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Full text of "Illustrated atlas of the Dominion of Canada [microform] : containing authentic and complete maps of all the provinces, the North-West Territories and the island of Newfoundland from the latest official surveys and plans, by permission of the general and provincial governments; together with a general descriptive history, & c.; also, maps of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, United States, Oceanica, the world, &c. &c"

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^ >. 



1.0 ^^ U£ 

g IB |i2 

— 13.6 B^B 



bS 12.0 













Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes/Notes techniques et bibliographique* 

The institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibliographicaiiy unique, 
which may alter any of the images in the 
reproduction, or which mey significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checlced below. 




Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

r~~l C'yvers damaged/ 

Couverture endommagAe 

Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaur^ et/ou pellicula 

|~n Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 

Q Coloured maps/ 

tes gAographiques en couleur 

□ Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
RellA avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La re liure serr^e peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distortion le long de la Marge inttrieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches ajouties 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela 6tait possible, cas pages n'ont 
pas 6t6 film^es. 


L'Institut a microfilm4 le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a At* possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sent peut-Atre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la mfthode normale de filmage 
sont indiqute ci-dessous. 

I I Coloured pages/ 


Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommag6es 

Pages restored and/oi 

Pages restaur^es et/ou pellicultes 

Pages discoloured, stained ur foxe< 
Pages dtcoiorAes, tachetAes ou piquAes 

Pages detached/ 
Pages ditach^es 


Quality of prir 

Qualit^ inigaie de I'impression 

Includes supplementary materii 
Comprend du materiel suppl6mentaire 

Only edition available/ 
Seule Edition disponible 

r~~l Pages damaged/ 

r~7| Pages restored and/or laminated/ 

r~7| Pages discoloured, stained ur foxed/ 

r~~| Pages detached/ 

rTI Shcwthrough/ 

r I Quality of print varies/ 

I I Includes supplementary material/ 

I — I Only edition available/ 









or ill! 

The I 


Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont At* film6es A nouveau de fa^on A 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires suppldmentaires; 

Title page It a photoreproduction. 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est film* au taux de reduction indiquA ci-dessous 

10X 14X 18X 22X 










Th« copy film«d h«r« has lM«n r«produc«d thanks 
to tha ganarosity of: 

Library of tha Public 
Archivas of Canada 

L'axantplaira fllmA fut raproduit grtca h la 
g4n4rosit4 da: 

Ln bibliothdqua das Archivas 
publiquas du Canada 

Tha Imagas appaaring hara ara tha bast quality 
possibia considaring tha condition and lagibility 
of tha original copy and in kaaping with tha 
filming contract spaeifications. 

Original copias in printad papar covars ara fllmad 
baginning with tha front covar and anding on 
tha last paga with a printad or IKustratad impras- 
sion, or tha back covar whan appropriata. All 
othar original copias ara fllmad baginning on tha 
first paga with a printad or illustratad impraa- 
sion, and anding on tha laat paga with a printad 
or illustratad imprassion. 

Tha last racordad frama on aach microficha 
shall contain tha symbol — ^ (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or tha symbol y (moaning "END"), 
whichavar applias. 

Las imagas suivantas ont AtA raproduitas avac la 
plus grand soin, compta tanu da la condition at 
da la nattatA da I'axamplaira film*, at an 
conformity avac las conditions du contrat da 

Las axamplairas originaux dont la couvartura an 
papiar ast ImprimAa sont filmte an commenpant 
par la pramiar plat at an tarminant soit par la 
darnlAra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'imprassion ou d'illustration, soit par la second 
plat, salon la cas. Tous las autras axemplaires 
originaux sont filmto an commen9ant par la 
pramlAre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration at en terminant par 
la darnlAre page qui comporte une telle 

Un des symboles suivants apparattra sur la 
darnlAre image de chaque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbols — ► signifie "A SUIVRE", le 
symbols V signifie "FIN". 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames aa 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Les cartes, planches, tabieaux, etc.. peuvent Atre 
filmAs A des taux de reduction diff6rents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour Atre 
reproduit en un seul clichA. 11 est film* A partir 
de I'angle supArieur gauche, de gauche A droite. 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images nAcessaira. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la mAthode. 














Jilttps of I 


(•I- nil- 


(OS l-AIMM. \l 1 IIIN I li AM) ( ii'.;!'l 1 1 K 


THK NOHTII-WKST TKUltlTolllKS AM* Till'. ISLAM) (»r Ni:\VKorM)l\M». 

IKdM IHK I.AIl-.sI OIIHIA'. ^1K\IN'- ASH I'lWS, UN I'IkMl.sNiON "I' HH. ^ 
(,IM KAl AMI I'KiAlNt lAI ( ,( A I KN \l I \ I S. 



^l„ps of h-urn,.,'. Asia.. l/r„„.\:.rlh „,,,! S„n//.. Iinrrim. I ■„,/,;/ Sf.iirs 

H. BBLIDElSr &c CO. 
I «8o. 



DOMUfiON or 

tU'iipral Hi«l<pry "I tlm llniiiiiiiiM 

niriiiM>l"i(iii>l Umli">rki in I 
I'hiijkU ... ' -'• 

llifiirmatioli rrHi-rling tlif lliiyi 
IVivy I'.iiilii'il <>t t'ltiiiuU 

H"UM«M' nil 

i*di«l»t"™ "I "iitKH" »'"' W""' 
Uii|i«l«l""' "' '*■* Hniimwwli, 
t^lviii'l Mutiil. Mnllltiiliri. •II«tiiii "I Ni'wiiiuiiillmiil 
Kifi'iitiM' ' 'iiiiii'''t ii' till' N ^^ 
(li'iinil I'lmUl Indirliimi'in 

K.nly Kil.ri.iie I'lllili'. i 

I' (Mli.ra. M M nlliii., H.VMlH 
H»iili« i.H'«iiii.lii 
Caiiailiitii ''»"" "( ' iiitiillin 
IxukI iiii'l .lii'lii lury liiliirnintiiiii 
I'nUnliiiii U««iit OiiUriu.. 
liilloitii"! 1j»»i"I Viielwi', N, 

Niiv.l N'lill* 

(liey I'ouiiiy Hi»t"rv 

Uriy fouilly SiiliK. iilirni lllnxr 




llritmli riiliiliilviu 


K.liilordl |livi«ii'ii» "I till' I'ciiiii 

KiiHuriitliiii I'hftM 

(il'iiln)(li'ltl Ml>|i iif till' llollllll 

1. 11.1 . 



N'l.rlh Aiiitirir* 

N.irth Wint Territory 

( iiTAiiit-a -■ 


KniliiiiMl M»|i 111 I'BiiaiU 

S lutli AniiTii* 

I'llltMl SUtiu 

Wi.rlil ( I'lii'l 111 lliiiiii«|iliirfi 
W.irlil I riu'i, 1111 MiT. «liir'» I'n 


(ir. V t'liililty 
.\rl''iiiiKi<i l.>wiMhi|i 
lU'iitiiK'k " 

('•iIIiiiKwimhI " 

K^iciiiulit *■ 




Ml Imii'tlion 

St. VtiicOIlt 





AuDajinlia . • 
Anlttfvliiah .. 
Capo Hrvion . 
i'lm-hentur ... 
Luiiiii**rl4iiil . . 







Liiittnliiirg . 



Ilirhniiinil ... 
















QiiM>tra . 
Kuatt^oui lie 
Mt. Jnhii 



00UNTIE8 ( 

Ikau. 1 

IVauliiirniils - 
Bonaventare . 






DOMimoir or oah ada 

<lt*iicrikl Hiiit4>r\ ••! t)ix hoiiiiiiinii 

41«4i|MMi«'>il SkvUh 

rtiriMMilouii'ftl lAiMliiiarki tii thf lliitory of 

i 'mijiilii .. 

IlifiiriniitiiMi rcHiHTtinK tlii> Knyal Family. 

I'nvy C.itiitcil mI I'mmiU 

Hviuitf " . . ., l>»'. 

HoUBV oM'l'IMlllMtlH .., Aiiiv 

l<«*t(ialiitiirv III OiiUriM hihI i^uflbre - iiiv 

Littfi«liitur«> of Nt'W hntiiMwit'k, Nnr» HrotU I'. 

K<Uiti<t UUixl. MHhitiiliA, ftiitl h < tiliiiiiluft TiKvi 

UfUloUtllii <<l NttWtnlilhlUuil . . ixivii 

Kifi'titiM' rnttiK il nf the N \V. TamUiriM ., kxivii 

llriKril I'otUi InforiimtiMO .. . mivii 
Hi A'ly Ui'firi III-** TaIiIi*, otiiUliiltiK l.ut nf 

V (Hrt.i^. M (i.oHiiin, SuvtiiKNliaiika. Ac.Au. xixix 

lianki i>t ('miii'U . ilv 

Caiiikiliiiti TniiM of I uitiiiiM , . klvii 

l^t{Ht >tii<l .IiI'Ik liiry ItilormNtmn hi 

('iiUei-tiiiii lauH nt OiiUnii . Ill 
('i>ll*H!tii>u Iaws of Qtirlwr, N. Hniniwt(4 %nd 

Nova St'itiiA . ... liji 

(iiey rouiiiy Hiiiti>rv , . |v 
fir>y Tuuiil) SiiliH' iiltrrn Hiu^npltiral Nk«tch*f« 


.A. 1.1 U 

Afl.» . ... II 

llntiiili I nliimliiu , Wl, m 

Kunt}M. 7 

Kit.«l HivwoiiM 111 till' II niiiD . .. 88, 8t, Ul 

Kiiii^rittiiMi rh/tri '.!,'* 

lirolo^U'iil Mhji of iliH liiiiiiiiiiiiii Anil Nfwfitnn.l- 

I iii.l U4. M, lili, UU, 101 

.M,iiiitnlui Ttf, 77 


Niirlh Aiiii'rlia 

Niirtli- Wfiit Turritory 

< H't'fttiii-a . ; 

I'lilvfllinu ; 

UmlKiwI M>|i iif t'lUiMU '. 

S tilth Aiiifni*. . . 

Ililtftl StuUn 

W'lirltl (Till.) Ill Hi.iiiiiipht'rt.ii 

W.irltl 4'riif;, till .MiTi'Attir'i rrii)ri-tiiiii 

OOnHTIBa or QOBBIO OeatlnuMl, 


Cbarlcvu , ,,.,, „,,,,, 

( httvaur i*y 

rliii-i'iitj ni 


Diir ^i.tntft „ ' 

Driiiiiiiiiinil „,,, 


H.M IiuIh^ii . ,..,„,„ 

HiiiittiiKiliin »»»... 


Jari|ut.« ('nrtivr ,.,,, 

.I«lii.|tu ...•., , • .* 

K«iiiiiuruika , 






Ittithiiiiitrv , ,„ ., 

Muhiiiting* , ,. 


MiMi».|Ufii.. , , 

M<tiit(-altn . . . . 


rOBTBAITl OoBtlanid 


fiinghani, Anitfw 

HAiwn, Mr uia .Mn. O. 0... 

H«.r((iii, Bi . M I' 

Bruwn, P. Ik 

lluwDiin, I. K «,..! 
Ha. k, A ^- 


*■ lUlty, Willuin .!!S. 

PJ Mrith, Junn 

•■ Itairl, Roliert 

Hcattifi, Jaiii«« 

C'liiilaoii, J. I' 

( Urka, Kod'k 


(iny ruiiiitv 
Arifmima l-jwiuluii 
lU-iitiiK-k '* 

C'llllllgWIMHl " 

K^rt-lliMlit " 




M'Um-ttiitn " 
Ni»rniaitl*y " 
<hi|irt:y '■ 

St. \'ini:eiit ** 

Syut'u i^m '* 

Niilltvun " 

















Mftntiiitirency «..,.. M 



oiUwa . 




Itit liitlmu 



Httiivillu , ... 


.'^lllTlllVHlke (Tuwu (if). 

•^tuUiiKm . 

Xt. llvM'inthu. 

.SI .Itlliii 

St. Maiirioe 



'IVrrvlHtiiiii. . . 

Twit M.mntaiiia 


\>n'h*r«i . 


J? (••tni.lwll, K , 

*' full, J. W . 

" Crwa, i'hiliu 

2°:Utnirin«, Vfilhut 

■" <.'arli.y, Jtiiiw 

*; l-'iilliiia, W 

" ('aiii|tbell, M 

:' DavUlann, A . 

JS l»"nh., R 

1" iHiuglaaa, .lithn 

1? Ilaiiiala, William 

T? Oaniria, (laorKr. , 

Kilawiirth, <1 H 

Kllawurth. Mm. U. M 

Klliiil, A. S 

I'^lge, Jaliiea 

t^lge, .Saiiiuul 

Kulltipl, In. , 

Kin her, .Mit'liacl 

Kli.|iiiiig, A 

liainliier, David 

Uariliier, Luke 

(iiittwala, A Z 

" (luiiin, Hich»r.| 

^ I iraiugvr, .lohii 

', •iranl, A 

1" (liliai.ii. .Itihii 

" Uraham, llulterl 

JJ llillii... John, M.P 

" lUouM, (leorgii 

^g , lUnluer, .lamua 

,, , Oilianii, Janiua 

5? Hunter, A 

^ Hunter, J H .M.H.P.. 


Aiountunii 4n It i i V 

'"U"! 4» te'"r;„fr»''' 

1 12 







Hunt, William 

lluilge, A 

Haaaenjager, (-' 

Huntrr, .Hihn 

i lliirniliMuk, K, U.D. 


41 Hrrrinian, N. 


AuDa[..iliii . . ■■H 

.\ntwilii«li '^ 

t'auc llritou S 

Cttkheiiler.. 72 

tuiiiU.rl4iiil 7'i 

Duliy . «8 

(juyiDoruugh 73 

Halifax 6K 

H.iiita .._ 8» 

Inxiiriipaa 7S 

King'a 88 

l.iitiinbnrg H9 

I'l.tim 72, 

l^iwi.'a «8 

Kiuhmiind 78 

.■^hrlhurne 88 

Victoria . . 78 

Vtiriiiiiuth .1)8 


King'i . . 72 

I'rint't. , . 72 

(JUfH'n'a 72 


Albert 66 

t'arletou 84 

Clitirlotte 84 

(ll.iiii'i.ater 81 i 

Kfiit 81 I 

KiiiL'i. 84 

.\liitriwa..ika 80 

.Niirlliuiiili<.|latMl 6] 

yiii-i.n'a , 84 

Hi.«ti,(i.u. hi' 80 

.St. „ 84 

Siuilmry . . 84 

Vntiria . 80 

Wpatniorelalld 85 

Vi.ik 64 


Ar|Ei^iit4.uil 48 

Artlml.aaka 4» , ... .4.'* 

IWau.f ,411 

h*niuli.-trnoia .48 

Htliwliaaae 4» 

Herthier 4S 

llijiiavi.ntnre AH 

Hninie 48 

Ckaiubly , 48 

Aililington .. 

Algnnia (Ihatrictj 44, 45 Irwin, Aleuniler . 

Brunt 88 | Johnaton, Willimm 

Ilnice as, Jelly, W., M. P. P 

tarlot4in . 41 Jai;koon, (t., M.P. 

Ounilna 41 , Kt.rr, Ihincan 

Durham ,17 Kiioit, K. K 

I>ulferin 33 Lwiiler, T 

Kl){in 32 Uvi.r,J 

|.i«ex 82 Underkin, Dr. O. K« M.P.. 

Knintenai' 41 | Lever, J 

(ilengarry 41 i I.ever, Uoger 

<*reiiville 41 I I.ever, Mr*. R. . 

lirry 3a Little, John 

Ilaltliinand .S3 I Linn, Hubert 

Ilallon S3 ! MacHjie, FinUy 

Haatlngi 37 , .Mi:l.ay, John. 

Hnnm 32, MiKarland, W. J 

Kent 32 ' Kunlui'h, Jamea 

Uuiliton .12 I MidiUugh, N. J . 

I.iiuark 41 . Mi:Carter, Alex 

I*«!ila 41 MoC'riniiiion, I). A., M.D 

l.enuox 41 MrDiarmid, D 

Linoolii S3 McDonald, Kilward 

.Miililleaei 82 McKay, John 

Mmkoktt (Diatriot) 37 ' MoUren, P. S 

N'i|>ii4ing (Diatrlct) 44 Mcl.ellaii, Donald 

.Norfolk S3 , .Mcl.eniian, D B 

Northumberland 87 I McNabb, A 

OnUno ,17 i Maddigan, Rev P. J 

Oxford SSiMark.Wm., M.P.P 

I'eel 33 Martin, O. H 

Perth 92, Martin. Mn. O. H 

Petrrbimingfa 37 Merry, Ralph 

Proacott 41 Merry, Mra. R 

PriiiL-e Kdwanl 41 Mathtwiii, Thomaa 

I'arry S<iund (Dialrict) 37, 4S Millar, William 

lUufrrw 41.45 Millar, William , 

HuaofU 41 1 Mitchell, Robert 

.Sinic-oe 38 ; Murfihy, J._, M.D. 

Storinuni 41 ' " " 

N'iftoria . .,^ 37 

W»Urliio..' 38 

• ulland .13 

tVelliiigton .1.1 

Wrntworth 33 

York SB 


iMwocti PaifM 

II, E. TIk- Marfjuis of U>rne 2 mid 4 

M. K H. Thf PnmeM Lomw ~ " 

tUrl of l)uHVria 

(Vunitewi of Dufferin . 

lit. Hull Sir.). A. Macdonnlil 

Ht'ii. Sir riias. Tu|>[tur 

IK.n. Sir S. I.. Tiltcy 

Hon sir U. J. Cartwright 

Hun. AlexAiiiltfr Murktiocie. . .. 

Hou Kilwanl Wake 7 

Ault» I. It 

Arthur, .luhn , 

Allen, JatiM*! ....,.,.. 

Airth, Win , 0>i 

Armstrong. M ... 

Hea^'hel, Jut . . .. ,., . 

Itruwii, J^K . , 

»lat«'«. H ... 

Hininiis, \y. .. 

Brown,*'. W . , 

Hnmn, jjrs. f. W 

BMfUiao, TbuniM 




" 4 


" 4 


" 4 


•■ 4 


'• 9 


1. g 


" » 


" B 


" 44 


" 98 


" 94 


'• 98 


•• 98 


•• 101 


•• 101 


•• 7« 


■• 44 


" 40 


" 40 


•• 44 

Patieraoii, Jaa. 

Reekie, James 

Rivera, Hirhard 

Riilib, A. W 

R..bert., W 

Ruas, J. S., MP 

Reddon, Oeorge 

Rowe, .S. T 

Kobertaon, Janiee 

H.iaa, I- 

Silk. V, 

.Sing,J R 

.Sutton, W 

Suttun. Mr». W 

Stewart, .Mr ami Mra. H. 

.Sl.«n, Wui., .M.D 

Si rimgeour, D 

Hilla, Jamea 

Stilea, K 

Sproat, Alex 

Siiunilera, J 

SUrk. Roliert 

.Shirtliff, J. B 

TihM, Thomaa 

Taylor, Jamea, M.D 

Tolton, J. « 

I'aylor, Kotiert 

Wiokham, Cbarlea 

Wood, I. H 

WhiUlaw, William V 

Walla... Samuel 

.. 78 
. US 
. 95 
.. 91 
. 99 
.. 9.1 
. 73 
., 73 
. 73 
.. 99 
. 96 
. 91 
. 91 



. 99 
. 99 
, 87 
. 87 
. 45 
. 99 
. 99 

. 61 
, 99 

. 41 
. 41 
. 4S 
. 4S 

. 85 
. 99 

. 91 
. 9» 
. 05 


77 ' 
. 41 ' 

41 ' 

41 ' 

45 ' 

81 ' 

89 • 

98 ' 
. 99 ' 

99 • 
45 ■ 
77 • 
77 ' 
4fi ' 
99 ' 

90 • 
73 ' 

77 • 

78 • 

. 2S 
. 25 






Waleoii, TlioBaa 
Valentine, John. 
Zinkau, Henry 

Ailama, J. Il„ and J. Maaarngir 

Arkell, Peter 

Butting Hra. I 

Heelir Plain, Advent (.'amp Uroiuid . 

95 I 



J liaepi 

. 85 
. m 
. «9 

. 91 
. 99 
. 45 
. 81 
I 61 
. 95 
. 41 
. 41 

. 95 


Baker, J I' 

76' Brown, C. W 










Brown, U. U 

Bmckle, (I . .. . , 

Bennett it Hunter 

Broikie, William 

Bobier, li O 

Bet cruft, Jamea 

Burton, Pmucu 

Butler, P 

Bowea, H 

__ < 'hureh of the Sasred H«rt ..| 15 

' 101 I Clement, R. B U 

' 101 riark A Hon (t 

' 40jt'lark, (1, W 53 

I 40 I I'orrigan, H 54 

48 : t'o|>elanil'ii Hotel, Lncknow, Ont 84 

101 ifuinmer, S 49 

101 IC'lark, llenjamin. . 45 

44 , Ciirgill, Henry j' 

114 (-^iimwall Viewa . .. 7V 

101 I Chrial Chunh, lnv-,miay, Ont 91 

44 l>«an, J. W 39 

44 I Duncan, J , 57 

44 I Dick, Henry 87 

48 I Doherty, J. H 81 

48 I Dickinaoo, J. J., M.D 86 

88 1 l>erby, William 78 

68 I Klliot. William. 81 

101 ' Eaplen, William tl 

94| Ktihegoyen, V. D 87 

t)4 Kllaworth, <]. II 87 

101 Kily, P. H 83 

9H Klliot, A. « 67 

9HJKmery, Natbu 91 

80 Eaplin. A 95 

44 Elliott, J. H 96 

44 Pnraman, W. C 21 

44 Kregean, J. B 39 

48 Fueter, Stephen S3 

64 Kleniing, Janiea 54 

72 Parlinger, Alexander 81 

98 Orange, William 21 

101 ; flowanlnok, H 54 

101 OoUan, H 49 

48'Uardner, Luka 57 

80 Gaunt, Jaroaa 91 

SolHawthom, H ... 67 

48!Hail^, A 85 

101 ' Hamaou, John 78 

101 'Inglla, P 85 

78 i Ivea, J. H 29 

80 1 Jubnaon, J. D 29 

76! Jonea, Itn. 8. A 88 

113 Keiar, W 61 

112 King, John 21 

48|Knigiit, W. T 87 

101 { Knox Cbnrek, Owen Sound 85 

101 t Litmb, Lewis . 










' !*4 


' 84 
' 28 
' 28 

. 87 

Leask. (leorge 91 

McCutrheon, J 85 

MoLaao, Amirew 2'. 

McLaren, P. 8 61 

MoNally.S 4y 

McKensie.A 57 

HoPbemon, D. A 45 

McLennan, D 61 

McDonald, J 96 

Murray, W. 11 

Merry, Ralph 26 

Martin, O.H 16 

Martin, J. H 29 

Mylea, Jamea 89 

Macl.«nnan, Ueorge 83 

Milne, C 4-J 

Mnrphy, J 49 

Messenger, J 67 

Maok.WiUUm 81 

72 Mackay, O. A 

44 Parliament Buildings. 1 

48 Paleraon, Dr 21 

Pattiaon, W. M .0/ 

64 Powell, C.L 83 

101 Peaberton, (.^harlaa. 37 

44 Ptillock, .1 64 

n4;ia\ton, R 49 

tiS Portcona Bank, Paialey, Ont 91 

68 Parker, L. E 101 

84 KamagcA Vetch 21 

101 RubyiHilker .' 21 

101 Roliton, John 21 

98 Rcaa, D. ft D ... 67 

94 Riggin, John.. 67 

76 Richardson, 8. H 81 

80 Rivers, H 96 

109 Ritchie, David 

109 Stewart, H 17 

20 Salyerds, K 11 

64 Steven, H. 8 4<; 

68 Scarborough, Charles 67 

72! Scott, Robert 67 

T'iiSteaart, T. J , 95 

94 I Shirtliff, J. B 101 

94 Shelter, A 89 

101 Terrill, Mra. T. L 11 

104 Tolton, Jnmas 88 

48 Timbde, T 57 

64 Taylor, W 91 

64 T"ck, W. E 101 

98' Vanduaen, W 49 

441 Wanl, John 21 

44 I Whitcher, T. D., M.D 29 

08 Wilaon, T 49 

98 Woo,!, J. *t'. H 81 

98 I Ziukan, t'lsas A Co 78 

and 60 
.. 7,^ 

' 17 
' 20 
' 88 
' 40 
' 68 
" 80 
•' 80 
" 94 
" 32 
" 60 
" 60 
'• 84 
" 88 
•• 76 
'• 28 
" 23 
•' 40 
" 40 
•• 36 
" 60 
" 94 
" 98 
" 90 
" 23 
" .12 
•' 36 
■• 66 
" 84 
•*.■ 28 
'• 68 
" 1)2 
'• 80 
" 94 
•' 60 
" 88 
" 78 
•' 88 
" 82 
'• 82 
" 56 
" 64 
1. 23 
" 40 
" 88 
" 60 

• 28 
•' 88 
" 28 

•' lis 

" 63 

" 00 

" 48 

" 64 

" 98 

" IS 

" 28 

•I S8 

" 32 
" 91 
" S» 
" 52 
" 52 
" 60 
" 84 
" 28 
" 40 
•• 36 

• 40 
" 56 
" 62 
" 94 
" 104 
It 23 

'• 23 

• 23 

•• 60 

" 60 

" 84 

■■ S8 

" iO 

•' 28 

" 52 

" 00 

" 60 

" 08 

•■ 104 

•■ 91 

" 18 

" W 

" 60 

.. ft 

•' 104 

" as 

'• 28 

" 82 

" 5t 

" •« 




'\\\\. ( rktil.K Mill 
iiiiiiii'ii III Cm. III. I 

III llli» , III. IS. till' 
lllf lllllnl Nl.llrs 
lief. Ill- lillilisjii'il I 
I'rovilirial (iiiViTI 
viiliif mill oxlfiit I 
Inn* lii'i'ii |iii!i<>ilili' 
liri'liciiHlu" siir\tv 
l''ri>iii tlir Miiiilii 
(r.iin ilic riiliiil ■> 
«.inU ilic .\ii III 
IH (Mil, .mil Illr.lMII 
iiiitcr liiiiil III llii 
llic .Vllaiilh . til III 
llic I'll nil . lilt' II 
M".siiiti> "I (iri'al 

till' I Mlllilll'lll Willi 

iiw n H-'.Mii'iil'., .irii 
III mil lirt'llircii ii 
. riir lull' 111 (It'll 
t'liitfil Slalt s and 
ii.iila stalls nil tlic 
Criiix, III lilt' I'll 
wlicrc a 
liillmviiin '''^' "•" 

till' (.lllcV III till 
•.llr.llll, lilt' lllidil 
till' lllillltll III llic 

■ It'll liv .1 limki'ii I 
r('.(i lies llic tstli |i 
Id Si. Kcvfis nil ll 
titiimdarv-liiic iiel 

cnlllsc I if tilt' Si. 

fjar.i Kivcr. L.tkc 
Klvci Sic. ("l.iirc. 
the hcatl III l.,ikc 
vvaici-i niirscs tn 1 
t.i ill,' I'.i.ilit ()i 
tr.ii ctl. llie wliiilc 
(liaii »iil. Willi till 
tiirmcrlv Hiissiaii 
.\t llic c.istciii f 
iniiiidcil l.v the w; 
Hrclmi ami I'liii 
nmiiiiiiiin. |iil:c|Ii 
wlili ll. altliiiiitili I 

III! ilnllllt SI, III) liil 

Clinic iintlcr llic l>. 
Ici|iart, at the vvc 
I'iU ilii , \'aiitiiiivi 
Diiiiiiiiitiii Pnivin 
It IS trill', a ctiii 
ti III "t I iMiiitrv is 
lalmn . I>iit ihc pi 
anil iiidiistiial |iii 
( iciil III aflnnl III 
ample riiiiin and i 


All the Driiish 
tcptiiin lit llic I' 
tcj;iiil parts nl I 

■ if Canada. 

Mie siipcrfii lal 
States, and is nei 
ciimpriscs the fnl 
tari'.i, 1.M.260 s(| 
18,670 ; New Hri 
21J1. Kritish I 
lludsiiii liav and 
tivc tif Labrador 



Illl'. ( rKlil.K \I'MII M I'm'IIIiis ^MiI'AIINI III llll'|)<i 

niiiiiiii) III CiiMilit itre iiihil' cxinllv slmun iti llic iii.i|i>< 
III llii», -tlii'/i#<7<i7/ii<(i till- wliii li wcri' hinl ilnwii li\ 
llic I iiilril Siiiti's ('i„i>l SiiiVfV .11 \V.isliilii;|iiii. .111(1 llir 
lii't.iiN liiMii>liril liv llii' /.//<>/ iw/,-riii>l Ihr I loiniiiiuii .iinl 
I'riiviiuiiil (fiivi-riiiiionis,— 1111(1 a cleiirtT idni ^iviMi hI ilir 
value aiiit oxifiit of iis vast icrritnry lliaii il lian licri'ln- 
(iiro lii'fii |iii!><>ilili- III iilHaiii tUriiUf(U ^rinitf and /<i( luiii- 
liri'lii'iisiM' siiivtvs 

I'll Ml llir Miiillirrii lic.iilni -liiir wliii II ^r| lIniM 
(ruin iIk' riiiti'il Stairs, III tlirii h r-iioiiml I'Mi'iiMmi In- 
tv.iiiK llic Aniii I'nlc, ihcii striii Iiiiik fniiii ihoiiii to 
iHiMii, aiiil iiiraMiiiiiK an .lir-iiiif ul |ooo iiilii"< Irmii llic 
iiiili-r liiiiil ill llic isl.iiiii III Ncn liMiiiijIaiiij. w.islicil liv 
llic .\ll. mill . Ill llic iiiilci lliiiil III V'aiii iiiivciN Klaiiil in 
llic I'll nil . llic inaKiiitiiilc III llic \<irtli .\nici ii an |his- 
sc>>iiiii- "I < Ileal liritalii. ciiilii.ii inu inmc lliaii liall ul 
llic I iiiiliiicMl \Mtliiii ilii'lr liiiiils 11 lianlh icali/oil liy lis 
iittii roiilcnis, .mil Mill Icn«. Iiy even llic nmsl Intcri'slcd 
III iiiir lircllii'cn in llic inutliiT i mmirv 
. riic line 111 (Icinanali'iii liclwccii llic ;crri|iirv ul llic 
I'liilcil Stales and tlic tcrritut v ul llic DuMiiniun ul Ca- 
ll. iii.i starts nil till' cast Iruiii the inuiilli ul tlic Kivci Stc 
Criiix. HI llic I'liivliirc III New lliim^wii k, .11 a puint 
ivlicre a i.iiid-mark, i ailed tlic ■' Muiiiiiiiclil," is erected, 
(iiljiiwiii^ the waters ut river, it i iusm-s a |Hirtiiiii ul 
the \.illev 111 tlic St jiilin. till il readies thai iiulilc 
strcain. the iiiidillc i nurse ul wliirli it llicii lulluws tu 
llie niiiiith uf the St. I''iani,iiis Ki\cr ; tlicineit isiuntiii- 
iicil liy a liriikeii line till, in the I'ruvitKc ul ( )iielie< . it 
real lies the 451!! parallel .it \ l.ititude, wliii h it folluws 
Id St. Ke^iN nil llic Si l„ivviiiiie I'ruin St Kei;is the 
Uiimdarv-liiie lielwccii the Inn luiintncsis the middle 
loiirsi- uf the St rem e, and ul Lake Ontariu. Nia- Kiver, l.,ikc I'irii-, Kiver Dctrmt. I akc Stc CI. lire, 
Kivei Sic ("l.iiie. and I-.ikes lliirun and Snpcriur l-'nuii 
llic head uf l.,ike Siipcriur. the frunticr-linc lulluws the 
watcr-i uiirses tu -dcs Hui>. and llieii the ^ijth parillcl 
tu till' I'.nilii Ocean Nurlli ul the Iruiitier-line thus 
tr.iied. the whulc ul the 1 unliiicnt ul America is fana- 
diaii »iil, with the exceptimi ul the tcrntur\ uf .Mask.i, 
(urinerlv Russian America. 

.\t the eastern fruiiticr above linclh dcsi rihed. lie, siir- 
ruunded l.v the waters uf the .Xllaiitu . the Island ut Cape 
Hretiiii and I'rinic Kdward Island, which .ire in the 
nuniiniiiii, liitjethcr with iho I'ruviiii c ul .New luuiidlaiid. 
Willi II, altliuii>;h at preseiil a distiiKl i;uvcrimiciit, w ill 
iiudiiiilit suiiii lulluw the example uf its iiei)jhl>uiirs and 
(■nine under the li.mncr uf i uiifedcr.uiuii ; and as a cuuii- 
leip,iii. .11 the west lie. siirniuiiiled liv the waters uf the! 
I'ai ilii . X'.miuiiver's and utlier islands included in the 
Dumiiiiuii Province uf Hritish Culunihia 

It IS true, a considerable pur -1111 ut this ciiurmuus ex- 
tent of toiintrv is not capable oi iistaiiiini; ,1 lari;c pupu- 
lation but the portiun that is available lui a^^rii iiltural 
and industrial piirpuses is uf inimcnsc extent, and siilli- 
lient to atlurdtu the eiiiii;ratiiin pupiilaliuii u| Km ipc 
nmple ruuin and abimdanl liidm eniciit fur i;ciicratiuiis to 


.Ml the Itritish .Nurili .\iiiciiiaii i uimirics, w illi the cx- 
leptiun uf the Province uf New iuiindland, arc iiuw in- 
tegral parts uf the confederation called the I)ominion 
of Canada. 

llie superficial area is ^'leater than that ut the I'nited 
Stales, and is nearly oqual tu the whole of Uiirope. It 
comprises the following I'rovim es and Tcrrituries : On- 
tario, ii\,26o M). ni ; yuebei , jio,ojo; Nuva Scotia, 
18,670; New Hrunswick, ^7,0?;; I'rincc Kdward Island, 
Jiji , liritish Columbia, .\!,vooo; Manitoba, 16,000; 
Hudson l);ivand Nurtli-west Teii itorics. 2,^06,7^5, exclu- 
sive of Labrador and the islands in the Arcti'; Ocean. 

Ihesc bci 11^.11 1 .I'd. ihc .irea is nearly .t,500,ooo M|iinre' 
mi'.es <M this .itnoimt more half is tlii' propertv 
III the ( (fuvcrnmcnl, a< (| lircd bv pun liasc from 
the I liidsiiii |la\ ( 'iiiiip.iii\ 

I he pr.iirieand limbered landsadaptcd liUM^rii iilliire, 
and suitable forthe growth of wheat anduthcr grains, en- 
Mr 5.S(i.ij5 sipiarc miles ; and a further U'll ui land, coni- 
prlsiniL; •v>*,odo stpiare miles, is sunicjeiitlv tiinliered, and 
is applii able li.r the growth of grasses and hardv gr.iiiis 
III shurt, llieic arc about 175,1X4,000 aires of agiiiiillii- 
ral land lit lui 1 iiltivatiuii, uutsldc the limits ul ilii- uiga-| 
ni/cd l'ru\iiires. iheuicalcr part ol which Is well .id.ipl- 
ed to the gruwlli ill 

I he iiurthcrn e\tri'mit\ ul the 1 hiel wheal /iiiic. 1 uiii- 
iiieni iiiK 111 ihc east .it the parallel ul 50 , uii the N side 
111 the St l.awrciKC iicai its muiith, is detlciicd a little 
tu the suiitli, when it reaches as lai W ;is James's li;iv : 
il then taki s a general .\. W. till it strikes the 
parallel of oo at its interst^etion with the ineridian nf; 
101 ; from which point to the I'acilii: it has the form ofi 
.1 bow sliglillv bent iiurlliward, both ends of which rest 
on t'.ic parallel ul 60 The iiurthern limit of grains and 
grasses, 1 russiiig James's Hav in lat. s' . lakes a N W 
cuiirsc till it iltains lu nearly 70 , at the meridian ol 1 ;.■ 
The wlic;il /one i uvers 1.(00,000 m) miles, that uf the 
grasses and 1 o.irser grains ." s<| miles, and of 
mai/e, 500,000 s<| miles. 

Mesidcs its agrii iiltinal I. mils, Canada possesses the 
wealth uf immense fuiests, ul the best tishing gmunds uf 
the world, and mineral ile|)osils where gold, silvei, (up- 
per, iruii, and uther metals abuund, lugethcr with ( ual, in 
buunliliil priiliisiiiii 

Caii.ul.i piiidiK I'S far mute wheat. barlc\. pc;is, and oals 
lu the ai re lli.iii inv part uf the Iniicd St.iics (we foiiiul 
this statcmcnl upun the results asgnen 111 the 1 ensus uf 
the IWd 1 uiimrics lui the last Iwcniv-livc lu tliirtv vears). 
The inusi Iiurthern Stales appmaih nearest tu Canada 111 
the prudiictioii if llicse staples lint cvi n to a greatei 
extent for pastures .md iiieaduws, ,iiiil ,is.i grazing ( oiiii 
trv, does Canada excel the Kepiiblic 

On hards everywhere thrive, and the Canadian apple is 
the standard of excelleme; vast i|iiantitics are exported 
to rCngland and sold as .American, their nationalitv be- 
ing lost Melons and toinaloes grow e(|uallv with the 
pulatu. |)ea, turnip, and the rest uf the vegetables kn iwii 
in I'.iigland. .mil all thrive lu a remarkable degVee ; and 
perhaps the best stuck un the .\merican continent is bred 
and raised in the eastern townships of tlie Province uf 

Canada lias nut the same varieties of climate that some 
luuiuriesul mm 11 smaller extent enjoy ; but ihedistribii- 
tiuii of large budics uf fresh water saves il from the evils 
uf ariditv ,111(1 sierility. and it is amung the most invig- 
uialing and healthful belonging to the regions where 
grains .md grasses gniw, particularlv f:ivoiirable for the 
emigranl from (ircat Britain, or the north and north- 
west of Kiirope, and pre-eminently adapted to the produc- 
tion and ((intiniiance of a vigunuis and healthy race of 

It mav be remarked that the climate uf Canada has 
been more iiiisimderslood than any other fact pertaining 
lu the ((iiinlrv. Very exaggerated impressions prev;iil 
respecting the rigour of Canadian winters. It istriie that 
these arc verv decided in 'heir ( haracter; and the snow, 
in inanv parts, covers the ground to a depth of two or 
three feel ; but there are advantages in this. The snow- 
is di V and packs iimler foot, making the best roads, and 
forming a warm covering for the earth ; producing, more- 
lover, ;m elicit .spoil the soil which greatly tie ilitates the 

operations 111 the farmer in llii; sjiring. I'lie dry wiiitei 
ilinusphcre is bracing ;mil pic.isant. 

I he scnsaliiin of ( uld Is far mure unpleatumt dnriiig the 
damp davs, sin h .is mark, for instance, the winters of the 
I'nited Kingdom, than when the winter regularly setsm. 
rhe summers, like the winters, are also of a deiided 
chanictcr. being in |l" 1 1 i"i 'v.irin and bright ; ami (1 ■ its 
and vegetables which cannot be ripened in the o|«n air 
in Kii^l.ind will ripen here to perfection. It is b< Iji vcd taken as ,1 whole, the climate of (!anadu is niurc 
f,ivininil)le for Ixith the .igriculturist and tlic liortii iiltii- 
rist than of Kiiyland, with the single exception ol 
length 111 season in wliii li hibuiir 1,111 be dune in the held 
On tliis))uiiii. huwever, il may be remarked, as has been 
slated bv Prulcssur lulmstun in his wurk un .New Hruns- 
wick, the nimibei ul days in wliii h labuiir laiiiiot be 
pertornied in the field, inviiig lu rain, is miiili less i this 
loiintrv than in Knghind 

l.\l *N11 W V ItKs 

Ihc St. I.awreiKc and the lonni'i ting lakes above are 
estimated to (ontaiii li.oooi iibii miles of water Besides 
these, there are thoiisands ul lakes in Canada fnither 
liurtli, suine very large, and ulliers of wliidi the size is 
uiilv verv imperfcctiv kiiuwn 

flic Kiver St. I.awiem c, wliii h brings duwii the wali'rs 
111 six lakes (fur tu the live mi the fruiiticr .Nipiguii in the 
north must be added), is thegreatest natnnil entrance and 
outlet of the loiintry This river is navigable for sea- 
going vessels as far as .Vtontreal, a distame of nearly Aoo 
miles. Above .Muntrcal several extensive rapids o( cur. 
They can be desi ended by the largest steamers which 
navigate Lake Ontario; but as no force of steam issiifTi- 
I ieni foi their as< cut, il li;is been necessiiry to coiistrin I 
(anals, near the sides of the river, to oven ume llieni, 
riiesc can;ils, with llial tiilciidcd to oven ume the falls uf 
Niagara — the Welland — have been constructed at a cost 
to the Province of $15,000,000, the whole of them hiving 
been directly built as government works. By the aid of 
these canals, and that constructed at the Sault Ste Marie, 
between Lakes Huron and Superior, vessels may descend 

Irum the head ul the latter lake into the ocean; and as a 
m;itter uf fad, several vessels have gone from Chicago, 
un Lake .Michigan, tu Liverpuul The S.iskatchcwan, 
whii 11 takes its rise in the Kuckv Mountains and empties 
into lliidsun Hay, tlimiigli I.;ike Winnipeg and the .Nel- 
sun Kiver, is about i.Soo 111 lung; but from the interrup- 
tions to navigation near its mouth, and the high latitude 
I in wliii II it lies, it is only the upper sei lion, or Saskatche- 
wan proper, that is valmible fur navigation. The Mac- 
j kcn/ie, wliiili has a course over 10 of latitude, connects 
I with the Arctii Ocean. The St. John in New Urunswick, 
the Kraser in British Columbia, the Ottawa and the Sa- 
giienay, are great highways and feeders to the commerce 
of the cuunlry ; and the numberless tributaries to the 
larger streams, and the inniimei.iblc I. ikes, teslifv to the 
abundant manner in whii h the lands uf the Dominion of 
Canada are watered. 


In 1861, the population of the Provinces now forming 
the Dominion was 3,^07, 6^6 ; and by the census of 1871 
it was 3,67i,,5;5, exclusive of Indians in the North-west 
and Hudson Bay territories, distributed as iollows; 
Ontariu, 1,620,85 1 ; yiiebec. i.i()i,576; New Brunswick, 
285,777 ; Nova S( Dtia, 587,800 ; British Columbi;i, 50,000 ; 
Manitoba, 13,600; and Prince Edw;ird Island, 94,021, 
and North-west Territory, not included in organized 
Provinces, 2.^,700. .\t the same ratio of increase, which, 
however, has been exceeded by reason of increased im- 
migration, the present population of the Dominion now 
, would be 4,000,00a In Manitoba the increase by immi- 

Do.MlMiiN ul ( \\ \l» \ 

UrillMll ll,l>l><-|ll OH'I lOo |.fl will . IMcl tllll.' !•. M. ,|.,l,|ll |M|lllMlrlll. Hill |i;mIi. lit «.>llM |>l .Ip.iI'U U.,\< 

ihnt iIh' Diiiiiiiii'iii mm i.iiii.ini-. im'i ,,( |„.ii|i|r liiwil I > il" » i"!'"""' l" llu' v^i'lif .•! .iii\ I'p'Mihi , 
Til- inrn Kiii.mi- "I i"' "•••-'• '" 'I"' I""" i|'''! ■ ii"'" "' ll"', ii «v.i« iikIi I <■• IhIh'w ili.ii tin- r|ii.'Miiiii ..I < .iiU'il 

Btii *i' Privlnn'u, U-iwcTii isi.i .mil !■>:,. h.i.. Ihcii — 

IV. , I 


iilill ll.lil ll'il l«'''l .1" I'-tf 'll III' liri'»h'i|. n.llrl.ll 1 

liiil in Nu\a H. .iii.i I .. ilir miili'l l'ti'» ni"' M"' n 

„ , . lit itif " l>Miiiiiii.iii ii( laimiln' w.i- «i>«ii Ai iU< 

l'h.iilciii>i"Wii 11 I. I III , , . 1,1. 11. . . 

ftr,li.ii. m.Mi N II 11' Mill' ..illlnli-l.lli.'M till lilili-il (..lit l'l..Ui!.i Oiil 

lljlil.1., >. > '• ^Jiii'hfi. \.n.i Si.ill.i. .mil \<'W lliiiM-»ii k IImIkIi 

ILiiiiilMii. mil >'i liithlii.i .iinl rniiir IIiIhihI M.iinl Iiim' 'Hi'f I 

Si lohn, N H "' |,i,,ih.|imii..iii,| ili.' \ .1 llir llinUni H.i* li"i|.irv 

* '^""' ' ' _/ .li.iMMl.iiiil.iiim'M',! 111,'iM'. iili\r.iiilli..nU i-iiiiiiiiii 

!;""'"",","' ". ' uslnl ill 111!' Oii.-il Ml Ivinjl, 111.1 . ,111.1 llir tf\<'> 

Oii.i.v.1. tint . ( 111.' ..iih ..llliii 111 ihr l»..liliii «l|..ii'M 

• yiii'hi'.-. yui .liM'u.ixi lii> ,i|.ii.>iiiuiiriil li'iiii III'' Hriii-li ifiiMTiiim 111, . .irrir 

•r.ii..iii.i, Oiii . i' I ilii' k('>«i'riiinriil in 111 I ii.iiiii' Willi lIu- v.lo r\. . |' 

'•>"■• ■*'"■"• '.'"'■ "'' .1 till- |i,ii.|..iiiiii{ |...«i r. 111.- .iiilli.iilv .il 111' W'UPi. 

Tlir ii.ilii.ii.ililii iii).iiM'J Hit.' I s...,|,-> |'>fni Ii, f^i-i. i-i'il iiiiilt'r ill'' ,1.1m I .i |iin» . "iiii. il. ii|'|"'i 

84'^,4I4 Irish, 7o6,3'i9 En^li^li, 54i|ii.»<' .Sintcli. iOJ,i>)i ,ihiI i.''' t.v Ihiiim'H. «»itli lIu' ii|i|" 

Ginn,iii, .'ij.'ijj Dutch, J3.UJ5 In.lMii, Ji 4'/j Alrn'.m, i^mmi ni ilir ll.iii'-'.' "I •'i'niiii.iii'> riii'inin ml ..I 

7,;o3 Weisli. and til'' rc.Ht 111 v.uioiiit .l^l^;lll. I, mil :inil iiiiliiii. .iinl "( ill iml niili 

llioio were in l,'<7i,iii tlii' four rioviiifci ol llntario. 1.,^, ,,,. j, vrslt'il in III'- Uini'ii nii.iw 1 isilu' '■■.ii ..| 

(Jik'Ik-., N(W Uruii-^wuk, .nil! Nov.i .'^CDtiii, I .(.i-'ai.'') |,.,|,.,.il y,,,,'iiiiiii'iil I li. !• jii'.l.ili\.' |i.'M''r i* i.\.i. 

Ruiiuu C.Uh..lics. 4>v,o4i;Kpi'«ciiii.ilian<, 4!.»o,o>>j Mcilii- In ,„,, | „., ,,| |,,,tii.iiii.'i,i. -n Inl ilu- S'iliu- .iml 

ihM •. 117,11'' »,i'l,i I'll --lixu 11 iii'<. i-:..'Vi I'liiiiili lit ||,,(|«. ,,f l',,iiini..ii«, m , ,,iiii.'i li .11 w llli llif ( 

S iCiiiil |'r..">liMi'll,ilt-, .».'5.:i,5 Hi|i|is|'>. :iliil liiiiiii|,iii« (;,.iici,i|, ttli..«' ii-«. Ill I., .ill .i<l-'.| |i.llli.ilili'lil I-- U 

■ .lli.T il.'ii, 1111111.111,111- HI -ill. 111. 'I iiiiiiil.rM ,|| III,. 11,11111' ,.l llii' Oiii'ili I'll.' Si'liiili' 1- iml .1 lr|iri 

Abiiui ;i>] iiewtpipcm .-jiiil pfHinlical* .ire |)ublislied 1 iiiic liuh, m tin- .i-n-..- nt luitii; iniiiiitu ilh I'Li 
In CaiisiLi. niiL'-teiith liciii,; il.iily . nm'-liilf miniber 
tri-wcck'v J iinc-li.ill'iif tlio l.itti'r mmilK'r si'iiii.\vi.».'l%ly ; 
350 wi'ckiy, ;o 11 iithiy, i li'iv 'I'l irtfrly .ml mifi iMy, 
1 1.1 1 1 It M iim. \M.' > I i,i\ 
I'll.' C.ili>lltiMi..ll I", llir Ui'Vi'tllllii'lll lit tlir lliiiiiliiinli 
is fMilindii'il ill iiii itiipitjal ail. kiMivii .i> " Tin- Unii-li 

N,irlli-.\im'rii,iii .\,|, isi,; ;" ii r.i I'lvi'il llir ...vul assml |,„ j^ ,,, ,|„. ,„i„',',,,|,. ,,l ( ..,« 1, ii..miti.i <' 

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" '"■'•- "I'"« iturt-aso ,,f ,„.lii„;,l p.i«.-i.iiiail.-..,|,|, ,.,, In H,,. ■ av' ..I One! s.-iialui'. ar.' ,i| 

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unim, the upper Province siiuslit . I reme.Iy in .1 clLinffi- ,,„,,iii„aii..ii, iruii>l.i; ..I alli-ifiam.' m aiinili.T 

III tlurclaliuiisof the iVuviiiccs tu lik another ami tn i|',, ur aiiv inlaimm-. 1 iiiiu' Iht 1 

t!, ISC iiijoir.iiiii, but not u'litoJ to tlu-ni. The initi.iti'.v ,. ,„„„ ,„,„ , ,,,,^1,,, ,,| ,0'. irn'mU-iv ,,t ,vh. 

u ,- tak.n in 1864, by the p.irlia.ncn! of Canad.i, .1 s'-cr.t ,,,,, , „„^,^,„ ,,. ,,„ , ,,„,,,^., ,, ,,,, >^„^ , ^, ,„, 

v,iiji!n;it(C of the 1. ijii-Litive .i.s.-i'inbly bi ing apiiointcil 

:> iit<]ui:e into the political cunUitioa of llic rioviuecs, 

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Ill ih. I'.ii ilii. with I'niin' I'jhv.iril Island, mil \c\|. 

laml. llii' l.illrr if ivlinti. Ill tlii' 1 -\ -leiii. i- m.i • , ■ , . 

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i.H I. In tin' I iiivi'rmir-(i"m' mi tin' r.'i •inimii'tili 
llir privv "iiiii' il I'mU'i till' li'ni'-lalivr iiiiioii ..I 
I ',iiiadii'>, till' Irui-lailxi' < ..iiii. i', ulii. ii llirii lnrim.l 
•..'. I li.inilii'i, I'll -iiim- vi'ai-- briii .ii.ii'.l In 
pi'iipli' I III- jil 1. II. I' Ini'l mil pii'l.iilcil III Vi'H III 
ui. k , and llir ( liirU'i 1 i.nli'iriii .' .Ir.'.l ii|iiiil « 

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ippointn! by till' i;ii>i'iii'ii''iil-- ,1 (':m,i.l,i. Ni.v.i S< i.iia. 
nil! N.'iv Hhiii-uii k. in air.iiiij.' ,1 Iki-is uI Icdrial iiiii.iti 
I'niiii l-.du.ird I-I.iiiil .iird N'.'wIi.iimllamI i.'dis.'.l |,..,i. 
iiii-i ii-', 11,,: iliv iiia).irity nl ilu' |u'iipl. ..f .S'.n.i >i,.ti.i. 
,■1 -.11. !■ 11 iij llii'iii iicth 111 tli.'ir n.ivi'iiimrii!. ilisjilui'.'.l 
, -:ri.iii< .ipii'.-iiinn. 

Wlli'li tilt; li.l-is 111 llllliill !i,|,l !i._,cll .iirli'i.l up ,11 ,11 

I!. I IJiii'bi'i I i.iid'ii'iK I' ..I drli'i;.ili"i, il wa- -.ilbintin-.l 

• ,,. ,1.1,1 iivriskiiiirc- fur raliti' aiii.ii In rpp.i 

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•s, I'l i till- I ,,iisirm II! llii' l.'yisiiuiir.' iv,is 11, a i.lit.i.niil 
ill's w.ri' II. nv a|ipi.liiud bv tlir t'l.vri'iiiii.'His nt 

I'Tl: !'i,,\ 111. i-s. ti. 1 ;UTV till- b.l-ls III liniilll in 


i-nihiiili.'.l 111 

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isli (•.liiniliia. iml | tnr Minil.ib.i llin.' is m. Ii 
|.ii the .miiiial iiurliiii.' "f pailiaiiieiil ; tlt,it b...l\ 
iiMnrd, .IS in l'jii;l.iiiil. bv lli.' .'xn iili\r, ,11 ...n 
liiiu's llir ill'' .|isp,il. Il 1,1 biisiiifss I'll.' .' 
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,iml N'i'W HriiiisHiik. ii'iii.iim.l llir -.iiiii' i- In" 
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<'aii,i.lal ivrrr s..iii'.w li,il altnc-.l l'!.x<r|>l |,.r < 
wIlli ll 1< .lltta»s 1,1 . .illllllln.' I,. Imv: tlir IIM'd 111, 

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ill!' 1 li.uii;rd pti.|.iirliiilis ,i| ili.r |iiipiil,iti,iii 
I'l'iivin. r IS t.< have Ilu iiiiiiib.-l nl Ms rfprrs, 
r.'.iiii I'd iiiilrss llir ili'i n-asi' i.f |iii|>iilali'n. asf 
ivitl. llir piijiiililiiiii III till' tvliulc lit ( '.Hilda, re 
jirr iiTil, 1 

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the lloiisr if ( I. mill. ins . .lii'l 11,. immri \ 
lir iiriijiiisi'il iiiiliss 11 1.1' r.?".niiii<'ii.U'd '.. il 
b\ imssaur ti'iiiii llir ( imei imi-l triii'iiil T' 
'.■rl.iiii nii'.i-iirrs -it, 111 niiiisti.ij m- r.Mrn.r'lin, 
In uhnb til. < ii'Vrriiiii ( iii.n rrliisr I 

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liir Irdri'al uinrri.iiiriil. lli.'H- is .i Lical ynvrrr 
ra. Il I'rnviiii.' riir li.iii.iiaiil-t;,.v.'rmirs ,1 

.III a. I i.f till' iniiii rial .i 1 , , 1 

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* The »pp»rtat dfcrcut in Kingston u> 1 Qu<!b« irisM from Ihi' faiV 


during pb-asiiii', bin ,ii'i' i.'iii..\ ..iilv I 

'..-- H> iUCuLcl m tl,e-e .au-i wiTt inc;a,.lcl in ihe ccn-m M " ''"'" ''*'' ^•''•■" N "In. Il is jir.,. ||. alU lli- Irriil 
1 Vii, 'jui 'jm.ftcl ;n 'Jie «numcra'.ion of 1S71, ;iii iiiiii..'ii. \ Ihrv irr rUt-.*,! I,\ .-\r, luivr 

lllMi i\ 1)1 I \\ \l>,\. li.iiiK III Uiiiiiil |iii.|>l« liii«r ti'- itmil 'i( hIiiiiii .hi i-. Iiimi|< >) ili'|i.itltiii'iil r wlii iri* 

■ il'. llu' w l^lirx .il .iii\ I'tntiiiii', lull rrsiMiiiiililf I'l llii' |n'ii)i|i' •• ri'|iM'M iil.nor'. Ilii'v uii 

It.i iH'l.i'tr till' <|iii'Mi>iii ill I iiili'ili'i.i- M'riiHii'iit" iri' iimI iiiiiIwiiii hi <tiiii iiih', mih- .'I ilii'iii, 

I II ,111 i^iiir .11 till ihi'Umii'. i{riii' I'll! ' 'i| (hilariK. lutiiiit Inn I'ln' < IiiiiiIhi In lln' ili^lii 

I.. III! 

iili'il I'rot III! I" llir ii.iiiir Imth 

•I till' 

lirlni'i'ii llii' ui' .iii'l llii' I' 

• M i>l ( .mull w.KUitiii Al llii' '<l.irl lrk!i<liiliiii's llii't ii>»ii l.iiiil> ii'iii.iiiicil iiiiilri ll 'iilrnl 

IIK lll>|r<l lilll I'l'it III' 

ttiil.iii I till' U'>«< riiiiirtito III tlir I'MtiiHo iiinlilili llii't .lii' 

III. iinl \r» lltiiii««iik III lll^ll I 'I- ii-«|ii'i iHi'lt •'thi.ilfil I.I llir ilMi^r nl llir Ui'iii'iil 

III! r l.illS.llil l^i.lllil ll.lM' illhr Ui'll ji.ll ll.illll'llt U )'ri' ils>JUIIl'i| {iillilli <|i'lit .lliil |ilii|ii'rU llli' 

|lln-»l|iilr III llir llllil«. Ill jl.n |i'lM|.il« I III I I I'k II I nil III III ll.lilf Hill I •.liillli'li ■■ ; llir t.llsllli; < i| iiii.iif« 

I'M'il I Ih' I M>. iiliti'.illlliiilllt l> liiillllll.lllt lit .lll« lllixlr III Mv.llliill; lKiHiinill|{ ■•!> llir iilllilli 

Il liii'i'll III I'IIuI.iikI . .iiiil llii' Il itii|l|ii|- I mill . |iiis|,il HiTMir. irll-iiii .IIkI ot.ilis|li>. Ilillillil, 

liiU iilliii'i In llir lliililliiiiiii u liii ii'i riii«> niilil.iiv .111(1 IMt.ll. .mil ili-lriii i* InMiun*. I>l|i'«s 

ii iMiii ilii' Kntiili k;M\i'riiiii<'iit. I iirriro nil lik!litliiiii^<"<, Sill II' |«l.iiiil: ii.i\ lu.ilinii mi'l <lii|>|iiiit( ; 

Il '11 III I ii.iiiii' Willi llii' siili; i'\i i'|itiii|i i| .Hill III* rsi.ilij'.litiiciil .iinl iii.iiiili'ii.iii I 

K |"'»rr. till- itiilli'intv III III! t!"i<'i<|ii| |'> Mi.Diiir liii«|iil.ils ; vM i>l .iliil nil. Iinl lioln'rii'i . trriii'i 

ilii' ,iil\li r III .ijirnt I I'liln il. .i|'|i<'ili|i'il Ih'IIM'i'Ii .1 I'tiiiilli (' ^Itlil lilt llnti'<li 'i| liiri'iun iniinlit, 

lit lillll>fll, t«i|li till' .l|i|i|i'li.lliiill .iliil III In Itvi-i'ii lit n l't.iiii|ii< . Ill ii'ii. t . ' iiiii.iKi'. .iliil li'i; il 

il I iiiiiiiiniis riir r'linni.iinl III till' li-n>li't : 

'•■iviiikc- li.iiili''. iti'iulils nil 

III iiir.iMirrs , liil' 


inililM. .iinl 111 iill .mil iiiilil.iiv fii ImiiKr mil |ir>.mi»Mirt imli'M liili-rrM . Ii.iiikiii|iti v 
I'l .11 llii I^Mii'i'ii < )||.it« I 1^ iIm' <■■ .11 III till' Kill iii>>iilti'iii t . |i.iii'Mi<. 'il lilt I'litliiii iitnl iliHi'iti'it : 

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11.11 li.iiiii'iil. »ltli'i| III! Si'ii.iir ,iiiil ilin M.itiii.ili/.iliiiii ^iinl iiln-ii« . in 'iiiiui- iiinl ilit'in 

iiilii'i li III vt illi llii' (inti'iiiiir 

lllll.ll l.ltV lli'MII t«'llli II llll' I ll1l«llllll|lll| III llll 


iils'il |>.iili,iiiU'iil I- uiti'ii I'* Hiriiii-i 


lll'll. .mil llir .ninni.ilt !■• oiTII <iI Im iI 

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I mill- III ttlii'li lln iji' k;iitrrimii-iil .i|i|iiiiiil> lln- 
liiili!i-ii . llll' ■■'<lKlilislitiii'iil. ni.iinli'M.iiii f, .Iinl 1111111411' 
llii'lil III |iriiili'iill;itli-s mill .ill siili|i'i|< imi i'X|iii'>.-,|> 
ii'«'>ii;m>l 1 I llll- li'j{i>.|,iiiiirs llir ri'iiiliiiiiii nl 
piitviT llifri'liirc rl•>l^ tvilli tin- m' lrKi-.|,iliiri'. tint 
llir Jii'it Mil i;ll rill- |i.irlMlllriil III I'.iiiiiil.i li.ii I'l run t 
iiiiit'iriii Intt- ii'l.iliti' I'l |irii|ii'iit .iinliitil liulit-iii ilin 

••I'Viliil I'li't nil fs. ,itii| llll- |ii Iiitr III .lilt >i'iill\ 

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I'll.n tnil li\ llll- |ilii\ iin li-yi .I.1I1111-. Ilin |i.mi 1 ■ . ,11 

lilll'll I'l llll' I'll .ll ll'|(|s|.l|liri.'s .III- llllllnl III riirt 11 Hull- 

llir M;;lil In iitni'ilil lln' Null <' Hist itiilii ills. i-\' i<|i| .Is 
ii'i;.irils llll- iillii I- <il lli'iiirii.iii|.i{i.\riii';i , ilin-i | l,i\.itiiiii 
III niisi- a ii'triiin- l"i |ii<i\ iin |iiii|iiisi<s, in Imiiiiiv 
iiimn-v iiM lln- I ii'ilil III I II' I'l'it nil I-. llir nslalilisliiiii-iit 
III tin- li'iiiin- III prut im lal nUiii's. .mil ||,i' ii|i|>iiiiiliiirnl 
aii'l |i,it iiiriii 'll |iii-t nil iillii It's : ilin iiuiiniui'iiii III .mil 
ilr "I till' jiiililli l.itiils .mil liiiiln-i' : |iiililii .iinl ii'I'H iii.i. 
I'Ht |irisiiii.. liH ll li.ispii.ils. iisvliiiiis, .mil I li.iriiirs, 
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sliMji. s;i|iiiiii, .iinii.iii, .iinl iiilii-r liii-iist>s; aiitks. 
I'X' liism III Mill's 111 I'll'. Ill iiiil mliiT sliijis, niiht.its, 
I .iimN. .mil trli-i;ta|ilis tt Im li 1 vii-inl lii-v>iiiil ihi' limits nl 
till' I'ri'Vmii-. i.r. hi inn -iliMlfil tvlinlli willilii mir I'm 
t III' r. lilt 1 In-Ill li'i;.lllt lli'i I. lll'll I" III- I'll llir i;rl|i>|.i| 

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llir ailiiiniislniljnii nf jiistii r . tin- I'lirmi iii|,' nl latvs. lit 
piinishimiii. liiir. i.r pi-iinlit , haviiiir rrl.ilinii In aiiv nl ilir 
iiil'iri isnl w llll h till- prnvnii li-i{ishiliiri-liasi nt;iii/.aiii !•; 
.mil. iji'in-ralU, all in.itiiT-. ni .1 In. .i| ..i pnv.iti- ii.ilnri 

I'i'it inlls ll. till i-s|;i|i|js|||iHMll 111 1 "litrilrl.lli.ili. si-p.ii.Uii 

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.llnl illsM'lltll-lll III l'|;l||| s. Ilunls III j.nttri (ill. nil, 

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I'xisirin I- 111 liiiili is iriiai.iiii 1 lif a 1 i' pi 1 

liiliitmii ll. Ii-i;isl.iii- .1, 111.' siiliji'i 1 Willi ii'ijiiil I'l 
.llilii ulliirf ami iiiiliii;,'i.iliiiii. lllr i;i'iii'r.ii..iii<! I"i .il ir;;i. 
I.itiirt-«i liavi- I iitn iirrniit jiinsilji ii'.n lln- .iiiU iinlijr^ 
.ippniiitril lif I lie llll al unMTiiimiil- in- ilmsr nl tin- pin 
liiilr I niirls ill Nnva Si nil. I .mil Vi-tv lliimstt n k I !ir 

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"I I'li-in li.-pi-akiiii; prnplr. iiiii'.| 111' siU-, icil Ilhh iI,,, 
liar 111 lli.ii I'r'iMii.i' I'ln- miliars i,f tin' siiprrini 1 nints 

linlil 'illii 1- iliirimr y 1 III ii'iir, Iml an- n-iiiin.ilili- liy 

llll- (i'Hiiiinr-( mi .nliln-ss .it Imtli |imisi-s i,| 
pal li.iiiii'iil Till', .ill' 'H 111' 1--. iii'l pi-iisimis ni 
lln Jinlt'i-s 1.1 liil' ' .1111 .. i-\' '-pi I'll' pi'li.ilr rniiii i.l 
N'lta Si'.ii.i .Mi'l \< -.1 III III1-.M il k. ai'- li\i'i| In lln; ll.iiiR'iit .i( I'.ii liaiin-iii li.i, n-ii-tillt I'-iili 
lisln-il .1 i.;ciii'r:il iiiinl ..I .ippi.ii, .) u'mli tin' p..»i-r- 
an- siiiiil.ii I'l llll- siipri'Mu' 'iiiil ll lln- I'liiii-'l M.iii-s. 
IVi-viniisJv 111.' I iniiijiiimi L'lt i-nuiii'iil li.iil In jirmimiiii r 
nil lln- riilisiii'iiimi.iliit ,,l;ii|^,ij lln- pn.fiini.ll li-v,Msli 
liircs, lu-fiirt- i-xi-rrisint; iln- niillinril v In ilis.ill.iw lliriii. 
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■ t.i llll ( nil llll' I'l-i ..Miiin-ii.|.ili iiml 
ll. . I'lnlrl till' li'tjlsliilitr niii.iii 111 tin- 
I'llislallti' I nllin i', ttlin ll llicii Inliiinl lln 
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pi 1' III r llnl pint. lili-il III Vi-tt llniiis. 
Ilinlii'i I mili'ii'in 1- iln iilml tipmi i{mii){ 

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I'i |s| llnl ). Ill 'lisli C.liiiiilii.i |. .iml \|.|. 
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ti-.iis nl a|tr. .1 ii.ilinalliniii nr ti.iliirall/nl 

I_M|I'1-Il. plississl'll 111 l|l-|-||iilll pinpi-rit In 

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.1 rcsniiiiii ,i| llll' rrnvlin I- Inr tvlm li It is 

II llll- 1 .ISI' 111 l_)lll-|ll-l . si'lKltiils ill'f .ippmiiii-ii 

jiarlii illsiiii Is ; ami iln-t i-itln 1 In- 
Imsi'ilisiiii Is 11 hail- a prnpcrit i| 11,1 1 Hi. .iiimi 
' appi.iiitiiii-iils .111- lilr. lint .1 tvnitlil 
ll mkriipti V nr Inss n| tin- ii-ipnn-il pr. .pirit 
iiaiisiii; III .il|i-jr|,ii„ ,' I,, an-. Iln-t iminirv. 
It, III .mt itilaiiiiiiis 1 iliiic lilt llmisi'ni 
itt iniisisis 111 tud iin-tiil«-is, III Hi;, ,111 -i.s ,,r,. 
05 Im, .'I I.. I \n\.i Si. ,11,1. If, i.,r 
li'k.ii l.,r I'liiiii 1 iht.inl |,laiii|.'i llnl- 
1. llnl I I'-r .\| 111 It'll 1.1 rinir Is 111, livcilil.iti 
ll nn-cliiii: nl parli.iiin-iit . limit is miiii- 
Ktiljlainl. Iiy lln- i-xe-i iiliti-. .it iniivflin-tit 
III' ilisp,iii ll ..f liiisiiK-ss III,- i-li-i I ,riil 
jni-lii'i (l.itr l,.itvi'r C,il N .t.i s,,. 
illisttnk. iriiiaiin-il lln- -.11111- a~ lu-li.rr tin- 

I tt'ls tmlinMl . I III. M' ..I I Im.IMn ll.lli I jipi'i 

-(■ s, ,1111. .illi-ri-il |-:.\ii'pl I'.r (Iiii'Imi . 
n s tn I "iitiiiin- I., li.iii till' li\i-i| iiimiliir 1,1 
liti-s ilnri- i-- I" III- I ir. iil)iisiiiu-iii ,.i t|„. 

II alli-i i-M-rv lln 1 i-iisii>. ,1, 1 niilini; In 

plnpnrtllills ill llll- pnplll.ltlnli |i|lt li,, 

III have lilt iiiiinl«-i nl its ifprrsi-ni.uiti-s 
ss llll- lift ri-asi: nf piipiilalinM. as iniiip.iri .1 

I ■'' •! '' ^!i' '1'' '1 ■' < '.111 nl.i. rc.'ii Ill's .'I 

•-i.iii 11 .111.1 l.ix (I'li- iiiu^l n|ii;iiia|i' III 
if ( nitiimiiis . .mil lln iiiiiiii,\ vnii-, 

null .s it 111- I'l-i nliillllMnll'il in lln- llnllsi- 

tr.iiii llll- lii.ti'im.r-liiMii'inl lln ri- .iri- 
iiri-s ..I III III i-xir ii.i'.liii.irt knnl 
I ( ii.ti-rimr-tii-iu.ral ii-liisi- tin- 
liiiili 111- mat rcsi-rtr fur lln- sitiiiiln atimi 

11- pli-asiiri- . mil iln- rntal til at In 

lilt Mill' M'lliin ittn vi-;irs l!i-miK-s 
nriliiin 111, ilnii is .1 i;nvi'riiiiii-iil in 

I- riiu )ii-iiti'iiaii|.ii.ivi-riints ,1 III.' I't... 
I lll'll In till- 'niM-rii.irlii-iii-ral. .Iinl ll. llll 

p|i-.lsll|i-. Inn ,111' li'llln\.i|,ii. milv I'll lailsi' 

ai^. uliiili i. pLiitii ally lln- ii-riil nf ilnii 
Put in- nliisi'ij liv cM-i mivc nlliii-rs, 


lo the amoiinl rif y<i,^no,ne)o . 4ntt the retlitue of ihc 
rtrbt >i( I ,tii.i't.i .tiKivc tli4t rfiiiounl. (i>i) le>a tlun $lo,-, «i*i •»«Minu'il !))■ thr rruviiKc^ of < »nt.irtii and 
(Jiii'lni, III |irii|H>fliMiia III Ih- i|('trrtniili-'l liy ,iil)ilt,iti<iii 
N(>V4 Scolui ttrt.inic li.ililf lur Mli.ilcvi'r .iiiiutiitl itt ilcbt 
Wit ill cxct'<ii of $4,iiiiii.i«xi, 4ii>l New llrimtwick fur 
wh;iti'vi'r 4IIIII It* ili'ltt iinulii cxcfi-il $7,uiiu.iiuo The 
Doniiitioii ^'iivriii Ill-lit iimlcrloiik tlu' |Mirili4«<' untl tuni' 
lili'lhiii Ml' till' I' I'. I K.lilw.iy. .ill'l III lliltl'<ll (JoluillbU 
lllf C'liolriKliiiii of the I'.icilii K liUv.i)' lo ('<iiiiit.t It 
with till' l''..i^U'rii I'ruviiK'i'i Tlir llniiiiiiion iit>t.iiiit.(l the 
cutlunit 4iul excite rcvviiiicit, .iiul •(({recti tn piiy eiich 
I'riiMiuf .III iinniul mihilily >>|' Mc iitiU jivr lifui) of the 
|H>|iiil.itiMii, lii'^iilct i\ lixcil yc.irly lUtii f<ir the Hii|iport ol 
ilt^tiviriiiiU'iit ,< •iit.irio, $?<iiiiiH.i;yiii'bic,$7<),o«XJ, Nnvn 
Sti'lii, V*''*-"' i •*•'''* Uliiiitui U, $51.11 vj I'riiKc Lil- 
vv.inl Nl.iiiil, IIiiIhIi I iiIiimiIii.i .iivI M.inilub.i li.ivi.- miice 
li.iil i;r.iiilH upon .iilnii'-^ioii to tlio cuiiluiJcr.itU)n. 
Mill ''iiliiiily, uMil Ihc l.iiitli, iniiicraU and foreiti cmi- 
■<litiili thr timrci'H 'il the (iriiviiKial rcvcnuc.i , but 
•»• lliijin lliiy, It lU'tiv^.iry, .lUJ the rovnl to (lirt-tt 
taXiittiiii To Nova Siulia an aihlitiiUMl .iiM'riint hit 

IllICi' (n Cll ^l.tlltClt. 

New Hruntwkk ivat eiitillcil to receivc.Jn addltiun to 
Ihc .iliovc .iii.oiint. Jfi|,.K«) ,1 for ten yc.irt. To the 
exitliii;; DuiniiiiMii (libl i-i lo be .iddtd llie further cost 
for tliir MiU'rioloiiial K.iiKsay cotim ctln^ Halifax and 
yutbet, •leelion'. cf uliieli were built many jeart a^jo, 
ami the riiiiaiiuler of uIiilIi it since cuiiiplctcil ; an<l the 
r.tcihc Kaihvay, the contiructiun of which wat uno of 
the cuiulitiont uf the acce^tion of lhiti»li Culunibia to 
the uiilun. 

In the diviiioii of a>'<et'<, lln Uoiiiinhin look the lanals 
harbor'', li^htliovi-.i-i, piiblu \ettelt, ri\cr and laki: ini- 
proveiiicntt, debit due by r.iilway coiiipaniet Jew ol 
thcni of any v.ilue , military roadt, ciMtmii huutet and 
public bulldini;s, e.xcept tiio^e rei|uired lor the pro. 
viiKLiI ^ovciniiKnt, aiinunt't, dilH tliedt, iiuinitioii:i of 
wai, .itui uUuN tet aj'.iit for (^i ner,il public u^ci. 

Mil iri.\. 

The militia of the Dominion is in a state of crtkleiiey 
very treililable to itt orn.ini/.ers 

riie nuiiibcr of active volunteer iiiilltia enrolled in the 
Uoiiiiiiion IS .ibout 44,i.MX). 

( )f this number upward.>of ju.cxxi perlormcd the 
drill, the greater part lor ij days' continuous drill. I'he 
reserve militia now numbers .ibout 7oo,iX)iJ men between 
the ai;<'S uf iK .ind Ciu .Scieiitilic instruction in artillery 
exercise is provided for, and the batteries ,ire biinj; 
arnii'd as f.^t as circiini^t.inces will permit, with tlie 
s.ime description of lu'ld-yuns as those latily issued to 
the horse artillery of the rej^ular army I he cavalry arc 
armed with Snider carbines in addition to their swords, 
Tlic inl'.inlry are all armed with Snider breecli-loadiinj 
ritleii, and use the same .imiiuinition as the re^ army. 
I'he active force is or^.munl by corps, comp.mics, bat- 
t.ilions, ami batteries into brijiadeb of tlio three arms, 
and these rest upon .1 reserve ortjani/.atKm of tlib whole 
manhood of the Dominion, as above stated. The Majur> 
( leports that in some of the rural batl.dioils of 
tin- active militia were whole coiiii>.iiiii,'s eipial in heitjlit 
and appiMr.ince to the Kii^jIj.iIi Ijuards, and 
that no Ijner material for soldiers could be found any- 
where than amonjjst the backwjodsmen of Caiiiid.r 

The command of the Canadian militia must, according 
to the statute, be filled by a person having attained a 
field olhcer's rank in the impe-ial forces, .ind w,is, in 
l,SSc>, coiiierred on .Vl.ijor-lienera.' I.uaid, in succession 
to Sir E. S,elby Sins ill, who had recently 
rcsi^jned and returned to Gieal liritau: 


Since the visitation of the "panic" in u'; 5, the amount 
of both imports ,iiul exports has been constantly diminish- 
iiitj, with Some sli(;lit fluctuations, as will be soeii from the 

figure* we give tirhiw, which thuw a compa 
nirnt uf inipurla fur Ave year* linct ih.ii < 
inipoiti, export! and cunluiiit dutieii for tlif I 
will tie noticed that thr im|Mirlt dcclinid thir 
year of the " panic " to the extent of $iy,»$'j 

Imt. t'^'is* lai|«ri» i'<i 

1171 IH.I.iiTo.KI 

w« |«».i»iH.i.'M ii.i,',iiii,atii (I'i.n 

1177 . . 7S,»76..'l«.l l'\»,.'U7,K(l'i 12(14 

lltn 7»..TM,';il7 li;i,i'tl,7n7 I'.'.TO 

Il7tf . ,. 7l,«VI.VtA >l.tMI«,4j7 U.n 

In th« Unt mentioned year $S<),i4\.fio$ 1 
lm|K>rti wprr enlereil for "home connumption 
amount $$5,1');, M) only were duti,iblr ((or 
|J4,<)l l,f</) on the " Irec IIhI, notwilhit.mdin 
ral cxtrntion of the cuttinnt tystem umlrr th 
of the " National I'olicy," which, as will be 
the above litjurei, hat resulted In the steady 
the cnttonit revenue each year, in an in.crte 
to the sle.idily decreasiin; list of imports 

The great importance of our American ti 
imagined when we (piotc from the re|K(rt of t 
of Customs, th<it ol the tota' imports for tli 
turned year, .$4 t,6i'),o27 came from the Un 
Ihc next Country on llie list biing (Jrrat Hr 
sent in $(o.'M< ""J, while I'r.ince, wliiili was 

The comparalive qnaiilities of imported at 
gooils, b)- I'rovinces, for the last abovc-nieiit 
it shown by the following statement; 

PruvlhM lm|»irto 

OiiUrlo (9't,ll'.^,"^l| 121 

V'wlo-' Mi.' '.'I 

N.«« i<,'..ti« ;,iiiiil,ill4 

Nl'K llllllKwU'il i.Wi.tH I 

I'oiK.- K' Maml ii^l,'>,,',> u : 

MuMi.l.a l,Uli,t7l 

.M W rfrt.l.rin lJ7,|ifi 

llfitiali I i>luiiil'U {i,«4U,7l«» ; 

The difference in exports in favor i>l fjuebe 
C)nt,irio, ,Hid the nnaliimss of the dillereiice 
into ( i|it,irio as ,i|;,iiiist (Juebec, are both nu 
than real, as .Montreal, being the gieat depot 
pot for both branches of commerce, a 
()iil,uio's imports anil exports alike are ortui, 
to city, and come under I he rel 
I'rovince of (Jiiebec. 

'I'he above returns of customs duties collet 
in each a trille more than unedialf 
revenue of the Uoiiiiiiioii, the b.ilaiice ben 
from variou-. sources, including llie piiblii 
olTice, government railways, tolls, le.i 
&c., &c., besides excise receipts, wliidi loi 
important item next to customs. 

Considering the slagii.ition of the liinibei 
1874, the returns go to show other icn 
dui lion conlinue in Ai\ active ,ind heaitli) ci 
that the subsi.iiilial progiession of tr.idc 
countiy ) early continued up to that year. 

The great of Canailian tr.ide will 
striking if we take two decennial periods 
steady augmentation. 

From $J0,7oj,497 in 1S50, the total trad 
then comprising only Ontario and yuebec, 
in 1851J to .f5a,.'>/>,i42 , and from :i)Oti,y55,o<, 
$i^4,79i,SfKj ill 1S66-7. 

Since the confederation of the I'rovinc 
trade of the Dominion is set down .u follow 

1»(17 tib fr. 

1 .SOS oil 1: 

l8lli(-70 1- 

1H70 71 1; 

1871 7: 11 

1S7'J 73 .' 

1873 74 2 

1874-74 .*. II 

1875-711.. 1 

l»76-;7 1 

IS77-78 I 

187»-7l» 1 



G give below, which ihuw ■ comparallvt tialt- 
|in|)orta fur Avr yciirii ninte >h.>l tlinr, 4iul of 

CX|N)rti ami cuntunu (liilieii for llw la»t four It 
licfti ( (lir inifHirt* ilciliniil iluriiiK the fiml 

!<• " panic " to ilu- I'Ktcnt of $J'/N5i>,<)j7. 


|ll'>.«"if.«.lA V.1,-;ili,S«il |I'J,*M,IM 44 

76,«;ft.:iU.1 li|)..1J7,(MN 12»4PI,«I ">.t 

7»..iv:i.'.i)7 M,ini,7»7 r.'.7l>;.,mi:i 17 

ll.m.'iM >I.VA4,4i7 U,W»,ti" «l 

l.iit inciiliiincil $80,341 'hiH of ^lir total 

wrn- iiittriil I'M "lioMic Lonnuniption " .iiul uf tliii 
$55,107,)')} I'lily wi.ri' iliiti,ii)li' Koo(li«, a>;aiii'»t 
(>/) on llic " Ircr lint, n<ituitiitt,iiulinK tlic ^> tir 
I'jii of the ciiitoMii -lyHtctn utulrr tlie o|K-r.iti<>n I'liilcy," winch, as will lie <cvi) from 
• ti,MifC4, liin rciiilii'tl In the ttnatly iiKrcani- of 
1111 rcviiuic rai'h yfar, in .in inverse propurlion 
•iilily ilctri-.i^iin; litt c.f Jm|ii.rt~'. 
ri at iiiipurtance of our AiiK-riian tr.i(.le can bv 

I wlii-M we (iiintc from the r«|Kirt of tl>.- .Miniiitcr 
1111, ol the tota' iiiipiirti fur tin; la!«t nan- 

.", $.♦ (/).''),u.'7 i-amr from tlu- I'liiliil Statrn. 

t cuiintry on tin' Hit liiiii^ Ijrrat which 

$ ('|.'M.f7"i. while France, w hi Ji was tinril, sent 

iinparaiivr ipiaiititiei of imported and uKportcil 

i> I'roviiui's, fur the lait above-nieiitiuiKil year, 

I ljy the lollowni^; st.iti'intnt : 

I'm >( .ft linlrTW Eip.'rl« 

tiiriu t34,li>.'«,iiSi| |;(.To:4.4.'>0 

ell*' !MI,;'il.»4« •.'l',;»",.'MS 

>»S.-,.iU 7,iw'J,ill4 7.:W4..'l'i» 

» lliiii.axu'k S,'JU>I,«S4 6,»7I,471 

>«(•• K.UunI Miiiiil i)3:i..'>ill I,4:il.1>y 

>iui.<h» I,l4ii,9'l 51'.' •HU 

W Tert.t.riM I.S'.iii'i 00. 1. IK 

Hull I iiluiiil'U S.44U,7^II t,7i.'>,l>r'i 

ilifferenct in exports in favor ot Qncbcc aj a^'ain-it 
I, and the Miui/i'/itss of the dillc'iL'ni.i; 'if inipuils 
iitario as .i^j.iiiist yuebcc, are both more ,ipp.irL'nt 
ul, Ji» M'jntrejl, bcint; the great depot and entrc- 

both branches of toiniiK-rce, a v.i»t ainoinit of 
I'i iinpiirls and exports alike arc ol>ii.i.dl) trcilited 

city, and come uiuler the returns tor the 
c>.' of (Jncbtc. 

above returns of cuitonis dutiex collected Indicate 
ll c.ise .1 trifle more tiian ont-lialf of the total 
e of till' Uominion, the b.ilaiicf beiiij; in.nli' up 
ariiiiii Muurces, iiKlildiiin the public lands, post- 
government railways, tolls, leased properly, 
c, besides excise receipts, which lorm the most 
ant iti-in next to customs. 

lidi'iint; the stayiMliuii of the Uiiiibcr tr.idc since 
he returns ^jo to show other sources of pro- 
) continue in di\ active .iiul heaithy cjiidition, and 
ic substantial progiessiun of tr.ide through the 
y yearly continued up to that year. 
^jrcat increase of Can.lilian tr.ulc will .ippcai more 
g if we take two decennial perii.ids .iiid note the 


n $29,703497 in 1850, tlie total trade of Canada, 
)mprising only Ontario and Quebec, had increased 
> t(i I5S,. '99,142 , and from $0ti,ij3 5,093 in i!iCxj,to 
i,!<6o ill 1866-7, 

e the confederation of the Provinces, the total 
if the Dominion is set down as follows : 

1<!7 tin - |lli9,!5;),194 

11)8 611 .. 13O.*Sll,000 

ic,ii-7o us,;i87,sii) 

171) 71 I7u,'.ii:ii,is9 

171 7: lB'i.:Us,77ii 

(7'J-73 ■ 217,H»7.01IIJ 

!73-71 2l7,iii,772 

(74-74 .*. l»7,50i,()3() 

175-71 176,6i»'.i,6.'i3 

176-:? 17a,175,87tl 

i77-7« 17'.i.4'l.'i,454 

178 -7t> U3,4ii,fl«J 

NothInK run more clearly 4how than the«e (t|{iiie4 lh« 
very raplil i'xpan'<lon of ihi" tra'le of ( f" lh» 
twenty-four years prcviout to lN74i i.nd aUhoiikjh »ht 
univerially prrvailinii conimcrcial deprcMlon ha* laiil It* 
hand heavily u|Hin Canada aince thai lime, the tr.-Ada 
inilic.itioMs are ai;ain promising, aiHl tvtry circumilanc* 
ID lints to ,1 nrasiii) of returning and continued pruK|M-iity 
for I'l' 'oniliiion. 


.ShlpdiullilhiK is one of thr nio«t iin|)ortant induitrii.* 
of Canada, many vrssrU being built in favorable scaauna 
for Hale .(broad, as well as those for home use. 

The steady, progressive growth of this interest under 
the first twelve years of confederation may \te seen at a 
gl.ince III till follow ing table. 'I'hi- number .tiul to'iii.ige 
iif vessels built and registered each year sink.c cunfvdera- 


i« as follows , 

aeur, . 















iia I'i'i 



i"ii. iiti 



1 1 l.tHLI 


,, ,,,,... 


1:1;.. IMS 

ii.7s'> l.";;i,7H 




•1,111" 1 




I.M.' I'J 

sill.' ' l,'illf..A<ll 


■ .• *..,.,,**■>.• 


1. HI, IK II 

7,i\H 1 I,'illll.>ti3 



7..TI-. 1 l,:il'',4'lf» 

7,41111 i,:);i;i,i'if. 



I'lli.Vill 1 



' ;.4,'i i,s.i'iiw« 

T.ilxi'ii by rruviiiLes, the mimbi-r .ind tonnage of ve»« 
sels registered the lasl-tiai..eil year were : 

.N.ivn S.« 

'i.fni VM«il/> ll .Vt'J, ISV tons. 

Ni'ii Hiiiiii'viuk I, MS " 3«ii,4l>l 

yiiii.. l,li7J " •Jlil,'ij,1 

iiiiUMii I, "I'll '• 1,111, us; 

I'll K.lunrI l.lilllil aUS " 411, so? I ..luuii.u itii ■• i,'(n 

'iH " l.'r.'l 

7,471 " l,3i'.'.i)!i» 


riie abiive ligures show the shipping ari.l ship- 
biiililing interests of the Uoniinion are of the most iiii- 
poitant ; also, that tlie year IS;^ was they»';j/ 
in v.hich there has been a decrease in the tonnage of 
registered shipping. Comp.ired with other m.iriliiiie 
countries, however, is still forgiii;,' ahi:.ul. ,iiid 
continually drawing nearer the lir-t We e.Mr''t 
the following statistics from the KifrrU'iit (l^uerit, 
i«79-8o, giving the number .mil tonnage of vessel--, of 
SI i-going tonnage, and steamers of 100 tons burthen 
and over, belonging to all maritime states in the world, 
which have a total tonnage exceeding li.ilf .1 million of 
tons : 

liri-iit ItnlatusuJ C'oluliics vlcrjit 

, rHihiilpi) 

I UllilrtI SUlfi 

I NorwHy 

I t'stm.U 

I liiTiiiany 

I lulv 

l-niiiro .,., ..... 


N'l. fiteimor« S4III11J V«tMl« Kvl Txti'ifn 




1 jO 

'1 :is7 
:). 1 .-.'J 
'.1,11 1 1 


il.s()7,i"' '.1 

1.4.''i,'l. I 






These figures show Can.ul.; ■ iie the loiirdi ni.uitiiiis 
nation in the world, a pusiliuii whuli she will cert, only 
excli.inge with Norw.iy for third place in the in Uic 
near future. 

Till'; l.KllITIIOU.'^l-; SV.SIK.M. 

The l.ig/itfioiisf system upon the »ea co.ists and inl iiul 
waters of the Doiniiiioii is verv i'.\tensive, .ind cinisLiiuly 
extending under the energetic administration of the 
Department of .\l.irine. The lighthouses are classed in 
six general divisions. The first, known as the Ontario 
Division, eni.ji.ices the lights ,iiul liglilships extending 
between and the bouiul.irv -lino of the Pro- 
vinces of Ont.uio and well ,is f.iose on the 
Upper Lakes, the Olt.iwa Ki\er, and the St. 1 iwrence, 
from Montreal westward. 

DdMIMoN Ol C.\N'.\n.\ 

Tllf next ilivision, called the IJmbci: Uivi. m 

priMs the St. LnwrciKi- liclow, tlu ', !lu 

Straits ol' Iklle l>lc, the nf Labiadoi, ami thin 
light>i niaintaiiH-il In tin- I (..iiiniion un tht- nurth-wt>t 
coa-it iif Ni-wf.niiullaml— a vtT)' LXtcnsuo district, ami 
rc(iuirin^' a considerable staff as well as steam vessels 
foi its inspection and ni.iiiaj^ement 

The oilier four ^livi^ions are n.m.ed respectively the 
"New UrunsHick," "Nova Scotia." ■• I'rince I.duaul 
Island " and " liritish (.'olunibia," the name bein;^ m 
each case s'^■noll\■1llna^ with ' e posiiion ,iiul e.\uiit ul 
the several divisions. 

The two last-named h.i.e undcrtjnne very nian>- 
changes since the admission of the respective ri'ivincc s 
to tlie Dominion, ami are now in a condition which com- 
pares favorably with the older divisions. 

The most important of .ill is the Nova Scotia Division, 
wliich embraces within its limits ilS liyhts, \o ateain 
fog-whistles, I liyht-ship. 3 signal-gun stations, j auto- 
matic signal buoys, • large iron bell buoys, 6 stationary 
beacons, and J05 iron and wooden can-buoys and spar- 
buoys, besides 3 liuniane e^tablishnieiits for tiie relief ot 
distressed seamen, 7 life-boat slo.ions and 4 signal sta- 
tions. 'I he number of lighthouse keepers, engineers of 
fog-whistles, and persons in charge of life-boats, humane 
establishments and signal stations in this Division, is li'j. 

Melirw is the iium'- •• of stations. ^Scc, i&c,. in the whole 
Dciniiiion for eacii ye.i. of the twelve succeeding Cun- 
tederation : 





Liv'lit SUUrilf. 

- i i' 
.1 ' 

- 4 


Liijhl Sh"wn. 


14 1 






Ailt illlnllc 


Tile fisheries of liiili^h .\iiierica .ui- of vast value, ami 
are in .1 most flourishing condition under the fo.'teriiig 
care of the Minister of Marine and l-'isheries. 

The i.itcst official statistics show steady increase in the 
number of vessels and men emuloyed. Last year .ib.>u; 
1,500 decked vesscK, besides o[.ui boats, were engaged in 
Milling within these Crovinces, employing some OJ.4OJ 
men. The estimated number of persons supported al- 
nius- -.iiL'rei) by this industry in the various tidiing 
coni.-.u >■:■.• -.^ei.ds (Jo.oiX) souls, 

T"; ■ ■■ .; if the lisheries \'early improves, aiul 

til- : ;■• lu.e .iiiiiu.illy increases in quantity and '.aiue. 
I.-. .'• . value (.1 (i-h products for the past season 
e\..i, '^ v> ..Xfioo. riiis sum exhibits tlie value of 
. A) \: uducCs in the Provinces of Nova Scotia. New 
iJians.Mck, (Quebec. Uiitario, I'rinte lidw.ud Isi.uid, 
British Columbia ,ind .M.mitoba. In .idditioii tu tiie 
abovf. -mentioned value, it is computed that Amciic.m 
ri-liernicn have also caught on the coast of Canada 
between six and eight millions of dollars' worth of mer- 
ch.mtable fish. The whole \alue i.'f the yield from these 
naileries last year, therefore, exceeds twenty millions of 

These tigures show that the tisheries of Canada, as a 
resource of traile and a source of food, are "*' ver\- 
\alue to the Canadian peoplf. iud also to the citi/. ;.i-, of 
the UniUd States, and if an>' further proof were 
.-1 quired of this latter l.n' it is t-.' ! •_ I m ;he 
e-ult (if the recent intern. .tional .irbitr.ition known as 
the " Kisliery .\w,ird,' wlu reby the Canadi.m Go\ rrn- ' 
I'K-nt were awarded the sum of 13.31^0,000 as coiniien- 
>,ition for the use of tlieir tislierie.^ by the Americans 
sinC' the operation .jf the ' Treaty of Washington " 

The value of the annual conium|itioii of oy-ters in 
("ar.ada is 1300,000. of tiijs only 1 100,000 worth .in 
produced in Nova Scoti.i New Hrun-,n..k, am' rrin..^ 

I dw.iid Kl.niil. niii-lly fimii the l.iitri I'luvime 

. 1^ no iiMson why this indii>lr_\' should not be vi 

extended. I'lie C anadi.m oy-ter groumU .ire ve 

sive. ,iild the loc.ililie-. .iilmirably .idapleil foi tin 

tion of oysiirs, l-'or ik lie. icy of ll.nur .iiul 

I properties, the 1. ii\^Ier is n it evcelli 

i clloice^t I'niled St.ues oyster. They might I 

in enormous (pi.mtilies, if the nalural hicilil 

enli.inced by artificial .lids. 

In Ijuebec, Nova .Scoti.i. .iml .Neve Urunswicl 

whicli unploy the bulk of the Ir.ule ,iif -.iliii'ii 

herring, m.ickercl. .ind lobsurs In Ontario tl 

lUh .md --.ilmon trmit are the sources t 

The, river, .iiul ml.iiid ti-herie-. contin 

)irove iimler the protective sysKni. In both tht 

fre-h-water fishings, a point of productiveness 

g.iined, when the stock of fish will be siiffKient 

remunerative eniploynu iit to double the men 

now employed. 

I Better and more economical modes of c.iti 

I also used, and profil.iblo means of disposuig o 

' have been secured. In-tead of being s.ilted ant 

; formerly, .salmon and white-lish are frozen or c.i 

j sent fresh to our own markets and those of tl 

I boring States. 5o;<.eXXi fresh salmon are no 

! annually in the-e I'rovinces. equal to 

I wholesome and deli Sous food, the bulk ot wlii 

used as fresh food, instead of salted ,4s ftirmerl) 

There arc seven establishments where arti 

culture is carried on in the several Province 

Dominion, and the number of fry distributed d 

spring of the year iH'S .imnunted to o\i.r t 

millions, and is continually being increased. 

Tlie fisheries of Newfoundland are noteil 
.iiticie on that Province 


The following statement shows the paid-u 
,tnd deposits of the chartered banks for twe 
succeeding Confederation (.is reporteil in tl 
-tatemeiit to the Dominion l-'inance Dep.irtmei: 

\ larj. 

ISllS— Jm 


18i;!i — 



1 «:■-•- 




i-Ti; III. 

. 31 

'iiiu-up eni'iwl. 






31.4.'.0.6;C . . 




4.'..::U,i,<l!l .... 


;..». |ii'J.'.i.|i.i 



.... 7s 


.... 74, 






lo.l.Vi. 1J7 


1^71'- ■• 

But the deposils in tlir ch.iiteied^ do U' 
mea:^-' repre---i-nt the whole of the depo.-its of tl 
I lie deposits in govt-rnment .md [lo^t olVice, , 
s.isings banks, .md building societies, amount 
siiierablj- over fourteen millions of doll.irs. and 
two or three chartered banks in the .Maritime i 
uho.-^e tigures are not included in the foregoing- 
being b_v their charters obliged to render retu 
Hot done so. 

c.\N.\i.s (.r fill. iiii\ii\iii.\. 

The canals of the Dominion overcome the d 
of St. Lawrence navigation from the Straits of ] 
to the head of Lake ,Su|ierior, a distance of 23 
of which 71 '4 are artificial or navig.itioii. 

Another caii.d s_\ ,tein overcomes tlie dilllculti 
Ottau.i. betweiii .Mniitieai .iiid the city of Otta 
a further s\-steiii opens navigation between Ott 

A still further syst, 111 eonmcts I„ikc Champ 
the n.iviL;.ilion of the St. L.iwrniee. 

Li .\ Scoti.i the St, Peter - cro.sses ar 
of half a mile connecting St. IVter's Bay on tl 
ern loast ol tlie Isl.ind of Cape Breton with tl 
.md Little Bras d Or Lakes, possessing a natur, 
into the Atlantic. 


l-^liiiil, ni.'-lly li.'iii llii 1,111. I I'lDviikc. I Iilti- Tlic (.'.iiinlinavvaiiiia (.' i^ iiroposcil tol)c cunstrm!- 

isun why llii-. imlii>.li\- slu.ulil nut !)■-■ vlT)' vA tn cmiiucl the w.itfrs of tlic St. I.awreiKc with lake 

il. The Cannihan ovstiT ),'rniimU an- vciy cxti'ii I'haiiiplain, .uul its ioiii|)U.-tiun is cxpcctfil to lir nl j;r<Mt 

1 thi- li'ialitic-. a(liniral)ly .ulaptfil fur tiiu >iiltiva- iHiulit to the iiilaiul Ir.iiisportalicin Um\l of Caii.nla ami 

o_\-.tir>. l-'or ililicary ol' lla\"r ami mitnti\f 
fs, the (.aiMiliaii oy^tir is ii il fVicllctl by the 
I'liiteil Staa-s oy'-ter i'luy iiii^lit be raiseil 
inoiis (iiiantilies, it ilu- natural I'acililies were 
d by arlilicial aid--. 

lebec. Nova Scoti.i. aiul Neu Uriin-u i.k the li-h 
mploy the bulk of the trade an- ^aliiiMi, coilTHh, 
niackeicl, and lob-iters In (,)iUano the whitc- 
^almon ti-onl are the piiiuipi! sourees of supply 
stiiaiv, river, , uul inland ri^lnrie-. cimtiniie to ini- 
lukr the protective ■system In both the salt and 
iter fishings, a point of prodiictiveiK-.s is bciilij 
when the stock of ("isli will be siihkient to ,uVon 

the trade of Montre.i 

:,\S VI Kit': I ANAL. 

A siipplenicntaiy leport of the Minister of I'ublic 
U'l.rks i;ive-^ the reports of the enj.;iileers on the route 
anil con^tnalion of the proposed M.iy Verte t', be- 
twicii Ha)- \'erte .mil Cm ibeil.ind Hasin, comuctin.; 
the uaters of the (iiilf of .St. I.,iwreiici- with those of 
the li.i)- of l'und>-. The t,ital '.-n:.;th of the will 
beJO'a miles , 4 locks w-ill be lecpiired. Ihe f^iinral 
depth of ciittiin; tliioii^h the i- .ir-^hes will be JJ tVrt , 
b'at on the w.iter-shed, a mile .ind a h.ilf across, brlow 

-ativc emploj-meiit to double the men and ...ill ''"' ''^''l' 'l"'"«>' '""''"• ''''"■" '"-' '" -'■' ^'"''^ '.'^'^'l'- ""'"« 
ployed ''"' '-"■'*' "' '' '■''^~' there lies a Ijarrier of soft red sanil- 

r and more economical modes of c.itchin- .ire stone which will have to be cut to the depth of i; feet 
d, and protitahle moan-, of dispoMni,' of the fi-h ''''^' '-'■'"''' '^ '" '''" '"^ ''-■••'' ''' bottom, with 1'. let of 
L-n secured. In-lead of bein- salted and cured as . "'''cr. I'lu- me.iii level of the -^ea found to be the 
/, -salmon and white-lish are frozen or canned and -'"»'"'^' '" "■'>■ ^ '-''•'^ •""' ''"•" "''V "f '■'""dy. The vv.iter- 
sh to our own markets and those of the nei-h- ^ini'l'l)' "i" be fuinished by the hij^h w.iter of the U.iy 
St.ites. 5o;>.cXXi fresh salmon are now caiajlit '>(' l-uiuly .md ih. fie^h-u.Uer l.ikes .it the soarces of the 
.■ ill the-e I'ldvinces, equal to S.cieKi.ocio lbs. of l-apl.uiche. The e-.tiiiiatc i.if tile- co.-.t is I5, 1.1. jo. 000 
me ,ind deli-ious food, the bulk ol which is now 
fresh food, instead of >alted ,is formerly 
; are seven establishments w-here artilicial I'l-h 
i.s carried on in the several Provinces of the 
-in, and the number of fry distributed diirin;,' tlie 
.jf tiie year 1.S7S amounted to o\-er thiru--l"r. e 
, and is continually beiii^' increased, 
fisheries of Newfoundland are noted in the 
a that Froviiice. 


followhig statement ^how-s the paid-up capit.i 
losits of the chartered banks for t«-elve vears 1 

It to the Uominion 1-inance Dep.irtnient) 
— J'.ii.,,-iO 

i'ii.--T Ml |, I, K. 

Ihe Honderfiil strides which the Cost OlTice of Canada inatle tow.inls peifectioii in the Kw- ye. us. mu^t 
be reij.inled as an ioii ol the eiieri;\- di-|il.i>ed by 
the he.uls ol th • department. ■* 

In I.s,-; the r.iouey onler -y-.tem w.i-^ eNt'iidevI to 

.Mailit'ib.i .uul to Ihiti-h ludi.i. and the mterch.inye of 

postal cai'ds Willi the L"mted .St.ites took plate .it the 

^aIne period, while for some ye.irs the free delivery of 

ielters in l.irjie cities ,ind towns has been inaii:-;ii!,ited 

with -.ucce-.-^. ,ind the p.^-iil sjsieiii i-' l.l^,t 

., ,- c .,f„,i ,......-,., ., . 1 ■ .1 - ■ ,' appioachini; ,in ri|u,ilit\- with ol the mo>l aiU.incid 

n„f Confederation (as reporteil in the otticial , ' ' .,',,■ 

in other coiiuUK- .At the r)ei;minn^ o! the 1.S75 

•extra poslaj^e to .iiid from the L'nited Slates was 

abolished, .ind a letter or po-.t,i: car.l now i;,ies betw-een 

' any part ■ f Canada and the L'nited .-^late- ,it the homt 

I rate.- ol three cents .uul one cent, .111 iiiinien^e coiui ^,.-u»ii 

on both Mdes to the pubiic ulu n the enormous corre->jioii- 

dcilce between the Iwo ce>imlries is coMsideied. 

.•\ .>te.uiy atlvance in the revenue is nolice.ible ; but. on 
the other li.iiul, the .ui of lu.ii! tr.uel b\- tlie 
opeiiiiiy ol m-u MUtes of r.iiUvay, the iiKrea-.eJ mile.iye 
L.ui-ed b)- Mcrviiii; the ileu I'rovmce--, and the more fre- 
i.|Ueiit service of the older portion- of the Dominion, 
have made the expenditure more than keep pace with 
l the receipt.--, -o lliere is .-till an excels of outl.iy over 

Closed mails pas-ini; through the Inited Sl.ite-. are 
re^jularly e.xchani;ed with the di.-,,taiit I'lovinces of .M.mi- 
loba and British Columbia, a fortnightly mail contract 
having been entered into between I-'rancisto and 
; \'ictoria, B. C, the time now occupied between these 
two points being four days. 



'atu-up eaj'iul. 



♦.»,!>!).,, ',:iii 



31,4,'.u,6;i7 .. 



. ,Vi,7',:i,iM.r; 


. . '■),7--!". is;i 

.'.."i.l "-J, -.■.-.-,. 



. . :-.-m,:i.;7 


... 7.i,".."..-i. -'il 








71.1;- ,-, ■: 

le de|)0■^i!s in tin- cii.uteied b.iiik- do n-^t by am 
.pre -1 lit the whole of the depo.-its of the people. I 
oaits in government and po-.t office, and 'other 
banks, ,ind building societies, amount to con- 
,- over fourteen millions of doli,ir>, and there ,ire 
tree chartered banks in the -Maritime I'rovinces 
-jures ,111 not includeil in the foregoing — the)- nut 
• their charters obliged to render returns, have 

c.\N.\i.s nr nil. iMiviiM. .N. 

;inals of the iJi.iminion overcome the dilficulties The most perfect arrangements exist for paper, book, 
iwreiice navigation from the Straits oi lieile Isle [.'.ircel, and sample posts within the IJoniinion, and with 
:ad of Lake Superior, a ilistance of jj.s^ niile- .the L'nited Slates and other countries, .md the nuiiu \ 
71 >j are arlilicial or navig.itioii. order ^ysteiii is being rapidly extended to meet the 

er cand ->-teiu overcomes the dillicultiLb oi the growing wants of the country. .A comp.irison of the 
betwet 11 .\|,.inieal and the city of Ottawa ; and number of post olFices in the Dominion at fixed dates is 
.)-sti 111 opeiia navigation between Ottawa and mlc-resting as showing the growth of towns as well as 

population. In 186S tlierewere j6j[8 ; in l.S/o, j'^^-'o ; in 
i^7^' JO-H ; i" October, 18;.], .(oOa ; and at the i)reseiit 
tune there are very nearly 6,cou. 

l-'ollowing the example of (ireat Britain, the Post 
I iliice Department some years since introduced Savings 
Hanks in connection with various ollices, wliicli are very 

le d Or Lakes, possessing a natural outlet popular with, and extensively t..ken ttdv,.ntage of by 

■^"■'"'^c. , the m.isscs. 

lurthtr s\--t, 111 conn.-cts I., ike Chani|ilain with 
.illon of the St. L.iwniue 

a Scoti.i the St, I'eter -^ cros.-es an isthniu- 

mile connecting St. I'eter'- li.iy on the Miutli- 

t ol the M.ind of Cape Hreton with the (ireal 




uiK i,\:ji) svsii-;m ok nil i"i\iisi.\ i<\ canaha. 

As u-j;,Mils till' l.iiiil .vv-liiii 111 llic- DDMiiiiiun, it iii;iv 
bf Nlalcd til. 11 ill tin; I'lovim rs ul Ontaiiu, Uiiclicc, New 
Hriinswii k, Nnv.i Siolla, I'riiiic IMw.inl Islaiiil, and 
liiitisli Ciiliiiiilil.i, with llie ex(('|ilioii <>{ a trait in llir 
la.-.t-iMiiK'il l'iM\ iiiri', ccili'il Id tin: I >i)iiiiiMiMi fur tlii' |iiii - 
posi! of tin; 1'ai.irn: Kaihv.iv, tin; lands arc liuld liy tlir 
M-M'ial prdvinci.d ijnvi'rnnuMils. In several iif llir I'lo- 
Ninccs frof ni.iiils arc nivcn to iiiiiiiii;raiUs, and in aliiiusi 
all I asrs in wliii li ^{inrriiiiiciil land is for sale, it is uf- 
fcird at |irii c's wliii li aie iiic-ii'iy iKiniiiial, and which 
riMlly iiiilv aiiiiiiinl tci •.riilenu-nl ihitios, 

IIk- lands in llic I'lovincc of Ma'-itolia and tin; N'ortli- 
\vr,| IVirilwry an; In-ld by tin' Itnininiiin (iovci niiK'nl, 
and an- -.nrvcyrd aiicirdiiii; tn tin" fidhiuiiig bvstcni : 

1 he lands are lirst laid out into hlmks iif ij miles 
M|ii an; liy iniiih and smith and east and west lines, the 
iinllincs 111 earh lilmk lieiiiL; inaiki-ilnlf in the sinvev 
niiiniiini'iii^ everv mile .ind li.ill mile. 

These s(|nare U'i)ek>, wliieli an- ih lined al e,ic li of the 
fiiiir e.irners hy an iron liar li ajiid ir\ . are suli.livided a^ 
the nei es^iiies nf sctllemenl mav iii|iiire iiiin .) Inwn- 
sliip-, 1)1 (I mile, si|iiarc yaeli ; tlu'se iiiiu jn sec ti. his of 
.me mile M|iiare nr O.|o a(;ies caeli, ami eaeli of sin li see- 
liiiis iiiin i|uariers of half a mile scpiare or ifio aeie- 
<M. Il 

llie lands ill sin h IiI.h k are ihi ii reailv (or beltlemenl. 

I.AMi |;| ,,l 1 \ I |i IN,. 

'llie I) ini'in I.ohU in the ma\ he oli- 

taineil eillier liei' li\ ai sell hi -.. mi ( el lam < midilimi, 
<if residence, or simply pmeliaad .il the r.ite of from $1 
to .'f.i per acie, aetmiliil;^ to its loe.itimi and (in Manitoba 
•111 the Nnrtllwest | a ■ ' \ i 111 It)' to tile (.all. id. I I'tleifl 


/■■/.- f/»,;/;A. — Any pei-mi nf j i ye.iisi.f aL;e, lii-im; a 
Uritiah Milijcet either liy liiilh or nalui.ili/.nimi. m.iv 
in.iku an a|iplieation to the I. .mil Ollieer to In- eiiieied 
fm a free of one ipi.irier seetion of rfio aires, or 
fm aiiv less (pi.intity, for a, and then liv a 
iimliniimis residence thereon for three years, and not 
h.iviiii; alien.iled the same, or any part thereof, he will 
lie entitled to a Crown deed; iipmi reeeivimj; whii h the 
land lieemnes his alisolnte properly in fee simple. 

/'nu/iiisi- !•/ /.iiih/i. ■ \\\y person can buy vacant lands 
.ipeii for seltlement fnnn the Dominion (iovernnieiit in 
y\ iiiiioli.i or the .Niiilh-uest Territory, by paving tliere- 
f'lr in cash as above lint no s.ile o' more than a siiii^ie 
s itioii of ''.(ti .leres Will be mule to one person, 

Pic-f'ii/'/ii'ii A'ix^ifi. — Any person of 21 vears of ape, 
lieimj a lliilisli subject, either by birth or iiaturali/aiioii, 
wiio ni.iv Iniild a dwelling upon, iimj inliabil and im- 
piove ,inv i|U.uler se'ctimi (1(10 acres) of land, m aii\ 
smaller ipi. unity, will h.ive the rii^lii of pre-emption 
llirreto; he .n.iy li.ive his application entered with the 
Land Dllii er, and may al aiiv time obtain a patent bv 
p.iyin ; from $1 to :|>J,5o an ere, beiii;,' tlie price 1 
by tjovcrnineiit lor the |ire-ciiiptioii of such l.iiul. 

Hut the claimant, before enterinii his application, must 
in. ike an allidavit before the Land Ollicer that ho has not 
pievimislv exeri iseil his riijlil of pre-emption; and lie 
must further fiirnisli, by his own allidavit, togetliei >vitli 
the tesiinioiiv of two credible witnesses, proof to the 
L.iud Ollii er of the selMement .iiid improvement of the 

No assi;^niiieiit of pre-emplimi riylit prior to the issii- 
ililj of the patent will be reco^ni/ed bv the govei iimeiit. 

A settler on laud which he mav have entered fm pic 
emptiim, mav Mibseipieiitly, on application to llie Land 
( litii 1 r, have a hmnestead right substituted therefor 

A'. >',■.(//."/.(. — i'lio followin.g lands are reserved from 
llie iipcr.itioii of the regulations above staled ; 

1. llie l.iiids allotted to the lliidsmrs U;iy ("ompany. 

2. Lands reserved for schools. 

5. Wooill.inds set aiiurt for siipplyiiig settlers with 

Tlic .ibove is a bare outline of the iJomiiiimi 
Kind reL,'ul,itions ^jeiierally emliracc ; but ,is they lia\e 
been altered smiie\\li;it from time to time, we have sim- 
ply :nclaili-tl jjeiieral principles, avoiding details. 

The .Meniimiiles ol Kiissia have Hocked by 
families into Manilolia the past year; and 
people desire to le.ive the oliler I'rovinces, 
great Norlh-wesl of theirown In move to- 11 
desert region like Arizona, Colorado, and 
comprised ill the great American Desert, wl 
dn'ds of miles no vi'get.ition fm the siisiem 
can exist (see Hell's New Trai ks in .Vnierii 
limis of sipiare miles of the most fertile laud: 
watered by streams, river.s and hikes— and w 
resources are liter.illy inexhaustible, iiiiini 
I oil being found on the wide plains, mil goh 
etc. , among the liocky Mountains. The 1 1 
found not to be surpassed in salubrity i 
.\inerica. Alie.idv access to these I'loviiici 
lories is easily .iltained, and before many 
tinnoiis ir.ick of railway will streti li aim 
cmitineiit, fnnn tin; Atlantic seaport of II 
I'.ic ilic por' ol \'iclmia- through the enlii 
the Doiiiinimi -,i line of lailw.iv which will b 
\\liellicr for its ^n •'' extent, its coii.pleli 1 
I art, or the mai^nilkent results which will 
when completed. 


'I'he history of Can, id. 1 previmis to 1867 ii 
-cparate Provinces, oflen told heretofore, 
liliiabU; to a wmk like this. I'lie history o 
■'.'11 begins in i.SCi;, with the .Vet of Coiifede 
we have brielly sketched, and beyond that v 
iiilv for useful and necessary st.itistics ; b 
■lose this chapter without some brief rem. 
who mav look it over in other cmintrie- 

jiiiliaps seeking information as einigr.inls. 

! I here is no cmiiitry in the world pi 
I'.iiiopc.iii einigraiil liner pros|K'cls than t 
.a Cm. 11 1.1, Willi her millimis of acn-s nf lli 

land ilie.i|i kinds, a he.illliy climale, an 1 
deiti,ind for labour of all kinds, .iiid liii^li u 
Willi in-iiinlimis ,iiid laws thai are jiisi. r 
obe\ ed. 

Immigration .cttr.icted iiiiicli atteiit 
1,1st few years, .iiul finiii \ to \e,irtlii 1 
li.imcnt Voted ver_\' lar^e sums I'nr the die 

I the luoveiiient, besides whicli extensive i^i 

' made by the various,:le rmviiic 
progress of the Country c.iused t;re,it dem 
Tlu lion. Mr. I'ope, the Can.idian 
ininiigr.ition, s.iys in his report ol li<y- : 

" The uiimbers of immigrants which mi 
ed bv the immeiise agricultural and nthe 
of the Dnminimi are pracliiallv iinlimilc' 
ill. It mm,' ihan treble the niimliir nf ilic ■ 
urri\.ils of iminigi. lilts loiild be .ilisnrbed 
iiig aiiv gliil in the labour m.irkel." 

■ These slaleiuenls of the Miiiisier rel 
oidinarv labour demands of tin; Dominii 

I more applic.ilile to the pres. m time; I 
mdin.iry increasing labmir ilcni.mds of ( 

I al present springing up an e.\ir.innliii 
verv considerable magniiiide, for llie i mi 
I'acilic Kailway, the eiilait;cmeiit nf 

J canals, and other public works in pioL; 

I status observed by lion. .\li. I'ope, .is c 

1 has since then contimied, if not aclu.illy 
The unoccupied lands of C.inad.i can, t 
lions of agricultural settlers. In In 1, lli 
and increase of wealth in Canad.i is ipi 
aiiv person wdio resides there excn Im 

j and during the last few years iheic 

1 CL'deiiled demand for all kinds 1 f labmir, 

I agriciillurisls. 

Small fanners, willi solll^ i,ipilal, 1 
land to clear in any part of Canada: 01 
chase, in [lart or entirely cleared. Hiii 
class who come here will ad wisely il 

1 iiioiiev in the bank immedi.ilely after Ian 
Work and learn the nature of the l.ind ; 
the country befmc localiug or making a 
I'.ibsing over the very l.iige niimbei 

j who availed tliemseUes of llie nearer 


Nliriiniiiilc^ 111 Niisshi liiivf lluckcd liy liiiiidrcils of 
s iiilii M;iiiiliil)ii lliL' pasl yi-Mr ; :iii(l if uiir 'lun 
.lisin.' Id Ic.ivi' lliL' (iMiT I'roviiK cs, tlicv li.ivu m 
■ nitli-wcst (jf Uicirown tniiiDVL' to— iiola parcliuil 
rctjioii like Ariiiun.i, Ciildriulci, and niiiiiy otlicr;. 
d ill (he ureal Aiiuiicaii Desert, where for hiiii- 
if miles IK) veLjelatioii foi the sustenance <if man 
st (see Hell's New Trai.ks in Anieiiea), Iiiil mil- 
>( M|U.ire miles of the most fertile lands, ahnndantK 
d liy streams, rivers, and lakes— and whose 
are lilrrally inexhanstilile, immense lieds ol 
L'ing fonndnn the wide plains, mi I gold, silver, iron, 
Moiii; the Koiky Monnl.iins, The tliniale also is 
nil to he surpassed in saluhrily anywhere in 
I. Already access to these Provinces and Terri- 
easily attained, and before many vears a con- 
1^ track of railway will stretch ai ross the wlnde 
•lU, from the Atlantic se.iport of llalifa.N 1,0 the 
por' ol \'i( loiia - lliioimli the entire hreadtli of 
miniou -a lim' of railu av which will be unrivalled , 
L-r for its ;;r<al extent, its cnn.plett ness in ever) 
ir the iua;_;nilkent residls which will flow from it 


■ history of Canada previous to iSrt; is a history of 
Ue Provinces, often told heretofore, and not ap- 
ile to a Work like this. The hi -tory of the JK'win- 
i;ins in iSfi;, with tiie Act of Confederation whii h 
ivc lirielly sketched, and beyond that we have space 
fen- Useful and neeess.iry st.uisties; but we cannot 
this chapter without some brief remarks to those 
inav look it over in other coujUries th.ui Canada, 
ips SI ekim; inlorm.ilion as cmiijr.ints. 

is no country in the world presents to the 
jpc.iri cminraiit hner prospects than the Dominion with her millions of .aires of the most fertile 
1 he.ip l.iiuls, a heallliv climate, an unprecedented 
iiul for labour of all kinds, and hiiih wages, together 
institutions .iiid laws that are just, respecied, and 

iiiiiiyr.ition li.i- .ittr.ictcd niiuli attuitiuii dnrinjj the 
few je.irs. .iiul liom \ to ve.u li.i Dominion Par- 
ent vi'tei.1 \er_\' lar^e sunis lor the (.iicoiir.ifjcnieilt of 
noveuient, besidis which extensive ;.4ianls ha\e been 
e b\' the various Provinces. The r,i]>id 
ress of the country causeil ^ ileiiiamls fur labour, 
lion. Mr. Pope, the (. Minister charged witli 
iL;i.ition, says in his nport of i!>-j : 
rite numbers of imniigr.mts which mi,;hl he absorb- 
y the immense agricultural and other reipiiienients 
le Dominion are practically nnlimiled li is a fact 
more th.iii Irelile the niinibc-r of the (,'rdiiiary vearlv 
:ils of inimigi.inls colli, 1 be .ibsorbed without lu.iU- 
iny glut in the l.iboin m.nkcl " 

lese statenieiUs of th,- .Mini, in- refer oiilv to tli • 
n.irv labour dein.iiids of ihe Dominion, .uul are still 
e applie.lble to the pics. nl lime; bin. hevoiid th • 
nary increasing lab.nir dcm.inds of C.niad.i. there is ^ 
iresent springing up an extr.ionlin.iry demand of ! 
considerable magnitnde, for the cimslriK lion of the 
lie Railway, the enlargenu'iit of the i aii.idian I 
Is, and other public works in progress ; and the 
is observcil b_v 1 Imi. .\li. Pope, .is csistiiii; in iSj.', j 
since then continued, if not .ictu.illy increased. ' 

le niioecnpied lands of cm. too, absorb mil- 
i of agric iiltural settlers In f.1,1, the rapid growth i 
ill! lease of wealth in Canad.i is ipiiie apjiarent to | 
person who resides there even lor a limited time. ; 
during the last few years there been an unpie- 
iili'd deiiiaiid for all kinds i f labour, inoreespei i.illy \ 
ullurists j 

11. ill tanners, with stmif e.ipilal. (.111 le.idih lind . 
to clear in any part of Canad.i; or farms to pui- 
e, in part or entirely cleared, lint persons of 
; who come here will act wisely if tliev put their 
ev ill the bank iniiuediately after landing, and go to 
\ and learn the nature of the hind and the w;ivs of 
oiiiitry bebne locating or making a puich.ise. j 

issiiig over the very large nuinber of iiiimigiaius 
availed themselves of the nearer route ihrongh 

Canada to the Western States, tliaii via New ^'orls•, the 
nnnibcrs of tliose reported by tlie Dominion ajjents at 
the several port.s to have settled in Canad.i since Con- 
federation are as follows: 

1WI7 14,11114 

ISiis ii>,7,;,-, 

181)9 l.s,i;ji) 

1P70 'Jl.Tfi') 

1H71 '.'7,77;) 

1H72 a.1.,',78 

XfT-i .'.ii.O.'iO 

1W4 ;)|i.;i7:| 

Wf> 'zi:.\»-i 

l»7il •::,.i-M 

1S77 :i7,u-.' 

1 s7s '.:'.i,)<ii7 

1S7I' .. tii.tUJ 

I'" sides these, an unii-;n;ill\- latLje miuiber of C.ui.uli.i is 
have returned from the United .States — a niovenient 
which. .IS these lines are written, is rapid!)- t;oing for- 
w.iiil. I'he number of these arrivals for i^'h uji- 
wards of ij.chxi, and st.itistics since published show that 
this class of ininii;,'ralion and rep.itriation has been 
steadil)- going on, at least in so far ;is regards the former 
residents of Quebec and Ontario, the niovenient not 
being so marked in respect to the Maritime Provinces ; 
but as very ni;iny of those who have remo\ed from this 
portion of the Dominion have gone to the Caihidian 
N' rth-west, the general effect on the coniiti)- will be .1 
g.rii r.itlier .1 loss, on account of the gre.iler facili- 
lies tlure olTered 

It may be remarked, with reference to these ligures, 
ill. 11 the settlement of the great North-west ol the Do- 
minion is only just beginniiig, wliile tli.'t of the Liiited 
States is being checkeil by h:iviiig reached the bonlers of 
the American Desert, which begins at about the loclh 
degree of west longitude, and stretches across the conti- 
nent to the Rocky Mountains. 

Cleat acceleritiiui of the r.itio of the incie.ise ol popii- 
l;ition in Canail.i m.iy therefore be looked for, while 
that of the United States has already been checked. 

'J7:i' c/it>sfs leiommeiuiett to eini^ralc to Camido arc — 

Persons with capital, seeking investment. 

Tenant farmers with limited capital who cm buy and 
stock a freehold estate with the iiionev lui .led to c.irry 
on a small farm in England. 

Agricultural labourers, skilled and unskilled, for wlimii 
lliere is a huge and increasing demand lint there is 
also a very l.irge demand fur the chisses ol common 
;ible bodied labourers, arising from the numerous ;iiid ex- 
tensive public works and buildings everywhere in pro- 
gress ill the Dominion, and this demaiul will be largely 
increased by other large pulilic works prujei led, notably 
the C; Paeilic Railway and lie- canal 

Ihe li.indiiiafts and trades generally, which ;ire, so to 
spr.ik. of univer.sal ajiplication. cm also ;ilu.ivs .ibsorO a 
large niimbcr of artis.ins and joiirneviiieii, and leiii.iie do- 
mestic serv.iiils of good ehanicter. 

Children of either .sex, respectably vmichcd lor, ami 
watched \i\vr upon their arrival iiy parties who bring 
them out. may be absinbed in verv consider. ible numbers. 

The various ni;iiiiif.ictiires incident to a coinpar.itively 
new country ciuistitiUe an important and rapidly in- 
creasing I 'Liiich of iiulustiy, and tliev cause a large de- 
mand for immigrant labour. 

The getting out of timber from the forests, and it- 
inanufacture, furiii a leading industry of the Dominion, 
but iKit one to be niiich relied on for newly arrived im- 
migrants, the varimis descriptions of l.ibonr which it re- 
ipiiies being best perfoniied bv persons who have had 
special tr.iiiiiiig in this eoumiy. Ihe various industries, 
howevei-. wliii h li.ive immediate syinp;ithy with it, make 
;i large demand lor immigranl l.ibimr 

Skilled farm-hands get from ^'30 to j^^o a year, with 
bo.ird and lodging; labourers, from 5>. to (u. a day; ine- 
eh.inii s and skilled artis.ins. from (m. to lOy. a dav; fe- 
rn, ilc serv.inls. from \bs. to _^."j .1 month. 

li m;iy be stated in cr>nneetion with the rates of 
W.iges. that food is plentiful an,'i cheap in Canada; and 
the Dominion is, therefore, a clie-oi countrv to live in. 



Tlic li>lln«iin; .Ul' ..vci.inr piin'-.; .|lli. nf while 
liUMil. 3.''. 1>' I''''-; ^''ll liiilUT, c)./. t.i I,;./. \n-\ 111.; im'.it, 
^l</.. 5./. I" <!.''■ IHT 111 ; 1 lur>i-, .((,/ til 7)./. \wv 111.; 
iiiit.ltiirs, |i. I'l -■'. pi'i- lui^hi'l ; ^iii;.ir lln.iwii I. Iml div 
ami Mii' (|U.ililv. (I./ in 5./. |i<t lli . li-.i. .v., i^ -••. 
6,/. per 111.; i'i;i;~. ''•' '" ''•''■ 1"''' <''i''''i''- iiiill>. ini i|iiiii. 
j},/. to .!</. ; Ih'it, -•./. 1" .v'' I'l'f ciii.irt ; I..Im, , ... , ,, |,, .•,. 
per 111 ; .md niluT arlii U'- i" |ir..|.,,iti-ii 

riif iiuiili.i-.iiiu; pnwiT 111 till' ili' in (" is 
mil. li uiiMlir ill. ill in cllui p.irl> nl Aiiu-ii. a. r^pfiiallv 
ill lli.-f lliiiii;> »\iii. Ii C'l M iii.iIm' llu- i.-l hI liviiii,'. .iml 
this I.I. I •.I1..11I.I .ihv.u ■- 111' Im'1'1 ill iiiimi i"^iii'-; . ■■m- 
p.lii>..iis li.'lu.'.Mi ill.' i.ilr- ..I u.iu.'s I'.ii.l ni Cm. 1.1.1 .111. 1 
tlic I'liii.'.l Si. lies, h li.i|i|..Mic.l ill. II . .111^1.' 
mmilKT' piTs..ii^ wli.i h.i.l I. '11 Cm. 1(1. 1. .1111.1. ir.l In 
ihf liinluT .ipp.iii'iii i.ii.' "I w.ii;.'^ p.ii.l ill llii' I'liiu.! 
Stali-s ii-liinu'il iliiiiiii; llif (li^i 

Kimilii'.'. wiili iixi-il inr.inu'^ will riii.l in v\iili 
mm li l.s, iJiiVi. iillv ill. Ill .iniiihi llio riuwilcil p.ipiil.ili..ii 
111' llio 111 .llicr iniiiiliv. .1 Miil.ililc ami pliMs.iin li.iiiii', 
with fViTv faiilily f.u- I'llmalinu n.l -i.iriiiii; iluir . Iiil- 
driMi ill lilc. I'l-r^.iiiv li\iiii; .'ii ili.' mi|.t.-~i ..i ili.ii 
lliiiiu-v ..111 I'l^ilv ..^il lr..iii 7 I.. S i>ii ..•111 ..11 rn.-l . 1.1 — 
SOI iirilv 

M.iii.-v .1. |i..~il.'.| in ill.' p..~l ..111. .' -.i\ini;> li.iiik^ 
(i;. .vrinni.-nl .-.■. 111 il \ I ili.iu ■- .) prr . .'iil iiiliM .-.-1. 

I'll.' i.ilr .ill.. ui'.l li.i ill.- ili|i.i.-il ..I iii.>iu\ ..11 ..ill 111 
(ilhiT siviiii;^ |..iiiks .111.1 li.iiik^ is | I.. ;; pi r . nit . 
with iiiul.iiililr.l v.'i niilv 

It m.iv 111' ii'ni.uki'il llu' rl;iSM'> whii h sli.iiil.l 11.. I 
l)L' imhui'il l.i I'lniijiMli' 1.1 Cmaila, iiiiU'ss up.. 11 it. ..f piivalo liirml-, :iml wilh .1 \i.'U I', pl.l. .- 
spi'riallv iuail.ilili.', aio pr. .Ii' <.| lilrr.iiv lurii. .iml 
lU'iks .111.1 ■.lii.pim'ii. .\s .1 lull' ilii'ii' is .1 I. -nil. '11. \' I" 
wanU .111 ..M'r-supply ..I .ippli. .iiii> l..r iIh-s.. ..illinos 
fr..m n illiiii lli.' Il..iiiiiii"ii ils.ll, .iml iiiikii'.wn ..1 1111 
fiirmli'il oini'jr.inls si'i'kim; iiiipl. .\ im-iil in lliriii iiiii;lil 
cm .iiiiili'i' p.iinlul .lis.i|i|„.iiiinu'iils 

'I'lir lisiii'iii's ..| ihi' I >..ii.iiii'iii. I... lli ..11 iIh' .\il.iiili. 
ami I'. 11 ili.|. iir ..I uiiliniii.'.l rsi.'ni. iml 
al'f. ml .1 lii'l.l t'.r ihr p.iili. kimi ..I .111 ail.ipli'.l 1. . 

I 111' ll..iiiiiii..ii p. is'it'ssi.'>. vrrv extfii'-ivi' miniiit; ic- 
s..iir. .'s ..I" t'vriv kiml, Tlii'so ..iTcf ;i wiilc lii'lil 
fur I'xpl'ir.iti'.ns, ami I1..I.I ..iit mm h pi'iinise ilu' 
filliin' riii'ir pivst'lit si.u.' ..I .U'M'I. ipnirm i.ilN |..r a 
( .111 sill. 'i.ilil.. ,1111.111m 'li whi. Ii. il is I'xpi'. 1 1'. I, will 
lur in. ri'.isr.l i.i a vorv l.ii'.'i' i-xli'iu in lli.' imiiu'.li.ilr 

C' iIk' rt'c .'111 siirvcvs .iml r.'p..rls ..I . .'«' uiril 
\..nli-wi.'si M iili' ri'l.iiiii- I., ilii- uns.iil.'.l I, in. Is ..I 
iiiir I'l'piililii .111 iu'ii;lili..iirs, aii.l ui' iniisi im'vii.ililv . .n- 
rlmli' that tin.' liiiu' ciim' 1. -r i.i ..ll.r 1.. ih.- 
finit; rants fr. nii ihf Ol.l \V..rl.l' pLiiric li.imi-s -.v hi, h 
the I'niti-'il Si.uis iM |..m;i'r . .111 supply 

\'i-rv;li I'xph.rati.iiis l.y (ii-iuM- 1 ll.i/cii. ..1 ihr 
I'liit.'.l Si.ii.-s .\rmy, wli'ise irp..n latily issucl. l.-avi- 11.. 
(I.iiil.t ill.' inli'ri'.r ..f ih.' ( ..iilimiu. n..| ..iilv in ih.' 
vjiiniiv ..I till' pr..ii..s.'.l .N'.rili.Tn I'.ii ili. k.iihvav . Imi 
al'iu .ill ill'' pr ipi.s.'.l iraiis. iiiiiin.' liins in liiii.'.! 

Sl.ii.'s ii-n il'.i V, is. 1.. .ill iiil.'iiis .m.l purpi.s,-,. -v.i^i 

ik'siii, .1 iM \.ilm' I'.r .iii\ Use ..r purpns.' uii.l. 1 th.- siin 

" I h.' '.^ mill. II.' r.-^i'.!:' lii-.-n ..p.'m-.l up uilli .1 
ilclinil.'n's- .iml willi r.'sulls .uc .1 s||||iris,. ;iii.| .1 
clis.i|ip'iinlim'nl I-, ih.' .Xmrn. an .\. . ..r.lim.; I.. 

CJL'ii.' II. I/. '11. uli'is.,' .,|.p..rlunili.s |.,r in|..iiium; I 

self I ..III. I m.t II.' suip.iss.-d. .\ri/.,n.i is s.. ilrsuKii,. ili.u ,, 
liiriji' p'.ili..ii ..I it is il.siiiiii.' i'\.ii ..I ir.inii'. I h. i.isi. Ill 
ll.ill ..I ;in.l .Vrhr.isk.i is llir u rs|, m |i.,;i 
wiirthl. •- \ .1 im.ri'thaii .1 riftri-mli ..i .1 iliiiii.ih ..I is' 111.' .\|..i IU..IIS. h.iv im; ..'II 1. .1 ..n .iM 
iheav.ul.ilil.' Iiml in I 'l.ih. .iir m.u ..liliui'l !" liml n.-n 
land in .ii||. .iiiiiiL; l.'n i|..i i." L.r new an i\.il ■ ..1 inimi- 
grants, (in ihr,i.rn lim- ..t ( ■:iii|..nii,i ih. r.' ai.- 
200.'ji:i s.|u.ii.' mill'- 1. 1 l.u.i-l.. .1. 11. i| v.-t ...\.'i..l uilh 
imiiilil i.i M'ye'tali..n N.'.iih .ill th.-.i^ri. ulliiral 
iif Ni'V.i.l.i i-iii iisr. Ml il li.i^ ,,|||v .|o,o-o pi', .ph- ; an. I 
ill till' triiil.rv ..f N'.'w Mrxi. II. ih.' la ml lit f..r . nil ival i'.n 
is fuuml ..iilv in thr iiarnnv valh-vs ;i|..nt; tin' m.in4;iii ..I 
siri'.ini- \V ,i,r is \v:in|.'il rv. n u li.ri' ; ami ih.'uiiil.'i 
slnriiis. i\ :il,,ii:_r ill,. |j,i,.^ ,,t ill,. \,,rlli.'rn I'a. ill. K.iil- 
way. ar.' il.-.i rilir.l as i.-m ili. . .mil . ah ulal.ii t.. .li'-lr..v 
all lifi- m.l i.n.ii'i li'il. 

(ii'iu' ll.i/cii csiimati's that. fi.Hii tin" loolli 
t,i till' Sirrra .Ni' m.iunlaiiis, 1 juo niili's, mil 
in ..111' hiimlri'il is.. I iisi- l,.r ,i,i.;ii( piirpi 
till' liinils .il siiili'iiu'iil in till' Wi'si have .illi 
l.'.i. lu'il, .111,1 111. It ihr'm.ii ,.| tin' sii 
spriiiitiiii; .il iii'W .mil p.'piil.ius's will in. 
si'i'ii in tlif m'iL;lili..iiriiii;- i.'piilili. . 

Whilf wi- in I' li.ur i-vrn ii'.is,.ii |,. «ii 
pulilii;iii lU'lijIiliiiurs well, u.' Ii.n.'. .11 lln' 

s.iiisl.ii til f kmiwiiii; till' ilii'.iiv w.isin 

inti'riiir ri'iii.nis. as ilisi riliril hy (icm' lla/i' 
I'Mi'ii.l int.. |l.iinini..ii I.i 1 il.'i \ 

In /(/ yi.'.il \..illi-wrsi iliii.' .11.' ill.' s,,il, llu 

ill.' ...Ill hi 11.11 i.. II ..I v\ I .mil pi.iii i.'. ill.' I iM'r. 

l.'Vs, \\ III. h .111' s,, .1111,1. iJM' 1,1.1 IjiL.pi .111 pi 
p.iiliriil.nlv li, .111 u..illi.'i 11 I. lli I mil's I hr Cm 

li. Isailu.u .111.1 '.Ml si.-.un.'is u ill. 

M-.ll s. |.l.i. .' .,111 N.'llll v\ .si wllhill llu.'.' vvri' 
in. Ill (, Sr.imlin.u i.i. "r liiii.iin, .iiul 
mi Hi. Ills .if I' W 11.. .Ill' Ml I,. h'.lVi' llli'i 
will liml surli II. .nil's .is iluy miylii l..,.k l.'i 1 
.uu .iilii'r pan i.l llirw.iihl: .iml llif iiinrilii 
(iii'.il .\nirii..m llrs.ii uili ,1, .uhl .ii,| in i .illiiili..ii |,. .1 . .luiiln ill.' \ri\ ,. pp.. sill' . 
Hi.iphi. .ilh .lis, 111, I', I in thr up,. It .il.iM' n'Irii 

rill' .ii;i'iil-v;i'm 111 III ih.' |l..nuim.n. n'siilfiii 
il'.n. niiirml snpirv isi. .11 ..m'I all i'mii;i.ili' . 
uh.. ail' I'st.ihlisli,'. I li\ lln- y I in III ..i 1... .il i;.i\ 
111 iii,.s| |,,i('ii;ii p,.iis, I., .issisi ini.ii.linn I'lniyr 
llir svsii'iii .,1 L:i\iiii4 .issi-ir.l's. I.\ 
p.issiimir, il..iil.lli'ss, 
111 in. ii'.isiii._' till' nmiilici ..I srllhrs t.. Ciii.nla 
lliis,' u.iir.iiits appr..M'.l iMiinii; rnuhl i.l 
s.i'.^. s in 1.S7: |,.i /I 5., i.iliny pi 1 si|.,uiis|ii 
,.| /''I I.. . llii' I i.nlri.ii, .' i.ilr; .m.l in 1.^7;!,. 
In I.S7 ;, 111, ,ri', .M'I. sj,, . i.i| w.irr.mis u.-n- mi.iiu 
l;..Vi'| nini'iil ,.| Cin.i.l.i. iiml.'r win. h ih.' I.i 
.ii;ri, l.ili..ur.'is .m.l ,|,.nii's|i. I.'in.ili' 
. ..iil.l iililain p.iss.iyi's per s|i'.uiis|ii|i l.,i y .■ 5,. 
pir ailiiil. riiL' rt'.lii. li'.iis u.i.' ma.h' l.ii 
in l.,,ih ill. 'SI' . Iiissi's ..I w. in. nils 

( M I. Ill' M.Us ill.' lILlj, ,| lIV ..I I III' i 111 III 1 1.; 1. 1 ill ■ 

..I laii;lis|i ..r .SramlimiN iaii liiilli. .iml |.. th, 
I'spi'i iailv III. riaiiitrv ..iTi'is su< h imliiicmcn 
urn i.l 1 . liimiU' ami s. .. id \ . .iml su, || l.miiliar el 
imliisirv anil wi'altli .is ( .Mlhi.iii;li I 
l.ili'lv lit'i'ii sii^ii, ,,| L;,' iiiiu 1 
.my i'niii;r.ili..ii li, ,111 lli,- I 'nil., I l\m,.4,l,.m. \. 1 
I'-iiulishim-n :iri' pi , .111. .1 imj llii' lln,' iiil.i.'- 
Ill, .til. 'I . ..niiirv l.\ f II.,' ami .i--is|iiit; , 
|,i Cm. 111. I. I,.r. as it .ippiMrs li,.m ih.' i.tiini- 
li\ lln- Kruislr.ii ( irm tin' in, .,1 : 
111 (ill'. It Urilain Is \ .'1 \ m.iilv .'i|ii.iilri ,.! .1 
M'.ir ,>v, r l.,.ih th,' ,lr.iilis .mil lln' ..iillh.w h,.i 
11, .11. il ma\ I..' , ,.n. Imlr.l lli.u .' imi is 11, 
pn'Uiil ihr ,.\ri s|,,i kinn , .1 tin- I.i h, .111 luai ki I 
l.iiiiU .lis.. liiiihliiiL; up .1 L'li'.il .111.1 pi,.s|i..|. 
in ( .111. 111. 1. ulii, 11. in its linn. pi,,iii,.i.s |.i, 
(il. Ml Iliil.iin l.\ I'. , ,.minu .1 < ita,.iii.'i 

\,, m.,1.' I..\ .il ..I vi.iimlv .111.1, 11.'. I .,,l,.ii\ 
( liril.iin ill. Ill (. II. .1,1, 1, .mil m. iii'U,' ,, 
.\isi-..i pi'i |i. mil; s||, Il i.'.'linys III. in I., I 
lir.uliU |,.,issi.| ill |,,,.|irnn; il uilh Kimlisliiii 


Ini /'i.iii, . I Oiitiih' is l.,.nnili'il ,.11 thr 

I'l',' il I (Iml.. , ; ,.n ih.' s.,nlh liv Ih.' 111 1'|, 

.,1 ill.' M. I..1WH111 .'. ihi- '^r.'.it l.ik. s u lii, h 
-..111. .' '.I '.^i.'.il I Im'I ; .iMil .,11 till' \i. .■! an, 
an umli'ti-'nmn.'.l liiir \ihiih is |.. -.'i ii.ui' 
l'|..\ in. '■ ..I M. Ill It.. 1 I.l ami tin- \,is| .\,.i ih-u. -1 
.III .ir.'.i ..I .ih,.ul'j'o ;i. rrs,.( I. m.l, Pi 
p.iil ,.l ulii. h is i.'iiil.' ami ih.' u.,r-i 
.il., .11 mis in |,,|.' .| .iii,| mimiil pi..i|n, I ■ ((nil 
.111.1 w.'sii'in'- il li.i ■ lln' Tim' uhm 
(Int. III... I'!ii.'. Si (l.iir, SuprM.,1. ami II 
( l.',.r..^'iaii l!av. I.l ulii.h tin' I' h-nntli is 
.iml .ii.'.i s^,':t, -i|ii:ii.' mil.'- .\ ni.iin'i ilii' wal.i - ..I ill.' St L.iuii'ii.r ill, 
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;il M.i/i'M cstimalfsllKit.fn.m llio loolli mciidi.iii Tlic sysinii (if inlaiul iia\ ii<.iti.iii is ilir iii.i-.l ixl.MiMVf 
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fartiirod in th.- rnit.'.l Siat.-s. in pr,,p.,iii„n I.. p,.pula '""«'' l'^'"-'"'''^ '''^'-l '" "'•'">■ P'"''' " 

ti..M. iR-in-S'^ |i p.'rli.-..,l..l th.' p,,piilati„n in Onlaii,.. 'iiul th.,' m.uuif.i, Iniv .,f p.'at l.n- fiiol is 

an.l $0.55 p.'i- lu'a.l ,it llu- p,.pnlati.,n in the rnit.'.l St.,i..s. 'i>^'"' "" ''>' -^•^^•'■■'' ' ""M''""'-- 
That. In pr,ip,>ili,in t,. sli.- pi.i.lmi.s 
ihaii lliii'u liiiu's as mm h wheat as tin rniii',1 Stall's, 

raisini. 17J.1 1misI„'|s f„i- eaeli iiili.ihitanl. while the The alm.isi iinliniit.-.l si.pplv ..I w,itei-i 

CniU'.l Stat.'s tais,',l ,.nlv ^,50 Imshels h.r e.i. h inliahi- "•'I ( )iitai i,. unusual f.i, ilities r„i| 

taut. riiat slu' wasKi.'allv alu-a.l even nf the Western '" "''''I' ''''" I'""'''' '-^ •"'•'I'll'''. •'"'' '" 

St.U.'sas a wli.'at-pnKhi.inK .,,nnlrv. the average pn- ' i">i- ,,! imhislry aiv spnMi;i ,.f wh.Ml in th.' nlu.le ..f the Weslein Sial.-s I'-'ti""- St.'ani-p,.we|- is als.. iis.-.l t,. 

Iieinii ..iilv 10 Imi.Ii.'Is I.m inhabitant. That. ..I Ihe ''"• pi'"' i|'''l .iili.h's,',1 are . 

ci^rht lea.liiii; si.ipl.-s ,.• anii, nllmv. ,,,nim,m l.i l„.th lUH".'. s^'"i' limher. Ilax. ir...i an.l har.lwa 

.•.miilri.'s -wh.-at. ...rn, rve, l.ailev. ...Us, l.ii.kwiu'al. . ■■It..n ami w.„.llen i.,.,.,<'ain-eim;in,sa 

peas an.l h.'aiis. ami|-..dii..' "'""U'l. w.ue ..f all .les, 1 ipti..ns, airri. eaili inhal.ilant, while ..f lIu' same aili.les th.' I 'nil. '.I i'"''"'-. ^'I''- 

Stales pni.ln.'.'.l ..Illy i.vt- Imshcls f,.r K\ii>\\\-. 

That, ex.l.Min.,' . ...n fn.m the list, she pn.ihi. ,-.1 i,,,. ,.^,;|^^.^,^. ^^.^„,,„ ,,^,^ ,„^„|,, ,.^,|,|,, ^,, 

■ ,f Ihe reinaininu- aili, 1,'s 5.,,.,, Imshels l.,r e.,.h inh.ihi- ,,,„.„,^ ,,„. , ,;,, ,;|-,^,,,„ ^.^.^„.^ ,„ „,,. ^.^.^„. 

.ant. against K..; , Dusiiels l,.r ea, h iiihahilanl pr,..h., .-,1 ,„„ ^,\.i„„|^. ,„i|,. ,,„,,„ i„ ,|„. ^,.h..l,.' I'r, 

in ih,'rnil.',l States. Thai, in pi„p.,.ti,m l„ p,.pnlati,,i,. |„,.^,,,,, ,„„„„„t ,„ero .ue not less th,.n 

she li..,l imnv . .ipital invested in live st.i.k than th.' ,,|„.,,„i,,„, ,„„|, ,„ „„, |,. ,..,.„ |,v ivleiv, 

I'nit.''s. III.' value „f live sl,„k ..wii.'.l in Oiiiaii,, ^^,|,_.,._. ,|„.i, ,,,„,„„,.,| ,,,„„.„ .,,,. ,,,|,| ,,, 

l,eiiiKS,i'^.i,i p.T h.'a.l ..f the p.ipnla 1. while 111 ill,- ,,,„|, ;„.. |,,„j,,,.„.,i ,,, iieim;- aln' . ,.i, 

I'liiteil States it .'«!.i.|.(i4 p.T liea.l .if the . .|,|i,.a 

That f.ii-.'very liiiml,-.',l nf the p,.piilali,.ii Onlaiin nwm'.l ' ^^',„ ,,,,|i„,,,, ,,,,ul-- in ih.- s..til..,l pa 

- li,,is.'s. amllh.' |-nil.',lStal..snnly .'o. That l.n ,'v,tv ^j,„,, ,|„.^,. ,„,. .-x, ,.llenl. lieiii..- 

Inimlr.'.l inhal.itants Onlari.i nwne.l ,,.- mil.h-e.iws. ami ,„.„.,„|,„„i^,.,|. ;„„i i,..|,i i„ ^j,,,,,! „,,1,.,-. | 

Hie fnit.'.l Stat.'S ,mly .-7. Thai eveiv hiimliv.l 111- j,,,,^ ^^..,|, , ^ j,.^^. ,,, ,,,,,.,,1,,^, ,|,,.,„ „,,, , 

hal.itaiils Ontaii.. .nviieil .^4 sli,',.p,aii.l the riiit.-.l , ,,„^|,,„ ,, ,„„ ,,, ,|„. ,,„|,p„. „„„„,^. „.|,,^i 

..11IV71; an.l that nf live sl.iek, in th.' niimli.T ,.1 piys , ; , ,.|,,., ,,, i,|^ 
iiiilv was sin; I'X.'.'.'.I.'.I liv Ih.' I'liile.l Stal.s in pi. .p, ntiiiii 
tn I'liat sh.' pr, .,1m ,',l 1 ,)..•." pnumK . .f liiiiter j 

fill' ev.TV inli.iliilant. uhih' lli,' I'liil.'.l Sial.'s pr...lii. cl ' 11^ en » ■, •. , i.„;.l 

.,., , , , ' , rho schnol system of OiiUno IS admii 
.inlv i.).'!-' p.iiin.K. I hat sh,' pr,i,lii, .'il .',(i.' p,.un,l-- ..I fnr .■a,li iiihaliilant, while th,' I'liitiil Si.iies pm- 

iliieed niilv \.<)i p.iiiiiils. Thai in ten^ sin- in. i-.'asi.l 

her aiinnal nf butter by (17 jier . . ill., wliil.' in 

\i vs. I v. I 1 Kl >. 

I in. .\ 1 InN. 

the chil.lreii of tlio rich and pour alike th 
eiliication. It now forms one of the chi 
of the .ulministratlon, and is under speci: 
th.' I'niled States the in. lease was .mly 4(1 1 p.'r.ent. .\n.l Minister nf I'Miic .tion. The sdujls are shi' iii,n'as.'d her iir.i.lmli.m ..f wnnl 40 p.'i .eiii., direct tax on property, supplemented by I 
while the riiilcd Stales iiierease.l their |)inductinn .nily aiul e liic.ition is not ,)iily free b'at compi 
IS p.T i-onl. j ships are jjenerally divided into "sections 



1,11 I , lirril 

nllllMCIll. riirv -.lll'llk fill- iIk 

1)1 tlirco triHtcos for cicll. This b.nnl cm iloys llu 
teacher ,iikI coiitruls the school. Tlioro .ire 53 iiH|).'ctors 
i)f schools for the entire Province, but no insp.-ct or \\m 
the snpervision of more th;in 1 20 or less tli in 50 schools . 
They .ire |),iid partly by the council .uul pirtly by the 
^jovernnient. These gentlemen visit their respjctive 
loll in'l.iii;i'i|ii,imlii,-, U iniiml .1 slimi disiiiii, e l.;i( k •schools twice .1 year, examine into the state of cdiui- 
n l.iiki' Diitari.i, ill 111.' , .■iiiiiry liiivvecii ihe (;iuit;i:iii ti onal flitters, and send .m elabir.ite report to the 
• mid llie Oicnv.i ; :iKii, in llie sime ivjjioii, euppii, Minister of lulucation of the result of their inspection, 

and the exact standing of the scho ils. Roin m C.itho- 
lies may, if they think proper, establish se[)ir.ite scho ils, 
and are in such cases exempted from siiop irtin,;j pablic 
scho.ils, ,ind receive a separate j^ from the |.jovern- 
ment. There .ire nearly 5,033 imblic scho lU, of which 
nearly Joj ,ire li.'inin C.ilholic sep.irate schools, with 
4'X>o.i/"' pupils at^endinj; them. The .imonnt of money 
expended in their sup[)ort exceeds .'fj.oOD.oso yeirly. 
The School Act of 1871 hu fjiven an immense im- 
ic i.f alioiii ^^ ,iii' exported aiiiiually. Silver is petiis to public school educ.ition, and e.ich year shows a 
lid (111 llii' slinii's (if l.nke Siipi-ricir, parlinilarlv in (jreater incie.ise in educ.itionil st.itistics. 
Meii;lilMiinli(iud ..I Tliiiiidei- Hay. Silver l-.lei, a -mill The hi^jli {formerly nr.imi.iar) schools of Ontario are 

principally confined to cities, towns and villages. Pupils 
enter them from the public schools, and thence to col- 
let;e .iiid the university. 

The Normal Schools .it Toronto and Ottaw.i have 
been the means of training an immense number of 
teachers for the profession. Over 8,o30 have passed 
thniiigh the former and about 300 through the latter, 
ihis valuable mineral in lai^e .piaiuiiies-lt.alnvell, h^'l'id' ''^'s ""ly '^^•'-•'» •' f^'^ ye.irs in operation. There 
tlierniimyof Kent, and l'elr..lia. in l.ainlil.. 11, licLiir ' ire ab.nit twenty Universities and Colleges in the I'ro- 
priiK ipal. '('lie l.isi-iiieiii i.m.'il pl.i. e is ii.,« llir;- vince, of which three ,ire Roman Catholic, and eK.ictly 
niodiK ini; disiriri. one hundred High Schools and Collegi.ite Institutes, 

lie prniliK li.iii ai pie-ciii is .ili.nii 43S, Jc ) els The total number of educational establishments (private 
ily. I.aii;i,> icrnieries liavi- lieiii riiTicd .11 1 .1 piiil.iii , and publ'c) exceeds 5,500 ; the attendance thereat aggre. 

MIM.s \Mi MINI l< Ms. 

lie Miiiicral wr.illli .>l ( tiil.iii'i is ma siiip.issc.l in va- 
V and ill liiii'ss. lull 111. iv lie s.iiil i<. ]»• aliiinsi entirely 

I. pliiiiiba^o, aiitiiuniiv. arsenii-, iii,in|ranese, licavv 
1, I air-spar, nvpsiiin or piaster nf Paris, marble (pm- 
iiii ed bv Km II I jiid^i's as fiilh I'ljiial til Carrara, 
lined ill \'i'i iiKiiii 1, .111(1 liiiililiiii; si. ill!', all nl tlidii in 
;e (|ii.iiililics 111, 11 llic siiil.iie. Ii.ilil lias alsuliceii 
ml ill till- s.iiiii' ii-L;iiiii. bill II. i| ,1s vrl ill i|iiaiililies 

irii'iil III {i,iv well. .Mi( a is alsii I id ill riinsideralile 

iililics, and is \iiv piulitablv wmiM-d. 

)ii llie iKirlli sill, 11- 1,1 I, .ike lliMiin are tlie 1 elebnilcil 

II e mines nl 1 nppi 1, Iniiii wlii( li ore and metal to llie 

ml ill this bav. I iiiit.iiiis niie ol the rl( liesi veins .il 
. i\ri (lisr.iMTcil. I'liiae an- ..lliei miii^ .111 llie 

111. mil. .dimisi. it Mill i|iiile. .is lii li 

'rl I. ill -I 111 I is i^iil ill llie wi'siri Iv p.iil ,il llie I'r.iv im e 
miiieiisc and a|ipareiilly iiie\li.iiislilili- ipi.iiil il iis. 

lie lirsl wells were slrink at ()il Springs. iimiiii\ hI 
iibtnii. in l860,aiid bv .M.iii li, l,'^'),^. over bmr millinns 
l;.iIIiiiis bad been nbtained. ( Mlier rei^iniis have vield 

1 elsewhere, and llie ir.nlc is ,issiiuiiiiL; pii.pniliipiis nf 
.;iiiliiile biJtli for Imiiie and i-Npini use 
lall is nbtained at (imli'rii li .1111 1 llie iiriulilniiirlinnd, in 
shape of brine frmn wells sunk mi deplli lie- 
■ the surface. 

.arire peat-beds exist in many parts ni the PmvliK e, 
I the ni.iiiufaitiire nf for fuel is now being 1 ar- 
1 nil by several (■nmp.inies. 

gates 520,000; and the yearly expenditure (public) in 
connection therewith is over $4,250,000. 


\l VM I \i I riJI s. 

The imblie allairs of the I'rnvinee are .iilniinistered by 
.1 I,ieiitenaiit-(iovcriinr, an ICxeiutive Council of live 
memliers, and a Legislative Assembly of eighty-eight 
members, elected every four years. 

The laws and the mode nf administering iliem are 
I inainlv the same as in Kngland : the practice, however, is 
'he almost iinliniiteil siipplv nt w.ilei-iiower tlirniigli- 1 simpler, and far less ex|)ensive. The courts are the 
Ontario alTniils iiniisiial f.uiliiics fur inannfacliires j ( jiu-en's liencli.Cnmiiion I'leis. ami ('h.uii i rv, e.icli pre- 
.vhicli that pnwer is adapted, .mil in conseiiiienee va- ] sided over bv a cliief-justice and two assistants, and a 
IS descriptiniis nf iiiilusiiy are ■.piiniring up in all di-| Court of .V|ii)eal, composed of a Chief Justice and four 
lions. Sleam-power is also used to a large extent, other judges, who liold court four times a In 
• prim ipal articles maniifacturcd arci Intli, linen, fur- each county there is a County Court, presided over by 
lie, sawn limber. Ilax, iron and liardw.iie, paper, snap. ; a coiinlv judge. The judges nf the Superior Cmirls 
ton and woollen goods.steaiii-eiiLjincs.ind Km nmotives, 1 who are ail appointed by the l>niniiiioii (tnvernmeiU) go 

circuit In each county thronglioiit the Province twice a 
vear. In linld assizes for the trial nf civil and criminal 
cases. I'lie judges nf the Court nf Chancery also hold 
their cniirts in varimis cniiiuies .is well as at C)sgoode 

ii|iliniis. ai;rii ulluial impli 

nden ware nf all di 
Ills, etc. 

R M I >\ \ \ -. 

riie lailwav system has made rapid strides in ()iitarin 

ring the last fifteen year-. In llie year 1,^5.' there wis 1 v\ \ 1 ins. 

a simile mile open in the wlmle Pinvime. M llic ,„ Ontario there is nn taxatinn answering to the Slate 
•sent moment there are not less than 5.00c miles in ,;,xatinn in the I'nited States, the pmvineiai expenditure 
alion. and. as may be seen bv reference to the maps ,^^.1,,^^^ f,,,. „„„.^, ,|,.^„ ,.,,v,.,vd bv the share of the Dmnin- 

ioii taxes which the Dnmininii hands nwr tn each I'ln- 

ere tli'Mr pin|insci| iniitcs are laid down, many new 
Ills aic prnici tcii nr lu'iiii;' alreadv cniistriicted nr ex- 

\s to nnliiiaiv rn.ids— in llie scllled p.uls nf the Prn- 
II c these are excellent, being generally gravelled nr 
cadami/eil, and kept in gond order. In llie unsettled 
lis, wilh a view nl .ipcniiiL; ihcin up. the government 
isirucis nut III' ihc public mniiey what are called eolo- 
Mli.iii roads. 

inn .\ I uiN. 

The school system of Ontario is .admirable. It alTords 
; children of the rich and poor alike thi; me.ins of free 

1 in: I'cia ic 1 wns. 

\'ast tracts of nncleareil land are still in the hands of 
the government of Ontario awaiting the advent nf the 
settler, f he best locations in a new country are usiiallv 
taken up lirst; but there lire largeqnantilies of wild land 
inviting the l.ibniir of the backwoodsman, which, when 
cleared and improved, will be eipial to not a few nf the 
older and im|nMVed settlements. 

Thus there are some three millions and a half acres of 
surveyed gnvernment lands unl vel l.ikcii u|). and more 

ill, in fifty millions of acri's nut vel surveyed. 'Pile greater 
acitiou. It now forms one of the chief dop.irtments p,,,., ,,|- ,1^,.;^. i.mils lie in ihe icginii bniinded at the east 
the .ulministration, and is under special charge of the! l,y ihc Oti.iwa River, at the west bv the (iemgian Hay, 
nister of Iv.luc .tion. The schools are suppjrted by a aiiu .it the smith bv the nmre nnrtherly nf what are called 
•ect tax on property, supplemented by the L-'gisl.iture, the front townships, and which are mnre nr less improved 
d elucation is not only free bat compulsory. Town- and settled up. 
ips are generally divided into "sections." with a b jard I • There is, in the b.vsin of Lake Mipissing and the water- 


Shc.l.'f irH-Oti;in,i, l"'lli HI iiiii.uici.iMa Ou.l.o,;i ii..|-l 
cxlni-ivv tr.i. t nl ,-x,-,IK-nt luul, noarly u> Inac ii> llu' 
iK'ninsul.. nl (»m ni,,, mmi.Ii nl it .Icvp-vilr.! ;in ill.' I'.i^m 
ot 111.- Si. I..iwi.'ii. .', timlu'iT: Willi .1 lu'.uvyr.'vMli "I 
niisnl wlul.' i-in.' .111.1 li.ii>lw.»"l, iiiii'li"" U.i-l.'\.l .1- 
llu' Si l.awi. 11. .• v.ilU-y, aii.l s..iiu' :l^ .'V.'" a- .1 I'Imhu' 
It lio, nimv.viT, ii.Mi'i^ .■illu'i u.' '>r ••m I"' 

ca-ilv lu.i.l.' ii.ivi;j.iM.' I .uris at till s.iiiu' pri.i'. aii.l .li.l ""' inl.rl.i' "" 

■ll„. ,,n,,.,.l Mhli i;.iv,.niiii.-.t lall.l>.l^alvf..rsaU•^,l. \ ^..^^^^^ ^^,,( ,r ..^■,„„„ k,.,,,,,,; »l,i.l,, „il -i 
nv- with 111.' Mt.l;ili..ii 111 tiK' .liMli.'l U l> L'" 
.,,.,1, >■ prr :hi,. li'il ill. It i^ a S.Mli.' irill..!.' ri'Kl"!' 
■hic pii. I' l"i' till- iiH'i-e acci'ssllik' tracts 1* Iwiii :>. 
til 15.. I'll- acre. 

lUiMINloN 01 CAN.M'A. 

■lii'U 111' til.' lul.M. iii.iiti..ii.''l Sj.i,.(t.' aci. - .'I C 
• Ki serves 1 1 1- M.ijol) '" t ;,.v. riiiiR'nt will ;.;iaiit aii.l 
"vcy to till- ( fiMiip.uiN <'» tli.' -"iiiic pric.' ' ( 
" ijj Js. cy I a l.|.'il> .<{■ 1.111.1 ...nt.uiilii:.; .'ii. niilli.'H 
"ilitllL't.rMt.'iV l.ilily iniKli.i-ul h.iin llu lii.liaii. 
■■l...iul.>ii .111.1 \V. Uiii lii^lriclv" Tliis a-r.-. nun 
•■iili-i'.|miilly s.. I'ai m.uliiic.l a-, t" iiuliuK' i.i' 

igiiiai i'j 
wci.' finiii.l In c. nt.ini i.;Si,|i ; aciv-. iii-t.a.l ..I ^.'; a .'I' two an. I a li.ilT inilli.m- .■! ac 
ill. which till- |i.Avirful C'.inip.iny hcc.inic \<" -' - 
MiL'-t..!' this ilitluli. M I'.ifl- I'dhc l'|..\iiuc. 
uhich w.i> ^iMiitc.l <■// /'/.v coiiiprisi.l [iriilialil)- tlu 
r.nilc MCti.'M ..r c.|iial area in .\iiiciica, an.l iin 
the pr.Miit r,.\Mi>hips .'I lli.l.liilph, MdiilliMa 
M.if<t ami Wot Willi.iiiis. in Ihc County of Mi.l'l 
lilanch.ii.l. Dowiiic. I';,i>th..pc N.iili .m.l .s.miiIi . 
|-"iill.iru.n. Ililihcrt an.l !. v;a'i. in oi • l.'..unty ..l' 1 
(■.illiiMnc. II. .\. lliiil.ti. MiKiU.'p' ■'^' 

provcil a :4rc,it .-ucciss. tlu' pi.'lil- ixccc.liii:., iIk . 
inw-lm.i't iii.iii\ liiiKs ov.r; an.l as .111 iiicciil 
"cllluiicnt it wa- lly ailv.iiit.iL;c.ins lu the i'l 
thinisaiHl-' . !' (iKK'ni ilr> iiiinii;;r.ints bcin;.; 
c.iinc ill nivl -.lllc en tlu'ir l.m.l-. which liavi 

llil !■ .IHASr I \M1». 

The fi.-.' ^lant in the I'r..ciiu e .if ( liU n i.> are 

csp,', i.illv «..nliv 111.' alik.' .■! the iiiiinii;ianl 

an.l ..I p.irlies aliv.uly loiileiil in llie ...iiuti'y who aiv 

(lesinniNii!',' fn'eln.ld (arm-. Lnl uli.»e iii.-aii- 

iin liiiiile.l. .\n\i..iis t.. proiiinle llie iinpn. vein, ill ..I 

III,, v.'l 1111, l,.,re.l ilistri.l-. til,- piociiiciil f;..c.iiiineiil 

|,,u,' thr..wii ..p'". liheral l.r,M..,i iiniMhcr j '^^'^^^■^' .j^Jj;',,;;,,, ■.;„;, IM,,,,-,,. . in ihe'l ... 

..,,,,w,iship.c.m...ii,in^ov.-r, 000.000.., re. i,a...n,vo^^ „nin.-ai„put in Hie C.nnty ..I I..11 

whi,hp.m,e<nMVK,,an,ls..|e. 'j'^;;^ '';',, \ ,,,., u,un.h,p- u.Lill n.niK.l aU. r pi, uM 

(I a liiliir.' Ii.'iiie I-.verv ol .1 l,iinil\ . .111 i.iil.iiii. 1 . , . , , 

j;,„li-. (WO hinnliv,! a.iesof lan.l, a.i.l.iiiv per^.n, aiiivcl \ -Llci.- or .lirect..r. .'1 llu i .m.ul.i • .■ 

ill ihi' .i;.- "f .•I'llii.'. 11 111 IV "lii.iiii ..lie liiiiiilre.l acres in 'I'lils C'uiiip.iMy l.u.l "iil t.uMis which li.i\ 
the li..- ur.iiii ili-iii' I. riiis oiler Is iii.i.le liv the i;o\^ 1 . n t.i; iiiip.irl.ince,,.; < iiH 
rrniiienl to .ill pi r-.nis, without ilisiiii, li.iii .if .-.-x.s.. ,,,^|. d,,. „,,||i,-ioi ,• ,in,l ,hicl ioniiivi>-ionri in I a larji.' family, li.ivinii: sev.' diiMn 11 in it .n or | |,,.|^^^ ,,(.,„. \i, ^ p | ;,,i, ,,,1.1 Mr. j ii-tice (i.ill ■. 1 
pisl eii^hleeii ycarsof at;.', iiiav l.ike tip .1 l.irge I ^,|.HC^,|.j| ^^^^^ (ioilcrich As .1 .nliq 
lice. line, ill .1 lew, wli.-ii the l.uul is . le.ireil ami im- 
pidv,,|, i.iiiii ii..-s,.--..i-- ..I .1 \'l'' aii'l lic.iutifiil cs- 


'lIu' -cttlciiuni .lniie-..iii'; lu liavi- lifieeii a. res on eai li 
tram I 'f .aie liiiiiilre.l a. res clear..! .m.l 1111. icr .lop, of 
w-lii.hai I.M-l l\.o acres are to h.- . liMie.l an.l . iiUival.-il 
anmiallv Lr lixe Ncars; lialiilal.l. ho,,.,-, at h.^asl .l.-vvlop.,l int., one ..f the ni..M we.iHhy aiul pr.^: 
si.\teeii bv twciilv l.-.t in >i/.', .iii.l M n-Lle on ill. l.iiicl j -eai..ii- of the wli.>!e Dominion 
at Ic.isi .-ix 111. .mils in .-aih 1 'Ihc ('0111)1. iii> '- !•' i.l oii'ic i- in 'l.Toiit... .111 

111 the r setlleil township-, f.iiiiiris p..,->es-,im; LjjH p., ,, ;,l„,ul J.ivo."..' .icr.'s of laiul cllictl_\-, h 
111,.. lev.. ic means I. in leaililv pin. li.ise 01 l.'.i-e suil.ilil.' | ,,f j],,. ••(■|-,mn R.-. rve " Ljr.iilt. .-in.l --c.itti'reil . 

f.irin- ..I fi n,' to tw.. I.i.iiilre.l .1. res. m..i.. ..r I'--- j d,,,^, |,,||, ,,f th,- Pr.uiiue uhuh ii.u.' lu.n 

i.lcaieii ami impiov.'.l , -ince l.^-'."^ 

Clcarcl iiiiprove.l f.irms. in. hnlini; tin- l..riii-l.iiil.l- | 
ings. cm l.e l.oii.^iu atpri.i's raii-iim li..ia./;; i',6ia| 1111.' \\ \l . \ I \M' .\N !■ I M i. .1. \ 1 1' .N . . .M I' 

an .icre. 'I h.' iii..ney <.in ii.Mrly alw.ivs be p.n.l in in- j |,,,„,,,,, ,.,, ,., ,.,.„iiy .,,( ,,s<,; the I. 11 t..wii>hip. ..f 

Slalmems. ,,.verinj;s..v,.i-aly,ar- 'i he ha--- <.f farms j ^^^^^^-^ ^^^^ ^ ,;„ilf.„.l. Ilailnirn, liriiton, 

isanexc.]ilionl.itliei;eiie|-alnile,abinoMmen.l..sin I.. , ^^^^ ^.^^ ^^^^ ^,,^ , , ^.^^ p,.„., I,..i,„mh C.iiinl 
cwnthelamlth.-y.iihivat.- |..,n^f.,i.l 1 in Vi. ,..,,., C- vi I 1,. ■•■.... n^h 

There, lie -.•\,r.,llai-e ami mllncntial lan.l an.ll.niM- „,,;;, ,,|,„ ;^ .^ ,,,,,.„„„„,,,.,,, ,„„| ,.ilei a survc,i,-> in Out.,,... ^ .,|„. , ,„„|,.ii,v ,s;i.,si.., il app.Miv.l 1I...1 ihi'V 

! t..!.i--5 a. re-. (r..iii wlii. h. .ilna- il.ihi.liuL, ii.o< 

nil. ..\N.\li.\ Ci.Mf.WV I |,,j. ,||",. area In -...imp , el.., lli.i,' r. 

j 56.M;; ... re-. 1.. !"• |.,ii.l I .r .it the' ..I ;. .. 
The m, esten-ivc ami intUicntial of hcsc,!- ! ;^^_ ■ ^^^^ ^^^_^^^^^^^ ^^,^.^, ,^^. „^^. ^.^_,_^^, ,,,^. ,„ ,,„^ 

tions was ,, lai-e lan.l <.f capitali-ts , ^^^.__^^ .^,,s, ,-,r,,. Ihc oi.'hnarv s,ttU-mcnl .Uit^ 
wlM, havin- the-rc-it support which l2S.j-^; ^"'•1"'.^ L„, ^^ 1;,„.K are L. he puf..rm..l within ci:.litc, 
f.$I.4lo.c,ooi of paid up c.pital can give, cntcrcl "H" •' | ,.,.,,,,, |^,„„„^. ,,.,,;,„„•, ,.„ p.r cmU. ..f the ); 
cmlract with the Karl of liathnrst. then Secretary -f ; ^^^^^^^^ ;. ,^ ,,;,„ ,.^.,.„„^|, ,, ,„ ,„, cmpanv f.,r 
State for the ( ..Lmics. whereby they w, „ L. ..btam all , ^^_^^^^-. ^^^ ^^ |^^^^,.^__ ,^^,^ , ,- ^^^^^,^ ^^,,,j^.^, ^^, ^„^ 
the public land ..f the then I'n.vincc -.1 pp. r ( ana-la \ .^^^^ „, ..^,;^ ^^es. cxpcn-.-, the c.inip 

which were smveycl -ub-cpient to M luh 1 -t i^J.i,,.n.l . '^ ^^^^^_.|^. ^^^^^^^^^ _^^^^_.^. ,^^^ a.hlilional survey! 
knowj, respectively as Clertiy Kcscive- an.l ( 1..U11 K.- ^^_ ^^ .^^ ^-^ ^^^^, ^^,^^^ consi.lerable snins in pn 
serves, each >•( which .by the piMvision^. ol ',lsi (,.,, 1 . ^ ^ ^ ^^^ ,• ^ ^^^ , ^^^^_ M'lllemeiit, the fnitli.a-am e ..I 
cap. xxxi.i c.mipriscd cine-seventh of tli.- t.ital .pi.iatitj- ' ^^^ ^^ ^.^^ |,^ ,|| i.,.,|,i,.., |,:iyiiK.||ls lo i;.,v,-rnni. 
so Tlii. aLjrecment, which w.i-, enteied int.. ,^^ _^^ ,^^^ |, |^^. j,,.,.,, ,.^|„.||,i,.,| ,,, ,i,,ie. 
November .'Olli. I'-i-'-t. stipnlateil that the prh. I.' lie pai.l Sum.- 1 w.-iil v li\ .- mil.-s.if iiiw ro.i.l li.ivi- 1). 

f I- .Sj.i.|?c. .icre- of ('r.)U'i Re.sene-, .lal the saiin -im, i.-il, ami ivcMy-fue mil.-- ..1 ih.' .'M u.'V 
.1 Mntit\'(ifCler^..v Re-,erve-, was to be 3s;.;, per acre, p,t.-i-,,u r,..i.l lio.- b.-.n brn-li.'l onl an.l r.p.iii. 

one-third in impro\enients on the lan.l, .iml the other | ipaiiy h..- -Ii.ii.-.l iIm- i\p. h-.- .4 miin ..I 1 

1 ..o-thirds ill ca-h p.ivments extended ovcr-ixtecn \-.-ars ; po.v.'imni- wiii li. ipaliti.'- ini.-r.'si.-.l, 

.,f time. "Th.- Cle'i-.^v" (then tl-,e mai^iiate- ..f the II she'il.l b.' ineiiti..ii. .1 lli,it the (onnMny imrchiopiio^ed this o,-,mt so .iolenllv I ...v, i,-:. !■ ■ 1 l...n a.,,! . nlio i.. bJin I h.Hiip.,.. 
t;,nioiii.-.ven,nientwcre indued t.. ciUvr im,. a n. u ol.'brat.,! - 1 ...n-f-.i-.l Mill-, .m.l ii..wixtain t 
..iT.ui.cmcnl with the Can.ul,. Cmpanv. whereby IIk nm. t..wn-lnp-, uimli f. rni a s.|u.,ie. As loii 
latt.r^n th'. of rcc ivin- th. .Sj.,.-t;,u ,aciv, .,f ' ,,s:OS a cliulew.., ,, ,1 l..r bn.Mnv.; a i.ul' 
fhi-.v Reserves, obtained a block of lan.l dcscrilxd as this f niu.iy, but thom-li some ' liil.h ol a 
foll,,«-in the ornJ.i! ,l,sp.,lch of Karl liathurst to Sn ' M.itur, Me. -.hem- t.,ile.l to s.aii.- t!„ :;,n,ini 
]■,,, "line .M.ii;!. m.l tl„ th, ,. I.i. ut.nant-( ..i uluch w.i- I....!,, d l..r, and w,,- ten;p.,i,iiiiy ,ib 

L.'pi'.r (.'an. 1,1,1, and .lit. .1 -'-Ith .M,iy. l.^-Tfi 

I;. The .h.irter ninaiiK.l In I. r.e li.i\\c\ir, ,.11. 1 in 

)MIM()\ ol- CANAl'A. 

lul..,, nuiUinnr.l S:„.\\oMU-.,'\ CWiV . "Mi|\ ^kmm n .1- lli. \M..,i., K.nlw.iy • ..iii|i .iiy li.iv-'-t,ov>rnimnt«ill;.;r,iiil.iii.U.'ii nj;,-.! thr' ,.f t;;,,^,. l.v u.,> ,,|' Ih.iiu- Imn, 

I .ui.ulic'niniMiiv f..rllir -..IMUIMKVIX:!.!? I 'l"' I 'i-lnii. oi I'mv i-.i-.M.,! ( ..imlv ..f 11,.1'I.Mil.^n, llu' 

.1 Moil. ..ri.Mul i.iiit.iiniii- million .uii- ...i> iimii> nl h. iv |,irv,iil. .1 u|.. n l..; i.imIIIi. \>i> IiIhi.iI 

..u l,iliU|Miuli.iM.iri.iiii llir iiilli. uiii ..| |i. •,,.«! |urmiK i.. Hi. ,i.|ii|.iiM. ,,- .i •I'lilnii- 

' W. tvlll Ill^lricN" Tlli-. ,in,v, inclU «.isj lAllinll K,.,|,l' I llr f.lll.l.l.l I..111.I .111. 1 l-.lll' ;l.lti..ll C. 

s,. ill m.uliiii'il .IS tn iiKliuK' i.iuo.ikmI .ilvxAlinl..! rm.iiii.i;.iiiriii. .111.1 llii- i.'siill ».i-i 

^inu- pria' ,111.1 .li.l lU'l ililildri with tin- j lli. i-..m|.l. li..ii .•! 111. 1...1.I I'Mii I m ' v t.. I I 1I1I..11 1..11 

It • ■■ "Criiwii U.-^iivi-; "liicli, nil Mirviv,' .liiiiii;.; III. \ > .u is;.s lli. |,.,.|.l. .•! I'.mI.-i . t..uii 

.. o ilt.liii l,!.S.|,(H .icii-. iil-li.l.l«'t .><.M |i".| '"'I x'liiiU II.1I1I1111I..11 .ii^inill.. ImI.ii;;..! Li 

til of two iiilil .1 h.iir Miillioii> of .iui'> 111' .oimty ..|i|io...l lli. I.uil.liii!; .1 llii- i-.iilu.iy « illi im-lit 

- ii..wiifiil Coiii|i,iiiy IvtMiiir po -<• -ul of iii.l mnn. .111.1 II M.i. until tli. |ii-ii>li- o( lli. luilli iiitlii' h. --I I'.itts'of Ilk- l'i,.\iiu.'. riiil "itli.liiw fioni th. oiilli ,111.1 lomu.l tin ihm K< ■; intu 

r.iiilol .7/ /■.,.• i-oiiiprisKi prolMlil)- ill.- iiio-i 'I" I' I .,iiiil> ..f ll.ililmrt.'ii. tlu'y -imnd- 

n of i-.| .iiv.i ill .\lil..iii.:i, .111.1 iiiJiuK.I .1 Ml iIkii- .11. .it- Mlll'u:i.;nt iiu.air.i';. iiiiiit to 

r..un>liip-i of |li.l.liil|.li, .Mctiillivi.iy ami tin.' r.iil«.iy to . n-mv it . i.iinpK ti..ii ilu- i. ii-lli of 

i-l Willi, iiii-i, in till' County of Mi.Mlc-cx , tlii- from I in.l^iy to Il.ililiiirt..n 1- -'< iiiiK v I lu' 

I'.uiiii'. lui-lliop.' \.,iili ,111.1 .Soiitli . Kllii-r, I.iikI toiiip.iiiy :.;,iM' llu III ,1 li..iiii> of .f, ; , « h 1 p, 1 inili- for 

IiIiIktI .in.l I. v;,ri. in o' ■ Ciinty ..f I'ulli . Iiil p"iti..ii ii.irlli of Kiiiiii..iint. 

.'.Iiiiili. Ill) lliii^ti. MiKilL.p. .Nl.iiiU'\-. Jlii' M.1ii-iiii' of fivi' i;r,iiil, wiiii'i til,' I iiil.iiio I i.,\.in- 

uk-milli ,iinl r-lniMi, , ill llu' l .uiit)' ol 11H.1U iiilro.liKi'ii 111 llu'ir uil.l l.iii.N ..t llu' Mii-l,.ik,i 

I II ..,iii,[,i, 1 ill tlu' (.mil) of I..1111I1I.111. I)i-lriil, imiii.'liiti'l)- ,iili K-..nt t,. II ililiiHi.iii, lor m my 

-liip> «ui.- mII ii.iiiKil ,ilu r pioiiiiiuiil >totlv- ' \r.irr- -cri. ihI> inipulnl tin srlll, iiicnl of tin- l,iiuls of tlic 

lir.iloi". of llu I', 111, 111, 1 ('. I I .111,1.1,1 l.,iiiil .inil I Jiii.;r.itioii ('onip.oix- Now, liow; vir, 

ili,.n\ l,ii,l ..111 t..uiisuliichll.i\i' .iiK. '"l' lll^^,l^ li,i- luni Iniill iiiM llir li ai 1 of til.' t. ni- 

11.11. .ii.lini; iinporl.MH.viiulii,lin;,;(;,ilt '.n.iiiu'.l , "ly .inillli. . nt, rpii- .i.ullili. i.ilily ol tli ■ li.ivc 

1.111,1-ir .111.1 diiti i,.mini,,Mon.r in 'ii|ipiii.l it uitli.i ^v t. 111 ol lii;.li«,i\s p.. .pi,, ,l,.,iint; 

tr .\l. N. 'I'. Ci.ilt .111.1 .Mr,.lii-tia- (i.ill ..1 uu l|.|i, , "'""•■' ■'"■ l» t^imiin..; i.. r. ,ili.'.- llic l.ui il i- li.llcr 

111.1 i;..<liTicli. A. a rm,UKi,il .m.i],ri-.- it j ■• p^'V -"'i'" ''i'":-: '"' '1"^',int,i;;iN tli. >■ ..|l. r tli.ui to Mica ■.-;, til.' pt..lit- .Mvnlin- Ilk-.. ri-in.ili i^'t l.m.l tivc Hillknil lauliti. ■■ of this ,1, m 1 iplk.n. 

niaii.v tim.s ov.r; ami .is ,111 iiK.iitivo to ; oul nml. rllu' ■.Uiimlus of tlii- l.i-l iiiiprL.-i,.n. tlu -. Itlo- 

it .,|ii lly .i<lvaiit,i;.:.-,.u> t.illi, l'i.,uiiCL,j "I'nt of llu ir l.nil..iy li... l.itily 10, ,;lv..l .111 iiii|i,nis 

i f tU.I (.'..i Ur\ iiiimi;;r,ints I.Kin;.; iiuUia.l I.. I "'ii>-'' piomi-i- ,it n.. iliM,iiii ,l.i>- 1.. 111. il,, I l.ilili.iit,.n 

ml -ciik' oil ihcir l.imN. nlikli li:ivc -iiuc' . )"i1"'!.mi. .in 1 .. .-.illlix cuiiitv . 

int.. vw .,f tlu' iii.i-t u.Mllhy ,111. 1 pr..>prr,.ii- ''"I"'''' ai'' iniini 1 ikiil.l.' si^i,.; (Ii;ii ;, l,|,,|,,l|^,,.l period 

tlic wlk.k- D.miinioii ',l |.i.i -p. liiv is .l.iuiiiii,,. ..u t,, .m.) it 

, 1 .■,• ■ • -i- , , ,, iii.iv l.iirlv 111' .1 .11.1. I lii'i l;i,,uiIi .111. 1 o. ,i.iil;il j,.,. 

iiipiin- I'. .1.1 ollki- 1- 111 I ,'ioiit,., ,111.1 tlu \ • ^ I 1 

, , , f 1 1 1 ■ .1 1 liiii-t |..r s,,v,-i.,l .1. .,11111, ll ,|..,;.s .■.iil,,l. ll II,, I ,x. i-.-il 

liinil J.i;,M.i .k lis m( I. 111. I I'liklh', li.>ui\.r. , , .... , , 

1, .. , ■ , ,, ni.,M- 1. . ,.1,!, ,| III ll,., |..i,| .\iii,,ii..;-l ,,ili. 1 11MS..11S |.,i 

r.iuii Kc-.rM' ■'r,iiit, an.l -..itliTfil .ill .n.i ., , 

.iriiMui; ,11 III. ■ II, 111 . I.. II . Ill,' |..|| m 111^ .111, siiml;,,^. 

tivr; riu' mii.'^i.ili,.:! ..I llu- 11.11 u ,'1.. ,iii |i.,iii,, 

Ills ;||iii,,~I c i-.iM,.!. \\ liil,- Illlllll..,l,. .,1 .\lll.l il .III .III/, 11,, 

1,11111, I .. iii.iiiuf.i. iiin'r-, iiiiiiris. .11 luiiili.i iiiii. Ii.iiii .. .11. 

niikiin; tli:il l'r,.\iiii <■ tlii'ir 11. • l';iiiiyi,ili..ii ti,.iiiili|, 

mo'iulvas l,S'i; the till |..',Mi-hip- ,.! 1 iv>,in l;, „,,,„.; mi,,,.,,, :„„i c,v,M ltrit,iiii is ,11, ,„„ai.i',l l.j 

lar.- I. (luilf.iol. Ilarl.iirn. lii.ii.iii, Ilivc i,-,lii, ,-,| i.n,,- ,,| p,i .s.i-,,-iii.iiu'y iiiul In,' yi-.m!., of 100 

■• -iii'l ( h '• lin I'it,'rl...r..ii«li (,,iinl\i. .lU'l ,1. o-^ 1.. ,„ .,,|i|.,| , lli., |,'t;is|.iiiii,, iroovur, votfs 

liii \'i'l"i;.i C'-ioilvl llir-.' l,.uii,.l,!p. ,ill I ■I::.- |,,r 111,. , ,,,|.|Mi, ii.,11 ,,| ii.iiiuiMl , ,,|.iiii/:i|i.,ii 
i k -\M 1,'iiiiMin, >,,|.,iii,l .111,'r ,1 siirM'v. «lii. h i-,,i,|,-. ,'\i, -11.11111; iii|,, ill, iiiku, iijiifd piihli, ,|,, 111;, ill 
.iiip,iny ji.;,, 11 ,ipp.'.,r.-.| ll, .1 il„'y riiVi'r..'.l N.olu.n ■ lil.,-i.ill\ -iili- iili/, ,|, ,-iili,-i umli'r , ,,11 .11 11, ii,,ii 

r.-.. from will, h, .111. -r . I.. 1.1. nil'.; |i,oooaii.- ,,r pi,,|. . |,-,l, an,! im,-, .,,, |i||^ ,-v, 1 v ilisiii. 1 lu-, 1 

' 1 i-"V,o-,l l.v -'voiip , ,-t, . tlnii' ii'iiiaiik-.l ,,,v,iv ..■, ii.,11 ,,( ih.. |',,,vi,„,, uilh'ilial i;i,-,it r.iilway 

"^■-' I" '"• 1""' I ■' ■'! '!"■ i-'l'' "I .'- I'-nls p,'i ;,i-i,,v ,,1 ilu' |l,.i i,,ii, till' (ii.iii.l liiiiil;, 111, I,, .iH,,,,!- 

■am. lint p.ii.l l,y tlu'\ t.i ;4..\, riiim 11' iiii; |,„ iHtics i,,, tlu- ,'V.iii, ,- .-f , -1111,^1. mi. i,, puMi,; 
'|i''''.v Ilk' oi.lin.iry s, ttUiiu nt ,Uitii'S iip.,11 lamls, cmi1i,iii, ini; ih.' vain.' .,1 pi,„hi.,' an. I r.'al 
Is ar.j t,, lie pi 1 foiiiu d with'ii .-i'.dilnil \'c,ir-. I', and < alliiii; iiio. a.luiiv Lik; i|,,i hlhh niaiiiii.if 
■,11 y. l.-^ii;, ami Il-ii pir n-iit. of the piircliasc- Iniim; and 111 ini in; Indiisii i.-,, 

t., ll. I't-fiimliil 1,1 tlu t,.mpan_\' for the con- .No kinynai;.' .an ,-,.iiv,-\ s., \i\iil ,1 pi.iui.- ..f the 

jf K,ulili;.; lire. ..f i.,,i.k ■.ulijul to L;o\L-rililKiu prodigious sii:.|,., ii, pi,,iii iii.l , i\ ili/.ii i,,ii ,,t 

111 i.lis tl-,c-, cxp.ii. s, the o.iiip,iiiy h.i-K-intio., a I'.'w \, .us sin, , u ,|,1 :,ii,| iiiii. ii.iiin-.l, lik, ilu' 

more lor ,iilditioiial s-.uveviii- 1-0,1.1- l'i'-<.'nl Nipissim; i-.,l;„,„, .is ihe p,.s i,.iil,-s ii.,i,ii-s ,,1 

if tin- I'm. like ulikh li,i\e lie. -11 settli.l 

\N \l' \ I \Mi .\Mi l.\ll.,l. >, I |. .N , . .\ir \ sS 

\' .■^ll 

.III iiidit, 

U. ,iml al-o eonsideral.le sums in preparation li'- <-^'" •"- I" i^-'7 tin- Hm niiii\ v.; 

1.11.' lor -,'111, '111, -111, the fiirlli,'i-.m,,,,,( cmiirra- ' ''■^■" «il.l. riiess ; 111 i,s.;i ih,- ...uniii-s ol 1 1, 11., n, P. ■ill,. 

In .ill. Is-n.l,-. payineiils I,, ,;,, v. ■, over ''"'' """ '' ' ""iil.'.l v 5:,-. iidi.iliil.inl ,; in 1,^5. lln- 

I iM- li.-.-n ,-\|i.'iiil.'.l lo d,ile. iiiiihIh-i h,i.l lis.'ii t,i j;,; : J ; « liil.- in 1^71 ili,- .■iiimiei .l- 
lM•l.l v lie,- inili-^ .,| new ro,id li.iv,' 1 11.0,1 ''"" "■'■■ i'",-'"' I'lii'i: ii<-'il,v lliiilv lol.l wilhin 

111.1 lw.i,lv-live mil.-. ..I ll I.I l;,,v,i„,i„ ni llm 1 v \e.,rs ; a 1 .ik- . .1 pi oei ■ p.,i,,U,'li .1 aiii..ii..;-t 

i.,.i.l li.iv.' l..-.n l,rns|,.-.i and ii-p.i!ii-.| I l„- ■' p"pnl,itioii ,'\. In iv.'lv .1, i ,,|.-,| |,. .iMii, nlnu,., .,iid 

his ,li,ii,-.| ll,,' .-xp. ll-.' .,1 ill, on ,,| ill,.,,. 1,11- wilhoiit the altia, li. ,11s .,1 111. inula, iiiiiny eciilre.s. 

I- wiili niiiiii. ipaliiic. inl.^r,'s|e,|. 

I.l I).' mention,.! ill, it the- (''imp,iii_\- -ol,! th. 

. 1 l.on;;l,.l,l .mill 1.. l..llli I ll.iuip ..111, ..I 111. 

'■ l..,|i.;f..r.l .Mill-,' ,111.1 ii,,'.\ ret. lin the oilier 

-hip-, uliiili f, rm a s,|ii,ir,.. As Ion;.; a;;,, as 

111, r \v,r, olit.iiii, ,1 for Ijiiiliiiii;; a i,iil\(,i\- into 

,ry, 1-iU tliroiijjli some ' liit,li ' of ., p,ihli.-il 

siliem,' l.iileil lu seem.' th, ;_;in. iiinieiu .li.l 

loi' for. .iiid w,i- teiiiporiiily ,ili,iii,loii,-il 
,,r iiin,iiik,l in 1. r.. hov,,',,i ,,ii.l in |S-| ihi 

I'l iKi iN ll). 

TolUiNln, the s.Mi of th. pr.' l;.., eriiiiieiil, w itii 
,1 popiilalioii ill |S-| ,,| ;i,,.,|_v is II, ,u .■stim.ih-,! ,it iip- 
W.UlK ,lf IKOHI'I. Its poll op,llill;_,on L.ike (Jul. lli, 1. is 

till.- inl.ind poit ol lli,.- 1 ),iiiiiiiio:i. 

'roioiito I>,i_e, "liieli w,'s uiiiil recently foiim-, I liy a 
l,i« ii,iii,,\', p, iiiii 1,1. 1 iiinniii;.; from the e.isl of the iiuulli 


«f tlie Uiin River, anil vxtcniliii); crcHci'iit-like for a tli-i- 
tatict' iif nvrr !ti.\ niilrt inln ,inil alnn^ the Kikr, in .> 
Iir.iutifiil ^licc t iirM.iliT Ml ally tun iiuki uulc .il»ii^ tin 
wlinir lily finiit I lu' riili.iiuc luiiiicily at tin 
■loiitli \M'-.ti III (|ii,iiti r, liiit till' aitiiiii of wiiiil aiul wav< 
lias loiiiii'il a •.ii'imi "nap" tn llic s mlli-iast, ami tlu 
rnriiKT in'iiiiiMil.i it Mow .III itianil. '1 lit. Iiaibor, Imwcvir, 
i» till' lust nil llir l.iki'-i 

Six lints i)f railways run tliinii;;li tin city -tin- (iraml 
'Iriink, dri'al U'l ^ti in, Nnitluiii and Niiilli-\S'c.>ti rii. 
'Inrcjiitip ami Nijiissint;, liirniitii dny ami lliiicc, ami 
Cii'<lit Valliy. 

The city jjcMi'rall)' is Imilt uf a lii;llt'Culurvii brick, of 
a soft, pleasing; tint. 

I'hc piitilic liiiililin^s iif the city are subat.iiitial in 
Morkiiian-.lii|<, ami siniie of tlu ill be.iiitilul in .iicliitei ilrMj;ii. Many of the stores, eipn.ially thr whole 
sale stures, and private tluellin^s, nre ipiite palatial in 
their oiitwaril aspect and interior structure. It i.s the 
seat ol I..IW ,iml the lie.uUpi.uters of the I' 
Dep.irtimnt iil ( )nt.irio. I'lie principiil buildings ,iri 
< Is^oode 11, ill, ,1 line classic stiuclure, coiit. lining .ill tlu 
Superior I..IW L'oiiits of llie Trovince , the r.uli.iinenl 
b.iildiM^s, of pl.iin e.\lerlor, but now beiii); repl.iced b) 
a strncturu more in keeping with the ^rowin^ rciiuirc- 
nii-iits of the Province ; the's resi- 
lience, a primely luaiisioii ; the .Normal Si liool build 
iiigs, of disinti, eontaiiiiii^,' olliees and depo.sita- 
ries of the I'oiim il o| I'ubli,- Insiniclioii ; two iiuxlel 
schools; one iiioilel nia,:« whoid and 
iiiiiseiiiii There are sever.ii li.imlsoiue cuiiiMum ami 
Hraiuiiiar srliools. In coiiiirr timi with liinlier ediic.itioii 
there is the I 'iiiver.ily ot 'foioiilo, one of the liliesl 
biiildiiiys on ilu- (oiilimnl of .Xiiieriea, and uckotied 
sei-omi to none on lliis side llie .Allanlic as a seat of 
learniMvr. It is of Noiinan an liitei lure in its primipal 
features, with massive tower and ritlily s. iilpnireil door- 
w.iy for ils main cntiaiue. Il is beamitullv situated ,il 
the wesieiii side of the Oiieen's Park, a noble public 
park lor the recreation of the lili/eiis, whose spacious 
avenues are ornaiiiented with rows of stately trees. In 
the! (emre of tlu; P.irk is a finely modelled and well e.\e. 
euted bronze statue .if tier M.ijisty (Jiieen Victoria, by 
Marshall Wood, laii.; land, and a short distance from this 
there is a inoinimeiit erected in honourof those ToroiUu 
Volunteers who s.u rificed their lives in defence of their 
eiuinlry durint; the first attemptt'd invasion of Canada by 
the iMiiian luisi reants (i.S66). 'rrinity College is another 
eihuatioiial institution in conneition with the Kpisc u- 
paliau Church; ami there is also Kiiox Colleije, the 
III! cluLjical tiaimng of studeuis in toiincctioii with the ! 
C.inada Presbyterian l.'huich. I'he I'ppcr Canad.i Col- 
h'm' is an extensive ranj.'e of buililinns, ami has a high 
repute as a grammar school and bcj.iiding school for . 
bovs There arc two schools of medicine in Toronto, i 
eai h having an ellicicnt staff of professors. There is 
also ail ably conducted veterinary college. 

Toronto possesses a large number of exceptionally 
fine Motels, the Rossin, Queen's, Walker, Windsor and 
Ainerican being a credit to any city. The tlist-nanied \ 
is an iminense structure, and, as .i hotel, has no equal in, 
the Dominion, with the single exception of the Windsor' 
of Montreal. 

The city also has the two finest opera houses in the 
DoininioM, besides one theatre, and a number of magni- 
ficent music halls. ' 

The public institutions are numerous, and many of 
the buildings appropriated for their purposes have strik- 
ing features of architectural beauty. Amongst these 
may be enumerated the lunatic asylum ; the Crystal , 
Palace, for holding the provincial agricultural exhibi- 
tions ; the Boys' Home; the Girls' Home; the House of 
Providence; the Protestant Orphans' Home; the cus- 
tomhouse ; the Government School of Technology ; 
the new post-ofliec, a fine specimen of the Italian order 
of architecture. 

The manufacturing interests of Toronto are varied. 
Tliere are several extensive iron foundries and engineer- 
ing establishments, railway car-building shops, rolling 
mills, several breweries and a mammoth distillery, car- 

iia[{e factoricit, t.inneriuH, iioap wnrki, cat. 
"lie of whiih is the largeiit in tfie Homiii 
wiiiks, iii.iclnm --.hops of all kinds, pmk p.i 
siwiii); ni.ichiiu', s.isli ,ind door, .iiul boot 
t'>iies oil ,1 l.irge sc.ile. Its wlioli s.ile tr.ii 
t nsive .itid rapidly iiitieasing. 

Sunn twenty ch.irtcrcd b.inks h.ive a;, 
city, iie.irly one-half of which h.i\ e ,ilso tlu 
here, besides a very l.irge nuinber of iiioil) 
iiisiirame coiiip.uiii ., .iml priv.iic biokc bankiii;; business t)f over a 
ihurchc-,, tlu: seven liiieat are the .St. Janii 
.ind St. .MiclMeTs (K. C) Cutliedrals, the 
(Mctli.j, St. Andrew's (Prcs.), J.UAis Street ( 
Street ,Cong'lj, .iml (ierrard Street (I'ret 
.ill ni.iniiiliceiit structures. The spire of S' 
highest on the .American continent, and it!i 
the tim st in the world, willi the itiligle cxi 
Strasbouri; cathedral cluck. 

Tile assessed value uf real estate — abuu 
ill 1S74 -had increased by iSSu to $52,53J 


Ottawa, the of the Uominion 
beautifully situated on the right bank u 
Uiver, at the outlet of the Kidc.iu, and ui 
Central, Q., \l., O and OccidcMtal.and St. 
Mtaw.i lailways. It is one of the most tlui 
11 Ontario, being the <-/;//r/»iV of the 
if the Otia.v.i Uiver .itid it. tiibiit.iries. It i 
I'pper ami Lower Town by the Kide.iu 
onnects it with Kingston. The locks hei 
number, .iml arc very massive 

'The town founded in i.Sj; by CoK 
It was incorporated a city, and its name 
I Htaw.i ill 1S5.1, and selected by (.hieeii V 
' .ipital of Can.ula in 1S5.S. Its poptilatiuii 
-■',545iand is now, with suburbs, .iboiit ;;, 

The chief attraction in Ottawa is tlu. 
Iiuildiiigs, which occupy an elevated piece ol 
twenty-live acres in extent and 150 feet .il 
known by the name of " U.iriack Hill." I 
this n.itural terrace is superb. I'he giuu 
movini; rafts, steamers, barges, and c.iiioej 
on tliroiigli splendid hill-ranges towards t 
the disl.ince the line suspension-bridge wl 
imijestii river just above the Chaiidiere Pa 
eye, even though it be templed to rest i 
beaulv of the cascade sweeping by craggy 
abrupt islands, and plunging into the b.isii 
part of its w.'Uers di.s.ippear in a mysterio 
beyond the cascade glitters the broad river 
ing dortii the rapids Pes Chenes; and i 
b.ackgroiind rise towering hills and moi 
brilliant with purple and gold when the s 
view and gilds their lovely summits wit 

The government buildings, the corner-si 
was laid by H. R. H. the Prince of Wales 
i.Sbo, arc constructed of a light-coloured sa 
111 the township of Nepean, in the valley u 
The walls and arches are relieved with cii 
ings of Devonian sandstone from Ohio, 
■.. .dstonc from Potsdam, N. V. The root 
with purple and green slates, and the pi 
luented with wrought- iron castings. The 
lecture is the Italian Gothic, and the souti 
<pi.idraiigle is formed by the Parliament 
feet in length. The two departmental bull 
feet long. The rear is open, and will be ra 
suitable ornamental screen. The committe 
py the front of the building. The librar 
detached circular building, with a dome g( 
in the rear of the central tower, 250 feet h 
legislative halls are on each side of the lib: 
main building. The dimensions of these 
same as those of the House of Lords, nami 
45 ; they are situated on the ground-floo 
from above. The library is constructed af 


f.u'torif!!, tiiniu'rivH, i<o.i|ivviirkt, cahiiut factories, 
)f wliiili i:i the^;^.•sl in tfu- llomiiiiuii, 
^, tii.icliiiu-'>lii>|>'< (if .til kiiiiN, |Mirk |i.ukiii^ Iiuum ><, 
iHi'MiacliiiU', >.i><li .iiul iliim, atiil Ixxit .iitil >Iiih' f.iv 
^ iin ii l.irkji' icilc. Ill wliiili s.ili: tr.idi! is vrry cs 
\i' .till] r.i|iiill>' iriLKMiiii^. 

nil.' twenty cli.irtereil l>.iiik'> li.tve ,i;;i'nLic:« In tlu 
ne.irly onc-li.ilf of wiiicll li.ivu alto their head ulTiee-i 

I)i'->uIl-s h very Lii^jf niiinlier of Miiirlj;,iye, loan ami 
aiiee ci'ni|iariii^, ami privau- Inokeu who ilo a 
ral b.inkin^; biisMliii Of over u half liiindreil 
.lu 1, till teveil line-it arc the .St. J.iiiiei' (I'.iiiscupali 
St. Michael's (K. C) Cathnlral.'., the Metropolii.,:! 
h.;, St. Andrew's (I'rei.),\ is .Street (llaptist i, Honil 
:t iConjj'l), .ind Cierrard Street (I'res.) (.hiirclio 
la^;lli(icellt MlmLiiiies. The spire of St. J. line-.' is the 
.si 1)11 the .American coMtiiienl, and its tower clock i-. 
iiiist ill the woilil, uitli the single cxce|)liiin of llii 
ibouri; cathedral cluck. 

le assessed value of real estate — about $j8,(jckj,(xio 
74---had increased by l8So to $52,533,270. 


I'TAiVA, tlic of the Uuiiiinion of (.'anad.i, is 
lifully siliKiled on the ri^ht !)aiik of the Ottaw.i 
1, at the outlet of the kide.ui, and on the Canad.i 
ral, Q., .M., I) .iiid ( ),and St. Lawrence and 
iv.i lailways. It is uiio of the most tlourishiiiK cities 
mari'i, beiiif; the i-«//r/»i7 uf the liiiiilur trade 
e Oila.v.i Kivir .iiid it. 11 ibiilaries. It is divided Into 
;r and Lower lowii by the Kideau Canal, wliirli 
ects il with KiiiKsloii. i'lio loiks here are eight In 
ber, .iiid aie very m.issive 

iC town founded in iS.-; by C'oloiiel liy, K IC. 
as iiKorporated a city, and its n.inie ehanyed to 
iv.i in 185.1, and selected by (Jiieen Victoria as the 
al of Canada ill 1S5.S. Its pupiilatioii in 1S71 was 
5, and is now, with siiliurbs, .ibout 35|CXX). 
le ehiif attraction in Ottawa is the j,'oveiiiiiieni 
iiigs, which occupy an elevated piece of ground, iiboiit 
ly-five acres in extent and 150 feet above the river, 
by the nauic of " U.iriack Hill." The view fioiii 
i.ilural terrace is superb. The gum river with its 
III; r.ifts, steamers, barges, and canoes rolls swifll\ 
iiougli splendid hill-LUiges towards the south. In 
isl.ince the line suspension-bridge which spans the 
Stic river just above the Chaiidiere Lalls altr.uts the 
even though it be tempted to rest upon the wild 1 
ty of the cascade sweeping by craggy rocks lietween 
|)t islands, and plunging into the b.isin below, where 
if its waters dis.ippear in a mysterious way. Far 
id the cascade glitters the broad river swiftly rush- 
down the rapids Oes Chiines; and in the remote 
ground rise towering hills and mountains, often 
lant with purple and gold when the sun dips from 
and gilds their lovely summits with his parting 


ic government buildings, the corner-stone of w liich 
laid by IL R. IL the Prince of Wales in September, 
, are constructed of a light-coloured sandstone found 
le township of Nepeaii, in the valley of the Ottawa. 
walls and arches are relieved with cut-stone dress- 

of DeTonian sandstone from Ohio, and with red 
stone from Potsdam, N. Y. The roofs are covered 

purple and green slates, and the pinnacles orna- 
ted with wrought-iron eastings. The style of archi- 
ire is the Italian Gothic, and the south front of the 
Irangle is formed by the Parliament building, 500 
in length. The two departmental buildings are 375 
long. The rear is open, and will be railed off with a 
,ble ornamental screen. The committee-rooms occu- 
le front of the building. The library, a beautiful 
:hed circular building, with a dome 90 feet high, is 
le rear of the central tower, 250 feet high. The two 
ilative halls arc on each side of the library, but in the 

building. The dimensions of these halls are the 

as those of tlie House of Lords, namely, 80 feet by 
they are situated on the ground-floor and liglited 
1 above. The library is constructed after the plan of 

the .lew libiary uf the liritiah Mu>cuni, and will hold 
(ut..,ouu voluiiii^i liuil'liiit;s ' uii- 
'alii over j'o ruoiiis, and are lnlenili'>l to ackoiniiKMl.tta 
ill the dep.iitmuiitj of the giiveiiiiiienl nl ihc iJuiniiii'in, 
ind urc %» cmistruited as to be cap.ibk' of cxtennlon al 
iny fiiltite tune williMut injiiiiiig thegi'iiei.i! .in hitei'tuml 
'fleet. The buill|lll^s cover nearly lour iicicn, ,ind < urt 
'Ver $1, /j.o j'l. 

Ottawa contains Mventeen churchet and inanv ili.irl- 
i.iblu and inslilutioiis, laiue nulls and inuiiil- 
f.ictorirs, and seven banks. 1 he (i>>ierii<a -( ienrral't 
ir>ideiii o is " Kideau II.ill," a li.iniKnini' stmii' --li i'' iiiro, 
with tliiily-live aties of well l.iid-out gnaiiids, and boau- 
ufiil aMiiues of bhadctices It is .'.itii.ili'il in llie suburb 
if ,\( w I diidiiiigh, Loiineited with I'llawa by a »treet 
rallw.iv Hull, .ilso connected with Ottawa by brld((eii 
but hilii.itril on the other side of the livei, in the I'rovini « 
of ^)ueliec, is a thriving town full uf uills and inanufac- 


HA.Mii.roN, one of the most rapidly growing and cnter> 
prIslngLitiesiif the Ilominiiin, isbe.iiitifuUy siiu.ilcdun the 
-outh-weslern • iiiveof Hiiiliiigtnii llie western ex- 
I remity of Lake Oiitaiio. It 01 1 iipies a ilclj^hlfiil jiosition 
'11 a pl.iteaii of slightly elevated ground, winding around 
ilic base of a mountain, and has siiperini fai ililies for 
becuniiiig a large nianufai liiriiig city, being aciessililc 
Ironi nil points by rAihvay and lake navigation, and being 
'-ituated in the veiy reiilie >'t llii' finest gi.iiii-pinduring 
< oiintry in the Doiriiiiinn. The (iiiMl Western Railway 
ind its brani lies, passinir thiuugh ihe most feilile and 
popiiliius |iiirtiiiiis uf OnlaiiK, done muili to .idvance 
ihe prosperity of llaniillnii llire are lucated the chief 
otlices, workshojis. ruUiiig-iiiills, grain tU-v.itors, etc,, 
' iiiincited with the cniiipany, in wlui li hiimlreds of men 
liiid eiiipluyiiient. The Western forms p.iil of the 
i;reat central route ninning from the Atlanlir to the 
l'acifu,coiiiprisiiigtlie Hudson Kiver, llostoii and Albany, 
.New York Central, Great Western of Canad.i, and .Michi- 
'.;aii Central r.iilioads, passing daily thioiigh llamillun 
.111(1 connecting at every important pnitit with all other 
lailwav and ste ini navii;iilioii The Wei li 111; I mi, (I rev and 
Uruco K.iilway to Lake Ihuuii and Giorj^i.iii Hay, and 
ll.imillon and Lake Kric, lately ainalj^.im.iti.'il with the 
ll.iTiiiltoii and North-western Kaihv.iy ([nojcclcd to con- 
iiett with the Norllieni P.iLilii;, lurtliir leml to increase 
the mercantile and maniifacluring establishments in the 
city, and add still more to its general prosperity. In 
addition to the extensive works of the Great Western 
Kailw.ay. Hamilton boasts of other large manufactories 
which will bear favourable comparison with any in the 

There are several large sewiiig-iiKichiiie manufactories 
here, the largest of which, the " Wanzer," has a world- 
wide reputation, and docs an endrnious business. Its 
wholesale houses rank with those of and To- 
ronto, and its merchants arc noted for their enterprise and 
liberality. It is the head-ollice of the liaiik of Hamilton, 
and several banks have branches here, and these build- 
ings, as well as the public buildings, churches, and many 
of the stores, are handsome and costly structures. The 
city is well lighted with gas, has an excellent system of 
drainage, and possesses magnificent water-works, the sup- 
ply to the reservoir of which is brought from Lake 
Ontario, a distance of nine miles. 

l'"ive miles from Hamilton, connected by rail, and by 
the Desjardins Canal, is Uundas, athriving manufacturing 
place, having the advantage of a stream which rushes 
w ith great impetuosity through its centre, working on its 
way numerous mills. The well-known machinery and 
a'-:ririiltural works of McKccknie& Ucrtraiii and I'orsyth 
& Ca are situated here. Population of Hamilton, 42,000. 

Kingston, at one time capital of Upper Canada, is 
]ilcasantly situated at the head of the Thousand Islands, 
River St. Lawrence, where Lake Ontario, the last link of 
the chain of the inland seas of the West, together with 
the Bay of Ouintd and the great Cataraqui Creek, are 
united with the mighty channel which conveys and 
empties their waters into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 


il Ik, illlt'r ^hiiiHi Hill ll.illl.lX. Mil 'llMliKI">l loll IK 
llie |)i>iiiii<i'iti I'f Ciiti.iil.i Tlurr !<. .1 l.irl mi Mi'-x'tMiu i 
t'olnt. iiiiil .1.1 iiilii'i ^nii'otililf |u>liii« nil' Ml iii|.|| 111 
luillriii'^ il.i-ii' iiic I'Mi'iioUc inllil.irt u.nk^'iii Nii« i 
I'ohit. .mil .III I 'i. I III I trill \ Uii lii|||r>> hIiIi li I .'i'i|.l('li'l\ 
iiiniin iiiil'' llir li. nil' .III ami tuui. 

It lii^ iriiiilU Ih'I'II Mlri li'il Inl llii' kill- i'( 111.' tiri\ v riillc);!' nf llir jtiiiiiltiliili 

Kltiuiliiii iiii^M'^tci f>i».n\ wli.itvr* anil i« iii i\\i\ 
rra|H-i I well aila|ili'il Im llic l.iiu*' K*'"''* >lii|'|">'i: ilkI' 
iitriii'il nil lull' It h.i!iill»ii llii' lir>l (ill illlic« III) liiitlil 
inK i>lil|ii> III'.'! uKaniliii.iiH. I.oi niiinilvcs iiir«, ^ii'iiin 
rilKilX'-' illllilrnirlil". Mnvrhul r\i'l\ ilrM'll|. 
linn, pi. nil I" aiiil iiirlnili'inii ,iii-iiiaiiiifai liiicil In KIiiui'Iiim 
riii'lr .III- 'i\ l.ilni' (..iiliill ir>. I.iiuirll s. Iiiruriio 

Ailiii rill 111 tlir 1 llv 1^ I'l'ilMiiiiiilli. a It.iiiii-liinu m 
iagr. will It' till' i't'iiilcnti.iiv ami l.iin.ili A^v limi iit. 
Iiiritli'il Kinu-lnli |i(i»«i">^i'» tw 1 I i.|lrui'« (liiirHH all. 
Ur|;iii|>"li> anil li i*' i-rviril li.iniNiimr |iiililii Iniilillii^ 
Mirli .I" till' I iiiirl l.'ii'-r. i ii>liiiii li.ui'.r. i ii v li.ill. I.iiik^ 
)MiM I'llii I'. Ii.i>|iit il. iiiil I linn Ill's I In- (iraml I riinl. 
Kail^.iv li.i" an nii|i'iil.iiil ■.i.ilii.ii in i.'.ii ul tlir |..wh 
frciijlit ii.iiiis run tn llu- A r liUv.iy 'i.ii l,itil\ 
been inn>tiiictiil frniii Kin^,'»li'ii in I'l ml)'iil,i.'. ilistani 
I20 inili". Till' kiilrau <, luiiiu-, '.iii;^ tliU pml 
with tln.'Oltaw:i KiviT, li.i-. iii.t.Ic it ii |>!,ii c (i( roniiilrr.i 
ble liniiortaiicc. l'i'|>ii!.iliiiii, .iljnut hvcj. 

1,1. M.I v. III.' HclriiilMiist 1 ilv ill till' Iliinilnlnn n( 
('aiiail.i. i> lir.nilifiillv vjinairil mi llir Kitci I liaiiu'>, 
fOillilN I'l .\liililli'M'N. Il Is the I liii'l sell i.f llir I iiiinlt. 
aDil lii'iiclh Imasls ,1 iiiori' r.ipiil ami iirospiinii'. ^riuulli 
than any I ilv in Hiilisli .Nrnlli Ann lii .i l''mty yi'ar> 
a(o its |iri'H'nl siio was n \vil(l('rni'<<s; iinu ii Is a liiir 
rlly, ri'(,'iilarly laid mil, having wldo s-Iu'cIs, wrll Imill 
iipciii with liamlsiiini.' Iniililiii^s, and lias the licsl nf rail- 
wiiv I .iiniiiinii. .ilimi willi all parts nf ,'nid tlir 
Unilril SMIrs H> l.r^l.. Willi; mi i|s slirrls, liiiili;rs,aml 
siirrmMulitl;;s |aiiii!:,ii namrs In Iminri risidriils nf tlir 
liutmpnlis nt till wnrld- sill 11 as. aiiimij,' ulliris, I'.ill 

Wall. II I. I'iii.nlilly. (iMi.iil. W.iicilnn, and Claicmr 

Mrfrls. Wi'siinilisU'i- anil IILi- kliiars' liriilni'S, clr - il 
lulraM.iiis iniliisiti ri.iind il fniid rn nllri linns nf il^ 
f rt'iil ii.uiir-.iki lis villi Hi.. II justly r.irnril f.i it llir 
title I.I ilii- •■l'..irsi I'lu ■ It is siiiimimlnl l.v a ri< li 
agrii iiiiiiiil i|is|i|. I. «|,i, ), liiiiiislii'- it uiih a lari;i 
trade in ,niil nthn pi...|iiir In ilir i in air .i 
iiHiiilii I ..I iiianiit.i. |..iirN, niilli.. iiiai liinr.sli'ipv, luini- 
'!rii's. ami hirwrrirs, wliilr iiniiiriliatrl) mitsidr its limits 
are vir\ rxt. n-ivr prirnlriini rrliiirrirs 'riirsi- all i;ivr 
eniplnyiiiriil in a;r ln.ih ..[ iiirii. .iml ail. I uii.illy lu 
llio wr.illli ami iiiip.irlair •■ i.| llir c in 

I.nndnii cniilaiiis srvrii lii.nii li li.iiiks. a iiiiiiilirr nl 
line lii.lrls, a linst i sinres, an exiiil.ilimi Iniildiiif^, a 
lillialii asylum, mpl. a iisyliiiii, hospital, iiiiir m I1..1, Is, a 
ronvriii, fun 1 .illriris, and iiinileeii 1 linn Ins (im IndinL' 
Clinr. Il nf I'jiLrlaml ami Kninaii Cillmlir 1 allirdr.iK) 
St. Pauls Cliiin II (Cliiin h nf l-'riKlamll is mir ..I l!i.. few 
ill Canada pnssissim; a pral nl l.rlK 

On an riiiiiii-ni r in ilir nnrllirrii Jiart nf tlir 1 ilv. snr- 
roimdr 1 liy csti nsivo fjrDiiml'i, is Iliimn Cn!li".;L-. rst.iU- 
li^hnl in 1'^' ; ll.'liniUh CnlU-Hr, establisln d i,^'.;,.iiid 
llellniu'h I.,i<Iks' Collti;e. (.sl.iljiih'-d l>!'',.i I iio-. an 
all fiiu- brills 'itnictures, and liavr .it tli ;r It. ai! llir 
Lord llislmp i.f iliinin The l>c-t pinlrssnr ,iri .ilLicllrd 
In eaih, 111(1 till' hi^lir-t br.iiulus nf eiliailinn .-irr 
taiinjit '!.. till I tirrv;y .ni.l zr.i! nl tin l'i'~h.ip. |)r 
llelhivilli, is tins -.iiiniinf till Dninitn.iii .1, |..i ih, 
Siictes'fill csl,il)iislini. lit nf the tun r.\rrllilU in titulin!is 
li- arhi;4 Ills n.itiu' I'.iin r.iil'.v.ij- miiipaiiits inn tlirir 
liiRs tllinii^'li the tit;. , ill. lir.iml Tniiik, (licit Western, 
the l.niiilnii ,iii.i I'm; St.inliy, .itid rcreiilly the I.ondnn 
lliirn.i .nid liriicc, no'.v a vir\' inipnrt.nit line. 'J'lir 




:nii'. ' 

in t ,1 

nf tlir ( Wr-lrrn i- .1 lar^je fine brick biiild- 

lii- iniiipaiiy li.ivi ,i1mi r.\tensivr wnrkshnps here. 

w.y, :hr sniiiiiii.r iir.ii'.li-. iar;4r miinikTS of in\'.tlids 

■' h' r- vi^it I.'indoii In ui\y>y the briielit of 

;l! ir si.rin ;s IfjiiuJ I'nr their iiinliciiial 

iatinn 111 I.S5J 6.0M. i;sM, 1 I, 

I.S,-|. IS.iS.'O; 

■int, iiilu lin^ -iiljiirb^, ab mt 3uor_iij. 

>i * MiiAkiNKH it ri'lrbrittfil for it* <|iriny 

and (iir its iNiellenf linIrN l''iir this re.i»mi it i» 1 .tilt 
llir >,ir.llin;,i nl III ili^li ,\liu ili .1. Tlir v.lliir nf tin w.ltr 
a> .1 niiii ,i^('iit w,n first liriiii;;lit tn the nntin nf tl 
piiblii by Inl. ,Stt'plu'ni>mi, who likr»i'«i' ireclt'd the St 
pileimnii llniiw, a (leli^lilliil hntil,^e cnmiKh tn a 
uiiiiiiinihiti (im visitniK. I III sjirnij; I'm >t di'mviri 
>lie water nl v^huh is useil bnth e\trrii.ill\ ,liid ml ill.lll 
supplies, (in ,111 ,i\(', l.tiMxni ^;.lllmls pri il.i\ uf tli 
aiiinnnt a l.irne ipi.iiitity, |),irti.illy ev.ipnrat' d, it si 
tlitnii^lintit the ciuintrv in ilK cnncentraled linin. .iiid , 
llinin;|i nalin. ill it< n.itiire i<, nevertheless, until fur tl 
in iniihirliirr nl »all, ,\ xecniid l»iriiin in tills vii mil v li 
irsnited ill the disinvery nf ,iiintlirr ui II, the pinpnti 
nl vihiiii .lie .iiiiilar In ihnsr nf the mie first ilninNen 
I III* W'ril.ind I Imise and tliise tun dtlurs ,iie eipi 
In .my III the l'|. v'lice, ,111(1 lire lilted up with ,1 ilias 
ele^,uui' .'.d.ipled tu tile tantr of tin iiinst l.istidiin 
The (ill. It U'esierii and llu Wellaiid r.iilw.ivs lia 
sl.iliniis lure M,iniif.ii:tiirini; iit iiMiliinery .ind n^\ inipleinmls is eaiiied nil tn ,1 l,irj;e e.Meiit, ai 
It I'nni.iins se\iii ihuiiliis, four b.iiiks, » .issnraii 
.iiid insurance iniiiii.uiies, a cnlleue, toll 
t;i.itr institiile, convent, general liimpital, and livi or h 
l.nur llmirini; niills. .>st, I'atliaiiiics is inmrpm.iiid a> 
lily, and its present pi'inil.itain .ip|irn.uhes 1;,. co. 

I irii I'll is the lap' lit tlieiniiiii\ nl \N Cllniutnn, 11 
ilic Kivrr Speril. and mi the (i I .iml \V (> .\ It. rai 
H.ivs, .|NJ null's W. nf rni'.ntn. I 111' inwn i'< Imill on 
iiiinilirr nf hills, wliirh give il a pii liirrsipir appr.naiu 
It emilains. brsides the eminty liiiil.|iiii.'s, ( Inn. Iicii 1 
svyrn (lonmninatimis. (mir bram h b.inks, assi 
rani rand iiisnranreajteneiPK, alibt.irv amlre.idinn 1001 
several newspaper nlViees, twn lelrRr.ipli nllii cs. seven 
hnlels, and ,ilimit a hundred stmcs Hit? Speed lici 
f.ilNabmil thirty feet, furnisliini; iibiindant waterpnwi 
In abmit tliiee nr fniir l.iiKr ltiiiiMii|j mills, two siw mil! 
Iw'n plinimj mills, and two wnidlen fai lories. The tnu 
has ,llsn in.imifai tnries nf irmi (as|iii^;.s, iiiarhinery 
every desiriplimi, srvrril l.iinr brrwriies, three fewi 
mai liine .ind two inelndrnn esiablishiiieiits 

This t.iwii is llie reiitre of a rirli dislii 
It has a lan,a' retail i .mnlrv tr.idr. .mil exp'irls 1 misii 
able ipiantilirs nf wheat and II. mi Nn jihn e in Cin 1 
presents mnre exirllrnl in.nnif.r Iniim; f.uililies II, 
are several beds nf whitish, snbi ly.slalliiir, d iik b 
and dnloniiip, wliirh is an c.trellrnt Imlldi 
Kiniir. Valiialile ipiarrirs are wnrked near the ti 
>.iino of the lieds arc burned fnr Ibiie. Here is 
nmlhrrii triiiiinns nl ihetialt and (iiirlph bram h nl 
(ii.'.it Wrsirrn Railway, and Ihr ■..iil'ieni terininiis 
llir \Villiiij,'tnii, (iree, and Liiii.e lliis is also mn 
the thief station:, of the (jr,ind 1 rimk Uailw.iy. 

(flielph may be taken as a shining ex.niiplr nl a p 
pri'i'is ami i.ipiilly-growinn (.'.iiiadian l.iu 11, li>|.. 
I.irmi 111 1(151 w,is only imo; in if<'ii. 5070; in 1' 
'.s,"S ; iiitnip, .rated as a city in l^''j, with a pnpnl.ii 

' tilllr nf lOlKKJ. 

Hu wii fiuii.--An incnrp .r.ili.'.l ^ity in llir t.iuii-- 

nf jlr.inlfmd. I .miUy of jir.iiil, .ulniir.ibly sitii.ited i 

lii,L;h rid,L;. ^kirliii;^ the nnrtli nf (ir.ind Kivtr. 

is the thi' I Inun nf llir cmnly, .iii.i derives its 11, i 

; frniil lirar.l, the tekbr.ittd Indian thief. It is .111 11 

; tant stalinii mi the HulT.ilo ;ini! (imlrrich br.incli nl 

li. T. K. .\ branch nf the G. W. K. tniiin cts tli. t. 

with the iii.iin line at I lairisbvir.L;. .iiid uitli the ".\ir 

at I iKonlnirf;, fonniii;; :i direct llirmi-h liur hnm 

'I'li'iiii. Is to Toronto lii.iiuford a;;t iiicsnl tin- li, 

of Mniitical, liaiik of lirili.sli Nnrtli .Aiiierit 1 (. .111.1 

ISaiik of Coinniercr, and several assur mte ,.id in 111 

cmnpniiies, ;md cnm,iiiis churches nf I'jii di nnmiiiiti 

abnnt ei;.;lUy sf.ires, a handsoine slmii' cmirt-linu- 

I widows' and or]iliaiis' h inie, ,iiid ollur public biiilli 

I The biiildin.;;s erected by the ( ii.iiid Trunk .iir i.n ,1 \ 

extensive sci!'.', occupyiilL; eleven acres. I'hry tniHi.' 

I a lep.iir-shop, tiifjiiie-hnuse, and ronnJ-hmise, buil 

while brick. Aiiioiii,' the iiiaiuif.icliiies of ihetnwu 1 

j be iiieiuionr.l and iron t.isliii;.;-.. tin anil 

ware, saslr-.s .uid blinds, 11 ;;inf, .md mill iiMtluii 


I s in 1, 1( lit.iliil fur il» mliu'i.d -pritH; 
III liiiliU. I'lir thU rr.iMHi it i' i.ill>'i 
iii-li AiiurliM. TIm' vrtliu- of till «,ili t- 
I u.K lirst lirnii^lil III the nolui nftlh 
lilii'iiKiiii, \»li<i liki «!«■ I n'ttiil till' Si" 

ilili^lilliil lintil,^r iti<iin;li III M 
M-ilufi. I 111 '.iirm^; IikI illunvrfnl 

i~ iiti'il (mill I'Ntirii.ilh .mil ml iii'iliv 

i,ii;r, lliMKH) H.llliillH |ifl il.l>. of till 

|ii.iiilily, iMrti.illy i'V.i|«'il. \% »i> 
iiiiir\ III it?< I'Kiui ntr.itt'il fi'iiii. .iiul ill 
I- iMliirr n, nrvrrllirif-t, unlit fur tin 

I A '•ii'iiiiil liiiriM^; in tills viuinlv li i 

iMNirV' of .llli'tllrr Hill, lilr |i|it|u'll|. 

II to tlliiir I'l llir Miir lirnt ill'iioVCfiil 
li'il'-r I'iMil till M' XW'i otiu rs ,irr ciiuil 

hcc. anil iiri- rittt'il up uiili .1 ilia«ii 

to till' l.l»tl' l>f lllr lllnit l.lltillilHI- 

III anil till Wi'll.iiiil raiUi.i)-! ha\i 
I.Miur.ii-tiiiint; >il iii.uliinrry .iiitl a^jn 

(■^ 1- liiiiiiil on to a lai'nc i\klU, Hiiil 

Inn 1 lie, lour iLinki, Hi' anHiirann 

■iiip.inii>, a I'oinmiTcial colli'i^c, colli 

■ lurnl. niiu-ral lid^pilal, ami U\v iir his 

lis. St. t'atli.iiiiR'H is iiiiorpiii.iUd a- .1 

■I'lit pi'inil.iliun .ipprii.Klirs l.v'1.0. 

.ip't.ll III lliriMllllU >>t V> rlllliLlliin, Mil 

mil I'll llic {> I anil W () \ II. rail 
W n( I'm. mill. I lir liiWli is liiiill on .1 

\\ liii li if\\v it a pli liirrsipir appi.iiaiii < 

ili-s till- county lMiili|lni.'s, 1 liiiii lirn nl 
liDiis, four liranili h.inUs, mmmI assu 

III t' aKi'iu-'Ici'. a 'ilirarv ami riMilIni; room, 
iiT ulVlci-s, Iwii iclrjjr.ipli iillii cs. sfVi-r.i 
111 a liiinilreil slmrs Ilir Spn'.l liii. 
V fort, fiiriiisliint; iilniiiilinl w.itrr puvvri 
|r four l,ii,i;i' llDiiniii; mills, tivn saw mill-, 
lis, anil two woollrii larlories. 'J lir lnHii 
nilnrii's III iri>n lasliii^s, iimiliiiiriv nl 
n, si'vrril l.ii);i' liri'uriirs, tlili'i' M'vi im;- 
11 mcluili'iill rslalilisliimiit'. 
Ilii! it'iitri' uf a ri'li aijrii iiltiiral ili>Uli:t. 
•tail r.iiiiitrv Iraili', .iml rxp^rts 1 i.nsidcr- 
if uln-at ami llnui No jilan' in C.inaila 
xirllint maiuif.ii liiiiiii; f.u ilitifs. Ilrrr 
.'if wliitisli, sii)i-(', il irk limwn 
unite, wliii'li is an e.xirllrni liiiililiiii,; 
I- ipiarii''S aiT worked llii- Inwn. 
nils arc I iirni'il for I'lm*. Ilcir i- llif 
HIS III tlii'tiall ami (iiirlpli l>r.iiii li nt llir 
Railway, iiml llir suiil'ierii U-iiniiiiis ol 

(iit'V, ami Ijiiiic 1 Ills is also oiir .if 
li ol till; (JiMiiil 1 1 link kailw.iy. 
m: lakcii as a sliiiiiiiu tx.inipU' ol a pios- 
liilK '^ruwiiii; C'.inadian town, lis impii- 
w,i5 only 1.^.-:,; in i.'^'h. 5070; in i^'7ii 
itfil ,is a Illy ill li>"'j. Uitli a poiml.ition 


.\ii iiuorp ii.ilt.l illy in llu- touiiship 
■ iiiily of liiaiit. .ulniir.ilily siiu.iliil mi a 
iii;4 the- north ImiiU of (ir.ind Kivtr. It 
n of llic county, ami derives its name 
tclL-biatt-d cliief. It is .111 inipor- 
tlie HalT.ilo am! lindiritli IhmikIi of the 
ancli f'f the G. W. k. loiini eu llir louii 
le at I l.urislnip^, .iinl \utli till' '.\irl.iiie" 
oniiin;; .1 diixi;t through line Irmii .St. 
jnto ISiantfurd lias a^je itiesof the It.iiik 
ink of North Aiiierie.i, Caii.uli.iii 
tree, and several assiir ime ,.id insur.incc 
coinain.s churches of i.n It iioniin.ilimi.-), 
lores, a h.uiilsoMie slnin- coiirl-lnnisr, a 
iliaiis' h '!iir, .mil ollii r pulilie liiiildin"s. 
reeled hy the (iiaml 'rniiik aii- on .1 very 
occupyiiiL^ eleven acres. 'I'liey toiisiht of, and ruiind-lioiise, built of 
iiioiig the m.iiiiif.ielun s of ihetmvn may and iiuii e.istiii;;^, tin ami i.ip.uiiied 
id bliiuls, el ijinei .iiid mill iii.iehinery, 

ii:rieiillur,il iiiipliiiuntH, JiMil nlonrivMii' piodiiinl mi. 

aliiie I'Ise in lllr rrovlliii'. In the lli.intloril rii^iiie 
Miikii .ihoiil i.'5 ni<*n iirt- i'in|t|iiyril in tlii' iiMniir.iiiiuinK 
I iii);inrti anil null ni,uhinir>' IliiVuloria foiiiidry 

I iliploy.) over lini iiiiii, Tlie kIovi h, f.iiiiiin^; iiiipli iin ills, 

I li , tiiMiiil mil iif tills rsl.ililisliiiii'iil atr III t^ l.ivoiir 

111 t 'ill. 1110 I'opiil.ilion, iiisirl) liivm. 

Hi I I lUll 1 .111 iiiiotpm.iiid iil\ .il till Mioiilli ol llir 
Kiwi .Moil, I, on till ll.iyol Ijuinlr. iln smillu rii li iiiiiiiuit 
ol till liiaiid juiiilioii .iml Noilh ll.isliii^s k.iilu.ivs, 
.tiiil mu' of lilt' iliiif ilcpi'iis i>n till ulioli' liiii ol llir 
1 it.iiid Tiiink. is ilif si'.it ol Allien Uiiivi rsity, .ind ,1 vriy 
iiiipml.iiil liiiiilur. iiiilliii^, 111,111111,11 luring, r.iilM,iy .mil 
tiiniilii' eenlif, with .1 popul.ilion execi'ilill^ U,iiiu. 

.Str.ilford .iiiil I'l'lirlimo i.nh loiii.ui) over umho; 
.iiid llroikville. I li.illi.iiii, .'si I lioni.i^ .iiid Windsor 1 .uh 
III tttn II ,iml lu.iiiio, wliili .iiiimi;; tin liniiision- 
Liming brlwei n 4,iiiNi , mil N.iKm mil. iliil. Mils .III ILitiie, 
III rhii. IIouiii.iiimIIi , lubmii^. I iillin^wood. 1 oiim.iJl, 
(tall. (iiHliruli, In^eiMill, l.mds.iy, S.ip.imr. 1 ish.iw.i, 
Uwen .Smiiiil, I'arJH, IVlroli.t, I'ml llopi, ."s,iini.i. ^u 
.M.ilji Wlillb) .mil Woodsloik. 


Tiir ri.'riihf of {hicl'f,- lovi'is vaM r\lriil uf 
tt'niimv wliii II I'Mi'iids frmii tin- (iiill o| Si L.twnu'C 
to llic poliii ivlii'it' llic .(51I1 III N laliliidc .Irikc* 

III"' emu I llic i;ii;,iiiiir riici ol llic s.inic ii.mic. miii- 

pvilii; liolll M'li - I'l Us I llli I loi ,1 dlsl.iiii !■ of 1/50 llljics; 
Is lioiimlid "II ihr s.iulli In llic Hue lies Chalciirs, the 
I'riiviinc 111 New IIiuiishu k. and ilic Cniicd Si.iics. and 
on the iiorili liv :iii iimlrtciiiiiiicd lim , iiiiln.ii iiiu' wllhin 

' its lillli''. lilt ,\|r|iM\r H.llil -lii'ds ..I .1 liillllln'l nl ll\CIS 

! aiiiom;-! wli'' L the iiiiist icm.iik.ililc or llic S.iL'iicnav, 
the St \|iiiii, ,, .ind the Oii.iw.i lli. I.iihi licini; the 
dividim: li.ic liclHccn this I'loviiii c and tic l'i<.\ im c of 
(liil.irio aloiii; the yrcatest p.irl of ils emirsc I 'ir mca 

of llic I'riivimc of (Juclii'c iiiav lie set ihniii .ii .d t 

l-'.iiH.)<i,iKXi .iiH's of I.inil of all dcsiiiplioiis 

I hr I'r.ivim c ol l_)uclici hid m 1.S71 n po|iiil.i|M,ii ,.f 
I i.ii)i.5;'i inhaliit.inls; at pu --ciit cstini.ilcd ,il alioui 
1 i.i;'L.,ioc, Ihc uri'.il inaimilt ..I wlciii .iillii.ili- the soil. 
I riic mannilirciii lishini; yi..iiii.l . ol tin- liull ami l<i\cr 
I S| l.,iH rem c cnii.njc the l.dio.ii ol a poiii.,ii ,,( i|,c 
: 'iili il.ii.iiils i,( till. Inwcr p.iii of the I'l,, villi 1- v,\u\, the 

i I'lisi- (mi'-.|-.ol the iiiliii.,1. .mil iln- 1 ., dislidiiilcii 

'i' one end 111 Ihcioiiniiv i.i tl llicr. iiIIomI a .1111. 

sl.inlli 1 iil.irt-ini; licld (m Imm.m >kill. lalimii. and lani- 

The hislori. al lilv of O.irlic ■. . oiii.ilniiit; .,mi ^^ ,c.,« 
inhaliilai'ls, Is ||,f sv.a ol the I'lovim i:,| ( io\i iiiiurnt, 

and the must inipurlant port of export of ihc I) Inlmi ; 

while Moiiliciij, with a populaiioii now c^iiniatcd itt 
Juo.ocxi, is tin. metropolis, :,i,d ij,,. pii,,, j|,j,i 
port of eiilry of Hiilish North .\ini 11. .1. 

'I'lic I'riivimc of ()uclii.,- i^ ijiiriiv |„.,.|,;,,| |,v ,|,e 
dcsieiidanls of the ciilv Inn. Ii colonisls, who .ue for 
llic most p.irt sellled 111 llu- leililc \Mi-\ ol llu M l..i«. 
icm e ; lull In the I'laslern rowiishlps, and in llu io« u^ ,m,| 
' ilns, ilii-u- i> .1 hil^e Kiij^llsh.spe.ikiii^; populalioii i'hc 
licii'h slill piescm- with rare liilelit\ ihc l.mi;u.ii{c, 
I iisioiu.s. I.iw.s, and reliuimi ol their Imiini imaliii 1 laiii- 
ill ; thrifty, eleaii and Iiii,i.,mI, liulil-heai led .iiid ( licciliii, 
lliere is not a iiioif happj 01 1 "iilcnled popiil.ilion mi 
llie (.lee of the earth. 

I he people ol the Kuslerii 'low iiships are imliisuious 
Old eiiierpiisini.;, .Many of tlieiii are deseeiid.iiils ol the 
riiiled I'anpirc loyalists, and niimlieis aie Imm Nni 
laigl, Old, who liave crossed ovei the liue. Some ol the 
iii.ilesl homesteads and finest farms in Ciiiada an to ho 

I Ill in these townships; and perhaps the best sloi V. ..n 

'hi. .\meriean coiitinenl is bred and laised there. 

1 hi s.jII in many parts of thiebcL is exicediiif;ly 
I'liile. and capable ol liii;h eiiltivation ; the cereals, hay, 
I 1 a 1.1 ops, and fruits yiuw in abimdam e .md pii d ■ turn. 


I 111- tirriliir) ,v itcrcil by tliL- St. M.iiiricc 

t.irirs covers an iiiiim.nsL' rc^ioii of 24,140 

riiiTc arc ul prcsfiit survcyLil arul ilividcil 

iSdcxK.! acri's, for .«alc at 30 cts. jur acre ( 

I'Ik- rt ixnt ixpioratiuM in tlic v.ilk'y of 

I a Iriliiitary of the Upper St. Maurice, ilra 

: tr.icl of land about .s. venly-five niile.s be; rli.iin, has revealetl the existence a 

tract of fertile l.iiid which is now attr,ictin|. 

of colonists. 

Two parallel roads, the first starting; frti 

Joliette, the seconil from TerreboMnc — 

„,^.l I lliirl\ -six miles ap.irt - have already been 

I as the Mat.iwan. Settlement is taking; pi. 

The elini.itc of thi-; I'loviiiie Is alto.::;itl:er one of llic I In the ( >ttawa v.illey the luiinber of a 

healthiest under liie sun, a; well as one of the most plea- I and divided into f.irm lots is 1,035,1)31, o 

The winters are told, and llie snminers scanewliat simi- 
lar lo those of France. Hut very exai.;i;eraled ideas pre- 
vail abroad as to the severity of the winteis in this I'ro- 
Vinee. The almospluTe isfrcnerally dry and exhilaratinf;, 
ni'd ihc cold, therefore, is not f(dt to be' inpleasant. The 
snow serves a double purpose of a warm covering for 
{he :,i()uiul and makini; winter roads {)ver v. iil< li heavy 
loads can be drawn in sleighs willi the gre.ilest f.ieilily. 
In the newer parts of ihe coniUry, before the regular 
siiniiner loads are madi', the winter is almost the oidy 
time when heavy teaming iai\ be done. 

Ploughing generaby commences in A|)ril. The only 
disadv.inlagi' llie farmer has, is in llie shortening of his 
Beascm in which la do his vork ; he has none in k 
.0 Ihc ripening of his crop<: 

Rant to live in. Fever ami a;"K, \]\n^:- scourges of the 
South-western Stales, are tiuknown here, everv climalii 
inlluence being heallhv and pure 

The great river St. I.awrenc e Hows throuf;li the I'.d- 
Vincc. Just above Montreal it receives from the niulli- 
wcst the (Mlawa, a river Soo miles long, and in no d<;gree 
inferior to it in inleiest. Helow Montreal it receives, on 
the right, the Kii lielieu River, having it, source in l.akc 
Champlain; the Si. Francis, rising In Lake Mcmplueina- 
gog; and Ihe Chaudiere, the outlet of Lake Meg.inli( ; 
and, on the left, the St. Maurice, Ihe Halis( an, and tin 

at 30 cts. per acre (Ij. 2^:^i/. sig.) The c 
these l.inds is going on ve/y r.ipidly, and 
are being opened. The valley of the Otta 
cipal scat of the lumber operations of the 

Many of the tributaries of the Ottawa 
(piantilic-: '.'fish. I'ront are caught in lai 
some of these b.ick waters, and packed in 
port to Southern markets, where they brii 

In Ihe I'^astcrii Townships the governm 
1135 acres of wild lands, which it offers at 

Saguenay Rivers, from 200 to 400 miles in length. The j f>o els. (is. <)t/. to 2s. S|^</. stg.) per acre. 

and be.uitiful Lake Si. 

the Eastern Townships is proceeding very 
are among the most inviting portions of tl 
j settlers. The climate is somewhat milde 
, bee or .Montre.d. The townships in the 
lures ,ire hilly, well watered with rivers, bn 
.Ulortlin^ considerable hyilraulic power. 
,ui<l the f.irmers, generally speaking, |)ros 
have good facilities of communication and 
lUlo.v (Juebec. oil the south shore of tin 
tlui'- .ire l.irge tracts of land favourable 
riu ;;overnment h.ive I,7ci6,ooo acres, div 
lols, Inr sale at ,^0 cts. (n. 2J,/. sig.) ))ei 
Lands lunchased from the government are refp;'red piulant c dliuii/ation road has been openi 
to be paiil for in the following manner: One-lifth of the ' ccnlie of this Iraci, called the TaehO road. 

latter is the outlet of the lar|j 

The I'rovince of (juebec is rii lily endowed with mines 
of gold, copper, iron, and other ores, (iold is found 
cliielly on Ihe b.anks of the ("haudiire. Copper is foiiml 
in large (inantilies in the ICasterii rowiis|ii|is. In, 11 is 
found alniosl everywiieir, and is of superior (|ii.dilv. 
Lead, silver, zinc, plalinuin, elr., also occur in varioi.s 
sections. At the present time llicie .nc c^vcr 6.oCK.i,0CK) , 
acres of Crown I.hkIs siii\e\rcl ,ind re.idy to be disposed > 
of, and oV( I K«j,o.x.i,ocKj uiisiir\cycd. 

I. WliS. 

purchase money is reipiirid to be p.ud tin d.iy of the 
.sale, and the rein.undei in hiur e,|u il ye.irlj' inst.dments ■ 
bearing inlnesl ,it si\ |irr ciiil. lint the price .it which 
the lands are sold Is so low, is, fiom 20 cts. to 6u 
cts. per acre ;io./. to J.i-. 5 ' j/. sterlin;;!, the-,r condi- 
tion.s are \'ery little burdensome. In f.ict, it is cipiiv.ilent 1 
to the same thing as v.iving Iheiii .iw.iy in the wilderne-s i 
form, for the price at which they are sold b.iiely covers ■ 
the cost of m.ikin;; the stirviy and opening ro.uls ■ 

The purchaser is rcipiiri d to l.ike possi ssioii of the : 
land sold within six months from the d.ile of s.iK , .iiiil 
to reside on or cicciipy the s.ime ,il two yci:--. .ind 
to clear and ha\e under crop within lour ye.iis 1, 11 acres , 
for every hundretl lieici by him. and inct .1 li.ibil.ible | 
house of tin- dimensions of .it Icist si.steeil leet by 
twenty t'cel. Tile Idlers p.iteiit aie issued free of ch.ll'gc. 

On eight of the ( . ■loiii/atlou mads .S (,050 acres 
Bre set apart for free gr.iiits, and in lotsol 100 acreseach 
Anv person ov.t (JLjIitcen may demand a permit 01 
occupation from any Ciouu l.uuls agent, and if at the , 
end of four years he has 1 le.ircd twelve acres ami buill a 
house, he niav lake out letters patent free of , li.iigr | 

■J'lie parts .If the I'rovince of (Jiiebec 1. 1 v iiuitiiie 
roloniz.ition aie the valli^ys of the Saguenay, St. Maurice. 
ana the Oti.iwa; the I'.astern Townships; the Lower St 
Lawrence : and ( i.ispi''. 

The SCltlcniciU ill the \.lllc\ ol the Sanucliav is liiuci; 
higher in lalilude than (Jiiebe. , King bctuecn the -i.^tl 
and .|9tli paiallels; bin the 1 liic.alc is ali.iut the s.mie a- 
thai of (liicbri . and aromiil l.aJM' Si. loliii it is s.iid to be 
ev. n more moder.ite. There are ,ib.- ut Mo,ck.>c) .icrcs in 
this district surve)ed ,iiid divided into f.irin lots for sale 
to settlers at 2n cts. (lOi/stg.) per acre. The soil in thi 
lo.alily is v<'r\- rich, being argillaceous, mint;lcd with . 
sni.dl (pMiitily of s.iiid. The ordiii.ii\- crops lipcn \ir> 
well, and a road is beiiiL; completed .uro-^ llu- couiili\ 
to make direct communication with the city of (Jucbec 

length This is intersected with cross re 
with the selllcmenls on the shore of Ihe r 

I he siirvev of the Intercolonial l\aihv 
opening up of a lu'w township in Meta|)e 
soil of wliiili is re|iinted very good. C 
doubtless socui follow the r.iilway. 

To the east of the Metapediac mad 
distriil of (Jaspe. fiuining an areauf ,'s()i 
liries. lioiMuli'd liv the St. Lawrence ; 
Chaleui^, It is in great part rocky and 
iioli; bin lliere are maiiv iioitions wlii' 
feitile. .uul ils lishiiig grounds are said 
ailvant.igeons in the Doiiiinion. Hulli siv 
.ire used for manure bv the farmer, 
offers for s.ile ,".(1,0(10 acres of land in ( 
to 30 cents per acre (io</. to is ."^'(/. s'. 

The ere.ilir portion of the TroviiK 
forests consisting chielly of uliite .md 1 
ipMiUities of this tindiei ,ire anmi,ill\- .■• 
The ollur tuuls o( limber .ire ash, b 
hiekoiy, bl.ick-w.ilnut, ni.iple, cherry, bii 

The lumber regions of Canada must 
inanagement, long remain a fruitful sour 
the l'ro\incesof Oiiebec and Ontarin 
iiig and progressive demand in ( 
I'niled Stales, the West Indies, and Sou 
rough and iiKiniiiauuicd timber has ^i\ 
value ultliin ihe last deiade to tiniber 1 
natural lesnll, explorations 1 ecu 
the interim', and regions long neglected 
( v. due. Timber limits varv i 
to the standing of ihe lessees, many of tl 
lug eslablishinents holding hundieds , 
Tin- g,ivernments of Onlaiio and (jiiel 
i|iiish their pro|,rielaiv riglils; thev inva 
Irr.i t,\ piopriela.v right, iiieielv leasit 
I'oi iiiei Iv till fa--es ueie III ^Imii diiiat 
nil. derate r.'.les ; Imt experien. e l.iiiglu 


I' nildi) A.itLTcil I))- tlic St. Maurice ami its tril)ii- 

■ ivcrs an immense rc}.;ii>n of 34,140 s(|iiarc' mik-s. 
arr al prcsiiit surveyed and divided into farm lots 

acres, for sale at 30 cts. per acre (I.f. 2, '4'^. stj^.'i 

II lent explor.itioii in tlie valley of llie .Matauaii,\- of the Upper St. Maurice, dr.iiniu;; a larger 

■ f I. mil .d)out s.vent)-(ive miles beyond the Lau- 
n ch.iiii, has revealed the existence ot an extensive 
'f fertile l.ind which is now .ittr.ictin^ the attention 


par.ilh 1 roadii, the first startin;^ from the town of 

te. the second from Terrebonne— a distance of 

iix miles ap.irt- have already been o])ened as far Settlement is takinjj place on them. 

the ( Htawa v.dley the luimber of acres surveyed 

In ided into f.irm lots is 1,035,93 1, offered f"-"" ^'^'^ 

ts. per acre (Ij. 2^^(/. stj,'.) The colonization of 

lids is goiny on very r.ipidly, and new townships 

ein^' opened. The valle)- of the Ottawa is the prin- 

si'.it of the lumber operations of the Province. 

n>' of the tributaries of the Ottawa contain l.irge 

titic!- '.' tish. I'rout are c.iu;_;ht in lar^;e luimbf rs in 

f these b.ick waters, and packed in snow for trans- 

to Southern markets, where they bring a high price. 

the I'^asteni Townships the government owns 453,- 

acres of wild lands, which it offers at from 4c cts. to 

ts. lis. 91/. to 2s. S!i'^- ^tgO P<-'r acre. Settlement in 

I'.a>tern Townships is proceeding very r.ipidly. 'I'hey 

imong the most inviting portions of tlie Province for 

ers. The climate is somewhat milder th.m at Que- 

or Montre.d. The townships in their general fea- 

^ .ire hilly, well w.itered with rivers, lnooks and lakes, 

din^ considerable hyib.iulic power. The soil is rich, 

the l.irmers, ^ener.illy spe, iking, prosperous. They 

L? good f.icilities of communication and good markets. 

elo.v CJuebec, on the south shore of the St. Lawrence, 

.irr l.irge tracts of land favourable for settlement. 

• gtivernment have I,7o0,ooo acres, divided into farm 
^. lor sale at 30 ets. (i.(. j-j./. Mg.) per aire. .\ii iiu- 

iMiit idlonizalion road has been opened lliroimli the 
In ol this trai I. called the J'arlic road, of joi; miles in 
;_;lli 1 his is intersected with cross roads roniiecliiit; 
li the selllemenls on the shore of the river. 
I'he siirvev of the Intercolonial Kailwav has !e<l to the 
'uiiig up of a m\v township in Melapediac vallev, the 
1 of whiih is reported very good. Colonizaiioii will 
ibtlcss soon follow the r.ulway. 

I'd the- cast of the Metapediar road is llu- iiiiiiiense 
iri. I .if (ia-pe. foriiiiiii; an aieaof .*^0I3 iiiilc-. of Miper- 
es, hounded by the St. I.awrenie and the Hav of 
aleiiis. It is in tjieat part rocky and unlit foriulliva- 
ti : bill there are many portions which are extremely 
lile. and its fishing grounds are said to be the most 
anl.igeous in the nonnuiou Hotli sea-weeds and fish 

used for manure bv the farmer. The governinenl 
rs for s.ilr 7.11.0C10 .icres of land in (i.ispr at from 20 
(ci C( lUs (ur .icre (Hi,/- to i.v j'-j,/, slg.^ 
I lie L,ie.iler portion of the Province is covered by 
■sts con-,i.--ting chieily of white .ind red pine. Large 
ntities of this timber ,ire annually sent to P'ngland 

• other finds of timber are ash, biuh, beech, elm, 
;oiy. bl.ick-w.ilnut, m.iple, cherry, biitlermit, fir, etc. 
"he lumber regions of Canada must, under jiidii ions 
uageinenl, lont; remain a fruitful .source of icveiuie to 

Provinces of Ouebec and Ontario. I lie aiigment- 
aud progressive demand in (ireat Ifrilaiu and the 
iteil .Stales, the West Indies, ami S.iiiih .Xineiiea, ftir 
igli and mamifactiired timber has yiveii an enormous 
ue within the last decade to limber limits; and, as a 
iiral result, explorations have been pushed far in'o 
interior, and regions Iiuilj neglected have ac(iiiire 1 a 
mnerci.d v.iliu-. I iiiibei liuiils varv in si.'e aerording 
Ihc standing of the lessees, m.iiiv of llie lartje linnber- 
■ establishments holding ImndieiK of s(|U.ire miles. 
{• i^overnmenls of Ontaiio .ind ( luebei iievei ivliii- 
sh tiieir pro|,;-ielarv rights; ihev liivariablv ii'lain the 
,;' 01 proprieta.y right, merely leasitiij the iisufnii I 
I iiieiiv the leases were of short diinition ,ind at ven 
ileiale rales ; but experieii.c I.Hii;lilllie Crown land 


dcp.irtments that, under long lea-ies, the limit-holder.* 
Would h.ivc a direct pecuniary interest in protecting the 
forests from disastrous firc.s, and judiciouslj' selecting 
their .inniial cuttings, so as to permit tin- gripwth of the 
yoimg timber. 

The following limits yet aw.iit purch;i-.ers : 

St. .M.mrice territory, limits yet d'^yS 

(iatine.iu " " " 1.190 

Upper Ottaw.i " " " V4M 

Other sections of the Pr iviiice, including I. ibr.i- 

dor .ind (iaspc .Sij.Gf^j 

Total miles ;iwaiting purchasers 1110,670 

Heing eiiuiv.ilent to 68,259,794 acres of unsiuvejcd 

The limber limits of Gaspd' only ncr|uircd a cominer. 
cial value within the last few years; but now thev are at- 
tracting attention, and beginning to bring in a levenne. 

Under tin existing system of graining licenses, the 
leases continue in force for twenly-one vears, with the 
right of renewal at such bonus as the commissioners 
may stipulate when the lease expires. Thirtv vears 
siiKc two dollars per square mile was regarded as a 
high rate to p;iy for a timber limit, but the rates lia-e 
advanced so rapidly, conse(|uent on the United States' 
demand for lumber, that thirty and thirty-five dollars 
were freely [jaid in 1872 per srpiare mile, for twelve hun- 
dred miles. The thirty dollars is a prime or bonus for 
a twenly-one years' lease, but there arc annual charges 
attaching to e.ach mile of limit worked, i ailed ground 
rent and stum|)age, aiiiounting to some four dollars ]ier 
sqii.'ire mile per annuiii. 

Covi RNMrxT. 

The public affairs of the Province are adniinisured by 
a Lieutenant-Governor, an ICxeeutive (."ouiuil of .seven 
members, a Legislative Council of twenty-four members, 
appointed for life, and a Legislative Assembly of sixty- 
five members. The jiidii ial department (ompri'-e^ a 
Court of yiK—n's liencli, with a chief-justice and four 
assistants ; a Superior Ctnirt, willi chief-justice and 
twenty-six assistants; a Court of Vice-.\diiiirah v ; 
Courts of Ouarter Sessions ; and courts for the sumiiiarv 
trial of small causes. 

Public iiistriution is under the lonlrol and direction 
of the Provincial Secretary, who is ;ilso called the 
Minister of Public Instruction, and who i> assisted bv a 
council of twenty-one members, appointed bv tlu' 
tenanl-Cuvernor, fourteen of whom are Koiiuin Calho- 
lics and seven I'rotcstants. Primary <■ m ;iii(iii i^ s. . far 
compulsory that every citizen is bouiul 1.. li.i. tribute a 
moderate tax ;issessed on his projierts. in municipali- 
ties where there are dilTerent religious denominatiims 
the school commissioners of the majorilv govern. The 
schools of the miiuuiiy are called dissentient schools 
whose trustees are invested with the same authoritv as 
the commissioners of schools of the maioritv. In the 
cities of Montreal and One bee there are separate boards 
of commissioners for the Protestant and Roman Catho- 
lic schools. I'earhcrs are Iraiiu-il in iinriiial MhiH.K. 
supported at the expense of flu Piovin c. I here ar. in 
the Province nearl_\- .).cioo elcnientar\- schools, about J50 
model schools, and over 150 .igiicullural. commerci.i! .iiid 
special schools, besides some 20 classical colleges and 
seminaries. The I'niveisities are .Mctiili. of foumlcil in I.'^J^. .uul Hi>ho]i'^ I'olleg'-. 
noxville, linmded 1^4},. The Roman Catholic L niveisily 
of was founded by the Ouebec Seminar\- in l,S52. 

I'lic prevailing religion is Catholic, con^'dci.i- 
l)l\- o\ci 1 .niV.tKX) of the inli,ibit,ints being ol 
religious persuasion. 

There .ire .ibont 1.750 miles of r.iiUv.iy in operation in 
the l'io\ ince. of whiih the North .Shore line from fbieb'. c 
(.'it\- to C)tt.iw.i is owned .iiul run b\- the I'rovinci.i! 
Ciovermneiit. The i xteiit of this road now in oper.iti.i. 
is 300 miles (with some short br.niclus ; .md the 1 )oinii!- 
ion Covernment o\mi .uul oper.itc the same ext- .il ..f 
road williiu its limits— portion of the 
fri'iu Point Levis to the New Hrunsvvick frontier. 



The Province of (}iK''i)L'f lakes an aitivo and liberal 

pail in eiu iiuragiii'r iniminralion. At;riils arc eslalilislieil 
abroail anil at home, anil at a late hcs^inn of the legis- 
l.itiire laws were |ia>scil for the cncouraj;eincnt of coloni- 
zation r.iilwavs, i;r,inting, on certain coinlilions, an an- 
nual siilisiilv to seven liilTerent companies incorporateil 
for piirpoM', ami also an act for the cii(ouiai:c- 
ment ami formation ol colonization societies. 

These societies may also act as iiiimij;r.itioii societies. 
Their objects areilelineil as follows: 

1. To aid in promoting the establishment of settleis 
on Crown lands; to attract emigrants from other coun- 
tries, and to restore to this Province such of its iiih.ibi- 
tants as have emigr.itcd. 

2. To open, with the permission of the govcrniiienl, 
and to aid the government and iiiiinicipalities in opening 
roads through wild lands of the Crown, or leading there- 

,;. To liirect settlers or cmigr.mts towards the locali- 
ties wliicli the commissioner of Crown lands shall, as 
liercinafter provided, have assigned to and reserved for 

4, To provide settlers with seed-grain, provisions, and 
iniiilemenls suitable for the clearing and culiivalioii of ' 
land. i 

5. I'.i aid tlic dcpartinent of agricnltuie and ilie de- 
partment of Crown lands in the difliision ol' knowledge ' 
.iiid information calculated to extend coloni/aiinn. 

0. To promote colonization and assist settlers, by all 
means and proceedings which they shall deem desirable 1 
to adopt, in conformity with regulations to be provided 
bv the l-ieutenaiit-CIoveriior in council. 

The department of agriculture and colonization 1 
watches over llie organization and working of these 
societies; and there is evci'y reason to liope that a cer- 
l.iiii number of them will take an aitive ]iart in ]iromot- 
im; immigration. | 

1 he live jirincipal cities of the Province are Montreal, | 
Oiiebec, Three Kivers, Slierbrooke, and St. Ilyaciiitlie. 1 
The luincip.-il manufactures are clirih, linen, furniture, 
le.illicr, -,iwii luiniirr. Il.ix, li.inhv.iie. paper, 1 hemicals, 
sc.ip, lioois and shoes, coiicn ami wollen goods, steam- 
engines and locomotives, wooilcii w.iri of all descrip->, ,igi ii iiltural iniplemenls, ships, etc . The facilities I 
for iiianiifai luring afforded by abiiiiilaiit water-power 
are cm ■•ileiit. 1 

M(i\ I \<\:.\\.. 

Mii.xiKiM, the of Canada, and 
tiie nio-t populous city in liritish .North America, is 
situated at the head of sc.i 01 uutw.ird navigation, and 
at the fool .jf the great chain of river, lake, and canal 
navigation whii li exiciids westward lo Chicago and 
Fond du Lac, a distance of about 1400 miles, embracing 
an almost unei|ii.illed extent of inland water commiinica- 
tioii. It occniiies one ol the most commanding |)osilions 
in .\merica, and s'ands on a l.irge, fertile, and beautiful 
island of the sail e name, thirty miles in length by ten 
miles of cxtremi' breadth, funned bv theconllueiiceof the 
Ottawa and St, Law rem e Kivers, and on the north bank 
of the latter. Thus siiu.iled near the junction of two 
very important rivers, with a free communication sea- 
wards (though 1)0 miles above the inlluence of the tides, 
and 300 miles from salt water), .Montreal poss-esses all 
the advantages of both an inland citv and a seaport 
accessible to steamships .111,1 ,,ther vessels of over 4000 
tons burden. 

The quavs are 11 bv those of any city in 
America; built of limestone, and uniting with the locks 
and cut-stone wharves of the I.aihine Canal, they pre- 
sent, for several miles, a display of continuous masonry 
which has few iiarallels. .\ broail terrace, faced with 
grey limestone, the iiarapels ol which are surmounted 
with a snbst.intial iron railing, divides the < itv fioiii the 
river throughout its whole I'.xhin. 

I'lom wliiihever side appio.n lied, .^!olltreal and Us 
vii iniiy (Ihe wood-clad ' .Nloiit " lorming a magni- 
ficent bar kgrouiidi, with ii iiuiiieioiis beautiful villas, 
orchard-, and dijighiful drives, iis grand and statelv 
edili' cs. and many cifg.mi public and other buildings of 
cut st )ne, adorned with glittering roofs and domes, tall 
spue, and lofty toivei,, present to the view of the 

lieiiolder a vast, picturesiiue, and t;r.iiul |)ano 
city is the chief seat of ni.iniif.icturing oper.i 
Doniinicn, and it many extensive and ci 
lislinieiits, the productions of which will coin] 
lily uilh those of other countries. 

'I'l.ere arc Si c.ithcilr.ils, churches ,inil s 
'1 liie si.itioiis, j; b.mks, over 70 assur.iuci 
mil .issoci.itioiis ; 44 homes, dispeiisarit 
buns, for infants, aj;ed, rcfoniicil criniinaU, 
Icin.ilcs, deaf, duiiib, etc., etc. ; 2, I 
lying-ill and 1 woiiieii's hospital ; 3,? news 
periodicals — ; of which are daily ; 1,5 buildii 
.ind a very huge nunibcr of litcr.iry, sci 
national societies, lukicatioii is represontci. 
l.irge mnnber of coniiiion schools — the .Isi/i 
viiliiur (with S schools under it}, 3 
.icadcniies, 7 R. C. convents, acadeiiiies .ind 
.Mcfiill University, liishop's College, .ind \'i 
v.rsity, CollCijes (alliliated) -Colle; 
c .Ills aiul Surgeons for Lower C.inad.i, Plia 
Association of (Quebec, College of Pharmacy 
ind Presbyterian Theolo.^ Colleges, .St. R. C. Colleges, .ind the 
I'ine Arts, Sciences .iiiil Industrie- 

.Montreal is the chief depot i^x the (i. 
The head olTices and chief works ,ue .it Point 
a suburb ill the western p.irt oi the 1 iiy. T 
Uriilge here sp.ins tlie River Si L.twiynce, 
stone of tliis great masterpiece of Stephens^ 
July ;otli, 1.S54, and the first tr.iin crossed ovi 
ber lylli. 1851). It is 91S4 lineal feet in leng 
four sp.ins of 2\: feel each, and one (the cent 
above the river) of 3,50 feet. The bridge 
§7,000,000. Its construction gave the (ir.iiid ' 
vv.iy a continuous and unbroken line of con 
from Riviere dii Loup and Portl.ind to Lake 
Detroit, and .Montreal unrivalled \.h ilitiesaml 
for Commerce, whether foreign or doinestii 
tlie depot the li.iHi, of 
Western Si. lies. The c.irs of the (ii.iiid Tiiinl 
the longest line owucl by one coni|i.iiiv .mil 
man.igement in the wald, .uid the building i 
]d.iced C' in lln; proud ,iiid |)rosperous 
occupies to-day — run d.iily east and ucst, ni 
I oiineetions in Ont.irio with the (iie.u West 
ville and Oilaw.i, St. Lawrence and Oli.iw 
Peterborough and .^Iarnlor,l, .Nlidland, .Noill 
to, (.irey .ind liruce. Toroiii.i and .\i|iissiiig. 
(irey and Urin e. .iiiil Whilby .iml Port Perr 
.ilso with the C.inada Air-Line and Southci 
Province of (Jiiebec with the X'erniont Ceiitr, 
.Slielford .mdChamblv, Soulh-e.istern Coiinti 
ami Massawippi \'alley railways; and with 
ing lines, besides ollieis .dread)' 
ill p.irtial o])erati 'n ; Kennebec, North .Sh 
I eiitral, Richelieu, Druminond .md .Arth.ili.i- 
(iosford, .St. I'rancis and .Mc ■antic lutein. iti 
'.Meat Intercolonial. The tuo Litter ri.Mil- 
n'rect r.iil .comnuinication with .St. John .1 
.11 d l.irgi I\' increase its trade with the M.iritiu 
Th'.' New Hrunswick Railw.iy, now e.xleiided 
-totV to Ldnionton, N, H., will also coiiik 
(ir.inl rriink at Ri\iere dii Loup. In the \-.. 
tiie G.Miul Trunk connects with seven! liiu 
oif fronx its principal st.ilions, and ,it I'orll. 
.\ll.iii iiii ■ ol ste.imers in winter, ,iiid with 
.-t, Jo'iii »'nd ll.ilila.x the round. V 
Cello 1' uuil .xioiitre.d .ind l'ro\iiKe Liiu; 
llieii connections, also all'oid direct coniiuui 
New N'ork, Po-ton, and the cities i 
St.ite-. The Canada Central and North SI 
itlie former roai'i is now being r.ipidly pro 
Mill pio\e of inc. deniable benelit to .Moiilie.i 
incie.ising its trade with the iii.iny prosperoi 
oimtiv through which they will p.iss, .uu 
Lipid extension o( its limits e.islward as we! 

liiere .ire several lines of I'Airopean ste.ii 
lo .Montreal during the season ol navigatioi 
III! of which, the .Allan line of splendid, p 


r ,1, |)ii.luri-.i|iK', iiiul i^r-.iiul I lu 
tlu' cliit-r MMt I'l inaiuif.icturiiit; opL'r.iti'>ii-i in tin- 
iiM, ,1'ul it lia-. many cxtfiisivo ami io-<ll>- islali- 

ts. tlic prDiliictiDils of which will cixiipaii.- LiMir i 

1 thosi' of other ci>\intries. 

• ,111- Si^, cliiiitlus ami s\iiai;oj;ui.-s . 

tatiiiiis, j; bank-;, uvvr 70 a-;^uiaiii'c. insnraiKi 
m a-.-'iKialiiin'i , 44 honu -., di-^pcnsarit's and as_\-- 
iir inl'ant-i, a;;L'il, icfornKtl ciiinin lU, ali.uuloncd 
^, iliMf, duinl", ■.tc, etc. ; 2 tjoncral, I loundlin^, I 
uul 1 women's hospital ; 33 newspapers ,ind 
cals— ; of which .ire daily ; 13 building' societies, 

very Lu4.;e nimiber of literary, scientific and 
d societies, luluc.itinn is represented b)- a very 
uiMiber of coinnion schools — the .-Isi/r dc Li /''.'■ 

(with S schools under it\ 3 I 
lies, 7 R, C. convent;-, academies and seniin.iries . j 

I'liiversit)-, liishop's Colle;_;e, and Mctori.i L'ni-| 

Melic.d Colle^ies !alliliateil) -Colleije ol l'h\-M- [ 
nd Siirireons for Lower, rharniaecutical i 
ition of Ouebec, ColleL;e of I'liai iii.ic)-, .^'ethodi-t j 

-b/lerian Tlicolo^'icil Collei,'es .St. .M,ii>s .\n<.\\ 

.mI K. C. Colleires, and the Iii-.lilule o; 
■ ! 

uts. Sciences ami Industrie- 

tre.d is the chief depi'i! "f the ("i, T. K.iilu.w olTlces and chief works ,ire .11 I'oiiit St. C'li.irles, 

lib in the western part nf the ■ ii\. The \'ii loii.i 

leio spans the Uiver St l,,iwiemi'. I'hi' lir.-t 

of this great masterpiece \A Stephe^^oll liiil 

oth, 1S54, and the I'lrst train crossed over it Uiieiii- 

th, 1R51). It is i)lS4 lineal feet in length - twenty- I 

-crew ste.iniers, perl'iiimiii;^ rej^ular ni.iil service, ply 
rtii-klv between Liverpool and .Mniilieal in summer, aivd 
between Liveipool and Portland in winter. During 
-r.iM.n of iiavit;aii' .. eiaily lines of sie.imcrs, propellers 
uul iither ves-.e!s, run between Mcnilii'.il and (Quebec, 
(l|l,i«,i, I'lc-Mitl, Hlni kville, KinnstiMi, Helleville, Uo- 
( li ■■tei, Cciboiirg, I'liit Hope, Toronto, llaiuillon, and 
nianv other l.iko and river ports, eastward as well as 

file eitv is well f^oveined by a eorpniatioii roni|iosr(l 
of a ni.ivor, nine aUliiiuen, and eiuhleen councillors, has 
a fine polite force, an elliiient lire brig.ide, and the best 
fire-alann teli'i;ia|ih system in the world. It is tlic priii- 
eip.d port of entry in the Dominion, and is nipidly in. 
( II ,i-.iiiu; in population and e.\leii<lint; Its city limits. 

file I niiimereial progress of is best shown 
liv I iiiiip.ii is.''i. Ill I Si) (, 50. ( vessels anived nl .'oi),JJ4 
tons; ii I.^;.-. S7J vesseK of (11)6,71)5 tons. Ill 1S54 tllO 
import-- ui're .fit S, 729,11 1 .', and in 1S74, |44,3Jo/i4r(, or 
lu-.irly j; 1 .il ,in incre.ise in twent\' years. 

Tlu p.'piil.ition in 1S51 was (7,71;; iSrti, ii'.)3Jt; 
1S71, I. .7,.'.';; ,ind nou it is i-.lini.itei! .it I7;,i« h>, with 
subiiibs ciiiit,iinin;4 25,"ixi more. 

of .' ).' feet e.u h, and mie (tlie centre, si.sty feet 

the river) of .i_;o feet. The bridge mst ne.iil'.- 
,000. Its construction gave tin- (Jr.iiid Triiiik Kai 

coiitiiiiious and unbroken line of cunmiinication ' 
Riviere dii Loup and I'oril.ind to Lake Huron and J 
il,aiKl Montreal unrivalled l.n ilitiesaiid adv.intages 
inineree, whether foreign or iluinesiii, 111. iking il 
eat eentr.d depot f.jr the ir.illic of t' and the 
•rn St, lies. 'I'lie c.irs of the (.ii.iiid Trunk Railw.iy- 
ngest line iwuel by om.' ioin|i.iiiv ,iiid under one 
;eineiit in the wmiKI, .uul the building of wliieli ha- 
1 (.-'an. id, I in the .uul pi'.)s|ieioiis pi.^itiun she 
ies to-d.iy — run il.iily east .uul ue-t, linking elo-e 
clions ill Out. irio with the (In-, it Western, liroek- 
;ind Oitaw.i, Si. Lawrence ami ((ti.iwa, Cobonrg, 
joroiigh and Mariiinr.i, Midland, N.utliern, Tornii- 
I'y .mil lirii' e, r.Minit.i and Nipi-sing, Wellington, 
anil lirm e, and Whitby ami I'.jrt I'erry r,iilro,uL, 
,itli the C'.inada .\ir-Line and Southern; and in the 
nee of (Quebec with the \'eriiioiit l!, St, instead, 
ird and Ch.iiiibly, Soiitli-e,istern Counties Junction, 
l.issawippi Valley raiUv.ivs; and with the lollow- 
U'S, besides srver,il (ilheis ,\' completed, or operati .n ; Kennebec, North Shore, Can.ida 
il, Richelieu, Drummoml ,ind .\rtli.ib.i-ka counties, 
rd, .St. I'rancis and .Mc;antic Interii.ition,il,.ind the 
Intercolonial. The tu.p hitter ro.uls gi\e Montreal 

rail.communicalion with St. Ji>!in .uul ildifa.v.j 
rgcly increase itstr.ide with the M.iritiiiie I'rovince-;. [ 
iew Hrunsuiik R.iilw.i)-, now extended iVmn W'nod- 
lii I'.dinoiiton, .\. H,. will .lU.i ciiiiiect with the 

rmnk at Riviere du I.'iu|i. In the l''..i--tern Slates 
Mild 'Irunk connects with lines br.mching | 
iiu its principal st.itions, and .it I'ortl.ind with the! 
liii': of ste.imers in winter, ,iml with ste.iniers lor 
I'ln »Mid !I.ilifa.\ the \ ruiiiid. The Vermont 
.' uiul .dontre.d .iiid I'niviiue Line r.iihv.ivs, and 
• mnectlons, also all'oril direct coinmunic.ition with 
I'ork, I<o-ton, and the princip.d cities In the United 
The Canada and Xorth .Shore r.iilwa_\s 
inner ro.ic'. is now being r.ipidly proceeded with) 
live of incalculable benefit to .Montreal, b)- l.irgely 
sing its tr.ide with the m.iny prosperous sections of 
y thr.iii;.;h which the)- will p.i-s, cinsing the 
L'.Ntuision ol its limits eastw.ird as well ,is westward. 
■re are .several lines of luiropean ste, liners running 
ntreal during the seison of ii.ivigation, the princi- 

whicli, the .Mian line of splendid, |)OwerfiiI, f.isl 


(,'iii;|.', the stronghold of iiiilit.iiv power in liiilisli 
M.'illi .\iiierie.i, and 1 of the l'io\ im e, is sitii.iteit 
oil ,1 loc k-liouihl pioiuontorv foiined by the conlliiem-u 
.il llie riveis St. Charles and Si. I..iwreiue, iSa miles 
!iei..w the 1 ilv .if, It is very .stronglv fortilied, 
. ouipletelv I oiuinauding the navigation, .uul by iniln.iry 
luthorities is declared impregiiablo. 

tjiiebee is divided into two parts, called I'pper anil 
Lower r.iwiis. The l'p|ier Town occupies the higlu-st 
|iait of the pionioiitoiy ; it is surrounded with walls, 
uul otherwise fortilied. i lie ancient citadel, wliieli 
. rowiis the siiinmit of C.ipe Diamond, covers, with its 
numerous woiks, an area of forty acres, aii.l fr.nn its 
position is piob.iblv the strongest fortress in .Aineiic.i. 

'I he chief ascents to the I'ppei I'ouii aieby.i steep 
.Old iiairow wimliiig snert .iiid by .1 llii;hl ..I sieps. 

riie l.owei r.iwii, uliicli is the se it ol . . niiiueri e, is .ir.iiiiiil tlu li.ise ol Cape Diainoml. wheie, in many 
pl.ii'cs, ihe lock has been cut away to make ro.iiii for 
■.he houses t.)n the side of the St. Cliiiles ilie w,iter 
It flood tide fonneily w,islied the very foot of the rock, 
but from time to time wharf after whaif has been (iro- 
je. ted towards low water mark, and fouiulatioiis inaile 
siillieiently solid on which to build whole streets, where 
bolts and even vessels of consider, ible burden once 
r^iile at am imr. file banks of boih rivers .ire now liiu'd 
with w.ireliouses and wharves, the filter jiitliii!; .iboiit 
-■00 feet into the stre.iin, ami along whit li the w.iler is 
"f siifricient depth t'l' admit vessels of the largest size. 
file streets , ire gener. illy and narrow; n few are they well paved .iiid lighted. The houses 
.111; principally of stone and briek, two or three stories 
high, the older ones with steep and ipiaiiit-huiking roofs. 
The city has times sulfered from disastrous 
fires, but the result has bi-en the erection of more attr.ic- 
li\e buildings, and a conse((iient improvement ill 
the i^eneial appearance of the city. 

Ill the I'pper Town are several squares and public 
iN.ilks comiiMiiding views unrivalled for lliclr varied and 
pi. liiresipie I., .eiiv. Ill one stands a substantial nionu- 
iiieiit, i;reited I 1 the joint memory of (Jenerals Wolfe 
.iml Moiitcilin, the I'-iiglish and f'rench conim.inders 
wh.i fell at the '.akiiig of (liiebec in 1759. It consists of 
an ..belisk resting on a granite pedestal, tlie whole 65 
leel high. .\ monument 40 feet in height marks the 
spot w here (ieneral Wolfe fell on the Plains of Abra- 
h,iiii ; while on the St.'Loy road stands an iron jiillar 
siinnoiinted by a bnuize statue, presented by Prince 
N'.ipoleon Iioiiap:irle in 1S55, intended to commemoiate 
1 fierce struggle which took place here in 17O0 between 
he liritish and Liemh troops. There are also other 
interesting objects throughout the city— the Koniun 
Citholic Cathedral, with its many line old paintings; 
die Episcopal, Presbyterian, and other i hurches ; the 
I'.splanade, Houses of Parliament, liosjiital, new g.iol ; 
" Spencer Wood," the residence of the (loveruor ; Morrill 
College; the Laval I'niveisity, erected at a tost of nearly 

DnMiMoN oi- CANADA. 

Iiull ,1 iiiilliMii ilou.ii s ; nil' iKMiuiiiil iH tv I iisioni-lioiisc 
at I'r.iit ;'i I'.inv, etc, etc. I lie MunliiiDUiiri l'";ills, ii 
inugniliccnt '-inlit at nlninst nil simsiuis uI ilic year, urr 
situated abniit nine miles finm llio cilv. Hclwcoii lliciii 
aiiJ (Jiiclic. is ilic l.uii.'itii- A-ivliim, til" liiit;rsl 
and liiK'si iMiihliiii; nf (In- kind in llii' I lniniiii'>ii. 

The I'dm .iliiinal iiislimiions CDinin im- llurc K' 
Catholic rollcfjcs, viz.: I. aval Univii'-itv, \.illi f.K'iil- 
ties of law, iiiedirinc, and ails; the (iraiid Scniinaiy, and 
the Miiiiir Seminary; the I'rsuline convent, an extensive 
estahlishiiKiit founded in 1C141 ; • .veral nniineries; Moi- 
rin Cidlege, with ten professors; f.av.d Normal and 
Mothd Si hold ; the l.'iirliee Iliijh Seliool ; and a miniher 
of academies and |Hi\.iie and pnlilii; sehools. 

(^iiel)ee ranks third as a seaport town, or first after 
Halifax, N. S, and St, |ohn. N II. She rarriis on a 
oonsidei.dile trade with lie' siirroiindinK<-''mnlry and with 
till' ports .md lislieries below, tmt her prim ipial hnsiiiess 
is ship-linildin>{ .mil the liimhei Ir.ide. She 
Iv laiinrhes a l.irye niimliei cif vessels, rigqeil and 
eipiipped. and of varying lonii.n;e (from 1000 to 2oua 
tons .ind inoie), and exjioils millions ol feet of timber, 
besides other produce of the coiiniiv The building ol 
the Gosford Railway, together with the recent construc- 
tion of the North .Shore and Levis and Kennel)cc rail- 
ways, will prove of inc.ilcul.ibic be in fit to Ou«bec. and 
add niiich to her coii'inercial prosperity. The North 
Shore K.iilw.iy now i;ives her direct coniiiumication with 
the places lyint; westward belwetn her and Moiitieal on 
the north shore of the .St. Lawreiici", as she also with 
the south by '.he ( rriiiik Railway and the Levis 
and Kennebec R.iilway. with the State of Maine and 
I'rovince of New Ilnmswick. (Jiubec is well li:.;hteil with 
^as, and abuiiil.uitly supplied wilh eNCellcnt w.iter from 
Lake St. Ch.irlos. at an clev.ition of several luiiulred firt 
above tho hiL;hest level of the town. \ continuous stre.uii 
of w.iler can be thrown, b\- its ov,i\ pressure, over the 
hi);hest buildiiiijs in the city, rcnderini; next to impossi- 
ble, with the .issistance of a j;ood fire bri[;aile and .m 
excellent tire al.irm telej^raph system, recently introduced, 
the recurrence of any of those serious conll.i^'ralioiis 
uhiih h.ivc .iLted so injuriously on (Quebec's prosperity. 
( ipposite the cit\- are two very important and flourishinjj 
towns — Levis .ind .M)uth Queliec. With these there is 
constant comiiumication by steam ferries. The depot of 
the tir.ind Trimk Ivailway is situated in the hitter town 
I'Vom thence trains proceed to all points west, and east- 
ward to the railway system of the NLaritimc I'rovinces. 

TlTcre arc two weekly lines of steamers for the Gulf 
ports and NLiritime I'tovinces. Krom April to Novem- 
ber, the Richelieu Company's palace steamers ply daily 
between Ouebec and NLmtreal, and during the hot 
months tlie C.madia" N'lvi Ration Company's steamers 
make four trips a week to the Saguenay and fishionablc 
watering places. I'opulation, over ;o,ocx). 

'I'UREK RivK.RS. the third city in the I'rovince, and 
capital of the district of Pliree Rivers, is most pleasanliv 
situated on the north shore of the River St. Lawrence, ai 
the mouth of the River St. Maurice, whic h is included 
within its limits, together with the several islands theic 
lying It is ei|ui-distant (00 miles) from the cities ol 
Sloiitreal and (,'iiebei Three Rivers is the seat of a 
Roman Catholic Hislmp, and the cathedral is one of the 
liiiest edifices in Itrilish North America. Ihe iinprove- 
iiuut ot the River St Maurice by the governnient, in 
I Sii, gave .additional impetus and life to Three Rivers; 
about §Joo,ooo having been expended in erecting booms 
and slides on the river, which has already attracted the 
investment of more than $ 1,000,00c in lumber operations. 
The source of siijiply of lumber furnished by the St 
M.iuri. e and its tributaries I'xtends over a territory of 
about 2(Xl,0oo miles. Messrs. (ieo. n,ii)tist, -Son S: Co . 
and Messrs. Ross, Ritchie & Co. have very extensive mills and machine shops at the mouth of the St. 
M.iuriie The fornu-r firm also have m'Ms of very lar.'i- 
c.ip.icity some miles up the river. There .1,^ numerous 
other mills in the city .ind vicinity, this being tho chief 
ilepc'it of the St. M.airice Willey and the great shipping 
point jf lumber to the Ouebec. Lnglish, West Indian, 
Uniteil States and South American ni.irkets The largest 

glove, mill .md mocassin ficlory in the iJoii 
situated here; .ilso extensive iron works, 
the U.idnor and St. Maurice Tlslct ; besides a c 
factory of veiy large cipacity ; while the public 
ments of the rity ,1 m.ignificent 
system oil the Holly princip!<,'. 

The causes that have hitherto mililated .ig 
development of the nuni'Tous resources of 
trict,— namely, the lack of railway i?ominunica 
the extent of iin|)i.icticable navigation of the St. 
in rear of the city,— have been greatly ninovi 
building cif a first-class branch of the fiiaiid 'I'ri 
way idiinecting Three Rivers with .\rtli,ibas: 
oiM'iiiiig a direct commiinic.ition with five .New 
Si. lies, all reipiiiing lumbiM', and Three Rivcis I 
ne.iresi and 1 hcapest m.irket whi'iice they roiild 
The North shoo' K.iilw.iy also .icIiL vcr\- 11 
to its comiiicri'ial .iinl m.inufacturing ficilities 
Ri\cr- a population of over ij,cc (v 

.SlliKiiKi iiiKK, the principal town in the h'.astei 
ships, is situated on the Riser .St h'rancis, on be 
of Ihe River M.i^;og and on the (irand Trunk . 
sawippi Valle)- R.iilw.iys, and at the western tci 
Ihe St.I''rancisand Lake Megantic Internationa! 
It is chictly famous for its water-power, which f 
and .iv.iiLibleiicss is scarcely ecpi.dlcd in ,iny ot 
in C.inad.i. It cont.iins the oilices of the 
Townships liank, two br.inch bulks, the chief 
I'.madi of the Hritish ,\meric.i L.intl ('ompan; 
.issur.mce and insur.mce agciicn-s, Lhiirches of fi 
denominations, and inanul'.ictorics of woollen .u 
cloths, ll.innels, iron castings. m,icliincr\-, axes, ( 
,ilso saw mills, breweries, etc. I'opul.dion, .S,( c 

St. HvACiNTlii?. — A city onthe Vamaska Rive 
ory and county of St. Hyacinthe, clitf.lifii of th 
ol St Ilyacinthi", which 1 ciiii|)rises the county of 
c intlie and the (.iiiiuies ol Hagot and Rouv 
Hyacinthe is one of ilu' most nourishing phic 
I'roviiii 1" of tjiiebei . The local business is cons 
md the markets are second only to those of Mo 
regards the variety, ipiality, and v.Une ol tin 
brought in. It possesses many public establish 
great importance. 'The college is a fine cut-.sto 
ing, over 700 feet long, and is surmounted by 
Irom the top of which there is an extinsive vie 
institution possesses an excellent library, phy^ 
astronomical apparatus, chemical laboratory, 1 
grounds around the college are very fine. 1 
office of the St.. Hvcinthe Hank is here, and 1 
manufactories of various kinds. The Grand Tri 
w;;y passes through the city, and places it at t\ 
ilistanee from Montreal, seven hours from Quel 
teen hours from Portland, ropulatiui", -,tO\ 


Nkw Hkt'SswicK is bounded on the north 
the Province of (Juebec, from wdiicli it is sepii 
ihe River Restigouehe; north bvtlie Haie Cliale 
by the (Julf of St. f.awrence ami Norihui 
Straits, the latter separating it from Prince 
Island ; south iiy the Bay of Puiidy and part 
Scotia; and c)n the west by the State of Mai 
which it is separated by the St. Croix and 
rivers; extending from latitude 45" 5' to 48° i 
longitude 63" 50' to 6S' west ; greatest leni 
north to south, 2,50 miles : breadth, ii;o miles; ar 
square miles, c pial to i7,4S6,.',So acres Its co;i 
about soo m'lesin length, interrupted only at 
of junction v ith Nova Scotia, where an isthnu 
more than eleven miles in breadth connects 
lerritorics .nd separates the witters of the Nor 
laud Straii from those of the Hay of Fundy, a 
it is proposed to unite by means of a canal, c 
liay Vcric Canal 

The surface of the country is generally flat 01 
ing. There are some hills skirting the Hay 1 
and tl e rivers St John and Restigouehe, but 
where assume mountain summUs. The shore 
Gulf of St. Lawrence aiul Northumberlan 

)nMl\ioN OI- CANADA 


It ,ini| iTKic.i-i'.iii r.iclDry in the iJoinliiioM is 
RTi;; ,il.-.ii ('Xtonsivo irnn works, inclmiinj; 
or ami St. Maiirici' I'Islit ; besides a cnr-whet:l 
r very larj^c capacity; wliile tile publii: improvc- 

tlie rity einl)r,up .i niajiiiificciit water-works 
I the I lolly principle. 

niscs li.ive hitherto mililated apainst the 
lent of the niinvroiis resoiincs of the tlii- 
mely, the laek of railway coniiiiniiiration, and 
t of inipr.iilicahle navigation of the St M.inrife 
f the city, -have been t;really rnnuved by the 
of a lirst-elass branch of ilie ( 'i'nink Nail- 
nrctinir Tlirec Kivers with .\rtli,abaska ; thus 
I cjirect lomniMiiii .itiiiii willi five \e>v luiglaiid 
I ii'iiuiiirii; liiMibci, ,111(1 llciri- Uivers beinij the 
lid I lii'apest 111.11 krt w hrih e they roiild obtain it 
III >lini,' l\.iil\'..iy ,d-.o .iihU vciy iiialerially .mil ni.iniif.ictiiriiv^ facilities. 'I'liree 
If a population of over o. 
I'.i inKI''., the principal town in the l'".a>tcrn Town- 
.itnated on the Ki\ir .St h'ranci.s, on both banks 
ver Ma(.;o^; ,iiid on the lirand Trunk and Ma- 
/alley K.iihv.iys, and at the western tcrininus of 
ancis.ind l-ake Me^antic Internation.i! Railway, 
tly famous for its water-power, which for extent 
.ibleiics-, is scarcely eiinalkd in any other town 
.1. It Clint, lins the head olhces of the Eastern 
)s, two br.mch bulks, the chief ofTice in 
if the liritish ,\iiieric.i l.,ind Company, several 
• anil insiir.iiice .il;ciicics, churches of five or six 
itions, and maiuil.ictoric-, of woollen and cotton 
iiincls, iron castini^s, machinery, axes, pails, etc.; 
niilN, breweries, etc. l'o[nilation, >S,i cK). 
rAClNTliE. — A rity on the Vainaska liivcr, seigni- 
:ounty of St. Ilyacinlhe, clu\f.lifii of the dislriii 
acinthe, which comprises the county of St. Ilya- 
1(1 tlie countii'S of Hagot and Koiiville. St 
c iswiie of llie most nourishing places in the 

of (Jiieber. I'lie local business is considerable, 
iiarkets are second only to those of .NIontreal ab 
the varictv, ipiality, and value of the articles 
in. It possesses many public establishments ot 
lurlance. The college is a fine eut-.sWine biiild- 

700 feet long, and is surinoiinted by a cupola, 
top of which there is an extensive view. This 
n possesses an excellent library, physical and 
deal apparatus, chemical laboratory, etc. The 

around the college are very line. The hcad- 

the St.. Ilvcinthe Hank is here, and extensive 
lories of various kinds. The Grand Trunk Rail- 
,es through the city, and places it at two hours' 
from Montreal, scviii hours from Quebec, four- 
rs from Portland. TopulatioP, -,'■0.1. 


IktisswicK is bounded on the north-west by 
,ince of Quebec, from which it is separated by 
r Restigouche; north by the Haie Clialeuis • easi 
IJulf of St. f.awrencc ami Norihumberland 
the latter separating it from Prince Kd.ard 
south iiy the Hay of Fiindy and [lart of Nova 
uid on the west by the State of Maine, from 

is separated by the St. Croix and St. John 
xtcnding from latitude 45" 5' to 48° 40' north, 
e 63" 50' to OS' west ; greatest length from 
south, 2,io miles : breadth, lyo miles; area, 27, ,-!-'■' 
dies, r pial to i7,4Sfi,;.So acres Its coast-line is 
o nvies in length, interrupted only at the point 
cm V itli Nova Scotia, where an i.sthmus of not 
m eleven miles in breadth connects the two 
s .nd separates the waters of the Northiimber- 
lii from those of the Hay of Kundy, and which 
losed to unite by means of a canal, called the 
ic Canal 

irface of the country is generally flat orundulat- 
lere are some hills skirting the Hay of Fuiidy 

rivers St John and Restigouche, but they no- 
ssiime mountain summhs. The shores of the 

St. Lawrence and Northumberland Strait 

abound ill line ship-harboiir>. (each ;it llie mouth of a 
MUisiilerablc river) from which is exported miifli line 
timber, I'or about twelve mih's inliiid the i Jiiiitrv is 
low and skirled with marshes. 

'llie face of the Province is travelled in ail directions 
by navigable rivi-rs, chief of wliii h is the St. John, 500 
miles in length. It is navigable for steamers of 1000 tons 
lo I'icderii ton, ninety miles from the sea. Above this 
poim smaller steamers ascend sixty-live mile-., to Wood- 
si oik, and occasionally make trips as far as the Tobiipic, 
seventy-five miles further 1 1, and even to the Grand 
I'.ills, a niagnilicent cataract seventy or eighty feet pcr- 
peciillciilar, 325 miles from the sea. AIkiv the falls the 
St. John has lieen navigalerl by a steamer lo the mouth 
of the Madawaska, forty miles; from this point boats 
and canoes may ascend almost to its snnrces. The 
Madawaska River is also navig.ible for small steamers to 
r.ake rcmiscouiila, a sheet of w.iter tweiily-seven miles 
long, fnin two to six miles br.j;i,l, and of great depth 
throughout. I''roiii the upper part ni this lake to the 
Rivii S| l,awretu-e, at Trois Pi^iwh-s, the distance is only 
about eighteen miles. The country drained by the St. 
John and its tributaries comprises about 9,000,000 acres 
in New liriinswick, in riuebec, and 6,000,000 in 
Maine i he v.illey is reiiiarkaijle for its fertility and 
piciunsfpie beaiilv. After the St. John, the largest 
river of .New Hruiiswii k is the .Miiamii hi, tlowing iiiilli- 
east into an extensive liay of its own name It is .■:3 
miles in length, and seven luiles wide at itsnioiiih It is 
navigable for large vessels twenty-live miles lioni the 
Gulf, and for schooners twenty miles further, to the 
lieail 'the tide, above which, for sixty miles, it is navi- 
gable for tow-boats. The river has many large tribu- 
taries, spreading o\ei a great exteiil 'if 11 mill rv 

■''1 Pi'titcodiai . the Ri( liibiK III, .iiid llic Restigouche 
1'- I noble rivers, navigable lor Irmii lilieeii In twenty- 
live miles almve I heir mouths for lari;e vessels, a ml drain- 
ing over 8000 sipiaie miles of fertile ami liiicly timbered 

.•\mong the nuiiierous bavs with which llie coast is in- 
lientcd, the most iinportart is the Haie des Chaleiirs, an 
immense haven ninety miles in lengih and twelve to 
lifteen in breadth, with many excellent harbours, 
riiroiighoiit its whnle extent there is neither reel, rock, 
nor shoal, nor any impediment to navigation 

The climate of this Province is exceedingly healthy. 
Disease, pei uliar to the country, is unkii.iwn. Its beau- 
tiful scenerv, sometimes wild and pic turcsf|ue, with its 
hills and mountains; iis be.iiiiifiil rivers, bvooks, and 
lakes abounding in lish , its siiniiv dales and wooded 
valleys, have their attractions 

The autumn is a season c,l exceeding beaiily, the air 
being dry and clear, and the wckhIs glowing with in- 
numerable lints of the richest and most linlliant hues. 

The prevailing summer winds are from llic W S W. 
and S. ; when from the S W dense fogs are often pro- 
duced on the Hav of Fiindy, and exteml from fifteen to 
twentv miles inland. 

Of the soil and c .ipabililies of New lircmswick it is 
impossible to s|)eak ti.o highly, I'c. le is not a cmintry 
in the world so beautifully wooded .iiid w.uercd, .\ 
large portion of the surface is c civered with dense forests 
of pine, hackmatack, spruce, cedar, etc, etc., whi' h pio- 
vide immense quantities of timber both for export and 
ship-building. .Ml kinds of cereals and fruits (except 
peaches) ripen perfectiv and :ue of excellent qu;ility 
The potatoes raised in this Province are the best in tin 
world Turnips, peas, bc.iiis, and other leguminous 
plants thrive adniiiablv A most prolitable crop is 
grass, which ocinpies ;diout four-lifths of the l.inil oii 
every large farm .\gricullure, however, lias made but 
slow progress, and the demand for food is far beyond the 
supply raised on the soil The ii\liaUt;uits generally 
tind it acre prolitable to follow the liiiiiberiii,g business. 
The rivers, lakes, and sea-coast of New Brunswick 
abound with lish cd almost every variety. In Haie des 
Chaleiirs immense shoals are seen, darkening the surface 
of the water. The Bay of Fuiidy has long been celebrat- 
ed for its fisheries. 

The salmon fisheries of New Brunswick are among the 
finest in the world. The Huctouehe, Caraquetie, and 
I'ocagne ovster-bcds arc as prolific as they ate famous, 
.uid the finest lobsters are found in profusion. 


Dominion ()!■ canada. 

.sliip-lnulilin^; is extiiisivdy |)ro.><ci.uli.(l in tlif Tri)- 
viiKi', more csincuilly at St. Julm aiul oi\ li\i- Mii.iiinilii 
\'i>scU .iri; also built at St Amliiw s, at variDUs tovcs 
ami liarlKiis mi the Hay of ImiiuI)-. al.>n^ the hanks of tlic 
St. ]'A\i\ an.l I'ctitcotiiac, and at CuiMnne, kiiliibuctc, 
HatluM^t, l)alliou>ir, t'anipbcllton, and other ports on 
till nuilh sliorc. The atatistit^ of tluae two industries 
are t;iven anions the " iJoininion Statistics." 

Coal is |)lei\tif\-.l and iron ore abundant , the lV)r;ncr is 
.said to extend over 10,000 s(|uare miles. The Albert 
c^iil mine is tile most valuable deposit of bituminous 
MialUr on this continent. It pro<luco3 lOO gallons of 
tiurlc ml per tmi, and the eoal is worth for ^;as making' 
5^1 I to $1; per ton at the shipping I'ort. 

Copper and nianf;anesc also abound A larjje depiisit 
of the foinur has been discovered on the banks of the 
Nepisiipiit Ri\er, which falls into Itathurst Hay, and an- 
other of plumba!,'o within half a mile of ^'.. John. The 
supply of the latter is said to be inexhaustible, liyp- 
sum, liiiiestone, freestone and ^jrindstone abound. 

The principal articles manufactured in New Hiuiisuiik 
are sawn lumber, leather, cotton and woollen ^'oods, 
wooden ware of all descriptions, paper, iron castings. 
nails, mill machinery, locomotives, .steam cn^jines, etc. 
The number uf s.iw mills in the rrovince is very large. 

The great extent of s"ca coast, with il^ nun. emus b.iys 
and navigable rivers flowing into them, funiisli admira- 
ble facilities fjf Commerce. The exports are 
t'isli. tinibei .md lumber, iron, coal, gypsum, shooks, hay, 
etc. I'hc chief imports are wheat, llour and cornmeal, 
nTU and other grain, salted meat*, coffee,, tia, 
niol.isscs, tobacco, woollen, cotton and silk maiiuf.ic- 
turcs, fruits, etc. The \alue of imports into the I'loviiur 
has exceeded $lo,;c>o,ooo in a single \ ear — the exi>orts 
aggregating two-thirds of that .iniount. The imports .it 
the I'ort of ."st. John alone ha\e aggregated betwtLii 
^IS.oOO.OCiQ and $i_i,ooo ( >oti in ,1 siiiL;!e se.isi.'ii, while the 
exports from the same port iliuing the s.iiiie Inne e.\..i ed- 
ed .f.},CKKI,0CO. 

'1 lu.Te are six ra'iw.iys in (he I'nivincv three of which 
— the .Mbert, the Intercolonial, and the .N'ew lirunswick 
roads — have been only recently compKtcd. the last in 
lif". The Inteici.'lonial, in this 1'roviin.e. runs from St 
Jolin to Halifax, with br.iiKh to .'shidi.u. The head 
i'';ices .iri. at Moncton. '1 he St .lud K.iil- 
u.iy tlMi: I'.uropean and North American luns from St. 
John weslw-od to tlie .state of M.iiii' . >onnectiiig at 
l-'rederictoii Junction with the l-'reilerictmi liiancli Kail- 
ua\'. at Mc.Xdam with the New Brunswick ,ind Caii.ida 
Raihv '.• .uul .it \'anccboro with the rail system of the 
L'nited ."states. Thi-. road form- a connection uith the 
St. I-'i.uicis anil Lake .Meg.intit intern. ition.d U.olu.iy 
leieiitly built from .^licrbri»'ke e.istw.ird. Hy this con- 
ncctiou the all-rail route between .Montreal and St. Jt)hn 
has lieeii reduced to 430 miles. il!\-the Intercolonial the 
liistance is 761 miles; The New Ihun-wick .ind C'an.ula 
Kai'.w.iv- proceeds from St, .Vildrews to Woodstock, 
ivilii br.incllcs to St. .Stciihen and !loulti>n Maine. 
This line connects at Woodstock with the \ I'. K y. 
r.innmg from Iredericton, whence it i-. to bt ixtindecl 
to Riviere ilu I...UI). It also a branch up the 
Arooitook into Maine. Two other roads are in pro- 
gress—the Cjranii .'-oiitliern skirting the May of l-'undy 
Iroii) .-st John to .-St. .Stephen, and the Kent Norther' 
voiuiecting Richibucto with the Intercolonial. 

1 111 gr will of the I'rovince has been steady and large. 
In i.Sfi.thi: population was 1(^3. Soo, in 1}<71. -H;,;",", 
an incie,i-e .f nearly fifty per cent. ; and now it is fairly 
estimated considerably over 300,000. 

rile school -ystem of .New Hrunswick is mm-srct.inan 

uini /Iff /,■ .1//. Tile rroviiice annu,illy grants ,ibout 

I vl with a rate on [iropertv sU|>ports/;(c uor- 

• v.v\ n •.;;■; .11 schools in abundance. There 

^■ew Bruusrtick and sever.d 

Woiiiiiiioii li.i,. made more geUei- 
.-.l •.'ian ,\cw I'l 

I'nder the land s>stem of this I'rovinrc, as c 
by the ;\ct of If/J, Crown kinds suU.ible lor : 
and uiltiv.itioii .ire set .ip.irl, .iiul public ro 
through the s.ime. 

'Iliese lands are granted to settlers 

one hundred .icres. 1 he terms of ■ettlenunt 

settler build a house, not less in dimensicuis th; 

! In- twenty feet, and sliill clear and cultiv.ite 

j th,in three acres within i>ne year, .md farther 

cultiv,ite not less than ten acres in all within ll 

' and reside actually .md continuonsly on suci 

! three >ears, necessary absence excepted. 

!<)■ the .Act of I.S(i.s, a grant of mie huiulrc 

land could be /'iiii/it.sfii lor $-'0 c.ish. or $5c 

' msl.dments, ,ill to be expended in ni.d 

, through the settlement; but the new .Act is in 

I terms. .Several hundred thousand acres weo 

applied for aiul settledunder the old .\cl, and 

new one large tracts are settled b)' inimigr.iii 

l''.n:.;lish and Scotch. 

The .iffairs of the I'rovince are .ulniinistered 
tenant-Governor, aideil by an !-.xei.u'.ive Cour 
members, a Legisl.itive l/ouncil of eighteen nu 
' pointed for life, .md .i House of Assemljly ol 
, representatives, elected e\ery four years. 1 1 
department comprises a Supreme (ourt, with ii 
four puisne judges h.iving law .uul ecpiity ju 
one of .Marriage .md Uivurce. ,1 N'ici'Admir. 
.md ,1 County Court for e.ich count)- 111 the I'l 

.New- liruiiswick I'lrst settled b\ the l-'ier 
It Continued to form part of Nov.i Sc .ti.i un 
tlu pusiMt limit- o| \...'u Hrun-nick were di\ 
\o\.i Sioti.i and erevtril into .1 ■.rp.u.itr I'rov 
special cli.irler. When the Uiii 
h.ul g.iined their independence. ,1 considir.ihii 
exiled loy.dists, about liu- ihoii-uul persou- 
iii i,"S.? to New Hrunswiik. where tluy wi.1-1 
uitli land, pro\isions, tools .md clothing by i 
government. These loy.ilists m.iy be looked 
founders of New Hruriswick. .vu\ tluru- ilcsci 
form a considerable p.irt of tin p(rpulation. 

It is urged and lieluAed that this I'rovince i- to I-aiglish, .Scot-jli ,iiid Scandiii.i. 
grants; the elim.ite is no mon- -ivere in v-. 
theirs, and the soil is lictter. Hut more, ti 
order and good go\eriinient inherent in them 
conseipience the l.iws .md institute 
country suit them better than those of ,1 repn 

riie .M.iritime Provinces att'ord .1 t'me field 
In no part thr uorld. excepting, peril. ips. tli 
of .Miiigan. in the I'lovince of ijuilnc. .ue 
rivers for trout or s,ilm.,n tluiii i^f N'U 

(111 the whole, to tin: l.iborin.u; man who 
of industry, of liberty, indeiniulence, .iml ro 
where the t.ix-g.itlu rer's visits are. like ange 
far between . where he can worship tiod .is 
.md where the nu aiis .ire ii.'t u.intmg , where 
csi.iblished Churth, .ill thru, shIo by sio 
terms, and ,d! respcLtably .-uiipoitid by wi 
butioiis ; w-liere the -chools are free .dike to ,1 
him the words - -t.irvation and want " convi 
— -this I'rovince offers a most desirable lionu 

The chief cities and towns of .New Hruns\ 
lohn with Portland .mil Carleton as its si. 
dericton, St. Stephen, St. Andrew's, Chall 
st'.K'k, .Sackvilie, Newcastle and Moncton. 

ST. Jul IN. 

S r. Ji.illS, the commercial melropuiis . 
linte, and fourtli largest city in the LJominii 
ed at the mouth of the noble River St. John 
from its .source, p.iiish and county of .St. 
occii[)ies a very commanding position, .ui' 
proached from ih.e Hay of I'"undy presents a; 
.ippearance. The whole of the elevated p 
v.ity consists of suiid rock, Which for liie pari) 

iHi.MIMON OI'" CAN'.\|).\. 

If l.iml >ystiMii iif tills I'lox iiuc, ,is csi.ilili^lu'il 
H.I of lt<7.', LiiiivM LiMils Miit.ibk' lor sctllciilciit 
i\'.iti.>ii .ire set .iii.ul, .mil [Mibli^- im.uI;; iii.ulc 

lllL S.11111-. 

l.iiuls aiu ijMMtcd to sctlliis in luls of 
In-a .icrcs. Ihc terms of ^.tlleiiu nt .ire that :i 
iikl .1 liousf, not less ill ilimciisiiins si.vlccii 
)• feet, .Ulil sii.ill clear ailil • iMt les'. j 
n .icres witliiii one year, .mil fvirllu-r ili'.ir .md , 
iu>t less than ten acns in all within threi' jears. 
le actii.ill>- .iikI ciintiiuioiisly mi sikIi land for ' 
us, necesNiry aljseiue I Niei'ted. | 

.\et of \><i'X. .1 ur.iiit of one l.uiulred .uies c^t 
I he fiiii-hru-ii lor $-'i.i 1..1-I1. or $ ;■ > in three 
iisl,ilineiits, all to be expended in m.ikin;; roads ; 
the settlement ; but tlu' new Aet is in --till better \ 
.Several hundred thous.ind acres weie, however. , 
for and --ettledimder the old .Act, and under the 
i.;e tr.icts are settled by iiiiniit'.r.iiUs, elrell\' 
.md .Scoteh. 

flairs of the Province are ndiuiiiistereil by a Men- 
uvernor aided by an I'.xeiu'.ive Council ol nine 
, .1 Lonisiative Council of eighteen members ap- 
fur life, .md ,1 House of Assembly of forty-one 
t.itive^', elected every four years. The jiidiLial 
lent coMi|Mises a Supreme (.'onrt, with a chief .md 
^ni- iud^i-s li.ivint; law .md eipiity jurisdiction ; 
M.irn.e^'t ,in.l llivorce, ,1 \'iir-.\daiir.ilt\' Court, I 
i.unl\- C'lurt fur e.uh lounty in the rri'\iiiec [ 
Ihuii^uiek v\,is lir^l settled bj- the {'"rei'ih in |i.!i,). 
lued to form part .f Nov.i .Sc itia until in \-f.\ 
ent limil.- i>f New iirun^wick were divided from 
L'liti.i and erected into ,1 sep.irate I'rnvince by a 
:onstitutional ch.irler. Wli'ii the L'nited Si.iies 
led their inde|iendeni( . .1 cn^ider.d'le numb -r nf 
Liyalists, about liM- ihi'U-md ptr-.'in- ■ in j;iMted 
to New Hrunswick. where they were supplied 
id, prciviaioiis, tooU .md cNitliin^ by the l'riti>h 
lent. These loy,di-ts in.iy be !ool-;e<l upon .i-. tin- 
s of New Hrunswick, .md theu- de-u'iuLoits ii,.w 
C.Mlsiderable p.irt tif tin populatiiMi. 
ir^ed and belie\ed this I'roviiue is ]ieeuli,irly 
al to ]'aiylish, .Scotch .md iniini- 
thc climate is no more ^iverc in wintir ih.iii 
imJ the soil is better. Hut more, the l.'.e lA 
id ;;ood :;..vernment inherent in them ni dv s. in 
ence. the l.iws .Hid p' iii^tituli.'ii- .'1 this 
suit them better than those ..I'.i republic 
Maritime Provinces at'l'md .1 liiie lield t.i .in;..;'eis. 
art of the World, e.vceptint;. peril. ips, the >i ii^niory 
;an. in the Province of ijuibec, .ire then- lirnr 
)r trout or s.ilnion th.iii of N. w Hriin-uick. 
he wluile. to the l.iborin.L; man who loves ,1 life 
.try of liberty, indeprndeiue, .iml roii^lt plenty; 
lie t.i\-:4,ithi ler s visits ,ii-c, Hke anj;els', feu and ■ 
een . where he cm worshi]) (iod .is he |)lease> ' 
.•re the nuans .ire not wanlin;; ; where there is no 
led Cliur<.h, but .ill ihriv. side by side on eiju,!! 
nd all respectably Mippoitui by wlllinj; lonlii-^ 
: where the -ehools are frer .liike to .ill . wlun to 
words ••\.ition .md want " convey no, 
'ro\uicc offers a most desirable home, 
liief cities and towns of New lirunswitk ,ire St j 
ith I'oitland .ind Carleton as its suburbs, l-"re- j 

. ^t. Stephen, St. Andrew's, Chatham, Wood-' 

■ ■ 1 

.lekville, Newc.istie ,ind Moncfon. I 


eillN, the commercial melropoiis «. f the Pro-, 
nd fourth latjrest city in the Uominion is situat- 
e nioutli of the noble River St. John, ■ iX) miles ' 
s .source, jiaiidi and counly of St. J ilm. It [ 
> a very cunimandinf; po.silion, and w hen ap- ' 
il from tl;e Hay of l'"undy presents an imposing 
nee. 'I'he whole of the elevated portion of the 
si-ts ...f s... i.I i...:'k u f(;r ihc jiurpose ol" foriii- 

iiii; toler.tblc streets has had to be cut down at an in- 
credible expense. 

St John is tl'c <•;///</!)/ uf .1 wide c-Vlcnt of cmmtry, 
abuundint; in a^ resources, mineruN, and v.'i'iia> 
ble timber Its .idmir.ible sitii.ition ,it the niouili of one 
of the kir^est rivers in .North .\iiieric i.with .ili.iibor opi n 
all the round, with re;;ular ste.ini comnmnie.iti m 
uitli .ill the m.iin polls of Nov.i Scoti.i an.l the northern 
portion ol the liiiiril st.ites, with l'irsl-clas« railways run- 
niin; from it in every ilirectioii, with extensive maritime 
and iii.inul.icturin;^ interests, insures the certainty of it.* 
beeomiiij; a city of ll»' jjre.itest coiiimen iai import, nice. 

In I.S~t (by the (• report publishedl the imports 
were .fS,! i.S,75.S, .Old tin imports $4,107,550; and the 
l^overnment statistiis |S;.} (the most priesperous in its hiitory) showed .111 unparalleled increase— 
the customs .I'llies for \ e.xeeediiio lliosu of 1.S73 
by ne.iil) .'5 per cent. 

rile position of its h.iibor, and its entire freed im (run 
obstruction by ice —the only h.irbor in America, north of 
(.'.ipe ll,itler,i , whieh d/uiiys preserves this immunit)' — 
owiii^; to the tide I, ills of the H.iy of I'lmdy, winch v.iry 
between twenty-one and twenty-live feet, t,'ives it yreat 
.1 l\.int.i;;es over all other ports in the Dominion, and 
ten. Is lar^^ely to its importance. Us f.ieilities 
for ship buildllit; .ire very extensive. A l.irjje tr.ide is 
ca.rieil on in this br,incli ; ,ilso m its principal 
article of export -lumber llie kilter includes llu ship- 
ment of dcils to linj; pine timber to the United 
St.ites, and sliooks to the West Indies, Numerous mills 
and m.inukictories surround the h.irbor, which is ,iimost 
at ,ill times covered with shippin;.,'. 

The entr.inee of the- River. S' John into \\\r h.irbor, 
about 1 '.. miles .ib.ive the iit\', is^ha rocky ;;or^e. 
Mil y, lids wi<le and .(Ol >■ lids loii^, occ.isionin^; very rc- 
mark.ible f.ills. At low water, the waters of the river 
,ue .ibout twelve (eet higher tli.iii those of the harbor , at 
liiLih w.iter the waters 1 I the li.irb ir .ire live feet hiolier 
th.m tliosi- .if the' ri\er , lieiue the phenomena of .1 f.ill 
..M'u,iriis ,iiul inw.irds at everj'tide. .\bovi; ilie kills the 
tiile seldom rises more four feet. U'lien the u.iters 
f\ the h.irbor and river are on .1 level, vessels cm pass the 
kills, ,ind this cm be effected only duriiij,' a pirioil of fif- 
teen or twenty minutes at each ebb .iii.l llow of the tide. 
.\t times of s; (Veslu-ls, occisioned !')• the sudden 
iiieUiii;.^ of the snow, the tides ilo not risr to the level of 
tile 11'. er, ,md conseipiently It is not possible for vesseh 
to Is, end the f.ilk The depth of the fall is .ibmt 17 feet. 
.Sp,i:inin^ the locky t;or^e .iboiit loo feet ,ibove low water, 
is ,1 iii.i^nificeiit suspension bridj;e 6.^0 feet in lenjjtli, I1S2 
feet shorter th.iii the brii!_i;e ,it NkiLjai.i, .\ fine view of 
portions of the cil\' .md surrounding distnet is to be had 
from the biidt;e, ,is also of the rusjiin].; w. iters inmiedialely 
bene.ith it, which at times present .1 splendid scene. 

.St. John has the lar^^'est and Imest rollin^i and iron- 
mills — the Coldbrook Iron-works .md Rolling-mills — in 
the I ).,iiiinion, .mil m,iiuif.ictories oi iron c.istin^s, steam- 
iii);mes. m uliineiy, ed^e-tooK, nails, cotton and woollen 
i^oods, boots ,iiul shoes, leather, woixlen ware, soap anil 
cmdles. c.irri.ij^es, locomotives, af^iicuUiiral implements, 
lumber, paper, siijjar-boxes, etc. Its most important 
br.mch of industry, however, is ship buildini,;. 

The streets of .St. John .ire wide and chielly kiid out at 
ri;;ht ailjiles. King and Prince Willi, oil Streets ,irc the thoroii|.;li!ares. On the western side oi the 
h.irbor is ( .irleton, a thickly setthd district and part of 
the city ; ,ind joined to the city but not incorpor.itcd 
thereto I's the populous suburb of Poitlaiid. The city is 
lighted with ,:,'.is, and has an excellent lire hrig.ide and 
unsurp.issed w.iter su|iply. There are six banks in the 
city: of M, of New Brunswick, Hank 
of Hritisli North .America, .Maritime H.iiik, Hank of .Nova 
Scoti.i, and a saviiij^s 

St. John bo.ists of luimeious li.mdsonie public huild- 
injjs, stores and private residences. Anions the l..rmer 
may be noticed the churches. especiall>- the Cathedral of 
the Imiuaeulate Concption, banks, IJiuuinioii bjiMiii", 


III ■111 lllr l.lti- 111livil>.tl lOlllllU lii.ll ilcprct!! 
Will IIMlliiulltrilly .is-.llt llrl- nlll-tillll' Hlllinil 


I''ui;|i|;ku ton, a •-inall hut lnMiilifiil city 
of Vork, is the (if lliL' rriivimc, ami 
situated (III a liA'L'l iiKiiii, im tlir lift bank 

tiiiut iiiHiM'. ^jaol, lit'. Iu)-^|iil,il, iii.uiiiL' iiDsiiilal, luuati* 
asylum, ami pust .iHicc. 

St. lo'iii, ill ;.oint nf ri'^istcii'il sliiiipiiii;, stamis (irst in 
rank of all cities in the l)oiiiiiiiii!i nf Canada, and luuttli 
in rank of till in the Hiiiis/i l:iii/'irc, a f.ict worth hoaslii^ 
of, .lad which ilicitcil nuicli discussion when, a few yens 
since, the ll^iires were fust coiii|i.iriil .iml puiilislied li>' 
John lioyd, loll , of St. John, i:i his since cclehr.itcd Ice- ! St. John, ei;.;lit>-|our miles from the |!,i 
ture, " rile)- til, it 140 down to the se.i." | The city is well and re^ukirly l,iid out ; il 

( Ml Ueceniber jllst, I.S73, tile tonna^je of St. John was wide ,iiul airy, crossing; each ollur .it 
8ii(i vesseln, nieasurint,' .'.J7,JJ3 tons, and on Decenilnr , Queen is the chief business street, ami mi i 
J 1st, i.S;.^, ,Si)8 vessels, me.isiirin^; .;(i 5.410 tons. In the • most of the public dip.irtments, l.iw ollices, 
whole Ihitish ICmpire, the list stood thus (this beiiij; the etc. At the- cist end were the rrnvince bui 
lale■^t d.ite for which statistics are at li,ind; ; ■ ilie l'ioviiici,il l.e^;i>l,ilure held its sitlin^js ; 

l.iMi|."iil l,ili,'.':ij i.'iiii. 

I.tmai'ii l,n;ii''.'.t."l7 " 

(iln"d"W •llt..'isl " 

St. J •hit -.'r,;!, 110 " 

Ranking' her the j'oiiilli port of the Mmpirc, Simderl.ind 

beiii^ the only other rcj;isterin;4 over Juo,ooo tons. 

This loiin,ii;o represents a c.i|iit,il of more tli.m 
$1 J.i HHi.ii iti, or about ,'|i-\w for ever)' iiiliibitant, {; 
and siii.ill, ill the city ,ind county of St. John I 

As ,in evidence of its lumber export tr.ule, we may ' 
mention one 111,111 .ilonc '.Me.v (iib^oii, of \.i-lnv.i.ik\ 
in lS"5, shipped to llrit.iiii and and 
Afric.iii ports l.i(M,xx),(X)0 I'ect of luiiib.r. emplojin^t 212 
vessc Is, of a c.ip. icily of 170,000 tons, while for the four 
se.isons l.isl the tot. lis foot \\\) to over 43 
of feet His oper.itions in the woodd durin;^ the winter 
se.ison I iiiplny hm r I, .300 horses and 3,000 men. 

W illi re-pevl tn the .i/ji- of the vessels coniposinj; this 
f;rand lleet, «i 111. i> iiunlhui .St. John ei^ht times 
as ni.iii)' filll-ri^!.;ed ships .is llu' port of I l.ilil'.ix, and 
more full rit;i;ed ships, bolli in toiin.i^e .ind number, tli.m 
the whole l'ro\iiice ol N'o\m .Scoti.i. .St. John live 
times .!■; in.iiiv lull-ii;^L;i.'d ships .is the port ol IJuebec, 
and four times ,is in,iii\' ,is the whole l'ro\iiice of (Juebec. 
St. John three times as many b.iripies .is the port of 
Ouelnc. .iiul lu-.irly three times as many .is the whole 
rriAince of (Juebec. While St. John, ilien fore, st.uids 
f,ir .iliead of .ill other I'.iii.idiaii ]iorts in point of toiin.i;.;e, 
its superiority over tluiii ,ill Ikcoiius ;_;re,iter the more it 
i.s e.s.imiiieil, I'or the bulk of the toniLi^je ot St. John is 
of the lar^e and expensive class of vessels eii;;,i;;ed in 
foreign voyaj^es ; 90 ships, 1^7 baripies and|uentines, 
J!, brij;s ami biiti.intiiics, and over loo scluioiiers. belong 
to this cl.iss, ,111(1 there m\- no liiur vessels , on the 
se.i. built of 'Ad.ul. copper .ind iron, tli.iii the^er cr.ift 
that li.iil from the port of .St. John. In this resiiect, St. 
John is the tiisi port in .Americi, as it is the fourth in the 
whole Hritish baniiire. We li.ive yet to le.irii the n.ime 
of .my other port on this continent has as lar^e a 
fleet of clipper ships and banpies on the sea as St. John. 
This is cert.iiill)' soiiielllin;^ for t'.iilid.l to be (iro'.ld <if. 

rile r.ulw.iy sjslem of New liruiiswick centres here, 
and, lookini^ .it the^es which .St. 
John possesses, especi.illy its free open .it all 
se.isons of the year, .md its uiisurp.issed f.icilities for 
manufacturiiiL; purposes, it bids f.iir to become, since 

Court .ilsi) met there. These h.ivinj,' L 
burnt, new ones .ire .ibout to be erected I.eyisl.iture. At the west end st.irih 
nicnt house, ;, fine stone structure, with n 
to be.iuty, yet possessinj; .1 
modation as the residence of the Lieiiten, 
l)n the ni 'h side of (Jiieen street are tlu 
,ind city hall, two lart;e brick buildin^js, i 
r.icks, a stone structure, capible of aecoi 
njdnunt of inf.intiy. On \'ork street is 
dipot of the I''redericton U.iilv..i>-, .md the 
ami on Westniorel.ind street is the l^xhibitii 
handsome woockii structure, covering lie, 11 
ground. Ill re,ir of the cil>', on ,1 hill, st.i 
versiiy, ;i lar^e, stone buililiu^. 
(lowed, a ^'ood'f of prol'essors, and 
le.irnin^ is in lii^^li sl.indin^' in the I'rovinci. 
ei^;lit churches in the cit\ — l^piscop.d, Roi 
Church of .Scotl.ind, rrcsbyteri,in, Methodisl 
I'lee-Will liaptist. Christ Chinch Cathei 
stone edilice, and a jjood specimen ol' cluircl 
It was built after desifjns by the Kite .Mr. W 
exact model of his work, iMirist Church 
Montre.d. The see house of the Lord I! 
dericton is sitii.ited .ilniost opiiosiio. I'he si 
I'Vcdericton is very pleasinij ; .1 line view ni 
ed from the I'niversity building of tjie ri\ 
cent couniiy. I lie .St. John River is ii.ivii; 
John to this cit_\- for l.irije sle.imers and ollii 
ilurin;.,' hii;li w.iler ste.iniers proceed t 
Tobicpie. .md Ciraiid l'',ills. 

Fredericton is becomini; a coiisider.ili 
10,000 tons of sliippin;^ now .innu.illy 
cle.irinj; for forei,i;n p.irts. It is .ilmost C( 
shipping tr.ule with forei^'ii countries nui- 
increaie, as it is f.ivor.ibly situ.ited for cer 
vessels; but it needs better wharf .icconi 
some improvements in the bed of the .St.Ji 
Oroniocto, where the slio.ds ,ire troublesoii 

Opposite the city is the pretty town 
terminus of the .New Uruiiswick Railw.iy, 1 
to Kdmondton, .md in contempl.itioii to Ri 
r.ower down is the Ricer Nashw.i.ik. ,1 
which is the extensive lumbering establish 
ander liibson, one of the wi.'althiest and iiio 

completion of the great R.iilw.iy, which : „H-rcliants in the Dominion, and the " lu 

connects it with Nova .Scoti.i .ind the (iulf of St. l..iw- 
fence, the chief seaport city in the I )oiiiiiiion. 

The popul.itioii of .St. John, incluiliiit; C.irleton ,iiid 
roilland. in 1 ■'';7 1 (l.itest ollicial census , 41,5.';. 

This is .St. John iirevious to Jotli June, 1S77. On th,it 
d.iy (■lie of the most destructive conll.ij^ralions that 
ever occurred visited this f.iir city, ami swept aw.i_\' the business centre, iiicludin;,; .ill the public buildines 
and the most costly edifices. \\\ Mre.i of 200 .icres, 01 the b.inks of the River .St. Croix. It is 
twolilths of the entire city, was swept ; l,()|j and thesouth-wcsteni terminus of ,;he St. 
houses weie destroyed. I ;,,ooo people rendered homeless, of the New H.u iswick and Canada KaiUci 
ailkl $J7.0OO,ooo worth of pro|)erty consumed in the short 
space of nine hours. .Since then, however, the city 
been \ery r.ipidly rebuilt, its people exhibiting an .imouiit 
of eneiy.y .md enterprise under the sorest of tri.ils. whii h ,.oiiiiiiended them to the .ulmir.ition of the whole 
ivoild'. .iiul with the unveiling; of the cmintr}' ,it lar^;e 

New Hrimswick. l-redericton is the chit 
the I'Vcdericton and the New lirunswick 
former connects with the .St. John and .M 
1'". and N. .\ I Railw.i)- .il I'rederictoii Jun 
latter is in course of C(Uistriiction lo Ri\iei 
Population ill l.'^^l, 'loeii ; now, about i 
St. Si I.IIIKN. — A thrivin;.; town in tlu 
s.iiiie name. count>' of Ch.irlolte, 

bridge connects .St. .Ste|ilien with C.d.iis, .1 
in the St.ite of Maine, from whence it i; 
g.i.s. The prospects of the town ,ire hi;_;li 
.Mercli.ints here li.ive stores ,il .i in I'.il.iis, 
.111 exteiisivi' business, lle.r.y lumbering 
c.uiied on ill b <\\ towns, I'liere .110 live 



i(loiil)ti(lly .isscrt lur oliltiiiic siipri 

r l.iti' iiiiivtr^.il Ldiiiiiii i\ (lipii.'.iuii, St. Joliii Sti'iiliLii, several schools, iiml ,i iiuiiil)' r nf li.iinUoiiic 


I'opul.ition in 1871, fi.jlj ; iHKo (estiiii;iU(ii. Scvio. 
(.11 Mil W! A iK'.iiilifiil town on tlic ri^lit b.mU <>( the 
.l'i;l;ii KpN, a small but luMiilirulcily in the county Miianiichi Kiver, county of Northumlierland. It is the 
rk, is the capital of the I'rovinic, ami is ])leasantly lart;est anil one of the most thrivin;; towns on the north 
(I on a level plain, on tlw left hank of llu' Kiver shore. Millions of feet of lumber ami lar^e quantities 
ilin, ei:.;ht>'-(niM- miles from till' \lty of I'limly. of li-,li, especially salmon, are anmially exported from 
ity is well anil reijularly laiil out ; its streets are here. Chatham is a port of entry, is lit with t;as, has a 
.Mill airy, crossing eaih other .it rinlit ant;li-s. number of stc.iiii mills ami foiinthies, ami po.ssesscs 
1 I-. the chief business street, ,iml on it are situateil , h.imlsome buililiiiHs, a Catholic cathc- 
of the public ill partments, l.iw ..llic s, b.inks, hotels. , ilral, hospital ami colll■^;e, four churches, etc. Si.x miles 
\t the end were the Province buildings, where I above the town is Newcastle, the shire town of the 
( I,ev;isl,iture held its sillin:.^s; the .Supreme | county, ami .t principal station of the Intercolonial K.iil- 

also met there. These li.ivin^' been recently j way. y\ hr.mcli railway has been built between the two 
, new ones .ire about to be erected by the Pro- | towns. During; the se.ison of n,ivij;,ition the steamers of 
1 l.enisl.iture. At the west end stands the (iovern- : the (Juebcc and Gulf Torts .Steanisliip Company call 
house, , fine stone structure, with no pretensions , here Weekly. 

.hilectural be.iuty, yet possessing; .imple accom- 1 I'opul.ition, I «; I, 4-'o^ ; l8«0 (estimated,, 5,500. 
tion as the re>idence of the Lieulenanttlovernor. I ST. Andki-.Ws.— A prettily silu.ited town at the mouth 
lem.'h side of (Jueen street .ire the cnurtdiouse j of the .St Croi.s River. It is the shire town of tlie county, i.s 
ity hall, two lar^e brick buildin^js, and the bar- j ;i port of entry, a uond harbor, and iV.-m the he.dth- 

a stone structure, capable of accommodating; a 1 fulness of its situ.itiou and the be.iuty of its scenery, 
ent of inf.mtry. On York street is situated the "ff^T"* '"'iny attractions to the tourist ami ple.isure- 
of the I'ledericton K,iilv.,iy, .ind the sk.itin^; rink, -i^^iker. The prospects of the town were at one time 
n Westmoreland street is the i'.xhibition building, a '"iu'ily cncour,i-in-, the harbor bcin;; almost .ilway» 
ome wooden .structure, covering; ne.irly .111 acre of covered with shipping;, and a very larjje tr.ide done ; but 
id. In rear of the cil\-. on a hill, st.mds the L'ni- ' of Lite year.'i it has lost considerable b>- the withdr.iwal 
y. .1 lart;e, substantial, stone buildiiii;. It is well en- of the Reciprocity treaty and the eiu p^y of its St. 
l1, a t;ood st.ilV of professors, and as a of Steplun. The continuation of tlu- Ww Ihiinswicli ,ind 
n^; is in hii^h standing; in the I'rovince, There are : R.iilw.ij-, the first line built in the I'l-ovince, and 
cliurclu s in the cil> —, Roman (J.itholic, ilie of which .ire Incited here, to Rivi're du 

ill of Scot!, ind, I'resb) teri.iii. M.llmdist, H.iptist.aml 
Will liaptist. Christ t luinli is a fine 

edifice, and a ^ood sprciiiuii nl church .ircliilecture. 
s built .liter de>if;ns by the l.ile .Mr. Wills, .iiid is an 

model of his last work, l^hrist idiuicli C.ithedral at The see house of the Lord liishop of I're- 
ton is sitii.ited .ilmost opposite. The scener>' around 

I.oup, would bo of ^' benefit to this town, and m.ike 
it one of the ports in the .Maritime rro\iiices. 

I'opul.ition, -• 'i''l. 

WiMilisH i(.K.— An incoriior.itid town in the of 
Woodstock, county of Cirletoii, situated on 
the b.mks of the be.iutiful ki\ir St. John, in the centre 
of a fertile and thriviii;^ .i^' district. It is the 
shire town of the count)', .md the nortlu rn tii iiiinus of the 

uul Canada 

■nctnii is very pleasint; ; .1 line \ lew 111, ly be obtain- 
in the L'lilversity buildim; nf the livcr .uul adj.i- . Woodstock br.mch of the New Hrunswick 

..duntry. The St. Jnhn River is n.ivi<,'able tiom St. | K-iilw,iy. 
to this city for l.iri;e sle.iniers and other vessels, .uul ; [t now direct conimunic.ilioii b\- two ililt'ereiit lines 

lii;.;h water ste.imers proceeil to Woodstock, 
ijue, and Grand F.ills. 

edericton is becomin;.; .1 consider, ible port, over 
O tons of shippiiv^' imw .uinu.illy entering; and 
in^ for foreign p.irts. It is .ilmost certain that its 
)in" tr.ide with foreii;n countries must continue to 

of r.iilw.ij-— one recently conii)leted--with Fredericton 
and St. John. Considerable lumbering operations are 
yearly c.irricd on in Woodstock, .uul .m iron mine dis- 
covered a (<.w years aj;o has been worked most success- 
fully. Population, lS;i. 3.9CJ ; iSSo (estimated). 5.0OO. 
Nl'.wi Asi I i;.^A prettil)situated town on the left bank 
aic, as it is f.iv,ir.ibly situ.ited for certain cl.isses ol of the Miraniichi River, tliirt)' miles from the Gulf of St. 
s; but it needs better wharf .icconiniod.iiion ,ind ' L.iwrence. It is the shire town of the county, and one of 
improvements in the bed of the St.Jnhii River above the most import, int pl.ices on the North shore. A^e 
nocto, where the sho.ils are troublesome in summer, j ainouiit of ship-building, f.icilities for which are uiisur- 
lositc the city is the pret;>- town of (libson, the p.issed, is c.irried on here, ,uid a very extensive trade 

iiuis of the New Hrunswick KaiUv.iy. now complete 

dmomlton, and in coiitempl.ilion to Riviiie du Loup- 

er down is the River Nashwa.ik, a few miles up 

h is the e.\tensi\e lumbering establishment of Alex- 

(obson, one of the wealthiest and most enterprising 

1. lilts in the Dominion, and the " lumber king" ol 

Hrunswick. I'reilericton is the chief terminus of 

•Veilericlon and the New Hrunswick r.iilwaj's. The 

done in lumber and fish. The Miraniichi, which is 
n.ivigable to this point for vessels of the l.irgest class, 
and for miles further up for smaller craft, is noted for 
its rich lisheries. Large cpiantities of saUnon, herring, 
bass, .uul iii.ickercl are .uinu.illy t.ikeii from its waters, 
and exported from here and Cluithani. A good business 
is also done in o) sters, .urd in preserved salmon and 
lobsters. Newe.istl- is one of the st.itions of 
er connects with the .St. John .uul M.iiue (^lornicrly the Intercolonial Railway ; is ,1 port at eiitr>- ; is well 
ml N. A.I Railw.iy .it I'redericton Junction, and the lighted with; aiul iluring n.ivig.ition the North .Shore 
r is in course of consti iiction to Riviere tlu Loup. ' and Gulf I'ort steamers call here regukirly. 
ipulatioii ill l.'^,-!. On, o , now, about S.cXK"). Hopulation, |,S,- 1, ;,i;,'v4 ; i,*<So estimated), 4. ;oo. 

SlKl'lUiN. — i\ thriving town in the p.uisli of the | S.\CK\ ll.l !■;. — .V rising \ill.ige in the parish of the same 
L- name, couiitv of Cli.irlotte, plcasantl)- silu.ited on name, count)' of Westmorel.iiul. It is pleasanti)' situat- 
b.uiks of the Ri\ei .St. Croi.x. It is a i)orl of entry, I ed at the head of the Hay of Fundy, possesses a good 
the soutli-uestern terniinusofihe St. .Stephen branch harbor and e.Ncellent facilities for ship-building, a num- 
le New lv, u iswick .uul Cin.ada Railw.ij'. .\ covered her of pntty buildings, eight churches, two hotels. .i 
ge eonneels .St. .Stephen with Cilais, a be.iutifid town \ t.iniiery, nulls, ami a foundry turning out 
10 State of M.iiiie, from whence it is supplieil with ' jOcm stove-^ per annum. The .Mount Allison Wesle\'an 
The prospects of the town .ire highly encour.iging. college and academies are situated here.' These are 
ch.iuts here h.ive stores .il-.i in Cal.iis, where they do under the control of a bo.ird of trustees and governors 
.Meiisive business. 1 le.ivy lumbering operations are appointed b\- the Conferenci- of e.isteni liritisli 
led nil in !) ,r!i inwiis. I'liere .ire five churches in St. ' Anuric.i, but are cniulucted on eniirely non-sect, r i, in 


In i\llMi i\ ' M (AN \l' 

priiui|iU"« I III' iii.iK' .u.uKiM) «.it l.uitiliil liy Mi 
CImiIim l'". Alliii'it, of S.ii'kvilli'. »li" li.;* .lit" .liiK.I in 
till- Hulxrii'iontly iTCitfil iii-.titiili>>iH li>' v;i'ikm.>im (jill^ 
iiiiil ilcviM'*. Sackvillc «ill In' llu' 'uitlit o( tlu' imoihi'.i'iI 
ll.iii' W'lti' 
riipiil.iiiuii, iS;i, ) ;'''i : iSSii ittini.ilril , 5,J0i.>. 


N'nv.i Scnti.l i<iri;;iiMlIy NiMili.ii lii'H lii'lwi'oil .\y .'} 

ninl t; \. l.ititu.K', .iiiil lioHvii-ii j.) 40' .uvl 6'/ 25' \V. 
liHv^iiii'lc. It ci>n-i-t'' i>f ,1 Urn.;, 11.11 row ]>iiiiiniil.i i-.illi-il 
Ni'V.i Scoti.i ])io|>ir. aii'l tih' I-.l.iiiil nrCipo lirriiui, wliuli 
is si' iVi'iii till' 111 iMil iiiil liy tlio Str.iil .if I'.i't'in. 
It i> b.iiiM'li'cl N. |py Nmtluimlii il.iml Slr.iit (wliu-li 
M|>,ir,iti< it riiiiii I'liiko IvIh.ihI I'l.iivP .mil liy tlu' (iiilf 
111' St. I.-iwiciKi ; N I'.. .S, .nil! .^. !•;. In- tlu- Atl.iiilii- 
Ojoan ; W. liy tJK' II. ly nf |'';iii.l>' . .uiil N by Ni'w lliuii-. 
wii'k. n'itli «liicli it i-i iititiicLliil li>' .ill i-ljiiiui- oiilj'cifviii 
niilc-i uiiK', ivii ir.itiii;.; tlif 11. ly "I' l-'iiiuly fiiitii N'mlliiiiii- 
Ik-i1.iiii1 .-^tr-iit. tiriMli>t l.-ii;4tli Iimiii S W tn N. K . ;,;o 
iiiilc-i ; t;it.ili .1 lirtMiltli. .iliniit 1 .m iiiilc-i ; arc.i, 2\.'U 
»(|ii.irc iiiilo'* ; ii| to 1 v^.S.'.oo; ,u.ri >. 

rilc I'lMiiitn- i< iKMiitifiil'y v.uii-,.;.ite'il li\' r.iii^r- mI" l,>l'ty 
liills aiul broul v.illcys. both of wliioli iiiii l(iii;;ilihliii.illy 
tliroii^'li tlio I'roviiKC. Its .\tl.iiiti'- fr. iitii-r, for I'lvi' 'oti n 
niik's colli] 11 xi'il illirlly nf.i puor >oil,tlloii^;li rich 
ill Ljolil .iiiil oilier lllilu■r.l!^. The Cohciiiiiil r.iii;;i' of movni- 
tains. ,is tlu'>- arc cilKJ, run tliroii,'h the interior ol tlu- 
rroviiici-. Tin- Miir.niil- of .1 feu o| tlu- luouiits 
of this r.ini,'i- .iscnul 1 Ic-ei, .iiul .in- ciltiv.iblL' iic.iily 
to llu'ir tops, (ill i-.uli -icU- of tllL-si- iii.piuit.iins .n\- two 
i-xtriisivi- r.iiv.;i.'s of rich ar.ilile laiuls, uluri- .ij,'i 
o|iiratioiis .ire carrii-tl on i'vti-ii-'ivi-l>- .iiul with profit. The 
tr.iveller tlnoii.L^h these will tliri\in;4 villa^jes, well- 
stockeil iiriiis, ,in,l .ill the e\iileiices of plent>-. .is well as 
some ch.iriiiini; instances of refiiu-il l.i^te .ind culture. 

The >ti-e,inis. to.i. with which the Province is lieaiili- 
fully WiitereJ, aboiuul witii brook trout, which is found 
ill every lake and stre.ini, .ml in s.iiiu; instaiie s ~.iliiioii 
too. of cscelleilt •pi.ilily 

The whole se.i-cuast .ib.juiiil-- with lish of various di-- 
scriptioiis .IS well within the M.iy of l-'uiidy .is the Ciulf 
I'f .-St. I. iwreiice and 1 iut of ( .ui^o ; the iKIu-ries 
beiii;4 tlio..e for c.hI, h.ull.icl;. li.ike. pollock, iii.ickerel. 
anil herrinos. .mil are e\ten-ively lu-oseculed by tlu- in- 
habit. int> as well r>r home use as for e.Np.ortatioii. 

The clini.iti. of Nov.i Scotia is both he.iltliful ,ind 
agreeable as the r.ibu-t looks, st.ilw.irt iV.inie^, .md l.iri;e 
families of its inh.ibitints .ibuiid intl>- te^tifj- Its litne^s 
for .r^ncu'tiire 111. ly be judged of by it~ >t.iple products 
which .ire precisely tlioM- I if the Hrili-h N!rs, with the 
adtlitioii of indi.m corn. 

.\o i..iuntry in the uoild produce-, better crops of po- 
t.itoes. turnips, an I;cl wui/el. .111. 1^e ipi.iiililie-- 
of the r.rnier ,is well a^ beef .iiid '.tiler producl^ .irr .lU- 
nu li'.y . xporti.l ti. the I'liitiil .~st.ite- 

.\pp'e-.>, pliiui^, cle rrie- .111 1 .tlier ;^ ink 11 fruits 
att.iiu the utiiii-,t pi;rt'e^tiou In ^ mie --.ectiijiis ..f the 
countr)- peache-j and :4r.ipe^ npi n in the air. The 
apple orchards of .\nii,ip<)li^ .uul Kiii;.,''> coiintie-. .ue- very 
produetive. .Hid e.xtelld .iloii.; the r.j.ulsides in .111 uii- 
broki n line f. ir lil'tj- mile^ 

111. elim.ile v.irie^ C'Mi-iiKr.ibly ill the ilillerent c.iui- 
tie- 'Mr ue--tern counties .iser.ii^i: from -i\ t.. ei;.;lit de- 
i^ree-. w.iniier til. ill llie i. lutein In .Xnn.ip.ili-. county, lor 
in-t.mce. the mercury in the Lolde-.t winters rarely f.ilU 
bel.iW zero i he coldest -.eason i.-. from the w-eck in 
')eceniber until the fir-'t week ill .March. The sprincjs are 
teiliou-, the Miiiinu r Imn;^ f.r .1 bri.f se.i^on exces- 
sive ; ve^et.iti.iu i:i ^uv^iil.irly r,i|ii.l. ,uid the .lutumn is 

l-'oc;s .ire fre.punt in summer on the shores of the li.iy | 
of I-"uiitly, but e.\tend a --hort dist.ince only into the in- 
terior, .iiul where ;lie air in juiuiner i^ much \i.iriii t tliiU 
on the coa.-.t. ' 

I |-'i-\er .111.1 .i^iie, tin-, cjr-i-ol .oiiie ■ 
I wi'sti-ui St.itis, .iri' unknown, .111. 1 tluie 1 
I ili-'i-.i-.e, e| idemic or otherwi-' i.iit i l.iir 

,ls it'< I1011U-, 
I Tlu* s,.utli-i,i-leril i'o,i-.t of Nov. I Sc'li.i 
, f..r the number ol it-, i.ip.ui.'ii- ll.ulioi-. t 
I fewer than Iwilvi- portn c.ip.iblv of ricii\iii 
I line .in.l lotnteiii of ~iillii ieiil iU-)illi |..r 
I betwi 1 11 I l.ilil'.is .Old ( .ip.- 1 .111 ■■'. .1 ill -l.iiu 
ill. in 1 1.1 miles. riliir ,iri- aU.i si.iiu e.Nu 
..ii tlu-r<oiith-w.-st co.i-t .itid on the it.irth -.i. 
viiici-. Tlu- i'l.iii.l of f.ipe Mr. 1. Ill 1- ^icoii.l 
.Voli.i plop, r HI the iiuiiibir .nut c.ip.icily . 
riie Hi;.; Ill, is. It Ir i^ one (;r,tn.l li.iib.i. wlii .111.1 111 til.' .-^tr.iit of Ciii'O tlu'ic , 

No\,l .s<Cotl.i is bi-anlifiill)' ilivei.ilieil \v 
l.ike-, coNeiiil.; all an.l i-.lini.itid .it !,iKH) 
The l.ikis.if C ip.' Hi.l'.ii .ire iiuuli; Ml. p ..f tlle-.e, Ii..we\ 
se.i-, r.ilhii tli.iii I. do - Till' lireat d 
ilia^^nific. lit evp.iii'i- of w. Iter, of .;ri,it dep' 
miles ill l.'ii.;lli. .111.1 .lb, I in.liii,,' with tin- b 
fi li. I If ihe iiv. Is iif N.n.i .s,,,ti.i. hit, , 11 111 
mtiberl.iii.l .^lr.ut, four into .S|. ( leor-. • H 
inliithc .\tl.inlii, ,111.1 ti^eiity-f.uir int." tlu' I 
The iiM-t iiiipoit.iiit .ire tin- .' 
,illd tlu- .\llil.ipolis, llowiil^; iiit'i the li,i>' ol 
.-^t>-'s, Mii-ipi.'dobiit, 1. 1 Hue, .111.1 I.I 
ill,; into tlu- .\ll,llltk .\'l llie r.\. rs .11.' wi' 
tioils. ii.i\i,;.il)lc' lor lo.islm:^ \i.s-.i'ls forilisl. 
iVi.iii luo lo twenty mile-. 

The rrminceof .N.iv.i .Sc.'li.i is rich in 
s.iiirces, .ill the rocks from tlu- cry-.t,illiiie ^ 
the new >.lll.Utolle M-ries beill;.; here met \ 
i-tlimu-. connecting tlu' pi,'iiiii--iil,i w illi N.- 
the iiii.lerlyiiv.; rock-- consist of i^iej-. red .111. 
sandstones of the c.iiil.iiiiin.i; 
>eams of ooiid bitiiniiiioiis, iiian>' of 
sufficient ni.i:,;nitiide to be profit. ibly woikei 
.ibuttiil.; on till' se,i-io.i-t .it 111.' S.iutli j.., 
til.' iiM-l be.iutiful pr..lili'-- of tlu, uilhcuriou-. l..s-.iU, both ofve^et.ibl 
ori'.;iii, t' i- eU. where f.Miild, iiioie .1 
I'ictou (J..U11I)' .111.1 on the isl.iiul of 1 ,ip I 
,ind \',ilu.ibL- mines have .lUo been lei.ii 
SpiiiiL; Hill, .iiul .1 n.ilw.iy built to loiir 
with llie K.iilw,-.)', .111. 1 with 
Tlie ^old yield of Nov.i .Scoti.i. froi.i ll 
n( the mines in i.S'io to the close ..I ]> 
.^.l.pS.Coi' si,;; , .iiul ste.idily iiicr..i-ed 
rile manuficlure- of N..\.i .Se..ti.i .11. 
limite.l , .illluni:_;li with her iiiimeiiM' .id\, 
.111.1 p.isiti...ii, she must in lime become tli 
f.uturint; Province of North Aiiieiie.i. 

(,'iiai'^e ll.iniieU, be.l-liiun. bl.illkets, c.ii p. 
.ue lu.iiiuf.u tund. I'liniiiii;,; is c.iiried on I. 
.uid ill till' I'.wiis .111.1 \ill,i'^es, bo, its. sii 
h.iriiess, hous.'liol.l fiiriiiluie, ,iiid .e^rici 
nieiits .ir.' iii.i.le in^e .pi.mtitii-s. 
h.iod of ll.ilif.ix. tobacco, printiii;; and w 
m.ichillery. nails, p.iils. fuse. ;_;iiiipoW'iIer 
s.iine other .iiticles .ire iii.iinif itturid. 

The '.^eoi^r.iphical positimi i,f N.iv.i Si 
fu'.irable to pur-uils, .uul .is 
s. lUfCes become more fully developeil the 
her commerce will very larijely increase 
within the dec.i.le h.ue .ui some 
and in others very ne.irK a|ipro.iilu 
the exp.irts aver.ijjin},'. diiriii;.; the s.iiii. p. 1 
of sum. The;est iiortiiui of tlu: 
dr.iwii fioiii till' fishini; .'ind iiiinin;.; iiili 
except Newfouiidl.ind. .Nov.i .Sioti.i m 
possess the finest fisheries in (lie w'or 
pi.rt of its I. of lujii mill's, wlier.' .1 pt 
iii.i>' not be pursued, ks b.iys ami li.iibi 

.1 iMlMi )\ I 11' CAN \|i.\. 

Itlll .114111', tlli>>r CU'"!" "I "'llll' nlllli' Soillll I llki ' .lllil IIM'I -, l> I III Uitll ''.lllllllll, I ml, iMllllIlt, ll.llMnil,', 

~>t.iti ", .iri''UM, .iiul tluu' h iin |»'t>ili.ii ni.u l,i ii I. In mn,; li i<l I'lli.icis iti. I he v iliu' <>l li'<li 

, Mviiiic or iitlii.-rttir'' c.iiU'l.iiiii \i>\.i StMti.i ; Ctini^lit I r<l x'l'.ir .iiii"uiiliJ !■! ^i,iii"i,.Hi.i , miiihImihI iu' ii 

MIC. ' ini|ili'\iil in llll ri-luiifs. iiM r I.**,!*!'!. 

-.itli-i.iM.iil OM,t Ml \..\,i .S.-..ti.i i<' Slii|i liiiiMlii;; In vi'iy cxtfilHivtly ciih.iuc.I in in N'..v.» 

inimlur..! it- i.i|i.ici..ii^ li.iili.nv tlinr I. in- ilJ •*'^'">i'' i 'n Hk' i>t o( j.inn.irv, |S,-,,. iluTr i,.>;i,liiv.l IH,\.»i-..iMliU ..f imivint; -.liip* ..r ll» i" H" |'"it-"|- N..^,i So.ii.i i,,..«. vi'^«U. with .i I.mim.iki! 

.1 l.)inl.,ii of siHiuiinil lUplli l..r iii.iilMiilin. n "I \' i v n.> li.ili ,i iiiJIiiMi of tmi., In iii>; ovfr Hvo-CiClli-t 

iM ll.ihCiv .milf.ip.i ,,ina ..|n..| iii.iv in "ihiiIm .mi.I r..nn.i-c m ilu- n-.i-liy ..f llir 

i-niiK'.*. Tlinr .in- .il-,. m.iiu cnu'IIuiI li.iili.i.l I •■'ni;ni..n, .in.l |.l,uin'; \..v.i ,il llu-li.,iil .-l ,,|l III,- 

snlllllW.^I OM-I .ma <pn llu'llnltll ■.l.ll'.M tlu' I'ln- ' I'H'MIU'- hi tllNr.,|Hi( 

riu' 1,1.111,1.. I r.,|„|li.i,.ni- ■..oin,l..nI> l.,N..\.i Hi'I'.hv !iS iimU • .•^^.lll,^.l> in ..|>. in III, I'...- 
|.,..p. r Ml th.Muinilui- .111,1 i.ii-.ictly ,it it'-lKulMi^. ^'"" 'I" lnli'iv.' |>i-.,i,-, ,K ll.ilil.iN I.. .\in. 
; llMs.rHr 1- .■iU'(; u'liiic..ii,,un.l the l'" ' i ;-< mil,-,. ,iii.l lli.'n,-,' |.. .M |.,lin, N II . .iii.l fi.mi 
.111,1 in ihc .Su-.iii ,,t I'.ui-i 111,;,- .11,- in.uiy liiK' l'"i.,t.i IVlmi. ;.Min|. . ,iii,l S|„ m ;liil||>iMn,li, t hiiUm. 

I he W'lml^.ir .111,1 .\iin,i)i. ill.. |iiiiii iiU li. imWinil-n June- 
, ■>,..t,,M. h,.nHifullv,l„.,.,ri.Hl Willi rivn,..,vl t' ■" I- .\Miu|...lis I IMnil, ,. IV cM-M^rm „l th. I.iltor 
.,.\.iin: .ui ,11,,, ,M,iii,i!.,l,il ;,«.,. .,|u,ir.'ni, Us. fM.I t., V.iniiniitli i, |.r,>|.vt. .1 \n.,lli,T liiu-, M nin (r,.m 

N, « ( il.|..';,nv lit I.iiiiislinr;;, u luMMin.;, I'lu' I'.iir^l) irn 

il.,--.,|' C.i|i,- llr,'l.'il .ir,' iiiiuli;;,r .111.1 iiioi. 

It. The |i ,'l tlu-,,', li'iwcvii', .lie iiil.iml,,- 111, lli.H il't'r I..iki' i< ,i 

r.M.I i^ .il>'' li,'in^; Cuiislnuti'.l I.,iiii-.liur.; i-. nn,' nl llii! 
liiii-.l li.iiliMi^ ill till' i.>l. Mill III' ('.111,' llnl'iii li i.. iip,ii .ill 


,. , ,,,.■■ tin- vr.if I 'iiiiil, .Mill .iilinir il)h' .I'l.ipl,,! .1. .1 iMnl,T p lit 

I ' lit lAp.iii'i' iif w.itir. iif j' i',pi ', .iliiiiit iill\- ,:, .•,,,■ , ,, 

, ,' , , , , , , 1 I 111' piiliik- .ill.iir- III til,' I'miviiiio .ir,' .iiliiiiiii^tiTcil by 

I llll. 'ill. .ml .ill llll, lm» with till' 111 ..t iiu iliiv 111 ,, ' ,, . , ^ .' 

. , .. . . ., . V ■ , .1 j.ii I iDV, rnnr. .m I'.vi'cntiv,: tniinoil of nine 

ill,' iiv, |.- ,il N.i\.i .s,iiti.i, liltn II lli.w iiilii Nmlh- , , , .- . , 

, , .. , ,, iiu'iiiliti^. .1 l,i'i;i-,l.itiv,- ( ,)imcil III tivi'iitv iin,' in, imIilts, .MiMit, l.iiir ml. I .M. i niU'i- > ll.U', -, \,'ntf,'ii . . ,.7- , , . , . ' , , ■ , • 

, , . , ,.'.,.. apii..inli',l |.ir III,', .111 1 .1 I.i"4iil.iiivi' .xssi'iiiliU' III lliiity- 

,' All. iiitu, .111,1 t,vc!it\-l,iiir lilt, 1 till' II i\ III I'lniily. .' ' , , , . • ,.,' , 

,• ., , , ■ , , <'i'.^lil iiU'mli,r>. ill', till ,'vru' III 11- yr.ii-. 1 Iu- l.uvs .ire 

ii.^t .11,' til,' Miiihi'n.u'.iilk-. the .Vv.m, , ,, . ,.' . , ,• i ■ .• ■ 

',.,.. , ,, ,. , , ili<|n'ii.-,'il li\' .1 ."MiproiiiL' I. iini, I Hill I. ■ I 1)1 ,1 ,lii.'l ,111 1 

,■ .\ilil,ipiili-. IIdu'iiI!; mt.i tlu- h.i\i.l liiiiih'; tlu' ' . ' , . . ... •,•■,,. 

, ,, , , ... ,, ■ , ■ , iiiiK' .i-i-| |il'*ti-'cs, .1 t iiirl "I Imi'. ir. Ill \ki' \.|ini- 

.iiA- .,,'iit, l.i 1 l.i\,-. .111.1 I.UL'rpiii'l. Iliiw- , ..... .1. . , 

• , , , ,,, , , . iiIlN', .ml ,il M,irn.ii,i' .iiiil Div.ii.r In I'uh I'.innt/ 

It.i 111,' .Xllintk .\n III,' li\, IS .111- Ult.llMi l\,,p- , • , . ,. , ,. , , , . , 

... , .• , til. I, ■ I-- .1 I unit III rr,il).it,', ahull h. IS III till' iiro- 

ii.n I i.ililc llll" i.i.i-'liiiLi M.^'-i'is ili^t.uu , ^ v,ir\ nil' , 

' . ., ■ ■ p ii\- III il, ,-,'.iM'il pcrs,iii'.. 

Iw.i III l\w iiU' null.'-. ' ' , , , , • ,, , ... 

r;.liu iiiHi Is Ircc ti) the L'hililrL'ii .il all cl.iss, , in .Nov.i 

c I'niniK-.' i.r N.iv.i is iKh in ;.;,i.|.i^u.,l i,- g^.,,^. ^ .,.|,^.^^, ,,.^. „,„„,r.„„ ,,^,b|ic scIumIs .m^l .iculc- 

,'s, .ill the r.iek, IriMii ih,' ,iy,t..llm,' ^,', up M ,„i,, i,,,,,,,, ,, „ ,,,„ ,, ,,„,| „„„|,.| ,,,,„,,|, ,,,.,,,,, ,,,nv,.'iitH 

icw s.m,Nt..iu' .,'iK'sl.,'m:^li,i,'ni.^ uiili. In Hi,- ,,„| ,,, ,^ll,,,,,_,,,„U'ly : Dilhonsic Ci-lle.'e .in.l Uni- 

lis i.ninu'etiii:' th,- puniiisnKi uilli .New li niiswiik, ,, ^, ., . ,• m i> i-. . i ,i n i , ' 

'^ '. . , 1 • vi'r-it\', .St M.irv s (.iilk'^ie K. (^ I, aiiil the rreslivleri.iii 

iilcryni ' r.iek-. imisist 111 LireN', rill .in,l liiill-ci>liir,',l ,. ., ' ii r.- ' x i- ,• ii . ,ii .• ., w i.- ii 

' " .-. . • C.ilK'i;,'. 1 1. llll. IX ; .Ac.uli.i Lolle^o (Hiptisli, Willvillo; 

itoiiis III the, e,,iit,iiiiini; iiHUlliier,il)K' ^. ,. ,. ■■ n ,•, \ .• i i i-- ,• i 

, ,. . , • , . , .^1. ri.iiKi' <..iilli'L;e I K (. », AiitiL'iiiiish ; ,iii,l Ivni.; s (.dI. 

s 111 ijiHiil hitiiniinmn cual, inan\' ui which are ,i| , , ,. • '. nr- i -im , .. , , 

"^ . , , •.,',,,■ . . !e-< .ml I mver-ity, winilstir. the l.itter, belon^iii'' to 

unt ni.i:.;nitiiil,' t'l be prnlil.iblv wiirUeil. Lultv clill-. , , ., , .-i- , i .• i ,. o 

',.•,,. ■ the ( hiii-eli 111 I'.nijl.inil, w'.is iDiiilileil 111 i;."*,". 

111.' nil 111,' ,e.l-,.i,l^l .It 111,' Siillth Iniii/ins, pri'^i lit ,, . 7i ,• .1 !• 1- .1 I. 

, ,. . , ., 1- ' , , I hiiiein tun Kmn 111 (..itholic ilinccses in the rrn- 

liu>t lie.intilul ^ pinlile-. nl tlu- lii .inii'.' . , , i ,• <■ 1 1 i .• i .i i>. < 

., Ill- I, , villi. t!i. .\reli,liiiee-.e ,if II.ilil.iN .mil the Dine, s,' , if 

I, with eiin, HIS liissiN, Imili n| \eLiet,ible .m.l , , , .ii.i-.iv ■ 

. , , , , All, : .m.l line I huieh nl I.iiliI.iihI -N.n ,i i.i .iii.l 

1. !■> cNi'where l.nin,!. mure aniiiiil.intU' in , 

, .1 • 1 1 .• ,■ I, . V- Iriiue I'.ilu.inl Ul.iiiil. 

n tiMinty .in,l ,iii the i-,l,iii,l ,il (. .ipe Mretnii. .New ... ,, , , ,- , , . 

, ,, . , , , , , \n\.i .■senli.i .ill 1 he elements nl .ve.ilth .mil 

i.ilii.ilile niKU's have .lUn beiii reeeiitiv' npeiieil .it , , , ,..•,, 

, , ,, , , , , ■ future L're.itiiess. , mil is the ne,ireit rnniinee ul the l)i»- 

i_ llin,.mil .1 r,.ilu.i\- liuiit t.i miiiiiel tli/ nimi^ ... , , , . , , , 

'; , , , ,, ; I , ,. , niini.iil t.> the nintlierhiiiil ; in other respeets she .ilso 

the K.iilw .'.x .iinl w itli ^rtrl^ll.M■ll. , ,. , , •, ■ 

cum ' 111. Ill I til. Ill .my nl the ntlu'r 1 rnvinee-. : in ..nil, m 

e -nlil yiiM nf .Nnv.i .Si.ih.i. iVm.! the lir^t uoikui:.; di,,,,,,,. .,,,,1 iiiiiur.i! pimliK tinns ; in her ^itiulinn. 

e mines m i,Si„i tn the elnse i.f iS;jw',is ,il„,iit n^..,r|y Mnrn.inile.l liy w.iler , in her 1 iw-, .m.l in-,li- 

;,ci.H.i st-, .mil has ste.iililyincre.iseil time tntinn-- ; .iinl ir. th'' , lin.uter, energy, ami impuN. s ,A 

e mamilaetures nf .N.i\.i .Senti.i ,iie yet bul very thi'pmpli. .she is .lUn une of the nlilest nf the i nl,.iiie> , 

',1 ; altluninll with her iiimien>e nf enal her pnpukitinn i. ileiis,- As sneh she nllVrs ese, ilent 

lusition, she must in time becmne th-.- le.nlinj^ niann- oiipnrtimities tn ininii-r.mts nf a cl.iss h.ive .i Imiite.l 

rinj; rruvmee nf North Amerie.i. to employ in .i^ricnlturo, ami who wonkl prefer 

ar^e ll.imiel-., beil-Iim n. Iil.mkits, e.irpets .iiul tweeiU fumiiiu kinils nf their nwil ill preleieilee to those i,i ..tlier 

.miil.u tiinil. 1 .iiiiiin;; isLiiiii il nil tn sniiie I'vteiit ; p,i,|il,., .nnl p,i\ir,;; .i, minliiil rent in .i -.iir-Je > i ir .n 

n till' lowiis .iiiil mII,i'.:,'s, bi,..,!,, ^hoi-s, s.iililier>', uniil.l bii\' llie fee simple of ,in est.ite tliire. li.rlliis 

S-, liMii>,'li,)lil liiniilini', .mil .ii;ritultnral iniple- el. I'-s nf people- N'nv.i Seoti.i ol'fers better oppm imiilies 

i .ire ni.iile in l.irL;e ip.i.mtities. In the .my nf the wesiern countries. 

of li,ilif.i\-, lob.icco, printiii;4 .mil wr.ippiiv^ p.iper, V\w clii.f cities ,iml towns are ll.ilif.iN \'.iiiii :;',i, 

iilery. n.iils, p.iils, fuse, |.;nnpi)W'iler, cirri. i^es. .nnl S.vilne) , C, Ik. I'litou. WimUnr. New (11. is Nn,, I'l.n.,. 

other .iitieles .ire ni.iniif.ictnreik 

,. , , ^ ,, I " \l.ll'-.\\. 

L' 'jeoj^raphieal pnsilinii nl A.iv.i .Sn.ti.i is liiL;hl_v 

ible tn pursuits, ami .is the n.itiiral re- H.ilif.iv:, the chief cit)' .mil politic. il c.ipital 

..'s become more fully ilevelopeil there is no doubt of .N'nv.i .'-icolia. foiimleil in the \' 174'), b..' the- 

oniinerie will very l.iri^ely increase. 'I'he imports Lords of 'I'r.ule, .mil ,vas ii.iiiied in cninpliment tn lici^e 

1 the kisl decide have on some occisioiis i-.\ceeded, Mont.ij.;ni', I'^irl of I l.ilif.i\. then .il llic he. id of the l!..,ii,l. 

in nthers verv ne.irl.s' .ippro.i, hi il .fi 1 2,Oi.K),oCX) ; The scheme I'nr th,' est, iblishiiunt nf llie tnwii is s.nil tn 

cpnrts a\'ir.i;,;inj,', dnrini; the same period, two-tllird.s h.ive origin. iteil w ith the people nf .M.iss.ichuselts. whi 

it Sinn. 1 he kirijest iiorlion of the exports were used as an arjjimiint I'nr the fnrmation of the settliiiii nl, 

1 from the fishin.Lj and minim; interests. If we the Ljrowini; encrii.ichineiits of the p'rench upon the ter- 

t Newfnimdlanil. N'ov.i Smtia may be said to ritory of Acidi.i. \ p!.iii snbmitt,,! to the (,'ovi rnmeiit 

<s the limst fisheries in (he world. 'I'lu n- is no in 174S beinj; wariiil)' siippnrleil by I. .ml I kilikis. r,-- 

if its </f HI. Ill niili-s, when' a pinht.ible fish, ry j ceived the ro\'.il .issenl, .mil tlu' .11111 of ,( ,( i,i;ou sleihii^ 

int be pursue,!, ks b.iys .in.l luibors, and | beiiv^ voted by Ikirlkmiiiit in furllur.mce of the under- 


liiklnt! .1 llcri of Uilrtt'i'rt lr,ini|»irlii .icrnm|anli'it by tlii' 
hliHip 111 .S/>/()>/( Hfi H.iil (iir t!hchmti> in tin- r.ii!)' 
p.itl of M.iy, I7.|'(, iirrivirivj cm tli.' I, (III d.iy of July 

IllWIII'^ MU' Cillimy lllllHlttl'll iif ^,170 •.iillli lllliIlT III!' 

<iinlr>il nf (olniti'l \\\e lltiiii) Ivlw.irit Cornw.tlllD' 
M.I'., Willi till' title "f ('ap''''" '■''"''''•'' ""'' <i'>virii')r nf 

NiiV.l StnlM. 

I In till- il.iy of, liiil pirvinuH In ih'li.irk.ilion, 
« lul niiviriiiiiiiil W.1-. i)rn.ini/c(l nn Im.uil tin' /li;iii/ii>t 
\\y till' rlrilii'i) nf iinil hW( .irin^' in iil iiii' Inllnwiii^ Cniin- 
illliiri; Col I'aiil M iHtvrinf, Cipt Kdw.iril llnwr, Capt. 
Jiilin (iiirdon, llciij. (irvcnc, John SaliKlMiry, timl llii^li 
h.iviiliiiii ; and till''f of the ilay w.m <t|ii'nt in 
li '.tivitii'H .ind U'jouiii^. Till- taliK' arcnind »lii>.li this 
I'niiiu il tal is slill pri'iirvi'il in tin- 1 ily I'ouiu il ("iMiiihtT 
Till' city w.i.. I.iiil oiil .IS at prcsriit liy ,Mis,rs l\u\cv .iiid 
Morrl'i, (ioviriinicnl IjininccrH, the sami- year. 

r.ilisadcH nn<l lilockhoiist's were at once built, and the 
I'iiikIi .ind inili.iti ri'sidentt of the Imallly c.inio in and 
tciiilcri'd Ihcir .illi|,;iiiii-f to the (iovernor. l),irtn)oiiti|, 
till- iliicf sidiuili, scllird next )i'.ir (17.V1) hy .' V) 
iiiiiiiii; pri ship Al.liiln' \ ,nd di,iiii|; IIh- r.ill .i.ul 
\Miilir of 1751-2, I.1J5H illlnli^;^.lnlH .urivid iii 
the colony, 1,5(10 of whom, however, embarked in June, 
\'f\\. to M.ilxinc H.iy, wlurc tlicy afterw.inU built the 
'I'owii o( I.uiu nbiii^; 

'Ihc n"''"' iMrporl.inii' atliibiilcil to ll.ilif.ix liy the 
liiiiiu' .iiilhnntK's may be jiid|;iil Innii llir fait that dur- 
<nt! the lirst seven years of its existence the lioveriiment rxpemled over ;t"50o,otX3 stj;, in its settlement. Its 
import. ince as a military nnil naval station were early 
rciDtJiii/i'd, .iikI till- lUet .Hid troops sent out under Howe 
.ilid I.iiideii for the capture of I,niii-.l)iii^'. ni.ide this 
till ir rendt/voiis ; while it .i^.iin the resort of the 
army .md ii.iv)' under Wolfe in 1759; and in 1763 (pnle 
41 large force at;.iiii .isseiiibled here, ever since which 
time it has been .1 milit.iry .md station of lesser or 
tjre.iler itiiport.uue, but ^eiier.dly the chief, .md at present 
the ii»//i' one of the (joverniiieiit, in portion 
ol Kritlsh North Anicric.i iiuw includcil In the Uoiiiinion. 
It i-, protected by a l.irt;i- iiuiiiIht iif very stronj; forti- 
fications, anil lus a ni>ble li.ubor, which ha^ been pro- 
nounced by the very liiijhest authorities as "one of the 
best in the world." It is e.isy of access for ships of evory 
cl.i>s, is c.ip.iclou-. enough to .illord^e for all the 
iMMis of I'urope, and is so situated .is to .iHonl protec- 
tion from every wind, Il runs over I'ifteeii miles, 
.lUil .liter p.issiii^ the cit)', and narrowing consider.ibly 
.ibout three ipi.irters of a mile above the city, suddenly 
<-xp,iiid» into Hedford Hasin, a beautiful sheet of water 
*oM riii^; .111 area of nine sipi.ire miles, coiupletel)' shut in 
finui the se.i .iiul .illoidiuj; t;ood anchor,i};e throughout, 
with from four to tliirt>' f.ithoms of water. 

.\t the north end of the city is a lart;e dockyard for 
tin- accommod.itioii of Ihitish ships of war. It covers 
f.MUleen acres, and is one of the finest dockjards in the 
lliitish Colonies, 

riiiiu;;li ll.ilil.ix [iroper is not .1 lu.iiuir.icturiiit; city, 
li.irtniouth, its chief suburb, cont.iiiis over half a dozen 
l.irge iron foundries and m.ichine shops, in some of which 
steam en^jines and the heaviest descri|ition of machinery 
arc constructed. Kichmond. another suburb, contains 
r.iihv.iy m.ichine shops, tob.icco factories, piano 
fictorics, c.iliiiiet factories, fuse and powder mills, and lar^;e n.iil factories, while lioth places contain a 
larj^e number of establishments representing; varied in- 
dustries, including; the manufacture of agricultural im- 
plements, cordaj;e, boots and shoes, cotton .md woollen 
j;oo(N, .ill ilescriptioMs of wooden w.ire, soap .iiitl c.indles. 
le.itlier. paper, sujjar rerineries, breweries and distilleries. 
'Hie reli;.,'ious and educational institutions a e •:! every 
w.iy worthy of the place. There are twenty-six churches 
(iiicludinj; I'^piscopal and Roman Catholic cathedrals), 
one university, one non-sectarian and three theological 
(I', Metluulist and Roman Catholic'; colle^»es, 
two commercial colleges, one convent, a grammar school, 
a large number of public schools, some of which are 

elri;anlly built ilriK'tiiri'i, www asylum* am 
,ind a nuiiiber of .md lii'iuvolrti 
I 111 re ,ire seven eli.irlrri d b.iiiks, lliiie savin 
iiumlier of priv.ite b.iiikers, sever, d building s 
Inmir.inca atnociittloiM, lilteen ncw4pa|M!r4 a 
c.ds, three public haIN, over twenty hotils, 
iiumbrr of mercintile esi,ilili.,liments, m,in 
comp,ire Tivor.ibly with ,in)lhiii.; in their ronimeiil. 

Il.ilir.ix is the nearest lity to I 
the m.irkets of the Old World, is the "wint 
the Dominion; U thr eastern termintiii of, ,ind of a railw.iy system h.iving 
with .ill chief points in ( .m.ul.i .md the I'ni 
and extensive str.iiii iiimmunic.itinii by 
le.iduii; ports of, Newloiinill.ind, I 
St.ites. the West Indies,|and .Soutl llritain .ind Continent, il Europe. 'I'he 
of the city proper in 1H71 jy.jMj; at 
time, with its suburbs, i| 1 xieids .jo.ox). 

WiMisi iK, -A l.irge .iilil lloiMi-.|iiiig town 
till' river Avon, ,it tin he, id of Miii,H b.isin. .^1 
is extensively carried on. Immense ipiantitie- 
or pl.ister of I'aris, existing' in beds and in 
rpiarricd in the vicinity. It is cliielly used in 
.St.itislor purposes. Windsor \\' 
of the lust eiluc.itioii il iiistilulicus in the I'rov 
t ollege, founded in I7.'<7, ,ind ih.irtered by I 
(leorge III., in I.Sd.'. It is the western term 
Nova Scoii.i Railway, .ind the north. eastern 
the Windsor and Ann.ipolis R.iilw.iy. 'I'r.iin 
in cotiiirction with the ste.iniers from Anna 
John, New llrunswick. Population, 2,715. 

Y.vuMouril.— A wi.illli)' ,ind llouri.sliing t 

Atlantic and south-western It is the sec 

importance in Nov.i .Scotia, not exactly in pop 

in the we.iltli and enterprise of its inh.ibitaiit 

ship-buililiiig .md li-,luiig Ir.ide is c.irriid on, 1 

second port ill the whole Uoiniiiion in Its reg 

n.ige. r.iiikiiig betwci 11 .St John .iinl ll.ilil'a> 

vessels, of 12-1,7.(1 tons, showing .111 <;;■(•;, i^c 

vessel more than twice is great as U.dif.ix, 1 

Ijreater number of ships and large sea-going 

It is increasing in ship-building importance 

its general import, mce will be 

cre.ised on the completion ol the riilw.iy ti. 

giving it direct l.iiid commiinic.ition with 

John,, and the United States. Th 

sesses several handsome buildings, churches, 

institutio;:s, three banks, etc. I'oiiul.ition, 5, 

I'lciou. — A we.ilth.v .Old llourishing town, 

importance in the Province, on the north sii 

harbor. It stands upon a steep hill-side, m.i 

.ipiie.iiance from the water, and is surroun 

scenery. The princi|)al trade is in coal, tin. 

the y\lbion mines being conveved and l.irgi 

from here. The h.irbor is s.ife and comnioil 

building is c.irried on. There. are several sti 

grist nulls, two steam carding mill'', two tob.u 

an iron foundry, and several t.mneries. Log. 

distant three miles, \i one of the largest in th 

Splendid freestone ipi.irries are worked ner 

riclou has many fine public buildings, churc 

courthouses, a count)' academy, m.isonic am 

I'rinc- I'^Uvard Steam N.ivigation 

steamers pi,' between here and Cliarlolti 

steamers run weekly from I'ictou to (Juebc 

intermedi.ite ports. A steamship line runs 

to Montreal fortnightly. A steam feri)' plii 

between I'ictou and I'islur's (iiant, the ter 

Nova Scotia Railw.i)', ropulation, 3,46^. 

SviiNl'.v, C. n. — A llourishing and iinpi 
ple.isantly situated on the south-west arm o 
I'his was the seat of government when Capi 
a separate colony. The principal trailc is i 
important mines at Cow Hay, llridgeport, I 
I Ha)', and I'ort C.iledoiiia are within a few lu 



ly liiilli Kiriiitiirr*, »-\i'n niyliinM 4nil liui|iil>»l«, 

liunilirr of ll.lllilM.ll ,111(1 lirllrVoUnt >i4iil>-ti("«, 
iri' '^cvrri ill. uteri il liiiik*, tlini' Mvin^> iLiiikt, ,i 
r lit (iriv.itc li.inkit', liiiiMmij icu irtii* ,»ni| 
ce utiKiiUlliiiiD, ti(ii'i-n ncw4|i.i|M;r4 utiil poriiHll' 
ri'p piililii: li.ilN, liver twrnty Imii U, itiiil it 
r iif ni'ii.intilr (-<t.ilili<liiiu'iili, ni.iny of wliicli 
■' f.iviir.ilily with aiiytliin'^ in iIkm Ini" mi llio 

.III cnlltllli'llt. 

r.ix IH llir rirMrrit ( '.iM.iilJ.iii illy III I'linipr iinil 
rkriH uf the Oil! Will III , i.i the "wiiitcr port " ut 
iMiinlon ; Ih thr riinti'rn IcrnilniiH of the lnter> 
I, .iiul of a railway KyHliin li.ivini,' coiiiui lions 
1 lIiIiT piiliits ill ( .in.iil.i .iiiil llu' I'niU'il .Sl.iU'i ; 

S t'Xicntlvi' nllMIII liMIIMIIIIlil IIIhII liy Hi ,1 wllll ,lll 

porti of 1°, III. III. I. .Nrwfiiiinill.iiiil, Ihr UiilUil 

the West Imlli'i, Soiitii America, 
llrilain ami f.'niitiiu' luirnpe. The popiil.itinn 
lily proper in iH^i j().5Hj; at the prineiit 
lilll its Miliiirlis, It iMerils .(o.ijix). 
li^iiK, -A^r .iml llciiiii-,hin^; tnwn siliLilnl mi 

r Avmi, ,it till III. Ill 111 .Miiian lia'siii. ."^Iiip liiiililiiijj 
isivcly carrieil mi. Iininense ipiaiititieiul ^ypitiiin 
tcr of I'arl*. exittliiij in beiU and in veim, are 
(! ill the vii'iiiily. It in chielly ihciI in the L i iteii 
fur A^;^il■^llllM•.ll pllrpll^o•^. Windvir p.iiHe-mcii one 
)>'Hl eiliicatiiiii il liHtitiili'iM-, in tin' I'rnviiur, Kiii);'s 
', fiiiiiiileil III 17.S7, ami iliartinil hy Hi-. Majeit)' 

III., in \Ho>. Il is the western leriiiiniH of the 
Hoiia Railway, ,in(l the norlli-eastern teriiiinus of 
nilsor anil Annapolis l<,iihv.iy. 'I'r,iins run il.iily 
leiliiin with the ste.iiiiers from .Anii.ipiilis In .St. 
^ew llninswick T'lpulation, J,; 1 5 
MOU HI —A wi .illliy .iml lloiiri.sliiiii^ tnwii mi the 
i; ami smith-western cn.isl. It is the setuml tnwn in 
ance in Nova Scotia, not exactly in po|)iilation, but 
ive.ilth and enterprise of it.s inh.iliilaiits. A lar^,'e 
lint; and li-,liint; Ir.ide is c.irried on, and it is the 

pnrt in the wlmle UmniMimi in its rej^istered ton- 
^.lllUill^; 1)1 tweiii .St Ji.liM ,md ILililax, with .i22 
1. of li.\.T.\t tons, slmwinn •'" tivi-nige tiinna];e per 
more than twice is ^,'reat ,i.s ll.ilif.ix, owinn l'> the 
r number of slii|is and lart,'e sea-going vessels. 

increasing in sliip-biiildin^,' importance yearly, and 
iieral import, ince will be I.Otjely iii- 

I on the completion ol the r lilw.ij- to Aiimipnlis, 
it direct l.uul commimieatioii with Il.ilifax, St. 

Montri'.il, .iiul the I'liiteo States, The town pos- 
sevcral handsome building's, cluirches, educ.itional 
tio;;s, three banks, etc. I'opul.itioii, 5,335. 
lOU. — A we.ilthy ,iiul llourishiiti,' town, the third in 
l.mcc in the i'roviiice, mi the north side of I'ictou 
•. It stands upon a steeii hill-side, m.ikint;a ^,'ood 
ranee from the water, and is surrounded by fine 
\-. The principal trade is in coal, the produce of 
Ibioii niiiics beiii;; convened and l,irt;ely exported 
lere. The harbor is s.ife and commodious. Ship, 
n;; is c.irried on. There-are several saw and 
nills, two steam cardinj; mills, t\vo toh.icco factories, 

II foundry, and several t.mneries. Lojjan's tannery, 
t throe miles, \i one of the largest in the Dominion. 
lid freestone ipiarries are worked near the town. 
I has many fine public biiililiiii;s, churches, schools, 
houses, a count)' acidemy, m.isonic and other halls. 
• Kdward Steam N.ivigation I o.'s mail 
ers pi.' between here and Charlotletown. Gulf 
ers run weekly from I'ictou to Quebec, calling at 
ledi.ite |H)rts. A steamship line runs direct Iience 
iiilreal (ortni^htly. A steam ferry plies tonst.iiitly 
en I'ictou and l'"islier's (irant, the terminus of the 

Scotia Kailw.iy. I'opulation, X.J[C>2. 
iNKV, C. U. — A nourisliiiiL; and important town, 
intly situated on the south-west arm of the harbor 
,vas the seat of government when Ca|)e Hrcton was 
irate colony. The principal trade is in coal. The 
tant mines at C!ow H.iy, IhidLjeport, I.ingan, Glace 
iiul Tort C.dedonia are w itliin a few liinirs' drive bv 

>laK*' A ralluay, twi lv> imU < lon^, to (tie tiil< matl in,il 
('o.'« mines at 1lrid(;rporl. h.i* bei'ii put in oprr.itl m .it 
a cost 1,1 f Si«i,,,(»i '1 ln' irrminiis it mi llie e.isii m side of 
till' Ihirlmr, within two ,init lline i| i.irtir miles liy land 
from the town It is propoaetl by an I' ngll'<h einipiiii)' to 
tonilrnct another line to connect with the nlher minii.ij 
loc.tlities (in the coiitt. Ciltic ,inil biiiii r are l.irgely ex- 
porli'd to l|.ihf.ix, Newfoundhind, .Mnpiilmi, .ind St. 
I'ierri' There .ire six chiinlus lure of dilli rent drnmnl- 
nations, besides fine buildings The louit-lniuse 
is considered one of tiu' best in the I'roviiuc. I'op. l/yoo. 

Tkuku— A wealthy and tloiirishlni; town, two miles 
alKivo the head of I'obeipiid II. 1)', on a handsome and pic- 
tiiresipie site. Its first inhabil.ints were Acaliins; .iftir 
them It was settled by ,in>l Scotili The country 
cmit.iiiis rich iron mines. A large m.irket is iield hero 
regul.irl)', The ihiel pursuit of the inh.ibitants is f.irm- 
ing. I'ishing .md ship-building .ire .ilso c.irried on. The normal school is located here. An extviixivo 
boot .ind slioi' fietory employs a;;o number of men. 
'I'lie U.iilw.iy forms a junction here with tin; 
Nov.i Scoti.i K,iilway. ropiil.ition, S.iy)t) 

NKW (il.Asi.'AS. — A flumvhing .iml pictiiiesipie town 
on the I'^ast Uiver, township uf I'^gerton, county of I'ictun. 
It contains two foundries, ■ cveral l.imuries, a poller)-, 
.ind steam b.iker)'. The Albion. .'Xc.idi.i, 
and N'.va .Scoti.i i o.d mines ,ire in the iiiiiiKili.ite \U mil)' 
Sliii>- building is cirried mi. of llu- l.irgest ships 
h.iiling from Nov,i Scotia were conslriicted hero. It is.i 
station of the Nov.i Scotia Railway, ropulatimi, :,\'V) 

There are a number of other fiouiisliiii'.; townsthroiigh- 
out the I'roxince, the chief of which .ire .AiiiIh r-.t with a 
popul.ition of 3,0(j6 ; Antigoiiish, 3.319; D.irtmmitli, 
.J, 35.1 ; Liverpool, 3. lo.^ ; Lunenburg, 3,l-'9; Slielburno, 
2,7,^9 ; and St .Andrews, 2, .'97. All the above figures 
(Nova Scotia) are taken from the census reports o( 1871. 
In a number of instances the popul.ition tias ver)- ma- 
leriall)' iiicre.ised since then ; while in otliers it has 
remained st.ition.iry or ne.irl)' so, tliminh mi the whole 
the improvement been of a s,ilisf,u tor)- n.ituro; 


rULSci: i-^iW.VKIi Isl.AMi is situ.lled in tlleliullof 
St, Lawrence, betweon46 and 47 ' 7' N. latitude, and oj ' 
and O4' 27' \V. longitude. It is washed by the Gulf on 
the north, and separated by Northumberland .Strait from 
New ISrunswick on the east, and Nova .Scotia on the 
south. Greatest length, 130 miles; breadth. thirt\'-four 
miles — in its narrowest p.irt, near the centre, it is only 
four miles wide. Area. 2,134 "li'os, or l,3«)5,76o acres. 
The coast-line presents a remarkable succession of large 
biiys and projecting headlands. The largest bays are 
those of Richmond on the north-west, Lgmont on the 
south-west, Hillsborough on the south, and C.irdigan 
on the east. These b.iys, by penetr.iting into the land 
from opposite directions, form narrow istluimsos which 
make a natural division of the island into three distinct 
peninsulas. This natural division has been adopted as 
the basis of a nearly corresponding civil division into 
I'riiice's County in the west, Queen's County in the cen- 
tre, and King's Count)' in the east. 

The surlaceof Trince l'".dward Island undul.ites genti)', 
nowhere rising so high as to become mount.iinous, or 
sinking so low as to form a monotonous flat. At one 
time the whole island was co\-ered with a dense forest of 
beech, birch, maple, poplar, spruce, fir, hemlock, l.m li, 
and cedar; and though destructive fires, lumbering, .ind 
cultivation liave made large g.ips in it, a consider.ilile 
part of tiie original forest still remains. The whole 
island is eminently and pastoral. The soil 
consists generally of a light reddish loam, sometimes .ip- 
jiroaching to a strong cla\'. but more frci]ueiitl\- of ,1 
light and sandy texture. The i)ievailing rock is a ".d- 
I dish, sandstone, but a l.ii'ge iiart of the surface is .illuvi.d 



ninl iiuiulv iVcc from slono. No mincval.i of tlu- least ami Soiiris l,,ul)ors,irc..|HH m tlio 
coii.ouieiu-. l,..v.' vet Wen .liscowrol, aiuU-vcii linu- | .illy for two or iLrceuvcks alt.r tlu- otiu r [htIs 
sU.i.o aiulsyiHum apiHarto lu- uantinK'. 'I'Ik' .limit, is 1 l.y ice. The construe timi nt the railway i.oweiK 
much miUlcr than that ..f th. a>l,..,Mi,i:,' eminent, an,l 1'. m in all lurts „l th. i.l.iml to t.ikc ,ulvant,, 
the air ocncrally free horn the f.-- which sprcul alon- , ir.:pnrt.,nt .uklition t.. the n-Kii .ea-Mi. ^ 
the shores of Scotia, is renuvk.iblv s.ilul.rions. I'min;,; the s,.,s,.n ..f navigation there is 

The s,cneivischarminu. small u.ime, wiM fowl, aiul^ commimicati..n with I'ictou. N. >,, an>l .Mie.lia 

flsl, ,,lHuulant: and the island .shouM Ik come popular as .uldition to which iheie ,ue -learners conne> 

,. ... !( iiuhec and the dull ports to the north, .md II 

a I .m.uli.m siiminer resott. - ' ,,.,..,■ i 

The principal crops are ml o,,ts;, ill of Boston to the somh. 1 he Rue \ erte t an.d 
tlus. ,,lnindant ami of .NCellent .|uality. pe,is and jeeled, u ill ,;re,Uly laeiht.ite eommunicalion u , 
lH,ins are equally good, and potatoes an.! turnips are ol I-undy .md the New I-.n-l.iud ports. 
nowhere snrpass,-d. The land not cultivable consists of ;;enerall>' . loses ,d.out the middle o( Deeeiiil 
soft spon-v turf, or deep Uvcr of wet, black mould, resumed about the end of April or be,;innin: 
which nuV prove valuable for fuel. The hslieries are ''U-in- this time mails ,.nd passengers .ire 
verv valuable, especially on the north which is across the Strait in ice-boats, which ply betv 
much fre(iuented l.\- u'ackerel and cod The manufac- Ii.nerse in I'rhice lulward Iskiiid ,ind C ,ipe 1 
tures are chielly for d.omestic use. Ship-buildin.o is in New Ihuiiswi.k. The pass,i-e is not ,it all 
pro.secuted with considerable enterprise. ,iml is yearly and it is believed powerful ste.inu-rs mi;^'!] 
Incieasin- in mai^nitude and imiwtance. "a\ ii,'.ation open ne,ir!y all, if not .dl, the 

.More than in name Prince I'.dward Island is a " Mari- , mnlertdkint; which ih ■ Dcminiun f.overmnei 
time I'lovince." there havin- been over J vooo tons of new . the terms of union, bound themselves to in.iu 
shipi>ino built in .single years in her polls, since her ,id- The public aflairs of I'rince i:dv,Mrd Islar 
mission to the C(Mifcder,'iti.n. ministered by ,i I.ieutenant-Covernor.- an 

.\s may be ima^^ined. the •isheries iilteu.sts command Council of nine member.s..i I.o-isl.itive t'ouiu il 
a very lari,'e .share of aUention, not only from the inhabit- members, and a I.e-islative .\sseiiibly ol th 
ants i,ut inm the outside world. sint.itivcs. Jusii,, is .idministered according 

The imports consist almost entirely ol m.ii'ufactured ol l-.n.L;l,ind. 
articles of various kinds, ,ind the exports of lish, grain Ihe total population of iheisland in i."^;i ^ 
and potatoes. The former last year came within a trifle an increase of l.?.ir,o since i.S'.i, .mil ol .^'i..j 
of -fJ.i.OO.coo. Thcexportsgenerallye.xceeil the imports becime a lii itish possession i;5.~^i .iiid it i 
by s-,eral hundred thousand doll.irs. and it may Ih , m ated , it mm ards of 105.000, 
rem. I'.ed 'hat this is the only I'rovince in the l) . tii.\ki.,,i 1 r H i\\ .\. the capital of I'rince I'.dv 
to \ .ich this st, temcnt applies. i^ prcttil>- siiu.ited on genll.v rising grouii 

riu; products of 'he fisheries fluctuate vcr\- much, tow.ird the south, parish of Ch,irlotte, coimt>- 
varying all the w,i\ from one-ipiarter of a million to It is on the north side of the I'.. 1st Riser, near i 
I early a million dollars yearly. ^jd, Uie North ,iiul West The towi 

The following table hows the counties, with the cajiital bv gas and is will l.iid out ; tlie streets cross 

o. each : at right .ingles, .md sf\ci,d of ilimi are 100 

, I.., 1 ;i|.ii«i 1 The harbor is safe .md commodious. The Col 

rli,rl.,ttoii.«n j ing is the most handsome edifice in the place. 

i:»..if;.t..wri. j of \ova Scotia freestone, .md cost over $.><; 

Suiiimfrsi.lo, , ..,,.,,. , 

i other limldmgs are the new 

Th.e counties ar.d.'vid.ed ■.•■to sixty-e\,.n townships \^ou-c, market, .itlun.ium, ]hMk hall, exJi 

andthr.e.oyalties. The inh,abitams uaisi^t of .bsceiid- ^i^.a ; p,,i,ee of Wales. St. Duusi.uis and 

ants of Scottish, Iri-li. Acidi.ui, I'reiKli I'liglisli, anil 

other'. IS. 

rile frc; .-chool system uas introd.iced in 1.'^; 5. There 

I In -en !• 


\ I II e 

collegc-s ; school, coment, lunatic ,is 
government house. 

There are .ilso f uir b.inks, .1 s.nini's b.nik 

are about 400 dist.ict sclu 

eais private sthoo.s, a normal and model school, and i 

colleges^l ''nc of W.iles I'rotestanl . .St.'s 

RoinanCatlio'i and the NWsIeyan College, it istlK- l.iw 

of the isl.ind th. ' the Biblu be read in the |iublic s,-hools. 

The Lord Tu'sl. •;,. of Xov.i Scotia exercises episcnp.d 
auih.irily o\er th'j isluul Ihe Koni.m Catholics have 
one dii.icese, Ch^' :ottetown. 

I'rinec I'dWi.rd Iskind telegr.iphic 
with thi" cint'nentol ,\merie;i ;md I-'.urope by of island, is situ.ited on Heileipie l!,i\-, ,ind on 
.1 suii.i:' ne cable, eleven miles in length, comiectin" the I'alw,ird Iskuid Kailwa>'. fort>- miles iiorth-ui 
i-l.m-I v.'..i .New linmswick. lottetoun, lorty-live miles ii' i.f .Shed 

In I - the building of a rai'w,iy In connect Charlotte- 'Ol excellent h.irbor uith goo. I .uichor.ige for 
town \i li the ]ir.ii. i] ,il jikhes on tlu: i-1, md w , is ^'essels. , and Coiit.iiiis ehurchis of si\eil dell 

i; schools, vari- factory-, imn t,,.indr> ship-building \-.irils, etc 

[he imicli, lilts are enterprising ,md ue.d 
\ery l.irge export trade is di.ine here with lii 
,iiid the Unite, I States. 

An immense impetus would be gi\i.-ii to i 
Ch.irlottetown by the renew.d of the Kecipro 
with the United States. l'o|)iilation. over r j 

Si \|MI.Us||i|,, till 

md toun of importi 

This r.ii' ojieiudin 1 >'".(. .md i, 201 1 ''"'ee b.inks. a piblu li.iil. m.uket 


Ship-buiMing is carried on to a 1 irgi: exteii 
potatoes, .iy,i. rs, sheep, li irses. ,ind oats ,ire 
expoitid. .Suiiniu r-iile d.iily coniniiii 
simiiii' r. by -!■ .uiur \\'\l\] Nnv.i Scoti.i .md J 
wick. In 111 .1. ipie 11, ly. opp,,,!!, the town, i; 
isl.iiid ol ,ili..ut Jill ,icres. on whith has bee 

Hiik-s ill length. \i.',: 'I runk line, I'roni (.'.iscumpi.pie to several mills .md fictories 
('lefiri,! town, i.p, miles; we.stcrn extension, frniii 
ciini]!. .pie to ligiiish, i.S miles; eastern br.inch. fr..m 
Mill >'i .-itew.irt to .Smiris, 40 miles. 

■; le I'riiice l>!v. ard Isl.ind Kailuav- now ixlinds nearly 
tl-.e whole length of the isl.uid, iVom Tignish on the north 
to Cii.-orgetown and ,Souris on the east, connecting also 
uith .Suinnierside iHedeipie ll.irbnr and Cluirlot'elown '"le hotel i,ip,ible of accummod.iting ''lOO 
on the south, Summerside is .djoiit three and a-h.ilf "hicli is ,1 l.ivorite summer resurt. A 
hours run b\- sie, liner from I'eiint du Ch.iie, the northern betwi..iithe isl.ind ,iiul the town. Tli. I'rii 
terminus ol the New Hninswick r.iilw.iys. Chailottetown 'sKuid kailw.i) h,is .1 lirst-class st.itioii, engin 
Is .iboiit sixty miles or five hours' run liy steamer from 
b etou till ii.irih-. rii ler minus olthi- Xo\a Scotia r.dlwavs 
Tignisl, and f aseuiiij;. .)u'; ,iie de|)ots of the 1 iulf fisheries. in the town. l'o|nil,ition. ne.irly 5, 

C,eorgelowii .iiid .MIk rtmi .ire .dso rapiilly 1 

with .1 popu!atioii ol .iboiit 1 

.UK lijiifj 1 


own ami Soiiris li.ii bors ,irc di'rii in tlu' I jU ,;iiiri- 
two or llircc uvlUs .iltc r tl\L- otlur \)«{U an , IikoiI 
■l'liL'Constnkti..ii..| the railway iiowcn.iMr- -^liip- 
all |..uts ,.| thr i-laml to take aiK ant, i;;e- >.( this I 
lit ailJilinii t.i the c'-Kii reason. i 

i;,; Ilk' >>.is..ii iif iiavi:^atioM tlu ri.- i'i tri-\vnlJ\' 
iiicalicii with I'ictuii. N.S., aiul Sluiliac. Nl!., in 
1 to whicli llicif an.' Mimiiuts i.oniu\tiii:^ with 
.m.l tlic Cliilf ports to tlK' north, ami Halifax ami 
to iho south. The Half Vcrte fanal. now juo- , 
uill -roatl\ ratilitati- c.iniiiiunicatioii with llu- l'a\- 
ily an. I tiio N\ w I-.n-laml |H.rlv Navigation 
1>' iloscs about tlu- niiilillo of i )i'ii iiilu r. and is 
1 alioiil the iiiil of April or lu-innini; of Ma\-. 
this tiiiH- mails ami passonj;i'rs are eoiivev. .1 
lie Strait in iee-boats, which pl\- between Cape 
,e in I'linee iuhvaril Islaiul ami Cape Tormeiltine 
linin^wiek. The pa^sa:_;e i^ not at all times -.ali'. 
s belie\eil that powerful steamers mi;.;ht keep tlr.' 
ion open nearly .ill. if not .ill, the _ve,ir r.uiml— .m 
kuv^ which ih -■ Uoniinion CioNeninieiit h,i\e, b>' 
lis of union, fioiiiul tlieill-elves to in,iii.L;u'Mte. 
jiuhlic .ilV.iirs of I'rince I'.iKvanl Isl.iml an- ad- 
red by .1 I.ieuten,int-liovernor,* an I'^xicutive 
1 of nine nRiiiber--,.i la L;i'^l,iti\e t'dincil of thirteen 
rs, and ,i I,eL;i>l,iti\e .\->i iiilil>- "i thirty rei^re- 
■■es, Jii-.liee is administered accord.iiii; totliekius 
land, I 

total population of the! in \^;'] wasin,o.M, 
ea^e of I .?, 160 since , ,iiid of .'s'j,<j-M since it 

■ ,1 possession i,"5."^i; .md it is now e.-.ti- 
.it uiiuards of 105,000. 

kl.i il I ill i\v.\,the capital of I'rince lalward Island, 
til)- situ.ited on i;ently rising; i;rouml, lookin,; 

the ^..iilh, parish of Ch.irl.itte, county of (Jueeiis, 
the n..rth ^ille of the I-'., 1st Ki\er. its Jiincti.m 
le N.alli ,iiul \\'e,-l Umrs, The town is li.;hteil 
and is Will l.ii.l ..ut ; the streets eio^s cicli other 
t ,inL;les, ,iiid -e\er,il . .f llleiil are' lOO feet wi.le. 
irbor is s.ife ,iml coiniiiodi..u-. The buil.l- 
he most liaiuKoine e.lifiee in the pLice, It i-- built 
la Scotia freestone, ,ind ii-.t over :J^.S5,ooo. The 
jirincip.d buildings are the new, cotirt- 
m.irket, ,itlien,i uni, |i.iblii h.dl, ixeli.iiv_;i\ dri!!- 
I'luice ..f \\',iles. St, l)un-l,in- ,iild Metli..ili^t 
-; n.irm,il seli.iol. coinent, lunatic ,i-~ylani. t;.iol, 
nieiU hoii-.e, 

re are ,d>o f.nir b,ink-, .1 s.i\iiv_;s b,i:ik, a wo.'ileii 
■, l.'umiry --hip-buil.linL; \",irdi--, ite. 

lilt rcli. lilts are eiiterpri-iii;4 .iml ue,iithy. .md a 
ii'Lje export trade is il.ine here with drcil l)ii!.iin 
e L'nile.l Stales. 

ilnlnell^c impetus would be L;i\in to ihe tr.ide of 
.ttetown by the of tlic Reciprocity Tre.itj- 
le Cnited St.ite,-.- Population, over ij.i.oei, 

I M1.U-I|.|., the ^n.iiiil touii of import, nice nnthe 
is -.iliLited on lleilii|Ue l!,i\', .in.l on the I'rince 
li K.iilwav', f.irtj' miles north-we^t of 
■wn, iort\-li\e mde- 11, .i tli-e.i--t e.f .Shedi.ic. It ll.i.s 
elleiit uith L^.'o.l ,uichor,iL;e for the l.iri,;est 
• .iiid e. int,iin> ehmches of ,,i\eii deii..miiMtions, 
j.uiks. a public li.ill, m.iiket, toiiveiit, ^ehon!--. ,uid ! 
1 milU and f.ictorics. 

)-buil.lin:.; is carried on to a I iro.: extent, and i';>;t;s, 
es. ovsiirs, >hee|), horses. ,iml, are extensively 
id. Summ.r~i.le ikiily, in 

■ r. by -t' ami r with N..v.i Sotki ,nid New liruns- 

In 111 ,!. .pie li.iy, oji|i..,li. tlu- |.,wn, i-, ,1 lie.uitil'iil 
I 'I ,ib. .ut Jixi .icres, on has been erected a 
i.'.el capable of nccontinod,itin;,' f^on :^uests, and 
is ,1 kivorite siiinmer n's..rt, /\ I. .1111 feiijrun-- 
i.ii tin- i^l.rnd ,iiul the town Tli. I'rince l-alw.iid 
I Kailw.i) li.i,. ,1 lirst-tl.iss ■,t,, 1 i';.'ine-li.iii.-e. ,ind 
eds ill tile t'.wn, ropukitioii, iie.irl,v juoo. 
iri^elow-n .iml ,ire ,ibo rapidly risiiij; towii- 
1 p.'pulati.jn of .iboiit I ;.A) am' l,o<:iO respecti\el\ 


riu- wh..le..f tin- vast territ..ry hitliert.i hell b> the 
llu.lson H.iy, miller Ch.irter isMied in 
the twenty-second year of the rei-n of Charles 1 1., aii.l 
tr.iii-ferred t.. the (ioveriiment on the 1 -t d.iy 
,,f December, i.-^'Mithe company receiving; an ind.-miiity 
f ..ill the (i.ivernment of /,\;o.m«'0 sterlin-l. 
W.1.S by order of II. M, the Ijneen in Coumil. d,it.-il .' ;rd 
dayof Jmie, \>^70 admitted into the union or |)..miiiKin 

of ( ,111.1.1,1 

llu- i...rli..n of the terril..ry hitliert.i kii...vii .1. tie.' 
Selkirk or Ke.l Ki\er SettKimnl h.i-- be.-n eiea..l inl.> 
.1 l'i,.\ince. t.> be cilK.l the rr..vinee ..f 

It i> b..mi.Kd .Ml the s.nith b> the liiil.-.l St.ile-.. .m.l 
on the n.irth. east, and west by the N.iri li-We-t l\iiitoiies 
of tlu- Domini. m. It fr.mi .pi l.i ^o ^..n..ith 
lailii.l.- ,in.l h.>m .1'. to o.i west loii-itiide. ,ind 0111- 
pri-.s .in ,ii-e,i .if i.4,;-(.' s.|ii,iie miles, or .).i r,-.'"^"'' ''^'I'^'s- 
The 11,11m .l/,('/.-/.e',r t,ik.-n fr.mi .1 lar-e Like. .1 p irl .if 
which lie^ in the rrovince, i- .1 c..ntracti.)n 111,1. le by tlu- 
..M l-'reiieh Can, idiaii .-.-.l-.V''''-^ "f the Cree w..rd M.mito. 
w.ilhvi. Mdiiili'i.- -iL;nilies sufiiiui/unt/. Jiri/u: sfint . .md 
wa:\vi mans a itntil. As the waters of a str.iit m t!i,it 
l,ik.- ,iie ,i.;it,ite,l in .m unusnil way. the Indians believed 
f..rmeily 111. re theriin s.imethinL; supernatural. a spirit 
that niove.l them. ,iml they calle.l the l.ike Manit.i.iilan. 
I The capabilities ..f its s.iil eanii..t be ex- 
ceeded for many thint^s. The most iMrt of tlu- I'o.vince 
is pr.iirie lan.l. diversified by groups .if elm, ash, 0.1k. p.ip- 
lar, basswood, and ash-leaf maple. It is a rich, bl.ick 
mould, restiui,' partly on a limestone f<n-m,ition .md p.vrtly 
on a thick coat of hard clay. M.inure. indispens.ible 
at first, is as useful hei-<- as elsewhere. It li,is iMt been 
u -ed much so, on .iccount of the kiroe .im .mt .if land 
p.jssessed by e.icli of the inluxbilants, which circumstance 
i-n.ililes them tos..w the same yrain several ye.irs run- 
nin.;. \\ lipeiis in 1 10 .l.iys. .ind .„'i v" an,'c 
lelum.f lwem>--live to thirlv budlels t.) the ,icre. All 
kinds. if -.irdeu ve-etables, .is well .is o.its, li.irl. y, 
c.irn, h.ips, llaxhemp,, and ..tlur are 
e.isily r.ii-e.l. The ,i;rassy s.ivannas .if Red River .ill.u.l 
unlimited pistura;^e ranges, as IoUl,' as uiiplou-h-.l. Tlu' 
.iiitli,.rity .if the scientific L;-eiitleiiien connected with the 
raeilic Railway surveys exists for the statement that a 
lai-i;e |i,irtofthis I'r.ivlnce is excelled by n.i p.'iti .11 of 
Americi as ,i eeieal-pr. ..lucini; country, and f.>r the l;. iier- 
,i"\- ixceedin;; li,',iut> ..f the n. wly-siu Aeved distiicts, 

rii..UL;li the winter is coid, it is miti.;,ited b\- ,1 cK,ir. 
,lr\- ,itm. .sphere. A popiil.itioii more health)- th.iii the 
.\l,mit,.b,ins b. imt .in)uhere, 
i Ihe ri,.viiue is prodded with .1 liberal hoiuest. .ul 
kiw, whiJi exempt, (with st,.ek, implements, iV^.i ii.o 
.ici -s of km.'. l-A-ei-/ m.ile .i.lult is entitled t.i 100 of 
"ll. must. l.Mul l"rt-e e.xcept sucll .is .'re include. 1 ill the reser\.-s); and a further lOO .icres of " pre-..-iiip- 
ti..n ' l.iii.l at prices ranL;iii4 I'rom $1.1.10 to $-'.si) per 
,icre. .iccrdin:,' f.i the "belt" in which it is situated, 
these - belts " running t.i the- I'.ieilic R.iilw.i)-, and 
prices v.iryini; .icc.irdiui; l.i tlu ir r.-spictive dist.iiKts 
iheref'rolll. Tw 1 secti.uis in ..uh t.>uiis!iip, .ir oiie- 
eii;llteentli p.irt of the whole, is reser\e.l lor sclu-'ol pm- 

The 1,'reat pr.ililem .if a f'uture liiel suppi)- which 
st.ire.l thecountr)- in the .is s.ion .is the timber iiiiiits 
al..ii',; the river -bottoms" sliould bec.mie exh.iuafed, bull s,;tisf,Kt.iril)- solve.l b)- the renilt <li-i . i\ e- les 
. fc.i.d . .11 both t'.ie Sask.ifchew.m .m.l .\s,iiiib..iiu-. In- 
. lie, iti. Ills L;ive promise of .111 iuexli.iustible suppl) .iiul 
.ictii.d experiment il.-uionstr.ited its superior .pi.ility. 
The ehief rivals ..r tlu- I'r.iv iiice .ire the Red Rivir and 
.\-siiiihoiiie. The l'..niier t.ikes il - n^e in ( ill. 1 r,iil ,in.l 
I'r.Kerse !..ikes, .M iim.-- = .t.i. ruimini; ii.iithw.inl ,1 .lis 
1. nice of over 7uo ..i.les aii.l empt)-iilc; into I., ike Win- 
nipeg; 105 miles from the CS. boundary; but on account 
..f the crookedness .if the its len^,'tli in Cm ulian 
turitory exceeds Jo_> miles I'lie .-Xssiniboine '.ikes its 



rise some 400 miles \vc-t-'>\'-noith of Winnipcij (wIiltc 
it Iniiin a cniilhiciKe with the Red Kivei), but mi acecmiU 
<i!' Its wiiu'.iiij; course it is over 600 miles in leii;;tli. It 
tluus lor tile (irst 400 miles of its course in a i^eiurally 
S(>y-easterii ilircctiou. receiving in that distance 
five important tributaries from the norlii side, each horn 
50 to 150 miles ill lenj^th. At the " elbow," .'Jo miles 
(by river) from its mouth, it receives its chief tributary, 
the Ou'Appelle, from the rij^hl l).iiii<, and llows tlieiice 
aimo-.t due east till it minifies its waters with those of 
the Kid River at I'orl darry. 

ManUobi is ver' rapidly assuming the status of one of 
the most import, u I'rovinces in the Dominion ICvery 
part of the I'rovince a volume of interest ; but 
the chief of all centres in i'ort Clarry, now the city of 
\\'inni|)e}j, and tile coiiiiaerci d, as well as the political 
t.ipital. This was one of tlu earliest [joints of settle- 
nieiit of the I.oril Selkirk colony in the very fust )e,irs 
(.f the present ceiitur)-. i)\\ account of its favorable 
ULii^raphicd i)osition it was early made the chief post 
of th'.- IlikUoa H,iy Company in the N'orth-W'est, ;...d 
such it still remains. 'I'he whole trade of the pkice .ilmost e.»;clusivi'ly eonlined to the Hudson Hay 
Com[)any's business until a few years previous to the 
transfer of th • Company's territory to the I.'oniinion in 
lS"0 ; ant; ever, at date it was a place of no im- 
portance, havin;4 but a sini^le street, with no buildings 
of ail)' s!.'.J or value, and a i,'eneral trade which amounted 
to little or nolhinj;. Within a single decade it has 
become a handsome, well-built city of about 15000 
inhabitants, with wide streets, lined with biick and stone j 
buildiiijjs which woulil ilo no ilisciedit to any city of the , 
Continent In rcj4,iid to its commercial attributes, Win- 
nipeg is on .ill h.i'ids admitted as the briskest city in the 
Uominion, ui()re business being transacted there, in pro- 
portion to its p.ipulation, than in any other. 

The chief historical incidents in connection with Win- 
nipeg, since its original settlement, were the " Red River i 
Kebeliion" in 1S70. the princip.d fe.itures of which (includ- 
ing the I'residenc)' of Kiel, the imprisonment of Cana- 
ili.iiis. the e.xecution of Scott, the c.ipture of Fort Garr>- 
by the iiiilitar)' expedition under the then Col. Woolsley, 
.ind tl'.e lligl'.t of the insurgent chiefs; are still fresh in 
the minds of ,dl ; the ineorpor.ition of the 
place as a city, in 1.S73 ; the building of the I'embin.i 
Lr.iiicli of the Can.ida I'.icilic Railway , .uid the linal 
decision of the IXiminion (i(.)vernnient to builil the m.iin 
line of the l'..^itic through and directly westw.ud IrLrin 
the city, crossing tlie Red River b;- a m.ignilicent iron 

lie cit)' iias sever.d very line hotels, one of which cost 
over $l0Ci,00O to build. The Christian denominations 1 
all h.ive churches, some of them very imposing struc- 
tnies. There are three theological colleges, ".Manitoba" 
(l'resb)terian), ' St. lioniface " (Roman Catholic), and 
"St. Jolins" i_Ki>iscopalian;. There is an excellent Fire 
Dep.utment. with sever.d steam lire-engines ; n.itioiial, 
benevolent, and society organizations ol every ilescrip- 
tiv.n. including several .Masonic and Oddfellow.' Lodges; 
three d.dly and several weekly neusp.ipeis; and a number 1 
of literary and .scientillc societies. It is the great com- 
mercial metro[)olis of the Canadian Xorth-West, ami 
its waielioiis.s are tilled with the pr ducts of every: 
clime ; while among its merchants are some of the most j 
successful traders of this gener.ilioii. 

ilesides tin: ■■ (iovernment House" and public oiiices 
of the I'rovince, Winnipeg contains ,1 number of edilices 
owned liy the iJoniiiiion Co\ eminent ; inclmling the | 
I'ost-C^llice and (iovernment .Savings Hank, the I'.icillc 
K.iilw.iy Unices ; the Custom House, and the Dominion 
Land Ofllce. 1 he City ILill and Central School are 
Ver_\ fine buildings, while the prospective jjublic improve- 
ments include a North-Western University, Gas Worksi 
and a water sup[ily on the most ap[)roved modern 

Although Wir.uiiieg is by fir the most important and 
liopulous citj- in the whole North-West, yet Manitoba 

contains a largo number of prospermis .111 
growing towns in almo-,t every jiortion, espec 
bordering the Assiniboine and Red Rivers, 
the chiel of these are : 

H.\li; Sr. I'.MJI., on the Assiniboine, 30 111 
Winnipeg, containing churches, schools, sevi 
S:c., &C., and a popul.itiiui of i.joo. 

Hl.lMl.SuKI', a Meiinonite village in section 
ship 7, R.mge 6 Fast, contains steam grist and 
church, school and custom house. 

F.MI'.U.siix, a newly incorporated city on tlu 
of the Red River, just north of the U, .S. bi 
the southern terminus of the reinbina l>r 
already contains a population exceeding -',c 
growing veiy fast. It is a port of entry, an 
Custom House and Dominion Lands Office, 
tributes of the most prosperous cistern r.iilv 
are to be found here, including the very best eci 
and educational institutions, mail, telegr.iph .1 
facilities, and a daily .uul several weekly new- 

Gr ..MisTdNK, in Township 14, Range 1 1 
White Mud River, cout.iins grist and saw mi 
stores, churches, schools, &c., and a populatioi 

Hi; Aln.Niil.KV, one of the most lleurisliing s 
on the Assiniboine, ij miles above Winnipeg 
several churches, school, mills, hotels, stores 
I'opul.ition, i,Joo. 

KlI.noNAN, the oldest of Lord .Selkirk's si 
(named from the native parish of its first : 
tlourisliing town on the right bank of the Red 
miles be!ow Winnii)eg, with a popul.ition of "( 
anil very many of the attributes of our old 
towns, including religious and eilucational ir 
liti'r.iry, scientitic, national and other societies 
in the best towns of Ontario. 

.MoKKls, a town on the Red River, J4 mil 
tile U. S. boundary : although only laid 011 
this town's present population alread>' appro.u 
with five or si.x churches, schools, mills, f.ictc 
houses, hotels, etc., etc. 

T'll'LAK I'lilNT, on the Assiniboinj, at the 
the I'Lirtage and Lake Manitob.i roads, 4; 
of Winni|)eg, is a flourishing town with 500 of 
tioii, and .ill the attri'uutes of prosperous villa; 
ally ■>f similar si/e. 

I\)kl'\i;i-; L\ I'RA' .11;. the county of 
West, is the most ''niportant point in western 
It has a popul.ition of ne.irly 1. 500 and lias 
connection with Winnipeg, Oo miles casiu.ii 
five or si.\ churches, schools, mills, hotels, et 
every ehar.icterislic of the prosjierous pi, ice 

Rai'IH CMS', on the Little S.isk„icliew ,111, t 
settled the present season, promises t 1 be a \i 
Ing town, and ere long a centre of 
iuiportaiice, being the conteiiipl.ited junctioi 
proposed railway lines to the west, north-west 

.Sl.l.KlUK, named from the nobleman who 
Red River Ce'.on>', is J4 miles down the river 
nipeg, which pku-e it SMiou-l)' threateiieil to 
the chief commerciai nietroiiolis, until the lin 
of the general geivernnient gave the hitter i 
line of tile I'.icilic Railw.iy, .Selkii'; is the ... now a br.inch of the I'.icific. being 
designed as the m.iiii line ,ind built thus far. 
,1 population of sever.d thousand, has newsp.ip 
churches, mills, f.icteiries. etc.. etc., in profusie 
daily bo.its to and from Winnipeg during t. 

Sll'Nl'.WAl.l., 26 miles west of Sei'drk, . 
north of the I' I', though 
in l^", is already a thriving and promising 
taining flour and grist mills, several cluircl 
stores and factories. 

Sr. ANDKIiWs, in the parish of the same 



the Kill Ivivcr, I'l miles below Wmiiip'';^. It is one of 
the e.irlie-.t Scuteli settlements, and i-. the county seat of 
I.isj^.ir County. It has a popiil.ition of nearly j.ckjo, and 
is Well supplied witii all the facilities of modern civiliza- 
tion, ineliidiny cluirelies, seliouls, mills, sho[)s, factories, 
stores and hotels. 

.St. 15umi.\i K, .It the confluence of the Red and 
Assiniboine, opposite Winnipeg, is one of tlie most Im- 
portant points in till." Province, now containing; a popul.i- 
tion appro.ichinj; J,ooo, which is beiny const, intl,v and 
r.ipidl\' au^'uiented. It for a time the terminus of 
llu IVinbina branc of the Canada I'acil'ic. There is a C.itliolic at tins pi, ice, wliich is the 
.Metropolit.m Sec of the .Nortli-West. It has a collej;e, 
l.idies' aculemy, large hospital and an orphan a-^'hrni, 
some very ii.mdsome buildings — public and jjrivate, a 
number of mills, several good hotels, and a French news- 
paper, Lv Mttis. It will undoubtedly soon become a 
part of Winnipeg, to which city it already virtually be- 
longs, "^ 

There are several ijuite po[)ulous parishes along tl'.e 
Assiniboine and Red Rivers, in each of which there 
are towns of more or less importance, gener.dly of the 
s.ime name, including, St. Clements, 22 miles distant 
from Winnipeg. St. Charles, y miles ; St. Francois Xavicr, 
Jj miles; St. James, 3 miles; St. Johns, just north of 
i the city ; St. Norbert, at the mouth of the La Salic, on 
the Red River, and St. I'aul's, nortli of Kildonan. .St. 
Norbert X'illage is the county seat of I'rovencher, and is 
I a very prosperous and rapidly growing town. 
i WlCST LV.SXE (I'embina), o" the west side of R(?d 
Rive, adjacent to the United States boundary, w:;; at 
one time a place of much' r imiiortance at 
present, being the outport of ei '.nuis for the entire 
North-West, but since the completion of the railwav' to 
I'^merson It has temporarily declined. The river, how- 
ever, is being bridged, and the recent erection of im- 
portant buildings, warehouses, &c., by the Hudson 
■^.boundary: although only laid out In 1 1^/'?' ] Bay Conijiany and others, promise It a new lease of life, 
n's present population already- approaches l,COO, | Ti,ere are man>- other pl.iees of great promise whl ,1 
e or si.x churches, schools, mills, f.ictorle.s, ware- | ,„.^, |-,ii|„g ^,p .(^ f^st as a continuous living .stream fnm 
hotels, eU-,, etc. j the East can fill them, and which before another year 

will eclipse the present status of many of those .dready 
described, therefore we can scarcely form an estimate of 
what the ne.\v decade will do for a I'rovince already 
cmbraciiig so riany llourlshing and rapidly growing 
settlements, and which bvit ten years ago (1S70, when 
the transfer efl'ected from the Hudson liay Com- 
pany to Canada} contained the Insignificant population 
of 1 1,953. and this, too, including the whole North-West, 
whose present population aside from that of Manitoba, 
Is now \-,u'iou<ly estim itcd at from 50.OOO to 100,000. 

I l.irge muiiber nf prosperous and r,ipidl\- 
towns in almo-,1 every portion, especi.div' those 

the Assiniboine and Red Rivers. Among 

f these are ; 

Sr. r.M'l,. on the Assiniboine, 30 miles above 
;, containing churches, schools, several stores, 

nd .1 popul.ition of l.joo. 
I Ni Ik r, ,1 .Mennonite vnllage In section i;, Town- 
,inge 6 l''.ast, contains ste.ini grist and s,iw mills, 
chc/ol and custom house, 

>n\, a newly incor|)or.ited city on the east 
led River, just north nf the C, S. bound, ir)-, is 
hern terminus of the I'embin.i lir.nich. It 
cont.iins ii papulation e.xceeiling -',000, and. is 
veij- last. It is a port of entry, and contains 
House .md Dominion Lands Office. .Ml the at- 
)f the most prosperous e.istern railway towns 
fouiul here, including the very best ecclesi.istlcal 
■ itional Institutions, m.iil, telegr.iph and express 
.md a d.iily .md weekly- newspaper.*. 
ildSi:, in rownslii|) 14. R mge it West, on 
ud River, cont.iins grist and saw mills, hotels, 
urches, schools, S:c., and a population of about 

INi.l.l.N', one of the most flourishing settlements 
ssinibolne, 13 miles above Winnipeg, contains 

Lurches, school, mills, hotels, stores, iicc, &c. 

on, i.Joo. 

)N \N, the oiliest of Lord Selkirk's settlements 

from tile n.itive parish of its first settlers', a 
ng town on the right bank of the Red River, five 

low Winnipeg, with a population of "00 or -^ver, 
y many of the attrlbuti'S of our older cstern 
ncluding religious anil educational institutions, 

sclentitic, national and other societies, as found 

L-st towns of Ontario. 

(IS, a town on the Red River, J4 miles north of 

\i; I'mIM', on the Assiniboine, at the junction of 
t.ige and L.ike Manitoba roads, 45 miles west 
ipeg, is a flourishing town with 500 of a popula- 
1 .ill the attributes of prosperous villages genei- 
limilar si/.e. 

.\i;i-; L.\ I'RA' .11:, the co\uity of M.inpiette 
the most 'inportant point in western Manitoba, 

I popul.ition of ne,iil>- 1,500 and has diily stage 
ion with Winnipeg, do miles castw.ird. It has 
six churches, schools, mills, hotels, etc., etc,, and 
har.icterislic of the prosjierous whkh it Is. 

II e' I \\. on the Little Saskalchew.iii, though only 
Lhe present se.ison. promises t 1 be a ver)' flourlsh- 
n, and ere long a rallro.ul centre of considerable 
nee, being the contenipl.ited junction of several 
d railway lines to the west, north-west ,ind south- 


This large po' session of the Hot .ilon of Canada in- 
cludes all tl'.it portion of British North America outside 
the I'ro, inces of C)iU.irlo, Ouebec, Nova Scotia, New 
Brunswick, .M.mitoba. British Columbia and I'rlnce li^d- 
w.ird Ul.iud, and the isl.ind of Newfoundland. It is 
bounded on the north by the Arctic Ocean, on the east by 
the I'acillc Railw.iy. Selkii'; is the terminus of llie .\tlantic, on the west by the r.icltic,and on the south 
now a br.inch of the I'.icilic. being 

IRK. n.inied from the nobleman who formed the 
i-er Ci'.onv, Is J4 miles down the river from Win- 
ihich it s:riou-ly threatened to supplant as 

f comnierci.>i metropolis, until the final decision 
'eneral ''overnment gave the litter cit\- the m.iin 

by p.uts of the Dominion of Canada and the Unit 
St.Ues. Are.i cstim.iled at 2.750,000 .siiu.ue miles. 
This immense district was, until 1^70, known as the 
s, mills, f.ictories. etc.. etc., in profusion, and tuo Hudson Bay Territory, so nameil after Henry Hudson, 
j.'its to and from Winnipeg during t.-e season of "ho discovered the bay In 1610, and perished on its 


d as the m.iin line and built thus far. It contain.- 
ation of several thousand, has newspapers, schools, 

.shores. It was governed by the Ihulson I!a>- Company, 
.l.W.M.I., :!6 miles west of Sel'drk, and 6 miles by whom it divided into four large dep irtnients or 
fthe i' I'enitentiary, though only settled regions, subdivided into thirty-thrc ■ districts. Including 
, Is already a thriving and promising town, con- 155 posts. The government administered by a Chief 
flour and grist milis, several churches, schools, tiovernor .md Council, and the various departments by 
md Victories. C'liet Factors and Chiei Trader,' The Northern depart- 

\Nl)Kli\v.s, in the parish of the same n.ime, is o \ , nient, v hich Included all the establishments in the far 


north ami iVcven region, compiisod tlio vallry of tlu' 

M.icki-n/.ii' RiVLT, aiiil tlio coiiMtr\- bctwi-cn that sterile rc- 

j;ioii aiul tho Rocky Moniitain-i, iinrtli of L.ilio Alhab.isci. 

Tlic Soii'Iktii ik'iiartnu-nt I'xti'iiili'il on both siili's of 

jaiiK"'' '!.iy, ami .ilon^ the south shores of Huilson's May, 

as I'ar muth a- I apo C'hin\liili, ami inlaiul to the ii;li,'e 

which lonus llv.' iiorlhern hoiimlary of (Jueln'O ami l )ii- 

tario, ami to I.iUi's \Viiinii)e:,\ D.'er. .mil \\i)llastoii. 

The Montreal ilepartnu'iit inclmleil the coiintrj- in the j ||^. j^.i,,,],,; tj,_,^. 

neh^hlioihood of Montieal, up the Ottawa River, and i,i,;„ri-int "ra 

niencos about a month e.irlier than on th 
Suiierior, which i- 5' of latitude f.irtlier 
Snow is never ixcessixe in depth , wh 
tr.uts the natural pastura^je is so aininil 
,iiid cittle may lie left to obtaui their 

Travellers descrilie this re;^'iou a- lu.i;^ of the L;roiuul covered with llowe 

ilies, and bUiL'-bells, ha 

The rivers and lakes west of Lake .'^ 
dercd by rich (irairies ami splendid woe 

alonj; the north shore of the St. I„iwrence to I-'.s(iuiniau.\ 
Ha\ ■. ar.d the Columbia department comprehended all 

that inuiiense ext.nt of country to the west of the Rocky ^,,.^,,„„ .R.iinv River, 100 miles hmi^ 
Mount. lins, now the I'rovince of Hritisli CoUmibia. ,,^,j^, i|„^, ,i„.' j ,,|,^. of the Wood^ ami 

The Nortli-Westrerritorie. now have a separ.Ue Lieu- I,,, ^. ,,!„,, „,.,j^. ^^f ., j^^eat settlement, w 
the ctiiital beiu' at Hattleford, and 

fenant-dovi-rnor, the c.tpita 
the government of the Territories is of a ipi.isi-niilitary 
character, chielly under the jurisdiction— subject to the 
approv.d of the Lieutenuit-tlovevnor — of the Norlh-Wcst 
Mounted Tolice. Durin;^ the incumbency of the Mac- 
keii/ie Auininistration, a portion of what is j^enerally 
known as the ' North-West" bitween Ontario ,ind >Lani- 
tol)a was set otf .is the new Province of Keewatin ; but 
the arbitration then pending between the (jntario and 
Dominion tiovernnients sul)sequently resulted in the 
greater part of the territory in ipiestion being awarded 
to I 'utario, ,1 decision which of eou'-se put an end to the 
scheme of a new I'rovince. 

'The North-West Territories are watered by numerous 
l.d<es ami rivers. The principal rivers are the Ciiurchill, 
Nelson, Se-.ern, Albau)-, .\bbitib'.)i, ICist Main and Great 
Wiiale rivers, flowiii;j; into Hudson's jS.iy , the M.ickenzie. 
Coppermine and (ireit T'isli rivers, llowin;,; into the 
.Arctic Oce.m ; the Sask.itchewan, .Assiniboine, and Red 
rivers, falling into Lake Winnipeg ; and the Cani.ipuscaw 
(■)r Koksoaki and Natwakame rivers, fdlin^' into Hud- 
son's Straits. The .\Licken/ie is one of the greatest ri\ers 
in the world. It is j.jiX) miles long, and Hows through 
a fertile and I'lnely wooded countrj-, skirletl by met.dli- 
feriHis hills, and with coal-measures crop|)ing out near 
till- thr.iu^hout three-fourths of the area dr.iined 
!i\- it, to the best computation, it ilr.iins an 
,irea of 443,000 sipiare miles The Cnjipermine River is 
\cry rich in c. ipper ore and g.don.i. The S.iskatchewan, 
1.300 miles long, and its tribul. tries, dr.iin ,01 ,irea of 
Vj.VOOO square miles. 'The princip.U l, are the (ircat 
Keir, lireat Slave, Athabasc.i, Winnipeg, Manitob.i, Lake 
i.f the Woods. Winnip.-goos, ( W.iter, Nelsjn, l.)jer, 
W.>'laston, North l.ineil. Mist.issini, .ind .Abbitibbi. tireat 
11 o- Lake is 250 miles long and about as wide, (ireat 
Slave L,d<e is ;o.:i miles long and 50 wide. L.ike .Atha- 
b.i^ .1 is 200 mile^ long .lud JO to 40 wide. L.d<e \\'\n- 
ni'..;..; i^ J.'i') miles long and 5 to 57 miles wide. L.ike of 
th ■ Woods -; mi 

borders and steambo.its on its >m 

On I'eace Ri\er gro\es of popl.irs am 
scene, and their interv.iles ,ire iiilivened 
of elk and buflaloes. 

About 130 miles cast of the Rock\ 
great coal-bed commences .^o I'.irar. 
it is over 300 miles in width, .md extcr 
over 16' of kititude, to the .Arctic Oce 
(or tertiary coali formation i^ still more 
velopeil. At the junction of the 
Lake rivers, the form,ition is best e.\pos. 
sists of a series of beds, the thickest < 
three yards, by l.iyers of j 
alternating with a rme-gr.iiue 1, fri,ible 
sometimes with thick beds of cl,iy, the 
being often dark from the disseminatii 
matter. The coal, when recently e.str.ic 
is massive, and most general!)' shows 1 
ture distinctly. Beds of co.d also crop 
on various parts of the .Arctic eoa-it. 

When the Hud^.m l!.i> 'Territory w, 
the Dominion in iS;c>. there .ibs. in that p.irt of it now known as 
Territories, except some r.ning band' 
the lew white hunters, tr.ipi)eis and 
sp.osely from the Amiriciu .md ( lid I'r 
to Alaska and Hudson l!,iy, .md from 
Rocky Mount.iiiis. Ten years Liter, w 
to a populous and alrea ly wealthy pr. 
previously described , ,111 
along the v.dleys of the .X^-iniboiiu' 
Rivers and their lribut,uijs, which 
already estimate as high as 100,000 
which is so rapidly increasing as to pr 
outstrip even the heretofore uniirec 

Among the very mar>- points of ii 

/ 3 

les long by Oo miles wide, and LakcU'"'^'-' w'''^''' ^'''-^ terri' jiy alre.idy cont 
.\Ii..tassini about the si/e of Lake Ontario. tion the following : 

''le numer.ius and recent surveys for the I'acific R.iil- i B.\ r ri.l.l'uKli. the c.ipital and cli 

w.iy h,i\e coiil'irnKd ,dl tluit has e\er been written of the North-We.t .Mounted I'olice, 13 situ.ite 
\.i-; e\t. at nf the .igricultural cap.djilities of the North-' at its conlluence with the Saskatchew.i 
we^t Territories, or, It least foo 000 to ^oo.ooosquarc miles town is a plateau 200 feet above tlu 
of them. 'Tlie fertile belt of th- Sask.itchewan alone con- which is n.ivig.ible to th; point, t 
tains an are.i of 64400 .square miles, in one continuous' Hudson li.iy Company's steamers regi 
St ip Soo miles long, and, on an .uerage, eighty miles ment Housi. aere situateil, togetl'er w 
liroid. Hut tiK' best and largest wheat area is be)'ond the offices, inc iding those of the Reg 
.S i.-k,itchew,in, n.ime!)', the \-alleys of the Athabasca and tli.iry Magistrate, form an imposing 
I'eace rivers to the ver\- we-.tern (the I'.icifici slope of the I town \^ well laid out, and cunt.iin^ 1 
Rocky .Mount.iiiis, along the I'eace River Pass to l.ititude 1 of more th,in ordin.iry |)retensions. 1 
(ij N. .Near the foot of the Rocky Mount.iins there is an I I' Methodist and 
.ire.iof 50o,oejo.'.)CO acres beyond the sujiposed limit of the 
fertile b-lt of the North-West, The .S.isk.itchewan is i)ar- 
ti.iliy wooiled, .ind aboumis uith the mnst beautiful herb- 
agi.-, ,ind geneMJly posse^ie^ .1 deep and rich soil of vege- 
t d)!e ni'iuld. Tlii^ extraordin.iry belt, more than one- 
third of wliii li is .It once av.iilalile fur the purposes of the 
.igriciilturist, is c.ipable of su.-l,iining a "opulation of 
ij.ioooooci. 'Tlii^ re:;ion in winter is not more severe than 
ill I )ntari.), ,ind iii tlieui.,u-rii di .^ricl^.whieli ,ire removeil 
li III the iiilliirncr of the gn ,a lake-., llif spring eoai- 


school, stores 

excess ot 500. It is even now a pi 
commercial importance, anil from it- 
tion, its surniumlings and its | iliiie.i 
bined, promises to become the leadinj 
West. It has telegraphii. conimunicatii 
world, and the first es'aljlished newsp 
tories— the t'uitllefoiii lli-ritld—\-- .iiin 
.Alt.igether. it i ; a pi, ice of vei)- ;,^re,i 
leicst, a^ Well .1-^ of le.i.ling iiiipm t.nic 


noo-; alioiit .i moiitli c.iillri- tli.m on the sliorcs i.l' Lake 
H'rior, H'liicli is 5 ' of lalilmli.' laillKT to tlio soiilli. 
iiiow is never e\cessi\c in lieptli ; wliile in llie liiliest 
ts llie pasturage is so abuiulant that horses 
eattle may he left to obtain tlieir footl Jiirin:^ tile 

I'ravellers ilescribe this rctjion as tua;4nil"ici'nt, with the 
tace of the ground covered with llouers. siuh .is roses^ 
aeinths, tiger-lilies, and bhic-belN, half hiililen in the I 
:uriant grass. | 

The rivers and lakes west of Lake Saperior are bor- 

d by rich prairies and s|ilendid woods. A splendid i 
eain Kain\- Ki\er, loo miles long' empties L.ic la 
lie into the L.ike of the Woods, and must one d,iy be 
higlnva)' of a great settlement, with towns on its 
rders and .steamboats on its bosom. 
)n I'eace River groves of popkirs and |)ines vary the ' 
ne, .ind their interv.iles ,ire enlivened with herds 

: and biiltaloes. | 

About 150 miles cast of the Uocky Mount.iins the! 
at coal-bed fommences .-Jo f.iras has been ascertained 
. over 300 miles in width, and extemls continuously 
er 16' of lititiide, to the Arctic Ocean. Tho lignite 
r terti.iry coali formation is still more e.\tensi\ely ile- 
■loped. At the junction of the Mackenzie and Hear 
ike rivers, the formation is ticsl e.\posed ; it tliere con- 
.ts of a series of beds, the thickest of which e.xceed 
ree yards, separ.iteii by l.iyer.s of gravel and sand, 
ternating with a fine-gr.iine I, fri.dile sandstone, anil 
imetinies with thick beds of cl.iy. the interposing l.iyer 
•ing often dark Iron) the dissc-miiKitioii of bituminous ' 
i.itter. The coal, when recentlj- e\;tr,icted from the beil, 
massive, ,iiul most generallj' shows the woodc struc- 
ire distinctly. Heds of coal also crop up to the 
n various p.irts of the Arctic coast. 

When the Hudson l?a\' Territory tinned over to 
tie Dominion in 1S70. there ,ibsohite]\- no popul.i- ■ 
ion in that ji.irt of it now known as the North-West 
erntones, e.\cept some ro\ino bands i,f ]nili,iiis, and 
lie few white hunters, tr.ipjiers and tr.ulers, scittered 
|)arsely from the American aiul Old l'ro\iiici. bound, irn- 
1 Alaska and Hudson li.iy. ,uid from Labrador to the 
locky Mountains, Ten ye.irs l.ili-r. we tuid. in .iddition 
> a populous and ,ilrc,i ly wealthy pro\nii.e ' .\I.init.>l).i. 
re\iou-ly described , ,111 population si ttled 
long the valleys of the .As^iniboinc and 
livers and their tnbut.iries. which .sonu authorities 
Iready estimate .is high as 100,000 souls, a numlier 
hicli is so r.ipidly increasing as to promise ere long to 
atslriii even the herelofore unoreceilented grovvih ol 

Among the very niai'\- points of interest ,ind iniport- 
ncc which this iL-rri' jry .ilre.idy coiit.iins, we m.u- men 
DU the following : 

lUl ll.i;i'cil<li, the cipital and chief st.iDon of the 
•'orth-Wcit Mounted I'olice, is sitii.ited i^n Battle Kiver, ' 
t its coiilluence with the Sask.itchew.m. i'he site of the 
jwn is a plateau 200 feet above the u.itei of the liier. 
hich is n.ivigable to tli; iioint, to .md Irom which 
ludson Hay Company's steamers regularly |ily. 1 iu\ crn- 
lent Housi here situated, together with the government ' 
ffices, iiic iding those of the Registrar and Stipeii- 
iary Magistrate, form an imposing appearance. 'I'hc 
nvn is well l.iid out, and eont.iiiis numerous buildings 
f liKjre than ordin.irj' pretensions It I-lpiscopali.m, 
'resb\teri,in, .Methodist and Roni.m » alliolic churches, 
cliool, stores and mills, ,iiid ,1 p.,pul,ition already in 
.xccss ol 5CXJ. It is even now a of consiiler.ible 
ommercial iniport.mce, and from its posi- 
ion, its .surroundings and its | ilitical" ascendancy eom- 
incd, promises to become the leading city of llu! Ndrtli- 
\ est. It telegrapliie coinnuuiication with the cnitside 
•orld, .md the first es'ablisliL'd newsji.iiier in the Terri- 
jries— the ISatllefoid Herald— \s among its institiiti.)n- 
lltogether, it is a of ver\- great .ind peculiar in- 
.■lest, as well as of le.iding importance. 

C.\KI,l:iiiN lldlsl.cir I'dKI L'aki t ION, is ,1 I LuLon 
Ha_v Comp.iny's tr.iding po-it on the North S.isk.ili lie- 
w.m, sJo miles west of Winnipeg I'he vill.ige itself 
is .1 sni.iit one of sc\,'ral hundred [leople, cont. lining 
churches, stores, si hoiils. \'c., while the "settlement' i.m- 
tains already ne.irly J,two of a popul.ition. 

I)t( K L.\Ki:, I.; miles soutli-e.isl cif C'.irlelon House, 
is becoming (jiiite a centre of tr.ule, >\\\ eont,iiiis stores, 
churches, schools. i*^c. One school is under eh.irge of 
the (irev Nuns. 

I'.liMns ION, ill kit, ?3' .(5' N., Ion. \\\ j(/ W., a Jiief 
trailing post of the Hudson H,i)- Coiiipinv. coiisisteil 
l'ormerl>- of .1 forliricitioii of reil e.irtli, enclos.-d |,y 
.ib.ittis. surrounded by trenches, and entered ln' b.ittle- 
nieiited g.itew.iys. It is now .1 Ihnirishing \ ill.igr of from 
3iX) to 5lx) population, .1 North-West Mounted I'.ilice 
st.ition, Hudson \\x\- Companv's post, ami cont.iins post 
ol'fice, four churches, sever,il hotels, school, two .'rist 
mills, s.iw mill, l.itli .and shingle mill, a number of me- 
ch.inics' shops, and ,1 good supple of inerc.inlile est.ib- 
lisliments. It is situated on the North .S.iskatcliewan 
Kiver. .S.So miles north-west from Winnipeg, and immense 
supplies of the beat coal e.xist in its iinmedi.ite nei.di- 

Imiim' Li I K r. is a Hudson H.iy ("onipain's jiost. .md 
iioM .|uite a considerable settlement at the junction of 
the iJa'.Appelle with the .Assiniboine, 2Jo miles west of 
Winnipeg. It is also a Mounted Police station, and a 
place ..f r.ipi.U)- growing size and import.iiice 

I'oKi .\1( Llnli. a post establislud by the North-West 
Mounted I'.jlice authorities, and named after Colonel 
Mcl.eod, the eoiiinianding officer of the force, is .il),.ut 
■~<;o iiiilis almost direct west of Winnipeg, on the South 
.' It l,itel\- become theci'ntre of ipiite 
.1 pr.isprr.ius and rapidly growing settlement, which 
promises to be one of the most important points of 
the North-West. 

h'. u;l I'l I \.\. .in the Assiniboine, 110 miles north of 
its junction with the (Ju'Appclle, and 330 niih-s n.Mtli- 
wes- of Winnipeg, is also a .Mounted Police station, and 
the centre of a rapidly growing agricultural popuhuion. 

I'dkl Pill, also on the North S.iskatchewan, is Tj.S; 
miles north-west of Winnipeg, and the headquarters of 
the Rom. Ill C,itliolic to the Cree Indians. The 
\ill.ige ont.iins .1 chiirJi, e.\eellent school, store, etc. 

LiiKT .SasKMVIIi WW. .1 I'lvnch Can.idian .settlement i:dni..nt. Ill, contains ,1 iiopiiKiti.,,, of between Joa 
and 300, and a olhce, a number of cliurche,, st.ires, etc. Tin- lust of is obt. lined in the 
lU'ighboili.,..,!, aii.l in inr\li,nistil)Ir ipi.intiii ^. 

L'Kl \ii;MII I|.,n is a II. H. Co.'s tr.iding post .and 
gn.wiiig vill.igr ,,n th.^ |\-,Ke River, over (.amiiles iv,.Mi 
of Wiiiiiiprg. Ceie.ils ,ind ro.its grow in this L.^.o u to 
the gnatesl p.i^sibh- perftvction. ami the pi.Muisi-, ,,f a 
rapid devel.iimunt of the adj.icent are e.\- 
treniely eiicour.iging 

(ireat .inticip.itioiis .ue everywhere ind,ilgf,l i,, with 
reg.ird to the glorious future of the North- West ; ,111. 1 the 
unjuecedented advance which it has alre.idy ni.ide, to- 
gether with its ever-accelcr.iti^ig development. w,>nld 
seem to indic.Ue that the most brilliant hojies are in no- 
wise overdr.iwn. 


lil;llls|| is bounded em the north b\ the 
sixtieth par.illel of latitude; by the iii.iin eh.Iiii ,.f 
the Ivockj- .Mount, lins; south by the I'liiiid .St.itis; .md 
west b\- Alaska, the P.icific Oce.iii, and ( liueii Ch.iilotte's 
Sound. Length, ;6.j'.; miles ; bre.idth !il.,.iil 400 miles, 
area, including Vancouver aii.l ..tlirr i.,|ands, 33,1,000 
.sc|u.ire miles. 

N'.mciuver Island extends from kit. .j.S i,/ to yi ; ;' 
N.. a distance of j;,S miles.along the southern poiti.m of 
the 111. liiil.nid. which it is separated li>' the ( .nil of 
Geoigi.i. .10 miles in width. The nuilh ei'.lr.irice to t!:e 


pulf i-. JniiiistDn's StiMit, .iiiil the SDiitli (iitr.iiuo i-. tlu' 
Strait iM S.iii 111 Ml ili: liK.i, wliicll si:|);ir.iti -. tlio suiitli 
slioif 111 ilic i~l. 111,1 rinm till- tniitDiy iif tlii.' Unilr.l St.itis. 
Qiicrii ClMrlniti' Isl.iiul-., I\'in;; Iji.Iwliii l,it. 5J .iiul 54 
N., ami I'lM;^. 131 ' .'5' ami \ \\ W'., arc scparatLiI I ruin tlic 
north ]iiiiliiiii uf the tuast b>' (Jiiccii ('li.iiidltL' Simiul. 

'llu- iMluaiil uf liiilish ('iiliiiiil)ia i\liiiil-i fiDiii the 
Straits (il S in Jiiaii lie I'lica tu Alasl<a. 'I liLse points 
arc ili-^laiit, on an air-liiic, sniu' live luiiulicil ami filly 
miles, lint the is ileeply indented by ^,'reat arms of 
the se.i ,it in. my iiitermedi.ite |il,iees, mi the actual 
co.istdiiie is very irrc;^ul,ii , ,ind will inob.ibly measure 
several thiHis.ind miles, 

'I'lie iiurtlKrii jMit uf the cnlony is diveiiil'ied with 
inmint.iin, l.ikr, and liver; is of extraurdin.iry fertilit)-, 
litoduein^; all (.'.in.idi.m erre.iU .iml \ei;':tables, and fruits 
in iarj;er ineasiin .my put cjf even Ontario, and witli 
a mining reyioii .it the the I'cice, Skeena, 
and I'V.iser rivers, u liieh, tlic)ii.;h very iniperfectl)' explor- 
ed invin^ to their inacces>ibilily to j^eneral travel), gives 
indieatlutis of beiii'.; \er)' rich in j,'old and silver. The 
soiitluin .md middle p.irt includes the rich i;old valley of 
I'rasei River, and is well ad.iptcd for i)astiira;4c, and also, 
with iiriLjation, for ai;riciilturc ; st)me parts, however, 
such as tiie Chilcotin |)l.iins, .md the ami be.uitiful 
valley of the ()kan.i;,;on, reipiire no artificial irrij^ation, 
nor does .in\- p.irl of the seaboard. 

'riu- mineral resources of liritish Cohimbi.i arc very 
i;reat. (iold is found all aloni; the I'Vaser and Thomp- 
son rivers, and in L;reat abundance in the Cariboo district, 
the yield in that one locality exceeding;, in 1S70, one 
iiiihion doll.irs, while the yield of the entire I'rovince for 
the past ten ye.iis has exceeded twenty-two million dol- 
lars. Silver and copper arc also to be hail in abundance, 
but the mines h.ive not as j-et been very largely worked. 
The true wealth of the I'rovince, however, is its coal- 
fields, which are inexhaustible, easy of access, and easily 
worked. Hituniinous coal is found on the mainland and 
on WuKouvcr Island, and anthracite coal on (Jueen 
Charlotte Island. 

'Ihe climate of British Columbia is mild and favor- 
able enoui^h to allow animals to live in the open air 
throu;.;Iiout the winter, and in many parts the plains and 
hills are covered with an herb called bunch-f;rass, which 
possesses hii;hly nutritious (jualities, and keeps c.ittle in 
excellent condition duriii;.^ the whole winter. On the 
coast the winter is more humid than cold. 'I'he lakes are 
never wholly frozen, and travel is never impeded by the 
siiou. except in the mountain passes. 

'I'lie are.i of the land fit for a;4ricultural settlement is 
f-~tim,ited at 203,000 si|iiare miles, diversified b)' hill and 
<lale, and watered by numerous streams and lakes. The 
soil varies from a deep-bl.ick vegetable loam to a light- 
urowii lo.imy e.irth, the hills supplying slate and build- 
ing-stone. Wheat, barley, potatoes, turnips, apples, 
pears, etc, grow luxuri.mtl)-. There is abundant grass 
for cattle, and sheep-raisiiv^' been introduced with 

The country is rich in fur-bearing animals, bcar.s, lynx, 
in.irten, and beaver. The annual |>roduct of the fur trade 
exceeds $250,000. Shi[)-building also promises to assume 
large proiimlions. 

'Ihe chief river is the great l'"raser River, which pursues 
a r.inid course between steep and rocky banks, until, 
appioaeliing the se.i. it presents a fertile' and fin ly 
woodeil v.dlc)- of from \\i\y to sixty miles in length. 
The tot.d length of the l-'r.iser River is .ibout ;oo miles. 
The Thompson River surpasses the l-'raser in the richness 
of its scenery, and Hows through one of the most be.uiti- 
ful countries in the world, 'i'he Columbia, another noble, enters the United .St.ites at I'ort Shepherd, after a 
coiuse of nearl\- .Soo miles in liritish territory. Its total 
length is about I, Jo.) miles. ' Means of communication 
are vei)- good. 

Steamers ascend the I'r.iser River ovi-r 100 miles, to 
tlie head of iiavigitioa, .uul ',0, over 450 miles bcyo..d 

lliis there is an excellent gravelled road, const 
the government, 

liritish Columbia consists of two perfectl 
p.irts, the ni.iinkmd above described and 
Island. This isl.iiul is the;;e-.t ill the I'.ic 
2;.S miles long and (01 1>' to fil'lj- wide. It is 
from the mainland by the .Str.iits of l''uca, wliici 
sixteen miles in width, ami by the ( lulf of (ieoi 
varies from thirty miles in width to .1 ii.irrown 
bridge.ible, viz, at N'.dile's Island. 

The isl.ind is noteil for its mines, (iol 
been found. The harbors are numerous .uul 
and I'.sipiim.uilt I l.irbor is the st.ition of tl 
government and the site of an extensive gra' 

liurr.ird Inlet is the largest and finest h.irl. 
mainland, and also the I'acific Railway termin 

'I'he public affairs of liritish Columbia an 
tereil by a l.ieutenant-liovernoi, an l^xeciiti^ 
of live members, and a Legislative Assembly 
of Iwentj-five representatives elected every f 
Justice is dispensed by a chief-justice and two 
Education is free, and schools non-sectarian. 

'i'hcre is regular steam communication froi 
to I' and ,San l'"r.incis;o ; while teleg 
extend from \'icloria via .Saanich to Swinoii 
thence via M.itsepii, Hope, Vale, l.Nlton and ' 
li.irkerville, Cariboo, a total distance of O32 n 

There is also a branch line from Matsqiii I 
Inlet J'/'.J New Westminister, in addition to ,i ri 
over the line belonging to the Western Union 
Comp.inj', from Swinomish to \'ictoria, which 
five submarine cibles. This line of telegr.iph 
the Act completing the union of Columbi.i wi 
became the property of the Dominion, is 632 
and is being extendeil across the entire contini 

The construction uf the Canad.i I'acific Raib 
fail to develop the untold resources of this I'n 
add greatly to the wealth and general prospe 

'J'hough liritish Columbia |)ossesses conside 
of fine agricultiir.d and p.istor.d land, amjily 
produce all the food her own population is e\ 
recpiire, yet it is not pri)bable that she will 
prominent position as an exporting agricultui 
llcr chief resources are her forests, her fisher 
mines, and these are capable of almost mil 
opmcnt. Her gold-fields, her silver-veins, ai 
mines are yet in their inf.incy ; her timber tr 
similar condition; and her fisheries, which ni 
expected to rival those of the Atlantic I'rov 
sc.ircclyyet extended beyond the supplj'of loc 

There cannot be a doubt in the mind of a 
has visited the country, that a bright and pri 
ture is in store for the Alpine I'rovince of th 
mfnion, only to be realized, however, when t 
shall have brought her into closer conimun 
elder sisters in the east. 

The distance from Montreal to Victoria is 
miles, which can now be accomplished in ele 
da)s by the S.m I'r.iiicisco route ; but by the 
aila I'acific Railway the distance will be rei 
than 2,800 miles. The most ilireet route 
( ulumbia from ICngland is by way of (Jueb 
T'lancisco, the Allan line of steamers furnish 
tickets through from l.iveriJool. On arrivin; 
passengers proceed through to Chicigc 
thence by the I'acific Railway to San b'rane 
steamers ply regularly to N'ictoria and Ne>v ^ 

This colony was first established in 185S, a 
made remarkaLle progress. The total [ijinila 
60,00(1, of whom 15,000 are whites. 

\'lcroKl.\. the capital of liritish Columbi 
near the south east extremity of Vancouver 
the adjoining Strait of I'uca is 17 miles in 
miles from Olymjiia (I'uget's Sound), 32c 
rortlaiul (Oregon), and (by C, P. U.) about 
fiom Montreal. 



ail oxccllciil ^jr.iVL'llcd, coiistriictccl I)) | 

lllUlll. I 

C'i)liiiiil)i.i consists (if tui) |ifrfcclly ilistiiitt 

iii.iiiil.n\(l :i1j()vo (li.siiibccl anil X'-iiiLoiivcr : 
'liis islaiul is the lar;;c^t in the Pacific, bciiij; i 
lonj; aiul forty to fifty wide. It is separated 
i.iiidand b)' the Straits of l''iica, whidi are about 1 
ilrs ill width, and liy the liiilf of (ieor^i.!, whicli 
1 thirty miles in uichli to a nanouiu-^s that is ' 
, viz., at N'aUle's I-I,iiid. 

ml is iioleil for its coal mines. C,u\<i has also 
1. 'I'lie harbors are iiiimeroiis and excellent, 
iii.uilt I larbor is the naval station of tlie imperial 
t and the site of an cxliiisive ^;raviiisj dock. | 
Inlet is the lar^;esl and liiust harbor on tlic ' 
iiul also the r.icific Railway termiiuis. 
blic affairs of liritish Columbia are aihnlilis- I 
I I,ieiitenaiit-(ioveriior, an i;xecnti\j Council 
•iiibers, and a Legislative Assembly composed 
-fue representatives elected every four years. 
dispensed by a chief-justice and two assistants, 
n is free, and schools n(-)ii-sectarian. 

re;;iilar steam conimimication from N'ictoria 

ir.d and San l'"rancis.:(j ; while tele;.;raph lines 

rom X'icloria via Sa;inich to, U. S., 

ia M.itscpii, Hope, Vale, I.\ttoii and (Juesiiel to 

lie. Cariboo, .1 distance of 63J miles, 

is also a branch line from ]\Iatsi;iii to liiirrard 

New Westminister, in addition to .1 riL;lit of way 

line beloML^inj,' to the Western Union 'relej,'rapli 

y, from .Swinomish to X'ictoria, wliicli comprises 

ii,iriiie cibles. This line of telejjraph, which by 

completing the union of Cohimbia with Canada 

the property of the iJoniinion, is 0^2 miles long, 

eiiig extended across the entire continent. 

onstruction of the Canada racilic Railway cannot 

cvclop the untold resources of this Province, and 

itly to the wealth and general prosperity of the 


^h IJritish Columbia [lossesses considerable tracts 
gricultural and pastoral land, amply sulMcient to 
all the food licr own population is ever likely to 
yet it is not jirobable that she will ever hold a 
nt position as an exporting agricultural country, 
cf resources are her forests, her fisheries, and her 
ind these arc capable of almost unlimited devel- 
, Her gold-fields, iicr silver-veins, and her coal- 
re yet in their infancy ; iter timber trade is in a 
condition ; and her fisheries, which may fairly be 
d to rival those of the Atlantic Provinces, have 
yet extended beyond the suppl\-of local demands, 
; cannot be a iloubt in the mind of any one who 
ted the country, that a bright and prosperous fu- 
n store for the Alpine Province of the great Do- 
only to be realized, however, when the iron road 
ive brought lier into closer communion with her 
stcrs in the east. 

listance from Montreal to \'ictoria is over 3, Goo 
hich can now be accomplished in eleven or twelve 
■ the San I'rancisco route ; but by the future Can- 
ific Railway the distance will be reduced to less 
Soo miles. The most direct route to Ihitish 
lia from I'higland is by way of (juebec and San 
:o, the Allan line of steamers furnishing passage- 
dirough from Liverpool. On arriving in Ouebec, 
ers jirocccd through to Ciiicago by r.iil, and 
by the Pacific Railway to San Francisco, whence 
s ply regularly to Victoria and New Westminster, 
colony was first established in 1S5S, and has since 
:ii\arkaLle progress. The total population is about 
of whom 15,000 are whites, 

OKl.v, the capital of liritish Columbia, I's situated 
; southeast extremity of Vancouver Island, where 
jining Strait of I'uca is 17 miles in breadth, 143 
rom (.)lyni|)ia ( Pugel's Sound), 320 miles from 
d (Oregon), and (by C. P, R,) about 2, .Soo miles 

'I'hi- -.urroundiiigs of Victori.i ,ire siiigul.irly beautiful. 
To Ihc south is a wide stretch of sea, closed in by the 
magnificent r.mge of the ( )l\'inpian .Mountiiins, These 
mountains, the lower portion of which is sh.ided with a 
soft velvety mist, and the tojis ccjvered with snow strongly 
rellectiiig the r.i)'s of the sun, form the most ])roininent 
feature ill the lanilscape. To the eastward is .Mcnint 
llaker, which, at a dist.ince of ne.irly loo niilis, rears its 
snowy peak fiir away into the clouds. To the westward 
is ,1 long, wide stiilch of sea, bounded on one side b)' the 
Olympian range, and on the othir by the rocks and 
iiiouiilains of V'.incouver, jutting out here and there iiit« 
the Strait ; while to the northw.ird are r.inges of liills ,iiid 
mountains, promiiuiit among which, and v. ilhiii five or 
si.x miles of the town, are the peaks of Mmint Tolniie and 
Cedar Mountain, hroiii these heights the niu^t beautiful 
panoramic views of the southern end of the island, the 
surrounding ocean, the range, anil the coast 
range on the m.iinl.iiul far weslw.ird m,\y be obtained. 

The country in the neighborhood of \'iitori,i i-, re- 
markably picture.s<iue. piirk^— in which there 
are numbers of fine old oaks and a profusion of ferns 
and wild roses — little inlets, bays, anil beaches, jutting 
rocks, and the fine scenery of the b.ickground, combine 
to render it one of the most lovely spots on earth. This, 
together with its magnificent climate, which is beautifully 
clear, cool and fresh during the whole summer season, 
and very mild in winter, must in the future render it a 
l)lacc of great resort. 

'I'hree miles from Victoria is the harbor of l^(iuiiiiaiilt, 
one of the finest on the Pacific coast. 'Jliere is lure a 
naval station, at which there are generallj- two or three 
ships of war. A graving dock was recently built, capa- 
ble of admitting ships of the largest size, .\ii excellent 
macadamized road connects the two liarbors. 

The city boasts of some good streets, with fine drives, 
over excellent roads, in various directions. Adjoining 
the town a large extent of ground has been reserved for 
.1 public park-. This picturesipie locality, known as 
Deacon Hill, borders on the Strait, Here is the public and cricket-ground. On the outskirts of the 
town are many attractive residences, and every cottage 
displays its pretty garden. 

Though N'ictoria can boast of no architectural preten- 
sions, there are neat and substanti.illy constructed 
buildings ; among them m.iy be mentioned the Pro\ incial 
offices on J.imes' Ha)- ; the Presbyterian, Wcsleyaii, ,ind 
Roman Catholic churches ; a Jewish synagogue ; Christ 
Church citliedral ; the iron church of St. John, ,i dona- 
tion to the Lpisc.'p.di.m congregation of the Province 
from tile Ikiroiiess Coutts ; the . Angela College for Mpuiig 
ladies, from the s.inie excellent lady; the .'^t. ,\iiiic's 
Convent and Orph.ui School ; the Masonic building ; the 
Mechanics' Institute; P.iiik of liritish North America; 
hotels, hospital, and theatre, .A post-office and a cu-,tom- 
house were lately built by the Donii.;ion (iovernnieiit. 

The city is supplied with gas and water-works. There 
are several breweries, distilleries, foundries ami f.ictories, 
one shii)-)'aid, etc. Wages are high for all liborers and 
mechanics, who arc always in dem.ind. The popukitioii 
is about 6,000, The amount of business tr.iiis.icted in 
Victoria is far Ik-voikI would be I'speeted a 
town of such a limited number of iiili,d)il,uils. 

Ni;\v Wi;siMlNsrKK, the former capil.U of Ihiilih 
Columbia, is beautifully situated on the n.irlh l:aiik of the 
I'raser River, 85 miles from N'ictori.i, Tlu lnwn l)o,ists 
of a very handsome Episcopal church of stone) and the 
only peal of bells on the coast, |>reseiiteil some ye.irs ,igo 
by Miss Hurdett Coutts, now Baroness in her own right. 
There are also verj- churches in connection with the 
Roman Catlialic, Presb)-tcrian, and .Methodist deii.iniin.i- 
tions. Population, over 3,000. Stcimeis run tuice a 
week between New Westminster and \'ic'.oi i.i. 

l!URlt,\Kl) InI-I;t, one of the finest h.irbors on \:ic l',i- 
cific coast, and the terminus of the Ciii.ul.i P.icilic Kail- 
way, is only a few miles from New We^ilmiiislei. 




Ni;\VK(irMiI,AN|i i-i ,1 l.irt,'C isl.uid ill till- Atl.ilUic 
Ocean at tlu" moiilli of the (lull ol St. Lawrence, between 
lat. 46 jS anil 51 40' iiDrtli, anil lonj;. 5^ 35 aiul 59 35' 
west It is sepaiatcil on the noith-west iVom Can.ulaby 
the (iulf; its smitli-west |) lint apin-oaches Cape Breton ; 
noitli and north-east are the shores of l.abr.iilor, from 
wliieli it is illvitleil by the Straits of llelleisle ; anil on its 
eastern side e\pai\ds the open ocean. It lies nearer to 
Europe than .\ny part of America. It is abinit 1,200 
miles in circumference ; its width, at the ver>- widest p.irt, 
between I'apes Ua\' .md lionavisl.i, is abont JOO mile.s ; 
and its extreme len;4th, from Cape Race totiri^net li,i\-, 
about 4I1) miles, measured on a curve. Its form is some- 
wh,it trian^^, but e.sceedini;l\- irre;, owin;_; to its 
bein;^' indented with deep bays, the most rem,iri<.d)le of 
which are ll,u-e, White, and Notre Dame li,i)-s, li.iy of 
]i.\p|jits, lionavista, 'Trinity, .md Conception Hays on the 
east coast ; St. Mary's l!,i)-, l'"ortune and I'lacenti.i H.iy, 
on the south , ,ind St. tieorL;e's Hay and H,i\- of 
Islands im the ux^t. There are besides these sm.dier 
bays ,ind h.ubors.\- of these are e.vtensive, com- 
niodiuus, and well-.heltered. with numerous rivulets rim- 
nin;.^ into them, while most of the harbors h.ive complete 
anchorage ~, vith clear and j;ood ch.mnels. 

Hills and valleys continu.dly succeed each other, the 
former never risin,^ into mount.iins the hiijhest not e.\- 
ccedini; 1,500 feet), and the litter rarel_v e.spandiiii; into 

The rivers ot New foundland are nunit roas, and thou;;!! 
the majority are small, yet some attain to respectable size. 
The largest are the 1 lumber. River of M.xploits, (i.uider, 
and Great Cod Roy rivers. The lluml>er, in its m.iin 
branch, is about 80 miles long; in its second, or (ii.rid 
I'und branch, it is about 4.S miles long. The li.\ploits is 
about I 50 miles long, and drains about 3,000 squ.ire miles 
of country. The tiander is over 100 miles 
long. Nearly all the rivers issue from lakes or ponds 
in the interior. Many if them abound with excellent 
salmon. l''resh-water l.ike^.uid ponds are also numerous. 
They are found over the face of the entire countr)' — on 
the very tops of hills. The covered with fresh 
w.iter has been cstini.itcd at one-third of the whole isl.\nd. 
Sixty-seven ponds have been counted from one spot on 
the north-east mountains of Avalon, some two and three 
miles in extent, none less than too y.ird-i, and not at a 
further distanci- than ten miles the base of tlu' hill. 
The principal l.ikes in the isl.ind .ire the (i.mder l',,nd, 
iJeer I'ond. (irand I'ond, and Red Indian I'ond. The 
Grand I'ond contains an area of about l.*<5 sipiare miles ; 
this includes at; isl.ind at its south-west end, which 
contains an area of about fi ft \- square miles, iJeer I'ond 
ha- an area of about thirlv squ.ire miles. The Red In- 
dian i'ond an are.i (,f sixty-four square miles. The 
Gander I'ond is from seventy to eighty square miles. 

The prevalent formation of Xewfoundland is granite, 
and in some p.irts por|ih_vr\', quartz. L;neiss, mic.i, and 
cla\' slate, with second. iry and, over ,1 coii-,ider.ible area, 
carboniferous formations. Tlu- iDinrr.iU of the inland 
comijrise silver, copper, lead, chromic iron, m.ignetic iron, 
.siiecukir iron, manganese, nickel, plumb.igo, j4\'psu:n, ser- 
pentine, jaspers, white and black marble, limestone, anil 
CO,:!. Traces of gold iK'.ve also been found by .inalvsis, 
as we!! as traces of c.idmium and bismuth. 

'1 he ])nneipal mines ;ire the 'I'ilt Cove Mine ■copper' 
till. Notre h.iuie Mine c,,ppi.'r . b,)th on the e.isirrii 
side of tlie i--land ; and the La .NLinche Mine (lead on 

the s.iuthern co,ist. The first n.imed 1 
dnctive. I'he other two h.ive not li 
though there is no ilmibt they ,ire ric 
ciuse of their comp.irative f.iihue is I 
lack of me. ills. 

The climate, being, is not 
ch.mges in temperature .is tint of the 
tineiital Provinces, the winter In uig m 
summer not nearly so w.irm. In M.\\ 
June, dense fogs prevail on tlie b.iiik- 
shores, but they do not to be ii to hciltli. 

The trees of Newfoimdl.UK 
pine, l.irch, willow, .i^li, ,ind lir. Reciin 
evergreens ,ue to be met with in grc 
bearing bushes .ibound in every 
Amei icm gr.isses,also red ,ind ivliite el 

In se\ sections o\ the i^l.ind, 
carried on witli profit. In the neiglibo 
the likes .iiid rivets there, ire v.iluable 
yield well ,ind ,ire of an excellent qu 
thrive well in ni.iny districts. Wheat I 
yield io bushels per acre. .Apple-^, pi 
have been raised with success , goo> 
ries, .md|ilierries, of ver\' good qu 

The timber litids, .imor.nling to ne. 
acres, and situ.ited princip.illy on the 1 
island, and by the chief likes and rive 
settled and ungr.inted. though they ,1 
.inc with a view to settlement. No 
lumbering purposes — the laws provide 
disposed of for settlement alone ; but 
that this will .it once be changeil, so 
country for lumbering enter|irise3. 

Tlie oil!)- .inini.i! to the i> 
foutidl.ind ilog; f.imous the w.irlil ever, 
animals may be enimier.iteil the Acer, 
the beaver, the marten, and 
birds are numerous, .Se.ils are niimei 
as are also whales, grampuses, and pc 
fish, there is no place in tlie world coi 
fouiidlind. especi.dly fir cod. The 
sw.irm with cod and every other variel 

The cod fishery opens in June .md I 
of November, and may be said to forn 
tion of the inhabit. ints of the isliiul. 

The si al fisheries of Newfoundland 
import. ince. < )ver 200 vessels have 1 
ployed ill this indiistr)-, h.uing an a; 
40000 tons burthen, and a comple 
10.000 and 12,000 men. 

The chief exjiorts i,f the i-.lind .in 
oil and sldiis, ,111.1 tlie iiiqiorts consist o 
and textile f.ibries. ( )ver $",0OO,0OC 
have been imported within a single ; 
ports during the same time have excei 

The government of Newfoundland 
niially for the steam service of tin.' colo 
sidisidized are the All. in line, to and fi 
ll.ilif.ix, or some port in the Dominioi 
once a fiirlnight, and several for coast 

The public affairs of Newfoundlmd 
by a Governor, appointed by the (Jiu 
Council of si;< members, a Legislative ( 
members, and a Legislative Asseni 
repres.nt.ilives. The dep.irti 
Supreme Court, with a ciiief .md two ; 
Vice-Admiralty Court, and a iJistricl 


tlir s.Hiilicrri llio \\\^i ii.iiiiiil lias been very pro- 
ilikluf. riie otiler twu li.ive nut luiii so successful, 
tlu>ii;;li tliere is no iloubt tlicy .irr ricli in mini r.ils ; the 
c.uise of their f.iiline is to lie loiiml in the 
lael< of nu'.ms. 

Tlu' climate, heinf; insular, is not li.\l>le to sio (^ 
cliani;es in temperature .is tli it of the neinhborinj; con- 
tinental I'rovinces, tlu- u inter beint; iniicli mililer anil llic 
suininer not nearly .so w.irni. In M.iy ami lie;;iiinini,' of 
June, ileiise fo^js prevail on tlie l)anl<s ami neii^hboiinj; 
shoies, but they ilo nut to be in llie le,i-.t prrjuili- to lu'.ilth. 

I'll.' piineip.ll trees of N.ufouiull.ini! are spruce, birch, 
pine, l.ireh, willnu, .i^li, .iml lir. kecuinbent anil staiiilin;; 
evergreens ,iri' lo be- met uitli in i;re,il v.iiiety ; berry- 
lie. iriii;,' bushes .ibouiul in every sw.inip. l''.uiope,in aiiil ^r.isses, also red ,iml «Iiite clover, ,ire .ilnimlant. 

In se\er,il sections of the i^laiiil. .i;.;ricullure cm lu 
carrieil on with profit. In the iiei;.;liborho.)il of ni.iny ol 
the lalses ,iml ri\ei-> llure .ui' v. Unable alhivi.i. I'otatocs 
yielil well ,iiul .lie of an excellent ipi.ility ; ^jreeii croiis 
thrive well in districts. Wheat has been known to 
yield 30 bushels per acre. .Apple-^, plums, and cherries 
have been raised with succi-ss , ;,;n.i. -beri ,es, strawber- 
ries, and|ilienies, of ver\' ^ood .pi.ility, are L;ruwn. 

The timber l.iiids, ,imountinL; to ne.irly one million of 
acre?, and situ.ited princip.illy on the western side of the 
island, and by the chief hikes and rivers, are wholly un- 
settled and uni,'r.intetl, though they are of hi>;h iinport- 
anc with a view to sittlenieiit. \o Kinds arc let for 
lumbering purposes -the Kiws provide they shall be 
disposed of for settlement alone ; but the prob.ibility is 
that this will .it onci- lie changeil, so as to open up (he 
country for lumbering enter|irise3. 

The only .miinal to the island is the New - dog; f.imoiis the worlil ever. Among the wild 
animals may be enuni' r.iteil the doer, the wolf, the bear, 
the beaver, the marten, and L.iiul and aquatic 
birds are numerous. .Seals are niinierous on the coasts, 
as arc also whales, grampuses, and porpoises ; while for 
fish, there is no place in the world conip.irable to New- 
fouiidl.ind, especially fir cod. The f.imous liraiul H.iiik^ 
sw.irm with cod and every other variety of ii;h. 

The cod fishery opens in June and lasts till thr middle 
of November, and may be said to form the chief occup.i- 
tion of the inhabit. mts of the isl.uul. 

Tlie SI al fisheries of Newfoundland are of verv great 
import. iiKe. < )ver 300 vessels have been ,innuall\- eiii- 
plo\-ed in this iiulustr)', h.uing an aggregate of ne.iil\' 
40000 tons burthen, and a complement of brluieii 
10,000 and 12,000 men. 

The chief e.\|)orls nf the i-.l,ind .ue fish, fish oil, seal 
oil ami skins, .iml the inqiorts consist of breadstuffs. fruits 
and te.Ntile f.ibrics. t )ver $,",000,000 of these arliclis 
have been imported within a single, while the ex- 
ports during the same time have exceeded $6,ooo,eK:io. 

'l"he government of Newfoundland p.i) s ,$120,000 an- 
nually for the steam service of the colony. The steamers 
subsidized are the All.m line, to ;ind fmni I,ivi'r|iuiil and 
ll.ilif.ix, or some port in the Dominion 01 I'nited .St.ites, 
once a fiirtniuht, and several for co.i--t ,ind service. 

The pulilic aff.iirs of Newfoundl.ind .ik .idministeied 
by a (iovernor, appointed by the (Jiuen ; ,111 K\i-eutive 
Council of si;: members, a Legislative L'ouiu il of thirteen 
members, and a Legislative Assembly of thirly-one 
reprei, nt.itives. The dep.irtiuent com]>i'ises a 
.Supreme Courl, with a ciiief .md two as^ judges ; a 
V'ice-Admirally Court, and a District Court. 

The public school system is based on the ileiiomi- 
nalioiial principle as regards l\oiii,iii Catholics, ,iiul the as as Protestants fjcnerally arc 

There are lour public ac.ideinies, b.ised on the denonii- principle, .mil .ill siiii.iteil in the c.ipilil of the 
i.'.l.ind ; one (or C.itholies, which is in connection 
will) their college; one lor tin- (hurch of I'.ngland I'rotest- 
ants, in connection with their collegiate eslabli--hment ; 
one for U'eslev.ins ; and one for I'rotest.ints of .ill other 

There .ire no r,iilw,iy> on the i^l.ind, .md the m •iiii of 
coniiminicalioii .ire not the \h->\. Two sle.iiiiM . m.iko 
fortnightly trip-, to the pl.icr-. north .md sintl) 
of St. John's, and another runs d.iil)- between ports on 
Conception It.iy, It is, however, proposed to build .1 
r.iilw.iy through the, and the survi->s, which i\ero 
some time ,igo authoilzed by the government .in.l legis- 
lature, li.ive been so c.Uried nut .1. to,ltc 
, the feasibility of ih,- --cheme ,ind the iminensc resdurccs 
of the country it will open up. The olficial census 
("^"■l) K''^''-' l''^' i-^laiul .1 poiuikition of 170,0110. 

S r. Ji HIN'.s, the ei'ipiirium ,ind of 
, government of Newfoundl.ind, i-. situ.ited about three 
I miles from Cape .Spear, the most e.isterly hiiul on the 
Americm side of the Atlmtic. The harbor, tlnnigh i.ither 
small, i.i thoroughly safe in all w cither ; vessels m.iy ride 
out .in\- g.ile when once inside the lie.uN, On the south 
point >i\ the narrows is erected theh.ii lior light, burning 

I at an elev.itioii ef i 1.1 leet. The rot k-, on which tin , be.i- 


' con is erected .ire the termin.ition of .1 high r.mge n| hills 

running east .mil west, which con>titute the south side of 

the harbor. At the foot •>( these hills .ire situated most 

j of the^ used in the m.inuficlure of the se il oil, and 
most of the niercmtile houses h.ive wharves .md \<t\ mises 
on side, for the transhipment of .irticles ol export. 
There is also situated the dry dock, c.ip.ible of r.iising 
vessels of about Ooo tons bin then. .\ ciusew.iy ami 
bridge connects the south and north side^. I )n the north 
side tile hills, which are so .ibriipt ;it the n.irrows, f,il| 
.iwa\- in a series of gentle umlul.itioas sloping tow.irds 
tile h.irbor. On this slope the town is built, the site 
biing everything that could be wished. The principal 

^ thoroughf.ire is cilled W'.iter Street, running ne.uiy par- 
allel with the harbor, but rather irregular. This->treet is 
about one and a h.ilf miles long, well built on boih sides 
with stone or brick, but not showing iiiucli .ippiei i.ition 
of street architecture. In the busy seasons it is crowded 
till kite in the night by thous.mds who come fr.iiii the 
out-|)orts to buy and sell. The amount of business done 
in these short periods is almost incredible for the size of 

, the toun, .imoLintiug to peril. ips I'our or live iiullious of 

; dollars in three or lour weeks. 

i The m.imif.ictuiers ,ire liw but iiupnrl.uit, tlu re being 

; very large biscuit manuf.ictories, foundries, breweries, 

' rope f.ictories, and oil refineries. 

St. John's boasts of several h.indsome public biiildinr^s. 
'I'he (hurch of Lngl.ind e.irly haiglisli , by 
(iilbeit .Scott, is a vers' be.iutifiil edilice, .md cost .ibout 
$iJo.L)OC,), The C.itholic and adj.icent 
buililings Innn a very conspicuous .md imposing group, 
built on high ground, erected at a cost of .ibout .$.Soi;.00O. 
i here .ue also the ( iovernmeiit house costing $2.}' 1,000), 
Colonial buiUling, court-house,\-, lun.itic 
as) lum, .uul b.mks The lun.itic 
.isylum is be.iutilully situ.ited in wooded gr.ninds, about 
three miles mit of the town. 

The population of the city is .ibout jo,CKjo. 



C !■ () i. () (. Y () F Til I 

Tilt' r.iH.nviti« .irfi.h- in.ikr-. im .iiirini'i .n ihr iliunllv >>f :i ,.■«/- j niMnn i>inti..n th' f rli. Mi.. |,.||,,. k Mniuil 

fnfliH^r. '■■ fi ii|Miti H.I liilcM'^lH)^ .iiiil ) \|( ii-'iw ,( '•iil,|( ( t .1^ itic yi\i II 

(intlum .1) ihc, Itiis \nn. i.mui , nn iIm s Ii mJi u| iIh 

I hf |lr|.,iininMr .'I lin Inli-rinr ltj« kiiulU Imin-.htd hir iIiik wIik h t.itiit-. ilu- In It »li-.»i i HutM- lu- jiisi l-nn iU*i 

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nili itl tin- Ottawa, ttiviilrs (tit 

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Tin- Imsi- u( ilii'sr frtnii nv ir Kinesimi runs in a wisiirn tUrtt (mn, al 
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springs. Its mliu-ral rc^ 

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skills (his jaki' 

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CiliniiiK, I'l uiiiJlliL-i bt'iii's nl incks, (u whuli (lit 

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uf lulls 

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bnumline ihf l.uwii S(. I.awii-mt- vallry In ihr >«ni(li. Tliis Ii-vcl 

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fiiinis (hf t'astrtn limit nf the vallry nf l.akr ( 'lianiplaiii. In Canaila, 
llirs lariuc sdrtrhini; frnin the parallrl nf 45 mirth la(i(uilr (u iht- 

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hi't'ii p.isdiir-^iniituU tif dif Imliaris, hruiifjjit m Ihis 
ki-pl in It hv p.iKial t-U-aiiiiki, ,iml l-v Iht- aiimial Imttin 
riif nhjt-i I III this was in adi.n ( (lit- din \vhi> ranu in 
ht-ibauf. Tlir Nuil nl tht-sr plains is a liulit santly luan 
ill I Itaiartt-r, ami uriu-rally umU-il.iitI by ruarst- 141. ivt 
nl the Thanii s, tu^^rtlu-i with (In- liilt alluvial ll.iis 

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Thf miiifral pimlmis nf this rrninii arr cbiflly 

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Ihf hills nf (III- Ilasirrn Divisinn 

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thf main fntnialiuns iiiub-ilvin^ lln- 1 atbnnilf mns 

Tlu- soil is nf a samly ami It- .iniv fiiaractrr. The 
Kasifrn District are inriallic urcs, maibU-, blati*. aittj 

Pi ', iiiifs, cnal also. 

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u1 t, III il' HI I hi|iii4 iiKli r 
-11,11111' i.niu' ■ "II til* south H|,|i III tlif Si. l„iwti'iMC,' 
ilii- III It \vli<i«i iiMii^i li.i-- |ii>l t'l'iri tli-Hi rilii'd, I1.1N uii <^ SiiiM-tlii 

t'ltli u( lliirl> In fully mil" •»- j l\ il itMM. 

Mill) .Hl'l I .|s| ••( it ll.l' I.IH'I I'* IMIitlll.lMllLf, l-\|l-|1lllll'' yill , ,,i„,,,|l<« 

M.HttllMl' ri.milMs litis lil,M t.. ..illi'l II11 I .l-CMII yil |',.,|„,_,„ 

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st.illiiM' tui Us, lilt the MioHi |i,iit hIIicIimim ni vMitllr-likc 
' HnsisiiiiL' *>i '|ii.iit/ilf. «*M iiitc, Kiu isK. .ni'l niliri uLUcil 1 1"'"*' .lU-mi ,111- -utHlivlflcd |iit-> l-i. il •.( rh--* 'm yrtiup-. ni 

II up mill I MJui'H .iiiil 11)1111 Ml. lid- |hmI(<«. UvIik Ii il 1^ niiU jict isi.ii v [t iiit'iilum lirn- iIm- L.tiiictilMii .nnl 
1 1 )i'\t I Ml iliiH I r^ Mill IS .iImiuI M'»i Ii'i I .i)»iu- lilt- SCI, ' 1 1 III 'Mii.iti t|%li-ins .ihiivr ii l( rtdl l<i iirc I Ik f|i\ isii.ns iiilti wlin li ititf 
ti IIIUII4 .111 .ilhiU'lc 'it jiMNi III .|iHMi li't't. jimI iiiitiiin.; | l.o/'ii*. i<i. kt ol < .iii.ul.i li.tvc liccii cl.i-oiol. t<i llirsr r-u k-i im I"* ,il 

>Mi< li 1mW( I h\.l (li.iii (III .iur.i«i in lln' ii.iimiw l.clt ,"•>">'■■*'>■**'■ ^"» 'ict-ii .ipplltil cIsowIioiu hi A tu.i, Iml. an |»U'y ;ifO 

>uMii( I .isi <i( Kiiiu^t'Mi I '"■•** •""'^' t'Mfit»ivrlvi\|H»sfi| ih.iii aiivwliirr clsi nti (In- < itiiiiiii<nl, 

I lu.ks .It lllis |i-i.'iiill .11. nt rivsl.lllliir 'lliH-slinii' .if , '1 Wnillll In- ilH oin fllirill t<i .li sil lln- tln «i'«|..K\ "I < .Hl.lll.l Wlllmul 

iviDK use iM II 1-1. niH v.iHivs lit Irililf H.iil, lIu- hilt , «iviiiH ilif M.iiiu-* iisi.| |i.m-. .nnl wliii li .lU' ii-nv in .inni/i il 

11. il with \r;(r|.iMi iil'l H|isi.iiiiii)L{ il «niwili uf sill, ill ; I'lic IniM'stmicH .itnl n.inilstnin- of ihi- i<Mi 1 iMin.ilmtiA art- (ii ho 

«iiin l.iiM il itii' -..(sMrs MM I thrill .iinl ilrHlT<<\<^ |)m- I'MiikI siitllrii-nliv c|isitll<iili')l llimiiah iimst [mHs mI tm .ill 
It in till- v.illns ,iimI I..W. 1 |MHs nf ihi^ |r«i'iti ilr.-p i»<iil "'"■I'll |'iit[M» I.iit tlir uiial r.isH-rn rnal-ln hi of Noilh Aiii.iiia ift 

V iinil.. t .il.i.und ritis imi.iii alsn niiiialiiH hha- ! '"'iliiH'i I'l lln- I'lov s ..| N,w llmnswii ;» I \ov.i Si'uiia, .iiur- 

tioiK s ut ih II ir^.n 01. s, . opiirr, li-.i'f, niarliU, ami ollit-i '"•^*' "•■'um "ii On- noith sl 1 ihi M.i\ ot i li,ilinrH IuIiihUs tiinii 

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.ini|>.ll;.MI lri,'l<il| ..| llirsc |>|.ivill<rs 1^ (lividi I iDlo \Wi> N<> ''<>-ll CXitlt III W(l| k.lhll' \'t'il14 ill I I'lltl.ll < ,iri,l l.|, I hi t 111 III* 

!n- I..U10VV isthiiiiis n| I„iiiit'iiti.iii IIV. will h mils fiMtn : N'titli-ivr^l 'rrtiiloiirii and in lln- l'io\ ihm' ..t lltiiisli i ututiihia rt 

.1 Uivi t t<i ihi- Adiioiid.i' k Mnuiilaiiis ol \rw Yoik. Kant [ midi-rlMs Im^v .ihms, 

I'asMiiU liy aii\ t-niitiiii.ili'Hi ot iht U »'« v.ilu.iliU or Ics^ .iImiikI.iiiI 
iiiini-Mls ivlii, h ,iir |o I'f liiiind III th<- iltltt'H nt toi k loriiiaiioiis ol 
('.mad. I, wr V 11 iiotv speak in driail nnlv ■>! Iliosc wlinh .in- siiSM-p 
lihli- ot r..'^/."«//, apptitMlKiii. \Vc loll. nv tin i l.i--ili<.itiM[i .idopti d m 

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t-ion It in''iid<s.ill tie f-miiiiy hriwri-n lln- Oliaw.i .itid 

wi< IK (-, and all ta-lwiTii ihr l.aiiK litidrs on lliii iioilh and 
lijinr lulls t'l till- Hoiiihrasi. Wisiw.iid, It I'ltiliiai trn thi- 

inti\ soitih iif the l..itii(-iitiaii ii'i(ion, imlmliiii! llit' siinih. 

• iiiiisiila ol Oitlaiio, Iviim litiwiin ihi- K^.tt likes. This tliu ollicial ivputli. 

n of vast )il.iins, or \i>ty Intlin^ i-h'v.itions, iitnti-ilald bv 

n.ilicir.l Silnii.iii and Mfvuiiiai' rotkn ot HainUiom', liim*- 

sli.ili-. TItrsi- ait.iin au- i>\i-rl.iid in the Kti'*i<> r portion 

uion liy lit'ds of ( lav. fM.asi'inallv iiilriiiii\rd witli.fn nvrr- 

•.iinl .ind wi.ivil. ami otti ii < .ivi-rrd \>\ .i ioiisid(i.i Mr tliick /*.■//.->! m h ln-in wniii n .il>'>itl tin- i n s o| (an.nla. *»ii| 

<-i ^I'l.ildt' inotild. till* iiiroiinalion is to Ik- loiiml St .illiicd tliion^li tlir ucoloi^ii ,i! ir- 

r.isictn pot lion of this k ^loii, ln-twi-i'ii < tll.iw.i . 'iil 1 liirlicr, pnj ts of \ ( .ii s. .nid in >>< .ilttod ii-p<>rts .md p.ipris ^u i ii .it 

.III' III-. Illy al! tiiaiim- riays royrri'd hy Haiidv lU-poMts, and \,nions iinn-s to tin- piihlii . 

I liMlil. warm >od ; oi a lit-avy him' t l.iy uuiim a Mron>; ami , In 1^74, Mi. M. J. I l.iiriiivtinn, It A . I'll |i . ( Iniiii'-i .md 
toi n-tcal nop*. IVat atioiimU ihiou^h this ri^ji indl'ivfisi lo \Uv lii-oloKi»al Snivr\, huniKlil l'»g(tlitr tomisily, jn liis 

lai spiinus. Its rrs«MinM's ai'- chiilly lonltmd tu rfpoit !»> tin- dirt'« tot, all the- mori- imiioiiant l.nis of pirvions ic. 
I l.ilili* lor huildiiiu'. paving, liiiu', 1 rim-nl, and kI'<^'<- I p«>rlH, siipplcmciilinit: tlirin with tin- trttills of his own tt-i ml ohsff. 

mill wi'sitrn par* o( ihi- t 'h.iiiip.ii>{ii ri'Mioii, conimi'm-inu ] vailoiis, and to his report wt- .ne imlehted foi very mm h ol ilir in- 
Ustnii, and im Indinu all lite soiiilitin poitnm of Ontario, is , (ot mat ion we now iiive. 

teiiile .md t>iodm live i>ail of t'anad.i lake the plains | 'Che ii m» ol tin l>oi tni h.ui -i wmIi i.iii^e, lioth >ji'n^i.i- 

asiw.iid. its sods loiivisi 1 liitllv ol stion^ rl.i\s, overlaid phi'. d and .i;i'(doi^, I'lom Wiiwouvi 1 Isi.ind on ihe we>it ti>('ipo 
llnie hv, s.iml, and ^ravi I. In ihc 11. itiiral state neatly J ttreton on (hf> east iltev oniir ,it vaiied intervals ; liitte. howevvr 
■ ot this ic:jion stippoiied a lim- niowtli of tiiithcr. in fjieat hi iiii; known of tlieii e\tenl oi import. iiiri, eM'ipt in the Provinces 
(Mil leaved speeii-s, hut piesenlid. Imwrver, \aiioiis l.n al 1 on ilie easii tn side ot the ronttnent. 

ii's. Thns, the I.anUs ol tlie (iiand Kiver liom Ci.ill to | liom tlie davs down 10 tin pu 'viiii monit iii, pio. evs^-s 
I \vi le letn.ii k.ihle lot a s]i.itse growth ot " iks, tree liom 1 id com eiitr.ition. hoth clit'tnical .iml tuerltanirat. have lu'i n in opera 
•d. ant.' known as o.ik openings. These .iie t^aid to h.ive . lion, olten tesuliinu' in the f.iimatmn of hrds and x-eins 4>f on-, ThP 
tnte-Kiounds id the Imli.ins, hioti^ht l>t this tiindilion and : pro^jessis h.ivc ilonhiless, to ,1 . rit.iiii extent, dillered in kiinl. and 

hv ii.iittal cleaiiiii!. and I-v lite .mmtal hiitnin^ <d the^. have opeiated niuh 1 mun- oi Itss lavmiiahli' eonditiotis. and ihu 
1 t 111 till-" Id attiart the di'ei wliu came to hrd upon ;ln- "Hs, vnhsetpienlly |o their deposition, havi- lieiinenily heeii snii 

1 hi' s.iii ol iliesf plains is .1 lii;hl sandy lo.mi, \ t i\ nniloim in. I id lo .lyeiicies tlepiivinu lliem ni liu'ir original rliaraeltis. v., thai 
Ut. and u»"iifi;illy nndeilaid hv marse k'-ivI, 1 he v.dti\ , il is mil sniptisiiiu' to t'lnd them diHeriiiLi widelv in ilieniiral roiiipo 
liaines, lo^eiltei with the rich alluvial llais uim li i \teml 1 sili'JH and plivsit at rharaeters. Iliev in.iy, however, he elassilied as 
tithwaid to the Noith Hr.mch of Hear I 'it ek, and sonihwaid 1 hillows : 

the slioie of Lake I'.iii*. js leni.ukaldc lot its ^ical feitilit\, lotcsi ymwih. Ttie sod is Keneiallv cl.iv, wilti a 
of til ti vi'^ct.ilitr mould, and is eoveied in the natnial stal'> 

\S'IVI>K"'l ■ 

I .Mai,'iuiir Iron Ore or MaKi'» lil' - 
■_• I lem.nite, inelndinti irvst.dliiii .m.l f.uihv vaiiet'es. 
elm, hlask- wain til. .md vvhile-wttod i / iit,'j,iUt\'n tnUpUt >;i\\ 1 r.. ,.., ■ i,,,., < j,,. 
iii>e si/e, to^etlier will) line ^loves ol sim.ii-in.iplt'. 
iiieral proilmis of this ri'Kion aie chielly hiiil.lmK-sione, 

lent, Kypsum, and pelroleiim. ' l.i"i"iiiie ..i linnvn llrinaliie. 

Is of the l':astern Division on ihc south sid. n| (|m- St L.iw , - '*"*^ **"-"■ 

■ eryslatline rorks. hut til .t s.)li(r n ituu- tli.m on tin- nottli '•' ' \Kiios\i>s, 

d yieldiim, hy Iheii we.uniii down, a uiou' .duimlani soil.' 1. Spatliie Oie. 
I' tit t levaliim is fioin 700 to loi i ,is(on,dU | 4000 ted ahoye 1 i t'l.iv Iron — lone, 
ttemliriiT on iht- south east sitle, lliroiik!h a snceession id val- 
:he H.i\ o| ( 'li.diui-', .md ihemi' thiou).;li llie l.owei Pio- | llie siilphuiei ot iron, wliiih is not used as an nrr, hut isxaluable 

for <itliei purposes, wilt he miiiied in the seitmd class, 
illicit .d lot mat ions of the I.cwei I'lovmcfs ,ue, so l.ii .is %%.•. Ma^iun, iron me is pttdl.ll^l^ ihe most ahundanl lliioiiyhout Ca- 
eys estahlish. o| |lie s,ime st-rii-s as t>f rp|)ei ('.luatt.i, lln- n.itta. This oii- has a specific yraviiv ol a litlle over tiM Inms ili,-tt 
in system hiiiiK aserihed hi le also to the older foriuatioiis. ol watei, is iron-hlack in 1 tdot. haul, hritth'. ami ot niet.dlit lustte. 
i correspond i-.^ to the lliironian and Siluiian series heiny When pure, it consists of 71' .4 pails in iion and 27, (> paiis ol ow^en. 
foiinations uiuleilyin;; Itie caiboniferotis atitl snt>erfnial ■ hut il olten contains fon-iyn mailers, either inechanicalU minuted or 

■cluMiiicallv c.mihineti. which reilu'-c inoie or less the peicent.ijje ol 
I is ol a s.indy an 1 h amv chaiaclor. Tlio iiiim-t.i.s »d tlie ] the ore. It is tonml mostly in crystalline nx metamorphic rocks, 
)isttict are im'i.iltic uies, m.iihle, slate, and, in tlie l.own The most ini|>oriant deposits of this ore occur In rocks n\ I. amen 
S "-'■**'■ •'t'<<'- ! li.ii) and lliironian a^e. Iml il is also lound in rocks which liave heen 


|)i)MIMM\ ol I \N \1 

„.,„„..| ,• |...».'i .Hhl I i.p.'l Mill. 1,11.,, Kw. II .i"iiUlM'll.v,.i,i.ihl>l,. ., 1 1 inq IM . Hull I1..IMI1.I11. , 11 I. 

,iii.||li>' 111.1. 111.' mill I. .11 llirlMii Ml M t..i*r.ii.T, m.if. .In. iil .1. ..»i.l.« m", .in.l |. I 

,iui,m».' 11. .vimpl.'. .il.lq....ll.iilMi. ,...iilil,ilr,.iii.l l.itiin.iit iiMV iillii'i Hull wliilr ilmi, ,1 l.i.l I'l liiipi.tMii. . h, 

..I ilir h.'.l IM..1I.I. , In ai. 11 . "M. .1,11. n pr.i. ■■.«■« llir hl.ihilli. Inn .i| |lr... tin 1 |.im 

,,„,,nl„iiln N.miir I •"•"'■■Ui'.illi.".. Ii.i". .lu.. 1 .»mI. 1 iim.' Hi 

M.uu.'il.- MM'. .il.iiii.l.iiiiU ... ■ lit 1I11..11UI1..111 M >. . ..iiiilli-' "I ''"I'l'l I" "I"- •• "Ml iiii.i". Mm. 1111.11.. !...». I SiliiiMii ,>ii iiii|...ii.iiii .l.|i"Ml III 111. |..wi..l.i|. ..I ' I i...l.\. II. 1.. 1.1.111. r.iih..iiil. I ..iii.t Iti.i. l..tiii.iti..ii., 

kiMiwii .1. ilw (li.illn Mm.. Ii.i" I'l.M 1V..II...I '.'I iii.i"! >'."" '1 ll.iiiilii.' ...iii« 111 I". Ill I'i.Ih .111.1 >i'lii«, 111' 

„, .1 I,,., I J,,, I,, 1 ilii. k 111 uiiii" I", k, .mil li.i" I'" 11 III". I I'l 1 ili'iiitfli 11"! .ili«.ii«, 1 u llii' iii"ii' hiii.iiil.iiil ili'p" 

I..11U .li.i.iii.i' rill M.illii'»» M ill Ihi Miiu' |.'ivii«hli. I. 11 mill, II I. II .1 I iiiii.l •" in .iiiv ..iii' kiii.l rl 1. 

liiiii.iii.iii . I till* I'lil. iin.l 1« mini 'I Willi I'lU'il •""•■"' A »'■'♦" ><"• '"• 1" "' " tin i"' . Iiii.ulii" 

.111.1 v.ilii.ilili' .ill'. Ii.i' (111111 mil tr.i.r .f puilr. .111.1 Willi vtv lillli .\ii imi .ml il.|.....ll In IIiilh... 1 »ui. in ili. |.i» 

„,|||,„t. r»i .1 I.Hi.. il.'lM.Hil .11 Niillll t i..»|.> 111.' I.lliil ..| II1.I...I1. Iliiiu I..I III till. kiM", .111.1 111 mill' 

■III. 11.111 li..ii4i. W. .Ml Ill r..i.iiil.i, Till l".i III". 'rtMillim .p.. liiiniM.ix t. . p, t . 1 m ,,l pun i 

Iiiidiiiliii., ,111.1 »niii« W..11IU 1.1 iii..«l ..iii'tul I in III.- I..I1UI. .1111. mill. ..I ii'.l Iii'MliiiIi' .u.' mil Willi .1 
l.iiitli'iiilli I..1.1I ^..lllll '.liiil.i.i.'ki- .1 I'l'l"! iwi'"' '" l""ni«. wli' ir I..1I11 Nipi."iiiu III M.1.I..1. .ml ,11 lii.i" < .ip. l.iU 

li,i« lurii 11..', 1 1.1 .i.U.iiil.iur III < 1.1 ti/ I .w..ik« .11 r .1..11 ': .Irp.'.il. .m iiii»'..ilir.l llii' K.illiuii.if 111. 11 Mm. 

M. Aii.illHi .li' Willi .1 IliiiUln... ..I HI. IV I'll. i» ..ii'l I.' 1 »l.l : "I 'linn- 1 1"" • .1 iilnil'li' .I'liip.i'l nil lii'H 

.11 Mvi'i'. I..1I.1 in llii i-ini. Mwiiiliip. .in.l .p., .111. ii« ..| i.n li,.iii j liii.iu l> w.iiki.l. i ti. » li.ivr l.ili li l.ii 11 ill.. ,.v..ii'. 
ilii. I... .ihlv .i".ii M pn i.iil "I intl.illii: Imii. i.| I 1 "J |irr I'l'lll. ' Tin- ..ii'» li.nii llii. I'l'iiiiHt .in- l.imi'li 1 

111 lil.lKllill.- i.Milr iM.llr. I'. I •lllilllllK. II hrlllH t..||ll.l I ' pl.illl.lM. 

Hii' I'liiiliitii.Mi. li.wii.liip. Ill M.I.I..., M.iiiii.iM. Ililiii.iiil. .mil I n.i. 1. 111,11 III.' mini .< win. li .iir .li.i.ini li.Mii.lii.ip 

Sriiiiiiiii .'.iiii.iiii li.U ..I iii.iuiiiil. II. n. ..!.'. will. Ii ti.ui I In (_i.i>l.i . , in Hi. |..wn.liip .il Null .I'Vi'LiI 

lii'l. It'll i-Mi'lli'iii I1..11. 11 I- ll.i'k, mil •ui.iiiii.l. mill \iM ..II' ,i«.,u 11. .Ill \i 1.1 fj |.i'i niil 1.1 piiii' liiiii 

piiii' Hl.i.l-lillil.l. r. w'l I. I 1.1 1.. I lii.iin M',il« .111. r ,11 llii l ill.lK'' ' IlKi'llif.., .m.l .illlri I'lWll.lllp.. Hiil .nii' ..| III.' 1 
.11 M.iim.ii.i. ,111.1 llii' l.imti'.l pi.iiUi.'li.m ..I lii'li in •'.iiuiLi imw |..i.i|. i. tlii' ll.iti ,.. k liiiin' in ,11 Hull, i.pp,..ili' H 
I iiiii'. Ii.iiii III. Ill,iiili.ii iiiiii... 111.'" Hin till' Mi'il," .1. II I. 1 illiil. In .pi'iulii iiir ,i...iilim l| (■) 1.1 1.» pi 1 .'iil. ..( mi 

till' i.iivM.liip ..I llrlni..iii. rill'. I.iil I i.ii.illi Lull r.illi'.l I".. Ui.iiiK 111 llii' u. .iI.imi.mI .. .ill I'l Ilii' I'ppi'i ''ilni 

li'i'I llink.l.iil 11 1. III. Ill' pLiprily ,1 i'ur.r.»l..|i ..I l.i'.L. liiHi»li.iii- i'%. .'.-.liiiuU liii|...i|,inl .l..pii.i|. ..I t.i'iiiilili' , In 
III'.! Willi I.IU'i. "f .l.lli' .in.l .iv.l.illili. Iiim",|..ii., ... , iipl iiu! ,1 klnnvli, mill in 111. l't..\ili.i ..I S.n.i >. .'li.i ,\. ' 
Ini.itlili .iiT'i.. llii' .liiki' ,111.1 L.i.k (I. nil 1 i,.» I .il>. . ml.. «li.. Ii 11 mi. .1. . ..iis. ih.n mi. ii I. I mini in Mini 111 lln 1 
nms, ..I ,il..iul/..'.' .l/d/./' ././..'. I,'in. iiinl in-.ii llir I..1.I Kim i.l I'l. I..11 I 

riii. .I'.' w.i. .11' liiiii' ni'.iily al.niiil.iiii.l. i" l>i inu In ii'- Liiim n'« liriii)) ii'k.ii.Ii.I 1 i Hi | .1. lln 
m.ivi'.l It. nil .iin .liippini!p..iiil, Lnt llir l.nil.llin, "I tin- I'.iIhhm l.i.n.l.niilriir ..!.■ |;,itllu 1..I '.i. in n in. .il. 
I'l'liil.. .111'. .111.1 MaiiiiHi.i K.iilw.n li.i- pni lil. ml.. ii» .pi.miiu iii-.n iti. iiliili l.i.l-.'l «ili,i.n 

niiiinu rill. 11.11. 1 . 

Ill .1111.111. I'tli'lll ii.'.'ill in I ,.iiill\. 

'llii' Si'iiinmr i.ii'l.r.l ..I M.i.l.K, till- ll.iH'.i- Mm. . ni'l "lln I I"' .1 lln' n'l » "I'in .11. Ii.'.|iii'nili 

liiill< ill lli-.ll.iiil. 111.' r..l.',\ .Mini' ill ll.illilli.l. 111. I ...111111 1 ,111.1 lull. .nil.' , III. \ ..||i.|| . .1111.1111 .1 ...n.nli.l.ll.l. pi 

mini mini', in .s.nilli', .11.' ,ill linp.' .Irp.i.ii. .1 In iliini.i Ui'.. ,111. 1 in.ii lln 11 l.i' n n.ii.l.'.l 1. iniMiii. 

«,iinr iilln'i p.iil'i.f llii' I'tmimi' ..llirri ,111' I" I"' l..iin.l. .illlnniifli Imn.iiili'. Tin- ..inn 1. inn ..i tin 1. .1 . 

.VI. li.ivi' I'liimi.' .1 .il'.iM in... I ..I lint. I' ivlii. li ,.i.' ..I 1 . . inn 1... .ililii .. 

imp. ill. nil .'. .\i'. ..iiliiiu I.. Ill 1 1 iw^.iii. ill*. Iit'v.mi.m .l.ili'. 

In On. I.." . llli.m-li lln- l.nv.i.liip. nl Sun. .11. II 'In.n, .111. 1 1...I. N..v.i,i. ,, .111,1. n .1 I. .'.I ..I liliilill l.i..lllli'l. 

iM.n.inli.i. .111.1 ,11 Invirni... liii'lilill.'. \V. :,lii..illi, ..1. l.iiu. li.niliu .1 llii. klii'S. ..I limn 111" ( 111 I 

.111.1 v.iliiilili' "I ni.iuniii. iitr. In < ,11"' Unl'm .lip....|. ..I lii.iii.iiii. .111 1. 

Alllnll. "11 ilii' Dll.iw'.i H.ui.iH.i >>l.' ilrp.i-ii, « .1 1..1 1 .iili..iiilri..ii. .mi, l.nt Lill. 1- mi «ii..«n "I III 

f.iiiii' M.,ii< .mil \ii l.lini!(..ii'« p. 1 I . ill ..I 1111'l.illi.' Ii..n l,..iii.mli iiiiiii'. in ( .ip. Mm. .11 | In.. .1 niii-.n; 

Al Itii.Ml, ill I'.mli.ii < ..111111. i.ilu.ilil. ,1. p.. .11- w. 1. ,||M ..\ii. .1 iiLiun. 111.', I. Ill .nil . l.i.M .1 .IN .1 In iii.ililr "ii' 

ovi'i .1' ,ii..i. in 1-71 >>'■■!' .Minu' lln 1. i' ,1 I,iiki' .l<|i..»ll iif 1' 

III llif «i'iKiii,iiv "I ^1. I'Mini., Ili'.m.i',,! l.i'il ..I Ki,iiiiil.ii 1.1.' .111.1 III. Ilniil m In. i.' ^p.'ak. Imiliiv i.l il l.i. 

iiliuni iiviilliuil. iinmiii'lili', Willi .1 Mill l,.iiv-livr Irri" I'm. In Ni iv Itininii. 1. I.ii)!.' .1. p..»iis .,1 In 111.11111. 

in Hiipi iiiiii. l.i.-k..iiivill.'. in .11 W.i.hI.I... k. .111.1 till- piii.ti 

III N. IV k. iii.iuni'ii. m.'. arr<nll\ 111. 1 wiili. liii 1..1 ii. un-.n li.ii.ln.'.. .inl .lii'iiiiili. Win- im 

11.1 will .li'liiii'il I.. .1. li.ivi' I'v.ii ili'vil.ipr.l 111! 1... .ililii . Ill wlmli imi, II i. "Il lln ,iiilli..iiiy "I >ii \Villi,iin l'',nil,.i 

lln- .Ill llii' niiKI .il.lin.l.illl .iti' 111 lln' p.m. Ii "I Spiiim. hi. spi. i.illy .mini l.n lln pLiliiiu ,.| n.n 

lli'l.l. Ill 111" S. irpi. \',i'.li'V. Ill I'l'li'i.iillr In Kiln;', ('"lilily. Ill-, II 1,11 pnip...!-.. Il i- ,il... , .i.l.ipl.'l I..1 

D.ilin'. l..ik.' .111 1 l.i'pii'.m ni Si I..I111 I'lninn , ,.inl .11 H.-ci wiir . 111 ii'il .il W |.|... k, I .11 .11. ii,.i imwinni 

in l',is., 1111,1. pni, Ml ll,iy .iii- |,inn,| in nii',ii .ilniinLiii, .■ m.ii Hi.' Nin-i ili. , 

In I III' I'lpi't Silnii.m .l,i|.'. .111. 1 ipnitulii.'. nf .N'.iv.i S.-.iii.i iimy , ilimiu-li pi"l.,il,li 11.11 »" ,il.ninl,iiilli, .m lln- M; |..l! 

ni'liii' .i..'ni. ill vi'iiiN ,i<».i.'i.ii.'.l Willi «piiiihir .11 iiii.'.i.'i'i.ns .iir. ni Hill I,, tin' I..1.I lil, i>. villi .I'llliimnl In llir i 

L.iii.l.mli'iiv. .ml .il- . in'.ii 111. l;.i.l Kivii. ri.l.iu (■.niiily. Ni .11 ' I..I111 1 '"111111 111. ii' .11.' ..I In'in.ilil.' iiu- 11 

'rtill.i. .1 I1...I .i\ llii. k i. .ml I.l t'Xi.l, mill lln.' f"..ilil.'i"ii. .in.l m Wr.l ll.'.i, li ,111. 1 lll.n k Uivi-i ; .111.. ,,| ilu-s. 

Ii.,in,iiii.'. ..I lln' l)i',in .l.iu'. >.ii llii' ..inlli .iil.. "I ..Vninipiili. ' twiiiiy liil llii' k. .\ I.iik.' In-.l "I lirni.ililr i. .il». 

V.ill.y li.ivi- in iii.inv i.i.i'. Ln'il nn.ii' "i li.s cmiipli'l.'ly .iluii-.l P. C.1..1 Hill "ii ..n.' ..I lln- nppn l.r.iii, h. . ..I ilir \. 

iii.iUiiilik'. ,1 iin'l,ini.nplii«ln. ,1. . .ii.litli! l.i 111 I l,i»'.,m, wlii. li li,i. Il.'iinilili 1,1. . ,iu- lip.nn'.l ,.. |.. 1111. 1 m ..mi.' 

Mk.'ii pl,n'i' 1 liiillv ,11 M.iii.,' Kiv. 1. |,i III., H.inili "I ilii' uri'iit 111:1. s Kml Ilii' .N..illi wtm ri'iiii.irii'.. I.nt 11. 1 p.iiii. iil.ii 

ol KMilll.' in ,\n!i,i|."li' r..nillv. .\ ..ll.ill lililr sin.i', .1'. I lil.iili. I'. 11 . ,,• i. I.. tin. I .in. My 1 ks " 

nil.' m.iyni'ln'. ft'Si'llil.lilii; ...m.- ,.| lii.- l..itn.'nli,iii ..i.-.. »',l. Smiir i.l lln- .,n ,• .,| II in. ,in,l Snll',li in I Mi 

.ll». iivi'U'.l 111. 11 lili- Nn 1,1111 Kiv. I, Iw.lilv I., lliilU p.l I 1 111 ..I lil.i I. 

\'.ilii..l.|i''l,. I. .)! nMunili. ..I.. ..1.111 ..n l..\...l.i 1-l.m.l. Ilnii-li Hi.' l.iifiv.l .li p..~il kli.mni^.il lln M I'.iul, . 

I .iliimlii:i. aii.l lli.'i :ii'''l 1.1 i.M.i .11 ."In ' p".'.!- IN l*.,,\iini', .1111 Iiiiik li.ivi- l.i'i 11 I nit.'.i. It". ,111. in 1,., k I 

lii"ll;:li n .1 i.'t I..1 iiliiiinu in. Imi. I.'l.lsp,", ,m,l 1. niii. l\ li'i-t tlin k. .'! tin "I'l I'lv .l,illi',i* I", k. mill. nil .1..^, imii lii .1 yi.iiii> .\i Si, Jiiliin, ii.,ii St, l.iii, 1111 111., pi.ip. it\ ., 

aii'l I'lv.t.i!. "1 111. Hill. 'Iilr .111.1 liini'liiti'. will. li. "11 Iin- .ii..inl. :;i.ili.iii l.s.p. .il M.iii|ii-.ii. ik ,. tlip-isii, ,ii,.| ..U. 

Ill til.-' 1.1. '.<., .11.' Ulllli'l. 1 t..;i.'lll.l .111.1 I..1111 (Irp'.^il. .,1 wll,ll I„ 1.1,111.1., 

kii'ivvn a. " iinii s.iii'l " Tlii. ii.<ii ..itnl i. aUv.iv. 111, iif in liss / ii/irHi/' tiuJ J>.-^' ( './.— I.iiminiti', win. li in n,ii 

iiii\.' 1 Willi .ill. t'- 111. ..Ill 1, ... til, It .iilili. pr.ic.'...'. "I . .111. I'lili.i .illi.|i . .illi'd l.i..wn lii'iiniliti', I im.i.ts r..i'lili,illy . 

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In, r.inlHi ll,i 11' .,,1' Ill 1,1-11 1., I 111- ..It' HI 111.- I hl.n .1 11,11.. Ut.l Uii,-l. in 111,' \ i.inHV iil I In- hull ninth p.,,. ,11. I. whi-i, lliry l,,,ii' 
ll „l W.'.l ll.'.n I, .,ii.l lll.n k Uivi'i , ..ii" ..I tln-.i' In. I. i. ..,,.1 1.. l.i I,,,-,, uIi.i-im.I l.y I In mi. I'ii>f.'..iii Mill, Mil. .M. Ii.hv.u.,, ,,iiil 
t-nli li-i-l tlii. k .\ I.HKi- ..I ,. .,1... «.,iil In 1 \i.| in.i, .itliii., T In- li . I'lilll I nlili.lii-il li-|..itl i.l tin- l.i.ln.itni'il xi-nlli' 
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ll lilt' .N.. til, w.'.t Ti'tiil.irii-.. lint mi p.iiln ill.ils i .in hn ii-l v;i\i'ii. ' i.» l.i- w.nki-.l, hlin .t.iin- Im n-.!- ,i. ,i ll„\ ,..,,1.1 1.,- iil.l iitli'il ,,l 
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ii'ltiiiK h.ivi- lif-i 11 I ii-i t.'il. Il 111.111. Ill I... k 11, .Hill, m.l. I..- iij. 111 111 III- ti. 1, anil v.tlu.ilili' .11. ., ami ;,,r .,11 i alliunalr.. viitli .in • m. i 

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nil.itii.'il Willi w.itt-i, tin- ihi'mi'in.,! pi.ip.iiln.iis tiiinu .: 1. <.l ih. ,1.), ,,,(.s t.I ihi. piniuns, ami il i.iimul la- ilmihii-il Ih.ii 

linrr 111 14 .) Ill tin- I.ill. t. skitli-il l.lliinit anil will iitll' il.iy In.iki' lln- Hull linin-s ul Ihr 

'riii- li'ttn liiiniiiii. I. ^.-mi. lily III. I.l.- l-i in. I mi.- 1".,; ..n .. ivhirh^ llulniiiimi a fji.'.il sunt, i- ..I iv. .,1th. 

ilvl'Vi-I, is scan 1 I\ 1 ..111. I, a. till mi-s 1.1 1,1 ill ,. nl.i ,| .IS 1 11,, .111,11- /,-.,,/. —'lln- .inly uii- ..I ! nl in. 1 mill in I 111.1. l.i i. lln s|i|,,|iii,, | 

nally iiiiur in Mills, 1,1 111^. tin n suit ..| tin .iln i.ilimi, >..i ii..,.,||, .n ^ali'iia .il -i ..iw.ii . hulls s II pmnmis 1.1 -iKi 1. ami 

.,/«, lit ml, 1-1 ..lis ul irun ui ul sii. I, 1,11111 I. lis .IS .ink. nil , il llny , ill suiiii' 1 .isi-s tin .iiiimiiil ..I this is snlli. 11 nl p. 11 n. I. 1 11 
niaiil uri^.iiin in.iit. 1 .11 .ill. ii is, s,, i.n js K,,,,,v,i, in mm sut.iU „,,lil,- .,. ., siKi 1 uu 

lanlily. 'Hn- !...« mi-s. mi tin- mln r liainl, ap; .-.11 iiiini.iili u. . .111. ' \Vi ll.ih liin ij m ins ..I ^il, n.i an- 111.1 wiili 111 many liiralitii'. I1.1 
II a niii.iili-ralili' t{il.ililily ul mu.iim fn.ilti'I. .mil u. . 111 nn.i.'.iM ,. vrisiti..^ tin lu. ks 1.1 ih. I..11111 si ins , ami in soini' rasi-s llii'y Ins 111 linls ill |inv).|,,i,ii,|s, p.iss ,ipn-aii|s tliiuiiL'h ihi' uv.-lhiiii! I'ms.l.Hii ami ( ahili-iuns Im 

In Dm. ,11... tin- l.uf. un rliii-IIi u. . n|s, .iinl is Pininl in i. s lu ' iiialnnis. shulviiiK tl,i'i,i lu in- iininm'r than lln- iatli I, 

lltii-s 1.11 lln sliui,. Ill l.aki- l.ln-. ill ih. l.iwiisliii.sul I liu l.illi-i illi-, I,, I liil.iii.i. si-v.' v. 'ins ul i;al.'lia ui 1 ,1, in llil' luivnships ul I li I 

iihlli-lmi. Win. I ha III. anil i-lsi-wln-ii- t.ii.l, I..His,l.iwm-. IN-l.-ilimu'. ami Kaiiisay. .mil in .i m-i.iI 

In lj,ii-l..-i , lln-v ivisi lai«,lv al \'.iinlii ml. wlnn- lln- In .Is an- hi. .ilili.s iln iniins .in- w-mkf.l, I In l..,k,' S,,pi'lnil si'Vi-ial vi'llis m 

.III I I.. 1 iulil 111 I llii. k. .iml . .ilil.iili ,il...nt :j pi-l I . Ill ul iimi, 1 111, s.nn,. ,,l vvliii li .111 . .is .11 Ml.n k Kivi'i. ixtli'lil. Iv liill in sllvil 

ns..l iiimi-m liss pi,i:n .11. l.iiinil .ils,, .i, H.isi.u.l Sl.iiil.,i,Ii;i-, .\| I IuiikI. 1 H.n . .unl tin .\ipi;;.ili n■^im, lu ihr tiuilh.wi-sl ul l.akn 
Hllh.iili. St. V.illii 1. Si .\ii^i li.|iii . .mil Si III, .11,1 ill i s,i|.,.ii,,i, 1, n 1, Mill, lulls .111.1 MiliLilili- \i ills ul uii' an lunml. .11..! 

In till- s.-imiimn-s ul 1.1^-1 1, Isl.m.l, Villii.iv. i'".i.-. .1111.1. .mil Kiui'ii- 1 si- \, 1,1 1 iiihm s up. -in-. I .111. 1 \v.,iki-.l piulil.ilili. 

, la,„p iiiani li.i. rs an nn I iviili 'Ihr u,,- hi-.iiinji liai-l,i,i's On lln- sii,.iin.i 1 ul tin I Ion. I., 1 l'apini-a,i. at Nutll, I'llilr N.ilnill 
-I iHy-IiM inil.-s I'lsl ami ivusi h) si i iiiil.-s i,mlh nnil siiulh uvn, Uiv. 1. .1 l.i, In ul s,x m i-n;!,! im ln'S i-.xists , anil al rptii,,. Ai lull, mil 
s ii'uiun t .i'.l.iii..iil 111 lln- I'luv 111. t ul ( hichi 1;, viins ul siiiiH' niaj'.iiilinii ,...,ir 

Dominion or canadj 


At l.illlc ([.i' r.tvc, .iIm), minis h.ivc Iki n ti|M'rM <l. lixm wlii'li In Um.ini', .ii M.kI.m .ui'I M.iiin'H.i, ^ dlsi'i 
siuiinirn-. nt mxiv \h-\ i irii i-tr h.ivi- l^ciii i))>i.Mn(<l. Ipij-ri iii.mI.- t>\ i:-»i.|. |..iiily in <|ii.i'l/ vtins .in<l |..mly ni > 

lit Ni'iv lltun^wM k .mil Nuv.i Si nii.i, jiiili'u.i ihiui'^ .i( .i nurnlx i hM'k. .tml m-vim1 minc^ li.ivc \n-v\i itpuncl hikI wntkcil i 
nl pniiils, !nil MMwhrif in «;u;inriln'» ol .iii\ rini'ori.nn i- s., i.ii .i-^ .|( - in hoili Liu-n-liips. '\'U<.\ .iri- n-n.dlv kmnvri ,is tin M. 
vrlniH'.l. Mi.i.s 

('.'//•,'.- Till-, tx 1 iii-i in in tlir h-rms .>| n.itur m (lie ^inln^i. .il r•)^>)lli•'n^ in Nuiili wtsu m Nrw Uiiui 

I cl.illir rii|)|u-r, .nitl ol (Ik- stil|iliurr(l('tl im<->. Tin- luiiin i i^, an,iliii£<ni>. t-> ilixsi* oi ,iuillriuu<4 ruunlrii'' iji-U'ialn , .im 

liiu'il |.iinr\..illy tit tin- I'll ks i)f I Ik- u|i|ni < npiM i-Ih ,ii jtr^ sc m -. f r;,i*.lcni (jiirl.c. ,iw\ N'ox.i s-'-ni.!. il .il\v.i\s I'li-n 

L.tkc Sii|<( It'll, t lit' l.uii I .ill' uiilctv (litlusril iliiuii^li till' l.aiMcn i;"l>|.|i< .iiiiiu' it'L>i<ni. .nnl ilii- < Apl'ii.iijons ^<t l.n mi'li-i 
II. II' M lies. IiiOni.iiin, on ihr nm lli-r.islri n .'.liori' of l.akr II limit, hi Iui lU'ji-.sji-; ,iii>l uMJij-J.c.iTint; i"Mk>. Ii.ivr Imii 
tin- 1 Iiiit>iii.ii III' ks. L-xtt'iisivi- \ t'in^ • I IK II • Mppri mi-' li.i\< l'< < n iin mii.iijini,'. On llu- i'pltii|iii .iini H>- ii ilniiii io, mi 
mim-il tor yens, nlti-u with lircU ptolii. .i-- .it llir \Viilint::'ni, |{in< i . h,i\i' linii n up. 

.mil W.ilJiUT iiiiii-s. Al l'".c hn L.ikr. U(ii«i KiM-t, .nnl tlir i.-i.i, In \..v a s, .,n,i. LioM nnniiiL; li.i- \-mu .ah ii-u.l\ I..t 
.ili'int Lake M.i- kanon^i anil I In- Mi'i-.iss.niiii Uivn, iii.ins \.ilii.ilil v ai\ inu n suJi-, t-n m .us. In i -7.1, iln \..\ a >r .,iia ::i.ll 
imlir.ilioi s iiT I (ipjH't i\is|. On ' akr .^n|.i-ii.i: tin- n.iii\ r 1 ii].[n-i, visiicil in |Ki-.iin iiv Mi AIIm •! U. < Siluyn. (lie ihin |ni 
wliii h is s- rslrii'-ivi I ■ .iml [.n- il.iblv umkitl 011 tin- Miilunan lityiral Mine-, -"it < .11 .nl.i . .in-i. ,i-> M 1 . Sduvn li.nM'fi'ii, lit 
shoii', aNit t'xisi-; in l.ti^^i' ijii.inhiirs ovrr rlu* noitli 01 ( '.iii.niiaii ti'lanatla in i"Mii).t>n siMtrn mmis tliiclni nl iIil- m iilui; 
slum*. Many Iiiralifiii'i have lifrn siirvrjrd ami taken ii)'. .mil it "1 tin- I'lovimr nt \'ii toiia in .\ii>ii.ili.i. Iir was [irruli.n sfaifflv I'f ilnublcfl Init that in tinir .1 mining H'uinn will l.r invi"itiH.H(' iln'-ic lu-Uls .ind tlnir win kiiin-i. Ills ri imii 
ilcviliipcd. sc(uinl only In iliai in Noiilu'in Mirhii'an, ihi' vnluim- <tt iJi'iplti^hal .Snrvrvs hn 1 '^yiv-yr. slnniM I 

In (Jill In-r. iIm- iixks ci( |lu' M>-r.illt'il (ImcIu'C l^ioii)'. wIik 11 .m ni lii-ri|<'<l \t\ cvciy mir [nii|M>inf; (■> vi'iiiiiri' mi unlil-minii 
rtinivalcnt tt) tin- rHppii.hiaiinK >tiata ol I..ikr .'^ii|>riiui. rDiii.nn Si"ti.t. 

iii'Mipnnis ill" pi )M Is iif I'dpptT i)i("*. I hr I niiip.iii-'uns Jiawn .;-iu\>-^uiiUv lifiwi'iii .N'nva 

At rpfnt. \Vi. kliam, ami Artnii, the vrins ate, tuit loi tin \"n hni.i ai<- I.ivnaMliIi', liui hi" shows cmnlusivi'ly that. 
mnsl part il) iircKular ami intt'i*^tralirK'(l masses. Ai .\' t"n. .ilmiil aiialuL-nns icsiilis, in.uf i<n>noiiiii.' and skilled la'umi. 
HXH> Inns nf very rich riippt-r wi-n* cxtiactcd, wIilmi ihr vi-iii liicanir i arilnl invi'sii^ation lictoic ilic t'tprnditntu nt <, ni 
cxhaustrii ; hiil millions iif dollars havi* ht-fn investfd ihinui;h this stitiiliil |ni ihr pu'sciit wasirfiil t iistoms. Mines in \ 
K'^ion m vi'iis j^ivin^ similar pinitUM'. ihiclly hy I'nind Stalis wnikrd to pay ten per cent, dividends on a less yu-ld 
capil.ilisis. Inn than llu- aiiinuni wasird in ihc liU/iu^i o( some c 

Al Hai\fv's Ilill. in, an rMi-nsivt- mim- is wnikid h> (In- Srniia mines , and in .\nsiialia ihe same nuniliLi nf stall 
Tainlish and Can.idian Coppei «\>mpanv ; and on the St. I'ram 1- lil'y to a irundird pii 1 int. mme woik pn dav th.m in \i 
Kivrr, and .it Halifax. Sultoii, .'si. Maruaiet. Asent. Mnlinn, Ham, | The ^;nld in N>p\a .Scnti.i on, us piim ipallv in ipiarl 
and othn pl.tirs iliioni;h the Kasiirn rnwnships. rnppei exists and is sti,ititii<l slatv and 'pi.irt/nst- mrks almiu the Ail.inlif o 
in many lasi's mined. .\s this l.iiLie indiisliy lieionu's develn|ped, in^ ,in area of ivxp sipi.iie miKs. TIk- mines 
Ih*' (iiii'stion will arise as to the most an. ssiMe pnini nt ii.insp.uia m.nnl', in tin .hsiii. i-- of Siminoni, Shi-ilpin.ike. Wini 
lion 10 cheap fuel for smelling, and alllnniiih the pom it nn- m.iy It W.ivi liiv. Mnjii.tym . r,ii'i,'ii 1, ( Uriilii'w. « '.uitini 
re J need ne..r the mines, ihi' rii Inr will siill he r.ii rnd in iln' \ i' min .md ti.iv s Ui\ri In 1 - ; ;. iln n wite IUt\ iliiei ninn s ■.] 
(if coal. It m.iy therelnie he anticipated that llin..e imm l.iM'in 111 sm.ill, .uid w<pik''(l \\\<,m ihe inlmtc sysutii. t 
Can.ida will cvi nin.illv htid tin ii w.iv lo the n pal -mines ipI iIh- I oui i iwn .tie allii\ mme ^. 

I'rovinres. I hf anrilenms lands .,1 It: insli ( •ijunil'ia dn iini .ippe.ii 

In Ihe Nnrdi west, lar^e deposits of cuppei .iie said to exisi l.e- lined In aiiv single ilisimi <it that ^;n .it I'mviii. e. Ilify 
yond Lake .Nipii^on. and traces an. also found in Ilrjtish ("olnndiia. .ilniiw the Krasei and Tlnmipson rivi ts, .md .iie paiticul 
nn llie in.unl.nul, the disiiiet nf <\iril.nii. md ihc new uuld nitnes nf tin 

In I he I.nwei I'ro\'iiires. ilu' \ iins nt ipie nn the riuht Ip.iiik nf (In Ounim .1, m the tin it ii n| ( nhimln.i. .tppe.ii in t'Mtiid n\tT ; 
Si. Inhii Kiver, near \Vnuds|n< k. .Nt w llrnnswii k, liavt- .itti.nied ti.ip i ol inuiili\. 

nun h atutitinn. Al Ailanis, I'assama'pioddv liay. and m.inv (in Vanconver Island very vaUial'le siream vvaslnngs 
points in t'h.ulolle, St. lolin, .Mhert, KitiL's. .md wmii^hi for .1 hiiiK time. On ihe m.iinland the >;>dd uf 
coiiniie:.. definsiis niore or less v.iliiahle esist, .md .iie in s.,nie in .ind Nnnh ThDiiipson rivers seems tn he derived I'unn tl 
stances protitahly worked. Copper is .iNn s.H \ i<i e\isi m \<pv.i deposits" which hordcr these rivers, and atlnids ,\ tin 
Srolia, ii'MT Poison's L.ike, ,ind elsewluie, hut is mpi yet developed hydi.tidlc mining. 
Iiv woikniK. In m.iny huMliiies ipiai!'. vein- initisperse ihe 

.W.^v/ is found spaiin^ly dill'iised tluniiijh lite m.i^;nesian in- Us seems to he esiahlished t!ial fmm tlie Tniled Slates Irn 
of the ^juehec ^roup. .\t two or ihtee points only have nies in-en tifty-ihird de,;ree ipf north l.ililinlc. .md tn a width nt froi 
fmiml viehlnin anv considerahle peiceiiH^e ot ni'ktd, Imt its liiyh hunt! ed miles, ijiohl is hmnd iumiU- eveiywhere. 
price will allow vrv poor ores tn he wrought In .idvanl.tije ; ,iinl Th. vi'dd is jiiadu.illv incre.isiin:, for 1S74 !>eiiii< 1 
these depnsits m.i. ewoiih caieful cxaminaliim. .\t ihe \V.i!la<i- houihond of .1 niillitm and a halt nf dnitars, and an iiicie 
Min-; on I. .ike llninii, and ai Mii hipicoinn Islaml, luai I. .ike ^u- imii humlted lh<nisand didlars l.eyond ihal ttl List seas, 
peiior, are the two I. est depnsii*. vet kmiwu. Deposits an itniiid linld is also disiiilmted at some poims mi the 
also 111 t;:fotd ami the Kastern Townships. Um ky Moin>i.inis. .md Ipcen mei with in the hr.mi In - 

Si/vii. — N.itive silver oifitts in l.trj^e (pt.mtities at se\ei,d [Himts kaiehew.m '.mm rdmnntnii t>i the folks. Mi. Selw\ii ^ 
on L.ikc Superior, and the copper oies • t ihe Piovinre nt Uuehec n^^ doul.'. ■" w.ished niii ni the diiti. .uid .is ilieie is Iml, 
also oniain small p<n lions of silver. Some nt tin- i:.ilen.i nies .d-^n ..i iis lnvnii: - nine hom the un.du led su.ii.i iindeiUiiii, 
< oni.iin silvei in nu.tntities woith'liii;:, .is ,11 St. Ii.m, is, He. tin e, is \> l.e interud it has heen dcii\ed tmni il e 1 t \ st.dii 
V.mdieuil, and Mimllon Ilill. in ^hielin-, whvte the .iss,i\ s uer. limii the iinith-easin-.inl. pmhahly somewheie lieiwnn tin .M. 
thttt\ seven to sixty hve ounces 10 ihe ton. and al Meiediths Ini.i .md Alhahax .1 l-.ike. I he-e meks he at ,1 dist.iii' e n| ,1 
Imn nil Lake Superior, where ihe assay yielded tliiily iiuut es tn iln miles froni Kdmoinnii in tliat diieeiinn." 
ippii. With the piesfiit impiovetl processes, so small a tiuantil\ .is 

fniii nun,. :s may pinhiahly he extracted from a tmi ol lead. .hi.-i"/.'>r. is inund m w-pik.ilde veins a: i'tinre Will 

At rimndei M.iv, mi Lake Stipeiior. silver in a native s(.,ie Wnndstm k m.i,!, ,:i New Miunsxvick. The .ne is sul[.li 
receiiilv hecn tlisc.iveied in m.iny hu aliiies, sn. h .is sd\ei Met. nioiiv. nnm 1 iin- innh in [uiie masses and nnne or 
Primes Incation. tlie Ihumier Uay mine, Ndvei Lake, Pie Nl, i.d.aiid ■;'' >i;»'^' N"^ "iher workalde deposit is known, we lieh.'s ; .iml several miiu's pnnhm' l.uue resnlis. j 

Silver mines h.ive also lieen opened in Hiiiish I'olnmhi.i, iumi ' 
Hope, on the Fiaser Kiver; a vellnwish decinnpipsed \<iii-siniie. 
hronnht hy Mr. Uichaulsonlrom thispla.e.wasassa\ed. and uaveai ■' MINi:iiAL> L^Ll) l\ < IklAlN ( l||;Mh Al 

ihe late nt 271 ,|S .p/ ..f MUel In the tnlinl J.-hpHis, ItnilltllC I.M irkl>. uen|ni>ii al li'.itnies nhsei wd in pppilinits of ("11111.11 Hliljsli 

Colnnd.ia. ihere is eveiv irason to antn ip.iie .I1..1 a ... li s.|,e. hea. ' "'" ^^"'^''-' '** "' ''""' "l'^' '^■^- '"" ""'V """-"'«■ '' 

illK ieyiou exisls theie. which oiilv ..-.piH. s In, ..s spe.dv develnp- I'.V"tcs.or hisulphu.ei nf i.-m-is of at.y enm.m.ic imp 

mem the inl.odn. iion of the i.,pil.d. enieipiise, ami skdl which '^ u"^*" ^'"•■".v'">- 'uakim; sulphn.ic acnl and cnppe,.,, 

are certain to Inllow the openi.uMip ol .li.ei t commnnn ...i.m with ''l^* ^^'po^'ts occur ai Lli/.duthtown. near Hr.pckv.lle. ( ) 

.i( (Jaithhv .md AsiiPi. in the L.istein Townships of One 
l( iinswii k it is almnd.mi ni the .-t the .'^l, In! 

the Lasi, hul f'pi the pieseni want of which tin- sdx.i veins. .1^ welt 
as many o( the other meal lesomces ol iliis pniiMm ,i| li ,- 
Dominion, lem.iiit nnpiodui live and nei-Iet ted. ,nteus nun \, 

(/,','/' exists ovei a Ial^ie e.xtent of the Lastein Towuships in ^.Hk - 
liei, and has .iiti.icied lahotii and lapilal fpu its ilevi lopnieiit. !i 
was tirsi nniice.l in iln- s.mds .p| the Ch.uidiete \'.illey in is^;, \>\ 
(ieiieral Matldclev. Kl! , hut the nt the last lew '.'.u^ 
nnly have lesnlleil in its heini; wnrked Ihe snmce ..I ih ^ 'Id 
Rfein-* to he the ciystalline st hisis of tin- Nnii.' 1 i.ime lanye. .md tin- 
drill IS spread over a uide .ma nn iht sinuh side ni iln- S|. L.iw- 
ren. f. rroni Melhnuirie t.i Sheihinnkc >pii the St. I' is Ki 
and on Lake S|. Francis; on tin* (h.iudu-ie and its nihu.aiies, 
from St Mary to ihe fnmtier ()f Mv nv, and .it the Riviere du Loup, 
((old is to he hmnd ; and mining has heen i allied on at -'haudiere 
and Kivieii- du Lonp with nnisideiahle lesulls tmiii ih. all.ivial ! /if.iniuni. m /if>ifii, i>,-ti.-i.\ is used to* ilie piodm li. 
washings oulv. L.itterlv machinety has heen erected al ('hand i"'re acid lor ihe mannractuie of colors. \\ is also suscepi 
|u assist in dcvelopiu^ the lock c>res. .ipplicatinns in the atis. 

C-\r,>nnif'l, 01 clunmie niPlI o|e. is . iiietl\- used .Is ai 
the pmdu. imn ()t nnhioinaie nt ptitash, used iniheiiii; 
piiiiiiiiM It is met wttli in • nnstdei.ii>le (pi.intilles in ( 1 
inwtisliips nt Main. Hnlinn. .Melhouine, and at (iaspO, hi 
used ( .pimiu'ii iailv, altliouuh it t oiiUl he lo advantaiie. 

M.iii^.uh i,\ used in the m.iiinfaclnre ol chhninc. is in 
L.ike Siipelior, In ^Juehee at Itnllnn..nid 
,uul in New Muinswick .11 M.ii kli.miv die. Kind's ('ntiiiiv 
lo a eonsjdei.ihle extent. It is .ilso imind m ll.mts 
elsewhere thiou^h Nova Scotia. 



lu, .11 M.i.l... .III. I M.imi'M.i. tlisruvt-rit's liavi- Tin; l.iriii'".! l-mlv "i iln-. hk- liii'iu n in ("iiniida i** at \i.\\ ^\. \'-u\, 

I't i;'ii<l. I'.iitU 111 'pi.iM/ vrins .iii'l i..itlly in r|(rumi'<)sr(| in Miitl-r. h i~, Im-viwi, uHi n hm nl tlituuu'li lli' ■ iiiiiir- h.i^r [iff 1 1 u|iL'nri| .UK I w.ukiil with s II. I IS, >i f if,, i'lii-, oir I LIS I ((I'll hi'Mc I'.iiitt u';i Iv If lent' I III in ilic < !,is>i. 

nsliip-. Tti. V .III- nsii.illv krpiwn .is rli< M-urn-n-i ti"M Mi .tiKni •>! nun on s. 

Ill III.. lis III \..itli wrs|( rii \ru Itnuisui. k ln-irin , 

.]/. V/'V- '///''/, 

.iM- nicl.ii, i\i-Is HI n.ttni 

n ill'- iii'isi |,.iii .IS .1 

. !li..s-.,i ..uiil<-tini-*..ninlruvii'-n<ialn, .in.l csjk-. iaIU hiIi-Imii.-i. an-l i^ usf.l |..i .luiii^ mIU. .uum . .ml lin. n. ami lur 

• iM li,. ami Nusa Naiia. il lias alwavs Cvvu M.itr.l as a '•"» ' I'IMI.msc.. Ii is f.nin.l in *^unir .|n.Mililir. <.n lilt- nuith sh-nu 

: M^i..n...inl iln- t Aphnalinns si, l.n nn<lri|aki'n. l-nti "MIh- ( .nit .,f Si. Lawrc-nn-. ami at I lai vt-.- I lill, nrai lactls. Il is 

Il i-s,t. aii.l u-.M-Lrarnm i... ks. hav.- I..rn ui-Mlitai. h 'I- ' « "'l"' '"> '•■'»*»■ •^•M'^"''' ■■ I' '' ■' n.inrral. M-fi ami nn. tuous 

. On tin- l.ilM'tm' ami its n il„ilari.-s. mining I.-as.s inlir |.,m h. .,f a Ira.lrn-^^* _. . "1"'". ■""' ^^ <'''^ ""''^'■''<''""n''""»- 

1^, I, ji,^ Imi;.'. tnnii \v!iii II il i--. liow< vn . .lisitnL;iiis|i,-.l l.\ its mm li ^riatii 

1,1. ii..l.l Muniim U.i- In Ml li. III. W..1. Willi "'-'Milt. 

ill-, I'M ^. .us, In I-:-., ill.' N.iv.i Si <itia ui'M In IN \M ic . , , 

Af.i^fut I .Mill lis -..ili^ .111- ixh-nsivt I\' iis(i| Ml ].h.uiinrv. his 

.iltuiiird (mm -nininim' or liyluui'' siliiali-, hnm in.imicsian iimi'- 

simu- <M tlitlumilt-, .iiul li'ini the naliv** raihunalt-. '1 li ' l.illi-i is nuuh 

liclti-i litlctl I'll ilic iirc'i-aiatiou of niauncsian >ialis than cillici sii- 

■isMii l.v Ml. ,\lli< .1 U. ( Silwyn. iIk.mImc. im ..( tin- j;.-..- 

I't < .11 .hla . .iml, a> Ml. Sriwyn had iH-cn, Im l.nci ••niinu 

11 i-'lni.l.n sixici'ii yrai"* iliuTiui ul llic mi»iuujr-;il >iiivcys 

n« I- oi V'ii luiia in .Xiisiralia. In- was im-i uliailv lilted to , , ,. 

, ,, , , . ■■ If ■ r 11 ■ iM-nlini- or ' ii is a latr rin k in most i.als of llii.' wmUI 

ini-sc iit'lijs .iml ilicir wurkiUL;-^, lli^ rcii.nt in lull, in ' 

il (ii-oloifirat Suivcvs lot 1-70 71. sh.mM In- icid .uul 

-vi'iv uDL- proposing to vrniat.' <in ijiild-mitiini; in No\',i 

.Mill It is tlu-rt-fnu nut iinpiuliairk' [hat tlif l.iiuc iinaniitics ot it to !jl- 
loiind in iliu t'asuin Townships of Ijtu-lici;, partii til. ul\ iH. 11 Holtun, 
rii.iy (MIC day heroine an arlick' of uxpoit. 

III. MINJ'K.M.S CSKI) l\ .\(;K1( ri/ITKi:. 

i.iiisiiris Ji.iwn , (*/.'^/..///l' Iii-lwrcn Nov. I Snli.i .nnl 
l.ivo ii.ilili-. hill lu- shows ( (III' lilsiM-ly tint, |o jilodlli r 

-siili^, in.)i'- comnnn and skilled laliutii, and inoii- in |..ic ihc expeiuliinru ol lapilal. must he snh 

the [ u.isieful rusioms. Mines in Victoiia are /''i<'./'//./^- '-/ /aw. . or apatite, is used in the aits I'oi the manufac- 

i.iv ten |Mi .<ni. ilivideiids on a less yield of nojd per Hue i.f plntsphnrie arid and of phospJKirns. and in the cuniiiosition 

r .un.'uni wasle.l in the t.itlin^s ot some ol the N.iv.i "I '» nain nnreelains ; Imi its largest af)pIicalion is as a ftrtili/cr. 

- , .md Ml .\usiialia the same miinlx 1 of st.inip: .lo '"^ ' ''^'''>' nianufaLlnre<l into the s-perphosphate <.f liim-. 

idled i.ri < nil. iiioif work per dav than in Nova ^. oiia. ' '"'"^ dtsi.mre is found in .ihnnd. ine anionii the I.anreniian rocks 

I Ml Ni.\.i s.,.11,1 .M. ,ns piinripalK- in quait/ veins in of t -..u-i'l 1. and in Dniaiio. almi^ the Ottawa, and the line of the Ri- 

.it\ and .piart/osc u.iks alonmJK- Ailaiiti-- eoast. - ovei- ''^•■"> Ctn-d.mar IVilh. il over an area ..f many s.piaie miles. 

; of pi.ilMhly 3?.Ms.|uaie miles. The mines wrked au- ''^ prodnrlion has heen for s.nne years nowsu.eesstnliy aitempiri 

111. distii.ts of Storm. ml, Shnlnuoke. Wine llaihoui. ■" ■'"" l-irii<- <U-posits in North IturKi'ss. Soulh i"ioshy, and 'iimsley. 

Mi.nt.mue. Tanyiei. Ohlhani. kenli.-w. .aiih.m. I'niaeke, •""' l*'-df')rd. S|. million, and Louuhhun.ui{h. whciu thv.n aiL- a very 

\iv< I III I-: \. ihi le wete liliv-ihtei min.s ..p'-n. rn.tsilv ^'*-" '"""'"'f "' l'><"-ili'»iis worked, an. I a lar^^e a.iiount of plius; I.alc 

-.IS. .uid w.iik.d iip'Mi the till. iile sysi, m. ( )|il v cnie ..i •■> e\pni te.l . 

i\i.ilmine> I.alti-il\ \tl\ v.ilnahle deposits ot .ip.itile lia\e been disCovi-ied 

et.ins lands 1.1 Mtilish < oluml.ia .io mH appear i.. he ton- ""' *M'^-"'-d foi mining on the n.)rih side ol the <>;'awa. in iJuekmi;- 

, sMiKle disi.n-i of that threat I'luvim e. Tliey tMeml all ''•""• Teuipleton. and I'ordand townships. 

I'l.isei and Tlunupson liveis. .md aie pauicnlailv lieli in ' . , , . , , 

, ., ,' . , ^ > .', (tv/'sui'i IS iiiuiiil in ureal abuiul.iiHe uj Mnt.iiio; the ouiciop ix- 

I ol ( aiil-oii. mil the new «.>hl mines of tin- ilistin:t ul , .. , ... " ,. , , ,. , , , , , , 

. , , , , en('-; trom ihu Nia:.,Mra River to l.ake Huron a hnndreil and tifiv 

I ihe mnth ol (, olnmlu.i. .ippe.ii lu txteii.l .i\(r a very l.nue , , , , , , . 

tiiilis ; hut the mines iu)w worke- are conipiised in .ili.ui: iliirtv-tivu 
ml t \' 

nilesaloii^ ihe (irand River, in ( 'ayUKa.Vork. Si-nee.i, Itiantfurd, and 

'.iris, ,\ very large ainonni is annually laJsed and u>eLl as a Utti- 
\\f.-\. or ^^Iound for cement and stucet). 

In ^hiehee. the supplies cuinu mainly frnm the Magdalen Islands. 
JAletisive and practically inex* .uistilde beds of uypsnm are found In 
New Krnnswick.on the Tohitpie Riw 1, nt Ilillshuruugh, Sussex, and 
oiher points. There are impurlant w-orks near I lillshorough, in Al- 
lien Couuiy. for liie maiuifaciare of plaster from the gypsum which 
..h'uinds in thai neighhourliood. There are extensive hcds also 

■onver \eiy valiiahle stieain washings |ia\i' heen ,, 
r a l.Mig time. On the mainland the gold of ihe I-'rasei 
rhompson rueis siinis to In- dciived funii ih<- • tcii.u ■■ 

whi.h Itoidii ili(s< livers, and ath-ids .1 inie tuld tiu 

loc.iliiies ipiait/. vein- intersperse the sjaiy rocks, and 11 

le I'si.ihlishivl thai from the I'nitcd Slates frontier lo iln- 

U',irfe of north latiliule, and to a wiilili .it tiom oik' to two 

liles, gold is hnind m-arlv everywhere. 

worked in Nova Scotia, al Windsor, Chevcrie, I*arrshorough, lilack 
River, and etscwheie. and a very large pioducl is exported ihcnce 
to ihe Tnite'l Si.ites, or sent to i.)cal inaiktis. 

il is ni.idu.dly increasing, that foi 1S74 heing in the neigli 
ul .t million ami a liall of d.dlars, .md .in increase of ovet 
ed ihnusaiid doll. 11^ heyond that of List seas.m. 
als,. disiiihuied al some points ,m the east si.h- .it ihe. [/.„/, or . athou.iu- ..f lime, is found in marshes and shallow lakes, 
un.ains. ami has heen met with in Hie hr.mrhc-s oi the Sas- ^^.,,^.^^. j, ^^ ;,,^„,^.^, ,,^. ,,^^. ^^.^,(^.^^ ^,- ,j,ri„^s Iiighlv ch uged witii lime, 
, t.oin r..Imn„,..n lo ihe to.ks. Mi. Selwxn savs that .1 is, ,,.,„, ,, ^^ ,,,,,,, ,„ ^.,u„i.,„ ;,s hicarbonaie. and deposited when the 
" waslu'd uul ul ilu- drill, and .is there is link- prohahiliiv ^v^^.,^ cmne lu ihe lir 

,g . .m.e Hum Ihe unalleied strata nnderl>in^ ihe plains, n ^^.,j^.,, calcined, mail vu Ids a nearlv pure and while lime for mur- 
ened that .1 has heen derived Ir.nn H e . r^ stalline rocks lo , ^^ .^,,^j ^,,|,^.^ ^^^^.^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^.^^ oveil.ud wiili deposits ..f hiack mould 
•asiwai.l. p. oh.ihlv somewhere hetween the Metl.y I'oita^^.' ^,^.^„^ _^„^l ,, ,j^^.^, _,^^, valuable manure fur sandv s.,ils. 

is. ., L.ike. I Ik sr locks he at a disl.mce ot only about Jsof ,, ^^ ,,„„„, („ ,„ „,^. i.„..,,iii,,, j„ f^-.„,a,|u ; i„ ()„tai i... deposlis of it 
l.dni'.nt'iii Ml diie. ii-m.' ; „^. ;,[,,,, „|,,„t ,„ ,|„. r,mnti<-s .>f |*iucc an.l tirey ; als.) .it Kingston. 

I .>ii,'lil..ii...i,>l> I iL.' I'I..i..l.M- 
: is found in woikahh v. ins .1: I'riii't 

L in Nt-w Hiimswick. Tlie on- is 

iiiing iiolh in puie mas 

tnd moil n. ar the 
snlphaiel ol aiiti 
M le--s mixed wuh 

l.iiii:hlioroui;h Lake, Klnisk-y, McNai*. and along the Ottawa. In 
(•iiebec, it exists .it Argenteuil, St., the island of M.jniieal, 
li.ispO. .md the island of Aiilict)sli. Workable deposits of il are nut 
luiind in the l.owei I*ro\ iiires. 

RAL> r>i:l) IN (IRl AIN illKMIt Al. .M.\Nr 

r \( riRi ^. 

S"o otlur work.ible tleposit is known, we bclie\e. 

j S,u't was discovered in lS()(). near the town of llodcrkh. Ontario. 

I riie brine here ubiained is one of the purest and niosi eoncentr.tted 

kii'iwn tor the maimfactnie of sail. The b.nings go down tliiough 

ihe limestones .if the Onondaga and ihielph .uul tuti or 

iliue huiulicil iVei i>f letl and blue shales, which carry luck salt ..s 

, . . , . , , , , ' their base. I'lie are.i is extensive, extending from Clinton, liiiough 

//CIS el ihiee spe. les, hut .ml v one— the common cubic '. , . , ,-. ,. ,. .- '. ... 

, , , .. .... tiuileiich, to kincaidine, a distance ol over l.nlv nines long bv seven 

iMsulphuu I ol in Ml — I J. ol .m\ rconomic impoitan.e. I Iii> . , . , .,., , , , . ' . 

., . ,. , , ■ , , . . tir eight wiile. I he inaiinlacuire has become imiitirlaiit m Us dimen- 

etlv tor making siilphuiic acnl ami coppcias. < itiisidera , .-,.■■. ... , . 

,,,. , ' I. , ,. » . sioiis. the p.isiiiun .»! doderich on the lake, and at the terminus ot a 

ts occur at l.Ii/aueihiown, near IkockxiIIe. Ont.inu ; also ,, ,. . , 

, . . , ,. .„ ,. , ... ' lailwav, olleimg gieal advant.iges. 

.ind Aseut, in the l..istein rowiishipsot Oiirhec. In New; ^ , ' ■ , , . , , xi . 

, , , . " . . Salt springs exist, and no doubt salt dei'usils. Ill Manitoba .uul the 

:t TS abundant m the strata .it the Si, lulm gnmp in, , , ^ x • , , ,, ... . ■ 

whole cinintry n«)ita of the Saskatchewan Kivcr. I hey aie tound al 

1(1, ick StiMgeiMi River and l.ake Maiiiloba ;.iiid on Salt River, an alllu- 

■. 01 chronii.- ,1011 oir. IS om-llv used as an ingredient in ^"^ "'' ^'*''^* '^''■''' '" ""' >J'>'t''«'^'^>. ^'' J"''" Ki" Ii-irdson. in i?2o. le- 

ii'.nol ;.,- Ill, .male ..| pmash. usr,| in dyeing ami calico- I""ls sreiiig copious springs issue from the base of a long lidgc 

II IS inn w n . ..iiM-b larh- .piantiiics ,,1 Ouebec. in the ''"""^' '"'"'''^'^'^ »'' ''■^■' lii^^''. -"'i'. ^^P'^Mdlng their w.itei over a cl.iyey 

III ilam, Molion. M., and .11 Wasp,, i'ni is not yet ''''''"• '''"1"'^'' ""'^■'' I'l"^' ^-''mniou sail. 

leicially, atiliuui-h it ...nld be to a.lvanlage. ''» ^''•^■•' ^' '"'■'■ ""' ^■'" M"'",^!^ '" '-M''' H^'tun appear l.i issue 

II. Mil locks lying the b.ise of the Lower Carhuiiifenms lur- 
iii.itlon, and .ire situated on the noilh side of the Little Nair«<v^s of 

sf, used in the m.mnl.iclure ol chlunne, is in be loiiml on 

'liur. In piiehee at St.msleail. Itidimi. and St. Maiv - .. , ■ 

1. i .1'. ■ \i . I I II L- • .• , Ml. IS tl Or Lake, Meri' several s.iline sinings o| more . i less 

v niunswick .It aLiikhainvnle. King s ( oiiiiiv. n is miiieil , , , , . 

ilei.ible cxieiil. It is also Lmnd in Hants ("ounlv and 
ihiough N.iva S.oii.i. 

sticngth occur in ebise proximity over an aiea of about tweh i- acres 
)( marshy land. Mucli hydraled peioxide of Iron is deposited 
in llie water-couises, tlu- odour of sulphutetted ' 'drogcit p':i» ides 

/, or fK.iiii, ifi-n .■/. . is used fur ilie of titanic j the .itmospliire in the vieinilv. ami the vegetation is destr- yed 
f maniifactuie of colors, ll is also susceptible ul other I around all the springs. The strongest spring dischaigcs fFi>i.i i.m t.i 
s in the arts. ^ ju> gallons pel minute. It is slated that, by evaporating in Iwucom- 



mon iron pois, f.icli cunuimini! .li'tnii tiui-t' u.tliuns, iiuiu iw.i i.-ilun 
tmslu'Is of sail were m.uli- pii .lav. ami it liaii huni i nii>»>M'J many 
years ago tu rsiahlish wurks Uu llu- iiianufariurf ot sitlt at lliis plarf, 
bill ilip emcriuischas not liccn carricl -mii. Al Sprin,«hill. Ciiniber- 
lan.i Coumv. a .•ornpanv \< wnrkiiii; \\n- <ali wells t-i a larm- extent. 

i\', MiNKKAi.s isi:i) \^ |'h;mi:nts 

I lulor this lirail .onu- ilu- niinrial'i n^ietl is paiiit>. riu- marls just 
aUmli'il to arc somcliines used in llii^ wav Im wluttwaslinii;. im nu\i-i| 
with cheap colmir-* 

/>:>>i Oihrs, similar m inmpnsiijoii D linmnne >'|- i .^. nr. luii 
bcini{ sof. anil piilvirnlent. insteati nl lurniirm sniul masses, .ne ex- 
tensively used as elieap paints. The eolniir i>l these .ichics is miu.-- 
rallv a sliailo tifyellnw ni leddisli In-nvn, nut Sttmclinns pui;>lish'>i 
Maelvish hues are met with. 

Tlii'se ochrt's are exliii'^ivi-lv mantilaiiured in Canada, and are 
found most abund.milv in Oufliec. al St, Anne's. <'ap dc la Made 
leine. amj Diirh.ini. In Ontario, nt Owen Sinind and Nassai-aweya, 
these ochres are found in lai,i;e (juantitiis. and at one or two plaecs 
in llie Lower Provinces, in a smaller di>,Mee. 

Suir'hiit:' i'/ /i,itv/,c is ,ilso iisi'd as ,i painl, nr iot niixin,; wuh niynr 
pigments as an aduUeratiun, hy it-asun ul' its greater wii^jlit, It is 
largelv used in the composition of cheap white paints. It is aN<> usid 
as a surface gloss for paper-hangings. It is Innnd in Onl.iiio, in 
Lansdowne and Hinges townships. ,\\m\ iinm Pim-un Kiver to l"on 
Wil'iam. Oil Lake Superior ; arnl at tiaspu. in » Uieher. A I-eautiful 
vein of this mineral occurs in tin- tinvnship .d Hull, in ihiit l*rovinci'_ 
varying from two ut thrcr ft-et iliick. on a piopcriy owned I'V lion. 
Peter Mitchell and K. P. Frencli. ol orawa. Ii i-. of an opaipie while 
colour, and nearly pure. 

V. coMHi'STiMLr AM) c \Ri{( )N.\(r.ors >L\Ti:UI.\LS, 

In the Central Provinces of ranadrt,cc.j/ianii«)t he connlcd .imon^ 
rhe economic minerals; hut in huth the Atlantic and Pacin. |'i.. 
vinccn it is foun I in 'juaiiiitie« to niaki- il of ilit- lirst imptirtaii'c, 

In Nova Scotia, coal-mining assumes l.irge iimporlions, 'Ilupiin- 
cipal localities of ihr coal -liolds are in Cafu- lire ton. and m Picton and 
Cumheiland cminties, though veins have been traced, and in sonu\ 
instances opened, in Victoria, Irvirness, Richmond, Ilaiils, and 
Guysboroiigh counties. 

We cinnot attempt anv stiicilv ge ilouicd desciiplion ol iliesi- 
fields, t-ut rrlcr t!ie reader to die e.xlensive reports of llie (ieologicd 
Surveys, or ilu- valuable work on"./..;.//./;/ <'<-A.:r," by Ux. |. W. 
Dawson, of Mcdill College, Montreil. rioin Ids widely extended 
examinations of tlieCarixjnifeious rorks .,i N.iva Scoiia. I)r, Dawson 
has suhilivided the sysieni into live suboidin.ue toiniati »ns in <le- j 
scending order : 

■■ I. /'^'li- ( ',.-/cr C' t- fi<r*>ut;iiu. coriaining ciial foiniaiion plants, but | 
not productive coals. ' 

"2. /"//r- .J//.;7.: C*;/ /'•"//.7//. ;/, or coal foun.uioii proper, ontain- 
ing tlie productive coal beds. i 

" 3. f'w Afiu':,t.'n-:^'iit Sfi-i.s, represented 1:1 Nova Sc.iii;i by red and ' 
grcv s.uidstones. Shales and C'-ngloineiaies with a lew bis-^il plants 
and iliiu coal-seams, not prodiiciive, 

"4. /'ji'- C,i/ /',>ni/.r,':i ; /./w. ^.'.-n. , wiih iIr- associ.ited -.ot l>t..nes. 
marls, gypsums, el'- . and hddnig in.iriiie fos-iN rrcoi.Mii/ed hv all 
pala'ontologisis who have e\.iniinid them as Carbonileiims, 

" 5, /"'it" /.-'Ttrt' i'.'.ii w. ,: -.7 '(■.-, holding snnie. hut not all, of the fos- 
sils of ihe Middle Coal formation, and thin loals. not productive, 
but liUcring boili in ll ua .ind l.tuii.i fi- ui the I'ppei Devonian, uhi'li 
they owrlii; lincontoiiIiaM > .■' ] 

T!i-s.- Mverlie generallv a series ut metamor|diic rocks, citnsisting 
of <iiM;t/ites. fel-siies. altered slales, ;nd conijlomerates. which are 
prob.iidy of Devonian and Silurian ag:. 

riie -rodu'-tive coal-measnres nl P.. i.,ii ( Ountv > ohsisi of seam-, 
oi" 1,1.1 liltumiiious cnal. intersjur-' I wiili bla';k caib.inaceou'-, md tu ^onie parts witti *.ind"-i..iie-« .md fire cl.iv. The M.,ii- 
^^Mms vary in lliieknes^ troin two 01 ihtvv \n ihiriv six feet. 

The ^oal iieUIs are divided ini" imninu .ireas, wlij. h .ue leased by 
tlie Piovince under the authoiiiv ot a C.Hi.missionei of Mints, h. 
l!ie Pi'lon divtricl, ih" principal inim s .nr 

Th.' Albion Mines, worked hv the llalit.ix C,,ntpany tlitnitedi, b.iv- 
ing an ..tea of four s.ju.tre nnb - wiili .t luind.t 1 ol f oilicties in alive 
opi-rUion. The greatest depth i.-.t' h.-.l in the borings i^ about i/-. 
feet, .A r.tdw.iv. six nules ion*:, with nunierotis binnihesand sidini{s, 
•■oiue ts the mines Willi the loadlnu gr'uind. The loading-wharl is 
at Pi-i;.ii li.iibour, extending 4r>> Pet into 23 feet ol u.iim. Di.- 
outjMit ol these mines is about iii>.>iKit tons pt t aniiue,,. 

The .\'adi.i (.''lal Com). anv holtl. under ihiee b .iscs, an area -.I -ix 
S'l'iar'.- miles. (Jn area is a pecii'tar oib. eonlaining h .111 ( - 
to 13.0 gallon^ .-Hide nil to the Ion, and valiiabh for gas-nTaking and 
disliliaiion. The ...impany also possess .1 tailwav ol ihte.- and .i Ii.iil ! 
niibs til the Intercob.nia! junriion. and a ship[dnu-»-h,iir, wiili _•', 
feet of w.u.r. ,11 pjri.,n Il.ubour. Th( ir output is Ir.m i2',.--«, t^ 
I40,'>Kj ions per annnn.. I 

Tht; Inter.:ol(jnial Coal Minimi Cunipany. of Mont iv:. I, Ii.ive ati.iiea ' 
oi threij square inib-s. Tin it pnncijai colberv. the l)intnmomI, was ' 
the "iceuc' ofati explosion a fewyeats ^i'lK.whirh seiiously jeiardid 
thfir outputs, but they have fa- dities !oi upwacls of !.)*,/»>. i..n^ i.. . 
annum, with ■- xtcnsivii wharfair- on.Middl*- Rti-er. 

1 he Nova Scoti.i Co.d * oinp.iiiv haw an in 
and a .shipping whatt .it Middle Kncr. Then 
lcM>,oii) Ions pet .inniini. 

The V,de Mine, brbmging to Sii llugli .\ll. 
, lie. 1 of three sipiate miles, anil a capacity no 
but promising lesults eipial to its neighb(Mits, 

In this ilistrici, several moie mines, luveii 
■iipiaie miles, ate undei base, but not woiked 

The Pictoti coals. long known as good h'>ii> 
cxpeiimenls, jjeen proved of sound tiiness im 

The C.ipe Mieion aie siiil nioic 
sive (hail those o' Pict.ui, The I'.astetii ot > 
most irnpoitani on the islainl, comprising .m , 
miles. Hounded on thuc sides b> the All. ml 
wholi tlei'ply indcnttd with ba\s oi hai 
S\dney .ind Louisbuu. ihis disiiict .ippcos i' 
in the Dominion |t)i the supply t>l liiel to il 
navig.itiiiii Ihe A.llantic. 

Ml. Charles Kobb. v,Mo made a cntn.d ex, 
.irea in 1^73. and detailed nie.ismenienis of tli 
points, gives it as his t)pinion thai the wlnde rt 
produc|i\e coalnieasuies in the easlern coal 
IS piobably unileilaid by only one set of si 
which, however, is inlerrupted by b.iys ui inle 

The .iggregale thickness of coal in workabb 
titty feel, ihe se.tins v.irying froin three to nim- 
the seanis dip at a low angle seaward, and mu 
av.iilable, with due caution and care, in the sii 
the land, 

The co.d is ot a ne.iih iinifomi I'linuiinous 
plii .di|e foi the ni,inul,i( line of gas, ,oid i oin[ 
pos, s. ;,i Hit- last Kiiglish coal. 

.\s Willi Piciou co,d, ii is char.ict< 
[lortion ot coinbiisiildi' matin .inJ If-s .i-.h , 1 
it contains moie siitphiu. 

Of all the co.d mines in Cape PiMon. the 
only the first est.ibli.shed, but by !.;: ilie most 
t.mi. In 1^2-, these mines came under the c> 
(ieneial Mining Association, a Loiuion coi 
mub I le.isf in the district more than 3o,o<)(» a 
most part, uniieilaiil by large workable seam 
til die pieseiit time, tliis 1 ompaii)" have vofke 
.mil systemalic.illv, .uid in ihe ino«>t skilful a! 
M M)inu opei.Uions h.ive been loji lined to ihre( 
if wliii h ilie piinii[ial is the S\dn'ymain * 
lliirknis^. An e-iini.Ue put tin .ivaila 
.done .It over 3-i, 000.01 " • tons I'oiii miles 
mine w iih lo.idmg-wh.Hvt s .it Nouh S\ilnev, 
mine with the pnvMH wuks is fnun,.. t 
nuni. whh h ni.iy bi muu ih,in doubleil by a<\^ 

The Liiiyan Mine, belonging also to the <ie 
li.iii, coveis .Ml ail .• )1 litteen sipi.ue noles. and 
lenytli by several tmpottant se.ims of cnal. It 
coal. and !aig<d\ exported for that purpose. '', 
of this mine jv .tbout i'Mt,ooo tons per .mnuiJi, 
by li.dl, is produced. 

The Vii loiia Mine co.d, U-\ hmisr and steai 
the be--l in the di-^tricl. The aiea i- tout mile 
r.igt prodiiciioii {mill u,>mmi t" 2o..w>.. tuns, 

'I ht Iiiti iiuitioiial. (i.uduiei, 
iiiiTics.ue Situ. Ill' I . I lew miles tnnii Svdne\ 1 
111 ett d \viih it liy .1 line of i.ti!wa\.and ha\ f 
and ihiee mile , Tlieii .ivtiaur ea|.actl 
I'M. .-"1 I, MIS anninn ea' h ; bin, o| 1 om-r. 
up lo Thu cc.d is chielly exported t'l Ne\\ ^ 

The (iowne and Hlockllour-c mines, on < 1 
ance. the laiter ln-ing legardid, from the si/i . 
se.iin and its advantageous siiu.tlion lor shi; 
Sydney Mine, one ol ihe must imporiant : 11 
Preioii. Thi- works ol the Ploi k-l Ions,- Mini 
pe: Aa\ , ami 1 <>■ tons pi i d,i\ 't.r ■■ been, in s« 
Horn the mim. 1 Ir > oai is e.Meiisi\(l\ expoi 
cij.d of superioi ipi.iliiy. 

The ■' (il.isgdw- and ( ,ipe Pn I'.n ('•>aI .in t 1 
ussoi'iaiion ul I.nulish c.ij,iialisis uniidy I'iri 
under one tnanaiiement wohthi lailw.i- , the ni 
Lmi ly, Keseiv . JLiven. Lakt Jlalmoral, and I 

1 iie i.iilw.i\. ( i^hii I n nubs in length, fro 
s> h'loner I'oiid passfs ttiionuh. or coniief is I 
.dl tin se iiiines. I he road is ,t thiee fool g.iu 
,ind ballaskd wiih iii!d)!e.ind ,.;. * loal. and 
> iikrini s .ind a sulh< it nt nuinb<-i ol I.nulish 
and !•- beuii,; { xteii'I. ,1 1.1 tin p'Ut "( l.ouisbu! 
iLii,dlv t'l the vilm> ol ilii- ■ 'i.d-lie!d. b\ in 
wliole M.ii i-uMid ti'iii inusi .,ne d,i\ b 
poiianl ' 'laling stations on ilu .\i!.iriti' si.d»o, 

I lie New ( aiiipbi lilon Mines ut 11 n opcnrtl 
eiiinplisis thiee s.jii.iie mdi*-, a siji.iil [,top' 
aie.i. bill c.isilv ai .essihi, (...m ihr l.iU'l II IS 

tin side ot the (>tt .ii PniMn. e ol the Idas '!'< 
sive and det p aim --I tlie se.i stntrliini! lai ni 
Is!. ind ol t\\\>f Hiei-.n, and lies .u iliu noiih-w 
S*dney coal-'-elfl, and about ihiiiiiii miles di 
the bf.ds. fcni tbe Svdney Mniis MosI of 
SyJm ) Mines .iri ti,i. L'.d.b' ihiouiihoui the v* 
an.l .iIihou;jh at th.-iMi.t Itras dOr Kntianc 
it\ -eeiiis Vi liave bet 11 mliTiupUd, and Ihidr 


riu- N..V,, Sruli., CmI ( oin|..ii,vh,iw .111 im-.m.i l,,ui „|ii.iif mil.-,, ' m.I.i.iMi L. ill, %..-.l il is niMilli. ., -s I.. .,11 kum.I ni'>imJ 

.»Hlasliii,|,HiKwli.iil.ii Mhlilli KiMi. riini ..iiM.-iu IS ,i|,iv,ii,l,,.l'!!i.,i s.iiii, In 111. 'si nii|...ii.ini si .111 li. .Iisui. 1 ilu- ilie 

liKM.o lulls pn .111111.111. I |.i.M.tilv mi .1 l..isi„ sl,.,|.r, «,llill„ii ..1,1, i„,,s ■ nm- 

The V.iK' Mini'. lirl,im;niK I" Sil lllli;ll .Ml.ili. ul' M, .111 ; piisnl iiuiiily willlill lllc .iu:l. 

.iHM .if tlirii- s,|ii;iii' mill's, ami a ,.i|m. in nol \.i lulK'.l. ' llm'i' si-aiiis ul i-nal, liKKiiKalini- Iicl, air iniliiilnl within 
hut in.Miiisiim i>-siiltsc,|iial 1.1 il»n.'ixlil..Hils. .1 llii.'kli.'ssuf ll..lci-t on tliis i.t..|i.'it> , .iii.l . onsicli' cial ll.u 

In tins ilistri.l. si'vcial liioli' tiiini's. .■..vcliiij; .111 .11.1 .it ' l.irn .pl.l.iilii'il siiiiL' lliiil upniitlK. Su|-|inMliK llti'sc llilcc M-aliis lo 
4i)uaii' mill's, ail- niiilii lias.'. Inn mil woikr.l at |n.'s,ni iM.iiiil.iiii llii'ii, ,iml 1.1 la' luialli-.H'il l.y (aiilH, llii'v will uii- 

Tlir I'ii-lim i-iials, liiiiK kiiuwii as k.iuiI 1i..iisi' .■.■aU, li.ivi-, I.\ inTni .l.'ili.' .it .1 iii...l.'.ali' ami lasilv wnrkaWi' ilr|i||i,ati arra .if iikx) ai its, 
i'X|>iTini.'iits, lit'iii'il .)f S..1111.I titiH'ss l,.i stiam r.i.iN ami u'as- .111. 1 ..ini.iiii 1-. ««i,.«». t.uis .il c.ial, i.x. Iiisi\ i-ly of tin' viiliral por- 
II, il;.,,,. ii.Mis nl till' s.'.iiiis. villi' Il ..i.iy 111- isiiiii.ii.,1 t.. I .iiilain S,.«<i.i«»i or 

riu- C.ip.' Hi.l'iii .'S ail' Klill 111.11.' imi.nil.iiil .iii.l . M. n- i,... ........ t.iiis .i.l.l Il is pi.,pi. i.> mi ntiim. Imwi'vi't, that 

sivi' lli.iii' .'■ I'l. 1,111. 111.' I;.isti , n .,1 .■-iilm'i ,-,,.il tiilil is till ill., si.x liuji .scam, wliiii- ,111 .111, 1 p.nli.illi w,,ik.',| at tli.' Iliiin.l. is 
innst iiiipoitaiil ,,11 till- islaii.l. , ,iiiipi lslll^ .111 au'.i ,,1 ,,n'r 2.H) M|iiaii' ini-jjuial ill llii.'klicss, am! 11, .n i„,l pi,, v. |,, I.,' w,,ikal,li' llii,iiii;lioiil 
mil, s, H,>Niii!iil .111 tliiri' .siili-s l,\ till- .\il.iiiti, Oii'.in. ami with llii- . its wliiili' c-xii-m ; Inn, ,,ii llii- .,ili.'i liami, tliiii' at. .vnli'tiii's i,t the 
wli,,l, ,-,,.is| ili-i'plv imkiiti.l Willi li.iis III hail", IMS. .lily tlmsi'iil ' 1 Aisti-nr.' .if nllicr >t-ains l.\ iiiK Initli al„ni- .mil ImIi,»' iIium' spt'iifinl. 
Svilii.'V .mil l.iiuisliun;, this ilisliiit appi'.its lulu' th.- must inipultalit I'lii' .■,,al fiuiii lliisr mini's is Imm Killy Cuvi', a r.ipai iuus 
in till' I)i, mini, in tui ill.' supply uf fiii-l lu Ihc iiumtTiius stcanuTS | ami sln'lli'li-.l iiarlmiir llm-i- iiiilis fiiini ill.- iin .in anil I,v llip 
naviij.ilini. 111.' .XllaiUii'. ; minis, with wliiili 11 is 1 uiiii.i l,\ .1 i.iilw.iv uni' ami a ipi.iitiT 

Ml. Clialli's Kul/I.. V. liu maili- a ,1111, .il I'X.iuiin iliuii "I tiiis I'ual 
.ili'a in 1^73, am! il.'l.iilcil nir.isiiifiiicnis uf llii- i'\pusuit's .it vaiiuiis 
piiiiits, j(ives il as his upiniuii thai ihf ivhuk' ii'^iun nnupiril liy ihi' 
pruiltii livi' In tht' faslrrii cual-lu-l.l ul C.ipo Uri'lun 

mill's Iiiiii;. 

Till' iiiims 111 Cuiiil, I'll. iiiii ruiintv h. Ill' "iilv 1. ..ssumi ,1 im- 
piiitan.i'. Inn t.-i.-.-nl suiv.ys .m- pinviui; tin , , liilils umli ilyinR 
this ii'^iiin 111 In- iriy rxtrnsiii'. 

is piiil.ahlv linili'ilaiil hv unly ,,11, s,'l ,,l si-.ims, iIr' i .luluiiiity ul : Th.- wuikaliU' s.'ains i,f lual ai.' numi'iuus, rulinitlK Iruin two la 

' whiih. h.)wi-vii, is inli-rrupti-ii l,y li.iys Ul iniits, ! Ihiilii'ii lii't, with an av.i.ii;,' ,lip ul ihiily .li-nriis. Tin- ii-purl of 

Thi- .iKtiroKan.- .,f I'.ial 111 wurkalili- s.-ams is ftom fiirty In ' lln- lal.- Mr. lalivanl llaltliy on Ihi' Splill^lllll i-.ial lul.l, which iiiin- 
titly t.'i'l. till- s.-ams varying ri.ilil tlilc-o tu nine fii-l in ihirkm-ss. All ' piisi-s ihi- must inipiulanl si-i'liuii uf this luiinly. sprak.s hinhlyiil in 
th,' sL-anis dip ,it a luw aiii;!.' si-,iwaril, anil niiii-h uf iIil- riial will In- , rli.iinrt.T .iinl i.iliii', as fulluws: 

.ivailahli-, with ilin- lauliun ami can-, in the suhinarim-, as well as in j " .\ii rxaminatiuu ul llii' I'Miinal rhaiaiti-i nf this sh,iws il M 
the l.inil, .nt'.is. ' !,.- .1 bituininuiis uf ,1 imiik-r.itrly rumiiait trxlui.-. ami nul in- 

Th.' rual is .,t a m.iilv iinifuim hitumiuuus v.iriili . imiili ul il .ip iliii.'il 1,, tall t,> pi^i-.'S 01 >/,:,(-. lis riiluur is a IniKlil. hluwnisli 
|ili,.il,|i' lui lln- manut.i, tut.' .,1 ^i*. am! , umpai.ilili', Im suaiii pur- lil.nrk. Iiiilliani ixirpt nii ihc laci'S ul .he /■,;,/(>.,', wliiili shuw a fi'w 
pus, s. ;u dii' Im'sI Knulish .^lal ' pat,-hps uf mmi'ial rharirual. Hut a small prup,irliun uf llic sample 

.\s ,',iinpai.',l with rii'luii , ,,.il. it is , liar.i,l,'ii/i ,! In .1 mi'ati'i pru- i shuws a slialy laininatiuii. ur l.'mk-l,' y ',1 hr.ak wilh the plams of 

I p.irlion n( cumhiislihli' m.illri .inJ li-ss .ish , Imt, ,,11 lln- ,itlirr li.iml. I ,lt-pusitiun, 

' it ,-,)ntains inuK- sutphnr. , " Thi- an.ih si-s shuw ihis i-,,.il t,,,111; t.i tin- rl.iss kiiuwii as 

Of .ill till- miii.-s in I'.ip.- HiMun. tin- Syilncy Mini's air nut hiyhlv hilnmi'iuus. ur /,j/ raking ru.ils, in vriy similar to 
uiilv till' lirst I'si.ihlisln'il. hill I'V I.:: ilii' must rxti-nsiv.; am! iinpiii- lli,,sr ,,t th.' m-illi ut I'iiij^l.iml, kmiwii as Nuith r,iiintiy ul N.-w- 
t.inl. Ill f'-'7. llicsr luims , .luu- iiiulti tht' ..-xrliisilc cuntlul ,if ihr r.istli' ll.ullrv .,,.ils. 

li.'iu'i.i! Miiiiiii: .\ss,n i.iti.,11, ,1 I.uiiiiuu company, whu n.iw hu!<! " Th.' Iiiiiti' ,,f t,, tiM-,1 (,,ml,usiil,l, m.ili.'i sli,,u!,l i.'ti 
nmii I li'.isr in tin' ilistrirt niuii- than 311,0.1., at'ri'S, wliii'h ari-, fur th,' .In iliis r,)al, in ,-,,rnimiii wilh ihi' Nrwrasili' 1 uals wliiili it i.'si'mhli's, 
must p.m. iiniiril.iiil l;y l.irn.' wurkal,!.- s.-ams uf I''r.iiii isl'7 ,111 ailniii.ihU' ,l!.is-.-,,al. wluli- in thi' aliiinint ,,l siilj.hiu 11 lalls niu'h 
lu ihi- pii'si'iu lim.', t!iis ,',)mp.iny h.ivi- v'uiki'.l ih.-ir niin.-s ri'iiiil.iili l,,'l,,iv- llir .iv.'i.i^.- uf Nriv,-.islli' .u.iK ; tin irtuii- thr uliLiin.-iI 
.111,1 syst.-m.iti, .illi'. ,in,! in iho imist skilful .mil i'<-,,n,imii'al maiinii it shuuM l,i' v.iy easily piiritieil. 

Mininu upii.itiuns h.ive lu'en ruiitiinil lu three si .nils at these mines. - 'p),,. , uk.' .,1 this .-.lal .ipp.-.iis in e\i ly iv.iy w, !1 .nl.ipti'il lui iiuli- 
',f whii h till' plimii'.il is the Si-ilmy main se.iin. ahout six feel ie. snnlliiu;. .is it is inin .mil r.itlni ,"uiiip.i, 1, ami in . ui,I,'lits ,,1 .tsh mil 
llii, km ss. An estini.ite j.iit the .ivailal eoal of Ihis s.'.ini .-iilplmr will rump. lie t.ivuui.iMy with flum .iii\ , .,.il ,,I ih, I'lu. 
.i!,,m' .,t over 3s.u.i.t..M". tuns I"uin miles .1 i.iilivay eonlu-et the v in, es, th. i hiim: .1 m.isi mipuil.inl puinl tu eunsidei in ils 
mill,' with lu.iiiini--whaivis .it Nuiili Sulmy. llie eap.ii'lty of this , \ .I'ne f,,i 11,,11-sineltini;," 

mill,' with ill,' pit s, lit wuiks is ttuii, i:.,,, «H, I,) 'J,*,,, MM, t,,ns p, 1 .m I he Juiinins Mine, wilh .111 are.i uf tu',> s, pi. lie miles, is sit n. uii un 

num. win. h m.i\ he niuu d,,iil,ii,l t'V .i.i.liliun.ii w,,rks lln r,,.is| at llie,-.- t-i Cnmh.-il.iml M.isin. an, I is iln- --i.hsi in 

1 The^.in Mine. Iteluinjin^ .ilsu 1,1 tin luneial Minini; .\ssu,'i., itiis 1,-41, m. with ijuui! shippini; l.i, ililus. ,im| ivuiks ..ip.itl, ,,1 .in 

F liun, riivers an ale;' if lifleen sipi.iie milis, .mil is un.leii.ii.i its eiitii. .,111; 'in ul ah, ml 5, ,,,mmi i,,ns. hut nut wuikini; ii[' tu 'piil'- h.ill 
leiieth Ity sever. il se.iins ut eoal. It isa sp.-eiall_\ jiuu.l ^.?. 

, ( l.ii,4;.-l\ ex purled for that purpuse. T"lii',-apal,le prudnciioii 'I In S. ,ni.i Mini an an-.i -,t luiii sipiau- mil is, Ian is uiili iiyhily 

I uf Ihis mine is .ihuut i,M'.iM)u tuns jnr .iiinuiJi. ItnnMli nut so nimli. iv,iiUe.l .is lel. 
l,y li.ill. is pr,i,lii,-,',l. The ^priii>:!iill I'lal-fiehl is sitiiale.l ahout Iw.nli miles >, 

The \"i, lui 1.1 Mill.' fur h,,us.' an 1 piilpusis, is .ime, .: ut tin' luL'yins slmie. The S|,iim'!iill Mining' ('"inp.ii-i 's .m-.i uf 

■ the hesi ill the ilistrnt. The area is tuiii miles, .iml the ,itinu.i! aie itu,', sipmi,- m;l, s li is .iitr.nli <! mmh .ittentiun, as heinf; the most 
r.iiii pru'lm'tnni Il,,m ls,,M>,,t,, 2,,,.mm, t,,iis, imp. ,11. nil inin, \,'t "p'-ned in llie U'C.lille surveyed .lisiii,:t 'J'he 

I The Iineiii.itiomil. I' (i.iiilini'i. .imt l.iiili (il.ici H.iv i;i, .il ,l.-v. 11 te.-t v. -in in this area has tue 1 trare.l and provd. .ind 

hiiines .lie a few miles fuim Sviln.'l 1,ui. ami .tjr- , ,11- . .1 i.ipi'l 'lev.'I.ipmenl of the n'.ines ul lln- disli •. i is pruhal'le- 
n, .'t,'i! wilh il hy .1 line uf i.iilwai. am! Ii.iie iisp, , tu, ii ti,ur. tw.,. 1 In- >prin,yiiill ( ',,nipany h.iveupene.l iln-ir wotkin.^s sm'i'essIuUv. 
.iml lln. e mile Then .ivii.i::,' , ,ip.i. ill is s.imi « In le .it.uin I wu sl,,pes h.ivi- he.'ii ,'umini'me,l lilty 1 hains apail. The west .1.' ; 
i.M. .M", i.ins pel annum ea. Ii ; ul , ,'iiisr. it ;s n.,i tullv wuikeil has hc-n iliiven .ili'iiil 41',, f,-et. and the leiiiiisite pumping and wind- 
up lu 'lln. is ,-|iiefly exported tu N, u V,'ik .mil H,,sluii. ins; maehineiy elfteil. The eiiL'iiie is a sin^li- sixteen ilieli eilmder 
The liowrie am! Hloek-Iluuse I'lines, un low H.ii, ,ire uf jni[,url- with .1 i'.iir feel six imli snuke, j;.'.ire,l ihr.'e I,, one.. iml driv iiii^ .1 nine 

I ance, Ih.' lalter heiiii; regarded, fr,,m ill.- si/i- .Old ipi.ility ul the I, , 1 .lium, Knuines uf a heavier class am! niuri- pcrm.inenl tliai.nPT 

! seam ami its aileanlaKeuus sitn.iti,in lur shipineiils. as. next tu ' - .11, in curse of eiei ti,'n at tin- east sl.ipe, wheie in Intniu thi'|,iin- 
.S\,Iney Mine, urn- ut lln- most j'loilnriive in 1 , , , ,»ii|put is expei'liil to l.e ni.i'ie 
liretuii. The wnks'il the lih,, k.| l,,ilse .Mine ate eipial to hm., t.,ns A >;ood ,leal uf ,.i,il is l,riiii{ imiikeli'il l,v im.ins uf the Spiinuhill 

' por ilai. am! 1," fus p, 1 d.,i /,,r.- hien, in sunn- s.nsuns, ilelivi nd hr.imh. Ion I mill's in h imtli. ul tin- lliti ichmial K.iilwai ; hut when 
Hum Ihi mini. lln , .lal is ixtelisiMly ex pot ted .is ,1 and ),,.i- tin ..impletiuli ,,l tin- S| nnuhill .iliil raiishur,,' K.iilw.n upins rum- 

, ■•.il uf Slip, ri,,i ipi.ilily, iiiniii, .n with a n-. "I | uit ul shipment, it will 'ii.iMi ili, 111 1., ship 

The " lil,is;,r,,iv .111,1 ( .ip,' 1)1,1,111 .ml K.nlivay r.imp.inv." .111 |.i the N, vv m.nkils .iml 1 umpete w-itli lln I ipe Hieluii 

. assui-i.iti-.n ol laliihsh I .ipnalisis uiiiiiti lurmi.l, .mialL'.inialii! ..imIs lur ,i».is-ni.iktnn piiipus.s. 
under one manauenienl with tin lailw.i,, the mining anas of l.unvay, '■ The capaM.- pr,„lmiiuii .,1 his mine .l.-pends un tin , xteni ul ihe 
lau, IV, Kesi-iv, . Haven, I,ak, llalin,,r:,l, am! S, Iniuner I',, ml. w,iiks iiei leil. Tin s, ims ,jt , , .in .ihun.lanl lu siippli i xh.inst. 

Ill,' i.iilw.ii. 1 iatilei n mills ill li'iii.'tli. truiti Sydm-i !l.iil',,ui iu I, ss ,ni,inlilies 
.-s, h'lunei I'uml passes thiuimh. ,,r euniiii is l,y sliull hi.imhes with. The Spiinuhill ami I'.itisli'iiu' Minim; and Kailivav who 
.ill llnse minis. Ihe rua,| is ,1 ihi..' h„,t yaiiae, suhslaiil tally huili, .ire hud, Ion; th. i,,.i,l l.,l,,i,- allinle,! l.,. .iml the liiin Minim; A.s- 
.ni.l h.illasli.l with liihh!.' .mil ,'./,«' 1 ual I 1 ,iuippi',l « ilh raiili, s.„ i..ii,.n, ,iml .illn is, i, .i ,.;. .n, .,s m ilns in Id .nvjiiin;; .l,■^el- 
" ntliin s .Old .1 sullii Hill nuiiil','1 ul l.nulish l,,ui-l,,n , ,'al-ivai;,ms. ,,pni,in 

amlisheim; 1 xli inl, .1 l.i tin p'lil "I l.ouishuri;. w hn h will a,l,l m.i lluiin-s .oid .s,iiviis in,, le 111 IS74, l,v .Ml. S. ..It H,iiluw, li.ivi! 

leiially to the v. line ul tins . ...d-tnld. \,\ liiinishim, an 1 th. "Iiuwn iln .xist. nc- ul in. ny v ilii.ihle seams from six tu thirteen 

w-h.ile luiiml luiin vilial imisi ,,iie ,l.,v I,. , ,.f th, musiim 1, , 1 n tin s,. pi,,peilii-s, which will m, ,i,,iil,t I,,' s,„,n .ntively mined. 

p.iiMnt'.'dinK slati'ins un tin .\tl.iiili,' s,.il„.ai.l. The mines i.l tin- I'niainim; , uniilies ut N,,v 

lln .\, IV ( .impl,, lliun Mines wi k 1, ,,peni d in 1-71 Tin' pi,,p,'iu spe, i,il iiutice. 
,,impiis,s thl.e sipi.lle miles. .1 ,m,,i| piupunnm ,,l win. I, is s, ,1 < | |„. |,„.,| ,,u|p„i ,,1 ;,|; ,1,,. mmm ,, I,, ,111 , ,„,,,,,,,,,, |,2i„.,«.) 

al.-a. 1.111 easily a. c.-ssil, 1,(1. ,1,1 Ihr l.m.l |i is sinial. d 1,1. ili. i...tili lum p. 1 ,1111111111. Thuse ul I uuniy ,,i,' M.nt ,ml 

emshleofthe (iu,,| lailMmi. ,.t ihe ilrasil'lll |..ik.', .1 1,11 ,\l,ii I. line, ,.,.,| ut 1 xi .Ihlil .pialily, l,ul hilheilo their 

sue and deep aim .,| the >,,, sn, irhinu lai iiii,i ili.' int.iioi ul lln ■l.v,l,,pn,ein h, 1 1, 1, t,i,,!,..l l,v the waui ul a poll .il shipment, a 
I Isl.iml .il Cap. Hl.-tull.and lies:ii the noilh-w-i-sieriiexllelnilyul Ih,'' t.iiili which islikelj suuii fi he lenie.lie,! I,v the 1 .,nstiiiili.,ii uf a 

Si.liieyio.d-el.l, .imlahunt thin,. 11 miles disl.iin. un the cms, ,,| coiine, tins ihe ,,..i|. mines of Ihuml I ,„,., M:,|„,n, and ollu-r 

tin- heds, fi.,m the Sv.lina Mims Must of ih. ul the p.iils ul ihi , ,.,llilv with a shipp-i-K-pm I ,,11 lln Sliail ul r ins,,, .iml 

Sv'lmi .Mims an' lh,..uahuul the ivliule ul ihis ilisnni.,, the i.iilii,iv s\ sl.-iii ul .Suia N ,,lia. 

n.'l .,Mi',„uhat thi' llras.lDr Kniianee their .lirecl cnimu. lhe,;real rail„mil.-|.,us ana ,,l New k las a Uiiiimilar 

' , !iavehi.-eii miefiiipied, ami their ciitrsc ilellecleil ,,,n- Lorn, ih- n-sim,. .,1, ihi i. ell ul .'■i 1. iwon, , , .,i„| t|„ .ip.x sim- 

"li.i leipiiii' no 


aictl lU'.ir i\.c lj')t.i'i|;.ty.'inr liriwui-n llu- t niintieH ol Yoik ami [ Hell niaik- u survey hutwccti Ktd Kivt i .iiu) tin: S.mtli 
lotii', t'nilir.uiiiH tuIlviMiu tlim! "I tliu.iitM .il I'n- l*f<>viiii c .irnl liuiwrfii Ketl Kivn .iixl l.-ikc SupiMiur. 

Mill li of il is ui uiirxi'I'trt'il in iltt.iil, hut :i suivey l-fxi'". in i Fruiii llirsr irpimH wv K'tlli»T -iH Oi.U is yt-i knuvvii 
1^71, f>t (he riHiiilit.^ oi f^uvvu iind Suiiliuiy, .iiul pnil iit York, wliirli j drpusiis, wlti< li an: liki'ly, at imi ilisi.iiii day, lo la- o( 
ix IS iniciulol t>t i-xli'iiil "V'ci tlu' wlitilf ,ui-a. Tht- i-ual torrit iiimi ol ' asHi<«iiti>{ lit ilic SL-itlunit lu ami ilrvi'l(iiiiiK-i<t of (he Nor 
Nrw Miiinswitk is tlividi-il \>s ilif icpuitH inio ilii(.-e st'rifs, ilie ' "t'n iii^^ |.irliai»s as soiin i-s ol a tucl supply (o ilic ('a 
l.owiM. Mr»ldli-, ami I'ppir < aihonilcious torrii.ilioris, vviih a Imm* K.iilw.iv. 
oi ruriKloiiitiati' roil.s. ' rmtii Mr. Sclwyri's m port \\c may Inu-tly ipiolc t)i 

Tin- liiiu-sinm-s whirh air so rominon Id tlic Cailiomti-roiis rocks ^ tin: Noiih Saskali Ikvv.ui Kimi. Intwt en l.dmomoii and 
of Nova S.oiia lii-ir appear lo he «irn'!y vvaritiin;, but tlir nil lain Ijiiiisc. ol a iiumlit-r of llal-IyiuK workaldf scams 

coiixloiin-raics and sandsloiu-s which iir* pany lln ^c limrsi(.nrs one nt iIkmii imaMiriiiK, in iwo cxpoMiicN upwards 

an- nnivcr^allv <lislrilnitfd. niakiriif a < hise tllholo^j. .d irst-iid.Iancr apari, tr<im t'l^lllt:t■ll lo iwuiily Icui in ilnckncss. and v 

111 the iinderlyin>i si-r'i's of ihr rii'tou coal-imasuri's. No ( xinisivt: 

mining oprrations \u\vv v<'l Imm-ii ('arrlcd on in the disiiiit under 

survi'\, llioniili sevi-ral smalt mines aie opened, and coal to a lori 

sidi-ratile aniount is taken nut at points nearlirand Lake and on lltt 

Newi a»lU- Kivei, In this aira the i-iiaUeropptn^s arc nnmerons, and 

sitiiaiud loi vvoikin;;." Also larlln.'r ilovvn Ihu slreani 
mile and alialf hulow ilie inoiilh of ('learwaler, on th 
seam of fXirellenl foil ( rops out, '^■dil lo bu from live 
ihiik. A considerable ipraiility of coal has bet'ii raisi 
use ill the foriiL' at the toit, foi which purpose it is fui 

the (.tunny is everywheie oreupied by the strata ol the Middle Car- , well. It is a hard, biiiitu, jet like, and doc* not > 
bunilerous foimatitmtpmduitive I'oal lueasuies). | pnsure like ihat from ino-i of the otlier beds in the 

(In llie SabnoM Kivrr, coal was mined nearly two renluries a^o analyses of seams ciop in the banks td the i 

tiy the l-'ienrh; and on the North Hramh Several ^oi>d imlieations 
.ire seen, and on ('o.d Creek mines have beenwoiked to some 

West of the St. jolin Kiver, <'tal->eanis mv. t xpi 
fioint'< on ihe Nerepis River. 

Kocky Mountain House and Kdmonton. si,rvi; to shov 

nite eo.iN of the Cpper Saskatrhewau are very siipeiitj 

I with farllier to tlie srHrih. alonL( the boundarv-line 

■d at various ' ^hi*App< He Valby. The Uttei appear in be all of 

wlietliri the Sa-kat< hewan coals are of the same ,i^v, « 

A valuable seam has latch- been opi-ned, calli-d the Clones ( "oal is at present urn '■rt.un '" He also says, " There can b 
SL\ini, near the souice of the Nerepis, and with easy communica , (hat in thtr le^ion west ot Mdmoulon, founded on the 
(ions m a maiket. On the Oliiaboj^ and Mcrcuruau brooks, in Athabasca River aixl on the south by the Red Dec 
the .saiiu' locality, outcrops of exist. exists a vast coal tield coverin;( an area f>f not lens thai 

The total area uf this dislilct over which workable scams of coal ! miles ; and beneath a lari;e portion of this area wc i 
may Ik; looked for. is i>vrr |ij<x) sipiait* miles, and we rannoi tin, hint workable seams of coat at de|)ltis seldom exccc 
belter itian quote fiom the report of llie surveys of l'^72-73 a ' and often, us in the case of the thick seams above d 
few WDiils on tliis point, to show (as a curiosity of tn;ures to the un I favourably sitirated for woikiui^ b\ levels from tlie sui 
initialed! the c.itculations of the possilile enormous tpiantily of | "These co,tl> may all Ijc classed a^ brt.>vvn cuaU, altlior 
beniMih ch.iractei tlie) iiiostU ri --rinlde bitumim-us coals uf th< 

" \Vi* an- not \tt posMssi-d ot sulhcieiu li.ita to jiisiily the asser- feroiis. Ueijaribd as blown coals, they may all be i 
tion tlie various out lops of coal met with ovii this area, ami at best of their kind. 

wideU s<- p. 1 1. It I'd points I >.tich as Clones, the W.ishadeinoak, ( >tiiabo>{ , "As a fuel lor locomotives and for domestic purp< 
Little Kivev, Nashwa.ik Ri\i-i, etc). In-luiii; to the same seam as thosv ' cooking as well as warming, 'tie coat in yeneral an>w 
.11 (ii.ind Lake, lliou>{h ihefe .ire lacls whicli lavtnir sucli a supposi- It kindles :iiid Inirns freely, m.ikiit^ a bii^^t lire ^vittl 
tiiHi ; tliere is, however, no re.ison to doubt that tinise in the neif;h I anti corn|)aiativelv little snutke." 
bouihood <f the last. nainetl lakeare all ol (he same scam, and that 
ctmsiipiently the area over whit h it iiia\ be safety recanted as extend 
in^ is a very considerable oru'. Iliiis the aieas of the Ne\v< asib-. 
Salmon Uiver, and Co.d Cirek 'oal-ti-ids aie about 
and twcUc 

( . 


itpiaie miles. Adopting livcnty inches as tin 

Mupaii'ii; recent investii;at(ons with the report ol 
u lames T. Hod«e on the coal-niincs of tlie UocI 
'olor.ido, I' tall, .ind Wyomiiii;, whiili are noiv 
liundied winked, ttieic appears every reason to tjclieve that ill 
■ avci.iKc (loubtedly lielon^ to what may lie re^^jarded as only 

lliickness of the co.d seam, and 7'}. 4 lbs. ,is tlu.- wei^lu of a cubic foot , probini{.ition of iine and wide spread coal bi 

extending, ^vith but few iiilerruptions and with wonde 
of rlm.ictei, from the shoies t)I the Arctic Ocean Un 
miles .don,4 the eastern slopes of the Rocky Moumair 

Itilween the Red River and South Saskaicheu-.ui, 
fmiid at Dirt Hills an-l Woody Mountain, but not 
rh.iracier as the blown c»»als iibo\c meiitiomd/ Sim 
.ilsolonnd in the S<'nris Valley. 

We ha\e only iioiv to notue the exiensier coal fi 

Tlie ctial beariii)' foim.itiou of Vancouver Island ti (the sptcjlic ^i,ivil\ beiiii' \.2~). ,ind tleilnciini! om'-fonrtli for 
the areas occupied by Salmon R vi-i .ind Lake, the tut.d 
amount of coal within the areas m ipiesiion would be tat tin 
rate of 2ikk) lbs. to the tout not less than 154, i)p, 1.17 tons. 

" Il is, however, lo be tdiservi'd tlie true are.i of the Co.i! fnbls 
in i|Mesiion, and more p.irtlcularly that ol Nt wcistlr River, is piolj.i 
biy inu'h;er than has lieeii slated above ; tin; lint- wlinh luisliceti 
chosen as niarkiii>{ its wi-stern limits really irulicalin^ only tin- point 
where the rocks of the Middle toal lormalion pass beiu.ith ihos- 
which form the tiinhest nii'tuber of the Carboniferous system, and 
under wliich they could proliably be rea'died at no «um| deptti. into two subordinate troughs, the iiorth-wesicrii beii 
Tti« occurrence of a coal-seam on Little River in Snnbmy C. unity, the Coiiiox, and the south eastern as the Naiiaimo 
haviu:{ about the s.iine position and thickness as those ol New 'oal is of a true bituminous character, the veins 01 
castle, renders this supposition hii'l.Iv probable. Miueovci. the through Miata of iitvy sandstone and ariiiU.i'eoi 
thickness of the coat beils ,11 Clones docs not itiliei very greatly < ouimx are.i. on the north-western end of the islai: 
(kuii that of the bdls at (jiand Lake, and it is not ini[uobal»Ie that a Hrowu's River, a tributary ol the I'nnlledue. on lb 
lar>»r part of the area occupied bv tiie productive measures, and Sable Rivei 011 the south-east, on which the Havm- 
more particularly where ihe Niwir loal loiination exists, is nn. mine is sttunted, and it also includes and I 
dcttaid l>y the same scon Snppovmn ilii> to be the case, and de- Ttie Cuion and Heaiiloii niines in this area are rais, 
ductini; one-third for the .iiea ociupud \>\ the biiiren measures al titre< of for exjioft. At Haynes Scnind Mine ope 
(ho b.ise of ihf Middle (J.ii lion ife ion -> loini.itiou, or ri ndeied nn.i- iMriicil nil c\ tensive I \'. The simiiis ol C(;al \-aiy fi 
vailable by beiUK coveied willi hikes, ihe possible yield oI [in It. I 
coal liom a se.irii of twenty in* lies t oeerirn; the lemaininn .ire.i would Tl'i- X'.tii' >u\ ei Island Coal's works at \ 
be iioi less ,V: I". Ll''-357 l""'*- Settling .isidc, liowevei, this .1 si\-ioot s< am, .;ud tlay woi k other seams also at N 
siippositii»n as loiifissedly based upon too imperlVci data, we cm These mines piovinco about 40,00') tons per annum w 
still h.iidly doulit that the aiea over whii h the principal seam ol f.iciliiies. The Nanaimo are. 1 includes a nuiubei d 
coal in tlie tiiand Lake legion may be reason ibi> supposed to e\ ol wlii< h mim s li.ive been opened, 
(end, is at leasi two or three tiiue> Kie.itei tliari ill, it eini-Io^cvl in Coal has also liecn louud on ttie niaiul.iid luai < I 
the above calciil.itioiis, and that thcietote the r>-ttniate ol iis but iioihiiiu' is known ol its thickness tn e.\ieru. 
piodiKtiw c.Lp.Hity may be laiity tiii le.ised in a (orrespondinjL; In tjueeii Ch.nlotte Isl.ind ttie coal is an •inthi.ij 
laritt, ■ strat.i with bl.ick .iinillaceoiis and \!,\v\ trap 1 

It is to be reifretted that the lepoit o| the surveys of this union nodules ol ii'instone intersiratilied with tlie sh.i 
made by Professors Hailex .md M. it thews duiini; i"'74. • on Id not .iKo Chaibnie Coal-.\lMiiiiu Com pany have tm some lime 
be ol (tamed in lime lor this aitule. as beiiii; likel\ to sliow nioie mine this coal loi c\p»)rl, but wilti only paitial sn( ^ 
(icular develii[jnieiils, be iin|i|oved by more careful manaiiemeul ami suive 

There exists also In llillsboio" County, New liiunswick. a famous Ttie coat trade ol tin-. Province is yet in its iiifanc\ 
mine of coal called lIu' .\lbert Mine, which priidiices co.d largely ilioioui;li suivevs and improved iniiunt; il must 
impie^n.ited with u\\. and «pI extraordinary ^as-producimj ipialities. an indiisiiy o! the hisl iinptirtancc. The output ot i 
Il loiii; been dis|mtcd whether this was a bed oi a tine vein, but Province loi 1 S74 wa* less than nvt.<H>o tons, but \viii 

ol position, and tlie m.irkels of C.ilifornja .md the 
coast open to Mipiil\, llieie sliould be a laij{i.' iiine.i- 
beloie lonn. 

lUiit'iuiU'tti ihtxU-i exist in lar^'e masses at Cotlim^'u 
wheie woik^ were erected lor their distill. uion, and 
oil ill ipiaiitities eipial to about lliree pei cent, ol 
Hos.un|uet they yield about 4.2 per < eni. or oil, 01 at 
Ml. In (hiebec the shales at tiaspe .lie smi 1 
Hiunswitk possesses some very ricli bitnm.! 
HIackband, in Albeit County. \ieldiin< si.xty-lhie. u 
oil to the ton Oihe- ■, on the Memramcook yield il 
Ion:). I'll' liijt k band sli.iles .lie also c.ip.ible ul 

the tale Ml. Il.irtley. of the (Jeolouieal Survey, conhirnsby liis report 
the view taken by Dr. D.iwson and otlieis, that it is indisputably a 
vein. When the discussion Inst arose, tlie mine was ont\ ii>'> leet 
deep, and worked 300 leetim the strike ; now it is 1 jiKdeet deep, and 
woiked over h.ilf .1 mile ini the strike. This coal, i ailed Albei'itc. 
is said to yield loo K.dlons of crude oil to the ton. whib- ol <<is tin' 
yield is I4,<ii'«> feet, oi siiperior illuniiiiatinit powei been found, and is supposed to exist in lari^e <pt.iulities to lli 
in the North-west Tenttories, but as yet uf the actual extent liltte is I Ni 
really known. In 1S73. Ml. Helwyn conducted an exploiatiou lioin 
Fori fl.iii\ III M.initoba to ihe I^ockv .Mountain House, icluruinn by 
way o! the S.iskati hew. in River au I L.ike Wiiinipej,' . .md Mi. R »bett 



Ir .1 •^urvL-y Im'Iwccii Rul Kivit ;inil tin: NiMilIi S;isk;llcllow;iii, ' 
11 Knl KiMi .iixl L.ikc Supriinr. 

■\>- iijiutis wt ^.itlur ,ill is \(,-i kiiNwii III (liusc t 
liM li .111; lik(.'ly, .It no ilisl.iiit (l.iy, l<> Ik- m( .if:i( v.ilut; in 
ihc M-|iUiii» III .iMil iKvi l.i|iiiiciii of (lie Notth wi'si, ;ini| in 

l>(-ili,i|>'o .i> SOUK cs "t .1 lih-l -itij'i'ty lo (Ik- ( '.iimIlui I'ucltir 

Mi. Sclwyn's rr[»oit we iii.»y liii*'tly ijuniu- the I'lHiJiiii' ".m 
h' hivv.m Kivrr, hi'tw* Til Kdiuoiiinii .in<l Uitck v .M'tim 
. mI a iiuinlu'i of wmk.iltlc su.(iii?< of k"<'<J cual ; 
tiiMii MUMMiiiiiK, ill two L'X|iosiiK-s upvv.inls ul toiir inllL->i 
III (li^hltcii In Ivvciity luti in tliicknos, uiitl wry l.ivuiinihly 
• n wuikiii^ ' Also t.oiliL-r il'jwii tliu slrcMiii. " ;il ahuiil a 
.1 li.ilt ItL'low till- lU'MKli ol ('k-.iiw.itri, on ilic It-It hank, a ' 
I'flU'iil I'D il ( tops Kilt, s.iiil (>i liu Iroin two (o time- kit 
riiii>itli-iaIJi- (|u.inlil\ tif cual lias iK-t-n lai-^nl truiii it Inr 
ir t.n:;i.- al ilic Imi, foi vvliirli iniriHci- it is fouiitl to answer 
i-> A lianl, Ini^hl, jt-l Iiki.' omI, at)>l docs iirji split uji un i-x- 
k(- from ni'i->t <>f (he otiit-r tn-ds in (In- vicinity. Tlic 
ul scanis wlii'li cni|> III tin- banks of iliu river, iH-rwct'ii 
I'liniiain ami I'Mnionion. serve lo show that the lit;- 
t the I'ppei Saskairlii'wan .ire very superior let those met 
ilirt to the south, aloni; (he hounilary-line, ami in the, 
Me Valley. The taller appear lo he all of Tertiary a^'e ; 
the S.i-^katihewan enals are of the same aije, or <'re|aceou>, 
eiit uin'-rlain " Ik* also says, "There can he no quesiion j 
he n-i^inn west nt IMiiioiiton, I oundeil on the north hy the 
a Kivcr and on the south hy the Red Deer River, there 
,a-.l inal tiehl coverini( an area of not less than 25.i>oi> square 
lid heiieath a larne portion of this area wc may expect (o 
kahle se.uns of roal al tU-pths seldom exceeding' 3"<J feet, 
n. a-- in the cise of ihe thii k seams ahoee described, verv '• 
}\\ situated fnr woikini; hy levels from the suilace. I 

e inA^ may all hccla^^sed iibbruwucuaU, ultlioutfli in physical ^ 
1 ilii'v mostly lest-iulik coals uf the tiue Carhoni 
Rtir.nded as hiovMi coals, tliey m.iy all he cunsidiTL-d the 
Iheit kill. I. 

,1 luel lor Iiicomotives and for domestic purposes, including 
J as well as warniinu. ihe coal in answers ^-erv well. 
». and hums freely, makiiiy a hii>;ljt lire with a yellow hia/e 
npai.itiveh' little smoke." 

laiiMu leceiit investii^ations with the repoii uf the late Pro ' 
anus T. llndyeiui (he e»ial-mine> of (lit- Rocky Mountains, 
lado, L'tali. and Wyoiuiuii, wlu'h are now helm; laru'ely 
, theie appears every reason to believe those se.mis un 
Ily beloiiK to what may he re^jarded as oidy the siHilln-rn 
ation 1)1 one vast ami wide coal luariuL,' fiuni.itiou. , 
un. with hut few interruptions and with wonderful uniforuiitv 
,icirr, from the shores of the Arctic Oci .m hn of , 

K the eastern slopes of the RocCy Mountains. 
veil the Red River and South Saskaiclu-wan. liijnites weit- 
at Diit Hills and Woody Mountain, hiii nut of as i;.H>d a 
ei as the hmwn coals iihove meiitioueil, Siiuilai coals weu' , 
Hid in the Si>uiis Valley. 

i.ive only now to notice the extensive cual helds of Miiiish 
hi.i. ', 

■oal bearing; hmnation of Vancouver Isl.uul m.iy be dividetl ' 
I) suhordiuatf troughs, the noiih-westein lu-iny described as. 
inox. and the smith ea>tein as the Nanaimo coal-lield. The 
III .1 iiue bituminous character, the veins or seams ruuninn 
li sti.ita of i;rey sandstone and arifilliiceous shale. The 
an a. on ilit iionh wi st< in end of the island, extends from 
s Uivi-i. a tiiliiiiaiy ol the Puiilledite. on the norih-west, to 
[<ivei on the south-east, on which the Haynes Sound f' 
1 siiiialed. and it also includes Dennian and Hornby Islands, 
lion and Heaiiloit niims in tins area are raising' larju'e «|uan- 
I . .al l.n <-\piiii. .\i ll.iuies Simind Mine operations are also , 
oil cMciisivelv. Tlie scaius ul cu.d vaiy iVoni niiu- inches to 

\'an< Oliver Isl.ind ("o.!! (..'omp.iny's works at N.inainio are on 
lot se.uu. and they wnik other seams also at Neweastle Island, 
nines pioiiuee about 40,11.)') ions p,r .uiniim woh tln' piesi-ni 
■s, TIh' N.tii.'iiiui .ne.i iiH ludr-> ,i nuniiiei td isl.iiids. on some 
h minrs h.i\( b.-( n opi-m-d. 

Ii.i^ also been lound on the mainland neai (.'hilliw.e k Ktvi i. 
hini,' is known ol its thitkuess 01 e\teni. 

iieen t'haihitte Islaml (he coal 1-. .oi .?;//'///././V.-, occuriiim in 
rilli Id.ick aii^illareous shale .iml f;uy trap 01 sandstone, wiih 
s ot iionstone intt-rsiratilied with the shal< . The Oneen 
in- (oal-Miniiii: Cciiiipiiny have (ot some time iimlertaken t'l 
li-. coal loi export, bill with only paitial siict'rss. This ni.iv 
lovfil by more larelul maua,Memeni and -^iiivevs, 
■oal trade ol the- I'ruvinre is yet in its inlane\. and wuhinoie; 
;h sin vevs and improved miniiii; it must stion develop into 
isliy ol the liist iniponanec. The output of ihir mines of (he 
e lor IS74 wa-* less ih.ui nxi.<MxUons, hut with the .uivantaj^es 
tion. ami the inarkeis of California ami the Lower Paeifu 1 
pen to suppl\. Ihric shoidd be a lai>ie tiuie.ise iii piodiietion 

uii/i'iis .•■'itu'.-j exist in lar^'e masses at Colliui^wood in Oniario, 
vol k^ were erecteil lor their dislill.ilioii, .md thev produced 
i(u.iuiities e'pial to about three pei ctni. ot the mrk. .\i ' 
net llu-y yi(-ld about 4.2 per cent. 01 oil, oi abimt ten gallons 
on. In (hiebt'c the sli.des al liaspt- .lie sud to be ri<li in oil. 
Ml unswick possesses some ven lieh bilnniinous shales, the 
and, III Albi-rl County, yiehliiiii sixty-threi- jjallons of crude ' 
[ie (on, Oihet*t on till- Memiaiucook yield ihirtv-seveu f.A- \ 
The shales are also c.ipable of neldiiii,' 7?;o'ji 

cuhh: feet of k^s per ton, or about one half (ho quanUly alhirded t)y 
the miner, d .\llM-itite. Then- .111- li' h beds of these sha es in Kln^■s, 
Albeil.aiiii Wesiniorelaiid eounlii-s. 

l\lnil,-um occurs in the luiiestom-s ol both the Trenton uronp ol the 
Lower Silurian seiies.and lie- C.irmleroiis tormation id the Devonian 
series, and il is fiom the l.ittei that the oil-spimy^ ,,l Oniaiio i.ike 
their source. 

.\t iMiniskillen, Motliwell, i'eirolia. an<l other Hiwns of Western 
Ontario, immense niiniliers of wells have been sunk, and the capital 
employed in the prodnclii>n and lehnlnK <d petroleum Is over %\tj, 
000,'""^ *vith an annual yield whieh has risen lo 25,ixjtj.ix;oHi>il'.ns of 
crude oil. and twelve lo tifleeu niilliims of gallons of r'.tined pelri.- 
leuiu. I'etrolenm is also found lar^-ly <lilhiseil tliioui{h (Jaspc in 
(biebec, but little has been done in its di-vehipnient coinparatively, 
allhouijh a lew htindied thousand gallons are yearly produced. In 
.M.iiiitob.i and the Noriliwest, Iroin the western shore of Lake Win- 
nipe)^, up the- ;Sask, V.illev, and lo the north of 11. lies a 
^ bell of paheo/oic rocks with an .i\eiai,'e width of sixiy to seventy 
miles, and exiemlim; in lUilish teriitory lioin tin- torly-ninili parallel 
lo the mouth of ilie .Maeken/ie Rivi-r. 

Almost ihe only reliable infoTiualion relatinif to this region noiiti 
of the Saskatihewan is to he fowiul in the n.irratives of Sir Alexander 
.Mackenzie and Sir John Rich.irdson. published iespectivel\ m i^oi 
and 1S51, and who observ(-i| "biinininous hnintains"; but Mr. 
Selwyn, in his late report, says ; " In the comparatively few localities 
where the rocks cnmposiiiH il have been examined ihey to be 
characlerized, like the lorinaii<ms uf the same a^e in Western 
Canada, by deposits of salt and petroleum, uivin^t rise to eupious 
siuiiiKS (if these valualile materials. And there seems but little 
doubl '.hat Canada ha-, here a s.ilt .lud oil bearin^' re^ion siir]iassin>{ 
in extent and protluctive capacity any hitherto developed on the continent." 

/Vi// exists in/;jreat deposits in Ouebec. in the plains ahmu the St. 
Lawrence ancl its tributaries. It is uf a gradual vegetable ifiowih 
otien restini; on a Uyer of shell marl. The larifest deposits occur 
"• ir <'haiiibly, St. Sulpice, Lonniieuil, and He Veite. On ihe island 
01 .\iiiicosli theie is a deposit of excellent (|ualil>' of ovei a hundred 
and sixty Sfpiaie miles, and from three lo ten feel thick. Some of the 
p-at-bo^s are being w.jiked to advantage of lale years by lar»:ecoin 
panics lormed in Montieal. 

In Ontario, lartie dt-posjis .ire hiuiul .it .Nepean, (iloucesier. West- 
iiiealh, and olliei points. 

Lxtensive deposits of peat presenting the -.wxw features as those 
of tjuehec occui in New Miunsuick. in St John Coniitv . on the Mis- 
pec Harrens, alonu' the roast near Mus.piash II.iilioui .iiid l'.is>ania- 
quoddy lUy, and on the line of railway mar Si. Stephen's. 

VI. ki.iK A'Tokv \n.\i:u.\i.s 

Those minerals which are used m tin- consirueiion of furnaces, or 
lii ni-rally for withsi.indini: heat, aie technically i.alled fvyV./.A'n- sub- 
.i.'./;/.c,i, Fiist in oiilerionies 

Piumki^o, or grapliite, commonly known as black-bad, which re- 
Ceives several aj. plications in the arts. The hner varieties, used lot 
pencils, couimaiul a ver\ high piice , tlu- inferiot fpialiiii-s arc used 
for preventing fri'tion in m.ichinery. and for stove-polish. The most 
iinpoitanl use, however, is for the manulaciure ot crucibles mid melt- 
ing-pots, and tor small furnaces for assayers and chemists. 

The plumba-'O of C.mada is a pure cr_\stallim; plumb. tgo. and is 
found piimipally in the luisiein Townships, .uid at (iienville and 
liuckingham, where valuable mines aie woiked. Il is also f(.und 
.ti Mniuess and North Kliusley. in Ontario, and near Kingston. At 
.1 lew points in New Hrnnsuick this mineral is hmnd in available 
• piantities. The l.irgesi deposit is in the vicinity of Si. John, near 
Coriland, on the Straight Slioic, wlnie for many ye.iis the mines 
havi- yieliKd^el)" a plumb. tgo weil sniird foi huindry lacings and 
stove-polish. In the vicinity of Windsor, in .Nova Scolia, pluinb.igo 
is also found and txpt)rted. 

Mi.,i occuis in the Iinusiones .uid .ilicicd locks of the I'ia-.tcrn 
Towiiships ;it (irt[i\i!lf, win ic mini-, aie upi mm!. .\i .\.oth Hur 
i^fss in Out alio. aUn. .1 v.dn.iMc mici-niiiu- is worked, wliere pl.ite*. 
ot unusually large si/c h,t\c be*-n obtained, Tin v. dm- ol mic:t 
depends upon tlu- si/e. ti .iiisp,U(iic\ . .iild peileclion *A the pl.ilis. 
It i> tieqiieiitly fouiul in larL^e ni.isst-s, which ni.n be scp.oartd nil > 
thin, iranspaieiit plates. Mica in this htrm. .1-. is w< !l known r-- 
eeives various applications in the aris, beim: cnipbued tor tlHiionls 
of siuves, lor lanterns, and for the cliiiiini-\ s ol I. imps. As u is not 
liable to be bltikeli by concussion, it is .ijso u>ed iiisicail of i;l.iss in .uid it ircet\i.i! st vi oihei ap- 
plic.ilions of less impoitaiiCf. 

S.-<xp-t, n,\ 01 stt atitc. is tisrd lot .m intinitc wiiietv o; purposes, 
such .is sill, ill turn.iccs, sto\e-!inini:s. 1 vtssij^ w.Uti-jij ts, 
ristein linings, ,iiid. when heated anil in. idc haidti .un! [.o!i>iiiJ_ it 
is useil lor gas-burners, buttons, i-tc. 

In (Uiebec, a woikable bed i-\is|s .it I'otion, m tin Mi>-.,s|uoi 
N'alley, and. no dmibt. in oilui paiis ot the .s.inn- Uiatinesun 
.\ vaiiety called pyialbdiir is lound ai tHeiiville ,ind on the Saiiue 
n.iv. Anothei variety, less ieliacior\ ami less unciuwus than line 
steatite, bill applicable to many of the same uses. i> poisiom- Al 
Molion and Hrougnton, beds of this puie. comp.ict chbuitc ale in-i 
with, having a bieadth of iweiily feci, honi which lart:c blo-ks ,,:id 
plates luaj be cut by a common mill-saw.'ii,', anil sand suitable foi consiiucfng lurnaces and smell- 
ing metals, .m. to bt- hjurnl in m.inv parts of In i!i.- m .tily 


DoMlNlUX Ol' C.W.MiA. 

;»iitc sihri'Uis -..iiuNiunf .u du'. U.iiiil^. ini tlir Si. M.iiiiiit'. 1'1<>« Ks 
of l.ii«L' si/i" Mv tmiiil. .in. I U'inl in iln- tiun"* nt vu itiit\ 
MmiMiTH' s.nitl i- .lU.i ftUMu! Iumi*. .iinl .11 Om-ln-*-, Ai 
Pttlsliuiu, in tliit.niii. I.iui.* •|ii.iiilitii-* nt si.itu* hn tr<Mi '\:'iktt- 1^ 
i|U.iiii('>l, .ui'l .It INilli. HK'ikvilIc, M\>\ t>win Sniml. tn tul'lii*" s iml 
t'Xf-ls ill I.iinr i|u.intiiu^. h i-- .il-t l.uiiiil .11 Win.Uni. ,iiii| "ilu 1 
iHiint"' ill N'lv.i SiMti.i .ml N*w liimi^wi. k, 

VII M \ii:,ii \i> roii null i\>, iMun uv. wu ».i.,\^^ 

I'li.Ki iiii> lift I Ml. IV I"- ihtM.t .1 ihi- . I,i\^ i-M liu III. null. i< unr "I 
cuuniDn hiiik'*, tiU"i. .111 I • mi*i' iMiilu'tuv.m'. \ 1 • l,i\s in i.m th. 
fiiHT kin.N III ]iiiil* ty li.ivr .is vrl lii-i-n I.mmuI mi the •uunliv. 

ri.iys siiiU'il l«ii ihv mimif.i'tnU' •>! lirii-k-* .iir lnun.l in.i\.t-i 
miiii!irr 1)1' pl.uv-* tliuMmlinm ilu' Putvin.f In i »iu.iin», ihr -l.u-, 
.m-iliviili-.l iniii iw.i i-l.i-tsf . Tlu* nl.Ii r .ui I iinUilviii« iliposti i-. frre from ixitli- of iron, .in t \ i<'l.l-» while Iniik-. 
which Kciur.illv. !i'nvT\Ti, liiU-r :\ HoiiU' \tlIo\vish linnf. Tin- 
whiti'-lMirk rl.iv i-*'Iy ovi-rLiul l-y .inoihmli'|it)sii. whii li 
^'wv* ri'il biirks. Thrsc whiu* Inirk-*. wlinMi art- nion- I'stt'cmctl 
t\\M\ the U'll, :m' tn.uli- in .\ Kre.U niLiiiy Inc.ilitics. ftoni ihf shori' t'l 
Liikr llnnni .m f.ii tMslw.ii.l .i-* Hroik\iiI»-. Tlu- .ivi'i.n.M' nunilut nt 
liiirk-i in.hU' ;nimi.illy in Toioiuo \s (loni tilui 11 in twmly iniltioiis. 
tif whiili fnnu scvlmi (n ten niillitins arr wliiir Inuks. 

In ( tm-l'i-r, Ihf two kimi-i of il.iy whiih .ire ilisiinmUHhul in liu 
West .III- no lonm'r nu't with ; tml .m cxtfiisivr lUpo'^it ut ni.innr 
cl;iv I'Mfiuis ihroiiyhoul the vmIU'V-* of ihe l>tl.uv,i .unl Si. L.twrcnre. 
;iiui luMii-hi's I'vnvwlicir for briik-". liu- (\vi» i.iinrijMl 
iii.uuil.i. iiiii-rs .11 Moiiui'.il itroilme v.\*h ali<iut iin ini!lions ui liru k^ 
aiinii.tily. Soim- ln-tU of the<i' rl.iys art' rini-l'»yiil |.m the niaiint.if. 
lure o( lo.usi' i-arthi'Mw, ill', uliich i-^ in.iniit.iitMUii al ni.iiiv pl.iri-i 
in eitluT Provinre. |)r;»'n liUs hn .11:1 !■ ulliiial puiposLS an- .iNi' 
MKulc at several |>lai"es. 

The while silieeous san-i'-ioiK' of ilit- lNii-..|.iiu fiirin.i:i>'ii .ilf.tnU. 
in m.uiv pl.i'*e<, a 'iiitVh uiiil\ pmc I'M tlu' in.imifat liiu- "i 

Tlie -^pet i u.-n^ nf ilijs i,vmr fi-mi V-uiIuiiil have illr.eiril ihe 
nllenilon of I'n^iish ula<s iiiannla<'tnit-rs. wh > iinpmt .1 <iiiiii1ai 
material from Ihe rnitiil Stales, ami wlio have mali' iiKHiiin-. .i-- [■> 
ihe price at whieli the samlsiiine eoiihi Itr tnrni'ihf.t in Kiiulaii'l. A 
Sliceessfiil fc!la-*s f.ictorv has sjneu been e'^tahlislml at Wunlnuil. 

tiooil marine I'lays, furnishinij material for hrieks, are in \.c f.iini.l 
at verv many pl.ue-i in Nova Seutia ami New Hinnswu k. '^■> ih.ii 
ihev mav he inii-iidfred as ^jmeraHy ohlainahle for use. 

Fire-clay is niet wiih beneath the coal seams in ihu Nrwcasile ■li*-- 
Irici nf New llriiiiswick. ami has Ihcii shippcl 10 sniiic txttiit l'> Si. 
John, lull le^s attention has been di-v.-teii i.i a il- \aliH a-ni 
accessihilily deserve. 

liooj reti-brick clays e\ist at I'ort (Jarry in Maniiuba, ainl will be 
nf ccm>iiJei.iblc value to thai Province, il carf is taken in llie pmpi i 
nii.xtuic "f -^uilable s.iml. .iiiii in loiriiin^. 

Hrick cbiv-i I xist mar Virturia in Ms iii-.h < ".ijumliia. ,nul .it in.tux 
oilier pait-^ nf tli!' '".i-i. .i< M (miiihx li.iib'pur aii'i ■ Ni wlim-. 

bi'ii.ites (if lime .lie Lmiim! in ( ■bailntii' .iii<l kim;'- co 
Ni 11 piH Ki\( r. (Iian.l Man. in. i n . I'me himsi'im "« nc 
.11 W.iiuNi.M-k, Canli rbtin.aml ihc n<iilh-\ve*l«in tuuiiln 

In Nova Scotia also, i;oiiil limeoloiu"* aie loiiinl in < 
<>l near WiniN.n ami ll.ilit.ix. an I .11 lb.; lb t^ 
• •ihii p. lit" <>! C.ipe Itiitnn. In M.inM<>lia .iml ilir Nonf 
,il«Miti<l IK 11 mam <<1 ihi lak'H ami 1 im is. 

l.iim'Hiimes .11 c .ibun<t.itii iti lbili'<li < 'otiiinlia. b>iih in .iml lln mainlaii<l. in llhisc p. in- whit ti h.r'<- i< 

-nt Vi \ , Till V aiC .«! bnlh 1^1 1-\ .Ubl whitf ilrsi lIptiiiM*. .Ill' 

< \' ' Ib'iii buiMniLi-linic. 

1\. i.UIMUNt. Wli I't U.I sill Nt. M \ 1 1 l;i \ 

TliiM' i-.m-isi "f iiiilUl'Mns iinpl'iMil (m uiiU'iiiiu i 
HK'Uiillv. "I s|..iirs iis<.! lot liiimliiii;, «.haipeniiiii. 1 11 
poliohitiu imi.ils .in<l -tom";. Mrsides lliese. mcniioii nia 
"f .nainel rock, sometimes itsitl .is .1 suh-itilnle loi eimn. 
occurs in ('.iua>laal Mav St. I'.iul ami St. jtrome, in (_>m I 

The Treuch buhrstouc, wliii h i< prelrrrni |o all nilu 
fur the cousiiucliouof mills foi uiiiulinii >jtaiu. is 1 |icci 
like 'iitiieons rock, li.iviui; a porous or tiMiiie, 
y\i ]<■ its surlace especially ail.iptnl loi tlir purpi'sc. 

Ill the series in howevci. .1 ci llul 
lliis kiml iiccnrs in lar^e veins, .ippainiily "f ai|ueons ori>. 
the intrusive svenitc nf tirctivillc. The du it. whiih much 
the rreucli bnhi'^toiu' in i1< < liai.i' t( 1 . bien prtmom 
f'lualh well litli'l tni the m.iniil.n tun- "i millstnues, Tlu' 
the surface aie, howtvtr. lujnrctl bv ihc wc.nlu r . ami the 
nf.piairvini* the material fr<nn a vi in in tlie liii'l s\,nii 
that il woiiM prubably prove ni-ue e\pcn^i\r than tin 

In \ati>ms paits of the countiy. millsiunes. inbriur i<i 
vi'.iifs, but .msweritiij a very k'tnul pnip"sr. arc matle Im " i<>.-ks. Abmi.' llie runth sh'>te of the Oii.i 
S.i^iienav, at St. Cuthbeit. Vamlreiiil. ami oilier point- 1 
millslr>ues of a nood ipialily have been made fmiu the ([ii.t 
tilomciaies or kriauitoiil gneiss rocks 

At Civnija in Oni.uio uooil millstones are m.innfaci 
some points on Lake Superior possess rocks ot a similar 1 

For ^-c;;/./'/c«c.r .///7 :.■'(-././<■;/. '■. a saiulstone well .ulapli 
11 Oiii.iiioai Nniiaw.isaua. Colliuuwooil, ami M.idoc; a 
'e.-, .,t Whetstone I'oini oa tie Chamliire Lake. Wlielsti 
in I. .ike Nli-mphiem.iLi<ik:. and at Stanstcid, n>)lton, and ( 

In New Hrunswick. sandsiones of supeiior fpi.iliiv 1 
millstones or i;iiiids|oues m.iy be obtained in the I.owei 
mus or millstone-urit seiies of locks, the of 
I'lindy. (biarries have been opened at Shepody M.iv 
c •uiiiii; points. 

In No\ .1 Scotia the 'pi.tliies of M i mid ie vlild e\ct 1 lent 1; 
.Old Si. , tlK--tom-. which .ire i.iii»e!y ui.imif.iciurLd for ex; 

X Ul II.niNi, ^loNi:' 

Vm ' 1 Ml N 1- .\\|) MolMARS. 

I'ndi r this come tlie oi.lin.oy Iime--t"m- aie.l those suil.ibb 
for making water lime. 

The laiwei Siluiian linie-i.-nes nf ilie I'ha/y f'irm.iti"n .iml ot ib. 
Trent'iii ^o^'p '''^""'' *'"">"^''""' l''*^''' distiibntion. .d'Uiel.ini ma- 
terial for the manuiaetuie ot lime, ami they are exti-nsi\ely burned 
in niativ parts nf the Dominion. Iroin their yeiu-iai jiuniy, aii>I from 
their free'loiTi from irmi and ni.tL'uesi,i. iliey yield .1 while lime wtll 
aditpted lor makiiiL'tine mirtar. tor whiirnini,' walls, (or 
pur- -ses. and for the patitKalioii n| coal-uas. 

The -Middle and Tpper Siluiian limestones of ( (niaiio are ;:riu- 
rallv mau'm-i.iM. .md h.n e the ' 'imposition td dob'iiiitt- When 
burned, till V \ ield a me,ii:re 01 lime, whi'h i- tor the 
most pall veiy free from iin;iiiilie> Thesi- liiios yiebl 
very sttiniL' mortar, but an- i oii-idti»-d to bi- le-s propel ioj ayncul- 
lural purposes than itmse whli h i oniain no maumsia, 

The limestones ol the L.iurentian si-tjeN are very im[.oMaii!, loiii 
from iIkiI exit nt and from tin- ta< t t'i..l wherivti tlu y o'cui ibe 
same region po -eni- U itilt \.i!b \s m i-.i 1 nlnv .iHoii, 

//'.,it,tU'ii- i,»i,iifi .ire .iiiiiici.illy made lo miiiizliny rhalk or olhei 
ratbnii.ite of time with .1 proper ijiianitly ol 1 l.iy, and c ;\U m\\\\< 
ihe mixiute. Win re. however, naiuial .idnoMnies n) < Lu .iiid 1 .1 - 
boil. lie <d Inue .an b' obi.uneii in abiiiebim e. it 1- rnoie .idv.ini.i 
Heois to employ them than to n-oiiio arlilu i.d piepai.itions, WIm n 
a lime-tone coiit.ilns leii 01 ui!e> 11 per eent, i>f t lay. it ) ields a lime 
po->essiiiy li>diaulic propinie-, wh't h im lease with the proportion 
ti( ' l.i\ : and when ih.s amoiini- to one-ihiid o( ihe lime, the mixinie 
yn Ids a ino' vvhif h haidins .ilrnost immeili.thlN under water. Mai;- 
nesjiin Imu.s \ield hydraulic eeinent^ e'iu.illv ;;ood with tho-e- ..| 
pun- lime. 

Aii(ill.i'e>ius limestones ami dolninite*:. \ ieldinu |»niid hydi.mli' 
cemenis, ate known Hi manv pait-ot < aiiada. Valuable ipiaiiies 
an f'lund .it I; e, .It ( tiieit'' ( itv. aii'l oihei point- in Pr.i. 
ViU' e. .in<l at Napean, Kin^-ton. Thornld i.iii exceptioriallv uo.).i 
cement). Oneltla, Mranihiid. and nn Lake Huron in the Provite '• ot 
Oniari't. Limestones, both of the ordinary ami maunesian sorts, arel 
f)f every shade from pure white to one whi«h, fiom dis-emin.ited 
•traphile, IS rieaily bl.n k. form llnek dejiosiis at the narrows of tlie 
St. |ohn kiv'T in .Si w Hiunswii k. and many lar^e nu.irries are 
woike'l. Ihr'iiijih ilie \\h')iL' < oa-i..l gf'Uip verv puo vvliiie ■ ar- 

in ihesi' ( aiui'Li pos-e-s< N .III al'und.inee. both for < 
de. iiali\e .iirhiln line. 

litamle. -vemie, .iiid niu i-s mav be considereil tou' 
mil- li .1- they pass into one aiMlliir. 

In ttnebei , one of the most be.iiniiul t-Miiiie- is to I 
ihe towiisliii'of Stan -lead, where .1 in.i-s <.! it coveis ,(ii 
-i\ s.[ii.iie milis. This i;i,mite is a i.iiher hne-ur.iinid .1 
miMuie of while oriho>.|.is(- and white ipiaii/, with .1 sp.i 
of bl.K'k mie.i, j;ivinL; a liuht i;iey colour to the m.iss. 
free from if' n pvrites, aiiil .ippe.iis to be but lillle alle. 
we-ilhu. Il is rapable i.t bejiiL' e.isdy split by Weiiye- 
"I .thiiost .in\ le'piired si/c. This -iinie .ippe.irs to ei>iii 
al'l\ with tin te-i L^i.tnites of (Me.ii Itiit.iin .iml • 1 N' 
.\lihoii«h Liaiiile :- nunc evpeiisiM- to ipniiiv .md 1 
lirnesione, its snperioi be.miv .md diiial'iliix ' .111^1 1 
feired for sttiHtures deslined |o be .if a l.i-tiim n.nii 
fi' ililies now otb rril by i.nlw.ivs eli.ible |li< -i- In iiililLt: 
till- easii'Mi retiion to tind iheti w.iv into .dl the I .in.idi.i' 

(ii.inile siintl.ii to the al>ti\e is toiind .11 M.iim-ioo. 
and in many |o( .ditie- around the St. is .md Meu.i 

.Xinont; the intinsi\-r- picks ot the L.iiiri seni'- 
syenite h.nmu .iri aie.i of .dmiit thiil\'-si.\ mdes .im.>ii ■ 
1 1. in ro< ks in ilu' townships ot iMiriv lib-. I'b.iiliam. anl 
Ir IS > 'imposed ilmtly ot a deep ih st, t, d .nth.H I.i-r l.b 
i^nrm-hd'la. k i bavabie li-nnbbnde, 

.\ v»T\ ill!" \ Hie!\ ol -Miiiie i- obtained fiiun M.iii. 
lie Sr. I. iwu III e IH .11 l»anano'pie . ami il is ^aid I'l be 
miiiieions -m.dl i-l.mds troni ihis maily 10 Ih.i'kvdli 
Itom the 1. 1-1 in '.int.iimiiu but a sin,ill piopotiioii ol lo 
I'lemb . The ipi.iM/. \\\\y> h is more .ibiind.mi ih.m in il 
-\enlle. is soinewhal Idiii-h .iml tipales. ml : imt il 
i.irily of ihi' hotiil'bieb'. u'ive^ M tie r... k .t bimhi'i 
which is \ iry .ii;iee.dd"' t'l the t\e. .lU'l n -» ml b- i 
.\beideen i>i.inile. 

I he f,;neiss of tin- -eiies is in many local it 
f.Ji biiddiiii; purp'ise*; biu ii o"nisin districts reimc 
town-. .iri'I h.l- rei eived but bw .i|-pli( .ilioiis. 

S.ithi ttt> ; (apable of beiny eni[>Ioyeil for bnddii 
ab'iuml in Lake Sn|ierior and tliioui;h the Iliiioni.iri 
Lyii ne.ti Hox k ville in < )tnari.i ma-sive beds are foiiml 
^and-Ion^■ was pr.jcured lot iIk new houses <.f P. 


Iiiiii' .lie li'iiMil III ('li.itlDilr .itnl Kiiii:'- liMintu-. I'lr 

< I, lil.lll.l M.IIl.lll. rl< l*llli lllll.'-tMtU '^ Mf .lUit i"ini.l 

, I '.iiiirtl(iii\ . ■iMil ih< n<i](h-\V(^t<'i II > (111 Mill " 
>ii.i .listi. 4i«'"i.| IiiihsHpiu* ,iU' I'tMM.I in Cinnl" il-iii.l 
1 M. II Win. Is.. I .iti.l It.ilil.iN. .Ill I .11 tt<.:l1ti-. >li>i ..n.l 
(.1 i'.i|ii* Union. In M.inii'ilM .iii>l tlir N^itli \vi -i iIk \ 
Ml. tin <>l lilt l.ikr-. .ttnl I i\i'is, 

s ,Mi .iliuthl.inl III hiili>li t Hhitiili.i. I'.iili III \ .1 m I 

ihi Mi.iinl.iiitl, Ml iliiiof p.iil'' vvhii h li.i-'i' •••till iiMil' I 
IV .lie .'t IxMJi itu-v .uul uhiic (It'srnpiiim*. .iii-l .irt'M.I .in 
iiMiMi; liiMc. 

.UIM'lSi. \\l» |M| l-^lliNi; \| \ I I Ul \l s 

ii-^jsl I'l iiiill-|i>Mi s i'in|>ti>\ I'll Im L;nti<linu lii.mii. .imi. 
I st<Mir-( iiM'il liM miniliiii{, Nh.upi-nin);. tiiiiinu, .hkI 
i.iN .lllil <Inllt'S. Mrshlfs ihvsr, iiirliMoit in.iV l-i- In. nil 
k, siinitiiiiir"i iisnl .i«i .1 «*iili'i(initr t'H cnifu. .iml wIih h 
.111.1 1. 1. II \Uv Si. |».iiil .iihl Si. Inniiu'. in ( 
I' ii iMiliisioni', will, h i-i pnit titil lu .ill iiilur ni.iiriiil^ 
iiii>'iii)iiiif mills f.M uriiuliim .L;r.iiii. i-^ i pcrnli.ii > Ii<rt 
tis iiti'k, li.iviiii; .1 pnrtiiis ni (-t-lliil.ii ((Mini-. wIm< li h n 

■ i-ipfri.illy .itl.ipifti fill the piirp"sf. 
.inii'iiii.m seriuH in <\ni.itl.i. Iinwcvi-i, .i <illnl.ii i In ii nt 
,iis in tiirxc vi'iii'«, ,ipp;irnuly •if .ii|ur(iiis miijiii. « nniiiu 
syinitc iif (in-uvilli-. Tin- rluit. wliiih nnirli riscniMrs 
I'lilii'^luiu' in ii>; i'li.u.i< ici. ti.i'^ lucn prnnntint cl in Ix- 
i tiih i| tot till- 111. mill. niiiic nl inilKtoiHs Tin- poiii.ins .n 
ate. lio\V( vn. Miiiiinl liv tlu'wiMiiiii ; :int| ilu- dillirnliirs 
l: till- ni.itt liiim .1 vi in in tin- li.inl 'ivniiir ;iir sn. h 
tiM ptiili.ihly pli'vi' nioic r\;'.ii-i\c tli.m tin- iiiipo||r.| 

i<^ ('( tin- r.Minny.''.. nilnior t.. ilu- I'linrli 
M•'.\v^■l^l^' ii vtiy .k'o'Mi piitp.isi', .ire mi.uIc Hoiii .liirtinu 

■ MS to.'ks. AIoiil: Ihf iinrlh sliutc nt llli- (III.IU.I, III) llli- 

.11 Si. Ciiililn'il, V.imlrt'iiil. ;mtl nilui jioiriis in (Itn-lin , 
I a i:«>oi| i]ii.itiiy h.ivL' I'l't'ii mi.hIc Ihmii the ipi.iil/os)- .mm- 
M ci'inil'Mil icncis*: rocks 
t;a III (liit.irio i,'o(nl milKtoiH"; arc ni.iniif.K tiirrd. .nnl 
s on Lakr Supi-rior pos-css nii ks n| a siinil.n .hara.tri. 
/>.',;;< V .;'/,/:.•//././,«. f, a sanilstnm- well a*lapit'<l is f.iiitnj 
al .N'otiawMSi^M. ("ulliuuwn.Kl, aii<l Ma-jor ; an. I in tj.i. 
ii-.| I'oiiii oa ill- riiaii.liiu- I.aki-. Wln-isionr Ishuu! 
cnipliu-inaui.i:. ami at H,.|ioii, ami (Ktor.l. 
Hiuiiswii k. saiiiisliMU'S nf superior (pialiiy f.u niakini; 
• r u'liinlstoiu's may hv ol-laincil in tin* l.owi-r ('arl'onilr- 
litlsdnif-uril si-rits ot io.k>-, ih.ii ilic c.f ilu- \U\ .il 
Ui.irru'S have ln-i-n opnuHi ai slupuiiv M.iv an.l luii^li. 

, Scuiia tlif ijii.iiiu s ,,i Mimitlir vul.l rxnlli-ni i4iitiiNi,,iu-s 
-sloiiL-.. whiih .ur lai^ily iii.inuf.iriiMcii Ioi c\poit. 

X lit II. DIN.. --lo.M^. 

■(aiM^la ['ssiH .III .ii.iiml.Mirc. ti.uh lor . onimon an.l 

aiiliiki tun-. 

syt'inK-, .iiui unifiss may be .■oiisitk-rtMi tou'i lli-r, 
ii-y pass into om- anoihrr. 

' . . oIU- uMlu- Mlo^I litaiUMul yi.iuin-. i-- lo |.c louil'l ill 

lip oi Si.ins|,-.i,|, win If ,1 Ml.)-- --I It . Mvcis .ni .ma ol .ili.mi 
miles. Tliis i;r.inile i'. a i.iilur line L-raineil aiiM iiniloini 

wliii. orlho.l.isc an>i uliiie ipiaii/. vsiili a spaiin« .imouiii 
lira, Kiviiiii a liiilil l'I'\ ".iMtit lo ihe in.i>s, jhr n.. k i- 
r. n pvrili's. ami appeals m he Imt liiile .ilteru ,1 |,v ih. 
Il is . ..[ I.eiiii: easily split hv w.tliies into IJu. ks 
niv le-piiie.l si^,. This sione i.. . onipare f.ivniit- 
the I. est uianiifs of lire. It liiitaiir ati'l ■ 1 New j.niii.Miii 
iziaiMle is more e\pensi\e to .piaii> .iiel m th.iii 

lis siipeiinr hr.iiiiy .iml iliiial'iiilv ' .iiisi m I" l>e pn- 
siTiM lines ilrsiincl lo he uf a l.iNiimr n.iinn . .mkI the 
ou- ulit r«''l hy taiUvavs eli.ii.le llii -e lu.iiitilul i;iainles .it 
I reLfiotl to lili.j llieii w.iv inl.i .ill lin ( .iti.ohaii iri.nkt i^. 
siniilai |o the al-.ive is l.-un-l .it li.innsi,.,! .u,.\ \Uih>u\. 
iiy loi .iliiii-s anmnd ilu "si I i.mi is .uul Mi-^anii.: livers. 
Ihe intrnsive inrk-^ i.l iIk l.mnntl.m seties, is a le.|t|;vh 
uim .Ml aiea of al'iiiit lhittv-s|.\ miles .iiiimi;^ the l.iiiii n 
in llie townships til (Htiuille, rti.ilh.ilii. .oi'l \V. tilw.uih. ehi.ll) ol a .leei. tiesli ir.l .-ill,, m I..-.' I.i.jsp;,,. .,,„! ., 
I.i'k rle.ival'lu 

tim- \aiieiy of s\tnit(. is o),i.,ine.| tiuru M.iirow M.mmI mi 
vnmi- Ileal ti,MiaMO(|ue . an.l il is s.n.l to he t .tnitnou ni 
siii.ill In, 111 ihiN niaily 1.1 Mi.,. k\ille. || .Inl, r^ 
isi in . nni.iininu hiii a small pnipuititni ot yreemsh hum- 
he .pl.ill/. wliirli IK al.iiii.laiil iIi.mi mi |1i. l.itin)|h- 
s.MiMwlial hliiiOi .mmI, Ill ; .in.l lliis, wiili ih.' 
h- Im.iiiM. i>.|. . -iws I,, li,. ,.„k .t t.ii-hiri n.l, 
,. ry a^n-.Ml.h- to tin- . \e. ami n s, niM.- ih.n ..| il,,- ,r.| 

iss <ii ih.- I..Mueiiti.)n s.ri. s J*, ill many IrnMliiies well tiiie.l 
n piiipos,... i,u[ It .I'.insiii .iisiiiris reiimve.l rnnn the 
! has rei eiveij hut f' w .ipph. .limits. 

'. r.ipahle nf heiiiii eniphiy.rl f,,r hmhlini; pnrpos.s 

Lake Siipeiioi an.l ihr.nii-li the miu-s. \i 

iio' kville in Oiilario massive heds are f.mml. fr. m win- h piij..uic(l f.M iIk new houses ..f P.iij nimnl m 

<>iia« .ils.i In.iii siiiiil.ii .pi.iitiis .11 Si'pi.Mi A lull of s.iti.l- 
siiine St I. It. I. In Mil i\v.. |.i leii lei | ilii. k in ils ililleieni tieits..iml known 
a the tin \ ImikI. eMeiuN Inmi < hn etis|<>ii |o I ollin)juot>.l, .iinl InMu 
lliis saihtsioiie lliiM tsii\ I'ollcLie in I oi.Mito hiilll 

III till I'lovimeot ( Miehee. al ii.ispt, .in Aiilitosii Islaii.l, .iml at 

\'aiiitteinl. .pi.tine^ el hm ^.uuls|..lle aie M he loiiinl in ahiiml.iiiL'L*. 

In New lliu.iswiik, m.iiu i\.'Ileni i>i.iiiili-s .m- ohiain. d 

lliose ..| iIk' l..iiin'titi.iii s^^t(m. \l {..iiile s ( |i|l, .ni'l .U St. 

lie.nne M) t'liailolli- ('oiiiilv. in llie Nenpis S'alli-v, .iml .'ii ih. ^i. 

' (*roi\ Ki\t>i, .pi.iiiii's ptiMln. tin: e < elh-iit s|>ine |<i| .m hiiei pin- 

I I ..scs t xisi. S.imKt.iiir'4 ol vaiioii-t te\tiiies ami ml. mis .ue .ihiin. 

■ I.inl iliiotiiih thi- suiiihiin lomiiMs, I'Ih- |.i ^| is .|.| .>live uiey 

li.<si 1,1 \)h. M ami W* siiMoM 1 Mill iilM ^ Ur.l>m-s 

.lie |i.iin-l .Il I.. I'M' III. .III. I l;u \ s.Mi<UiriMi s lit a li ml. i . li n h i. i in 

Ilie -Mintv "t ^'i li.ltie 'siiiiUi s .ii till.- Iiuililitu: >pi,il.i\ .m 

tnuii.l III N.i\a >. .-n.l ,ti Miniidie, He Villi, I l.iiiisp. h t , ,ui.l Wind 


I he ^; I ^u\ in 7 '/. ■ siiiiahle |. n I iiiMihl' aie ot lie. pit lit .m - 

MiiKiii. I III piin.ipal p. Mills w.iikeil l.'i siipplv III (Mitlui au- 
ai tiietiMlh- (it. Ml. I Isli', t '.iin;|iri.iw.ii{.i. and I'miiie ( l.iiic. l.-iiKt* 

•, dt lived tioiii the i-nv heds ol ihe 
In iiloii t'lim.itixii Ihe li.iml .i ihi. km ss ni Ikmm i ii,dii io 
Iwihe leel madi lip ol hedsoj tt.'in til lee I'. I miMi > II MM lies t toll) 
lh< -.' ,lie d. tn< I th.' sl.ine-. itsi.l in the he>( Imil.liiii^s i.t Moiilieal. 
I .lilhi 1 .li.wM the St I..1WH nee. lliese limeshuies ,ire |.i I .■ loiiml al 
veiv main p^iiils. .mil .lU.i .it \Iiii:i\ H,i\,ilie Sauiieii.i) , .'iid Anli- 

. OS|l, 

In iliil.iiio. ihese ItiiHsi.nus .ue |<i he loiiiid at Ni.iyai.i ami 
I ill! I ph,- -win If llie «| II. lilies ;iie e\i t plum. illy ^;iin(l,- al Uwt'll 
s.iutid. Hi.iiithMd. and. in ihe e.isu tii p.iit "t itu Pnn iiMc. at Hto- k- 
\ille. It. .win. tin lite. KMii.' .iii.l ('..inw.ill. 

In Noiih vvesn ,1, Onl.iiio ami Manitoha. snpplj, s <.t i^ huild- 
Mii; limi-stiines ami s.Mnlslimes .iie |o he foiuid .<ii I, .ike N'ipii^un. 
the Mlaek S||iri;e..ii Uivt r. ami eKiwIn n . Ihe lumsitinis i)| th« 
p.iiisliol I*.)il1.iii.l .iml ihr naiiows.'l ih. Si lohn in .New lliiins- 
\vi> k. mcnlionetl for lime .iiid leminis, wdl iindouliiedly 
\ii Id \i I man tor lniihlitn,; s, 

III ihe vailiy iif the Netepis and ihe muili-wesii m ..iiiii|ics» 

• v i-th'iit till lid im; liim-siiim s .ui' lound. .iml in No\.i Seoii.i iIk v -iic 
als.i ••nihrit nilv ahiiml.iiil .imi loealilies In iet.»fote iiolued. 

In Mil lis)) ( '.diiml'i.i, veiy he.iulifiil t-ivs|.illJiie timt siom s lor 
hiiildiim piifposis, furnishini; hin. ks uf ureal s|/,-. ,iie f.mml ;it 
M'Minl M.ok .iho^e Il.iine Lake, and al Texa.ta Isl.ui.l. 

.\t Vale, on ihe I'l.isi r Kivei, a very tine, mivish wlni.' hiiildinn 
ji.iliile is id'Sfived. .iiid timest.uie suit.ihle lof hiiildinu is loiiml 
h"ili lieie .111 ! oil ill. I'll. imps. Ill l\i\.i. .\i Newi.istlc Isl.ui.l m<.s| \.ihi.ihle \i\y\ s.nnlst.nif .pi.iiiies .ue w.Mked l.»r 
esi>tMl I.l San liam is, .> ,uid to \'ii|<iii.i. 

.1/.;''.' ..— I'll.- name of liiaihii- i- .ipplied M lllose vaiieties nf 
limest.iiie wlmli. hoin tin ii timiiess ..I n \niir .ui.l i-.i|.tiii, .md tniin 
iheii siis. cpiihdih .i| p..iisli. .lie propi I |,>i ih . .n.iii\ I' .11. Iiiie. tuie, 
ol hir s. iilpiuie. M.iihles m.iy e.Mi-jst ntlni ..t pun- oi ..I m.i^iie- 
si.Mi r-.iilMinale of lime. 'I'ln* pies,Ti. e i>i loll iL;n iinm lals Keiu'r.illy 
lemleis a Iiiiiesioiie unlit Inr Use .is .i m.iihle ; Iml sei [ifiiline, which 
d...s n-ii dilhr mm li from carh.niaie <>l lim.- in Iianlness. is often 
iiileiiiunuleil Willi it, and i;ives lise to some line vanelies of tii.iililt', 
I his mi tie I.l! m.iv i- ly ptetloinin.ilc uvei' the limestone, <ji 
cv< II CM hide it .iltoi;c|lnT ; thus Ki\ini; lisc tu serpl'lllilic tot k. tif 
' oi'hi'dile. whit h ilinmi-h llicsc admuiines p,issfs into ihc iiiaihtc-i 
;''"p' r. .\s all of these h.ivc ah. mi ihe same h.irdness. ami aic <-m- 
i'Io\rd III use«;, ihcy are mil nnlre.pniitly i oiHoiimlcd under 

''"' "■' h il ii.imc of iiiaihh-. The nical v.uiety ol ( '.iiiaiiiaii inai 

I'll s. ,111. i ih'- ! . aiih ^•\\ ■'! them, has .iltracied .iiten. 
Hon .duo. id : and liie . ojlc. ii>mi -.1 i aii.idi.ui maihles was cspc« iaily 
eaiMiieiuhd in ihe U. p..ii ol ih.- I'.iiis I'.xhilittion ..1 I-','. A litie 
i olkaioli is How e\i. doled .il the I ietilo^i.-.d Museiiiii in Moniicd- 

riit . ivsi.illme limes! ones ot the l..iMientian s. i u s \ n hi in nianv 
' .is.s .1 stioiiK while iiiaihh . uIimIi, .iltli..ui;h iioi u< iiei.iMv line 
I iiom^li t>.i si.itu.irv. is well in It .1 tor puiposis oi ih i <uatitui 
Attioiii,' ihi 1". .ililit s on the Oii.iwa inav he menii.'iud the Cilumii 
l.iijs, Coiiau.- dii Toll, ami I'il/rov ll.iih.mi ; whi. h l.isi I.ecn 

. inidoM-il lot the IViiliatiieiil hllihliiu^S .ll Ull.iw.t, Poiliolisol the 
l*oiI.iL;e .In I'lMl m.ii hie .iie of a tolci ahlv tine j^t.iin, pure white in 
.oh.ui.aiidot .1 .pi.iliiv w. II tilled l.n all piii[H.scs hul iIkiI>>I sJ,, 
ni.n\. N..n li.\.il'\, in ih.- lounship .| Masi.ud. he.K ot \\u^ 

hm.-|..n.' ;ii. wioimht .is .i in.nhlr lor lomhsioiirs h ,v m y|y 

.•, hut ifl. \ls|, uhiM* ill . ohuit. .Ithl . out. litis siu.,11 sp.uiy It S 

• •\ mil ,1 .Mid ol Ljiaphin . 

M.inv line \.uiMics ..t scip.Miiiie m.uhl.s an- lound in ( )iu hcr 

ihnmyh ili< r.i-n in lowiisliips .| .,t Mtlhonim. ' 'ilonl. .m,! se M M. I. in. N. D.M.diihpie. M, Aih,.iml. and Dmisw, II. 
Ihcse maiides .ui- of inlMiin \.uiit\ .4 '•h.ile .lu.l •■.|(>nt. tnie 
while, (love yn V. ir d. Inowii. M..1 k, Ol .,! \.ui. ^,11,,] lulls, .ind ihev 
take a him | "lish 

III **'il.i It ' oiiiv\.iil. li.mie. ami .\inpiiot .ii,- iii.nhh s nf 

simd.ii .li..i.el. I. M.iill.s ..I ■usi.iilui.' MMni.' .iiinn\..| with 
h..n.|^..| \.l|owi-di and .j.i k un-n s. iprnime .in- lonii.l in 
Nnv Itintiswi. k on ih. St. John Uiv.i, Iml hl.>. ks Lni;,- .■n..nL:h hu |.ni|...s,. :ur ijuti. nil to ohi.un. | or this OM-on the 
he.U al I.on^ Ishui.l on llie west vi,|,- ..| ihc tivci. opened s.iiur 
\eais sin.e hy ihi- lion. S, I., 'lillev. have hecn .ihandom .1. .ililnnii-li 
ihe proilinl uhtaineil in small hlneks was of consi.leialile heaiiiv. 

Ill Miilisa roliimhia. maiiv of the while litin-snuics mi the main- 
land .ire ot llie lineiiess of icxiuie ami the Iiaidness of ; an.l 
ill \'.im .mvii Manil. .ii lloiin- Lake, llie limesiotie im ks piodnce :\ 
yn .11 v.iiit i\ ol cxeellehl tuiiameiilal niaihles, snil.ihle for almnsi all< Ih.v an- all more or less crvsiallinc. ami ..f while, 
wliilish, rl.ive-giey, ami hiinsh cr)[onts , hnt none .i| ilu- hcds, .so lar 



,11 iil.-iiv. il, .\i,' Millincnllv wliilf .mil line mi.iiiiciI In .illiinl Hi.ilu.irv j hiic iiiliillfH, ;incl ailmll ii( i « I pnll^li Ak,iii>«, 

ni.uMc \«.i ih.ili' Itir IpiiiMiii,! |iiit|Misr'. il iniilil ivit lir •.in- M.iiiin.iii iii iii.inv ■"ni.rnis. .iimI, iirik's>i nl (.Dim 
IHSM'.I, .!■. .IumI.iIiIv .uul ilu' -i/c nl ihr I'lm k- H-liii h cmilcl p ili. lion, ihiv li.ivi' l.iil lilili i.iliii' 
ill' iihl.iuii'il. NjIiH' III Ihi' h^■l[^> luiM'liI I.H't's III liiilll llnrit l<> ilUt i 

I.M-1 in liT.-.„lil.. w II. «.i Ml ..» niulil !..• »«n, .i »iiikI.' Il.nv m </.'«..-<-.iM.iil.i li.i- •>« mi .iUmmI.iI Ihii (.'w k.w- 

.Ml k III. v> iiMi Kivii. whii li ilisili.iiM.'. Ilninr, w.iiilil l>v.>' ImHi" i" H"' I..'»i.iiImm liim-lnii. s .ii lin-nvill. 
..11.11.1 .iin .imniiiii .11|..»v,r l..i .lilviiiK ..II III., in... liin.Tv „. • "•""'I'-'"''". "'"< ''■'"■ •' tin.' ■ ..l..ui . ..n.l III.' |,M"..' 
ill iiiiiK, ili.'ssi.m, .mil l...ll*^ III.' Muililiv IV lini.' i imnH ..I an.l l.luf v.iii.'li.'.. ..( ■ 


ot (III 


Hill' iri'l .1 li.i'l \n tlin 

iilrs irotii the Miitlrl 

Hl^-t-'H- .Itr III lir m'I.I'ii, ' llMllI ril,Hl\ nt ill- A|l.lll1lt-i I'Mk-N, 

.tirc.i'lv nii'Mtiiint-il .IS Imilil Mi; sloiu s oi m.itt'li'^, ihc thinniT Ik iK j 

tM-IMLt »''ll tlltl'<t tol tinois, It'MilllH, W.llks. .mil • tii<>o||ii<s > 

,\ri)iiiii; llii I t\>.i.itlint- i<hIi-*i>| thi- K.istnii r<ivvitsliipH, ilic inn .i j 
>\.\Us i(t Siiir.iM MuiiiiLiin uill ilmil'tlt'ss .llluhl. in -imu- I'.itt.-*, utmi! ; 

iiiimImiii in ||i<-m 
HI Itiiigi-ss in.iv iiNo t'l! ii'Xit c(l This i uri 
known .iH Hjiipliiir dill iiil>> , ;in<l it is wuntiv nl 
S.I PI ill I re nf Crvlrin Is foil ml, Willi ■ liMinliiMliti-, in s 
linu-siMiii-s. [Ill' tt,iiis|Mt(-iii ^nrn i^.iiin i nl l)Tl>it 
I iiluiii (11 lunlc nl ( liKuni', li:is liilhi-rlo tM"-ii iiirl v 
rrvst.iN; Init it (ntin"l nl l.ii«f Hi/u. It uniijd tnii 
l.r.,iti(ul .t. ilif rrnrr.ilit Anitili)His ;iImmiiuI in m 
iD.isi III L.iki' Supi'riiii , hut ill'' spi'i iMMiiH hittit- 

|I.1A(S|M||. s. 

I'lif liikfhi t rn. k- 
PuKtin Ti in. .irnl •< 

tli.K rt-tfimi \\.\\v St Muin Im t it stillirn'riil\ linr in inl 
■ Ml ihr wfit siilr III Mruipliifni.i4o^; L.iki', at hr •* usr. I In* Hii-r.illiil <jurlii< (li.inniinN, wliic 
, ilii' c.iM siilc fnr s'Huc niilrs .ihinr lln- niiilit, j rul .iml pftli-^hol hn oriijini-nl*, an- nmliinK nmro 

.ilhinl hi.N nl .1 qiiv io|i-liin\vn, r.iliairuus t^.tntlMnnL', 
whiih spills ic.nlily inio slabs, siunt- nl ilnni .i" lliin an Iwn Inclirs. 
TIu'sc ni.iv he uht.iiiii'il iit .iltinisi ,uiv inpiiicd fti/c np m six fcit 
hv ihhT, jinl (ilti'ii itii feel hv tnr. Ihi- sl.ihs mm vt*ry ri'Kiilar in 
ttin kiH'ss. hut tlicit siuf.i' rs .m- smnrwhal roiiuli. an<t wunlil ifipiiii' 
a liith' ilii'stint;. (iirai <|ii.uililii's nt thcst' stmns iniKhl l>f family 
"ihlaiiinl .ihiiti; thr l.iki'-shnir. 

Ht-antiriit vaiulift nl pnrpliuy arc Inninl in \}\\ 
.iiiil Italhurst. In Onlarin, .i hnr np.ili's« imk |,ihi 
railed linin the ri'^inii wlit-ii- il wis tiist iinii'id, ii 
llnrnn, as iiUn in Ahtii luinhir In ^ikIh < . 

_7r/>/.T.— .\ lied nt jaspct ni riirs m \\\v inwn of S 
tr.U't'd lur a rnnsidcr.ihlc r, li.i\ inj ni sniiiL- 

On I-nth sides n| Die Uivuie <lti Lmip fnr snfm: niilfs above ilA { ^ix ft'fl Its tnlmii is blnnd-ied, .mil u im hides hi 

henialite. and m i .isninally pasnes inin a jaspery 
paitH exposed, (Ins j.i>.per <lneH not appe.ii (n he sii 
lo he wtniiKlit Inr piirpnses. .-\ sniall 

pint linn Willi llir ( liaiidieie, beds III line. ^i.ijiM'd, dark blnish-^rey 
saiidslnnes ate met with, sniiie nt wlin h (h\ ide with the bedding inln 
lavers siiirnieiuty ihin mi inntin^ sl.ues, while nthers wmild yield 
execlleiii ll,iKs|nne«i, whirh niav he nbl.ilned live or six feet Iniiu, by cms imbedded in the tm| shale-* at Rivieie Oiiel 

lark K>^'<'ii and reddish-bi'iwn. and it is peneti.ip 
nf while t haleedniiy. This jaspei is eninpaet .iiul ii 
tiire, and rereives a ttnnd pnlisli. In sniiie parts, t 

(wn ni tliiee feet wide, .iiul nnl nmte than an inrli in thickness. il.i^sinni's .iml sl.iles .ni- iiirt with at in. my ntlui pniiil<i in 
O in- I.e. 

Ill Oiil.itin, the llmUnii Rivei K"'t'P luinishes thin bedded sand- j base is marked bv elniids nf a Inillnmt ted. The 
stiMies nne<l litr tl.mi-iiiir. whiiii .ire expnsed mi the ti.inks nt the ' rale nf the llnmnian series is line in texture, and 
rivers l.dhiiK inm L.iki- Ontiimin the vicinity n| Tninntn, and in | cnlmir, and tin* wlmle r-M k is extiemelv sniid, .uid 
other pails nt its disli ibiiiinn lattliei west. The Kiey band nf tin- > "hieli makes tt well htied (oi ninariienial pnipnse 
<'iinlnii •nimaiinii .dbuds .ilniii; ils niitrinp thin beds nt sandslnm-s. this je per enn^bmiente are met with on the rmt 
whnh aie well tilted tnr Il.mnm.i;. and .iie rM.-nsivelv used Im I Inmn, where muiidril masses nl it, niteii nt !.i 
piiip.isr 111 Tmmitn and in H.miiltnn. Inimd. A be.mtitiit bed of jaspei is found in ."^ 

In \i w hriiriHWh k. matenal Miirable Im ll-iKUin*; is Inund in the Washademoak l-ike near Tail's {\\\v 
samlsimies nf the St. |olm Kmup. and in snnu' nl ilie nmlhern cnun 

In Nova Srntia lliev .lie pint Ulid linni the lliillIK l beds nl the 
saiidslnnes mentinned l<ii biiildiiik; puipo'-es. m Miniidii'. Chevetie. 
llaiitspoM, and Windsur. 

l-'laKsiones fm both lln- dmneslie and San Fram.isco markets are , tl"' Maiiawiiadavii- Kiver.smne of the red syeiiilic 
obtained at Neweasile Island in Hiitish (*r)Uimbia, in any tpiantitv ' I'-i"'- '" tl« plh .md luhiiess nf udmir, with llie In 
and of very large si/e 

In New Mrunswiek. some id the uranites. niaible 
mentinned Inr aichilertuial uses may also be einp 
live puiposes, and will take .i line polish. In the 
nianitt s extendiiiij finm l>i,ijik'|nash River ihrniiijli 
lo the St. Jnhn Kivei in nneni's Cuuntv. and abmii 

^Taiiile nt, reisiies and pnrphvries nf ui 
beauty n| mlnui are tir.nientlv seen m the snutli 
Meds nt .1 valii.dde ili.nai ter .tre seen almnt tin- ( 
the .St, Andiews K.iilway. and abnul l)i>,Mle(iu.isli . 
.md also some beds of exceeding beauty at Shin i 


■ A veiy tine.i;rained and enmpact liineslmie i 

! purpnses of lithnj.jrapliy. am! beds having (liesi 

111 the llirdseye and lllaek Kiver foimation, at tin 

h\'i\fin^-.!iiffi.-^\'.\{v\\^\\v ipiairu's nl slates (m the rnnhiri; nl 
houses, ami of a tpialilv in no way inteiror t<i the best Welsh sl.ites, 
have witlnii th« l.isl few ve.iis been opened in ^luebec on the line 
ol the (iiand I'liink Railway, at Walton in the township of Met j 
bourne, and xond ipiarries are also h>nnd on the St. Francis River. ' 
and .It Rtvieie du I.mip i 

In Oritaiio, i;ond mnlitii; sl.tlt s li.ivt been (dtl.tiiird nn tin; nntih \ 
shore of L.iUe Superim. .md nn tin' east shore of Lake NipiKnn. 

In New Hrunswii k, the only slaies suitable fnr innhnu aie the pale 
grey mic.nenus ai^'illites nf I'hailntle and ^hieen's < mintii's 

A band nl slate well ailapied i-n this puipose runs ihiouuli ("hat 

Intte Cnunlv eastward, .md is well eximseii at H.isswood Rid>ie. , , ., ,, 

,,,,,,,. , ,. , , ,, , .1 c I I ton Kmup ihroiiijlinut a ennsiderable part of its 

Uak llill. Jerusalem Seiibrm nl. and H.imrislead on the bl. Inhn i ,, ' ,, ,.,..., 

,. I MuriKi-rlord to Rama on Lake ( onehichuiK m 

I township nf Marmora, there is a section of about 

, Krey Ijmestnnc, which Is compact, with a touch 

1 licdds no oTLjanic lemains. Some of the beds 

1 siii.ill lentil ul.ii eryst.ds of calc-spar, .md are ni 

lites. riieie is, however, a bed of two feel in thi( 

ireinely line in its Kraln, and yields a lilhn^iai'hii 

, 'piality. It has been repeatedly tried by lithoK'a 

llmler this title nuv be considered cert.iin porphviies, and other '"'"''' "'*'' Kn^land. wiih most satisfactory resul 

ftddsp-ithic and siliceous rocks, which .lie eapable of beinj,' emploved ' ''''^^ i'"li'''"y kooiI material fnr the purpose may 

for vases, t.ibles. inlaid work, and for various articles of ornament ! I'"'^'^ "^ "'''* ''''"''• '"'''''' '"*'>' '"' "'""''*' ^''' •*''"'" 


In Nnva Si niia, ,i nl gn-i 

I sl.lIU I 

near Wryninuth 


The hartlriess of these materials, .md tlu' conseipient cost of cutting' 
and polishing; them, prevents their einnloymcnt to ariv ureal extent. 

Heds ol a tine-Krained yellowish-^rey stone 
liraphic purposes, have bitely been loiind amnii 

and causes the pielerence to be .niven, in many cases, to marbles and ■ <t'^' < >"'"HlaKa formatinn in the townshii. o| Hiant 
to serpentine. The latter, fr.nn ils snitnes,:, and Umxx the ease with i '^'"' '"'*'"" ^"*"' ''""^ formation. bein« nia^nes 
which it is cut and turned in a lathe with the aid nf ordinarv tools I '"'^^ "'"''' «'''"'>' *'"^' '''*'' ''''" idVervescen 
is mud. employed in various cnnnlrles for ornament.d purposes. ' ***""''■ »■'»« P^-'t'"'''"'')- '» 'Ih' action of aeids, w 
Some of the varieties of serpentine which are found at Melbnurne. 1 '" ^^^^ liHiOKraphic process, is said to be an advar 
and elsewhcie in tlie Kastern Tnwrrsliips, are appaienlly well htled 
fnr such uses. The recent applicalinn of a variety of diamond totlie 
luiinnK (d stones in a lathe has, however.Kreally facilitated the work- 
m^' nl ihes" harder nialerials, .vliicli .ire imw lashioned inln shape at 
much less expense than formerly. Few cnunlries ..third mure beau- 
tiful nl mure numerous varieties of liar,, rneks of ihis kind than (\i 
nada . ain'Miij these are the porphyries, the lain idorile.and other opa- 
lescent feldspars. 


The unaltered pal.eozoic rocks of Canada .i 
springs, a ^reat number of which have been sii 
analysis, and may fm convenience be airannei 
corilinx lo their chemical couiptJsitinn. In tli 

The abates whiih are eonmion m the arny^; rocks nf Fake ; chlorides predominate; in the fourth, carbnnat 
Superior, and areahuii '..nt in '.lie loim of p.-bbles .dnng the shores j and sixth, sulphuric acid and sulphates. The 
of Thunder Itay, and of Michipicolen and St. iKiiace islands, admit second, and MXth classes arc neutral ; those of i 
of being cut for ornaiuents. They arc often of considerable si/e, and i arc alkaline ; and those of the hllh are acid. 
cihibit a hue variety of colours. The abates wiiich are found in the j Nowhere else has such a complete systemati. 
conglomerates of the llonaventure formation are scattered abun- w-aters of a rej^ion. and of a fireat Reolo^ical sen 
danlly aloriA? the coast where this mck prevails, ami are known by j Canada, and the extended series of analyses ^-i 
the name of t;as|>6 pebbles. They are ol small size, but are ultcn of j of the (ieolou'v nl Canada obtain an addition 



il.iurH, ,in<l inlinit nl .1 k-mhI p.ili.»li. A«,in s, lii.wcvi*,, .in- vrrv I tlir Uvt ilt.K rlir wjifrn ,\t*- ilt rivi-«| frmn piili-n/.tlr ^iriil.i. whi> h [m- 
lit iii.ihv <'«iuitirirH, ,iit<l, imk'S'* uf cuiiHiilcriililr m/c .khI inin-H »■* Hi HiuI nrl.iln intini'* I'f iltlliMcncf hi'twci-h tlirHt- w;itirs .iml 

liMii, ilii'V liivi- Inn litttr s.ilih 

C.tti.iil.i liat .f* \i t illi>iilr<| hill few \ni\y-* 'I'lii 
iilc in ilii- l..i(ni>iiii.iii liiiK siurii s .11 (iniivilli' .ire ■ 
■.m hi. iiixl li.tvf ,1 hilt' ' nliiui , ,iiul iIh- |ric>^riiii' ol -^iii.tll pni. 
Ill ii'tl .iittt t»liu- v.ilH'tit'i f>l ( iiiuiiihiiii III tli'-si' o.iiiic liinrsiiiiH's 
i^f •'S III. IV' •il*'<i tit' ii'itit vi\ 'Ihts itiint' ■ niistttiKiH ttif xniii 
II .It s.i|i|iliiM^ tint iul>y . ami it is wnttliv ii( rciiKirk lliiti rtn- 
iiti- iirr<)|iMt IS loinMt. Willi 1 h'litilniiliti', 111 <> iry^i.illini' 
imus VUv (r.iiiH|>.ir('iil untu Minn t ol Ordinj. wlm h owrs mh 

' ihdftr iif nthrr ■ miimIiuh, tot iIh' iiiohI p.iit ticluiminu In iimii- it-'mt 
tfi'oln^ii ,il fiitiri.iiinnH. 
HKni\% or ■||„. t,rini's|.riiiKs of tlii' liis( ,irr .illnm tluT iinliki' lliusc >il 
,tsi.(M.ill> |■,,|^t.|||(^. (ifiiii.iin. .mil tin- Sl.iti- nf Ni-vv V>itk. fii .ill mI iIh-sc. 
KiMiiiMiit s,ili i(ii-.)ily |iri-il<iiiiiii.ii<'>i, ttml itii' i.iiiliv t|iliin<ti-s luiiit 
liiil .1 vriy stii.ill [inilinn 'i( till- onliil iiihlnilo, wliilc III ihi' svj(rr!t 
nf ill'- tirst > l.iss ill C.kmiI.i, iIk sc t liliitnliH < uiisiitulr iiinif ( 
uiir h.iK u( ilir H.iltnt- iii>{ii-ilt'>iilH. Tlir l>iitii--H|irtri^s nt utliir re 

Ut'ins .III' Mlp|iO!tt'(l Id .lllsr linlii ihc nii!llt)nil n pit Ic s.ilit. wliitlt 

iir 111 tii'ilH, nt in rry^i.iU <lissrritiM,iti'il ilirmixli ilif «tr.ii.i, .i<< in 

nliil v:iiitli('H lit potptuTV .ire l<iun<l 111 (Mii'lin m (innvilli- 
M.niiiiist, In Oniurio, .1 tinr iip.drst ''iii j.ilir.nlor trlils|..ii, sn 
1 lioin iIh- n t^iMii wIm-m- il wis |us( ii<Mi' nl, is jmiixl on L.ikc 
• n, as .iKii in Al- i. nimliir in \Mi< In . 

•iimI L.-rivc'. .t KDoil pnlisli. In s.»mc p.iils. ilif icdtlis*- l-mwii 
is iiMikcil liv rluuils nf .1 lnilli.iiii u<I. nu- i.tsptr to. . .nni-- ' 
iif (lie snics is tiiK- in ii'Miiir. ,ui(l <>fit-n t>rillianl in 
iir, ami iIm- wliulr pu k !•• rxlicrinh *>nlii|, ami uccivrs a pulisli 
Il makes it well titicil fui otnainrntal pnipoMs, (itcat t. '<ls of 

1 In oxiili' nl ( liriHiH*. 111". Iiillurio Iti-n nu I with only in Hinall ||ic Mlifiimn^ niiirU ol tin- Onninlaga Inifn.iilon. In tlir piii< ihi of 
lis, I. lit it (oiiml III laiyr M/e. it would lonsiliuic a wcni an , rv«*t.illi/alioti ihr ioiiiim>n Hill vp.iiairs It.ini tin- ( atlhy i lilorldo . 
ihil ... ilii rnirrald Aimtli)sis alioiiml in soinr pans on lln- and Innd* tilt- l.rini-sprin«H of New Yoik, wlii. li liavi- ihrir s.itiriK 
..I I.akf Snptiiiii . liul tin- spr. inicns liitliiilo tnouulii '.itnu in (his fornialniii, are solution-, of ildoiidt of sndium. wilti but very 
cifion liavi- s( Idoiii hitn sntlh irnit\ hrii- iimd.Mit loi tin* jcwi-l- jinti' iinpiitilv. The hiim- ^|.imi«h of (Iir l.owri Sduiian liiiiLstoiH'!i 
use. Ihc so-r.dUd <,»urlM'i diatnonds. win. li air soiiitiinirH of <'anada. on the ronlraiy, nia\ he snpposrd In irpresriit (lie cuni- 
ml p'lhshi-d toi oiiiaineiilH, are no|hii>K imur iti.m loi k '-r>si,d, position of the amitni onaii in wliii h these railv Mr.ita weie 'le- 

posited. The a'tion of the < arhonate of sod.i tioin lehNp.ilhn cm kri, 

ihnniuh Ioiil; .lut s, has sim 1 ih 1 (unposrd ihe Kiealt r pari nf ihr « hlo- 

ride of r.di nun uf tin- mi ,in, it'|>l,i< iii^ ii h\ * hloiule of sndiiiiii, .ind 

loiniinu the * nilionalc id iiim- ol whir h v.iM limestone foiniaimns havii 

hern hnill up. The mimMl walrrs uf the second 1 lass, wliii I1 aiu 

>/.7.— .\ hed ot j.ispei 01 enrs in (he town of Slierhrooke, and is disilnuuished hy niniaiiiinu a \.\\nv proportion of < .nhoiiale of iiiau- 

1 hn a ronsiderahle disiam e, havinif in some parts .1 hreadlh ol nesia, ami hut veiv lillle i.irhon.ile of lime, '-vwn. tioin numetoLii 

e( 1(H LoltMir is hlood-rrd, and tt iruludes small ^tain^ of rt d analysrs, (o he ver\ laie in liLtni.inv. Thouuli (he inimhei nf spriiiK^ 

itile, ami nrcasionally passes into a jasptry iion otc. In tin- suhmitlnl to exanunatimt has heen very \.unv, (hey form hiii a -mall 

\|>osrd. tins jasper does nol appear to hv siillii'iently roinpart portion of (hose whirh .nr known to exist ihrouKh the enuiitn. anil 

wiotiKht for ornainenlal pnrpiwes. .V smalt heil of jasper or we ran liui hrielly emimrr.itc llie most important 

iinhedded in the rid shales at Kivii-ie (Mulle. lis colonis air 'I tic lirsi i^ iiulndes s.tlim; w.ilrrs mtilainin^rhluiide n| sndiuiii, 

Uirin and reddislidnown, and il is pencil. iled hy sin. ill veins with l.itL;e porlions of thlorides of ralritiin and m.i^nrsium, sonie- 

Inte I h.di I'dnriv. This jaspri is roinp.u i ,ind unifoiin in its lex- , (irncs with snlpliales. The raihonates ot Iiine and m.^iKsia air 

eilher i>ri'scnl onlv in very sin, ill 'iiiantilies, or are allourihci want- 
ini{. 'I hesr w. iters aie ^rnrrallv very hitler to the taste, and alwavi 
ronl.iin pnitions nf hromidr" .uid iodides. 

The waters of (lu- tusl 1 l.i>>s aie c hai.ii leii/ed hy the pu-Hrm of 
^reat <|ii.inlities of chlorides nf iD.iiinesiun) and calcium ; arnountiiiK. 
prr coiiKloniet.ile an: met with on the tmrlh slune of l.alte jn cases, to more nne-half Ihe solid contenis of the 
on, wlieie loundrd masses nf It, often of larue si/e, are aho water. This coinpositinn is .diouctliei unlike that uf any walera 
d. A heaiitihil hed of jasper is finind in New Hrunswick at ' hitherto studied. The water of ihe Di-ail Sea oilers some resent- 
hadi-nioak Lake near Tail's Cove. e to these cm ions tirine- splines, in its larije anion nt ot ( hloride 

New Miunswick, some nf the ^raniles, ni.ti hies, .mil scrpenlinrs nj ni.tKiiesium , hut it dilUrs in mnlaininu .t much sinallei piopniil jn 
lioiud loi archilei tuial uses may .ilso he cmplnyid for dnora. ot chlnridr of cah iiini. and a larijer nuantity of chloride uf potas- 
puiposcs, .ind will Like a tine polish. In tin- i.m;;e nf intrnsi\e siuin ; leseintdlnL; in this irspcct the tiillein ot sca-waler, in whirh, 
ott s extend I ni( finni IHndi/juash River thrntiijh Ihe Nivepis Hills fiom tlie sipaialion ol the rhloiideof sodium, the potash has .h niniu- 
le St. Inhn Kivii m ^Jiuen's Couniv. and ahniii l..ike I'tnpi.i .md hiled. The occ.isiunally la'i;e pioporlion t)f iodine in llieie hiine- 
.M.iu.ii;iiad.i\ ic Kiver. snme of ihr ird ;'\i nilic ui.inile?. will cnn- sprinijs is especially wnrtliy nl nniice. 

'. in di plh ami rn liness of tolnur, with the Innhly rMeemed trd .Xninin,' (liv most not, d)Ie s[iiiii«s nl this class arc ihusc uf St. t'atha 
lile ot Scntl.ind. I"elsiies and porph\ ties of uiiitnnn texture and line's, ( Int- A well sunk here some ye. .is since in the hope of 
ity of colour are fmiurntly seen in the sonlh-weslein counties, nlii.iinini; htine foi ihe manulacture of salt. The lirine is so much 
s uf a valuahle chai.tcter are seen aliout the I'liiinook Lakes on 1 hailed with lime and magnesia salts as to he until lor this purpose, 
St. .\ndiew's Kailvv.iy, and ahout l)iKde(|uasli .ind ^laKa^tladavic, hut it h.ts acquiied ctmsidei.dde lepniation in the liealnient of many 
also some beds uf exceeding hcauly at Shin Creek in ^>ueeirs diseases. It is nsed at the will hoth murnallyand exUrnally, and 
iniv is also evaporated lo sin.ill volume and sent over the coimlry in a 

ciHicentrated form. A second well was i>pened afterwards, ol a 
' w.ilrr similai to the other. hut somewhat less stmnij, Laiije sanitary 
ust.dilishimrus h.ivi' Ik en njiened .it these wrils, 

,\ti .illempl lninu'tt\' m.tde in m.miila'iiiii ^.|ll imm .1 well uf 
tlir hrsl class in tlir villai;r ul .Xiuastrr. »>ni. hut, Imni the lar^c 
anmunt nt earlhv < hloiides, ihe purifualinn found In he dithcull, 
Al llallowell and Whilhy, in Ontario, and at St. Hcnuii and Hay Si. 
t'.uil. in ^Jiiehec, sjirin^s exist uf very hitler and saline |)rnprrlie3, 
hut Willi varying pruporiions of hiomine and iodine. 

The second class includes a lar^e nunihcr of saline waters, which 
(litter from tlie first in coniainiiiK. tiesides ihc chloriiles of sodium, 
calcium, and niaKuesinni, considerahle porlions of hicarhonales uf 
lime and magnesia, iho latter carh mate generally predominaling. 
Small i)uantilies of oxide nf iron, and of har\ ta .ind sironti.i. .ire Ire 

Xlt. i.lTllOliKAI'tllC STONL-S 

very fine-ijr.iineil and coinp.ict limestone is ri,'i(uired fur tlir 
pnsrs of lithn^r.iphy, and heils having these .ire found 
he Hirdscyc and Hlack Kiver foimalion, at llie hase of the Tren- 
gmup throughout .1 cniisider.ihlr part of its disii ihulion, from 
ni-eitoid In Rama on Lake Couchiching in Onlarin. In the 
nship of M.iriiinra, tlirie is .1 sectinn of ahont twent\- fe<i of light 
V limrstonr, whicli is cmnpaci, with .1 conctioidal fr.ictiire, and 
lis no organic lemains. Some of the heds contain numerous 
ill lenlictilai crystals uf calc-spar. and are marked with crystal- 
s. Theie is, however, a hed of two feel in thickness, which is ex- 
lU'Iy lino in ils Krain. and viclJs ,i lill,..Kr..phi>- M..n,: ..I i-xc.-IU-nl , Minml) l"«<^^'» l'^'"'-; "'..Irrs m-niraliv ...main n.url. snu.ll.T ,.r 

ility. It heen lepeatedly tried hy lithoiiraphers. hoili in C.i- 
la and ICnj;land. witti most satisfactory results. It is prohalde 
I equally good material for the purpose may be found in other 
ts of this hand, which may I'e ii.urd for ahout .1 hundred miles. 
k'lN ut .1 hne-gr.iined yellnwish-grey stone, well lilted for lilho- 
pliic purposes, h.ive Kitilyfuen touiid .iiiiong the dolomites ol ^ 
Onoiidag.i fnim.itinn in the township of l*ianl. 
"he sione fiom ihis formation, being magnesian, is attacked hv | 
Js more gently and with less elfervesceme onlin.irv lime- 
ne. Tliis [)rciiliaiity in the action of acids, wtiich are employed | 
;he litlingraphii process, is s.iid to he an advantage. 1 


pni lions of eartny chlorides than llie tirst class, and are therefore less 
hitter, and mo.e pleasant In ihe l.isie. 

The spring- of I'laiil.igriu-t, in Ontario, and Si. Leon and Sto. tie- 
nevievi', in (Quebec, ate noi.ihle examples ol this elass, Tlic waters 
of the fornu'r are l.n>tely sent over tin- counti\, and are liii^hlv es 
teemed as 1 ledicinal waters. There are here several spiings of ncarlv 
similai an ilysis. 

The spiic.M at Si. Lenn cnntams suiricieni caihonaieof iion to >;ive 
it a clialyhe.ite i.istr, anil those of Sie. (ienevieve are nniarkahle lor 
the large prnportion nf iodides which they contain, 

Al Caledonia Spiini»s. Out., one of the Umr waters which have 
made this pLire noted for resort is of this class. 

The Lannr.iie spring (Oiiehec) is rrm.irkahli' for ihe considerablo 
pro[»urtioii ol s.ilrs ut liar>la and stronlia which llie water contains. 

At Assumption, M.iie du Irhvre, Heiihiei, St. luistache. and Sabre 

I voise, in tjuehec, .iiul .it Kingston, .\nc.ister. .md ClnucesU-r, in On- 
riie un.-illercd paheo^oic rocks of Can.ida abound in mineral tario, springs o'.' this d.iss have heen examinril ; those m Kingston 
ings, agreat number of which have heen sulimitied to chemic.d ■ partaking also I irgely of ilu* chai.icteristics of walets of the first 
itysis, and may for convenience be arranged in six classes, ac- ; class. 

(ling 10 their chemical composiii(m. In the tirsi three classes' The third class includes those saline waters which contain, besides 
(Hides predominate; in the fouith, carbonates; and in the fifth chloride of sodium, a portion of caihonate of soda, with bicaibonates 
1 sixth, sulphuric acid and sulphates. The waters of the first, of lime and nia«nesi.i. Small amounts of baryta, strontia, and of ho- 
oml, and sixth classes arc neutral; those of the ttiird and fourlh racic and phi)splioric .icids. are otien present in these waters, and 
• alkaline ; and those ol the hllh are acid. , bromides and iodides are very rarely wanting. 

S'owhcie else lias sucli .1 complete syslemalic exammalion of the ^ .\t Caledonia S|>iimiS, a wateiing place of some note in t)iitario, 
lers ot a region, and of a great geological series, been made as in the three springs, known as the ilas Spring, the Saline Spring, ami 
n.ida, and the extended series of analyses ^-iven in the volumes the White Sulpliur Spiing, ate ol this cl.iss. Vaienncs, a watciing- 
ihc Oeology ul C.mada obtarn an additional irnporl.incc from ; pLice eighteen miles below Montreal, on ihr Si. Lawrence, possesses 


ItoMINlON i>l' t.\\,M»\ 

two • uptlnm, whiili Mr l.iruilv rr.utlr.l In H.ilr ilii Frlivtr, | tlii'ri' .itr I'liiw «piiiii;- .1' Knit l'liili|i .iii.l Kiiiliiw < 

Sir M.iiimi', Hil.i-il. 1 li.iiiilili. ,111.1 llii' I'huiilciMi' ^I'liiic III Mr. Inc. Nii ilmihl m .1 »i»liin.ilii mirvi* nl ilii' «mIiI'« hi 

llv.iii!illii',.mT»,iiiipli'«iillhi«il.i»«iii^,liichfi'; .mil t'il/iMi.||.iwkr»- I'lnvimn v.iIu.iIpU' «|iiiiin'. ul unknnii 

tnirv, IIi'iiivmIIi'. .iikI K.ivv.I. 11 (Im.iti.i I'ImuuIii m IikIiI. 

Till- iv.ilfi« "I llif Iniiiili I I.I" ililli r Hum III!' I.i«l 111 10111,11 iiiMd I'lil I 111 11.11111 ii»i'«. llir».iliiii«|iiiiiu«iil llir lii>l 1> j 

IK miLlll plti|iiilli'iM III illlmiill'iil •ii.lllllll. wllllr tllr I .llliiill.lli' Ml .iiiil.i rh,ll|ll'il Willi 1, mill 1 lllilllili'> In ill' •llllril In llll' lll.llllll,ir 

|iir,lninin,iU'«. llir^r »Miii> (ii'iiri,ill\- I uiii.iiii ., nun li »Mi.illri iiimi «.ill ; wllllr lliiiv 111 llll' Miiiml 1 l.i<« niiit.iiii Inn I 

Jlll'illl'l nl H'lliil Mlllli'M lll.lll lIlilKI nl Ihl' I'IrUilll* rUl>'l'>. .Illll ll,l\l' pnlllnll nl K.llt III III' I'MlpliMl'll Willi .lilt ,llll,l)|l'. Il i« lllll 

llnl .1 VITV lll.llkl'il l.l^U' lllllll rv.lpnl.lU'il In .1 vin.lll vnltllllf. wllrll lll.ll llll' l.llul' .lllintllll nl .llk.llilir • .11 linll.llr'* 111 «iillll' ilf 

Ihl'V .til' 'niiml 111 111' 'I'nilulv .llk.llini nl llll' Inlirlll I l.l>> miikIiI Ir lll.lilr I'l nlinllllr.lIU .It.lll.lli 

A rt'lll.llk.lliU' Hpiiiiu nl llli* I I.I" 111 i'UI» ni'.ll ' lllinl'ly, hIuti' iIh' iIi.iI iIii W'.lli'li hiH' inin rnll.llnl. iIiiimik lllr lli'.l|il nl 

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of I'lilntidi'ti. Iml uivt'S by anali^is .is ii.l| fnr ti^xj p.itis , 

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VI' IS 1. 1 r.mail.i .l.iwn In lllr summi t nl 1^71, .nnl iln A 

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will. It Ihr sulpliairs nf iimr. ntai;nrsi.i. .mil ihr .ilkalirs |.ti.|.iinliialr, |. Il.-.tiin^.i ll..\., I'll. I>." 1-71. 

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ill |.,in ..uhi.' ini.hrs of watrr. It is limpid .uid spaiklini;. and pun ' .is nf .N'rwri I'.nl it. inn~ ,.e. . ami ,iir snml 

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of rii:lily-Li«ht I.y Inily hvr fill, haiilii! a ilrplli nf ahum fnrty fin. 1 1.1 Ivvri'ii lliwill Hay and I'nwnal Hal. in Iniiiin.n 
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and the ivaler is snipluirnns 1.1 till l.isir .lllll Min II. mini, alliinaiin^; with l.nU nl t. .1 ami mniili.l .1.. 

Thi'ii; are some hrinrspiin^s'im! t.i lin- liisi rl.i^v m \, w ^li.,U.. .nul with m . asintial wlnlr h.imls .iml siaiiis ami 

Hiiiii-witk, at Snssi'X .ml S.ili Spiim.s. and ^..Ii li..~ l.i . n In a limit cirii.maiy liimsinm s I 1 uniflnimi.ilr. 'I liri ir~. m 

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rrpumimn n.r 1 ireitiin; 1 nirs ..ii v:iiiniis mala.lirs It l.i Inm;, m thr ..I whi. h m prrsriilim;, pnh.ips. ihr Hnniri Saiidsi, ,11 
hist . 1,1", and is lem.iik.ilile fnr the nmi-n. illy sm. ill ipi.iiiliiiis nf . li.ii.i. ieri.(ed I.y thr pirv.ilrme nf haul 1 nin leti.m.i 
sniphales and . .iil.nii.iles. and the unnsually U',,. .|iiantitv nf . IiId- ■ s.inilsi.,ni s and nl.scnir h.'-^il plants, wlnlr thr iippi 1 
tide nf : perhaps, the Keiipei nf lairnpe) has snftri ami mnr.' 1 

rill Wiltnnl J'; 1.111! Ml Annapniis C a 11 i.iil.ilinii 111 i.u- .l.'.l and 1 lavs. Our ni ..llirr of ihesr . .ms 
lanrnns di'-r.ises. hut nn i.iiln I aiiallsis nf il has hern nhuinr.l. Il pi ilici.d nick nvei the Kiealet pall nf the island, the I.e. 
IS 11,1 cl..iil,I hi'jhlv chari;r.l with mineial snhslames. , m vrrv Kiiille simlinal and euivrs. Tin 

The Sp.i Sprin;.. .11 Wiml-nr. is .1 . haiyheate wairt, and l.eloiigs i„ m,, niilnimalilr in thr l.rils nf thr fntinalinli tirsi mriitin 

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I air s.. fli(jhtly imlined that this is llnl vely peiteplillr. 

• OMINION (>!■ c \\.\l> \. 

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i.iin' ii|i|iiiHH \il HiikiiiiKii riii«lil It V Hull ilr|m»iiii, wlm li imilii llii- nl llii iliil 

^l„ nil k> III llii' uri'.ili I I'.iil III llii' |.<'l. Iln >i' .iirnl Ihrrr luml" I. 

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lull iliiiv III ilir Miiitiil I riiiit.iiii liiii iiii.ill .1 I'lii' lliiiiiuli •'iiiHi.iiiro 111 kiiiilH mil im iiiiiiiu 111 llli' i«l.iiiil Hut .iin 

ill III hi' rlll{.liiti'il null .Klv.llll.llir ll l* ll'H lllll'ilioil'lr nlH'll liMlluii il. .Hill .Hi .ill I|i Ih il .hhI |.iiIisIii'iI 1. 1 lllr .n I I 

mil i.t .ilk.ililii i.ill.uii.iU'" HI . .11111 I.I llli «|iliim« III'. 1 Sli.ililinl i>,Hlil .111.1 liMU'l, III |.l.ii i'» riilil.iililllM m M' 

I . I.l»< iiiikIiI I'I lil.nlr r. .illiUllli .lIU .n.lll.llilf, I'lmiiliil «lii'll« ill "pi i li'« llnw 111 lll|t. .mil l.i.ulili r» 'llil^ ili I'lmll 
n« will' iiiiiri'iili.ilnl, iliiiitiK llli- lii'.ilH III Hiiiiillii 1. I.I l« .i| iiiiii|..ii.ltm ll i.ili' iin iilii iiii'. ,v l.i.ii»|. Iiiiulili'l» IliliK mi ill' 
.III. .11 '{'III' »ll|i|.|ir> ..I ililiili' «ill|.||lilii ,11 I.I lllllll>liril •illl.lii'. .Hill hIhi ll .irr >iilllrllllli'« iil Im kn iM'rlllllll|| 111 "illl 111 Nuv.l 
.- ..I llli' mill . I.i« iiHiilil .lis. I I'. I.. II II. I ..I i.i'iir. Ill III. II >i.ili.i .Hill Ni'U' Miim>nii k III nil llli . ...i>l III I..1I11.11I1.1 IIIMHII |.lll|.iiHrH t Mi.ilrlll llrjiiiull*. Till IIM'^I li k.llilr iil llli ^r .in liiiU |Miiii| 111 tii'u. llli' i^.ili'lK III Ciii.iij.i .III' "I I'l'H. .liiiii" III illilliil ^.llll|, .llllUl.ll ll.llH, ,iiiil llli "lllll'.-.ll 

.1 III il nilKiill I'XIi 111 ; Inn tlii'i ,111. Ki'llil.lMl nil- inll'l, ' m l.r.N III in ••I 1 mil •■HI I 1.111 II H nnillMliu 111 llli link* 

III nun ll irU-li'lii'i' In lllr utvM v.iii.ilinliH ill llii'll iiiiii- -in. I l''ii'* 

i"im H.llilir «'.ilrl«. lIliiHi' 1 mil. lllllllH lri|ll. HI I'ln r|>|'i'l I '.hLihiiIi milH hi'Iii i ih i i.iii|.<ihi'.| in.niili ..I |,ihhi|i|i'. 

\ .'H iiiiiHl rtiili'iiih |.iiHHi'HH iiii'ili. I'll. I'll i..iihIiiiii Hl.iiH H.iii.l H.iii.lHiniii H. inn iHti.inlii'.l nilliKli \ .111.1 11 .|i l,iv« 

I. Ill limii ili.iHi' III ivtii. ll l.iiui' .I'li.itiiiiH III I .iiliiiii.iifiil 'iiiil hIi.iIi' 

llli. llli' H.lllH III i.iiliiii', nlti.'li ,irr I. Hill .iIki III. .Hill riir liiiiHl .il.lliiil.llll li.HHiU .11. IliiiikH..! Ii iuiih in 1 h. 1 In hi 

II Hill h iiiiuHii. llli 1.11)11' i|ll.HllllirH HI llli' .Hiiliiii' u.Hl |H ..I .111' ilHii.illi Hilii iliiil iil riillirMiil mill 1(11.111/ I.I llli' III 

\('. .Hill tilt' H.lllH III l.jiyt.i .111.1 Hiniiiii.t uliii ll IM . Ill ih Hili.,i. s.iinc , 111'. Iiiiwt'vi'i. iiililii.iii'il null llli' It'll III null .111.1 

1.1'. III. I. ,111111. HI \',llt'lini . illlil 111. lll\ nihil H|,tili|tii. ,111' ..lilt IH Willi I .111. iill.ltr III llllll'. .Hill ill Hniiii- III'. |h llli 1 hm t'l. II ll,H 

.illy wnltliv i.| ■'i.|l>illri.lliiill III .1 lliri.l|irill|. (.iilllI nl It 111 il .lllil i .UlU'lll'il illl'i llr I ii,ll. 

Tilt Hilii llllll IllilikH .III' liiiiHlly III |1||. liinwii ii,iiii1h|iiiii . I. in. in 

iHi- H|.|||IKH .lU'viiv ii.|.|i.i|H, .111,1 llii n.ili 111 (hl'il li.l. It'll. till iJlrl |.lil«. lliiH III .l|.|..lll'llllv llli' Killllr H|H'rH, li.iii Inn 

HI. (Ill inly Hiiliji'i I In lliiin nl liHH liintlilii'.ilii.n liniii ,11 . i.ini llr.l iiitii rn.llv lil.llli'l. ,Hlil il IK llli' nt'i'lllli'in 1' nl llil nt' t,llliin 

llin III in, mill, Hit 1,11 iiH llii'i h.ivi. yi I l.i'i 11 ('t.iniiiii .1. iinril llti h wIiii Ii Ii .« givi 11 iim' In llii' In lii'f 1 iliMhiIh i xi«| 111 

.1111 I niiMili'i.iMt' I'li'v.iiiiiii III ii'iiipi'Miiiit' .llllll I' lilt' nil. hi iIii' I'l.i. ih nhrii' llii 1 .iir Inmiil 

iiiii in wliii ll tlii-y 111 rill. T'lit'ii.' air, linwt'M'i, hiihu' 111 Tlir 1 .itl.niii/i'tl In, , •, .iii' iiiil.t .1 in t l.ti, nlin li Ii.ih. |.|,,l..ilily 

nil' lliiH IH ixiitilnt Hiiili, iiriili |i. . .iiiHi' tin 111 In l.f u- In 11 H|H|,n){ llii' 11111.11 f nl w.ilri . |.|i vt'iiliil llii'iii Iniin I'l iii^i I'liir 

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In l*iinic ICdward Island. On itic oilier hand, itir smrrs.sfiil priir- 
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(Ill ihr whole, it mav lir ronrUnlnl itiat itir prolialiilltirs arrdrrnt- 
rdly a^{aiiis| thr disrnvrry of anv l.irKr led of inal at such a drptti 
as to cnalile It lu In- hiinirdiaU-ly avaitaldr. 

The cconomir geology and niinrrats ni itn- Island maybe l>rulU 
»lal(?d : 

J'lut. — III Europrnn lonnirirs, aiici nioir recently in t.'anada ,ind 

tin I nilid Sl.iiit, pi .11 tut innHiiandid iinttti alii ii 
iimI iiHivt ntml Ini I In Mi rulural «UI< , nt nn \* U 
I'M n linn li iinplnti d for tut ,|l 1 on«uiMplinn. lining I 
III .iliiiK pnwrr In loal , tint, wht'n piitpnl ui loMip 
uniKhl) diltd, II hii« Im-M iMiind •ap.ilil*' nf nimpilli 
wood on rtpiat It rm<*, t>ni|i fut «ti am pindu* llmi an 
( h.ifrtd pial h.i4 aUo Im mni' an iinpntunl .itll* Ir 
.t% .1 iiihviiiiih' fnr wood ihaimat .iml mkr Ihr m 
»tlld< 1 1 itt.K III' Infi rn d ttnin the fnlLiwInK 1 .ih iilili 

illiHton AS In Ihf •! liu ol pi al in ltn itin r ifir it I 

iiinlrr .1 pirvmiii In adinu 

*ii,ii*i i<Mn, tuliiv. fti ||. ■ 

iMIhMI M.lllll ||..,|., 

■'.(•iiir»t I rvtli " . 
lit 1.11 |l.«iik 

T (.1 

I.MT.»*> •' 


ltn ijuriilinri nl ini I 1* tiki \s, Irmii the ra] nl diKa| 
tnieolH, i>t he .1 niallii olrsin nir impoftain v In l*iim 1 
I'he I hiapni'Ht ol I in Suva ^' nii.i, .ilnn^ with tin 
liv walrr to nnml patit o| thr htaml. and Ihr ■ •nivriiH 
poiiaiioii w|il< h It athiidi'l hy ltn- r.iitw.iv imw e 
prrvrni anv %i lioiiv dilhi iitlv , toil it li wirOn of roi 
till 1 iiMMonrni olmnld tml hi lihi n fni tin nldi/ilini 
pnillH of i-(lk|iiit{ 111 till' l*ruv|||t e, and titowii tii 
•nn tl irnmrnae value, 

AH//./i»/V ■'"'■'"'— I tie ordmaiv ird •aitdsnnif n| ij 
lltH k tmldrd and 11 mini in in tiaidne<i<t, .itlmdi .1 wnnil 
rasil\ rill, and l>ei niiiiiM haidi r mi tApoimt'. Ntnn 
nt.iainalde in nrativ all pailH nf itie eaUerii and nn 
lite iHlaiid, and In itniiie parit o( ihr wr»ii rn Knlm 
;.al'le nf liirniohlnM vatn.ihle «uptili<i M ('haitolti-ln 
Mannni ktmiit mail almnl Inni iimIi h tmiit iIm- lailwa 

Mil' tmnvn iiarid«|nin"4 o| (i.dlat I'mnt and Cm 
M.nii«lial harder ir«liire.and a K""d lnnlilinK-*t'Hn 

/tn.i- l7,n, •■/. .— lAi rllvnt depo<«it<t of ihit iiiati rla 
islainl. Thrv aie nt thnr kind-* I. Itie tmN nf if 
iihed in the Tii.i**ii lonnaimn. Tin «e air very put 
*i|iMie<4, liul ir<|nlrr |n Ih •(iiailied and r\pn«ed to 1 
Imsi. and niiii d with naiid. a. l*o*i|<pliiM rnr rtav*» I 
linutdi 1 ItMinalioit. Thr«ir are often oioiiy, tml oihr 
leilal. }. Mnderit alluvial rlavH whit h h.ivi' atm 
Inwer levetA fmiii the wailr ol (he tiiuhfr umnml 
ttiiisr I ltn llv wnikrd at piesriil, Iml iln oilniHWi 
iimir larniU n-^rd. We niav add Inrr. itiai ^hnnld 
rxirnslvrlv nsrd In the rnitrd Stalen and titr.ii Hti 
iil.n iiiir ol ntmir fmni <iaml 1 oinr Inin us 
itie tinniriisr siipplirs nf hin .md iinlfnrni run 
hiltn nt iln- noith shnn will illnt-l in inrxli.uistilMi 
pn*««it)U' nialrrlal. 

/ intf -frHi. —Till'* oeriUH l»iih m the I'ppi r 1 .nl 
Tiia-*. tml »nl in ihi* k t»rds, nt ot pntr ipLihiv, Tti .it Mimmiu.ish .md its virlniii . Ill 
liniiM III tiaid. earttn tinirslnttr, in a tird nt matly 
three Irrt thlt k. Simitar lird«. Iml appanniU nf 
niiiii at li.illa"* Point and linvrritnrH Islaml, 

In till t'liaH, thin l>andH nf 1 nin irllonarv timr^im 
lalf limrsmnr orrtir ill sexerat ptaeri, nimr r-*pr 
i\ ol Km Itmoinl and lfrdei(ue liayn, al Imli.m Ki\ 
I 111 sc l.i-ds are alt nf maisr i|uatllv, am! 'tnnn- nl 1 
lir, nr riMitaiii larlioiiulr ul maKnesia. Ttii-v .111 
rat pnipoHeH, and, wlirn- sn sjtii.iird as tn tie t as 
allnid .1 itirapri linir for iIiIh pnrpnsi- tliat w 
At I'lrrtiiwii. nrar Uedeipie Hay, this liiiK-<itone Is I 
wital laiKi- srale. 

.]/..'./.'■/. {*', ' aic not tniind anvwtirn in snlfn 
niininli: importance. Mir pilnnpal are . 


A',,/ //."/.////.-.— An excrltrnt ore ot iron, in ci 

I'niitt ami risrwheie. At (i.ittaH roini, siitlii iriil 1 

' pit kid up nil Ihr tirai ti In athnd a sin.iU 

tuinac*', tmt iml m warrant any lndr|iemiriil rntn; 

iii.y Su//-fit.i. .'/ (■,-//.■>.— In mncretlnns In a sam 

ni's Island, assnrialtd with ^-irtn lailmnalr ul rupj, 

( .iml valuaMi urr ; Iml. sn jar as at pn-srni knnwn. 

nl.tained Is ineonsldeiatite. 

/iiX .U'ltl^.lHiu' O't' ilHi/ /ii'X /»,'« t'/(— In I 

swamps in dilterent parts nfttiu IstamMiul mn 1 
I it of any importain-r. 

! .v.'//..— The RU-al wralllt nl Piimr Kdwaid I^I.i 
teitlle suii, and tlie presrrvallnit nl itils in a ptnd 
nlijecl nf imperative impurlame. Thu ordinary sn 
a liriKhl ted loam, pa?(sin^ into a Nlilt' rtav on i) 
sandy loam <m the other. Natuially il cnntains .1 
i|uisiles fnr rultlvatrd ernps. whllr lis alxiurnlinL; 
enaldes It lapldty lo iliyrst organic manurrs. ami .1 
itieir aiimmiii.irat ptndm ts. 

Tin- rhirf nalntal maniiirs .illunlid t>y itu' islan 
tn- usril, in adilitlnit In thr l.irm ni.iimirs, in im n 
till suil, 01 icstme it when r.xtiausird, arr : 

[ 1. riir inussrt nmd, ni nvslri slirtt mud of thr t pru\ III litis III In uf tin- uiratrst valur. 

-*. INai ,imt ni.irsh mud and swampsnit. Tin 
ni.iiu rs iu ttit: inn-uut snil at a viry chrap r.itr. 

< }- Sra werd. u Iiii It t an he util.iirudiii laiijr .ji 
p. 11 is nf the shur'.'s, and is uf i^reat iiunuriut valut 

DdMINlUN (»l' (..\N.\n.\, 


llili'l Sl.iiri, |>l.ll ll,l< inlllllMllill'l IIIIK ll .■lluillxll pii I <lli.i|< I h«h 'ill,il I hi III |<I< >iMil I Ixi'l ,itl' IlKili' >«|<i< Lillv of 

Mti III! Ill lull III IK •' . Ill III! II U III iliii i|, It Im> miih h 1'MiIii.iI iin|<iiii.iiiii .iml >li>ifihMi iiimh iiiiIiiIU |ii>iivif( 

iiK li iiii|<liiti<l I'll liiml iiiii»uiii|'iiiiii, iIiiimkIi III VI tv iMtfinn Ih.iii .ii |<ii*iiii. 

K liiiwri III iii,il , lull, kIii'II (.iiI|.iiI hi I iiiii|iii ••I il .mil ill"' < l.liiii •hpiii'. Ihf I.ihwii i iMhv limf'liini* n( iIm* i«IiihI nif iil 

I) iliiiil, II hrfa III I'll IiiiiihI i >i|..iI>Ii' h| i iiiii|irlliiH Willi kmI .iimI iiiih Ii tilii hi .iltimliMii ii •ii|.|>lv n| ihii m.iii', ii> will ,i« am.!!! 

HII li)ll.ll lllllin. Iinlll ImI >II .1111 I'l.iilll. Ililll .lllil i|illlll>ll< ll«l illllllllllli "I I'lHi'jIllll « Hill illk.lIlK, 
kI [II .Il Ii.i« .iliii liri IIIIH' .III ilil|iiilUl)l .iMIi II' III I •>ll«lllli)>lliill 
iili«lilllli liri wilml ili.iiiii.ll .il|i| I iikr I hi' llli|iiill.inii I I Ihit 

I III lull in >l liMiii ihi' hiil.iwHiK I .ill iil.iiiiiti* I'l Di Mil ' 

II .11 III ilin i|ii.iiililt III |ii .11 ill ilii ihiii' liiih.iili'o iiiilii I il 

.1 I'll VIIIIIH hl'il'llllU ' 


'• M I 11.4. 

II „k II.K 

«.t.»t> lona, »4lur. Al §4 
^•H.*t( '• '• " 

ttilt.^^ lint,'i* Il fi 

• |iii«lhiri nr tut t i« Ilk) l\, Ifum iltr t.i] hi iltN.i|'|iiMr.iH' t' nl llir 

. \>t III' .1 hltlltl I (ill'XiM llti' IM1|>H|I.IMi I' III l*llll« f I'lilw.ll'l Nl.tfiil 

III ii|<iii Ht iif t lit Nnv.i S'lih.i, .tttiiitf with itir iM«v«|>*tii 
ti I (•) iiKim I'jtiH III ihr Itl.iinl. Atui \hv ( •tnvi'iilciil ImI.iihI lf.iii« 

11 wliif It It .iIImiiIimI hy llif r.iilWiiv iinw 1 uiii|>li'l(-il. iiiii^l 
itt .iiiir «< IK lilt 'lilth ultv , (•III II In W'irihl "f i'itn»li|ri>tllnii win- 
ir.i<«iin K "ti'iiiltt itMi t'l t.ilit II (<ii ttx' iitilt/.ilMiti hI ilti- l.irKi-tjf 

f J>i Ml I'ki^hiiM III ill)' |'io%j|(ir, iiliil %)iri\vii II* .itiDVt III l>r nl 
iiiiiM-ri«t(' v.iliir. 

/«"; .Vi'Ht- — rhr uitliii.iiv ii->) t.diiKiMfir ••! tli« ihI.iihI. win m- 

linlilt-d .tri'l iiiiifi'Mii III li.iitlnf«>>. jltMtil».iMiMii| iMiihliMK'Hluiii-, 

lit. .irul till ll|lllll^ Ii.imIi r nii i xpuHutr. Sitiiit' of iliu kiml It 

Ml- in im'.kIv >itl |Mits III ilir 
I.iimI, .iiiil III H'iiiii' (i.itli III (III- wi i*ii rii ^I'llJiiM. ^>u.if(l< K ( .t 

i( liirni^liiMM v.iIimMi' «u|-i'li("« |>t rii.iiloKi-iuwii rti»l ini Ihi- 

1 kl'iiiii I'l.ul .iImiiiI I11111 null % tTMiii ihr i.iilw.iv. 

tiiuwii H.irKlilHiH H III (i.ill.ii I't'iiil ,iiii| (',iiii|>ljiII|M|) arc lit 
rthat ItariliT irttiifr, ami .1 K I Ituililing-Mnnc 

i (7.; I. i7. .— illini i|{'|iu!tiiH ul tliiH .il'oiinil uii llii- 

. Tlirv an- i>l iIimi- ItimN 1. Hh' I>i'i|< nl n-il 1 |,iv iiiti rnir.i < ■inil'ii.iit ul Kitiil.iinl, .irnl dii- 

'I lie liiltnwiiiii ii'iii.iik* MM ilii N'"'*'M^ ■>' \* wlniinilliinil .ifi fU'lh 
ilii ti)iiiii«tir .\li«.ih<lii .Miiirjt, I <••( K Ii N , 'liMiliir <>f ihf m^'"' 
liitfiitit miiM-t III 1I1.11 inI.iihI 

MtliiiiiMh mill h <il thi' 1 minify t« »iilt iii«iiili< hiiiIv r^ti"'"'- 
I ihmimIi I« kihiMii in 1 \n»* tlii< lui k '■'FukiiIhii nl tin i«l.iiii| ^1 (m r.illv 
iiiln (ttro kt ni-«, III .i«iiitilliiM unit • il>u* 

I l..iiirnili,M SviliN. 

i liitiriiirili.iii Si rii'«— tlnnMii.iii nr f .iiiil<n.iii. 

1, 1 Hwi t ^iliirl.ih H-rir»-l'nt*iil.iiiii I (iiitr .iial t.nwrr 

I Im- (.aiirt titi.iii iviuni n t mi iikivclv >li>i|'U>i<l In N* wlntiiiilt I, 

.iml li.iN in.ittn.ill) miitril'iili il In iriMhii 1- ilir n iii.iik.tMi' m< ••^1.1. 
I'lili .il aitil |M|iii^r.i|i|ili .it U'.iliin h nf llii' ikl.iinl. 

I nnilliK tn Oil- «iilfiiir II) .1 ftlliiHRtilnli nf (•.tl.lllll .llllli llliul*. .ill 
(rli'llllK .lliniil N N.|-!, mill H,S,\V., Ill llilrrvill* ninu- nr Ir** Whitiv 

.i|Kiit. K'x i<i«ii rniki I'iriii iltc (iiiim i[ hinMi»<if )itll<i iKid mi'mh« fmiii niir ftiili- nf llif l*>l,inil In (In- nthi r. iiiiI<«ri'« oI tfi.t 
nih- nr «>i mil' .III I It If II (In I (liimiMli lln «• mi kt >i< s.ii|nti<* |>.nlft. i<hi' 
I nh >|>ii tinii4 Inoi.iiii I' nl win* Ii m r iir<t ,il liiili.iii Iti-ink, .1 hull' »i ikl- 
ii'tlirn .iiiii nmlilli' oiitiniiH III ^^-ir'! ol Krlli^riWH, lu.n ilir lii.iil ul tin- I'.ii, wlinr ,1 ln.iuliful iiriil 

> M'llllilt'li- >|ll.illlV nl tiilllillliM'Htnnr < .III I'l- i-.l^tU I'tni iifl-ll. 

I,\|i||-Ili (A nf lllf I r>M.ll!ini- lllll(*|nril • wlm ll IirlntlK In tlllH ->'* 

III) (Miur In ihi* v.ilU V (tl ilir I'niltnv Kivi-r. .iimI iin iln- ^ntiiln rn 
liili- nf M. (it nrMt*'* H«iv, liuKiiiuiii<* III ulilii I tvniiillliii' llnii'>lniii- 
•>|>nlti'il will) tfr.ipliiir l'iiiit( tiri(Ui'ntlv Ki-i'ii III tlif rainier. »)ii)r .it 
lilt- l.)tli-r iii.iKni-lli Irnn viia% tniiml .i«nim iitliil nilli<iii<lniiir 

lilt- Illhrillt-fll.llC HVkliMII. Ml|>]>nii i| In Iji- (||i- l-i(Ui\.lll III u( llir 
lluinin,!!) nf ( .lliait.l, illlf fni-i It tlll- 
ntitiitty in nil din-riinni. iiinl ti.iv ln't it 1 spmallv rx.iinilii il ftniii S| 
|n)in'!i t'l ('mil t-tiilnit H.iv, untt rimii |n|i»ail llr;iil ji rnun Hdl l^li* 
In Il.iitimit (ir.iir. tl In cmn|>n<«(-il nl il.nk wri-\ .iihI int ^.inilMnni't, 
ivlili <»l.iii' I nii^lniiitriiit't .11)1 1 1 1. mil Mil i|ii,iM/iii «, ilinnii-o, .mil i.i-«|>i'r 
Mil' l.nvvrr sihirJ.m mrki nf tlu* lliint irnt h iimlt rlun^ (lit 

.III' nf 1 n.|f«it- • imk(ln|||(-r.lll-i .mil ImirsliiMi t nl I'nl^il.llll ,ltti . .illiI 11) 

Imin-il •>t;i|(-H .mil ^.tnilHtunrs, miirsiMiiht'il wi'ti .iiKiHix *■'!<*' 
''Ii.ili-i. 1 1ll' tmiii.itinfi nl thin M-iit-m nvt'i ttn- |>rninHiil;i nl Av.iInn lir.ini 
ui'iu-r.illv lilt' lit-**' ri[>linii nl itit- Knlil^i-.iiinK mikft nt Nnv;i Smiiii, 
iii'l rtti nl t Y.miin.ilinnH .mil 1 nin|>iiiiHnti« nf ihiir Hirnriiiu- ;iiiij ilit- 
IiivioIIh rniit.iiiK iI In ilii-in uintniiliitiitv It ml M «>ltiivv iImI lilt* t-<|uiv.i. 
IriiiH III lilt- K<>1«1-) t-.niiiM rill kn nt Nnv.i SiKtJ.i li.ivi* u wiili* flpn.iil In 
1I114 I'mvint I', .iiiil tltc 1 nndliinn .11 varimtt |i.iriHii| tlu if din* 
I nil 11 1 inn iH Mil II :<•« lo I.immii tlu-i'Xiwu-iu i- < f thr prti iou*i ; liut 
I veil win- lIuH I'lili ti< .itiv I'fnvt n, il tlnt'H nifl fullnvv dl.ll till- llH' 

innM lit- hmiiit In ii-nmnrMiivt- <|iiiinlili('s. 

Iniiusi\( inLk> snnii tiini's jnii-rM 1 ( ilii'^i- HtratihiMl innrt, ami 
tlnii tiiiunal ili.iiaiti-r is vatiniK, l>ii( miiintv < nii^itiling uf KUal 

lll.l'*«ifS nf iLlji, nr nl >: Ul-Mtlnnt-. nr tt'KNiMI [>ni|>||\rV. 

llu- ul.d lHmli|('i>i liiimi- .illuilnl In III I'rinn- Kitwanl Island 
.iif ah'i fnuiid Ml Niwlminill.iiiil, .md ['in'.al'ly will In .ir a M'lular 
4 Aplanalum. 

Till- Mill til lilt' isl.ind IS iiHiially K<><>'l- I'l*' vallfyA Ixinfi^ U-\t'l or 
k:i-nilv nndtilalinu. and tin- ^' smi nl a <iandv Inain niuUtt.ud t'y 
.1 ilnlt nf ij.iy i>r K^'i^'l -iinl a ••tihsnil ol u-naiinus Mui- or di.ilx'I.ty. 
will- 1) is sonittiiMf's sli^tlnlv i.ih.iri'nus. 

'lilt' roiiii-ni|n»iant-iivn| iht- CailuiniltTous rotkn of Nt'wfonrulland 
Willi thn-ii- nf lilt- mainlaiul is inanilrsu-il bv ilu' sainr waul nl run 
Iniinily will) tlu- ntdcr and su|>i<n(tin»{ fnituatioiis, an<l ilu- almost 
i \ai I rt.M'iul>l.mi I wliirli nliLiiiis In iniiu-ial, liilinluKU al, and Uti.>i\ 
iliaraiu-r-* Ihnmuliuni tin- Mrati«ia;'liual -t <(iit-n(t', from the baSL- up- 
w.iiiU, bill (111- .til tiniul.iijiin in ilii' i>>l.iiiil w-mild .ippiar lo be In 
I nnsidt-ialily li-ss \olunu- than on ilu- iii.iinlatul ; and, so Tar as re- 
M-aiiluA will pi-rinii ilu- i'Xprt-».sinn ol opininn, It Sft-nis tlial it is in 
ilu- uppi-r nu-nituTs ilial ilu- Ncwlotindluud si-rti-s is [irincipally 

Hv a Klaiii 1.' at tlu- lii.-oloi>iral M.i[> nf Canada il will mmu'di.iti'lv 
lir nliM-rvcd a vast aw.x nf till' I'inviiui's of New Hnmswii. k .md 
\n\a Stnlia i> spri-ad nvt-r by ini-inbi'ts of lliis st-rifs ; .md liiitlitr, llii- K^'o^lapIlil al po>|pnn, wlu-n- nu-.isuri-s li.ivt* bi-i-n ic- 
lOMiii/'t-d in Ni'winundlaiul, Is >u^'gt'siivi- nf ihc lalti-r bt-in^ tin- prti- 
bmL;;itioii n| a M>*-'<il t'llipluMl-shapi-d tinti>;l),t'xlt'ntlinK from ilu- for- 
nii I. ilu It lUn- of will' h i>i rnnccaUd bi-iu.iili tlu- watt i*; nf ilu Ctuli 
ul St. l..i\vii'ni-L-. It may alsn be pt-rci ivnl iliat wliik- in Ni-w lituii. 
swick (111- tniination I'MrinN in a uiiilonn unbiokrn >Iu-i-t nvir the 
siirfaii-, il I'l-ronu-s biukti) ami pad lu-d in Nnva Si'olia and I'apo 
Uht ii-d loam. iKissmfj inlna still. I.iv on ilu- oni- li.tnd. and j Hj^.d.n. Tin- svmnulrv t.f llu- lUipsr, moreover, will bo st-m m be 
y Inain mi ilu- ntlii-r. Naluially il mntains all llic mim-ral ic- ,,j„k^.„ ,,,.,„ iisVeiilrc- at ilu- Maijilakn I.-lands, wluri' a put .1 llic 
iti-s fnr tultivaud crnps. whili- its abnniidiii^' in pt-ioxidcnf iron lowi-r im-mbcis nf (In- svMi-m omii- |o tlu- snifaci'. induMiiiiM tlu- axis 
It-s II rapidly to digfsi ornanir nianuti-s, and also to retain wi-ll ,,f ,,„ ainiilinal fold. U-aiin^ in iIu- diieciion of St. Gvoi^v-^ U.iy. 

I'mci-fdinw from tin- wistward. this fold wonld llms appear 10 he 
ilie lirsl of a >eries of distmbaiues whii h Imiease in ftei|uency fnr- 
tln r i'a>l, and wliirh are lim-iisely developed in Ncwtonndlaiid. 
Ilu- piim ipal seat of ihi- exploi.itnms uf the coal-tiild nf New- 
The niusM-l mud, m ov>Iii shi-11 initd of the bavs. rxpciiiiue fnuiidlaiul has been mai (ieor^e's H.-v. where Mr. Mniray has made 
pinvid (his In In nf Ihr mi-att-M value. ' spii ial siirvevs. At the Midille Maiaehois Itiook, at Robins.. n's 

Peat and marsh mud and swamp-soil. These afford organic ( 'rttk. and othrr points, outcrops of eual oecur. exhibiling se mis nf 
ers In the rnn-tml soj| at a very cheap rate. ronsiderable ^i/f. 

Sea weed, wlihh can be nhlained in larije iimmlities ..ii many , ^l (Jrand I'mid also, a suvenleen-inch seam has been receiilly dis- 
s III Ihc shur.;s. and is of ^;reat iiumurial value, whether fresh or i .ovvu-d. and :t is by nn means improbable tliat fuitlur devt lopn.enis 
l'"*'*'^'^' of woikabk- seams may lie made by boiing. Allliuuyh the natural 

in the 'l'iia%<th fniinatmn. The«e aie very pure and tree from 
^ lm( fefpiin- |o bi i)uained and expimrd to the ai (Inn nf lite 
,iiid mixed with ^iiinl. 2 I'oM-plinrene I lavH belnn»(iiitf m llie ' 
1 1 tniniatmn. I Im-M' are nllcn stmn , but nihi twisi- ^^ 1 m.i. 1 

V M'ldrrn altn\i,il rla\H whii h IiaM' .i< 1 iimuliiUd in the 
IfVtdH fimn (he w.inn ol (lit hi«h^i KfiimU. | hr aie 
I Ilii tly Winked at piiseiit. Im( llie nihi rs will i ventiially bi 
lari(el> lined. We may add here, lliat ^hniibl ihc prnresH now 
sivelv uied In the rnltid Stalei and (ire. 11 Hrit.iin fnf ihe man* 

of arlilii ial Htmie fmm Hand cmne Inln iisr in ilie l<itand. 
iniense supplies nf tine and iiniform eonialnt-d in Ihr sand 

lit llie Iioill) slinli Will .lOnf.l in inexliail^lible supph nf du' lust 

ble UKitetial. 

•/*,/.'//i. -Thi'* lu'ciifH biiih 111 the Tppi r < aibmnli mnK ami ilie 
. 1ml not in thI' k heiU, nr ol pure iiualiry. The best linu-Ktom- 
) is thai at Mimmkash and i\* vicinity. It is in lar^e romre. < 
nt h.iid, earlliv litm-siniu. in a bed nf maily sandstone, abnni 
h < I tlm k. Simitar In-d't, Init appan-nlK nt I1 '^i impiirt.iin e, 
: .11 (i.illas I'nint .ind lioveriior's Island. 

tlu- I'tias, (hill bands of rnmieiioiiarv tiinesione and ronglnnie- 
iniisiniie nccnr In several pl.iet-s, iimre espei iatlv in (he virmi 
Km Imitiiid and Iti deipie bays, at Kivei. and a( Kildait-, 
e beds are all <if cnarse t|uality, and sniiu- of tln-iii aie Dnlnmi- 
r nmtain larlmnad- ol inaKmsia. Thi-v -ire iistd tni :i|;Mruliu 
iUl|inst's, .Old, when so siin.ilid as (n be t-.i^ily i|U.ll tied, m.l\ 
I .1 ilieapt I Imii- t"i this pnipnsi' than lli.K wliirh (s impnih .1 
lertnvvn. mar Hcdt ipm \U\ . thi"- linie-iniie is buim-d nn ,1 suiue- 
iaiK'" scale. 

em .luaiitily in be nl 
.It (Dallas 

■tji'/i, Om aic no( lound .m\wln'n m sulhi 
limit: importance. I lit- pnm are . 
.1 //,'n.itif.\ — \t\ exiellt-nl oie ol irtin, in cnncniion 
t and elsi'wheie. I'nint, su1li<ien( ipi.imilus iii.iv be 
. d up on (h<- beai h lo .illmd .1 sin.ill .iddilinnal suppiv loan iron 
ue, bui nnt io warrant any indepemleni enierprisc. 
. 1 .V/(//'//./. »/ ('<'//'.'',~In concretions in a sandstone at (lovern. assot ialed with ^ii-en catbnnate ofcnpper. Thisisaiiih 
valuable lire ; hut. sn lai as .it pn'scnt knnu pi. the ipiantliy (n be 
ned is iticonsideiable. 

X .\/>ui^.nuu- O'f an.i A.;*,- Ae« Ot,~\\\ inniii linns m many 
Dps in tlilt'ereiil pans nf the Islantt, Imt not in iiuantity to rentier 
any Irnporlatice. 

(A.— The greal weahli ni I'linie Kdw.ird I-Iand .iMi^jvis in 
f sol', ami Iho preseivaiinii tit this In a prnduciive state is 
i;| nf imperative importame. The onlinary soil uf the island 

ammoniaial pindmis. 

I' iliit-f maimits .itlnidt-d by the island, .md wliiih mav 
eil, in addiiiiin In tin- l.iim maiimes, to im uase the fertilitv ul 
• il. nr restnie it when exh.msied, .itt- ; 




ouloroi>« .lie k-w. .111.1 llii- .iii'.w 111" Itio >lnillv pr.i.lii. uvi- nirastiifs 
limited, yi't ilii'ii; sifiiis iiiry R'.ismi 111 su|iposi; iluil niiiir ciri-lul 
cx.imin.uiiin,.ircoiiiii.iniril hy innpoi limiiit;*. iiiii(lit ili'vi'lop ciihukIi 
III Ihis .itiii 111 jiislily llii' iipi'ciinK ul niiiu'> 
foil is.ilsii ri'pollecl tn I'Xisl .il t' KiviM, ivluii' ,in .luuiup ul" 

IKMllv llirci' kTt lus I'l-lll Sl'Cll. 

llosiili's iii.ii. iIk- iciiiliinm iuiiut.iN I'l Nnvi.nui.lKiiul iii.u bf 
al.llcil 111 . iilllpu-i' 

.V.j.r. Ill Willi 11 nmuMiiii* miti' .iliun-. im>i llinuit;li llii- (-■.lil'iiiuk'- 
li)USK'i:iiiii.,lllliiiui;li iiiHH' 111 ilk' ■^piini;* .lU' \rl iililiic.l .i- ,l mjuici- 
for maiiutat'luilni; 

i/;r,M««/ — ^lll^ iiiiiuT.ll i> pi-ili.ip- ilistnlmuj iiHiir puilUMly .llliJ 
111 griMUT vuhuiK- ill Ilk' CirljiiiiikMiiiis luiiiiiiy ili.iii ui .n.y p.iii nf 
llic Niirlll AllU'liciii couliliiMll of ilk' s.iiiio cxunl. Kniuliums Ji'vc 
lopiik.-iii'. o( i( iici-ur .11 Ci.iliiiv, ilif llijilil.iiiils. Mklillf H.ii.icliois. 
Riiliiiisiiirs Hruok, f'ishi'lS .iml 1'IjI H.iy Ijiooki., ivliili- iiioro inuLil- 
uij iii.issL'i. luf fiiiinil .11 ll.iiry's H'mik. U ' lhii'm Hh' ik .mil I'mt- 
ju I'lirl Hays on llie nortlicril siili of S.iiiii (imiiji-s H.iy .\s .iii ,u 
liik' of i'.\porl, llu' git'.il oliji'ilioli ivliu-ll prisiTils ilsill is ilic ;ili 
SL-iici- of sikuR' iKitlioiHS. Cmlrov aiij S.iiiJy I'oiiU liciiiK ilic on:"- 
s.ifc pl.u-i-s lo fiiibark iJiso . Inii us valiii; for .igrinilluial purposes 
i.iiin<n tie iivereslim.ucil. 

(.■.//(■'■- — riie ore.s of copper .ire of fre^ueiil occurreiiee. olteii in 
the loriii of siey sulpliiireis. in (he veins or ijislocalioiis ol ilie liner- 
medklte seiies. 

rili'ie .lie sevei.ll pl.ues in I 'ninrplion, IM.u inli.i. 
Ii.iys where llie ores ul loppvr .lie ilispl.iieil in ll 
veins, bill hIiIioukIi siieli iniiii-.uions .iie niilneiuus, 
.1 mil ipi.iliiy, il lUies mil usu.illy :ippe.ii lo lie piiMs 
III oniii in iMil.ileil m.issrs, .mil iiolliin^; Inn speii.i 
jilslily llie l.lige null.iy liipiisile lol llie ileveloplllelll 
pieseni I- ol tile me, lioive\er. is so ^eneLlI in llie \ei 
ineill.ile sisleni .Is to eonsliliile ,l eliar.ielelislie. 

In Nolle Dame Hay al rwilliiiK.ile Islands, al Siilid 
I'illey's Isl.lilil. llie llilee .\nns ul llleen Hay. and o 
ol i.ippil me Miiilli) ol llial eM»l. .iiul al liU Cove 
wlliell li.ivi- lieell worked \e.ils, .iiel ..e 
liellesl and niosl (irodln live eoppei mines in tlieivol 
have been earried on al Ihe mines wilh ihe uiosi i;r. 
The oie has been fonnd in beds ul lioiii ihiee lii Ion 
not in a resnlai lode. Over im.m-i imis ul i oppei h. 
exliaee-d. .llld is ehn llv expoiled lo ^M.iiisia i. 
A vein ul niikil ul s.nni' value is also wuil;nl In 

'..-ll,/.— Theie aie vaiions loealilies in I'l.ieenlla, 
e'olieeplion b.iys. .iiid .iNo al H.ii d"llspoii and I'or 
nalena ores eMsl in iiu.inlilies. A mine been t. 
l.illei place al Cove, on the piopeily of llie llu 
bill the most nol.ilile mine is at I'l.uenli.i H.iy—the I 
This liiille been open siliee IS57. and I have been laised ll has changed hands inai 


■ic .111' M' I'l.iii'- III I'lmri-piiiin, I'l.n inli.i, aii'l "^1 M.iiV'. 
wluTf till- orr^ ttt rtippul ML- ilispl.l>e'ii ill lllr llUi-rsrcliiiij 
, hill :illlloiigli such iiidii-.ul'His .lit- liuliK-ltMis, .iini llu- » rr nl 
'lii.iliiy, il lUii- 111)1 usually appi-.ii in In- prisisii'iii. bui r.iihci 
uv in'nl m.lssrs, .mil uutlllllK I'Ul spi'i; suivi-)' woiiM 
I lUv Liifii' iiull.iy Hipiisiic liii ilii' ilcv<.lii|iiiii'm ul .i iiiiiif. llu- 
lu:v ut tlif I'll", liuwi'vrr, is sn Ht'iu' 111 (lit' \i'iiis tit tlu' liiiri- 
Hi' svslcui .Is to roiistitulc .1 ihar.utclisliL'. 
Sour ILiiiii- H,iy at ^»■lUlll^'.Ul• lsl.iiuls,.ii Sunday ('nn' Islaiul. 
.'s Islaiul. till' lliiiT Anns ul (iici'li Hay, and utin l |i.ills. m'iiis 
[ipii .111' H.iitll) 1)1 llial i-xisl, and at lilt Cim- tin n' .in' iniiu-s 

I h.m- Iji'in workid lolscvtlal > i-.ils, and ..u said t" lir tlu- 
si and niDSt prodm iivi- coppi'i iiiints in tin. wen I 1. (ipii.iiinns 
biiMi rarrii'd on at tin- niinrs Willi llic must i;i.ilitying sucfi-ss. 
jli' has lifCIl found m In d~ ol lioin ilmr in Imir led thirk. hut 

II a ri'sular lode. i>mi i.o..»>. nm- ni mppit havf alu-ady Inin 
lid. .llld i^ ilinllv iipnind to M\.iiiMM 1, W.iirs toi sinidtinK. 
II ..I nnkil "I ^'iiiii' v.iliH IS .lis,) w.iikid hiiu li Uif sail.' 

I./.— Thfii-- au' vaiMins localilit's in I'l.ui'litla, M. Maiy s, ,iiid 
fptiou Imvs, .iinl .ilsii at H.iy d'llspolt and I'ort-au I'oll, wliiif 
i.i iMcs i-\isl in iiu.intitifs. A mine been upi-iifd luai the 

place at Cove, on the piopeily ol the lion. I'. T. llein.^ll. 
lie niosl notalde mine is al I'lacenlia U.iy— llie I..i Mai.che .Mine, 
mine has been open since 1557, and scveial thuusan.l Ions ol 

have been laised It has changed hands many tunes, and ns 

l.iiliiiicss 1 1.1 h.ive I.iiii;misIi, .1 nioi. lliiouuli wain ol nillSDn. ur 

lack ol .iiiionn iis piopiicloi-, In, 111 aM\ .liniiiinlion ol 
oic Al piesent we believe il has passed into the h.iiiib •'! .1 new 
compaiiv. who piopose to liy its i.,ip,icilv mole vinoliiush 

(■liroini.- 11.111 01c, iii.inuaiiese. and oilni ccoiioinic inel.dle oics 
,11, loiiii.l. 1.111 11. .1 111 .pi.intities .11 I... alioiis 1.. iii.ik.' .iv.iilablf. 

/.'jfi/.//«., .^.Hl.. ate abundani, .mil ilie s,iiidsi..iies ..11 M. lieoige's 
n.iv, the I'eninsiilaol AvaUm, ,ind Notle-Hame H.i>. and ihe lime 
sloms ..I the lallei pla. r, ale ,i\.iil.illi l.n biiiMllii;. as .ilso the 
iji.iintes III Kmi .iiid ( 0111 ll.iv 

Uoohiis slate- ol Ills! ipi.ilily occ in ,11 Nmittis >oiiiid am! oihei 
places, (iiindsloiies and whetslones .iie loniid al liiand I'mid, and 
on 1 liii'lv H.i; is a hone sliine. whiih in tcMuie ,iiid i|n,ilily livais 
till 1,11. lamed oil stone ol Turkey lot the piiipose ol shaipenimj tin- 
liiiei dcsciiption ill edijed tools. Il is chielly to be loniid Ileal the 
base ol Ihe AspidiUa slates, whtle, by carelul seleclion, it iiiii;lil be 
pioduced to almost any cMcni. 

I inie.l.'ih-. lot biiimni; aie bniiid abi lul.iiuly , .md need not he 
.speci.dh designated, and red and yellow .■■ hie, peat .md sh 11 maiU 
exist on many pails of the cii.isl 

Ml Mini.ii spi.iks at leni;lh in his lepi its ol 1. e new ,i)-iiculiutjl 
leuions opened lip \>\ leceiil sniveys, and in. ■..luable limber lands, 
but these have been alluded to m llieii plopei pine m ihe lop,, 
f-taphical iiolice ol the I'loviucc. 


li't'InmliTr* iltrtrnvrr Xni. ric-]i . , . litn! 
I'ir-t Uirt'tiliiinl lli-hup vi-ir- -» I 

lli'iiinii III ViHi'liiiiil I f.'l 

Ship friim lir.'.Mliuiil -..'- I" Miiili 

liiiiil iin Miili "f 111. S' 1 ■>■, 11 , , 

mill n-liini^ '■ I .u i t:!l'.t 

I .liiinilni- iii ■ ill r- \iiiiii.'ii . . I lii-.i 
.Im'ii .1 1 .1 ili-r nil- mill 

\ si.nMilliui.l I I'.i; 

liii-pi'i I'lirliri'iil iiilir- iIh Hull mI 

Si. l.nM-iiii-.' IMill 

i'r.nili li-li.i-lin-li \i il llii- luiiiU i.l 

Ni'.vf .1111.11 iiiM . |.".(ll 

Sl'lKlKlilUl lull. I I iiiir- Ilii l,...ii ... 

Hiiy |,-ii; 

\'lTil/./il'l.l l-Xpl.T.:. l!l.' \lMlli.Hll 

C'lM^l |.V.'."l 

.111 11 fiirlii.r .111. I,- ill.' ll.iv ..f 

Cliuli.iii.. '.nil ..f .lull , , . . '. .. |-,;;i 

I'^ '.ivi.r.* Ill ■ l!i\i-iSi I.iiw 
ri'li'T. 1111 1 r ii.-Ii. - II. I lii-l;iL'!i l-'i;!."! 

I'il'Jl llll-^ll... fill III!. .,||.! li. 1 .1.. 

111/. . c'uin.l.l ... . . . .I.'ill l,.fi ,.11 Sill. I.' l-liiii.l 1.1 

Mir,|i,:-. li,. lu H..ili.. I.Vis 

I '11111111111111 lirsi vi.^ii- I ■.iiiiiilu ... Hill! 
S -III. .Ill -lit fiiniii'il 111 .\ 

il'.irl li iMill . Iilii'i 

I'lr-il s,-lll..'iiii.iii ill liui'li..- ... . mil'- 
|.'ii'.-l .l,.^iiil Mis-i,iii:iii,-. ...iiir I, 

.\i-il,li,i I'll I 

Si.'iii.iiiiiit III r.iit ii.,Mii i.iU. II i.v 

ill.. K.iii:li>li '. .' liii:: 

I,'. ...Il-.i K.iili.r:. ...Ml.. :,. 1^1. 1..-. 

I'll llll|it:lill Vifil-i l.llk,- ll|ll;i!:.i, 
1,11.1 ll-.'fU.N 111.- III'IIVMI I,. l.iiU,. 

.Vlpi^-iilu' Ilil."i 

( iiil'iilil iliviiil,.il l>v 111. lr.ii|iii.i-. HUT 
I'.i iii-lilli.iiliif lli,.'H,..,,ll,.| ( ..liMiil 
ill l^.n'l,,-- nil li.f lli.-r„-Tl.-..f Si 

l,,ili^ HI','" 

N,,v.l S,' iliili,'IMli;.. 1 I..Sii\\. M. \ 
1111.1 -1. In .lulil,- I . i'ii-l I'.i.l.- ..!' 

I.uv-, iiriiiiul,'. ■ I 1" ^i'l'-l -liWl 

\.,.;i S.- Ilia lir~l -,-lllc-.l li.i Kiit;li»li HUI 
.l,.^iiii KniliiT..<iii'nv..iii t<ii. I..-.- . H'.'J.'i 
|i,.illl .if 111. lirr-l . ■..!., iii-i, l..iiii- 

ll.MiTI ii'.'JIl 

I'lmi'li lirniilf 1 I-i " < '..iiii.iiiiy ..f 
(In • lliiiuli'.'.l .V-^.H-iiil. - ." i'. 11 

iliil Svsl,.|ii , lli-.'r 

1,1 i>.|, ■■■|iiki.ii liy 111.- l-;iii;li-li . .|i:-,'li 
1 , ,1 1:1 il'iii .Ai-ii.liii i-i--^l,,rt-ii !,. 
I'l-ill.,' , Kil-jl S. !i.. .1 .■p.-liril 1,1 

i.J-i,-i, ,- lil:l'-' 

I iiliiuiil.tiii |-,'tiirii> III riiiuiila Ili.i.! 

l> - nil .,1' l'li!ilii|,liiiii Iil-l'i 

Sill.-n r 1-1, -,1. .l.-uili I ',,11, -I.'.-. 

ii.',i,-i iiii-ii: iii-ir 

l-;ii-lli>|ilik.-' ; I i'-iiliii.- I'..iivi-iit 1.1 

(il,.|i..- t-,iiii,li'l Hl-'.l 

111 iii..i ,11- ,,f Ir.i.iu.i's . i'il'i 

M ,ii!r il lir-l -i-ll|.-il 1,1, 1 l'-,rl Imill 

HI S, 1-1 llll'J 

Hii-ll- Willi ll-.„|i|.,i- I.I M,,liir.iil , li'ill 

l.ik,- Si. .I.ihll .ri>.--iv.-r.-.l li'.i; 

lliir.ili- il.-lr.iM-l 111 lr.„|ii,,ii - . . Hil'.l 
|-;s|,.-,liri.,il l.i'llil.liiu'.- liiiv lll.'il 

,\ -aliii liili.-ii liy l-'.li-.-li~li HI}] 

s.-iiiiiiiii ,,f \!,iiiti-,-iii i,,,iiiii.'.i ...iii",r 

\| ,1 ■ I.ImiI. lir-l Hi-li,,|.. an-ii.-- . 
I'uM II- i.i.-r> vi-i! Ih.- Si-,ii\ H',",'.t 

l.ii'i- S.i], ■li-ii' vi!*it -I lliiiil 

\'i,!,-iit Kii-llnu lU.- . - .\s-,,i-iiil,-.l 
r illi|,lll> " ,lls-.,lv,- I : lt,,_viil H.. 
v..|-lllll.-Mt |.~lal,!,~ll,-.l ; ^il^t 
( '.iiri-.if l.-iw . S..!iiiiiar\ Hi l^iif- 

f .iiil--,| '. Hiil:l 

S,.i,'iii.iri.'- -jl-aal I HUH 

ri.ri-.'liill If. -.'Mil -i- "111 1.1 M-llli- ill 

r.iiiH.lii , i''.,i-i ..I I l.iiili U'liPi 
l-:v|i..,liii.iii ii_Mi 1-1 I'l'- li'„|ii..i- , 

rllll- h .11\ ■.ii-,.,l-al,',l Hilill 

.\. I lia r,--|,ir,-.l i.. I'r la. .- . 'i'^u.l.- 
.,|.,■a,■,l wilh VVi .1 liiilirs HlliT 
liaiU 1 1 H lli\ I '.111 ,aiii I',, 111,, -I III 

l; U'liiil I '. . ' : ' Hill-i 

Mi-.i-ili ,1), -111 .1 al Mii-liiliiiaiKiliU' lliii'.l 
>iii;l |i.,-. ,l,-va-IiiI,-~ liuliiia,- . Hilll 
1'.^;,- lili.iiiM llil.l-.iii- lln.i . <','ilii 
1 1 V ur 11111,1 Liiki- lliir..ii l.ik. 11 

,.i»-,—i f i,y 1',-ir I . . in; I 

I'-. 1-1 .11 l\illL'?Ii,il I'llill . I Inn. Il 

liiiil ..f ..iimii' at .Miiiitri-al ..lli;V 

M-i«..i.,-ilH,i ,|i.,,-,,v,-r,',l ir,M 

r . ii III,- Ml \Viiiiiii„'j ; I.i-piii. *.- -an- 
1 II .- . .iiiiiiiit,->l l,y ill,- I i... ■ I i. 11. rill I 
.ivil-ila 111- at. yiii-lli-,'. .M'Vi'ii In-.-- I.isl: 
i,.,.-ai:.- ..I til, N'.-.v Itniiivni.'k s, h..-.! 
I.iiw- I'V itii- H..11SI- il Ciiiniiiiiis : N. | 

W 'r,'Il-iltlll.-S ..|a:illl/,'ii : |i.t.HSa^tl .if 

1 iirili.-i ('iipyri^lil llill : .-t-l-iauii ii-- 
i,.;i-.ii.H li.ii.s til Tiit-a-i', ; ,.i>;alii/..iti,.ii 
I.l' III,- Mipn-nii. I 'iiiirt i,t I'liiia-l.t us tim 
tiii.ii rosiirt ,if l\iiuiiliili lllii^aliiill. llill, - f,.iiii,|i-,l Ir , ,.| .-., , ml, 

ll-li,,l 1,1 1'. :i...iiiiiwat'a Hi; I 

Mar!-., ' .,|,.iii-il al l^iii-l.i . Hi;il 

! .'il .Niniriira l'..iiiii|.-(l In- j.a Siilli 
ali.l l.llk,'.- ,'\|,l,,i.,'<l I,', l.ik. Mi 
,'l,iiriiii Hini 

I.l, Siilli- i-i-ii.liis 111,, mil I.l .Mi-i- 

-M'I'i 111-'-! 

Will- viilli lri„|ii,,ii, ; Kalal Kpi.!. - 

nil.- tlir..iii:liiiiii Ciiiiiulii tii-'ii 

Mii-ai-l-i- 111 ; W'l.i- ,l.,li|.- 

i-il\\..,.|i |-'.i,i.-liiii,l nil, I l->a HlMl 

.\, -11, lia Ink, -11 1,1 .\,-\i l-'.iijriaiiil.-i-:-. 

ail. I riiiiiiil.i ii'ivaili il . . Iliim 

lli,-i-\illi- liiki-s l-aiL'li-li f.ii-l~ ill 

Il,|.l-.,li - May. . Hi'.ll 

ii-...|ii..i> t,-ri-il.ii-y iiiviiili-il. mill .\.-ii 

ilia iitiii .\.-\vf,.iiiiillaii.i Ink, -II l,\ 

l-'i. iii-)i '. Illllli 

I'l-ii,,- ,-,iii,lii,l,.,l Hlli; 

I i-iiiiia i-i.l,,liiz,-,l Ilidll 

I'.-ll,-,. llliuli. uilll Ir.KjIl.iI- . I-",-: I ,,f 

li.-lmil f,,iiii,l,-il Kill 

Wal-.l.'i-liir. il , N,-« Ijirliniil iin.i 

.1, I i;ii:l 

I 'iniii'liaii-, i:i-iiiili'ii I, -an- I,, iiuniii 

fa, -Mill- Km 

rii|ii- H|-i-t,,|l niliiliij..,',! Kll« ilivaili'.Miv KhL-lisli .... KHll 
.\.ailiii laki.|l liy Knt'li-li . KHl 

I 'iiiiii.lit iiLrniii iiivuil.'.l . .KM 

'I'l-.-aly ..f I'lri-ilil . .\railiii ,-. il.-.l 

I., KiiL'laii.l . Ni-u r.iini.ilali.l an. I 

llil,ls,iii'.-. Itai 1, -l,il-,-,l . SlaL'i-- 

.-lal,li>li,-il ll,-li>,-,li qmU.. iiii.l 

.M,,iill-,-al Ki.; 

Sli,|.> 1, llill al ljiii-li|.,- Kl'i 

l-"i|--l li.iM-riiiiii-iil fiiiiiiiti'il l,y l-'.ii 

i:li.~li ill Niiva Si-iiliii. , I ; 111 

l-',,i-I ,,f b,iii-li,,iiri.- Iiuill K.'ii 

l-'irr-l |,.i-I I slalilii-lii-.l . . . K.'l 

I li\ i-i,,ll ,,f M'llli'il i',,lllllr\ ill I' I |.:i 

n-lii-.- ■ K-,'-J 

I'l-ii.-ii.- Ink, -II 17-.':l>li l„i.|,l :,,i-l ai (l-w,--,,. . . . K-.'l 

War ivilli \\'i--Ii'rii SllVaiT'-^ K'-'i 

l-'aiiiiiii- ill t iHiuiia I 7-111 

rr,,\Mi l'.,ii,l I. llill Kll 

l'..i-I- I, Mill .111 ;.ak,-.if 111,- \V,,iiilr.. 
I.ak,- W ililii;.|.L'. llii- Sa^kal^ll.-• 

uiiii. 1111.1 .\— iiiii,..iii»» . . . iT;:-^ t.i i;:!- 

l-'ir-i l-'.-i-i:,- 111 St. .Mauri,-,- K;i:i 

'ri-i-ril,,ri li,-liv,,-n ,\lir.-i->ip|,i ai.-l 
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Pmlimmiil, May 1-117 

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t'liil Dili til,' I'raiii'r Uiivr, li.C. 


E, EG A K, D T IM C3 

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Stamp Dutir'., Tolal Kal^- 


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r.l.. 111. ISlo, i..l.iO!-v:il ll!-liii>~' I'll" '• A11..11. ll.T M.ij.-lv 
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riu.l li'his l!...val WiilKuii, lli.. I'r.wri I'li.i... ..f (.'.riiiiiiv. 
JiiM. 'JJ, I-'..-.' iiu.l has h.i.l isiM.. i.nir s'.iis an. I f..m- 

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N..V. II, |.-'ll : iiiirn...! >Iar..!i \». I''ii;t. Al.'X iii.lriii "f IIl.iiihuI. 
(l'i.iiR.."..f Wales). lii'Vii Ii...«.iiil.i.i. 1. 1SI|. aii.i li.i- Ls-sm-, I'liii't' 
All.tit Viol..!, li..™ ,laii. >, 1.1111. lie. •!•_■.. |.'r...i..ii.k Kniesl AH..;!'!. 
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211, l--i;7 ; Vict. .rill .\I.-.\aii.lra Olua Maf.v, li.iu .Inly li, l'-^.'* ; in"! 
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luanie.l ll.'li. II. I'riiiee I-'releiick L .iiis ..f ll.^.'e, .liilv 1. l-il'-'- 
ali.l Iia.l issue li\>. .la!l:; aii.l ..ll.- si.u ; seceiul s.m kille.l by .le.r ; 
Jem. May. is:;;. D1..I 11. 1«7-. ' 

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Uiiehe-s Mane ..f K.i-si.i. .1,111. S.':. 1ST I, aiel has issue uiie .s.iii. ; 

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An^iUstiis ..I Sehlesvi4-ll..lsteiii .s .lelei Imr,; Aii:,'iisi. iil.ur.'. .Inly J, i 
ISiJU. all. I ha- issu.. t\v.. s..ii> aii.i tnii .la'i\;litei..«. 

Her l!..v..l 1, .iiisa Car..liiia All.erta, 1. .rii .\lai.,.h is, j 

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Ar.'yIe. Marh. l!-71. 

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1, l-"..i; I'lnvri...! le.eiiliv til Priii'i-s L'Sli-e, .laii-lilei' nf I'liiiue 
K|....l.i' K-C!iarles..| I'l-i-'-i... \ 

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Apia II, 1-^ -.7. I 

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Minims „f L.nie K.T.. U.f.M.Ll., I'.C. 

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M > ' II .11 .Sir. (s, 1,. Tilley. ! 

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M:„ ■ Sir. V. Tui.I..-l'. 

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ll'.ii.i:! I.I Miii.M., '.V'l/; o/(/.c J'iif/i«iii. n'-. 

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H.M.I Walk 

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\il..ll .11. 

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•• ll. 11. Uaillar,,;e.iii 

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•' Fahre.. I.tiehe.-, 

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'• Will. II lir....s I'i.,.s(.,.lt. 

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'• I! .1. 11 r. Hull II, .mill. .11 

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, Kul.t. l.eM.iiie, Cl.rk, .Ma-ier in r|iaii....|.y, I'.is 
ant ; Feiiiiiiiiis Tayli.r. Uej.nly CL-rk. I'l. rk 
111 I'lianc.-.r). ; 11. K Kiuilut; i leiitU.niaii I'sht.r el 

l|i>r,s|. Ill I iiM.MnN- 

H.n. .I..-I I'll ili.i.i:iil. lliAS. 111,1, Si...ak,.|. All] 
fl.ik ..1 Ih.. 1I..11-,.. 

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A. II. M.l'k".m 

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Ii.i'.v II. i.;i, l'..rii«.ill, 

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I'linee, I', I;. I ... 

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Ulinlii, S S S. T. II. Hill I.lMTl...,il, N.S. \ Jl'i^'iii.", II'. A' \l,\. U..I.1TI.S..I1.. 

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T. liil Ini. V, ll.ik of tin.' ami lU'i-k of tin- I'niwn 111 
ly ; .\iiliiii- II. Sylcti.-, CK-ik .\-sHianl ; 1'' .1. tiku-knioyi,.!-. 
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" K, I'iii.|li..niiiie ,,,.l'.iri-li 
" V. n. .I« LalJiu.-i-i. ,.St, Ihaciiitlw. 

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Iloiitht-fvillu, I'li'i-k, Miutcr in I'liaii.a-i'y an.| .\ccoiinlant i S. 9. 
Malt, (iiiitluinau L'shc-r l)lai.'« llml ; '1'. E. Uuy, Sui-jjoant-dt-.-Vriua. 

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CON.STlTt;nscli::l. n.vmk. p. O. ADDItCH. 

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iilliiii-a (('„iiiit:i). 


I Ictave .Ma-^iian . . 

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ii>niii'. "'li'ik "f ilii' llniui' ; Kni'iiiip Siiii.iV'l, .\«»i»t!iiii I'l.ik, 
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Tiiiri.Mii Wiliii.i, I'.C. I'luiiuTil'ili>-('.cni|i. ('.ii'liim 
Air. I''. Sn.ct ; I'l.iati' SiTriMiiiy. tlfury Wiliii'.t, K-n. 

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> I- Will \umii;, ll.'li Sii Chivl. • ' uppn. t'lV. il-ii 
ll.niv, II. 'II. .l.iMH'x M.'li'iulil. Il"ii. Siiiti.Kl I,, ^h 
I AIi'mIimI. I .MiKiiiliiiu', Hull. A.liMnii, . IIV I 1-..I M II . 

Il.>\ li'iniiT r."\K. I'l. .i.l.iii. 

I %i ' I 11\ i: 

MIN. II,. 



1 1. .11, l|.,li.-it V.nin?. 

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•• \V W,.,l,l,.rl,i;iii. t^rc. 

• r A, l.iii.irv, 

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•• U'i„. ['. IVil.'.v. 
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K, A, II siMi-ii. »•/.,/,■, 

M . 1-1 \ lU I I M N. 11,. 

II. .v. \, Mc'l,, >i in. I'i.-ii!.'i.i, 

Car'-: - 
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Kin,i's . . . 
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Hulim, ■ 
St M 

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•■ 11, V.M.l,. 

•• 11 \| I Ml Hi. .\ . 
■• ■!• liii K! "wi'ilili'j 
•• W. M K.llv. ,. 
A'..-v Mil..'...l 

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St i;,...,!.;,-.'|ii''i'.'. 
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W. 11,111, ill. ,11 l):ilh.iu«ll'. 

11' liiTt l!.'liiMvHii,,.,..CiiiiiiTl'ury. 

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A, iliiiiiti.ii Mi'i^inillo. 

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l-'liM-k ; .1, II, Pliriir. AssisMiit C'liTk ; II. It, Joiiull, LMiur . 
l\U, \ Kk„\. 

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, .11, W, Whii.' , 

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11.11, I!. II Si. 

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..I. K. I.\ii"l , . 

.'rii..iii'is r,..iii-i 

V .M..M.1I111. 

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n, V. \ v,ii. . 

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111, .1. :i. I'lMu' 

I, Thill. lilt , 
11 .11. W. A.J.Ti 
A. A li.r.,;.. M 

T i-v i;,"..-,.;. 
K. ll.ii.' II.; 1, 
Y, ,:■■- W i 

W;, ■ : s |;.ir. 

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Til... 1 

Ti M !. 

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ll.lai V. 
II .1. W V. 
II,.:. V,- I r, 

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w. II. I;. . I . 
A, E. Kill.,. 11 
IL.ti. I'. A I,.' . 
II..11 V I. Ill 

.1... 1.. lU LI Ii 

A <; K„- 

II .. ' I I', -V. 

!■• V Tl: I ■■ ■:,. 

I'l.ll.T. , 


r, 1, ,\pni.K.- 

*l. .\l:.'rittH. 

St, Sicpiu-n. 
-', riii.T L.. 

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l:; M 
St, Murvs. 


St, .li.llll. 
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N. IMLlt'i 

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In'liTi II. 
.l-i.l..iif 11. 
I) ..-■Vw. 

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U"ii. 11 III M (•■.(Ii. 

" \\ii,, (• Willi. 

" .1 ill. ^1 Kiiiii.iii 

•' Siimi.l Cit'i-liii.i'i 

" U M.'N. I'.iiKi'f 

" .1 nil. ■ Ki.iMii , 

" lliiyli I 'iiiii.ii..ii 

• Cliiuli'- Dirkli'... 

'I Kill.. II ll...ik,.lii 

" v.. I! (t.ik... . 

" A. M.N'.i •ilinii 

" Jiiiiii- I'.iitl.-i 

" fll..' - I1..M.IIM. 

•• r. M. (•V.i..ii.ii 

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ll.illll ■11I..II. Cl.Tk : H •..«■ II 
■k li.M. 

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II.iv. . 'Iiixn rv. Si u,ik«r. 

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II. . I Will, II, • 
I ..111. W. Sluil 
II. .11 .liillli.S, I 
Aii:ii- .M.ililli 
1|. I. K 
lliri 1 Iv Mel 

u 111 A. riiiiiif 

,,Wii,, Mliiir. 

II.. I., I'. .), T,u 

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I', iij iii.iii \'.iii 

ll.iin M, Hull 

., il.n.,.'- W. Ilii.l 

. ..Ml \. N .M.I). 

. . .1. I'. Si.iiM. 

.U-ill. I). lIiUTll 

.1 llll I'lljll. 

. . .Niitlmiiu-1 S|.>- 

. .Tlii'iii IS II Sini 

. , iHii.' ill. .1 ('nil 

. , .\l,-\:iii.!. r I'm 

. Wiii. I . l:ll. 

. Mill .liiiiii- S. 

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.1! .1 S,li„.I, II 

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\ ii'i. !■ r.,11. 

1. s. I'. 1.1. 

.i...i.i.»i' li.iii: 

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... Al.|\..l..|ir M,.l 
. 11 .1 N \V U 

Ni'i...,...;. M-i 

Win !■■ .M.I 11 

.1 ill! ^l :i I- •!.. 

Ml.iil (;.i\I. n. 

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I 'nil 1 I . I .'.11 .1. A'.^^:.^ll.l,v.— (^'li 

TiMMi.ii;, .\m.| lilt 1';. ili. I > kl Kmiiliu ; .Si'i-iii-'iiiit. 
A. I-yko. 

ri;oviV' 1. or ri.-ivi i-. i:ii\v,\i;ii is 

.Sm .IF (I ... KI.MII. .1 I'll.Mil.i.f iI;IiiW.V, 

I.iiiriKSWi-iJiiVKiisiiK ll.iii, T, H'.iilh Ilm-il.iii, I'liv.-itr S. i-ri'iiirv . 1,1 -I'liJ .litiiii.!! IViki- a 
IN.I.iii- 1.1 ll.i.l.' I'l, Hill. Ill \i-li-<..|,..('.iiiili. 

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I vfi I iin; i-iiiNi It. 

.i;,ii,..(.i-.,M'""'i. "■.■.'..■ 

/Viil'iili'i'li .Si'i-fr/ilrii mil/ ] 
Mrv'ir „f Cfivr.l' . 

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. . : .. \ - 1, . ii. |....k.i,ili. .it-Aiiii«. 

1' l:ii V I N ' K (I V Xk VA scdti \. I 

-. . . .... . ■ S i II M II IV. 

I.-i ...I... 

.\.il. ■ .l.llll . II N\ I i.,r..... N - 
iJii-. Ml! \i'r;..iy, I'l'.-. 


II., 11,1 .1 ill.. Ill 11- \ ■„.- i;. 

. U. N . I'm. III. Siii, t ,1". I I.ii . 

■,! I • . ' ll...- .1 S'.:. .t. 

II. .11, W. \'> .- 

■ I), ...llll I- 

• Ni.l M I 
■• Sii"..ii.| I 
■' I..1 1 

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• W,... '.'.i, 

• .1.0, An 
I'l'tt-r (Ji 

W '• Ii I 

I.I.I. I^I,\I1U;,-'.i II., 
TIo.v. .1 .IP.V liM.I I l;-iii.s. I'i,.,i,l, lit. 

1 II II .l:,,;. 

.1. .1., S, |), TI. i- 

Saui'ii'I Creiliiimi. 

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hi llUhil- 

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I, 1..,,, U. I 

11... \ i; ,\i.i\i., 

" .I..I1I, l;.■ll.l,.,■^ 

•' I. ,M..\l.lliiii, 

" I! .Ml. Mil. 

DOMINION ol' r\\\l).\. 

(1/ (.'iiKi.^'.' Il"ii- N ilii.iiiu'l W, Wliili' 

" ■ Will I;, 'rri'Lii. 

■ ■ ■■ (', .1 T ui nlu'iiil. 

■ .liii,. -s, M, li,.i,.iM. 
•• , •• II, I M.l'..iipill. 

iiv.ii MrHhni" iH' Kkki > riNt: t'.n s. ii niiiiniiiu iliii 
I piifi'cli'iifi'. I>\ -I'lc:.!! |iiTitii-'i"lp'f llfi Miiji-lv . Hull. 
\miiiii;, ll.'ii Sii riiirl. . 'iipprLt'lV. Il"ii, W illiiim A. 
II. 'II. ,l.iiii..» Mi', ll"ii. Siiiti hi I,. SliiililHih, llmi. 
.1 .MiKiiiliiiic, It. .11. A.I Mil. (i,, 
iiLisi , in I 1-..I M II. 

II. .N HmT. l:r r...\N. I'l. -l.llMI. 

' K'l » t'.>. 

Ptiiifu Co . 

I.I l>,.i , ' 

s'.i.i hi'h.^i 

III l>h',..-l. 
S.I./ /I,,./ ,.' 

I|..n. I. liKklniu. 

" Sim. .11 I'.iil^'i'p. 

'■ Ji."i'|.li \N ixliliiinii. 

" Tli.'iim" \iiric'ui 

. " Uiihur.1 II Uril. 

" Ili'iijmiiMi II. «. in. 

" \l. \.iii.l. V l.iiir.i. 

■■ Si. Willi lliirii*. 

K \>ii 

[nil. 11 .1.1 M ('ill. I 

'• Will. C, Whitiini, 

" .1 liii M. Kniii'.n 

" Si. nil. I Cii'iliii.i'i 

" ji Mi'N. IViiki'i- 

" .1 nil. ■ I'l, 1-1 r 

" lliiyli riiiii.i..ii 

• CIlUlU'- hlrkio. 
•< li"l..ll ll...ik..lii 

" !•;, I! (Ilk.- 

" A, M.N.I ..liMi 
" Jniiii- I'.imI.-i 

■• CI, ,|l - II.Mlll-. I 

" I'. M. Ti 
•• .1 i.h i; |i:.i.'. 
" 111' l.i 'l I III ■ 

■ II, !!!..:. 

I ~ ' I Hill. 
1 i. , ',, 

Il.l.lll IU..1I. < 

' li I!. I.I. 



M. Iliads, 

li.*.... .«.A. 

.■•/. n',.1. It. 

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Ii'rk : H-.i.wt lW»inii<. (ii 

;'» L'o.. 


Hon. ;:. 

iiF .\.s»r.Mni V. 

'lllSKI.Hy, H].01\llW. 



riTi.i;.. - 

II. 11 W,„ l;. Tr.'i.p. 

1 .il.l. U. SliiifiMT. 


II. .11 .I..I111S. I). Tli.mipM.ii 
.\ii^ii- .Miilillivr.-iv, 

l/ii: 11 

ll.'ii. !■: Tilt. .11 M.wolov. 
I|...t- r K. MoDiiiiKnll. " 


W 111 .\. riiii.T-ii 
.Will. l:!:,ir. 

umhtrl 1 

II. .11. 1'. ,). T.,ttii«liinil Vi.'k.i'V. 


r..-iij iitiiii \'.nil>!jirit"f.iii. 
Il.nn M IMi. Ii.,iii. 

uytht'i 1 W Ih.llrv. 


. . .1. !■'. Si.iir<. 


.Will. n. iririilit/ton. 

Mm I'li^li 

h>tt^ .Nii^lmiiii'l Sj.furo, 

" 'riii.iin..* 11 Simtli. 

'Ilrl'li. • iHll 1 .1 Clllllpl'i'll. 

" Al..\;i.i.!.r r.iiui.l,. 11. 

:iV7'.< Win. I . I; 11. 

" .11. .11 .lain.- ."<. McDornli). 

"in-.. : ('lull.- A. Si.,i;li. 

. I-Miv;vi ' liiii.. H. 

II .11 Siiii..!, II F[n|ni,9. 
. .\1. \.,l..l.l \l,K;iv. 
.\ Inn !■. H.-ll. 
I. s. l-'.r.|. 
.I.ih,.. IV Ha. Hi 
U.k.iv l...|l|., .Mi'i'iiisli. 
'..;. . II n. .\ W Whiii' 

Ni '1. ii.K.i- M.iir.iy. 
W,» Iv .M.r,|,,|y, 

.1 ill! ^^ :m- .11. 

MI..1I (,.i>I .n. 
. ..)<.!■. I'll II. Knuisev 

e llriii'Mls "t Tllf ll.nSK i.l- A'i^tl.MI.I.Y.-Clllk. II. ('. 1 1, 

: A.'«-i;iiit ('li'ik. .1 > H- K'm ,.n ; s..|i;...;iiit.;,i.,\i|,|, |.; 

)vivi 1; or n;ivi !•: kiiwach isi.wd. 


iii'Kii I IIS Ml l,ini.--i.ATivh: Cii'N. II ,l..|iii Hull, ("I'lk , .Itihn 
0. Sci-iiii^'.'.ir, I ulni 1.1 lliiii'k IIihI .11. i •■, •niiiil .il-Ariii-. 

Ili.l ■<» KV 1.1:.FM1.1.V. 

Il.iN. .li.iiN ,\ Ml li.iN M 11, Spiiikcr. 

, , \<%, ;.i,.,..,.: /, II..11 Xiil M..t,..'.l 

'"""" '"•• I A'...., I •• (i. W. IVIII,,,., 

'>( /'.>' ||.l Ciiiiii 11. 

Will. Cjiiiipl, ' 

• "■I I' I Ill Mil.:. . Km., .11. 

,1l,l lit-' ll.l.iTl Sll,- 

|1 A. .M.i.l :. 

hlltn III . 't'liwl I 
.lain.- \ 

PrillCB Ci> 1.1 ;ir ■ 11.11. iM.i •. , 

r S. I', in 
:«.; />i-/ II M. .I..lii'i ^ 

.1.11111- W. i:,,i ml. 

fri ;.i..' . I|. I .1. U. .Vi-. (t. 

. ..I..III1 A. M.'Di.nal.l. 

^Ili l',.il,:.l \. K 1'. II <ll..n.l. 

" . .1;. W. 

Mh l.>i<h ■ .11. .11. , I. .1,11 l.ilnu'.v, 

" Viiu'iii \li\lilliii ■ 

Wfnr./f/.il.'.. ... . Hull. Ilalll. I In.l.l. 11 

A'.n,.i/'- . . ) " A. .1. Mii..|...,a|.I. 

Ill Ih-I,„l . .. .Inline. ril,l.|l,;u 

'■ l.alulilali Mini nil I. 

fi../ /'..-r ' II. 11. Will. W. .Siiilivan. 

..Win. ll....i.,T. 
.Ir.i lH.h .1 ... .1, K. Manl..iial.l. 

" |l..|ial.l K. I|^lls..n. 

ilh UiiilnrI . . . Ili.n. .Siiinm.l i'r.nuo, 

" Williiiin A. I'.Milo. 

CliTk nf Iho \ -Ar h. M.-Ni.ill. 

rnnvixcK of intiTisii 1:0 li .\i m a. 

ShaT ii? ll.iVKKN.MKNT— Vli-T.i|tn, V. I. 

r.iBPTENAsrCiiivKiiviiii-llnn. A. N. Ili.lmrili; (J,ipt. Ceo. 
Wm. IjivIjii, I'roviiKiiiil Ai'li'-ik'-Cainp. 

K.VKCl'TITI! I'mvi'll. 

/..m.(jii.i ll-nrt. : j lion. a. A Ualkniu. 

iVihiaUrcJ Fiiiiiriei 'in<l .{■iiieHtlure.. " Rnbt. Iln.n.n 
I'm. Stc. awl .Vi?ii.>/..r ,/ ,l/i,iM <i T. K llninpliii-yii. 

Lr.dlsI.ATIVB AS.SE.MIll.V. 

llns. F W \ViLi.tAM!«. Sprakop; .Iohn l{nWi..\si) Hi i i, ('i,.rl£, 

''iiri' II. .n. (1 .\ \\,ill.,,n Vi(.t..iia 

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.WiM ||,„.,.Cioek 

U,|,i llni-nCrcok 
. I.". .Mlln II,.li,u. 

Til .Mile 1 1. .use. 
. Nuimiiiio 
..N. Wi.,!i,,.u.^tcr. 

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" . I"... ('..Man 

. 1..... {■■,i..::s.n 
''■mi'T. 1 1.. 11. ,I,,|,ii \,|,, \i 1 1 

I'l'iiiWtm. w 111 Siiur... 

K. I'llnl.i' 




S'liifni'. ... 

A'. II', III,,. nil' r (■' 

.V. )l'.',.(.,iiii.i(ri /' 


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Cn ...I'.l hi/ 
)■■■!■■ '. 

II. .n. K \\. Uiiiiam 
•I lli'l..;i.wn.. . .. 

1 <ia;i.|..r|, .|. 

w I ;.,!!, i„ ,h. 

W .\|. 1 ,. 

W. S.iul 

.'.I* A. MiMiii.. 

K. 111.. mi 

Ii M.'nlluiav .. 

W. .1. Hani,: 

II. .11. I!. Iliavin.. 
W. W1K..11 . , 
. .1 S. Illnniln'.li i 
.1 W Willi. nil, 
II. n. T. II. Ilninplir. 

.-^KVI .iF (...■. HI. Mil .1 

rKswr'InVKKNnu !l..:i T. ll.-iih llm-il.iii.l ; Ku»t,wo ' 
I. riivati- S. n-niiirv , l.t i '..| .laiin-s IV.iki- .-iinl Lt.-L'ol. ! 
I II. .1.' I'l .1 in. 1,1 \i I. ('.imp. 

II n. \V. W .•.nllivHli, 
'/'■""'n "'..,;.a . ll.naM l'"..r misuil, .,,,,1 r,^ ■■ N. i| ,\|. |„...,|, 

■ '' ' ■' S.mni i I'liivno. 

I .!.• -tiirKiy. 
■ i .. 1 1 W'i>.lii,nan. 
• Wi 'unpLelL 
I; • ■• .1. II. Amiaiilt. 

' ■ I'l'tcr I iii\ in. 

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f'lii'ii. uu-t.iin,,i' 1, iii-iilli ii'iilly Hl.iinpi'l, A,-., 1 
alllMiu tlu'i't'j (,iii'l pi.ipi'ily I'aii'i'llin.; "il.uiMi' 
iiii'Kul.uily 111 ll. -l.iiupiii',', A'l'., .!."■- Ii'.l pii'Vi 
in-lnmii'iil lr"iii l„iii.; a,|niili...| iw. i.nli'n.'i' in riiiii 
'I'liii Miui-t. r ..I liil.ui'l li.-v.nii.' app.,iiit< a^'i'iiLi 

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|ii'.)aii.'- t" I.'- f.'i'Ki.l, , ,iiiiiii'rl, iti-'l I.I iniil.itt'il an 
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ill;; i«.niy-.'iu' yi'.ii's. 

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lu-i'mnliii^', r,',i'i\ in;,', ur in any w.iy li'Miii;; .my iiu 
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till' -t.iiiip- .'.illi'l I'U l.\ ill,. Art in li.lialf. 11'lr I" 11 pi'U.illj 'if ii'.iiii, l.nt i- I'V .-11. ll iit^lt'L' 
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within till' ll'iiimi.'ii iiu'lii'liiii,''.i, Itiiti-li 
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unp.ii'l, bii' h litltrs cmiU't ln''.l, lint wil 
lltii'l L'tliT Utii.ji'. It liahli' lu 111 ,ri' uiu- raU' 
iii-iilh. i.-iitly pii'paiil, tin KltiT will li- L'twai'lnl I 
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L'.ii'h, uii'l niii--i hf pr,'l ; utluiiwi-L' tiii'y aiv si- 
Li'ttrr I mill'. 

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thi-ruiif. Ni'ii-p.i|ii-r.- ^,, " 'I'lan-i.-nl Ni'W.-papi'r.V] 
tout- laili. I'li'pavnii'iit ni'.us-sin. 

I'nttai .S/,i/.ii.— Till' i.ili' 1111 Ic'tlur.- to tho Unit 
sanii' a- in Camilla, Lnl nin-l Lu pri'paiil. 

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thi'ii'.f, wliillii'r liv {'ana.lian ur Nu.v Vurk stcainci-i 
il"iilili'P"' will l,.-iliai),''',l. 

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Canaila ur tu llii' Unilol Slat,'-, 1 ci-nt I'.ich. lirili- 
iii'lii'liii;,; Ni'Wlouuillanil), 1! cents I'aili. 


I'l'i-uii'i p'l-liiif,' lelli'r- C'liilaiiiiiig valui' uliuul.l I 
i|nin' lli.'in t.. liu r.':;i»li-n'.l, an.l t" uliiain from t 
I'lrtili' .It.' ul i-.'i I'ipt t'ur Iti'iii.-tratiuii. 

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tu till' p.i-taj;i', is ai I'llluW.-. viz.; 
On li'ili'r- tu any utlier pliuf in I'aiiU'l.i ur Ijiilisl 
Annii'a . . - . . 

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(In'fl-. pat turn- "I -.1111 pK-- (I'aii i-li "tily). 
(In tiii"k p.i'.ki't.- .iii'l ni'vv-ji.iii.'r- t-i L'nited King'loi 


\u\ kill, ilrul'i. orlir nr iii.lriiithiil, lor llir |»itiiii'iii i>r 


l('ktl<>rili"ii iiikI f'lii'iKti |»i-l.i,i< nitr- iiiii-Uii n!| mki. !.>< pri- 
|ittl<l III /nil l\ •liiiii|.» Litii'i. In iiilii'i |H,iiit. wHliiii lie lioiiiiiihtii 

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■\ lit .1 lull i.r |pr'Hiii<ii"ry iiuIh, wli"tlii<r >\\<h |niyiii<'iil !• t' wi^lijiia i>\<r J hk. ami \n\iiu iii<iirt|. iuully •Iuiii|m'.|, mil l»' lor- 

''I I'l \i< iiiilu III l»,ih'r nr Mt'l'T ; (<) liHI. r< nl ..ri'.ht ; (III uiit H^rh'l )>. <I>'-Iiii:iI|hii, iiii'I J'Milrlu llii- 14111 >M'.t ul lliu iji'lluilKJf 

ii I'htithii,' i^irty riiiinu^ u I'l wmvt u liku miiiilpuii >i iliinl . "'Ii'"!*''! "ii 'li-livrt 

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lUily I, l.iiupiiu; &.., ,1 i,..l p„.v..iit iiiiv n ;■ "I"" ';"'"" Ji'i^', »l'«>^t ii"w^'. l""'t"l ■"• «nllcii, ,1,.,..1mii,iu.,i,.. 

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inmuiil, tliall W (;nilly nf u iiii.,kiiiiMiinr, »n,l siil.j.'a to a line I' I'flii.i. .itmns. 

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in;; ii,'riu.lii:al rnatti'i, wlittlnr Ilit patka^jL' ii'iilaiu. niiu or 

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1 111.' I)., I. ..lli. ,11 iinlii'liiin .\l.iiiit..I,.i, lliili-li Ciliiiiibiii au'l .li-i.-ni'il In iiii> pli.'i' in 111,. I'liil.'.l Kiii.'.loiu by ( ',111,1,11,111 paiki't. ,,11 
I' K,1h,ii,I I»I, 111,1), I! ,..iii.. p,.r i >•/.. ni liii,li.,ii llu'i'i'nf ; if iiiii'iiniii nl h;i /i al.i;ic a'tiiii}! 0/ .' ,-tnls mJi /i..,,.'..,, 
ll, Ml. ll biters i'..linnt b.' fnlHill.b'.l, but will bu will lo tlio No pll.k.uc nl pi'lin,liwll- i.lli 1,,' ., nl lli|,,;i-h |h, p.,ot if it i-x, i,..h 

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' "Hi.'.'. t,. anv pla,',- witliin lli,' Uoiiiirii,,|i, ,111 pi','p,iviii,.|il bv p,'.l,i,',' .il,iiup 

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..i(t',/.s7.i(.i,— I'liu i.iiu ,111 lullur-. to the L'liilci State.< is tliu I I'm-kaKus of siiiipks an.l pait.rn-. ii,l,liu-u,l 1,1 anv pla. u in 

a. Ill I'aiia.l.i, but ruii-l bu | I'anaila, iiiav bu r,'};i<lui',',l on alli\iri;; tli.'iul.. a r,'.;i'<luri',l lulhr -l.inip 

,, 1,1 ,. .lii.iil.l, ,1111 iiiii-i UL J. up., 1,1. I V lllliioa, 111,11 nu ii-^i-iui,-,t ,,n iiniMii;^ llti'll'in a r,'.;i.iuru,l ll'lll-r -l-in.p 

V'" i','i"'''''i""'rr ''"".'■''*''' ""v!''"^v'' ^, "^l"'^ '"'"^ -i'l''' ""^ '■■'"•''',"," I of Ihu valu'u of ."> mil-, in ,i.l,lili,,n t., tliu poslai:,' lalu. ,in,l pr ,vi,l.,l 
"*"'■' 1. - - ■• 1 BUili p.ukul bu int., tliu l\,-l (i|li,,. f.,r r,'i;i'<lialinii. 

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f, whutliur by nr Nu.v York stuaniui'-.. If sunt unpaiil, ! snili p- 

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la nr 1,. ihu I'nili.l .Slat.-. 1 uuiil u.icli. llrili-ili ami 1' ' :,.;n, i nliicli uaiiiint bu ,:uiil in ,.pun uovuis, in.iy bu uii,'l...,'.l in bi;;- ..f 
■ liii,^ Nuwb.un.llaiiil), i tunl.H uaili. I liiiun or .-luli liku, la-tunuil in sinli a rn.inn.r llial lli.-v 

iiEiii.sTii.vnoN or LErrEB.-*. T-' ',"' ''"'"■'''•^' "'"'""' •,'"■ '," ''''i^' uln-u.l, pi..ii,i,..l tli.i't 

lliuv bu liMii-paivnl, 8>i that lliu ollu'.'i's ol lli, l"n-i (Mil" lu.n 1.,; 
'i-.nii« |,.,-tiris lull.'r- t'niilainiiiK valuu slinubl be caruful to rc- | ^hW lo sili-fv tlnni-.'lvus as lo ihu natiiru ol llu' ,.orn,.iil-. 

111. 'Ill 1.. Ill' r..-i-lui'..,l, an, I t,. obiain from Uio l'o.-,lniastur a 'piiu i,a,'k,'l niav b.-ar ..n tliu uii(si,/.' lliu ii'Llr-u.* ..f tli :i,l.'i. n 

' .11,' ul I'.'.'i'ipi lor lu'gislia'iou. o.l.liti.,,. >.. tl... ,..1,1.,.^. .,1' ll,,, ,„.,-^,.>, I'.,,, it 1 :, 1, , ;,., i-, i , 

lu .liaii;.' for lio>;i'< iihu U.'^i.lrati.iii Stamp', in ajlilioii 
p.i-.tanu, if :\s billows, vi/. ; 

1 -.-f.- , ■■• — - • 

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liiiuii.,i - . - - ■ - -2 i',.nls, 

11,'H f.r 111.' Um'lu.l Sial,'.. .ir I'liiU'il Kiiin.b.iii • ' " 
ii'.'ul-. paltuni- 01 siiinplu. (I'aii |,I I .,iil\), 
i.'k p.iukul,. an.l nuw-pap.'r. I'l L'niluJ 

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ii.blili.iii to lliu a.Uliu<,- of 111" bir « li .111 il liny b,' iiil.ii'b' 1 ; 
ami al-.i a lia,b' mark or numliur, ami ih' ],iiu.' nf ill,' Miinpl.. , ii- 
ilosi'il : iiniil'-, tliuiu must bu no iiii'l,,-ur.' but lliu -.iiiipl,'- nr pal- 
ti'Mis'., Thu parli.ubir-. h.iwuvur. nf tliu Ira.l.. miik', 
nnnibir.. an.l prious, may b, marku.l nil tli.' aili.l,'. tli.'iiisulv,'-, of on thu uul.-iilu of ihu pa, kul. at ihu nplinii ,.f Ihu -I'lil. v, 

('..ui.Nsuiil f.,r i^ilu nr in uM',-iili,,ii .mlur. Imwuvur sm.ill 1I18 
.|iiaiililj ni.iy bu, or any arliulu sunt by ,,nu |.inalu in livi,l.i-il l.i 


l>i)\IIN10N Ol CANAKA 

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Lanilbury Huron, P. H *' 

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X II X ,|lliilii-l,w 

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M'>,r.'-Tille ... 

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X - I'slm.r Kill 

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..Ill, 111, lU. N' 11 11 I'lu 

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I' K 1 I'm 1,1111 

X S 

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1. I'm. St.tli,,|l ., 
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X S I'uk.liil,. 

X S I'lirk-'r'- l^ivu , 
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lli.rnii*..... ll,i'ark"iCrt.i«k I.iiiit.|il'iirij ... X > 

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Storm lilt . 

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Kill.:'- 1' K 1 V. 11 ii,.riu.iijy .. . 

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WnSTiR,N.Y. 14SM 

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"•■■■I"". l,i.i..«.l, I'l.rt KU'in, 

<■ k-'l""!!. Mill Wirinli.iin 

AiikM- -\i« Y.irk -Mi«,i« .Ic.lin J. t'uio* So 
Umlon-riiu .N.i'iiiMil ll.iiik iif Sontlall.l. 


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>'••» Vi.rk llarpiT & Uimilljy. t'liicago— Ciiii.i<luili 
tUitk i>t C '111111. -rti". 


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S:. Cithariiitia, 

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Kmi hn.N AuKNTs I.Mti'loii— The Tity Biiik, New 
York Tin NiUiohul 11.111k of ('<>:iuiitTefl ; Me^tura. Wat- 
toll .^ I. iUji. 




- $i!.nno.(iOii 

ri;i)i;KAi. bank. 

C'lriTiL Paid rr, 


lit. .11 UruLK, 


1S5, 11(10 



.Viirora, Kiiinnti'ii, .St. Mary's, 

Clnili.iiu, l.oii'loii, Stiiitiiiov, 

ilii.l|.li. NiM iii.irk-t, T'llfoiil'iit^, 

llilnilloii, S1111..1., Yorkulh'. 

,\iii.Nrs — Londoii, Kill! —The of .Sioi- 

,,..■■1. New York -.\lneri. Ml KxrhuiK'o N lIloIl;li Ikllik. 
t.'(tiiii>lA— Ikiiik uf Montreal nel lU Ihiiticlica. 

I. Ml 

KlAl. li.XNK ol' CANADA. 

('AriTAT. .\rriioiiizr.h, 
CaI'mai. Si incuii,m>. 

IIeadOiPICE— Cor. W. lliMKloii St. nml Kxehinne Alley 
(thoOhl K.\' li.iMo,. IIuiMlii^', Tuimmo. 

1!IIAN«.'IU:-S ; 


I'lirl C 









('Ani-AL, ...... f,1, 0011,000 

IIkau Outlet, ... TouosTii. 


I'aiii vr CaI'IIAI. 
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.N'kW YoIik AllKMS.— 


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FoiM hiN Aiir.NT.i. — 
•V C... New York-N 

Ollel'ei' Auelirv — I.n llil 

H.\NK OI'" I 

|.oSl.o\ (IH-li K. :i I'Irl 
IIEAIi t»l Kit 1: IN »",\V \ 

IIUAM 111.^ AM 
I.oI1<|o||, KllJ 

llrulitloiil, <lll 

I'.ill'.. .M .1 

lliiiiilton, 1,1", 

Tonuito, M. 

.\..l'vrs i< TllR t'.sli 

M.-Tivi-l, uii.l Will. .. 

; I,an,liiii;, I Kiiil.iy. Pi'itlaiel, III 

' I l,oV|io\ ItANKLKS. — 

(Ihi, ,\i r„. 


Vt'itriijs AoKNT^ 

niMM iiL.-f:, M,nint Fon'sl, r,iitr,iiy 

ItowiiiAiivillo, (i.hIiiw.-v, 1'. .Xltitll' 

iiu.l|,|i, OllaWM. Toi .nto, 

l.iti.lsay, IVlerli,iro. Wliilliy, 

Moiitriiil, Poit Hope, Wimiineij, Man. , . ,. . 

'__ "' ] Australia— I MioM lliii 

I'..i; Acir.sTS.— I.,.ii>l,ei. I'lii;. — .\lli.iii,-o Jlaiik , •"i""" I'''"'' "' An^li 
(I. mil'... I). K.w Y.,ik M.sMs. Walt.T Wats,.ii aiil I ','h'i> lliiik of N,« 

■ • ■■ • —Chill. I,. 1 \l,-r,aiili 

Chilli, Ak'i.i ILilik. I 
Bank, r.iri- .Me^sr:*, 
— fretlil l.yuliliaia. 

Alex. ].Allg. Huston— 'I'leliioiit National lt.aik. 


K-ti.Kit.s AiiKNiT*. — New York— J. O. Harper ftiiil .1. 
II. (ioft.ll.y. t'lin;.ig'>— J. ii. Orchard. 

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Fill .'. 


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St. Caih.iniiea, 



llvMifii'^. — New York—The Aine-ieaii F.xehaiiu'.' 
Nuti.'ual lUuk. 1.0. 1.1. in, Kiik'. -TIh llai.'»uf bcollan.l. 

Capital AiTnoRiztn, 
Cai'Ital I'Ain I'P, ■ 

Head UrriuE, - 




Harriet, .n, 


Cm ITAI, V.Ml> IT, 
I Ill'SKItVK l-'l"M>, 

IIkad OrFicB, 

niiiUord, II;irrintMn, Ni-wcastl"' 

raiiiMii^ton, M.iikh.iin, CulboriM' 

Fonp.ios Anrs'T* — M-mtn-ftl— Bank of M'tiitrf;tl. .XlmDri*- Unl 

Nrvv Y..ik-Mr ■ . > .- 

-Iiii|>0iial Itaiik. 

■ • _• • • ■•■■■■■■• .■Mliiiili',", 

,>i». tiitiiili' I- .V Wiitaun. Luuaori, Kiij^. lt,II>-villc, 

uiiAV' iir..-< AN 




Capital. $l,0(iii.ooii, aio.ii'io 

11k \ I. Il|t1,-K, • • • • roll,l.Mi). 

hraii' Il -(Jueeii .sti.-ei, eoriier ul I^MthiT. 

O.haW.I. Whithv, lll;,ni|ilon, 

I'xliri.l^i', liii^MiiiiiiviUe, N ipiii''.'. 

Oiilli.i, Ciib.iiiiK, l,ner| Maikel. 

K.. nil. IN AnilvTH. — Mollti'.'al I'll.' "f M'.li. 

(rea, N,'» Y.irk Tli.. Iliiik .if M.lill.'.il. I. 1 

Kiig. 'I'hn Natimal llaiik .-f S.'.itlm.l, »7 


Taiii ri' Caiitai., .... $J:i;l,>!l 

llKAll HlH' , • • • Sr. l!v\l'IMIlr. 

I llio.'kulle. 
'Chiiliaiii, N U. 
I Cornwill, 



llalil.x, N.S. 

■\i:ISIS IS (lllKAT Ii 

ti.'al, iillir.'hin l.'iiie, 

UXXKK.IC* IN tilll XI 

1 ..f I'ln-lali'l ; Tli, I 

I I'nionllanl. ..f I..111.I"., 

; 1 1, .Se..tlali.l — I'll 

llian lies 

.'ViiKNP'* IN lilt: 


SI lly i.'inlh ', an. I Si 'le-aire, \'Aj 
Nnv Y'MiK .V.;i N r N,itn.n..i Hank "f ilie Kei'' . W ili.r W.ii-'ir iii'l .\ 

(111. a^'.- Hank of M' 

H.\N(.l'K l)K ST IKAN. ^.n^TN^IV, "[.'n 

11,111k Ho.t'ii - Ih M 
I'xii. II' I'll II XI.. , - . $J'.'.|,0o() .'III,. l.-„iiii,'rs' aiil 

I1P.X1I iini. 1, • • • Sr. ,liiiis a, t,ii 

iiK\Nnit> 1 
St .I.ihli'' i,*.i.' . alil N,iiii.'rvill.', Que. 
Nirw Y.IHK V'.Ksrs Watson .V l,:ln^ 

Kraii' i»''.. — The r.,iiik 
Col,.. SI XI. ASl. I-', 
.I'.hii's Nl'l - Th. In 
lish i'.i1miii!.i,i -Th' I 
/.alalil ri." Rink 
la}. 111. ,'\l|.*trall.l -I 'il. 





St. Mary's, 

o NlltloM.ll li.lllkuf Sr.,l- 
,\rli:iiii;u N itiunul U.uik, 
it.H )>niiichv8. 





MiiNI'lll.M., OIK. 

I'AIll I'P OaI'IIAI. • • - 

ANKM'ir.H ; 

Mnnticiil nnil J.iil.ltc, I'. (JilcliM. 
N'kw Ymuk AiiKM's.— Niitiiiuiil I'.iik Uiiiik. 

{C.ID.IHKI, K,,Rii.:v- Ai.iM- -I.. nil..,, — (ilvii, Mill., I'„rl« 
:t",t)ll" ti ( ... I'i.n- |). I!. .•!,., I, i|. I l-i,i,s .\,iv \u,k-. 

' N^iti..jL.ii \\.u:U hI 111" i;.|Mii.ii.'. 


MnNTlilvM.. i.iriv 

Cai'Mai., J'i,onii,no» 

Fmim i.:n AiiKNTM.— 1 1..I1 illviin, MilU, Curiii- 

A C... N,» Vurk — X«ti >I liiink of the licimlilli-. 

|l,IK)n,Ou,i I (jMi'luT Aj^.n y— l.n 11 [Uf Natii.uale. 


MAMJli; NAIIii.N AI.i:. 

lIlMi III tic I • • ■ I "KC. 

St. nii.l lAcli,in-r Alky 
liliji, 'i'ul(.i> l<i. 


1!.\NK 0\- HKril.Sll NORTH 


t'xi'l 1 \I. 

All M 

• Ill/K 



»'\l'l 1 \l. 

M l;-. 

Mill 1 



Cai-ii \I. 



Ul\\> HKS ; 


. ■J,"lliP.iilW 


( itt.iwa, 


l'iri:i-|i.s Aai.Ms— Nni V.^k — Nutional Hdiik uf 
the lU'imlfliL-. ICiigkiii'l— .\.i!i >iial llniik ol ^cntUnd. 

EAS1'1"RN InW.N.Niiii'.s ]!A\K. 


t,M.vm i:::;:!'-"'' 

I'AU. r;Cu>iiA!,, • £l,l)i»i,iiOO .-rii. Ai' ni..i;izi 1. I ,u 1 1 II , 

1 » XI'II \l. I'AII' i.s, 

l..iM.,,\ din. K, :i ll,,i„i,IH l.iu... l...ii, St. K 0. jlii^ii'^i: '''Ml. • • 
ili;n. (Hi I. r IS lAWliA .-^t. .liiin. ».■»!., .M.mUual. 


HUA.N. Ill> \Nh A'.FM'lllS IN .AN \U\ : 
I.-'ll'l"!.. Kll/^-t'l|l, l''lc.|. (1 lMt(, .\.|1.. \V,(,.,.i,„, (> 

"" '"■'■ " ''" '^' ^-^ ■ i I ...111. ,..,k '' 

.<!. ■.(111,11(11 

I. •> I .•■.■■■< 


.SlU.l.lll;.."KK, Wit 

liK'lini.iii.l, Q. 




r..rl I'.irv, 

r, .\iti.iii'',< i..iii.iiiit!, 

T..I .i.l.., 
W iMi„i...t;, M,..l. 




M, .l,.|.i,, .S,li. 

K.irk' lAiii'-, II. C. 

A.:t-:NTS IV TUP, r.Miii. ,*^ I ,\ 1 i:,s, — \.-\v V.irk— 1>. A. 
MfTivisli aii.l Will. {.AwHoii. .S;ui l''iiiii.'iM.» -.-\. M.-- 
Kii.l.v. r.rllaii.l, iir.(;..ii — 1. i;.ic«ll'.-ll.)n. 

I...M...S llANKl.113. Tlic llauk iif Kiii;lan.h M.->r.. 
Ill\i. ,V r.i. 

K.>ui:hjN'ls — I.iv.'ipoi.l - ILiiik ..f l.iv.T|.....]. 
.■\ustr;tii.i — VtiiMii ..f .■Xiit.ti.ilm. N.-w /..'akunl - 

Tiii:. -AUi.ini-.' H..\nk ! *'" Kmk ..f .Auslr.ilia. Mai.k ».f N.-w /.alaiul. 

>. \V,ih.T Wilts. Ill Bill *'"l'||iiil IliiikofNiM /..-.(l iiiii, liiliii. I 'iiitia m..! .I.i]>,.ii I lli:\li ^ittl.'K, 

Am. SI.. -M..iiti'.Ml -Uiiik ..f I...ti.l..ii, 
' Kii;;liiii.l — I..Hi,|..ii jiii.l r..tnit\ Itank. li .al..u— >au..iiaI 
K.v.'luiu^f Ikiiik, 

it IViiik, 



— Oi.ut. i.-l M.T.ahlil- i'.iiik ..r lll.lla, l...lid..ll ,.li.| I 
t'liiiii, ,\l'1,i IViiik. l.iinit.-.l. W^•^t Iii.Ik'h— I'lilotiinl 
Hank, r,iM> ,\!.-.ars. MarL-u.iril, Aiiilrt- & Co. Lyi.iis 
— (.'rt'ilii |.^ullIlai:i. 

i:x(:n.\NGL; h.\nk of can.\d.\. 

I'Aiii t !■ I'avuai., .... Ji. nun. Mini 




lii:.\s. llE.-l. 
ii.t . raiklull. lint., 
I).4l..i.l. Qii.'. 

Ayliii.i, Hat., 

K iliKl.iN .A.iHNTs.— I., ii.l.ii — Till' Alliain'o H.i.ik, 
lI.uiilU'ill. Clil.;ii;.> -riii'.ti Nati..iial SvW 
t Yulk— iUiik ..t L'..liiliurcc. 

• • TulWNTO. t'AI'lTAL SflL^irKIllEll, 

("Ai'irAi. Taiii fi*. 


Itt.sKltVi; l''l'.M>, 

IIkah OfncB, 

J I J, 000,1100 

1 1 , itil'.i ,'.'l)0 

- ."..Otj.i, .1 

M'.MIIKAI.;,-< ami in .vn.u.a; 

al — Hank of M.iiitr.'al, ..\!*,„, i int, 
W.itaon, Luuitoii, lai^, li.H.-vill.', 
I lti..,'kviIlo, 
' I'ii.itliatii, N.B. 

1 r.ii...iiiv, 

llalll.v. S.s, 

II itiiilli.n, 




I'.iM 11. .p, 
(,1|1, I..-,., 


M(.)F.Si)N,^ H,\NK. 

I'AiriAI. .^llls. inill 11. 

l!i>r, • 

11i:ai. uiiitK. 

••■_',. 'I'll, 




M .11. I. .n. N II. SlraM..i.l M.ntr, ,1, 

N..«..a.stK.,N li -t .I..I111. Nil, I'.v.i.i, 

tiiMwa, ,-:i M,,i\», ' M. ;,|.,i.:, 

I'lill., 'r..i..ii|... |in..ii ,-?. .1111,1, 

r.l,', Wliilil|.i;. |s,.nl. 

r.Kvs. lira, 
r.r... kvllk-, 



M. rii.iiiia-.Oiil. T..r..iit.. 



Simtli'- K,,ll«, 

■\.;knis IN liiiK.XT li.iUAlN .|...|i.l,.ii llai.k.i! \1..M. ■\.it:"it.* IN- I'ANiin.— IJiuiIk!.' liiiiik an.l 
ti..,il, IMlir.liin l.,iiii., l, ,->t ... t. Ilinliin r..«i|..lii|.s 1 liilaii.i— llaiik of -M.iit- 

|iait,>!iii , iUnki.i>.< IN i;iiivr l;i;it\iN i...ii.i,,m .'I'i,,. ii.uik 
li.f Kiiiilaii.l ; 'I'll, l,..ii.|..n 111. 1 \V. ,..tiiiiii.i.M Haul. : Th,' 

.Sr. Ilvvnsiiii-. | Uin.iii ItaiiK ..f 1 1...1 l.u.i| I I'll, r,,nik..f l.iv,.i 

11 1, S.'..llaiiil— Til.- liiiii-l. Ian. 11 r..'n|.aiiy an.l 

" I llnlil 'lli-8 

11 Ic.airi'. r,v. ..ViiKNrs in iiir I'n Si\ir._\,,u ^■,,|'k 

1..1I ,111.1 lliil.iii.. Hank ami tlatr I'.rail, ||. s. Ni' 
Htiin.ui. k -liaiilv •■! ,\.\\ Hiiiii.-« I, k N.iva .^i.-.ttii- 
llililav H.iii.Hi^ r..iii|i.inv an.l ils llniinlif.. I'liiu'e 
IMwar.l lsl,iii,| — l ni .11 Hank ..| IMvl., Clial l..tli.l..» II 
aii.l ,--.1111111. i-i.l.', N..w|..uli.llali.l -l,'-..nilin|,-lal liiwk 
..1 N. ul-.iiii.tlaii.l. .St. .I.thu's. 

\..iNrs IN- (iiiKAP lliiirAiy. - I..iii.l..ii-A',liiiu's 

„ , ,..,,, ,,. iva, ,;' vv., 11 „ I..,. I .,, , -.'n iiv. , 1 A..iNrs IN- (.iiKAP Hill r Al y. - I..111.I..11 - Alhiiu'.- 

lal Hank ..r 111.' 1',1'i.uUi.-. « .ll.r W it. .11.1 .\l,.N,.n.l|.| l.,iii|;. ,,;. W all .'Ntn .1. .. r ,|i„,i.,.,li M....!-.. 1:1.., Mill. I',,.,,, i i-.. 

,nii.a,!..-Hanknf l.-i4«„M.-<-r..,t M I-m iJl i.m. Kmv! ,^^..^^^ Mills, C nm.- ,v 1 o. 

ST. ii-:.\N. 


.•ii-. .I(.iis a, yi I-.. 

I (-.» 1 

Napi.Tvill.', Qii... 
...Ill <\: I.anK 

BlNKIIi-IlN niKl'Mlla. SlAttS N.«-— Tin' I 
II, nk ..f N.-« V..ik. N.H .\ : ri... M.r. Nali..iia- 
H.iiik H..,l .11 -111. M.I- 

■\.;t:Nis IN- TNitKi. .SivTii. -Ni-iv Y.iik - .M..l..ln• 
v,, I ,. , ,. „ 1 ■■- N,it'..nil HaliK : M.«»is, T K ,-iinilli.-l» .V W. 
■^'"'■"" '■■'"'' '"'"•''" Wai . M.,si.s. .M..;t..n. Illn, 4 r,. H.....1..11. Mer- 

-n,.. l-%uM,iT..' an.l .\l.-,-li 1,11.. ■Niti..nal Hank. .S,n ..|,.„,,- s,,,,,,,,, |j^.„|^ j,,,,,,, ^■^_^^ |,,,,„„| ^ 

l-i-aii.i,.-.i-ni.. H..nk..lUi,li,,li...lnnil.ia, 1,.,, ,..„,,„„, ,.,„,„ ^,.„|,„,^,| |,^,„,^ • ,,|,„,„ 

(.'.11... NHL AM. K..|,Hl.l\ (•.inni-.|'..NI.l:Nl>. —.St. il-'nl N,,t„,nal Hiiik rl.-i.-laii.l ('..inlll. 1.1 .1 N». 

.I..liii'» M.I - 'I'll.- Hank ..IN. «li. 111. Man. I Hli- tiunal Hank I -M.-.-liann--' Hink, 

tisli r..liiiiil.i.i -'I'll.- Hiiik ..I Hntish r..lnnil.ia. Si-«- ' Kii-ni ■■.' ,ill.l M. .li.ini.-N' Nali..n.i: H,uik Mniauki-e 

Z.-iilanl III.. Rink ..I S.« /. il.iiil. In. In. rhina, — Wi-, ..ii-ili M,irin.- .V l-ii,- Inn To H,'- k T.iloilf - 
la|.i", Ail-tr.ilia -1 lil..|il,.l H.iiik C i|...ial...ii ,■!,■,■, mi .Salloi..! Hiik. 




Kl>H;»l I'l-M., 

Ilt.\i' ortii i:, 


i:ytm\ HANK Mi' MCW HKl'NSUICK, 

M<'SJJ:l AL. 

ST. .IcillN, N. n. 

Ntw ViiiiK J 



81. Til ■i.i:\».(hit. 

\\.,l. .."-. n,.,., 

II. A\' iiRa. 

Ml ilNTll, 


I'aiii I'r Cii'ini 
Si lll', 


I/iNliox AnKNT«— Williaiiin. Ilim-nn it Co. 
Nkw VdiiK .AdiMTi -Mv, i„iruc!i' Niilo.iiiil lliml;, 
lUiMT.iN A(.i.Mi> NuUoiial U.iuk. 


Paid I> l'aiii 

I'liKi.ins .\in 



Uwrii .s,.iiinl 
(.Ml. I..V, 


\v„,Mi|.,,j. M.,n. \v,„.i„.,...„i. MARiiiMi' KANK di' 'rnr: no- ii.M.'o"'ii">i 

HvM,n.> IS iihi u UiiiiMs -•riif n.v.i.n.i.iic MI.NkiN (i|' (. .WADA. 

Ii.iiUiii:: r..iLi| .iii\. :iu l...iiil..ii'.l .■^tici'i. I.'.iiil.'ii. (.Iu>' 
g,.« l,|..v,l,.i... f*!'. .I'MI.V. N. H 

A'.l ••■ ( IS NlW Y.'IIK — <» l:.\.li:lll(;i' I'liici-, , , ^' ' 

11.111 V ll..i;u,'. ill. I.I. .liu II. Ila.ii«,.lr I'.ui. I !■ ( ' »n i ,i . .... $I,fiOO,0n.. 

I'.vsKii* IN .Sk« Yuuk— 'rill- Ikiiik 111 NiM V.iik. 
K.U.A. I,,.s ,\.;isi< liiii.,ii,l l'.,ii,k ilniiil.'.l). r.ui. I'r i ,ii r 

Nh.W \.'M. \.ilM- .1. .1 I I-.-.. .V S.,ii. 

— r....i. s .\iii..s 



(iri:i;rf h.wk. 


ill \! HI ii. I, 

ri'di'i-i.-^ i!.\\K 1 ir M,w i;KrNs- 

8; wiCK, .\irk(l!.\N 


I . V. ;ll .• \s I- \..l M 11 ^ IN . \\ Ah \ 

OlUu .. m.i r..i..iii... iiiit, l'i.| "Ill 

Mi.lit 1,1. lu •"*!. I .itlMlUK!., Out, Tline l;i\,>i!i.(,l. 

Tli..i..!.l,.(iiit.>i\ Nm V..iii \|....!s. M.utl;iii.l. riiolp- 

A..1 s.> IS I...SI. .s — Tii. ri.i.iii r.iiik .'I I ..iLi'iii. 

ri:i;ii!:i;|. \"\. n i;. .\.,i\r-. Kli.'t N.iii..ii.ii r.,iiik. 

.'nil 11, Taui 
Ki-i i.\ I. 

Ill M. iiin. I- 

ST. .^Tll'lll N S 1! WK, 
.->.. .sl LI'lilN, .N 1;. 

Sr.\li.\( ('\.\ ii.WK. lU'I-Hlx', 

Cai irAi. Si iiM ninth, 
lin I'aii" I'r, 

.?l.niio.noo I 
■.•I'.i.S'.K) j 

P\ni I'l' I 'iiM 11.. - - . . 

Ilt.-ii;vi., .... 

I...M...V .\..IST« (;l>n. .MilU. I iirii.' .V > .. 
Nnv ^•.|iK .^las•T^' Diii.k ..f .N.h V..ik. 
r..-loN AutMs (ilulie Xiilioiial liaiik. 






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AoFsi- IS 111,-. 11..M1.M..S -H-.n!. ..f .M..i,tr.:il 
I 111. \.. . ll.u.k.l .M ■iitit.l, 
Nt" V..11K I |.' .Sn.illnT!! nii.l \V. W.its «ii. 
'• I .s,..s, l-,s..|.\sl. — .Sati.iiMlliiiiikofSiotUn.l. 

H.WK ( )1- .\ii\'.\ .SI I 1 1 1 A, 

I'l 1 H'l.l.S 

I u 1 1 II Ai 111' 
» \i 11 u I'm. I 

I'li-irM I'lii' Ir. 
I'M' '\ H.WK el- I.ii\VI-R(:.\\.\l).\ i''^"'^'- !'•■-". 

CaI'i I M . 

IJi.i; i-iiiiif. 

Qti.r.r.a i 

III .11' I 1| M. I', 


1' llr.r. 

I." 1 


".(Kill : 


isi> i.s \, 





rn \s. iii'« 


III.'^S, IIK-*. 

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tai\ Sii.iiN.iiiil Mmnltous '»f Wnr, fitr lln* iip*. nf 
tlii Army, Navy nirl .MilitM . Kite. 

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(;<n-'ral, I'oiiiini'iu tiovi-rnm nt, or uiiy of tin- 
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Hfu.-ii, Kitsh, SalU'.l, Uniii or ^inoki 


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I.r iiii.l. I M'J'J.'.ii .ii.'li, mill l.'i p 

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with ni.irk.'ri., 1 IuIIim aiiil I'lusi's, l.iit n.i l.alli. 

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I 'I. 'Ill, 111. In. 11 11:; lliiliiti; M I liin..saii.| liiilin;. \\'U< 
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tinuity Kn-t 

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I'.M; on all (loolis IMI'OII'IKH INTO THE DOMINION. 

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I'Hniit^t 1)11 ,ir!i<I.i 1 .tlli'ij ■Ttiiiilii I' MiikIih," \> Kii li 
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tuning I.f iiiiy I tut ii liiitttt>| fii^ u\' .Inly 

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I'.!)"!. I|;ll«l ..Ihl Itnlltll-tfl, fur UImI HtUlU, Ull'l llll ••tlo'l > 

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ticli'H, In lii'rlii'.fiisl iw raMiat,'u-iiiaU< is' liaiij- 

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I'lvviif'tit", fnr tii-[i)iii.u ni'n'l ItniMiiii: uiil lail- 
IV. ly tif-i, )iin.|iMMui cnal tar, \\fi^liini{ 1:^ [&