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Brooke's general gazetteer improved, or, A new compendious geographical dictionary [microform] : containing a description of the empires, kingdoms, states, provinces, cities, towns, forts, seas, harbours, rivers, lakes, mountains, capes, &c. in the known world : with the government, customs, manners and religion of the inhabitants; the extent, boundaries, and natural productions of each country; the trade, manufactures, and curiosities of the cities and towns, their longitude, latitude, bearings and distances in English miles, from remarkable places, and the various events by which they have been distinguished : including a detail of the counties, cities, boroughs, market-towns, and principal villages, in Great Britain and Ireland : together with a succinct account of, at least, seven hundred cities, towns and villages in the United States, more than has appeared in any preceding edition of the same work, in which the numerous mistakes and deficiences of European gazetteers, respecting this country, are corrected and supplied : illustrated by eight maps, neatly executed