » 



- 212 - 


■ (' 

Mamns'ikinrn, (niii). I move, 
Htir or niritate sunic o\\].; ]>. 

Mdinawo, (niii). I take h. tli. 
tVoni liiin, I take h. tli. that 
hclongrt to liiiu, or relates to 
him ; p. memairnd. 

Maitiairnpina;/, (iiiii), (prou.nin 
viamaopiitdif.) I tie several 
olnject.s toj^etlier; p. mniu..ii<t(f. 

Miimmrnpidouaii, (h/»). il»'on. 
niii inmnanpidoiKin.) J tie 
several oltjects together ; p 

Mainawaxsaij, (nin). I jjut seve- 
ral ohj.'Cts together, I unite 
them; p. maia..sed. — S. Ma- 

MOmawi, adv. Together, in com- 
mon, generally, collectively, 
in a bo(ly, in a block. 

Mdmawi, ail v. This adverlt is 
fiometinies employed to ex- 
press the superlative, corres- 
ponding to tlie English vioift, 
or at all,; as : hi viamaioi 
l/aahkiewis endashhoad iiiini- 
icagowa; thou are the most 
[)owerful of all the men in this 

Mdmawi genmi, {nin), (nin ma- 
mauii-ojigemin.) We make our 
dwellin<5 toffcther ; we live to- 
gether in tlie same lodge or 
house; p. viaia..qedjiy. 

Mnmaivigimagad. ft grows toge- 
ther in the same field ; p. maia 

Mdniawiidimin, {nin). We meet 
together, we assemble, we 
come together in one place ; 
p. maia..didjig. 

Mamdwin. Harvest, reaping. 

Mdmawinimin, Iniii) or, nin ma- 
maimnomin. We are gathered 

together in a great Huinlipr ; 
p. maiamairiniiljii/, or moin- 
luawinodjig, multitude ol pcd- 
ple ; (L. tiirba.) 

MdiiiairixHin. It joins togetlicr, 
it fits well together; p. muiii.. 

MihnawiKsiicliig<Ui,\ It is |iiii 
together; p. maia..d<'g. 

MdmaiiHs.iitonnn, iniii). I jiut 
several objects together, I 
unit(^ them ; p. inaiii,.linl.~ 
S. Maviawaxsag. 

Mdmawitchigemin, ( nin). We act 
or work together, we are in 
company together for soinc 
work or business ; p. mnin.. 

Mumawiion, (nin). I join it to- 
gether; p. maia. .tod. 

Mamibidon, {nin), I pull or 
pluck it out ; p. mem..dttd. 

Mamibina, {nin). I pull out some 
obj.; \t.mem..nad ; \m^p. miiui'i- 

Mamidawendam, {nin). 1 am 
afflicted, sorrowful; 1 ttcl 
lonesome; I long for s. tli., 1 
am impatient, I wish to go... ; 
p. niem..ang. 

Mamidawitchi, {nin). My belly 
is hard, I am constipated ; p. 
mem. .id. 

Mamidawito, {nin). I am \(iy 
ill, very sick ; p. mcm-.tud. 

Mdmig, pron. These, these here. 

Mamigaae, or-magad. It is tak- 
en away ; p. niem..dcg, ur- 

Mamigana, (nin). I fight him or 
wrestle with him, for joke or 
play ; p. mem. .ad. 

Mamigas, {nin). I fight or wres- 
tle, joking or playing, (not iu 
anger ;) p. mem.,sod. 



— 21:5 


Miiiiif/ntio. It in taken iiwiiy ; 

1 1, mem, .sod. 
Minu'njtmonhk, {uiii). I am in ft 

liiiii habit, or too nnicli in a 

lialtit, of wrt'Htliii;; and fijilit- 

iii^, for play ; (not in ftnjj;c'r;| 

p. mem. .kill. 
Mitiiiiije, (niii). I tai<o, (without 

naming any object ;) p. memi- 

]l'iiiiiifin(iif, ill ill). S. Gaijhjinnif. 
.\liiiiii(/iiuin((ii, [iiiiij. S. (idijiiji- 


Miiiiiii/oiiiiufjanKt, iiiiii). T rub 
some olijci't in my liamis ; p. 

MniiiirionindjaniJun, {iiiii). I rub 
it in niv hands; p. ihciii.mikj. 

.]l((iiiii/().slikaiii, iiiiii). I have 
only moccasins or shoes on, 
(no Hto(;king8,8ock8 or nippes;) 
p. iiieiii..<iiii/. 

Miuniiioslikfiii makinn, {iiiii). I 
put a shoe or moccasin on, 
w ithout any tliinj; in ; p. mem 

.Vdiiiijima, (niii). I accuse him 
falsely ; I condemn him ; j). 

Mumijwa, {iiiii). I scalp him ; 
p. ; imp. viumijwi. 

Mdinikawinan, {nin), frei], I 
think otlen on him, I remem- 
iier liim for what he did nie; 
p. iiicm..xoid. (V. Conj.) 

Maiiiikwadam, {nin). I praise; 
p. mem., ant/. 

Moiiiikwaddn, .(nin). I praise 
it, I glorify in it; p. mem.. 
(Ill (J. 

Miimikii-adimin, {nin). We praise 

each other; p. mem .didjitj. 
Mamikwndiivin. Praise, flattery. 

Mamikicana, {nin). I prai.>-e 
him; 1 flatter hin\ ; p. mnn.. 

Mamikwaa, {nin). I praise my- 
self", I lioast of..., I brag nf 
myself, I am a braggart; p. 
mem. ..Slid. 

Mdmiku'usini'iii . Self-praise, 

Itoasting, bragging; iF. fanfa- 
ronnerie ) 

Mamikivrmhtiiiiiwd, {nin) or ///// 
mitmikiiu'ndamid. I put him 
often in remembrance of s. 
th., I recall it repeatedly to 
his memory- p. mem. .ad. 

Miimin, pron. These, these here. 

Maminndfiidum, {nin). I have 
proud thoughts ; p. mem. .an;/. 

Maminddeiiddmnu'in. Proinl 
thought ; pl.-a/<. 

Mdininddi.s, {nin). I am )troud, 
arrogant, insolent, luuighty ; 
p. inem.,.sid. 

Mdininddi.siwin, Pride, haugh- 
tiness, arrogance. 

Mamina,djib,{nin). lam fond of 
dainties; (F. je auis friand;) 
p. incm...hed. 

Maminddjibowiii. Fondness of 
dainties, of good nice things 
to eat ; (F. friandisc ) 

Mamiiiu.s.sobi, {nin). 1 take a 
net out of the water ; p. mem., 

Mamiudweiiddii, {nin). I am tbnd 
of it, I don't like U> part with 
it, I am attached to it ; p. 

Maminawenima, {nin). I am at- 
tached to him, like him 
much, I <lon't like to ])art 
with him ; p mem. .mad. 

Maminobama, (nin). I discern 
some obj. ; p. mem.. mad. 

I '^ 




— 214 — 


♦ .• 

Maminowabandan, inin). I <11h- 

wrn it well; \). 7nciu..unif. 
Mdiuiiioitcndaiii, [niii]. I reflect, 

I consider, I lUKlerHtund; p. 

Mtimiiiomnddn, (niii). I rellcct 

upon it, coiisifler it; p. mem.. 

Maminoiii'.abiKi, iniir. I reflect 

upon him, I coni-ider him ; p. 

Mamiiiopoiiidi.f, {nin). I t'eod 

mvHelf daintily, I aiwiiys cut 

.irood things; p. mvm..sud. 
M(uii.inw^iidamiidUnin, {nin ). 

We make one nnother content- 
ed, we comfort each other ; j). 

Mam.ishanowc, {nin). I have 

whi.skerH, (lieard on the 

Mandn.HaiiindasH, {nin). T ask a 

highjjrice tors, th.; \).mcm.. 

Mands.mijinde, or-muj/ad. It is 

liigh, dear; j)., or- 

Maminsatjinso. J t is high, dear; 

p. mcm,.x()d. 
Manmswe, {nin). J sell high, at 

high prices ; p. meminewod. 
Mamitaam, {nin). 1 walk on the 

snow without snowshoes ; p. 

memitaamj . 
Mmioiawwjcndain, (nin). I am 

thankful, I liave thankful 

thoughts; p.[/. 
Mdmoiawaijtndaniowin, or ma- 

moiawcndamoivin . Th an k fu 1- 

ness, gratitude. 
Mdmoiatoaaenivia, {nin). I feel 

thankful to him ; p. inaia.. 

Mdmoiaioama, {nin). 1 thank 

liim ; p. maiam.>mad. 

Mdmoiawe, {nin), I thank, I 
give thanks; p. muia..V}cd. 

Mdmoiawendam, [nin). H. Sla- 

Mdtninawenima, inin). 8. .1/,/- 

Mnmnjaiiama, (nin) or, nin nut- 
mnjai/aa, IVecj. I pick buiik 
ohject up and swallow ji 




MduK'tjagundan, (nin) or, ii'm 

mamojaijaan, freq. I nick ii 

\\\) and cat it, swallow ii 

down ; p. 
Mdni(ya(fina, {nin), ireo. 1 pick 

up some ol)j. and jalncr it; |i. 

muia..nad ; imp. mainajdiiin. 
Mdmuiatji ninnc, (nin). I pick ii|i 

sticks to make lire ; p. iiniiti,. 

Mamon, {nin). I take it; p. ///<- 


Mdn, vidna, vidnad, in com]io>i- 
tions, signifies bad, nijlij. 

Mdnah, {nin). I am sitting un- 
comfortably, badly ; p. maid- 

Mdndbameici.^, (nin). I am pun- 
ished deservedly ; p. nuda.. 

Mdndbaiiiinagos, (nin). I look 
ugly, I have an ugly appear- 
ance; p. maia..sid. 

Mdndbaminagwad. It luuk- 
ugly ; p. maia..wak. 

Mandbisi. A kind ol' small 
swan ; pl.-wfl^. 

Manddabi, (nin). I fetch tliin 
roots to sew a canoe ; p. menu- 

Mdndddbide, {nin). I have ha'l 

teeth ; p. maia..ded. 
I Mdnddad. It is bad, wickt'<l; 



— 215 — 


mciiii, ItiiHc, pvil, ill, Miiplcii- 
yiiiil, unlit, iiirlv; p. vKtiona- 

Minidilamd, ini'ii). F umo ■«<pnriiij;- 
ly soiin' ol>j. ; in onlor lu have 
il longer, iiHjIuiir. pork, etc.; 
p. IIII-/II .111(1(1. 

Minidddiiddii, (niii). I n>t' it 
-piirin;rl,v, to have it !on;,'ei', 
as, meat, li(|iior, I'to. ; \\.vn'n 
.(I III/. 

.\l('(iithhn)iiii\ iiiiii), I uni iinicli 
sick, lia<lly sick ; also, J liavc 
II sliainol'iil sickncHs, tilt' vene- 
real 1 1 iHCusc; p. )uiii<i..i)('(l. 

.]li(ii('i(/f'i/)iiicl:(nin'(/'i(l. Tlipre is 
pestilonee, (ji- anv had sick- 
iK'HH ; p. mni<i..;/<d\ 

Mi'(ii(1(l(i})i)tvu-iu.' Pestilenee or 
any liail sickness; also, vene- 
real ilipease. 

TI.e eatinir lun 
i*, the cancer, 

]l(iiia<U, in compusitions, 8i>;ni- 
lies s'pan'ni/h/^ a little at once; 
as: jS'iii iii(iii(if/{:-iiiiiii/,ii'(:ti, I 
ilriiik it Hparin,i>;ly. only a lit- 
tle at, one time, (in order to 
have it longer.) 

WiiKulcndan, iiiiii). 1 think it 
is bad, wicked ; j). w(iia..iimi. 

MdiKidHiiima, inin). 1 lliink lie 
is had, wicked ; p. iii(n'a..i/i(id. 

JhhK'tdiiia, (nin) 

.\l(iii('idiiuiii, {itiii 

MiiiKhlinidi.s, {niii) 
inyHelf indecentl\ 

M(hi(tdis, (hiu). I am ugly, ilil- 
Cornied ; p. maia..)tid. 

HicknesH, that 
the (uuicerons 

S. Manudji- 
^. Maiualji- 
I toiudi 

1>. IIU'll.. 

MniiadiuitPin. l'j?linOH(<, diflorm- 

Mnii/idjin, (niii). T honor him. I 
raspect, I'evere him ; I save 
or Hpar(! him, (it,) I use il 
Hjiaringly ; I take care of him, 
(It ;) also, I adore him ; p. 

.Mdid'tdjihididi, (iiiii). I don'l 
dare tonidi it; p. iuen..di>d. 

Mdii('idiiltiiid,(niii). I don't dare 
toneli him, (a sitd< or wound- 
ed person ;) also, I toiudi him 
indecently; ]>. iiiciii..dd : imp. 

Mdiu'idJK ii'niid., iiiiiii. I hoiioi' 
and respect him in tliought,-, 
I think much of him ; p. incii 
. ilKdI. 

Mdii('(djiidis^ (iiiii). I take eari' 
of my hody, of" my health, I 
spare mysidC; p. mm. ..sod. 

Mihiddjini, {iihi], I r(dato evil 
reports, I t(dl had thingH; p. 
iji((i((. .111(1(1. 

M(hiddiiin()1d(jc,{nin)- I report 
had things alioiit persons, | 
ilot'ame ; p. iiidid .(/ad. 

M(tiii(djiiii(jfd(/(i.s, mill). I am 
heard ndating liad reports, I 
make had reportn, I am de- 
tiiming or calumniating; p. 

.MdiKtdJiiiioldica, {nin). f de- 
fame or calumniate 
cuse liim ; )). maid. .wad. 

MdiKdlJiiKjiccidis, {nin}. I dis- 
figure my face ; p. main. ..sod. 

M(inddjin(/ii'(;wd, [niin. I disfi- 
gure luH face; p. maia-.n^ad. 

ManCidjishin, {nin). S. Kibadjl- 

Mdn(idjit<-hi(j(', {nin). I act 

urt^ngly ; p. iiiai<(..</('d. 

mil, I ac- 

''', 'f 

I > 




^r A 

'"'(■■itwwi*!, , 






; !' 

.1 pa 


— 2lf. 





MandJjiion,(nin). I honor or 
respect it; I save or spare it, I 
use it sparin.'^ly, economical- 
ly ; I tako care of it ; j). we- 

Maiiddodatiiy {nin). I don't dare 
do 8. th., I don't like to do it ; 
p. men.. an (J. 

Mdnadire, {nin). 1 speak evil, 
I use bad wicked language; p. 

Munddwewin. liad wicked 
speaking, iiad language. 
(From mdnddad, bad ; and 
inwcwin, language.) 

Mdndgami. It is a bad liquid, 
of a bad taste, (any liquid ob- 
ject;) p. mai-^i..mi(j. 

Mdndgami^idan, {uiii), I 
that this liquid has u 
taste ; p. 

Mdndyidon, (nin). I speak 
words; p. maia..(nuj. 

Mdndgidomoicin. S. Manadive- 

Mandiide, {nin). I break and 
gather little cedar-branches, 
to lie upon, (in a camp;) p. 

Mdndkaviiga, or-magad. It is a 
bad piece of ground ; p. maia 
..gate, or •niagali. 

Mdnakiki. Forest of maple- 
trees ; pl.-j(j«H. 

Mdnamandjii {nin). I am un- 
well, indisposed, a little sick; 
p. maia. .0(1. 

illness, little sickness. 

Mdnnmeg. Halibut, (tish ;) (F. 
barbue ;) pl.-»ra//. 

Mdnan. Cornet-tree ; (C. bois 
dur;) pi.-o^. 

Mdnapis, {nin). I am not well 
girt ; p. maia...wd. 

Mdndmhandam, {nin). 1 have 
a bad dream, (progno.f^ "su- 
ing a sad event or accident, 
according to the Indian sn- 
])erstition ;) p. maia..anif. 

Mund.<iabandaniowin.Bad drciinr, 

Manusadi. A kind of aspon- 
tree ; pi .-«//. 

Manashho.s.yiuian, Meadow; jil.- 

ManashliOH.'iiioc, {nin). I malxc 
hay ; also, I cut rush or rccil 
tor mats ; p. men. .wed. 

MdnasJiigan. A kind of tish. 
bass-fish : (C. gros bossu ;) 

Mdnd,silago.t, {n^'n). I .speak 
evil words. I speak ill ; y. 
maia. .aid. 

Mandnoma, {nin). I don't diiiv 
speak to him ; p. menunotiKvl. 

Mandtangina, {nin). I loar in 
toiMih some obj. (from vene- 
ration or reverence;) p. ///(/( 

Mandtangindn, {nin). I fenr Ui 
touch it, (so'ne sacred olijoet, 
etc.) ; )). men..ang. 

Manddmin. {Ot. ininddniiii.) n 
grain of corn ; ))1. mandd mi- 
nag, corn,Indian corn, maizi , 
Turkey wheat. 

Manc'dmindbo. Corn-soup, cuin- 

inat 1. 
Manddmindboke, {nin). I make 

corn-sonp; p. men..ked. 

Manddminashk. Stalk of In- 
dian corn ; pl.-ou. 

Mandaminaithkoki. Stalks nt 
Indirin corn yet standing in 
the tiel<l aftev harvest, (u 
field of empty .stalks ;) jiK- 


217 — 


1 have 
no. f^'-iit- 
dian sn- 


)f a8i)tMi- 

(low; jil.- 

I inftki' 
th or reel 

\ of tisli. 
i boHsii ;) 

I .xjiCiik 
ik ill; Y- 

don't diiii' 
1 R'ar tM 
roni voiic- 
;*;) p- """ 


I iear to 
I ol'jcet, 

mldlllill^ •} 


orn, maizi, 


(). I niaki' 

alk of Ill- 
Stalks ..I 
■standing in 
larvost, (:i 
alks ;) r'.- 

Mawhminike, {nia), I produce 
Indian corn • p. men. .Iced. 

Manddmiai-kiUijan. Corn-lield ; 

yinnddmhiiwaj. A bag for In- 
dian corn ; pl.-«/i. 

}[anddiiiiniici(/atmij. Indian 
corn store-house ; pi .-on. 

Mdiidan, pron. This, this here. 

Mane, in compositions, signifies 
want, scurcitij. — In the (Jtawa 
dialect, 77ianc rather sijjnifies 
tlio contrary. They will say, 
inane, (or nianenuu/ad,) there 
is much of it. Manemi, we 
are nuiiiy. Nin manetoinika.s, 
1 have several names, etc. 

)l((i(t''(/adandan, {ain). I cd it 
sparingly, savingly, (in a case 
{>{' want of provisions ;) j). 

Mitiin/adjia, (nin). I sjiare him ; 
I use sparingly some ohj. ; p. 
men.. ad. 

)lancgadjiton, {nin). I use it 
sparingly ; p. men.. tod. 

Mantiijasikan, {nin). I use it 
sparingly, 1 put it on seldom, 
some article of clothing, or 
dioes ;) p. men..ang. 

laaeijasikatoa, {nin). I use it 
sparingly, (obj. of clothing ;) 
p, Men.,ivad. 

Mancinad. There is little of it ; 
p. mcneinak. 

Mantinotnin, («iu) or, nin ma- 
nuniinin. We are a few ; p. 

Maaenaioenim, {nin). I fear 
iloath, I am afraia of dying ; 
]). men..mod. 

Muninidayos, {n ). 1 am con- 
sidered bad, X am J'sagree- 
al)!e, bad ; p. maia..sid. 


Mdnendajwad. It is bail, dis- 
agreeable, shocking ; p. maia 

Mdncndam, {nin). I am discon- 
tented in my iniud, I have 
evil thoughts; ]).maia..anij. 

Mdnendamoioin. Discontent, 

Mdnenddn, {nin). I liave dis- 
contented or bad thougliLs 
against it; p. maia..ang. 

Mdncnima, {nin). I have bad 
discontented thoughts towards 
him or against him; ^\ maia 
. .mad. 

Maneonje, (nin). I liavo no 
children, or only a few chil- 
dren; p. mai.Jeii. 

Manqnoa, {nin). I am in want 
of tobacco, I have nothing to 
smoke ; p. men..ioad. 

Manes, {nin). I want, I neeil; 
p. menesid. 

Manesin, {nin). I want it, I 
need it, I am in need of it; p. 

Man^sinan, {nin). I Avant or 
need some object ; p. menesid. 
(V. Conj.) 

Manesiwin. Want, need, scar- 
city, penury. 

Manessaya, 6v-magad. There is 
scarcity of wood lor fuel ; p. 
m.en..gag, or-magak. 

Manctigweia, or-magad. There 
is scarcity of rivers, (in a 
country); p. 7nen.,iag, or-ma- 

Mdng. Loon; (F. huard;) pl.- 
wag. — Mdngons, a young 
looa ; pl.-a<7. — Mdngosid, 
loon's toot. 

Mangadea, {nin). i make it 
large, wide; ^. men.. ad. — Nin 
mangadea aw oddbdn, nibiwu 


I i 

i U 




— 218 — 


ho tcld hosiwad; I make this 
sleigh wide, in order to take 
many persons in. 
Mmujadea, ov-magad. It is 

wide; p. men, .ay, ov-maijak. 
Mangademo mikana. The road 

is wide ; p. meugademng. 
Mdugadengwe, {niv}. 1 have a 

large lace ; p. men.. wed. 
Mangndi'po, or-magad. It snows 
in large flakes ; p. nien..og, 
Mangadcton, {nin). I make it 
large, wide ; p. vien.Jod. — 
Nairatch nin mangadeton, I 
enlargen it, I widen it. 
Mangdnagidon, (uin). I have a 

large moixth ; p. 
Mangdnibadan, («i«). Isiiovel 

it; p. men..ang. 
Mangdnibadjigan. Shovel, 

spade; pl.-a«. 
Maugdnibana, {nin). I shovel 
.<omeobj.; p. men..nad. — Wa- 
bigan nin •nangdnibana, I 
shovel clay. 
Mangdnibi, (nin). I shovel 

snow ; p. 
Mimgasika, or-magad. It is 
large, (a piece of clothing 
material ;) p. mcn..kag, or- 
Manyidce, {nin). I have a large 
heart, ^my heart is large ; I 
am magnanimous, courage- 
ous ; p. mengideed. 
Mangideea, (nin). I make his 
heart large ; fig. I make him 
magnanimous, courageous ; 
p. men. .ad. 
Mangikone, [nin). I have a large 

liver; p. men..ncd. 
Mangiminagad. It 'j a large 

grain ; p. men..gak. 
Mangimissade, {nin} or, nin 

maniginagij. I have a large 
belly ; p. men..did, or, vicn.. 
Afunginansanam, (nin). I sIl'Ii 
jirotuuntlly, deeply ; \). men.. 
Muugindibf, {nin). I have ;i 

large head; p. men. .bed. 
Mangingwe, {niii). I have a fat 
full large face ; p. men.:iccd.~ 
S. Mangadengice. 
Mungin/ika, or-magad. It is 
large, big ; ].. men..kuk, or- 
Mangislikamy {nin) or, nin nia- 
mangishkam, freq. I kave 
large tracks behind me, (walk- 
ing in the snow e.'-pecially ;) 
p. me..ang. 
Manjishkwandeia, or-magail 
There is a large door ; p. wen, or-inagak. 
Mangissaifad. It is a larne 

piece ot wood ; p. men..gak. 
Mangitigweia sibi. The river is 

large; p. 

Mangodikom. Loon's louse, (tlic 

name of a small insect that 

runs about on the surface u( 

the water) ; Tpl.-ag. 

Mangomodaie aw bineshi, 'or 

binessi). This bird has a lar^'e 

craw or crop; p. men..ied. 

Mangon, {nin). I have a large 

canoe ; p. mengonod. 
Mangonagad. It is large, (canoe, 
boat, vessel, etc.) ; p. men.. 
Mangotdss, {nin). lam intrepiil, 
brave, courageous {; p. mcd.. 
Mangotassiwin. Brave y, intre- 
pidity, courage. 
Mangotassiwinini. Brave, coii 

rageous man ; 




— 219 - 


Mihn'Jin.f. A young animal, a 
colt, t'tc; any animal not over 
two years old ; J)l.-r///. 

M(hiiJinr/o)i, inhi). It makc-^ me 
pick, (wiiatl ate or drank,) I 
tiun't (lij.'.st it ; p. min'a.f/od. 
— Nin )iiaiiikcn/t>ii, (/(I midjiian 
Jrhci ; what f ate this niorn- 
inii, makes me sick. — S. .1//- 

yii'niikami, [nin]. I have no 
;:uocl .«ol id footing, (walkinjror 
standing;) p. main..mid. 

ifiiiiinittf iKi, adv. At least. 

)Iiiiiiiia</o.s', {)iiii). 1 look ugly ; 
p. mnia..sid. 

M(hiiiui;/icad. It look.s ugly or 
ileforii\ed ; p. maia..wak. 

Miiiiis/ifditish. Sheep; \A.-a(j. 

Munislddnishens, Lainl>; pl.- 


Mniiis/iiaui.'ihiwaidn. Sheep- 
skin ; p\.-ag. 

Mniiis/ifnni.'ihiwihiioai. Wool. 

}[(ni i.sli fdnishiwigamuj. S h eep- 
tbld ; \)].-on, 

Maiiishtdninhiwinini. Shepherd; 
pi. -?<•«//. 

Maniiiht(inishiwiwiids.<i. Mutton. 

Manix/dwini.ih. Bad wicked 
person ; pl.-fl^. 

Mi'tnisiwimssi. Ot. Devil, the 
evil spirit ; pl.-Z^rc/. 

ifmd.Hsai/. Dry pine tree; pl.- 


Miiiii.ssdgaii. A j>ersoii that 
chop.-! wood for somebody, 
somebody's chopper; -pl.-ag. 
—Sin inanissagan, my chop- 
per ; n manissaganan, his 
chopper, etc. 

}!iiiii'^.'<ug(>, {nin). I chop wood 
I'ur somebody ; p. nien..ged. 

Mnni^sds, inin). I chop wood 
tor my sell'; p, men.. sod. 

1 don't 

like to 

;) i>- 

Mams.fawa, (nin). I chop wood 

for him ; p. men. .ad ; imj). 

man is saw. 
Manissc, {nin), I cho[) wooil ; 

p. meni.'ised. 
Manis.<iewin. Choi 
Mnniinm, {nin). 

hear, (certain words 

Mdnitdn, {nin). I dun't like to 

hear it ; p. niaianitdng. 
Mdnitaira, {nin). I don't like 

to hear liim; p. ; 

imj). manifnw. 
Manifn. Spirit, ghost • pl.-/y. 

Minn-manitn, the good spirit, 

mntchi-manito, the evil spirit, 

the devil. 
ManHo-bimdkwad. S'veet twist- 

etl wooil ; pl.-o«. 
Man.'fohiivdbik. Steel. 
Maniio()iirdf)ikokr, (nin). I 

maniithcture steel ; p. men.. 

Manifogisi.9s. January. 
^fnnifogis^ssonft. December. 
Manitdkfl.s, {nin). I perform 

some religious 


, p. men.. 
Religious per- 


Manitoke, {nin). I praciice idol- 
atry, I worship idols; \\ men 

Manifuken, {nin). I worship or 

adore it, (an idol;) p. men.. 

Maniiukcnan, {nin). I worship 

or adore iiim, '(an idol ;) p. 

men. .ked. (V. Conj.) 
.^fan ifOkewin . Idolat ry . 
ManiiOniinen.'t. TtP". 

rassade ;) pi. -ay. 
Manitons. Little spirit ; insect, 

worm ; pl.-af/. 


\ ii 

•' ' •» - 



A.1^ iL 


— 220 — 


Manitow, {niii). I am a 8])irit ; 
p. mea..U'id. 

Munitowei/in. Clutli, jjicct! ul' 
cloth; \)].-on. 

M(initoiV('(/ino - hahlaikawayan. 
Coiit ot' cloth ; \)\.-uii. 

Maniluweyino-wiumkwdn. Cap 
of cloth ; \)].-aii. 

Mu III to IV i all. Small animal, (a 
marten, a weasel, etc.) ; pl.- 

Jlauituwis, (mil) or, mii inama- 
niluwis. I am looked upon 
(or considered) as a spirit or 
sorcerer; \). men..sid, 

Maniioiviwin. Quality or char- 
acter of spirit. 

ManiivaiKj mitig, or, maniivid 
mitig. What the tree yields, 
the fruit of the tree. 

Maniioid mitig. A tree that 
yields, a fruit-tree; pi. mani- 
widjig mitigog. 

Mdnji* in compositions, signi- 
fies unwell, had, ceil. 

Mdnji-aia, [nin] or, nin vianjuia. 
I am unwell: p. 

Manjidee, [nin). I feel unwell, 
squeamish, inclined to vomit ; 
I am eea-sick ; p. maianji- 

Mdnjideewin. Inclination to vo- 
mit, squeamishuess, nausea ; 

Mdnjigijwe, (nin). I speak in- 
distiuctly, I liave an impedi- 
ment in my speech; p. maia.. 

Mdmigondagan, (nin). 1 have 
a Dad voice for singing, (I am 
:io singer;) p. maia..ang. 

" * Note. The letter ii is hiirdly heiird 
nnd often not at all, in the pronuncia- 
tion oiganji, iu all the wuiOs iliut begiu 

Mdiijiiawcs, (nin). I have an 

ugly ajjpoarance, 1 am of ii 

deformed ."ize ; p.}. 
Mdnjimngos, (nin). I nmell Imd, 

I stink ; p. innia.,xid. 
Mdnjiinagosiioin. Jiad f<inill, 

Mdnji ma gu'ud. Jt smollrt liji'l, 

it stinkn; p. inaia.:wak. 
Mdnjinidgwanant, (nin). Mv 

breath smell.s bad; ]>. maia.. 

Mdnjimiuna, (nin). He i^tiiikji 

to mo; ]). maia..m<ul. 
Mdnjiinandan, {nin). It slinky 

to me ; p. maia..ung. 
Mdnjimandjige, (nin). 1 ],oi- 

ceive a badsmell, smells 

bad ; p. muia..ged. 
Mdnjimdaso asacma. Tobacfo 

smells bad, (stinks) ; p. nid'm 

Mdnjimate, or-magad. It snu'll.- 

bad (stinks) when burnt; p. 

maid n.. teg, ox-magak. 
Mdnjinikade, ov-magad. It hii> 

an ugly name; p. mai..t.k'j. 

Mdnjinikas, (nin). I hnvn an 

ugly name,i]i-sounding iiiunc ; 

p. maian..sod. 
Mdnjinigasowin. Ugly ikuuc; 

Mdnjininiwagis, {nin). I am ill- 
tempered, I am wicked; y. 


Mdnjininiioagisiwin. Ill teinjK'r, 

Mdnjipiddn, {nin). I lind a lia4 
taste in something I am eat- 
ing or drinking, I don't like 
the taste of it; p. 

Mdnjijwgosi, Some obj. has a 
I bad taste ; p. 


He ^tiiik 


It stiiil 


— 221 — 


Kitclii mdnjipogosd rp'go ; the 
lish has ii very bad fuste. 
}[(hiJipoi;ivad. It has a bad 
tasti" ; p. maian,.wnk. 

Mdiijipwn, {nin). I find a bad 
tiistc in .aonie o])joct Iain oat- 
iiiL^, I doi like the taste of 
it; ]•). maia..wad ; imp. piH. 

}f(iiiiislrin, (jiin). S. Mfmoshia. 

Mihijistsiii. S. MdnoftsUi. 

)[>hiiis.'iiton, {nin). S. MdnossJ- 

)[<niJH(;/ii(/e, (nin). I act wron;:- 
ly, (.'vil ; p. makt..fjeil. 

Winiomotawa, * {nin). I (rouble 
imn asking him to give me 
this or that; p. maian,,u'ad. 

Miiiio, or, mdnon, adv. Well, 

tiiat's right, no matter, let it 

lie so. 
^Idiii'imin. Wild rice. 
Mdiiomini. Manomiuce Indian ; 

MitHonnntke, inin). I gather 

wild rice; p. vien..ked. 
Mtiiiuininikc-gisi^s, The moon 

of the gathering of wild rice, 

September, t 
Maiutininikcwin. Tiie gather- 

iiiv of wild rice. 
Maixminikeshi. Snipe ; (F. be- 

}[(vtumine wesowawang. Barley, 

(rice wdth a tail.) 
Mnasliin, Vjiin). I lie uncom- 
fortably, 1 don't lie well ; p. 

Mduosse, {niii) . I walk badly ; 

p. maidnossed. 

* Note. The letter n is scarcely per- 
ocivt'd in the prouunciation of thia word. 

t Tlie different bunds of Indians have 
iliffereut names for the months. 

Mdnasain. It is badly placed, 
it does not lie well ; p. maia.. 

Mdnoxfii/nn, {nin). I place or 
lay it badly ; p. maia..tod. 

Mdnowe, {nin). I pronounce 
badly, I have a defective in- 
distinct pronunciation ; p. 

Mariegijiyad. Saturday ; pl.- 

Mariegijigad. It is Saturday ; 
]). Mariegijigak. 

Mamn. Nettle ; pi. -a*;. 

Masdnashk. Nettle-stalk ; pl.- 

Masdnika, (nin). I shudder 
suddenly, I shrink, by fear ; 
p. met. .had. 

Mashawcsid senihawegin. Vel- 
vet, manchester. 

Mashi, adv. This adverb is ne- 
ver used alone, it is always 
connected with another ad- 
verb ; as : Kawin mashi, or 
ka mashi, or mashi nange, 
not yet. Bwa mashi, before. 

Mashkdssissogad miiig. The 
wood is tough ; p. mesh..qak. 

Mashkawd, or-magad. It is 
strong, hard; i^. mesh. .wag, 

Mashkawdhikad. It is strong, 
hard, (metal ;) p. me.ih..kak. 

Mashkawabikisan, {nin). I tem- 
per it, I harden it,(iron, steel ;) 
p. mesh.ang. 

Mashkawahikisi. It is strong, 
hard, (silver ;) p. mes'h..sid. 

Mashkawadin. It freezes ; it is 
frozen; t^. mesh. .ing. 

Mashkawadjt (nin). I freeze to 

death ; p. mesh.dd. 
Mashkawadji-himide. Tal low . 


* 1 

• 1 




1 1 




> \ • 



- 222 — 


Maahkawddjidjanmpndj, (nin) . 

My nose ia I'rozen ; p. viesh.. 

JMashlcawddJhif/ii'riradj, (nin). 

My lace is frozen; p. mesh. .id. 
MashlcawddjiniiidjiwadJ, { ii in ) . 

My liaiid is frozen, or my 

lumds are frozen; p. mesh.. id. 
MashkawddJilawaj/ewadJ, inin). 

My ear in i'rozen, or, my 

ears are J'rozen ; p. mesh.. id. 
3fashkan'ddjiv'i)i. Freezing, 

liartl freezing, freezing of 

liinbs, or freezing to death. 
Maskkawdgami. It is strong, 

(liquid ;) p. mesh..miij. — Nin 

mimvenddn meshkawagam iy 

anihishdbo, I like strong tea. 
Mashkawdgamiioay (nin). I 

make it strong, (iiciuid ;) p. 

mesh.. tod. 
Mnshkawakadode, ov-magad. It 

is dry and hard, from heat ; j). 

viesh..deg, or-magak. 
Moshkawdkwad. Jt is strong, 

hard, (wood ;) p. mesh..7i'ak. 
Mashkawdkwadji. He, (she, it,) 

is frozen hard and stiti", (any 

obj.); J), mesh.. id. — Mashka- 

wukwddji aw gigo ; that tish 

is frozen stitl". 
Mashkawupidon, inin). I tie it 

strongly, tight; p. viesh..dod. 
Mashkawapina, {nin). I tie him 

tight, strongly ; p. mesh..nad. 
Mushkawapis, (nin). I am tied 

strongly, tight ; p. mesh. .sod. 
Maskawaichigan. Stare h. 
Mashkaiodton,, [nin). I make it 

strong, liard, stiff ; I starch 

it ; p. mesh, .tod. 
Mashkawuwindamagewin. Vow, 

(strong promise ;) pl.-fl?J. 
Mashkawendam, {nin). 1 have 

a lirm constant thought, a 

strong resolution, a stroii;r 

lirni will ; p. mesh..ang. 
Mdskkawendamia, {nin). I make 

him have a firm thought,! tui- 

tity his mind, his resolutiun, 

I give him a firm will ; ],. 

mesh.. ad. 
Maskawenddmowin. Firm stron;,' 

thought, resohition, will. 
Mashkawcndan, {nin). I tjiink 

it is strong ; also, I think 

strongly on it, I keep it cun- 

stantly in memory ; j). nicslr. 

Mashkawenima, [nin). I Miink 

he is strong; also, I think 

firmly on him ; p. mesh..inivK 
Mashkawided, [nin). I have a 

strong heart ; my heart is 

hard, obstinate, stubborn ; p. 

Mashkaivideesh kaiva, I n in ' . I 

fortify or strengthen his heart; 

p. mesh.Aoad. 
Mashkawideiwin. Strength df 

heart ; obstinacy ,stubboriies>, 

hardness of heart. 
Mash kawigabaw, (nin). I s t a n 1 1 

firmly ; p. mesh..wid. 
Mashkawihcen, (nin). I kocp 

my head steadfast, stiti'; p. 


Mashkaioikwissin totoshdho.Thv 
milk coagulates, it becomes 
sour ; p. meshkawikwissiinj 
ioioshdho, sour milk. 

Mashkawima, {nin). I maki' 

him take a firm resolution ; 

p. mesh. .mad. 
Mashkawimagonige, {nin). I 

have a strong wrist ; p. ///c.v//. 


Mashkawimindjimendan, {nin). 
1 keep it lirmly in memorv, 1 



— 223 — 


romonibor it strongly ; p. 

}!axltku\rimin(Jjimenima, (nin). 
I keep him 8troii;ily in memo- 
ry i p. mesh.. mad. 

yiiishkaumnindjimina, [nin). I 
keep or hold him strongly ; 
p. mesh,,nad. 

}[(n<hkawimind.}iminany {nin). I 
keep or liold it strongly; p. 

Mushkawina, (uin). I take hold 
of him ; p. mesh..nad. 

yfdshkaicinan, {nin). I take 
hold of it; p. mesh. .any. 

Mashkawindibe, {nin). I am 
headstrong, obstinate, .stub- 
horn ; p. mesh. .bed. 

Mdshkawindibeioin. Obstinacy, 

MnsJikawis, {nin). I am strong, 
vigorous, powerful, robust, 
hard ; I employ my strength, 
1 make efforts ; ]). me.<ih..sid. 

Maahkawisia, {nin). I make 
him strong, I strengthen him, 
[ fortify him ; p. mesh. .ad. 

Mashkawisiwin. Strength , 
or, vigor, force, 

}f(ishkmvissin. It is strong; it 
is hard ; p. mesh.:ing. 

.}f(i.^hkiij. Swamp, marsh; pl.- 


Ma.s/ikigimin. Cranberry, moss- 

lierry, moor-berry ; pl.-u«. 
Mashkiyiminika. There are 

cranberries ; p. mesh..kay. 
Mds/ikiyimiiiikan. Place where 

there are cranberries. 
Maskkiyiminikt, (nin). I gather 

cranberries; p. mesh..ktd. 
Ma.shkiyobay. Kind of wild tea, 
ailed bv 


do I 

Canadians, Lahra- 
Red spruce, 

' tamarac; (C. ('•pi nettc rouge;) 

pl •-«.'/• 
Mashkiki. Medicine; \)\.-umn. 
Mushkiki behikominirfayak. 

Pills, (globulous medicine.) S. 

Bikominayad ; fre(i. babiko' 

Mashkikike, inin). I make or 

prepare medicine; j). mw/*.. 

Mashkikikewiyam iy. A poth e- 

cary's laboratory ; \)].-on. 
Mashkikikvwikwe. Female apo- 
thecary, (in a convent;) pi.-;/. 
Mashkikikeu'in. The art of pre- 
paring medicine, pharmacy. 

trade and occupation of an 

Mashkikikewinini . Apothecary; 

Mashkikiiodbo. Medicine, liquid 

medicine to drink ; (P. de la 

Ma.thkikiwdbokmoa, {nin). I 

prepare medicine for him to 

drink ; p. mesh. .wad. 
MashkikiwCiboke, (nin). I pre- 
pare medicine to drink ; \). 

Mashkikiwiyam iy . Apoth ec ary 'a 

shop; pl.-o«. 
Mashkikiwinini . Physician , 

doctor; pl.-icor^. 
Mashkimod. Bag, sack ; \A.-nn. 

— Mashkimodash, an old bad 

bag; mashkimodcns, a small 

Mas hkimodey wade, ov-mayad. It 

is sewed up in the shape of a 

ba<5; p. mesh..dey, uv-mayak. 
Mashkiinodeywddjiyaa. Pocket; 

Mashkimodeke, (nin). I make a 

bag or bags ; p. mesh.. ked. 
Mashkimodeweyin. Sackcloth. 



Mr ' 
iH tl: 

1 1 'f 




— 224 - 


, ,) 

Mashkhioje. A kiml of piko, 

(AhIi ;) pl.-7. 
Mashkodc. Large prairie; pl.- 

Mashkodi-pijiki. Huflalo; pl.- 

Mas/ikodi'pinibaf/. A kind of 

lily* pl.-o?t. 
Mashkndesse. Marsh-partridge ; 

(P. perdrix de Havanc;) \n.-<j. 
Mashkodeioadad. It resenihlcs a 

prairie ; p. mesh..dak. 
Mashkossikdii. Place wliere 

they make liay, meadow ; pi. 

Mashkossikcy {nin). I make hay ; 

p. me.ih,.ked, 
Mashkossikcwiu . Hay-mak ing. 
Mashkossiw. Herb, grass ; hay ; 

Mashkossmi -apishimow i n. 

Straw-bed, straw-pallet ; j)l.- 

Mashkossiwigamhj. Building 

for keeping hay in, hay-shed, 

hav-lot't ; vl.-oii, 

is herb or grass; p. mesh.. 

kaq, ov-magak. 
Mashkossiwi-minikun. Grass- 
seed, timothy. 
Maahkossiwi-nipdgan. S. Maslv- 

Mashkossi'ioiioakwdn. S traw- 

hat; pl.-ari. 
Masinaamagos, (nin), I give 

credit, I have debtors ; p. 


Masinaamawa, ()«'»). I owe 
him J p. mes..wad. 

Ma.nnade, ov-magad. It is por- 
traited, it is engraved ; p. mes 
..deg, or-7)mgak. 

Masiiiadina, (nin). I make or 

form some object ; p. nicn.. 

Musinadinaniawa, {nin). 1 liirm 
or make it for him or to him ; 
p. mes.. wad, 

Masinadinan, {nin). 1 form it ; 
p. mes,.ang. 

Ma.v'nuigade, or-magad. It i< 
marked, there are marks nv 
nigiis on it; p. inrs..deg, w- 

Masiadiyan. A thing to make 
marks upon, paper; bduk ; 
letter; debt; pi -«/t. 

Ma.'iinaiganag. S, Aladiintt.^i- 

Masinaigani-tessahan. Book- 

Masinaigan nin nissilaicinmi. 1 
can read. 

Masinaigan nin wdJiandan. \ 
read, J am reading. 

Masinaigans. Little book ; bill, 
note ; pl.-a«. 

Masinaigan loaiahandang. l!ca- 

^der; \A.-ig. 

Masinaigas, (nin). I am mark- 
ed, I have marks on me; p. 
mes.. sod. 

Masinaige, (nin). I make marks 
on R. tn. ; also, I make debts, 
I take on credit ; p. mes..gril. 

Ma.miaigeivin. Marking, mak- 
ing debts, debt. 

Masinajigaioia, (nin\. I oina- 
ment with lead some obj., 1 
lead it, (a pipe, etc.) ; p. nm^i.. 

Masinajigamitcliigade, or-nio- 
gad. It is leaded, ornamentfii 
with lead ; it i.s moulded, cast 
in a mould ; p. mes. .deg, or- 

Masinajigawitchigaso, It is 

'' • 


— 225 — 


loaded or ornamoiited with 
load ; it is tnouldcd ; p. m<:s.. 


}f((siii(iji(/(nritcfiiije, inin). I or- 
luimeiit witii lead, F loaii ; I 
cant in a mould; \i. ines.j/ril. 

}[i(siiiaji(/(iiril(tii, {iiiiD. 1 or- 
nanifiit it with lead ; I cast it 
ill a mould ; p. tiien.Jod. 

Mtixinnkhan, inin). I iiii]iriiit 
11 mark njion it witli lire, I 
liiini a jiiaric upon it. — They 
ii.-o tluH word, altliou^h ini- 
prnnorly, also for ])rin.thii/ a 
lMiok,etc. ; ]).'}. — Awe- 
urn. </amnsiii<il:ison(f oin rnnsi- 
naiqan? — Who printed this 

l)( )0K ? 

Mdsiualdsitje, (nin). I print, I 

nni printing; p. wes..f/ed. 
)!((^iuakiiiiq(hoi(iami<j. Printing 

oHice ; pl.-o«, 
M(isinakisi(/('trm. Printing, the 

art, hnsiness or trade iA' a 

Masinakisi(j(iwinim. Printer ; 

pi. -»'«//. 
Masinas, {niii). I am portraited, 

(printed or engraveu ;) p. vies.. 


Masinasowin. Portrait, likeness. 

M(uinil)ian, inin). I draw or 

sketch it; 1 paint it; p. mes.. 


Ma.iinibiiffade, or-mayad. It is 
portraited, painted, engraven; 
p. me.s..deg, ov-magak. 

Mtisinibiiffade, ov-magad. It is 
imprinted on s. th., or paint- 
ed ; p. mes..deq, or-magak. 

Masinibiigau. Drawing; paint- 
ing; engraving; pl.-avt. 

^fasinibugas, {nin]. I am im- 
printed on 8. th. I am jjortrait- 
0(1, painted, engraven ; p. 

me!t...9nd. — Mi oina victiuibii- 
gn.foiilti ; I am portraited here, 
(this is my portrait.) 

M(i.Hiiiil)iig<ts<>U'iu. Portrait , 

painted or engraven. 

Ma.'iinibiige, {nin). I make 
marks or signs on s. th., I 
draw, I paint; I engrave; p. 
men.. gad, 

Md.'iinibiigiiiriii. The art, or 
the art, of drawing, painting 
or engraving, drawing, paint- 
ing, engraving. 

MuHtnibiwa, [nin]. I ilraw his 
likeness, I paint him, portrait 
liiin ; p. ine.i..wad ; imp. nui- 

Mdninidc, u\'-jnag<td. It is mark- 
ed l»y heat; p. ini:'i..dcg, ov- 

Masiniiiwadam, (nin). I Oiii- 
broider with tigiires and tlow- 
crs, (representing a painting;) 
p. m.c.'i..ang. 

MasinigiLHidan, {nin). I cm- 
hroiiler it with figures aii<l 
flowers; Tp. mes..aug. 

Masinigwana, {nin). I emhroi- 
der some ohj. with flowers ; 
p. vies .nad. 

Ma-finigioasn. It is emhroidered 
with tlowers, etc. ; ino.'^/iwc, 
liandkerchief ; seniba, rihhon, 

Masinikiwagaan, {nin). I seal it 
with an engraven seal ; p. mts 

MasinikiwagaigoLle, or-wagad. 
It is sealed wiiii an engraven 
seal ; p. nies..deg, ov-magak. 

Masinikiwagaigan , or masiniki- 
wagaiganabik. Seal with an 
engraving upon it ; pi .-a//, or- 

■^ :i 

'' i 


ill i 


— 22(5 — 



}f<ininiko{lani {iihi). I carve it, 

I Hciilp it ; p. nicn..n)i(/. 
Miisiiiih-oiljii/aii. Ciiiscl witli a 

liiilr ruiiiMl vd'^i', sculptor's 

cliisol; (F. ;ri>u;;(') ; \)\.-<iii. 
Mdsiiuliixfjii/dii. Stiitiic, or any 

Hculptiircil iiiia;j;(' or ri'pri'- 

sciiiiiiioti ; \)\.-<ii/. 
MashiikiKlji(jr, (iiiit). I carve 

or sctiljtture ; p. iiirs..i)i'il. 
MuNiuikodj'Kjcii'iii. Tlie act, or 

tiic art, of carviiijr or sciilp- 

luritiir, trade or occui)atioii ol 

II ^*c)il[)tor, or eiijzi'avcr. 
Musiitikudjiiu'wiiiiiii. ('arver, 

s(;ulptor ; pl.-»v///. 

Maain'ikoiia, {niii). I carve or 
sculp some olij.; p. »us..n(td. 

Miisinikdso. It in carved [or 
sculped ; p. vies. .sod. 

MasiiiikwaK.'fi(jc, (iiiii). S. Jl/a.s/- 

M(i.'<iiiiiiiiiinis'ik(id(', ov-mo(/(ik. 
Jt i.s embroidered or oriuuuent- 
ed witli Jlowers or lii^ures iu 
small glassheads ; j). me.s.. 
diuj, ov-mu(jak. 

Ma.siiiiiniiieii.sikcy {iiin). T em- 
broider or ornament witii 
small gla.ssbeads ; p. nies.. 

Masinini. Carved inuaire, idol ; 

Ma.'^ ill ill in mcnitnked. Adorer 
of idols, idolater, idolatress; 

Masini(c/iif/an. Ima^re, eni^rav- 
ing, paintiiigj^pioture ; pl.-a//. 

Ma.nnitc/iigdii niiid ojihiwa. I 
paint, (I n)ark ii picture.) 

Masiiiitcliiijas, [uin). 1 am paint- 
ed, carved ; p. mes..sod. 

Maiiiiiilcliiye, {uia). I make an 
image or images ; p. 7iies..</cd. 

Masinitchif/ewin, The making of 

images, painting, work, tra<l(' 
or art of a painter. 

Masiiiilr/ti(/i'iriiiiui. Maker (if 
images, ]»uinter ; pl.-Hv///, 

MdsitiKjo.s, (niii). I cry ; Igrouii; 
p. /«M,,.v/(/. 

Md.sildi/ hine.i/ii. 1'lu' liinl 
uariiles; p. iti''.'i..sid. I'dkanL- 
loi: mu.sifai/Dsi, the c()( k 

Md.skii/, [iiiii). Tarn very small; 
p. iiuiidslniiid. (They say this 
of a new-born infant.) 

Mdskijdii. Abortive fruit of ilic 
wumb; ])l.-«(/. 

Mdnsatfwadi'udagos, (uin], I mu 
considered unlucky, I am un- 
lucky ; p. meH..sid. 

Mdssaijwadendaawad. It is con- 
sidered unlucKy, it is unluc- 
ky; J). mes.,ioak. 

Ma.s,ia</wadis, (uin). I am un- 
lucky, unhappy, I have im 
chance to gam or make any- 
thing ; p. mes..sie. 

MdHswjwadisiwin. Bad luck. 

Maaswjwia, {nin). I give or 
cause him bad luck, (acconl- 
ing to the Indian superstition ; 

Mate hi, adj. Bad, evil, ill. 
wicked, malignant, malicious, 
mean, vicious, unlit. 

Matchi-aiaCaoish. Bad beinir. 
devil, satan, the evil spirit, 
old Nick. 

Matchi-aiadwiHli. A wicked jki- 
son, a vilain, rascal, rogue, 
scoundrel ; aiso, a wickeil 
dangerous animal ; pi .-«//. 

Matc/ii-aiadwishiw, {nin). 1 am 
a wicked person, etc.; p. met 

Matchi-aidwin. Bad unhappy 
situation, being badly oil. 


» ■ ' 


— 227 — 


I. It "iH COIl- 

it is iiiiluc- 

)[iitrln'-aihn'fih. Anytliirif); p\\l, 
luul, wicked, liurttul; pl.-^^A-. 

)l(ilr/ii-niiwis/iiir(tn. It is u hini 
wicked tliiiifr, evil, liurtf'iil, 
(l!Uij:('ruii8 ; p. int'f..((ii;/. 

Mati'/iHiinn, {iiiuf. I iiiukca bad 
iiHc of it, 1 ultusf it; \>. met.. 


Miiii'fii-(Ui'a, iiiiii\. I niiiko a 
liiid iiHc olHOiiu' olij. ; p. nut., 

Mitlc/ii-ln'iin'iilis, (niii). 1 live 
ladl}' ; I am bad, wicked ; I 
liave a bad ti'inperanient ; 
luid dispositiuns ; p. met. .aid. 

Mdtilti-bimddisiii'in. Bad life; 
liad, ill temper, quick, irrit- 
ulile teinper, pas.sioiiate tem- 

Matchiih'e, [iiiii). I have a wi(d<- 
ed bean ; I am cruel ; p. met 

}l((l(/iidetwiii. ^Wickedness of 
lioart; cruelty. 

.][(ilrki(/ode. Petticoat, woman's 
dress ; pl.-m/(. 

M(tlc/ii ijiwchad. It is bad, wick- 
ed, sinful ; p. met.J>ak. 

Motrin ijlwcbis, (niii). I am 
wicked, bad, malicious, ma- 
lign, 1 behave badly ; I have 
a bad temper, liad (][ualities; 
p. ))iet..sid. 

M(il<liiijiwelji'iiu, {niii). I make 
him wicked, I corruj)t him, 
seduce him ; p. met. .(id. 

M<(lr/n yiwebi.siuu'n. liad con- 
duct, bad behavior, bail habit, 
wickedness, badness, vice, 
sin, mahce, malignity, per- 
versity, ill temper, bad dispo 
sition of mind. 

Matchi inakamigad. It is a bad 
news, a sad event; p. met.. 

M<itchi-iuapiiiadiitjr, (nin). I 
give poison, I poison ; p. met 

M(i tr/i i-iii ((}) in adjiijenin. Po ison- 

M(ilrhi-inaj>iitthia, (»//»). I poi- 
son him* also, I j^ive him a 
bad sickness ; p. mct..mtd ; 
imn. UKL.nttj. 

M(itr/ii-in(i{)iiui.^, (/(//()■ S. Mat- 


Miil<-lti-iii(tjtiiiiiii(i, (iiin). 1 curse 
him ; p. mcL-nidd. 

Malrhi-iiuijiiiicnddii, {niii), I 
curse it ; p. m< f..<ini/. 

Matchi-iudpincnima, (nin) or, 
/(//( matc/ii-indpinca, iiiu 
iii(ilf/ii-iiid/)iiiana. I <rivo him 
a liud sickness, (according to 
Indian superstitions ;) p. met., 

Matrhl iiinpinewin. Bad sick- 
ness ; lA.-aii. 

Mdli'/ii kikiiioamawa, (iiin). I 
teach him bad tilings, 1 give 
him a bad cxumph.', I seiluce 
liini, scandalize him ; p. wet., 

Mdlchi kikinowahama, imn). T 
follow bis liad example, he 
gives me a bad examplo, he 
scandalizes me ; p. yiet..mad. 

Mdlrhi-kikiiiowalnim /// , ( /( //* ) . 1 
am imitated by him in niy 
bail examjile, I give him a 
bail I'Xiimple, I scandalize 

Malchi ki ki iiowt'iham if/nivi II . Bad 
example or scandal taken; 


Matfhi kikinowd/jdndaiice, {niii). 
I give a bad example, (or bad 
examples) ; p, iiiet..wediwewin. 

Malchi kikiiwivabanda. Bad 

' , I 





— 228 - 



rxamplo or 

Mate hi inanilo. Kvil 

vil, Hudvii ; pi.-//. 
Mdlrhi mdiiifnliCirlii 
Mdliiti itiiis/ilxi/ii, E\ 

Hcnixlal (/ir<n; 

Hpifil, (Ic- 

I iiiediciix 

tlml Ih, noiMon, \onotn.—M((i 
c/ii VKishkihi vivd nshamn ; I 
poinoii liini, (I jrivc liiiii evil 
iiiciliciiic to cut.) Vftfihi triati/i- 
hiki (l(ii/nvi</(i<lc, flifi-p Ih pni- 
Hon ill, it in poiHonous ; p. 


Md/r/ii viashkiki cahntujeil. Hi- 
thnt <;iv(',M ])oisoii to KoinobfKiy, 
])nisoiu'r ; y\ -ji'J- 

Matrhi viasnkonsiir. Noxious 
licrl), weed in n, field or <^n.r- 
<l('ii ; \)\.-(iu. 

Malrhi-ndmi. l^nd-montli, a per- 
son tliat ufics to ppciiU ill of 

M<itr/u'/irrf, {nin) or viu m 
c/iilrhit/e, (from matrhi i 
cMye.) I act wickodlvj 1 o.. 
wrong; p. meirhUivaa. 

Matchi ivinn, (rtiii) or, viii mnl- 
chi wmohia, freq. I decry or 
di.scredit liiiii^ I di'liuno him, I 
speak ill ofliini ; p. 

Maw, {nin). I weep, T cry ; p. 

Maiviidisfiiive, {nin). I visit, I 
pay ft visit (or visits); p. meiv 

Mawfidi.shitoeshk, (nin). I am 
always making visits, I like 
too much to make visits ; p. 
mew.. kid. 

Mawadishiive.fhkiwin. Habit of 
making visits too often. 

Mawadlfhitoewin. Visiting, visit, 

Mawadissa, {yiin). I visit liim, 

I pay him n visit ; \),mcw..a(l ; 
imp. mawndinhi. 
.)f(iwiiki)diisain(i, {nin), I div 
meat in smoke ; p. nieicniuil. 

wandinii, inin). I gather to- 
gether or collect some ohj. ; 
p. vinid.nnd. 
Mawandinun,[nin). I gather il 
together, I collect it ; p. xmiiti 
Mdwnndiniiie, {nin), I gather, 1 

(collect ; p. maia..i/rd. 
Mdnmndiwiiliiwa, (nin). I l'm- 
thor a collect with him ; p. 
MAwandiwi(/nm it/. Meet i n .'- 

house; Synagogue; pl.-o//. 
Mdwandjia, {nin). \ gather il 
together, I store it up, I aeeu- 
inulate it ; [ save and keep ii ; 
p. maia..nd. 
\ltnrandjidimin, {nin). Weeoinc 
together, we meet, we assem- 
hie; ]). maia..didjiii, 
Mdwnndjiidiwin. A ssei 1 1 hi y . 

Mdwandjisdton, («//<). I put it 
together, I gather it togelln r, 
I collect it; p. maia..iod. 
M(7wandjitatnaf/e, {nin). f 'm- 
ther or collect for .someh()(l\ ; 
p. maia..ged. 
Mdwandjiiamason, (?«'») or, nin 
mawandjitamadison. I gutlicr 
it, collect it or store it up, to 
myself; p. maia..od. 
Mdiodndjitamasonan, {nin) or 
nin mawandjitamadisonan. I 
gather, colfect or store u|i 
some obj. for myself; p. main 
..od. (V. Conj.) 
Mawandjitamawa, [nin). I ga- 
ther or collect it for him or 
to him ; p. maia..wad. 

i). Wccoiiu' 

, wo aHHl'lll- 


2l.".» — 



Ma wan ([jitiusnmyainiij. 

llUllHO ; pl.-OM. 

Mdirandjur/tii/an. Any ohjoct 

stori'il up Honicwlicrc, orj^jiith- 

crcd tof^ctlicr ; \>\.-ftij. 
.]!i'nriin</Jit('/ii(/(',iiihi). \ ^iitlier, 

I tollccl ; j(. vi(ii(t.,i/e»/. 
Mi'iu'dndjifchii/nrhiiiii. A jriitli- 

criii;; mail, taN-;^iitlirn'r, toll- 

^iitlK'nT ; pulilicaii ; \A.-U'(i(j. 
}l(nr(iutljifi)n, {niii). I j^iithcr 

it toj.'1'tlii'r ; IsjiM' iuiil k('C|i 

il ; J). inai(t..{(nl. 
Mi(W(tiul(niJhvnn. It niiis togc- 

tlipr, or streams to;j;cthor, in 

(inc pliicf, (water or any 

(itlier li(|ui(l;) ]).maia..anij. 
)lihr(iiid()(/iradan, {niii) or, nin 

luiiwauihxjwadanan. I new sov- 

(Miil picei's togotluT, I gatlicr 

them together sowing ; ]). 

Mdwdtulixjwaas, {nin). I gather 

together sewing ; p. viai(i..!i(i<!. 
Mdtrundot/ivusson, or, niawaii- 

(l()(/wass()wiii. Quilt, Hovorul 

iu'eee.s .sewed together in one ; 

}[t'tu'nndos/iknan , ()thi), I gather 

it, (hay ;) p. inuia..anc]. 
MCuvanduslikaiijan. Kake, to 

gatlier hay with ; pl.-«//. 
Mdwandos/tXaitfe, {nin). 1 raUe 

hay together; p. maia..<jcd. 
Mnwand()Ssc,or-maoad. It comof* 

together, it gathers in one 

phice, or on one heaji; p. maia 

..seij, oT-ma<jak. 
M'nntnisomaijy {nin). I gatlier 

l>eople together ; p. maia.. 


Mawibi, {nin). I weep being 
drnnk ; p. viewibid. 

Muwikaa, {nin), feign, 1 weep by 

(liflHimulatioii, I tVigu weep- 


ing ; p. tn(w.,.so(t 
Mawinnt, (nin). \ bewail 

tienioan liiin 

iin, I 
1 1, nic- 

I'efch, or 
liirds he 
p. nicu\. 

weep or cry over him _ 

Mawiniaijnd. IlweepH; p. nnw 
..ijak. — Sin<lr ni(twiiiiiii/ad ej)- 
ilck-kilchi-kai^hkcntlantan; my 
lieart wooj)S Irom extreme sor- 

Mawinilddn, {nin). I run njioii 
it or fn it; 1 reach I'orth lor it ; 
p. tHCu\.an>/. 

Mau'inadjir/iiii'fi, {nin). 1 pick 
up the binh he is killing, to 
have them myHoll'; p. nicic. 

Mawinadjiiji', {nin). T 
pick up for me, the 
kills, Miu'ks, etc. ;) 
(/rd. — S. MawinndJiijauHi. 

M<nrinaifji(/('nan Ji.s/iih, (nin). I 
IVtch or pick \ip the duck he 
killed, to have it myyell'j p. 
mew. .(/I'd. (V. Conj.) 

M(iirin)t(tji</fidadi.t, (nin). J fetch 
or pick uj) myself the birdn I 
kill ; p. nicw..s()d. 

Mawinnna, {nin). J run or 
upon him ; 1 reach forth after 
him; p. niew..nad; imp. in((- 

Mawindamowin, Bewailing, de- 
})loration, bemoaning, himen- 

Mawinddn, (nin). I bewail it, 
deplore it, lament it, 1 weep 
or cry over it or for it, to have 
it i I wepp for the loss of it ; p. 

Mawindis, {nin). I bewail or 

deplore myself; p. victv..sod. 

Mawincige, {nin}. I insult, I 





•1, l< 




i. ' 

5, '■■ 

■f * 







quarrel, make noise; p. 7new 

Mawincif/ewin. Insult, int^ult- 

ing, quarreling noiwe. 
Mawinewa,{nin). I come upon 

him, I iuHult, quarrel, attack 

him; \).mcw..icad ; imp. ma- 

Mawineshku(jnn, {iiin). It in- 

sultH luo, it attacks me; p. 

mew. .god. . ,.Kiu mawine.'^hkd- 

(jna gcpet o via.'iinaigaii ; his 

letter insults me indeed. 
Mawineshkan, (nin). I insult 

it, attack it; p. vie..ang. 
Mawineshkawu, [nin], S. Maioi- 

Maioins, {nin). I gather berries; 

p. mewinsod. 
MaivisJik, {nin). I weep or cry 

too much or too often, I an) 

in a habit of weeping; (P. je 

su's braillard ;) p. mew. .hid. 
Maitishkitvin. Bad habit of 

werping, erving. 
Mawiwin. Weeping, crying. 
Mcdassaganama, {nin). I miss 

liim, striking, he avoids my 

stroke; p. viaie..inad. 
Medassikage, {ni7i). I arive too 

late; p.maie..ged. 
MSdassiJcan, inin). I arrive too 

late to lind it yet; p. maie.. 

ang. — The contrary of Nin 

gessikan, which see. 
Medassikawa, {nin). I arrive 

too late to find him yet, he is 

<^one, etc. ; p. maid.. wad.— 

The contrary of Nin gdssika- 

Medassinawa, {nin). I miss him 

shooting; p.maia..wad. 
Mcgandji, {nin). 1 belch, I eject 

the wind from the stomach ; 

(F. je rote ;) p. maie..gandjid. 

Megwa, prp., conj. While, when, 

Megwaii, adv. Amidst, anioni'. 

Megwawigang Tlic 
liuinpbacked animal, caiiul ; 
pi. megwawigangig awcssiian. 

Mi'gvje, prp. Amongst. 

Mcgwebag. Amongst leavt'.><, in 
a bush, in a shrub. 

Megwekumig, adv. In the de- 
sert, in the interior, in the in- 

Megicekana, adv. In the road, 
on the road or trail. 

Megwishkossiw, adv. Amongst 
herbs, in the grass or wecdT 

Meiagisid. A stranger, (man or 
woman;) pl.-iig. 

Mejikagemagak inapineicin. 
Contagious sickness,epideiiiy. 

Mekatewagamitigweiag. A black 
river, of dark-colored water, 

Mckatewikwanaie, or rather, 
mekatewikwanaied. A man 
dressed in black, black-gown, 
})riest, missionary ; pl.-y, ur- 


Mekaiewikwanaickwe. A woinan 
dressed in black, nun, sister 
of a convent, religious of aa 
Order ; p\.-g. 

Mckatewikwanaie o bapisikuwd- 
gan. The priest's coat, cui-:- 
sock ; pl.-a/i. 

Mekatewikwanaiew, [nin). I am 
a priest ; p. mek..wid. 

MekaUwikioanaiewiwin. Priest- 
hood ; the Sacrament of Or- 

Mekaicashitod. He that invenfs 
it, inventor, discoverer ; pl.- 

Mekisiniked. He that makes 
shoes, boots, etc., shoemaker; 


231 - 


)hmalcisiiwed. He that inocu- 
li 'es with the cow-pox, inocu- 
liitor, cow-pox inoculaior ; 

MciiiaiuIJigosid.'H.e that is lame, 
a lame person, crii)ple ; pi. 

}kmau(jishe. As.'', imile, (long- 
car;) p].-iag. 
Mime. Woo(i-p?cker ; pi.-//. 
Mamcgiocssi . Siren, (t'al)iilous 

being;) pl.-wa//. 
Mamenmou. Butterfly ; \>\.-(j. 
Meiiiesnkwat, adv. By turn.*, 

one after another, alternately ; 

Mcmidassicdk. A thousand 

every time, a thousand each 

or to each. 
Manidasswi, num. Ten every 

time, ten each or to each. 
Memldntchiiuj , num. Ten tinie.s 

every tinvj, ten times each. 
Memikwasod. He that boa8t.-<, 

i)raggart, boaster ; p\.-Jig. 
Meitiitmbawidjissi. Ahj. A kind 

of grass-hopper ; (F. cigale ;) 

Meminadiiiid. He that is proud, 

proud person ; p^-Jig- 
Mmindage, or vu'mdage, adv. 

Especially, principal!v, above 

Memiidtigodjiwaiig. L-ilands in 

a current. 
Mcmiskondiniir .".nganeshi . Red- 
breast, robin, (bird ;) p\.-iag. 
Memokiicido. Mole; pi.-//. 
Memokhoidowigamig. Mole-hill, 

(mole's house ;) pT.-o». 

McDiwefch, adv. Just. — Jfcm- 
icek'h kinawa ki da-ijam ; just 
you ought to go, (not others.) 

Mcndatchiiigivash, (nin). I am 

very sleepy, overwhelmed 

with sleep; p. maicii.Ad. 
Mengishkaini. Alg. Ass; pl.- 

itg. — S. Mcmangislic. 
Menikweifhkid. tie that tlrink' 

too much, tippler, drunkard ; 

P • •■:/'■'/• 

Mcniku-cssig. He that does not 
drink, sober temperate per- 
son ; pi.-"//. 

Meinkwessig jominalio. Abste- 
mious person. 

Mrnh/ica, (niii). I cause him 
shame, I make him ashamed ; 
p. muiniishead, 

Meiiishima, {nin). I cause him 
shame with my words ; p. 

Minis him) gun, {nin). It makes 
me'amed, it causes me 
shame; p. nude. .god. 

Mcnis.sendani,iniit)- ^ *i'" asham- 
ed ; p. maie..ang. 

Mcnis.v'nima, {nin). I am asham- 
ed of him ; p. nude.. mad. 

Menisscndamowin. Shame. 

}feuo-ijiicebisid. He Miat 
haves well, good person; 

Menice. Cumin; pi.-//. 
Meshkawagaudg isld.-otcwdbd. 

Strong fire-water, brandy. 
Mes/iknwikwissing fofn.s/ulho. 




Milh that is coagu 
Mcshkwat, adv. Instead, instead 

Meshkwaiona, (nin). 

or exchange some 

Meshkwatonamnwn , 

exchange it for him or to him 

\). male.. wad. 

I cliange 
obj. ; p. 




I ex- 

• i.. • » 

i f» 


i i 



i I 


— 2:5:i — 


' 'i > 



." I 

printer ; 
kettle is 

change one thing for another 
|). mail'.. any. 

Me.shkwaiosse, oo-wai/ad. It un- 
dergoes a cliange, il i.s chang- 
ed ; p. male.. .sea, OT-ma</ak. 

Mi'sikan,[ inn.) 1 wear it out, 
(clothing,) I wear it until it is 
all torn to pieces ; p. mdicsi- 

Mc.'^ikawa, (nin). I wear it out, 
(article i>f'('Iothing,as nio.'^/iwc, 
handkercliicl';) j). niaii'.. until. 

Me.siaaainaivind. He to whom s. 
th. in owed, creditor; p\.-ji<J. 

Mesinaiged. He who owes s. th., 
debtor; \)\--jig. 

Mcninakuang masinaigan. He 
that niarKH ])aper, 

Mrnkwd nagekcsid. 8. 

Mctabikiso aklk. The 
worn out, it is no more use- 
ful ; p. maie...sod. 

Mi'laOilcisiiin. It is worn out, 
used up, (metal ;) p, 

Mctakosigcd. He that smokes 
pure tobacco, smoker of to- 
l)accoonly; \A.-jig. — S. MHa- 

Metakioidin. It is worn out in 
the woods, (cloUiing ;) p. maie 

Mctdkwidjidon, (nin). I wear 
it out in the woods, (^clothing;) 
p. mate.. dad. 

MMchibode, ov-magad. it is 
worn out or used up l)y grind- 
ing; p. maic.deg, or-magak. 

Metchibodon, {nin). T wear it 
out by grinding ; p. muie..dod. 

JfetcJiibona, (nin). I wear out 
some obi. by grinding; p. 
maicnad ; imp. metchiboj. 

Mctch'boao. It is worn out liv 
grinding; p. maie. .sod. 

Mi'trhi-dodang. He whc docs 
evil, criminal, nuilefactor ; |). 

Mrtchissidnn, {nin). I wear it 
out working, (clothing ; ) \,. 

Metckis.nn, or metckitchigndt. 
It is worn out, used ; p. xmic. 
ing, (jr maicdcg. — Nin imiki- 
.iinan mclc/iis.'iinon; my iiiuo- 
casina are worn out. 

Mcwija, or mcwinja, adv. Al- 
ready ; loii'T ago. 

Mcwishkid. He that weeps too 
much, weeper, crier ; iV. 
brail lard ;) {n.-Jig. 

Mi, or ndsa. So that is, it i,-, 
that is to say. 

Mi apine. Ever since ; for evir, 
gone for ever. 

Mi minik, or, mi iw. That is all; 

Midddatchimin, {nin). We arc 
ten ot us ; p. med..irhidjig. 

Midddatchinon. There are ten. 

Middgwena, {nin). I put him 
aside or out of the way, with 
my hands; p. vicd..nad ; imp. 

Middgwenamawa, {nin). 1 imt 
or push 8. th. aside tor him, 1 
deliver him or disemhariiiss 
him from s. th. ; p. med..irad. 

Middgwendn. {nin). I put it 
aside or out of the way, with 
my hands ; p. med..ang. 

Middgwenddn, (iiin). I i)iit it 
away or aside in my thoughts, 
in my mind, I remove it fioni 
me; p. med..ang. 

Middawenige, (nin). I put aside 
with my hands; p. med..ged, 


— 233 — 


MUiagiveta, {nin). I put myself 
aside ; p. med.Jad. 

Midihjwetawa, (nin). I keep 
myself from him ; p. med.. 

Midass. Lejzging, or my legging ; 
\)\.-an. kidCiss, thy legging ; 
odass, his legging. 

Middsno, niun. Ten, (hefore 
substantives denoting mea- 
sure of time or of other 

Midassiocwan. -^ S. Nijobane- 
nindj. — Nijohidonan. Nijoki- 
na, etc., always changing in 
English, tico into ten, as : Xi- 
johancnindj, twice (two times) 
a handful, Midossoban^nindJ, 
ten times a handful. — Nijobi- 
(h>nnn,(nin).l tie two together. 
MidassohidonaUi (nin). I tic 
ton together. — And so on res- 

Midastiicak dassing midasswak. 
A thousand times thousand, 
a million. — Nijing midasswak 
dassing midasswak, twice a 
tliousand times thousand, two 
millions ; etc. 

Middssivi, num. Ten. 

Midasswi ashi bejig, num. Ele- 

)[ida8swi ashi nij. A dozen, 
twelve. (For the rest see 

Middtching, Ten times. 

Midatching midasswak. Ten 

Midf. Indian of the Grand Me- 
dicine; pl.-^. 

MUkxce. A squaw of the Grand 

Medicine ; ]}\.-g, 
ilidew, (nin). I am an Indian 

of the Grand Medicine, I be- 


long to the Indian Order of 
Grand Medicine; p.medewid. 

Midcwia, (nin). I receive him 
into the Grand Medicine, I 
make him a member of the 
Grand Medicine; p. medcwiad. 

Midihoigamig. Long narrow 
lodge made of branches for the 
ceremonies of the Grand Me- 
dicine; pl.-o?i. 

Midiwiwin. Grand Medicine, 
Indian Order of Grand Medi- 

Midjiin. They eat it; (F. on le 
mange;) any eatable thing, 
l)rovi8ions, victuals, eatables, 

Midjimigamig. Provisions-store; 
(F. hangar aux vivres ;) pl.-o«. 

Midjiinikandun odassonagan , 
(nin). 1 put a bait in the trap, 
I bait it ; p. viadj..ang. 

Midjimikandjigan. Bait; pi. .an. 

Midjimike, {nin). I produce or 
procure victuals ; p. madj.. 

Midjimikewin. Labor or efforts 
made in producing or procur- 
ing victuals. 

Midjimiwan. It is food, it is 
eatable, it is eaten ; p. mddji- 

Midjin, {nin). I eat it; p. mad- 

Midjindim, adv. In the water, 
in the depth. 

Midjissikawa. {nin). I conduct 
or accompany him a little 
distance, through politeness ; 
p. med.. wad. 

Migaddn, {nin). I fight it, I 
oppose it ; 1 combat it, I am 
against it ; p. magadaog. — 
mn migadan ishkotewabo ; I 

' ''I 

• . t 

I f 






III! , M 


234 — 



tight ardent liquor, 1 am I 
agaiijat it. 

Migddimagak. It is lighting, 
opposing, itis at Avar against ; 
p. mag.. yak. 

Migadimin, [nin). We light to- 
gether, we sciilHe ; we are at 
war ; p. mdgddidjiq. 

Migddi-ndbikwan. ^Var-vewsel , 
ship of war, man of war ; pl.- 

Migddinaniwan. There is war, 
war-time, lighting-time ; p. 

Migddiwin. Fight, Ijattle, com- 
bat, war. 

Migakikwewe, {nh'.). I liglit or 
beat my wife ; p. mag. .toed. 

Migana, {nin). 1 fight or beat 
liim; p. maganad. 

Miganidis, (nin). I li^ht or com- 
bat against myself, I war 
against myself; p. m :g..snd. 

Migds, (nin).^ I fight, I scuffle ; 
p. magasod. 

Migososhk, {nin). 1 am in a 
l)ad habit of fighting, of scuf- 
fling; p. mag. .kid. 

Migdsotoin. Fighting, fight. 

Migdsowinini. Soldier, warrior, 
fighter, boxer ; Ta\.-wag. 

Mi ge-ing. It will ue so, be it so, 

Migi animosh. The dog barks, 
yelps; p. megid. migidan 
gego animosh, the dog oarks 
at some obj. ; p. megidang. 
wiginan animosh, the dog 
barks at some oi>j. ; p. megi- 

Migisananissi. Eagle-fighter, (a 
small blue bird pl.-.^. 

Migisi. Eagle ; \ii.-wag. 


A young eagle ; pi. 

MiginiwiganJ. Eagle's claw ; pi. 


Miaisiwisihi. Eagle River, i,uku 

Mif/isiiviwikwed. Eagle Hurlior. 

Lake Superior. 
Migiakan. Fish-hook; j)l.-(/);. 

Migiskaneidb. Fish-hook lirn'; 

Migiss. Wampum, (beads of 
porcelain, Indian ornanunt 
and ancient money ;) porce- 
lain, ch in aware ; pearl; pi.. 

Migissapikan. Wanipuni-strii]i, 
a large strap richly ornanRiii- 
ed with beads of porcelain, 
used in Indian mesjaages of 
great importance. Pl.-a//. 

Migi.ssiiesnimig. Breastplati' ^f 
beails of porcelain, (of wain- 
puni.) This is the greatest In- 
dian ornament. Pl.-a*/. 

Miginsinagan. Dish or plate uf 
porcelain ; pl.-a/i. 

Migissinagans. Cup, saucer, 
bowl, of porcelain; pl.-«». 

Migiive, {nin). I give, I contri- 
bute, I make a present, 1 
grant, I allow ; jp. mdgiiced. 

Migiioen, {nin). I give it a\va\ , 
I make a present of it to sodic- 
body; p. mdgiwed. 

Migiwenan, {nin). I give awav 
some obj.; p. mdgiwed. (\. 

M^'giwen Songideeshkaijeim, 
(nin). I give Confirmation, 1 
confirm ; p. mag..ed. 

Migiweshk, {nin). I am in u 
liabit of giving too iiiucli 
away ; p. mag. .kid. 

Migiwetamawa, (idn) or, nin 
migiwetawa. I give it fur 

s claw ; pi. 

liver, Luku 

frk- Ihirlior. 

ok; i»l.-aii. 
hook liiH' ; 

I oruanu'ul 

\ey \) porce- 

pcarl ; \tl.- 

Jy ornaniont- 
of poi'C'.'laiii, 
luesaages of 
J. pk-aii. 
Breastplate m' 
kin, lot' waiu- 
le greatest In- 
isli or plate <jt 

Clip, saucer, 
,in; pl.-a»- 
give, I coutn- 
a pret'ent, 1 
n. miKjnccd. 
L irive it away, 
t of it to soini- 


I ^ive awav 

md(jiwcd' [^^ 

lonfirination, 1 


'' I am 111 ii 
g too much 

(nin) or, »"i 
|\ give it for 


— 235 — 


Iiim, to his advantage ; p. 
mag.. wad. 

Mii/iwewin. Giving, or the act 
of giving 8. th.; gift, present, 
coiitrihution, 'griwen ; pl.-an. — 
S. Minigowin. — Mi sa onow 
itin migiwewinan ; these are 
my presents (/ give away.) 

Miijiwin. Barking of a dog. 

Miyoss. Awl, bodkin ; pl.-a?J. 

}Ii(jas/ikddendagos, (nin). I am 
troublesome, I am considered 
troublesome, annoying ; p. 

}Ii(fnskkadendagwad. It is trou- 
hk'some or annoying; p. meg 

)U(joshkddendam, {nin). I am 
troubled in my thoughts, in 
my mind ; p. meg..ang. 

Midoshkddis, (nin). I am trou- 
I'lesome, I am annoying; p. 

Midoshkddisiivin. Trou blesome- 
iiess, annoyance. 

iligoshkddjia, (nin). I trouble 
liim, annoy him, bother him, 
I molest hnn, importune him, 
vex, tease, plague him ; p. 
meg.. ad. 

Migoshkadji-aid, (nin). I am 
troubled, frightened, alarmed, 
lam uneasy; p. meg..iad. 

Migoshkddji-aiawigon, (nin) or, 
nin migoshkadjiigon. It trou- 
lik'S me, bothers me, it makes 
lue uneasy, it alarms me; p. 
meg.. god. 

Migoshkddjidee, {nin). My heart 
is troubled, alarmed ; p. meg.. 

Migoshkddjideiwin. Trouble of 
Heart, uneasiness. 

^igoshicdsikawa, (nin), (from 
nin inigoshk^djia, I trouble 

him, and nin ndaikcz'-a, Icome 
to him.) I come to trouble 
him, to bother him ; p. meg., 

Migoshkdsitagos, (nin). I am 
troublesome in my speaking, 
I trou tie and annoy with my 
words; p. meg.. sod. 

Migoshkd.ntawa, {nin). I hear 
him with displeasure, I am 
troubled and annoyed by his 
speaking; \i. meg. .wad. 

Migoshkdsoina, (nin). I impor- 
tune him, 1 trouble him, I 
annoy him with my words ; p. 
meg.. mad. 

Migwan. Feather, quill, pen ; 

Mi^aivanddis, {nin). I am sickly, 
I am often sick ; p. meg..sid. 

Migwandngewadin. There is 
hoar frost on the ice ; (F. il y 
a du frimas sur la glace ;) p. 

cushion ; pl.-a«. 

Migwan-apishimon. Feather- 
bed ; pf.-ajj. 

Migwetck! Thanks ! (expres- 
sion of thanksgiving.) 

Migweichiwenima, (nin) or, mig- 
wetch nind inenima. I have 
thankful thoughts and feel- 


towards him. 

I feel 

thankful to him ; p 

Migweichiwia, {nin). I thank 
him ; p. 

Migwetchiwigijigad. Thanks- 

Migwetchiwiiwewin. Thanks- 
giving, thanks. 

Migwetck nind ind. I thank 
him, I say thanks to him. 

Mi iw. That's it, that is enough. 

1 1 

1 : 1 > 



; ' ' 

' 1 

I i 



■ t 



— 23G — 


'! I 

MijdanaAnin). I arrive to liis 
track, his Ibotsteps, (in the 
Hiiow or 11111(1 ;) J). mej..nad; 
imp. mijaaj. 

Mijajfd, {nin). I arrive liy water 
111 a canoe or boat; p. meja- 
!/ad. — S. hay wis Inn. 

Mijuj/ado, (nin). I overcome, I 
<j;ain, (in a play ;) p. mt'j..dod. 

Mijmjdk, {nin). I arrive, walk- 
in{^ on the ice ; p. me)..od. 

Mijaydmekwajiwe, {nin). I ar- 
rive in a canoe or boat ; p. 

Mijakisse, {nin], I fall or sink 
down to the bottom of a river 
or lake ; p. m^..sed. 

Mijakisse or-magad. It sinks to 
the bottom of a river, etc. ; p. 
mej..seg, or-viagak. 

Mijakwad. It is fair clear wea- 
ther, serine, the sun shines, 
the sky is blue; p. m€j..wak. 

Mijakwadong inande. It is dyed 
skv-blue, it is of a sky-blue 
color, azure ; p. enandeg. 

Mijakwadong inanso. It is sky- 
colored, faint blue; p. enan- 

Mijakwaniiibikad. It is a brigli t 
clear night, no clouds ; p. mtj 

Mijdshk. Ot. Herb, hay; pl.-o?i, 

Mijid, {nin). I spoil him, I 
wrong him, injure him ; p. 

Mijiiwe, (nin). I spoil, I make 
damage ; p. viejiiwed, 

Mijinawe. Steward, adminis- 
trator of a property, manager ; 

Mijinawew, {nin). I am a 
steward, etc. ; i).mej..wid. 

Mijinawetoiwin. Steward.siiiii, 
administration of a projKTtv. 

Mijikdgon, {nin). It catclies 
me, it roaches me ; p. ui^j.. 
god. — Akosiwin nin gi-iniji- 
kagon ; a sickness has reach- 
ed me. 

Mijikaiva, {nin). I reach liini 
with m^ foot, I give hiin a 
little kick. (I give him a 
hard kick, would be, 7iin (an- 
giahka^im ;) p. mej..inad. 

Mijishd, adv. Openly, plainly, 

Mijishakiganebina, (nin) OT,uin 
mijishakiganena. I uncover 
liis breast; p. inej.nad; \\\\\). 

Mijishakiganebinidis, [niii] or, 
nin miji.shakiganenidis. I 
uncover my breast ; p. mej.. 

Mijishakiganeshin, {nin) or, nin 
mitakl.ifhin. My breast is 
uncovered ; p. vicing. 

Mijishdssa, {mn). I expose to 
the sight of people some olij.; 
p. mej. .sad; imp. mijishashi. 

Mijishdton, {nin). I expose it 
to the sight, I lay it open ; p. 
mej. .tod. 

Mijishawagam, adv. Very far 
out in the lake, or sea. 

Mijishdwakamig, adv. Under 
the sky, in the open air, with- 
o<it a shelter. 

prairie; p\.-ivan. 

Mijishdwashkode, or-inngal 
There is a large open prairie; | 
p. mej..deg, or-rnagak. 

Mijishdwissin. It is open, nn- 
covered, exposed to the sigli 



I ! 


— 237 - 


,. Largo oi^en 

}fijish(iwi.isitamawa, (nin). I 
expose it to liiin, I lay it open 
lic'fore him, I reveal it to hiin ; 
]). mej.Aoad. 

MijixluiwisfiUchigade , ov-niagad. 
it is laid open, it is exposed 
to the sight of people; it ': 
manifested, revealed, it is 
made known, made public ; 
p. mej..deg,or-magad. 

Miji-ihdniissiton, {nin). 8. Miji- 

Mijitagos, (nin). I make false 
and injurious reports ; p. mej 

Mijiton, {nin). I injure it, I 
ppoil it, damage it ; p. mejitod. 

Wtjica, {nin). I wound hira, 
shooting at him ; p. inejwad ; 
imp. mijwi. 

Mijtodgan. A person wounded 
hy a shot ; pl.-a</. 

Mijwdganiw, {nin). I am a 
wounded person, (wounded by 
a shot ;) p. mej.:wid. 

MiiweioashK. Medical root or 
lierb for wounds; p\.-nii. 

Mika, adv. This word is some- 
times added to kaiv^ssa, in 
order to strengthen the nega- 
tion. Kaioessa mika, no, no, 
uot at all, by no means. 

Mikdde, OT-makad, or, mikddji- 
ijade, or-magad. It is tbund, 
iliscovered, detected, found 
out, invented; p. mek..deg, 

Mikddjigas, («/«). I am found, 
discovered ; p. mek..!iod. 

Mikdge, (nin). I find, I find 
out; p. mekaged. 

Mikdgan. Any thing found, 
detected ; pi .-an. 

Mikaganiw, {nin). I am a find- 
ling; p. mek..wid. 

Miknganiwan. It is a found 

thing ; p. 
Mikamddis, {nin) or, nin mika- 

vids. I fiml to myself or Ibr 

myself; p. mek...tod. 
Mikamddison, {nin) or, nin mi- 

kamdsnn. I find it for me ; 

p. mek..sod. 
Mikamddisonan, {nin). S. Mika- 

Mikamdaon, {nin). I find it to 

myself; p. mek..sod. 
Mikamasonan, (iiin). I find 

some obj. to mvself; p. mek.. 

sod. (V. Conj.) 
Mikamawa, {nin). I find it to 

him; p. mek. .wad. 
Mikdn, (7iin). I find it; I dis- 
cover it ; p. mekang. 
Mikana. Trail, path, road, way; 

Mikana inamo. The trail or 

road goes to... ; p. enamog. 
Mikana ondamo. The trad or 

road comes from... ; p. wenda- 

Mikanakawa, {nin). I make or 

prepare a path or road for 

tiim ; p, viaic.wnd. 
Mikandke, (nin). I make a road ; 

p. inak..ked. 

Mika.<i, {nin). I am found ; p. 

Mikaw, {nin). I have my senae.« ; 
I recover my senses, after 
fainting or swooning; p. me- 

Mikawa, {nin). I find him ; I 
discover him, detect him, (a 
person, or any other obj.); p. 

Mikawddis, (nin). 1 am a fine 
looking person, I have a fine 
appearance ; p. mek„sid. 



I '.' 

■U '- 


— 2:iH — 


>■ ! 




Mikauiadisiwin. Heaiitv of a 
ncrson, litie nppearanco. 

Mikawadj, (nin). I Ixigiu to feci 
that a limb or part of my 
body ifl freezing ; p. meh..i(L 

Mihawadjikwe. A tine looking 
woman ; pl.-i/. 

Mikavmdjinini. A fine [looking 
man ; pl.-waf/. 

Mikawdma, {nin). I make him 
think on 8. tb., I make him 
recollect or remember 8. th., 
I remind him of s. th. ; p. viek 

Mikawdshilon, {nin), I invent 
it, discover it ; p. mek..iod. 

Mikmodshitowin. Invention ; pi. 

Mikawin, [nin). I remember it; 
p. mekawid. 

Mikawinan, (nin). I remember 
him; p. mekawid. (V. Conj.) 

Mikinak ; Y>\.-toay. S. Mishike. 

Mikinddgan. A packet or bun- 
dle of fur i (C. paquet de pel- 
leteries ;) pl.-a//. 

MikincUia, {nin). 1 irritate him, 
vex bin), I provoke hint to 
anger ; p. 

Mikindjige. I provoke to anger ; 
p. mak..ged. 

Mikodjina, {nin), (from nin mi- 
kawa, I find him, and nind 
odjina, I feel him or grope 
him.) I find him by feeling or 
groping in the dark ; p. mek.. 

Mikodjinan, (nin). I find it by 
feeling in the dark ; p. mek.. 

Mikoma, {nin), I speak of him 
in his absence ; p. viekomad. 

Mikona, (nin). I find some obj. 
among many others ; p. me- 
konad. „„ ,.> . ,. 

MikonaUy (nin). I find it amnnir 
many other things; )>. meh.. 

MikonaiPea, (nin). 1 make him 
pleasure, I render him a ser- 

vico; p. 

I am 

Mikonaweiendam, (nin). 

glad and thankful ; p 

Mikonaweimima, {nin). I am 

happy and thankful he has it ; 

n. mak..mad. 
MikoSf (nin). I am industrious; 

p. makosid. 
Mikoshkos, (nin). I am aliot, 

(with a gun or bow ;) p. muk.. 

Mikwddisi animosh. It is a 

good sporting dog, a gcxid 

hound, good pointer ; p. wek.. 

Mikivam. Ice. 

Mikioam, or mikioamins. Icicle. 

}[ikwam binuibogo. The ice is 
fioating down on ariver, tlieri" 
is a drift of ice; p. berndbogod. 

Mlkwamika, or-magad. There 
is ice ; p. melc..kag, or-mayak. 

Mikwamindniwan. It hails ; [>. 

Mikwaming yinapicak mashkiki. 

Alum, (medicine that looks 

like ice.) S. Jiwdbik. 
Mikwamiwigamig. Ice-house, 

ice-pit; pl.-on. 
Mikwdwa, (?wn). I hit him (witli 

8. th. I throw at him ;) p. mak 

..load; ixwp.mikwa. 
Mikw4ndamia, (nin). I make 

him remember s. th., I recall 

it to his memory ; p. 
Miktoendamowin. Recollecting, 

Mikwcnddn, {nin). I remember 


— 2M — 


it, 1 reoolloct it, think on it; 

Miliicendass, {nin). I recollect, 

I remember ; p. mek..snd. 
Mikwendasfiowin. Memory . 

}[iliwcndjiifade, or-maaad. It i« 
rememberetl ; j). meicdcg, or- 

Mikwcnhna, (nin). I remember 
him, I tliink on him ; p, mek 

Mikwigi mitig. The tree yiekls 

fruit ; p. makwigid. 
Mikivigin. It yields fruit ; p. 
Mimigibidon, {nin). I crush it, 

(stuff;) p.mem..dod. 
}[einigibina, {nin}. I cruHh it, 

istutT;) p. mem..nad. 
}[imigopagiSf [nin). I struggle ; 

p. mem..3od. 
)Iimigos?ikam, (nin). lamtreail- 

ing out 8. th. ; p. mem..ang. 
Mimigoshkan, (nin). I tread it 

out, (instead of thrashing it ;) 

p. mem..ang. — Manomin nin 

mimigoahkan ; I trea(i out 

wild rice. 
Mimigoshkawa, {7un). I tread 

it out ; p. mem. .wad. — Pakwe- 

jigan nin mimigoshkawa ; I 

treail out wheat, (instead of 

thrashing it.) 
Mimigoioehina, (nin). I shake 

him ; (F. je le secoue;) p. 

mem..nad ; imp. mim..hin. 
Mimigowebinan, (nin). I shake 

it ; p, mem..ang. 
Mimigtvabf (nin), I move and 

shake myself, sitting ; p. ineni 
Mimigwishin, (nin). I move and 

shake myself, lying ; p. mem.. 


Mi mim'kymlv. Somnch, (hat's 
all ; tiiat'.s enough. 

Min. Wortleberry ; borry ; pi. 

Mi nay Is it so? is it right? 
will you? 

Minn, {nin). 1 give him, I make 
him a present; I grant him, 
allow him s. th. ; J impose it 
upon him ; I cause it to him ; 
p. mdnad. 

Minan, inin). I give him drink ; 
I water lum, (a horse, an o.x, 
etc.) ; p. mcnaad. 

Minddendam,{nin). I honor, I 
respect ; p. men..anq. 

Minddenddn, (nin). 1 lionor or 
respect it ; p. mcn..ang. 

Minddenim, {nin) or, nin mind- 
denindis. I honor myself, I 
am vain ; I am proud; p. men 

Minddenima, (nin). I honor him, 
I respect him ; p. men,.vuid. 

Minddenindiwin. Respect, hon- 
or, veneration. 

Mindgodjiniii. Ped-bog ; pl.- 

Minagos, (nin). I smell ; I emit 
an odor ; p. m.emgosid. 

Mindgwad. It smells, it has an 
odor ; p. men..toak. 

Mindidimin, {nin). We- givo 
each other to drink; we jmr 
cure drink to one another ; p. 

. men.,didjig. 

Mindiwe, (nin). I give to drink ; 
I procure drink; p. men..ioed. 

Mindiweshk, (nin). I am in a 
bad habit of giving or procur- 
ing drink to others ; p. meri.. 

Mindma, (nin). I smell him, I 
scent him, (a person, or any 
other obj.) } p. mendmad, 


1 I 






^, ' 

i f 


- 210 — 




^filumih•a , or-mafjad. Tlicro arc 
lirenkerH, slioale, lianks, (of 
Hand or rocks ;) p. mcn..ka(j, 

Miiid.isif/e, {nin). T Jiiake ajjood 
odor by buriiin;^ h. tli.; p. 

MinuHxha, (nin). I burn poine 
olij. to make a good odor; p. 
inen.Avad ; \m\). viinamn. 

Minawa, adv. Again, more, 

Minawdnigohi, {nin). I am joy- 
ous in liq^uor, joyful through 
intoxication ; p. men. .bid. 

Minaiodnigos, {nin). J am joy- 
ous, joyi'ul, I rejoice ; p. men., 

Minmcdnif/osiwin. Joy, joyi'ul- 
ness, rejoicing, pleasure. 

Minawdnigioad. There is jOy, 
rejoicing, ])leasure ; p. men., 

Minmcdnigwendani, (nin). I re- 
joice, I have joyful thoughts ; 

Mmawdnigwendamowin. Joy, 
joyful thoughts. 

Minawdnigwia, {nin). I make 
him joyous, I procure him 
joy and pleasure ; p. men. .ad. 

Minawdnigwiton, {niyi), (pron. 
nin minawdnigoton.) I make 
it joyous, joyful ; p. vien..tod. 
— Dcbenimiian, ki qi-minawa- 
nigwiton ninde ; Tjord, thou 
hast made my heart joyful. 

Minawds, {nin). I am happy, 
contented, I rejoice; p. men., 

Minawdsid, {nin). I make him 
happy, contented, I make 
him rejoice ; p. men. .ad. 

Minawdsima, (nin) or, 7iin mi- 
naiodnigoma, I make J>im 

jovouB with my wnrd.i, with 

what I am telling hini ; ],. 

men. .mad. 
Minawinagos, {nin). I look ginxl, 

benevolent, charitable ; ],, 

men. ..sid. 
Mindddenddn, (nin). I ri'gni 

to have lost it; p. men..mi(i. 
Mindadeninia, {nin). I regret to 

have lost some object; p. wfii 

... lad. 

Mindamawa, {nin). S. Mindnwa. 

Mindassiwagan. A tamed jini- 
mal ; \i\.-ag. 

Mindawa, {nin). I pout, J ain 
dissatisfied with him, because 
he does not give mc what I 
want ; I murmur against iiim; 
p. mendawad. 

'Mindaioe, {nin). I pout, I look 
sullen, I will not speak; I am 
not satisfied with what is 
given to me; (F. je boude;) p. 

Mindaicebi, {nin). I pout, I am 
cross, because I have no li- 
quor to drink ; p. men. .bid. 

Mindaweganjdn. White spot on 
a finger-nail, .(mark of pout- 
ing;) pi. -flf/. 

Mindaweganji, (nin). I have 
white spots on my nailfi;]i. 

Mindawcshk, {nin). I am in a 
bad habit of pouting, 1 urn a 
pouter ; p. men.. kid. 

Mindntvewin. Pouting; (F. Iiou- 

Mindaivewi nago.f , {niii). I look 
crosH, dis.«iatisHed ; p. iin-n 

Mindibigab,{nin). I weej) niucli, 
I shed large tears; p. wt'/(.. 




— 241 - 


}fiiHlid, {nin). I am large, 

bulky ; p. m/ndidml. 
}fiiidiinoie. Uld woman ; 

MindimoUiw, (niii). I am an 

old woman ; p. vipu.,wid. 
}!indimoitminli. Wife. TIiIh 

word \h always preceded l»v a 

posseHsive pronoun. — M'n 

iiiindimoinmsh, my wife, (my 

[»ad olil woman.) 
Mindjikdwan. Mitten ; glove; 

pi. -or/. 
yiindjimapide, ov-mayad. It is 

tied or bound ; p.</, 

Mindjimajridon, (nin). I bind 

it; p. men..dod. 
MindJimapiknUjas, {nin), I am 

fettered, cliained ; p. men.. 

Mindjiinapina, (nin). I bind 

iiim ; p. meii.,nad ; imp. niind- 

y'"djimendain, [nin). I keep 

111 memory ; p. men. .am/. 
MindjimenJdn, (win). I keep it 

in memory, I don't forget 

it; p. men..(Uif/. 
Miiidjimenima, [nin). I keepliim 

in my memory, I don't forget 

liim ; p. meii..mad. 
Mindjimina, inin). I hold him ; 

I keep him back; p. men.. 

Mindjiminamawa, [nin). I with- 
hold 8. th. from him ; p. men.. 

Mindjiminidisowin . Moderation , 

retraining, self-comnmnd. 
Mindjimishkagon, (mn). It 

keeps me, it holds me ; p. 

men. .god. 
Mindjimishkawa, {nin). 1 hold 

him under me; p. men., wad. 

Mindjimi.^hkodjigan. Any heavy 
object to keep's, th.down, not 
to Itlow otl'; pl.-rtu. 

Mindjimi.shkodon, {nin). I put 
some heavy object on it, to 
keep it down, or to keep it 
sternly ; p. inen..dod. 

Mindjimixfikona, {nin). I put 
some heavy thing on some 
obj., in order to keep him 
(h«jr, it) down; p. vien..nad ; 
imi). koj. 

Minajinaxoeiadakamig, adv. It 
is a pity, it is regretful. 

Mindjinaiceicndam, (nin). I have 
sorrowful and repenting 
thoughts ; p. men.,any. 

Mindjinawi's, {nin). I repent, I 
am sorry to have done s. th.; 
p. men...nd. 

Mmdjinaxoesiunn. Repentance, 
hearty sorrow for having done 
s. th. 

Mindukad. There in dew on the 
ground ; p. mendokak. 

Minha. The fruit of the thorn- 
shrub; (F. cenelle;) pl.-«7. 

Mincssagawanj. Thorn, thorn- 
shrub, thorn-bush ; ])\.-ig. 

Min-gi.siss. The moon of bilber- 
ries or whortleberries, the 
month of Aug'ist. 

Mini. Apostume, abscess, or 
rather the matter or pus that 
is in an abscess, or runs out 
of it. 

jVmA-,adv. So much,a8 nuich as. 

Minikdn. Seed; pl.-aH. 

Minikdn. Seed; pl.-a//. — Mini- 
kanag ogoio opinig, kawia 
ninwi-amwassig ; these pota- 
toes are for seed, I will not 
eat them. 

Minike, (nin). I gather whortle- 
berries ; p. maniked, 

1/ \ 


I V 

1: ' 




': i 





■ i; fc 








: 1 M 


— 212 - 


I i ) 

Minikwddan {nin). I Rjiond it 
UiT dritikiiif,', I drink it ; |». 
Minikipdgitjan. Any drinkin«»- 
vesHcl, pot, pitcher, glasH, gol»- 
let, tmnhler; pl.-an. 

Mill ik wd djigan . ( } a 1 1 o n . — Nin- 
go minihwadjigan, oncgHlIon; 
ny'o, irnso, nio nano miiiik- 
vmdjigan ; two, throo, four, 
five gallons, etc. — Kuhkit- 
chiag viinikwddjiyan, a pint. 

Minihmnd, (nin). I 8i)ond it for 
drinking, T drink it ; p. men., 
nad. — Kakina n Jomiamnn n 
m'-viinikw(1ndn ; lio spout all 
liiH money for drinking, (he 
drank all his money.) 

Minikwf, {nin). I drink ; p. 

Minikwcn, (nin). I drink it ; j). 

Minikwe.fhk, (nin). I am in a 
had hahit of drinking (intoxi- 
cating liquor ;) p. vi<m.,kid. 

Minikweahkiwin. Bad hahit of 
drinking (int. liq.), drunken- 

Minikw^ssi-viasinaigans. Tem- 
perance-pledge; pl.-a«. 

Minikwisnwin. Nou-d ri n k i ng, 

Minikwhciqamig. Dr i n ki ng- 
liouee, liquor-house, dram- 
shop, tippung-shop ; pl.-OM. 

MinikwSwin. Drinking. 

Minikwewiniwnn. It is drink ; 
they drink it ; p. men,.nng. 

Mininn. Small pimple or pus- 
tule; pi .-an. 

Mininsiuridon, {niii). I have a 
small pimple on my lip ; p. 
men. .dona. 

Minisa. Island, isle ; pl.-an. 

Minissdbik. Rock-island; pl.-oJi. 

Mininaing-endanakid, or, miitix- 
King endaji-bimadiHid. He 
who is H native of an i'^lninl, 
(»r, ho who lives on an iHlmnl, 
islander; 1)1.-/"///. 

Mininnino. Warrior, soldier; 
hero ; pi.-'/. 

Mini.H.tino-ogimn. Military (illi- 
cer; pl.-</. 

Mini.>i.sinfiir, (nin). I am a wnr- 
rior ; 1 am lirave ; p. men., 

Mini.^.'iinnHu'idi.i, {nin). I am ii 
hero ; p. vien..sid, 

Mini.t.finowiiiini. Hero ; pl.- 

Minitig. An island in a river ; 

Mmiiigndjiwan. An island in 
a rapid or in rapids ; pl.-an. 

Miniw, (nin). I have an ahsce-s 
with lualter in, the matter 
runs out of my alisceas ; p. 

Miniw, {niny I bring forth, 1 
yield fruit ; p. maniwid. — 
Mi fig ininiwi, the tree pru- 
ducos or yields fruit ; maniwid 
mitig, fruit-tree. 

MiniuHin. Matter or pus is run- 
ning out of an ulcer or abscess, 
it brings forth matter; p. mi- 

Miniwan. It produces or yields 
fruit ; p. maniwavg. 

Miniwdpine, {nin). I have the 
consumption, I am consuniji- 
tive, phthisical ; p. men..ned. 

Miniwapinewin . Consumption , 

Miniwidjane, {nin). I have a 
fetid nose • {F. je suis punRi.«;) 
p. men..nea. 

Mtno, adj. and ad v. Good ; well. 

Minoaid,{nin). I am well, in 



— 24:{ -- 


r, iniiiix- 
lid. II-' 
n i>>laii>l. 
x\ ihIuikI. 

lilary olVi- 
atii ft wiir- 

; J). IIK'ii.. 

,). I am II 

ero ; 1>1- 

ia a river ; 

i island in 
a; pi .-on. 
i an al»see-s 
tho nmtU'v 
aitscPBS ; !'■ 

ing forlli, 1 
maniwid. — 
e tree j>rt>- 

rpuB isrnn- 
>ri)r absct'^^. 
Iter; p. «"" 

lert or yiel'U 


I have tlu' 
|in conaumv 

I have i\ 
Uuis punaii^;) 

Good; well- 
am well, 111 

«ro(Ml health ; I am oomfort- 

iihle and well ot!'; p. nn'no.. 

)!iii(> attiu'in. (lood health ; 

coiiilortable happy exintence, 

eanv circuniHtanceB. 
.Vinoiti, {iir'n). I am i^ay aiiil 

li'el contented, in li(|Uor : p. 

Miiiohiia, OT-vwijad. It '\h navi<^- 

ftlile, ^nod for navi<;ation, (u 

river;) p. men. .Off, oT'mmjnk . 
Mino biinddixy {niii). I live well ; 

I am in )^ood health ; I am 

jiood, kind, I have a pocxj 

temi>er, a good humor ; p. 

Mind bimddisiwin. Vioad life; 

fiowl health ; pood kind tem- 

|iorament, jrood hiunor. 
Minudashimin, {niii). AVe are 

,iu.''t enough, we are in a sutli- 

eient number: p. »ieii..shi(IJi;f. 
.Viiiodassin. I'here is just 

enough of it; nwn...<<in>f. 
Miuodi', OT-vut</<i<l. It ifl well 

tlone, well cooked ; p. menu- 

de;/, QT-ma(jak. 
Miiiodee, {nin). I have a gO(Kl 

lioiirt, I am good-hearted, 

jjeiitle; p. meiwdeeil. 
Miiiodeea, {nin), I connoie him, 

I make him he of good cour- 

iiire, good heart: p. men. .ad. 
Miiiodeihcm, Goodness of heart, 

•rood nature,, 
Minododamowm. Good action, 

lienetit; pl.-aH. 
}fiiut tjijiyad. It is fair wouther, 

it is a fine day ; p. inen..(jak. 
Minoiiijiganixh, [nin). I have a 

fine, fair weather, (for travel- 
ing;) p. men, .id. 
Minoyin. It produces well, .^a 

iielu, a garden ;) p. menoginy. 

Minf>yiwemnyad. It ifl profitable, 
nrcMJucing fruit ; p. men..yad. 

Minoiahaildd. It ia useful ; p. 

MinoiubadtHy {nin). I am useful, 
(a person, or any other obj.) ; 
ji. men..»id. 

Minoidbadjia, (nin). I make a 
good use of him, he is useful 
to me, (a j>erson orsomeother 
obj.); p- men. .ad. 

Minoiabddjifon, (nin). I nuike 
a gooil UHft of it, it is useful to 
me ; p. wen.. tod. 

Minnijiwt'bi.t, {nin). I am good, 
I behave well, I have a goo<l 
conduct; I have goo<l (prnli- 
ties, I am virtuous ; p. men,, 

iV/Ho ijiwi'bisiwin. Good con- 
duct, jjfood l)ehavior, good- 
ness, virtue. 

Mino'inawi'via, {nin). I am on 
good and jwacetul terms with 
him, I am his friend, or, he is 
my friend ; p. men..mad. 

Minokami, (nin). I have a good 
footing on my trail or road, 
(or standing nomewhere ;) p. 
men. .mid. 

Minokami. 0/. Spring; (F. prin- 
teinps ;) p. men.,ing. Minoka- 
iniy, in spring. 

Minnkamiga. There is good 
ground, good soil ; p. men..yay. 

Minfikan, (nin). I put it well 
on, (clotliing,) it tits me well ; 
p. menokany. 

Mino-kikinowabama, (nin). I 
follow his good example, he 
edifies me ; p. men. .mad. 

Mino kikinowabamig, {nin). He 
imitates my good examples, I 
edify hin),Igive him a good 


I 1 1 

l( t 


— 241 — 



' : ' 

ir ! 

Minokikinoioahamiyowin. GockI 
example taken, edification. 

Mino kifcinowahandauce, {nin). I 
give a good example, I edity ; 
p. men.. wed. 

Minomdgwakisigan. Any thing 
that smells well when burnt, 
incense, frankincense. 

Minomdgwakisige, {nin). I burn 
p. th. that smells well, I burn 
incense, I incense; p. men.. 

Mhiomamd, (nin). lie smells 
well to me, (any obj.) ; p. men 

Minomdnddn, (nin). It sinells 
well to me, I like its odor ; p. 

Minomdiidjige, (nin). I smell a 
good odor, s. th. smells well 
to me ; p. men.. ged. 

Minomdsso assema. Tobacco 
smells well ; p. men. ..sod. 

Minomdte, or-magad. It smells 
well when burnt; \). men. .teg, 

Minonawea, (nin). I make him 
contented, I satisfy him, I 
p'easehim; \> 

Minong. Isle Royal, Lake Su- 

Minons. Cat, puss. 

Minopidan, {nin). I find a good 
taste in some thing I am eat- 
ing or drinking, I relish it, I 
like the taste of it; p. men., 

Minopidjige, (nin). I find a good 
taste m victuals ; p. mea..ged. 
— Nawatch mino aia aw aia- 
kosid, jaigwa minopidjige; 
this sick person is somewhat 
better, he already finds a good 
taste in victuals. 

Minopogosi, He (she, it) has a 

good taste, a fine flavor ; p. 

Minopo<josiwin. Good taste, goud 
fine flavor, relish. 

Minopogwad. It has a good 
taste, it 18 good, delicate, deli- 
cious, (to the palate ;) p. men., 

Minfipwa, {nin\. I find a good 
taste in some obj. I am eat- 
ing, I it, I like the taste 
of it; p. mendpwad ; imp. ml- 

Minosinn, (nin). I lie well, com- 
fortably ; p. 

Minoshkageinayad. It does good. 
it operates well, (a medicine ;) 
p. men..gak. 

Minoshkine, or-magad. It goes 
well in, it fits just in, (a kev 
in a lock, etc.) ; p. men..neij, 

Minoso. It is well done, well 
cooked, (some obj.) ; p. 7H('/i«- 
s«(?.— S. Minode. 

Minos.te, [nin). I walk tvoll, 
easily; p. menossed. 

Minoss'e or-magad. It goes well. 
it does well, it fits well ; p. 
menosseg, or-magak. 

Minossin. It lies well, it is well 
placed or put ; p. menoHniuj. 

Minoasiton, (nin). I place it 
well ; p. meu..tod. 

Minotdgos, {nin). I am heard 
with pleasure, I speak or sing 
agreeably, I have an agree- 
able voice; p. m.en...sid. 

Mi'iotam, (nin). 1 listen witji 
pleasure ; p. menotdng. 

Minotamomagad. It listens with 
pleasure ; p meno..gak. — l)e- 
henimiian, niiawagan mino- 
tamomagadon kid ikkitowi- 




— 245 — 


[e an agri'^- 

but still, 

I act well 
Tlie euine a^i 

nan ; Lord, my ears listen 
with pleasure to tliy ^urds. 

Minotan, {nin}. I listen to it 
with pleasure, I hear it with 
l)lea8ure, I like to hear it ; p. 

Minotawat {nin). 1 listen him 
with ])leasuro, I like to hear 
him ; p. men..w(v1. 

Minoic/i, adv. Htiil, 
yet, nevertheless, 

MinOtchige, (nin) 
p. men..ged. 

Miuotwa, {nin). 
nin minotcJiiije. 

Mino-wCiwina, (nin), freq. I 
name him well frequently, I 
speak well of him; I glorify, 
praise, exalt him ; p. men.. 

Miiw-iodwindan, {nin), freq. 1 
name it well frequently, I 
speak well of it ; 1 glorify it, 
praise it ; p. men. .any. 

Mino-icdwindjigade, ov-magad, 
freq. It is well-named, well 
spoKen of, it is praised, cele- 
lirated ; it is renowned ; p. 
men..deg, or-magak. 

Mino'wdwindjigadewin . Good 

Mino-wdivindjigas, {nin), freq. I 
am well named, I am well 
spoken of, praised, celebrated, 
1 have a good renown, good 

Mino-icdtoinidimin, {nin). We 
praise e.ich other, we speak 
well one of another ; p. men., 

Mnw-wdwiaidis, {nin), freq. I 
praise myself, I speak always 
well of myself J p. men. .sod. 

'Vino-wdicinidiwin. Mutual 

praise, or praise of several 

Mino-iodivinignn, {nin). It prai- 
ses me ; p. men. .god — Kid 
anokiwin tci mino-^cdunni gon ; 
thy work praises thee. Wc- 
winge.iid o viino-wdwinigon od 
anokiwin ; he who works 
well, is praised bv his work. 

iVinowe, (ji//i). I have a tine 
clear voice ; p. menowed. 

Mino undjindimin, {nin). We 
live together in good peace, 
we agree well together, we are 
good friends; p. men. .didjig. 

Mino tvidjindiwin. Good peace 
and harmony, concord, friend- 

Mino tcidjiwa, {nin). I am his 
friend, or, he is my friend, I 
agree well with him, I live in 
))P^ce and harmony with him; 
p. men. .wad. 

Mino-wina, {nin). Nin mino' 
ivindan. Mino-icindjigude. Ain 
mino-windjiga.i. Nin miiio- 
winidimin. Nin mino-winidi.s. 
Nin mino-winigon. — These arc 
the simple yerbsof the above 
frequentative verbs ; as : Nin 
miro-ioawina. Kin mino-iva- 
icindan, etc., which see. — 
The signification is the same 
in both kinds of verljs; the 
frequentative verb only sig- 
nifies a re-iteration of the 
same act. 

Minwdb, {nin) (from mino, well; 
and nin lodb, I see ;) I see 
well, I have good eyes ; p. 

Minwab, {nin), (from mino, well; 
and nind ah, I am sitted ;) I 
sit comfortably, I am well 

; W 

1 1 < 


I <? 

'M 'm 

i 'II! 


— 240 — 


:i i 

silted, I sit well ; p. menwa- 

Minwabamcwis, {nin). 1 am 
^ lucky, I have a good chance ; 

p. meic.sid. 
Minwahamcwisiwin. Good luck, 

good chance. 
Miiiwdbaminayos, inin). 1 look 

well, I am fair, beautiful, I 

have a fine appearance ; p. 

Mimodbaminagwad. It looks 

well, it has a line beautiful 

appearance; p. men..wak. 
Minwdbandam, (nin). I have 

a good dream ; p. men.,au(f. 
Minwdbandamowin. A good 

favorable 'ream ; pl.-an. 
Minivdbandan, (ni)i). I find it 

good, well done, I approve of 

It ; p. men. .any. 
Minwabide,{nin]. I liave good 

fair teeth ; p. men..ded. 
Minwdbikindn nin pdshkhigan, 

{nin). I imcock a gun ; p. 

Minwddendam, (nin). I am fur- 
bearing, I am of a patient 

disposition of mind; p. men.. 

Minwadendamdwin. Patience, 

forbearance, clemency. 
Minwddcnima, {nin). I think 

he is patient, I find him i)a- 

tient • p. men. .mad. 
Minwddis, [nin). I am patient, 

long suffering ; p. men..sid. 
Minwddjim, {nin). I bring good 

news, good tidings ; p. men- 

Minwddjima, [nin). I tell s. th. 

good of him, I make a good 

report on him, I praise him ; 

p. men. .mad. 
Minwddjimowin. A good report 

or narration, good news, gooil 

tidings ; also, the GobittI, 

(Evangely, which signifies in 

Greek, good tidings.) 
Minwddjito, {nin). I do well my 

business, I act with patience 

and perseverance ; p. meu..tri(l. 
Minwddoddn, (nin) (from niinn, 

well, and nin dibddoddn, 1 

tell it.) I speak well of it, I 

l)raiseit; \).men..any. 
MiawOyami. It has a good taste, 

it is good, (some liquid;) p. 

men.. miff. — Minwdyami iw 

ina-i/ikikiwdbo ; that medicine 

has a good taste. 
Minwdyamipiddn,[nin). I linil 

that this liquid has a gomi 

taste i p. vien..any. 
Minwdndjiye, {nin). Itiircwell, 

I eat good things ; p. men.. 

Minwanimad. The wind is fair; 

p. men..mak. 
Minwanoki, (mn), {nin mi no 

anoki.) I am industrious ; p. 

men. .id. 
Minwdsh, {nin). I have a fair 

wind, I sail with a fair wind; 

p. men. .id. 
Minwdti.'iin. It is driven l)y ii 

fair wind ; p. vicn..inq. 
Minwdwe aw awes.ri. IMiis ani- 
mal has a line good fur ; ii. 

Minwendaa,{nin). S. Mimcnvla- 

Minwendagos, (nin). I am liked, 

I am considered 

pleasing, amiable 


ness of a person, 

Minwdndagwad. It is considorc 

; 11, men.. 


♦ 1 1 



— 247 — 


ii). 1 liii'l 

lave a iair 
lair wiii'l; 

agreeable, aatisfyiiig, pleae- 
iiig, ilelightful 5 p, men..wak. 

MinwenaCigwakamig, adv. Plea- 
sant, agreeably. — Geget viin- 
irenddgwakamia eji-aiaeg 
oina ; it is truly pleasant to 
.see liow you are situated here. 

MiHiccndam, {nin). I am con- 
tented, I am happy ; 1 con- 
.■^ent, I am willing ; p. jnen.. 

Minwcndamia, {nin). I make 

liim contented, I .satisfy him; 

jt. men.. ad. 
Minwcndamowin. Content, plea- 

.sure, liappiness ; consent. 
Miiiwenddn, (nin). I like it, I 

am hapi)y to have it; p. men.. 

Minwcnima, {nin). I like hiiu, 

I lik'^ to have liim, (a person, 

or any otlier obj.)J; p. men.. 

Miiiwewis, {nin). I am zealous, 

faithful, constant ; industri- 
ous, complaisant ; p. men.. 

Miawewisikandan, (juh). I do 

it faithfully, witli zeal and 

patience; p. men.. ana. 
Miiiwcwisikandawa, (nin). I am 

zealous and faithful to him, 

profitable to hiui ; p. wtc».. 

Miiiweicinwin. Zeal at work, 

Misi doi^h, or, ww'pi dash yaie, 

and, also, likewise. 
Mi.sai. Loach, (fish ;) p\.-ag. 
Misdkamig, adv. Everywl 

on earth. 
Mi.sassin. A large stone, to sink 

a net to the bottom of the 

lake ; pl.-i». 
.^lisdiig. A sticu not split, 


round piece of wood, cudgel ; 
(F. rondin;) pl.-o/j. 

Misdiigogainse, {nin). I chop 
round sticks, not splitting 
them ; p. mes..sed. 

Misdtigugwadan, {nin). I sew 
it round, in a round shape; 
p. me-f.-ang. 

Mi,sdtigogwade, ov-magad. It is 
sewed In a round shape ; p. 
mes..deg, or-magak. 

Misdtigoinidd,ss. Stock iiig, 

(round legging;) pl.-aw. 

MisdtikomidassiKey {nin). I 
make stockings, 1 knit; p. 

Mishdbiwindn. The hair on the 
eyelid. — This word is always 
preceded by a possessive pro- 
noun ; nin mishdbiwindn^ ki 
mishabiwimn, o nd-'ihdbiwi- 
ndnan, etc. 

Mishdkigan, {nin). I have hair 
on the breast ; p. mash..ang. 

MisMtvagam, adv. S. Mijisha- 

MUihawashkode. S. Mijishawash- 

Mishdwatchif/ade, ov-magad It 
is made all in one room, with- 
out any j)artitiou, (a house ;) 
p. mesh..deg, or-magak. 

Mishawate, or-magad. It is all 
in one room, there is no par- 
tition in it, (in a house ;) p. 
mesh..ieg, or-magak. 

Miahdwaton, {nin). I make it 
all in one room, I make no 
partition in it; p. mesh..t<)d. 

Mishawesi. It is hairy, (stuff;) 
p. mash..sid. — This word is 
also used to signify velvet. 

MishawHgad. It is coarse, hairy, 
(stuff) ; p. mash..gak. 

MisMwe. Stag; pi.-//. 





,1 '. 



I'rtaiiTrtiiif' 1 


— 248 — 




I '' 


Muhi. A piece of wood for fuel. 
Mishibiji. Lion; pl.-^. 
Mishidamikan. (mn). I have a 

beard around the chin ; p. 

Mishidee, [nin). I am cross, 

peevish, passionate ; p. 7«e- 

Mishideewin. Peevislmess. 
Mishidjimin. Cnrrent-berry ; (F. 

gadelle;) pl.-OY/. 
Mishidjiminagawaiij . C urran t- 

shrub; p\.-ig. 
Mishidon, {nin). I have a beard 

around the mouth ; p. me.. 

Mtshidondgan. Beard. 

Mishigdde, {nin), or, nin memi- 
shigade, freq. I have hair on 
tlie leg or legs, (hairy leg or 
legs) ; p, meshigaded. 

Mishigiaebig. Big horned ser- 
pent; pi .-or/. 

MishigondCigan, [nin). I have 
a beard on the throat ; p. 

Mis hike. A kind of large tor- 
toise ; ])].-iag. 

Mishikekek. Kite, (bird of prey;) 
pi .-wag. 

shell or shield ; pi.-//. 

MishimiJ. White oak"; pi .-/</. 

Mishimin. Apple ; p\.-ag. 

Mishivdnatia. Apple-tree • pl.-o^. 

Misnimini-okonass. Apple-peel ; 
pi .-an. 

Mi.^hinad. There is much of it, 
it abounds ; p. meshinak. 

Mishinaion, (nin). I ing^ease it; 
p. mesh.. tod. 

Mishinike, {nin) or, nin memi- 
shinike, freq. I have hair on 
the arm or arms, (hairy arm 
or arms ;) p. mc.ked. 

Mishinimakinago ; pl.-fir. — This 
name is given to some st'-anL'o 
Indians, (according to tJio 
savings of the Otchipwes,) 
wfio are rowing througli tlio 
woods, and wno are some- 
times heard shooting, biit ne- 
ver seen. And from tliis word, 
the name of the village of 
Mackinac, or Michillimacki- 
nac, is derived. 

Mishinimin, {nin) or, nin mishi- 
nomin. We are many, in great 
number; p. mesh..djig. 

Mishinindji, {nin) or, nin riewi- 
shininCii, freq. I have hair 
on the hand or hands, (liaiiy 
hand or hands ;) p. mesh. .hi. 

Mishinonikas, (nin). I liave 
many names; p. me.s'h..sod. 

Mishinotdmawa, {nin). I uhl'- 
ment or increase it for liiiii 
or to him ; p, mesh. .wad. 

Mishinoioti, (n/»).S. Miskinnlnn. 

Mishiside, {nin) or, nin memi- 
shiside, freq. I have hair (ni 
the foot or feet ; p. mesh. .del. 

Mishiwdiig. Piece of dry wooil 
for fuel; kindle-wood ; pl.-ox. 

Mishiwatigoke, {nin). I choj) 
dry wood ; p. mesh..ked. 

Mishiwdtigossag. S. Miskiwaiuj. 

Mishitoatiyowi aw mitig. That 
tree is dead and dry ; p. vicnh 

Misi, {nin). I exonerate the bo- 
wels; p. mdsid. 

Misi, adj. and adv. All, every- 

Misid. A piece of meat. 

Misiake, {nin). I cut meat into 
pieces ; p. mes..ked. 

Misi gego, adv. All. 

Misi gegoga-gijiiod. He who has 
made all, Creator. 



— 2-1'J — 



Mi si f/ei/o kckandnnij. He who 
knows all, the OiiuiiHcient. 

.)//.s't (je(jo iidfauu'tod. lie who 
run make all, (ho Alinighlv. 

Wsi/cicatiifiama, {nin). The 
snow sticks to iny riiiowshocs ; 
p. '>nes..m(i<l. 

Misiinuiiisiwin. Wickedness. 

Misimnnisiwinis/t. Wickeil per 
Hon ; pi .-ay. 

yisinu'n, Kyc ; i)l.-rt/(. 

)fisisdk. Horse-lly, o.\-f!y 

Misissc. Turkey; pI.-_7.— 
miiiiiis6, pea-cock. ' Mi 
young turkey; pi.-''//. 

Misiwc, adv. fcverywiiere. 

Misiw^bian, {niii) (from viii^iwr, 
everywhere ; and ni ml ojibiaii, 
1 mark it or write it.) 1 write 
the paper all over, 1 write on 
every part of it ; j). mes.uiKj. 

Misiwibiii/ade, ov-mmjad. It is 
written all over, everywhere 
uti the piece of paper; ]>. mcx 
■ deg, ov-miujdk. 

Misiwedina, ( nin). S. Misiurf- 

Misiice eiad. He who is every- 
where, the Omnipresent. 

Misiweia, or-magad. It is whole, 
entire, all of it; p., 

MisiivHahikud. It is whole or 

entire, (metal;) p. vies\.kak. 
Mi.siwiidbikisi {ioniia, assin). It 

is entire, (ohj. of silver or 

stone ;) p. vics..sid. 
Mi.'iiiccidkosi. It is whole or 

entire, (ohj. of wood ;) p. mes 


Mi.^iwtidkwad. It is all entire, 

(wood ;) p. mcs..wak. 
Miniwrgad. It is whole, entire, 
I'AliT u. 

(olij. of stullor i)aper ;) p. 7HCS 

Mixiwrgisi. It is entire, (ohj. 
ofstull', ni(hi/itrc, scnibd ;) p. 
men. .sid. 

j\li.iiwaiindjdii. The hand, (with- 
out the lingers.) Niii misiicc- 
nindjdii, my hand; o inishcc- 
niadjan, his hand, etc. 

Misiw6shkamagad. There i.s of 
it e\ery where, all is covered 
with it ; p. nies..gak. 

Misiwrsi. Jt is whole, entire, no 
{)ieee is wanting; p. men. .sid. 
— Kddbi misiwesi aw pahvc- 
Jigaa; this loaf of bread is 
yet entire, (nothing haa been 
broken oil'.) 

Misiwctchigade, r-magad. It is 
made all of one piece, or, it is 
all in one piece; p. vies. .deg, 

Mlsiwetchigan. Alg. i'l.Sigaigan. 

Misiwetcliiskkiwagina jjakwcji- 
gun, {nin). I work up Hour 
into<lough; \>. mes..nad. 

Misiwcton, {nin). I make it all 
of one piece; n. vies. .tod. 

Misiwigamig. Water-closet; pl.- 

Miskobug, * Red leaf; pi .-on. 

Miskobaga, or-magad. There 
are red leaves on a tree, or on 
trees, (in the fall of the year, 
in autumn ;) ]). vies.. gag, or-ma- 

Mikobagisi niitig. The tree has 
red leaves ; p. mes. .sid. 

Miskodissiinin. A bean;pl.-ay. 

* NoTK. In this .•111(1 sonio otlicrs of 
tin- Ibllow hit; words, the second sylluhie 
oiiKlit to 1)1' written A?t.'«, instoad of Ao, 
iistliey are composed of iniskwa, red. 
15ut in i)ronounciMK tlio words, <i is 
jilainly Insird ; therefore we put it also 
m w riliuK tlieiii. 




1 ■ ' ♦ 

1 ■ 

' 1 







< ; I 

• 'If ;; 

1 . 
' i 



■ ( 

I if- 




I * 



1^ \ 




■) • 
[ I 



•\ (' 


— 250 — 



^liisH-ljC'Ods; }) 

Wooloii frinlle or 
or Itelt with small 

■ -or/. 

Wool forginlii's 


or hi'lts. 
Mixkokuije. Ked-iiot coals. 
Miskosi, {))iis!cwasi.} It is rod ; 

p. meskosid, Oneskitutsid.) 
Miakotchiss. Red tiirnij), that 

i.s, Ix'ot-root; the saineas hj/.v- 

kokddak ; \)\.-an. 
Miskwd, or- tiiuijad. It i.s red ; 

)). meskway, ov-mdijcik. 
Miskiodhi, {niii). I have the 

bloody Hiix, tlie dysentery ; 

p. vies.. hid. 
Miskwubiyan. Jied clay. 
Miskwdhiiianowassin. Stone of 

reil clay, that is, a brick ; pl.- 

Miskwubiijiii. Red Mannel. 

Miskwdbik. Copper, (red luetal.) 

Miskwdbikad. It is red, (metal, 

glass ;) p. mcs..kak. 
Miskwdbifdde, ov-ma<jad. It is 

red-hot, (metal ;) p., 

or-magak. — Kijdb ikisiya a m is- 

kwabikide, the stove is reil- 

Miskxvdbikisan, iiun). I make 

it red-hot, (metal;) \). incs.. 


AJi.skwubikisi. It is red ; also, 
it is red-hot ; (ol>j. ol" metal or 
stone ;) p. mes..sid. 

Miskwakikiswa, {niii). I make 
it red-hot, (metal;) j). laes.. 
wad; imp. mis..ici. 

Miskwdbikokan. Copper-mine ; 

Miskwdbikokc, (nin). I work or 
produce copper ; I work in a 
copper-mine ; p. mes..ked. 

Miskvoubikok6-ogima, Agent or 

superintendent of a copper- 
mine, boss; pi.-//. 
Miskwdbikokewin. Copper-in in- 

in;i; business, trade or work u{ 

a miner in a copper-mine. 
Misku'dbikokeiiiinlui. Miner in 

a copj)er-mine ; lArwag. 
Miskwdhikons. A cent; pi. -((//. 
MiskwdbimiJ. A twij; or ru,| 

with a red bark, whicii the 

Indians mix with their tubac- 

co; ))l.-//t. 
Misktcdbiwin. Bloody llux,ily,>j- 

Mhkivdbo. Cliocolate, (rcil li- 
Miskxodbokc, (nin). I make cho- 
colate, I cook chocolate : ]). 

Miskwddc.ssi. A kind of small 

turtle; (C. tortue harree ;) pi. 

Miskwadcssi o da.'ihu'dn. The 

shell of this kind of turtle. 
Miskwddis.san, {nin) or, nin mis- 

kwdnsan. 1 dye it red ; p. 

men.. an g. 
Miskwddinsige, {ni)i) or, nin mis- 

kwdntsige. I dye red ; p. incs 

Miski"d(lis.<io, or, miskicdnso. Ii 

is dyed red ; p. mes..s<)d. 
iMiskioddisswa, {)un) or, nia 

miskwdnswa. I dye it reil ; 

J). mes..wud. 
Miskwddite, or-magad, or mi.t- 

kwdnde, or-magad. It is dyeil 

red ; p. mcs,.eg. 
Miskwdgami. It is red, (liquid;) 

1^. m'^s..mig. 
Miskwdgami toi-kHchi</am i. Kei I 

Miskwdganiiwi-sibi . Red River. 
Miskwaje, {nin). I liave a red 

akin, or my ekiu is red ; al.'o, 



-251 - 


ir work ui' 
MiiiiT in 
; pi. -('.'/. 

it ,)!• I'll. I 

,vhicli tlir 
leir tul)iic- 

; tluXjilyf- 

,e, {yv'\ 11- 

iimko cliD- 
ucolatc : 1'. 

1(1 of Slllllll 

barree ;) pi. 

ncan. The 

of turtle. 

or, nin "*'*'■ 

it red; [<■ 

or, ninmh- 
rod ; p. '«« 

kwdnsn. h 
a) or, '"'/I 
dye it red ; 

ra/, or mi.^' 
[/. Itisdyeil 


\H(jami- Ue'l 

Red Rivoi'. 

have a red 

lis red; alsu, 


I liavo the Jiicasiefl ; (F. j'ai 
la rougeolo;) j). meis..(jcd. 

}li.iku'aicwi)i. Measles . 

Miskuutlcoiic, or- muyad. It 
blazes, (the fire;) p. mes..nct/, 


Miskirauakwad, The cloud.'f are 
red, (ill the moriiiiig or even- 
ing ;) p. mes-.toak. 

Miskwdkicanaif, {niii). I dres." 
in red ; p. mes.Aed. 

Miskiru)U(;/ek. Cinamon; (mis- 
kwd, red ; ivanar/ek, bark.) 

Mtskwdnngckm^i. It has a red 

itark ; p. me5.,sid. 

Miskwdiulih, (pron. niiskundih.) 
•• ,1.1, • » ■ ■ 


h, (1)1 
1, a k 

Ued-liead, a kind of si-rpent ; 

Miskwdndilje, (pron. miskijii- 
dihc.) lieil-head, a person 
with red hair; (L. rufus;) [A.-g. 

Miskwdndibc, iuin), (pron. niii 

iiiiskondiOe.) I have red hair, 

(a red head;) p. mes..hed. 
Minkwancbin. lied carp, (fish ;) 

Miskwanikwr, (iiin). I have 

red lialr, (a red head ;) p. ines 
)li.skwdnou'e, {nin). I liave a 

red cheek ; \). jncs..u'e(l. 
.Vi.'^kwdshkade, {nin). My belly 

is red ; p. mes..dcd. 
Mi.skwd.ssab. Arae, buttocks. 
.Uiskivds.iii/c iji.^is,s. The sua is 

red ; p. mes..(/ed. 

Mi.'fkwassin. Ited stone; pi.-///. 
Mi,skwassin-opw(i</an. Pipo or 

calumet of red stone; p.-a//. 
Miskwatc/ S. iVi.s'kotc/ 
iliskwdwad. I'he sky is red ; 

p. mc,s\.wak. 
Mi.skwdwak. Red cedar ; pl.-o//. 
Miskwdwakoka,ov-maijad. Iliere 


: (F. 

Bare [red cedars; p. mes..ka<j, 

Mlsdiwdtvakakdn. Place where 
there are red cedars ; Red 

Miskwdwan, or inisktrdwandji- 
(/an. The yolk of an egg. 

Miskw('(/ail. It is red, islnir;) 
p. mc.'t..(jak. 

Mi.skwn/ii'i. Red cloth, scarlet. 

Miftkwci/ h is red, (stuff;) p. 
in €.'!...'< id. 

Miakweidl). S. (I.tkwcidh. 

Mi.skir(\^s. Red oyster ; pi 

Mi.skwi. Rlood. 

Miskivi-abu'es, {nin). 1 
blood ; p. ?«c,s'. .««(/. 

Miskivimin. Raspberry 
framboise ;) \A.-ag. 

MiskwimincKjawanJ. Raspberry- 
busii ; \>\.-i</. 

Miskwiniini-(/i.sis.s'. ^The moon 
of raspberries, the mouth of 
July, la Manitoba, they say, 
o]>askowiui.ii.<<.'>', tlie mocm 
wiieu the birds lose their 

Miskwinywe, {nin). I have 
face ; p. mes..wcd. 

Miskwintjwcs.'ic, {nin). I 
witli shame; p. mes...sed. 

Mi-ikwiw, {nin). I bleed, (but 
not at the nose ;) I am stain- 
ed with l)lood ; p. mexkwitcid. 
(S. Gibitan.) 

MiskwiwiKjanama, {nin). I strike 
him bloody,! wound him ; p. 
ines. .mad. 

Minkwiiran. It is bloody, stain- 
ed with blood* p. me-'^:.ani/. 

MiNkiviwapine, (nin). I am dis- 
eased witii an issue of blood ; 
p. mes..ned. 

Mi.skwiwapineii'in. Issue of 
blood, (disease.) 

a red 

\ i 

1 '.m 





1 1 

! I 


.i I <» 

1 ; 




— 252 


;« ■ } i 

Miskwiwia, {nin). I make him 

l)l(.'C'(l, (not lit till- 11080,) I 

slu'd liin blood ; also, 1 Htain 

him with hloocl ; ]>. mes, .wL 
Mix/iwiwiniiKfJi, [niit). I blood 

oil my liaiid, my liaiid is 

bloody ; ]). mes. .id. 
Miskwiwi.mle, {tiin). I blocd on 

my foot, my foot i.s bloody ; j). 

Mis.tdbaje, (nin). My iskiu In 

hairy ; p. mes. Jed. 
Mis.snhania, {nin). I Hoe him 

plainly, (a perHon or Home 

other oltj.) ; p. vies..viad. 
Mi.s.sabandaa, {nin). I manifest 

it to him, I .show it to him 

])lainly ; p. men. .ad, 
Mis.sdbandun, (nin). 1 see it 

plainly; p. mes. .an;/. 
Mi.'^.fdbassini. Poodle-doi; ; pl.- 

Missdbc. Giant ;, a very 

bij; stout man ; pi.-//. 
Missdbcndjakon. liow^ moss 

lianging from the branches of 

Missdbigun. Jjari^e pumpkin; 

Missdbos. Hare; \A.-()<j. 

Jli.ssad. Belly; stomach; paunch. 
— This word is always pre- 
ceded by a })os.sessive pro- 
noun, which tbrnis only one 
Avord with its noun ; as : Ni- 
missad, my belly ; kiniissad, 
thy belly, etc. 

Mi.'isdkakioidjish. Badger ; (F. 
blaircau ;) pl.-«^. 

Missameg. Whale; \A.-wo(j. 

Missan. Wooil to make tire, 
wood for fuel. 

Mis.sanaskk. Thistle; pl.-o/(. 

Missani(j. Black squirrel; pi. 


Missansi. Black eagle; pi.-//. 

Mi.tsfnuui, or-iu(i(/ad. The siiuw 
is falling from the branclies, 
from the treea ; j). mes..wiij, 
or- ma ;/(ik. 

.Mi.s.saird, conj. 'J'h(.)Ugli, iil- 
tliough, oven if, notwithstatul- 

Mi.s.viwf'ndamawa, (nin). I covet 
s. th. that belongs tohim,(»r 
relates (o liim, 1 wish to liiivc 
it ; p. mes. .wad. 

Mis.'iawendam, {nin). I covet, I 
am covetous, 1 wish to lia\c 
.s. th. • p. me.'i..anij, 

Missaioc ndamowin . Covetoiis- 
ness, avidity, covetous desire 
to have s. th. belonging tu an- 
other person. 

Mi.ssawcnddn, {nin). I covet it, 
I wish to have it; p. nicniiij. 

Mis.sawrndjifje, {nin), S. Mi.ssn- 

Mi.ssawcndJ itjeivi n. S. Missavn- 

Missawtlnima, {nin). I eovei 
him ; p. ines..)nad. 

Missawenimuwin. Concupis- 

Missawcnindiwin. Covetou- 
ness. S. Missawcndaviowin . 

Missawiganaivabama, {nin). 1 
look at her (him) with cnn- 
cupiscence, with lust, uit'i 
covetous desires ; p. mes..)naii 

Missawigaiiawabanddn, {nin). 1 
look at it with a covetous de- 
sire to have it; p.</. 

Missawinatje, {nin). 1 covet, 
(relative to some obj.); p. mes 

Missawinamawa, {nin). I cuvet 
.some obj. belonging to liim m- 
relating to him ; p. nie.s..w(iii 

Missawinan, (nin). I covet it, 

1 '!•-.'/• 
ho. Piiuw 



). 1 cuvct 

liiiii, "V 

ll to hiUr 

1 covet, 1 


/mg to uir 

I covet it, 
I), mc-.'d'ih 

, S. Mi'-i-^'i- 

. Missuv'ii- 

I. 1 Cn\("t 


, {nin). 1 
) with coii- 
lust, \vi'\''' 


{niu). 1 

lovetous ti 


[I n 



)• I. 

r to hllll iiV 




I COVft It 


26:i - 


I ilcHire it iiiordinatoly ; p. 

Missawiuawa, (nin). S. Missarrc- 

Missa/waiuiii. Down, Koft iiiidor- 

ft'atlier of u hinl; l)l.-<^'//. ToniJulo, wnirl- 

wiiul ; h(HiaII vl' wind ; pl.- 

Mi.ssidjl, (nin). I luvve the drop- 

,>jy, I Hill (iroj)sical, hydropi- 

cttl; 1). viesNitlJid. 
Missidjiwin. Dronay. 
Missinibiwuidn. bolt nnderliair 

of an atiimul ; ]>\.-(n/. 
Missifdyan. Sunflower, turnso! ; 

Mifab, {nin). I am tjittinj:; on 

the hare <:;roiiiid, on the snow, 

lie, without anything under 

me ; p. metabid 
Mitabik, adv. On 

n ck or stone. 
MUdbik. Money 

j;;old, specie. 
Mituijonmj, adv. On the 8now. 
MHdyami(/, adv. S. Mitashkaka- 

mi If. 
Mitukamiya, ox-mayad. The 

f^round appearn, (i.s hare,) 

there is no snow on the 

ground ; p. met..yay, ov-ma- 

MitdkosJiima, {nin). I Iny him 

un some liard object, nothing 

soft under him; p. met. .mad. 

Mituknshin, [nin). I lie liard, 
on a liard bed or on some 
other hard object, notliing 
soil under me; p. met..iny. 

Mitukoshkan, [nin). I lie or sit 
on it; p. met.Mny. 

Mitukoshkaivaf {^nin). I lie or 
sit on some obj.; p. met. .wad. 

metal, on a 
in silver or 

— N(ibayi.<i.<iay nin wUdknah- 
knwa : 1 lie on a iiounh 

Mitdkosiye, {nin). \ smoke pure 
loiiacco, without any admix- 
ture of bark or weed ; p. 7nct.. 
ycd. S. Apdkosiye. 

Mitdnikc, vv-mayad. Tiiore i.s 
no more snow on the ground, 
the riuow is gone ofl"; p. met., 
fay, or-mnyak, 

Mitashkakaniiy, adv. On the 
bare grouncl. — Mitnfdikaka- 
miy yi-niba fibikony ; he 8lej)t 
(jn the bare ground last niglit, 
(he had nothing under him.) 

MUd.shkoniye, (nin). I have 
bare jawijones, I have no teeth 
in my jawbones ; p. met..yed. 

MUd.'ihhis.^iw, adv. On the 
grass, (ju the herb. 

iMi(a.<isin, adv. On a stone. 

Mitdwan. Sand ; mitdwany, on 
the sand. 

Mitdwanya, or-mayad. There 
is a sandy beach, sandy shore; 
J), met. .y ay, or-vuiyak. 

Mitdtoanyayamu. Tiiere is a 
lake abounding with sand, 
with a sandy beach ; p. md.. 

3Iitchd, ov-magad. It is large, 
big, bulky, massy or massive, 
vast, extensive ; p. mrtchag, 

Mitchdbamindyos, (nin). I look 
large, big, bulky ; p. met. .aid. 

Mitehdbamindytoad. It looks 
big, large ; p. mct..wak. 

Mitchdbcivi.<i, (nin). I am a big 
stout man ; p. met..!iid. 

Mitchdbigad. It is large, thick, 
strong, (thread, cord, rope;) 
p. mct..gak. 

MiieMbikad. It is large, big. 







■■'■ ;i 




! ) 





ii'i ' 

nmssv or iimssivo, (motiil ;) p. 

Mitchdbikisi a.tsin. Tlio stone 

is lar^e ; )). mrt..!iid. 
Miirhaii, adv. Down. 
MitchakoHi kulnu'dii. 'J'lic i)iecc 

of wood, or tlu' Ijlock, is lurge ; 

p. nirt..siiJ. 
Mitchdkwad. It is lftr^c,(\vood ;i 

p. mct.APdli. 
MitchCdau, (nin). I make itlarj^o, 

wide ; p. lUft.Jod. 
Mitchiynn. It i.s lar<!;e, (stud' or 

j)an('r ;) p. met..tiak. 
Mi/c/iii/(nies/iin, {iiin), I am 

cut to the bone, the bone aj)- 

jicara ; p.</. 
Mi fr/i i(/ i(/woiif, (ini/ch i(ja nc.) 

Fish-hawk, (liird.) 
Mitckiijiai. It is lar<;e, (stnf^') ; 

p, vifi(..s'ifl, — Kitchi vufrhiiji- 

si ki mos/iwem ; tliy liaiidker- 

chief is verv hirge. 
Mitchikan. l*"'cnce, enclosure, 

liecige ; pl.-nf». 
MUchlkandkobUhm, {nin). I 

fence it in, (apiece of ground;) 

p. mct..ilntl. 
Mitrhikanakobina, {nin). I 

make a fence aroiind liim, I 

tenoe hiin in ; p.<L 
Mitrldkandkobidjiijan. Fence ; 

pi. -an. 
Mitckikanuknhidjiijp, {nin). I 

make a fence, I work at a 

fence ; p. mct..(/t'd. 
Mifc/iikandlij/. Fence-ra i 1 . 
Mitchikang, adv. On tlie bare 

Mitchipinciu'i, adv. On aHhes, 
Mitchitihin, {nin). I am lying 

without any cover on me; p. 
Miichissag, adv, On boards, on 

the floor, 


dj. 'rhumb ; pl.-/(i. 

Mitchisain. It lies uneovorcil ; 

Mitrhilchima, {nin). I send him 

word, I Hend him a cnnlnli^• 

Hion to tell or do h. th. for nic , 

also, I give him a commi- 

Hion ; p. met 
Mi/i'/iiti'-', (nin). I send wnid, 

I give or nend a coiinnisi-idii ; 

]). met.. wed. 
Mi/r/iilwrn, {nin). I give (.r 

send a commission f(ir suim. 

obj. ; p. )nel..w<'d. 
Mitr/iifwrnan, {nin\. I give (ir 

sond a commission tbr sdini' 

obj. ; p. W(:t..ivcd. (Y . OoiiJ.i 
Mifchi/wnrin. Commission, 

word, sent. 
MHig. Tree, living tree; pl.-'-.v. 
Mitig-emikwdn. Wooden spn m ; 

MHig knshkibn.wd, or, milii/ '/c- 

tdx/ikibo.fod. Log, (saweii i^i 

both enda,) fiaw-mill log; pl.- 

vnfigo(/ kn.shkibosodjig, or, 

gf^tashkihos^ndjig . 
MHig nin .si.s.sihodon. T ni.^j) 

MHi(/o-bimidc. Olive-oil, swcd 

MidgnJisJiigwr. A kind ofruttlo- 

snake ; pi.-//. 
Miligo-makiik. Wooden l"i\. 

trunk ; ])l.-o». 
Mifign-)nakii<in. Wooden s!im,', 

clog; pl.-a». 
Miligoniij. Oak, red oak ; in.- 

Miiigomin. Yrnh of the nai;, 

acorn ; pl.-«;/. 
Mitig-ondgan. Wooden plate <>t 

dish ; pl.-«». 
Mitigo-pakitcigan. W(jodeii 

hammer, mallei ; pl.-a?i. 


. 1 




— 255 — 


covcroil ; 

KCIxl llilll 

i. for luc . 

■lid wi'V.l. 

I <:ivo or 
for i^oiiii' 

I givo "v 
1 for some 


roc; pi.-";/. 
(U'u s;io Ml ; 

iv, vutl'i 7'- 

, (SilWCli i:'l 

lill log; I'l- 

T r;\-ii 
:-oil, HWCi't, 
n.l of rati lo- 

odl'U V"iN, 
'.hmUmI sll<H\ 

il o!il< ; 1"' 
,f the oul<. 



iwood filo ;) |)l.-''//. 
.\l'ili;f('i-ff/iiiiidii. Wooden ciinoo, 

lo^-ciiMoc ; lioat, liiirj;c ; pl.- 

]lifii/(iir, {iiiii). I mil a tree ; I 

am wood ; p. met. .id. 
]li/ii/owaj. Alij. S. Militfi't-ma- 

MHi(jo-v>akai<jnn. Wood 

liouso, lojr-IioiiHi', ti. 

liouse; \)\.-an. \ 

}liti(/ow(tn. It is a troo ; it it* 

wood ; p. met..nii(/. 
ililiijwnh. liow ; \)\.-iii. 
Mititjwdbak. WttlniU-tiPO ; pl.- 


Milii/Wdki, Forest, woodfl ; pN 

iran. Mifiywakiiiij, in the 

wood a. 
Miliijivakik. AVoodfii kettle, 

tliut in, a drnni ; \)\.-ot/. 
Mitiijwakisiu, Properly, wooden 

.shoe; but it is used for, hoot, 

shoe; pl.-a/i. iTo express a 

wooden shoe or clog, t hey say, 

.yi/ir/wakisini-iiiakalnri/c/iii/dii . 

J^lacking for hoots, shoe-ljinck- 

.Viti(/wnnwi. Arrmv, (iiii/ii/, 

wood ; anu'i, niuniket-hiill ;) 

.^litiiii/wdni, inin], I exonerate 

tlie howels in my I>ed, during 

sleep ; p. viat.MiKj. 
.1///o.?,sy', (ui)i). 1 walk, I go on 

foot somewhere ; p. mctossed, 
)li u'cjidji-. Therefore... 

.1//"'/, iiiiii). I go further and 

further ; p. vidwiil, 
.]liici(t, ()iiii). I refuse him, I 

will not have him, I go from 

him ; p. mCiwiad, 

, p, mau\. 
I ptit it awav 

Miwina,(iiiii). I refuse to take 

liim ; p. ititiiiHiiad. 
Miiviiiaii, iiiiii). J refuse to take 

it, L will not accept of it ; p. 

)liii'ifaiii(iirii, Inin). I j)Ut it 

away from him, I keep it at a 

distance tVom him 
\l Uuii, inin). X p... .. .... C.J., 

i reject if, refuse it, I am an 

enemy to it ; p. Didirifani/, 
MiuHtdwa, {niii). S. Miicilama- 

Mo, as eiid-syllalde in POme u. 

v., .'illude.s to a trail or road ; 

as : - ln<ii)io, ondaiiio, innn(/(t- 

doiio, (iiiaxxddniio, miknna ; 

the trail goes tliere, comes 

from there, is large, is nar- 
row, e((!. 
Mo. Dirt, exereiiient. 
Mod, (niii). 1 makejiim weep, 

cry ; jt. mwaa<l. 
Modji. The Itelly of an animal ; 

M6diii/nid(t</n'(id. ft is joyful, 

delightful; j). nni'od.:wak. 

}[odji(inid(iiii, inin]. I rejoice, 
r am joyous, I deliglit; p. 

Modji[/rnd((iiiid, {niii\. I make 
himjovous, I make him re- 
joice, 1 cause him filciisiire; 
p. i)iir(i..<id. 

Modiit/i'nd<V)io})i(i(/nd. It ro- 
joices, it delights ; p. vnrdil.. 
j/ak, — Ni»de inodjii/nidtuno- 
ni<t(j(td das.tini/ nieiiircniind- 
(jiii ,J('s\is ; my heart rejoicrs 
us often as I think on Jesus. 

ModJii/il)i, (niii). I am joyous, 

in li(pior ; p. mw..hid. 
MOdji<jidce, {nin). \ rejoice in 



I I • 





t , 

• t 


> 1 




I; I 



{ I I 


II ri .IF 


— 25<i — 


i ; 


IMV licnrt, my lionrt is tloli>>;lit- 

ctf; |i. itiirit.jleof. 
Motljii/is, liiiii). I rejoice ; |>. 

MiUiiw, {iiiii). I caiiHe weeping' 

luul eryiiif^; |t. iiiiiuiiwfd. 
M(iJ<t(/, or m(nijai/,nilv, A I way.'', 

coiifimiiilly, iiiceHHniifly, enii- 

stuiillv, iKirpedmliy. 
Mujiitfishin. There i.s nlways 

tliut, nuthiii;^ Itiit tliiU ; i). 

iinvi7,:in</.-Mi')i(i<fis/iiiiOjf iiios/i- 

wc(f (((lopowiniii;/ ; nutliiii;^ 

l)iit liiiiKlkerehiel's are lyiii;^ 

on tlu' tal)le. 
MujatjiHsin, There is alunyH 

that, all of the HUiiie kiinl ; p. 

ni ivdj.. in (J . — Mojdjfi.ssiii tm nid- 

/citiinaa inUckiHsatj ; iiotliiiit; 

hut iiiodcaHiiiH are lyiiij^ on 

the floor. 
iMu/iti, (niii), I feel liiiii on me, 

in iru' or al)OUtme; p. viwd- 

Mcyiton, (nin). I feel it on me 

or in me ; p. vnniJUod. 

I .sliear ; }>. )iiwd- 

I cut liis Iiair, I 
p. iiiwdjwdd ; 

Mojo we, {niit). 

J owed. 
Mdjwd, {iiiii). 

shear him 

imp. mojwi. 
MoJwa(/dii. Scissors ; \A.-dn. 

Mukddw i/isifttt. Tlie .sun rises; 
J), mwakaang. 

Mulcddn, {iiin). T dij: it up, 1 
uncover it, 1 hrin<^ it to li^^ht ; 
p. mioaliadnf/, 

Mukdboij, {nin}. I come forth 

hy the current of a river ; p. 

Mokas, (nin). S. Moki. 
MoJcnwa, {nin). I dij; him up, ] 

bring liim to light, (anyolij.;) 

)). mwakawad. 

S. MnLti- 

iniii). 1 
p. inii'd.. 



MidcawadJ, [nin). I weep from 

i'old ; p., 
MdxdWdnd, [nin). I weep or cry 

after liiin, I iiioleHt him ; p. 

nnc.ndil ; imp. ni»kaw<ij, 
MdlidWdidtnddn, (nin). I \vi'i'|i 

or cry from hun^rer; p. ntwu.. 

Mnhtiwd.shhdde, (nin). 


weep throu;ih joy ; 

Mnkdwines, (nin). 

throuj^h pain, or anger; p. 

Mid\dwii>dji)nd, (nin). 1 leiivc 
• him weeping, J weep parting' 

with him ; p. mwd..niiul. 
Muki, (nin], I come forth, I 

mak(( my aj)pearance ; p. 

Mukihi, (nin). I come forth out 

(jf the water ; p. mwd..hid. 
Mukibidon, (nin). 1 haul it (lut 

of s. th., I hring it forth iVoiii 

a hiding place ; j). )nwd..d(iil. 
Mokihiiji.sse, (nin). I come ii|) 

to the surface of the water; 

p. nnrd...srd. 
jWdiihii/i.fscnidi/dd. It comes n]i 

to the surface of tlie water; |i. 

Mdkibind, {nin). I pull or hniil 

him out of s. th., 1 bring him 

forth, (a person, or any other 

obj.) ; p. mwa..nad. 
Mokidjiwdii nihi. 'J'he wiitcr 

comes foitii from a .«ource e;' 

spring; p, mtP(i..anff. 
Mokidjiwdi'ibiii. Spring, source, 

fountain ; {A.-on. 
Mokidjiwano-nibi. Spring-water. 
MCtkina, nin). J bring fnrlli 



^^ Mill ^"^ 


It COllU'ff "1' 

lie Wilt cr; \>. 

pniiio olij., I "linw it ; p. iinrn- 
hinml ; imp. )iuikin. — (I inohi- 
iimi Joitiidinan, ; he l)riii;iH 
forth (li(> sliows) liiH nioiK'v. 

Mi'ilkhidii, {iiiii). I liriiiji it I'urlli, 
I hIiow it ; p. mini. , (lit;/. 

yiokislika^ i)r- >n(i;/it(l. It v'ixvh 
lip, it coiiK'.M forth ; p. inwd., 
hdff, vr-inni/nk. 

Mi'iki.sse (/i.iiss. The nun comes 
Inrtli, the HUM rifles; p. inwd- 

liis.S('(f.—'l']\i' HIUW UN, Mold- 


yi'ikixsCf ov-iiid(/d(l. It comes 
forth, it comes out of h. ih., 
(e.speciully cnit of water ;i p. 
iiiii'dkis)^c<f, or-iiKKjdk. 

Mnkilawd, (lu'ii). 1 rii8li upon 
him Hiul'!<'tily, T muUo nii un- 
expected iissttiilt upon liim ; 
|i. iiiwd..u'inl. 

Mi'ilid'l'iii, {iiiii). I woriv it witii 
!i knife or .some other (Mittiii^ 
tool, (some wooden object;) 
|). inwdkotldiuf. 

Mikodd.i.s, {iiiii). I work wood 
uitii a kiiitc' or some other 
ciittinj^ tool ; \).mwuki>ildsst)<l. 

Muk(i(l('t.s.S(iu'it/uiiii(j. .loiiier'.s 
shop, carpenter'n nhop ; pi- 

.)!()ko'l<ins()win. J(Mner's or car- 
penter'n trade, business, work. 

Mi)k(>i/ds.soH'iiiini. Joiner, car- 
jienter ; \\\.-ird(/. 

Mi'iLoddwd, (iiiii), or iiin iiiokn- 
(IdiiKiii'd. I work Pome wood- 
en object with a knife, etc., 
for him; p. iiiwdk..wdil. 

Mkodjhidn. Any cutting tool 
to work wood with, as, jjlane, 
(h'awinj^j-knife, etc. ; alno the 
jiiiner'.s or carpenter'n work- 
k'lich ; pl.-rt». 

Mkudjiijan (/aiiindinif/adc;/. A 

cutting tool that i'* pushed, 
that is, a jiiane. 

Miikndjiijdus. Small Hmoothing 
plane ; ( V. raliof ;) \)\.-dn. 

.Mnk/tdjii/dn trkirdiidjii/niidijdk. 
Work-bench that bites, that 
is, a bench to work with a 
drawing-knife on it, a shav- 
ing-hor.-e ; (!•'. chevalet.) 

Mdkoiiiiiii. Knife; \)\.-dU. 

Mokdiiidiiikc, (iii)i). I manufac- 
ture knives, I am a cutler ; p. 

.)f(di()iii(iiiikiUri(/fiiiiii/. Cut ler's 
shop; \>\.-i)ii. 

Mdkoiiidiiikni'iii. Cutlery, «:ut- 
ler's business or trade. 

Mdkdmdiiikt'winiiii. ("iitler; pi. 


.}f(diinid, tuiii). I work it with 

a knife, {dii. (dij. as, i/ijik, 

cedar ; iidfidi/i.s.s-dij, boaril ;) p. 

mwakditdd ; wnu. i/ioknj. 
Mdkoiidiif [iiiii), S. Mnkdddii. 
Mdkdiirin, (/(///I. I beg for s. tli. 

to eat, weeping; p. iiiird..iiinil. 
Mokoneiiiotdird, {niii). I beg 

him weeping for s. tli. to eat ; 

p. Ill wd. .wad. 
Motiddpini, {iiiii). I dig out po- 
tatoes ; p. mwd..iiid. 
Mi'iHddKlikikiwe, [niii]., I dig out 

nu'dical roots; p. micd..w<'d 
MoHd.s/ikwaddii. hitii/dii, (iiiii). 

I weed a field ; p. wwa..dii</. 
Mdiidxhkwe, iniii). I weed, I 

root out bad herbs; p. viird.. 

Mdiidwimj. A kind of white 

berry ; \A.-wd(j. 
Mdiidirhu/iiHihii/oii. A kind of 

yellow ilower ; pl.-o». 
Mdiu'iiddiii, (nin). i susjiect, 1 

imagine; p. viWd..diuj. 
Moneidma, {nin). I .-UH|)ect him, 




— rss — 



* ; »■ 

i;!' I 



T mifltrnat hiiii ; p. wwa..vad. 

Moiualiirc. A Canadian wo- 
man ; pi.-'/- 

Mu)ii<ni(/. Montreal ; Canada. 
— }fiiu'Kniii (iiidjiha, docs not 
always sijrnitV, ho comes t'roin 
the citv of Montreal ; it may 
also si^nily, he comes from 

Mo)ii(1in'iiini. Canadian. 'J'his 
word also si^nilies, an awk- 
ward unhandy per.son, unac- 
(juainted with tlio works ai d 
usages of the Indian life anil 
Country. Vl.-wa(f. 

M(nii>i(/iraii(''. iiap\vinj]f, (bird;) 
(F. pivert ;) pi.-'/. 

Mniiiin/wdiieka. Tlierc are laj)- 
winjfs ; p. mwa..kaij. 

M<))i.i. * Moose, American elk ; 
(F. ori;.rnai ;i y\.-o<j. 

MiKiitoijaii. Moose-bone; \)\.-an. 

Moniions. A young moose ; pl.- 

Moitsic jii). Moose-skin ; 

Monsweshkan . Moose-hon 



Monswiidss. Moose-meat. 

Mrpiddn, {uin}. 1 tiiid its pro- 
per taste in eating or drink- 
ing it; J). 7)iwa..'viff. 

Mopidji(je, i'lin). 1 tind the pro- 
per taste of victuals; p. mwa.. 

Mopwa, (iiiii). I find its proper 
taste in eating it; p. itiwap- 
vad ; imp. »<o^;h'/. 

Mas hkda (/winds, ov^inaijod. It 
comes up to the surface ot 
the water, and Jloais ; p. mw.. 
deg, OT-miiijah-. 

* Not*;, Tlie Ii-ttpr n in tliis word, 
amUii tlio words coiuiw.scd willi it, is 
ftlmost not heard. 

Moahknihiwindjln, {nin]. I conie 
up to the surface of the water, 
and Jhtat ; j>. uiwn..i)i(f. 

Mo.'i/ikdcf/windji.'isc, {iiiir. I 
come up to the surface of (he 
water, I emerge, (alive nr 
(lead ;) p. 

MoxlikdagwindjisHc ov-wai/dil. 
It comes up to the Burface of 
the water, it emerges ; p. 
mum..seg, or-inagak. 

Moakkayirv. It i.s overtlowed, it i* 
inundated, there is an iinin- 
dation, a Hood; p. mwa.-:hku- 

Mo.^hkahowadnn, I nin). I fill 
it up, with water, etc. ; (a 
vessel with another ves.sel;i 

Moshkahoioanii, {nin). I till ii 
up, with water, etc. (a keltlo 
with some vessel ;) p. muui.sli.. 
nad ; imp. mo..waJ. 

Mualihahotce, (nin). I am fillinir 
up a vessel or vessels, jmhh- 
ing in some liquid witli lui- 
other vessel ; p. mi/m..u'cil. 

Moshkugami, ov-magml nihi. 
The water rises, it is ;Ik' 
Jiowing tide : p. muHi..mi<iy or- 
magak. — S. OdaskinKKjinl 

3Io.^hka7n, (nin). I coine u]. 
again to the siirface ot' tin' 
water, (alive;) j). mwd.Mn- 

Moahkaossi. IJittern, (bird ; 

Mos/ikinad, {nin). I till it, with 
drg thing!, (a pipe, a kettle;] 

Moshkinadmca, {nin) or, nk 
mfishkinadamaxLHi. I tillit tur 

him or to him 


, p. mwa.. 
— Debenimiian , vioshkinada- 


V 'I 


— 259 — 


torn, (liii"'l ; 

I tillit, w'nli 
ipc, akottloj 

nin) c.v, ».''" 
i,rt. ItillitK'i' 

p. WI<,'(<..IM«' 


v'is/iiii nhidr h! i(ni'cn(lji(/r- 

iri)i; Lord, fill my lieart witli 

tliy ji;racc. 
McshkiiKidoji, (niiiu I fill it 

with ilri/ tliin<rs; \). i)iir(1..tln(J. 
Mi'mltkiiie, [nin). I am full ol' 

s. til., lillod with s. tli.; p. 

]l.'ishld)iCy t)r-ma;/(i(I. Tt \h i'lill, 

it is filleil up, (with ilrij 

things ;) p. mu'ilshkiney, or- 

]lns/ikineahaie, ov-magml. It is 

tilled 'vith flinoke ; p. mwci.. 

Icij, ox-mafiak. 
M'ls/ikvu'badon, [nin]. I fill it 

up, (a vessel, with somo //- 

(fiiid ;) p. mwd..dod. 
}lushkinrhana, (?»/«)• I fill it up, 

II kettle with some liquid;) 

]). mu'(i..iuid ; imp. mo.dxij. 
]li>dikintbi, or-magad. It is 

'iill, it is tilled up, (with some 

liquid ;] J). mu', or-nia- 

}[os/ikiueiniii, {nin). "Wo are 

crowded (in a house, church, 

(•!<•.) ; p. lawaskinedjig. 
Wishkineshkaynji, [nin). It fills 

me, it replenislus me ; p. 

iinra..f/nd. — Mi n awani (/o.s iwi n 

■nin mn.'ihkinpshkagon, joy tills 

iii(», (I am full ol'joy.) 
}[i'is/ikincshkaua, \niii). I fill 

Mill, I replenish him with s. 

th. ; p. viwu..v'nd. 
)f!,i.iir(inigosiu'in .1 in nto.'ihki 

}i(s/tkawa ; I fill him with joy, 

I cause liliii much joy. 
Muslikincsibingwe, (nin). My 

■■ves are filled with tears; p. 

Mica. .wed. 

W>shi'p.. ITaudkerchief, both 

anil pocket handker- 
pl-y. Kiti'hi moshice, 

caterpillar ; pi. 

chief ; 

Mu.s.'ic. Worm 

Mi^s.'ihninCigad. It is worm- 
eaten, (any globular obj., as, 
Ichi.'i.i, turnip ; (Dtidjimin, pea, 
etc.); -p. Tmi'uss..gak. 

Mdaii^minngisi. It is worm- 
eaten, (any globular object, 
as «t/.9/<mu'/i, api)le; opin, po- 
tato, etc.) ; p. inuHis!<..sid. 

Mox.v'asagnd. It is worm-eaten, 
(obj. of wood, as, adopowin, 
table ; opobiwin, chair, etc. ;) 
p. mwa..gak. 

M(h.s'^ssagisi. It i.s worm-eaten, 
(obj. of wood, as, nabagls.'iag, 
board ; gijik, cedar, etc.) ; p. 


Mossewnbide, inin). I have 
holes ill my teeth, I have rot- 
ten teeth, (worm-eaten teeth ;) 
p mwa..dcd. 

Mos.i^winqwe, [nin). I liave 
small pimples on my face; p. 

Mowidjiiawdgan. Ear-wfix, ceru- 

^fnwidJiw, {nin). I am dirty, 
filthy ; p. mwa..tord. 

Mowidjiwaje, [nin]. I have a 
dirty skin, my skin is filthy; 
p. mwa..jed. 

Mowidjiwingu'c, [nin) or, nio- 
wingwc. I have a dirty face ; 
p. mica. .toed. 

2 fold garni g. A dirty lodge or 
liouse ; \)\.-on. 

^. j 

u ■ \, 

.« iu 

^ — 






I i 


r ; 

No, or ina ; a particle (Icnoting 
intorrofratioii. — A7 kikeiidnn 
na? — Doest tliou know it ? A7 
saqi na ? — Doest thou love 

Na ? is it 80 ? will it 1)0 so ? do 
you hear me? 

Na! ina! ■nasfdr. ! inter j. lo! 
behold ! hark ! 

Naah, (»iii). I have good eyes; 
p. nenbid. 

Nanh, [nin). 1 am well sitted, 1 
sit comfortably ; p. ncahid. 

Nonf/wnje, {nin). I cover myself, 
being naked; p. ne.a..jt'iL 

Naa/iOiin, (nin). I arrange it, I 
put it uj) well ; p. iiealconad. 

Naakonan, {nin). I arrange it 
or put it up well, (wooden 
ol)j.) ; p. neiilvonang. (The 
saine as, nin nad/iossidon.) 

Nnakos.sidon, {nin). 1 (ix it 
well, arrange it ; ]). ned..dod. 
— Milchilcanakobidjifian nin 
nanltosfddon ; I arrange the 
fence, (I put it in good order.) 

Naangab, (vin). I am son-in- 
law, or daughter-in-law, in a 
liimily,living with the family ; 
p. nedwiabid. 

Naam/anikire. The daughter- 
in-law in a family ; j)!.-//. 

Naangish. The son-in-law in a 
family; pl.-o//. | ah ik. The kettle is 
too small ; p. nean\.sid. 

Nab! mano nab! interj. Well! 
let it be so. 

Nab na. This is an expression 
of conte7nj)t, o? at least of 
little esteem, pignifyiiig : Nut 
by far, far froui being.,.; (F. 
il s'en faut qu'il soit.) N(dj ku 
(xjima ; he is far from bcitiira 
chief. Nab .fainini ; he is no 
man, far from being a man. 

Ndbaan, {nin). I fasten it or 
put it to tho end of s. ih. \m- 
manently ; p. naidbaany. 

Nabadjashkadn, (nin). 1 far^ten 
or j)ut it to the end of a stick 
in a manner as to be able tn 
take it off again ; [». naidh.. 

Nabadjashkaigan. Bayonet; iil- 

Nabaga, or-magad. It is Hat ; 
)). ne!)agag, ov-magak. 

Nabagabikad. It ^s llat, (metal ;) 
p. nel>..kak. 

Nabagdbikisi. it is tiat, (ol'j. 
as, as.sin, stone; joniia, ."li- 
ver ;) p. neb..sid. 

Nabagadaan, {nin). I make it 
Hat, I flatten it; p. nf!>[i. 

Nabdgadawa, {nin). I flatten 
someobj.; p. neb. . wad ; imp. 








— 201 


SabCtgakukidj . Flat broad i)i{)C- 
stom j \)Aii. 

SdhiKjashk. Flat broail grans or 
liorlt; lily ; u\.-on. 

SiibCujaskininaj. Flat o\w\\ 
liiiiiil, j)aliii. This word is al- 
ways preceded by a possessive 
proiiouii ; as: Nin nabuijas- 
linindj, my Hat hand ; o na- 
IxKjaskinbulj, his flat hand, 

Siilidt/askinindjitawa, («//<). J 
strike him with the fiat hand, 
1 linHet hijn ; ]>. nch..ioad. 

S(ili(if/d(iij. A flat piece ot'wooil; 

Sahihjidjanc, (niit). I have a 
tlat nose ; p. neb..ncd. 

SdJidijindihc, {nhi). I have a 
lliit head ; p. neb. .bed. 

Siihdi/ini. It is flat, (obj., as, 
Joiiiia, silver, etc.) ; p. ucb.. 

Xithdi/issdi/. Flat liroad wood, 
that is, a board, or plank ; pl.- 

Stdi(Vjissauokadun, {uiii}. I 
make it of boards; p. iicb.. 

Sahd<jissa(/okad(;, oi'-ma;/ad. It 

is made of boards; p. neb.. 

ilcij, ov-niaijok. 
Salxtt/issaao-mikaiHi. Plan k- 

roatl ; \n.-n. 
yitlxii/i.ssaf/oiis. A small board ; 

hliingle; p\.-ay. 
Xahai/isscKjoiiu'i/am i(j. Abut or 

house nailed together of 

iioards; \)\.-(>ii. 
Xdhihjifchimdn. Flat boat, barge; 

^'nhdtjudabnn. Dog-train, a long 

Iliit sled for dogs; pl.-rt^. 
^iil))'t(/odabiiudk ; \A.-un.. S. A'(«- 


Nabdkossidjvjan. Hantllc, iialt, 
crank; pl.-««. 

N(d)dkossidon, {niii). I put a 
handle to it, I haft it, (im axe, 
a hammer, etc.) ; ]t. neb..dod. 

NubakwiKin, ()uu). I ])nt it or 
fasten it to the end of a stick ; 
p. neb. .(Hit/. 

Nabdkwdwa, {nin). 1 put or fas- 
ten some obj. to the end of a 
stick; p. neb. .wad; imp. na- 

Nabanr. This word is not used 
alone; it is always connected 
with a substantive, and signi- 
fies: On o/(e of the two sides, 
on the o^/ter side; one (jf the 
two, the other. (Examples in 
some of the following words.) 

N<d)ani'!dafiiie, {niii^. I have only 
one legging on ; p. ncb..sed. 

Nubani'(jad. The other leg, or 
one leg only. — Nln nab(iiie</dd, 
kl nabanr ijdd, {.'ic..; my other 
leg, thy other leg; or, only 
one of my legs, only one of 
thy legs. 

Nabanff/ddc, (niii). I have only 
one leg; p. neb.xled. 

Nabanr (jam, adv. On one side 
onl}', (of a river, lake or bay.i 

Nabancnik. 'V\\g otiier arm, or 
one arm oidy. — Nin nabam- 
nike, my other arm, or only 
one of my arms ; o nabanr- 
nike, his other arm, or only 
one of his arms. 

Nabanrnikc, {nin). I have only 
one arm ; p. neb..kcd. 

Nabanr nindj. The other hand. 
— Nia nabaneni ndj , my other 
hand; only one of" my hands. 
A7 nrihanniindj, thy other 
hand, only one of thy hand.-'. 

Nabanr nindj i, {nin). 1 have only 




n 'Mi 

1 1 




— 2G2 




one liand, I am one-handed ; 
( 8uis niancliut ;i p. neb., 

Nabancnow. The other clioik ; 
only one cheek. — Nin nabanc- 
now, my oilier cheek ; only 
one of my cheeks. nabanr- 
nowan, lii.s other cheek ; only 
one ol'his cheeks. 

Nabaniishkinjiij. The other eye; 
only one eye. — Nin nabanexk- 
kinjii/, my other eye ; only 
one of my eye.s, etc. 

Nabane.'^nkinjii/we, {nil,). I have 
only one eye, I am one-eyed; 
p. neb.. iced. 

Ndbe. Male ; (li. masculns ;) 
])roperly of qnadruped.s. J{nt, 
with the possessive termina- 
tion, it is also used for hus- 
band ; as : Nin ndbcm, my 
liusband ; o nabcnian, her 
husband; etc. A more polite 
expression for husband is ivi- 

Ndb'^-aiaa. Male 
animal ; pl.-/y. 

Ndbe-bebej i (joijanj i . 

Ndbe-(jdja(jtns. Male cat, he-cat; 

Ndbck. lie-bear; \)\.-wa(j. 

Ndbekwaidn. The skin of a he- 
bear; pl.-r///. 

Ndbe-mani)iktani.^h. Male shee , 
ram ; pl.-^^i/. 

Ndbnnei/. ^lale tish ; pl.-ii'rty. 

Ndbcniik. Male beaver, he-bea- 
ver ; pi. -?('«'/. 

Ndbe-pakaakwr. Cock; pi. -/<?,'/• 

Ndbc-pijiki. Bull, steer ; 1)1.- 

Ndbi'Hsc. Male bird ; pl.-^/. 

Nabcs.'ie o paiakibiniveuii. The 
cock's crest. 

)eing, male 
Stallion ; 

Ndbcssini. Ms.le dofj; ; pl.-oy. 
Ndbvwaian. S. Aiaiiriraimi. 
Ndbewetjin. S. Aiabeioci/in. 
Ndbibian, {nin). S. Nd.'^sahian. 
Ndbibii(/((n. S. Nd.'fsabii</iiii. 
Ndhibiiije, {nin). S. N(i.s.s<(hliiir 
Ndbideniijontcbisan. Nose-rinj: ; 

Ndbidoa;/, (nin). I take thim 

up on a strin.i;, (j^lass-bial-, 

etc.); p. naidbidood. 
Nabidoanan, {nin). I take them 

up on a string ; ]). n(tiii..nii,j. 
Ndbidoan Jdboni</UH, {nhi}. 1 

thread a needle ; i». naii(..(iii;i. 
Nabidoiijan. A needle tu tiikr 

up with it s. th. on a string' or 

thread ; \)\.-an. 
.\dbid(ii(/e, {nin). I take u]) en 

a string ; \). naid..ijed. 
NdbiijUHKujan. Wooden m'Cillr 

for making nets, neiiinj- 

needle ; pl.-(/». 
Ndbikan, {nin). I wrur it on 

my neek, or aroi'.id my iie(.k; 

J . naidbikant/. 
Ndbikaica, {nin). I wear suinc 

obj. on or around my neck ; y. 

n<iid..wad. — Aia nabUcmvo 

niosliwe, I wear a haudkii- 

chief around my neck. 
Ndbikaird(/an, or nabikdi/iin. 

Anv olij. that is worn uii ur 

around tiie neck, collar, nock- 

lace ; yoke ; pl.-a/<. 
Ndbikawd(jan, or nabikdijan. 

Any obj. that is worn on ur 

around the neck, neck-liaiii|- 

kerchief, string of glass-lifinb 

or pearls, a little cross (jr in- 

dal, etc. ; pl.-m/. 
Ndbikona, [itin\ I Iiuhl' i! 

around his neck ; p. n(iia..nad: 

imp. ndbikoj. 
Ndbikwdn, Vessel, ship; pl.-tdi. 




— 203 - 


1>1 •-";/• 


tiike llmii 

1 takctlieiu 

I, (»''■")• 1 
|). nai<i..iiit'J 
c'dle to liik' 
111 a string ur 

[ take uiM'U 

juilou neeilk' 
ets, ii'-'ttin:- 

1 urar it on 
\\;A my iH'i;l<; 

I wear suim' 
(I my m'ck ; !'■ 

^,1 iKlhll-'iii''-' 

V a hamllu'i- 



n worn on "i' 

, collar, neck- 

|v iiahik(iiH">- 
s Nvorii on I'l' 
k, ueck-luin>!- 
of glaHS-l.cii.l- 
lle crosr* or nn- 

I hau;-' I' 



yfihikwdncns. Tlie boat of a 
vessel, yawl-boat ; (F. clin- 
|i>U|)e;) Y'\.-nn. 

}\abikicdn'niini. Sailor, mariner, 
navigator: pl.-jra//. 

ynhilcwnn-oi/iiiia. Captain of a 
\c.'^sel ; 111.-//. 

Sdhikwatii-piijiw. Tar. 

Suhikwdfison. Sewiii;;-tlireail. 

Si'ihinofaira, (iiiii). I repeat lii.s 
words ; p. 

Sahis/iebi.soti. Ear-ring, ear- 
liangiiig ; \)\.-(iii. 

Siibis/ikdDiaira, {nin). I do it 
or make it in his i)lace, in- 
stea<l of liuii ; p. naid..irud. 

'u'lhi.s/ikaway {nin). I take his 
place, his employment, iiis 
power, I am instead of him, I 
succeed him; p. naiab..K'cul. 

S(V)is)iifon, (nin). I replace it, 
I put it in its place again; )>. 

Sithob. Broth, soup; (F. bouil- 

Sdliowadan, {nin). I read it 
aloud ; p. nai(i..on;/. 

.\'ubowewanwi. The i)oint of an 
arrow; \)\.-n. 

^ahiodbiyinan, (nin). S. Nijwd- 

S(thwan(/c.s/ika hinesJa'. The bird 
has his wings closed ; p. neb 
Kahwi'jina, [nin). I I'old it, 
(obj. of stufi'or ofclothing,as, 
7»o.s7u('e,hand kerchief ; .'ienibd, 
."ilk-stuiJ", rilibon ;) j). neh..nad. 
— iXdbu'i'fjin ki nioshweui ; fold 
thy neck handkerchief. 
^ahw^Ajinan, (nin). T fold it, 
(iibj. of stutl" or of clothing;) 
]K neb. .aw/. — Nabwrijinan 
(idopowini(jin ; fold the talile- 

Nddddbi, (nin). I liaiil out of 
the water a lisher-linc with 
hooks, (to take the lislics that 
are caught on the hooks ■) p. 

Nddcutn, (nin). I fetch it in a 
canoe or lioat; j). nnidiiannij. 

Ndddbowe, {nin). I go to some 
lodge or house to get s. tli. to 
eat ; also 1 fetch s, th. to 
drink ; p. naid..wcd. 

Ndd(i(/dincani, {nin). I paildle 
mv canoe to the shore ; p. 

Nddui.'<.s(!, (nin). I fetch wood 
for fuel in a canoe or boat ; p. 

A'dddi.s.'i'-id.'i/i, inin) (fr. nin nd- 
din, 1 tbtcii it ; nin ?»'</( /.v.s'c', I 
chop, I make wood for fuel; 
nin binid.s/i, I sail.) J fetch 
wiioil for fuel, sailing; p. ndid 

Nddamawa, {nin). I defend him ; 
1>. n<(id..ii'dn. 

jXdddiidds.^, {uin). I g<> to fetidi 
s. th., or I go for s. th., in a 
canoe or boat; p.}d. 

AYtdd.s/ikd.ssiwr, (nin), (fr. nin 
nddin, I fetcli it ; ni(is/ik<is.siic, 
grass, herb, etc.) 1 fetch hay, 
I fetcli reed or rusli, to make 
mats; p. ndid..wcd. 

Nddasi:uii(jandwn, (nin). I go to 

liim to fetch what he owes 

me ; p. )taia..i('ad. 
A'dda.sinai;/ane, {nin). I .1.1 c) and 

fetch what lie owed me; p. 


Nddd.'isabi, {)iin) {as.sdb, net ;) I 
fetch a net or nets (out of the 
water;) p. 

Kddassunaiianc, {nin) {da.'<so)ifi- 
^a»,trap;j I go to r.iy traps, 




i > 


If > 


— 264 — 




}.':.< M 

or, I fetch u\y traps ; p. 7iain 

Naduwa, [uiii]. I fotc^li liiin, in 
H CHiiot' or bout; p. naiadd- 
tvad ; imp. iinda. Niiid awi- 
ndddKUi, 1 <j() tofVtcii liiiii, (in 
ii ciiiioc.) Niii l)i-it(i<l(tW(i, I 
came to lolch Iiiiii, (in u ca- 

Nddvnimd, (niii). I take rct'n^fo 
to liiin, (lor ,'<('Ciu'ity, I'orcliiir- 
ity, I'or lielp;) p. Hai<t..niad. 

Nddin, (uiii). 1 fot(;ii it; j). )idi- 
ddid. Niiid (iici-nd<lin, I //o 
to fetch it, I {/<) lor it. A'//(. I)i- 
luid'tH, 1 coiiic to fctcli it, 1 
come for it. 

Nddinissc, {iiiii). I fetch wood 
for fuel ; p. nuiddiiiisscd. 

Nddis/ikatdioc, inin). I letch lire, 
{ixlikote, lire;) p. ■iidi(i..W(:d. 

AY/dJihi, (niii). I fetcii or C(j1- 
lect the ."^jip runiiinii; from tlie 
mapk-troe.s in :i .su^^ur-hufsh ; 

Nd.djibidin,{nlu). I fetch !i(]nor, 
(in ji canoe or boat;) p. iidid.. 

Nddjibishkdni, {niii). I letch 
hcpior, (ualkiiiir ;) p. iidid.. 

Nddjiddljdddu, (iiiii) {niiid oda- 
hddan, 1 drag it ) I fetch it, 
dragt^ing it after me, I carry 
it on a sleigh ; p. ndid..dii(j. 

Nddjiddhdiid, {niii) {niitd odd- 
bdiid, I drag him.) I fetch 
him, dragging him after me, 1 
carry him on a .sleigh, (a per- 
i^on, or any other object ;) p. 
n(iid..nad; ii»p. nadjiddbdj. 

Nddjlddbi, (niii). I letch ,«. th. 
or carry .s. th. on a .sleigh ; p. 

Nddji(jabawilawd,{niii). I come 

and stand before him, J pm 

my.'clf before liim; jt. uuiit.. 

Nudjiiiumanessi. A kind oi 

fitarling, (bird ;) pi.-//- 
Nddjiitijittui, (idn). I tly to him 

for pr(jtection, for eufety ; p. 

NddjinijiiiddH, {nin). I lly In 

it or in it, lor satety; p. vidn.. 


Nddjiivane, {nin). I fetch aluiwl, 
carrying it on a i>ortuge-.'^ti;i[i; 
p. ndid..ncd. 

N((dubdn, or ndddbdijan. l!iii> 
ket to fetch the f<a]> of iiiii|il(- 
tree, or water ; \)\.-(tn. 

Na(b')bi, {nin), 1 fetch or cany 
water ; }>. naiddobid. 

Nddonid, {nin). I fetch him. 
carrying him on my Icick, (u 
lier.-^on, or .'^ome other olij.. ; 
p. ndid.:ni(ld. 

Ndibjii, [nin). I fetch a canoi' ; 
p. ndiddonod. 

Nddonddtn, {nin). I tetcli, car- 
rying on my back ; p. naia.. 

Ndddnddn, (nin). I feleli it, 
carrying it on my back on a 
portage-strap ; \\. ndid-.tiini. 

Nddoice. A. kind of big eerpciit ; 

Nddoirc. Irotpiiji Indian ; pi. -v. 

Nddoiocni, {nin). I .speak tin 
Jrociuoi language ; p. nula.. 

Nddowcniowin. Irorpioi lan- 

Nddowessi. Ot. Siou Indian; 
lA.-waij. S. Btvdn. 

Nact/dddni, adv. Jjitlle, vfiv 

Ndri/d/c/i, adv. Slowjv, quietly, 

lini, 1 l>»t 
; jt. nuiii.. 

kiml «)t 

I i\\ lullllll 

• Biitl'ly ; i>. 

). 1 iiy t'> 
ty; \). ""'"•■ 

fetch aluinl, 

(h/au. l>nc- 
aj) of iniiiiU- 

-tell or ciiny 

1 fetch liiin, 

my back, (a 

. other olij.' ; 

-tch a canoe ; 

I letch, ciu- 
ick •, I'. »"' 


1 feleli it, 
xy hack on it 

I. aain-^'i^'J- 
big Boriifiit ; 

[niUan ; I'l':'' 

£ Hpeak llu' 

,e ; I). H«m.. 



Siou Indian; 


LitUe, v^'iy 

uwlv, (luittly, 


Sufiiihiin, {iii'hk T 

— -'(Ij — 







id, fnin). I ploa-c Iiiiii, 
I iiiiiko liiin coiiteiiU'd, ; 

|i. iicr..(t< 


}iiini)l(tiiiiiiiii, iiiiii]. I jdeasc it 
\).iu'('..tnd. — iji iKc'iKhimifd 



le ; 1 


le madt' inv 



(niii). I allow it, I 
contented ; 



willinjj:, contented ; p. iicrii- 

.\iiniiiii, (iiiii). I jrather or put 

up provisionn. I keep tlieni, 

•onsorvc thcin ; p. iia'iiiinoil. 
^iK'niiiiriii, (iiiii). T put it up for 

food, to eat it hy and liv ; p. 

Sdriiilliniian, (iiiii). I put it up 

or collect it lor food ; p. iier- 

iiiiiioil. (V. Coiij.) 
Sdi/dii, (niii). I iiitidor liini to 

ilo H. th., or to jj;o somewliere, 

1 retard hi in ; p. iiri/and. 
S'lii/iifiii, (iiiii). I meet it. (a 

canoo, boat, etc.) ; p. ncijaanij. 
Stiildilaii, iiiiiii. I leave it li'e- 
ahandon it; 

nml ; I forsake it, 
p. ii<y..aiif/. 




1 leave he- 
ind people, in a canoe or 
lioat ; I leave somehody a.^hore; 
p. iH'i/..u'i;(I. 

Sit(/((dan'a, {nin). I leave him 
beliind, in a canoo or hoat, I 
s\irpass tiiiii in paddlinjr, row- 
ing' or sailin<r; also, I leave 
liini asiiore, 1 don't einhark 
liini ; p. ne(j..ioad; imp. na- 

^diliitJi'iulam, (nin). S. i\a(/coli.i. 

^(iiindnidaniowin. The state or 
nisposition of l)eing inured or 
accustomed to s. tli. 

I'.'.KT II. 

Sii(/adi'n'hiii,\(nin]. f nni nfvd 
or accustomed to it, i'iUTe(| to 
it ; i).'nc!/ 

Xiti/((ih'nini(f, (nin). \ am a-jcus- 

tomed t( 



am aeciis- 

tome(l to see liim. to hear him 

to converse 





p. 11'. I 

Ndi/d'hniiidi.s' (nin). T accus- 
tom myself to s. th., I feed 
myself accustomed or used to 
s. th. ; p. II ('(/.. .sod. 

Xdi/diii.'i, (nin). I am accustom- 
ed, used, inured ; )>. nri/ndi.sid. 

Ndi/dili.tiwin. riiurement, use, 
cuHtom, habit. 

Ndijadjiidix, (nin). I get my.self 
accustomed, T endeavor to 
;ret used to .s. th. ; p. nei/...s(nL 

Ndijddjinijinid, (nin). I leave 
him, tlyiiiij: from him for ."afe- 
ty ; p. n('</..nidd. 

Sd;/<idjinijinddn,(nin). T leave 
a place, tlyinjj; from it for 
.safety ; p. nei/.-ani/. 

Nti(/ddjij>iddii, [nin). I urn ac- 
customed to the taste of it ; p. 
IK.'!/.. dill/. 

NiKjddJiju'd, (nin). I am accus- 
tomed to the taste of Home 
oiij. ; )i. n<'i/..irad. 

Ndyddjitnn, [nin). \ am accus- 
tomed to make it, or to do it ; 
p. n<'(/..1nd. 

Ndijddjiii'dn. 'J'lie water is hind- 
ered, it .stops, it cannot flow 
any further ; p. nei/..diii/. 

Ndi/uid..i/i, iiiiii}. I am hinder- 
ed by a contrary wind to 
sail any farther ; p. 

Ndi/din, (/fi/t). I sing; p. neya- 

N<:ifdnii>-inii!<indiijdii, .Son^-book, 
hymn-buok ; pl.-«/f. 

Ndijdnion. Song, livmii ; pl,-«//. 



, .V 



. I 

I I 

n * |k 

'i • iV 



— 2(5(1 - 


■ I . 

!i, ^ i 



N(i(/urnol((WU, {iiiii). I Hiii;:liiiii ; 
i Hiiijr his priory, Iuh priiiHe ; T 
siii;i; to him ; \). iu<i..xmi(l. 

A(i(/ainf'>iriii. Singing, the act 

Nai/diid, {niii). I leave him he- 
liind, I Knr[)asa him in a 
walking or running; I for- 
sake liim, ahandoii him ; p. 

Nuiidnishkad. lie tliat starts 
first, predecessor ; Ibrerunner; 

NuijCinisid. lie that is Ibreniost, 
superior, inaster, foreman, 
overseer, boss ; \)\.-jiii. 

y<it/diiini(l Kit<lii-niik(dcu'iku'(i- 
naic. Superior Great Bhuik- 
gown, tliat is, Areliliisliop. 

NaijaoH'C, [ain). 1 meet ; p. ne- 

Nitijdxhka, {mil). S. Niujddi. 

Namlslika, oi'-muijad. S. Ndtjish- 

A thing that 
and hinders it 

Nayaxedebison . 
stopa the foot 
to go farther, (luit is, a stir- 


(F. ('trier ;) \)\.-aii 
{iStiyd, alhules to stopping; 
sid, 10 tlie foot; tho termi- 
nation bhoii, to a string.) 

Ndgasnfawa, (niii). I listen to 
him attentively, I follow his 

J' discourse with my thoughts; 

Nu'jdfu, (nin). I stop, I stand 
still ; p. neydtad. 

Ndi/atawdhaina, (nin), (nin iia- 
nar/aiairdbuiiia, fre(|.) 1 look 
upon him observing him, i 
watch him, consider him; p. 

Ndr/afawdbandaii, {nin) (nin nd- 
nayataicdbandan, freq.) I ob- 

serve, watch, consider il ; p. 

Ndiidtdirrndnni., [nin). S. Knnit- 

l/dtdircndain. * 
Ndi/d/c/i, adv. Later, afli'i- 

wards, a little while after; \<\ 

and by. 
Ndt/dfwaadon inikana, (nlih, 

(pron. nin ndijdUnddidi in...) 

1 follow a trail or road ; |,. 

Nd>/dhrdird inikirain, (nin) (pmn. 

nin ndi/dfnird in...) I follow 

the ifti along a creviec; |i, 

ne(/..v'dd ; imp. ndi/alicd. 
Ndtjdn'd, (nin). I meet him, in 

a eanoe, boat, etc. ; p. najd- 

irad ; imp. ndtjd. 
Ndi/dicdi/cnddm, \nin). I ani in 

a hurry ; p. n(tid..dn(/. 

dv. Far yet, liiit 

is yet tiir, 
; }). naiiiij.. 

Nd[i<, adv, 

not very far. 
iWn/cwd.s.'^-airdd. It 

but not very far 

Nd(jikdWdd. It is nothing, it i.-< 

worth nothing; iieij.n'dk. 
Nd(/ikawcnddi/o.s, {nin). I iim 

little esteemed, little tlmui'lil 

of, I am insignificant, worth 

little ; p. iie<j..sid. 
NdijikdwendatidHia, (nin). 1 

make him msignificanl, I |iui 

him low, I j)ut him down ; p. 

Nai/ikaivcnda(/ir<(d. It is insi;r- 

nificant, little thought of; p. 

p. n ('</.. leak. 

Ndjjikau'enddn, \nin). I think 
little of it, I esteem it low, in- 
significant ; p. ne( 

* XoTK. Tlip frnjunilntire verbs dl' 
this kind being coninionly iisixi, we will 
put tlicMi all iintU'r Xaiiaii. 



— 207 


Xtitfi/itlirniinit'/, {iiiii't. \ ostccin 

I'liiii little, 1 think liltio of 

him ; p. iieii..niii(L 
,\)i(/ik'fiir)'iu'ii(lis, (///;/). I csleoni 

iiiysclt" little, 1 hiuc a poor 

(ipiiiioii of myself; |t. iirif..s(i(l. 
y<ii/i/>(nris, {iiin}. I iim iiuthiii^, 

worth iiothiiiir; p. ni'(/ 
Xiiifiiiiii .' iiitorj. lid! liehulil ! 
Xiij/in/iltdi/r, [niii). I meet; p. 

\(ii/i.s/ihiii, iiiiir. T meet it ; p. 

II ri/.. (I II I/. 
Siiifis/i/tdira, iiiiii}. I meet liim ; 

p. iic</..iriii(. 
yai/is/i/i(iilniliiiiiii, iiiiii). We 

meet each other ; }>. ii(i/..ili(/- 

Siii/i.s/ikddihliiriii. Meeting:, (in 

tlie ruad, not assemhlv.) 
Sih/ds, {iiiii). , I appear, I am 

vi.^ilile ; p. iKiiatiosiil. 
Xii(f(isiiriii. Appearance. 
S'li/watl. It aj)pear«<, it shows, 

it is visible, it is evident ; p. 

Siiijwdiloii, iiiiii) 

koiifl ; two rahliits have lieen 
(;aii;.'ht in snares last iii;.'ht. 

Atii/ii'('i('ih. Uaiiiliow; pl.-//j. 

Adi/iri, (iiiin. I appear, I make 
my appearance; p. niiidi/irioil. 

I\'ih/iriiilis, 'iiiii). I make my- 
self visible. I api)ear in a vi- 

,.:^ ;•; / 

sion ; j). ii>iid..sinl 


Apparition, vi- 



catch it 
a snare : 

with a snare, or 

p. liri/..(iil</. 

s\'ii;iiri((IJi!/e, (iiiii). I (^atch with 

a snare ; p. nri/.j/iil. 
f\ailW(1()<iii. Snare ; (F. collet ;) 

Xaijwdijaiu'itV>. String Ibr a 

snare; pl.-//^ 
Sd'jirdi/diii/x'c, {iiiii). I niako 

snares ; I lay snares ; p. //'■,'/.. 

Xnijirdi. Sleeve; pl.-^//(. 
Sdi/irdiia, {III. I]. I catch him 

with a snare, or in a snare ; 

p. ii('i/..ii(i'l ; imp. iiiii/inij. 
h'd'jird.s, (niii). I am canjrht in 

a snare ; j>. ncijivdsoih — Nij 

wabiisni/ (ji-naywd.sutroij ilhi- 

t~ I ^ » 1 1 . 

Ndidi/, adv. S. Kij'ti. 

Aaidiijs adv. 'J'ill, until ; a loni: 
time. — Knn'iii iididiij ilf(</iri- 
.s/iiii.'<i ; he d(.ies not come a 
Ion;;; time. i/i-kUc/ii- 
niiiiri iiiddiij ijinilidil ; my son 
wopt much until he fell as- 

iXin'i'iiJ, adj. S. Nfinij. 

Xiiirfitii'dtl. 'J'here is a little of 
it ; p. ncieldirdk. 

SdiclmriK, [iiiii). lam of a little 
nuiiilier, that is, my family i.s 
small ; p. ncic.siil. 

iXdiifdirisiijiiii, [iiiii). We are 
a few in number; p. iiiicsiil- 

Ndiliiijcdii isliknie, iiiiii). T re- 
pair or stir the fire with a 
pokor ; p. ii('ih\.diif/. 

Xdikiiijri;/di>. Poker to stir the 
tire; pi .-a//. 

Ndil:iiiici(/(\ iiiiin. I stir the 
lire with a poker ; p. iiei/i.. 

Ndiiiiiiiu''i(fis. {lu'ii). I am an 
upri;:ht man; p. iieiii..>iid. 

i\'difi/il,ir/fnd(iidii, [iiiii). I (ix 
the door, I put it well ; p. 

Ndis.sifoii, [iiiii). I put it well 
or ri,Lrht ; p. in'i.Jnil. 

Ndiid, iulv. Just, like purpose- 
ly.— A(f/7(/ ijiirelidil ; it just 
happens so, (like purposely, 



■1 !<;:» 

■ i ■ 








— I'llS — 


alfliou^'li not purposely. I \>ii- 
la ntuKjnm lii il>i(firix/iiu ; tlimi 
coint'Ht j)iHt now, (wlu'ii least 
CXpeeted, or, wlieii iiiiicli ile- 
nireil, or, when loiiMt desired, 

Ndi/fdiii, (tiiii). I uin nliedieiit ; 
p. iicifdin/. 

Nnitliiinniriii. Oliedienee. 

NuUltiwu, [lihi}. I iuii oliedieiil 
to him, I 01)03' him ; p. nei.. 


Ndjuhinn, (iiiii). J draw it over 

a Htrini^or cord ; p. nahi.jiiuj. 
Ni'iji) f)iii/(iii. Violin; \)\.-an. 
A'i'iji(l)ii(/(\ inin). I draw .«. th. 

over a .-itriiijr ; also, I play on 

the violin ; i). ii<(i)')J..ijctf. 
Najii/aii/((ii. Scruper; pl.-r/;r 
Ndjiijdiiji', inin). \ scrape !i 

skin or hide, to make it soli ; 

p. naia.jjed. 
NdJiniJinKi, {niu). S. Nddjiniji- 

Ni'ijinijinddn, (nin\. S. Nndjini- 

Ndjos/ikak pd.s/i/cisif/au. Douhle- 

iiarreled irnn. 
NdJ(')kir>'iriiL A man who has 

two wives, a liigamii^t ; j)l.- 

Ntikdkn/dni, or i ndkaknjd in, ad\. 
'i'hia adverii, in conncuition 
with Home other advorh de- 
miting direrfion, signifies the 
side of a river, bny, hike, etc.; 
as: (}ni(( ndkakc(jdin, on this 
side of the river, etc. Wedi 
nakaki'i/dnt, on that side 
there. Anindi nakdkcijdni. ? 
On whi<;h side ? 

Adkdkiid, or indk((ki'id, adv. 
Tiii.s adverh, preceded by an- 
other adverb denoting direr- 
dun, nr \>y a substantive, has 


the signiticatiiMi of the Hiij- 
lish syllable icurd, or imnds, 
or i>\' loii'drdH. (For example^ 
see ( )t(diipwe ( irammar, "Ad- 
verbs denoting ilirfrfiim.'"} 

A'dkdirr, ad\ . I"'ir.<<t, before all. 
— Xakdirr' dninnidn, ii/'/ninni 
ddsli i/dtris/iiiiiim iri-niltdidii 
(irst pray, and then lie down 
to sleep. 

Ndkoddnifiiiin). I consent tn -. 
th., r |»romise to do h. th., nv 
to go somewhere ; p. nek"- 

Ndknind, (nin). T promi.«c him 
to do .s. th., or to go sonii- 
where, I consent to what he 
is asking me; p. ucknindd, 

\dkiirl)id(>n, (nin). I (Miteli 
some obj. that is thrown i" 
me ; p. nt'k..dod,. 

Xd.kirr'hind, { I catcdi simic 
obj. that i.s thrown to me, nr 
that tlies by me; p. n.ek..n,iiil. 

Ndkirc'ndt/c, {niii}. I shoot in 
the air ; p. nck..(jeil. 

Naktr/'irdnd, (uin). I slioot him 
in the air, ( I slRiot a bird l!\ - 
ing;) 11. nek. .Wild. 

l\'dku'e.s/ikoi/(', (nin). S. 

Ndkwe.s/ikdn, (nin^ S. Noi/ixh- 

Nakwcskkaicd, inin). S. Nai/i.s/i- 

Ndku'i'slikddddiinin, (nin). S, 

Ndkicr.s/iknddjjiirin. S. Ndi/i.':ii 

Nakwcfd;/e, (nin). I answer, I 
gainsay, 1 give bail answer^, 
short answers; p. nek. .</('</. 

N<(kweta(/e.s-/ik, inin). 1 nse tn 
answer, to gainsay, to givf 
bail ar)swer.s ; p. nek. .id. 



26! » — 


Xiikii'riaiii, (iiin). I niiftwcr, I 

;j;ivc nil iiiiHwcr to a (|U('sti(iii ; 

ulso, I ;j:aiiisiiy, I an^wor iiii- 

Iiro|K'rly ; p. iicfavi'tdiii/. 
S(ihii'i't(nn<ni'in. Kwhwwy \ \i\.-(iii. 
X(i/nri/((iiui, ill ill). I answer 

liiiii, I ;:;iv(> liiiii an answer to 

aqiifstion; or, I answiT him 

inipropi'rly ; p. iich..W(iil. 
Xiiiii, as cntl-sy llalilc in Mninc ii. 

v., si;rnilic8 hnttl/iiii;/, <>r s. 

tl>. ri'latin;^ to it; as: ^'i'ikI 

ishkiiuiiinin, I hroallie niv last. 

AV// JtiJilKiiuliti, I liri'atlic l>y 

lon^r intervals; etc. 
SihiKimn, (niuj. 1 have a tiiir 

wind ; p iiaiOmnnnii. 
N(iin(i(iiii(/ii'(i(l. It is u liiir wind, 

trood lor sailinLT : p. ii(ii(i..irii/\. 
Nuiiiitddl), [iiiii). I sit down, I 

uiu Hitting; p. 
Ndiniiildhia, [niii). I make him 

sit down ; p. iinti..(i<l. 
KiiiiKnUihihni'a, iiiiii). f sit 

down hy his side, near him; 

X(ii)iii<laliiiviii. Sitlin.L!'; a seat. 

— Kitc/ii-ix/iiiia naiiiaddliiu'iii, 

throne. P\.-an. 
Xttiiia(hv)i(i</<«1. It is higher 

than large; p. neiti..<jak. 
y(iiii(7}\i)iui, [iiiii]. 1 anoint his 

head, I ))Ut grease, ointment 

or pt)made on his heatl ; j). 

iii'iii..)iail ; imp. nanuiloj. 
XdindkdiiiiJis, mill). 1 anoint or 

grease my head ; p. item. .soil. 
Xdiiidkiriwiii. Grease to anoint 

the head, ointment [tor the 

lioad, pomade. 
XdiiiaiKlJ, adv. K.x))resHioii of 

douliting or not knowing. 
XditninJ) ejiiorbadoi/iceii. I 

don't know what happened ; 

Of. T don't know how it is. 

XdDiiliidJ did i/niiddjdiriiiif'ii ; 
I don't kiiou when I shall 

Xdiiiiiiidii, iiiiii). I am let'l- 
hamled ; p. nniiiiiidjiil. 

Xdiiidiidiii/iid. * The hilt leg. 

Xtiiudndjiiiik. The lel't arm. 

XdiiidiiiijinindJ. The left hand. 

Xdiiidiiiljiiidir. Tlie left «dieek. 

XdiiidiidJi.^/ikiiHjii/. The lel'l 

Xdiiidndii.^iil. The lel't foot. 

Xiiiiidldkdiir, i)\'-in<i!i(iil i.s/iKotr. 
The lire hiazes up ; p. iinii.. 

• II CI I, {iV-uiitijdk. 

.Vdiiidlr/iii/d/xiiri. fie sets him- 
self upright , he stands up, he 
erects himself; iF. il flemAte;i 
p. iKiii .irid. — .\'diiidl<Iiii/i1lid- 
ii'i ko iiidkwd ; the hear uses 
to erect himself, (to stand u})- 
right. like a person.) 

X(iiiid1i-lii(idd. It is ohlong, it 
is longei- than hroad, (stutl';) 
p. ii('m..(jdk. 

XdiiKttidiiijisi. ft is ohlong, lon- 
ger than hroad, as, iiKisliin-, 
hanilkertdiief; .'<ciii()d, rihiion 
or silk-stutf; p. nom..nid. 

NdiuP. Sturgeon; pl.-(ro_v. 

Xaiiiihiii. Carp, sucker, (I''*'' j) 

' pi.-'?.'/. 

X((inrl)iiiii/dii. Carp-hone ; \)\.-itii. 

XdDirliiiii-i/i.sis.s'. The moon of 
suckers, the month of Fehru- 
ary, and too: i»ii/i.s-iH'i[/ini.s.s, 
the moon of the eagle. 

Xa/)iri/d.<i.'i. T -out ; ]^].-dff. 
Xainnjossiyaii. Trout-hone; pi. 

*N't>TK. Thorc Ih always; ii poHsossivo 
pi-diioiiii |)rctl.\t'(l to tills and tlii' fol- 
lowing Hvf words.; as : Xin iHimdndjl- 
lind; my li-ft Ick. h'U mmuitnljitiikf, tliv 
lett aim. O namuiuijiniiiili, liis Iri't 
band, etc. 


\ ,11 

t 1 






" \\\ 



11 '1 



; l!l 


Ii I 








■^ !■■ Ill 2.2 

'" HI A 1 ===== 


1.4 1.6 









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270 - 


V 1 

w 1 i 


Xomcf/nsfiikd, or-nidj/dd. Tlicrc 

arc tronf, ur iiiaiiy trout ; \>. 
XaDK'f/iis.f/'kaii. Place wlicre 

tlicre arc maiiy trout. 
XtiiiK'j/o.s.sihdiiiinf. At, to <ir 

front sncli a plare. 
XoDirkirdii. Glue. 
XtnuikiCidiihc, iiiiin. I make 

glue ; |). iiciti.Ji'iI. 
N(ii)i('kwiiiiik(''u'iinni. G luo-lidi- 

Icr ; pl.-//v?7. 
Xanirtnf/. Dried fish; pl.-jro//. 
Xdiiinrih. Stiirirc'on Lake. 
Xniiii'wihisihi. Stiirjieoii River. 
X(niH-in'i(/ait. Stnrj^eoii-]»oiie ; 

Nfiwixlikitl. He tliat i.« in a ]>ail 

liahit of (Ijincinjj;, a haliitiial 

<iancer ; [A.-jiij. 
Xduios, an end-syllalile in .■^ouie 

n. v., relate.'^ to .snioke ; Xih 

;iik(iii(i))i(>s, it .''iiifikef in my 

IniMse. Ni)i (/il)tr(tii(i)iios, I 

am stifled with snioke.. Xin 

Jihandmos, lean endure much 

snioke, ete. 
Nana, {nin). T f'eteli him, (a 

per.son, or any otlier ohjeet ;) 

p. naiihind : imp. vaj. 
Xind airi-iidna. I f/o to fetch 

him, I !/it for hiu)." 
Xin bind nil. I roineto fetcli l)im, 

I ('oinc for him. 
Xdiidiidttmofon mikaiin, (nin). 

T repair a road ; j). ncn.Aod. 
XdiKiannin, (nin). I prepare 

myself for singiiijjr, hy cough- 

injr a MttU' ; p. ncii..rnod. 
Xanahdni.f, (nin). I am cauglit, 

cheated ; p. nen..sid. 

Xdnahcm, adv. Just now, only 
now ; too late. — Xdnahem ki 
daijwishin yi-ishkwa-anokiiig ; 

tliou oomest only now when 
the work is (h)ne. 

XdtuKjaiiiindKinia, * {iiiii:. \ nli- 
serve him, consider liim, 1 
watcli him with my eyes; ]> 

XtiiKKjalawdhdiiddn, (;////) or. 
///// ddndsoiiddii. \ coiitciii- 
plate it, I <;onsider it, ob.-ervc 
It, watch it; )). ndidi)..dn(j. 

Xdnd(jdldW('.iiddni, [nin). \ re- 
flect, meditate, consider, cun- 
teniplate, deliberate ; ji. miin 

Xdn<i</dfdii'endd>nddi.'<, (nin). ^. 

nindr. My heart reflects or 
meilitates upon itself; p. nai- 

Xd niujdiincenddmou'in . Medit;i- 
tioM, ctintemplation, rcllic- 
tion, consideration, delilieia- 

Xdnaijaidwenddn, (nin). I ic- 
flect or meditate upon it, I 
consider it; p. ndid..dnij. 

XunaiialdU'cninid, (nin). I re- 
flect uiM)n him,(u])on hiscnn- 
duct, his manners, hie ([uali- 
ties, etc.) ; p. naidn..»idd. 

Xdnagdtawenindi.'i, (nin). I re- 
flect upon myself, I considei' 
mv.self; I examine my con- 
science; p. ndidn...rod. 

Xdnd(/dfiiu'('nindis(ii('in. lietitc- 
tion upon one's self; exaniin 
of conscience. 

Xdndjfina, (nin). I stoj) him. i 
hinder liim ; p. — Xin 

* NoTK. Tlie (tupHcatinn of the lii>l 
syllable ill tliis iiiid some other verli^ 
Here, rrnirks the/re(/H«7i^i/i(v verb, iiml 

lludfts to a repetitiou, or coiitiimatioii 
of the same act, 

t ; 


— 271 — 


Mition of the til 
,onu> other %.;r- 
■ntulivf vert), • 
or coutinuiiuuii 

VdiKhjiiintf u'd-^Du'if/ftl/'dji'if ,■ I 
liiinli'i' (stiip, Hcpiirate) ))('()plc' 
tliiit intoiid to light. — S. Xujd- 
kfi, or, Nuijud. 
X(m('i(/iiiiw(', {niii). I stop, hin- 
der or sopariite (i<rhters ; p. 


KiiiitiiliHiii, '(;//'/). I write it, 
('orre(;tiiig it ut the same tiiiio ; 
]». ii('ti..niitf. 

Xdiidihiij/oii. Corrcctcil or 
inemled writing, corroctod 
copy ; ))!.-«//. 

Xdiinihih/c, (iiiii). T corrector 
mend writing, I am writing a 
corrected co]>y ; p. )icii..f/eiJ. 
{Xin iimuliioii, I mend or 
correct it; iiiiid ojibiiye, 1 

Xiindikiajeau hhkote, {ui)i\, 
fre(|. I repair the tiro, I stir 
it u|) ; p. von..(inii. 

X(iii'iikinjei</(ni. Polcer, com- 
monly an iron har to stir the 
lire with ; pl.-(/;(. 

Xandikiiijc'KjniKik. A stick or 
pole, (not an iron liar,) to stir 
the tire witli, wooden poi\or ; 

Xdiidina, Iniu). I arrange or re- 
pair it, I mend, fix it, 1 pnt 
It in good order again ; p. iicn 
..iKid. — Xiii i/i-iu(iidiiia dilxii- 
t/isiasivati, I repaired the 

Xdiiaindn, ////*). I put it in 
good order ; p. neii..any.. — 
lii.skitniai/annii m'n ip-nanai- 
)uiiidii ; I put in good order 
tiie "hircli-phites." {H.liiskifc- 

Xdiuiissilchiyade, or-wd<jdd. S. 

XdiidisKifc/iiije, {mn). S. Nand- 

Xdiidifisi/nii, inhi). S. Xd)uii- 


Xdiidi/chi</ddi', or-)nd(/dd. It i.s 
rej)aired, arranged, mended, 
.settled ; p. iH'ii..d('ij, or-))i(Ujdk, 

Xdiidifc/ii</t\ {iiiii). I repair, 
mend, correct, settle; p. iini.. 

XdiiaHnii, {in'ii). I repair it. I 
mend, correct, arrange it, I 
improve it, I settle it; p. neii.. 

Xdnditowin. Repairing, correct- 
ing, reparation, improvement, 
arrangement for the lietter. 

Xdiidkoiid, (iiiii). I deti'iid my- 
self against him, [ resist liim, 
I combat him in sell-defence ; 
p. iirit.Jidd ; imp. udiidkoti. 

XdiidkoiKin, (iiiii). I defend my- 
self against it, I combat it, [ 
resist it; j). ne)'..aiuj. — Xin 
ndiidkonan bdiddairiii ; I com- 
bat sin;' 

Xdiidkud, lni)i]. I detend my- 
self; p. )ie)idkirid. 

Xdiidku'iiriti. Self-ilefence. 

XdHdindd, iiu'ii). 1 frighten it, 
(a wild animal, a duck, etc.) I 
startle it ; p. 

XdiidiiiddJKjan. Frightened ani- 
mal in the woods, startled ani- 
mal, duck, etc. ; p\.-d<j. 

Xdiidii, num. Five. 

Xdiidnddirid, {uin). I doctor 
him, T give him medicines in 
his sickness; p. 

Xdddnddwii(/os, («///). T am 
doctored, mecjicines are given 
tome in my sicknes.s;p. neii.. 

Xaiidiiddiciiirc, iiiitiy I iloctor, 
I give medicines to a sick per- 
son ; p. nen..urd. 


-• ll(«-' 





\ h 


i I'l 






272 — 


K(i nd inlaw ihi'cir ill. Doctoriii^r, 
ii (hictdi-'s Imsiiicss, occiipH- 
tidii, urt, HciciKH'. 

Ndiidiulnioiiwfiiuiiini. Doctor, 
idiVHiciaii, ii iiiiiii skilful in 
curiiiji (liHeascs ; \ 

Xdiidiiildiridiriii. Mrdiiniic, re- 
iiiody ; iiiiaiiiii' iKiiKiiiilnin'"- 
iriii, a sacniiiK'iit, the holv 

Xaiidiidoii'is, iinn.) I am cured, 
I am niadcwholo ; [i. iien.,si<L 
— S. Xddjiiii. 

Nandiidawitrliiimii. A nick }K'r- 
HOii taken care of and doctor- 
fd ; pl.-m/. 

J^^iiidndawiluHf, (inn), a. .\(i- 

Xaudiidatciiivdwiii. S. Xdiidn- 

NanAndidxui, [nin], 'Veq. S. 

Nandiidohoniknndiiniii, {nin), 
free], S. XaiidoLaiiikandiniiii. 

K(tiidiidoli(niikandiuun. S. Nun- 

Nanandodjiiui, (///«), freq. For 
tluH and other /'rci/iienlafire 
verbH of this kind, look un- 
der Xandodjiita, etc., where 
tliev appear as fiiiuple verhs. 

Nandndoina, [nin). I be"; him, I 
pray, ask or request lilm t()r 
8. th., I implore his help and 
assistance; p. n('ii..iii(id. 

Nnndnddinandjii/e, {niii],\m\. S. 

Nandndnmowiii. Petition 



(piest, entreaty , 



from one place to another to 
li ear what they sav ; p. nen.. 
JXdiuindoi^hkitegahau', [nin). 1 

stand still in different place.<, 

to hear what is said ; p. iuh., 

Ndiidnddslikiii'slik, (nin). I am 

in a had hahit of jroing rcMUnl 

to hear what is said; j), mu.. 

Niuidiiii/anin, (nin). I tear soinc 

an. ohj. with the teeth ; j». inn.. 

Nitiidniijanddn, (iiiii). I tear it 

with the teeth ; p. ncn..(iiii/. 
Xdiidiiiiiii.shkd, ov-maijitd, trcq. 

It is all torn to pieces every- 

where; \). ncn..kaj/, ov-nia[/<ik. 

S. Niijanlikii, etc. 
Nandniijdnlikdn, [nin), fre(|. I 

tear it all to pieces, every pan 

of it ; p. nen. .(till/. 
Xandiiij/dti/ikaird, {nin), fre(|. i 

fearsome obj. all to piece,- ; 

)>. nen. .wad. 
Xdiiiiiiiiuin, [nin). We are live 

of us ; p. ii(iid..djii/. 
Xdnaninon. There are live ; |i. 

naia.. nil/in. 
NandnJ, adv. S.XaidnJ. 
Naiidpadaami, (nin). S. ,l(ijii.-<!ni- 

Nandpai/ain, [nin). 

mocking somebody 

thing; p. ■ncn..nidd. 
Xandpai/timdn, [nin). 

mocking, for deri.sion ; 


Xandpagaindnan , ( nin). 
him, mocking, I sing his char- 
acter or liis qualities, for i\v- 
rision or contempt; j>. //'//.. 
viod. (V. Conj.) 

Xandpaf/andJ, atlv. Shamefully . 
worth mocking ami derision. 

XaHdpaijandjia, {nin). 1 insult 




sing it 

p. Ih Ii 




I mock him 

I. mil. 


— i I .> - — 


11(1 (U'risi<'ii. 
in). 1 iii>iil' 

M(iiuip<((i<iii(ljil(iii, iiu'in; p. iicii 

..foil. S. Xdiiapiii/itii.soiiiltni. 
Xdii'liHti/dii.sHiii/o.s, [iiiii]. I 

.spciik iiisiiltiii;: mocking 

words ; I iiiiuiiiiir ; p. iini.. 

\(t)iu])(i(/inisi)iii(i, liu'ji). I iiKH'k 

or insult liiin ; I iiiunnui' 

against liini; j.. 
y(ni(i)i(i(/((ii.soiii(aii, [iiiii). I 

iiKK'k or insult it ; p. iit'ii..<iiii/. 
y<iii(ii>(i</((iisi>n(/i', [iiin]. I mock, 

I urte uiockiii;: l»n<^uajic ; 1 

uuiruiur; p. iiciLJ/rd. 
S(in<tpi(<tiii, iiiiii). I nidck 

rept'atin^ wunls, I ri'pcal 

wiirds ot' souichnily in a iiHuk- 

inj^ uiaiiiK'r; p. iieii..t<iiii/. 
XaiKiiiidiildU'd, iiiiii). I mock 

him, imitating his Hpcaking 

or liis voice, repeating ai'tor 

him ; ]>. )t<ii..i('a(i. 
Xdiiiijiii/ijirc, ^iilii). 1 speak in 

a mocking manner; j), ncii.. 

ydudpiffijireuiin. M o c k e r y, 

speaking mocking words. 
NdiKipiiiid, {dill). 1 speah to 

iiim certain words, relying on 

s. til. ; p. in')i..iii(((l. 
Xdidipinidii, iiiiit). I rely du it 

ill speaking certain words ; p. 

.VdidijiiinoiKin, (niii). I rely on 

him in speaking certain 

words, or telling s. th.; p. dru 


Xdiidpinidiriii. Speaking with 
reliance on some oliject. 

XdiKipofp'.s-, (nin). I atn im]^o" 
tent, r have no power, no au" 
thority ; p. iieiL.sid. 

Xdiidstiah, adv. S. Aidpi. 
Xdiidii'<t(], It i;ives no profit. 

tloes not produce anytliiug ; 
p. iieii..dir(ilx. 

Xdddirnildd. It is deficient, 
useless, uiiiu'ofitalde ; p. ;(('/(.. 

Xdddii'ddis, iiiiiit. 1 am an un- 
pi'olilalile, useless |)erson, I 
am losing my time, I gain 
nothing, accpiire nothing, 1 
lalior in \iiin ; p. //c/i. ..■</(/. — 
S. Addii'i'iri.s-. 

Xdddirdj, iidv. I'selessly, iin- 
)M'olitaldy, loosing time, to no 
purpose. — Xdiidirqi nin hi- 
indilis, I live unpi'dtitahly , 
(my lite is destitute of g<pod 

Xdiif'nridd, (nin\. i'vv{\. I cannot 
hii v(? him, cannot reach him, 
(any ohj.); p. ni'n..(til. 

SdHi'iwinan, [nin), fre(|. I can- 
not have it, 1 cannot reach it ; 
p. ncn.juKi. 

Xanairis, idin\. S. Xdndityldis. 

Xdudit'isse, inin). I burst asun- 
der ; ]). ni'n..seil. 

Xdddiri.s-si', OY-nuKjad. It hursts 
asunder, it falls to jjieces; p. 
/(('//., o\'-maijdk. 

Xdddd, in compositions, signi- 
tie.s .scidtin;/, sedrc/iin;/, tri/id;/. 

Xduiidipniin, {nin). I take more 
than I ought, or more than I 
want '; also, 1 do all in my 
power ; p. n en.. mod. 

Xtinddkikcndan, (nin). I try 
or endeavor to know it, {o 
learn it ; p. )ien..adt/. 

Xdndrikikt'diina, {nin). I try to 
knovv him, I inform iny.self 
ahout him ; p. nen..viad. 

Xddildnidsi/dm, [nin). I try to 
hear what is said, I listen, i 
lioark'cii ; p. ni-n..dd(/. 



i ' 


» ' 









am si»v 


XouililvHusUdU'd, {lu'n). \ liC'ivr- 
kt'ri, to know wliiit lie sliiill 
SUV ; |i. 

NaiiddiiiihirciKlfhi, (iiiii). I ti'v 
to rocuU it to iiK'iiitiry, J cii- 
<U'iivor to recollect it ; (/(/// 
viiliwni(hni, I rccoUect it;i \>. 

N(iii(l('niiilireiihna, {iiin). I trv 
to recollect liiiii, to recall iiiiii 
to iiieinorv, (to recollect liis 
name, his appearance, etc.) ; 
p. iien.:iiia<L 

NdiiilthrrihtdiKi, ill ill). 
liim, I look tor him ; 

NaiuJinrdto, (iilii). I 
int; out ; p. )i('ii..f<t(l. 

Naiiihurdtoii, {niii}. I f^py it out ; 
p. lien.. tod. 

\an<1aw^ii(laf/o.<i, (nin). T am 
desirable ; al.«o, J am desired 
to L'ive or to do or to say s. 
th. ; p. n(' 

N(iii<hiiriii(liii/ir(i(l. Ft is desir- 
ed, it is desiralile ; p. iicn.. 


Nomlaireinhim, {iiiii). I desire ; 
p. iiPii..<ni</. 

NdnddWi'iKJji lieu- ill. Looking 
for, seeking, (especially in 
hunting or tishing.) 

Naiidairrniiiia, (nin). I desire 
him, I wish to have him, T 
require him to do s. th.; j). 

N(iiid(uri.s,siii, {nin). T look tor 
s. th. to eat ; p. nen..iiid. 

Ndiidoijiii, {nin). 1 am .seek- 
ing, searcliing. 

Kandoban, (nin). I try to make 
war-captives, slave?, I go on 
a war-party, on a war-excur- 
Hion, (according to tlie Indian 
manner of making war ;) p. 

ii(')i..iiid. iAhoiiini, signiiii-, 
Indian slave.) 
.\<indidn(iiikandiniiii, iiiin). W'l 
are at war with each oiIk !• ; 
p. nfn..didjiij. 
Xdndnhdiiikdndnriii. Tmliiin 

.\diiduhdniiriii. Kndoavor Id 
make slaves, Indian warliin-. 
.Xdnddhi, {nin). I look for wii- 
ter, or for s. th. to drink ; |i. 
Xanddiiiniit'd, (nin). T am Inini- 
ing with a how and urrou-; 
p. lien. .wad. 
Xandodjiiid, (nin), (nin ntiihhi- 
ilodjiiid, freq.) 1 seek or search 
him liy feeling in the (Uuk. I 
grope him ; p. iicd..ndd. 
X((ii<lodJinaii, (nin), {nin lunidn- 
dodjinnii, freq.) I seek it liy 
feeling in the<lark, I grope ii ; 
]). n('n..dn(/. 
Xdndoiiid, [nin). I call him U> 
me, I send him word to cuinc 
to me, I invite !iim, I cite 
him, I summon li i ni ; \i. 
Kdiidnindkomc, (nin). I .seanh 

lice ; p. n(' 
Xdndoindkirnc.'ihi. Ajie, num- 
key, (louse-searcher ;) pi. -/(/(/. 
Kand(inidiidJi(/(', (nin), {nin mt- 
nfiiidonidndjij/e, freq.) I smli'. 
I search 8. th. by scent, (like 
a dog;) p. nen..ged. 
Xdiidoiniiio.t, (nin). I am CJill- 
ed to go to someljody, or to pt 
somewhere; f). nen..sid. 
Naiidoinii/o.siwin. Call received 
by I person to go somewhere. 
Xdnd()niiku'd,(nin). I am hunt- 
iiig beavers, or searching 1 lea- 
vers; p. nen..ived. 
Xandand.'iiia, (nin). I seareli 


_ '27:> — 



iinloavor to 
an wiivl'iu't'. 
look till' wii- 
o ilriiiU ; !'■ 

1 am ln\iii- 
aml arrtiw-; 

I i-all liiiii '" 
word to ciiiiu' 

e hiuu I fi't' 
ion h i HI ; v- 

(nin), {mil im-, or to 

(i-Q SOnit'WlH'lt. 

..irnd ; 


I cnl- 

I IH- 

licc on liislicad; p. iirii..s(iif 

\iiiiiliiiiririi, iiiiii). I fifcU him, 
I liiok tor him ; p. iicii 
imp. iKiiitloHC. 

yitiiiloshiJif, iiiiii). I am 
iiiL' fiiicks ; p. ii(ii..l>i(l. 

\iiii<h>slikiinitiin', (^in'ii ). 
ii'ct my cri'ilits, my 
ijelits ; 11. ii(ii..i/ril. 

S'liiiilnshkiinKtii'd, [niii\. 
(picst him to pay nu' what ho 
owi'.>< me, to i)ay hi.s credit ; p. 

SiiiKjoxlikaH,) nin). T try to jrct 
piiid, to ;iet my credits, (ac- 
tive dolits ;i p. nen...s(Kf. 

S'lindotdiji', (nin) or, ////( luin- 
ifotiun. 1 li.sten, I hea ken, 
eiidcavorinjr toliear what they 
.-;ay ; p. iien..(ji'il, or, itendu- 

yanddfain, (nin). I a.-^k, I re- 





J lie,^ for 

. T heir for 
.<IoiL' (V 


X(in</n/(iin/}(/(', (nin). I 

inendica,!', ahn.s : 

\iinil()i(inin(/i'n, [nin). 

it ; )). nen..(/e<l. 

.-^ome olij ; p. jic.n. 

(\)\\].)i'akn'oji(ian nin bi-nan 

(((ilanui(j)'n(tn ; 1 (tome to be<r 

for some hi'ead, (or Hour.) 
X(niilofii)nt'i(/('.s/il,-, [niiD. 1 am 

in a bad habit of beirijinij:: D. 



iiejrgary, mendicity 
X(in(l(>f(V>iow((, (nin). f him 

for s. til., I beg him, 1 reipiest 

lum ; p. n<' 

Xnndutamowin. Askinjr, i)eti- 
tion, re([nest for s. th. 

Xdndolnn, \nin). I bo;r i'or it ; 

I reqniie it ; p. Hrn..inii/. 
Xdiididdifd, I/////). 1 li.^ti'ii, I 

lieai'ken, eiKleavoriiij: to hear 

what lie i.s .saying ; p. urn.. 

Xdndirniu ni, \nin). I am call- 
ing without .seeing the person, 

I call ; p. ni:n..niiid. 
Xdiidirrirmid, inin). I call him; 

I call tor .some obj. to have it ; 

p. i/cn.jndd. 
Xaniliveicenddiis (nin). \ call for 

it, to have it biick again ; p. 

Xdnilireii'(:si(je,(nin}. F call by 

tiring gnns; \). n('ii..f/i'd. 
Xdid'hiulcnildni, (nin). I snfi'er 

in my thoughts, in my mind ; 

p. n(n..ddii(/. 
Xdnckddis, {nin). I sutler ; p. 

Ndniiliddi.siwin. Su tiering. 
.Xanelcddjid, {niii}. I make him 

sutler, 1 treat him ill ; p. ncn 


Xdnckddjion, (nin) or, nin nn- 
nididiljifdii, I make myself 
sutler by it, using it sparing- 
ly, in order to have it longer, 
(provisions or liquid ;) p. ncn 

Xdnijdn. It is light, not heavy ; 
p. ndidiKjdiuj. 

Xdni/e, adv. This word is used 
to express the i-nnlrdni of the 
verb which it follows; as; 
Nin /likenda ndnije. ; I don't 
know it, A7 nihiviikd ndni/e ; 
thou art not wise. Difhtre 
ndnije ; he is not telling the 
truth. (It is a kind of irony.) 

Ndni/endan, (nin). 1 think it i.s 
light, not heavy ; p.<j. 

I 'I 

'i ! 




\- i I 

I \ 



— 27(1 — 




<i 1, 

>'* ' Hi 

ill ill). 

liis iinn 



Ktlviienima, iiiiii). I tliiiiU lie 

is li;:lit, (tiny ohj.); \>- iiain.. 

Nnii!/la, iiiiii). I make lijrlit 

Momc otij , r lii^litcii it ; \t. 

Nfiiii/idec, (niii). My liciirt 

liL'lit, coiitcntcil, happy; 

ii((i ('/..('( I. 

tiiaiic liini inovi' 

Sdiiijis, [iiiii). I am li.irlit ; ji. 

NOiKjisidc, [iiiii). I am li'ilit- 

footc'il ; p. lUtUL.ded. 
N/iiu/i.sidrs/iiii, (uhi). Ilinrtiny 

loot, (liiiockiii;^ ajiainst s. tli, 

ill my way ;) p. n(ti(1..iii(/. 
AYiiif/Jf()n,{iiiin. 1 make it lidit, 

I li.L^liteii it; p. iiaidiH/ifrxl. 
Xdih/iirdiic, (iiiii). I liavoa ligiit 

load or i)ack on my Imck; p. 

II (I id.. lied. 
Kdii(/w(iii(t,nd\-. So, tliufl, then. 

(It is used ill an intcrroL'utive 
manner and j)hu'.ed always 
immediately after the verb.) 
— \\i UKidjiiicau ndnrjwana ? 
So they will ,<io away ? Ci- 
niho nunywiina f He is then 
dead ? 

Kanihdiawc, {nin) OT,7iin nain't- 
jiihaiduw, I'recj. 1 yawn or 
jjjape, (lioin,!!; slcopy ;) jt. luiid 

Ndnihdinweti'in. Yawninji;. 

Xdiiihdw, [niin, tmp I stand 
here and there, in ditiert'iit 
plaees successively ; p. luiid 

Ndin'hi/ii(/dnoiia, iuiii). I speak 
to him in a scoldinji; manner; 
(nin (finiona, I sjteak to him ;) 
p. nni..iidd. 

Xddihikiind, {nin). I s(!o|.l liiin. 

I reliukc, uphniid, rcpi'ininii.l 

him ; p. nin..nidd, 
Xdnihikiiiddn, (nin). IscuM ur 

r(d>uke it ; p. n('ii..dii(i.— Sn- 

iiiiii/ini nin. iidiiihil.iiidKn 

niiidi', iji niu/('/ri-iJiirrlidl,\ | 

ri'liuke often my heart, l.t- 

causc it is so wicked. 
Ndiiiiidii^ciidd(/(i.Sy (nin). 1 mn 

rejected, abandoned, L'riev id ; 

p. n<'.n..Kid. 
Xdiiiiidweiiddijii'dd. It is n- 

jecl''(l, aliandiiiied, sad ; |i, 

Xdiiiiidwrnddin, \niii). 1 uin 

sad, atllicted in my mind, I 

am sorrowful, I moiiin, I 

L'rieve ; p. n('ii..dn</. 
X diJ ndwrndamowin. Sadness, 

affliction, mouriiin>r, <!;rief. 
.\diii(/diiunid, [iiin). 1 .urii'Vi' 

him with word.s ; p. n('ii..iiiiiil. 
Xnniiidiriii(/irr, {nin). My fai'c 

is marked with jjrief, I hiivc 

a sad countenance; p, ncii.. 

Xuninavnnf/wcidis, [nin). *\ 

mark my face with sadii('-< ; 

p. n I'll. ..sod. 
Xdiiindwis, (ni)i). I am an oi- 

))han ; }>. 
Xdnindirifd(/o.s, (nin). I lanicnt. 

I iirief, sadness, ulllir- 

tion ; p. neth.^sid. 

Xdniiic/, num. Five times; llic 
tifth time ; in live manners ur 

Xdninijini, adv. Often, often 
times, frequently. 

Xatu'nf/niinnnij, or Vdniiigati- 
ninujiii, adv. Sometimes, dc- 
casionally, now and thru, 


in). My t'lU'c 
irricf, I liiivi- 
Mi", p. Ht'"" 

NAN — 2 

Siiiiiiti/Hdii'dDii) iiiiktiuti. The 
triiil (ir roiiil >|»lits in scvcnil 
ilircctioiis, tlicrc arc several 



iniiiclies u 



e ru;i 

). lion 



iiin weiiK, 
iiilinn, sick, lirnken \>y sick- 
ness ; j). nt'n..sifl. 

ydiiipiinsiiniitfdit iiiinlc. My 
lietirt is weak, iiiliriii, sick; 
1 1. II I'll.. link. 

Sdiiijiiiii.siiriii. Weakness, iii- 
liniiity, sickncHs. 

SniiisaiKid. It is (lanL'cnius. 
perilous ; p. iii'iiisumik. 

yiiiiisaiii'inhi'/ii.'i, iiiiii). r am 
considered dan,ij;eroiis ; I am 
ilanL'crons ; p. iu'ii..siil. 

Sdiiisiiiii'iidiii/iriiil. It is consi- 
liered (langerons, ilis daniicr- 
oiis, periiuiis; p. iicii..ii'iik. 

XdiusiiiiciKldiii, (iiiii\. I tliiidv 
there is danger; p. ih'iljiui/. 

Xdiiisdiiciiiliiii, {nhi). I cunsi- 
iler it daiigerotis; p. o iidii... 

Xiinisdiieninia, {nin\. I consi- 
il'T hini dangerous, I think he 
i- dangerous; p. iH'ii..inu(L 

Sdiii.saiiiu, {ilia). I put liiin in 
danger ; p. urn. .ml. 

Sdiii.sdiiiidi.s, (iiiii]. I put niy- 
seil' in danger, in jeopardy ; 

p. IICIl...'iO(l. 

\(iiii.sdiiin,d</(i.<i, (iiiii). I hjok 
dangerous; j). ui'n..sii(. 

\(iiii-s-diiind(/wd>l. It looks dan- 
gerous ; p. neii..Vdk. 

Kuiii.^ani.'<, {nin). lam danger- 
ous; also, r am in danger, in 
peril ; p. iien...siil. 

X(iui,'<dni,siwiii. Danger, peril, 

Sitnimnilnijd^, hiln). I am dan- 
gerous by my speaking ; p. 



I I 


iim with appridiension ol'dan- 


I list 

en to liim with the 

impression that tlu're is dan- 
ger in his speaking ; p 



.Xdni.sdni/nii, (iiiii\ I put it in 
danger, 1 expose it to daiiL'or; 
p. iii'<l. 

Xdnildi/d/idiiiindi/iridl. It is 
twiligiit ; p. iii'ii..irdk. 

.\'diiji,[iiin). S. AV/z/ymv. 

Xdiiji, ov-md(/d((. S. Xdniis,ri\ 

.V((/t//.s'.sv', ill in), I sliilc down ; 
I ily down ; I descend, (slid- 
ing or living ;) p. ndidiiji-SHitl. 

Xdiijis.^r, uY-nidijdil. It slides or 
tlics down, it descends ; p. 
naidii/is.sri/, or-iiidi/nk. 

Xdiid, num. live, (itefore siih- 
stantives denoting mkasihk, 
ol'time (jr (jtiier things.) 

Xdiiirrwdii . — S. X ijohdnvniudj. 
Nijohiildiidii. Xijnhiitd, etc., 
always changing in English, 
/ici) into Jirc. ; a-i : Nijdhdni'- 
u//('//, twice (or two times) a 
handful. Xdndhonnihidj, five 
timos a handful. — .\iji)/tkli>- 
nan, tniii), I tie two together. 
Xdnohidniidit, \ iiin), I catch 
two lishes. Xaiiobiiui, Uii)i), I 
catch five fi.shes; and so on 

X('id(jdd)'d. He that ha.s tour 
legs, a four - legged animal, 
qiiailruped ; p].-//;/. 

Xdpaudiid, [iiiii). 1 pay iiim, I him ; p. iiep..ndd ; 
imp. napdiioj. 

Xdpd.fc/i, adv. Wrongly, not in 
right order, not in the right 

Xdpdichlton, hiin). I put it 

I ' il 



1 1 




I 'M 

!?l 7 

I ? 

NAS — 27S — 


\vroii;iIy, not in the ri^lit 

pliK'o ; p. III'}). .lull, 
yfis/u'i/iilr, iniii). I soli ; (F. jc 

saii;:lote ;) p. iK'sh..iliil. 
Nnslihr I iiiterj. Ijo ! sou! liiirl< ! 
Xthihi, iiihi). J (etch wntor ; p. 

Xasikfii/e, {nhi). \ approacli, T 

jro to..., or coiiu' to... ; p. miii'i 

Xd.siLdii, hiiii). \ LM) to it. I ap- 

proucli it ; p. iKiii'tsilciiiii/. 
Xii.sikiiirfi, mint. I <:,(> to liiiii, I 

approiicli liiiii, (ii perwoii, or 

Jiiiy other olij. ;i ]>. n<ii(i..iiil. 
y iiiil iiiri-iiKsikiiirii. I <r() to liiin. 
S'iii hi-iiitsikiiii'ii. I ('(Miie to liiiii. 
NihikiidaiUiiiia, (iiin). Wo ;:o 

to eaoli otlier, we come tojje- 

tlier ; we re-unite ; j). naid.. 

Xidsikirr, (/(/»). I coiiih my 

heail ; p. iKsihirrod. 
N((siliirrii/((ii. Ciirryeon\l), lor 

curryinj^ iiorse.«; \)l.-aii. 
X(t.silcweira, (iiiii). 1 comb him ; 

p. neii..iO(ul; ini]). naxikwc. 
i\, adv. Eipiiilly, likewise, 

tiie same uirain. 
ydti.sahiishkiiiaa, (lu'n). I hrim 

it, 1 till it uj) even, I till it up 

to the hrim, i.some vessel, as, 

akik, kettle;) p. iiniiis..(til. 
Xd.ifKiha.skkiiiiiilan, {)uii). I till 

it up to the hrim, I brim it ; 

p. ii(ii<is..tli)il. 
yds.sdh ejiiuii/dsid, nassah eji- 

niif/irak. Similar, re8eml)lin<j:. 
Xuf-sid)!!)!!, {iiin). I copy it, I 

transcribe it ; p. uiiifi..ii)ii/. 

(Xd-'iS(d>, ecpially ; iiiiid uji- 

In'iii), I write it.) 
NdxsnhiijinaH, (in'ii\. I unravel 

it,ilisentangle it, (thread, etc.) ; 

p. acss..aiyj. 

yd.ssid)iii/(iii. Coi)y,duplieatf ; 

\,\.-ini. ' ' 

Sds.siihiti/c, iiilii). I copy. I 

transci'ihe ; p. iiiiiii..i/ril. 
\ds.s<d>iii/rwiii. Copying, ilic 
act of'tninscril»iiig a writing. 
ynss'(d)-ikkili)irin. An often if- 

peated won! ; \t\.-0)i. 
Xdssiihis/iiiiiii, iiiiii). I pnl il 

hack in its place ; p. nuiii.. 
niiid . 
Xdssiiliis.^iliiii. ( II ill). I pnl il 

hack in its place ; p. /)«/</.,/'/(/. iiiii dihddjiiii. I repiiil. 

(the same narration, the saiin' 

rep(n"l, the same speech . ) 
Xd.'^.sid) niiid ikkil. I repeat. 

(the same word or the .-nine 

X<i.'<.s'iii/itii. Dressing comb; |>!. 

Xd.s.sdkoiHuniiira, {uin]. I open 

it to hi)n or for him, I open ?. 

th. belonging to him ; p. ii''s.s 

Xd-'^sdkoiKUi, (iiin). I oj)en it; 

|). iirs..aii!/. 
XiiK.snkiis/ikii, or -iiiiii/dd. li 

0])ens, it hursts o}ien ; ]). //'n.. 

kill/., or -DKij/ak. 
Xa.ssdko.ssr, or-i>i<ii/iid. It open-, 

it is thrown open ; p. /«''.<. .v/^, 

or -miii/'ik. 
Xil.^siindiii, litiii). I hreallie 

forth, I bi'eatlie out; p. iits.. 

Xdsxnirniqiiii. '^i'rigger, (whieli 

when pulled, looses the coeli 

of the gun ;) \^\.-dll. 
Xdsxdleiiiii^', (ilid). I pull I lie 

trigger ; ]). iictH.-ijcd. 
Xd.'i.sdU'dhide, {iiiii). I have 

forked teeth ; p. iidin..ded. 
Xd.s.sdwabideii/an. Fork ; pi.- 



(Iwpliralf ; 

I cniiy, 1 
), I 111' 
a writ ill'-'. 
Ku (iflfii I'l- 
. I i.ul ii 

• ; |). iitiiii-. 

). I put it 
|). itili<i-l"'l- 
II. I rt'iii'iil, 
HI, tlie !''iiiii'' 
^ . ) 
I. I rcjioat, 

)!• tllC .-illlir 

ig coinli ; |il. 

((//(). I "1"'" 
liin, 1 "I"'" "'• 
liiiii ; 1). '"'•« 

I uiKMi it; 
- Ill <t (jail. 1' 

I' •' I 

/. It.-l 


I. n<'--<- 

I I 
mt; p 


hir"cr, (whK'i 


W Ci'CK 

til II. 

l pull 




Fork ; I'' 


— 27!l - 


Xnxsdtcitii, iiih . Ill tlic iiiiildk', 

ill tlic iniiUl. 
Sds.snirdiiinm. S. Xi.s.'<iiir((ii- 

XiissdirdiHidii. A |i(iiiit('il Iii- 

(liuii ludcri. 

III. -a//. 

Xdssdirdiiiie, (nil 






iiiiikc ii 
live ill ii 

|)(iiiit('(l IoiIl'c ; I), iii'.f.s'.i/i'i 
iissdwiiliiil(idii. I"' ' 


lai'i' \y 

tuccii tlu- hIiuiiUUts u 

r til 



kiiiil ot 

Sdssdicitidiiiiii, ii(l\ 

tuu idiltro.s or Ii()ii,<t's. 
Xiis.sulinni, {iiin). I stave it, I 

ln'i'ak it <(])(Mi, (a liarrei, a 

liox, etc.) ; J), lies. .dill/. 
Xd.s.siilir.s/i/xd, or -iiid(/dil. It 

opens, it Ijreak.s open, (a bar- 
rel, etc.); p. nc.s..kdtj, or -iiid- 

Xd.s.sidic.s.'iiii nmkdk The iiar- 

rel opens, talis into jm'ces ; p. 

Xdldindicd, {iiiii). I 

liini ; p, )i< 
Xalr/iina))iaiit'.< A 

red birds ; [A.-iodi/. 
Xihr, Vdivd, iidU'i, in eoniposi- 

tioiis, siji;nilieH in the tni<ld/r, 

in, the miiist of... (Examples 

in some of the t'ollowinjr 

Xiiirod)n, {iiin). I sink in the 

snow, or in the sand, or in a or swamp, walkin^r on 

it ; p. naiirdiiiKf. 
Xnirdhi/x, adv. In the midst of 

an object of metal. 
Xdwddail. It does not keeji or 

contain much, (a vessel ;) p. 

Xau'ddide, or -magdd. It catches 

tire, it bej^ins to burn ; p. 

ncw..d('i/, or -uutgdk. 

.Xdwadiiid, inin). \ catch liini 
witlr iiiv hand, I take hold of 
him with haste ; p. iiiUi'..n(id. 

.Xdnuidiiid, (iiiii). 1 waste it; 

i>. ndid..ndi 


XdU'ddiiidindirii, (iiln). I ciitcli 
it for him, I catch s. th. with 

lim or 

mv h;ind beloii'jrini; to 


I'ehitiii'j; to him ; p. iinr..irdi 


iriiiiiiidDidird, ' iini] 

I waste 

s. th. beloiijrin;^ or relatin;^ to 

him ; p. ndid..irdd. 
.\'inrddiiidii. (iiiiii. I catch it 

with m\ hand, 1 take ludd of 

it hastily ; p. ncir.,dii(/. 
.\dirddi.s-, {Iiin). I catt'h lire, 

that is, my clothes catcdi lire, 

be^in to burn ; n. ii(> 
.Xdii' dlcik. Tlie kettle doe.>4 

not keep or contain much ; p. 

XdU'ddj, mill). I am eatiiiu', 

bcture I start ; p. 
.XdU'ddJiiraii, adv. In the midst 

of a rapid, (in a river.) 
Xi'nrd(/d)n, iii\\. In the middU' 

of a lake, of a bay, of a river, 

Xdnuii/lkirrn. (nln). I imdine 

my head betbre me ; p. new.. 

XdWdii, iu\y. In the miildle, 

in the centre, between. 
X(hrdiiir(in. It is the middle, 

the centre; p. udia..diii/. 
Xdwakivd, adv. In the midst of 

a lb rest. 
XdU'dkwr, or -nidijdd, (proii. 

nitoktce.) It is mid-day or 

noon ; p. naidtcdku'<'(/, or -nid- 

l/ak. lUvd iidii'dkirci/, or, tc/ii 

bird iidirdkicri/, liefore noon, 

or in the forenoon . 
Gi-isliwd-ndicakwcii, afternoon, 

or in the afternoon. 



I V I 


-■' , 





i i 


Xiucidirr-wi.'isin, (niii). 1 tiiko 



r <ii 





Noirii/iirt'-irissinliriii. Mciil JVt 

iKiitn, <liiiiicr. 
\tiin'(i),iiiiii). I iJiko provisions 

(of 11 \(iyii;ic; |>. iHii'i'ijiiiil. 
Xtiicajxiii, mill). \ liikc it wiili 

u\v, to cat it on my voya^ic ; 

|i. iiciriliiinJ. — UV'^v.s" iiiii iKi- 

irti/tmi ; \ tul<(' iiu'ut Jildii^' 

witli me, to ent it on my 

Xinnip'iiKi, (iiiii). I iiivc liim 

|iro\isi()ns (In- iiis voyiiiic ; p. 

iit'ir..ii(ii/ ; im|i. iitni'dfidi. 
Nawopnmiii, liiiii). I take some 

olij. with me, to cat it on mv 

voyii.;:(' ; I). iicir(ipn(/. i V . 

Collj.) — S'llns/l llill ll(tir<IJltr 

iiaii ; 1 take povk witii inc. 

to cat it on my voyajrc 
i\(iir(i/)icini. Provisions taken 

for a voya^ic ; ]>].-<( ii. 
NairapirdiifirdJ. A scrip to ))nt 

jirovisions in for a voyaj^c ; 

X/iinis/ihii/. a(J\. In tlic middle 
of a swamp. 

X(tir(is/i/i(nlr, iu\\ . Tn llie mid- 
dle of a meadow. 

i\'<iir(i/r/i, ii(\v. More. Sntnilrh 
nihiwa, more. Xdwatcli pan- 
!/i, less. 

Nairrifch nihiwa lu'iid assn. ] 
add liini. 

Xdiiititch nihiiva uiii'l aloii. 1 
add it. 

Naii'(ilc/i. niii iii.iuwcndan. I pre- 
fer it. 

ydwaich nin minweniiidi 
Icr liim, lier, it. 

NdWdiri^/dH. Chine, hacklione, 

— 2H(> — .\.\/ 

Xdit'Cii, adv. In tlie middle oi 

a lilimkel, ofa piece of clniii- 

imr; of any stnlf. 
Xdii'i'lidf, itv -iiidifdil. It lean-; 

J). ni'w..i/fi/, or -Didi/dli. 
Xdii'i'hif(n vii/ii/. 'I'ho tree li an- 
on one side ; p. diii'>il, 
XdiCf'fd, (iiiii\. I stoop ; I l.>'ii,| 

or iii(dine mvscif ; p. m ire 

Xdiriiid, (llill). I cannot rem 'm 

him, he is onl of my reniji ; 

p. iiiiiiiiriiidil. 
Xdiriiid<ii>s, (llill). I am s<;iici- 

ly visilde yet, \ am almost mil 

of sijrht ; p.<l. 
Xi'nriiid<iii'dil . It is scarcijv 

visihie yet ; p. iiiiid..irdk. 
Xtiii'iiidii, (llill). I cannot I'einli 

it, it is out of my reach ; p. 

X(iwiiiiiiiij. Middlo-finj^er ; pl.- 

in. ' i 

Xdwi.slihidc, ad\ . In the mici- 

ide ofa lire, or in the midst 

of lire. 
Xdiri.^ii/dkii'diKJili. Crown (jlllir 

.\dirix.^dt/, adv. In the miildlr 

ofa hoard, in the midst ul'u 

Xiiirildiii, (llill). T am out nt 

hearing, out of tiie reach of 

the human voice, T cannnt 

hear anyhody ; p. iididicildinj. 
XdirHaicd, {iiin). I cannot liear 

him, he is too far ; p. nnid.. 


Xdwiicli, ad\ . Out on a lake, 
etc., distant from the slioic ; 
also, far in the inland, in the 
interior, in the liack-woods. 

XdZdrariiiiiii. Xazarcne,a inan 
from Nazareth ; pi. -«'«//. 

I i)re- 


2n1 — 


XrlKii/iit/ iriirahu'dn. A lltil liat, 

inv iTiK'li ; 

Crown ultli'' 

till' iiiiiMl'' 
(' inidsl ol 11 

■V, I ciiniiiit 

lanMifjii iiiiiii 

tilUt IS 11 cull. 


(llfllUK/ISKl O-'y'SCIIKI, 

l-'llU t( 

liiicco; (iiahuj/isi, it is llal, 
lull/, alluiliiiLr tu IV N'lii'.) 
\il)<ii/iii<lil)c, ( |)ri>|M'i'l\ , Sihd- 
i/iiulihcil.) Fliil-licii(i Iiidiiiiis; 

Silxim'tiifliiL-. Stuir tlial It 
(•|i>tli-lil<(' (III niic side (ililv . 
Ii :i I I'-c lot li . — S. \<ihiiiii'/(ii/ii(L 

Sihdii. Demi ptTsoii. i|i'C('ilS('(| ; 

I 'I •:/■','/ • 
\i l),i<ljii/ iiiii)/ oiiilji 1. 1 1 in orally)'. 
I siiy u licqiiiciii iiinss. 

X<;/ini\ Fine siiml on tlic licficli 
lit' lukcs ami ri\ t'l's. 

\i i/ii/irrtii(fnired hi'ltiji(/ii(/(iiiji. 
A trniv liorsc. 

.\n/wijh, {iiiii). 1 look ffoiii mi- 
ller fi cover; ulno, I look niile- 
ufinls; |). iKiii't/irahiil. — Tiic 
/'/7'7. (if it is ,\7/( iiiin i/inV). 

\f(/uvik-ii'nn, or iiiywokii'ii/f/ii- 
ij'iii. A piece of wood imt in 
llie iiicisiuii ot'.'i iiia|ilctr('c. 

SiijivahHUini-liiirahik. 1 1 1 il h i\\ 
(diisel to iiiiike iiicisiuiis in 
iiiaple-trees ; \)\.-nii. 

\i';/ir((iiui,{iiiii]. 1 swulKiw sdiiie 
niij.; )). 11(1 ir.. (III. 

Xri/irandiui, {iiin}. I swallow- 
it down ; )>. iiiii''..aii(/. 

Xi'iiili, luiw A;:iiiii, liiick a<riiiii, 
once more, anew. — in coiinec- 
tion witli a verli it eorrespdiids 
ti) the Hvllable re in Sdiiie Hiisi;- 
lisli verbs; as: Xiii kitliia- 
ildii, 1 plant it ; iiriiVi nlii kili- 
liailaii, I replant it. — Xiiid 
iiiiijislnion, J a(_loi'ii it ; iifldh 
iiIikI onijia/iitijii, i re-adorn it, 

Xcidtihi. Point of land projec;!- 


ill"; into a sea or a lake, prt 
nionliii'v, cape ; \>\.-irini, 

A little point o 



project iii;^ in a 


e o: 

river ; pi. ^///. 
>'rit'is/iiiraii. T 

liere is a | 


of land, a cape; p. iii'ii:ii'(x/ii- 

Xcini/, or luiiriij, adj. J5otli. 
Xrjihi-hiiii'iilisiil j)(ii/irii(lii/x(i- 

iiiiij. Ill' tliat lives alone in a 

desert, an lierinit. 
Xciiiliiilini'ilii'cil. Ill' that gives 

inediciiii's to the sick, pliysi- 

(d.'iii, dnctor ; pi.-////. 
Xi'iiiis.siiirijijii/, adv. M V e 1' y 

second day. 
Xi'iiiiiriiiniiiinrd, hiiiiK J divide 

it til him III' fur him, in two 

parts ; p. imii'ii..wiiil. 
Xiiiinrinljiiiioiriii. Miiriinir. 
Xf'iiiliriiiK, iiiiii). I divide some 

ohj. in twii ; p. iKiicii. .1111(1 ; 

imp. iiciKiiiuJ. 
Xi'iiiiin'iKuniiilimiii, {iiiii). We 

divide it amon<rst lis ; p. iiiiicn 

Xi'iKiiriiKiii, [iiiii) or III II ncnii- 

wilini. I divide it in two; p. 

SciKiii'ildiicictii. Distrilmtion. 
y.'iiihrifdii'd,, [lu'ii). I divide il 

or ilii=tribute it tor liini or to 

him ; p. iinicwad. 
Xi'iiilii'i/dirdi/, ( 1 divide 

or distribute them ; 

p. lldicil..Wd(l. 

X'(ui((/irdf), {niii), freip I look 

aside ; p. iiaic.hid. 
Xiiujiuj hiiiiidc. Melted-i^rease, 

that i.s, hogslard ; (F. 8ain- 

XciKjdtc.Nlikanid. lie that has 

only one horn, a unicorn ; pi. 




' V 





— 282 — 


1. J.i 


I ; 

h • 

Nmihikiwcd. He that scolds, 
Hcoldor ; \i\.-ng. 

NeiiiJ, num. Two every time ; 
two each or to each. 

Ncnijiny, »un). T'vice every 
time; twice each or to each, 

Nenijogwau, or neuijoffiji;/. 
Ev^ry second day. 

Kenijtana, num. l\venty every 
time ; twenty each or to each. 

Neiiijwdk, num. Two hundred 
every time; two hundred each 
or to each 

Neninyo. This word always oc- 
curs prefixed to a substantive 
signifying measuhk, (of time 
or otlier things ;) and itmeans, 
one each, or one to eacli, or 
once ill sucli a time ; as : Ne- 
ni)if/n maka/c pakioejiganan o 
gigishpinanawan; they bought 
a barrel of flour eacli. 
Neningo dibaigan vianiioive- 
gin gi-ininan ; lie gave a 
yard of cloth to each. Nenin- 
go gisiffs bi-ijaoma ; he comes 
here onee a month. 

Neningotwassimidana . n u m. 
Sixty every time; sixty each 
or to each. 

Neningotwdsswdk, num. Six 
hundred every tim?; six liuii- 
dred each or to each. 

Neniiigotipasswi, num. S i x 
every time ; six each ur to 
each . 

Kenisswi, num. Three every 
time ; three each or to each. 

Nenhmk, num. Four hundrea 
every time ; four hundred 
each or to each. 

Keniwin, num. Four every time -, 
four each or to each. 

Nes, as end-syllable in some 
ueuler verbs, marks disease, 

pain, soreness ; as : Niii'l 
osJikinjignncs, I have snic 
eyes. Kind onamaiiines, I 
have the herpes or crysipclit^. 

Kcsliangabiginan, (nin). I im- 
bend it, I loosen it, I slacken 
it ; (a string or cord ;) p. naic.s 

Xes/umgadis, (nin). I iun dt li- 
( ate, weak, (especially ii; 
walking;) ]>. naic.sid. 

Neshangiyinan, {nin). I .^lack- 
en it, loosen it, (it is too iiukIi 
sjjread out ;) p. naie...ung. 

Nesliangissc, ov -manad,. It i- 
weak ; it is loose ; p. »«/c.. 
seg, or-magak. 

Neskibdpinodang. lie tliat 
mocks, mocker, ridiculcr ; 

pl •-'■'/• 

Nishihdpinodaioad awiia. IIo 
that mocks somebody, moc- 
ker or ridiculcr of some per- 
son ; p\.-Jig. 

Xcsse, [nin). 1 breathe, I take 
respiration ; p. naiiissed, 

Ncssediie, [nin). S. Bogid. 

Nessegwdbideon. Tooth j)ick or 

toothpicker ; pin ; pl.-«H. 
Acssenodaiva, [nin). I breatlie 


into him or upon hin 

NcssCwin. Breath, respiration. 
Kessobaqak. A WiJ^nt that lias 

eaves, clover Kije-Manito. GcmI 
who is three in one, the Blet^s- 
ed Trinity. 

Nctd-agomoetang . He that uses 
to gainsay, gainsayer, contra- 
dictor; also, incredulous per- 
son ; disobedient person ; jil.- 

Netd'anokid. He tliat uses te 


~ 283 — 


work, iiuiuslrious pci^irti ; pi. 


Xcwndjimlini, fidv. Iti tlio wa- 
ter, (not on the Itottoiii, l»ut 
lloatiiig under tlie surface of 
the water.) (C. entre deux 

Xi'ire. His.'^er, a kind of serpent; 

.\ nri.s/ika, ov-VHt(/ad. It lower.s, 
liills ; p. naieickaf/, or -mor 

M or ani. TIi'.h particle given to 
a verlitlie iicces.-jorv signitica- 
tiou of departure, of going on ; 
lis : Gi-ai-</iwewa<j, tliey re- 
turned home. Gi ni-madja, 
he is gone away. 

.\7'/ .' interj. exclamation used 
onlv by females, signifying, 
aha ! lia ! alas! ah ! 

-V/'/y, [nin\. 1 die, I perish, I 
expire, I depart this lite; p. 

XIha, [iiin). I sleep, I am as- 
leep ; also, T sleep elsewhere, 
(not : " 
(■he;) p. ncbad. 

(not at home;) (F. je decou 

p eu 
F. jc 

tliat uses w 

Xihaam, {niii). I walk at iiight, 
ill the night time ; p. iidhaany. 
'-Xiii l)i-nibaaiii,l fiYi'ive in 
the night. 

yihd-anainieipjigad. Clir istmas . 

Sibdb, [nin). S. Nibcnab. 

Xibaddkigan, [nin). My breast 
is uncovered indecently ; p. 

Mbddis', (nin). I am glutton- 
ous ; intcmperant (in eating ;) 
. oracious ; p. neb..sid. 

S bddimvin. Gluttony, vora- 
'ity, intemperance. 

\'>ddjishin, (nin). lam lying 
111 an indecent posture ; \). 

Nibdija, oV'-magnd. The sap of 
the maple-trees is running in 
the night-time; p. jtebagag, 

Nibdgan. Bed ; pi. -an. 

Mbdaanak, or nihciganaiig. 

Bedstead ; pl.-o?j-. 
Kibdganigin. Bedsheet; pl.-o?e. 
Kibngwc, [nin], I thiret, I am 

thirsty, I am dry ; p. neb.. 

Nibdgwcwin. Th irst. 
Xibdshka, (nin). I walk about 

in the night, I rove in tlie 

night, I am a nightrrover ; p. 

Xibdfibik, adv. At night, in tlic 

night, in the time of sleep, 

Xibaw, [nin). I stand, I am 

standing up ; p. ndhawid. 
Xibatoia, nin). I make him 

stand up, I put up some obj, 

and make it stand ; p. nab.. 

Xibdwin. Sleepirg, sleep. 

Xibdwi.<i.<iin, {nin). I eat in tlie 
night ; p. neb. .id. 

Xibnwis.nniwin. Night-meal , 
eating in the night to keep ott* 
sleep; (F. reveillon.) 

Xibawiton, (nin). I put it up to 
stand, I make it stand; p. 
nab. .tod. 

Xibaioiwin, Standing, tlie stand- 
ing position. — Anamie-niba- 
wiwin, Christian marriage ce- 
remony performed by a priest, 
Sacrament of matrimony. (It 
is called, Anamie nibawiwin, 
because the parties come forth 
and ntrnd uefore the priest 
who perlbrms the Rites of 
Matrimony.) It is called too, 

\,' ' 




— 284 — 




/. (1 

I i' ' 1 


aimmihe widh/endihiwewin , 

or, witujciuliv'in. 
Nihea, {iiin). T make liiin sleep, 

T lull liiiii to sleep, (a child ;) 

p iiehead. 
Nibeb, (nin), I sit up at ni^lit 

watcliinji; a corpHO • p. iiehehid. 
Xilwbitain, iniii). I watcli in 

the uijijht, I .«it up at night ; 

]). ii('h..faiif/. 
Xihrhi/oii, iiiin). T watcli it in 

the night, (a corpse ;) p. iipI),. 


Xihrhiiawn, (viii). I watch him 
in the night, (a sick person, 
etc.) ; p. iich..U'<id. 

S'ilii'ifdni, {nin). I wait for game 
in the night on the water in a 
canoe; p. nphci/ovind. 

Xibn/otnoirin. Waiting tor game 
in the night on th(< water, 

Xihniah, {nin). J sit upat night, 
I ilun't go to heil ; p. n('h..lii<J. 

Xihewnhii. Laudanum, opium. 

Xilx'irin. (\ami». encampment, 
place where travcders sleep in 
the woods ; j)lace or apart- 
ment where people sleep, dor- 
mitorv, sleeping-room ; pl.-«/*. 

Xihi. Water. 

XH)id. My tooth ; pi. nihidnn. 
— Xihidnind nka.sin, I have 

Xibidas/i. My had rotten tooth; 

Xibide, in compositions, alludes 
to a row, Hue or rdnijc. (Ex- 
amples in some of the follow- 
ing words.) 

Xibidc-didnrin, ( nin). We are 
all. in a row ; pi. nnbide-aiad- 

Xibidbiniin, (nin). We are fit- 
ting in a row or line; p. nub.. 

Xibidcnr/u'ilmin, {nin). We arc 
sleeping or lying in a row ; |i. 

Xibika, ov-niaf/ad. There is wu- 
ter; p. nchiktui, or-nioifitli. 

Xibikddan, {nin). 1 put souir 
water in, (in wine or sonic 
other li(piid ;i p. n(',b..(nii/. 

Xibiknna, (nin). I suck him. 
( sick ])erson, according to the 
Indian fashion ;) (('. je le suce;i 
\). 11 eh.. (id ; imp. nibikdj. 

Xibik((n(/, or nibin</. In the wa- 

Xibiki, (nin). I suck, (iloctor- 
ing a sick per.son after tiie 
Indian fashion ;( ]). ncbikid. 

Vibikin'in. Sucking, (a kind of 
Indian doctoring.) 

Xibikiirinini. Sucker, (a man 
that sucks a sick person after 
the fiidian iashion;) \)\.-U'n;/. 

.\ibin. Summer. — Xibini/, in 
Slimmer. Xibinon;/, last sum- 
mer. Paaimavibinf/, next 

Xibin. It is summer ; ji. iki' 

XibiiKi, adv 

Xibin (id, iiiin) 
p. ncbinadid 

Ot. S. Xibiiva. 
I fetch water 

Xd)iniilx(vnii;a, or-ni(i(fad. It is 

summer, tlie summer-season ; 
p. nab. ..(/(((/, OY-waijak. 

Xibiue, in compositions, alludes 
to a //»(' or row. It has the 
same signification as Xibi(b. 
(E.\amples in some of the fol- 
lowing words.) 

Xibin('biniin, {nin). We are sit- 
ting in a straight line or row ; 
]). n(ib..dji(f. 

Xibin(i(f(ib(iiciinin, {nin). We 
are standing in a line, one af- 
ter another; p. nab..dji(j. 




— 2S5 — 


Ine or row 

yil)i)i^os.'^e)viii, {ni»). We arc 
walkiiijr ill a line, out' atU'r 
iinotlK-r ; p. nah..<lji(i. 

Xihiiiis/i, liu'ii). I spend or jiass 
tlie puiiinier in a certain place; 
f siiiiniier; p. nal>..i<l. — Waxsa 
iiiii iri-iiihiuis/i ; I iiileiid to 
speiul tlie suininer far away. 

Xiniins/iiiiinifdd. It pas^se^* the 
suiiiiiier, or remains ail suin- 
iner, in a certttin place; p. 

Xihiiii.s/n'irhi. Tlie spen(lin!i:ot 
ilie siiiiiiiier-seas(jn in a cer- 
tain place, the Kumniering. 

Xihhuwaiaii. Suiiuiier-skin or 
suiniiu r-t'iir of an animal ; pi. 

Xilntes/iliaii, (niii). T ^o from 

one place to another, [ walk 

the whole length of a town, 

etc.; p. iiah.jtni/. — I) nihilcsli- 

kdtum wdkkaiiianaii ; he goes 

from hotise to house. 
Xl'.iwa, adv. and adj. Much ; 

many, plenty of... 
Xihiwaj/isimiii, {iihi). We, arc 

many ; p. nab..t/Jii/. 
Xihiwakamiija, oi'-maijad. The 

ground is wet; p. neb-jjak, or- 

Xihiwan. It is wet, damp ; p. 

Xiliiwashka, ov-mayad. 'i'he 

herb la wet ; p. ncb..ka{/, or- 

Xihiwis, {aiii). I am wet ; p. 

Xibiwiside, (iiin). My feet are 

wet; p. ncb..ded. 
Xihoma,{nin). I wish he would 

die, expressing it in words ; 

also, I condemn him to death ; 

1>. iiebomad. 
Xihumdffad, It dies, it perislie^ ; 

p. iH'I>..(/<ik. — .\7/ iiilbikwfitiaii 

l/i-iiibnmaif(t(biit ; two vesscds 

XibCuiddii^ (viii). T condemn it, 

I wi.«h its de.striU!tion ; p. neb 

.Viboiidiniin, iniii). We wish 

de.struction and death to one 

another ; p. iicboiididji)/. 
XibiHKjddi.'^, (lu'n). I am sad 

and alllictod ; p. iit'Jt..>iid. 
Xibofdi/e, (niii). I die for.some- 

body ; j). neb..(/ed. 
Xibolawd, (iiiii). I die for him ; 

)). neb.. wad. 
Xihow, {nia). 1 am sick of tlu' 

palsy; suis jiaralytique;) 

p. itebnirid. 
XibCiwdphie, {nin). S. Xiboir. 
Xil)6wapin(!win. Palsy. 
Xiboweninid, {nin). I wish him 

death in my thoughts, (with- 
out expressing it in words ;) T 

condenin him to death, in ni\' 

thoughts ; p. neb. .mad. 
Xibau'i(/iide, (nin). I have a 

deail leg,' by palsy ; p. neb.. 

Xibotoima, {nin). I kill or de.s- 

troy some obj. ; p. neb. .mad. 
Xiboivin. Death, decease. 
Xibfhcindan, {nin). f kill it, 

destroy it, suppress it ; p. neb 
Xibdwini-pitrkihowin Deadly 

Xibioukd, {nin). I am wise, I 

am intelligent, reasonable, 

prudent, discreet, righteous, 

orderly, chaste, (juiet; p. neb- 

Xibwdk(ia, {nin). I make him 

wise, intelligent, prudent, 

etc. ; p. neb. .ad. 
Nibii'dkCaUndam, [nin], I think 


i 1 U 




- 286 



wisely, I have wise prudeiii 
thou";hte ; p. neb..any. 

Xihwakddendamoioin. Wise 
thinking, wise thought; pl.- 

Nibwdkdwin. Wisdom, under- 
standing, intelligence, pru- 
dence, good sense, intellect, 

NihwcLkdwinini. A wise, intel- 
ligent, prudent man ; a rigli- 
teouH, honest man ; ^A.-wtxj. 

Nibwdin. My thigh ; pl.-a«. 

Nibwdshkissin. It withers, de- 
cays; p. neb. dug. 

Xibwdtchiice, {niu). I pay a 
visit or visits; \i. utb..wtd. S. 

Nibwdtclda, {nin). I visit him, 
I pay him a visit ; p. neb. .ad. 
8. Mawadissa. 

Nihwendam, {nin). I die of sor- 
row; p. neb..ang. 

Nidf or nidji. As I, like myself, 
my fellow-. Nidfikwe, a wo- 
man like myself. Nidfanoki- 
tagewinini, my fellow-servant. 
Nidji-kwiwisensag, my fellow- 

Nidf anisTiindbe. My fellow- 
man, my neighbour ; (F. mon 
prochain ;) pl.-<7. 

Ntdji, (a man or boy spfakinjj; 
to a man or boy.) My com- 
rade, my friend, my equal. 

Nidji-bimddisi. My fellow-liver, 
my neighbour; pi.-//. 

Nidjikiwd. My urother ; my 
comrade ; pl.-ia^. — This word 
signifies, \\\y brother, without 
regard to the age, whether 
older or younger than 1 am. 
(S. Nissaie. Nishime.) Only 
a^male may say, iddjikiwe, 

my brother. A female woiilil 
say, nind aiveiua. 

Xidjikiweni. My friend, my 
comiade ; i>\.-lag. — Only a 
male speaking to a male or nl 
a male, will say so. A feiiiulc 
will say, ni adangwe. 

Xig, {nin). I am l)unij I come 
into the world; p. ndgid. 

Nigdn, adv. Ahead, before, in 
advance, in the forepart, i)r. 

Nigand, {nin). I am foreniDst, 
(traveling in a canoe or boat ;) 
p. naganaod. 

Xiganudjiiu, Inin). 1 foretcl. I 
prophesy or prophetize; (/(/- 
gdn, botbre; nin dibddjiin, I 
tell ;) p. nag. .mod. 

Nigdnah, {nin). I am sitting' 
foremost, in a range or rou ; 
p. nagdnabid^ 

Niganddjiniowikwe. Prophetess ; 

XagunddJ imowin. Foretellinir, 
pre(licti(jii, prophecy; ]}\.-((ii. 

N iganddj i nioivinini. i oretclh'i'. 
prophet ; \)\.-wo</. 

Xagundkivaigan. cowsprit ; pi. 

Xiganenddgo.s, {nin). I am ctm- 
sitlered a superior, I am ii 
superior, the foremost, tlir 
lirst or one of the first, (in !i 
good or bad sense ;) p. nag. 

Xigdnendagwad. It is the prin- 
cipal thing, the chief matlei'. 
It is essential, it is foreniu.'-t, 
( in a good or bad sense ;| y. 

Niganendagwakamig, adv. Es- 
sentially, toremost, (consider- 
ed tbreiiiost.) 

Niganenddn, [)un). I conai'lcr 


— 2H7 — 


am sittiiiir 

t is the priii- 
jliief inalti'V, 
is t'ort'iiiu^t, 
,d sense ;| \i. 

it foremost, I tliiiik it is the 
principal thing, or one f>f the 
principal tilings, (in a guodor 
liad sense;) p. nutj..<iiiti. 
Mjfdnenima, {nin). I think lie 
is the first, or one of the tirst, 
the Ibremost, (in a gooil or 
had sense;) \). na(j..m((il. 
Xijfiini, (niti), I walk forejiiost, 
I take the lead, I precede ; !>. 
Xiifunia, {nin). I make him 
walk tbremost, I make him a 
superior, 1 cause him to he 
the tirst or one of the tirst ; p. 
Xi(/dnil)uio, {nin). I run ahead, 
I run betbi'e another; p. na</.. 
Xir/aninijuloa, {nin). I send 
him before me; p. nay, .load ; 
imp. ni(/aninijd. 
yi(/anis, (nin). I am foremost, 
I am the tirst, or one of- the 
tirst, I am a superior, a chief; 
p. nay.-sid. 
Xiifaninhka, [nin). I start first, 
t start before the others do ; 
p. nag..kad. 
Xiyanisikandavwwiii . Superior- 
ity, chieftainship, dignity or 
power of a superior or chief. 
Xiyanisikanddn, (nin). I have 
power over it, I am at the 
liead of it, T exercise author- 
ity and jurisdiction over it ; 
p. nag.. any. 
Xiyani.sikandawa, {nin). I am 
his superior, his chief, I have 
power or jurisdiction over 
him ; p. nay.. wad. 
Xiydnisim. One is superior, 

chief; p. naciamdny. 
Xiydnisim. Superior, chief ; 
pl.-a.^. — This word is always 

preceded by a possessive pro- 
noun ; as : Kin niyani.sim, 
my superior ; ki nigani.sim, 
tby sujierior, etc. 

Xiydni.siwin. I'recedence, suje- 
riority, chieftainship. 

Xiydiii - uHkwcidhikiftKiickiyau . 
The chief corner-stone; pl.- 
an., {niii] (from niydn, 
foremost \nia Amo.v.s'c, I walk;) 
1 walk or march foremost ; p. 

Xiyauosnekwe. A woman that 
walks tbremost, that takes the 
lead ; pl.-.V- 

XiyanotiNewinini. A nmn that 
walks or marches foremost at 
the liead of a company ; com- 
mander, warchief ; ])\.-tooy. 

Xiyia,(nin). I give him liirth, 
I bring him forth : i». ndyiail. 

Xiyidwa.^s, (nin). I am giving 
birth to a child; p. nay. ..sod. 

Xitjidwassowin. Childbirth, 
delivery, labor. 

Xiyidji. A kind offish ; pl.-m;/. 

Xiyiy. Otter; pl.-woy. 

Xiyiyonn. Young otter ; pl.-a^. 

Xiyiywaidn. Otter-skin ; pl.-«</. 

Xiyiywakavtiyadin. There is 
hoar-frost on the yromul ; p. 

Xiyiywanalcad, or niyiywuna- 
kadiii. There is hoar-frost on 
the irecH ; p. ney..kak, or ney., 

Xiyiy waskkadin. There is hoar- 
frost on the gras.'i, or on herbs 
and plants; p. ney..iny. 

Xiyiywetaqad. It is gray, of a 
gray color, (cloth, stuft';) p. 

Niifiywetayawe bebejiyoganji. 
I'he horse is gray. 


.! <■ 

» \ 

\v : 11 


— 2HH 


fl V 

Xi(fi(/uu'ht!/it<i. Tt is ot' ft LTiiy 

cnior. (sliiU'i ; |). iic</ 
.\'ii/iiii(it/ti(l. It is liorii, tiuit is. 
It c'oincH into existciici' : ji. 
yit/iii /:i/i(/(ni. TIh' lic'lil pro- 
duces t'niit ; p. ii(i(/hi(/. 
Xi(/ifii(/, (iiiii)- ll<' is lioni to 
iiu'.' — AV/.v/ hi. !/i-ni!/i/(((/>iw<i . 
Christ is l)oni unto you. 
Xiifitdira, iiiiii). I j^ive liirtli 
to a cliild t'oi' him oi' to him ; 
p. n(t(/ — Xdiicji a iji- iii- 
(/Itdii'dii irihii/('iii(t(/aii((ii oij- 
iri.s.'iiiii, (or iKiitu.ssiiiiii'dn ;, 
Nancy has liorii ii son to her 

Nijitoii, {iiiii). T give it hirth, 
J hrinjr it lin-th; j). iKn/i/oil. — 
Baiadov'in oiiif/i/oii nihowiii : 
sin briiii^.s fortli dcatii. (J^. 
peccatum <reiic'rat moriom.) 

Xi(/iiri>i. Birth. AiK/J-iu'i/iwiii, 
second l)irth, rcirciicration. 

Xit/iwini-j/ijii/ad. Birthday. 

Xi(f(t.sltka, (H'-VKUjad. It is torn 
much; torn to pieces, (stutK, 
(dothintr, etc.;) p. im<j..l-a(j, 

Xi(/()s/)kdii., inin). I tear it to 
pieces; p. na(/..aiif/. 

Xij/o.s/ikawa, (nin). \ tear it to 
piece.s; p. naf/..ivad. 

Xiiahiden, (nin). I <!;nash arid 
show tlie teeth ; j). naiah.. 

Midsit. My tie.sli, 

Xiiaw. My body ; myself. 

Xiiawee. My namesake, h'iia- 
wee, thy namesake, wiiaweei- 
an, his namesake. 

Niinawe, {nin). I speak the 
hmguage of the people witli 
wliojn I live; p. nainawed. 

NiJ, num. Two, 

Xii<i(/(itii. My skin. Kija(/aal, 
thy skin. ()i(i;/(iditiii, hisskin. 

Xiji(i(tn. My (n'oujt. — KiJKjdii, 
tiiy croup. OJii/dii, his croup. 

Mjil/dnit/dn. -Nly croup lionc 
— This and the precedini' 
word, iia\(* always a posses- 
sive pronoun helore them, 
wiiicii lornis one word wilji 
its noun. 

Xijiki\ adj. Alone. 

Xijihnikiitu, {nin), I am alniw 
in a canoe ; p. n('J..((ni/. 

Xijihwah, {nin). I am alone, 
(in a room, in a house, in it 
Idduc ;) J). n(j..l)id. 

Xijikrivi.'i', [nin). \ am alone, 
iwlierever;) p. n<j..sid. 

Xijiinin, {nin), num. We arc 
two ; p. nojidji;/. 

.yijinif, num. Twice. 

.\'ijin(i)n(i</(id. There are two 
tilings ; p. n(ij..</ak. 

Xijfnan, uu\\\, Thei'e are two. 

Nijishe. My uncle, ray viol/ier.t 
brother ; pl.-/a//. — Kiji-^t/it;, thy 
un(de; njishrinn, his uncle. — 
S. Xinii.shonic. 

Xijii, num. Two, betbro suli- 
stantives denoting mkasl'kk, 
<5ttime or other things; as : 
Xiji> dilndijan (/i-i.s/ihnn-na- 
wakire ; two o'clock in the 
afti'rnoon. Nijo dib(ibi.s/ikiiil- 
Jiijcin si.sibakwaii, two pounds 
of sugar. 

Xiid-ftnaniici/i/ii/ad. A fort- 
li ight. 

Xijohanhiindj. Twice a hand- 
ful. — NiJobancnindJ eta nian- 
ddminan nin yi-ashiunig ; he 
gave me only twice a handful 
of corn. 
Nijubidonon, {nin). I tie two 
together ; p. nuj.,dod, — A7/( 


XI. I 

— L'H!) 


nljnJtiiliuniii (iii(i)r vii/ii/iitisi(ii , 
I (ic two (pf tlic-c sticks tOL'c- 


liohlinl, {llill]. I I'iltcll l\V(p 

lislics ill H net, lOr in sevcrul 
iicits ;i |). niijnhiitidl. — S. liiiia. 
f tif.' t\v»i t(i- 

S iinli 

/Dhniiii/, {iiiii). 
iretlier ; p. iiaj..ii<i 


Xijohisoiiiin, (llill). We uro t 


iicil toLTCtlicr ; p. nil). 


\ Twice botli iiaiids 



win ; \)\.-i(i(i. 


Mjndc. T\V() raiiiilit'S. 
iiidiriii/, tlicv arc two tiunilics. 



mil it's arrivo. 

e (la<iinsiiiii(iij. 


in'siiiiiii, iiiiii). We an 
) I'aiiiilics ; |>. ii(— 

I III iiijinicinsiiiiin eta,miiiik 
oiiia aiiiiniitj ; we are only two 
ffiinilit's, all of us here. 

Sij(t(lrike, (llill). 1 iiin ilclivcrcd 
of twins ; j). iiiii..k('d. 

XlJ'xIr.s/ikaiii. it has two horns ; 

|i. IHlJ..lli(l. 

\ijn(/(1(if, (llill). I have two 
i<',us ; p. iiaj..ded. 

Xii()i/(inii(/. Two lodjres or 
Ihiiiscs. — Idiwiii liaidiiKissiiion 
mild irii/iirdiiKiii, iiijui/diiiii/ 
I'td aiciriiii ; there are not 
many lo(l>ies(or houses) here, 
there are only two. 

yijiii/aiiiii/i.siiiiiii, ill ill). We are 
ill two lodges (or houses;) p. 


yi.i'xji.jiij. Twotlays. (hut only 

line nijiht.) 
yi.i'i[/iji</(t<f- Tuesday, (two (hvys 

after Sunday.) S. Nijogwana- 

^U"il[ii<]nif- It is Tuesday ; p. 

Xijiiiji.sis.swaf/ad. It is \ w o 

iiioiiths since, two month 

ago ; p. ii(ij..i/(i 





rest, as 
etc.. S. ( 






Xijoi/, (niii). I am 
two months old ; ji. iiiij..sid. 
.\'iji>i/iriiii, tw<i days, (aiul two 


S. .V 


.Vijiii/u'iiiiiii/ail. Tiiere are two 
days, land two nights;) p. 
ii<ij..i/(ik. — I5nl when they re- 

Lranl oiilv tlie dav 


i i,l'ii/t,i"J'i 


7, th 

ley will 
ere are 

two (lays, (liut not yet tw«i 


rhts.) For that reason they 


lecause on Tuesday there are 

two (liii/n alter Sunday, hut 



two nil 

I Ills 


rom iMoiMlay morning, wliere 
the workdays ul' the week he- 

Xijni/irdiiiii/i.^-, [llill). I am two 
days old ; p. ii(ij...sid. 

XiJo(/iiui III' lilt, (llill). 1 am all- 
sent two ilays, (going on a 
voyage, etc.) ; p. ii(ij..ilid. 

XijCikdinawd, (iiiii) or iiiu. iiijn- 
kmca. I help or assist him ; 

XiJ oka III ill, (llill). We are two 
in a canoe or boat; p. iiajo- 

XiJokiri'i(\ (llill). I have two 
wives, I am a higamist; p. 

Xijoiiiiiuii/. 'J"wo round globu- 
lar objects. XiJoiiiiii<ii/,cfa kid 
a.shaiiiin iiii.s/iiniiiKii/ ; I give 
thee only two apjiles. 

Xijonaif. Two cauoe.s, boats, 
etc. Nin uHibmidaiiaii ichiinu- 
iKHi nijonaij ; 1 see two canoes. 

Xijonijiijan. Two pieces, (of 
jish, j)ork, meat, etc.) 

I . J I 

I ' 

< t 

r ; 





1/ 1 


I f 


— -ioo — 



; (,i 

i,! V'l '• 

KiJo)nk\ 'I'wii fivtlioins. 
Nijoiiiiiilj. Two fii)j;er 

is, twu iiiclifM. 
j\'ij(iiiiii(ljiu, inin). I join both 

hiiiids tdirctlicr ; p. uiij..nid. 
yiJoHJi', {iiin). I liiive Iwi) (;liil- 

(Ircn ; |>. iKiJoiiJed. 
KijuNltiiiititi, (lu'a). I lay two 

to;zetli('r in one place; p. no.) 

..viad. — Nil! iiijiishiuKui iihi- 

nodjiuKj ; I lay two cliildren 

in one lied. 
Nijos/iiiiiiiiiii. (iiin). We lie two 

tOL'ether in one jilace ; p. iia- 

NijoHlik'. Two hroadliis of stufl' 

or clotli ; also, relatinj^to two 

shoes, two pieces of stove- 




Nl</().s/ik(id nir pashkisii/an. This 
is a <riin with two barrels, a 
iloulile-l)urrele(l <j;nn ; ]>. noj.. 

NijoHhkvjwndaii, {nia). I sew 
two breadths of atutt" or cloth 
tofrether; p. naj..dan(/. 

NiJo.shki(/wudi\ or-ma</ad. It is 
sewed ill two breadths, two 
bi-eadths are sewed together ; 
p. ii(ij..d(i/, or-nnn/ak. 

Nijos/ikiii. 'i'wo bags full. — 
Opiniy Ilia ip-(il^hpinunu<j 
nijoshkiii ; I bought two bags 
of i)Otatoe.s. 

Niijofid. Two feet, (24 inclies.) 

Nijos'sajj. 'i'wo barrels full of s. 
th., or two wooden boxes full. 

NiJonnH^diif/adewan. 'J\vo objects 
are put or laid together ; p.<f. 

Nijos.sitonan, {nin). I lay or put 
two together ; p. naj.'tod. 

Nijlana, num. Tweiity. 

Nijtandk, num. Twenty hun- 
dred, two thousand. 


I put 




NiJ/andkosiuiiii, num. Wc f,i 
two thousand in nundicr; |.. 

MJiaiiukwudon, num. There 
are twenty hundred, (tw,, 

Nijtanairciitin, lain), num. 
are twenty ; )). nuj..dji(i. 

Nijtanmoewun, num. Tlurt 

NiJkiuttWi'wan, num. 
twenty pair of... 

Nijwdliii/inan, (nin). 
together, (thi'eads 
strings ;) p. nuj...un(/. 

Nijwdbik. Two objects of metal, 
stone, glass. — They use tlii^ 
word also to signify, 'Mud 
dollars." Sometimes theyaiM 
to it the word Joniia, silver; 
as: Nijwdbik nin (fi-dilxni- 
may ; he paid metwo d(>l!ar> ; 
or, nijwciuik joniian nin ///- 

Nijwaiin/ail. It is double, it is 
in two manners, it is in iwc 
kinds or sorts, there are two 
kinds of it ; p. naj..(/al> 





Nijwdiayisiniin, (nin). We 
of two kinds or classes 

Nijwdk, num. Two hundred. 
Nijwukusimin, [nin], num. WC 

are two hundred ; p. n(ij..dii<i. 
Nijwakwadon, num. 'J'here ar( 

two hundred. 
Nijwdkuyhvan, num. Thii're arc 

two hundred pair. — NiJiraL- 

loeivan makisinan, nijicdkwr 

toan (jaie mandJikuinuKK/ . 

two hundred pair moccasins. 

and two hundred pair mittens. 
A'iJwdkivoa</an. Two spans, ,as 

measurement. ) 
Mjioansimidana, num. Seventv 







I ore 



.\'!iwn.t.<i)mhlniiffl,\ num. Seventy 
limiilreil, se\eii f lidiifUnl. 

MJir<i.ssi/ii i<i((n nho.s'nii in , ( n in , , 
imin. We are seven llioifund 
in mimber; p. ndj-sii/jit/. 

Sijii'dssiniiihiiii'ikwtiilun, inuii. 
There are .-^even tliuu.<!Ui<l. 

SijwdnNini idanavH'viin, ( nin ) , 
nmn. We are seventy ; p. 

iirei .seventy. 

There ure seventy pjiii 

MJii'dsso, nnni. Seven, (hef'ore 
sulj,staiitive.H denutinir .mioa- 
sruK, (if time or any other 
iliinir.i S. MJo. 

Mjii-dssiri, num. Seven. 

MJirdlc/iiinin, inin], num. We 
lire seven ; p. ndjit'd/c/iidjii/. 

MJirdfr/iint/, }\u\\\. Seven times. 

Mjii'dtc/iini/ vii(ldssn'('tk. Seven 

^ijwdlchindn, num. There are 
seven ; p. ndju'd/c/iiiii/in. 

Sijird/ir/. 'i'uu ohjects of wootl, 
— Nijirdfif/ nii.ssdu ^>/»(//y/rt- 
dnn ; hrinjr in two sticks, or 
two pieces of wood tor fuel. 
MJwdtii/ (jdic dijikdij jiindi- 
(jdj ; briiij^ in also Iwo pieces 
(if cedar. 

Sijirci/. Two objects of cloth or 
stuff, or two sheet.s of pa|)er, 
till, iron, etc. — Niju'e;/ nios/i- 
irc'i/, iiijiiieij ddfth ni/xif/anit/i- 
111)11; two iiandkerehiefs and 
two liedsheets. 

Nijicrwdn. Two pair of,... A^^i^- 
wrwuii pijikiwnij , two ptiir ot 
(ixen ; nijwewan mojwaijanan, 
two pair of scissors. 

A7/i'. Arm. Tli is word is always 
onnnecteil with a pospcssive 

jironoiin ; as; Sinik, my arm ; 
liinik, tiiy iirm ; aiiik, his 
arm. Kinikdn, tliy arms, etc. 

Sikd. A kind of wild j^oose ; 
(C. otitarde;) pi. nikd;/. 

Xikdfxiidfdni, (nin . I faintaiid 
have a vision in mv tiiintin;' ; 
p. nck-jinij. 

Nikdd. My lei! ; ])].-d)i. 

Nikddii/dn. My shinhone, the 
bone of my le,;; ; kikddiijnn, 
tliy Hhinbone ; (daidiijdii, his 

Nilnu/n'indjin, (nin'. S. Mkihi- 

Nikdn. My lione ; [)\.-nn. 

Nikdndh, [nin). I remain in a 
])lace over nij;ht, I don't start 
iilit the followiiiir day ; p. 
nek.. hid. — Nikdndhi na ki- 
sliinii'Y Will your imither re- 
main here over niirht ? (Will 
lie n(.it start betijre to-mor- 
row ?) 

Nikdnrnd, (nin). I am absent 
liira niL'ht, I don't come liack 
before to-nmrrow ; ji. nek., 
did. My friend ; my bro 
ther, (in friend.sliij) ;) ])\.-d;/. 

Mknr/(((ni, {niuK i pass round 
a point in a canoe, iioat, etc. ; 
p. n(' 

Nikihi, [nin). I am overflowed, 
sulimerged, under water ; p. 
nek ibid. 

Nikihi, ov-maijdd. It is over- 
tldwed, it is tinder water 
nckihiij, or-nuKjdd. (S. Jhiji 

Nikihi.^hin, Inin). I di.«appear 
under the water ; p.</. 

Nikihiwin. Inundation, flood. 

Nikim, {nin). I grumble like a 
dojr ; p. ndkiniod. 

er ; p. 








(I ' 


I I 

'• l:„ 

I Ik 

I I I 

I I 

I I 

I I 



— 21)2 — 


M hi HI old It'll, iiiiin. I Ln'uiiilili 

Ht liiiii like a floji; p. iiiik.. 

V'dd. — iiin iiiliiiiin- 

tnij ; tlu- (lot? ^fniinliles ut inc. 
NiliiiiikvHsc, iiiiin. \ put iiiv 

\vli()li' iinn ill ; p. in k.. sal. 
Aikiiri;/<i(/. It is twili^lii J |i. 

Nikiiiifiss. My lilniikct, i\vlii(;li 

I Cover iiivscit' with in <f(piiiL; 

Hiitnt'uliiTc.) h'ikoiidss, ft/ii,- 

nann ; tliv liliiiikcl, lii.s lilim- 

Nihiuni, (pr. iiikoii.) My li\cr. 

— 0/i It'll II, inknii.) liis li\('r. 
Nikirn/iiii. My iit'rk. — Dkirii/iin. 

Ills ll('(!k. 

Niiii, [iiiii). Tdiincc; \). iiiiiniil. 
Niiiiiui, (iiiii}. I curry s(jiiie ohj. 

on 8. th. ; iKiniaud. 
Nimaau, {iiiii]. I carry it on s. 

til. ; (or a hird carrying s. tii. 

ill iiis liill or lioak ;) p. iiitma- 


NiiiHiitjdu. Ornament of a snow- 
slioc ; ])\.-itii. 

Niiitiiii/e Itiiii'.'i/ii. The liird car- 
ries 8. th. ill his lieak ; p. iia- 

Ninii'(/itnii(/itii. Iland-liarrow to 
carry s. th. on it ; ])\.-(tii. 

Nimakt)ni</(', {nin). I am carry- 
injf on a hand-harrow, or on a 
|)olo or stick ; p. ii(tiii..(/c<J. 

NiiiKikoiiii, {nin). I carry some 
ohj., (with some otlior per- 
son,) on a liand-harrow, \)o\q, 
or stick ; )). nitiii..iiiL 

NiindJiOiutii, {nin). I carry it, 
(wiili some other person, i on 
a hand-harrow, on a pole or 
stick ; p. n(<f. 

NimakftHiuii, {irin). I put it to 
the end of a stick ; \). nam., 

Mintiina. My eyelirow ; pi. ni- 
ini'iiniif/. — I) ma inn II, iiis evi- 
lirow, or, iiis eyelirows. 

Mmiimii, (nin). I curry snii.c 
olij. in my month ; p. iinni.. 

.XiiiKindaii, inin). I carry ii in 
my month ; p. nam. .am/. 

Mmiiiiilji;/r, iiiiin. I curry s. 
th. ill my month ; p. inini., 

Siniashkaiiiaii. Feat hers, us an 
oriiameiit of tiie iiead, phiim' 
offcatlicrs; also, a liuyoiicl ; 

Siina.^likaii/i\ (nin). I have u 
Ithiiiie of I'catlierson my lieuil ; 
p. nam. .(/I'd. 

Xiiiiia, (nin). I make him duiicc. 
I cause him to dance ; p. mi- 

iSi mi I 111 I /(I II. Water-pot, ualcr- 
pail, hiicket ; pl.-rn*. 

Nimidana, num. Forty. 

A'imidannk, num. Forty hun- 
dred, four thousand. 

Minidanukii.iimin, (nin), iiuin. 
We are four thousand in iiuiii- 
her, or forty hundred ; y. 

MiniiKH/an. IMace of crossiiiL' 
over a liay, a lake, etc., tra- 
verse ; \)\.-an, 

Niminam, (nin). I cross over a 
hay, hike, river, etc., in a ca- 
noe or heat; p. neminau;/. 

Niminawd, [nin). I put out into 
the lake or sea ; (F. je liiil'ih 
an larLre ;) p. iu'in..iid. 

Niminawaam, {nin). S. Nimiiui- 

Mminawekiiiiijade, or-mai/nd. 
'JMiere is a wharf made ; p. 
nem..def/, or-magak. 

Niminawekiniijan. Wliarf, (an 


— 2!>;{ — 


■tc, in a I'H- 

iiKjcci slrctcliin;:; out in tlic 
lukc ;) |)I.-'///. 

Mm ill 'I ll'rkil) i III III //I'l 

W///M , 

nil liiiildiiig ti wlmrf; p. item 



Siiniiiowriinn, (iilii). 

it ill llic wiitcr ;:ciitly ; \>. iinii 

yiiiniiKU'O.^likd, (niii). I pu.-^li 

my ciiiKic or lioiit I'roin tlic 

-liiirc, I jro out into the. lukc ; 

|i. mill. .ml. 
Siiiiiiiawt:<</iha, nr-vuii/n<l trhi- 

iin'in. Tlio «',ano(( irops out into 

tlic liikf ; p. ii('iii..L(ii/, or- 


Siiiiiiiinri'iri'liiiKni, {iiiii). I piisli 
it into the water; p. ii(iii..((iii/, 

.V/w/.s7//r, (/»//(). I like too mucli 
(laiiciiij: ; p. iitnn ..kiil . 

^iiiiixlik'ni'in. Haliit ol iliuicinj;. 

}'! Ill i.^/i noil'. My nnrle, my katii- 
kk's brother ; also, my Htcp- 
tiitlicr; \)\.-iiii/. — S. .V///.s7/^'. 

.Y//H^^7/ow/.^•^■. Mv <rran(l-tatli('r ; 
|il .-^^_7. — Mm i.'<li<mi i.'<s, nmish n- 
iiii.s.suii : thy jirainJ-tatlu'r, his 

Miiii.slxiimii, {niii). I insult him, 
liy (jcrtaiii signs with the 
liiind ; (great insult among 
tlic linlians.) (('. je lui pousse 
lies nasjirde.s ;) p. nem.jiKul. 

Miiii.sli-dinhni, {iiiii). I insult it, 
liy (certain signs with the 
liaiul ; p. upui ..(tiKj. 

Si iil.^L-iiiiiliiiifn, (niii). We in- 
>nlt ea«h other, liy certain 
siuiis with tlie hand ; )>. iicni 
■ ■'liiljii/. 

S miskdiidjiiie, {niiD. J insult, 
ly signs with the hand; p. 

Mwi.'<.^<il), (iiiit). I squat, I sit 

-unal, I .-it cowering; p. mi 




Xiiiii.-<.sml. Mv heliv ; hiiiiixsail, 
llivh<.llv. ■ 



V sister, (older than 

Niiiii/iiiiiiiinii, {iiiii\. I puddle ill 
the 'oreiiiost jiiirt of tlii' ca- 
noe ; p. iiriii..)iiiif. 

Niiiii/iiii'ii, (iiiii). I dance lor 
him, to niuke him pleasure ; 
p. miii.,ii'ml. 

Niniiiriii. Dancing, the act ol' 

Aiii, pron. I, me, my. mine ; we, 

us, Olll'. 

Niiiiii/ii.s/,\ My piilate. (himjii.s- 
hnii, liis piiliUe. 

MiiiiiiHiliikml. it is weak, (me- 
tal ;) p. miii...k(ih\ It is weak, (me- 
tal) ; p. mill. . sill. — NiiKiimilii- 
Idsi hill iikik ; thy kettle is 

Ninaimid. It is weak, trail ; ]>. 
nauiniKik. Freij. Ndiiimiimid. 

Nimumtdin. 'I'he ice is weak ; 
p. iiii!i..iin/. 

Nimiiiiadis, (iiiii). I am weak, I 
am unahle to walk or to work ; 
p. ii(iii...^iil. 

NiiKiimikiriid . It is weak, 
(wood); i». mni..wiik. 

Niiiaimiknsi. It is weak, (wood) ; 
p. iiaii..sid. 

NiiKiiiii'iiddii, {iiiin. I think it 
is weak ; p. u<m..(nii/. 

Niiiaiiii'iiiiiKi, (iiiii). I think lie 
is weak ; p. iiiiii..iiiml. 

Miiai)ii.-<, (iiiii). J am weak ; [i. 
naiKiinisid. Fre(j. nin iiuni- 


i\iii(ntu'.s.siii/ml. It is weak 

(Wood,) ; p. mm. .'/Ilk. 
Ninaini.s.'mi/ iiiil>iiiji.s.'<(iij. 'I'lie 

Hi I 




— 2!»4 — 


lank JH wi-ak 


; !>• 

hoiu'il or 

11(111.. sit I. 
Niiuin. Tlic ciiiritf my lc;r 

iiiiiihidi/. — Kiiiihi, iiiithittii. 
NiiianiKjukisid. Tlu'^olc (if my 

foot ; \\\.-au. Siiuiiiuijdftisid, 

NiiKisid. Tlic llcsliy piirt (if my 

lo;;. — hiiia.sii/, iniiisitl . 
Niiniii'iiiii, pron. Wc, iih, ours. 
A'iiihiiiirln'ijir(itl(ii. My side, my 

tluiil< ; |)l.v/(/. — ()hiiiii'l>i(/ir<i- 

ihiian, his tluiik. 
I^iiitl, proi). S. Niii. 
Niiuldti, (iiiii). I mmhI him s. 

til. ; |). iinii/iiiii/. 
'Ainil('ii. My lioji ; pl.-m/. 
hiiiilditrc, iiiiii) <»!•, nin iiiu- 

tlaiijc. I hcikI s. ill. to Hoiiu' 

|Kii'.<Mii ; |). iicu..irt(l. 
i\ind(iiwc-ma.sitiai(/<ni . 1 ';i| kt 

K'llt to HOllU'hoilv, lililt is, a 

Niiidiilirr)!, {iiiiD. I sciiil it ; p. 

Nini((iiiri'ji(iii, liihi). I sciiil 

Honn' oiij. to .somo |»er.«oii ; p. 

miL.irid. ' \' . ( 'oiij.) 
Niiiildiiiiktiii. My jiiu . — (hldiiii- 

IxOH, hi.s jaw. 
Niiidiiniikiiudhid. My griiuhT, 

(iiii'irc toolli ;i Kiiliiiiiikdiui- 

bid, (iddiiiikdiidhid : iliy, iiis 

•grinder, — S. (ii/ahid. 
Ninddiiiikhfdn. My jauhcun.'. — 

Odditiikii/dii, hi.s juwIkhu'. 
Niiiddinilii</c(jaii. S. Ninddini- 

Niiiddii. My (haiiji'litnr. This 

woni is not used in tlio 

and second ptTfeion, but only 

in the third, oddiidn, liis 

(hiuj^htcr, (grown np.) 8. Mn- 

NinddiKjo.^lic. My cou.-in ; pl.- 

iuij. — Only iifhualc t^\>v\iV\\vs 
to her lit'-cousiii, (»r of In i , 
will use tliJH I'xurcHHioh. A 
iiidli' will suy : Mtiiinnn/n , tn\ 
tiifi'nriss ; which sec. 

ISiiiddiKju'r. My HiHtor-in-lau ; 
my ii'icnd, my compiiiiidii. — 
Only a J'niidh will .say mi, 
speaking to H tVmjilt' or ni ;i 
Ifn.ah'. A iiidl)' will Hay : M- 
iiiiii, my sister-in-law ; A'/'///, 
or iiitljih'iwi si, my I'liind, iii\ 

Nind dnike iiiniinhduiisx. .M\ 
great gi^and-liithor ; \V . inoii 

Siiid diiikc ii<difnni.iK. My grciii 
grand-nmther ; (F. ma iii- 

Miiddiihs. My ihinglitcr; pi.- 
'///. Tliis woi'd, in till' lir-l 
and second person, is used id 
express liotli a Miiiall and :iii 
adiill danghtei'. lint in iIk' 
third person, oildiii.s-.sdii. ii 
signilieH only a small ytiuiiL; 
daughter. — S. Ninddn. 

Xiihli'nii.-isikdiriii. My g d d- 
ilanghtei- ; il*'. ma tilleulc ; ) 
also, my adopted dauglilei'; 
pi. -(///. — f\iddiiis,'<ikdiriii, lliy 
god-daughter ; oddiiis.sikairi' 
iidJi, his god-daughter. 

Niiiddfis.siirdi/. My nerve, my 
sinow, with the tiesh on it; 
j»l.-o//. ()da(is,shca;/iiii, ]\\-< 

Niii<ldH'd/c/i, niiidawa, cndltii/i.1, 
adv. well, well then, rather ; 
and so. — Niiiil(iird(r/i ijitdd ; 
well then, let us go. Mud <ini- 
Jildiii, iiinildwdh'/i ; 1 give up 

Aiiidi'. My heart, kidr, txlc ; 
tliv heart, his heart. 



— 2y.> — NIN 

;)r ttf Ih'I'. 
'HHinll. A 
illKlxlll , "1'. 

(cr-iii-liiw ; 

,11 SUV Ml. 

Ic or ul 11 

ill Hiiy ; Si- 

11 w ; AV'(/'. 

fiiriiti, luv 

[■ ; {V. iiitui 

(. My ;:iiiti 
l'\ mil I'i- 

u^flitcr ; I'l.- 
in the tir-i 

I, i;J US('(1 In 
llilll lUIll illi 
l')\ll 111 ill' 
■Idiiis.sdii. 11 
siuiiil ytiunu 
Mv .^""1- 
ii ■lilU'uU';) 
,1 ,lau<!;hUT; 
il:i}iriii, tliy 


iit'i've, iii\ 
lU'sh on it; 

Ih'<(, t' 

luMi, nithi'V ; 

, A7/I'/ (dii- 
1 t'ive Ul' 




Miohiijjit'di. My liicc ; kitUiitj- 
ii'iii^\\\y luce; (KlcHiju'iii, his 

tiiiitlnu'ifnnt. The side of my 
iioHi'; J>1. -'///. Ktdruii/iiin. (hlc- 


Sni(UI)(i(f(m. (U. The hone of my 
licail, my skull. 

Siinh'i/ii, lulv. As it were, it 
seems like. 

Siiitl ijiiiihiisoiriii iiiinl iflnii. I 
sifiii, I siiliseiilie my name. 

S'iinliiiihdrti. The lather nr the 
iiiiitlier <>r my sun-iu-law or 
'lau;j:hter-iii-la\v ; |»l.-</. 

MiKliiiii/dii. My shoiililer-lilade ; 
|il. -(///.— Ki(liiii(faii. I)(liiii</<i- 

Siii<liiiiiii<(iii/(iii. My shouMer; 
\)\.-(ni. — MiliiiiiiiKiii/dii. (hli- 

MikU.s.s. My nave! ; kidis.s, thy 
navel:, his tiavol. 

XiiiilJ. Ifaiiil. This word is ne- 
ver used so. hut always eon- 
neetod with a possessive pro- 
noun ; as : .\'i)iiii<IJ,\ny hand ; 
Lluiii(/J, thy hand )i>iiinili, his 

MinlJanJ. My nose; kiiljiutj, 
thy nuse ; udjanj, his nose. 

Xiiidjildil. My sinew ; \)\.-i(ii. ,• 
Li'ljifatl, thy sinew ; ntljitml, 
his sinew. 

S'iiiiloiidj/aii. Ontona,L'an, Lake 
Superior. The pro|)er mean- 
iiiLT of this word is. " My 
dish." — A'iiitl<in(((/diiiii;/, at 
Oiitonagan, from or to Unto- 
na«:an. — An Indian tradition 
says, that a scpiaw once came 
to the river, now called *' On- 
tuMajrau," to letch water with 
an Indian earthen dinh ; hut 
uiilortunately the dish escnp- 

I ililule 
ilii[uidi ; 

I dilute 
.' , imp. 

eil from her hand and went 
to the hottoni of the river ; 
whei'eu|>')n the poor sipiaw 
hejian to lament : .\iii tiiinl 
niidifnii, iiind oiid(fiiii .' Ah. 
my dish, my dish ! — And the 
river wu.s (<ver Hince called 
after this exclamation. 

Xiiii/ti. My mother, hiifd, uifin. 

Xiiiifd, t>\'-7H(i(/'id. It melts, or. 

It is melted ; p. iivinjinj, or- 

.\iiitfid)t/in(ili)ii, [it ill), 

it, I make it thin, 

p. iieii..di>d. 
.\ iii</id)dirtiiiii, (iiiii). 

sdiiK' olij. ; p. IK II.. I" 

Xiin/dliidii. West, Occident. 

Xiii;/dliidiidl:ii'dd. Cloud comiuf^ 

from the w est. 
Xiiii/idddiiihi.fsd. The i' a i n 

(U)nu's from th(^ west ; ji. iicii., 

Xiiij/dhidiii-iittdiii. Wi'.^lw ind. 
Xiiii/(ihikid<',or-iii(ii/dd. It melts, 

oi', it is tiielted, (only metal ;) 

p. ili'll..ilrt/, <>v-iliil(/dd. 
Xiiujdliikismi, \iiin\. I melt it. 

or smelt it, (only metal) ; p. 

XiiH/dhiLisif/dii. Smeltin;r-rur- 

nace ; ])\.-(iii. 
Xiii(fdl)ikis'<i. It melts, (metal ;) 

p. iii'ii..s()(!. 
Xiii;f(il)ikisird, (uiii). I melt it. 

or smelt it, (only metal;) p. 

neii..wud ; imp. iniKjahikiswi. 
Xiiujalxaiiidic ohi. The earth or 

ground thaws; p, iii'ii..f('t/. 
Xiiii/fikuiitini.s/ikd, ov-iiid(/(id. 

The <rrounil thaws in spriiij:; 

p. iiciL-kdij, or-iiidi/dk. 
Xiiiiiaiicmu, [iiiii). 1 let melt in 




^' 1 











— 200 — 


¥ i 

my iMOutli soiiu' nl>j., [mik- 

iram, 'wv ;) p. iicii..m(i<L 
NiiH/aiteiulaii, {iiin). I let it 

melt ill my mouth, 

wnd, Pn,<!;iir, etc.) ; p. wilmiii/. 
Xiiil/dpaii, (iiiii). 1 am tratlicr- 

iii,L'iind eatin<j; berries; p. nen 

Siiujaponag, inin). I am <;;atli- 

eriiijr tliem, (lierries; miskwi- 

111 i IK t (J, etc.) 
\iiii/fip<inau, lin'ii). T um gatli- 

eriiii"; tliom, (l)erri('s ; miiuin, 

ixli'iiiiiniiii, etc;.) 
Kiiujasln. Of. My mutlicr. 
Xiit(/<is/iko/>if<.si(jr, ( niii\. J melt 

snow to have water ; p. nen.. 

7\ in(/ri.'isinioii<in. Sail; ])].-<iii. 
Xi n (jihrnnnnonak . Mast ; pi.-"//. 
Nini/f1s.siin(in(ii>fi/ii/. Mast ; pl,- 

\ini/(1.s.sliiinni)ii('ial>. Sail-rope, a 

rop" or coril to hoist the sail ; 

Xinyaasimononhjia. Sail clotii, 

Xinf/e! voc. Mother! 
Xhuje! or n^je ! (interjection 

used only l»y females,) ha! 

aha ! 
Xinf/i<h', ov-ma(/(i(J. It melts ; p. 

n eii(/i(i<'.(/, or-nidi/dk. 
Xiiif/iilii/. My knee ; pi .-^^,7. — 

(h/idij/ican, his knee, or his 

Xhu/ikidc, or-in(ii/(i'J. It thaws; 

(F. il (Injelc ;) p. ii(:ii..(l('<i, or- 

Xin</ik/).s(in, {nin}. I melt it ; \). 

nen. .an I/. 
yin(/ Mpltitiv'-jtot made 

of clay, crucible; snieltiiijr- 

furnace ; pl.-a». 
XhitjiijoHUie, {nin). I am smelt- 

ini;, (metal, ore, etc.) ; p, ncii.. 

A'inifikositjrini(/am itj. Siuel t i 1 1 1;- 

liouse, foundry, c a s t i n ;r- 

liouse ; \A.-(iii. 

founder ; \)\.-ir(i(j. 

p. nni. 

am nicii. 
obi ; ]). 

XiiH/ikfiso. h melt 

XiiKjIkdsu'd, (iiin). I 
in<j: or smeltiiiir some (d ; imp. ninnikoxirl. 
\':n/iii>, adv. (^uicklv, imme- 
diately . 
Xiin/iskodc, oY-ni(/</(id. It i- 
thawinii', it is thav.-wealhi'r ; 
p. nen. .</(•(/, or-indf/dk. 
Xiiii/i.skos, inin). The llmu- 
weather conies (lui'iii,i!' mv 
voyaj^e, before I reiudi home; 
p. urn. ..soil. (/on. The snow is mell- 

injZ ; p. Jirni/isml. 
Xini/ifdinnno niikunii. See die 
Jrcij. veri>ofit, whitdi is more 
fre((uently used ; Xdninijilii- 
Xint/i/dwifii/weia sibi. 'Idie ri- 
ver divides or splits in two or 
more branches ; p. ni;ii..iin/. 
Xiniiitairiaijircidij. Place wlure 

a river divides. 
Xinrjo ! interj. of females, ah ! 

ha ! aha ! 
Xini/o, num. One, (lietbre siili- 
staiitives denotinjj; mkasiim:. 
of time or other tliin,«:s.) - 
Xinijii </ih((i(/(in,i)ni.' hour, one 
mile. etc. Xin(/<i dih'ihi.-h- 
k(iilji(/(in, one pound. 
Xini/(i-an(tin/(!i/iii(/(/d. A wwk. 
Xin(/<)l>inii>(/ii/in. A plant is ('(jv- 
ered over or choked by other 
jilfiuts or herbs ; p. nen-.tjimj. 
Xini/ohhninik. One cubit, 


— 297 — 

ana. S^'^' '^'*' 

.. .V(/)a'/(.'/''"' 

.s-,7y/. The ri- 
uiilri in Uv.-nr 
. n. iu'-n-i<"J- 
\l_ Place wluiT 

If teniaici^j aii ■ 

jc, l\.efovo snl. 

liU'T MKASlUi. 

L.v tlunji^.) - 

Lad. Anv^^I- 
A plant IS o'v- 

lokod l.y *'i!'^''' 
. ,,. iieii.-<lii''.h 
,)no cubit. 

Ki7igogisisswagad}Jt is a month 
^.-fince; p. nen..gak 
Ningogisisswagis, [nin). I am 

a month old ; p. nen..sid. 
Ningo-ndwakwe. A forenoon, 

half a day. 
Ningo-passangwdhiioin. One 

moment, the twinkling of an 

Ningot, adv, Something ; one. — 

Kawin ningot, nothing. 
Ningot-abwewin. A panful. 
Mngotano, adv. Something. 
Ningotdwassidog, adv. Happy. 
Ninj/otchi, adv. Somewhere. — 

hawin ningotchi, nowhere. 
NinaotcJii bakdn, adv. Else- 
Ningot-emikwdn. A spoonful. 
Ningoteshkani. It has only one 

horn, it is one-horned ; p. nen- 

goteshkanid, unicorn. 
Ningoiing, adv. Once, at one 

Ningotobanenindj. A handful. 
Ningotobonikan. Both hands 

full; (F. une jointee.) 
Mngotdde. One family, one 

Mngotodon. A mouthful ; also, 

one word. 
Mngologamig. One house ; also, 

all the inhabitants of a house ; 

(F. une maisonnee.) 
Kiiigotogwane, {nin) (pron. nin 

ningotogone ;) I fast one day ; 

p. nen..ned. 
l^iiigotonagan. A dishful. 
Mngotonendjigan. A mouthful ; 

(F. une bouchee.) 
^ingotonjigan. A piece, (cut off 

from s. til.), a piece of meat, of 

fish, etc. 
Kiugotonik. A fathom . 
Kiugotonindj. One inch. 



All the children 


of a family. 
Ningotonsibide.A skein or hank; 

also, a sheaf of wheat, etc. 
Ningotopwdgan. A pipe full ; 

also, the period of time in 

which a pipe of tobacco is 

commonly smoked. 
Ningotoshkin. A bag full of... 
Ningoiosid. One foot, (twelve 

Ningotossag. A barrel full of... 
Ningoiowan. A sack full of... 
Ningotiodk, num. A hundred. 
Mngotwdk dassing. A hundred 

times; hundredfold. 
Ningo tiodssimidanu,n\im . Si xt\' . 
Ningotwdssiinidanak, num. Six- 
ty hundred, six thousand. 
Ningotwdsso. Six, (before sutj- 

stantives denoting measure, 

of time or of other things.) 
Ningotwassobanenindj . 
Ningotioasswi, num. Six. 
Ningotwatchimin, (nin) num. 

We are six; p. nen..djig. 
Ningotwdiching, num. S i x 

Ningotiodiching midasstcdk. Six 

Ningotwewanagisiwin. A pair, 

a couple, a set. 
Ninguaabwe, {nin). I bake s. 

th. buryin» it in hot ashes ; 


Ningivaabwen, (nin). I bake it 
in hot ashes ; p. 

Ningwaabicenan, (nin). I bake 

some obj. in hot ashes ; p. (V. Conj.) 
Ningwaakadan, {nin). S. Nvng- 

Ningwaakan. Place where s. th. 

is buried ; pi .-a??. 




— 298 — 


. hi i f 

Ningaakana, (hiu). S. Ifiiig' 

Ningwaauy {nin). I bury it ; p. 

Ningwakwaa. It is very cloudy, 
(tlie sky is buried in clouda ;) 
p. nen.Mak. 

Niiuiwanapakwdddn, {nin) (pr. 
nin ningonapakwadan.) I 
cover it vvitli bark, (a loclge ;) 
p. nen..ang. 

Ningwanapakwe, {nin). I am 
covering with bark, (a lodge;) 
p. nen..nuid. 

Ningwaniss, (nin). I fetch ve- 
nison or tish ; p. ncn..sod. 

Ningwano, {nin). I am covered 
with snow ; p. nen,:nod. 

Ningicano, ov-magad. It is cov- 
ered with snow ; p. nen.,nog, 

Ningwaichadn, {nin). 1 hoe or 
lull it ; p. ■nen,.ang. 

Ningwatchaige, (nin). 1 hoe, I 
hill ; p. nen..gcd. 

Ningwatchdioa, {nin). 1 hoe or 
hill some obj. ; p. nen..wad ; 
imp. niiigwafchd. 

Ningwalchawag opinig, (nin). I 
hoe or hill potatoes. 

Ningwawa, {nin). I bury him. 
(a person or any other obj.) ; 
p. nengioawad ; imp. ningiva. 

Ningwigan. Wing; pl.-a/t. 

NingwisN, or ningwississ. My 
son ; pi. -a//, or ningosis. 

NinqwisHikdwin. My godson ; 
(f^. nion filleul ;) also, my 
adopted son; pi .-a/y. — Kigwin- 
sikatoin, thy' godson ; ogwis- 
.Hikaioinan, his godson, etc. 

NinidAdniss. My child; pl.-oij'. 

Kinidjdni.'i.nkawin. My god- 
child ; also, my adopted 
child ; i)\.-ag.—'KinidjdnUisi- 

kawin, thy godchild ; Onid- 

Jani,s.sik(iidinan, his godchiki ; 

Niniqiigog. My parents, my 

I'atlier and mother. 
Ninik. My arm ; \^\.•an. Kinik, 

onik ; thy arm, hie arm. 
Ninikinasnabi, (urn). I vifit 

my net, (to see whether any 

fishes are caught in it ;) p, 

Ninikwai. The.^kin of my scull. 
Ninim. My brother-irf-law, (ii 

female speaking;) my sistt'i-- 

in-lavv, (a male ."-peakmg ;) j,|. 

ninimog. — Kinim, winimon, 

Ninimo.'ih4. My cousin, (he- 
cousin or she-couein.) Kini. 

moshe, toininiosheian. 
Ninindib, My brain. KinindiO, 

tvinindib ; thy, his brain. 
Niaindj. My hand ; pl.-?». — 

KinindJ, onindj ; thy haiui, 

his hand. 
NiningadJ, {nin). I am very 

cold, I tremble with cold, I 

shiver ; p. 
NiningadjiiLnn. Shivering with 

Niningakamigishka aki. The 

earth quakes, there is an 

earthquake ; p. nen..kag. 
Niningapine, {nin). I have the 

shaking fever ; p. nen..ned. 
Niningapinewin. Shaking fever. 
Niningas.miy or nininganashkas- 

.sin. It is shaken by the wind; 

Niningibinig, {nin). I trenible, 

I shake; p. nen..god. 
Niningidee, (nin). I have pain 

in my heart, my heart trem- 
bles, shakes ; p. ncn..ed. 
Niniiigim, adv. o. Naningim, 


; (hiid- 
oJcliiKl ; 

:ntfl, wy 

in. Kinik, 

I vifit 
ither any 
m it V- 

f my scull, 
-in-law, (a 
my sirtter- 
ikingi) !»!• 

)usin, (iiP- 
sin.) A'i"'- 

1. hinindib, 
3 brain. 



I am very 
vith cold, I 



aki. Tlu' 
there is an 

I havo the 

, nen..ii'ed. 

laking fever. 


)y the wind; 

I tremhle, 


I have pam 

heart treni- 



299 — 


Nminginike, \nin). My arm 

shakes ; p. nen.Med. 
Ninini/iiiimlJ, {iiiii). My hand 

shaken ; p. iien.dd. 
Niwiiujisetjis, {nin). I tremble 

with fear ; p. ncn..sid. 
Niuin<iislika, {nin). I shake, I 

tremble ; p. nen..kad. 
Xiiiingishka, or-viagad. It 

8hake.>j, it quakes; p. nen.. 

kag, ov-)iiagak. 
Niningislikdwapinc, (nin). S. 

Nininyishkawapinewin. S. Ni- 

Niningitisc, ov-magud. It is 

weak, it shakes; p. ncn..seg, 

Kiningwan, My son-in-law ; pl.- 

ag. — Oningwanan, liis Hon-in- 

hiw, ur his sous-in-law, 
Niiiingwanis\s\ My nephew ; 

\)\.-ag. — Oningwanisaan, his 

nephew, or liis nephews. 
Xiningwi. My armpit, arm- 
hole; — Kiuingwi, thy armpit ; 

oningtvi, his armpit. 
Mnishk. My gland ; \A.-wag. 

— Onishkivan, his jrland. 
Mnisiss. My hair, (one only ;) 

pi. ninlnsija)!, my hair. Wini- 

■rissan, his hair. 
Xininkigomdn. S. Niskigoniaa. 
Xinitani. I in my turn, I now. 

— Nin iin-tchimc dash nini- 

tam ; I will paddle now in my 

Xinitamiwind. We in our turn, 

we now ; (the person or per- 
sons spoken to, not included.; 

S. Kinitamiwind. 
Ninjagadi. My skin. — Kijagatii, 

thy skin ; ojagadian, his skin. 
NinCgan. My hip; pl.-a/i. Ono- 

gan, his hip. 

Ninon he, or ninwinhc. My aunt, 

(my mother's sister;) also, my 

8tei>-n)other ; [A.-iag. S. Nin- 

si gotta. 
Ninow. My cheek ; pi. nino- 

tvag. — hinoto, thy cheek ; 

onoican, his cheek or cheeks. My aunt, (my J'ulh- 

er'.i sister ;) pl.-a//. Usigomsan, 

his (her) aunt. 
A'/».s///o.v/,s.v. My motlier-in-law ; 

pl.-(/(/. — l\isigoiiiii.t, thy mo- 

tlier-in-luw ; osigosisnan, 


(her) mother-ill-law, 

Ninsiniss. My father-in-law ; 
pl.-a//. — (hinisaan, his (Tier) 

Nin trhingwan. The upper part 
of my leg, up from the knee, 
my thijrh. — Ki tchingwan, o 
ic/iingwun ; thy thigh, his 

Nin ichingwanigan. The bone 
of my tliigh, my thigh-bone ; 
pl.-a/t. — ichingwanigan, his 

Nin tchixhiboddgan. The bone 
of my hip ; ki tchinhibodd(/an, 
tchishiboddgan ; the bone 
of thy, his hip. 

iV^io, num. Four, (before eub- 
stantivcH denoting measure of 
time or other things.) 

Niogijigad. Thursday, (four 
days after Sunday). — S. Nijo- 
qijigad. Nijogivanagad. 

N'iogijigad. It is Thursday ; p. 

Nipan. My lungs. — Kipan, 
opan ; thy lungs, his lung.s. 

Nipigegan. My rib ; pl.-a?<. — 
Ojrigegan, his rib. 

Nisaiendagos, (nin). I am con- 
sidered dangerous, I am fear- 
ed, mistrusted ; p. ne.'i...iid. 







I ^' 


.(I fi 




i , 
1 1 

! : M 


.V : 




} 1' 














— 300 — 


Nisaiendagioad, It is consi<ler- 

ed daiif^crouH, it is t'earedj 

niistnisted ; p. ncH.,wak, 
Nisaieiidmn, {win). I tear, I ain 

fearful, easy to he scared ; p. 

Nuaienduviowiii. Foar, niis- 

Nisaienddn, {iiin). I fear it, I 

am afraid of it, I mistrust it ; 

Nisaietiivia, [nin). I fear him, 

I mistrust liiiii ; p. ne.'i..mad, 
Kina/iosi. Ear of Indian com; 

Nishaiujadis. (nin). I am ten- 
der, not used to hardship ; p. 

Nishanfiitjia, {nin). I bring him 

up tenderly, softly ; p. nea/i.. 

Nixlii, {nin). I come down 

sliding ; p. nashid. 
Ninhi, {nin). I come to a pre- 
mature or abortive birth ; p. 

lies hid. 
Ni.sliibanikam, {nin). I run af- 
ter persons of the other sex ; 

Nishibapinodage, {nin). I scorn, 

I mocK, I waste ; p.<jed. 
Nishibapinodan, {nin). I scorn 

it, I mock and ridicule il ; I 

squander it, waste it; p. nesh 

Nisibapinodaioa, (nin). I scorn 

or mock him, I ridicule him; 

I squander or waste some obj.; 

p. nesh.. wad. 
Nishibon, {nin). I go down a 

rapid in a canoe or boat; p. 

Nishibona, {nin). I take him 

down the stream in a canoe ; 

p. nashibonad. 

Nishigiwanis, (nin). I riot, I 
cause disturbance ; p. ncs/i.. 

Nishigiitmmsiwin. Riot, dis- 

Nishimagad. It come.s down, 
it slides down, it descends; p, 

Nishime. My brother or my 
sister, (younger than I ;) pl.- 

JSishimiss. My niece; pi. ng. — 
S. Otch. Gram.,.Chap. II. 

Nishi pikiji. The cow has a 
calf untimely, abortively ; p. 

Nishiwanddad. It spoils, it per- 
ishes, it is ruined ; p. nes/i.. 

Nishiwan ddakamigad. The w 
is trouble, dissension ; p. ncsli 

Nishiwanddakamigis, (nin). I 
make trouble, I cause distur- 
bance; p. nesh.. sid. 

Nishiioanddakamigisiwin . D is- 
turbance, noise, trouble. 

Kishiwanddendam, {nin). I am 
disturbed in my thoughts, I 
have trouble in my mind ; p. 
nesh .ang. 

Nishiwanddendaniia, (nin). I 
cause him trouble of mind, to 
be disturbed in his thoughts ; 
p. nesh. .ad. 

Nishiioanddendamowin . Dis- 
turbed and troubled mind or 

Nishiwanddis, (nin). I beconu' 
spoiled, wicked, ruined ; p. 
nesh.. sid. 

Nishiwanadjia, (nin). I spoil 
him, I seduce hiiu, ruin him, 
I make him wicked, unhappy, 
I waste, squander or spend 



— 301 — 


I troiil)le 
I ilespiso 

I look at 
p. nesli.. 

foolishly i^oww oKj.; p.nes/i. 

Nishhranafioma, ( nin 

him with words ; 

him ; p. nesh..mad. 
Ninhm^, {nin). 1 kill, I inunlor ; 

p. ne.'ifiiioed. 
Nuliiweiom. Killinfj, murdor. 
Nishiwin. Premature ahortive 

birth, abortion, miscarriage. 
Nishkdb, {nin). I look with 

anger, I cast angry looks ; p. 

Nishhdbama, [nin). 

liim with anger 

Nishkdbandan, (nin). I look at 

it with anger ; p. netih..ang. 
Nislikddendam, (nin). I have 

angry thoughts; p.</. 
Kiahkddendamnii'in. Angry 

thinking, angry thought ; pi. 

Xiahkddi.'i, (nin). I am angry, 

wrathful ; p. nesJi..iiid. 
Nishkddjiniiwe, (nin) or, nin 

ni'ihkadjinifwe.shka. I have an 

angry face, I look an^ry ; p., or nesh ..kan. 
Nishkanifjan. My gum ; (F. ma 

gencive ;) \)\.-an. — Kiahkani- 

qan, thy gum ; oahkaniijan, 

liis gum. 
Nishkdnj. My nail, (on a linger 

or toe ;) also, claw or hoof; 

pl.-?<7. — Oslikanjin, his nail 

(claw, hoof.) 
■Ni.shkdsita^o.s', (nin). I .«peak 

in a passion, angry; p. nesh.. 

KifihkdsHawa, {nin). I hear 

liim speak angr}' ; p. nesh.. 

Kishkdsoma, (nin). I speak to 

him angry ; p. nesh. .mad. 

Nishknidjif/e, (nin). I am in 
anger, 1 keej) anger or rancor, 
I am rancorous; \). nesh. .(fed. 

Nishkenihia, (nin). I have angry 
thoughts against him, I am 
angry with him, I keep ran- 
cor towards him ; p. nesh. .mad. 

Kishkendan, {nin). I have an- 
gry thoughts against it ; p. 
nesh.. an I/. 

Mshkia, (uin\ J offend him, I 
make him angrv, i irritate 
him ; j). neshkiad. 

Nishkidce, (nin). My heart is 
angry; p. nesh..ed. 

Kishkideeudn. Anger in the 

Nishkima, {nin). I 
angr}' with my 

Xish kin a iva, {nin). 
ill ; It. nesh. .wad. 

Nishkinjir/. My eye ; my face ; 
pi .-on . — Kishkinji;/, oshkinjiij; 
thv eye, his eye. 

Nis/iti(/wdn. My head. — Kishti- 
(jwdn, oshtitjiodn ; thy head, 
his head. 

Nishwdsso, num. Eight (before 
sulistantives denoting mka- 
STRK, of time or other things.) 

Nishwdtchimin, {nin), num. We 
are eight of us; p. nesh..djig. 

Nishiodtching, num. Eight 

Ki.sModtchinon, num. There 
are eight (objects.) 

Ni.'iid. Mv foot; pl.-rtu. 

Ni.'ikdhiden, {nin). I gnash, 1 
collide the teeth in anger; p. 

Niskdbidetawa, {iiin). I gnasli 
at him in anger; p. nes..wad. 

Niskddad. It is bad weather ; p. 

make him 
toords ; J). 

I treat him 

i ' \ 



— 302 — 


t i 

Niskadendam, (nin), I lliirik it 
JH tou biitl weatlier togOHoino- 
wliere ; \\. iics..aa(j. 

N iskancuiwdckiijan . KulHe ; pi. 

Ninhanika, {nin). I walk or 
travel in bad weather ; p. ne.s- 

N?ska.soma, {nin). I (linlurb 
liiin with my wordrs in hi.s 
sleep, or in any state of tran- 
quillity ; p. nan.. mad. 

Ni.skia,{nin). I encuniljor him 
with a heavy pack ; or with 
much work or care 5 p. nas- 

Nisidifoman. Snot. — "J'hia word 
is aiways preceded by a pos- 
sessive pronoun, which re- 
mains attached to it; as : Ni- 
imkiyomaUi winiskiyamonan, 

Ninkiiijon, {nin). It encumbers 
me in my walking or travel- 
ing ; p. nan. .god. 

Niskikdye, {nin). I encumber 
people ; p. nas..yed. 

Ni.skikdyon, {nin). It encum- 
bers me, (not on a voyage ;) 
p. nas..yda. 

NLskikdn, (mn). I encumber it; 
p. nan,. any. 

Niskikaioa, (nin). I encumber 
liim, (not on a voyage;) p. 

Niskimamawe, {nin). My eye- 
brows are bristled up; p. nas 

Niskiminen-sikaddn, {nin). I 
embroider or trim it with 
small glass-beads ; p. nas.. 

Niskinywen, {nin). I make faces, 
grimaces; p. nas..nid. 

Niskitchiyade, ov-magad. It is 

ornamented with lace or 
rufHes ; p. na.'<..d('y.,ov-niayak. 

Niskitchiyan, Lace, rulfle. 

Ninkitchiye, {nin). I ornanuMit 
with lace ; p. nas..yed. 

Ni.skitenimanydncdjiyan. Epau- 
let, a military ornainent worn 
on tlie shoulder; pl.a/t. 

Niskonje, {nin). I have a large 
lamily, many children ; ji. 

iV/, (nin). I kill hiin, I mur- 

der him ; p. ne.ssad; imp. nis/ii. 

1 wet 
I moisten it; p. ne3,.dod 

Ninmbawadon, [nin). 


Ni.s.sahawana, {nin). I wetsonio 
obj. ; p. nes..nad; imp. ninsa- 

Nisnabawaa, {nin). I get wet ; 
p. nes,.isod. 

Nisisahaioe, {nin). I get wot, J 
am wet also, 1 am drowned ; 

Nin.idbaioe or-mayad. It get.s 
wet, it is wet or damp ; p. ncs 
..loey, ov-viayak, 

Niasdbiyina, [nin). I let him 
down on a rope ; p. nan..nad. 

Nis.sdbon, {nin). I go down the 
stream with the current, in u 
canoe or boat; p. nas. .nod. 

Nissddjiwan, adv. Down, below , 
(respecting the course of a ri- 
ver or of rivers.) Nissdd,jiw<ui 
nin wi-ija siywany. I intend 
to go below next spring. S. 

Nissddjiwe, {nin). S. Nisdkiive, 

NLssaie. My brother, (older than 
I;) p\.-iay. 

Nissdii, ad v . Below, down . 

Nissdki, adv. At the foot of r. 
liill or mountain, below. 

NLssdkiwe, {nin). I descend a 
hill or mountain p. nas. .wed. 


— :m — 


I drowneil ; 

Ninsakiwebato, {nin). S. Oada- 

Ni.sudkobidon, (vm). I break 

it down ; p. )i(is..{l(t(l. 
NisHdkonamaxoa, {nin], Ut. 8. 

Nasmkon ama wu . 
Nissdkonan, (nini. Ot. H.Nansd- 

Niasukonhka, (nin). 1 tall down ; 

p. nan.Mad, 
Ninmkos/ika, or-warfod. It falls 

down ; it opens ; p. nas..ka[/, 

Nh'sdkoshkan, {nin). I let i) 

I'all down ; p. nas..nag. 
Nissdko.s/ikawa, (nin). I let it 

fall down, also, I hurt liini in 

falling upon him : p. nas..wud. 
Nissdkotise, {nin}. I slide down ; 

p. nas...<ied., or-maiiad. It elides 

down ; it opens, it is thrown 

open ; p. nas..seg, or-inagnk. 

— Tchihegaviigon (ji-nissakos- 

■sewan apt ga-nibod Jeatm 

ajittei/dtigong ; the graves 

were opened when Jesus died 

on the cross. 
Nissdndawaa, {nin). I take 

liini down or carry Ijini down; 

Nis.'idndawaton, (nin). I take it 

or carry it down ; p. na8..tod. 

Nissdndaioe, (nin). I descend, 
I go down or come down on a 
ladder, or stairs, or from a 
tree, etc. ; p. nan. .wed. 

Kissdndawcbato, (nin). I run 
down stairs or down a ladder ; 
p. nes..tod. 

Nissandaw&najdwa, (nin). I 
send hinj down stairs. I bid 
him go down ; p. nas..wad; 
imp. nis..najd. 

Niaaantndagwad. It is sad, lone- 

Honie; p. nus..wak. 
Ni.s.'<i1neudam, (nin). I am sad, 

sorrowful, lonesome; ]>. nas.. 

Nis.sdtakoki, (inn). I put my 

foot down, I des(;end a step ; 

p. nas. .kid. 
Nissdwnii,Vii\\. In the midille. 
Ninndwaiiwan. It is the middle, 

between two other objects; p. 

Nis.scan, {nin). 1 stir s. th. in a 

vessel, (sugar, etc. ;) p. ne.s.'ic- 

N'i.s.seigdn. Maple-sugar, (loose, 

not in solid cakes ;] (F. casso- 

Xis.srige, (nin). I stir, (espo- 

cially sugar in sugar-mak- 
ing ;) p. nes..kag. 
JV/.s'.s'/, num. He is three, three 

in one. 
Nissihidjigade, or-magad. It is 

pulled down; p. na8..deg, or- 

Ni.s.sibidon, (nin). I pull it 

down, I make it fall down ; 

p. naii..dod. 
Nis.mlinun, {nin). We kill one 

another; p. nessididjig. 
Niaaidiwin. Killing of several 

persons, massacre, carnage, 

Nis.slgon, (nin). It kills me ; 

p. ne.i.ngod. 
Niaaigwashkon, (nin) orninnia- 

sigwaahkwan. I lea{) down, 

jump down ; p. 

Niaaim. My daughter-in-law ; 

Ni.isimidana, num. Thirty, 
Niasimidandk, num. Thirty 
hundred, three thousand. 

il ti 



1 * 


J *. 





— 304 — 


Nisnimidandkosimin,{nin), num . 
We are three thousand in 
number ; p. nes..sidjig. 

Nuaimidanawemin, (nin), num. 
We are thirty; nes..wedjig. 

Nissimidanawewany n u m . T 1 1 e re 
are thirty (objects.) 

Nissimin, [ninS, num. We are 
tliree ; p. nessidjig. 

Nissina, (nin). I put him down; 
p. nassinad. 

Nissinan, (nin). I put it down ; 
p. nassinang. 

Niasing, num. Three timee. 

Nisaingwdm, (nin). I sleep pro- 
foundly; -p. ne.H..ang. 

Nissinon, num. There are three. 

Nissitd, adv. Right, well, ex- 

NiHsitd-dodam, (nin).\ act right, 
I do it prudently, exactly ; p. 

Nissitawdh,{nin). I discern, I 
recognize; ^. nes..hid. 

Nissitawdbama, (nin). I discern 
him, I recognize him ; p. nes.. 

Nissitawdbanddn, {nin). I dis- 
ceru it, recognize it; p. ness.. 

Nissitawendam, (nin). I under- 
stand, I conceive ; nes. .ang. 

Nissitawenddn, (nin). I recog- 
nize it, (in thoughts ;) I com- 
prehend it, conceive it ; p. 
nes.. ang. 

Nissitawenima, (nin). I recog- 
nize him, (in thoughts ;) p. 
nes. .mad. 

Nissitawindge, {nin). I recog- 
nize people ; p. nes..ged. 

Nissitawindqos, (nin). I look 
known, 1 am easy to be 
known, to be recognized; p. 

Nissitawindgwad. It looks 
known, it can be recogiiizcl, 
it is easy to be known ; p. nea 

Ni.<isitawinan, (iiin). I recognize 
it ; I know it; p. nes. .any. 

Nissitawindn masinaigan, {nin). 
I can read. 

Nissitawinawa, (nin). I know 
him; I recognize him ; p. nes 

Nissitchibina, (nin). I spoil it 
by tasting it often in my 
hands, by handling it too ot- 
ten ; p. ness..nad; imp. nin- 

Nissitchibindn, {nin). I spoil it 
by taking it often in my haniln, 
by handling it too often ; p. 
nes.. ang 

Nissitopiddn, {nin). I know 
what it is, by taking it, 1 
know it by the taste; p. nes\. 

Nissitopidjige, (?m/i). I know 
s. th. by the taste ; p. nes.. 

Nissitopwa, (nin). I know some 
obj. by the taste ; p. nes.. wad; 
imp. nissitopwi. 

Nissitotddimin, (nin). We un- 
derstand each other ; p. nes.. 

Nissitotdgos, (nin). I speak 
distinctly ; I am easily under- 
stood ; p. nes..sid. 

Nissitotdgosiwin. Distinct plain 

Nissitotdgwad. It is intelligible, 
plain, comprehensible, easy 
to understand ; p. nes. .wak. 

Nissitotam, (nin). I understand 
what is said, what I hear ; p. 
nes.. ang. 

Nissitotdn, (nin). I understand 


— 305 — 


1 k H 


; p. nen 

in, {niii). 

I know 
a ; p. nen 

[ spoil it 

i in luy 

it too of- 

imp. nh- 

I spoil it 

my hanils, 

often ; p. 

I know 
iking it, I 
te-, p. nes.. 

). I know 
te -, p. nes.. 

know some 
). nes..wad; 

L. We un- 
|er ; p. *»«•'»•• 

I speak 
[asily under- 

|istinct plain 

isible, easy 


. understand 

Lt I hear ; p- 


it, i conceive it, 'comprehend 
it : p. nes.,ang. 

stand him ; 

down, (any 

KissUf num. 

(nin). I under- 
p. nes..wad. 
nin). I throw him 
obi.) ; p. 
Three (before sub- 
stantives denoting MEASURE, of 
time or other tilings.) 

Kisso-beju/o Kije-Manito. God 
is one in three persons. Nesso- 
hejigod K. M., the Ble,-i.'<ed 

Nisuwi, iium. Three. 

Nita. My brother-in-law, (a 
male speaking. K female will 
say, Ninim, my brother-in- 
law); p\.-g. Kiia, thy brother- 
in-law ; witan, his brother-in- 

Nitti, or, nitta This word is al- 
ways connected with another 
word in the sentence ; com- 
monly with a verb, and in 
some instances witli a sub- 
Htantive. It marks a custom 
or habit in doing s. th., or a 
faculty and power to do s. th. 
(Examples in many of the 
following words.) 

Nitd-dgojiwetam, {nin). I use to 
contradict or gainsay, I don't 
often believe sayings and re- 
ports ; I am incredulous ; I 
am disobedient ; p. net.ang. 

Nitd-dkos, (iw'n). I am often 
sick, I am sickly; p. net..sid. 

Nita-dkosiwin. Poor health, in- 
Nitaam, (nin). 1 go up the 
stream in a canoe or boat, on 
a river, I go up against the 
current ; p. netaang. 
Nitd-anoki, (nin). I am indus- 
trious, active, diligent, I use 

to work alway.s ; p. net. .id. 

Nitd-anokiwin. Industry, assi- 
duous working. 

Nitd-bdwddjige, {nin). I am a 
dreamer, I dream often ; p. 

Nitngan. Person killed in a ma.s- 
sacre ; p\.-a(/. 

NitagdnakioaJ. Black cloud, 
mourning cloud ; pl.-o». 

Nitdge, {nin). I kill, (bunting 
or butchering ;) p. netdged. 

Nitdge, {nin). I am in mourn- 
ing, I wear a mourning-dres.s; 
(F. je porte le deuil;) p. neta- 

Nitaqeoioin. Sackcloth, mourn- 
er's dress, penitent's dress. 

Nitagewaidn. Crape. 

Nitagewin. Mourning ; (F. deuil.) 
Also killing of animals, but- 

Nitageioinini. A man that kills 
animals, a butcher ; good 
hunter ; p\.-ioag. 

Nitd-gikadi, {nin). I soon feel 
cold ; (F. je suis frileux ;) p. 
net.. id. 

Nitd-gikdwidam, {nin). I am 
quarrelsome, I am a quarrel- 
er ; p. net.. ana. 

Nitam, adv. and adj. First, the 

Nitamab, {nin). I am in the 
first place ; p. 

Nitamabiki<}hin aio assin. This 
stone is placed first, (it is the 
corner-stone) ; p. 

Nitamage, {nin) . I kill animals, 
or I butcher, for people ; p. 

Niiamas, (nin). I kill animals, 
or I butcher, for myself; p. 

Nitamdson, {nin). I kill it for 




it II 



30('. — 



inyHell'; p.<l. — Niii ni- 
laiuanou jfe(/o. I kill h. tli. ibr 
my own use. 

Niliiin(i.s(iii<in, (iiin). I kill hoiih' 
(tlij. fur iiiyHell'; p. ii(:l...s(iil. — 
Mdhira iiiii iji iiifiniiusdiian ; I 
killed H lit'ai' litr 1110. 

Nitamawa, (iiiii). 1 kill it for 
him or to him ; p. net. .wad. 

Midineuimu, iiiiii). 1 consider 
him to he (he lirst ; p. net., 

Mlaniif/nhnw, {hi 11). I am .stand- 
ing in the first place, (in 11 
raii^e ;),wid. 

Nifainij/i', (niii). \ live in the 
first house or lodge of a vil- 
lage or camp; p. nei..ged. — 8, 

Nitaminiij, {nin). 1 am the first- 
l)orn ; p. uei..<jid. 

Nifd)ni.s:sin. It is the first, the 
foremost; p. nefamisning. 

Nitamaaaijoiiij. In the foremost 
part of a canoe, boat, etc. 

NUamoDJun. The first-horn 
child ; pl.-a^. 

Ni/aoiia, (uhn. I fake him up 
the stream in a canoe or boat, 
I convey him up ai'ainst the 
current ; p. net..iiaa. 

Niidoiije, {ni7i). J am often de- 
livered, (of a child;) p. netu- 
onjed., {nin), or, nin nita-bi- I walk well, I am used 
to walking ; p. wMossed, a 
good walker. 

Niiawadaga, {nin). I can swim; 
I swim well ; p. nctdwadagad, 
a good swimmer. 

NUawag. My ear; pl.-a?t. — AV- 
tawag, otawag ; thy ear, his 

Ni/dwagimosse, {nin), I walk 

well with snowrilioes ; p. neld- 

uHKiimosucd, a good siiowshot- 

Nilihrdkaiii'igwc, \nin). I can '.'u 

everyvvhere without a trail ; 

p. nel.,we.d. 
Nitdwandan, {nin). I like Id 

eat it, I am fbml of it ; p. ntl.. 

Nitd-irdnendam, {nin). I furjrci 

easily, 1 am forgetful ; p. hcI 

Nildire, {nin). I ciui speak ; I 

am ekxiuent ; p. neidivetl. 
Ni/dioia, {nin). 1 know how U< 

make it, \ can nuike it, i u.^tc 

to make if ; p. neAawiiid. — A7 

nitawia na ' thou make a watch ? 
Nildirii/id, (nin). I bring him 

up, 1 raise him, (a child, etc. 1 

I raise or produce any ve^rct- 

able ; p. net.. ad. — Opiniii, 

mandaminug gaie nin nituiri- 

giag ; I raise potatoes uihI 

Nitdwinx. My cousin, (a nnili' 

speaking. Kjhnalevi\\\ .say; 

^inimosk^, my cousin. — .S. 

Otch. Grammar, Chap. II. 

PI. niiawissag. 
Nitdwiton, {nin). I can niaki' 

it ; p. net. .tod. 
Nitomis, {nin). I am pensive ; 

I anv solitary, I like to lie 

alone, I don't like company ; 

p. netomisid. 
Niton, (nin). I kill it, destroy 

it; p. netod. — Nin niton niyau\ 

I kill myself. 
NiioaJ. My load, my pack, niy 

bundle; pl.-a/t. — Kiwqi, "''■ 

waj ; thy pack, hie pack. 
Niwakwewan, num. There are 

tmir hundred pair of.... 


) .*! 


P' I 


— H07 - 


, Ml 
1 I ' 

• y. neli'h 

I Cftl> '-'" 

t tt trail ; 

I like 1" 
it ; V- "'*''■■ 

). I lbr;_'i'i 
ful; V- 11'' 

,1 speak ; 1 
i\()\v how l" 
iko it, 1 \w\ 
lawiiiil.-- hi 
iii(ji>iisnwuii '' 
a watch '.' 
I hvinj; liiii> 
a civiM,elc.. 
'e any vo^<'>- 
;, — Dpi II "J- 
ie nin nUawi- 
potatoofl aii-l 

iisin, (a ""(/(.■ 
cousin. — •^• 
Chap. Ill 

1 can niiik^' 

am pensive , 
1 like to l* 
ike company; 

ill it, destroy 
in niton niyitu'- 

my pack, my 
.—1 Kiwaj, "■'■ 

,, his pack. 

in. There are 
air of.... 

Niwakwiuujun. Four epuiiH, (ue 

NiwutuiWH,(niii). I kill him, I 
knock him down dead ; p. 
naw..wad ; imp. iiiwaud. 
Mwuuje inhkitic. 'I'lit- fire dc- 
creascH, it >;ofH out ; j). iic- 
Mwudij, {nin). My swellinfi dc- 
cToaseH, ul>ut('H ; p. lutwaoi/oil. 
Mwalenait, {nin). 1 iinhond it, 
(the lock of a ^un ;) p. naw.. 
Niivin, num. Four. 
Niwiiuj, num. Four times. 
Jilwhiy inakakeia wendanhnak. 
f^rom thc! lour winds ; (troni 
the lour principal winds, 
north, south, fast, west.) 
Niwiuont num. There arc tour, 

Siwish, (seldom used.) My wife. 
— Kiwish, thy wife ; wiiris/iaii, 
or wiwan, hi.s wife. Wiwau 
is j^eneraily used. — They also 
say : Nin mindinioiiUnish, ki 
iiiindiwoiemisk, wiivan ; my 
wite, thy wife, his wile. — The 
most polite term for " wife" 
is Widiijcmaijan, (which also 
signities " iuishand.") Ninwi- 
digenuKjan, my wife ; (or, in}' 
hushand.) AV widigemagan, 
thy wife, (or thy liusband.) 
widigeniagandn, his wife, 
(or, her hushand) ; my part- 
nor, tiic one witli whom 1 co- 
fiOdab, {nin). I watch, I sit up 

at night; p. nwadahid. 
Kodabiioin. Watching, sitting 

up at night. 
^wliijashkwe, {nin). I am hunt- 
ing or trapping muskrats ; p. 

Nuddntikirc, (nin). 1 am hunt- 
ing or trapping heavers; p. 
N(~idikwtu'( , {nin). 1 fre(|uenl 
had women,] um a lihertine, 
a licentious lascivious nian ; 
p. nioiid..iiu'd. 
NddikttHiwi'K'in. IjicentiouHness, 

luM'ix iousness. 
Nndin. Wind. 
\i')din. Il is windy, it hlows ; p. 

N6dini.s/i, inin) or nin nodinoxh- 
ku. I liave wind (on my 
voyage;) p. nwadinin/iid, or 
Ni'idjiu, {nin). I ac(|uire some 
ol)joct, 1 procure it hy labor 
ti)r food, (hunting or lishing ;) 
p. nwadjiad. — (iii/oiug nin 
nodjiag, dash wdho- 
,s(in o nodjidn. I procure 
lishes, iin(l my sister j)ro('ures 
rahhits, (lor our living) ; too, 
I put him in trouble, 1 tease 
Nodjidikonw, {nin). I search 
lice, 1 clean myself of lice ; p. 
Nodjivi, {nin). I recover from 
a sickness, I am cured, heal- 
ed ; p. nwudjimod. 
Nudjimua, (nin). I cure or heal 
him ; J deliver him, save him, 
i restori" or repair some obj. ; 
Nodjimoiwe, {)iin). I heal, cure, 
restore health ; p. 
Nddjimoiweniagad. It cures ; p. 
nwa..gak. — }[andan imiahkiki 
kilc/ii nodjimoiwemagad ; this 
medicine cures well, (is very 
Nudjimoiwewin. The act of heal- 
ing or curing a sick penson. 

I y 

\\ ■i\ 

V \ 



— SOS - 


Nndjimotnioa, {nin). I lical, 
cure, or navo, h. tli. rclatirij^ 
to liini ; |). nira..vuid. 

N6Jiino(o)i, (ithi). I cure it, I 
rentorc it, repair it, mend it; 
J). — Kivhcek lut l\i n'l- 
voi/Ji)iiatt1u tihi Ichiman Y 
HaHt tiiou inendod a little my 
canoe ? 

Nndjhnoirin. Recovery from 

Nodjiskihr, (iiiu). I am Iniiil- 
infidueks; p. nwad.M&l. 

Nodjiton, (iiin). I acquire or 

f»rocnre it by labor for litod, 
iiintiiif^ or ifiHliing ; p. mra- 

Ndpendnn, (inn). I desist fron) 

It, I droj) it ; p. nirai/endan;/. 
Nof/enima, [nin). I desist from 

bin), I drop wbat I inteiideil 

to say to liim, or to do bim ; 

Nof/i, {nm). I stop ; T give uj) ; 

p. nwagid. 
Ndf/ihatn, {nin). I stop running ; 

p. nwa.Jod. 
Nogiffnhnw, {niu). 

ing, I stand stil 
Nof/iiia, (71m). I 

Nogishka, or-mngad. It stops, 

(a niacbine or engine ;) p. nwa 

..kad, OY-magak. 

Nugishkmi, {nin). I stop it, (a 
inacbiiiery, etc.) ; p. nicagi.'ih- 

NoJS, or 710 jc-aiaa. Tbe female 
of an animal ; pl.-^. 

Nojciag. A sbe-porcupine, fem- 
ale porcupine ; pl.-tt'o^. 

Nojeiakig. A female otter ; pl.- 

Nojek. Sbe-bear , i>\.-wog. 

I fttoj) wallv- 

I ; p. nvm..ivid. 

stop bim ; p. 

Noii'kwaidn. Pkin of a fcninlo 

liear; p\.-(ig. 
Nnjhnrg. A female tisli ; pl..»v»(/. 
Noji'inik. A slic-beavor ; pl.-«(/. 
Noje.f. A bind, tbe female (tf tlie 

deer-kind, as of a moose, stn^r, 

roe-buck, raindeer ; alnu, n 

nuire ; jil.-o//. 
A'r/yV.v.vfi. Tbe temale of a bird ; 

NojiKsHim. A l)it('b ; pl.-^v/. 
Noji'waidn. Tbe skin of a fi'inalc 

qtuvdruj)6d, not very larj:c, 

not larger tban a deer; pl.-r/*/. 
Nrtjihcegin. Tbe skin ofafemidc 

c|uadr\iped of tbe largest kiiid. 

as, butbilo, moose, stag; pl.- 

Noji.shr. My grand-cbild, (griiiid- 

son, or grand-daugbter ;) pi.. 

Nolia, ov-7nagad. It is soft, ten- 
der, weak ; 'p. nwakag, or. 

Nokabigad. It is soft, weak, 

(string, cord, etc.) 
Nakahigini. It is weak, temicr, 

(silk, ribbon ;) p. nwa.,siil. 
Nokuhikad. It is weak, it is 

soft, not bard, (motal, glu.'^.s;) 

p. 7iioa..kak. 
NokCdnkiaan, [nin). I muko it 

weak, I make it sofl or softer, 

by beat, (metal ;) p. 7mm.. (uuj. 
Nokdhikisi. It is soft, weak ; 

(silver, stone;) p. 
Nokdhikiswa, (niri). I make it 

weak or soft, by beat, (metal;) 

p. nwak..7oad ; imp. nok..u'i. 
Nokddad. It is soft, mild ; p. 

71100.. dak. 
Nokddi.s', [nin). I am meek, 

mild, gentle; p. 7niia..sid. 
Nokddisitawa, (7iin) or, 7iin do- 

kadisitaTnawa. I am )iie».k, 


f a IVmulc 

h ; v* •-"'".''• 
a>r \ p\.-".'/' 
inivii' «»!' iliP 
llOOPt', HtH^r, 

of II I'ir'l ; 

I, ()fa t'cmiilc 
vfi-v Itv'"!^"'' 
dcc'V; pi.-"'/. 
II ofat'einiilf 

It IH HOft, tlMl- 

nwakiKj, <'!•• 

,8 soft, weak, 

weak, tourer. 

,1. vuid.'^i'f- . 
Is weak, it i-* 
niotal, t?lass;) 

„-). I miiko it 
sotl or softi'v, 

la soft, we!il< ; 

['heat, (metiil;) 
imp. nok..wi- 
soft, mild ; p. 

I am moel<, 

lin) or, nln m- 
I am mei'K, 



— 301) — 


j,'cntlo, patient towardrt him ; 

p. llW(7..ltUtll. 

Nokddi.iiioiii. Mcckiu'SM, niild- 


yohh/aiuti/a, oY-w(i(/(t>i. T h c 
snow is Hoft ; p. nw(i..(/(iij, or- 

Xuknjr, iitin). My skin is soft, 
tender* p. iiwakaji'd. 

S'okan. It iH soft, teM(U'r, weak, 
tt'(dtie ; p. nwak(in(j. 

yuken(t<it/os, {ilia). I am con- 
sidered niiki ; weak ; p. iiwa.. 

Xokeu<lat/wad. It is considered 
soft, it is soft, it is weak ; p. 

Sokia, (niii). I make some ohj. 
soft, tender, I soften it ; p. 

Xokihidcn, {nin). I soften it, I 
make it tender; p. nw<t,.d(td. 

\(')kil/ina, (nin). 1 soften some 
(ilij. ; i». nuKU.nad ; imp. n<>- 

Si'ikide, or-maf/(id. It is well 
done, well cooked, it is tender, 
(meat, etc.) ; p. nwakidey, or- 

Ndki'dce, {nin). My heart is soft; 
it is weak, tickle ; p. nwa..ed. 

Xijkis, {nin). 1 am tender, deli- 
cate, weak, not inured to 
hardship; p. nwakisid. 

Xdki.san, (nin). I cook it well, 
tender, soft, (meat, etc.) ; p.[/. It is soft, tender, weak, 
not strong ; p. nwakisid. — 
O.s/ini nokln todwa.s/tke.shi- 
imidn ; the deer-skin is too 
.soft, too weak. 

Xukiw. It is well done, well 
cooked, tender ; p. nwakisod. 
—Gigo nokiso, opinig gate 

nokinowog ; the llsh is well 
cooked, and the potatoes are 
w(dl cooked. 
Xoki.HWd, [nin). 1 cook it well 

V. nwa.:wad. 

My j^rand-mother ! 

My ji^rand-mother ; 

or tender 
Xnki) ! \ oc. 

1>I •-«.'/• 

N()kiri''S(in,{nin''. I ]ierfiime it ; 

p. nira..<tng. 
X^ukior.'iiifiin. Herli that smells 

>,'ood ; (F. foin de senteur j) 

perfume ; frankincense. 
Xokwrnigc, \nin). I perriinie, I 

hurn s. tli. to j;ive a goododor; 

p. nwa..ijcd. 
iVokio>:si(/(;n, {nin\. T hurn it as 

a perfume, to make a good 

odor ; p. nwa..gcd. 
Xukive.iigcnan, [nin). I hurn 

sonu' ohj. as a perfume, to 

make a good odor ; p. nwa.. 

Kokw4.HW<t, {nin). I 

him, I make him in! 

odor of s. th. I hurn ; 

wad ; imp. nokwcswi. 
Konidbikina, {nin). I omt or 

grease .soiwe ohj. of stone or 

metal ; p. nwa..nad. 
Nomdbikinan, {nin). I oint or 

grease some obj. of metal ; p. 

nwa.. an;/. 
NCnnag, adv. A certain length 

of time, pretty long. 
Noniayeh, {nin). I am sitting a 

certain length of time, pretty 

long; p. nwa. .bid. 
Nomagewis, (nin). I don't like 

to give 8. th., I am hegge(l a 

certain length of time for it 

hefore I jfive it ; p. nwa..Hid. 
Nomaia, adv. Not long ago, re- 
cently, lately. 
Nomakona, (nin). I grease or 

"lale the 
p. nwa.. 





I >• 

1/ I 





— 310 — 



oiiit fionie object of wood j \>. 

Nomiku'cn, (niii), I noil with 
the liead, ae a Hign olalhniia- 
tion, approbation or saluta- 
tion ; p. nwu..nid. 

Nomiidkwctan, {nin). I salute 
it, I make salutes or inclina- 
tionH towards it; p. 

Nomiaikwctawa, (nin). I salute 
Jiini, 1 [make salutatious or 
compliments towards ii i m ; 
alsu, 1 give liim eiguH of alHr- 
matiftn or approbation, nod- 
ding with the head ; p. nwa.. 

Numiiidf {nin). 
oint him, I 

Numinan, [nin) 

I grease liim, 1 
.'.noint him ; p. 

I grease it ; 1 
oint it; p. nwa. .any. 

Nominigan. Grease, ointment, 

Noil, (nin). I suck ; p. nioanid. 

Nona, {nin). I make him suck, 
I give him suok, I suckle 
him; p. nwanad ; imp. noj. 

Nondwass, [nin). I; give Buck, 
I suckle; p. nwa..sod. 

Nond, adv. Before the end, be- 
fore the due time, before all 
is over. 

Ndndd<jos, (nin). I am heard ; 
p. nwa..sid. 

Nonddgivad. It is heard ; p. 

Nondam, {nin). I hear eonie- 
thing, a saying, a voice, a 
noise, etc.; p. nwandant/. 

Nonddss, adv. Leas, deficiently. 

Nondawa, (nin). I hear him ; 
p. nwa. .wad. 

Nond6. — Tliis word has the same 
signification as nond ; it signi- 
fies yivhuj iip, letting off, or 

yoina away, before all is over 
or done, dc/iciency. (Exhih- 
ples in many of tiie tbilowi. ^ 

Nondcbininike, (nin). I mifi- 
carry, I come to a i»rematurc 
abortive delivery or cliiM- 
birtli ; j). nwa..ked. 

Kondcinhanifik, ifiin). I don'i 
survive the winter, I die bo- 
fore spring; — Set 
the cont/ary, Nin wdbani.>ili. 

Nondiiiahas, {nin). 1 don't hiii- 
vive the night, (a sick i)orsoii,i 
I die before daylight, ; p. 
iiwan..,S()d. — The contrary, 
A7u u'(70(i.s. 

Nonde-niyidwass, {nin). I am 
delivered of a ci.ild before nn 
time ; p. niC',...sod. 

Nondcoki, (nin). I ha\e not 
enough to give to all ; or, tn 
give them a full share : (in a 
distribution ;) p. num.. id. 

Koudcona, {nin). l don't give 
him enough, (in a distribu- 
tion ;) or, I have not enougli 
to give to him; p. nwa. .nail. 

Nondes, {nin). I am deficient, 
I cannot do it, cannot attbrd 
it ; p. vwandesid. 

Nondeshima, {nin). I cannot 
put it, it is too short, as na- 
bayissay, a board ;) p. num., 

Ndnd< shinia, {nin). I leave him 
behind, he is unable to walk 
with me ; p. nwa. .mad. 

NOndeshin, (nin). 1 b e c o in v 
weak, unable to walk any fur- 
tlier, (on a voyage ;) p. moa.. 

Nondcshkawa, {nin). I don't 
come to liim, I don't reach 
him i p. nwa,:wad. 


:ui — 



I .• 

all i« over 
I. (Ex'Mu- 
i tbilowu ^ 

). I miii- 


or cliiM- 

i), I don't 
>r, I till' I'l- 
a/«..i"'i— ^*'^ 


1 don't H\ir- 
•iick i)erHoii,i 
IV light, ; p. 
e contrary, 

inin). I am 
:k\ before my 


I have nut 
o all ; or, to 

share ; i'm a 

i don't give 
u a diKtri''ii- 
! not enoujili 

J). nioa.Midl. 

am delicient, 
cannot aH'ord 

y 1 cannot 

short, a8H«- 

ard ;) p. nwa.. 

. I leave him 
uvble to walk 

1 becoun' 
walk any hir- 

ige ;) 

nin). I 



Xondrsse, (nin). I cannot afford 
'\t, my tiine (or my strength) 
is not sufHciont to do the 
work ; there is not enotiirh ot 
some ohj., it runs out before 
the riglit time ; p. nwa.-KCxl. 

Xundc.isifo)!, {nin). I cannot 
put it, it is too short ; p. nwa 

Nondi'tibikitihka, {nin). The 
night overtakes me before I 
reach a certain place, I am 
lienighted ; j). nwa. .Lad. 

Xongom, adv. Now, at present, 
actually ; to-day ; now-a-days. 

^'oHoA' Wren, honey-bird, 
(small bird ;) pi.-*/. 

NOpiming, adv. In the woods, 
in the inland ; any dista ce 
from the lake-shore. — Xopi- 
miny nawatch aton ki trhi- 
mfln ; put thy canoe a little 
further from the shore. 

yopiaadan, (^n//i). I follow it, 
I walk behind it; p. nwa. .an;/. 

X<')2}inaki, {nin). 1 follow (sonie 
person or persons going some- 
where;) (L. seipior ;) p. nwa.. 

Xojnnana, {nin). I follow him: 
I walk after him going some- 
where ; p. nwapinanad ; imp. 

Xos/ikflna, {nin). I van it, (some 
produce, as mandaminag, In- 
dian corn ;) p. nwc.nad. 

Xo.<ilikatrhiffa7i, or noshkatchi- 
iiagan. Van for vanning, 
cleansing wild rice, or other 
produce • pi .-an. 

im van- 
: p. awe 

xn it, 


I am lick- 

I li' : him 
p. nwask- 

Noshkdtrhigc, {nin). I 
ning, cloan.sing grain ;'d. 

No.^hkaton, {nin). J \ 
cleanse it ; p. nwctod- 

No.skwddam, {nin). I lick • 
je loche;) j). nwa. any. 

Noshwddamawayinin). I lick h. 
th. belonging or relating to 
him ; p. nwa. .wad. 

Ndskwddan, {nin). I lick it; p. 
nwa. .any. 

No.skwddjiyr, {nin). 
ing ; j), nw(i..yed. 

Noskwdna, {nin). 
(with the tongue) , 
wanad ; \\\\\). nofi'kwaj. 

Noskwfix. {nin). I eat the inte- 
rior bark of a tree containing 
the sap or vital juice ; p. nw'a 


N'osn. My father.— A''f;.?A', ossan; 
thy father, his father ; pl.- 

N'n.tse f' \oc. Father! 

N(hswdadon, {nin). S. Madaa- 

NdsHwaana, {nin). I follow liis 
track ; p. nioas..nad ; imp. 

N'd.'iswan(hva,Oiin), (pron. nos- 
.sonewa.) I pursue him, I go 
after him; p. nwa.. wad ; imp. 

Now. Cheek. — This word is al- 
ways connected with a nosses- 
sive pronoun ; as : Ninow, 
my cheek ; kinow, thy cheek ; 
onowan, his cheek, etc. 




So7ne words that might he supposed to he under 0, arc to he 
found under VVa, as the syllable wa is often pronounced like o ; 
as : Wanagek, is often pronounced, Onagek, etc. 




0. — This vowel is always pro- 
nounced in Otcliipwe like o in 
the English word hone. 

0, before a consonant, and od, 
before a vowel, signifies, his, 
her, its or their, w-fien preced- 
ing a substantive ; and it sig- 
nifies, him, her, it or them, 
when before a verb. 

! interj. Well ! ay, ay ! — To 
express approbation, consent 
or thanks, as : / 0! ! 
migwetch! great thanks ! 

Obija.'ihkissi. A kind of gray 
wild goose ; ^\,-ioog. 

Ohiwai. Its hair or fur, (of an 
animal;) pl.-a«. 

Obiwaidshkina. Reed ; (P. ro- 
seau; L. arundo;) pl.-^. 

Ohodashkwanishi. Dragon-fly ; 
rausketo-eater ; pl.-iag. 

Obwdm. His thigh ; pl.-a/J.— 
Nihwdm, kihwam, n.y, thy 

Obwamima. Thigh. 

Ohwdmens. That part of the gun- 
lock where the fiint sticks in, 
the cock of a gun ; pl.-a?t. 

Oddbdddn, (:dnd). I draw or 
drag it after me, I carry or 

- convey it in a carr age ; p. 

Oddhdn. Sled, sleigh, carriage, 

any vehicle on which s. th. in 

drawn; pl.-a^r. 
Oddhand, [nind). I draw or 

drag him after me, I convey 

him in a carriage ; p. wad., 

nad ; imp. oddhaj. 
Odabandk ; pl.-aA;. S. Odahdn. 
Oddbdnigo, {nind). I ride in a 

sleigh or carriage ; p. niii 

weddbdnigoidn, win weddbd- 

nind, etc. 
Oddhanike, (riind). I make a 

sleigh, (or any other vehicle ;) 

p. wed..ked. 
Oddhi, [nind). I draw or drag; 

J), wedabid. 
dbia, {nind). I make him 

draw or drag s. th. ; p. wed.. 

Oddhi-pijki. Draught^ox ; pl.- 

Oddbiwin. Drawing, dragging, 

carrying in a sleigh. 
Odddjigakan, Fishing-line with 

a hook, to catch fish ; pl.-a/i. 
Odadjigoke, {nind}. I am fisli- 

ing with a hook ; p. tced..ked. 
Odddjisingwesse, {nind). I lie in 

ashes ; p. wed..sed. 
Oddgim, (nind). I walk with 

snow-shoes ; p. weddgimid. 



313 — 


make Inm 
th. ; P- wed.. 

iglit-ox ; pl.- 

ng, dragging, 

fng-line with 

fish ; pl--a'V 
I am nsh- 
• p. iced..ked. 

ed. . . 

walk Willi 

Odaiaaman. His property ; pl.- 
odaiaaman. — Nindaiaam, my 
property ; hidaiaam, thy pro- 

Odaian. His doj^, or liis ilogs. 
— Nindai, my dog -Jcidai, thy 

Odaiim. I^is property ; pl.- 
adaiiman. — Nindaiim, kidai- 
im ; my property, thy pro- 

Odajawameg, or ajawanmi. Sal- 
mon-trout ; Tg\.~woj. (Majame- 

IfOSS.) , 

Oddkan. Rudder, helm ; also, 
the place where the steersman 
stands or sits, the stern of a 
ship, hoat, canoe, etc.; pl.-a/t. 

Ilddke, {nind). I steer a canoe, 
boat, vessel, etc.; [i.tvedaked. 

OddkerubwL Steering-paddle, u 
long ^and strong paddle to 
steer with ; pl.-?t. 

Oddkcekawa, [nind). rl assist 
liim in steering ; p. wed. .wad. 

Odaken, {iiind). I steer it; p. 

Oddkenhkaye, [nind). I suc- 
ceed, I am the successor of 
somebody ; p. iced.jjed. 

Oddkeshkam, [nind). S. Oda- 

Oddkeshkawa, {nind). I suc- 
ceed in his phice, I take his 
charge, his office, I am liis 
successor ; p. wed.. wad. 

Oddkewin. Steering, the act or 
the art of steering. 

Odukcwinini. Steersman, wheels- 
man; pl.-z«c></. 

Odamdganak, or odamagand- 
fig; pl.-o?i. S. UkidJ. 

iklamaweshi. A small white 
bird that appears in spring 
and fall ; pl.-i'a//. 


Oddmikan. His jaw. — Ninddini- 
kan; kiddmikan. 

Oddmikanahid. His grinder, 
large tooth ; pl.-au.—Ninda- 
mikanabid, my grinder. 

Oddinikigim. S. Oddmikigegan. 

Oddmikiganimu. .law bone. 

Oddmikigegan. His jawbone, — 
Wiadamikigeqan, m\ jawbone. 

(hlainin, {niud\. J play, (like 
children ;) p. wedamiaod. 

Odaminowdgan. Plaything for 
children ; pl.-a/t. 

Odamiaowin. Children's play, 

Odandmi.ssakadoweshi. A small 
bird that remains always near 
the ground, under fallen 
trees, a kind of wren ; (F. 
roitelet) ; pi .-*«//. 

Odanendun, {nind}, or, nind 
odunainonatan. I ip it, I 
dra V it in my mouth; p. wed 

Uddnis,\. {nind). I have a daugh- 
ter ; p. weddnissid. 

Oddnissikonan, {nind). I have 
her for a goddaughter, she is 
my goddaughter ; also, my 
adopted daughter ; p. wed., 
kad. (V. Conj.) 

Oddnia.sima, {nind). I have her 
for a daughter ; p. wed. .mad. 

Odanissindg, {nind). I am his 
daughter ; p. wedanissimid, 
he whose daughter 1 am. 

Oddnissimigo, {nind). I am a 
daughter ; p. oddnissima ; nin 
loedanissimigoidn ; loin weda- 
nissimind, etc. 

Oddnissinan, {nind). I have her 
for a daughter, she is my 
daughter ; p. wcdaaissid. (V. 





iTi V 





. I 

.) ■ I! ' 











• I , , 


— 314 — 



f ■• !, 

S i 

wm M 

()ddpiljidon,{nind). S. (tddpi- 

(hlapibiiia, (niiid) {nind ndapi- 
iia. I ttike liiiii ; nin inikuhi- 
110, 1 draw him to me;) I take 
Home oltj. (Imwing it to me ; 
J). wed..nad ; imp. oddpibij. 

(Ul/ipibinan, {nind). I take it, 
(hawing it to me; p, wed. .any. 

(tddpina, (nind). 1 take him, 1 
accept, receive, admit him; p. 
wrdapinad; iinp. oddpiii. 

OddpinaniddiH, {nind). I take 
it on me, for me, to me ; p. 

Odapinamawa, {niu). I accept 
it from liini, 1 take or accept 
s. th. belonging or relating to 
him ; p. wed.. wad. 

Odd])iiiau, {nind). I take it, I 
accept it, receive it ; p. weda- 

Oddpimin anamiewin, [nind]. I 
tal<e religion, I become a 

O'ldpinan Jatoendat/o.moin, 

. {nind) of nind odapinan K. 
Eukariafiwin. I receive Com- 
munion, I receive the Holy 

Oddpini(jade, or-ina</ad. It is 
taken, accepted, received ; p. 
wed..dey, ov-magak. 

Oddpiniijaa, [nind]. I am ac- 
cepted, received ; p. iped...sdd. 

Odnpinige, {nind). I take ; p. 

Uda.fki, or-magad nibi. The wa- 
ter falls, lowers, the ebbing 
tide ; p, loeda-fkig, ov-magak. 
— S. Mo.shkdgami . 

Odatagdgomin. A kind of mul- 

Odatagdgominagawanj . A kind 
of mulberry-shrub; pl.-i^. 

Odcttissiioagoma. Nerve, sinew. 

Odi. His heart. Nindc, kidi'i ; 
my lieart, thy heart. 

Odiiina. Heart. 

(Jd^imin. Strawberry ; (F.fraine) 
(heart-berry ;) p\.-an. 

Odciiiiini-gi.'ii.'is. 'J'he moon nt 
strawberries, tlie montli ul 

Odeni; nind odem. My Indian 
family-mark; as: Makwn, 
bear; auiik, Iteaver ; wJgi.v, 
eagle, etc. — Kid odein, ad ndc- 
inan ; thy lamily-niark, iiis 
family-nnirk. — 8. Odudcini- 

Odnia. Village, town, city ; pl.- 

(Idenaniicama. Tongue, 

Odenawan. It is, or there is, u 
village, a town, a city ; p. wed 

Udcnaiven.'i. Hamlet, little vil- 
lage, little town ; pl.-rt/t. 

Odcngwai. Alg. S. (J.^hkinjig. 

Odetomin, inind). We form a 
village, we live together in a 
village ; pi. weddodjig. 

Odikom, [nind). I have lice; p. 

Odikwan. S. Wadikwan. 

Odinimanganima. Shoulder. 

Odiskiwe, [nind]. I arrive ; I 
am a new comer ; p. wed. .wed. 

Odislikwagami. Algonquin In- 
dian ; pl.-r/. 

Odis/ikwagamikwe. AIgon(iiiiii 
scjuaw ; \)\.-g. 

Odiskinakam, [nind). I have 
e^gs of lice (nite) in my 
clothes, or on mv lieail ; p. 
Vied. .mid. 

Odiss. His navel. — Nindins, my 
navel; kidis^,odiiSS ; tliy, hi.-, 

If- 1 


U, kkli' ; 


uont)i of 

ly Iinliau 
liy a k w (/, 

mark, lii?* 

1, city ; 1)1- 


'there is, u 
jity ; p. icc(i 

t, little vil- 

We form a 
orretber in h 

ave lice; ji. 


arrive ; I 
p. wed..W(A. 
onqui" In- 


I have 

lits) ill '">■ 
IV head ; i'. 



315 - 


I come to him, 

J), wcdfs.iad ; 

.mndiss, my 
iiss; thy, hi^j 

Odissil, Inind). 
I visit him ; 
imp. odishi. 

(hlissaa )iiiii,sk)(/omf1ii, liiind), I 
(Iruw hack my snot ; p. incd.. 

(Idin.sdha7>in. {m'nd). I arrive to 
the j)oi) or inomeiit of pec- 
iiic; him ; p. wed. .mad. 

ihlLssdOaudau, (nind). I arrive 
to the moment of seeing it ; p. — Nin kite hi minwen- 
dam odi.s.fah/indamtai anami- 
kodadiiif/ ; I nm very glad to 
arrive to the moment of see- 
ing new-year's day again. 

OdissU/on, {nind]. It come.'^ to 
me, it reaclie.s me; p. toed., 

(Idiaaihdgon, {nind). 8. Odisni- 

Dditamadis, {nind) (or, nind 
oditamadison.) I cause it to 
myself, JJ am the cause that 
it reaches me, I incur it; p. 
wed.. sod. 

Oditan, {ni)id). I come to it or 
into it, I reach it; p. tvedi- 

Oditaowe, {nind). I arrive in a 
canoe to a certain place ; p. 
wed.. wed. 

Odjdniniakaimgad. There is 
noise, trouble, excitement ; p. 

Odjdnimakwaamo(j (aniviikit/) . 
It thunders frightfully, with 

Odjummendam, {nind). I am 
troubled in my thoughts ; p. 

Odidnimendamuwin. Trouble, 

troubled thoughts. 
Udjnninda, (nind). I trouble 

him, molest him, i)lague him ; 

p. wed. .ad. 
OdjariJ. His nose. — Nindjanj, 

my nose ; kidj((nj, thy nose. 
(Idji. V\\ ; pi. odjiij. 
f)djii/adrn,{nin<l). I draw back 

my leg; p. 
Odjimo, hiiiid). I kiss him ; p. 

Odji-nia.t/ikiki. Blister, visica- 

Odjimenivuu Inind). I forgive 

him in my thoughts; p. wed 

Odjindamaiva, {nind}. J kiss s. 

th. belonging or relating to 

him ; p. v>ed..timd. 
Odjindan, {nind). I kiss it ; p. 

wed. .a tig. 
Odjindimin, {nind). We ki?s 

one another; p. wcd..didjig. 
Odjindiwin. Kisa, ki.ssing. 
0()jikditpi7ii-gijigad. Kissi ng- 

(lay, that is, new-year's day. 
(hljiua, {nind). J feel him, I 

grope him, I search him by 

feeling in tlie dark ; p. wedji- 

Odjitian, (nind). I grope it, 1 

search it by feeling in the 

dark ; p. wed..ang. 
Odjinige, {nind). 1 feel in the 

(lark, I grope, I search by 

leeling in the dark ; p. wed.. 

(Jdjiniken, (nind). I draw back 

my arm ; p. wcd..nid. 

()dji.fhig, (nind). I have a scar ; 
p. wrd..gid. 

()dji.'ihidjaue,{nind). I have a 
scar on the nose ; p. tved..ned, 

Odjish'igade, {nind). I have a 

scar on the leg; p. ioed..ded. 

Odjishindibe, [nind). I have u 




— 316 — 



scar on the head ; p. wed., 

Udjishinywe, {nind). I liave u 
.scar on tlie face: p. toed. .wed. 

(Idjitshinike, [nind). I liavc a 
Hcar on the arm ; p. ioed..kcd. 

Udjishinindji, {nvuV). I have a 
Hcar on the hand ; p. wed. .id. 

Odjislmide, {nind). I liave a 
scar on the foot ; p. ioed..ded. 

Odjis/dwin. Scar. 

Odjissikaijon, [nind). S. Odi.ssi- 

Udjitchia, {nind). I appease 
him ; p. wed. .ad. 

Odjitclmse, ov-magad. It arrives 
(a certain time, a certain day,) 
it comes to pass ; p. wey..seg. 

Ododeminan, {nind). I have 
liim (lier, it) for my family- 
mark ; p. wedodemid. — Mak- 
wd nind ododeininan ; the 
bear is my lamily-niark. Mi- 
gisiwan od ododeniinan ; the 
eagle is his family-mark. 

Odon. His mouth. — Nindon, ki- 
don ; my mouth, thy mouth. 

Odon, at the end of some verbs, 
alludes to the conveying of s. 
ih. in a canoe or boat to some 

flace ; as : Nind ajaivaodon, 
cross it, or take it to the op- 
posite shore, in a canoe or 
boat. Kin qiweodon ; I take 
or convey it back again in 
a canoe or boat; etc. — S. Ona. 

Odondan. His heel ; -pX.-an. — 
Nindondan, my heel ; kidon- 
dan, thy heel. 

Odonima. Mouth. 

Udoskwanawa, (nind). I strike 
him with the elbow ; p. wed., 
wad; imp. odoskwand. 

Odoskwanishin, {nind). I lean 
on niy elbows; p. wad. .tag. 

0(fd. Pickerel, (tish ;) pl.-wf>7 ; 
'(C. dore.) 

(UjdnH. Young pickerel. 

Ogebwamij. S. I'agdnimij. 

Ogejagiml Worm, (in the Itody 
of a person ;) pl.-a</. 

Ogejagim, (nind). I have worni,>*, 
(in my body ;) p. weg..mid. 

OgeJagimi-nia.s/ikiki, Worm- 
medicine, medicine to destroy 
worniM, vermifuge. 

Ogi, (nind). I have a mother ; 
p. wegid. 

Ogiddbik, adv., or ngiddbikang. 
On a rock, upon a rock. 

Ogiddbiki.H.nn. There is stone 
upon stone, one stone ujwii 
another ; p. 

Ogidadjiw, adv. On a mountain. 

Ogiddiijiivan, adv. Up, upwards, 
(respecting the course of a ri- 
ver or of rivers,) in the upper 
country . — S. Nissddjiwan. 

Ogidddjiwe, {nind). — S. Ogida- 

Ogidagimod. The second .sto- 
mach of a ruminating animal. 

Ogidakamig, adv. On earlh, on 
the surface of the earth. — S, 

Ogidaki, adv. On the liill or 
mountain ; p. weg..ioed. 

Ogidakiwebato, (nind). I run n\) 
on a hill or mountain ; p. ice(j 

Ogidibig, adv. On the water, 
on the surface of the water.— 
.les^is ogidibig qi-bimoasc ; 
Jesus walked on tiie water. 

Ogidigamig, adv. On the top of 
a lodge or house. 

Ogidjaii, or odgidf, adv. On, 



— ;u7 


I. ^1 


\df, adv. On, 

Oifidjidon, adv. On the lips, 
with the lips only, (withuut 
the heart.) 

Ot/idjina, adv. Above, on the 
surface; on the outside, out- 
wardly, supertlcially . 

(hjikadanangwe. Lizard ; pi.-//- 

(h/ikanan, (nind). I have her 
for an adopted mother; slie is 
my adopted mother ; also, my 
^^odmother ; p. wef/ikad. 

Offikawm. S. iVcmaikaiviii. 

Ilf/ima, (nind). I liave her for 
a mother, .•^he is my mother ; 
p. weifimad. Kid oqimin, i\\o\\ 
art my mother. A//t ioe<ji))ii- 
y<«n, thou who art my mother. 
Kin wegimigoian, thou who 
art our mother. 

Oijimd. Chief, chieftain ; supe- 
rior, agent ; otficer ; pl.-«^. 
Kitchi oyima, king, emperor. 

Ofjima-gijigad. Day of tlie 
Kings, Epiphany. 

Ogimakadage, [nind) or, nind 
ogimakandamage. I am 
chief or superior over people ; 
I reign ; p. weg..ged. 

OgimaJcangamagemagad. It 
reigns, it has power over peo- 
ple ; p. weg..gak. 

Ogimdkandan, {nind). I am at 
the head of it, I am chief over 
it, I liave power over it, it is 
under my connnand ; p.iveg.. 

Ogimdkandaica, {nind). I am 
his chief, his master, his su- 
perior; his kinff ; p. tceg.:wad. 

Ogimdkandawe, (nind). I com- 
mand, I reign ; p. iveg.:wed. 

Oflimnkanitc, (nind). S. Ogi- 

Oijimdkwe. The wife of a cliief ; 
a female cliief; \)\.-g. Kitchi- 



ogimdkwe, queen, empress. 
Ogimnkwcio, (nind). I am the 

wife of a cliief; T am a queen, 

an empress; \). uuij..ivid. 
Ogimdkwewia, {nind}. I make 

her a (pieen, f crown her ; p. 
Ogimaw, {nind). I am chief, I 

command, 1 reign ; 

Oginidwndi.i, {nind). I 

a chief, or I act like 

or king ; p. weg..sid. 
Ogimdwia,{nind). I make him 

a chief, I make him a king, I 

crown him ; Tp.ivey..<id. 
Ogimdurigamig. The chief's 

lodge or house ; palace, the 

king's house ; pl.-on. 
Ogimd-wiwakiodn. The chief's 

hat; crown ; viX.-an. 

live like 
a chief, 


lip, the 

dignity and authority of a 
chief or king; kingdom, em- 
pire ; pl.-tt/i. 

Ogimiyo, {nind). I am a moth- 
er, (i am had for a mother ;) 
p. wegimigoian ; loegimigoian, 
wegimind, etc. 

Ogin. His mother. Ningd, kigd ; 
my mother, thy mother. 

Ogin. Rose ; pl.-i<7. 

Oginan, {nind). I have her for 
a mother, she is my mother ; 
p. loegid. (V. Conj.) 

OginiminagatcanJ . Rose-tree, 
rose-bush ; p^.-ig. 

Oyiniwubigon. Rose-tlower; pi.. 

Oginiwahigoning inand. It is 
rose colored. 

Oginiwdbigoning inanso. He is 
rose colored. 

Ogishkimanissi. Kingfisher, 
(bird;) pl-g. 


V- \ ' 





• I 

; ! »n 

(hiilvUida. A bruve warrior, a 
l^ruvc, a lu-ro ; pi -//• 

0(/i(c/ii(la, [ithiil). I iini u hero, 
a liravo ; p. irey..wi(l. 

Oj/uiv, ])roi). TIk'so, tliewe hero. 

OyouHSHi. IJed-bii^; pl.-Hw/. 

OijwisK, {niiul). 1 have a mm ; 
|j. wcijwisxkl, (wliich is often 
proiKdiiicecl wr(/(is.sid.) 

Ol/wisffiliUhiaii, (iiind). He is 
my godson ; lie is my adopted 
son ; n. w('jf..kad. (V. Conj.) 

Oywjssihntvin. Godson. — This 
word is always preceded hy a 
possessive pronoun ; as: Niiid 
oi/wi.tnilcdwiii, my godson ; od 
oywisnikawinaii, his godson, 

Of/wistihna, (nind). 1 have him 
tor a son, he is my son ; p. 
wei/wisshnad, (which is often 
pronounced lodgnsnimdd.) 

Oyioissimdii. Pumpkin; (F. ci- 
trouiiic;) pl.-««. 

0(jwismnamshi(jwdn. (iourd- 
hottle with some shot in, used 
as a rattle at the Indian Grand 
Medicine. Pl.-a/<. 

Ogwissimigo, {nind). I am a 
son, (I am liad for a son ;) p. 
weiiwissimujoida , wegwinsimi- 
goian, ivegwissimind, (often 
pronou need wegossimind.) 

Ogwissinan, {nind). I have him 
for a son, lie is my son ; p. 
wegwissid, (which is often 
pronounced wegossid.) V. 

OJakwess. A kind of small shell ; 
pi .-«(/. 

Ojdsha, or-magad. It is slip- 
pery ; p. wejashag, ov-magak. 

Ojashabikishin, [nind). I slide 
and fall on a stone ; p. wej., 



OJasfitigone.ihiii, (nin). I Hiid.' 

and full on the.y/toj«; p, uu/.. 

OJa.shakamigitthin, {nind). | 

slide and fall on the ground; 

p. wej. .ing. 
Ojaskakon. Tripe de roche. 
OjdnlUyob. A kind of elni-lreej 

(C. orme "^ras ;) pi.-///. 
Ojd.shikwimiii, (nind). 1 

and fall on the ice; p. 

Oja.'^liitiliin, (nind). I slide 

slip anil i'all ; p. 
Ojawanufih kwtikon e, or-nuigaj. 

'J'liere is a blue dame ; p. wes 

..ncg, OY-niagak. 
Ojdwano. A kind of blue bird ; 

Ojdwaskkns, {nind). Iam;^reeii ; 

p. w^j.-nid. 
OJdwa.shkwa, or-magad. It is 

green ; p. wej..ivag, 0Y-mag(dc. 
Ojawashkwahaga, or-nuiy<i<l, 

(pron. ujaioaskkubaga.) Thorci 

are green leaves, the leaves on 

the trees are green ; p. wej,. 

gag, ov-niagak. 
Ojawaslikwadisaan, {nind) or, 

nind ojawanhkioansan. I ilyc 

it green ; p. wej..ang. 

Ojawashkicadissige, {nind) or, 
nind ojawashkwannige. I dyt' 
green ; p. wej..yed. 

Ojawashkwadisso, or, njaiva.ih- 
kwanso. He is dyed green ; 
.ienibd, ribbon; moshwe, hand- 
kerchief ; p. wej.. sod. 

Ojawashkwaaissioa, {nind) or, 
nind ojawashkanswa. I tlyc 
him green ; p. wej. . wad ; iinp. 

Ojawashkwadite, or-magad or, 
ojawashkwande, or-magad. h 


— 819 — 

0.1 1 

is dyed prt'cii ; \\., or- 

Ojdii'dshkum-fjinchiif. Green ser- 

peiit ; |)l.-f)//. 
OJawna/ihirtiiKiic, iiiind). I am 

dressed in j^reen, I liave a 

jj;reen dress on ; p. wej..iet(. 
Ojd Hutsh kion ni </((</ r , ( tr-mmjwl, 

(pron. ojmoos/ikiiniyddh. Jt 

is j)ainted ^reeii ; p. i0fj..ih<j, 

(fJdWd.shkwdni(/af<n, {ojawdshko- 

niijasd.) He is piiintcd ^reen ; 

p. ioej..if(Hl. 
OJawas/ikwdn/ika, or-via<jad. It 

greens, tiie j.'russ l)e;fins to 

trrow; \). v't'J..kdi/, or'inaijdk. 
Q/awdshkwdsh/wd, ov-nuigdii. It 

is irreen, (ice, etc.) ; p. tvej.. 

vmtj, ov-mdtjak. 
OjauHishkwdsnatiiniifdde, <n'-via- 

(jad, (pron. ojdumshkoHssaiji- 

nigade.) It is painted green, 

(wood) ; p. uiej.Aeij, or-nid(jak. 
()jdnids/ikwasnagim'(/a,so, (oju- 

vmshkoHsayiniyaso.) He is 

painted green, (wood.) 
Ojdwashkwdwegad. It is green, 

(stufi) ; p, wej.jjak. 
Ojdwashkwaweijm. It is green, 

(stuff) ; p. wej.Md. 
OJia, {nitid). I nuike Bomfcobj. ; 

p. wejiad. 
Ojibiamaim, (nind). I write 

liini or to liini ; p. tvej..imd. 

OJibiaii, {nind). I write iipon it, 
I make marks on it ; I des- 
cribe it ; p. 

OJibiigade, or-magad. It is 
written, described ; there are 
marks upon it; p. wej..deg, 
or-magak. — S. Ijibiigade. 

Ojibiigan. Writing, writ, docu- 
ment; pl.-a«. 

8teel-pen ; pi. 

1 am written, 
p. wej..ti()d. — 


Ojibiigitnnho. Ink. 
OJihiigdii-dssiii. Slate 
OJihiigaiidfii/. Cenci I 
(fjibiigds, (nim 

I am described 

S. IJibiigas. 
()jibiig(\(iiiii\. I write, I mark ; 

p. irej..gcd. — S. IJibiige. 
()j ib h'grw iga //////. W r i t i n g- b o u s e , 

oUiec ; ])l.-f)//. Writing, the act or 

art of writing. 
Ojibiigewinhii. Writing man, 

writer, clerk ; scribe, (in the 

Jiilile ;) ]>\.-wng. 
Ojibiwa,{nind). I write or mark 

on some olij. ;I descriiie some 

obj. ; \). wej..wad ; imp. ojibi. 
^U>!/f {itiitd). I am formed ; p. 

Ojiguigdu. Noteli 

in a ma|)Ie-tree 

sugar; pi.-«/i. 



Ojigaige, {nind). I make inci- 
sions in maple-trees, to let 
the sap run out, in making 
sugar ; p. ircj..ged. 

Ojige, [nind). I make or build a 
lodge, or a house ; p. wejigcd. 

OJigeiriii. The act of building a 
lodge ; also, carpenter's trade 
or work, carijentry. 

Ojigewinini. Builder of houses, 
cari)enter ; p\.-wag. 

Ojigi abinodji {»gin wiiawi- 
ning,) The child is formc\l, 
(in its mother's womb.) 

Ojigi mandamin, ojikiwog inan- 
damiudg. The corn is formed 
into ears. 

Ojigi Opin, ojigiwog opinig (aki- 
kang). The potato is formed, 

I ' , 






, I 

II \, 

'^: [W 





V 5. 

I < 



\: , a 


( :l 


320 — 


the potatoes are Ibrnied, (in 

the groiimi.) 
Oji;/iii. It is formed ; p. wejif/- 

hiij. — OJif/in vias/ikoxsiw, an 

herb ifl tbrnied. Ojiqinon 

iiiKs/i koN.siwati ( mashknncnii ; ) 

the jirass is fornied, (in the 

OJi(/on(la(/ait, inind). I have a 

fine voice I p. roe}.. any, 
OJi</wan. His tail, (of a fish.) 
djiidires, \niiid). I have a tine 

looking appearance; p. loej.. 

Ojim, {nrnd). I fly for safety, I 

tiee, I run away ; I escape ; I 

take refuge ; p. wejimod. 
OJima, {iiind). I fly, or run 

away, from liim ; I avoid him, 

slain him ; p. toejiniad. 
Ojhnoa, (nind). I save liim hy 

flight, I cause liim to flee, to 

escape ; p. 
Ojimofan, (nind). S. Ojindan. 
Ojimotawa, (nind). S. OJima. 
Ojimowin. Fliglit, escape. 
Ojindan, (nind). I fly from it ; 

1 avoid it, I shun it ; p. wej.. 

Ojin'yibi.i.'i, {nind). I liave a 
whitlow ; p. wej. .id. — S. Jin- 

Ojinindam, (nin). S. Naangah. 
Ojishima, (niiid). l\i\\i l»im right, 

I prepare liim ; p. wej.. mad. 
Oji.s.saga, or-magad. The floor 
is even p. wej. .gag, or-magak. 

Ojissagisi nahagissag. The 
board is even ; p. wej. .aid. 

Ojissin. It is made, prepared, 
ready ; p. wejissing. 

Ojissitamawa, (nind). I make 
or prepare it for him ; p. wej.. 

Ojin.silon, (nind). I construrt it, 
I)repare it; I put it right, I 
establish it ; n. wej.Jtid. 

OjiUt, (nind). I am getting my- 
self ready, I am jireparing, 
(especially for a voyage;) p. 

Ojitiia, (nind). I cause him tn 
get ready, to prepare ; p. «y- 

Ojihiidis, (nin). I preparo my- 
self, I am getting myself rea- 
dy ; p. wej.. sad. 

Ojitamadia, (nind) or, nind oji- 
tamafi, I make it to mvscli', 
or for myself; p.\. 

Ojiiamawa, (nind). \ make it 
for him, or to liitu ; p. wej.. 

OJitawa, {nind). S. OjHamnwit. 

Ojitdwin. Getting ready, |)re- 
paring, preparation. 

Ojitchigaac, or-magad. ft is 
made, constructed, done ; p. 
wej..deg, or-magak. 

Ojitc/iigas, {nind). lam made; 
p. wej. ..sod. 

Ojitchuhkiwagina, {nin). I 
knead it, (dough, clay, etc.) ; 
p. wei..nad. 

Ojitchishkiwaginan, {nind). I 
knead it; p. wej. .ang. 

Ojiton, (nina). l make it, I do 
it, I construct it ; p. loejitod. 

Okdd. His leg; pi. okddan. 

Okddakik. Kettle witli legs, 
broth-pot ; pl.-ogr. 

Okaddkons. Radish ; pl.-on. 

Okadeidb. A platted cord or 
string; (F. corde natt^e;) p. 

Okadenamawa, (nind). I plat 
it for him or to him ; p. wek., 

itrnct it, 
ri^ht, I 

X\u<!:, my- 
•(' paring.', 

^ag«;) !>• 

?. him In 
i ; p. icc- 

paro iiiy- 
yrti'U' ri'il- 

nind nji- 


1 make it 

; p. "'';/•• 

j'ady , pi't- 

id. It i« 
, dom' ; p. 

ilay, etc.) ; 

[nind) . I 
ike it, T do 

p. loejitnd. 


with legs, 

; pl.-OJi. 
iod cord or 
natt6e-,) p. 

id). I plat 
im; p. weA-M 


— 321 — 


Okadenng minessaffawanji;/, 

(nind). I plul thoniH to^other. 
Okddenan, (nind). I pint it; p. 

Okadi-nitjc, [nind). I am plat- 

tiii<^, I plat ; J). wik..(f('A. 
Okdacichiyadcy or-maijad. It 

has lei's, (a tal»U', a stool, etc.) 
Okndetcliiijan. Le;; of a chair, 

tahle, etc. ; pl.-«H. 
Okddij/an. Shiii-itone ; pl.-aw. 
Okddiijinebiij. A kind of ser- 
pent with four short legs ; 

OkDdtma. Leg; pl.-jt. 
Okakiganama. Breast. — S. Ka- 

Okan. His hoiio ; pi. nkanan. 
Okandk. The core of an ear of 

Indian corn ; pl.-jflor/. 
Okandikan. Buoy, (to mark the 

[ilace where a net is set;) 


kandikan bekndjiknsod. A 
kind of big round buoy, fish- 
er'.'" buoy. 

Okanima. Bone ; pl.-n. 

Okanisse. A kind of gray bird ; 

Okaw, (nind). There are my 
footsteps, m)^ footsteps or 
tracks are visible, (wliere I 
walked in the snow, in mud, 
in sand, etc.) ; p. loekawid. 

Okatvamo mikana, ov-magad. 
There are tracks on the trail, 
the trail is visible, it shows ; 
p. wek..mog, or-magak. 

Ok/iwanj. Juniper-bush ; pl.-?'^'. 

Okdmanjimin. Juniper-berry ; 
pi .-aw. 

Okawia, (nind). I see his track 
where he walked ; p. weka- 

Okawinade, or-magad. There 

are tracks or Ibotstops, (of 

persons or aninuils ;) p. wek.. 

dog, ov-magak. 
Okairi.s.'iia niihiigandho. The 

ink is lilack, (the track of the 

^)en is very visible ;) p. wck.. 

OkdwHon mikana, (nind). 

the trail ; n. HU'k..tttd. 
Okawiwin. Track, tra(!e, 

step. Ill rr ing ; [A.-ag. 
Okitri.s.sah. Net with small 

meshes, for catching herrings; 

I see 




dj. Pipe-stem ; \t.-in. 
Okikdndag. Cypress-tree ; 

OkiJciwishin, (nind). I lie s(juat ; 
.shkimonisne. Fisher, (bird ;) 

p. wek. .ing. 
Oki.H ■ " 

Okitrhigadima. The right leg, 

in general, without alluding to 

any person. 
Okitchinikama. The right arm, 

in general, without a report 

to a person . 
Okitchinikamang nakakeia. On 

the right hand, or to the right. 
Okitchinindjima. The right 

hand, in general. — S. Example 

at Onamandjinindjiioa. 

Okitchinowama. The right 
cheek, ' in general, without 
regard to a person. 

Okitchishkinjigoma. The right 
eye, in general. 

Okitebago-wassaktvane. A kind 
of yellow flower growing in 
the water ; pl.-/t. 

Okoj. His bill, his beak, (of a 

Okondss. His blanket, his-cov- 

( \ 


V > 


'- « 







' ' 






' 1 

'f 1 





I '-l 

IJ. J 


:m — 


eriiijr ; pcpl, |iiiriiii: ; \\\.-iiii. 
Oknuiinn, Liver. 
(fhii'diiiiti, i\>Vii\\. okotiiiii.) n»'(i- 

vpr's (lain, or any dam - lA.-iii. 
OhoiinintikAle, or~m<i»ftul . Tlicrc 

is a (iani inii'lo ; p. weh-.tietj, 

(Hxirdiiiwike, inhni). \ am mak- 
ing a (lam ; p. vik.kcd. 
Okwc. Worm cominj; out of a 

fly's egg ; pi. ,,kiri'i/. 
Okiiu'ffisHin. It in wrapped to- 

jictiicr ; p. wek-...nn(/. 
Oku'iUniJ. ('lu'rry-trcc ; pl.-»,'/. 
(fkirniiiii. Clicrry ; pl.-rt/i. 
Okirili. Till- croMs-.Htick in a 

show-.ilioc ; pi.-///. 
Okwiiioiiiin, {iiiiid). We arc 

many together in one Imnd, 

one Hock, one heap; p. vck- 

vinodjhj. — M(inisktaHi»ha<f 

wcktviiKiiljhi, a wliole tloc.l- 

of .MJieep. 
Okwinkiimk, [nitnl). 1 put tl)( 

together in a heap or pile ; p. 

Okwis/iiiKitf. They are together 

in a heap or pile; p. wekwi- 

sh ill} iff. 
OkirisKiiuni. Tiiey are together 

in a heapor pile (?■»«/().• p. »'«A'- 

Okwissilonan, {niiid). I p»t 

them together in a heap or 

pile ; p. ivek.Joil. 
Oind, adv. Here, hitlier. 
Omakaki Toad ; pl.-(/. 
Owamaki.s, (in'iid). I have the 

small po.\ ; p. irc»i..fiid. 
Omaiilikoii. Stag; \<\.-o<j. 
Omashkosioaiio, (proper name of 

.some Indians.) 'I'lie tail of a 

Omaskkuswegin. The hide of a 

stag; pl.-ort. ( 

(hvai<hhtswfnhk(iii . Stag'n horn, 

hart's horn ; pl.-'f,'/. 
(hnfiiiini ddKSdtiftiftfii, (niiid) \ 

-el a trap; p. ireiiilKUni;). 
uhnte. The ninoke aH(M'inlH ; 

,1. wfm. .{('!/. 
OiiihnhiifiiKi, luhid). J lift, him 

np, I lioist him np ; p. wrni. 

Oinhdhiifiiiuu, Utiud}. I lioist 

or lift it np ; p. weiiLjiui/. 
(hnhaltii/inh/nn. I'lilley ; wind- 

la«s ; pl.-(«H. 
OiHl)(ihii/iiti</c, (iihid). r lilt u|), 

I hoist, I work at u wimllit^s 

or pulley; p. iiu'm..ift'd. 
Oiidxijiitikis, {II i lid). My skin 

is puffed up hy a hurning ; p. 

ir (III.. nnd. 
Oiidxiji.s, iniii). I play the liul- 

tbon, I droll, I jent ; p. incni.. 


•idxljisiwiii. iJutloonery, drol- 
innhdkumifii.^, iiiind). I miikc 

noise, I play or divert inysell 

in a noisy manner; p. vein.. 

()iiil)dk(iiiiii/'<hk, (iiiiid). I use 

or like to make noise, to di- 
vert my.self in a noiwy nuin- 

ner : p. won. .kid. 
Omhnkami (linLshkiwi n. liahii 

of indulging in noisy anuisc- 

Oi>ih/ikami(/iniwin. N»)ise, noisy 

play or amuHement. 
Oiiihdkohidjiye, (nind). I lioi.'^i 

the sail ; p. wevi..<fed. 
Ombdkobidon, {nind). I lift it 

up, J hoist it i )). ire>n..di)d. 
Omoakohina, (nind). I lift u)! 

or hoist some object ; p. wein 

Ombdkona, {nind). I raise tir 



323 — 



Noises ixJi-*) 

iid). I ^""^' 

lii). I !'><'<" 

). 1 lilt iM' 


1 raise ov 

lilt u|i Hoino (iltjoct ((if wiMxl 
('8|i('ciiilly ;) p. iriiH..iniil. 

Umhilknimii, (iiiuil). I riunv it 
up, (('^*p('(•illlly the rniiHt in a 
carKK', with tlio Nail tiod to it ;) 
I lilt it up, r iiiiikc it Htaiiil ; 
p. irfin.jniif. 

(hiilxtkoitific, (iiiii(l). I lift up, 
I iioi.Mt I p. tiKiii. .(/<■(/. 

Onihahraiifdii. Jji'vfM'; pl.-/n». 

OifilKlkwaitfc, (nind). I am lift- 
iii>^, raisin;; up, (enpeciaily 
with a U'vtT;) p. wnn.jjed. 

(hiihdiiitc, uv-vitujnd. There are 
optical appearaiicpH of latnl 
oil the Hurface of a lake or 
Kca, called " iniraj^es" by 
voyagers. P. HV'm../tv/, or- 
iiKdfdli', iF. ilv ades imra'^es.) 

Oiiiltdnitewiii. Mira;;e ; (K. nii- 
rajre ;) pi .-an. 

Oinliaoff, (iiiiid). I swell up ; j). 

(hnhds/i, (nind). I am lifted up 
hy the wind ; p. locmhdnhid. 

Oinbnsonta, (aind). I stir him 
up, 1 ex(!ite him ; p. loem.. 

(hidntwudhiiln, {nind). We stir 
up eacdi other, we excite each 
other to sedititju or riot; p. 

Ihuhdiioiidiwin. Stir, tumult, 
sedition, riot. 

Ihnhif..wn(/e, {nin). I stir up peo- 
ple, 1 cause a riot ; p. wem.. 

(hnhdssiii. It is lifted tip Ity 
the wind; j). wcinba.'f.tin!/. 

Oiubia, {nind). 1 raise him, 1 
incite him to some had action 
or^mischief; I cause him to 
disobey, to revolt ; p. loetn- 

(hnbibide, or-maf/ad. It Hie." up 

in the air; p. irt'in..d(ij, or- 

Ombibi^iiinn. S. Dmbixiiimi. 
(fmbiffiimidr, ttv-nuKjad. It rir«<'s 

up huiliii;;; p. weui..d((f, or- 

(>nd)ii/iuni.<tiije, iiiiiid). I make 

lioil miiple- syrup !•> make 

sii^rar ; p. iiuin..ijii(. 
Ombii/itt, ininil). F make him 

cry', I caii>e him to make 

noise ; [i. uum..iid. 
()iHbi(/in, {nind). I make noise; 

also, I speak imprudently ; p. 
Ondjii/i.siwin. Noise; imprudent 

()nibii/wcni(i(/tid. It makes noise; 

p. ic< ni..;f(t/\. 
(hnhiwa,\nind). S. Omhia. 
(hnhina, {nind}. I lift or raise 

him up, (a [)erflon or any other 

oltj.) ; p. n'('iiihin(i<l. 
(hnliinan, inind). I lift or raise 

it up; p.;/. 
Ombiniken, {nind). I lift up my 

arm : p. K'em..nid. 
OnibiHliin pnkvcjitjnn. The 

hread rises up ; p.<}. 
Onibi.-ihka, (nind). I rise on 

high ; p. wrni..k(id. 
Ombishkanidijad. It rises, it is 

lifted up ; p. ioem..(/(ik. 
(Jnibi.sideii, \nind). I lift up my 

foot ; p. wem..nid. 
Oinbisiijan, or ombibisiijan. 8. 

Oinbiaae, (nind). I dy ui)in the 

air; p. wem...seii. 
()nd)i.s.silchi(/an. Leaven, yeast, 
Onibi-^sitrlnijaso pakwejigan. 

Tliere is leaven or yeast in the 

hread, the hread is leavened ; 

p. weni...iod. — Leavened hread, 

wnvbiHsitth itjamd pakweji- 



II »l 





gan. — WembUsitchigdsossig 
7?aA;w)^yu/an, unleavened breaa. 


ift it up 
p. wem.. 

lift liini 
away, (a 
obj.); p. 

Ombiwidon, (nind). I 

and carry it away ; 

Ombiwina, [nind). I 

up and carry bini 

person or any other 

Ombdndaa, [nind). I lay s. th. 

on hiui lO carry ; p. 
Omhwean, {nind). I stir it up, 

lifting it ; p. icem..ang. 
Opbiveioaibiaon, (nind). I pluck 

or pull it out, (thread, etc.); 

Ombwewebinige, {nind). I over- 
threw, I put in disorder and 

confusion ; p. tvem..ged. 
Omigi, (nind). I am scabby ; p. 

tvemigid. — Nin kitclii omigi, 

I am a leper, I have the lepro- 
Omigiuin. Scab ; (F. ga'e.) 

Kiicai omigivnn, leprosy. 
Omimi. Pigeon, wild pigeon ; 

turtle-dove; pl.-(/. Omimins, 

young wild pigeon ; pl.-oor. 
Omimi-sibi. Pigeon River, Lake 

Omiskossi. A poisonous insect 

that runs on the surface of 

the water; pl.-flf. 
Omissaddma, Belly. 
Omissandamo. A kind of water 

serpent ; pl.-^. 
Omissandamotvaidn. The skin 

of the water-serpenl ; p\.-ag. 
Omodai. Bottle, flagon, flask; 

Omodai. Crop of a fowl. 
Omodens. Vial, small bottle. 
Omonsom. Trail of animals in 

the woods; deer-trail ; pl.-f«. 
Ona, at the end of some verbs, 

alludes to the conveying of 
some body in a canoe or boat 
to some place ; as : Nind dju- 
wanna, 1 take or convey him 
to the opposite shore, in a ca- 
noe or boat. Kin giwcona, I 
take or convey him back- 
again ill a canoe or boat, etc, 
S. Odon. 

Ondbama, {nind). I choose him, 
T select him ; \). iven..mad. 

Ondbanad. There is a hard 
crust on the snow, the snow i>< 
hard, a person can walk on it 
without breaking through or 
sinking in; p. wen..nak. 

Ondbandamounn. Choice, selec- 

Ondbandan, {nind). I select it, 
choose it ; p. wen..ang. 

Ondbandjigade, or-magad. It is 
selected, chosen out of others; 
p. iven..deg, ov-magak. 

Ondbandjigan. A thing select- 
ed or chosen out of others ; 

Ondbandjigas, {nind). I am 
chosen ; p. wen. .sod. 

Ondbandjige, (nind). I choose, 
I select ; p. wen..ged. 

Ondbani-gisiss. The moon of 
the crust on the snow, the 
month of March, or, niaki- 
ki.sis, the wild gooses month. 

Ondbem, (i::nd). I have a hus- 
band, I am a married woman ; 
p. wenabemid. 

Ondbemima. Husband ; pl.-(/. 

Ondbide, (nind). I have fine even 
teeth ; p. iccn..ded. 

Ondbikad. It is even, flat, (me- 
tal ;) p. wen..kak. 

Onabikamagad. It is even ; (F. 
c'est uni ;) p. wen..gak. 

^ Ibikisi. It is even, joniid, 



— 325 — 



eying of 
e or boat 
f^iiid uja- 
ivey liiiii 
', in a ca- 
Iweona, I 
\\\\ back 
boat, eto. 

lOOae bini, 

li a banl 
\ie snow is 
walk on it 
hrough or 
oice, selec- 

I select it, 

agad. It la 
,t of others; 


hing select- 
of others ; 

)■ I 


I choose, 



le moon of 
snow, tlie 
or, nisli- 

ses month, 
mve a hus- 
ieil woman ; 

nd ; pi •-.</• 
IV e fine even 

n, flat, (me- 

18 even ; (F. 


yen, joniid, 

silver ; assin, stone ; p. wen.. 

Onddaan, (^nin). I press it 

down, (in a box, etc.) ; p. locn 

Omdaan biwdbik, (niiid). I 

lianiiiier iron, (I beat it down 

flat) ; p. teen. .ang. 
Onadaigade biwdbik, or-magad. 

The iron is hammered, (not 

cast ;) p. wen..deg, or-makak. 
Onddamoton mikatia, {nind). I 

make a road well or even ; p. 

wen. .tod. 
Oaddiiia pakwejigaa, {nind). I 

knead bread ; p. wen..nad. 
Onddinige, {nind). lam press- 
ing down ; I am kneading 

bread ; p. wen..ged. 
Ondgan. Dish ; pl.-a«. 
Ondganike, (nind). 1 make a 

dish or dishes, (especially of 

wood ;) p. wen..ked. 
Ondganike oin. The act, or art, 

of making dishes. 
Ondganikeioinini. A man that 

uses to make dishes, (espe- 
cially of wood;) •p\.-ivog. 
Ondgans. Little dish ; cup ; 

saucer; bowl; pl.-a?<. 
Onagaskon. His palate. — Nina- 

gask, kinagask ; my palate, 

thy palate. 
Onagaskivaicai. Fine elegant 

embroidery with porcupine- 
quills ; pl.-OH. 
Oiiagaskicawaie, (nind). I em- 

l)roider with porcupine-quills, 

(Indian embroidery ;) p. loen.. 

Onagek. 8. Wanagek. 
OnagiJ. Bowels ; n\.-in. , 
Onagima, {niiid). I put a price 

on some obj. ; also, I judge 

him ; p. wen. .mad. 

Onagindamawa, inind). I make 

a price for him or to him ; p. 

wen.. wad. 
Onagindan, {nind). I put a 

priceouit; p. wen. .ang. 
Ondgo.'ih. Evening. 
Ondgoskif ov-inagad. It is even- 
ings it is late in the afternoon, 

towards evening; p. wcn..ig, 

Ondgoshi-anamiang . Even ing 

prayer, Vespers. 
Ondgoshi-wis.nniwin. Even ing 

meal, supper. 
Ondgwanaga, or-magad. There 

is an even snowshoe-trail ; p. 

wen.. gag, or-magak. 
Onakakwaan, (nind). 1 put it 

on the spit, I spit it ; p. loen.. 

Onahdkxcdica, {nind). I put him 

on a spit, I spit him ; p. icen.. 

wad; imp. on..kwd. 
Ondkamiga, ov-magad. Tliere is 

a plain, even, level ground ; 

p. wen. .gag, or-magak. 
Onakamigaan, inind). I make 

it even, I level it, 'ground ;) 

p. ioen..ang. 
Ondkamigaigade, or-magad. It 

is made even, level, (ground;) 

p. wen..deg, or-magak. 
Ondkamigamo mikana. The 

trail or road is even, is level ; 

p. Ik. in..mog. 
Gndkamigisnitchigan. The foun- 
dation of a house. 
Ondkona, {nind). I appoint him, 

(to some place or office ;) p. 

wen..nad. — S. Inakona. 
Ondkonamawa, (nind). I make 

a regulation or law tor him, or 

in regard to him ; p. iven..wad. 
Ondkunige, (nind). I make ap- 
pointments, laws, regulations; 

* m 


I •■'! 



- 326 — 


1; ' 

' ; , 'i''' 


t ! 

p. u^eiL.ged. — S. lnakoni(/e. 

Oiid/ mitiy. The tree is 
striii;ili( ; j). num.. Kid. 

()ii(f/itt.s,si(l(iii, {iiiiiih. I haft it, 
I ])ut a handle, liaft or crank 
to it; p. wen..dod, — S. NabCi- 

OiidiHuii. lied clay, (for piint- 
ing ;) vcrniillicdi. 

Oii(iin(in(IJi(/a<li»i<i. The lel't le^i', 
in general, without regard or 
report to a person. — S. Exam- 
ple at naniandj i iihuljima. 

Onamaiidjinikama. Lett arm in 

OndinaiKlJiidkamani/ nakakeia. 
Un the lel'l hand, or to the 

Oiiamandjinindjima. 'J'he left 
hand, in general, without al- 
luding to a pertson. — Sanaya- 
dakosiiiy o)> imaiu/Jiiiindjimo, 
awasliimo dash sanagad okit- 
rJiinindJima Cikotiiny. It is 
hard to have a nore left hand, 
but it i.s harder yet to have a 
sore right hand. 

Onama mljiiw warn a . 
cheek, in general. 

eye, in general. 

Onaiiiandj iiiidama . 
loot, generally, without report 
to a person. 

lid man i lies, {niiid). I have the 
herpes, (a cutaneous inHaiu- 
mation ;) p. wen..sid. 

Ondmaniueskoan . Herpes, ery- 
sipelas, (an eruption of a hot 
acrid humor;) (F. erysipele.) 

Onam an i-sdyaiyaa. Venn i 1 1 ion 

Onanaa. The calf of hii^ leg. 
NiHaiif kiuaiif etc. 



The left 
The left 

rejoice ; |,. 

{iiind 1,11(1- 
it joyful, [ 

Oiiandewegin. Dyed cloth ; hcui 

Ondniyos, {iiin). I 

Ond iiiyo.nwin . Joy , 
Ondniyotun, [nind], 

idyniiton.) I make 

make it rejoice; p. wtn..l<,d. 

— Nin yad onaniyntou kidt ,- 

I will make your heart joyful'. 
Onaniyiccndnm, {nind). I jwuc 

joyful thoughts, I rejoice; p. 

wen.. any. 
Oiianiywendamoivin. Joyful 

thouglit, joy ; pi .-an. 
Oiiaiiiywia, (nind). 1 make him 

joyful ; p. wen..dd. 
Onansiyan. Dye, color ; \)\.-aii. 
Ondntiiyc, {nind). 1 am dyein;:, 

coloring, I am a dyer ; p. wen 

Onaiisiytwiyainiy. Dye-house ; 


Onaimycwin. Dyer's buninet^.s 

or trade. 
Oiiansiyewiniiii. Dyer; pl.-wv///. 
Onapina, {nind). I harne.s.s him, 

(a horse or dog ;) p. ioan..n,ad ; 

imp. onapij. 
Oiiapis, {nind). lam harncHsed; 

p. wan. .sod. 
Onapisowin. Harness; \)\.-an. 
Onaslikinaa opwdyan, {nind). 1 

till a pipe ; p. 

Onas/ikinadass, {nind). I am 
putting my things in a trimk, 
box, etc. ; I decamp, move oil'; 
(F. je plie bagage ;) p. iixii.. 

Onashkinadepdshki.Hiyan. The 
gun i.s loaded; p. wen..dey. 

Onashkinadon pdshkisiyuii , 
{nind). I load a gun ; p. icea 

' M 

OND — 327 — 

(hicushwHa, or-mudud. It is 

oven, {wi(/wdns, luirk) ; p. wen 

a;/, i)V-)ii(iff(tk. 
(hiaaisa, {nind]. J put conve- 
niently some obj. ; p. wenuN- 

Oiiu.inii/an. Smoked meal. 
()n(isifi(/e, {nind). 1 nmokc meat ; 

p. iren..(/ed. 
Onatdumnijii, ov-mdtjad. The 

lieacli is even ; p. weu..(fU(/, ov- 

(hidte, ov-nimjad. There is soot; 

p. ioenitie</, or-miKjak. 
ihtdton, {nind). I put it well, 

conveniently ; p. wenatod. 
Olid, oiidj, in componitions, al- 

lu<les to the reanon or orij/in 

of H. til, ; to the place from 

which, or out of which, .some 

object comes or is obtained. 

(Examples in some of the fol- 
lowing words.) 
Onddbatc, ov-mcKjad. 'J'he ismoke 

comes from..., or out of...; p. 

a', or-maijak. 
(hidddad. It comes from... ; 

p. wcndadak. 
(huladtni, [nind). I weep or 

cry for a certain reason, (pain, 

los.s, sadness, fear, anger, joy;) 

p. iven..mod. 
(hidadrmoii, {nind). I liewail 

it ; p. wen. .mod. 
Oiidaddmnnan, (nind). I bewail 

some object ; p. tccii..niod. (V. 

Oiidddin, {nind). I am born, T 

descend from... I come from,..; 

p. wen...nd. 
Ihid/tdi.sid, {nind). I give him 

liirth, I bring him forth ; p. 
Ondadisike, {nind). I bring 

tbrtli, (a child,) I give birth,! 


I tumble 

well ; 


am <lelivcred, (of a child 
ii'('ii..k<'d. — S. \i(/iniv(i.s.s. 

Ondadi.sikricin. Child-ltirth, 

Ondddisitun, {nind). I Itring it 
llirtli, I iiring it into existence ; 
p, iren..fod. 

(hidddi.iiwiii. liirth. 


Onddjfodjin, {nind). 
down ; p. 

(hidnihdii. Place from 
water is obtained, a 

Ondaihi, (nind). I obtain water 
from... ; j). wan. .bid. —Mi oma 
ircnddihiidn ; 1 obtain water 
from this place; (or, I fetch 
my water here.) 

Oiidani, alludes to occvpaiion, 
having no time to spare ; or 
to the lit.nnij of time. (Exam- 
ples in ,>^ome of the following 

(indainakamiyiK, {niii). I am 
busy ; p. wen..sid. 

Oudamcndam, {nind). I am 
distracted in my thoughts, I 
am occupied by o t h e r 
thoughts ; p. wen. .an;/. 

Ondamcndan, (nindi. It occu" 
pies my mind, I (;annot leave 
it, I cannot cease to think on 
it; p, we) 

Ondanienima, {nind). He occu- 
pies me in my thoughts, I 
cannot leave him, (a sick per- 
son, etc.) ; p. ioen..7nad. 

Ondamia, (nind). I occupy him » 
also, I keep him buck from 
his work, 1 make him his 
work-time ; p. wen. .ad. 

Ondaniibi, (nind}. I am losing 



II : ' 


— 328 — 



ih 'f 

: Til 

my time Vjy drinking liquor ; 
p. wen. .bid. 

Ondamibiige, [nind). I am oc- 
cupied in writing, all my time 
is taken up by writing ; p. 

Ondamiiwe, {nin). I occupy peo- 
ple ; also, I make people lose 
their time, I keep them hack 
from work ; p. wen.. wed. 

Ondamima, {nind). I make hiiw 
lose his work-time by talking 
to* him ; p. wen. .mad. 

Ondamis, inind). S. Ondamita. 

Ondamishka, (nind). I am ab- 
sent from home, occupied 
elsewhere ; p. wen..kad. 

Ondamisiwin. Occupation . 

Ondamita, [nind). I am busy, 
I am occupied, I have no 
time ; p. icen..tad. 

Ondamitagos, (nind). I occupy 
people by my speaking ; p. 

Ondamitakas, (nind). Feign. I 
make vain excuses of having 
no time, I dissimulate occu- 
pation ; p. wen.. sod. 

Ondamitchige, (nind). I am busy 
in doing this or that ; p. icen.. 

Ondamonje, {nin). I am occu- 
pied or busy in nursing my 
child, it takes me all my time 
to take care of my child, (or 
children ;) p. wen..jed. 

Ondanam, {nind). I run myself 
breathless after it,'to reach it, 
to have it ; p. wen. .mod. 

Ondandndan, (nind). I starve, 
in order to have it; p. iven.. 

Onddshdn. Come here, come 
this way. 

Onddshime, adv. This way, 

nearer to this place here. 
Onddss. Come nere. 
Onddssagdm, adv. On this sido 

of a river, bay, lake, etc. 8, 

Onddss inakakeia, adv. On tliis 

side, this way, here, towards 

this place. 
Onddssonag, adv. On this side 

of the canoe, boat, etc. 
Onde, or-magad. It boils ; p. 

wendeg, or-magak. 
Ondend, (nind). I am absent 

from home for such a reason ; 

p. wendendid. 
Ondenima, {nind). I have hat! 

feelings, revengeful thoughts, 

against him, for a certain rea- 
son ; p. xoen..mad. 
Ondenindimin, (nind). We have 

bad feelings against each 

other, for a certain reason ; p. 

Ondenindtwin. Anger for sucli 

a reason, cause of anger ; 

cause or title of condemnation. 
Ondib. Ot. S. Oshtigwdn. 

Ondina, [nind). I get some obj. 
from..., or out of... ; p. wendi- 
nad ; imp. ondin. — Aiawcwi- 

famigong nind ondina kokos/i; 
get porlc out of the store. 

Ondinamage, (nind). I furnisji 

feople s. til., I let them have, 
procure them ; p. ioen..gek. 

Ondinamas, (;nind) or, nind on- 
dinamadis. I procure to my- 
self s. th., I earn, I acquire ; 
p. wen.. sod. 

Ondinamason, (iiind) or, nind 
ondinamadison. I procure it 
to myself, I earn it ; p. wen.. 


— 329 — 


crer for such 
°of anger; 


et some obj. 

p. wemli- 


dina kokosh; 

le store. 

I funiisli 

them liave, 


or, nind oii- 
ocure to my- 

d) or, nind 
I procure it 
it ; p. wen.. 

lhi(liHa)na.i<tnau,{nin(l) or, iiiiid 

(>ndiiutm(idi.<ionim. I procure 

to myself soiiu- olij. ; p. wen.. 

Nod. (V. Coiij.) 
Oiidinamawa, {nind\. I li't him 

hiive s. til., I liirnJHli liiiii, 

procure liiin s. th. ; j). lium,. 

Ihidiiuiii, liu'ad). 1 get it from..., 

or out of.. ; p. wen. .any. — 

.\la.nnnignaiii(/ nind j/i-ondi- 

naa nin kikenddsoicin ; I ^ot 

my knowledge from hook.-', 

(or out of book.s.) 
(hidinigade, ov-vuvjad. It is got 

or obtained of.., from... ; p. 

wen. .del/, or-uiajak. 
iiiidinUje, {nind). I get things 

from..., of...; p. iven-.t/ed. 
Ilitdiniinanyanima. Slioulder ; 

Ihidis, [nind). 8. Ondinif/e. 
iliidisin. It is proti table, it 

l»ring8 profit; p. wendisiny. 
l)iidi.nn, {nind). I have the 

profit of it ; p. wendi.sid. 
Uiidininan, [nind]. I have the 

profit of 8ome obj. ; p. weadi- 


Iliidj., for, on account 
of, for the sake of..., in regard 
lu... ; ivendj. S. Otch. Gram. 
Ch. VI. No. III. 

iiiidJ. Through; as: Boddwd- 
nin<j (ji-ondji-pindiije, wd.i.'ici- 
cliiganiny dash </ 
iiin. He came in through the 
chimney, and went out 
through the window. 

fiiidji, (ni)id). I come from.... 

out of... ; p. wendjid.— lV«.s'.v« 

from far 

out 01... ; p. 


I iiiidji, or-mayad. 


that come 
It comes 

from.,., out of...; p. wcndjiy, 

Ondjia, [nind], I hiiii''>r him or 

forbid him to do h. th. or to 

go somewhere ; p. loendjidd. 
Ondjibo, (nind). I come from... ; 

p. wcndjilxid. 
Om/JilxinKiytid. It eome.s from..; 

]). wen. .yule. 
Ondjihide, or-mayad. It comes 

tiying from.,., it dies from...; 

p. wen..dey, ov-inayak. 
Ondjiyo, •n'-mayad. It leaks, 

(the water, etc., runs out of it, 

or into it ;) p. toendjiyay, or- 

Ondjiyawiion, inin). I make it 

run out of it, (TKiuid ;) p. wen 

Ondjiyida-s, [nind). I get angry, 

on account of...; p. wen, .sod. 

Ondjiiwc, {nind). I hinder i)eo- 
ple to go somewhere, or to do 
H. th.; p. iuen..ined. 

i)ndjin.(;, (nind). I die for such 
a reason, on account of...; p. 

Ondjinana, inind). I kill him 
for the sake of...; p. wen.. ad ; 
imp. oiidjinqj. 

(hidji-i/ikaosse, {nind). \ walk 
against the wind ; j). wcn..sed. 

Oadjislikawaaw., (nind). I have 
head-wind, contrary wind, 
(traveling in a canoe, boat, 
etc.) ; p. wen. .any. 

Ondjis/ikawaaniywad. The wind 

is ahead, contrarv ; p. wen.. 

Ondjissin. It come-; from..., it 

results from... ; |). w'ndji.'i- 

Ondjitd, adv. Purposelv, on 


Vm I 



— 330 — 


piirpOHC ; iiiiicli, vdi'v ; t luniks, 

tliank yo\i. 
(hiilaiuhiiKtina. IIool, in sjfoiu'- 

rnl, uithdUl I'cport to a pors(jii. 
()iiil<)iij<\ (luii(l). I have a cliild 

t'l'uin...; p. U'ciidiinjad. 
Ondwewe, in'-mar/ad. A voice 

or noise conies out of..., or 

from... ; p. ici:ii..ici(/, ov-iii.i- 

</(ik. — WadjUviiiy oiulioewe- 

iiKiijud, tlio noise conies iVoin 

tlie niountain. 
()ii<tt(}i"iiud(iiit, mind). I spoak 

out of .siicii ii place; I speak 

lor siicli 

a reason 



(Ill I/. 
Oiicndaii, uiliid\. I ju<l<ie it, 

privately, in tiionglits ; p. wen 

Unenhna, {nindj. I judge him, 

])rivately, in tli()u;_'lits ; p. 

wen. .mad. 
Oniaiuawa, {lu'iid}. 1 set him a 

trap or snare, to catcli liim ; 

p. wcn..w((d. — Ainik iiind niii- 

amawa, wnhije.s/riwuf/ ijaie 

nind onioiiinwaf/ ; T set a bea- 

vor-trap, anil a marten-trap, fl 

set traps to a beaver ami to 

Onidjdni. The temalo of an 

animal, of a (luadniped, (Kot 

Itird ;) p\.-w<nj. — S. Xojtf.ic. 
(hiidjdni.s.'i, {nind). I have a 

child, or children ; p. wen...sid. 
(Jnidjiini.'i^ikdnun, [nind). lie is 

my godchild ; also, I adojit 

him for my child ; p. wen.. 

kad. (V. Coiij.) 
OnidJ/lni.s.sikairindn. 8. Xinid- 

(hiidjani.s.Hinia. ChiUl ; \)\.-(J. 
OnidJ(nii,ssiiui(j, {nind). I am 

his chiKl, lie has me for a 


(hii'IJiiiil.s.^-iini</(i, {nind). I ;uii 
child ; 1 am had foi' a child : 
p. nin wcnidjdiii.sxiniiijiiiiid 
win ireiiidjdiiis.s'iniiiid. 

OiiidjaiiisKinoii., \iiind\. I have 
him for a cliild, lie is my 
child; \). wrii...sid. (V. Conj.) 

()niiljiiiiix.'<iiid(iii, (nind). I havr 
i: for a child, 1 am ils I'aihvi' ; 
J), wen. .anil. — W'cnidjnui.s.siii- 
didiif i/ni/iiuiwi.'y'/ikiwin. ; \\r 
who has the lie tor \\\n chiM, 
(" the father of lies.") 

Onidjaiiiwiddn. The skin of :i 
female animal ; pl.-r<//- 

(hii(/(td(in, fiiiiid). I carry ii on 
my shoulder; p. weii..(iiii/. 

(hii(/(nn. Portage; pi.-//;. — /w7- 
clii-Onii/dniini/, at (jrand I'di- 
tage. \\'(</, ai 

()ni(/itiia, inind). 1 carry him 
on my shoulder; p. weiiii/uidul. 

()iii(/diidti(/. Iland-harrou. i.. 
carry s. tli. on it ; lA.-on. 

Oiii(/e, (Hindi. 1 maKO portage, 
I carry over a portage ; p n-i- 

Oiiii/ii(/oni(i. Parent ; 1)1.-//. 

Oniiije, [nind). I makotrap~iii 
the woods, to catch little ani- 
mals, as martens, minks, eu . ; 
p. weniitjed. 

Onijan, {nind). I cut it, (a coui. 
etc.) ; p. wenijanij. 

Onijiijc, [nind). I cut, (a cuiii, 
eto.l ; p. wni..i/ed. 

Onijiyan. Shred; (F. retaille; 
pi. -ay/. ' 

Oniji.'i/i, (nind). T am fair, licaii- 
tiful, rine; good, (a person or 
any other ohj.) ; p. tvenijishiil. 

()ni.jisliahamiiia(j().'<, (niiid<. I 
have a tine appearance ; ]>. 

hi 'A 


(I). I '.1111 

h. I liav- 
lie is 111} 

t(/). I Uavf 

its t'atUer; 
kiwi II ; 1>'' 
[• his chil'l. 

«•") . . 
le skin ot ;t 


1 oan-y ii "H 


t Graml 1'"!- 
iijainiiKj, iU 

I carry hini 
p. irciiinaii'i'l- 
;i(l-l>iirru\v, 1" 

[Make porta.L'o, 
orta;j;o ; i> "''• 

lit ; i>k-.'/. 
niako trail- ni 
,tcli littk- ai.i- 
, minks, c'i>-; 

rut it, (ii ^^"'^'• 


J cut, (a C'liit, 

"'^- -,1 

(F. rotailK'; 

am fair, Ihuii- 

, (a im;*:'.'", !'[ 

, p. iveii).n>:'ii''- 
ipoaraucc ; !'■ 

ONI — 331 — 

HH/Jishfthamiiiin/irfKj. It lias a 
lino appt'araiicc, it looks Itcaii- 
tit'ul ; p. ■wi'ii..W(ik. 

(hiijinlic.ndmv, hiIikI). I have 
lair thoughts, irood thoiiglits ; 

]>. Wf:ll..((,n(/. 

ilinjinhia, {iiin(l\. I onibollisli 

or adorn soinclHidy ; p. wrii.. 

(Iiiijis/iin. It is fair, line, licaii- 

tifiil ; it i'^ goui!, nsi'lul ; it is 

agrccalik' ; p. v)in..iii(f. 
(hiijinhitiiii, \ninci). T einhcl- 

lish it. adiini it ; I make it, 

irouil, usctul, agrei'nlilc ; p. 

ircn.Jixl . 
lliiijis/iiiriii. lioauty, uscl'iihioss. 
(inikd, {7iin<h. I hHvc arms ; j). 

ihrikaina. Arm ; pi.-//. 
nidmik. Bud ; hrowee, sprout ; 

pi. -/»//. 
fliiiiiKikokc jiijiki. The ox (or 

I'cw) cats little liranclies aii<l 

shnilis, it hrowses ; p. wen.. 

ihiiiui, adv. S. \V(i))i)i(i. 
thiiii(i.s.s((hi, iiiiiiih. I am getting 

a net ready for petting ; p. 

men. .hid. 
iiiiiiidji. (//■/////). I have hands; 

}). wen. .id. 
Oiiindjiijaii. Its tin, (of a lisli ;) 

fhiiudjima. Hand, or linger ; 

'hiiiufwi. His arnipit, his arm- 
hole ; pi.-//. 
'hiiiii/irit/dii. His wing; pi.-////. 
(hiiii(/iri</<tna, (?/?'// 1. I have 

wings ; j). weii..nad. 
ihiishka, [niiid). I rise up, 

(when lying, not sitting;) p. 

iceii..kud.^^. I'lL-iii/wi. 
Oni.'i/ikii, OY'inaijad. It rises uj), 

ON 8 

it comes up ; \>. imi..k<ii/, or- 

(hii.'<lil,<ihtilit, \iiiiidi. I ri.-c lip 

(piickly, hri.-kly; p. iriii../n<i. 
(hii.s/iknItiiKi. iiiiiid). I raise 

him lip, lift him up ; p. //-r//., 

(hii>ihki'd>iii(iii. liriiid). I raisi' 

it up, lilt it lip ; p. iC( ii..aiiif. 
()iii.'</ikir(iii. ills gland. — S. i\'/- 

II is ilk. ^ 

(hii.s/iktva, (iiind!. S. U'(////.v//- 

kirm, and the Notk to il. 

N. ]}.— Sometimes the aliovf 

words meaning '• rising" are 

more proiiounceil with the 

root UV than 0. 
(hii)ta(j((ii. Kmployed person; 

1 'I •-'///• 
Oiioiv, pron. These, those here. 
Oiiowcm. His cheok, or his 

clieeks. — S. N^mn. 
Oii.sah,{iiiiid). I look from a 

certain place, from a certain 

distance ; j). wcii.sdhid. 
On.sdlxnna, iiriiid). I see him 

from a certain distance; p. 

()ii.'<dl)(Uiditii, (iii)id). I see 

from a certain distance ; 

wen. .(Ill If. 
OiiHum, adv. S. O.suiii. 

Oihtari, (/////). I hoil it ; j). ireii- 

On.sekwe, {nind). I hoil s. th., 1 

make boil ; p. wen. .wed. 

Un.iilidn. Saj), vital juice of 
plants and trees ; (F. sove.) 

On.sika, {nind}. I come for some 
reason; p. wen.sikud. — Weijo- 
nen ba-on.sikdian 'f What is 
the reasoM of thy (^(^minghere? 
— S. Hesinikn. 

Oimka, ov-niatjnd . It comes 


Is > 





' 1 


— 332 — 



• ! 



ri i 

' '\ 

from..., out of... ; p. wen..kaff, 
Otisttoi/d.s, {iiin(l). 1 am liciird 
out ot'u certain phi'H' ; p. uu;ii 
..aid. — Tr/iibi'(/<nniff(>)uj tji- (ni- 
nita()i)Ni ; lie was heard out ot' 
tlie grave ; (a man tluit was 
l)urie(l before he was real I v 

()u,sUa(/io<td. It i.M hcaiil out of 
a certain place, out of s. th. ; 
p. wtiL.wak — (iij/itowin miak- 
wadong t/i bi-nnsif(t(/wnd ; a 
speaking wa.'* heard out of the 

Onfiitan, inind). I liear a voice 
or noiHe coming out of nome 
place ; p. weii.sitaiu/. 

Onsitawd, [iiind). T hear him 
out of Home place; p. iren.. 

Onso akik. The kettle lioils ; 
p. wensnd. 

Onsoma, {niiid). 1 reproach him, 
I .scold him for .s. th., or in 
regard to... ; p. ireu-.m/id. 

Onsovuiwass, (nind). I scold or 
reproach, in regard to my 
children ; p. wen. .sod. 

OnHomje, {nind). I reproach, I 
scold, tor such a reasc u, in re- 
tjard to... ; p. wen..ged. 

Onsioa,{nind). I l)oirsome ohj. ; 
p. wensivad ; imp. «/i.v«'/. 

Onwds, (nind). I am lucky ; 
p. wenwdsid. 

Onwdsiwin. Good luck, chance. 

Onwdtawa, {nind}. I have a 
foreboding of him, or in re- 
gard to him ; 1 augur or fore- 
tell of him; p. wen..wad. 

Onwfitc/iige, (nind\. I liave a 
forehodmg by some mark, a 
presentiment ; I foretell by 
that presentiment, or from 

I augur ; p. 

luding, prognostic, augn- 

; p. 
I have a father 

certam signs, 

foretelling from signs 
Onwdfrliii/nrinini. A man that 
has presentiments or foreliud- 
ings bv certain marks, and 
forotelfs future events accord- 
ingly, an iiugur, foreteller. 

Onwdwe, inind). I have the 
hiccough or hickup. 

Onwdwfiwin. Hiccoufjli, hickup. 

Onji.^hima, [nind]. He is my 

Oo.v.v, [nind). 
p. v^eossid. 

Oti.s.iikanan, {nind). I have him 
for my ailopted father, he is 
my adopted father ; my god- 
father; p.weo..kad. (V. Conj.) 

Oos.sinm, (nind). I have him fur 
a father, he is my father ; p. 

OuN.simigo, (nind). I am had for 
a father, I am lather ; p. niii 
weossindyoidn, tvin wcontii- 

()o.'<Kinan, (nind). I have him 
for a father, he is my father ; 
p. weoHHid. (V. Conj.) 

Opdma, {nind). I hinder him 
to sleep, by talking or mak- 
ing noise ; p. loepamad. 

Opdioe, {nind). I hinder people 
to sleep ; p. wepawed. 

Opigiigan. His rib; p\— 
JVipigi'gun, kipigegan ; my 
rib, thy rib. 

Opikomindn. Stone or kernel in 
fruits ; pl.-a?j. 

Opikwad. Gut; p\.-ag. 

OpikioadJ. Air-bhidder of a fish ; 

Opikwan. S. Pikwan. 


:m — 


am bad t'ov 
ler ; p. ni'l 
nn wcossi- 

have Ivini 
,ny I'atlier ; 

hinder Ivii" 
^^T or mak- 

liiuler people 


lb; pl..aH.— 
leyan ; ">}' 

or kernel in 

Ider ofahsh; 

Opikwandma. IJjiok . 

Opiuieaii, a<lv. ]{y. apart, uHitlc, 
liy the side of... ; uliliiniely. 

Opimdkana, udv. Hy the way- 

Opimniii, adv. In the siik' of 
tlie liody. 

()})i7nr.s/iii)Ki, {niiid). \ make 
him lie on his side, (not on 
the hack ;) I lay hirii on liis 
side ; p. wep..m(t(l. 

Opiitir.s/iin, i lie on my side, 
(not on the ha(!k ;i p. v^ej).. 

Opime.s'se, {nind). I tall on my 
Hide ; p. wep..ed. 

Opimesitidon, {nind). I lay it 

on the side ; p. ioep..d(id. 
OpimesHia. It liea on the 


Opin. Potato; \A.opimii. 
Opini-nkondss. Potato-paring ; 

Opiniwigamu/. Root- house ; pl.- 

OpitcJii. Thrush, rohin ; (P. 

•rrive ;) pl.-wvK/. 
I>pwd(fan. Pipe, (smoking-pipe ;) 

Opwdijan-aasin. Pipe-stone, 

(soil wliite, black or red stone, 

fit to make a pipe out of it ;) 

pi .-1/7. 
Ondgi. Sack Indian ; pi.-//. 
Osfij/ikioe. Sack squaw ; pi.-//. 
Dsdr/im, (nind). T speak the 

Sack language, (the language 

of the Sack Indians;) p. we- 

Omgimoiciin. Sack language. 
Omgin. His shoulder, (of an 

animal,) the fourth part of an 

Osmn, adv. Too; too much; 

very much. 

(hrnnnkidi', ov-magad. It is ton 
much hurnt ; p. n'cs..kt'i/, or- 

(t.sthni-ndani, {nind\. I have too 
much care; p. iven..ang. 

(isduicnddnnntiin. Too" much 
care, troiihle. 

Osdmeniin, (nind). I am very 
glad; p. we.s..m(id. 

Osdmia, {nind). I treat him 
too hadly ; p. ircsanii(ul. 

Ihsdmidon, {nind). I speak too 
much, I am talkative, I prat- 
tle, chatter; p. iiu;.s'..d<)d. 

(tfidmiihiniiwin. Prattling, talka- 
tiveness, locjuacity. 

(hdmigidaa, [nind], I am too 
angry ; p. we.s..s<)d. 

(hdminad. There is very much 
of it; (there is too much of 
it;) p. wes..nak, 

(hdjnine, {nind). I am very 
sick, (too much sick,) I have 
very much j)ain, (too much ;) 
p. wi\^.,ned. 

Osdmineu'in. A very great sick- 
ness ; pl.-«H. 

Usdviingwdm, {nind). I sleep 
too much, too long, I rise too 
late ; p. wes..ang. 

O.sdminimin, {nind} or, nind nsd- 
minoniin. We are very many, 
too many ; j). ires..djig. 

Omminowe, {nind). S. O.samidon. 

Osdmi.'<, {nind). I am extrava- 
gant, exorbitant; I am too 
had, too noisy, too frivolous ; 
p. ice,i..,si.d 

Ondmi.siwin. Extravagancy ; ex- 
cess in making noise, in being 
frivolous, etc. 

Osdmifchige, {7ii.nd). I act or 
behave too badly ; I do many 
things which I ought not to 
do ; p. wes..ged. 




'I i 



3;m — 



I » 

(Js/inn'iraiie, (niinl). I carry loo 

lu'iivv !i lf>Hil ; i>. W(''il. 
()>iihit iiihiii'd iiiiid iini ikkit I 

siiy loo iiiiicli of it, I cxuf^j^f- 

Oku III Ilia iviivibiUi, I |)rcci|)i- 

tiilf, I iicl touniiicli in ii liurrv. 
(fftt'niKii/iiiiKi, (iiiiid). i ffienk 

loo iiiiicii ot'iiiin; p. ioi.s.jikkI, 
OHoiKunan. VfiinllliDi), rcil 

|i;iiiil or roiiL'c, l(» |>iiiiil the 

clic't'kH; (F. Iiird./ 
Osiiuaiiiaiii, {iilndj. 1 puiiil iii.v 

clicekrt veil ; p. ii^eti,.iiii)tl. 
Onairu, ur-)iiu(/(i(l. Jt is yellow ; 

J), locsawaif, or-iH(i(/(ik\ 
(hnwdhnii. JJilc; (F.'liile.) 
Osuiodbi, iniixd). I am bilious, I 

have much hilc in me; p. ipcs 

(haivuhiijin. Yellow flannel. 
Osuwdhik. Yellow melal, Itrass ; 

also, copijcr. 
()sawdJ)ik()-iuihik(iwaf/aii. Col lar 

of hrass-wire, worn hy paj^an 

InilianH ; \>\.-(ni. 
Osdwdbikoii.s. A conl, cop])er- 

cent. — NiJ o.suwdbikdiinan, 

two cents. Nixawi onawdbi- 

kdiisaii, tliree cents, et(;. 
Omivddinsan, [niHd),<)sdwdnsan, 

Osawadism/c, iiiind], onawnii- 

.ti(je, {nind). 

Oi^d lead i.sfiini,(ni lid), o.iawanswa, 

(hawadiic, osawande. — S. OJa- 
washkioakifisuii ; oj a w a a h - 
kwdii.san, olc. ; changin<^ in 
the Eiiirlisli signification green 
into yellow. 

Osnivai/ wdwaii, or otidwawan 
The yolk of an egg. 

O.viivajc, {nind). 1 have a yel- 
low skin ; p. insdwdjed. 

Osdmt-jdniia. (iolil, (yellow sil- 

H.sdWd-Joniidkadaii, [nind). I 

gild it ; p. ioe.-<..dnf/. 
I <l.sdird-i<iiiiidkdd(\ uv-iiidi/dd. Ii 
is gilt ; p. we.'<...d('jf,i)r-iiidifiik. 

0.SO wu-Jdiii ia/cHfo . It is gilt ; p. 
wr.s, .sad, 

().sdird..jniiii(ikdiia, (nind). I giM 
some olij. ; p. n'<t<..iidil. 

()suiOdkiidakdn.>i. Carrot ; pl.-(///. 

O.^dn'diidslikn-niiiiik'dn. Mu^tanl 
Meeil ; \)\.-dii. 

O.sdini/iii. Yellow cloth of otlior 
yellcjw stutf; ])\.-dn. 

0.sdir(:(/i,^-dn, [iiiii). J make il 
yellow by smoke, (.stnlt;) p. 


(Lsdireijisiijc {nind). I make 
yellow I13' smoke; p. ir(.s..i/rd. 

O.sHwai/i.swd, {iiind){dii.). I makf 
it yellow and soft by nnioke, a 
deerskin;) p. ir(:s..irad ; imp. 

Dsdwi (/iii('hi(/. Yellow serp:'iii ; 

OmiLu-mdkult. IJrimstone, sul- 

O.idwindibe, inind). My head i^ 
yellow, 1 have yellow haii. 
tiaxen hair ; p. HH;s:.bc.d. 

Osdwinea, {nindj. I have 
jaundice ; p. wes..sid. 

(hdwiiie.siicin. Jaundice ; 

(hdwini(/dde, ov-iidd/ad. 1 1 is 
painted yellow ; p. W(:.s..d(i/. 

Osawini(/asd. Ii is painted vfi- 

low ; p. wcH,.si)d, 
Omwi.i, [nind). I am yellow ; 

p. wesdwi.'^id. 



ivc u vel- 

yi'How fil- 

[nin<l)- 1 

iiiitii'i'l- '' 
, oY'iiniijak. 

t is ^ilt ; p. 


•rot ; i)l.-«"; 

ry(. Mu:*tllVil 

,,lli orotWt'i' 
1 nmki' n 

). 1 nml«' 

(,///.).! niiikt' 
bv 8in<>l<(', ':!■ 
■slirad ; ii'M'- 

low scrp '111 ; 

astont', siil- 

My lu'iiil i- 
•c'llow liiiir. 

1 hnvi' l!i> 

iiiidict' ; iV- 
iiK/dil. '• '■ 



piiiiitcil y 
am vi'llow 


— 3:i5 — 


Ot^nv^in.iOj/inlijdtlr, tn'-nidj/ad. It 
is |iaiiitotl yellow, (wocxi); p. 
tris..ttii/, (>r-)iiii</(i/y. 

(h((iiuss(i</iiii(/ii.sii, lit' ispaiiitcil 

(isdwifrfiifin, Uiitiil)iti.'ii, yellow 
tunii|) ; (V. cliou de Siumi ; 

Os/idiawit/n);, {iiiihI). I liiixf u 
fliui'|) Idick, il uin extremely 
lean, poor;) jt. ircx/i..((iu/. 

Ds/hHiiiiui, \itiiiil) or, ////*'/ tn^ha- 
irn. 1 scare him, I t'ri;/liteii 
liiin away, I iiiaki' liiiii fly ; 
p. ! 

(}s/inliii(i, ov-iii(i(/()iL 'i'liere is a 
loii'^ narrow riii;reoJ'a moun- 
tain; (F. il y a iiiie erete de 
collines;) j). wcsh.Jinii, or-m((- 

Oshiiiirindiviiii, iniiul]. We are 
iirotliers tofi;etlier ; p. wrsli,. 

'>s/i/,(il)(ici.'<s. Waitc.' or atten- 
dant of an Indian dliief; \)\.-(i(/. 

().s/ik'/7h(i((ii. New field, newly 
lirokeii land;(F. terre neuve.) 

Ils/i/x/ihrniiii/dif/ttili', oY-iH(ii/(t(l. 
There is a new field made, 
new land broken np ; p. wa/i 
. (It'll, or-iiia(/(i/y. 

(ishkdkamit/nij/c, \)iiinl). I sow 
or plant in a new field, i make 
a new field ; p. iiicsh..(jed. 

Oshkanjik(ulji(fan. Horse-shoe ; 

Oshkdtijhna. Finirer-nail ; pi.-//. 

Oslikihijin. His tin<j;er-iiail ; his 
hoof; his elaw. — Nhhkdnj, 
kls/ikanj ; my tiiiiier-nail. thy 
finger-nail. — In compcsitious 
the A- is softened into </ ; as: 
JicheJi<j(j(/(iiiJ, one hoofed ani- 
miil. Pijikiu'ii/mij, (daw <il' an 
ox or cow. 

A young animal 

Os/iki(s.siiti. Voungdogi |il.-".'/. 
O.s/iki, adj. New, recent, fresh, 

yoniiL', first. 
(l,s/iki-nliiiii>dji. New-born child, 

infant, hahe, habv ; pl.-'Vf//. 
Oshki-niitn. A ni'W or yotinjr 

ol.j. ; pi.-//. 


or bird ; }>l.-^'//. 
Osliki-aii. A new obj. ; pl.-/(. 
Oshki-d'i'ni'du. It is new, Miot 

yet used, or not mucdi need ;) 

p. W('s/l..(Ult/, 

().s/iki-l)iidudi.^-, [iiidd). I am 
yt-uiij:, I beirin to live ; p. 

irrs/i. sid. 

Os/iki-hiniddiaiiriii. Youth. 
()s/iki(/diij(tn. Fresh nofcdi or 

incision in a maole-tree, in a 

nu^nir-makinii' ; [A.-dii, 
().s/>ki(/iii. Young shoot ; (F. re- 

jetoii ;i pl.-o/(. 
Oshkiijin. It is a youiiii shoot ; 

p. it'c.s/ikit/in;/. 
(hiiki ijilirniriii. The New 

Os/ikikirdndi( , (nhid) or, 

os/ikii/wdjc. I have a 

dress on ; p. VH'fih..ed, 
O.s/ lie seems lu-w, he 

lo(iks like new ; p, 
Os/ikiiHK/wnd. He seems new, he 

looks like new ; p. tri'sh..ivuk, 
O-shkinuirc. Young man, youth, 

lad, chap ; ()l.-,v. 
()s/ikiiiawcw, {iiiidl). 1 am a 

young man ; |j UHsh.M'id. 
Oshkiniy, {iiiud). I aui newly 

born, tliat is, I am young ; I 

am single, not married ; p. 

Oshkiiiij/ikwe. Grown-up girl, 

young woman, (not married,) 

maid, vii'gin ; pi.-//. 
Os/ikiniyikiceir, Inind). I am a 



' I 


i\ I 


I « 

!! \ 

: i ',■ 

,1 : 





. ) 


1 ; 

," 1 

n .1 

I I 


— 336 — 


yiniii:^ wcinnii. n iiiuld, a vir- 

<riti ; p. ii''s/i..iritl 
On/i/iiui!/iwin. Youth, youii>? 

aj^o ; Hiiijjk' Htute. 
Os/ihiiiJ Its Ntioiit, its muzzle. 
Oslihiiijiii. Mis eve; his dice; 

fil. o.s/ik-iiiiit/oii. Ills eyen. — 

Xis/ilaiijiif, kishh'nijiti ; my 

eye, or lace; thy eye, or face. 
O.s/ihinjii/, iiiiiid}. I littve eyoH ; 

p. ir''s/i.,i/(iiL 
Osh/iin/ii/o/tdde, or-maijad. It 

is made like an eye; p. wesh.. 

ilt'if, in'-HKiija/i. 
OnIi hi iij it/oh it)IJi(/(in. Spec t Helen; 

Oshkinjvfoma. Eye; pl.-«. 
(Ishlxhijij/nvrn, Ittiii'l). I have 

wore eyew; p. wexh.sid. 
OshhiHiiijin, \niiul). I have the 

monthly llowiiitrs tor tlie lirwt 

time ; p. ives/ 
(hhhitihikad. It is tlie Itegiii- 

nin^j; ol' tlie nijrht ; p. ircs/i,. 

(hhi'iimhi. His head. — NUh' 

fi(/i('(hi, kis/itii/irtni ; my head, 

thy head. 
Ofi/i/i</wani;/egait. Skull, ithe 

hone of the liead,) 
Os/itif/wniiinin. Head. 
On/iii(/>vf7n-Jahnni</an, Pin, 

(iieeillo with a head ;) nl.-aH. 
OaUhlkvyVni. Handle (otanaxe, 

hoe, etc.) ; pl.-oM. 
Osidama. Foot; pl.-H.. 
Omp'nifwe, [niiid). I have a 

wrinkled face, (from old age ;) 

p. wes.,toed, 

Osiii%oakomin. Pear ; pl.-a^r. 

Osi(jwdko7ainagmoanj. Pear- 
tree ; pi.-?//. 

Osissigohimif. Willow-tree; pi. 

O.skauidiewis, (nind) or, tiiiul 
o.skdiiis. I am lean, poor, thiii ; 
p. «v'.y/i...v/V/. 

Osktriiii. The foremoMt part of 
the arm, ifrom the linji;erK np 
to the (dhow). — '{'here Ih iil- 
ways a [M)ssessive proiioini 
preti.xed to this word ; as : 
.\7/('/ oskvuui, n\y elhow ; kid 
tisktrtiii, thy ellxjw ; ad nsk- 
ivdii, his elhow, etc. 

Onkweidb. Vein, pulse ; pi.-///. 
— There i.s always a pcKiisi',-- 
wive j)roiioun preli.xed to this 
word ; as : Nind oskwridi), 
my vein ; oil oskwcidh, his 
vrin, et(!. 

Osiiir. His tail : particularly 
the hone of the tail. 

Ossikawin. S. Ihdiaiknwin. 

Ossitaivendam. S. Wa>taitawen- 

OnHossodnm., inind). I coujjrh ; 
p. w(' 

().ii)snnd<inii)iriii. Cougli. 

Ostiwin. Host. 

Olitwd, Otawa Indian, (or Ottn- 
wa Indian :) pl.-,7. 

Otnwag. Kar ; powder-pan of a 
gun; \)\.-(in.— Nitmvutf, my 
ear ; kitawitg, thv ear, etc. 

(Haioni/a, inind\. t have ears; 
p. ioetaw<Kjad. 

Otawagawa. Kar ; ])\.-n. 

Ofnwagaineg. A kind of lizard ; 

Otawakwe. Otawa S(}naw, (or 
Ottowa squaw ; pl.-.y. 

Otawam, (nind). I apeak the 
Ottowa language ; p. wet.. mod. 

Otawamoioin. Ottowa language. 

Otawdwis-siton, {nind). T trans- 
late it in the Ottowa lan- 
guage ; p. wet.tod. 


)or, thill ; 

t piirt i>l' 
iii>;;t'rH \\\> 
re iH al- 
onl ; n^ ■■ 
|k)w ; A/'/ 
; od osk- 

se ; pi.-'". 

..(l to tills 

ceifth, Ills 



I conjrli ; 


1, (or Ottn- 

•r-pan of it. 

\tawa(h '".'^' 
ear, etc. 
Ihave ears ; 

of lizard ; 

[s(iua\v, (f>i' 


speak the 

l). weL.moil. 

la lauguay;i'. 

f). T traiis- 

Ittowa lau- 


— .3.17 — 



) (C. 


Ofmrdirissiu. It in in the Otto- 

\vu hiiij^uage; p. weL-ximj. 
Otrhihik. Hoot ; \A.-<lil. 
Oti/iihihairi niUijf. The tree has 

rocits ; p. wcf,.iri<l. 
Ofc/iitlct'iiiiifi/, (ninil). f 

spasms, or cniinitH, at 

heart ; j). irrt..(fii(i. 
Olrfiitf. Fisher, (animal ; 

pecan ;) \)\.-iii/. 
()lr/iitf(i(h^tiiiii/, {iiind). I 

cramps in a h'g or in the legs ; 

p. wtt..!/n<l. 
Olc/iit/diiiiiK/. 'I'he coiiHtellation 

called " tlie great hear." 
Otvhiiuiu'dii. S. A7h fr/ii'ifiraii 
Ofr/iiitj/ivnnij/au. S. Nin (r/iiiKj- 

Otchinikcpiuifi, {niinh. \ 

crampH, or spasinH, in 

arms ; i). wet.jjod, 
()l('himudjipiui<i, (iiiiid). I 

cramps in my hand ; p. 

Ofr/iipinip, {nhuh. I hftvo 

cramps, Hpasms, convulsions ; 

p. Wt'(..(/(i(l. 

Olrfiipiiii<jovmt. Cram p s , 

spasms, convulsions, 
Olrhipuw. Chippewa Indian; 

Ofr/iipwr-kitrhn/mni. Tij^c great 

water or sea of the Chippewa 

Indians, that is, Lake Supe- 
(Hr/iij)wekwe. Chippewa squaw ; 

(Itr/npinem, {nind). I speak the 

Chippewa language; p. wet.. 

(Itc/n'pwemnwin. The Chippewa 

Otchipwew, {iiind). I am aChip- 

))ewa Intlian ; p. wet.icid. 
Ofrhipiveioibiiffan. A writing in 



the Chippewa language; pl.- 



in the 
). irrtc/i 

(}tc/iipiri'irit>iitji\ {niiid). I wri 

ill ( hippi'wa; p. iiu't('/i..t/cd. 
Otc/iiptCi iris.^itc/iii/dde, 

;/'ia. Ft is translated 

Chippewa language; 

..iliy, itr-tn(ii/((h: 
Oliliipwcu'issititn, iiiind). I 

translate it in the Chippewa 

language ; p. wet. .tod. 
Otiliishiltodoipdt. 'I'he hone of 

his hip. 
Oli/nsitfepiiii(j, (iiind). I iiave 

cramps in my foot or feet; p. 

Otr/iitr/idtj, {uind\. I have a soul; 

p. wet..f/e(t. 
Otchitchdipnmt. Soul ; pi.-,'/. 
(H('/iitr/iin(/W(iii(d>, iiiiiiil). I 

kneel ; p, wet..l)id. 
Otrhitrh nujwnit iipdxxw, ( )i iiid) . 

I stand on my knees, I am 

kneeling ; p. we(..wid. 

Inind). I am kneeling heforo 

it ; p. W('t.,(i)uj. 

iniiid}.! stand on my knees 

hefore him, I am kneeling he- 
fore him . p. W('t..%L'ad. 
Ofrfiitchini/waiiinse, iin'mt). 

fall down on my knees; 

Otrhitr/iini/tonnita, inind). 

kneel down ; p. wed. .tad. 
Olchiti'hi ngwanitau, {niud). 

kneel down hefore it; j). ivet.. 

Otc/iitchiui/wain'tawa, (niiid). I 

kneel down hefore him, (any 

ohj.) ; p. wet..uiad. 
OtcfntrhiiKjwanitawin. Genu- 
Otetegtvan. His ear, (of a fish.) 



i k\ 

lil= f| 

(■: ' f 


,. ?■ 


, I' 





- OWI 

OU<j, otii/waq. Koe, e<rgR o;' fisji. 

Oir, proii. 1 his, tliis licro, 

(hn ! Hero ! here it is. 

()i('tts.saiin)/on(iii, inind], I illu- 
minate it, I li^ht it ; p. locw.. 

Oinb'hla, {nind), I 1ih\ c tc'tli ; 
p. ircwihitdd. 

OvidJ/kiwriuia, {aiiid). I have 
liim tor a hrother, ho is my 
l)r()ther, my tVicnd ; p. jreic. 

OicldJiLiirr.liidiniiii, iiiin). AVe 
are hrotiiers to<r('tlu'r ; or 
trieiuls ; p. weii\.tli(/ii(/. 

Oiri'/iwtim, (111 lid). 1 liave a 
Omsc; p. ircirif/iwiitnid, the 
j)ro])riet(ii' of a house, or of 
the house, tlie L'liidlord. 

_ 33S — OWI 

(hvikh.^, {nind). T have flesh ; 
V. weiiHiaKid. — E otHiiis- 
."iiiif/, as one lias tiesh ; (L. c- 
ciiikIiuii carnem.) 

Oiriiiiw, inind). 1 have a hody ; 
[). ircirilawid. 

Oiriitairliiodon, (nind). I have 
it ill my hody, I have it in nu', 
it is iiieorporaled to iiic, it is 
natural to me ; p. wey..anrf. 

OiriL'ani.ssinia, {nind}. I havo 
him for a friend, hrotlier, he 
is my brother, my friend ; p. 

Owikaiiissindimin, {nind). We 
are hri)tliers or friends toir(- 
ther ; p. ii'en\.didji(i 

Oii'iii(/e, adv. S. Wdwingc. 

Oiriiii/r.^i, (iiind\. S. fVdiriin/r;;. 

Owinijcsiwin. S. Wdwimjisiiniu. 

Some irorch wkicli die tin/ fhiiitil viulcr P, nmi/ he lonLed for 

miller B. 


I'lihiij. Flea ; \)].'wa(/. 
I'dhi!/e,iu\\. 1' ortliwilli, iiiinic- 

I'lihiijns, in in). I lia\ e lloas ; p. 

pe( — l^iihii/osi ail i inns /I, 

the (log i.s full of lloas. 
I'aihii/irnlion'i/aii. Cover of a 

kt'ttle ; \}].-(ni. 
I'lidai/iniiiaicn, (niii). 1 cover il ; 

p. p(:(l..(tii(/. 
l'fiil(i(/u'(iiK(i(/(((lf, or-iiiayi,!!!. It 

i.s covorcil over with s. tli.; j). 

}te<l..<h'i/, or-iiKii/ah: 
l'<K/a(/ir(tii(iii/as, {lu'ii). I am 

covered over with s. tli.: \). 

Pitdiu/ti'iiiidira, {iiiit). I cover 

luin,(u person or any otlier 

ol)j.) ; p. ped..wad ; imp. pa- 

I'lidai/iraiiis/i/cdifoii. (iiiii). It 

covers nie ; p. ped..(/od. 
Padaciwaiiixlikau, iiiiii). I co- 
ver him with my Itody ; p. 


I'adaiiwdiiisltldwn, {ni'ii). I co- 
ver some ohj. witii my body ; 
p. ped..u'ad. 

I'adarfii'aii'f(<p's'/iknm paknakire, 
hiiietihi. The hen, the hird, 
is h.aichiiiir, covering her eii'gs; 
p. ])ed..aiii/. 

I'ddaslikaaiiji. \V' o o d c o c k , 
<nipe ; pi'.-//. 


Pdijdddidraii', \)\.-dii. S. I'di/iid- 

P(i(/dddoirditdk. Indian cro.-ier, 

lo play with ; ])\.-'>ii. 
I'ai/dddiiire, {ilin). \ ])\i\\ with 

(•rosii'r and hull, I am phiyinir 

hall ; p. Jill id. .wed. 
Pdi/dddoii^Mciii. Indian ball- 

plav. j)lii.ving with cro-ier and 

Pdi/ddkokiraii. Drum-stick ; pl.- 

I'di/akdbau. It is broad day- 
light; ]). pef/,.a7U/. 
I'ai/iikiffiu. S. Miskire</iii. 
I'di/dkissiii. It shows plainly, 

it is plainly visible; p. /n;/.. 

J'ai/dkisfiidoii niii i/iijilinriii, 
(iiiiiK I express j)laiidy my 
speaking, to be easily under- 
stood ; \). pe(/..dod. 

I'di/dkitdi/ns, [iiiii). I speak 
plainly, so as to be well lieanl, 
1 am well iieard ; p. j>ri/..sii/. 

I'di/akUaird. (iiiii). I under- 
staii'i him plainly, 1 hear him 
well ; p. pcg..Wdd. 

l'd(/dkowe, {iiin). I speak plain- 
ly : p. ijci/ 

Pd(jdkiraii/c, [ni'ii). 1 knock 
with s. th. ; p. })ei/..(/id. 

Pdi/diiiddis, {niii). I arrive some- 
wliere ; p. }}e(/...v'd. 





1* !! :; , < 

s , 




! ■ 


'i 1 ■■ m 




V ^H s! 8^K' 




340 — PAG 

Payamdgan. Club, cudgel ; war- 
club; 1)1.-07*. 

P(i;/(iniah>sse,(in'ii). I got hurt 
ill f'iillitig ; p. ])€(;. ..led. 

J'<u/(uiiamu<ljhv<f, (nin). I arrive 
iit the siinuiiit of a lull or 
iiiouiitaiii ; p. pe</..ireft 

Pa;/(ii)iaiiimuil. The wind rises, 
a t^trong wind comes on ; p. 

Paiiamdsh, (nin). I arrive sail- 
ing; \).pc( 

Pa(/((nias.sin. It comen or ar- 
rives driven by the wind ; p. 
pe(/..iny. — Ndbikivdn (li-pwja- 
iiin.Hsin ; a vessel arrived, 
(driven by the wind.) 

lUiijami. In the beginning of 
some verbs, alludes to arrir- 
imj, cnminf/ on. (Examjiles 
in some of the following 

I*(n/<i m i-o iamagad. 
j)ass, it happens, 
p. pe(/..(/ak. 

Vdijamihato, (nin). 
running ; p 

ing; \i. pe.(i..ssa(i. 

I'af/anrishla, (nin). I arrive (on 
foot or in a canoe, b_v land or 
by water ;) p. p('(/..kad. 

Payamishka, or-magad. It 
comes on, it arrives ; p. peg., 
kag, or-magak. 

Pagamifihkagon, {nin). It conies 
upon me, it happens to me ; 

Pagami.'i/ikcuoa, {nin). I come 
upon him; p. peg..wad. 

Pagan. Nut, walnut, hazelnut; 

Paganak; p].-toag. S. Pagan. 
Paganakomij. A kind of walnut- 


It comes to 
it arrives ; 

T arrive 
10 rain is corn- 

tree; (C. noyer tendre;) pl.- 

Paganaknmin ; pi. -a//. S. Pagan. 
Paqdndi.H, iiiin). I do nothing', 

I am good for nothing, I can 

make nothing, I know no 

work : p. peg. .Sid. 

vork ; p. 


I'agdndjik'we. A woman that 

knows no work and does not 

work ; pl.-f/. 
Pagdndjinini. A good for 

thing fellow, who know.- 

works and does nothing ; 

Pagdnimij. Hazel ; pl.-?'?J, 
Pagaskajcwa, {nin). I strike 

him on the bare skin ; p. jx'g 

wad ; imp. pagaskajc. 
Pag('.i.<ian. Plum ; pl.-rt//. 
Pages.sanimin. S. Page.i.'ian. 
Page.f.saniminagavmnj. Pliini- 

tree ; pi.-///. 
Pag^sse, {nin). 1 play the dish 

game, (Indian game ;) {(\ je 

joue au plat;) \). pegesned. 
PagesseiHn. Dish game. 
Pagidahdn. Line with many 

books on to catch fish ; pl.-a». 
Pagiddbi, {nin). I set a line 

with hooks, to catch fish ; p. 

peg. .bid. 
Pagiddnam, {nin). T breatlie, T 

take respiration ; I sigh ; j). 

peg. .mod. 
Pagidanamoirin. Breath, respi- 
ration, sigh. 
Sagidandjige, (nin). I abstain 

from eating, I tiist ; p. peg..g('<l. 
Pagidandjigewin. Privation of 

eating, abstinence, tasting. 
Pagidaira, {nin). I set a net or 

nets, to catch tish ; p. peg.. 

Pagidawa a.s.mb, {nin). I set ii 

net ; p. pegidaioad assabin. 


— 341 - 


dn ; p. ]"'.'/ 

nj. Plum- 
lav the disli 
ime;) (C'. je 

with many 

fish ; ph-«"- 

[l sot a liiu' 

itch fisli ; p. 

T Ijreatho, 1 
1; I sifrli ; p. 

Ivealii, vospi- 

1 abstain 

; p. V<'<l-'.l'''^- 
Privation ot 

[e, fastinjr. 
Il set a net or 

ish; p. V^^'.l- 

\nin). I St'*' '^ 
\d assahin. 

Vaqidaw6win. Kisli i ng-groiind ; 
(F. endruit (le poche ;) pl.-«/(. 

I'dt/idairnriia'iii . A man that 
sets nets, tisliermaii ; p\.-wi(i/. 

Paifid^uda(/os,(niit). Jam con- 
sidered free, I am released ; p. 

Pat/idniddmaird, {uiiiK I give 
it to him ; T l):-in;r him a sii- 
critice ; p. ])e(i..iiHul. 

I'affidnidaDioiniii. Giving, sa- 
crifice; renunciatton ; Imrial, 

I'ar/iddndnn, (nin). I give it 
away, I sacrifice it, offer it, I 
renounce to it, cede it, reject 
it, I let it go ; j). peg..nH(/. 

I'ajjidt'nima, {nin). I give him 
away, I sacrifice him, offer 
him, I renounce him, I code 
him, reject him ; I bury him ; 
p. peg.jndd, 

l'a(/fdn..'ndis, (nin). T sacrifice 
myself; I give tnyself up to 
somebody, ur for some pur- 
pose, I put myself in the 
power of.... ; p. peij-.-'^od. 

IhKjidina, (nin). I let him go, 
release him, I permit him to 
do s. th., or to go somewhere ; 
I betray iiim ; also, I sow it, 
I plant it ; p. pc(/.,n(id. 

I'ai/idinatnawa, {nin). I give or 
deliver it to him, I cede it to 
him; Ij)ermit it to him; p. 

Pai/idinan, {nin). I let it go 
(from my hands,) I release it, 
I give it up, I desist from it ; 
also, T sow it; p. pe(/..aiirf. 

Pa</idlna tchi dlbenindi.'iod, 
(?im*. I give him liberty, I 
omancipate him. 

Piuiidiniijan. Gift ; sacrifice, 

offering ; pl.-a/<. 

Paifidiniyr, {nin). I give, I sa- 
crifice, I l)ring or make an 
offering, a sacrifice, [ immo- 
late ; also, I sow, I plant ; p. 

Paijidiniij('-(id(i])(>win. Altar. 

i*(ii/idini<fririii. Sacriticdn^, sa- 
crilice, offering, immol ition. 

I'ii</i(lini(/ewinikan. Phice where 
a sacrifice is made, altar, sa- 
crificing aliar, in the Old Tes- 

Pdllidiniijvwinini. A man that 
pertbrms sacrifices, sacrilicer ; 
Jewish priest in tiie Old Tes- 
tament ; pl.-H'o(/. 

Pojjidini.s.san. The quantity of 
wood that is jnit in the fire at 
one time. — Nin go puijidini.H- 
.san, nijo ])<((/idini.s,'i(tn, /(mo 
pagiifini.s.s-aii, etc. ; wood 
enough to put in the fire once, 
twice, three times, etc. 

P<t(jidini.'<.'<c, (nin). T put wood 
in the fire to keep u]) the lire ; 
p. pe(j...scd. 

I'tKjidjia, (nin). S. Piu/idina. 

I'agidji-aia, {nin). I am free, I 
am loose, roleasod ; p. jtc;/.. 
iad. — Bebejif/oi/anji pmjidji- 
ni<(, the horfee is loose, ncjt 

Pagidjigan. S. Pagidinigan. 

Pagidjige adopotcin. S. Pagidi- 

nige adopowin. 

Pagidjigewin. S, Pagidinigcirin. 

Pagidj igewi nikan. S. Pogidini- 

Pagidjigewinini. S. Pagidinigc- 

Pagidjinige, {nind). I [)Ul down 



' ,■ 





— -Ml — 


'I . I 



a load 1 ciirricil on iiiv .-lioul- 

• icr; p. pcrh-ijcil. 
I'di/iiJJiiihiilJifdirii, (iiiii) oy iiiii 

jHdjiiiiiiiljihncd. Alij. I lily 

my hiiiid or liamls upon liini ; 

1 1. p('(j. . It'll <l. 
I'di/ii/ji iiiji/iiird, (iilii). I CI Hue 

iijKiii liiiii : ]». i>(y..irinl. 
J'(i(/i(/Ji,r(u<aii. Slo])])iii;j; oi 

Pai/dssfnilavifiirin. Asking', ri- 

•qucst, ])('litioii, li(>|t('. 
I'ai/d.s-.s-niiidii , (iriii). T ask ov 

pray litr it ; I Imiic for it ; p. 

]>>';/. .c(ii(/. 
I'di/dssniiiiij/efdiiii). 1 lH',j:,i)i'ay , 

ask ; liopc ; \>. jui/.jjcil. 
Pmidssi'iiini, {iiiii). S. I'tujus- 

!■:( il'hiiil. 

rostiiig-phu'c in a \>tjv\;iSi',\f'ii<iossi''iiima,{niii). \ ask liim 
wliorc tlic i)ack is put ilown;, for p. tli. with cotilifk-iicc. 

I'di/idjiwaiic, (iitii). I ))iit down 

a pa(d< I carried on my hack; 

p. pcii..iici(. 
I'dtjiiljii'rhina, {iiiii\. I let, him 

<Sti suddenly ; ]). i/i'f/..idiil. 
Pui/id/irel)iiid», (iiiii). i let it 

iso suddenly ; p. p('(/..dii(/. 
I'dijiddiiid, [iiiii). I put him 

(kiwn, (carrying on my iiack ;) 

p. p('i/..iiid(l. 
I'lUjiduiulan, tiiiii). I j)nl my 

pack down (from my liack;) 

p. pi (/..dill/. 
Pd<ji.-<,[iiin). 1 batiie ; p. peiji- 

I'di/i.silxdH'd, {iilii). I let him ,u'0, 

J let Iiini come up, (wlieu J 

had kept him down ;) p. pc;/ 

Pd(/issiriildniiij. Uathing-house, 

hath ; 1)1. -('//. 
PdijmnLHmnkdk. l>athing-tub ; 


I'di/iiiiiwin. Bathing. 

Pai/i.Hsah, (iiin). S. hJikafmrah. 

J'd</dssdhd)»d, (iiiii). 1 look at 
him with the liope that he 
will give ii\e something, (when 
lie is eating, counting money, 
etc.) ; p. pi-i/..))idd. 

Pdijosnaiddni, [iiin). I ask with 
liope, 1 hope ; p. pe</.,aiig. 

with hope ; ji. p('<j..iiidd. 
PdijU'ilddkdiiiii/, adv. In the di - 

sert, in the wilderness. 
Pdi/ii'dddhdiiiii/airdii. There i- 

a wilderness, a desert ; ]). /irii 

Pngwiidaamii. Wild dog, a dog 

that remains rather in the 

woods than aiiout houses; pi. - 

Pd(/Wddj, adv. Somewhere in a 

desert wild place, far from 

Innnan liahitations. 
Pdi/irddJ-didd. Wild aniniai, 

not tamed ; or any olij. in a 

wild natural state; as, a wild 

fruit-tree, a wild ])Otato, etc.; 


I'di/icddj-aii. Any obj. in a wild 
natural state ; as, lierbs and 
plants, etc. ; pi.-//. 

Pd'/irddJ i hcbij i ijoijd itj i . Wild 
horse ; pl.-f/. 

Paiiirddji-biitiiakddiKsi. Wi Id 
small snail ; pl.-.y. 

Pai/iDUiia, adv. By heart ; at 
random, in a guessing man- 
ner; without knowing or .see- 

Pdt/ii'diid Iiin dehwidam. I iie- 
lieve without seeing. 

Pagvuina iiiiid ikkit. 1 say ii 
without knowing it well. 


ewhere in u 

,, herlis iiml 

lessiiij: mau- 
mving or sec- 

■;/. 1 .'^ay It 
it well. 


— a43 


l'a(/iv(iii(i iiiii icnwimJan. I >riu'ss, 
1 cuiijcctiirc. 

I'(i(/u-((iuiwi.s,{juii). 1 !un uiu'ihi- 
catc'd, I ain ij'iioraiit, I am in 
a will! natural state, nntntdr- 

Orl ; J I. p(f/ 

tli.siiriii. Tgiiorancc. wild na- 

tiiviil state, savage li.r. 
I'df/it'diuiirifim , [iiiii). 1 don't 

know liow to make it, or lii)w 

to do; p. pcij.Jod. 
J'ai/iO<meuii, (iiiii). I jtierce it, 

I hore it tjiroiigli, 1 make a 

liolc in it ; \x pe;/..nnr/. 
l'a</nia/n:l)idoii, {nhi). 1 ))ierce it 

with my liuL^'r ; \i. /)ti/..iln(f. 
Po(/ir(incl)ifc/ii(/e,( i bore, 

1 make a hole ; \). j>e<j..i/e(l. 
I'dl/irdiin/dii/nii. S. I'(i<<n'aiiri- 

I'(ii/ir<nti'(/(ii(/c, {ni)i). S. Puijtrd- 

l'((;/ii'aiiri't, ov-vk njoil. ft is per- 

lurated, there is n liolc in ; p. 

pe(j..i<i(/, uv->na(/ak. 
Pdi/irdiiridhikd, or- »i a (j d d. 

I'here is a hole in a rock ; p. 

l)<(/..kd[/, ov-iiid[/dli-. 
I'd(jit'anrid/:isivd, ( niii). 

a hole in some ol)j. ; 

l'd(jnuin(''/;/dii. A to( 

hole or mortise wit h, a chisel ; 


I'a(/U'diici(je, {nin). I make a 
hole, a mortise; p. pcij.j/ed. 

l'di/irdn('-Jd(/i(/((iiiiii')(n. There 
are holes or openin;is in the 
iee on the lake; p. pey.Aoaiiy. 

I'dijuHiiu's, ill in). I have a hole 
or holes in some limii or lindis 
of my hoily ; p. pey..iiid. 

I'aywancshkdwa, {iiiii). I wear 

I Imrn 
I. ; p. }><•(!.. 

to make a 

ont. 1 pieree or perl'orate, 

some o'.ij. ; p. p('(f..n'(dl. 
I'diiWddissidoii, (nin). S. I'dij- 

I'diprnni'ssin. S. I'd</ir<(nrs/i/xd. 
I'di/irannrd^ (nin). 1 piore<' or 

l)errorate some ohj. ; p. /".'/.. 

irdd ; imp, pdf/n'dnv. 
i'l/iniituiiii:. (nin). I speak of 

him in his iihsence, I speak ill 

ot him, 1 Iiaekhile him ; ]). 

I'di/irdnondfin, ^n'uh. 1 speak 

ol's. th. when ahsi-nt from it, 

I liHckhiteit; ]k ]t('i/..<(ni/. 
Pdywdnonyc, (nin). I hackhite : 

p. ]>('(/.. '/id. 
Pd(/iOdnos/Jy(in, ^nin). I noteh 

it, 1 cut «niall hollows in; p. 

Pd(/nunio.s/ikaV' (nin). I notch 

>ome olij. ; p. j)( i/..n'dil. 
l*ii(/nvin(it(ini, (nin). I listen 

stealthy, unperceived ; \). ]>i'<J 

I*d(/n'dn(ddir<(, (nin). I hear hir)i 

stealthy, unperceived hy him, 

I overliear him ; \). 2^c'(j..irdd. 
Pdi/iris/iid, (nin) (pron. nin pa— 

yosliid.) \ hen- him for s. th. 

to eat, or lor other things ; p. 

pay.. ad. 
I'aijwisliiin-c, (nin) (|iroii. nin 

payos/iiin'c:) I \iv^s s. th. to 

eat, or othor things; p. j)cy.. 

PdyjiHsliiiuHnhk, [nin). I am in 

thehahit of heugin.^ s. th. to 

lilt, etc., I act the parasite, I 

am a jiarasite; \>. p(y..kid. 
Pdywisliinuslikiwin. 'i'he haliit 

of askin.Li' for s. th. to eat, the 

practice of a ])ai'asitc. 
Puyvishiiweu'in. lie<;g 

ill. to eat; etc. 

<;}iing for s. 

"< I 


1 ^ 

i !■ 

'♦ 4 
. i 





»; I 


W M 


— 344 — 




I 'i r" 

i i ' H 

PagmiiihUon, {niti). I U8c it, (I 
reciuirc it to j?ivo me h. tli,) I 
liavo the profit of it ; p. peii.. 
foil. — Kill jxit/iiu'n/iitoH, /(/' ki- 
iiynii ; T liuve a good profit of 
tliat field. 

Pfyidji, iidv. Al)0ve, over ; (over 
iinotlier person or thing.) 

l^njidji-ywiiHliku'dnoddii , I n hi ). 
I jump over it ; p. paiaj..anif. 

PaJi(fJi-!/inaskkwnii()il(iwa, ( urn) . 
1 junij) over somebody ; p. 

Vdji (J louden dam, {nin). I per- 
niat upon my opinion or 
thought ; also, I intend to 
make haste ; \j. 2)( 

Pdjij/ivadis, {nm). I persist, I 
persevere ; also, I make haste, 
I am diligent : p. paiaj..Hid 

Pak. Easter. Pak-kijiijnd, Eas- 

PdkaakwawduHin. Hen's egg; 


Pdkadkwe. Cock, hen; pl.-/«//. 
Pdkadkwcns. Young chicken ; 

Pdkadkwe-iodwan. Hen's egg ; 


Pdkahdf/we, {nin). I suffer 

thirst ; ]). j)aia.:iced. 
Pdkaywujcna, {nin). I uncover 

him ; p. naia-aad. 
Pdkajawe, {nin). I clean or dress 

tisli ; \i. 
Pakajwa (/i(/o, (nin), I clean 

and wash a fish ; j). pck..wad ; 

imp. pakajioi. 
Pdkdkdh, {nin). My eyes are 

open ; \). 
Pakdkado.i, {nin). I am lean, 

poor; \). pek..sod. 
Pakdkado.sowin. Leanness. 
Pakdk.adwabetoi,s'f (nin). I am 

extremely lean, poor, I have 

nothing but tlie bones ; p, 

P(ikdkadujeii(/we, (nin). I have 

a lean face ; p. pek..wpd. 
Pdkdkcndani, (nin). I am sure, 

1 know plainly ; \). j)ai(i,.nii(/. 
Pdkdkcnddn, {nin). I am sure, 

I know it lor certain, (it i.s 

(ijK'M Ix'tbre me ;) p.)mia..aiii/. 
Pdkakonuinawa, {nin). I open 

it to liim, (especia 

p. paia..wad. 
Pd ka ko ni iaan . T h e 

loor ; pi. 

II V a duor 


latch of a 
I open it, 

iloor ; pi 
'dkdko.'ihkan, {nin). 
(especially a door ;) p\ paiu.. 

It '8 open ; p. jmia 


(•pen my 


Pdkakwaan. Shield, buckhr 

Pdkatawdb, {nin). I 

eves ; p. i)ain..hid. 
Pdkalch, adv. Absolutely, 

solvedl}', expressly, once. 
Pdkaican. The fog disappears; 

p. paidkawanf/. 
Pdke.siwin. Liml>; (F. iiiembre ;) 

Pakihidon, {nin). I tear it, 

break it, (a string, cord, etc. ;) 

p. pek..d()(l. — The frecj. v. of 

it is : Nin papaldbidun, I 

tear it to pieces. 
Pakibina,{nin). I tear some obj. 

{■senibd, ribbon ;) p. pck..iuitl. 

— The freq. v. of it is : Nin 
papakibina, I tear it to pieces. 
Pukibinindjibina, {nin). I dis- 
locate or sprain his hand by 

Pakibode, ov-magad. It breaks 

by rubbing, (thread, cord, 
etc.); p. pek..deg, ov-magak. 
PakibodoJi, {nin}. I tear or 


- 345 — 


opt'ii it, 
I p .paia.. 

liucklt r ; 

i>peii my 

lately, vt- 
, once. 
[isappeavH ; 

niembre ;) 

I tear it, 


freq. v. of 

kihidoih 1 

ir f*oine 



lit is : A''" 
it to pieces 


hand by 


It break 
I, conl 

I tear or 

break it by rul)bin»r, I ml) it 

tlironi^li, (conl, Htriiig, etc. ;) 

p. pek.jhnl. 
I'dkiboita, {iiiii). \ tear or lueuk 

sonu'Stutrby rul>bing, {neuiha, 

ribbon, Hi Ik ;) p. pek..ii<((l. 
Pakihoso. It breaks l)y rubliinj:, 

(.v<'»//yrt,riliboi), wn>.s7(«'^,liand- 

kercliiet';) p. ]H'k..sfi<l. 
J'akidadjiwe, {niii). I pa.«<s a 

mountain, 1 imi over it on tlie 

other sidi' ; j). pck..wt:d. 
l'dki(iom'ma(j(td. It opens its 

mouth ; \).p(iin..t/(fk. — Aki (ji- 

pakidoiieitKHjad, the eurth 

opened its month. 
Pakidoneii, [iiiii). i open my 

mouth ; \). paia,:nid. 
I'dkidoneiia, (iiin). I open his 

mouth ; p. paia..nad. 
j'dkidonetawa, {nin). I open my 

mouth to him ; p. paid. .wad. 

— kinawa Korinfliinn cnda- 

nakiieg, ki-pakidon('fd(/(»>i ! 

ye Corinthians, our mouth 
is open unto you ! 

Pdkiijadchian, \nin). I dislocate 
his leg by pulling ; p. paia.. 

PCikujinan masinairfan , (nin i . I 
open a book, a letter, or any 
other folded paper ; p. paia.. 

Pakiiidye, {nin). I surpa.=is peo- 
ple, 1 excel, I gain the ad- 
vantage over others ; p. ^>eA/- 

Pdkinamawa, {nin), I open it 
to hini ; p.paia..tvad. 

Pakinan, {nin). I open it ; p. 

VakinaHHabiy [nin). I break or 
tear a net; \t. pek..hid. 

Pakinawa, (nin). 1 surpas.s him, 

1 beat him ; j). pek..tcad. 


oT)en or 
odge; p. 

Pdkindenan, {nin). 1 
lilt tlie d(»or ot a 
paia. .mill. 

I'dkimjwen, (nin). My face is 
uncovered ; p. paia..nid. 

/V/7,/ ov-niaj/ad. It iireaks 
o|K'n ; p. jtaiak. .s«i/,i>i'-niai/al>. 

I'llki.s.sin. It \h ojHMi, it opens ; 
p. paidki.s.siny. 

Paki.-<sila)ninra, (nin). 1 open 
or uncover it to him ; \). jniia 

Pdki.s.siton, (nin). I dpen it ; I 
uncover it ; ]). jtaia..foil. 

Pakili'ako.shinia, (nin). I throw 
down sonu' ol)j. on a rai'k or 
loi/ ; I knock him down, 
throw him <lown ; p. pek.. 

Pakih'o.'ihiniitjon, iniii). 1 1 
throws me down ; p. pek. .god. 
— Ako.siioin nin gi-pakifca.s/ii- 
uiigon ; a sickness threw me 

Pakilean, (nin). I strike it; p. 

den s(piall ot 

Pakifnmnin. The wind strike- 
something; j) 

Pakitriijadi;, or-nnKjad. It 
beaten, it is hammered ; 
])ek..d<'</, i >r-ma</ak. 

Pakite'/ijan. Hammer ; \)\.-an. 

I*akifn</a.s\ ({niii}. I am lieaten ; 
p. pek..soa. 

Paki/eige, {nin). T strike, beat, 
knock ; p. pi;k..ged. 

Pakifi'igewin. Striking, knock- 

Pakiff'odi.>}, {nin). 1 strike my- 
self; \). 2>ck..s(td. 

Pakiteoman, {nin). I strike 
some obj. belonging •r relat- 


Thore is a sud- 
wiiid ; p. pek.. 




! !l" • 


? it 



— 346 — 


W ^ 



iiig to liini ; j). ink..)tiu(l. — 

Mil (li-jxtkifroiiKiii (HiitJjuiUH- 

stiii ; I Htnu'k liis child. 
l'akileo.s/iini(t, iniii). I throw 

liiin (luwii, I knock him down; 

I'tthifi'os.sidoii, {iiiii). 1 throw it 

down, knock it ihjwii ; p. ])ek 

J'aliitrs/iiiiia, (7iin). I make him 

fall ; \). jie/i. .111(1(1. 
I'akiU'.^hin, {iiiiij. 1 full hiinl, J 

tunihle; p. }>cii..iii(/. 
J'(ikU(''f</ikai(iu, {liiii), I knock 

him witii my shoulder ; p. 

Pakit(''W(i, inin). 1 strike him; 

]). pek..ttm(l ; imj). jxikitL 
J'(fk()Jis/iilt. A dock when it he- 
comes so fat that it cannot 

tly; pl.-ff/y. 
PakoiM, {uiii). 1 Hay or skin 

him ; p. pekoiuul ; imp. ]>a- 

Pakonuje, [nin). I tlay, I skin ; 

p. ])ckoni(/e(l. 
Pakwana(jemak. lied pine ; pl.- 


Pakwdndilxjwa, (nin). I scalj) 
him, 1 take off his pericra- 
nium ; p. pek..icad ; imp. 

PakwaiKlJ. A tree with its roots, 
1 thrown down by the wind ;) 

Pakiodni mHi(j. Tlic bark of 
the tree can be taken oti' ; p. 

Pdkwdsika, or-mac/ad, (i»ron. 
pakoshkn.) It un<!;lueH; p. 
2)ek..ka(/, or-ina(jak. 

Pukwmmo. A kind cjf wood- 
pecker ; pl.-</. 

Pakwebidon, {nin). I break off 
apiece ; \i, pek..dod. 

P(ikit'chi(/(id. It is turbid, (any 

li(piiil) ; p. p('k..(/(ik. 
P((kirehii/(inii nihi. The water is 
turbid, notclear ; u. jtek,.ini(/, 
Pdkw^hina, [nin). I i)reak off a 
j)iece of some obj. ; i). pck.- 
//r^'/.— The JTe(i. verb of it, 
///// ndpdkwchina, signifies, | 
break it in several pieces. 
P(ikii'('(/(i((n wiii(/,{niii], I break 
off a piece of that wood; p. 
P(iki('(''(/(tw(i niifi(/, [nin). I break 
oil' a i)iece of that wood; p. 
]><;k..W(id ; imj). p(iku'e(/('i.. 
P(ikir(\j(iii, (nin). J cut it, I cut 
a piece oil' from it ; p. pck.. 
Paknrji(/(m. JJread, Hour. — 
When the Imlians first saw 
white people cuttitij!; pieces 
oil" from a loaf of l>read, they 
called tiie bread piikw(''Ji(/(tn, 
that is to say, a thiiuj from 
which pieces are rut r>//". S. 
Pakw('ji(/andbo. Flour-pap ; (F. 

Pakurjii/(ina.shk. Straw, or stalk 
of wheat; also, wheat, (impro- 
perly ;) pl.-o^j, — S. Fakweji- 
J'akir^Ji(/(inikan. Oven for bak- 
ing bread ; pi. -an. 
Pakiirjif/anike, (nin). I bake, I 
make bread, cakes, etc. ; p. 
Pakwejitjaniinin. A grain of 
wheat ; \i\. pakwejiganimina(j , 
wheat. — This word is often 
used in the diminutive, pak- 
m'Ji(j(iniM inens ; pi .-ay . 
PakiccjiyaniwaJ. Flour-bag ; 

Pakw6ji(jans. A small bread, 




1, (any 

valcv i?* 
kk ulV a 

I). J"-'')-- 
1) of il, 

nilies, 1 


1 break 
ood; p. 

. I break 
vooil ; l>- 

; It, I cut 
J), pek.. 

lirst saw 
nir pieces 
eati, they 

liny /'•'J'"' 
it of- S. 

.■-pap; (I'- 

^ or stalk 

L, (iinpro- 


Mi Ibv bak- 

1 itake, I 
,, etc. ; p. 

grain ol 
■d is often 
itive, pak- 

Olour-bag ; 

uiU bread, 

bJHCuitj cuke, 'cracker ; pl.- 


Pakirrjit/r, iiiin). I cut oil' a 
j»iece, or 'pieces ; p. pck.Jieil. 
— From tills wortl is derived 
pakwfji(/int, bread, 

I'dkwrjocliin'ii. Circumcision ; 
also, castration. 

I'akircjird, (niii). I (mU oil' ii 
piece from so!no obj. ; I cir- 
cumcise liiiii ; iilso, I geld 
him, castrate him ; p. pek.. 
load; imp. pakwi'Jiri. 

Pakwekoli-liiijuii. Potato-gernij 
l)otato-bud ; pl.-((//. 

Pakuu'iiia, (niii). 1 bite oH' a 
piece frotn some obj. ; ji. ;n7r 
..mad. — l'akii'(ji(/iui iiin pak- 
irenia ; (ixxcmdii o paku'i-ni(hi. 
I bite o(i' a piece of breati ; he 
bites oH'a jnece of tolmcco. 

Pakirnidaii, {iihi). I bite ofl'a 
piece from it ; p. pck..fiii</. 

I'aku'i'ndjiyc, (iiiii). I liite oil'; 
ii. j)rk..(j('d. 

I'akiiriic. Tliere is smoke ; p. 

I'akwene.s.saluii, [iiiiij. 1 cense it, 
or incen.«e it ; p. pek. .tod. 

I'akwenes.satawa, {nhi). 1 cense 
him, or incense !iim ; \).pfk.. 

I'akwenetifialchiyan. Censer, in- 
censory ; pi. -<///. 

lU(kwenes,safc/ii;/c, {iiiii). I in- 
cense with a censer ; p, pek.. 

I'akiirnibi (iiin). I am choked 
by swallowing: water ; \). jiek.. 

I'akwnii.'i/ikay, {niii). \ am chok- 
ed by eating s. th.; p. j)ck.. 

I'dkweitishkodoii, {lu'ii). 1 choke 
it, I suifocate it ; p. pck..d()d. 

Pakirriii.i/iknvn, (iiiin. I idioke 

him, liy giving liim f. th. to 

ejit or to drink, (a child ;i p. 

lUikn'cslikd unayck. The cediir- 

bark can be taken oil' fidm 

the tree ; p. })rk..kdd. 
J'(tkw<'s/ika,(>v-iiia(/ad. It breaks 

oil', till Is oil'; p. j)rk..kd(/, or- 

I'dkwe.sidi'sli'ni, iiiiiii. I liiirt 

my fo(»t in walking; p. j)ek.. 

/V(/i-(r/.s.s/// /»•/;/. 'Plie Passo\cr. 
I'diiKi, adv. S, J'diiiiHd. 
I'dnddjd. Young chicken; 

young iiird ; ]A.-idy. 
I'diiyadii ini.'<kii'ridh, or o.v/,- 

ircii'd). 'riu' pulse is bcitinL: ; 

p. peniiddinj, 
I'diH/ddii iiiiid ii^kwciah. My 

pulse is beating ; p. pain/tai- 

iiiiii (id iskv'iidh. 
I'dii(/(i(i(/. [niii\. My pulse i.s 

beating ; p. peu..i/()d. 
I'aiiyi, adv. A little. 
I'diit/iyai/. Drop; (F. goiitte.) 

AhidiiKj pdiii/iddy, one di-op; 

iiijiiiy, }ii.s,siii(/, niidd/r/iiiiij 

)idii(iii/dij ; two; three, ten 

drops. .Miib'tlcliiny dslii iii- 

j'li;/ pdmji>/dy, twelve drops. 

XiJI(in(( dd.'<,'ii'ny J>aiit/iyd(/, 

twenty drops. 
I'diiyiydwi.'iildiii/irc, {iilir. I 

shed a tear; p. p(iid..ircd. — 

N i II papdiniiijdwi.'iiliiniiirc, 

freq. I shed tears, my tears 

are falling in drops ; j). pc- 

I'di'i/i iiiiid dkn.^. 1 am unwell, 

I'diKji.^hv, adv. \'ery little. 
I'diii/i.s/iru'di/d'l. Tliere is wvy 

little of it ; p. peii..ydk. 








><;l in 


— :{48 


PaiKjitilinriKfini. Tliore is very 
little ol' liiiii ; |». /H'ii..sii/. 

l'(iiii/is/tt'W(i</isiiiiin, iniii). NVc 
lire very little, inu vervHinull 
iiiiiiilxT ; p. f>i'n..siifji(f. 

I'aiHiishinm, (iiiiit. I let iiiiii 
liill to the •rrotiiul, I ilt'op liiin, 
Idho liiiii, (iv itoi'Hoii or any 
other (ilij.) ; j». fun. .until, — 
l\iii(ji JDiiiid inn iji-intiKjishi- 
ina jiiti-hiiuiijo ; I (Iruppeil 
sutiie niuiiev vefterdiiv, (I 
lost it.) 

Pavii'mliimo ;/isiss. The huh 
sets ; p, j>cii(/is/iiiiK>il. 

I'ain/i.s/iiii, {iiin). I liill ; p. 


I'aiitfi.'^/ikniii'.'i, {niiO- I liill •■^i<^l< 

suddenly ; p. j)i'iii/,.sii/. 
I'<ni(/is.sin. It fulls ; p. jk'hi/i's- 


I'aiKji.ssi/oii, [liill). 1 let it t'sill 
to the lii'oiiiHl, 1 drop it, I 
lose it ; p. pen. .toil. 

Pdiiihiijiuii)., (liill). r iiiiike ii 
hole in it, or throii;j;h it, with 
ii chisel ; p. pcii..iiiii/. 

I'(inihi(/ui(/nii. Chisel ; pl.-«;«. 

I'uiii</aic<i, {liill). I iiml<e u liole 
ill it, or tliroii,'_:li it, with si 
chisel; \). pcii..(«l ; imp. ]>a- 

Pdiiiiiia, iii\\. By ami by, inter 
al'terwiirds, not before a cer- 
tain time or a certain event. 

I'diii 1)1(1, niiid ilikil nidjcuj. I 
say always, by and by, that 
is, I delay alway.s, I postpone, 
(ill wiii'd.s.) 

I'diiiimt iiiiid ineiidum mojii;/. I 
think always, by and by, that 
is, I delay always, I postpone, 
(in //ir,ii(//ifs.\ 

I'aiKj.s.siin. iSea-dotr ; (F. chien 
uittrin) ; l>l.-o<j. 

I'liiitLnf, or I'niilknl'ijijiiiiiil , 
Pentecost or Whit-Siiinlay . 

I'lifiiiiiniiii islikwoiidi'in, {niii\. I 
knock at a door; p. ]niiii.. 

I'd/Hii/iiliid'H'iidJ, iiiiii\, I chat- 
ter with the teeth Iteiiiji; cold; 
p. )>e/>..djid. 

I'd/i(i(/(ihiiyi((ii, iniii). S. 1*111111- 


IY/fi(i;/iikiV(ii(/c, (ilin). I knock 

(at a door) , p. pdiii.f/cil. 
f'ajidi/iiiiiilc. .\ kind of ash-tree; 

I'dj)di/iir(ii(7ii. Cotton, Hliirl ; 

/'dfn'ii/iirdidiiej/ntnii/. House of 

cotton, a tent ; \A.-oii. 
/'a/Hif/iirdidiics/i/iiiiiod. U a ;i 

made of cotton ; \A.-dii. 
I'd/id(/iir(tidiiii/iii. S. I'dpni/iir- 

did II. 
I'djidi/wii.'i/i, adv. Always, ''on- 

tinually, incessantly. 
rupiVxiiiiJi', or- III iKjad. T i: c 

sparks fly up ; \). ])c/),.J('(j, av- 

Pdjid/iiiie. Cricket ; grass-hop- 
per; pl.-r/. , . ,, 
I'dudi^iiic, or-iiidf/dd ^Hliliotc. 

The lire crackles ; p. p('l>.. 

lie;/, oi'-iiKdjdIy. 
I'djidkiiHKfDi, (liill). I come out 

of the woods; ]). pcf>..aii(/. 

I'dpcikwaiindji. Bat, tlitter- 
iiiouse ; ]}\.-id(/. 

I'dpdiKjihissd. It begins to rain, 
drops of rain are falling liere 
and there ; p. pcp-sdij. 

Pdpd^liki(liu'. Pitch of the tir- 

tree, balsam. 
I'aiids/ild.sii/anitk. Elder-tree ; 


Papashkojan, {niu). I shear it 


— :^49 — 


tliDi-oiiirlily, I tiikc all od'; p. 
rd/m.s/iknju'fi, iiiiii). I hIiciu- 
him llniruu;rlil\ , cloxc to tlic 
nkiii I \\. pci>'(ul ; imp. pa- 




l'(i.Kifi/iirii/:(iitiii/if. or iiidi/dd. 
'I licit" is clour jrroiiinLu clciir- 
iii;^, llluf trt'C's litive ln'oii cut 

(loUll illK 

I tiik 




I'lixliki'ih, (iiin). I am lilitid on 
one I'vc, I am oiu'-cycil ; p. 

I'dslikdhttini, iiiia). 1 muivc liim 




J knot; 

Itim ail cvc 


]><'l>..<l'ltf, l)V-l)KII/(( 

P<if,(ts/ii':irnkf))ii/ilti\ {nil " 

l>alil, lijild-liciiilt'd ; p, 

rdpasmknwiiimlin. Tlic i;i'oiiii(l 

splits t'roiii cold ; p. iic/K.hi;/. 
l\iln1.s:s(tiiifiv<Uj, (iiiii), or, /(/;( 

l>(i/)(issinii/n<ni(V). I Mink with 

the eyes ; p. jH/>..ljit/. 
I'd/xi.stic. A kind ol'smtiU wood- 
pecker ; pi.-//. 
I*di)ikii'd!xdiin';fa, or- lu d (/ a d. 

There is a roii<j;li,hiily irrtiiiiid, 

not even ; p. pe])..{f(i!/, or-itid- 

I'axiujnhidon , ( )ih, ) . 

it ; p. n('s..d(id., ( 11 in ) . 

p. pes.. wed, 
rds.siKinhina, (niv\. 

him I ]). pe)i..iidd ; 

I 'dsdj/wdiii iloii , ( /( in 

it thick, (.some litiuid ; 


I scratch 

1 scratch ; 

I scratch 
imp. /;f(.s'- 


p. pen 


cl(M)d ; 1)1. iin. 

Pd>t^id(ji.9hkil)ikad. It i.M a dark 
ni^-lit ; it is very dark ; p. 

I'd.s/idfp's/ikinnm, (nin). I am 
in darkness, 1 cannot see im- 
mediately, comiiif^ in a hon.«e 
from sunshine, 1 am daz/ded ; 
p. pesIi..viod. 

I^'isiikditiilf, (nin). My teeth are 
distant IVom caidi other ; p. 

I'di/ikdhiilc-hindkwihi. Lar^e 
drc«i.-iiii/-comh ; \>\.-dn. 
'is/ikdl)idi:ia, ov-indi/dd. lt< 
teeth are d'stant from ea<'h 



ke, I 

iarn»w, etc 

pcs/, {)V-indiiak. 
iy(slilcdhiiljin, {nin). I 

one of my eyes ; p. paia.,inii. 
I'lfs/ikdhi.f, {nin). Aly eyes are 

spoiled lor loKt) liy too much 

.smoke; p. pdid.,.VHl. 
I'dshkdkwudin. It bursts liy 

freezinjf ; p. ))did..inif. (ii- 

pds/idkkuutdin onuxhii ; the 

liiittle Imrst, (hy the free/ini:; 

of the water that was in.) 
I\is/ikdkii'ddji uiiliij. The tree 

cracks oi" splits, liy extremely 

cold ; p. p((id..(lj'id. 
Panhkundunio. A kind of bird ; 

Pds/ikdf), {nin). I burst into 

laughter; p. pdidxhktlpid. — 

S. Nanis.'<dp. 
Pd.shkdwcd jniuddjd. The .small 

young bird or chicken comes 

out of the egg, is hatched out ; 

p. pnid..od. 
P(7.s-iikide, or-mdfjdd. It burst, s 

i>y extreme heat; p. paiash- 

kid('ii, ov-ni(U/dk. 
Pdxhkikdu'dij li(/nwa(/. 'IMie 

waves on the lake (or sea) are 

white, they flourish; p. ])di<i 

Pd.skkikwdctmoii {dnimikiij). It 

^ i ;i 



— ^fiO — 


(liuiplcrs willi II ;:r('ut (mhhIi, 
llicrc ar(( ^ircut |k'uI.m of lliiiii- 
/''is/i/tiiniiinssdiKiH, {iiiii}. I 
iiiiikc tlu'iii liiirst ; I (uinrcct 
tliciii, I make HwcclincatH or 
prc-^crvcHol' t hem, (ol' licrricwi; 

/'i/.s/i/,'iiiiiiitissii/iiii. Swcrt incuts, 
prcHi-rvt's; (tP. i;oiilituiT.M.) 

iyis/i/,iiii!iiti.ssii/r, (iiiii). I cijii- 
rt'ct, I iiiuUc prcscrvcH ; p. 

iyts/i/xiiiiiniissir(ii/,iiiiii). I iMiikc 
tliciii liiirHt ; I coiit'cct (liciii, 
I iiiiikc itrcscrvcs ol'tliciii, (of 
Ipcrrics) ; j». itiiiii.,ini(l. 

I'dshhixan, una). I shoot at it, 
I nlioot it ; |>. })(ii(i..fiii(/. 

l*tis/i/ (is.sith, 'J'lic iii't has 
iarirc incHiics ; \). j)(u'</, 

I'dsliki.siiiitu. (iiiii, lillc, mus- 
ket ; pl.-rt/j. — /\i/r/ii-jtns/i/, 
ffdii, ciiiiiioii. 

hl.s/i/:i.sii/(iii('ifi</. Tiic Htock of 
H ^,'1111 ; pi. -OH. 

raslilashians.' I'istol ; lA.-nn. 

/'ns/this/i/tnis iicssnshhiik, nti- 
nshLdk, il(llins/i/><i/,\ nciH/fif- 
wiisN(is/i/i((/i. Ki'Vdlvcr with ."{, 
4, 5, liarrt'ls. 

lYisliKiNhji', {jiiii). r shoot, I 
uiii sliootiiiij; ; \). ]>(ii(i..j/>'(l. 

I'/ts/, Tlie act of slioot- 
iii.i: witli a ;:iin, etc. ; also, 
)i(»\V(h'r aiiil sluit, or rithcr of' 
tht'HC articles, annnunition. 

Puxhkiswa, (iiiii). I shoot him ; 
]). pdiu.'^hkisioud ; imp. pds/i- 


PdsJikohidJif/afin hhies/ii. The 
hinl is pi('k('<l, its loathers are 
l)lu(!kea out ; p. paia..sod. 

rCishkobidon, [nin). I pluck it 

out, I wi'od a lieM ; p. /inin.. 

lYi/</i/,ii/iinii, li)i)i], I pi<'k him, 

(a liinl.) I -trip a liinl ni hi- 

t('iilhi'r> ; p. it(iiti..ii(id : iiii|i. 

l'as/ilx(,di)ii, Inin). I hiivc im 

hciii'cl ; \). })i''slikod<in(i, 
I'd.s/ikndiiiirldiKi, iiiiii). I pull 

his licanl out; p. /n',s/i..ii(td : 

imp. ixis/i.JiiJ. 
I'dskhiisi (lie liiiii's/u\ or i)(tj)iis/i- 'I'iiat liinl is mikcd, 

has no feathers ; p. fii'slt..siil . 
/'(is/ikii'ddds/ii. A kind ofwulf 

aliiKisi withdul hair, pniirie- 

unlf; (K. loiip (le prairie ;) 

I'ds/ikirddikirrhii/ iiw dirrs.ii. 

'iMiat animal lias no hair nr 

t'lir ; p. pis/i.-xid. 
I'd.s/ikirdknhiiloii, {iiiii). I pull 

it out, r weed ; p. ne.i/L.d'id. 
raslikirdslikijdii, {inn). I iikiw 

it ; I reap it ; p. i)rs/i..diitf. 
rds/ikuids/ikijii/dii. Scythe or 

sithe ; sickle ; \t\.-dV. 
I'ds/ikirds/ikijii/c, (nin). I mow, 

I reap ; p. ii(\s/i..i/ci/,. 
Pd.s/ikn'r(/in. Leather. 

(-oat made of leather; \A.-dii. 
/ '((.s /i k irci/i 110-1)1 i<ld ■s.'i . Lejigiii^ 

made of leather ; pl.-nn. 
I'd.'f/ikirci/in-dinnddi. Leather- 

hottle ; \}\.-dii. 

I'd.sii/icdo Itiiieslii. The hird 
starts, tlies away ; )). pf>.s\.t'(/. 

r<(.si(/u'i, (nin). I rise up, I 
i-taiid up i {F.}v me met.s dc- 
hout ;) p. pcsh/irid. 

Pa.sijjwia, (nin). I make him 
rise up, stand up; I rouse 
hini ; p. 



— 3r)i — 


[). pniii.. 

iicl< liim, 
•il ol In- 
[(/; imit. 

have no 

jV I piiU 
t'sh..ii(i<l . 

18 lUikc'l. 


iiiil of wolr 

r, pvairit- 

pniiri*' V 

lo hiiir or 

)i). I I'lill 

n). • '<>"^^ 
Scytlu" or 

((). 1 mow, 

icr; I'l.-""- 




The J'ii'i 
1'- 1>«* 


nso up, 

uf in 


ots tU'- 



f'(, (niii). I Mial<( 

"tiiiiil ii|i ; p. iHs.Juil. 
IWssiKin, (iiin). I Lrciik it, (u 

plate, ;;luMH, cto.) ; p. jittids- 

rassi'ihiha, or-inaif(iil, 'I'Iutc in 
a clfCl, «;ap ur tinHurc in a 
roi'k ; tliiTc is a .-tcop rock ; 
p. i>ix..kiiii, itr-iii(i</ii/i\ 

I'lissiiiliiKi, i)V-tii(i</)iil. There i.i 
a h»\v pliice lielween two iiioilii- 
taiiis, a vaMey ; p, j)i;s,.iitii/, 

I't'i.ssddiii nntk(tkitss(i<i, oiiiDiliii, 
et(\, the harrol, the iMittk', 
etc., hursts hy cold ; p. /Kiia.. 

J\iss/'n/iniL('ii, in in). I stretch 
out my arm ; p. pen, .aid. 

l'<issi((/iiiiLciin, {nhi). I stretcli 
out lii,-< ai'iii ; p. ])('.s..ii(i<l. 

I'tissfh/iiiindjin, {iiiii). I open 
my hanil ; p. pe,'il. 

/'(iss(i(fif(i, (niii). I erect my- 
self, I staml upriifht ; p. pc.s- 


l'((.s:suii/(',{niii\. I cut anil split 
cedar-wond, to make a canoe ; 
J). pe.s..(/e(l; also, F s(pmre 
wooi I . 

Pdsudkddcm, (nin). Aij. I sijrh ; 
p. pea.. Ill ltd. 

]\i.s.sdkiiiiii(/<f, {)r-maj/<id. There 
is narrow hollow valley, a ra- 
vine ; p. pes..j/a<^, uv-iiHii/ak. 

I'ds.sdkdiHtiidii.icd, iiiiii}. J fillip 
him ; ]j. j)<'s..iPdi(. 

I'ds.s'diij/dditiih, (nin). I twinkle 
or hlink, (once) ; p. pes. .hid. — 
See tiie /)'^7. v. of it, nin pd- 

l\iKSdn<iddndhiwin. 'J'winkling, 
the twinkling of an eye, a mo- 

l*as.sangwdb, {nin). I shut my 

eyes, I keep n)y eyes Hliut ; p. 

pes. .hill, 
l\i.tsdnijii'dhislikd, (nin]. My 

eyes shut against my will, I 

am sleepy, I am drowsy ; p. 

I*dssdnikdddn,(nin). I make a 

ditch in it or through it ; p. 

I'd.ssdiiikdih', or, pii.ssiniikdi- 

tjddi\ oY-iniKjdd. There is a 

ditch imuK' ; p. pv.s..di'ii, or- 

I'd.s.siinikdn, or piissdnikaiijan, 

Dit(;h, trench ; \A.-dn. 
Pdssdiiiki', [nin) or, nin pdssd- 

nikdii/i: I am digging a ditch 

or trench ; p. pes. .id. 
I'd.s.sitnuwewd, {nin). I strike 

him on the cheek, J Imlfet 

him; p. p<'s..W((d ; imp. pirs- 

l'il.s.sdtdirdni/d. nv-ntdi/dd. '{'here 

is a small valley of sand ; p. 

pe.s„!fdk, ov-iiidifdk. 
I'd.s.sdWd, in ill). I lireak s(Mne 

olij. ; \).}>did..ioad ; \\\\\).pd.ssd. 
I'd.s.sek/tnnk. A kind of frog ; 

I'dxsihidon, {nin). I hreak it to 

pieces with my hands ; p. 

I'd.s.sihiiid, {nin). I hreak sonu- 

ohj. to pie(!es with my hands ; 

p. pdid.jidd. 
I'd.s.sidon, {nin). My lip is clo- 
ven; split ; p. pas.sidiiilif. 
rds.sidiini'ijdndind, {nin). I give 

him a rinlenl hlow on the 

month ; p. pi'.s..iiidil. 
/'d.s.sidonni'd, {nin). I strike 

him on the mouth ; p, })e.s.. 

wad ; imp. jm.s.sidoni', 
rd.s,sii/diiptn. Iron cleaver used 

especially hy shingle-makers 


— 352 — 


1) 1 

U m 

to Hjilit piiic Itiock.s into sliiii- 
;j;li's ; \}\.-(in. 
rn.s.sit/aiijc, {iiin). I iiiii Hilit- 
iii<: witli a cleaver; p. paia.. 

rn.sfiika, ov-))ia(f((d. It liroaks, 

it Hplits, reiul.s ; p. iKiia..kiuj, 

lYissikan, (iiiit). 1 lirc'iik, (t^plit 

it); p. j)aia..tiiig. — Niii jx"'- 

pussikan, frt'(j., 1 break itiiilu 

.■several piece.s. 
I' , pi .-«.'/ ; or pai^xi- 

kawaiiak ; \)\.-oii. The stick 

or rod used liy the S(jua\vs ip 

l)layiiig their play. 
J'u.ssikawc, {niii), (iiin jxipussi- 

kan'c, tixM]. v.) I uiu playiiiji 

the Indian women's play ; p. 

I*n,ssikwad. S. Taxlikikwad. 
I'ashikweOodJ'f/an. Sling ; pl.- 

Patinikiorbodjii/e, [idn). I am 

throwing with a nling ; }). 

p. peati.A/td. 
Pdti.silo/ij {iiin). I break it, (split 

it); ]). paia..t(>d. — A^//(. papa.s- 

.siliiit, f'r('(i. \., I break it in 

(several pieceH. 
Passwtwe, ov-via(jad. It re- 
echoes, it resoiuuls; p. pas.. 

toe;/, or- ma(j(ik 
Pati.'iwt'woikin, [niii]. I create 

echo, I n; ike resoiinil my 

voice ; }). vc.s'.s'.. //'//. 
I'ds.strrwelou, {niii). I make it 

ic-echo, v'suund ; p. j/e.s'.v../oa. 
Pal(d)iii<in nutsinaiijaii, iuiii). I 

(!lose a iiook .sliijliihj ; p. pet.. 



iuiii). S. Patakoioebiiian, 
I'dtiiifwakonindjiii, [iilii). I 
(duse my hand ; p. pcL.iiid. 

\I*ntaknan, .rin). I close my 

hand ; p. pd..nid. 

I'uiakdaii, {iihi). I sting it, 1 

prick it, I pick it uji with 

something pointed ; p. p<l.. 


rutakaitjan. Fork, table-lbrk ; 

/'u/<ikni(/«', < )iin). I pick it up 
with a fork ; p. peL.c/cd. 

J'a(akdkami(/i,i.sid<iii, {uiu). I 
stick it in tlu? ground; p. jn/ 

I'afukdkhiljiit, {niii). I am stung 
by it, 1 have it stitdiing in me ; 
p. j) — Kill pattikaknd- 
Jiii niii>i'Nsaiiinc((iij iii.slii'KjH'u- 
jiiiij/ ; I have a thorn sticking 
in my head. (III. Conj.) 

/'(Udkashkuii/an, Hay-lbrk ; pi. 

J'atakdwa, (niiij. I sting sonu' 
obj., I pick it up or take it up 
with a pointed object ; p. p</ 
..wod ; wnp. jxttakd. — Ojn'n 
iiiii patakawa ; J sting and 
pick uj) a potato. 

Pafakibldju/dii. IIar})oon ; iron 
hook for catching sturgeon ; 

Pulukibidjiije, {nia]. I am har- 
pooning ; lam hooking with 
an iron hook ; p. pet.;/ed. 

Patakibidon, (iiin). I harpoon it. 
or liook it and draw it to me ; 
p. p('l..d()d. 

I'aidkibiiKt, (iiin). I hook him 
and draw him to ;!ie, I hools 
and grapple him ; p. pit., 
mid ; nun. ])al(iki/)ij. 

I'ahikib'niwi'on. Plume of fea- 
thers, head-ornament of fea- 
thers ; pl.-a/<. 

I'dfakide, oi'-)ii<i</ad. It sti(d<s 


th., it is erected, 

t I 



— 363 — 



ilose my 

ing it, I 
up witli 

; P- /"■'•• 
ibk'-t'urU ; 

)ick it up 

{niii). I 
i.l ; p. jx'l 

; am etuii^r 
in,!/; in me ; 
rii sticUiii,!-' 
y-lbrk ; pl- 
ating xomv 
r take it up 
I'ct ; p. P<l 
kd. — Op I II 
Hting iiuil 

pouM ; ii'^"i 

I iim h"V- 
)okiug witli 


lurpoon it. 
iw it to iiH' ; 

huuk liitii 
;;»e, 1 liook 

n •, p. P't- 


line ot tca- 

iK 111 of I'l-a- 


It stirk^ 
crtH'tetl, ii 

Htftmln Ujj ,, or-ma- 

Paiakidjin, {uin). S. P((tak(i- 

I'(i(<ikiii(t, (nin\. I stick some 

olij. in s. til., I put up, I erect 

some ()l)j. ; p. pcL.ndd ; inijt, 

raldkiiiindjidjiii. I liavc it 

stickini^ in my luiiid, itHticks 

in my liiuid ; p. ]tct..iii(/. 
l'<tl((ki.s/iini(t,(Hin). 1 stick or 

thrust some olij. in s. tli. ; p. 

pet. .mad. 
I'ahiki.s/iiii. Somoolij. sticks in 

s. til. ; it stanils up in s. tli.; 

p. ptt..iiiti. 
I\it(ikisidedjin, [iiini. J have it 

sticking? in my foot, it sticks 

in my foot ; p. j)('f..iiii/. 
I'akikino. S. I'atakUiliiii. 
I'd/dki.ssidoit, inin). I stick or 

thrust it in 8. th ; p. pc.f..dod. 
I'atakls.'iii!. S. I'atdkida. 
I'atdkiiccljind, {niii}. I stick it 

in s. til, throwing it, 1 make 

it HtuiKJ up with tbrce ; p. pcf 

I'diukiu'dhinan, {nhi). J stick 

or thi'ust it in by throwinif, 

or with Ibrce ; p. j)cf..aiH/. 
I\ilakdwthiiiai>, ina.'iiiidij/dii , 

{iiiiD. J close a liook some- 
what briskly; p. j)ct..<iii(/. 
I'didtiiikaiije. Long billed cur- 

l''W, (water Ibwl ;) pl.-»!o//. 
ralc/iis/ikdhikdd. It is pointed, 

iiui'tal) ; p. p :l..kdk. 
ralr/ii.'i/ikaoikisi. It i.^^ pointed, 

(stone, silver;) p. ])et...sid. 
rdlr/ii.-i/ikdii, liiiii). I stinir it, 

pierce it ; Ji. j)c'f..(lil>/. 
rdlc/iis/ikawa, {niii). I prick 

him, siiii'x him, pienie him ; 

p. peL.icad. 

ra/r/n.t/ikihodnii, (iii)i). I cut it. 
pointed ; p. pn..dod. 

Pdli-hiskiboiui, (iiiii). I cut some 
obj. pointed ; p. p(:f..iidd ; imp. 

I'dtrliishkiiiddii, inin). I cut it 
pointed with an n.\e ; p. ]>'/.. 
a 11(1 . 

/'d/c/iis/iki(/d(l. It is cut point- 
ed, (wood,) it is pointed ; p. 

I\drliisliki(f(i(l. It is cut point- 
ed, (stuir ;) p. ])(:f..(/dk. 

I'dtrhislikiiiiiwd, {iiiii). I cut it 
pointed wi'.li un a.\e ; )). pel.. 
(C(td : \\\\\). pd/r/ii.s/iki(/(i . 

/'d/c/u'.s/ikii/, \l is cut point- 
ed, (sti li;i p. })<'(. .sid. 

I'dtcki.slikujisi. It is cut point- 
ed, it is pointed, (wood ;) p. 

I'dtc/iis/iki(/dn, iin'ii). I cut ii 
poinled ; p. pvl-diKj. 

I'dtc/iis/ik/j'wd, (niii). I cut it 
pointed ; p, pet..ii'dd. 

Pdtfhi.shkikoddn, {itin). I cut it 
pointed with a kuile ; p. pcf.. 

I'dtcliishkikaiid, (nia\. 1 cut 
some obj. pointed with a 
knilc'; ]>. pi'f..ii(dl ; imp. pal- 

rdlrliitihkiwiiie (jisisx. The 
moon has jujinted horns, (lii>l 
or last quarter :) p. ])ct..ucd. 

J'dwc.injwdi, adv. Asleej), in 
sleep, sleepinjr. 

I\nceii(prdi aiii bimn.'sse. 1 walk 
in sleep. 

PaweiKjicdi iiiii yiijit. I spejik 
in sleep. 

I'diL'indtiije, inin]. I swee|) ;i 
chimney ; p. pcw-.r/cd. 

l'ckirdiri(/dii(/. I[e thatislmmp- 









— 354 - 






Pepes-Jin(h's. iriiu). I scarify idv- 
self, iiiunlci' to bleed ; \).pai(' 

repculiowcuiin. Scarificution of 

the nkiii, lor lottinji' hlood. 
I'eve.s/ura, (iiiii), 1 bleed him, 

iiy Hcarifyiiitr, by incisions of 

the skin; p. p(iie..i('a<l ; imp. 

Pt'pi(/u'e(L Player on the Hiite, 

thtte-))layer ; ])\.-Ji<j. 
I'ls/ikwe. A kind ofowd; pi.-//. 
/'i(/i(l<p'.s.'i(i</. Jiotten wood. 
I'iiliiljissaijdd. It is rotten, 

(stick, j)ole, or any wooden 

o''.)-) > ]). ])e(/..(/(i/,\ 
Pij/idjis.sdfp'si ii<(h(i(/issa(/. Tlie 

board is rotten ; |). 7^7/. ..v/r/. 
Pi(/ikti(t(in, {7iiii). 1 ])itch it ; I 

tar it ; I putty it ; p. pe(/..(ni(/. 
Pitjikaiia, {iiiiij. I ])it('h or tar 

some obj. ; j). pr</..)i(ul ; imp. 

])vjikaj. • 

Pii/ihc, {ni)i). I ])it('h, I tar, 1 

])ntty ; p. jxijikcd. 
Phjikcwdiiissay. Firi'brand used 

in piichiufr a canoe; pl.-o/;. 
Piijishknitad. It is rotten ; pu- 
trefied, corrupted ; p.jx'i/.jiak. 
I'igislikanan, {iiin). I am rot- 
ten, putretiod, 1 mortity ; p. 

Pitpslikibidon^ {lu'n). I break it 

oil' by small jdeces; \). peg.. 

J*i(p's((kibina asseina, {niii). I 

l)reak otl' tobacco by small 

bits ; p. peg.Jiad. 
Pigislikishin, [niii). I fracture 

my body by fallinjr from a 

certain heiirht ; p. j)e;/..iii(/. 
J^i(/is/ikissiii. h breaks to pieces, 

falling from a heiirht ; \^. peg.. 

I'igho. Pitch. 

Pighn'sigau. Maple suj^arnuwlc 

to resi'mble pitch ; (C. >u( ic 

en jromme.) 
Pigoiigireigan. Hoe; \A.-<ni. S. 

Pigonekirc. A kind of small 

frog; pi.-//. 
Pigtrairr air ovinwsh. Thi< lidn 

has l(jng liair,( poodle-dog ; p. 

Pijiki, Ox, bull ; cow; bull'alo; 

pl.-irog. Kdl)r-}>iiiki, I in 11. 

/kirr-jtijiki, cow. Mas/ikmli- 

])ijiki, buffalo. ()ddl>i-))ijil:i. 

PiJikiiiKiKitagnsi. The ox (^lv 

COW) bellows ; p. )nes..:nd. 
Pijikiiis. Calf; pi .-«//. 
Pijiki wanow. The t.^.il of an ox 

or (!ow ; pi .-r/u. 
Pijikiiri-giii. Ox-hide, cow-hide 

buttiilo-robe ; pl.-o/i. 
Pijikiwiganiig. Stable; \)\.-(ni. 
PiJikiirigdiiJ. The (daw of an 

ox or a cow ; pi.-?'//. 
Pijikiwimo. Dung. 
Pijikiirifofosim. The udder of 

a cow ; pi .-«//. 
Pijikiiriid.'i.'i. Beef. 
Pijikiici-nm.'iiiiiwdgan. !Man<:er; 

I'ijis/iig, adv. Alone, only ; with- 
out a load, empty. 

PiJis/iigoiKtgaani, («/»)• I have 
nothing in my canoe; p. jnj 

Pijisliigcnrix, {iiin). I am aloiif. 
I have no wif.' ; I have im 
husband ; p. pej..sid. 

Pikikiice, [iiiii). S. Pikikiu'cfd. It has the tasti 
of an animal that was tircil 
out before it was killed ; p. 




— 355 — 



ugar iiuwle 
(C, siicrc 

; pl.-fHI. S. 
I (if ^llllvll 

ile-do}: ; i'. 

i//A'/, I'uU. 

The ox (ur 



t"il f)t ail nx 

lo, cuw-hiiU', 

ble; pl--^'"- 
claw of an 



'he uthU'v ol 

,onl.v; wiili- 

iiioe ; p. P'j 

I am aUnii'. 
1 have iiii 


has the tastt 
liat was th-cd 
aw killed ; i). 

rikissana</iik(iii. I'artition in a 

honso; \)\.-(tii. 
l^ikixt^diuKjokc, [niii). I make 

a pai'titioii in a house ; j>. //(./.• 

l^ikissniuKjoiKi. In the closet. 
nkodjaii. A liall of thread ; j)!.- 

I'ikoiljdiic, ')iin). I have a kiioli 

on my nose; \). ]}i'k..iic(l. 
l'i/xO</j'(ino(i(loii, [Ilia). I wind it 

on a liall, (thread, conl, etc.) ; 

p. })<'k..(l(>(l. 
I'ikailji, (in'ii). I have a bii|; fat 

liclly ; p. iii-kodjid. 
I'ik()iif1i/i/i, [iiiii). S. /'ikotJJi. 
I'ikoi/diidii, or }>ikw(ik<njaiiaii. 

Ankle-hone; pl.-r//(. 
I'ikii<(,i:n-in(i(/<i'l. It tnm- 

hle.s ; (h\ il s'ecroule ;) p. pck 

...SVr/, UV-IIHKJdk. 

nknuuliad. S. I'djiikiradiiid. 
I'ikirddJ. Fish-hhidder ; pi.-///. 
I'/kicdilJis/i. A kind of mu>h- 

room ; p!.-r(//, 
rikic<(i/i)iiild(/(/n. Yt\<i throat. 
I'ikwdjc.'>-/ik(t, {niii), luii pa/iik- 

irajcs/ikd, fre(|. v. I have 

pimples or pustules on my 

skin ; p. pek..ka<l. 
I'ikwak. Arrow, made of wood 

only; pl.-o». S. Ai^sdiran. 
I'ikirdkdiin'i/d, ox-iikkjikI. It is 

a hilly iiroimd, there are 

small hills ; p. pt(/..;/(i(/, or- 

I'ikirdkokwewe.'i/ii. .lay, (bird;) 

(F. <^eai ;) \}\.-id;/. 
I'ikwdkniiiiinJ. Fist; {)! .-///. 
I'ikir((kdiiin</Ji(dird, (niii). I 

euirhim, I strike him with 

the tist ; p. pck..wdd. 
rikwakos/iih. A kind of wild 

iluck, an autumn-duck ; pi.- 


I'ikii'dku.^sdi/idiii', (nin). T liave 
a larijie rump, larjje buttocks; 
J). j)C'k..i(;il. 

l'ik>rdkir<dl. Knoli on a tree; 
)>lay-liall ; lA.-aii. 

J*ikii'dkioniln-pdi/duid</dii. In- 
dian war-clul), with a bijj; 
knob on tiie end ; pl.-f///. 

Vikiriin. Back.— There is al- 
ways a po.ssessive pronoun 
prefixed to thi.s word ; a- : 
Xiii /tikii'dii, my l>ack ; o 
jiikii'dii, his back, etc. 

nkii'diiniiiKlJ. The back of the 
hand. — There is always a pos- 
sessive pronoun before tiiis 
word : as : Xin pikirdiiciiiiitlj, 
ki pikivdiiciiiiidj, jtiku'diic- 
iiiiulj ; the back of my, thy, 
his hand. 

/'ikwdiiniiiidjitdion, {iiiin. I 
strike liim witli the back ol' 
my iiand ; p. ])('k.:ird(I. 

/'ikw(iiri<jdii. Humpback. 
nkirdirii/dii, {nin). 1 am 
inun}»baeked ; \i,pek..anii. 

rinddmiiwd, imin. I put or 
thrust it in for him ; p. jxni.. 

Piiiddn, {nin). I put or thrust 
it in ; I take it down ; p. jiand- 

Piiiau'a,{nin). I jjut or thrust 
somel)ody in some vessel ; 1 
take him down ; \>. luinawad ; 
imp. pi lid. 

Pinawc din awc.<tsi. That animal 
is shedding its hair, it i.s 
moulting ; p. peiuiwcd. — 8. 

Pindweslikd. S. Pindirc. 

Pinddddoii, {nin). I cat(di it in 
a net ; p. jja». 

Pindaam, inin). 
net or nets ; vi.pandaanij 


I catch in my 





' I! 




L t 

; t 




> ■' 



— 850 — 


l*in<hx(ni(i, iiu'v). I catch in ii 

not or ill nets ; p, pan..iK((l. 
rhidaas, {iiiii). I am canjiiit in 

11 net ; ]). ]}(i.ii..s(iii. — Nil>iH'(i 

!/>!/"i"!/ ])in<l(tan<iw<)<i ; many 

(islicfl arc canjrlit in tiic net. 
niKlnhdWivJjiijdii. Clysl;'r-jti|ic ; 

J'iii.(/nl)(ntuiilji(/iiii. ; Injection, 

(given to a sick person,) clys- 

U'v- tV. lavement.) 
I'iiitln/xdi'adjii/e, \itiii). I am 

givinir an injection ; p. pan.. 

I'inddhanmna, liitn). I give 

liim an injection ; p.])aii..n<«l; 

imp. pindiibaioaj. 
I'iii(l(7(jnn. S. Matilikiiund. 
/'/iiil/7(/aiiiirc, {tihi). I put in a 

liag ; p. p<in..lor(l. 
Piiidrxjaiiwen, (iiiii). I put it in 

a bag; p. pan.. wed. 
I'iiiddi/aiii'rciian, (nin). I put 

80ine obj. in a hag; p. ]»(it.. 

Pindakafewu)!. Powder-horn ; 

Fhidakdlewc, {in'ii). I am lill- 

ingmy powder-liorn ; p. jxiii 
Piadahnljane, {nin). I take 

siiud'; p. /)i;i>..ii<'d. 
I'inddkosliima, iiu'n). I pur him 

in a mortise, etc.; p. ^m//.. 

I'imldkossHon, {i>in). I put it 

in amortise, etc. ; p.pan..tnd. 
J'hiddkwe, \n;'ti). I «nntt', I talve 

snntr, (thv.-" fiHiiie as, nin })in- 

lidkodjanc :) ]). pan. .wed. 
I'inddkwcwin. The act, or 

liahit of taking snntt'; snuft"; 

(F. taliac; en poudre.) 
J'indani/cani.'ise, (nin). I tailor 

slide in a hole, or in a ilitcl«. 

or in any hollow place ; p. 

I'indanond, (nin) or, nin pindn- 

noliind. \ put my linger (dr 

hand) in his moutii, (or in a 

tra|) or snare;) p. pan. nod. 
I'inddnfinikddji(/dn. Case; scah- 

liar(I; pl.-^^/(. 
I'inddnwda. Quiver, case l()r 

arrows ; pl.-^.'/- 
rin(l(i(i(l<',o\'-nid(/diI. It is in a 

case, cover or S(;al)liard: n. 

pdn..di'i/, ov-nuujdk. 
PinddodJi(/an. Cover or scidi- 

hard of a gun, etc. ; \)\.-dn. 
Pindaodon, {nin). I put it in 'i 

scabbard or cover, (a gun, 

et(!.) ; p. pan..dod. 
Pinddxhkwddan, (nin). 1 ftuli' 

it; (F. je le bourre ;) j). jhih.. 

Pindd.s/ikwand, (nin). I stnll' 

him ; p. pan. .nail; imp. pin- 

Pin'ld.'i/ikwe, (nin). I stuif ; p. 

Pinda.'<s<(. A bar in a canoe or 

i)OKt ; p\.-at/. 
Pinda.s.'iinan, or'l- 

ji(j(in. Shot-pouch ; p\.-an. 
Pindc, nr-ntd(/dd. It is in s. th. ; 

p. pandeii, ov-niai/dk. 
Pindi(jad(in, 'nin). I bring ii 

in, I carry it in, 1 enter it ; p. 

I'indijf. Inside. 
Pindiddnu</, adv. In the lodm' 

or liouse. 
Pindiipina, (nin). I bring him 

ill, 1 (lari'v liim in, I lead 


comluct iiim in; \).'l : 
imp. pindigdj. — Eiulaida niii 
pindii/and ; I take him to my 
hou.'^e, (I take him in.) 
Pindif/aimu (nin). 1 come to hi-^ 


I liii" 
in, I 1 fill I '"■ 

|t. paii.-iui'l : 
Er.daidn »''-' 
<e him to my 
im in.) 

1 como to hi- 

PIN ^ 357 — 

house, to Ills dwoliiiiii', I visit 
him ; Jiij. I (Mitcr into him, in 
liis lit'Hl't, ill his mind ; p. 
]>(iii..wad ; imj). pi.ii<li;/iiw. 

Piitd'h/c, {aiiiK I iid in, I come 
in, I enter ; j>. paiidii/ed. 

I'iiidikoitKhi. K n i I'e-sheut h , set 
l>anl Cor H knife ; \A.-(iii. 


« I 


l'iiidj',ov }u'ii</Ji, m\\. In, 111- 

sicle. (Always et>nnecteii with 

!i siihstiuitive.) 
rindjdii, adv. Inside, within, 

rin(/Jiliide,or-i)i(i(/ad. It flies in; 

jj. piin..def/, ov-ma(j(tk. —Biwi- 

i/cii/dii, (ii-piitd)il>ide ; a (diij) 

i\(^w in. 
I'l'iidjiddwrinai/ad .si hi. Tlie 

river has an entramie, a 

mouth ; p. ])an..f/<i}<\ 
l'iiidiid>iw(t((m, {itiii). I ;4() 

or J eome in, in a canoe 

hoat ; p. paiuMiKj. 
'indjidccsi'i hdiftm , ( ii/in). 



comes ui my heart ; p. j;aH.. 

J'iiidjidi'c.s/i/^aini, [uiii). I come 
in his heart ; }>. pan..W(id. 

I'iiidJidikiltiiKi, (niii}. I piu s. 
til. in his wound ; p. j!)«>i..y(rt^/; 
imp. piiidjidildhij. — Findjidi- 
kiiiijisliiii kiiiindj oiiKt tpx- 
iua(/(iii(iijii(/()idii ; p u t t h y 
hand here where I was woiinil- 

riiidjidjdiij. Insidf> the nose, 

rindjidoii. Inside the mouth. 

I'iiidJiiiaicc.shkauHi, {idii). I 
Come into liim, I enter into 
him, 1 ahide in him ; p. pcai.. 
wdd. — Mdfr/ii manHixj (ji- 
piadjinawi'.'<lik<(wdirdit knko- 
ulum, the evil spirits entered 
into the swine. 

I'iitdjinindjiii, {iiin}. 1 put my 

lin;ier in..., (or my hand ;) p. 

I'indjisidcs/iiii , (iiiii). I put my 

foot in.. . ; p. p((ii..iii(/. 
I'iiidji.sidrs.s4\ (iiiii). I slide in, 

or liill in. with one tool ; }>. 


I'iiidjisnc, { niii). 1 slide or fall 

in...; p. jiiniji, 
J'iinli)iiii)wiii. ]iosom. — Alira- 

liain n piii)h)iii.()iriiiiii[/, in 

Ahraham s hosiim. 
I'iiuhiiiaii, iidv. In a canoe, 

hoat, etc. 
Pindoimi/ ndldkivdnini/. In the 

hold of the vessel. 
l^'iii/eu'cireui, (niii). I am tired 

of weei)ing ; p. )>an..iii(id. 
I'iii(/()f</i. A kind of stin,uiii,<f My, 

samitly ; (C. moiistirpie ;) pl.- 

I'liit/nn/K'iis: A very small sting- 

ini:- fly ; (C. lirulot;) l>l.-'/.'/. 
I'iiii/irdhik. Sand-stone; pi.-"//. 
I'iinprdho. Lie, (ash-water.) 
ria(jwdwa,{nin). 1 tiirow ashes 

on him ; p. pen. .wad ; imp. 

riiiyictomhufifiiu. Tiie dust is 

raised and driven liy the wind ; 

p. ]> 

riii(/ici. Ashes ; line white sand, 
IHiimii-ijijigad. Ash-Wedne.s- 

Pi tigiri-kisibi ijai (jav . Lii i ti id 
soap ; (C. p()ia.-se.) 

riiKjK'itn'na, {in'n). I powder 
him ; also, I jiut ashes on 
him, (as on Ash-Wednesday 
ill the Church ;) ;>. ])fii..nad ; 
imp. piiKjiriiriii. 

I'inif/icd.iK; aw hiii<:,shi. That 
iiird is sliedding its feathers ; 







\ 4 



— 358 — 



■i ' 

it is moult iiiu: ; |>. jxui.jied. — 

S. I'ihairc. 
Piiiislii, iiilv. S. Anislid. 
J'iiioinon, {iiiii). 1 I'lit it in my 

l)usom ; p. jxinomixl. 
J*ins, {niii). I am in s. th.; p. 

pnnsod. — ,1 iiiiuli<tie ! — 

NiiKjolchi ■s(( pi USD. Where 

is thy lirotlior? — He is in some 

phi(;i', (or lionse.) 
I'iits(il), (nin). I peep o\it iVom 

nmier s. th. (trom under u 

hhmket, etc.) ; p. pitiisuhid. 
rinsihatlj'Kjiin. Funnel; (F. en- 

tonnoir;) \)\.-(iii. 
J'ijiit/iris. 8. Mi(/if<anaiiixsi. 
Pi/>i(/ir(in. Flute, tit'e, Hageolet ; 

J'i/)ii/ice, (lu'ii). I play on tiu' 
llute, etc.; ]). pi''il. 

J'ijHl/ircH'diia.shl:. J'^lder-sliruli ; 
pl.-o/(. (Properly, tlute-reed.) 

ripiwii/e. A kind of sparrow- 
hawk ; pi.-.'/- 

ritiikaii, (iiiii). I hit it, (not 
))urposely ;) \). }>rsikan<i. 

ritiikawa, (niu). I hit him, 
(accidentally ;i p. ik's..w(I(1. 

rHawashkn, or-nuii/dd. There 
is a shallow place in the lake 
where the waves break; p. 
ji(t..kfr</, ovnKdpik. 

J'itfan'ifdii. Shed at 
trance-door; \)\.-aii. 

ritclid, ov-miujad. It 
it is distant, t'ur ; p. 

ntclui, or-iiKKjad <]{)i<jad. The 
day is long, (in summer.) 

Pitcha, or-VKKjdd nn'kaiia. The 
road is long, (a I'ar distance 
to walk.) 

Pitcha, OY-maijad xi(jiran. The 
sjiring is long, (tiie warm 

the en- 
is long; 

summer-season comes liitr 
this year.) 

I'Hcha, ov-nKKjad fihikdd. 'i'lir 
iiiL'ht is long, (in wilder.) 

/'i/c/ii, or I'it. — 'i'hisword gi\<> 
to the verli or sulistantive 
that ti)llows it, the significa- 
tion of m/.s7(//i7', arfidciif, iii- 
rnliinfdri/ dclidii. (iOxamplcs 
in some of the Hdlowiiii: 

I'Hrhib, {iiiii). T poison myself, 
I eat or driid-: poison in my 
food ; p. pctfhih<)<l. 

I'ifc/iihdjiirc, iiiiii). I adminis- 
ter ))oisoti, I give ])oison to 
people in their food ; p. pi;f.. 

Pifc/iihoiid, iniiiK I give him 
poison, I poison him ; ]>. p' ... 
iid'l ; imp. pifc/iihoj. 

ntrlnhowiii. Poison. S. Mi/lr/ii- 

Pitchi-diidani, (iiiii). I do it ly 
nustake, not ])urposely ; p. 

I'ifc/iidon, (niu). I say s. ih. 
hy mistake, or liy want of at- 
tention ; p. pelclii<l(>iuj. 

Piic/ii-ikkif, [ii-iii). I say s. tli. 
l)y mistake, I did not nu'an 
to say that ; p. jicf.Jod. 

Piichi-ikkitdwin. Uii voluntary 
word, mistake in s])eaking, 
Iduiider ; \)\.-an. 

I'i/c/n'iid;/, adv. Now only, no! 
hef' re this time; soon; hy 
and i»y. 

I 'He hi lid I/O. Yesterday. 

I'itijddi.'i', {niu). 1 cut mysell 
accidentally ; p. pcl..K(>d. 

Podji.shciiid, iiiiii). 1 speak \i'ry to his ear; p. p wad. .mad. 

Pddjidiic iiiiit). T commit sodo- 
my ; p. j;(r«../rt/. 


— :m\ — 


t i\ 

I 'niljiiliii'ii'iii. S( M 1( (11 1 \ . 

I'nfc/i, or iKtlcliiijc, or i)o,s/ikf, 
iidv. Still, yet; iiutwitlistiuiil- 
iii-r; 111 Jill t'vciitSjiit uiiy mtc. 

I'o/f/i ijtiic kill. As tlidii |ilcii- 

I'dfc/i ifdic kiiiaini. As yuu 

f) I cast'. 




Sii, or /.vf/ ,• part'u'lc used in an- 
swers, it sijriiilics iiotiiiiig' ill 
itst'lf, nor is it ahsolutoly ne- 
cessary in answers, hut usual. 
(It sometimes sijrnities, he-, or, /'or ; as: Kilclii 
hiislikaidaui air ikwc, i/i'iiihu- 
ic(in S(i iiin'iljiinissaii ; this 
woman i'^ very muchalilieted, 
hecause her cjiilil is dead.) It 
t\tllows immediately the first 
verl> of the answer ; and when 
that verl)ends in a cons mant, 
a euphonical / is ordinarily 
(altliouj^h not necessarily/ 
lirelixed to tliis syllahle; as: 
Ki lloilddir iil<( y — Ki llnlllloil 

isa. Dost thou hcarnie? — I 
liear thee. Tiiis remark has 
also report to the interroga- 
tion-particle 11(1, or ///(/.) 
^dbadis, {niii). I am strong; p. 

Sahddi.siiviii. Strength. 

Sdhcnddii, (iiiii). S. Jhdxtmiii- 

Sdhcniiiia, {iiiii). S. liabanwiii- 

S('iliii/aii('', (iiiii). I have strong 

liones, 1 iuive much strength 

in my bones; p. sKiiL.ned. 
S(ii/(idkw((a>ii, [niii). S. I'lipdk 


Sdijiiiun, {iiiii). I go out; p. 

Sdi/(iinnniii(i<f(id. It goes out ; p. 

Sdijdhidr, { II ill). My teeth hegin 

to come tbrth ; p. aauL.ded. 
Sdijubiyina, {iiiii). I lead him 

or (•f>nduct him away, on a 

stiing oi' cord; \).s(ii(i..ii(id. 
Sdi/dhii/iin'i/aii. Handle of a pot, 

kettle, etc. ; \)\.-nii. 

Sdi/ddiiKi, ov-niKijad. Tliere is 
a group of mountains or liills, 
of which the summits only 
are seen ; p. saia..ii(ii/, or- 

Sd(/(tdiiiaii(/. A mountain, or 
a certain spot on a motintain, 
from wiiere sucii a place can 
lie seen. 

Sdijadjhvc, { II ill). I arrive to 
the summit of a mountain, or 
to some other sp(.t on the 
mountain, from wliere I can 
see a certain place; p. ■'<aiii.. 

Sdi/iii/irinde, ov-maijad. It is 
half in the water and half out 
of the water; p. s(iid..dci/, ov- 

S(i(/ai(j<id('i/ liiirdhik. Cast iron. 
— S. W ciKidaiijadcij. 

Sd(/ai(/(iii. Inland lake; pl.-(//(. 



B) ''I 



, vV 


- :m) — 


( ii 


'! m 

Sai/ni</ati. Nail; \}\.-(ni. Kilcki 

.sdi/dii/tni, liir^c iiiiil, s|)ik(>. 
Su<iiliijaiiiLc, (itiittl). I iiiJiki' 

iiiiils, I aiii :i iiiul-iiiakor; ]>. 

S(ii/(ikaiiii.s, {iiiii). I am careliil 

and ordfrlv aliuiit my tliiiijis, 

kce'piii;^; llit'iii ill j^ood order ; 

)i. S( 
S<i(/(i/i(iini.siiriii. Carcriil iiess, 

;:(M)d or<k'r. 
SitijdLnlch, ad\. Orlorly, put 

in good order, ordt-rlv toyc- 

Sdijuki, oY-iiKii/ad. It comes out 

of tilt' ;:;ntiiii(l, it ijrrows ; p. 

siii(i..<iitki(j, or-inii(j(il\. 
Scjjdkdnu'iH. Berry ;^rowiii;z on 

tiic weed used for smoking ; 

S((!/d/i()i)iind(/dir<niJ. A kind of 

wci'd used liy tlio Indians to 

smoke with toliaeco. 
Sdt/chirdi'i/dilr, ov-nidi/dd. It is 

pe;_';;e(l; j>. .'ir(/..<le</, or- tiuit/dk. 
Sd(/d/iirdif/dii. Pe<;, large wood- 
en pin; (F. clieville;) pl.-rr;/. 
Sdj/d/xiraou, or Hdyakwdonois. 

I'i'i; pl.-(/rt. 
Sdijdnikamahis, (iiiu). I tie 

my blanket under my cdiin, 

(Indian fashion ;)|). st:(/..fid((. 
S(t(/uuikiceiia, {iiin). 1 take him 

l)y the hair ; p. se(/ 
Sd(/diii/nikiri iintij. The tree 

begins to bud; p. s((id..iLud. 

S<i</dnwi. Germ; Imd ; pl,-». 

Sd(/d,iuri. It sprouts, it germi- 
nates; p. saiai/anirhl. — J<tig- 
toa opinig sd(/dnu'iwd(/, the 
jtotatoes sprout already. 

SOyduwi, OY-Didijdd. It sprouts 
or germinates ; p. f<dld..n'i;/, 
ov^viaiidk. — .laif/ird icfriss .m- 

i/diiiriiHd!f(td ; the t ii r n i p 

Hprouts ul ready. 
Sd</iiiiirid, (iiiii). I make ii 

sprout or germinate ; p. .siiin 

Sdi/dnhka^ in'-^itd</dd. The grjiss 

liegins to grow; )). sdid.dxinj, 

Sdi/dskiv(dljiiiic. Leech ; pi.-//. 
Sdi/ds.sdiidjrhi.sdii. String to IkiIiI 

up the leggings ; pl.-(//(. 
Sdi/ iije (j is '1' h e s 11 n c o 1 n (■ s 

out of the clouds; p. sa'uiijds 

Sdi/d.sstrd, {nin). I smoke to- 
bacco; p. sci/d.ssii'dd. 

Sdi/dsswdiriii. Sniokijig, the act 
or habit of smoking tobacco, 

Sa</dssw(''idiiiiin, {nin). W'r 
smoke together; j>. st(j..<lid- 

Sat/dssiriidiiriii. Smoking nf 
several ))ersons together, that 
is, an Indian assembly or 
council, where every Indian 
present lights his \)\\w and 
smt)kes; (C. I'unierie.) 

Sdi/did;jdii. Tinder, liestiiied tn 
catch tire from a spark fall- 
ing on it by striking a llint. 

Sdi/dtdi/diiia/iih. Teal, (a kind 
of wild duck ; pl.-^?^. 

Sd(/dte(/isisft, The sun (or moon) 
shines; p. sdiagaled. 

Sdijule, or-nia<jdd. It shines, it 
gives light, (the sun or tlir 
moon ;) p. aaiagatvjj, or-iidt- 

Sd<ji. The mouth of a river. 
Sd(/i)i(/, at the mouth ol ii 

Sd(/ia, {iiin). I love liim, I am 
attached to him ; j), Hdidijidil. 


•Ml - 


I II r II I |> 

Mialsc ii 
c ; \), tiiiiii 

Tlic L'Viiss 


ch ; I'l.-;/. 
•'niil to liulil 

> sun (',(iiiu'^ 
p. saiiiii<('< 

f^iiioko t(i- 

:ijij:, tlieuct 

\\<r tl)lilll'*'". 

Sinokiii.i; "f 
j-^ftluT, tliai 
issi'inlily 111' 
•very liidiiui 
lirt jiipo iiii'l 

, ik'stiiiod to 
park lull- 

n«r a Hint. 

oal, (ii kiii'l 


nn (or niotiiii 

It Hhiiu's, it 
sun or tlir 

/alcij, or-«"/- 

ot' a river, 
iiiouth ol :i 

,vf liiin, I iti" 
; p. said<li(i^f- 

Sdi/ihddaii, {nin). I sew it a 

little; p. .sc</„(iiii/. 
Sui/ihddjii/e, (iiiii). i sow a little, 

1 make a lew stitclies ; p, .set/ 

S(iifih(i(/(i, or-iii(iif<(d. Tlu^ leaves 

eojiie tbrtli, liii siiriiij; ;) p. 

said. .(jail, i)\'-iiiai/al-. niiliij. The tree is 

getting new leaves ; \). .sai((.. 

Sai/ihdiia, {iiin). I sew it a 

little ; p. .sci/.jKid. 
S(ii/ilti,(iiin}. I am partly out 

of the water, (ami partly in 

it ;) ji. .stn'djjihid. 
S(i</ili/dii;/(tii. Striiij^or cord to 

tie with ; pl.-(//(. 
Sat/if)id<iii, {iiiii). 1 tie it, liind 

it; p. .sci/.,dnd. 
Sd;/il)iiiia(jisi mi It;/. The (I'ee 

has shoots ; p. .saiajj.. 

Sdi/iliina, {niii). I tie him, J 

hinil him, (a person or any 

other olij.); p. ,sc(/..nad ; imp. 

Sdi/ida. The place in th." lake 

round the month ol'u river. 
Sd(/iddwidjiiraii. The current of 

a river come.s ont or in the 

lake ; p. .sdid.AiiKj. 

Sdijidenaniircu, {iiiii). I show 
my tongue; p. .tdia..iiid. 

Sdi/)d('iidiiiirrl((ira, (iiiii). I 
show him the tougne.(thron;|h 
contempt ;) p. .'iaia..wad. 

.Sd(/i<jilxWdii(i</ iiiiHi/. T h e 
trci' his liraiiclies; p. said., 
sid. — Figuratively, Niii .sd//i- 
dikirdiidt/i.s, signilics, I have 
children. [Wddikwan, branch 
J fa tree.) 

Sdi/idiiid, {uiii). I carry him 


out of doors ; I turn him out ; 
p. .sdid..ndd. 

SdijiiljidashkdWd, (iiiii). I ;:<» 
out of hi.s lieart, I leave In.- 
heart; p. .sdid..ii'dd.~ Wi'iilji- 
■shid Mditilo <> .sdt/idjidri'.s/ihii- 
irdn hdidid - ijiirrhi.siiiidjiii ; 
the iloly Giiost aiiandons tl.e 
heart of the sinner, (he ;:nes 
out of it.) 

S'it/idjiiljiu'dii sibi iniid. lleie 
the river How.s out, (here is 
the mouth (jf the river.) 

Sd;/idJindJ((ird, (iiiii). I send 
him out ofdoor.s, I hid iiim 
go out; p. ,sdi(<til ; \\\\\>. 

Sdi/idjindirt.slikdi/oii, {iiiit}. Il 
goes out of me, it leaves inc.; 
p. .^aid.jjdd. — A/)ilclii iioiii/mii 
dkd.siu'iii uiii i/i .sdt/idjiiia- 
weskkaijon ; the sickness i.- 
now perfectly gone out of me. 

Sdf/idjinairas/ikait, (niii). I go 
out of il ; p. sai((..diui. 

Sd(jidjinai('i'slika.wa, {iiiii). I 
go out of him ; p. .saia.jrdd. 
— Malriii mdiiilo o i/i .sdi/i<lji- 
iiidvcshkawdii iiiiir iiiiiiiii'dii , 
the evil spirit went out of that 

Sdi/idjlauibiud, {iiiii). I til low 
him (Uit, I turn liim out ; p. 

Sd(/idJiwidon, {nin). 1 carry it 
out; p. sdid..di)d. — Xiii hi- 
.sdt/idjiioid(ni, 1 hring it uiil. 

Sd(/idjiiriiid, {nin). I lead nv 
conduct him out ; \y. ■. 

Sdt/idnde, {niii). I leave home, 
1 go from my family, I leave 
my father and mother, elc. ; 
also, I niovc. I go nut of oiii 
.' and move mt) another; 
p. said(/idodeod. 



.^ t 

il ' 



— 3f.2 — 



in ■■ 

Sni/irlode, (nin). I (:i'»<'|i out, 

(itiii hinii'xli', I (Tt'C'j), I c'uiiiiot 

wiilk ;) |». siiia..(>d. 
Si}i/i(h>uchiflii(/(tii. liridlf; pl.- 

S'iifiddiichidjiifi' lu'.bfjijfojfdiiji. 

I'lu' lioTHe has H Itriillc on; |». 


Si'/(/i(lwciri(l<tiii, {nin). I walk 
oiii liilUin;:; p. sitia.jai;/. 

S(n/i('.iiiiU(t, [nin). 1 love him in 
my lht>ii;ihlH, willi iifU'ctioii ; 
p. s(ii((..)nii(l. 

Siii/iij<iiiii(fisi air </iif(>. Thin lish 
JH lull cif honi'.s ; p. ,'<aia..siil. 

Sihjii/tinHti/iiii, [nin). A hone 
vionu's oi't ol' nii',(uu( of Home 
piirt of my liody ;) p. .v«/«.. 


St'Kjiffiii. It comes t'ortii trum..., 
it grows Iroui.... ; p. said. .in//. 
— Wad i''- in in xnijiijin miti- 
i/oHi/ ; a limtich jrrowH out 
from tlic troe. 

S(h/ii/(in(l(iifancHa, (nin). J take 
him liy till' throat; p. .saia,,- 
nad; imp. .saij..atn. 

Sn(jikwi'(jdm, inin). My lieud 
only in out of the water, (the 
rest of my hody is in the wa- 
ter ;) [). ,s(ii( 

Sfhfikven, (nin). ^ly head only 
i.s out of H. til., (the rest of my 
hody is in;) p. s(iia..nid. — Xin 
.sasd(jil\n'<'n, fre((. v. I reach 
out my head from time to 
lime, and draw it hack again; 
tor instance, through a win- 
dow. — \\Ync'ilii(/(nioilJi i> 
.s(X(fikw(',ni (ana ; a m o u s e 
comes here from time to time, 
and shows her head only, 
(readies only her liead out.) 

Suijiina. An Indian not heloiig- 
mg to the Grand Medicine, 

Vet kiiowiiij;! well iiiodiciiie- ; 

pi.-//.— S. Midc. 
S(i(/ind, i;(//j). 1 keep s(jme ohj. 

slightly witlj my liiigiTti; p. 

.sri/iiaid : imp. sai/in. 
Sajfinan, (nin). I ket'p it slight- 
ly with my tiiigcrw; p. «ci/i- 

SiKjiinshkuva, {ni-n}. ] make 

him pleiiHure with myarriviil; 

p. s<'</,.irad, 
Sijyiniken, (nin). I stretch out 

my arm; 1 show forth my 

ai'Ui; p. sai(i..nid. — i\'d>ikinii/ 

i/i imnijishin kwitrisrns, sihii- 

niki ni dasli, li \H)y tell in the 

water, hut he stretches his 

arm out of the water. 
Sdijinikina, (nin). I tiike him 

hy the arm; p. suiu,.uad ; 

imp. natjinikcn. 
Sdj/inindjin, [nin). I reach Ibrth 

my hand ; ]p. sai<i..nid. 
Sd(/inindjina, (nin). I reach 

him my hand- I shake hiimls 

with him. 1 take him hy the 

hand ; p. .s((ia..nad. 
S(i(jisia,(iun). I carry him out, 

I lead or take him out ; p. 

■said. .ad. 
Sd;/iftidal>ddan, (nin). I drag 

it out of doors; p. ,sai((..ant/. 
Sdi/iiiidah/lna, (nin). 1 dragliim 

out of door.-^; p. .■iaia..nad. 
Sdt/iwan nidi. Tlie water comes 

out of a vessel ; p. .saidniwamj. 
Sdffiiran .sihi oma. The river 

runs into the lake here, here 

is its iiioiitli. 
Snijiwia, [nin). I sacrifice some 
ohj., (according to pagan 

rites ;) p. .^ 
Sdj/iwilaitHi, (nin) or, nin sdiji- 

wHaniuwa. I make him an 
otfering, I ofier him a sacri- 



— snn -- 


Dllll' t>l»j. 

\). nciji- 

1 imil<i' 
iirriviil ; 

i-otfh tuil 
\)V\\\ my 

I' lis, .sdiii- 
A\ ill llif 

LCIU'H llih 

ttikt' him 

ouch I'uvtli 

I rt'uch 
aki' liiuiils 
111 l>y Uie 

him out, 
m out; p. 

1 ilni;; 

drug him 
iter coinCH 
The riviT 
here, here 

rilice Homo 
o 1)11!^ a 11 

, nln tsoi/i- 
<e him ii|' 
lu a saui'i- 

lice, (a iiairiiii siicriJift' )) p. 

Sakdaii, {iihh.' I li^iht it, I Uiii- 
dh" it, I Hct it oil Hre ; ji. ncka- 

Saknii/ailr,fn-mn(/a<l. It is lit 
or li<rhlril, tire is Fct to it ; j). 

Sl'lcilcij, ()V-lll(((/(lk. 

Sakdiije, (uin). I set on (iro, I 
urn an iiKH'iidiary ; p. s>'k..i/<'d. 

Sdkoiifcwin. The act ol' scttiiiir 
on lire ; the work of an in- 

Sak(iipirfi(/anc, {inn). I lijriit 
my i)i|n' ; p. srk.jicd. 

Sdkdnii. Cane, \vaikin;/-stick ; 

Sukddii, {lu'ii). I use it a« a eaiic, 
an u \valkiii^-,-tick ; \). .sikacd. 

Sdkdwa, {iiiii). \ net him on fire, 
r make him hurn ; alno, I net 
his house on tire; p. .sckti- 
wad ; imp. sakd. 

Sdkidc, ov-iiid(/dd. It cat e lies 
lire ; p. sckidci/, or-nidt/nk. 

Saki.i, {iiiii). I "catch tire, I he- 
gin to iiiirn ; also, my lodge 
or house hegins to hurn, it is 
on lire ; p. fiekisod. — Katdr/iiu/ 
adkisoioar/ ; the house of our 
neighliors is on lire. AV sat/i- 
kosiuiin yosha ; our house is 
on fire. 

Sdki-nmd. Sacrament; i)l.-/V///. 

Sdiidf/ad. It is dilKcult, disa- 
gieeablo, painful, inconve- 
nient, troutilesome, hard ; it 
is dear, hifrli, costly, jirecious ; 
p. seneyak. 

Sanagagindass, {iiiii). I sell at 
high prices ; p. .sen.. sod. 

* NoTK. — Tills root (infill to l)c ino- 
iioiiiiccd hy two k ili.slciiO oldiic, i.e. iiiii 
■<((/,k(i(ln, and Die otluT woi'ils of the 
Millie root. 

Saudjfi'ndani, (niii). I have 
thoughts of ditiiculty ; p. ncii 

Sandi/i'iiddnioiidn. Dillicnlty 
anil troiihlc in thoughts. 

Sdiidi/iiiihhi, {nim. 1 liini ii 

Sdiid(/i'iiiin(i, [iiiii). I liiid iiiiii 
diliiciilt, I think he is dilli- 
ciill, intriictahle, not easy to 
hedealt with, severe, strict; 
p. .sen.. mod. 

Sdiidifi.s, (nin). 1 am dillicult, 
particular, severe, strict, ex- 
act ; I am intraclacic, not 
( to he dealt witii, of ill 
humor, troiihlesome, insnp- 
portalile ; also, I have dilli- 
ciiliics, I iim in a dillicult 
awkward situation ; p. .sen., 

Sdiidffi.s/ika, (nin) or. nln hi- 
sdiKKji.shkd. I come lo IcH .'^. 
til. dillicult, painful, distigree- 
ahle ; j). .siiL.kdd. 

Sdn/ii/i.shkdivd, [nin) ov,nhi hi- 
.sanaijislikdu'd. J come to tell 
him s. th. jiainful, etc.; p. 

Sdnd(/ [nin). I cause iiim 
dilliculties. trouhle, pain ; p. 

Snnd(/>.siir>n. I nt ractahlencss, 
ill humor, dillicult disposi- 
tion of mind ; also, diliiciilty, 
awkwi.ird situation. 

Sdiidijitd(j<i.s, (nin). ] am tell- 
ing dilfi'Milt things, what I 
say, or recommend, is dilli- 
cult ; p. .sen. ..sid. 
SdiHUfiidird, Inin). I listen to 
him with the impression that 
what he is saying, or rccoiii- 
mt ndiiig, is dilliciiji ; p. ^len., 














- 1^ lllllio 
















(716) 872-4503 















— 364 — 




Sanagwe, {nin). I speak a diffi- 
cult langiia;re ; p. seiiaywed. 

Sdiii/wewc, i)V-mn(/ad, or samj- 
weires.siu. It suiukIs, (iiictal, 
being moved or struck;) p. 
naia . . wcij, or- itKU/cdv , 

Saniiiind jtijiki. ^Filcii-crow ; pl.- 
.sdiu'ii imljiij ]n'Ji/ilir()</. 

SaaUija, ov-iiKKjad. It is lull of 
Itrushwood, of underwoo I, (a 
place in the woods ;) p. sesa- 
(/<ii/, or-i>i(ii/(ik. 

Sa.s(7i/((kir((ne, or-}iiti;/nk. The 
llaiuo is asceiidiii,!^ high ; p. 
scfs. .iie(j, ov-iiiwidk. 

Saadijin, {nin). I am avaricious ; 
p. ,sr.s...s-id. 

S(im</i.sihin</wc, [nin). I have 
tears in my eyes,- tears come 
out of my eyes ; p. ses..uH'(l. 

Sit.sHiji.'iihint/iriiialxiix, {niii). 

Tears come out of my eyes 
by smoke ; p, .sv'.y...vO(?. . A va ri co.</iwini</iiwin. The gift re- 
ceiveil in a sacrifice, or, as a 

Saanijiiciiui, iiiiu). I give it to 
liini in a sacrifice, or as a sa- 
crifice ; p. .vt'.s'..M«//. 

Sdtiui/iicUrhitjan. Pagan offer- 
ing, sacrifice for the preser- 
vation of life ; pl.-rt». 

Sam(jiit'itrliitje, inin). I give s. 
th. or contribute towards a 
saci'ilice lor the preservation 
of life ; p. .se.s..(fed. 

SaNd;/ican(t, adv Often, fre- 
i[Uent]y, repeatedly. 

Sasd,ssa(jil>ina a.ssdh, {nin). I 
fix a net to .set it, I tie the 
stones and the floats to the 
net ; p. ,ve.v. .//«(/ .• imp. .s(i.. 

Sas^gd, ov-magad. It is fair, it 

A liiif 

I aiii 

i.«! ornamented, splendid 

aaegag, ov-niugak. 
Sasega-b abi.s.s iku i " dgan. 

sjdendid coat ; \)\.-an. 
Sasegdhicaiuiic, i niuu 

drt'Sr^ed vainly, with 

m-naments, I dress splendidly ; 

p. .'ii's...-;ed. 
Sa.' Pea-cock ; \)\.-g. 
Sd.scgana, {nin). I adorn it, I 

t)rnament or embellish it ; |), 

S((.st'gdlcfiii/dn. Ornament, em- 

liellishment, adornment, di- 

coration ; pl.-«//.'gdivenitdn, niidw, {nin). 1 

am proud, I am selt-conceiteij. 
Sd.'iegdiveiiinia, {nin). I think lu' 

is fair, (a person or any other 

obj.) ; p. .s-c.'i..mdd. 
.Sdscgawcnindi.s, { nin) 

gdweuddd aiiaw. 

.Sa.svVi'/.v, {nin). I am 

S. Sa 


am the oldest ; I am 

the fir; 

born ; p. .ve.v/Av'.s-/'/. 
.Sd.'^iki.siwin. Greater age; alsc, 

primogeniture of tirst-birtli. A kind of nightingaU' ; 

Sdssabikond, (nin). I uuike hi 

heail perspire, in order to chit 

liim, to deliver him fron; 

head-ache ; j). saia..nad. 
Sd.s.sabikirdii. A medical ron: 

which the Indians use to biiin 

on coal, to cure heatl-ache ; 

Sdssdbiknu;, {nin). I nuike my 

head i)erspire for a cure; p. 

SdntiabLs, {nin). I am dazzled 

by it, I cannot look on it. 

(sun, etc.;) p. saia..sod. 




— 3fi5 — 


onler tociin 

ft look on it- 

Sa.ssai/dkwadii, [iiin). I nail it 
to ,s. th., I nail it down ; p. 

S(issai/il'/ai'dir(i, iniii). I nail him 
to 8. til, ; p. sc.s..v'a(l ; imp. 


Si(s:sO(/il)i<l(>ii, (in'ii), \'rv(]. I tie 

if. in (liHorcnt places; p. .vt'.v.. 

Sas.s/iyodis, [nin). I am a nia- 

.L'iriun ; p. .s'r.v...sAi'. 
Siiss(n/6(l/siwiii. Indian mairic. 
Siiftsdk-al), (»/»). I fee! a Imrn- 

ing pain in my eyes; p. ses.. 

Sassukin<iu'c, Inin). I have sore 

I'ves, I am .snow-liliml, (from 

walk in;/ on snow in sunshine ;) 

]>. s<'.s..iral. 
Sdftsdkiiij/wctciii . Sn ow-1 > I i nd- 

nes8 ; iC mal de neij^e.) 
S(issaki.vbiii(/if'eidl)(is, (iiin). J 

•eel a Imrninj: i)ain in my evks 

from much smoke ; p. scs.. 

Sassffkokwadaii, (niii). I try it; 

p. s(ii( 
Sd.s:sak(dxwnna,{iiiii). 1 fry some 

ol)). ; ij. .stii<(,'i..)i((d. 
xin.fakokioe, {niin. I fry 

Sa.'isdkwe, {iiiii). T s 

joy ; p. « 
Sdsfidktrewin . .1 oy fu 
Sdssdssahi.'i, {niii). S 

]>. ,< 
Sdsw<'hi;/ddndaii, {itiii). I sprin- 
kle or water it, I asperse it ; 

p. si's..aii(j. 
Sd.sirebii/adudaird, {iiiii). I 

s])rinkle or water some ohj. ; 

I asperse him ; p. ses..ioad. 
Sd.swrhi(/aaiidji(/an. Waterin;:- 

pot, watering-cart ; sprinkling- 
pot and brush. 


lont with 

Sussdhis ; 

SasireshkavuK/dfl. It is scatter- 
ed aliont. (li-'per>ed ; p. sen., 

Siisirrs/ikdit, [iiiii) or, nin scs- 
inriidii. I scatter it, I dis- 
pei-sc it, sipiander it ; ]). se.i.. 

S(i.sivf.^hkdW((, {niii] or, nin xds- 
wcnn. 1 scatter ahout or di — 
jiorsc some hody ; ]) 
— (tiidjihi ki .sdsims/ikdtrd J(>- 
iiiid ; tiiou scattci'est money 
aliiiiit purposely. — Mdiii(/dii <> 
.sd.swe.s/ikdtran nidnislilduhh- 
dii ; the wolf scatters the 

Sa iiccu'chiiid, [nin). I throw 
ahout eome hody; [>. .ses..n((d. 

Sdsirru'cbindn, inin). 1 thrcnv it 
ahout ; p. .ses..nai/. 

Sd.sjrriri'hinii/e, {nini. I am 
throwinir ahout ; p. s(:s'..(/<'il. 

Sdlrn<((/osi. It looks rancid ; p. 
.'<aid(...sid. — SdlinHUjosi (iir ka- 
kd.s/i ; this porU looks ran- 

Sd/cnui/wdd. It looks rancid ; 
J), /id id.. teak. 

Sdlrpoyoai. He tastes rancid ; p. 

.Sdtrjxd/U'dd. It tastes rancid ; 
p. imid..irdk. 

Sdt(':s/iin. It is rancid ; p. saia- 

S(' ! interj. Shame ! 

Si'ijnidiKjos. iniii). I iitn dread- 
iul, fearful, to he feared; p. 

Sr</rudai/wdd. It is fearful, 
ilreadi'iil, it is to he feared; 
]i. .Hdicij..wdk. 

.Se'i/niddd), {nin). I fear, I have 
fearful thoughts; \). .'i(fie..dn;f. 

Sediindanwivin. Fear, (especial- 
ly in thoughts,) apprehension. 






— 366 



Sn/ia, (niti). I Iri^iliton liini, I 

intiinidiitc liiiu liy my threats. 

I iiliU'in liiiii ; p. .sdii'ii'ntd. 
Sri/iljanir<i, {iiiii). I wear a ciio, 

(a tult of liaii' ;) p. .s((ie(/..W(ul. 
Se(/ifj(mw((ii, (proii. Ne(fibunon). 

Cue, tnf't of hair ; \A.-ini. 
Se</ibanii'ani.s/d, A kind ol' 

wiiiall hiack liird ; (C. rt'col- 

let;) pl-iajj. 
St'ijima, (nin). S. Se(/ia. 
Sc;/hi(((/n.'s, {)iin). t look fri;2;li- 

tened ; p. fiaii''..sid. 
Sn/ifi, (nin). 1 i"ear,l am afraid ; 

I>. fiaicj/Lsid. 
S(''(/isiwin. Fear. 
Sn/iiaf/os, {nin). I speak so as 

to excite fear, to make some- 

bo<ly afraid nfme; p. .s(iie..Nid. 
St'<jiUiwa, (nin). I listen tu him 

with lli'ar, he excites fear in 

me by his speaking; p, /iaie-- 

Sckwadjiyed, A spitter ; \)\.- 


Senibd. Silk, silk-stulf; rihbon, 

riband ; [A.-iutj. 
SenibdU'ds.sabdb. Sewing-silk , 

Senibaweffin. Silk, silk-stutt'. 
Se.s-agi.sid. He that is avarici- 
ous, avaricious person, miser ; 

Srsifai, adv. Suddenly, unfore- 
seen, instantly, in a mon)ent, 
in an instant. 

Sesika-nibowin. Sudden death. 

Sc.sika nin ni.s/ikddis. lam pas- 
sionate, irascible, choleric, 
of a quick temper. 

Sesikisid. The oldest ; the first 
bom of a family ; \)].-Ji<j. 

Sessegan. Little hail. 

Sessegundaif. White spruce ; 
(C. opinette blanche ;) pl.-o//. 

Sr.'i.iiu/idcc, (nin). My heart 
beats violently • p. sdicid. 

Scs.scijideewin. Violent |lieatinL' 
of the heart; (F. battenieni 
de cceur.), {nin). I burn and 
weep ; p. .iaie.,sod. 

Scssci-sinia, {nin). I insult him 
and make him weep ; p. .mir.. 

Sianio. A kind of wilil duck 
which alights sometimes on a 
tree, what other ducks nevrr 
du; wood-duck; (C. canard 
branch u;) pl.-f/. 

Sibi. River, streaui ; p\.-wan. 

Sibin(/wai. Tear ; pl.-«r/. — There 
is always a jx)ssessive pro- 
noun prefixed to this word ; 
as : Xin sibingwui, my tear ; 
nin sibinj/ioaiay, my tears. 
sibinywaian, his tear or his 

SibL-ikudia, (nin). lam not well, 
lam indisposed; p. .«<ft,..s-/(/. 

Sibitikadiiiiioin. Indisposition , 
little sicknet^i. 

SibiskadJ, adv. Slowly, slightly. 

Sibi.skd(/ad. It is flexible, it does 
not break when bent; p. .sab.. 

Sibi.'ikan. It is viscous, tena- 
cious ; p. sabiskan(/. 

Sihiskanamowiii. Phlegm. 

Sibi.'ikendam, {nin). I sutler a 
long tin\e ; p.</. 

Sibi.'ikendainoirin . Long suller- 
ing, continued sorrow and 

Sibiwassdb. River-net, small 
net, lit to be set in' a river ; 

Sibwdyan. Corn-stalk ; sugar- 
cane ; p].-ay. 
Sibu'd</(tnnbo. Molasses ; (mo- 



urn anil 

nilt liini 
p. sai<': 

ild (lvu:U 
lues on a 
;k8 nevrr 
1. cananl 


/.— Tlu'ir 
she pro- 
lis wonl ; 
my tear ; 
■ tears. {> 
ar or his 

I not well, 
). >^{. 


ble, it does 

t; p. .sab.. 

)us, tena- 

1 .sutler a 

long f<uMer- 
Irrow ami 

let, small 
" a river ; 

Ik ; sujrar- 

Les ; (mo- 


— 367 — 


lassi'H of tlie .-njiar-caiu', not 
nuiple-Mijiiir molasses ; lur 
wliieh see 7/»'m/«/«/.s/</«//.) 
Sih wdija ai-Hinibd kwdi. C an e- 
sngar, brown wu^'ar, Ilavun- 

nali .sngar. 

Siliivdyans. Snruut or bud ol 
the corn-stalk ; pl.-«//. 

Sido(/(iivi.-i/i/\(Hle, ov-matiad. It is 
ballasted; \). sad..dc(i, or-nia- 

SidoiiawLshkndjitian . Hallast. — 
Nind a<iW(issihni !iid<>gawisk- 
kodJi(/an, I take out tlie bal- 
last. ' 

St'i/tKihoicc, {iihi). I mould, I 
cast ; p. say. .wed. 

St</(ian, {nin). I mould it, cast 
it, ; J), smiaantj. 

Siijuandddiwln. Baptism, by 
pouring water on the person 
to be christened. 

tSiyaandai/e, {nin). I ))onr water 
on 8. body; 1 baptize, I chris- 
ten ; p. ii(ig..ged. 

SiyaaiidageiviiL The act of bap- 
tizing or christening, baptism 

Siifuandagowin. Baptism re- 

Sii/aandan, {niti). I pour water 
on it; also, I bless it, sprink- 
ling it with holy water ; p. t/a- 

Sigaandas, [nin). I am baptized ; 
p. sagaanda.sod. 

Sigaandasoioin. S. Sigaandago- 

Sigaandawa, {nin). I pour wa- 
ter on him; I baptize him, 1 
christen him ; p. .'iag..wad. — 
This word also signifies, J 
bless someboily, sprinkling 
him at the same time with 
holy water. 

Si<f<iaiidjignth\ {n'-ni(ig(t<l. It i*< 
blessed, (and sprinkled with 
holy water ;) p. xag..dfg, or- 

Sigdundjigdso. He is blessed ; p. 
nag.. .sod. — AJittraidtignn.s .v/- 
gadudjigdsii ; anitinioninng 
.siga(indjigdsii\r<>g. The little 
cross is blessed; tho lieads 
are blessed. 

Sig(t(niuwa,4,nin). I jiour him 
8. th. in the moutii ; p. nag., 
wad; imp. sigano. 

Sigaigade, or-magad. It is 
moukhHJ or cast ; p. ,sag..dcg, 

Sigaigan. Maple-sugar cake, 
moulded in s. th.; or any 
thing moulded, cast; pl.-«u. 

Sigaigandlig. Wooden mould 
for casting nuiple-siigar cakes ; 

pi. -OH. 

Sigaigaso. It is mouldedor cast ; 

p. .iag..iiod. 
Sigaige, {nin). 1 mould or cast ; 

p. .sug..ged. 
Si^aog, {'nin). The waves leap 

in niy canoe, or boat ; p. .v{#- 


Sigaslikinadon, {nin]. T fill it so 
that it runs over ; p. .<<ag..d(>d. 

Signshkine, or-magad. It is so 
full that it runs over, it is 
overrunning, (a vessel or 
measure ;) p. sag..neg, or-ma- 

Sigdiva opwdgun, [nin). I lead 
or plumb a pipe, I ornamejit 
it with lead ; p. sugawad ; 
inip. .sigd. 

Sigihadon, {nin). I nuilce it .«o 
full (with a li(}uid) that it runs 
over, (a vessel ;) p. sug..d<>d. 

Sigigamide, ov-magad. It over- 





J .' 


— 36ft - 


flows ill Ijoiliii;^; p. Ktnj.jleg, 


Si(/iii((in(ii(ui,{iiiu\. I shed itui' 
pdur it out to liini or for him ; 
also, I syriiijro liiiii, I ;j;ivo at) 
injection, ii clyster ; |t. .sw/.. 

Si'jinan, (iiiii). I pour it out, I 
slied it, spill it; p. s(i(/iiKin!/. 

Sh/iiiii/e, iiiiii). I pour out, I 
shed ; I keep tiivern, or a 
drani-shoi) ; I deal in liipior; 
]). s<ti/iai(/c(i.