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Full text of "A dictionary of books relating to America [microform] : from its discovery to the present time"

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^ A 







lU 11.6 




WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 




Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 



Technical and Bibliographic Notes/Notes techniques et b bliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibliographically unique, 
which may alter any of the images in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checlced below. 







Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

I I Covers damaged/ 

Couverture endommagde 

Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaurde et/ou pellicul6e 

r~~| Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 

I I Coloured maps/ 

Cartes gdographiques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I I Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 

Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
Relid avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

Lareliure serrde peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distortion le long de la marge int^rieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
11 se peut que certai.ies pages blanches ajout^es 
lora d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela c^tait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas 6t6 filmdes. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires suppldmentaires; 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a 6t6 possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-Atre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la mithode normala de filmage 
sont indiqu^s ci-dessous. 




Coloured pages/ 
Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommag^es 

Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
Pages restaur^es et/ou pellicuiies 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pages ddcoiories, tachet^es ou piqudes 

Pages detached/ 
Pages d^tachtes 


Quality of print varies/ 
Quaiit^ indyale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary material/ 
Comprend du materiel supplimentaire 

Only edition available/ 
Seule Mition disponible 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been ref limed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont 6t6 film6es d nouveau de fapon d 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 



This item is filmed at the rtiduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est filmi au taux de reduction indiqu6 ci-dessous 

10X 14X 18X 22X 













Th« copy ffllm«d h«r« hat h—n r«prodMC«d thanks 
to tha ganaroalty of: 

Library Oiviiion 

Provincial Archival of British Columbia 

L'axamplaira fllmA f ut raprodult grica A la 
gAniroalt* da: 

Library Diviiion 

Provincial Archives of British Columbia 

Tha imagaa appaaring hara ara tha batt quality 
posaibia eonaldarlng tha condition and iagiblllty 
of tha original copy and in kaaping with tha 
filming contract ■paciflcationa. 

Laa imagas suivantaa ont At* raprodultaa avac la 
plua grand aoin, compta tanu da la condition at 
da la nattatA da l'axamplaira film*, at an 
conf ormit* avac lat conditions du contrat do 

Original copias in printad papar covars ara filmad 
baglnning with tha front covar and anding on 
tha laat paga with a printad or iliustratad impras- 
slon. or tha back covar whan appropriata. All 
othar original copias ara filmad baglnning on tha 
first paga with a printad or iliustratad impras- 
sion, and anding on tha last paga with a printad 
or iliustratad Impraasion. 

Tha lyt racordod frama on aach microficha 
shall contain tha symbol — ^ (maaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or tha symbol V (maaning "END"), 
whichavar appiias. 

Las axampiairas originaux dont la couvartura an 
papiar ast ImprimAa sont filmis an commandant 
par la pramlar plat at mn tarminant soit par la 
darnlAra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'imprassion ou d'illustration. soit par la sacond 
plat, salon la cas. Tous laa autras axampiairas 
originaux sont filmis •n commanqant par la 
pramlAra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'imprassion ou d'illustration at an tarminant par 
la darniira paga qui comporta una talla 

Un das symbolas suivants apparaltra sur la 
darnlAra imaga da chaqua microficha. salon la 
cas: la symbols — »> signlfia "A SUIVRE ". la 
symbols V signlfia "FIN". 

Maps, piatas. charts, ate, may ba filmad at 
diffarant raductlon ratios. Thosa too larga to ba 
antiraiy includad in ona axposura ara filmad 
baglnning in tha uppar laft hand corner, laft to 
right and top to bottom, as many framas as 
raquirad. Tha following diagrams lllustrata tha 

Las cartas, planchas, tablaaux, ate, pauvant Atre 
filmAs A das taux da reduction diffArants. 
Lorsqua la documant ast trop grand piur Atra 
raprodult an un § aul cllchA. II ast film* A partir 
da i'angia supAriaur gaucha. da gaucha A droita, 
at da haut an bas. an pranant la nombra 
d'imagas nAcassaira. Las diagrammas suivants 
lllustrant la mAthoda. 





1 2 3 

4 5 6 


T|H" 'W«'-i"'W'!-'^.T?TWT 

Bibliotl)eca Americana. 

Vol. XI. — McClean to Memoire. 





J. A. LE^A/'IS, Esq., 






New York, July ^tb, 1879. 



Books relating to America, 



Volume XI. 

"A painlull work il is I'll assure you, and more than difficult, wherein what toyle hath been 
taken, m no man thinketh so no man belicveih, but he hath made the triall." 

W«/. i U'otd, Pri/att to iht Hiittry »f Oxftrd. 




' J ■' ( 

I /'■ 


Entered acconiing fo Act of' Congress, in the 1S79, by 


In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 

Edition, 525 Copies, 8vo, of which 25 are for Presentation, 
And 110 Copies on Large Paper, of which 10 are for Presentation. 

A Dictionary of Books 


c C L E A N (C.) Dissertation on the 
Source of Epidemic and Pestilential Dis- 
eases. By Charles McClean. Dover. 
1801. 8vo. 430C6 

One of the earliest medical works published in New 

M'Clean (J. S.) A Report of the Trial, 
of James Sylvanus M'Clean, alias J. Melville, and William L. 
Graham, ... For a Conspiracy to extort Money from Stephen 
Girard, Esq. Philadelphia: John Binns,, Printer. 181 2. 8vo, 
pp. 47. BA. 43OC7 

[McCleary (S. F.)] a Sketch of the Origin, Object and 
Character of the Franklin Fund, for the ... Young Married 
Mechanics of Boston. ... Boston: Alfred Mudge i^ Son ... 
Printers. 1866. 8vo, pp. 38. h. 43008 

McClellan (G.) a Statement of Facts. By George Mc- 
Clcllan, M.D. Philadelphia. 1822. 8vo, pp. 24. 43009 

Also : Valedictory Address ... to the Graduates of the Jefterson Medical College. ... 
March, 1836. Philadelphia : Printed by (Villiam S. Martien. 1836. 8vo, pp. 16. h. 

McClellan (G. B.) Army of the Potomac. Report of 
Maj. Gen. Geo. B. McClellan, August 4, 1863. With an 
Account of the Campaign in Western Virginia. New York : 
Sheldon and Company. 1864. 8vo, pp. 484. Plans. 43010 

Two hundred and fifty copies printed on large paper, imp. 8vo. 

McClellan. The Army of the Potomac; Gen. McClellan's 
Report of its Operations while under his Command. New York : 
G. P. Putnam. 1864. 8vo, pp. 505-655. Maps and Plans. 

From the "Rebellion Record." Also issued on thin paper as a campaign document. 




McClellan. ... Complete Report on the Organization and 
Campaigns of the Army of the Potomac, By Major-General 
George B. McClellan. [n. p. 1S63.] 8vo pp. 142, (i). b. 

This edition is a "Campaign Document," No. 3. There i8 another issue, with ■ title 
ilightly ilifiTerent. 

McClellan. Document No. 15. ... The Harrison's Bar 
Letter of Gen. McClellan. ... [n. p. 1862.] 8vo, pp. 4. b. 

McClellan. Letter of the Secretary of War, transmitting 
report on the Organization of the Army of the Potomac, and 
of Its Campaigns in Virginia and Maryland, under the Command 
of Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, from July 26, 1861, to 
November 7, 1862. Washington. 1864. Svo, pp. (2), 242. -f 
fVashington : Constitutional Union Office. 1864. Svo, pp. 175. 

McClellan. Oration by Gen. George B. McClellan [at 
West Point]. Neiu Tork : C. S. fFestcott &' Co. 1864. Svo, pp. 
31. -f [Another Edition.] New York: Sheldon & Co. 1864. 
i2mo, pp. 35, (2). 43015 

McClellan. Regulations and Instructions for the Field 
Service of the U. S. Cavalry in Time of War. By Geo. B. 
McClellan ... . Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott b" Co. 1862. i2mo, 
pp. 216. Plates. H. 43016 

McClellan. ... Report of the Secretary of War, communi- 
cating the Report of Capt. George B. McClellan ... sent to the 
Seat of War in Europe, in 1855 and 1856. Washington : A. 0. 
P. Nicholson., Printer. 1857. 4^°i PP- (^)> 3^°- Map. H. 

McClellan. Report on the Oiganization and Campaigns of 
the Army of the Potomac : to which is added an Account of the 
Campaign in Western Virginia, with Plans of Battle-Fields. By 
George B. McClellan .... New Tork : Sheldon Iff Company. 1864. 
Svo, pp. 480. Maps. B. 43018 

Another edition was issued on large paper, with the title as in our No. 43010. There 
is also a cheap edition, New Tork: American News Company. 1864. , »o, pp. 480. 
The matter jf the following is the sami.-, with a variation in the title-page : 

McClellan. ... Report of Major-General George B. Mc- 
Clellan, upon the Organization of the Army of the Potomac, 
and of its Campaign in Virginia and A-Iaryland, from July 26, 
1861, to November j , 1862 ... . Boston. 1864. Svo, pp. 152. 

Another edition is ffasbington, 1863, 8vo, pp. 242. See also Tribune War Tracts. 



McClellan. West Point Oration, by Gen. George B. 

McClellan. [n. p. .i. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. 43020 

AUo: Thf Armirs of Europe : comprising Descriptions ... of the Military Systems 
of England, France, Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Sardinia, iiUpting their Advantages 
to all Arms of the United Stites Service ... . Fbiladelfbia : J. B. Lippincott & Co. 
1861. 8vo, pp. 499. J'Utes, Portrait, ba. — Lettei ... to Ch.ns. J. Biddle, Oct. la, 
1863. [n. p. n. d.] Folio, I leaf. 

... General McClellan's Letter of Acceptance [together with 
his West Point Oration. New Tork. 1864.] 8vo, pp. 7, (i). 

How McClellan took Manassas. [A Poem.] New York: 

Privately Printed. 1864. 4to, pp. (2), 4. 43022 

Fifty copi:s printed, and ten on very large paper. Bet alio [Boker (G. H.)], Vol. ii. 
Also: "Leave Pope to get out of his Scrape." McClellan's Despatches. \Waib- 
ingion, D C. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. — Letter from the Secretary of War-, on the Subject 
of the Occupation of the "White House" in Va., July 8, '6z. [ff^asbington.'] i86a. 
8vo, pp. 7. 

The Life and Public Servids of Major-Generai McClellan. 
Which includes a Complete Summary of his Report. Written 
by a Gentleman who accompanied him through his Campaigns. 
Philadelphia : Martin Tindale. 1864. l2mo, pp. 84. 43023 

The Life, Campaigns, and Public Services of General ^Ic- 
Clellan. The Hero of Western Virginia ! South Mountain ! 
and Antietam. With a full history of all his Campaigns and 
Battles ... . Philadelphia: T. B. Peterson ^Brothers. [1864.] 
8vo, pp. (2), 17-184. Portrait. 43024 

•* McClellan ; Who he is." See [Wilkes (G.)] 

Also : A Brief Sketch of the Life and History of General McClellan, with Incidents 
in his Illustrious Career. [iVew Tori. 1864.] 8vo, pp. 10. — Burlesque Campaign 
Life of Geo. B. McClellan. Ne-w Tork. [n. d.] i8mo. — The Life and Services of 
Gen. Geo. B. McClellan. [n. p.] 1864. 8vo, pp. 63, (i). b. — The Life of Maj.- 
Gen. Geo. B. McClellan. Including Campaign in Mexico, etc. Nent) Tork. [1862.] 
i6mo, pp. 98. 

M'^Clellan and Fremont: a reply to "Fremont and M<^Clel!an, 

their Political and Military Careers Reviewed." By Antietam. 

.. New Tork: Sinclair Tousey. [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. 43025 

McClellan's Campaign. ... New York: Anson D. F. Randolph. 

1862. l2mo, pp. 12. 


McClellan's Military Career Reviewed and Exposed ; The 
Military Policy of the Administration Set Forth and Vindicated. 
... IVashington : Printed by Lemuel Toivers. 1864. 8vo, pp. 32. 

f — 



Mai-Jour (translated Mav-Day,) Cieneral George Barnum 
McClellau, Militant-Homoeopath to the Army of the Confed- 
erates. Attacked, after his own Mode, through Parallels. ... 
London: 'John Lee. 1864. i2mo, pp. 139. -)- New York: Ameri- 
can News Company. 1864. i6mo, pp. 32. 43028 

Major-General George B. McClellan, from August 1st, 1861, 
to August 1st, 1862. ... New York: H. Dexter. [1862.] 8vo, 
pp. 26. BA. 43029 

Only Authentic Life of George Brinton McClellan, alias. 
Little Mac. With an account of his numerous Victories from 
Phiilipi to Antietam. New York: American News Company, [n. 
d.] i2mo, pp. 16. 43030 

This and the following are mostly campaign documents, which were published 
during General McClellan's candidacy for President of the United Stales : Did General 
McClellan ever Intend to hurt the Rebels ? [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 4. — Facts for the 
People. Ben Wade on McClellan. And Gens. Hooker & Heintzelman's Tcstinnony. 
A Crushing Review of Little Napoleon's Military Career. (From tlie Cincinnati 
Gazette, Oct. 24, 1864.) [Cincinnati. 1864.] 8vo, pp. 8. BA. — Gen'l McClellan's 
Record. His Sympathy with the South. Read for Yourselves. [Cinciniiali. 1S64.] 
8vo, pp. 12. — Little M^.; Campaign Songster. New York: T. R. Da-ivky. 1864. 
i6mo, pp. 72. — Little Mac, how he captured Manassas, [n. p. n. d.] lamo. — The 
Little Mac Songster. ... N^iu York: Dick and Fitzgerald, jii. d.] i8mo, pp. 72. — 
McClellan Campaign Songster for the Use of Clubs. ... Pbiladelphia : Mason & Co. 
1864. 24mo, pp. 16. — McClellan Democratic Presidential Campaign Songster. No. i, 
McClellan and Pendleton. Neiv York: J. F. 1864. i6mo, pp. 72. — McClellan, 
the Pride of the Nation ! [Song. n. p. n. d.] 8vo, i leaf. See aho No. 4061 z. 

M'Clellan (R. G.) Republicanism in America: a History 
of the Colonial and Republican Governments of the United 
States of America, from ... 1607 to ... 1869. ... By R. Guy 
M'Clellan. ... San Francisco: R. y. Trumbull iJ Company. 1869. 
8vo, pp. 665. 21 Portraits, -j- \^Ibid.'\ 1870. H. 43031 

McClellan [Robert]. Speech of Mr. McClellan ... on the 
United States Fiscal Bank Bill: ... August 2, 1841. Washing- 
ton: Printed by Blair and Rives. 1841. 8vo, pp. 16. ba. 43032 

M'Clelland (A.) A Sermon in vindication of the Religious 
Spirit of the Age: ... April 9, 1820, in ... New-York ... . By 
Alexander McClelland, a.m. ... New-York: Printed by D. Fan- 
shaw. 1820. 8vo, pp. 47, (l). H. 43033 

at the Anniversary of the Young Men's Missionary Society, 
. Neiv-York. i8i8. 8vo, pp. 56. ba. 

McClelland (R.) ... Speech of Hon. R. McClelland ... 
February lO, 1849 ... on the Bill to carry into effect the Treaty 
of PeacL with Mexico, [n. p. n. d.J 8vo, pp. 8. H. 43034 

Also : ... A Sermon 
of New- York ... 1817. 



Al«o : Letter on the Crisis. ... [Dttroit. i860.] 8vo, pp. 11. b. — Speech ... [on 
Appropriations for Harbors and Rivers] February 26, 184.6. [n p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. 

McClenachan (C. T.) Detailed Report of the Proceedings 
... in Commemoration of the ... Laying of the Atlantic Tele- 
graph Cable ... . By C. T. McClenachan. New York, 1859. 
New York: Edmund Jones iff Co. 1863. 8vo, pp. (2), ii, 282. 

McClenachan (W.) The Christian Warriour. A Sermon 
... In Boston, March 17th. 1744, 5. By Wm. McClenachan, 
a.m. ... Boston: D. Gookin. 1745. 8vo, pp. (6), 16. B. 43036 

[McClenthen (C. S.)] Narrative of the Fall & Winter 
Campaign, by a Private Soldier ... containing a Description of 
the Battle of Fredericksburg ... . Syracuse: Masters iff Lee ... 
Printers. 1863. i2mo, pp. 53. h. 43037 

McClenthen. Sketch of the Campaign in Virginia. Syra- 
cuse. 1862. i8mo. c. 43038 

M'Cleod [Malcolm, d.d., pseudonf] History of Witches. 
New Haven: Sidney's Press. 18 1 1. 24mo, pp. 107. c. 43039 

McClernand [John A.] Remarks of Mr. M^Clernand ... 
on the Bill to raise a Regiment of Mounted Riflemen, and to 
establish Military Posts on the Route to Oregon ... . April 10, 
& 23. Washington. 1846. 8vo, pp. 7. H. 43040 

M^Clernand. Speech of Mr. McClernand ... . March 19, 
1844 — On the Resolution reported by the Select Committee on 
the Rhode Island Controversy ... . [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 

Also : Speech ... on the Oregon Question. ... January 8, 1846. TVaihington. 1846. 
8vo, pp. 14. — Speech ... in review of the ... Policy of the Present Administration, 
... January 10, 1848. ff''asbir,gton. 1848. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 

McClintock. (F. L.) ... Meteorological Observations in the 
Arctic Seas. By Sir Francis Leopold McClintock, r.n. Made 
on board the Arctic Searching Yacht "Fox," in Baffin Bay and 
Prince Regent's Inlet, in 1857, 1858, and 1859. Reduced and 
Discussed, ... by Charles A. Schott. \_fVashington. 1859.] 4^0i 
pp. xii, 5, 146. Chart. B. 43042 

Included in the " Smithsonian Contributions," Vol. xin. 

M'Clintock. ... A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate 
of Sir John Franklin and His Companions. By Captain M'Clin- 
tock, R.N. ... London: John Murray. 1859. ^^o. + Boston: 
Ticknor and Fields, mdccclx. l2mo, pp. xxiii. 

( 0.375. 5 


15 Plates. + Philadelphia: J. T. Lloyd, i860. 8vo, pp. 317 




+ New York. i860. i2mo, pp. 314, (3). Followed by "God- 
frey's Narrative," pp. 7, 173-213. 43043 

M'Clintock. La Destinee de Sir J. Franklin devoilee. 
Paris, i860. 8vo. Map. 43044 

M'Clintock (Capt.) John Beedle's Sleigh Ride, Courtship, 
and Marriage. New York. 1841. i2mo. 43045 

McClintock (J.) Discourse Delivered on the Day of the 

Funeral of President Lincoln, ... April 19, 1865, In ... New 

York, By John M'Clintock, d.d., ll.d. Reported bv J. T. 

Butts. New York: Press of J. M. Bradstreetlff Son. 1865. 8vo, 

pp. 35. B. 43046 

Twenty Lopies printed on large paper. 

McClintock. Sketches of Eminent Methodist Ministers. 
By John McClintock. Portraits and Plates. New York. 1854. 
8vo. 43047 

Macclintock (S.) The Choice : A Discourse, occasioned 
by the ... Drought ; the ... Fever, ... and the ... Prospect of 
... War ... . Delivered at Greenland, Sept. 9, 1798. By Samuel 
Macclintock, D.D. Boston: Thomas Adams. 1798. 8vo, pp. 21. 

McClintock. An Oration, Commemorative of the late 
Illustrious General Washington ; Pronounced at Greenland, 
February 22d, 1800 ; ... By Samuel McClintock, d.d. Ports- 
mouth {New Hampshire): Printed by Charles Peirce. 1800. 8vo, 
pp. 16. 43049 

M'Clintock. A Sermon ... before the ... Council and ... the 
Senate, and House of Representatives of... New-Hampshire, June 
3, 1784. On occasion of the Commpp'-ement of the New Con- 
stitution and Form of Government. By Samuel M'Clintock, a.m. 
New- Hampshire., Portsmouth^ Printed by Robert Gerrish. m,dcc,- 
lxxxiv. 8vo, pp. 47. n., w. 43050 

Alio ; A Discourse ... at the Funeral of ... Alpheus Spring ... . Do-ver, (^New- 
Hampshirt :) Printtd by EUphaUt Ladd. m,dcc,xci. lamo, pp. 24. — Agur's Choice. 
Sermon at Dover, N. H. Aug. 9, 1797, before the Piscataqua Association. ... Do-ver. 
^797- 4to- — ••• A Sermon preach'd at Greenland, ... New-Hampshire [to] Young 
People ... . Portsmouth, New- Hampshire : Printed by Daniel and Robert Foivle. 1770. 
8vo, pp. 31. — ... A Sermon ... at the Ordination of the Rev. Jesse Appleton ... in 
Hampton, February aad, 1797. ... Portsmouth, N. H. : Charles Peirce. 1797. 8vo, pp. 
24. — ... Sermon preached Feb. 25, 1759. ... Portsmouth, N. H. 1759. ^''°> PP- 'i'^- 
— ... A Sermon ... at Greenland, ... July 22, 1770. ... Portsmouth, N. H. 1770. 
8vo, pp. 34. — Sermon at Portsmouth, N. H., June 14, 1772. ... Portsmouth. 1772. 
8vo, pp. 24. — Sermon at the Ordination of Isaac Smith, at Gilmantown, N. H. Nov. 
30,1774. ... Salem, l^ais. 1775. 8vo, pp. 45. w 



McClune (J. H.) Camp Life. The Sayings and Doings of 
Volunteers, By J. H. McClune. Baltimore: J, D. Toy. 1862. 
8vo, pp. 36. 43051 

M'Clung (J. A.) Sketches of Western Adventure : con- 
taining an Account of the most Interesting Incidents connected 
with the Settlement of the West, from 1755 to 1794. Together 
with an Appendix. By John A. M'Clung. MaysvilU^ Ky,: L. 
Collins. 1832. i2mo, pp. 360. 43052 

Some copies have the imprint Philadelphia Grigg & Elliot. 1832. 

M'Clung. Sketches of Western Adventure [as before]. 
Cincinnati : J. A. James & Co. 1832. i2mo, pp. 321. -f [/^'<^.] 
1836. + [Ji>'d-] 1839. + [Il>id.^ 1 85 1. l2mo, pp. 360. -f- 
Dayton. 1844. l2mo. -\- '^ Ibid.'] 1847. -{- Dayton., Ohio : F. F. 
Claflin^ Co. 1852. i2mo, pp. 315. + Dayton: More., Clarke 
\3 Company. 1854. i2mo. B. 43053 

The last edition reads " Sketches of' Western Adventure ... . Also, Additional 
Sketches of Adventure." ... Covington, Ky. 1872. i2mo. 

McClung (J. W.) Report of the Special Committee to 
investigate the Charge made by the Hon. J. W. McClung, of 
Missouri, against F. P. Blair, Jr., of violating the Laws in the 
matter of an alleged Liquor Speculation, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, 

PP- 75. 43054 

House of Representatives Report No. 61, 38th Congress, ist Session, 1864. 

McClung (J. W.) Minnesota as it is in 1870. Its General 
Resources and Attractions for Immigrants, Invalids, Tourists, 
Capitalists, and Business Men, (Principally from Official Author- 
ities.) With Special Descriptions of all its Counties and Towns, 
By J. W. McClung, St. Paul. ... [^St. Paul {Minn.:)] By the 

Author. 1870. i2mo, pp. 299. Map and 4 Plates. 


M'Clure (A.) Decision du Conseil Imperial des Prises, 
Dans I'afFaire du navire naufrage I'Horison. \^Paris. 1807.] 4^°> 
pp. 9. 43056 

M'Clure. Memoire pour Alexander M'Clure, ... avcc son 
frere John M'Clure, du navire americain the Horison, et proprie- 
taire du chargement a bord dudit navire ... . \_Paris. 1807.] 
4to, pp. 27. BA. 43057 

M'Clure. Nouvelles Observations pour Alexander M'Clure, 
... avec son frere John M'Clure ... . [^Paris. 1807. J 4to, pp. 17. 




McClure (A. K.) Three Thousand Miles through the 
Rocky Mountains. By A. K. McClure. Philadelphia: J. B. 
Lippincott & Co. 1869. i2mo, pp. 456. 2 Plates and Portrait. 

A clever book, including details of Indian warfare, etc. Also ; Fusion in Pennsyl- 
vania ... . [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. — The True Commerciai and Revenue Policy of 
Pennsylvania. Speeches ... on the Act for the Commutation of Tonnage Duties upon 
all the Internal Improvements of the State. Delivered ... February 26th and zyth, 
1861. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 30. h. 

[McClure (A. W.)] The Bi-Centennial Book of Maiden. 
Containing the Oration [by James D. Green] and Poem ... May 
23, 1849; ... Boston: Printed by Geo. C. Rand l^ Co. 1850. 
i2mo, pp. 251. BA. 43060 

M'Clure. The Life of John Cotton. By A. W. M'Clure. 
... Boston. 1846. i2mo, pp. 300. ba. 43061 

M'Clure. The Lives of John Wilson, John Norton, and 
John Davenport. By A. W. M'Clure. ... Boston. 1846. 8vo, 
pp. 305. 43062 

Also : The Christian Observatory, a Literary and Religious Magazine. ... Boston. 
1847. 8vo. 

M'Clure (D.) A Discourse ; Commemorative of the Death 
of General George Washington, ... Delivered at East-Windsor, 
Connecticut, February 22, 1800. By David M'Clure, a.m. ... 
East-lVindsor : Printed ... by Luther Pratt^ March 2\th^ 1800. 
8vo, pp. 23. 43063 

M'Clure. An Oration on the Advantages of an Early Edu- 
cation, delivered at Exeter, ... Nev;-Hampshire, May i, 1783, 
at the Opening of the Phillips Exeter Academy ... . By David 
M'Clure, A.M. ... New- Hampshire. m,dcc,lxxxiii. 4to, pp. 28. 

M'Clure. A Sermon, Delivered in East-Windsor, Con- 
necticut, at the Interment of the Hon. Erastus Wolcott, Esq. 
Who Departed this Life September 14, 1793, '" ^^^ 7*^* Year 
of his Age. By David M'Clure, a.m. Hartford: Hudson and 
Goodwin. MDCCXCiv. i2mo, pp. 28. 43065 

M'Clure. Memoirs of the Rev. Eleazar Wheelock, d.d. 
Founder and President of Dartmouth College and Moor's Charity 
School ; with a summary history of the College and School. To 
which are added, copious Extracts from Dr. Wheelock's Corre- 
spondence. By David M'Clure ... and Elijah Parish ... . New- 
buryport : Edward Little ^ Co. 181 1. 8vo, pp. 336. Portrait. 

Also: Sermon at the Ordination of Stanley Griswold. ... Danbury. 1790. 8vo. — 
A Sermon, delivered at Ellington in Connecticut at the Interment of the Reverend 


~7"\*m I ii^wifilrtSSi 





John EUworth, a.m. ... Printid at Hartford, hy Hudion CSf Good-win. mdccxcii. 8vo, 
pp. 32. — A Sermon ... at Hebron, ... Connecticut, on the Death of" ... Reverend 
Benjamin Pomeroy, u.d. ... Hartford: Printed hy Eliiha Babccck. mdccxcii. 8vo, pp. 
14. — Sermon at East Windsor, on the Death of Deacon Am.isa Lodniis, July 1, 1793. 
... Hartford: Eliiha Babcock. 1794. 8vo, pp. 18. — Strrnion at the Ins,lall.ition of tlie 
Morning Star- Lodge of Freemasons, in East-Windsor, Connecticut, Aug. 21, 1794. ... 
Hartford. 1794. 8vo. — ... A Sermon ... at the Funeral of Mr. Simeon Burge. .. 
Hartford. 1794. 8vo, pp. 20. — ... A Sermon ... at the Interment of the Rev. 
Eliphalet Williams, d.d. of East-Hartford, Connecticut, July 1, 1803. ... Hartford: 
Printed hy Hudson & Goodwin. 1803. 8vo, pp. 15. — ... A Sermon, ... at the Inter 
ment of the Rev. Thomas Potwine, ... in East-Windsor. November 17, 1802. ... 
Hartford: Printed by Hudson & Goodwin. 1803. 8vo, pp. 18. b. 

[M'Clure (David).] A Brief Exposition of the Philosophic 
Principles upon which the System of Education for the Girard 
College for Orphans is Founded. Philadelphia : I. Ashmead isf 
Co. 1838. 8vo, pp. (2), 363. c. 43067 

[M'Clure.] A System of Education for the Girard College 
for Orphans. ... By a Native of Philadelphia. Philadelphia. 
1838. 8vo, pp. 16, 48. Table. c. 43068 

M'Clure (D.) Report of the Survey of a Section of the River 
Delaware, from one mile below Chester to Richmond, above Phil- 
adelphia. By David M'Clure. Philadelphia. 1820. 8vo. P. 

M'Clure. 1825. ... The United States National Almanac. 
... By David M'Clure. Philadelphia: R. Desilver. 1825. 8vo, 
pp. 56. 2 folded Tables. ba. 43070 

M'Clure (G.) Causes of the Destruction of the American 
Towns on the Niagara Frontier, and Failure of the Campaign of 
the Fall of 18 13. By George M'Clure, Brigadier-General of 
New- York Militia. aath., N. T. Printed in 181 7, hy Benjamin 
Smead. Sm. 8vo, pp. 72. 4.307 ' 

An extremely rare piece. The author's strictures on the powers that were are severe, 
and apparently well deserved. 

M'Clure {Sir Robert John Le Mesurier.) The Arctic Dis- 
patches containing An Account of the Discovery of the North- 
West Passage. By Captain Robert M'Clure, Commanding H. 
M. S. Investigator. With a Narrative of Proceedings of H. M. 
S. Resolute, Capt. Kellett, c.b. snd the Dispatches of Capt. Sir 
Edward Belcher, c.e. Capt. Inglefield, and Commr. Pullen. ... 
London: J. D. Potter. [1853.] ^^*^-> PP- (4)» "^- Map. 

M'Clure. The Discovery of the North-West Passage by 
H.M.S. "Investigator," Capt. R. M'Clure, 1850, 1851, 1852, 
185^, 1854. Edited by Commander Sherard Osborn, ... from 

VOL. XI. 2 



the Logs and Journals of Capt. Robert Le M. M'CIurc. Illus- 
trated by Commander S. (.iurncy Cresswell, r.n. London: Long- 
man ... 185b. Jivo, pp. xix, 405, (i). Chart and 4 Plates, ba. 
H New Edition. [Z^'V/.] 1857. 8vo, pp. 450. -f- Third Edi- 
tion. [//"/W.J 1859. 8vo, pp. 480. + Fourth Edition. H^illiam 
Blackivood is Son^ Edinburgh. 1865. Cr. 8vo, pp. xxvi, 358. c. 

The primary object of' the voyage wai tu rescue Sir John Franklin and hit com- 
paniunt (who tailed from England ir. 1845), '"'' ^^*^ object was not accompliihed. 

M'Clure. The North-West Passage. Capt. M*Clure's 
Despatches From Her Majesty's Discovery Ship, "Investigator," 
off Point Warren and Cape Bathurst. London : "John Betts. 
1853. ^v°' PP- 45- ^'*P' ^' 43°74 

Mac-Clure. Opdagelsen af" Nordvestpassagen. Udg. af S. 
Osborn. Oversat af W. Bauditz. Kjobenhavn : Reitzel. 1858. 
8vo. Portrait and Map. 4307S 

McClure (R.) Diseases in the American Stable, Field and 
Farm- Yard ... . By Robert McClure, M.D., vs. ... Philadelphia: 
Porter i^ Coaies. [1866?] 8vo, pp. 414. H. 43076 

McClure (W.) To the People of the United States, in 
relation to their Claims against France. By William McClure. 
Philadelphia. 1 807. 8vo. c. 43077 

McClure (W. J.) Poems. By William James McClure. 
New Tork : P. O'Shea. 1869. l2mo, pp. (2), 148, (2). 43078 

McClurg (J. W.) Missouri Home Guards. Speech of 
Hon. Joseph W. McClurg, ... Dec. 22, 1863. [^IVashington. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 43079 

Also: Speech ... March 9th, 1864, in Reply to the Personalities of his Colleagues, 
Blair and King. ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. — Speech ... March 23, 1864, to refute 
the Charge ... of Forgery alleged by (Mr. Blair) .ngainst B. R. Bonner ... . ffashington, 
D. C: Gibson Brothers, Printers. 1864. 8vo, pp. 8. — Speech ... April 29, 1864, on 
motion to print the Evidence and Report of the Investigating Committee, in the Case 
of the Alleged Charge against Hon. F. P. Blair ... . fVasbingtcn, D. C. : Gibson Brotbert, 
Printers. 1864. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 

McCoLLOM (J. T.) ... A Sermon ... at the Funeral of Rev 
John E. Farwell, in Ashby, Mass., December 28, 1858, By 
James T. McCollom ... . Haverhill: E. G. Frothingham., Printer. 
1859. 8vo, pp. II. H. 43080 

M'CoLLUM (W.) California As I Saw it. ... Pencillings by 
the Way of its Gold and Gold Diggers ! And Incidents of 
Travel by Land and Water. By William M'Colluoi, m.d. a 

-»*ni li I 




returned adventurer. Buffalo: George H. Derby Isf Co. 1S50. 
8vo, pp. 72. 43081 

McCoMB (D. B.) Answers of David B. McComh, Esq. 
with an accompanying Letter of General Lafayette. Tallahassee. 
1827. 8vo. 43082 

These are aniweri to inquiries relative to Florida, and are rather dimitically tinged. 
Sit " N. A. Rev.," XXVI. 4.94-496. 

M'CoMBiE (T.) Colonial Reform ; being a comprehensive 
Plan for the Management of the British Colonies, in a Letter to 
Sir Robert Peel. By Thomas M'Combie. [^London, n. d.J 8vo. 

McCoNiHE (Isaac). In Memoriam. 
8vo, pp. 97. 

Troy, N. r. [1867.] 
s. 43084 

McCoNKEV (H. E. B.) Dakota War Whoop; or, Indian 
Massacres and War in Minnesota, of 1862— '63. Bv Harriet 
E. Bishop McConkey ... . St. Paul: D. D. Merrill. 1863. 
i6mo, pp. vii, 13-304. 6 Portraits, c. -f- Revised Edition. St. 
Paul: The Author. 1864. i2mo, pp. 429. Portraits. 43085 

McCoNNEL (J. L.) The Glenns 
J. L. McConnel. New York. 1851. 

A Family History. By 
i2mo. 43086 

McConnel. Western Characters or Types of Border Life 
in the Western States By J. L. McConnel ... With illustra- 
tions by Darley. Redfield^ New Tori. 1853. i2mo, pp. (2), 378. 
5 Plates. B. 43087 

Of little value, and not in keeping with the promise in the title-page. 

McConnel (W.) Life and Times of Old Billy McConnel, 
the Witch Doctor. Cincinnati. 1853. 8vo. 43088 

M'CoNNELL (M.) An Essay on the Domestic Debts of the 
United States of America. [With] a Statement of the Foreign 
Debt ... . By Matthew M'Donnell. Philadelphia : Pnnted ... by 
Robert Aitken. m.dcc.lxxxvii. 8vo, pp. (i), 90. H., P. 43089 

McCooK (D.) Trial of Daniel McCook on Articles of Im- 
peachment for Breach of good Behavior in Office. Cincinnati. 
1839. 8vo, pp. 72. 43090 

[McCoRD (D.)] ... Political Economy — Manufactures: 
being a Review of I. Message of President Polk ... . 2. Report 
of Mr. Walker ... . 3. Mr. Peel's Speech in the British Parlia- 
ment ... . [n. p. 1856.] 8vo, pp. 43. H. 43091 






[McCoRD (D.J.)] What is Fair and Equal Reciprocity? 
[n. p. n. d. I 8vo, pp. 15. B. 43092 

McCoRD (). S.) Report of Meteorological Observations made 
on the island of St. Helen, River St. Lawrence. By John S. 
McCord. Montreal. 1842. 8vo. 43093 

M'CoRD {Mr.) Speech of Mr. M'Cord ... at ... Columbia, 
S. C. opposed to the proposed Woollens Bill, on the Second July, 
1827. Columbia^ So. Ca.: Printed by Sweeny i5f Sims. 1827. 8vo, 
pp. 50. BA., s. 43094 

McCoRD (T.) Synopsis of the Changes in the Law effected 
by the Civil Code of Lower Canada. By T. McCord, Advocate, 
... Ottaiua : G. E. Desbarats^ Printer. 1866. 8vo, pp. 39. H. 

M*CoRKLK (S. Eusebius). A Sermon, on the Comparative 
Happiness and Duty of the United States ... Contrasted with 
other Nations ... . Delivered in Salisbury, ... February i8th; 
and at Thyatira, ... February 19th, 1795: ... By the Rev. Samuel 
E. M*Corklc, D.D. ... lialifax: Printed by Abraham Hodge. 

M,DCC,XCV. I2mo, pp. 43. BA. 43O96 

M'CoRKLi:. True Greatness, a Sermon on the Death of 
Gen. George Washington ; the Substance of which was deliv- 
ered at Thyatira, Jan. I2th ; and afterwards with some Additions 
in Salisbury, Feb. ii, 1800. By the Rev. Samuel E. M'Corkle, 
... Lincolntown [N. C): J. M. Slump. 1800. 8vo, pp. 27, 2. 

McCoRKLE (W. A.) In Memoriam, George Duffield. By 
Rev. William A. McCorkle. Detroit. 1868. 8vo. 43098 

M'CoRMiCK (C.) Memoirs of the Right Honourable Edmund 
Burke; ... By Charles M'Cormick, ll.b. Lotidon : The Author. 
1797. 4to, pp. 383. Portrait. a., b. 43099 

A very bitter satirical work, containing some references to his views on American 
topics. Burke's family strove in vain to prevent its publication. Also : Reign of 
George HI. to 1783. ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 

M'CoRMicK (R.) Narrative of a Boat Expedition up the 
Wellington Channel in the Year 1852, in Search of Sir John 
Franklin. By R. M'Cormick. London. 1854. 4to. Map. s. 

JMcCoRMicK (R. C.) Arizona : Its Resources and Prospects. 
... By the Hon. Richard C. McCormick ... . New York: D. 
Van Nostrand. 1865. 8vo, pp. 22. Map. H. 43101 


»'^»v.*^-*j^*# v,.v. ». r 



McCoRMiCK. Indians, Friendly and Unfriendly. Remarks 
of Hon. Richard C McCormick ... delivered ... February 28, 
and March 2 and 3, 1870. fVaih'tngton. 1S70. 8vo, pp. 7. 

A document of mure interest iml value than many more lengthy treatises. Alio : 
The Duty of the Hour: An Orati< n delivered at Jamaica, Long Island, July 4th, 
1S63 ... . Nciu York; Gcitrt^e A. Il'biicb'trne, J'lin.ei. 1S63. Svo, p(). 36. — Indian 
Arf.iirj in Arizona. Scerthes ... January 30, anil April 13, iSyj. iya>biiigton. 1871, 
Svo, p|i. 14. — The Patriotism of the Plough. An Address ... I'lushing, L'lng Island. 
October 3, 1 861. ... llt.mfiiteud. 1861. 8vo, pp. 31. — Surveys in Ari/.ona. Kemarics 
... June ij, 1870. kp'usbiitgton : F.&J. Ri'ves ... I'rinteri. 1870. 8vo, pp. 7. ti. 

McCosH (J.) Inauguration of James McCosh, as President 
of the College of New Jersey. New York. 1868. 8vo, pp. 96. 

Dr. McCosh is the well-known author of many theological works. 

McCosKRY (S. A.) The Blessings and the Sins. of the Na- 
tion ... a Sermon, picached in ... Detroit, Septc-mber 26, i86l. 
By the Rt. Rev. Saml. A. McCoskry, d.d. ... Detroit : H. Biirm 
':J Co.^ Printers. 1 861. Svo, pp. 1 5. H. 43104. 

McCoskry. ... The Sermon preached before ... the Gen- 
eral Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in ... New 
York, October i, 1862. By Right Rev. Samuel Allen Mc- 
Coskry, D.D. ... New York: Baker ilf Godwin^ Printers. 1862. 
8vo, pp. 19. H. 43105 

Also : An Addrtss ... at the Commencement, in the General Theological Seminary 
... (uiie a8, 1839. ... New-York : Sivcrds, Stanford Cif Co. 1839. Svo, pp. 14. h. — 
Sermon ... at the Jubilee ... 1853. ... [n. p. n. d.] Svo. — Trust in God, the Strength 
of a Nation. A Sermon preached in Detroit, January 4, 1 861. ... Detroit. 1861. Svo, 
pp. 16. 

McCouN (W. T.) Address ... before the Queen's County 
Agricultural Society, ... October 13th, 1842. By William T. 
AicCoun. New- York: Finten^ Printer. 1843. Svo> PP- 16. B. 

iMcCoY (A. D.) Thoughts on Labor in the South, Past, 
Present, and Future, By A. D. McCoy ... . New Orleans: Ble- 
lock i^ Co. 1865. i2mo, pp. 35. H. 43107 

McCov (A.) Funeral Oration on the Death of Hon. Daniel 
Webster, delivered ... in ... Ballston Spa, N. Y., ... November 
8, 1852. By ... Amasa McCoy. Boston: Charles C. P. Moody., 
Printer. 1852. Svo, pp. 16. -|- [^Ibid.'\ ii>53. Svo, pp. 29. H. 
+ Third Edition. \_Ibid.'\ 1S56. Svo, pp. (4), 39. ba. 4310S 

[M'CoY (Isaac).] Address to Philanthropists in the United 
States generally, and to Christians in Particular, on the Condition 
and Prospects of the American Indians, [n. p. 1831.] Svo, 
pp. 8. B., w. 43109 




M'CoY. The Annual Register of Indian Affairs ... . Pub- 
lished by Isaac M'Cov. ... January I, 1835. Shawanot Mission: 
y. Meeket\ iVmttr. 1835. 8vo, pp. 48. B. 431IO 

M'Cov. The Annual Register of Indian Affairs within the 
Indian (or Western) Territory. Published by Isaac M'Coy. ... 
May, 1H37. ShtiiVtinoe Baptist Mission^ fnd. 7 er. 1835-38. 8vo, 
Nos. I and 2, pp. 85, 91 ; No. 3, pp. 81 ; No. 4, pp. 95, (i). 

No. 4 in fyashinfrton : Printed by Peter Foret. 1838. 

i\IcCov. History of Baptist Indian Missions: embracine 
Remarks on the Former and Present Condition of the Aboriginsu 
Tribes ; their Settlement within the Indian Territory, and their 
Future Prospects. By Isaac McCoy. ... Washington: IVilUam 
M, Morrison. 1840. 8vo, pp. (8), 61 1. ba. 43112 

A valuable record of the characteristic traits of the Indian tribes among whom the 

author lab(ire>l. 

M'CoY. Remarks on the Practicability of Indian Reform, 

embracing their Colonization. By Isaac M'Coy. Boston: Printed 

by Lincoln iff Eilmands^ December 1 827. 8vo, pp. 47. -j- With an 

Appendix. Second Edition. New Tori: Printed by Gray and 

Bunce. 1829. 8vo, pp. 72. C. 43113 

AIjo : Periodical Account of Baptist Missions within the Indian Territory, for the 
year ending December 31, 1836. ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 5a. 

[McCrady (E.)] Minority Report of the Commission 
appointed ... to examine the Militia System of the State ... . 
Columbia^ S. C. : R. ('F. Gibbes ... Printer. 1859. 8vo, pp. 25. 

McCrady (J.) ... Addrer ... before the ... Alumni of the 
College of Charleston, at the Inauguration of the Charleston 
College Library. B}' Prof. John McCrady ... . Charleston : 
Printed by A, j. Burke. 1856. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 431 15 

McCrea (Robert Barlow). Lost amid the Fogs : Sketches 
of Life in Newfoundland, England's Ancient Colony. By 
Lieut. -Col. R. B. McCrea ... . London : Sampson Low, Son, fif 
Marston. 1869. i2mo, pp. xv, 299. B., c. 43116 

M'Cready (B. W.) Memoir of John A. Swett, m.d. ... By 
B. W. M'Cready, m.d. ... New York: D. Appleton and Company. 
1855. 8vo, pp. 36. Portrait. b a. 43 11 7 

[McCreakv (R. G.)] The Great Healing Springs on the 
Battle-Field of Gettysbourg ... . N. T.: J. Craft, Printer. 
[1866?] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 431 18 



McCrrbry (T. C.) Arlington. Resolution and Speech of 
Hon. Thomas C. McCrecry ... December 13, 1S70. [n. p. 
n. (!.] 8vo, pp. 4. H. 431 19 

Alio: Finance. S|)«rrh ... January 27, 1869. fVuthinrinn. 1869. 8vo, pp 

.— RepreientJtiun of Arkanaai. S|)erch ... May 18, 1868, [n. p. n, d. | 8vo, pp. 10. 

M'Cron (J.) A Sermon ... by Rev. John M'C'ron, d.d. ... 
before the Association of l^citiv lers (»f Baltimore in 1814. Sep- 
tember nth, 1859. Baltimort : Printed by 'Jama Lucas Isf Son. 

1859. 8vo, pp. 13. 




M'Crum (James). 5^/ [Cramer (Zadock)], iv. 17384-6. 

McCuLLAGH (William T.) The Industrial History of Free 
Nations, considered in relation to their Domestic Institutions and 
External Policy. By W. Torrens McCullagh. London : Chap- 
man and Hall, mdcccxlvi. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xviii, 336 ; xviii, 
397. BA., c. 431 2 1 

Partly on American topics. 

[McCuLLOCH ( ).] The Wisdom and Policy of the French 

in the Construction of their Great Offices, So as best to answer 
the Purposes of extending their Trade and Commerce, and 
enlarging their Foreign Settlements. With Some Observations in 
relation to the Disputes now subsisting between the English and 
French Colonies in America. London: R. Baldwin. Mdcclv. 
Hvo, pp. (2), 133. 43122 

Thii performance »eems more eipecially intended ai an introduction to the following : 

[McCuLLOCH.J A Miscellaneous Essay, Concerning the 
Courses pursued by Great Britain, In the Affairs of her Colonics: 
With some Observations on the Great Importance of our Settle- 
ments in America and The Trade thereof. I^ondon: R. Baldwin. 
MUCCLV. 8vo, pp. (2), 134. 43123 

"After having pi)inted out the inconveniences the inhabit>ints of our American 
colonies art; exposed to, for want of sufficient checks on their government, our author 
hupea that it will be thought for the service of thu cioA'n .md of the subject to regulai": 
offices So as to bring every matter of importance tc> th^; view of the crown," tu:.-— 
Montbh R'i'ii:-tu, VII. 153. The writer rccomiooidj iirtter treatment of the Indianj 
and a closer alliance with them, after the manner of tlie French, particularly those of 
the Five Natitns. 

McCuLLOCH (H.) Our National and Financial Future. 
Address of Hon. Hugh McCulloch, ... at Fort Wayne, Indiana, 
October 11, 1865. Fort IVayne. 1865. 8vo, pp. 16. 43124 

Also: Mr. Hugh McCulloch and the Secretaryship of the Treasury. fVashington, 
1865. 8vo, pp. 8. H. Stt also Secretary of the Treasury. 



[M'CuLLOCH (John).] A Concise History of the Uniisd 
Stales, from the Discovery of America, till 1807. ... The Third 
Edition. Philadelphia: John M'-Culloch. 1807. l6mo, pp. 300. 
Map. c. -f Till 181 3. ... The Fourth Edition. Philadelphia: 
Printed by IV. M'-Culloch. 1 8 13. l2mo, pp. (4), 9-320. Map. 

Also: M'CuUoch's Pocket Almanack, For ... 1805. 
[n. d.] I2m(>. 

Philadelphia : J. M'Cullocb. 

McCuLLOCH (John Ramsay). A Descriptive and Statistical 
Account of the British Empire ; ... By J. R. McCulloch, Esq. 
... Third Edition, Corrected. ... London. 1847. ^ vols., 8vo. c. 
-(- Fourth Edition, Revised. With an Appendix of Tables. ... 
London: Longman ... 1854. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xv, 766, (i) ; viii, 

780, 36. B. 43126 

Includes the American colonies. 

McCuLLOCH. A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and 
Historical, of the Various Countries, Places, and Principal Natu- 
ral Objects in the World. ... By J. R. McCulloch, Esq. ... 
London : Longman^ Orme^ Brown ... . mdcccxli-xlii. 2 vols., 
8vo, pp. viii, 1020; (4), 948. Maps. ba. + Enlarged by Dr. 
Haskel. New York. 1845. ^ vols., 8vo. 7 Maps, -f A New 
... Edition, vvith a Supplement. London: Longman ... mdcccli. 
2 vols., 8vo, pp. viii, 1020; (2), 970. Maps. + [^Ihid.'\ 1854. 
-|- New Edition, carefully revised, with the Statistical Informa- 
tion brought up to the Latest Returns by Frederick Martin ... . 
London: Longman ... 1866. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. vii, (4), 670; (4), 
603; (4y, 600; (6), 502. B. 43127 

The information on American subjects is copious and impartial. 

McCulloch. A Dictionary, Practical, Theoretical, and His- 
torical, of Commerce and Commercial Navigation ... . By J. R. 
McCulloch, Esq. ... London. 1832. 8vo, pp. xv, 1269, 16. 
Maps, -j- Second Edition. [^Ibid.'] 1835. 8vo, pp. 1296, 58. 
Maps. -|- A New Edition, corrected and improved: with an 
Enlarged Supplement ... . London: Longman ... . mdcccxxxvh. 
8vo, pp. xvi, 1269, 118. Maps. 4- [^Ihid."] 1840. 4- Philadel- 
phia. 1840. 2 vols., 8vo. c. + Philadelphia: A. Hart. 1851. 
2 vols., 8vo, pp. xi, (i), 767; 803. B. 43128 

Other editions are London^ 1846, 1849, 1852, mdcccliv, 8vo, pp. xviii, 1484, Maps; 
London: Longman, Brown ... mdccclvi, 8vo, pp. xx, 1480, Maps; Philadelphia: Parry 
& McMillan, 1856, z vols., 8vo; and A New Edition, Edited by Hugh G. Read, 
London: Longman ... i86y, Svo, pp. xxiv, 1 558, Maps. The American editions are 
edited by Henry Vethake, and contain much matter concerning America. There is a 
French translation, edited by Monbrion, 2 vols., 4to. 




ic Unhsd 
'he Third 

, pp. 300- 
iladelphta : 

'0. Map. 

J. M^Cullotb. 

lloch, Esq. 
s., 8vo. c. 
Tables. ... 
j, (i) i viii, 
B. 43^2^ 

tistical, and 
icipal Natu- 
ch, Esq. ... 
1. 2 vols., 
irged by Dr. 
4- A New 


Ibid.'] 1854. 
:al Informa- 

Martin ... . 

.), 670 -, (4), 
B. 43»^7 


cal, and His- 

By J. R. 

, 1269, 16. 

ip. 1296, 58. 

led : with an 


.4- Philadel- 

Hart. 1 85 1. 

B. 431^8 

[viii, i484>Map8; 
hiladelpbia : Parry 
Hugh G. Read, 
Irican editions are 
lerica. There U a 

M'Cui.LOCH. A Statistical Account of the British Empire : 
... By J. R. M'Culloch, Esq. ... London: Charles Knight and 
Co. MDCCCXxxvii. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xi, (1), 630; viii, 692. ba. 
-f Second Edition, Enlarged. [/^</.] mdcccxxxix. 43129 

See our No. 43126, supra, for later editions. 

M'CuLLOCH. Universal Gazetteer ; a Dictionary, Geograph- 
ical, Statistical, and Historical, of the Various Countries, Places, 
and Principal Natural Objects in the World. By J. R. M'Cul- 
loch, Esq. In which the Articles relating to the United States 
have been greatly Multiplied and Extended, ... by Daniel Haskel. 
New Tork: Harper l^ Brothers. 1843-44. 2 vols., 8 vo, pp. 1148; 
1109. Maps. 4- [/A/V/.] 1845-49. -\- [Ibid.'] 1 85 1. B. 43130 

Also : ... A Treatise on the Principles, Practice, Se History of Commerce. ... Lon- 
don : Baldwin and Cradock, mdcccxxxiii. 8vo, pp. (2), 128. h. 

M'CuLLOCH (T.) ... A Sermon, ... at Pictou, ... February 
25, 1814, ... the Day appointed for a General Fast. By Thomas 
M'Culloch. ... Halifax: Printed by John Howe and Son. 18 14. 
8vo, pp. 24. BA. 43 1 31 

Also : ... Lecture ... at the Opening of the ... Pictou Academical Institute. ... 
Halifax: A. H. Holland, Printer. 18 19. 8vo, pp. 24. 

[M'CuLLOH (James H.)] Researches on America ; being an 
Attempt to settle some Points relative to the Aborigines of 
America, &c. ... By an OiScer of the United States* Army. 
Baltimore : Coale and Maxwell. 1816. 8vo, pp. (6), (i), 130, (i). 

The original sketch of a work afterwards much amplified as below : 

M'CuLLOH. Researches on America ; being an Attempt to 
settle some Points relative to the Aborigines of America, &c. 
By James H. M'CuUoh, Jun. m.d. Baltimore: Joseph Robinson. 
1817. 8vo, pp. 220. 43133 

McCuLLOH. Researches, Philosophical and Antiquarian, con- 
cerning the Aboriginal History of America. By J. H. McCulloh, 
Jr. M.D. Baltimore: Fielding Lucas^ Jr. 1829. 8vo, pp. x, 13- 
535. Map. B. 43134 

A meritorious work, containing some curious and learned speculations. See Prescott's 
« Mexico." 

M'CuLLOH (R. S.) Letter to the Hon. Thomas Corwin, ... 
in Reply to a Report of the Director of the Mint upon Charges 
preferred against James C. Booth. ... By Professor R. S. M'Cul- 
loh. Washington: Gideon and Co. ^ Printers. 1852. 8vo, pp. 24. 

VOL. XI. -J 




M'CuLLOH. Plan of Organization for the Naval Observa- 
tory ... . By Professor R. S. M'Culloh. IVashington : Printed 
by J. y G. S. Gideon. 1844. i6mo, pp. 8. H. 43136 

McCuLLOH. The Proceedings of the Late Director of the 
Mint, in relation to the Official Misconduct of Franklin Peale, 
Esq. ... and Other Abuses in the Mint. Reviewed by Prof. R. 
S. McCulloh ... . Princeton^ New Jersey. 1853. 8vo, pp. 79. 

M'CuLLOUGH (J. Vs ) Sacred Reminiscences. A Sermon 
... August 21, 1842, in The Old Swedes' Church, Wilmington, 
Del.} with Historical Notes. By the Rev. John W. M'Cul- 
lough, A.M. ... Wilmington^ Del. : Printed hy Porter l^ Naff. 1842. 
8vo, pp. 33. 43138 

McDaniel (S. W.) An Address ... at the Funeral of Capt. 
William F. Brigham, in Feltonville, Mass., Feb. 18, 1865. By 
Samuel W. McDaniel. ... Feltonville: Charles A. IVood^ Printer. 
1865. 8vo, pp. 19. B. 43139 

Macdill (D.) a Lecture delivered in the Mechanics Insti- 
tute of Hamilton and Rossville. By D. Macdill ... . Rossville^ 
Ohio. 184-. 8vo, pp. 20. 43140 

Macdill. ... Three National Blessings. A Discourse ... in 
... Hamilton, O.: December 2, 1841. ... Thanksgiving. By D. 
Macdill, D.D. ... Rossville: J. M. Christy^ Printer. 1841. i2mo, 
pp. 22. H. 43141 

Also : Sketch of the History of the Associated Reformed Charch, delivered in 
Oxford, O., March 2, 1843. ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. — Thre« Questions: Why was the 
Continent of America not discovered till so late a period } Have we, the People of 
the United States, an Infidel or a Heathen System of Government.^ Does the Consti- 
tution of the United States sanction Slavery } ... Oquaka (Ji/inois) : PlaindeaUr Offict. 
1863. 8vo, pp. 25. 

McDonald (A.) A Narrative of some Passages in the His- 
tory of Eenoolooapik, a young Esquimaux, who was brought to 
Britain in 1839, in the Ship "Neptune" of Aberdeen: an Ac- 
count of the Discovery of Hogarths Sound : Remarks on the 
Northern Whale Fishery, and Suggestions for its Improvement, 
&c. &c. By Alexander McDonald. Edinburgh : Fraser ^ Co, 
MDCCXLi. i2mo, pp. iii, 140. Map and Portrait. 43142 

Macdonald (A.) America Central Reclamacion de la inter- 
vencion del Coronel Sr. Alejandro Macdonald, superintendentc 
de Belize en el Coronel Sr. Man. Cuijano, administrador del 
Puerto de S. Juan del Norte. Leon de Nicaragua, 1842. 8 1. 




McDonald (A.) American Steamship Lines. Speech of 
Hon. Alexander McDonald ... April ii, 1870. IVashington : F. 
{if J. Rives, Printers. 1 870. 8vo, pp. 16. 43 H4 

Macdonald (A.) Narrative respecting the Destruction of 
the Earl of Selkirk's Settlement upon Red River, in ... 18 1 5. 
By Archibald Macdonald. London : Printed by J. Brettell. 18 16. 
8vo, pp. 14. H. 43145 

Macdonald. Reply to the Letter, lately addressed to the ... 
Earl of Selkirk, by the Hon. and Rev. John Strachan, d.d. ... 
Being four Letters, ... containing a Statement of Facts, concern- 
ing the Settlement on Red River, in the District of Ossiniboia, 
... properly called Rupert's Land. By Archibald Macdonald, ... 
Montreal {Lower- Canada) : Printed by W. Gray. 1816. 8vo, 
pp. 50. 43 H6 

Set aha McAdatn (A.), Vol. x., No. 42917. 

Macdonald (A. J.) Monuments, Grave Stones, Burying 
Grounds, Cemeteries, Temples, etc.. By A. J. Macdonald ... . 
Albany: Joel Mumell., Printer. 1848. i2mo, pp. 22. 43147 

[Macdonald (Angus W.)] The Two Rebellions; or. Trea- 
son Unmasked. By a Virginian. Richmond : Smith, Bailey i^ 
Co. 1865. i2mo, pp. 143, (i). B. 43148 

Macdonald (D. G. F.) British Columbia and Vancouver's 
Island ; comprising a Description of these Dependencies ; their 
Physical Character, Climate, Capabilities, Population, Trade, 
Natural History, Geology, Ethnology, Gold Fields, and Future 
Prospects. Also, an Account of the Manners and Customs of 
the Native Indians. By Duncan George Forbes Macdonald, c.E. 
London: Longman ... 1862. 8vo, pp. 538. Map. c. -|- Second 
Edition. [Ibid.'] 1863. 43149 

Also: Lecture on British Columbia and Vancouver's Island. ... London. 1863. 8to. 

Macdonald (G.) Documents relating to Steam Navigation 
in the Pacific. Lima. 1836. 8vo. 43^50 

Macdonald (J. M.) President Lincoln ; his Figure in His- 
tory: A Discourse delivered in ... Princeton, New Jersey, June 
ist, 1865. By James M. Macdonald, d.d. New York: Charles 
Scribner & Co. 1865. 8vo, pp. 23. 43 151 

Macdonald. A Sketch of the History of the Presbyterian 
Church in Jamaica, Long Island, which was established near the 

,•■ I 



middle of the Seventeenth Century. By James M. Macdonald. 
New York. 1847. i2fno, PP- 138. a., n. 43152 

Macdonald. Two Centuries in the History of the Presby- 
terian Church, Jamaica, L. I., the Oldest Existing Church, of 
the Presbyterian Name, in America. By James M. Macdonald, 

D.D. .. 


har., p.p. 

New York : Robert Carter i^ Brother. 1862. .•2mo, 


s- 43153 

March 7, 1859, at the Funeral of the Rev. James Carna- 

A Discourse 
, Nev) York: Charlti Scribner. i860. 

8vo, pp. 39. B. 

M*DoNALD (J.) Ebenezer : or Jehovah the Helper of Amer- 
ica. A Sermon, ... July 4, 1814; ... By John McDonald ... . 
Albany : Printed by Ryer Schermerhorn. 18 14. 8vo, pp. 38. B. 

McDonald. Jehovah-Shalom : or The Peace sending Jeho- 
vah. A Thanksgiving Sermon, ... April 13th, 1815: ... for ... 
Peace. By John M'Donald, a.m. ... Albany: E. & E. Hos/ord. 
1815. 8vo, pp. 32. B. 43155 

McDonald. Letters, by John M'Donald, addressed "To the 
Friends of Religion" : Criminating the Presbytery of Albany, 
and the Synod of New- York and New-Jersey, with Answers, by 
Jonas Coe. Albany: Printed by Charles R. and George IVebster. 

M.DCCCI. 8vO, pp. 51. BA. 43156 

McDonald. A Sermon on the Premature and Lamented 
Death of General Alexander Hamilton. By John M'Donald, 
A.M. ... Albany : Printed by John Barber. 1804. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Also; Danger of America Delineated. Address at Cooperstown, April 25, 1799. ... 
Cooperstown. 1799. 8vo. — Duty of America Enforced. An Exhortation at Coopers- 
town, April 26, 1799. ... Cooperstown. 1799. 8vo. — Isaiah's Message to the American 
Nation. ... With Notes, Critical and Explanatory. ... Philadelphia. 1824. i2mo, pp. 
107. — Sermon at the Ordination of Aaron Condict, Stillwater, January 15, 1793. ... 
Albany. 1793. 8vo. n. 

M'Donald (J.) A Statement of the Opinions given in the 
Board of Commissioners, under the Sixth Article of the Treaty 
of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, with Great Britain. By 
J. M'Donald, Esq. Philadelphia. 1800. 8vo. P. 43158 

M'Donald (J.) Emigration to Canada. Narrative of a 
Voyage to Quebec, and Journey from thence to New Lanark, in 
Upper Canada. Detailing the hardships and difficulties which an 
Emigrant has to encounter, before and after his settlement ; With 
an Account of the Country, as it regards its climate, soil, and the 
actual condition of its inhabitants. By John M'Donald. Eighth 
Edition. London: H. Arliss. 1826. 8vo, pp. 36. 43^59 



■ill lUU I ul 



McDonald (J.) Biographical Sketches of General Nathaniel 
Massie, General Duncan McArthur, Captain William Wells, and 
General Simon Kenton : who were Early Settlers in the Western 
Country. By John McDonald, of Poplar Ridge, Ross County, 
Ohio. Cincinnati: Morgan and Son. 1838. l2mo, pp. 267. -f- 
Dayton^ O.: D. Oshorn (jf Son. 1852. i2mo, pp. 267. 43160 

The author had personal communication with the families and neighbors of these 
Indian fighters, and has secured many details of their exploits among the savages. 

Macdonald (J. A.) Address to the Electors of Kingston ; 
with Extracts from Speeches made at Political Demonstrations 
during a Tour through the Province. By Sir John A. Macdonald. 
^ebec. i860. 8vo, pp. 153. 43l6l 

McDonald. The Crown and the Confederation. Three 
Letters to the Hon. John Alexander McDonald ... . By a Back- 
woodsman. ... Montreal: John Lovell^ Printer . 1864. 8vo, pp. 36. 

Macdonald (J. M.) Prayer for the Country. A Discourse 
preached November 29, i860, in Princeton, N. J. By Rev. J. 
M. Macdonald. New York: John F. Trow. i860. 8vo. 

MacDonald. Charles Hodge Dod. A Memorial contain- 
ing, in substance, the Address delivered in Princeton, New Jersey, 
August 31, 1864. New York: Robert Carter & Brothers. 1 864. 
i2mo, pp. 36. 43*64 

The subject of this memorial was Assistant Adjutant-General in the Army of the 
Potomac, on the staff of Major-Generai Hancock. 

McDonald (M. N.) Poems, by Mrs. Mary Noel McDonald. 
... New-York. 1844. 8vo, pp. 208. ba. 43165 

Macdonald (M.) Nebraska and Kansas. Speech of Hon. 
Moses Macdonald ... in the House ... April 10, 1854. {^Wash- 
ington. 1854.] 8vo, pp. 8. B. 43166 

M'Donald (P.) A Surprising Account of the Captivity and 
Escape of Philip M'Donald & Alexander M'Lord. of Virginia, 
from the Chickkemogga Indians, and of their Great Discoveries 
in the Western World. From June 1779, to February 1786, 
when they returned ... to their friends after an absence of Six 
Years and a half. Written by Themselves. Printed by Henry 
Blacke^l^c. Co. Keene., Newhampshire. m.dcc.xc.IV. 8vo, pp. ii. 

M'Donald (W. K.) An Address ... before the Literary 
Societies of Washington College ... Sept. 23, 1851. By Wm. 
K. M'Donald, Esq. ... Washington, Pa. 1851. 8vo, pp. 18. 


McDonald f ). 

Sketch Book for 1850. 


The Manhattan Souvenir and New York 
New Tori. 1 850. lamo, pp. 267. 

M'DoNELL (A.) A Narrative of Transactions in the Red 
River Country ; from the Commencement of the Operations of 
the Earl of Selkirk, till the Summer of the year 1816. By 
Alexander M'Donell, Esq. ... London: Printed by B. Af-Miilan 
for Egtrton. 1819. 8vo, pp. xix, 85. Map. ba., h. 43170 

Macdonell (A.) A Railroad from Lake Superior to the 
Pacific, the Shortest, Cheapest and Safest Communication for 
Europe with Asia. By Allan Macdonell. Toronto. 1851. 8vo. 

McDonnell (A.) Considerations on Negro Slavery. With 
Authentic Reports, illustrative of the Actual Condition of the 
Negroes in Demer.^ra. ... By Alexander McDonnell, Esq. ... 
London: Longman^ Hurst^ Rees ... 1824. 8vo, pp. xii, 338. H. 
-f Second Edition. [/&/</.] 1825. 8vo, pp. xiv, 340. B. 43172 

Also : An Addreit to The Memberi of Both Houses of Parliament on The West 
India Question. ... Londcn : yamet Ridgiuay. 1830. 8vo, pp. (4), 108. -t- Second 
Edition. [/^rW.] — Letter to Thomas Fovvell Buxton, in refutation of his allegations 
respecting the Decrease of the Slaves in the British West India Colonies ... . Londtn. 
1833. 8vo, pp. 80. c. — The West-India Legislatures Vindicated from the Charge of 
having resisted ... the Call for the Amelioration of Slavery. ... Londcn. 1826. 8vo, 
pp. 104. s. 

Macdonnell (A.) Colonial Commerce ; comprising an In- 
quiry into the Principles upon which Discriminating Duties should 
be levied on Sugar, the Growth respectively of the West India 
British Possessions, of the East Indies, and of Foreign Countries. 
By Alexander Macdonnell, Esq. London: John Murray, mdccc- 

XXVIII. 8vo, pp. xix, 302. 

BA., c. 43173 

M'DoNNOUGH (W.) Trial of William M'Donnough, ... for 
the Murder of his Wife, ... at Boston, ... 18 17. ... Boston: 
Printed by Thomas G. Bangs. [18 1 7.] 8vo, pp. 69. BA. 43174 

McDoNOGH (J.) The Last Will and Testament of John 
McDonogh ; Late of Macdonoghville ... Louisiana ... . New 
Orleans. 1851. 8vo, pp. 68. H. 43175 

McDonogh. Report of Brantz Mayer [and others] Agents 
... for the Sale ... of the McDonogh Estate, May 30th, 1859. 
Baltimore: Printed by McCoull i^ Slater. 1859. 8vo, pp. 63. -\- 
Second Report. [^Ibid.'] i860. 8vo. 43176 




McDoNOGH. Self-Emancipation. A Successful Experiment 
on a large Estate in Louisiana. Completed in 1840. [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 24. 43177 

Alio: Documenti relative to the McDonogh Bequest. ... Baliimcrt. i8;8. 8vo. 

— First Annual Report of Truiteeg of McDonogh Estate ... . Baltimore. 1859. 8vo. 

— Fundamental Rules for Adininistr.ition of General Estate of John McDonogh ... . 
New Orleant. 1855. 8vo. — The Olograpbii. Will of John McDonogh, of Louisiana ... 
jijltimore: Printed by James Lucas. 1850. 8vo, pp. a8. — Opinion on the Validity of 
the Devises and Bequests in the Will of John McDonogh ... . Baltimore. 1852. 8vo. 
Ordinance for the Appointment of Agents .... £d/»'mor;. 1854. 8vo. — Report ... on 
the M'Donogh Bequest ... . Baltimore. 1858. 8vo, pp. 16. — Reports of the Agents 
and Commissioners of the McDonogh Estate, ... and Opinion of Charles F. Mayer, 
Esq., on the Partition of the Estate. Baltimore. 1857. 8vo, pp. 61. h. 

Macdonogh (T. M.) Memoirs of Nicholas Ferrar, col- 
lected from a Narrative by Dr. Turner, Bishop of Ely, by T. 
M. M«cdonogh. Loridon. 1837. Cr. 8vo. 43^78 

Ferrar was employed by the Virginia Company in the defense of their -charter. Sii 
,iu Peckard (P.) 

[Macdonough (A. R.)] A Statement of the Case of Brig.- 
Gen. Joseph W. Revere. Nnu Tork. 1863. 8vo. 43^79 

Macdonough {Capt.) Letter from the Secretary of the Navy 
... transmitting sundry Documents from Capt, Macdonough. 
Relating to the Captain of the British Fleet, on Lake Champlain. 
October 4, 1844. ... fVashington City: Printed by Roger C. 
Weightman. 18 14. 8vo, pp. 16. 431 80 

Macdouall (J.) Narrative of a Voyage to Patagonia and 
Terra del Fuego, through the Straits of Magellan, ... in .1826 
and 1827. By John Macdouall, R.N. ... London: Renshaw and 
Rush. MDCCCXxxiii. i6mo, pp. iv, 320. Plate. h. 4318 i 

M'DouGALL (G.) Petition of George M'Dougall, to Con- 
gress. Detroit: Printed by Sheldon iff Reed. 1824. 8vo, pp. 17. 

M'Dougall (G. F.) The Eventful Voyage of H.M. Dis- 
covery Ship " Resolute" to the Arctic Regions in Search of Sir 
John Franklin and the Missing Crews of H.M. Discovery Ships 
"Erebus" and "Terror," 1852, 1853, and 1854; ... By George 
F. M'Dougall ... . London: Longman^ Brown., Green ... 1857. 
8vo, pp. xl, 530. Map and 8 colored Plates. ba. 43183 

McDouGALL (J.) God's Blessing of Peace. Discourse ... 
Thanksgiving Day ... 1866. By Rev. James McDougall. 

Brooklyn. 1866. 8vo. 




McDouGAi.L (J. A.) French Interference in Mexico. Speech 
of Hon. J. A. iVIcDougall ... . February 3d, 1863. Baltimore: 
Printed by John Murphy isf Co. 1863. 8vo, pp. 30. H. 43185 

Mac-Dougai.l. Discurso pronunciado en el Senado de los 
Estados-Unidos por M. Mac-Dougall, apoyando las proposiciones 
que presentd para que la Republico del Norte auxilie a Mexico 
en la actual guerra con Francio. Mexico. 1863. 8vo, pp. 84. 

AIko : Speech ... on the Arrest of Gen. Stune, and the Rights of the Soldier and 
Citizen. ... April 15, 16, ic la, 186?,. ff^atbin/rton : Printed by L. Towers & Co. 
1862. 8vo, pp. 32. — Speech ... advocating The Great Pacific Railroad. Delivered 
... 29th ... of° May, 1854. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. — Speech ... on the Confisca- 
tion of Property. ... March 12, 1862. City of fVashington : L. Toivert & Co., Printers. 
1862. 8vu, pp. 29. H. — Speech ... on the Expulsion of Mr. Bright ... January 31, 
1862. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 7. 

MacDoucall (P. L.) Emigration ; its Advantages to Great 
Britain and her Colonies ; together with a Detailed Plan for the 
Formation of the proposed Railway between Halifax and Quebec 
by Means of Colonization. By Col. P. L. MacDougall. Lon- 
don. 1848. 8vo, pp. 32. 43^87 

McDowALL (J. R.) Charges preferred against the New- 
York Female Benevolent Society, ... In 1835 and 1836. By 
J. R. McDowall, ... Answered and Refuted by Himself!! In 
his own Journal I ! ! In the Year 1833. ... New- York : Printed 
by Osborn ^'f Buckingham. 1836. 8vo, pp. 76. Plate. History, 
etc. pp. 7, (1). BA. 43188 

McDowall's Defence, Nos. i and 2. New York. 1836. 8vo. 
McDowall's Journal. [^New York. 1833.] 4^°» PP- 9^* ^• 

M'DowALL. Memoir and Select Remains of the late Rev. 
John R. M'Dowall, the Martyr of the Seventh Commandment 
in the Nineteenth Century. New-Tor k : Leavitt^ Lord iff Co. 
1838. i2mo, pp. vi, 224. 43191 

Also : History of Preliminary Proceedings of Third Presbytery in the Case of John 
R. McDowall, including the Charges, Specifications, Sentences ... . Netu York. 1836. 
8vo. — Trial of the Rev. John Robert McDowall ... [in] New York, 1836 ... . [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 

MacDowell (E. B.), Compiler. Republican Manual. Phil- 
adelphia. 1857. ^'"- 8vo, pp. 137. B. 43192 

McDowell (I.) Statement of Maj'or-General Irwin Mc- 
Dowell, in Review of the Evidence before the Court of Inquiry 
... Washington : Printed by L. Towers^ i5f Co. 1863. 8vo, pp. 64, 
and cover. ba. 43193 






McDowell (J.) Address ... before the Alumni Association 
of the College of New Jersey, September 26, 1838. By James 
McDowell, Princeton: John Bogart. [1838.] 8vo, pp. 51. -f- 
Second Edition. Princeton: R. E. Hornor. 1839. 8vo, pp. 37. 

McDowell. A Lecture by the late Hon. James McDowell, 
of Lexington, Va., and an Address, by the Rev. A. Alexander, 
D.D. Philadelphia: Joseph M. IV ilson. 185 1. 8vo, pp. 48. 

Alto : Speech ... on the formation of governments for New Mexico and California. 
Delivered ... February 23, 1849. tyatbington : Globe Office. 1849. 8vo, pp. 16. — 
Speech ... on the Slave Question: ... January 11, 1832. Second Edition. ... Rich- 
mond: Printed by Tbomas IV. White. 1832. 8vo, pp. 33. a. 

McDowell (J.) A Sermon occasioned by the Death of 
Alexander Henry. Preached in ... Philadelphia, ... August 17, 
1847. By the Rev. John McDowell, D.D. Philadelphia. 1847. 
8vo, pp. 16. B. 43196 

McDowell (J. J.) Speech of ... Hon. Joseph J. McDowell, 
... on the Oregon Territory ... January 5, 1846. Washington: 
Blair y Rives ^ Printers. 1846. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 43197 

McDowell (J. N.) A Letter to the Rev. Henry Ward 
Beecher, and an Address to the Legislature of ... Missouri, By 
Joseph N. McDowell, m.d. St. Louis^ Mo. i860. 8vo, pp. 12. 

Macdowell (T. C.) Speech of Col. T. C. Macdowell ... 
October 13th, 1863 ... at Harrisburg, Pa. [n. p. n. d.] i6mo, 
pp. 8. H. 43199 

Macduff (J.) Soldiers Text Book., or Confidence in Time 
of War. By the Rev. J. MacdufF, d.d. New York: American 
Tract Society, [n. d.] i6mo, pp. 64. 43^00 

McDuffie (G.) Conduct of George McDufEe, in relation 
to an Intended Meeting between himself and Col. Wm. Cushing, 
with some Allusions to a Former Afiair between the Same Par- 
ties. Augusta. 1822. 8vo. 43201 

M'Duffie. Defence of a Liberal Construction of the Powers 
of Congress, as regards Internal Improvement, etc. ... By George 
M'Duffie, Esq. in ... 1821. ... To which are prefixed an Enco- 
miastic Advertisement of the work. By Major (now Governor) 
Hamilton, and a Preface by the Editor. Philadelphia : Printed by 
Lydia R. Bailey. 1831. 8vo, pp. (2), 22. + Second Philadelphia 
Edition. Philadelphia : Printed by IVilliam F. Geddes. 1832. 8vo, 
pp. 24. + Third Philadelphia Edition. Philadelphia : Printed by 
Clark i^ Raser. 1832. 8vo, pp. 24. BA. 43202 

VOL. XI. 4 

» r^ v < WJ »ny..-.y i. i 1. w »i ~.»~ • 



M'DuFFiE. A Eulogy upon the Life and Character of the 
late Robert Y. Hayne ... the 13th February, 1840 ... . By 

Charltstom Printtd by IV. kilty. 1840. 


George .M'Ouffic. 
8vo, pp. 63. 

M'DuFFiK. National and State Rights Considered by the 
Hon. George M'Duffie, under the signature of One of the 
People in reply to the Trio ... . Charieston. 1821. 8vo. -f 
Charleston: /A'. S. Blain. 1830. 8vo, pp. 40. BA. -f- Columbia. 
1831. 8vo, pp. 40. 43204 

McDuFFiE. The Reply of Mr. McDuffie on the Proposition 
to Amend the Constitution of the United Scates, Respecting the 
Election of President and Vice-President. Delivered in the 
House of Representatives, March 31, 1826. ff^ashington. 1826. 
8vo, pp. 56. 43205 

AUo : Bank of the United Statei. ... April 13, 1830. [Report of] Mr. M'Duffie, 
... [n. p. n. d.] 8v(), pp. 31, (1), 2 folded leaves. — Mr. McDuffie's Speech, ... Feb. 
14, 1826. On the Piupoiition to amend the Conntitution of the United Stutei, 10 that 
a Uniform Systum of voting by Districts ahall be established ... . [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 36. — Mr. McDuffie's Speeches a(;iiniit the Proliibitory System; delivered ... April 
ft May, 1830. [fyaihingten. 1830.] 8vo, pp. 72. — Remarks ... delivered in the 
House of Representatives, April 3 & 4, 1834, un the Resolutions ... in Relation to 
the Public Deposites. ff^ashin^ton. 1834. 8vo, pp. 24. B. — Speech ... on Internal 
Improvements, with a few Introductory Remarks in answer to a Pamphlet, entitled 
" Consolid.itii)n." Columbia. 1824. 8vo. — Speech ... on the Proposition to clear the 
Galleries, during the Election of President ... . IVaibington. 1825. 8vo, pp. 24. h — 
Speech ... on the Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, ... February 
15th, i6th, 1826. [n. p. n. d.] 12010. — Speech ... on the Proposition to Amend 
the Constitution of the United States. Respecting the Election of President and Vice 
President. ... February 17, 1826. IVasbington : Printed by Gales & Seaton. 1826. 8vo, 
pp. 38. — Speech ... on the Woollens' Bill. February 7, 1827. IVasbington. 1827. 
i2mo, pp. 19. H. — Speech ... at a Public Dinner given to him by the Citizens of 
Charleston, (S. C.) May 19, 1831 ... . Charleston: Printtd by A. E. Miller. 1831. 
8vo, pp. 29. — Speech ... on the Bill proposing a Reduction of the Duties on Imports. 
... May 28, 1833. CbarlestoH : Printed by A. E.Miller. 1832. 8vo, pp. 39. + fVasb- 
ington I Printed by Duff Green. 1832. 8vo, pp. 48. ba. — Speech ... on the third 
reading of the Tariff Bill. ... 28th of June, 1832. [Pf^ashington. 1832.] 8vo, pp. 16. 
— Speech ... on the ... Removal of the Deposites. December 19, 1833. [IFasbingtnn. 
1833. >] 8vo, pp. 16. B. — Speech ... on the Tariff, in reply to Messrs. Evans and 
Huntington; ... January 19, 1844. ffashington. 1844. 8vo, pp. 15. — Speech ... 
on the Tariff. [January 29, 1844. fVasbingttn. 1844.] 8vo, pp. 8. — Speech ... 
On the Treaty for the Reannexation of Texas to the United States ; ... in the Senate 
... May 23, 1844. \^lVashington. 1844.] 8vo, pp. 8. ba. 

Mace (F.) Familiar Dialogues on Shakerism j in which the 
Principles of the United Society are Illustrated and Defended. 
By Fayette Mace. ... Portland: Charles Day and Co.., Printers. 
1838. 8vo, pp. 120. r . + Concord: William White., Printer. 
1838. 8vo, pp. 120. 43206 

.^♦■vy ■ 'I ,■!' «nn»>im«n> 






Macedo (Antonio de). Vita patris Johannis de Almeida, 
locietatis Jesus preshyteri provinciz Hrasilicnsis. Patavii. 1669. 
8vo. 43207 

Maceuo (F. a S. A.) Vita vcnerabilis Alfonsi Torrebio 
Mongrovcgii archiepiscopi Limensis, autore Francisco a S. Au- 
gustino Macedo. Patavii: Typis P. M. Framb. 1670. 410. 

Macedo (I. J. de). Elogio ao Commercio [em verso]. Re- 
citado no festim, que os negociantes da Hahia deram ao governa- 
dor Conde dos Arcos em 6 de Scptembro de 1817, por P. Ignacio 
Jose de Macedo. [n. p. n. d.] 4to. 43209 

Macedo. Ora^Slo funebre nas exequias do muito alto e muito 
poderoso senhor D. Jolo vi., imperador do Brasil, e rci de Portu- 
gal. Recitada na sancta Casa da Misericordia da cidadc-de Braga, 
por P. Ignacio Jose de Macedo. Porto: Imp. de Gandra. 1826. 
4to, pp. 23. 43210 

Macedo. SermJlo em memoria do faustissimo dia em que Sua 
Alteza Real entrou a barra da Bahia. Recitado no antigo collegio 
dos Jesuitas da mesma cidade, em 22 de Janeiro de 181 5, por P. 
Ignacio Jose de Macedo. Bahia : na Typ. de Manuel Antonio da 
Silva Strva. 1815. 410, pp. 15. 432 ii 

Macedo (J. M. de). Discurso proferido na Assemblea pro- 
vincial do Rio de Janeiro, na sessdo de 13 de Outubro de 1859. 
... \ de Janeiro :'\ Typ. Imperial de J. M. Nunes Garcia. 1859. 
8vo, pp. 58. 43212 

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Rio de Janeiro. 1870. 2 vols., i2mo, pp. 187; 208. 43213 

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romances por Joaquim Manoel de Macedo. Rio de Janeiro. 
1869. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xvi, 332 ; 389. 43214 

Alio ; O primo da California : Opera em dous actoi, imitafio do francez. ... Rio Je 
Janeiro: Tyf. de F. Brito. 1858. i6mo, pp. 142. 

Macedo (Joaquim Teixeira de). Legisla9ao sobre a Alfan- 
dega dos Estados-Unidos da America Septentrional, com as for- 
mulas dos seus diversos expedientes. Traduzida do Digesto de 
Gordon. Rio de Janeiro. 1833. 4^°* 423^5 

Macedo (J. A. de). Serma das Dores de N. Senhora, pre- 
gado de tarde, na real capella dos pa9os de Queluz, na festividade 
que mandou fazer a serenissima Princeza do Brasil viuva, no anno 



dc 1803, por P. Jos6 Agostinho dc Macedo. Lisboa^ na Imp. 
Rfgia. 18 13. 8vo, pp. 49. -(- Segunda edi^ao. [Ibid.] 1829. 
8vu, pp. 46. 43216 

Macedo (M.) Documentos que manifiestan la cotulucta qur 
obscrvd el C. Lie. M. Macedo como juez comisionado para 
ejecutar la scntencia de restitucion de tienas, dada a favor dc la 
hacienda de Atcnco contra los pueblos del partido de Tenango del 
Valle. Mexico. 1826. 410, pp. 56. 43217 

Macedo {M. de Souza de). Set Souza dc Macedo (M. de). 

Macedo (M. A. de). Notice sur le Palmier Carnauba. Par 
M. A. de Macedo. Paris. 1867. 8vo, pp. 48. 43218 

Macedon Academy, N. T. Catalogue of the Macedon 
Academy, for ... i8»)i. Rochester., N. T. 1851. 8vo. 43219 

M'Elhiney (T.) Life of Martin Van Buren, by Thomas 
M'Elhiney. Pittsburgh : Printed by J. T. Shryock. 1853. ^^o, 
pp. 126. 43220 

McElligott (J. N.) American Debater; being a Plain 
Exposition of the Principles and Practice of Public Debate. 
By James N. McElligott. New-Vork. 1855. i2mo. -f- Third 
Edition. New Tork : Ivison and Phinney. 1855. i2mo, pp. 323. 

Mac El'Rey (J. A.) The Substance of Two Discourses, 
Occasioned by the National Bereavement, the Assassination of 
the President, the Position, the Lesson and the Duty of the 
Nation. Delivered in ... Wooster, Ohio, Easter Day, 1865, 
By the Rector, Rev. J. H. Mac El'Rey, m.d. ... Republican 
Press., Wooster., Ohio. 1 865. l2mo, pp. 24. B. 43222 

McElroy (A.) See Philadelphia, and Presbyterian Church. 

McElroy (J.) The Judgment Seat ; a Discourse on the 

Forty-seventh Anniversary of his Pastorate. By J. McElroy, 
d.d. New York: R. C. ter iff Brothers. 1869. i8mo, pp. 52. 

M'Elroy (J.) Address, ... at the Funeral of John Johnston. 
By the Rev. Joseph M'Elroy, d.d. April 20, 1851. New-York: 
Printed by Edward O. 'Jenkins. M DCCC Li. 1 2mo, pp. 20. 

M'Elroy. A Sermon, delivered Jan. 10, 1830, in ... New 
York, on the occasion of The Death of the Rev. John M. 
Mason, d.d. By Joseph M'Elroy, d.d. ... New York: John 
P. Haven. 1830. 8vo, pp. 36. B. 43225 



Alio: A Diieourie occaiioned by the Death of Mri. Knoi. ... July 19, i)ls$- ••• 

[Nrw York. 1855.] 8vo, pp. 41. ■■ 

McElroy (S.) Report on the Silver Mines of Macate Valley, 
Peru. By Samuel McElroy, c.E. New York. 1865. 8vo, pp. 8. 

Alio; Report on the Improvement of the Valley of Chimboce. ... Ntv> Tork. 
1865. 8vo, pp. 16. 

McElrov (T.) Review of the Water Commissioners' Re- 
port for 1856. By Thomas McElroy. Albany. 1857. 8^°- 

The McElroy Prize Compositions. Our Country ; by Mary 
H. Cutter and Mary T. Reed. Woodbridge, July 4, 1863. 
New Tork: W. C. Bryant i^ Co. 1863. 8vo, pp. 16. 43228 

Macer (J.) Les trois liurcs de|rHistoire des|Iiides, acom- 
plie|de plusieurs choses menuuables, jautant fidelement que som- 
maire- I ment composcz en Latin, & depuis | nagueres taictz en 
Fran^oys. I Par Maistre lehan Macer, | liccncie en droict. | Avcc 
Privilege. | A Paris. \ Chez Guillaume Gu'iliard en rue\ Sainct lacques 
h renseigne\ Saincte Barbe. | 1555. | i6mo, 96 leaves. 43229 

"Cette histoire des Indes occidentaks a ece ecricc d'apres le recit d'une personne qui 
avait i6journe fort lungtemps en Amerique. L'oiiginal Latin (sous le ticre ' Indicarum 
histuriarum libri iii.') a paru ^j^jiemcnt a Piir/'j, 1555, en 8vu." — Drunet. " In addition 
to what relates to the East and West Indies, this volume contains one of the earliest 
printed and most curious accounts of Japan." — Rich. 

McEwEN (A.) A Sermon Preached at the Anniversary Elec- 
tion, Hartford, May 8, 1817. By Abel McEwcn ... . Hartford: 
George Goodwin iff Sons^ Printers. 181 7. 8vo, pp. 22. H. 43230 

McEwEN. A Sermon, ... at the Funeral of Gen. Jedediah 
Huntington, of New-London, who died September 25, 1818; 
aged 75 Years. By Abel McEwcn ... . New Tork: Printed by 
Daniel Fanshaw. 1818. 8vo, pp. 16. b. -f [/&/</.] 1819. BA. 

General Huntington commanded a regiment during the American Revolution. 

M'EwEN. A Sermon, ... New London, Conn., on the Day 
of Thanksgiving, November 28, 1856. Hy Abel M'Ewen ... . 
New London : Daniels i^ Bacon, mdccci.i. 8vo, pp. 16. 43232 

Also: ... A Sermon ... in Stonington, m the Installation of the Rev. Ira Hart: 
December 6, 1809. ... New- London : Printed h\ Samuel Green. 18 10. 8vo, pp. ao. 

M'EwEN (J. A.) An Address ... at the laying of the Corner 
Stone of the University of Nashville, on the 7th of April, 1853. 
By John A. M'Ewen,'A.M. Nashville., Tenn.: John T. S. Fall. 
1853. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 43233 

Also ; Reform of Social Ranlcs : An Address ... before the Literary Societies of 



Cumberland University ... June iiit, 1858. ... Nathville : Smith, Camp & Cc., Printtn, 
1858. 8vo, pp. 13. H. 

McEwEN (M. H.) An Expose of the Case of the Common- 
wealth, or, John W. Simes & Co. vs. McEwen & Shee, By M. 
H. McEwen. Philadelphia. 1844. 8vo, pp. 34. 43^34 

M'EwEN (R. S.) The Mysteries, Miseries, and Rascalities 
of vhe Ohio Penitentiary, from the i8th of May, 1852, to the 
clofje of the Administration of J. B. Buttles. By R. S. M'Ewen. 
(Joluiibus : John Geary ^ Son Iff Co. 1856. 8vo, pp. 75. 43235 

MacFadyen (J.) Flora of Jamaica ; or a Dissertation on 
the Plants of that Island, arranged according to the Natural 
Orders ; with an Appendix containing an Enumeration of the 
Genera according to the Linnaean System, and an Essay on the 
Geographical Distribution of the Species. By James Mac- 
Fadyen, M.D. Vol. I. London: Longman ... 1838. 8vo. 

No more published. 

McFalls (T. B.) We still Live as a Nation. A Thanks- 
giving Sermon, delivered November 28, 1862. By Rev. T. B. 
McFalls. Washington, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. 43^37 

MacP'arland (a.) The Escape or Loiterings amid the 
Scenes of Story and Song. By Andrew MacFarland. Boston. 
1851. i2mo. 43238 

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dication of the Primitive Faith. By Asa M'Farland, a.m. ... 
Concord: Press of George Hough. 1806. i2mo, pp. 274, (2). 

M'Farland. A Sermon ... at Concord, before the Senate 
and House of Representatives of ... New Hampshire, June 2, 
1808. By the Rev. Asa M'Farland, a.m. ... Concord: Printed 
by George Hough. 1808. 8vo, pp. 30. M. 43240 

Also : An Oration ... before the Society of the Phi Beta Kappa ... at Hanover, 
August 25, i8o2. ... Hano-ver : Printed by Moses Davis. 1802. 4to, pp. 24. — ... Sermon 
at Hanover, before the Franklin Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons ... . Hanover. 
1797. 8vo. — A Sermon, ... at Concord, New-Hampshire, June 22, 1806, ... after 
the Total Eclipse of the Sun. ... Concord: Printed by George Hough. 1806. 8vo, pp. 
18. — A Sermon at Concord, in New-Hampshire, Sabbath Day, April 73, 1813. ... 
Concord, May, 1813. 8vo, pp. 16.-— A Sermon, ... at Epsom, New-Hampshire, at the 
Ordination of the Rev. Jonathan Curtis, ... February 22, 1815. ... Concord: Printed 
by George Hough. 18 1 5. 8vo, pp. 32. — Sermon at Candia, N. H. Feb. 7, 1 816, at the 
Ordination of Isaac Jones. ... Concord. [i8i6.] 8vo. — ... A Sermon Delivered at 
Concord, New-Hampshire ... . Concord. 1S23. 8vo, pp. 14. 

McFarj.and (D.) The Trial of Daniel McFarland for the 
Shooting of Albert D. Richardson .... With a Preliminary Essay 




» ef Cc., Prinurt. 

on Medical Jurisprudence, by Dr. Wm. Hammond, and the ex 
parte Statement of Mrs. McFarland. Compiled by A. R. 
Caiauran. New Tork. [1870.] 8vo, pp. 209, and Appendix. 

McFarland (J. B.) An Oration ... before the I. O. O. F., 
and Citizens, of Lafayette, Ind., September 10th, 1845. % ••• 
Joel B. McFarland, M.D. Lafayette^ la.: Printed by Fry & 
Jadson. 1845. 8vo, pp. 14. 43242 

McFarland (W.) Browne's Western Calendar, or the Cin- 
cinnati Almanac, for the Year 1806. By William McFarland. 
Cincinnati, [n. d.] 8vo. c. 43243 

MacFarland (W. H.) Address on the Life, Character and 
Public Services of B. W. Leigh, before the Virginia Historical 
Society, January, 1851. By W. H. MacFarland. . Jiichmond. 
1 85 1. i2mo. 43244 

MacFarland. Discourse on the Life of Honorable Henry 
Clay. By W. H. MacFarland, Esq. Delivered at ... Rich- 
mond. ... Richmond: H. K. Ellyson^ Printer. 1852. 8vo, pp. 15. 

MacFarlane (Charles). The Lives and Exploits of Banditti 
and Robbers in all Parts of the World. By C. MacFarlane 
Esq. ... Ne-w Tork: Harper l^ Brothers. 1833. 2 vols., l2mo 
-t- London: Thomas Tegg and Son. mdcccxxxvii. Fcp. 8vo, pp 
viii, 408. 4 Plates. -|- London: John Murray. 1839. Fcp. 8vo 

Also: Japan: ... and the Expedition fitted out in the United States ... . With 
Numerous Illustrations. Ntiv York: George P. Putnam (Sf Co. mdccclii. izmo, pp. 
xii, 9-365. BA. 

MacFarlane (C.) The Comprehensive History of England, 
... By Charles MacFarlane and the Rev. Thomas Thomson. 
London, i860. 4 vols., rl. 8vo. 43^47 

Includes copious details uf the old French War, 1759, the Revolution, and the War 
of 1812. 

MacFarlane (J.) Britain's Victory, over 
Fleets of France and Spain Insured : as also, 
Union with her Colonies. The Genuine Causes 
fortunes, since the Commencement of ht-r War 
By Jamci McFarlane. ... Glasgow : Printed 
MDCCLxxix. 8vo, pp. 38. 

[MacFarlane (Robert).] The History of 
Years of the Reign of George the Third, from .., 
to which is prefixed a Revievy of the War which 

the Combineci 
an Indissoluble 

of all her ivlis- 

in America. ... 

hy Alex. Adam. 

BA. 43248 

the First Ten 

1760 to 17705 

was terminated 


by the Peace of Paris in 1763. Second Edition. London. 1783- 
1796, 4 vols., 8vo. 43249 

See our Vol. vii., Nos. 26997-98, for the earlier editions of Vols. i. and 11. Thf 
fourth volume has the author's name on the title-page. A considerable portion of the 
work relates to the war with America. See the " Diary of a Lover of Literature." 

Mac Farlane (R.) Address delivered by Robert Mac Far- 
lane, before the Mechanics of New- York, ... June loth, 1847. 


New- Tor k : HuyUr's Print. 1847. 8vo, pp. 15,(1). 

Macfarlane. History of Propellers and Steam Navigation. 
With Biographical Sketches ... . By Robert Macfarlane, c.E. ... 
New York: George P. Putnam. 185 1. l2mo, pp. 144. H. -f 
llbld.'\ 1854. 43251 

M'Farren (S.) Modern Slavery destitute of a Divine War- 
rant. A Sermon ... at Unity, April 14, 1863. By Rev. Samuel 
M'Farren, D.D. Pittsburgh: W. S. Haven. 1863. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Macfie (M.) Vancouver Island and British Coiu'. ibia. 
Their History, Resources, and Prospects. By Matthew xVlacfie, 
... Five Years resident in Victoria, V. I. London: Longman ... 
1865. 8vo, pp. xxi, (2), 574. 9 Maps and Plates, ba. 43253 

Includes many interesting details of the life and customs of the Northwestern Indians. 

McFingal. See [Trumbull (John)]. 

McGarrahan (William). The McGarrahan Memorial. ... 
San Francisco : Smyth ^ Shoaff. 1870. 8vo, pp. [270.] Map. 

[McGarrahan.] The Quicksilver Mines of " Panoche 
Grandi," (... California,) and Attorney General Black, [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 43255 

Also : Brief Narrative of Facts in the McGarrahan Case ... . Washington City : 
M'GUl & fVitheroiu, Printers. 1869. 8vo, pp. (a), 24. h. — Evidence to show that 
Beale's Survey is Correct. ... [ff^asbington : M''Gill & WitberoWy Printers. 1866.] 8vo, 
pp. 18. — A List of Papers before the Senate Committee. ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. id. 
— A Review of the Opinions of the Justices of the Supreme Court ... versus Vicente 
Gomez ... . ffasbington : lifGill & JVitheroiv^ Printers, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 28. h. 

McGaughey (E. W.) Speech of Mr. E. W. McGaughey, 
... on the Mexican War. ... Jan. 7, 1847. Washington : Printed 
by J. y G. S. Gideon. 1847. 8vo, pp. 14. H. 43256 

MacGavock (R. W.) A Tennessean Abroad or Letters 
from Europe, Africa, and Asia. By Randal W. MacGavock, 
a.m. ... Redjieldy New-York. 1854. i2mo, pp. 398. b. 43257 



mdon. 1783- 

I. and II. Th«! 
jle portion of the 
* Literature." 

ert Mac Far- 

; loth, 1847. 


m Navigation. 

rlane, c.E. ... 

144. H. + 


Divine War- 
Rev. Samuel 
8vo, pp. 16. 

;h Cclmnbia. 
ttbcw /viacfie, 
; Longmatt ... 

;. BA. 43253 
rthwestern Indiani. 

VIemofial. ... 
o.] Map. 

f " Panoche 
Jlack. [n. p. 
H. 43255 

Washington City: 
ence to show that 
ters. 1866.] 8vo, 

d.] 8vo, pp. i'. 

.. versus Vicente 
o, pp. 28. H. 

igton : Printed 
H. 43256 

d or Letters 
8. B. 43257 

McGaw (J. F.) Philip Seymour or Pioneer Life in Rich- 
land County, Ohio. Founded on Facts. By Rev. James F. 
McGaw. Mansfield: R. Brinkerhoff. 1858. 8vo, pp. 296. 

A skeleton of facts filled out from the author's imagination. 

McGeachy (E.) Suggestions towards ... Shortening the 
Time of Transit between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. 
By Edward McGeachy, Esq., ... Jamaica. ... London: Smith, 
Elder ^ Co. 1846. 8vo, pp. 17. 2 Maps. b. 43259 

The author has anticipated many of the routes since adopted. Also a pamphlet "On 
Irrigation in the West Indies" ... . yamaica. 1846. 8vo. 

McGee (T. D'A.) Canadian Ballads, and Occasional Verses. 
By Thomas D'Arcy McGee ... . Montreal: John Lovell. 1858. 
limo, pp. 124. B. 43260 

McGee. The Catholic History of North America. Five 
Discourses. ... By Thomas D'Arcy McGee ... . Boston: Patrick 
Donahoe. 1855. iimo, pp. (2), 239. Plate. b. 43261 

McGee. A History of the Irish Settlers in North America, 
from the Earliest Period to the Census of 1850. By Thomas 
D'Arcy McGee. Boston: Patrick Donahoe. 1851. i2mo, pp. 
180. 4- Second Edition. \^Ihid.~\ 1852. i2mo, pp. 240. a. -f- 
Fifth Edition. {_Ibid.'\ 1852. -j- Sixth Edition. [^Ibid.'] 1855. 

McGee. The Poems of Thomas D'Arcy McGee. With 
Copious Notes. Also an Introduction and Biographical Sketch. 
By Mrs. J. Sadlier. ... New Tork : D. isf J. Sadlier csf Co. 1869. 
8vo, pp. 612. Portrait. 43263 

McGee. Speeches and Addresses, chiefly on the Subject of 
British-American Union. By Hon. Thomas D'Arcy McGee. 
London: Chapman i^ Hall. 1865. Post 8vo. 43264 

Also : The Irish Position in British and in Republican North America A Letter to 
fi EJitors of the Irish Press irrespective of Party. ... Second Edition. Montreal : 
'<. Longmoore & Co. i866. 8vo, pp. 45. — Notes on Federal Governments, Past and 
i^rffsent. ... Montreal: Dawson Brothers. 1865. 8vo, pp. 75. — The Political Cause 
and Consequences of the Protestant " Reformation" ... . New Tork : D. & J. Sadlier 
& Co. 1853. 8vo, pp. 27. BA. — The Present American Revolution. The Internal 
Condition of the American Democracy Considered ... . London : Robert Hardwicke. 
1863. 8vo, pp. 19. B. — Two Speeches on the Union of the Provinces. ... Siuebec : 
Printed by Hunter, Rose fif Co. 1865. 8vo, pp. 34. See also Shea (J. G.) 

McGeorge (R. J.) The Canadian Christian Offering. By 
Rev. Robert Jackson McGeorge. Toronto. 1848. 8vo, pp. 102. 

Also: Tales, Sketches, and Lyrics. ... Toronto. 1858. 8vo, pp. 269. 
VOL. XI. 5 

-. ^T'iW^^'T^li 



McGhik (C.) Life and Surprising Adventures jf Charles 
McGhie, or Mackey, a Negro Slave, afterwards Crossing Sweeper 
at Bridge Street, Blackfriars. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 43^66 

McGiFFERT (J. N.) A Discourse delivered at Clayville, 
June 4, 1863, at the Funeral of Corp. Robert Pettee ... . By 
Rev. Joseph N. McGifFert. Utica, N. T.: DeWitt C. Grove, 
Printer. 1863. 8vo, pp. 8. 43267 

McGiFFERT. Our Duty to our Country in the Present Crisis. 
A Discourse delivered in Sansquoit, May 5, 1861. By Rev. 
Joseph N. McGiffert. Utica, N. T.: De^tt C. Grove. 1862. 
8vo, pp. 20. 43268 

Also: A S'w'imon delivered in Manlius, N. Y., Sept. 29, 1861. ... Syracuse: D. J. 
Hahted. 1 86 1. 8vo. 

McGiLCHRisT (J.) The Life of John Bright, m.p. Bv John 
McGilchrist. London: "J. Cassell. 1865. Fcp. 8vo, pp. 124. -f 
New York: Felt and Dillingham, [n. d.] i2mo, pp. 124. B. 

Includes details ot" his services in favor of the North during the Rebellion. Also: 
Richard Cobden ... A Biography. ... London: Lockioood and Co. 1865. i6mo, pp 
294. Plates, Portrait. 4- Neiu York: Harper & Brothers. 1865. i6mo, pp. 304 
Plates, Portrait, ba. 

M 'iiLi, (A. T.) American Slavery as viewed and acted on 
by the Presbyterian Church in the United States ... . Compiled 
... by the Rev. A. T. McGill, d.d. ... Philadelphia : Presbyterian 
Board of Publication. [1865.] 8vo, pp. 72. 43270 

McGiLL. ... A Sermon ... April ii, 1841, ... at Carlisle, 
Pa. ... after the Decease of William Henry Harrison, late Presi- 
dent ... . By Alexander T. McGill. Philadelphia: William S. 
Martien. 184 1. 8vo, pp. 12. 43271 

Also : The Hand of God With the Black Race. A Discourse ... before the Penn- 
sylvania Colonization Society ... . Philadelphia: JVilliam F. Geddes, Printer. i86a. 
8vo, pp. 19. — ... A Sermon, preached in ... New York, on the Day of National Fast- 
ing, January 4, 1861. ... Neiu York: John F. Trow, Printer. 1861. 8vo, pp. 22.— 
Sermon before the Synod of New Jersey, Oct. 21, 1862. ... New York. 1862. 8vo. 

McGiLL (P. M.) The Wrongs and Rights of Labor Shown, 
and a Remedy Proposed. By P. M. McGill, c.E. Washington: 
Gibson Brothers. 1857. 8vo, pp. ill. 432/2 

McGiLL College. Calendar of the University of McGill 
College ... . 1858-9. ... Montreal: Printed by J. C. Becket. 1858. 
8vo, pp. 47. Plate. Continued. h. 43273 

Also: Annual Announcement of the Medical Faculty, 1851-52. ... Montreal. 1852. 
8vo. — Notice of the Natural History Collections of McGill University. ... [n. p. n. d.] 



jf Charles 

sing Sweeper 


at Clayville, 

ttee ... . By 

''itt C. Grove^ 


'resent Crisis. 

• I. By Rev. 

Grove. 1862. 


,. Syracuse : D. J. 

i.p. By John 
3, pp. 124. 4- 
»p. 124. B. 

Rebellion. Also; 
1865. i6mo, pp 
. i6mo, pp. 304 

1 and acted on 

. . Compiled 

; Presbyterian 


.. at Carlisle, 
jon, late Presi- 
\a : IVilliam S. 

.. before the Penn- 
\dei. Printer. 1 862. 
jy of National Fast- 
\i. 8vo, pp. ai.— 

\rork. 1862. 8vo. 

[Labor Shown, 



lity of McGill 

Becket. 1858. 

H. 43^73 

... Montreal. iSjl. 
Ity. ... ["• P- "• •*•] 

jjvo. Statement of the ... Governors of the University of McGill College; with other 

Publications ... . Montreal: Printed hy John C. Becket. i860. 8vo, pp. la, 59, (l). 

Statutes of the University of McGill College, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. iz. — Statutes, 

Rules, and Ordinances, made and established by the Principal and Governors. Montreal. 
1831. 8vo. 

[McGiLLivRAY (Simon)]. See [Douglas (T.)], No. 20699. 

Macgillivrav (W.) See Vol. viii,, No. 33744. 

McGiNLEY (W. A.) ... A Discourse in ... Shrewsbury, 
Massachusetts, upon the Occasion of the Federal Triumphs 
over the Victorii of February, 1862 ... . By Rev. William A. 
McGinley. Worcester : Printed by Edward R. Fiske. 1862. 8vo, 

pp. 25- 43274 

McGinn (J.) Ten Days in the Tombs, or, A Key to the 
Modern Bastile ! By John McGinn. New-Tor k : P. F. Harris. 
1855. i2mo, pp. 122. 43275 

MacGinnis (J. Y.) Sketch of the Life, Character and 
Writings of Rev. James Y. MacGinnis. Philadelphia. 1854. 
8vo. 43276 

Macgowan (D. J.) Claims of the Missionary Enterprise on 
the Medical Profession: An Address ... before the ... College 
of Physicians ... of New- York, October 28, 1842. By Daniel 
J. Macgowan, m.d. New-York : Printed by William Osborn. 
1842. 8vo, pp. 24. B. 43277 

McGowAN (E.) Narrative of Edward McGowan, including 
a full account of the Author's Adventures and Perils while per- 
secuted by the San Francisco Vigilance Committee of 1856. 
San Francisco : The Author. 1857. 8vo, pp. 240. 43278 

M'Gregor (J.) Letter from the Reverend Mr. James 
M'Gregor, Minister, at Pictou, Nova, Scotia, to the General 
Associate Synod, April 30th, 1793. ••• Poisley : Printed by "John 
Neilson. m.dcc.xciii. 8vo, pp. 16. 43279 

McGregor (J.) British America, By John McGregor, Esq. 
IVilliam Blackwood., Edinburgh, mdcccxxxii. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. 
xxii, 484 ; xiv, 605. Maps, -f Second Edition. [/i^/V/.] mdccc- 
xxxiii. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xxiv, 561 : xiv, (i), 606. 15 Maps. 

Macgregor. The Commercial and Financial Legislation of 
Europe and America, with a Pro-Forma Revision of the Tax- 
ation ... . By John Macgregor ... . London: Henry Hooper. 1S41. 
8vo, pp. 320. ba. 43281 


■^^yjiHif"" ■'» HI i»«p« PI w N" ■« — i»^"- •!■ II m\9im-*e.fv^ <-"'^l1l 



Macgregor. Commercial Statistics. A Digest of the Pro- 
ductive Resources, Commercial Legioiation, Customs Tariffs, 
Navigation, Port, and Quarantine Laws, and Charges, Shipping, 
Imports and Exports, and the Monies, Weights, and Measures 
of All Nations. Including all British Commercial Treaties with 
Foreign States. ... By John Macgregor ... . London: tVhittaker 
and Co. 1844-50. 5 vols., rl. 8vo, pp. xix, 1282, 7, (i); xii, 
1 195; ix, 1395; viii, 1036; vii, 399; Supplement, Vol. I. pp. 
221. BA. -f Second Edition, [/t/c/.] 1850. 5 vols., imp. 8vo. 

Vol. III. relates to America, Spanish American Republics, Central and South Amer- 
ica; Vol. IV. relates to Hayti and the foreign West Indies, the Brazils, British colonies 
in America and the West Indies. 

Macgregor. Commercial Tariffs and Regulations of the 
several States of Europe and America. Together with the 
Commercial Treaties between England and Foreign Countries. 
By John Macgregor ... . London: C. Whiting. 1841-47. 21 
parts in 12 vols., folio. a. 43283 

Parts 15, 16, 20 and zi are American. 

Macgregor. Germany ; ... With a Preliminary View of 
the Political Condition of Europe and America in 1848. By 
John Macgregor, m.p. ... London: Whittaker and Co. 1848. 
8vo, pp. Ixviii, 318, (i). H. 43284 

Macgregor. Historical and Descriptive Sketches of the 
Maritime Colonies of British America. By J. McGregor. Lon- 
don : Longman ... 1828. 8vo, pp. (4), v, 266. ba, 43285 

A second edition is entitled " British America." 

Macgregor. The History of the British Empire, from the 
Accession of James i. ; to which is prefixed, a Review of the 
Progress of England, from the Saxon Period to 1603. By John 
Macgregor ... . London. 1852. 2 vols., 8vo. 43^86 

Macgregor. Observations on Emigration to British America. 
By J. Macgregor. London: Longman ... 1829. 8vo, pp. (2), 68. 

Macgregor. The Progress of America, from the Discovery 
by Columbus to ... 1846. By John McGregor ... . London: 
Whittaker and Co. 1847. ^ vols., 8vo, pp. (4), xii, 1520 ; viii, 
1334, 84. H. 43288 

Exhibiting a vast body of' minute geographical, historical, and statistical information. 

Macgregor. The States of Mexico, their Commerce, Trade, 
&c. By John Macgregor. London: C. Whiting. 1846. 410, 
pp. 305. 43289 




u, 1520 i VUl, 

Alio I Commercial Survey of Mexico, Oregon, and the Spanlih Americiin Republici. 
London. 1846. Folio. — Holland and the Dutch Colonies. ... London. 1848. 8vo. 

Political Statijtici of Nations. ... Paris. 1834. 8vo. — Tlie Resources and Staristici 

of Nations. ... Vol. i. London. 1864. Rl. 8vo. — Sketches of the Progress of Civil- 
ixation and Public Liberty ; with a View of the Political Condition of Europe and 
America in 1848. ... London. 1848. Rl. 8vo, pp. 72. c. 

Macgregor (J.) Our Brothers and Cousins : A Summer 
Tour in Canada and the States. By John Macgregor, m.a. ... 
London: SeeUy., Jackson ...MDCQCLix. i2mo, pp. xix, 156. Plate. 

McGregor (J. P.) Some Considerations upon the Financial 
Policy of the Government. By John P. McGregor. Milwaukee: 

Starr iff Son. 1862. 8vo, pp. 16. 


McGregor Western Railway Directory for 1867. Comprising 
complete Business Directories of all Towns along th? McGregor 
Western Railway. With Historical Sketches, etc. Milwaukee: 
Bailey iif ff^ol/e. 1867. 8 vo, pp. 205. 43^92 

MacGregore (D.) The Christian Soldier. A Sermon 
Preached at Newbury, at the Ordination of the Reverend Mr. 
Alexander Boyd ; To the Pastoral Office at New-Castle, in the 
Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, September 24th, 1754. By 
the Reverend Mr. David MacGregore, Of Londonderry. ... 
Boston: Edes and GUI. 1 754. 8vo, pp. 26. 43^93 

Also ; Professors warn'd of their Danger. Sermon preach'd at Stratham [N. H.], 
Dec. 28, 1741. ... [n. p. 1741.] 8vo, pp. 26. — ... A Sermon preached ... in Boston, 
March the nth and 12th ... . Boston: Printed by S. Knee/and and T. Green. 1747. 
8vo, pp. 36. BA. — ... A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of The Rev. Mr. John 
Moorhead ... . Boston: Printed by fFiZ/iam M'/l/pine. m,dcc,lxxiv. 8vo, pp. 35.— 
The Spirits of the present Day Tried. A Sermon at the Tuesday-Evening Lecture in 
... Boston, Nov. 3, 1741. ... Boston: D. Henchman. 1742. lamo, pp. (6), 30. + 
Second Edition. With an ... Answer to the Preface of Mr. Caldwell's Sermon on the 
Trial of the Spirit. ... Bostin : D. Henchman. 1742. 8vo, pp. (8), 30, xi. 

McGuier (H.) a Concise History of High Rock Spring. 
By Henry McGuier. Saratoga Springs: G. M. Davison. 1867. 
l6mo, pp. 38. 3 Plates. H. -f Albany: C. Van Benthuysen & 
Sons. 1868. i6mo, pp. 42. 3 Plates. 43^94 

McGuiRE (E. C.) Centennial Commemoration. A Sermon 
... in ... Fredericksburgh, ... Oct. 4th, 1835 ... . By the Rev. 
Edward C. McGuire. Fredericksburgh. 1835. 8vo, pp. 43. 

M'GuiRE. The Religious Opinions and Character of Wash- 
ington. By E. C. M'Guire. ... New y'ork : Harper l^ Brothers. 
MDCCCxxxvi. i2mo, pp. 414. -f Second Edition. [//^»W.] 1847. 




[McGuiRE {Mrs. John P.)] Diary of a Southern Refugee 
during the War. By a Lady of Virginia. New York : E. J. 
Hale i^ Son. 1867. 1 2mo, pp. 360. -|- Second Edition. [^Ibid.'] 

1868. i2mo, pp. 360. 


Machado (D. B.) Bibliotheca Lusitana, Historica, Critica, e 
Cronologica. Na qual se comprehende a Noticia dos Authores 
Portuguezes, e das Obras, que compuzerao desde o tempo da 
promulga^ilo da Ley da Gra^a ate o tempo prezente. Ofterecida 
a Augusta Magcstade de D. Joao v. Nosso Senhor por Diogo 
Barbosa Machado. Lisboa Occidental : A. h'tdoro da Fonseca. 
1741-59. 4 vols., folio. Vol. I., pp. (80), 767, Portrait; Vol. 
II. Ignacio Rodrigues. 1747. pp. (2), 927; Vol. III. [_Ibid.] 
1752. pp. (2), 799; Vol. IV. Fr. Luiz Jmeno. 1759. pp. 
(6), 725. 43298 

The extreme rarity of this great work, the highest authority upon Portugueze bibli- 
ography, arises from the circumstance that a large proportion of the Hrst three volumes 
was destroyed by fire at Lisbon in 1755. It describes many books relating to Brazil, 
etc. See a/so Leclerc, No. 110, and Petzholdt, p. 381. 

Machado. Retratos de Varoes Portuguezes, insignes em 
virtudes e dignidades, etc. CoUigidos por Diogo Barbosa Ma- 
chado, Abbade da parochial igreja de Sancto AdriSo de Sever, e 
Academic© Real. [n. p. n. d.] 4 vols., folio. 43^99 

Machado (L B.) Theatro historico, universal e chronologico 
de todas as provincias ultramarinas do nosso reino, ou Annaes 
ecclesiasticos, politicos e militares da Africa, Asia, e America 
portugueza ... . Por Ignacio Barbosa Machado. [n. p. n. d.] 
Folio. 43300 

Machado (Manuel Leite). Surpreza de Evora : drama his- 
torico em tres actos, approvado pelo Conservatorio Dramatico, e 
seguido das inspira^oes da juventude, e do poema heroi-comico 
"Os Sacripantes" .... Rio de 'Janeiro: Typ. de F. A. de Almeida. 
1855. 8vo, pp. viii-165. 43301 

Also : Alvado de Abranches : drama original portuguez em quatro actus, approvado 
pelo Conservatorio Dramatico Brasileiro, precedido de um juizo critico pelo sr. Delfim 
Augusto Alaciel do Amaral. ... Rio de yaneiro : Typ. de F. A. de Almeida. 1857. 8vo, 
pp. 74. — Os Pretendentes : comedia em um acto, approvada pelo Conservatorio Dra- 
matico Brasileiro. ... Rio de yaneiro : Tyf. do Commercio de Brito & Braga. i860. 8vo, 
pp. 18. 

Machault (J. de). Relation des missions du Paraguai, par 
le P. Jacques de Machault, de la compagnie de Jesus. Paris. 
1636. 8vo. 43302 



ia, e America 

M'Henry (G.) ... The Cotton Supply of the United States 
of America. By George M'Henry. ... [Second Kdition, with 
Additional Remarks.] London : Spottiswoode is' Co.^ Printers. 
1865. 8vo, pp. 66. H. 43303 

McHenry. The Cotton Trade : its bearing upon the Pros- 
perity of Great Britain and Commerce of the American Republics 
considered in connection with the System of Negro Slavery in the 
Confederate States. By George McHenry. ... London: Saunders^ 
OtUy^ y Co. 1863. 8vo, pp. iii-lxix, (2), 292. \ Second Edi- 
tion. [/&/</.] 1863. 43304 

The author was a vigorous partisan of the policy of recognizing the seceded Statet 
by England, for the sake of obtaining cotton. 

[McHenry.] A Familiar Epistle to Robert j. Walker, ... 
From an old Acquaintance, to which is preHxed a Biographical 
Sketch. Tenth Thousand. London: Saunders^ OtJey & Co. 1863. 
8vo, pp. xiii, 57. 43305 

McHenry. ... A Paper Containing a Statement of Facts 
Relating to the Approaching Cotton Crisis, by George McHenry. 
Richmond, Dec. 31, 1864. 8vo, pp. 87. + Another Edition, 
[n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 87. 433o6 

M'Henry. The Position and Duty of Pennsylvania: ... 
with Sketches of the Commercial, Financial, Geographical, and 
Political History of the Late American Union. By George 
M'Henry. ... London: Henry F. Mackintosh, mdccclxiii. 8vo, 

pp. (4), 91- ". 43307 

[McHenry.] Why Pennsylvania should become one of the 
Confederate States of America. By a Native of Pennsylvania, 
1861. London: J. Wilson, m.dccc.lxii. 8vo, pp. 15. 43308 

Also : African Race in America, North and South. ... London : Privately Printed. 
1861. 8vo. — The Cotton Question. ... London. 1864. 8vo. 

M'Henry (J.) A Letter to the ... Speaker of the House of 
Representatives of the United States, with the Accompanying 
Documents; read in that ... House on the 28th December, 
1802. By James M'Henry .... Baltimore : Printed by John W. 
Butler. 1803. 8vo, pp. 91. ba. 43309 

M'Henry. Waltham ; An American Revolutionary Tale, in 
Three Cantos. By James M'Henry. New York : E. Bliss & 
£. White. 1822. ir 


mo, pp. 70. 

s. 43310 



'! i|' 

[M'Henry.] The Wilderness; or Braddock's Times: A 
Tale of the West. Neiu Y'ork. 1823. 2 vols., l2mo. -(- Pitts- 
burgh. 1848. 2 vols., i2mo, pp. 2291 230. 4331 1 

Alio; Bjlcimore Directory and Citiien'i Regiiter for 1807 ... . Ba/timori. [1807.] 
i8mu. — Tiie Pleaiurei of Friendihip i • Pucm in Two Parti, to which arc added a 
tew other Poemi ... . Philedilfbia. 1 815. izmo, pp. 96. 

McHenry (J. H.) Speech of Mr. John H. McHenry ... on 
the ... TarifF. ... June 30, 1846. [ff^ashington :] J. W G. S. 
Gtii*o»y Printtrs. [1846.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 433 1 2 

M'Henry (W.) State of the Accounts of William M*Henry, 
Esq. late Sub-Lieutenant of Bucks County ; From ... 1781, until 
... April, 1783 ... . Philadelphia: Printed by Robert Aitken ... 
M,DCC,Lxxxv. 8vo, pp. 8. P. 43313 

Malhias, Me. Memorial of the Centennial Anniversary of 
the: Settlement of Machias [May 20, 1863]. Machias : Printed 
by C. 0. Furbuih. 1863. 8vo, pp. 179, (i). ba. 43314 

Machoni de CerdeRa (A.) Arte y vocabulario de la lengua 
Lule, y Tonocote ... . Per el Padre Antonio Machoni de Cer- 
defia, de la Compania de Jesus. Madrid: Por los hertderos de 
Juan Garcia Infanzon. 1732. l2mo, pp. 14, 97, 135, 17. 

The last paging contains the " Cateciimo, y doctrina Cbriitiana en lengua Lulu, y 

Machpelah. A Book for the Cemetery. New Tork. 1865. 
i6mo, pp. 205. 43316 

Machuca (Bernardo de Vargas). See Vargas Machuca (B. de). 

McHuGH (J.) ... Papers respecting the Arrest and Imprison- 
ment of Mr. James McHugh in the United States. ... London: 
Printed hy Harrison and Sons. [1864.] Folio, pp. {2), 17, (l). 
-f Further Papers respecting the Arrest and Imprisonment ... . 
[Ibid.'] Folio, pp. (2), 5, (i). 4- Further Papers ... . [Ibid.] 
Folio, pp. (2), 6. BA. 43317 

Maciel DA CosTA (J. S.) See Costa (J. S. M. da). Vol. iv. 

M'Ilvain (J.) ... Memorial of James M'llvain, praying that 
the Aid of Government may be extended to the Growers of 
Wool ... . February 20, 1828. ... ff^ashinj^ton : Printed by Gales 
i^ Seaton. 1828. 8vo, pp. 10. h. 43318 




McIlvaine (A. R.) Speech oi Mr. A. R. Mcllvainc ... on 
the Military Occupation of Texas. ... March 26, 1846. [fVash- 
ington :] J. & G. S. Gideon. [1846?] 8vo. H. 433 1 9 

Alio: Speech ... on the Mexican War. ... February 4, 1847. kyashingnn. 1847. 
gvo, pp. 8. 

[M'Ilvaine (Charles Pettit).] Appeal on behalf of Kenyon 
College, Ohio ... . [^London, n. d.] 8vo, pp. 5. h. 43320 

McIlvaine. Bishop Mcllvaine's Respectful Address to the 
Protestant Episcopalians of the City of Cincinnati. ... [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 7. 43321 

Relates to the parlih of St. Johni, Cincinnati. 

McIlvaine. Correspondence between the Right Rev. C. P. 
McIlvaine, D.D., D.C.L. ... and the Rev. James A. Bolles, d.d.. 
Rector of Trinity Church, Cleveland, with an explanatory Pas- 
toral Letter to the Members of the Parish of 7>inity Church, 
Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland: Harris^ Fairbanks tsf Co.., Printers. 
1857. 8vo, pp. 43. B. 43322 

[McIlvaine.] Pastoral Letter of the Bishops of the Protest- 
ant Episcopal Church in the United States ... to the Clergy and 
Laity ... . Delivered before the General Convention ... New 
York, ... October 17, 1862. New York: Baker W Godwin^ 
Printers. 1 862. 8vo, pp. 14. B. 43323 

M*Ilvaine. Rev. Mr. M'Ilvaine in Answer to the Rev. 
Henry U. Onderdonk, d.d. Philadelphia: JVilliam Stavely. 
1827. 8vo, pp. 43. H. 43324 

This elicited : " Some Remarlcs on ■ Pamphlet entitled, Rev. Mr. McIlvaine, in 
Answer to the Rev. Henry U. Ondcrdonic, o.D. By an Epiicopalian of MaryUnd." 
Baltimore: Printed hy Lucas and Dtaver. 1 829. 8vo, pp. 21. B. 

Also : Baccalaureate Discourse, ... to the Senior Class of Kenyon College, ... Sept. 
6th, 1837. ... Gambier : George fF. Myers, Printer. 1837. 8vo, pp. 16. — Bishop 
Mcllvaine's Address to the Convention of the Diocese of Ohio ... . In Newark, June 
3d, 1858 ... . Cincinnati: Printed by C. F. Bradley & Co. 1858. 8vo, pp. 26, (1). h. 
— ... A Charge ... before the Clergy of ... the Diocese of Ohio ... September 13, 
1839. ... Columbut : Isaac N. Habiting, m Dccc XL. i6mo, pp. 156. — ... A Charge ... 
to the Clergy of the Diocese of Ohio ... October nth, 185 1. ... Netu Tork : Harper 
& Brothers. 1851. 8vo, pp. 53. — The Chief Danger of the Church in these Times: 
a Charge ... to the Clergy of the Diocese of Ohio ... September 8th, 1843. ... New 
York : Harper and Brothers. 1843. 8vo. — The Christians Duty in th: Present Crisis. 
... [Cincinnati. 1 861.] i2mo, pp. 4. — An Earnest Word ... in behalf of the Church 
Institutions at Gambier, Ohio. Netu-Tork : Printed by fVilliam Osborn. 1843. 8vo, 
pp. 8. a Plates. — The Respectful Address of C. P. M'Ilvaine, d.d., ... to all who 
would Promote the Progress of Learning and Religion in the Western States, [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. — A Sermon, before the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society ... 
August 24, 18"' ... Philadelphia: Printed by Wm. Stavely. 1835. 8vo, pp. 32. 

VOL. XI 6 

! I 

\ 'I 


I V 



— ... Sermon jt the Cuniecrjtiun uf° the Right Reverend Leonidui Polk, n.o., ... in 
... Ciiuinn.iti, December y, 1838. ... Gambitr, 0. : G. IV. Myfri. m iiccc xxxviii. 8vo, 
pp. 4V — The Sermon before the Biihopi, Clergy, and Laity ... at the Coniecration of 
the Rev. Alfred Lee, i>.u. ... October 12, a.d. 1841. ... Ntw-Tork : Swords, Hian/orJ, 
t^ Co. Mpcc'i-xi.i. 8vo, pp. 14.— ... A Sermon ... at the coniecration of the Kt. 
Rev. Alfred Lee, d.d. ... Philadelphia i Edward Gatkill. mdcccl. 8vo, pp. 31. — ... 
Sermon before the General Convention ... in ... New York ... October 5th, 1853. ... 
New York; Printed ... i>y Biltin and Brotbert. 1859. 8vo, pp. IS- "~ ••• A Sermon 
... on ... Thanksgiving ... November 29th, i860, in ... Cincinnati ... . Cincinnati: 
Bradley & tyehb. Printers, i860. 8vo, pp. 24. — ... A Sermon ... at the Connecra- 
tiun of Calvary Church, Clifton, Ohio ... 5th of May, 1868 ... . Cincinnati: Robert 
aarieCsfCo., Printers. 1868. 8vo, pp. 38. Plate.— The Work of preaching Christ. 
A Charge ... to the Clergy of the Dioceie of Ohio ... in ... Akron ... 3d of June, 
1863. ... New Tori: Anton D. F. Randolph. 1863. i6mo, pp. 72. h. 

McIlvaine (J. H.) American Nationality. By J. H. Mc- 
Ilvaine. Philadelphia. 1861. 8vo. 433^5 

M'Ilvaine (J.) Report of The Engineers, employfd to 
re-survey the location of the Contemplated Rail Road in the 
vicinity of Philadelphia. ... By Joseph M'Ilvaine, Esq. Harris- 
burgh : E. F. Cryder i^ Co.^ Printers. 1829. 8vo, pp. 26. 

McIlvaine (W.) A New Plan of a Perpetual Civil Calen- 
dar. By William McIlvaine. Burlington^ N. J. i^^^. \io. 

Also: Memoir of the New Perpetual Calendar (not publighed). Pht '^ia, 1849. 

McIlvaine (W.) Sketches of Scenery and Noics of Per- 
sonal Adventure in California and New Mexico. By William 
McIlvaine, Jr. Philadelphia. 1 850. 8vo. 16 Plates. 43328 

Mac-Intosh (A.) Address at the Interment of Sylv. Bourne, 
Consul-General of the United States in the Netherlands. By A. 
Mac-Intosh, d.d. Harlem. 1817. 8vo, pp. 16. 433^9 

McIntosh (D.) Some Account of an Entertainment given 
in honor of Duncan Mcintosh, in Baltimore, January 9th, 1809. 
With a Collection of the Pieces delivered on that Occasion. 
[_Baltimore.'\ 1809. 8vo. 4333° 

In French and English. 

M'Intosh (G.) The Case of George M'intosh, Esquire, 
A Member of the late Council and Convention of the State of 
Georgia ; With The Proceedings thereon in the Hon. the Assem- 
bly and Council of that State. ... [n. p.] Printed in the Tear 
MDCCLXxvii. 4to, Half Title, pp. 29. 4333' 

McIntosh (J.) The Discovery of America by Christopher 
Columbur. ; and the Origin of the North American Indians. By 
John Mcintosh. Toronto: iV. J. Coates. 1836. 8vo, pp. 152. 



McIntosh. The Origin ut the North American Indians j 
with a faithful Description of their Manners and Oustonis, both 
Civil and Military ; their Religion, Languages, Dress and Orna- 
ments ; including various specimens of Eloquence, as well as 
Historical and Biographical Sketches of almost all the distin- 
guished Nations and celebrated Warriors, Statesmen and Orators 
among them. By John Mcintosh. New Tt'ork : Nafii ijf Cornish. 
1843. «vo, pp. 311. Plates. \- UbiJA 1844. 8vo. \-UbU.] 
1849. 8vo, pp. 345. Plates. -| [/&/>/.] 1853. Svo. ( [/^/V/.] 
i«S«- «vo. 43333 

[M'Intosh (L.)] Class Despotism, as exemplified during 
the Four Years' Struggle for Freedom in the United States ... 
and the Evils of Individual Wealth Considered ... , London: F. 
Farrah. 1867. i6mo, pp. xxiii, (i), 337. ■ 43334 

M'Intosh (M. J.) Letter on The Address of the Women 
of England to their Sisters of America, in Relation to Slavery. 
By Miss M. J. M'Intosh ... . New Tork : T. J. Ctowen. 1853. 
24mo, pp. (i), 32. H. 43335 

McIntosh. Woman in America. Her Work and her Re- 
ward. By Maria J. Mcintosh ... . New Tork: D. Jppleton & 
60.1850. i2mo, pp. 5-155. 43336 

[M'Intyre (A.)] A Letter to ... Daniel D. Tompkins, Late 
Governor of ... New- York. Albany: Printed by 'Jeremiah Tyron. 

1 8 19. 8vo, pp. 112, xl. -f Albany : Printed by E. & E. Hosford. 

1820. 8vo, pp. 56, Appendix, xl. B., H. 43337 

Alsu: Memorial relative to the Union Canal Company in Pennsylvania, [n. p.] 
1831. 8vn. See also Union College. 

M'Jilton (J. N.) God Speaketh. A Sermon, preached in 
... Baltimore, ... June 22d, 1845, °^ ^^^ death of His Excel- 
lency, Andrew Jackson, late President ... . By Rev. John N. 
M'Jilton, A.M. ... Baltimore: D. Brunner. 1845. Svo, pp. 16. 

M'Jilton. Poems. By Rev. John N. M'Jilton. Boston : 
Otis^ Brooders & Co. 1 840. l2mo, pp. 360. 43339 

M'Jilton. Report of the Delegate to the Educational Con- 
ventions of Buffalo and Boston, to the Commissioners of Public 
Schools of Baltimore, and Address on the Teacher's Calling, 
Nationally Considered. By Rev. John N. M'Jilton. Baltimore : 
Bull ^ Tuttle. i860. Svo, pp. 126. B. 43340 

Also : ... Address ... before ... Lafayette College ... at the Annual Commence- 
ment, September iid, 1841. ... Baltimore: Printed by yohn Murphy, [n. d.] 8vo, 

' \ 

! I- 






pp. 35. — Funeral Discourie in Memorial of Robert C. Morse ... Masonic Hall ... . 
Baltimore. 1849. umo--- ••• A Funeral Sermon on the Drath of the Rt. Rer. John 
Piuniiti Kewley Ht-nihavv, d.u., Biiiiop of Rhude I^iland. Deiiver<;d in ... Baltimore, 
July 25, 1851. ... Ba.'iimort : Jet. Robinson. 1852. 8vo, pp. 20. — God's Controversy 
with the People of the United States. A Sermon ... September 26, 1861. ... Ba/ii- 
more : Ji/stpb Robi.iton. 1861. 8vo. — ... A Poem ... before the Philomathzan Society 
of Pennsylvania College, February 16, 1841. ... Baltimore: jfosepb N. Lewis. 1841. 
i2mo, pp. 57. — The Prayer of the Republic in the Visitation of Calamity upon its Sins. 
A Sermon, April 30, 1863. ... Baltimore: J. fV. Bond & Co. 1863. i2mo, pp. 21. 
— ... A Sermon ... Baltimore, on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1861. ... Balti- 
mere: y. tV. Band. i86i. i6mo, pp. 27. — ... A Sermon, ... Thanksgiving Day, 
Ntvember 27, 1862. ... Baltimore s J. IV. Bond & Co. 1862. 8to, pp. 24. 

Mack (A. W.) Speech of the Hon. A. W. Mack ... on the 
Slavery Question ... January 20, 1865. ... Springfield : Baker l^ 
Pbillips. 1865. 8vo, pp. 20. 4334' 

Mack (Alexander). Kurze und einfaltige Vorstcllung der 
aussern, aber doch heiligen Rechten und Ordnungen des Hauses 
Gottes. Zweit'i Auflage. Germantown [/*«.]•• C. Saur. 1774. 
24mo, pp. (22), 133. 43342 

Mack (D.) The Green Mountain Spring. ... Vol. i. ... 
Brattleboro\ Vt. 1846. 8vo. Continued, 43343 

Mack (E.) The Cat-Fight ; a Mock Heroic Poem. Sup- 
ported with Copious Extracts from Ancient and Modern Classic 
Authors ... . By Doctor Ebcnezer Mack ... . New York. 1824, 
Svo, pp. 276. Plate. c. 43344 

Mack. The Life of Gilbert Motier de la Fayette, a Marquis 
of France; a General in the American and French Revolutions; 
the Compatriot and Friend of Washington ; the Champion of 
American Independence, and of the Rights and Liberties of Man- 
kind. From Numerous and Authentic Sources. By Ebenezer 
Mack. Ithaca {N.Y.): Mack., Andrml^ Woodruff. \'ii\\. T2mo, 
pp. (2), 371. Portrait, -f Third Edition, Illustrated. IJtica., 
N. T.: G. G. Brooks. 1859. i2mo, pp. 376. 43345 

Also : Character and Importance of Agriculture, and the Means directed to its 
Improvement: an Address. ... Ithaca. 1844. Svo. 

Mack (R.) Kyle Stuart ; with other Poems. By Robert 

Mack, Esq. Vol. l. Columbia.^ Tenn. : Printed ... by Felix K. 

Zollicoffer. 1834. l6mo. 4334^ 

Contains a poem on the Death of Washington, and on Col. Daviess, who fell at 
Tippecanoe. No more published. 

Mack (R. C.) The Londonderry Celebration. Exercises on 
the 150th Anniversary of ... Old Nutfield ... June 10, 1869. 




directed to ici 

S5, who fell at 

Compiled by Robert C Mack. Manchester: John B. Clarke. 
1870. 8vo, pp. 124. Portraits. B. 43347 

Mack (W, G.) A Letter from the Eastern Townships of 
Lower Canada, containing Hints to intending Emigrants as to 
the Choice of Situation, &c. By W. G. Mack. Glasgow. 
1837. 8vo, pp. 26. Map. 43348 

Mackay (Alexander). Analysis of the Australian Colonies 
Government Bill. By A. Mackay, Esq. ... London: James Ridg- 
uiay. 1850. 8vo, pp. (2), 68. 43349 

Contains frequent references to America. 

Mackay. Crisis in Canada ; or, Vindication of Lord Elgin 
and his Cabinet as to the Correspondence by them in reference to 
the Rebellion Losses Bill. By Alexander Mackay, Esq. London. 
1849. 8vo, pp. 68. 43350 

Mackay. The Western World ; or. Travels in the United 
States in 1846-47: exhibiting them in their Latest Development, 
Social, Political, and Industrial, and including a Chapter on Cali- 
fornia. By Alexander Mackay, Esq. ... London. 1849. 3 vols., 
post 8vo, pp. 340; 32 T ; 374. Map. p. + Second Edition. 
[/^;'</.] -f P'roni the Second London Edition. Philadelphia : 
LeaQ Blanchard. 1849. 2 vols., I2mo, pp. 312-, iv, 14-316. 
-f Third Edition. London. 1850. 3 vols., post 8vo. + Fourth 
Edition. [Ibid.'] 43351 

"In extent and variety of subject it stands alone among American UvitU."— Spectator. 

Mackay. Die Wcstliche Welt. Rcisc durch die Vereins- 
staaten von Amcrika. Aus dem Englischen von Marie Heine. 
Nebst eincr P^inleitung und 4 lUustrationen von Wilhelm Heine. 
Leipzig: KoUrnann. 1861. 8vo, pp. 1006. 4 Plates. 43352 

Mackay. Die Westliche Welt. Reisen in den Vereinigten 
Staaten. Deutsch bearbeitct und mit Zusatzen aus anderen Rei- 
sewerken, sowie nach den neuesten statistischen Quellen bis zuni 
Jahre 1854 \ervollstandigt von O. L. H[eubner]. Leipzig: G. 
Wigand. 1855. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. viii, 328 ; (4), 330 ; (4), 316 ; 
viii, 343' ^ folding sheet. 43353 

Mackay (C.) The History of the United States of America. 
With a Continuation, including the Presidencies of Pierce and 
Huclianan. By Charles Mackay, Esq. ... London : Virtue l^ Co. 
[11. d.] 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), iv, 816 j (2), vi, 772. Maps, Por- 
traits and Plates. 43354 

I \'\ 





Mackay. Life and Liberty in America : or, Sketches of a 
Tour in the ^ nited States and Canada in 1857-8. By Charles 
Mackay ... , London: Smithy Elder and Co. 1859. 2 vols., post 
8vo, pp. vi, (2), 343 ; (2), 336. 10 Plates. + Second Edition. 
[^Ibtd.'^ -^ New York: Harper i^ Brothers. 1859. i2mo, pp. 413. 
10 Plates. H. 43355 

Mackay. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions. By 
Charles Mackay ... . London: Richard Bentley. 1841. 3 vols., 
8vo, pp. vi, (2), 400 ; (6), 406 ; (6), 404. 4 Portraits. 4335^ 

Contains a graphic account of the Mississippi S iu'me, South Sea Bubble, &c. This 
is the best edition in large type. 

Mackay. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions. By 
Charles Mackay .... Philadelphia: Lindsay and B la kiston. 1850. 
2 vols., i2mo, pp. viii, (2), 13-384; (4), 13-384. b. + [Ihid.l^ 
1851. 2 vols., i2mo. 43357 

Mackay. Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and 
the Madness of Crowds. By Charles Mackay ... . Second Edi- 
tion. London. 1 852. 2 vols., post 8vo, pp. viii, 303; (2), viii, 
324. -f London: G. Routledgs iff Co. 1856. 2 vols., post 8vo, 
pp. (2), viii, 303, (i) ; (2), vi, 322. Plates. 43358 

His " Memoirs of Commercial Delusions : embracing Historical Sketches of the 
Mississippi Scheme, and the South Sea Bubble" (Ne<w York, 1845), forms pp. 233-342, 
of " Hunt's Library of Commerce." Also : Street Tramways for London, ... with 
some Remarks, on the Working of Street Railways in the United States and Canada. 
... 1868. 8vo. — Voices from the Mountains and from the Crowd. ... London. 1852. 
8vo. -f- Boslor; : Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, m dccc liii. l6mo, pp. viii, 373. h. See 
[Mayhew (Henry).] 

Mackay (C.) Death in the Pot : a Temperance Sermon ... 
December 12, 1847. ^7 R^v. Charles Mackay, ... Saint "John^ 
N. B. : Printed by J. Cf J. McMillan. 1848. i2mo, pp. 22, (i). 

McKay (D.) Description of the Largest Ship in the World, 
— the New Clipper Great Republic, of Boston. By Donald 

McKay. Boston. 1853. ^^j PP- ^4* 



McKay. La marine des Etats-Unis avant la guerre et la 
marine actuelle. Par Donald McKay. Traduit de I'anglais par 
M. Cavelier de Cuverville ... . Paris: Corr'eard. 1865. 8vo, 
pp. 14. 43361 

Mackay (H.) A Letter from Lieut. Hugh Mackay, of 
General Oglethorpe's Regiment, to John Mackay, Esq. in the 
Shire of Sutherland in Scotland. London, i']\l. 8vo, pp. 39. 

Relates to the miscarriage of the siege of St. Augustine, and printed with a view to 





correct some misstatement! that had appeared in the London newspapers. Probably 
printed for private distribution. 

Mackay (J.) Quebec Hill ; or Canadian Scenery, a Poem, 
in Two Parts. By J. Mackay. London. 1797. 410. 433^3 

Written in Canada. 

McKay (N.) Centenary Sermon, By Rev. Neil McKay ; 
and Discourse By James Banks, Esq. ... before the Presbytery 
of Fayetteville, ... October, 1858. ... Fayetteville. 1858. 8vo, 
pp. 19, 24. 43364 

The discourse by Banks is replete with revolutionary incidents and the struggles with 
the Indians. 

[Mackay (R.) ?] Pocahontas : A Historical Drama in Five 
Acts ; with an Introductory Essay and Notes. By a Citizen of 

the West. New York. 1837. i2mo, pp. 240. 


Mackay (R. W. S.) The Stranger's Guide to the Cities and 
Principal Towns of Canada ... . By Robert W. Stuart Mackay, 
... Montreal: C. Bryson. 1854. i6mo, pp. 168. 2 Maps, Plates. 

For Canada Directory, see Canada, Vol. in., No. 10416. 

Mackay (S.) The Narrative of Captain Samuel Mackay, 
Commandant of a Provincial Regiment in North America ; By 
the Appointment of Lieut. Gen. Burgoyne : ... Kingston. [1778.] 
8vo, pp. 18. 43367 

This very rare pamphlet relates to the Siege ot Quebec. 

Mackay (S.) Aper^u topographique de la Virginie, I'un des 
dix-sept Etats-Unis de I'Amerique septentrionale, situe au centre 
de cette belle republique ; par Samuel Mackay, a.m. Paris: De 
rimprimerie de J.-Scherff. 1816. i2mo, pp. 24. H. 43368 

M'Kay (S. M.) An Address ... at Pittsfield ... July 4, 1822. 
By Samuel M. M'Kay. Pittsfield: Printed by Phinehas Men. 1822. 
8vo, pp. 20. H. 43369 

Also: An Address, ... before the Berkshire Association ... of Agriculture ... ar 
Pittsfield, October 3, 1822. ... Pittsfield: Printed by Phinehas Allen. 1822. 8vo, 
pp. 34. B. 

[McKaye (J.)] ... The Birth and Death of Nations. ... 
New York: G. P. Putnam. 1862. i2mo, pp. 33. H. 43370 

Reprinted from the " Rebellion Record," pp. 56-64. 

McKaye (J.) ... The Mastership and its Fruits: the Eman- 
cipated Slave Face to Face with his Old Master. A Supplemental 
Report to Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. By James 
McKaye ... . New York. 1864. 8vo, pp. 38. B. 43371 




! 1 

McKave. Das Herrenthum und seine Friichte : der emanci- 
pirte Sklave und sein friihcrer Herr. Uebersetzt von F. Sc.iiiltz. 
New York: H. Ltddwig. 1864. 8vo, pp. 31. 4337^ 

[McKean (Joseph).] Memoir towards a Character of Rev. 
John Eliot, s.T.D. ... Boston. 1793. Svo, pp. 40. M. -\- [^Ibid.~\ 
MDcccxiii. Svo, pp. 40. B. 43373 

[McKean.] A Plea for Friendship and Patriotism ; in Two 
Discourses, Preached ... in Boston, ... 27 March, and On the 
Annual P'ast, 7 April, mdcccxiv. ... Munroe isf Francis^ Printers^ 
Boston. 1814. l2mo, pp. 59, (l). B,, M. 43374 

[McKean.] Remarks on the Hon. John Q. Adams's Re- 
view of Mr. Ames's Works ... . Boston: Printed by T. B. Wait 
and Co. 1809. 8vo, pp. 50. B. 43375 

[McKean.] Sermon in which the Question of War with 
Great Britain is examined on Christian Principles. Boston. 1808. 
8vo, pp. 14. 43376 

[McKean.] A Sermon ... at ... Boston ... after the Decease 
of John Warren, M.D. ... who died IV. April, MDCCCXV. ... Bos- 
ton : Printed by John Eliot. 181 5. Svo, pp. 23. H. 43377 

[McKean.] A Sermon ... at the Ordination of Reverend 
John Burt Wight, a.m. ... in East Sudbury, xxv January, 
MDCCCXV. Cambridge: Printed by Hilliard and Metcalf. 18 15. 
Svo, pp. 36. H. 43378 

[McKean.] A Valedictory Sermon, Preached at Milton, 
September 30th, 1804. Boston : Printed by Manning and Loring. 
1804. i2mo, pp. 22. BA. 43379 

Also : A Sermon ... at the Ordination of the Reverend Nathaniel Langdon Froth- 
ingham, a.m. ... Boston, xv. March, mdcccxv, ... Boston: Printed by Munroe, Francis 
(^Parker. 1815. Svo, pp. 43. h. — A Sermon ... at Dorchester, June 25, 1817, on 
... organizing the Third Church ... and the Installation of the Rev. Edward Richmond, 
D.D. ... Dedbam : Abel D. Alleyne, Printer. 1817. Svo, pp. 3S. H. 

[McKean (Thomas).] ... A Brief History of the Proposed 
Impeachment of the Governor of Pennsylvania ; to which is 
added. His ... Message of January 28th, 1808. ... Lancaster: 
Printed by William Hamilton. 1 808. i2mo, pp. (2), ii, 5-69. 

See also Pennsylvania. 

M'Kean. First Annual Report of the Directors of the Mc- 
Kean and Elk Land and Improvement Company. Philadelphia: 
E. C. Cf J. Biddle. 1857. ^vo, pp. 35. 8 Maps. Continued. 
Also: Act of Incorporation ... Philadelphia. 1856. Svo, pp. 39. Plan. 

i I 





McKee (R.) Extract from Rev. Prof. McKee's Lecture, .. 
the Morning after the Funeral of the Misses Haven. Neiv York. 
[1855.] 8vo, pp. 12. B. 43382 

McKee. Lectures on Botany ... . By Rev. R. McKee, a.m. 
... Albany: Printed by J. Munsell. 1839. 8vo, pp. 20. H. 

McKee (S.) Speech of Hon. Samuel McKee ... on Recon- 
struction. ... March 3, 1866. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. 43384 

Also: Right of Suffrage. Speech ... January 28, 1869. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 7. 
-Speech ... on Basis of Representation. ... January 26, 1866. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 8. H. 

McKee (S.) Reflections on the Law of 1813, for laying an 
Embargo on all Ships and Vessels in the Ports ... of the United 
States. By Samuel McKee, William P. Duvall, and Thomas 
Montgomery, [n. p.] 1814. 8vo, pp. 24. ba. 43385 

McKee (W. H.) The Territory of New Mexico and its 
Resources. Bv Dr. W. H. McKee .... A^^zf Tor/f. 1866. 8vo, 
pp. 12. Map.' 43386 

McKeehan (J. B.) The Crisis of the Country ; the Duty 
of Republicans. By J. B. McKeehan. Cincinnati, i860. 8vo. 

McKeen (J.) A Discourse against speaking Evil of Rulers : 
... Fast [Day] ... April 9th, 1801. By Joseph McKeen, a.m. 
... Salem: Printed by Joshua Gushing. 1801. 8vo, pp. (2), 17. 

McKeen. A Sermon ... on the Public Fast in ... 
chusetts, April 11, 1793. By Joseph McKeen, a.m. ... 
Printed by Thomas C. Gushing. M Dcc xciii. 8vo, pp. 22. 

Salem : 

McKeen. A Sermon ... May 28, 1800, being the Day of 
General Election. By Joseph McKeen, a.m. ... Boston: Printed 
by Young ^ Minns. 1800. 8vo, pp. 30. B., W. 4339O 

M'Keen. Two Discourses ... at Beverly, on the Day of 
the National Fast, May 9, 1798. By Joseph M'Keen, a.m. ... 
Salem: Printed by Thomas C. Gushing. 1798. 8vo, pp. 31. H. 

Also: Address at the Ordination of Mr. M'Keen, at Beverly in New England, 
[n. p.] 1785. I leaf. — The Inaugural Address, delivered in Brunswick, September 
9th, 1802. ... at his Entrance on the Duties of President of Bowdoin CoUt^ge ; with an 
Eulogy, ... at his Funeral, by the Reverend William Jenks. Portland: Printed f>v 
Thomas B. fVait & Co. 1807. 8vo, pp. ^58. — A Sermon, preached at the Ordin.ition 
of the Rev. Rufus Anderson, to the ... Second Church in North-Yarmouth, October 
22, 1794. ... Printed at Portland [Me.), hv B. Titcomb, Jun. mdccxcv. 8vo, pp. 29. 
— A Sermon ... at the Ordination of ... Abraham Moore ... in NewLury, M;,rch 13, 
1796. ... Printed at Neivhuryport, hy Blunt and March. 1796. 8vo, pp. 32. 11. 

VOL. XI. 7 






McKeen (S.) a Farewell Sermon, ... January 20, 1833, to 
the Congregational Church and Society in Bradford, Vt. By 
S. McKeen. Haverhill^ N. H.: Printed by J. R. Reding. 1833. 

BA. 43392 




1 pp- 

Also: A Strrmon ... October 15, 1828, before the Vermont Colonization Society. 
Montpelier : Primed by E. P. fValton. i8z8. 8vo, pp. 22. ba. 

McKeen (S.) Heroic Patriotism. A Sermon, ... at Brad- 
ford, Vt., ... April 28, 1 86 1, in the presence of The Bradford 
Guards, when under call to join the P'irst Regiment Vermont 
Volunteers ... . By Rev. Silas McKeen. ... IVindsor, i860. 
8vo, pp. 16. 43393 

McKeen. ... A Sermon ... before the General Assembly of 
... Vermont: October 9, 1857, ^X R^v. Silas McKeen ... . 
Montpelier : E. P. Walton^ Printer. 1857. ^^o, pp. 34, H. 

Also : A Scriptural Argument in favor of withdrawing Fellowsliip from Churches 
... tolerating Slaveholding ... . Nciv York. 1848. I2mo, pp. 37, (i). — ... A Sermon 
occasioned by the Death of Arthur H. Prichard, ... March 30, 1856. ... [n. p. :'| L. 
y. M'lnJoe, Printer. i8;6. 8vo, pp. 17. — ... A Sermon ... March 23, 1858,31 the 
Funeral of Oliver J. Hardy ... . Bradford: L. y. Mclndoc, Printer. 1858. 8vo, pp. 15. 
— ... A Sermon ... before Orange County Conference, at West Fairlie, Vt., September 
28, 1858. ... Bradford, Ft. [n. d.] l8mo, pp. 18. — ... A Sermon ... November 21, 
1858, at the FuneiMl of Alfred Bliss King ... . Bradford, Vt. : E. A. Fuller's ... Off.ce. 
[n. d.] 8vo, pp. 20. — ... A Sermon ... December 26, 1858; at the Funeral of 
Mrs. Martha T. Pecl:ett ... . Bradford, Ft.: E. A. Fuller z ... Office. [1^58 .>] 8vo, 
pp. 17. — ... A Sermon ... November 16th, 1859, at the Funeral of Mrs. Bertha B. 
AUbee ... . Bradford, i860. 8vo, pp. 18. — ... A Sermon ... February 5, i860 ... 
after the Funeral of Mrs. Nancy B. Farnum ... . Windsor, i860. 8vo, pp. 17. h. 

McKeever (H. B.) Twilight Musings, and Other Poems. 
By Harriet B. McKeever. ... Philadelphia: Willis P. Ha-zard. 

H. 43395 

1857. i2mo, pp. 263. 

M'Keevor (T.) a Voyage to Hudson's Bay, during the 
Summer of 1812. Containing a Particular Account of the Ice- 
bergs and other Phenomena which present themselves in those 
Regions -, Also, a Description of the Esquimeaux, and North 
American Indians ; their Manners, Customs, Dress, Language, 
&c. ... By Thomas M'Keevor, M.D. ... London: Sir Richard 
Phillips and Co. 1819 8vo, pp. (4), 96. 8 Plates. B. 43396 

Pages 76-96 consist of "La Poix de Freminville's Voyflge to the North Pole, in the 
Frigate the Syrenej including a Physical and Geographical Notice relative to ... Iceland." 

McKell (Q.), pseudon. The Lament of Quinton McKell, 
of Irongray, Soothsayer. New York: Privately Printed. 1858. 
Sq. i8mo, pp. 48. 43397 




Mackellar (P.) A Correct Journal of the Landing of His 
Majesty's Forces on the Island of Cuba, and of the Siege and 
Surrender of the Havannah, August 13, 1762. By Patrick Mc- 
Kellar. Together with a List of the Men of War taken and 
surrendered with the City, and the Return of Cjums, Mortars, 
and Principal Stores. London. 1762. 8vo. -j- Second Edition. 
Boston: Green t5 Russell. 1762. 8vo, pp. 19. c, M. 43398 

A very rare pamphlet. Included in his Majesty's forces were some New England 
troops under the command of Lyman and Putnam. Thomas says there were two 
Bolton editions. 

Mackellar (T.) Droppings from the Heart ; or, Occasional 
Poems. By Thomas Mackellar. Philadelphia : Sorin iff Ball. 
1844. l2mo, pp. 144. H. 43399 

Mackellar. Tarn's P'ortnight Ramble, and Other Poems. 
By Thomas Mackellar ... . Philadelphia : Carey and Hart. 1847. 
i2mo, pp. 216. B. 43400 

McKendree College. Second Annual Catalogue of the 
Officers and Students. Lebanon., Illinois. 1838. i2mo, pp. 12. 
Continued. H. 43401 

Also: ... The Seventh Trienr ial Catalogue ... . 1858-9. ... St. Louis: R. P. StudU\', 
Printer. 1858. 8vo, pp. 40. Continued, h. 

Mackenna (Benjamin Vicuna). See Vicuna Mackenna (B.) 

[McKenney (T. L.)] Essays on the Spirit of Jacksonism, 
as exemplified in its Deadly Hostility to the Bank of the United 
States, and in the Odious Calumnies employed for its destruction. 
By Aristides. Philadelphia: Jesper Harding., Printer. 1835. 8vo. 

M'Kenney. Memoirs, Official and Personal ; with Sketches 
of Travels among the Northern and Southern Indians ; embrac- 
ing a War Excursion, and description of Scenes along the West- 
ern Borders. By Thomas L. M'Kenney ... . New Tork : Paine 
i^ Burgess. 1846. 8vo, pp. viii, 17-340; vi, 9-136. Plates, -j- 
Second Edition. \^Ihid.'\ 8vo, pp. xi, (2), 17-340 ; v-ix, 9-136. 
2 Portraits, 12 Plates. b. 43403 

McKenney. Narrative of the Battle of Bladensburgh, in a 
Letter to Henry Banning, Esq. By Thomas L. McKenney. 
[n. p.] 1814. 8vo. w. 43404 

McKenney. Reply to Kosciusko Armstrong's Assault upon 
Col. McKenney's Narrative of the Causes that led to Gemini 
Armstrong's Resignation of the Office of Secretary oi' War :n 





PP- 493> ( ' )• 

1814. By Thomas L. McKenney. Nnu York: Will'tam H. 
Graham ... 1S47. 8vo, pp. 28. ba. 43405 

McKennky. Reports and Proceedings of Col. McKenney, 
on the Subject of his Recent Tour among the Southern Indians, 
as submitted to Congress with the Message of the President U. 
S. Waihington : Printed by Gales iff Seaton. 1828, 8vo, pp. 37. 

McKennky. Sketches of a Tour to the Lakes, of the char- 
acter and customs of the Chippeway Indians, and of incidents 
connected with the Treaty of Kond du Lac. By Thomas L. 
McKenney ... . Also, A Vocabulary of the Algic, or Chippeway 
. Baltimore: Fielding Lucas^ 'X""'^' 1 827. 8vo, 
8 Portraits, 19 Plates. a., h. 43407 

Sre " N. A. Rev.," xxv. 334, xxxili. 407. 

M'Kenney. Sketches of Travels among the Northern and 
Southern Indians ; ... Also the Questions Answered, "Who are 
the Indians," and whence the Origin of the Races, Ancient and 
Modern, that Peopled America prior to the Discovery of Colum- 
bus ? Bv Thomas L. M'Kenney. ... Third Edition. New 
York : Daniel Burgess iff Co. 1854. 8vo, pp. xi, (2), 1 7-340 ; vi, 
9-136. Plates. 43408 

This is our No. 43403 with a new title-page. 

McKennky. To the Public, [n. p. 1828.] 8vo, pp. 16. 

[M'Kenney and Hall (J.)] Catalogue of One Hundred 
and Seventeen Indian Portraits, ... accompanied by a Few Brief 
Remarks on the Character, &c. of Most of them. [n. p. n. d. J 
8vo, PP 24. B. 43430 

M'Kenney. History of the Indian Tribes of North America, 
with Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes of the Principal Chiefs. 
Embellished with One Hundred and Twentv Portraits from the 
Indian Gallery in the Department of War, at Washington. B\ 
Thomas L. M'Kennc), late of the Indian Department, Wash 
ington, and James Hall, Esq., of Cincinnati. Philadelphia : 
Edward C. Biddle. 1 836-44. 3 vols., folio. 4341 Or/ 

Collation: Vol. i. pp. (2), iv, 204, 48 FoitruitS} Vol. 11. Philadehhia : Frederick 
fV. Greenougb ... 1838. pp. (2), 237, 48 Portraits j Vol. 111. Philadelphia : Daniel 
Rice and 'jfame^ G. Clark. 1844. pp. (4), 196, (2), List of Subscribers, (22). 24 

These are the imprints of the first issue, which was printed in 20 parts, and having 
been published by three several proprietors there is some confusion in the arrangement. 
Jn binding a set great care is necessary to secure accuracy, and the tables (if plates 
should be consulted. The first 44 pages of the history (as distinguished from the 
biography) were issued in Parts i., 11., and iii.; then the biography commences. The 



catch-wordi at the foot of the lignituret of the third volume up tu Nu. 39 re;id Vol. 1. 
instead uf Vol. 111.; the error ii corrected at the 40th sheet. The work w,i:j alio is.sued 
with the imprint PLiladelfihia : Frtdtrick IV. Grtenaugh. 183S-44. 3 vols., fiilio, p|>. 
4, 206, (1); 237, (i); (2), 196, (2), facsimiles, 18, (i). 120 I'latt-s and Portraits. 
As early as 1824, the practice was begun of taking portraiti. of thir principal Indiana 
who came to V ashington, and depositing them in the War Department, They were 
chiefly painteu by Mr. King, an artist uf high repute, who has been rem.irkably successful 
in transferring to his canvas the strong lineaments of the Itidijii inunteiunce. Col. 
M'Kinney, who was for many years superintendent of Indian affairs at Washington, 
and was thus brought in constant association with the principal men of the nations and 
tribes which sent representatives to the seat of government, conceived the plan of 
making this rare and curious collection more valuable to the world by publishing a 
series of engraved portraits exactly copied and colored from these paintings. With each 
portrait is connected a biographical sketch of the individual whom it is intended to 
represent, interspersed with anecdotes and narrations. The work cont.iins also a his- 
torical account of the various Indian tribes within the borders of the United States. 
6« alio " N. A. Rev.," xlvii. 134, i.xiii. 481, and Rich, 11. 307. 

McKenney. History of the Indian Tribes of North America, 
with Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes of the Principal Chiefs. 
Embellished with One Hundred and Twenty Portraits from the 
Indian Gallery ... . By Thomas L. McKenney ... . Philadelphia. 
1850. 3 vols., imp. 8vo, pp. iv, 333, 40 Portraits; pp. v, 319, 
50 Portraits; pp. 339, 31 Portraits. 4 [/t/W.] 1854 and 1856. 

In this edition the plates are on a reduced scale. The later issues have the imprint 
Philadelphia : Rice & Hart. 

M'Kenney. a Letter addressed to Thomas L. M'Kenney, 
Esq. ... March, 1820, in reply to his Report of January, 1820. 
[n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 434^ 2 

Mackentosh (J.) Receipts for the cure of most diseases 
incident to the Human Family. By the celebrated Indian Doc- 
tor, John Mackentosh, of the Cherokee Nation ; ... New York. 
1827. i2mo, pp. 12. 434^3 

Mackenzie (A.) Voyages from Montreal, on the River St. 
Laurence, through the Continent of North America, to the 
Frozen and Pacific Oceans; In the Years 1789 and 1793. 
With a preliminary account of the Rise, Progress, and Present 
State of the Fur Trade of that Country. ... By Alexander 
Mackenzie, Esq. London : T. Cadell^ J""- M- Dccc. i. 4to, pp. 
viii, cxxxii, 412, Errata, (2). 3 Maps and Portrait. 434 '4 

First and finest edition of the earliest expedition made by a white man in this direction. 
His investigations, although pursued at so early a period of Arctic exploration, were 
remarkable for their accuracy ; Sir John Franklin more than once expressed his surprise 
at being able to corroborate their correctness in his own explorations. Some Indian 
vocabularies are included. "Of the vast region to which our Sovereign recently attached 
the name of Britiith Columbia geographers have as yet but a scant and very imperfect 
account. Ics first great explorer was my honoured countryman Mackenzie, who, 
traversing the Kocky Mountains and reaching the sea after incredible labour, left us ao 





rxtellrnt record of hit rxploiti," — Sm R. I. Murchhun's AdJrtu to Rl. Gtog. Soc, May 
. 3, 18^9. See a/to " Edinb. Rev.," 1. 141, '• M. Rev.," xxxviii. i2$, 337, Rich, n. 
p, I, tin(/ Twin' "Oregon," p. n . 

Mackkn/,ik. Voyages ... With original Notes by Bougain- 
ville, and Volncy. London: T. Cadell^iy. Davits. M. DCCC. II. 
Svo, pp. xiv, 290 ; 332. 2 Maps and Portrait. f First Ameri- 
can Edition. Ntw-Tork : Printed and Sold by G. F. Hopkins. 
1802. 8vo, pp. viii, [«V] ix, 94, 296. Map.'^-f- Philadelphia : 
"John Morgan. 1802. 8vo, pp. (6), viii, cxxvi, 113; 1 15-392. 
Portrait and 3 Maps, -f Mew-lf'ork : Evert Duyckinck. 1803. 
i2mo, pp. 437. -}- New York: IV. B. Gillen. 1814. 8vo, pp. 
(6), viii, cxxii, 392. 43415 

Also included in part in Mavor's "Voyages," Vol. xxiv. 

Mackknzie. Voyages dans I'interieur de I'Amerique septen- 
trionale, faits en 1 789, 1792 et 1793. Le i'''' de Montreal au 
fort Chipiouyan et a la mer glaciale ; le 2'"'^ du fort Chipiouyan 
jusqu'aux bords de I'Ocean Pacifique. Precedes d'un tableau 
historique et politique sur le Commerce des Pelleteries, dans le 
Canada. Traduits de 1' Anglais, par J. Castera. Avec des notes, 
... du vice-amiral Bougainville. Paris: E. Dentu. 1802. 3 vols., 
8vo. Map and Portrait. 434*6 

The translator has added many notes which greatly enhances the value of the work. 

Mackenzie. Tableau Historique et Politique du Commerce 
des Pelleteries dans le Canada, depuis 1608 jusqu'a nos Jours. 
Contenant beaucoup de details sur les nations sauvages qui 
I'habitent, et sur les vastes contrees qui y sont contigues ; Avec 
un Vocabulaire de la langue de plusieurs peuples de ces vastes 
contrees. Par Alexandre Mackenzie. Traduit de I'Anglais, par 
J. Castera. Paris : E. Dentu. M. D. ccc. vil. 8vo, pp. (4), 310, 
Table, i leaf. Portrait. 434*7 

A translation of part of the voyages. See Faribault, p. 420. 

Mackenzie. Reisen von Montreal durch Nordwestamerika 
nach dem Eismeer und der Siid-See in den Jahren 1789 und 1793. 
Nebst einer Geschichte des Pelzhandels in Canada. Aus dem 
Englischen. Hamburg. 1802. 8vo. Map and Portrait. 43418 

The English is omitted in the vocabularies, Knisteneaux, etc., pp. 118-131, and 
Chippevvay, pp. 145-149, and German substituted. 

McKenzie (A.) Address ... at the Funeral of Rev. Benja- 
min Tappan, d.d. ... with a Sermon ... December 27, 1863. 
By Alexander McKenzie ... . [Second Edition.] Augusta. 1864. 
8vo, pp. 22. H. 43419 



Alio: An Introductory Sermon ... January 17, 1867 ... [in] C.imhridge. ... Cam' 
hridf^n fyekh, Bi^cloiv, & Co. 1867. 8vo, pp. 28.- Letter to the Rev. S.iinuel C. 
Alki'n in Answer to his Sermon on Theatrical Exiiiliitions. ... Clfi'eland, 0. 1836, 
8vo, pp. 28.— Sermon and other Exerciirs at the Ordination of Alex. MiKeniie, Aug. 
18, 1861. ... ylugusia, Me. 1861. 8vo. 

[Mackenzie (A. S).] The American in Kngland. ... New- 
York : Harper ^ Brothers. 1835. 2 vols., i 2mo, pp. vii, 238; 
239. -f Fourth Edition. New-Tori. 1857. 2 vols., i2mo. b. 

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Alexander Slidell Mackenzie, ... before the court-martial ... at 
... Brooklyn. New Tori. 1843. 8vo, pp. 30, ii. H. 43421 

Mackenzie. The Life of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. 
By Alex. Slidell Mackenzie ... . New-York : Harper isf Brothers. 

1840. 2 vols., i8mo, pp. viii, V, 322 ; 270. Puitrait. [.Jhid.'\ 

1841. 2 vols., i8mo. B. 43422 

Mackenzie. The Life of Paul Jones. By Alexander Slidell 
Mackenzie, U.s.n. ... Boston: Hilliard., Gray., and Company. 1841. 
2 vols., i6mo, pp, xiii, 260 i ix, 308. + New York: Harper i^ 
Brothers. 1845. 2 vols., i6mo, pp. viii, vii-xiii, 260; ix, 308. 
-|- \_Il>id.'\ 1848. 2 vols., i6mo, pp. xiii, 260 ; ix, 308. 43423 

Mackenzie. Life of Stephen Decatur, A Commodore in 
the Navy of the United States. By Alexander Slidell Mac- 
kenzie, U.S.N. Boston: Charles C. Little and James Brown. 1846. 
8vo, pp. (2), xi, 433. B. 43424 

Some copies were printed on large paper, r!. 8vo. Another edition forms Vol. xxi. 
of Sparks' "Biography." 

[Mackenzie.] Popular Essays on Naval Subjects. ... New- 
York : George Dearborn. 1833. l8mo, pp. 166. 434^5 

Mackenzie. Proceedings of the Naval Court Martial in the 
Case of Alexander Slidell Mackenzie, a Commander in the Navy 
of the United States, &c. ... To which is annexed, an Elaborate 
Review, Bv James Fennimore Cooper. New York: Henry C. 
Langley. 1844. 8vo, pp. (4), 344. H. 43426 

Mackenzie (C.) Notts on Haiti, made during a Residence 
in that Republic. By Charles Mackenzie, Esq. ... London: 
Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley. 1830. i2mo, pp. xx, 335 ; 
-'ii, 306. Facsimile, Map, and 2 Plates. H. 43427 

Ste "Blackwood's Magazine," xxvii. 240, 269; xxxiv. 615. 

McKen/,ie. (C. D.) See [Bingham (L. D.)], Vol. 11. 5455. 




Mackfn7,ik (K.) An Historical, Topographical, and De- 
scriptive View of the United States of" America, and ot" Upper 
and Lower Canada. With an Appendix cuntaitiing a Brief and 
Comprehensive Sketch oK the Present State of Mexico and South 
America, and also of the Native Tribes of the New World. ... 
By K. Mackenzie ... . Newcastle-upon-Tyne : Mackenzie and 
Dent. [1819.J 8vo, pp. xv, ( I), 9-712. Map and 8 Plates. H. 
I Second Edition. [Ihid.}^ 8vo, pp. xv, 7 1 2. Map and 8 Plates. 

Macken/,ik (Henry). An Answer to Paine's Rights of Man. 
By H. Mackenzie, Esq. of Edinhorough. To which is added A 
Letter from Peter Porcupine to Citizen John Swanwick, An 
Englishman, the S«)n of a British Waggon-Master, and Member 
of Congress for the City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia : William 
Cohhelt. 1 796. 8vo, pp. 96. P. 43429 

Hic alio [Dalrymplc (.SVr John)], No. |j>347,d«i/ [Germainr (George)], No. 27 14^. 

McKenzie (J. a.) a Discourse against Life-taking. Deliv- 
ered ... before the Rhode Island Quarterly Meeting, in riverton, 
August 24, 1842. By James A. McKenzie ... . rrovidence : J. 
fVhittemore iff Batcheller. 1842. 8vo, pp. 23. 4343© 

Mackenzie (R.) Strictures on Lt. Col. Tarleton's History 
of the Camp.iigns of 1780 and 1781, in the "Southern Provinces 
of North America." Wherein Military Characters and Corps 
are vindicated from Injurious Aspersions, and several Important 
Transactions placed in their proper point of view. In a series of 
Letters to a Eriend, By Roderick Mackenzie late Lieutenant in 
the 71st Regiment, 'i'o which is added, a Detail of the Siege of 
Ninety Six, and the Re-capture •)f the Island of New-Providence. 
London: Printed for the Authu m.dcc.lxxxvii. 8vo, pp. (4), 
vi, 186. H. 43431 

Scurcr. The author defends Lord Cornwallis, and is very severe on L'leut. Col. 
Tarleton's " History," in which, he says, "Some tacts have been withheld, and some 
mutilated, while others are raised to a pitch of importance, to which, if historical justice 
had been the author's object, they are by no means entitled." The account of the 
siege o'i Ninety Six and the capture of New Providence is by Lieut. Hatton. &t 
Rich, 1. 338, "European Magazine," for 1788, Hanger's "Reply," and Tarleton (B.) 

Mackenzie (R.) America and her Army. By Robert Mac- 
kenzie. London: T. Nelson and Sons. 1865. i6mo, pp. 60. H. 

Mackenzie. The United States of America : A History. 
Bv Robert Mackenzie. London: T. Nelson and Sons. 1870. 
i6mo, pp. (2), 278. H. 43433 

A Dutch translation was published in 1872 as below: 




Mackenzik. \)c Vfi'cfnigile Statcn van Noord-Amerika, 
ccnc geschifdkuiuliuc schcis. Naar hct Kiigelsch iloor C. Kuiiing 
Altman. Sneifk : hi. Pytttntn. 1872. 8vt), pp. viii, 260. 

Mackkn/,ik (W. L.) The Legislative ot" Upper 
Canada \ ur, Official Corruption and Hypocrisy Unmasked, liy 
William F.yon Mackenzie, york. 1828. 8vo, [)p. 40. 43435 

Macken'/.ik. 'I'he Life and Times of Martin Van Muren : 
the Correspondence of his I'riinds, Family and I'lipils ; together 
with Brief Notices, Sketches, and Anecdotes, illustrative of the 
Public Career of James Knox Polk [and tifty-one other Ameri- 
cans]. By William L. Mackenzie. ... Boston: Cooke isf Co, 
1846. 8vo, pp. xii, 308. H. 43436 

Mackknzii:. The Lives and Opinions of Binj'n Tranklin 
Butler, ... and Jesse Hoyt, ... [and others]. Bv William L. 
Mackenzie. ... Boston: Coo /t is" Co. 1845. 8vo, pp. 152. H. 

Mackenzii:. Sketches of Canada and the United States. By 
William L. Mackenzie. ... London: Effingham li'ihon. MDCtc- 
XXXIII. 8vo, pp. xxiv, 504. ba. 43438 

Mackenzie. Trial of W. L. Mackenzie, for an Alleged 
Violation of the Neutrality of the United States. New York. 
1840. 24mo, pp. 104. 43439 

S*t alto Lindney (C), anii Morgan's " Bib. Can.," pp. 243 45. Also : Petition of 
William L. Mackenzie, acting Executor to the Estate ot the Late Robert Randall, 
Esq. ... \^!^ebec : Frinted hy John Lo-vell. 185a.] 8vo, pp. 70, (2). — The Seventh 
Annual Report of the Select Committee of" the Huube of" Assembly of' Upper Canada, 
on Gricvames. ... Toronto. 1835. 8vo, pp. 398. 

McKeon (J.) The Administration Reviewed. Speech of 
the Hon. John McFCeon before the Democratic Union Associa- 
tion, ... October 29, 1862. New York: f^an Evrie^ Horton b* 
Co. 1862. 8vo, pp. 15. 43440 

[McKeon.] To the Legislature of ... New York. [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 18. H. 43441 

Also: Report ... in Relation to Protections to American Seamen. IVashin^ttn : 
Printed by Blair and Ri-ves. 1837. 8vo, pp. 16. — Speech ... on Nullification ... [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 7.— Speech ... on the Resolution ... proposing an Inquiry into the 
Condition of tlu: Executive Departments. ... IVaibingtoit : Blair and Ri-va, Printers. 
1837. 8vo, pp. 8. — Speecli ... on the Bill to distribute the Proceeds of the Public 
Lands amon^; the States ... July 3, 1841. H''aihiiigton. 1841. 8vo, pp. 6. — Speech 
... May 30 and 31, 1842, on the Army Appropriation Bill. IVasbingtou. 1842. 8vo, 
pp. II. — Speech ... Peace and Union j War and Disunion. New Tork. 1863. 8vo. 

McKeon (J.) A Plea for Friendship and Patriotism in Two 
Discourses. By J. McKeon. Boston. 1814. 8vo. 43443 









[MacKkkcher (Daniel).] A Memorial Relating to the 
Tobacco-Trade. OfFer'd to The Consideration of the Planters 
of Virginia and Maryland. IVilliamsburgh : Printed by If^illiam 
Parks. M,DCC,xxxvii. 8vo, pp. 25. 43443 

[McKerrell (R.)] Considerations on the Trade with 
America, extracted from the 'Times' of April 5th, 1813. Lon- 
don. 1 81 3. 8vo. 43444 

Mackey (A. G.) The Ahiman Rezon, or Book of Con- 
stitutions of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Freemasons of South 
Carolina; Edited by Albert G. Mackey, m.d. Charleston: A. 
E. Miller. 1852. 8vo, pp. 248. + Third Edition. New Tork: 
Clark y Maynard. 1871. 8vo, pp. 324, (20). 20 Plates. 

Mackey. A Lexicon of Freemasonry ; ... Notices of its 
History ... Bv Albert G, Taackey, m.d. Charleston., S. C. 1845. 
i2mo, pp. 360. + Third Edition ... . Philadelphia: Moss & 

Brother. 1855. i2mo, pp. 524. Portrait. 


Mackey. Washington as a Freemason. An Address ... at 
Charleston, S. C, ... November 4th, 1852, being the Centennial 
Celebration of the Initiation of George Washington. By Albert 
G. Mackey. Charleston. 1852. 8vo, pp. 23. 43447 

Also: The Political Treason of ... F. A. Sawyer, and ... C. C. Bowen. Speech ... 
28th July, 1869. Charleston, S. C. 1869. 8vo, pp. 6. h. 

[Mackey (A. G.) and (T. J.)] The Political Record of ... 
F. A. Sawyer, and ... C. C. Bowen, of South Carolina, [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 83. H. 43448 

[McKibbin (J. C.)] A Bill authorizing Mail Steamship 
Service in the Gulf of Mexico, between the Port of New Or- 
leans, Louisiana, and certain Ports of ... Mexico, [n. p. n. d.] 
8vo, pp. 25. H. 43449 

Mackie (A.), Jr. An Address to the ... Sons of Temper- 
ance, By Andrew Mackie, Jr., m.a., on ... October 7th, 1862. 
New Bedford : E. Anthony^ Printer. 1862. 8vo, pp. 20. 43450 

Mackie (G.) Sermon preached at Quebec on National 
Schools in that City. By Rev. George Mackie. Quebec. 1840. 
8vo, pp. 16. ■ 43451 

Mackie (J.) An Oration at Ware'^-n., Mass. July 4, 1804. 
By John Mackie. New Bedford. 1804. 8vo. w. 43452 



yen. Speech .. 

Mackie (J. M.) From Cape Cod to Dixie and the Tropics. 
By J. Milton Mackie ... . New Tork : G. P. Putnam. 1864. 
i2mo, pp. 422. B- 43453 

[McKiM (John). Appeal] To the Honorable Levi Wood- 
bury, Secretary of the Navy. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 56. h. 

M'KiM (J. M.) The Freedmen of South Carolina. An 

Address ... by J. Miller M'Kim, ... July 9th, 1862. ... With 

a Letter ... to Stephen Colwell, Esq. ... Philadelphia : fVillis P. 

Hazard. 1862. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 43455 

M'KiNNEN (D.) A Tour through the British West Indies, 
in the Years 1802 and 1803, giving a particular Account of the 
Bahama Islands. By Daniel M'Kinnen, Esq. London : jf. 
White. 1804. Cr. 8vo, pp. (4), viii, 272. Map. - c. 43456 

Mac-Kinnen. Mac-Kinnen's Reise nach dem Brittischeii 
Westindien, und besonders nach den Bahania-liiseln, in den 
Jahren 1802 und 1803. ^"'^ ^^^ Englischen mit eincr Zugabe 
von Theoph. Fried. Ehrmann. IVeimar. 1805. 8vo. 43457 

&et Edwards (B.) Dr. AUibone quotes some other works wliicii I have not seen. 

McKinney (M.) Our Governments: a View of the Gov- 
ernment of the United States, and of those of the several States. 
By Mordecai McKinney. Second Edition. Philadelphia. 1856. 
8vo. -\- Third Edition. \lbid.'\ 1859. 8vo. 4345^ 

M'Kinney. The United States Constitutional Manual ; 
being a Comprehensive Compendium of the System of Govern- 
ment of the Country; ... By Mordecai M'Kinney. Harrisburg : 
Hickok & Cantine. 1845. 8vo, pp. xv, 304. 43459 

M'Kinnon (J. D.) Descriptive Poems. By John D. M'ivin- 
non, containing Picturesque Views of the State of New-York. 
New-Tork : Printed by T. ^ J. Swords. 1802. i2mo, pp. (6), 79. 

MacKinnon (L. B.) Atlantic and Transatlantic Sketches, 
Afloat and Ashore. By Commander Mackinnon, r.n. ... Lou- 
don : Colburn and Co. 1852. 2 vols., post 8vo, pp. xv, 288 ; ix, 
292. -\- Neiu Tork : Harper & Brothers. 1852. i2mo, pp. 324. 

MacKinnon. Some Account of the Falkland Islands, from 
a Six Months' Residence in 1838 and 1839. By L. B. Mac- 
kinnon .... London: Baily and Co. 1840. 8vo, pp. 79. Map. 

MacKinnon. Steam Warfare in the Parana : a Narrative of 
Operations by the combined Squadrons of England and France, 




in forcing a Passage up that River. By Commander Mackinnon, 
R.N. ... London: Charles Oilier. 1848. 2 vols., post 8vo, pp. 
xii, 302; vii, 287. Map and Plates. ba., c. 43463 

Contains an account uf operations against Rosas, etc. 

MacKinnon (W. A.) History of Civilization. By William 
'Alexander Mackintnon. London: Longman ... 1846. 2 vols., 
8vo, pp. (2), xiv, 388 ; xii, 402. ba. 43464 

Mackinnon. On the Rise, Progress, and Present State of 
Public Opinion ... . By William Alexander Mackinnon. Second 
Edition. London : Saunders and Otley. mdcccxxviii. 8vo, pp. 

'X, 343- 43465 

Public Opinion in America, pp. 300-311. 

McKinnon (W. C.) St. George, or, the Canadian League ; 
a Tale of the Outbreak in 1837, with an Introduction. By 
William Charles McKinnon. Halifax. 1852. 2 vols., 8vo. 

McKiNNY (D.) The Union Preserved, or the Law-Abiding 
Christian. A Discourse, by David McKinny, d.d. Philadelphia : 
PVilliam F. Geddes. 1851. 8vo, pp. 27. 43467 

McKiNSTRY (E. W.) Oration at the Twenty-First Anni- 
versary of the Society of California Pioneers. By E. W. Mc- 
Kinstry. San Francisco. 1870. 8vo. 434^8 

McKiNSTRY (J.) Vindication of Brig. Gen. J. McKinstry, 
formerly Quartermaster of the Western Department. \St. Louis. 
1862. J 8vo, pp. 102. B., H. 43469 

Mackintosh (J.) Speech of Sir James Mackintosh ... on 
the Recognition of the Independence of the Spanish American 
Provinces. London. 1824. 8vo. 4347^ 

Also : A Discourse on the Study of the Law of Nature and Nations. ... London. 
1828. l6mo. c. 4- Second Edition. London: Henry Goode and Co. m. dccc. xxviji. 
l6mo, pp. (2), 89. + Boston: Pratt and Company. 1843. 8vo, pp. (2), 103. h. 

McKnight (G. H.) a Sermon on the Death of John M. 
Jackson, By Rev. Geo. H. McKnight ... October 25, 1863. ... 
Springfield : Printed by Samuel Bowles Is" Company. 1863. i6m(), 
pp. 20. H. 43471 

McKnight (J.) A Discourse ... Aug. 26, 1826, Exposing 
Robert Owen's System, as practiced by the Franklin Community 
at Haverstraw, N. J. By James McKnight. New York. i82(). 
8vo, pp. 20. 43472 

,4^ '\VUi 

P»fmi»»Ri»f BUlWRlv 



M'Knight (J.) The Divine Goodness to the United States 
of America, particularly in the course of the last year. A 
Thanksgiving Sermon, ... in New-York, February 19, 1795. 
By John M'Knight, d.d. ... New-Tork : Printed hy Thomaa 
Greenleaf. 1795. 8vo, pp. 23, (4). b. 43473 

"A dish of jumbled politics." Appended is a list of 150 subsciibers, who had agreed 
to take 1400 copies of the discourse. 

M'Knight. God the Author of Promotion, a Sermon ... at 
New York, July 4th, 1794, at the request of the Democratic 
Society and the Military Officers, By John McKnight, d.d. 

New York. 1794. 8vo, pp. 24. 

N. 43474 

Also: Sermon before the New York Missionary Society, April 24, 1799. ••• ["• P- 
n. d.] 8vo. — A View oi the Present State of the Political and Religious World ... . 
In a Discourse, delivered January I, 1802. ... Ntiv-Tork : Piinted hy Isaac Collins and 
Son. 1802. 8vo, pp. 39. B. 

M'Knight (J.), Jr. An Address delivered before the Philo- 
lexian Society in New York, ... with a Notice of the Object 
of the Institution. By John M'Knight, Jr. New Tl'ork. 1808. 
8vo, pp. 16. 43475 

McKnight (R.) Recognition of Liberia and Hayti ... . 
Speech of Hon. Robt. McKnight ... . June 3, 1862. [n. p. 

d.] 8vo, pp. 7. 


McKnight (T.) History of the Life and Times of Edmund 
Burke. By Thomas McKnight ... . London: Chapman ayid Hall. 
1858--60. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. xxxi, 527,(1); (2), xvii, 556; xx, 764. 

Contains references to his policy with regard to America. Also: Thirty Years of 
Foreign Policy: The Secretaryships of Aberdeen and Palmerston. ... Lcndon. 186-. 

M'KoNOCHiE \Capt.) Emigration: with Advice to Emigrants, 
especially those with small C ipital. Addressed to the Society for 
promoting Colonization. By Capt. M'Konochie. London. 1848. 
Svo, pp. 24. 43478 

M'KoNOCHiE. A Summary View of the Statistics and Exist- 
ing Commerce ot he Principal Shores of the Pacific Ocean .... 
By Captain M'Ko ochie ... . London: J. M. Richardson. 1818. 
8vo, pp. xxi, 365, (i). Map. A., H., P. 43479 

McKoY (Isaac). See McCoy (I.) 

Mackrill (J.) History of the Yellow Fever. By Joseph 
Mackrill. Baltimore. 1796. i2mo. 434^0 

t' I 



■I I 

I. I»i 

Mackworth (H.) a Proposal for Payment of the Publick 
Debts, For the Relief of the South-Sea Company ... . By Sir 
Humphrey Mackworth. The Fourth Edition. London : W. 
Boreham. [1720.] 8vo, pp. (7), xxiv, 38. j.c.B. 43481 

Mackworth. Sir Humphrey Mackworth's Proposal in Min- 
iature as it has been put in practice in New York, in America. 
Loudon: W. Boreham. 1720. 8vo, pp. 18. s. 43482 

M'Lachlan (A.) Poems. By Alexander M'Lachlan. To- 
ronto. 1856. i2mo. 43483 

M'Lain (W.) Discourse, Occasioned by the Death of John 
Coyle. ... Washington City ... . July 8, 1838. By W. M'Lain. 
IVashington City: Printed by "Jacob Gideon^ Jr. 1838. 8vo, pp. 27. 

M'Lane (D.) The Trial of David M'Lane for High Trea- 
son, ... at Quebec, on the 7th July 1797. ^ebec : J. Neilson. 
1797. 8vo, pp. 21. -j- ^ebec : tV. Vondenvelden. 1797. 8vo, 
pp. 127. 43485 

M'Lane was an American citizen, employed by citizen Adet to bring about a rev- 
olution in Canada. He was found guilty, and executed July 21, 1797. 

M'Lane (L.) Address of Mr. M'Lane, ... to the Stock- 
holders of the Baltimore & Ohio R. Road Company ... the 5th 
of April, 1847 ... . Baltimore: Printed by James Lucas. 1847. 
8vo, pp. 32. H., s. 43486 

M'Lane. Oration delivered before the Artillery Company of 
Wilmington, Commanded by Captain Rodney, on the 5th of 
July, a.d. 1813. By Louis M'Lane, Esq'r. ... [n. p. n. d.] 
i2mo, pp. 23. 43487 

Also : The Hon. Louis McLane and The British West-India Trade, [n. p. n. d.' 

8vo, pp. 4.7. — Speech ... February 7th, 1820, on the Missouri Question, [n. p. n. d.' 

i2mo. — Speecii ... on the Admission of Missouri. ... Dec. 12, 1820. [n. p. n. d.J 
i2mo, pp. 22. H. 

McLane (R.) An Examination into the Cause of Explosions 
by Steam on the Western Waters. By R. McLane. Louisville.^ 
Ky. 1839. 8vo, pp. 15. M. 43488 

McLane (R. M.) Sketch of the Remarks of Mr. McLane, 
... on the Slave Trade in the District of Columbia. ... Janu- 
ary 10, 1849. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. h. 43489 

Also: Speech ... on the War with Mexico. ... January 19, 1848. fVashington. 
1848. 8vo, pp. 8.^ — Speech ... February 27, 1850, on the Admission of California 
[n. p.] 1850. 8vo. 

■V r^'W»yiiyi«n >li w .H( | i. ■ 



' about a rev- 

McLaren (A.) The Negro Slaves; or, the Black Man and 
Black Bird. By Archibald McLaren. Second Edition. Lon- 
don. 1799. 24010. 43490 

McLaren (D.) The Pavilion Fountain at Saratoga. By D. 
McLaren. New York : Thompson iff Hart. 1841. i2mo, pp. lOO. 

Maclaren (J.) Observations on the Effect of Californian 
and Australian Gold. By James Maclaren. London. 1852-3. 
8vo. c. 43492 

Maclaren. Impolicy of providing for a Family by Life 
Assurance since recent discoveries in California and Australia. 
By James Maclaren. London. 1853. ^^"* ^-43493 

McLaren (W. E.) Detroit, June 3, 1869. Services at the 
Funeral of Martha, Wife of Hovey K. Clarke ... . Conducted 
by the Rev. W. E. McLaren ... . [^Cambridgg : "John Wilson and 
Son. n. d.] 4to, pp. (2), 37. Portrait. b. 43494 

McLaughlin (D.) Appointments of Auditors, ... by the 
Inferior Courts of Philadelphia, Briefly Reviewed. By Daniel 

~ " 43495 

A Discourse ... 

. D. D. Thomp- 

F. Somers. 1 864. 

H. 43496 

McLaughlin. Philadelphia. 1851. 8vo 

McLaughlin (D. D. T.) Re-Dedication. 
in Sharon, Connecticut, March 2d, 1864, By 
kins McLaughlin. ... New Tork : Printed by 
8vo, pp. 29. 

iMcLaughlin (E. a.) ... Miscellaneous Poems. By E. A. 
McLaughlin. Cincinnati. 184 1. i2mo. Portrait. 43497 

M'Laughlin (J.) ... A Word with Bishop Hopkins. By 
John M'Laughlin. [n. p. 1864.''] 8vo, pp. 17. h. 43498 

[McLaughlin (J. Fairfax).] The American Cyclops, the 
Hero of New Orleans, and Spoiler of Silver Spoons. Dubbed 
L.L.D By Pasquino. Baltimore: Kelly iff Piet. 1868. Sm. 4to, 
pp. 27. 12 Plates. 43499 

Also : Address delivered before the Philodemic Society of Georgetown College, Jan- 
uary 2ist, 1854. ... Baltimore. 1854. 8vo, pp. 22. 

McLaughlin (J. T.) Reply of John T. McLaughlin, ... 
to a Communication ... by William P. C. Barton, February 28, 
1843. Washington. 1843. 8vo, pp. 16. ba. 43500 

Maclaurie ( ). A Narrative, or Journal of Voyages and 

Travels through the North-West Continent of America, in the 
years 1789 and 1793. London. 1802. i2mo, pp. 91. Plate. 



I / 


If' ' i 



jMaclay (A.) ... A Sermon ... in ... New- York, on the ... 
Death of Mrs. Mary Delezenne ... . By Archibald Maclay. 
New-H'ork : IVhiting ^ Watson. 1 81 2. 8vo, pp. 39. ba. 43502 

Also: An Address ... before the Saratoga Baptist Association, at Middletown, ... 
N. Y. June a8, 1838. Neiv-Tcrk : Printed hy John Gray. 1838. 8vo, pp. 16. h. 

Maclay (W. B.) An Address ... Fourth of July, 1835. 
By William B. Maclay. ... New Tork : Printed by J. P. Wright. 

MDCCCXXXV. 8vO, pp. 16. BA. 435O3 

Maclay. Address ... at the Democratic Republican Cele- 
bration ... July 4th, 1840, at ... Poughkeepsie. By William B. 
Maclay. New-Tor k. 1 840. 8vo, pp. 24. 43504 

In defense of the Sub-Treasury. 

Maclay. Oration ... at the Democratic Republican Cele- 
bration ... in ... New York, Fourth July, 1839. By William 
B. Maclav. Neiu Tork. 1839. 8vo, pp. 24. s. 43505 

Maclay. A Selection of Letters, written on Various Oc- 
casions. By Hon. William B. Maclay. New Tork. 1848. 8vo, 
pp. 47. ' 43506 

On Oregon, the Annexation of Texas, and the War with Mexico. Also : Letters 
... on the Admission of Kansas ... . [n. p. 1857.'] 8vo, pp. 10. h. — Oration before 
the Literary Association, Fourth July, 1836. ... New York. 1836. 8vo. 

iM'Lean (A.) An Appeal to the Public, or an Exposition of 
the Conduct of Rev. Isaac Jennison and Others ... , By Alex- 
ander M'Lean ... . Belchertoivn : Printed by C. A. Warren. 1828. 
8vo, pp. 56. H. 43507 

Aiso: An Oration pronounced at Ludlow Factory Village, Mass., July 4, 1829. ... 
Bclcbotoivn. 1829. 8v(), pp. 16. 

McLean (A.) The Clemency of the Divine Government a 
Cause for Thanksgiving. A Sermon ... Annual Thanksgiving, 
By Alexander McLean, Jr., ... Fairfield, Ct. New Tork: George 
W. Wood., Printer. 186 1. 8vo, pp. 16. 4350'"^ 

M'Lean (A.) A Discourse on the P'iftieth Anniversary of 
his Ordination ... in Simsbury, Conn. By Rev. Allen M'Lean. 
... August 16, 1859. Hartford: Press of Case., Lockwood and 
Company. 1 859. 8vo, pp. 35. H. 43509 

M'Lean (C. B.) ... A Sermon ... at the Funeral of Rev. 
James Burt, of Canton, Conn., January 22, 1857. ^7 t^harles 
B. M'Lean. ... Hartford: Press of Case., Tiffany and Company. 
1857. 8vo, pp. 31. H. 43510 

5 wmR-wMrF-WTsmr-'-- 



M'Lean (C. G.) a Eulogium on General Lafayette. By 
the Rev. C. G. M'Lean. Gettysburg: Printed by H. C. Nein- 
stedt. 1834. 8vo, pp. 16. BA. 43511 

Maclean {Gen.) See Vol. ix., No. 36740. 

M'Lean (PL) An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the 
Great Mortality among the Troops at St. Domingo ; with Practi- 
cal Remarks on the Fever of that Island ; ... By Hector M'Lean, 
M.D. ... London: T. Cadell. m.dcc.xcvii. 8vo, pp. xxiii, (i), 
358. H., p. 43512 

M'Lean (J.) Seventeen Years History of the Life and Suf- 
ferings of James M'Lean, an impressed American Citizen and 
Seaman ... . Written by Himself. Hartford. 18 14. i2mo, pp. 27. 

M'Lean (J.) Notes of a Twenty-Five Years' Service in the 
Hudson's Bay Territory. By John M'Lean. ... London: Richard 
Bentley. 1849. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. 308; 328. H. 43514 

Depicts with great fidelity and vivacity the manners and condition, the toils, priva- 
tions, and perils of the Indian hunters. It includes also several interesting geographical 
and geological facts and Indian vocabularies. 

Maclean (J.) Letters on the Elder Question. By John 
Maclean. [^Princeton :~\ Printed by John T. Robinson. 1844. 8vo, 
pp. 55, (0- B. 43515 

Also : The Inauguration of the Rev. John Maclean, n.D. ... President of the College 
of New Jersey, ... June 28, 1854. Princecon, N. Jf.: Printed by yohn T. Robinson. 
1854. 8vo, pp. 52. — Lecture on a School System for New Jersey ... . [n. p. 1829.] 

M'Lean (J.) Sketch of Reverend Philip Gatch, an Early 
Western Methodist Preacher. Prepared by Hon. John M'Lean. 
Cincinnati. 1854. i6mo, pp. 190. -(- [^Ibid.l 1856. 435 16 

Also: Address on the Consecration of the Spring Grove Cemetery, near Cincinnati, 
August 20, 1845. ... [n. p. 1845.] 8vo, pp. 29. — An Address, ... at the Request of 
the Union and Jefferson Societies of Augusta College. Cincinnati : 'John fVhetstone, yr. 
& Co., Printers. 1831. 8vo, pp. 28. BA. + Second Edition. Pbiiadelphia : Samuel C. 
Atkinson, Printer. 1831. 8vo, pp. 16. BA. — A Sketch of the Life of John McLean, 
of Ohio. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 

on the Tariff. 
H. 43517 

McLean (M.) Speech of Moses McLean 
... June 18, 1846. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 7. 

Also in German, 8vo, pp. 8. 

McLean {Mr.) Remove the Indians Westward. ... Febru- 
ary i8, 1829. Mr. McLean ... made the following Report ... 
[fTashington. 1829.] 8vo, pp. 48. 435^8 

VOL. XI. 9 



M'Lean (O. O.) ... A Discourse ... before the Bible 
Society of Pennsylvania College ... Gettysburg, April, i6th, 
1854. By Rev. O. O. M'Lcan, a.m. ... Gettysburg: Printed 
by H. C. Neinstedt. 1854. 8vo, pp. 25. H. 43519 

McLean Asylum, Somervilie^ Mass. Annual Report of the 
McLean Asylum for the Insane for ... 1854. Boston. 1854. 8vo. 

Macleane (L.) An Essay on the Expediency of Inoculation 
and the Seasons most proper for it. ... By Laughlin Macleane, 
M.D. Philadelphia: Printed by If^'iUiam Bradford. 1 756. 8vo, 

PP-39. (0- 43521 

One of the earliest American works on the subject. (A. W.) Speech on the Union of the Colonies. 
... By A. W. McLelan, Esq. ... 1865. [n. p. n. d. | 8vo, 
pp. 15. H. 43522 

McLellan (I.) The Fall of the Indian, with other Poems. 
By Isaac McLellan, Jun. Boston: Carter and Hendee. M dccc- 
XXX. i8mo, pp. 99. H. 43523 

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M'Lellan, Jr. Boston: W. D. Ticknor. 1843. l6mo, pp. (4), 
156. c. 43524 

Also: The Year, with other Poems. ... Boston. i83Z. 8vo, pp. 60. 6Vr Bucking- 
ham's "New England Magazine," Vol. v., 1833. 

McLellan (R.) Speech of Robert McLellan ... on the 
United States f^iscal Bank Bill, 1811. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. s. 

McLelland (A.) ... "Plea for a Standing Ministry." A 
Sermon ... Dec. 28, 181 7. By Alexander McLelland. New 
Tork. 18 1 8. 8vo. 4352^ 

McLelland (J.) True Sketches of Minnesota ... . By John 
McLelland. [n. p.:] The Author. 1858. i2mo, pp. 21. ba. 

M'Leod (A.) Negro Slavery Unjustifiable. A Discourse bv 
Alexander iM'Leod, a.m. ... New-York: Printed by T. W '/• 
Swords. 1802. 8vo, pp. 42. -f Glasgow: Stephen Young., Printer. 
1804. 8vo, pp. 35. -\- Eleventh Edition. New Tori. 1863. 
i2mo, pp. 48. 43528 

McLeod. a Scriptural View of the Character, Causes, and 
Ends of the Present War. By Alexander McLeod, d.d. New- 
Tor k : Easthurn., Kirk and Co. 1815. 8vo, pp. 224. B. -\- [An- 
other Edition. Ibid.\ 8vo, pp. 235. 43529 




Al«o ! An Oration delivered at Georgetown on the 4th day of July, 1816. ... Cmrfrt. 
town: E. fVaterman. 1816. 8vo, pp. 17. — Review of the Opinion of Judge Cowrn, 
of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. ... ff^aihington. 1841. 8vo, pp. 28. 

M'Leod (A.) Case of the Caroline and Arrest of M'Leod 
for the Murder of Durfce. London. 1837-41. 2 vols,, folio. 

M'Leod. Trial of Alexander M'Leod, for the Murder of 
Amos Durfee ; and as an Accomplice in the Burning of the 
Steamer Caroline, in the Niagara River, during the Canadian 
Rebellion in 1837-8. S'eiu Y'ork : Sun Office. 1841. 8vo, pp. 
32. + fVashington. 1841. 8vo. B. 43531 

For another and fuller .\ccount iee "Stenographic Reporter," alio [Pickering (J.)] 

Mac-Leod. De la question de juridiction qui s'est presentee 
dcvant les cours dcs £tats-Unis dans I'afFaire de Mac-Leod. 
Paris, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 15. B. 43532 

McLeod (C. D.) Phasmion, a Poem ... before the ... Uni- 
versity of ... New-York. July 13, 1841. By C. Donald Mc- 
Leod. New-York: Press of Piercy^ Reed. 1841. 8vo, pp. (2), 22. 

[McLeod (Daniel).] The Rebellion in Tennessee. Observ- 
ations on Bishop Otey's Letter to the Hon. William H. Sewaii. 
IJy a Native of Virginia. ... Washington: McGill^ Witheroiv h 
Co.y Printers. 1 862. 8vo, pp. 1 1. ba. 43534 

McLeod (Donald). See [Thomson (William)]. 

McLeod (D.) A Brief Review of the Settlement of Upper 
Canada by the N. E. Loyalists and Scotch Highlanders in 1783 ; 
and of the Grievances which Compelled the Canadas to have 
recourse to Arms in Defence of their Rights and Liberties in the 
Years 1837 and 1838. Together with a Brief Sketch of the 
Campaigns of i8i2-'i3-'i4 : With an account of the Military 
Executions, Burnings, and Sackings of Towns and Villages, by 
the British, in the Upper and Lower Provinces, during the Com- 
motion of 1837 and '38. By D. McLeod, Major General, 
Patriot Army, Upper Canada. Cleveland: F. B. Penniman. 
1841. i6mo, pp. 292. 43535 

McLeod. Biography of Hon. Fernando Wood, Mayor of 
the City of New York. By Donald McLeod. A^ew Tork. 
1856. i2mo, pp. 350. Portrait. 4353^ 

McLeod. History of Wiskonsin, from its Discovery to the 
Present Period. Including a Geological and Topographical De- 
scription of the Territory, with a Correct Catalogue of all its 


MAC r.isB. 

; I! 

Plants. .':/ Donald McLcod. Buffalo: Steele's Press. 1846. 
i6mu, pp. xii, 310. Map. 435 i 

[McLkod {Miss Isahella).J Westfield, a View of Home I.ife 
during the Aniericiui War. Ed'inhurgh. 1866. 8vo. 4353^ 

McLkoi) (J. N.) ... A Discourse on the Death of the Rev. 
Samuel Hrovvii Wyiie, D.D. Hy John Niel Mt. I-eod ... . Neiu 
York: G. l^ H. Miller. 1852. 8vo, pp. 31. 43539 

McLeou. Presentation Address to, and Historical Discourse 
by, Rev. John N. McLeod, u.d., on the Completion of a 
Twenty- Five Years' Pastorate, Philadelphia : C, Sherman iif Son.^ 
Printers. ( 1H58.] Svo, pp. iq. \\. 43540 

McLi'OD. ... A Sermon ... at the Opening of the First 
Reformed Presbyterian Church ... Philada. ... April 30, 1854. 
By John Niel .VIcLord, u.D. ... Philadelphia. 1854. 8vo, pp. 17. 

Also: ... A Disiourse in M<!mory of the late Rev. Andrew W. Black, n.n. ... Nov. 
21st, 1858, ... Neiv-Tork: IV. //. Trafton & Co. ... Printers 1859. 8vo, pp. 30.— 
Protestantism, tlie Parent and (Ju.irdian of Civil and Religious Liberty. A Lecture ... 
March 26, 1S43 ... . New Tori: Ro/'i ■ ^ Carter. 1843. 8vo, pp. 38. — Tiie Stone of 
Help; a Discourse, Historical and C(i morative, delivered Dec. 26, 1847. ... IVnv 

York. 1848. 8vo, pp. 24. 

[Maci.eod (Malcolm).] Practical Guide to Emigrants to the 
United States. Hy a Lancashire Artisan. Alanchester. 1866. 
i2mo. 43542 

Macleod (M.) History of Witches. ... By Malcolm Mac- 
leod. Albany. i8c^. i8mo. -|- Nexvark. 1811. 8vo. 43543 

McLeou (N.) Wee Davie, by Norman McLeod, d.d. ... 
From the Twenty-Seventh London Edition. Richmond., Va. 
1864. i6mo, pp. 46. H. 43544 

A Confederate publication, 

Macleod (W.) Harper's New York and Erie Rail-Road 
Guide Book. ... By William Macleod. New York: Harper l^ 
Brothers. [1851.] i2mo, pp. 173, (l). - B, 43545 

Macleod (X. D.) D<votion to the Blessed Virgin Mary 
in North America. By the Rev. Xavier Donald Macleod. 
With a Memoir of the Author, by the iMost Rev. John B. 
Purcell, D.D. New York: Firtue l3 Torsion. [i86b.J Svo, pp. 
.^xiii, 467. Portrait. 4354^ 

Maclise (D. M.) Historical Discourse at Montgomery, N. 
Y., Jan. I, 1865, on the 125th Anniversary of the Pastorate of 



the Goodwill Presbyterian Church. 
Ntw Tork. 1865. 8vo, pp. 32. 

By Rev. D. VI. Maclise, 


McLoUD (A.) A I'hanksgiviiig Discourse, 
November 25th, 1852. By Anson McLoud .. 
8vo, pp. 29. 

in 'I'opsfield, 

SuUm. 1M52. 

B. 4J548 

McLowNK (J.) I) .course on the Death oi Abraham Linioln. 
By J. McLowne. Fort Wayne. 1865. 8vo. 43549 

Maclure (W.) Catalogue of Mineralogical and Cieological 
Specimens at New-Harmony, Ind., collected in various Parts ot 
Europe and America. By William Maclure. Arrangici by D. 
D. (3wcn. New- Harmony. 1840, 8vo, 4355° 

iMaclure. Essay on the Formation of Rocks ... . By William 
Maclure ... . New-Harmony^ Indiana: Printed for the .iuthoi . 
1832. 8vo, pp. 53. f Philadelphia: J. IFilbank. 1838. 8vo, 
pp.32. H. 43551 

Maci.ure. Observations on the Geology of the United States 
of America ... . By William Maclure. ... Philadelphia : Printed 
... by Abraham Small. 1817. 8vo, pp. 127, (2). Map and Plate. 

Sec " Edinl). Rev.," xxx. 374, also Rich, 11. 92, No. ^z. 

Maclure. Observations on the Geology of the West India 
Islands, from Barbadoes to Santa Cruz, inclusive. By William 
Maclure. New Harmony^ Indiana : Printed for tht Author. 1832. 
8vo, pp. 17. H. 43553 

Maclure. Opinions on Various Subjects, dedicated to the 
industrious Producers. By William Maclure. New-Harmony^ 
Indiana. 1831-38. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), 640; (8), 5565 (2), 
iv, 320. BA. 43554 

[Maclure.] Suite des Observations sur la Geologic des 
£tats-Unis ... . [n. p. 1811.] 410, pp. 32. Map. ba. 43555 

[Maclure.] To the People of the United States. Philadel- 
phia. 1807. 8vo, pp. (2), 2, 4, (2), 2 folded pages, 9-145. ba. 

Maclurian Lyceum. Contributions of the Maclurian Ly- 
ceum to the Arts and Sciences. Nos. i and 2. 8vo, pp. 60. 
Plates. A. 43557 

McMcIntosh (J.) The Memorial of Commander James 
McMcIntosh, U.S.N., for Compensation ; with Correspondence 
and R -marks. New Tork. 1843. ^^"' PP- 4^- 4355^ 

-■^ 'ftW IM 

lliliW t H 


i 1 



MiMahon (B.) Jamaica I^lantcrsliip. Compiled during 
Ki|;htt'cii Years Residence. My licfjjamin McMahon. Lonaon : 
Efliri^ham lf''ilson. 1S39. iimo. P. 43559 

A deiiripcion of' Januicu planters, vii. attornryt, uvrneeri, tnA butik-keepcri. 

M'Mahon (B.) The American < lardcner's Calendar; 
adapted to the Climates and Seasons of the United States. ... 
By Bernard M*Mahon ... . Philadelphia lYmted by fi, (haves. 
1H06. 8vo, pp. V, 648, (18). I 'I'hird Edition. Philadelphia. 
1819. 8vo. I Fourth Edition, Improved. Philadelphia : T. P. 
M' Mahon. 1820. 8vo, pp.618. ( P^leventh Edition. ... Phila- 
delphia: J. B. Lippincott and Co. 1857. 8vo, pp. 637. Plate. 

M'Mahon (J. V. L.) An Historical View of the Govern- 
ment of Maryland, from its Colonization to the present day. 
By John V. L. M'Mahon. Vol. I. Baltimore: F. Lucas., Jr. 
1 83 1. 8vo, pp. xvi, 539. a., b. 43561 

No more published ; perh.ips auppreaaed. Ste Swcaringen 'G.) 

MacMahon (T. O'B.) The Candor and Good Nature of 
Ens;lishmen Exemplified. By Thomas O'Brien iVIacMahon. 
Lmdm : J. Bew. 1777. 8vo, pp. xii, 292. c. 43562 

MacMahon (T. W.) Cause and Contrast : an Essay on the 
American Crisis. By T. W. MacMahon. Richmond., Fa.: 
f'f^est y Johnston. 1862. 8vo, pp. xv, 192. ba. 43563 

M'Manus (C.) a Correct Account of the Trials of Charles 
M'Manus ... and others; at Harrisburgh — June ... 1798. For 
the Murder of Francis Shitz ... 1797, at Heidelberg, ... Penn- 
sylvania. Containing the Whole Evidence ... . Printed at Har- 
rishurg., by John IVyeth. 1798. 8vo, Half Title, pp. 163. ba. 

MacMaster (Erasmus D.) Integrity, Personal and Political: 
An Address ... in Hanover College, Indiana, ... July 27, 1842. 
By E. D. MacMaster ... . Indianapolis : Printed by John Douglass. 
1842. 8vo, pp. 18. 43565 

MacMaster. Speech of Mr. MacMaster in the Synod of 
Indiana, October 4, 1844, in relation to Madison University. 
Madison: Jones and Lodge. 1844. 8vo, pp. 39. 43566 

This elicited a review which we have not seen. 

MacMaster. A Sermon at Oxford, O., in 1849, °" ^^ ^^^Y 
of the National Fast. By Rev. E. D. MacMaster ... . [n. p.] 
1849. 8vo. 43567 

■ *~'*(WWWR 



Allot Ditciiurii' lieKirr thr Preihytnian Ciiurrh at Rjlliton S|i4, N. Y., on the 
Uccaiion ut° the Aiutli )r'« KrHignjtion of hi« t'.istorjl I'h.ii^f, Apiil i>), iM^M. ... 
Alhan^. 1H3U. Hvi^ -A I)j»i:uur>e ... Nt)Vi'iiilifr ■'th, iS^S,iii) ... | hi> { liuutiuij- 
tiiiii i% Ficiident lit' MiiMi'Vrr C'olteiir, Indiunj. ... Ilanuvii , InJ. i!()X. 8vu, |ip. 36. 
— The True Lite' 4 Nation: An A<litreti, ... July 21I, 1856. ... Nttu Alhuiiy, 
18^6. 8v(i, pp. 47. .SVr alto Miami Univeriity, 

McMasteh (Cj.) The Duty o* Nations. A Sermon, ... 
Nov. I, 1809, ... Thanksgiving ... . By (lilbcii MciVlastcr ... . 
liallston-Spa. 18 10. 8vo, pp. 52. s. 43508 

McMasikr. The Moral Character of Civil (lovernmentf 
considered with reference to the Political Institutions of the 

United States ... . By Gilbert McMaster, n.u ilbany : IV. 

C. Little. 1832. 8v4), pp. 72. B. 43569 

Also: Discoume un the Decc.ise of S. B. Wylie, n.n. ... l'bila,hlpiii». 18^1. 8vo, 
pp. 81. — "The ()hli(;jtiuni of' the American Scholar, to his Countiy, .inJ the World." 
An Addrens ... Hanover College, Sept. a8, 184.1. ... MaJisori, Ind. 1841. 8vo, pp. 
14. — Remarks offered in illuiitration of a Report on the Doctr'ne of' Civil Government. 
ikbtntcladi. 183^. 8vo, pp. 24. — ... A Sermon, preached at the Ordin.ition of' the 
Rev. Janieii MiUigan, ... Culdenham. ... New-York : IVbiiin^ and fVuison. 18 la. 
8vo, pp. 52. 

M'Masters (G. H.) History of the Settlement of Steuben 
County, N. Y. Including Notices of the Old Pioneer Settlers 
and their Adventures. By Guy H. M'Masters. Hath: R. L. 
Underbill iff Co. 1853. i2mo, pp. iv, 318. 4;J570 (S. Y.) a Methodist in search of the Church. 
By ... Rev. S. Y. McMasters, d.d. ... Claremont., N. H. 1862. 
i6mo, pp. 314. h. 43571 

McMiCHAEL (J. B.) A Tribute to the Memory of the late 
Dr. Alexander Ingram, U.S.A. By Rev. J. B. McMichael. 

Cincinnati: Moore.^ IViUtach £3* Baldwin^ Printers. 1867. ^^o, 
pp. 27. B. 43572 

McMiCHAEL (W.) The Government of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church, Anti-Republican and Despotic. By Rev. William 
McMichael. Second Edition, Enlarged. Pittsburgh. 1855. 
i2mo, pp. 164. 43573 

McMicHAEL. Slavery, and its Remedy. By Rev. William 
McMichael. Pittsburgh. 1856. i2mo, pp. 221. 43574 

McxMiCKEN (C.) The Will of Charles McMicken, of Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. ... With ... an Index. Cincinnati. 1858. 410, 

PP- 30- «• 43575 


ll ' 


McMiCKEN University. First Annual Report of the Di- 
rectors of the McMickfn University, for the year i860, [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 18. Continued. 4357^ 

MciVIiLLAN (J.) Trial of the Rev. John McMillan for De- 
faming Thomas Leslie Birch. fVashington. 1806. 8vo. 43577 

McMuLLEN (F.) Speech of F. McMullen, ... April 29, 
1852, on the Homestead Bill. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 4357^ 

MacMullen (J.) A Lecture on The Past, the Present, and 
the Future of the New York Society Library, ... F'ebruary 15th, 
1856, By John MacMullen ... . New York: 'John F. Trow^ 
Printer. 1856. 8vo, pp. 42. BA. 43579 

MacMullen. Nathan Hale, A Poem, ... before ..*. Co- 
lumbia College, October 27, 1858. V>y John MacMullen, a.m. 
New Tork : John F. Trow^ Printer. 1858. 8vo, pp. 31. H. 

The cover-title has the date 1858. Alsj : To the Shareholders of the New- York 
Society Library. April a8, 1857. [^Neiu Tork. 1857.] i2mo, pp. 10. 

McMuLLEN (J.) The History of Canada, from its first dis- 
covery to the present time. By John MacMullen, Esq. ... 
Brockville. 1855. 8vo. + Second Edition, revised and improved. 
Brockville : McMullen ^ Co. i8C3. 8vo, pp. xxxi, 613. H. 

McMuLLEN (R. B.) " Truth the Foundation of Genuine 
Liberty." An Address ... before the Alumni of the University 
of Alabama, July 13th, 1858. By R. B. xMcMullen, d.d. ... 
Tuskaloosa. 1858. 8vo, pp. 16. B. 43582 

McMuLLiN (F.) Letter of Hon. Fayette McMullin, to the 
People of ... Virginia, [n. p. 1856 .''] 8vo, pp. 7. h. 43583 

Also: ... Speech ... April 29, 1852, on the Homestead Bill. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 7. H. 

[McMuLLiN (M. A.)] Poems: by Una. Cincinnati: L. G. 
Cobb. 1863. I2mj, pp. 216. 43584 

M'MuRRAY (W.) A Sermon, ... in behalf of the American 
Colonization Society, ... New- York, July lo, 1825. By W. 
M'Murray. New-York : Printed by J. Seynour. 1825. 8vo, 
pp. 28. B. 43585 

McMuRRAY (W.) Democratic Policy in regard to the Canals 
and their Completion. Soeech of William M'Murray ... March 
26 & 28, 1853. ["• P- "• *^-] 8vo, pp. 17. H. 43586 





Also: Speech ... on the Govciiiui'i Message, January, 1843. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 
— Spcetli ... on the Propobition to Amend the Constitution of New York. Albany. 
1853. 8vo. B. 




a Florule Louisvillensis 

M'MuRTRiE (H.) Sketches of Louisville And its Environs ; 

. By H. M'Murtrie, m.d. 

First Edition. Louhville : 


... To which is added An Appendix ., 

Printed by S. Penn^ y««. 1819. 8vo, pp. viii, 255 


The first edition is the last. 

McMyler (J. J.) History of the Eleventh Wisconsin Vet- 
eran Volunteer Infantry. By J. J. McMyler. New Orleans 

1865. 8vo. 



(T.) A Brief Review of the Past Sixtv Years f 


the ... American People ... willi the Letter of Andrew Jackson 
to Dr. Coleman, April 26, 1824 ... . [n. p. n. d.] Svo, pp. 8. 

McNair (J.) Eighty Original Poems ; Secular and Sacred. 

By J. McNe 




Ten of these effusions were inspired (.'') by the events of" the rebellion. 

M'Nair (T. J.) See St. Louis Magnet. 

MacNair (R.) Case before the House of Lords between 
Robt. MacNair and others respecting trafficking to the Barbadoes 
and Virginia, ... with the Statements of John Hood of Virginia, 
who furnished the Cargoes ... . [n. p.:] Privately Printed. 1772. 
Folio. 43591 

Title from J. C. Hotten's catalogue ; sure to be incorrect. 

McNally (W.) Evils and Abuses in the Naval and Mer- 
chant Service exposed, with Proposals for their Remedv and 
Redress. By William McNally ... . Boston : Cassady and March. 
1839. l2mo, pp. viii, 201, (l). H. 43592 

Macnamara (H. T. J.) Peace, Permanent and Universal ... 
A Prize Essay, By H. T. J. Macnamara. London : Saunders and 
Otley. 1 84 1. i2mo, pp. vii, 354. H. 4359.-; 

l^/^ACNAMARA (M. H.) The Irish Ninth 
Battle ; or, Virginia and Maryland Campaigns 

Lee and Shepard. 1867. 


Bivouac and 
M. H. Mac- 



i2mo, pp. 306. 

[McNaughton (J.)] An Enquiry into the Present System 
of Medical Education, in the State of New-York. ... By an 
Observer. Albany: Printed by Webster s and Skinners. 1830. 8vo, 
pp. 16. B. 43595 



ffilii I 



^ f- 



1 ( 

1/ ' 

Also : Ad.trcas before the Kappa Alpha Phi Society ot' the College of' Physicians of 
theWeiteiii District. ... ^/hany. 1830. 8vo. — AiKlress ... before the Medical Society 
... of New- York, February 8, 1837. ... Albany : E. IV. U)iJ C. ^ 1837. 8vo, 
pp. 40. — Annual Address before the New-York State Medical Society. February 6, 
1838. ... yllbiiny : Printed by y Munsell. 1838. 8v(i, pp. 32. — Commentary on tlic 
Epistle )f the Two Elders : To the Congregation of" the First Presbyterian Churcli. 
[April 26, 1S47. Albany. 1S47.] 8vo, pp. 7. — A Discourse ... at the Anniversary 
Meeting of the Kappa Alpha Phi Society, of" the College of Physicians and Surgeons 
of the Western District. ... Albany: Printed by fVehsters and Skinners.. 1830. 8vo, pp. 
23. — Vindication : To the Congregation of the First Presbyterian Church. [April 12, 
1847.] Albany. 1847. 8vo, pp. 20. 

McNeely (T. W.) Speech of Thompson W. McNeely ... 
Feb. 8, 1871, on National Education, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 

M'Neei.y Normal School. The First Annual Catalogue 
of the Officers, Teachers and Students of the M'NcoIy- Normal 
School of Ohio ... 1856. Circular of the Union Institute ... . 
Columbus. 1856. 8vo, pp. 14. H. 43597 

Also: ... Catalogue of the Union Institute ... 1855. Circular of the McNeely 
Normal Scho(.!. ... Hopedale ... Ohio ... . Columbus. 1855. 8vo, pp. 16. h. 

McNeil (W. G.) Narrative of the Proceedings of the 
Engineers of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road. By William 
G. McNeil. Part li. Baltimore. 1830. 8vo. 4359^ 

M'Neile (H.) ... A Lecture on the Life of Dr. Franklin, 
By The Rev. Hugh M'Neile, a.m. ... at ... Liverpool ... 17th 
Nov. 1 84 1. With ... a Prefatory Note to the Reader, By John 
B. Murray, Esq. ... Henderson Greene., New York. 1841. 8vo, 
pp. 46, (2). Facsimile. H. 43599 

M'Neile. Slave Labor versus Free Labor Sugar. Speech of 
The Rev*- Dr. M'Neile, ... at Liverpool, 13th June, 1848. 
London: F. Syrett., Printer. 1848. 8vo, pp. 18. 43^00 

McNeile (J.) Biography of Gen. John McNeile. [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo. 43^01 

M'Neill (H.) Observations on the Treatment of the Ne- 
groes, in the Island of Jamaica, including some Account of their 
Temper and Character, with Remarks on the Importation of 
Slaves from the Coast of Africa. In a Letter to a Physician in 
England, from Hector M'Neill. London : G. G. and J. Robinson. 
[n. d.] 8vo, pp. vi, 46. 43^02 

Macneill (H.) The Poetical Works of Hector Macneill, 
Esq. A Nevi' Edition, corrected and enlarged. ... Edinburgh : 
Printed by James Ballantyne i^ Co. 1806. 2 vols., l2mo, pp. (2), 



196; 172. 8 Plates and Portrait. -\- Philadelphia: Benjamin 
Chapman. 1815. i2mo, pp. 328, (l). H. 43603 

McNeir ( ). Maine Liquor Law Debate, at Clinton, 

New-Jersey ... October 9, 1852, between Rev. Mr. McNeir ... 
and G. J. Bcebe ... . Middletown^ Orange County., M. T. 1853. 
8vo, pp. 32. H. 43604 

M'Nemar (R.) The Kentucky Revival ; or, A Short His- 
tory of the late extraordinary out-pouring of the Spirit of God, 
in the Western States of America, ... with a Brief Account of ... 
Shakerism ... in Ohio and Kentucky. ... B)' Richard ui'Nemar. 
... Cincinnati. 1807. l2mo, pp. I 19. -\- Jlhany : R,'- Printed by 
E. and E. Hosford. 1808. l2mo, pp. 1 19, 23. H. -!- Pittsfield : 
Re-printed hy Phinehas Allen. 1808. I2nu), pp. 148. -\- New 
York: Reprinted by Edward O. "Jenkins. 1846. 121110, pp. 156. 

M'Nemar. Observations on Church (jroxei nnient by the 
Presbytery of Springfield, to which is added the L?st Will and 
Testament of that Reverend Body ... . Albany. 1808. i2mo, 
pp. 23. 43606 

McNeven (W. J.) Chemical Examination of the Mineral 
Water of Schooley's Mountain. ... By ^VilliaIn J. McNeven. 
New York : Printed by Van IVinkle and IViUy. 1815. 410, pp. 2i. 

McNiece (J.) Oration ... 4th July, 1802, at Stephcntown, 
New York. By John McNiece. Danbury. 1802. 8vo. n. 

McNuTT (A. G.) An Account of the Origin of the Missis- 
sippi Doctrine of Repudiation ; with a Review of the Arguments 
which his Exc. Alexander G. McNutt, late Governor of Missis- 
sippi, advanced in its Vindication. By a Member of the Boston 


By Alex- 
8vo, pp. 


Bar. Boston. 1842. 8vo, pp. 28. 

Macomb (A.) The Practice of Courts Martial, 
ander Macomb ... . New-York : Samuel Colman. 1840. 
v-154. H. -(- \_Ibid.~\ 1 84 1. 

Macomh. a Treatise on Martial Law, and Courts-Martial ; 
as practised in the United States of America. ... By Alexander 
Macomb, Esq. ... Charleston {S. C.) : The Author. 1809. 8vo, 
pp. (2), 6, 5-6, 5-340. BA. 4361 1 

Macomb (D. B.) Answer to Enquiries relative to Middle 
Florida, propounded by a Gentleman in Switzerland ... . By 
David B. Macomb, Esq. ... Tallahassee. 1827. 8 






[Macomb (GVw.)] Pontiac : or, the Siege of Detroit. A 
Drama, in Three Acts. Boston: Samuel Co/man. mdcccxxxv, 
I 21110, pp. 60. Portrait. B. 43^13 

[Macomb (Robert).] / Idress of "The United Whig Club" 
to their Fellow-RepubHcans of the State of New York. Neiu 
Tork. 1809. 8vo. N. 43614 

[Macomb.] A Reply to the Resolutions and Address of a 
Meeting convened at iVlartlings, in ... New- York, February 4, 
181 1. ... By a Whig of '76. New-York : Printed by Henry C. 
Southwick. 181 1. 8vo, pp. II. b. 43615 

Macomb County, Mich. Meeting of Citizens of Macomb 
County, at Mt. Clemens, Dec. l, 1849, for the lni[Mtivement 
of Clinton River, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 43*^" 6 

[Macon (Nathaniel).] Letters to Chas. O'Conor. The De- 
struction of the Union is Emancipation. The Status of Slavery. 
The Rights of the States and Territories. Philadelphia : John 
Campbell. 1S62. 8vo, pp. 38. 43617 

There were copies [n. p. n. d.], also an edition with the author's name on the 

Macon. The Rights of the States and Territories. By Na- 
thaniel Macon. Montgomery, i860. 8vo. 43618 

Macon, Ga. Memorial of the Board of Trade of Macon, 
Georgia. December, 1867. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 5. 43619 

First Annual Report of the ... Macon & Brunswick Railroad 
Co. ... Macon., Ga.: Burke., Boykin ^ Co.., Printers. 1864. 8v(), 
pp. 14, (i). 43620 

Second Annual Report of the Macon and Western Railroad 
Company. Macon. 1848. 8vo. s. 43621 

Maconochie [Capt.) See M'Konochie. 

Macoy (R.) General History, Cyclopedia, and Dictionary 
of Freemasonry ... . By Robert Macoy. New Tork. i86g. 
8vo, pp. 700. Portrait. 43622 

Also; The Masonic Vocal Manual ... . Neiu Tork. 1859. i8mo, pp. 72; and other 
masonic pieces. 

McPhail (G. W.) Addresses at the Inauguration of the 
Rev. G. Wilson McPhail, d.d. as President of Lafayette Col- 
lege .... Philadelphia: IVilliam S.i^ Alfred Martien. 1858. 8vo, 
pp. 30, (2). BA. 43623 




McPhail (L.) On the Life and Services of William Henry 
Harrison, ... an Eulogium, pronounced before the of 
Eastport, Maine, By Dr. Leonard McPhail ... April 15, 1841. 


Boston: B. B. Mussey. 1 84 1. 8vo, pp. 28. ba. 

McPhf.eters (S. B.) See St. Louis, Mo. 

Macpherson (C.) Memoirs of the Life and Travels of the 
late Charles Macpherson, Esq., in Asia, Africa, and America. ... 
Investigation of the Nature, Treatment, and ... Improvement 
of the Negro, in the British and f>ench West India Islands. 
Written by Himself... . Edinburgh. 1800. i2mo, pp. 258. M. 

Hec " M. Rev.," xxxrv. 106. 

Macpherson (D.) Annals of Commerce, Manufactures, 
Fisheries, and Navigation, with Brief Notices of the Arts and 
Sciences connected with them. Containing the Commercial 
Transactions of the British Empire and other Countries, from 
the Pearliest Accounts to the Meeting of the Union Parliament 
in January, 1801 ... . With a Large Appendix ... [and] a Gen- 
eral C^hronological Index. ... By David Macpherson. ... London: 
Sichols and Son. 1805. 4 vols., 4to, pp. (4), xvii, (l), 719 ; (4), 
738 ; (4), 728 ; (4), 550, (198). Plate. a., b., h. 43626 

McPherson (E.) Consolidated Index of the Reports of the 
Committees of the House of Representatives, from the Twenty- 
Sixth to. the Fortieth Congress, inclusive. Prepared under the 
Direction of Edward McPherson ... . fVashington. 1869. 8vo, 
pp.158. -^ [Ibid.] i^-jo. 8vo, pp. 393. H. 43627 

McPherson. A Handbook of Politics for 1868, By Edward 
McPherson, LL.D. ... IFashington Cily : Phi/p ts Solomons. 1S68. 
Hvo, pp. 7, 387. Continued. h. 43628 

McPherson. The Political History of the United States of 
America, during the Great Rcuel'ion, from November 6, i860, 
to July 4, 1864; Including ... the Important Executive., Judicial, 
and Politico-Military Facts of that Eventful Period ; ... with tbe 
Organization, Legislation, and General Proceedings of the Rebel 
Administration ; and an Appendix containing the Principal Polit- 
ical Facts of the Campaign of 1864 ; ... By Ldward McPherson, 
... fVashington., D. C. : Phitp and Solo/nous. 1864. 8vo, pp. vii, 
440. 4 Second Edition, '[/bid.'] 1865. 8vo, pp. viii, 653. H. 

McPherson. The Political History of the United States 
during the Period of Reconstruction, April, 1865-July, '.870. 
fVashington. 1 87 1. 8vo. 43^3° 

i\>. ' I 





McPherson. a Political Manual for 1866 ... . By Edward 

McPhersoii ... . irashingtan, D. C. : Philp iff Solomons. 1866. 

8vo, pp. (4), 128. H. 43631 

Continued to 1869 or Liter. : The Administra ion and its Assailants. Sperch 
... June 5, 1862. [11. p. I'd-] Svo, pp. 8. — Disorgani^iation and Disunion. Spcfiii 
... February i4, i860. | n. p n. d. j Svo, pp. 8.- — The Di.suninn Conspiracy. Spinh 
... January 2;^, 1S61. [fVaibin^tun :"] ALGill & fVitben-'w, Frinri's. [1861.] Svo, 
pp. 8. — Till! Growth ot lndi\idualistn. ... Getixn'iur^. 18^7. Svo, pp. 39.--- ... A 
Lecture before the Young Men's Ciiristian Association of Gcttysbuig. February 13, 
1858. ... GetlyshurfT : printed l>y Henry C. Aiiiislrii.'. 1858. 8v(i, pp. 23. n. The 
Rebellion : Our Relations and Duties. Speech ... Di'livercd in the House of' Re pre- 
icntativef, P'ebruary 14, 1S62. yH^'aMti^tnu. x'^d?.] Svo, pp. 7. — The RfbcKion. 
Two Speeches ... January 23, 1S61, and February 14,1862. ... ^ff-'i^Jjington.] rSdi. 
Svo, pp. 16. — Remarks ... on a Bill to Rcorg.inize the Staff atlai hed to Divis-ions of 
th? Army ... March 6, 1862. ( n. p. n. d.] Svo, pp. 7. 

Macphkrson (J.) Original Papers; containing the Secret 
History of (jreat Britain, from the Restoration, to the Accession 
of the House of Hannover. ... Arranged and published by James 
iVIacpherson, Esq; ... . Lotuinn : IV . Strahan. mdcclxxv. 2 
vols., 4to, pp. viii, 711 ; x, 690. ba. \- Dublin. 1775. 2 vols,, 
Svo. 43632 

[Macphekson.] A Short History of the Opposition during 
the Last Session of Parliament. Lotiilon : T. Cadell. mdcclxxix. 
Svo, pp. vi, 58. ba. 4 The Second Edition. [//»;>/.] 4 The 
Third Edition. [//>/'/.] -\- The Fourth Edition. [//^/V/.] 4 
The Fifth Edition. \Ibid.^ 4 Another Edition, [n. p. n. d.] 
Svo, pp. vi, 58. t Dublin. 17 79. Svo, 43^3.3 

"Rather a picture tlian a history, and that picture a caricature; in which the anii- 
niinistcrial party makes but an awkward and scurvy appearance." — Ali,iiil<h Rc-vieif, 
i.xi. 68. Also attributed to F.dward Gibbon; see also "Observations," [Dalrymplc 
(J.)'), Vol. v., No. 18347, and [Germaine (G.)], Vol. vi:.. No. 27145. 

McPherson (J.) Poems Descriptive and Moral, bv John 
.McPherson. Styled by Himself Harp of Acadia. With an 
Introductory Memoir of the Author by the Editor J. S, T. 
Thompson. Halifax^ N. S, : Printed hy Thenphilus Chamberlain. 
1862. l2mo, pp. (2), xlvi, 250, (2). 43634 

Macpherson (J.) History of the Life, very strange Adven- 
tures, and Works of Captain John Macpherson. Philadelphia. 
17S9. i2mo. c. 43635 

[Macpherson (John).] Letter to John Dickinson, Esq. 
[n. p. n. d.] Svo, pp. 4. 43636 

Dated " Phil. Nov. 13, 1770." The author was a poor half-crazed man who 
was, or thought he was, harshly used by Mr. Dickinson and other public characters. 

* ^i i ii » U i* > -, 



Macpherson. Macpherson's Letters, etc. Philadelphia: 
Printed for the Author^ in the }',ar 1 770. 8v(), pp. vii, 105, (l). 

A curious correspondence brtween the author ami [ohn Dickinson, etc., May 9, 
1770. The author complains of imprisonment ;^s a mailman, and piihlished these let- 
ters in prose and verse to prove that he was not mad, and refers to CJalloway and other 
prominent persons. 

[Macpherson.] A Pennsylvania Sailor's Letters, alias the 
Farmer's Fall : VVith Extracts from a Tragic C\)medy, called 
Hodge Podge improved : Or, The Race Fairly Run. The 
Author's Sympathy for an innocent Woman, prevents his publish- 
ing the Whole of that Dramatic Piece. ... Number l. Phila- 
delphia: Printed fr the Author. ^11^- ^vo, pp. 64. P. 43638 

Against Dickinson. Thomas notices an "Address to the Public, May 5, 1766." 
PbilaJclpbia. 1766, and •• Reply to the above. May 19, 1766." Philadelphia. 1766. 

McPhetres (S. a.) a Political Manual for the Campaign 
of 1868, for ... the New England States. ... By S. A. Mc- 
Phetres. Boston: A. ^yUliams and Company. 1868. 24mo, pp. 96. 

McQueen (H.) An Address ... before the ... University 
of South Carolina ... June 26, 1839. By Hugh McQueen. 
Raleigh. 1839. 8vo, pp. 46. H. 43640 

Macquren (J.) The Colonial Controversy containing a Refu- 
tation of the C'alumnies of the Anticolonists : the State of Hayti, 
... the Production of Sugar, &c. and the state of the Free and 
Slave Jvabourers in those CJountries ; fullv considered in a Series of 
Letters, addressed to The Earl of Liverpool ; with a supple- 
mentarv Letter to Mr. Macaulav. By James Macqueen. Clas- 
goiv : khull., Blackie., i^ Co. 1825. 8vo, pp. 223. B. 43641 

M'OuEEN. A General Plan for a Mail Communication by 
Steam between Great Britain and the Eastern and Western Parts 
of the World ; ... To which are added (Geographical Notices of 
Panama, Nicaragua, &c. By James M'Queen, Esq. London: 
B. Fellowes. 1838. 8vo. Charts. 43642 

M'QuEEN, The West India Colonies ; the Cah'mnies and 
Misrepresentations circulated against them by the Edinburgh 
Review, Mr. Clarkson, i\Ir. Cropper, &c.. Examined and Re- 
futed, By James M'Queen. ... London: BaUwin., Cradock., and 
Jov. 1824. 8vo, pp. xxvi, (10), 427, I i). -^- [Ihid.l 1825. H. 

Also : A Geographical Survey of" Africa ... To vi'hich is prefixed, a Letter to Lord 
John Russell, regarding the Slavi- Trade ... . London : B. Feilou-es. 1840. 8vo, pp. (4), 
XI iv, (a), 303, ( 1 ]. Map. His "General St.itisri s if the British Emp'^i* .Londun: 
/?. Vfllo-wes. 1836. 8vo, pp. 124.) contains I'A pag< ■ on the North Britisli iNilcnies ana 
Sl.ive Colonies. 









Macqueen (J. ¥.) Chief Point-, in the Laws of War and 
Neutrality, Search and Blockade; with the Changes of 1856, 
and those now proposed. By John Fraser Macqueen, Esq. ... 
London and Edinburgh: IVilluim and Robert Chambers. 1862. 

i2nio, pp. xn, 




B. 43646 

An Address ... [at] 


Richmond: West i^ "Johnston . 1863. 
., pp. X, 102. 43644 

MacRae (A.) A Manual of Plantership in British Guiana. 
By A. MacRae. London. 1856. 8vo. 43^45 

Macrae (D.) The Americans at Home : Pen-and-ink 
Sketches of American Men Manners and Institutions. By 
David Macrae. Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas. 1870. 2 
vols., i2mo, pp. xxiv, 332; vi, 408. 

McRae (D. K.) On Love of Country 
Oxford Female College, June 2nd, 1862. By Col. D. K 
Rae. Raleigh: Strothne i^ Marcom. 1864. 8vo, pp. 15. 

Another edition is [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 

McRae (D. G.) Military Commission. Proceedings in the 
Case of the United States against Duncan (j. McRae [and 
others], for the Murder of Archibald Beebee, at P'ayetteville, N. 
C. nth feb. 1867 ... . Reported by C. Flowers and C. P. Young. 
Raleigh: Robert Avery., U.S.A. 1867. 8vo, pp. (2), 398. 43648 

McRae (J. J.) Speech of Hon. J. J. McRae ... on the 
Compromise Question. ... January 29, and February 2, 1852. 
Washington. 1852. 8 vo, pp. 24. H. 43649 

Also: Spcfch ... on the Organization of' the House .. December 13 and 14, 1859. 
Washington. 1859. 8vo, pp. 21. H. 

Macreading (C. S.) Sermon on the Death of Otis Pettee, 
Esq., of Newton Upper Falls. ... By Rev. Charles S. Macreading, 
February 15, 1853. Boston: Damrell i5f Aloore. 1853. 8vu, 
pp. 16. ^ B. 43650 

Macready {Mrs.) Memoir of Mrs. Macready ... . New 
}'ork. 1855. 8vo, pp. 75. -f [^lbid.\ 1857. 8vo, pp. v, 108. 
Portrait. b. 4365 i 

Also: Opinions of the American Press. ... Albany. 1855. i2mo, pp. 36. 

Macready [William C] The Replies from England, etc. 
to certain Statements circulated in this Country respecting Mr. 
Macready. Neiv Tork: Stringer iff Townseud. 1849. 8vo, pp. 21. 

This elicited: "A Rejoinder to 'Th? Replies from England, etc. to certain State- 
ments circulated in this Country respecting Mr. Macready;' together with an Impartial 








History and Review of the Lamentiibie Occurrence? at the Aster Place Opera House, on 
the loth of May, 184.;. Uy an American Citiit-n." Neiu Tort. 1849. Svo, pp. 119. 

McRee (G. J.) Life and Correspondence of James Iredell, 
one of the Associate justices of the Supreme Court of the United 
States. By Griffith J. McRec. ... New York: J), .■^ppleton and 
Company. M.DCCc.Lvn-Lviil. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. viii, 570 ; vii, 
605. Portrait, Plate and Facsimile, a., ba. 43653 

McRee. Memoirs of iMaj.-Gen. J. McRee, and Col. W. 
McRee. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. A. 43654 

M'RoBERT (P.) A Tour through part of the North Provinces 
of America: ... a Series of Letters wrote ... in ... 1774, h 1775. 
... Hv Patrick M'Robert. EdinbuKgh : The Author. 177^1. 8vo, 
pp. 64. H. 43655 

McRoBERTs (S.) Speech of Mr. Samuel McRoberts, ... on 
the Title of the United States to the Territory of Oregon, ... 
December 30, 1842, and January 9, 1843. tf^ashington. 1843. 
8vo, pp. 13. ' 43656 

Also: Speech ... March 9, 184a, on the Pre-Emption Bill. IVaibington. 1842. 8vo. 

Macrobius integer nitidus suoq dccori a Joanne Riuio restitutus. 
Cum indicio et amplo et veridico. Parrhisiis, l^enundatur ab 
"Jodoco Badio iff loamie Pnrvo, '5 15. [Colophon:] Macrob'ii 
Aiireln viri cnrmulnr'ts et illnstris Saturnaliorum iLhri [sic] uoii'iter 
recogniti : injinitisq erroribus expurgati. q diligt'tiss'ime nunc rursum 
itnpressi Parrhisiis nccuratione Ascensiana. Ad Kalendas Febniaris 
Calculo Romano M.D.xv, Folio. 43657 

On the reverse of D vii is a large map of the world sufounded by water, with a great 
boiling ocean between the Northern and Southern Continents. Tiie artist has reversed 
it, putting India on tiie left. Another edition is Parrhisiis, Badius Aicensius. I5I9' 

McShea (J.), Jr. The War, its Causes and the Remedy. 
Speech of the Hon. John McShea, Jr. ... April ii, 1863. [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. 43658 

McSherry (J.) History of Maryland ; from its First Settle- 
ment in 1634, to the Year 1848. By James McSherry. Balti- 
uiore : John Murphy, mdcccxi.ix. 8vo, pp. 405. 4 Portraits 
and Plate, ba. -\- Second Edition, revised and corrected by the 
Author. \_Ibid.'\ 8vo, pp. 418. c. 43659 

Also in lamo for the use of schools. It contains a very curious memorandum of the 
uniforms of the several corps of th>- Continental Army by the venerable Mr. Custis. 
Also: Discourse ... at the CommemoratioM of the Landing of the Pilgrims of Marv- 

land, ... May ii, 1846 Rmtnittshurg. 1846. 8vo, pp. 36. — Pero Jean; c-r, Tiie 

Jesuit Missionary, [n. p.] 1849. l2mo. 






McSherry (R.) K1 Puchcro : or, A Mixed Dish from 
Mexico, cnihiacing General Stott's Campaign, with Sketches of 
Military I>if<' ... . Hv Richard McSherry, m.i>., u.s.n. ... Phila- 
delphia : I.ippincott^ Gramho 'Jf (>o, 1 8 50. l2mo, pp. (4;, 247. 
Map, 6 Plates and 6 Portraits. c, H. 43660 

McShkrry, Essays and Lectures on i. The Karly History 
of Maryland. 2. Mexico and Mexican Afl.iirs. 3. A Mexican 
Campaign. ... Uv Richard McSherry, m.d. ... f]altimory : Kelfyy 
Piet & Company. 1869. 8vo, pp. (2), iv, 125. b, 43661 

[Macsparran (James). J America Dissected, | being a | Full 
and 'I'rue Account | of all the | American Colonies: | shewing,) 
The Intemperance of the Climates j excessive Heat and | Cold, 
and sudden violent Changes of Weather; ter-|riblc and mis- 
chievous Thunder and Lightning; had and | unwholesome Air, 
destructive to Human Bodies; Had- 1 ni ss of Money; Danger 
from Enemies ; but. above | all, thi Danger to the Souls of the 
Poor People that | remove thither, from the multifarious wicked 
and pes-|tilent Heresies that prevail in those Parts. | \n Several 
Letters, | From a Rev. Divine of the Church of England, | Mis- 
sionary to America, and Doctor of Divinity. | Published as a 
Caution to Unsteaclv People who may | be tempted to leave their 
Native Country. | Dublin : \ Printed and sold by S. Powell.^ Dame 

Street,\\-jSl>-\ 8vo, pp. (2), 48. 

BA., P. 


!■' i! 

Very rare. These Icttt-rs .ire signed James Maisparran, and addressed to the Hon. 
Col. Henry Cary, Esq. The author resided in the Narragansett country as a missionary 
fo, upw.irds of thiriv vcars. Reprinted in Updike's " History of the Narragansett 
Chuich," with notfs. 

McSparran. An Answer to a Printed I ctter said to be 
wrote .from a Gentleman in Newport to his PViend in Boston 
Aug. 27 ; Pretending to find Fault with a Brief Representation 
of the Case between Dr. McSparran Plaintiff and Mr. Torrcy 
Defendant, relating to the Ministrv Land in South Kingstown, 
Narragansett, which was dated July I 739. [n. p. 1739.] Folio, 
pp. 10. B. 43663 

An extremely rare piece. 

Macsparran. The Sacred Dignity of the Christian Priest- 
hood, Vindicated in a Discourse ... at St. Paul's in Narraganser, 
on ... the 4th Day of August, A.n. 1751. By the Rev. Dr. 
Macsparran. ... Neiuport : Printed by J. Franklin. m,dcc,lii. 
i2mo, pp. 46. BA. 43664 

This elicited a reply tor which see New England — " An Address." Also : Sermon 
at the Convention ot' the Episcopal Clergy at Newport, June 17, 1747. [n. p. n d.J 












In d.J 


4to, — Sermon preirhH at Njfratraniett, Much rSi 1741. ••. Ntwf 'i. 1741. 4to, 
pp. 24. 

Mactaggart (J.) Three Years in Canada An Account 
of the Actual State of the Country in 1826-7-S. ... Including 
Skctchfs of the State of Society, .Advice to Kmigrants, &c. Mv 
John Mactaggart ... . London: Unin Colhurn. 1829. 2 vols,, 
post 8vo, ]>. XI, 347 ; vii, (I), 340. BA., H. \^My^ 

M'Ta\ish [^(ind nthir<\. Northwest C'ompany, carrying; on 
Trade from Mdiitrcal to the Indian lerritorv ... . The Memorial 
of Messrs. iVI'Tavish, Frascr and Co. and Messrs. Inf»lis, Ellice 
and Co, on hehalf of themselves and others. London: li. 
McMillan. iSiO. 410, pp. 43. c. 43666 

'tn the suliject of' tint protcedings iit' the K.irl of Selkirk in the Indian territorie* «( 
North Anieriia. 

McTyeire (H. M.) Duties of Masters to Servants : Three 
Premium Kssavs. i. By the Rev. H. M. McTyeire. 11. Bv 
the Rev. C. F. Sturgis. ill. Bv the Rev. A. T. Holmes. 
Charleston^ S. C. 1851. I2m(), pp. 1 5 1. B. 43^*67 

McVfan (C.) Speech of Mon. Charles McVean ... on Bank 
Deposites. [n. p.] 1834. 8vo, pp. 7. s. 43668 

McVey (W. G. D.j McVey's Literary .ind Professional 
Magazine. Vol. i. No. i. Oct. 1852. Pitt, 'if Id^ Ms. [n. d.J 
8vo, pp. 2C. s. 43669 

McVickar (J.) A Biographical Memoir of the Rev. Edmund 
D. Griffin. Bv the Rev. John McVickar, d.d. ... New-y'ork. 
1832. i2mo, pp. 117. 43670 

[McVickar.] A Christian Memorial of Two Sisters [Maria 
Banyer and Ann Ja\]. ... Nnc Tl'ofk : Stanford l^ Delisser. 1858. 
8vo, pp. 134. BA. 43671 

[M'ViCKAR (J.)] Considerations upon the expediency of 
abolishing Damages on Protested Bills of Exchange and the 
effect of establishing a Reciprocal Exchange with Europe: ... 
New-York : Elliott and Palmer^ Printers. 1829. 8vo, pp. 67. s. 

This elicited " Strictures on Professor M'Vickar's Pamphlet ... . Hy Puhlicola." 
N(iv-Tork. 1829. 8vo, pp. 4.5. 8. 

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York: A. Pau^ Printer, 1822. 8vo, pp. 244. B., ... 43673 







ISO '■■■ ■■--,. 

1^ 1^ 112.2 

^ L& 12.0 



|'-25 |U |..6 











(716) 672-4503 








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This piece h::s the honor of a translation into Chinese. 

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Citizens of New York, to express their regret at his death, with an Eulogium], ... 
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tival Discourse occasioned by the Cehbration of the Seventeenth Anniversary of Ameri- 
can Indepenilence. ... Newark, N. y. 1793. 8vo. — ... Sermon preached ... before 

l]. ... 








'ark : 


I brief 
^ Fes- 



the New-York Missionary Society at their first Instiiution, Nov. i, 1796 ... . Nezv- 
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port, P.. I., February 14, 4199. By Benjamin Franklin Macy, 
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Macy (O.) The History of Nantucket; ... with the Rise 
and Progress of the Whale Fishery ; and other Historical Facts 
relative to said Island and its Inhabitants. ... Bv Obed Macv. 

Boston: Hilliard., Gray., and Co. 1835. 

8vo, pp. 300. Map and 
c. 43687 

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Also: Report of the Committee ... made Feb. 8, 1858. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 7. 
&i! aho our Vol. x., No. 38657. 

Mad River Valley Pioneer. Vol. i. No. i. Mansfield. 1870. 

[Madan (Cristobal).] Llamamiento de La Isla de Cuba a la 
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Nueva-Tork : Imprenta de Estevan Hallett. [n. d] 8vo, pp. (8), 
^33^ (0 ; Appendice, pp. Iv, (i). b. 43692 


i ! 




Madariaga (J. C.) Diario y observaciones del Presbitcro 
Jose Cortes Madariaga, en su rcgreso de Santafe a Caracas, por 
la via de los rios Negro, Mcta y Orinoco, despues de haber con- 
cluido !a comision que obtuvo de su Gobierno, para acordar los 
tratados de alianza entre anibos Estados. Caracas, [n. d.] 410, 

PP- 43- 43693 

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ence of its Prosperity on the Interests of the British West India 
Colonies. By R. R. Madden ... . London: Partridge iff Oa key. 


i2mo, pp. XXIV, 252. 


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Abuse of the Flag of the United States in ... Cuba, and the 
Advantage taken of its Protection in promoting the Slave Trade. 
By R. R. Madden ... . Boston: IVilliam D. Ticknor. 1839. 8vo, 
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Also : A Letter to W. E. Channing, ... in Reply to one addressed to him by R. R. 
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moting the Slave Trade. By a Calm Observer. Boston: H^illiam D. Ticknor. 1840. 
8vo, pp. 36. Very severe on Dr. Madden. 

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World ... Including the Funeral Customs of the Principal Nations 
... By R. R. Madden ... . London: T. C. Newby. 1851. 2 vols., 
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1858. i2mo. See also " Poems by a Slave." 

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the Hospital for the Small- Pox, and for Inoculation, ... March 5, 



1752. By Isaac Lord Bishop of Worcester. ... London: Printed. 
Boston; N. E. Reprinted by I. Draper. 1 752. 4to, pp. 15. BA. 

The postscript gives an account of the small-pox and inoculition at Boston in New 

[Maddox.] a Vindication of the Government, Doctrine, 
and Worship, of the Church of England, Established in the 
Reign of Queen Elizabeth : Against the Injurious Ileflections of 
M'-. Neal, in his late History of the Puritans. Together with 
a Detection of many false Quotations and Mistakes in that Per- 
formance. ... London: ... A. Bettesworth. mdccxxxiii. 8vo, 
pp. 362. 43700 

Relates to Vol. 1. of Neal. See Grey (Z.), No. 28792. Also' A Sermon ... before 
the ... Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts j ... i 5th of February, 
1733. ••• London: Printed by y. Doivning. m.dcc.xxxiv. Svo, pp. 74, ( i ). ba. 

Madiana (J. B. R.) Recherches et Experiences sur les 
Poisons d'Amerique, des Trois Regnes de la Nature. Bordeaux. 
1826. 4to. Plates. 43701 

Title from an auctioneer's catalogue. 

Madiedo (M. M.) Hechos graves ejecutados en las Comar- 
cas del Arauca por las autoridades de la Republica de Venezuela 
en ei territcrio de los Estados Unidos de Colombia, i contra la 
vida i propiedades de varios Colombianos, durante los anos de 
1859^1863. Por Manuel Maria Madiedo. Bogota. 1864. 4to, 
pp. 23. 43702 

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I'Histoire d'Haiti. Par Thomas Madion fils ... . Po'-t-au- Prince. 
1845. 4to, pp. 29. M. 43703 

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Episcopal Church, in Virginia. By Bishop Madison. Richmond: 
Printed by T. Nicolson. 1799. i2mo, pp. 24. H. 43705 

Madison. A Discourse, on the Death of General Washing- 
ton, Late President of the United States ; Delivered on the 22d 
of February, 1800, In the Church in Williamsburg. By James 
Madison, d.d. Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in 
Virginia, and President of William and Mary College. Rich- 
mond: Printed by T. Nicolson^ just below the Capitol. 1800. 8vo, 
pp. 25. ba. -\- The Second Edition Corrected. New Tori: 

I I 



Printed by T. l^ "J. Swords^ for IV. Prichard^ Richmond. 1800. 
8vo, pp. 42. BA. -f Neiv Tork : Printed. London: Reprinted for 
John Hatchard. 1800. 8vo, pp. 48. + The Third Edition. 
\lbid.'\ 4 Third Edition, with Additions. Philadelphia : Printed 
by fames Kay., f^n. and C?. 1 83 1. 8vo, pp. 40. + Richmond. 
1844. 8vo. 43706 

See " M. Rev.," xxxiv. 150. 

[Madison.] Letter to ... Jedediah Morse. See No. 40517. 

Also : Manifestations of the Beneficence of Divine Providence towards America. A 
Discourse delivered on ... the 19th of February, 1795, being tlie day recommended .. 
fiir general Thanksgiving ... . Ricbmomi. 1795. 8vo, pp. 23. — Uration in Commemo- 
ration of the Founders of William and Mary College, delivered on the Anniversary 
of its Foundation ... . fyHliamsburgb. 1772. 4to. — A Sermon ... be.brc the Prot- 
estant Episcopal Church in ... Virginia. RicbmonJ. 1786. 4to. 

[Madison (James).] An Examination of the British Doc- 
trine which subjects to Capture a Neutral Trade not open in 
Time of Peace. Containing a Letter from the Minister Pleni- 
potentiary of the United States, to Lord Mulgrave, late Secretary 
of State for Foreign Affairs, [n. p. 1806.] 8vo, pp. 204. b., c. 
-f- The Second Edition. America^ Printed. London.^ reprinted 
for y. Johnson. 1806. 8vo, pp. (2), 200. 437^7 

See «'M. Rev," 1. 199. 

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Britain, respecting Neutrals. ... Philadelphia : Pfinted by B. 
Graves. 1807. 8vo, pp. 72. N. -|- Second Edition. ... Boston. 
1808. 8vo, pp. 72. H., w. 43708 

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son. An Inedited Manuscript. Printed for Presentation by J. 
G. M'Guire. fVashington. 1856. 8vo, pp. 14. B. 43709 

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Fourth President of the United States. ... Published by Order 
of Congress ... . Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott i^ Co. 1865. 4 
vols., 8vo, pp. li, 658; (2), xxxvii, 617} (2), Ix, 670 ; (2), Ivii, 
694. Portrait. ba. 43710 

Madison". Letters on the Constitutionality of the Power in 
Congress to impose a Tariff for the Protection of Manufactures. 
By James Madison ... . Washington City: Printed ... by S. C. 
Ustick. 1828. i2mo, pp. 24. B.,s. 43711 

Madison. Letters on the Constitutionality and Policy of 
Duties, for the Protection and Encouragement of Domestic 







Richmond: Printed by 
B., M. 43712 

Manufactures. By James Matlison .. 
Thomas IV. fVhite. 1829. 8vo, pp. 27 

Madison. Letters . . to Mr. Monroe, on ... Impressments, 
&c. Also, Extracts from, and Enclosures in, the Letters of Mr. 
Monroe to the Secretary of State ... . IVaahington City : A. l^ G. 
IVay^ Printers. 1808. 8vo, pp. 130. B. 43713 

Madison. Letters from Mr. Madison, ... relative to the 
Treaty concluded ... on the 31 December, ... 1806. fVashing- 
ton : Printed by R. C. IVeightman. 1808. 8vo, pp. 69. ba. 

Madison. Manifevce Du Gouvernement Americain, (10 Fe- 
vrier 18 15), ou Causes et Caractere de la derniere Guerre d'Ame- 
rique avec I'Angleterre ; ... Par James Madisson, \jic\ ... et 
traduit sur la ll" edition anglaise ... . Paris^ Chez Plancher. 1816. 
8vo, pp. 136. B. 43715 

Madison. The Papers of James Madison, purchased by 
Order of Congress ; being his Correspondence and Reports of 
Debates during the Congress of the Confederation and his Re- 
ports of Debates in the F'ederal Convention ; now published 
from the original manuscripts ... under the Superintendence of 
Henry D. Gilpin. fVashington : Langtree ^ W Sullivan. 1840. 
3 vols., 8vo, pp. (2), Ix, 580, xxii ; (2), xxii, (2), 581-1242 ; (2), 
xiv, (2), 1243-1624, ccxlvi. Facsimiles, (22). c. 43716 

Some copies have the impri..t Ntiu York: J. (^ H. G. Langley, 1841, and others are 
dated Mobile^ 1852. 

Madison. Report .^ in relation to the Purchase and Publi- 
cation of the Madison Papers. Dec. 23, 1847. ["• P- "• ''•] 
8vo. s. 43717 

[Madison.] Political Observations. Philadelphia, ijgs- 
8vo, pp. 24. c, N. 43718 

Madison. Religious Freedom. A Memorial and Remon- 
strance ... by his Excellency James Madison ... against the 
General Assessment, &c. ; presented to the General Assembly 
of Virginia ... 1785. ... Worcester. 1786. i6mo, pp. 16. -\- 
Boston : Printed ... by Lincoln l^ Edmands. 1819. l2mo, pp. 12. 

Madison. The Resolutions of Virginia and Kentucky ; 
Penned by Madison and Jefferson ; in relation to the Alien and 
Sedition Laws. Richmond. 1826. 8vo, pp. 71. + [With] the 
Debates and Proceedings in the House of Delegates, of Virginia, 
on the same, in Decembe 

[798. [Ibid.'\ 1835. 




V % 





Madison. Selections from the Private Correspondence of 
James Madison, from 1813 to 1836. Published by J. C. Mc- 
Guire ... . IVashittgton. mdccclix. 4to, pp. vi, 9-419. b., c. 

Also : An Address delivered before the AgricultuMi Society of Albemarle, May 12th, 
1818. ... Richmond. 1818. 8vo, pp. 31. — The Constitution A Pro-Slavery Compact, 
Or Selections from The Madison Papers, &c. Second Edition, Enlarged. Nttv York. 
1845. 8vo, pp. 131. — A Memorial and Remonstrance, on the Religious Rights of 
Man ... . fyasbington City: Primed ... by S. C. Uitick. 1828. i2mo, pp. la. h. — Mr. 
Madison's Motion for Commercial Restrictions ... on the Commerce of the United 
States in Foreign Countries, Jan. 3, 1794. fyashington, 1806. ?vo. — Report of 
Committee ... on Correspondence of Madison and Monroe, ff^asbington. 1808. 8vo. 
— Speech ... January 14, 1794 ... in Support of his Propositions for the Promotion of 
the Commerce of the United States, and in Reply to William Smith, of South-Carolina. 
New York. 1794. Cvo, pp. 69. i'« aho Elliot (J.), Vol. iv.. No. 22233, Exposition, 
No. 23453, "The Federalist," Vol. iv., [Ingersoll (C. J.)], Vol. i\., No. 34734i 
[Lowell (John)], Vol. x.. Messages, "Republican Crisis," and [Ur4uharr (D.)] 

Madison Agonistes. See [Mauduit (I.)] 

Madison (J. M.) An Exposition of the Forms and Usages 
observed in the Various Lodges of the Independent Order of 
Odd Fellows ... . By James M. Madison ... . New- Tor k : The 
Author. [1847.] 8^°' PP' ^4' Plates, ba. -|- \^Ibid.^ 1848. s. 

A satirical work. 

Madison County, ///. Gazetteer of Madison County ; with 
Directory of the Altons, and of the County. JIton : J. Y . Hair. 
1867. 8vo, pp. 292. 43723 

Madison, Ind. Catalogue of the Books of the Madison Li- 
brary Association. Madison [Ind.): Courier Office. 1856. 8vo, 
pp. 106. c. 43724 

Edwards' Annual Director to the Inhabitants, etc. of Madison, 
for 1867. Madison., Ind.: Edwards., Greenough i^ Deved. 1867. 
8vo, pp. 255. 43725 

First Annual Report of the President of the Madison, Indian- 
apolis, and Peru Railroad Company. New York. 1855. 8vo. 

Madison County, A^. T. Proceedings of the Board of 
Supervisors of the County of Madison, for i860. Morrisville. 
1861. 8vo. Continued. s. 43727 



To the Electors of the County of Madison. [Signed :] 
Number of Citizens," July 26, 1820. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 

Madison Baptist Association. Minutes of the Madison 
Baptise Association, ... in the Year ... [1820] ... . Morrisville: 

; l i .-in.'j. i 'iJ .-. 

MADIS()!v , 



Printed by John B. Johnson iff Sun. 1820. 8vo, pp. II, (i). Con- 
tinued. B. 43729 

Madison University. Catalogue of Madison University, 
Hamilton, N. Y. Hamilton. 1852. 8vo. Continued. 43730 

Charter of Madison University. 1865. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 12. B. 43731 

An Historical Sketch of Madison University, Hamilton, 
N. Y. Utica: D. Bennett., Printer. 1852. 8vo, pp. 16. B. 

Madison Square. See New York City. 

Madison (College, O. Catalogue of the Officers, Course of 
Studies, etc., ... 1854. Antrim, Ohio. Columbus. 1854. 8vo, 
PP- 16. H. 43733 

Madison, Wis. An Act to consolidate and amend an Act, 
entitled, " An Act to Incorporate the City of Madison," approved 
March 4, 1856, etc. Approved March 23, 1865. [n. p. n. d.] 
8vo. s. 43734 

Annual Circular of the Madison Manufacturing Co. Madison. 
1870. 8vo. 43735 

Charter and Ordinances of the Village of Madison. Madison. 
1851. 8vo. 43736 

Charter of the City of Madison, Wisconsin. ... Madison: 
Calkins £sf Proudfit., Printers. 1856. 8vo, pp. 48. Map. H., s. 

Charter and Constitution of the St. George's Society ... in ... 
Madison, Wisconsin ... . Madison., Wis.: Atwood l^ Ruble e ... 
Printers. 1856. i6mo, pp. 8. H. 43738 

Constitution and By-Laws of the Sacred Music Society, Madi- 
son. Madison. 1851. i2mo. 43739 

... Directory for 1866, Compiled by B. W. Suckow, with a 
History of Madison by J. Y. Smith. Madison: B. W. Suckow. 
1866. i2mo, pp. 175. 2 Maps. c. 43740 

1855. Wm. N. Seymour's Madison Directory ... . First An- 
nual Edition. Afadison: Atwood ^ Rublee., Printers. 1855. l6mo, 
pp. 192. Map. Continued. c, h. 43741 

First Annual Report of the Board of Education for ... 1855. 
Madison., Wis.: Rublee ^ Gary., Printers. 1856. 8vo, pp. 13, (l). 
Continued. h. 43742 

; 1 






Madison : the Capital of Wisconsin, its Progress, Capabilities 
and Destiny. Aladison^ fVis.: RubUe isf Gary^ Printers. 1855. 
8vo, pp. 48. H. 43743 

Madison Institute. The Charter, Constitution and By- 
Laws of the Madison Institute ... . Madiion : J. T. Marstoriy 
isf Co.y Printers. 1854. 8vo, pp. 13. h. 43744 

Alio: Catalogue of the Library. Madison. 1867. 8vo. 

Madison Mutual Insurance Co. Proceedings ... on the 
Death of Hon. Benjamin K. Hopkins, January 18, 1870. Madi- 
son.^ IVis. : Atwood i5f Culver^ Printers. 1870. 8vo, pp. 14. 

Manual of the First Congregational Church, Madison. Madi- 
son. 1869. 8vo. 43746 

Ninth Annual Report of the Madison and Indianapolis Rail- 
road Company, January, 1852. Madison. 1852 8vo. s. 

Report of the ... Committee, appointed to investigate into 
alleged Frauds ... in the Disposition of the Land Grant by the 
Legislature of 1856 ... . Madison., ff^is.: Calkins ^ IVehb ... 
Printers. 1858. 8vo, pp. 322, (l). H. 43748 

Madison and Dane County. Statistics ... . Madison: David 
Atwood^ Printer. 1853. ^^°» PP- ^^' "• 43749 

The Madmen's Chronicle ; Exemplified in the Conduct of 
George the Third and his Ministers, towards the United States. 
... To which are Annexed Biographic and Characteristic Sketches. 
... Philadelphia, [n. d.] 8vo. 4375° 

Madox (Isaac). See Maddox (I.) 

Madoz (P.) Diccionario Geografico, Estadistico, Historico 
de Espana y sus Possessiones de Ultramar. Por Paschal Madoz. 
Madrid. 1845-50. 16 vols., sm. 410. 4375 * 

a valuable gazetteer of Spain and its possessions in America, etc. 

Madras. Annual Report of the ... Madras School in New- 
Brunswick, for ... 1820. Saint John: Printed by IVilliam Durant. 
[n. d.] 8vo, pp. 14. ba. 43752 

Madre de Deos (G. da). Memorias para a Historia da Capi- 
tania de S. Vicente, hoje chamada de S. Paulo, do estado do 
Brazil publicadas de Ordem da Academia R. das Sciencias por 
Fr. Gaspar da Madre de Deos, Monge Benedictino, e correspon- 

* li 

..■ H— WW ■ 



dcntc da mcsma Acadcmia. L'nboa : Na Typo^rafia Ha Academia. 
1797. 4ti>, pp. (8), 242, 2. 43753 

Madrk 1)e Orus (M. da). Siimma triumphal da nova e 
giaiulc cclcbridadc do gloiiuso c invicto niartyi, o bcato Garcia, 
pclos homc-ns paidos de Peniamlnico. Poi Fr. Mamial da Madrc 
df Deus. Lishod : Na Offic'ina de Pedro I'errelra. 1753. 4to. 

*' Opuscule raro, <juc aind.i nao pude ver. Diz-»e que sahira ci in o pscudonymo dt 
Sottrio de Silva Rilitiru."- Silva. 

Madre de Dios (J. de la). Breve Sumtna de la Oracion 
Mental y de su Excrcicio contorme sc Practica en los Noviciados 
dc los Carmelitas dcsalcos por Fr. J. de la iVladrc de Dios. 
[n. p.] 1680. 4to. 43755 

Madregon (J. Adr.) De Imagine Guadalupensi Mcxicana 

iambici Archilochii dimeiri acatalectici. Faventia : Jrchii. 1774. 
vo, pp. viii. 43756 

Madrid (J. F.) Breve Contestacion en que el Dr. J. F. 
Madrid, satisface con Documentos a los cargos que le ha hecho 
el Sr. Restrepo en su Historia de Colombia. Londres. 1827. 
8vo, pp. 14. 43757 

Madrid. Memorias sobre el comercio, cultivo y elaboracion 
del tabaco en esta Isla, por el Dr. D. Jose Fernandez Madrid. 
Imprenta Fraternal. 1821. 410, pp. 19. 43758 

Madrid. Poesias del ciudadano Dr. Jose Fernandez de 
Madrid. Imprenta Fraternal. 182 1. 4to. 43759 

Madriga (P. de). Bcschryvinghe vande Regeringe van Peru, 
door Pedro de Madriga geboorcn tot Lima. A Is mcde ecn ver- 
hael van Pedro Fernandez de Quir, van't Australia. Amsterdam. 
1643. 4to. Maps. 43760 

Madriz (F. T.) Cultivo del Cafe 6 sea Manual tedrico 
practico sobre el beneficio de este fruto con las mejores ventajas 
para el Agricultor. Paris. 1869. Sm. 8vo, pp. viii, 170. 

Tlic author is a Venezuelan Coffee Planter; he had the book printed in Paris, hut 
the whole edition came to Caracas. The book contains from page 97-160 a reprint 
of •* El Comercio de Cafe por H. Schoetfer, traducido del aleman por el joven D. B. 
Urbaneja." Caracas. 1869. 

Maelen (P. van der). Atlas universal de geographic physique, 
politique, statistique et mineralogique, sur I'echelle de tg^ti"? a 6^> 
ou d'une ligne par 1900 toises ; par Ph. van der Maelen et H. 
Ode. Bruxelles. 1827. 6 vols., atlas folio. 373 Maps. 

Contains one hundred and twenty-two colored maps of America. 




■ I' 


Maffki (RafFacllo). Ad Iiilium. ii Orbis Romae ppiscopvm 
Sanctiss. Svm-|mvmquc Pon. R. Volatcrranvs Procmium. | 
[Recto of the first numbered leaf:] R. Volatcrrani Commcnta- 
liorvm Urbanoruni | Liber, ii. Segmeiitorum coelestiiitn brcuis 
cxplicatio. | [Colophon : | Impressum Ronuir per loaitnem Besicken 
Jle-\manum. yfnno (Jomini. mdvi. | f'olio, i8 prcl. leaves, Text, 
DXi.vii leaves. BM. 43763 

Contains in Boole xti. tome reference to Columbui. See [Harriase's] "Bib. Am. 
Vet.," I., No. 43 ; II., No. ai. 

MaffF-I. Commentariorum Urbanorum Libri xxxviii. Paris. 
1 5 10. Folio. 43764 

Sff Meutel'a " Bibliotheca Historica," Vol. 1., Part 1., page 181. 

Maffki. Commentariorum Urbano-jrum Raphaelis Vola- 
terra- 1 ni : octo & triginta libri cum | duplici eorudem indice 
secundum | Tomos collecto. [ Item Oeconomicus Xenophotis | ab 
codem latio donatus. | Fenundantur Parrhisiis in via Ia-\cobea ab 
loanne paruo iff lodoco \ Badio Jscensio. | [Verso of the title :] Ex 
chaUographia nostra : in Parrhisiorum | lutetia : Ad Idus Jugusti . 
M . D . XI. I [Colophon :] In aedibus Ascensianis ad KaUndas lulias : 
Anno Salutis nostre. M. D. XI. | Folio, 26 prel. leaves. Text, 
ccccxiiii leaves. 437^5 

The chapter relating to America begins on the verso of leaf cxxv. 

Maffei. Commentarii rerum urbanorum libri xxxviii. cum 
Oeconomico Xenophontis. Paris^ aptid Jod. Badium, 1526. Fol. 

See Fabriciup' " Bibl. Lat. Med.," Vol. vi., p. 14a, where is also mentioned "a life 
of Alexander vi. by the same author (• Vitae Sixti iv., Iniiocentii viii., Alexander vi. A: 
Pii III.,' yenet.y 1 518, folio), which may contain additional details concerning Colum- 
bus." — Harrisse. 

Maffei. Commentariorvm | Vrbanorvm | Raphaelis Volatcr- 
rani, Octo I & triginta libri, accuratius quam antehac excusi, cum | 
duplici eorundem indice secundum | Tomos collecti. [Item Oeco- 
nomicus Xenophontis, ab eodem latio donatu.s. | Basihae., in Offi- 
cina Frobe-\niana^ Anno| [Colophon:] Basileae., In 
Officina Frobeniana^ per Hieronymvm \ Frohcnivm.^ loannem Herva- 
givm^ et Nicolavm \ Episcopivm^ Anno Mense Avg. | 
Folio, 20 prel. leaves. Text, 468 leaves. 437^7 

Maffei. Commentariorvm | Vrbanorum Raphaelis Volater- | 
rani, octo & triginta libri, | accuratius quam antehac excusi, cum 
dupli- I ci eorundem indice secundum | Tomos collecto. | Item 
Oeconomicum Xenophontis, ab eodem Latio donatus. | Basileae 
MOXLiiii. I [Colophon :] Basileae^ apvd Hieronymvm Frobenivm j 




// Nicolavm Rp'vopvm^ Men- \ it AvgVito^ Anm\^nw.\\\\, \ Folio, 
22 prcl. loaves, Text, 468 leaves. 437^8 

Maffki (J. P.) loan. Petri MaftVii, Bcrgomatis, e Sorietate 
lesv, Historiarvtn Indicarvm libri xvi. Sclectarvin item ex India 
Epistolarum libri iv, eodem intcrpretc. Florentia^ Ph. Junctn. 

1588. Folio, pp. (4), 570, (28). "43769 

Maffei. Historiarum Indicarum libri xvi. Selectarum Epis- 
tolarum ex India, libri iv, Jo. Petri Mafteii interprcte. Ejusdem 
dc Lll e Socictatc Jcsu dum in Hrasiliam iiavigant, pro catholica 
fide interfectis Epistohe 11. Item Vita Ignatii Loyola;, ''b. iii. 
Eodem Maffcio aiictorc. ^enetiis. 1588. 4to. ^Zll'^ 

Title from Carayun, No. 641. Leclerc qiiotri the lanie : "Accejtit Ignatii Loioic 
vita postremo lecognita ct in opera singula cojiiosus Indtx." yeneliii : D. Ztnarium. 

1589. 4to, pp. (56), 283. Other editions aic Lugduni, 1589, and CM/onia jlgrippina, 
J 589, folio, c. 

Maffei. loan. Petri Maffeii, Bergomatis e Societate lesu : 
Historiarvm Indicarvm Libri xvi. Sclcctarvm, item, ex India 
Epistolarvm Libri iv. Accessit Ignatii Loiolse vita. Omnia 
ab auctore recognita, & emendata. In singula copiosus Index. 
Coloviae Agripp'mae. In Officina B'nckmannica^ sumptihus Jrnoldi 
Mylij. Juno m.d.xc. ... 8vo, pp. (88), 763, 461, Table (24). c. 

There are copies of this edition which do not include the life of Loyola. 

Maffei. loan. Petri | MafFeii, | Bergomatis, | e Societate lesv, | 
Historiarvm | Indicarvm | Libri xvi. | Selectarvm, item, ex India j 
Epistolarum, eodem interprete, Libri iv. | Accessit Ignatii Loiolae 
vita, j Omnia ab Auctore recognita, &c nunc primum in Germania 
excusa. | Item, in singula opera copiosus Index. | His nunc recens 
adiecta est charta gcographica, x renitidissime expressa, qua Lec- 
tori vtriuscg I Indite situs, & longinqua ad eas nauigatio, accurate 
ob oculos spectanda pro- | ponitur, non minus adspectu, quam his- 
toria ipsa lectu incunda. | Colonia Jgrippime^ | /;/ Officina Birckman- 
nic^y sumptihus | Jrnoldi Mylij. \ Anno M. D. xcili. | ... | Folio, pp. 
(4), 541, (36)- Map. c. 43772 

Maffei. loan. Petri | Maffeii, | Bergomatis, | e Societate | lesv, | 
Historiarvm] Indicarvm I Libri xvi, | Selectarvm, Item, ex In-|dia 
Epistolarvm Libri iv. | Accessit liber recentiorum Epistolarvm, a 
Joanne Hayo Dalgattiensi | Scoto ex eadem Societate nunc pri- 
mum excusus, cum | Indice accurato. | Dvobvs Tomis Distribvti. | 
Omnia ab Auctore recognita & emendata. | In singula copiosus 
Index. I Antverpia^ | Ex Officina Martini Nutij^ ad insigne dua- | runt 



■: f 

BA. 43773 

See Ternaux, p. 39. 

Ciconiarum^ Anno M. DC. v. | 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (72), 478; (2), 
402, (6). 

The best of the various editions in Latin. 

Maffei. Joan. Petri MafFeii, ... Historiarvm Indicarvm libri 
XVI. Omnia ab auctore recognita & emendata. ... Cadomi. 
M.DC. xiiii. i2mo, pp. Ixxx, 718. s. -^ Lugduni. Jpud Joan- 
nem Champion, mdcxxxvii. 8vo, pp. 718. 43774 

Maffei. Joannis Petri Maft'eii ... Historiarum Indicarum 
libri XVI. acced. Selectarum epistolarum ex India libri quatuor ; 
Joanne Petro MafFeio interprete. Viennae Austr'tae. 1751. Folio. 
-f Juarini. [1752.] 8vo. ba. 43775 

Maffei. Selectarum Epistolarum ex India libri quatuor ; 
accessit vita Ignatii Loyolae. ... Venetia. 1588. 4to. 4377^ 

Contains at the end " De 52 e societate Jesu, dum in Brasiliam navigant, pro catholica 
fide interfectis, epistolae duae." Another edition, Olysipone. 1 571. 8vo. 

Maffei. Le Istorie delle Indie Orientali scritte in latino dal 
P. Gio. Pietro Mafrei, ... tradotte di Latino in lingua Toscana da 
M. da Francesca Serdonati. Firenze. 1589. 4to. A. 43777 

Maffei. Le Historia delle India Orientali del P. Giovan. 
Tradotte di latino in lingua Toscano da Fran- 
.. Venetia : Dom Zenaro [Giunti). 1589. 4to. 

Maffei. Le Storie dell' Indie Orientali del P. Gio. Pietro 
MatFei, ... tradotte di latino in lingua Toscano da M. Francesco 
Serdonati. ... Bergamo. 1749. 2 vols., 4to. 43779 

Maffei. Istorie dell' Indie Orientali ... tradotte de Latino in 
Lingua Italiana da M. Francesco Serdonati ... . M'dano. 1806. 
3 vols., 8vo. BA. 4- J^fgi'O' 1826. 2 vols., 8vo. 43780 

Maffei. Kurtze Beschreibung deren Dingen, so von der 
Societet Jesu in Orient von 1542-1568 gehandlet worden, jetzo 
neben etlichen Japonischen Sendtschreiben von 1 548-1 555 ins 
Teutsch gebracht durch J. G. Gotzen. Ingolstadt : G. Sartorius. 
1586. 8vo. 43781 

Maffei. Histoire des Indes, de J. P. MafFei, Bergamesque, 
de la Societe de Jesus, ou il est traicte de leur descouverte, navi- 
gation et conqueste faicte tant par les Portugais que Castillans. 
Ensemble de leurs mcEurs, ceremonies, loix, gouvernements et 
reduction a la Foy Catholique. Traduict par F. Arnault de la 
Boirie, chanoine et archidiacre de Perigueux. Lyon. 1604. 8vo. 

Title from Carayon, No. 752. Apparently the first edition in French. 

Pietro Maffei, .. 
cesco Serdonati. 



Maffei. L'Histoire|des Iiides|Orientaleslet|OccidentalesI 
Dv R. P. lean Pierre Mafte'i, de la Compagnie de Iesvs,|Tra- 
duite de Latin en Francois par M. M. D. P. Avec deux Tables, 
I'vne des Chapitres, & I'autre des matieres, tant geographiquKS j 
qu'Historiques. | A Paris : Chez Robert de Ninville ... M. DC. Lxv. 
4to, pp. (32), 353 J Seconde Partie, (2), 292, (24), Privilege, (2). 

The translator was MicheJ de Pure. 

Maffei. Jo. Petri MafFeji ... Opera Omnia Latine Scripta, 
nunc primum in unum corpus collecta, variis illustrationibus 
exornata. Accedunt MafFeji vita P. A. Serassio auctore. ... Ber- 
gomi. CIDI3CCXLVII. 2 vols., 4to, pp. liv, 458, ii ; viii, 516. s. 

Includes "Vita Hist. Ind.," "Vita Gregorii," xvi. 64, and " De Rebus Indicia." 
Mattel also translated Acosta, and was specially distir.guished tor the purity of his 
style. His " Historiarum Indicarum" contains an account of Columbus' discovery of 
the New World ; the voyage and discoveries of Americo Vespucci ; Martin Behaim's 
voyage and astrolabe ; Columbus' discovery of the Canaries, and other matters relating 
to America. Hec Backer, i. 47a, and Carayon, No. ZI21, etc. 

Maffitt against Goldsborough. The Record compared by the 
Unconditional Union State Central Committee, Oct. 7, 1863. 
Baltimore: Sherwood l^ Co. 1863. 8vo, pp. 13. 437^5 

Maffitt (J. P.) Poems by John Newland Maffitt. Louis- 
ville: Prentice and Weissinger., Printers. 1839. limo, pp. viii, 
144. B. 43786 

Maffitt. Pulpit Sketches, Sermons, and Devotional Frag- 
ments. By Rev. John Newland Maffitt ... . Boston : T. R. 
Marvin. 1828. i2mo, pp. 300. Portrait. ba. 43787 

Maffitt. Pulpit Sketches. By Rev. John Newland Maffitt, 
... First Series. Louisville^ Ky : IV. Harrison Johnston. 1839. 
i2mo, pp. 178. B. 43788 

Maffitt. Tears of Contrition ; or Sketches of the Life of 
John N. Maffitt : with Religious and Moral Reflections. To 
which are appended Several Poetic Effusions. Written by Him- 
self. ... New- London : Printed by Samuel Green. 1821. I2mc, 
pp. 260, Poems, pp. 40. Portrait. ba. 43789 

" It is safe to say, that brother Maffitt's * Poetic Effusions' may be tead without 
profound emotion, thoug.h, perhaps, not without 'tears of contrition.*" 

Maffitt. Vindication of Public Justice and of Private 
Character, against the Attacks of a Council of Ministers of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church. By John N. Maffitt ... . Provi- 
dence., R. L 1823. 8vo. w. 43790 

VOL. XI. 13 

! \ 




Also : An Address ... before the Literary Societies of the Wesleyan University, 
August 3rd, 1841. ... Middletoivn, Conn.: George IV. Conci/in, Printer. 1841. 8vo, 
pp. 23. — An Address ... before the Hibernian Relief Society ... April 7, 1828. ... 
Boston: T. R. A'Lir-vin, Printer. 1828. 8vo, pp. 16. — Brief Account of the Dreadful 
Occurrence at the laying of the Corner Stone of the Methodist Church in N. Bennet 
Street, April 30, 1828. ... Boston. 1828. i2mo, pp. 11. — Oration, May, 1832 ... 
over the t;rave of Philip Embury, the Earliest Minister in the American Methodist 
Church. ... Ncw-1'ork. 1832. 8vo. s. — A Plea for the Orphan; delivered ... ao 
October, 1833. Before the Friends of the Female Orphan Asylum. ... Baltimore, 
1833. 8v(), pp. i:;.--A Plea for Africi. A Sermon ... in Behalf of the American 
Colonization Society. July 4, 1830. .. Boston: E. IV. Crittenden. 1830. 8vo, pp. 14. 
— A Sermon, September 24, 1823, at the Dedication of the Second Methodist Chapel, 
Nantucket, R. 1. ... Nantucket. 1823. 8vo, pp. 19. — ... Sermon delivered ... July 
31, 1842, to the Memory of Rev. George G. Cookman. ... IVasbington : Peter Force. 
1842. 8vo, pp. 31. See also Buckingham (J. T.), Vol. in., No. 891 1, and Elsemore 
(Moses), Vol. VI., No. 22364. 

This "gushing" clergyman was remarkable for the exuberance of his langu.nge, the 
warmth of his passions, and the power of his oratory. His popularity was scarcely 
inferior to that of Wesley or Whitefield. The following pieces also relate to him : 

Report of the Trial of Mr. John N. Maffitt, ... in Boston, December 26, 1822. ... 
Boston: Printed hy True and Greene. 1823. 8vo, pp. 31. — Maflitt's Trial; or J. T. 
Buckingham acquitted. New-York. 1829. 8vo. — Startling Discoveries concerning 
the Death of John Maffitt. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. — Theological Pretenders; or, an 
Analysis of the Character and Conduct of Rev. J. N. Maffitt. Neiu York. 1830. 8vo. 

Maga Excursion Papers. New Tork : G. P. Putnam & Son. 
1867. i6mo, pp. 304. c. 43791 

Reprinted from Putnam's monthly, also " Maga Social Papers," and " Maga Stories." 

Magalhanes (Domingos Jose Gon^alves de). Antonio Jose 
ou o poeta e a inquisi^ao : Tragedia por D. J. G. de Magalhaes. 
Rio de "Janeiro: P. Brito. 1 839. 8vo, pp. vi, 112, 12. 43792 

Magalhanes. A Confedera^ao dos Tamoyos. Poema por 
D. J. G. De Magalhaes. Rio de Janeiro : Impresso pela Empreza 
Typografia. 1857. 410, pp. xii-324, 20. + Segunda Edi^ao, 
revisca, correcta e acrescentada pelo auctor. Rio de Janeiro : 
Livraria de B. L. Gamier. 1864. 410, pp. xvi, 354. 43793 

Magalhanes de Gandavo (P. de). Historia da Prouincia 
de Sacta-Cruz | a qui' vulgarmete chamamos Brasil : feita por 
Pero de | Magalhaes de Gandauo, dirigida ao muito lib Snot; 
Dom Li-|onis P^ gouernador que foy di Malaca & das mais 
partes ( do Sul na India. ... [Colophon :] Impresso em Lisboa., na 
officina de Antonio Gonsaluez. Anno de 1 576. Sm. 4to, 48 leaves, 
including the engraved title. J.c.b 43794 

a volume of extraordinary rarity, curiosity, and interest, written in a pure, simple, and 
elegant style by an .uthor wlio resided for many yesrs in Brazil. He is the first if not 
the only Portugues writer who has attempted to delineate the peculiar characteristics of 
the natives of B- -il. The work is so scarce that it is rarely cited by the Portuguese 
authors in Brazil ; not even Vasconcelos, who teems with citations, mentions it, neither 



does Southey. In Pinelo's " Bibliotheca Oriental y Occidental," col. 673, a work 
very sparing of commendation, it is styled " Curiosa y Unica." Further interesting 
particulars occur in Machado's " Bibl. Lusitana," under Pedro de Magalhanes, and in 
the "Catalogue dos Authores," prefixed to Vol. i. of the Dictionary of the Portuguese 
Academy, Lisboa, 1793. Davihi, " Teatro das Grandeios de Madrid," entitles this 
work " Muy erudita y curiosa," p. 504; $ee alio Ternaux, No. 121. Thorp priced a 
copy in 1835 at £15 15s; Quaritch gave £27 for a copy. There are not over two 
copies in the United States. There is no English version. Its value and importance 
suggested to Mr. Ternaux the propriety of including it in his " Relations et Memoires" 
under the following title : 

Magalhanes de Gondavo. Histoire de la Province de 
Sancta-Cruz, que nous nommons ordinairement Le Bresil, par 
Pero de Magalhanes de Gondavo. Paris. 1837. 8vo, pp. 162. 

[Magallanes ( ).] Refutacion al papel titulado Bosquejo 

de la marcha de la Republica y de la influencia militar en sus 
destinos. Santiago de Chile., abril 17 de 1 841. 410, pp. (2), 9. 

M agapica (M.), pseudon. The British and American Liturgy : 
... adapted to the Three Kingdoms ... and the Thirteen United 
States of North America. Containing the Marrow of Modern 
Politics and Patriotism ... . By Magi Magapica. ... London: For 
the Author. m,dcc,lxxxiii. 8vo, pp. vi, 42. ba. 43797 

MagariSos Cervantes (A.) Estudios historicos, politicos 
y sociales sobre el Rio de La Plata, por D. Alejandro Magarinos 
Qevyznit% .... Paris : Tipografia de Adolf Blondeau. 1854. l2mo. 

Magasin du Bas-Canada, Journal Litteraire et Scientifique. 
Tome I. M. Bibaud, fiditeur. Montreal. 1832. 8vo. 43799 

Magaw (S.) a Discourse ... July 17, 1794. in the African 
Church of ... Philadelphia, on ... opening the said Church, ... 
By Samuel Magaw, d.d. ... Philadelphia : Printed by IV. Wood- 

ward, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 24. 

H., p. 


Magaw. A Discourse occasioned by the Mournful Catastro- 
phe, through Fire, which overwhelmed and destroyed Mr. Andrew 
Brown, his Wife, and three Children. Delivered in St. Paul's 
Church, ... February 5, 1797. By Samuel Magaw, d.d. Phil- 
adelphia: Ormrod^ Conrad. [1797.] 8vo, pp. 22. 4380 1 

Andrew Brown was the founder and editor of the " Federal Gazette." 

[Magaw.] Notes on the ... Death, of a ... Friend [Mrs. 
Magaw]. Philadelphia : Printed by William Toung. m,dcc,xc. 
8vo, pp. 36. ba. 43802 



Magaw. An Oration commemorative of the Virtues and 
Greatness of General Washington ; Pronounced in ... Philadel- 
phia ... before the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, on the Twenty- 
Second ... of February, Eighteen Hundred. By Samuel Magaw, 
D.D. ... Philadelphia: Printed hy J. Ormrod. l8oo. 8vo, pp. 45. 
-f- N ew field : Printed by Laxarus Beach. 1800. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 

Magaw. A Sermon, delivered 28th of May, 1787, at the 
First Ordination held by the Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church, in the State of Pennsylvania. By Samuel Magaw, d.d. 
Philadelphia: Printed by Prichard Is' Hall, m.dcc.lxxxvii. 8vo, 
pp. 52. P. 43804 

Also ^ Discourse Preached in Christ Church ... Philadelpbia. 1775. 8*'°» PP- '4- — 
A Sermon ... July 4, 1786, when the " Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving to Almighty 
God for the Inestimable Blessings of Religious and Civil Liberty" was first used. ... 
Philadelphia. 1786. 8vo. p. — A Sermon preached in ... Dover ... December 27th, 
1779. ... Before the General Communication of Free and Accepted Masons of the 
Delaware State ... . Philadelphia: Printed by yobn Dunlap. [n. d.] Svo, pp. 16. — 
Things Lovely and of good Report. A Sermon delivered in ... Philadelphia, ... 27th 
of December, 1793. In the presence of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania ... Phila- 
delpbia : Printed by C. Oswald. 1 794. Svo, pp. 24. 

Magazin der neuesten und besten auslandischen Reisebeschrei- 
bungen. Hamburg ^ Mainz : G. Follmer. 1804. 7 vols., i6mo. 

Vols. V. and vi. contain C. F. Volney's " Reisen durch die Vereinigten Staaten von 

Magazin fiir die Literatur des Auslands. Berlin. 1856. 8vo. 

Nos. 38 and 39 include " Die Sprache der Eskimos auf Gronland," by W. Schuit. 

Magazin fiir die neueste Geschichte der evangelischen Mis- 
sions- und Bibelgcsellschaften. Basel. 1822. 8vo. Continued. 

Contains many articles relative to America, the Indians, life of Zeisberger, etc. 

Magazin von merkwiirdigen neuen Reisebeschreibungen, aus 
fremden Sprachen iibersetzt und mit erlauternden Anmerkungen 
begleitet. Berlin: Jn der Vossischen Buchhandlung. 1 797. Svo, 
pp. 284, xxxvi, 232. 4380S 

Contains Hearne's "Travels to the Frozen Ocean," translated from the English by 
Forster, and Wansey's "Travels in the United States, in 1794," translated by Bottinger. 
iiee also Forster (J. R.), Vol. vi., No. 25139. 

The Magazine of Horticulture, Botany, and all useful Discov- 
eries and Improvements ... . Edited by C. M. Hovey. Vol. iii. 
Boston. 1837. Svo. Continued. 43S09 

For Vols. I. and 11. see " American Gardener's Magazine," Vol. i.. No. 1089. A new 
series commences with each tenth volume. 

K «^. l^^jiAsv '^ 





The Magazine of the Reformed Dutch Church. ... Edited by 
W. C. Brownlee [and others. April, 1826, to March, 1830. J 
New Brunswick. 1826-30. 4 vols., 8vo. s. 43810 

... The Magazine for rhe Million ... . February 17, 1844. ... 
Vol. I. No. I. New York: Burgess., Stringer., iff Co. [n. d.] 
8vo, pp. 24. Continued. H. 43811 

Magazine of Travel in various Countries both of the Old 
World and the New. Detroit. 1857. 8/0. 43^12 

Magazine of Wit, and American Harmonist. Songs ... com- 
posed in Honour of the Victories ... during the Late War. 
Philadelphia: Mc Car ty i^ Davis. 182 1. 24mo, pp. (4), 144. 

Magdalena (Augustin de la). Arte de la Lengua Tagala ... 
Mexico. 1679. 8vo. 43S14 

Lord Kingsborough paid £io los for his copy, which was afterwards (1843) priced 
£6 6s by Thorp. It is introduced here as a very rare Mexican book. 

Magdalena (J. B.) Privada y Oficial Correspondencia ... 
con el Marques de Casa Yrujo, para justa, debida, y natural vin- 
dicacion y defensa de su honor y conducta politica. Philadelphia. 
1806. 8vo. c. 43815 

Magdalena. Publica y Particular Correspondencia de Don 
Joseph Bruno Magdalena, Santin y Valcarce, ... y Posteriorment 
nombrado por J. M. Agregado al Ministerio di Espana en Sax- 
onia, segun actualmento lo es ... . Filadelfia. 1813. 8vo, pp. 84, 
Appendice, pp. 35. 43816 

Magee (J.) Memorial of John Magee. 


New York. 1870. 
s. 43817 

See [Falkner (T.)], vi. 23737, and Relacion. 

Conditions of the Magellanic Premium. Philadelphia, [n. d.] 
8vo. 43818 

Magie (D.) a Discourse delivered in ... Elizabeth, N. J. 
August 6th, 1863. On ... The Public Thanksgiving appointed 
... to comtnemorate the signal Victories vouchsafed to the Fed- 
eral Arms. By Rev. David Magie, d.d. New-Tork : Printed 
by Francis Hart ^ Co. 1863. 8vo, pp. 38. 43^ 19 

Magie. Public Thanksgiving. A Sermon, ... in ... Eliza- 
beth, N. J. November 28th, 1861, By David Magie, d.d. ... 
New-Tork : Printed by Francis Hart ^ Co. 1861. 8vo, pp. 23. 




AIsii : ... A Sermon ... at Buffalo, New York, September 8, 1847 ... before the 
American Board ... . Boston: Press of T. R. Mar-vin. 1847. 8vo, pp. 28. — Sermon 
on the Death of Gen. Zachary Taylor, President ... . Ntw Tork. 1850. 8vo. 

Magill (J.) A Historical Account of Kentucky. By John 
Magill. Frankfort. 1832. 8vo. 4382 1 

A doubtful title from an auctioneer's catalogue. 

Magin (A.) Histoire vniverselle. See [Wytfliet (Cornelius)]. 

Magini (J. A.) Geographiae turn Veteris turn Novae abso- 
lutissimum Opus, duobus voluminibus distinctum. i. Ptolomxi 
Geographicae Enarrationis Libri viii. ; et ii. Ptoloma;i Antiqui 
Orbis Tabuhr xxvii. et Tabulae xxxvii. Recentiores, una cum 
ipsarum Tabularuni Expositionibus, (|uibus singulae Orbis Partes, 
provincife, regiones, imperia, regna, ducatus, et alia dominia, prout 
nostro tempore se habent, exacte describuntur a Jo. Antonio 
Magino. Colonia : P. Keschedt. 1597. 2 vols., 410. Engraved 
Titles, 64 Maps engraved by Kieronymo Porro. 43822 

The r>iap of the World represents the whole of the South of the Globe, as occupied 
by " Terr.-! Australis nondum cognita," excepting "Terra del Fuego," which forms part 
of it. This is repeated in the chart "ad Usum Navigantium," with the addition of 
mountain ranges. The description of America occupies twenty-rive pages ; but no 
mention is made of the then English possessions, though Canada ("Nova Francia") 
occupies eight lines. The Spanish and Portuguese territories, including the West 
indies, occupy the rest of the space. "The various plates in which the New World is 
represented, do not show so much correction in the form of that continent as appears 
in the Hnal edition of Ortelius, published in 1592, but adhere rather to the earlier types 
of the Antwerp geographer." — J^uaritch. It was reprinted, Arnhemi, Jo. yanuonius. 
1 617. 2 vols., 4to. 

Maginnis (J. S.) An Inaugural Address ... in ... Hamilton 
Literary and Theological Institution, August 21, 1839. By John 
S. Maginnis ... . Utica : Bennett^ Backus^^i^ Hawley. 1 840. 8vo, 
pp. 26. H. 43823 

[Maglathan (H. B.)] Company I, Fourth Massachusetts 
Regiment, Nine Months Volunteers, in Service, 1862-3. Boston: 
Press of Geo. C. Rand l^ Avery. 1863. 8vo, pp. 40, (l). H. 

Magnenius (J. Chr.) De Tabaco Exercitationes xiv. Am- 
stelodami. 1669. i2mo. 438^5 

De magnis thesauris spiritualibus ac temporalibus in Nova 
Hispania detectis, por Alphonsus de Benavides. Salisburgo. 
1634. 8vo. 43826 

Should have appeared under Benavides. See Ternaux, No. 558. 

The Magnolia. Edited by H. W. Herbert. New Tork. 
1835-37. 2 vols., 8vo. 43827 

±tJCl,'. .■.t..i^,iJ^-„- 



I 1 I 

The Magnolia, An American Gift Book. Edited by H. H. 
Randall, ^/ew York. 1850. 8vo, pp. 380. Plates. 43^28 

Magnus (A.) Oratio in Fvnere | Regis Catliolici. | [Recto 
of" the second leaf':] M. Antonii Magni Oratio | Habita Neapoli 
in Kvnere | Kerdinandi Hispaniarvm ] Regis Catholici | Calendis 
Martii Muxvi. | [Colophon :J Neapoli : In evdibus Sigismundi 
Mayr\Germani An. Miix\i.\ 410, J 2 leaves. 43^29 

See [Harrisse's] " Bib. Am. Vet.," 11., No. 47. 

Magni/s (Olaus). Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibvs. 
Roma: yiotti. 1555. Folio. 43^3° 

First ami best edition, with many wood-cuts in the text. This great work, by the 
Arclibishup of Upsal, on the northern regions, includes Greenland with a map copied 
from the " Ptolemy" of 1482. The following is a reprint; 

Magnus. Historia Olai Magni Gothi Archiepiscopi Vpsalen- 
sis, de gentivin Septentrionaliiim uariis conditionibus statibusue, 
& demorum, rituum, superstitionum, exercitiorum, regiminis, 
discipline uictusque, mirabili diuersitate. Item de bellis, structuris, 
instrumentisqj mirabilibus. Item de mineris metallicis, & uarijs 
animalium generibus, in illis regionibus degentium. Opus omni- 
bus cuiuscunq3 conditionis hominibus magno usni futurum, rerum 
cognitione delectationeq3 refertum, expressis figuris pictis illustra- 
tum. Basitea : ex officiua Henric Petrina^ anno saluiis MDLXVll. 
mense martio. Folio, pp. (44), 854, Colophon (2). 43^3* 

There was an Italian version, yenetia, 1565, folio. 

Magnus. A Compendious History of the Goths, Swedes and 
Vandals and other Northern Nations. Translated into English 
by J. S. London: J. Streater. 1658. Folio. c. 43832 

Magnus. Gentium Septentrionalium Historiae Breviarum. 
Jntverpia. 1558. 8vo. -\- \^Ibid.'\ 1562. -\- Lugduni Batavortim, 
1652. l2mo. c. 4- Amstelodami. 1659. 8vo. 43^33 

This abridgment is by Corn. Scribon Graphxus. It was translated as below : 

Magnus. Histoirc des Pays Septentrionaux, en laquelle sont 
deduites les choses rares ou etranges qui se trouvent entre les 
Nations Septentrionales, traduit (en epitome) du Latin. Anvers : 
Christ. Plantin. 1 561. 8vo. 43^34 

The dedication is signed by the printer. It is printed in the peculiar character known 
as " Lettres de Civilite." Some copies have the imprint Paris: Martin U Jeune. 1561. 

Magnus. De vvonderlijcke Historic van de Noordersche 
Landen beschreuen door Heere Olaus de Grote Eerstbisschop 





van IJpsalen end Ouerste. Nu eeist ouerghestelt wten Latijn in 
ons Nederlantsche Duytschc Spiake. IViltem Siluius^ Tantwerptn. 
1562. 8vo. 43835 

The first edition in Dutch. The quuintness and beauty of the many wood-cuti in 
the text of this little book place it among the most interentlng of all the works on the 
northern regions. 

Magnus' Hand-Book of Travel, and Tourist's Guide through 
Canada and the United States. ... Montreal: R. pyorthington. 
1866. i6mo. 43^36 

Magoon (E. L.) The Eloquence of the Colonial and Rev- 
olutionary Times, with Sketches of Early American Statesmen 
and Patriots. Delivered before the New England Society of 
Cincinnati. By Rev. E. L. Magoon. Ciucinnati. 1847. i2mo, 

PP- 91- • 43S37 

Magoon. The Living Orators in America. By E. L. 
Magoon. New Tf'ork : Baker Iff Scribner. 1849. i2mo, pp. ix, 
462. 6 Portraits. + [^Ibid.'] 1850. B. 43838 

Magoon. Orators of the American Revolution. By E. L. 
Magoon. New York. 1848. i2mo. -f- Second Edition. New 
Tot-k : Baker and Scribner. 1848. i2mo, pp. 456. 6 Portraits. 
+ Third Edition. [/i/W.] 1849. + Fourth Edition. \_Ibid.^ 
1850. B., ba. 43839 

Magoon. Republican Christianity ; or, True Liberty, as 
exhibited in the Life, Precepts, and Early Disciples of the Great 
Redeemer. By E. L. Magoon ... . Boston: Gouldy Kendall^ and 

Lincoln, 1849. l2mo, pp. 422. 


Magoon. Westward Empire ; 
Human Progress. By E. L. Magoon 
i^ Brothers, 1856. 8vo, pp. 445. 

H- 43840 

The Great Drama of 

.. . New York: Harper 
a., b., c. 43841 

Also: Eloquence and Liberty. An Oration before the Literary Societies of Wash- 
ington College, Lexington, Va. June 24, 1846. ... Richmond. 1846. 8vo, pp. 38. — 
Oration ... Delivered July 4th, 1848, at the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Ohio 
Mechanics' Institute, Cincinnati. Cincinnati. 1848. 8vo, pp. 23. — A Useful Life and 
a Peaceful Death; delivered before the Legislature of North Carolina, 18 December, 
1842. ... Richmond. 1 843. 8vo. 

Magoon (J.) The Life of Major-Gen. John C. Fremont. 
With a Full Account of his Rocky Mountain Explorations and 
Adventures. By Lieut. Jas. Magoon. Ne%v York : Beadle and 
Company, [n. d.] i2mo, pp. 96. b. 43842 





Magoun (G. K.) Hisiuiiial Sketch of Iowa College. By 
President Magoun. [n. p. 1865 ?] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 43843 

Magoun. The West; its Culture and its Colleges. An 
Oration ... at ... Iowa College ... July i8th, 1855. By George 
F. Magoun. ... Davenport: Luse ^ CoUs^ Printtrs. 1855. i2mo, 
pp. 34. 43844 

Also ! Addresses and Discourse at the Inauguration of ... Rev. George F. Magoun, 
A.M. ... July 19, 1865. ... Chicago: Horton ^Leonard, Frinten. 1865. 8vo, pp. 60, 
I '). — Architecture and Christian Principle. ... [n. p. 1859?] 8v(i, pp. (a), 13. — 
A Ministry for the Northwest : An Address ... at tiie Triennial Convention ... of 
Chicago Theological Seminary, June a6, 1864. ... C-Vd^o. 1864. Svc, pp. 22. — 
President Magoun's College Statement, [n. p. n. d.] ,0, pp. 7,(1). — The Relation 
of the Ac.idemy to our Educational System : an Address, Denmark, Iowa, July 3, 1867. 
... Denmark. 1867. 8vo, pp. s8. 

Magrath (A. G.) An Oration ... before the '76 Associa- 
tion ... 4th July, 1841. By A. G. Magrath ... . Charleston: 
Printed by W. Riley. 1841. 8vo, pp. (2), 32. H. 43845 

Magrath (T. W.) Authentic Letters from Upper Canada ; 
with an Account of Canadian Field Sports. By T. W. Magrath, 
Esq. The Etchings by Samuel Lover, Esq. Edited by the 
Rev. T. RadclifF. Dublin : IVilliam Curry^ J"^- ""^ Company. 
1833. 8vo, pp. 334. 43846 

See *' Dublin University Magazine," i. 600. 

Magre (P.) Le Pilote Americain, contenant la Description 
des Cotes orientales de I'Amerique du Nord, suivi d'une notice 
sur le "Gulph Stream," ... par P. Magre. Paris. 1826. 8vo. 

Magruder (A. B.) Political, Commercial and Moral Reflec- 
tions, on the Late Cession of Louisiana, to the United States. 
By Allan B. Magruder, Esquire ... . Lexington: Printed by D. 
Bradford. 1803. 8vo, pp. 150. ba. 43848 

Magruder (H. R.) Sketches of the Last Year of the Mex- 
ican Empire. By Henry R. Magruder, m.d. ... [^li^iesbaden .J 
Printed for Private Circulation. [1868.] 8vo, pp. viii, 135. Plates. 

Magrudkr (J. B.) Major-General Magruder's Report of 
his Operations on the Peninsula, and of the Battles of " Savage 
Station" and " Malvern Hill," near Richmond. Richmond: Chas. 
H. fVynne^ Printer. 1862. 8vo, pp. 46. H. 43850 

Also: Presidential Contest of 1856, in Three Letters. ... [n. p.] 1857. 8vo. 

Magruder (P.) See Vol. iv.. No. 15563. 
VOL. XI. 14 




h ' 


Maorimhcr (W. B.) An Address to the Public, Accounting 
for tliL- large Sum of Money which has been sunk in the hands 
of W. B. Magrudcr and W. B. Magruder and Company, and 
showing that their Failure and almost all their Losses were pro- 
duced by the Misconduct of Messr^. Findlay, Bannatyne and Co. 
Baltimore. 1800. 8vo. 43^51 

Magruder (W. H. N.) The Young Minister; or. Memoirs 
and Remains of Stephen Beekman Bangs, of the New York 
East Conference. By W. H. N. Magruder. With a preface, 
by E. O. Haven. New Tork. 1853. i2mo, pp. 388. 43852 

[Maguire (H. N.) and Horr (H.)] Historical Sketch and 
Essay on the Resources of Montana; including a ... Directory 
of the Metropolis. ... Helena. 1868. 8vo, pp. 16S, n. 43853 

Maguire (J. F.) America in its Relation to Irish Emigration. 
By John FVancis Maguire ... . Boston: Patrick Donahoe, 1869. 
i2mo, pp. 24. B. 43854 

Maguire. Father Mathew : A Biography. By John Francis 
Maguire ... . London: Longman .. 1863. 8vo, pp. (2), xv, 557. 
Portrait, ba. + New York. 1864. i2mo. 43855 

Relates his travels and labors in America in the cause of temperance, etc. 

Maguire. The Irish in America. By John Francis Maguire, 
M.P. ... London: Longman.^ Green.^ and Co. 1868. 8vo, pp. xvii, 
653. BA. + New York: D. £2" J. Sad/ier & Co. 1868. i2mo, 
pp. xiv, 653. 43856 

[Maguire (Thomas).] Clerge Canadien venge par ses enne- 
mis; ou observations sur un ouvrage recent, intitule: "Tableaux 
Statistique et Politique des Deux Canadas." Par Vindex. 
^'ebec. 1834. 8vo. 43^57 

[Maguire.] Observations d'un Catholique sur I'histoire du 
Canada de I'honorable William Smith. Par Vindex. ^ebec. 
1827. 8vo. 43858 

Magwire (J.) Letter to President Grant ... [on] the National 
Labor Union ... By John Magwire ... Feb. 17, 1869. JVashing- 
ton : Joseph L. Pearson^ Printer. 1869. 8vo, pp. (2), 30. H. 

Also ; Address ... at ... St. Louis ... August 2, 1870 ... on ... Pauperism and 
Usury. Saint Louis. 1870. 8vo, pp. 8. h. 

Mahaffy (J. p.) Twelve Lectures on Primitive Civiliza- 
tions, and their Physical Conditions. ... By John P. MahafFy, a.m. 
... London: Longmans ... mdccclxix. i6mo, pp. xix, 296, (i). 


•"- * -^i/mmm^t 



Mahan (A.) Modem .Mystciios Kxplained and Exposed. ... 
By Rev. A. Mahan ... . Boston: John P. Jewttt am' Company. 
1855. i2mo, pp. XV, 466. H. 43861 

Mahan (13. H.) An Elementary Treatise on Advanced- 
Guard, Out-Post, and Detachment Service of Troops, ... By D. 
H. Mahan .... New Orleans: Bloemfitld ^ Steel. 186 1. i6mo, 
pp. 143. 43862 

Mahan. Summary of the Course of Permanent. Fortification, 
and of the Attacic and Defence of Permanent Works, for the use 
of the Cadets of the U. S. Military Academy. By D. H. Mahan, 
... Columbia^ S. C. 1 863. 8vo, pp. 352. -\- iiichmond : Pl^estl^ 
Johnston. 1863. 8vo, pp. 352. ua. 43863 

This gentleman is alsid the author oF many other works, the two wc h.ive introduced 
are only inserted here became they were published in the "Confedetate States." 

Mahan (J. B.) Trial of Rev. John B. Mahan, for Felony, 
in the Mason Circuit Court of Kentucky ... . Cincinnati : Samuel 
J. JIley, Printer. 1838. 8vo, pp. 88. B. 43864 

Mahan (M.) ... An Address ... before the ... College of 
St. James, Maryland, June loth ... 185 1. By ... Rev. M. 
Mahan. ... Philadelphia: King iff Baird^ Printers. 1 85 1. 8vo, 
pp. 15. H. 43865 

Mahan. The Healing of the Nations : A Sermon ... in ... 
Albany, on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 29, 1855. By M. Mahan, 
D.D. ... Albany: J. Munsell. 1855. 8vo, pp. 22. b. 43866 

Mahan. Dr. Mahan's Speech, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16 
-f Second Speech, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. 43867 

Relates to the Civil War. 

Mahan. ... Sermon in Memory of the Right Reverend 
George Washington Doane, Late Bishop of ... New-Jersey ; ... 
in ... Burlington, ... May 25, a.d. 1859, By the Rev. M. Mahan, 
D.D. ... New-Tork : Pudney ^ Russell^ Printers. 1859. ^^^^ 
pp. 29. H. 43868 

Malheiro e Mello (A. M. L. P.) Panegyrico gratulatorio 
ao Serenissimo Senhor D. Jose, Principe do Brasil, na occasiao 
dos seus desposorios, por Antonio Manuel Leite Pacheo Malheiro 
e Mello. Lisi^a^na Regia OfficinaTypografia. 1 777. 410, pp. 12. 

Mahlmann (H.) Der Indianer-Sommer in Nord-Amerika 
verglichen mit gewohnlichen Witterungserscheinungen Mittel- 
Europas. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 43870 

I il 

! l| 



M\MrM\NN. Kartf \i»n Amcrika ... . B»rlin : Schrotft und 
C'jnp'.'j/i;i\ i8j8. Folio. ( Bcrichtiguiigcii. [Iliif/.] 1044. 

Maui MANN. Karte ilcr Fiovin/. Rio cic Janeiro. Berlin: D. 
Reimn-. 1848. 410. 43^72 

The Mahogany 'I'icc, its fJotanical Characters, (^^ualitics and 
Uses, with Suggestions for cutting it in the West Indies and 
Central America, with Notices of Panama, Nicaragua, 'I'chuan- 
tepec. Liverpool. 1850. 8vo. Map and Plates. 43^73 

Htf iilto Vtil. III., No. 11775. 

Mahon (Philip Henry), discount. AV* Stanhope (P. H.) 

Mahonky (D. ) Six Months in a House of Correction, or 
the Narrative of Dorah Mahoney, who was under the Inlliience 
of the Protestants about a Year. Boston. 1835. i8n)u. 43874 

Edited by William J. Snelling. 

Mahonky ' j. W.) The Cherokee Physician ; or, Indian 
Guide to Health, as given by Richard P'oreman, a Cherokee 
Doctor. Bv James W. Mahoney. Third Edition. New York: 
"J. M. Edmy. 1857. l2mo, pp. 304. c. 43875 

Mahony (D. a.) The Four Acts of Despotism: comprising 
I. The Tax Bill, with all the Amendments, ii. The F'inance 
Bill. III. The Conscription Act. iv. The Indemnity Bill. 
With Itilroductions and Comments. By D. A. Mahony ... . 
New York : f^an Evrie., Norton iif Co. 1 863. 8vo, pp. 1 60. 

[Mahony.] Political Opinions in 1776 and 1863: a Letter 
to a Victim of Arbitrary Arrests and "American Bastiles." Neiu 
York: Anson D. F. Randolph. 1863. 1 2mo, pp. 19. 43877 

Mahony. The Prisoner of State. By D. A. Mahony. ... 
New York : Carleton. M DCCC LXill. l2mo, pp. 414. H. 43878 

Mahy (N.) Notas histdricas de plan del Excmo. Sr. D. 
Nicolas Mahy. Habana : Oficina de Bartolo. 18 1 8. Svo. 

Mahy. Pesame al Excmo. Sr. D. Nicolas Mahy. Habana: 
Imprenta Fraternal. 18 1 8. 8vo. 43^80 

Mahy de Cormere (J. F.) Observations sur les Colonies 
Fran^aises de I'Amerique. Paris. 1791. 8vo. c. 43881 

Maia (J. J. da S.) O Brasileiro Impartial, por Joaquim Jose 
da Silva Maia. Rio de 'Janeiro: Typografia do Diario. 1830 e 
1831. 8vo. 43882 



Maia (J. A. (la S.) Mcmoria da origrm, pmgrrssos c deta- 
drncia (!«> (|uiiito d'ouro na proviricia dc Miiias-gcracs, pur Jose 
Antonio da Silva Maia. Rio dt Jantiro. 1827. 410. 43^^,J 

The Maid of Canal Street ; and the Bloxhanis. Philadelphia. 
1851. 8vu. 43iiH4 

Mai-Jour. See our No. 43028 

Mailhk (J. B.) Discours ... nr la (Jrandeur et rimportanci" 
dc la Revolution ipii vient de s'opercr dans rAineriquc septen- 
trionale. Far M. Maiihe ... . Toulouse: I). Desclassan. M.ncc- 
Lxxxiv. 8vo, pp. 40. BA. 43885 

Maillaru (N. D. The History of the Republic of Texas, 
from the Discovery of the Country to the Present Time ; and 
the Cause of her Separation from the Republic of Mexico. My 
N. Doran Maillard, Esq. ... of Texas. I,ottdott : Smith.^ Elder^ 
and Co. ... 1842. 8vo, pp. xxiv, 512. Map. H. 43886 

" My object is to picscnt to the public an unvamiiihed account of what Teuas and 
the Texans really are; of the true origin and history ol their rebellion agaiitit Mexico, 
their lawful aoven-iun," etc. — Preface, p. iv. 

Maillard (Pierre). Grammar of the Mikmaque Language 
of Nova Scotia, edited from the Manuscripts of the Abbe Mail- 
lard. By the Rev. Joseph M. Bellenger. New Tork : Cramoisy 
Press. 1864. 8vo, pp. 101. ba. 43887 

Two titles, one of which is in French. The tribes of Mikm.iks formerly occupied 
the peninsula of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and part of Maine. Forms No. 
XIII. of Shea'i " Library of American Linguistics." One hundred copies only printed. 

Maillard. Lettre sur les Missions de I'Acadie et particu- 
lierement sur les Missions Micmaques. Soir Canadian. 1863. 
8vo, pp. 136. 43^^*^ 

Maillardiere (Charles Fran9ois), Hcomte de la. Abrege 
des Principaux Traites conclus depuis le commencement du qua- 
torzieme siecle jusqu'a present, entre les difFerentes puissances de 
I'Europe. Paris. 1778. 2 vols., i2mo. c. 43889 

[Maillet Duclairon (Antoine).] Observations d'un Ame- 
ricain des Isles neutres au sujet de la negociation de la France et 
de I'Angleterre, Geneve. 1761. i2mo. 43*^90 

Ste Barbier, 11. 480. 

Maillet (B. de). Telliamed ou Entretiens d'un Philosophic 
Indien avec un Missionaire Francois Sur la Diminution de la Mer, 
la Formation de la Terre, I'Origine de I'Homme, &c. Mis en 

I % 






ordre sur les Memoires de feu M. de Maillet, ... Amsterdam: 
Chez UHomr'e ^ Fils^ Libraires. m.dcc.xlviii. i6tno, pp. (lo), 
cxix, (8), 208 ; (2), 231, (2). H. 43891 

[Maillet.] Telliamcd ; or, the World Explain'd : contain- 
ing Discourses Between an Indian Philosopher and a Missionary, 
on the Diminution of the Sea — the Formation of the Earth — the 
Origin of Men & Animals : and other Singular Subjects, relating 
to Natural History & Philosophy. ... London: T. Osborne, mdccl. 
8vo, pp. liii, ^84. H. 4" Baltimore: D. Porter. 1797. 8vo, 
pp. 268. BA. 43892 

"This curious work was written by M. de Maillet, whose name is concealed in the 
word < Telliamed.' It is supposed to have suggested to Mr. Darwin his celebrated 

Maillv (£.) Precis de I'histoire de I'astronomie aux £tats- 
Unis d'Amerique. Par Edouard Mailly. Bruxelles : Hayez. 
i860. i2mo. 43^93 

Mails. See Mexico, Post-Office, etc. 

Main (T.) Directions for the Transplantation and Manage- 
ment of Young Thorn or other Hedge Plants ... . With ... Oper- 
ations on ... Hedging. By Thomas Main ... . City of IVashington : 
A. y G. Way., Printers. 1807. 8vo, pp. 38. H. 43894 

Maine District, and State of Maine, 

Alphabetically arranged, except that the books relating to Banks, Education, Geology, 
L .nd, Masonry and Military matters are grouped. 

An Abstract of Returns showing the amount of Money raised 
for ... Bridges. Portland. 1829. 8vo. w. 43895 

An Abstract of the Returns of Corporations made to the 
Office of the Secretary of State in January, 1852, for the year 
1851. Augusta: State Printer. 1852. 8vo. Continued. c. 

An Act to apportion and assess a Tax on the Inhabitants ... 
for... 1852. Augusta: William T. Johnson^ Printer. 1852. 8vo, 
pp. 27. H. 43897 

An Act to restrict the Sale of Intoxicating Drinks, 1846. 
[n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 14. 43898 

This is the celebrated " Maine Law." Also : An Act for the Suppression of Drink- 
ing Houses and Tippling Shops, passed ... 1851. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. — An 
Appeal to the Public. From ... Results of the Maine Law. ... Neiv Tork. 1853. 
8vo. + Second Edition. [/Wi/.] 1854. 8vo, pp. 32. — ... Report of the Committee 
on the Judiciary relative to the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors. ... February 29, 1856. 
[n. p.:] Fuller & Fuller, Printers. [1856?] 8vo, pp. 39, (i). h. 





Acts and Resolves, passed by the Twentieth Legislature of the 
State of Maine, January Session, 1840. ... Augusta: PVm. R. 
Smith y Co., Printers. 1840. 8vo, pp. (10), 254, (12). Cont'd. 

Additional Resolves respecting the North-Eastern Boundary. 
Passed January 23, 1832. Augusta: I. Berry ^' Co.., Printers. 
1832. 8vo, pp. 4. H. 43900 

Address of a Convention of Delegates from Twenty Towns 
and five Plantations within the Counties of York, Cumberland 
and Lincoln, ... at Portland, ... the Twenty Eighth ... of Janu- 
ary One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Five ... on ... 
their Separation from xMassachusetts. Portland: Printed ... by 
Thomas B. IVait. [1795.] i6mo, pp. 31. H. 43901 

An Address of the Democratic Members of the Legislature, 
to the Democratic Party in ... Maine, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. 

An Address to the Inhabitants of the District of Maine, upon 
the Subject of their Separation from the Present Government of 
jvlassachusetts. By One of their Fellow Citizens. Printed at 
Portland by Thomas B. fVaity ... 1791. 8vo, pp. 54. ba., c. 

An Address to the Lihabitants of Maine, shewing a Safe and 
Easy Method of extracting Good from Evil. By a Citizen. 
Augusta: For the Proprietors. 1805. 8vo, pp. 11. BA. 43904 

An Address to the People of Maine, from the Convention of 
Delegates, assembled at Portland. \_Portland : F. Douglas^ Printer. 
1 8 19. J 8vo, pp. 7. H., w. 43905 

An Address to the People. See [Lewis (A.), and others^. 

An Address to the People of Maine from M. Kinsley, Joshua 
Cushman, Ezekiel Whitman and Enoch Lincoln, relating to the 
Admission of that State into the Union. IVashington. 1820. 
8vo, pp. 14. H. 43906 

Aggregate Amount of each description of Persons within the 
District of Maine. \JVashington.'\ 181 1. Folio. 439^7 

Agriculture. Digest of Returns from the Agricultural Societies 
in the State of Maine, for 1856. Prepared by S. L. Goodale ... 
Augusta: Fuller & Fuller., Printers. 1857. ^v°» PP* ^88, (2). 
Plates. BA. 43908 

Continued as : "Abstracts of Returns," etc. Also: Transactions of the Agricul- 
tural Societies ... for 1850, 1851, 1852. Arranged ... by E. Holmes ... . Part 11. 
j-liguiia: pyUliam T. yohnioiif Printer. 1853. 8vo, pp. vii, (2), 41 1-862. Continued. 

I i ' 


r '■ r 



An Appeal to the People of Maine on the Question of Sepa- 
ration ... from Massachusetts ... . [n. p.] 1816. 8vo, pp. 20. 
-f Second Edition. [Portlan(i^'\ Jpril^ 1816. 8vo, pp. 28. H. 

Report of the Attorney General on ... the State Prison and 
Criminal Code, January, 1829. Portland: J. and IV. E. Ed- 
ivards^ Printers. 1829. 8vo, pp. 22. H. 439 10 

Report of the Attorney Gent ral of ... Maine. 1859. Jugusta: 
Stevens iff Sayiuard., Printers, k 3o. 8vo, pp. 1 1. H. 439 ii 

Annual Report of the Bank Commissioners, 1848. ... Augusta: 
IVilliam T. Johnson^ Printer. 1849. 8vo, pp. 37. Continued. 

Ako : Second Annual Report of the Bank and Insurance Examiner of' ... Maine. 
DecfiTiher 31, 1869. ... Augusta : Sprague, Owen (S' Nash, Printers, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 84. 
— . . Documents in relation to the Examination of Banks. Portland: Printed ... by 
Thomas Tcdd. 1828. 8vo, pp. 10. — List of Stockholders ... in the Banks of Maine. 
... Augusta: If^tn. R. Smith (Sf Co. 1842. 8v<), pp. 87. Continued. — Report of the 
Bank Coinniisjioners under a Resolve of March 6, 1826. Portland: Printed ... by 
Thomas Todd, Printer. 1827. 8vo, pp. 48. — Report of the Bank Examiner of ... 
JUaine. 1870. Augusta: Uprague, Owen & Nash, Printers. 1870. 8vo, pp. 56. Con- 
linucd. n. — Report of the Commissioners appointed ... to examine into the Doings 
and Transactions of the ... Banks in this State ... . Portland: Printed by Thomas Todd. 
1827. 8vo, pp. 47, (i). Continued, h. 

A Book for the Children of Maine ... . Portland: S. Cnlman. 
1831. i2mo, pp. 119. 43913 

A Brief Sketch of Parties. See Vol. ii., No. 7897. 

A Catalogue of Original Documents. See [Folsom (G.)] 

Church Association of Maine. Report of the Conven- 
tion held in Portland, September, 1852. Bangor. 1852. 8vo, 
pp. 20. 43914 

Also: Report of the First Annual Meeting, Bangor, September, 1853. Bangor. 
1853. 8vo, pp. 48. Continued. 

Circular, dated Brunswick, Me., Aug. 16, 1832. [n. p. 1832.] 
8vo, pp. I. 43915 

Signed by Marcellus Emery and seven others. 

Address of the Board of Managers of the Colonization Society 
of the State of Maine. [Portland. 1855.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 

A Conspectus [etc.] See Vol. iv., No. 16040. 

Constitution for the State of Maine ; formed in Convention, 
at Portland, 29th of October, ... 18 19 ... . Portland: Printed by 

BA., c. 43917 

Francis Douglas. 1819. 8vo, pp. 32. 




The Constitution of the State. Portland. 1820. 8vo, pp. 
xxxvi, 48. 439'^ 

The Constitution of the State of Maine, with Marginal Ref- 
erences, the Census .... Portland. 183 1. 8vo. 439 '9 

The Debates, Resolutions, and other Proceedings, of the Con- 
vention of Delegates, assembled at Portland on the lith, ami 
continued until the 29th day of October, 1819, for the Purpose 
of forming a Constitution for the State of Maine. To which i? 
prefixed the Constitution ... . By Jeremiah Perley, Counsellor at 
Law. Portland: A. Sh'trley\ Printer. 1820. l2mo, pp. 300, (l). 

Decision of the King of the Netherlands considered in refer- 
ence to the Rights of the United States and of the State of 
Maine. Portland. 1831. 8vo. C.', w. 43921 

Relutes to the north-eastern boundary. 

Defences of Maine. See [Poor (John A.)] 

Defences of the North-Eastern P'rontier. Report of the 
Select Committee to whom were referred the Resolutions of the 
Legislature of Maine. Washington. 1864. 8vo. s. 43922 

A Description of the Situation, Climate, Soil and Productions 
of Certain Tracts of Land in the District of Maine, and Com- 
monwealth of Massachusetts, [n. p. 1793.] 4to, pp. 44. ba. 

Contains a letter from General Benjamin Lincoln to William Bingham, dated Feb. 
a6, 17935 also the certificate of Daniel Cony, John Gardiner, Francis Winter, and 
David Silvester, concerning the condition and resources of the District. Reprinted in 
the " Mass. Hist. Collections," Fourth Series. 

Documentary History. See Maine Historical History. 

... Documents, in relation to the Canada Road. ... Portland: 
Printed Thomas Todd. 1828. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 43924 

Documents printed by Order of the Legislature, ... 184 1. 
Augusta. 1 841. 8vo. Continued. 439^5 

Documents relating to the Boundary Line between Maine and 
New Brunswick. ... Boston: True and Greene^ ... Printers. 1826. 
8vo, pp. 18. UA. 43926 

Documents, relating to the Maine Boundary ; naniely. Presi- 
dent's Message, Letters that passed between the Secretary of 
State and the British Minister — Report made to Congress. 
Washington, 1 838. 8vo, pp. 494. Map. 439 ^7 

Title from one of Mr. William Gowan's catalogues. 

Vol. XI. 15 


1 i 



Documents relating to the North Eastern Boundary of ... 
Maine. Boston: Dutton iJ IVentivorth. 1828. 8vo, pp. 275. H. 

These documents cover tlie whole question respecting the disputed territories from 
the earliest period to this date. The matter was not fin.iHy settled till the Ashburton 
and Webster Treaty of" 1S40. 

Documents relating to the Separation of Maine from Massa- 
chusetts, [n. p.] 1 819. 8vo. w. 43929 

... Documents relating to Trespassers on tne Public Lands. 
[n. p.:] Smith ^ Robhisoji^ Printers. [1839.] l2mo, pp. 47, (l). 

Education. ... Abstract of the Returns of the Selectmen ... 
and Assessors ... of the Number of School Districts ... Scholars 
and Amount of Money raised for Schools. Portland: Printed by 
Day Is Fraser. 1829. 8vo, pp. 20. H. 43931 

Act to provide for the Education of Youth. Augusta : IV. T. 
Johnson. 1851. i2mo, pp. 52. c. 43932 

First Report of the Board of Education ... . 1847. Augusta: 
IV. T. Johnson. 1847. l2mo, pp. 135. Plans. Continued. 

Annual Report of the State Superintendent of Common 
Schools of ... Maine, ... 1855. Augusta. 1855. 8vo. Cont'd. 

General Conference of the Congregational Churches in Maine. 
Churches and Ministers from 1672-1867. With the Minutes ... 
Portland: Press of Brown Thurston i^ Co. 1867. 8vo, pp. 157. 

Geology. First Report on the Geology of the Public Lands in 
the State of Maine. By Charles T. Jackson, m.d. Boston: 
Dutton and IVentworth., Printers. 1 837. 8vo, pp. 93, (l). BA. 

First Report on the Geology of the State of Maine. Bv 
Charles T. Jackson, M.D. ... Augusta: Smith & Robinson^ Printers. 
1837. 8vo, pp. 127, (i). -|- Second Report. Augusta: Luther 
Severance^ Printer. 1838. 8vo, pp. 168. ba. -f- Third Annua! 
Report. Augusta Smith iff Robinson. 1839. 8vo, pp. xiv, 276. 


Jackson (C. F.), Vol. ix., No. 35399-400. 

Atlas of Plates, illustrating the Geology of the State of Maine, 
accompanying the First Report on the Geology of that State. By 
Charles T. Jackson, m.d. ... \^Augusta. 1837.] 410. 24 Plates. 

Second Annual Report upon the Natural History and Geology 
of the State of Maine. 1862. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 447. ba. 

By Ezekiel Holmes and C. H. Hitchcock. Also included in the Seventh Report 
of the Maine Board ot Agriculture. Augusta. 1862. 8vo, 











[Report of] the Joint Select Committee to whom was referred 
" So much of the Governor's Message as relates to the Geological 
Survey" .... [n. p. 1836.] 8vo, pp. 23, (i). h. 43940 

Governor's Message and Documents ... with the Report ... 
in relation to the Northeastern Boundary. ... [n. p.:] Todd and 
Holden^ Printers. 183 1. 8vo, pp. 52. BA. 43941 

Governor's Speech, [n. p. 1828.] 8vo, pp. 16. Continued. 

Address of Governor Washburn to the Legislature of the State 
of Maine, January 3, 1 85 1. Jugusta : Stevens l^f Sayward. 1861. 
8vo, pp. 25. -f Address ... April 22, 1861. [^IhidJ\ 1861. 8vo, 
pp. 7. -f- Address ... January 2, 1862. \_Ibid.'\ 1862. 8vo, 
PP- 30- ' 43943 

These addresses relate chiefly to the Civil War in the South. 

Address of Gov. Hamlin to the Legislature ... January 8, 1857. 
... Augusta: Stevens l^ Blaine^ Printers. 1857. 8vo, pp. 22. H. 

Journal of the Constitutional Convention of the District of 
Maine : with the Articles of Separation and Governor Brooks' 
Proclamation, prefixed. 1819-20. Augusta: Fuller &' Fuller^ 
Printers. 1856. l2mo, pp. 112,(1). H. 43945 

Journal of the Proceedings. See Smith (G. E.) 

Lands. Documents showing the Division of the Public Lands, 
as far as made by the Commissioners under the Act of Separation. 
[Portland. 1822.] 8vo. w. 43946 

Remarks on the two Last Reports of the Land Agent, together 
with some Particulars of his Cr Juct while in Office ; addressed 
to the Governor, Council and Legislature of the State of Maine, 
[n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 13, (i). w. 43947 

&e Honestus, puudon, for a " Vindication," Vol. viii., No. 32779. 

A Reply to the "Vindication" of "the Land Agent," &c. By 
the Author of the Remarks, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 23. 

Report of the Commissioners on the Settlement of the Public 
Lands of Maine. Augusta : Sprague^ Owen ^ Nash^ Printers. 
1870. 8vo, pp. 24. B. 43949 

[Report of Committee appointed on a System for the Manage- 
ment of the Lands of this Commonwealth (Massachusetts) in the 

District of Maine. 

Boston. 1813.] 8vo, pp. 14, 

This is a made-up title. 

folded leaf. 




... Report of the Committee on State Lands, made ... Febru- 
ary 13th, 1879. Portland: Printed by Day is' Fraser. 1829. 8vo, 

pp. 7. 

... Report of the Land Agent of Maine .. 
8vo, pp. 28, 3 folded leaves. Continued. 

H. 43951 

[n. p. 1827?] 
H. 43952 

Report on the State of the Land Office, for ... 1825. By 
James Irish ... . Portland: A. IV. Thayer.^ Printer. [1. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 16. H. 43953 

Laws of the State of Maine, p:issed by the Legislature at its 
Session ... May ... June, 1820 ; '!'(» which is prefixed, the Con- 
stitution of the State. ... Portland: Printed by Francis Douglas. 
1820. 8vo, pp. xxxvi, 48, (8). BA. 43954 

Laws of the State ^i Maine ; To which are prefixed the 
Constitution of the U. States and of said State. ... Published 
according to resolves of the State, passed March 8, 1821, and 
March 30th, 1831. With an Appendix. ... Brumivick : Printed 
by y. Grijlin^ for the State. 1 82 1 -3 1. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. (2), Ixx, 
456, Index, xciii, (3) ; (2), xlii, 457-872, xciii, {3) ; 

Laws ... with the Constitutions of the State and United States. 
Portland. 1822. 8vo. w. 43956 

Laws of the State of Maine ... With an Appendix. Hallowell. 
1830-38. 2 vols., 8vo. 43957 

The title to Vol. ii. reads : " Laws of the State of Maine from the Separation to 
1833 inclusive." 

Laws of the State of Maine ; with the Constitution ... Bv 
Francis O. J. Smith. Portland. 1834. 2 vols., 8vo. c. 43958 

Laws of Maine in Relation to the Education of Youth. ... 
Augusta: IVilliam R. Smith i^ Co.^ Printers. 1842. i2mo, pp. 

27, (0- B- 43959 

Also: Laws relating to the Public Schools in ... Maine. ... Augusta: IVm. T. 
ycbnson. Printer. 1848. 8vo, pp. (6j, 29. Continued. — Laws of the State of Maine 
relating to Manufacturing Corporations. Keiinehunk. 1835. 24mo, pp. 12. m. 

List of Government Officers for 1822 and 1826. [n. p. n. d.J 
i2mo. w. 43960 

Minutes of the Forty-Fifth Session of the Maine Annual 
Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, ... May 5-ro, 
1869 ... . Boston: James P. Magee. 1869. 8vo, pp. 35, (i). 
Continued. B. 43961 



First Annual Report of the Secretary of the Maine Board of 
Agriculture, 1856. Second Edition. ... Augusta: Stevens if 
Blaine^ Printers. 1857. ^^^i PP' *35* Continued. BA. 43962 

Minutes of the Maine Baptist Convention held ... October 
1 2th and 13th, 1 83 1. Halloweli : Glazier., Masters i^ Co. 1 831. 
i6mo, pp. 21. Continued. h. 43963 

The Maine Business Directory, for the Year commencing Sep- 
tember I, 1867. Boston: Briggs y Co. 1867. 8vo, pp. 280, 84. 

Report of the Directors ... of the Maine Central Railroad 
Company. ... 1864. Bangor: Printed by Samuel S. Smith. 1864. 
8vo, pp. 20, (i). Continued. b. 43965 

Maine Charitable Mechanic Association. First Ex- 
hibition and Fair ... held ... in ... Portland ... 1838. Portland. 
1838. 8vo, pp. 82. Continued. b. 43966 

Maine Charity School. Law ... . [Bangor^ Me. n. d.] 
i2mo, pp. 12. H. 43967 

Also : Account of the Maine Charity School. Bangor, [n. d.] 8va. &r alio New 
Theological Seminary. 

Maine Convention of Universalists. Proceedings ... June 
25th, 26th and 27th, 1850 ... with the Transactions of the 
Missionary, Educational and Tract Societies, for ... 1850. ... 
Augusta: Homan iff Manley^ Printers. 1850. 8vo, pp. 71. H, 

Maine Farmers* Almanac. By Daniel Robinson. Augusta. 
1853. *2mo. 43969 

Maine Historical Society. Collections of the Maine 
Historical Society.' Vol. i. Portland: Printed by Day., Fraser iff 
Co. 1831. 8vo, pp. (8), viii, 416. Continued to 6 vols. b. 

Vol. I. is scarce, as many of the copies were destroyed by fire. The series is important 
as it contains reprints of many rare books. 

Collections of the Maine Historical Society. Second Series. 
Documentary History of the State of Maine. Edited by Wil- 
liam Willis. Vol. I. Containing a History of the Discovery of 
Maine. By J. G. Kohl. With an Appendix on the Voyages 
of the Cabots, by M. d'Avezac, of Paris. ... Portland : Bailey 
and Noyes. 1869. 8vo, pp. (4), vili, (2), 9-535. 22 colored Maps. 

Also : Report of the Joint Standing Committee on the Library, on the Memorial of 
the Maine Historical Society, March, 1856. [n. p.] 1856. 8vo, pp. 4.. 






First Annual Report of the Directors of the Maine Insane 
Hospital,... 1840. Augusta: Severance iff Dorr^ Printers. 184 1. 
8vo, pp. 37, (i). Continued. B. 43972 

... Report of the Trustees ... November 30, 1843. ["• P* 
fi'in. R. Smith Iff Co., Printers, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 38, (l). H. 

Also : ... Reports of' the Trustees, Steward and Treasurer, and Superintendent of the 
Insane Hospital, 1844. Augutta : ff^m. T. Johnson, Printer. 1 844. 8vo, pp. (2), 7, 
47. Continued, h. 

... The Maine Journal of Education. ... Portland., Me. 1867. 
8vo. H. 43974 

The Maine Law in New- York ! Address of the Executive 
Committee of the Nev.'-York State Temperance Society, [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 15. B. 43975 

The Maine F/aw in the Balance ... . By a Citizen of Maine. 
... Portland., Me.: Merrill and Whitman. [1855.] 8vo, pp. 56. 

... The Maine Law: its Constitutionality ... Operation and 
... Acceptance. Also, Temperance Organization ... in Massa- 
chuee'tts ... . Boston: George C. Rand. 1851. 8vo, pp. 18, (i). 

Also: ... Documentary History of the Maine Law ... . New-Tork : Hall & Brother. 
1855. ^^'^f PP- i^^- 

Maine Liquor Law. Documents relating to its Principles, 
Operation, etc. Boston. 1851. 8vo. 4397^ 

Maine Legislative Manual, 1866. ... Jugusta : Stevens iff 
Sayward., Printers. 1866. i:tmo, pp. iv, 4, 239. Continued. 

The Maine Liquor Law. An Act for the Suppression of 
Drinking-Houses and Tippling-Shops. \_New York: Fowlers and 
Wells. 185 1.] i6mo, pp. 8. ba. 43980 

Also : The Maine Liquor Law ; with the Opinions of Prof. Stuart and L. M. Sargent. 
Nfw York. 1851. 8vo. &< Pitman (J. S.) 

Maine Medical Association. Constitution, By-Laws, and 
Code of Medical Ethics of the Maine Medical Association, 
Portland : Stephen Berry., Printer. 1870. 8vo, pp. 29. B. 4398 1 

Transactions of the Maine Medical Association, for ... 1866, 
1867 and 1868. ... Portland: Stephen Berry., Printer. 1869. 8vo, 
pp. vi, 324. Continued. b. 43982 

Also : Records of the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Maine Medical Association, 
... June 10, 1863. Portland: Stephen Berry, Printer. 1863. 8vo, pp. 33, (2). Cont'd. 

Maine Medical School. See Bowdoin College. 



Maini- Missionary Society. Report of the 'I'rustees ... at 
their IVentieth Annual Meeting ... 1827. Portland. 1827. 
^vo, pp. 35, (i). Continued. h. 43983 

... The Maine Normal ... . Volume i. Number i. ... Decem- 
ber, 1866. Farmington : J. Weston Swift isf Co. [n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 46. Continued. h. 43984 

The Maine Register, and United States* Calendar, for ... 
1822: ... By William B. Sewall, Esq. Port/and: A. Shirley & 
T. Todd. [n. d.] i2mo, pp. 142, (2). ba. 43985 

Cuntinued as: "The Maine RegUter and National Calendar, for ... 1841." ... 
yiujrutta : Daniel C. Stanivood. [n. d.] 24.1110, pp. (2), 248, afterwards as: "The 
Maine Register, and State Reference Book. 1S52." Hallowell : Mailers, Smith & 
Company. 1852. iimo, pp. 252, and finally continued as : "Tiie Maine Register" ... . 
\_Bouon :'] G. Adami, 1855. 8vo, pp. 432. 

The Maine Teacher ... . 1859. Portland, [n. d.] 8vo. 
Continued. 439^6 

Maine State Library. Catalogue of the Maine State Li- 
brary, 1850. Arranged and prepared by Abner Oakes, Assistant 
Librarian ... . Augusta. 1850. 8vo, pp. 248. -f- With Appendix, 
1854. Augusta: IV. T. Johnson. 1854. 8vo, pp. 248,47. c. 
+ 1856. Augusta. 1856. 8vo, pp. 439. -\- 1862. By George 
G. Stacy, Librarian. Augusta : Stevens & Layward^ Printers, 
1862. 8vo, pp. 304. 43987 

Also: ... Annual Report of the Librarian of t le Maine State Library ... . y^/y ;, . w ; 
Spragut, Oiven & Nasb, Printers. 1870. 8vo, pp. 41. Continued, b. 

Maine State Political Manual ... for ... 1870. Compiled by 
Edmund S. Hoyt ... Portland : Hoyt., Fogg ^ Breed, [n. d.] 
24mo, pp. 369. Map, H. 43988 

Maine State Seminary. Catalogue ... . 1857. Lewiston. 
1857. 8vo, pp. 22. Continued, H. 43989 

Maine Union in behalf of the Colored Race, Proceedings 
of Convention. Portland. 1835. 8vo, c. 43990 

Maine Wesleyan Seminary. A Catalogue ... 1829, 
\_Hallowell. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 11. Continued. H, 43991 

Masonry. First Communication of the Grand Lodge of the 
State of Maine. 1820, [n, p, n. d.] Folio, pp. 7. Cont'd, 

Also: Grand Lodge ... of ... Maine. ... Portland: Printed by Arthur Shirley. 1824. 
4to, pp. 16. Continued. — Memorial of the Maine Grand Lodge. Signed W. Lord. 
[n. p.] 1820. Folio, pp. 7. — Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of the State of Maine, 
Portland, May 3, 1848. Portland. 1848. 8vo, pp. 38. M. — Quarterly and Annual 




I '. 

Ciiminunication* of thr Orand Lodge nf thr Stitr of Maine, |g:'.z-i3. Portland. 
i82V 4t(i, pp. 13. — Report of' the Committee on Foreign Correnpondence to the 
Or^nd Lod(;e of Maine, presented May 3, 1856. By Cyrui Pearl, [n. p. n. d.] Xvu, 
pp. 27. 

Grand Roval Arch Chapter of Maine ... . Portland : Printtd 
hy Arthur Shirley. 182 1. l2mo, pp. lO. Continued. H. 43993 

... Memorial of the Trustees of the Mariners* Church for 
relief ... . E^rtland : J. and IV^, E. Edwards^ Printers. 1829. 
Hvo, pp. 19. H. 43994 

Me.ssage of the Governor of the State ... June 2, 1820. [n. 
p. M. d.] 8vo, pp. 7. Continued. h. 43995 

Message of (iov. Kent, with Documents relating to the North 
Eastern Boundary of the State, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 4399^ 

Afilitary. Act to Organize, Govern, and Discipline the Mili 
tia ... . Passed ... 1821. ... Portland: Printed hy Thomas Todd 
isf Co. 1821. i2mo, pp. 82. H. 43997 

Annual Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Maine, 
for ... 1834. [n. p.: /. Berry & Co. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 24, folded 
leaf, 8. -f- For ... 1861. ... Jugusta : Stevens iff Sayward^ Print- 
ers. 1862. 8vo, pp. 633, (3), 191, (i), 64. -f For 
[//'id.'] 1863. 8vo, pp. 164, and Appendix, -f- For , 
[Ibid.'] 1864. 8vo, pp. 947, and Appendix. Continued. 

Report of the Military Committee, Feb. 24, 1831. 
n. d.] i2mo. 



[n. p. 

Minutes of the General Conference at their Annual Meeting, 
... 1828. Portland: Shirley and Hyde. 1828. 8vo, pp. 24. 
Continued. h. 44000 

Minutes of the General Conference of the Congregational 
Churches in Maine, at their Thirty-Ninth Annual Meeting, ... 
1865. Portland: Printed hy Brown Thurston. 1865. 8vo, pp. 87. 
Continued. b. 44001 

Private or Special Laws of the State of Maine, from 1820 to 
1828 inclusive. Vol. i. Portland. 1828. 8vo. -|- From 1829 
to 1835 ... . Vol. II. ... Portland: Printed hy Ira Berry and Com- 
pany. 1835. 8vo, pp. (22), 5-934, (55)- BA. 44002 

Private and Special Acts of ... Maine, passed by the Thirteenth 
Legislature ... . Augusta: I Berry & Co. ., Printers. 1833. 8vo, 
PP- (5)1 454-587, ('3)- Continued. b. 44003 



Proceedings of ihf (.'oiivcntion. Sit our Vol. iil., No. 87()6. 

Proceedings of the State Convention at Hallowell, Jan. 3, 4. 
Hallowell, 1834. 8vo. 44004 

Protestant Episcopai, Church. Journal of the Thirty- 
First Annual Convention in the Diocese of MainCf Portland, 
July 10 and 11, 1850. /tugusta. 1850. 8vo. 44005 

Provisional Report upon the Water Power of Maine, By 
Walter Wells ... . /lugusta : Stevens isf Sayivard^ Printers. 1868. 
8vo, pp. 327. Map. H. 44006 

Register of the Executive and Legislative Departments of the 
Govrrnment of Maine. 1859. ... Augusta. 1859. 8vo, pp. 8. 

Register of the House of Representatives of ... Maine, for ... 
1865. Augusta. 1865. 8vo. • 44008 

Register of the Senate of Maine for ... 1867 4ugusta : 

Stevens £3* Sayward., Printers, 1867. 8vo, pp. 24. Plan. H. 

Report and Resolves of the Legislature of ... Maine respecting 
International Literary Exchanges ... . Augusta: ff'm. T. "Johnson^ 
Printer. 1847. ^V"» PP- '09. B., N. 440 10 

Report and Resolves relating to Divorces. 1844. [n. p. 
1844.] 8vo, pp. 8. 4401 1 

Report as to Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Companies ... 
in ... Maine. ... Augusta: ff^illiam T. Johnson., Printer. 1850. 
8vo, pp. 33. H. 44012 

Report of Charles S. Davies, Esq. Agent, ... to inquire into 
and report upon certain facts relating to aggressions upon the 
rights of the State, and of individual citizens thereof, by inhabit- 
ants of the Province of New-Brunswick. ... Portland: Thomas 
Todd., Printer. 1828. 8vo, pp. 35, (2). B. 44013 

Report of the Commissioners appointed to settle the i^ine 
between New Hampshire and Maine, Nov. 1828. Concord. 
1828. 8vo, pp. 18. 44014 

Report of the Commissioners of the Hydrographic Survey of 
the State of Maine. 1867. Augusta: Owen isf Nashy Printers. 
1868. 8vo, pp. (4), 327. 2 Plans. ba. 44015 

Report of the Commissir :i-s ... May 26, 1842, "in relation 
to the North-Eastern Boundary of this State." Augusta : IV, R. 
Smith y Co., Printers. 1843. ^^°» PP* ^^' 44016 





! i 

Report of the Commissioners on Equalization of the Munici- 
pal War Ocbts. Augusta: Spraguty Oweni^ Naih^ Printers, 1870. 
8vo, pp. 29. R. 44017 

Report of the Commiitcc appointed to Contract for State 
Printing. Portland. 1829. 8vo. w. 44018 

... Report of the Committee on the North-Eastern Boundary, 
fn. p. :] Severance is Dorr^ Printers. [184 1.] 8vo, pp. 88. 2 
Maps. H. 44019 

... Report of the Committee of Elections, and Statemetit ... 
in the Case of Andrew Roberts ... . Portland: Day ^ Fraser., 
Printers. 1 830. 8vo, pp. 10. h. 44020 

Report of the Committee of the Legislature ... [on] the Ken- 
nebec and Portland Railroad, [n. p. :] tf^m. T. Johnson., Printtr. 
[1850.?] 8vo, pp. 22. H. 44021 

[Report of] the Committee ... [on] opening a Road from the 
... Kennebec River to the British Provinces of Canada ... . 
1827. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 13. H. 44022 

Report of the Joint Select Committee of the Senate and 
House of Representatives of ... Maine, in relation to the North- 
Eastern Boundary of the State. ... Portland: Thomas Todd., 
Printer, 1828. 8vo, pp. 62, Appendix, 56. b., ba. 44023 

Jan. Sess., iSa8. Due. N<>. 13. 

Report of the Joint Select Committee of the Legislature ... 
on ... the North-Eastern Boundary. Augusta: I. Berry y Co.., 
Printers. 1832. l2mo, pp. 8. H. 44024 

Report of the Joint Select Committee on the Infraction of the 
Treaty of Washington, March, 1845. [n. p.] 1845. 8vo, pp. 20 

Report of the Joint Selert Committee, on the Defalcation" of 
Benj. D. Peck, Late Treaurer of ... Maine. Augusta : Stevens 
iff Sayward., Printers, i860. 8vo, pp. 66, (2). H. 44026 

AUo : Peck Defalcation — The Canada Company. Statement of the Canada Com- 
pany, [yiugusia. i860.] 8vo, pp. i6. 

[Report of] the Joint Standing Committee on Claims, to which 
was referred the Petition of Edward Russell ... . 1831. [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 15. H. 44027 

Annual Report of the Warden of the State Prison ; for ... 
1826. ^Portland. 1826.''] 8 vo, pp. 7, ( I ), folded leaf. Cont'd. 

ai^M Ta wt fc i W iW r 



Alio: ... [Rrporr of] thf Ci'mniittrr uti ilif |iiiliu.iiy to wliont WAt rrfcrrril ihe 
Mrij|{r ()( tlie iiiiverniir ... with ttif KrpotI ot' the Altiirney Cirnrral on the ... 
Sfiti- P.iniri ... . Frliruaiy 14th, iSny [n. y. n. d.] 'Ivo, pp. 1^. - Rrporti of the 
W.iiili'n .in>< Iniprctori ut' the Maine State t'riiun, and ot' the i'hyiicjjn and Chaplain. 
yiuf^uua. li^i). Hvo, pp. 35. 

Report on ... the (Jovcrnor's Speech relating to the Tariff, and 
on the Remonstrance and Resolutions of' ... CJeorgia ... . Port- 
land : Printid by Day b' Fraser. 1829. 8vo, pp. 6. H. 44029 

Reports and Negotiations on the North-Eastcrn Boundary of 
the State. Lomi.u. 1831-40. 7 vols., t'olit). a. 44030 

Made-up title to a rollection ut' Engliih Parliamentary report! in the Antur library. 

Reports of Decisions in the Circuit C'ourts Martial ... . By 
Francis O. J. Smith ... . Portland: Printed hy Todd and Holden. 
1 83 1. 8vo, pp. (2), 113. B. 44031 

Reports of the Commissioners of Fisheries of ... Maine, for 
... 1867 and 1868. /fugusta : Owen ilf Nash^ Printers. 1 869. 
8vo, pp 96, 43, (i). Continued. b. 44032 

Resolutions of the Legislature of the State of Maine respecting 
the Advice of the King of the Netherlands on the North-Eastern 
Boundary. Portland. 1832, 8vo. c. 44033 

Resolves of the Legislature of the State of Maine, passed ... 
May-June, 1820. Portland. 1820. 8vo, pp. 43. Continued. 

Resolves of the Eighth Legislature of ... Maine ... . Portland : 
Printed by Thomas Todd. 1828. 8vo, pp. (5), 614-826. Cont'd. 

Resolves of the State of Maine, from 1820 to 1828 inclusive. 
Volume I. ... Portland: Printed by Thomas Todd, 1828. 8vo. 

... Returns made by the Trustees of ... Literary Institutions 
... Portland: J. and IV. E. Edwards. 1829. 8vo, pp. 16. 

By an Elector. 
s. 44038 

A Review of the Constitution of Maine 
[n. p.] 1830. 8vo. 

The Revised Statutes of the State of Maine, passed October 
22, 1840 ; to which are prefixed the Constitutions of the United 
States and of ... Maine, ... to which are subjoined the other 
Public Laws of 1840 and 1841, with an Appendix. ... Augusta: 
IVilliam R. Smith is" Co. 1841. Hvo, pp. xv, (l), 896. B. -f 
Second Edition. ... Hallowell : Glazier^ Masters (ff Smith. 1847. 
8vo, pp. xvi, 896. -}- Revised Statutes ... passed April 17, 1857. 
Bangor. 1 857. 8vo. C. 44039 




i I 


The Rights of Maine defended. Speech of Mr. Clay ... on 
the Boundary, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 44040 

Omitted in our list of Henry Clay's works. 

Rules and Orders to be observed in the House of Representa- 
tives ... . Portland: Printed by Francis Douglas. 18 20. l2mo, 
pp. 24. Continued. H. 44041 

Rules cf the Supreme Judicial Court ... . Portland: Printed ... 
by Thomas B. ff^ait^ and Co. 1806. 8vo, pp. 31. H. 44042 

The Seventeenth J'^wel. See Gorges (F.), Vol. vii. 28021. 

Speech to the Legislature of Maine, Jan. 4, 1827. [By Enoch 
Lincoln, n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 44043 

Proceedings and Speeches of the State Temperance Conven- 
tion, held at Augusta, Me. January 21 and 22, 1852 ... . [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 44044 

To the People of Maine, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, op. 8. 44045 

Proceedings of the Brunswick Convention on the Separation of this District from 

Statement on the Part of the United States of the case referred 
in pursuance of the Conveiiiion of the 29th Sept. 1827, between 
the said States and Great Britain to his Majesty the King of the 
Netherlands, for his Decision ; with the P'irst and Second State- 
ments on the Part of Great Britain in relation to the same Sub- 
ject. fVashingtoti. 1829. Folio. 44046 

Relates to the settlement of the north-eastern boundary. 

Tax for ... 1821. ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 12. Continued. 

Letter from the Treasurer ... transmitting his Annual Report 
on the ... Finances ... December 31, 1822. Portland: Printed 
by Todd y Smith. 1823. 8vo, pp. 40. Continued. H. 44048 

Annual Report of the State Treasurer for 1822. Portland. 
1823. 8vo. Continued. 44049 

Unitarian Church Association of Maine. Report of the First 
Annual Meeting, ... 1853. Bangor: Samuel S. Smithy Printer. 
1853. 8vo, pp. 48. Continued. B. 44050 

Also: Report of Convention, 1852 ... . Bangor. 1853. 8vo. 

Valuation Lists of the State of Maine, including the Number 
of Polls, ... for the years 1850 and i860. ... Jugusta. i860. 

>vo, pp. 15. 




The Water-Power of Maine. Reports of the Commissioners 
and Secretary of the Hydrographic Survey of 1867. ... Augusta: 
Owen i^ Nash^ Printers. 1868. 8vo, pp. (4), 30, (2), 327. Plan. 

The Water Power of Maine, By Walter Wells ... . Augusta: 
Sprague^ Owen l^ Nash., Printers. i86g. 8vo, pp. vii, (l), 526. 
Map and Plates. 44053 

Western State Normal School, at Farmington, Me. Catalogue 
... 1868-9. Augusta: Sprague^ Oiven iff Nash^ Printers. I'^bg. 
8vo, pp. 16. H. 44054 

Mainwaring [^and others']. The Case of Mainwaring, 
Hawes, Payne, and others, concerning a Depredation made by 
the Spanish West India Fleete upon the Ship Elizabeth, going on 
a Trading Voyage to Virginia, [n. p. :J Printed Anno 1646. 4to. 

Maioli (S.) Simonis Maioli Astensis Episcopi Vultvrarien 
Dies Canicvlares sen Colloquia Tria, & Viginti, Quibus pleraque 
naturae admiranda, quae aut in aethere fiunt, aut in Europa, Asia, 
atque Africa, quin etiam in ipso Orbe Nouo, & apud omnes Anti- 
podas sunt, recensentur, ordine, quern sequens pagina indicabit. 
Svperiorvm permissv. Romay Ex ojfficina loan: Angeli Ruffinelli. 
Typis 7,annetti. M.D.xcvii. 4to, pp. ;i6), 1177, Errata and Colo- 
phon, pp. 3. -|- Moguntiae. 1614. Folio. + Francoforti. 1642. 
Folio. 4- Moguntiae. 1667. 410. 4405^ 

Contains many interesting notices relating to the New World. 

Maire (J. le). See [Colijn (M.)], Vol. iv., Nos. 14348 and 
1 435 1, Herrera (A. de), Schouten (C), Spilbergen (G.), and 
consult Tide's " Memoire Bibliographique," pp. 40-63. 

Maire. lournal & Miroir | de la | Navigation | Avstrale | Du 
vaillant & bien renomme Seigneur j laqves le Maire, | Chef & 
Conducteur de deux Navires | Concorde & Home. [n. p. n. d.] 
Folio, pp. (4), 107-174. Plates and Maps. 44057 

The maps and plates are from the Dutch edition. This is, in fact, part of our No. 
31540, but having a separate title-pagu is sometimes found alone. 

Maire. Relacion diarra del viage de Jacobo le Mayre y 
Guillelmo Cornelio Schouten, en que descubrieron nuevo estrecho 
y passage del mar del norte al mar del sur, a la parte austral del 
estrecho de Magellanes. Madrid. 16 19. Sm. 4to. 44058 

" The circumnavigation of Schouten and Le Maire was published in this year in 
English, French, Latin, etc. ; but of all the versions, this in Spanish is, beyond a doubt, 
the rarest. I have never seen or heard of another copy. There is a reference to maps 
v/iiich were not in the book, but have been supplied from the French edition." — Rich, 
No. 149. Set also Ternaux, No. 409. 





Maire, Spieghel | der | Australische | Navigatie, | Door den J 
Wijt vermaeiden ende cloeck-| mocdighen Zee Heldt, | lacob le 
Maire, | President ende Overste over de twee Schepen, d'Een- 
dracht | ende Hoorn, uytghevaren den 14 lunij 16 15. | f Amster- 
dam^ I By Michtel Col'tjn^ Boeck-vercooper op 'l IVater \ by de Oude 
Brugh^ in 't Huys-Boeck. \ Anno 1622. | P'olio, pp. (16), 98. Maps 
and Plates. 44059 

Si:veral errors in the pagination, see Tiele, p. 57. Portrait of Le Maire on the verso 
if' the title-page. 

[Mairobert (M. F. p. de).] See [Pidanzat de Mairobert]. 

Mais (C.) The Surprising Case of Rachel Baker, who Prays 
and Preaches in her Sleep, Answers Questions during her Un- 
conscious State. By Charles Mais. Mew Tork. 1814. 8vo, 
pp. 34. + Second Edition. \^Ib'td.~\ -J- Baltimore. 181 5. 8vo. 

Maisch (J. M.) Report on Legislation regulating the Prac- 
tice of Pharmacy in the United States. ... Sept. 10, 1868, By 
John M. Maisch ... . Philadelphia: Merrihew iff Son^ Printers. 
1868. 8vo, pp. 48. H. 440G1 

Maison (Hypolite). Precis historique sur la colonic fran^aise 
au Goazacoalcos (Mexique) ... . Londres : Davidson iffjjls. 183 1. 
i2mo, pp. 260. 44062 

Maison ( ). Speech of Mr. Maison, ... on the Power of 

Expulsion, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 44063 

Maitin (Jose A.) Obras poeticas. Caracas. 1851. 8vo, 
pp. xviii, 163. Portrait. 44064 

With a life of the poet, written by Simon Camacho. 

Maiz (C.) Juicio Imparcial que sirve de Respuesta al Papel 
de Da Carmen Maiz publicado hoy sobre el Asesinalo que pro- 
yecto su Marido D. Jose Moreno. Lima. 1835. 8vo. 44065 

Major (E.) A Serious Word to the Present and Succeeding 
Generation in New England. By Eleazer Major. Cambridge^ 
N. E. 167 1. 4to. 44066 

[Major (J. D.)] ... Vorstellung etlicher|Kunst- und Natu- 
ra-|lien-kammern| in America und Asia. ... Kiel: Gedruckt durch 
Joachim Reuman. [1674.] Folio, pp. (24J. H. 44067 

Major (J. R.) Bibliography of the First Letter of Columbus, 
describing his Discovery of the New World. By J. R. Major. 
London. 1872. 8vo. 44068 

Seventy-five copies only privately printed. See also Colombo (C.) 




Major (R. H.) The Life of Prince Henry of Portugal, sur- 
named the Navigator; and its Results: Comprising the Discovery, 
within one Crntury, of Half the World. With New Facts in 
the Discovery of the Atlantic Islands ; a Refutation of French 
(Claims to Priority in Discovery ; Portuguese Knowledge (subse- 
quently lost) of the Nile Lakes; and the History of the Naming 
of America. From Authentic Cotemporary Documents. By 
Richard Henry Major ... . London: A. Ashcr ^ Co. 1868. 8vo, 
pp. (4), lii, 487. 1 1 Maps and Plates. c. 44069 

Seventy copies printed on large paper, rl. 8vo. " ' The Life of Prince Henry' is a 
piece of good work, full of new matter, and of high mark in European letters." 
— Atbcriitum. " Ein Klassischt-s Geschichtswerk." — Dr. Peschel, in " Das Ausland." 

Major. Memoir on a Mappemonde by Leonardo da Vinci, 
being the earliest Map hitherto known containing the Name of 
America ; now in the Royal Collection at Windsor. Communi- 
cated to the Society of Antiquaries by Richard Henry Major, 
Esq. ... London: Printed by J. B. Nichols and Sons ... 1865. 410, 
pp. (I), 40. 2 Plates. 4-4070 

From the " Archaeologia," Vol. xl. 

Major. The True Date of the English Discovery of the 
American Continent under John and Sebastian Cabot. Commu- 
nicated by Richard Henry Major. London. 1870. 4to, pp. 26. 

Major and Brigadier Generals who are without Commands 
equal to a Brigade ; also the number of Major and Brigadier 
Generals who are in Command of Departments and Posts in the 
Loyal States. Report of the Secretary of War. [^Washington. 
1863.] 8vo, pp. 6. 44072 

38th Congress, ist Session, 1863, Senate Exec. Doc, No. 5. 

Majority and Minority Reports of the Board of Officers 
appointed under the Act approved July 15, 1862, entitled "An 
Act to authorize the Secretary of the Navy to accept League 
Island, in the Delaware River, for Naval Purposes." [Washing- 
ton. 1862.] 8vo, pp. 29. 44073 

38th Congress 3d Session, 1862, Senate Exec. Doc, No. 9. Also: Majority and 
Minority Reports of the Board of Officers appointed ... to Examine proposed Sites for 
a Navy Yard. IVasbington. 1862. 8vo. — Majority and Minority Reports of Naval 
Committee of ... House of Representatives, 1864. fVaibington. 1864. 8vo. See also 
Lincoln (A.) Vol. x.. No. 41210. 

The Majority and Minority Reports of the Committee of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church, on Slavery, May, i860. Buffalo. 
i860. 8vo, pp. 24. 44074 






Majority Report of the Committee on Foreign Affairs on the 
True Policy of the War, and the Navigation of the Mississippi, 
[n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 3. + [Another Edition, n. p. n. d.] 

Major (Johann Daniel). See-Farth nach der Neuen Welt, 
ohne SchifF- und Segel ; Anno 1670, zuerst, und nu wiederumb 
der gelehrten Welt vorgestellet. Hamburg: G. IVolf. 1683. 
i8mo, pp. (22), 258, (6). Plate. c. 44076 

Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak. See Black Hawk, Vol. 11., No. 
5675, [Leclair (A.)], Vol. x.. No. 39646, and [Smith (E. H.)] 

Makemie (F.) An Answer to George Keith's Libel. 
Against a Catechism Published by Francis Makemie. To which 
is added, by way of a Postscript. A Brief Narrative of a Late 
Difference among the Quakers, begun at Philadelphia. Boston: 
Printed by Benjamin Harris. MDCXCliil. i8mo, pp. (12), 103. 

The Adiiress to the " Christian Reader" Is signed " Increase Mather, James Allen, 
Samuel Willard, John Baily, and Cotton Mather." Makemie's " Catechism has 
escaped the researches of American collectors." See Webster's " Presbyterian Church 
in America," p. 310. 

Makemie. A Good Conversation. A Sermon preached at 
the City of N v York, January 19, 1706-7. Boston: B. Green^ 
for B. Eliot. 1707. i6mo, pp. (4), 36. c. 44078 

For preaching this sermon the author was imprisoned, and the following work 
appeared in reference to said imprisonment : 

Makemie. A | Narrative | Of a New and Unusual | American 
Imprisonment I Of Two | Presbyterian Ministers : | And Prosecu- 
tion of I Mr. Francis Makemie | One of them, for Preaching one 
Ser-| moji at the City of New-Yoik. | By a Learner of Law, and 
Lover of Liberty. I [^Boston :'\ Printed for the Publisher. 1707. | 
4to, pp. (4), 47. B. 44079 

Reprinted with the following title : 

Makemie. A | Narrative | Of a New and Unusual | American 
Imprisonment, of | Two Presbyterian Ministers, and ( Prosecution | 
of I Mr. Francis Makemie | One of Them, [For Preaching One 
Sermon in the City of| New- York. | By a Learner of Law, and 
Lover of Liberty. | New-York : Re-printed and Sold by H. Gaine^ 
... 1755. 4to, pp. (12), 52. P., w. 44080 

Edited by the author of the " Watch Tower ;" with an Epistle Dedicatory. The 
arrest took place 1706-7 for a violation of the laws, and was now reprinted to serve a 
political end and to influence the public mind. It is also reprinted in Force's " Tracts," 
Vol. IV., No. 4. 

, * 



[Makemie.] a Plain and Friendly Perswasive [j;V] to the 
Inhabitants of Virginia and Maryland, for promoting Towns ami 
Cohabitation. By a Well-wisher to both Governments. Loudou : 
Print d by John Humfreys. 1705. 4to, pp. 16. H. 4408 1 

See Webster's "Presbyterian Church in America," p. 301. 

Makemie. Truths in a True Light, or a Pastoral Letter to 
the Reformed Protestants in Barbados. By Francis Makemie. 
Edinburgh. 1699. i6mo. w. 44082 

A very rare piece. Makemie also published about 1707, "Forget and Forgive," a 
Jersey paper, for which Lord Cornbury persecuted him, unjustly perhaps. '• The Jersey 
Paper" of Februai , , 1707, remarks "Colonel Morris and Jennings, with two or three 
others, had been very hard at work in hatching the most scandalous paper I ever saw 
in my life." It abused Lord Cornbury, and was widely dispersed. 

Makenzie (H.) An Answer [etc.] See Mackenzie (H.) 

Makepeace (W.) The Genealogy of the Makepeace Fami- 
lies in the United States. From 1637 to 1857. ^y W^'Hiam 
Makepeace ... . Boston: David Clapp. 1858. l2mo, pp. 107. 

Making Money by selling Rum. Boston. 1834. i2mo, pp. 8. 

Mako [von Keren-Gede (P.)] Descriptio Provinciae Moxi- 
tarum in Regno Peruano, Quam e scriptis posthumis Franc. Xav. 
Eder ... digessit ... Mako. Budee : Typis Universitatis. 1791. 
8vo, pp. xviii, 383. Maps and Plates. ba. 44085 

.. An Account of the Success of Two Danish 

with ... the Printer's Voyage to Brazil ... . 

8vo. Map. 44086 

London. 17 18 

Malachi, 1717. See [Mather (Cotton).] 

Malagueta. Carta ao redactor da Malagueta. \^Rio de 
Janeiro:^ Imprensa Nacional. [1822?] 8vo, pp. 24. 44087 

[Malan {Rev. Caesar Henri Abraham).] The Swiss Peasant. 
[In Cherokee :] Asuwisi ageyo. [With] The One Thing Need- 
ful. Sudalegi udulvdiyu. Park Hill: Mission Press. 1848. 
24mo, pp. 24. c. 44088 

Malapart [Le Sieur). La prise d'vn | Seigneur ecossois|et de 
ses gens qui pilloient | les Nauires pescheurs de France | ensemble 
du Razement de leur Fort, & I'establissement d'un autre pour le 
service du Roy, & rassurance|des Pescheurs Francois en la Nou- 
uelle France | Par Monsieur Daniel de Dieppe, Capitaine potir 1;^ 
Roy en la Marine, & General de | la Flotte en la Nouutllt; 








France. | Dedie a Monsieur le President de Lauzon, Intendant|dc 
la Compagnie dudit Pais. | Par le Sieur Malapart Parisien, soldat 
dudit Sieur Daniel. | A Rouen^ che% "Jean de Bf>"jUetiger^ rue\des PP. 
'Jesuites. \ | Auec permission. \ l2mo, pp. (2), 22 

Malaspina (A.) Tablas de latitudes y longitudes de los prin- 
cipales puntos del Rio de la Plata, ... por D. Alejandro Malas- 
pina ... . Buenos Jires. 1 837. Folio, pp. vi, 10. 44090 

[Malaspina (M.)] Bacco in America. Componimento 
Ditirambico in Lode della Cioccolata. Colle Note fatte al 
Medesimo da G. Bianchini, [n. p. 1775 ?] 4to, pp. viii, 42, 2. 

[Malcolme (David),] A Collection of Letters, in which the 
Imperfection of Learning ... and a Remedy for it, are hinted ... 
The Affinity betwixt the Language of the Americans of the 
Terra Firma, and of the Ancient Britains, is proved. ... Edin- 
burgh : Printed in the Tear Mdccxxxix. 8vo, pp. (2), 32, 8, 16, 
8, 24, 32. H., P. 44092 

Written partly in reply to a Mr. Innes. 

[Malcolme.] An Essay on the Antiquities of Great Britain 
and Ireland : Wherein they are Placed in a clearer Light than 
hitherto. Designed as an Introduction to a large Work, especially 
an Attempt to show an Affinity betwixt the Languages, &c. of 
the Ancient Britains, and the Americans of the Isthmus of 
Darien, In Answer to an Objection against Revealed Religion. 
... Edinburgh: Printed by T. and W. Ruddimans^ ... Mdccxxxviii. 
8vo, pp. 8, 16, 24, 32, 32, 48, 32, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8. p. 

" The first work which appeared in Scotland on the subject of the Celtic language." 


Malcolme. ... Letters, Essays, and other Tracts, illustrating 
the Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland ; together with man\ 
Curious Discoveries of the Affinity betwixt the Language of thf 
Americans and the Ancient Britains to the Greek and Latin, &c. 
Also Specimens of the Celtic, Welsh, Irish, Saxon, and Ameri- 
can Languages. By D. Malcolme. London. 1744. 8vo. 

Probably the same work, with a new title-page. 

[Malcom (Howard).] A Brief Memoir of ... Mrs. Lydia 
M. Malcom. Of Boston, Mass Boston. 183-. i2mo. + Re- 
printed, with Additions ... . Boston: John Putnam. 1833. i2mo, 
pp. 52. B. 4- Fourth Edition. Boston: W. D. Ticknor. 1835. 
i6mo, pp. (2), 122. c. 44095 



Malcom. Signs of the Times favorable to Peace. An Ad- 
dress before the American Peace Society, ... May 26, 1862. 
By Howard Malcom, d.d, ... Boston: American Peace Society. 
1862. 8vo, pp. 69-80. B. 44096 

Also: ... A Discourse ... before 'he Boston Baptist Association, ... Sept. 19, 1S32. 
.. Boston; yllUn and Ticknor. 1833. 8vo, pp. 70. B. — Memoir of" Mary Lothrop, 
who died in Boston, 18 March, 1831 ... . Boston. 1832. i8mo, pp. 103. 

Malden, Mass. Annual Report of the Finances ... from 
March I, i860, to ... 1861 ... . Boston: Printed by Charles C. 
P. Moody. 1861. 8vo, pp. 48, 76, vi. H. 44097 

Articles drawn up by the Members of the Church in Maiden 
On a Day of Public Fasting and Prayer [December 21, 1727]. 
Occasioned by a Terrible Earthquake, on Lord's Day-Night, 
October 29th, 1727. \^Boston. n. d.] 4to, pp. 4. 44098 

Articles of Association of the Edgeworth Association ... . 
Boston: George C. Rand l^ Co.., Printers. 1848. l2mo, pp. 14. 

The Bi-Centennial Book. See [McClure (A. W.)], No. 43060, 
see also Green (J. D.), Vol. vii.. No. 28528. 

Maiden Bridge to the People. Boston. 1829. 8vo, pp. 20. 

Alio; Rules and Regulations of the Corporation of Maiden Bridge, ... July, 1808. 
Charlestovun : Printed by Samuel Etberidge. 1808. i6mo, pp. 9. — Subscribers to Maiden- 
Bridge. \_Boston : Printed by S. Hall. 1787.] 32mo, pp. 13. ba. 

Oration, Poem, Speeches, &c., at the Dedication of the Maiden 
Town Hall, ... October 29th, 1857. Maiden: Charles C. P. 
Moody. 1857. ^v°» PP' 52' "•> ^- 44101 

Report of the School Committee ... for 1857-58. Boston: 
Printed by T. W. Ripley & Co. 1858. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 44102 

See Woodlawn Cemetery. 

Maldonado (A.) Chronica Vniuersal de todas Las Naciones 
y Tiempos compuesta por Fray Alonso Maldonado ... . En Madrid 
por Luys Sanchez ... Am m.dc.xxiiii. Folio, pp. (4), 218. b. 

Maldonado. Sueno intitulado Felipe el Grande en Jerusalen, 
en carta al Rey nuestro Senor. Lima. 1646. 4to. 44104 

" This very rare book has escaped the notice of Nicholas Antonio." — Salva. It is 
introduced here as an early Peruvian imprint. 

Maldonado (F. N.) Propuesto al Congreso para que todos 
los empleados publicos sirvan sus destinos sin disfrutar sueldo 
alguno. Por Fernando Nicolas Maldonado, Gobernador del 
Estado de Chiapas. S. Cristobal Las Casas. 1851. 4to, pp. 8. 


. 't 



JVIaldonadc) (V. p.) Menioria justa del heroismo, que en el 
sitio de Gerona manifesto F. P. Mafdonado, origin, de Merida de 

Yucatan. Mexico. I'Uo. 410, pp. (6), 66. 


Mai.donado (j. V. P.) No dia natalicio do muito alto c 
muito podcroso scnhor D. Pedro iv, imperador do Brasil t rei de 
Portugal. Ode. Por joi\o Vicente Pimentcl Maldonado. Lhboa: 
Ma Imp, Regifi. iS'ib. Folio, pp. 4. 44*0? 

Mai.donado (lorcnv.o Ferrer). Imagen del Mundo sobre la 
Espera Geogiafia, Arte de Navigai, ... dirigido al Don Juan de la 
Serna, Arcobispo de Mexico. Alcala. 1626. Sm. 410. Maps. 

a vry rair hook l)y tlie fjmoiis S|;!^li navigator, whose pretended voyage in the 
Arctic regions in 15.S8, Ji.u excited so much controversy. 

Maldonado. Viaggio dal Mare Atlantico al Pacifico per la 
via del Nord-Ovest fatto dal Capitano Lorenzo Ferrer Maldonado 
V I'Anno MDLXxxviii. Tradotto da una Manoscritto Spagnuolo 
inedito da Carlo Amoretti ... . Milam: Dalla Tipografia di Gio- 
vanni Silvestri. Mucccxi. 410. Maps. b. 44109 

There are those who still believe in the genuineness ai this spurious voyage of Mal- 
donado in 1588, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and it is not impossible that Parlia- 
ment may again be asked to subsidize with £20,000 or more a British ship, as it has 
done not very long ago, to re-tind the passage. 

Maldonado. Viaggio dal Mare Atlantico al Pacifico ... tra- 
dotta da una Manoscritto Spagnuolo inedito della Bibliotheca 
Ainbrosiana di Milano dal Sig. Cavaliere C. Amoretti ... Bologna: 
Man y Ca, i8i2. 4to, pp. (4), 96. 2 Maps. c. 441 10 

Maldonado. Voyage de la Mcr Atlantique a I'Ocean Paci - 
fique par le Nord-Ouest dans la Mer Glaciale par la Capitaine 
Maldonado I'An mdlxxxviii traduit d'un Manuscrit Espagnol ei; 
^ suivi d'un discours qui en demontre I'authenticite et la veracitc 
par Charles Amoretti, Membre de I'lnstitut Royal ... . Plaisance: 
de V Imprimerie del Magna, mdcccxii. 4to, pp. (8), 84, (4), Ap- 
pendix, 19. 5 Plates. N., s. 441 II 

Six hundred copies printed. This contains an appendix in answer to objection;, 
Milan, 18 1 3. " Ir" we acquit Maldonado of imposture we must assign to him a con- 
siderable rank among the discoverers of' the Northern Regions." — Murray. 

Maldonado (T. de S.) Elcgia na morte do serenissimo 
senhor D. Jose, principe do Brasil, por Fr. Theodoro de Sousa 
Maldonado. Porto: N a OJjicina de Antonio Alvares Ribeiro. 1788. 
4to, pp. 8. 441 12 


■> TrTW'^T'WT-'^ 




The Malefactors' Calendar, containing Cicnuine and Circum- 
stantial Narratives of the Lives, Trials, and r)ying Speeches of 
some of the Most Noted Criminals in Great Britain, ... and 
America. New York, 1813. 8vo. 44 "3 

Mai.knfant {Col.) Des Colonies, et particiiliercment de celle 
de Saint-Domingue ; Mcmoire historique et politique .... Par le 
Colonel Malenfant ... . Parts: Chez Judibert. 18 14. 8vo, pp. 
(2)» xii, 334, (3). B., H. 44114 

Malespine (A.) Les £tats-Unis en 1865 D'apres les Docu- 
ments officiels communiques au Congres Par A. Malespine. 
Paris: E. Dentu. 1865. 8vo, pp. 48. c, H. 44115 

Malespine. Solution de la Question Mexicaine par A. 
Malespine ... . Paris: E. Dentu. 1864. 8vo, pp. 31. Map. B. 

See Sumner (Charles). 

Malet (A.) The Canadas, the Nature of their Existing 
Connection with Great Britain Discussed, and a Remedy pro- 
posed ... . London. 1831. 8vo. 44^17 

Malet (W. W.) An Errand to the South in the Summer 
of 1862. By ... Rev. William Wyndham Malet. ... London: 
Richard Bentley. 1863. 8vo, pp. viii, 312. Plate. H. 441 18 

Malham (J.) The Naval (jazetteer ; or, Seaman's Cc* a- 
plete Guide. ... By the Rev. John Malham ... . First American 
Edition. ... Boston: IV. Spotswood and J. Nancrede. 1797. 2 
vols., 8vo, pp. xlvi, 7-436; 573, (i). 17 Maps. b. -\- Second 
Edition ... London: Printed by M. Allen. 1 801. 2 vols., 8vo, 
pp. 560; (4), 644. Maps. BA. 44119 

Malham. Dictionnairc Universel de Geographic Maritime ; 
traduit de I'anglois de Malham. Par L. de Grandpre. Paris. 
1802. 2 vols., 4to. s. 44120 

Malherbe (A.) Monographic des Picides, ou Histoire natu- 
relle ... des Picides, Picumines, Yuncines ou Torcols, compre- 
nant ... I'Origine mythologique, les Moeurs, les Migrations, ... 
la Physiologic, la Repartition ge(jgraphique, les ... Systemes de 
Classification ... la Svnoiiymie, la Description ... I'Histoire de 
chaque Espece ... . Par Alfred Malherbe. \^Metx, : "J. Verrofi- 
nais. 1861—3.] Text, 2 vols., 125 colored Plates, 2 vols., folio. 

Only one hundred copies were printed, at the private expense of the author, who 
has spent 100,000 francs in raising this monument of science. What Gould has done 
for the humming-birds, M. Malherbe has done for the woodpeckers, some of which 
are American. 




Malin (VV. G.) Some Account of the Pennsylvania Hospi- 
tal, its Origin, Objects and Present State. By W. G. Malin ... 
Philadtlphia : Printed by Thomas Kite. 1 83 1, ^vo, pp. 46. Plate. 

Maliseet. I'he Hook of Matthew translated into the Mali- 
seet Language. By Rev. S. T. Rand. Charlottetown. 1853. 
8vo. 44123 

Alio : The Book uf John ... . Halifax. 185$. Svo. — The Bouki of Oeneiii, Piulmi 
and Acts ... . Bath, Eng. [n. d.] 8vo. — The Ten Cunimandmentii, the Lord's Prayer, 
... Halifax. 1863. 8vo. 

Mall (T.) The History of the Martyrs Epitomized. A 
Cloud of Witnesses ; or the Sufferers Mirrour ... . Collected out 
of the Ecclesiastical Histories of Eusebius, Fox, Fuller, Clark, 
Petrie, Scotland, And Mr. Samuel Ward's Life of Faith in 
Death ... . By Thomas Mall, m.a. ... Boston., N. E. Printed ... 
hy Rogers and Fowle. mijcc.xlvii. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (16), 267, 
(2) ; (4)1 J'^ (0» 292, (2). B., c, H. 44.124 

Prelixed are prefaces by J. Flavel and Rev. S. Lee, once minister of Bristol in New- 
England, A itood specimen of American printing. 

Mallalieu (A.) Buenos Ayres, Monte Video, and Aff^airs 
of the River Plate, in a Letter to the Earl of Aberdeen. By 
Alfred Mallalieu, Esq. London. 1844. 8vo, pp. 72. 44125 

Mallalieu. Rosas and his Calumniators. Affairs of the 
River Plate considered ... . By Alfred Mallalieu. London. 1845. 
8vo. 44126 

Mallard (J. B.) A Short Account of the Congregational 
Church, at Midway, Georgia. By John B. Mallard, a.m. ... 
Savannah: Printed hy Thomas Purse. 1840. 8vo, pp. 28. H. 

Mallard. An Oration ... before the Midway and Ncwpoi'; 
Library Society ... March, 1839. By John B. Mallard, a.m. ... 
Savannah: Printed by T. Purse l^ Co. 1838. 8vo, pp. 21, H. 

Mallary (R. C.) An Oration ... at Rutland Fourth July, 
1826; ... By R. C. Mallary. ... Rutland: William Fay. 1826. 
8vo, pp. 24. B. 44128 

Also: An Address ... before the ... Alumni of Middlebury College ... August 18, 
1824. ... Rutland: Printed by fVm. Fay. 1824. 8vo, pp. 27. h. 

Mallary ( ). Speech of Mr. Mallary, of Vt. on the 

Tariff' Bill. ... March 3, 1828. Washington: Printed by Gales 
l5f Seaton. 1828. 1 2mo, pp. 34. H. 44129 

Also: ... Tariff and Manufactures. January 13, 1831. ... Mr. Mallary, from the 
Committee ... made the following Report: ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 22. 



Mallet (A. M.) Description ilc I/Uiiivcrs, contcnaut Ias 
Dirt'cifiits Systemes clu Monde ... . Par Allain Manesson Mallet, 
... J Paris^ Chez Denys Thierry ... M. nc. Lxxxiii. 5 vols., 4to. 
Plates. C. }- Francfourt sur le A/ejin, Chez 'Jean Davit/ Zunner. 
M DC Lxxxvi. 5 vols., 4to, pp. ( 1 8), 302, (10), 2 Portraits ; (6), 
299, (20) i (6), 256 i (8), 328, (44), 147 Plates ; (10), 400, (44), 
170 Plates. 44130 

The unly ditTercnce in these two editions conaista in the inscriptiuna on the |)l.itL-!i, 
which in the Frankfort edition are in German. Vol. v. relatfs to America. 

Mallet (F.) Descriptive Account of the Island of Trinidad: 
made by order of Sir Ralph Abercronibie, r.b. ... By F. Mallet, 
Captain of the Surveying Engineers, 1797, &c. London: J. 
Faden. 1802. 4to, pp. 15. Map. 44131 

Intended to accompany a fbur-iheet maf>. 

Mallet (J. W.) Cotton; the Chemical, Geological, and 
Meteorological Conditions involved in its Successful Cultivation. 
With ... the Actual Conditions and Practice of Culture in the 
... Cotton States of North America. By Dr. John William 
Mallet .... Z,o«<s/(?« ; Chapman and Hall. 1862. 8vo, pp. xvi, 183, 
(i). Map and Plate. ba. 44132 

The first edition is London. 1827. i2mo. c. 

Mallet (M.) Quinze Jours de Traversee ; ou, Voyage en 
Amerique. Par Marie Mallet. Paris : Alphome Desesserts. [n. 
d.] 8vo, pp. (6), 371. Plates. 44*33 

Mallet (P.) Remarks on a Speech made to the National 
Assembly of France by the Deputies from St. Domingo, with 
Observations. By Philip Mallet. London. 1791. 8vo. 44134 

Mallett vs. Dexter. The Case in Equity, between Edward 
J. Mallett, et al.. Complainants, and Samuel Dexter, Administra- 
tor, Respondent. Providence: A. Crawford Greene. 1852. 8vo, 

pp. J 34. 44135 

Malleus (Trepidantium), pseudon. See [Young (Samuel)]. 

Mallorca. Exhortacion del Ilmo. Seiior Obispo de Mal- 
lorca. Mexico. 1820. 8vo. 44136 

Mallory (Daniel). See Clay (H.), Vol. iv.. No. 13543. 

Mallory (R. C.) Oration at Whitehall, N. Y., July 4, 
1817. Bv R. C. Mallory, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 44*37 




I , 

S I 



Mam.ory (S. R.) EfFcct of Naval Reform. Spicch of Hon. 
S. R. Mallory ... . May 15 and 16, 1856. lyashiugtou. 1H56. 
8vo, pp. 30. H. 4413S 

Alii) : ... Kr|)ott [uf' ] the Conimittre un Naval Atfjim ... [on] rhr Memorijii ur' 
Cjptuin Chjrio Scewart and other OHiceri ... . [n. p. i!<^6. | Svn, pp. 50. — ... 
Speech ... Jan. 14 and 1^, 1S53. On the Reiturution oi Huiiishment in the 
N«vy. yiVaihinj^ton. n. d.j Kvo, pp. 22. — Speech ... May 14th, 1858, on the Bill 
... for the Relief' ot" John Ericiaun. [n. p. n. d.l 8vo, pp. e,, (1). — Speech ... on 

"16, i8<i8. [n. 

the Adiiiisiion of Kanian ; ... March 

p. n. d. I 8vo. 

Mai.mgren (Anders Johun). Spetsbergen, Gronlaiuls, Islands 
och den Skandinaviska haltons hittills kanda aiinulata polychseta. 
Heliirigfors : J. C. Frenckell iJ Son. 1867. 8vo, pp. (2), 129. 
Table and 14 Plates. c. 44139 

Malo (C.) Histoire dc I'isle de Saint-Domingue, depuis sa 
decoiiverte jusqu'a ce jour ... . Par M. Charles-Malo ... . Paris: 
Louis Janet .^ Delaunay. 1 8 19. 8vo, pp. (4), ii, {2), 388. A. ■]■■ 
Dcuxieme edition. \_Ibid.'\ H. 44140 

Malo. Histoire d'Haiti (He de Saint-Domingue), depuis sa 
Decouverte jusqu'en 1824, £poque des Dernieres Negociations 
entre la France et le Gouvernement haitien. Par M. Charles- 
Malo ... . Nouvelle edition ... . Paris: Chez Louis Janet^ Ponthieu, 
1825. 8vo, pp. vii, 480. BA. 44 

Malo (J. R.) Funestos Recuerdos del Libertador de Me. 
Mexico, i860. 8vo. 44 H2 

Malo de LuquE (Eduardo). See Raynal (Guillaume-Thomas). 

Malone, A^. Y'. Kimball's Directory of Malone, with a 
Business Directory of Franklin County, for i868. fVatertown : 
y. C. Kimball. 1869. ibmo, pp. 119. 44^43 

Malone Sandstone Cojnpany. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. h. 

Description of the Malone Quarry, and By-Laws of the Company. Also : Report ... . 
1854. [n. p. 1854.''] 8vo, pp. 14. 

Malouet (V. P.) Collections de Memoires et Correspon- 
dances Officielles sur I'Administration des Colonies, Et notam- 
ment sur la Guiane fran^^aise et hollandaise, Par V. P. Malouet, 
... Paris: Baudouin^ Imprimeur ... Jn x [1802], 5 vols., 8vo, 
pp. (2), 484 ; (2), 379 i (2), 388 J (2), 378 ; (2), 353. Plates. 

•• An unequal but valuable collection." — J. R. M'Culloch. The author w;i3 a mem- 
ber of the marine, and employed Guizan to write the following : " Traite sur les Terres 
noyees de la Guiane, appelees comniunemttnt Terres Basses, par M. Guizan." Tiiis 
was reprinted by order of the Governor, at Cayenne, 1852. 6ee " M. Rev.," xi.. 482. 

T. ' 



Mai.oukt. Kxiinicii lie rente (|ucsti()ii : (^)ucl scr;i [xuir Ics 
Colonics lie PAiiieriijiK" Ic Resultat lU* la Kcvolutioti Fraiiy'oisf, 
lit* la (Tucrrc qui en est la Suite, Sc dc la Paix (]ui doit la terniiner P 
Par M. Malouct ... . J Lotuhes : liaylis. iji)^. 8vo, pp. 2q. -f 
Cet ouvrage etc fait sur un excmplairc impiiujc a Londres. Paris : 
Pougin, [1797. J 8vo, pp. 40. 44>4^ 

Hei «*M. Rev.," XXI. 579. 

Malouet. Lettre a M, S. D., Membre du Harlement, sur 
rinteret de I'Europc, au Salut dts Colonies dc I'Amcriquc. Par 
M. Malouet ... . Londres: Ihiylis. 1797. 8vo, pp. (4), j6. BA. 

Malouet. Opinion, sur la Legislation des Colonies, relative- 
ment a I'etat des personncs et au regime interieur. \^Paris. 17H7.] 
8vo, pp. 24. 


a scs Com- 
p. 44149 

Malouet. Seconde Lettre de M. Malouet, 
mettans. [n. p. 1798.] 8vo, pp. 8. 

Unnotici-d by {^''crjrd. 

Malouet. Beschrcibung der West-Indischen Insel San Do- 
mingo. Aus dem Franzosischen. IVeimar. 1808. 8vo. a. 

Malouet. Voyage dans les torets de la Guyane francaise. 
Paris, 1802. 8vo. 4" Nouvelle edition, publiee par M. Ferdi- 
nand Denis. Paris: G. Sandre. 1853. 32010. 441 5 1 

First appeared in Vol. 111. of the "Collection." See Boucher, vi. 264; tee alio V.isty. 

Malouet. Reisen nach dem Franzosischen Guiana und nach 
Surinam. Aus dem Franzosischen. IVeimar. 1805. 8vo. a. 

Maltby (E.) a Sermon ... on the Twenty-Fifth Anni- 
versary of his Settlement ... in Taunton. By Erastus Maltby. 
Boston: Phillips,, Sampson i^ Company. 1851. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 

Also: Sermiin ... at the Installation of the Rev. William M. Cornell, as Pastor ... 
in Woodstock, Conn., June 15, 1831. ... Taunton. 1831. 8v(i, pp. 24. 

Maltby (L) The Elements of War. By Isaac Maltby, ... 
Boston: Printed by T. B. fVait and Co. 181 1. i2mo, pp. ix, (1), 
x-xxvi, 208. Plates. 4- Second Edition. [/^/V.] 181 3. ba. -f- 
Third Edition. Hartford: Printed by Peter B. Gieason and Co. 
1815. i2mo, pp. xxvii, 208. Plates. b. 44154 

Also : Letter respecting some Military Orders of Gov. E. Gerry, addressed to Epa- 
phras Hoyt of Deerfield, 39 Feb., 1812. [n. p. n. d.] Folio, i leaf. — A Treatise on 
Courts Martial and Military Law. ... Boston : Printed by Thomas B. Wait and Company. 
1813. 8vo, pp. (8), 272. H., s. 

vol. XI. 18 



I > 

Mai-Tby (J.) ... A Sermon, ... in Portland, at the Ordina- 
tion of the Rev. Cyrus Hamlin, Missionary ... to Constanti- 
nople, October 3, 1838. By J. Maltby ... . Bangor: E. F. 
Duren. 1838. 8vo, pp. 40. b. 44155 

Also: Sermon, ... Maine Missionary Society. ... Auguita. 1859. 8vo. 

Malte-Brun (Conrad) \properly Bruun (Malthe Conrad)]. 
Annales des Voyages, de la Geographic et de I'Histoire ; ou Col- 
lection des Voyages nouveaux les plus estimes, traduits de toutes 
les langues Europeennes ; ... . Publiees par M. Malte-Brun. 
Paris: Chez. F. Buisson. 1808-14. 24 vols., 8vo. Maps, Plates. 

Malte-Brun. Table Generale et Raisonnee des Matieres 
contenues dans les vmgt premiers volumes des Annales des Voy- 
ages ... . Par M. Malte-Brun. Paris: F. Buisson. 181 3. 8vo, 
PP- (4), «v, 448. BA. 44157 

For a continuation lee " Nouvelles Annales." 

Malte-Brun. Diccionario geografico universal, que contiene 
la descripcion de todos los paises de las cinco partes del mundo, 
ordenado con arreglo a la geografia de Malte-Brun. Paris. 1828. 
2 vols., 8vo. 7 Maps. 44158 

Malte-Brun. Precis de la Geographie universelle, ou De- 
scription de toutes les parties du monde ... . Par M. Malte-Brun. 
Paris : Chez Fr. Buisson. 1810-29. 8 vols., 8vo. Atlas in 410. 
-|- Seconde edition, corrigee. ... \_Ibid.'\ 1812-29. ^ vols., 8vo. 
+ Nouvelle edition .... Paris. 1831-37. 12 vols., 8vo. Atlas. 
-f- Cinquieme edition revue, corrigee, et augmentee de toutes les 
nouvelles decouvertes. Par M. J.-J.-N. Huot. ... Paris: Furne 
et O'. 1 84 1. 6 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), 611 ; (4), 649; (4), 691 ; 
(4), iii, 667 ; (4), ii, 773 ; (4), iii, 631. Atlas. + [Reimprime] 
Paris: Garnier Freres. 1853. 6 vols., 8vo. Atlas of 72 Plates 
in folio. + Nouvelle edition, ... par V. A. Malte-Brun fils. 
Paris: Penaud Freres. 1852-56. 8 vols., 8vo. -f- Entierement 
refondue et mise au courant de la science, por Th. Lavallee. 
Paris: Furne et O''. 1855-57. 6 vols., 8vo. c, + [/&/V.] 1856- 
1862. 6 vols., 8vo. -f- Revue, rectifie et completement mise au 
niveau de I'etat actuelle des connaissances geographiques, par E. 
Cortambcrt. Paris: Dufour^ Mulat et Boulanger. 1856-61, 8 
vols., 8vo. Maps and Plates. 44^59 

Malte-Brun. Geographie universelle de Malte-Brun, illus- 
tree par Gustave Dore. Paris: G. Barba. 1859. "^ vols., 410. 
Atlas of no Maps. 44160 

Of this edition the parts relative to each country may be purchased separately. 






Malte-Brun, Le Mexique illustre Histoire et Geogiaphie 
Pur Malte-Brun ... Comprenant ... I'Histoire et la Geographic 
illustrees des £tats-Unis ... Paris: Chez Jzur-Dutil. 1862. 4to, 
pp. 40, 81-96, 57-72 [j/V]. Maps. H. 44161 

Malte-Brun. Malte-Brun's neuestes Gemalde von Amcrika 
uiid seinen Bewohnern. Aus dem Franzosischen iibersetzt und 
mit Zusatzen vermehrt von E. W. von Greipel. Leipzig. 18 19. 
8vo. -f [/t;V.] 1824. 2 vols., 8vo. 44162 

Malte-Brun. New General Atlas, exhibiting the Five Great 
Divisions of the Globe, Europe, Asia, America, and Oceanica, 
with their several Empires, Kingdoms, &c. Philadelphia. 1828. 
4to. 44163 

Malte-Brun. Principles of Mathematical, Physical, nd 
Political Geography. Edinburgh. 1834. 8vo. 441^4 

Malte-Brun. A Systerr of Universal Geography, or a De- 
scription of ... the World ... . By M. Malte-Brun ... . With 
Additions and Corrections Bv James G. Percival. ... Philadelphia : 
A. Finley. 1827. 3 vols., 8vo. -f- Boston. 1828. 3 vols., 410. 
+ Boston: Printed ... by Samuel Walker. 1834. 3 vols., 4to, pp. 
(6), XX, viii, 3-6, 9-640; (6), XX, 3-680; (6), xv, 681-1394, ( i). 
-f- [^Ibid.'] 1847, ^^S^t 1865. c. 44165 

Malte-Brun. Universal Geography, or A Description of all 
the Parts of the World ... . By M. Malte-Brun. ... Edinburgh : 
Adam Black. 1822. lovols., 8vo. Plates, ba. -\- Boston: Wells 
and Lilly. 1824-31. 9 vols., 8vo. Plates. B. + Philadelphia: 
Anthony Finley. 1827-32. 6 vols., 8vo, pp. xxii, 503 ; xv, 529 ; 
xii, 439 ; X, 450 ; (2), 427 ; (2), 427-823, iii-xvii, xxvi. H. + 
Philadelphia. 1832-37. 5 vols., 8vo. Atlas, 4to. + New Edi- 
tion ... . Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, mdcccxlii. 8vo, 
pp. xxiii, 1063. BA. -f- London: Henry G. Bohn. 1851. 8\o, 
pp. xxiii, 1067. + \^Ibid.'\ 1859. 44166 

Malte-Brun (V. A.) Annales des voyages, de la geographie, 
de I'histoire et de I'archeologie, dirigees par M. V. A. ivlalte- 
Brun. Annee 1866. Paris: Challamel. 1867. 8vo. 7 Maps. 
Continued. 44*^7 

See " Nouvelles Annales." 

Malte-Brun. Canal Interoceanique du Darien. Amerique. 
Notice Historique et Geographique sur I'Etat de la Question du 
Canal du Darien. Par M. V. A. Malte-Brun ... . Paris: Arthus 
Bertrand. [1865.] 8vo, pp. 32. Map. B. 44168 

' ' 'I 







11 ^ i' / 

' i 

I , 


' J 

k. ? 

'n Un coup d'oeil sur le Yucatan. Geographic, 
histdiie ft monuments. Paris: Arthus Bertrand. [n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 34. Map. 44169 

Malte-Brun. Coup d'oeil d'ensemble sur les differentes 
expeditions arctiques entreprises a la recherche de Sir John 
Franklin, et sur les decouvertes geographiques auxquelles elles 
ont donne lieu, par M. V. A. Malte-Brun ... . Paris. 1855. 
8vo. Map. 44170 

Malte-Brun. La destinee de Sir John Franklin devoilee, 
rapport du capitaine MacClintock, suivi d'un resume de I'expe- 
dition des navires " Erebus" et "Terror," et accompagne d'une 
carte des decouvertes arctiques provoquees par la recherche de 
Franklin, de 1845 ^ 1849, par M V. A. Malte-Brun. Paris: 
Arthus Bertrand. i860. 8vo. Map. 44^ 7 » 

Malte-Brun. La France et ses colonies. Description geo- 
graphique et pittoresque, esquisse de moeurs, merveilles de la 
nature et de I'art. Paris: Morizot. 1857 8vo. 44^72 

Malte-Brun. La Sonora et Ses Mines. Esquisse Geo- 
graphique. Par M. V. A. Malte-Brun ... . Paris: Arthus Ber- 
trand. 1864. 8vo, pp. 31. Map. 44^73 

El Makes al Historiador de Buenos Ayres. Tucuman. 18 12. 
4to. 44174 

Curious as a specimen of printing at Tucuman. A criticism of Funes' " Ensayo." 

Malvenda (T.) Duodecim Fragmenta ad Sacram Scripturam 
pertinentia cum suis Indicibus a Nicolao Figures collecta et evul- 
gata. Valenties. 1655. Folio. 44*75 

Relates incidentally to America. 

Malvenda. Thomae, Setabitani, Hispani Malvendae de 
Antichristo, Libri xi. Roma. 1604. Folio. 4417^ 

The question h here raised of America having been peopled by one of the lost tribes 
of Israel, and of the Gospel itself being preached there long anterior to its discovery by 
Columbus; which latter event is described in eight closely printed columns. 

Malvinas. Apendice a los documentos oficiales publicados 
sobre el asunto de Malvinas que contiene el esclarecimiento de 
los hechos perpetrados por el Comandante Silas Duncan, de la 
Corbeta de guerra de los E. U., contre aquel establecimiento 
y sus habitantes. Buenos Ayres. 1832. 4to, pp. 22. 44*77 

Mame Language. See [Raynosa (Diego de)]. 



Mamiani (L. V.) Arte de Grammatica da lingua brasilica da 
na^ao Kiriri. Por Luis Vicencio Mamiani. Lisboa^ por Miguel 

Deslandes. 1699. 8vo, pp. xvi, 124. 


Extremely rare; unknown to Brunet or Ternaux. 

Mamiani. Catecismo da doutrina Christao na Lingua Bra- 
silica, da Na^ao Kiriri, composto pelo P. Luis v. Mamiani. Lis- 
hoa : M. Deslandes. 1698. 8vo. 44^79 

An exceedingly scarce volume. 

Mamiani. Grammatik der Kiriri-Sprache. Aus dem Portu- 
giesischen des P. Mamiani iibersetzt von H. C. von der Gabe- 
lentz. Leipzig: F. A. Brockhaus. 1852. 8vo, pp. 62. 44180 

The Kiriri language is spoken by two Catholic tribes of Indians in the province of 
Baliia near Cochoeira. 

Mammoth Cave. See [Croghan (Dr. John)], and No. 19723. 

Mammoth Vein Consolidated Coal Company. ... Reports by 
P. W. Sheafer, Engineer ... . 1864. Boston: Wright iff Potter .^ 
Printers. 1864. 8vo, pp. 67. Map. H. 44181 

Also: ... Reports by Directors, Trustees ... etc. November 25, 1864. Boston: 
ff right ^Potter, Printers. 1864. 8vo, pp. 61. h. 

Mamvsse Wunneetupanatamwe. See Eliot (J.), 22154, note. 

Man (G. F.) An Oration, ... before the Citizens of ... Kent, 
at Apponaug, Warwick, July 4, 1838. By George F. Man. 
Providence: Knowles.^ Vose^ and Company. 1838. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 

Man (Jan Willem Engelbert de). Suriname ontmaskerd of 
zaaklyke beschouwing waar aan het verval der Kolonie Suriname 
tans grootlyks toe te schryken is. Amsterdam: f. A. Crayenschot. 
\11^. Folio. 44183 

Man (T.) England's Treasure by Foreign Trade, or the 
Balance of our Foreign Trade is the Rule of our Treasure. By 
Thomas Man, Merchant of London. Glasgow: R. and A. Faults. 
1755. 8vo. 44184 

Man. Picture of a Factory Village ; to which are annexed 
Remarks on Lotteries. By Sui Generis : alias, Thomas Man. 
Providence: Printed for the Author. 1833. i2mo, pp. 144. c. 

Man. a Picture of Woonsocket, or the Truth in its Nudity. 
... By Thomas Man ... . Providence: Printed for the Author. 
1S35. i2mo, pp. 108. 44186 

A scarce book, not mentioned in Bartlett's "Bibliography of Rhode Island." 



"( ■>. 






A Man of Abilities for the Earl of B e or, Scotch 

Politics defeated in America. Accompanied with several inter- 
esting Anecdotes, and a Hint of the late intended ministerial 
changes. ... London: ... '/. IVilUams. 1766. 8vo, pp. iv, 9-56. 

"The 'Man of Abilities' here alluded to, is Lord George S e; of whose conduct 

the author gives a must severe and libellous detail ; he falls foul also on the Lords 
H X and S— d — h." — Monthly Review, xxxiv. 239. 

The Man of Two Lives. See [Sydenham (Edward)]. 

Man-of-War Life. See [NordhofF (C.)] 

Manahan (A.) Report of A. Manahan and G. A. Ridley 
... on the removal of the Penitentiary from Kingston to Marmora, 
[n. p.: J. H. Lawrence^ Printer, n. d.] Folio, pp. 15. H. 

Manamuskin, A^. J. See [Cole (A.) & Co.], iv. 14283. 

Mananas de la Alameda de Mexico. Mexico. 1835-36. 2 
vols., 4to. 441S9 

Manasseh Ben Israel. An Account of the Ten Tribes of 
Israel being in America ; originally published by Manasseh Ben 
Israel. With some Observations thereon, and Extracts from 
Sacred and Prophane, Ancient and Modern History, confirming 
the same ; and their return from thence about the time of the 
return of the Jews. By Robert Ingram, a.m. ... London: G. G. 
J. l^ J. Robinson. 1792. 8vo, pp. 56. -|- Colchester. 1792. 8vo. 

" Mr. Ingram believes that great numbers of the Israelites, after their dispersion, 
retired into a remote and uninhabited country, which he supposes to have been to 
the south of Hudson's Bay, and near California, between 53° and 60° N. lat., where 
their descendants, a numerous and distinct race, remain to this day, unconnected with the 
rest of mankind. All the difficulties in this long journey by sea and land are removed 
by the aid of miracles, of which the rev. author is not sparing. He has, however, used 
great diligence in examining and applying the Jewish prophecies, and other authorities, 
in support of his opinion, and of the evidence of Rabbi Manasseh." — Monthly Re-vieiu. 

Manasseh Ben Israel. Esto es Esperanca de Israel. Obra 
con fuma Curiosidad Conquesta. Amsterdam. 1649. l2mo. 

This book endeavors to prove that the lost tribes are to be found in America. 

Manasseh Ben Israel. ... Hoc est, | Spes Israelis. | Authore | 
Menasseh Ben Israel. | Theologo & Philosopho Hebraeo. | Jmstelo- 
dami.\Anno 1650. | i2mo, pp. (12), ill. 44^92 

Concerning the identity of the Aborigines of America with the Hebrew race. 

Manasseh Ben Israel. The Hope of Israel newly extant 
and printed in Amsterdam, Dedicated by the Author to the High 
Court, the Parliament of England, and the Council of State : 




with the strange relation of Antony Montezinus, a Jew, of what 
befell him as he travelled over the '* Mountaines Cordilliere," in 
America. London. 1650. 8vo. 44^93 

Manasseh Ben Israel. Jews in America. The Hope of 
Israel, written by Menasseh Ben-Israel, with Discoures by Moses 
Wall. London. 165 1. 8vo. 44^94 

The address to the reader commences " There are as many minds as men about the 
original of the people of America, and of the first inhabitants of the New World, and 
of the West Indyes," and these words form a key to the entire tracts 

Manati. See Vol. IV., No. 14994 ; correct the date to 1862. 

Manby (G. W.) Journal of a Voyage to Greenland, in ... 
1821. ... By George William Manby. London: G. and IV. B. 

Map and Plates, h. 


IVhittaker. mdcccxxii. 4to, pp. viii, 143. 
-f Second Edition. [^Ibid.~\ 8vo. 

Manby. Reise nach Gronland, ... 1821. Aus dem Engli- 
schen von C. F. Michaelis. Leipzig. 1823. Srn. 8vo. Map and 
Plates. 44196 

Manby. Reis naar Groenland, in het Jaar 1821. Gevolgd 
naar de hoogduitsche Vertaling van Dr. C. F. Michaelis. Amster- 
dam : Ten Brink i^ De Fries. 1825. 8vo, pp. (4), 188. Map 
and 2 Plates. c. 44197 

Manby (T.) Collection of the Statutes of Charles i. and 11. 
By Thomas Manby. London. 166 j. Folio. 44^98 

Ship money, Newfoundland fisheries, etc., form part of the contents of this rare 
volume. The title-page is a fine specimen of a wood-cut title. 

Mance {Mile.) See [Faillon], Vol. vi., No. 23653. 

Manchester {Duke of). The Speech of His Grace the 
Duke of Manchester, against the Bill, to prohibit all Intercourse 
with the Colonies. London: G. Kearsly. mdcclxxv. R1. 8vo, 
pp. 15. 44199 

Manchester (E.) The Principles upon which the Temper- 
ance Reform is Based, Examined and Defended, and Objections 
to Prohibitory Legislation, Discussed and Answered ... . By Elias 
Manchester. With an Appendix. Auburn^ N. T. : William J. 
Moses. 1854. 8vo, pp. 31. 44200 

Manchester, Mass. Brief History, Articles of Faith, Cove- 
nant, and Living Members, of the Orthodox ... Church ... . 
Boston: Wright i^f Hasty .^ Printers. 1851. 8vo, pp. 31. H. 




■ /I 






Candid Enquiries, ... relative to the Difficulties ... in ... Man- 
chester, Massachusetts, from ... 1816, to ... 1819. By a Friend 
to Truth, [n. p.] 1819. 8vo, pp. 8. ba. 44202 

A Statement of Facts presented to an Ecclesiastical Council, 
October 5, 1858. ... Francis V. Tenney. ... Manchester. 1858. 
i6mo, pp. 44. H. 44203 

In regard to F. V. Tenney's conduct. 

Manchester, N. H. ... An Act to establish the City of 
Manchester. [^Manchester? 184.6.] ibmo, pp. 16. H. 44204 

... First Annual Report of the Committee on Finance ... for 
... 1847. Manchester^ N. H.: James O. Adams., Printer. 1847. 
8vo, pp. 32. Continued. H. 44205 

Annual Report of the ... School Committee ... for ... 1851. 

Manchester. 1851. 8vo, pp. 14,(2). Continued. 44206 

A Business Directory of ... Manchester. ... 1848. Man- 
chester: J. O. Adams., Printer. 1848. i6mo, pp. 206. H. 44207 

The Charter ... as amended. ... Manchester: Press of "James 
O. Adams. 1849. i^mOj PP- 27. H. 44208 

The Charter with its Amendments, and the Revised Ordi- 
nances ... 1854. Manchester: Abbott^ Jenks^ Co. 1854. 8vo, 
pp. 91. Continued. H. 44209 

Communication from his Honor the Mayor ... . before the 
City Council of Manchester, March 19th, 1856. ... Manchester., 
N. H.: Abbott ^ IV arr en. 1856. 8vo, pp. 14. Continued. B. 

... Inaugural Address of ... Hon. Frederick Smyth ... 1852. 
Manchester : H. A. Gage i5f Co.., Printers. 1852. 8vo, pp. 13. 
Continued. 4421 1 

Catalogue of the ... Manchester Athensum ... . Manchester : 
Campbell i^ Gilmore. 1853. ^^^i PP- xv, 112. B. 44212 

Also: Constitution and By-Laws ... . Alanchester^ N. H. : ffeimore & fVallace, 
Printers. 1844. I2mo, pp. II, (l). 

Catalogue of the Manchester City Library ... . Manchester : 
Printed by Abbott iff Warren. 1856. 8vo, pp. iv, 82. + Man- 
chester. 1863. 8vo. Continued. 442^3 

Also : Twelfth Annual Report of the Trustees, Treasurer and Librarian of the 
Manchester City Library, for ... 1865. ... Manchester, N. H. : Henry ..1 Gage. 1866. 
8v(), pp. 28. Continued. — Rules and Regulations ... of the City Library ... and a 
List of ... Officers ... 1854 ... . Manchester. 1854. 8vo, pp. 16. h. 








tr : 


ir : 


Id a 

Manchester Democrat — Extra. Containing ... the Political 
Phase of George Barstovv, Esq. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 

The Manchester Directory, containing The City Record, 
Names of the Citizens, and A Business Directory, ... for 1852. 
By George Adams ... . Manchester, [n. d.] l8mo. Continued. 
-f For 1864. By Adams, Sampson & Co. Manchester : IVttt. 
H. Fisk. [n. d.] i8mo, pp. 188. -(- For 1869. By Sampson, 
Davenport & Co. [//W.J 1869. 8vo, pp. 280. Continued. 

Manchestkr Public Library. Annual Report of the Offi- 
cers and Trustees ... 1868. Manchester., N. H.: ... Henry A. 
Gage., Printer. 1 869. 8vo, pp. 26. H. 44216 

The Ordinances ... passed in 1846 & 1847. ... Manchester: 
James O. Adams., Printer. 1847. 8vo, pp. 52. - Continued. H. 

Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, of School District Num- 
ber Two ... 1862 ... . Manchester., N. H. : Gage., Moore is' Co. 

1863. i2mo, pp. II, (1) 

Also : Regulations and Course of Study, for 
ibesler, N. H. : James 0. Adams, Printer. 1846. 

Reports of the Selectmen ... for ... 1841-42 
A^. H, 1842. i2mo, pp. 15. Continued. 

.. District No. 2 
i6mo, pp. 8. H. 

H. 44218 
,. 1846. Man- 
H. 44219 

Revised Ordinances of the City .... il(/<7«<rA«/^r. 1859. i2mo. 
Rules and Orders of the City Council, and List of Officers ... 

Manchester: James O. Adams., Printer. 1846. 

i2mo, pp. 29. 

H. 44221 

Valedictory Address of Mayor Weston, Jan., 1869. Man- 
chester. 1869. 8vo. 44222 

Manchester, Vt. Catalogue of ... Burr Seminary, Man- 
chester, Vt. June, 1844. Troy., N. T.: N. Tuttle. 1844. 8vo, 
pp. 12. B. 44223 

Manchester and its Vicinity ; A Guide Book for the use of 
the Guests of the Equinox House. Boston : Press of Geo. C. 
Rand is' Avery. 1862. 410, pp. 11. 44224 

Report of the Directors of the A-Ianchestcr and Lawrence 
Railroad Corporation, ... to July 1, 1852. Boston, 1852. East- 
burn's Press. 8vo, pp. 22. Continued. B. 44225 

Also : Report of the Investigating Committee of the Stockholders ... Jan. 7, 1S51. 
Great Falls, N. H. \%$l. ivo. 



; I 






> ! 




Mancilla (A.) Imagen iris de N. Sefi. de Valvanera. Ser- 
mon en hi cclebre dedicacion de vn Altar nuevo en Mexico. 
Mexico. 1725. 4to, 22 leaves. Plate. 44226 

Mancius [G. W.) a Sermon, ... by Rev. Geo. Wilhclmus 
Mancius, ... Kingstcm, N. Y. ... 1754. ... Translated from the 
Dutch ... . Kingston. 1818. 8vo, pp. 12. ba. 44227 

Mancur (J. H.) Tales of the Revolution. By John H. 
Mancur. Neiu K'ork. 1844. ^^o, pp. 317. s. 44228 

Mandauilla (Joanne dc). Qual tratta delle piu marauegliosi 
cose e piu notabile chc se trouino, e come presentitalmente ha 
cercato ... tutte le parte habitabilc del mondo, et ha notato alcune 
degne cose ... chc ha vcdute in esse parte. Venetia : A. Torti. 
1537. i2mo. 44229 

"Very rare." — Ashek's Catalogue. 

Mandeville (G. H.) Flushing, Past and Present. A His- 
torical Sketch, by Rev. G. Henry Mandeville ... . Flushing.^ L. I. 
i860. 24mo, pp. 180. 3 Plates. ba., c. 44230 

Mandeville. My Country : A Discourse delivered in the 
Protestant Reformed Dutch Church at Newburgh, N. Y., Nov. 
28th, 1 86 1 — Repeated Dec. 8th, 1861, By G. Henry Mande- 
ville ... . Newburgh: E. M. Ruttenbet\ Printer. 1 86 1. 8vo, 
pp. 22. 44231 

Also : Discours'; at the Funeral of Col. Bcnj. R. Hoagland. ... Flushing, L. I. 
1858. 8vo. 

Mandeville (H.) Our Country. A Sermon, ... at Utica, 
... December lOth, 1835. By H. Mandeville ... . Utica. 1835. 
8vo, pp. 24. 44232 

Mandeville. Reflections on the Goodness of God to a 
Nation Three Score and Ten Years Old : A Sermon ... in ... 
Albany, on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 1853. ^Y Henry 
Mandeville, d.d. ... Albany: Fisk i^ Little. 1853. 8vo, pp. 25. 

Also : ... A Sermon ... with rcfeieniK to the Death ot' Prof. John Finley Smith ... 
Oct. 15, 1843 ... . Uiica : Press of Bennett, Backus, & Haivley. 1 843. 8vo, pp. 24. 

Mandeville (H. D.) Address on some of the Duties of the 
American Citizen ... April 5, 1842. By H. D. Mandeville, Jr., 
Esq. Vidalia^ La. 1842. i2mo, pp. 39. H. 44234 

Mandeville (Marigni de). See Marigni de Mandeville. 

Manderville (P.) Narrative of the Abduction, Captivity, 
Sufferings and Heart-rending Misfortunes of Payneta Mander- 





ith ... 


ville, Wife of Augustus H. Manderville, of Baltimore, who was 
alniuctcci by the Spanish Haiulits of New Grenada. Richmond, 
Fa. [1854.] 8vo, pp. 36. Plates. 44235 

Manurii.lon (Joseph H.) Fragnicns de politique et de littc- 
ra are, suivi d'un voyage a lierlin, en 1784. Paris et Bruxe/lfs. 
1788. 8vo, pp. 372. 44236 

Contains *' cjucs nur lu Revoliition Annericaini"; Crise dc rAmerlqur; MeiriDitos 
pour et Devise ile la Sotiete Americaine; Meniuire au Ministre Pteniputentiare dcs 
ftars-Unis; Suciete de Cincinnatus," etc. 

M[andrii.lon]. Precis sur I'Amerique Septentrionale et la 
Republique des Trei/.c-Etats-Unis. Par M. Jh M. Jmster- 
dam: "J. Schuring. 1782. 8vo, pp. 164. c. 44237 

M[andrillon]. Le Spcctateur Americain.' Ou Remarqucs 
Cicncrales sur I'Amerique Septentrionale et sur la Republique des 
Trei'/.e-Etats-Unis. Suivi de Rechcrchcs Philosophiques sui la 
Decouverte du Nouveau-Monde. Par M. J|» IVI ******** * 
... Amsterdam: E. van Harrevelt. mdcclxxxi.v. 8vo, pp. xvi, 
128, folded leaf, 307. Map. ba., j.c.b. 4.4238 

In the same volume, with separate title and paging, is the following : 

M[andrili,on]. Recherches Philosophiques sur la Decou- 
verte de I'Amerique, ou discours sur cette question, proposee par 
I'Academie des Sciences, ... de Lyon : " La decouverte de I'Ame- 
r'que a-t-elle ete utile ou nuisible au genre-humain .?" ... Par M. 
Jh ^*********_ _^ Amsterdam: E. van Harrevelt. mdcc- 
Lxxxiv. 8vo, pp. (2), 91, (4). H., p. 44239 

M[andrillon]. Le Spectateur Americain [as No. 44238]. 
Seconde Edition revue, corrigee, i^ augmentee ... . Amsterdam : 
Emmanuel Flon. 1785. 8vo, pp. xx, 519. Map and Table, c. 
-f- Jtusterdam : Chez De La Haye iff Compagnie. M. DCC. Lxxxv. 
8vo, pp. XX, 519. Map and Table. ba. 44240 

Of the first edition there arc copies on thick paper, there are also copies on thick 
paper in which the author's name is spelt out .it length. The author desirous of 
being a member of the Cincinnati, and thought tliar Congress could take away the 
difficulty which prevented his membership. See alio [Cluny (A.)], Vol. iv. 13797. 

Maneiro (J. A.) Joannis Aloysii Maneiri Veracrucensis de 
Vitis aliquot Mexicanorum aliorumque, qui sive virtute, sive lit- 
teris, Mexici imprimis floruerunt. Bononia : Ex Typographia 
Laelii a Fulpe. 1791-2. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. 410 ; 412; 324. 

This very rare book, by a native author "Veracrucensis," contains the lives of fhirty- 
five distinguished literary men, missionaries, etc., of Mexico. 

■ 56 


Manf.iko. Dc Vita Antonii Lopczii Portilli, Mexici primum, 
inde Valcnti;e Canonici. Bononitt : Leelius a I'ielpe. 1791. l2mo, 
pp. 54> (2). i • 44242 

Maneiko. Joannes Aloysius Maiieirus de Vita Michaelis 
Guticrri saccrdotis Mexicani. Botwnia. 1795. i2mo. 44-^43 

Also: Vit.i Petri M.ili Sacerdotiu Mexicani. Bonoiiiir. 1798. 8vo. 

Manent (G.), pseudon. See [Manley (J. R.)], No. 44301. 

Manero (Jose Mariano dc) and Hortjgosa (Tomas Lopez 
de). Solemries Excquias del III"" Sciior Dr. Jose (jiegorio 
Alon7,o de Hoitigosa, ohispo que tiic dc la ciiidad de Anttijucra, 
Valle de Oaxaca, celeluadas en la saiit.'. ijilcsia catcd.ul de la 
propia ciiidad en los ilias I. y 2. del mes de Uicicnihre di- 1796. 
Nueva Guatemala: I. Beteta. 179H. 410, 14 leaves. 44244 

Manetense (B.) Fr. Bernardo iVIanetense, Capuch., C;\{c- 
chismo para los Karitis, Indios de Brasil -, en Portugues i Indio. 
1709. 8vo. 44^45 

•'Printed, according to Barcia-Pinelo." Title and note from Ludcwig. 

Manford (E.^ Twcntv-Five Years in the West. By Eras- 
mus Manford. Chicago: E. Manford. 1867. 8vo, pp. (2\ 359. 

Manfredo ( ). Una Culpa. Drama en un acto. 

1866. 8vo, pp. 40. 

Manganese Mining Company. Reports of the .. 
pany, New Brunswick. Organized ... 1869. [n. p. 

8vo, pp. 16. 



n. d. I 

H. 4424H 

Mangin (A.) Le Cacao et le chocolat consideres au point 
de vue botanique, chimique, physiologique, agricole, commercial, 
industriel et cconomique. Par Arthur Mangin. Suivi de la 
legende du Cacahuatl, par Ferdinand Denis. Paris: Guillaumin 
et O'. i860. i2mo. 12 Plates. -)- Secondc edition. \_Ibid.'] 
1H62. 8vo. 44249 

Mangin. Voyages et Decouvertcs outre-mer au xix* siecle. 
Par Arthur Mangin. Illustrations de Durand-Brager. Tours: 
Mame et Qe. 1862. 8vo. 24 Plates. 44250 

Alsi) : Lc Desert et le monde s.iuvage. ... Illustrations par MM. Yan' Dargent, 
F oulquiei' i!t W. Freeman. Tours: Mame et jih. 1865. 8vo. 

Mangles (J.) Papers and Despatches relating to the Arctic 
Searching Expeditions of 1850-1-2; together with a few brief 









OS : 



Remarks on the probable Course by Sir John Franklin. C\il- 
Ifcted and arranged bv James Mangles. Second Etlition. Lou- 
Jon. 1852. 8vu, p|). 94. Maps. c. 44251 

Mangum (Adolphiis W.) Myrtle Leaves. A Book peciii 
iarly adapted to the Times. By Rev. A. W. Mangum. Kaleif^h^ 
N. C. 1864. i2mo, pp. 134. 44252 

The lecond edition is entitled : " Myrtle Lcivet ; or Tokens at the Tomb. ... A'.i- 
'wjfi), N. C. : Branson & Farrar. 1864. l6nio, |>p. 13a. H. 

Manhattan, pseudon. See [Scoville (J. A.)] 

Manhattan, pseudon. What Shall be IJonc with the Confis- 
cated Negroes? ... A Letter to Hon. Abraham Lincoln, (len. 
Winfield Scott ... and ... other Patriots. ... [n. p. n. d.J 8v{), 
pp. 15. H. 4425;^ 

Manhattan College. Catalogue of Manhattan C'olleiic. 
1866-7. New rork: P. C. Devlin. 1867. 8vo, pp. 50. Plat<-. 
Continued. h. 4425.1. 

Also: Du( uments on tin* Matter of Application to the Legislature of New York for 
a Charter for Manhattan (Jollrye. Nciu York. 1829. 8vo. 

Manhattan Company. Act of Incorporation of the Man- 
hattan Company. New York. 1799. 8vo, pp. 12. N. 44255 

Manhattan Co-Operativjc Relief Association. 
[Orga.iization, Object, etc.] New It'ork City. [n. d.] 24mo, 
pp. 12. H. 44256 

Manhattan Quartz Mining Company. Facts concern- 
ing Quartz and Quartz Mining; ... with the Charter of the ... 
Company ... . Neiv Turk : IV. L, Burroughs^ Steam ... Presses. 
1852. 8vo, pp. 30, (i). Plate. H. 44257 

The iManhattan Souvenir. See Haven (C. W.), vni. 30875. 

Manheim (F.) Aft'ecting History of the Dreadful Distresses 
of Frederic Manheim's Family. To which are added. The Suf- 
ferings of John Corblv'^ Family. An Encounter between a 
White Man and Two bavages. Extraordinary Bravery of a 
Woman. Adventures of Capt. Isaac Stewart. Deposition of 
Massey Herbeson. Adventurt;s and Sufferings of Peter Wilkin- 
son. Remarkable Adventures of Jackson Johonnot. Account 
of the Destruction of the Settlement at Wyoming. Philadelphia : 
Printed {for Mathew Carey) by D, Humphreys. 1794. Hvo, pp. 
48. Plate, -t- \_lbid^ 1800. -\- Bennington: Printed by Collins 
(3' Stock-well. 1802. 8vo, pp. 33. 44258 



The Maniacs ; or, F'antasia t)f Hos Milieus, characteristic nf 
some ot the Fanatics who are Conspiring the Ruin of' their 
Country at Home. By a VV^cst- Indian. \_Kingston^ Jamaica?] 
1824. l2mo, pp. 128. c. 4425*^ 

Maniau (J. N.) Oracion funcbrc dc Sen. Don. Ignac. Paz. 
Mexico. 1829. 4to, 10 leaves. 44260 

Manierrk (Ci.) I'estimonial of Respect of the Bar of Chi- 
cago to the Memory of Hon. George Manierre, ... also, the 
Funeral Discourse of Rev. R. VV. Patterson. ... Chicago: Dun- 
lop^ Stwell isf Spaldingy Printers. 1863. 8vo, pp. 61. H. 4426 1 

The iManifest Destiny of the American Union. Reprinted 
from the Westminster Review- New Tt'ork. 1857. i2mo, pp. 72. 

Manifest I Dcor d'Inwoondcrs van Pernambuco uytgegevcn tot 
hun I verantwoordinge op 't aennemen der wapcnen tegens | dc 
VVest-Indische Compngnie ; ghedirigeert aen ailc | Cliristcne Prin- 
cen, ende besonderlijck aen de H<)ogh-|Mo. H. II. Staten Gene- 
rael van de Vereenighde Neder- I lanclen. | 't Heeft schijn van 
quaeti | Maer niet de daet. | ... | Ghcdruckt ende uyt het Portu- 
gies overgcset in onse Nederduvtsche Tale. | Tot Antwerpeu^ | 
Ghedruckt by Pieter van den Cruyssen., Boeckverkooper inde Lomhert- 
straet. Anno 1646. | 4to, pp. 12. 44263 

This; manifesto, hy the inli.ibitantti of Pernambucu, is a defense against the accusation 
of having taken part in the insurrection of the Portuguese. Hee Asher, No«. 214-zi j. 

Manifest I Ende redenen van Oorlogc, tot | [^isbonal Vvt-ghe- 
gheven ende gepubliceert : Tusschen] Portugael 1 ende de (ie- 
unieerde Nederlantsche Pro. intien 1 | met de acnmcrckingc ende 
den oorspronck I waer uyt den self- | den gheprocedeert is. | Ge- 
trouwelijck uijt de Portugesche Tale over-geset : | Gedruckt int 
Jaer onses Heeren 1658.] 4to, pp. 16. c. 44264 

Manifesto of war between Portugal and the United Provinces, with the origin of the 
war. See also Asher, Nu. 289. 

Manifest, | ofte | Reden van den oorlogh tusschen Por- | tugael, 
ende dc Vereenichde Provintien van de Nederlanden, | met de 
aenwijsinge vande oorsaeck waer uyt die ontstaen is. | Tot Lisbon 
in de Portugesche en Castiliaensche taelen | gedruckt ende uytge- 
gevcn, in 't laer 1657. Ende nu getrouwelijck |en verstandelijck 
inde Nederduytsche taele overgeset. | Mitsgaders | Manifestatie | 
Van dc leugencn ende valsheden waer mede het is vervult, | Ende 
een | Koi t ende waerachtich verhael | van des Conincks van Por- 
tugael, ende sijner onder- |saeten trouwloose ende meyneedyge 





procedu- 1 rcii, ilic tli* wacre rcdrn en oorsacrk, ciulr | st'lts hrt 
In-gin, van ilrscii oorlogh /in. | In'i Graven- 1 {ui^hfy \ liy lifHtiitu 
H'lntlius^ hide I Hofitraety indt n'ttuwt Kamt-en-lioick-lhucktry, 
1659.1 4t", pp. 56- ^' 44265 

Manifcitt) or rcimini i)t' tlif brtwprn P(irni(;.il jiuI thr Unitril Nrtlicrl.imlt, with 
iiuincniui pjrticuljin ut' tlit- gricvaiuc» in l)r.i/il, I'ti . i^t Min Ashn, No. Kyo. 

Het Manifest van Cieorgc ill., in ccn waai claglicht gcstelil 
door Cato Hatavius dc Jongc. Amittrdam. 1781. 8vo. 44266 

The wur-nunifctt ai George 111., viewed in x true light by Cato Batavun Junior. 

Manifest van pardon van de Koninck van Spaignen aende 
rebelle Portugcsen. Hardnivyck. 1662. 4to. 44267 

Manifesto of pardon uf tlie King of' Spain to the rebeilinuH Hurtugueae. 


Manifest] van 't Koninghrvck van | PortiigacI] In il'wek'ke ver- 
klaert wort de gerechto | oorsake en de redcn waeroni dc Inwoon- 
ders sich I hcbbcn gctrocken uvt de gehoorsaenilu-it des Koningsj 
van Castilien en nu aenghenomen den Serenissimo Heer | IJon 
Joan iiii. van dicn Naniei | wesende | den xviii. gerechtcn Ko- 
ningh van | dit Koninghryck. | Met Gratie ende Hrivilegie. | Cie- 
druckt naer de Copye tot Lisbona, Hv Faulus van Craesbeecke. 
Ende nu getrou-j welyk overgheset in 't Nederlant'sj Door C F. 
Portugecs. I En worden nu uytgegeven, | By Hroer jans/.. Jan van 
Hilten, En C. de Pas. \^Amsterdam.\ Anno 1641,! 410, pp. 
23» (3)- 44268 

Manifesto of the kingdom of Portugal on its admitting D. Joan iv. as king. Set 
ul.- Aslier, No. 173. 

Manifestacion al Gobierno Supremo del Tribunal de Guerra y 
Marina, sobre la separacion de D. Augustin Buenrostos, y facul- 
dades para remover a los demas ministros Ictrados cjuc lo compo- 
nen. Mexico. 1835. 410, pp. 28. 44269 

Manifestacion de los Patriotas de Honduras contra los pertur- 
badores de la paz Publica y los refractarios dc la union. Teguci- 
galpa. 1853. f^ol'o? 9 leaves. 44270 

Manifestacion histdrica y politica de la revolucion de la America 
y mas especialmente de la parte que corresponde al Peru, y Rio de 
la Plata. Obra escrita en Lima, centro de la opresjon y del dcs- 
pdtismo, en el ano de 18 16. Impresa en Buenos- Ayres : Imprenta 
de ios expositos. 1818. l2mo. 44271 

Manifestacion que hace al publico el de Santiago Bombalier 
relativa al Mandato que le confirio D. Manuel 1 Madrid para la 







publicacion en Paris de los articulos cosas de Mexico y biografia 
de algunos iiidividuos. Mexico. 1859. ^'"' ^^°> PP* ^3* 44^7^ 

Manifestacion que hace al publico el ex-general A. Alvarez. 
Saltillo. 1864. 8vo, pp. 10. 44273 

Manifestacion que hace el Comandante en Gefe de la Seccion 
auxiliar de Chiapas sobre Pichucalco y S. J. Bautista de las comu- 
nicaciones habidas con los Gefcs de ambos puntos desde el 13. 
de Setiembre en que arribd a Istacomitan hasta el 25 del propio 
mes en que entrd en esta Capital con dicha seccion. Tabasco. 
1845. 4to, pp. 19. 44274 

Manifestacion que hace el gobierno eclesiastico de Guadalajara, 
contra las disposiciones dictadas en Veracruz. Guadalajara. 
1859. 4to, pp. 34. 44275 

Manifestacion que hace la Junta. See Jalisco, ix. 35553. 

Manifestacion que hacen al Venerable Clero y Fieles de sus 
respectivas diocesis y a todo el mundo catdlico los Illmos. Senores 
Arzobispo de Mexico y Obispo de Michoacan, Linares, Guadala- 
jara y el Potosi, ... en defensa del clero y de la Doctrina catdlica. 
Mexico. 1859. 8vo, pp. 38. 44276 

A protest of the United Mexican clergy against the celebrated laws of Benito Juarez, 
on civil marriage and the disendowment of the church, which he published at Vera 
Cruz on the 7th, izth, 13th, and 23d of July, 1859. 

Manifestation or State and Case of the Quakers presented to 
all People, but especially to Merchants, Owners, and Masters 
of Ships, and Marriners, also to all Planters or occupiers of Lands 
in the English and Foreign Plantations, by T. D. Printed at 
London in the year 1664. 4to. W^ll 

Manifeste des motifs que legitinient la declaration de gi;erre 
contre le gouvernement du Gt'ncial Andres Santa Cruz, soi-disant 
President de la Confederation Perou-Bolivienne ; traduit de I'es- 
pagnol. Buenos Aires. 1837. 4to, pp. 62. 44278 

Manifeste du Rio. See Haiti, Vol. vii.. No. 29580. 

Manifeste sur Tinfamie. See Leblanc {M.\ add for note : 

Also in Spanish, Buenos Aires. 1838. 8vo. 

Manifesto a sus compatriotos hace J. de Ayala y Aguilar. 
M'erida. 1830. Sm. 4to. 44279 

Manifesto de Ayala i Medrano sobre la question bonos. Bogot^. 
1865. 4to, pp. 22. 44280 

^ ii. 









Manifesto de las razones que legitiman de la Declaracion de 
Guena contra el Gohir'rno del General Santa Cruz, titulo presi- 
dente de la Confederacion Peru-Boliviana. Buenos Aires. 1837. 
4to. 44281 

For a French version «« No. 44278, lupra. 

Manifesto de los motives en que se ha fundado la conducta del 
Rey Christianissimo respeclo a la Inglaterra ; con la exposicion 
de los que han guiado al Rey N. S. para su modo de proceder 
con la misma potencia. Madrid. I'J'JC). 4to, pp. 43. 44282 

Translated into French as : " Expose des Motifs de la Conduite du Roi de France, 
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Manifiesto de la Nulidad con que se ha inciado y continuado 
en esta capital una causa que se versa con la Compania del Rio 





»r ! 

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s en 












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Mann (A). Original Letters ... of Abijah Mann ... and 
others, to J. W. Parkins, ex-sherifF of London, showing the 




! i 




ki [ 

causes «)f his [Parkins'] unjust confinement for five year:. ; and 
his unconditional discharge. Nmu Tori. 1838. 8vo, pp. vi, 5-20. 

Also : Correspondence ... in respect to the Payment of the Five-Twenty Bonds ... 
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Historical ; relates to the Civil War. 

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Manning. 1818. 8vo. 443^* 


Occasioned by the admission of a Universalist to preach in the Congregational Meet- 
ing-House in Westminster. 

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5th of Feb. 1831 ... . Boston. 1832. i8mo, pp. 247. Portrait. 
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and the Principal Asylums devoted to their Instruction. By 
Edwin John Mann ... . Boston: D. K. Hitchcock. 1836. i2mo, 
pp. 312. Plate. H. 44313 










[Mann (H.)] The Female Review : | or, | Memoirs | of an | 
American Young Lady ; | whose Life and Character are Pecul- 
iarly I Distinguished — being a Continental Soldier, | for nearly 
Three Years in the late Ameri-|can War. | During which Time, | 
she performed the Duties of every Depart- |nient, into which she 
was called with punc- | tual Exactness, Fidelity and Honor, and 
pre- I served her Chastity inviolate by the most [artful concealment 
of her sex. | With an | Appendix, | containing | characteristic Traits, 
by different Hands : | her taste for Economy, principles of Do- 
mes- I tic Education, &c. | By a Citizen of Massachusetts. | 
Dedbam : Printed by | Nathaniel and Benjamin Heaton^ | Fur the 
y/w/Z^or. I M,Dcc,xcvii. I i2mo, pp. 258, (6). Portrait. 44314 

This remarkable woman was twice severely wounded in action, was pensioned by 
Cciiigress, and received a compensation from the State of Massachusetts, in considera- 
tion of her military services. Reprinted with the following title : 

[Mann.] ... Life of Deborah Sampson the Female Soldier in 
the War of the Revolution With an Introduction and Notes 
by John Adams Vinton Boston: "J. K. ^f''iggin y IVtn. Parsons 
hunt. M Dccc Lxvi, 4to, pp. 267. Portrait. c, h. 44315 

Two hundred and fifty copies printed. Also thirty-five copies on large paper and 
three on drawing paper. 

Mann. Historical Annals o^ Dedham, from its Settlement in 

1635, to 1847. By Herman Mann. Dedham^ Mass: Herman 

Mann. 1847. ^^"» PP- *3^' ^-i "• 443'^ 

Also: The Columbian Almanac and Agricultural Repository for the year 1804. 
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Universal Geography and Popular Astronomy. ... Dedbam: H. (Sf fV. H. Mann. i8l8. 
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Three Letters of the Secretary of the Board of Education, of 
the State of Massachusetts, in Reply to Charges preferred against 
the Board, by the Editor of the Christian Witness and by Edward 
A. Newton, Esq. ... to which are added Extracts from the Daily 
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Mann. Horace Mann's Letters on the Extension of Slavery 
into California and New Mexico ; ... [^Washington. 1850.] 8vo, 
pp. 32. BA. 44319 

U i 




'-■«I!»W««WW«TWW«W.M»»*T : 

1 66 


1 1 ■ 

I' 1 

i ! 


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... to the "Remarks" of the ... Boston [School] Masters ... . Boston : Charles C. Little 



... 1845. 8vo, pp. 55, 56, 40, 64. — Report of the Secretary of the Board of Educa- 
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Hall, Mills, and Ccinpany. 1852. l6mo, pp. 127. — The Common School Journal, for 
the Year 1S39. ... Boston. 1839. i'vo, pp. 396. B. Continued to 1847 or later. See 
also Massachusetts, anJ fWithington (L.j] 

Mann. Inauguration of the Statue of Horace Mann, in the 
State-House Grounds, Bosion, Massachusetts, July 4, 1865 .... 
Boston: Walker., Fuller., and Company. 1865. 4to, pp. 29. H. 

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Mann (J.) Medical Sketches of the Campaigns of 181 2, 13, 
14. To which are added, ... Observations on Military Hospitals ; 
... [With] An Appendix ... . Bv James Mann, m.d. ... Dedham : 
Printed by H. Mann and Co. 18 16. 8vo, pp. 317, (i). 44328 

Contains information relative to the war not found elsewiiere. Also : An Eulogium 
Pronounced on Account of tiio Death of Biother Amos Haines, of Montgomery Lodge, 



•* 'n 


1 68 



.» ' 


... Pro-vidence. 1804. 8vo. — An Oration, Addressed to the Fraternity of Frreinasnns, 
... in Wrentham ... . Pritited at IVrenlham, Alassaihusetts, f>v Nathaniel Healon, Jun. 
M,i)cc,xcviii 8vo, pp. 32. BA. — Oration at Wrentiiam, Mass. July 4, 1801. ... 
H'rtutham. i8oi. 8vo. 

Mann (J.) The Ameiican Bird-Keeper's Manual; or Direc- 
tions for the Proper Management ot" American ... Singing Birds 
Bv James Mann ... . Boston. 1848. i6mo, pp. 166. B. 44329 

Mann (J.) ... A Discourse ... to the ... St. Alban's Lodge, 
... in Bristol, R. I. Dec. 27, a.l. 5815 ... . By Joel Mann, a.m. 
... IVarren., R. I.: Printed hy S. Randall, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 24. 

Also: Discourse at Bristol on the Landing of liir Pilgrims at Plymouth, aid Dec, 
1820. ... Warren, R.I. 1821. 8vo. — Intsmperance destructive ot' National Welfare. 
An Essay. ... \^Sujfield f'\ 1828. i2mo, pp. 11. m. 

[Mann (J.)] ... To the Proprietors of Mount Auburn Ceme- 
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fiir die christliche Jugend. Stuttgart. 1845. 8vo. 4433^ 

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Progress, & Present Extent ... . By James A. Mann ... . London: 
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and Tables. ba. 44333 

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Boston: Walker., Fuller and Company, mdccclxv. 8vo, pp. 602. 
+ Second Edition. \lbid7\ mdccclxv. 8vo, pp. xi, 9-609. 

Mann (S.) A Sermon preached in Wrentham, January i, 
1 701. By ... Rev. Samuel A4ann ... . And Now published at 
the Request of Several of his Descendants ... . Dedhatn : Printed 
hy Herman Mann. 1 80 1. 8vo, pp. 24. w. 44335 

Mann (William). Mann's Emigrant's Complete (-'lide to 

Canada; containing the most recent information )ublin : 

Grattan. 1851. l2mo, pp. 40. Map. 4433^ 

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States of America. London: Strange. 1 850. l2mo, pp. 72. 

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present Condition of the Lutheran Church in the United States. 
By W. J. Mann, d.d. Philadelphia : Lindsay iff Blakiston. 1857. 
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Mann (W. W.) What are we coming to! or. The Veil 
removed. Peace-Reconciliation-Reconfedcration. By W. \A'. 
Mann. [n. p. Feb.., 1863.] 8vo, pp. 8. B. 44339 





le to 








Mannequin (T.) A propos de la guerre contrR le Paraguav 
par la Conf'eiicration Argentine, I'Uruguay ct Hrcsil. Par M. 

Til. Maniie(|iiin 

1855. 8vo. 


arts , 

Guilhiutnin et O". 1 866. 

8vo, pp. 3). 

Aper9ii moral et politiciue sur les societes his- 
Par M. Th. Mannetjuin. Paris : Gtiillcinmin. 


^ La Nouvellc-Cjrcnade et ses reformateurs. 

Etude economi(|ue, politicpie et financierc. Par Th. Mannequin. 
Paris: Guiliaumin. 1859. ^^o, pp. 21. 44342 

Mannkqi^jin. Les Provinces Argentines et Buenos-Ayres, 
depuis leur independancc jusqu'a nos jours. Etude historique et 
ecotiomique au point de vuc de I'ctat actuel dcs choses dans ces 
contriies ; par M. 'I'h. Mannequin. Paris: Guiliaumin. 1856. 
8vo. 44343 

These four pieces, by Mannequin, are extracted from the "Journal dfs ccondmistef.'' 

Manne-Vilette {A1. Dapres de). Memoire sur la Naviga- 
tion de Erance aux Indes. Paris : De r Imprimerie Royale. 1765. 
4to, pp. 131. j.c.B. -f- Paris. 1768. 4to, pp. 60. 44344 

Manners (G.) 'I'he Conflagration, a Poem, written and pub- 
lished for the Benefit of the Sufferers by the Recent Disastrous 
Eires in the Province of New Brunswick. By (jeorge Manners. 
Boston: Ingraham & Hnufs. 1825. 4to, pp. 18. w. 44345 

Manners (Motley), pseudon. See [Duganne (A. J. H.)], note. 

Manners (N.) A Concise Account of the Conduct ... of 
Nicholas Manners [a Methodist Minister] in ... America. ... 
Leeds: T. Hannam. [about 1770.] i8nio, pp. 208. 4434^ 

Contains curious details of American religious life by a Yorkshireman. " This City 
(New York), though not so large as Philadelphia, seems to be more healthful." 

Manners. A Word to the World in General, and to the 
North Americans in Particular ... . By Nicholas Manners, [n. 
p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 12. n. 44347 

The Manners ... of the Indians. See [Goodrich (S. G.)] 

Manni (M.) Dom. M. Manni de PMorentinis Liventis Com- 
mentarium ... . Ferraria. 1731. 8vo. 4434^ 

Who discovered America ? is the subject of one of the chapters. 

Manning (J. M.) ... Oration ... before the City Authori- 
ties of Boston, on the Eourth of July, 1865. By J. M. Man- 
ning. ... Boston: y. E. Farwellls Company. 1865. 8vo, pp. 108. 

VOL. XI. 21 

i !i 







Manning. The Soldier of Freedom. A Sermon ... before 
the Offici IS of the Forty-Third Rt-j^imcnt, M. V., ... Boston, ... 
Oct. 5, l86:z. By Jacob M. Manning. ... Boslon : J. E. Far- 
well and Company^ Printers. 1862. 8vo, pp. 20. r,. 44350 

Alioi ... A DiJcoul^e, hitorf the Eduiation Sociitv, ... M.iy 14, illS9' ••• 
Botton ; T. R. Mari'in (^ \ii, iS^y. Svo, pp. ai. — A Ncw-Vejr'a Al^lir»;^^ dclivrred 
before the U(i.stun yming Men's Chr'sti.wi Afsociation ... Jnuary 1, 1858. ... Bolton; 
printed hy Diini'ii'/l and Muuit, 1859. Kvo, pp. ao, • S.;itii i> ;ind Addreiaen, at the 
Instjllatiori oi ... Rev. J-imb M. .Vl.uining ... in Host, 11, Mai. 11, 1857. Boston: T. 
R. Mari'in & S v. 1S5' Svn, pp. yi. ... A Scinidii in Im half' of the American 
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The Author. 1 792. 8vo, pp. 191. c. 44351 

Also: A Charv:e frnm the President to the Graduates at ... Providence, Siptcmher 
a, 1789. ... limin: Printed hy Alannin^r (sf Ljtinjr. [1806.] izmo, pp. (1. i'A, 

Manninc; (J. W.) The C^)de of ... Atlanta ... . ('(MnpilcHl 
and arranged bv Judge Jcthro W. Manning ... . jltlanta^ (.rfmna. 
1863. 8vo, pp. 9b, viii. H. 44352 

Manninc; (R.) Book of Fruits: ... a ... Catalogm- of the 
most Valuable Varieties the Pear, Apple, Peach, PI im & 

Cherry, for Ncw-Englanu Culture. By Robert Manning. ... 
Salem: Ives b' "Jeuett. 1838. i2mo, pp. 120. Plates. ka. 

Manning. The New Fngland Fruit Book. ... Bv Robert 
Manning. ... Second Edition enlarged. By John .M. Ives. 
/^'. i3 S. B. Ives., Salem. 1844. limo, pp. (8), 133. Plates, n. 

Manning [R. J.] Speech of Mr. Manning ... on ... the 
Reception of Abolition Memorials. ... Feb. 23, 1836. IVash- 
tngton : Printed by Blair isf Rives. 1836. 8vo, pp. 11. H. 

Manoel da Costa (C.) Villa Rica; Poema. Per Claudio 
Manoel da Costa. Ouro-Petro : Typ. do Universal. 1839. 410, 
pp. (4), xix, 80. 44356 

The date, at the end of the book, is 1841. " Cr pocme, compose en 1773, •' !'""'' 
sujet rhistoire de Vill 1 Rica, maintenant Ouro Preto, chef-lieu de la province de 
Minas-Gcraes." — Lkclerc. 

Manoel da Conckk ao (J.) As Excquias de Abrahao Lin- 
coln, com um Esboco Biographico do mesmo ofFerecido ao Povo 
Brasileiro, por sen Patncio Jose Manoel da C\)nceicao, Rio 
Janeiro. 1865. 8vo, pp. 40. 44357 

Manomin. Rhythmical Romance of Minnesota. Myron 
Colony., St. Louis. 1866. l6mo, pp. 297. 4435^ 


ton, ... 
i. F<ir- 


ir,s9. ..• 

,. Hiiiton : 
(•», 4t the 
Boston : T. 
J. 24. ■• 

of the 
• 44:^5' 


:. 44352 

■ of the 
Plum & 
ning. ... 

1 HA. 

ates. n. 

. the 


. 4tu, 

73, ,1 pour 
■ovince de 

au Lin- 
\o Povo 
o. Rio 





[MaRozca (Juan dci.j Memorial; sobrc I ■> oposiciones 
del padic provincial del Piru. [n. p. 16 — .] Folio, 26 leaves. 

Mansfeldt (Julius). Meine Reise nach Hrasilicn im Jahrc 
1826. Magdehurg. 1828. 8vo. Maps and Plates, C. 44360 

Mansfiki.u (A.) ... A Sermon prearhcd Noveni )er 2, lyqi, 
at the Ordination oi the Reverend John Klliot ... in East Guil- 
ford. By Achilles Mansfield, A.M. AVu' Haven: Printe,! h^' 
Thomas and Samuel Green. \ 179 1. J 8vo, pp. 3S. vv. 44361 

Also: Sermon ... at the Funeral or George tlliot, Ks(j. at Killinijworth [Conn. 1, 
May ^, 1810. ... Hjrlfnni. 1810. Svo. w. 

Mansfield (C. H.) Paraguav, Brazil, and the Plate, 
ters written in 1852-53. Bv C\ B. Mansfield, Ksq. ., With 
a Sketch of the Author's Life, Bv ... ke\ . Charles King>Uv, Jun. 
... (Cambridge: Macmillanlj Co. mdcvCLVI. i2mo, pp. (l ), xxi, 
(l), 504. Map, Portrait and Illustrations. b., ha. 44362 

Set " New Qu.nt. Rev.," Oct. 1S56, p. 413. 

Mansfield (D.) Two Sermons, ... on the Second Centen- 
nial Anniversary of the Organization of the First Church ... in 
VVcnham. By Daniel Mansfield ... . Andover : Printed h\ Allen., 
Morrill and IVardivell. 1845. 8vo, pp. 72. H., s. 44363 

Also; ... A Sermon ... at the Dciication of the New Meeting-Houje erected b\ 
the Congrt' Society in Wenli-im, Dec. 20, 1843. ... Aiulovtr : Alien, Mmill 
and fVurtlwelL 1S44. 8vo, pp. 24. ha. 

Mansfield (E, D.) American Education, its Principles and 
Elements. ... By Edward D. Mansfield ... . New Y'ork : A. S. 
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[Mansfield.] Exposition of Mackinaw City and its Sur- 
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Mansfield. Exposition of the Natural Position of Macki- 
naw City, and the Climate, Soil, and Commercial Elements of 
the Surrounding Country, Bv E, D. Mansfield, Esq, Clncir- 
nati: IFrightsonis' Co. .^ Printers. 1857. 8vo, pp, 47, (l), 2 Maps. 

Mansfield. The Life of (General Winfield Scott, By Ed 
ward D, Mansfield, Esq. Neiu Tt'ork : A. S. Barnes ^' Co. iS^d. 
i2mo, pp. 366. H., c. 4436; 

Mansfield, The Life of General Winfield Scott, embracir ;: 
his Campaign in Mexico, Bv F^dward D, Mansfield, Esq. Neu: 


i' 1 




YorJt : A. S. Hunts 'd Co. 1848. 8v<), pp. 414. Maps, Portrait, 
and Plates. ba. 443O8 

AUi) : Tlip iinly Aiirhrntic Eilirion. Life and Serviir» of Orni^ral Winfit-M Siott ... . 
Nrw I'ork ! A. iS', Burnet (i^ Co. 1II51 Uvo, pp. (;]S. Mjp, Plitei and I'uitrait. m. 

Mansfiki.d. Mrmoirs of the Lift* arul S'rvices of Daniel 
Drake, m.d., Ph\siiian, Profess«)r, an>l Auth-it ; With Notices 
of the Karly Settlement of Cincinnati ... . My Edward D. Mans- 
field, i,i..i) Cincinnati: AppUgatf i.!f Co. 1855. i-.imo, pp. 

408. Portrait. 

H. 44369 

Mansfiki.I). The Mexican War : A History of its Origin, 

and a detailed Account of the Victories 

With the OfFicia 

Dispatches of the Cienerals. liy Edward D. \fansticKl ... . 
Neiv Y'nrk : A. S. liar ties iff Co. 1 848. 8vo, pp. 323. Maps and 
Plates. B. -\- [Ibid.'] 1850. 1 2nu), pp. 365. Nlaps and I'lates. 
-f Tenth Edition, y^id.] 1858. -\- [I/'id.] i860. h. 44370 

Mansfiem). I'he Political (iranimar of the United States; 
or, a complete view of the Theory and Practice cf the General 
and State (jovernments, with the relations hetween them. ... liv 
Edward D. Manslield ... . New-Y'ork : Harper I5' Urothcrs. 18^4. 
i2mo, pp. viii, 13-275. c. -(- IVi ley and Long., Mnv-lfcrk. 1836. 
l6mo, pp. 292. I Philadelphia. 1 836. I2m(). -i- New Edition 
... Cincinnati : Iruman L?" Smith. 1 839. l2mo, pp. 336. -| 
Cincinnati. 1843. l2mo, pp. 336. -\- Cincinnati : IP\ T. Tru- 
man. 1846. l2mo, pp. 33O. -{ A New and Revised Edition ... . 
(Cincinnati: E. D. Truman. 1849. i2mo, pp. 234. -| \_Ibid.'\ 
1851. 44371 

Mansfield. The Political Manual : ... a ... View of the 
Theory and Practice of the ... Governments of the United 
States. ... By Edward D. Mansfield ... . Neiu Tork : J. S. 
Barnes & Burr. 1861. l2mo, pp. 347. b, 44372 

The same as the foregoing with a new title-page. 

Mansfield. A Popular and Authentic Life of Ulysses S. 
Grant. By Edward D. Mansfield. Cincinnati: R. IV. Carroll 
is" Co. 1868. i2mo, pp. 377. Map, Portrait, and Plate. B. 

Mansfield. Popular and Authentic Lives of Ulysses S. 
Grant and Schuyler Colfax. By Edward D. Mansfield. Cincin- 
nati : R. f'y. Carroll tff Co. 1868. 1 2mo, pp. 425. 5 Maps, 2 
Portraits, and Plate. 44374 




■ 44i<'H 
I Stott ... . 
iitr.iit. H, 

. Miins- 
mo, pp. 
1. 44369 


daps and 
il I'lates. 
B. 44370 

1 States ; 


1. ... Ik 

rs. 1H34. 

l-L 1S36. 

r. Tru- 
lition ... . 


of the 

; J. S. 
■ 44372 



Ivsses s. 


iMaps, 2 


Mansfiki.d. Sketih of a Journey through the Western States 
t)t North Ana-rica and the City of Cincinnati. (Uncittuiiti, 1S27. 
limo. Map. 44375 

Manskiki.I). The Utility and Services of the United Stares 
Military Academy. A Discourse. Hv Kdward 1). MansHeKI. 
New York. 1847. 8vo. s. 4437O 

Contiini notice! vif' jome or" Iti graduates who fell in Mexico. Also : Tiie Aiiiuiil 
Ad.ircsi delivered iM-forf tlie Cintinn.iti .Aatrominii al Society, June, 1H45 ... . Oii- 
(innuli : Vrinted by R. I'. Hrocii. 1845. 8vo, pp. 55, (l). h., M. — A Discourse on 
the Utility of' History, ... Cincinnati, ityf. 4to. a. — EuloKy i.ii ... Wiliijtn Urniy 
Harribim ... i4tU .f M.iy, 1841 ... . CinJnnaii : U. I'. J,m,'\. 1S41. Xvo, pp. r\.-- 
Thr haues ami Duties of' the Day. ... Ciiiiinmiii : Caleb Clurk. 1864. Hvo, pp. it,. 
— Letture o;v the Uses of" lliitory ... . Cnuinnali : Kt-nJal! ,iiui llcnry^ I'nnteri. i8-j8. 
8vo, rp. iH. -The Leyal Ri|;liti, (/labilities, and Duties uf Wnmrn. ... \t/tm. 1845. 
Ilni . + [lbii{.\ 1848.-- A Letter in rr[;ard to the 'I'arilr nn Iron and L.ibor ... . 
Cinarndii : IVri^btson (3* Cc, Frinlert. 1869. 8vo, pp. 40. -■ On tin- K.iiKv.ty IJonnec- 
tions of" Fliiladidphi.i with tlic West. ... l'bi/aiiflf>Lua : ,'/'"i'' (■'. Clwk, Printer. 
1853. 8vo, pp. 12), 36. --[Articli-. on j The TaritK ... . \Cin,i/i>i,iii IT] 1861;. 8vo, 
pp. 16. - 'I'hc United St.itcs Military Ac.idt-my at West I'oint. ... Boston; .imeriiun 
Journal of Eiiucation, March, 1S63. 8vo, pp. 48. See Drake (B. 1, Vol, v., No. 208 I 3. 

Man.sfii:i.d (I.) A Sermon, preached in tlie Camp at Rox- 
hurv, November 23, 1775; lieing the Day ... for Thanksgiving 
... By Isaac Mansfield, jun. ... Boston: Printed by S. Hall. 1776. 
8vo, pp. 27, (I). ' BA. 44377 

Published by request of the Officers of Gen. Thomas' regiment in the Continental 

Mansfield (J.) An Oration, ... at Western, ... July 4th, 
1812. By Jacob Mansfield. ... Printed at fVorcestir^ {Mass.) By 
Hemy Rogers. 1812. 8vo, pp. 12. b. 44378 

Mansfield (J. B.) Personal Sketches of the Members of 
the 40th Congress ... . Maine Delegation. Bv J. B. Mansfield 
and D. VV. Kelsey. Baltimore: The Juthor. 1867. i2mo, pp. 12. 

Mansfield (J. L.) Merits of the Dred Scott Decision. A 
Speech by ... Hon. John L. Mansfield ... Sept. 17, i860. Indi- 
anapolis. i860. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 4438c 

Mansfield (J.) Hope, A Poem, delivered in the Chapel of 
Harvard University, ... July 8th, 1800. By Joseph Mansfield, 
... Cambridge: Printed by I f^illiam Hilliard. 1800. 410, pp. 15. 
Contains some allusions to Washington. 

Mansfield (Joseph K. F.) Memorial of Gen. J. K. F. 
Mansfield, who fell in the Battle at Sharpsburg, Sept. 17, 1862. 
Boston : Press of T. R. Marvin & Co. 1862. 8vo, pp. 67. 







(» I 

iVJ ANSFiiii.D (L. D.) Memorial of Charles Finney Mansfield ; 
comprising Extracts from his Diary, Letters and other Papers. By 
Rev. L. D. Mansfield. Nnv York. 1866. 8vo. 44383 

[Mansfiki.d (L. W.)] Up Country Letters. [By Z. P.] 

New York : D. 


Edited by Prof. B , National Observatory. 

Jppleton y Co. 1852 

Mansfi"ld {Lord). 

Mansfield, Mass. 
... 1864-5. Taunton. 

i2mo, pp. 331. 


See Murray (William), Earl of Mansfield. 

Annual Report of the School Committee 
1865. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 44385 

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field, Ohio, for 1867-8. Mansfield^ O.: L. D. Myers iff Brother^ 
Printers. 1868. 8vo, pp. 92. 443^6 

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the Fathers of the Revolution. Bv Rev. Andrew Manship. 
Philadelphia: The Author. 1865. 8vo, pp. 123. 443^7 

Manship. Thirteen Years' Experience in the Itinerancy. 
By Rev. Andrew Manship. Second Edition. Philadelphia: 

Higgins and Perkinpine. 1856. l2mo, pp. 

(4), 398. 2 Plates and 
c. 443«« 

Mansie (A.) ... The Apprenticed Labourer's Manual: Or 
An Essay on the Apprenticeship System, and the Duties of the 
Apprenticed Labourers ... . By Alexander Alansie ... . British 
Guiana. 1837. 8vo, pp. xiv, 217, 17. 44389 

Mansilla (LucioV.) Una Escursion a los Indios Ranqueles. 
Buenos Jires. 1 870. 8vo, pp. 347, vii, 428, x. Map. 44390 

Mansion (H.) Precis Historique sur la Colonie Fran^aise au 
Goazacoalcos [Mexique] ; avec la Refutation des Prospectus 
publics par MM. Laisne de Villeveque, Giordan et Baradere. ... 
Par M. HypoHte Mansion. Londres : Davidson et Fils. 1831. 
8vo, pp. viii, 260. A. 44391 

Evidently printed at Paris. 

Manso de Contreras (C.) Relav.ion Cierta, y Verdadera 
de lo que sucedio, y a sucedido en esta Villa de Guadalca^ar, 
Provincia de Tehauntepeque, desde los 22 Mar^o de 1660, hasta 
Ids 4 de Julio de 1661. Executado por el Snr. Don Juan Fran- 
cisco de Montemayor a Cuenca del Cnsjo de su Magistad ... . 
Escribiala Don Chrlstoval Manso de Contre'Vis Regidor de la 


, hasta 


de la 



Ciudad de Aiitcquera ... . Cerca de que los Naturales iiulios de 
estas Provincias, tumultuados y amotinados, niataron, a D. Juan 
de Avellan ... . Mexico^ por Juan Ruyz. 1661. 410, pp. 74. 

An interesting account uf the rising of the Tehuantepcc Indians in 1660. Extremely 


Manso y Zuniga ( Francisco). Regla y Ordenaciones de las 
Religiosas de la Limpia, e Irnmaculada Conccpcion de la Virgin 
Sant. Nra Senora. Que se an de Obseruar en los Conuentos de 
la dicha Orden de la Ciudad de Mexico ... . Mexico^ par Juan 
Ruysz. 1635. 4to. 44393 

>4anso de Velasco (Joseph). El dia de Lima. Proclama- 
cion real que de el nombre augusto de el supremo Senor D. 
Fernando vi. ... hizo la muy /loble, y muv leal Ciudad de los 
reyes Lima ... . Con la relacion de la solcmne' pompa de tan 
tausto felice aplauso, v de las reales fiestas, con que se celcbrd. 
[^L'nna?^ l']^'^. 8vo, pp. (4), 268, 21 leaves. Plate. C. 44394 

Manso de Noronha (J.) Compendio de la historia de las 
provincias unidas del Rio de la Plata desde su descubn'niiento hasta 
la declaracion de su independencia el 9 Julio de 18 16. Por 
Juana Manso de Noronha. Segunda edicion. Buenos-Aires. 1865. 
i8mo, pp. 96. 44395 

Also: Anales de la Educacion comun en la Republica Argentina, editados por Dr. 
Juana Manso de Noronha. Buenos Aires. 1862. Svo. Continued. 

Mante (T.) The I History | of the | Late War | in I North- 
America, i and the | Islands of the West-Indies, | inclu( Uig | the 
Campaigns of mdcclxiii, and mdcclxiv, | against his Majesty's 
Indian Enemies. | Bv Thomas Mante, | Assistant Engineer during 
the Siege of the Havanna, | and Major of a Brigade in the Cam- 
paign of X"] bdf.\ London :\ Printed for W. Strahan., and T. Cadell. 
MDCCLXxn. 4to, pp. (4), viii, 542, (i). 18 Maps. h. 44396 

Copies with all the maps are sc.irce. It is probable that but few were printed, 
though the large and beautiful pl.ins .;nd military maps (which gave it so great a value), 
must have made its production a work, of much expense. Tae introduction contains an 
account of Washington's escape from assassination, in December, 1753. "An able 
and well-informed historian, distinguished for his accuracy and general impartiality." — ■ 
B/ ckokt's History, Vol. v., Ch:'p. X. " It is the best history of the war that has b«en 
written." — Sp-ivrks. See als-j " M. Rev.," xlviii. 371. 

Mantegazza (C.) Viaggio del cittadino Carlo Mantegazza 
... a S. Domingo nell' anno 1802. ... Milano. 1803. 8vo, pp. 
(6), 136. H. 44397 

Mantegazza (P.) Rio de la Plata e Tenerife, viaggi e studi. 
Milano. 1867. Svo, pp. 736. 8 Plates. 4439^ 

( I 





i.i' i 

I' : ; 



M.\NTEGAZZA. Sulla America meridionale. Lettere medichc. 
AfiIa/;o. i860. 8vo. 44399 

Mantovani (P. L.) Orazione Panegirica per la solennita di 
S. Maria di (jiiadalupe recitada nella chiesa di S. Vito del abate 
Paolo Luigi Mantovani. Ftrrara^ per gli Ercd'i Arnaldi. [1784.] 
8vo, pp. XXX. 44400 

Mantovano or (iuAZZO I Marco). Flistorie di Tvtte le | Cose 
degne di Memoria qval del | Anno M.o.xxiiii. Sino questo pre- 
sente sono occoise| nella Itnlia, ... nella Inghilterra, nella Spagna | 
...jneila India, et altri lvoghi,|col nome di molti huomini scien- 
tiati, Noua- | niente con la giunta & la Tauola | ristampate & 
corrette. I f-?;.' Gratia ct PrwUegio\'m I'cnetia m.d.xxxxv. | ... | 
[Ccjloplion : I In V'ni^g'ui per Cominvda \ Trim de Monferrato \ V Anno 
M.u.xxxxv. I i2mo, 8 prel. leaves, 408 leaves. 44401 

Mantovano. Historic di | M. Marco Gvazzo | Di Tutti i 
Fatti Degni | Di Memoria nel Mon- | do Svccessi | Dell' Anno 
M.D.xxiiii. I Sino a Questo Presente | Con Molte Cose Nova- | 
mente giunte in piu luoghi de Tope-jra, & nel fine, che ne I'altre 
non j erano nouamente & con | diligenza ristampate. | In Vhiegia 
Appresso Gabriel\ Giolito de Ferrari. | mdxlvi. | i2mo, 8 prel. leaves, 
375 leaves. 444^2 

See [Hanisse's] "Bib. Am. Vet.," Additions, Nos. 153 and 157. 

Mantuanus (B.) Opera Noua Ba|ptist;e Mantuani Carme- 
lita?. I Georgius. | Ccecilia. | Brixia. | Siluarum Libri duo. | Exhortatio 
regCi christianoru vt ducant in bar- 1 baros. | Venundantur sub Pelica>:o 
& a Badio. \ [Colophon :] Ex e.dib'^ Ascesianis Ad nonas lanuarias | 
Amti. M. D. IX. ad calculii Romanil. | 8vo, Title, I leaf, ii-xcv 
leaves, i leaf. 444^3 

See [Harrisse's] "Bib. Am. Vet.," Additions, No. 35. 

Manual breve y forma de administrar los sacramentos a los 
Indios. Mexico. 16 17. 8vo. 44404 

Title from Ternaux, No. 391. I find no other account of it. 

The Manual Exercise. See [Harvey (Edward)], viii. 30771. 

Manual Exercise and Evolutions of the Cavalry ; as practised 
in the late American Army. Concord: G. Hough. 1806. 8vo. 

Manual Guide des Voyageurs. See [Fernagus de Gelcne]. 

Manual de Adultos [of which onlv the last leaves are known, 
bearing the following termination :] bnprimiose este Manual de 



Adiiltos en la gran duhid d: A'l.'xico p'jv mandadu do los Rev. Scfiores 
Ohisp'.s de la Nueva Espafia V a sus expensas : en casa de "Juan Crotn- 
k'tger. Jno del nacimiento de nucn, o Scnor Jesu Christo de mil y 
quinientos y quarmta. A x'lij dias del mes de Dexiembre. 4to. 

Thi'st; fragments t'ormej part of' a v<ilume in the Bibliotoia Provincial of Toledo, 
from which they suddenly disappeared. They were accidentally discovered by Seftor 
Don. Fascual de Gayanyjs at a book stall in London in 1870, and purchased by him. 
Mr. Harrissc, in the additions to his "Bib. Americana Vetus.," No. 123, has given a ijn:.- 
dimile of a portion of one tjf the le.ives, being a series of verses j and of the colophon 
on the last leaf. Thi're is a table of errata which refers to almost every page, and as 
the list ends with th? thiny-sixth leaf, to wliith the two leaves in question should be 
added, Mr. Harrisse is of opinion that the book consisted of thirty-eight leaves. It is 
certainly a work of the greatest rarity, and the discovery of a perfect copy will be an 
interesting addition to the history of printing in Mexico. 

Manual of American (jcography, designed to accompany the 
New Map of Our Country, Present and Prospective. New 
York: J. G. IVelh. 1858. i2mo, pp. 132. 44407 

Manual of Botany for the Northern States, to the north of 
Virginia, bv the Members of the Botanical Class in Williams' 
College ... compiled by the Author of Richard's Botanical Dic- 
tionary. Albany : Printed by IV ebiten and Skinners. 18 1 7. l2mo, 
pp. vi, 164. H. 44408 

Corrected title of our Vol. vi., No. 21706. For later editions ^ee No. 21707-8. 

A Manual of Horse-Breeding, for the Eastern Townships of 
Canada ... . Melbourne : S. M. Taylor. 1845. l2mo. 44409 

A Manual of Military Surgery. Prepared for the use of the 
Confederate States Army. ... Richmond: Ayr ei l^ Wade. 1863. 
i2mo, pp. 297. 30 pages of Plates. 44410 

Manual of Religious Liberty, By an Author, as yet, unknown. 
New York: For Air. Rivington. 1767. 8vo. 444'' 

Manual of the Baptist Church in Columbus, Mississippi, [n. 
p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 7. Plate. 44412 

Manual of the House of Representatives of the United States ; 
being a Digest of the Rules ... . IVashington. 1859. 8vo, pp. 
(2), 166. c. 44413 

Manual of the Lancastcrian System of Teaching ... as prac- 
tised in the ... Free School Society, of New York. New York. 
1820. 8v(), pp. 63. 44414 

Manual of the Lance and Lance Exercise for the Cavalry 
Service. By a Field Officer. Savannah : John M. Cooper i3 Co. 
1862. l2mo, pp. 15. 44415 

r; if 




'1 ' 




Manual on the Cultivation of the Sugar Cane, and the Fabrica- 
tion and Refinement of Sugar. ... City of Washington: Francis 
Preston Blair. 1833. 8vo, pp. 122. 4 Plates. 444 '^ 

Manual para administrar los sacramentos. Mexico, [n. d.] 410. 

Manual I para administrar a los Indios|del Idioma Cahita|los 
Santos I Sacramentos, | segun la reforma de nn. ss. p.p. | Paulo v. 
y Urbano viii. | Compuesto | por un Sacerdote de la Compania de 
Jesvs, I Missionero en las de la Provincia de Zynaloa. | Sacalo a luz | 
La piedad del Alferez D. Sebastian Lopez | de Guzman, y Ayala. j 
. . . Impresso en Mexico ; con las licencias necessarias, en la Imprenta 
Real del Superior Gobierno de Dona Maria de Rihera^ en el Empe- 
draditlo. Anode 1740. 8vo. 444^8 

Collation: Title, l leaf; Dedicatoria, 6 leaves; Prologo, Parecer, Aprobacion and 
Licencias, 6 leaves; Text, pp. 1-163 and i unnumbered page; Oratio pro conversiune 
Infidelium, Albado and Errata, 2 unnumbered leaves. 

Manual Serafico, o Libro de la Vida de los Frayles Menores, 
en que se contiene el Texto Latino de la Regla, y Testamento de 
S. Francisco, con la traduction Castellana. Dispuesto para el uso 
de todos los Conventos de esta Santa Provincia de San Diego de 
Mexico, de Orden de Fr. Pedro de Oronsoro. Reimpresso en 
Mexico. 1779. 4to. 44419 

Manuale formarum Juramentorum ab his Praestandorum, qui 
in Rectores, Consiliarios, et Officiales in hac alma, Imperiali 
Mexicana eliguntur ... . Typis mandatum jussu D.D.D. Emma- 
nuelis Ignatii Beye, Zisnoros, et Quixano. a.d. 1759, Mexici^ 
ex nova Typographia editioni Bibliotheca Mexicana destinata. 4to. 

Manuale Secundum usum alme Ecclesie Mexicane : Summa 
diligentia novissime recognitum in multisq locupletatum. Alexi- 
cana., in edibus., "Johdnis Pauli impressoris^ a.d. 1560. 410. 

A Mexican service-book of extreme rarity. The pagination is full of errors. Printed 
in red and black, with musical notes. 

Manuductio ad Ministerium. See [Mather (Cotton)]. 

Manuel de Albuene (D.) Origen y estado de la causa 
formada sobre la Real orden de 17 de Mayo de 18 10, que trata 
del comercio de America. Cadiz: Ficente Lema. 181 1. 4to, 
pp. 122. 44422 

Manuel de Herla. El Parnaso del real colegio de San 
Martin. Lima. 1694. 4to. 44423 

Title from a New York catalogue. 




Manukl dk Mki.i.o (!'\) Politica militar en avisos de Gene- 
rales. Kscrita al Conde de Linares, Marquez de Viseo, capitan 
general del mar Oceano ... por D. Francisco Manuel de Mello, 
Madrid^ por Francisco Alartinez. 1 638. 410. 444^4 

Manuei, de Mello. Rela9ao dos successes da armada, que 
a Companhia geral de Commercio expediu ao estado do Brasil o 
anno passado de 1649, de que foi capitao geral o Conde de Cas- 
tello-melhor, por D. Francisco Manuel de Mello, Lisboa, ua 
Offic'ma Craesheeckiano. 1 650. 410, pp. 16. 444^^5 

Manuel de la Sota (J.) Errores que contiene la memoria 
sobre la decadencia de las misiones jesuiticas, que ha publicado 
en la ciudad del Parana el Dr. D. Martin de Moussy, en el pre- 
sente ano de 1857; impugnados por Juan Manuel de la Sota. 
Montevide-j. 1857. ^^o, pp. 26. 444^6 

Manuelde la Vega (F.) Historia del Descubrimiento de la 
America Septentrional por Cristobal Colon, escrita por Fr. Manuel 
de la Vega. Dala a luz con varias notas para mayor inteligencia 
de la historia de las Cunquistas de Hernan Cortes que puso en 
mexicano Chimalpain, y para instruccion de la juventud mexicano 
Carlos Maria de Bustamante. Mexico. 1826. 8vo, pp. x, 238. 

The Manufacture of Pot-Ash. See [Mascarene (John)]. 

iManufactures of the United States in i860. Compiled from 
the Original Returns of the Eighth Census. PVashitigton. 1865 
[1866]. 4to, pp. ccxvii, 745. s. 4.^4.2^ 

Manufactures and Statistics of the United States. Taken 
with the Census of 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840 ; as also from other 
sources. IVashington. 1843. 4to. 444^9 

Manufactures, &c. No. 3. Central America (Financial Po- 
sition) ... . London. 1 86-. 8vo. 44430 

Manufacturing Interests of the United States : Essay, with 
Memorial of the Artists and Manufacturers of Philadelphia to 
Congress. Philadelphia. 1804. 8vo. c. 44431 

The Manufacturing Interests of... Buffalo: Including Sketches 
of ... [its j History ... . Second Edition. Buffalo: C. F. S. 
Thomas. 1866. 8vo, pp. iv, 99. H. 44432 

The Manuscript. See [Griggs {Rev. Mr.)]., vu. 28840. 

The Manuscript. See Irving (W.), ix. 35192, add pp. 78. 


1 (I 



m ! 





1 80 


f > 

Manuscript relating to Canada. See [Johnston^ , ix, 36393. 

Manuscrit Troano. fitudes sur le Systemc Graphique ct la 
langue dcs Mayas, par M. Brasseur de Bourbourg. Vol. i. 
Paris. 1869. Imp. 410, pp. viii, 224. 36 colored Plates. 

Manutio (P.) Dcgli Elementi e di moiti loro notabili effetti. 
Fenitia: P. Manutio. 1557. 4^°' 44434 

In this scarce tract, Manutio not only speaks of" Columbus, but also of the stream in 
the ocean owing to the " moto diurno de cieli." 

Manvill {Mrs. Elias V .) Lucinda, or the Mountain Mourner ; 
being Recent Facts, in a Series of Letters from Mrs. Manvill, in 
the State of New York, to her Sister in Pennsylvania. Johns- 
town. 1807. i2mo. -f Third Edition, with Additions. Ballston 
Spa: Printed by "J. Comstock. 181 7. l8mo, pp. 173. j Jlbanv: 
y. Mumelt. 1852. l2mo, pp. 168. s. 44435 

Manwaring (C.) Essays, Historical, Moral, Political and 
Agricultural. By Christopher Manwaring. New London : Samuel 
Green. 1828. i2mo, pp. 204. c. -f- [//»/>/.] 1829. 4443^ 

Manwaring. Republicanism and Aristocracy contrasted ; ... 
an Oration ... at New London, (Connecticut) July 4, 1804 ... . 
Manwaring. Norzvich. 1805. 8vo. -f ■^^- 
1805. 8vo, pp. 12. ba. 44437 

[Manypennv (George W.)] Les Hommes Rouges de I'Ame- 
rique du Nord. Rapport a M. le Ministre de I'Interieur des Etats 
Unis, par M. le Chef du Bureau des Affaires Indiennes. Paris : 
Imprimerie ... de Paul Dupont. 1855. 8vo, pp. 27, (l), H. 

[Manypenny.] Letter from the Commissioner of Indian 
Affairs to Colonel Benton. (•Fashhigtvt. 1855. ^^^5 PP- ^5- 

Manzaneda y Encinas (Diego Miguel Bringas de). Sermon 
que en las Solemnes Honras celebradas en obscquio de los V.V. 
P.P. Predicadores Apostdlicos Fr. Francisco Tomas Hermene- 
gildo Garces : Fr. Juan Marcelo Dl.:z, : Fr. Jose Matias Moreno : 
Fr. Juan Antonio Barreneche, Misioneros del Colegio de Propa- 
ganda Fide de la Santa Cruz de Oiu-retaio, Fundadores de las 
Conversiones de la Purisima Conccpcion, y de San Pedro y San 
Pablo del Rio Colorado entre los Gentiles Yumas, y inuertos cti 
ellas gloriosamente a manos de los mesmos Barbaros en los dias 
17 y 19 de Julio de 1781. Madrid: Villalpando. 18 19. 4C0, 
pp. 94. 44440 

By Christopher 
Printed at Boston 






Manzi (P.) II Conquisto di Messico, ristretto de Pietro 
Manzi. Rojna. 1797. 8vo. -|- [//"V/.] 1817. 4444' 

Very scarce. There are copies iin thick |iapi;r. 

Manzi. Storia dclla conquista del Messico fatta da Cortez. 
R.oma. 1820, 8vo. 44442 

Manzini (N. H. L.) Histoirc de I'inoculation preservative 
de la Hevre jauiie pratiquee par ordre du gouveniement espagiiol 
a I'hopital militaire de la Havaiie redigce par Nicolas B. L. Man- 
zini ... . Paris : J. B. Bailliere et Fils. 1858. 8vo, pp. xii, 243. 

Map of the Battle Field of Fredericksburg ... also, Gen. Ro. 
E. Lee's Report of the Battle. Lynchburg. 1866. 8vo, pp. 33. 
Map. B. 44444 

Map of the Military Bounty Lands. See Vol. ix. 34293. 

Map of The Southern Part of Bergen Township, Hudson 
County, N. j. ... Jersey City: Printed hy J. Post. i860. 8vo. 

A Map of the Whole World ; or the Orb Terrestrial, in Four 
Parts, [viz.] Asia, Europe, Affrica [x/V], America. ... London: ... 
Thomas "Jetiner ... 1668. 4to, pp. (8), 193. 4444^ 

The description of America (ills pages 171-191. 

A Map: showing the location of the Sterling Iron Estate .. 

New York : Printed by 

in Orange County, ... New York 
Phair ii Co. 1856. 8vo, pp. 9. 

El Mapa de las Composiciones v nuevo descubrimicnto, en que 
se assegura la caida del Revno de Portugal por un Nautico ingenio, 
que ha venido de las Indias. Aladnd. 1706. 8vi). 44448 

A curious poem on a Voyage to South Atneri. i ami the Wes; InJl.i Islands. 

Mapes (J. J.) Inaugural Address, ... Jan. 7, 1845, before 
the Mechanics' Institute, ... of New-York. By James J. 
Mapes ... . Nexv York. 1 845. 8vo, pp. 23. BA. 44449 

Mapimiha. Diligencia que el alcalde de Mapmiiha practicado 
en el trance v remate de bienes de los Sres. Ortiz v Arriagas 
estrahidos del espediente original. Durango. 1831. 4to, pp. 24. 

Maple Grove Cemetery Association. Rules and Regu- 
lations of the ... Association Albany. 1865. 8vo. 44451 

Maple Knot. Sec [Clemo], /XiW-Vow, Vol. iv.. No. 13635. 





'* Maple Leaves from Canada : for the Grave of Abraham 
Lincoln" : being a Discourse Delivered by Rev. Robert Norton, 
Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, and Address by Rev. 
Robert F. Burns, Pastor of the Canada Presbyterian Church, at 
St. Catharines, Canada West, April 23rd, 1865. Together with 
Proceedings of Public Meetings, &c. St. Catharines : Printed at 
E, L. Leavenworth^ s Book and Job Office. 1865. 8vo, pp. 40. 

Mapleson (T. W. Gwilt). A Hand-Book of Heraldry; 
with illuminated Illustrations, and illuminated pages of Arms of 
Distinguished American Families. n\' T. W. G. Mapleson. 
New Tork. [1851.] 4to. 13 Plates. c. 44453 

Mapleson. Lays of the Western World. Illuminated by 
T. W. Gwilt Mapleson. New Tork : Putnam. [1847,] 4^°' 

Mapleson. Pearls of American Poetry. Illuminated by T. 
W. Gwilt Mapleson, Esq.; comprising the Choicest Selections 
from Longfellow, Halleck, Whittier. Percival, Sprague, Mrs. 
Sigourney, etc. New Y'ork. [n. d.] 4to. 44455 

A fine specimen of book-making, every page being illuminated in golJ and colors. 

Mapleton ; or, More Work for the Maine Law. Boston. 1853. 
i2mo. c. 44456 

Mappas Geraes do Commercio de Portugal com suas Posses- 
soes. 1848. Lishoa. 1851. Folio, -f \^Ibid.'] 1855. Folio. 

Maqueen (D.) a Sermon ... before the Society in Scotland 
for propagating Christian Knowledge, ... January i. 1759. ... Bv 
Daniel Maqueen, d.d. ... Edinburgh. m,dcc,LIX. 8\'o, pp. 76. 

Maraccio (P. H.) De Diva Copaca'/aiia in Peruano novi 
mundi regno celebcrrima liber, uiius. Roma. 1654. Sm. 8vo. 
Plate. 44459 

Marana, pseudon. The Future of America. Considered ... 
in View of ... re-opening the Slave Trade. By Marana. ... 



Boston: Mansfield i^ Company, [n. d.] i2nio, pp. 

Maranhao. Regimento, & Leyes sobre as Missionens do 
Estado do Maranhao, & Para, & sobre a libcidade dos Indies. 
Tmpresso por ordem de El-Rey nosso Senhor. Lisboa Occidental : 
Antonio Alanescal. M.DCCXxiv. Folio, pp. (4), 82. 444^1 

Marat (Jean Paul). ... Les Chaines de I'Esclayage ; par 
Marat ..= . Paris: Impr. de M"". Dondey-Dupr'e. 1850. 4to. 

The first edition was published in 1792. 



Maraviglia Americana osia complesso di rare maraviglie osser- 
vate coUa direzione delle regolc dell' arte della Pittura nclla 
[iiodigiosa imagine della Madonna di (juadalupe del Signor 
iVlichele de Cabrera ... tradotta dello spagnuolo ... dall' abate 
D. G. M. de (jondra. Ferrara : Stampcna Rinald'tana. 1783. 
8v(), pp. xlviii. 444^3 

Set also Cabrera (M.)i Vol. 111., No. 9814. 

Maravilla (O.) Del Nuevo Mundo en la gran capilla del 
Rosario, dedicada v aplaiidida en el convento de S. Domingo de 
la Ciudad de los Angeles, 16. Abril 1690. Pucbla. 1690. 410. 

" Livre de toute r.ircte rcste inconnu compose de 8 feuilU^ts prelim, et 208 pages." 
Title and note tVum T. O. Wcigt-l's catalogue. 

Marban (P.) Arte | de la Lengva | Moxa, | con su Vocabulario, 
V Cathecismo. I Compuestoj por el M. R. P. Pedro iVIaiban|de la 
C!!onipania de Jesvs ... . Con Licencia de los Svperion s. [Z,/wfl.] 
En la Imprenta Real de Joseph de Contreras. [ 1 70 1. J Sm. 8vo, 
pp. (16), 664, 202, (1). A., c. 44465 

The language of the nation of the province of " los Moxos," in Bolivia, South 
America. Their language is related to the Maipure. This is the only work on the 

Marble (M.) ... Freedom of the Press wantonly violated, 
Letter ... tc President Lincoln ... . [n. p. n. d,] 8vo, pp. 8. B. 

Marble. Letter to Abraham Lincoln, By Manton Marble, 
... New-Tork : Privately Prh:ed. 1867. 8vo, pp. 25. 44467 

Ninety-nine copies only printed. Relates to the suppression of the " World" — an 
able argument. Mr. Marble was editor of "The World" newspaper from its com- 
mencement to 1876. 

Marble (S. B.) Memoir of Susan B. Marble ... who Died 
February, 1821. Philadelphia. 1831. 8vo. 44468 

The Marble Worker's Manual ... Translated ... by Mary L. 
Booth. With an Appendix concerning American Marbles. 
New York. 1856. l8mo. s. 44469 

Marblehead, Mass. Annual Report of the Receipts and 
Expenditures ... . 1848. Marblehead : J. K. Jverill^ Printer. 
1848. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 44470 

Constitution and By-Laws of the Marblehead Union Moral 
Society. Salem., Mass. 18 17. i2mo. 4^47^ 

Laws and Regulations of the iMarine Society of Marblehead, 
... Oct. 5, 1798. Boston: Printed ... by Thomas Adams, [n. d.] 
i6mo, pp. 14, and 4 ms, pages. H. 44472 



1 1 










Report of the School Committee ... . 1847-8. MarhUhead : 
Printed by R. Breare. 184S, 8vo, pp. 12. Continued. H. 

Also; ... Annual RepDrt of Town Oltiirrs ... 1862-3. H'Hon. [n. d.J 8vo, pp. 
14. Continued, h. Sei [Reed (William)]. 

[Marbois (Barbe dc).] Voyage a la Giivane ex a Cayenne 
fait en 1795 c't aiiiice .suivante ; avcc un Vocabuluire Fran^ais- 
Cialibi, par L, M. B. Parh^ an vi. 8vo. 44474 

Fur other works by this author if; Barbe-Marbois, Vol. 1,, p. 434. 

Marmury and Crawford. Digest of the Laws of Georgia, 
from 1755 to 1800, inclusive. Savannah. 1802. 4to. C. 

Marcandier (M.) An Abstract of the most Useful Parts 
of a latcM" Treatise on Hemp. Traii-slated from the P'rench of 
M. Marcandier ; ... To which is added some Account of the 
Use of fhfr Horse-Chesnut, and a Plan of the Pennsylvania 
Hemp-Brake. Boston: Edes and Gill. ijbb. 8vo, pp. 31. M. 

The name of the inventor of the Fcnnsylvunla Hemp Brake is not given, but the 
m.iihine is described. 

Mar^ay (de). Histoire de I'Amerique, par M. de Mar^ay. 
Limoges: Barbou 1' teres, i860. i2mo, pp. 214. 44477 

Marcellus ; published in the Virginia Ga/.ette, November and 
December, 1794. Richmond. 1794. 8vo, pp. 36. ba. 44478 

Political disquisitions on the state of parties. Numbered I. to v. 

Marcellus, psendnn. Essays on the Liberty of the Press. 
By Marcellus. Originally Published in the Virginia Argus ... . 
Richmond: Printed by S. Pleasants.^ Jr. 1 804. I2ni >, pp. 19. 

i\l \rcellus, pseudon. A Letter to the Hon. Daniel Webster 
on the Political Att'airs of the United States. By Marcelli^s. 
Philadelphia : Printed by j. Crissy. 1837. 8vo, pp. 34 H. 

March (A.) Address ... before the American Medical Asso- 
ciation. By Alden March ... . Philadelphia : Collins^ Printer. 
1864. 8vo, pp. 14. H. 44481 

March (A.) Semi-Centennial Address ... before the Med- 
ical Society of ... New- York, and ... the Legislature, in ... 
Albany, Feb. 4, 1857. ^Y Alden March, m.d. ... Albany: C. 
Van Benthuysen., Printer. 1857. ^^"' PP- ^°- "• 444^'^ 

Also : Lecture on the Exj)ediency of establishing a Medical College and Hospital in 
th.: City of Albany, [n. p.] 1830. 8 vo. ---Sketch of the Life of Aldcn Anarch. 
Nciu York. [n. d.] 8vo. — Tribute to tiie Memory of Aldcn March, m.d., ll.d. 
Albany: Char/es l^an Benth.iyseii (^ Sons. 1870. 4to, pp. iia. Portrait, b. 






March (Ans^icr). Incuasc ot Piety, or thi- Revival of Rc- 
li<i;ion in the I'nited States of America (1798-18 2]; ... Ni'iv- 
iniryport : A. March. 1802. I2m(), pp. 128. C. 44483 

March (C. VV.) /)anii-l Wcbstci and his Conteniporaries. 
Bv Charles W. March. AVa York. \%<^^. l2mo, pp. 205. 
Portrait. Sixth LJitioii. \Und.\ 1859. 44484 

March. Riniinisccttces of Congress. IJy Charlos W. 
March. AV»' }''}rk : Baker ami Scr:l ner. 1850. i2mo, pp. viii, 
295. Portrait, -f Second Kdition. {lbtd,\ ; 'I'hird Edition. 
Nevu y~nrk : Charles Scrihner. 1 851. r2mo, pp. viii, 295. Por- 
trait. 44485 

This is the life of' Danirl Wrbster with a new title-page. 

March (D.) The Crisis of Freedom. Remarks on th( 
Duty which all ... Good Citizens owe to their Country in the 
Present State of Public Afl^iiirs. By Rev. Daniel 
Xashua., N. H. 1 854. 8vo, pp. 20. 44486 

.VIarch. Yankee Land and the Yankee. By Daniel Mauh. 
Hartford: Printed by Case., Ti^any and Burnham. 1840. 12 mo, 

PP- 33- "• 444«7 

Also: The Presidential Eleitiim : Sermon ... Phil.ulrlphi.i, November, i86z. [n. 
p. n. d.] 8vo. — 'vteadt'jstncss and in the Day of Aiversity. A Sermon, 
... in ... Philadtl|' .1.1, September 14, i86a. ... PbimJi/f'hij : C. Shennan Of &n. 1862. 
8vo, pp. ao. 

[March (Edmund).] Divine Providence (to appearance) 
visibly engaged in fultilling Scripture Prophecies. Boston, ijbi. 
8vo, pp. 40. M. 44488 

March (F. A.) The Scholar of To-day. An Address before 
the Phi Beta Kappa Society, at Amherst College ... July, 1868. 
By Francis A. March ... . Sprini^Jield : Samuel Bowles Cff Company^ 
Printers. 1 869. 8vo, pp. 24. H. 44489 

March {Major). Faca j An Army Memoir. By Major 
March ... . Boston: 'James French W Company. 1857. i2mo, pp. 
vii, 11-338. H. 44490 

March (Walter), pseudon. Sec [Wilcox (O. B.)] 

March y Labores (J.) Historia de la marina real cspaiiola, 
desde el descubrimiento de las Americas .... Madrid. 1854. 4to. 

Marchais. Voyage du Chevalier des Marchais en Guinue. 
See Labat (J. B.), Vol. ix., No. 38414. 

VOL. XI. 23 



'^ \T ^. 











tea 12.8 12.5 

jjo ^^ Jail 

*^ 1^ |2.2 
£ li£ 12.0 


L^ |U ,,.6 



^ ► 





WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 








> Li|i*JVi'M>-'!V-"\(^." 






I' •! 




Marchand (E.) Voyage autour du monde. See Fleurieu (C. 
P. C), Vol. VI., No. 24748. 

A sixth volume was publishc-d in 1800. There is another edition, Paris: Imprimerit 
de la Republique. An vi.- viii. [1798.] 3 vols., 4to, pp. cxliv, 6a8, (3) ; xvi, 676, (2) ; 
X', 43'. (3); (2). viii, 158, (i). 16 Maps. H. 

Marchand. Die neueste Reise um die Welt in den Jahren 
lyqo, 1 79 1, und 1792. Aus dem Franzosischen. Leipzig, [n. 
d.] 2 vols., 8vo. Map and Plate. 44492 

Marchant (J.) The Bloody Tribunal: or an Antidote 
against Popery. Being a Review of the Horrid Cruelties of the 
Inquisition, As practised in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the East 
and West-fndies ... . By John Marchant, Gent. Aberdeen: Gil- 
bert Macphersoti. [1756.] 8vo, pp. 332. <l-4493 

Marchant (W.) An Oration, pronounced at Newport, ... 
Rhode-Island, ... Fourth of July, 1797. By William Marchant. 
... Newport: Printed by Henry Barber. 1797. Sm. 4to, pp. 18. 

Marchese (M.) Vita della beata Rosa di Santa Maria Peru- 
ana. Por Dom. Maria Marchese, dell' ordine di San Domenico. 
Napoli., ristampata appresso G. Fasulo. 1668. 4to, pp. (10), 328, (4). 

There is an edition printec' at Naples: G. Fasulo. idft^. Neither of these editions 
is mentioned by Ternaux. According to Pinelo they were printed in Latin. 

Marckmann (J. W.) Bogtrykkeren Benjamin Franklins Liv 

og ivcvnet. 

Kjobenhavn. 1837. 8vo. 


Marco-Antonio, pseudon. Saldos contra o paiz. Reflexoes 
politicas de Marco-Antonio. Recife. 1866. 2 parts i8mo, pp. 
38; 40. 44497 

Marco Polo. Marco Polo Venetiano. In cvi si tratta le 
merav- 1 gliose cose uel mondo per lui uedute, del costu-|me di 
uarij paesi, dello stranio uiuere di | quelli ; della descrittione de 
diuersejanimale, e del trouar dell' oro|deir argento, e delle pie- | 
t:e preciose, cosa I non men utile, |che bel-|la. Senza di me 1' 
hvom fassi a dio ribello, | [Colophon :] In Fenetia per Mathio Pagan., 
in Fre-za- \ ria., al Segno della Fede. \ [n. d.] l2mo, Title, Text, 
55 leaves. j.c.r. 44498 

The travels of Marco Polo in the East claim a place in an American collection 
in consequence of the remarks of distinguished geographers that they were perused hy 
Columbus, and that the revelations made by him of the wonders of Cathay and 
Zipanga siimulated the great navigator to accomplish through the sea, what the 
Veni'tiatj traveler had by land. We purposely omit the very numerous editions and 
translations of the work. 



10, pp. 

Iratta le 

me di 

lone de 

le pie- I 

me V 

1 Pag'^n, 

trused by 
Ithay and 
i/hat the 
bions and 

Marconnav (H. L. de). Valentine, ou la Nina Canadienne. 
Par H. Leblanc de Marconnay, Ecr. Montreal. 1836. 8vo, 
pp. 52. 44499 

Marcou (J.) American Geology. Letter on ... the Geol- 
ogy cf Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, and Nebraska ; ... By Jules 
Marcou. Zurich: For the Juthor. 858. 8vo, pp. 16. 44500 

Marcou. Une Ascension dans les Montagnes Rocheuses. 
Par J. Marcou ... . Paris: Imprimerie de E. Martinet. 1867. 
8vo, pp. 24. H. 44501 

Marcou. A Geological Map of the United States and the 
British Provinces ot North America ; ... By Jules Marcou ... . 
Boston: Gould and Lincoln. 1853. 8vo, pp. 5-92. 8 Plates. 

Marcou. Geology of North America, By Jules Marcou. ... 
with Two Geological Reports ... on the Prairies of Arkansas 
and Texas, the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, and the 
Sierra Nevada of California ... . Zurich : ZUrcher (jf Furber. 
1858. 4to, pp. (6), 144. 3 Charts, 7 Plates. c. 44503 

[Marcou.] Le Terrain carbonifere dans I'Amerique du Nord. 
... \_Geneve? 1 855.] 8vo, pp. 23. Map. H. 445C4 

Mapcou. Uber Die Geologic der Vereinigten Staaten und 
der Britischen Provinzen von Nord-Amerika. (Mit Karte.) Von 
Jules Marcou. Juli 1855. ••■ Gotha : Justus Perthes. 1855. 4to, 
pp. II. H. 44505 

Also : Dyas et Trias, ou le nouveau gres rouge en Europe, dans I'Amerique du Nord 
et dans rinde. [Geneve. 1S59.] 8vo, pp. 63. — Esquicse d'une classification des chaines 
de mnntagnc^s d'une partie de I'Amerique du Nord ... . Paris: Victor Dalmont. 1855. 
l2mo, pp. 24. 2 Maps. — Le Niagara quinze ans apres. Addition ... . Paris: Societe 
Giologiyue. 1865. 8vo, pp. 15. Plate. — Notss on the Cretaceous and Carboniferous 
Rocks of Texas. ... Boston: Geo. C. Rand (^ .A-very. 1861. 8vo, pp. (2), 86-97. — 
Notes pour Servir a une Description Geologique des Montagnes Rocheuses ... . Geneve: 
Imprimerie Rambo-z et Schuckardt. 1858. Svo, pp. 22. — Notice sur les gisements des 
lentilles trilobitiferes taconiques de la Pointe Levis, au Canada. ... Paris: Societe G'eo/ogi^ue. 
1864. 8vo, pp. 12. — Notice of a Geological Map of the United States and the British 
Provinces, with Explanatory Text ... . [n. p.] 1854. Svo. — Une Reconnaissance 
geologique au Nebraska. ... Paris: Societe G'eclogique. 1864. 8vo, pp. 16. — Reply to 
the Criticisms of James D. Dana. ... Including Dana's two Article,s, with a Letter of 
Agassiz. Zurich. 1859. Svo, pp. 40. — Resume explicatif d'une carte geologique des 
£tats-Unis et des Provinces anglaises de I'Amerique du Nord ... . [Paris: Imprimerie 
de L. Martinet. 1855.] Svo, pp. 124. — Sur le gisement de I'or en Californie. ... 
Geneve. 1855. Svo. — The Taconic and Lower Si'.uris.i Rocks of Vermont and 
Canada. ... Boston. 1862. Svo. 

Marcoy (P.) Scenes et Paysages dans les Andes. Par Paul 
Marcoy. ... Paris: L. Hachette et C'^. 1861. i2mo, pp. (4 , 


■ 88 


< ) 

423, (i). B. -|- Deuxieme Serie. ... [/<&/W.] i86j. i2mo, pp. 
(4)» 33I1 (2). 44506 

PjuI Mnrcoy ii a pseudonym for Lorenzo dc Snint-Cricq. 

Makcoy. Vovage a Travers L'Amerique du Sud de I'Occan 
Pacifique a I'Oceaii Atlantique Par Paul Marcoy Illustre de 
626 Vues, Types et Paysages par E. Riou et accom))agne de 20 
Cartes gravees sur les dcssins de I'auteur ... . Paris : L. Hachette 
ct Qt. 1869. 2 vols., 4to, pp. (4), 704; (4), 519. Portrait, ba. 

Marcoy. Travels in South America from the Pacific Ocean 
to the Atlantic Ocean. By Paul jMarcoy. Illustrated by Five 
Hundred and Twentv-Five Engravings ... and Ten Maps ... . 
[Translated by Elihu Rich.] L.ndon : Blackie Iff Son. 1875. 2 
vols., 4to, pp. 2, xii, 524, 2 ; viii, 496. 445^8 

In Field's " Essay" this work is eulogized in the glowlrjg ,tyle peculiar to that gentle- 
man. As a book of wood-cuts it is interesting, as a book of authorship it is a capital 
illustration of the use of a pair of scissors. The work of Mr. E. G. Squier furnished 
the author with a large proportion of the text, and Mr. Squier is a good authority. 
Some copies of the translation have a New York imprint. 

Marcullus, pseudon. See [Kershaw (Philip G.)], ix. 37638. 

Marcus (M.) Address to the Members of the "United 
Church of England and Ireland," and of the Protestant Episco- 
pal Church in the United States ... on ... Emigration ... . By ... 
Rev. Moses Marcus, b.d. ... New-York: Printed by "J. T. Crowell 
and Co. 1846. 8\'o, pp. 40. H., s. 44509 

Marcus, pseudon. A Reply to the Vindication of the Result 
of the late Council at Ipswich. By Marcus. Newburyport : 
E. M. Blunt., Printer. 1806. i2mo, pp. 52. ba., n. 445x0 

See alio [Blunt (J.)], Vol. 11., No. 6039, [Davis (Matthew L.)], Vol. v., Ncs. 
18863, i8«66, and [Wolcott (OliverjJ. 

Marcy (R. B.) Border Reminiscences. By Randolph B, 
Marcy. New York. 1871. i2mo, pp. 396. Plates. 445 n 

Marcy. ... Exploration of the Red River of Louisiana, in 
the year 1852: By Randolph B. Marcy, ... assisted by Georg<- 
B. McClellan .... With Reports on the Natural History of the 
Country, and numerous Illustrations. Washington: Robert Arm- 
strange ... Printer. 1853. '^"^^^ PP* ''V, 320. 66 Plates and Maps. 
-\- Washington : Beverly Tucker., Senate Printer. 1854. 8vo, pp. 
XV, 310. 66 Plates. -|- Washington: A. O. P. Nicholson., ... 
Printer. 1854. 8vo, pp. xv, 286. Map and 66 Plates. H., c. 

Contains authentic information regarding the peculiar customs of the Indians of the 
soui.nern pi.niis. Their mode of warfare, their invariable violation of the chastity o\ 



., Nos. 

tiia, in 
)f the 
,, pp. 
i«, ... 
|h., c. 

of the 
listitv of 

female priioners, and the construction of their dwellings and villages, are particularly 

Marcy. Notes taken during the Expedition commanded by 
Capt. R. B. Marcy, u.s.a., through Unexplored Texas in the 
Summer and Fall of 1854. Philadelphia. 1856. i2mo. 44513 

Marcy. The Prairie Traveller : a Handbook tor Overland 
Expeditions ; with Maps ... of the Principal Routes between the 
Mississippi and the Pacific. By Randolph B. Marcy ... . New 
York: Harper b" Brothers. 1859. i6mo, pp. 340. Map and 
Plates. -\- New Edition. \^Ibid.\ 1861. i6nio, pp. 381. Map. 

Marcy. ... The "Prairie Traveller," ... By Captain Ran- 
dolph B. Marcy ... . Edited, with Notes, by (^aptain Richard F. 
Burton. London. 1863. Cr. 8vo, pp. 270. Map and Plates. 

Marcy. Thirty Years of Army Life on the Border, Com- 
prising descriptions of the Indian Nomads of the Plains ; Explo- 
rations of New Territory ; a Trip across the Rocky Mountains 
in the Winter ; Descriptions of the Habits of diHerent Animals 
found in the West, and the Methods of Hunting them ; with 
Incidents in the life of different frontier men. ... By Colonel R. 
B. Marcy ... . hiew York: Harper Iff Brothers. 1866. 8vo, pp. 
7-442. Plates. ba. 44516 

Marcy (W. L.) An Oration on the Three Hundred and 
Eighteenth Anniversary of the Discovery of America, delivered 
before the Tammany Sv)ciety ... . By William L. Marcy ... . 
With a Traditional Account of the Life of Tammany, an Indian 
Chief. Troy^N.Y. 1809. 8vo, pp. 71. 445^7 

Marcy. A Traditional Account of the Life of Tammany, 
an Indian Chief, famed for his Friendship toward the Whites, 
and for his virtues as a man. By William L. Marcy ... . Provi- 
dence : Phenix Press. 1 8 10. 8vo, pp. 20. 445 ^^ 

An essay written in such grave historic strain as to be often taken for veritable biog- 
raphy. It is, however, nothing but fiction, and not even original at that, being extracted 
from Dr. S. L. Mitchell's account. Also : Correspondence between Wm. L. Marcy 
and Chev, Hulsemann, respecting Mark Koszta. j_n. p. n. d. j 8vo. 

Mardi Gras in New Orleans : Its Ancient and Modern Ob- 
servance ; History of The Mystick Krewe of Comus, the 
Twelfth-Night Revelers, and Knights of Momus, with Scenes, 
Sketches and Incidents of the Reign of His Majesty, the King 
of the Carnival. ... Atlanta, Georgia. Barrow — The Printer — 
Atlanta, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 40 445 IQ 





Maregnier ( ). Du Climat de Phernambiico. Paris. 

1829. 4to. 44520 

Mares (L.) Les NouvcIIes Carabines Anglaises et Ameri- 
caines, Par M. Leon Mares. ... Paris • Imprimerie de L. Martinet. 
1858. 8vo, pp. 40. H. 44521 

[Mareschal (Ambrose).] Pastoral Letter ot" the Archbis'iiop 
of Baltimore ... on the Consecration of the Cathedral. Balti- 
more : Printed by J. Robinson. 1821. 8vo, pp. 16. ba. 44522 

Finotti, p. 192, describes two editions, 1819 and i8aa, which we have not seen. 

Marest (G.) See " Lettres £difiantes," and " Die Ncue 

Marestier (M.) Memoire sur Irs Bateaux a Vapeur des 
Etats-Unis d'Amerique ; ... par M, Marestier ... . Paris. 1824. 
4to, pp. 296. 44523 

Maretzek (M.) Crotch;its and Quavers : or, Revelations 
of an Opera Manager in America. By Max Maretzek. New 
Tork : S. French. 1855. 1 2mo, pp. 346. c. 44524 

Margallo [Pedro]. Phisices compendium j Clementissimo in 
Christo iesu patri ac illustrissimo do-| mino do. lacobo So. Bracha- 
rensi archiepiscopo. ac Hispaniarum optimo iure patriarche Mar- 
gallus I doctor theologus atque insignis collegij diui Bartholomei 
collega. S. P. D. I [Colophon:] ... 1520 ... Ua/e Sal-\mantice. 
14. lunij. I Folio, xxxvj leaves. 445^5 

Margaret. See [Judd (S.)], Vol. ix., No. 36840. 

Margaret Percival in America. A Tale, edited by a New 
England Minister [E. E. Hale]. Boston : Phillips^ Sampson & Co. 
1850. i2mo. -{- Second Edition. [/&/</.] 44526 

Margarita Philosophica. See [Reisch (G.)] 

Margil (A.) El Peregrino | Septentrional Atlante | Delineado | 
en la exemplarissima Vida | Del Venerable Padre | Fr. Antonio 
Margil I de Jesus | Fruto de la gloridissima ciudad de Valencia | 
Hijo de su Serifica Observante Provincia Predicador Missionero. j 
... En Falencia., Am de i']\l. 410, pp. 420. 445^7 

The Texan missions of Father Margil are described on pa^es 248 to 265. Some 
curious matter relative to the Pagan rites, secretly preserved among the Indians, is found 
elsewhere. See " Hist. Mag.," viii. 42. 



do I 



Margil. Nuevas Empressas del peregrino Amcricaiio Sep- 
tentrional Atlunte, descubiertas en lo que hi/o quando vJvia, v 
auii dcspues de su muerte ha manit'cstado el V. P, F. Antonio 
Margil de Jesus. Casos Admirables de nuevo averiguados, que 
no estan en la Vida de este Siervo de Dios estampada en el ano 
de i:'37, y pueden dessear los atectos do este Varon memorable, 
... Impressas en Mexico^ en la Imprenta Real del Superior Gobierno. 
1747. 4to, pp. (24), 46. 44528 

This account of the great earthquake in Lima was translated into English and pub- 
lished in London accompanied by other account'-. Sec [Lozano (Pedro de)], Vol. x. 

Margil. Vozes que hi/icron eco, en la leligiosa pyra, que 
en las honra? del V^. P. ¥x. Antonio Margil dc Jesus, erigid N. 
R. P. Fr. Antonio de Harizon, el dia 21 de Agosto de 1726 en 
el Convento de N. S. P. S. Francisco de la Imperial Ciudad de 
Mexico. Mexico., por J. B. de Hogal. \'j2b. 4to, pp. (34), 56. 

I have seen a similar title in which the authorship is credited to Juan Lopez Aguado. 

Margrak (J.) Kirche und Sklaverei seit der Ep..decicung 
Amerikas ; oder, was hat die Katholische Kirche seit der Ent- 
deckung Amerikas, theils zur Milderung theils zur Aufhebung 
der Sklaverei gethan ? Von J. Margraf". Tiibingen : H. Laupp. 
1865. 8vo, pp. viii, 230. c, 3. 44530 

Margret Howth. A Story of To-day. ... [By Mrs. Rebecca 
Harding Davis.] Boston: Ticknor and Fields. 1862. l2mo, pp. 
(2), 266. c. -p Second Edition. [^Ihid.'\ 4453* 

Margry (P.) Les Navigations Fran^aises et la revolution 
maritime du xiv' au xvr" siecle, d'apres. les documents inedits 
tires de France, d'Angleterre, d'Espagne et d'ltalie. Par Pierre 
Margry. Paris: Tross. 1867. Sq. 8vo. 2 Plates. 44532 

Some copies are printed on " papier de I-Iollande." Relates to Columbus. See 
Netscher's " Hollandais," xxm. 

[Margry.] Origines transatlantiques. Beiain d'Esnambuc 
et les Normands aux Antilles d'apres des documents nouvelle- 
ment retrouves. ... Paris: Jchille Faure. 1863. 8vo, pp. (2), iv, 
102, (i). 2 Plates. B. 44533 

Margry. Relations et Memoires inedits pour servir a I'his- 
toire de la France dans les pays d'outre-mer ... Par Pierre 
Margry ... . Paris: Challamel ain'e. 1867. 8vo, pp. (8), 376. b. 

Marguerite de Valois. L'Heptameron des nouvehes de 
res illustre et tres excellente princesse Marguerite de Valois, 





ill i. 

royiii' (If Navarre, remis en son vray ordrc, confiis au parauant 
en sa premiere impression. Paris: Hncent Sertenas^ iiupt im'e pour 
Benoist Prevosi. 1559. 4to, 6 prel., 206, and 2 leaves. 4-^535 

Ste [F^arri9Je's"I "Notes sur la Nouvelle-France," No. 381. It is scarcely necessary 
tu lay, there are very numerous editions and translations of this work. 

Marguerite dk Valois. The | Memorialls | of | Margaret | 
de Valoys, | First Wife to Henry | the Fourth, King of I France 
and Navarre. | Compiled in French by her own | most Delicate 
and Royall hand: And | Translated into English by Robert) 
Codington, Master of Arts. | London: Printed by R. H. 1663. 
i8mo, pp. (8), 229. H.c.M. 44536 

Partly relates to Canada. 

Maria (F.) Joseph Brown; or the Young Tennesseean, ... 
An Indian Tale. By Francis Maria. Nashville^ Tenn.: For the 
Author. 1857. 24mo, pp. 126. Plate. H. 44537 

Maria (I. de). Apuntes biograficos de Don Francisco An- 
tonio Maciel. Por Isidoro de Maria. Montevideo, i860. 4to, 
pp. 20. Plate. 4453^ 

Maria de Alcala (Josef). Sermon ... celebrada en la santa 
iglesia Metropolitana de Mexico en honra y veneracion de la 
divina providencia, predicd el dia 29 de Julio de 18 10. ... 
Mexico: D. Mariano de Zuniga y Ontiveros. [18 10.] 4to, pp. 24. 

Maria de Guadeloupe. Clamores de la America y recurso 
a la proteccion de Maria Santisima de Guadeloupe. Mexico. 
[About 1808.] Sm. 4to. 4454© 

Maria de Heras (Bartolome). Discurso que dirige a sii 
grey D. Bart. Maria de Heras, arzobispo de esta metiopoli, cor. 
motivo de la abertura y bendicion solemne del cementerio genera! 
erigido en esta capital. [/,/«?«.•] Impresso en la casa Real de Ninoi 
Expositos. T por su original en la Habana en la Imprenta de D, 
Estevan J. Bolona. 1808. 4to, pp. (2), 16. 4454 1 

Also: Reglamento provisional acordado por D. Jose Fern, de Abascal y Sousa, virey 
y capitan general del Peru ... . Lima : Impreso en la casa de Niflos Expositm. 1808. Ha- 
hana, reimpreso por D. Estevan "Jose Bolotla. 1808. 4to, pp. 20. 

Maria Amalia de Saxonia. Reales Exequias del Da. 
Maria Amalia tlv- Saxonia, Reyna de las Espanas, ... celebradas 
en la Santa Iglesia Cathedral de la Imperial Corte Mexicana, los 
dias 17 y i8, de Julio de 1761, con Sermon Funebris, por J. M. 
Velez de Ulivarri, y Olasasso. Imprenta Nueva Antuerpia?ia^ de 
D. Christoval^y D, P. de Zuniga. 1761. 410. 24 Engravings. 

In prose and verse. 









/, de 


Mariana (J. dcV Histori.-r dc rebus Hispaui*, Libri xx. 

Toleti : Typis : P. Roderici. 1 592. Folio, pp. (8), 959, (12). 

Tlie firat and extremely rare cditiun of chit highly eiieemed wuric, which include! 
aoiiie chapters (in the West Indies. There are copies dated 1 595, published by Tb. 
Guzman, in which books xxi-xxv are added, continuing the volume to page 1 168, and 
t'olluwed by 14 pages o( index. 

Mariana. Historic de rebus Hispanix, Libri xxx, ace. J. E. 
Minianae continuationis novae libri x. Hagae ComxtatU. 1733. 
4 vols., folio. 44544 

Mariana. Historiae Hispanicse appendix, libri scilicet xxi- 
XXX, cvm indice. Francofurti. 1616. Folio. 44545 

Mariana. Historia general de Espafia, por el padre Juan de 
Mariana. Toledo. 1601. 2 vols., folio. 4454^ 

This lirst edition in Spanish is rare. The translation was made by the author. It 
was reprinted, Madrid, 1608, 1617, 1623, 1650, and 1678. 

Mariana. Historia general de Espafia, compuesta, emendada 
y anadida por el padre Juan de iMariana ... . Decimaquarta im- 
presion. ... Madrid: D. "Joachim de Ibarra., ano 
2 vols., folio, pp. (24), 14, (14), 917 ; (lOj, 927, (32). B. 

" This edition is very scarce, and does much honor to its celebrated printer. — Salva. 

Mariana. Historia general de Espafia ... ilustrada en esta 
nueva impresion de tablas cronologicas notas y observaciones 
criticas con la vida del autor. f^alencia : Benito Monf or t. m.dcc- 
Lxxxiii-xcvi. 9 vols., 4to. BA. 4454^! 

This edition is highly commended by Brunet, who also mentions the editioiii, 
yaltnda: Montfort. 1794. 2 vols., folio. + [/i/^.] 1799. 

Mariana. Historia general de Espafia, compuesta, emendada 
y anadida Por el P. Juan de Mariana ... y la continuacion que 
escribid en Latin el P. Fr. Joseph Manuel Miniana ... . Tra- 
ducida nuevamente al Castellano. ... Madrid: Don Benito Cano. 
MDCCXciv-v. 10 vols., 8vo. B. 44549 

Mariana. Historia general de Espafia ... ilustrada con notas 
histdricas y criticas ... por J. Sabau y Blanco ... . Madrid, mdccc- 
xvii-xxil. 20 vols., 8vo. -\- Valencia. 1830-41. 18 vols., 410. 

Mariana. Historia ... con una narracion ... hasta 1833 ... . 
Barcelona. 1823-40. 10 vols., sm. 8vo. 45 Plates. 4455 1 

Mariana. Historia ... Nuca edicion que contiene ... la 
narracion de los sucesos ... hasta ... 1808. Madrid. 1828-29. 
9 vols., sm. 8vo. Portraits. 44552 

"One of the good editions." — Brunet. The "Historia" is also contained in the 
edition of Mariana's " Obras," Madrid: Ri'vadaneyra. 1854. 2 vols., 8vo. 

VOL. XI. 24 





Mariana. The General History of Spain, from the first 
Peopling of it by Tubal, till the death of King Ferdinand i with 
a Continuation to the Death of King Philip iii. To which are 
added, two Supplements ; the first by Ferdinand Camargo y Sal- 
cedo, the other by Basil Varen de Soto, bringing it down to the 
present reign. The whole translated from the Spanish, by Capt. 
John Stevens. London. 1699. Folio, pp. (16), 563, Supple- 
ments, 95, and Index. c. 44553 

Book XXVI. relates to the discuveriri and conquests of the Spaniards in the West 
Indies, etc. The work is highly eulogized by Bouterweck. 

Mariana. Histoire Generale D'Espagne, du P. Jean de 
Mariana ... . Traduite en Francois ; avec des Notes et des Cartes. 
Par le P. Joseph-Nicholas Charenton. ... Paris: Chez Le Merciety 
Perey ... m.dcc.xxv. 6 vols,, 4to, pp. 8, xxxii, (8), 896; (2), 
821, (15); (2), 900, Errata, 2; (2), 403, (24) i (2), 544; (2), 
545-899, Supplement, 105, (4). 3 Maps. B. 44554 

Mariana (J. d|e). Discurso de las Enfermedades de la Com- 
pagnie de Jesus, por P. Juan de Mariana. Madrid, 1768. 410. 

Mariana {P.) Gloriosus Franciscus Redivivus, sive Chronica 
Observantiae Strictioris, Reparatae, Reductje, ac Reformatae ; 
ejusdemque per Christianos Orbes non solum sed et Americam, 
Peru, ... difFusae et Evangelio fructificantis. Ingolstadt. 1625. 
4to. 29 Plates. 4455^ 

An extract from Gonzaga's "Chronicle of the Franciscans,'* containing the parts 
relating to Asia and America. See alio Vol. vii., No. 27790. 

Mariana {Sor.) Memorias de Sor. Mariana fundadora y aba- 
sida del Monasterio de Guadalupe, contiguo de Mexico. Mexico. 
1808. 4to. 44557 

Mariano (J.) Carta de Consuelo que Ad. Antonio Zabala 
escribo el P. Jos. Mariano. Mexico. 1762. 8vo. 4455 7<? 

Mariano de Abarca (J.) El Sol en Leon. Solemnes aplau- 
sos conque, el Rey Nuestro Sefior D. Fernando vi., Sol de los 
Espafias, fue celebrado el dia 11, de febrero del ano de 1747. En 
que se proclamo su Magestad exaltada al Solio de dos Mundos 
por la ... Ciudad de Mexico ... . Escribe su relacion el P. Joseph 
Mariano de Abarca de la Compania de Jesus ... . Con Licencia 
de los Superiores. En Mexico^ en la hnprenta del Nuevo Rezado 
de Dona Maria de Ribera^ en el Empedradillo. Aho de 1748. 4to, 

PP- (36), 300- 44557^ 




Mariano de Aguiua (J.) Nccrologia de Jose Mariano de 
Agiiira y Mayuia, Dean de csta santiaglesia Metrupulitana. 
Lima. 1835. 8vo. 4455^ 

Mariatecjui (F. J.) Resefia Historica de los Principales con- 
coidatjs cclebrados con Roma, y Breves rcflexiones sobre cl 
ultimo habido entre Pio ix, y el Gobicrno de Bolivia, per V. J, 
Mariategui. Lima. 1856. ^Sm. 410, pp. (7), 286, (2). 44559 

Marie (J.) The Case of Jane Marie, exhibiting the Cruelty 
and Barbarous Conduct qt" James Ross, to a Defenceless Woman 
... \_Philadelphia.^ 1808. 8vo, pp. 28. 445^0 

[ViARiE (P.)] A Tribute to the Fair, Comprising a Col- 
Itv-iion of Vers de Societe Published in Aid of the Sanitary 
Commission. New Tork : D. Jpp/eton iff Co. 1864. i 2mo, pp. 
xiii, 7-253. B. 44561 

Marie de l'Incarnation. Lettrcs | de la venerable | Merc 
Marie I de l'Incarnation | premiere Superieure| des Urhulinesjde la 
Nouvelle France. | Divisees en deux parties. | J Paris^ \ chez Louis 
Billaine., ... m.dc.lxxxi. | Avec ... Privilege de Sa Majeste. | 
4to, pp. (10), 675, (i). 44562 

Important for Canadian history. Ste Ciiarlevoix (P. F. X.) and [Martin (D. C.)] 

Marie de l'Incarnation. Choix des lettres historiques de 
la venerable mere Marie, de l'Incarnation, dedie aux eleves des 
Ursulines. Paris: Clermont-Ferrand., Thibaut. 1857. l2nio. 

Marietta, O. The Act of Incorporation, and the Ordi- 
nances and Regulacions ... . Marietta., Ohio. 1852. 8vo, pp. 29. 

First Annual Report of the Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad 
Company. Chillicothe : Ely., Alien and Looker. 1851. 8vo, pp. 
34. Map, Continued. B. 44565 

Also: Semi-Annual Report ... ist January, 1864. New York: Latimer Bros. Gf 
Seymour. 1864. 8vo, pp. 28. 

Marietta and the Oil and Mineral Region of South-eastern 
Ohio and West Virginia. Marietta., O.: fVinchester l^ McGee. 
1864. 8vo, pp. 17. Map. 44566 

Public Schools of Marietta. By-Lav»rs and Report ... . Mari- 
etta. 1856. 8vo, pp. 42. Continued. 445^7 

Marietta College. Addresses at the Inauguration of Israel 
W. Andrews, as President of Marietta College, July 26, 1855. 
Marietta. 1855. 8vo, pp. 30. H. 44568 








i\ >« 

I • 

CataIo!iii^- i)t" the (.)rticeis and Students ... 18^8-9. Cincit:- 
nati : li<i.u- Hi/i^v ijf (Jo,^ Printers. 1838. 8v(), pp. 22. Cont'd. 

A1»0! Cut.ilugue ot' Marirttu Ciillfgr Lihraiy. Cincinn.ili : iMoort, /A'/A/ii./i ... iSf Co., 
Frimeri. |H^7. 8vo, pp. iv, 166. — Celctbr.itioti of' tlie Twenty-Kif'th Aiitiiveriijry of 
.., [the] C(ilU'_,'i'. ... June 27, i860. Mantita. 18(0. Kvu, pp. 60. — Second Annual 
Report uf the Truateei ... . September, 183;. Muritita : For tbt Trusuts. 183;. 8vo, 
pp. 23. H. 

Marietta Institute. First Annual Report of the Trustees 
of the Marietta Collegiate Institute, and Western Teachers' 
Institute. 1834. Cincinnati: Gregory ij Smith.^ Printers. 1 834. 

8vo, pp. 14. 

H. 44570 

Catalogue of the English School ... 1839-40. Marietta: G. 
IV. Tyler i^ Co..^ Printers. 1840. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 44571 


Marietta Female Seminary. Cataioo-ue 



... Marietta: ... I. Maxon^ Printer. 1839. „4mo, pp. (8) 

Marig (J.) Records of the Life of the Rev. John Marig, 
late Minister of the Reconciliation, ... Written by Himself. 
Boston: Bowen and Gushing. 1827. i2nio, pp. 348. Portrait. 

Marigni de Mandeville ( ). Memoires ... de M. 

Marigni de Mandeville. Paris: Guillaume Despies. 1765. 

Marin (B. V.) Elogio del Senador Don Juan Egana pronun- 
ciado en la Capella del instituto nacional de Chile por Buena 
Ventura Marin. Santiago. 1836. Sm. 410. 44575 

Marin Ben Jesse (D. ) A Letter to the Independent Re- 
flector. By David Marin Ben Jesse, Pastor at Aquenonka. New 
York: Printed ... by Hugh Gaine. 1753. 8vo, pp. 31. H. 

Marin Ben Jesse. A Remark on the Disputes and Conten- 
tions in this Province. ... By David Marin Ben Jesse .... New- 
Tor k : Printed by H. Gaine ... 1755. Folio, pp. 12. P. 44577 

Marin (Gom. M.) Oracion panegyrica en la funcion de S. 
Fel. Neri de Mexico. Mexico. 1836. 8vo, 13 leaves. 4457^ 

Marin (M. G.) Defensa Guadalupana, escrita por el P. Dr. 
y Mtro. D. Manuel Gomez Marin, contra la Disertacion de D. 
Juan Bautista Munoz. Mijico. 1819. Sm. 410, pp. viii, 55. 

Marin (J.) Traite du Castor, dans lequel on Expliquc la 
Nature et I'Usage du Castoreum, ... par J. Marin, traduit pai 
Eidous. Paris. 1746. i2mo. Plates. 445^^ 

A curious book on the natural history of the beaver. Title from an auction catalogue. 



Marin (Miguel Angel). Vida de San Paphnucio. Mexico. 
i8!0. 4to, pp. (4), 44. 44581 

Marine Seizures, or a Vindication of the Rights of Jury Trial 

io the Federal Courts, in the Cases of Seizures made upon the 

Tide Waters under the Law of Imposts. New York. i8,^i. 

Svo, pp. 2S. 4+582 

Makineo (L.) Obra Compuesta de las Cosas Memorables e 
Claros Varones de Espaila. Alcala. 1530. Folio. 44583 

Title fVoni " Biblidtheij Hebcriana," Part 1., No. 4680. 

Marineo. Obra de las cosas memorable^ de Espafia. Alcola.^ 
Kgma. 1533. Folio. 4458^ 

Makineo. \j. Marinei Si-|cvli Regii Historiographi |opus de 
r-.bus llispaniae Memorabili- | bus modo castigatuni atc|9 C;esareae 
maic|statis iussu in lucem sditum. | ... [Colophon:] Impres~\sum 
C'nnpluti per iVruhaelum tie Eguia, Absotuti'tq-^ \ est niense ilLiij. Anno 
(ih orbe redempto. \ MD.xxxiii. | Folio, Title, 1 leaf, cxxviij leaves. 

*' Sun ouvrage, (|ui .1 etc imprinK'; assez souvrnt, tst trt-s-impurtant pnur I'liiatoire de 
I'Espagne, il rtnlcime .lu veibo du f". cvi une notice siir la decuuverte de I'Ameriquc ; 
I'Aniiral y est nomnie Fetrus Colonus." — Leclerc. 

Marineo. . Initvm . Sapiente . Timor . Domini | Obra Com- 
puesta por Lucio Marineo Siculo Co-|rt)nista d' sus Majestades ] 
de las cosas memora | bles de Espafia. | Aho de M.D.xxxix. | [C^ilo- 
phon :] ... Alcala de Henares. En \ casa de luan de lhocar\a 
Catorze dias del\mes de lulio. De Mil y ^u'lnlentos \ v Tre\nta y 
Nueue Anos.\[.'.) Folio, 10 prel. leaves, 192 leaves. h. 4458^ 

Marineo. Sumario de la clarissima vida y heroicos hechos de 
Ids reyes don Fernando y dotia Ysabel, sacado de la obra <2;rande 
de las cosas memorables d'Espaiia compuesta por Lucio Marineo 
Siculo. Toledo en casa de 'Jud de Ayala^ mil y quinieto y quarcta y 
sf.yes afios. Sm. 410, Title, i leaf, 77 leaves. 44587 

The Mariner's Chronicle, containing Narratives of the most 
Remarkable Disasters at Sea. ... Also, Naval Engagements, 
Piratical Adventures, etc. [^Neiv Haven. 1834.] Svo. 44588 

Mariner's Church, Boston. History, Articles of Faith ... 
of the Mariner's Church. Boston. 1832. i2mo, pp. 11. 

Mariner's Dictionary, or American Seaman's Vocabulary. 
IP'^asbington. 1805. l8mo. 44590 




Mariner's Library or Voyager's Companion, containing Narra- 
tives of the most popular Voyages, from the Time of Columbus 
to the Present Day ; with Accounts of Remarkable Shipwrecks, 
Naval Adventures, the Whale fishery, &c. ... Boston : C. Gay- 
lord. 1834. 8vo, pp. 492. Plate. 4459 » 

The Mariner's Marvellous Magazine, or Wonders of the 
Ocean, the most Remarkable Shipwrecks, Adventures, Disasters, 
Captivities, &c., of Mariners in Various Parts of the Globe. 
London. 1809. 3 vols., i2mo. Plates. 4459^ 

Contains the struggles of Captain Thos. Keith in America and captivity among the 
Indians, sufferings of Capt. Fox among the Esquimaux, capture of the Gen. Washington 
by Barbary corsairs, and other American accounts. 

Marinho (J. A.) Historia de mov'mento politico, que no 
anno de 1842 teve logar na provincia de Minas-geraes. Por Jose 
Antonio Marinho. Rio de Janeiro. 8vo. 44593 

Marion (M.) Nouveau Voyage a la Mer du Sud, commence 
sous les ordres de M. Marion, Capitaine de brulot ; & acheve, 
apres la mort de cet Officier sous ceux de M. le Chev. Ducles- 
meur, on a joint a ce voyage un extrait de celui de M. de Sarville 
dans les meme Parages. Paris: Barois. 1783. 8vo, pp. viii, 
290. Map and 7 Plates. j.c.b. 44594 

Marion (Francis). Life of General Marion, and Anecdotes 
Illustrative of his Character ... . Philadelphia. [1847.] i2mo. 

See alto Horry (P.), Vol. viii., Nos. 33034-6. 

Marion, Mass. Annual Report of the Selectmen ... 1862. 
Boston: ff^right t^ Potter, Printers. 1 862. 8vo, pp. 16. Cont'd. 

Marion College, Mo. First Annual Catalogue of the Offi- 
cers and Students ... . St. Louis, 1835. 8vo, pp. 25. 44597 

Marion Union School. Seventh Annual Report of the ... 
School ... for ... 1858 and '59. ... Cleveland : Fairbanks, Bene- 
a'ict & Co., Printers. 1859. ^vo, pp. 32. H. 4.1.598 

The Mariposa Company, ... New York ... , Organized 25111 
June, 1863. [Statement.] New 7'ork : Wm. C. Bryant l^ Co., 
Printers. 1863. 8vo, pp. 80. B. 44599 

Also : Final Report of the Committee of the Bondholders of the Mariposa Company, 
June 4, 1868. Neiv Tovk. 1868. 8vo. 

The Mariposa Estate : ... comprising the Official Report of J. 
Ross Browne ... upon its Mineral Resources ... . New York. 
1868. 8vo, pp. 62. Map. B. 44600 



Maris ( ). Souvenirs d'Amerique. Relations d'un voyage 

au Texas et en Haiti. Bruxelles : Poot et C". 1863. 8vo. 

The Maritime Campaign of 1778. A Collection of all the 
Papers relative to the Operations of the English and French 
P'leets. To which are added, Strictures on the Publication made 
in France, by order of the Ministry, concerning the Engagement 
on the 27th of July ; ... By J. M. a Lieutenant in the Fleet. 
London: J. Faden. 1779. Folio. Charts and Plans. 44602 

"A very curious and instructive review." — Monthly Re-vieiv, lx. 163. 

Maritime Capture. Shall England uphold the Capture of 
Private Property at Sea? By a Lawyer. London: Triibner Iff Co. 
1862. 8vo, pp. 40. c. 44603 

The Maritime Flags of all Nations, together with a Geograph- 
ical Sketch ... . New York. 1855. 24mo. 44604 

Maritime Law. Correspondence relative to Neutral Rights 
between The Government of the United States and the Powers 
represented in the Congress at Paris. 1856. Washington: A. O. 
P. Nicholson.^ Printer. 1856. 8vo, pp. 18. B. 44605 

Maritime Scraps, or Scenes in the Frigate United States during 
a Cruise in the Mediterranean. ... By a Man-of-War's-Man. 
Boston: For the Author. 1838. l2mo, pp. 108. B. 44606 

Marius, pseudon. See [Day (T.)], Vol. v., No. 18985. 

Mariz Carneiro (Antonio de). Regimento de Pilotos, c 
roteiro de Navega^am, e Conqvistas do Brasil, Angola, S. Thome, 
Cabo Verde, Maranhao, Ilhas, et Indias Occidentaes. Agora 
no. amente emendado et accressentado. Lisboa : L. de Anueres. 
1642. Sm. 4to, 4 prel. leaves, 40 leaves, pp. 189, and 8 leaves. 
6 Plates, c. -j- Quinta vez impresso com ... as emendas ... . 
Accrescentado com o roteiro do Maranhao e Itamaraca ... . 
\Lisboa :~\ Por Manuel da Silva. 1655. 4to, lii leaves. 44607 

Mariz (Pedro de). Dialogos de varia historia. Em que 
summariamente se referem muytas cousas antiguas de Hespanha ; 
e todas as mais notaueis q em Portugal acontecerao em suas glori- 
osas Conquistas, antes & depois de ser leuantado a Dignidade 
Real. E outras muytas de outros reynos, dignas de memoria. 
Com OS Retratos de todos os Reys de Portugal. Em Coimbra : 
Na ofpcina de Antonio de Mari%. 1594. 8vo. 44608 

The secund edition, with the same title, is dated 1597, another 1598. It was also 
reprinted at Lisboa, por Antonio Craesbeeck de Mello. 1 674. 410. 4- Lisboa, na Officina 



,■ : ,1 f^r;, ■ 




</* Manufl da Siva. 1 749. 2 vols., 410. + Litioa, na Officina de Josi Filippe c Manuel 
Scares. 1758. 2 vols., 4to. + Lishoa, tia Imp, Regia. 1806. 2 vols., 410. 

Marjoribanks (A.) Travels in South and North America. 
\\y Alexander Marjoribanks. Edinburgh. 1852. Post 8vo, pp. 
.j.s6. -f London. 1853. ^' + Edinburgh. 1854. Post 8vo, pp. 
,j6o. -f- Fifth Edition. London: Simpkin., Marshall i^ Co. 1854. 
1 2mo, pp. xiv, 480. Plate. c. 44609 

Marjoribanks (Capt.) Slavery: An Essay in Verse. By 
Captain Marjoribanks. Edinburgh, sygi. 8vo, pp. 31. s. 

[Marke (Desdemona).] An Appeal to the Women of 
America, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. b. 446 ii 

Markham (C. Robert). Contributions towards a Grammar 
and Dictionary of Quichua. The Language of the Yncas of 
Peru. Collected by Clements R. Markham ... . London : Trub- 
neri^ Co. 1864. Post 8vo, pp. (4), 223. B. 44612 

The learned author '.vas secretary to the French Royal Society of Geography, and 
composed his work during s long residence in Peru. 

Markham. Cuzco: A Journey to the Ancient Capital of 
Peru } with an Account of the History, Language, Literature, 
and Antiquities of the Incas. [And] Lima: a Visit to the 
Capital and Provinces of Modern Peru ; with a Sketch of the 
Viceregal Government, History of the Republic, and a Reviev, 
of the Literature and Society of Peru. ... By Clements F. 
Markham ... . London: Chapman and Hall. 1856. 8vo, pp. iv^ 
419. Map and Plates. ba. 44613 

Principally devoted to a study of the works of the ancient rulers of Peru. Few 
persons have been better fitted fur this task than Mr. Markham. See " Westminster 
Review," July, 1856. 

Markham. Expeditions into the Valley of the Amazons, 
1539, 1540, 1639. Translated and Edited, with Notes, by 
C^lements R. Markham ... . London: Hakluyt Society, m.dccc- 
Lix. 8vo, pp. (8), Ixiv, 190, Report, 4. Map. ba., c. 44614 

Contents; Expedition of Gonzalo Pizarro to the Land of Cinnamon, 1539—42, by 
Gjrcilacso Inca de La Vega; Voyage of Francisco de Orellana, 1540-41, by A. de 
Herrera; New Discovery of the great River of the Amazons, by C. de Acufla, 1639; 
List of the principal Tribes of the Valley of the Amazons. 

Markham. Franklin's Footsteps ; a Sketch of Greenland 
and of thf Parry Isles. By Clements R. Markham ... . London: 
Chapman and Hall. 1 853. i6mo, pp. vii, 143. Map. c. 


>i(ii"^«tiii' rtrmviit'iiifiit 

u i m n MiW I I »«' >» »> -,■ 

■ .;i.^-^ . ."1 - ,.>-,l>a .nU.--^^.^,^. . 




Markham Travels in Peru and India ... . By Clements R. 
Maikham ... . London: John Murray. 1862. 8vo, pp. xviii, 572. 
2 Maps and 16 Wood-cuts. ba. 44616 

The wonderful story of Tupac Amaru, the last of the Incas, his insurrection, defeat, 
and horrilile execution, is here related at length. See alio "Ollanta." 

Markham. Zwei 
1865. 8vo, pp. 316. 

Reisen in Peru. ... Leipzig: 

G. Sen/. 
c. 44617 

Markham (R.) Sympathy in Distress. ... A Sermon occa- 
sioned by the heavy Sufferings of our Fellow Subjects in the 
West-India Islands. ... By Robert Markham, d.d. London: 
y. Rivington. 178 1. 4to. 44618 

[Markham] (W.) A Sermon Preached before the Incorpo- 
rated Socie/y for the Propagation of the Gospel, in Foreign Parts ; 
at their Anniversary Meeting in the Parish Church of St. Mary- 
le-Bovv, On Friday February 21. 1777. By the Most Reverend 
Father in God, William Lord Archbishop of York. London : 
T. Harrison and S. Brooke, mdcclxxvii. 8vo, pp. 104, (i). 

"With the Charter of the Society and an account of its proceedings 1776-77. Above 
one hundred missionaries were scattered throughout the American Colonies at the 
breaking out of the Revolution. The report of their proceedings in 1776 reads 
strangely now : • In July last, the Copgrcss thought proper to make an explicit declara- 
tion of ind,epe.ndence by which all connection with Great Britain was to be broken off, 
and the Americans released from any alliance to our gracious Sovereign.' ... To officiate 
publicly, and not pray for the king ... was against their duty and oath, ... therefore 
almost all of them shut up their churches." — Stevens. See also [Maseres (Francis)]. 

Markley (B. a.) An Oration ... on 4th July, 1809 ... . 
By B. A. Markley .... Charleston {S. C): Printed by John Hoff. 

1809. 8vO, pp. 27, (l). BA. 44620 

Also: An Oration ... on 4th July, 1811, ... before the '76 Association. ... Charles- 
ton, South-Carolina. ... Charleston {S. C.) : "J. Hoff. 181 1. 8vo, pp. 24. ba. 

Markoe (P.) Miscellaneous Poems. By Peter Markoe. ... 
Philadelphia: Printed by W. Prichard and P. Hall. M.DCC.LXXXVii. 
8vo, pp. (4), 30. p. 44621 

[Markoe.] The Patriot Chief. A Tragedy. Philadelphia : 
William Prichard. mdcclxxxiv. 8vo, pp. 70. 44622 

Markoe. The Times, A Poem. By Peter Markoe. Phil- 
adelphia: Printed for the Author, m.dcc.lxxxviii. 8vo, pp. 35. 

BA., P. 

+ Second Edition. 

The author writes 

" Far from the tumult of the busy throng, 
Where Schuylkill, gently winding, flows along." 

VOL. XI. 25 




Alio: The Reconciliation; or, the Triumph of Nature; a Comic Opera. ... Pbih' 
delphia: Prichard and Hall. 1790. i2mo, pp. 48. c. &* o«r Vol. i., No. 763, add, 
Pricbard and Halt f uc also Horatius (y'"'"* Flaccus), Vol. viii.. No. 33005. 

Marks (D.) The Life of David Marks ... . Written hy 
Himself. ... Limerick^ Ale. 1831. i2mo, pp. 396. Portrait. 

Marks. Memoir of ... David Marks, Minister ... . Edited 
by Mrs. Mariila Marks. Dover^ N. H. 1846. i2mo, pp. 516. 
Portrait. + Second Edition. [/^/W.] 1847. 44^25 

Marks (E.) Hints on Female Education. By Elias Marks, 
M.D. Columbia^ S. C: Printed by Isaac C. Morgan. 1837. 8vo, 
pp. 41. H. 44626 

Marks. Hints on Female Education, with an Outline of ... 
the So. Ca. Female Institute ; under the Direction of Dr. Elias 
Marks. ... Columbia: Printed by David IV. Sims. 1828. 8vo, pp. 
44, (i), I folded leaf. H. 44627 

Marks (I. D.) Memorial to Congress. \^iVashington. \%^\^ 
8vo, pp. 12. BA. 44628 

For a reply see Mexican Indemnity Payments. 

Marks (J. J.) The Peninsula Campaign in Virginia ; or 
Incidents and Scenes on the Battle-Fields and in Richmond. 
By Rev. J. J. Marks, d.d. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott iff 
Cc. 1864. i2mo, pp. 444. 8 Plates. + Fifth Edition. [Z&/V.] 

Marlboro', Alass. The Case, William Hunter, in Equity, 
versus the Inhabitants of Marlboro', in the Circuit Court of the 
United States ... . Worcester : H. J. Rowland. 1845. ^^^^ PP- 
5, 554. b. 44630 

The Church Record. ... A ... Sketch of the Origin and His- 
tory of the West Church in Marlborough; ... Boston: Printed 
by John Wilson. 1850. i2mo, pp. 22. B. 44631 

Correspondence between the Comptroller of the Currency and 
First National Bank of Marlboro', Mass. ... Boston : Geo. C. 
Rand l^ Avery., Printers. 1867. 8vo, pp. 15. B. 44632 

Annual Report of the Selectmen ... 1865. ... With the Re- 
port of the Treasurer ... &c. Feltonville : Charles A. Wood., ... 
Printer. 1865. 8vo, pp. 16. h. 44633 

Report of the School Committee ... 1865. Boston: Printed 
by John Wilson and Son. 1855. i6mo, pp. 16. Continued. H. 




Marlborough, N. H. Catalogue of the Frost Free Library 
... 1867. Boston: Alfred Mudge (J Soyi^ Pr'mten. 1867. 8vo, 
pp. 56. H. 44635 

Marlborough, Vt. Second Annual Catalogue of the Marl- 
borough High School ... 1862. Urattleboro: Printed by D. IV. 
Selltck. 1862. 8vo, pp. 8. h. 44636 

Marle (Egb. van). De febre flava India Occidentalis. 
Marhurgi-Cattorum. 1799. 8vo, pp. 78. 44^37 

Marles (J. de). Histoire descriptive et pittoresque de Saint 
Domingo; par M. de Maries. Tours: Imp. de Mame. 1846. 
i2mo. Plate. 44638 

Title from an American catalogue, published by D. Appleton & Co. 

Marloe ( ). Marloe's Tracts : the Molucco Nutts, Ser- 
pent Stones, Barbados Seeds, Mexico Seeds ... . London. 1672- 
1695. 8vo. 44639 

The last tract contains "Observations on the Herb 'Gassing' imported from Carolina." 

Marly ; or. The Life of a Planter in Jamaica ; with Sketches 
of Society and Manners in the West Indies. Second Edition. 
Glasgow : Richard Griffin y Co. 1828. 8vo, pp. (4), ii, 363, (i). 
Plate. B. 44640 

[Marmajon (A.)] Five Hundred Pounds Reward. ... Phil- 
adelphia : Printed by John Dunlap. [1778.] P'olio, 1 leaf. P. 

Advertisement by Antoine Marmajon, Philadelphia, July 1 6, 1778, for the recovery 
of his ship piratically captured by its crew. 

Marmier (X.) En Amerique et en Europe. Par Xavier 
Marmier. Paris: L. Hachette et O'. i860. i2mo, pp. (4), 

447, (l). BA. 44642 

Marmier. Lettres sur I'Amerique, Canada, Etats-Unis, 
Havane, Rio de la Plata. Par Xavier Marmier. Paris : Jrthus- 
Bertrand. [185 1.] 2 vols., i2mo. c. 44643 

See "Blackwood's Magazine," lxix. 545. 

Marmier. Cartas sobre la America. ... Mexico, [n. d.] 2 
vols., 8vo. 44644 

Marmier. Souvenirs d'un Voyageur. Par M. X. Marmier. 
En Amerique ... . En Allemagne ... . En Danemark. En Nor- 
vege ... . Paris: ... Didier et O'. 1867. 8vo, pp. (4), 392. ba. 




Marmier. Les Voyageurs nouveaux, Etudes geographiqucs 
et historiques, d'apres les voyages les plus recents, par M. X. 
Marmier. Penis: Jrthus-Bertrand. [185 1.] 3 vols., l2mo. 

Marmocchi (F. C.) Raccolta di Viaggi dalla scoperta del 
Niiovo Contincnte fino a* di nostri. Compilata da V. C Mar- 
mocchi. ... Prato : Fratelli Giachetti. 1840-47. 8vo, pp. 551. 
Maps, Plates, and Portrait. Continued to 19 vols. 44^47 

Marmol (P'rancisco). El Ilustrfsimo Scfior Obispo do Tri- 
cala. Caracas. 1865. 8vo, pp. 39. Portrait. 44648 

Makmol (J.) Poesias de Jose Marmol. Buenos Jites. 1854. 
2 vols., 8vo, pp. vi, 194; 172. 44649 

Jose Maimul is the founder of the historical novel in South America. His " Amalia" 
is a work of consiiierable merit. 

Marmoi.ejo (Alonso de Gdngora). Historia de Chile, desde 
su descubrimicnto hasta el ano de 1575. Madrid. 1852. 410. 

Documentos, Opuscules y Aiitigiiedades que publica la Real Academia de la His- 
toria, Vol. IV. 

Marmont [Le Marechal Auguste Frederic Louis Viesse de). 
The Spirit of Military Institutions ; or. Essential Principles of 
the Art of War. By Marshal Marmont. Translated ... by 
Frank Schaller, Col. 22d Reg. Miss. Inf. C. A. Columbia., S. 
C: Evans and Cogswell. 1864. l2mo, pp. 278. 44^5 ^ 

MARMONiEr, (Jean Francois). Les Incas, ou La Destruction 
De L'Empire Uu Perou ; Par M. Marmontel ... . J Paris., Chez 
Lacombe ... M. Dcc. Lxxvii. 2 vols., 8vo. Plates. -|- \Jbid.~\ 
2 vols., i2mo, pp. (2), viii, 252; (4), 280,(3). 2 Plates. H. + 
Another Issue has pp. xxvii, 207; (4), 257, (3). + Liege., Chez 
Bassompierre., Fils. M. DCC. Lxxvii. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (2), 27 1; 
(2), 278. Plates. B. -f Frankfurt. 1777. 2 vols., i2mo. -f- 
Neufchatel. IT]"]. 2vols., i2mo. -\- Lausanne. 1780. 8vo. ■\- 
Paris : Chez. Lacombe. MDCCLxxxix. 2 vols., l2mo, pp. xxiv, 
176; 205. + Paris. 1794. 3 vols., i2mo. + Revu et corrige 
d'apres les nieilleures editions de Paris, Par N. Wanostrocht ... . 
A Londres : T. Boosey. 1808. l2mo, pp. (2), ii, 416. Plate. + 
Lyon. 1810. 2 vols., i2mo. Plate, -f Paris. 1810. 2 vols., 
l2mo. -)- La Fleche : Voglet. 181 1. 3 vols., l8mo. -\- Lyon: 
V' Buynand. 181 2. 3 vols., l8mo. -f \lbid^ 181 7. -|- Paris: 
Guillaumin et Compagnie. 1817. 2 vols., l6mo, pp. xxviii, 233, 
(3); 250, (4). Plate, -f Paris: Chasseriau. 1821. 3 vols., 
i8mo. -\- London. 1821. 2 vols., i2mo. -{- Paris: Ledentu. 



1822. 2 vols., i8mo. Plates, -f Lyon: J. Janon. 1822. 3 
vols., l8mo. + Paris: Tonquet. 1822. 2 vols., l2mo. -\- 
Paris: Verdiere. 1824. 2 vols., 8vo. Plates. -}- London: Printed 
US Whittingham. 1826. i2mo. -{-Paris: Hiard. 1829. 2 vols., 
l8mo. 4- Paris: Chassaignon. 1832. 3 vols., i8mo. -f" Paris: 
Ledentu^ Lihraire. 1833. 2 vols., l2mo. -\- Paris : Corbet . 1834. 
•2 vols., l2mo. -(- Tours: Mame. 1843. i2mo. + Limoges: 
Martial Ardant. 1843. l2mo. + Edition ... coirigee par M. 
I'abbe Lejeune. Paris: Lehuby. 1844. l2mo. 20 Plates. + 
[Ibid.'] 1845. + Avignon • OJfray a'tne. 1846. 3 vols., i8mo. 
-f- Nouvelle Edition, revue et corrigee avec soin, par M. I'abbe 
Lejeune; ... Paris: Ducrocq. 1864. l2mo, pp. xxiv-300. 

Marmontel. The Incas ; or, the Destruction of the Empire 
of Peru. By M. Marmontel. London. 1777. 2 vols., i2mo. 
-\- Dublin, M,DCC,LXXVii. 2 vols., i2mo, pp. xxxiii, {2), 263; 
(4), 296. + Dublin: A. Stewart, mdcclxxvii. 2 vols., i2mo, 
pp. xxxii, (2), 263 ; x, 288. -[- London, mdcclxxxvii. 2 vols., 
i2mo. -{-Dublin. 1792. 2vols., l2mo. -{-\_Lotidon :] Lackington^ 
Jllen^ and Co. 1806. 2 vols., i2mo, pp. x, 260 : 265. 44653 

zida in Italiana. 

Gr Incas o la distruzione del Peru 
London. 1778. 2 vols., l2mo. 

. tradu- 
• 44654 

Marmontel. Los Incas, 6 La Destruccion Del Imperio del 
Peru Por Marmontel ; traducida por la primera vez al Castellano 
Por Don F. de Cabello ... . Paris : Masson y Hijo. 1822. 2 vols., 
l2mo, pp. xl, 281 ; 285, (z). Plate. -|- \_Ibid.'\ 1826. 2 vols., 
+ Madrid. 1830. 2 vols., 8vo. 44^55 

MARMON'f EL, Le Huron, comedie en deux actes et en vers 
libres, melee d'ariettes. Paris: Merlin. 1768. 8vo. -\- Parme . 


imprimerie royale. 1787. 8vo. 


Words by Marmontel ; Music by Gretry. It is founded on " L'Ingenu" of Voltaire. 
S,cc Hogarth's " Musical Drama," chap, xxviii. 

Marmor Norfolciense : or, an Essay on an ancient prophetical 
Inscription in Monkish Latin, lately discovered near Lynn, in 
Norfolk, 1775. London. 17 — . 8vo. 44657 

With a bantering dedication to Dr. S. Johnson, on whom the tract is very severe 
and satirical, on account of his •• False Alarm" and " Taxation no Tyranny." 

Marple (P. B.) Funeral Address on the Occasion of the 
Execution of Peter, Slave of J. Douglass, for Murder. Deliv- 
ered at Dade Court House, Mo., May 26, 1848. By Rev. P. 
B. Marple. Springfield. [1848.] 8vo. s. 44658 



Marqiianij (H. K.) John Brown; sa vie, I'affiiire de Har- 
per's-Fciry, capture, captivitii ct niartvrc dii hcros ft de ses com- 
pagnons, ... par Henri E. Marquand. Paris: E. Dentu. i860. 
1 2mu. 44^59 

Marquand. Souvenirs des Indcs Occidentales, et Impres- 
sions intimes suivis de Eliza et Maria. Par Henri E. Marquand. 
Paris. 1 85-. 8vo, pp. 264. 44660 

MAKQ.UARD (J.) lohannis Mar-|quardi I. C". |dc|Iure Mer- 
ca- I torum et | Commercioruni. | Singulari | Libri iv | Francofurti. \ 
Impensis \ Thoma Matt hi a \ Gotzij. \ Cum Privi : S. C. Maij : j 
[1662.] 2 vols., folio, pp. xiv, 572 ; iv, 744. 44661 

A politico-juridical treatise on cummercial law. It is one of those books whose 
iniportanr(! is by no means indicated by the title, and is of interest for the history of 
the Swedish South Company and its settlement in P "insylvania. It contains an exact 
reprint of the extremely scarce first edition of th"; "Argonautica Gustaviana," pub- 
lished by W. Usselincx in 1633. The original editions of some documents reprinted 
in this collection are lost. For an analytic and fur a table of contents, ice Asher's 
"Bibliographical Essay," pp. 83-84 and 93-96. 

Marquardsen (H.) Der Trent-Fall. Zur Lehre von der 
Kriegscontrebande und dem Transportdienst der Neutralen. Von 
Dr. Heinrich Marquardsen ... . Erlangen : Ferdinand Enke. 1862. 
8vo, pp. xii, 194, (i). H. 44662 

Marques (C. A.) Apontamentos para o diccionario historico, 
geograpliico e estatistico da provincio do Maranhao por Cezar 
Augusto Marques. San Luiz. 1864. 410, pp. xiv, 376. 

Marques (S.) Brasilia Pontificae, sive spcciales facultates 
pontifici.-e, quae Brasilia Episcopis conceduntur et singulis decen- 
niis renovantur, cum notationibus evulgatas, ei in quatuor libros 
distributje per R. P. Simonem Marques Conimbricensem Socie- 
tatis Jesu in Provincia Brasilica. Accessit Appendix pro casibus 
in Brasilia reservatis cum desiderata eor'im expositione. Opus 
omnibus confessariis, parochis, causidicis, et judicibus ultramarinis, 
praesertim Ecclesiasticis, in ultraque India tarn Orientali, quam 
Occidentali perquam utile, ac necessaiium. Ulyssipone : Ex typis 
Michaelis Rodrigues Eminentissimi Domini Cardinalis Patriarchae 
Typogr. 1749. Folio. j.c.B. 44664 

Collation; Half Title and Title, pp. (4); Dedication, {12); Ad Lectorem, {4); 
Facultates, etc., (4); Series Librorum, (12); Text, 4865 Index, (69); Errata, p. 70. 
A volume of great rarity. See Carayon, No. 2800. 

Marquette (J.) Recit des Voyages et des Decouvertes du 
R. Pere Jacques Marquette de la Compagnie de Jesus, en I'annee 



1673 ct aux suivantes ; la Continuation de scs Voyages par le R. 
P. Claude Allouez, et le Journal-Autogiaphe tlu P. IVlar<|uette en 

1674 & 1675. \^Albanit^ N. K: Impt'tmerie de li'eed^ Parsons iff 
Cie. 1855.] i2mo, pp. (10), 169, (2). Facsimile and Map. H. 

A few copies only privately printed from tlie original mss. tor J.inu's Lenox, rxclu- 
ively fur presentation. Set B. F. French't "Historical Collections," and Siu-.i (J. G,) 

Marquette. Voyage et Decouverte de ^ueUiucs Pays et 
Nations de I'Amerique Septentrionalc. Par Ic P. Marquette et 
Sr. Joliet. J Paris: Chez Estienne Michalht ... m.dc.i.xxxi. 
8vo, pp. (4), 43. Map. UA. 44666 

a volume of extreme rarity and v je. One hundred and twenty -five copies were 
■eprinted for Mr. Obadiah Rich, Pani : Ataulde et Renou. 1845. i6mo. Alsio reprinted 
n Thevenot's " Recueil de Voyages." See Faribault, No. 435. A Dutch version ii 
ncluded in Van der Aa's Collection, Leyden, 1707. 

Marquette, ff^is. Baptist Association .... Minutes of Ses- 
sion of 1855. Berlin. 1855. 8vo. Continued. 44^67 

Des Marquetz. Memoires chronologiques pour servir a 
I'histoire de Dieppe. Paris. 1785. 2 vols., i2mo. 44668 

Contains some particulars concerning the early voyages of the French to Brazil. 

Marquez (J. A.) El Peru y la Espafia moderna por J. 
Arnaldo Marquez. Lima. 1866. 2 vols., imp. 8vo, pp. 160; 
282. 44669 

The most complete collection relating to the history of the last Peruvian war against 
the Spaniards. 

Marquez. Recuerdos de Viaje a los Estados-Unidos de la 
America Norte (1857-1861). Por Jose Arnaldo Marquez. 
Lima. 1862. 8vo, pp. (vi), 135, (i). 44670 

Marquez (L.) Ejercito imperial Mcxicano. Division Mar- 
quez. Cuartel General en Morelia. Diciembre 20 de 1863. 
Morelia. 1863. 4to, pp. 27. Plan and 20 Tables. 44671 

Marquez. Manifiesto a la Nacion. Guadalajara. 1859. 
4to, pp. 42. 44672 

Marquez (P.) Due Antichi Monumenti di Architetura 
Messicana Illustrati da D. Pietro Marquez ... . Roma: Presso li 
Salomoni. 1804. 8vo, pp. (2), iv, 47. 4 Plates. h. 44673 

Also on large paper in folio. 

Marr (W.) Reise nach Central-America, von Wilhelm 
Marr. Hamburg. 1863. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xii, 322 ; viii, 276. 




Marracci (Ippolyte). De diva virgine, Copacavana, in pcru- 

ano iu)vi mvndi Regno celeberrima. I.ibcr vnvs. <Jiu) fins 

Origo, et Miracula cumpendio descripta. Ro/tur^ /fpm^ Hated. 

Colitiij. 1656. 8vo, pp. 125,(26). 44675 

" Non iufntiuiine par Tern.iux, rt cic£ par Pinelo loui la date de 165S." —, 
No. 1639. 

M ARRANT (J.) Journal of Rev. John Manant, from August 
18, 1785, to March i6, 1790; and two Sermons preached at 
Ragged Island and Boston. London. 1790. 8vo. s. 44676 

Marrant (J.) An Interesting Narrative, of the Life of 
John Marrant (A man of Color). Containing an Account of 
his Birth, Extraordinary Conversion, and Remarkable Success 
among the Cherokee Indians, his Arrival in England, and De- 
parture as a Missionary to America. Compiled originally By the 
Rev. J. Aldridge ... . A New Edition. Brighton : T. Sharp. 
1813. i2mo, pp. 27. 44677 

Marrant. A Narrative of the Life of John Marrant, of 
New York, ..1 North America; ... his ... religious motives, wan- 
dering several Days in the Desert without Food, and being at 
last taken by an Indian Hunter among the Cherokecs ... . With 
an account of his Conversion of the King of the Cherokecs, and 
his Daughter, &c. The whole authenticated by the Rev. W. 
Aldridge. Leeds. 1810. 8vo, pp. 24. 44678 

Marrant. A Narrative of the Lord's wonderful Dealings 
with John Marrant, a Black, (Now going to Preach the Gospel 
in Nova-Scotia) Born in New- York, in North-America. Taken 
down from his own Relation, Arranged, Corrected, and Published 
By the Rev. Mr. Aldridge. The Second Edition. London: 
Gilbert and Plummer. 1785. 8vo, pp. 38. -\- London. 1787. 8vo. 
-f- Sixth Edition. London. 1788. 8vo. 44679 

Marrant. A Sermon Preached on the 24th ... of June 
1789, ... at the Request of ... the African Lodge ... in Boston. 
By The Reverend Brother Marrant ... . Boston, [n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 24. BA. 44680 

Marrero (Abraham). Causa celebre del hospital militar de 
S. Ambrosio de la ciudad de la Habana. [^Madrid, n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 37. 44681 

Marriage (F.) The Career of Modern Liberty : being an 
Extract from a Treatise on Chili ; shewing the Important Position 



which the Femisylvanians have maintained in the Cause of Fiee- 
doni as regards the Old World as well as Anierica, and the 
service rendered by William Pcnn to Civil and Religious Lilnrtv. 
Hy Francis Marriage. Lou Jon. 1849. 8vo, pp. 24. 446^^2 

Marriage Ceremonies as now used in all Parts of the World, 
.. London. 1 744. i2mo. 44^)^3 

Marriage Rites, Customs, and Ceremonies, of the Nations of 
the Universe. London: J. Robins i^ Co, 1824. 8vo, pp. viii 400. 
Plate. 44684 

Marriott (C.) An Address to the Members of the Relig- 
ious Societv of Friends, on the Duty of declining the Use of 
the Products of Slave Labour. By Charles Marriott. ... Nnv- 
Tork : Isaac T, Hopper. 1835. 8vo, pp. 18. ba. 44685 

Alto ; Tcitimony of the New- York Astnciation of Friends for the Relief of those 
held in Slavery, ice. concerning Charles Marriott ... . Neiv-Tork ; Pitrcy & Reed, 
Printer!. 1844. 24mo, pp. 15. h. 

Marriott (G.) A Sermon preached December 13, 1776, 
being the F'ast Day on account of the Troubles in America; ... 
By G. Marriott ... . London: J. FUxney. 1777. 4to. 44686 

Differs from m(<~t fast-day sermons in this respect, that popery is the chief object of 
the author's fears. Hee " M. Rev.," lvi. 237. 

[Marriott (James).] The Case of the Dutch Ships con- 
sidered. London. 1 758. 8vo. + The Fourth Edition. London: 
T. Harrison. 1778. 8vo. 44687 

Relates to neutral rights, during the Seven Years War between England and France, 
1754-1760, carried on chiefly in America. 

Marriott. Examinations of Doctor Marriot, and Messrs. 
Maseres and Hey at the Bar of Parliament, concerning the Re- 
ligion and Laws of Quebec. Philadelphia. 1774. 8vo. 44688 

[Marriott.] Memoire Justificatif de la Conduite de la 
Grande Bretagne, En arretant les Navires £trangers ct Ics 
Munitions de Guerre, destinees aux Insurgens de TAmcriquc. 
Londres : Imprime par T. Harrison et S. Brooke, mdcclxxix. 
4to, pp. vii, 60. -|- Londres: G. Cooke. 1804. 8vo, pp. x, 106. 

There are copies on thick paper, signed at the end by J. Marriott. 

[Marriott.] Plan of a Code of Laws for the Province of 
Quebec ; Reported by the Advocate General. London, mdcc- 
Lxxiv. 8vo, pp. (4), 292. c, H. 44690 

VOL. XI. 26 



Marriott. The Singular and Diverting Behaviour of Doc- 
tor Marriot, His Majesty's Advocate (icneral : Who was exam- 
ined concerning the Religion and Laws of (Quebec: and found 
means from his incomparable Wit and Subtilty, to defeat the 
Purposes for which he was brought to the Bar of Parliament, on 
the 3d of June, 1774. Philadtlphia: Jamts Humphreys^ junr. 

1774. i2mo, pp. 16. 

P. 44691 

Marriott (J.) Poems, by John Marriott. To which is 
prefixed a Short Account of the Author ... . Ntw-Btdford : Re- 
printed by A. Shearman^ Jr. 1805. i6mo, pp. xlii, (2), 141. c. 

Marron (P. H.) Regi Pacifico, Ludovico XVI. Paris. 1783. 
8vo, pp. 3. 44693 

An ode on the lucceii of the American war. 

MARRoqyiN (F.) Doctrina Christiana en Lengua Utiatleca, 
por Fr. Francisco Marroquin, Obispo dc Guatemala. Mexico^ 
apud yoanucm Paulum. 1556 or 1566. 4to. 44694 

This very rare book i* in the language ipoken by the Indians on the Pacific tide of 
Guatemala, north of Nicaragua. Its author wai the firit Biihop o( Guatemala, 1533- 
1563. It is an early specimen of Mexican typography. Set Ternaui, No. 98. 

Marryat (F.) Mountains and Molehills ; or, Recollections 
of a Burnt Journal in California ... . By Frank Marryat. London : 
Longman. 1 855. 8vo, pp. 442. -\- New Tor k: Harper i^ Brothers. 

1855. i2mo, pp. 319. 


Marryat [Frederick]. A Diary in America, with Remarks 
on its Institutions. By Capt. Marryat, c.b. London: Longman^ 
Orme ... 1839. 3 vols., po»t 8vo, pp. (4), 321 ; (4), 319; (4), 
311,(1). -f Paris: Baudry. 1 839. 8vo. -f- New Tork : fVm. H. 
Colyer. 1839. 8vo, pp. 263. '\- New York : Harper l^ Brothers. 
1839. i2mo, pp. 247. + Philadelphia. 1 839. 2 vols., i2mo, 
pp.242; 228. -\- Philadelphia : Carey l^ Hart. 1839. l2mo, pp. 
263. -f- New Tork : D. Jppleton isf Co. 1839. i2mo, pp. 263. 

See also " Waldie's Circulating Library," xiv. The work elicited some controversy 
and two replies, viz : Lie-ary on America, with Yarns on its Institutions. By Captain 
Marry-it, C. B., (Common Bloat). Boston. 1840. i8mo, pp. 36. Reply to the Illit- 
eral and Incorrect Statements in Marryat's Diary in America, relative to the coloured 
West Indians. London. 1840. 8vo. See also our No. 40392. 

Marryat. A Diary in America. By Capt. Marryat, c.b. 
The Second Part : with Canada and the Present Condition of the 
Indians. With a Map of Aboriginal America, and of the Seat 
of War in Florida. London: Longman. 1839. 3 vols., post 8vo, 




pp. (4), 304; (4\ 203; (4\ 362. f [/hui.] 1840. + Philadel- 
phia: T. K. UP. (i. Collins. 1840. I2mu, pp. (2), 300. h. 

iUf " Eilinburgh Review," lxx. 113, and " DUckwuuJ'i M^KJiine," xv. 414. 

Marryat. Narrative of the Travels and Adventures of 

Monsieur Violet, in California, Sonora, & Western Texas. 

Written by Capt. Marrvat ... . London. 1843. 3 vols., post 8v(). 

|- Leipzig: liernhard l./nchnitz. 1843. '2010, pp. vi, 384. 

Map. -f Nnv fork. 1843. 8vo. 44698 

Repr\nteA, l.onjon ! Cen. Rout/edge. 1849. Iimo, p|>. 354. It ii mainly .ippropr'uted 
from Gregg (J.), and KencuU (O. W.) 

Marryat. Monsieur Violcttc, ou Aventures d'un jeune 
emigre fran9ais en 1830 ; traduites par J. Robaglia. Paris: 
Gosselin. 1845. 2 vols., 8vo. 44^99 

Marryat. The Settlers in Canada : written for Young 
People. By Captain Marryat. London. 1844. 2 vols., fcap 
8vo, pp. 730. t- Netv Tork. 1844. l8mo. -f Leipzig: Bern- 
hard Tauchnitz. 1844. i^mo, pp. (2), 324. 2 Plates, -f- ^f^ 
Tork : D. Jppleton 6" Co. mdcccxlvi. 2 vols., i8mo. -f [/i/V/.] 
1856. -f New Edition. London. 1849. i2mo, pp. 398. -}- 
London: H. G. Bohn. 1854. 1 2mo, pp. 396. 44700 

Marryat. Les Colons du Canada. Ouvrage pour la jeu- 
nesse. Traduit de I'anglais par E. P. Paris: Ducloux. 1852. 
2 vols., i8mo. -f- Seconde Edition. Paris: Meyrueis et O'. 
1855. 2 vols., i2mo. 44701 

Marryat. Sigismund Ruestig, ou le Naufrage du Pacifique. 
Nouveau Robinson ; traduit de I'anglais par Charles Brandon. 
Leipzig: 1844. l6mo. 44702 

Also published with the title : " Le Naufrage du Pacifique, ou les Nouveaux Robin- 
sons. ... Paris ! Lecrii'jin et Taubou. 1861. z vols., 4to. 

[Marryat (Joseph).] Concessions to America the Bane of 
Britain ; or the Cause of the Present Distressed Situation of the 
Ikitish Colonial and Shipping Interests explained, and the Proper 
Remedy suggested. London: IV. J. and J. Richardson. 1807. 
8vo, pp. 63. BA. 44703 

Marryat. An Examination of the Report of the Berbice 
Commissioners, and an Answer to the Letters of James Stephen, 
Esq. respecting the Crown Estates in the West-Indies, published 
in the Courier, under the Signature of " Truth." By Joseph 
Marryat, Esq. m.p. ... I^ondon: Printed by Hughes ^ Baynes. 181 7. 
8vo, pp. (2), 122. B. 44704 



Marryat. More Thoughts, occasioned by Two Publications 
which the Authors call " An Exposure of some of the numerous 
Misstatements and Misrepresentations contained in a Pamphlet ... 
entitled Thoughts, &c." and " A Defence of the Bill for the 
Abolition of Slaves." By Joseph Marryat, Esq. m.p. ... London: 
y. M. Richardson. i8i6. 8vo, pp. vii, 143. B. 44705 

Marryat. More Thoughts still on the state of the West- 
India Colonies, and the Proceedings of the African Institution . 
with Observations on the Speech of James Stephen, Esq. ... By 
Joseph Marryat, Esq. m.p. ... London. 1817. 8vo, pp. (4), 147. 
+ Second Edition. London: J.M.Richardson. 1818. 8vo, pp. 

(4), 147. B. 44706 

Marryat. Observations on the West India Dock Charter. 
By Joseph Marryat. London. 1837. 8vo. 44707 

This elicited " Reply to the Observations of Jos. Marryat, on the West India Dock 
Charter." London. 1832. 8vo, pp. 107. 

Marryat. A Reply to the Arguments contained in various 
publications recommending an Equalization of the Duties on East 
and West-India Sugar. London. 1823. 8vo, pp. iii. 44708 

For a reply see [Larpent (G.)], "On Protection to West India Sugar," No. 39068. 

Marryat. Thoughts on the Abolition of the Slave Trade, and 
Civilization of Africa ; with Remarks on the African Institution, 
and an Examination of the Report of their Committee, Recom- 
mending a General Registry of Slaves in the British West India 
Islands. ... By Joseph Marryat, Esq. m.p. London: J. M. Rich- 
ardson. 1 8 16. 8vo, pp. vii, 235. -j- Fourth Edition, revised and 
corrected. \^Ihid.'\ 1816. 8vo, pp. vii, 243. B. 44709 

This brought out "An Exposure of ... Misstatements and Misrepresentations contained 
in ... Mr. Marryat 's Pamphlet, entitled 'Thoughts on the Abolition of the Slave Trade 
and the Civilization of Africa'" ... . London: Printed by Ellerton and Henderson. 1816. 
8vo, pp. (2), 65. B., c. Also: Speech, ... June 5, 1820, upon ... alteration in the 
Duties of Timber. London. [1820.] 8vo. s. — Speech, ... July 25, 1822. ... on the 
^tate of the Island of Trinidad. London. 1823. 8vo, pp. 115. s. — Substance of a 
Speech in the House of Commons upon the second reading of the Martinique Trade 
Bill. London. 1809. 8vo. &f a/jo [Macaulay (Z.)], No. 42953. 

Mars (J.) Life of James Mars, a Slave born and sold in 
Connecticut. Sixth Edition. Written by himself. Hartford: 
Case., Lockwoodlff Company. 1868. i2mo, pp. 38. b. 44710 

Marsden (J. B.) The History of the Early Puritans : from 
the Reformation to ... 1642. By J. B. Marsden, m.a. London. 
1850. 8vo. s. 4~ S^^cond Edition. London: Hamilton., Adams., 



y Co. M.DCCC.LIII. 8vO, pp. Xvi, 460. H. 4- [//&/V/.] MDCCCLIV. 

8vo, pp. viii, 473. + Third Edition. [/A/W.] i860. 8vo, pp. 
XV, 462. HA. 447 1 I 

Marsden. The History of the Later Puritans, from the 
opening of the Civil War in 1642, to the Ejection of the Non- 
conforming Clergy in 1662. By J. B. Marsden, m.a. London. 
1852. 8vo. c. '-\- Second Edition. London: Hamilton^ Adams^ 
y Co. MDCCCLIV. 8vo, pp. viii, 473. ba. 44712 

Marsden (J.) An Extract from the Rev. J. Marsden's Jour- 
nal, during his Passage from New- York to England. To which 
are added. Lines on the ... Death of the Rev. Thomas Coke, 
L.L.D. ... By Joshua Marsden. New-York: David Seabury. 
1815. 8vo, pp. 24. BA. 44713 

Marsden. Grace Displayed : an Interesting Narrative of 
the Life, and Missionary Labours of Joshua Marsden. New- 
York. 18 13. i2mo, pp (4), 240. Portrait. -\- Second Edition. 
\^lbid.'\ 1814. i2mo. s. 44714 

Marsden. Leisure Hours ; or Poems, Moral, Religious, & 
Descriptive. By Joshua Marsden, Missionary. ... New-York: 
Griffin i^ Rudd. 1812. 8vo, pp. 12, (8), 13-160. c. 44715 

Marsden. The Narrative of a Mission to Nova Scotia, New 
Brunswick, and the Somers Islands ; with a Tour to Lake On- 
tario. To which is added. The Mission, An Original Poem, 
with copious Notes. Also a brief account of Missionary Socie- 
ties. And much interesting Information on Missions in general. 
By Joshua Marsden, late Missionary to Nova Scotia, &c. 
Plymouth-Dock : jf. "Johns. 1816. 8vo, pp. xiv, 289. Portrait. 
+ Second Edition. London. 1827. i2mo. c. 44716 

[Marsden (Peter).] An Account of the Island of Jamaica ; 
with Reflections on the Treatment, Occupation and Provisions 
of the Slaves. To which is added a Description of the Animal 
and Vegetable Productions of the Island. By a Gentleman lattK' 
resident on a Plantation. Newcastle : Printed for the Author. 
1788. 8vo, pp. 87. N. 44717 

Marsden (William). A Catalogue of Dictionaries, Gram- 
mars, and Alphabets, in two parts, i. Alphabetical Catalogue 
of Authors. II. Chronological Catalogue of Works in each 
Class of Language. London. 1796. 4to, pp. vi, 156. 44718 

Privately printed, and scarce; contains but little about American languages. See aha 
the " Bibliotheca Marsdeniana." London: Printed by J. L. Cox. 1827. 410. 



Marsden. Miscellaneous Works. London : Cox and Son. 
1834. 4to, pp. 104. 44719 

Includes some Araucanian words at page 104. See Ludewig, p. xix. 

Marsellus (N. J.) ... A Sermon ... in the Reformed Dutch 
Church, at Greenwich in the City of New York, on ... the 
Death of the Rev. John H. Livingston ... . By Nicholas Mar- 
sellus. New-York : Printed by E. Conrad. 1825. 8vo, pp. 19. 

Marsh (A.) The • iquor Traffic, and Prohibitory Law. By 
Rev. Abram Marsh ... . [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. h. 44721 

Also : Discourse ... Reasons for Law with special reference to the Traffic in Intoxi- 
cating Drinks. ... Hartford. 1846. 8vo. 

[Marsh (Anne).] The Protestant Reformation in France, 
or History of the Huguenots. ... London. 1847. ^ vols., 8vo. 
4- Philadelphia. 1 85 1. 2 vols., i2mo. 44722 

Contains some particulars relative to the emigration of the Huguenots to America. 

Marsh [Mrs. Caroline Crane). Wolfe of the Knoll, and 
Other Poems. By Mrs. George P. Marsh. New York : Charles 

Scribner. i860. i2mo, pp. 327. 

H. 44723 

[Marsh {Miss C.)] The Aspects of Religion in the United 
States of America. ... London: Sampson Low ... . 1859. i6mo, 
pp. (6), 189. B. 44724 

[Marsh.] The Life of the Rev. William Marsh, d.d. By 
his Daughter ... . New York: Robert Carter and Brothers. 1867. 
8vo, pp. (4), 580. 4 Plates. b. 44725 

Also ; The Brave and Happy Soldier. ... Neio York : Military Post Library Associa- 
tion, [n. d.] 24mo, pp. 16. b. 

Marsh (C.) The Speech of Charles Marsh, Esq., in a Com- 
mittee of the House of Commons, July ist, 18 13. London. 
1813. 8vo. 44726 

Marsh (C.) An Essay on the Amendments proposed to the 
Constitution of the State of Vermont by the Council of Censors, 
delivered at the Celebration of Washington's Birth-day at Nor- 
wich, on the 22d of February, 18 14. By Charles Marsh, 
Esquire. Hanover .^ N. H.: Printed by Charles Spear. 18 14. 

{vo, pp. 24. 

H. 44727 

Marsh (D.) A Sermon preached on the Day of General 
Election ... before the ... Legislature of Vermont. By Rev. 
Daniel Marsh, a.m. Montpelier. 1813. 8vo, pp. 30. 44728 

U ~ 




Marsh (D.) Report, on the Diversion of the Water of the 
Genesee River, for the supply of the Erie and Genesee Valley 
Canals. By Daniel Marsh ... . Rochester: Printed by A, Strong 
i!f Co. 1847. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 447:9 

[Marsh.] Report on the Importance and Best Mode of 
securing an Ample Supply of Water from Lake Erie for the ... 
Erie Canal. Rochester: A. Strongly Co. ^ Printers, 1854. 8vo, 
pp. 16. H. 44730 

Also: Report of a Survey of the Genesee Valley Canal, made Sept. 1854, by D. 
Marsh and S. Cornell. Rochester, Jan. I, 1855. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. s. 

Marsh (E. G.) An Oration ... before the ♦ B K Society, ... 
in New Haven, at the Fifth of December, a.d. 1797. ^Y 
Ebenezer Grant Marsh. Hartford: Hudson i^ Goodwin. 1798. 
8vo, pp. 32. H. 44731 

Marsh. An Oration, delivered at Wethersfield, February 22, 
1800; on the Death of General George Washington. ... By 
Ebenezer Grant Marsh. ... Hartford: Printed by Hudson and 
Goodwin. 1 800. 8vo, pp. 16. ba. 44732 

Marsh (E.) Letter. Sept. 10, 1856. By Ephraim Marsh, 
President of the Convention which nominated Fillmore, [n. p. 
1856.] 8vo. 44733 

Marsh (G. P.) ... Address, ... before the New England 
Society of ... New-York, December 24, 1844. By George P. 
Marsh. ... New Tork : M. W. Dodd. 1845. 8vo, pp. 54. h. 

This elicited " Remarks on an Address ... before the New England Society ... Decem- 
ber 23, 1844, By George P. Marsh." Boston: C. Stimpson. 1845. i2mo, pp. 23. h. 

Marsh. The Camel his Organization Habits and Uses con- 
sidered with reference to his Introduction into the United States 
By George P. Marsh Boston: Gould and Lincoln. 1856. i2mo, 
pp. 224. H. 44735 

Marsh. The Goths in New-England. A Discourse ... 
Middlebury College, August 15, 1843. By George P. Marsh. 
... Middlebury: Printed by J. Cobb^ jr. 1 843. 8vo, pp. 39. 

Marsh. Remarks of George P. Marsh, ... on Slavery in the 
Territories of New Mexico, California and Oregon ; ... August 
3d, 1848. \_Burlington. 1848.] 8vo, pp. 12. B. 44737 

Also: Address before the Agricultural Society of Rutland County, September 30, 
1847. ... Rutland. 1847. 8vo. + \^Ibid.'] 1848. 8vo, pp. 24. — Address ... American 
Institute, Oct. 25, 1855. ... [n. p. n. d.l 8vo. — The American Historical School: 



a Discourse ... before 'iric i^iterary Societies of Union College. ... Troy, N. T. : 
Kneeland and Co. 1847. 8vo, pp. 29. — Discourse befoie the Philomathesian Society 
uf Middlebury College, Aug. 15, 1843. ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. — Human Knowledge : 
a Discourse ... before the ... Phi Beta Kappa Society at Cambridge, August 16, 1847. ... 
Boston: Charles C. Little and J amrs Brown. 1847. 8vo, pp. 42. — Report made under 
Authority of the Legislature uf Vermont, on the Artificial Propagation of Fish ... . 
Burlington: Free Press Print. 1857. 8vo, pp. 52, Appendix, 62, Index, (2). — Speech 
... en the Tariff Bill ... . April 30, 1844. ... ff^ashington. [1844.] 8vo, pp. 16. + 
.S>. y4lhans, f^t.: Printed by E. B. Habiting, 1844. 8vo, pp. 15. — Speech ... on the 
Bill for establishing the Smithsonian Institution ... April 22, 1846. ffashington : 
Printed by 'J. & G. S. Gideon. 1846. 8vo, pp. 15. — Speech ... on the Mexican War} 
... February 10, 1848. fVasbington : Printed by J. &G. S. Gideon. 1848. 8vo, pp. 
16. — Speech ... on The Tariff Question. ... June 30th, 1846. [n. p.:] J. (Sf G. S. 
Gideon, Printers, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 

Marsh (H.) A History of the Translations ... of the Scrip- 
tures, from the Earliest to the Present Age, throughout Europe, 
Asia, and America. ... By Herbert Marsh, d.d. f.r.s. ... London: 
Printed by Law and Gilbert. l8i2. 8vo, pp. vii, (l), I20. H. 

Marsh (J.) The Remains of the Rev. James Marsh, d.d. 
Late President ... in the University of Vermont ; with a Memoir 
of his Life. [By J. Torrey.] ... Boston: Crocker and Brewster. 
1843. 8vo, pp. 642. -f Second Edition. Burlington : Chauncey 
Goodrich. 1845. 8vo, pp. 642. 44739 

Also: An Address ... in Burlington ... [at his] Inauguration ... [as] President of 
the University of Vermont, Nov. 28, 1826. Burlington: Printed by E. & T. .Mills. 
1826. 8vo, pp. 31. B. 

Marsh (J. W.) The Turning Point, or shall America be 
ruled by a Monarch or by the People ? New Tori. [n. d.] i2mo, 
pp. 32. 44740 

Also : Washington's Prophecy j or Facts concerning the Rebellion. ... Louis-ville. 
1866. 8vo. 

Marsh (J.) A Discourse, ... in Wethersfield, at the Funeral 
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Marsh. ... A Sermon ... at Wethersfield, December 13th, 
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William Beadle, and their Four Children, who were all murdered 
by his Own Hands ... . By John Marsh, a.m. ... Hartford: 
Printed by Hudson and Goodwin. [1782.] 8vo, pp. 39. H., M. 
-|- Middleborough. 1788. 8vo, pp. 38. 44743 







Marsh. A Sermon, Preached ... at Hartford, on the Day of 
the Anniversary Election, May 12th, 1796. By John Marsh, 
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8vo, pp. 34. BA., M. 44744 

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Liquor Traffic in Cities ... By Rev. John Marsh ... . New York: 
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ance. An Address ... at New Paltz ... January 8, 1851, By 
Rev. John Marsh ... . New-York. 1851. 8vo, pp. 32. 44747 

Marsh. The Napoleon of Temperance. Sketches of the 
Life and Character of the Hon. Neal Dow ... . By Rev. John 
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umphs. An Autobiography. By John Marsh, d.d. ... New 
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Also: The Actings of Faith in Moral Reforms. A Word to the Friends of Tem- 
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Heart and the Devil's Palace : captured and reclaimed by the Son of God. ... Neiv 
York: American Temperance Union. 1865. i6mo, pp. 16. — The Hand of God in the 
Re^i.mation of Drunkards. A Sermon. ... [n. p.] 1842. 8vo. — Letter to Rev. 
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Cbarlet Scrihner & Co. 1867. 8vo, pp. 20. — Letter on the Promotion of Moral Reforms 
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New-York. 1858. 8vo, pp. 23, (i). — The Triumphs of Temperance. A Discourse 
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ance Anecdotes. ... New York. 1848. i8mo. 

Marsh (J.) ... A Sermon ... before the General Court of 
Election at Hartford ... May nth, 1721. By Jonathan Marsh, 
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(2), 53- "• 44750 

Marsh. ... A Sermon ... before the General Assembly of ... 
Connecticut, On the Day of their Election, ... May 13. 1736. 
By Jonathan Marsh, a.m. ... A^. London: Printed ... by T. 
Green. 1737. 24mo, pp. (4), 27. h. 44751 

VOL. XI. 27 





Marsh. A Sermon ... in Barkhemstead, ... Christmas, ... 
1787 ... . By Jonathan Marsh, a.m. ... Hartford: Printed by 
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8vo, pp. 426. -f Philadelphia. [1848.] i2mo, pp. 446. P. 

This produced: Review ot' a work entitled, "A Popular Life of George Fox, the 
first of the Quakers, l>y fosiah Marsh," (in the " Westminster and Foreign Quarterly 
Review," No. 93, for July, 1S47). Reprinted, London. 1847. l2nio. 

[Marsh (Lcnnard).] The Apocatastasis ; or Progress Back- 
wards. ... Burlington : Chauncey Goodrich. 1854. 8vo, pp. 202, (l). 

Also : On the Relations of Slavery to the War; and on the Treatment of it necessary 
to permanent Peace. A few Suggestions f>)r Thoughtful and Patriotic Men. ... [n. p. 
n. d.] Svo, pp. 8. — Review of a Letter from Bishop Hopkins, Vermont, on the 
Bible View of Shivery. ... Burliiijrton : Free Press. 1861. 8vo, pp. 28. — The Third 
Party in the War. ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. — To the Hon. F. P. Blair of Missouri. ... 
[n. p. n. d.j 8vo. ^ec n/so "A Bake-Pan," our Vol. 1., No. 2816. 

Marsh (L. R.) ... An Oration on the Life, Character, and 
Public Services, of General Nathaniel Woodhull. With an 
Account of the Origin of the Wood'iull Monument Association. 
By Luther R. Marsh, Esq. ... Nerv-Tork : Leavitt, Trow iff Co.^ 
Printers. 1848. 8vo, pp. 30. 2 Plates. H. 44756 

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Mound near Newark, Ohio. By O. C. Marsh, f.g.s. [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. II. B. 44757 

Marsh (R.) A Comparison of the Present with the Former 
Doctrines of the General Government, on ... Slavery, the Ter- 
ritories, &c. By Roswell Marsh. ... Steubenville., O. 1856. 
8vo, pp. 23. H. 44758 

Marsh. Important Correspondence. Friendly Discussion 
of Party Politics in 1 860-1. Letters of Hon. Roswdl Marsh, 
... and Hon. Charles Reemelin ... . [n. p. n. d.j 8vo, pp. 51. 

Marsh (S. H.) An Inaugural Discourse, By Sidney H. 
Marsh ... . Burlington. 1856, 8vo, pp. 20. H. 44760 






[n. p. 




7 H. 

Marsh (W.) Wegweiscr fiir Auswandercr nach den Vcr- 
cinigten Staaten von Nord-Amcrika. Nach officicllen Docu- 
mcntcn von W. Marsh ... . Altona, 1866. 8vo, pp. 24. -|- 
Zwcite veigrosserte Ausgabe. \lbid.'\ i2ino, pp. 28. -f Dritte 

1866. i6mo, pp. 64. 4- 

Ausgabe. Alt 


L. Hester 


Vierte Ausgabe, [//>/</.] ibmo, pp. 60. 


H. 44761 

lARSH (W. H.) ... A Sermon ... in Relation to the Fugi- 
tive Slave Law ... at Woodstock, Conn. ... Thanksgiving, Nov. 
28, 1850; ... By Rev. William H. Marsh. ... Worcester : Printed 
by Henry J. Howland. [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 30. B., h. 44762 

Marsh ( ). Marsh's Masonic Register. New York. 

1846. i8mo. 44763 

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count of sundry things in the Doctrines ... of the Newlight 
Church. By R. Marshal & J. Thompson ... . Cincinnati: J. 
Carpenter i^ Co. 181 1. i2mo, pp. 24. B. 44764 

Marshall (A. E.) Debates. See Georgia, vn. 27036. 

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... on the Slavery Question, &c. ... Feb. 4, 1857. Washington. 
1857. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 44765 

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Mico, G. W. Stedham and Geo. Scott, Delegates to the Creek 
Nation, June 19, 1848. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 5. 44766 

Marshall (C. H.) See [Butler (W. A.)], in. 9663. 

Marshall (C.) Passages from the Diary of Christopher 
Marshall, kept in Philadelphia and Lancaster during the Ameri- 
can Revolution. Edited by William Duane ... . Volume i. 1774- 
1777. Philadelphia : Hazard Cff Mitchell. 1 839-1 849. l2mo, 
pp. 174, xix. Errata. 44767 

Marshall. Passages from the Remembrancer of Christopher 
Marshall, Member of the Committee of Observation and Inspec- 
tion, of the Provincial Conference, and of the Council of Safety. 
Edited by William Duane, Jr. ... Philadelphia : Printed by James 

Crissy. 1839. l2mo, pp. 

124, XVI, Errata. 

M., p. 44768 

Marshall (E. C.) The Ancestry of General Grant, and 
their Contemporaries. By Edward Chauncey Marshall, a.m. ... 
New Tork : Sheldon ^ Company. 1869. i2mo, pp. xiii, 186. 






Marshall. History of the United States Naval Academy, 
with Biographical Sketches, and the Names of all the Superin- 
tendents, Professors, and (iraduates ... . By Edward Chauncey 
Marshall, a.m. ... New York: D. Fan Nostrand. 1862. 8vo, 
pp. 156. 2 Plates. H. 44770 

Also: Are the West Pi>int Graduuies Loyal? ... [New Tork.^ 1862. i6mu, pp. 8. 
— American Progress — Jinlgc Davis and the Presidency. Speech ... March 1 1, 1852, 
... [^f^dshin^ion. 18^2. j 8v(), pp. 8. — The Book of Oratory : ... Selections from 
American and Englisli Orators, Divines and Poets. ... New Tork, 1851. i2mo. 

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White House. By Mrs. Emma Marshall. Philadelphia: J. P. 
Ski-lly i^ Co. 1868. i8mo, pp. 216. 4477* 

Marshall (G.) ... Practical Marine Gunnery ; containing 
... the ... Description & Use, of Every Article used in the ... 
Navy of the United States. By George Marshall. Norfolk: 
Printed by Thomas G. Broughton. 1822. 8vo, pp. 136. 44772 

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of the Protestant Episcopal Church. ... Boston : R. P. iff C. 
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tucky. By H. Marshall. Philadelphia : Printed by Ormrod i^ 
Conrad. 1796. 8vo, pp. 48. 44774 

Marshall. The Aliens, a Patriotic Poem. By H. Marshall 
... occasioned by the Alien Bill now before the Senate. Phila- 
delphia : The Author. 1 798. 8vo, pp. 24. 44775 

Marshall. Arbustrum Americanum : the American Grove, 
or, an Alphabetical Catalogue of Forest Trees and Shrubs, 
natives of the American United States ... . Compiled ... By 
Humphry Marshall. Philadelphia : Printed by Joseph Crukshank. 

MDCCLXXXV. 8vo, pp. XX, 174. BA. 44776 

See " M. Rev.," lxxix. 74. 

Marshall. Catalogue alphabetique des arbres et arbrisseaux, 
qui croissent naturellement dans les Etats-Unis de I'Amerique 
Septentrionale ... . Traduit de I'Anglois, de M. Humphry Mar- 
shall, avec des Notes & Observations sur la culture; par M. 
Lezermes ... . Paris: Chez Cuchet. M Dcc Lxxxvni. 8vo, pp. 
vii, (i), xxii, 278, (2). A., h. 44777 

This translation contains additional notes and remarks. 

[Marshall.] A Reply to the Address, of the Hon. George 
Muter and Benjamin Sebastian, [n. p.] m,dcc,xcv. 8vo, pp. 31. 



e Supciin- 
I62. 8vo, 

H. 44770 

i6mu, pp. 8. 
rch 1 1, i8;z, 
lections from 

Bve at the 
ia: J. P. 

447 7 » 

in the ... 

Nor/o/Jl: : 


P. i^ a 

B. 44773 

: of Ken- 
Ormrod is' 


, Phila- 

in Grove, 
:d ... By 

A. 44776 

ry Mar- 
par M. 
8vo, pp. 

• 44777 


Marshall (H.) The History of Kentucky ; including an 
account of the Discovery, Settlement, Progressive Improvement, 
Political and Military Events, and the Present State of the 
Country. By Humphrey Marshall. Frankfort^ Ky. 181 2. 8vo, 
pp. 407. 44779 

Of this first edition Vol. i. only was printed. It is very scarce. 

Marshall. The History of Kentucky. Exhibiting an 
account of the Modern Discoverv ; Settlement ; Progressive 
Improvement; Civil and Military Transactions; and the Present 
State of the Country. By Humphrey Marshall. Frankfort: 
Geo. S. Robinson^ Printer. 1824. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. v, iii-465, 8 ; 
v, 524. h. 44780 

Includes the " Ancient Annals of Kentucky," by C. S. Raiinesque. Largely com- 
posed uf minute relations of the border wars and the massacres by the Indians. ^V; 
"N. A. Rev.," XXXV. 1-18. 

Marshall (H.) Speech of Hon. Humphrey Marshall ... 
January 19, 1859. ["• P* ^' ^-j ^^"i PP* '^- "• 447^ ^ 

Also : Remarks ... on the Report of the Conference Committee on the Kansas 
Question ... April 29, 1858. [ff^asbington, D. C. : C. ff. Fenion, Printer. 1858.] 
Svo, pp. 8. — Speech ... on the Bill to appropriate the proceeds of the Sales of the 
Public Lands ... . July 6, 1 841, fVaibington. 1S41. 8vo, pp. 16. — Speech ... April 
3, 1850, on the Admission of California and New Mexico, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, — 
Speech ... March 11, 1852, on the Homestead Bill. [n. p. n. d.J 8vo. -Speech ... 
March 18, 1852. [ff^ashingion. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 7. — Speech ... on the Deficiency 
Bill. Washington. 1853. 8vo. 

Marshall and Hallett (B. F.) ... Speeches of Hon. 
Humphrey Marshall & Hon, H. F. Hallett ... on the Nomina- 
tion of Breckinridge and Lane. [n. p. n. d.] Svo, pp. 5, 2-4. 

Marshall (J.) Statistical Illustrations of the Territorial 
Extent and Population, Commerce, Taxation, &c., of the British 
Empire. With an Appendix. By James Marshall. London. 
1825-26. 2 vols., Svo. c. 44783 

Marshall. Statistics of the British Empire, of the various 
Countries of Europe, and of the United States. By James Mar- 
shall. London. 1833. 410. c. 44784 

Marshall (J.) The Nation's Grief. Death of Abraham 
Lincoln. A Discourse delivered in the ... United States Gen- 
eral Hospital, near Fort Monroe, Va., ... April 29th, 1S65, and 
Repeated ... in St. Paul's Church, Norfolk, Va., By James 
Marshall ... . Published by Battery 'F.' 3d Pa. H. Artillery. 
Syracuse., N. T. 1865. Svo, pp. 40. 447^5 

Also : The Nation's Change:. A Discourse ... in the Chesapeake General Hospital, 


't' i 









... Thjnkbijiving, Ntiv. sfirh, iS6^. ... Hii/iimor^ ; 'y„bn F. fyUty, V'inur. 186^ 8vo, 
pp. \o, (1). H. — Till' Natioii'M (ir.ititiiilr. A Disicuiriir ... at tlie Unitnt St.itrn (irn- 
cral Huiipitul, Ntivcniltrr 24, 1864. ... Vhtludi-i/^l':.! : Kin/ ijf /iiiinl. |S6^. Kvo, pp. 
31. — The Natiiin'a Im|iiiry. A Uimdursc ... in ttir ('In -..ipcikr {, ... 
National Fait, April ^otli, 1863. ... I'bi/atin/f'hiii : Kinfr ij BiiirJ, I'tintni. 1863. 
8vu, pp. 34. BA. — The Natiun'i Hrospecta of I'e.ue. A DibCdurse at the Orticei*' 
General Hospital ... Thanksgiving ... Septetnher 11, 1X64. ... i'iilaJi'lf>iiu : Kin^& 
BjirJ, Viintcri. 1864. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 

Marshall (J. V.) The Unitcil States Mamial of Biography 
and History ; comprising Lives of Presidents and Vii-e-Presidents 
of the United States, and the Cabinet Officers, from the Adop- 
tion of the Constitution ... . Hy Janus V. Marshall. Philo^l"!- 
phia. 1855. 8vo, pp. 720. j [//W.J 1857. 8vo. 44786 

Marshall (J.) A History of the Colonies Planted by the 
Knglish on the Continent of North America, from their Settle- 
ment, to the Commencement of the War, which terminated in 
their Independence. By John Marshall. Philiidelphid: Abraham 
Small. 1824. 8vo, pp. xv, 9-486. H. 44787 

"Originally published as an Introduction to the 'Life of Washington,' hy the same 
author, that work having been published with great precipitation, nunu-rous errors and 
mistakes were unavoidable, which have been corrected in the pre:>ent work, several 
alterations made, the whole revised." — Rich. 

Marshall. The Life of George Washington, Commander 
in Chief of the American Forces, during the War whith estab- 
lished the Independence of his Country, and First President of 
the United States, Compiled under the Inspection of the Honour- 
able Bushrod Washington, from Original Papers ... . Vo which 
is prefixed a compendious view of the Colonics planted by the 
English on the Continent of North America ... . lly John Mar- 
shall ... . Philadelphia : C. P. IVaytie. 1804-7. 5 vols., 8vo, pp. 
(2), xxii, 488, 45, Portrait ; viii, 560, 72 ; viii, 580, 28 ; iii-viii, 
626,(1), 16; vii, 779, 36. 4to Atlas of 10 Maps, and Sub- 
scribers' Names, pp. 22. -j- [//>/>/.] 1805-7. 5 vols., 8vo, pp. 
xxii, 459, 43, Portrait ; vii, 516, 67 ; vii, 527, 28 ; iii-viii, 567, 
(l), 16; vii, 779, 36. H. -\- London : Richard Phillips. 1804-7. 
5 vols., 4to, pp. xxxii, 458 (pp. 257-308 are repeated) ; vii, 541 ; 
viii, 470; vii, 589; vii, 669, (1). 16 Plates, -j- [//-/V/.J 5 vols., 
8vo, pp. xxxvi, 576 ; viii, 633, ( 1 ) ; viii, 570 [for 572] ; viii, 684 ; 
viii, 843, (1). 10 Maps, Plates, and Portrait. H. 4478S 

The only complete editions of this indispensable work, the Colonial History being 
omitted in the later \merican editions. " After the able, accurate, and comprelien^ive 
work of Chief Jus' .e Marshall, it would be presumptuous to attempt a historical biog- 
raphy of Washington." — Sparks' ff^ashington, i. 12. See also «• N. A. Rev.," xxvi. i., 
and XLii. 217 J " M. Rev.," xliv. 337 j xlvii. 128; xlix. 237. 



Marshall. The f„ifc of George Washington ... . By John 
Marshall ... . Second Ktlition, revised und corrected by tne Au- 
thor. Philadelphia: James C.riay. \'A \l, 2 vols., 8vo, pp. iv, 
460, 42, viii ; 448, 32, V. Maps and Portrait. | [/l>ifl.] 1836. 
-f- Philadelphia : Carey Isf Lea. 1840. 2 vols., 8vo. ha. 44789 

The mapt arc Bonietimei bound up irparjtcly, makiiiK three volumei. Theie editiunt 
omit the early Cuntinental Hiitury. It hai been frequently reprinted. 

Marshall. The Life of George Washington. Written for 
the use of Schools. By John Marshall ... . Philadelphia. 1838. 

i2mo, pp. 379. 

c. 44790 

Marshall. Georg Washington's ... Lebensbeschrcibung ... 
Nach den Original-Papieren unter der Aufsicht des Herrn Bush- 
rod Washington /.usammengetragen und mit ciner historischen 
Darstellung der englischen Bildcrfassungen in Nordamerika 
begleitet. Von John Marshall ... . Ans dcni Englischen iibcr- 
setzt ... . Hamburg: Jugust Campe. 1 805-6. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. 
xvi, 280; viii, 296} vi, 289 j viii, 358. B. 44791 

Marshall. Het Leven van George Washington, uit deszclfs 
oorspronklijke papieren, onder toezigt van Bushrod Washington 
/amengesteld. Door John Marshall ... . Uit hct Engelsch door 
T. Werninck. Haarlem: Bij J. Loosjes. mdcccv-ix. 10 vols., 
8vo, and Atlas in 410. Portrait. b. 44792 

Marshall. Vie de George Washington, general en chef des 
armees americaines ... . Precedee d'un precis dc I'histoire des 
Colonies fondees par les Anglais, sur le continent de I'Amerique 
septentrionale. Par J. Marshall ... . Traduite de I'anglais, par 
T. F. Henry. Paris. 1807. 5 vols., 8vo, and Atlas in 410. s. 

Marshall. Opinion of the Supreme Court of the United 
States, January, 1832, ... by Mr. Chief Justice Marshall, in the 
Case of Samuel A. Worcester, ... versus The State of Georgia. 
fVashington. 1832. 8vo, pp. 20. 44794 

Marshall. Opinion of the Supreme Court of the United 
States ... by Mr. Chief Justice Marshall, ... with the Opinion 
of Mr. Justice McLean, in the Case of Sanniei A. Worcester, 
... versus The State f Georgia. ... If^ashington : Printed by 
Gales and Seaton. 1832. 8vo, pp. 39. ba., n. 44795 

In this case of the Cherokee Indians against Georgia, the whole history of Indian 
treaties with the United States is reviewed. 



Marshall. 'Phi* VViiiin|rs of |»>hn Marshall, f.atc Chief 
Justice of the United States, upon the Kedcial Constitution. ... 
Boston : "Jnmti Munrot and Company. M Dice xxxix, 8vo, pp. 
xvii, (2), 728. H. 44796 

AIiio; Opiniun* of ... Chief Justice ... John M.imh.ill, concrrning Frremaiionrv. 
I n. (1. n. d.j Kvu, pp. 4. a. — Speech ... un the Krbnluiiuiit ot' the Hon, Kdwjrd 
Livingiton, relative tu Thum^i Njih, aliai Jon.ithun Kobbina. VbiUdtlphia. 1X00. 
umu, pp. 45. 

Marshall (J.) Royal Naval Biography ; or. Memoirs of 
the Services of ... Klag-Officers, Superannuated Rcar-Admirals, 
Retired-Captains, Post-Captains, and C«)mmanders. ... Illustrated 
by ... Historical and Kxplanatory Notes ... . By John Marshall. 
... London: Longman ... 1K2J-30. 12 vols., 8vo. ba. A1797 

Containi numeruui detaili relative tu the Revolutionary War, etc., not tu be found 
in any other work. 

Marshall (J. A.) American Bastile. A History of the 
Illegal Arrests and Imprisonment of American Citi/ens dining 
the Late Civil War. By John A. Marshall. ... Philadelphia: 
T. IV. Hartley. 1869. 8vo, pp. 728. 5 Plates, c. |- Fourth 
Edition. Philadelphia: Evans^ Stoddart i5f Co. 1870. 8vo. 8 
Places. H. 44798 

Marshall (J. G.) An Examination of the Proposed Union 
of the North American Provinces. By John G. Marshall ... . 
Halifax. 1865. 8vo, pp. 71. 44799 

Marshall. The Justice of the Peace, and County and 
Township Officer in Nova Scotia ; being a Guide to them in the 
Discharge of their Official Duties. By John G. Marshall ... . 
Halifax. 1837. 8vo, pp. 669. + Second Edition. [/^/V.] 1845. 
8vo, pp. 800. 44800 

Marshall. A Patriotic Call to Prepare in a Season of Peace 
for one of Political Danger ; suggested by Reflections on the 
Policy and T/esigns of the United States towards Great Britain 
and her American Colonies ; with a view of the Principal Ad- 
vantages of Nova Scotia. By John G. Marshall ... . Halifax. 
1819. 8vo, pp. 151. 44801 

Marshall (J. G.) The Outlaw Brothers; or, The Captive 
of the Harpes. A Tale of the Early Kentucky Settlements. 
By John G. Marshall. New York: Beadle l^ Co. 1865. 8vo, 
pp. 40. 44802 

Aho : The Deer Hunten ; or. Life and Love in the Ottawa Country. ... New York : 
Beadle (Sf Co. [1865.] 8vo, pp. 40. 



[Marshai.i, (Joshua).] Ode on the Hones of the Im-murtal 
Thomas Paine, Newly Transported from America to England by 
the No I^ess Im-mortal William Cobbett, Esq. London: 7 ho. 
Rodd. 1819. 4to, pp. 8. 44^03 

Marshall (J. T.) The Dignity of the Agricultural Occu- 
pation. An Address ... at Flessis, Jctterson County, N. Y. ... 
26th September, 1838. By Josiah V. Marshall, lyattrtown : 
Printed by Knoivlton b* Rue. 1838. i2mo, pp. 15. B. 44804 

Marshall. The Farmer's and Emigrant's Handbook \ being 
a full and complete Guide for the Farmer and the Emigrant ... . 
By Josiah T. Marshall. Neiv Tork : D. Appleton iif Co. 1845. 
i2mo. 4 Second Edition, revised. New York. 1847. i^nio, 
pp. 498. -} Cincinnati. 1857. i2mo, pp. 492. 44^0$ 

Marshall (Mary). See Dyer (Mary M.), Vol. vi. 21597. 

Marshall {Mrs.) A Sketch of My Friend's Family. By 
Mrs. Marshall. Northampton. 1821. 24mo. 44806 

Marshall (O. H.) The Niagara Frontier : embracing 
Sketches of its Early History, and Indian, French and English 
Local Names. ... By Orsamus H. Marshall. Printed for Pri- 
vate Circulation. [^Bujffalo. 1865.] 8vo, pp. 46. H. 44807 

An excellent monograph; reprinted in i't66. Alio; The First Visit of La Salle to 
the Senacas, in 1669. ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vu. 

Marshall (S. V.) An Address to the Young Ladies of the 
Natchez Female Academy, Mav 17, 1838. By Rev. S. V. 
Marshall. With Catalogue. Natchez. 1838. 8vo, pp. 38, 7. 

Marshall (T.) Speech of Thomas Marshall ... on the 
Abolition of Slavery, Jan. 20, 1832. Richmond. 1832. 8vo, 
pp. 12. s. 44809 

Marshall (T. F.) Letters to the Editors of the Common- 
wealth : ... . By Thomas F. Marshall. [^Louisville :^ A. G. 
Hodges^ Printer. [1840.] 8vo, pp. 37. B a. 44810 

Marshall. Life and Character of Richard H. Menifee. 
By Thomas F. Marshall. Lexington^ Ky. 1841. 8vo. 44811 

Marshall. Speeches and Writings of Hon. Thomas F. 
Marshall. Edited by W. L. Barre. Cincinnati: Applegate iff 
Company. 1858. 8vo, pp. iv, 3-462. B., c. 44812 

Also: Sperches ... en Alcohol and Intemperance, :ind Fashionable Wine Drinking, 
... New- York ... May 4 and 7 [1842]. ... [n. p.: Greeky & McE/rath. 1842. 8vo, 

VOL. XI. 28 


\ ^ 





pp. lo. — Speeches ... Jan. 25, 26 and a8, 1842, on the Resolutions to Censure J. Q. 
Adams. Wathington. 1842. 8vo. — Substance ot' an Address on Temperance, ... May 
16, 1842. ... New-Tori: J. B. Swain, Printer. 1842. 8vo, pp. 23. — Two Speeches 
... at the Temperance Meeting. Louii-ville. 1842. 8vo. p. 

Marshall (T. W. M.) Christian Mission : their Agents, 
and their Results, including Comparisons between Protestant and 
Catholic Missions throughout the World, brought down to 1863. 
By T. W. M. Marshall. London : James Burns. 1862. 3 vols., 
2vo. + New York: D. & J. Sadler iff d. 1865. 2 vols., 8vo, 
pp. (2), vi, 644 ; 479, XXXV. B. 44813 

Marshall (W.) Memoirs of... Rev. William Marshall, ... 
Philadelphia: John M'-Culloch. 1 806. l2mo, pp. 50. B. 44814 

Marshall Academy. Catalogue of the Officers and Stu- 
dents ... . 1842-3. Marshall: Lewis iff Simonds^ Printers. 1843. 
i8mo, pp. 6, (i). H. 44815 

Marshall College. Catalogue of the Members and Li- 
brary of the Goethean Literary Society of ... [the] College ... 
to March, 1844. Chambersburg^ Pa. [1844.] 8vo, pp. 32. H. 

Also : Catalogue of the Officers and Students ... 1846-7. Mercershurg, Pa.: Printed 
by D. J. Scbnelby. 1847. 8vo, pp. 28. Plate, h. 

Marshfield. Report of the School-Committee ... April 5, 
1847. ••• Boston: Benjamin H. Greene. 1847. i6mo, pp. 16. 
Continued. H. 44817 

Transactions of the Marshfield Agricultural and Horticultural 
Society during the Year 1869. ... Plymouth. 1869. 8vo, pp. 56. 

Also: First Annual Report ... for 1868 ... 
Printers. 1868. 8vo, pp. 16. Continued. 

Hingham : Blossom and Easterbrook, 

M'.RSHPEE Indians. Memorial of the Marshpee Indians, 
[n. p.] 1834. 8vo, pp. 14. Continued. ba. 44819 

Also: Documents relative to the Marshpee Indians. [Boston. 1833.] 8vo, pp. 43. 

Marsillac (J.) La Vie de Guillaume Penn, Fondateur de 
la Pensylvanie ; Premier Legislateur connu des £tats-Unis de 
TAmerique. Ouvrage contenant I'Historique des premiers fonde- 
mens de Philadelphie, des Loix et de la Constitution des £tats- 
Unis de I'Amerique, des Principes et des Actions de la Societe 
des Amis (vulgairement connus sous le nom de Quakers, etc.) 
Par J. Marsillac, Docteur en Medecine ... . A Paris : DeVlm- 
primerie du Cercle Social. 1791. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. 264; 294. P. 

Marsillac. Leben Wilhelm Penns, des Stifters von Pen- 
sylvanien. ... Strassburg. 1793. 8vo. 44821 



[Marston (Edward).] To The Most Noble Prince Henry 
Duke of Beaufort, Marquiss and Earl of Worcester, Baron 
Herbert, Lord of Ragland, Chepstow and Gower, Palatine of 
the Province of South Carolina in America. \_London. 1712. | 
4to, pp. 12. 44822 

Probably privately printed. The author solicits redress on account of his ejection 
from his rectory in South Carolina. See aho Vol. in., No. 10966. 

Marston (G.) Argument of Hon. George Marston ... \n 
behalf of the ... Incorporation of the Boston and Cape Cod 
Marine Telegraph Co. March 12, 1856. Boston: Printed by 
Dutton and IVentivorth. 1856. 8vo, pp. 44. H. 44823 

Marston (M.) The Trial of Brevet Major Morrill Marston, 
... in Sept. 1 81 8 ... . Philadelphia. 18 18. 8vo, pp. 32. 44824 

Marsy [rJbb'e Francois Marie de) and Richer (Adrien). 
Histoire Moderne des Chinois, ... et des Americains,'pour servir 
de suite a I'Histoire Ancienne de M. Rollin, par I'Abbe de Marsy 
et M. Richer. Paris: Saillant. 1775-1778. 30 vols., i2mo. 

The first eleven or twelve volumes are by Marsy, the later by Richer. The last 
seven volumes contain "I'Histoire des Americains, et des Terres Polaires." 

Martel (M.) Rapport et projei de decret, sur les Lettres- 
du-change tirees par I'Ordonnateur des Finances a Saint Do- 
mingue, fait au nom du Comite de Marine et des Colonies dans 
le seance du 28 pluviose, I'an l^ dc la Republique. ... [^Paris .^ 
rimprimerie Nationale. [1794.] 8vo, pp. 24. j.c.B. 44826 

Martelo y Otero (J. R.) El Regidor D. Jose Ramon 
Martelo y Otero, presenta al Excmo. Ayuntamiento Constitu- 
cional de la ciudad de la Habana las noticias dc los ramos que le 
estan consignados. [^Habana .•] Imprenta de D. Pedro Nolaxco 

Palmer. 1 82 1. Folio, 

pp. 124. 


Martels (H. von). Briefe iiber die Westlichen Theile der 
Vereinigten Staaten von Nord Amerika. Von Heinrich v. Mar- 
tels Premier Lieutenant im 8ten. Konigl. Hannovcrschen Linien- 
Bataillon. Osnabriick : Rackhorst. 1834. 8vo, pp. 195. Map of 
Missouri. 44828 

Marten (Anthonv). The Seconde Sounde or Warning of 
the Trumpet vnto Judgement: wherein is proved that all the 
tokens of the I^atter Day are not onelie come, but wel neere 
finished. London: Imprinted by Thomas Oruin., for Andrew Maun- 
sell. 1589. 4to. 44820 

On folio 17 is noticed the neglect of teaching " the Gospel to the people of America 


■ I 





and the Lower India, by the Spanyards and Portingals, when they first found out those 

Martenet [Simon J.] Appeal to the Legislature in behalf 
of Martenet's Map of Maryland. [Baltimore. 1865.] 8vo, pp. 
(i), 8. Map. 44830 

Martens (C. de). Causes Celebres du Droit des Gens, Re- 
digees par le B". Charles de Martens ... . Leipzig: F. A. Brock- 
haus. 1827. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. XX, 424, (l) ; vi, 496, (l). B. -f 
Nouvelle fidition, revue, rectifiees et emelioree dans tous ses par- 
ties ... . Par M. de Hofi'manns. ... Paris: J. P. Aillaud. 1837. 
3 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), xxi, (2), 344 ; (4), 345-7^0 ; (4)> xxx, 507. 
-f- Deuxieme Edition, revue, corrigec et augmentee par I'autcur. 
... Leipzig: F. A. Lrockhaus. 1858-61. 5 vols., 8vo, pp. xix, 
499, (i); viii, 461, (2); vi, 529, (i); vi, 400; viii, 630, (2). b. 
-|- ^)uatrieme EHition, entierement refondue par I'auteur, avec la 
collaboration de Ferdinand de Wegmann ... . Paris: Gravelot 
Jeune. 1851. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xxvi, (2), 512; xi, (2), 607. + 
Cinquieme £dition, entierement refondue par M. F. H. 'J^;reken, 
... Leipzig: F. A. Brockbaus. 1866. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. xix, 300, 
(0; X, 305,(2); vi, 388. H. 44831 

Martens. Nouvelles Causes Celebres du Droit des Gens, 
Redigees par le Baron Charles de Martens ... . Leipzig: F. A. 
Brockbaus. 1843. ^ vols., 8vo, pp. xxii, 595, (2); viii, 592, (2). 

Martens et De Cussy (Ferd. de). Recueil manuel et pra- 
tique des Traites, Conventions et autres Actes diplomatiques, sur 
lesquels sont etablis les relations et les rapports existant aujourd'- 
hui entre les divers Etats souverains du globe, depuis I'annee 
1760 jusqu'a I'epoque actuelle. ... Leipzig: F. A. Brockbaus. 
1846-56. 7 vols., 8vo. 44833 

See alio Martens (G. F. de), Nos. 44841, etc. 

Martens (F.) Friderich Martens | von Hamburg jSpitzbergi 
sche oder Groenlandische | Reise Beschreibung | gethan im jahr 
1 67 1. I Aus I eigner Erfahrunge beschrieben, die dazu erforderte | 
Figuren nach dem Leben selbst abgerissen, (so hierbey in | KupfFer 
zu sehen) und jetzo durch den | Druclc mitgetheilet. | Hamburgh \ 
Auff Gottfried^ Scbultzens Kosten., gedruckt^ Im Jahr 1675,! 410, 
pp. (8), 132, (3). 16 Plates. B., c. 44834 

Martens. Fredrik Martens Nauwkeurige Beschryvinge van 
Groenland of Spitsbergen, waer in de Walvisch-Vangst, gele- 
gentheyd vant 't Ys, en haer wonderlijke kragt en Figuren, duycle- 
lijk word aengewesen : Nevens den Aard van't Land, Gewassen, 









Ys-Bergen, Gevogelte, Viervoctige Dieren, en Visschen deser 
Contiyen. Oock hoe de Walvisschen gevangen, gekapt, en 
gesneden worden : Benevens verscheydc Avuntuurlijke voorvallen 
in Greenland. Met een Verhael van de gevange Walvisch by 
St. Anne Land. Als mede De Walvisch-Vangst op Rym. Tot 

Amsterdam: By de IVed : van Gysbert de Groot. 17 10. 
graved and Printed Titles, pp. (6), 88. 3 Plates. 

4to, En- 

This accurate description of Greenland, in which the whale-fishery is clearly described, 
contains a poetical description uF Greenlandish ships. 

Martens. [Engraved Title :] Vojagie naar | Greenland of 
Spitsbergen | mits gadcrs een net verhaal der | Walvis vanghst | en 
der zelve behandeling. | Met veel Avontuurlyke voorvallen door 
F. Martens. | Te Dordrecht^ \ Gedrukt by Hendr'ik Walpot^ boekver- 
kooper overt Stadhuys. | [Printed Title :] Fredrik Martens | Nau- 
keurige Beschry vinge | van | Greenland | of | Spitsbergen, | VVaer in 
de Walvisch-Vangst, gelegentheyd van | 't Ys, en haer wonder- 
lyke kragt en Figuren duydelyk worden jaengewesen : | Nevens | 
Den Aard van't Land, Gewassen, Ys-Bergen, (levogelte, | Vier- 
voetige Dieren, en Visschen deser Contryen. | Ook hoe de Wal- 
visschen gevangen, gekapt en gesneden worden : | Benevens 
verscheyde Avontuurlyke voorvallen in Greenland. | Met een 
Verhael van de gevange Walvisch bv St. Anne-Land. | Als mede 
een Gevegt en springen van twee Schepen, een Frans en een 
En- 1 gels: Nevens alle de Gevaaren h.iar evergekomen. | Met 
Kepere Platen Ver^iert. | Te Dordrecht^ \ Gedrukt by Hendrik 
Ifalpoty Boekdrukker en Boekverkooper\over V Stadthuys.\ [17 10?] 
4to, pp. (10), 88. 3 Plates. + [Another Edition. Ibid. 1760?] 
4to. -f Amsterdam: A. Cornells. 1770. 4te, pp. (10), 88. 3 
Plates. c. 44836 

"The last two editions differ from the preceding. They contain, instead of a descrip- 
tion of the Greenlandish ships (pp. 75-88), an account of a voyage of Montauban, 
Captain of the Freebooters, on the coast of Guinea, in 1695." — Mullek. 

Martens. Viaggio di Spizberga o' Grolanda, fatte da Fre- 
derico Martens amburghese I'anne 1671. Con una copiosa rela- 
ziene di* quell' aggiacciato Clima, e degli uccelli, quadruped!, 
pesci, e piante rare, che vi nascono, colla descrizione delle Balcne 
e lor Pesca, ... pertato dalla lingua Alenjana nell* Italiana dal 
signer Jacebe Rautenfens, gentilhuomo curlande^e. Venetia : 'J. 
Prodocimo. 1680. lime, pp. 264. A. 44837 

A very rare edition. 

Martens. Viaggio di Spizberga o' Grolanda fatte ... I'anne 
167 1. ... Bologna. 1680. I2me. 44838 

See also La Martiniere (F. M. de), Vol. x., No. 38712, and Narborough [Sir John). 

1 ; 







Martens (Geoig Fiiedrich von). Cours diplomatique, ou 
tableau dcs relations exterieures ties Puissances de I'Europe, tant 
entre elles, qu'avec d'autres £tats dans les diverses parties du 
globe, Par G. F. de Martens. Berlin: A. Mylius. 1801. 3 vols., 
8vo, pp. 691 ; 627 ; 51 1. c. 44839 

Martens. Precis du droit des gens modernes de I'Europe, 
fonde sur les traites et I'usage ; pour servir d'introduction a un 
cours politique et diplomatique. Par G. F. de Martens. Par'u. 
1789. 2 vols., 8vo. -\ Troisieme Edition ... . Gottingue : Die- 
terich. 182 1. 8vo, pp. xl, 608. -f Nouvelle Edition, avec des 
Notes de M. S. Pinheiro-Ferreira ... . Paris: J. P. Aillaud, 1831. 
2 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), 460 ; (4), 447., -f Paris : Guillaumin et O'. 
1858. 2 vols., 8vo. l" Deuxieme Edition ... . [^Ibid.'] 1864. 2 
vols., i2mo, pp. (4), Iv, 432 ; (4), 463. + \_Ibid.^ 2 vols., 8vo. 

Martens. Recueil des Principaux Traites d'Alliance, de 
Paix, de Treve, de Neutralite, de commerce, de limites, d'echange 
&c. conclus par les Puissances de I'Europe tant entre elles 
qu'avec les Puissances et Etats dans d'autre parties du monde 
depuis 1 76 1 jusqu'a present. Tire des copies publiees par auto- 
rite ... Par Mr. de Martens ... . Gottingue: Chez 'Jean Chretien 
Dic.-ich. 1 791-180 1. 7 vols., 8vo. ba. 44841 

There is perhaps no more imporCint source for the history of America than the 
great collection of Martens. The colonies in the New World were, up to a very recent 
date, considered by the European powers as a kind of property that might be obtained, 
t-insferred and exchanged almost with equal facility as any description of movable 
goods. Every great war between European states led therefore to some changes in the 
colonies. Even in time of peace many sales and exchanges were concluded, besides the 
still more numerous commercial treaties in which tiie colonies were concerned. The 
deeds of all these transactions are laid down in the collection of Martens. 

Martens. Supplement ... Precede de Traites du xviir""' 
Siecle anterieurs a cette epoque, et qui ne se trouveiit dans ... 
autres recueils ... Par George Frederic de Martens ... . Gottingue : 
Dieterich. 1 802-20. 8 vols., 8vo. 44842 

Martens. Recueil de Traites d'Alliance, ... et plusieurs 
autres actes, servant a la connaissance des relations etrangeres 
des Puissances et Etats de I'Europe, tant dcs leur rapport mutuel 
que dans celui envers les Puissances et Etats dans d'autres parties 
du globe, depuis 1761 jusqu'a present. Seconde Edition, revue 
et augmentee. Gottingue: Dieterich. 1817-35. 8 vols., 8 vo. 

Mi-.RTENS. Nouveau Recueil de Traites ... depuis 180S 
jusqu'a present. ... Par Geo. Fred, de Martens. Gottingue: 
Dieterich. 1817-41. 16 vols., 8vo. ba. 44844 


_t ^-^--a 





in the 

es the 







Martens. Nouveaux Supplcmens au Recucil de I'raites ... 
depuis 1 761 jusqu'a present. .., Continue Par Frederic Murhard. 
Gottingue : Dieterich. 1839-42. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. xviii, 810; (2), 
662 i (2), 904. BA. 44845 

Martens. Table generale, chronologique, et alphabetique du 
Recueil de Traitcs ... . Commence par Geo. Fred, de Martens 
et continue jusqu'a nos jours. Leipzig. 1837-45. 2 vols., 8vo. 
-f- Gottingue: Dieterich. 1837-43. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. iv, 383 ; iv, 
428. BA. -f [Ibid.'] 1838-45. H. 44846 

Martens. Nouveau Recueil General de Traites, Conven- 
tions et autres Transactions remarquables ... . Continuation ... . 
Gottingue: Dieterich. 1843-75. 20 vols., 8vo. ba. 44847 

Martens. Summary of the Law of Nations ... with a List 
of the Principal Treaties, concluded since the Year 1748 down 
to the Present Time, [1788] ... . By Mr. Martens ... . Trans- 
lated from the French by William Cobbett. Philadelphia : Thomas 
Bradford. 1795. 8vo, pp. xix, (l), 379. C, H. -|- Philadelphia. 
1805. 8vo. 44848 

Martens. A Compendium of the Law of Nations, ... a ... 
List of ... Treaties ... &c. from ... 1731 to 1788 ... . By G. 
F. Von Martens ... . Translated, and the List of Treaties, &c. 
... to June, 1802, By William Cobbett. London: Cobbett and 
Morgan. 1802. 8vo, pp. xxxii, 454. H. -j- Fourth Edition. 
London. 1829. 8vo. c. 44849 

Martens (M.) and Galeotti (H.) Memoire sur les Fon- 
geres du Mexique, et considerations sur la Geographie Botanique 
de cette contree. [n. p. n. d.] 410. Plates. 44^5° 

Also : Enumcratio synoptica plantarum phanerogamicarum ... in regionibus Mexicanis 
collectarutn. ... [n. p. n. d.] 3 parts, 8vo. — Notice sur les plantes des families de 
vjcciniees et d'ericacees rccucillies au Mexique ... . [n. p. n. d.] 8vu. 

Martenze (C.) Cannon-Flashes and Pen-Dashes. By Clacs 
Martenze. New York: IF. H. Kelley iff Co. 1861. Sm. 4to, 
pp. no. 44851 

Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society. Transac- 
tions ... 1865. Martha's Vineyard. 1865. 8vo, pp. 34. Con- 
tinued. H. 44852 

Martial Achievements of Great Britain and her Allies, from 
1799 to 18 1 5. London. 1815. 4to. Plates. 44853 


i 1 




Martial Law in the Colonies ; with Special Regard to its 
Regulation and Restraint. ... Loudon: Stevens ^ Sons. 1867. 
8vo. 44^54 

Martin (A.) Essays on Woman's True Destiny, Responsi- 
bilities and Rights ... By Angelique Le Petit Martin. ... IVarren^ 
O.: J. Dumars^ Printer. 1851. 8vo, pp. 43. H. 44855 

Martin (B.) Speech of Barkley Martin ... on our Right to 
Oregon ... . February, 1846. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. h. 

Martin (B.) Miscellaneous Correspondence, ... Relative to 
Natural and Civil History ... . By Benjamin Martin. London: 
W. Owen. MDccLix. 4 vols., 8vo. 44^57 

Includes several articles on American subjects. 

Martin (B. E.) In Memoriam Joseph Gilbert Totten. By 
Benjamin Ellis Martin. ... New York: C. B, Richardson. 1866. 
8vo, pp. 8. H. 44858 

Martin (C.) Precis des evenements de la Campagne du 
Mexique en 1862 Par Ch. Martin ... . Precede d'une Notice 
Geogiaphique et Statistique sur le Mexique Par Leon Deluzy. 
... Paris : Ch. Tanera. 1863. 8vo, pp. (4), 372. Map, Plan. 

Martin (C. B.) Mount Desert, on the Coast of Maine. 
By Mrs. Clara Barnes Martin. Port/and: B. Thurston and Com- 
pany^ Printers. 1867. l2mo, pp. 36. + Portland : Loring^ Short 
i^ Harmon. 1870. l2mo, pp. 36. H. 44860 

[Martin (Claude).] La Vie de la Venerable Mere Marie 
de rincarnation Premiere Superieure des Ursulines de la Nou- 
velle France. Tiree de ses Lettres & de ses ecrits. Paris : 
Chez Loiiis Billaine. m.dc.lxxvii. 4to, pp. (36), 757, (6). Por- 
trait. 4486 1 

For another life tee [Charlevoix (P. F. X.)] The present work consists of two 
"Relations," written by the mother herself in 1633 and 1654, with "Additions" by 

Martin (D.) Trial of the Rev. Jacob Gruber, Minister in 
the M. E. Church, in ... 1819, for a Misdemeanor. Reported 
by David Martin. Fredericktown^ Md. 18 19. iimo. 44862 

Rare. The misdemeanor was preaching against slavery, and inciting the negroes 
to escape or rebel. 

Martin (Edward Winslow). The Life and Public Services 
of Schuyler Colfax, together with his most Important Speeches. 





Paris : 


1 4486 1 

Is of two 

tions" by 

Ister in 



By E. W. Martin. New Tork : United States Publishing Co. 
1868. 8vo, pp. 512. Plate. 44863 

Martin. The New Administration : containing Complete 
and Authentic Hiographies of Grant and his Cabinet. AVw T'ori : 
G. S. IVilcox. i86g. i2mo, pp. 155. 44864 

Martin. The Secrets of the Great City : ... descriptive of 
the Virtues, ... Vices, ... Mysteries, Miseries and Crimes of 
New York City. By Edward Winslow Martin. ... Philadelphia., 
Pa. [i86g?] 8vo, pp. 11-552. 33 Plates. b. 44865 

Martin (E.) An Essay on the Epidemics of the Winters of 
1813 and 1 814, in Talbot and Queen Anne's Counties in the 
State of Maryland. By Ennalls Martin, m.b. Baltimore: Joseph 
Robinson. 18 1 5. 8vo, pp. 78. 44866 

Pelerin de Notre Dame de 
le R. P. Martin. Montreal 

Martin (Felix). Manuel du 
Bonsecours a Montreal ... Par 
1848. 8vo, pp. 178. c, p. 44867 

Extracted in part from a very curious notice of the ancient monuments of Montreal, 
published in the " Melanges Religieux" by Jacques Viger, first mayor of Montreal, to 
whom the country is indebted for the most ancient and most interesting archvulugical 

[Martin.] De Montcalm en Canada ou les dernieres annees 
de la Colonic Fran^aise (i 756-1 760). Par un Ancien Mission- 
aire. Paris: P. M. Laroche. 1867. 8vo, pp. x, 354. Portrait. 

Set also Bressany (J.), ii. 7735, Carayon (A.), in. 10792, and O'Callaghan (E. B.) 

[Martin and Montezon (F. de).] Mission du Canada. 
Relations inedites de la Nouvelle-France (1672-1679) pour faire 
suite aux anciennes relations (1615-1672) Avec deux Cartes 
Geographiques. Paris: Charles Douniel. 1 861. 2 vols., i2mo, 
pp. (2), xxviii, 356 ; (2), 384. 2 Maps. ba. 44869 

Martin (F. X.) A Collection of the Statutes of the Parlia- 
ment of England in Force in ... North-Carolina. Published ... 
By Francois-Xavier Martin, Esq. ... Newbern. 1792. 4to, pp. 
xxvi, 424, (3). H. 44870 

Martin. General Digest. See Louisiana, Vol. x. 42227. 

Martin. The History of Louisiana, From the Earliest Pe- 
riod. By Fran^ois-Xavier Martin. ... New Orleans: Printed by 
Lyman and Beardslee. 1827-9. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. Ixxxiii, 364; iii- 
XV, 429. BA. 44871 

VOL. XI. 29 


'' ^ p 



Martin. The History of North Carolina, From the Earliest 
Period. By Franrois-Xavicr Martin. ... Neiv Orleans: A. T. 
Penniman lif Co. 1829. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xii, 325, (l), civ ; (4), 
411,(1). c, H. 44872 

Martin. Notes of ... Decisions in the Superior Courts of ... 
North-Carolina, and in the Circuit Court of the U. States, for 
North-Carolina ... . Neivbern : Francois- Xav'ter Martin. 1797. 
8vo, pp. (8), 78, 83, (12), 275, (20). H. 44873 

Martin. The Office and Authority of a Justice of the Peace 
... &c. according to the Laws of ... North-Carolina. ... Neivhern: 
Fran^ois-Xavier AJartin. I 791. 8vo, pp. (4), 6, 307, (5). H. 

Martin (F.) The Statesman's Year-Book, a Statistical, Gen- 
ealogical, and Historical Account of the States and Sovereigns of 
the Civilized World for the Year 1864. By Frederick Martin. 
London and Canthridge : Macmitlan and Co. 1 864. 8vo, pp. xiii, 
(2), 684, (2). Continued. ba. 44875 

Also: Handbuok of Contemporary Biography ... . London: Aiacmillan and Co, 1870. 
161110, pp. 287, (l). H. 

Martin (F. S.) Speech of Frederick S. Martin, of New 
York, on the Public Lands. IVashington. 1852. 8vo. 44876 

Martin {Gen.) El General Martin. Buenos Aires. 1863. 
Folio. 44877 

In verse and prose. Contains also a very ample account of the books and tracts 
relating to the revolution, and the times of General Martin. 

[Martin (Gcrshom).] The Military Route to Richmond, 
[n. p. 1862.] 8vo, pp. 4. BA. 44878 

Martin (H.) Letter of Henry Martin, Esq. ... to the Senate 
... in Opposition to the Bill increasing the Duty on Imported 
Copper Ores. Baltimore. 1869. 8vo, pp. 12. H. 44879 

Martin {Sir H. W.) A Counter Appeal to an Appeal from 
William Wilberforce. By Sir Henry William Martin, Bart. 
London. 1823. 8vo. 44880 

Martin (H.) Pictorial Guide to the Mammoth Cave, Ken- 
tucky. By ... Rev. Horace Martin. ... New Tork : Stringer & 
Townsend. [1851.] i2mo, pp. (2), 1 16. 8 Plates. -|- [/A/V/.] 
1852. c. 44881 

Martin (L) A Journal of the Life, Travels, Labors, and 
Religious Experience of Isaac Martin, late of Rahway, in East 
Jersey. Philadelphia. 1804. i2mo, pp. 160. 44882 



of ... 



.. 44878 


:al from 
, Bart. 

le, Ken- 

\inger ^ 

|. 44881 

)rs, and 

I in East 


Martin (J.) Oration at Jamaica, Long Island, on the 4th 
of July, 1796. By James Martin, [n. p.] 1796. 8vo. c. 

Martin (J. H.) Smith and Pocahontas. A Poem. By J. 
H.Martin. Rickmond: I Test is Johnston. 1862. i2mo, pp. 135. 

M[artin] (J. L.) Native Bards ; A Satirical Effusion ; with 
Other Occasional Pieces. By J. L. M. Philadelphia: E. L. 
Carey l^ A, Hart, 1 831. l2mo, pp. I14. 44885 

Martin (J. R.) The Influence of Tropical Climates on 
European Constitutions ; including practical observations on the 
nature and treatment of the diseases of Europeans on their return 
from tropical climates. By James Ranald Martin. A New Edi- 
tion. London: J. isf J. Churchill. 1856. 8vo.- -f [/^/W.] 186 1. 

Martin (J. S.) The Hero and the Slave. Founded on Fact. 
By Rev. J. Sella Martin. Boston: Printed by W. F. Brown iff 
Co. [n. d.] i2mo, pp. 12. H. 44887 

Martin (J.) Familiar Dialogues between Americus and 
Britannicus ; in which The Right of Private Judgment ; the 
Exploded Doctrines of Infallibility, Passive Obedience, Non- 
Resistance ; With The leading Sentiments of Dr. Price, on the 
Nature of Civil Liberty, &c. are Particularly Considered. Bv 
John Martin. ... London: J. fFilitie. mdcclxxvi. 8vo, pp iv, 74. 

"These dialogues alford scarcely anything worthy of attention. Mr. Martin must 
have known little respecting America, or he would not have censured the colonists for 
considering the wild Indians as their own slaves!" — Monthly Re-view, lv. 64. 

Martin (J.) Succinct account of the Case Sarah Walker vs. 
John Martin, in which a System of Spunging and Fraud is Ex- 
posed. With an Appendix by John Martin, Broker, [n. p. :] 
The Author. 1827. 8vo, pp. 36. 44889 

Martin (J. P.) The Triumph of Truth. History and 
Vision of Clio. ... By John Paul Martin, a.m. ... Printed ... 
Boston : by Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews, mdccxci. 
8vo, pp. 62. H. 44890 

Martin (J.) Speech of Hon. Jonas Martin upon the Subject 
of Federal Relations, ... February 12, 1863. Frankfort: Major 
b' Co.^ Printers. 1863. 8vo, pp. 8. 44891 

Martin y Guzman (Jose). Oracion Funebre que en las 
magniBcas, y sumptuosas Exequias, que hicieron los Reales 
Batallones de Marina a los Individlos de su Illustro Cuerpo. 
Mexico. 1758. 8vo. 44892 

I. i 




Martin dk Chavks (J.) Breve Dcscripcion de las Solemne. 
Exc't|uias en los tlias 25 v 26 dc Juiiit) de este Afio dc 1779, en 
se Celebiaion i-n hi Santa Iglesia Catcdral dc Mexico al Exc. 
SeOor Bavlio Kr. Don Antonio Maria dc Hucarcli y Ursna. I)is- 
puestos por los Nobles C'ahallcros D. jos. Martin dc Chaves, y 
D. Joachin Ant. Dongo, sus Albaccas tcstamcntarios. Alexico. 
1779. 8vo. Portrait. 44^93 

Martin (J.) A Comprehensive Description of Virginia, and 
the District of Columbia : containing a Copious Collection of 
Cieographical, Statistical, Pt)litical, Conuncrcial, Religious, Moral, 
and Miscellaneous Information, chieHv from original sources, by 
Joseph Martin. To which is added a History of Virginia, from 
its first settlcnu-nt to the year 1754, with an abstract of the 
principal events from that period to the Independence of Virginia, 
by VV. H. Mrockt-nbroiigh ... . Richmond: "j. //^. Randolph, [n. 
d.] 8vo, pp. 636. Map. B., c. 44894 

Reprinted ;is : " A Nrw .iml Coniprcliriisive Gazetteer of Virgini.i and the District 
.-•*" Culumhia ; ... To wliiili Is .idded a llistury of Virginia from its Kirat Settlement to 
the year 17^4; ... Written ... by a Citizen of Virgmia. Ci>ar/oitcsi'il/e : 'Jfoieph Martin. 
1835. 8vo, pp. 636. Map. + [l/'iJ.] 1836. 

Martin ( f. (J.) Twentv-One Years in the Boston Stock 
Market, or Fluctuations therein from January i, 1835 to January 
I, 1856 ... . Bv Joseph Ci. Martin ... . Boston: Retlding and Com- 
pany. 1856. 8vo, pp. 80. H. 44895 

Martin (L. C.) The Current Gold and Silver Coins of All 
Countries, Their Weight and Fineness, and theii Intrinsic Value 
in English Money. With Facsimiles of the Coins. By Leopold 
C. Martin, ... and Charles Triibner. London: Triibner isf Co. 
1863. 8vo, pp. XX, 140, (i). Plates. ba. 44896 

Martin (Louis Aime). See Lettres edifiantes, Vol. x. 

Martin (L.) The Genuine Information, delivered to the 
Legislature of the State of Maryland, Relative to the Proceedings 
of the General Convention, Lately held at Philadelphia ; by 
Luther Martin, Esquire, Attorney-General of Maryland, and 
One of the Delegates in the said Convention. Together with 
A Letter to the Hon. Thomas C. Deve, Speaker of the House 
of Delegates, An Address to the Citizens of the United States, 
And some Remarks relative to a Standing Army and a Hill of 
Rights ... . Philadelphia : Printed by Eleazer Oswald. m,dcc,- 
Lxxxviii. 8vo, pp. viii, 93. ba. 44897 


to the 


; by 

, and 

|r with 



liill of 





Martin. Modern (Jraiitudc, in Five Numbers: addressed to 
Richard Raynall Keene, Ksq. ... By Luther Martin, Esq. of 
Maryland. [^Hultimote. 1801.) Svo, pp. (2), 1O3, (1). 4489H 

Martin wat a Ir.uiintj Feilcraliiit, ami Atturriey (Jrncial nf Marylaml ; hiii daughter 
married R. R. Kerne, a democrat, inuili against his wishes; this vciliime relate* to that 
affair, and wai privately printed by Martin, for dilitrlhutioti aniotij; his friends. Alio i 
The Charge delivered to the (Jrand Jury, on the Fourth ... ot Oitoher, 1X13. ... [^Balti- 
more. Ilil3.| Svo, pp. II. UA. — An Inroad upi>n the saired 'I' liy Jury; or the 
Cate of John Bcntley and Isaiah (ireen, against wlioni Summary I'roceriiinga for Con- 
tempt ot Court were begun ... . Baliimort. 181 1. 8vo. Set alw Keene (R. R.), Vol. 
IX., No. 37155, National Portrait Gallery, Vtd. iv., and Yates (R.) 

[Martin (Manuel M.)] A Venezuela. Rapida ojeada sobre 
nuestros disturbios, sus causas y remedios. Caracas, [n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 19. 44899 

Martin (M.) History of the Captivity and- Sufferings of 
Mrs. Maria Martin, who was Six Years a Slave in Algiers ... . 
Written by Herself. Boston. 1807. 8vo, pp. 72. Plate. 

Martin (M.) Confession of Michael Martin, or Captain 
Lightfoot, who was hung at Cambridge, Massachusetts, in ... 
1821 ... . Also, An Account of Dr. John Wilson ... believed 
by many to be ... Captain Thunderbolt. Hrattlehoro\ Ft.: J. 
B. Miner. 1 847. 8vo, pp. 30, 12. Portrait and Vignette. 

Martin. Life of Michael Martin, who was Executed for 
Highway Robbery, December 20, 1821. As given by himself. 
Boston: Russe/I iff Gardner. 1 82 1. 8vo, pp. 102. B. 44902 

Martin. Trial of Michael Martin, for Highway Robbery ... 
Reported by F. W. Waldo, Esq. Boston : Russell and Gardner. 
1 82 1. 8vo, pp. 36. BA. 44903 

Also: Review of the «'Life of Michael Martin, who was executed for Highway 
Robbery" .... 5ojwn ; lyells and Lilly, 1812. 8vo, pp. 12. ba. 

Martin (Morgan L.) Address ... before the State Historical 
Society of Wisconsin, Madison, January 21, 1851. By M. L. 
Martin. Green-Bay: Robinson iff Brother^ Printers. 1851. i2mo, 
pp. 44. N. 44904 

Martin (M.) A Treatise on the Fullness of the Everlasting 
Gospel, setting forth its first Principles, Promises, ami Blessings. 
By Elder Moses Martin, [Mormon] Minister of the Gospel. 
New York. 1842. i6mo, pp. 64. 44905 

Martin de Nantes [Le Pere). Relation succinte et sincere 
de la mission du Pere Martin de Nantes, Missionaire Apostolique 





dans le Hrc-/.il, parniis U*s Iniliens appclcs Cariris. A ^yimp/r : 
Jean Petier [ahoiit 1706]. 241110, pp. (16), 233, (2). c. 44906 

Martin (R. M.) The British Colonial Library, romprisinj^ 
a Popular and Authentic Description ot all the C\)lonic's of the 
British P^nipire. By Robert Montgomery Martin. London: (i. li, 
IP'hittaker. 1836-7. 10 vols., fcap 8vo. \ London : H. G. Bohn. 
1844. 10 vols., fcap 8vo. 44907 

Vuli. I., IV., v., and vi. relate tu America. 

Martin. The British Colonies, their History, K.xtent, Con- 
dition, and Resources. By R. Montgomery Martin ... . London: 
London Printing ... Company. [ 1 849. J 4to, pp. {4), ii, xxiv, 360. 
Continued to 6 vols. u. 44908 

Vol. I. treati of Britiih North America, and Vol. iv. of Africa and the Weit Indies. 
Firit published in 1843. 

[Martin.] Colonial Policy of the British Empire. ... Part 
I. Government. London. 1837. 8vo, pp. 87. 449^9 

Martin. History of the British Colonies. By R. Mont- 
gomery Martin ... London: Cochrane and AV Crone. Mocccxxxiv. 
5 vols., 8vo. Maps. + Second Edition. [/^/W.] dcccxxxv. 
5 vols., 8vo, pp. (2), xvi, (2), 630, (2) ; (6), xxiv." (5); (4), 

XX, 604, (6) ; (4), xii, 624, (60) i XV, (i), 596. I. , ... ba., h. 

Martin. History of the Colonies of the British Empire in 
the West Indies, South America, North America, Asia, Austral- 
Asia, Africa, and Europe ; comprising the Area, Agriculture, 
Commerce, ... &c., of Each Colony ; with the Charters and 
the f^ngravcd Seals. ... By Robert Montgomery Martin, Esq. 
London: If^m. H. Allen and Co. 1843. ^'' ^^°» PP- ^> (s)? ^^2, 
Appendix, 304. Maps, Plates and Tables. ba. 44911 

The same asi our No. 44917, described infra^ except that the (irtit word h History 
instead of Statistics. 

Martin. History of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, the Sable 
Islands, New Brunswick ... . By R. Montgomery Martin ... . 
London : PVhittaker isf Co. mdcccxxxvii. Fcap 8vo, pp. viii, 
363, (i). Plate and 2 Maps. h. 44912 

Martin. History of the West Indies. Comprising Jamaica, 
Honduras, Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada, the Bahamas, and the 
Virgin Isles. By R. Montgomery Martin, f.s.s. ... London: 
H'^hittaker iff Co. MDCCCXXxvi-vii. 2 vols., fcap 8vo, pp. xxxvi, 
308, (2) ; viii, 344, Appendix, (7). 2 Plates and 4 Maps. B. 



MAK riK. 



^91 1 






ion : 

Maktin. History, Statistics, and (ico^iaphy of Upper and 
Lower Canada. Hy R. MontgonuMV Martin. London: fHiit- 
taktr isf Co. 1H36. Fcap 8vo. ( [/A/V/. | i8jS. 449^4 

Martin. The Hudson's Bay Territories and Vancouver's 
Island : with an Kxposition of the Chartered Rights, Conduct, 
and Policy of the Hon^"'' Hudson's Hay Corporation. Hy R. 
M. Martin, Ksq. ... London: T. and If^. Boone. Mucccxi.ix. 
8vo, pp. vii, (i), 175, (I). Map. H. 44915 

Martin. The Past and Present State of the Tea Trade of 
England, and of the Continents of Europe and America ; and a 
Comparison between the Consumption, Price of, and Revenue 
derived from, Tea, Cottee, Sugar, Wine, Tobacco, Spirits, &c. 
Hy R. Montgomery Martin ... . London : Pat bury., Allen., y Co, 
1832. 8vo, pp. xi, 222. Table. ba., c. 44916 

Martin. Statistics of the Colonies of the British Empire in 
the West Indies, South America, North America ... with the 
Charters and ... Seals ; ... Hy R. Montgomery Martin, Esq. 
London: IVm. H. Allen and Co. lucccxxxix. 8vo, pp. v, (3), 
602, Appendix, 304. Map and I'iates. B., c. -j- \Jb\iL\ 1840. 

Martin. Taxation of the British Empire, By R. Mont- 
gomery Martin ... . London: Effingham IV'thon. MDcccxxxiil. 
i6mo, pp. xxvi, (2), 264. BA. 44918 

Also; The Sugar Question in relation to Free Trade and Protettion. ... London, 
1848. 8vo, pp. 21. i'« aho "The Colonial Magazine," Vol. iv., No. 14492. 

Les Fiances de Caracas : 

Par P. D. Martin-Maillefer. 

Parh. 1829. 8vo, 10 leaves. s. 44919 

Martin de la Bastide. 8ee La Bastide (M. de), 38408. 

Martin (S.) An Essay upon Plantership ... inscribed to ... 
George Thomas, Esq., Chief Governor of All the Leeward 
Islands. By Samuel Martin. Antigua. 1756. 8vo. -f- The 
Fourth Edition. London : Reprinted for A. Millar, mdcclxv. 
8vo, pp. xvi, 62. -|- Antigua. 1767. 8vo. -|- With a Preface 
upon the Slavery of Negroes in the British Colonies. London. 
1773. 8vo. -|- Seventh Edition, with all the Additions, from 
the Author's Experiments to the Time of his Death. Antigua : 
Printed by R. A/earns. 1785. 4to. 44920 

Martin (T.) Speech of Hon. Thomas Martin, delivered ... 
February 17th, 1870, on a bill ... for the appropriation of ... 

Martin-Maillefer (P. D.) 
Poeme eclectique, en deux chants. 

I \\ 





money to bury ... the Remains of the Confederate Dead, at 
Point Lookout, in St. Mary's County, Md. Annapolis. 1870. 
8vo, pp. 12. 44921 

Martin (T. M.) The National Crisis. A Sermon ... in 
Philadelphia, By Rev. Thomas M. Martin, m.a. ... January 4, 
1861 ... a Day of Fasting ... . [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. h. 

Martin de Moussy (V.) Description Geographique et Sta- 
tistique de la Confederation Argentine Par V. Martin de Moussy, 
... Paris : Firmin Didot Freres^ Fils et C"., hnprimeurs. 1860-64. 
3 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), 582; (4), 671 ; (8), 752. Atlas, 1869. 
Folio, pp. (4), 20. 30 Plates. b. 44923 

Martin de Moussy. Memoire historique sur la decadence 
et la ruine des missions des Jesuites dans le bassin de la Plata, 
leur etat actuel, Par V. Martin de Moussy. Paris: Douniel. 
1865. 8vo, pp. 92. 2 Maps. 44924 

Martin (W.) The Self Vindication, of Col. William Mar- 
tin, against certain Charges ... made against him by Gen. Andrew 
Jackson and others, in relation to ... Transactions in the Cam- 
paign against the Creek Indians in ... 1813. Nashville: Printed 
by "John S. Simpson. 1829. 8vo, pp. 48. B. 44925 

Martin (William Charles Linnaeus). A General History of 
Humming-Birds, or the Trochilidae : with special reference to 
the Collection of J. Gould ... . By W. C. L. Martin ... . London: 
H. G. Bohn. 1852. i6mo, pp. vii, (i), 232. Plates. 

Many of these are American birds. 

A., B. 

Martin (W. F.) The Geographical Magazine ; ... of 
Asia, Africa, Europe, and America; ... By William Frederick 
Martin. London : Harrison and Co. mdcclxxxii. 2 vols., 4to. 

America occupies over one hiundred pages in Vol. 11. 

Martin (W. T.) Franklin County Register ; with a Brief 
History of the Settlement of the County. By William T. Mar- 
tin. Columbus. 1834. 32mo. Map. 44928 

Martin. History of Franklin County ; a Collection of 
Reminiscences of the Early Settlement of the County ; with 
Biographical Sketches, and a Complete History of the County to 
the Present Time. By William T. Martin. Columbus: FoUett^ 
Foster ^ Company. 1858. 8vo, pp. v, 449, (1). 8 Plates. H. 




kU.^.. ..jUoti.'^. 



ton : 








[Martin de Valencia.] El Lutero de las almas de Kuke- 
tan [j'V] y Nueva Espafiu 1532. Folio. 4493© 

[Martin de Valencia.] Passio gloriosi marty | ris beati 
patris fratris Andree de | Spoleto oidinis minorCi regula-|iis obser- 
vatie p catholice fideive| riiatc passi in AftVica civitate Fez, | y/;/«o 
dni M . D . xxxij | [Colophon :] Imf>ressum Tholose expensis honesti 
viri Johatinis\barril mercatoris Tholose. | Laus deo. | 410, 4 leaves. 

&< alio Vol. X., No. 40960, Menesses (F. de) and Otave (A. S. de). 

[Martin de Valencia.] Lettres envoyees au chapitrc gen- 
eral des fieres mineurs de la reguliere obseruance, celebre ... en 
la cite de Tholose ... Ian niil.D.xxxij ... touchant les attaiies 
des Indes et parties orientalles. nouuellement tianslatees de latin 
en francoys ... joincte a icelles vne salutaire exhortation a tous 
bons et loyaulx chresticns vtile et profitable. [Tholose^ par ''Jean 
Barril.^ vers 1532.] 410, 10 leaves. 44932 

"Apparently a translation into F. 'irh of the previous title." — [Harrisse's] Bib. 
Am. Vet., Additions, No. 98 ; see also i^os. 97 and 99. 

Martindale (H. C.) Oration ... at West Granville, ... N. 
Y., July 5, 1830 ... . By Henry C. Martindale. Vnion-V'illage., 
N. r. ; p. S. Mills and W. Lansing. 1830. 8vo, pp. 28. B. 

Martindale (J. C.) A History of the Townships of By- 
berry and Moreland, in Philadelphia, Pa. By Joseph C. Martin- 
dale, m.d. ... Philadelphia: T. Ellwood Zell. 1867. 8vo, pp. 379. 

Martindale. A History of the United States from 1492 to 
1866, for the Use of Schools. By Joseph C Martindale, m.d. 
... Philadelphia : J. K. Simon. 1866. i2mo, pp. 171. 44935 

?v1artineau (Eyquem du). See Eyquem du Martineau, vi. 

Martineau (H.) A History of the American Compromises: 
... By Harriet Martineau. London: "J. Chapman. 1856. 8vo, 
pp. 36. 44936 

Martineau. The Hour and the Man. A Romance of 
Hayti. By Harriet Martineau. London. 1841. 3 vols., post 
8vo. Map. ^ New-Tork : Harper if? Brothers. 1841. 2 vols., 
l2mo, pp. 224; 209. -^-London: Routledge ilf Co. 1843. i2mo. 
+ U^'d-] 1855- 44937 

A historical romance descriptive of the career of Toussainc Louverture. 

Martineau. Illustrations of Political P^conomy. By Harriet 
Martineau. ... London: Fox. 1832. 19 vols., 24mo. -{-Boston: 

vol. XI. 30 





Leonard C. Bowles. 1832-35. 19 vols., l8rno. B. -\- London: 
Routledge ... 1859. 9 vols., 24010. H. 44938 

CuntiM : No. I. Life in the Wilds; iv. Demerara ; x. Homes Abroad. 

Martineau. The Martyr Age in the United States of 
America. By Harriet Martineau. New York. 1839. 8vo, pp. 
36. -(- Boston: Weeks., Jordan Iff Co. 1839. l2mo, pp. 84. -f- 
Newcastle upon Tyne : Finlay and Charlton. 1840. 8vo, pp. xix, 44. 

First appeared in the "London and Westminster Review," for December, 1838, 
being a review ot" a work entitled " Right and Wrong in Boston," and of various mat- 
ters connected with the slavery societies of that period. 

Martineau. Retrospect of Western Travel By Harriet 
Martineau ... . London: Saunders is Otley. 1838. 3 vols., post 
8vo, pp. vi, (2), 318, (l) , (6), 292 ; (6), 293, (1). + New York: 
Harper bf Brothers. 1838. 2 vols., l2mo, pp. (6), 13-276 ; 239. 

" No one who wishes to form a correct and enlarged view of the character, institu- 
tions, resources, and prospects of America, should fail to peruse Miss Martineau's 
volumes." — Eclectic Review. See also " N. A. Rev.," xiv, 15, xlv, 418; " Frazer's 
Magazine," xix. 557. 

Martineau. Society in America By Harriet Martineau ... . 
London : Saunders iff Otley. 1837. 3 vols., post 8vo, pp. xix, 364; 
vi, 369; vi, 365. H. + New Tork : Saunders and Otley. 1837. 
2 vols., i2mo, pp. (2), XV, iv, 395 ; ii, 420. -j- Fourth Edition. 
[^Ibid.'] B., H. 44941 

It elicited : " Miss Martineau on America, Reviewed. From the American Quarterly 
Review, for September, 1S37." [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 43. See also [Otis (J. F.)], 
"Slavery in America," and [Wilks]. 

Martineau. De la Societe Americaine, par Miss Martineau ; 
traduit de I'anglais Par M. Benjamin Laroche ... . Bruxelles. 
1836. 3 vols., i8mo. -f [^Ibid.'] 1 838. 44942 

Martineau. Voyage aux Etats-Unis ; ou tableau de la 
Societe Americaine, par Harriet Martineau. Traduit de I'anglais, 
par B. Laroche. Paris. 1839. 2 vols., 8vo. 44943 

Martineau. Views of Slavery and Emancipation ; from 
"Society in America." By Harriet Martineau ... . New Tork: 
Piercy Reed., Printers \sic\. 1837. 8vo, pp. (4), 79. ba. 44944 

Also: Biographical Sketches ... . London: Macmillan i^ Co. 1869. l2mo, pp. ix, 
(z), 445. -f- Neiu Tork: Ley poldt & Holt. 1869. I2mo, pp. 458. — Miscellanies. ... 
Boston : Hilliardf Gray and Company. M Dccc xxxvi. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xii, 352 ; (4), 402. 

Martineau (J.) Miscellanies. By the Rev. James Mar- 
tineau. Boston: IVm. Crosby and H. P. Nichols. 1852. i2mo, 
pp. vi, (2), 472. H. 44945 

Contains the life, character, and works of Dr. Priestley, etc. 



Martinelli (V.) Istoria del Governo d'lnghilterra e dclle 
sue Colonic in India, e nell' America settentrionale Scritta da 
Vincenzio Martinelli Seconda Edizione ... . Pescia. mdcci.xxvii. 






H. 44946 

[Martinkna (Juan Martin de Juan).] Verdadero Origin, 
Caracter, Causas, Resortes, Fines y Progresos de la Revolucioii 
de Nueva Espaiia, y Det'ensa de los europeos en general residentrs 
en ella, y especialmente de los autores de la aprchension y destitu- 
cion del virey D. Jose Iturrigaray en la noche del 15 de sctienUiie 
de 1808, contra los talsos caluniniadores que los infaman, y atri- 
buyen al indicado suceso, a opresion, agresiones v ofensas de su 
parte contra los americanos, la desastrosa revolucion que ha 
asolado este reino. Folio, pp. 17. [Followed by:] Manirtcsto 
e todas las Naciones per el superior gobierno de Nueva Espana. 
Mexico. 1820. Folio, pp. 114,66. 44947 

"An angry condemnation of the insurrection of Ydalgo, but contains the most inter- 
esting documents for any one who intends to write the history of that revolution." 

Martinez (A. J. P.) Oracion Funebre que en las Solemnes 
Exequias en la Iglesia del Espiritu Santo de la Puebla, a devocion 
y expensas de los hijos y Oriundos de Vizcava de Navarra, por 
todos los que murieron en la Gloriosa Defensa de Buenos-Ayrr.s, 
dixo 24 de Feb. de 1808. El D. A. J. Perez Martinez. Mexico. 
1808. 8vo. Plate. 44948 

Martinez. Sermon predicado en la Santa Iglesia Metropoli- 
tana de Megico el dia 21 de Julio de 1822 por el Exmo. e Illnio. 
Sr. Dr. D. Antonio Joaquin Perez Martinez, ... con motivo de 
la solemne coronacion del Senoi D. Augustin de Iturbide, primer 
Emperador constitucional de Megico. Puebla. 1839. 4to, pp. 28. 

Also: Fanegirico de S. Augustin. ... Puebla. 1817. 410, pp. (6), 19. ^ Panegirico 
de Santa Clara, predicado en la iglesia de su convento de la Fuebla de los Angeles. ... 
Puebla. 1819. 4to, pp. (4), 28. 

Martinez (Caro). Ramon, Verdadera idea de la primera 
Campana de Tejas, v sucesos ocurridos despues de la accion de 
San Jacinto. Mexico. 1837. 4to, pp. 162. 4495° 

[Martinez de Pinillos (Claudio).] Alcabalatorio de la Isia 
de Cuba, 6 Recopilacion Sumaria de las Leyes y Reales Ordcnes, 
que rigen en dicha Isla ... . Hahana. 1830. 8vo, pp. (2), 42. 1:. 

Martinez (Henrico). Repertorio de los Tiempos, v Historia 
Natvral desta Nveva Espana. Mexico. 1606. Sm. 4to, pp. (22), 
342, (numbered 278). Plate. c. 44952 

i ti 



I 4! 

! 4 

i .il 

" Livre d'une rarctc excrssive dont on ne connait que quelqurt exemplairei." — 
ANUKADt:. " Lihru niuy curiusu i de grandt-a noticias pur tenerlas su Autor, que oy 
vive en Mexico, i tieiie uCrus escritos, que nunca llegaran a Espafta, pues el impressu no 
se halla." — Lkon PrNEi.o, p. 102 ; Antonio, Vol. 1., p. 564. 

Martinez de la Puente (J.) Compcr)dio|de las Historias| 
de los Descubrimieii- 1 tos, Conquistas, y Guerras de la { India 
Oriental, y sus Islas ... . Por D. Joseph Martinez de la Pvente. 
... Madrid : Por la f'iuda de "Joseph FernandeT, de Buendia. 1 681. 
8vo, pp. (14), 380, 30. H. 44953 

Includes an account of the discovery of Brazil. Lord Stuart de Rothesay's copy, 
with the date Madrid, 1680, sold in 1844 for £3 3s. 

Martinez (J.) Sermon de San Felipe de Jesus. Mexico. 
1781. 4to, 22 leaves. 44954 

The subject of this sermon suffered martyrdom in Mexico. 

Martinez (J.) El P. Maestro Fray Juan Martinez, Voca- 
bulario en la Lengua general del Peru, llamada Quichua y en la 
Lengua Espanola. [_Lima :'\ En ios Reyes. 1604. Sm. 8vo. 

Title from " Bibliotheca Heberiana, vi. 35, No. 512, as quoted by Ludewig. 

Martinez de Araujo (J.) Manual de los Santos Sacra- 
mentos en el Idioma de Michuacan. Dedicalo al Ilst"^" y Rev'^" 
Senor Doctor 1). Juan Ortega Montanes mi Senor del Consejo 
de su Magestad, Obispo que fue de Darango, Guatemala ... . 
El Bachillcr luan Martinez de Aravjo, primer Colegial de el 
Coleg'o de S. Ramon Nonnato ... . Con licencia de los Superiores. 
En Alexico : por Dona Maria de Benavides^ Viuda de Juan de 
Rihera en el Empedradillo. Aho de 1690. 4to, 7 prel. leaves, Text, 
93 leaves, Table, i leaf. 4495^ 

Not mentioned by Brunet, Rich, Brockhaus, or Stevens. 

Martinez (Juan Chrys.) El Phenix de la Africa Augustino, 
breve relacion de su sagrado cuerpo. Mexico : B. de Hogal. 
1729. 4to, pp. (2), 56. 44957 

Martinez (J. G. de C.) Amorosa contienda de Francia, 
Italia, y Espana sobre la augusta persona de el Senor Don Carlos 
III. exaltado al trono Espanol ... Propone al a El Dr. T. Mro. 
Don Juan Gregoria de Campos Martinez ... Protho-Medico por 
sa Majestad de esta Nueva Espana. ... Impressa en el Rl y mas 
Antiguo Colegio de lldefonsa de Mexico., ano de 1761. 4to, pp. (26), 
208. 4495^ 

See alio Campos Martinez (J. G.), Vol. in., No. 10323. 

[Martinez de] L[ejarza] (J. J.) See L[ejarza] (J. J.) 






30 r 


Martinez (M.) Sermon de Gracias con que el ill. Cabildo 
oe la ciudad de Santa Fe real y minas Guanaxoato. Alexico. 
1784. 4to, 20 leaves. 44959 

Also : Sermon panegirico en U dedication de la nueva iglesia del convento de S. 
Petro dt Alcjntura de la ciudad de Santa Fc y minas de Gumaxoato. ... Mexico. 1785. 
4to, 16 leaves. 

Martinez (M. L.) Memoirs of Dona Maria Loretto Mar- 
tinez, the Black Malibran, Native of Cuba. London. [1S50.] 
8vo. 44960 

Martinez (M. G.) Oracion funebre pronunciada por el Sr. 
Prebendado Lie D. Miguel G. Martinez, en las hoiiras que en 
sufragio por el alma del Senor Dr. D. Francisco Javier Miranda, 
se celebraron por acuerdo del Exmo. Ayuntamicnto de Pueblo 
cuto Iglesia de N. S. P. S. francisco de la misma ciudad el dia 13 
de Julio de 1864. Puebla. 1864. 410, pp. 22. Portrait. 

Martinez (P.) Bref discours d'aucunes Missions, tant 
d'Orient que d'Occident, tire d'aucunes lettres des PP. Pierre 
Martinez ... . Douai. 1593. I'^mo* 44962 

Martinez. Brevis et compendiosa narratio Missionum qua- 
rundam Orientis et Occidentis. Excerpta ex quibusdam letteris 
a PP. Petro Martinez ... P. Joanne de Aticiiza, Provincialc 
Peruanas, et P. Pietro Diaz, Provinciale Mcxicanje. Provincia- 
rum datis anno 1590 et 1591 ad reveren. P. Generalem Societatis 
Jesu. Et collecta per P. Gasparum Spitelli ... . Antverpitc. 1593. 
8vo. 44963 

Martinez. Ragguaglio d'alcune missioni dell' Indie Ori- 
entali et Occidentali cavato da alcuni avisi scritti gli anni 1690 ct 
91. da i PP. P. Martinez, G. d'Atienza, P. Diaz. Roma. 1593. 
8vo. 44964 

Martinez. Recueil de quelques missions des Indes-Orien- 
tales et Occidentales, par les peres Pierre Martinez,, proviseur des 
Indes-Orientalcs, Jean d'Atienza, provincial du Perou, ct Pierre 
Diez, provincial du Mexique. Lyon. 1594. i2mo. 449^5 

Martinez de la Torre (Rafael). Alegato de bien probado 
en el juicio promovido por algunos aviados de la mina de Jacal 
contra la compania aviadora. Mexico. 1861. Svo, pp. 138. 

Also : Alegato de puena prueba por parte de la comp.ini.i aviadora del del 
Monte y Pathuca, en el negocio promovido por varios accioiii.^tas lit- la mina del [ i. a!. 
Mexico. i86z. Svo, pp. 49. — Copia de las sentencias pronunciadas por D. iManud 






Siliceo, D. Mi);uel Atristain y O. HiUirio Elgurro, en el juicio arbitral que lot aviados 
de la mina del Ja);al han geguido contra la cumpaRia aviadora del Monte y Pachuca, etc. 
Mexico. 1863. 8vi), pp. 70. c. 

Martingale (Hawser), pseudon. See [Sleeper (Jacob S.)] 

Martinho de Mesquita. Estreum fulmen in Batavorum 
classem a Jove Gallico Ludovico xiv Galliarum rege invictissimo 
jaciilatum, taiui fulininis a ministro illustrissimo et excellentissimo 
comite Joanne de Estrees, ejusdem regis in toto Occidcntali 
Oceano pro archiialasso, ad insulam Tabaco in America Meridio- 
nali, heroico reditum carmine. Roma: M. Baniabo. 1677. Fol. 

Martini (F.) Argo-Navta 1 Batavvs, | Sive expeditionis Na- 
valis, quam alter noster | Jason, & Heros fortissimus, Pctrvs) 
Hcinivs, sub aiispicijs Ulustrissimorum & | potentissimorum DD. 
Ordd : & I Illustrissimi Principis Amaici, In-|clytceq; Societatis 
India; Occi- | dentalis ductu nuper | suscepit : | Et Victorife in sinii 
Matanza; divinitus | reportata: | Historia | Carmine heroico descripta, 
& publice recitata,|a I Francisco Martini [ Schola; Campensis Dis- 
cipulo. I Campis. | Ex ojficina Petri Henrici IVyriugani.^ | sub signo 
Typographies. \ ci.o 13 cxxix | 410, pp. (2), 28. 44968 

This account of the Dutch expedition to Brazil, under Peter Heyn, is a poetical 
volume of great rarity. 

[Martini ANO de Alencar (J.)] Cartas sobre a Confede- 
ra^ao dos Tamoyos, por I. G. Rio de "Janeiro : Emprexa Typo- 
graphia Nacional do Diario. 1856. 8vo, pp. 96, 16. 449^9 

Martinico. Genuine Account. See No. 26960, add Map. 

Martiniere (Bruzen de la). See Bruzen de la Martiniere, 
Vol. III., No. 8783, and La Martiniere, Vol. x., Nos. 38711-16. 

Martinique. Affaire des Deportes de la Martinique, Me- 
moires, consultation, pieces justificatives, &c. Paris. 1827. 8vo. 

Annates de la Societe d'Agriculture et d'£conomie politique a 
la Martinique, [v. d.] 8vo. Continued. 4497' 

Articles de la capitulation de I'isle Martinique, entre son Ex- 
cellence M. Le Vassor de la Touche, et leurs Excellences Mes- 
sieurs G. B. Rodney & Robert Monckton, Generaux des Armees 
de Mer & de la Terre de S. M. Britannique. Martinique : Pierre 
Richard. 1762. 4to, pp. 7. J.C.B. 44972 

Bulletin des actes administratifs de la Martiiiique, i" seric, 
contenant les arretes et actes du gouverncment pendant les annees 



1828-31. Saint-Pierre^ Alartinique : J. J. Fleurot, 1829-32. 4 

vols., 8vo, pp. xvj, 274 ; xvj, 944 ; xvj, 286 ; xix, 308. 44973 

Rare, as two hundred copies only were printed. 

Code de la Martinique. Nouvelle edition par M. Durand 
Molard, sous-commissaire des Colonies. Saint-Pierre [Alarti- 
nique). 1807-14. 5 vols., 8vo. 44974 

Another collection of laws was published in 1757, with a supplement in 1772, t'olio. 

Compte general de I'Administration de la Justice dans les 
Colonics de la Martinique, la Ciuadeloupe, la Guyane, ct Bour- 
bon, 1834-39. Paris. 1842-45. 2 vols., 4to. a. 44975 

Essai sur I'etat actuel de I'administration de la Colonic dc la 
Martinique. Bordeaux. 181 7. 8vo. c. 44976 

Lettre d'un Dominicain de la Martinique a ses supcrieurs 
en France ; contenant le recit de la persecution que le P. de 
Lavalette, Jesuite, a suscitee aux Missionaires de cct ordrc. [n. 
p. 1763.] i2mo, pp. viii, 32. j.c.b. 44977 

Lettres sur la prise de la Martinique par les Anglois, en 1762. 
[^Paris. 1763.] 8vo, pp. vii, 55. JC.B. 44978 

Written by an inhabitant of the Island of Guadalupe to an inhabitant of Martinique. 

Memoire des officiers, bas-officiers, Sec. du regiment de la 
Martinique ; et detail exact de la conduite que ce corps a tenue a 
I'occasion des exces commis envers deux ofliciers du regiment par 
une partie de la ville de St. Pierre. Paris. 1790. 8vo. 44979 

Pieces du proces instruit contradictoirement au conscil supe- 
rieur de la Martinique, entre le procureur general, en la societe 
des Jesuites. [n. p. about 1763.] i2mo, pp. 191. 0,44980 

Precis historique des Evenemens arrives a la Martinique, depuis 
1789 jusqu'a la prise de la Colonie par les Anglois, en 1794. 
\_Paris. 1794.] 4to, pp. 20. J.C.B. 44981 

" Seul et unique exemplaire pour la premier Consul." — J. C. Brown's Catalogue, tke 
also [Chanvalon (J. B. T. de)], [Deshallcs], and D[oublej (M.) 

Martinsburg, Fa. Discourse delivered in the Protestant 
Episcopal Church ... November 23, 1806, Martinsburg, Vir- 
ginia. Martinsburg. [1806.] l8mo, pp. 14. N. 44982 

Martir (P.) Informe de Una Comision Del M. I. A. de la 
Habana, Sobre Poblacion Blanca. Publicado y Anotado por 
Pedro Martir. Nueva Orleans. 1847. ^^"i PP* ^9- ^^- 449^3 



i L 


\ > 

r ! 



Martire d'Anchif.ra (Pietro). See Anghiera (P.), Vol. i. 

Martius (Carl Frit-drich Philipp von). Bcitrage zur Ethno- 
graphie unci Spracheiikiinde Brasilicns. Wortersammlung brasi- 
lianischcr Sprachen, Erlaugen : Junge. 1863. 8vo, pp. xxi, 54S. 
-f- Leipxig : F, Fleischer, 1867. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. ix, 202; xxi, 
548. c. 44984 

Martius. Beitriige zur Naturgeschichte von Brasilien. ... 
fP'eimar. 1825-33. 4 vols., 8vo. 44985 

Martius. Catalogue de la Bibliotheque americaine de M'. 
de Martius. Munich. 1848. 4to, 34 leaves. C. 44986 

Lithograplird ; describes four hundred and seventy-eight works. 

Martius. Flora Brasiliensis sou Enumeratio Plantarum in 
Brasilia tarn sua sponte quani accedente cultura provenientium, 
quas in itinere ... annis 1817-1820 peracto collcgit, partim 
descripsit ... C. F. Ph. de Martius. ... Stuttgartiae : Sumptihus 
y. G. Cottae. 1833, 1829. 8vo, pp. iv, 390; (6), ii, 608. h. 

These are Part i. of Vol. 1. and Part i. of Vol. n. 

Martius. Flora Brasiliensis sive Enumeratio Plantarum in 
Brasilia ... Edidit Car. Frid. Phil, de Martius. Accedunt ... 
Musei C. R. Pal. Vindob. Eduardi Fenzl. Lipsiae : F. Fleischer. 
1857. ^vo, pp. 170. Plate. c. 44988 

For parts i.-x. see Endlichcr (S.), Vol. vi., Z256z. The seventieth fasciculus was 
published in 1876. 

Martius. Genera et Species Palmarum quas in itinere per 
Brasiliam annis 1817-1820 ... collegit, descripsit, et iconibus 
illustravit C. F. P. de Martius. Motiachii. 1823-37. 3 vols., 
folio. 245 Plates. -\- Lipsia : T. O. IVeigel. 1856-57. 3 vols., 
folio. Plates. 44989 

" One of the grandest botanical works ever puMished. The pi.ites are of very Lirge 
size, and some copies were published with them exquisitely colored. The expense of 
producing it was so enormous tliat a great portion of the funds fur the purpose ci>n- 
triiiuted by the Bavarian Government." The second issue sold for 196 thaler, plain, 
328 thaler, colored. 

Martius. Herbarium Florae Brasiliensis. Plantas Brasilienses 
exsiccatae .... Monachii. i837-[4o]. 8vo, pp. 352. 4499^ 

Pages 1-72 relate to the literary history of the " Flora Brasiliensis." 

Martius. Historia naturalis Palmarum, opus tripartitum, 
cujus volumen primum Palmas generatim tractat ; Volumcii 
secundum Brasiliae Palmas singulatim descriptiones et icones illus- 










sc of 



trat 1 Volumcn tertium Charactcres ordinis Familiaium gfiu'iuni 
rcccnsuit, Species selectas desciihit, ct figuris adumbiat adjecta 
omnium Svnopsi. Ace. Tabulae ccxi. v. Lipsia : T. (). II ei^s^el. 
1823-50. 3 vols., folio. A. 44991 

Martius. Icones Select* Plantaium Crytogamicarum quas 
in i.inere per Brasiliam annus mdcccxvii-mdcccxx ... collegit 
et desciipsit Dr. C. F. P. de Martius ... . Monachl't : Inipetnis 
Jutoris. 1828-34. 4to, pp. (6), 138. 76 colored Plates. 44992 

Martius. Nova Genera et Species Plantarum quas in itinere 
per Brasiliam, annis mdcccxvii-mdcccxx ... suscepto collegit et 
descripsit C. K. P. de Martius ... . Motiachii : Typis Lindaueri. 
1824-29. 3 vols., 4to, pp. (8), 158; (6), 148; (8), 198. 300 
colored Plates. a., h. 44993 

Martius. Das Naturell, die Krankheiten, das Arzthum und 
die Heilmittel der Urbewohner Brasiliens. Miinchen : IFolf. 
[1844.] 8vo, pp. 192. 449;4 

Martius. Die Physionomie des Pflanzenreichs in Brasilien, 
eine Rede ... am 14 Februar 1824 ... von Dr. C. F. Ph. von 

Martius. Miinchen. 1824. 4to, pp. 36. 44995 

Martius. Reise in Brasilien auf Befehl Sr. Maj. Maximilian 
Joseph I., Konigs von Baiern, in den Jahren 1817-20. Miinchen. 
1823-31. 3 vols., 4to. Atlas in folio. 4499^ 

There are copies on large paper, and one or more with the atlas colored by hand. 

Martius. Specimen Materia? Medicje Brasiliensis, exhibens 
Plantas Medicinales, quas in itinere per Brasiliam annis 1817-20 
... observavit Dr. C. F. P. de Martius ... . l_AIonachli :'\ Typis 
7. E. de Seidel. 1824. 410, pp. 20. 9 Plates. H. 44997 

Martius. Systema Materiae Medicae Vegetabilis Brasiliensis. 
Composuit Car. Frid. Phil, de Martius. Lipsiae : Frid. Fleischer. 
1843. 8vo, pp. (2), xxvi, 155, (i). B., c, H. 44998 

Martius. Von dem Rcchtszustande untcr den Ureinwohnern 
Brasiliens. Eine Abhandlung von Dr. C F. Ph. von Martius. 
Mit Anhang. Miinchen. 1832. 4to, pp. iv, 86, 20. 44999 

Also : Beitrag zur Flora Brasiliens. Mit Beschreihung von Nees von Esenbeik und 
von Martius. [n. p. n. d.] 4to. 6 Plates. — Brasilianische Volkslieder und Indiani- 
sche Mflodien. ... [n.p. n.d.] 410. — Glossaria Linguarum Brasiliensium. ... Eilan^fti : 
Junge & Sohn. 1863. 8vo, pp. xxi, 54+, 547-8. — Syllabus pr.ielfctionum de botanica 
pharmaceutico-medica. ... Miinchen: Fcrfaiscr. 1852. Svo, pp. 34. — Die Thicre und 
Fflanzen des tropischen America. ... Mtincben : Verfaiscr. 1831. 4to. 4 Plates, folio. 
This was reprinted from the "Reise," No. 44996. — Die Vergangenheic und Zui{unft 





! I 

t I 





der Amrrik inisrhen Mrnichheit. ... [n. p.] iS'^S. 8vo, pp. ^4. + [n. p.] ifi'\'). 
8vo, pp. (1), ■jh. — Versuih einei Commentura iilirr die in dm Werken von 
Marigruv un>l Pii>(i ul)er Drjiilicn nrl)st weitcrrn Etortcrungrn lilirr die Flora .. . I, 
KryptiigJinrn. Mumhfn. 1K53. 410, pp. 60. See alto Spix (J. B.) 

The Maitling-Man. See [Clinton (f)e VVitt)], iv. 137 17. 

[Martyn (Benjamin).] An | Account | Shewing | the Progress 
of the I Colony of Cieorgial in America | from its Hist establish- 
ment. I London : hinted in the If'ear M.DCC.XLI. Folio, pp. (2), 71. 
-)- Maryland : Reprinted and Sold by ^nnas (ireen^ at his Printing 
Office^ in Annapolis. 1 742. 4to. -f IP^aihington : Peter Farce. 
1H36. 8vo, pp. V, 56. 45000 

First pulilisli(.-d by order of the trustees of the colony, .ind forms Vol. i. of «' Fonc'j 
Tracts." It is also reprinted in the "Georgia Historical Society Collections," Vol. ii. 

[Martyn.] An I Impartial Enquiry | into the | State and Utility | 
of the I Province of Georgia. | Z.owr/'SW .• /^. Meadows. MDCCXLI. 
8vo, pp. (2), 104. BA., H. 45001 

"A well-written tract, defending the colony from the repoits had 
been circulated." — Rich. It includes an account of Soutli Carolina. Reprinted in the 
"Georgia Historical Society Collections," Vol. i. Its authorship has also been attribu- 
ted to Lord John Percival. 

[Martyn.] Reasons For Establishing the Colony of Georgia, 
With Regard to the Trade of Great Britain, The Increase of our 
People, and the Employment and Support it will aftord to great 
Numbers of our own Poor, as well as foreign persecuted Protest- 
ants. With some Account of the Country, and the Design of 
the Trustees. London : IV. Meadoivs. mdccxxxiii. 410, pp. 39. 
Map and Plate. 45002 

Martyn. Reasons For Establishing the Colony of Georgia, 
... By Benjamin Martyn, Esq. The Second Edition, London: 
IV. Meadoxvs. Mdccxxxiii. 4to, pp. 48. Map and Plate. 

This second edition cont.iins letters of Gen. Oglethorpe, with resolutions of the 
Assembly rel.itive to his .urival. A well-written tract; plausible in its arguments, 
glowing in its descriptions, vaUi.ilile for its information, and pertinent in its appeals to 
the pliilanthrupic and benevolent. Reprinted in "Georgia Historical Society Collec- 
tions," Vol. II., pp. 203-138. 

Martyn (J.) Joannis Martyn Historia Plantarum Rarit)rum. 
... Londoni : Ex Typographia Richardi Reilly. MDCCXxyill. Folio, 
pp. (4), 52. 50 colored Plates. H. 45004 

The plants described are chiefly American. Two other parts were printed. 

Martyn (J. H.) A Narrative of the Origin and Progress of 
the First Free Congregational Church, in Buffalo, New-York : 



... By J. H. Marty n. ... Buffalo: Prtnttd hy H. /t. Sainbun. 
1834. 8v<), pp. 16. HA. 45005 

Martyn (S. T.) The English Exile; or, William Tviidak- 
at Hume and Abroad. By Mrs. S. T. Martyn. New )'ork. 
1867. i6mo, pp. 237. 

c. 45006 

[Martyn.] Our Village in War Time. ... New York. 1867. 
i8nio, pp. 125. 45007 

Martyn (W. Carlos). The Pilgrim Fathers of New Eng- 
land. A History. By W. C. Martyn. New York. [1867. J 
i2mo, pp. 432. c. 45008 

Also; A History of" the English Puritani. ... New York. [1867.] izmu, pp. 496. 
— History of the Huguenots. ... New York. [1866.] l2mo, pp. 518. c. 

Martyr (Peter). See Anghiera (Pietro Martire d'), Vol. i. 

Martyr. Die schiftung mittjdem Lanndf der|(iulden Insel 
getundO diirch | Hern Johan v6 Angliara] Hawptman des C'risten- 1 
lichen Kiinigs v6 His-|pania, gar hubsch|ding /u hore mit| alien 
yren leben I vnd sit- 1 ten. I [n. p. about 1520.] Sm. 4to, 3 leaves. 

This is 4 corrr. ted titk' of our No, I 560, Vol. 1. See alio Grafjse's "Tresor," i. 130, 
and Harrissc's "Bib. Am. Vet.," No. 102. 

Martyr. De Orbe No-|uo Petri Martyris ab | Angleria 
Mcdiolaneii-|sis Protonotarij | Cesaris sena-|toris dc- 1 cades | ... . 
Compluti apud Michn-\ele d' Egu'ta Jnito | [Colophon :] 
... J)ino f'irg'inei\p(irtui M.O.\\\,\Mense Decebri.\ Folio, Text, 
cxij leaves, Vocabula Barbara, 3 leaves. Map. H. 45010 

First complete edition of" the eight decades. It is in some respects more correct than 
Hakluyt's, which is usually considered the best. This ia the correct title of" our No. 
1551. See Harrisse's " Bib. Am. Vet.," No. 154. 

Martyr. De|orbe novo] ... m.d.lxxxvii., 

See our No. 15^2, and add to the note : There are copies on thick paper. 

Martyr, Relationi \our No. 1559]. 

£. Tross of Paris quotes a copy of this work dated 156., which may be an error. 

Martyr. The Decades I of the newe worlde or | west India. 

Title as in " No. 1561, but with the imprint fF. Powell, 1557. 

[Martyr.] The I Historic Of | The West-Indies, | Containing 
the Actes and Aduentures | of the Spaniards, which haue con- 
quered I and peopled those Countries, inriched with \ari-jetie of 
pleasant relation of the Manners, | Ceremonies, Lavvcs, (joueiu- 
meiits, I and Warres of the | Indians. | Published in Latin bv Mr. 
Hakluyt, | and translated into English by M. Lok. Gent. | ... | 

.■ II 

I '\ 




I I 

London^ | pr'itittil for Andrew Htbby and are to be sold at llif S'tgne | 

ef the lie// in Pau/'s Church-yard. [>597?] 4t«>, 3 prt'l- leaves, 

Text, ji8 leaves. 4501 1 

Tlie " E[)i»tii|,i Dciiii.itiiri.1," 1 Irjvrt, ii lomrrimrs insortcil from the cfition AtXrA 
1611. Iti (late id uiuvrtaini Wliitr Krnnrtt, J gmiil .iiitliurity, |il.i> rs it >it 1^97, Ki^h 
givei tlie duti; .m 1612. It in, in f'.iit, (lir ■.inir rdition ** our N(». 1^^^ (>4, with 
aniithrr titlr, .mil huni tlii- t'.ut tlut the " K|ii«t(ila l)riliiJt(iri.i" in not usii.tily tuiitui 
with it, wr imlini' ti) ihi- hchct" that it it cvrn l.itcr than l6a8. 'I'lir i';i! nt' titli- 
wa» rrfrrly a piiblishiT'ii triik. In notiiin^ this dlitinn T. W. Firlil niii nks " Thr 
name of xhv author tit" this Wdik was I'ictrci Maitir, cif Anj-hicr.i, in Mil.m, a iijttir 
whiih he latini/cil iruii An|;lriia. Thcrr ia no morr warrant lor iityliti^ him An):lrriiiii 
than Milanoivi'. He is ri'c<i(;ni2eil hy all Spanish wiiti'is l>y his patrdnymic, anglicized 
f<i Peter Martyr." Our answer to whirl) ia Utunet ,md other authorities of tar 
more repute thaji Mr. Field, index him under the name "Anj[hiera." 

Maktvr. Ilistdii vdii cicr Ncwc-ii Wcit, uiid Imliaiiischrn 
Nidcigiingisihcn Kiinigrcichs ; aiis ilcm [/atcin in lias 'I't-iitsc h 
gebraclu (lurch Nicolaum Hoiiigcr von Konigshoffii. Basi/ : 
Sebastian Henicpetri. 1382. 2 vols., folio. 45012 

[Martyr.] I/Histoire. See Vol. vni., No. 32018. 

Martyr. P. Martyris ab | aiigleria | Metliolanciisi. | Opera. | 
Legatio babilonica | Occeanea decas. | Focinata. | Cum pi iuikgio. | 
[Colophon : I liiijnisium Hispti/i cfi di/igencia per "Jacobu corum- j 
berger a/emanfi. Anno. Mil/essimo quingentessimo, xj, mise vera j 
Apri/i.\ Folio, 74 leaves. Map. 450'3 

Another version i\( our No. 1565, Vol, I. Hurrisse think) that this was the first 
issue; see " Bib. Am. Vet.," Addition!, No. 41. 

The Martvr Age of the United States of America, with an 
Appeal on behalf of the Oberlin Institute in aid of the Abolition 
of Slavery. Re-published from the London and Westminster 
Review ... . Newcastle upon Tyne : Fin/ay and Char/ton. 1840. 
8vo, pp. xix, 44. 45014 

The Martvr President. 5'^^ No. 41211, also [Newell (R. H.)] 

Martvrologium magnum oder il cudesch grands dels Martyrs. 
Jl qual contcgna : La historia dellas persecutions dalla Haselgia 
et dels martyrs con lur excellentes confessions contra ils jniniis 
della evangclica veritat in Germania, ... et America. ... Parle 
prime chi contcgna la histoiia Hn ano 1560. Huossa in noss 
Romansch verti et contract da Conradino Riolano. Stampa in 
Strada in Engadina bassa: L. C. et "J. Janet. 1 7 18. 4to, pp. (20), 
55, Index, 8. 45015 

The only volume of" this very rare Romanish translation of Crespin's " Hi.'stoire des 
Martyrs" published. The index, which was published separately at Scuol, is usually 
wanting. "Volume d'une grandc rarete." — Brunet. 



The Martyr's Monument. See[lAvhcr (F.)], Vol. x. 409H1. 

Martyrs to the Revolution. See [Taylor ((icorj^e)]. 

The Martyrs, Who tor our Country gave up their Lives in the 
Prison Pens, in Andersonville. ff^ashirigton. 1866. 8vo. 

Marurr (A.) Mosquejo historico de las revoluciones de 
Centro-America, ilesile 181 1 hasta i8'^4. Ksiiito por Alejandro 
Marure. Tonio priniero. Guattmala : Imprentu de la N'ufva 
Aaultmia d" Estudios. J^o de 1 837. 4to, pp. (6), 295, Ixvi, (15). 
Plate. 45017 

Marurk. Efemerides de los hechos notables acaecidos en la 
Republica de Centro-America, desde el afio de 1821 hasta el de 
1842. Scguidas lie varios catalogos de los Presidentes de la Re- 
puhlica, (jetes de los Kstados, cet, por Alejandro Marure. Gua- 
temala^ aiio de 1844. 8vo, pp. (l), 8, (2), 79. 450 18 

Mari'RK. Memoria Historica sobre el Canal de Nicaragua. 
Scguida dc algunas observaciones de Mr. I. Bailey solire el mismo 
asunto. Escrita por Alexandre Marure ... . iiuatemala. 1845. 
4to, pp. (2), 44, (I). Map. 450 '9 

[Marurk. I Memorias para la Historia de la Revolucion de 
Centro-America. Pyr un Guatemalteco. Jalapa : Aburto y 
Blanco. 1832. l2mo, pp. xxxii, 257. 45020 

Marvel (Ik.), pseudoti. See [Mitchell (D. G.)] 

Marvrll (A.) No. I. Philadelphia, June loth, 1773. To 
my Fellow-Citi/ens, Friends to Liberty, and Enemies to Despot- 
ism. ... Andrew Marvell. Folio, i leaf. P. 4502 1 

Violently opposing the proposed shambles in Market Street, as also does the following: 

Marveli,. Andrew Marvell's Second Address to the Inhab- 
itants of Philadelphia. ... Philadelphia: Printed Anno 1 773. 8vo, 
pp. 16. P. 45022 

Marvin (A. P.) Essay by Rev. Abijah P. Marvin ... . The 
Christian Element Essential to the Truest Patriotism ; ... . 
\lVorcester? 1863.] 8vo, pp. 15. H. 45023 

Marvin. Fugitive Slaves : A Sermon ... in ... Winchendon 
... Fast [Day], April 11, 1850. By A. P. Marvin ... . Boston: 
John P. Jewett i^ Co. 1850. 8vo, pp. 24. H. 45024 

Marvin. History of ... Winchendon (Worcester Co. Mass.), 
from the grant of Ipswich Canada, in 1735, to the Present Time, 







I |i I 



By Rev. A. P. Marvin. ... fVtuchemJoti : The Author. 1868. 
8vo, pp. 528. iVlap, 14 Plates, 9 Portraits and 3 Plans. H. 

iVIarvin. History of Worcester in the War of the Rebellion. 
By Abijah P. Marvin ... . Worcester: The Author. 1870. 8vo, 
pp. 582. 9 Plates. C, H. 45026 

Marvin (D.) ... An Address to the ... Law School of the 
University of Albany ... February 25, 1857. By Dan. Marvin. 
... Albany: IV. C. Little i3' Co. 1857. 8vo, pp. 38. H. 45027 

M \RViN (D.) Letter of the Hon. Dudley Marvin ... . [n. p. :] 

7. y G. S. Gideon, Printers. [1848.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 45028 

This letter was addressed to James Parker, Esq., against supporting the nominees of 
the Buffalo convention. 

Marvin (E. P.) Home. A Sermon ... Thanksgiving Day. 
By Rev. Elihu P. Marvin ... . Boston: Press ofT. R. Marvin bf 
Son. 1859. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 45029 

Marvin. ... A Sermon ... in the First Trinitarian Church, 
Medford, Mass. January 29, i860. By Rev. Elihu P. Marvin, 
... Boston: T. R. Marvin i^ Son. i860. 8vo, pp. 31. 4503O 

Marvin (H.) A Complete History of Lake George ... 
intended as a descriptive Guide ... . By Henry Marvin. New 
y'ork : Sibells l5f Maigne.^ Printers. 1 853. 24mo, pp. 1 02. Map. 

Marvin (J. G.) Legal Bibliography, or a Thesaurus of 
American, English, Irish, and Scotch Law Books. Together 
with some Continental Treatises. Interspersed with Critical 
Observations upon their various Editions and Authority. To 
which is prefixed a Copious List of Abbreviations. By John 
G. Marvin, Counsellor at Law. ... Philadelphia: T.^T. IV. 
"Johnson. 1847. ^^°> PP* ^''' ^°*-'- ^' 45^32 

Marvin (T. R.) Genealogical Sketch of the Descendants 
of Reinold and Matthew Marvin, who came to New England in 
1635. Compiled ... by T. R. Marvin. Boston. 1848. i2mo, 
pp. 56. B. 45033 

Marvin (W.) Report to the Chamber of Commerce ... of 
New-York, on the Proceedings of the International Congress 
held at York, in England ... September, 1864 ... . With an Ap- 
pendix ... . By William Marvin. Delegate. New-York : John 
W, Amerman^ Printer. 1 866. 8vo, pp. 1 36. H. 45034 




Marvin (W.) Address of the Hon. William Marvin, ... 
Governor of Florida, ... Dec. 22, 1865, on ... the Inauguration 
of ... Hon. D. S. Walker, Governor elect, [n. p. 1865.] 8vo, 
pp. 12. DA. 45035 

Marvin (W. F.) The Battle of Monterey, and other Poems. 
By William F. Marvin. Danville^ Ky.: A. S. AIcGroherty. 185 1. 
l2mo, pp. 219. Portrait. c. 45036 

Marwade (C. G.) ... Observations on the State of the 
Cotton Market, ... from ... 1801, to the Present Time; ... . 
By Chr. G. Marwade. Liverpool: Printed by J. Lang. [n. d.] 
8vo, pp. 30. Map. BA. 45037 

Mary Edmond Saint George. An Answer to Six Months 
in a Convent, Exposing its Falsehoods and Manifold Absurdities. 
By the Lady Superior. With some Preliminary- Remarks, Sec- 
ond Edition. Boston: Printed ... by J. H. Eastburn. 1835. 8vo, 
pp. xxxvii, (i), 67. BA. 45038 

Mary (J.) New French and English Grammar. ... By John 
Mary ... . Printed for ... the Author^ Boston. M,Dcc,LXXXiv. 8vo, 
pp. 141, (22), 88. H. 45039 

One of' the earliest books of its class printed in America. 

Mary. Our Nation ; By Mary. ... Bangor : Printed by 
Samuels. Smith, i860. i6mo, pp. 16. H. 45040 

Mary Clifton, a Tale of the Late War. By the Author of 
Ethel Somers. Augusta [^Ga.\ 1865. l2mo, pp. 73. c. 

Mary Hollis. An Original Tale. ... New-York. 1822. i2mo, 
pp. 22, H. 45042 

Mary Lyndon. See [Nichols (Mary Gove)]. 

Mary Staunton. See [White {Mrs. J. W.)] 


In the following list the titles, with a few exceptions, viz. : Banks, Boundary, Canals, 
lulucatij)n. Geology, Militia, etc., are alphabetical. In the preparation of the list I am 
under special obligations to Mr. Lee, Librarian of the Baltimore Mercantile Library 
Association, for his valuable assistance. 

Abridgment and Collection. See Bisset (J.), Vol. 11. 5643. 

An I Abridgment I of the I Laws I of I Maryland, I Now in force. | 
Under Proper Heads. [^London: John Nicholson. 1704.] Small 
8vo, pp. 71 [for 87]. 45043 

From page 81-87 ^^^ pagination is 65-71. 


■ I 





An Act for (iranting a Supply of 'l^wenty Thousand Pounds 
for His Majesty's Service, and the more immediate Defence and 
Security of the Frontier Inhabitants of this Province. [Colo- 
phon :] y^ntiapolis : Printed by "Jonas Green^ Printer to the Province. 
1758. Small folio, pp. 58. 45^44 

Acts of Assembly, passed in the Province of Maryland, from 
1692 to 1715. London: Printed by John Baskett^ ... mdccxxiii. 
Folio, pp. xi, (viii), 183. H. 45045 

Acts of Assembly, |Of the Province of | Maryland, | F^nacted | 
At a Session of Assembly, begun and held | at the City of An- 
napolis, in the said Province, j on Tuesday the 12th Dav of July, 
in the Eleventh | Year of the Dominion of the Right Honour- 
able I Charles Lord Baron of Baltemore, abso- 1 lute Lord and 
Proprietary of the Provinces of | Maryland and Avalon, &c. 
Annoq; Dom' 1726. | By Authority. | ^4nnapolis : Printed by IV. 
Parks, [n. d.] Small folio, pp. 8. 45046 

Continued annually and semi-annually, under the title of •♦Acts, aad Laws," in 
small folio, until 1762; after this in folio, until 1798; from 1799 to 1811 in quarto 
form, though folio in fold ; after 1S12 all were in octavo form. 

Acts, Of the Province of Maryland, Made and Passed At a 
Session of Assembly, begun and held at the City of Annapolis, 
on Tuesday the Second Day of October, in the Third Year of 
the Dominion of the Ri-ght Honourable Frederick, Lord Baron 
of Baltimore, Absolute Lord and Proprietary of the Province of 
Maryland, and Avalon, &c. Annoque Domini, 1753. Pub- 
lished bv Authority. Annapolis: Printed by Jonas Green., Printer 
to the Province ; and are to be Sold at his Printing- Office in Charles- 
Street. 1754. Folio, pp. 84. 45047 

Acts passed at Different Sessions ... concerning the Navigation 
of the River Susquehanna ... . Baltimore : Printed by IV. Pechin. 
1797. 8vo, pp. 37. H. 45048 

Address and Resolutions adopted at the Meeting of the South- 
ern Rights Convention of Maryland, held in ... Baltimore, Feb- 
ruary ... 1861 : ... Baltimore : Printed by J. B. Rose & Co. 1861. 


vo, pp. 14. 

H. 45049 

Address of the Convention of National Republicans, at Balti- 
more, to the Voters of Maryland. [^Baltimore. 1830.] 8vo, pp. 8. 

Signed by S. C. Leakin, and others. 


~~^: ■ - : . ^i^i£x mm 





Address of the Democratic Members of the Legislature to the 
People of iMarylaiid. Jnriapo/is : Geo. "Johnston^ Printer. 1843. 
8vo, pp. 16. 45051 

Address of the Jackson Central Committee to the People of 
Maryland, on Subjects connected with the approaching Elections 
in the State. Baltimore, 1830. 8vo, pp. 16. 4505 ■i 

Address of the Jackson State Convention ... on the late and 
approaching Election for President. Baltimore : Printed at the 
Jackson Press. 1827. 8vo, pp. 19, (l). 45053 

Relative to Andrew Jackson. 

Address of the Unconditional Union. See [Hill (W. B.] 

Address of the Union State ... Committee. See [Mayer (B.)] 

Address of the Union State Central Committee, with the Pro- 
ceedings of the Meeting, at Temperance Temple, August 26, 
1863, with the Resolutions of the State Convention. Baltimore: 
Printed by Bull & Tuttle. 1863. 8vo, pp. 16. 45054 

Address of the Vestry of C!>.ist Church, Hagerstown, to the 
Protestant Episcopalians of the Diocese of Maryland. Hagers- 
town : Printed by Fleaner l^ Boyd. 1844. l6mo, pp. 24. 45055 

Address of the Young Men of the National Republican Party, 
or the Fifth Congressional District, to the Young Men of ... 
Maryland, [n. p. about 1832.] 8vo, pp. 10. 45056 

Address to the Free and Independent Citizens of Maryland ; 
and particularly ... of Baltimore, being a Statement of Facts, 
and a Brief P^xposition of Chartered Monopoly, Usurpation and 
Outrage, under the S;inction d Law. Baltimore. 1820. 8vo, 

PP- 43- 45057 

Rc-lateb I charges on turnpike roads. Anotiier address, on the subject, wjs 
published in 1 '<6o. 

An Add ss to the Members of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church in Maryland on the Condition of the Diocese. By a 
Layman [John L Donaldson]. Baltimore: Lucas and Deaver. 
1829. 8vo, pp. 67. 45058 

An Address to the People of Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary's 
Counties, Maryland, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 35. 45059 

Signed by P. Emerson, and others. A Jackson document. 
VOL. XI. 32 

♦' i 



Address to the People of Maryland, by a Farmer and Land- 
holder of Jessup's Cut, Maryland. [On Emancipation. Balti- 
more :^ Bull iff Tuttle. 1863. 8vo, pp. 8. 45060 

Address to the People of Maryland by the General Assembly, 
in Extra Session. Frederick: Beale H. Richardson^ Printer. 1861. 


pp. 4. 


Address to the People of Maryland, by the Whig Central 
Committee of the State. \Baltimore. 1840.] 8vo, pp. 8. 

An Address to the People of Maryland, from Their Delegates 
in the late National Republican Convention: ... . Baltimore: 

Printed by Sands y Neilson. 1832. 8vo, pp. 62. 


An Address to the People of Maryland, on the Origin, Prog- 
ress and Present State of French Aggression, with a Sketch of 
the Infamous Attempts to degrade the Government of the United 
States, and some Reflections on the late Proceedings in Congress ; 
By [L. P. Dennis] a Member of the House of Representatives. 
Philadelphia : Printed by John Fenno. 1 798. 8vo, pp. 76, (l). 
Appendix, iv. 450^4 

An Address to the People of Maryland, on the subject of the 
Presidential Election. [In favor of Calhoun. Baltimore. 1827.] 
8vo, pp. 17. 45065 

An Address to the People of Maryland, Respecting Some 
Abuses that Exist, and Improvements that may be made in the 
Laws of the State, By a Citizen, [n. p.:] Printed for the Au- 
thor. [1804.] i8mo, pp. 27. 45066 

Address to the Voters ... Residing within the first Five Wards 
of ... Baltimore, also a Reply to the Hon. Isaac McKim ... . 

Baltimore : Printed by Sands iff Neilson. 1 834. 8vo, pp. 30, (l). 

An Address to the Voters. See [Spence (Carroll)]. 

Annual Message of the Executive, to the Legislature of Mary- 
land. December Session, 1836. Annapolis: Jeremiah Hughes.^ 
Printer. 1836. 8vo, pp. 15. Continued. 45068 

An Answer to the Queries on the Proprietary Government of 
Maryland, inserted in the Public Ledger. Also, An Answer to 
Remarks upon a Message sent by the Upper to the Lower House 
of Assembly of Maryland, 1762. Published in 1763. Contain- 
ing a Defence of the Lord-Proprietor from the Calumnies and 







Misrepresentations of the Remarlcer, anJ also a Vindication of 
the Upper House, in their Conduct relative to a Supply Hill for 
his Alajestv's Service. By a Friend to Maryland, [n. p. :] 
Printed in the year 1 764. 8vo^ pp. (2), 1 60. c. 45069 

The copy of this tract, in the Library ot" Congress, is credited to Mr. Calvert. 
li/io "A Bill tor raising a Supply," No. 45085, iirtj " Remarks upon a Message." 


An Appeal to the Bar and the Freemen of Maryland from the 
refusal of Baltimore City Court to grant a Rule requiring Richard 
N. Allen to shew cause why an information of Quo Warranto 
should not be exhibited against him for usurping the office of 
Commissioner of Insolvent Debtors for the City and County of 
Baltimore. Baltimore. 1823. l2mo, pp. 16. 4507° 

Appeal to the Citizens of the Commonwealth of Maryland on 
the License Question. \_Baltimore. 1846.] 8vo, pp. 8. 45071 

Appeal to the People of Maryland on the suhiect of the Pro- 
ceedings of the House of Delegates on the Contested Election 
of Calvert County. \^JmiapoUs :^ Printed by jf. Green. 1820. 
8vo, pp. (2), 30, Appendix, (2). 45072 

Articles | of | Agreement | made and concluded upon between | 
The Right Honourable The|I..ord Proprietary of Maryland, | and 
The Honourable The Proprietarvs of Pensilvania, &c.| touching 
the I-,imits and Boundaries of the Two Provinces. I With I The 



Constituting Certain Persons to Execute the same. | 
Printed by B. Franklin^ at the Neiu Printing Office | 

near the Market. M,DCC, xxxill. | Folio, pp. 1 9. Map. 

At a Meeting of the Committee appointed by the several 
Counties of the Province of Maryland, at ... Annapolis, the 22d 
Day of June, 1774, and continued ... . \_Jnnapolis. 1774.] 
P'olio, pp. (2). 45074 

Resolutions, and a list of delegates to the general Congress. 

At a Meeting of the Delegates ... of the Province of Mary- 
land, at the City of Annapolis, ... 26th of July, 1775, and con- 
tinued till the 14th day of August, in the same year ... . [n. p. 
n. d.] Folio, pp. (4). 45075 

This is a resolution relative to the enrollment of ininute-men, etc., consequent upon 
the acts of Great Britain in Massachusetts. 

At a Meeting of the Deputies appointed by the several Coun- 
ties of the Province of Maryland, at the City of Annapolis, by 
Adjournment, on the 8th day of December, 1774, and continued 






i. i 

till the 1 2th day of the same month. {^AnnapoUs, 1774.] Folio, 
I leaf, 45076 

Priibably a supplement to the " Maryland Gazette." The three above titles are a 
part of the Proceedings of the Conventions of 1774-5, ""* '"'^ reprinted in Annapolis 
and iialtiniore. 

Report of the Auditor General to the Legislature of the State 
of Maryland, December Session, 1826. Published by Authority. 
Annapolis: Printed by J. Hughes. 1826. 8vo, pp. 6. 2 folded 
Accounts. 45077 

Bank of Maryland. Extracts from the Correspondence and 
Minutes of the Trustees of the Bank of Maryland, published 
by J. B. Morris & R. W. Gill, two of the Trustees, having 
relation principally to their intercourse with Poultney, Ellicott & 
Co. and Evan Poultney. Baltimore: Jas. Lucas l^ E. K. Deaver. 
1835. 8vo, pp. 6, 65. 45078 

Report of the Case of the Bank of Maryland vs. Samuel 
Poultney and William M. Ellicott, trading under the firm of 
Poultnev, Ellicott & Co., tried before Harford County Court, 
March Term, 1836. Baltimore. 1836. 8vo, pp. 166. 45079 

Also : The Report and Testimony taken before the Joint Committee ... of Maryland, 
to which was referred the Memorials of John B. Morris, ... and others, praying indem- 
nity for losses sustained by reason of the Riots in Baltimore in ... [1835] ... . Annap- 
oUi : IVUUam M''Nei'-, Printer. [1836.] 8vo, pp. 77. + Testimony only. [//i;i/.] 
8vo, pp. 93. — Statement of the Condition of the Bank of Maryland. [Bahimore.^ 
1835. Folio, pp. (4). — Statement of the Judgments confeised by Evan Poultney, at 
the suit of the Trustees of the Bank of M.iryland. And Report of the Trial of Evan 
Poultney, William M. Ellicott, and Samuel Poultney, for a Conspiracy. Harford 
County Court, March Term, 1836. Baltimore. 1836. 8vo, pp. iii, I 5. -- Testimony 
of William G. Read, taken before the Joint Committee ... of Maryland in behalf of 
ihe Civil Authorities of Baltimore, to which was referred the Memorial of John B. 
Morris, ... and others, praying indemnity for losses sustained by reason of the Riots in 
Baltimore in ... [1835]. Annapolis: fVilliam M' Neir, Printer. [1836.] 8vo, pp. 28. 
— Testimony of Francis M. Fowler and Evan Poultney, in the Case of the Bank of 
Maryland -vs. Samuel Poultney & William M. Ellicott: Tried before Harford County 
Court. ... 1836. Baltimore. 1840. 8vo, pp. 63, 97. — To the Creditors of the Bank of 
Maryland. [^Baltimore. 1834.] 8vo, pp. 7. Hee also Ellicott (Thomas), Vol. vi., 
No. 22220, Johnson (R.), Vol. ix.. No. 36271-2, and [Poultney (Evan)]. 

Bank Statement. Western Shore Treasury. Annapolis. 1835. 
8vo. 45080 

Charter of the Union Bank of Maryland, and its Supplements, 
together with the Acts of Assembly applicable thereto, and the 
By-Laws. Baltimore: Jas. Lucas isf E. K. Deaver. 1835. 8vo, 




Also : Proceedings of the Stockholders of the Union Bank of Maryland, in General 
Meeting, in June and July, 1830. Baltimore: John D. Toy. 1830. 8vo, pp. (3), 68. 











... Report of the Select Committee ... [on] ... the Memorials 
and Petitions of ... Citizens ... Praying the establishment of a 
Financial Institution under the stvle of the Bank of the State of 
Maryland. Jnnapo/is : Printed by J. Green. 1 830. 8vo, pp. 48. 

Report of the Select Committee relative to the Establishment 
of a ( Maryland] State Bank and a National Currency. January 
26, 1835. Annapolis. 1835. 8vo, pp. 52. 45083 

Testimony taken by the Committee of the House of Delegates, 
appointed to investigate the condition of the several Banks in 
the State of Maryland. \_JnnapoUs. 1838.] 8vo, pp. 247, Ixii. 
3 folded Tables. 45084 

A I Bill I for raising a | Supply | for | his Majesty's Service : | which 
was I Framed by the Lower House of Assembly of the Pro- | vince 
of Maryland, at a Session held at the City of Anna-|polis, in 
March 1762, and Rejected by the Up- 1 per House. | To which is 
prefixed, | All the Messages which passed between the Two 
Houses, I relating thereto. | Annapolis: \ Printed by 'Jonas Green, 
Printer to the Province, | mdcclxii. | Sm. 4to, pp. 10, (4), [l I J-59. 

See also "An Answer to the Queries," No. 45069, aiiJ "Remarks upon a Message." 

Boundary. Communication of E. F. Chambers, Esq. One of 
the Commissioners on the Western Boundary to the Legislature. 
Annapolis: % Hughes, Printer. [1825.] 8vo, pp. 7. 45086 

Copy of a Correspondence between Governor Thomas of 
Maryland, and Governor Tazewell of Virginia, in relation to 
the Unsettled Divisional Boundary Lines between the two States. 
... Annapolis: Jtremiah Hughes, Printer. 1 835. 8vo, pp. 24. 

Indenture of Agreement. See Vol. ix.. No. 34439. 

Message from the Governor [P. F. Thomas] of Maryland, 
transmitting the Reports of the Joint Commissioners, and of Lt. 
Col. Graham, U. S. Engineers, in relation to the Intersection of 
the Boundary Lines of the States of Maryland, Pennsylvania & 
Delaware. fVashington : Printed by Gideon and Co. 1850. 8vo, 
pp. 87. Map. B. 45088 

The cover-title to this differs slightly. See also Pennsylvania. 

Messages from the Governors of Maryland and Pennsylvania, 
transmitting the Reports of the Joint C'ommissioners, and of 
Lieut. Col. Graham, ... in relation to the intersection of the 
Boundary Lines of the States of Maryland, Pennsylvania and 




Delaware, being a portion of Mason and Dixon's Line. ... Second 
Edition. Chicago: F. Fulton i^f Co. 1862. 8vo, pp. 95. Map. 

Report of the Commissioners appointed by the Legislature of 
Maryland and Virginia to Run and Mark the Division Line 
between Maryland and Virginia, on the Eastern Shore of Chesa- 
peake Bay. ... yintiapolis : PVm. Thompson.^ Printer. 1868. 8vo, 
pp. 36. 45090 

Also: Communication from the Attorney General [Josidh Bayly] relative to the 
Suit ot" Maryland against Virginia, ylnnapolis : IVm. M^Neir — Print. 1836. Svo, pp. 
3S. — The Depositions ot" Witnesses taken in the Arbitration respecting the Boundary 
Line between the States of Maryland and Virginia. Baltimore : Charles Har-vey Csf Co. 
1875. 8vo, pp. 159, ( I ). — Documents rcl.itivc to the Southern and Western Bound- 
aries of this State. [^>o/is. 1834.] 8vo, pp. 8. — Executive Message on the 
Western Boundary of the State. Annapolii : J. Hughes, Printer. [1825.] 8vo, pp. 4. 
— Mr. Mauisby. ... Report ... on the Bill to Settle and Adjust the Western Boundary 
Line of the State ... . Annapolis: Jeremiah Huf^hes, Printer. 1837. Svo, pp. 5. — Mr. 
Pigman. Report and Resolutions relative to the Southern and Western Limits of this 
State, yinnapolis : fVm. M'Neir — Print. 1832. 8vo, pp. 52. — Mr. Figman's Second 
Report ... with the Accom|)anying Documents. \_Annapolis. 1834.] 8vo, pp. 11. — 
Report and Journal of Proceedings of the Joint Commissioners to adjust the Boundary 
Lineof ... Maryland and Virginia. ... Annapolis; Wm, T. Jglehart & Co., Printers, 1874. 
8vo, pp. 344. — Report of Progress of the Survey of the Sounds lying on the Ivasterri 
Shore of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware: ... \_Annapolis : fFilliam M^Neir, Primer. 
1835.] 8vo, cover-title, pp. 23. — Report of Wm. J. Aydelott, a Member of the Joint 
Committee appointed by the General Assembly of Maryland to adjust and mark tile 
Eastern Shore Boundary between Maryland and Virginia. Annapolis: S. S. Mills, L. 
F. Cotton & Co., Printers. 1872. 8vo, pp. II. — Report of the Commissioners concern- 
ing the Western Limits of the State. Annapolis: J. Hughes, Printer. [1825.] Svo, 
pp. 19. — Report of the Special Committee, on ... Retracing and Marking the Western 
and Southern Boundary. [Annapolis. 1858.] 8vo, pp. 4. — Report on the Survey of 
the Boundary between Maryland and Virginia. By Thomas J. Lee, Commissioner. 
Annapolis: Thomas J. IVilson. i860. 8vo, pp. 8. — The Southern Boundary of Mary- 
land. [A Report by T. J. Lee. Baltimore, i860.] 8vo, pp. 24. Map. See also 
Pennsylvania and Virginia. 

A Brief Exposition of the Leading Principles of a Bank. 
Humbly submitted to the Consideration of the Honourable the 
Legislature of Maryland. Baltimore : Printed by Edwards is 
Allen. 1795. 8vo, pp. 45. 45091 

A Brief Sketch, of Maryland, its Geography, Boundaries, His- 
tory, Government, Legislation, Internal Improvements, &c. [By 
Jeremiah Hughes. Annapolis:^ Printed for the Publisher. 1845. 
l8mo, pp. vi, 256. 45092 

Usually found with "The Maryland Pocket Annual," for 1846. 

Brief Statements of Facts shewing the Origin, Progress and 
Necessity of African Colonization. Addressed to the People of 
... Maryland. Annapolis. 1836. l2mo, pp. 36. 45093 



By his Excellency The Governor and Council, loth July, 

1 76 1. [Colophon:] Annapolis: Printed by "Jonas Green^ Printer 

to the Province. I 76 1. Sm. folio, pp. 8. 45094 

A nicss.ige tn tlic Lower Houir, in rrf'crence to the accounts of a Mr. DarnjII, late 
Naval Ortker of" Patuxent. 

By his Excellency Horatio Sharpe, Esq ; (lovernor and Com- 
mander in Chief in and over the Province of Maryland. A 
Brief, [n. p. n. d.] Folio, i leaf. 45^95 

Dated "6th May, 1 7605" in reference to the fire in Boston, aoth March, 1760. 

Bystander: or a Series of Letters on the subject of the "I-cg- 
islative Choice" of Electors in Maryland: ... Addressed to the 
People of Maryland. Baltimore: Printed by Tundt and Brown. 
M,DCCC. i6mo, pp. 30. 4509^ 

By Robert Goodloe Harper. See Tyler's " Life of R. B. Taney." 

Canals. Minority Report [by J. C. [^e Grand] of the Com- 
mittee on Internal Improvements, on the subject of the 'Jhcsa- 
peake and Ohio Canal. \^Annapolis. 1841.] 8vo, pp. j8. 

See also Baltimore, Vol. i., ami our Vol. in., p. 573. 

Report bv the Maryland Commissioners on a proposed Carnal 
from Baltimore to Conewago. ... Baltimore: Fielding Lucas^ "Jr. 
1823. 8vo, pp. 84, (i). 2 Maps. 45098 

Also: Approximate Estimate of that Portion '>f the " Brookville Route," of the 
M.nyland, surveyed during the Summer of 1838, under the direction of Col. J. 
J. Abert. [^^nnapo/is. 1839.] 8vo, pp. 52. — Report of the Commissioners appointed 
to examine into the practicability of a Canal from B.iltiniorc to the Potomac, together 
with the Engineer's Report. Balthnorc ; Fielding Lucas, ymi. 1823. 8vo, pp. 69. 
Map. — Report of the Engineer [I. Trimble] appointed by the Commissioner of the 
M lyor ... of Baltimore, on the subject of the Maryl.ind Canal. Baltimore : Printed /'y 
Luiii! & Deafer. 1837. 8vo, pp. 27. — Statement in reply to an order of the House 
... 9th February, 1839. ... Relative to Surveys m.ide in ... 1838, for the Route of the 
Maryland Canal. [^Aniuipalis. 1839. J 8vo, pp. 39. Map. 

Case of Charles Lord Baltemore. tSV^ [Calvert (G.)], 10083. 

The Case of the Province of Maryland, touching the out- 
rageous Riots which have been Committed in the Borders of that 
Province, by the Inhabitants of Pensilvania. [^London. 1737.] 



PP- 3- 


Signed by J. Strange. See also Pennsylvania. 

Catalogus Provincias Marylandife Societatis Jesu ineunte anno 
MDCCCLVII. Baltimori. 1857. ^^'^i PP- 3^- Continued 


Catechism, confuting Popery, &c., for (Christians in Maryland. 

Boston. 1707. l2mo 



I i 

Imperfect title from Thomas' '* History of Printing," Vol. ii. 




a i. 

f M 

The Central Committee of National Republicans of ... Balti- 
more, to the People of Maryland. [Colophon:] Baltimore: 
Printed by Saudi ^ Neilson. [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 1 8. 45 '0^ 

Signed by Luke Tiernan, 4nd otheri. 

The Chancellor's Memorial to the General Assembly of Mary- 
land. Baltimore: Printed by John D. Toy. 1825. 8vo, pp. 73. 

By Theodoriik BIjnd. In reference tu a redurtion ur the taUry of the Chancellor. 
Corrected title of our No. ^'Ahl, Vol. ii. 

The Charter I of I Maryland. I [^London. 1632.] 8vo, pp. 23. 

This is probably the first publication of the Charter of Maryland. It ha > no date 
of publication; but the charter itself is dated June 20, 1631. 

The Charter of Maryland ; with an Abridgment of the Acts 
of their Assembly, [n. p. n. d.j 8vo. P. 45105 

Charter of the C'olonv of Maryland ; together with the De- 
bates and Proceedings of the Upper and Lower Houses of 
Assembly, in the Years 1722, 1723, 1724, and i;;. 5. Phila- 
di'lphia : Printed by Jndrew Bradford. 1 725. Folio. 45106 

A Collection of the British Statutes in Force in Maryland, 
according to the Rep thereof made to the (leneral Assemblv 
by the late Chancelloi rviltv ; with Notes and References to the 
Acts of Assembly ;i;id the Code, and to the principal English and 
Maryland Cases. By Julian J. Alexander ... . Ba/tiniori . (bush- 
ings b" Bailey. 1870. 8vo, pp. xlvi, (i), 847. 45'07 

A Collection of the (jovernor's Several Speeches and the Ad- 
dresses of each House, at a Convention of the Assemblv, begun 
the first of May, 1739. [^Jnnapolis : Printed by Jonas Green. 
1739.] Folio, pp. (2), 80. c. 45108 

Communication from the Executive of Delaware, to the Gov- 
ernor of Maryland ... Relative to a Union with the Eastern Shore 
of Maryland. Annapolis: J. Hu^'es^ Printer. 1833. 8vo, pp. 4. 

Communication from the Messrs. Howard and M'Neill in reply 
to a request from the Committee on Internal Improvements ... 
of the House of Delegates, to ascertain the ... A*lvantages of a 
Rail Road from i^altimore to Washington ... . Annapolis: Jonas 
Green^ Jan. 1831. 8vo, pp. I2. 45' '0 

A Compleat Collection of the Laws of Maryland. With an 
Index and Marginal Notes ... . Annapolis: Printed by lyUiuiin 
Parks. MDCCXxvii. Folio, pp. (4), 300, (6). H. 451 11 

The first complete collection of laws. 



A C\)mpilati()n of the Insolvent Laws of Maryland .,, with 
the Decision of" the Court ot Appeals ... on ... Insolvency . 
Hy a Member of the Baltimore M.jr. ... Haltinwe : John J, 
Harrofi. 1831. Hvo, pp. iv, 3-235. 45 ' » 2 

Considerations on the ... Removal. Sie [Hansv)n (A. C)] 

The C«)n jtiition of the State nf Marylaut;. /^hhi^^don (Md.): 

Printed /n Daniel P. Rujf. 1806. l6mo, pp. 93. -; Jnnapo/is : 

Printed h\ J. Green. 1 82 I. l6mo, pp. 34. 45 H 3 

Also ! Mr. Carroll. ... rh.iirman. Report of the Select Commiffer of the Mouse ... 
on the Conititution of Maryland. Annapolii : Jtrtmuih Hughti, Pnnir'. 1836. 8vo, 

The Constitution of ... Maryland, ... adopted hy the Conven- 
tion ... at ... Annapolis, November 4th, 1850 ... . Baltimore: 
Printed hy John Murphy y Co. 185 1. 8vo, pp. 70. -f With 
Marginal Notes ... and an Appendix ... By Edward Otis Hink- 
Icy, Ksq. ... Rdltimore : John Murphy Is' Co. 1855. 8vo, pp. 108. 
■\- \^lhid.\ 1862. 8vo, pp. 71, (l). 45'>4 

The Constitution of the State of Maryland, ... Adopted ... 
April 27, 1864, and ... Ratified ... October, 1864. With ... 
Notes ... By Edward Otis Hinkley. Baltimore: John Murphy 
i^ Co. 1864. 8vo, pp. 107,(1). 45115 

The Constitution of the State of Maryland, ... Adopted ... 
May 8th, 1867 ... . Submitted ... Sept( niber i8th, 1867. ... An- 
napolis : George Coiton. 1867. 8vo, pp. 2), 32. -f [The same, 
in German.] Baltimore. 1867. 8vo, pp. ( 2), 32. 45 1'^ 

The Constitution of the State of Maryland, ... Ratified by the 
People, September 18, 1867. With ... Notes ... . By ICdward 
Otis Hinkley ... . Baltimore: John Murphy ^ Co. 1867. 8vo, 
pp. 156. ' 45117 

Copies of Some Records & Depositions Relating to the (ireat 
Bohemia Mannor [^/V] lying on Bohemia River in Maryland. 
Memorandum, with two Patents granted to Augustine Herman, 
the one for 6000 Acres, called Bohemia Mannor [j/<r] aiul the 
other for lOOO Acres, called Little Bohemia. ... \^London.^ after 
1 722. J Folio, pp. over 8. 45' 18 

Copy of Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of the 
United States [April 30, 1861]. Frederick: Beale H. Richardson. 
1 86 1. 8vo, pp. 4. 451 19 

VOL. XI. 33 



, » 




Corrcspondc-ncf between the Governor of Maryland atui the 
ShiTirt' ot Krcilcrick County. Fruiitr'uk : BeaU H. KichanliOH. 
1861. Hvo, pp. 4. 45 '20 

Correspondence between the Treasurer ot the W. Shore ot' 
Maryland, and the ... United States Treasurv, on the ... Claini vi 
the State oc [i/Vj Maryland upon the United StateN, tor Initrest 
due upon Sums advanied by the S:ate tluring the late W.u. ,/;/- 
Hdpolis: hinte<i hy Jerimidh llughm. 1827. 8v«), pp. ^5. j folded 
Accounts. HA., c. 45 1 21 

Correspondence relative to the Insurrection at Harper's Ferry, 
17th October, 1859. /ttinopolis : li. H. Riihanlsou, i860. 8vo, 
pp. 79. 45122 

Debates and Proceedings of the Maryland Retoi m Convention 
to Revise the State Ccuistitution ; to which are prefixed the Mill 
of Riy;hts and Constitution, as adopted. Published b\ order of 
the Convention. Annnpolis : ^f'illiim Al''Nfii\ Official I'lintir. 
1851. I vols., 8vt), pp. 20, 52, [25I-550; 8(^0, Index, 52. c. 

The Debates of the Constitutional Convention of ... Maryland, 
Assembled at ... Annapolis, ... April 27, 1864: Heing a ... report 
of the debates and proceedings of the Convention, together with 
the old Constitution ... . Official: VVm. Hlair Lord, Reporter. ... 
Anuapnln : Printed hy Richard P. Bayly, moccclxiv. 3 vols., 
Hvo, pp. 744; (2), [745J-1384; (2),i385-i988. 45124 

A I Declaration | of | Rights, | and the | Constitution | and | Form 
of Government, I Agreed to by the Delegates of Maryland, in | 
free and full Convention assembled.] [August 14, 1776.J Jn- 
napoHs : Printed by Frederick Green. [1776. | i6mo, pp. 43. c. 

The Declaration of Rights and the Constitution of Maryland 
... with the several Amendments by Acts of the Assembly. Pre- 
pared and Rev'sed by Cicorge Hebb. Baltimore: ll'^illam IVooddy. 
1824. i8mo, pp. 56. 45126 

The Declaration of the Reasons. See our Vol. v., No. 19 180. 

A Digest of the Laws. See Herty (T.), Vol. vi., No. 31596. 

Diocese of Maryland. Amendments proposed for the Consti- 
tution. ... [^Baltimore. 185-.] 8vo, pp. 4. 45 '27 
By John H. Alexander, ^iee Protestant Episcopal Church. 



Documents accompanying the (lovcrnors [.»/V, A. W. Hradhnil] 
Mcss;ig<;' to the I^fgislatiiif of' Marvland. ,1>in<ipr/lis : fin/i isf 
Titttlf. iH()^. 8vo, pp. 105,(1). 45'^^ 

Rel.itei i-ntirrly ti) thr (.'ivil War. 1861-^. Alio: Durutnents u( tlir Huunr of' 
Uflfjjitei o» Miiyljnd, in K»tr4 Sf»»ion, April, 1 86 1. [Frtdnuk : K. S. Rilty. 1861. | 
8vo, ^i|). 34., 4, 4, 8, 48, I ft. Cornijti of impiirtunt« rrbfini? to thr Civil Wji. 

I)<jcijjmnils of the House of Delegates for 1840. ^nuapolis. 
1840. 8vo. Contiiuieii. 45 129 

Documents of the Senate of Maryland, in Kxtra Session, Apiil, 
1 86 1. [^Fretlerick: li. H. Riihartiion. l86l.| 8 vo, pp. 24, 4, 

4, 4, 5- 45'30 

An Karnest Appeal to the People of Maryland upon the Im- 
portant Issues of the Times. ... Issued by the State Democratic 
Kxecutive Conmiittce, Baltimore City, (Jctobcr 8, i860, lialti- 
mnre : Prititi/l h */. H. Rosf iff Co. i860. 8vo, pp. 16. 45 i;^ I 

Eduiuition, An Act providing a Uniform System of Free Pub- 
lic Schools for ... Maryland. Passed ... 1865. Junapolls : Rich- 
ard P. liftyly^ Printer. 1865. 8vo, pp. 35. 45 '32 

Documents accompanying the (loycrnor's Message ... 1822, 
respecting the Proceedings of several States, upon the subject of 
appropriating the Public Lands for the support of Schools, /fn- 
tiapo/is. 1823. 8vo. 45 '33 

Report of the Committee on Public Instruction. ... 1824. 
Jnuapolis : J. Hughes., Printer, [n. d.] Folio, pp. 16. 45 '34 

Report of the Principal of the State Normal School showing 
the Condition of the Public Schools of Maryland, with the 
Reports of the County School Commissioners, for ... 1869. 
Jnnapo/is : IVm. Thompson., Printer. 1870. 8yo, pp. 237. Con- 
tinued. 45135 

Report ... [by V. Maxcy] relative to Appropriations of Public 
Lands for ... Education. ... January 30, 1821. ... [^/Innapolis :~\ 
y. Green — Print. 1 82 1. 8vo, pp. 23. }- Concord : Printer/ by 
Hill and Moore. 182 1. 8yo, pp. 29. H. 45136 

Also : Report and Resolutions on the subject of the Maryland Report, ... relative to 
School Lands. Published by Authority. Columbus. 1822. 8vi), pp. 21. Ay [Sp.irks 

The School System of Maryland. See [Van Bokkelen (L.)] 







I ^ 

State Education not radically wrong ; Being a Reply to an 
Article in the Presbvterial Critic, 185 <;. By a Friend of Educa- 
tion. Baltimore. 1856. 8vo, pp. 31. 45 '37 

Also : Fist Annual Report of tli' Superintcnilfnt of I^ublic Instruction, ... of 

Maryhind, ... 31st Dciember, 1817. /tniiapuHi : ''f. Il.ij^bei — }'iiiilcr, 1828. 8vo, 

pp. (i), 37. UA. — First Report of the State .Superintendent of Public Instruction, ... 

with an Appendix containing Reports of the ... School Commissioners ... . Jiiiltimore : 

Primed by IVill'tam K. Bcylc. 1866. 8vo, pp. 86, ( I J. Continued, n. — Fin.t Annual 

Report of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, with the Reports of the ... 

School Commissioners, and ... other Documents, ... June 30, 1866. .■'nii.ip':lis : Henry 

A. l.uias, Fri'ifcr. 1867. 8vo, pp. 264, Ixv, (41. -|- Second Repoit .. 1867. Aniutfi- 

olis : fVm. Thompson. 1868. 8vo, pp. 224. Continued. — Erster Jahres iJencht des Stadts 

Superintendenten des otfentlichen Schulwesens ... von Maryland, .866. yinnjp'i/is. 

1867. 8vo. -- Report of the Committee on F.ducation establishin): ;. I'niform S\stem 

of Instruction in the Public Schools of this State. Reported ... By M. Keiney, Chair- 
.1 ^ /. - . '/■;. „. .. I.' i,r ;.. 7>..;...... .o-- q -, r> ^ ,.*' ^l... 

man. yimuipoln : Th'imas /".'. ALirlin, Primer. 1852. 8vo, pp. 12 — ... Rijiort of the 
State Superintendent of Public Instruction ... with a Bill entitled "A Uniform System 
of Public Instruction," etc. Annapolis: Rithard P. Btifiy, Printer. 1865. 8vo, pp. 
128. - - . . . . „ „ . . 



Public Instruction," etc. Annapolis: Richard P. Bafiy, Printer. 1865. 8vo, pp. 
?. — Report upon ... a Code for rhe support of Common Schools, prepaiL.! by ). C. 

Grand, f. S. Owens & J. H. T. l4.'gruder ... . Annapolis: Printed />y Gecri^e 'Jol.:'.- 
'■ >S4v '***'<'' PP- 47- H. 

Election Laws of the State of Maryland. Published by order 
jf the Governor and Council, in pursuance of a icsolve of the 


en era 


1 8 19. Jrnuipolis. 1820. 8vi 

Election Laws of the State of Maryland, ... With such Por- 
tions of the Constiiution as relate to the E'ective Franchise. 
Balti?nore : George IF. Boiven & Co. 1856. 8vo, pp. 45. 45139 

Emancipation in Maryland. \^Philadelphia. 1864.] Folio, 
Illustrated Title, pp. (2). 45 '4° 

The title is a view in commemoration of emancipation in Maryland, November i, 
1864. Sec also our Vol. iv.. No. 2240'. 

... Executive Communication ... Liclosing the Correspond- 
ence with the Executive of Pennsylvania, and other Papers in 
Relation to the Demand made by the latter for the delivery of 
Nathan & Bemis, and others, as offenders against the laws of 
that State. [On Kidnapping. Annapolis. 1838.] 8vo, pp. 42. 

Executive Communication to the General Assembly, ... De- 
cember Session, 18 18, on ... Turnpike Roads. ... Annapolis: 
John Chandler^ Printer. i8ig. 8vo, pp. 45. 45 H2 

Executive Communication to the House of Delegates relative 
to the State's Cjaim against the General Government for Monies 
Expended during the late War. February i, i8r9. [n. p.j 
1819. 8v ), pp. 55. 45143 

These executive communications, on various subjects, are published at each session. 



to an 
+ 5137 

, ... of 
i. 8vo, 
;ti('n, ..• 
aldmore : 
t Aniiu.\l 
)t" tht! ... 
i : Henry 

(ics St.idl.s 
m Svftt-m 
i;y, Ch.iir- 
loit of the 
m Systftn 
8v(), pp. 
•'- hy j. C. 
orge 5* "'•■"■ 

by order 
e of the 

uch Por- 



November 1, 

'apers in 
ivcry ot 
laws of 
pp. 42. 

,.. De- 

dnnopolis : 

;s relative 
)r Monies 
[n. p.] 

:ach session. 

Extracts from the Proceedings of the Committee of Observa- 
tion for the Elizabethtown (now Hagerstown) District during 
1775-76-77. Baltimore. 1862. 8vo, pp. 12. 45144 

"The Federal Union, it Must be Preserved !" The Crisis ... 
The Remedy ! Address of the State Central Committee of the 
National Union Democracy to the People of Maryland. [^Balti- 
more. i860.] 8vo, pp. 8. 45145 

Forms of Government, containing an abstract of the original 
Charter of Maryland, the Bill of Rights and Constitution of the 
State. Jfifiapo/is. 1827. i6mo. 45146 

Four Letters to the People, on the undue Influence of Bank 
Directors, in the Political Affairs of the State of Maryland. 
Baltimore. 1804. 8vo. C 45147 

Fraternal Appeal and other Documents, from the Maryland 
Tract Society. [On Slavery. Baltimore. 1858.] 8vo, pp. 7. 

The Free Negro Question. See [Jacobs (C. W.)], vi. 35498. 

Freedmen's Convention at Annapolis, July, 1864. [n. p. n. 
d.] 8vo. 45149 

General Public Statutory Law and Public Local Law ... from 
the year 1692 to 1839, inclusive, with Annotations thereto, and 
a Copious Index. By Clement Dorsey. ... Baltimore: Printer/ 
!'y John D. Toy. 184O. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. (2), li, 922 ; (2), 923- 
1944; (2), [i945]-2848. c. 45150 

Cieneral Report of the Committee on Internal Improvement. 
/hmapoHs : Printed by 'Jonas Green. 1 83 1. 8vo, pp. (2), 3, 3, 

5, 12- 45 15 1 

A series of documents, numbered from I to 5, each with title and paged separately. 

Geology. Wm. D. Merrick, Chairman, Report of the Com- 
mittee on Internal Improvemet \_sic\ relative to a Map and Sur- 
vey of the State of Maryland. Jnnapolis : Printed by Jeremiah 


es. 1(5 



vo, pp. 


Annual Report of the Geologist [J. T. Ducatel] of Maryland. 

1837. [^Jnuapolis. 1 838.] 8vo, pp. 39, (i). 2 Maps. -]- For 

1838. 8vo, pp. 33, (i). 4 Plates. + For i^39- ^vo, pp. 45, 
(i). 2 xMaps. 4- For 1840. 8yo, pp. 59, (ij. 3 Maps. c. 4" 
[Ibid.'] Svo, pp. 46, (l). 3 Maps. 45153 





V, ! 




Report of the Select Committee relative to the Expediencv 
of Procuring a Map of the State. ... Jnnapolis : Printed b\ "J. 
Hu,i>h,'s. 1833. 8vo, pp. 10. 45154 

Report on the Projected Survey of the State of Mary land .... 
i Hy Julius r. Ducatel and J. H. Alexander. ) Annapolh : Pr'nttcd 
h< 'Jeremiah Hughes. 1834. 8vo, pp. 34. 'I'able. [Another] 

Report. Annapolis: Printed by IVm. M^Neir. 1 834. 8vo, pp. 
58. 2 Maps, Table, (i). 45155 

Report [by J. H. Alexander and J. T. Ducatel] on the New 
Map of iMaryland, 1834. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 15. Map. 

Also: Report on tliL- New Map ot' Maryland, 1S35. [n. p. n. d.] Svo, pp. !i4, 
(l). 6 Maps and Errata. + \^Ih\d.\ 8vi), pp. 42. 2 Maps. — Report ot" the linginetr 
[J. H. Alexander] and Geologist [J. T. Diitatel] in relation to the New Map, to the 
Executive ot" Maryland. Atir.jpolis : yyUiium M^Ncir. 1835. Svo, pp. <;(), Index, 1. 
f) Maps and Plate. — Report ot the lingineer and Geologist in relation to the New 
Map ... . Aur.apd'n : William M^Ncir, Primer. 1836. Svo, pp. 89, (l ). 6 Maps and 
Plan. + [Ihid.\ Svo, pp. 104. 5 Maps. 4- [^''■"■''•l 8vo, |)p. 1.7. 6 Maps. — 
Report of" Select Committee ... [on] Expediency of repealing the Act to piovide for 
completing a New Map and Geological Survey of this State. \ Aiir:iif}o/is. 1838.] 
Svo, pp. 4. 4- \ J/>iit.] Svo, pp. 8. — Trigonometrical Survey for the New Map of" 
Maiyland [By [. H. Alexander], 1S41. Baltimore, Fe/'niar\ i, 1841. Svo, pp. 8. 4- 
.^notlier Report. BaJlimore, February ig, 1841. Svo, pp. 4. 

... Report of James Higgins, m.d., State Agricultural Chemist, 
to the House of Delegates ... ^Annapolis :j IVm. APNeir., Printer. 
I 185 I.] Svo, pp. 92. M. P The Second Report ... . Annapo- 
lis : Printed by Thomas E. Martin. MDCCCi.ii. 8vo, pp. 126. -|- 
The Third Report ... , Baltimore: Sands ^ Mills. 1853. ^^°> 
pp. 160. — The Fourth Report .... Baltimore: Sherwood iff Co. 
1854. 8vo, pp. 92. + The Fifth Report ... . Annapolis : Requa 
and IVilson. 1856. 8vo, pp. 90. 4' The Sixth Report ... . An- 
napolis: Bull iff Tuttle. 1858. 8vo, pp. 96, xxii. H, 45157 

First Report of Philip T. Tyson, State Agricultural Chemist 
... of Maryland, ... i860. [Annapolis: Printed by Elihu S. Rilev.^, 
i860. Svo, pp. xi, 5-145, Appendix, 20. Map. -i Second 
Report ... January, 1862. Annapolis: Thomas 'J. IVilson., Printer. 
1862. Svo, pp. 92. c. 45158 

Also: Communication from John H. Alexander, Esq. Topographical Engineer ... . 
Annapo/is : William M^Neir, Printer. 1838. Svo, pp. 5. 4- [Another. Aiinap(,!i\. 
1S38.] Svo, pp. 4. 4- Report. [Antiaj>ylii. 1841.] Svo, pp. 5. — ... Report ut' the 
Committee on Agriculture, in Relation to the Appointment of" an Agricultujal Chemist. 
\_Annapolii. 1 847.] Svo, pp. 8. — Report of" the Treasurer ... Expenses ... in making 
the Geographical and Geological Surveys ot" the State. \^An>iapolis. 1S3S.] Svo, pp. 3. 
4- [Another. Annapolis. 1839.] Svo, pp. 2. — ... Mr. Wharton. Report ol' Select 
Committee appointed ... to Report a Bill to Abolish the Office of State Geoloyibt. 
^Annapolii. 1S59.] Svo, pp. 3. 



by J. 

a ... . 

other \ 
o, pp. 

c New 

ap, to the 

liutex, 1. 

the New 

M,il)!i an.l 
Maps. — 
Movide Uit 
•n. I S 38.1 
\fi M.ip »' 




126. i- 

Re qua 

.. . ^^"- 
• 45157 


6\ Riley. ^ 
c. 45158 

Engineer ... • 

Report ut tlie 
;ural Clieniiit. 
in niakiiig 
8vo, pp. 3- 
^ovt of Select 
ate Geologist. 

Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted 
Masons of Maryland ... 1853. ••• -6rt//ww;v. 1H53. 8vo, pp. 
90. Continued. 45^59 

General Laws. Baltimore. 1853. l8mo. 


A Historical and Physical Sketch of a Malignant Epidemick, 
prevalent in Maryland, and some other States, within the last few 
years. With a brief notice of some opinions whirh have been 
published on its nature and treatment. ... Baltimore: Printed by 
R. IV. Pameroy i5 Co. 1815. 8vo, pp. 168. 45160 

History of a Session of the General Assembly of ... Maryland, 
held at ... Annapolis ... in November, 1785. Printed in the 
Tear m,dcc,lxxxvi. 8vo, pp. 44. H. 45 161 

The History of Maryland. See Vol. vm., No. 32142. 

The Hoop-Pole Law: entitled "An Act to declare certain 
Trespasses Felony, and for other purposes," passed December 
Session, 1826. [^Baltimore. 1827.] 8vo, pp. 8. 451^2 

House of Delegates ... Baltimore ... . Contested Election. 
Papers on the Contested Election Case from Baltimore. ... Adam 
Denmead [and others] vs. Charles L. Krafft [and others. An- 
napolis. i860.] 8vo, pp. 334. 45163 

&e a/so " Report of the Committee," No. 45328. 

Immediate Emancipation in Maryland. See Vol. ix. 34362. 

The Inaugural Address of Governor P. F. Thomas. Deliv- 
ered January 3rd, 1848. Annapolis : Riley & Davis., Printers. 
1848. 8vo, pp. 14. 45164 

Also; Inaugural Address ... January 8, 1862. Annapolh : Thomas f. fVilson, 
1862. 8vo, pp. 15. 4- Another Edition. Atuiapolis : Schley (S^ OjIc, Printers. 1862. 
8vo, pp. 15. — Inaugural Address ... January iith, 1865. [^Atniapolis. 1865. J 8vo, 
pp. 15. 

Index to the Journals of the Senate and House of Delegates ... 
of Maryland. ... Annapolis: Requa iff IVilson. 1856-7. 3 vols., 
8vo, pp. 1030; 990; 1707. 45165 

Index to the Laws of Maryland, from 1818 to 1825. By 
William Kiltv. Annapolis: "Jeremiah Hughes., Printer. 1827. 
8vo, pp. (4), 232. ' c. 45166 

Index to the Laws and Resolutions of Maryland, from 1800 to 
181 3 inclusive. Published bv Authority. Annapolis: Printed by 
J. Green. 1815. 8vo, pp. (2), (227). + From 1826 to 183 1. 








Annapolis : IFilliam M''Neit\ Printer. 1H32. 8vo, pp. (2), (344). 
-j- From 1832 to 1837. [//W.J 1838. 8vo, pp. (2), (534). f 
From 1838 to 1845. /Innapolis : Riley Isf Davis ^ Printers. 1846. 
8vo, pp. 754. c. 45167 

Also: Index to the '" nted Bills of" the House of Delegates of Maryland, from ... 
I 824 to... 1849 inclusive, yinnapo/is : Riley and Da'vii, Printers. 1850. 8vo, pp. 215. 
— Index to the Public Documents of the House of Delegates, from ... 1834, to ... 1844, 
... ^Innupiilii : Riley and Da-vis, Printers. 1 845. 8vo, pp. 144. 

The [Maryland] Inebriate Asylum, Report ot" the Committee 
on the i'emporary Organization of the Asylum, submitted to the 
... Trustees ... 1870. Baltimore: John iV. IVoods. 1870, 8vo, 
pp. (2), 8. 45168 

An Inquiry into the Principles ot the late Act of the Legisla- 
ture, for Incorporating the Precincts with the City of Baltimore. 
Baltimore. 18 1 7. l6mo, pp. 35. 45169 

Internal Improvements. The Relation of the State to the 
Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company. In the New Consti- 
tution. \_Baltimore. 1867.] 8vo, pp. (4). 45 '7° 

Journal of the House of Delegates of Maryland. December 
Session, 1825. ... Annapolis: Printed by "J. Green. 1826. 8vo, 
pp. 420. Continued. 45^7 1 

Journal of the Proceedings of the Convention on Internal 
Improvements of Maryland, held in Baltimore, May 2, 1836. 
Baltimore: John D. Toy. 1 836. 8vo, pp. 15. 45^72 

See also our Vol. i., No. 3039, and " Proceedings," No. 45287. 

Journal of the Proceedings of the House of Delegates. In 
Extra Session. Frederick: E. S. Riley. i86l. 8vo. -f- Special 
Session, December, 1861. Annapolis: Thomas J. IVilson. 1 861. 
8vo, pp. 117. 45173 

Journal of the Proceedings of the House of Delegates ... 
January Session, 1862. Annapolis: Thomas J. IFilson. 1862. 
8vo, pp. 992. -]- January Session, 1864. Annapolis: Bull & 
Tuttle. 1864. 8vo, pp. 1144. 45174 

This and the following contain much matter relative to the Civil War. 

Journal of the Proceedings of the Senate of Maryland, Janu- 
ary, i860. Annapolis, i860. 8vo, pp. 2122. -f- Special Session, 
December, 1 86 1. Annapolis : Schley (ff Cole. 1861. 8 vo, pp. 569. 
-(-January Session, 1864. Annapolis: Mittag iff Sneary . 1865. 
8vo, pp. 564. c. 45175 









ates ... 
Bull y 


1, Janu- 
pp. 569. 

J. 45^75 

Journal of Proceedings of the Senate of Maryland, in Extra 
Session, April, 1861. Frederick: Beale H. Richardson^ Printer. 
1 86 1. 8vo, pp. 365, Secret Proceedings, 6, Rules, 8. 45176 

Journal of the Senate of Maryland. December Session, 1825. 
... Jmtapolis : Printed by J. Green. 1826. 8vo, pp. 259. Cont'd. 

A Journal of the Votes and Proceedings of the Lower House 
of Assembly of the Province of Maryland, at their Session begun 
May I, 1739. Jnnapoiis : Printed and Sold by "Jonas Green. 1739. 
Sm. 4to, pp. 197. Continued. 45'?^ 

Report of the Ladies' Southern Relief Association ... Septem- 
ber 1st, 1866. Baltimore : Printed by Kelly 'd Piet. 1866. 8vo, 
pp.46. H. 45179 

The Late Maryland [P. E.] Convention. [By Hugh Davey 
Evans. Baltimore. 1 850.] 8vo, pp. 19. 45180 

A Law of Maryland concerning Religion, 

Written in Lord Baltimore's time. 

n. p. 

n. d.] Folio, 

The Laws of the Province of Maryland, Collected into one 
Volumn [-f/f], By Order of the Governour and Assembly of the 
said Province, At a General Assembly begun at St. Mary's the 
1 0th Day of Mav, 1692, and continued by Several Assemblies to 
the Year 17 18. Philadelphia : Printed by Andrew Bradford., and 
are to be Sold by Evan Jones at the City of Annapolis in Maryland. 
1718. Folio, pp. (4), index (7), 248. p. 45182 

Laws of Maryland, Enacted At a Session of Assembly, begun 
and held at the City of Annapolis, March the 15th, 1725. \^An- 
napolis : Printed by William Parks. 1725.] Sm. folio, pp. 20. 

The earliest law-book I have seen, printed in the State with a title-page, is the " Acts 
of 1726," our No. 45046. 

Laws of Maryland, Enacted at a Session of Assembly, ... held 
at ... Annapolis ... the Tenth Day of October, ... 1727. ... 
Annapolis: Printed ... by JV. Parks. MDCCXXVii. Folio, pp. (2), 
32. Continued. H. 45184 

Laws of Maryland, Enacted ... at the City of Annapolis, ... 
in the Twenty Second Year of the Dominion of the Right Hon- 
ourable Charles Lord Baron of Baltimore, Absolute Lord and 
Proprietary of the Province of Maryland and Avalon, he. 
Annoq; Domini 1737. ... Printed by JVilliam Parks., ... Annapolis. 
M,DCC,xxxvu. Folio, pp. (2^, 15, (i). 45185 

VOL. XI. 34 






1 *! 




Laws of Maryland at large, ... Colli d into One C'omplcat 
Body ... . Together with Notes and ot, t Matters, relative to 
the Constitution thereof, extracted from the Provincial Records. 
To which is prefixed, The Charter, with an English Translation. 
By Thomas Bacon ... . Jnnapolis : Printed by 'Jonas iireen^ Pi inter 
to the Province. MUCCLXV. F0..0, pp. (6), Charter, (17), Laws, 
(624), Index, (91). 45186 

Also on large paper; handsomely printed. 

Laws of Maryland, Made and Passed at a Session of Assembly, 
held at Annapolis, 17th October, 1780. Annapolis: Printed by 
Frederick Green^ Printer to the State. [1780.] Folio, pp. (2), (103). 
Continued. 451^7 

Laws of Maryland, Made and Passed at a Session of Assembly, 
Convened by the Council of Safety, and begun and held at the 
City of Annapolis, on Wednesday the fifth of February, in the 
year ... [1777]. Annapolis: Printed by Frederick Green, [n. d.] 
Small folio, pp. (2), (55). 45188 

Laws of Maryland, Made Since m,dcc,lxiii, consisting of 
Acts of Assembly under the Proprietary Government, Resolves 
of Convention, the Declaration of Rights, the Constitution and 
Form of Government, thf Articles of Confederation, and. Acts 
of Assembly since the Revolution. ... Annapolis: Printed by Fred- 
erick Green ... mdcclxxxvii. Folio, pp. (4), (438), (12), (l). 

One hundred copies printed. Edited by A. C. Hanson. 

The Laws of Maryland, ... 1692 . . to ... 1799. To which 
are prefixed the Original Charter ... . Revised and Collected by 
William Kilty. Annapolis: Printed by Frederick Green, ijgq— 
1800. 2 vols., 4to. 
5 vols., 8vo. 

A., c. 4- Vols, ili-vii. Jnnapolis. [n. d.J 

c. 45190 

[Laws made] At a Session of the General Assembly of Mary- 
land, ... November ... 1799, [toj ... January, 1800. [^Annapolis : 
F. Green. 1800.] 4to, 40 leaves. 45'9I 

The Laws of Maryhuid ... . Revised by Virgil Maxcy. Ihil 
timore. 181 1. 3 vols., 8vo. c. 45/92 

Letter from the Governor and Council of Maryland, transmit- 
ting A Report of the Commissioners appointed to Survey the 
River Potomac. January 28, 1823. ... Washington: Gale^ iff 
Seaton. 1823. 8vo, pp. 46. 45193 




tc'd by 





'.\ the 

Xale^ is 

A Letter to a Gentleman, concerning the Boundaries ot" the 
Province of Maryland, wherein is shewn, that no part of the 40ih 
degree of latitude is, or can be, any part thereof. Loudon : for 
the y/M/Z/ar [about 1735J. linio, pp. 15. c. 45194 

Letter to the Hon. Reverdy Johnson, on the Proceeding at the 
Meeting at Maryland Institute, Jan. 10, 1861. Baltimore. iS()i. 
8vo. 45195 

List of Members of the Constitutional Convention of Mary- 
land, of 1867 ... . Annapolis: George Colton^ Printer. 1867. 8vi), 
pp. (2), 8. 45196 

... Maffit against Goldsborough. The Records compared. 
By the Unconditional Union State Central Committee. Octo- 
ber 7th, 186^. Baltimore: Printed by Sherwood isf Co. [1863.] 
8vo, pp. 13. H. 45197 

A corrected title of our No. 43785. 

Transactions of the Maryland Academy of Science and Iviter- 
ature. Vol. i. Published by the Academy. Baltimore: John 
D. Toy. 1837. 8vo, pp. xii, 17-190. Map. 4519^ 

No more published. Also : Constitution and By-Laws of" tiie Maryland Academy 
of Science and Literature. Baltimure : yohn D. Toy. 1815. i8nio, pp. 10, (1). 

Report of the Register of the Maryland Agricultural College, 
... Baltimore: Samuel S. A/ills. 1858. 8v(), pp. 29. Plate. 

Also: Catalogue of tli^ Maryland Agricultural College ... . Baltimore : jfobn Murphy 
(^ Co. 1870. 8vo, pp, 12. Folded Table. Continued. 

The Maryland Ahiman Rezon, of Free and Accepted Masons, 
containing the History of Masonry, from the Establishment of 
the (jrand Lodge to the Present Time. Baltimore. 1799. 8vo, 
pp. 266. 45200 

The Maryland Almanack for ... 1759. Annapolis: Jonas 
Green. [1759.] i2mo, pp. 32. Continued. 45^0' 

Maryland and Massachusetts. See .Massachusetts. 

First Annual Report of the President and Directors ... of the 
Maryland and Delaware Rail Road Company. ... Baltimore: 
ShfywoodiJ do. 1856. 8vo, pp. 32. Continued. 45202 

The Charter and By-Laws of the Maryland Anthracite Coal 
Company of the Wy/)ming C<jal Region, with Reports on the 
Geology and Mining Resources of their Coal Lands. ... Ballt- 
more : John IV. tt^oods. 1856. 8vo, pp. 46, ( li. 2 Maps. 

, i 






' i ! 

Minutes of the ... Maryland Baptist Union Association, ... In 
Newton, Md. November 10th, ... 1859. Baltimore: It'illiam 
M. bines., Printer. 1 859. 8vo, pp. 32. Continued. H. 45204 

Maryland Central Railroad. To the Citizens of Baltimore 
and others interested. Bctltimore : "J, B. Rose l^ Co. [1869.] 
8vo, pp. 8. 45205 

Constitution and By-Laws of the Maryland Club, 1857. ^^'^~ 
thnore : Lucas Brothers. 1865. l8mo, pp. 21. 45206 

The Maryland Code : Public General Laws. Compiled by 
Otho Scott and Hiram McCullough, Commissioners. ... With 
an Index ... . By Henry C. Mackall ... . Baltimore, i860. 2 
vols., 8vo, pp. 822; 965. -f Supplement. ... 1861 ... 1862. ... 
By H. C. Mackall. ... Baltimore: Printed by John Murphy iff Co. 

1862. 8vo, pp. 102, 128, 71, (i), 31. -f Supplement. {H'id.'] 

1863. 8vo, pp. 486. + Supplement. ... 1864 ... By Lewis 
Mayer ... . [/^W.j 1865. 8vo, pp. 79, ill, ( I ), 1 02, (l). + 
Supplement. ... 1865 ... By Lev.'is Mayer ... . \lhid.'\ 1865. 
8vo, pp. 127, 63. + Supplement. ... 1861, 1861-2, 1864, 1865, 
1866 and 1867. ... By Lewis Mayer ... . [//>/>/.] 1868. 8vo, pp. 
670. f Supplement. ... 1868 ... By Lewis Mayer ... . [//</>/.] 
1868. 8vo, pp. 426. -I Supplement. ... 1870 ... By J. J. Cohen 
and Thomas Rowland ... . [//'/V/'.] 1870. 8vo, pp. 466. 45207 

Maryland Colonization Journal 
8vo. Cont'nued. 

Vol. I. Baltimore. 


The Maryland Educational Journal ... . E. S. Zevely, Editor. 
Vol. I. Baltimore: E. S. Zevely. 1867-68. 8vo, pp. 376. Map. 

No mor'' i^ublished. 

First Annual Report of the Maryland Eye [and Ear] Infirmary, 
Baltimore, Maryland. ... Baltimore: John Murphy Is Co. 1870. 
8vo, pp. 16. Continued. 452io 

... The Maryland Earmer and Mechanic ... . Vol. li. No. i. 
January, 1864. Baltimore., Md. : S. S. Mills iff Co. [n. d.] 8vo. 

Maryland Historical Society. Publications. Baltimore. 

The various publications of this society are described in this Dictionny under tiie 
names of their respective authors. Complete sets are scarce. In order to assist the 
collector we append a brief list of the works in the order of their publication : i. Con- 
stitution, etc.; 11. Mayer ( C. F.), Discourse; iij. Latrobe (J. H. B.), Bannckt-r; iv. 
Carroll (C), Journal; v. Kennedy (J. P. ), Calvert ; vi. Harris (J. M. 1, Ralciuli ; vii. 
Wynne (Dr. J.), Ringgold ; vjii. Mayer (B.), Commerce ; ix. Donaldson (T.i, Amcri- 



U). I. 

Indcr tlie 
Issist tlie 
I. Con- 
ker; IV. 
flllll i vii. 


can Historyj x. Harris (J. M.), CilWornia ; xi. Rf port ; xii. Brown (G. W.), 
Oriylii of Civil Liberty; xm. Tiffany |0.), Williams; xiv. OoHpc iR.l, Columhus ; 
XV. M.iycr (B. I, 'I'.ih-gali-jutr ; xvi. Strcdrr I S. F. |, Maryland Two Hunilred V'ears 
Ago; XVII. Burnap (G. W.), l)i;ni<; win. B[uvli.>nnn] (W. It.), B.iltimore ; 
XIX. Report; XX. Mayer ( L.), Catal(n,ue ; [TvMin t Mrs. M. K.)], B.inneker; XXll. 
( Siiepp. nil ( Mu,-,cs) ], Slave Trade; xxiii. Morris (J. G. ), Beliaini ; xxiv. Smith ( J S.), 
IJeKilli; XXV. Report; xxvi. Davis (Ci. L. L. I, J.ip.iii ; xxvii. Nr>rris iJ.S.I, Early 
Friends; xxviii. Allen (K.1, Karly Settlers; xxix. | M.iyer (B.)], Maryland Historical 
Society, etc. ; XXX. Giles ( W. F. ), Discouise, two editions; xxxi. Mayer (B.), Sparks; 
XXXII. Mayer (B.), History, etc., Maryl.ind Historical Society, 1867; xxxiii.-xxxviii. 
lixhihitions of" l'aiiitinj;s, etc., durini; lS.^S-i;S; xxxix. I'inkney (Rev. W.I, Alexan- 
der; XI-. Constitution [1867 J, Svo, pp. 14. Atter xi-. the issues are Fund Fiililit.itions. 

Annual Report of the President ... . 1850. Baltimore: ^John 
D. Toy. [1850.] 8vo, pp. 21. Continued. H. 45212 

Catalogue of the Manuscripts, [etc.] and an Account of the 

Library of the Maryland Historical Society, 

in 18 







Baltimore: Printed ... by John D. Toy. 1854. 

H. 45213 

Catalogue of Paintings, Engravings, &c. at the Picture (iallery 

8vo, pp. 49, (2). 

of the Maryland Historical Society. First Annual Kxhibition. 
1848. Baltimore : Printed by John D. Toy. [1848.] 8vo, pp. 12. 
Continued. 45214 

Constitution, By-Laws, ... and Members of the Maryland 
Historicii' Society. Baltimore: Printed by John Murphy. 1844. 
8vo, pp. 19, (1). ' ■ H. 45215 

Fund Publication, No. y The Mar\land Historical Society. 
In Memory of George Peabody. January, 1870. [^Baltimore. 
1H70.] 8vo, pp. 33. 45216 

The Maryland Historical Society and the Peabodv institute 
Trustees. A Report ... March 5th, 1866. Baltimore: Printed 
hv John Murphy i5 Co. 1866. 8v(), pp. 1 5. H. 45217 

Report of the President and IJoard of Visiters [^;V] of the 
Maryland Hospital,... for 1843. Baltimore: John D. Toy. 1844. 
8vo, pp. 24. Continued. 45218 

Second Annual Report of the Maryland Industrial School for 
Girls. January, 1869. Baltimore: Rhodes Br )s. [i86g.] 8vo, 
pp. 13. Continued. 45219 

Charter, Constitution ... of the Maryland Institute of Educa- 
tion. Baltimore: IFoods is Crane., Printers. 1 84 1. I2mo, pp. 27. 

Also : A Plan tor a System of Public Education ; Submitted by the Maryland Insti- 
tute of Education to the General Assembly of ... Maryland. Ballim(ie: Printed by 
John Murphy. 1843. 8vo, pp. 15, 15. 


r '' 

1 ;' 





Annual Opening and Concluiling Addressfs delivered before 
the Mar\land Institute for the Fiomution of the Mechanu Arts, 
during the Annual Exhibitions ... in 1 848-1 849 and 1S50. Bal- 
tinmi! : James roung. [1850.] 8vo, pp. 77. 45221 

Annual Report of the Board of Managers and Treasurer of 
the Maryland Institute ... for ... October, 1848. Baltimore. 
1848, 8vo. Continued to i860. 45222 

The Hook of Exhibition. Fourth Annual Exhibition of the 
Maryland Institute. Baltimore, 185 1. ... Baltimore: Printed by 
John Murphy csf Co. 1852. 8vo, pp. 24, 80, 36, 14, 93. H. 

Conlinucd to the Thirtecntl) Exhibition, i860. 

Catalogue of the Eirst Annual Exhibition of the Maryland 
Institute ... 1848. ... Baltimore. 1848. 8vo, pp. (2), 21. 

Continued to the Thirteenth Exhibition, i860. 

Catalogue of Books in the Library of the Maryland Institute 
... In Two Parts. Part Eirst — Alphabetical. Baltimore. 1857. 
«vo, pp. (4), 132. 45225 

The second p.irt was never published. Also: Annual Report ,. on the Library 
Di'paitment of the Maryland Institute, ... for 1857. Ballimurt : \:m:.f/ Xiiuls Mi//i. 
iS^7. 8vo, pp. 18. — Catalogue of Books ... Clabsified and Alplubetnally Arranged 
by Titles. Baltimore : Jamei Toun^. 1865. 8vo, pp. 176. — Constitution ot tlie Mary- 
lani Institute ... . [^Baltimore. iti^.\ 8vo, pp. 7. — Constitution and By Laws ... . 
Baiiimore : Samuel SanJs Mills. 1848. 8vo, pp. 12. Continued. — Judges' Catalogue 
of the Articles Deposited at the Fourth Annual Exhibition of the Maryland Institute, 
... October 20th, 1851. Baltimore: Murfihy & Cc, Printers. [1851.] 8vo, pp. 96. — 
Proposals of the Maryland Institute ... for the Exhibition of ... 1827 ... . Baltimore: 
jfr^bti D. Toy. 1827. 8vo, pp. II. 

Second Annual Report of the Maryland Institution for the 
f^ducation of the Deaf and Dumb, ... 1869-70. Frederick: 
Keefer.^ Smith Iff Co. 1 87 1. 8vo, pp. 28, (2). Continued. 

First Report of the Directors of the Maryland Institution for 
the Instruction of the Blind. ... Baltimore : Printed by Samuel S. 
Mills. 1858. 8vo, pp. 20. 45227 

Maryland Jockey Club [Rules. Baltimore. 1830.] 8vo, pp. 6. 

Description of the Property of the Maryland Marble Com- 
pany, of Baltimore. Baltimore: Cushings is' Me dairy. 1866. 
i6mo, pp. 15. 45229 

Catalogue of the Officers and Cadets of the Maryland Mili- 
tary Academy, for ... 1854-55. Baltimore: Printed by John 
Murphy ilf Co. 1855. 8vo, pp. 12. H. 45230 



•"•^ I 





■ick : 


p. 6. 




Maryland Muster Roll. War of 1812. Baltimore, [n. d.] 
i2mo. 45231 

A (ioulitrul title from an auction catalogue. 

Maryland not a ... Catholic Colony. So N[ei11] (E. D.) 

Rt'port of the Committee appointed hv the Hoard of Directors 
of the Marvlaiul Penitciitiarv to \W\t the Penitentiaries and 
Prisons in the Citv of Philadelphia uui State ot New ^'oik. 
Baldrrnre : Printed hy Lucas i^ Deavc. 1828. 8vo, pp. 26. 

Report of the Joint Committee appointed by the (iencral As- 
sembly ... fo investigate the Affairs ot the Maryland Peniten- 
tiary. [^Annapolis. 18-^8. ] 8vo, pp. 1^8,(1). j [//'/V/.] 8vo, 
pp. 120. 452^3 

Also: First Annual Report of tliK Cunimirtce of the RdicI .\ssoijjtion of the {''•nitrnri.iry .. H.iltimo'f ; I'lintrJ l\ 'y,ini(S i.:tiii> i^ Soji. i860. ,>ivii, pp. 
32. Contimud. RcpK of the Dircv-tors to the Charyi-a a^r-iinst th<" I'inir nti.iry. 
Baltimoit: VriKled by J. //-'. fl'oods. 1837. 8vo, pp. 18. — R--.Mt of the I. Cmmittee 
... .ippointcd to prepare PI, ins fir the ... Marvl.ind Peniteiuiarv. /!ti fim,r,,r. iS'j^. 
8vo. — Report of the Committee on Prison Manufirtines. .Septemher, 1S42. Hiii'li- 
nijre : Printed hy J, mil' i^ Drain l8.p. Svo, pp. iz. — Report of ihr Direitois of 
the Penitenti.ny, to tiie l-e(;isl,itii:e of\liiui, !)i-winhei, 18;^. .•t>irr,if-<./i< : "J. 
Ilui^hfS, Flint. |8*(). Svo, pp. (2 , (9). Koliled Account. Continut-d. - I'e'-tiMinTiv 
r.iken hefore tiie Joint Committee of the Legisilature of Marvland, on the Penitentiary. 
[Anrtapolis. 1838.] Svo, pp. 430. 

Maryland Pension Roll. Doc. 514. [IFashington. n. d.] 
8vo, pp. 52. 45234 

The Maryland Pocket Annual, for ... 1834. Annapolis: jf. 
Hughes. [1833.] i8mo, pp. 127,(2). Co.itinued to 1846. 

The Maryland Pocket Magazine; ... 1796. ... Baltimore: 
George Keatiuge. [1796.] I2mo. H. 45236 

... Report of the ... Maryland Reform C^)nvention, on the 
Late Acts of Congress forming the Compromise, etc. \ Annapo- 
lis. 1850.] 8vo, pp. 4. H. 45237 

The Maryland Register, for 1856 and 1857; A Legal, Polit- 
ical and Business Manual, By James VVingate ... . Baltimore. 
1856. 8yo, pp. 37, (i), X, 301, 30, 13. f 1860-61. [/(^/V/.J 
i860. 8vo, pp. xxvi, 37, 215, 26, 17*. 45238 

The Maryland Resolutions. See [Maxcy (Virgil)]. 

The Maryland Scheme of Expatriation Examined. By a 
Friend of Liberty. Boston: Garrison £5" Knapp. 1834. Svo, 
pp. 20. BA. 45239 









Hi §7- 1 2.5 
■^ Uii |2.2 




1.25 III 1.4 1.6 













(716) 872-4503 



The Maryland School Journal ... . Edited ... by Levi & Gal- 
ligher ... . Vol. il. Hagentown : Levi & Galligher. [n. d.] 8vo. 

Constitution [ cf the | Maryland Society, | for Promoting the | 
Abolition of Slavery, | and the relief of | Free Negroes, and 
Others, | unlawfully held in | Bondage. | Baltimore: | Printed by 
IVilliam Goddard and "James Angell \ ... | m.dcc.lxxxix. | 8vo, 
pp. 8. 45241 

Reprinted in W. F. Poole's "Anti-Slavery Opinions before 1800." Also: [Reso- 
lutions passed] At a Meeting of" "The Maryland Society for promoting the Abolition 
of Slavery, and the Relief of Free Negroes, and others, unlawfully held in Bondage," 
held at Baltimore, the 4th of February, 1792. Baltimore : Printed by fViltiam Goddard 
and Jamei Augell. [n. d.] 410, pp. 8. 

Fourth Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the 
Maryland State Bible Society, for 1837. Baltimore: J. W, 
IVoods. 1837. 8vo, pp. 56. Continued. 45242 

Act of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Maryland State 
Colonization Society : ... Baltimore: Printed by J. D. Toy. 1834. 
i2mo, pp. (2), 32. BA. 45243 

Addresses delivered at the Sixth Anniversary Meeting of the 
Maryland State Colonization Society, held at Annapolis, Febru- 
ary 2,d, 1838. Baltimore. 1838. i2mo, pp. 45. 45244 

African Colonization. Proceedings of a Meeting of the 
Friends of African Colonization, held in the City of Baltimore, 
on the Seventeenth of October, 1827. [Baltimore. 1827.] 8vo, 

pp. 19. -f- Baltimore: B. Edes. 1828. 8vo, pp. 24. 


This meeting resulted in the formation of the Maryland State Colonization Society. 
Also: Colonization of th*; Free Colored Population of Maryland, and of such Slaves 
as may hereafter become free. Statement of Facts ... on this ... subject. Baltimore. 
1832. 8vo, pp. 16. 

The Third Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the 
Maryland State Colonization Society, to the Members and the 
Public. Baltimore: Printed by John D. Toy. 1835. 8vo, pp. 36. 
Continued. 45246 

This was the first published. 

Maryland State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1867-8. 
Compiled by Geo. W. Hawes. Baltimore. 1867. 8vo, pp. 557. 

Maryland State Business Directory ; with ... Sketch of An- 
napolis ... . New York: IVebb l^ Fit%gerald. 1866. 8vo, pp. viii, 
17, 161, 81. 45248 


f'P. 23 

the hi 


•.??•.'«>!' S-yiSti.- 






pf the 
d the 



If An- 


Sixth Annual Report of the Maryland State Tempeiaiice 
Society, [n. p. 1837.] i6mo, pp. 22. 45^49 

Report of the Maryland Union Commission, May r, 1866. 
Baltimore: Sherwood i^ Co. 1866. 8vo, pp. 20. 45^50 

Also: Services held by the Maryland Union Cumniission, ... June ist, 1865, ... 
the Oay of Humiliatiun ... appointed by the President ... . Sheriuood (^ Co., Primers, 
Balti.tore. [1865.] i6mo, pp. 22. 

Th° Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, ... Almanack for 1780, 
by M. K. Goddard. Baltimore. 1780. Continued. 45251 

Mar} land's Crisis: A Political Outline. By W. Jefferson 
Buchanan. ... y. PV. Randolph.^ Richmond., Va. 1863. 8vo, pp. 16. 

This and the following were omitted under Buchanan. 

Maryland's Hope : Her Trials and Interests in Connexion with 
the War. By W. Jefferson Buchanan. ... West iff Johnston., 
Richmond. 1864. 8vo, pp. 62. 45^53 

A Summary of Proceedings from the Organization of the 
Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland, in 1799, to the 
Convention of 1807. ... Baltimore: Printed by Fryer and Rider. 
1807. 8vo, pp. 23, (l). 45254 

Continued as "Transactions." Also; Catalogue of Books belonging to the Library 
of ihe Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, of Maryland. Baltimore: John W. W:odi. 
1852. 8vo, pp. 66. 

Meeting of Young Men in Maryland, Dec. 20th, 1831. \Bal- 
iimore :~\ Printed by Sands iff Neilson. [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. 

Memorial of John Chandler, Late Printer to the State, to the 
General Assembly ... his Claims for Services ... 1812 ... '16. ... 
[^Annapolis.'] 18 19. 8vo, pp. 26. 45256 

Memorial to the General Assembly of Maryland, by James 
M'Evoy, Vindicatory of his Testimony, ... to the Joint Com- 
mittee on the Affairs of the Penitentiary ... . [n. p. 1837.] 8vo, 
pp. 23. 45257 

Memorial to the General Assembly of Maryland on behalf of 
the Baltimore and Susquehanna Rail Road. [n. p.] 1834. 8vo. 

Message from the Executive to the General Assembly of 

Maryland. December Session, 1830. Jnnapolis : Printed by 

Jeremiah Hughes. 1830. 8vo, pp. 1 5. 45^59 

Continued at each session. Those delivered in 1861, etc, contain important matter 
reLtive to the Civil War. 



^ H, 







Message of the Governor [Wm. Grason] in Relation to the 
Report ... of the Committee on the Public Lands, [n. p.] 1841. 

8vO, pp. 7. BA. 45200 

Message of the Governor of Maryland, communicating tht- 
Report of the Commissioners ... to Survey the Riv?r Potomac. 
... Ainapo/is : Printed by 'J. Hughes. 1822. 8vo, pp. 92. Tables. 

.S'cf alio under Boundary, No. 45077-8, mpra. 

Militia. An Act to provide for the Organization and Disci- 
pline of the Militia of Maryland; ... 1864. Baltimore: Printed 
hy John D. Toy. [n. d.J l6mo, pp. 77. 45262 

Also: An Act to Regulate and Discipline the Militia of this State ... . Baltimore: 
Pritiied l>\ Samuel Mag^ill. 1807. iPmo, pp. 45. ■\- Annapolis : Printdi hy John Chandler. 
1812. 8vo, pp. 30. 

Message of the Governor in relation to Disarming the State 
Militia, in F.xtra Session, 1862. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 4. 

Proceedings of the Officers of the Thirty-Ninth Regiment of 
Marvland Militia, on an Inquiry into the Conduct of the Adju- 
tant [juncuhan Meredith]: Including the Statement made bv him 
in explanation : Together with his Letter of Resignation, and the 
Answn of Colonel Mosher. Baltimore: Printed by G. Dobbin 
& Murphy. 1808. 8vo, pp. 24. 45204 

Report of the Adjutant General, May 8, 1861. [n. p. n. d.] 
8vo, pp. 16. 45265 

Report of the Committee on the Message of the Governor, 
giving his reasons for disarming the State Militia, [n. p. n. d.j 
8vo, pp. 7. 45266 

Report of the (^Quartermaster General, February i, 1862. [n. 
p. n. d.J 8vo, pp. 10. 45267 

A New Arrangement of the Courts of Justice, of the State 
of Maryland Proposed. [By John Leeds Bozman.J Alaryland : 
Printed for the Juthoi . i802. 8vo, pp. 66. s. 45268 

The New Constitution and its Relation to Ra'lroads. [Balti- 
more. 1867.] 8vo, pp. 7. 45269 

Notes for an Essay on some of the Effects and Abuses of the 
Constitution of Maryland, and on its proposed Reform. Balti- 
more : y. IV, ff^oods. 1836. 8vo, pp. 16. 45270 

Notes of Reference to certain Marvland Statutes passed since 
the Compilation of Dorsey's Laws of Maryland. [By C. J. M. 



h Fre/i 

second T 



ptT^ ^.w.. ^.,w,^ 

'" »»57- i6mo, 

^ V-ons .0 yielding .0 No.h.^^^^^^^ 452;. 

^ Observations I on thel P,- , . ' "^992, /;./.. 

" >*« -«'"■'"«. M,DCC,XCV I ^r., '^""""'"■■l Printed 
,. Official Census of MarvhnH ""'"•''"■ 53- 4527a 

^ Oyster La„ „,■ ,^^ ' '^''' ''P' *3. 9 'olded Tables. 

. P^'tion Of Richard R f> •. '^^^ [Pncc ( W.)] 

Petition to thfe") Gener-,1 A l, ^5275 

8-, pp. .0! - ''°^*^ '-*"g.o Bal,i„'^,,J."^t/tT;-n«_o,- 


„^-n,blea„dRes„,„„.„„^. '"■ '™- 45^77 

Present Wa., passed by he f' ''''^f'' '° ""^ Obieos „f ,h 
"*"'• [". p. n. d.] /v^%.^;""»' Asse-nbly, n':ZC T^ 


. ^a 



li ■ ' 





Proceedings of the Convention of the Province of Maryland, 
Held at ... Annapolis, ... May, 1776. Annapolis: Printed hy 
Frederick Green. [1776.] Sm. 4to, pp. (2), 29. c. 45281 

Proceedings of the Convention ... Held at ... Annapolis, ... 
June, 1776. Annapolis: Printed by Frederick Green. [1776.] 
Sm. 4to, pp. (2), 33. 45282 

Proceedings of the Convention ... Held at ... Annapolis, ... 
August, 1776. Annapolis: Printed by Frederick Green. [1776.] 
4to, pp. (2), 91. c. 45283 

Proceedings of the Conventions of the Province of Maryland, 
Held at ... Annapolis, ... June, 1774; ... November, 1774; ... 
December, 1774; ... April, 1775; and ... July, 1775. Annap- 
olis: Printed by Frederick Green. [1775. J Sm. 410, pp. 26. c. 

Proceedings of the Conventions of the Province of Maryland, 
Held at ... Annapolis in 1774, 1775, & '77^- Baltimore : "James 
Lucas ^ F. K. Deaver. 1836. 8vo, pp. (2), 378. c, H. 45285 

"Tlierc is no iiniicjtion in t'.iis work o( whether it wis printed tVom a manuscript or 
from an older edition, it havir;g neither introduction or preface." — Rich. 

J. Green, Propose* to Publish The Journals of the Conven- 
tions of the Province of Maryland. Held ... Annapolis, in the 
years 1774, i;75 and x'J'-f^. \_Annapolis. 1825.] Folio, i leaf. 

Mr. Green proposed to print from the original manuscripts, but failed to get a bill 
tlirougii the legislature. 

Proceedings of the Convention on Internal Improvements, 
held Dec. 1825. By T. Phenix. Baltimore. 1826. 8vo, pp. 
44, 19. 45287 

Proceedings of the Electors of President, 1840. Annapolis. 
[n. d.] 8vo. s. 45288 

Proceedings of the Great Meeting of the Friends of Civi' and 
Religious Liberty, held in Baltimore, 1837. Baltimore. 1837. 
8vo. 45289 

Proceedings of the House of Assembly of Maryland, with 
Governor Eden's Proclamations, Addresses, &c. ... Annapolis. 
1771. Folio. 45290 

Title from an English catalogue. 

Proceedings of the Maryland Administration Convention, ... 
held in Baltimore, ... July ... 1827. Printed at the Office of the 
Baltimore Patriot. 1827. 8vo, pp. 24. 45291 

'I nurimiMiiiiiiiilwilBl 




Proceedings of the two Houses of Assembly of Ma.vland, on 
the Subject of Confiscation of British Property, &c. jnnapolis : 
Printed by Frederick Green^ Printer to the State. [1780. J 8vo, 
pp. 69. 45292 

Proceedings of the State Conventio.j of Maryland to frame a 
New Constitution. ... April 27, 1864. Jnnapolis: Richard P. 
Bayfyy Printer. 1864. 8vo, pp. 856. 4S293 

Proceedings of the State Convention, of Maryland, to frame a 
New Constitution, Commenced at Annapolis, May 8, 1867. 
Jnnapolis: George Colton^ Printer. 1867. 8vo, pp. 850, 16, 66, 14. 

Proposal? for a Tobacco-Law, In the Province of Maryland. 

Humbly offered to the Consideration of the Legislature, and all 

Lovers of their Country. In a Letter from a Gentleman to 

William Parks, Printer in Annapolis, Jnnapolis: Printed in the 

Tear 1726. 4to, pp. 21. 45^95 

Also : Proposals for Tobacco Warehouses, and Accompanying Docurr.ents. Annap- 
elis; Piintcd hy yeremiab Hughes. 1817. 8vo, pp. 16. Folded Plan. 

Protest and Argument against a Subscription on the Part of 
the State to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company. By a 
Citizen of Baltimore, [n. p.] 1827. 8vo. 45296 

Protest of the General Assembly against the Illegal Arrest and 
Imprisonment, bv the Federal Government, of Citizens of Mary- 
land, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 4. 45297 

Protestant Episcopal Church. An Abstract of the Proceedings 
of the Corporation for the relief of the Widows and Children of 
the Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Mar\ land. 
Baltimore: Printed hy Philip Edwards. 1797. l6m(), pp. 12. 

Address of the Board of Trustees. See [Johns (John)]. 

Articles of Religions of the Protestant Episcopal Church ... 
together with the Canons ... in ... Maryland, which respect dis- 
cipline : ... prefixed a Pastoral Letter from the Bishop [T. J. 
Claggett] of the said Church. ... Baltimore: Cole fif Hewes. 
1805. 8vo, pp. 8. 45299 

I'he Charter, Laws and Regulations of the Corporation for the 
relief of the Widows and Children of the Clero-y of the Protest- 
ant Episcopal Church in Maryland. Baltimore: J. Robinson. 
1827. 8vo, pp. 12. 45300 

\ 1 

MI ;'! 




A Compilation containing the Constitution and Canons of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church, ... the C'onstitution and Canons of 
the ... ChiTch in Maryland; together with other documents 
interesting to churchmen, and the I^aws of Maryland rclaiing to 
the duties of clergymen and vestries, &c. ... iialtitnore : Printed 
by Jos. Robinson. 1849. l8mo, pp. 340. -(- Baltimore: H. A. 
Robinson. 1863. 8vo, pp. vii, 121. 453°' 

Constitution and C^mons of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 
in Maryland. ... Baltimore: Joseph Robinson. 1809. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Constitution of the Eree Church Association of the Diocese 
of Maryland. Baltimore: John D. Toy. 1863. l8mo, pp. 4. 

The Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the 
State of Maryland, to the Vestries and other Members of the 
said Church. [Baltimore. 1794.] 8vo, pp. 8. 45304 

Written by the Rt. Rev. Thomas J. Claggett. 

Eirst Annual Report of the Prayer Book and Homily Society 
of Maryland, M. Dccc, xix. with the Constitution and ... Sub- 
scribers and Benefactors. ... Baltimore: Printed by tVilliam 
IVarner. [n. d.] l8mo, pp. 16. 45305 

Journal of the Convention of the Protestant-Episcopal Church 
of Maryland ; May, 1808. Neiv York. 1808. 8vo. Continued. 

Notices and Journals, and remains of Journals, of the Two 
preliminary Conventions of the Clergv, and of the first Five 
Annual Conventions and two adjourned Conventions of ... Mary- 
land, in the years 1783, ... 1788. ... From the Papers of the 
Rev. Dr. West, Secretary ... . \_Baltimore. 1855.] 8vo, pp. 43. 

Reprinted and appended to the journal of 1855. 

The Report of the Committee on the Proposed Division of 
the Diocese of Maryland. ... 1859. [^Baltimore :^ J. D. Toy., 
Print. [1859.] 8vo, pp. 20. Map. 4530^ 

Also appended to the journal of this year. 

Report of the Committee on the Question of the Episcopate 
of Maryland, touching the Interests of the District of Columbia. 
[^Baltimore. 1867.] 8vo, pp. (2), 8. 453^9 

A Statement of Facts. See [Parkman (C. M.)] 

To the Clerical and Lay Members of the Convention of the 
Diocess of Maryland. [^Baltimore. 1824.] 8vo, pp. 4. 453 10 

Signed by " A Churchman" on a theological seminary. 


yu,-i.i*4^-\s*-i • >'»•< 




(Queries about the Practicability of Codifying the Laws of 
Maryland. Baltimore: Printed by James Lucas. 1854. 8vi>, 
pp.46. 453" 

Page 3; was reprinted and patted over the original. 

Reasons for an Extra Session of the Legislature. [^Frederick. 
1854.] 8vo, pp. 13. 45312 

Signed by Wm. Price, Samuel Tyler and Frederick Stone. 

Record of Proceedings of the Investigation ... in th; case of 
Samuel Hindcs and Nicholas L. Wood, Commissioners of the 
Board of Police of ... Baltimore, upon the Charges preferred 
against them for Official Misconduct. Baltimore: lyUlam K. 
Boyle, Printer. 1866. 8vo, pp. Ixx, 201. 453 '3 

A j Relation | of | Maryland ; | Together, | With A Map of the 
Countrev, I The Conditions of Plantation, | His Majesties Charter 
to the I Lord Baltemore, translated | into English. | These Bookes are 
to bee had., at blaster IVilliam \ Peaslev Eiq ; his house., o>i the bad- 
side of Dru- I ry-Laue., ueere the Cock-pit Playhouse; or in | his absence., 
at Alaster lohn Morgans house in \ High Holbourn., over against the 
Dolphin., London.] September the 8. Jnno Dom. 1635. | Sq. l6mo, 
pp. (2), 56, the Charter, pp. 25. Map. c, h. 45314 

The map is usually wanting. It is th« second printed account o( the Lord Balti- 
more's plantation, and is a volume of unusual rarity and value. 

A Relation of Maryland, Reprinted from the London Edition 
of 1635, With a Prefatory Note and Appendix, By Francis L. 
Hawks, li.D. ... New Tork : Joseph Sabin. 1865. 4to, pp. vii, 
103. Map. BA. 45315 

Two hundred and fifty copies printed, of which fifty are on large paper. Forms No. 
II. of S.ibin's Reprints, 4to Scries. Some copies were issued without the "Charter," 
pp. vii, 73. Dr. Hawks' notes contain some err,)rs. The Privy Council did not decide 
that Kent Island belonged to Lord Baltimore till 1638. There are also errors in his 
statement relative to Claiborne. Sie White (Andrew). 

A Relation of The successefull beginnings of the Lord Balte- 
more's Plantation in Mary-Land ; Being an extract of certaine 
Letters written from thence, by some of the Aduenturers to their 
friends in England. \_London.^ Anno Domini 1634. 410. bm. 

A volume of extremi! r.irity ; no copy is known in the United States. It contains a 
description of the natives. It was reprinted with the same title, with a prefatory note 
by Brantz Mayer, as "Shea's Early Southern Tracts, No. 1.," pp. (2), 23, (i). One 
hundred and fifty copies printed, of which thirty were on large paper. 

Remarks on the Majority and Minority Reports of the Select 
Committee on Secret Societies, of the House of Delegates of 

! ■ 





Mai y land. Ntw York: M. H. It'ynkoop^ Printer. 1856. 8vo, 
PP- 37- 453 '7 

Remarks on the Proposed Plan. iSV^ [Hanson (A. C.)] 

Remarks I upon a | Message, | sent bv the | Upper to the Lower | 
House of Assembly I of Maryland, i 762. | Containing a Vindica- 
tion of the latter, I in their Conduct relative to a Supply [Hill for 
I lis Majesty's Service; and | occasionally interspersed with some 
curious and in-| teresting Particulars, respecting the Constitu- | tion 
of the said Province. | Hv a Friend to Maryland. | ... | Printed in the 
Year mdcclxiii.| Sm. 8vo, pp. 71. 453 '8 

Het n.'su "Answer to the Queries," No. 45069, ami "A Bill," No. 45085. 

Report and Resolutions. See Baltimore, Vol. I., No. 3078. 

... Report from the Select Committee, to whom was referred 
the Subject of the Removal of the Free Colored Population from 
Charles County. [^Jnnapolis. 1844.] 8vo, pp. 51. 453'9 

Report of all such English Statutes as existed at the time of 
the first Emigration of the People of Maryland, and which by 
experience have been found applicable to their ... circumstances i 
... Made ... By William Kilty, Chancellor of Maryland. Yu 
which are prefixed an Introduction ... . Annapolis: "John Chandler. 


181 1. Sm. 4to, pp. 289, (1). 

Report of Attorney General Brent, to .. 
tion to the Christiana Treason Trials, ... 
napnlis : Thomas E. Martin., Printer. 1852. 

. Gov. Lowe, in rela- 
at Philadelphia. An- 
8vo, pp. 19. 

Report of the Commissioners appointed to wait on the President 
of the United States, to the ... Assembly of Maryland. ... 1861. 
Frederick. 1861. 8vo, pp. 4. 45322 

Report of the Commissioners authorized to Build an Hospital 
for Insane Persons. Baltimore: Printed by John D. Toy. 1853. 
8vo, pp. 27. 45323 

Report of the Committee of Claims to the Legislature of 
Maryland, jinnapolis. 1835. 8vo. 45324 

Report of the Committee of Grievances. See Vol. i. 3072. 

Report of the Committee of Ways and Means on the Finances 
and Resources of the State of Maryland. \JnnapoHs.~\ 18 19. 
8vo, pp. 18. 45325 






Report of the Committee of Ways and Means on the State of 
the Finances. January 24, 1825. Jnnapo/lt : 'jf, Hugha^ PrinUr. 
[n. d.] 8vo, pp. 31. Continued. 45^26 

Report of the Committee on Agriculture, relative to ilic 
Application of Lime to the Dittercnt Qualities of Soil, and Use 
of Calcareous Matter for Agricultural Purposes. ... Jttnupo/'i : 
Riley isf Ddvis^ Printers. 1844. 8vo, pp. 15. 45.^^7 

Report of the Committee on Elections, in relation to Con- 
tested Elections. [^Annapolis, i860.] 8vo, pp. 27. 45.^28 

Cute uf' Dcnnieud [jiiJ uther<] fi. Kutfc [and others]. Nrw ctcLCion uidi'icj. 
Stt alio Nil. 4;i<)V 

Report of the Committee on Federal Relations upon the 
Messages of the (Governor, in regard to the Arbitrary Proceedings 
of the United States Authorities, and the (Governor's Correspond- 
ence with the United Stares Government. Frederick: Elihu S. 
Riley. 1861. 8vo, pp. 5 or 8. 453^9 

Report of the Committee on Federal Relations in regard to 
the Calling of a Sovereign Convention. Frederick^ Md.: E. S. 
Ri/eyy Printer. 1861. 8vo, pp. 22. 4533° 

Report of the Committee on the Coloured Population, of 
Answers of the President of the Colonization Society ... on the 
4th January, 1841. [Annapolis. 1841.] 8vo, pp. 26. 45331 

Report of the Committee on the Fugitive Slave Ca^e. By the 
Convention. April 23, 1851 ... . [Annapolis. 1851.] 8vo, pp. 20. 

Caae of James Mitihell, indicted by tlie State of" Fenn!>ylvania for capturing slaves in 
this State. A requisition \«as made on the Governor of' Maryland for the arrest and 
return of Mitchell, which requisit-ion was refused. 

Report [by J. V. L. McMahon] of the Committee on Internal 
Improvement. ... 1827. [Annapolis. 1828.] 8vo, pp. 22. 

Relates entirely to the Baltimore and Ohio Rail-Road. 

Report of the Committee on Lotteries ; to the House of Del- 
egates. February 9, 1835. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 45334 

Report of the Committee on Ways and Means, in relation to 
sundry Sugar Refiners in Maryland, [n. p.] 1803. 8vo. 

... Report of the Joint Committee on Federal Relations, ... 
proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of the United 
States. ... Annapolis: Henry A. Lucas^ Printer. 1867. 8vo, pp. 26. 

VOL. XI. 36 

\ I 

1 ; 









Report (if the Majority of thi* C'otninittee on Secret Sorieties, 
made to the House of Delegates ... . March 3, 185O. .Inuapolis : 
Ri-qua tif /n/son. Printers. 1 856. Hvo, pp. 16. 45337 

Report of the Peace Commissioners appointed to wait on Pres- 
idents I.incohi and Davis, by the General Assembly, 1861, An- 
napolii. i8hi. 8vo. 4533^ 

Report of the Rev. Dr. Ethan Allen in relation to Records of 
the Executive Departmetit ; and Letter from John H. Alexander, 
Esq. in reference to Calendar of Domestic State Papers. ( .hi- 
napolis. 1861. J 8vo, pp. 8. 45339 

Report of the Select Committee appointed to consider so iiiucli 
of the Cjovernor's Message as 1 elates to the Murder of Edward 
Gorsuch, and the Trial of the Treason Cases in Philadelph;:*. 
\_y1ti»<ipolis. 1852.] 8vo, pp. 16. 45340 

... Rept)rt of the Select Committee ... in Relation to the Re- 
sources of Maryland. Annapolis : Richard P. Bayly^ Printers. 
1865. 8vo, pp. 51. H. 45341 

Report of the Select Committee on Benevolent and Reforma- 
tory Institutions which are beneficiaries of the State. Annapolis. 
1870. 8vo, pp. 22. 4534? 

Report of the Select Committee on the Claims of the Nanti- 
coke Indians. Made to the House of Delegates. VVm. A. 
Stewart, Chairman. Annapolis: Thomas E. Martin, 1853. ^^'^'» 
PP- «• 45343 

Report of the Senate Committee on Internal Improvement. 
Annapolis: IVm. Thompson.^ Printer. 1868. 8vo, pp. 4. 45344 

Report of the Special Committee appointed for the purpose of 
Examining the Condition of the Public Records of this State. 
lAnnapolis. \%SV'\ 8vo, pp. 5. 45345 

Report [by J. H. Alexander] on Certain Documents touching 
the Provincial History of Maryland: ... Baltimore: "John D. Toy. 
i860. 8vo, pp. II. 45346 

Also: Report on the Board of Police of Baltimore, in Extra Session, 1861. [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8, 48. 

Report on the Condition of the Public Records. By Ethan 
Allen. Annapolis: Thomas J. Wilson, i860. 8vo, pp. 5. 






Report on the Manutacture o( Iron ; Aildresscd to the Gov- 
finor of" Marylaiiil. By John H. Alexander. Jnnnpo/is : ll'm. 
Af'.Vfiry Printer. 1H40. 8vo, pp. xxiv, ( I7j-26q, (6). 3 Plates. 
( Seconi! Report. [//'/V/.] 1844. 8vo, pp. xvii, [9]- 1 89. 

Report on the Standards of Weight and Measure for the State 
«)f Maryland; ... liy J. H. Alexander. [^Baltimore: John I). 
Toy. 1 846. J 8vo, pp. .V, 213. 45349 

Report on the Subject of the Chancery Records. ... March, 
1829. Annapolis: Jeremiah Hughes^ Printer. 1829. 8vo, pp. 67. 

Resolutions from the Committee on Federal Relations, January 
19, 1850. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 4. 45351 

Resolutions of the Committee on Federal Relai.ons of the 

House of Delegates ... . 1861. Frederick. 1861. 8vo, pp. 4. 
Resolutions of the Legislature of Maryland, approving the 

Views of the President in his 


yf^'ashington. 1 86 1.] 8vo, pp. 2. 




rv 2, 18O1, 

Resolutions [relating to the Public Lands] and the object of 
them considered. By a Citizen oi Maryland. Baltimore. 1822. 
8vo. 45354 

The Revenue Laws of Maryland ... . Baltimore : John Murphy 
l^ Co. 18 — . 8vo. 45355 

Rules and Orders for the Regulation and Government of the 
Constitutional Convention, Assembled at Annapolis, April 27, 
1864. Annapolis: Richard P. Bayly., Printer. 1864. 8vo, pp. 14. 
-f- Constitutional Convention of 1867. Annapolis: George Colton. 
1867. 8vo, pp. 12. 4535^ 

Brief History of St. George's Parish, Harford County. ... [Hv 
Rev. S. W. Crampton.] Baltimore : Printed by John D. Toy. 
[1851.] i6mo, pp. 42. Plate. 45357 

Secret Correspondence illustrating the Condition of Affairs in 
Maryland. Baltimore. 1863. 8vo, pp. 42. 4535^ 

Very rare; consisting of letters from prominent Union men in Maryland, giving 
information regarding Southern sympatliizers ; which letters were captured by Stonewall 
Jsckson from General Banks. 

Services held by the Maryland Union Commission, ... June 
1st, 1865, being the Day of ... Prayer appointed by the Presi- 
dent ... . Baltimore: Sherwood i^ Co.., Printers. [1865.] i2mo, 
pp. 22, (l). H. 45359 


! •' 

1 ! 



, ( ', 


1 Tvil 




'I \ 


i \ 






1 ' 


A Short Address to the Aged Union Citizens of Maryland, 
Read at a Meeting of the "Aged Guard of '62." By the Cap- 
tain [Samuel Child], ... January 4th, 1865. [Ba/timo/e. 1865. J 
8vo, pp. 3. 453<^o 

A Short History of the Public Debt of Maryland, and of the 
Causes which Produced it. By a Citizen of Maryland. Balti- 
more : Printed by Bull iff Tuttle. 1845. 8vo, pp. 95. 453^^1 

Sketch of Proceedings in the Legislature of Maryland, De- 
cember Session, 1818, on what is commonly called The Jew 
Bill ; ... and the Speeches of Thomas Kennedy, Esq., ... and 
H. B. Brackenridge, Esq. ... Baltimore: Printed by Joseph Rob- 
inson. 1 8 19. 8vo, pp. 86. 45362 

Slayery in Maryland. An Anti-Slayery Reyiew. By a Vir- 


Baltimore. 1846. 8yo, pp. 24. 


Society of Friends, Extracts from the Minutes of our Yearly 
Meeting, ... in Baltimore ... 1829. [n. p. n. d.] i2mo, pp. 16. 

Also: .Revised Discipline approved by the Yearly Meeting of Friends, held in Balti- 
more tor Western Shore of Maryland and adjacents parts of Pennsylvania and Virginia. 
Biiltimoie. 1794. Sm. 410. 

Soldier's Home. Annual Report of the Maryland Soldiers* 
Relief Association. February 5, 1868. ... \_Baltimore. 1868.] 
8yo, pp. 8. 45365 

"Southern Rights." See [Johnson (S. M.)], Vol. ix. 36319. 

The j Speech | of His Excellency | Samuel Ogle, | Governor and 
Commander in Chief, in and [oyer the Province of Maryland, to | 
both Houses of Assembly: At a Session, [begun and held at the 
City of Annapolis, I on Tuesday, the Eleventh Day of July, in | 
the Eighteenth Year of the Dominion of | the Right Honourable 
Charles, Lord | Baron of Baltemore, Absolute Lord and | Propri- 
etary of the Province of Maryland] and Avalon, &c. Annoq ; 
Dom' 1 732. 1 By Au.i\\ontv.\ Annapolis : Printed by IVilliam Parks 
and Edmund Hall. m,dcc,xxxii. | Sm. folio, pp. (2), (6). 45366 

State Armory & Town Hall. An Act in aid of the Construc- 
tion of a State Armory and Town Hall, in ... Baltimore, and 
the re-building ... of the Hanover Market House ... . [^Baltimore. 
1840.] 8yo, pp. XI. 45367 

The State Convention on Internal Improvements containing 
the Resolutions, &c. offered by the different Gentlemen compos- 
ing the Convention. Together with an Appendix containing the 








Views of T. EUicott ... . By T. Phenix, Assistant Secretary to 
the Convention. Baltimore. 1825. 8vo, pp. 44, 2.0. s. 45368 

State Library. Catalogue of the Library of the State of 
Maryland. ... 1833. Annapolis: Printed by 'Jeremiah Hughes. 
1833. 8vo, pp. III. + [/^/V/.J 1837. 8vo, pp. 132. 45369 

Report from the Committee on the Library on the Manuscript 
in the Library relating to the Early History of the State. [y/«- 
napolis. 1840.] 8vo, pp. 16. 4537° 

Thret letters of Gov. Sharpe, 1754-5. Also; Catalogue of the Maryland State 
Library. By Richard Swan, yiiuiapolis. 1851 8vo. — Mr. Pigman's Report upon 
the Autographical Manuscript of the History of Maryland. By John Leeds Bozinan. 
\^Annal>olis. 1836.] 8vo, pp. 7. — Report of the Joint Committee on the State Library 
to the Legislature ... . Annapo/is : jf. llii^ha, Printer. 1833. 8vo, pp. 15. — ... Report 
of the Joint Committee on the State Library, enclosing a Letter from John Leeds Kerr, 
Ksq., relative to the History of Maryland [by Bozman]. yiiinapoHs : jfcrcmiah Hughes, 
I'rinter, 1834. 8vo, pp. 7. — ... Report of D. Ridgely, State Librarian, ... in relation 
to the ... Documents, Papers, £cc. ... January 13th, 1836. ... Annapolis: Jeremiah 
Hug^bes, Printer. 1836. 8vo, pp. 13. 4- Second Report. [Ihid.'\ 8vo, pp. 17. 4- Third 
Report. \^Ibid.\ Xvo, pp. 8. — Report relative to the State Library made by the Com- 
mittee, ... L. D. Teackle, Chairman. Annapolis: Printed hy Jeremiah Hughes. 1832. 
8vo, pp. 8. — Rules and Regulations, to be observed in the Library of the Legislature 
of Maryland. Annapolis. 1827. 8vo, pp. 6. 

State Normal School. First Annual Catalogue ... July, 
1866. Baltimore: William K. Boyle., Printer. 1866. 8vo, pp. 16. 

The State of A^aryland, against the Vestry of St. Peter's 
Church ; in which a portion of the Members of the Church 
prayed for a Mandamus, ... enjoining and prohibiting them from 
further permitting George Dashiell to occupy the parsonage house, 
... Baltimore: Joseph Robinson. 1817. 8vo, pp. 80. 4537^ 

A Summary View of the Courses of Crops, in the Husbandry 
of England & Maryland ; ... and a System ... proposed for Farms 
in America. Printed by Charles Cist^ at Philadtdphia. m,dcc,- 
Lxxxiv. Sm. 4to, pp. 22. H. 45373 

By John Beale Bordley. This is a corrected title of our No. 6416, Vol. 11. 

A Succinct Exposition of the Industrial Resources and Agri- 
cultural Advantages of the State of Maryland. By Hig- 
gins, A.M., M.D. ... Annapolis. 1867. 8vo, pp. 109, iii. 45374 

Testimony taken before a Committee of the House of Dele- 
gates of Maryland, on Contested I^lections. \^Annapolis. i860.] 
8vo, pp. 31, 126. 45375 

Jarrett -vs. Purnell, and Kerr -vs. Gaither. Contains full accounts of the Know 
Nothing, Plug Ugly, and Blood Tub Riots. 


^ \ 







.:' ft 


i i 

Testimony taken before a Special Committee of the House of 
Delegates of Maryland, ... to inquire into the Allegations of 
Discriminations against the Citizens of Maryland, by the B. and 
O. R. R. ... Baltimore. 1863. 8vo, pp. 32. 4537^ 

The Three Patriots ; or, the Cause and Cure of Present Evils. 
Addressed to the Voters of Maryland. Baltimore : For the Ju- 
thor^ B. Edes^ Printer. 181 1. 8vo, pp. 55. ba. 45377 

Jefferson, Madison and Monroe are the patriots. 

To the Landholders of the State of Maryland. Baltimore: 
Printed for the Consideration of Landholders. 1825. 8vo, pp. 23. 

Five hundred copies printed. Signed for a meeting of citizens by Col. John Ejger 
Howard and James Carroll, Jr. On the claim for quit rents said to be due Louisa 
Browning, as one of the heirs of Lord Baltimore. For others on this subject, see 
Browning (Charles). 

To the Voters of Maryland. [^Baltimore. 1840.] 8vo, pp. 16. 

a Harrison election document. Signed by O. C. Tiffany and others. 

Treasurer. Annual Report of the Treasurer of ... Maryland, 
for ... 1847, ^° *^^ General Assembly ... . Jnnapdis : Riley iff 
Davis., Printers. 1847. 8^°» PP* 37* 5 folded Accounts. Con- 
tinued. 45380 

Also : ... Report of Mr. Carey, ... on ... the Finances of the State. Annapolit ; 
Riley & Dai'is, Printers. 1844. 8vo, pp. 15. H. — Report of the Comptroller of the 
Treasury Department for ... 1853. To the General Assembly of Maryland. Annapo- 
/is : Thomas E. Marvn, Printer. 1854. 8vo, pp. 78. 3 folded Accounts. Continued. 
— Annual Report of the Comptroller of the Treasury Department, for ... 1863, to the 
General Assembly of Maryland. Baltimore: yohn D. Toy, Printer, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 
48. 4 folded Tables. Continued. 

Report of the State's Agent [S. DuVal] of the Western Shore 
of Maryland. [Jnnapolis. 1827.] 8vo, pp. (2), 4. 4 folded 
Accounts. 45381 

Also: The Annual Report of the Treasurer of the W[estern] Shore for December 
Session, 1830. To the General Assembly ... . Annapolis ; Printed by yeremiab Hughes. 
1830. 8vo, pp. 38. Continued to 1846. 

The Union State Executive Committee versus the Union Citv 
Convention. {^Baltimore., May., 1864.] 8vo, pp. 4. 45382 

Also: Union State Central Committee. Proceedings Dec. 16, 1863, in reference 
to Emancipation, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 

Union Prayer Meeting, held by the Christian Commission on 
the ... National Fast, April 30, 1863, in ... Baltimore. \Balti- 
more J fames Young. [1863.] i6mo, pp. 24. 453^3 





on x\ 



+ K< 

... to 



»o. — 




. [Fhst] Report of the r 

United States Christian r ^^^^"^ 

Cot7imittee of M^r ^ S,°"""'''S'on. Second »« 

' """""ore ; Junes 

-Annual Circular of ,h V , »'"'. PP- ^2. w. 

PP. T[.v- ^"^- ^'^Z'j,':'^':!'''^'^'-'^^'^ 

^V- 14, (ij. Contrnued. ' '^°''" ^^^'-phy. 1846. 8vo, 

••• Annua] Circular an^ r- 1 "-45387 

; ;^.: ^-ive,.., of'S:;1aUl^f,l;^ '^^,„.e„. 
^H- ^o. +y 50. Baltimore. 1849. ^vo, 

Memorial of rh^ -r 45388 

J<n">rts oF rhe foinf p^'^'?""^^ - • \Am,apolU iK,A 1 o "*- Professors of the 
"f the Regents I V„ /• '^"■'' "'"^ "f rlie foinr A "^ '^^ ^''-'•- '^'S. 8vo 

'^it. 8vo, pp 7 , f %-,n '''• ■^'^'"■'- '830-,, ^I r'^'^P'Tt Of the Trustees 
'o- -Statement shewin A^'"!: "^ "''^ ^'^K''"f-^ T^, ?/ ' - ^'^P'-^f °f the 

essed to Governor Stevens, 

i| 1 ; 
< - i 


i s 




















By Thomas Kennedy .... Baltimort : Printed by yoseph Robinson. 
1824. 8vo, pp. 28. 45390 

Votes and Proceedings of the Lower House of Assembly of 
the Province of Maryland. At ... Annapolis, on Tuesday ... 
1750. ... [Colophon:] Annapolis: "Jonas Green, mdccl. Sm. 
folio, pp. 56. Continued. 45^9' 

Votes and Proceedings of the Senate of the State of Maryland. 
February Session. 1777 ... . \^Annapolis. 1777.] Folio, pp. 63. 
Continued. 45392 

Votes and Resolves of the Lower House of Assembly of the 
Province of Maryland. July-August, 1729. \^Annapolis.'\ 1729. 
Polio. 45393 

See alio "Journal." 

The Constitution of the Washington Society of Maryland. 
Baltimore: Printed by John L. Cook. 1810. 8vo, pp. 15. 45394 

The Western Maryland Rail Road, its Agricultural and Min- 
eral Resources — its future Importance to ... Baltimore — ... Bal- 
timore : Printed by John D. Toy. 1859. i6mo, pp. (2), xii, 39. 

The Western Maryland Railroad and His Honor the Mayor of 
Baltimore, versus The Bait. & Ohio Railroad. Baltimore. 1863. 
8vo, pp. 14. 45396 

Signed "Expositor." A comparison of the roads. Also: Laws and Ordinances 
relating to the Western Maryland Rail Road Co. Compiled by Wm. A. Fisher, 
-ittorney for the [Road]. Baltimore: Wm. M. Innes. 1861. 8vo, pp. 34. + Balti- 
more : ff^illiam K. Boyle. 1868. 8vo, pp. 52. — Report and Ordinance submitted by 
the Committee on Ways and Means and passed by the City Council of Baltimore ... . 
Baltimore: E. G. Armi^er. 1869. 8vo, pp. 20. — Fifth Annual Report of the Presi- 
dent and Directors to the Stockholders for ... 1867. Baltimore: fVillium K. Boyle. 
1867. 8vo, pp. 20. Continued. — Report of the Surveys and Location for the Ex- 
tension of the Western Maryland Rail Road. By Joseph S. Gitt, Civil Engineer. Bal- 
timore : Printed by yobn D. Toy. 1865. 8vo, pp. 57. 2 Maps. 

Constitution of the Women's Maryland Branch of the U. S. 
Sanitary Commission, with a List of the Officers ... . Baltimore : 
John W. Woods. 1865. 8vo, pp. 12. 45397 

Marylander, pseudon. Letters to Gov. Bradford, by a Marv- 
lander. Baltimore. 1863. 8vo, pp. 21. H. 45398 

Mas (J. F.) The End of the Miserable World ... . Neiv 
Tork : J. F. Mas., Printer ... 1864. 24mo, pp. 40. H. 45399 

Mas. La fin du monde miserable. 
Imprimeur. 1864. 24mo, pp. 60. 

New York : J. F. Mas 

H. 45400 



^ [Mascarene (John) 1 tk ^, '^^^°' 

Bnt sh North a'-' ."^-J ^"e Manufacture of P . a l . 

..[Mascarenhas Fernandon n '■ *^*°^ 

Mascarenhas. Rdadon '^•45404 

sucessos que ha tenido el Se^^^^^^ de los felizes 

;a' .de la Armada de PorS r'/^''"'"^" Mascarefias, Gene 

Mascarenhas (I. M da C 1 r. ''''^"^ 

[Mascarenhas CTose F. • ^ , "^^"^^^ 

conquistados, ou no icl df ^'"■" ^^ Monterovo).! Qs O " 

^y 45407 












rflr 1 



[Mascarenhas.] Rela^Slo da embaixada que o poacroso Rei 
de Angome ... mandou ao ... Sr. D. Luis Percgrino de Ataide, 
Conde de Atouguia, vice-rei do Estado do Brasil. Por J. F. \1. 
M. Lisboa^ por Francisco da Silva. 1 75 1. 4to, pp. 11. 45408 

Also : Guirn.irars ffstiva, ou rel.i^au do festejo publico, com que na villa de Guima- 
raps se os reacs di'sposorios do sercnissimo Principe do Brasil, e da sereiiis- 
sima senhora Infanta D. Maria Barbara, Frincera d is Asturias, no mez de Fevereiro de 
1728.'r.ii, f'or Pedro Fcrn-iia. 1718. 4to, pp. 16. — Kelafao de uni prodigio succe- 
dido cm uma das cidades da provincia do Paraguay n'este anno passadode 1735. Lhhoa, 
por Antonio Corrca Lemos. I 735. 4to, pp. 6. 

Mascarenhas (J.) Carta que o Vice-Rei do Brasil D. Jorge 
Mascarenhas, Marqucz de Montalvilo, escreven do Exccllcntis- 
simo Conde dc Nassau, (icneral das Hollandezas cm Pernambuco. 
Lisha, por Jorge Rodrigues. 1 64 1. 410, pp. 3. 454^9 

Maschiil, or The Faithful Instructor, offering Memorials of 
ChristianitN , in 'I'wenty-Six Exercises upon the New English 
Catechism, tS:c., with an Addition [to render the work vet more 
universallv acceptable and serviceable,] of the like operation upon 
the Assemblies Catechism. Boston: Printed by B. Green and y. 
Ji'/eny for Samurl Phillips^ at the Brick Shop. 1 702. 1 2mo, pp. 1 92. 

[Mascrier (J. B.)] See Dumont (M.), Vol. iii., No. 9605. 

[Maseres (F.)] An I Account | of the | Proceedings | of the | 
British, | And other Protestant Inhabitants, | of the | Province of 
Quebeck, | In North-America, | In order to obtain | An House of 
Assembly | In that Province. | London: \ B. IVhite. \ mdcclxxv. 
8vo, pp. 294. HA., c. + Additional Papers ... Being an Ap- 
pendix ... . London: IV. IVhite. m.dcc. Lxxvi. 8vo, pp. 510. 

"This volume is the work of Francis Maseres, Esq. lately Attorney-General of 
Quebec, and now Cursitor Baron of the Court of Exchequer." — Monthly Review, 
Liii. 46. See alio " M. Rev.," lv. 397, and our Vol. 11., No. 4947. 

[Maseres.] The Canadian Freeholder : A Dialogue shewing 
the Sentiments of the Bulk of the Freeholders of Canada con- 
cerning the late ^uebeck-Act, with some Remarks on the Boston- 
Charter Act, and an Attempt to shew the great Expediency of 
immediatelv repealing both those Acts of Parliament, as a ground 
for a Reconciliation with the United Colonies in America. 
London: B. IVhite. m.dcc.lxxvi. 8vo, pp. 483. 454'2 

This was reiisued the following year with an additional volume (pp. xxii, 404), and 
the title changed to read " in Two Dialogues," and on the publication of Vol. iii. 
(pp. xlii, 399-810) in 1779, the title was made to read "in Three Dialogues;" there 
are also other verbal changes. The dialogues are between a sensible and substantial 
Canadian freeholder of the Roman Catholic religion and an .'inglish Protestant gentle- 
man, and are intended to convey a true representation of the sentiments of the French, 



- C r ^99 

M"' ""'' Bis/i(ii) 

• ^^"' pp. 


JVIaseres. Memoirela binv . ». '454,3 

Poln^-l and HistoHca : "^' f 7^ °" Various Subjects ch" fl 

Contains several niec„ , • ^' ^''"' PP' 

^-^ r t ^ c^-S "^-^^^ B^:'i^r — " - - 

[Maseres 1 a I p u " "" " """"' " 

P'-eached by the | Moff'p'' "'^ 1°" ' ^ Passage | in I A Q 
February, 1 777 Wh ^'"^''^"d Dr. Markham ' fu ^"■"^^" 1 

advised the Ami "iS^"^ ^^P^^ted by the p' "* ^' "'^^ °^' 
^u me /Vmerican War fk - l ^ "^ "arsons whn h^^ 1 

America would soon I h.^^ ,^^' ^^^ re-lyolted r>', "'^^^1 

^ 777-J 8vo, pp. 
Masias (F.) Curso elemental H. "' ^^^'^ 

^-as....z,w. ,860. .";::;t:5r"'"''-p^^'^'-p- Felipe 




^: ll ■; 




f 4: 

The Masked Lady of the White House. See Ku-Klux Klan. 

Maskki.ynf. (N.) Astronomical Observations made at the 
Island of Barbados, at Willoughbv Fort, and at the Observatory 
on Constitution Hill. By Nevil Maskelyne. 1765. Sm. 4to. 

Mason ( ). Mason's Handbook to California ; its Gold, 

and how to get it ; a Description of the Country, Sic. London. 
1850? 8vo, pp. 16. 45421 

Mason ( ). Brother Mason, the Circuit Rider ; or, Ten 

Years a Methodist Preacher. Cincinnati : H. M. Rulison. 1855. 
i2mo, pp. 310. Plate. c. 45422 

Mason (A. T.) Controversy between Armistead Thompson 
Mason and Charles Fenton Mercer. IVashington. 1813. 8vo, 
pp. 36. s. 45423 

Mason (A.) The Quackery of the Age : A Satire on the 
Times. Bv Augustus Mason, m.d. ... Boston: IVhite^ Leivis l^ 
Potter^ Printers. 1 845. 8vo, pp. 44. H. 45424 

Mason (B.) Light rising out of Obscurity, or, a Reply to 
Francis Heir's Pamphlet, intitled A Short Explication of the 
written Word of (jod : likewise of the ... Peaceable Kingdom 
of Christ against the People called Quakers. By Benjamin 
Mason. Philadelphia : Printed by Joseph Crukshank ... . 1790. 
8vo, pp. 48. p. 45425 

[Mason] (C. A. B.) Utterance ; or. Private Voices to the 
Public Heart. ... Poems. By Caroline A Briggs [Mason]. 
Boston: Phillips., Sampson^ and Company. 1852. 8vo, pp. 255. H. 

Mason (C.) A Discourse ... in ... Salem ... February 19, 
1843, "" ^^^ Death of the Rt. Rev. Alexander V. Griswold, d.d. 
... By Charles Mason. Salem: IV. and S. B. Ives, m.d.ccc.xliii. 
8vo, pp. 23. BA. 45427 

Also: A Discourse ... on the National Fast Day, January 4th, 1861, in ... Boston. 
... Boston: PiiiiieJ by DwviJ Clapp. 1861. 8vo, pp. 18. — A Discourse on the Death 
of Daniel Wtb.-ter, ... Oct. 31, 1852. ... Boston: Printed hy John fVilson & Son. 
1852. 8vu, pp. -25. BA. 

Mason (C.) An Elementary Treatise on the Structure and 
Operations of the National and State Governments of the United 
States. ... By Charles Mason, a.m. ... Boston: David H. Wil- 
liams. 1842. l2mo, pp. 233. B. -f Second Edition, Boston: 
James Munroe and Company. 1843. l2mo, pp. 233. H. 45428 



Mason (C.) a Rri r u- 
Street Prc.l.tinan CWeh "°V''''^?-- Street late Cedar 

^.t r:.'r'S;." Mr John Leckie. . m A^' ^'""' ^'P' ^Z- 

r/l/i I'*-" '^'■'''""' -b- Hopki„,MX ^"""'"n Institute, qI'k *"; ""''"" "n 
U^"'.J 8vo. ^ ^*'"'^J"""''gs. tS^o. «vo no •■ '5'''. '840. 

'»^P- S3- + Second Edition.' 

Mason (D) nu 

•^^ "• y ^- Mason. ZoWs;,. 

Mason (D. H ) a^a ^- 45430 

the Settlement of ^^''^^^ at the Centennial C.I k ■ 

^avid H. Mason "•• .^"^^^^-^ N. H. ?" v ,^ Jf "" "^ 
'X'/zir ."'^^a*""- •■■ Concord. M // . « ■ -^ 7 H> 1864. Bv 

'^'so: The Last Words n v/. ' ^^' ^°' U a^. 

Mason (E.P) r jr. . „. . ' '^'^^ "'+ ^^'^^ Edition. [//„v.j 

42. l2mo, pp. 252. "" ^^'^^^ ^«;/^// fif Neivmar,. 

Mason (E R ^ a ^a. 45400 

Mason (E.) Discourse a •. ^' ^^^^+ 

Mason (E. V ) t^ c ^' 45435 

Mason ^E ^ r^j. u ^ '^^ ^'*^^- 454 ?6 

on the Hth JuV "tl "^^ '" ""'"^^ Events A S 

BA., C. 45437 

t i! 

m : 



I I 


Mason. A Pastor's Legacy ; heinu Sermons on Practical 
Subjects, iiy the late Rev. Erskine Mason, d.d. ... With a 
lirief Memoir of the Author, by Rev. Win. Adams, D.u. Nnu 
I'ork: Clxirles Sctihner. 1 853. 8vo, pp. liv, 47 1. Portrait. H. 

Also: All;elical Minibtry, tlir Security of" j Nation: A Sermon ... in bcluH 
(>r tlic AniL'iic.iM Home Miiisiunary Society ... January 1, lti4ti. ... A'^o fork: iiinted 
hf ffil/ium Othoin. I'i^'i. 8vo, pp. 14. — The Inconiiitenciea ut" Oirittian Frofessum. 
A Si'inion ... Nov. iith, 1837. ... New York: E. French. 1837. 8vo, pp. 3a. — A 
I<.L-buke to the Woridly Ambition ot' the Present Age. ... New Turk. 1836. 8vo, pp. 
{J. - A Sornion ... Oct. 19th, 1834. ... New 7'irk. 1835. 8vo, pp. 24. — "Signs 
of the Times." A Sermon, ... before the Foreign Missionary Society ot' New York 
anJ Brooklyn. ... April 7, 1850 ... . New-Tork ; Printed hy yohn A. Gra\\ 1850. 
8vo, pp. 31. — The Subject and Spirit of the Ministry. A Sermon ... before the 
Synod of' New- York, at ... Newburgh, Oct. 16th, 1838. ... New-York: E. French. 
MKCCi'XXXviii. 8vo, pp. 34. — ... A Sermon ... February id, 1 845 : occasioned by the 
Death of' John E. Hyde ... . New York: H'm. A. Wheeler. 1845. 8vo, pp. 24. h. 

Mason (F.) The Story of a Working Man's Life: With 
Sketches of Travel in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. ... 
By Francis Mason, u.d. With an Introduction by William R. 
Williams, d.d. ... New York: Oakley^ Mmon i^ Co. 1870. l2mo, 
pp. xxvii, (i), 462. 4 Plates. ba. 45439 

Mason (G.) The Life of Richard, Earl Howe. By George 
Mason ... . London: fVhite. 1803. 8vo, pp. iii. s. 45440 

See " M. Rev.," XLVi. loi. 

Mason (G.) The Tariff Controversy, or the Promotion of 
American Industry in the Farming, Manufacturing, and Mechan- 
ical Walks of Life. By George Mason. fVells River., ^t. 1842. 
i2mo. 45441 

[Mason (George Champlin).] Newport and its Environs, 
Illustrated by a Series of Views. ... Vol. i. Newport. 1848. 
Oblong folio. 45442 

[Mason.] Newport Illustrated in a Series of Pen and Pencil 
Sketches. By the Editor of the Newport Mercury. ... D. Jpple- 
ton iJ Co.^ New York. [1854.] i2mo, pp. no. Plates. c. 

Some copies have the imprint Newport, R. I.: C. E, Hammett, Jr. [1854.] 

Mason. Re-Union of the Sons and Daughters of Newport, 
R. I., August 23, 1859. By (jeorge C. Mason. Compiled and 
printed by Order of the General Committee of Arrangements. 
Newport., R. I.: Fred. A. Pratt isf Co., Printers. 1859. i2i"o, pp. 
297, (i). ba. 45444 

Contains a history of the " Redwood Library and Athenxum," from its establish^ 
ment in 1730, to its enlargement in 1859. 







Mason ((j. E.) Catalogue of ... Books and Tracts, wholly 
relating to America and the West Indies, ... tornR'd by Mr. (i. 
E. Mason, ... sold by Auction, by Messrs. Puttick and Simpson, 
... November 27th, and Four following Days. [i860. J 8vo. 

Thcrr arc in all three parti. Thii U. E. Maiun wat jn Englith barriater and in 
amateur buulcicller. 

Mason (H.) A Poem, ... at the Fifth Anniversary of the 

Franklin Debating Society, on the Hirth-Day of Hcnjamin 
Franklin, January 17, 1827. By Henry Mason. Boston: ysaac 
R. Butts i^ Co. Printers. 1827.] 8vo, pp. 8. 4544^ 

Also: Poetry. A Poem before the Franklin Debating Soticty, ... January 17, 
1830, being ... their Seve.ith Anniversary. ... Boston: For the Snciety. m Dccc XXX. 
8vo, pp. 9. 

Mason (H. M.) The City of God. A Sermon, ... in ... 
Newark, before an Annual Convention of the Chctrch, ... May 
28, 1834. By Henry M. Mason ... . Camden: 'Josiah Harrison. 
MDCccx.xxiv. 8vo, pp. 17. B. 45447 

Mason. The City of God in the Anglo-Saxon Church. A 
Sermon before the Clergy and Laity of the Eastern Shore of 
Maryland, Oct lo, 1866. By Rev. H. M. Mason, d.d. New 
York: Pottl^Amery. 1867. l6mo, pp. 42. 4544^^ 

Also: An Address ... May ai, 1840. Easton, Alit. : Printed by E. G. Dority. 1840. 
bvo, pp. 1 6. r. 

Mason (James M.) Mr. Mason made the following Report 
of Committee on Foreign Relations, in the Senate, Feb. 1 1, 1853. 
[^IVashington. 1 853.] 8vo, pp. 1 7. 45449 

Relates to Central America. 

Mason. Speech of Hon. J. M. Mason ... on the Admission 
of Kansas. ... March 15, 1858. \_lVashington. 1858.] 8vo, 
pp. 16. B. 45450 

Mason. Correspondence relative to the Case of Messrs. 
Mason and Slidell. [^IVashington. 1862.] 8vo, pp. 15. 45451 

Between Mr. Seward, Mr. Adams, Lord Lyons, and Mr. Thouvenel. Also: Cor- 
respondence with Mr. Mason respecting the Blockade and Recoj^iiition of" the Confed- 
erate States. \^London.] 1S63. Folio, pp. 17. — Correspondence respecting the Seizure 
of Messrs. Mason, Slidell, McFarland and Eustis, from on board the Royal Mail Packet, 
"Trent," by the Commander of the United States Ship of War, " Jacinto." [n. 
p. n. d.] Folio, pp. 37. — A Legal View of the Seizure of Messrs. M.ison and Slidell. 
Neiv York. 1861. 8vo, pp. 27. See alio our Vol. iv., No. 16887, '"'''"> sn*! [Lowell 
(John)], Vol. X., No. 42435. 

Mason (J.) Proceedings in Massachusetts and New Hamp- 
shire on the Death of the Hon. Jeremiah Mason. Boston : Printed 
by "John ITilson. 1849. 8vo, pp. 41. BA., s. 45452 




i \ 

' i 






Mason (j.) A hricfc Diseoursi* of thi* Ncw-fouiiil-Und, with 
the Situutioii, Tcrniu'rutiirc', and Coiunuxlitics thcrfof. Hy John 
iVIasoi). Edinhurgh : JnJro Hart. 1 620. 8v«), 7 leaves. 

Title t'roiii LowiiJcii, 10 rare tlut wr luve bcrii unahlf t(i rind j ^'"Py. 

Mason (J.) A | Brief History | of" the| Pequot War: | Kspeciallv 
of the nieinorable Taking of their Kurt at Mistick in Connecti- 
cut I In I 1637. I Written by | Major John Mason, | A principal 
Actor therein, as then Chief Captain and Com-| ni.uuler of 
Connecticut Forces. | With an Introduction and some Kxplana- 
torv Nt)tes, |IJy the Reverend | Mr. Thomas Prince.] ... Ihit>)>i : 
Printed iJ Sold by S. Kneeland (if T. Green ^\ in ^een- Street .^ '73t». 
l2mo, pp. (2), vi, X, 22. KA. 45454 

Very r.ire. Mjjor Mjson wa« one i)f' the ririt iiettlerii of" Durchestcr, in 1630. I'lDm 
that piaic hr tcnioved alxiut the year 1635, and assisted in laying the t'uundatiun of' a new 
colony. After the Prquot War, in which he took a prominent part, he was appointed 
by the Governor of' Connecticut, Major-General of' all their f'urcei, which office he 
continued to hold till hi* death. 

Mason. A Brief History of the Pequot War ... . New fork : 
Reprinted by J. Sabin and Sons. 1869. 8vo. 45455 

Also reprinted in the " Mass. Hist. Sue. Coll.," Second Series, Vol. viii., and appended 
to the "Case of' the Governor and Company of Connecticut and Mohegan Indians." 
London. 1769. 4to, pp. 254-283. 

[Mason (John).] Recollections of the Early Days of the 
National Guard comprising the Prominent Kvents in the History 
of the Famous Seventh Regiment New York Militia By an 
Ex-Orderlv Sergeant A Veteran of the National Guard New 
rork J. M, Bradstreet & Son 1868 Large 8vo, pp. (4), iv, 201. 
Plate. 45456 

Mason (J.) ... Tj the Hon. Abraham Lincoln, President 
Elect of the United States. By J. Mason ... . [n. p. 1861 ?J 
8vo, pp. 12. H. 45457 

Mason (J. L.) Remarks of John L. Mason and Joseph S. 
Bosworth, on the Rights and Powers of the Public School Society. 
March, 1847. ["• P* "• d.] 8vo. 4545^ 

Ma.son (J. Mitchell). A F'uneral Oration, Delivered in the 
Brick Presbyterian Church in the City of New- York, on the 22d 
Day of F'ebruary, 1800, being the Day recommended by Congress 
to the Citizens of the United States, Publicly to testify their 
Grief for the Death of Gen. Washington : By Appointment of 
a Number of the Clergy of New- York ... . By John M. Mason, 
a.m. ... New-Tork : Printed hy G. F. Hopkins. 1800. 8vo, pp. 


lb. ''W 



lin the 

le 22tl 
nit of 

', PP- 

23. BA. I The Second P^dition. Mt-w-t'ork : Gtotgt Folliolt 
Hopkins. 1800. 8vOv pp. J2. 45459 

'I'lie lulf' tide tu the tecunJ cJiliun reaJt " Mr, Miiun'a and Mr. Aniei' UrjiiDiii mi 
Ueurge Watliingtiiii." 

Mason. An Oratiun Cumnicniorative uf the Lute Major- 
Cieneral Alexander Hamilton; pronounced before the New-York 
State Society of the Cincinnati, ... the 31st julv, 1H04. Hy J. 

M. Mason, u.u Wew-Tork : Printed hy Hopkim and Stytmut . 

1804. 8vo, pp. 40. MA. + London: R. Edwards. 1804. 8\(», 
pp. 38. 454^10 

Tliia elicited "A Review ut' Dr. J»lin M. Mjtun'i Orjtiun on the Death ut° Ut-n. 
lianiiltiin." ... NtM-V^n k : Printtd hy 'yames Oram. 1807. 8vo, pp. 10. Fiibt printed 
in the "Chii> Ohtrrver," iKo;, and reprinted in thii f'urm. A very unjuHt and 
unt'tfir criticitin. Uti: " M. Rev,," XLvii. 446. 

Mason. A Sermon, Preached September 20th, 17931 A IJav 
set apart, in the City of New- York, for Public Fasting, ... on 
account of a Malignant and Mortal Fever prevailing in ... Phila- 
delphia. By John Mitchel Mason ... . New York: Printed by 
Samuel Loudon Isf Son. MDCCXCIII. 8vo, pp. 64. ra. 45461 

Mason. ... A Sermon ... December 2, 1 821, on the Occa- 
sion of Resigning his Charge ... By John M. Mason, i>.u. 
With an Appendix. ... Neiv-Tork : ... Abraham Paul., Printer. 
1822. 8vo, pp. 39. H. 45462 

[Mason.] The Voice of Warning, to Christians, on the 
Knsuing Election of a President of the United States. ... New- 
y'ork: Printed by G. F. Hopkins. 1800. 8vo, pp. 40. B. 45463 

.'\n Aiiti-Jerteraon tract. &? a/w [Linn ( W.)], x. 41 347. Also: Christian Mourn- 
ing : A Sermon occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Isabella Graham ! ... preached on ... 
tiie 14th Aug. 1814. ... Neiu-Tf'ork: ffLitiiijr anJ ff'jtson. 1814. 8vo, pp. 50. ba. 

— Dr. Mason's Speccih, Relative to the Resignation of his Pastoral Charge, in thir City 
of New- York. ... Philadelpbia : Printed hy Jane Milken. 18 10. 8vo, pp. iv, 64. n. 

— First Ripe Fruits; being a Collection of Tracts, To which are added Two Sennons. 
With a ... Short Memoir of the Author. London. 1803. 8vo. — Hope for the 
Heathen : A Sermon, ... before the New-York Missionary Society, ... November 7, 
1797. ... New-Tork : Printed b^ T. (^ y. Swords. 1797. 8vo, pp. 49. ba. — Living 
Faith : A Sermon preached before the Society for the Destitute Sick ... . AV-ju 7'ork. 
i8oz. 8vo, pp. 35. — Mercy Remembered in Wrath. A Sermon ... on the 19th of 
February, 1795, ... a Day of Thanksgiving ... . New York: Printed hy J. Duel. 
M,Dcc,xcv. 8vo, pp. 33. BA. 

Mason. The Writings of the Late John M. Mason, d.d. 
consisting of Sermons, Essays, and Miscellanies ... . Selected and 
arranged by Rev. Ebenezer Mason. ... iVew Tork : The Editor. 
1832. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. xiv, 405; vii, 414; iv, 438 ; iv, 447. 

VOL. XI. 38 










Mason. The Complete Works of John M. Ma~on, d.d. ... 
Edited by his Son, Ebenezer Mason. Second Enlarged Edition. 
A^ew York: Baker and Scribner. 1 850-1849. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. 
xvii, (i), 557> Portrait; (4), 593; (2), 604; (4), 579. 45465 

See E. B. Williston's " Eloquence of the United States," Vol. v., also Van Vechten 
(J.) The following relate to J. M. Mason : An Appeal from the Denunciation of the 
Rev. Dr. Mason against Rational Christians. By a Unitarian of New York. A^erw 
Tork. l8i2. 8vo, pp. 24. w. — Letter to John M. Mason in answer to his Speech, 
at the Thirteenth Anniversary Meeting of the British and Foreign Bible Society. By 
a Soldier of the American Revolution. £/izabelbroivn, N. y. 1818. 8vo. w. 

Mason (J. T.) Speech of Mr. John Thomson Mason, ... 
on the United States Fiscal Bank Bill: ... August 3, 1841. 
IPTashington. 1841.] 8vo, pp. 16. ba. 45466 

Also: ... An Address upon ... the late Dr. Frederick Dorsey, of ... Maryland ... . 
Second Edition. Baltimore: IVilliam K. BoyU. 1867. lamo, pp. 50. Portrait, b. 
— Speech ... July 7, 1842, on the Tariff. fVashingion. 184a. 8vo. 

Mason (J. Y.) Address before the Alumni Association of 
the University of North Carolina, ... June 2, 1847, ... By 
Hon. John Y. Mason, l.l.d. IVashington : Printed by J. & G. 
S. Gideon. 1847. ^■•'^> PP- 24- "• 454^7 

Mason (J.) An Oration, delivered March 6, 1780. At the 
Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, to com- 
memorate the Bloody Tragedy of the Fifth of March, 1770. 
By Mr. Jonathan Mason, Jun. ... Boston: Printed by "John Gill. 

M DCC LXXX. 4tO, pp. 23. BA. 45468 

[Mason.] Report of the Select Committee ... [on] a Reso- 
lution relating to the Claim of Massachusetts, for Expenditures 
of their Militia ... . March lo, 1818. ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 38. H. 45469 

Mason (J.) Argument of Joseph Mason, Esq. against the 
Petition of Nathaniel Wood and others, for the Establishment of 
Courts ... at Fitchburg ; ... 1852. ... Worcester: Printed bv 
Henry y. How/and. [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 36. h. 45470 

Mason (J.) Trial of Joseph Mason for the Murder of 
William Farrel ; Reported by M. T. Gould. Onondaga. 1820. 
8vo. 45471 

Mason (L.) Address on Church Music ; ... October 7, 1826, 
in ... Boston. By Lowell Mason. Boston : Hilliard^ Gray., and 
Company. 1826. 8vo, pp. 42. ba. 45472 

Also various music-books, some of which include national airs, patriotic songs, etc. 



It the 
Int of 

ed by 


[Mason (Lyman).] Report on the Red Slate Quarry ... at 
Hampton, N. Y. Boston: Press of Geo. C, Rand & Jvery. 1864. 
8vo, pp. 15. H. 45473 

Mason (M.) An Oration pronounced ... at Bethel [Maine], 
... July 4th, 1809. By Moses Mason, Junior. Sutton^ Massachu- 
setts : Printed by Sewall Goodridge^ for Edmund Chapman^ Bethel. 
1810. i2mo, pp. 12. w. 45474 

Mason (R. B.) The Georgian Bay Canal. Reports of Col. 
R. B. Mason, ... and Kivas Tully ... with an Appendix, Profile, 
and Map. Chicago. 1858. 8vo, pp. 63. ba. 45475 

Mason. Report of the Survey and Examination of a Route 
for a Railroad from Bridgeport, in the direction of New York 
City to Sawpitt's Village. By R. B. Mason. New Tor k. 1838. 
8vo. N. 45476 

Mason (R. H.) Pictures of Life in Mexico. By R. H. 
Mason. London. 185 1. 2 vols., post 8vo. + \^Ibid.~\ 1852. 

With anecdotes of General Santa Anna, and etchings by the author. 

Mason. Mexikanische Bilder. Aus dem Englischen von M. 
B. Lindau. Dresden: R. Kuntze. 1853. 2 vols., i2mo, pp. viii, 
239 ; (2), iv, 205. 

Mason (R. M.) A Sketch of 
of Boston. By R. M. Mason. .. 
fV. IVood. 1859. 8vo, pp. 15. 

Mason (R. R.) Slavery in America. An Essay for the 
Times. By Richard R. Mason. Boston : Press of Crocker and 
Brewster. 1853. ^^°' PP- 34* ^' 454^° 

[Mason (R. S.)] A Letter to the Bishop of North Carolina 
on ... his late Pastoral on the Salisbury Convention ; By the 
Chairman of the Committee on the State of the Church. Neiv 
Tork. 1850. l2mo, pp. 71. B. 45481 

Also: Inaugural Address before ... Newark College ... April 26th, 1836 ... . Phila- 
delphia: yesper Harding, Printer. 1836. 8vo, pp. 27, (l). H. 

Mason (Samson). Speech of Mr. S. Mason, ... on the Ob- 
jections of the President to the Bill to establish a Fiscal Corpo- 
ration. ... House of Representatives, September lo, 1841. 
Washington. 1841. 8vo, pp. 16. B. 45482 

Mason (T.) A Sermon, ... at Northfield, on the Day of ... 
Thanksgiving: November 29, 1804. By Thomas Mason, a.m. 

c. 45478 

. the late Ebenezer Francis, 
New Tork : Printed by George 

BA. 45479 


(I 1 

y-'- • 

I I 

1 i 



! : i 




... Greenfield^ Mass.: Printed by John Denio. MDCCCIV. 8vo, 
pp. 16. BA. 45483 

Also: A Uiscuurse ... at Nurthfield, Mass. ... Feb. 28, 1830. ... on ... the Close 
of his Ministerial Labors ... , Greenfield, Man.: Fbelpi & In^enoll, Printers. 1830. 
8vo, pp. II, (i). — Thanksgiving Sermon at Middlebury, 1798 ... . Rutland^ yermont. 
1799. 8vo. 

Mason (W.) A Sermon ... at Castine, January 13th, 1799. 
Being ... the Interment of a ... Lady ... . By William Mason, 
A.M. ... Printed at Castine., {Maine.,) by David J. Waters, mdcc- 
xcix. 8vo, pp. 17. BA. 45484 

Mason (W.) /. n Occasional Discourse, ... in ... York, Jan. 
27, on the Subject of the African Slave Trade. By William 
Mason, m.a. ... Tork. 1788. 4to. 454^5 

See " M. Rev.," lxxviii. 270. 

Mason (W.) A Collection of Psalms and Hymns. Trans- 
lated into the Language of the York Indians of the Diocese of 
Rupert's Land, North- West America. London: Society for Pro- 
moting Christian KtiowUdge. i860. l8mo, pp. 163. 454^6 

[Mason (W.)] The Improvement of Taunton River. 
[Taunton., Mass. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 45487 

Mason (W. P.) The Case of the Jeune Eugenie, determined 
by the Circuit Court of the United States, ... at Boston, Decem- 
ber, 1 82 1. With an Appendix. By William P. Mason ... . 
Boston: Wells and Lilly. 1822. 8 vo, pp. (4), 108. B. 45488 

Mason. An Oration ... July 4, 1827, ••• before the ... City 
of Boston. By William Powell Mason. ... Boston: Nathan 
Hale., Printer. 1827. 8vo, pp. 31. BA. 45489 

Mason and Dixon's Line. See Maryland, No. 45088. 

Mason, N. H. Report of the School Committee ... for ... 
1857. Groten Junction: Printed by Brown i^ Son. 1857. ^^°' 
pp. 15. Continued. h. 45490 

Report of the Selectmen ... for ... 1854. Groton Junction: 
Geo. H. Brown's Press. 1854. 8vo, pp. 9. Continued. 45491 

Masonry. See also under the nanies of the various States. 

An Address. See [Lathrop (John H.)], Vol. x., No. 39 191. 

The Address of the National Anti-Masonic Convention, held 
in Philadelphia, September 11, 1830, to the People of the United 
States. Philadelphia. 1830. 8vo, pp. 24. M., W. 45492 



The American Masonic Register ... being a Periodicsl devoted 
to Masonry ... . Albany^ N. T. 1838-40. 8vo. 45493 

Anti-Masonic Almanac. See Giddins (E.), vii. 27332, note. 

Anti-Masonic Almanac, for New f^ngland. Boston. 1829-35. 
i2mo. -f- Gest's Anti-Masonic Almanac for ... 1837 : ... . Phil- 
adelphia : Printed by IVilliam K. Boden. 1837. i2mo, pp. 48. B. 

The Anti-Masonic Review and Monthly Magazine. 
Dana Ward, Editor. Vol. i. New Tork. 1828. 8vo. 



Anti-Masonic Tracts. Boston. 1829. 8vo. 4.')496 

Five or more printed. 

Catalogue of Books. See [Gassett (Henry)], vii. 26745. 

Constitution and Abstract of Proceedings of the Grand Lodge 
of Georgia, a.l. 5820. Savannah. 1 820. 2 vols., 8vo. 45497 

The Constitution of the Free Masons. Containing the His- 
tory, Charges, Regulations, &c., of that ... Fraternity. ... Boston : 
Reprinted. 1750. 4to, pp. 94. + ^^"^ Tork. 1855. 4to. 

See alio Freemasons. Our No. 25798, Vol. vii., has pp. 288. 

Constitution of the General Grand Royal Arch Chapter, of 
the Northern States of America. Albany : Thomas S. IVebb. 
1799. i2mo, pp. 19. + [n. p.] 1844. i2mo, pp. 14. -f [n. p.] 
1853. *2mo, pp. 10. H, 45499 

A Discourse on Masonry ... . Philadelphia : Printed by D. 
Humphreys, m.dcc. xcvii. 8vo, pp. 10. H. 45500 

Free Masonry. ... Exposed in ... Extracts of its Standard 
Authors ; with a Review of Town's speculative Masonry : ... . 
13y a Master Mason. ... New-York. 1828. 8vo, pp. xvi, 399. 
Plate. B. 45501 

Funeral Service of the Free ... Masons of ... California ... 
at the Burial of ... Brother Thomas Starr King, ... March 6, 
A.L. 5864, A.D. 1864. [n. p. n. d.] 24mo, pp. 15. h. 45502 

Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana. Report of the Com- 
mittee appointed to inquire into the use and progress of Free- 
Masonry in Louisiana ... . [n. p. 1849.] 8vo, pp. 27, folded 
leaf. H. 45503 

See also Louisiana, Vol. x.. No. 42259. 




: ! 

■«.!■ ■ 



■/ i 

Grand Lodge of the United States. Adjourned Session, Sept. 
1850. Cincinnati. 1850. 8vo. S. 45504 

Also: Annual Communiciition, Baltimore, Sept. 1854. Baltimore. 1854. 8vo. 

Illustrations of Masonry. See [Morgan (W.)] 

An Investigation into Free-Masonry by a Joint Committee of 
the Legislature of Massachusetts. ... March, 18^4. Boston: 
Dutton and fFentworth^ Printers. 1834. 8vo, pp. 76, 54. H. 

Legislative Investigation into Masonry ; ... Examination ... of 
more than Fifty Adhering and Seceding Masons, before ... the 
Cjeneral Assembly of Rhode Island ... . Boston. 1832. 8vo, pp. 
85, (2). H. 45506 

Letters addressed to W. L. Stone. See Vol. x., No. 40568. 

List of the Grand Officers and Members of the Supreme 
Council of the Grand Inspectors General of the 33d Degree. 
New York. 5813. l6mo. + \Ibid^ 1816. 4550? 

The Lodge of Saint Andrew, and the Massachusetts Grand 
Lodge. ... 5756-5769. Boston. 1870. 8vo, pp. 292. Plates. 

Masonic Almanac for 1828. Boston. [1828.] 8vo. 45509 

The Masonic Chronicle; Devoted to Freemasonry, its History, 
Jurisprudence, and Philosophy. New Tor k. 1859. 8vo, pp. 174. 
Continued to i860. 455^° 

The Masonic Eclectic ; or Gleanings from the Harvest Field 
of Masonic Literature ... Edited by John W. Simons and Rob. 
Macoy. ... New Tork : Masonic Publishing and Manufacturing 
Company. 1865-67. Vols. I. and 11., i2mo, pp. 571, 488; Vol. 
III., 8vo, pp. 380. 455 J J 

The Masonic Gavel. By John W. Reams, yfnnapolis., Md. 
1865. 4to, 3 Nos. 45512 

The Masonic Jewel; ... A. J. Wheeler, Editor and Proprietor. 
Memphis.^ Tenn. [n. d.] Vol. I., rl. 8vo ; Vol. 11., 4to, pp. 192. 

The Masonic Journal ; Devoted to Masonry, Science, and 
Literature ... . Marietta.^ Georgia. 1849-52. 5 vols., 8vo. 

The Masonic Messenger ; Devoted to Masonic Intelligence, 
Business, Jurisprudence ... . New Tork: M. y. Drummond. 
1855-60. 6 vols., 4to. 45515 












The Masonic Mirror; ... Levi & Nevin, Editors. ... Vol. v. 
[n. p.] 1868. 8vo. Discontinued. 455'^ 

The Masonic Mirror; ... Amasa W. Bishop, P.M., Editor. 
Vol. I. San Francisco: Fred. B. Cornish. 18 70. 8vo, pp. 440. 
Continued. 455 '7 

The Masonic Mirror and American Keystone; ... Philadel- 
phia: Leon Hyneman. 1 852. 8vo. Continued. 455'^ 

Masonic Mirror and Mechanic's Intelligencer. ... Boston., 
Mass.: Moore l3 Powers, [n. d.] 3 vols., 4to. s. 45519 

The Masonic Mirror and Organ of the Grand Lodge of Ken- 
tucky, [n. p. n. d] 3 or more vols., 8vo. 455^0 

The Masonic Miscellany and Ladies' Literary Magazine ... . 
[By W. G. Hunt,] Lexington., Ky.: William Gibbts Hunt. 1822- 
1823. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. vi, 480 ; vi, 480. B. 45521 

Masonic Monitor. Edited by J. A. Bonitz. Goldsboro., N. C. 
[n. d.] Folio. 45522 

The Masonic Monthly. [S. Evans, Editor.] Vol. i. Boston : 
Edward L. Mitchell. [1864.] 8vo, pp. 572. Continued. B. 

The Masonic Record ; A Monthly Magazine ... . John Friz- 
zell & Co., Editors ... . Nashville.^ Tenn. 1868-70. 4 vols., 
8vo. 45524 

Masonic Register and Union. ... Devoted to Freemasonry ; 
Its History, Jurisprudence, and Philosophy. ... Mew York: J. F. 
Jdams isf Co. 1854-55. ^^^- Discontinued. 45525 

The Masonic Review. Vol. 
8vo. Continued. 

Cincinnati: C. Moore. 1846. 



The Masonic Review and Keystone. ... [n. p.] 1867-8. 2 
vols., 4to. 45527 

Masonic Signet and Journal ; ... Marietta., Ga. 1855-9. 4 
vols., 8vo. Discontinued. 455^8 

Masonic Song Book, containing a large collection of the most 
approved Masonic Songs, Odes, Anthems, etc. Philadelphia: 
M. Carey. 18 14. i2mo, pp. 164, (4). 3 Plates. 455^9 

The Masonic Sun; ... Thomas B. Carr, m.d. ... Editor. ... 
Wilmington., N. C. 1867. 4to. 45 5 3° 








! I 

^' J 

r 11 

Masonic Tidings ... . IVarsaw. 1865. 410. 4553' 

Continued at Lockport, N. Y., January i, 1867. 

Masonic Token; ... Portland^ Maine: Stephen Berry. 1867. 
4to. Continued. 45532 

The Masonic Trowel ; H. G. Reynolds, Editor. Springfielfi^ 

III. 1862. 





4to, pp. 192 

The Masonic Union, ... Finlay M. King, Editor. 
N. y. 1850-51. 8vo, pp. 368. 

Continued at Port Byron till 1854. 

" Masonry the same all over the World." Another Masonic 
Murder. [^Boston f 1830?] 8vo, pp. 8. "• 45535 

Case of William Miller. For other anonymous works on masonry see under the first 
word of the title, also Freemasonry. 

Maspeth Poems. See [Furman (Garrit)], Vol. vii. 26221. 

Massa (J. A.) A Mascara descoberta, ou antidoto contra as 
maximas do Governador e CapitSo-General de Mozambique, 
Sebastiao Xavier Botelho e seus satelites. Offerecido e dedicado 
a SS. MM. [j/V] o Imperador do Brasil e Rei de Portugal, por 
seu auctor JoSo Alves Massa. Rio de "Janeiro: Typographia da 
Astrea. 1829. 4to, pp. 100. 4553^ 

Massachusee Psalter : asuh Uk-kuttoohomaongash David 
weche wunnaunchemookaonk ne ansukhogup John ut Iiidiane 
kah Englishe nepatuhquonkash ne woh sogkompagunukhettct 
kakoketahteaekuppannegh, aketamannat kah wohwohtamunat 
Wunnetuppantamwe Wussukwhonga.h. Boston., N. E. Up- 
pointhotnunneau B. Green^ kah J. Printer wutche quhtiantamwe 
Chapanukkeg wutche onchekehtouunnat wunnaunchummookaonk ut 
New England.^ i^c. 1709. l2mo, pp. (lOl). J.C.B. 45537 

The English title reads "The Massachuset Psalter: Or Psalms of David, with the 
Gospel according to John, in Columns of Indian and English. Being an Introduction 
for Training up the Aboriginal Natives in Reading and Understanding the Holy Scrip- 
tures." Boston, N. E. Primed by B. Green and y. Printer for the Hotwurahle Ccmpair^ 
for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England, &c. 1709. " Next to Eliot's Bible, 
this is the most important monument of the Massachuset language. The translation 
was made by the Rev. Experience Mayhew." — J. H. Trumbull, in A. A. S. Proceed- 
ings, No. 61. 

Massachusettensis. See [Leonard (D.)], x. 40097 an 1 40100. 

Massachusetts, pseudon. The New States, or a Comparison 
of the Wealth, Strength, and Population of the Northern and 
Southern States; ... with a View to Expose the Injustice of 

> ■■ j C 



Erecting New States at the South. By Massachusetts. Boston : 
J. Belcher^ Printer. 1813. 8vo, pp. 36. ba. 45538 

Massachusetts Junior, pseudon. A Plea for the South. By 
Massachusetts Junior. Boston. 1847. i2mo. ^-45539 


With a few exceptions the following list of anonymous books are alphabetical under 
the first word of the book or the name of the institution or society which puts forth 
the book. The geology is grouped under that head. 

Abstract Exhibiting the Condition of the Banks in Massachu- 
setts, ... 1838: ... Boston: Dutton and ff^entivortb^ Printers. 1838. 
8vo, pp. 60, (2). Continued. h. 45540 

Also: Abstract Exhibiting the Condition of the Institutions for Savings of Massa- 
chusetts, ... October, 1S46. Boston. 1846. 8vo. Continued. 

Abstract from the Returns of Agricultural Societies in Massa- 
chusetts for ... 1845 ^"d 1846. By J. G. Palfrey. Boston. 1846. 
8vo. Continued. 4554" 

Abstract of Criminal Laws of Massachusetts. 


fFright y Potter., Printers. 1866. i2mo, pp. 120. -f Supple- 
ment. [//^/</.] 1868. 8vo, pp. 16. -|- Revised Edition. 1869. 
[^Ibid.'] 1869. 8vo, pp. 173. BA. 45542 

... Abstract of Returns of Inspectors and Keepers of Jails 
and Houses of Correction, [n. p.] 1839. 8vo, pp. 12, i folded 
leaf. Continued. h. 45543 

Abstract of School Returns, 1829. [n. p. n. d.] Folio, pp. 
16, (i). Continued. b. 45544 

Abstract of the Census of ... Massachusetts, taken ... 1855. 
With Remarks ... [by N. B. ShurtlefF, m.d.] ... . Boston: Wil- 
liam White., Printer. 1857. 8vo, pp. xiii, 252, (i). Continued. 

Abstract of the Laws of the Colony of Massachusetts. Boston : 
Printed by T. Green. 1704. Sm. 8vo, pp. 56. 4554^ 

Abstract of the Norfolk Exercise. A Plan of Exercise for 
the Militia of Massachusetts Bay. Third Edition. Boston, ijji. 
8vo, pp. 92. + Boston: R. Draper. 1772. m. 45547 

An Abstract of the Proceedings of the Anti-Masonic State 
Convention of Massachusetts. ... 1829 and ... 1830. Boston: 
John Marsh. 1 830. 8vo, pp. 32. + 1831. Boston. 1 831. 8vo, 

pp. 78. 

M. 45548 








Hgt^H 1 


IfH 1 

|f H| 1 







. .41 





... Abstract of the Return of Paupers. 1833. [n. p. 1834.] 
8vo, pp. 23. Continued. h. 45549 

Alsn : At)atract of Returni of Joint-Stock Cumpaniei for the Yean 1851-54 ... . 
\_Bosion. n. (].] 8vo, pp. 11. a., m. 

Abstract of the Returns and Statements ot Foreign Insurance 
Companies for the Year 1854. ... Boston. 1855. 8vo, pp. 51, xv. 

... Abstract of the Returns of Insurance Companies, ... 1837 : 
... Boston: Dutton ami IVentworth^ Printers. 1838. 8v(), pp. 8. 
Continued. H, 45551 

Abstract of the Returns of the Overseers of the Poor ... for 
1837 ... . [Boston. 1837.] 8vo. Continued. 45552 

Abstract of the Statements of the Several Banks in the Com- 
monwealth of Massachusetts. 1811-1837. [n. p. n. d.] Folio, 
I leaf. 45553 

Abstracts of Returns of Assessors ... on the Shares of Corpo- 
rations, and Deposits in Savings Institutions; ... i860. Prepared 
... By Oliver Warner ... . Boston: fVill'tam White., Printer. 186 1. 
8vo, pp. 261. BA., H. 45554 

... Abstracts of the Returns from the Banks, and ... Institu- 
tions for Savings ... . 1862. ... Boston: IVright l^ Potter., Printers. 
1863. 8vo, pp. 128. H. 45555 

An Account of the Rise, Progress, and Consequences of the 
Land Bank and Silver Schemes in the Province of Massachusetts 
Bay. [Boston.'] 1744. 8vo, pp. 91. m. 45556 

... An Account of the State of the Treasury of ... Massa- 
chusetts. Boston: Dutton and fVentworth^ Printers. 1843. 8vo, 
pp. 47. BA. 45557 

An Act codifying the Laws of Massachusetts relating to aid 
to Families of Soldiers and Seamen in the Service of the United 
States. Boston : IVright and Potter., Printers. 1865. i2mo, pp. 7. 

An Act concerning the Manufacture and Sale of Spirituous ... 
Liquors, May 22, 1852. [n. p. n. d.] i8mo. -f 1855. 8vo. 

This is the Massachusetts Liquor Law. 

An Act for Regulating and Governing the Militia, 1778. [n. 
p. 1778.] 4to. -f Boston: J. Gill. 1781. 4to. + Boston. 1785. 
4to, pp. 19. -f Boston. 1786. 4to, pp. 49. m. -f Boston. 1793. 
8vo, pp. 84. -f An Act for Regulating, Governing and Training 

MAS8A( HUSF rrs. 





the Militia ... March 6, 1810. Boston. 1810. 
4 [n. p. 1 8 14. J 8vo, pp. 56. 

i2mo, pp 



Alio: An Act in addition to *n Act for tbrming and rrgulating the Militi.i within 
thr Ciiinmonwralth of Masiachusetti, 17)13. Uoston. 1783. 8vo, pp. 8. m. 

An Act tor repealing Certain Parts of an Act postponing the 
Payment of Government Securities. Boston. 1781. 8vo, pp. 7. 

Act providing for the more easy Payment of the Specie Taxes, 
etc. [n. p.] 1786. 8vo, pp. 23. 455^2 

An Act providing Remedy for Bankrupts and their Creditors, 
printed and referred to the People of the Province of Massachu- 
setts Bay, April, 1757. [n. p.] 1757. 4to. 45563 

An Act to prevent Monopoly and Oppression, [n. p.] 1774. 
8vo. 45564 

Also: Act in addition to an Act intitled "An Act to prevent Monopoly and Op- 
pression." (n. p.] 1777. 8vo, pp. 8. — Act to Restrain the Trade and Commerce 
of" Massachusetts and other Provinces in America, [n. p.] 1774. Folio. — An Art 
to supply the Treasury with the Sum of" Four Hundred Thousand Hounds Money. 
Ilosion. 1781. 8vo, pp. 8. — Act to suppress the Riots in Massachusetts,, 1774. 
[n. p. n. d.] Folio. — Act for better Regulating the Province of Massachusetts Bay, 
Jan., 1774. [n. p. n. d.] Folio. 

Acts I and I Laws, ] Passed by the Great and General Court | ... 
of the Massachusetts-Bay, in | New-England. | Begun ... the 
Eighth ... of June, 1692. And Con-| tinned ... unto ... the 
Twelfth]... of October .... Boston: \ Print fd by Benjamin Harris. | 
1692. 1 Folio, pp. (2), K^o. Continued. ba. 45565 

This earliest edition of the Laws of the Province contains also the Charter, as also 
do many other editions. See Charter, infra. No. 45673. 

Acts and Laws of His Majesty's Province of the Massachu- 
setts-Bay in New-England. Boston : Printed by Barthol. Green 
and John Allen. 1699. Folio, pp. 192. c. -f Boston ... Printed 
by B. Green^ ... for Benjamin Eliot ... 1 7 14. Folio, pp. 370. 

Acts and Laws, Passed by the Great and General Court ... 
Of the Province Of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, 
From 1692 to 17 19. To which is Prenx'd, The Charter, 
Granted by their late Majesties King William and ^ueen Mary, 
... A.D. 1691. ... London: Printed by John Baskett. mdccxxiv. 
Folio, pp. xvi, xvi, 359. c. 45567 

Acts and Laws of His Majesty's Province of the Massachu- 
setts Bajr in New England. Boston in New England : Printed by 




I '■' 





■ i 

V J 

B. Gretn^ ...for Benjamin Eliot ... 1726. Folio, Charter, pp. 
14, Tabic, 7, 483. Continued. c. 45568 

The culljtioni of copiei of thii edition differ, owing to the fact that at each leiiion 
the additional laws were continuously paged} other editioni, Boiton, 1741, 1759, etc., 
are iubject to the tame variation. 

Acts and Laws passed by the Great and General Court or 
Assembly of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New- 
England, from the 19th of July 1775, to the 25th of March 
1783. Boston: Benjamin Edes (J Sons. 1776-83. Folio. s. 

Of' these laws, p issed during the revolutionary period, some were printed at Water- 

Acts and Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 
1786-1789. Boston. 1786-89. Folio. Continued. 4557© 

The Acts and Resolves ... of the Province of Massachusetts 
Bay: to which are prefixed the Charters of the Province. ... 
Boston : IVright ijf Potter^ Printers. 1869. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xxix, 
(2), 904; 1 187. HA. 45571 

Acts and Resolves passed by the Legislature of Massachusetts \ 
together with the Rolls and Messages, 1839 to 1842. ... Vol. i. 
Boston. 1839-42. 8vo. Continued. 4557^ 

Also : The Acts ... ordered to be left out of the last Impression of Temporary 
Laws ... . Boston. 1763. 4to, pp. 51. 

Acts regulating Banks and Banking. Passed in 1829 and 1831. 
Boston: Printed by Bea/s ami Homer. 183 1. l6mo, pp. 32. H. 

An Addition I To the Present Melancholy Cir-|cumstances of 
the Province I Considered, &c. March 6th. 11718,9. Exhibit- 
ing Considerations about Labour, Commerce, Money, Notes, or 
Bills of Credit. {^Boston: B. Green.'] 1719. i6mo, pp. 28. c. 

... Address and Resolutions, adopted at the Whig State Con- 
vention, Worcester, October 3, 1849, ... with ... Speeches ... . 
Boston: Eastburn's Press. 1849. ^^"> PP- 3^* "• 45575 

Address and Resolves of the Democratic Members of the 
Massachusetts Legislature of 1838, with A Sketch of Some 
Debates, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 48. H. 45576 

Address adopted by the Whig State Convention at Worcester, 
September 13, 1848. ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 45577 

Address before the Legislature to the People of ... Massachu- 

setts, [n. p. J 1809. 8vo. 



\i 'Ik 






p Con- 
es ... . 


of the 







! 1 

An Address from the Convention of Congregational Ministers 
in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to their Christian Breth- 
ren of the several Associations, and others not associated through- 
out this State ... . [n. p.] 1799. Folio, pp. 3. 45579 

An Address from the General Court, to the People of the 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Boston : Printed by Adaim 
and Nourse. M,DCC,LXXXVi. 8vo, pp. 40, (l). H. 455H0 

Address of a Convention of Delegates. See Vol. x. 43901. 

Address of a Convention at Worcester, March, 18 12. [n. p. 
n. d.] 8vo. 45581 

... Address of His Excellency Edward Everett, to the ... 
Legislature, on the Organization of the Government, ... 1837. 
Boston: Dutton and IVentworth^ Printers. 1837. 8vo, pp. 20. 
Continued. h. 45582 

The annual addreisei of the reipective governori include topici of political and hii- 
torical interest. 

Address of the Central Committee, Appointed by ... the Leg- 
islature friendly to the election of John Q. Adams, as president 
... June 10, 1828 ... . \_Boston. 1828.] 8vo, pp. 24. ba. 

An Address of the Convention, For Framing a new Constitu- 
tion of Government, for the State of Massachusetts-Bay, to their 
Constituents. Boston : Printed by IVhite and Adams. m,dcc,lxxx. 
8vo, pp. 18, Constitution, pp. 53. ra. 45584 

Address of the Democratic Members of the Massachusetts 
Legislature, to the People, at the Close of the Session for 1841. 
[n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 24. ba. 45585 

Also: Address ... to their Constituents ... with a History of the Proceedings of the 
... Session 1843. \_Boiton i Printed by Bea/s & Greene. 1843.] 8vo, pp. 22, (i). -f- 
Address ... to the People, ... at the Close of the Session of 1844. ... Boston; Upright 
& Ba//ou. 1844. 8vo, pp. 12. 

Address of the House of Representatives to the Inhabitants ... 
on the Act for calling in the Bills of Credit. Boston. 1777. 
Folio, pp. 4. M. 45586 

Address of the House of Representatives to the People of 
Massachusetts. \^Boston. 18 12.] 8vo, pp. 14. b., h. 45587 

On the War with England. 

An Address of ''s Legislature to the Inhabitants of the Com- 
monwealth of Massachusetts. Boston : Printed by Beniamin Edes 


, f \\ 

V I 



i. I 

(■■ ! 



and Sons. M,i)cc,Lxxxi. Svo, pp. ii. ba. -f Another Edition. 
Boston. 17H1. 8vo, pp. 37. M. 45588 

An Address of the Legislature to the People of ... Massachu- 
setts : ... Reports ... on the late 'l^easury's Accounts, and Gen- 
eral Wilkinson's Table, lyorctsttr, 1809. linu), pp. 31. HA. 

Address of the Whig, etc. See [^uincy (J.)], [ Winthrop ( R.)] 

Address of the Worcester Convention to the Electors of Mas- 
sachusetts. IVorcester. 1837. 8vo. 45590 

Address to the Antimasonic Republicans of ... Massachusetts, 
[n. p. 1836.] 8vo, pp. 24. BA. 45591 

An Address to the Citizens of Massachusetts, on The Ap- 
proaching State Elections, [n. p. 1807.'] 8vo, pp. 8. ba. 

An Address to the Citizens of Massachusetts on the Causes 
and Remedy of our National Distresses. By a Fellow Sufferer. 
Boston. 1808. 8vo, pp. 28. 45593 

An Address to the Electors of Massachusetts. ... {^Boston. 
1804.?] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 45594 

Ainu: Address to the Elector* uf Maatachusetts. Boiton. 1814. Svo. 

An Address To the Electors of the Ninth Congressional Dis- 
trict of Massachusetts. [By Rev. George Allen. /Worcester. 
i860.] 8vo, pp. 14. B. 45595 

Address to the Free and Independent People of Massachusetts, 
[n. p. 1812.] 8vo, pp. 8. BA. 45596 

In favor of the election of" Caleb Strong. Alio; Address to the Free and Inde- 
pendent People of Massachusetts. With a Protest against the Bill for Districting the 
Commonwealth. [Boston. 1812.] 8vu, pp. 15. m. 

An Address to the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Province 
of the Massachusetts- Bay, in New-England. [^Boston :1^ Printed 
In the Tear I7^<. Svo, pp. 8. w. 45597 

Signed " Phlleleutheros," and very rare. 

Address to the Freemen of Massachusetts. By a Freeman. 
[Antimasonic] IVorcester: M. Spooner and Co.^ Printers. 1832. 
8vo, pp. 16. B. 45598 

Address to the Independent Electors of Massachusetts by a 
Meeting of Citizens, Boston, 27th February, 1815. Boston. 
1815. Svo, pp. 16. M. 45599 



An Address to the Independent Citizens of Massachusetts, on 
the ... approaching Klection. Kxhihiting a View of the leading 
Measures of the JeH'erson Sc Madison Administrations. It'orcti- 
ter. 1 8 10. 8vo, pp. 23. B., HA. 45600 

Address to the Inhabitants of Massachusetts May, occasioned 
by a late Attack on their Liberties, lioilott. 1729. 4to. 45601 

From Thomas' " Hiatory of Printing}" the tollowing ii prrhjpi the correct title i 

An I Address I to the | Inhabitants of the Province | Of the Mas- 
sachusetts-Hay in New-England ; | More Kspccially, | To the 
Inhabitants of Hoston ; Occasioned by the late | Illegal and Un- 
warrantable Attack I Upon their Liberties, | and the unhappv | 
Confusion and Disorders consequent thereon. | By ;i Lover of his 
Country. ... Boston: Rogers and Foivle, [1747. J 4to, pp. 8. m. 

Signed "Amicus Patriir." ReUtei to the proceeding* of an Englith prca-gang in 
the town of Boaton. 

Address ... to the ... Legislature of Massachusetts ... [on] 
"the Annexation of a part of Deerfield to Greenfield." Green- 
fit Id : Charles A. Mir'tck^ Printer. 1850. 8vo, pp. 27. H. 45603 

By P. Temple, and others. 

An Address to the People of Massachusetts. February, 1805. 
[n. p. 1805.] 8vo, pp. 24. H. 45604 

By the Ffderjliata. The following ii by the Republicans : 

An Address to the People of Massachusetts. February, 1805. 
[n. p. 1805.] 8vo, pp. 24. s. 45605 

Address to the People ... with the Report of the Committee 
of the Senate on the Votes for Governor for 1806, and the Pro- 
test of the 19 Members who were opposed to the Same. Boston. 
1806. 8vo. w. 45606 

Address to the People of Massachusetts, [n. p. March.^ 1809.] 
8vo, pp. 24. H., s. 45607 

An Address to the People of Massachusetts, [n. p. n. d.] 
8vo, pp. 22. -f [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. ba., h. 45608 

Recommends Sullivan and Heath for Governor and Lieutenant-Governor. 

Address [of the Legislature] to the People of Massachusetts. 
[Boston. 1809.] 8vo, pp. 15, 24. 45609 

On the Embargo; with a Memorial to Congress. 

Address to the People of Massachusetts, February 15, 1812. 
Boston. [18 1 2.] 8vo. w. 45610 





: till !i 


! SI 







Address to the People of Massachusetts, [n. p. 1851.] 8vo, 
pp. 16. BA. 4561 1 

By Whig members uf the Legislature. 

Address to the People of Massachusetts on the Choice of 
Electors of President and Vice-President, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 12. 45612 

Address to the People of Massachusetts. By Members of 
the Legislature, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. M. 45613 

On the coalition of 1851-52. 

An Address to the People. By the General Court, January 
26, 1777. [Boston.'] 1777. Folio, i leaf. 45614 

An Address to the People of Massachusetts, by the Friends 
of Temperance and of the Statute of 1838. Boston. 1838. 8vo, 
pp. 24. M. 45615 

Address to the People of Massachusetts by the House of Rep- 
resentatives upon the News of the Declaration of War by the 
United States against Great Britain. Boston. 1812. 8vo. w. 

Address to the People of Massachusetts on the Justice and 
Importance of a Law for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors. ... 
Boston. 18 13. 8vo, pp. 23. M., W. 45617 

Address to the People of this Commonwealth. [^Boston. 1807.] 
8vo, pp. 20. BA. 45618 

By the Federal members of the Legislature, 1807. Also: Address to the People 
of the Commonwealth. Boston. 1809. 8vo. 

Address to the Republicans. See [Davis (G. T.)], v. 18823. 

Address to the Voters of the Fourth Congressional District. 
A Business View of the Question before us. Boston, i860. 8vo, 
pp. 11. B. 45619 

Report of the Adjutant General of the Massachusetts Militia, 
... Boston: Printed by True and Greene. 1824. 8vo, pp. (2), 24. 
Continued. ba. 45620 

... Annual Report of the Adjutant-General, of ... Massachu- 
setts, with Reports from the Quartermaster-General, Surgeon- 
General, and Master of Ordnance, for ... 1862. Boston: ft^rlght 
y Potter^ Printers. 1863. 8vo, pp. 470, lO, 9, 2g, 6 folded leaves. 
-f For 1863. [/^/^.] 1864. 8vo, pp. 1022. + For 1864. [Z^/V/.] 
1865. 8vo, pp. 1099, 80. BA. 45621 

The volumes for the years 1862-5 cntain copious details of the Civil War. 



Affidavits and Depositions relative to the Commencement of 
Hostilities in the Province of Massachusetts Bay. [n. p.] 1775. 
8vo. M. 45622. 

Agricultural Statistics of Massachusetts, arranged by Towns 
and Counties. ... [n. p. 1862.] 8vo, pp. 71. H. 45623 

Also: First Annual Report of the Secretary of the Board of Agriculture, togellit-i 
with Reports of Committees, appointed to visit the County Societies. With an Ap- 
pendix, containing an Abstract of the Finances of the County Societies. Bosi'.n : 
fViiiiam H^hite, Printer. 1854. 8vo, pp. (4.), 186. Plate. Continued. See owr No. 
14585, note, alio Flint (C. L.), Vol. vi., No. 24765. 

Aliens. [Whether aliens arc rateable polls. Boston.'] 1811. 
8vo, pp. 8. s. 4567.4 

Almanac for 1669. By J. B[rown]. Cambridge: Printed by 
S. G. and M. J. [1669.] 45(>25 

Amendments of the Constitution of Massachusetts, proposed 
by the Convention of Delegates, assembled at Boston, ... Novtrm- 
bcr, ... Eighteen Hundred and Twenty ; With their Address to 
the People of this Commonwealth. Boston: Russell and Gardner^ 
Printers. 182 1. 8vo, pp. 32. M. 45626 

Amendments to the Report of the Commissioners appointed to 
revise the General Statutes of the Commonwealth: ... Boston: 
Button and If'entivorth^ Printers. 1835. 8vo, pp. (8), 170. 

Annual Register of the Executive and Legislative Departments 
of the Government of Massachusetts, 1859. Boston. 1859. 8vo, 
pp. 19, (i). Continued. H. 456:, 8 

Previously " Poole's Annual Register," etc., and still earlier, " Poole's Statistical 
View," etc. 

Annual Report of the Bank Commissioners, 1838. Boston. 
1838. 8vo. Continued. 45629 

Also : ... Schedule exhibiting the condition of the Banks in Massachusetts ... From 
1803 to 1837, inclusive, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 30. h. 

... Annual Report of the Superintendent of Alien Passengers 
for the Port of Boston, 1859. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. Cont'd. 

Another Letter, From One in the Country, to his Friend in 
Boston. [On the Governor's Salarv. Boston. 17 14?] 4to, pp. 11. 

Answer of the Elders and other Messengers of the Churches 
assembled at Boston in the year 1662 to the Question propounded 
to them bv Order of the Honoured General Court. Cambridge : 
Printed by S. Green. 1662. 4to, pp. 60. M. 45632 

VOL. XI. 40 


I i 

1 ■ 

] i 


i ; 



Answer of the House of Representatives to the Speech of 
Governor Dudley, June, i6th, 1702. With the Address of 
Divers Ministers of the Province to Governor Dudley. Boston. 
1703. 4to, pp. 3. 45633 

See also New England. 

Answer of the Whig Members. See [King (D. P.), and others]. 

An Answer to a Letter addressed to a Republican Member of 
the House of Representatives of ... Massachusetts, on ... a Pe- 
tition for a New Corporation, to be entitled the College of Phy- 
sicians. \_Boston :] True iff Rowe^ Printers. 1812. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Answer to an Advertisement in the Boston Gazette, Feb. 20, 
1721, dated, N. E. Castle-William, February, 1720, 21. Boston. 
1721. M. 45635 

Relates to paper-money. 

Appeal to Democrats and Union Men. From the Democracy 
of Boston and Suffolk. Boston. 1855. 8vo. 45^3^ 

An Appeal to the Good Sense of the People of Mas. u Susetts. 
[n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. h. 45637 

An Appeal to the Old Whigs of Massachusetts. 1806. \^Bos- 
ton. 1806.] 8vo, pp. 20. BA. 45638 

An Appeal to the People of Massachusetts, on the Texas 
Question. Boston : Charles C. Little and James Brown. 1844. 
8vo, pp. 20. BA. + [Second Edition. Ibid.] 1S44. 8vo. B. 

An Appeal to the Republicans of Massachusetts, against Gag 
Resolutions and forced Pledges. By a Republican. Boston. 
1862. 8vo, pp. 12. B. 45640 

The Appendix. See our Vol. I., No. 1792, add pp. 15. 

Appendix to Massachusetts in Agony. By Cornelius Agripp":, 
L.L. [^Boston.] 1751. 4to, pp. 20. M. 456-1 1 

Sixth Annual Report of the Associated Banks of Massachu- 
setts, for the Suppression of Counterfeiting. Boston. 1859. 8vo, 
pp. 40. s. 45642 

Constitution of the Associated Mechanics and Manufacturers 
of Massachusetts. Boston. 1800. i2mo. 45543 

Report of the Attorney General ... January 2, 1833. Boston: 
Dutton and fVentivorth^ Printers. 1833. 8vo, pp. 40. Cont'd. 



Report of the Attorney General of Massachusetts respecting 
claims for Confiscated Debts. Boston. 1808. 8vo, pp. 22. 

Also: Report on the LibeU contained in the Boston Newspapers, [n. p.] 1812. 
8vo. w. 

... Report of the Auditor of Accounts of ... Massachusetts, 
for ... 1849. Boston: Dutton and tVentworth^ Printers. 1850. 
8vo, pp. 70, (i). Continued. b. 45646 

A Circular Address from the Bible Society of Massachusetts, 
With the Constitution, etc. Boston: Printed by J. Belcher. 1809. 
8vo, pp. 24. BA. 45647 

Also : Report of the Executive Committee ... prepared for the Anniversary ... 1812. 
Boston: Printed by John Eliot, Jun. 1812. 8vo, pp. 19, (l). Continued, ba. 

... Report on providing for the Appointment of a Board of 
Agriculture, and a State Chemist ... . [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 23. 

First Annual Report of the Board of Education, ... with the 
First Annual Report of the Secretary of the Board. Boston : 
Dutton and Wentworth^ Printers. 1 838. 8vo, pp. 75. Cont'd. 

Ste alio Mann (Horace), No. 44324, nsrr, page 167. 

First Annual Report of the Board of Health ... January, 1870, 
Boston: Wright l^ Potter., Printers. 1 870. 8vo, pp. viii, 58. Con- 
tinued. H. 45650 

... First Annual Report of the Board of State Charities : Janu- 
ary, 1865. Boston: Wright i^ Potter., Printers. 1865. 8vo, pp. 
xlviii, 456. Continued. ba. 45651 

The Body of Liberties. Cambridge : Printed by John Daye. 
1 64 1. Folio. 45652 

It contained one hundred laws drawn up by Rev. Natthl Ward of Ipswich, pursuant 
to an order of the General Court. See Thomas' " History of Printing," i. 47, note. 
Mr. Thomas is probably mistaken in supposing that " The Body of Liberties," estab- 
lished in 1 641, was printed at that time. A pamphlet, entitled "An Abstract of the 
Laws of New England," was printed in London in 1 641, and has by many writers been 
supposed to be substantially the same as "The Body of Liberties." There is good 
reason to believe that the last named compilation was published by distribution to the 
towns in manuscript. One of these copies, discovered by Mr. Francis C. Gray, and 
accompanied by his learned essay on the early Laws of Massachusetts Bay, was printed 
in tne "Massachusetts Historical Collections," Third Series, Vol. viii. 

The I Book of the General | Lawes and Libertyes | concerning 
the Inhabitants of the | Massachusetts, | collected Out of the 
Records of | the General Court, | for the several Years | wherein 
they were made and | Established. | And Now Revised by the 
same Court, and disposed into an | Alphabetical order, and pub- 




f^ 1 






' ( 




1 :ii 








lished by the same | Authority in the General Court holden | at 
Boston, in May, | 1649. | ... | Cambridge: \ Printed according to 
Order of the General Court. \ 1660. | Folio, pp. (4), 88, Table, (8). 

Of extreme rariry. The preface is signed, " By Order of the General! Court, 
Edward Rawson, Secret :" It was printed by Samuel Green. The earliest volume of 
Massachusetts Laws extant. An edition is supposed to have been printed in 1648 or 
1649, but there is no known copy in existence. It is referred to in the " Massachusetts 
Records" of May, 1 648, as "now at tlie presse." Ste "Massachusetts Records," n. 
pp. 239, 246, 262. Johnson, in " Wonder Working Providence," p. 205, says it was 
printed in 1648. Its discovery would be a bibliographical wonder. 

A Book for Massachusetts Children, in Familiar Letters, For 
the use of Families and Schools. Boston. 1831. i2mo. Maps. 

The Boston Opposition to the New Law for the Suppression 
of Rum Shops ... being an Appeal to the Country People of 
Massachusetts to protect themselves. ... Boston: Printed by Per- 
kins i^ Marvin. 1838. i2mo, pp. 28. H. 45655 

Our No. 6501, Vol. II., seems to be another edition. 

Brief of the Governor and Council of Massachusetts, for 
Collections for Propagating the Gospel, [n. p.] 1718. 410, pp. i. 

A Brief Account of the State of the Province of Massachu- 
setts Bay. By a Lover of his Country. Boston. 17 17. i2mo, 
pp. 8. 45657 

A '^rief History of the Evangelical Missionary Society of 
Massachusetts. With the Last Report of the Trustees, [n. p. 
1820.] 8vo, pp. 7. H. 45658 

Brief Remarks on the Rail Roads. See [Sedgwick (T.)] 

Brief Report of the Debates in the Anti-Masonic Convention 
of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Held in Faneuil Hall, 
Boston, December 30, 31, 1829, and January I, 1830. Boston: 
John Marsh. MDCCCXXX. 8vo, pp. 48. B. 45659 

A Brief Review of the Rise, etc. See Vol. ii.. No. 7896. 

A Brief State of the Services and Expences of the Province 
of the Massachusett's Bay, In the Common Cause. London : 
J. fVilkie. M DCC Lxv. 8vo, pp. 24. 45660 

The claims iiere set forth are, first, the part taken by the Colony in the Indian wars, 
and next for the large sums contributed, and men furnished for the several expeditions 
against Canada, Cape Breton, and other French Colonies on the northern frontier. 

Briefs in the Controversy between Massachusetts Bay and New 
Hampshire. Boston. 1739. Folio. 45661 

Imperfect title from Thomas' "History of Printing." 




Business Register of Manufacturers in the States of Massachu- 
setts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, and the 
Principal Manufacturers in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Penn- 
sylvania, Maine, and Vermont. 1868-9. Neiv York. 1869. 4t(), 
pp. 410. 45662 

By-Laws for the Government of the State Alms- Houses, 
together with the Statute Laws establishing the same. Lowell. 
1854. 8vo. 45663 

The Capital Laws of the Massachusetts Bay, with the Free- 
man's Oath. 1642. 45664 

"Orderc' to be printed, 1 8th 3d month, 1642. Col. Rec. mentioned as printed in 
the Preface lO 'New England's Jonas Cast up at London.'" Title and note from 
Thomas' " History of Printing." 

The Case of His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts- 
Bay, upon two Appeals relating to the Boundaries between that 
Province and the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plant- 
ations. To be heard before the Right Honorable the Lords of 
the Committee of His Majesty's most Honorable the Privy 
Council, at the Council Chamber at the Cockpit. H^hitehall^ 
[^London.'] 1743. Folio, pp. 9. j.c.b. 45665 

The Case of His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts 
Bay in New England, with respect to the Expences they were at 
in taking and securing Cape Breton. London. 1744. Folio, pp. 4. 

The Case of the Provinces. See [Hutchinson (T.)], ix. 34068. 

The Case of the Provinces of Massachusetts Bay ... respect- 
ing a Bill for Preservation of His Majesty's Woods in America, 
[n. p. n. d.] Folio, i leaf. 45667 

Catalogue of the Fraternity of * B K, Alpha of Massachusetts, 
Harvard University, Cambridge, 1846. Cambridge. 1846. 8vo, 
pp. 48. Continued. 45668 

Catalogue of the Library of the General Court. Boston: 
Dutton and IVentworth^ Printers. 183 1. 8vo, pp. 43. -|- Boston. 
1839. Rl. 8vo, 52 leaves. + \^Ibid.'] 1846. 8vo. 45669 

A Catechism agreed upon by the Eldiers at the Desire of the 
General Court. Cambridge: Printed by John Day e. 1641. 

Concerning this rare catechism see " Winthrop's Journal," ii. 37. 

The Central Committee of the State, to the Federal Electors, 
[n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. ba. 45671 




1 : 





H .. 


: I 


Chapters and Dates of the Laws of Massachusetts. ... [Bos- 
ton : Munroty Francis^ isf Parker. 1 809.] 8vo, pp. (44). ba. 

The Charter I Granted by their Majesties] King William | And j 
Queen Marv,|to the | Inhabitants | of the | Province] of the] Mas- 
sachusetts-Bay, I in New-England. | Printed at London^ and Re- 
Printed at Boston in New- England^ By \ Benjamin Harris. 1692. 
P'olio, pp. (2), 13. BA. -|- Printed at Boston ... by Bartholomew 
Green and John Allen. 1 699. Folio, -f- Boston ... Printed by B. 
Green ... 17 14. Folio, pp. 13. H. + [_Ibid.'\ 1726. Polio, pp. 
(2), 14. t Boston ... Printed ... by Samuel Kneeland and Timothy 
Green., ... mdccxlii. Folio, pp. (2), 14. + Boston. m,d,cc,mx. 
Folio, pp. 14. -\- Printed in the tear mdcclxxv. 8vo, pp. 45. 

This is usually found with the "Acts and Laws," for 169a and following years. 
Also: The Charter of the Massachusetts Colony, [n. p. n. d.] 4to, pp. 26. ba. — 
The Charter of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay. [n. p. n. d.] i8mo. 

The Charters and General Laws of The Colony and Province 
of Massachusetts Bay. Carefully collected from the Publick 
Records and Ancient Printed Books. To which is added An 
Appendix, tending to explain the Spirit, Progress and History of 
the Jurisprudence of the State; ... . Boston: T. B. Wait and Co. 
18 14. 8vo, pp. vii, 830, (30). A., B., c, H. 45674 

Chronological Table of the Most Remarkable Events in the 
Province of the Massachusetts Bay, from 1602 to 1770. Boston. 
1771. 8vo, pp. 8. 45675 

Circular. See [Blanchard (J. P.)], Vol. 11., No. 5827. 

Circular Letter, relating to Lyceums in Massachusetts, [n. p. 
1830.] 8vo, pp. 7. w. 45676 

Circular of the Board of Missions of the Diocese of Massa- 
chusetts, March, 1856. Boston. 1856. 8vo, pp. 4. ^S^ll 

Claim for Military Service, with Documents relating to the 
late War. Boston, [n. d.] 8vo. w. 45678 

A Collection of Acts or Laws passed in the State of Massa- 
chusetts Bay, relative to American Loyalists and their Property. 
London : John Stockdale. m.dcc.lxxxv. 8vo, pp. 35. c, H. 

A I Collection I Of the Proceedings of the | Great and General 
Court or Assembly] Of His Majesty's Province of the ] Massa- 
chusetts-Bay, ] in j New-England ;| Containing several Instructions 
from the Crown, to the J Council and Assembly of that Province, 



for fixing a [Salary on the Governour, and their Determinations) 
thereon. | As also, | The Methods taken by the Court tor Support- 
ing the several | Governours, since the Arrival of the present 
Charter. | Printed by Order of the House of Representatives.) 
Boston: Printed by T. Fleet ^ ...[1729.1 4to, pp. 112. 

BA., w. 

Commissioners for the ... Survey of the State. See [Dewey 
(C.)], [Gould (A. A.)], [Harris (T. W.)], Storer (D. H.) 

Commissioner's Report on ... Matrons and Labor in the Com- 
mon Jails. By C. W. Bellows ... . Boston: William IFhite^ 
Printer. 1854. 8vo, pp. 12. B. 45681 

The Common School Controversy. See [Mann ^H.)], 44318. 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts against the State of Rhode 
Island and Providence Plantations. ... Taunton : C. A. Hack. 
1861. 8vo, pp. 14. Map. BA., H. 45682 

... Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Aggregates of Polls, 
Property, Taxes, &c., ... 1862. Compiled by Oliver Warner, 
... Boston: Wright & Potter^ Printers. 1863. 8vo, pp. 25. B. 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. [^Boston. 1818.] 45684 

This is a letter from A. Stearns, inquiring if his acceptance of a professorship of 
law is incompatible with a seat in the House of Representatives. See also f Bidwell 
(Barnabas)], Vol. ii., No. 5253. Many historical pamphlets published during the 
sessions of the State Legislature have this general title. 

Communication of ... the Governour [Sullivan] to the ... 
Council, Relative to the Removal of Sheriff Lithgow ; and the 
Report and Advice of Council Thereon. [^Boston.'] 1808. 8vo, 
pp. 18. BA. 45685 

Communication of Gov. Briggs to the House of Representa- 
tives of Massachusetts, ... 1846; and a Letter from Daniel 
Webster, accompanying the Opinion of Judge McLean delivered 
in the Supreme Court of the United States, ... 1845, in the Case 
of the State of Rhode Island vs. Massachusetts. Also, Resolves 
concerning the Boundary Line between Massachusetts and Rhode 
Island, [n. p. 1846.] 8vo, pp. 22. 45686 

A Compendium and Digest of the Laws of Massachusetts. 
By William Charles White ... . Boston: Alunroe^ Francis and 
Parker. 1809-11. 4 vols, in 7 parts, 8vo, pp. 4, 198, viii ; (2), 
199-1361. BA., w. 45687 

The parts are paged continuously. 





■ I 

W \' ' t' 




... Compilation of the Laws regulating Taxation in Massachu- 
setts ... . Boston: f^right i^ Potter^ Printers. 1870. 8vo, pp. 39. 

A I Conference | Between the | Commissaries | of | Massachusets- 
liay, I And the | Commissaries | of | New-York } | at | New-Haven in 
the Colony of Connecticut. | 1767. | Boston; New- England :\ 
Printed by Richard Draper ... | MDCCLXViii. | 4to, pp. (2), 26, 
(i). + llbid.^ 4to, pp. (2), 26, (l), 9. H. 45689 

Thumjs describes this with the date 1767, 410, pp. 35, and I have a niemurandum 
of another edition, pp. (2), 57. See also Vol. iv., No. 1 5441. 

Considerations and Documents. See 1 594 1, 15950, 15954. 

A Constitution and Fornl of Government for the State of 
Massachusetts- liav, Agreed upon by the Convention of said 
State, February 28, 1778, to be laid before the several Towns 
and Plantations in said State, for their Approbation, or Disappro- 
bation. Boston: J. Gill, mdcclxxviii. 8vo, pp. 23. m. 

A I Constitution | Or | Frame of Government, | Agreed upon by 
the Delegates of the People of the State of Massachusetts- Bav, | 
In I Convention,! Begun and held at Cambridge on the First of 
September, 1779, | and | Continued by Adjournments to the Second 
of March, 1780. ... \ Boston :\ State 0/ Massachusetts- Bay: Printed 
by Benjamin Edes iff Sons. | m,dcc,lxxx. | 8vo, pp. 43. H. -f 
[Jbid.^ M,DCC,LXXXI. Folio, pp. 24. M. -f The Third Edition. 
\^Ihid.\ M,DCC,LXXXiv. 8vo, pp. 43. H. -|- Worcester: Printed 
by Isaiah Thomas. 1787. l8mo, pp. 107. B. 45691 

The Constitution of the State of Massachusetts 



Manning and Loring. 1 805. l2mo, pp. 119. + Northampton. 
1806. i2mo. + Pittfield. 1806. l2mo. + Brookfield. 1807. 
l2mo. -{-Boston: Printed by Adams and Rhoades. 1807. i2mo, 
pp. 94. H. -f Salem: Printed by Thomas C. Cashing. 181 1. 
i2mo, pp. 112. -f With the Amendments annexed. ... Boston: 
Benjamin Russell. 1822. 8vo, pp. 86. BA. -|- Boston: Dutton 
and Wentworth^ Printers. 1833. 8vo, pp. 5-90. H. 45692 

Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ... April 
26, 1853. ••• Boston: White and Potter.^ Printers. 1853. ^^'"' 
pp.46. BA. -f [n. p. n. d.] i2mo. 45^93 

The Constitutional Propositions, adopted by the Convention 
of Delegates, assembled at Boston, ... May, ... 1853. ... With 
an Address ... . Boston: White ^ Potter .^ Printers. 1853. 8vo, 
pp. 50. H. 45691 



3oston : 



12 mo, 


Soston : 



. April 




. 45694- 

The Constitutions ... of Free ... Masons. See Vol. vii., 
No. 25798, for collation reaJ pp. 288. 

A Continuation o*" the Frocccilings of the House of Represent- 
atives Of the Province of the Massachusetts- Bay, relative to the 
Convening, Holding, and Keeping The General Assembly at 
Harvard-College, in Cambridge. ... Boston: Printed hy Edes aud 
Gill. 1770. 8vo, pp. 6b. H., w. 45695 

Convention of Congregational Ministers in Massachusetts. 
Report of the Committee on Slavery, presented May 30, 1849. 
Boston. 1849. 8vo, pp. 92. 45696 

Copy of the Complaint. See Bernard (F.), Vol. 11. 4922. 

A Copy of the King's Majesties Charter for Incorporating the 
Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England in America. 
Granted ... 1628. Boston in New England. Reprinted by S. Green^ 
for Benjamin Harris. 1689. 4to, pp. 26. m. 45697 

Correspondence between the Agent of the Commonwealth 
[George Sullivan] and ... the Governor, [Levi Lincoln] on the 
... Massachusetts Claim on the General Government. Boston: 
True and Greene., Printers. 1826. 8vo, pp. 14. b. 45698 

Correspondence between the ... Bishop, etc. See Boston, 11. 

Counter Report of the ... Committee, on so mu h of the 
Governor's Message, as relates to Capital Punishment, [n. p. n. 
d.] 8vo, pp. II. B. 45699 

The County and Town Officer : or an Abridgement of the 
Laws of the Province of the Massachusetts- Bay, relative to 
County and Town Officers. By a Gentleman, Boston : Printed 
by T. and J. Fleet. 1768. 8vo, pp. (2), ii, 149. H. 45700 

The Cow Pox Act with the Order of the Legislature ; and a 
Communication ... from the Selectmen of ... Milton. ... Boston: 
Printed by Joshua Belcher. 18 lO. 8vo, pp. 16. B., w. 45701 

Debates, Resolutions and other Proceedings, of the Convention 
of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, convened at Boston, on 
the 9th of January, 1788, and continued until the 7th of F'ebru- 
ary following, for the purpose of assenting to and ratifying the 
Constitution recommended bv the Grand Federal Convention. 
Together with the Yeas and Nays on the decision of the (irand 
Question. To which the Federal Constitution is prefixed. Bos- 

VOL. XI. 41 





I i I 



ton: yf dams and Nourse. m,dcc,lxxxviii. 8vo, pp. 219. -f To 
which arc added the Amendments which have been made therein. 
Boston: Printed Oliver Uf Afunroe. 1 808. l2mo, pp. 236. 

Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts, held in the Year 1788 ... . Boston: 
fViliiam IVhite^ Printer. 1856. 8vo, pp. vii, (8), 442. A., H. 

Edited by Brjdfurd K. Peirce and Charlei Hale. 

Debates and Proceedings in the Massachusetts Legislature ... 
1856. Reported for the Boston Daily Advertiser. Boston: C. 
Hale. 1856. 8vo, pp. viii, 424. Continued. c. 45704 

A Declaration Against Prophaneness and Immoralities. Bos- 
ten: Printed by Barth. Green. 1 704. Folio, I leaf. 45705 

By Gov. Joseph Dudley. See alio our Nos. 18470 and 191 57. Also: A Declara- 
tion against the Penicooke and Eastern Indians. Boiton : Printed by B, Green and 

John Allen, [n. d.] Folio, I leaf. 

A Declaration of Former Passages and Proceedings Betwixt 
the English and the Narrowgansets, with their Confederates, 
wherein the grounds and justice of the Ensuing Warre are 
opened and cleared. Published by order of the Commissioners 
for the united Colonies: At Boston the nth of the sixth month, 
1645. [Qimbridge., N. E. 1645.] 410, pp. 7. 457o6 

Printed without a separate title-page. .Signed " Jo! Winthrop, Presidtnt, in the name 
of all the Cfimmissioners." In Hutchinson's "Collection of Papers" this "Declaration" 
is printed from m.uiuscript. Hutchinson says in a foot-note, page 13S, "I never met 
with it in print." The only copy known was in the possession of the late George Brinley. 

Declaration of Independence, by the Colony of Massachusetts 
Bay, May i, 1776. New York. 1862. 8vo, pp. 12. 45707 

A Declaration of Rights of the Inhabitants of the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts. [^Boston. 1786.] i8mo, pp. 5. M. 

A Defence of the Legislature. See Vol. v.. No. 19248. 

Defence of the Third Article of the Massachusetts Declaration 
of Rights; ... in the Case of Barnes vs. Falmouth. ... Worcester: 
Printed by Manning l^ Trumbull. 1 820. 8vo, pp. 7. H. 45709 

A Description of the Situation. See Maine, No. 43923. 

A Detailed Account of the Receipts into, and Expenditures 
from the Treasury of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 
1818-1824. [n. p. n. d.] Folio. m. 45710 

^ To 
,. 236. 


Bostoti : 

A., H. 

:ure ... 

on : C. 

. Bos- 


I Declara- 
Green and 

aire are 
» month, 

I in the name 


never met 

ge Brinley. 







Worcester •• 




Discussions on The Constitution proposed to the People of 
Massachusetts by The Convention of 1853. Boston: Little^ 
Brotvn^ and Company. 1854.. 8vo, pp. (4), 306. BA. 45711 

Content!: The Letters of Phociun, by O. T. Curtii ; Letter* of Silai Standfast, by 
O. S. Hillard; Addrrai of Samuel Hoar at Fitchburg { Addreii uf Marcui Morton at 
Taunton ; Address of C. F. Adams at ^uincy ; Remarks of J. O. Palfrey. 

Documents prepared and submitted to the General Court ... . 
By the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Boston : Dutton and 
li'entivorth^ ... Printers. 1846. 8vo. B. 45712 

Each document is paged separately. 

Documents printed by Order of the Constitutional Convention 
of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ... a.d. 1853. Boston: 
If^hite isf Potter^ Printers. 1 853. 8vo. BA. 45713 

Documents printed by Order of the House of Representatives, 
... Session ... 1808. Boston. 1808. 8vo. Continued. 45714 

Documents printed by Order of the Senate of the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts ... 1834. Boston. 1834. 8vo. Con- 
tinued. 45715 

These documents, printed annually, are usually known as House and Senate Docu- 
ments. They contain matter indispensable to the student of Massachusetts history. 

Documents printed by Order of the Valuation Committee, 
during their Session in 1850. Boston. 1850. 8vo. Continued. 

Documents relating to the Boundary Line and Disputed Terri- 
tory between Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Fall River. 1847. 
8vo, pp. 64. 45717 

... Documents relating to the State Survey, [n. p. 1835.] 
8vo, pp. 23. B. 45718 

... Documents relating to the State Prison, [n. p. 1831.] 
8vo, pp. 30. Continued. h. 45719 

... Documents relative to the Marshpee Indians, [n. p. 1833.] 
8vo, pp. 43. BA. 45720 

Documents respecting the Resolutions. See [Bigelow (T.)] 

Enlargement of the State House, in Boston. General and 
Mechanical Description, by the Architect, G. J. F. Bryant. 
Boston. 1853. ^^®> PP* H* s. 45721 

An Epistle to a Member of the General Court of Massachu- 
setts, For 1809. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 32. ba. 45722 







An Fssav "n the Establishment of a Chancery Jurisilicti«)n in 
Massachusetts. Boston: Fanand^ AJallory ^ Co. [n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 90. HA. 45723 

The Address and Constitution of the Evangelical Missionary 
Society. Camhridge : IP'illiam Hilliard. 1807. Svo, pp. 9. ha. 

Also: An Addtfss, ('mm the 'rriuteci .,. tit tlitf I'l-nplc i>( the Nrw Sfttlciui'iits, in 
thr Dliittil St.itrs. M.iy, iSoy. ff'ni (titer ! I. TL<om,i!, "jfun. [iSoi;.) Hvo, |i|i. 14, 
— Addri-ii) o(' thr 'I'lUsti'cs of' the Evjngrlicjl Missionary Soiirty in M.i^s.u hu^ctts. 
1813. Hoston : R. M. I'rck, 1H2V I ami), pp. la. — The Constitutinn of' the Kvan- 
gellj.ll Mission.iiy Soiicty ... . th.rittier : I'rinleU Ay fyi//iam Mtimiiirr, iSlS. Svo, 
pp. 8, 16.— Ilcp.irt iif thi- I'rocei'dings of the Trustees ot' the Evurn;cli> Missioii.iry 
Society ... l8l2. ... H^oti ester ; luiac Hturtevunt. l8ia. Svo, pp. 13. Continued, ua. 

Evidence before the Street Railway Commissioners appointed 
by the Massachusetts Legislature ... . Boston: If'rl^ht & Potter^ 
Printers. 1864. 8vo, pp. 173. b. 457^5 

Exact Table to bring Old Tenor into Lawful Money, from 
1 5d to a Thousand Pounds, &c. Boston. 1750. 8vo. -|~ [An- 
other Edition. //'/Vy.J 1750. 8vo. 45726 

Also : V.xMt Shewing how Fruvisions ought to be sold when the Dollars 
pass for Six Shillings a piece, which they must do according to the Act of the General 
Court. Boston. 1750. Svo. 

Examination of the Banking System. Se ppleton (N.)] 

The Exercise of the Militia of the Province of Massachusetts 
Bay. Boston. 1750. 8vo. 457^7 

Also: The Exercise of the Musket, and Forming of Battalions. Boston. 170Z. 
Svo, pp. 2Z. 

Exhibition of Facts Supported by Documents for Information 
of the Militia Officers of Massachusetts. Boston. 1806. 8vo. 

The Explanatory Charter Granted by King George i. To the 
Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England. Accepted 
by the General Court, Jan. 15, 1725. \_Boston. 1725.] 8vo, 
pp. 8. 45729 

Extract from the Journal of the Hon'''' House of Representa- 
tives, May [30th] 1755. Relating to the Imprisonment of Daniel 
Fowle and Royall Tyler [1754. Boston: D. Foivle. 1755.] 
i6mo, pp. 14. c. 45730 

Contains a list of the names of all who voted pro and con, on the question of the 
rightful imprisonment of Fowle. See [Church (B.)], 12982, and Fowle (D.), 25296. 

Extract of a Letter. See Vol vi., No. 23507. 



Extracts and C\)llcctioiis of Acts. Set Vol. vi., No. 23517. 

Extracts from the Records of the Proviiuial C'onjj;ress, Held 
at Cambridge in ... October, November and December, ... 1774. 
Also Extracts from the Minutes of the Proceedinjis of the Con- 
gress, Held at Cambridge, Ecbruary, ... 1775. ... lioston : hinted 
by Edti and Hill. M,iJCt,LXXV. 8vo, pp. 14. 



Eacts for the People. The Massachusetts Anti-I-iquor Law 
no failure. [By W. B. Spooncr. n. p. n. d.j i2mo, pp. 12. 

A Eaithful Monitor. Offering an Abstract of the Laws in the 
Province of Massachusetts, against those Disorders, the Suppres- 
sion whereof is desired and pursued by them that wish well to 
the Worthy Designs of Reformation. ... Boston. 1704. i2mo, 
PP- 5^- w. 45733 

Constitution and By-Laws of the Eirst Massachusetts Infantr 
Veteran Association. Boston : Alfred Mudgei^ Son. 1869. i8mo, 
pp. 18. H. 45734 

Eorm of Constitution and By-Laws for Auxiliary Societies, 
[n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 4. H. 45735 

The Emigrant Aid Cump.iny of Massachusetts. Relates to Kansas. 

Eree Negroes and Mulattoes. ... Report ... concerning ... 
[their] admission into this State ... . [n. p. 1822.] 8vo, pp. 16. 

The Ereeholder's Address. See [Wise (John)]. 

A P'uil Statement of the Reasons ... why there should be no 
penal laws enacted, and no condemnatory resolutions passed ... 
respecting Abolitionits [j/V] and Anti-Slavery Societies. Boston: 
Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society. 1 836. 8vo, pp. 48. H. 

Minutes of the General Association of Massachusetts Proper, 
... 1809. Boston. 1809. 8vo. Continued. s. 45738 

Also : Extracts from the Minutes of the General Association of Massachusetts 
Proper ... June ... 1815 ... . [BoiWn.] 181 5. 8vo, pp. 23. ba. 

Extracts from the Minutes of the General Association of 
Congregational Ministers in Massachusetts ... 1814. ... Boston: 
Printed by Samuel T. Armstrong. 1 8 14. 8vo, pp. (2), 22. Con- 
tinued. H. 45739 

Minutes of the General Conference of the Congregational 
Churches in Massachusetts, at its first annual session ... Sept. 







I" I 




I .. 


11-13, i860. ... Boston: Crocker and Brev)Ster. i860. 8vo, pp. 
57. Continued. H. 45740 

Also : First Report ... on Home Evangelization. Presented to the General Con- 
ference, September 13, 1866. [n. p. n. d.J 8vo, pp. 36. Continued, h. 

General Lavves of the Massachusetts Colony. Revised and 
Published by Order of the General Court, October, 1658. [n. 
p. n. d.] Folio. 4574' 

The General | Laws | And | Liberties | Of the | Massachusets | 
Colony:] Revised & Re-printed, | By Order of the General Court 
Holden at Boston] May 15th. 1672. [ Edward Rawson, Seer. |...| 
Cambridge \ Printed by Samuel Green^ for 'John Vsher of Boston, j 
1672. 1 Folio, pp. (2), 170, Summary, 14 leaves. Several Laws, 
pp. 15, 19-21, 41-43, 49-59. Woodcut Coat of Arms, I leaf. 

The collation of the several laws varies in the few copies known to exist. Thomas 
devotes a couple of pages to this important book, and relates that it " produced the first 
nstance in America of the security of copyright by law." Usher having obtained per- 
mission to print the edition, and "suspecting that Green might print additional copies 
for himself, o that Johnson, at Cambridge, would reprint from his copy," at his request 
"two laws were passed to secure to him this particular work." Thomas adds copies 
of those laws, the second of which extended the right for seven years. Ike " History 
of Printing," i. 248-9, and new edition, i. 71. 

General Laws and Liberties of the Massachusetts Colony, 
Revised and Corrected and Alphabetically arranged, to which are 
added Precedents and Forms of Things frequently used, with a 
complete Index to the whole. Cambridge : Printed by S. Green. 
1672. Folio, pp. 200. 45743 

Title from Thomas' " History of Printing," probably the same as the foregoing. 
The catalogue of the Worcester Antiquarian Society describes an edition dated 1675, 
which is probably an error as to date. 

The General Laws of Massachusetts, from the Adoption of 
the Constitution, to February, 1822; with the Constitution of 
the United States and of this Commonwealth, together with their 
respective Amendments prefixed ; Revised and published by Au- 
thority of the Legislature, by Asahel Stearns & Lemuel Shaw, 
Esquires, Commissioners. Theron Metcalf, Esq. Editor. Bos- 
ton : Wells i^ Lilly. 1823. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. iv, 580 ; (2), 599, 
Index, 68. h. + Vol. in. Continued to 1831. Boston. 1832. 
8vo. 45744 

The General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 
... Session, 1832. Boston. 1832. 8vo, pp. 56. Continued. 

General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, passed 
subsequently to the Revised Statutes, containing the Statutes from 



1836 to 1859. Edited by Theron Metcalf, Luther S. Gushing, 
and Horace Gray, Jr. Boston. 1854-59. 2 vols., 8vo. c. 

General Laws and Resolves of the Legislature of the Com- 
monwealth of Massachusetts, ... Session of 1854. Boston. 
[1854.] 8vo, pp. 76. Continued. 45747 

The General Statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 
revised by Commissioners ... . Boston, i860. 8vo, pp. xiv, 1126. 

Edited by Joel Parker, W. A. and A. A. Richardson. 

The General Statutes of the Commonwealth ... relating to the 
Public Schools, with the Alterations and Amendments to 1868. 
Boston. 1868. 8vo. c. 45749 

Geology. Report of a Geological Survey of Massachusetts. 
By Edward Hitchcock ... . Part i. Economical Geology. Jm- 

herst. 1832. 8vo, pp. 70. 


Republished with three other parts as follows : 

Report on the Geology, Mineralogy, Botany, and Zoology of 
Massachusetts, made and published by order of the Government 
of the State : in four parts : Part i. Economical Geology. Part 
II. Topographical Geology. Part ill. Scientific Geology. Part 
IV, Catalogue of Animals and Plants. With a descriptive List 
of the Specimens of Rocks and Minerals, collected for the Gov- 
ernment. Illustrated by numerous Woodcuts, and an Atlas of 
Plates. By Edward Hitchcock ... . Amherst. 1833. Rl. 8vo, 
pp. 700. Atlas of 18 Plates in folio, c. -\- Second Edition, 
Corrected and Enlarged. Amherst: j'. Adams. 1835. Rl. 8vo, 
pp. (4), 702. Atlas of 19 Plates in folio. ba. 45751 

... Report, &c. relating to the Geology of the State, [n. p. 
1837.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 45752 

Report on a Re-Examination of the Economical Geology of 
Massachusetts. By Edward Hitchcock ... . Boston: Button and 
fVeniworth, State Printers. 1838. 8vo, pp. 139. H. 45753 

Reports of the Commissioners on the Geological Survey of the 
State. Boston. 1838. 8vo. 45754 

Final Report on the Geology of Massachusetts : ... Contain- 
ing — I. Economical Geology. 11. Scenographical Geology, iii. 
Scientific Geology, iv. Elementarv Geology. With an appended 
Catalogue of ... Specimens ... in the State Collection. By Ed- 
ward Hitchcock, LL.D. ... Northampton: y, H. Butler. 1841. 




> ;. 

» - .11 







4to, pp. xii, 831. 55 Plates and Map. -| Jmherst : J. S. ilf C. 
Jdams. 1841. 4to, pp. xii, 299, 14 Plates; 299-831, 37 Plates 
and Map. H. 45755 

Re| it on certain Points in the Geology of Massachusetts. 
By Edward Hitchcock ... . Boston. 1853. 8vo, pp. 44. 45756 

See also Jackson (C. T.), Vol. ix., Nos. 35399 and 35400. 

George Town. See Vol. ix.. No. 34654. 

Graduated Tables, showing the Comparative Amount of 
Money appropriated by the Different Towns for Education, [n. 


... Grand 

. . Boston : 
H. 45758 

p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. 

Department of Massachusetts, Proceedings of the 
Army of the Republic, ... at New Bedford, ... 1 870. 
B. F. Bennett i5f Co. 1870. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Constitution, etc., of the Grand Consistory of the State of 
Massachusetts, Valley of Boston. Charlestown. 1863. i2mo. 

The Act of Incorporation, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations 
... of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. ... Boston: Printed by 
E. G. House. 1 8 19. 8vo, pp. 32. Continued. H. 45760 

ALso : Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Boston. 1826. 
Folio. — Circular Letter of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, relative to forming an 
Asylum for Female Orphans. Boston. 1822. Folio, w. — Constitution, adopted 181 1. 
[^Boston. l8il.| 4to, pp. 8. — The Constitutions of the ... Grand Lodge of M.issachu- 
setts, and General Regulations ... . Boston, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 78. Continued, h. — 
Grand Lodge ... of Free and Accepted Masons, of ... Massachusetts ... from March 
9 to Dec. 27, 1864 ... . Boston: Hugh H. Tuttle. 1 865. 8vo, pp. 119, (\\. Con- 
tinued. BA. — Journal of Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of the State of Massachu- 
setts, 1823 to 1847. Boston. 1847. 8vo. — Proceedings of the Grand Lodge ... Feb- 
ruary 5, 1846. Boston. 1846. 8vo, pp. 42. Continued. — Report on the Condition 
of the Charity Fund of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts; March 11, 1857 ... . 
Boston: fFilliam IVhite. 1857. 8vo, pp. 64. H. — Report on the State of the Grand 
Lodge and Lodges under its Jurisdiction, made Dec. 27, 1823, by John Dixwell. Bos- 
ton. I -J 24. 8vo. See also [Dexter (S.)], Vol. v., No. 19901. 

Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts ... 1819. Boston. 
1819. 8vo. Continued. H. 45761 

... Third Annual Report of the ... Harbor Commissioners. 
January, 1869. Boston: Wright ^ Potter.^ Printers. 1869. 8vo, 
pp. 39. Continued. H. 45762 

An Historical Sketch. See Vol. viii.. No. 32084. 

History of the Gaols in this State ; with Tables. [^Boston. 
1827.] 8vo. 45763 




cd 1811. 


jm March 
... Feb- 

8s7 - • 
e Giand 

veil. Bos- 


, 8vo, 



House No. 19. Papers relating to the Coal Mines of this 
State. ^Boston. 1842.] 8vo. 457^4 

It is scarcely necessary to say that a series of the " House" documents include nnuiy 
papers of historical interest. See also [Kinnicutt (T.)], Vol. ix., No. 37934. 

The Humane Society of ... Massachusetts. [History, List of 
Officers, etc.] Boston: Barker^ Cotter Cif 60., Printers. 1869. 
8vo, pp. 18. Plate. B. 45765 

Also: ... An Act to incorporate ... a Society by the name of The Hum.ine Society 
of... Massachusetts, [n. p. 1810.'] 8vo, pp. 44. — A Continuation of the Piocet'd- 
ings of the Humane Society ... June, i788-June, 1789. [n. p. n. d.] i2mo, pp. 7. 
— History of The Humane Society of Massachusetts; with a ... List of Premiums ... 
from its commencement to the Present Time : ... and a List of the Officers .ind 
Members. ... liostJ'i : Samuel N. Dickinson, Printer. 1845. 8vo, pp. 9^, (l). B. — The 
Institution of tiie Humane Society of ... Massachusetts : with the Rules ... . Ihstun : 
Printed in the Tear 1788. l6mo, pp. 17. — A Statement of Premiums awarded by tlie 
Humane Society ... from July 1817, to April 1829 ... . With an Appendix. Boston: 
Freeman & Holies, Print. 1829. 8vo, pp. 60. h. 

The Improvements of the State House. The Investigations 
thereof investigated ... . Boston. 1868. 8vo, pp. 93. 457^6 

In Provincial Congress, Watertown, May 5, 1775. 4to, i leaf. 

Resolutions disqualifying General Gage as Governor, etc. 

In the House of Representatives, February 8, 1784. [^Boston. 
1815.] 8vo. 45768 

Relates to a grant of land to Captain John Flint, in Baldwin, Maine. 

Incomes of the Citizens of Boston and other Cities and Towns 
in Massachusetts. Boston. 1866. 8vo. 457^9 

The Constitution of the Independent Company of Cadets, 
attached to the First Division Mass. Volunteer Militia, [n. p.] 
1857. i2mo, pp. 27, (2). H. 45770 

See also Vol. ix., No. 34449. 

Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules of Groton Lodge, No. 71, 
I[ndependent] 0[rder of] 0[dd] F[ellows]. Boston. 1845. 
i2mo, pp. 38. 45771 

An Index to the Laws of Massachusetts: from the Adoption 
of the Constitution to the Year 1796. By Benjamin Whitman. 
Worcester. 1 797. 8vo, pp. 152. w. 45772 

Report of the Industrial School for Girls, at Winchester, Jan- 
uary, 1856. Boston. 1856. i2mo, pp. 12. Continued. m. 

Inquiries by the Agricultural Society. [^Boston, mdccc] 8vo, 
pp. 29. Continued. H. 45774 

VOL. XI. 42 




\ ■ 







An Inquiry into the right. See Vol. ix., No. 34816. 

Inquiry into the State of the Bills of Credit of the Province 
of Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. \_Bosion.'\ 4.3. 8vo, 

PP- 52- 45775 

... First Annual Report of the Insurance Commissioners, De- 
cember, 1855. Boston: IVilliam fVhitey Printer. 1856. 8vo, pp. 
235. Continued. ba. 45776 

Also : ... First Annual Report upon Loan and Fund Associations, by the Insurance 
Commissioners. 1857. Boston: fVilliam ff^hite, Printer. 1857. 8vo, pp. 33, folded 
leaf. Continued, h. — ... Report relative to Insurance Companies, [n. p. 1836.] 
8vo, pp. 27. H. 

[Report of] The Joint Special Committee, to whom was 
recommitted the Report and Bill relating to the Suppression of 
the Evils of Intemperance ... . [n. p. February 15, 1855.] 8vo. 

Journal and Documents of the Valuation Committee of the 
Year i860: ... with Acts of 1861, to secure a uniform Descrip- 
tion & Appraisal of Estates in the Commonwealth. ... Boston: 
fVilliam tVhite^ Printer. 1861. 8vo, pp. 523. B., H. 45778 

Journal of the Constitutional Convention of ... Massachusetts, 
... held in Boston, ... the Fourth ... of May, 1853. ••• ^o^^on : 
White £ff Potter^ Printers. 1853. ^'^^•> PP- (^X 5^°' (0- "• 

Journal of the Convention for framing a Constitution of Gov- 
ernment for the State of Massachusetts Bay, from ... September 
I, 1779, to ... June 16, 1780. Including a List of the Members. 
With an Appendix .... Boston: Dutton and Wentworthy Printers. 
1832. 8vo, pp. 264. c, H. 45780 

Journal of the Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of 
Delegates, chosen to revise the Constitution of Massachusetts, ... 
November 15, 1820, ... to January 9, 1821. ... Boston. 1821. 
8vo, pp. 292. BA., c. + New Edition, Revised and Corrected. 
\^Ibid.'\ 1853. 8vo, pp. vii, (l), 677. H. 45781 

By Nathan Hale and Charles Hall. Corrected title of our No. 29654, Vol. viii. 

Journal Of the Honourable House of Representatives, Of W\t 
Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, 
begun and held at Boston, 17 15 ... . Boston. 1715. Folio. Con- 
tinued. 45782 

Journal of the Honourable House of Representatives, ... Begun 
and held at Harvard-College in Cambridge, ... the Thirtieth of 





s, De- 
vo, pp. 


J 3, folded 
p. 1836] 

5m was 
ssion of 
.] 8vo. 

J of the 


Boston : 

1. 4577« 


. Boston : 


of Gov- 

ention of 
usetts, ... 
m. 1821. 

H. 4578^ 

Vol. VIII. 

Of Hi? 

lio. Con- 

. Begun 
lirtieth of 

May ... 1770 [and continued by adjournment to April 26, 1771]. 
Boston: Printed by Edes and Gill. M,dcc,lx.\-[7i]. Folio, pp. 
253- H. 45783 

Journal of the Proceedings. See [Hutchinson (T.)] and Indians 

Journal of the Proceedings of the Honou.'^able House of Rep- 
resentatives of His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Ha\ 
in New England, begun at Boston, 31st of May, 1769, to the 
25th of April, 1772. Printed at Boston^ in New England. 1772. 

The Journals of each Provincial Congress of Massachusetts 
in 1774 and 1775, and of the Committee of Safety, with an 
Appendix, containing the proceedings of the County Conventions 
— Narratives of the Events of the nineteenth of April, 1775 — 
Papers relating to Ticonderoga and Crown Point, and other Doc- 
uments, illustrative of the early History of the American Revo- 
lution. ... Boston: Dutton and IVentworthy Printers. 1838. 8vo, 

pp. lix, 778. 

A., C, H, 


Journals of the Committees on the Revised Statutes. Boston : 
Button and Wentworth^ State Printers. 1835. 8vo, pp. (2), xi, 43, 
467, Appendix. B. 45786 

Journals of the House of Representatives of the Colony of 
the Massachusetts-Bay, July, 1775-Feb. 1776. fVatertown, 
[New England): B. Edes. 1775-76. 2 vols., folio, pp. 271 ; 332. 

The Laws "agreed upon to be printed" oy Order of the Gen- 
eral Court, Oct. 15, 1650. 45788 

" Not extant. Probably particular Laws only." Title and note from Thomas* 
" History of Printing." 

The Laws, such as were ordered to be printed by Order of the 
General Court, May 3d, 1654. Cambridge. 1654. 457^9 

" No copies of this edition of the Laws are to be found. They were probably only 
particular Laws." — Thomas. 

Laws and Orders made at Several General Courts in the years 
1661, 1662, & 1663. Printed and published by Order of the 
General Court. Cambridge : Printed by S. Green. 1664. Folio, 
pp. 8. 45790 

Continued to 1668, or later. 

Laws for Regulating and Governing the Militia ... . Boston: 
Printed by Toung ^ Minns. 1800. i2mo, pp. 73, iv. Cont'd. 







:1 I 





The Laws for the Government of the Massachusetts Militia, 
... amended ... 1868. Published by the Adjutant-General ... . 
Boston: /Fright ts Potter, Printers. 1868. l2mo, pp. 92, (2), 2, 

Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, passed by the 
(ieneral Court, holden at Boston, Suft'olic Co , 1789, 1791, 1792. 
Boston: T. Ji/ams. 1791-1792. Folio. + Vol. 11. 1789-1796. 
+ [Vol. III.] 1796-1802. + [Vol. IV.] 1802-1805. Folio. 

Continued after this date in octavo. 

The Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Passed 
from the Year 1780, to ... 1800, with the Constitutions of the 
United States ... and of the Commonwealth ... . To which is 
added, an Appendix ... . Printed by Thorncs i^ Andrews^ Boston 
1 80 1. 3 vols., 8vo. -j- Boston: Printed hy Alanning i3' Loring 
1801. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), 520, Index, (56) ; 521-1073, (56) 

The Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from No 
vember 28th, 1780, to February i6th, 1816. Boston. 1807-16 
4 vols., 8vo. c. 45795 

Laws of the Commonwealth ... establishing the Boston Board 
of Health ; with Rules and Regulations. Boston, [n. d.] 8vo, 
PP- 33- 45796 

Laws relating to the Boston Board of Health, [n. p. 18 11.] 
8vo, pp. 38. 45797 

Letter addressed to Caleb Strong. 4^^^ Strong (C.) 

A Letter addressed to the Congregational Clergy of Massachu- 
setts, on Episcopacy. Boston. 1829. i2mo, pp. 24. 45798 

A Letter from the Elders. See [Breck (R.)], Vol. 11. 7655. 

Letter of the Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court to ... 
the Governor, with two Judiciary Bills drawn by them ; ... Bos- 
ton : ... Printed by Toung and Alinns. 1 804. 8vo, pp. 28. ba. 

Letter to a Gentleman chosen to be a Member of the Hon. 
House of Representatives, to be assembled at Boston, Feb. 10, 
1731. [n. p. n. d.] i2mo. w. 45800 

See alio under Letter, in our Vol. x. 

A Letter to a Gentleman in the Massachusetts General As- 
sembly, Concerning Taxes to support Religious Worship. ... [By 
Isaac Backus. Boston :'\ Printed in the Tear 1771. 8vo, pp. 22. 




A Letter ... to the Chairman of the Committee of the Legis- 
lature on the License Law. Hy Homo. Boston : Printed for the 
Author. [1839.] 8vo, pp. 8. BA. 45802 

Letter to the Governor. See [Cabot (J. E.)], Vol. in. 9801. 

Liability of Stockholders in Manufacturing Corporations. 
Reasons for repealing the Laws of Massachusetts which render 
the Members of Manufacturing Companies personally Liable for 
their Debts. Boston. 1830. 8vo, pp. 12. M. 45803 

The License Law. [^Boston. 1838.] 8vo, pp. 8. b. 45804 

List of Members of the House of Representatives, 1809. 
Boston. 1809. Folio. Continued. 45805 

List of Officers in Commission in Massachusetts since 1833. 
[n. p.] 1843. ^^^> PP- 4^' 45806 

A List of Shareholders ... with the ... Values of Shares, in 
the National Banks in the Commonwealth. ... Boston: fVright 
id' Potter^ ... Printers, 1867. 4to, pp. xi, 573. -|- [Jbiti.'] 1869. 
4to, pp. xiii, 582. B. 45807 

... Manual for the Use of the General Court: ... with the 
Constitution of the Commonwealth ... . Prepared ... By William 
Stowe ... . Boston: IViUiam fVhite^ Printer ... 1858. ibmo, pp. 
232. Continued. B. 45808 

Maryland and Massachusetts. Proceedings in the Legislature 
of Massachusetts, upon the Act of the State of Maryland appro- 
priating seven thousand dollars for the families of those belonging 
to the Sixth Rj^giment of Massachusetts Volunteers, who were 
killed or disabled by wounds received in the riot at Baltimore, 
April 19th, 1 86 1. Boston: IFright iff Potter^ Printers. 1862. 
8vo, pp. 15. B. 45809 

Massachusetts, or the First Planters. See [Dudley (T.)], v. 

The Second Annual Report of the Massachusetts Abolition 
Society... 1841. Boston: David H. Ela^ Printer. 184 1. l2mo, 
pp. 12. Continued. H. 458 10 

Also : The True History of the late Division in the Antislavery Societies, being Part 
of the Second Annual Report of the Executive Committee ... . Boston: Da-vid H. E!a, 
Printer. 1841. I2mo, pp. 45. H. 

... Annual Report of the Massachusetts Agricultural College. 
[Boston. 1865.] 8vo, pp. lo. Continued. b. 45811 




Pf f 



w t 



Massachusetts Agricultural Journal. 1810. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 

Continued as the " Maasachusrtti Agricultural Repotitory and Journal, Publiihed 
by the Tiusteei of the Massachusettt Society for Promoting Agriculture." Vol. in 
Boston. 1815. 8vo, 

Massachusetts Almanack for 1790. By Poor Richard. Boston: 
'Joseph Hovey. [n. d.] 45^' 3 

Printed with red ink, and on one side of the leaf only. 

Massachusetts Almanac, or the Merchant's and Farmer's Cal- 
endar, tor 1832. Boston, [n. d.] i2mo. H. 45814 

Massachusetts Anti-Liquor Law ; ... also the Proceedings of 
the ... Convention held at Worcester, June 23d and 24th ... . 
Boston. 1852. 8vo, pp. 36. B. 45815 

Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society. Proceedings ... at the 
Annual Meetings held ... 1854, 1855, & 1856; ... Boston. 1856. 
8vo, pp. 67. H. 45816 

Fourth Annual Report of the ... Massachusetts Anti-Slavery 
Society, ... 1836. Boston: Isaac Knapp. 1836. 8vo, pp. 72. 
Continued. B. 45817 

For preceding Reports jf "New England Anti-Slavery Society." Also : An Account 
of the Interviews which took place ... between a Committee of the Massachusetts 
Anti-Slavery Society, and the Committee o( the Legislature. Boston: ALissachusetts 
yinti-Sla-very Society, 1836. 4to, pp. 26. BA. — Address of the Committee appointed 
for the purpose of considering the recent case of Kidnapping from our Soil ... . Bostcn. 
1846. 8vo. — An Address to the Abolitionists of Massachusetts, on ... Political Action. 
By the ... Managers of the Mass. A. S. Society, [n. p. n. d.] i6mo, pp. 20. ha. 
— Report of the Committee on Slavery to the Convention of Congregational Ministers. 
Boston. 1849. 8vo. — Report of the Twenty-Fourth National Anti-Slavery Festival. 
Boston: Printed for the Managers. 1858. l6mo, pp. 32. h. 

Constitution and By-Laws of the Massachusetts Army Asso- 
ciation. Boston: Geo. C. Rand l^ Avery., Printers. 1865. i2mo, 
pp. II. H. 45818 

Constitution of the Massachusetts Army and Navy Union. 
Adopted January 17, 1866. ... Boston: Printed by Calkins iff 
Goodwin, [n. d.] i2mo, pp. 12. H. 45819 

Constitution and Minutes of the Massachusetts Baptist Con- 
vention, held in Boston, Nov. ll and 12, 1824. Worcester, [n. 
d.] i2mo, pp. 28. 45820 

Minutes of the Massachusetts Baptist Convention, held in 
Worcester, October 26th and 27th, 1825. Boston. 1825. 8^"- 
Continued. w. 45821 



Also: Annual Report of thr MatsathuiiFtti Baptist Convention. BnstoH. lioi. 8vo. 
Continued. — Constitution and By-Laws of thr Massachusetts Baptist Charitable Society, 
with an Appendix, containing ... the Transactions of the Society ... . Boston: J. M. 
llcii'es & Co., I'l inters. 185-5. limo, pp. ll. h. 

The Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Magazine. Vol. i. ... 
1803. ... Boston: Printed by Manning ^ Loving. 1803. 8vo. 
Continued. ba. 45822 

Reports of the ... Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Society, 
presented ... May 28, 1834. ... Boston: Press of Jonathan Howe. 
1834. 8vo, pp. 16. 45823 

P'irst State Exhibition by the Mass. Board of Agriculture ... 
Boston, October, 1857. ••• Boston: fVilliam JVhite^ Printer. 1857. 
8vo, pp. 31. H. 45824 

Also: The Proceedings and Reports of the Massachusetts Board of Agriculture, ... 
1851-1. ... Boston: Dutlun anj ffentworib. Printers. 1851. 8vo, pp. 141. H. 

The Massachusetts Business Directory, for ... 1856: ... By 
George Adams. ... Boston. 1856. 8vo, pp. 288. H. 45825 

The Massachusetts Calendar & Thomas' New England Al- 

manac, 1772. Boston, [n. d.] Continued. 


Act of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Massachusetts 
Charitable Eve and Ear Infirmary. With an Historical Sketch 
... Boston: T. R. Marvin. 1840. l2mo, pp. 20. B. 45827 

Also; Acts and Resolves ... with the By-Laws... . Boston: Dutton & ff^enttvortb. 
Printers. 1 850. 8vo, pp. 1 6. — By-Laws ... . [n. p. n. d.| 8vo, pp. 8. — Annual Re- 
port of the Surgeons ... 1815. Boston. 1825. 8vo. Continued. — Statement of a 
Committee ... . Boston: T. R. Mari'in, Printer. 1828. 8vo, pp. 8. ba. 

Act of Incorporation, Laws and Regulations, Catalogue, &c., 
of the Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society. Boston : Manning 
iff Loring. 1800. 8vo, pp. 19. -| Boston. 1805. 8vo, pp. 22. -f- 
[Il)iJ.^ 1824. i2mo. w. 45828 

Also; Act of Incorporation, additional Acts and By-Laws ... . Boston: Damrell & 
Moore, Printers. 1 852. 161110, pp. 23. B. — Bye-Laws ... . Boston: Printed by J. B. 
Chisholm. 1861. l6mo, pp. 36. — ... Constitution .... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 15. — 
Constitution, State of the Funds, and Charitable Disbursements. ... Boston. 18 1 3. 
i6mo, pp. 16. c. 

Constitution of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Asso- 
ciation .... Boston: Printed by Samuel N. Dickinson. 1838. l8mo, 
pp. 47. Continued. H. 45829 

Also ; First Exhibition and Fair of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Associa- 
tion, ... in ... Boston, September l8, 1837. Boston: Button and fVentnuorth. 1837 
8vo, pp. 104, (2). Continued. — Official Catalogue and Journal of the Eleventh Ex- 
hibition of American Manufactures, ... under the direction of the ... Association, ... 
Boston, ... 1869 ... . Boston: G. CooliJge. 1869. 410, pp. 64. — Proceedings on ... 

* \ 

. 1 I 




'^1 : 

i' ( ! 
it- ' ' 

Uying the Ci)rnrr Stone of j Building for the Uie of the ... Aiiociation, Scptrmbrr 30, 
1857. Boston: Geo. C. Rand (S Avery, ... Prinitri. 1857. 8vo, pp. 16. — Report ol 
the ... Committee ... on ... An Annuil Fair. ... Boiion : Printtd by Homer Gf Palmer. 
1837. 8vo, pp. 7, ( I ). — Report of the Committee ... on ... the reljlion of Appren- 
tice* to their Kiiipliiyeri. Read ... Jan., 1869. Boston; For the /issociation. 1X61;. 
8vo, pp. 20. — Rules jnd Articles of ihe ... Society, ... with the Charter ... . H'nion : 
Prinied hy Adiims and Rboades. 1803. 8vo, pp. 16. BA. — Sixteenth Triennial Fettival 
... Oct. II, 1S54. Boston: For the Association. 1854. 8vo, pp. 56. ba. 

First Anniversary of the Massachusetts Church Missionary 
Society, ... 1863. Boston: E. P. Dutton and Company. 1S64. 
8vo, pp. 16. Continued. B. 45830 

Constitution and By-Laws of the Massachusetts College of 
Pharniacy ; with a List of the Members, etc. Boston: Printed 
... hy Bannister is' Alarvin, 1824. l2mo, pp. 12. H. -| Boston. 
1 83 1. i2mo, pp. 18. -f U^'^-] 1 85 1. l8m(). 45831 

Also: Act of Incorporation and By-Laws ... . Boston: Printed hy D/ii'id C/af>f>. 
1853. 24mo, pp. 24. — Proceedings ... at the Annual Meeting; ... March 6, 1854. 
With the ... List of Members ... . Boston: Printed by Da-vid Clafip. 1 854. 8v(i, p|). 
15, (I). — Prospectus of the Course of Instruction ... . 1869-70. Boston: Alfred 
Alud^e (at Son, Printers. 1 869. i2mo, pp. I a. Continued, b. 

Massachusetts Colonization Society. ... American Coloniza- 
tion Society, and the Colony at Liberia. ... Boston: Printed h 
Perkins iff Marvin. 1832. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 45832 

Also: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Coloniz.ition So- 
ciety, ... 1833. ... With the Speeches ... . Also the Letters of ... Governor Lincoln 
and ... Samuel Lathrop ... . Boston: Peirce and Parker. 1833. 8vo, pp. 28. — Tliiid 
Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the ... Society. Presented May ... 1844. 
Boston. 1844. 8vo. Continued. — Statement of Facts relating to Slavery, by the ... 
Society. Boston. 1831. 8vo. + [/i/</.] 1832. 8vo. 

Annual Register of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion 
of the Massachusetts Commandery. Boston. 1870. i2mo. 

Massachusetts Compiler of Sacred Vocal Music. Boston: 
Isaiah Thomas. 1795. Oblong 4to. 45834 

Act of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Massachusetts Con- 
gregational Charitable Society. Boston: Printed by I. R. Butts. 
1853. ^v°» PP' ^' ^' 45^35 

Also : Act of Incorporation, Regulations, and Members of the ... Society. Witii 
a Brief Sketch of its Origin ... . Boston: yohn Eliot. MDcrcxv. 8vo, pp. 20. h., m. 

Articles of the Massachusetts Constitutional Society, [n. p. 
1794.] i2mo. w. 45836 

Rules of the Massachusetts Convention of Congregational 
Ministers. Adopted May, 1830. Boston: T. R. Marvin., Printer. 
1831. l6mo, pp. 8. H. 45837 



34 5 


brr 30, 

port ut 


B"Slon ; 



ege of 


•id Chpp. 

6, 1854. 

8v(), i>|'- 

, ; /lljii'i 

irited h 

. 45«3'i 

iz.ition So- 
jor Lincoln 
.. »844. 
by the ... 


Boston : 

tts Con- 


Constitution and F^v-I^aws of the Massachusetts Dviital So- 


H., M. 

[n. p. 


H. 45837 



n, (1). 

Boston: 7, K, Marvin and Si 

on. 1865. 24010, pp. 
». 45«3« 

Constitution and Mv-I-awsof .Massachusetts Division, No. 71, 
Sons t»f Temperance .... Boston : Stacy and Riihardson^ Printtrs. 

1853. 24mo, pp. 24. 

BA. 45839 

Fourth Annual Report of the Massachusetts Domestic Mis- 
sionary Society ... . Boston: Crocker ijS Brnvster^ Printers. 1822. 
8vo, pp. 19. Continued. H. 45840 

Massachusetts F^lection ! ... American Nomination. Major- 
Cicncral Henry Dearborn, for Governor ... . [n. p. about 18 15. J 
8vo, pp. 24. RA. 45841 

Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company. iS"^^ Nebraska and 

The Annual Report of the Massachusetts Episcopal Mission- 
ary Society ... 1823. With an Appendix ... . Boston: Printed 
by "Joseph IV. Ingraham. 1823. i2mo, pp. 56. Continued. H. 

AUo! Address tu the Members of the £|iiscupul Church, Oct. ii, 1828. Boston. 
i8iS. 8vi), pp. 4. — P'irst Semi-Aniunl Report of the Rev. As.i E.iton, n.n. ... Bos- 
ton, ... 1829. Boston: Press of Putnam (Sf Hunt. I 830. l2mo, pp. ;o. — Proceedings 
of the ... Society, June 20, 1827. Boiton. 1827. 8vo, pp. 24. m. — Report of tlic 
Bo.ird of Directors, April I, 1823. Boston. 1S23. 8vu, pp. 56. Continued. 

First Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Episcopal Society 
for the Religious Instruction of Freedmen, held ... March i, 
1865. Boston: Geo. (^ Rand i5' Jvery. 1865. i2nio, pp. 17. 

The Massachusetts Family Almanac, or the Merchants & 
P'armers Calendar ... 1833; ... Boston: Allen ^ Company. [1832.] 
i6mo, pp. (36). Continued. H. 45844 

Acts of Incorporation of the Massachusetts Fire and Marine 
Insurance-Company. 1795 and 1799. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 13. 

Massachusetts General Hospital. Acts, Resolves, Bv-Laws, 
and Rules and Regulations. Boston: James Loring. 1837. 8vo, 
pp. 44. H. -|- ^w'<»«. 1846. 8vo, pp. 58. 45846 

Also: ... An Act to incorporate certain Persons by the Name of die Massachusetts 
General Hospital. [ n. p. 1816?] 8vo, pp. (2), 8. n. — Account of the Medical 
School in Boston, and of the Hospital. Boston. 1824. Xvo. — Addtcss of tile Board 
(if Trustees of the ... Hospital to tlic Public. ... Bi^ston : Ptinii-d />y J. Belcher. 18 14. 
Svd, pp. 14. Continued. — Address of tiie Trustees ... to tiie Subscribci:, and to the 
Public. [^Boston. 1822.] 8vo, pp. 34. — Address to the Citizens of Button [Decem- 
ber, 1816. Boston. 1 8 16.] 8vo, pp. 8. — Annual Report of the Bnard of Trustees ... 




' I 




for iSiR. [Hoiton.] 1818. 8vii, pp. 8. Continued. — Ry-I.4wi ... with ... RiiIm 
an<l l<ci;iil.itiiii)9 ... for tlir (iovcrnnif nt nf tliv Aaylum fur tlie Inutie in I'lui listiivvn, 
and the ilonpit.)! ill Uimtiin. Ilouon : Cliit.ei Cn.ckei, I'rinKr. iSll. 8vo, pp. 14. -j- 
S'lsiiifi. iH-j >. 8vo, pp. i8 — -I'ivil, Rrlij;i(iii!i, jiid M.isonif .Sfrvin-s, .it flir l,.iyiii|,' i.f' 
the CiriierStime ut till- ..., ... July4, iSlS. [Iksian.] 1K18. 8v<>, pp. S. 
Hiitiiiy of' the Misj.ichuaettt Hospital. Hotloii. 18^7. 8vo. • Rrport of' 
the C'ommittre of li\ I.iwj. ... [n. p. l8ii.'| 8v<i, pp. ^6. — Thr Report ... upon 
thi- I'oiiiiitioii of' the ... HotpitjI. \ Huiimi. 1865.] 410, pp. 6. — Ri-port 
of' the ..., ... 1813. ( n. p. ti. d.) 8vo, pp. 14. Coiitiiiunl. 11. --'IMu- 
Trusties of the ..., to the I'uhlii. lioitbH : Eailburn'l I'nii. 1844. 8vo, pp. 
14. D. .SVf (//,<>" Some .Am lint." 

Massacluisi'tts Health Insmancc Co. [Act ot" Incorporation, 
etc. n. p. 1847. J i^i»t>i PP- '^' "• 45^47 

Almi! Exposition of" the Objects ot" the ... Company, Boston. Boston: Prinud hy 
Alfred Mud^t, 1847. i6ino, pp. \?.. n. 

Proceedings of the I'irst Semiannual Session of the Massachu- 
setts (jianil Loilge, of the Order of Knights of St. Crispin ... 
Boston ... May 12 and 13, l86g. Boston. 1S69. Hvo, pp. 24. 

Centennial Festival of Massachusetts Lodge ... including the 
Historical .\ddress by ... Charles W. Slack ... . May 12, 1870. 
Boston. 1S70. 8vo, pp. 73. H. 45849 

Also : The History, Charter and By-Laws of Massachusetts Lodge ... . Boston. 1863. 
i2nio, pp. 36. H. 

Massachuskits Historical Society. The Act of Incor- 
poration, the I,.uvs, and the Circular Letter of the Massachusetts 
Histoiical Society. VVith an Appendix. ... Boston: Printed ... 
by Joseph Btlkiiap. mdccxciv. 8vo, pp. 14. Continued. H. 

Also; Alt of Incorporation, ... Catalogue of Members, and Circular Letter of the 
Massachusetts Historical Socic'tv. Boston. 1853. 8vo, pp. 26. — Act of Incorporation 
and By-Laws of tlie ... Society. \^Boston.'\ 1853. 8vo, pp. 11. — The Ait of Incor- 
poration, with the a' 1 lional Acts, and By-Laws ... . Boston. 1857. 8vo, pp. 19. n. 

Catalogue of the Library of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society. Boston: Printed for the Society. M.dccc.lix. 2 vols., 
8vo, pp. vii, 732; vii, 651. 45851 

A valuable work of reference for books and pamphlets printed in and relating to 
America. A tew copies were printed on large paper in quarto. Also : t'atalogue of 
Books in the Massachusetts Historical Library. Boston: I'rir.ieJ h\' S. Hall. 1796. 
8vo, pp. 40. Continued. -- Catalogue of the Boc.ks, Pamphlets, Newspapers, Chans, 
Manuscripts, &c. in the Library ... . Boston: John Eliot, ymi. 1811. 8vo, pp. vi, li. 
96. — -Catalogue of the ... Libr.iry of Thomas Dowse, ... Piesented to the ... Society, 
July 30, 1856. Boston: PrintfJ hy John fViLon & .S'liv. 1870. 8vo, pp. (i), 214. — 
Circular Letter, addressed in 1794, ... to Gentlemen of Science in America, reiiiiestini; 
Historical Information, and Contributions to the Library and Cabinet, [n. p n. d.] 
4to, pp. 3. — Circular Letter soliciting the Co-operation of the Members and others in 
collecting a Series of the Laws of M.isaachusetts. Boston. 18^4. 8vo, pp. 3. — Cir- 
cular Letter to the Resident and Corresponding Members, soliciting Contributions to 
the Library and Cabinet, [n. p. n. d.] 4to, pp. 3. 





i4- •!•. 
lyirii; "• 
,, pp. S. 
i'|i.)rt iif 
... upon 

. - ri>r 

8vo, pp. 



'rinltil hy 

spiii •■• 
pp. 24- 

ling the 
t, 1870- 
. 45^49 

ItOH, 1863. 

|f Incoi- 
in ted ... 

;ttur of tilt 
ot' Incor- 
19. n. 

2 vols., 

relating t'> 
;;\t.ili>guf lit 
'lull. i7'/'' 
>crs, Ch.ul?, 

pp. vi, I i'. 
. Society, 

), 2IV- — 
ij n'cuu'stini; 

n. p. n. '1.1 
nd otliL-rs in 
p. y-Cv- 
tiibutions to 

Collections i)f the Massaihusctts I listoiKal Society, for 
1792. Volume I. li'jston : Piinteii ... h\ liithiap aud Hall. 



c.xcii. 8vo, pp. (4), iS8. H. t Bou 

'It I 

Re-pyinlt(l h 

unroe 'Jf Francis^ ... i8o(). 8v«), pp. [2)^ 2S8. C'oiitiimeil. ha. 

'I'hii v.iiujblc collectinn uf ilxcumi-ntu, relatitiK tu thr hiitory ut' AtnericJi, 
it iiitiiril in Kcrir* of trn viiliiiin'i cuh. S>inic ni tliu (Mrlicr XDJunirit [ i., ii., iii., iv., 
v., XVII., XVIII., XIX., XX.] li.ivf bi-Luiiie m jrcf, .iiui Kunii- (itlicin liuf iiri'ii icpiinii'il. 
Of' k'oiirHr it id (U^sii.ililf Id »ciurc .1 m'C ut ilic r>litii)ii. Mr. II irrUttN t .it.ilugui' 
iif' J. C Brown's library innttinii .i (lft.iilcil lint of" thr mnlfnts. 'I'hi' l.i»t vtiluinc ul' 
r.icli Sftii's ciinl.iinn a general t.iblc nt i mitents iit' the sctirit and .111 iiuii'x of' aiitliorti, a 
khronologii al tabic of the niuit ri-niarUable evrnts reionlt'il in the tfxt and a grnrral 
analytical indiix. The tif'th m^riri ii now (1871;) in courko uf' publication. >Vr« ** N. 
A. Key.," 11. 109, xliv, 26^, lvii. 35:, etc. 

The Dowse Library. See Vol. v.. No. 20793. 

An Historical Journal of the American War. Extracted from 
the Publications of the Massachusetts Historical Society. Boston. 
1795. 8vo, pp. 246. i [//>/V/.J 1810. |- [My.] 1813. 45853 

Lectures delivered in a Course before the Lowell Institute in 
Boston, by Members of the Massachusetts Histt)rical Society, on 
Subjects relating to the Early History of Massachusetts. Boston: 
The Society. 1869. 8vo, pp. viii, 498. c. 45854 

Memoir of the Hon. Abbott Lawrence. Prepared for the 
Massachusetts Historical Society. Boston. 1856. 8vo, pp. 21. 

[Memorial of the ... Society to the Legislature ... February, 
1858. Boston. 1858. 4to, pp. 3. 45856 

Also! Laws and Regulations of the ... Society; ... April 25, 1833. Camhrid^e. 
1833. 8vo, pp. 8. — List of Portraits in the Hall of the ... Society. [Boston. 1838.] 
8vo, pp. 8. — Order of Services, 22d of December, mdcccxiii, in Coniniemoration of 
the Landing uf the Forefathers. Bonon. 1813. 8vo, pp. 4. 

Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society. 1855- 
1858. ... Boston: For the Society. M. Dccc. i.ix. 8vo, pp. xi, (i), 
412. 5 Portraits, Facsimile and Plate. Continued, ba. 45857 

For a list of the contents of this series, see Bartlett's catalogue of J. C. Brown's 

Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Societv in Respect 
to The Memory of William Hickling Prescott, February i, 1858. 
Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society. 1859. 8vo, pp. 53. H. 

Also : Prospectus of the Collections of the Massachuictts Historical Society. B'.slon. 
1814. Folio, I leaf — Regulations for the Library ... Apiil, 1S41. [n. p. n. d.] 
8vo, pp. 2. — Report of a Committee appointeil by the ... Society 011 Kxch.inges <if 
Prisoners during the American Revolutionary War. ... Pccember 19, 1S61. B'Jitifn : 
For the Society. 1861. 8vo, pp. 26. — Report of the Proceedings at the .Annual Meet- 
ing of the Massachusetts Historical Society. Address of Hon. Robert C. Winthrop, 








and the Remarks ot' Hon. Edward Everett, with a Description of the Dowse Libnry. 
Boston. 1857. 8vo, pp. 8. 

Tribute of the Massachusetts Historical Society To the Mem- 
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pany, to make Insurance on Lives ... August i8, 1823. ... [Bos- 
ton:^ Printed by 'James Loring. 1823. Svo, pp. 51,(1). Cont'd. 
See also [Lowell (Francis (C.)], Vol. x., No. 4243a. 






Massachusetts in Agony : or, Important Hints To the Inhab- 
itants of the Province : Calling aloud for Justice to be done to 
the Oppressed ; and avert the Impending Wrath over the Op- 
pressors. By Vincent Centinel. ... Boston: Printed by D. Foivle. 
I'JS^' 4to» PP- i9i (0" "A. 45864 

Corrected title of our Vol. in., No. i '.679. See alio " Appendix," No. 45641. 

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of the Commonwealth ... . With an Appendix ... . By Samuel 
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Printed at Boston., by Isaiah Thomas ... . MDCCLXXXix. 8vo, pp. 
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J' I 


■ ' > 


' 4SJ 



I ml I 


i I 



The Massachusetts Manual. Av Burdick (W.), iii. 9215. 

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the Rcgul.itions .uloptcd by the Massachusetts Medical Society, for carrying these Acts 
into Operation. ... Buiton : Printed by lyfUs and Li'l^;. l^H). 8vo, pp. 21. Continued. 
-—Address of tlu- Counsellors to the Fellows of the ... Society. Boston : Printed />y 
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of Legalizing the Study of Anatomy. By Order of the ... Society. Boston : Perkins (sf 
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Cbarlcsto-zvn : Printed by Samuel E:herid'/c. 1804. Svo, pp. 32. -f- B.ston. 18 16. 8vo. 
— A Digest of the Acts of the Commonwealth ... relating to the ... Society ... 
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[n. p. 1812. I Svo, pp. 12. Continued. — Fellows of the ... Society, 1787 to 1854. 
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12. — Remonstrance of the Board of Censors of Suffolk District against the Privilege 
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Committee on the Charter and By-Laws of the ... Society. [Boston. 1848.] Svo, 
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Articles of Association and By-Laws of the Massachusetts 
Medical Benevolent Society. Instituted 1857. Boston: Printed 
by David Clapp. 1857. ^v°> PP- ^' "• 45^75 





Correspondence relating to the Operations of the Massachu- 

setts Mining Company, [n. p.] 1837. 8vo, pp. 6. 


The Massachusetts Missionary Magazine for ... 1803. ... Vol- 
ume I. Salem: Printed by Joshua Gushing^ for the Editors. [1804.] 
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The Massachusetts Missionary Register 
1803. 8vo. Continued. 



The Constitution of the Massachusetts Missionary Society : 
with ... the Officers and Members, etc. Salem : Printed by 
Thomas C, Gushing. 181 8. 8vo, pp. 20. ba. 45879 

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ciety. ... Salem: Printed by fVarivkk Palfray, Jun. 1824. Svo, pp. 15. UA. 

Massachusetts National Democratic Convention, and Speeches 
of Gen. Cushing, ... and others. September- 1 2th, iS6o. Bos- 
ton: Beals^ Greene and Company^ Printers, i860. 8vo, pp. 71, (l). 

Title from the cover; the inside title ditFers slightly. 

Second Annual Report of the Massachusetts Peace Society. 
Cambridge: Printed by Hilliard and Metcalf. l8ig. 8vo, pp. 14. 
Continued. H. 45881 

Reports and Resolves of the Massachusetts Peace Society in 
relation to a Congress of Nations, April 4, 1837. [^Boston. 1837. J 
8vo, pp. 18. 45882 

Also; A Catalogue of the Officers .nnd Members ... including Nine Branches ... . 
March I, 1819. Cambridg^c : Printed by Hilliard i^ Melcalf. iSly. Svo, pp. 12, Con- 
stitution, 3. Continued. — A Circular Letter from the ... Society ... addressed to the 
various Associations ... of the Ministers of Religion in the United States. Cumhridj^e : 
Printed by Hilliard and Metcalf. 1816. 8vo, pp. 16. — Circular L<tt<'r in helialf of the 
... Society, to the Friends of Peace of all Denominations. Boston : Printed by 'Jchn 
Eliot. 1S17. Svo, pp. 8. — Constitution of the ... Society, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. 

Massachusetts Personal Liberty Bill. [Report of] Joint Stand- 
ing Committee o Federal Relations [on] ... Trial by Jury and 
th<> Writ of Habeas Corpus ... . [n. p. /Ipril 25, 1855.] ^^'^N 
pp. 21. s. 45883 

Co stitution and Addresses of the Massachusetts Philo-Italian 
Societ) Boston: Printed by Samuel N. Dickinson. 1843. 8vo, 
pp. 20. H. 45884 

Massachusetts Psalter. See Massachusee Psalter, 45537, note. 

The Massachusetts Quarterly Review. ... Boston: Coolidge i^ 
IFiley. 1848-50. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), 528 ; (4), 528 ; (4), 526. 





\m I 



1 ffi 







Massachusetts Register: a State Record for 1852. By G. 
Adams. Boston. 1852. 8vo, pp. 336. Continued. B. 45886 

The Massachusetts Register and United States Calendar ; ¥or 
1801 ... . Bostou : Printed by Manning i3' Loring. [1801.] l2mo, 
pp. 180. Continued. B. 45887 

For preceding years see Fleet (T. and ].), "A Pocket Almanac," etc., Vol. vi.. No. 
24688, of which this is a continuation. 

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the Insurance Commissioners. With an Appendix, by Elizur 
Wright. Boston: IVright bf Potter. 1865. 8vo, pp. iv, 382, 
folded leaf. b. 45888 

First Annual Report of the Massachusetts Rifle Club. [For 
1 86 1.] Boston: Altulge Iff Son^ Printers. [1862.] 8vo, pp. 12. 
Continued. H. 45889 

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... 1863. Boston: Printed by yi/f red Mudge & Son. 1863. 32mo, pp. 9. H. 

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Society, May 30, 1833. Boston. 1833. 8vo, pp. 20. 45890 

Also: Brief History of the Massachusetts Sabbath Sciiool Society. Boston. 1850. 
8vo. — Plans and Objects of the ... Society. Addresses by Rev. J. P. Langworthy and 
C. r. Russell, Esq. ... 1848. [n. p. 1848.] l2mo, pp. 18. s. 

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Union, ... June i, 1826. Boston. 1826. 8vo, pp. 40. Cont'd. 

Massachusetts School of Agriculture. ... [Circular and By- 
Laws.] Boston: y. H. Eastburn's Press. 1858. 8vo, pp. 8. B. 

First Annual Report of the Massachusetts School for Idiotic 
and Feeble-minded Youth. Boston. 1848. 8vo. 45^93 

Also: Constitution of the ... School ... . Boston. 1851. 8vo. — Third and Final 
leport on the Experimental School for teaching and Training Idiotic Children ; also, 
the First Report of the Trustees of the Massachusetts School ... . Cambridg^e. 1852. 
8vo. s. 

Massachusetts School Fund. Extract from the Twenty- 
Second Annual Report of the Secretary of the Board of Edu- 
cation, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 20. b. 45894 

Massachusetts Senate Report on the Petition of the Trustees 
of Amherst College, 1837. Boston. 1837. 8vo, pp. 16. m. 

Laws and Regulations of the Massachusetts Society for pro- 
moting Agriculture. Names of its Present Officers and Mem- 





ind Final 
xn ; als", 


,f Edu- 


bers, T^ist of Premiums, Sec. With ... Extracts from Eoreign 
:ukI Domcstick Publications. By the Trustees. Boston: Priutiut 
by Isaiah Thomas ... MDCCXcnt. 8vo, pp. 56. Continued. H. 

Also: Gi-oryiik Papers for 1809: consisting of Ltttcrs .ni.i Kxtrjcts coniinunicjtcil 
to the ... Society ... . Boston: Ruiscll & Culler. 1809. 8vo, pp. 91. Continued, m. 
— Inquiries by tin; ... [Society. Boston. 1805.'] 8vo, pp. 29. — Papers on Aj;ricul- 
ture, consisting ot Communications, made to the ... Society ... . Buston : Printed /•;■ 
I'uun^ and Minns, 1799. 8vo, pp. 103. I'late. Continued. — Report of the Trustees 
of the ... Society ... on ... Reports made to them ... i860, iSfii, and 1X61 ... . 
Boston: y. //. Eiisthiirn^s Press. 1863. 8vo, pp. 4, (3). — Rules and Regulations of 
th^' ... Society ... containing, the Names of its Present Members and Officers, ... Coiii- 
niunications, ... Extracts, from Foreign and Domesticic Publications, &c. Boston. 1793. 
Svo, pp. 76. -h Baton: Printed hy Tbomas Fleet, 'Jun. mdccxcvi. 8vo, pp. 78. B. — 
Transactions of the ... Society ... for 1856 ... . Boston: fVilliam ff^hitc, Printer. 1857. 
8vo, pp. 106. u.\. -)- New Series. Vol. i. Boston: y. II. Eustl'urn's Press. 
Svo, pp. (4), l6o, 20, 27, 16, 21, 26. B. Continued. 


An Account of the Massachusetts Societv for promoting Chris- 
tian Knowledjje. ... Cambridge: Printed by tVilliam Hilliard. 
1806. i2mo, pp. 34. BA. -| Andover : Printed hy Flagg and 
Gould. 18 1 5. i2mo, pp. 83, I sheet. ba. 45897 

Exhibits tiie deplorable condition of Rhode Island, with regard to learning, religion, 
and morals. Also: Annual Report of the Directors ... May 24, 1831. Boston. ( n. 
d.] Svo, pp. 15. — Constitution of the ... Society ... . Charlestoivn. 1803. 8vo, pp. 
l5. s. + Amendc-d May, 1844. Bostm : T. R. Mar-vin. 1844. I2mo, pp. 20. ii. 

The Second Annual Report Of the Massachusetts Society for 
suppressing of Intemperance, [n. p. 1814.] 8vo, pp. 11. n. 

Also: Circular addressed to the Members of the ... Society ... . Bi.strn : Printed l>\' 
Samuel T. ^rnatn.nv. 1814. Svo, pp. I 1;. — Constitution of the ... Society ... . -And 
Report . . Mav 28, 181 3. Svo. Continued. — A Letter to the Mechanics of Boston, 
respecting the formation of a City Temperance Society. Boston. 1S31. l2mo, pp. 26. 

— Report of a Committee of the ... Society ... . 183 1. Boston. 1831. Svo, pp. li. 

— Report (if the Board of Counsel to the ... Society ... June 2, (820. Boston : Printed 
liy Se-tce/l Pbelfis. 1820. i2mo, pp. 21, (l). H. — When will the day come? Boston : 
Massaeh:isetts Temperance Society, [n. d.] l2mo, pp. (4), 181. 3 Portraits, h. 

Report of a Meeting of the Massachusetts Soldier's Relief 
Association, held ... December 8th, 1862. ... IVashington : 
M'Gilliff IFitherotv.^ Printers. 1863. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 45899 

Catalogue of the Massachusetts State Cabinet, under the 
Charge of the Sec'v of the Board of Agriculture. 1859. Boston: 
IVilliam White., Printer. 1859. 8vo, pp. cii, xii. H. 45900 

Massachusetts State Charities. Report of the ... Committee 
appointed to investigate the ... system of the Public Charitable 
Institutions of ... Massachusetts ... . Boston: IVilliam IVhite., 
Printer. 1859. 8vo, pp. 153, folded leaf. B. 4590 1 

VOL. XI. 44 






1 1 


! i: 



An Account of the Massachusetts State Prison. Containing 
a Description and Plan of the Edifice ; the Law, Regulations, 
Rules, and Orders: ... . Hy the Board of Visitors. Charlestnvn : 
Printed hy Samuel Etheridge. 1806. 8vo, pp. 47, (i). 2 folded 
Plates, -f- Charlestoivn : Printed by S. Etheridge^ jr. l8l6. 8vo, 
pp. 83. 2 folded leaves. H. 45902 

Also: Abstract o( the Number of Convicts ... during the Year ending Sept. 30, 
1817. [Boston. 1S17.] Foiii), I leaf. Continued. — Annual Report of the ... In- 
spectors ... September 30th, 1851, ... with the Annual Reports of the Officers of the 
Institution. Boston: Duttun ami If^entu'ortb, State Printers. 1852. 8vo, pp. 55. Con- 
tinued. — Annual Report of tlie Convicts ... 1827 and 1828. [n. p. n. d.] Folio, 
I leaf. — An Extract from the Report of the Directors ... October 18, 1827. Review- 
ing ... the Second Annual Report of the Prison-Discipline Society. ... Boston: Button 
and tf^enlzvortb, Printers. 1827. 8vo, pp. 28. - Laws of the Ci;mmonwe.ilth for the 
Government of the Massachusetts State Prison ; with the Rules and Regulations ... . 
Charlestoivn. |8'50. 8vo, pp. 112. Continued, h. — Regulations of the Governor and 
Council ... . [Biston. 1806.] 8vo. — Rules and Regulations for the Government of 
the Massachusetts State Prison. Boston. 181 1. 8vo, pp. 32. -f- \_IbiJ.'\ 1823. 8vo, 
pp. 62. + Cbarlestoivn. 1830. 8vo, pp. 12. Plate. -\- Boston. 1832. 8vo. 

The Massachusetts State Record. See Vol. in., No. 10747. 

Documents of the Massachusetts Reform School for ... 1849. 
Boston. 1849. ^'^o. Continued. 459^3 

Annual Report of the Secretary of the Massachusetts State 
Temperance Alliance ... . 1864. Boston: IFright & Pottery 
Printers. 1865. 8vo, pp. 16. Continued. H. 45904 

Proceedings of the Massachusetts State Temperance Conven- 
tion, Boston, Feb. 12, 1840. Boston. 1840. 8vo, pp. 31. m. 

The Massachusetts System of ... Schools. See [Mann (H.)] 

The Massachusetts Teacher. Vol. i. [Boston. 1848.] 8vo, 
pp. 384. Continued. H. 45906 

Constitution and By-Laws of the Massachusetts Teachers' 
Association. Boston. 1858. 8vo, pp. 15. 45907 

Also : Transactions ... . Edited by the Secretary [Charles J. Capen] ... . Vol. i. — 
1845-1847. Boston: Samuel Coolidge. 1852. izmo, pp. 304. h. 

Journal of the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Temperance 
Convention, ... at Worcester, ... September i8, 1833. Boston: 
Ford and Damrell. 1833. 8vo, pp. 36. Continued. H. 45908 

Address of the Council of the Massachusetts Temperance 
Society, to the Fric is of Temperance. Boston: Printed hy 
"John Ford. 1836. 8vo, pp. 19. B. 45909 




Also: ... Aiiilresses. Bision : Altissuihiscits Tem/<ertinie Society. 1861. izmo, pp. 98. 
Portrait. — ... Ddinjis of' tlic Coiimil ot' the M.ibs.icliusctts Tcmpfrancp Soiicty. ... 
Boitoti : Furd and Damiell. 1S34. 1211)0, pp. 24. — 'I'lic Twenty- Fourth Re- 
port ot" tl)e M-ib-sacliusftts 'rcnipfr.iiut" Soticty, ... M.iy lytli, 1S36. ... Boston: I'rinted 
by yohii Ford. 1S36. 8vo, pp. 16. Continued. iiA. 

Address to the People of Massachusetts, on the ... Temper- 
ance Reformation. By Mark Hopkins, u.u., Samuel IJ. VV^ood- 
ward, M.D., Hon. Samuel Hoar. Published by the Massachusetts 
Temperance Union. Boston: Doniel Kimball^ Prititer. 1846. 
8vo, pp. 20. H. 45910 

Constitution, Hy-Laws, and Rules ... of the Massachusetts 
Tin-Plate, Copper, and Sheet-Iron Workers' Association, iios- 
ton. ... JJosto?! : Printed by J If red Mudge is' Son. 1864. l8mo, 
pp. 18. B. 4591 1 

^Massachusetts Universalist Convention. Minutes of the First 
Session of the Council ... 1859, ^''^ •^'•"' "^ Incorporation, and 
By-Laws, ... and a Historical Sketch ... . Boston: y. S. Spooner., 
Printer, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 24. b. 45912 

Address of the Government of the Massachusetts VVashino;ton 
Total Abstinence Society to the Society, and to the Public. 
Boston: ... R. Newcomb. 1842. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 45913 

... The Memorial and Remonstrance of the Legislature of 
Massachusetts [af^ainst the Embargo, n. p. 1809.] 8vo, pp. 15. 

Memorial for an Act to render Masonic and Extrajudicial 
Oaths penal. ... Boston. 1834. 8vo, pp. 9. M. 45915 

Memorial of sundry Inhabitants of the State of iVIassachusetts, 
on the Subject of Privateering. January 26, 1821. ... IVashing- 
ton : Printed by Gales is' Seaton. 1 82 1. 8vo, pp. 32. 459 '^ 

Memorial of the House of Representatives of the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts, ll'ashington. l8l2. 8vo. 459'7 

... Memorial [of the President and Fellows of Harvard Col- 
lege]. To the ... House of Representatives of ... Massachu- 
setts, [n. p. 1851.] 8vo, pp. 54. BA. 45918 

Message of (iov. Levi Lincoln, communicated to the Leeis- 
lature, Jan. 4, 1826. Together with Communications from the 
Secretary and Treasurer and the Adjutant-General. Boston. 
1826. 8vo, pp. 43. M. 45919 

Also: Message ... tor regulating ... the Militia ot" this Conuni)iiuealth ... March 
l8, 1833. Boston: Button and ff'entiuorth, iitute Printers. 1833. 8vo, pp. 31. b. 








Message ... relative to Arms loaned to Rhode Island, Sept. 
1842. [n. p. 1S42.J 8vo, pp. 13. 45920 

Message [transmitting the Report on the Boundary Line 
between Massachusetts and Rhode Island, n. p. 1848.J 8vo, 
pp. 95. RA. 45921 

Message ... transmitting the Report of B. P. Poore, employed 
in France as Historical Agent of ... Massachusetts, with Letters 
... in relation to the subject. [Boston. 1848.] 8vo. 45922 

Message ... accompanying the Report of the Massachusetts 
Commissioners on the lioundary Line between the States of 
Rhode Island and Massachusetts, March 15, 1851. [n. p. 1851.] 
8vo, pp. 14. 45923 

The incssjgcs of' the respective governors are included in the documents of 
the State, and often include matters of° much historical interest. 

The Militia Act; together with the Rules and Regulations for 
the Militia. ... Boston: Printed by J. Gill. iTjb. \to. 45924 

This f.imous Militia Act of" Massachusetts was passed at Watcrtovvn in 1775, ''''^'' 
the Battles of" Lexington and Bunker's Hill, when tlie General Court had been expelled 
from Boston hv tin; British Army, and were just in the grieved spirit to cause them to 
do the work thoroughly. Appended are the 69 Articles of War, passed the 16th of 
April, 1776, signed hy Warren, as Speaker, concurred in by the Council two days later, 
the very reading of which, it is said, made patriots into soldiers. 

Militia Act passed by the Great and General Court or Assem- 
bly of the Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England, 
... Boston. 1776. 8vo, pp. 40. 45925 

Also: Militia Acts fur 17S1-6. Boston. 1781-6. 4to. — Militia Law of Massa- 
chusetts, 1X66; with the Articles of War. ... Boston: Wright & Potter, State Printers. 
1866. i2mo, pp. xii, 83. — Militia Report of William H. Sumner, Adjutant General 
& Acting J^uJ't'^'' Master General to ... Levi Lincoln, Governor ... . Boston : Duiion 
& fVenttuortb, Printers. 1828. 8 vo, pp. 31, folded leaf. ba. &<; Militia Laws, fV^'r^i. 

Annual Report of the Mount Pleasant State Prison, [n. p. 
1832.] 8vo. Continued. 45926 

A Narrative of the Planting. See [Scottow (Joshua)J. 

Observations on the Finances of Massachusetts. Boston. 
1786. 8vo. w. 45927 

Official Report of the Debates and Proceedings in The State 
Convention, assembled May 4th, 1853, ^^ Revise and Amend 
the Constitution of ... Massachusetts. Boston: White l^ Potter., 
Printers. 1853. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), 3-994, (l); (2j, 840 ; (2), 
797. 45928 

See " N. A. Rev.," lx-kkv. 255. 





I 8vo, 


1 ployed 



tates of 


cuments of 

itions for 


. 1775. ''•''" 

leen cxpfUfil 

xuic them to 

the 1 6th ot 

vo days later, 




w. 45927 

,The State 

Intl Amenil 

]e iff Potter, 

840; (2), 

An Order of Council for issuing a (Juo Warranto ay;ainst the 
Charter of the Colony of the Massachusets Hay in New-P^ng- 
lainl, with his Majesty's Declaration that in case the said Corpo- 
ration of the Massachusets May, shall bi fore Prosecution had upon 
the said Ouo Warranto make a full Submission and entire Resig- 
nation to his Royal Pleasure, He will then regulate their Charter 
in such manner as shall be for his Service, and the good of that 
Colony : Ciiven at Whitehall the 26th day of July, 1683. London.^ 
Printed hy the Ass'ignes of John Bill deceas'd^ 6'f. 1683. Folio, i 
sheet. 45929 

Order of... the Legislature. See Vol. x.. No. 41270. 

Papers relating to the Public Events in Massachusetts preced- 
ing the American Revolution. Philadelphia : Seventy-Six Society. 
1856. 8vo, pp. (4), 199. B. 45930 

The Patrioticlc Proceedings of the Legislature of Massachu- 
setts, ... from Jan. 26, to March 4, 1809. ... Boston: Pri led hy 
Joshua Gushing. 1809. 8vo, pp. 1 30, (l). HA. 4593 1 

The Perpetual Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 
from the establisliment of its Constitution to the first Session of 
the General Court, a. d. 1788. Compiled, Arranged and Printed 
To the Wishes of manv respectable [>aw Characters, and the 
Approbation of the Honourable Judges of the Supreme Judicial 
Court. Printed at ff-'orcester^ by Isaiah Th'jmas. MUCCLXXXViii. 
I2mo, pp. (4), 389. n. + Boston. 1789. Folio, pp. 48, 493, vi. 
i [/^/V/.j 1800. 8vo. -|- Boston: I. Thomas is E. T. Andrews. 
1801. 3 vols., 8vo. -f- Boston. 1801-1817. 5 vols. 8vo. 

Petition and Representation of the House of Representatives 
of Massachusetts Bay to the King and His Majesty's Ministers, 
20th, Jan. 1768 ... With Letters to Lords Shelburne, Rocking- 
ham, Camden, Chatham, and to D. De Herdt, Agent fur the 
Province. Also a Letter from Lord Shelburne to Gov. l^ernard, 
Sept. 17, 1767. Boston. 1768. Folio. 45933 

This protest against British taxation is one ot" the most important ot" rcvolutionaiy 

A Plan of Exercise for the Militia of Massachusetts Bay ; 
Extracted from the Plan of Discipline of the Norfolk Militia. 
Boston: R. Draper. 1768. 8vo. 45934 

For two other editions see No. 45547. 

... Preliminary Report of the Commissioners on Criminal Law. 
[n. p. 1839.] 8vo, pp. 59. BA. 45935 









The Present Political State. See [Leonard (D.)], x. 40098. 

r'irst Arimial Report of the Hoaril of Managers of the Prison 
Discipline Society, IJoston, ... iHib. lioiton. 1 826. N\(), pp. 
88. Continued. H. 459.^0 

Circular of the Prisoncr's-Friend Association. Boston, [n. d. | 
i2mo, pp. II. 459 i7 

Private and Special Statutes of the CoinnionweaJth of Massa- 
chusetts, from ... 1780 to ... 1805. With an Appendix ... . Bos., 
t'ltt : Priuti/t ... hy A/tinning i!f Lot tug, 1805, 3 vols., Svo, pp. 
xiv (2), 540, Index, (20) ; 537, Index, (20) ; 622, Appendix, 42, 
Index, (20). Continued. B. 45938 

Proceedings of a Convention ... on ... the Proposed Annexa- 
tion of Texas. Boston. 1845. 8vo, pp. 18, 45939 

Proceedings of His Majcstv's Cou/'.cil of the Province of Mas- 
sachusitts-Hay, relative to 'Thf Deposition of Andrew Oliver, 
Ksq ; Secretary of the said Province, Concerning v\ passed in 
Council in Consequence of t!ic unhappy Affair of the 5ih of 
March 1770. Boston., New England: Printed by Edes and Gill. 

2), 33. BA. 45940 


Folio, p; 

This deposition of Secret nv Oliver wjs inserted in a pamplilet entitled "A F.iii 
Ai count of' the Lite unlijipy Distuib.inies at Bo,-,ton," vvliiili ni.ide up liim depu- 
pitions of .1 large number nf persons, with u view to prov that the tiring nl rhe soldiers 
upon their assailants, it nut wiioliy unavoidable, was at least excusable. Mr. Oliver's 
deposition relative to what passed in Coum il, gave great crtcnse in Boston, and the pro- 
ceedings contained in this volume were instituted in consequtnce. 

Proceedings of the Anti-Masonic State Convention, in Fancuil 
Hall, Boston, Dec. 30 and 31, 1829, and Jan. i, 1830. Boston. 
1830. 8vo, pp. 32. Continued. s. 45941 

Proceedings of the Convention of the People of Massachu- 
setts, holden at Faneuil Hall, Boston, Oct. 7, 1862. Boston: 
Printed hy C. J. Peters. 1 862. )^\o.^ pp. 31. H. 45942 

Proceedings of the Convention of Congregational Ministers in 
... Massachusetts; together with a Statement of the Names of 
the Associations, ... &c. Muccxcv. Boston: P> :nted hy Sainutl 
Hall. [1795.] 4to, pp. 18. H. 45943 

Proceedings of the Convention of the Congregational Chui ches 
of Massachusetts, in regard to Sabbath Schools, ... i860. Boston: 
IVright is Potter., Printers, i860. 8vo, pp. ()i. H. 45944 

Proceedings ot the Council. See [Hutchinson (T.)], ix. 340S4 




o, pp. 

+ 593^ 

[n. d.l 



. Boi- 
,0, pp. 
lix, 4^ 



){' Mas- 
asscii ill 
5th of 

7,r/ C'H. 

■• 4594c 
1 "A t'.iii 
iVum ilcpo- 

li. Olivi-i's 
ul tlic \no- 

Ho f ton. 

}[• 45941 

;. 45942 

listers in 
lanifs ot 

■ 45943 


Boston : 

|. 45944 

The Proc'ecdings ot the Ckiicral Assembly, and of the Coun- 
cil of... Massachusetts ■M.iv, relatin;: to the Penobscot Kx[)C(lition: 
anii the Orders K)f the Continental N:i vv-Hnard to the Coni- 
niander of the Naval Forces. ... Willi the Keport ot a Com- 
mittee Appointed to ciupiire into the Cause of the Failure of the 
... Expedition. ... Boston: I'tniteilhyJ. (t'i//. 1780. 410, pp. 29. 

Proceedings '•>f the Legislature of thi- Common wealth of 
Massachusetts, iii Session at Mt)ston, in the year 18 lO. [n. p. 
n. d.J 8vo. Continued. 4S94^> 

Proceedings of the Massachusetts National Democratic Con- 
vention, and of the Mas;; Meeting for th>. Ratification of the 
Nominations of Breckinridge t^ Lane, heUi at ... Boston, Sept. 
12, i860. ... Office 0/ the Boston Post. i860. 8vo, pp. 72. 

Proceedings of the Senate and House of Representatives, upon 
the Petition of George M. VVithington and Others, ... th.u |an>es 
G. Carter be removed from his Office of Justice of the Peace, 
... Boston: George C Rand iff Co.^ Printers. 1849. 8vo, pp. 74. 

Proceedings of the Stale Board of Agriculture, ... 1852. 
Boston: If 'hite isf Potter^ Printers. 185 j. 8vo, pp. (2), 123, ( l). 

Proceedings of the State Disunion Convention, ... at Worces- 
ter, Massachusetts, January 15, 1857. Phono^raphically reported 
by J. M. W. Ycrrington. Boston. 1857. 8vo, pp. 60, 19. H. 

Proceedings of the State Militarv Conveii'ion, held at Worces- 
ter, Jan. 28, 1835. ... ff^orcester : Printed ir: S. H. (Jo/ton is' (Jo. 
1835. 8vo, pp. 20. w. 45951 

Proceedings of the Whig State Convention held at Springfield, 
Mass., Sept. 10, 1851. [11. p. n. d.] 8vo, |)p. 24. m. 45952 

Also: Proceedings of the Whig St.ite Cojivention hi-ld .it Wuriester, Oct. 2, 1S55. 
Htslon. 1855. Xvii, pp. 16. 

Proclamation bv the (^ouncil for a Fast on the De ith of Lieut. - 
Gov. William Stoughton, 170 1. [Boston. 1701.) I'olio, i leaf. 

Also: A Proclani.ition tor a General Fast ... given at the Council Chamber in Boston, 
the twenty-third day ut .August, 1701. [n. p. n. d. ] Svo, 1 ie.if", — Proil.ini ition ot 
Gov. Andros, Janu.iry 10, 16S8-9. Boston. i868. Svo. — Proclamation hy the Coun- 
cil ot" His M.ijestics Province ot the Massaciiuictts Bay in New Enyl.iMd. II Hon : 
I'rir.lcJ by h'. (lirrn, and y. Allen. 1702. P'olio, pp. 4. — Pmclaniation tor a (icneral 
Fast. Given at the Council Chamber, April 5th, 1766. BoHun. ijitb. Folio, i leaf". 
— Proclamation by the and Cnuii, |.in. 23, i"76. [n. p. n. d] 
F(dio, I leaf. — Proclamation for a Day of Public Humili.itioii and Prayer, i !;th Octo- 



ber, 1779. ["• P- "• ■'• 

Folic — Pniclaniaticii by John t-l.mco< k. Governor, 

for a Day of Thanksgiving, iid November, 1781, \_Boii^n. 1781.J Folio, i leaf.- 



FriKUmation hy J.imrs Kuwdnii), Oovrrnur, Tor 4 Otntr»\ TtunkiKivlng, jd Nuvrm* 
Sri, 17II6. [Hoii'iti. 1786.) Kiilii), 1 Iraf". 

Protest of the Minority of the House ot Representatives 
against the Mill dividing the State into Districts for C'ouniillors 
and Senators, Feb. 20, 1812. Boii'in, (i8ii.J 8vo. w. 45954 

Protest of the Minority of the Senate of Massachusetts against 
the Resohitions appointing Delegates to the Hartford Convention. 
lioston. 1814. 8vo. vv. 45055 

Constitution of the Protestant Kpiscopal Church in the Coni- 
nionwcalth of Massachusetts. Adopted 1709. Revised 18 17. 
[n. p. n. d.] 4to, pp. II, (i). H. 45956 

... Constitution of the Protestant Kpiscopal Church in the 
Diocese of Massachusetts, [n. p. 1 844.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 

Also ". Jiiurn;il a( the Prdcccdingi of the Annual Convention ... Boiton, June, iSk;. 
CtimhriJ^e. 1S29. 8vo, pp. 15, Continued. 

'I'hc Public and Cieneral Laws of the Coninionwealth of 
Massachusetts, from ... 1807, to ... 1816. ... Vol. iv. lioston: 
Printt'd by fFe/h and Lilly. 1816. 8vo, pp. (4), 529, Index, xxii. 
(\)ntinued. ». 45958 

Public Documents, containing Proceedings of the Hartford 
Convention ... ; Report of the Commissioners ... at Washing- 
ton ; Letters from Massachusetts Members in Congress. ... 
\_Bostoti.\ 1 8 15. 8vo, pp. 54. B. 45959 

Public Documents of the Legislature of Massachusetts ; con- 
taining the Speech of ... (iovernor Strong ; with the Answer of 
the Senate and House of Representatives ; Reports ... and a 
Remonstrance ... to Congress on the Present Unhappy War. 
... Boston: Printed hy Russell and Cutler. 18 13. 8vo, pp. 86. n. 

Question of Order. Interested Members. [Decision of the 
Speaker of the] Massachusetts House of Representatives, Feb. 
19, 1840. [n. p. n. d,] 8vo, pp. 4. b. 45961 

The Question, Will the Christian Religion be Recogni/cd 
as the Hasis of the System of Public Instruction in Massachu- 
setts .? Discussed in Four Letters to the Rev. Dr. [Hcniaii] 
Humphrey ... . Boston: Whipple and Damrell. 1839. 8vo, pp. 25. 

... Annual Reports of the Rail-Road Corporations of Massa- 
chusetts. [For 1837.] Boston : Dutton and U^'ent^iorth., Printers. 
1838. 8vo, pp. 53. Continued. H. 45963 






• C'om- 


in the 

une, 1819. 

:aUh i)f 

Boston : 

lex, xxii. 

». 4595« 



rcss. ..• 

B. 45950 

ts ; CDii- 
iswer ot 
ami a 
•,V War. 
86. N. 

»n i)t" the 
■es, Kfh. 
B. 459^'' 

b, pp. 25. 

If Massa- 

IH. 459^^3 

All"! A« Rrport of thi" Bi'.ird of Rj'ilrnjil Commisjionrr«, ... 187c. Hoitm : 

ft'righ (2f ff^iifr, ^Siate rrixifK. iX-o. 8vo, pp. 114,(11. t'nntinurd. — ... Kelurn* 

nf tiir Rjilrnjil I'orpuritioni in M.i>ti4i husrtt;i, lSv>. ..- With .11) Ahttract ... prrpjrrd 
by Oliver W.<iner ... . Botton i tt'itliam ff'Liie, I'linltr. 1S60. Svo. 

Record of the Massachiisi-tts Vohinteers. 1861-65. Ptihiishcd 
bv the Adjutant- Cieneial ... . lioslon : IP'tif^ht W Potter^ l*ri»trn. 
1868. 2 vols., 4to, pp. (6), 793 ; (4), 1085, (l). HA. 45964 

Records of the Company of the Massachusetts fiav, to the 
Kmbarkation of VVinthrop and his Associates for New Kn^jlarid, 
as contained in the First Volume of the Archives of ... Massa- 
chusetts. Camhridge : Printed by Holies and Houghton. 1850. 8vo, 
pp. viii-cxxxviii, 107. ». 45965 

Records of the Governor and C\)mpany of the Massachusetts 
Bay in New Kngland. | 1628-1686. j Printed by Order of the 
Legislature. Kdited by Nathaniel li. Shurtleft", M.i). ... Boston: 
From the Press of iniliam lyhite. 1853-4. 6 vols., 4t(), |)p. xii, 
(4), 479i (12), 344 i (2), ix, (6), 5iOi (12), 578; (10), 647; 

(12), 615. A., H. 45966 

Highly important for thr history of M;ist.K'hii8ett8. A few copies only printed at the 
public expense, and now scarce. See •' N. A. Rev.," lxxix. 53. 

Reflections On the Present State of the Province of the 
Massachuset-Bay in (General, And Town of Boston in Particu- 
lar ; Relating to Bills of Credit And the Support of Trade by 
Them : As the same has been lately represented in several Pam- 
phlets. Boston: Benjamin Eliot iff Daniel Henchman. I 720. Sm. 
8vo, pp. 22. B. 45967 

Remarks on the ... State of the F/aws in Massachusetts, 
respecting Violations of the Sabbath. Boston : Printed hy Na- 
thaniel IVillis. 18 16. 8yo, pp. 15. BA., s. 45968 

Remarks on the Governor's Speech. See [Everett (A. H.)] 

Remarks on the Judiciary System of Massachusetts, and the 
necessity of a Change, with a Review of certain recent Decisions. 
By a Member of the Bar. [^Boston. 1844.''] 8vo, pp. 48. H. 

Reply to a Pamphlet, purporting to be an Answer to a Letter 
addressed to a Republican Member of the House of Representa- 
tives, on the subject of a Petition for -^ New Incorporation .... 
Boston. 18 1 2. 8vo. 45970 

For the "Letter" tee Vol. x., No. 40255, for the "Answer" see No. 45634. 
VOL. XI. 45 







if I 



Report. [^Boston. 1821.] 8vo, pp. 36. 

Relative to the Pauper Laws. 

BA. 45971 

Report and Resolves adopted by the Democratic State Central 
Committee of Massachusetts, 1851. [n. p. 1851.] 8vo, pp. 6. 

... Report and Resolves providing for a Board of Agriculture. 
[n. p. 1838.] 8vo, pp. 12. H. 45973 

... Report and Resolves relating to the Massachusetts Claim. 
Boston: Dtitton and ll^ermvorih^ Printers. 1 830. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Report and Resolves relative to qualifying Teachers for Com- 
mon Schools. [Bostoti. 1838.] 8vo, pp. 8. 45975 

Report, April 18, 1848, ... from the Committee on Public 
Lands, to whom was referred the bill to promote the Education 
of the Deaf and Dumb. Boston. 1848. 8vo, pp. 16. 45976 

Report, by a Joint Committee of the Legislature of Massachu- 
setts. Boston. 1834. 8vo, pp. 76, 54. M. 45977 

On Freemasonry. 

Report by the State Commission on cheap Railway Transpor- 
tation between Hoston and Lake Ontario ... , Boston: If'right Isf 
Potter., Printers. 1870. 8vo, pp. 129. H. 45978 

Report, House of Representatives, Relating to the ... use of 
Spirituous Liquors in the State House, March 2, 1853. ["• P- 
n. d.] 8vo. 45979 

Also: Report ... AiTiciuiinents to Act of 1852, toncerning the Manufacture and 
Sale ot" Spirituous Liquors. Apr'! 14, 1853. [n. p. n.d.] 8vo. 

Report in the Legislature on Imprisonment for Debt. Boston. 

1840. 8vo. 


Also: Report ... on Cipital Punishments. Baton. 1843. 8vo. — Report ... on 
the State Finances. Jioslo/i. 1843. 8vo. 

Report made to the House of Representatives of ... Massa- 
chusetts, by a Committee appointed to consider the E.xpcdiency 
of Abolishing Capital Punishmeits, January 12, 1836. Boston. 
1836. 8vo. c. 45981 

Report of a Committee ... Respecting certain Militarv (Orders 
issued by ... Levi Lincoln, ... (to enforce the embargo]; with 
... Documents ... . [n. p. 1809.] 8vo, pp. 11, (i). ba. 45982 



ISC of 
n. p. 




Report of a Committee of the Massachusetts I legislature, con- 
cerning the Loan of Arms by the Acijutant-General [to Rhode 
Island], Feb. 8, 1843. [Boston^'] 1843. 8vo, pp. 37. 45983 

Report of a Committee of the Peace Convention on the In- 
justice and Inequality of the Militia Law of Massachusetts. 
Boston. 1838. I2nu), pp. 16. M. 45984 

The Report of a Constitution or Form of (iovcrnment for 
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts : Agreed upon bv the 
Committee — to be laid before the Coiueniion of Delegates, 
assembled at Cambridge, on the P'irst I)av of September, a. d. 
1779; and continued by Adjournment to the Twentv-Fighth 
Day of October following. Boston : Printed by Benjamin Edes 
isf Sons. 1779. 4to, pp. 50. BA., N., w. 45985 

Report of a General Plan for the Promotion of Public and 
Personal Health, ... bv the Commissioners appointed ... to a 
Sanitary Survey of the State. Presented April 25, 1850. Boston: 
Dutton y IVentworth.^ Printers. 1850. 8vo, pp. 544. Plans and 
Maps. B. 45986 

By Lemuel Shattuck, and others. 

... Report of a Joint Special Committee on Capital Punish- 
ment, [n. p. 1 85 1.] 8vo, pp. 33. B. 45987 

Report of Commissioners appointed under a Resolve of the 
Legislature of Massachusetts, to superintend the Frection of a 
Lunatic Hospital at Worcester, ... Made Janu; ly 4th, 1832. 
Boston: Dutton and IFentworth., Printers ... 1832. 8vo, pp. 32. 
Continued. ba. 45988 

Also: Annual Report of the Trustees ... . B^slon. 1S33. 8vo. Continueil. .SVc 
tiiso [Hovey (], Vol. viii., No. 33215. 

... Report of Commissioners concerning an Agricultural School. 
January, 1851. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 105. 15,45989 

Report of Committee on Petitions of Tufts College, Weslevan 
Academy and ... Harvard University ... and on the Museum of 
Natural History. March 7, 1859. [ n. p. n. d.] 8\o. t;. 45990 

... Report of Committee on the Petition of the President and 
Fellows of Harvard College, [n. p. 1836.] 8\c), pp. 15, (i). 

Report of Contested Elections, in the Hcnise of Representa- 
tives of Massachusetts. [D. Everett.] Boston: True l5 Howe ., 
Printers. 181 2. 8vo, pp. 52, (l). Continued. H. 45992 



i?j t 





Report of ... John Davis, Agent for the Prosecution of the 
Claim of Massachusetts upon the United States, for Militia serv- 
ices during the last war ... May 30, 1831. Boston: Dutton and 
IVentivortb^ Printers. 183 1. 8vo, pp. (2), 76. ba. 45993 

Report of One of the Commissioners [J. (j. Rogers] appointed 
to reduce the ... Law of Crimes and Punishments to a System- 
atic Code. [n. p. 1844. 1 8vo, pp. (4), 48. ba. 45994 

Report of Special Committee on the State Liquor Agency, ... 
1859. Boston: IVilliam IVhite^ Printer ... 1859. 8vo, pp. xxx, 
3-395- B. 45995 

... Report of the Board of Commissioners, of Internal Im- 
provement, in relation to ... a Railway from Boston to Provi- 
dence. With a Memoir of the Survey. Boston: Dutton fe" 
IVcntivorth., Printers. 1828. 8vo, pp. 72. Map. H. 45996 

Report of the Board of Commissioners of Internal Improve- 
ments, in relation to ... a Route for a Canal, from Boston to the 
Blackstone Canal, and thence to the Line of Connecticut, &c. 
Boston: Dutton I5 ll'entzvorth., Printers. 1828. 8vo, pp. 51. Map. 
-f- Boston: Truels Greene., Printers. 1829. 8vo, pp. 51. Map. 

Report of the Board of Directors of Internal Improvements 
of ... Massachusetts, on the Practicabilitv and Expediency of a 
Rail-Road from Boston to the Hudson River, and from Boston 
to Providence. Januarv 16, 1829. To which are annexed the 
Reports of the Engineers, Maps, Plans and Profiles of the 
Routes. Boston: ... IV. L. Lewis., Pi inter. 1829. 8vo, pp. 76, 
119. H. 45998 

The modest advantages of these great enterprises, as set forth in this volume, read 
strangely in these days of private extravagance and public stealings. This was afterwards 
known as the Western Raihoad. 

Report of the Boundary Commissioners, transmitting Simeon 
Borden's Survey of the Line from Burnt Swamp corner, in 
Wrentham, to a monument in Thompson, Connecticut, January, 
1847. ["• P- "• ^-X ^vo. 45999 

Report of the Bureau of Statistics of Labor, ... from August 
2, 1869, to March i, 1870 ... . Boston: JVright l^ Potter., Printers. 
1870. 8vo, pp. 423. BA. 46000 

Report of the Commissioners of the State of Massachusetts 
and Rhode Island, appointed to ascertain, ... the true Boundary 



Line between said States, from the Atlantic Ocean to the north- 
west corner of Rhode Island. Boston. 1847. ^^'"1 PP- 4- 

Also : Rt'pcrt of the ... true Bound.iry Line between Mjss.ichusetts .uid kliiule 
Island, from Pawtucket Falls to Bullock's Neck; and a Minority Report. With an 
Appendix of twenty-four Documents ... . Boston. 1848. 8vo, pp. 132. Map. 

... Report of the Commissioners on the Boundary Line 
between ... Massachusetts and Rhode Island, made ... 1867. 
Providence. 1867. 8vo, pp. 23. b. 46002 

See also Rhode Island. 

Report of the Commissioners ... upon the Practicability and 
Expediency of reducing to a ... Systematic Code the Common 
Law of iVlassachusetts ... . Made ... January, 1837. Boston: 
Dutton and IVentworth^ Printers. 1837. 8vo, pp. 48. ha. 46003 

Report of the Commissioners appointed ... Feb. 29, 1832, 
on the ... Pauper System of ... Massachusetts. Boston: Dutton 
and Wentworth.^ Printers. 1832. 8vo, pp. 97, 3 folded leaves. + 
[^Ibid.'\ 1833. H., s. 46004 

... Report of the Commissioners, appointed ... [to prepare a 
System for the Establishment of a Seminary of Practical Arts 
and Sciences, n. p. 1826.] 8v'o, pp. 55. ba. 46005 

Report of the Commissioners appointed to revise the General 
Statutes of the Commonwealth. Part i. Boston : Dutton and 
IVentworth., Printers. 1835. 8vo, pp. xx, 343, (l). Continued. 

Also: Report of the Commissioners on the Revision of the Statutes, ... 1858. 
Boston. 1858. 8vo. — ... Report of the Commissioners appointed to revise and reform 
the Proceedings in the Courts of Justice ... . [n. p. 1851.] 8vo, pp. 74. --Report of 
the Commissioners appointed to Revise the Militia Laws. Boston. 1839. Svo. 

... Report of the Commissioners for the Establishment of a 
State Reform School for Girls ... . Boston: Uilitam ITbite., 
Printer. 1855. 8vo, pp. 66. B. 46007 

Also: Report of the Commissioners appointed to consider tlie subject of Reform 
Schools for Girls. March 5th, 1851. Boston. 1851. 8vo. s. 

Report of the Commissioners for the Enlargement of the State 
House for the Library. Boston. 1854. 8vo, pp. 23. Plans, s. 

... Report of the ... Commissioners, for the Survey of ... a 
Railway from Boston to Albany, Boston: Dutton tjf If intwortb., 
Printers. 1828. 8vo, pp. 56. H. 46009 

... Report of the Commissioners in relation to the Flats in 
Boston Harbor. January, 1850. [n. p. n. d.] 8yo, pp. 72. 2 
Plans. BA. 46010 






hi: 1 


: 1 

t\t I 



Report of the Commissioners of Alien Passengers and P'oreign 
Paupers, Jan. 1852 ... . [n. p. n. d.] Svo, pp. 20. Continued. 

... Report of the Commissioners of Fisheries. [^lioston. 1867.] 
8vo, pp. 7. P' e. Continued. B. 460 1 2 

Report of the Commissioners of ... Massachusetts, on the 
Routes of Canals from Hoston Harbour, to Connecticut and 
Hudson Rivers. Boston: True and Greetie^ Priuti'rs, 1826. 8vo, 
pp. 1S5, (l), Appendix, 62. Map. ba., h. 46013 

Report of the Commissioners on " Matrons and Labor in 
Common Jails," ... May 11, 1853. Boston. 1853. 8vo. 

... Report of the Commissioners on Mystic River, Boston 
Harbor and Dorchester Bay. 1854. Boston: Ililliam iyhiti\ 
Printer. 1855. 8vo, pp. 80. B. 46015 

Report of the Commissioners upon the Troy and Greenfield 
Railroad and Hoosac Tunnel, to ... the Ciovernor, and ... Coun- 
cil of ... Massachusetts. Boston: IVright i^ Potter., ... Printers. 
1863. 8vo, pp. viii, 229. Plates. ba. 46016 

... Report of the Commissioners relating to the Condition of 
the Indians in Massachusetts. [^Boston. 1849. J ^^'"1 PP- ^^' "■ 

Report of the Commissioners to Determine the Title of Cer- 
tain Lands claimed by Indians at Deep Bottom, in the Town of 
Tisburg, ... [at] Martha's Vineyard. ... Boston: IFilUmn JThite^ 
Printer. 1856. 8vo, pp. 52. B. 46018 

Report of the Committee appointed ... to take into Considera- 
tion the Judiciary System, [n. p.] 1808. 8vo, pp. 18. s. 

Report of the Committee appointed to Examine and report 
whether monies drawn from the Treasury, have been faithfully 
applied, &c. April 29, 1802. Salem., Mass. [1802.] 8vo. w. 

... Report of the Committee appointed ... 1864, to improve 
the Ventilation of the Representatives' Hall. [n. p. n. d.j Svo, 
pp. ic6. B. 46021 

Report of the Committee appointed to make a Valuation ot 
the Polls and Property of the Commonwealth. Boston : Dutton 
and IFentiuorth^ Printers. 1 84 1. 8vo, pp. 30. Continued, ba. 

Also : Report of the Valuation Committee as corrected in the Legislature, [ifoifow.j 
1 841. Folio. 




... Report of the Committee ... in relation to the Common- 
wealth Flats near South Boston. Boston: I bright iff Potter^ ... 
Printers, 1868. 8vo, pp. 105. Plan. u. 46023 

Report of the Committee ... of Interdicting Slavery in the 
New States ... beyond the River Mississippi. Feb. i, 1820. 
[n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 7. s. 46024 

Report of the Committee ... on the present Alarming State 
of our Foreign Relations, [n. p. 181 1.] 8v(>, pp. 14. s. 

Respecting the alleged ofiense of the British minister Francis James Jackson, etc. 

Report of the Committee ... to meet the Exigency resulting 
from the Secession of Maine ... Jan. 18, 1820. [n. p. n. d.J 
8vo, pp. 8. s. 46026 

Report of the Committee of Conference in the House of 
Representatives of Massachusetts, on the Choice of P^Iectors of 
President and Vice-President. Boston. 181 2. 8vo. 46027 

Also : Report of the Committee of Elections on the Boston Elections. Feb. 26, 
i8n. [n. p. n. (I.] 8vo, pp. 5. s. 

Report of the Committee of Valuation. [^Boston. 1793.] 
8vo, pp. 15. Continued. b. 46028 

Report of the Committee of the House of Representatives of 
Massachusetts, on ... Impressed Seamen : with the pA'idence and 
Documents .... Boston: Russell and Cut !a\ Pointers, 1813. 8vo, 
pp. 84. BA,, M. 46029 

Also: Report ... on the Deficiency in the Treasurer's Accounts. [^Ikit'jii.l^ 1812. 
8vo. w. 

Report of the Committee of the Legislature on the subject of 
the \Var with England, and for Selecting Delegates to meet in 
Convention, [n. p.] 1814, 8vo. \v. 46030 

Report of the Committee of the Senate of Massachusetts ; 
comprising the President's Message of the 1st ot June ; — the 
Report of the Committee of Foreign Relations ; — the Act declar- 
ing War; — the Proclamation of the President announcing that 
event ; — and the Address of the Senate to the People of this 
Commonwealth, June 26th, 1812. ... Boston: yldanis., Rhoades 
& Co.^ Printers. 1812. 8vo, pp. 28. H. 46031 

... Report of the Committee en Agriculture, on ... allowing a 
Bounty for the Production of Wheat, [n. p. 1838.] 8vo, pp. 12. 




t 4 

i :t; 




1, f. 


\ I 




... [Report of] riif ... Committee on as much of the 

(jovernor's Address as relates to " th( Kmigration of Young 
Women to the West" ... . [n. p. 1865. J dvo, pp. 52. H. 

... Report of the Committee on Cape Cod Harbor, ... 1857. 
Boston: H^'illiam IVhite^ Printer. 1857. 8vo, pp. 26. Plan. ba. 

... Report of the Committee on Claims, on the Alterations 
and Repairs upon the State House: ... with a Phonographic Re- 
port of the Testimony ... . 1869. Boston: IVright l^ Potter^ 
Printers. 1869. 8vo, pp. 34, Appendix, 598. B. 46035 

... Report of the Coinmittee on Education, relative to the 
Education of Children employed in Manufacturing Establish- 
ments, [n. p. 1836.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 46036 

Also: Report ... on so much of the Governor's Message as relates to tlie School 
Fund. Boston. 1835. 8vo. 

Report of the Committee on Mr. Browninshield's two Reso- 
lutions [on the Embargo, n. p. 1808.] 8vo, pp. 9. s. 46037 

Report of the Comm .tee on Railways and Canals, ... relative 
to the Public Use of Railroads. ... 1837. Boston: Button and 
Wentworth^ Printers. 1838. 8vo, pp. 20. ba. 46038 

Report of the Committee on the Judicial Reform, made to the 
Legislature ... June 21, 1798. [^Boston. 1798.] 8vo, pp. 36. 

Also: Report ... on the subject of Jurors. ["■ P- 1808.] 8vo, pp. 20. a. 

Report of the Committee on the subject of the Embargo, 
[n. p. 1809.] 8vo, pp. 16. ba., s. 46040 

Report of the Committee to prevent the Admission of Texas 
as a Slave State. [^Bosion, 1845.] 8vo. 46041 

Report of the Committee ... relating to the Southern Bound- 
ary of Massachusetts. Boston: Dutton anA It'entiucrth., Printers. 
1832. 8vo, pp. 15, (i). ba. 46042 

... Report of the Committee to whom was referred the Me- 
morial of the Boston Sanitary Association ... . [n. p. j86i.J 
8vo, pp. 80. B. 46043 

... Report of the Joint Committee of the Legislature ... 011 
the State Prison. ... Boston: Button ^ IVentworth., ... Printers. 
1828. 8vo, pp. 35. H. 46044 





... Report of the Joint Committee ... appointed 20, 
1848, on the Subject of Insanity in the State ... . Boston: Dutton 
and Ifentworth^ Printers. 1849. ^v"» PP- 2^- "• 4^045 

Also : ... Report ... relative to ... Banks ... and ... the Law against Usury, [n. |>. 
1834.] 8vu, pp. 31. BA. 

... Report of the Joint Committee, relative to calling a Con- 
\ention to amend the Constitution, [n. p. 1834.] 8vo, pp. 15. 

... Report of the Joint Committee of i860 upon the proposed 
Canal to unite Barnstable and Buzzard's Bays ... . Boston : 
IVright ijf Potter^ ... Printers. 1864. 8vo, pp. 165. 2 Maps, 6 
Plates, and 6 Plans. ba. 46047 

... Report of the Joint Special Committee of the Legislature 
of 1867, on the Education of Deaf-Mutes : ... \^Boston :'\ tVright 
i^ Potter^ Print rs. 1867. 8vo, pp. iv, 236. ba. 46048 

Also: Report of the Joint Special Committee on State Lunatic Paupers, February, 
1848. [n. p. 1848.] 8vo, pp. 37. — Report ... on the State Pauper Laws, February, 
1848. [n. p. 1848.] 8vo, pp. 25. M. 

Report of the Joint Special Committee on ... modifying the 
Ivaws relating to the Registration of Births, Marriages, and 
Deaths. Boston. 1849. ^v"' 46049 

Report of the Joint Special Committee, ... [on the Eastern 
Boundary,] made in April, 1848. [^Boston. 1848.] 8vo, pp. 140. 

Report of the Joint Special Committee, ... on the Boundary 
Question (upon the Petitions from Pawtuclcet, Seekonk, Reho- 
beth and Fall River), with accompanying Resolves. April, 1852. 
[Boston. 1852.] 8vo, pp. 15. 46051 

Report of the Legislature on the Observance of the Sabbath, 
[n. p. i8j4-] i^vo, pp. 8. ba. 46052 

Report of the Massachusetts Commissioners ... upon the 
Boundary Line between Rhode Island and Massachusetts, horn 
Pawtucket Falls to Bullock's Neck, Jan. 23, 1846, together with 
the Report of Simeon Borden. [^Boston. 1846.J 8vo, pp. 21. 

Report of the Penal Code of Massachusetts ... . Boston: Dut- 
ton unrl PP'enliuorth^ Printers. 1 844. 8vo. 4^054 

By WJllard Phillips and Samuel Biker Walcott. 

Report of the Scicrf Commitfee ... on ... legalizing the Study 
of Anatomy : ... fiostotf : fhitfrin and IVentworth.^ Printms. 183!, 

VOL. XI. 46 





it 1: 

f 111 




8vo, pp. 118. C. -\' Nnv Haven : IVhttmore and Minor. 1833. 
8v(), pp. 46. BA. 46055 

Report of the Select Comtiittee ... upon the Late Resolutions 
of the Cieiieral Assembly of ... Georgia. Boston: Dutton and 
IVentworth, 1831. 8vo, pp. 24. BA. 46056 

See aha [ Masun (Jonathan)], No. 45469. 

... Report of the Special Commission on the Hours of Labor, 
and the Condition ... of the Lidustrial Classes. ... Boston: 
IVright I3' Potter^ Printers. 1866. 8vo, pp. 70. H. 46057 

... Report of the Special Joint Committee on the Message of 
the Governor ... transmitting Resolutions of South Carolina pro- 
posing a Convention ... to revise the Constitution ... . Boston: 
Dutton and H'entworth., Printers. 1833. 8vo, pp. 19, Resolves, 
11-13. BA. 4605S 

Report of the Treasurer. To the Honorable House of Rep- 
resentatives of Massachusetts. Boston. 18 16. 8vo. Continued, 

... Report on Capital Punishment, [n. p. 1846.] 8vo, pp. 28. 

Report on Gaols and Houses of Correction in ... Massachu- 
setts ... . [Bv John W. Lincoln and Louis Dwight.] Boston: 
Dutton and JVentworth., Printers. 1834. 8vo, pp. 120. H, 

... Report on Insanity and Idiocy in Massachusetts ... . Boston: 
William IVhite^ Printer. 1855. 8vo, pp. x, 7-213, 15. H. 

... Report on the Annexation of Texas to the United States. 
[n. p. 1838.] 8vo, pp. 39. B. 46063 

Report on the Burial of Massachusetts Dead at (iettysburg ; 
with the Oration of Edward Everett. Boston. 1863. 8vo, pp. 
93. -|- [Another Edition.] 8vo, pp. 30. 46064 

Report on the Classification of the Schools. Boston. 1852. 
8vo, pp. 10. 46065 

... Report on the Hoosac Tunnel and Troy and (jrecnficul 
Railroad, by the ... Committee of 1866. Boston: ITright Is' 
Potter., Printers. 1867. 8vo, pp. 97. B. 46066 

Report on the Insects. See [Harris (T. W.)], viii. 30523;. 

Report on the Invertebrata. See [Gould (A. A.)], 28086-7. 





rht l3 




Report oil the Memorials of the Seneca Iiulians and others, 
i.t.-cepteil November 21, 1840, in the Council of Massachusetts. 
lioitoH : Duttoii iff iriutworth^ Printers. 1840. 8vo, pp. 28. H. 

Rcpt)rt on the Merits of the Claim of ... Massachusetts, on 
the National (jovernment, tor Expenses of the Militia, durint^ 
the late W^ir, ... January, 1821. Boston: Printed by Russell <iu<i 
(utrdner. 1822. 8vo, pp. 30. i»A. 460^)8 

Also; Ddciinients upon the " Merits," etc., accompanying the President's Message 
to Congress, Fel). 1], 1824. ffashin^ton. [1824.] 8vo, pp. 177. w. 

Report on the Ornithology. See Peabody (VV. B. O.) 

Repoi t on the (Quadrupeds of Massachusetts. Published agree- 
ably to an Order of the Legislature, Ry [K. Kmmons, one of] 
the C\)mmissioners on the Zoological and Motanical Survey of 
ilie State. Cambridge : Folsom^ If^ells^ and Thurston. 1840. 8vo, 
pp. (2), 86. HA., II. 46069 

Report on the Stockbridge Indians, by Charles Adams, At- 
toni'^'v (iencral of Massachusetts, to the Legislature. Boston : 
Wright I3 Potter.^ ... Printers. 1 870. 8vo, pp. 23. 46070 

A statement of the various sales of land made by the Stockbridge tribe of Indians. 

... Report on the Suspension of Specie Payments, [n. p. 

1838.] 8vo, f ). 24. BA. 46071 

A Report on the Trees. See [Emerson (G. B.)], vi. 22429. 

... Report relating to Capital Punishment, [n. p. 1836.] 
8vo, pp. 1 12. HA. 46072 

... Report relating to Incompetency of Witnesses on account 
of Religious Ik-lief. [n. p. 1838.] 8vo, pp. 58. ha. 46073 

... Report relating to State Paupers, [n. p. 1836.] Hvo, 
pp. 28. H. 46074 

Report relative to establishing the State Bank of Massachu- 
setts with a Capital of Ten Millions. [Boston, n. d.] 8vo, 

pp. 10. 

M. 46075 

First Annual Report of the Secretary ... under the Act of 
March, 1842, relating to the Registry and Returns of Births, 
Marriages and Deaths in Massachusetts. February, 1843. Bos- 
ton : Duttnn and IVentworth., Printers. 1843. 8vo, pp. (8), 119. 
Continued. ha. 46076 

r ' 

m f 




Report to the Massachusetts Legislature, hy the Committee 
on Kilucatiun, in tavor of an Appropriation to the Female Med- 
ical Education Society ... . lioston. 185 1. 8vo, pp. 15, (l). b. 

Also: Mr. C't)ild'i Report ... relative to Oaylujd ... Indiana. Ijoiiun. 1817. jtvo 

Reports and Bills relating to Spirituous Liquors, March 6, 

1839. [n, p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 46. s. 46078 

Reports concerning Property in Trust, in ... Massachusetts, 
as held by Certain Corporations, and by Trustees under Acts of 
Incorporation. ... Boston: fVright ^ Pottfty Printers ... 1866. 
8vo, pp. 239. B. 46079 

Reports in the Legislature on the Reduction of Salaries, and 
the Abolishing of Commissions. Boston. 1840. 8vo. 46080 

Reports of Controverted Elections in the House of Represent- 
atives of ... Massachusetts, from 1780 to 1852: the Cases from 
1780 to 1834, inclusive, compiled ... by Luther S. Cushing: and 
the Cases from 1835 to 1852, inclusive, ... by Luther S. Cush- 
ing, Charles W. Storey, and Lewis Josselyn. Boston : If'hite & 
Potter^ Printers. 1853, ^^"1 PP* ^^1 757- ^' 4^o8i 

Sti alio Cusiiiiig (L. S.), Vol. v., No. 181 19. 

Reports of the Commissioners on the Zoological Survey of 
the State ... . Boston: Dutton and IVentworth^ ... Printers. 1838. 
8vo, pp. 107. BA., H. 46082 

By Dr. Eb^nezer Emmons, Dr. T. W. Harris, and A. B. Gould. 

Reports on Contested Elections by the House of Representa- 
tives of ... Massachusetts. Printed under the Direction of 
Theron Metcalf. Dedham. 18 14. 8vo, pp. 71. w. 46083 

... Reports on the Abolition of Cap ral Punishment. ... Bos- 
ton: Dutton and IV entworth.^ Printers. 1837. 8vo, pp. 136. ba. 

By Robert Rjntuul, Jr. and others. 

Reports on the Fishes, Reptiles [by D. H. Storer] and Birds 
[by W, B. O. Peabody] of Massachusetts. ... Boston: Dutton 
& lVentworth.y Printers. 1839. 8vo, pp. xii, (4), 426. 4 Plates. 

Reports on the Herbaceous Plants and on the Quadrupeds of 
Massachusetts. ... By the Commissioners on the Zoological and 
Botanical Survey ... . Cambridge : Folsom., IFells^ and Thurston. 

1840. 8vo, pp. viii, 277, (2), 86. b. 46086 

... Reports on the subject of a License Law, by a Joint ... 
Committee of the Legislature of Massachusetts; with ... the 



Tesfimony ... 1867. /:,itan: fVright i!f Potter^ I't inters. 186 
S\o, pp. by, Appendix, 8g8. 


HA., c, 46087 

Rt'puMican Address t > the Electors of Massachusetts. \^Bos- 
ton. 18 1 2. J 8vo, pp. 8. HA. 46088 

Republican Documents. Massachusetts Republican Resolu- 
tions, 1855. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 46089 

Rcpnhlican Ti<'ket. ... E. Gerry for (iovernor, VV. King for 
Lieut. -v.iovernor. [^Boston, 1812.J 8\.i, pp. 8. 46090 

Rest)lutions Adopted by the A nti- Masonic Member- of the 
legislature of Massachusetts, and other Citizens of BiiMon and 
the vicinity, opposed to the nomination ui Martin Van Huren and 
Richard M. Johnson for President and vice President ... at a 
Meeting held in the Chamber of the House of Rci resentativcs, 
March 9, 1836. With an Address to their Anti-Masonic KcHow- 
Citizcns throughout the State. Boston: D. Ho'/tou^ Printer. iS^O. 
8vo, pp. 24. -j- Neiv Bedford: J, C. Parmenter^ Printer. 1836. 
8vo, pp. 25. 46091 

The New Bedford edition cont.iins Mr. Van Burcn's letter to the Pennsylvania 

^.esolve concerning the Boundary Ivinc between the States of 
Massachusetts and Rhode Island, 1843. With the Petition of 
Church Gray and [79] others. \Boston.^ 1844. 8vo, pp. 8. -f- 
[Another'l Resolve ... . \Boston.'\ 1847. Hvo. 46092 

Resolve for Districting the Commonweabh for the Purpose of 
choosing P^lectors of President, 1792. Bost' 1792. 4to, pp. 4. 

Also: Resolve for Districting the Commonwealth for tli<; Purpose of choosing I'ed- 
erjl Representatives, 1791. [Boston. 1792.] 4to, pp. 7. 

Resolve of his Majesty's Council relating to the Disorders on 
the D.iys of Ordination of Ministers ; with Proceedings of the 
Convention of Ministers thereupon. Boston. 1759. 410, pp. 4. 

Resolves and Orders of the Congress and General Court, ... 
collected for the use of the several Towns in the said State. 
Boston. 1776. 8vo. 46095 

Resolves and Orders of the Congress, Council and General 
Court of Massachusetts, for the Use of Committees of Corre- 
spondence. Boston. [1777.] 8vo, pp. l6. M. 46096 

Resolves concerning the Boundary Line between Massachu- 
setts and Rhode Island. \^Boston.~\ 1846. 8vo. 4^097 




ii ; 

^ \^ ^ 






■^ Ui 12.2 


U 11.6 











WEBSTER, N.Y. 14980 

(716) 872-4503 










i, j' . 


Il , 












i '. 



Resolves of Congress concerning Trade ; with the Act for 
establishing a Naval Office in the State of Massachusetts Bav. 
Boston. 1777. 8vo, pp. 27. Continued. M. 46098 

Resolves of the General Assembly of the Colony of Massa- 
chusetts-Bay, Begun and held at Watertown, ... 29"^ ... of May, 
... 1776. Boston^ New-England : Printed by B. Edes. m,dcc,- 
Lxxvi. Folio, pp. 59, 21, 25, 40, 37, 51, Appendix, 15. Con- 
tinued. BA,, c. 46099 

Resolves of the General Court of ... Massachusetts, ... 1781. 
Boston : Printed by Nathaniel fVillis. m,dcc lxxxi. Folio, pp. 
245. B. 46100 

Continued; after 1806 in octavo. 

Resolves of the General Court of ... Massachusetts, respecting 
the sale of Eastern Lands : with the Reports of the Committees 
appointed to sell said Lands; ... Boston: Printed by Toung and 
Minns. 1803. 8vo, pp. 287. B. + Boston. 18 10. 8vo, pp. 
410,(4). +[/&///.] 1811. 8vo. 46101 

Resolves of the Massachusetts House of Representatives relat- 
ing to the Letter of Thomas Hutchinson and others, June 15, 
^773- ["• P- '773'] i2mo, pp. 8. vv. 46102 

The Result of the Convention. See [Parsons (Theophilus)]. 

The Results of Three Synods Held by the Elders and Mes- 
sengers of the Churches of Massachusetts Province, New f>ng- 
land. Containing i. The Platform of Church Discipline, in the 
Year 1648. 11. Propositions concerning the Subject of Baptism, 
in 1662. III. The Necessity of Reformation, ... in Answer to 
two Questions, in 1679. ... Boston: Re-printed for B. Eliot and 
D. Henchman ... . 1725. Sm. 8vo, pp. (2), vi, 118. B. 46103 

Return from the Quarter Master General's Department. 1833. 

[n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 11. 

Returns relating to the Poor 
8vo, pp. 20. 

Nov. I, 1852. [n. 

BA. 46104 

p. n.d.] 

Review of the Proceedings in the Massachusetts Legislature 
for 1843; with an Appeal to the People against the violent course 
of the Majority. By The Whig Minority. Boston : "John H. 
Eastburn, Printer. 1843. 8vo, pp. 48. ba. 46106 

The Revised Statutes of ... Massachusetts, passed November 
4, 1835. ... Printed and published ... under the Supervision and 




Direction of Theron Metcalf and Horace Mann. Boston. 1836. 
8vo. 46107 

Revised Abstract, exhibiting the Condition of the Banks, 1853. 
... Boston. 1854. 8vo. 46108 

The Rich Men of Massachusetts ; containing a Statement of 
the reputed wealth of about two thousand persons with brief 
Sketches of nearly fifteen hundred Characters. Second Edition 
Enlarged. Boston: Redding bf Co. 1852. 8vo, pp. 224. 46109 

Rights of the Congregational Churches. See [Beecher (L.)], 
M., 4338, Groton Masi.^ vil. 28976, and[Lowt\\ (J.)], 42460. 

Rules and Forms in Bankruptcy in ... Massachusetts. ... Second 
Edition. Boston: Charles C. Little and James Brown. 1842. 8yo, 
pp. 58. BA. 461 10 

Rules and Orders of the Constitutional Convention of Massa- 
chusetts, met May 4, 1853. Boston. 1853. '2mo. s. 461 11 

... Rules and Orders of the General Court of ... Massachu- 
setts [1856], ... with the Constitution of the Commonwealth, and 
thai of the United States, etc. Boston : IVilliam IVhite., Printer. 
1856. i6mo, pp. (2), 180. BA. 461 1 2 

Rules and Orders of the House of Representatives, 1804. 
Boston. [1804.] 8vo, pp. 24. Continued. 461 13 

Rules and Orders to be observed in the Convention of Dele- 


s, for 


1820. ... Boston: B. Russell. 


1820. l2mo, pp. 36. H. + Boston. 1853. i6mo. 

Rules and Orders to be observed in the House of Representa- 
tives of... Massachusetts, For ... 1831. ... Boston. 1 831. i2mo. 

Rules and Orders to be observed in the Senate of ... Massa- 
chusetts, for ... 1809. Boston. 1809. i2mo, pp. 36. Cont'd. 

Rules and Regulations for the Massachusetts Army. ... Salem: 
Printed by Samuel and Ebenezer Hall. 1775. 8vo, pp. 15. -|- 
Cambridge. [//»/>/.] B. -\- JVatertoxvn. 1775. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Rules of the General Association in Massachusetts, [n. p.] 
1825. 8vo. w. 461 18 

Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Convention of the Sabbath 
School Teachers of Massachusetts, held in ... 1858. Boston: 
State Central Committee. 1859. l6mo, pp. 79. Continued. B. 










111 I 



Several | Acts ] and | Laws | Passed by the Great and General 
Court ... I of the Massachusetts-Bay, in | New England. | ... 
Held ... the Eighth ... of June. 1692. | ... Boston: | Printed by 
Benjamin Harris. \ 1692. Folio, pp. (2), 16. BA. 46120 

Several Laws and Orders made at the General Courts in May 
3. August I & October 11, 1665. Printed and Published by order 
of the General Court held at Boston the llth of October^ 1665. 
Folio, pp. 3. w. 46 1 21 

These " Several Laws" were printed annually ; a complete series is not known to 
exist. They are supposed to have been printed at Cambridge, by Samuel Green, his 
name as the printer first appears on the issue for 1672. 

A Short View of the History. See [Mauduit (Israel)]. 

Rules of the Society for Encouraging Industry and Employing 
the Poor. [^Boston. 1754.] 4to. w. 46122 

Something in answer to a Law lately made at the First Sessions 
of the General Court held at Boston in New England, May 28, 
1679. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 46123 

Some Observations Relating to the Present Circumstances of 
the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay : Humbly offered to the 
Consideration of the General Assembly. ... Boston: Printed and 
Sold by D. Fowle. 1750. 8vo, pp. 20. M., P., s., w. 46124 

A sound practical work. It relates to the great expenses incurred by Massachusetts 
for the military expeditions to Canada and Cape Breton, and to her issues of paper 
money, with suggestions as to the duties arid taxes for revenue. It is also proposed to 
otfer bounties for the raising of wheat, barley, hemp, flax, etc. 

Special Message of Gov. Andrew, Jan. 3, 1866. [Boston. 
1866.] 8vo. 46125 

For other messages relative to the rebellion tee Andrew (J. A.), Vol. i. 

... Special Report on Prisons and Prison Discipline, made 
under authority of the Board of State Charities. By the Secre- 
tary ... [F. B. Sanborn]. Boston: Wright i^ Potter^ ... Printers. 
1865. 8vo, pp. 141. B., BA. 46126 

Speech intended to have been delivered. See [Shipley (J.)] 

Speech of Governor Dudley to the Council and House of Rep- 
resentatives, Convened at Boston June i6th, 1702. Boston. 1703. 
4to, pp. 3. 46127 

Set also New England. 

, ; k 




Speech of ... [Elbridge Gerry] the (jovcrnor ... to ... the 
Legislature ... January, 1812. ... Boston: State Press. i8il-[l2j. 
8vo, pp. 20. n., BA. 46128 

Also : His Excellency Governor Gerry's Speech to the Legislature of Massachusetts, 
... [une 7, 1810. \_Roiton.^ 1810.] Xvo. 

The Speech of his Excellencv (joveruor Strong, ... Oct. i6, 
j8i2; with the Documents which accompanied the same. To 
A'hich is added, the Answer of the House of Representatives. 
Boston. 181 2 8vo. 46129 

These speeches relate specially to the War ot" 1S12. 

Speeches in the Legislature of Massachusetts on Incorporating 
the Town of Belmont. Boston. 1857. 8vo. 4^1 30 

Speeches of the Governors of Massachusetts, from 1765 to 
1775 ; and the Answer of the House of Representatives, to the 
same; with their Resolutions and Addresses for that period. And 
other Public Papers, relating to the I^ispute between this Country 
and Great Britain, which led to the Independence of the United 
States. Boston: Russell and Gardner. 18 18. 8vo, pp. 424. n. 

Very scarce. Known as the " Massachusetts State Papers." Cc;ilected and edited 
by Alden Bradford. 

Speeches, &c. ... [of] the Governor ... [andj Council ... . 
[n. p. 1773?] 8vo, pp. 126. BA. 46132 

State of the Treasury of Massachusetts, Jan. i, 18 ro. [n. p. 
11. d.] Folio, I leaf. Continued. m. 46133 

... First Report of the Inspectors of the State Alms House at 
Bridgewater. ... 1854. Boston: IVilliam White., Printer. 1855. 
8vo, pp. 34. Continued. H. 46134 

Also: ... [First] Report of the Inspectors of the St.ite Almshouse, at Moiison, for 
... 1854. Boston: fVilliam fVbitCy Printer. iSiji^. 8vo, pp. 14. Continueii. n. — ... 
Sixth Annual Report of the Inspectors of the State Almshouse, at Tewkshurv. Octo- 
iier, 1859. Boston: JVilliam ff'bitc, Printer. 1859. ovo, pp. 26. Continued, h. — 
By-Laws for the Government of the State Alms-Houses ... . Loivci! : S. 'J. /'urney, 
Printer. 1 8 54. l6nio, pp. 16. H. 

... First Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Industrial 
School for Girls, at Lancaster .... Boston: If'^ilUam IVhite., Printer. 
1857. ^^°> PP* 9^* Pl^te. Continued, h. 46135 

Also: By-Laws ... Prepared ... October, 1855. ... Amended Nov. 14, 1859. 
Boston: Printed by John fVilson & Son. i860. i6mo, pp. 32. h. 

Catalogue of Books in the State Library [of A'';'>sulnisetts], 
October, 1825. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. 4^136 




' 'li 

I 1 



' -li 




I ! 



Catalogue of the State Library of Massachusetts. Boston : 
IVilliam IVhite^ Printer. 1858. 8vo, pp. xxiv, 338. B,, h., m. 

Also: ... Annual Report of the Librarian of thf StJte Library. ... [n. p. 1850,] 
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Hospital at Worcester, Mass. ... Boston: Dutton and ITentworth^ 
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Also: By-Laws, I'stablislicil by the Trustees of the St.ite Lunatic Hospital, in 
Worcester, 184S. JiuUoii. 1S4S. 8vo. — ... Third Ki-poit of the Sl.iii' Luna- 
tic Hospital, at Northampton. ... 1858. Ih.sion : lf''ilii,jm /-t^hite, I'riritrf. 1858. 8v(), 
pp. 38. Continued. H. — By-Laws of the State Lunatic, at Taunton, Mass. 
Taunton: Prinlcd />>■ C. ^'t. Hack. 1854. l6i:io, pp. ai. — ... [First] Report of the 
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Catalogue and Circular of the State Normal School. Bridge- 
water. ... 1859. North Bridgeivr.ter : George Phinney. 1859. ^^'*^5 
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Boston: Press of C.-o. C. Rarul and Ai'cry. i860. 8vo, pp. 15. Plate. Continued. — 
Course of Training, ... at the State Normal School, West-Newton ; being the sn'i)- 
stance of the last two Reports of the ['li-icipal, July, 1851. [n. p. n. d.] Svo. s. — 
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State Papers on Nullification. ... Collected 
General Court of Massachusetts ... . Boston: 
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... by order of the 

Dutton and IVent- 

B. 46140 

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of the Trustees, 0.. with ... Reports of the Officers of the In- 
stitution. Boston: Dutton and IVentworth., Printers. 1852. 8vo, 
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Also: ... Documents relating to die State Reform School. \Boston. 1849.] 8vo, 
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Massachusetts, on a State Police for the City of Boston. Boston: 
Wright y Potter., Printers. 1864. 8vo, pp. 19. 46142 

Also: Reports of the Work of the State Temperance Alliance For 1862-3. [n. p. 
n. d.] Svo, pp. 20. B. 




'-•■-* - v.r . . ^-^r-JK 1/1***** 










ton : 



Address of the State Temperance Committee to the Citizens 
of Massachusetts on the ... Anti-Liquor Law. [n. p. 1853.] 
8vo, pp. 8. B. 46143 

Also: Report of the State Temperance Committee, for ... 1854; ... Address; and 
Resolutions ... List of Members ... . Boston. 1854. 8vo, pp. (2), 13, (i). Cont'd. 

Statistical Information relating to Certain Branches of Industry 
in Massachusetts, for ... 1865. Prepared by Oliver Warner, 
Secretary of the Commonwealth. Boston. 1866. 8vo, pp. xxv, 
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This is the fourth of a series of statistical publications relating to the manufactures 
and producing interests of Ma<sachusetts. 

A Statistical View of the Population of Massachusetts, from 
1765, to 1840. Boston. 1846. 8vo. N. 46145 

Statistics of the Condition and Products of Certain Branches 
of Industry in Massachusetts, for ... 1845. Prepared ... by Joh'i 
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See alio Vol. ii., No, 5315. 

... Report of the Street Railway Commissioners, to the Gen- 
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8vo, pp. 66. 2 Maps. b. 46147 

A Supplement to the Digest of the Militia Laws of Massachu- 
setts, and Resolves ... passed 1852 : ... Compiled ... By Eben- 
ezer W. Stone, Adjutant-General ... . Boston : White and Potter.. 

Printers. 1 852. l2mo, pp. 52. Continued. 

H. 46148 

Supplementary Bill in Equity, the Commonwealth of Massa- 
chusetts vs. The State of Rhode Island, December T'erm, i860. 


Boston. 1861. 8vo, 


1 1. 

Relates to the boundary line between Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

Supplementary Report ... [to] the Penal Code of Massachu- 
setts, Reported to the Legislature, January 27, 1844. [n. p. n. 
d.] 8vo, pp. 51. BA. 46150 

By Willard Phillips and S. B. Walcott. 

Supreme Court of the United States, September Term, 1852. 
[Bill of Complaint.] The Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. 
The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Boston : 
I f^iight is' Potter^ Printers. 1852. 410, pp. 200. Maps and Plans. 

Supreme Court of the United States: December Term, 1852. 
Bill : The Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. The State of 






■;|I ' 




Rhode Island an i Providence Plantations. Boston: IVrl^^ht tsf 
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at Washington, A. D. 1855. (In Equity.) The Commonwealth 
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Answer to the State of Rhudtr Island. 

Supreme Court of the United States, No. 3. The Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts, Complainant, vs. The State of Rhode 
Island. Hill in Chancery. [^ITashi/igton :^ Government Printing 
Office. 1862. 8vo, pp. 261. 46154 

Also: Supreme Court of" the United States. Rhode Island I't. Massachusetts. 
Papers pul into the Case by Massachusetts. \Waihington :~\^ 'J. (^ G. <V. Gidiun. [n. 
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Report of the Surgeon-General ... . 1863. [^Boston. 1863.] 
8vo, pp. 22. Continued. H. 46155 

Synopsis of Debates in the Massachusetts Legislature [in Oct. 
1814. n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 23. ba. 46156 

Relates to ihe Hartford convention. 

Tables of Bearings, Distances, Latitudes, Longitudes, &c. 
ascertained by the Astronomical and Trigonometrical Survey of 
Massachusetts. Published ... By John G. Palfrey, Secretary of 
the Commonwealth. Boston: Dutton and If^entworth, ... Printers. 
1846. 8vo, pp. (4), xxxviii, (2), 73. Map. h. 46157 

See also Vol. ll., No. 6407-8. 

A Tabular View of Representation in the Commonwealth of 
Massachusetts, from 1780 to 1853. Prepared by Ephraim M. 
Wright ... . Boston: IVilliam IVhite. 1854. 8vo, pp. (2), 162, 

Temporary Acts and Laws Of His Majesty's Province of the 
Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. [^ 736-1 753.] Boston: 
Printed ... by Samuel Kneeland ... . MDCCXLll-[l753]. Folio, pp. 
(2), 4, 400. Continued. b. 46159 

The Testimony of the Pastors of the Churches in ... Massa- 
chusetts-Bay, ... May 25, 1743. Against several Errors in Doc- 
trine, and Disorders in Practice ... . Boston : Printed by Rogers and 
Fowle., for S. Eliot. 1743. 8vo, pp. 13. H. 46160 

Third Article in the Declaration of Rights. [n. p. n. d.] 
8vo, pp. 20. M. 46161 





To the Electors of Massachusetts. [^IForcester. 1837.] 4to, 
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To the Honorable General Court of the State of Massachu- 
setts Bay to be convened at Boston, 31 May, 1778. Bosto'i : 
Draper and Fo/som. 1778. 4to, pp. 3. 46"33 

To the Hon. the Senate ... of ... Massachusetts, ... the 
Memorial of the undersigned [E. Bacon and others], sureties of 
T. J. Skinner, late Treasurer ... of said Commonwealth, etc. 
Boston. 1 8 1 1 . 8 vo. 46 1 64 

To the Hon. the Senate and ... Representatives ... in Congress 
assembled, the Representatives of ... Massachusetts. [n. p. 
1812.] 8vo. 46165 

Relates to the war with Great Britain. 

To the Members of the General Court of Massachusetts, 
friendly to Temperance, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 22. u. 46166 

Draft of a bill for the present session of tht legislature, 1855. &y jho [Little (J.)] 

To the ... Senate. See [Kirkland (J. T.)], Vol. ix, 38005. 

To the Whig Voters of the Fourth Congressional District, of 
... Massachusetts, [n. p. 1848.^] 8vo, pp. 16. 46167 

Transactions of the Agricultural Societies of Massachusetts, 
for 1847. ••• Bo^^""- J 847. 8vo. Continued. 46168 

Treasurer's Statement, Jan. i, 1825. ["• P- "• '^O Folio, i 
leaf. Continued. 46169 

Also : Treasurer's Statement of the Annual Expense of Printing fur the Legislature, 
1819-1829. Boston. 1829. Folio. 

The True Whig Sentiment of Massachusetts. ... [n. p. 1846.] 
8vo, pp. 24. H. 46170 

Votes of the Honourable House of Representatives of the 
Province of the Massachusetts Bay, 1721-172 2. Boston. 1721- 
1722. Folio. 4^171 

Who shall be Governor ? The Contrast, containing Sketches 
of the Characters and Public Services jf the Two Candidates 
[Christopher Gore and Levi Lincoln] for the Office of Chief 
Magistrate of ... Massachusetts. IVorcester : Spy Office. 1809. 
8vo, pp. II. BA. 46172 

A Word of Comfort. See [Wise (John)]. 







'f. ■ 



1 ! ^^^ 






Masse (E. M.) L'IsU- ilc Cuba ct la Havane, ou Histoirc, 
Topographie, ... tic cctte C'olcmif, d'apies iin |t)urnal ccrit sur 
les lieux. Par K.-M. Massf. Paris: L,lic^iit\ Impriiumr. 1S25. 
8vo, pp. (2), 410. H. 4^Ji7,{ 

Masseras (E.) El Programa del Impciio. AL'xico. 1864. 
8vo, pp. 34. 46174 

Massett (S. C.) "Drifting About -," or, Wbat " jccnis Pipes 
of Pipesville" Saw — and — Did. An Autobiography. Hv Sti-phcn 
C. Massett. With Comic Illustrations by Mullen. \\w }'ork : 
Carleton. 1863. i2mo, pp. 371. 4^^17 5 

Also: Sketch, Wnnls of" the Songs, Balbils, &e., of" ... Mr. Stcplicn 
Massett, " Jet-ms Pipes of Pipesville." ... New-Tort. 1S5!'. iimo, pp. 152. 11. 

Massky (E.) Sermon against the Dangerous and Sinful Prac- 
tice of Inoculation. By Edmund Massey. Third lulition. 
Boston^ reprinted. 1730. 8vo, pp. 32. 46176 

Massey (T. E.) Mexico As it Is. Hy Thomas E. Massm, 
... Lecture: ... February 20th, 1866; ... . It^'ashington., D. C. 
1866. 8vo, pp. 28. H. 46177 

Massey (W.) A History of England during the Reign of 
George the Third. Bv William Massey, m.p. ... London: John 
ly. Parker and Son. 1855-63 4 vols., post 8vo, pp. (2), xxviii, 
552; xix, 472; (2), xvi, 511 ; xii, 647. H. \- Second h^dition, 
Revised and Corrected. London: Lonpnans. 1865-66. 4 vols., 
post 8vo. 46178 

Massias (G.) Vita del Beato Giovanni Massias converso 
della Provincia di S. Giovanni Battista del Peru nell Ordine de' 
Predicatori. Roma. 1837. 4to. 46i7g 

Massie (J.) Brief Observations on the Management of tlu- 
War, and the means to Prevent the Ruin of Great Britain, with 
notices of the Gold Mines of Peru and Mexico, the Possessions 
of the French in America, 1761. London. 1761. Folio. 

Title from one of Thortiiis Thorpe's catalogue.-!. 

Massie. Calculations and Observations relating to an Ad- 
ditional Duty upon Sugar. Dated Westminster, 20th jainiarv, 
1759. [n. p. n. d.] Folio, i leaf. 461 Si 

Massie. An Historical Account of the Naval Power of 
France, ... With a State of the English Fisheries at Newfotnul- 
land, for a hundred and fifty years past. ... To which is added, 










A Narrative of the Proceedings of the French at Newfoundland, 
from the Reign of King Charles the First, tt) thi? Kc-i^n of (^)iiecn 
Anne, shewing what Measures were taiten o.'i the Hart of Eng- 
land, during that Interval, in relation to the said French Proceed- 
ings, &c. First Printed in the year 17 12, and now Reprinted for 
general Information. By J. Massie. London: T.Payne. [1763.] 
4to. 46182 

I have never teen the first edition. See " M. Rev.," xxvn. 461. 

Massie. A State of the British Sugar-Colony Trade; shew- 
ing. That an Additional Duty of T^welve Shillings per 1 12 Pounds 
Weight may be laid upon Brown or Muscovado Sugar (and pro- 
portionabi_y higher Duties upon Sugar refined before imported) 
without making Sugar dearer in this Kingdom than it hath been 
of late Years, and without Distressing the British Sugar-Planters; 
for their Profits will then be Twice as much Money per acre of 
Land, as the Landholders of England receive for their Estates. 
All which Matters are plainly made appear, and the vast losses 
which this Kingdom hath suffered by the Sugar-Colonv Trade, 
written Thirty Years last past, are particularly pointed out. Most 
humbly submitted to the consideration of the Honourable House 

of Commons. By J. 
4to, pp. (2), 40. 

Massie. London : T. Pa\ne. 



Massie (J. W.) An Address ... before the ... Virginia Mili- 
tary Institute, July 3rd, 1857. ^X James W. Massie, Esq. ... 
Richmond: Macfarlane l^ Fergusson^ Printers. 1857. 8vo, pp. 
53i (2)- 46184 

Severely criticises the military spirit of Mass.ichusetts in the revolutionary war. 

Massie (J. W.) America: 1 he Origin of her Present Con- 
flict ; her Prospect for the Slave, and her Claim for Anti-Slavery 
Sympathy ; Illustrated by Incidents of Travel during a Tour in 
the Summer of 1863, throughout the United States, from the 
Eastern Boundaries of Maine to the Mississippi. Bv James W. 
London: John Snow. MDCCCLXiv. 8vo, pp. viii, 

H. 46185 

assie, D.D. 


472. Map. 

Massie. The American Crisis, in relation to the Anti-Slavery 
Cause. Facts and Suggestions addressed to the P'riends of Free- 
dom in Britain. By William Massie, d.d. ... London : John 

Snow. MDcccLxii. i6mo. 

pp. II. 



Also: Tlie Case Stated. The Friends and Enemies of the American Slave. ... 
Manchester. 1863. 8vo, pp. 8. — International Sympathies. Report of the Farewell 
Meeting for Dr. Massie, of London. New York, September 27, i86r. Ne-w York: 
Anson D. F. Randolph. 1863. 8vo, pp. 31. — The Slave: Hunted, Transported, and 

' w 





Dootnril til Toil; .1 i'.ilc nf AfViiM. ... Mjmbfitfr : y, LorvnJfi. 1846. 1611111, pp. 
iv, I7«). — -Sl.ivfry tin- I'riinc .tml Cut.^i' i.( Atiifriiu: Jil Krpiitruljtion with the Chrii- 

.' I 

tiaiii lit' l..iiit|. 

l.uiiiLn. 1 8 - 


Mas.son (K.) Olla Poclrida, coiuliinciitada en Mexico, 6 
colcccit)n lie toilos los ii-mitiilos ciuc, di-sdc 1S44, v '"" ratios 
()eri(5dic()S de Mexico, publico bajo difcientcs seudtSnimus corno 
los dc Ciilk's (iogo, Anti-Picrna-Seca y otros muchos. Path. 
SS64. 8vo, pp. 684. 4^187 

Massow (F. van). De servitiite conventionali sccimduni juris 
hodierni rationcm. Lugdunl liatavorum. 1 82 1. 4tt). 4618S 

Ma.stkrman ((i. \\) Seven Eventful Years in Paraguay, 
A Narrative of Personal Kx|)erience amongst the Paraguayans. 
Hv Cjcorgc Frederick Masterman ... . London: Snmpmi Lon\ Son., 
and Marston. mdccclxix. 8vo, pp. xv, (i), 356. Map. ha. 

Masters (T.) Sketches of the Life and Death of Isahelhi 
Sarah Wilbur ; eldest daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah R. Wilbur, 
and granddaughter of Thomas Masters. . . New York. 1S58. 
I2mu, pp. 148. 461(^0 

Masters (W.) Advertisement. For the Satisfaction of the 

Adventurers in Pcttic's Island Land and Cash Lottery, &c. ... 

Their obligated Friend, William Masters. [_Philiidelphia.^ Jugtat, 

1 77 1.] F'olio, I leaf. p. 46191 

Masters. Advertisement. ... William Masters. [Phi/adel- 
phia., Jugust 2g, 1771.] Folio, i leaf. p. 46192 

This is more of Pettie's Isl.ind Lottery. Also : Pettie's Island Land and Cash Lot- 
tery, &c. ... W. M. [Pbi/ai{f//>i>ia, .^pril ^, 1 77 1.] Folio, i leaf". - Pt-ttif's LLm.! 
Land and Cash Lottery. ... William Masters. IPhi/aMphia, Oct. i, 1771.J Folio, 1 1. 

Het Matappika landbouwkundig (ienootschap : De Eensgc- 
zindheid in de Devisie, te Suriname. Verzameling van uitgc- 
zochte Verhandelingen, bctreftende de Landbouw in de Kolonie 
Suriname. Jtnsteldam : Gartman iff Uylenbroek. 1804. 8vo, pp. 
(8), 128. ' c. 46193 

Matamora. Histories of the Indian King Matamora, the 
last of the Wampanoags ... . Balthnore. [n. d.] i6mo. Plates. 

Matamoras. Correspondence respecting Trade with Mata- 
moras. [^London, n. d.] Folio, pp. 5. 4^195 

Matanzas. La milicia nacional local de Matanzas a D. Ga 
briel Sequeira. [n. p. n. d.] Folio, i leaf. 46196 




Manual dc Korastcios en la la Ciudail dc Matan/as. Matanxm. 
1836. i2nio. 4^^ '97 

A Match for a Widow. See [Atkinson (Joseph)], i. 2184. 

The Match Girl ; or. Life Scenes as they are. Philadelphia ■ 
jy. ly. Smith, 1858. i2mo, pp. 418. Plates. 46198 

Includeii aume parciculdra relative to Etiwin Forot. 

Matchktt (Richard J.) The Haltimore Director, for the 
year 1 829 ... . Baltimore. 1829. 4^ '99 

Cuntinued to i8;6 or Ijter. 

Matko (J.) Focma joco-serioso en t-l que bajo el titiilo del 
Chiton se inipugna el antiguo abuso de inponcr silencio a las ver- 
daderas noticias que sc communicaron conio favorables a la jus- 
tisima causa de la Patria, en los calamitosos tiempos de la barbara 
Doniinacion Espaflola, etc. For D. Jose Mateo de Otero. Lima. 
[n. d.] 4to, pp. 8. 46200 

Matkos (J. A.) El cerro de las Campanas (Memorias de un 
Guerillero), Novela histdrica por Juan A. Mateos. Alexico. i86S. 
Sm. 4to, pp. 758, vii. Plate and Portrait. 46201 

Mateos. El sol de Mayo. (Memorias de la intervencion.) 
Novela histdrica por Juan A. Mateos. Segunda Edicion. Alexico. 
1868. Rl. 8vo, pp. vi, 756. 46202 

Mateos (N. M.) La tolerancia, opusculo politico. Por 
Nicomedes Martin Mateos. Mexico. 1847. 4^°> PP' 4^- 

The Material Bearing of the Tennessee Campaign in 1862 
upon the Destinies of our Civil War. Washington., D. C : I!'. 
H. Moore., Printer, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 19. H. 46204 

Materiales para la Historia de Sonora (1658-1778). Copia de 
las tomos xvi y xvii de la coleccion de Mss. del Archivo gencial 
de Mexico. Mexico. 1 851. Folio, pp. 940, (14). 2 Maps. 

Materials for a Catalogue of the Masters and Scholars who 
have belonged to the Public Latin School, Boston, Massachu- 
setts, From 1635 to 1846. ... Boston: IVm. Croshy and H. P. 
Nichols. 1847. ^^^> PP* ^''» 7^* "• 46206 

This school publishes annual catalogues. 
VOL. XI. 48 






1 ' 

1 ? 



In the prpparatinn of the following list of works by the Mather family, I am under 
special obligations to Mr. J. A. Lewis, of Boston, who has made their collection a 
specialty; also to Dr. J. H. Trumbull, of Hartford, Conn. The titles which arc obvi- 
ously imperfect arc mostly taken from Thomas* " History of Printing," second edition; 
a few are from Samuel Mather's List of his father's books, which ia a very untrust- 
worthy source, and probably includes some works never printed. 

Mather (A.) Good Rulers a choice Blessing. A Sermon 
... before the ... General Assembly of ... Connecticut, at Hart- 
ford, ... May 1 2th, 1725. The Day for the Election of the ... 
Governour ... . By Azariah Mather, a.m. ... New London: T. 
Green. 1725. 8vo, pp. (2), 50. H. 46207 

Mather. None but Christ. A Discourse on John vi. 67, 
68. Preach'd Privately, to a Religious Society in Say-brook. 
By Azariah Mather, a.m. ... New London: T. Green, x-jiz. 
8vo, pp. (2), 22. 46208 

Mather. The | Sabbath-Da; 's | Rest | Asserted, Explained, 
Proved, and | Applied. | By Azariah Mather, a.m. ... | Boston^ N. 
E.\ Printed by B. Green^ yun.for\S. Gerrish ... . 1725. 8vo, pp. 
(2)1 4, 38 (0- B- 46209 

"An Attestation," pp. 4, is signed "Co. Mather." Very rare. 

Discourse ... in| 
Vlather, a.m. ... I 

Mather. ^Vo to | Sleepy | Sinners. | Or, A 
Saybrook, IJanuary 6. 17 19, 20. | By Azariah 
Neiv-London : Printed ... by T. Green. \']1Q. 8vo, pp. (2), 29. 

Also: A Discourse Concerning the Death of the Righteous; at Lyme, Occasion'd 
by the Decease of the Rev. Mr. Moses Noyes, who dyed November loth, 1729. ... 
Neiv London : T. Green. 1731. i6mo, pp. (4), 24. — 'The Gospcl-Miniiiter Described. 
Sermon at Newent in Norwich Dec. loth. 1723, at the Ordination of the Rev. Daniel 
Kirtland There. ... Neiv London : T. Green. 17^5. i6mo, pp. 32,(1). — Sermon at 
the Ordination of Mr. George Beckwith, in Lyme, Jan. 22, 1729, 30. ... A'ifw London: 
T. Green. 1730. i2mo, pp. 18. 

[Mather (Cotton).] The A, B, C, of Religion. Lessons 
relating to the Fear of God, Fitted unto the Youngest & Lowest 
Capacities, and Children suitably instructed in the Maxims of 
Religion. Boston: Timothy Green. 17 13. l2mo, pp. (2), 42. 

At the end, pp. 37-42, "Instructions for Children," in verse, including "The L'ody 
of Divinity Versifycd." Very rare. Mr. Brinley had the only known copy. 

[Mather.] The Accomplished Singer. [ Instructions | How 
the Piety | of Singing | with a | True Devotion may be | obtained 
and expressed; the Glor|ious God after an uncommon | manner 
glorified in it, and His | people Godified. | Intended for the Assist- 
ance of all that would | sing Psalms with Grace in their Hearts ; | 
But more particularly to accompany the | Laudable Endeavours of 






those who are I Learning to sing by Rule ... . Boston : Printed by 

B. Green^ for S, Gerr'ish^\ ... 1721. l6mo, pp. (4), 24. H. 46212 

One of the rarest of Cotton Mather's tracts; no copy, us as the writer knows, 
having occurred for sale in this country. Mather remarks : " It has been toiind in 
some of our congregations, that in length of time, their singing has degenerated into 
an odd noise, that has had more of what we want a name for than anv regular sinj^in^' 
in it; whereby the Celestial Exercise is dishonoured; and indeed the Tliird Commin.i- 
ment is trespassed upon." 

[M.\THER.] An Account of the Method and further Success 
of Inoculating for the Small Pox in London. Boston. 1 7 14. Hvo. 

Thomas says there were two editions, but I have been unable to find eitlier. 

Mather. Addresses | To Old Men, and Young Men, and | 
Little Children. | In Three Discourses | ... . Yo which niav be 
added, A short Scriptural Cate-|chism ... , By Cotton Mather. | 
Boston : Printed by R. Pierce^ for Nicholas Biittoiph. 1690. 8vo, 
pp. (4), 122. BA. 46214 

Mather. Adversus Libertinos. | Or, | Evangelical Obedience | 
Described and Demanded ;|In an T^ssav | To Establish, the Holv 
Law I of I The Glorious God, | ... | Bv Cotton Mather, n.D. | ... | 
Boston: Printed by B. Green., for Samuel Gerrish.,\ ... 1 71 3. 8v(), 
pp. (4), 49> (0- B A. 46215 

Mather. Advice from Taberah. | A Sermon | Preached | After 
the Terrible | Fire, | Which, (attended with Some very | Lament- 
able and Memorable Cir-|cumstances, On Oct. 2, 3. 1711.)! 
Laid a Considerable Part of Boston, | in Ashes. | Directing a Pious 
Improvement of Every | Calamity, but more Especially of so | 
Calamitous a Desolation. | By Cotton Mather, d.d. | ... | Boston in 
iV. E.: Printed by B. Green :\ ... 171 1. i6mo, pp. iv, 33, (i). 

[Mather.] Advice from the Watch Tower. | In a Testi- 
mony against ] Evil Customes. | A brief Essay | To declare the 
Danger & Mischief of all | Evil Customes, | ... With certran 
Methods for the Prevention and Suppression of them. | ... | Boston : 
Printed by J. Allen., for N. Boone. 17 13. 8vo, pp. 40. ba 

"Liberavi Animam Meam," says Mather, by way of Finis. Doubtless it was a great 
comfort to him, to "free his mind," about the "Infamous Rum" wiiiv.'h wis "the 
usual Entertainment of a Friend at our Houses," the " Flood of Srronir Drink," the 
too great frequency of " Games of Hazard, sucii as Cards and Dice, among our Chil- 
dren" [in Boston!]; "Christmas-Revels, beginning to be taken up;" the "diversions 
at many Weddings — improved into such Revels, as are not well consistent with the 
Sobriety of Christianity;" the "very common usage" of Drinking Healths, "even 
among professors of our Holy Religion," and tiie whole " Black List of some Evil 
Customes which begin to appear among us." — Brinley Citalogue. 

M t 


f ! 


< f 


i\ 1 





!, ! 

[Mather.] An Advice, | to the Churches of the Faithful:] 
... Reporting, | the Present State of the | Church, | Throughout 
the World ; ... Boston : Printed by B. Greetiy ^ J. Allen. \ 1702. | 
l6mo, pp. 16. H. 46218 

Mather. Agreeable Admonitions for Old and Young. Bos- 
ton. 1703. 8vo, pp. 48. 46219 

Title from Thomas' " History of Printing." 

[Mather.] Agricola. | Or, the | Religious Husbandman : | The 
Main Intentions of | Religion, | Served in the | Business and Lan- 
guage] of | Husbandry. ] A Work Adapted unto the Grand | Pur- 
poses of Piety ; ] And Commended therefore by a Number | of 
Ministers, to be Entertained in j the Families of the Countrey.J 
... Boston :\ Printed by T. Fleet^ for D. Henchman., ... 1727. i6mo, 
pp. (6), 221, (1). h. 46220 

[Mather.] The Ambassadors Tears. ] A ] Minister of the 
Gospel,] Making his Just and Sad ] Complaint ] of an ] Unsuccess- 
ful Ministry. ] ... j Boston :\ ... T. Fleet. 1721. l2mo, pp. 27. 

[Mather.] American Tears upon the Ruins of] the Greek 
Churches. | A Compendious, but Entertaining | History | of the] 
Darkness come upon the j Greek Churches, ] in j Europe and Asia, j 
Composed bv an American. ]...] With An Appendix containing a 
Relation | of the Conversion of a Jew, ] Named Shalome Ben 
ShaloHioh. ] Boston in N. E.: Printed by B. Green iff J. Allen.\fQr 
... Samuel Sewall Junior. 1701. l6mo, pp. 80. H. 46222 

The appendix has (p. 56) a separate title and imprint, with a preface (3 pp.) signed, 
"Cotton Mather." 

[Mather.] The Angel of Bethesda,] Visiting] the) Invalids] 
of a Miserable] World. | ... j By a Fellow of the Royal Society.] 
New-London :\ ... Timothy Green. \i']22. 8vo, pp. (2), 17, (i). 

[Mather.] Another Tongue brought in, to confess the great 
Saviour of the World ; or, Some Communications of Chris- 
tianity, put into a Tongue used among the Iroquois Indians in 
America. And put into the hands of the English and Dutch 
Traders. To accommodate the Great Intention of communica- 
ting the Christian Religion unto the Salvages among whom thev 
may find anything of this language to be intelligible. Boston: 
Print d by T. Green. 1707. 8vo, pp. 16. J.C.B., N. 46224 

Sen-ences in relation to God, Jesus Christ, and the Trinity, in the Iroquois, Latin, 
Engli 1, and Dutch languages. 



[Mather.] The Armour of Christianity. | A jTreatise,! De- 
tecting first, the Plots of the | Devil against our Happiness. | De- 
claring then, the Wiles bv | which those Plots are managed. | And 
Propounding, lastly, the [Thoughts by which those] Wiles may be 
Defeated. | ... | Boston^ in N. E. Printed hy Timothy | Green^ for 
Benjamin Eliot ... . 1704. l2mo, pp. (2), 234. B. 46225 

Mather. Awakening Thoughts on the Sleep of Death, with 
a debt paid to the Memory of that Sleep in Jesus. Preached at 
a Thursday Lecture Dec"^- 171 1. Boston. lyii. Sm. 8vo, pp. 
viii, 34. 46226 

The preface is a tribute to the Memory of Mrs. Mary Higginson. Title and note 
from Tiiomas' "History of Printing." I am unable to locate a copy. 

[Mather.] The Balance of the Sanctuary.] ... A Lecture; 
In the Audience of the | General Assembly at Boston, | Oct. 5. 
1727. ... Boston: Printed ... hy T. Fleet. 1727. I2rm), pp. (2), 24. 

[Mather.] Baptismal Piety. Two brief Kssays. i. The 
Angel of the Waters. ... 11. The Angel of the Little Ones ... . 
Boston: Printed in the Tear 1727. i2mo, pp. 48. H. 46228 

M[ather]. Baptistes : | A Conference | About the | Subject 

and Manner | of | Baptism. | Between C. M. and D. R. | [Boston. 

1704.] 8vo, pp. (3), 32. h. -f The Second Edition. ... Boston: 

Printed hy T. Fleet^for J. Phillips ... . 1 724. I2mo, pp. (3), 32. 

The title to the second edition is lengthened and varies. 

Mather. Batteries upon the Kingdom | of the Devil. | Sea- 
sonable I Discourses | upon Some Common, but Woful | Instances, | 
wherein I Men Gratifie the Grand Enemy of | their Salvation. | By 
Mr. Cotton Mather ... . | London., \ Printed for Nath. Hilhr .... 
1695. Sm. 8vo, pp. (16), 192. 46230 

The first sermon in the volume, " Sacred Exorcisms : Or, The Case and Cure of 
Persons Possessed by the Devil," alludes (p. 21) to cases "we have seen," of "bodily 
molestations by Evil Spirits." 

Mather. Benedictus. | Good Men | Described, | And the 
Glories of their | Goodness, declared. | With | Some Character & 
History of | One who belonged unto the Tribe ; | Namely, | Mr. 
Thomas Bridge, | A Late Pastor of the Eirst-Church in| Boston ; 
who Expired, I 26 d. vii m. 171 5. | Whereto there is added. An 
InstrU"! ment, which he wrote, when he | drew near his End, and 
Left as a I Legacy to Survivers, relating some of his Experiences; 
And offering some | Testimonies to the cause of Religion. | Hy 
Cotton Mather, d.d. & f.r.s. | Boston: Printed hy B. Green., for 
Samuel Gerrish ... . 17 15. i2mo, pp. (2), 58. v,. 46231 

Ji f 
\ V. 







[Mather.] The Best Ornaments of Youth. A Short Essay 
on the Good I'hings, which arc found in Some, and should be 
found in All, Young People. ... which Wherever they are found, 
Heaven will take a Favourable Notice of them. A Sermon . . . 
Boston^ in A^ E. ... Timothy Green ... . 1707. l2mo, pp. 36. w. 

Mather. The Hcst Way of Living ; | Which is to | Die 
Daily: I ... a ... Discourse,] ... at a Time, when the Au-|th()r 
had newly seen Repeat- |ed Strokes of Death, on his | own 
Family. I ... Hy Cotton Mather, d.d. ... Boston: Printed hy J. 
ylllen. 1713. i2mo, pp. (2), 26. B. 46233 

[Mather.] Hcthiah. The (iKjry Which Adorns the Daugh- 
ters of God. And the Piety, Wherewith Zion wishes to see her 
Daughters Glorious. Boston: Printed by J. Franklin^ for S. Ger- 
rish ... . 1722. i2mo, pp. 60. 4^234 

Mather. Blessed Unions. | An Union | With the Son of (Joil 
by I Faith, | And, an Union j In the Church of God by | Love,] 
Importunately Pressed ; in a | Discourse | Which makes Divers 
(Otters, for those Unions ; | i'ogether with | A Copy of those 
Articles, where-upon a most| Happy Union, has been lately made| 
between those two P2minent Parties in [England, which have now 
Changed I the Names of Presbyterians, and | Congregationals for 
that of I United Brethren. By Cotton Mather. | ... | Boston : Printed 
by B. Green^ £3' y. Allen^ for Samuel Phillips. 1692. 24010, pp. 
(ro), 86, 12. B., H. 46235 

The "Articles" were also printed in the " Magnalia," v. 58-61. 

[Mather.] Boanerges. | A Short Essay | to preserve and 
strengthen the | Good Impressions | Produced by | Earthquakes] 
On the Minds of People that have been ) Awakened with them.j 
... ] Address'd unto the Whole People of New- j England, who 
have been Terrified ] with the Late Earthquakes; | And nioic 
especially the Towns that have had a more singular Share in the 
Terrors of them. ] ... ] Boston: \ ... S. Kneeland ... . 1727. 8vo, 
pp. (2), 53. B. 46236 

PP- 33 

The Bonds of the Covenant. Boston. 

1709. 8vo, 
• . . . . . . . ^^^37 

This imperfect title is from Thomas' " History of Printing," Vol. 11. 

I". .• 

[Mather.] Bonifacius. ] An Essay] Upon the Good,] that is 
to be Devised and Designed,] by those ]VVho Desire to Answer 
the Great End ] of Life, and to Do Good ) While they Live. | A 
Book Offered, 1 First, in General, unto all Christians,] ... . Then 



39 • 

... I Unto Magistrates, ... Ministers, ... Physicians, ... Lawyers, | 
... Schoolmasters, ... \ Boston in A\ England: Printed hy B. Green^ 
for Samuel Gerrish. 1710. i6mo, pp. (2), 206. n., ba. 46238 

This is the original edition of " Essays to Do Good," infia. A pcrfcit copy is rare. 
It contains Mather's proposal for the *' Biiilia Sacra," whicii was written hut not pub- 
iished. At the end is ** An Appendix Concerning the Essays that arc made tor the 
Propagation uf Religion among the Indians." 

[Mather.] m.dc.lxxxiii. The Boston I^phcmcris. | An | 
Ahnanack | for | the | Dyonisian | Y.*ar of the Christian | -i^'lra. 
M.DC.LXXXIII. I And of the World's Creation 5632. | Jn/io oppidi 
inchoati 53. | Of which the vulgar Notes arc, | Cycle t)f the Sun 
12. I Dominic Let. G. F. | Golden Numb. 12. | Epac 12. | Num. 
of Direct. 18. | Serving the Meridian of Boston in New Engl. | 
Latitude 42 qr. 30 min. | Longitude 315 qr. | ... | [Boston in Nnv- 
England.) Printed by S\^imuel^ G\reen^ for S\amuel\ S[eivall~\. 
1683. l6mo, pp. (24). 4^239 

"There is much internal evidence that this is by Cotton Mather. The style, the 
learning, and the spirit of the book are his ; and no writer displays more marke<i indi- 
viduality than he." — W. F. Foole. It is Mather's second publication. &e " Mather 
Papers," 475. 

[Mather.] The Bostonian Ebenezer. | Some | Historical Re- 
marks, | On the State of| Boston. | The Chief 'I'own of New- 
England, | and of the English America. | With Some, | Agreeable 
Methods, | for | Preserving and Promoting, the Good | State of 
That, as well as any | other Town, in the like Circumstances.' 
Humbly OfFer'd, By a Native of lioston. ] ... | Boston^ Printed hy 
B. Green & J. Jllen^for\ Samuel Phillips^ ... 1698. l2mo, pp. 82. 

Concerning this rare work, tee Samuel Mather's Life of his father, p. 164. 

Mather. Brethren dwelling together in | Unity. | The True 
Basis for an | Union | Among the | People of God, | Offered and 
Asserted ; | In | A Sermon | Preached at the Ordination of a | Pastor, 
in the Church of the] Baptists. | At Boston in New-England. | On 
21 d. Ill m. i7i8.|By Cotton Mather, d.d.| With a Preface of 
the Reverend | Dr. Increase Mather. | ... | Boston: Printed for S. 
Gerrish ... 17 18. 8vc, pp. (2), iv, 42. ba. 46241 

Elisha Callendar was the pastor who was ordained. 

[Ma'^her.] a Brief Memorial, | of Matters, and Methods 
for I Pastoral V\sks.\ Boston : Printed in the Tear^ mdccxxiii. 4to, 
pp. 3. B. 46242 

[Mather.] Brontologia Sacra :| the [Voice | of the [Glorious 
God I in the | Thunder : | Explained and Applyed | in a Sermon 



■ »vr». ■!*-- ,i;,.c^ki<«(; 



Uttered by a Minister of the Go-|spel in a Lecture unto an As- 
sembly of Chri-|stians abroad, at the very same time when the 
Thunder was bv the Permission and | Providence of God fa ling 
upon his own | House at home. ( Whereto are added | some Rcfler- 
tions formed on the Lords-Day following | by the Voices of 

Thunders, upon the great things | which the great Ciod is now a 
doing in the World. | A Discourse useful for all Men at all times, 
but especi-|ally intended for an Entertainment in the Hours of| 

Thunder. | London^ \ Printed by John Aitwood. 1695. l6mo, pp. 
(4), 3^- 46243 

Mather. The | Call of the Gospel | Applyed | unto All Men 
in general, I and I unto a Condemned Malefactor in particular. | In | 
A Sermon ( Preached on the 7th d. of the ist. m. 1686. | At the 
Request, and in the Hearing of [James Morgan] a man, | under a 
just Sentence of Death for the hor-|rid Sin of Murder. | Hy 
Cotton Mather, | ... | Printed at Boston^ by R. P. Anno Supradict. 
[1686.] Sm. 8vo, pp. (2), 94. n. 46244 

Joshua Moody's " Exhortation to a Condemned Malefactor, Delivered March 6tli, 
1685-6." Printed at Boston in N. England. Anno praedict, forms pp. 55-94. This 
work stands first in Samuel Mather's catalogue of the books published by his father. 
In his "Letters from New-England," John Dunton quotes extensively from these 
sermons. He also had a hand in bringing them out. See page 80, Prince Society edi- 
tion of Dunton's Letters : " He [Brunning] my Partner in Printing Mr. Mather's 
and Mr. Moody's Sermon on condemned Morgan." For a second edition, see Mather 
(Increase). It is, in fact, Mather's fourth publication; see "A Poem" and "Elegy," 
infru, and No. 46239, supra. 

[Mather.] Cares about the Nurseries. | Two brief| Dis- 
courses. | The One, offering] Methods and Motives for | Parents] 
To Catechise their Children] While yet under the Tuition of] 
their Parents. ] The other, offering] Some Instructions for] Chil- 
dren, ] How they mav do well, when ] they come to Years of 
Doing for themselves. | ... | Boston^ N. E. Printed by T. Green ^ ] for 
Benjamin Eliot. 1702. i2mo, pp. (2), 88. B., m. 46245 

Mather. The Case of a troubled Mind.] A brief Essay,] 
... Which apprehends the Face of ... God J Hidden from it.] 
By Cotton Mather, d.d. | ... Boston: Printed I'y B. Green^ for S. 
Gerrish. 1717. i8mo, pp. (2), 27. -f The Second Edition. ... 
Boston: Printed by G. Rogers /or N. Proctor. 1741. 8vo, pp. 23. 

[Mather.] The Choice Wisdom. ] A ] Brief ... Essay | on 
the I best of Blessings, ] To be Obtained] By the Chusing [j/V] of 
them] and Asking for them. \...\ Boston : Thomas Hancock. 1726. 
i2mo, pp. 23. B. 46247 



[Mather.] A Christian at his Calling. Two brict' Dis- 
courses. One Directing a Christian in his (icncral Calling ; 
Another Directing him in his Personal Calling, lioston : Printed 
by B. Green W J. Allen^ for S. Sewall^ Juti. 1701. i2mo, pp. 72. 

[Mather.] A Christian Conversing with tlie Cireat Mystery 
of Christianity. The Mystery ot the Trinity In the One Infinite 
and Eternal God, Practically Improved and Applied, and Plainly 
brought into the Life of Christianity, [^lioston :^ Printed is' Sold 
by T. Green. 1709. ibmo, pp. 56. 4^^249 

[Mather.] The Christian Cyniclc. | A brief Essay | On a| 
Merciful Saviour, | ...With | Directions ... | For the | Addresses,] 

Which will obtain His Favours. 
(2), 42. 

\ Boston. 1 7 16. I 2mo, pp. 
B. 46250 

[Mather.] A Christian Funeral. A brief Essay, On that 
Case, What should be the Behaviour of a Christian at a Funeral ? 
Boston: Timothy Green. 17 13. i2mo, pp. (2), 36, (l). 46251 

Mather. Christian Loyalty. | Or, | Some Suitable Sentiments | 
On the Withdraw of | King George the First, | Of (ilorious 
Memory, [And the Access of | King George the Second, [Unto 
the Throne of the | British Empire. | By Cotton Mather. ... 
Boston :\ Printed ... by T. Fleet ... . 1727. i6mo, pp. (2), ii, 25. 

Mather. The | Christian Philosopher : | A | Collection | of the | 
Best Discoveries in Nature, | with | Religious Improvements. | By 
Cotton Mather, d.d. | And Fellow of the Royal Society, j London : \ 
... Ensun. Matthews ... . m.dcc.xxi. 8vo, pp. vii, (i), 304. H. 
-\- Charlestown : ... J. M'-Kown^ Printer. 18 15. l2mo, pp. 324. 

" Hereby hangs a funny tale. About the year 1714, Cotton Mather in Boston was 
dubbed with f.r.s., a trinity '" capitals which flattering his vanity he adojited and wore, 
though somewhat against his previous teachings in regard to worldly distinctions. The 
fiist of his 383 books that came out after the receipt of this polished handle bore f.r.s. 
after his name, much to the astonishment of his rivals, and amusement of his fellow 
citizens. He immediately wrote to the Secretary of the Royal Society thanking him, 
and continued through life to be an active correspondent, all but tiie first letter being 
still preserved by the Society. The letter of thanks, however, for some reason never 
got among the records, but eventually fell among autogr.iph-mongers, an 1 found its way 
to New York. Some, in the Doctor's lifetime, said he been hoaxed, and never was 
really elected, while others, and among them his son, manfully contended that he was 
really one of the Philosophers. This book was written during the controversy to show 
that he was both competent and willing to be an k.r.s. To this day the question is not 
settled — Was Cotton Mather an k.k.s. ? There is nothing in the Society's records to 
show it, though the names of a dozen other Americans are recorded." — Sti-vens 

[Mather.] The Christian Temple, | or, | An Essay | upon a| 
CI' "stian | Considered as ? \ Temple. | A Consideration of great 



I < 

j 1 ' 


. i 

: '' 



t\ ; 




Consequence (to the Interests of | Christianity. | ... | Boston : Prlntfd 
and Sold hy\Iiartholomeiv Green, i 706. 8vo, pp. (2), 38. 46254 

Mathkr. The Christian Thank-Oftering. A Brief Dis- 
course ... Made on a Solemn Thanksgiving, kept in a Private 
Meeting of CMiristians, on the Occasion of some Deliverance. 
Boston: Printed hy B. Green iff "J. Jllen^ for Michael Perry. 1696. 
8vo, pp. 32. 46255 

Rare. A vcrsirtci! p.irjphr.tse of the 1031I Psalm, by Mather, is jircfixcii. 

[Mathkr.] Christianitv Demonstrated | An Essay | to Con- 
sider the Sanctifying I Work of (jracejOn the Minds of the 
Faithful, I as a Noble Demonstration to the I Truth of our Holv 
Religion | With | an Exhortation unto All | but especially unto 
Young I Persons to seek after that | Work of (iod. | Printed at 
Boston in N. E. Sold by\ Timothy Green .. . | 1710. l6mo.^ pp. 60. 

Mathkr. Christianitv to the Life ; Our Imitation of our 
Saviour. Boston. 1702. 8vo, pp. 60. 4^257 

Title from Thomas' "History of Printing." 

[Mathkr.] Christianus per Ignem ; | Or, A Disciple | Warm- 
ing of himself |aiKi [owning of His Lord,] With Devout and Use- 
ful Meditations, I Fetch'd out of the | Fire, | By a Christian in a 
Cold Season, I Sitting before it. | ... \ Boston: Printed by B. Greeii^ 
and J. Allen., fur Benjamin Eliot. 1 702. l6mo, pp. 198, (2). B. 

"This is ill S. Mather's list of his father's works under the date of 1700, Yet it 
has been attributi-d to Noyt-s, because he sig.ns the " Pra-fatory Poem," although 
that is evidently not by the author of the book." — Catalogue of the Prince Library, It 
is "one of the most curious volumes in the Mather library;" some of the "Medita- 
tions" are on the most puerile subjects. 

o ' I A Good Serv- 
Justly Demanded 

Mathkr. Christodulus. | A Good Reward 
ant. I Or, The Service of a | Glorious Christ, 
and Commended, from a| View of the Glory with which it shall] 
be Recempensed [fV]. | With some Commemoration of | Mr. 
Thomas VValter, | Lately a Pastor to a Church in Roxbury:] 
Who had an Early Dismission from what of | that Service was to 
be done in This| World. Jan 10. 1724-5. | By Cotton Mather, 
D.D. and F.R.s. I ... I Boston : Printed hy T. fleety for S. Gerrish ... . 
1725. 8vo, pp. (3), iii, 33. B., BA., c, M., w. 46259 

The Rev. Thomas Walter was a grandson of Increase and a nephew of Cotton 

[Mathkr.] The City of Refuge. | The | Gospel of the City] 
Explained ; I And the Flight of a | Distressed Sinner | Thereunto, j 
Directed and (Quickened ; | With a special Aspect on ... | Early 



?'\cty.\...\ Boston : Printed by T. Fleet and T. Crump^ for Daniel 
Henchman. 1716. l2mo, pp. 33. B. 46260 

[Mather.] Coelestinus. | A | Conversation in Heaven, | ^uick- 
rncd and Assisted, | with | Discoveries | Of Things in the | Heavenly 
World. I And some Relations of the | Views and Joys [That have 
been granted unto Several | Persons in the Confines of it. | Intro- 
(Itaed bv Agathangelus, Or, An | Essay on the Ministry of the 
Holy I Angels. I And Recommended unto the People of God, by 
the I very Reverend | Dr. Increase Mather ; | Waiting in the Daily 
Expectation of his Departure] to that Cilorious W ox\A.\ Boston : 
Printed by S. Kneeland^ for Nath. | Belkm., ... . 1 723. i2mo, pp. 
(2), viii, 27, ii, 162. B., H. 46261 

Published by Dr. Cotton Mather, with a dedication to Mr. Thomas Hoiiis. 

[Mather.] Coheleth. | A Soul | upon | Recollection ; | Coming 
into| Incontestible Sentiments | of | Religion : | Such' as all the Sons 
of Wisdom I will and must forever Justify. | Written by a Fellow 
of the I Royal Society. | Offering the Advice of a Father] going 
out of the World, un;o a ] Son coming into it. ] Boston : Printed by 
S. Kneelandy\ for S. Gerrish ... . 1720. l2mo, pp. (2), 46. B. 

[Mather .?] A j Collection, ] Of Some ] Of the Manv ] Offens- 
ive] Matters, ] Contained in a] Pamphlet, I Entituled,) The Order 
of the Gospel Revived. | Printed at Boston^ Sold by T. Green. 1 70 1 . 
i2mo, pp. 24. H., w. 46263 

"I have thought it not worth while for me to take notice of the impotent Allatra- 
tions of so little a thing as that Touth is, who is famed to be the Author of their 
Pamphlet. But a Friend of mine having, as he perused it, set a Remark on some of 
the Scandalous violations of the third, tifth, and ninth Commandments which he 
observed therein, I supposed it might be a service to the Churches to have them set 
before them," etc. — I. Mather. Dr. Sibley attributes the work to Increase Mather, 
who wrote the prefatory matter only. Very rare. 

[Mather.] Columbanus. Or, The Doves Flying to the 
Windows of their Saviour. A Sermon, to a Religious Society of 
Young People. June 4th. 1722. Boston : Printed ly S. Kneeland^ 
for J. Edwards ... . 1722. i2mo, pp. (2), 22. N. 46264 

[Mather.] The Comfortable Chambers, j Opened and Vis- 
ited, I upon ] the Departure of that ] Aged and Faithful j Servant of 
God, I Mr. Peter Thatcher, | The Never-to-be-forgotten Pastor | 
of Milton. ] Who made his flight thither, | On December 1 7. 1727. 
\,..\Boston: Printed for y. Edwards^] ... 1728. Sm. 8vo, pp. (2), 
31,(6). 4- Boston: Re-printed by Thomas Fleet .^ j tin. mdccxcvi. 
8vo, pp. 28. H. 46265 

"This was the last Sermon my Father deliver'd from the Pulpit: an J truly such a 
Sermon as a good Minister wou'd desire shou'd be his last." — S. Mather. An obituary 



\ i 




'1 t 

Is ! 



of Mr. Th.iihcr is (;ivrn in "Addenda from the ' Werkly JournjI,' No. xi. Milton, De- 
crmbcr z], i-l''," pp. 4. "A short account of tlic Town of Milton" (2 pp.) ii 
apprndcd to the scMind cditiiin. 

[Mathku.] a Comforter of the Mouriu-rs. | An Kssay | Fo; 
the Uiuli)iiiii; of I Heavy HiirJcns, | In an Orter of such CJood 
Words I As have a Tendencv to cause | Glad Hearts, | ... | Hasten, in 
N, E.: Piinti'il ... by Timothy \ (rrnn. 1704. | 8\o, pp. (6), 34. 

Maimiir. a I Companion for Communicants. | Discourses | 
Upon I The Nature, the Design, and the|Sultject ot the| Lords 
Supper; I \V^ith| Devout Methods of Preparing for, | and Approach- 
ing to that I Klessed Ordinance. | liy Cotton Mather, | ... | /';/«/tv/ 
at Boston by Sdinuel (ireen fir lien-\jamin Harris .... i()90. Sni. 
8vo, pp. (8), 167, (i). 11., \v. 46267 

[Mathfk.] a Companion for the Afflicted. | The | Duties] 
and the I Coniforts I of (iood Men, under their Afflictions. | In | 
Two Mrief and Plain | Discourses. | ... | ^oj/9«, /« N. E.: Printed 
by T. Green, ^ fir, ... Samuel Sewall Junior. | 170 1. l6mo, pp. 56. 

[Mathkr.] Compassions Called For. | An Essay | of | Profit- 
able Reflections I On Miserable | Spectacles. | To which is added, | 
A P^tithful Relation of Somejlyate, but Strange Occurrences! 
that call for an awful and | useful Consideration. | F^specialiv, | Ihe 
Surprising Distresses and | Deliverances, of a company | lately Ship- 
wreck'd on a Desolate] Rock, on the coast of New-England. |...| 
Boston: Printed by B. Green, for Eleaxer Phillips. 171 I. 8vo, 
pp. 60. BA. 46269 

Some copies have tiie imprint, Boiton, in N. E. Printed ; Sold hy Timothy Green, at 
the Lower End of Mid<!.'r Strr<t. Either editions arc very rare. It cont.iins tiie first 
account of C.ipt. Juliii Dcin's N.irr.itive of the shipwreck of thr G.illey, 
on Boone Island; appondcd t.> Malht-r's Boston Lecture, Dec. 38, 1710. The narra- 
tive has .1 half title (p. 4y): "The Mariner CallM upon." See ii/so Vol. v. 19025-9. 

Mather. Concio ad Populum. | A | Distressed People] Enter- 
tained with I Proposals] For the Relief of their] Distresses] In a 
Sermon at Boston; made] in the Audience of His Excellencv ] 
the Cjovernour, and the (ieneral ] Assenibiy of the Massachusetts- 
Bay, ] New-England. ] i 2d. im. 1719. ]By Cotton Mather ... .j 
Boston, IVew- England :\ Printed by B. Green, for Benj. Eliot, \... 
1 7 19. 8vo, pp. (2), 29. B., BA. 46270 

[Mather.] The Converted Sinner. The Nature of a 
Conversion to Real and Vital Piety ... A Sermon preached in 
Boston, May 31. 1724. Tn the Hearing of certain Pirates, a 
little before their Execution. Added, A more Private Confer- 





ence of a Minister with them. Boston: Printed for Nat///. Htl- 
knap. 1724. 8vo, pp. (4), 49. 46271 

•• The»e piratci, John Ro»e Arilirr Jiiil Willi ini Whitr, rxn iitnl |imc i, i":4, 
behingej to the crrw of the ilriMilcii Cjpt. John Pliillipn. Ste Draki-'s ' Hi'-tmy i f 
Button,' p. ^70. Philli))!! wa« killed Jiid Ilia vcisci cjptured by .1 trw yiniiij; nun 
whom he h.iil compi-ilcd to sail with him. One \j( these (whmn Mather njnie!>) 
'Julin Fhilmure ot' Iptwi h,' wat the grcJt-grandt'jther ui I'reiident Millard Fillnmrr." 
— J. H. Thumbuli.. 

[Mathkr.] Corderius Americamis. | An Essay | upon | The 
Ciood Education of Children. | And what may Hopefully he At- 
tempted, for I the Hope of the Kloek, | in a | Funeral Sermon | upon | 
Mr. Kzekiel Cheever. | The Ancient and Hoiiourahle Mister of 
the I Free-School in Boston | ... | VVitli an Klegv ami an Kpitaph 
upon him. I Hy one that was once a Scholar to \\\n\,\...\ i^'jitfju^ 
Printed by 'John Allen ^ for Nicholas Houne^\ ... 1 708. Hvo, pp. 
(6), 34. H. -\ Boston ; Printed by Ezekiel Rus-sell. M,i)CC ,i.x.\iv. 
Sm. 8vo, pp. 30. »A., M. 46272 

Mathkr. Corderius Americanus. A Discourse on the 
Good Education of Children ... at the Funeral of E/ekiel 
Cheever ... who died August, 1708 ... . Hy the Rev. Cottt)n 
Mather, u.D. ... To which is ... added, A Selection from the 
Poems of Cheever's Manuscript ... . Boston: Printed hy Dutton 
y IFentworth. 1828. 8vo, pp. 32. Facsimile. H., s. 46273 

[Mather, and others.~\ A Course of Sermons on Early Piety. 
Bv the Eight Ministers who carry on the 'I'hursdav Lecture in 
Boston. With a Preface by the Reverend Dr. Increase Mather. 
And also clos'd with a Discourse lately had bv him to Young 
People. ... Boston in N. E.: Printed by S. Kneeland^ for N, But- 
tolph^ B. Eliot and D. Henchman. 1 721. l2mo, pp. (2), vi, 44, 
30, 36, 26, 52, 36, 32, 66, 16. 46274 

The eight ministers were Cotton Mather, B. Wadsworth, B. Colman, J. Sewall, T. 
Prince, J. Webb, W. Cooper, and T. Foxcroft. 

Mather. The Curbed Sinner. | A Discourse] Upon the Gra- 
cious and Wondrous Restraints] Laid by the] Providence] Of the 
Glorious God ] On the Sinful Children of Men, to] Withold them 
from Sinning against ] Him. ] Occasioned by a Sentence of ]3e;ith, | 
passed on a poor Young Man, ] for the Murder of his Companion. | 
With some Historical Passages refer-] ring to that Unhappy Spec- 
tacle. J By Cotton Mather, d.d. ] ... ] Boston.^ N. E. Printed by John 
Allen., for Nicholas Boone ... . I 713. I 2mo, pp. (2), xiv, 64. 
A sermon preaclied after the condemnation of David Wallis. 



p:- ,'.".!'**.► 




[Maihkk.] I'Ik' C'uri" of Sorrt)w. An Essay directing 
Persons uniicr Sailncss, what C'duisc to take, that they mav br 
no more Sad. Hottjn: Pritittd hy li. iireeu. I JOy. wnio, pp. 4<). 

Matiikr. 'I'he Day, & the Work of the Day. | A Hrief Dis- 
course, | on | What Fears, we may have at | This 'Tiine to ijiiickeii 
us ; I What Hopes there are for us at | This Time to comfort us : | 
and I ... Collections of certain Prophecies | relating to the present 
Circum- I stances of New-England. | Uttered on a East, kept iii| 
Boston, July 6th. 1693. | By Cotton Mather. | Z/oj/o« .• Printed ... 
by li.\ Hiinis. 1 693. 1 2mo, pp. 71. B. 46277 

[Matmi:k.) The Day which the Lord hath made. | A | Dis- 
course I C'oiicerninii; | the Institution | and | Observation | of the | 
I-ords-Day. I Delivered ... |4d. im. \'JOt^.\ Boston^ N, K. : hinted 
by B. (rreeri, (ind\ 'J. Jllen. 1703. Sm. 8vo, pp. (2), 46. 11., h. 
I liostau^ N. E.: Reprinted by B. Green. 1707. Sm. 8vo. 

It W.I9 trjnsl.iCfd into Itulian by Rev. Sam'l Danfurtli as " Ne Kesulcod I'liiyii 
J«hi>vali Kcsiielitunkup," rcc. 

Mathkr. Death made Easic & Happy. | Two ... | Discourses 
on the I Prudent Apprehensions | of | Death ; | ... With | Serious 
Thoughts in Dying Times :|or, A| Discourse upon Death ;| .... 
By Cotton Mather. ... London: Printed by Tho. Pdrkhunt. 1701. 
24mo, pp. (2), 106. B., w. 4627(^ 

[Mather.] Decennium Luctuosum. | An [History | of | Re- 
markable Occurrences, | In the Long | War, | which | New-Eng- 
land hath had with the | Indian Salvages, | From the year 1688. | 
to the Year 1698. | Faithfully Composed and Improved. | //oj/<j«; 
Printed by B. Green bf J. Allen^ for Samuel Phillips. 1699. 8vo, 
pp. 254, (1). 46280 

After p. 198, a second title-page; " Observable Things, j The | History | ot' | Ten 
Years | Rolled away under the great | Calamities of | A War, ( with | Indian Salvages : | 
Repeated and Improved, in a Sermon, | at Boston-Lecture, zyd. ym. 169S.I... Bostwi, 
Printed for Samuel PbiUipi ... . 1699. Very rare. Reprinted in the " Magnalia," 1702, 
and with Increase Mather's "History," as edited by S. G. Drake, i86z. 

Mather. Decus ac Tutamen. | A Bi ief Essay | on the | Bless- 
ings |Enjoy'd by a People I that have | Men of a Right Character | 
Shining among them. | Offered in Commemoration of that | Good 
and Great Man | the Honourable | Gurdon Saltonstall Esq -, | Late 
Governour of Connecticut-Colony | New-England. | Who Ex- 
pired, at New-London ; I Sept. 20th. 1724. | In the Fifty- ninth 
Year of his Age. | By Cotton Mather ... . New-London: Printed 
by T. Green. 1724. 8vo, pp. (4), iv, 34. 46281 






Mather. Dcsidciius. | ()i, | A IX-sii fable Man | DcNciibM \ \ \\\ 
the Characters of One Worthy to be,| A | Man CiiiMtlv Htluvfd. | 
... jGiven in ... Conunemoration ot ... | Mr. Janu-s Keith, | I.ate 
Minister of the (iospeljin Bridgwater ; | Who Kxpir<il, on 2\. d. 
V. m. 1 7 19. ... I Hy Cotton Mather ... . \lioitou: l*nnled by S. 

Kneeland. 1719. izmo, pp. (2), 34. 

H., H. 


Mather. Dctur Dignici. |The Righteous Man [described & 
asserted I as the | Excellent Man i | and | The Kxcelleruies of Kach | 
an One demonstrated. | In a Sermon, upon the Death | of the 
Reverend I Mr. Joseph (lerrish, { Late Pastor to the Church in | 
Wenham:|Who was Received, where the weary | are at Rest, 
On the 6 d. xi m. 1719.! In the Seventieth Year of his Age. | 
By Cotton Mather ... . | Boston: Printed by B. iireen. 1720. 
8vo, pp. (2), 29. 46283 

[Mather.] Deus Nobiscum. | A | Very brief Kssay,|on the] 
Enjoyment of God. | ... | Boston : S. Gerrish. 1725. 1 2nio, pp. 24. 

[Mather.] Diluvium Ignis. | De | Secundo ac ()ptando| 
Jehovie-Jesu | Adventu ; | Deque | Secundo ac Treniendo | Ilium 
Comitante | Deluvio ; | Atque de Fine omnium instante ; | Xlonita 
quaedam Scripturaria, | et Salutaria, atque sumnie | Necessaria ; I 
Mundo alte consopito, et haec | porro omnia suscjue deiiue ha-j 
bituro, oblata. | ... | [n. p.] Editur, a. d. Vulgariter, 1726, Rea- 
liter, 1729. Sm. 8vo, pp. (2), xiv. b., h. -|- Reprinted at Boston,^ 
for Benjamin Indicott .... 1730. 46285 

Mather. Discipline Practised in the Churches of New 
England, containing the Principles owned and the Endeavours 
used by them. By Cotton Mather. tVhitchurch^ Salop. 1823. 
8vo. 46286 

[Mather.] Divine Afflations. |An Essay, | To Describe and 
Bespeak | Those | Gracious Influences | of the | Holv Spirit | Which | 
Will Produce & Confirm the Eter-|nal Happiness of those who | 
find that Blessed Spirit of Life | so Entring into them, and making | 
them to Live unto God. | ... | Neiv-London : \ Printed and Sold by 
Timothy Green. \\'j\-]. 8vo, pp. (2), 38. + [//»/'</.] 1722. M. 

[Mather.] Duodecennium Luctuosum. | The History of a 
Long I War I With Indian Salvages,] And their Directors and Abet- 
tors ; | From the Year, 1702. To the Year, 1714. | Comprised in 
A I Short Essay, to declare the Voice of the| (jlorious God, in the 
Various Occurrences | of that War, which have been thought 



t'lra n 




Mat- 1 tcrs of more Special Observation. | A Recapitulation made 
in the Audience, | ot" His Excellency the (jovernour, | and the 
General Assembly ot" the | Massachusett Province; At Boston,] 
30. d. VII. m. 1714. I ... I Boston : Printed by B. Green^for Samuel 
.1714. 8vo, pp. (2), 30. BA., J.C.B., M., w. 46289 


Mather. Durable Riches. | Two Brief | Discourses, | Occa- 
sioned] By the Impoverishing Blast of Hca-|ven, which the Un- 
dertakings of I Men, both by Sea and Land, | have met withal.] 
The One, handling, | The true Cause of Loosing; | The other, 
giving, ] The True VVav of Thriving. ] By Cotton Mather. |...| 
Boston: Printed by 'John Allen^ for \ Vavasour Harris ... . 1695. 
i2mo, pp. (2), 33, (1), 34, (2). H. + Boston. 1715. l2mo. 

to the Last. 

(2j, 34- 

Dust and Ashes. An Essav upon Repentance 
Boston: Printed by B. Green. 1710. l2mo, pp. 


Mather. The Duty of Children Whose Parents have 
Pray'd for them. Or, Earlv and Real Godliness Urged ; Es- 
specially upon such as are descended from Godly Ancestors. A 
Sermon, preached Mav 19. 1703. [on a Day of] Prayer with 
Fasting for the Rising Generation. By Cotton Mather ... . 
Boston: Printed for the Booksellers. 1 703. l2mo. 46292 

For a second impression see Increase Mather's ''The Duty of Parents," infra. 

[Mather.] Early Pietv, | Exemplified ] in the j Life and 
Death j of I Mr. Nathanael Mather, | who | Having become at the 
Age of [Nineteen, an Instance of more] than connnon | Learning 
and Virtue, I Changed Earth for Heaven, Oct. 17. i6<S8. | Whereto 
are added | Some Discourses on the true Nature, | the great Re- 
ward, and the best j Season of such | a walk with God | as he left a 
Pattern of. | ... ] London., | Printed by "J. Jstwood fur "J. Dun ton. 
1689. 8vo, pp. (10), 60. -f The Second Edition. With a 
Prefatory Epistle by Mr. iMatihew Mead. [/(^/V/.] 1689. 8vo, 
pp. (14), 60. c. -|- Boston: Repainted from the London Edition 
0/^1689. 1690. I2mo. + Boston: Congregational Board of Pub- 
lication. [1857?] i6mo, pp. 74. h. 46293 

The " Discourses" announced were not printed. 

Mather. Early Pietv exemplified in Elizabeth Butcher of 
Boston, who was born Julv 14th, 1709, and died June 13th, 1718, 
being just 8 years and 11 months old. Fourth Edition, Boston. 
1 7 18. i6mo. 4^294 

Title from Thomas' " History of Printing." 




tion made 
, I and the 
Hoston, I 
^'ur Samuel 

w. 46289 

s, I Occa- 
1 the Un- 

t withal.) 
he other, 
ther. |...| 

• ^695- 

2 mo, pp. 


Its have 
H; Es- 
tors. A 
yer with 
her ... . 

-iFe and 
le at the 

reat Re- 
he left a 
With a 
|. 8vo, 
of Pub- 

:her of 


Mather. Early Religion, | Urged in a | Sermon,] Upon | The 
Duties Wherein, I And the Reasons Wherefore, | Young People,] 
Should Become | Religious, | Whereto are Added, | The Extracts 
of several Papers, Written | by several Persons, who here Dying 
in their | Youth, lefi behind them those Admonitions for | the 
Young Survivers, with Brief Memoirs rela-|ting to the Exem- 
plary Lives of some such, | that have gone from hence tf^ theii | 
Everlasting Rest. | By Cotton Mather. | ... \Bostou^ Printed l>\- H. 
H. for Michael Perry^\ ... 1694. 8vo, pp. (2), II7, (l). 46295 

[Mather.] Ecclesiae Monilia. I The | Peculiar Treasure | of 
the I Almighty King | opened : | ... | At Boston Lecture, July 14. 
1726. 1 ... I Exhibited, in the Character of| Mrs. Elizabeth Cotton, | 
Who was Laid up a few Days before. | And Certain Instruments 
and I Memorials of | Piety, | Written by that Valuable and Honour- 
able] Gentlewoman. | 5oj/(J« .• ... Daniel Henchman ... 1726, 8vo, 
pp. (2), 42. H. 46296 

Mrs. Cotton was the widow of Rev. Roland Cotton, of Sandwich, Mass., and a 
sister of Gurdon Saltonstall, Governor of Connecticut. 

Mather. Ecclesiastes. ] The Life j of the ] Reverend & Ex- 
cellent, I Jonathan Mitchel ; ] A Pastor of the Church, ] and j A 
Glory ot the Colledge, ] in | Cambridge, New-England. | Written 
by Cotton Mather. ] ... | Massachuset : j Printed by B. Grern., and "J. 
Jllen. 1697. Sm. 8vo, pp. ill. c, H. 46297 

Very rare. At the end of the sermon are two elegies, in verse, one by Cotton 
Mather, the other, with an *' Epitaphium," signed " F. D." [Francis Drake]. Tlit-re 
were two issues, one of which has five line^ of errata on the last page, not in the 
other. Thomas says it was reprinted, Boston, 1724. 8vo. 

Mather. The Echoes of Devotion. A very brief and plain 
Essay on those Acts of Compliance, which all calls to Piety are 
to be entertained withal. Boston. 1716. i2mo, pp. 36. 46298 

a sermon, so rare that I am unable to quote a perfect copy. 

[Mather.] Edulcorator. Or the Waters of Marah Sweet- 
ened. An Essay on the Death of Capt. Josiah Winslow. Bos- 
ton. 1725. i2mo, pp. 38. 4^299 

Title from Thomas' " History of Printing." 

[Mather.] An | Elegy ] on The Much-to-be-deplored Death | 
of that Never-to-be-forgotten Person, | The Reverend] Mr. Na- 
thanael Collins;) Who After he had been many years a faithful | 
Pastor to the Church at Middletown of Connecticut in New- 
England, ] about the Eorty-third year of his Age Expired ; On 

VOL. XI. 50 






I I 


! I 

il «: 

.^- I « 



28th. 10. moneth 1684. | ... | Boston^ N. E.: Printed by Richard 
Pierce for Obadiah Gill. 1685. 8vo, pp. (4), 20. 46300 

This extrenifly rare and curious poem abounds in extravagant hyperbole, though by 
no means remarkable for poetic talent. The following lines are a fair specimen : 

" There, 
Grov'ling in ashes, with dishev'led hair. 
Smiting her breast, black'd with a mourning aress, 
Resembling mother Sion in distress; 
Pilty, the Church of Middletown bespeaks 
Set in the midst of siuo^)i < and sobs and shrieks. 
With Buwells full of /'/ hastned to 
The fVet place, asking ivhy she grieved so f 
And had this Answer : 
Sir, ask you this ? Are you a Sojourner 

Within New- England'' s bounds and know not ivhyf 
I've lost great Collins, man ! O that, O there, 

From this Tears- Fountain is my misery." 

[Mather,] Eleutheria : | or, | An Idea of the Reformation | 
In I England : | and | A History of Non-Conformity in | and since 
that Reformation. | With Predictions of a more glorious | Refor- 
mation and Revolution at | hand. Written in the year 1696.] 
Mostly compiled and maintain'^ from unexceptionable Writings 
of Conformable Di-| vines in the Church of England.] To which 
is added, | The Conformists Reasons for joining with the | Non- 
conformists in Divine Worship. | By another Hand. | London. ] 
Printed for "J. R. and sold by Sam. Phillips Bookseller | at Boston in 
New-England. 1698. 8vo, pp. iv, 135. B., ba., m., w. 46301 

[Mather.] Elijah's Mantle. See [Mitchel (J.)], and others. 

Mather. Elizabeth in her Holy Retirement ; an Essay to 
prepare a Pious Woman for her Lying-in. Boston: N. Boone. 
1710. i2mo. 46302 

Title from an English auctioneer's catalogue. I find no other trace of the work. 

[Mather.] El-Shaddai. | A brief Essay, Ion | All Supplied in 
an Alsufficient | Saviour. | Produced by the Death | Of ... Mrs, 
Katharin Willard, | ... . | Boston., in N. E.: Printed by B. Green. 
1725. 8vo, pp. (2), ii, 25. BA. 46303 

[Mather.] An Epistle | To the Christian] Indians, | Giving 
them I A Short Account, of what the | English | Desire them to 
Know and to Do, | In order to their Happiness. | Written by an 
English Minister, at the | Desire of an English Magistrate, | who 
sends unto them this | Token of Love. | Boston., \ Printed by Bar- 
tholomew Green., and\John Allen. 1700. Sm. 8vo, pp. (4), (28). 




+ The Second Edition. | fi<?i/<j«,| /V/«W by Bartholomew Green. \ 
1706. 8vo, pp. (4), (28). H., M. 46304 

Recto of each leaf in English, verso in Indian, 

Mather. An Essay on Remarkables in the Way of wicked 
Men. Boston. 1723. 46305 

Title from Samuel Mather's list. I And no other account of it. 

Mather. An Essay upon the Good thit is to be Devised ... 
by those who desire to Answer the Great End of Life ... . By 
Cotton Mather. ... Boston: Massachusetts Sabbath School Society. 
1845. i8mo, pp. 314. H., s. 46306 

Fi)r tin; original edition, ste " Bonifacius," No. 46238, supra. 

Mather. Essays to do Good ... . By the late Cotton Mather, 
... Revised and Improved by George Burder. London. 1807. 
l2mo, pp. 172. -f~ Second Edition. London. 1808. l2mo, pp. 
xii, 167. c. -|- A New Edition, Improved by George Burder. 
From the Latest London Edition. Boston: Printed ... by Lincoln 
l£ Edmands. 1 808. I2mo, pp. 148. ba. -f- New-York: Whiting 
and Watson. 18 15. i8mo, pp. 132. s. + "Johnstown: Printed 
... by Asa Child. 181 5. l2mo, pp. 195, (l). H. -|- London: 
Williams and Son. 18 16. I2mo. -f- New-York : American Tract 
Society [about 1820]. 24mo, pp. 108. H. -f Lexington^ Ky. 1823. 
l2mo. -j- London: Francis Westley. 1824. I2mo, pp. xvi, 215. 
+ Portsmouth. \N. //.] 1824. I2mo, pp. 148. --|- Glasgow: 
Chalmers and Collins. 1825. i2mo, pp. xc, 31-214. ba. -f- 
Dover : Samuel C. Stevens. 1826. l2mo, pp. 148. -\- Lexington., 
Ky.: T. T. Spillman. 1829. i2rno, pp. 238. 46307 

See Sparks' " Franklin," x. 83. For the first edition, ice " Bonifacius,"No. 46238. 

Mather. Evp7)Ka. Or a Virtuous Woman found. An Es- 
say on the Death of Mrs. Mary Brown. Boston. 1703. 8vo. 

[Mather.] Euthanasia. | A | Sudden Death | Made | Happy 
and Easy | to the | Dving Believer. | Exemplified in | John Frizell, 
Esq ; I Who so Expired, April lO. 1723. | ... | Boston: Printed by 
S. Kneeland. mdccxxiii. 8vo, pp. (4), 27. B., H. 46309 

Mather. The Everlasting Gospel.] The Gospel of|Justifi- 
cation | By the | Righteousness of God ; | As 'tis | Held and Preach'd 
in the Churches | of New-England : Expressed in | a Brief Dis- 
course on that I Important Article; made at Boston | in the Year, 
1699, 1 by Cotton Mather. | ... \ Boston: Printed by B. Green^ and 

i ■* 



I i 



J.. AlUii^for Nicholas Ruttolph .... 1700. 
-\- Second Edition. Philadelphia. 1767. 

i2mo, pp. (32), 76. B. 
i8mo. 46310 


Dediiateii " To the Reverend Ministers ... in London, sometimes honoured with 
the Name ot' United Brethren." For a later edition, ue "Gospel of" Justiiitation." 


The Evident Tokens of Salvation. 

Boston, ili-j. 
4631 1 

Perhaps the same as " Signatus," infra. 

Mather. Fair Dealing | between Debtor and Creditor. | A 
very brief Essay | upon | The Caution to be used, | about coming 
in to I Debt, | And getting out of it. | Offered at Boston-Lecture ; | 
5. d. XI. m. 17} «. I By Cotton Mather ... . Boston : | Printed by B. 
Green .^ for Samuel Gerrish ... . 1716. 8vo, pp. (2), 30. 46312 

Mather. Fair Weather. Or Considerations to Dispel the 
Clouds, & Allay the Storms of Discontent. ... Whereto there is 
prefixed a Catalogue of Sins against all the Commandments ... 
By Cotton Mather ... . Boston : Printed by B. Green and "John 
Allen., for Nicholas Buttolph. 169 1. l2mo, pp. (2), 93. -(-Second 
Edition, \Jbid^ 1694. 46313 

Appended (pp. 83-9Z) is "A Narrative of a Very Tragical Accident, which hap- 
pened while tlie foregoing Treatise was in the Press," — the assault on Yoric, by the 
Eastern Indians; with an Epitaph on Rev. Shubael Dummer who was killed. 

[Mather.] Faith at Work. | A | Brief and Plain | Essav, | 
Upon ...(Good Works, I bv which | the Faith of a Christian is] to 
be evidenced. | ... | Boston in New- England :\ Printed by B. Green 
and y. Jllen.\ 1697.] Sm. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 46314 

[Mather.] Faith Encouraged. | A | Brief Relation | of a| 
Strange Impression from | Heaven, on the Minds of some | Jewish 
Children, [at the City of Berlin, | (in the Upper Saxony.) | And 
some Remarks, for the | Improvement of so Marvellous an | Oc- 
currence. I Boston: I Printed by "J. Allen., for T. Fleet ... . 1718. | 
Sm. 8vo, pp. 32. 46315 

Mather. The Faith of the Fathers. | Or, | The Articles of the 
I True Religion, ' \11 of them Exhibited | In the Express Words of 
the I Old Testament. I Partly, [To Confirm those who do not pro- 
fess that Reli-|gion of God, and His Messiah. | But Chiefly, | To 
Engage the Jewish Nation, unto [the Religion of their Patriarchs; | 
And, Bring down the Hearts of the Fathers into | the Children, 
and the Disobedient unto the [Wisdom of the Just, and so. To 
make Ready |a People prepared for the Lord. | By Cotton Mather. 
I ... I Boston in New- England. Printed by B. Green., and f. Alien. 
1699.1 ^^'°> PP- ^4* ^'-i "• 46316 

:\ *« _ — 

<•, If 




Mather. A Faithful Man,| Uesciibed and Rcwankd. | Some 
I Observable & Serviceable | Passages in the | Lite and Death | of | 
Mr. Michael VVigglesworth. | 1-ate Pastor of Maldon ; | VVho 
Rested from his Labours, on the | Lords-Day, June loth. 1705. 
In the] Seventy Fourth year of his Age. | And | Memorials of Piety, 
I Left behind him among his Written | Experiences.] With a Fun- 
eral Sermon Preached | (for him) at Maldon; June 24. 1705.I 
By Cotton Mather. | ... | Boston: Printed by B. Grcen^for Benj. 
Eliot. 1705. i2mo, pp. (6), 48. H., H., M. 46317 

"The Dedication," pp. 4, is signed "Increase Mather." The "Written Kxperi- 
ences" iill pp. 27-48. On page 48 is a punning epitaph on Wigglesworth, in versf. 

[Mather.] A Faithful Man described and rewarded. A 
Sermon preached at Maiden, June 24, 1705, occasioned bv the 
Death of that faithful and aged Servant of God, Mr. Michael 
Wigglesworth. [Second Edition.] Boston. 1849. ^^"^ PP- S^- 
-(- Boston. 1850. 8vo, pp. 52. 46318 

The title-page erroneously credits this sermon to Increase Mather. 

[Mathe.1.] a Faithful Monitor, j Offering, An | Abstract ] of 
the I Lawes [ in the Province of the Massac husett-Bav, | New- 
England, I Against those Disorders, the Suppression | whereof is 
desired and persued bv them [that wish well to the worthv Designs 
of I Reformation. I With some Directions and Encouragements, | 
to dispense due Rebukes, & Censines | unto all Censurable hc- 
i\on%.\... \ Boston : Printed ... hy Timothy Green. \i']0\. Sm. 8vo, 

pp.56. H.,M 46319 

Mather. Faithful Warnings to prevent Fearful Judgments. 
Boston. 1704. 8vo, pp. 48. 4^^320 

[Mather. J The Fall of Pibylon. See Frontiers, etc. 46332 

[Mather.] Family-Religion, Excited and Assisted. The 
Second Impression. [^Boston: Reprinted by B. Green. 1 707.] 
i2mo, pp. 23. + The Third Impression. Newport: IVidnv 
Franklin. [1740.] Sm. 8vo, pp. 16. -f- [The Fourth Impression. 
Colophon : Boston : Reprinted by S. Kneeland., for S. Gerrish. 
1720.] 8vo, pp. (2), 20. -| [Another Impression.] Boston. 
1727. 8vo. 46321 

Also translated into the Massachusetts Indian language. Baton. 1714. ifimo, pp. 30. 
For the first edition, see "A Family Sacrifice," No. 46323, the third edition is entitled: 

Mather. Family Religion Urged. ... To which is added, A 
select number of choice Hymns ... . Bv Cotton Mather, d.u. ... 


pp. 24. -f 

Re-printed for D. Henchman. 1747. 8vo, pp. 23. 












■ -^iC. r^ 



t I 

[Mather.] A Family Sacrifice. | A | Brief Essay | To | Direct 
and Excite | Family Religion ; | and | Produce the Sacrifices of | 
Righteousness in our | Families. | Boston : Printed by B. Greeti^ 
and\ J. Allen. Sold by B. Eliot, i 703. Sm. 8vo, pp. (2), 40. 

Mather. A Family Well-Ordered. | Or | An Essay | To Ren- 
der] Parents and Children | Happy in one another.] Handling Two 
very Important ] Cases. ] I. What are the Duties lO be done by 
Pi-]ous Parents, for the promoting of Pic-]tv in their Children. ] 
II. What are the Duties that must be] paid by Children to their 
Parents, I that they may obtain the Blessings of j the Dutiful. ] By 
Cotton Mather. ] ... ] Boston, Printed by B. Green, i^f J. Allen, for\ 
Michael Perry ... . 1699. i2mo, pp. 79, 5. B. 46324 

At the end is " An Address Ad Fratrti in Erema" of fiv- pages, separatply paged. 

[Mather.] Fasciculus Viventium. ]Or, ] All Good Wishes | 
in One. I A brief Essay] on, J A Soul Bound up in the l?undle]()f 
Life; ... 1 Boston: Printed by T. Fleet, for \Alf or d Butler. 1726. 
8vo, pp. 24. B. 46325 

[Mather.] A Father Departing. | A Sermon | On the De- 
parture of the ] Venerable and Memorable ] Dr. Increase Mather, | 
Who Expired Aug. 23. 1723. ] In the Flighty Fifth Year of his 
Age. I By One who, as a Son with a Fa-|thcr, served with him 
in the Gospel.) ... \ Boston : \ Printed by T. Fleet, for N. Belknap., 
... 1723. 8vo, pp. 31. B., ba. 46326 

Mather. La Fejdel Christiano :]En Veyntequatro Articu- 
los]de la Institucion de Christo. j Embiada ] A Los Espanoles, ] 
... Por C. Mathero, J... . Boston. 1699. Sm. 8vo, pp. 16. h. 

See •• La Religion Pura," infra. 

Mather. Fibufugium. An Essay for the Cure of Ungodly 
Anger. Boston. 17 17. 8vo. 46328 

From S. Mather's list. Perhaps the same as "The Case of a Troubled Mind," supra. 

Mather. The Fisher-man's Calling. A Brief Plssay to 
Serve the Great Interests of Religion among our Fisher-men. 
By Cotton Mather ... . Boston: T. Green 1712. 8vo, pp. (2\ 
iv, 49, (i). 46329 

Mather. A Flying Roll, j Brought forth, to Enter into the 
House] and Hand of the Thief. | The J Crime & the Doom ] Of 
the Thief declared ; jThe various VVayes of his | Theft | Detected 
and Exposed ; J And a Repentance demanded ] from the Malefactor. 


u ,1 j. 



I In a Sermon ... at Boston, | p. M. Lords-Day, 1 1 d. 1 1 m. 1 7 1 2. | 
By Cotton Mather, d. d. | ... | Boston in Neiu-Enghnd : Printed by 
B. Green ... . | 1713. iimo, pp. (2), 34. b., h,, w. 46330 

[Mather.] P'ree-Grace, Maintained & Improved. | Or, | The 
General Offer | of the | (Jospcl, | Managed with Considerations of 
the I Great Things done by | Special Cirace, | in the | Election and 
Redemption I and Vocation] Of those who Embrace that Offer, | 
and I The Illustrious Doctrines of Divine | Predestination and Hu- 
mane Impotencv, Rescued from the Abuses, | which thev too fre- 
quent V meet withal ;| And rendered (as they are) highly Useful | 
to the Designs of Practical Piety. | In Two brief Discourses ; 
Published at the Desire [of Some, who have been greatly Appre- 
hensive I of Growing Occasions for such Treatises. | Boston : 
Printed by B. Green. 1706. Sm. 8vo, pp. (2), 70. H. 46331 

[Mather.] Frontiers Well-Defended. | An | F^ssav [ to Di- 
rect the I Frontiers I of ajCountrey Exposed unto the Incur- |sions 
of a Barbarous Enemy. | How to behave themselves in their [Un- 
easy Station .? I Containing Admonitions of Pietv, | Propos'd by the 
Compassion of [some Friends unto their Welfare, | to be Lodg'd in 
the Families of | our Frontier Plantations. | Boston^ in N. E. Printed 
by T. Green. \ 1707. Sm. 8vo, pp. 52. w. 46332 

Usually followed by "The Fall of" Babylon," pp. (a), 20. 

[Mather.] Genethlia Pia -, Or, Thoughts for a Birth-Day. 
Boston. 1 7 19. l2mo, pp. (2), 37. 46333 

Mather. Genuine Christianity. [ Or, | A True Christian | 
Both in Life and in Death, | Glorifying the ... Lord. | A Sermon, j 
On the Departure of | Mrs. Frances Webb, ... September 14. 
1 721. ...|By C. Mather .... \ Boston: Printed by S. Knee la nd^ for 
S, Gerrish. 172 1. 8vo, pp. (4), 20. H. 46334 

[Mather.] A Glorious Espousal. A Brief Essay to Illus- 
trate the Marriage, wherein Our Great Saviour offers to Espouse 
unto Himself the Children of Men; And there upon to Recom- 
mend ... a Good Carriage in the Married Life. An Essay ... 
Seasonably to be presented, where a Marriage is upon a Celebra- 
tion. Boston: Printed by S. Kneeland^ for B. Gray. 17 19. l2mo, 
pp. (2), 46. 46335 

Mather. The Glorious Throne. | A Short View of Our 
Great j Lord-Redeemer, I ... Orde'-ing ... all the [Changes in the 
World:] ... Particularly, ... in the Death of Our ... |So\ereign, | 
and the ... | Succession of the British Crown, [to the Illustrious 


I I; 



^ ^i 




• ( 




House of| Hanover. I ... A Sermon ... |at Boston in New-Eng- 
land, |on 23 d. VII m. 1714. |Hy Cotton Mather ... . Boston: 
Printed by B. Green. 1714. Sin. 8vo, pp. (2), 37. B. 46336 

Mather. The Glory of Goodness, in the Redemption of 
the English in Marbary. Boston. 1703. 8vo, pp. 51. 46337 

Title from Thomas' " History of Printing," Vol. 11. 

Mather. A Golden Curb, | For the Mouth, which ... | Rushes 
into the Sins of Profane] Swearing and Cursing. | ... [^Boston: "John 
Jl/en. 1709.] i2mo, pp. 12. H. 46338 

"You Disguise, you Curtail, you Abbreviate your Swearing: As Doii ; ami manv 
other such Strokes in the Jargon of Oath-mniigcrs ... This is a poor Evasion. What is 
it, that these Fictitious wonts Originally Signify ? In these Mongrel Oathes, your God so, 
is a< tnuch as to say, H\ God's Soul. Your Odi me, is as much as to say, y^j Gid sees me. 
'.SVV/r, is as much as to say, Hv God's Life. 'Z-uiids, is as much as to say. By God's 
(Vcunds. Yea, when you say. Marry, 'tis, Ii]i i^aiiit Mary, And thus for the rest." (p. 
10.) "The Golden Curb : or, Sober Checks given to Rash Passions," was the title of 
another work of Mather's (published in "Batteries upon the Kingdom of the Devil," 
1695), No. 46230, supra. 

Mather. Golgotha. | A Lively | Description of Death. | With 
I Such Thoughts, as are to | be Entertained by Men, that | they 
may not Perish, in that | very Day, when the 'I'houghts of | Men 
do Perish. I Occasioned I By some fresh Instances of | Early Mor- 
tality. I With I A more particular Memorial | of One of them ; 
Namely,! Mr. Recompence Wadswuth, a | late School-Master in 
Boston. I By Cotton Mather, d.d. j ... | Boston in N. E. Printed by 
B. Green., yhr\ Daniel Henchman ... . 17 13. l2mo, pp. (2), 46. 

[Mather.] A Good Character. | Or, A Walk with God | 
Characterized. I With some Dues paid unto the| Memory of | Mr. 
Joseph Belcher, I The late Reverend & Excellent Pastor | of Dcd- 
ham, who Expired April 27, 1723. [By One of the Ministers in 
Boston. I ... I With an Elegy by the Reverend Mr. John Danforth. 
{Boston^ N. E.\ Printed by B. Green. 1723. 8vo, pp. (2), 24. B. 

[Mather.] A Good Evening for the Best | of Dayes. | An 
Essay, I To Manage an [Action of Trespass, [against | Those who 
Mispend the | Lords-Day | Evening, | In such Things as have a 
Tendency to [Defeat the Good of the Day. | A Sermon ... in the 
Audience I of the General Assembly, | at Boston, 4 d. 9 m. 1708. | 
...\Boston: Printed by B. Green. 1 708. 8vo, pp. (6), 26. c, H. 

[Mather.] Good fetch'd out of Evil. A Collection of 
Memorables relating to our Captives. Boston. 46342 

Title from an imperfect copy in the Boston Public Library 


-, I 



[Mather.] Good Lessons for Children ; in Verse. Boston. 
1706. Sm. 8vo. 4^343 

IVIathkr. a (jood Man making a (iooil Knd. | The | Life 
and I3eath,|of the Reverend | Mr. John l}aily,|... in a | Sernjon, | 
On the Day of" his Funeral,]... 16 d. 10 m. 1697. ||Jy Cotton 
Mather. | ... Boston in N. E.:\ Printed by B. Uieen ... . 1698. 
Sm. 8vo, pp. 88. ua. 46344 

Mather. A Good Master Well Served. | A Brief | Discourse 
I on the Necessary I Properties Si Practices | Of a Ciood | Servant | 
In every Kind of Servitude; And of the [Methods that should 
be taken by the| Heads of a Family, to Obtain such|a Servant. | 
Hy Cotton Mather.] ... \ Boston in New England. \ Printed by B. 
Green^ and J. Jllen. 1696. Sm. 8vo, pp. 55, (i). M., w. 

[Mather.] A Good Old Age. | A Brief -Essay | on | The 
Glory I of I Aged Piety. | ... | Boston : Printed hy S. Kneeland and T. 
Green., for S. Gerrish. 1726. Sm. 8vo, pp. (2), 42. B., H. 

[Mather.] The Good Old Way. | Or, | Christianity I De- 
scribed, I From the Glorious Lustre of it, | Appearing | In the Lives 


of the] Primitive Christians. | An Essay |i'ending, from Illustrious 
Examples I of a Sober, & a Righteous, | and a Godly Life, Occur- 
ring] In the Ancient Church- J History, to Revive the 
Interests of Genuine ] and Practical Christianity. 






Printed by B. Green^\for Benj. Eliot ... . 1706. i2mo, pp. (2), 94. 

Mather. Gospel for the Poor. Boston. 1697. Sm. 8vo. 

Mather. The Gospel of Justification by the Righteousness 
of God. By Cotton Mather. IVilmington : Printed by Bonsai &' 

Niles. [n. d.] i2mo, pp. 60. 

B. 46349 

First published under the title of "The Everlasting Gospel," No. 46310, supra. 

Mather. Grace Defended. ] A Censure] on ... Ungodliness, 
... A Sermon Preached on the] Twenty fifth Day of December, 
1712. ] Containing Some Seasonable ] Admonitions of Piety.) And 
Concluded, with a brief Dissertation ] on ... the Penitent Thief 
on the Cross ... . j By Cotton Mather, d.d. ... ] Boston : Printed by 
B. Green., for Samuel Gerrish. 1712. 8vo, pp. (2), 35, (2). B. 

"We lay the charges of God upon you, that if any People take this Time, for any 
thing of a riotous tendency, you do not associate with them in such lh:gndiiness. ... The 
Grace of God in sending us a Great Saviour calls for more Pious Acknowledgments" 
(p. 20). "One of the earliest — perhaps the first — Christmas Sermon preached from a 
puritan pulpit in New England." — J. H. Trumbull. 



! I 

I ' 








[Mather."] The Grand Point of Solicitude. A very brief 
Essay upon Divine Desertions ; the Symptoms of them, and The 
Methods of Preventing them. A Sermon Published for the Scmv- 
ice of Others, by One of the Hearers, more particularly artcctetl 
in the Hearing of it. Boston: Printed by B. Green. 1715. iinio, 

PP-(2), 3'- 4^^35' 

Mathkk. (irata Brevitas. | An Essay] Made in a Few Words, 
I To demonstrate a I Few Words | May Have | Much com- 
prised in them. I With I Tne most Weighty Matters of | Religion, 
ortcred in general | Abridgments, as particular | Demonstrations of 
it. I A Winter-Sermon Preached at | Boston-Lecture 27. d. g. m. 
1712. |By Cotton Mather, Vi.\i.\...\ Boston : Printed by B. Greeu^ 
for Samuel\ Gerrish ... . 1712. i2mo, pp. (2), 20. H. 46352 

Mather, (ireat Consolations j Or a Tempted Christian 
Triumphing over his Temptations. Boston, 1703. 8vo. 46353 

[Mather.] The Greatest Concern in the World. A Short 
and Plain Essay to answer [the] Enquiry, What must I do to be 
Saved ? I'he Second Edition. New London : Printed by T. 
Green. 17 18. 8vo, pp. (2), 22. 46354 

The first edition was printed in 1707. See S. Mather's list. 

Mather. Hades Look'd into. | The Power of Our Great | 
Saviour I Over the | Invisible World,] and the ] Gates of Death] 
which lead into that World, j Considered, In J A Sermon ] Preached 
at the P'uneral]of the Honourable, ] Wait Winthrop Esq -, ] Who 
Expired, 7 d. ix m. 1717. ] In the lxxvi Year of his Age. ] Bv C. 
Mather ... . Boston: Printed by T. Crumps ^7^7' 8vo, pp. (2), 
vi, 46. w. 46355 

The preface is by Increase Mather. 

[Mather.] Hatzar-Maveth. j Comfortable Words ; J In a 
Short Essay Jon) The Comforts] Of One ... ] Walking through 
the Valley ] of the ) Shadow of Death ;]...] Boston. 1 726. 1 2m(), 
pp. (4), 28. B., w. 46356 

[Mather.] The Heavenly Conversation, | An Essay ] upon 
the Methods of Conversing] With a Glorious ] Christ, ] In Every 
Step of our Life.] ... Boston, lyio? i8mo, pp. (2), 14. 46357 

Title tak n from a copy with the imprint torn off. 

Mather. Help for Distressed Parents. Sermon at Lecture, 
Boston, Dec. 14, 1694. Boston. 1695. Sm. 8vo, pp. 62, (2). 



Mather. He/.ekiah. A Christian armed with Strength. 
Sermon at the Boston Lecture, Nov. 26, 17 13. Boston. 1713. 
i2mo, pp. 37. 46359 

Mather. The High Attainment. A Discourse on Resig- 
nation. Boston. 1703. 8vo. 46360 

[Mather.] Honcsta Parsimonia -, Or, Time Spent as it 
should be. Proposals, I'o prevent that Great Follv and Mischief, 
The Loss of Time; And Employ the Talent of Time So Watch- 
fully and Fruitfully that a Good Account may at Last be given 
of it. Boston: Printed by S. Kneelandy for J. Edwards ... . 
I72[2?] l2mo, pp. {4), 23. w. 46361 

Mather. Hor-Hagidgad. | An Essay | upon, I An Happy De- 
parture. I Occasioned | By the Decease of the Valuable | Mr. Wil- 
liam Waldron,! Late Pastor to one of the Churches in| Boston ; | 
Who Departed, Sept. 11. 1727.] By Cotton Mather, d.d. |and 
v. K.%.\..,\ Boston : ... S. Gerrish ... . 1727. 8vo, pp. (4), 8, 28. 

[Mather.] Humiliations followed with Deliverances. ... 
With an Appendix containing a Narrative of Wonderful Passages 
relating to the Captivity and Deliverance of Hannah Swarton. 
Boston: Printed by Joseph Wheeler. 1697. i2mo, pp. 72. 

Mather. Icono-clastes. | An Essay | upon the | Idolatry, | too 
often committed under the | Profession of the | most Reformed | 
Christianity ; I And a Discovery of the | Idols which all | Christians 
are| Every where in danger of. | By Cotton Mather ... . Boston: 
Printed by John Jilen.\ 1717.I 24mo, pp. (8), 37. H. 46364 

[Mather.] Ignorantia Scientifica. | A brief Essay ] On | Mans 
not knowing his | Time : [The jjust Inferences from it, | And the | 
Great Advantages of it. | Upon a Special and Mournful | Occa- 
sion. I ... I Boston in N. E. | Printed by B. Green^ for Samuel Ger- 
m/>, I ... 1727. Sm. 8vo, pp. (4), 24. B., h. 46365 

Mather. The Impenitent Sinner disarmed of his Plea. 
Boston. 1706. 8vo. 46366 

Mather. India Christiana. | A Discourse, | Delivered unto 
the|Commissioners, I for the | Propagation of the Gospel among] 
the American Indians. | Which is | Accompanied with several In- 
stru- 1 ments relating to th*^ 'jlorious | Design of Propagating our 
Holy I Religion, in the Eastern | as well as the Western, Indies. ( 
An Entertainment which they that are I Waiting for the Kingdom 
of God I will receive as Good News | from a far Country. | By 

1 J 



f 1 





Cotton Mather, d.I). |ancl K.R.s. | /;//»»/«« in Ntw-Knglami : \ Priuttfl 
by H. Citeen. 1721. Sm. 8vo, pp. (2), ii, 94, (l). 11., 11., p. 

Tlir " I'ciriinrMil.i," .it llir mil, i* iiMi.illy w.infini;. " 'I' thr mitre Cutimm m.iy 
li.ive .1 'r.iHif lit' till- L.iiigujiic wlii-ri-lii" the liiiluni Jtc inmiiu Inl in Rrli^iim, M.itlii'r 
printi (|i|i. ^2 ;^, il'uh/eJ,) "'I'lir H i-li(;iiin wliiiti jll g>iii>l men .itc unitnl in," in 
JnJiiiii, with Kii(;liali tr.inil.ition ii|i|iii»itf. 

f Mathi-R. I hisanabilia ; | or an | Kssay | Upon | Iniiiiahlcs ; | 
llaiiilling that Case, | What shall rfi)|)lc' tlo iinilcr | thrir Cjiicfs, 
when thiTi' is|no C'uiiiiji ot thtMU?| And Ainicil at thf| Cmnfort 
iuui C'ouiisil I Of" the nianv, who Kneounter those | (jiievoiis 
Things, I For which there is 110 Ketueilv | hut | Patience. | ... | /los- 
ton : Printed hy T. I'iet^fur Samuel Geniih ... . 1 7 14. linio, 
pp. 48. 4^'3<jH 

[Mathi:r.1 [iistiuctions to the Living, | from the C'omiition 
of the I Dead. I A Urief Relation of Remaika-| hies in the Ship- 
wreck of a-|l)c)ve One Hundred Pirates, | Who were cast away 
in the Shif) j VN'hido, on the Coast of New- 1 I'^ngland, April jt6. 
I 7 17. 1 And in the De.iih of Six, who af-|ter a Fair Trial at Hos- 
ton, were I Convicted iS: Condemned, Octoh. | 22. And executed, 
Novemb. 15.I 17 17. With some Account of | the Discourse had 
with them on | the way to their Execution. | And a Sermon 
Preached on | their Occasion. | Boston: Printed by John Allen^ for 
Nicholas Boone ... . 17 I 7. Sm. 8vo, pp. 64. m. 46369 

Mather. Jcdidiah : Or a Favi)rite of Heaven Described. 
Boston. 1703. Sm. 8vo. 4^37° 

Ma'ihkr. Johannes in Eremo, | Memoirs, Relating to the | 
Lives, I of the I Ever-Memorable, | Mr. John Cotton, | Who Dyed, 
23. d. 10. m. 1652. 1 Mr. John Norton,] Who Dyed, 5. d. 2. m. 
1663. I Mr. John Wilson, "| Who Dyed, 7. d. 6. m. 1667. | Mr. 
John Davenport, I \\'ho Dyed, 15. d. I. m. 1670. | Reverend and 
Renowned .Ministers ( '" the I Gospel, All, in the more Immediate 
Service I of One Churcii, in Boston ;|and| Mr. Thomas Hooker, | 
Who Dved, 7. d. 5. m. 1647,! Pastor of the Church at Hartford, 
New-England. I Written by Cotton Mather. | ... | \ Boston :~\ ... 
Michael Perry ... . 1695. Sm. 8vo, pp. 32, 80, 39, 46, 30, 45, (2) 

"To the Reader," 10 pp., hy Increase Mather. After the Introduction, is the 
Advertisement of" the author's projccttd "Church History of New England" (the 
"Magnalia"), with " A Scha-me of the Whole Work" (pp. 28-32). 

Mather. Juga Jucunda. | A Brief Essay | to Obti-in from | 
Young People, [An Early ... Submission | to the | Yoke of their 
Saviour ... . | With a Relation of the ... Dying Hours of Mrs. 



AbicI (loodwin ; ... . The Second Edition. lioslon : J). Hftich- 

man. 1728. Svo, pp. (4), 36. 4^M7^ 

Fur tht! Artt edition, tu Mather's *' Somi* Rrm^rkjbli-i," infra. 

[Mather.] Just (.'oniiucnu)iations. | The Di-aih | nf' | (J»)i)d 
Men, C\)nsiderctl ; | and | 'I'he Characters | of S()n\f who [ have 
httely Died in the Service of] the Churches, Kxhihited. | Urito 
which is added, | A Brief Account of the Kvangelital | Work 
among the Christianized | Indians of New Kiigl.iml ; Whereof 
One of the Persons here | Coninieniorated, was a Va liable | and 
Memorable Instrument. | ... | Boston in M, E. IVmted hy li. iireen: 
... [1715.] Sm. 8vo, pp. (2), iv, 58. c, n., m. 46373 

Another issue hjt the date on page ^8. This in a t' sermon uri [iihri Cotrcn 
and Grindui K.iwton. " Tlie Appendix coiitaini un actouiit u( the I'ro^rcsH ot the 
Uuapel among the Indiani, from Kliot'a death to 171;." — O, Bkinlky. 

[Mather.] Lampadarius. | A very Brief Kssav, | To Show 
the( lyight, I Which (jood Men have in|I)ark I lours | Arising to 
them. I ... \ Boston: Printed In the i'ear 1726. i2mo, pp. 24. B. 

[Mather.] Lapis e Monte. See "The Stone cut," In/ra. 

Mather. Latc| Memorable Providences | Relatinji to| Witch- 
crafts and Possessions, I Clearly Manifesting, | Not only that there 
are Witches, but I that (.jood Men (as well as others)! mav nossib 


have their Lives shortne(l|bv such evil Instriinients of Satan. | 
Written bv Cotton Mather Minister of the | ( Jospel at Boston in 
New-K.ngland. I The Second Impression. | Recomnu'iulcd bv the 
Reverend Mr. Richard | Baxter in London, ami bv the Ministers 
of I Boston and Charlestown in New-Knglaiul. | l.oiuion.^ \ Printed 
for Tbo. Parkhurst ... . 169 1. Sm. 8vo, pp. (221, 1 44. li. 46375 

One ot" the earliest American works referring to the subjeit. " Tlie latest witih- 
craf't tVenzy was in N'ew England in 1692, when the execution of' witches hecame a 
calamity more dreadful than the sword or the pestilence." — Rohinson's Ticul. Ditt. 
For the First Impression, see Mather's " Memorable Providences," No. 46407, iii/'ra. 

[Mather.] A Letter] About a Good Management under the 
Distemper of the Measles, at [this time Spreading in the Country. 
Here Published for the Benefit of I the Poor, and such as mav 
want the Help of Able Physicians. I [5<?;/ij«. 1713.] Folio, pp. 4. 

[Mather.] A | Letter of Advice | to the | Churches | of the | 
Non-Conformists | in the | English Nation : | Endeavouring their 
Satisfaction in that Point, | Who are the True Church of Eng- 
land ? I ... I London., | Printed^ and sold hy A. Baldwin ... , 1 700. 4to, 

PP- (4), 30- . 46377 

Signed " Philalethes," one of Mather's pseudonyms. 


i 4' 

1 1 



i 'i^:' 





Mather. Letter on the Character of the Inhabitants of 
New England, and of Col. Shutc, their Governor, Nov. 4, 
1718. [^Boston. 1718.] Folio, I leaf. H. 46378 

[Mather.] A | Letter | to a | P'riend in the Country, | Attempt- 
ing a Solution of the [Scruples & Objections ...| against the New 
Way of I receiving the Small-Pox. | By a Minister in Boston. |... | 
Bo.'ton : Printed by S. Kne e land ^ for \ S. Gerrisb. \ mdccxxi. | i 2mo, 
pp. (2), T3. h. 46379 

[Mather.] A Letter to the Ungospellized Plantations. 
Briefly Representing the Excellency and Necessity of a People's 
Enjoying the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ among them. 
Boston: Printed by B. Green iff J. Jllen. 1 702. 8vo, pp. 16. 

[Mather.] Lex Mercatoria. | Or, The Just Rules|of | Com- 
merce! Declared. | And Oft'ences against the Rules of [justice ... 
Detected. I ... Given ... [before] the General Assembly of the] 
Province of the Massachusetts- Bay, ... Nov. 9. 1704. [ ... [ Bos- 
ton: Printed ... by Timothy Green. 1704. Sm. 8vo, pp. 40. ba. 

Mather. The j Life and Death [ Of The Renown'd | Mr. 
John Eliot, I Who was the [ F'irst Preacher [ of the [ Gospel [ to the [ 
Indians in America. | With an Account of the Wonderful Sue- | 
cess which the Gospel has had amongst the Hea-|then in that 
part of the World : And of the | many strange Customes of the 
Pagan Indians, | In New-England. [Written by Cotton Mather. | 
...[The Second Edition carefully corrected, \ London : \ Printed for 
John Dunton ... . M DC xci. | Sm. 8vo, pp. (6), 138. 46382 

For the first edition, see " The Triumphs of the Reformed Religion," infra. 

Mather. The [Life and Death [of the Reverend j Mr. John 
Eliot, [Who was the [First Preacher [of the [Gospel [to the [In- 
dians in America. [ With an Account of the Wonderful Success [ 
which the Gospel has had amongst the Heathen | in that Part of 
the World : And of the many [strange Customs of the Pagan 
Indians, [ In New-England. [ Written by Cotton Mather. [ T.Hv; 
Third Edition carefully Corrected. | London: [ Printed for John 
Dunton ... . mdcxciv. Sm. 8vo, pp. (8), 168, (4). 46383 

Mather. The Life of the Rev. John Eliot, the First Mis- 
sionary to the Indians in North-America. By Cotton Mather. 
A New Edition. London: D. faques ... . 1820. i8mo, pp. (4), 
11.2. 46384 



Mather. The Life of Mr. Thomas Dudley, several times 
Governor of ... Massachusetts. Written, as is supposed. By 
Cotton Mather. Edited by Charles Deane. Cambridge : John 
IVilson and Son. 1870. 8vo, pp. 20. ba. 46385 

Mather. A Life of Piety Resolv'd upon. A brief and plain 
I Essay, I Upon, A Life of Religion, | in, | A Wa k before the Glo- 
rious God. I And the I Resolutions] Wherewith such a Walk [is to 
be come into. [Made, upon the Death of that | Honourable and 
Religious j Gentlewoman, | Mrs. Sarah Thig ; | Who after many 
Steps in that | Walk, arrived unto the [Blessed End of it;|28. d. 
12. m. 1713, 14. I By Cotton Mather, d.d. | ... | Boston: Printed 
by John Allen^ \for Michael Boone ... . 1714. i2mo, pp. (2), 34. 

Mather. Life swiftly Passing and quickly Ending. | A ... | 
Sermon, |... after the Death of Mrs. Mehitable Gerrish,]... Who 
died III d. xi m. 1715-16. ... | By C. Mather ... ; | Boston: Printed 
by T. Fleet and T. Crump. \ 1 7 15-16. | Sm. 8vo, pp. 20. H. 

[Mather.] Light in Darkness. | An Essay [On the | Piety | 
Which by Remembring the | Many Days of Darkness, | Will 
Change them into a| Marvellous Light. | With a Notable Example 
of it, in a | Young Person | Mrs. Rebeckah Burnel, | ... . | Boston : 
Printed by S. Kneeland^for Nath. | Belknap. 1 724. 8vo, pp. (4), 20 

Mather. Little Flocks Guarded against [Grievous Wolves. [ 
An Address [Unto those Parts of New-England which are [most 
Exposed unto Assaults, from the Mo- [ dern Teachers of the mis- 
led Quakers. | In a Letter, j Which impartially Discovers the man- 
ifold Hai-[resies and Blasphemies, and the Strong De-[hisions of 
even the most Refined [ Quakerism ; [ And thereupon Demon- 
strates the Truth of thoseJPrinciples and Assertions, which are 
most [ opposite thereunto. [ With just Reflections upon the extream 
Igno-|rance and Wickedness, of George j Keith, Who is the 
Seducer that [now most Ravines upon the [Churches in this Wil- 
derness. I Written by Cotton Mather. | ... | Boston: Printed by 
Benjamin Harris., tif John\ Allen ... . 1691. 8vo, pp. (2), no. 

[Mather.] The Lord-High-Admiral | of all the Seas, Adored. 
(A Brief Essay [upon the [Miracle of our Saviour [ Walking upon 
the Water. | ... [ Boston: Printed by S. Kneeland. mdccxxiii. | 
i2mo, pp. (2), 22. ba. 46390 

[Mather.] Love Triumphant. [ A [ Sermon [ at the Gathering 
I of a [ New Church, [ And the [ Ordaining [ Of their [ Pastor ; [ In 
the North Part of Boston ; [ May 23. 1 722. | With Copies of other 








1 11 

Things Offered in the| Publick Actions of that Solemn Occasion. 
\...\ Boston : Printed by S. KnceUutd^ for Nath. Belknap ... . 1722. 
Sm. 8vo, pp. (4), 39. H. 46391 

Mather. Magnalia Christi Americana : | or, the | Ecclesias- 
tical History I of I New-England, I from I Its First Planting in the 
Year 1620. unto the Year | of our Lord, 1698. | In Seven Books. | 
I. Antiquities: In Seven Chapters. With an Appendix. | ii. Con- 
taining the Lives of the Governours, and Names of the Magis- 
trates I of New-England : In Thirteen Chapters. With an 
Appendix. | in. The Lives of Sixty Famous Divines, by whose 
Ministry the Churches of | New-England have been Planted and 
Continued. | iv. An Account of the University of Cambridge in 
New-England; in Two | Parts. The First contains the Laws, 
the Benefactors, and Vicissitudes of | Harvard College ; with 
Remarks upon it. The Second Part contains the Lives | of 
some Eminent Persons Educated in it. | v. Acts and Monuments 
of the Faith and Order in the Churches of New-Eny hnd, 
passed in their Synods ; with Historical Remarks upon those 
Venerable | Assemblies ; and a great Variety of Church-Cases 
occurring, and resolved by | the Synods of those Churches: Ip. 
Four Parts. | vi. A Faithful Record of many Illustrious, Wonder- 
ful Providences, both | of Mercies and Judgments, on divers 
Persons in New-England: In Eight | Chapters. | vii. The Wars 
of the Lord. Being an History of the Manifold Afflictions and] 
Disturbances of the Churches in New- England, from their Vari- 
ous Adversa-j ries, and the Wonderful Methods and Mercies of 
God in their Deliverance : | In Six Chapters : T'o which is sub- 
joined. An Appendix of Remarkable] Occurrences which New- 
England had in the Wars with the Indian Salvages, | from the 
Year 1688, to the Year 1698. | By the Reverend and Learned 
Cotton Mather, M.a. | ... | London : | Printed for Thomas Parkhurst^ 
... MDCCn. Folio, pp. (30), 38; (2), 75; (2), 238; (2), 125- 
222; 100; (2), 88 ; 1 1 8, Errata, (2). Map. B., H., p. 46392 

A leaf of " Books printed for Thomas Parkhurst" sometimes precedes the title-page, 
and another leaf of advertisements follows the text. The map is often wantini;, or 
supplied by a facsimile lithograped by Messrs. Day & Sons. 'I'liere are copies on largf 
paper. " To those who are interested in the early history of our country, it may be 
well to remark, that for accuracy in historical occurrences they will do well to rely 
upon other authorities; but if they wish to obtain a general view of the state of -ocicty 
and manners, th;'V will probably nowhere find so many materials for this purpcwe, .is 
in the work of this pedantic and garrulous writer." "One of the most singular bool.-s 
in this or any other language. Its puns and its poems, its sermons and its anagrams, 
render it unique in its kind." — Southey in the i^arterly Re-view. " Liber quidem 
superstitionis plenus, utilis tamen illis, qui nasum habent." — Meusel. See also " N. A. 
Rev.," VI. 255. 



Mather. Magnalia Christi Americana: or, the Ecclesiastical 
History of New England, from its first Planting in the vear 1620, 
... to 1698. ... First American Edition, from the London Edition 
of 1702. Hartford: Roberts iff /iurr^ Printers. 1820. 2 vols., 
Svo, pp. 573; 595" H. -f- Hartfvd : Silas Andrus and Son. 
1855. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xli, (2), 13-626; 682. Portraits, ua. 
-f- With a Memoir and Index. Hartford. 1870. 2 vols., Svo. 
Portrait. 4^^393 

Some copies of the edition of 1820 have the imprint, Hartford: Hi/tis /Indnn. 

[Mather.] Malachi. Or, The Everlasting Gospel Preached 
unto the Nations, And those Maxims of Piety, which are to be 
the Glorious Rules of Behaviour, The Onlv Terms of Com- 
munion, and The Happy Stops to Controversy, among all that 
Moved, Meet and Serve those Advances which the Kingdom of 
God is Now Making in the World ... . Boston: Printed by T. 
C[tump] for Robert Starke ... 17 17. Sm. 8vo, pp. (2), 93. w. 

Mather. Man Eating the Food of | Angels. | The | Gospel | 
of the I Manna, I To be Gathered in the | Morning. | With diverse 
famous & wondrous | Examples of Earlv Piety, | Especially, the 
Surprising History, | of Christlieb Leberecht V'on Extor, | Late 
Son to the Physician of the | King of Prussia. | Delivered, part of 
it, in Boston-Lecture ; I part of it on another Occasion. | Bv C. 
Mather, d.d. | ... \Boston: ... Benj. Eliot. 1710. i2mo, pp. (2), 
85, (l). B. 46395 

[Mather.] The Man of God Furnished. | The | Way of 
Truth, I Laid out, with a Threefold | Catechism, | ... | To which 
are added; Several other Li-| struments of Piety ; To Serve the | 
great Interests of Religion; which Iv near] to the Hearts of all 
Faithful Ministers I and all Godlv Housholders. | Offered unto the 
Publick Service, by several | Ministers of the Gospel in the | 
Churches of New-England. | ... [With " Supplies," etc.] B-)s- 
ton : Printed by B. Green., for Samuel \ Phillips ... . 1708. 24mo, 

pp. (2), 140, (2). 


Of extreme rarity. The " Supplies," etc., commences at page 47, with a title-page 
of its own. For a second edition, see " The Way of Truth," infra. 

[Mather.] A Man of his Word. A very brief Essay, on 
Fidelity In Keeping of Promises and Engagements ... Boston- 
Lecture ; in the Audience of his Excellency the Governour, and 
of the General Assembly 11 d. 4 m. 1713. Boston: Printed by 
John Allen., for N. Boone. 1713. Svo, pp. (2), 22. vv. 46397 

VOL. XI. 52 

T ■ 


'■ I 





[Mather.] A Man of Reason. | A Brief Essay | to demon- 
strate, | That all Men should hearken to | Reason -, | And | What a 
World of Evil would | be prevented in the World, if | Men would 
once become so Reasonable. | ... | Boston: in N. E. | Printed for 
John Edwards ... . 1718. I 2mo, pp. (2), 34. M. 46398 

[Mather.] Manly Christianity. | A brief | Essay | on the | Signs 
of Good Growth I and Strength | In ... | Christianity. | ... \Lo7idon: 
For Ralph Smith. \ 1711.I Sm. 8vo, pp. 34. H., w. 46399 

[Mather.] Manuductio ad Ministcrium. | Directions] for a| 
Candidate I of the | Ministrv. | Wherein, First, a Right Founda-| 
tion is laid for his Future Improvement ;| And, Then, Rules are