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Full text of "The general gazetteer, or, Compendious geographical dictionary [microform] : containing a description of all the empires kingdoms, states, republics, provinces, cities, chief towns, forts, fortresses, castles, citadels, seas, harbours, bays, rivers, lakes, mountains, capes, and promontories in the known world; together with the government, policy, customs, manners, and religion of the inhabitants; the extent, bounds, and natural productions of each country; and the trade, manufactures, and curiosities of the cities and towns; their longitude, latitude, bearing and distances in English miles from remarkable places; as also, the sieges they have undergone, and the battles that have been fought near them, down to this present year : including, an authentic account of the counties, cities and market-towns in England and Wales; as also the villages with fairs, the days on which they are kept according to the new stile; as well as the cattle, goods and merchandises that are sold thereat"

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1^128 |2.5 
1^ mil 2.2 

t MS. 



















(716) 872-4503 




Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut canadien de microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes/Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibliographically unique, 
which may alter any of the images in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checked below. 


Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

I I Covers damaged/ 

Couverture endommag^e 

Covers rostored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaurde et/ou pellicul6e 

I I Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 

I I Coloured maps/ 


Cartes g^ographiques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I I Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 



Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
Reli^ avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

Lareliure serr^u peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distortion le long de la marge int^rieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches ajout^es 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela dtait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas 6t6 film^es. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires suppl^mentaires; 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a 6td possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-§tre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la m^thode normale de filmage 
sont indiquds ci-dessous. 

I I Coloured pages/ 




Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommag^es 

I I Pages restored and/or laminated/ 

Pages restaur^es et/ou pellicul^es 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxei 
Pages d6color6es, tachetdes ou piqu^es 

Pages detached/ 
Pages d^tach^es 


Quality of prir 

Qualit^ indgale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary materii 
Comprend du materiel supplementaire 

I I Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 

I I Pages detached/ 

r^ Showthrough/ 

rTJ Quality of print varies/ 

I I Includes supplementary material/ 

Only edition available/ 
Seule Edition disponible 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont 6t§ film§es d nouveau de fapon S 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 











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This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est film6 au taux de reduction indiqud ci-dessous. 

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les du 
ler une 


The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

Metropolitan Toronto Library 
Canadian History Department 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol —^^ (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

L'exemplaire film6 fut reproduit grdce h la 
g6n6ro8it6 de: 

Metropolitan Toronto Library 
Canadian History Department 

Les images suivantes ont 6t6 reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin, cornpte tenu de la condition et 
de la nettetd de l'exemplaire film6, et en 
conformity avec les conditions du contrat de 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
papier est imprimde sont film^s en commenqant 
par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
dernidre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second 
plat, selon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont filmds en commenpant par la 
premidre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la dernidre page qui comporte une telle 

Un des symboles suivants apparaftra sur la 
dernidre image de cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbole — ► signifie "A SUIVRE", le 
symbole V signifie "FIN". 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtre 
film^s d des taux de reduction diffdrents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtre 
reproduit en un seul clichd, 11 est filmd d partir 
de Tangle supdrieur gauche, de gauche d droite, 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images ndcessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la mdthode. 

f errata 
d to 


le pelure, 

^on d 













^ lr»"'f 

Y>^r£^/(' t/e^H^/Yi/f/h'Y^^^^^ 

^ y -m. 









irit ««^/t> 

^■■ ^ ■■■ ^ nncCTiraniiiirt aSuntim txxn ekksi 















^ R 

J^'tz ^'-^ 









'Oi(\'l\.Cu- ■■ 

n / 

.u ; 


t S/. . «. 


D I 




The G o 


and tJie 


' •^-■O il MBt 


General Gazetteer:- 

o R, 

Compendious Geographical 


Containing a Defciiption of all the 

'\. V- 









j SEAS, 

IN T f{ r. 

CAPES, and 


■ n p r w ii^ia 



T O G E T r: E R WITH 
The G OV E R N M E N T, To E I C V, C U S TO M S, M A N N E R 5.^ 

and Religion of the Inhabitants. 


i;x TEXT, Bounds, and Natural Productions of each Country; 
and the T r a o !• , M a n i; k a c i t r. h s , a ud U u r i o b i t i e s of the C-i Ues and 
Towns ; the! r Lo n g i t i; d i: , La r i t u u f , Be a k, i n c, and D i s r a « ct i i.';. 
Engliih Milc:> froni remarkable i'hicc^ ; 


I The SiECEi; iheyhave undergone, and the Battlf s that havv been fought 
nvar then, down to this pit-lent Year, 

1 N C L f D 1 N r. 

An Aiithcntit: A.ccovmt of the Coui;'ri:-:s, Cities, and Market- 
L TowNb iuENCLAMD and Yv'ALES; as alfo the V n-i-AC-s with 
,^ Faik.s, the Days on wiii^h tlu-y are kept according to the New Svil^ ; a-: 
I well ai the Cattle, Goods, a;i.! Merch:i!:J;i-a tir.ttare lold thereat. 

By R. BROOKE S, M. D. 

ifX'//' -.nGrci hommum niuJcnnn liMl i^ urbes Mor. 

L O N D O N: 
Printed for J. Newferv, in St. Paul's Cbvirch-Yard 






«-•»/* f~- 


// 6 1.^ 


P R E F A C E. 

HAVING for fome years pafl made Geography my 
ftuuy upon a particular cccafion, which perhaps iray 
appear hereafter, I could not help taking notice of the de- 
ficiency of all compendiums of this kind, borli with re- 
fpedl to the number and length of tlie articles, lor which 
realbn I hoped to do my country fome fervice, in giving 
them another more copious and more complete, continuing 
its portablenefs at the lame time. The defcription of our 
own country has been greatly negleded, as if it was hardly 
worth our notice, though it ought to be the firft and prin- 
cipal objtrcft of enquiry to every Briton. Tliis is not 
unlike the fending young gentlemen abroad to vifit foreign 
parts, before they have obtained any adequate knov.'Iedge 
of the laws, conllitution, trade, product, and geography 
of the realm in which they drew their firfl breath. 

Perhaps the deficiencies may be thought only to relate to 
pocket treatifes of this kind ; but the fame objeclions will 
lie againll larger volumes with relation to the number of the 
articles : which, that it may appear more readily, the rea- 
der may obferve that thofe wanting in others, are marked 
with an aflerifm thus ('*) 

Mowevcr, thefc are not all, for there are feveral other 
confiderable towns and provinces, which fhould have been 
thus diflinguiflied, and which have been overlooked. 

As for the ufefulnefs of geography in general, nothing 
need be laid, it being a lludy now greatly in vogue ; and 
there are none but the very dregs of the people that havK 
not fome occafion or other to be acquainted therr-v/nh, Ir, 

n is 


.^ PR ]?. F A c r.. 

is abiokucly nccclTu-y to men of letters becaufe^ no hiftory 
can be- well undcrllood rvithoiit it: as alio to politicians, it 
bein'- imponiblc to und:rlland the: true- mtercft ot different 
ftate°andcoLintiies, without the knowledge ot this Icience. 
Officers, both by lea ar,d laml, have great need of it, be- 
cauie it lets thcni inro the nature and eu-cumllances of places 
find towns and enable.^ them to take their meailires accord- 
inaly. Merchants and traders ought to ftudy it beyond all 
do'Iibr, becaufe it affills them in taking prudent nicalures 
in order to eilabiiih a beneficial commerce. In lliort, all 
tiiole who have either interefl or curiofity to know any thing 
of the tranfacftions of the world, or are defirous of forming 
fome judgment of tlie difi'crent events, which happen in 
the times'^of war or peace, ought not to be ignorant of 

The difcoveries that have been made of late years in dif- 
ferent parts of the globe, and the various fettlemtnts and 
emigrations in conlequence thereof, render tlie old fyllema- 
tical writers of little or no ule ; elpecially as they had very 
little knowledge of the places they treated of, and have 
Ihiffed their books full of abfurd and monllrous llories, the 
natural offspring of the credulity of thofe times. 1 wifli I 
could lay our modern relations were more to be depended 
upon in many inftj.nces ; for moil travellers feem to be very 
fond of the marvelbus, and for that realbn greedily fwallow 
the moil improbable fables. As fur initance, Mr. Oving- 
ton, afterwards the king's chaplain, tells us that in the 
ifland of Johanna, the inhabitant.'i have a cuftoni of burn- 
ing the devil evfiy year, and that he in revenge conftantly 
Heals one of their children annually, notwithllanding the 
utmofl: care to prevent it. liov/ever, this demon is fo good- 
natured as to inform them, after certain invocations, of the 
time of the arrival of any foreign lliip. He adds, that they 
often meet him 'in the highways and ilreets in the evening, 
and by the water-fide. Now if lb learned a man could give 
credit to fuch extravagant ftories, it is no wonder that ig- 
noiant Tailors fliould fo often be impofed upon, or be willing 
10 impofe upon others. 


The \ 
tion of 

all cities 
is a city 
to deier 
every la 
ever wa 
walls or 
is very 
lately d 
v;liat fli 
the oth 
taken i 
ways la 



and th( 

from e 

will be 

feme r 

coaft c 




thofe 1 

in whi 

the fa 

be pn 


arc ta 

^e no hi (lory 
5orticI;ins, it 
t of different 

this I'cience. 
tl of it, be- 
ces of places 
"ures accord- 
^ beyond ail 
nt mraCures 
in Ihorr, all 
nv any thing 

ot forming 
» ha(ij)en in 
ignorant of 

years in dlf- 
:lcnitnt,s and 
old fy/lema- 
it-y harl very 
'f, and have 
> Itories, the 
•5. I wifli I 
be depended 
n to be very 
dily fwallow 
Mr. Oving- 
that in the 
»m of burn- 
ti conflantly 
[landing the 
1 is fo good- 
ions, of the 
's that they 
he evening, 
could give 
der that ig- 
r be willing 



The places in this dictionary generally have tlie appella- 
tion of towns, which in others are termed cities j becaufe 
all cities are towns, though all towns are not cif'es. Be- 
fides, geographers are not agreed about the jj^opcrties that 
conflitute a city. In England and W;dcs every billiop's fee 
is a city, though the number of hou'es are l^aidly fufficient 
to deferve the name of a villa<.',e. In the Lo^v Countries 
every large walled place is a cicy, thougii it neitlic-r is, nor 
ever was a bifhop's fee, as for inllance Lifii : and yet in 
France they have a great number of cities Ukil have no 
walls or other fortifications. The French difiinguiih their 
towns by the names of /V//l', OVt', Boiir^^^ Bourgadc and 
Village -f but what the difference is between Ville and Cite 
is very hard to fay. Many would have Cite to be the molt 
ancient part ot a :own, and yet we find loine have been 
lately dignified wi;h that title, peihaj-.s by charter like our 
corporations, having Ibme parLicular privileges ; but then 
vv'hat fliall we lay l.o Paris, one part of which is a Ville, and 
the other a Cite. But be this as it will, the method I have 
taken is the lead liable to create confufion, becaufe it is al- 
ways laid, whether it is wailed or not, and whether it is a 
bifliop's fee or nc t. 

The cafieft way of finding places in a map is by the lon- 
gitude and latitude, the former being numbrrc;d on the top, 
and the latter on the fides : and therefore where lines drawn 
from each point, may be fuppoil^d to meet, there the town 
will be found. Befides this, there are the dillances from 
fomc remark ab't place or places, and the river, lake, or 
coaft on which any town is feated. The bell method of 
underflanding the map of any country, is firll to become 
acquainted with the moft remarkable rivers, becaufe all 
towns of any confiderable note are feated thereon, and then 
thole that fall thereinto, and the places they pals by, as alio 
in what manner any town is feated with relped to others in 
the fame country, of which a particular map ihould always 
be procured. 

The longitude is always rcckonc.l from Ferro one of the 
Canary iQands, according to the bell French maps, which 
arc far more accurate tliiin any done in iingland. It is ear- 


vi P R 1'. FACE. 

nal on cnftward all round the globe, iind if you wantthe 
dillVrcnce of the loncritude of any place from London, it is 
only fubllradin- thc^-aft number from the i^reutcfh I'hus 
1 ondon is 17 degrees 35 minutes eaft ot Perro, and Rcrim 
h ii 7. Subllraa the former from the latter, and you 
will find that Brrlin is more eaftcrly than London i ^ 32. 
The longitude of Ldinburnh is 14. ,S5> ^^^^^ '^ '^''^ ^'^'^^ 
ihatof London, and therefore more vvefterly by jhrce de- 
irvcc'u Likewife by lubdraaing tlie longitude ot London 
tmm'thatof any oiher j hex, you will have the lon'i;itude 
of that place in our Englil> r.iaj.s. They make ul'e of welt 
l()nn;itude for America •, for which realbn you mud lubflraa: 
tha? in this diftionary from :; 60 degrees, and to the dillc- 
rcnce iukl the l(jnn,itude of London, and you will have the 
wed longii ade from tlience. 'i'hus take c;o(), that of Bollon 
in New Ln^land, from _^6o, and the difference will be 54 ; 
To wliich add 17. 25i and the longitude weft of Bofton will 
be found to be 71. 35. And here it muH: be noted, that 
60 minutes make one de!:;ree. 

nies ail 
have b| 

this dij 
yet ai 
"with a I 
thing r| 


In the detVriptions of the empires, countries, provinces, 
dilbicis, counties, cities, ijoroughs, and towns, every re- 
markable circumllance is taken notice as tar as our room 
would admit. I have fliewn how each country is bounded, 
its extent, produ6iions, manufadorie.', forces, the numbers 
of the inhabitants, manners and religion, at lead as far as I 
could obtain any certain account. The cliibmces of places 
in Kngland and Wales, are reckoned according to Englilli 
ftatute mils, of v.hich there are 69 to a degree -, but every 
wl\ere elle I iollow the marine meafure of 60 to a degree, 
and in general this kit is moll convenient, becaufe the gra- 
duation on the fide of the map, will alv/ays fcrve inllead of 
a fcale of miles. 

There are great in^ rovements in the geography of Eng- 
land and Wall s, c;ue having been taken to get' an exa6t 
account of the prciVnt (late of the towns, or at lead the 
greatcd part ihcn-of : to which are added not only the mar- 
ket-dav% but thole of the fairs according to new dyle •, nor 
arc thole kept in the villagf^s of every county forojotten. 
An exact account has been obtained of ;he counties'in Ire- 

oil want the 
.onclon, it is 
■dtdt rhu% 

and Berlin 
?r, and you 
icion 13. 32. 
is Ids than 
by rhrce de- 

of London 
le lonji;itude 
' life of well 
Lid 111 bf{ raft 
) the diflc- 
'ill have the 
at of IJollori 
will he -4 • 

Bullon will 
noted, that 

every re- 
cur room 
s bounded, 
"le numbers 
as far as I 
of places 
to Knglilli 
)ut every 
) a degree, 
e the fxvj.- 
inllead of 

V of 
an ex. 1(51 
leail: the 
'■ the mar- 
dyle •, nor 
ies in Ire- 

P II E !• A C E. vii 

land, with regard to the number of houfes, pariflies, biro- 
nies and boroughs -, and it were to be wifned the fame could 
have been done for Scotland. 

Upon the whole, thougii T cannot fay wiili Echard t!iat 
this didionaiy will be of Handing ufe to fucceeding ag*. < ; 
yet a^ great care has been t;»ken to render it com]jletc ac- 
cordinp- to the fize of the volume; it is hoped it will meet 
with a reception proportional to its merit i than wiiich no- 
thing more is or can be defired. 

I might complain, as others have done before me, of tho 
difficuhies of writing diftionarics in general, and more par- 
ticulaily diofe of Geography, on account of thf diflerent 
orthogr.iphy of the countries and towns •, ihe contradiilions 
met widi in the befl treatiles of this kind, as wc-.ll as in 
maps, charts, and the relations of travellers : yet as I was 
not prcfled into the fervice, but was to all intMits anfl pur- 
pofes a volunteer, I have no b^tly to blame but mylelf, for 
entering upon fo laborious a tall:. 

However, 1 have be. n better enabled to reconcile diffe- 
rences, to expunge falfuies, and to let a!ide impoficions, 
from having leen a confiderable part of the world myfelf ; 
and from having made liich oblervations Xi in fome mea- 
fure qualify me to judge of pdaccs v.hicli I have not feen. 
Here you will find no felling of winds, no diabolical con- 
jurations, no nations of canibals or men-eaten-, nor indeed 
any thing elle that is fliockin;; to conimon-fenfe, or evident- 
ly repugnant to the culloms and pradices of other parts of 
the world •, unlefs the Ifrange accounts of the different ob- 
]ecl;s of worlhip may be fo elleemed: but then we find 
others to ir.atch them in very diilant parts. Thus if we 
find fome that adore a ily, we fliall meet with others that 
pay divine honours to a monkey's t(;oth ; fome to a lerpent, 
others to a tree -, not to mention tiie vaft variety of image 
worOiip all over the world : and therefore we cannot rejeft 
iHch extravagant practices, from their leeming abfurdity. 

It likewife requires fome fliare of judgment to make a 

proper choice of books of voyages and travels, for there are 

Icveral extant full of nothing but fabulouji dories. Thus 

A one 






viii PREFACE. 

one tells us he travelled through North America, and met 
■with a great number of elephants and lions, and another in- 
forms us of the mad pranks he played in his journey into 
Arabia the Happy, giving an account of tranladions ini- 
poflible to be true. Nor has our own country efcapcd ro- 
mantic dcfcriprions, and particularly one of a very late date, 
which, our of relpcd to the memory of the very ingenious 
author, 1 forbear to mention. All luch Utopian writers as 
thefe, I have endeavoured to avoid ; and therefore hope 
there is nothing ro be met with in this didionary, but what 
mav be depended upon ; at leafl: with regard to tiie moll ma^ 
terial tircuinftanccs. 

^5s r 



T H t 

G i 


aiitl tcrrcll 
piiiicipal ( 
bodies ;uk: 
earth. T 
fplu-re oii<: 
gain fonie 

The cclc 
The fixed 
they arc ca 
rclpeil: to £ 
tion?; one 
from ea(l ti 
ing tlie ftii 
ing to hiuv 
very (low, I 
ever, it is i 
heavens ; a 
hence proc 
ing progrt 

The plai 
being fonie 
ether. TI 
have a \vA 
them as fo 
dilhince fro 
Huygens, i 
fun. The 
turn, Jupil 
Mooa; bu 


'rica, and met 
md another in- 
s journey into 
uiladions ini- 
ry efcapcd ro- 
very late date, 
'ery ingenious 
)ian writers as 
licrefore hope 
ary, but what 
the molt ma- 

A N 

T II t 


T O 


TH E fclenc: which treats of the difpofition and aflemblagc of 
all parts of the univerfe, and the relati'tii they have to each 
other, is culled Cofinography ; that is, a dt^fcription of the 
world. And, as the univerfe is reprefented by the ccicitiHl 
and terrcflrial glohcs, it follows from hence that cofniography has two 
principal parts ; namely A!trono:ny, that takes notice of the heavenly 
bodies and their motions ; and Geography, which is a defcription of the 
earth. This la ft part is our principal objed; but, as the ftiuly of the 
fphere ought ncceflariiy to precede that of geograpliy, it will be j)roper to 
gain fume knowledge of this part of cofmography before we proceed any 

Of the Celcjlinl Globe. 

The cclefiial globe reprcfents the heavens with the ftars, which are 
dillidguillu'd into the fucd ami wandering, and thefe are called planets. 
Tlie fixed ftath are bodieS; which rtiine with iheir own native light ; and 
they are called fixed, bccaufe they always keep the fame diftance with 
rcfpeil; to each otlicr. According to Ptolemy they have two diftind mo- 
tions; one which is common to the whole he-avens, by which they turn 
from cart to weft on tiie poles of the world in twenty-four hours, carry- 
ing the ftars along with them. They have alfo another motion, accord- 
ing to him, from weft to eaft upon the poles of the ecliptic ; but this is 
very How, for it only amounts to a degree in fcventy-two years. How- 
ever, it is now well known that it is the earth which moves, and not the 
heavens ; and that it turns about its own axis in twenty-four hours : 
hence proceeds the apparent diurnal moti')n of the fixed ftars and fcem- 
ing progrefhvc motion, which is now called the rctrocelfion of the 
equinoxial points. 

The planets, or wandering ftars, have received that name from their 
being fometimes near, and fomelinK"S at a great diftance from each 
ether. Thefe are opaque bodies, which the fixed ftars are not, but 
have a light o'l: their ov.n ; infomucli, that now artrononurs look upon 
them as fo many fuiis v/hich appear fmall on account of their immenfe 
dillance froin the earth ; and that which is ncarelt it, according to 
Huygens, is at leail twenty-feven thoufaiul times more diftant than the 
fun. The i)lanets are generally faid to be feven in number, namely Sa- 
turn, Jupiter. Mars, Sol, ov the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Luna, or the 
Alooaj but ths fia) is improperly called a planet, bec?.u(e it is iixcd in 

b the 






the center of our fyaem ; but Terra, or the earth, iH-rformj the fam« 
motions v;hich have been attributed to that luminous body ; and the 
moon is only a fatellite of the earth. The planets m their annual mo- 
tions always keep within the zodiac, and they Teem to have a double mo- 
tion like the fixed ftais; but that from welt to eall is viliblc to the 
raked eye, and is in realiry what it appears to be ; for tiicy all, except 
the moon, revolve about the fun as their center. I'hey dcfcribe 
each a crcle, which cuts the ecliptic in different points. Saturn, Ju. 
piter, and Mars, are at a greater diftance from the fun than the 
earth, and Mercury and Venus are nearer; upon which_ account ihcy 
liavc'fenfible pliafo like the moon, Saturn makes its revolution 
aboi'it the fun in thirty years, Jupiter in twelve. Mars ^ in two, Vc. 
nus in about feven months and a half, and Mercury in about three 
months. Venus never wanders more than forty-eight degrees of the 
edipfic df/lant from the fun, and Mercury only twenty-eight, Saturn 
is thought to turn upon its own axis, bccaufe he has five fatellitcs, which 
revolve about him in the faire manner as the moon round the earth; 
therefore fome give them the name of moons, but we arc uncertain in 
what time their revolution is made. 

Jupiter has four fatellites, or moons, the periods of whofe revolutions 
are now very well known; and by their eclipfes the longitude of places 
may with certainty be dilcovered. According to Cainni, Jujjitcr turns 
about his own axis in ten hours, and confequently the days in this planer 
are five hours long, and the nights as much. Saturn is 980 times bigger 
than the earth, and Jupiter 1 170 times. Mars only one fifth as big ni 
the earth ; Venus is of the fame fizc as the earth ; and Mercury is only a 
twenty- fcvcnth part as big; but the fun is a million of times larger. 

Mais is thought to itvolve about its own axis in twenty-four hour; 
forty minutes time; and Veiuis, according to Bianchini, in twenty-four 
days and eight hours; but, according to the opinion of Callini, it h per- 
formed iii twenty-four hours and a few jdd minutes. Wlicii this plan:: 
precedes the fun, Ihe is called Lucifer, or the Morning-lhir ; and when 
Ihe fets after tji:> fi:u, (lie is named Vefperus, or tlie l"lvcning-f}ar. 
As for Mercury, we arc not certain whether he turns about his ow:; 
axis or not. 

0/ the 


Tht :hn, or rather the earth, is more regular in its tnotions than a- 
of the other planets; <.■ at Icaft, according to appearance, he coiitiiniali> 
moves in the ecliptic ciicle, and never wanders from it. The circle dc- 
fcribed by his daily motion is parallel to tlu; equator; and his apogee i^ 
abo.'^ the fevenili degive of Cancer, at which point he is at the greattf; 
diltance from the earth. His perigee, where he in neareft the earth, ii 

about the feve;jth d 

•greo ot Ca 

muft of necc.Tity move d 
faller ; from wh 

pricorn ; while he is near the former, k 

ence it come 


os\er, and when near the latter, a li 

topa(s, that he is feven davs longer in Iiii 
n from September to March, than from March to Scprember. Somf 


is nsardt the eanii thuu it is when h 

ps may wonder tho weather IhouLl be fo much col 

ri"cc. ^ 
earth. ' 
ccivcs fr 
wards thj 
i licfe ar 
tlie Hr/l 
with the 
the cnlio' 
not fhinc 
of the en 
has pcrfc 
firlf quai 
Hie draw 
tlie ciilig 

The n 
veil davs 
ceeds twc 
in overtar 
confifts ol 
nine and 


Icr w 

is farth.-r from it. To foh-e tlii! 


hen the fi::! Li^i, ftitJ 

rforms the fam; 

body ; and the 

heir annual mo- 

ive a double nio- 

is vifiblc to the 

they all, except 

I'hey dcfcribe 

ts. Saturn, Ju- 

e fun than the 

ch account ihcy 

its revolution 

rs in two, Vc- 

y in about three 

t degrees of the 

y-eight, Saturn 

2 fatellitcs, which 

Dund the earth; 

arc uncertain in 

.vliore revolution! 
igitudc of places 
ni, Jupiter turns 
lays in this planet 
980 times bigger 
le fifth as big v. 
Mercury is only 3 
times larger, 
vventy-four hour; 
i, in twenty-foi'.r 
'Callini, it ib per- 
When this plan:; 
>-thir ; and when 
he l"',vcniiig-ftar, 
i about his ow;; 

motions thnn a'^' 
ce, he continual!) 
t. The circle dc- 
and his apogee v 
; is at the greatef: 
reft the earth, ii 
ar the former, b 
• the latter, a littlf 
days longer in hii 
September. S(ini! 
Ider when the A::: 
it. To foh'c tliif 


difinculty, it muft be obfcrvcd that in the wimc; the fun h elevated much 
lefs abuve the horizon than in the fummer, and confequently, that his 
rays fall more obliquely on tliat part of the furfiioc of the earth which we 
inhabit. Befides, he continues a much (hortcriiinc above the horizon. 
He advances about a degree every day from wefl to eaft by his own pro- 
per motion; and as there are 360 degrees in t'le ecliptic, he palfes thro' 
them in 365 days, 5 hours, and 49 minutes. Hence the connnon year 
confiftsof365 days; and the remaining hours and minutes make about 
a day in four years ; for which rcafon in that fjjace one yiar is called 
Bilfextile, and confiftsof 366 days. But, becaufj this is eleven minutes 
too much for every year, they amount in 400 yenrs to three whole days ; 
for which reafon aftronomers have judged proper to retrench tlirce days 
in every 400 years, and to leave out the Billextile the firll year of every 
century. Upon this account the year 1700, according to the New Stile, 
was not Bifle.xtilenomore than the years iSoo and 1900 will be. 

0/ ihi Moon. 

Though the moon feenis to be much greater than all the other planets, 
except the fun, it is neverthelefs the kail of all ; and that which makes 
her appear fo huge, is becaufe fl»e is nnuh nearer the earth ; for flie is 
only 60 diameters of the earth from it in liei' apogee a!id 56 in her p-e- 
rigec. She is no more than equal to a fiftieth part of' the globe of the 
earth. 'Jlie moon is an opatjue body, having no light but what flie rc< 
ceives froni the fun ; and the different manners in whik-i. flie turns to- 
wards the fun, are the caufcs of what wc call the phafes of the moon, 
'I'licfe are generally faid to be four, namely, ihe new and full moon, am! 
tlie Hrft and lafl quarter. The new mocn is when fhe is in conjunftion 
\sith tlie fun; and flie bcinr at that time bctwen the fun and the earth, 
the enlightened part mult be tosvards the fun, and confequently (lie can- 
not (hinc upon us. But, as flic moves forward from the fun, a portion 
of the enlightened part will appear to us, which incrcafifig daily till flie 
has performed a fourth part of her revolution, flic will then arrive at her 
fiilt quarter. After this flie proceeds till one half of her revolution is 
performed, and then flic is in the full, and in oppofltion to the fun. Then 
flic draws nearer the fun again till flic has pafled three parts of her re- 
volution, and then flic is in her la!t quarter. In the hrft part of her courfe 
the tnliohtencd fide is towards the well, and in the knter towards the 

The moon performs lier revolution through the 7odIac in twcnty-fc- 
ven days and about eight hours; but r/; the fim during tliat time pro- 
ceeds twenty fevcn dci'recs forward, the mocui mull be about two days 
in overtaking him ; from whence it follows that from one new moon to 
another, there arc twenty nine days and twelve hours. 'I'hc lunar year 
coufilts of twelve of thefe new moons, and the lunar niontlis of twenty 
nine and thirty days alternately. The whole year contains 3^4 days, and 
confequently is f '.ven days lefs than the folar year. The Turks and other 
Mahometans, reckon their time by thefe years, upon which account their 
hJ^h fcltivals arc always kept at different parts of the folar year. 


I) 2 




4*>-* it 



Tlie proper iridtlon of tlie moon is in a circle, which cuts tli* eclipdc 
in tlie points called the Nodes. This circle is a little diflant in tho other 
parts fr.m the ecliptic, for which rcafon the fi;n is not cclijjRd every full 
moon ; but only when the i? ncMr her noJ,\. at thofe times. The eclipfes 
of the moon happen only when fhc is at fill, and likcwife near either of 
her nodes; for then the earth comes between the fun and the moon, 
and criilefjiiently the moon will be eclipfcd. The moon happens to be 
in an eclipfe much oftcner the fun, with regard to a particular 
place; fir the moon being an opaque body whicli borrows her light 
from the tun, when the earth hinders lier from being enlightened by the 
fun, the will appear eclipfed wherever flie is vifihle : but it is not the fame 
with the fun ; for the moon, being much lefs than he m?y appear 
eclipl\d to the people in fome parts of the earth, and not in others, 
This may be readily conceived by putting ont hoop of a hvigllicad 
arother; for this v/ill give a true notion of the declination of the 
orbir, or path of the moon, from the circle of the ecliptic. The mri\ 
diiiint parts of thefc hoops may be about three or four inches afiidtr; 
and then one will rcprefcnr the ecliptic, and the other the orbit of the 
racon ; likcwife, the places where they cut each ether will rcpr-'i-i.t the 
nodes or the nioon, called tl,c Dragon's Head and Tail, '['he fin* is, 
when the moon paffes the ecliptic from the foiith to the north; a:(I it 
is CL;lk-u ihc Alcending or North Nodi', or more ufuaily, tl'.e Drag mi's 
Head. Tiic 01 her is at the paffage of the moon acrofs fhc e:;liptic, from 
north to fouth, and is termed the Dofncnding and South Node, or ihe 
Dragon's Tail. Thefe nories are not fixed, but are continually moving 
buckuards, and confequtntly are fometimes in one place and lomctimci 
in aiiiitiirr. 

On the cdeitia! globe there arcf^fty conf^ellation^ of which twelve are 
m tile zodiac, and are ca'.lud fig.-is; twcjity-thrce in tl'e north jiait, and 
f.ttccn in thefo'uth. Aftronomers allow the breadth of the zodiac to 
be lixteen degree^; that is, eight en the north ilde of the ecliptic, and 
eight on the fourh. Butthis and the other circles are beft repr.ft iit.'d in 
what IS called an armillary fphere, for there the zodiac in particnhir will 
ai^pear m its proper dimenfions with the twelve figns engraven thereon, 
1 he namesot the fi.v northern figns are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer. 
Lea, and Virgo; and the fix fouthern, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Ca- 
pncornus, Aquarius, and Pifccs. 

But to be more particular, an armillary fphere is a machine compofcd 
of feveral circles, and a fmall globe in the middle to reprtfent the earth. 
1 he e CUT, es are ten in numb.r, of which fix are great, namelv the 

ZT'n .'''' '^' "''^■''^''''"' '^'' l^""^^'"' and the two colures ; 

io f,„all, viz the two tropics, and the two polar circles. The firft are 

otiKT: ":f t^ '"^ '^' ^?'=^'-^ "'f« fvvo equal parts; and the 
htZoV rl' ^'""'"^ '^''y ^'^'''^^ if into V,vo unequal parts, 

cr s • H ■? "'■ "i' ^'^'''' '^ ^"PP°^^^- f« '^^ ^'i-^'^d into ,6o dc 

We I've I. 1"''"'° 6o iT^inutes, and each minute uito 6o feconds 
c i..;c already taren notice of the zodiac, and thpr.fnr. n.,ii ,......, 

to the other cir:lcs 

the zodiac, and therefore fhall proceed 



of ih'j worl 
to turn ro 
aitificial fpl 
pnk'S, deri 
vhole mac 
points. Ti 
equal parts 
this circle, 
\\orkl ; iinc 
Mfj of this 
ami that ii 
and that ii 
The points 
wh.en the u 
tvcvy pait ' 
gins at ciil 
of the famt 

The Mcr 
tlie world a 
f))hercs, or 
dc;it;il. It 
it cms th.; 1 
it iiKu-ks h; 

fl.irs rip,>(.":u' 
Zc'iiiiis and 
ridiaii is ch 
towards tite 
ftantly char 
reckon 360 
of the cqua 
It !ias b( 
though this 
Fcrro, wdiic 
fame, and t 
bccaufe the 
the Dutch p 
Ifiands. A 
whore thev 
globe is to f 
applied ; nn^ 
into oriental 
altitude or I 


cuts til? ecliptic 
[mm in th:: other 
lipfijd every full 
s. Theeclipfes 
ft near either of 

and (he moon, 
n happens to be 
to a particular 
TOWS her light 
ii>h toned bv tlie 
; is not the fame 
he in-Tv appear 

not in others. 
.1 hviglhcad 
•.lina;ion of the 
tic. The mril 
ini;hcs arndcv; 
he orbit of tlie 
II rcpr!''cit the 
The tiir ?s, 
J north ; :i: d it 
.■, t!'.e Dra^v""''? 
ic celiptic, from 
h Node, or the 
iiiually iiKning 

and lot"ni.tiuiCi 

hich twelve are 
lorth part, and 

tlie '/oitiac to 
le cclip'.ir, and 
: repri-Tt nti^d in 

particular will 
■raven thereon, 
eniini, Cancer, 
a^ittarius, Ca- 

:hine compofcJ 
:fent the earth. 
It, namely the 
e two colures ; 
The firfl are 
parts J and the 

unequal parts. 
:d into j6o de- 

to 60 feconds. 
:e (hall proceed 



0/ the E'ftalcr, 

The Eqitator is a great circle, ninety degrees diflant from the poIcB 
of the world; and to underltaud what thefe arc, the world is fuppcfcd 
to turn round an axii, which may he readily conceived, b.y viewing an 
artificial fphcrc. The jioints h/\ v, liicii it enters and goes out, are called 
poles, derived fiom a Greek word, fuMiiiying to turn ; becaufe tlie 
vh"L' machine of the univerfe \t fi!;M>o(cd to tuju upon thefe two 
points. The Equator is fo nained, hicaiiR it I'.ividea the world into two 
ecjual pai'ts. It is alfo tailed the equiuo.\ial, becaufe wlieii the fun is in 
this circle, there is then an cqualiiy uf chiys and nights all over the 
\\orId ; and hence thefe points are called ih'.- equinoxes. The principal 
ufj of this circle is to divide the woild into two equal j)ait-i i,ii abc^e, 
and that in which the artick pule is fouiid, is call.d tiic Noithern half; 
and that in which the anrartick polo is }!!a:ed, i* the tjoutherii half. 
T!'e points where tlie ecliptic cuts this circle, are the equinoxes ; for 
when the !'un comes to 'liiefc, there is an equality of days and ni;;hts in 
tvery i)art of tiic eaith, exc^-pt uiidir the poks ; lor riien tiie fun be- 
gins at cither of theic to make a tiay fix moiiilis in length, and a night 
of the fame duration in the contrary part. 

Of t':c 'Mt'l-'cvan. 

The Meridian is a ji^rfr.t circle, fuppolci to pnfs through the pole's nf 
the vvorld a.nd thefe of thehoiizon, cutti;vp: the fph^re into two hemi- 
f]/!tercs, or into two eq.ial parts, the one oriental, and the other occi- 
dc.ital. It :'.iro palles thrrni^ijh th.c zcnirli and nadir in every place, and 

it curs \h: h''.:i7(Mi at n;; 't .mylcs 
it mark': l\air luv fp-V.-j '»i ■i;i 
ftars api'car above 'lu; hoii/on. 

ii ij called the Meridian, becaufe 
duiin'.i; which the I'un and the other 
As liiL-re are ai inllnitc number of 

Zeniths and liorizons, \\\\\\ or the Meridian is alfo infinite; f(>r the Me- 
ridian is chan^;ed a- wlH as tlie zeiiiiU and horizon, every flcp we take 
towards tlie Ea'l or Well ; but it we pais in a tight line Noithwards or 
8;)i!thwards, we Itili continue under the farne Meridian, tliough we con- 
ftantly change the zenici and liori/.on. ilnvever, geographers only 
reckon 360 Meridians, which are lUfipoIcd to path's through every degree 
of the equator. 

It has been cuftomary for (leograj^hers to eftab!illi a firft Meridian; 
though this is altogether arbitrary ; Ptr^lemy placed it at the illand of 
Ferro, which is the moil Weltern c'i the Canaiies ; the French do the 
fame, and this has lik^wife been obllived in ih^- following Dictionary, 
bccaule tiic b. (I maps now extant are graduated after that manner ; but 
the Dutch place it at the pike of Teaeiiii', and others at the Wellcrn 
Ifiands. As for altronomers, they generally fix theirs at the place 
wuLre they make their obfervations. The tile of the Meridian in a 
globe is to fnew when it is noon or midnight at the place to which it is 
applied ; and to divide the vifible hemifpheie into two parts, natuely, 
into oriental and occidental. On the fame circle they reckon the grcatelt 
altitude or elevation of the ftars and plancti above the horizon. It 



alfo determines the right afceiifion of the liars upon the equator, and 
the longitude of places upon the earth ; for they are both nothing 
more than an ardi of the equator, reckoned with regard to the Itars 
from the equinoxial colure; and with refpeft to the places upon the 
earth, from the firft Meridian to the Meridian of the propofed place. 
It alfo fcrves to determine the declination of the flars, and the latitude 
of towns ; bolh the one and the other being an arch of the Meridian, 
counted from the equator to the ftar, or town propofed ; for what is 
called declination in aftronomy, is the fame as latitude in geography. 
On this circle ihe elevation or height of the pole is taken, which is an 
arch of the Meridian, reckoned from the horizon to the pole, and is 
always equal to the latitude, whofe compliment is the height of the 
equator above the horizon. Tiie horizon and the meridian taken toge- 
ther, divide the heavens into four ])arts, of which the firft is the fupc- 
rior oriental, the fecond the fuperior occidental, the third the inferior 
occidental, and the fourth the inferior oriental. 

Of the Horizon. 

The Horizon is a great circle, which divides the world into two equal 
parts or hcmifpheres, of which one is fuperior and vilible, and the other 
inferior and iiiviiible. This circle '■n ;i ;^!obe is the largell of all ; and 
the mtiidian is iaclofed therein witii all tlio \\i\ of the (phere. Befidcs, 
it is immoveable, and on the circinnfercnce are niark'd the degrees of 
the twelve figns of the zodiac, the days of the twelve months of the 
year, and the thirty-two winds; and tluy are ofcqi:.:! ufc with regard to 
fpheres and globes. ]n the riaUiral i'plicre, the lIuri/,on is the great circle, 
that feems to join the earth or fea with the heavens, and which bounds 
and terminates our fij-i-.r. Each i>ariicnlar place has its liorizon fixed 
and itnmoveabie, and yet wc change it every itep we take ; however, 
every one is in the center of his own Horizon. The poles of this circle 
are in the zenith o;- the point diredly over our beau's, as well as the 
nadir, which is diredUy oppofite thereto. 

The Horizon is divided into a rational and fenfible ; the rational h 
that which may be co;iceived to pais through the centre of the earth, 
and divide the world into two equal parts, the one the upper, and the 
other the lower. The fenlible Horizon, though nearly as great as the 
rational, is, however, named a linall circle, parallel to the furmer which 
touches the furface of the earth at the very place whereon we ftand ; 
but It docs not divide the heavens into two equal parts like the rational, 
and yet the difference between them is almoll infer. fi!)le. The rational 
Horizon makes feveral angles with tlic Equator, according to the prjfi- 
tion of different places, and they are likewife di/linguiaied by fcveral 
names, accordmg to the different pofitions of the fpherc. 

The Horizon divides the world into two Hemifpheres. as juft obferved ; 
Jrom whence it follows, that it is always day in the one and iiiMit in 
tiiC other._ It determines the rifing and fettini: of the ftars, the len° th of 
c^ay and night, and the beginning of twilight and the dawn of thc^day, 
both^hich begin when the fun is eighteen decrees below the Horizon, 
ihelc degrees hkcwife fcrve to determine the duration of twilight and 


the dawn 
tho fun is 
It alfo d; 
place whii 
the help < 
there beii 

In fphe 
by a great 
fume brea 
on the thr 
fiance, th 
the middli 
ing to eve 

The fpl 
regard to 
oblique, p 
the woilu ; 
this pofiti( 
are dividet 
and nighti 
tants will 
bcfides, tt 
them ; anc 

The par 
tor, and vv 
this pofitio 
the Horiz' 
who live d 
together al 
been btfor 
without re 
that begin 
rizon. if 
moon duri 
ance, whic 
but a fin^ 
time pcrt'o 
fliine durir 
have affirni 
than in an; 
the much ; 
other ; the 
t The obli 
pofition of 
7.on, excep 
bit any pai 



equator, and 
both nothing 
] to the itars 
ices upon the 
ropofed place. 
I the latitude 
the Meridian, 
; for what is 
in geography. 
, which is an 
; pole, and is 
leight of the 
n taken togc- 
ft is the fupc- 
d the inferior 

ito two equal 
and the other 
\ of all ; and 
;rc. Bcfidcs, 
he degrees of 
onths of the 
ith regard to 
: great circle, 
/hich bounds 
A)rii;{)n fixed 
c ; however, 
•t this circle 
well as the 

rational is 

f the earth, 

•er, and the 

;reat as the 

nuer which 

we ftand ; 

le rational, 

le rational 

o the pofi- 

by fcveral 

obferved ; 
d niiht in 
ic lenf»th of 


)f the day, 
e Horizon. 

alight and 


the dawn of the day; for nithcr the day nor the night are perfefl till 
tho fun is entirtly rifcn above the Horizon, or fully deprelfed below it. 
It alfo diltingiiilhcs tho cardinal points of th- world, and where the 
Meridian and Horl/.on cut each other is the north and fouth : and Hie 
place which the Horizon cuts the equator, is termt'd calt and well. By 
the help of thefe the rcmaininc: twenty-eight points art- alio determined, 
there bciu"- thirty-two in all, as above mentioned. 

In fphcres and globes, the rational Horizon is generally rcprefented 
by a "reat circle, into which the grand meridiati enters ; and there is 
funic breadth allowed, that there may be room to mark feveral things 
on the three different circles which it generally contains. As for in- 
ftance, the principal winds, are on that next the outfide ; the months in 
the middlemort, and on the inncrmoit the figns of the Zodiac anfwcr- 
ing to every month. 

The fphero or globe may be placed in three different manners with 
regard to the Horizon ; from whence comes the diitiaiftion of the right, 
oblique, parallel and right fphere. The right fphere is when the poles of 
the v\ oi Ki are in the Horizon, and the zenith and nadir in the equator. In 
this polition of the fphere, the circle defcribed by the motion of the Am 
are divided by the Horizon into two equal parts. And in this cafe the days 
and nights will be always equal throughout the year, and the inhabi- 
tants will perceive the iv.n pafs twice a year diredly over their heads ; 
bcfides, there is no part of the heavens that will not become vihhle to 
them ; and they may perceive all the itars make their appearance futcef- 

The parallel fplicrc h that wherein the Horizon is parallel to the equa- 
tor, and whole zenith and nadir are in tlic poles of the world. I;i 
this pofition of the f[)herc, one half of the cclii)lic will always be above 
the Horizon, and the other lialf !)e!ow it. This is the cafe of thofe 
who live direftly under the poles ; ibr they will fee the fun for fix months 
together above the hori/oi!, and he will be fix months below it, as has 
been before hinted at, and confcqujntly the day will continue fix months 
without reckoning twili^^h.r, which will continue four montlis ; for after 
that begins the fun, which will be two months in ufcending to the Ho- 
rizon, if to thefe four months of twilight, arc added the light of the 
inoon during tiie two niuut'is of entire night, the length of its appear- 
ance, which will be one month In the whole, the inhabitants will have 
but a fingle month of entire night ; becaule this luminary in that 
time pertorms two of its rotations round the earth, and they will fee it 
fliine during a fortnig'nt each time. Befidcs, fome ii^gci;ious authors 
have affirmed, that tlie twll'ght is much greater at or near the poles, 
than in any other part of the earth. And if fo, thefe people will have 
the much gieatell part of the year the benefit of light of one kind or 
other ; though it is certain they never can fee above one half of the 

The oblique f;)here is that which has an oblique Horizon ; and in this 
pofition of the fphere, all the circles v.'ill be cut unequally by the Hori- 
7.on, except the equator. This pofition agrees to all people that inha- 
bit any part between the ec^uator and the poles, for which reafon there 



are no days and nights in any place, except at the time of th= 
e quinoxe;; and a.nfequ.ntly. thranghont all the reft ot the year. th. 
"Ltl. of the day will be greater or lef. than the .ught. Th.s mequa^ 
lit;'of the days and nights is. becaufc the.r Hon^on cuts the du.rna 
circles of the Am into unequal parts ; and the .nhah.tants wdl fee a part 
of the heavens more or Ids great, according as the pole is more or lets 
elevated above the Horizon. , • , , 

Th^' two colures are two great circles that cut each other at right 
aneles to the poles of the world. One of fhefe is named the equinoxial 
coUirc becanfe it paiL's by the two Cations of the equator and ecliptic, 
that mai k the points of tlie equinoxes. The other is termed the lollli- 
tial coUire, becaufe it cuts the equator in the points called the lolftices. 
The firll of thefe happens when the Am begins to touch Aries, or Libra, 
and the fccond when he enters Cancer and Capricorn. Thefe two circles 
ferve to divide the heavens into four parts, and the year into four 

feafoMS. 1 ,- -I , 

The tropics arc two fmall circles parallel to the equator, dercribed 
by the fiilt points of the lirft degrees of the figns tenned Cancer and 
Capriooni, that i.,-, wh:re they touch the ecliptic. They aro^ dillmc 
from the equator very near twenty-three degrees and a half. The fun 
deferlbes thefe tropics about the 20th day of Jun;, and the 2 ill day of 
September. When he touches the tropic of Cancer he makes the long, 
eft day for tlie inhabitants between the equator and the north pole; and 
when h: comes to the beginning of Capricorn he makes the loiigefl day 
tor the people between the equator and the fouth pole. On the contrary, 
the fnorteli day to the former will be when the fun touches the tropic 
of Cajiricorii, and to the latter when he comes to the tropic of Can- 
cer. For tliis reafiin, thefe points are called the winter and the fum- 
mcr tropics, as alio the fonthcrn and northern ; and they are as it 
weie the two barriers beyond which the Am never pafl'es. They in- 
clude that part of the earth uAially termed the torrid zone ; and they 
n;arl; upon the Horizon the four collateral points-, which are the fum- 
ni?r eafr and vveli, and the eaft and weft of winter. Likewife the 
tiifu'ieiice from the fame points determiiies the Am's greateft amplitude 
of riung and fitting. 

The two polar circles are dillinguinicd by the names of the artick 
and antartick ; and they are circles parallel to the equator, dffcribcd by 
the |)oles of the ecliptic, about thofe of the world, by the revolution 
of the primum mobile, or firft mover. They are termed polar, bccaull' 
they include thi: poles of the zodiac in their circumference, or rather, 
becaufe they are near the poks of the world. They fervc to bound ihc 
fri-id and temperate zones, and include the fpace of the frigid zones, 
co-nprthended between thofe circles and the poles of the world. And 
likcwif' they include, with the two tropic;!, the two temperate zones. 
Tiicy alio mark on the two colures, the interval comprehended between 
the poles ot the world and the poles of the ecliptic, which is equal to 
the g;eateft declination of the Am, that is, 23 degrees and 29 minutes. 
1 he two tropics, afid the two polar circles together, divide the heavens 
and earth into five zones or bauds; namely, Uic torrid, the two tempe- 

bte, and 
torrid zon 
circles juft; 
Tuch as th 
Jame ; tht 
and declin 

As the 
which geo 
ferred to 
fphere ; fo 
zodiac, its 
regard to 
The tw( 
which the 
earth is lik 
to that in 
circle on tl 
vans. It c 
other foutli 
the zodiac 
twelve fign 
minutes, as 
from the e 
the like difi 
divides the 
been alread 
jizon of ar 
the place ; 
dian, and e 
the latitude 
The mer 
i-eftrial glol 
people has 
dian dvides 
tern. The 
may be pla< 
foever it wil 
meridian ar 
parallel con 
the place, 
that place a 
faid to be tl 
with regard 
the firft mei 
fjom theiic 
J^arallel cir( 


he time of the 
the year, the 
This iiicriua- 

ts the diiiriuil 
will fee :i part 

is more or lets 

other at right 
the equinoxial 
!• and ecliptic, 
ned the follli- 
d the folftices. 
ries, or Libra, 
lofe two circkvi 
'car into four 

itor, defcrihed 
:d Cancer and 
:y are 
lalf. The fun 
the 21 ft day of 
lakes the long- 
arth pole; and 
the longeft day 
n the contrary, 
hcs the tropic 
ropic of Can- 
and the fum- 
ley are as it 
They in- 
nc ; and they 
are the ftiin- 
Likewife the 
iteft amplitude 

of the article 
•, dcfcribed by 
the revolution 
)olar, bccaulb 
Kc, or rather, 
c to bound the 
le frigid zones, 

woild. And 
iperate zones, 
ended between 
ich is equal to 
id 29 minutes, 
le tho heavens 
he two tempe- 




i N t 

iitc and the two frigid zones. The equator lies in the middle of the 
torrid zone, and the poles give the middle of the frigid ; befides thefe 
circles juft defcrihed, there are feveral others of 5>reat ufe in aflronomy ; 
fuch as the circles of longitude of the liar thofe of latitude of the 
fame ; the circles of light afcenfion, as well as thofe of oblique afcenfioii 
and declination. 

0/ tbe Circles fuppofeJ to he defcrihed on the Tcrrejlrial Glohe. 

As the fun, as well as the heavens, feems to turn about the earth, 
which geographers place in the center of the world, they have trans- 
ferred to the terreftrial globe the greateft part of the circles of the 
fphere ; for which reafon the earth has its poles, its axis, its equator, its 
zodiac, its meridian, its horizon, its tropics, and polar circles; but with 
regard to the colurcs, they have rejeded them as nfelefs. 

The two poles of the earth are the two points of the furface through 
which the axis of the world is fuppofed to pafs ; and the axis of the 
earth is like a line drawn through the center of the earth, corrcfpondont 
to that in the heavens. The equino.Kial line, or equator, is a great 
circle on the furface of the globe, over-againft the equator in the hea- 
vens. It cuts the globe into two equal parts, the one north and the 
other fouth. The zodiac of the earth is a great circle, which anfwers to 
the zodiac in the heavens, or rather the ecliptic, and is divided into 
twelve figns. Its greateft diftance from the equator is 23 degrees 29 
minutes, as above. Its tropics arc lefler circles at the fame diftance 
from the equator, and the polar circles are thofe of the fmall kind, at 
the like diftance from the poles. The horizon is a great circle which 
divides the globe into two hemifpheres, the upper and the lower, as has 
been already obfervcd. The horizon of the globe may become the ho- 
tizon of any particular people ; and what is called placing the globe 
horizontally, is to make the horizon of the globe become the horizon of 
the place ; which is done by putting the place under the grand meri- 
dian, and elevating the pole above the horizon to the fame height as 
the latitude of the place. 

The meridian is a great circle which pafles by the globes of the tcr- 
i-eftrial globe, and cuts the horizon at the north and fouth points. Each 
people has its different meridian, as before-mentioned ; and the meri- 
dian dvidcs the globe into tv/o parts, the one eaftern and tlie other wef- 
tern. The firft meridian, as has been before obferved, is arbitrary, and 
may he placed where-ever a perfon pleafes ; but let it be placed where- 
foever it will, the longitude of a place is the diftance between the firft 
meridian and the meridian of the place ; or otherwife it is the arch of the 
parallel comprehended between the firft meridian and the meridian of 
the place. The latitude of a place is the diftance between the zenith of 
that place and the equator, and it is either north or fouth. It may alfo be 
faid to be the elevation of the pole of the place above the horizon Tbui 
with regard to London, as the arch of the parallel comprehended between 
the firft meridian and the meridian of London is the longitude, it follows 
from thence that the degrees of longitude ftiould be reckoned upou 
pamllel circles. In like manner the latitude of London btiiie an 



■ r ■% '1 




on III! 


arch of the mcriilian compreliciidcil between the equator and the 

of Loudon, the degrees of latitude inufi: be reckoned on tlic ;nciiijians 
that h to fay, on the great circles which pafi by the poles. 

Jt may be readily perceived from hence, what longitude and latltud; 
are, and that the degrees of latitude arc ;ill equal. Tiiey cont;iin about 6l 
En:.'lilh Hatute miles, or 20 marine leagues ; but thofe of longitude, on the 
coMtiary, have no where that extent, except under the equator ; for thi-, 
cuntiiiuallydiniinilh as they ai>proach the jjoles, according to thcfoUuv,- 
iii^ tabic. 























•1 »» 
J J 




























































































1,' , 





Lat. Min. Sec. 
46 41 40 












= 3 









J I 


















** Z 




20 • 






On the j 
marked on 
on particul; 
tile latitude 


The tro; 
into zones ; 
tluce a fccoi 

As the tr 
may be faid 
jirehendcd 1 
rii'c league; 
have their 1 
towards th( 
tween the ti 
djf^rce<; eaci 
bccanfc the} 
that is, alw 
arc included 
the breadth 
v/hich ant'wc 
are called Vc 
according- tc 

As the p 
form a thre 
to tlie difr 
tindion a 
fame latit 
<?rees of ! 
mate, but 
place, it 
of lonoitu 
lians ; tha 
fons ; that 
and the co 
Jjofite to c; 
fercnce of 
fons, but c 

th.e end of 
i" the fiini under 
ii:id that, ii 
"t each (,ii, 

^M- tliLll t! 

tv. ca:\-:oti 



;iiid the eenlili 
the ;iKiidiaiiSi 

cic and latltudt 
)nt;un about 6^ 
gitudc, oil till; 
iatui" ; fur t!u' 

to the fuUuv,. 


1 On the globes and maps of the world the degrees of lonpltiidc are 
marked on the equator, and (liofe of latitude on the grand meriilian; but 
on paiticiihir maps the longitudes arc always at the top and bottom, and 
Jhe laiiiudcs on tlie fides to ihc right and left. 

Of the Divifwns rf the Earth formed ly the Circles nfthr C!cle. 

The tropics and polar circles form the firll divifion of the earth 
into zones and Ihadows ; and the meritlians and circles of latitude pro- 
thice a fecond with the parallel circles of thofc of longitude. 

As the tro; ics and polar circles divide the heaven into five parts, tliey 
may be fait! to do the lame on the earth. Thiiv the torrid /.one is coiii^ 
})rwhcndcd between the two tropics, and contains 47 degrees or 940 ma- 
rine leagues, and the inhabitants are named Amphiftians, becaufe ihey 
have their fliadows turned Ibmetimcs towards one i)olc, and fomftimes 
towards the other. The two temperate zones are con->|)rchended be- 
tween the tropics and the polar circles, and contaii\ the i'ame number of 
dej^reer, each. The people that inhabit them are termed Heterofcians, 
becaufe they have their fliadows at noon turned always the tame way; 
that is, always towards the north or fouth ])olt.s. The two friend zoiifs 
arc included between the polar circles and the jioks, and have only half 
the breadth of the former; that is, twenty-three degrees and a hr.lf, 
v/iiich ani'wcr to 47c marine leagues, 'i'hofe wIm live witliin thcfe limits 
are called I'erilcians, becauie their lliadow s always turn round about them, 
according to the different motions of the fun. 

As the polar circles and tropics divide the onrth into five /ones, and 
form a three-fold dlverfity of Ihadows ; the fan e may he f.iid with regard 
to tlie difference of longitudes and latitudes, whi.ii lorm a t!iroo-told dii- 
tin'\ion among the inhabitants (if the earth. Thofe who live ia the 
fame latitude, in the fame hernifphere, and at the dillance of iSo de- 
grees of Icngirude are called Perioocians ; and are in the fame cli- 
mate, but tlic hours are oppofire ; for when it is noon at one 
place, it is midnight at the other. Thofe who live in cqral decrees 
ot lonoitude and latitude ia different hemifpheres, are called Anta-- 
cians ; that is to fay, o;)pofite inhabitants ; and thcfe have oppofite I'ea- 
fons ; that is, when it is winter at one j)lace, it is funnner at the other, 
and the contrary. The Antipodes are thofe who live diametrirally op- 
jjofite to each other, having equal huitude and loncjtude; but with a dif- 
teicnce of 180 degrees of the Litter ; and thefe have nor only their fea- 
fons, but days and hours oppofite to each other. 


Of ihi Climates. 

A climate is a fpaec of tlie earth compreliendcd lutwccn two parallels, at 
tlie end of which tiie leiiL^th of the longell d,i)s are liu'rcafed half an hour 
in the funimer feafon. The better ti» underiland this we mult oblerve, 
that under the equator the greatelt day is no more than twelve hours, 
aiid that, in proportion as we ailvance towards fh.e p.olar circles, the days 
ot each ciimate cncreafe half an hour till v.e a: rive at the polar circles ; 
for tlien the lono/^if days conliii: of twemy-iu'.ir hours. Thus thei 

e IS 


t'.'.e.Ky-roiu' cllniat.s hi all on each fide oi tlio cuiator. 

•X (• Z 

Some, aner 




this talk of climates of months ; but this is fo ufelffs a difHnaion. that h 
s not worth the reader';; notice. However, it w.ll not be .mproper to 
obferve, that the fpaces of the climates, if they were marked 
on the globe, would become narrower as they advanced mar the polci, 
It is eafy to know in what climate a city is, by obfervmg the lonocd day , 
as for inftancc. at London, where the days are fixtecn hours long, we 
need only fubftraft twelve from the number, and there will remain four; 
then multiply this by two, and you will have cif;hr, which is the climate 
of London. The fame may be done for any other climate. 

0/ihe Opcrationi wjub may be ftrformtJ, nvith the ajjijlanci of a Glole. 

To reaify the globe for a particular place, fuch as London, the north 
pole muft be elevated to the fame height : as for inftancc, 5 1 degrees 
30 minutes, in the fame manner as has been already taught, and then 
Loudon nniil be placed under the grand meridian. And here it may be 
obfervcd, that the number of degrees to which the pole muft be ele- 
vated, is always equal to the latitude of the place. To find the longi- 
tude and latitude of a place, you muft turn the globe till it comes un- 
der the grand meridian, and tlien ftick the point of a needle perpendi- 
cularly over it, and it will mark the latitude at the meridian, which will 
determine its longitude on the equator. 

To find the place of the fiin on an appointed day ; as for inftance, 
the eighteenth of Augult, fcek this day on the horizon, and you will 
find it anfwcr to the ;3d degree of Leo, in the circle of the figns. Af- 
terwards feekfor the fame degree in the zodiac of the globe, and that 
will he the place of the fun on the eighteenth of Auguft; that 
is, the fun will be in that degree of the celeilial zodiac, which an- 
fwers to that of the tcrrcftria! zodiac. To find on whatday the fun paiTes 
perpendicularly over a place in the torrid zone, you n.uft obferve whether it 
be in that zone or not. Suppofe the place to be Goa, which lies in the 
i6lh degree of north latitude, you muft put it under the grand meri- 
dian, and turn the globe about, and kc what degrees of the zodiac 
will pafs under this latitude; 2nd you will find two, namely, the thir. 
teenth degree of Taurus, and the feventcenth degree of Leo ; then when 
the fun comes to the thirteenth degree of Taurus, that is, on the 3d of 
May, and to the 17 th degree of Leo, on the uth of Auguft, it will be 
perpendicular at Goa. 

To know tlie rifing and fetting of the fun on a propofed day ; as for 
inftancc, on the 15th of May at Paris, elevate the pole 48 degrees 50 
minutes, and then feek the place of the fun on ♦he 15th of May, which 
will be in the 24'h degree of Taurus. Put this place under the grand 
meridian, and the horary needle to the fouth. Turn the globe towards 
the eaft till the 24th degree of Taurus touch the horizon ; do the fame 
veftcrly, and obferve the hour on the horary quarter, and you will fee 
for the morning four hours and a half, and feven hours and a half 
for the evening. By thcfe means you may know the length of the dav ; 
tliat is. by adding feven hours and a half to feven hours and a half, 
Hnd that will give fifteen hours, BcHdes, the number of half hours more 
than twelve will fhew what climate the place lies in; but it will not be 


Improper t( 
thofe that 
To knov 
for lnftanc( 
muft put P 
fouth ; tur 
grand mcr 
The globe 
of fifteen d 
of the eart 
London, y 
only a con 

The can 

which are 
between th 
know the i 
for fome ai 
France ; ai 
fouth of El 

We may 
are cardin 
likewife li( 
aftly fouth 
France ; a 
caft, with 

For the 
of places, 
fider that 
cifely marl 
that the ni 
each other 
rallels, are 
the fame r 
places tha 
points eith 

The cir 
by as man 
arc difting 
thirds, anc 
and fouth 
fetting of 
dinal wine 

The foi 
between t 

C T I O N. 


riflion, that if 

c improper to 

were markfd 

enr the polci, 

e longcft tlay , 

ours long, we 

remain four; 

is the climate 

e eif a Glole. 

on, the north 

c, 5 I degrees 

ght, and then 

urc it may be 

nuift be ele- 
ind the longi- 

it comes uii- 
edie perpendi- 
an, which will 

for inftance, 
, and you will 
figns. Af. 
obc, and that 
Auguft; that 
iac, which an- 
y the fun pafTet 
crvc whether it 
lich lies in the 
? grand meri- 
of the zodiac 
ncly, the thir. 
; then when 
;, on the 3d of 
;ull, it will be 

'cd day ; as for 
48 degrees 50 
of May, which 
nder the grand 

globe towards 
; do the fame 
d you will fee 
urs and a half 
:h of the day; 
irs and a half, 
alf hours more 

it will not be 

I N T R O D U 

Improper to obfervc, that thcfc arc now fcarctly ever taken notice of by 
thoftf that arc convcrlant in this fort of Icaniing. 

To know what hour it is at one place when it is noon r.t another ; ai 
for inflancc, what hour it Is nt Vienna when it is noon at I'Hri?, you 
muft put Paris under the grand meridian and the horary needle on the 
fouth ; turn then the globe towards the weft till Vienna comes under the 
grand meridian, and the needle will flicw what hour it is afrer noon. 
The globe is turned that way, bccaufo Vienna lies to th»* call, fhe fjjare 
of fifteen degrees, crone hour. To knoiv what hour it is in any part 
of the earth, at any hour propofed as eight o'clock in th? morninj; at 
London, you muft proceed as you did before, this propofition beitij; 
only a coiifc^ucncc of the former. 

Of the Poiats of the Compels. 

The earth may be confidered with regard to the four cardinal point-;, 
which are the north, fouth, eaft and weft ; and all the points included 
between them may have relpe(5l to a particular plkcc. By this means we 
know the fituation of the countries of the world, with regard to each other; 
for fome are oriental, or towards the eaft. with regard to thofc that are 
occidental, or lie weiterly of them. Thus England is to the weft ol' 
France; and Poland is to the eaft of Germany; as alfo Africa Is to the 
fouth of Europe. 

We may eafjly diftlnguifti the points thar lie between thofe that 
are cardinal ; thus, though Spain is to the fouth of France, yet it 
likewife lies to tho wcftward thereof ; but as they do not lie cx- 
aftly fouth or weft of each other, Spain may be faid to lie fouth-wcft of 
France ; and for the fame reafon, on the contrary, France will be norrh- 
eaft, with regard to Spain. The like may be faid of any two other 

For the more readily finding upon the terreftrial globe the fituatloa 
of places, with refpedl to the four cardinal points, you muft con- 
fider that the equator, and the circles of latitude parallel thereto, ])rc- 
cife'y mark the places that are oriental and occidental of each other ; and 
that the meridians will readily difcover thofe that lie north and fouth of 
each other. Thus all places lying under the equator, or any of its pa- 
rallels, are eaft and weft of each other, and thofe that are feated nnd;;r 
the fame meridian, are north and fouth one of another. But all other 
places that are not feated in this manner, decline from the four cardinal 
points either more or lefs. 

The circumference of the horizon is divided into thirty-two equal parts, 
by as many circles of pofition ; and thefe fame circles will reprcfent the 
thirty-two winds that are of fo great ufe in navigation. Thefe winds 
are diftinguiftied into the four principal or cardinal, four feconds, eight 
thirds, and fixteen fourths. The four principal are the eaft, weft, north, 
and fouth ; and the eaft and weft are the two points of the rifing and 
fetting of the fun on the days of the equinoxes. Thefe are called car- 
dinal winds. 

The four fecondary winds are by fome called collateral, lying exaflly 
between the four former, and with them divide the horizon into eight 




eoual part^ Tiicy their names from the former; for that vvu.Vh 
5s between the north and c^ft is called the Xorth-caft ; that bctivccn 
the north and weft is named the Nortli-well ; between the fouth and 
eaii, theSouth-eaft; and that between the fouth an' we/t the South- 
weft'. Thefe are the eight piincipal winds. 

The eight tliat aru of the third fort lie between the former, and take 
their names fi oni thence. Tiius i'or that which is between the north and 
north-eaft is called the North, North-caft; and that between the louth 
and Ibuth eaft is called South, South-eaft ; and fo ct the reft. 

Tiie llxteen reniaiiiing winds divide the former into two equal parts, 
and their names are likewife derived from them. Thus thofe which lie jicar- 
el\ the lour cardinal; as for in^ance, between the north and the north, 
north-welt, is termed North and by Weft : the next beyond the north, 
north-weft, is called North-weft and by North; that whieii follows beyond 
the north-weft is called North-weit by Weft; afid, laftly, tliat after well: 
nortli-vvefr, is termed Weft and by North. Thele are the names which 
are in one quarter of the conipafs ; from whence the reft may readily 
receive their proj)er denomii:ations. 

0/ the llccfurcs made ufc cf in Geography. 

The diftance of places i? meafured by an arch of a great circle of 
tlie tcrrcftrial globe, by means of which the lunnber ol" degrees between 
one place and another may i)e readily known ; and thcfc degrees being 
multiphed by the number of leagues, or miles, each degree contains, ac- 
cording to tiic cnftom of vhe country where any one hap})eii!, to be, the 
produd will tlicw how Jiiaiiy leagues or miles arc contained in this 
diftance. Thus there arc 60 marine or Italian miles in one degree ; 
which is the fame thing as 20 marine leagues, 'i'he Englilh inca- 
fured or Ibtute miles require about 69 and a quarter to make a degree. 
The Ruflian werft or wuili: contains 3504 Knglilh feet, and there is 
about one hundred and four or five to a degree. Tliei'e are .ibout 56 
Arabian miles in a degree, and 25 coujmon French Leagues; but the 
great Frencli leagues are the fame as the maiine. Fifteen Geruian miles 
make a degree, and about 19 Dutch miles. I'oliih ituIls arc the fame as 
the marine leagues ; bur there arc feventeen aiul a halt Spaniili marine 
leagues in a degroc. Common computed Scotch miles arc 40 in a de- 
gree, as well as the Irifn; and there are 10 tlungarian miles in ilic fame 
Ji>ace. There are 12 Swedilh and Danilh leagues in a degiee ; and 
thole of Switzerland arc of the fame length. An Indian kois'is of the 
fame length as a common French league; but there are only \z gos 
to a ^.^ixtz in the fame country. Eefides thefe fettled nicafurcs, there 
are others, called by fome ftations, and of thefe there are three in a do- 
gree; ftages or days journeys have o/dy two in the fame fpacc. 

Of the Terns uf:d in Qfc^-ci'h. 

inftancc, Y 
ab a town; 
fuch as oci 

As the e 
comes the 
however m 
Among tlu 
the two fur 
two by tilt 
cipal i)art ( 
even kingd 
the like, 
fent any pH 
account on 

After al 
earth than 
as it is im 
the earth ; 
reneral am 

itfelf; fom 

A con tin 
which co!ii 
thus Europ 

An idan 
water. A 
joined to a 

An iiilin 
joined to ;) 

A prom( 
the fea, am. 
but when 
Thus the ( 

An oceai 
of the cont 

A fea is 
fenfc, as tl 
ocean may 
raqueous g 

A gulph 
where it cc 
Gulph of \ 
are Guljdi.' 

A bay i 
nairow at i 


fliat vvl.ich 
lat bctivccn 
: foulh and 

the South- 
er, and take 
ic nortli and 
n the Ibuth 
: reft. 

equal parts, 
lich lie iicar- 
J t.'ic north, 
1 the north, 
lows hcvond 
It al'icr weft 
ames which 
nay readily 

It circle of 
.'cs between 
>rees bcinp- 
ontains, ac- 
5 to be, tlie 
led in this 
ic degree ; 
glilh mca- 
e a degree. 
I theie is 
•ibout 56 
hat the 
vnr.ui miles 
lie fame as 
liih marine 
o in a de- 
ll I he fame 
gioe ; and 
is of the 
Illy 12 gos 
lues, tlicrc 
:e in a dc- 

a clcffrip- 
bc, coiu- 

hial globe. 

ity ; ac i'or 


Inftancc, Yorkfliire, Topography is the defcrip.tion of a particular place, 
flb a town, and the like. Hydrography is a defcription of the w^ver, 
fuch as oceans, (eas, and lakes. 

As the earth inay be rej)rercnted either in the whole, or in part, thence 
comes the difl'erence between iJcographical charts or ?nap", which 
however may be reduced to two kinds ; namely, general and particular. 
Among the former, is the map of the world, or planilphere, wliich iliews 
the two furfacesof the whole rerreftiial globe, which is, as it were, cut ia 
two by the firft meridian ; as alfo the ma[)s which defcribe fome prin- 
cipal part of the globe ; fuch as Enro|)e, Afii, Africa, Amer'ca : and 
even kingdoms ; as for inftance, I'oland, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, and 
the like. However, thofe maps may b.' c:'lled particular, whicii rcpre- 
fciit any particular country ; but they are more properly fuch as give ati 
account only of a part, as Naples in Italy, Nonnandy in Fnnce, and 
Staffordfliire in England. 

After all, nothing can give a better or more general idea of the 
earth than a globe, becaufe it is of the fame fliape and figure ; but 
as it is impoilible to make one large enougli to fliew ^\'i\-w j^art of 
the earth and fea diftindly, there is a nccelfity of having rccourfe ta 
general aiul particular maps. 

Geograpliy, as well as other arts and fcicnces, lias terms proper to 
itfelf; fome of which have relation to the earth, and othi-is to the 

A continent, callcil by fome Terra FInna, is a large part cf the earth, 
which comprehends fcveral cotmtrics that are not fejiarated by iiny fea j 
thus Europe is a continent. 

An illaiid, or ifle, is a portion of tlic carrh entirely Hirro'inded -.vlth 
water. A peninfula, or cherfonef?, is a quantity of laivd which is onlv 
joined to a continent by a neck of the lame, it being eveiy wlicre tilt? 
encompaficd with water. 

An iflhmiis, or .'icckofland, is that part by which a pcninfuia i- 
joined to ;!ie land, as the ifthmus of Suez and Daiien, 

A promontory is a high ])art of land, whii.-h advances orftretchcs intc< 
the fea, and i^ commonly called a cape, when it appears like a mountain ; 
but when tlie advanced j-^art has little elevation, it i-. termed a point. 
Thus the Cape of Good Hope is a mountainous promontory. 

An ocean is a largecolledlion of waters furroundinga confiderable part 
of the continent; ftich as the Atlantic and Northern Oceans. 

A fea is a fmnllcr coUcdion of waters, when iindentood in a ftrift 
fenfe, as the Britilh and Irilh Seas ; but, in general, every pari of the 
ocean may be called the fea; and it is liill more general, when the ter- 
raqueous globe is faid to con fill of land and fea. 

A gulph is a part of the fea furroir.idcd witli land, except in one part, 
where it communicates with the ocean; as the Gulph of Bcn^;!, the 
Gulph of Florida; and yet ihefe are m.c.e properly feas thai; the Me- 
diterranean, th'- Ballick, and riie Black Seas, whicli, properly Ijr.a'/mg 
arc Giilphs, as well as the Gulph of Venice. 

A bay ij la;.! to ditfer tiom a gu'ph only in being IjI's, anduMic 
naiiow ui the eiiir:uiec than within; bi'.t this is far iro/.i b.iuj mie, 







,vi I N T R b U G T I O N. 

for a bay has a wider entrance In proportion than a gulph ; and it may 
be alfo larmier than Ibtne giilphs ; as for inllance, the Bay ofBifcay; 
tho' it nuid be acknowledged bays in general are much fmaller. A 
creek is a fmall inlet, and is always much lefs than a bay. 

A road is a place upon any coaft where there is good anchorage, and 
where veflels, in fome fenfc, are fhcltcred from the wind. 

A Itrait is a narrow paflage which joins two feas, two gulphs, or a fea 
and a gulph; fuch as the Sound, near the Baltic ; and the ftraits of, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. 

A lake is a colleftion of landing water furrounded by land, 
having no vifible communication with the fca. Thus the Caf- 
pian Sea is truly and properly a lake ; and there is another near 
ir, called the Lake of Aral, which has hardly ever been taken noMce of 
by former geographers, it being but a late difcovery. It is about one 
tliird as big as the Cafpian fea, and feveral rivers are now known to run 
into it, wliich by former writers were faid to fall into the Cafpian fea. 
Smaller lakes are thofe of Ladoga, Geneva, and feveral others to be 
mentioned hereafter. 

A river is a ftream of water that has its fource from a fpring, which 
■always keeps running till it falls into fome other river, or into the fea. 

A central Account of the mcjl rtmarkabk Parts of the Terrejirial Globe. 

The terreftrial globe, as has been already obferved, may be divided into 
two parts ; namely, the land and the fea. The land contains the old 
world, the new, and the parts unknown. The ancient world includes 
the continents and the illands. The continent contains Europe Afia 
and Africa. '^ * ' 

In Europe, towards the north is Denmark, Norway, Sweden Muf 
covy or Ruina. About the middle, from weft to eaft, France Ger 
many, Bohem,., Hungary, and Poland. And towards the fouth, 'spain" 
Portugal, Italy, and! urkcy in Europe. ^ ' 

The north part of Afia contains Ruffia, Siberia, and Mufcovite Tar- 
tary In the nudd.., from welt to eali, is Turkey in AHa, Perfia, Grand 
1 .nary, Th.oet, .nd China. Towards the fou.h is Arabia, the M.Zt 
and i; 

The if, 


are only taken notice of to avoid too creat a m, / /• ^ f 
tamed in the body of theDidionary. " '^'^^"'"" ^^ ^^^^' 

Oftk IjlavJs. 

in;i5are divided into thofe of Eur 

' The ifl: 
tra, JuvH, ; 
pines, and 
and rhofe 

The ilia 
of Cape (li 
en a of Ai: 
illantls of 

The AV 
divided iiin 
theft", Neu 
rica compr 
Chill, and 
are thofe ( 
to fouih, 
Carribcf 1 

The ill'i 
rot fully (I 
'I'tiofe pla( 
covered, a: 
N;'ar th- ^ 

The prii 
jdins the ^ 
coj), ihatj( 

The mn 
unitcr, the 
the Gangp 

111 Atric; 
jflhmus of 
doned this 

\\\ Anic 
north part 

The fe 

the intcrio 
the coniin 

That ol 
fnir carclii 
the Eallcn 
tern oi Al 

The ex 
Sea, viz. tl 


)h ; and It may 
Bay of Bifcay ; 
:!i fmaller. A 

uichorage, and 

ulphs, or a fea 
1 the ftraits of 

ded by land, 
hus the Caf- 
another near 
akcn noMce of 
t is about one 
known to run 
le Cafpian fea. 
others to be 

fpring, which 
into the fea. 

ejirial Gloht. 

36 divided into 
tains the old 
fcvorld includes 
Europe, Afia. 

wedcn, Muf- 
France, Ger- 
fouth, Spain, 

ufcovite Tar- 

Perfia, Grand 

the Mogul's 

jypt, N-gro- 
the equator, 
s not entirely 
incipal coun- 
lioa yf what 

Africa. The 
d the ifles of 
Majorca, Mi- 
id the iflands 



The iflands of Afia, in the Ocean, are (he IVl,ildives, Ceylon, Suma- 
tra, Ihvh, and Fiornt'O, called the iiles of Siinda, tlie Moluccas, t!ie Philip- 
pines, and the Mary-Ai uii. More towards tail are the ifles of Formofa 
and rhole of lapan.and in the McdiuTiancan, arc Cyprus and Rhodes. 

Tlieiilands oi Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean, are the Canaries, the iflands 
of Cape (le Verd, of St. Thomas, Afcenfioii, and St. Helena. To the 
en!l of Airica are M.ulagafcar, the Ifle of JJourbon, Mauritius, and the 
illantls of Co:nora. 

I'he AVti- //or/^/ contains the continent and the ifles. The continent is 
flivicied into North and South America ; and the no; thern part comprehends 
Canada, New F.nglaiid, Maryland, Virc,inia, Nova Scotia, New Jerfcy, 
Penfvivania, Carolina, Georgia, and the other part of Florida: add to 
the(e, New ivlexico, California, and Mexico, or New Spain. South Ame- 
rica comprehends Terra Firma, or Golden Cartile, Peru, Brazil, Para^'uay, 
Chili, and Terra Mugtlianica. The iflands to the weft or the South Sea, 
are thnfe of Solomon, and many others, n-liofe to the eaft, from north 
to foutb, are Newfoundi;md, the Weftern Iflands, the Luccays, and the 
Carribce Kbmds ortlie Wift Indies. 

The illnnds and land towards the North Pole, fome parts of which are 
rot fully difcovcred, arc Greenlaii ';, Spitzbergen, and Nova Zembla. 
'J'hofe places between tlie equator and the fouilurn Pole, not fully dif- 
covcred, are New Guinea, New Britain, Carpentaria, and New Holland. 
Near th-; Sonih of America ii Terra del Fuego, and feveral other places. 

The principal ifthmus's of the world are, the iftlniius of Corinth, which 
joins iheMoiea, fornieily Peloponncfus, with Greece : the iflhmus of Pre- 
coj), that joins Little Tartnry to CrimTartary. 

The moft remarkable' illlimus in Afia, is that of TcneflTerim, which 
unites tlic pcniiifula of Malacca with the kingdom of Siam inlndia beyond 
the Ganges. 

in Atrica is one extremely remarkable, already mentioned, which is the 
jfthmus of Sue/,, that joins Afia to Africa, and is about 75 miles over. 
Ditfercni nionarehs wire formerly tempted to join the Ocean with the 
Mediterranean, by cutting a canal acrofs. Some pretend they aban- 
doned this work for fear the lower part of Egypt Ihould be hid under 

In America the j)rinci[vil ifthmus is that of Panama, which joins the 
north part of An. erica tu the fouib. 

Of the Sea. 

The fea is divided into that which furroimds the continents and 
the interior; that is, that which is alaiolt cifclokd and furruunded by 
the coniinint. 

That of ttic Old Continent has four different names, according to the 
four ciidinal parts of thi- world ; namely, the Nortliern or Frozen Ocean, 
the Kadern or Indian Ocean, the South or Ethiopic Ocean, and the Wef- 
tern or Arl-r-.ticOoean. 

'I'hc exterior fea of the nc.v continent prefcrves the general name of 
Sea, viz. thai ol the North, which waflv."; the taftvrn part of America ; and 

4 th« 






the South Sea, or Pacific Ocean, which is between Ada and America, and 
is to the weft of the luft. 

The interior (e:is of our continent arc the Meditcrrancin, the Bahic 
Sea, the White Sta, or Gulph of Rulli;i, bcfu-cen Fifilnnd ;uKi the port 
of Archangel ; the Black, orEuxine Sta ; the Sea of Marmora, formerly 
the Propontis; the SeaofZabarh, or Azoph, aiiticiitly the Pahis Mco- 
tis, near the Black Sea ; the Cafijian Sea, which i< wove properly a lake ; 
the Red Sea, cr the Arabian Gnipli ; tiie Guljih oi i'eilia, between Ara- 
bia and Perfia. 

The interior Tea*!, near America, arc the VcrmilHon Sea, near California ; 
the Gulph of St. Lawren^T, near Newfoundland ; and the Giilph of 
Mexico, between North and South America. 

The principal guljihs in the world arc, the Mediterranean Sea, the Hal- 
tic Sea, and the White Sea in Rnrope, In Afia there are the Gulpli of 
Bengal, the Perfian Gulph, and the Arabian Gulph, rommonly, but im- 
properly termed the Red Sea ; for that known by that name to the an- 
cic-^ts, is the fea to the fnurh of Arabia. 

There are two in America, viz. the Gulph of Mexico, between North 
and South America ; and the Gulph of California, or t!ie Vcrniillioi: 

A llrait is a narrow pafTagc which joins two f^'a', two f^ulph<:, or a fe.i 
andagulph, as h.fore-mc.-.tioned; and thcfc the moll remarkable, are 
the Straits of Magellan, in South America ; and Kudfou's Straits in 
North America. The firft fcparates South America from Terra Auflra- 
lis; and the fccond, North America from the artic lands. The moll 
remarkabk- ftraits of our continent are thof: of Gibraltar, b'etwccn Africa 
and Europe, at the entrance into the Mediterranean Sea. The (trait of 



*'r 'I'uiia 
Rhine iii 
'Jajo in 

In Afii 
in Europe 
Xian and 
In Afrii 
branches ; 
near the o 
In Nort 
rence, wh: 
runs from 
fome take 

Bab-cl-mandel is between Alia and Africa, and 

and 1 ouis tlio Arabian Gul|)h 

All the 
to four ; Ji 
has two brs 
gion, whicl 

gion; tliat( 
the Protcit.n 

or Red Sea, to the Ocean. There is alfo the lirnir called ihe Sotmd. The ^^ England 

nt)ft fa 

mous lakes in Europe are thofc of Lad 

confines of RuOia ; the Lake of Gencv 

having no counnunication with anv oti 

o;;a and Oncrra, 

on th 

a in Switzerland : hLfidcs wh 

be faid to bi 



ere are others of Icfsaccoimt. In Afia there is the Cafpian Sea, which,' '".^''''' ^X ^^ 
' '" 'ler, i^ arroiinr-d only a lake. To ^^ ^-b'. ^t;nj 

the cafl: of it is the Lake A 

is nearly one third as hi:: as th 

ral, which, as hn^ bten aliradv obf.rvod. ^ ''«'^ris ove 


'afi'/iai) Sea 


er large lakes which lie to the cali oi' this; b 


r. Ti, 

ie ate loveral 


It none are fo lariv 

of the fo 

rinei', ca 

Geographers mention aiiotlicr^c hike to the i 

lied Ch 

emoy ; but this is ii 


ere are feveral o( thefe mentioned in tl 
"ttle, that we fliall foib 




ditferent ki 
Paganifiii isl 


ie maps hut of ilu-fe nc know 

rnoft extenfj 
ry, thl 


far Riving any derciiption of tl 

t.^ere IS one now pretty well known inAb-lfinia fi 
Nile proceeds, a 

,1 ,. 1 

are lakes, but ncit 

'^ fiich IS very cnnfuierable. [n South A 

lem. However, 
rom whence tlu* riv 

jf ti 

ic inhal 

But in Ndrth A 

:er th 


mcrica thcie 




merica there ai 

en- names nor extent have been afcertained 



n-on, Michir-n, L.rie, rnjd 

e many, as the Lake S 

bofcis and C'ariii 






e 01 

nrkiOi doiil 

na'iY, which Ibme think to be 1 

'■if^ t!)e hikei of Allii 


nica ani 

argcr than any of th 


The moli: noted rive 

rs 1 


'"■ope arc, the Thames 

or V 

'me<),at the bottom <,f the ( 
Violea. in Ruilii • tii.-, n i. 

in England : t!).' 

The J 
properly be 
feivti are f]) 


in Rulha; the Danubt 

JiilphofJJothnia; the v'nl 


'. which runs a confiderabli 



J America, nnd 

can, the Baltic 
d and the port 
inora, formerly 
he Talus Mco- 
lopurly a lake ; 
, between Ara- 

lear California; 
the Giilph ul 

inSea, ther>al- 
i the Giilpli of 
lonly, but im- 
imc to th.: an- 

)ct\vccn North 
he Vermillion 

nlph<;, or a fc.i 
mnrkablc, art 
ii's Strait?, in 
I Terra Auflra- 
:!s. The moik 
)'etween Africa 
The fh-air ot 
ral)ian Gulj)li, 
10 Sound. The 
Dncga, on t!i.' 
befides which, 
an Sea, which, 
ly a lake. To 
eady obforvod, 
,.re aie fe\\?ral 
ire fo larg" cn 
e to the fouth 
■•vn. In Africi 
ihefe wc know 
L-ni. However, 
icncc t!u' river 
America theK 
en afcertained. 
rior ; thofe d 
{:x-t of Alfui- 
';m any of iK: 

I F.njdand ; tli: 
ia ; the 'v'oh^a. 
ifiutrablo w.'v 

1 N T R O D U C IM O N. xix 

throngh Germany, and ends its coiirfe in Tiirky in Europe ; the Donn, 
t>r 'I'unais, in Ruliia; tlie Borillhenes, or Nieper, in Poland; tiie 
Rhine in Germany; the Loire in France; the Po in Ituly ; and the 
I'ajo in Spain. 

In Afia the principal rivers arc, the Tii^ris and Euphrates, In Turky 
in Europe; the river Bind, or Indus, and tlie Ganges in India; the 
Kian and Hoan in China ; and the Jilifca and Oby in Siberia. 

In Africa there are the Nile, whofl (ourcc is in Abylilnia, which runs 
through the middle of Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea ; the Niger iti 
Nef^roland, of which fouie would have the Senegal and Gambia to be two 
branches ; but this is uncertain. The Za're is in Congo, and Cuama 
near the country of Hottentots. 

In North America there are very confidorable rivers ; namely, St. Law- 
rence, which has its courfc through Cana<la ; and the Millldippi, which 
runs from north to fouth through Louifiana, and falls into the Gulph of 
Mexico, In South Ameiica there is the Ri<.erofthe Amazons, which 
fome take to be the grealt Ic in the world, and the river of Paruguav, or 

0/ i/s'e RiU^'ons of the World, 

All the different religions in every pait of the world may he reduced 
to four; Judaifm, Cliriltiunity, Mahometaniun, and Paganifm. Jndaifni 
has two branches ; Judaifm, properly 'io called, and the Samaritan reli- 
gion, which differs from the former in many j)articulars. 

Chriftianity has three branches ; that called the Roman Catholic reli- 
gion ; that of the Greek church, which is dividcni into different fedls; and 
the Proteltants. Thefe hill are divided into that of the Lutherans, the 
Calvinifts, Auabaptilrs, Sucinians, and Quakers. However, the church 
of England, which is the befl conllituted in the world, cannot properly 
be faid to be any of thefe. 

Mahometaiiifm is divided into two fefls ; namely, that of Omar, fol- 
lowed by the Turks, Moguls, and the Mahometans of Africa; and that 
of Aly, fon-in law of M;ihomet, followed by the Perfians. Tiierc are 
Pdgans over all the woild except in Europe; but their religions are of 
ditftrent kinds, and fo numerous that it is impoflibleto defcribe them all. 
Paganifm is laid to extend over one half of .Afia, five parts in fix of Africa, 
and nineteen parts of twenty of the inhabitants of America. The 
mofl extenfive is that of Fo, which [)revails over Thibet, or the weflcrn 
Tartary, the two jjeninfalas of the Indies, with 'icM^iw parts in eiL.jit 
of tiic inhabitants of the Mogul's empire, China, and moll of the Indian 

Chriftianity prevails all over Europ.-^, and among all the European 
fetrlements in America; and it is llil! prof.if d in many pai-ts of the 
Turkitli dominions; not to mention the converts made by the l*ort\iguc!e 
in Africa and the F.all liuil.s, 

'I he Jews arc no lonti^r a nation, and therefore Judaif'm cannot 
properly be faid to be cltabli'.hed any wlievc ; but as tne je'.vs ri-tm- 
felvts are fpreud ail over tht old conrincni, tlieii r;liyion ii itiil kep*^ up 

U !. a.nong 




XX I N "i^ R O D U C T I O N. 

among them. They arc faiti of Inte to have p-ot footing in A:iieii:a ; bjit 
they are (o few in number they aic not vvor.h notice. 

Mahometanifm prevails over all the Tiirkilli enipirc in F.urope and 
Alia, Little Tartary, Arabia. I'cifia, Great and Little Dochaiia, tlie 
Mogul's empire, many of the Indian illands and the northern and ealteiji 
coafts of Africa ; infomuch that fomc pretend to tcl! us it ib hx. times 
more extended than CIuiAianity. 

Of the dijfcrcnt Languages. 

Some geographers inform us, that there are fifteen 5;eneral languages; 
namely, the Latin, Teutonic, the Sclavonian, the Greek, thi- Arabian, 
the Tartarian, the Chinefe, the African, or Bertberan, the Ethionian, 
that of the Negroes, the Mexican, the Peruvian, the Tapluiyan, the 
Gtiyaran, and the Calibayan. Thefe five laft are fpokc in America ; 
but are not fo general as thefe authors pretend; for even in Ncih 
America, which is befl known to the Europeans i.i general, there . fo 
great a variety, that it would be very difficult to enumerate fliom all. 
The fame may be faid of the language of the Negroes ; for i,icrc is no 
perfon whatever who has failed along the coaft of Afric;. from tlie river 
of Senegal to the Cape of Good Hope, but muft h.ave met with a n;reat 
number of tongues we': und:rfl-ooc! by their ntigiibours ; even in •';'->re 
fmall diltrifts to which the F.'.iropt.ans have given the name of i<intT. 
doms. The fame may be faid of the inhabitants of the eaflcrn coafr of 
Africa from the Cape of Good Hope to the Straits of Bab-d mandtl. 

The Latin is now a dead language, thoi^gh it continues to be XwwM 
in fchools all over Europe. Some would have the Teutonic to 1)l' Vhe 
natural language of Germany, Scandinavia, and the Britiih illaid--, 
they being only different dialefts of the fame tongue. Jiowevcr, f<)ii;e 
affirm the Celtic, or Keltic, was the original and general iangnn-e 
of Europe; and that it ftill prevails in the north of Scotland, Ii eland, 
and Wales. 

The Sclavonian is faid to be the original of the Dalmatian. Bofnian, 
Albanian, Servian, Bulgarian, Moldavian, Bohemian, Siicfian, roliili, 
RufHan, Mingrelian, and Circaffian. 

_ The Greek was extended whcre-ever its empire prevailed, n<; did the L"- 
tu» throughout the Roman empire, and which, in fome meaUirc, fwal- 

owed up the Greek; however, this laft is ftill fpoken, thou-h corrupt, 
ly, m the fouthern part of Turky in Europe; that is. in ancitmt Greece, 
and the_ iflands of the Arrhipelago, as alio in Natolia in AHa The 
Arabic IS fpoken, or at leaft underftood in Arabia, Turkv in A(ia, 
rerfia. and India; and llkcwife in Barbary, ]<£ypt, Zara, Nubia, and 

The Tartarian is undernocdin Great Tartary, Mufcovite Tartarv, and 
fotrj^c parts of Turky ,n Alip, the MnouPs countrv, and China. ' Tlie 

n'of-rT''^' ^-t" '" ^'''"^'' ''"^'" l^^me parts of lnc:ia, a::.i 
"y ot the iu.!nus o.' A Ha. 

ere ,s f,:li a hror.- of it in the Italian, Fr-nch, .S .a.'^"' 



bur fh 

and Fouuijuefe laneuggcs 

It has alfu furnilh:d aot cnl; the l:.i-.g'ill 


but almoP 
and even t 
caufe arts 
But wc mi: 
Hebrew, t 
Malayan t 
and many( 
which prev 
of which f| 
captive in 
many otht 
ail the Ian, 
needs be \ 
whofe coa 
are cnilrel 

fkin, in dit 
namely, tli 
may be re( 
Georgia, tl 
tars, and tl 

The pec 
guebar ; t 
Afia in Sy; 
fome of th 
lowidi, bu 

All the . 
or lefs brij 
expo fed m 
an univerf 
which, in 1 
no wonder I 
where they 
where it is 
they empio 
this nv)i4 J 
is now well 
travellers, \ 
not the lea 
of them in 
knd, whofc 
1:5 well kno 
plfafe, tht) 


I A:vieii:a i but 

in F.iiro],>o and 
Docliaiia, flie 

icrn and 
it h I'tx times 

eral ian^iin<:jes ; 
:, the Arabian, 

the F.tliiot)ia:i, 
rapiuiyan, the 
c in Ameiica ; 
even in No'th 
al, there . lb 
erate tlicm all. 
for lacre is no 
. from tlitr river 
et with a p:rc;U 
; even in ''i 
nnnic ot i<ing- 
eaftcrn coalt of 
ib-cl marultl. 
cs to he taiiL'ht 
onic to be the 
Rritiih illacds 

iovvcvcr, foir.e 
icral l:ingnnL;e 
)tland, Iielaiu!, 

aiian, Eofnian, 
iiicfian, Toliili, 

1, ns did the La- 
nicartirc, fwal- 
loiu;!) corrupt- 
Micicnt Greece, 
in Afia. The 
iirky in A(;a, 
ra, Nubia, ar.;i 

fe Tartary, and 

d ChJ!i;i. Tlie 

ot India, a;;i! 

lead l;ingnng''i 

lull, Spaniflii 

I; the LKg'ill:, 



liut almofl all the languages in Europe with a great number of words; 
and even the Greek is generally made iife ot in (uir technical terms, be- 
came arts and fciences were in fomc fenfe derived from the Grecians. 
But we muft not forget the Childaic, from which the WefVern Syriac, the 
Hebrew, the Arabic, and the AbyfTmian languages are derived. The 
Malayan tongue prevails over a great part of India beyond the Ganges, 
and many of the iilands near it. I'hcre is (Hll another, called the Manchew, 
which prevails in the eaftern parts of Tartary; befides twenty-two more, 
of which fpecimcns are given by Strahlenberg, who was thirteen years a 
captive in Siberia. Aiter all, there is no doubt to be made but there are 
many others ofwhiih we have not the leaft account; therefore that of 
ail the languages fpokcn at prefent in different parts of the world, mud 
needs be very imperfeft ; not to mention that there are many countries 
whofe coafls have been touched upon by navigators, whofe languages 
are entirely unknown. 

0/ the different Inhabitants of the Earth. 

Though there is a great variety of complexions, or colours of the 
fkin, in different parts of the world, yet they may all be reduced to four ; 
namely, the white, the black, the lavvncy, and the red. Among the whites, 
may be reckoned the Europeans, the inhabitants of Natolia, Armenia, 
Georgia, the inhabitants of Perfia near the Cafpian bca, fome of the Tar- 
tars, and theChinefe in the northern parts of China. 

The people are tawney in Barbary, Egypt, Zara, Sahara, and Zan- 
guebar ; that is, in the north parts of Africa ; as alfo the inhabitants of 
Afia in Syria, Diarbec, Arabia, the fouthern provinces of China, and in 
fome of the moft eaftern iflands of Afla. Many of the Indians are yel- 
lowifli, but not fo perfcdlly as to deforve being placed in a diliinil 

All the Americans, except the Efkimaux, are red, which appears more 
or lefs bright, according to their different manner of living and being 
cxpofed more or lefs to the inclemency of the air : befides, it is almoft 
an univerfal cuflom to dawb themfelves over with bears-greafe or oil, 
which, in fome meafurc, conceals their real complcxicMi ; theref.)re it is 
no wonder that many travellers have affirmed that their colour is olive. But 
where they are more civilized, and have been prevailed upon to cloath 
tliemfelves, they are all of a bright red copper colour ; and, which is very 
rcDiarkable, have no hair on any parts of their bodies, except their heads, 
where it is black and coarfe, like horfe-hair. Some have obferved, that 
they employ their women to pull off' their beards by the roots ; and in 
this mriff geographers have blindly copied each other. However, it 
is now v,!.ll known, from the relations of the moff intelligent and curious 
travellers, who have been in different parts of America, that they have 
not the leafl fign of a beard ; and therefore they could not be dej)rivod 
of them in that manner. Befides, we have had Americans here in Eng- 
kind, whofe beards mult have appeared, if they ever had any ; becaufe it 
i:; well known, that if you |)Uick up as many hairs by the roots as you 
yleaft, they will sU grow again, which every one h.i5 it in his puwcr to 
..» Tiie 




. I 'sill 


•)".■" I'l 

:■- \ ^ 'J 



J I 

. i' :^ 

' i 
'' i' 

I'! I! 

, .1 


The Africans in general are all blade, except tliofe abovtr-mentioncci ; 
and tbefe, as i'ome pietciid, were oii;.Mnjlly colonies from dittcrcnt pjrts 
of Europe and Afia. 'I't-.c liair of their heads is curled like wool, and 
this without any exception, uiilcfs on the caftcrn coafts of Airica and 
Mndagafcar, wlicre Arabiiiiis have fettled among them ; and even in 
thele places the Ikins conlinue black, and their hair, though long, al. 
ways curls. 'Ihcre are a great many bl.icks in Afia, particularly in 
India on this fide the Gan,^cs ; but their hair is lung and llrait. M'jm; 
would have thefe to be only of an oiive complexion, becanfe they arc not 
quite fo black as the Negroes; but be this true or lalle, it is of very lit- 
tle moment. 

The vifages of th? inhabitants of different parts of the world are aK) 
very different; for fome are very frightfdl, ftich as the i.aplaiidcrs, t!ic 
Kfkimaux, and more particularly the Sanuides. As for the liiuropeans 
their features arewell known to every one, and in general, they are the moft 
beautiful of all mankind, except the inlui)il:ints of G.orgia in Alia, vho 
are thought to have the heft comi)k'xion?, and t!ic inoit handrcinie racc) 
in the world. The Spaniards and I'ortiiguefe are not fo fair as foine 
other Europeans, which is thought to be owing to their mixture 
with the Moors, who originally came out of Syria and Arabia. Tlif 
inhabitants of the ])cninfnl'is of Irulin, though their complexions are io 
dark, have generally European features ; whereas the blacks of Africa 
have almofl univerfally thick lips and flat nofes. There might be mar^y 
other diftinflions between the people of diiferent countries ; but a;, 
they more or lefs approach in their afpcft to tliofe already nieiuiontd, 
they need not be particularly taken notice of; for as for the inhabi- 
tants of New Guinea and New Holland, though th'-y always iiave their 
eyes almoll fhut, and a tooth wanting in the upper jaw bcibrc, yet this 
is only an accidental difference. 

0/ the Government and Trade of England. 

THOUG H it is common in books of geography to infert a Ai- 
perficial account of thi- divifions and peculiarities of the diUc- 
rent countries of the world, yet as this has been already dtinc in tlic 
body of this Dictionary, it would be altogether unnecelV^try to -.zivc ii 
ftort account iicre of wh:U has been moie fully treated of alreaus. 
All that fccms to be wanting to complete tiiis work relates to \W go- 
vernment and n-adcof Kngland, of whi.h we Ihail iiu.v give u more 
})articular ucfcriptioii. 

Of ili: Lalifwfkal QovernrKCit and Courts. 

The convocation fornuil.v, nt leail, had the principal p:'rt of the cc- 
delialtical government ; to: tiiis isa nationa. ly lod of tlie cicr.'V allembltd 
together, to confuler ot il:,: itate of the church, and to cairihofe to .m 
account vho have broaeUal new opinions, incorifutent with the d 

trincs of tin ».lniich ot ivi< 


Bjt !u a lat'j mic,;!, th.'y ii.iving b;".i 

thDtia;ht tc 
this kind. 
nient, by t 
lliop of eac 
to iTi-^et at 
proLtor Ici 
the body 
the provint 
and twent 
the (leans, 
and (ixty-ii 
at the fa mi 
Xing Ht 
of meeting 
of York, 
tor, who i 
of thcni m 
wiii'li the a 
Under t 
York.' Th 
rexed to t 
Weil in pari 
fliop of hox 
the next is 
according t 
Tiie bu(i 
pricfts and 
The juril 
able goods, 
fit his own 
other partic 
The coiir 
court. Til 
of the Arch 
tors of the 
as tlti<;, and 
Pre.- (rarive 
taken our. 

The con; 
among (Iie;i 
from tile- bil 
feven oi the 



Dvr-incntloncd ; 
1 dirtcrcnt puns 
like wool, and 
s oi AiVka and 
I ; and even m 
iougli lonj^, .il. 
piirticulaily in 
i Ihait. i)on\e 
ifc they arc not 
it is of very lit- 

! world are alfo 
-aplciiidcrs, t!ic 
tlic I'luropeuns 
hey arc tlie molt 
;ia ill Ann, v.lio 
Imndlbnie raccj 
R) fdir as fome 
I their inixriire 
Arabia. T\v: 
il'jxions are lo 
)lacks of Africa 
might be many 
ntries ; but a:. 
ady nieiitioiitd, 
for tlie inhabj. 
kvays have tlu'ir 
before, yet thij 

to in Pert a fu- 
:s of I he dilVc- 
ily done in the 
ihvy to '^ive a 
Ud of ahead). 
hitCS to thi' go- 

,v give u more 

p;'rt of the f.'- 
L:'ici j.'\' allcnibU'I 
call thole to .111 
: v.;th thL' dn.'- 

IL'V il.iving OL'Cii 




tlirmsiht to proceed with too great fcvcriry agtinrt tlie delinquents of 
this kind, they hive not been pennittcd to lU any long time fince. 
Howcvtr, tliey aie called together itt the fame time as the parlia- 
ment, bv the authority of the king, who dircil:s his writs to the archbi- 
lliop of each province to fiimmoiis all bilh("ps, deans, arch-deacons, SiC. 
to tTi'set at a certain time and place. The t^nvocation confills of one 
protTtnr lent from eacli calhcdial and c.'lK'C'.iatc tiiurch, and two from 
the body ot the iiifk.rior clergy {»f ca^h dioeefc. 'i'he tinpcr honfc in 
tiic province of Canterbury confilts oi' the aichhilhop, v.ho i? prcfidcnt, 
and tsventy-iwo bilhops ; and th-' iowtv home is compofed of all 
the deans, archdeacons, and j)ro>!h^r'., as above; in all, ojie hundred 
and fixty-iix. Tiie archbllhop of Viuk may likcwifc hold a convocation 
at the i"a;ne tiinc. 

Xing Henry tlie Viltii's chapfl, nt Weftminfror, is generally the place 
of meeting for tlie jirovince of Canterbury ; and Vork /or the proviiice 
of York. 'J"he firft btifmefs of the lower houl'j is to chufe a j)rol)CU- 
tor, wlio i;. prclentcd to the upper houfc by two of the members; on« 
of them making a fpcech in Latin, and the prolocutor eled another; to 
V'lii'hthe archbiiiiop returns an anfwcr in the fame language. 

Under thei'e two archbilliops there are twcnry four biiiiops ; that is, 
twenty-one in the province of Canterbury, and three in the province of 
York. Thefe have all the title of lords, on account of the baronies an- 
nexed to the bilhopiic; atui they take place of all other baron?, as 
well in parliament as in other allch^blies. The frH: of thefe i^ the bi- 
lliop of London, who is dean of the cpifcopal church of that province; 
the next is Durham, and then Wmcheller ; but all the relt take place 
according to the feiiiority of tl.eir confecrations. 

Tiie bufinefs of a bilbop, according to his cpifcopal order. Is to ordaiti 
priefls and deacons, to conlecrate churches and burying-piaces, and to 
rdminifter the rites and ceremonies of confirmation. 

The jurifdiition of a bilhop relates to the probation of wills; to grant 
adminillration of goods to fuch as die inteftate ; to take care of perilh- 
able goods, wheti no one will adminifter; to collate b^'fiefices ; to grant 
iniririuions to I'vings; to defend the liberties of tl'.e chu.-ch ; and to vl- 
fit ids own diocefe once in tlirce years. Befides tliefe, there are inanv 
other particulars which our room wii! not permit us to mention. 

The court of Arches is the moit ancient coniiriOi-y of the province of 
Canterbur}', and all appeals in church m.urers are rhrecled to thij 
court. Ti'.e procclies run in the name of the judge, who is called Dv'aii 
of the Arches; and the advocates who plead in this- court mult be Doc- 
tors of the Civil Law. TIu' court of Audience iias tlic fame authority 
as tliis, and the arciibiHiop's Cliaucery was foni!erly joii)cd to this. Tlie 
Pre.' garive Court is that wherein wills are proved, and adnilniftrations 
taken our. 

The court of Peculiars, relating to reitain paiiflie';, Invv? a jurifdiiTiion 
among theuifelves fir the proiuae of wills; and ilurefyrc are e.\cmpt 
from tite bifliop's courts. The fee of Cantti bf.ry ha', nj Ivf, thaa ti;'ry- 
fevL'n oi theli Peculiars. 

A a: 






'"'Th^rourtofl).le..rcs is fo called, bccnufc it confifts of comn^oncn 
delI!lX appiintell by .he royal commi.r.oa ; but U .s no 


Hendesthcfe. every biOiop has a court of his own. which is hcM in the 
.f/nr! of hi dioccfc and s called the Confillory-courr. L.kew.Jo. every 
I'htin has hi: c^urt as well as the dean and chapter ot every c. 

ihcdral. . . 

Of the Vavhamcn'. cf Grcat-Bittain. 

Thisaueuft body confifts of two l.oufes, one of 'vhich is r:.i!..i the 
houfe of lords, and the other t.e honle of cmnH.ns. Lc.orc the 
cnion the Iwnfe of lords conf.fted of the fpirituul and temporal peers ot 
England; and the houfe of commons of 5 . 3 knight., burg, lies ami c.ti- 
zens But fincc the union, there arc fixrecn peers ot Scutiaiul added to 
the houfc of lords, and 45 commoners to the houfe of c^ nmon^. I he 
firfl of thefe are chofeii before the fitting ot every new parliament, by 
the peers of Scotland, out of their own body. 

The defign of parliaments is to maintain the conflitution, to iupport 
the dignity of the crown, and to keep inviolable the privileges ot the peo- 
ple. They are alfo to raife fubfidies, to make laws, and to rcdrefs all 
public grievances. The power of calling a parliament, and of adjour- 
ning and proroguing the fame, is entirely lodged in tlie fovLivign. 

The fitting ot the parliament is appointed by the king's piodan-.ation, 
with the advice of the privy-council ; and in chufing a new one, writs are 
iflued out by the lord chan'cellor to the lords, to appear at the time and 
place appointed. Writs are alfo fent to the Ihcritf's of every county, com- 
manding them to fiimmon the cledlors, to chuf.- as many knights, citi- 
zens, and burgeffes, in their refpedivc counties, as are to fit in the houfe 
of commons. The writs for Scotland are diretlled to the privy council, tor 
fummoningthe 16 peer?, and for clewing the 45 members. 

No judge, llieriff, or clcTgyman, can be cicdted ; and no gentleman, 
iinlefs he has 600 1. a year. Formerly parliaments met at dilVcrcnt 
places in the kingdom ; but of late they afTcmble at Wcftminftcr, at what 
was formerly called St. Stephen's chapel. 

When the king comes to parliament, thcufher of the black rod is or- 
dered to call the commons up to the houfe of lords, where they ftand with- 
out the bar, and the king commands them by the lord chancellor, tochufe 
one of the members for their fpeaker, and to prefent hirii fuch a day. The 
choice being made by a majority of votes, at the day appointed, he is pre- 
fented to the king in the houfe of lords, between two members for his 
approbation. The lord chancellor, or keeper for the time being, is al- 
ways fpeaker for the houfe of peers. Since the reformation, no Roman 
catholic can fit in either houfe, till he has firft taken the oaths. 

Though the number of the houfe of cowimons is fo -ifreat, vet too arf 
commonly reckoned a full houfe; and there can be no bufincfs done if 
there are lefs than forty. At the firll meeting of the parliament, they al- 
ways appoint ftanding grand committees, for privileges, cledlions, griev- 
ances, tiade, and religion. 


The ell 

niul to nil 
llilr put ill 
only the p<| 
to alawfuil 
of iiideniil 
jiuill be o| 
it lias ho i( 
j)Uts the 'H| 
a bill conul 
that if it bJ 
lion for thi| 
cale. nilK 
ordinary oil 
jeadiii;.;, it 
jiiay put til 
When d> 
houfe conn 
Vvhole hoiil 
bill may b 
in order to 
over, the fp 
of opinion 
contrary op 
vea's or no' 
pointed for 
however, tlv 
and this is ( 
the tellers ( 
wh'ch all rt 
in the iicga 
fent to the 
When a 
their memb 
• fpeaker. \ 
in the heuf 
to th'j high 
and if the ' 
luent of ti 
but after a 
one knows 
inull bo el( 

The con 
a year, liu 



r commoners 
no llaruiiiig 

s he III in the 
:cv,\\\\ every 
of every ca- 

s caJI'.-(l the 
Bclorc the 
ral peers ot 
cs, and citi- 
iii added to 
iioii^. 'J'hc 
liainciit, by 

, to fu jipoit 

oF the peo- 

rcdicfs ail 

i of adjour- 

f, writs arc 
ic time and 
unty, com- 
lij^hts, citi- 
1 the lioiife 
:oui)cil, for 

t dilVcrcnt 
cr, at what 

rod IS Gr- 
and with- 
r, tocliufe 
day. The 
he is pre- 
•crs for his 
ing, is al- 
no Roman 

ct 300 arf 
'fs done if 
It, they nl- 
)iis, gricv- 


I ?.' r R o o r: c T [ o \. xw 

The cliitf hiilintf. of ihc pnilianitiir is to ic\lvi or:il)r<)r;alc old h\\\^-, 
nnd to make new ones ; but uhcMovcr a luns law i. propoud, it nuiU 1 1* 
llili pi;r ill vsritin-;, and ihtn it ij lallcci a biil ; bill the I'oiniiionb la\c: 
only tlic power (.f inlrochicing iiioniy bill-.. JJcIoieany hill can pa!;, in- 
to a law fiiit, it niiiil be? read thiec feveial time'? in each h( ufc, t;;iept a bill 
of indcnniity, which re(iuircs only once readiti;;. The leavv of the hniCc 
jniifl be obtained to bring in any private bill, and the huiill; mull h-c 
jicfpiainted with the fiibltance of it, either by ni'ifion or pe!i;ic!i. j'^ftvr 
ii has been read the lirit time, the fpeaker recite-, an abllr,".a of lli!; bill, and 
j)nts the qiicltion, whether it fliull be read a fy-cond time, or iii.i. ihit if 
a bill comes from the honfe of lords, fo nnich lavonr and refj'ett i-^ /hown, 
tliat if it be rpoken a^'^ainfl in the fnjt readinj^, the pnts the ijiief- 
tion for the fccond reading before it is ri jeiled, if tliat IhouKi he ll.>i 
call". Bills arc feldom read twice the firfl d.iy, nnhfs upon veiy cytra- 
ordinaiy occafion'?, and rccinirc ihc utmolt c.v])fdition. Upon tiie rt( ind 
leadiii;;, if none ("peak againfl the bill, and feveral fur ii, the I'j.eakcr 
may put the(jiiellioii for engroliing it. 

Wlten debates arife upon the fecond rcaditig, and they nrr« over, the 
honfe connnonly calls for committing the bill to the committee of the 
\A\'Ac honfe, or to a felett cotimiitice. Sometimes it may liai>i,".n, the 
bill may be recommitted before the fpcakcr puts the qiicfi:.!) for eii- 
groding. .After a bill has been cngrolfed, it is to be read a ihirvl time, 
in order to have it palled. But when any debate ha|)p'.i)s after it h 
over, the fpeaker holds the bill in his hand, and fays, As Piiany as are 
of opinion that this bill Ihould pals, fay yea; and as many as are of the 
contrary opinion, fay no. Upon which he informs the honfe, whether the 
vca's or no's have it. Cut when the thing is doubtful, two tellers ;;re ap- 
pointed for each fide, one to number the yea's and the other the no's; 
however, the quelfion is firft put, which of thefe lliall go out of the honfe, 
and this is called dividing the honfe. After the numbering them is over, 
the tellers declare to the fj)eakcr the number of yea's and no's ; upon 
wh'ch all rerinn to their places If the no's have it, the bill is faic ro pafs 
in the negative. But if it palTes in the afhrmative, they order it to be 
fent to the honfe of lords for their concurrence. 

When a bill is fent by the lords to the commons, they fend none of 
their members, but only mailers in chancery, who deliver the bill to the 
fpeaker. When there is a difagreement in the houfes about a bill, a 
conference is demanded, which is held in the Painted-chamber. In voting 
in the hcufe of lords, they begin with the lowcif baron, and I'o proceed 
to th'j Inghelt peer; who each forhimf.lf, fays Content, or Not conteiit ; 
and if the voices are equal, the negative carries it. After an adjourn - 
ment of either honfe, they may refume the buhnefs they were upon, 
but after a jirorogation they cannot, for then the feilions is cnd>.d. Kveiy 
one knows that after the difiblulion of the old parliament, a new one 
muil be elcdted in tlic manner mentioned above. 

0/ //a' Cc:!>ts rf Jif^/Jice. 

The coinis of Juflice, fitting at Wellminilcr, are opened fsnir times 
a year, that is at Eailer, Trinity, Michaelmas, iuid Hilary terms, 'i'iiere 

e uie 

1 Vvi 



I N 'r 11 O D tl C T I O N^ 

rts the cnuiti o 


l'U>b, iiiul the cull 

l-t of I'A'rlK'CllUT, I 

f C'liamcry, Kiii;^'s Hcndi, C-m. 
lot to iiKiitidH tint or' tlic 



cs fogiii/.aiicc 

of all the tMuCcs 

btiiit^ I'l the rcvc 


II.' crow'i ; 

1,110 of ihl'. ihitcliy, 

ch h.'is been long aiiiRxcd 

the chief jiulfic o 

llul tlic Chancellor o[' this 


I'hc Court of Uiancciy i3 a n.iii 

t of f'liiity, ami (ii-fi^^nccl to relieve 


per the ri:;oaro 

bleaches of tnill, and other opiirclhoii'., to ten 

f the law. H-iwcvcr 

the Mln^■llv' his cfrcn proved woi: 

than the ilileafe, on ■.\ro^uu\ o 

f the Icni'th of time beforf the caiill- h:; 

:e!i u 

!jl_ 'ii,c chitf jndge i^ the lord-chancellor, or I 

d'i'hc i'orm ot procet-'aing is l)y hills, anfvvers, and dccic 


11.1 the witnedes are cxiimine 


1 ill private : howcVLi', it 

miifl be oh!"i 


that the ducrocs of this c 

t arc only hiiuling to the perfons of th(;rc 

coiK-crnal in thein; 

for thev do not arteil their land^ and goods; and 

conrtniientlv, if a man refules to comply with the terms, they can do no- 
thill" m.'re to him than fend him to prikm. This court is not likf 
othcn, whicii have no power except in term time ; for this is ahvay; 
open; and if a man be fent to prifon, the lord clrmcellor, in any vacation, 
can grant u Habeas Corpus if he fees there is rcafon fo to do. He m;iy 
alfo at ihcle tinu5 {>,rant prohibitions. 

The lord chancellor has twelve aUi.-ii.ts, called maficrs in Chancery, 
whofe bufmefs is to take affidavits or depoiitions upon oath, concerning 
nnv matter for which an oa.h is required by the rnhfs of the court, and 
tliev have an ollice in Chancery-Lane. They alio examine accompts dc- 
])tiKling on this court, of which they make their report in writing. BlIkK'S 
tliefe, there are I'evcral malkis extraordinary, to take affidavits in the 

The mn^cr of the rolls is the principal of the twelve, and he has tlic 
cuftody of all ch;'rters, cnlloms, commilhoiir, deeds, and recognizances; 
which beino- made on rolls of parchment, gave occafion to his name, and 
the repofitory of them is called the Roll> ; hciv all the rolls arc kept fince 
the beginning of the reijjH of Richard III. This is a great oHiccr, and 
ura:'.!Iy hears taulcs in Cinincery, when tli: chancellor liiiulelf is abl'eiit, 
He keeps a court at the Rolls, v/here he hears and determines caufes that 
con;-.' there before him ; he has the gift of the fix clerk i oflices, and thofs 
pofilllld of tlicm are next in decree to the malfers in Cliaiictry. 
Tl-icir hiifinefs is to eniol nil parents, comniirions, licences, paidoiis, and 
oilier inllnmients that pu(s the great leal. When the mafter of the roll) 
fits in the lioul'e of lords iiis is next to the lord chief jufiiee of Ivn;- 
land, upon the fecoiul woolfack. U^fules what is faid above, the couil 
of Chancery the i)r>v/cr of fending out coiomidions for clnrilablc 
life;-, and of enquirin;^ into nil the frauds and abiifes which have bun 
committed in the difpolal of all charitiis rhrouohout the ki"-(!om, aiit; 
can obli,cc tl;e tnifrees to perform their trull, according to the- intent c: 
t.K-'.r lefpeclive donors. U.ider flic fix cleiks ' wire lonuei'v ii^:tv, 
bu! now there are ninety, i.nd tlicfe, vviih their utiderckiks pcifoim ih: 
bufuicfs of theii ofl'ice. 


The C 

nioit h'"' 
broui'.iil 'A 
fon, lel.m 
liai a!fi) pi 
juiUces on 
in ple.ns 
except oiill 
fi art, l'.ie| 
Leiich ; 
judge, aiel 
i)ut wilh tl 
to orcufn'il 
C(/Urt excel 
vv crimiiu 

The Co 
fiebated ai 
})lead in tl 
tried, and 
tines can 
Will mi; I It 
to this c^ 
common i 
The Co 
caufes accc 
of equity ii 
of the exc 
feldom, a: 
relating U 
licid as al^ 
There r 
for the mi 
twice a yc 
])ur[)ofc, ; 
ciiiiiiiial c 
after liiU; 
t-rm. T 
Wales all 
flieriff of 

The c 
tiie pj.v:-: 


's fJcncfi, C MTi. 
i"ii flrir or' the 
of all til'. cai!(l'5 
I<iii['j afunxcd '0 
liaiitcllor oi' tliis 

r\<j,ncd to rcllcvj 
icllioii',, to teiii. 
cii proved woil'e 
ire tlie CMifc Iki, 
ccllor, or loiif. 
s, and dccictv; 
mft be ob!u-vc(j 
'crlons or" th(;lc 
Mcl goods J and 
tlicy cnri do no- 
■')int is not likt 
■ this is alwnvi 
in any vacatioii, 
do. He ni;iy 

■rs In Cliaiicrry, 
uli, concerning 
the court, and 
10 accompts (!(.■. 
firing, llj'id-i 
iflidavits in d.; 

and he has tl); 

' his name, and 
s are kept fince 
i-at ofliccr, and 
ii'i.'ii is ablctir, 
ncs cauffb tliat 
ices, and thole 
in L'fianccry, 
s, paidiui;-, and 
ftcr of riio roll, 

jllllicc oriv;;;. 
ovc, the toui! 
s for ch-uir:ib!e 
Inch have httn 


';;(.'orn, x.c 

(^ tiie inrciit c; 

'ojaui'v I'r.f, 

^0; liCifu'lUl lllJ 


J N T R O I) U C 'I' I () N. xxvH 

'I'h: Coi'.rt of I^in.','- T^-nih is tin.- irij'ji.ft court i.i I'.nglanJ, in com- 
mon law, cxc ['.t the huufe oi Lords in i' 'nt. All pleas arc 
broiij'Iii into this court between the kinf* ; nd tl)c fubjciH, Ciidi as trca- 
foii, Icl.uiii'S, breach of peace, and any kind of opprtllinri. 'J liii court 
bai alfo power to cx:'.i;nnc and coiTiifl all errors of all the iudges and 
jiiliices of Knj^'.and, in their j;id;;ni('nts and proicedinj;s : this not only 
in pleas of the crown, but in thole thar arc really perfon.;! and mixed, 
except only in the Kxciioqncr. Tticrc are four jiid^',es bi.Iont'iiip t'> this 
c; urt, tlie clii'.f whereof is ftikd the lord cliivf jnfUce ol th.' I'.in;;'* 
Lcnch; and, according to an a't of parliuncnt jult pdlV;!, all ihe 
judges are to hold tlu'ir plarcF, n;<t\\ ithllandin;', the I'nnlfe of ih/ er'.'.vn, 
i)iit wiih the C,m\c rcft:i;\ioi) aa form 'rly ; tliar is, wliile th'.y dv) Hotiunj; 
to orcufirn tlie lorf itnre of t;r ir pi ices. None c;iii he a jndi'C in this- 
C(uirt except a ferjeanr at I iw. All inaticrs of fa.'.t, rel uiir,' either to 
cr criminal caufes, arc dettrmincd in the coart of Kind's Bcndi by a 

The Court of Common Pleas is fo callcil, bernnfe the ph.Mi ufn.illy hce 
debared are between I'nbjed and fiibjcilt. r>«'cne but feijeants ar law may 
plead in this court ; and liere all civil cndlsrtal or iierfoiud aic uuiaily 
tried, and real actions arc pleadaide in no other conrr. l,i!;j>vl;e, no 
fines can be kvinl or recovent's fiitfeied, except in this court at 
V»'( i'hni:ilier, at a j;:dg'.'s thambei-, at tin- adi/cs, or by a fpcciil 
connnilllon out v\ chaiicei\'. 'I'lieie are fi'in i'liims alfo bclon^iiify 
to this couii, the firll t)f wluuu is called lord chief juliLe ol l!iw 
common jilcas. 

The Court of Kvchcqner confifls of two courts ore of wlii;:h tries 
caufi-s according to law, and I'r.e otb.r accordin;^ lo ecjuiiy. ''J'lie loait 
of equity is lu Id in the exclu.';p!;r ehamlicr, Ivt'i'ie the lord-trcafurjr, the 
thaiKellor of t!ij exclwciner, the Icord c;iiv.f baron, and the three barons 
of the exchequer; befidcs a curfitor baion. !;iit ilie tv. o lirit lit veiy 
feldom, and th:: fis'c Kdl alniolt always. ILre arc tried all c:uifes 
relating to the king's revenue, n.ini-ly, fuch as relare to accompts, 
dlibuireincnts, cnlloms, and iii'.os impoled. All judicial proceedi.igs 
according to law, are only before the barons; but tlie court of equi:y U 
held as above. 

Thiic are Aib/es and Selllons h.ld in th" di.Trcnt rount!e<; of F, neland, 
for the more ealV diltiibuiiivi of iiillic; and the a(ii/.cs are courts kept: 
twice a year. The twlvc jn('?/.'< are coin;iii!'ivMied by the king for thii 
Jiurpofc, and this they call go'.i>g tl^e circuit. At tlu-ie alfr/es all civil and 
critninal caufes may be d.:i':rm';n d; rlu- fn d is called Lent a!rr:es, fooii 
ati'.T Hilary term, and tlie ofhcr ca'h d rlv I'nmmer alli^res, jfier Trinity 
trin. 'i'here arc ux of tliefe cir.ui;' , Ir.nd:-. thofe in Wales, in which 
]Minci;Kdiry two diftinil judges are ai'poinied ; and both in England and 
"^^ ales all canlls a)V daerniinef; ');. .: itirv. The jury are chofen by tl\e 
flicriff of the county, a:':.i they a;e only diiedcd in p.>int of law by the 

'fhe commirtmcnt of nial: "ifior'; i= gonrTalJy mad'.' by a jullicc of 

tn"p.';:.:, Vijo cj;;'miii:, wiaiMu r.> t'lC'^vi. upon u.uii. 

< * rj 





h ihctvideitce 






is nhin he mnkes a r.nttinra=, a-.d (l-nds tl.e nialefaaor to the coiinn- 
ooal, where he continues till the next afiizes or fcir.on.. 

There arc j.iftices of the peace in every county, dcfigncd to I ..cj, 
the u-ace thereof; and fuch of them that the king is hippoiai t,, 
Ir,;-^r confidence in, nre called juftices of the quorum; be- 
ill liicir dulinuii's there rirc thefe words p;r«w ,•/. B. iunun 

i^ZcLiaVthc meaning of which is, that no bulineh of co,,;.- 



micnce mufl be tranfiiclcd, unlefs with (he ooncar-pnce of ..i..- .d f 
Their oflicc is to call before them, examiii-, nn,: commr ti .; 
all thieves, nnirucrcrs, vagabond*., and all diftur'j.r. o^ ' y . 

what kind foever. 

The Qiarrcr ScfTions arc fo called from the meeting ot ■■ i 
f v"rv(r.;:irtLT of a year, a^ the fliirc or oihcr chief town in their . . 
cnu-.u::'.-, wli-.rc tli.T have a power of tiyi.ij all criminal canfL;; i;i the 
i\ir^c rvt the aflizes, ihnvgh tlis7 co.iunonly coahne rliciiiiclves 
to tad:, of:-. I'-Ha- decree oi' i'uilt. 

There i-: a r.Krifl' aup-inted for the execution of laws in every county, 
except \Veftmorelai:d"a:id Durliam, who is npmii;;i!-.l by the kin- every 
Pvliehiu'.nr:!;: icrm. IH? offi:e is to execute the kinj's tuandatcs, n;;(i all 
vrilj d;u"cd to hMii oi-.t rflhe kinr:'s courts. He alfo impanels juries 
10 biiiiT cnufcs and crir.sinals to irial, and is to take care that the 
kiitenrer, both in civil and cil.ninal alfairs bo duly executed. He 
appoint.-, an under ilicil;"!", fi:.v:irds rf courts, bailitls of hundreds, 
c(infl;ihlc^ and jnyhn-^ and has many men, in rich liveries, to attend 
upon fan on horfebuck at the rec.ption of the judges, and during 
tivi afiixe:;. 

■J'iu' o;;;:: of a high-fonflabie, petty conllablc, hca Iborough, or third- 
boroiifrh, i-i to c .\ccute the warnnts and orders of thj juilice of the peace ; 
bur the hii^h-cniulable only difpcrles them upon fomc occafions to the 
petty conftable'-. 

i".v>'ry cirv and corporation in Fai^l^nd m:jy chufe their own ma;;i- 
ftiari.';, whicl". may be cither a mayor, or a bailiff, with aldumen, cnm- 
mon ceuncihnen, or cai)ital bmgdlci; andlhcfe regulate all aP^'aiis v,!il!';i 
i'limediatcly belong to their relpeftive corporations. Likev.ife, f'Ui'i 
cities have couuiies, and have a power of trying all malefaftors taken ia 
tiiiir counties ; but this is feldom inuicnaken without the aniilancc ol one » 
cr inoie c.f the twelve judt'cs. Some of thefe officers durin;-- the'r ma- 
giitracy are juflicc'; of the peace : thci'e arc commonly the mavor and an 
uiilvrman or f.vo ; but thty cannot c -jcrcife their p.v.ver out of ilieir ev.a 

The lord-liratenants and dcinitv- lieutenants had formerly a more cow- 
nJc-,.ljle power and i'ltliicnro tlicy have at prcfent, and ;i:o 
cht'l'jn l)y the king himfclt out of the principal peers of this kingdom. 
Tiieir bufinef^ was to arm, array, form companies, troops and 
reiiments ; and the men fo railbd v.cre called the militia. But thy 
haviu'j been feidom done of late, on account of the llaiuiintr ibrce-. kept 
continually in pay, thefe forces became in agrcatmcalnreurei'efs. However, 
\t a.;V!;i^- bocu found nccHfny, fuice our M war with Fraii.e, to have a 


pviiiit pro 11 
g ■:' : . I n . w (ill • 
a ■.' I >it u:- 
h: , Dcen a> 
t;i be iVr.;". 
but theie 1 
kingdom li 
f.nd our r 
it is not ii 

of entirely u! 

llefide. !l 
Barons whi 
liewards to 
Iv iiig rcpnt 
and other ci 
the juiiiec; < 

jS. C mrt 
fo, and is fo 
Varoii ; all 
Ik re part of 
''I'lie jury is 
liolders, aiu 
rf any tenai 
f, Ives, with 
Tliere are a' 
ci: parts of 
Confeience 1 
under forty onf-p.. 
trv, and u i 
v.iiere. 'I'll 
fcijeai ts ar 
and to fumr 

is .t piMen* 
i' 'liable'; tl 
V, luit they h 
tliat \V'' a;e 
f un'.rmiiv''. 
ceunirif'-, a 

t.aploy 11, >• 
th'ife ihar 1 
Jt ■. 1 ihe w.v: 
Cl i-l.iichli;: 



to the county,' 

"igncd to I:ec|) 
is (iipiioffil t.) 
quoiuiii ; be- 
1 .'!. B. Kiiiim 
el'^ of coi.ll'- 

f Olli" dl' fl' Ic. 

' ■'■ _. • . c of 

)t .!ti.- •• 

heir ... 'i.-'.tive 
cands i;i the 
ne tlicml'clvcs 

every county, 
ihc kiiii' every 
uhitcs, n;:d al! 
njiaiu Is jmics 
cue that tiie 
xceutcd. lie 
iil^ hundreds, 
ie?-, to artLiid 
, and ihirin:'* 


igh, or third- 
of the j)e.icc; 
:afioiis to the 

o\v!i Ilia;-!- 
Icrnie!!, com- 
aP'air^ v.hiui 
kev.ife, r.'iiie 
:ors taken ia 
ilancc oCciic ' 
i;: tht'i- nir.- 
layor mid r.a 
of ilicir ov.a 

a more con- 
and xvA-y arc 
ds kiiv^doiii. 
troops, and 
\. But this 
iorrc-i ke()t 
Ts. liowcvtr, 
•:, to l-ave a 

I N T Ts O D 'J C T I O N'. xxk 

■ii tu'operlv rer;n'atcd and diiliplined, far the defence of the country 
ir.!t all !. r>.i!/(i invafions, an ad of parlianjent is made, by which they 
' , ,it lUider v:.\v regnlations, and in coiuequvnce wheieof a new militia 
. been ;;>"t>\;iiy railed in molt jnnis of the kingdom. The officers are 
be \\\.:\ of f'litime, and tlic piivate men arc to be raifcd by balloting; 
b;:t \:..\ are to be chatiged every three years. This has pnt the 
ki:ii'dym into fiuh a Ihite oi ('ie!vnce, that v/e can now venture to 
Tiid oiu' reoular forces a'Mc id upon a'.iy emergent occafion ; and 
it is not ini|)robable but thc-.e Lilt, in time; of peace, will become 
entirely ufelef^. 

Befides the lourt-- already mentioned, tliere are Court-Leet'; and Court- 
Farons, vvhieh proneilv belon;; :o the lor's of t!ie Manors, wl'.o appoint 
Itewards to hold ihcm in tluir niir.e. The fi;.'! 1. a Court of Record, it 
It ing reputed the King's Cou:r, Lec'.'iie its authoiity is deiived from the 
Crown, li is kt pt tv.dcc a year, and in it entpairy may be m;ide of riots, 
and oiher crim;;;al UK'tters J \\V. a.U great oileaCcs nuill be certified to 
the juliicc; of allize. 

ACnat liaron is incidciit 1o cv-ry Manor, though the otlicr is not 
fo, and is 'io cabled from the Lord of ihc Manor, wdio v,:is anciently lliled 
1-aron ; all tvnanls behmging to tlie Manor arc fummoned to this Court; 
lare jiart of them are fw; rn f r a jury, and hrre the ilcv/ard fits as judge. 
'^I'lie jurv is dirLelcd to eiuniire after rlie tleccafe oi" copy-hcldcrs and frec- 
liolders, and to bring in tlieir icxt heir, and alfo ot the encroachments 
rl anv tenant. Likiwill h^;e t!rv niakc orders and law; amoncr them- 
i' Ives, with a penalty for tranlgrr jf'^.rs-, payable to the lord of the Manor. 
'['here are alfo ShcrilF Courts, and 1 fit^ Co;:rts, hcdd every month in 
aii parts of I'.nglaiid, wlurc fnnii r'>:;l":s are d-termlned. A Court of 
Cr.niVieiu'e h .. been \oW':, held in i.'>-vi'"i. tor ihe recovery of fmall debts 
iirder forty Ihillings ; there has '- a I'line i;i( cUd in WcJiminfkr, and 
rt' ont-piris about f^oiu'on ; a-, a'fo ;.; iwooi- •luce towns in the conn- 
try, au'd u is ih Might t >-.'.t fro r 'im,- to time rluy v.ill be crciJled elfe- 
v.liere. The unu,.rs C'.'.'jd. i-aliii.i ''"the !i!,:i.lred, and other baliff. and 
fcijeai t'^, are aopolnteti by the ih.'i'i.f to excrure writs, to diltrain gocJ;, 
o;id to fammoii lo the c:u:i'y Jjiilens and ail'izes. 

Or tJ- r,-~'.- .-iJ Kii-.-'r.rJkn. 

Na\''iUion in this kingdnm wa'^ foimerly greatly neglected to what it 
i-, ,t pi'.ient, notv". ir^t^•.M■'•.;lt; 'he v.'ll advariliee received therefrom; for 
i' enable; th" inh'i'^'". in's of the i\im ly wheie it flouriliies, to e.v|)ort 
v,har the'' !'. ivc, and ' > imp t uhat thev have not. When ii happen? 
tliat w' .i.r inva-u I'i ior the manuiaduring any particidar 
f Moivcdi' '. bv thr n"";f.s of nur ihiitping .iccan pnrchafc them in other 
c -:nilries and i-ia!oi!';'-h:r ■ ilv-m at home. In confequencc of which wc 
< iploy 111 >M' hand , and receive a national beneiit by feliin;; tliem a<';ain: 
tl''Me ihar h r. <• an ad' (piate kiiowltdgc of the wants of other c ■nlric.', 
fl '. 1 iiic nu'inr- liy w!ii> h ili.-y \w\\ he fiipplied, have a fair opjxirtnnily 
ci ^r.iiehii;;- tli.irifebu'. b\ be;r '.he a.'.nti and canieti of tiiedifierenr 











'<!;' , 

XXX 1 N T R O I) U C T I O N. 

forts of good? from place to place. Wliilc wc were ftian^cr.^ to iinvi^vs. 
(ion our country was tlilii of people, becaulcwc livfcl ;is it were i!j)f,n 
the main flock. Wc had indeed a few llaplc coiniiioditic5, and a very 
few manufidlorics, which were ihj to forci(;ners at thtir own latcs ; but 
when navigation beg;into flonrilii, and we had vefl'Js of our own, tlic f.^ce 
of affairs I'.KHi began to chanije ; and wc brought home the piodudlot 
otiier countries at a frna!! cxpence, in coniparilon to what ihey coit in 
formerly : likewife we difiiofcd of cur own roum'odiries at ir.uch higher 
rates. We procured manufaaurcrs froin dilfjrcr.t j)laces, loirie of wliirli 
taught us to weave in a much better inaiinc-r, o:;i'.:s to dye, and others 
again to fabricate a great variety of iiulh and fih.s. Van) the Ger- 
mans we learned watch and clock work; t:)e art of niakin^f^ 
glufs from Iialy, and from the Dutch the mc'J-.od of cailing tsptj 
for printing. In Tiort, by navigation we have received fj ii.any be- 
nefits and improvements, tliat it would icquiic a fmail vcluaic to 
recite them all. 

.Atprcfent a trade is carried on to thcTurklllt dominion:^ and tlic Le- 
vant, by the Turky company, and tlic commodities wc lend to ili, le 
parts are lead, tin, iron, broad-cloth, and long ells; not to n-.ei;tioii 
French and Li/bon fugars as well as bullion. We take in rettirij great 
quantities of raw filk, which ferves tor making ftockin^s gallo'ins g-ilci 
and filver lace ; and it is alfo proper for the waip for ,iny kirid oi filk. We 
import alio grogram yarn, dying lluft's of various kinds, drug ., fuap, lea- 
ther, cotton, fruits, and oil. 

To Italy we carry tin, lead, pilchards, herri-/., falmon, rod, nui vi- 
rions kinds of Eifl-India goods ; befides fjuie or our o ■. n nianutav'o-i'js', 
futh as broad-cloth, long tlis, bays.diuggetscanihiets, leatlicr, and . ther 
things. We Import from thence wine, oil, fjap, (/livcs, dvin:;i"i;iti:,, as 
well as filk, raw, thrown, and wrongiit. i n lo tin: kino of SaidiniaN do- 
jninions, wc have the fine lllk called Oig;:i;/:;;e, v,!ru!i is th.WAn l^y an 
engine. Wo Iiavc long had a remarkable or.c uf thefe at Derby, and ior 
ih\Y,s- time at two or three towns in Chciiiire. 

VVeknd tof;;a;;i mu.h ibri of c(.innK'uIiIo3 as in Italy, many 

of which arc exported from thence to tluir colonies in /wneiiea. in tc- 

turn v.e have wine, oil, fiait;,:, v.otd, indi.'o, toel.inca: 
,1 ■ • ■ 

and yet they have ^ , 

to vend v\hat wo take of tliem av other mar 

n-j rc.ubn to complsin 

i'oiiiigal is greatly in our lav )i:r, 
bjcatife tluy wo'ild be at a h>''i 

... 'l^ets; beiides, as; hey fend great 

qna:;;j:ie: o! r.;r goods to Brazil, they ar^ cnaL.ed trum thefu'c to Jla^v 
animme:.ll;t,eu;ure ye.;:Iy, uhich render. P 
countries i:; Kiirope. 
In time:; 

.'oriugal one of .'le rlcliefl 

In tunes of p.:ace wo <.v;;nrt '.o Trance tin, lead, corn, horii-platec, 
»rid great (laantmcs of tobacco, befi.leb a lialc liaiuicl ; aitd wc receive 


from thence 
ing a trade 
gold, fdvcr, 
I'landers, tii 
fturfs, tor v> 
floods of th 
biics ; but i 
aiot quite fo 

We cxpfi 
return, we 
However, ii 
and set tin 
fide. ' 

V\'ith Dei 
few coaife \ 
moll thiiigs 
Sweden, tor 
iron, and i 
rnedied in 
own plantat 

We' fend 
and a grea 
iur , i:on, 
kattier ; th 
Very bcnefic 

'i'o liulla 
factory gooil 
from thuii 
iiukles, whi 
itud's; iipo; 

The Afi-Ii 
ol (.ur OAn 
ilaves, but 
alio have frc 
i;um feneca. 

1 he i:alt. 
tluie il ive 
til dii'idv'ani 
Very low ra; 
f'ltlrel) fui 1 
fin-.ed ill III 
tare ukiII n 

As for o; 
C! w'liit vrf!" 
r'ta:io:;, \ 
f->ai)U. a y., 

r:i to navicu 
it were v\h,i\ 
;, and a vuiv 
vti rates ; but 
own, tlic face 
le [)iodi:iH of 

till!)' coil Im 

ir.t.'cli liiglicr 
/iViL' oi" \viiii.-!i 
e, and otlicii 
t ni the Gcr- 
of niakiii[^ 
mailing tsptj 
i'o niaiiy be- 
1 vcluuic to 

and llic I.e- 

.n-.i to tli> le 

to IJ-.LMtioU 

return grcu 
alio'ins '^"^'d 

oMilk. We 
^s, ((.lap, ku- 

cpi\, aid va- 
t'l', aiiil . tiier 
;ii;; il'.itii, a'". 
laidiiuaS do- 
OA M by an 
:by, and tor 

Italy, many 
ita. Ill ic- 
a'alV di tijjs ; 
oiii whi'iiC'.' 
rtlxr, it 

ol our co'ii- 

our lav )i;r, 
be at a loW 
V (i.nd ',\yi-'M 
: 1 >.i 1 a '.V 



:1 vvc receive 


from thence bratidy, wuie, liiincn, lace, and many other thlng'^, there be- 
iii<> II trade carried on by limii^gl^rs, lor which they convey to Frarce 
told, filvcr, and wool, to the ctrcat detriment of England. Wc fend to 
l-'lnnder?, tin, lead, iron wares, i*igar, tobacco, fergci, llannols, and a few 
ftutlb, for which wc receive tine lace.-, linncn, tajics, inckles, and other 
floods of that kind. \Yc had fonnoriy large quantities of their cani- 
biics ; but at prcfjnt thefe are j)rohibitcd, fur which reafon the trade is 
not quite fo much againit us as formerly. 

We export to Germany tin, lead, tobacco, Tagnr, ginger, woollen 
manufa«:l;)ii':s of every kind, as well as all forts of ii.a!l-India goods. Im 
return, we have from thence tin-plates, linnen, and fevcral otlicr things. 
However, in many places feveral ot" our mainifadtorics are prohibited, 
and )et the balance of trade is thoiij|,ht to be ccnfideiably on our 

With Denmark and Norway we have very little trade, except for a 
few coal fe wuollen-gocds ; for uhicli rtafon we are I'orced to pay for 
niolt thiiigb we have of iliem. NVc have alfo a decaying, trade with 
Sweden, tor they buy little of us, and uc purchafc of them copper, 
iron, and ii:ival Itores ; bv.t it is hoped this difadvaiitagc will be re- 
iiiedi-d in p;'.rt, fince wc have allowed iron to be imported from oui 
«,;w:i plant uioiis. 

We ll'i'.d to Rufiia tin, lead, coarfc cloth?, long tils, wor.'led fluffs, 
and a great quantity of tobacco ; and wc import from thence tallow, 
iur, iion, jict-aiius, heiiq), Hax, linnen, coarfe Ruilian cloth, and 
leather ; this trade is carried on by a particular company, in a maiuier 
very bcneticial to this kin<Tdo.\i. 

'i'o lioliaiul we fend ahiiolt all forts of commodities, and manu- 
factory goods, whether of our own, or imported from at)road ; and 
from thnice we receive \ali: quantities of fine linnens, tapes, 
iiKkks, whale-tins, idl forts of fnices, and various kinds of (!\io2; 
luul's; upon the wiiole, the balance of trade mull: needs be of our 

Tiie Afrii^an trade \z of great advantage, for we not only f-iul many 
ol our own and the l-.ilt-ln.'.ia maiuitadories, for the purcliale of 
i!avi;s, but we fupply our fev^ plantations with tliele lafi ; and we 
alio have from tlienee gold-iluit, redwood, ivory, palm oil, malagueta, 
gum feiieca, and many other valuable commoditks. 

I he F.aii-iin.ia trade isoi'veiy great conlequeiiee to tliis nation, and 
tluieiiive befu lewerul dwpuies alvjul it, relating to its advantage 
O: du'idv'a!ita^;e ; iiowevcr, it is ceria'ii ilicy puichale their goods at a 
Very low rate, ;i:id are fold here exlreiiuly Idgli. Some would have it 
C'ltlrely fiir'i;:xl!ed, but we arc now Co accuiiomed to feveral goods con- 
i ;:i;-J in ihi,', D.nioi!, ai'd ];:ii1:c'.:I:'.rly tea, that all att.iupts of tl.ib na- 
ture mull need-, prove abortive. 

As for o'.ir own plantations and iflonies abroad, every one is fcnilble 
cf wiiit v;';'! ;!d\M;ragcs tl^;y ai- to I'.iighurd; for upon a raoder.ite com- 
p'.tafio:), \ ir ;;".;.i ualy i. w.miIi t) (Jieiit-Drii.iin i;o Icfs than 1,2: :,oco 
yMiid, a V'-iu. iii Urn: J cf [-eaee, iliere are moi'!: ihun 100,0:0 


«' M 



I v.! ..I 


xx>il I N T 'I O D U C T I o r^. : 

hogflicads of tobacco exporfcd every ye;;r lioni tin's colony, and ilicp 
are between 3 and 400 ihij)s cm|)lov(.'d in rlie trutle, wirh ;il)oiif 400^'. 
feamen ; and this alone will bring the r.bovc-nicntiont.d funi to thi 

All other colonies, fettlement?, niid cn:nb!ifliincnt<;, contribnte tlni' 
proportion, there being (r;nt to all, more or kl'--, linncn, flks, hulij 
goods, wine, and other foreign {)roJiji.'tions ; bcfuics ciotl), roarfc arii.' 
line ferges, ftiiffs, bays, liars, houlhold goods, habcrdalli'.'r}' ware, \ 
hofc, bills, nails, adzes, knives, and olher iron ware, bilciiir, floutr, ^ 
ftockings, /lioes, and, in lliorr, every thing the that is ni:uli; i" ) ; 

# i» # 




D J 




. ; f 

r u 




■gainft Cr 
• A A, a fma 
has its fom 
tryof Lieg 
town of H 
ceived fevc 
Aa, a rivei 
Picardy jn 
comptf, ru 
comes nav 
rntans of 
and falls ir 
• Aa, the na 
l-'nited Pro 
morafs narr 
«f I^rcnte, 
where they 
Aa, and pa 

ny, and lli:r: 
li about: 400^. 
1 funi to th:, 

iitribr.te tluir 
1, flks, liuljj 
th, co::ifc ani;' ware, 
ilciiit, flowtr, 
i^ n)-.u!t; i" 

* JMf'^U M^"}^ M^"^ M^^ M'^'^-^ ^"^'k I 

* yy^i Y'^i ^^i 5>)«(i >)$(-t >>^< * 


General Gazetteer; 

O R, A 





T H E 


A A 

A, a fmall river of Germany, in 
Wertphalia, which rifts near 
Miinftcr, vvatera that city, and 
falls into the river Embs, ovei- 
againft Creven. 

• A A, a fmall river of Dutch Brahmt, that 
has its fourceon the confines of i!ie coun- 
try of Liege and Guelderland, waters the 
town of Helmont, and after having re- 
ceived feveral fmall rivers, falls into the 
Dommel, a little ahovc Bois-lc-duc. 

A A, a river of Flanders, that rifes in 
Picardy in France, beyond Rumilly-Ie- 
comptf, runs N. E. through Artois, be- 
comes navigable near St. Omer's, by 
means of fluices, pafTes on to Gravclin, 
and falls into the Enghfh Channel. 

• Aa, the name of two fmall rivers in the 
United Provinces, that proceed from a 
morafs named Bertang, in tjie territory 
of Drente, and unite ia Wefterwold, 
where they are called the Wcfterwold 
Aa, and pafs on till they fjll inte the 

A A 

gulph of DolJarf, near the confines of 
the county of Enibricn. 

• Aa, or Ai PHA, a fmall river of Swif- 
ferland, in the canton of Zurick, wa- 
ters the town of Gruningen, and falls 
into tlie lake Grieftenfce, to the S. of 
the mouth of the river Glatt. 

•Aa, ot Ali'ma, a river in Weflphalia, 
that has its fource in the county of 
Lcmgou, waflies Petmold, pafTes on to 
Hervorden, and after thit falls into the: 
Wefer, about eight miles above Min- 
den. Some call it the Wehra. 

• A. '\, or Ami A, a fmall river of Wefl- 
piialia, that rifes in the county of Stein- 
fort, runs through its whole length, wa- 
ters the town of that name, and entring 
Sallant, joins the Vecht, a little below 
the fmall town of Omme. 

• A A, a fmalj river of Wertphalia, that 
rifes in the diocefe of Munlkr, in the 
quarter of Alias, waters the town of that 
name, and afterwards Goer, in the diftrifl 

li of 


11'' si >t 


^\ * 

A B 

of Twenle, wlii'li it runs thiough, and 
tnicrj that of Sallant, where it joins iha 
Vechi, a little above the fmall town of 


• v^.A, or Alpha, a river of Swiirerland, 
that rifes in mount Brunig. in the canton 
of Underwald, croU'es it from S. to N. 
waters Sarnen, and falls into the lake of 


• A A, or Air n A, a fmall river of SwilTer- 
land, that iiics in tl'.e canton of Lucern, 
near Sempadi, forms two fn);ul hikes in 
its courfe, waters Lentzburgh, and falls 
into the rivir Aar. 

Aa, a largo river ill the duchy of Cour- 
iand, that riles in Samojitia, and falls 
into t!ie bay of Riga. 

Aalborg. SeeAi.BURn, as alfo other 
words begin with two Aa's, and 
not Jbund here. 

A.\i.iiEiDE, a laige heath of Denmark, in 
Nortii Jutland, lying between Skive and 
Kolding i it is feven miles long, and al- 
moll cniitely barren. 

AnAcn, or Wei ten burc, a town of 
Ceniiany, in the circle of Bavaria, de- 
fendeii by a citadel, and featcd on the 
river Danube, feven miles diftant from 
Rrttilbon. Lon, 27. ^o. lat. 48. 50. 

Abartn, a river of Sibeiia, in Aha, that 
faili into tlie Jencfi fcon after it ril'ei. 

AsAKANiKOY, a town of Siberia, feated 
on the river Janefka ; it was founded 
in noy, and rebuilt in 1725; it is pro- 
vided witli artillery, and has a garri- 
(ot:. Lon, 1 1 1, 35. lat. 53. 5. 

AiiAL.iK, a town in Siberia, two miles 
from Tobolskoi, where there is a famous 
im,i5C of the VirgiaMary, tint is con- 
i^antly vtlited by a gie.u niiiiiber of pil- 
Siiins ; I'.iecleigy cairy thii image every 
year in pioceiFion to I'oboiskoi ; wliere 
it is kept for a foitnight. Lon. S4.. 40. 
lat. 57. I. 

Abano, a village in the territory of I'a- 
dua, in Italy, famous for the warm 
batlw that are near it. There is one 
called Bagno di Fango, in which the ! 
patients are covered all over wii'-i the 
warm nnid or ilime, in hopes of a ce:e, 
Lon. 27. 30. lat 45. 30. 

• Ar •> nA.MtR, a town of 'i'ljicoinania, in 
Aija, where the archbilhop 0: i<Jak;ivan 
oiien ivfuics; he i. an Am,ei-,irtii, and 
yet t.'icie ,ire 300 Rom:m Catliolitks faid 
to be in this place. It is 20 miks N. of 
Nakiivan. Lon. 64. 0. lat. 39. ^0. 

• Aba, CI A, a country of Alia, which may 
be i.iK! to be in Georgia, taken in genc- 
lal ilhasMingrelijinUlw)];, theCif. 

I' i 

A B 

cnfTian Tartars, or Black CircafTia, to the 
N. and W. and the lilack Sea to the S. 
It has very few towns, and thofe that 
are, of little confequcnce ; the inhabi- 
tants are called Abcalhans, and are well- 
made and ihcng ; but they live in con- 
tinual diead of each other ; becaufc thofe 
that have moll power Cei-'c as many as 
they can of tl)f poorer fort, to fell tiiem 
to the Turks. Lon, from 56. to 6c. lat. 
43. to 45. 

• Aba'C! A, a liver of Mingrclia, in Afia, 
wiiicl: falls into the Falfo. 

Abazkaja, a town of Afia, in Siberia, 
feateJ on the river Ifchim. The chuich 
is fuirounded with ,t wall, and has a 
guard of dragoons tliercin. Lon. 86, 
35. lat. 50, 10, 

• Abtnov., a mountain of Germany, in 
Suabia, and in t!ie principality of Fiiri"- 
icnbcig, 23 miles from Iriburg, It is 
reiiiark.d)le for the fource of tlic Da- 
nube, and for communicating its nam* 
to a long chain of mountains, that ex- 
tends from the Rliine to the Necker, 
and from the Forcft Towns to the city 
of Thorflieim, 

Abekspurc, a town of Germany, in the 
circle of Bavaria, fubje(!l to the duke of 
that name : it is feated on the river A- 
bens, near the Danube, 15 miles S, W. 
of Ratifbon. Lon. 19.22, lat, 48.4a. 

Abenrape, a town of Denmark, in Slef- 
wick, which is now in a fiouiifhing con- 
dition, it being twice as laige as former- 
ly, and built in a better tarte : it is featcd 
on a fpacious open bay of tlio eaft fea, 
which IS furrounded on three fides by 
high mountains, that render the har- 
bour fecuie: liiiw ever the fe:i is rot fo 
deep as to admit fliipping as far up as the 
bridge. Lon. 27. 37. lat. 54. 52. 

Abbeville, a confiderable town of France, 
in Lower Picardy, and capital of ths 
county of Ponthieu : it is feated in 1 
pleafant valh^y, where the river Somme 
divides into fcveial branches, and it is 
feparated by that river into two parts. 
There was a manufaftory fet up her; 
of woollen cloth in 1665 : tiiey aifo 
make fail cloth, and coarfc linen, as well 
as black and green foap. It carries on 1 
good trade, by means of the river Som- 
me, in winch the tide rifes to the height 
of fix feet. It is I 5 miles from the Bri- 
tifli Channel, 20 N, W. of Amiens, 51 
S. of Calais, and 90 N. of Taris. LoD. 
19. 30, iat, 50. 7, 

Abbot SB UK y.a town inDorf»'r.Tiire,vvhere 
there is 3 f2mo"s fwanntry : it has a 


inai ket r 
for iheej: 
of Weyn 
ter, and 
14. to, 
AEnci '..I; 
f.i: i s-» 
111 ire, wi 
three I'ai 
Sun tiny, 
aie all ic 
ia lix mil 
Lon. 1 1;. 

A V, n F.-^ -rio 
called fro 
kinj; of 
ti'.c fea, .' 
it has nc 
Jipiles .ill 
.S.W.( !(. 

Am;);'. -Ml 
ticiu but 1 
tiiere w.-i 
marker is 
fail' en th: 
tie and to 

A 1; C A b S J A N 

<ia : they 
much aild 
out law o 

A 11 i; K Y 11 o ^• 
counry of 
Lon. (). 
able tor 

AuKr. K aim:, 
in the (hit 
\vlu)rc W( 
and tlie li 

A li E R A VON. 

Wales, th 
iivi.i- Avd 
biidge, ,1! 
l^ .1-;. 

.'. 11 7.Ht.-ii\ 1 

.. \ I! f p r, ij I , 
of Scot'ar 
on tiie \\\ 
vv!i,„ii V 
lenr Klin, 
It has a ; 
.fieous t'f 1 
tile plain. 
<h(".v';-, .ii: 
Lu.'i. 15. 1 

<. CiicafTia, to tlie 
ick Sea to the S. 
, and tliofe that 
ICC j tlie inhabi- 
ns, and are well- 
tlicy live in con- 
;i- ; becaufc ttiofe 
fei^rc as many as 
brr, to fell theni 
n 56. to 6c. lat. 

injrclia, in Afia, 


Afia, in Siberia, 

IT). Tlie chuich 

.v;ill, and lias a 

:rcin. Lon. 86, 

of Germany, in 
ci|'ality of Fiirf- 
1 Iriburg. It is 
]rce of the Da- 
iicating its nam« 
mtains, that ex- 
to the Necker, 
wns to the city 

Gcrm:>ny, in t!ic 

dl to the duke of 

on the river A- 

15 miles S, W. 
• , lat.4S. 42. 
)enmark, in Slef- 

fiouiiftiing con- 
laige as former- 
taftc : it is feattd 

of the eaft fea, 
n three fide? by 
render the har- 
lie fer» is not (0 
gas far up as the 

54. 52. 
e town of France, 
I capital of the 
t is feated in a 

w. river Somrtie 

:(nchcs, and it is 

into tv.0 parts. 

ory fet up here 

665 : they alfo 
rfc linen, as well 
It carries on» 
f the river Som- 
,fes to the height 
les from tl;e Bri- 
. of Amiens, 52 

of I'aris. LoD. 

iniitry : it has a 

A B 

jn.'.rkct onThurfd.iys, and a fair, July to, 
for ihcep and ho;;s. It is fcvtn luiic W. 
of Weymouth, feven S. W. of Duuhtf- 
ter, and 1 3 3 W. by S. ui London. 
I.l.. CO. lai. ^o. 40. 

ADnoi'.. IIkomii V, oiheruife cr'.IIcd I'v- 
f.K 1 s-B.(OM ^r.^ , a trnvii of St.ii;i.ii(!- 
Jliire, wii'i a niarkt! on 'I'lieulriyv, ,-iik! 
three lairs, on I'hurfday before mid!, r.r 
.S\inil:iy, M.iy 22, iind Au[;ull 24, \ 
aie .ill liM h<Mfes .r.ul liDrncd cattle. It 
\> n\ miles E. cf St.ifford, i'vvcn N. of 
l.irLlit;.!'', and 128 N. W. of London, 
l.on. 1 q. 45. iat. 52. 4S. 

AiUiK^ -Hoi.M, a town in Ctimbei land, fo 
called from an abbey hiiili here by ]);i', id 
kinj; ot Sci>ts. It llandj on an ninioi' 
tl;e fea, and had a market on S.itur(!a\ , ; 
it has no V a lair on October 20, for 
limits and horned cattle; It is 16 miles 
S. W. ( tC.irlilk. Lon. i 3. 30. lat. 54. 45. 

Ai!i;i;'i -Ml r, roN, or Miiidlv.ton, jn an- 
cient but mean town oi Dorfeilliire, where 
there w.'.s formerly a Knv abbey, 'i'lie 
marker is come to nothing ; but it has a 
fair on the TuekLiy after July 25,forcat- 
tk- and toys. It is 12 miles S. E, ofDoi- 
chciler. Lon. 15, q. lat. .-0.42. 

Ar.cAbsiANs, iiih.ibitants of Afia, in .'\baf- 
fi.i : they are a brutiili fort of people, and 
niucliaddided tothtltj toi they live with- 
out law or religion. 

AuiiKYiiovi K, a town of lit'.ind, in tlie 
county of Rofccmmon, and province cif 
Connaus;ht, 25 miles X. of Rofcomm(-n. 
Lon. (). 5, i;,t. c^. 54. It is remaik- 
able tc>r an old abbey. 

AuEMi,.\i<r., cr Ai'ENKAPE, a jurifdii^.on 
in the diirchy of Slef-.vick, in Denmn'uj 
whofe woods contain plenty oi' game, 
and the rivers abound m filli. 

Ahkkwon, a town 01" c;];imori;anf!.iic, in 
Wales, that luid a v.-liich is now 
dmi:ed. It is feated .-it the mouth of t!ic 
Mvu- Avon, 19 milts S. W. of Cow- 
biidge, and 194 W. (if London. Lon. 

lat. 51. 

^A !i T K r. ". o i M I >.■ 

-See Cov WA V. 
or Ai' iiflmi rnor, ,n town 

otlard, m the ihire oi Anrus, feattt 
on tlii. ri\ir'i'..y. It had a monaltery, 
w.,;.ii V as (Iliiu liihed at the time cf tiie 
leloimation; l-ui there :iie yet maJiMti- 
lent i'.::n3 to be fei. n. 'iiiere arc two 
clii;i\:l,;s, one of wliioh is half ruined, 
If ,-1 ;)rerty i;uod liarbour, 
r,eous fcr tr.ide, ar.d it il.tnds on a fer- 
tile plain. It Is t ^ miles N. E, of St. An- 
'ht-.v';,, and 40. N. N. I"., of iL'.unLui^ii. 
I'-jn. li. i^. l:u. 56. -Q. 

A B 

A.irnnEFN, a maritime (own in t!ie n..,i;'i 
of Scotland, divided into two I Vvu-.t''- 
old and tiic new. It v.'as torr.icrl; ; 


and it IS now cai'ital 1 1 tip 

cmint)-, wliere there i-. a univenity, which 
I'.as j.roduced lamoi.s lui.n. it 
his a halibour at ti'e m.,uth of the 1 ivei 
Donne, wl.ich bclonj-s to old Aherdcei',, 
.aiui another on the Ii^e'■|)..•e, tb.:it apjer- 
tain.i to the i.ew. 'i lure i» a (loiie LrLdv';t' 
of fesen arches over i!;;s lail ilvii . It i> 
S4 miles N'. E. of F.ditibur^ih, and 5S 
N. E. of St. Andrews. Lin. 15. 50. 
lat. 57. o. 

■" AnKn i)f f n<;ki p E is conipichended in 
tn:;; of M.iri ; but it feii'^.s two memberi 
to parli.imeni. 

Aut:'.i)oui!, a fm.d! t'.wn of Scctlat'd in 
the (hire of Fife, feated on the fiith of 
'i'ay, 52 niiies N.W. of Edinburgh. 

AjiKRKORii, or Aiic!' FOP I !:, a t'j'..n in 
the wcfl-ritling of Yoikfliire, with a mar- 
ket on W'cdnefdays ; and i.iiit fails, on 
t'le nrll Wednei'd.iy in April, on the tirft 
Wednel'day in Ma;. , en tlie tail Wcdnef- 
day 111 Odfobei, and 011 tlie Wedntfday 
.after St. Luke's day 5 which are all for 
horfes, horned cattle, .mkI (lu'e)i. It i.s 
2omilt,S.VV. of Vi.ik, .md \ficj N. N'.W. 
of Loiuion. L»n. 16. 20. I.\t. ■"■;. 20. 

Abircavrnnv, a town of Mcninuutb.ndie, 
which is well-built, and contains about 
500 houfes, with two p.irllh cluirclic;, 
and an old caifle. It has two markets 
on Tuefdays and Frid.iys ; and three 
fair-, on M.iy 14, fur lean cittle and 
Ihecp ; the firfl 'I'litfday after 'Frinity 
Sunday, for linen arid woollen cloth ; 
and on September 2^, for hot's, IioHcs, 
and flannels. It is 16 miles W. of Men- 
mouth, and 142 W. by N. of Londcn, 
Lon. 14. 30. lat. 5 I. 50. 

* ARKkKKAv. atov.n of North Wales, in 
the ille of Angkfey, which was a pl.Ke 
of great account formeiK, when th^ 
kings of North Wales had ,1 pal. ice 'leio. 
It is now reduced to a fmall village, tlio' 
it has four fairs, on March 7, Wednef- 
day after Trinity Sunilay, Oflober 23, 
and Dec. i i, all for cattle. It is li'i 
miles N. W. i;f N'ev.-burgh. Lon. (3. 5. 
lar. 53. 7. 

* Aiifufir-i. V, a village o\' Noitli Wales, in 
Dcnbi^^hfliire, tliat has lour f.iiro, 011 
A iril 2, t!ie day bcfijrc Holy 'Fh'.rfd.iy, 
Aujjull 20, and Offoiier 9, all (<. r cattle. 
It Is .; nules W. by S. of St. Afapli. 
Lo.i. 13. 40. lat. US' lo- 

•V A H F.k o u 1 1. 1 V , 01 .n H t K I, f R 1. V. ', II . a vil- 
lage ot tiuuthWaki, m Carmarthenibire, 
B a V'ltU 




' If 

t' ! 




A B 

%n-lih two fnli-5, on Odtobsi 2 and 00c- 
her 27, for cittle, horfes, and pedlars 
ware. It is J~ miles N. by E. of Car- 
marthen. Lon. 13. 20. lat. 5:. 10. 
ABfRNEiHV, a town of Scotland, in Stia- 
thcrn, a diftrift of rcrthfliire. It is fcated 
on the nvcr Tay, a little above thu 
mouth of the Erne. It is faid to have 
bocn the feat of the Piftifli kings : and 
was aftenvards the fee of an ar'-hbi^cp, 
("incc transferred to St. Andrew's. It is 
now greatly decayed. 
AEERv:r\siTH, a town of Cardigandiire, 
in Wales, feated on the river Riddal, 
near its confluence with the lilwith, 
Nvhere it falls into the fea. It is but a 
jioor tov/n, there being not abo\e 100 
lioufes, and yet the market on Monday 
is confiderable. It is 30 miles N. E, of 
Cardigan, and 199 W. S. W. of London. 
Lon. 13. 20. lat. 52. 30. 
Abex, a country of Africa, that lies along 
the Red Sea, which bounds it on the E. 
AbyflTinia and Nubia lie on the E. Egypt 
on the N. and thecoaft of Ajan to the S. 
The principal towns are Ercoco and Sua- 
quain, which is the capital and the feat 
of a governor. It is ^■ery fandy, and de- 
Aitute of water; for vvhicli rcafon it 
cannot be fertile. The inhabitants are 
* Abiai), a town of Africa, on the coaft 
of Abex. It is feated on a high moun- 
tain, and is remarl<able for its trade in 
tbony and aromatic plant". 
Abiagracso, a fniall town of Italy, feated 
on a canal, in the dutchy of Milan. Lon. 
16. 54. lat. 45. 20. 
AriNOTox, or Abingdok, a town o{ 
Lerkfliirc, which is a good thoroughfare, 
and pretty well built. It has a market on 
Mondays and I'lidays; and the fairs arc 
on the fii it Monday in Lent, June 20, 
Sfptcmber 19, and December rij .-.!! 
wliieh arc for hoifes and other cattle, it 
tends one member to parliament, and is 
fix n.iies S. cf Oxford, and .^5 W, of 
London. Lon. 16, 16. lat. 51. 41. 
Ap.'i-L, ain\iii town in Beira, a jjiovince 
of I'ortuc;!!, fc ntnining iijnvards of 1300 
)n!„,biiantb. Lcn. ic. 10. lat. 40. 20. 
* Aelav, a country in Great Tartarv, 
fubjct't to the Riii!i,trs : tiieir chief is'a 
Kalmuck prmce. who rcCdv. at Boerkoe, 
rear the nver Iniili, Lou. f;cm 90 to 
HjI. hat. 51 to 54, 
•♦ AhM-. ;, town of France, in the genc- 

ml.ty ul (Orleans. 
A«Lo-, a tcwn in Little T,,rtary, lyinc;- 
^'.'t.-.un lie river DiU;-i,er and :!is BlaeK' 

A B 

Sea. Lcn. 5;. 10. lat. 46. 20. 

• Abnakis 'I ptnpl*-" of North America, 
between Ncw-Kntrland and Canada, iri 
alliance with the French : they hate la- 
bour, and could never be brought to cul- 
tivate the ground. 

* Aboutige, Ari'Tiui, crABOiiiBF, a 
town in Uppei Egypt, in Africa, near 
the Nile, whore there prows plenty of 
poppicj, of whit!) they make the bed 
opium in all the Levant. It was formerly 
a large, but now a mean place. Lat. 
26. 50. 

Abo, a city of Sweden, and capital of Fin- 
land, fubjed to the king of Sweden. It 
is furrounced with mountains, has a 
commodious harbour, and a bifnop's fee. 
It is feated at the mouth of the river Au- 
rojoki, near the gulph of Bothnia, 180 
miles N.E. of Stockholm, and 120 N.W. 
cf Revel. Lon. 41.0. lat 60. 50. 
Abo-flot, orAfio-Hus, one of the mofl 
ancient forts in Finland, that itands on :i 
peninfula, near the mouth of the river 
Aura. It has often fuft'eicd fioni the 
enemy, and by fire. 
Aboim n£ NoBREVA A CoATo, a diilritt 
of Portugal, in the province of Eiitic- 
AuR AHAMSDORF, a fmall town in Hunga- 
ry, which is well inhabited, and has good 
corn-land belonr-. ; thereto. Lon. 37, 
20. lat. 46. 20. 
Abrantes, a town of Portugal, in EHrc- 
madura, i'catcd on the river 'laio, that 
belongs to a marquis of the fame name, 
li ftands liigli, is furrounded witl gar- 
dens and olive trees, and contains 35,000 
inhabitants. There are four convents, 
an alms-houfe, and an hofpital. Lon. 
9. 12. lat. 39. 13. 
Abpfiro, a town of Tra-los-monfes, in 
Portugal, that contains only between z 
and 300 inli.biMnis j but has a diilric^ 
b; i >P^3 to it that tomprehends ten ])a- 
riil'.e.s. Lon. lu. 20. lat. 41. 20. 
» AiiKorHOi), dangerous fnoals, about 50 
niiies from the cniit of Brafil, .and near 
the ifl.ind ol St. Baibc. There arc otlr. r 
ihcalj of t!ie fame name, for in Spanifli 
it flgnities. Open ;-::.r lyn. 
Abron, a river ot France, in the govern- 
ment of the Nivernois. 
Abrug-ranv A, a well inhabited town in 
Traililvani.i, feated >,n the river Om[>ay, 
35 miles a'love .Alba Julia, near which 
th'-re are mine:, of sr.jld and filver, and 
the mine court i.. k; pi lierw. Loli. 40. 22. 
lat 46. ^i>. 




miles It 

is boun 

nice; r 


Rome ; 

vora ar 

parts b; 

is callec 

ca])ital ; 


nine ni 

railed W. 

The toi 

with Ir 

corn, ri 


Lon. fro 

to 42. 

* ABtpj.r. 

the Norj 

A E s r F. I N I 

the rive 

and Kiel 

of PrulV 


and catti 

Any DOS, a 

which is 


the Arch 

Strait is 

is two r 

lat, ^.;, ( 

Abyo, or 

iflanrls, ii 

<linao an 

have a fo 


on the N 

on the E 

jiartly by 

iiani and 

ba and 

of greate fe fe 

and the T 

to the Eal 

places, ar 

in the ra 


there are 

in any ot 

occafion 1 

that has i 

contains n 

cept tin ; 

great adva 

wintered I 

»l.e mouni 


3, that 



j 3,000 



lOut 50 


nvn in 
■r, and 
u), 22. 


A B 

/bra IT re, a prnvince nt" Kaples, ahout ?•- 
milts in leni^th, and 62 in hrtadtli. It 
is bounded on tdu-E. hy the giili>li ol Ve- 
nice; on the N. and W. Iiy the march of 
Ancona, Umhria, and the canipagna ot 
Rdine 5 and on theS, hy the tctia di La- 
vora and Mo ife. It is divided into two 
parts by tlie river I'efcara, wliereof one 
is called Ulterior, and has Acjuila for its 
ca])ital ; and the otlier Citerior, of wliieh 
Solmona isthccajiital. Befidcs the Appen- 
nine moi;ntains, there are two others, 
called Monte Cavallo and Monte Mayallo. 
The top of this laft is always covered 
with fnow. This country is fertile in 
ccon, rite, fruit, and fattron j hut the 
woods abound with hears and wolves. 
Lon. from 30. 40. to 30. 45. lat. 41. 45. 
to 42. 52. 
* AjinTBr., a fmall town in Suabia, in 

the Norgow, near Anipatii. 
AnsTEiNKN, a bailiwick and farm beyond 
the river Memcl, in the circle of Tapieu 
and Klerburg, belonging to the kingdom 
of PrulTia. It is a mountainous, but 
pleafant country, and abounds in corn 
and cattle, 
Abvdos, a town and cartle of Leffer Alia; 
which is now the fouthcrn caftle of the 
Dardanelles at the Strait, vvh ;h joins 
the Archipelago to the Propontis. This 
Strait is otherwife called Gallipoli, and 
is two miles in breadth. Lon. 45. 5. 
lat. ^-.. o. 
Abyo, or Abvvo, one of the Philippine 
iflands, in the Ealt-Imlie,,, between Min- 
dinao and l,u7on, where the Spani.irds 
have a fort. Lon. 138. 10. lat. 10. o. 
Abi ssiNi.'\, a kingdom of Africa, bounded 
on the N. by tiiat ol, or Nubia ; 
on the L. partly by the Red .Sea, and 
partly hy Daneala ; on the W. by Cor- 
iiam and Gingir,> ; and on the S. by Ala- 
ba and Ommo Zaidi, It was formerly 
t)f greater extent than it is at prefent, 
becaufe feveral provinces have re\ cited, 
and the Turks have made encroachments 
to the CaPi. The land is fertile in many 
places, and tli.- air is very hot, excd)n 
in the rainy feafon, and then it is very 
tem])erate. For four months in the year 
there are greater rains fall than perhaps 
in any other ));;rt of the world, wh:;!i 
<H'calion the Ivvelling of the river Nil'.', 
that has its fcurce in this country. It 
contains mines of all forts of metal cx 
cept tin ; but the inhabitants make no 
freat advantage thenof. The fields are 
watered by I'evtial Iheams, except in 
the mountainous jiaus. The empeior, 

A C 

or kin^, !■? railed Negus ; aiul Ija has 
been commonly taken for Pieiter John. 
His authority is ab'.olute, and he often 
dwells with his whole court in tents, 
f lowcver, Abyllinla is not without cities, 
as fume pretend ; for Gondar is a large 
plate, where lie commonly relirles when 
lie is not in the held. The inhabitants 
are black, or very it ; but they arc 
not fo ugly as the Negroes. They make 
profefllon of the Chnllian reli:;ion ; but 
it has a great mixture of Judaifm. The 
habit ot perlbns of quality is a filken 
vert, with a fort of fcarf ; but the com- 
mon people wear nothing but a pair of 
Ac.'\niA, or Krw ScoTLAvn, is a coi;n- 
try in North America, bounded by the 
river St. Lawrence on the N. by tlu: 
ocean on the W. by the bay of Fundy, 
and the fea of A'.'adia on tiio S. and by 
Canada and New England on the W. Ir 
was ceded to the French by the treaty of 
Breda in 1661 ; but being afterwards 
taken by the Englilh, it was by the treaty 
of Utrecht yielded uj) to them, where 
they have i)lanted a colony. It is a very 
fruitful country, .and afl'ords plenty of 
game, bclides tifh, Lon. from 311. to 
3 16, lat. 43. to 46. 

* Ac AM BO u, a kingdom on the coaft of 
Guinea, in .'\fiica, whofe king is abfo- 
lute, and all his fuhjccts flave:*, which, 
however, does not prevent them from 
being lia"Thty and inloi^nt. 

* AcAKvv, an inland coumry on th.e gold 
court of Guinea, in Africa, which affords 
tiie bert gold, an 1 in great plenty. Theic 
is a town or village of the f.ime namv'. 
Lon. 17. 40. lat. S. 30. 

AcAPVLco, a confiderabletown of Mexico, 
in America, feated on a bay on the South 
Sea. The harbour is very commcdiou:., 
aiid will held near 100 vefTels. Here they 
emliark forPeru and thePh!lipi)ine iflands; 
and every year they t'rnd a rich Ihi,-) to 
Manilla, one of thofe illands ; and ano- 
tlier returns annually from thence to the 
fame port, laden with the belt commodi- 
ties of the Eart-lndies. One of the'.e 
loaden with fiKer v as taken by commo- 
tlore Anfon in rhe year 1743. Lo''?. 
276. o. lat. 17. 50. 

AcAK.'ii, a town of South America, in Pa- 
raguay, built by the jefuits in 1624. 
Lon. 260. 55. lat. foulh 26. o. 

AcEHNo, a towo of Italy, in the kingdom 
of Naple., and in the citerior prii.cipalitv, 
witli a biihop'sfee. It is 17 miles S.Vv', 
(if Conza, .and 12 N. E, of Salerno. Lon. 

31, 58, lat. 40, 53. AC£KRAS 


I r « 

i Ml-' 'S! 



5; I', w 




J ill 




i i' 

' f 


m^ I 

A C 

ArT«R A, a town of Italy, in the kinf;doni 
ol Naples, and in the Terr:, cli Lavo- 
ro. It is featcc! on the river Aj;no, fevcn 
niiUs N. E. ol" N.iplcs, and :o S. W. ot 

IWn'-vtnto. l.on. -,i. S^^. lat. 40. 55. 
AcERr.NZA, al"m:ill oi Italy, in tlie 
province of B;UiUc;ita, bclon^ms to th.- 
UliK'rl.,ni of M.iplcs. with the title ci a 
dnt'cli-. U was rurmu-rly tiiu Ux ol an 
arclihilhop. Lon. 33. .34- ''it. 4o- ^^'• 

Am MA, a ]>rovince i-l Turkey ni Kuroj-e, 
now eallcd l.ivadia; of wlnih Atheiv-, 
wa-i the capital, at preCnt named Sai- 
tliincs, or ru'int^. See l.ivadia. 

AtH^M, a country of Afia, in the EaO- 
Indies, bounded on tlu; N. hy Bouton, 
on the E. by China, on the S. by Ava, 
and on the W. by I'atan and Jefuat, in 
r.tni;a]. This country is very Unit 
known to the Europeans. 

AcHEN, or ActivM, a capital town of a 
kingdom of tiie fame name, in the N. 
part of t!ie illand of Sumatra, in the 
Eaft-Indies. This kini!;dom extends as 
far as the line, and contains many ani- 
mals, trees, and fruits, unknown to tlit 
Europeans. The iniiabitanis are (gene- 
rally very fuperrtiiious. It has for a 
tonlidcrablu time been a noted place lor 
trade, and was formerly governed by a 
qu'.-en; hut in 1700, a faid, or preacher, 
had inter^ft enough to obtain the govern- 
ment. It has notliins of its own but 
gold durt, which is exceeding good, for 
the Elepliants teeth are brought thither 
cur of the country. They punilh theft 
very feverely, and yet robberies and mur- 
ders .sre very frequent among them. This 
town is featcd by the fide of a river, in 
a large plain, and the king's palace is in 
the middle of the town, being fo well 
lo.rritied that it commands the wliole. 
Ii (lands on the N. part of the illand, ai.d 
is 450 mile% N. W. of Malacca, and 1000 
S. E, of Fort St. George. Lon. 113. 30. 
!at. ;. 3;^. 

AeHKHoy, a river (,f Alb^n^, in theTurk- 
ilh empire, now called Dclichi. Accord- 
ing to tl;e ancient poets, it was one of 
the ri. trs of Kell, 

A'>noNKY, u fmull town of Ireland, in t!',e 
province of Connaiight, and county (f 
Sicyt', feattd on tilt ;;ver Sha"non. 

* AoKEs, or AeHF.N, a fniall town of 
(Jerman;', in the circle of Lov er Saxony, 
and dutchy of Mn^'dtburg, with a good 
citadel, it is feattd on the river Elb^ 
nve n'.ilcs bslow UeiTaw. 

AcHMiii scHET, a town inthe peninfula of 
thwCrimt.\, and the rciiuence 0: the fultan 

A C 

ralg.i, who is cldert fon nC the Khan of 
Tartary. Lon. <i. 20. jjt. 45. o 
Acii VH, a lliong town and c.illleof Ukralii. 
fuhjed to the Kuilians (incc 1667. It is 
on the river I'orlklo, near the froniicrs; 
ofRiiifia, 127 miles VV. of Kiow. Lon. 
C3. 3v lat. .;9. 32. 

• AcoMA, a town of North America, in 
New Mexico, featcd on a high iinmntain, 
V ith a (bong cadle. It is the capital of 
the province, and was taken by the Sj^.a- 
niard in 1,-90. Lon. 260.0. lat. 31;, o. 

AcoMAc, a county of Virfjinl.i, in Nottli 
America, being a ptninf':!., ; bounded on 
the N, by Maryl.-nd ; on the 1",. and S. 
by the Ocean ; and nn the W. by the lny 
of Cliefope.ik. t'ap':' Charles is at the; 
entrance o( ih.' bay, being the molt fouth- 
cm promontory ot tkis county. 

.\clEKNO, a town in the hither piincip.T- 
litv, ill tiie kingdom of Naples, with .1 
bidiop's fee. It is I ^ mile ; E. of Salerno. 
J,on. S4. 35. lat 40 S2. 

Aifis, a town at the foot of the I'yrcnean 
mountains, in the government of Foix. 
in France, It takes it name from the 
h'jt waters in thefe p.irts. Lon, 19. 10. 
iat. 43. o. 

Acq.s, See Dax. 

.-Vcn^uA, a town in the grand dutchy oi' 
Tufcany, where there are warm baths. 
Lon. ig. ,50. lat. 43. 41;. 

AcQ.v; AVI v A, afniall town in terra di Bari, 
a province in the kingdoni u( Naples, 
with a title of count. Lon, 35. o. lat. 
41. 10. 

Acf^e APKNnKNTr, a pretty largo ti.wil of 
Italy, in the territory of the church, and 
patrimony of Sr. i'eter, with a bidiop's 
fee. It ib feattd on a nmunt.iin, the 
river Paglia; 10 miles \V. '■f Orvieto, 
.and i;7 N. byW. of Rome. Lon. 29. ;S, 
lat. 42. 43. 

* Ac (i_e A-c H K-K A V r 1. 1. A , n celebrated foun- 
tain of Italy, in Calabria-citcrior, .1 pro- 
vince of Naples. It is near the miMitli 
of the river Grata, .and the ruins called 
yi!>.:ii R'.-iihtfj,' It ha; luL-nf.iid t.) 
tify ihufe that wallied in it. 

» Aufi^uARiA, a fm.ill town oi Ital)-, in 
Frig.iiia, a dillrifl of Modena, which i-. 
remarkable for its ;nedii.inal waters. It 
is 12 miles S. of t!ie city of Modena. 
Lon. 2S. 32. I.,t. 44. 24. 

Atii.i/1, a town ill It.iiy, in the dutchy of 
Montferrat, with a bidtop's Ceo, and com- 
modious baths. It was taken I-. ,• the Sj)a- 
niarda la 174c, and retaken by tliw 'I'icd- 
montifj in 1746 ; but after this it wa;; 
taken again aiiddifmaiiUcd by the Frencli, 



wlio aFt 

on the I 
lat. 44. 
AcBA, a 
n.moo ll 
lia,i its ] 
lat. 5. c 
AcRU, or 
in A(i,a, 
merly c.i 
fee. It 
the Cru 
fieges, a 
cens. ll 
it was t"ii 
by its h.i 
feveral fl 
and 37 
lat. 32. i 
ArpoN, a 
tynean ct 
here calk 
is the vii 
men. Tl 
to luifljaii 
cither ecu: 
wliicii i,, 
and bruti; 
of tl'.e N 
Acron, fo 
ami is a k 


rin, that 1 
43. I. lat 
Ac I MOI. o, 

rior, in tl 

A n .\ M ^ HI I) F. 

(hnburg, I 
which wit 

J/S") for 

* Adam's-h 

E iH Intr..-,. 

th ■ tO|) 01 

mm wa^ c 

"f a iiian' 

abmit live 

'hev ptctc 

And near t 

run over to 

bridge ; foi 

SeU to tan- 


.'iic r:ur;j,c, 

i'= no; calk 

2?. lat. r. , 

f<i\vn of 
uicli, nnd 
a liilliop's 
lu-.ti" the 
. 29. zS. 

lt:!ly, in 

wliic'i i' 
vatLt's, It 

ilutchy of 
and coni- 
, tl\si SiJ'l- 


A D 

ivJio aftcvvvntds loiiook it. Ii is f^.ifeJ 
oil t!ie rivi'i lioiniij ; 2; iiiilcb N. VV. of 
Ofiio.*, and 30 S. ol C.nla). Loii. 2O, 5. 

Lit. 44. 4^'- 
AcHA, a town uf Afiicn, on the cn.iil of 
(liiiiKa, where thw IJiuhiii, Dutch, hiiiI 
D.mi'j havi; llroiv^ tt^ru, and cutli i' it 
h.ii its iiarti -iilai vill.ijje. l.'.n, 17. 3^. 
iai. 5. o. 
AcKU, or AcKA, a ti.ii(Oit tnwii of .S.iii, 
in Aii.i, and in I'lljllini'. It vn* lor 
merly c.illfd I'tokmuis, mi>! is a hilhoi)'., 
fee. It w.i • vc'iy tanimi, in thu time of 
the Cniladucs, and tiiu!'i\vein fcvcral 
licgu'S, as well by th;- Chiillian-, ai Sara- 
cens. It ii now inc-infidtrahlL- to wliit 
it was formcrl), hcini; entirely I'uj'pnrred 
by its harbour, winch is frc-ijucntcd by 
fcvcral fliips. It is zo miles S. of T^rc, 
and 37 N. of JcrufaJein. Lon. 57. o. 
lat. 32. 40. 
AcRON, a tcriitcry on the (;old coi(l cf 
Guinea, in Afiica, bordering on the Fan- 
tynean country. The Dutch liavc a 101 1 
here called Fort Patience ; and undei it 
is the villa;.;e, inliabitec! only by filh^r- 
men. The other inhabitants ,ire ad<iiCfril 
to hufbandry, and tliey fell their corn to 
other countries. Theic is plenty of ijanie, 
whicii i:> very coniinodiuus for tJ!".' I)iit^-,'i 
fadory. The pe(jple arc very iirnorant 
and brutilh, and go naked like the rei\ 
of tb-e Negroes, This is called Lit'Ic 
Acron, for Acrv-n is f.irther inland, 
and is a kind of a republick, 
AcROTFRi, a town in the iiland of Santo- 
rin, that lies in t!\e fea oi' Candia. Ia 11. 
43. I. lat. 30. 2^ 
AcLMoj.o, a un.ill to\',-n in Abnir^o ulte- 
rior, in the province of the kin>,doni of 
Najiles. ],(<n. 3.1.5. o. lat. 30. 30. 
All.\M^HIIlF., a diitntt of the circle of Ra- 
(lenburi;, belonj^int; to tiie kmji of Pruliia, 
which with Donibrofken was boutjlit m 
173-, for .J 2, 000 dollars. 
* Ai)AM'>-)MKt:, a hirh nio\mtain ^^f the 
tall-Inde.-., in the i(1aii<l of Cevlon : C'O 
thf top of which they beheve the finl 
inniwa-, created; and there is the Ihape 
of a man's foot cut out of the rock, 
ahnut five or fi.N f<.ct in length, whlcli 
they pretend is the piint of his foot. 
And near thi^ l-. a r.ei of roclcs, whicli 
run over tvi the co-nireiit, e.illed Adam" ; 
bridge; for they fay it wa^ niade by aii- 
gelj to carry him over to the main land. 

hat th- 

Kowevei, we inui> oh 

are Eur, nn:;r.s, for the firrt rr.;. 

i'' not called Ad r.n b, then;. L.n, <.)) 



A D 

» Aham/*, an ancient, h >n 'f^irn?, and 
.ai^iCC.lblc town of .Vateli.i, leUed under 
the nio/b cliarmi.ii:; climate in the world, 
with .1 biiliop i lee. It is feated on the 
i.verC'lioquen, 21; miles N, E. of Tarfuj. 
Lon. 54. o. lat. 3S. 10. 

Adda, a of Swilfeiland and It.ilv, 
which rifes in mount Jhaulio, in the 
country of the Grifoi!?, and palling thio' 
thcV'.ilttline, I ims tiiro' tlielake Joinoan.i 
the Milanefi, falling into the I'o near 

Adia, a province of Anian, en tliw' Enil 
coall of Afric i. .Sto Adf. 1.. 

Adsi., or Aof. a, akiii^jfiom of Africa, cal- 
led alfo Zcila, from its capital ti'.wn. It 
lies on the S. coaft of the ilrait of 15ab. 
elinatidel. It leldom r.tins here, and ^•'•c 
t!ie country a treitiul, it bciu;; \\ei! wa- with rivers. It abou;id:,'i 
wheat, millet, tiankincenfe, and pejij-.-r ; 
and t!ie tails of t'leir ihccp v,-ei,;h .-5 ll». 
each. The inhabitants are M iliometans. 

Adkn, formeriy a rich and co; fi Jerable 
town of Arabia the Happy, in Alia, It 
is feated by tiie I'e i-fide ; but lv,s been 
ruined and aiiandontd for fome years. 
Lon. 63 20. lat. I.;, 50. 

Ai'F.NBURO, or ArnrN-BURO, a town of 
We(\i)l,alia, and dutchy of Burg, fubieel 
to tile elecKir palatine. It is 12 miles 
N. p.. of Cologne, and 17 W. of IJonn. 
1.011. 3<;. o, lat. i;i. 2. 

A 1) r, K n I .; a n, a province of Perfia ; bound- 
ed on the N. y i'roper Armenia ; on ths 
S, by Irac-Apimi ; on the E. byOliil.iii ; 
,".nd on the VV. by Curdidan. The prin- 
cipal town ib 'i'auris. Lon. from 60. to 
bb. lat. 36. t.i 3n. 

Ar::rNo, a fmall place in the Valdi Dcmona, 
in the kin ^iiom of Sicily. Lon. 33. o. 
lat. 3S. s. 

A:i.i.>.'zo, a liandrcmc town and caflle of 
Corliea, in the Mediterranean fea, with 
a bi;hop"s fee, and a f^ood harbou'". It 
i, iiopidcus, and the foil is fertile in 
wine, it s 27 r.-.iies S. VV. of Cortc. 
l.ivi. 20. 28. lat. .u. 54. It is fubjeifl: 
t;; C;e:v;a, an.l ^•^■i\^ call it Agaccio. 

ADir.f., a riser of Italy, wiiich has it foiirce 
to tiie .'J. of tin; laiie (ilace, .'.iiionj tb.e 
Ali'., a;-..', iv.r.i S. by 'i'reiit, r,nd then E. 
by Verona, in ti.e tcrriicry of Venice, 
lallinn: into the a;ul,jli of Venice, N. of 
tiie mouth of tiie I'o. 

.'\di;; E r.rrr. .•■. V, a j-rovincc cS Perfia, in 
Alia, r.'^d part (jf t'ae ancient Media. It 
is iio'ar.ded on t!ie N. by tlie jjroviiice ci 
?:!;i;-vr.n ; on tlu- S by Irac Agemi a:;.} 
Cuiililhinj on tiie K. I') Uiian and the 


if !■::;'■ 


A D 

CAf,.i:»n fe,« } :<iul o«> '''^ W. I.y Tur- 
turn. inn. 

AnoLiu I>rnr.ucK'» Schacht, a lilver 
limine in S.'.altn, \vlv':li from i:4-'- '^ 
«747, proiluicd .1 pic.^t i|Uitniit> ol (ilvcr. 

Apo.n, a poiniloui vin,i[!;c, in the province 
of Sujlil-Wenrcninni;, belonging to Hiiii- 
i;.iry. It li'-- in a iruit. Ill country, tn. 
NvaiiUtiii; iivcr Danube. Loii. 36. 55. 

lat. 47. 30. 

AnotR, a river of France, which aiifcs in 

the mouirain^ of Hisoric, and running 

N. by Taibcs tiiro' Uafcony, aftcrwarclii 

turnb E. aiul p.illinc; by Dax, faiij into 

tlic bay of iiilcay liclow Bayoiinc, 

Adha, a fea-port town of Spain, in the 

kingdom of Grar.ada, 37 miles S. E. of 

Grinaila, and iz S. W. of Almeru. Lon. 

16. z-j. lat. 36. o. 

Adria, a ti.wn o, Italy, which Jiivcs its 

name to the Adriatick Ha. At preieiU it is 

very iiiconrulerable, tlunigh it has a hi- 

fhop's fee. It is in -he rolelin-dc-Rovi^o, 

in the territory of Venice, 27 miles S. W. 

of Venice. J.on. 29. 

lat. 45. 5, 

Adriano a SiTRRA, or mountain of Adri- 
ana, in Guipiizcoa, a fubdivifion of the 
province of Bifcay, in Spain. There is 
a road over it to Alaba and Old Callile, 
which is very difficult : at its beginnint; 
there is a dark path of 40 or 50 pucej 
cut tlirough a rock ; after which is the 
mountain that murt be palled over, which 
is one of the highell of the Fyrennees. 
'i h'jfe mountains are little frequented ; 
nnd there are nc inhabitants, except a 
few fhe|)lierds who live in cottages. 

Adrianopli, a celebrated town of Turkey 
in Europe, and in Romania, with an 
archbirtiop's fee. It is featcd on a fine 
plain, on the river Mariza ; 115 milts 
N. W. of Conflantiiiople ; and 320 S, E, 
v)f Belgrade. The Grand Signior often 
vifits this place. It is eight miles in 
circumference, but the ftrtets are narrow 
r.nd crool':ed. Lon. 44.. 51. lat. 41. 45. 

Adula, a mount.iiri if Navarre, in Spain, 
lying between Pamplona and St. Jean de 
Pic de Port. 

Adz EL, a poor place in the general govern - 
ment of Riga, belonging to Rulfia. Lon. 
55. 33. lat. <;6. 30. 

Adzenota, a fmall town of Valencia, in 
Spain, fe.ated on the mountains Pegn.i 
Goiofa, where there are plenty of medi- 
cinal plant;. Lon. 17 :;a. lat. 39. 10. 

AofiFORf, a g:rjld mne in the pari |}i of 
Alfheda, and in the diftricl of Jonklo- 
pint:, in the province of Smaland, in 
Sweden, It wa;i tuft difiovergd in tlie 


year 1-3'^; and ihero .ue tliic.itJ coined 
with it) Rold. 
• AnwALTON, .1 village in tli'.- Well ri<lmj; 
of Yorkihire, fiv,' mile. S. VV. of I.ced., 
with the following fairi j January 2(1, 
Ffbruary 26, Thurfday in Eafkr-wcek, 
Tliurfday foitnight .d'ttr I'alUi, Thurfday 
month after Ealkr, Whit-'Iluirfday, and 
every Thurfday fortni'Jit after till Mi- 
cliaelmas ; all for liorfej, rtiecp, pedlars, 
and tin-ware. 
Arr.AMi;'!, or/Eo;<rFs, arc fmall illands, 
lyinf; on the W. nde of Sicily, oppoiiie 
to the main laml between M irfell.i and 
Tra|)ini : their names are Leve;uo, Fa- 
vignana, and Maretama, 
/EoELSTAwiK, a good harbour, lying 
about half a mile from the town of So- 
dertlege, in Suder-torn, a dillriiit of Su- 
dermanuland, in Sweden. 
ALsr.iKA, one of the illands in the Archi- 
pelago. It lies in the bay of Engi.i, and 
the town of that name contains about 
800 houfes and a callle ; and near it arc 
the ruins of a magnificent (Irudlurcj 
which was probably a temple. 
yiCiHRA, a river of Sweden, that rifes in 
the lake Alfuugan, and runs by Falkeii- 
burg, in South Halland, nnd falls into 
the fea. 
Ar.RiHo r, a town in the Netherlands, in 
the dutchy of Brabant, and capital of the 
dutchy of Atrlhot. It was taken by the 
Frene!) in 1746, and was rellored back 
by the treaty of Aix-la-cliapelle. It is 
feated on the river Depiur, ten miles E. 
of Malins, or iMcchlin, and eight N, of 
Lou\ain. Lon. iCi. 10, lat. 51. 5. 
AFRICA, I1\^<i of the four principal part* 
of the world ; bounded on the N. by the 
Mwditerranean fea ; on the W. and S. 
liy the ocean ; on the E. by the Arabick 
gilph, arid the illhmus of Suez. It li 
in the form of a pyramid, whofe bafe 
from Tangier to the illhmus of Suez, u 
about 2000 miles. From the top of the 
pyramid, that is to fay, from the Cape of 
Good-Hope, to the nwll northern part, 
is 3600 miles ; and in the broadeft part, 
that is, from Cape Verd to Cape Guard- 
a-fui, it is 3500. The greatcll part of 
it is witliin the Torrid Zone, which ren- 
ders the heat almoll infuppoiT:able in ma- 
ny places. However, the coalls in gene- 
ral are very fruitful, the fruits excellent, 
and the plants extraordinary. The flclh 
of the animals is in general very good ; 
and there are more wild hearts than in 
any oth:r part of the world ; fuch as 
lions, tygcrs, leopards, pauihcrs, rhino- 



licit! coined 

Well rUlini; 
K of LcLiI ., 
f.inuiiry zO, 
I, 'riuirtil.iy 
iiild.iy, and 
twr till Mi- 
up, pcdi.irj| 

nail illantls, 
ly, <i(i()(iliic 
Lirlclln aixl 
:ve;)io, F.i- 

lour, jyirif; 
Dwn ol So- 
llriil ol" Su- 
it the Arclii- 
Enj-i^, ami 
itains about 
d near it nrc 
It Itiudlua-, 

tliat rifes in 
1 hy F.ilkcn- 
icl falls into 

hcilandi, in 
:ai) of the 
aktn by tin; 

llored back 
iielle. It is 
en miles E. 

cii^iit N. of 

S'- 5- 
ncipal parts 

N. by the 
W. and S. 
the Arabick 
Sue/. It li 
wiiofe b.ifc 
of Suez, 13 
e top of the 
the Cape of 
thern part, 
roadeft part, 
lape Guard- 
atcll pait of 
which ren- 
able in iTia- 
ilVi in gene- 
ts excellent, 
The flclh 

very good ; 
ifls than in 
d ; fuch aJ 
licis, rhino- 


















d. ill 
•• 'li- 




IS lO 

1. I'. 

1 the 

c, In 
s fee. 
is 17 
•y W, 
.( I'u- 

ly, in 
has a 



is, in 

It is 



o. io, 

z pold 
whi; I 








In J- 


...,. t^.jszrr;^— 7 — :^g- L- '-••^ -■■.. ■.■>..■:» 

I ^^StJ'ii-^^, 


-»> •>•.....■,.■• A •""•^ . . ..• •■'•^ ■'..' ■' "•■■' 



jji.t "^ 




>? ;J C- ir^J«5.*; 

-/(■.-*^/>.£?<^VV'«.<, > , >-.M •'>.*' S^ 

t^ > V 7 |-3IUtll« J 

V/'f*^ Ir ft- 1 

, .4y % ^ A *' u ^h 



•\ -»\ 4.> Jt,\'. /.,,,;., 


■.™mii '.■.v'.mii 'n'.rM— ihjulii-- _t:jm i .-.isuar Z jaaiUt- mm-nV imii m — mu mu 









fu//-.),,,'" ;j{ J.I J,, J, ,, ,/ / ■^i/,-^]\C,>,ur *| 




% \ ...w Africa 





^..t: AT.:'-r"' 

%.■*. ,^' 


oAtiif*'''' ..■■■■ "^^Sfi- 



J. ^ 





T H Tj O 



^ J^'^il^^r^" 


'iff /^Z 





V * 

•^ •*,, ''■' -I. 

hi::. ^^^- i: 

o /c ^* 



li.JioUixt lU'u//>. 



1,! I 
> 'I 

■ IHj 




of Siu 


l:it. 4' 
the n 
N, by 
the b; 

I 6. 2 

in tht 
of Ve 

cut tl 
is one 
and t 
few fi 


in El 
N. W 
Df Bi 
and c 

Fie d> 


5 3- 3 


cinal ) 
A \i > I. r o 



ceiocs, am 
;iiiiinals til 
fiiih ;is til 
Jiurle, v.l. 
Icrvc ipdi 
tcr j the I 
iti> ncile J 

wild ifs, ', 

lor tlie i;ri 
coc!il(js, \\ i 
111.' [n.'cuhar 
in uthcr ji! 
much like 
the (lifR-ri'!; 
Isit's, ;iiul 
met wit!) 
delaris, p.i 
ti-m, wliiil 
wiiufc r.iiu 
of a IticHii 
•lury wluik- 
ttiii is not V 
there :in.- \% 
wlio rove 1 
ft iroli ot I 
w.iii ior tl 
lioni IjuI'.i' 
:incl AIniiii 
rivers ; but 
tlk- Niger. 
to have its 
and to run 
to W. and 
ocein in le 
Senci;a1 Is tl 
hy othei.-,, a 
are vciy hii; 
in wiiich I 
that fepaia; 
and runs fn 
is Mahonut 
there aic C 
Ahyiruiia, a 
tlenunt?>. , 
cordinv; to ( 
ever, the 
nauKs of r. 
Caffrcria, A 
tia, witli 
it. See the 
I dc;.:. to - 
and troni i 
At K ii-..\, a le 
i/ti tlic toal' 
'i unis. 'l! 
Charles V. 
11(311'-:. Lor 
Ay .: kil AV, 


A F 

c?rocs, nnd c'ici-!i:mts. There ore foiiie 
;iiiima!s tliit arc (■.•\w.'\ no wlicrc lI'.c ; 
All!) as the !ii;)popctamii5, or tlit; fc;i- 
liorl'c, v.l.jfctcctli arc (o laiw that they 
fcrve inflc.ul of i>oiy, aixi aic irnicti bet- 
ter; the iliinoit Ki , wiih f.vo liorr.s ell 
its no(c J am! i!ie moll be.unil'ul ilri) C'l 
wild Us, v.'liieh ii eileemetl a fine preleiU 
for the- greateft ])iinces. As for tlic in>- 
codiles, which were ihou^lit foiiiietly to 
lie jiecuhar to Alrica, are now intt with 
in otii'.'r pl.iccj, i.r at lead, creatines fu 
much like iheiii, ih.i' it ii ii.ird to kne.w 
the (lifferePiCe. Iklide tlie'.e, tlieyhaNc 
ortriches, cimel;;, vaili-iii loris of iimn- 
kies, aiul many i.tlier aniiiiaib nut to he 
met with in luir;). 'i here are feveral 
tlel'ar'.s, particu'ai ly one ni a laii;e ex- 
tern, which is alnuiil without w.iier , anJ 
whole fands are to loofc, t!i.ii, I y nie. n ; 
of a Itrong wir.d, ih.c)' will foiiictinies 
iMjry whole c.irav. ills at a time., 
this is nor i)niu' without mhil-'it.ints, for 
there aie wild Arabs, and orlier imijiie, 
who rove from j.l.ue to plai-o, partly in 
ie irch ot jialliiie, an<l paitly to lie in 
wait lor the ii.-h caravans that tr.;vc; 
fi 1)111 Uaiiviry and I'l^ypt, to N\j;roelaiul 
;ind Abyi!ini;i. There arc many iaii;e 
rivers ; but the I'ri-n ipal are the Nile and 
the Nic;er. This lall is thotight l-y feme 
to have its fource near tha' of thcNiie, 
and to run (luite iciofs AlVica, from I'.. 
to W. and to l.'.ll into the Atlamick 
ocean in feveral Inaiuhes, of which the 
Senii;al is the chlei : but this is doubted 
I';. othei,>, and not without reafon. Theic 
are veiy hi;;h mountains in divers parts, 
|)articulaily in Abylfmia and 15aibary ; 
in \\'liich lall country is Mt.ur.t Atlas, 
tint fepatates Barbary from P.ile(lul;!;erid, 
and luni iVoiii E. to W. Thc.r religicii 
is Malionutanifm and l'a;^Mnifm, thoUf;li 
there are Chrillians in fonie ts, as in 
Abyirinia, and anioni; the rortiiruefe fet- 
tlements. Africa is varioully divided, ac- 
cording to ditlerent ^eo;.-rai)her< ; how- 
ever, the bell dil\ini;uilh tli< ni by the 
names of I'-iTvpt. Hatbaiy, (Juinea, Congo, 
Calficria, Abslnria, Nubia, iind N:;-ri- 
tia, witii the illands that furnnind 
it. See thele ai ticks. The l.oii. is frein 
J de.;. to ^i. 'l'l:o lat. from 1. lo 35. S. 
and trom i. to -,-, X. 

Arxii-.A, a lea-port town of T'.Mii'', Unted 
on the coall of Barbary, 70 miles 5'.. of 
'I'unis. This was taken by the em|)t:r<4- 
Charles V. who demoliilicd the fort'ificj- 
tions. Lon. 21;. 55. lat. 36. o. 

Arv, ijfAD, a large toppcr-wtjrk bclojiij- 

A G 

int:to t?;c crown cf Sweden, liti on 
tlie Da!a, in tiie nrovircc of Dal'oarli.i, 
in Sweden. It look* like a town, and its own church. il, ri: tlicy make 
copper-plates; an^l it hi^ a mint for 
fill \11 filver coin, as well as a royi! poll- 
lu tile. I-n. 33, 50. lat. sX. 10. 

Af V ii)\v m; A,a\'il!ai;e, intliediflridof A.'ii«- 
/c'..,.', in Lapland, Vvfliii,!! lies in tin* minil 
01 mountain^, and coniills ot'i; I.aplan- 
lieis liD'ifes, that pay riiiuite to \, iway. 
It has ;■ b.iilisvick and a court oi' juilicc, 
Lon. 44. 10. lit. O9. r.o, 

" ActADt.-, a k.rigdom of Ncj;rcc!and, in 
Airica, with a town ol the fimeiianic, tii- 
I'wfiry to the king of Tonilnir. It pro- 
diues excellent \\:n:i and Lon. 
?.o. 1 •:. 111. 1 1. 10. 

Af.A 1 HA Si . a t..-,vn oi !t;.!y, in t!ic kin^- 
dom of Napk:,, and .11 the ulteiiur pi:ii 
(i]\i!ity, V. i'ji a liiihop'b fee. It is so 
miles N. l'. oi Naples. Len. 32. 5.'. 
lat. 40. 5-,. 

A<;\ri O.N, a town cf 'Afi ioa, feated near 
the iiiouiii 01 i!;e river Foittiofa, on the 
coall of Ciiiiiey, '.so mikj S. of Benin. 
Lon. 2?.. 3 c. 1. 1. 8. o. 

Agdk, a poj>ulous tov n <if France, 'n 
Lower Languedoc, with a bilhop's fee. 
It is feated on the river F.raut, .Tiiiile 
and a half from its mouth, in the gulpli 
oi Lyons ; on wliic!i tiieie is a fmall 
fort to f!jt'end the entrince. It is 17 
miles N. li. 01' Naibonne, 30 S. by W, 
of Monrpelier, and 400 S. by F. cf Pa- 
ris. Lon. 21. S. lat. 43. ig., a I'mall dillrid of Norway, in 
the ten 'ory of Drontheiin, into which 
the bay of that name runs, and it has a 
good corn ci iintry near it. 

Af;ntsii)K, a fmall dillrid in the diocefe 
of Chrillianf.ind, in Not way. It contains 
the bailiwicks <^f Nidenas, K.iabyijdelauet, 
Lillen, and l\Lindal. 

Ai. rN, a rich, h.-ndiome, ar:d Muient towa 
cf Fr..;:ce, capital cf the Agcuois, ia 
Culenr.'.-, witli a bifliop's fee. It is 
feated or. tlie river Garonre, in a plea- 
fiiK c,.'n.:ry, s 6 miles N. E, of Con- 
dom, and 75 S. E. of Bcur le.'.ux. Lon. 
iS. 16. lat. .!..;. 12. 

Actr.vHS, a dulrict of France, in Guienne, 
whole capital is Ar-n. It is very fruitiiil. 

A <;:-:», a fm.dl town of Catalonia, in Spain, 
v.'ith th.> title of a Vifcounc. Lon. Jo. zo, 
hit. 41. -.o- 

.■ V I •■■■.". , cr AcoNNA, a country on the: cto'.d 


t!,-;te ii 

v.i's M 


of CuilM: 

II .-Mtica, in win: 1 
a" \\ rh hill, called the Dc- 
.fit; ;!.at is fuppufiid to contain 




Tlu: En,;llili 

hivcaiVit hcio; and il;c n.-ir it 

mountain, and on xhv W. fhie ol ilic bay, 
iimlcr wlild; t!ie tr^vn of Chrilil.ina li>;. 
It h >- nnl.s N. W. of FailcrickllKill, 
ana \\\\^y.-d . . tii-.- kinc; of Dtnm.irk. 
Lon. iS.o, 'it. 50. iv 

Acr.rRHiivs, .1 trwn of Korwr.)-, and ca- 
pital of a pio\ Incc of the fame nam-.-, 
which is full of moinitains. It is 30 miles 
K. o.' Fremiti icklliall, and fuHj^a to Dcn- 
maik. Lini. z?-. 35. Lit. 59. -,o. 

/wfiFRo, one oi thr callljs of FrcHcrick- 
!ladr, in tficdioctk' of Clnirt'nnlladt, bc- 
Itingins; to Korway. It i-, fo.ittd on Tn 
ji.indnvai- tl.c ftn, and has a tomni.av- 
dint, wlio is undtr the govtrnmcnt cf 

A.-orKs-H-sT!rp, a diihicl of Chrifiian- 
f,ind, and a dioctfe o( Norway. It con- 
frls of ih'ic H^ridita! jjlaccs J nanv.-ly, 
Aulicr, Oil, and Wi-ilRannn an:i .ii^cr. 

AciiRiM, a town of litland, in tirj county 
ofW;tk!o\v, and ;iro\inco of Lu'inii^r, 
13 niil^s S. W. of Wicklow, I.oii. 24. i. 
lat. 5:. 45. It is fauunis for a battis 
foijglit in ri> 1!. 

AriNcouRT, a vH'.aje of the French !vt.- 
thcriands, in *.ho county of Artiis. U 
is till; i.l;:cc ntar which Henry V. kiiv.; 
of iin^;land, obtained a fij^nal viciory, 
with a liandfiil men, ever iliv Fiench in 
1 ).' ?• It is fevcn niilci X. oi' HefiJin. 
Lon. 19. 35. lit. ^o. 35. 

.A iisu, one of the four hailiwicks, in tiio 
iil.-.nd o',' Corfu. It lies to the W. and 
li;.5 ?.o vi!'.;£;L-«, with above Sooo jnlia- 
bitar/.o. I'lii; moll rtJiiarlcable place is 
a ci. nvt nt, called I'aleo C- iilriz/,a ; and 
near it is the calUe of St. Angelo, Aand- 
ii'i; on t'le S. cajie of l':4.ic!nuiii. 

* Af.MAT, a town of Ai'rir.n, in the pio- 
\ince, .:'[d en the ri>'erof the fume ntnie, 
in the kin;,'dciin of Morocco. It is feattd 
en t'lC deciivity of one of t';e m. iin'aiiv, 
of .^tias, where rhe air i.s good, and il;e 
country fertile. It is 20 milts S. >,f Mo- 
rocco. Lon. II. zo, !at. 30. i;, 

AoMONnE'iiAM. See Amkuiham. 

Af.v.'.nAr, a town of Tranfilvania, ten 
mileiN. E. of Ifermanftadt, and fubjeil 
to the houfe cf Aiiflria. Lon. 41. 35. 
lar. 46. 40. 

Ai.NAin-.M,n.A, a village of t!;c Mibnefe, in 
the territory of C'cmo, famcus for two 

A (} 

battliS ; of which tlie firfl v.Mi foupii!, 
in Ma" i qou, and the other in A.U!'ult 
i-Ov It is ieated on the cinal iict\\teii 
AM.i and Seri ; ire miles S. E. of Caf 
fana, and 10 K. of Lodi. Lon. 27. c, 
lat 45. 10. 

« AoNANo, a lake of Italy, in tiic V\t^^- 
doin of N.i|)les and in the Tcjra di I.a- 
voio, furri iinded with mountains. Wlitix 
do^;s or other animals h.ivc been fjiToca- 
ted in the Ciotto del Cane, tli'.y .ire 
thrown in here to biinj them to life 

Ai.NEF EiNs, a final! place in the chatte- 
lany of \'ille Xeiive, belonging to the 
fjovernmeiir of Couiv;oc;iju, inF;.ii'.cc. It 
was formerly the feat of the chattelany, 
Lon. jy. 35. lat. 47. 10, 

A^oN, an ifland in tlie N. part of Hclling- 
lip.d, a proNinee u( S.veden, with a 
i',i_od haiiiour, to whi'Ji niij)pin,'; reloit. 

* .AcosTA, a fea-po!t town cf Sicily, wlrh 
an exeelleiu hari'uur. The greatclt p.n: 
a' h wa; fw.illowed up by an cartliquakt 
in 1693, ar.d wiiat remains is inconlide- 
la'ole. Lon. 33. c. l..t. 37. 1". 

A'JR.A, the '.a]j!t.d town of a pruvirice of the 
fame name, in Indodan, and in the do- 
minions of the Gieat Mti^iil. It i; 
looked upon as t!ie lar^;eil city in tliefj 
]iarts, andiiin the form of a half moo. 1. 
A man on horfeback e.m lia'dly nils 
round it in a day. It is furiounded wi'li 
a w.,11 i,f icd ilone, and with a icj 
feet \vic!e. ']'he (^eat .Mogul f.-inet;ii)ci 
lefides heie, and his palace i ; prodi,'ioiifli 
lari,c, an-I i!;e ferafjlio 's conmiorly filied 
with abo'.e loco women. There a'j 
above ?oo baths in this town ; but that 
\\hieh trawllcis admiienioll, i,l'io niaii- 
fol.euin if (>ne of tir; Mi'C,iir> w ive--, 
v.iiiv^h was ;o \ eai'-. in building. Tiie 
ind;;^-o of A^:a is the nioii valuable 1 ;' 
all that conies fiom the I'.afl Indies, i; 
is feated ori the 1 iwr fenir.ia, about q J 
miles above its eoniluem f witli thoTe- 
iieniil, and is 300 inilej N. E. of Sur,.t. 
Lon. 96. ;.6. .\C), ^o. 

Ai.KAMnNT, ,i fm.iiltown of Catalonia, in 
Spnm, ar.d the cliief place of .1 jurifdic- 
tion. Lon. r.,^. .50. lat, 4.1. 30. 

Agrh.a, a town of Spain, in Old Caflilf, 
S iv.lie.! S. \V. of T„raecna. Lon. 15. 
54' i''f- 4'> -1- 

AoiiiA, calk-i by the Germans Ft^er, a 
fmr.ll but llrcn;; ot Cpper Hungary, 
with a binu.;/s fee and a cita(!el. 'i he 
Turks btiii^-ed it in 151?., with -0,000 
men; but v.\;re ohlij^ed te raifc the ftege. 
Tht ijuriifon cinlifl'.U onl/ cf icn' Fhm- 



f.ivians ; bi 
deal of com 
taken I'.y th 
in i(k'7 ; 
under the d 
llriii. 1 1 is 
n es N. K. 
fjvia. Lon 

* A R I r, \ -x N 
drone:-', wh 
pais. Lat. 

Ar. UA i)K Vj 
St. Micl'.ael 

Ace A PE I'k: 
gal, in Aler 
<luke oi C. 
court o' its I 

Aoe A Kf. vr.s, 
the piovinec 
tains about 

Af;e \s Be LI. 
6000 inhabit 
pariihes. L 

*'' A c; V 1 1. A , 3 t 
in the kingd 
on tile river 
king ot Moi 

* Ar uii AR, a 
dom of Navr 
Lon. ao. o. 
ther town c 
Old Caftile. 

Ar, uiK, .1 fmi 
tejo, whicli 
of 1'i.ja, and 

Ar. uB .-> NPiE, r 
of France, i 
Lon. 19. 40 

* AGllRF.Npr, 

la Marclic, 1 
ry. Lon. I 

AnvN, a tow 
Marche, am 
lins, being 
fea'e I on tl 
diotine Atibi 
;.m! 30 N. L 
lai. 41). c;. 

Anew,, a fea 
by fituation 
land, with ; 
vi' Ci'.riHiar 
Lon. 3a. 1.^ 

Aj.->7?o, a fe: 
Coiliea, in 
biliiop'!) fee 

wni fout;tit, 
I' in Ain:uit 
ti:i1 lietsMcii 
!. E. of' 
Lon. 27. c, 

n till? kini;- 
cjiM tii 1.3- 
iiiiis. Wlicix 
ctn fjifiita- 
> tli'jy aic 
lem to lii'c 

the chatte- 
;ir.i; to tli'j 
I F;, It 


of Hclling- 
n, with a 
lin.^ itToit, 
Sicily, \\,:'\ 
;rt;itcll i).ii: 
■> incoiirulc- 

\iiKi' of the 
in tlic (1.)- 
;ul. It ii 
ity in tliifj 
iialf \iiui',i. 
ia'cliy riilv 
iinihcl wi'li 

I (h>o'l ICJ 
f .nTMilllr, 


riy filial 

here a',' 

hut that 

t';(.' niau- 

1'^ wiw^, 

iij.',. Ti.j 

ahiahic if 

mlici. !: 

ai)()'.'t q J 

I tlicTc- 

of Sui..;. 

:ai<.n:a, in 
1 juiifilio 

Ill Caflilf, 
i.on. 15. 

i r.f^cr, a 

■A. 'i ':.• 

!i -0,(100 
the rit',;;e. 

gariaiis j 



A H 

ftirinns ; but the women fliewtd a great 
<kal ol toiirapc on this occafion. It was 
taken l;y the 'I'uiks in 1596, and ret a I; en 
in i6L'.7j lince \viiich it lias tontinued 
unJer the dominion of tlie houfe ot Au- 
llr^ii. Ii is feated on the ri\er Agiia, 47 
r, ss N. ]•:. of Buda, and 55 wf ol Caf- 
fovja. I.on. 3', o. lat, 4-. 30. 
• AcR ION AN, on; (>f the ifi.mdi of tlic Lt- 
dronc?, which is about 40 iiiiles in com- 
pafs. Lat. 19, 40. 
AnuA i)K Pao, a town in tlic iflnul of 
St. Micl'.ael, one of the A/oies, in tlk: 
AtlaiitickO^can. Lon. 6. 10. la'. 3S. ju. 
AciJA PE 1'eixis, a fin:i!I town o! l'r;itu- 
t; il, in Alentej'i : a^> alfo a villa of the 
J lovc'.ioiia of B ja, belonging; to the 
duke of Cav.idal. It lias an audience 
court o' its own. Lon. 10. 20. lal. 39, q. 
AouA Re vr.;, a final I town of Pot tuy;.i!, in 
the province of Tra-lc s-montcs, that con- 
tains alxiut 300 inliah, rants. 
A'JCAs Bellas, a of I'ortL'j^al, in 
Elbcniac'ura, which has between 5 and 
6000 inhabitants, with a dillridt of two 
jjarifhcs, Lon. g. 1^. lat. 30. 40. 
<'■ Acii: iLA,a town of tin. [iio-. incc ofIL;bat, 
in t!ie kingdom of Fez, in .'\frica, featctl 
on tile river Aguela, and is lubjcdl to the 
king ot Mcrotvjc. 
*Aruii.AR, a town of Spain, intheking- 
dom of Navarre, 24 rules VV. of Kiklla. 
Lon. 20. o. lat. 42. <; o. 'J'here is ano- 
ther town called Asiid.-ir-clel-campo, in 
Old Caftile. 
Af.ujR, a fmall town of Portugal, in Alen- 
tejo, which is a villa in the provedoi ia 
ol Ikja, and c^i-,',.i.ns about 450 inhabi- 
Ar.i;R.-i Nnr, or Ai cur. ANnr, a fmall town 
of France, in Berry, v.-itli a chattclany. 
Lon. 19. 40. lat. 4-. 20. 
* AoiiRENDF, a fmail town of France, in 
la Marclie, leatcd cr. t!\e confines of Ber- 
ry. Lon. 19. 3^. lat. 46. 2-;. 
Ahv'v, a town ot I i.'iiice, in the Upper 
Maiche, and in tlir ;?:erieraliiy of Mou- 
lins. iKint; a royal jurifdaiion. It is 
fea'e I on the liver Creuie, near .1 Keni- 
dicrine Ahb(.->', S miles S. V.. of (,uerei, 
;.iid 30 N. E. of Limei;:oi, Lon. nj. 3'i. 
l.ii. 4')- «:• 
Ahuvs, a lea-pl^rt 'own 01 Sweden, fiirng 
by lituation, in the iiriinipality of Cotli- 
lar.d, with a v.ood liaibour, i ? mile, S. 
of ClaiUianltat, and ncii the Hiltic fea. 
Lnn. -,2. 14. lat. V I'- 
Aj/.zzo. a fea jKirr town of the illand of 
(-'orfu a, in the Me diteir.inean, with a 
biiiiop's fee. Lon. 26. 35. IjI, .]i, q(\ 

A 1 

A.iAZZO, a fea-porv town <.f Natolia, in 
the province of Ci^rannr.ia ;inc;<,miy 
.Silelia, feated on the cnafi oi tin. Medi- 
teirjiiean, 30 mih- N'. of Aiitioch, and 
50 W. of Alejipo, where tl.c eitv ot lii'us 
■•mciently fit od, and near wl.iih Au\an- 
(lei- fought his (econd battle witli l)arui>. 
Lon. 54. o. lat. 37. o. 
* An H, a to'.vn of (lennany, in Bavaria, 
feated on the rivet Par. Ii w.n taktn 
by the Swedes in 1634, who (.\ercilid 
j;reat ciuelties tliere. time ;,fter 
l.'uo It was reduced to alius. Lon, 2S. M' 
lit. 4X. 30. 
AicurrAi, a town of Gernjany, in Fiaii- 
conia. and tajiital of a bilhopiick ol tl.i,- 
f.iiiie nam'., li is 1 dil^' for a cu- 
rious piece ol woikmaiilhip, c.illed the 
^un of the Holy S.ici.mient, which is in 
the church : it is cf m uiy ;, 'M, of frre.a 
veiglit, and is enii.hel witli -;^o dia- 
monds, 1400 pearls, 2:0 ribi^b, and 
otiie.' i>Rcii'Us (tones. '1 Ills i>l;.ce is mo- 
derately large, and feated in a valley on 
the river Alimul, 10 mde, TJ. of New- 
bui.r, 12 N. \V. of Ingolil.t, and 37 S. 
of Neuremberg. Lon. 2S. 4 s- I 'L A9- »• 
Tlx- bilhnj)rick is 4- miles in length, tiiul 
17 in breadth; and the bilhop is cli.m- 
cellor of the churchol Mayence or Mcntz. 
AiKLi o, a fm.ill town in Abrezzo ulterior, 
in the kingdom of Naj.lcs, that gives ti- 
tle 10 a duke. It now belongs to tiie he- 
reditary prince of iModena. Lon. 52. 35. 
lat. 41. 40., a river in the government of Or- 
leanois, in France, that rifes at Mce, in 
Beaull'e, and falls into tiie Loire. 
Aifii. v., a pretty little town of France, in 
L'pper Normandy, wb.eie they carry on a 
ti.ide in corn, hard w.are, and more |jar- 
ticularly in pins. It is 27 miles S. W. of 
F.vreux, ar.d 47 S. S. W. of Rouen, Lor.. 
iS. 20. lat. 4S. 35. 
AicRCMONr, a barony of r<aiis,-ny, in 
Fr.ince, in the of Cham- 
p.igne and Brie, depending c^n the dutciiy 
of Langrcs. 

A 1 G u E f E K ; 

a town ot rr.mce, in Low 

Auvetyne, and in the duteliy of .M>nt- 
pepfi.i. Near it is a fpiing iliat |-.ourscut 
the w.ater in a great (beam, and yet it iS 
vviy cold, and f 1.) the animals that 
drink of it. It is 20 milei N. of CMer- 
monr, 3<; S. of Mouhi^s, .and 20S S. of 
P. iris. Lon. 20. 46. I. It .; <;. i;o. 
Air.u Is-.^toK a'Ks, a tov.n <<f France, in 
Lover Lair:u;'d(C. It is fortified f'n ac- 
ciHint i '. its lituation among the moiades, 
though it io at fomc diliantc fivni the fea. 
C z It 





A I 

Jt had 1 lurlviur, wliicli is now clioakcd 
up, nnd it has A;!! an ackmr.ih/, a vi- 
gucrie, ami a board of five great laimv 

Lon. 24. 54- l^'f- 43- U- 

AiGuis-cAtiiES, a diftiid of Frarcc, in 
the valley of OJau, which is the fine ft In 
tlic wiiol'f bailiwick of Olcron. It ir. in 
the jovcrnnwnt of \ax aire and Rcain j 
and has a wann fpring that is oily, fapo- 
naceous, and fpiritiious : it fiiiclls hke 
rotten c.c^!;3, and is iifod outwar.Hy to 
cure wounds and fwcllings, as well as 
g'.vcii inwardly for infjinal difordci-'.. 

AiGi';i ION, a town of Trance, inGuicnnc, 
and in the Ajjenois, with a cafUe, and 
the title of a dutchy. It is feated on a 
fertile valley, jo niiks N. W. of Agcn, 
and 50 S. 1". of Bourdcau.v. Lon. iS. 8. 
lat. 44. 25. 

* Aii.'^H, a fmnl! hut ancient town of 
Afia, in Arabia I'ctrca, feared on one of 
the N. bays, or arms, of the Red fea, 
towards the E. It is near the road which 
the pi!;!;rims tak:: when they travel from 
JEgypt to Mecca. Sonic take it to be 
Elatii, mentioned in Scripture. Lon. 53. 
10. lat. 29. 10. 

Ahesbluv, th.' largefl town in Bucking- 
humdiire, wlrh llie title of an earldom, 
and a market on Satindays, and three 
fairs, on Satu'day before Palm-Sunday, 
June 14, and Sejitcniher 2?, for cattle. 
It copfiils of feveral Greets lying about 
the m:irk;t-piacc, which is large, and in 
the iTii Idle of it is a very convenient 
liall, where the aiT.zcs are fometimes held. 
It fends two msmhers to parliament ; and 
is 16 miles 3. E. (f Buckin;;ham, and 44 
N. \V. of London. Lon. j6. 55. lat. 51. 

Ai.M.ARcrrr, a fir.nll town of France, in 
the diocefe of Nifnits, and government 
ofLanguedoc. It is feated on the river 
Vtiftre, among moraifes. Lon. 20. 50. 
iit. 44. 5. 

AiME, orAxiMA, a fmall town in i!;e 
county of Tartntaife, belonginii to tlie 
r!i!c!iy rf Savoy, ar.d is ftatcd on the river 

AiNJA, a trwi-, of .Spain, in the prin-ipn- 
lity of Sorbribe, in the kin;;dom lA' Arra- 
Ron, r( (ted in .1 on tiie river Ara. 

A IN, aka-t)0!t town in Sctitl.ind, in the; 
/;-.:ro r-;' Aive, f.Mtcd at v ,e r,ioiith of a 
nvcrol the fame name near tiie frith of 

C'lyoe ; 65 miies S. 

W. of J'dinbur::.'!. 
3^^. It is fmall but 

Lon. 12. 5:;. !af. i;: 

confidorabic, and is feared in a fandr fnil ; 
but the inhabitants have found means tt) 
render i; prvtty f;.;;tfu!, and there are a 

A I 

great nun. Ivjr of orchard! and gardens H' 
bout thi'. place, 

.\tr', a town of France, in Proper Gafeo- 
ny, of which it isca|)ital, witli.i bKhop'i 
lee. It is feated on the nvcr A-ioiir, on 
the declivity of a mountain, 32 mile:, I.. 
of Uax, 37 W. of Condon, and 5'<»». ot 
B.iurdcaux. Lon. 17.49. '•''• 4,1« i-y- 

Aipr, a iiroiig town in the Netherlands, 
in tlie county of -Ariois, with a caUle. 
It was taken by the French in 17 10, an<l 
was confirmed to them by the treaty of 
Utrecht. It is feated on the river Lis, ?2 
Piiles S. of Dunliik ; and communicate'! 
with St. Omer's by a canal cut from the 
river .Aa. Lon. 20. 3. lat. 50. 3S, 

Ai^Av, a fmill town and eli.itellany in tlie 
territory of Monta-riie, belonf ini; to the 
government ot Uurgandy in Fiance, 

AisNr, a river of Franco, v^'hich rifes in 
C amp.iii'n, and run-. VV. Iiy Soifims, in 
the Ille of France, and falls into the river 
Oife, a little above Campiegne. 

Amona, or HiTONA, a fmall town in 
the jirincipality of Catalonia, in Spain, 
.'.nd the capital of a marquifatc, 

Aix, a large, handfome, and ancient town 
of Fiance, and of I'rovence, wii!> 
;i parliament, and an univeifity. It is 

feated in a pla 

.here there arc liot 

i I 

baths near the little river Arc. In the 
middle of the town there is a large open, where the inhabitants take their 
diverlions, and it is adorned with hand- 
fome fountains. It 1:1 40 miles S, W. of 
Avignon, 75 v.. Mon»|.)ellier, and 82 W. 
of Nice, Lon. 23.". 43. 32, 

Aix, a very ancient t iwn in the dutchy of 
Savoy, on tile lake Hourget, with the ti- 
tle of a mirfpiifate. Here are 
waters fivquenied by a great number of 
])erfons. Ir i, eight miles N. of Cham- 
be iry, and ii fiibjec> to the king of Sar- 
dinia, Lon. 23. 34. lat. 4v 40, 

Aix, a fmall iilnnd on 'he coall of France, 
Ixtwcen the Ifle of Oleron and the Con- 
rinet't. It i< only memorahU lor an in- 
gl'Mi:v.]se:;])iditionof thcEngliih in i7';i->. 
wlicn they were bound to Rochfort with 
a defign of t.iking or burning the (liip'^ 
and Aores in the nver on whicli 
town is feated; but returned witluiui 
doing any thing cxetpt demolirnin^ the 
fort uf thi'^, iHand. It is 12 miles N. VV. 
c( Roch.'orr, a -.d j : S. S. VV. o! Rocliello. 
Lon. 16. 3-. lat. 40. r. 

Aiic I. A Cii At'Ki.f.F, •>. large and handfome 
town of CJ-rmanv, in tlie circle of Woi) • 
phalia, and dutcliy ci' fuli' rs. It is a free 
liiiperial tuvn^ i*'i<' t"C emperor Chafle- 


jnain w 
of tlie f 
Notre r 
his belt 
in letter 
at the c 
I imous 
lier of p 
in a hot 
1 7 111 lie 
Liege, :i 
:;,-. Lat 

* A K 1 S S A 

built in 
over, w 
t><n. It 
inus, w 
S. VV. ol 

Af AR A, O 

of Bii'ca 
tile in r 
are very 
A I A III; 1. 1 A 
lying bet 
ranean fe 
country i 
on accou 
tains. H( 
and they 

A L A F O F. N !■ 

Ikira, in 
parities : 
chy. Lon 

A L A r, N o ?, , 
the gover 
which lif 
it runs in 

At. Af;OA, a 
one of tl 
houfes, a 

AiAt;oN, a 
fula fornv 

A I A INF, a 

ment of ? 
Ai. \|ou, a 

ca, (o Cil 

At A IS, a di 

ment of L; 

tains of Si 
Ar.Ais, a tc 

guedoc, V 

fee. It i 

near a be 


i-, a IVrc 

A h 

jnnin wa? fo dcliplitcd wltli tlic ben'.ity 
C'i tlic place that lie cliofc it for lu5 rcli- 
licncc. He is iiuciixd in tlic cluiich of 
Notre Dame, where they keep his ("word, 
his belt, and the lour evan^^eiirts written 
in letters of jrold, which arc made ufe of 
M tlie coronation i)f the emperors. The 
(imous iiiincral watersdraw .1 j^rcat nurn- 
her of perfons every year. It is featcd 
in a bottom, furrounded with mouniains, 
17 miles N. E. of I^imliurir, 2^ N. E. of 
Kiepe, and -,o W. ofCoiogn. Lon, 23. 
t;S. Lat. 51. ^5. 

* Akissat, a town of Natoiia, in Alii, 
built in a handfome plain above 17 miles 
over, which ii I'own with corn ar.d cot- 
ton. It i , iiihal)itcd by about 5000 Ma- 
hometans, and is fcated on the river Hi r- 
mus, which runs thioui;h it 50 miles 
S, W. of I'crgamo. Lon. 46. o. l..t. 5S. 

Ai AHA, one of the three fmalkfl diilrifl . 
of Bifca>, in Spain, that i, pretty fei 
lilc in rye, barley, and fruits. Tlh re 
iuc very good mines of iron, and it had 
formcily the title of a kinp,dom. 

Ai .Mill I.I A, aprovime of'i'urhy, in Afia, 
lyinj^ between Amifia and the Mediter- 
ranean fea, towards mount Tainus. The 
country isroiii:h, rtoiicy, and inacteirible, 
on accoiLitot the great number of moun • 
tains. However, ti;'.-re arc y,i,r.d paflures, 
nr.d they breed o.cellcnl lioilcs and 

Ai-AroF.N!-, a dlflii6> in the province of 
Beira, in I'ortuva!, coniinehcnds 37 
jjarilhes : in 171S it was i.nfed to a dui- 
thy. L')n. 24. 40. lat, 40. 20. 

Alaonon, one of the ])rincipal rivers in 
the government of Auveri^ne, in Fr.mce, 
which rifes at Cantal, and is veiy rapid ; 
it luns into the Allicr. 

Ai .\f:o\, a town in the ifle of St. Michael, 
one of the Azores, wiiich contains 605 
houfes, and two parilh churches. 

AiAf;oN, a fmall town of Spain, in the 
hintjdom of .•\rr,i^;on, leaied on a pcnin- 
fiil.i formed by the rivers Ebro nndXalon. 

Ai .«iNK, .T river of France, in the guvern- 
incnt of Nivernois. 

Ai.AjOR, a diihi.'^ of the ifland of Minor- 
ca, fo called from a fmall town of that 

AiAis, ;i diocefe of France, in the govern- 
ment of l.angucdoc, that lies in tiie mcun 
tains of Scvcnncs. 

Ar.Ai;;, a town of France, in Lower Lan- 
.puedoc, with a citadrl, .nid a hifllop's 
lee. It is featcd <'n the river (lardon, 
near a beautiful nicdcsv it: the fijct of 

A L 

tlu: Ccvcnncs, 3^ mik'; \V. of Omnpf, ^^ 
miles N. of Mintpellier, and 350 S. by 
E. of I'aris. Lnn. 21. 32. lat. 44. S. 
Alanh, :in ifland of tl'.e Haltick S a, be- 
tween Sweden an.-l Finland, and is fub- 
jcet to Sweden. It lies between 35 and 
37 decrees of lon. arA between ,() ancl 
61 de;.:rcfs t>f Int. at tlic enhance of tlu 
piilph of Bothnia, and the chief town is 

Ai.APAF.wsKoi-';A\von, an iron fort^e in 
the circle of Cathrinenbutjj, belonging to 
Siberia, in Alia. 

A I AKcoN, ,T fmall town cf NewCartilc, in 
Spain, near the river ^ ucar ; it was de- 
mohihjd l-.y the Moors, but afterwards 

Ai.TAMHA, a lari^c river in North Ame- 
rica, which has its fouice in the Aligany 
mountains, and running,- S. E. throir,;!i 
Georgia, fills into the Atlantick Ocean 
below Ficileiica. 

* Ai.ATRi, a town of Italy, in the Cam- 
]Kr;nia of Rome, featcd on a hill, with 
a hilltop's fee. It is five miles N. W. of 
Vei oli, ten S, of Felletino, and 40 S, E. 
of Rome. Lon. 30. i;3. 41. 44. 

At \ I \R, a town of RufTia, in Afia, in 
the circle of Alatyrfkoy, featcd on tlie 
river Suru, and belonging to the ko- 
\eiiinient of It is 40 miles F. 
of I'.il'an. 

Ai. AVA, .I diftriifl of Spnin, about 20 miles 
in h^ngth, and 17 in breath, containing 
very good iron mines, and Vicloria is the 
capital town. 

At.AiiTA, a river of Toiky, in Europe, 
which has its fource in tiie mountains 
(hat fepnrate Moldavia aiid Tranfilva- 
nia. It runs S. tlnough W.ilachia, and 
difcharges itfelf into the Danube, almoll 
oppjlite toNico))oli5. 

Ai. nA, a town of Italy, in Montferrat, 
with a bidiop's fee. It was ceded in 163 i 
to the dul;e of Savoy, and is feated on 
the river 'I'araro, 12 milej S, \V. of 
Alii, and 20 S. E. of Turin. Lon. 25. 
40. lar. 44. 36. 

* Ai.KA-Jui.iA, a flrong and confuieraljlo 
town of Tranfilvania, and cajjital of tiicr 
teiriti'ry of Gualalciwax, with a billiopN 
fee, and an univerlity. 'J'he prince.^ 01 
Tranfilvania generally refidc here, and 
it i^ feated on the declivity of a hill, 
near the river Onipais, 25 miles W. of 
Hcrmanlladt, 58 N. E. of Temefware. 
125 N. E. of Belgrade, and 120 S. E. of 
Vienna. Lon. 42. o. lat. 46. 3 c. 

All! AN I A, or Rk a I dale a in, a county of 
SvoUand, in tiig fliire of Teith, to the 

N. W. 





I :il 


. 1^' i i 


I I 

A L 

N. NV. ot I'le Crampim rnniintiin'i, \vitli 
tlic title ola (lukcdoni. It wr.s r.iil tea- 
i'awA on lord DamLy, wlio married 
Mary (juccn of Sccf''. 
Albania, i province of Tuiky, in Europe, 
ly'.nv; on tlio pulph of Venice. It is Iwund- 
crl on tiiu S. by l-ivadia, on the V.. I>y 
T!u-li.ily and AiactH.onia, andonmcN. 
by Bofnia ..nd DalT/uia. It invHiuas tx- 
ci'i'i-Pt wini- ; and ihi. inlialntants arc 
larp;e, llr.^n';, viiMnt, indcfati'jable, 
good HoifcnKn, .'ir.d j,'rcat thieve. They 
Tivc clirillians of die Creek cluire.i, and 
are defcended fri.r.i the ancient Scytliian'. 
*Vhen a jierfon of ilieir acquaintance diet., 
they go one a;ter .".nothe'-, and alk w!iy 
111' would leave tilt ni, witl ■4 her ridicu- 
lous qu::tlii)ns. Dma/zo is tlie cai)ital 
town. L?n, from 36. iS. to 39. 4.0. 


39.1043. 30., a town of Italy, on a lake of the 
fans name in the Cinipagnia of Rome, 
with .1 hiiliop's lee. Tiie territory about 
it produces tiie Iitfl v/ine in all ll'iscoun- 
try, and a great many iv:>blemen have 
gardens here, whtre they pafs the funi- 
mer. It is nt-ir Caflle-gandolfo, 1 5 miles 
H. of 00 la, and as much S. E. of Rome. 
|.on. 30. I V lat. 41. 43. There is like- 
wife anovlii-r town of the fame name in 
the Bafilicatc of the kingdom of Naples, 
remarkable for the fertility of t'le foil, 
and the ni'hiliiy of 'he inhabitants. 

» Ai.BANoroLi, a town of TurUy, in 
Kuropc', and in Albania, of which i was 
formerly the capital. It is feated on the 
ri>er Urin, 40 miles E. of EklVio, r^nd 
4^- N. of Cdlan.lil. Lon, 3S. 4. lat. 
4>..|S.'sSt. a town in Hertfoidiiii.e, with 
Ihc title cf a dutchy, and two markets, 
on the Wednifdays and Saturdavs, a:,<l 
three f.iiis, on March 2^, Jim-.- 17, and 
September 29, for horfes, rowj, an i 
fl.e^p. It is Hated on th;.- river Coin, at.. I 
^■oU ii,>)n the ruins of the ancient city 
Verula'11, and receivts its name from the 
n-onalU-;-y dLdicated tc St. Alban, a ro- 
man inartvr. The monalkry is now uftd 
a-* a paiifn church, and in it were biinai 
<cveral p.rfr-avs cf roy 1 bloed, partxu- 
laily the famous d.ike Uuniplnv-y, whofe 
f'ody was difcoveied not many vears fmce. 
It i'^ i: m:';s S. E. of Dimibb'ie, and 21 
^^ W. cfLnndon. I.on. 17. 7 ^. lat. :;i. 
40. It fends two members to parliam. .1. 

AI.n.^^•v, a fortrefs belonijin..: to th.. Eii- 
l(h, fea-d on the S. W. of Hudfon's 
Kay. Lon. 204. 3,-. ,at. 53, o. 

An:.^^v, a town of North America, in the 


A J. 

province of New- V'ork, whicli is ,i weM- 
bi.iit pi ice, confidcringthc country. Here 
the fachuiT! "i thekinps of the five na- 
tions of Iroquois meet the eovtrnors of 
the liritilh plantations, when they enter 
into any treaty with them for their mu- 
tual (lefinee ag.iin(l tlie French, and ti •■- 
Indian allies. I.i'P. 303. 3 1;. lat. 42. 30. 

AtnARJiC \i IS. SeeS lur.WEisrENnuKr.,, or Alt. K, a lordfliip of France, in 
t' e giwernment of Lorrain and Barre. 
Alb, or Sar Alb, is the capital town, and 
is feated on the rivir .Saar. 

AtBAkfiARiA, a poor town in Alentejo, .i 
province of J'ortui;ai, belonyinj< to the 
'.luko of, which has an audience 
court of its own. 

A1.I! AKO.M( lA PK PENTtA, a dirtridl of 
I'oitupal, fn tlie j>rovinee of Entre df>uro 
c minho, confilling of eleven pariflies. 

Ai. HARA?iN, a town of Spain, in the kinj- 
(!om of Arra?;on, on the I'rontiers of New 
C'aliile, Willi al)i(liop's fie. It is an an- 
cient and ftroni;, and its wool is the 
bed in Ariagon. It is feated on the 
Guadalavier, 12 miles W. of Teruel, 75 
S. of .Sanai^ofa, and loo E, oi .Madrid, 
Lon. 16. J 2. lat. 40. 32. 

* .Ai.BAziN, a town of Great Tartary, with 

a ftronc: fortrefs to difend it .i^Minfl the 

Chinefe and Moi,'ul Tartars. It is on 

the road from Mofcow to I'elun. Lon. 

122, o. lat. 54. o. 

Aihecni;. a finall town of France, in 
Quercy, a didiitt of the government of 
(jiienre and Gafeony. 

At nr.M.ARLE, or Auv^rlf, ,i town of 
France, in Upper Norman !y, and in the 
teniiory of Caux, from whence the no- 
ble family of Keppeltake the title of earl. 
The feri^f of this town are in hiirh eifeem. 
It is fcati. 1 on the declivity of a hill, by 
the fide of a rneadiAv, on the of 
I'icardi, 3^ nrles N. E. of Rouefl, 20 S. 
of Abl-.eville, and 71. N. W. of i'aris. 
I.on. in. 20. lat. 40. 50. 

AI.^l.^; .^• . f;, the mofl northern [irrvince 
ofN.-rth-Carolin.', in Ameiaca, and fub- 
jert to Grea*. Uritain. 

Ai. iir.Nfiu.A, .'.n ancient flrnn;; fea-port 
town of Itaiy, in the tcniiory of ("ijnoi, 
with :; hidiop's f: e. '.''he outfide of this 
]>iace IS furroundtd witli oll^'c trees ; and 
the plain it ibnds tn is well ; '.illiv.iitd, 
but the air i., nt't whnltoi;ie. 1r is icated 
on the M.ili;erranean tea, r2 miles N. E, 
of Onev-lia, Md -, ^- ^V. ui C\.noa. 
Lon. ;<;. 4;;. lat 44. 4. 

A Ml I, a town of Franc;-, in I pper 
Ijuedo:, and capit..l of tlieAiL.gnib, which 


Is ,1 fl M 

length, . 
Ihop's fe: 
ionie. ' 
The en\i 
the walk 
30 milei 
W. oi 'J 
Lon. 19. 
At SI, 4 fn 
porcel liji 
{ry hoult 
vvji boiiu 
Lon. 25. 
A: BOLOiiu 
tiie kiiijjd 
Lit. 37. 1 


talLd Ml 
town, on 
of Eels tl 
on a can 
K. uf \V> 
It lia> an 
fafti and (li 
fiderable ti 
a mannf;: 
and 5I0VC. 
in 1643, 
5"- ?9- 

A I. B J. F. T , a 

and in a 
which abi 
niiies of 
Dax. Loi 

* A I ii R I C H • 

on the c.l 
N. N. E, o 
on May z 
all for hor 
A I B u <i_i; r R Q 
madura, < 
with a liio! 
allies, in 1, 
in 1705 ; 
trade in wi 
S.W. of/ 
joz, Lon. 

* A I. C A Z ^ K 

ill the kin; 
vine, of f 
Jihojifu kit 


[town cf 

1(1 in the 

tlic no- 

of carl. 

nil, liV 

|i>.ijies of 

,r\, 20 S. 

f Paiij. 




JllO 1, 

'.' ( 

t' tliis 


; :-nl 






N. r.. 



It: I 





i> i'«' '7 

ul f.Uio. 

A L 

h a fiiinll teiiitory about i? itiile* in 
Unptli, aivl 20 ill f'le.idtli. U 1. a I'l- 
Ihop'i ff.-. .md iln;c.\ iiwry liir.d- 
Jonic. Tin; inli.ibit.iiUi v.xrc cUtd Al- 
big.nfi^, anil were the tiill tliat dlHiutccl 
thv'l'oj'c'iauilionty ; but ih:.y were cjn- 
dt.mned by a toanoil livlJ litiJ in U76. 
TIk' environs of AH'i a;c (lolii:,i.tCul, 
the walk, arc ihc nit;li .lijtot'.it-le in L.iu- 
i;uc'd';>:. It is Kaud c) thy livci 'I'.ur, 
30 mik. S. by W. of R!u;cL.', 5s N 
W, of Touloufc-, and ; ;i/ ii 
Lon. 19. .lO- lat. 43. s^'- 

Ai Bi, ^ I'niall t'lwn in Abiiujj Citerivir. 

/UbI'jUI.a, a rr.ull town htlja-inij to thj 
i';i)ublick tii Cjuw^j.i, wbciv the:'; i» * 
iiurttliln manulaiturc, with coau- 
jr/ 'louft'i of tlie Ctnot.*; 1. /bilitv. I. 
vvuibo.nuaul."! ui 1:4.5, ^Z ''"* ^^c-''''- 
Lon. 15. 50. lit. 4^• '5- 

AiBOLODur, a final! tiV-.-n uf Spain, ;a 
the kingdom of (;ranaf!a. Lon. ly. r.9. 

lat. 37. iS- 

/^).pouKf.; a town of Di;nmark, in N\rtli 
Jutlanl, and capital of tlicdiotefe 0.1 ihv- 
fjini; name, with a biihci>'s fee. It is ( 
calhd Albourg, which is th-j fairiv; as Eel- 
town, on account of l!ie ■:■'.■ at number ; 
of Leh that uie takt-n htiL', It is fv..t,:d | 
on a canal, 10 niiie. lioiii the fe.i, 30 
N. of Wyi'uiv., and 50 N. of Arl;j/., ] 
It liai an cxch.'i.KC for iiicTc'.iants, and a , 
f.ife an:t (Iccp h ■■'v.jur. 'i'i'.cy I;.i.e a coi^- . 
fulerablc trade in Ixrriniji ar-l 5 and ! 

A L 

f(icin after tli.1t it -.v-.i-y .iband.inccl to the 
Mooij. It i-.. u. lied un the coall cf tlie 
btraitj of Oibraltar. Lon. 12. o. lat. 35.0, 
Alcazah-i)o-S.m , aiown of l*omin;al, ii; 
Dilr.nuadur.i, wit'i a calltc tli; t )j:»(rcji'*.' 
imprcgn.ible. T'.icy make tine^; fali 
hoic, fionj wlien^t' the town takei iri 
luiiip. (l iN I'eated on tlie li' ;r Cadoa:', 
15 niikii It Jill 'At* fja, 32 .S. E. of >yj'\i~, aiKi '^j 6. L of Liili.'n, Lon. 9. 4.1. 
bt. jo. iS. 
At. i:.\i. '\-oK-Gi!;\n.'iiRi*, a town of Spain, 
Andaluu'i, fjattd en tlie Guadair.i, 
h'.'c t°..ile:> S, £. of^eNille, Lon. 12. 40, 
Ut. j;. 1 5. 
Ai 'MI .i-i)i. ' [ -.•<.'\R rj, a la';.e h.mdfoine 
to.tii f i; 1 11, i!\ N;,-,v Cuftile, witli a I'a- 
UioUj mneiiity, a line library, and acf- 
tU'. Witiiout tlie walL there is io toe ;« 
(p.inij, tliar ths w.,ter 13 kjpt for tlii;','i ufj. Ii is eated nn the river Hc- 
iiareZ, ten miles S. W. of Guadalax- 
ara, and is E. of Madrid. Lon. 14. 32. 
I. It. 40. 30. 
/.LcAi .\-nK-REAi., a town (,f Spain, in 
Andalufia, witii a fain -us monaltery. 
If. is feated near the river Salado, fix mdca 
S. cf S;;ville. Lon. 14. 32. lat. 37. .S. 
* Arc. A .MO, a town of Sicily, i.i the vaH'.y 
of Mazaro, at he foot of mount Konitati. 
Lon. 14. 30. 3'.'. 2. 
Ai. ca:; TAP, A, a fm..ll but ftronn, town of 
f>i 3'.n, in F.ftfaiv.adiiia, and tlw cliivf 

of the kn 

..f that name. It has 

.-X nijr.iif:. '..ry of t;-nj, j 


:\ r,h 

It v..;^ -a;-. 

id Jt^S. J. 

b, Ih^ 

J V 


56. 3?. 

a town of France, in G.iicon> 

a jr.igniiitc'nt bric!e;e over tiie nvcr'I'ajo, 
I biiiii by tiie enip,:or Trajan. It was by tiic earl of G.iKvay in 1706, 
arid r.;;.Kcn by t!.e rreaich the fame ytar. 

and in a tcriitvTy 

ot li' 

auie navnf. 

v.Jiich abounds with h„rcs. It is 

of Bourdeau."- 

illd 40 

N. r. 

Dax. Lon 17. o. laf. 44. 10. 
Ai jiR iCHTo.s, a village in ii'iropll'lri.-, 
on the eds""' of Stadorihhiie, 10 niiai 
N. N. E. of Bridgnorrh, v.'ith three fail., 
on M;»y 13, July i'-', and Ncvcnibcr y, 


IS K.j; 

on uie 

liver 'I'-tjo, on tiie 

cniiinei of i^0!tu;';al, 42 mil.'S N. by W. 
I'd i/iX. by W. of Seville. 



li. 35. lat. 



lere IS an- 

otiier A:.f vN -Ai. A, in Anla'ui 



ill for lioined cattle 




Ai nviVFKHy f, atjwn of Spain, in i^.ir.i- 
m.adura, on the front.ers ol i\)riug.i!, 

with a ibonec.ifllc. It was t.! 




allies, in favour of the arclului.e Charle 

ni 170 

ti.ide ill woi 

id c:i 

;urK'. on a c^ 



■2.Z miles 

S. W. of Alcantar;., and 17 N. of Bada- prv;;ty high, ua; a where the 
R )in iiis builr a brid;.;c over a mor.ils, 
with a tower ac each end, which upon 
cccilic.i cm I.e Ihut up. 
Ar, eAi<.A7, a 'o\vn of Spain, in La Man- 
ca. and !, d-fendcd by r. lt.on>^ callle, 
an ) c!.e:c is a rcin.irl<able ancient aquc- 
dacV. It is fcit'-'l on the river Gu.iJa- 
inena, zo intlfi K. of tlic coniin.;3 of An- 
daluiia. and ij^ .S. by E. 01 Ivlaurid, 



-ut 3S. 



1 1. 4t 


* A 

I.CAZAR Ui.r,vy 

3S. 52. 

a town of Afri. 1, 

Ai.c AZEK, a -.own of .Spain, in New C.lftl!-. 
feated on the river iiu.-ird.^mana, whicli 
has a fortixfs on a hn'li hill for its de- 

irt the liin;^d()in of Fe/, an'l in the ]; 


viac( of It was talan by Al- 
jihonfy kin^ of Portugal in 146^ ; but 


and 1 

le. in a v 

v-rv frcitfL 

. UlUlV 


100 miles N. V/. oi Ciri.heitca, Lon. 

to. lat. \'6. 

I -. 

w 1 


i^ '<-;'i 

lis ' '!,'il 

• '. u 



J' r 




!fi ' f: 

':f ii: Ir 


A T. 

Ai rM.»>FR, an nncitnt and li.tmlA me town 
of tlic United I'rijvintcs, in KLUiicnur- 
lan;!, v.liitli mn»a-.i |)art ofNortliHol- 
l.iivl. Ill till. en. irons (>i" this town t!K'y 
mai.f tin; h'A\ lnuti-r .inc! ilicelc in Hol- 
land ; and tlmv arc tlio find) tulij-s It 
ii 1 1; r.iilcs r.. t.l' H.irlcni, and 17 N. W. 
of Lor.. 22. 10. 5i,r'<. 

Am-min/, a niariiuil'itt in tix Mn^jdoni ol' 
Sicily, in the VaJ di Ma7>ira. 

Ai.coLASTRE, a river of France, in tlif i;o- 
vtMnnunt ot Niveriiois. 

Ai CONCHO I, a cp.lllc of Spain, on the 
frontitrs of lillramadura, (eated on tlie 
liver AK:ara'|iie, that lalh into the Gua- 
diana,2omilesS.ofB3dajox. Lon. 12. 0. 

lat. 38. 20. 

ALCOvKNt'As, a fniall town of Spain, in 
Old Call le, iVited in a H.irien country. 

AnouriM, a fniall town ol I'oitutral, in 
th. kingdom of Algarve, on the confines 
of Alciiiejo, in whole jiiiii'dichon it lies. 
It is feated on thu river Giiadiana, con- 
taini ahout loeo inhabitants, and has a 
dillriftof fix parilhea. Lon. 10. lat, 

37' 30- 
Alcc'Dia, a town in the illand of M.ijor- 

ca, confiding of about loi'O lioufes, and 

lielonps to Soain. It is fiatcd between 

two l;;r'.'u harbours, called Major and i\li- 

ncr. Lon. 23. 5. lat. 40. 10. 

Ali>)ior()l'(,ii, a fea-port town in SiilTolk, 
with a market on Wednefdays a;-!d .Sati' - 
days, and two fairs, i>n March i, and 
May •;. for toys. It is plc.ifantly fcnted in 
a dale, betwem a hr'li hill to the welt- 
ward, and the lea to th ';.ill, with a !■ • 
vcr runnin;; S. \V. aiui ilie o!d elmrch 
ftands on a hill. It is 40 niile-^ E. of 
Bury, and SS N. ]■ . of London. It fendi 
two niciiibcrs to parlLinient, and is ^o- 
virni'd by a haililT,, and 24. 
tommoniouncil. It is a poor, lliagelini;, 
lone;, dirty tovin, eonfirtiiif^ of about 
5C0 houies, with th'j fhvcts noi 
paved, and here is no manufi'-'tory : a 
Ini.'ili fiilieiy i-> however cairierl i.n heiv. 
'I'iie harbour is tuierably ^ood, but fm.;'l ; 
."nd there i^ here a fi'it of nine •.;u!h.. 
'i he town was formerly much longer ; 
hut the lea bao taktn away w!:ole rtreet>, 
gains u)<on it. Lon. i',!. o. lat. c,2. 5c. 

At riHouounii, a town in t''e Wert-ridint; 
of Vorkdiiic, fcatcd on tlut liverOufc, 
and it had a maikct, now difuf.d. How- 
ever, it (Vnds two meiiibei; to i)3rlia- 
mcnt, .and is 1 1; miles N. W. tf Ycrk, 
and 200 N. by W. of Londcn, Lon. 16. 
25. lat. 54. 15. 

* A' |'r^, .1 town of Portutral, in rtlra- 
m.ukii.i, ten niiie.s S, L. ol LilLon. Lon, 
p. ?o. I 't 3S. <]0. 

A I lurno'M, a I'knfant ifland of Sweden, 
fornicd by the ihiee arms of a rivei, 
icnnini; ihhai ;h ficntl •, .1 townofNdKJ- 
1 nut, in Swc'en. Here is a wharf, .1 
lepolitoiy for planks and deals, two 
packipj', lioiifr., .1 lart%- cullom-boufc for 
t.ikiin^ toll v( iiie Hii| ■., an difenal Im 
cannon, and n ipanary. 

At nKi'.w, an illiiul in the Biitidi (ii.;niul, 
I'epai Jted fioni Ihecoall of Noinvindy l>y 
a llrait '.-illt'd tlie Fiaceof Alderny, whitb 
is a very dani^eioii pall'ac;e, nn account of 
the hidden rock, under it. It is .1 lie.illli- 
fiil illand, and is trutful in corn and 
i;alluix' ; but it has I ut one eliurcl). 
'J'lie inlribitai'.ts liv<' topetber in a town 
of the f.oiie name, the ill.ind being bur 
eight miles in ciicunlerence. Lon. i :;. 
10. 49, so. 

.Alt ten I MO, onu of the four bailiwicks of 
the illand of Corfu, b.loni'ini; to tiie 
Turks. It C'^'ntain, 2S Ml.'aijes, .thcI 
about 10,000 inh.ibitants. 

* Ai KfRFTTf., a town of l'ovtui:al, in .A- 
tejn, on tiie liver C'al.i, wdiicli falls into 
the (iuadiana, a little below Hadajo.-. 
] i< fc'.en miles S.l-'. of l'orr-alej;ra, and 
I 5 N. of lilvas. Li<n, 11. 10. 1:U. 39. 6. 

Ai Ki, a liver of Kullia, 111 -Alia, which 
falls into tlie Ob, 

Ai.KKciN, a final! town in tl'C circle rf 
Tuli, beionj^in^ to tin." gove:nmer,t of 

AitNTiio, a province of Poitu;;il, bu- 
twcL-ii the lively of T.ijo and CJtiudiat'.a : 
the foil is very fertile, and tlie inh.ibi- 
t.inrs l.iburioiii and indulliiou,. '1 !■,.• 
principal town is Lbnii. 

Ai F'.zov, a large and liandr..|v,. ••'• n of 
I'l.ince, in Lower N'Minandy, •,^.•ll t c 
title ol a dutchy. Njar ;t t'.er.- are (Lnvj 
quarries in which they fiiiil .a fort of dia- 
mond like- liriilol !>ones. It is featcd in 
.'.n open cointiy, abounding in all Ibits 
of corn .ind 
20 itiiles N. 
Rouen, and S^ S. W 

17. 4';. l•^^ 4"- i". 
Alei'po, or H \ i.f. 11, the pvincipal town of 
Syria, in .'\iia. It wa^ taken by the 
Arabs in 1637, and i. iiilialnted by four 

iiitif"., on thij river .Sai;e, 
of M.iiis, 6i S, by VV. of 
of Paris Lon. 

forts of Clirilli 

flioi> and a cl, who have eacli a bi- 
v.itii a fue exercife 
of their religion. 'I'iiere are 16,000 
Oieekj, 12,000 Armenians, and lo.oou 
JacubiteSj belidco .M.iionitts, or Roman 



contain 20 



It Aar.ds o 

a plcafint 

oval fii^ure; 


liiijhell hill 

and tlifir 1 

)'lacei in ' 

ni.iny (Litel 

\%iili fount 

.111(1 tiiey 


'J lie Chiilli 

« hurcbts in 

\eiy lonlic 

I aoililels, 

}".iirop.,;in II 

.Tnd the Kill 

fcniblinj; ,1 1 

;ind chapel 

divert thiiii 

iiii;. Ah II 

•I lai jc fait 1 

fait to be 1.1 

Aleppo, '1 

m:<nds all I 

vaiit .Se 1 ar 

th<j e;oveinoi 

t'i' tliL'in. 

b!Oo'< crdlei 


N. by E. of] 

3 J- S'^- 
A( k:,s.\ >. Ill) I 

ihonj; ai;d ci 
the duteiiy 
i;cne in 170(1 
but it was lei 
•Sardinia, li 
10, I ^ miles 
Oeno.i, and 
2C'. 15. lat. 
nurly belon; 
but in 17^7, 
"i' Giiniany, 
tile 'ieary of 

i"olk. with a r 
fairs, on Ma 
in September 
Iiorfes, .-ind 
nuiesK. ofN 
ffLanthin. L 
town confifis 

liOufi^ ; but 

'11 ol 

t ot' dla- 
Ratcd iM 

all nut-, 
cr S.ii'f, 

' v; . of 




A L 

Catliolicks. Tlic city and fiiJjiiilis may 
contain 200,000 ptTions in nli. Next to 
Ci'nU.intinopIc and Cairo, it !■) tli'.- moll 
fonrulfrabli; town in the 'i uikilh cni|nic. 
It ftar.ds on four liilh', in thf niiddlo of 
:» plcafint fruitful plain, heiiii; of an 
oval fii;uif, and about three niiki in tir- 
tuintciLiiti.-. Tim cafllc ll.inds en the 
liiw;lii'll hill, in tlie middle of the city ; 
;\n<\ tlii-ir lioul'cs aie better than i 1 other 
lilaet'i in Turkey. They hi\e a (jriat 
Hi any rtately niofques, and caravaiircta''i, 
Willi fountains and refervciis (>f v-ater, 
.111(1 they have vineyards and j;aii!eni 
well-iJiinted with mort kinds of liuits. 
'J he Chiitlians have tliiir houfes and 
« hurchts in th*; SuLnirbs, and there is a 
veiy (.ciUiderahle trade hen: for filks, 
1 loililcis, and 'i'uikty-leath(.r. T.vury 
l".uro|)(.aii nation ahnoft has faif^ors hcie, 
nnd the Kni;lith live in a quadran^'Je re- 
feniblinj; a col!c_(;e, liavini; their (.hapluin 
and c'liji'-l ; antl at leifuie iioiii>i tlity 
diiert tlicnnelve^ v.'ith huntini; and I'.v.l- 
ini;. Ah.ut 12 niiL'S S. V.. «.f -Mej.po \i 
■I large fait Inke, fiom wliente they IJiiiv; 
flit ti) be l.iic! up in the nia;:a/incs near 
-Mepijo. Tlic be:;lcrbcw' of r\!ep|)0 tuin- 
ni,ndi all tlie country between the Le- 
vant .Sea and tlic liver Kiipliiate,! ; but 
the e^oveinor of the eallle is independani 
ol" tliem. Aiei^po is feated on a fniali 
l':oo'-c'ed Cowaiekj 70 miles L. of 
S.andaniMn ami the lea ofSvria, and j-.j 
N. by v.. ufD,ijnafi.u,s. Lon. 55. 10. Lit. 

3S- 5 • 
At.Kis.w DviA, or ArKXANnmA, a 
ihon-; ai;d confide; able town of Italy, in 
f'le diiicliy of Alilaii, in the dilliicl of 
Alex..iKiiino, with a bi!hoj)'s fee, anil a 
nion-ci:lle. It was taken by prii-,>e liu- 
J;cne m 1706, and by the Fiencii in ly.^!^ ; 
l>ut it was 'et.iken next year by the kin.; of 
Naiflinia. If is feated on the river 'i'cna- 
10, i^ rilks S. E. ofCafal, -55 N. W. of 
Cienoa, and 40 S. by P.. of Milan. Lon 

lO. I 

5. lit. 44, 5-. 'Hie territory for- 

merly belonged to the dutchy 01 Milan ; 
l)ii; in 1707, it was tede<l to tin; emperor 
"I (ierniany, .md eonhinied to him by 
tne 'reaty of Vti eeht. 

. K =:: .\ M, 

a fmall neat town in Nor- 
folk, uithamail et on'l uefdays, and two 
fails, on March 23, and tlie lall Tnefdny 
in September, ioy lean cattle, ordinary 
l.oifes, and petty chapmen. It is j 5 
miles K. ofNorwich, and 121 M. E. by N. 
tfLondrn. Lon. 19. 52. 5V Tlie 
town confifls of about 400 pietty good 
J'oua-,; but ileltreoto are nit tow/ tho' 

A L 

.\i f^ .\>:r>, a town in tJr kinjfdom of 
Naples, with tlie ml,; ..f tl'.itjliy, and a 
I>.(lin|i's fee in tl'c pu)\iiiew' ofOtianto, 
17 mil< i S. W. of i]ij t. v.n ot Otianto, 
L< n, 36. 0, lat. 40. I :. 

Ai £■; lA, a town of Tuiky, in luirope, 
and in the provi'icc of AlShma, with 4 
biil'op'j fee. It i, feated the mouth 
of t!ie riv^; Drir.o, 25 miles S. li. of An- 
risaris, and 40 W. of AlbanopoLs. Lon. 
3-. 15. lat. 41.4,^. 

Am'io, .1 tiAvn of Tu:ky, in Dalma- 
ti.i, .•iiiil in the kini;iloin ol Ilun.'.iiy. It 
i» a biiiiiip's fee, and fcaitd in a moun- 
t.iin, 25 miles from Spala^to. 

.•\i. » r, a of Fmnce, in Lower Lan- 
guedoi, witii a in/liop's fee. It is re- 
markable f ir it: li.'.ths, and tor the grains 
1 f i;old and fiher tliat .uc f-.nind in the 
(♦ream wdiich run f 1 . m I'lo I'yrenfaii 
mountains, a*, the foot 01 which it ftands. 
It is Inted or tlie river Aude, 1^ miles 
S. of Careailone, and 37 N'. W. of Nar- 
1 1. line. Lon. in. 5;. lat. 4Z. 59. 

A : 1 \ A r. n R :■: t r .\ , or S c a .n p f, i; n, a 
ti.wn if Syri.-i, in Afia, .at the extremity 
of the Mediterranean .'^ea, and the fe-.a- 
JN rt t( ,vn of Alepj.o. The air is un- 
wiiohunje on account of the marilie* 
a;ii. ng '.vl;!;:!!!! ftands; forwhi.h re.ifon, 
'.vl.ile the heats arc e.\L\!r,ve, l!ie inhabi- 
tants retire to tlie iici;.;hboiirin!; villages, is the riehell p.u t of tiicm, particu- 
J.iily to Cilam. .1 village ten miles off, 
Ic.uii .iiiio:ig vciy hi;»h mountains, where 
tlicK i> I X. 'client water, and delicious 
liuif. 'ilu'v ufed formerly to fend pii^e- 
011'" v.'iti) letters to s;ive notice of the ar- 
I i' al (■: any ilil]) } but that cullom is left 
>irt". It ;s 70 miles W. of Aleppo. Lon. 
vl- c. l..t. 3(). 3.-;. 
Al KXAMiuiA, 01 ."^c AN DVB I A, a hand* 
fome, ricli, anvient, and famous Ipwn 
(A Ei;V|)r, thi'U.'h it is mueh decayed from 
wliat it wa-. fi.iiiurly : however, tiiere 
are fi'Oie M'mair nf its ancient fplendor ; 
thei.; is i'..iii))e)'3 pdl.ii, and two obe- 
liik'i lull of !iieio_.;ly]'irKl.s. The ancient 
I'liatos, fo tamous in aniiqiii;y, tlcit it 
was iiumlxTc! among the feven wonder* 
cf the worlvl, i-' now in luirs, or rather is 
tinned into .». •file call'ji'. I'liaiilloji, now 
inado ufe of 'o dntfl vcluls into the 
Ix.iir. This city was firll built by AleX- 
.•■nder the Great, and now confuls chiefly 
of one lont^lheet, which faces the harbour j 
the reft being a heap cf ruins, only part 
tif the v.-alls are flandiiK*, wi'^li great 
f'jtt ire t.i-.'.crs 200 pace^ ftil^ant ; each of 
thcfc svuuld .ontain 2c. fwldicr», ar:d had 

I' L> a 



: 1: 

!•■ ^ 


■■1 ' '. r 



«3i: !,.■ "'ii 

J 1, . r iH ,■*.- 

A i, 
u ■ 

1 1 ;■ 



1(1 : 

I -'ii 






ii li^ 




A h 

fl(irt«n> ill if, to v'lucli tlic w.iter of (!,i- 
Nil-; wa3 conve;'cd. It (onti'.-ly a 

' place of vtry ;.-c.^t tvade, whtu- all tl-.c 
tfejf-ri'j of :'•'• ' a'.t Iiulies wtic ile-p-ifu- 
c>l j bur '.iic-.' t;.r •■'cra'-'iic'e I'.ive < uu" 
T^rei! r' i -v../ to tl.vfc ri;'i countiiLS hy 
fc.i, thi» I! a '■- '.; ill <• i!^'^^ r.cafuic loll. 
Tlie br.o cu '..!;•.;! iiu to'vp i'lii.Mi \o 
lew, t'.'.at tnr; f.anisr tan !;aHly (.iif.ovcr 
it t.l! th'.y ar.; very Tlu- pat.;; of 
thf town nrc cfT.'ic'.i-i.I: an-l Ci,initc 
nuiblc, .ind i oinjH'y' iiMar ii) onu cntiii' 
piuB ci'Oianitc 70 Iccc lii;,h, arJ '. ; i;i 
in tir.'.ml'tfrcnce. Thi;;c i; fubjcl 
to t:.C Cira'id .'jipni ir. who howi'vcr li is 
but a liirix.' lu-lvjiity. ii is fc.-.t.-.! '^ii 
the mC' V.' Jierly l.-.-jrc!. of tt:c nNer Nile, 
125'^ N'. \v". 0.' Caiio. Luii. z;;. 5!). 
lat. jr. II. 

ITACK', ihenmc of ceviain ifl-n-^incar 
t!;e moi;ih ci ihc lib:o, in the principa- 
lir/cf Catalonia, in ^y^'r. 

AtFAYATrs, a town of I'.cira, in i'or'i; 
ga!, containing 500 inhabitants, with a 
a diftrifl of two pnriliic!. 

AtFEizET. .\o, a fnsall town of Portu-, in Eftramadura, ft.ited on t'ls fti- 
<Kit;, and cont-inin^ about 7'jo inb.alj- 

Ai TEi.p, a town of Ge!"niany, in t'.v. i i- 
fhoprickof Hildefhtim and circle of Lower 
Saxony, ten milts S. of Hildt;nieini. Lun. 
17. 25. lat. 5:. o. 

ALv.Tity.A, an ancient town of Italy, in 
the kiuijJom ot Nanks. 'ind in the citcri- 
or Abriizzo, with the title of a niaiqui- 
fite. It was fa..ious in thy war of the 
Sainnites. Lon ;;i.40. lit. 41, 48. 

Ai-o Ai.ioLA, a f.r..i!l fca-port town in t!;e 
jUand of Corfica, fortified v/it'i -vails and 
baftions. It wasalnioft dtiboyc I by the 
malcccntents in 17-1, but has fince betn 
repaired. Lon. 27. 15. lar. 42. 20. 

* AtKRjsTON, a viihu'e in SiifVcx, ci''''t 
rnilesJi. E. cf Lcw>, with tvc fairs, on 
May 12, find Noven.ber 50, for pedlar's 

/lfori-, a town in Lincolnfl.irc, with 3 
marke' on Tucfcays for provifions at,d a 
lit'le com ; and two fjlrs, i.ii Whit-uief- 
riay, and Novtaibcr 8, f..: (,i»:!c -rid 
(hecp. It;^ fiatcc! tn a C.w.V biook tint 
runs through the t. wn, and is a r.o'np-'.a 
rl3> e, It IS fi.-c r.i.'cs fio:n the fe :, and 
ao N. a'' Bofipn. Lon. 17. tclat. 53. ,0. 

• Ai . ■. i;;t .. ,,..^ ., to'V), iii'Dcrbvu.::?, w'iih 

a Anall .-larlcet en ''/.■':nJays"; and ono 
faiK en Ji'ly 20, !cr h, f-j and !;c.rrcd 
Mltlc. li is pie.ifuntly icattd on a fmaii 

A h 

hill, .ind i: '^ miles North pfPciby, nnJ 
1-, 1; N. M. W. of Lcn.hjii. Ten. 16. o., ^•,. I.. 

Ai.oAiiu I A, n ihOriiTV (if Spa'n, in tl'j mi'ft 
nirthcrn \ ol N.-w Callil'.. ^It u very 

Ai. '■.'.. v.\, a province in tla* l<ina;do)rn cf 
lV.rt.;«;al, 6- inilcs in ler I'l, awA z:> ni 
hrvadth. U •« hoirvVd on the V' . .mil b. 
by the fca, on tie U. by tin river (iiiadc 
an.i, .'.ndon 'Ik' N'. by Alciiti ,0. Al^.ar- 
v.i ii tr.e M'ocriih lyni;iia^c (igrifif, a tt-r- 
til: CvHintiy, and indte! ir is very fertile 
in ixvtllent fivs, al./ionils,»-s, o- 
livc«, am! excrllert wit-e ; b'.iies the 
f.!l-..-y bru-.r": in Urf.c Innii. ''.'he ^•ij'ital 
t.iwn is I'liaic li c ntaiiis 1"< i:: rilic: , 
1:. towns, 67 parifhes, and 6c),i>JS in- 

Aloiii;. , cr Arc. rui, a town of tl;c 
ifland of ."Sardinia, fcitcd or, t!ic N. W. 
coaft, v\'ith a birtiop's lie. It ii 16 miles 
S. cf Saffari ; and is fobiccl tn flie l;ing 
of Saidinii. Lon. ^'6. 1^. lat. 41. ^o. 

ALGirr.', a kinj.dom ct" Afrioi, bounded 
on the E. by the kinpdoni of Tunii*, on 
the N. by the 'iteMlittiraneMn, on tlie S. 
by mot lU Atlas, and on the W. by tiio 
I'.inRdoir.s of Morocco and T.ifilet. It ex- 
tends 6?o rules from K. to '.V. ale n>: the 
r:i!bai7 coaft, and is the lar(;eU of the 
fix kin; doni; wliiJi lie theri.-.n. Tl e ai • 
is viiy ^enipciatc, .irfl thf land to-.varc? 
the North is very tortiij in corn ; tlio 
valicys an- full of fruit; but a part 
is dry, nio intainous, and barren. Tlie 
niclons liavj an exipiicte talk-, ("oiue of 
wbith are rij'e in I'umnior, and others in 
winte:-. The Aeins of the vines ate fn 
large, that a man cm hav.lly grafp them 
in his artni ; and tlie bunih^s of grajies 

arc a foot ;:ivl a half \c 

It is c'lvidcd 

int.) three provjr.jts, !'.e'y, 'I lenifan 
on t^-c \V. T.tteiie on the S. and ConH m- 
tina t'- the E. cf the city i;f Algiers. The 
Tuiks, who have the government in their 
b.ands, aro net above ^-cro in r ; 
and yut the Moor;: cr na'.iv;.: ofA:iira 
have no n..irc in it. It is only a 
kind of iipubliok under the j-toteiTjon of 
the Grand Si''i^ioV, v-'Ho ):i;ps a nalha-v, 
o)- vi'-croy the: ;■ ; bi;t lie c.n do n.t! jnj 
cf corfc^iuenee with(.ut thp council o. the 
Jinifrarios. The Arabs, whc live in ten's, 
arc a di.linf^ pcop!", who r.''e ;;nve;;cd 
by their own law, .^nd iru.jftrates, tho' 
th'.' Tuiks intc-iioiV as often as th. y 
pk.-.fe. 'I'he dey ofAl?.iersis an abfo- 
lute nionarcl. , but ii" cUaed by the 


Tiirkifli f 
and put I 
tw.i, V'if 
the tribiiti 
c,u!i ; ro\ 
the _)ri/c 
cqu.'vl ilic 
The dey 
bis fervicc 
be> s, or ' 
t.' an ai 
rt'ifii n is 
vxAVii a 
li.ivi; lik'.v 
li m, Fiei 
I'ranea, tl 

lllul) ptl'l 

I'lexioii e 
il-.ey are 
fmui 16. t 
A u c; I r R •" , a 
ca, in Bar 

<I(MU of A 

on the de: 
the fiJtni o 
boiji J iiifoi 
«;nc above 
pearance I 
luiuf.'s are 
walk upoi 
the air ; I 
tartb, and 
The (treet 
ftrvc to l;i 
lun. The 
paces in Ic 
tinint to . 
calllc anri 
number of 


■2i.'0(. Chut 
fiO.tncc ii e 
they mak : 
th It aic ni 
oiiiury al 
fardens ai 
'oun;ains a 
En;dilh bui 
in tr;;(; an 
by tjis Frcr 
and is 30' 1 
400 E. of I 
5G. 50. 
A I r, f e I R « , 


011. i6. o. ( 

cvri. ; t!u) part 
cii. Tlif 
, Come ot' 
others in 
t'i aie fi> 
inrp th;;in 
(II i^r.ipes 
i:, c'jvi>1cd 
'I iLiiit'an 
gk'ts. 'I'^e 
nt in tlislr 
m;i!.lii r ; 
of .'\;ii.M 
IS or, ly .1 
■((.nioii ('» 
1 iiilhav, 
,-. ;k'.! ill" 
•,.;i 0. tl.c 
■: ill ttnfs, 
■ ■.-r>ve:t"'.fl 
ra-^s, tho' 
11 as t!'.;y 
: an alifo- 
i;d b)' tf.o 


Tiirkifh foWlcrs, and frequently dcprlul, 
and put to de.itli by thciii. Tlii.> I .isc 
murdcit-d (our of tlicir dcys andiit; .ifw-! 
tw.i, Nvjr'iin t'lcfjiacc of .'.oyt.T' '> 
revenues of the v,'ovi.inTr.'.-nt x.'. '..... 
the irilmtc paid by thu Moors and Ani-., 
■ ilcrar.iment of the aimy beinc fent iniy 
ca.h ; ro\:ntc every year torolk'-> it ; and 
the ijrizes they tal.c at lt:» fuii.c'.nncs 
Cf|ur I tlie taxes they lay upon the native .. 
'I'hi dey has tevcial thmifmd M)ors m 
hijftivice, both hcrl'c and fuol; and ti.e 
be' s, or\ie(roys of the pruvintis, have 
tai.b an army under liis Ihcir 
rt'if:i( n i, Mahomitandm, and their lan- 
litat'C a dialed of the Arabiek. Tli-.y 
iiavc likewife a iari'im, eoini'oftd of Jia- 
liui, Fieneh, and Spanifli, tailed l,i;i., ,a 
Franca, that is ■jn;lcrilood by the com ■ 
rion people and nicrihant... Ttio coni- 
jp!rxioM of the natives ii tawny, and. 
•J.ey are Ihon^; and well-made. Lcn. 
from i6. to 20. lat. 34. to 37. 
i^LoiFR", a large and lUoni; town cf Af;i- 
ta, in Barbary, and capital of the hinr- 
di'm C'H Al»<iers. It is fquarc, and bti It 
on the de.hvity of a mcimtain, and i . in 
the fmni of an amphitlieatrc next ilie h:\v- 
bom j iniomuth, that the houfes appearing 
one above another, make a very fine ap- 
pearance from tlie fea. The lojis of tiie 
iiouf.'S are all fiat, for whieh reafon tluv 
walk i:pon tliem in the everin.; to t,.ki; 
the air; btfidcs, they are covered witli 
caith, and feive for a fort (>f jardcifs. 
T!ie (treet5 .?re extremely narrow, ai-d 
ftrve to keep off the exueam heat of the 
fun. Tile riole v( the harb.iur i's <;uo 
paces in length, extcndin;< from the ton- 
tinciu to a fniall ilVmd, where »here i^ .1 
c.dlle antl a Iirte battery of nm^'- 'I'l'^e 
number of in!i,ib;tants i^ fai^ to cor.fll (.1' 
100,000 Ma!iomt'.ans, 11;, 00:1 Jew-, anci 
21'OoChiiAian flaves. '^'heir chief fiil}- 
fif^.mcc is derived from tlicir pylM^ics, f,,; 
they m.dx : prizes of a'l Chii.ii.m (bios 
fh It are not at j)eaie with tijem. The 
omury about Algiers is adorned witli 
gardens and fine villa's, water<;d w'w't 
foiin'.ains and rivulets ; and thitlier ti;j 
inhatjicaiits rff'-rt m t!ia hot feaf.n:. 'i ''e 
En;'lilh Innii: their veliidj in the h.irh or 
in tf.:i; and in i(>'c. It was bomb.T 'vri 
by tli2 Frjnch in KiI^S. It llar.J- an t!..? 
lea-(1dc.^ver a.-.'.infl iht lili.nd of Minolta, 
and is 30'i miles \V. of Ti'iiis, ..vd ;:bovc 
<oo E. of Gibraltar.' ::. i^. Lt. 

At r.rttn .*, a Aronr^ "-cwn cf r;:r,in, ir, 
Ar.dJ.uiij, v.-I'.h a- harLu-^r cr. ;l'.« cc-i' 

A L 

of the r,traits of Gibraltar, It wm tikfn 
from tit Moiia,a'>ci ■ 'oi (tfi';?,in 13^4.. 
It i^ li!;'.'wii'.' tjlitu Oldtiibraitar. it in 
ten nils-. V.'. of Clbrallar, ui-.J ten f.. of 
Ta '.S, Lon. ti, i3. la'. 31'). o. It is ar 
;ii'.'fLt»t i'l a mein condition, on a^ec am 
o' vhe barbcur bti 'jf decayed. 

•'-, a jieoplc of North A m"!- 
rica, in Cana''n, .v.ho U\C 1 .-..ndetinij 
lile rear the i.^d;,' Ontario : ili,.i- ' .nc;ua'.;« 
is the mofl cfteemcd of any m Noiih A- 

.A I I' , M n !• A, a ftrall river in Sp.-.:n, in the 
kr:. •d.^m of .'.rra/>ii, vvliitli fitlh lui-j iliC 


Athama, a br'.ndfcnio and 1 ri.tly large 
town of, in :Iu; ki.i^co.n <M' Grana- 
da. Thc.e a;e hot ou'.iiii a il"l'j b:.dow* 
it. v,rhith R'c ac'.'uurte-l the bcli in Spain. 
I', ii feat-,;d in a v„llc/ f. i-.oimiied wiib 
eta Ry moiMV.a'.ns, 2 1; mill's S. W. ofGra- 
nai'a. Li 11. i.|. .'.o. lat. 56. 1^0. 

Am At-T, a fmall., Luc rich, and llronj 
tov.ii of .Spain, in the l-:in7;''om of Valen- 
cia, and territory ofSe,;i;t a. I: is remark- 
abl :• for its h-.rboiir, which is dLlendtd by 
flicn^ b.iiUoni ; f.-^r its cx.rilenr wine, 
api, ti r the kiiih'y cf ir3 lb;!, -..iikh pro- 
du.csex:ellcr.: iVtu'r, and plenty ofrofe- 
inary of an txtruordint.ry li/e. It has a 
preit tradf, and the tnnliili, Uu'.ch, 
Frereli, .".nd Itdians, have tc-.d'ii!^ ilicie. 
The ealile, whieli ll.ji -s on a h..;ti rocI;> 
va . leckcneJ inipiei;nnble; I'.c.veve.-, jc 
v,M5 taken by tlie Enn-Ulli iii koo. It 
U.11 likcuife taken by the Frer.e!iaiUiSp:v 
ria.-di after n i'e;;e of ahnoA two y^.-af. ; 
and tlien part of th; roek on wliicli t!.e 
taille Aocd was blown up. It is fe.-.titd 
on the Mediterranean, and on a biy of 
the fame n..i;ie, 37 nules N. E. of Mui - 
ri/(, and 75 .'>. of Valencia. Lcn. i 7. 4-. 
lat. -58. 14. 

* /. iTTAT/, , a tinvn cf Sivi'), PTta-kabl? 
f .; i;s rood wire, and i' e corn that is 
I" '.dcd there. It \vas piui-,,I,;ic I by tlu 
'I'u'ksin iti^, and in fc-'.xd i:i a lort ot 
n.riniula near tlv- fea, zi md-.j i>. ]'.- cf 
CJi: '(.iri, a;id - N. W. of Moj.;,^. Lou. 

- r • - lit - " - ! 

J ' • 

7, ,. i.ii 

• > 

' ' 


: t .-• . 

>. V . 

' ;• .'. 

1 .' 


t .'. :-• 



! :. r. 

1 riv 

f i^ 




' h rif.'S ia 

] r;.; 




into '. 

hs » 

• ■-i.'> 

1, r.cir 

VV e! 




:: r, r. -•. 


. a 







one cd 






- to 

ti-.. N. 


ra .io',- 





'. of 


A, snil 

to t' 

•,c F. c 

; .' t 


: V . 


; arc 


h !1 



U: ■ 

cjKici tiij.l <Jwiv,i'>u the iMiUtfuri 



i i: ■/^ 

'1 v'i 

T I 



(• ■ 


t ,i 


': i 


t 1* 

.. \ 

A ;• 

• Aii"^''''- •' '"W "* riiiv.-.f, i:> .\i- 
ve-.Tx, vvlt.nlK-tUlu of a niar.iiiir.itc It 
ii Itnttd at tliu t"'-ot o{ a pn'iintMin, on 
the lop of v.'l.uii thc'iv is a );if.!t lake, 
and a laitrc 'Anjiis talllc. Ltn. ii. li. 

ht. 45. 10, 
Ai I rM'ORk, a f;r all town in tlic civkot 
tlic U;.pc;- :Va\vx, an>l in tl^^ lai.c' ,i:ivatc 

cf He 

-C.i;1lI, rv: 

,.irk.iblf for i's falt- 

works, aiul tlircc ftrnc biidni-'^. ^t is 
f.-ated on I'w: nvti- V/clcr, i ; ir.iks E. of 
Caird. I.piv :7--l'3- '■''• 5'' --• 

Ai rr.:i, a I'-vcr which liffs in thu duuhy 
of Mr.^ili^'i'i'?! ■■»•■''• "''"'S ^'- W. tluou(;!i 
tile lUitiliv of I.uncn!M)i\-, in Lower Sax- 
ony, anii paflinc; by /.(.ll, contiinas its 
courfc N. W. till it f.»lls into the rivtr 
Wcfcr a littK' bclo-.v Vcrv'.cii. 

Allekia, anojtn rk'.i'.ycd tcwn, in Cor- 
fica, in tilt; diiirift on tliis fuic tl'.j moun- 
tain, with a b:n-.o|>'s fee. This is the 
plai.e wiitM'.' king Tlifodove fiill landed 
in 17 3f-. f.^n. :C. :o. !at. 4-. 5. 

• ALt.FUT(i\vv, a \ilI.iK'e <f Northumber- 
land, li^h' m l.s S. W of H;rxli.uii, with 
two fairs, on Way 10, and No\e!r.b.-r 
14, for horned t.'ttle, linen-cioth, ijreen 
and dry hii'.cs. 

A' I iKa, a river of France, in the govern- 
ment of I.ani'iiediic, ;',fe- atChalH.1- 
litr, in Ce-aui!an, and •.un> ia;oii;;h the 
province ( ' Nivcinoii, Rouibonnci^, and 
Auvergnv ; i; hwiriiv. to be naViV.aiile near 
Vi.ile. ai'.d a' knuh f:ill.. ipto the i.oi.c. 

Ai t.ov. A V, a lVa-]ii);t town of Min'ieth, 
in Seotland, fentid on the river F'ottli, 
five mile- E. of Stirling, and. i.inaikai>le 
for its fine caftle, t!ic fiat of the earl of 
Mar. and the loul-mines nea; ic. l.on. 
i^. jo, 1 ir. cfi. IC. 

AlMAeATRON, a fea-poit tov.-n '-f '-;';:'n, 
in the piovira* of .Mineia, f^-, ,,M!ie 
mouth of the river Oiiadaliniin, the 
M;ditcvi.r:;ean, i^ i.-.ik-j S. W. ,.,i C hiIm- 
ren.i. L.,r. iS. .c. hn. ■:-. 40. 

Ai.MANZi, a liltietowii (u Si.aln. in N, \- 
Cartik', en tlK- frcr.t'fss e)f liv,- ki:! v'l.:'; 
of Vak-ncia. It i a mark,.ble K r x'.,: 
vif^ory gained liy tlie Fiem h and .''.pafi- 
ard . over t!;e .;I!i"s in ?7C7. wlien molt 
of the Endi;1; were eiilier l;;i; d or t.iken, 
they I'.avmj been aband.onf.d o_v tl.^ I o;- 
fuiutfe h.rfc at the fiilt cl, ,;•./.•.' !t i . ; - 
miles S. \V. of V.ih.ncia, am! '.; ?:. \V, 
of .Aliennt, Lon, 16. -j!;. lar. 3<.v r 1. 

Almkda, a town of ror:u.:.:t, in L.'ha- 
madiii.1, fiated on the rivi rT;ijo, .vid op- 
poiite to USbo'.\ beini; ten miles S. from 
it. Lon. g. G. lat. 33. 4?.. 

AiMi.DM, a frontier of I'ortu-ral, in 

A L 

the province ot'Tra-los-nK-ntei, on tlu- 
eoiifme.sof I.ton, where thtie wa^ a ve- 
ry brilk aclion between the Fieneii ani-» 
I'otupuefe in 1663. It is 17 miles N.W. 
of Rodrii;o, and ten S, E. of I'iii- 
iiel. Lon. II. 20. lat. 40. ^ 1. 
A :. M r 1 1» A, a fortified town of I'oitupal, in 
the province ofHeiia, with .1 ea;lle in 
the river Coa ; it contains but one pariili 
cluMch, and yet theie aie near 2200 in- 
habitants ; it has alfu an ahio-Iioufe, an 
I'.ofpital, and a tonveiU ; but It-, liiilrul 
comj)rehends two paiillies. Lon., 
lat. 40. 3S. 
A' M K. Nfiv A I. A 10, a fmall town nf .'^])a:ii, 
in r.llram.idi.ia, near the hcrdeu oi I'oi- 
tu;;al. It is i^ iiiilcs S. of M..(liid. L ,n. 
13. 36. l.V. 3S. 36. 
AiMTkiA, a fea-port town of .Spain in 
tlie kini;dom of CJianada, v.itli a biii.op's 
fee. It is feared on tl'.e livcr elnioiia, i n 
the, 6z miles -S. E. of Gn- 
nada. and iz S. W. of Adra, Leii. iv4v 
lat. 36. 51. 
Ai Misf A, a fniall rtrun^ town cf Dalm.i 
tia, f.niioiis for its jiracie'.. It ia t.n 
miles E. of .Spalatro. Loii. 36. o. [.,• . 
43. 50. It is feated at the iiiejjtli ol the 
river Cetina. 
Ai. Mvr- Kc Au, a fea-poi' town in the kii-.'. 
dom of (Jranada, fe.i -d (.n the /Vlefliut • 
ranean, with a ii;< -hI inib^u:-, (ieftr.C.d 
by a lliom, t.d\le. It ii 2.^ n.ilcs S. 11 
AMiani.i, .iud.51 E. of i\Lii;iv.M, Lon. 14. 
3-. Lit. 36. 5c. 
Ai-NwuK, .a thoroughfare town ot Noi - 
tliumberl.ind, on the to Ht:wi>.k, 
withamarket on .S.iturda;. », .ind I; e f.ii,. 
on I'alm-Sund.iy-evo, f. ii llioes, l.ats, atuJ':. w.ire j on May i :, lor liorneei 
cattle, luirfes, and peiiiar'; w.ire, an.l 
the l.ill iVlonday in July for hoined cauie, 
liorfes, and woolle-n and linen eloth j on 
the f\:i\ Tuefday in O.V.ber, l> r home.; 
t.ittle, herf..s, and pediaiij and iii b^- 
tuiday before Cliiiftiivib, for inoe-, hatv, 
poultry, and lin.T cloth. It i, a popu 
Iou>, well-built town, with .1 town b"ii'i , 
wheic the (|Li.irtr-i-,efiions and celiul; - 
court, are held, and the :nemhti> o: par- 
h.iment eledled. It lias ilircc gate,, wbi.'i 
rjHiiin ainuj'.t ertire, and ihesv that 
it was fuinierly fi:iiounded Liy a 
v.'j. Iti, defended by an oM ftattl> 
Cnliic caftle, the feat of the iii;ht hon. 
tl'.e '....I cf N'ortliumberlanil, bt;n|; lately 
leiK'.iied and beautified by liif pten;nt 
(•?.!). I', i; 33 miles N. cf New;aUle, 2(» 
;>. f.l Re.v,. !:, and 3 'u N. by W. of Le)n- 
iM. Loji, ie.. 15. lat. 55. 24. 



A I ■; T , 
t,f Auli 
It IS fea! 
N. V,-. I 

A I !■ 11 IN'. 
la'.;o in 
tter, w 
day in 
toiler I o 

A' i'^, the 
which fe 
over lii'.i 
which av 
a,i:.iinil ;! 
I.ukI t.ike 
tail-, 01 
.-.lul f.>r t 
C.r rin.ins 
l^ibal .lite 
iide . f I' 
when he 
of his eh) 

A I !V X \ k 1 

(he l<:tu',(' 
of the M 
b.'ed by) 
Vn 'ire 
and liny 

" .A I K V b !■ , 

with .1 III 
on June . 
it i) aboi 
IS poveiii! 
E.N. ]■:. 
W. of 1,0 

it lvi> fl ( 
01. 1/ f.Vl 

1.1; i;e iiui 

t.uiuic 01 

A r. 3 \ e- r , ; 

»'n the E 


thi; W. b 
tile eoimt 
©f Ci,:n, 

b.'.CCvi, pi 

jiiiiH", e>f 



.1 Noi- 
15t; wiik, 

i.its, :n\^ 
.■:ir!.*, an.l 
led cauK-, 
Knli ; oa 
Ill in bu- 

,'l pOpli 

.n Ir 'U^ , 

CI iiui- - 

c: |):ir- 

■>, wliu U 

^<:vf itiiit 

by J 

■ 1 llattly 

ii;lit lu>!i. 

nf, lately 


a\k, :•.(» 

ol' Lin- 

A I, 

/Aio';t, a town of thcNi't'i'.-ihrt'';, in i''o 
toiiiuy ol'i'iaiulcrs, \\]h\t::\ to tlic Iv.u.k 
i.f Aulliia. it i'tll into thf li;..Kl-i d' :!,, 
allir;.arn.'r t!ie battle ol' K;.iiii!i!(.', m i7c(i. 
U is fcatod on tlif i;Vi.r I).:--.'.-:', i '. niili.M 
N. V,'. if BiufTjIs, and :,s n.u.h S. L. > ; 

(JlK-nt. 21. ;J2. lat. .:) .> . ^ ^ 

Ar !• 11 1 N'; I ON, or Ai'j'iM Ti'-, r\ v :- 
lane in Dcvonlliiii;, two imJcs S. &t Lx- 
i:f.-r, witli t\vt> t'.i.rj, on Mk- rrA 'i"lii::l- 
dav in JiinL', tor horn ■' c:!'"li.', ai; '. Oc- 
IoIht it>, t> r i-.'iifcs !K;:n;.',l J,r*I>.'. 

Am'S the liiduil n.ounta in in ruinpt". 
v.liioh iVinrate Italy iVom i'ri'ic'.' an ' C-i- 
iiiaiiy. 'I'lifv tii;i;in on ti.i.- !:d.c ofFr.i^.i'v. 
towards tlic toall of tl.c, 
lictween tl'c leititory or" O.roa ar r 
Cour.ty of Nicf, and tlivy ttrni' at- it 'I ■ 
f,uli)!i of (.-'irmi r.<, wiiicli i . pr.rt ot iIa 
v,iii]'li ■fVinn.c. 'lliir- ih- Tew ii.'i •. ■■ 
ovfr tinin, aril thou- i f ii>'i-;r!r .ir.:Li"\ 
N.liicli arclh- i.riicf fi cm :ty of l';'.'n;oi'; 
at. anil ilu. aircni|)t> ' I' 1'iani.t'. Sv 'i;!. - 
larid takes up a irood part c f tli^f-" nii '.ri- 
tail -. or ritlur the \al!(.y» l).-fA','.n :l.n). 
raui tlw.i icaf.'.ii I't- feciKL' .i"ai.':l\ :'. . 
(.' rra.irs and rrtncli. 'J !.•.• farioui !-•..■•- 
t;il-al attmij-.tcd ht crn;\ tin- A'.p->-i' ;l:i 
Iidi- I ', I' f '; ill tlic wnv-ji I'tfiji, 
vIrii lis: i'lvailed I: ily. ryvl loi^ y.< it (^! 
of his i-'Kpliar.ts nnioni;l> 

Ai iM'XAi' 1 ■ , lu di moiiiii liii:, !■:" '■'p.'Mi ir 
(he kingdom "I (Jr in;'.''a, n.\:: f '.• ."'it 
of till. \h('iMi.,i;v,.ii. 'l!:.v u-: ;r'.i- 
kii'cd li> ill,' auiuit M. Mill., I'., \\!u'^ a;.. 
VM 1 iM'Mi! IM (.liit v,iii , 'J' ;.-i i-vnd. 
and ttity j.iouiUv I. :■...!!'. i*. \\ iMt . ,.;d 

* AiKVM>oKi>, a !o"n m H,"iipl1uri-, 
with ,1 ni,i:!.o: on '1 l.ui'.' iv-, .ir:,'. a ta;: 
on June .4, lor (lu'cp. liohe-., and i ov. • 
It ii al);Hit tliree fiiiUn'y.s inVn^ili, iPd 
IS povcincd hy a haihil. li i, if. ni'!> , 
v., N. ]■;. uf Southampton, and t; V.'. ■■' 
W. of London. I.tni. H. i^.. l.'i. --o. -• ;. 
it lias ore tliinili, a'-oiit ?. j'kiiu-., and 
fciiil/ two piiiK'ipal i'.iL.t., '.\*.',c!i ail' 
iaik;f ind Inoad. Hiuii :i fniall nianu 
f.uiuic i..f I i!di'ey>. 

At.JM-r, a )):ovini.e rf F'rancc, hounded 
on the 1;. hy the Rhine, on the S. U\ 
.Sv\iii(.iland .ird l!ie I"ranclie-Con ptr, on 
thf W. Iiy L. nam, and on -h N. I)> the 
IJalatin.ite of tlie Rl.ii.e. It 1, .1 \en fer 
lileeonntiy, prodiKin/ plinty ol dl I'oir . 
cf c. :n, wine, pnlUi;e, weed, l)a^j xo 
li.'.ceo, puli'e, anil fi nil -trcei. 'I'l.eie .'.ic 
mines of lilvcr, copper, and lead, .ib will 
a. tnlr.i;ra! waiera. It i> vh'.e'fifitii \\ iih 
I'lvji.iri hill.,, and r,^ui.'...;n!> wtN^n-d 

A T. 

witli fcpi-eAs, nrd there a;? pin:' rrecf. ; •.•» 
f^etiiih. It iJ divided ioto thc'l'pur 
.•*nd. Lower, aiul .' ti.^'; i, thci.ipr.^; 
of i'Otli. 'I'hi pitvaiiiiv.'- M!i.;i(li is tlo 
Rom.m C.ThohcU, then, li thv p:o'ert.'".ir ; ..!Icw,,'d a t'ree cxcrcife of tiiei;}. 'I'l. • 
I.m.ti.iae is the (;ci;n,-iP, it Ii.nin;; ln;e« 
p\i't of rir'.t empiie, and is lidi aeconntud 
fo h/ \om:- p:o'/rnphcrs. I. on. frcm 2^. 
ic. t-i 2^. c-^ I"it. 47. -jr. 49. 

Ai.'K.", r.'i'd of D.r.mark, in tiw 
Pa'^.lO'e.', heirij in the l-eDcr B'.it, \-- 
twL'en J-lcfv. itU and F'.jr.en. It m-- 
lijlnir ler mk.iMc hut two calile.. .-^nd is 
I ■-,■:' nvi-s W. of Copei!li.K',v'9. It is fnb- 
jiC^ t 1 D.rrria'k. 

.\r. .!•• I r :.L., a to>.n of Citrminy, in (!,,■• 

I.i'.d'! 1^ It..' 1. 1 iieile C ill. 1, tta nule.. X. 
NV. of .Ma:-;iiii:, and -,^ >. nt Hede Caf- 
fJ. I.on. :,f). --. l.'T. -o. .ic. Ir ;i an 
diieiert towr, ar.d v. jll-;;',..;r, \ru\ the in- 
i;.d\r n-ti \MT'J .'■': t'ilt .d t'lij tijitr.o /' 
will L:hi i.K\'d -he If -I'V.'.irn. 

A ; -M M>.,, ,1 y ii;.h ' ; • V, ... :\ in ^hx 
p','.-u:e ■■• *<!'!. i.ird., .%'..e:e a /'jld ii.;'.K 
v. .,s ;l.'i.) -.i.d ;!; I " ,i!. 

• ... .(.i\ vu*.', .1 'u.>n '!. C n. o rhin,'., 
\M 1\ .1 I' a'het on *^ 1".'. '.i.iy^, .aid l\vc» 
f ■-, 01 the !a:\ J'hi:'i;lay in _M.iy, .\;-.d 
;'.c .'ird I ImM'^-iv in Soptcuhci , U< !-om- 
i.'. •;;,:'k', ' 11';-, '■" ■•! at .1 vs.. .11. a 
e! il!i. 1- ' . '.-■.i: vi n a ^-1', a' tl;- '< ttr'n 
»■'' \.l::cii na; ■ Jm' ,i».i '1 ' "e, ■.^ ,;h j 
IJ, 'I.- 'ir; I.'.' over it, ''' ' 'fitii !• j)l,'rir% 
vf In. I (■:,• near it. *' • ' > -mK? I", hy 
> fi. .;lale, ;.-.a .■>. ^:. .V'. N. W. of 
u .'I. 1.011 1 «, 1 *. hit. ^4. 4 

A' N. IN, UTi iii'and Like of Sw.'den, in 
t' oiovaie. V,. Hall.'itu!, froi'i wfiich the 
! I'. '.r F.ili\enl)i.i •; -nifes. 

\i I .'.••.')". T, a \e[y hmdfomi.' tv.nn of 
Italy, in the' lutigdoi'a o! N'aples, anO iit 
Calaoii.iCiie'iu.r. 1 : ndei N. W. of I'ai.,.;- 
ni. '■. • I ;'n, •; :. ■ -. ! it. 79. .)e. 

A: : V .\' J ? .> , a : .n\":'. of N.'iplt''.' i'l the 
t.;i.,.:-y ol IV, ;i, v. .;!i tl'.c title e! a priii- 
cij.ilitw It i." u'.iied .11 the foot of the 
.■\|" imme nijiiiua:-^.*. Loii. 34. ij. Int. 
41 . 1). 

\i I- 1 *, afiai/^rt town of Spain, in tlia 
K:Ti;;d.ini .'I V di.ncia. It v.-as taken in 
i-.i5, witli ali V'aleniia, in f .voiir o': t!ie 
ai'iluhike Cii.iiic. ; biu w.i» 'o;l after the 
fanion? hnt'!oi '^Iniaii/.a. It is feated 
c-n t'.; .Med.teii;it:t.-.-i.'\ .^; mil'.'S .S. t. of 
Vah 1 cia, ai .1 li- .'i. hy Madrid. 
1 or.. 40. V . .t. ^' • J ;. 

A I IK- !. r- • . a to'.vn of 'franf' "'■, 
\M (, ,1 V litli . 't ij T- milfi '•. ^'' ct 

■V\ !|. I-hlit^--. i-.d •« -S. efCl.--.'" • !••• 

. J I .. . ■ .,. 
I' ^' •. i" -» ■• 




'I',' '■'■ ; 
r i'li' 







' 1 







1 1 


!. i 





A L 

Alt EN, a tViaria of the mnifli ir.iirion, 
in Norway, lying in Fiiiin uk. 

Altena, a foa-poii lown ol (Ji-rmany, i;i 
Lower Saxony, and m tliediittfiy ofHol- 
ftcln. It is ?• nvnlcin town, built by the 
kiiii; of Dcnmaik, and was luirnt Ir, the 
Swedes in i-ii. Ir has iir.ce been bcan- 
tifuily ixl-jllt; and the mcrchan^'iftf 
brouglit from the l.u\ Inches by the U.i- 
nill/Ea'.t India company is MA iiere. 

ALTrwauKr., a tov/n ol Germ.'ny, in the 
ciiclc of UpiJu-r Saxony, and in IvJifnia, 
with a ftrong caftle. It w;.. frnmsrly ;m 
Imperial town j but at prefent belong; to 
the houfc ol' Saxony. It is ftnU'd on tlie 
river PleilTj, 20 miles S. of Lciplir k. ai-.d 
■:o S. of iMeiirm. Lon. 50. 5V.. lat. 50. 


Ai-TENnuRC, or Owar, a fmall rtrong 
town in Lower HumMry, and in the ter- 
ritory of iNfoion. It is feaied on tiie ri- 
ver Danube, i s mile' i. of Preibui j, and 



40 S. E. of Vienna 
ij4. o. 

Ai.TENBURf;, or Oi-^rNri-RC, .in anci- 
ent town of Germany, m the diuchy c! 
Holftein. Lon. r.S. y\ hit. ;^. :o. 

At.TENBURf^, a town ofTraniii^anl.!, bo- 
longina; to the lioufe of Auihi.i, U-ued 
r.o mll.'s .S. of Wuiiei.bur^. Lon. 4c. 
35. lat. 40. 25. 

Ai-TEssoN, a town of Piedmont, betwe-.n 
t' e rivers Uorc and Stura, taken by the 
French in 1706. It is feateil two miles 
E. of Lauvenerie. Lon. 2^. 10. lat. 44. 

Alt IN, a lake of RufTin, in Afia, iS miles 
long, and 12 bioail ; the northern part is 
frozen over in the winter, and t!ie fou- 
thern nor. 

Alt KIRK, a town of Alfa'e, i?) France, 
felted on till' river 111, i,> mils N. W. ot 
Bade, or Balil, and 45 ii. of Strafbuiir. 
Lon. 24. 50. lat. 47. 40. 

Altmore, a town I'f Inland, in I'le 
c iinty of Tyrone, apd pro ii.c- ot' L'l- 
fter, 17 miles N. W. of L)unv,aiinon. Lon. 
10. 27. lat. 54. 14. 

Ai.TMUL, a r:v',T of Germany, which rifes 
in Fr.'.nconia, and runs S. E. by Anfj-'a, h, 
and then lurnint^ Talt, it pailVj hv I'a- 
penhi:im .ind Aichftei, falluu', nto th:- 
Danube at KtUhtim, li mileo ahovi; Ra- 
ti fbon. 

• Alton, .-» town in Hampihire, wltli a 
market 01; .S.iturday;, and a fair on Ue- 
ccmbtr 29, for cattle .Tnd toys. It is 
feiitedon I'le river VViy, an<l the market 
i» larve for ca-.t-: wA i^r.jvifons. It '.'■ 
»imi;«sE. N. h. .f Scu'.himjun, x:A 

A IvI 

50 W. S. W. of London. Ion. 16. no. 
lat, 51.5. It is governed by a conflahie, 
and 1; a fmall t;, ccnliltin^ of abcnit 
250 h.)ufts, indiiTu.ently bidlt, chiefly 
laidoit in one pr^'tty broad ttreet, only 
a part of wb.icli is paved. It lias crc 
churcl!, a prcfl)yttri..n, and .i quake: 's 
niectini:. with a famous 1. It 
has a i.'rje mannfacruie nf plain and f- 
j^'jied bararons, ribbed dix'^^as, and 
ftrgc de, and round the town is a 
lariTf ;;laiit.'ition of iK>tis. 
At.tork, a town ci (ivrnnny, in the 
circle of Franconia, and t>.ri:t^iy of 
Nuremberg, with a famous univufify 
a liirary, a piiylkal t^ndeii, a"id a 
Cabinet of anatomy. It is lubjjd to 
the licufe of Hi iiidcidHirg, and is ten 
miles S. E. of Nuruiibei,;. Lon. ;S. 53. 
lat 49. 2 ■■;. 
Ar roRT, a town of (icimany, in the cir- 
cle of S\\abia, 20 miles N. E. of t)on- 
(lance, and fubjert to tirj lu-i:fe of Au- 
llria. J,oi\ 27. ij. lat. 4-'. 46. 
AiioRF, a town of Swiilerlind, in the 
canton of L'ri, ol \vhi^;h it I1 i jpi'al. It 
is feated near f!ie month of the li-et 
rsufj, on tiie lake Lucerne, 20 niiits ."i. 
K. of Lu.;;;h-. L' n. iq. 5. lat. 4G. ^c. 
Ai. 1 K 1 N '.Hi V. a town in Cliefliirc, with 
a market on Tliurfd.n ,, and two fsirs, 
on Au^::u(t 5, and 1) ceir.'^er r,, f^ r cat- 
tle and drapery gocN. li i>i.n iii.iw. 1"., 
of Wairingtor, and iriN. W. of Lon- 
don. Lon. 1^, 1 :. hit. ;-,.-^- 
* Altezrv, a tovn .••.:;;; caiUe of GiriT!.^- 
ny, in tlic lower ralatinau.', ..nd tapir. il 
of a territory cl t!;e fa.irj n.-r..e. It i; 
feated a br.'I-, iq mde^ S. \V. 
of M^.|-;/, and i^ N. W. ii Vioriu;. 
Lon. 2;. J. lat. 49. .: ;. 
A:.v ^-Il f -Tor M r ^, a ci^nfid^'r ib:e tov. .-i 
ni Spiin. ill the klni;dom of Leon, and 
teriiti'ry of Salimai'ca, wi'h ,-. ilror.T and 
handiome c^{\'■:, v.t-J the title of a du: 
c'v,-. 1; i>fi.a:;d.n li.e iivcr Tornv-, 
12 mile. S. t. of SalaiiK.r.v 1, and {,-r N. 
E. (,f Cividad Kodiigo. Lon. i.v. 40. lat. 
41. c. 
Ai.iiTA, one of tiie [irincipal rivers (^f 
Tranfilvan.a, aii'inr; a: tli • K( t ol t'.J 
Carpat'iian ..:„unt::inj, and run> ir.;.< 
Ai. 7IRA, a town of .Spain, in the t;.n '- 
doiTi of Valencia, feted on the rivti, i3 .-nilcs >. oftiic town of Va- 
lencia, Lon. 37. -J ',. lat. -ij' J". 
AM.^n.■. PAT, J pi.pulv us town of AG.i, 
and caplt..! of Cu.-ira-, in t!v: E.ill in- 
il.cs, .iiui ill lav <;:n;iiK ol the Mo- 


j;u!. It 

fhe:e i. 
ai lin..U, 
dv:.l vi c 
otlie: Lu. 
far.u's, .1 
CO' s, .;n '• 
i:, a ir..-,fl 



to vn of 

avt-rili, 2C 

mucii N. 

.1 1* 

A ..1 A 1> .. .V 

mill i'.i c 
can, 120 1 
45. ;.-it. i 
M .' Di .-., a 


din.rv an 
40 mile,) 
Tvlcu'ui. J. 
Am .■. k, cr A 
lym? ill I 
Zeaiand, ; 
row cl;ar. 

.! tov 


Iia? a good 
tilde, dpi. 
Lon. 2^. n 

Amai. fi, ar 
lini'.djm V 
ii.itive o{ I 
nci'a c^nij.. 
i4tli tcnii.i 
country, o 
gulj h cf S 
Icmo, and 
:■ lat. .;.>. - 

A^. . nl 1., a 
<n a riv.i'i.! 
E. of 


Am.-. M) £ r. , 
llated .;n ; 
Boui-.;ii. ..1 
20. lat, 41.. 

Am.'.n-!. .St. 
in t'le coui 
braltd abii 
mamlerl hs 
(4t'^C '^a tl 


in the 
!t.^ry of 

nr>d u 
t\iyji\ to 
id is ttn 

Ir ii 
js S. SV. 
V\ orr.ii. 

h'c tC•.^A il 

ron, .lilt! 

. t .1 du'. 
! ^- N. 
40. lat. 

rivers <'f 

uiij ii.;>' 

t!ij l:.n'- 

llic livci 
.n of V .1- 

c.f Afi^, 

; l',l!\ in- 
Ir'.r.t Mo- 

A M 

j;ii!. It enni-5 on a giv.iit tr.ule, r.nd 
thc:c ii. an hofi it il for Iv.nlb and Ih'r. 

A M 

d::.l i>t Cur 

CI. Here til'. \ 

oihv: i.u.opc;:'is li.ive tii r 


faf.uii, and ijup liaC;.- fine ,i:<'-, 
co't., .md .jtlitT 1 .. i' . ii i-ii.iii(lizc. It 
ih a uiu'-.T hctivpi'. - of Cn-icer, ric 
ni;! i N. c: Si!r;it, :;ik! 4c N. '-. ff .'.lai- 
b.i,.'.. 1.' . 90. 15. lat 23. t . 
A^!.M-^ ■> Of Ham.'daN; j Ir.ndfomc 
to-vn of Afia, in I'cr' ., and in h::c- 
a^,, 20 J miles F . l-agdad, and ;i 
muc!) N. by W. oHipali^n. Lon. 05. 55. 
lat. ;^. iv 
i^M Ai>.,x.\MR, a' in tlic ir.ther pe- 
niiiiula if India, in ti'.e i>rov.pce ui iX- 
can, ISO miles S. t. (n I'oni'v-.y. Lun. iji. 
45. ;,-.t. jS. ic. 
A M.^ Di.-., a tiadmi' town cf Ana, in Cui- 
dii'ui'V. and under the ci. nnnion 01 the 
Turks. It is fe.ucd on a !iij.Ii .ncLTitain 
40 miles S. E. cf Cezira, aiid 7^ N. ol 
Mcu-ui. I. on. 5''. 30. .'.it. -ti. r. ^. 
Am.'.k, cr A'l.-.K A, .-;n i!bn;'. i.;' IXnmr.r;:, 
lyinif iu tlic- Su.nd, en il.e T.. (.":.U i .' 
'/e.iiand, and Separated by a very na^ 
row channel Ik.. 11 i''Oi:tnh:ij;en. Lc:-.. 
^n. 4. . 5,.;. ■_.,. 
Am ■> t , a town ui S-Axi'-jn, in il.u rrovin. e 
ofDaland, I'eated en the nvcr W ;:►•■. i' | 
lia? a good harl-cur, ar.d cin a l.i.'.'.e 
ti.ide, dpi a.dly 1:1 liiiibi.. , ilv.iib and tar. 
l.on. 2^. lc. lat ;,.'. 50. 
Amai. >i, an r.neicjit town of It.-"!/, in the 
J in.-,ii)ni of Naple.i, and in t'lC titjimr 
prill c;[;ato, '.vitli an arclil.iiihop s iie. 
Si.i.if aiitliois ii./, ;!i..'. i-'laviv ixmlo, a 
ii.itive 'if '.'ms pi, let.', iii'-eiif' (1 liie niaii- 
!!!.;';> c^i^ij.alj, about tlic bL-ir.nin[; o; t'.e 
i4tli cnti.ry. It i> ,'eatc\'i in a chainiint; 
coiintr;', on the wiitern co. ift ui th.- 
pulph c! S..ltinv-, I -, milei ij. W. <'i .Sa- 
k:no, .tiid 1 . S. L, of Sciento. Lon. 32. 
v. lat.4-<. -5. 
A^. .NLi., a icwn of Fr.irte m lorraiiv 
(■n a riv'.i!(.r of tlie f.iiiie name, lix nlil^^ 
K. of N.nnii, ai'.d io S, or Mentz. l.oii. 

.- )•>/•. *. '; ' t:>* 

Am.- Ni) £ r. .1 tovvn of>.e, in ilie Bi)i:r- 
bonnoi--;, ■' '!.c- toniirici "i Li_rri. li :.- 
I'eattd v;n -i'.. .iver Cli-.r, 20 •.nil-.-'^ S. of 
Bour;ei, .4I.J -,c W. of Neviii. 1,l.:. 2c. 
20. 1,'it. 40. 32. 

Aman!. .St. n fcwn of the Nt.-thfrl.uid-. 

in the ..-oentv of I'lande;.., \.i,h acele- 

Inaud aliiiiy. It was taken ar.d dif- 

martled bv the Frei'.cli in luf^, and i: 

(4t':C 'ja the nver ^JcarpCj feven r.^iies N. 

. of I5ouay, and 
. '■ ), XI. 
'■ ■ I Naples, 
- tie, j 
of Cwfcn a. 

of Valenci.nnes, 12 N 

3; ^. ^ O;. -pi I. oil. .», r 
/J M.l^ . . ' .1 f e : ' - to' 

nea' j ./ay ct liur<;mia, 

of >J.i!aui;:;, 20 :...!ti b. v 

Lon. 33. sj. lat. 3(). 15. 
Am.' . 1 I. V, a fri o^'-'- town ■>( N' rtli 

A.i.eiie.i, in iho j i-cvince '"■ -atu.ial.i. 

It ii. feaied 0.1 a gulph o' . ..tino, 

in the South Si-a, 2-^0 milti b. . •■ 'ha 

tivva r! c;-e:;r' Lon. 284. j_ 
12. 30. 
Amas i.'\, an ancient town c.f Turky, in 
N.iioha, lemarkahli* for the birth of 
.'•.rabo, the se-><:;iaplier. It is the 
r.;K':;nce of .t i;:.:'.ia-,v, and ^;ivcs it.^ 
ii.iiue lO tl...: piovince it llands in, 
W!:eie thcie are the belt wine:; and tli'i 
b..:l fruits in Natoha. It is fcat'..d nt^r 
the iiver ..IC.ilah.iack, -36 nuic, N. W. 
of I'o'.. It, ..nd ^5 .">. < f clic iiiack .Si a. 

L.n. 53. 4"- l-»'- 39- 53- 

Am a z.ins, a fujjpofe.i race of warlike wr- 
rtii. ^.■!'.i) lived ill (.rifer Afia, now t;ti- 
k ; A.5r;ii;., vu the banks of the Black 
;.e I. It ij now veiy m'xh Ooi'.bted wiic- 
t;;.! ti;ey e'.er any exiilenee in the 
nMin ei »'-!atedey .i'.;tior^. 

A^;.-. / .)..o .-; 1 -ji otS-.M:th America, 
wHich .. its foui.:e in I'eru, not Uv 
from I .•. ijouth .-iea, and rumiini; Eait, 
!;ii!s into tiic ocean dirvftly under tlu 
L^Uiii' itial line, itj i.oin-(c is i:t Ica-il 
■Ki-u ni,k-i, and it is fuppofed to be the 
;;'.il river in ilie world. As it rur.i 
a!oPj<,. If ia';,:s in ,-, jcrtat niimher of <-.t''(;r 
iiveis and ilivanii, and we hivo an -iCCii • 
rato ;iia;j of it by Mr. Con -famh-.e, who 
w,nt iii'.j tl; ife p.irts to niealure a degree 
of ;:ie A;ei idi.m. He made parriculnr en- 
fjoiiy alter tlie waiiike women eall-jcl A- 
iiM-ions, b\n ccuid fjet no account of 
tiKni ; anil therefore w-j may conclude, 
tliat wliar !i:!S been faid by tr ivcllers re- 
latini, to tlus afiair i.s a mere fi'.'tion. Ort'I- vva, l' c f.rtt tiiat entered tins river, 
;ihout i!ie year i<;'9. 

A... BAR, a river which rifes in the S. \V. 
part of iJ.ivaria, a"d runs to tlie N. E, by 
L :nd.''p-.-r; ai'd Da.h.m, and falls into tlia 
ll'.'i a lilt;-- .ihovc l.m.hhut. 
,A iiiKKi., a :andfonie to-- n of G':rmany, 
i:i N.irdj'o-.v, .i-.. ■ ca;>;tal of the Upper Pa- 
latinate I I .-la- an :, with a i1ron< callle, 
1' ii fcatid on tile river ills, 30 miles V.. 
' f .Vuiemherg, and 22 N. of Ratifbon. 
29. 30. Lit. 4C). ?'i. 


A .-. !, ■ X r 


a town of France, in Lowpr 

It is reniark.ibU lOi ;ts trade, 

^ and 

!M I'W 


t !> 


A ^1 

arc! Iti n.anufaif^uics of pnpcr and cam- 

• AMBi.r.8H)r., a «nvn of V/tftmorelaiKl, 
with a market on WtdneUlays, and two 
fairs, on V/ednt-lV.ay after \Vliitf\;nday, 
for horned cattle, ami on Oftoher ^o, 
for horned tatile and (hee;i. It is featcd 
at one erd of Winnnder Metr, 13 niiL's 
N. W. by N. of Kendal, ar,d 250 X. N. 
"\V. of London. L.on. 15. o, 1:«. 54. 

AMrt.r.TFvrr, a fen-rrrt tcvvn ol Frame, 
in i'icardy. The harbour is defended vvitli 
a battery well fuiniHied \v tli 'annon. It 
is eight iiiiies N. of Boulc>;iie, and 12 

Ambuisi;, a town of France in Tmifriint, 
vith aciftle. It is kn^c^l at the conliu- | 
cnee of tiic river Loire, ."r.d Mai'.'ee, 1?. | 
milts E, of Tours, and i jS S. by W. ov 
Paris. Lon. iS. ",9. lat. 47, 25. 

Amk'iv^.a, an iiland of Afn, in the F.aft 
Jnriies, witli a town of the {.\nic name, 
wlifcicin there is a (^arrifon. It i3 the 
chief of the Moluctas, and is remaikalle 
tur the quantity of cloves it produces, Hj 
rvell as nutmtcs. Th.- llnrlilVi and Duti !i 
Iiad! of tliem fadories here at the he- 
finninc;of the nth ti.*nti:ry; but tli^Diiteh 
expelled thcF.n^lilh by furte. toitured 
andput to death many of them. Since this 
tFicy have polielTed the tntiie doniinion of 
the fpice iflanJs, and have excluded ;ill 
tilt rtil of the world from truinig here. 
The natives wear Loge wl-.iikers, and 
tliiir circfs is only a fli^lit pk'^e of \hn\ 
wrrpped round their nnddle, The men 
buy I'ltir wi\ts here of tiieir parent?, ar..-; 
if tl.ty prove banen, th.u niarrinje- is null 
and void. They arc p;enerally Alahnn\e- 
tans 5 hut there are f'Miie Roman Catlio- 
hdi sniorj theni. T!ie women are ex- 
tremely fend of the European.,, and 
when liu'v are forfaken by their }rnllan;», 
they pLijerally give them a doft ol puiion. 
Lon. J4J. c. lat. 4. o. 

'•' Amtc'V, or Ambi;:! : iuh v. a town 
in Wi't.liire, with a market onVu'lajs. 
and three fairs, on Way 6, lune ii, aii; 
November 13, for horfes. it is a ftat- 
tcring place, r.r.d is llx ndles N. of Sallf- 
liury, and So London. Lon. r; 
lat. 51, 20. 

Ambt, a town of the Wtherlind;, in t'le 
province of<5, feated on the li. 
fuie of the river Meufe, opponit to the 
ci:y cf MadbKht, Lon. 5. ,> r. lat. 5:;. 

A M 

Amflta, an .incient town of Tt,iU', in tl;c 
dutehy of Spdeto, with a bilhop's fee. 
It is (cated on a mountain, between tlu 
rivers 'I'iber and Niia, in a pleafant fer- 
tile O'untry, 20 nnles S, VV. of .^polcto, 
and 41; N. of Rome. Lon. 30. 4. lat. 

•t" 1 ;• 

AMERICA, ono of the four parf. of th<- 
world, and by rnncii the l.iij^eil. It ii 
bounded on all (ides by tile ocean, as ap- 
pears from the lateft difcovcries ; it bein<; 
foinu-rly fnppofed 10 join to tlie Nortli 
lal\ ]>:i!t of Am, It took its name from 
Amcritus Vef| wciui, .1 Florentine, wlio 
is fail! to liavi difcovcred that part of this 
country feated under the line ; but fevt- 
r.i! ;^(nxl autho'-s have proved this to be 
a miihike. America was fir(l di'tovertJ 
by Chiirtoper Colunibuv. a Geiirefe, m 
1401. Some call it a new wurld, anct 
with .1 preat deal tif propriety ; for not 
only the men, but the biidi and beaits 
diiVir in Kuiie rifpei'ls from thofe tliit 
were knt'-wn befnt. It ha; likewife a 
great nimiberof trees, flirubs, and plants, 
that f;ew no where elfe, before they 
they were irarfi)laiM' d to o'her placci. 
All the men. except the EiVimaux, nea; 
Clrceniuud. feeni to have the fame ori- 
Pinal ; for they agiee in every ].artiv'jlar 
horn the Straits of M.igellan, in the S. 
to HurifonSr.iy, in the N. Their ll.ins, 
liiilefs dawl^-d with j;i'.:afe or (.;i, are of 

iivt ro 

5 V 

|: I! 


,1 led copper colour, and rliey 
heard.,, or Iiair on any other jiai: rf the. r 
h'i(hcs, except tiie head, where it ■, 
lihkU, ilr.iit, 'and coarli.'. Many are thf 
onUcliires about the ptoplini; this va!' 
continent, am' are ahii'.il as Vrtri' r- ■!>* 
the autliiiis wlio wrote d^oi^t it, H'jv - 
ever, we have not room to tnt .T into a de- 
tail Ol thefe particulars, nnd tlierefort \' : 
(hall(;i!y ohfcrvc, thst when the 
of the Neirr(>es is fttried, v.t ni iv alfi. 
be piet'/ ce-rtain from w li.;n ■-' tiiofe pi o- 
p!::dekended. Anifvica 1, 10 lonj;, th-.t 
it takei in not only ail th.- Torri.l, 
iiiit aho the Ti.iiipctare aiid Erij^id /('ii> 
It i.^ I'., .1,1 to f.iv hov,' iinny diffei'iit 
langu .^i s llieie are in Aiiwu.i, there l>e.- 
ini; fuch a v itt number fp ,;,en by t'.e 
<lllferc'nt [looplc in diflerent p,lrl^ ; and 
ai to thtir relij;ion, there is no ?:ivii\: 
any tol. rahlc account of i'- in gener.d. 
thou?;h fomc of t!ie ni(i(\ civili/ed anioii;, 
them feern to have worfliipptd th" fii:'. 
The p.ine'ipal monve 01 the Spar.iards :t\ 
fendiiV(; fo in.iny ci>lonIes lierj was the 
tliirrt of gold 5 and indeed they and thv. 
ronugiiefe are j oiitlfed of .ill tliofe part. 


, in the 
ip's fee. 
•ecu tli^ 
rmt fi-i- 
. 4. 

-, of til'.; 

a. It li 

n, as a|j- 
; it bL-in<; 
lit- North 
inii; from 
ine, who 
»rt of tliis. 

but fcvc- 
;his t" be 
L!-< c!"'.", in 
arid, an.i 

• for iK'i. 
iind biMih 
thofi' tlii: 

md plants 
it'foie tlicy 
l;er pliri >. 
nauK, iu':i: 
7 f:ii1T' t'li-'ti-' 
in til'-' S. 
heir ll.iin, 
il, arc of 
I'lvt ro 
rf thi-.r 
>(jrc It ' ' 
ipy are tl"' 
tliis vail 
v:nii< r- 1- 
^]■r.• - 
r intj a i!. - 

LTifoVt V 

,[• migin.'il 
miv .ilfi' 

01-, th't 
• Torill. 

ditfi;! ■■!■.; 



on by 
iMrt-- ; an^i 

no piVi;.,: 
ill geiKial. 
i/yii unii'ii:, 
.d th" fii!'. 
;i-):i\:iaid^ 'n 
wa'i the 
hey and thii 

t!\ofc i-an. 


\'i"' '■'/.. 

imp.i rf 
















• M. 

■ \ 

:f ^^'ft 

4 :r-^^^i'ii:iia''^ 

^ i\'/,<.„ o ; , 
''""''vv.v, k^-'y." ..■■■' -^ 

^ ,. ^ -' ^^ 1* A 



• ". I//. Ir< Y ■//. / 7/;. //. I/' wL \-^ * 





Lnliifif. f/' ^/■i>//f //•'//<//>//. 


.11.1.,— iim n - 





^t .if Aivuw''<_ 







,. ^ , , ^ ,'s;i!iifcin 

^lAiruiii^lioii Wiiijiii'KX 

1 ~ -^;j/i,iji.iii'i^ 


Kit) •!<• Li llntn 



- — , a 'c ' * tmO U'il, lu/i.tii 

,r/////,f. I. *■•>'"' f\iiiti/i> 

'J/l' -L,j/iifif. Ji. ^t,i/n /„vi</<', 

>i. yMAhl 'Wii//'. 






■ ! 

1 '' 

■ i 

'> 1 


'■:; i 

•■'' : 1 


1 ^ 

q xi 


\ rJ 








■ ; 1 






., 1 

li > Aw 

|i -^ 


i. • * 


'■ !: I 

' '! 1 


1 ,'. ' 


iM .« 

f il: ..,;ti 

*i S 


;l ^ 


fl. -ti 

»•'■'■ u 




r . «a 

, j, li. 

ffll M 

, f; . 






o' •y^ 

IN .in 

i |. an 


1, r N. 


'J' ''^i 

'.'[j bu 

1 lat 

1 Amb 


i 1 fid 

!l c6 
il ^ 

1 '' ' 



|, a town m 'i'urky, in Afia, nrr! in 

la, 4i» iTiilci Iro. I A;:'.,r,U', ;ir.J L.' 

i 'It' Lon. 54. io. Lit Ao. 3\ 

it.i, a latiJioiii-', l.ii >;, j",'l Li.f.t 

/V,'n ci 1 fitiite, tlic v,.ipiijl ^iJ/j 

( f F. l.i.x% ;i; 


fthc ca. 

.1 build- 

Itatcly •• 


f belles 
ceo in- 
« livfcf 

:h t!itr,- 
. in tl 
»a taV. . 

h)U- V. - 

cd ;ii 

■ I as 

.i;k I. .■ 

h.; nuts, 


3IV. It 


. ofC.i- 
; N. of 

tlic po- 

.Tntiy of 


. o. 

l!x tro, 


irc ;'.iTa- 
< caloy- 
>ant C'f 
iy, ard 
) in c'.r- 
. 30. 
jve »^ ill 




S. NV. rcnll, 

iit.on^ '.t tlK- luiubiunts uf tliofe parts, 

V. liJK- th'*:i:n.ii;h h;ul afawory, wmci 
the/ .i'mii onod en accomU of the inipo- 


t ' 




ii m .<<iij^i!iL . — r:^ 



Tho Cotirff or the OHIO, '*' '* 

{ \M Tho Cotirff or the < 

:'w:/' ^1 Nkw .Jhrskv, Pknsii.vania.U) 

:r" ^ 44 MAKVLAN,>,VnUWNrA, ^ 1 
\ ^^ii^t iV ('AK<>MXA;nul (fKORGIA. /AL-J 



l>,<tiiu:' ll't.'t /iviii /ji>/uft'j/ 



'' iii'i'i'i 


t % 


. I 




. Ii 












' A? 











y.lutlj it il fi) 
1 (Icier vntcii 
till tlie f'cvcr.i 
lUwii i)i tliu Li 

ot. li> K.'""-'' 
S. AiiiLiica, 
in tlic-lc aic 
Fortui;iii.ic : 
h. Alll'lic:!, 
ul lllull ot tlh 

'lliai p.iil l)tl> 
K'cl C.ntidda, 
all the couiiti 

tl«;iU(.llt&, ll'L'i 

to the j.iiljjli 
was taken oi 
Jici t!i will |>i 

(Jllllll tllL Ull 

tlii.y Cull Li 

BclidL"! tlioli' 
Anieii.j, tl. 
laml, Chill i i 
Mai^tll.inic.i t' 
Ma.:,>, wlu 
ly iii.ttriiiiiii.ll. 
Iiih li'tiiciiitiii 
Vir[^iiii.i, M.ii 
York, Ncv-Ji 
Nina-Scnti.i i 
iihhcf illaiid :, i 
thy Wtll-lndic 

AMfKr, KOKT, a 

NctliLTlaiuls, ii 
It ii .ii;iiv'.ilily 
in corn and ex« 
Ems, 12 inl!i.s 
E, i>l' Aiuiicid. 


Am I RMiAM, a tl 
with a lu.irkci 
fairs, on VVlii 
ay, for ihtc'i). 
lying in flic ro 
llicic is a crof: 
tion rtaml, tla 
or niatkvf iiou 
iupjKirt' a hy ;i 
tliori' and lIo 
lli'iici at tiic CO 
Ucn to 
tenant., xl'tlii; h 
lot, aii'l arf :i 
ib ■? I 11. lie > S 
29 iN. \v . ol 1.1 
51. -;o. 

■♦ Amid a \ iwn 
N.i'.oli.i, 40 mi 
fioni ■li'i.,it. L 

A V I k:. t, a I. am 
(u'.vn 01 1 raiici 

A M 

Y.Jiith it ii fouml in gu-m-rt i>'ent)- ; hut 
1 litter «iuci in*', into unlicr paitituliri, 
till tlip I' toiintiiti iiink-r ilic iloini 
luwii 1)1 iliu com*.' to be Ij'okin 
ol. Ill ^t iicral, It IS (livuluii inti) N. and 
S. AiiiLiica, and the principal kin.;<loini 
in tlictc uiu Mcxii.0 .nKllViu. Hut the 
l'ortuv:in.ic arc \n jioillirion ot Br,.iil in 
ii. Ani'iic.i, and t!i : l'!n,',h:!i aicinaikii 
ol niult ot the Iv. L'ujit III N, Aiutiii.n. 
That |)»rt bclont;ins to the Frcnk;li is cal- 
loil Ciiuda, and they ah'o lay claim to 
nil tli'j loinitry on tliu tuck ui' our let- 
tkiUiiiu, iVuni the iiver n; Si. l,ii'.rtni.\; 
to the f.uiijli ol riiiiuU. IJut a:> (^chcv 
was taken on Oclohei j.^, i7s(|, Ox 
J'leicli will piobaMy he i Hit^ed to uhn- 
quilli till Kit i tliat is, all the* cxiini'v 
they Cull Lui.i iaiia, ittei Lcwii XIV. 
Btlide'i tliole alte.iily ni'.'nti(;iKd ill S. 
Atiieii^j, llicic ate I .ii,u,ujy within 
land, Chili ('11 the S. S^ i, and 'I'eM.i 
M4!;ellaiiK.i 1') the N. at tl.J S:r.i;l, ol" 
Maj^i 11,111, vvhole bi,'ji.di .iie lu.i ceii lin- 
ly dtttrinined. '1 lie n.iiius ol the ln;;- 
lilh lettieiiicnts aie Cvoi.;i:i, Ca.oiii.a, 
Viri^iiiia, M.ii\l,ini!, PenliU.mi.i, Kevv- 
Yoik, Ne\v-J(iky, Ww-Tn jl'ind, and 
Nova-Scotia; helides levcral i f tlie Ca 
iihhee illand;, in wliat iiCoiniiion!) called 
the Wiil-lndics. 

Amfrkort, a eonriderahle town of t!;e 
Netherlands, in the jjioviiKc el Uli\e!it. 
It i^ aRitcahly ftafed in a count: y fertile 
in corn and cxeclleiu p.ilUires, on the river 
Ems, iz miles E. ol' L'l.ceht, and •jo S. 
E. ol' Aniiicrdani. J.on. 23. u., ^z, 

Ami Bsii.AM, a town ui ruckinfli iLiiiiire, 
with a 111.11 Let on 'rueldiiy, uinl two 
fair., on Vi'liitmonday, Se|»tti)ilHr 
29, for llitci). It conii''.» of ,1 Ion.', (t'ut, 
lyini; in the road, '.nd ahoiit \'\j nu I Ik- 
tlieie is a crofh - r.c, and in tli; ini/rl.c- 
tionlVini!> t) e cIh.icIi. Tlie tovn-li::!', 
or niaiket iiouie, is a l)i;v.k budJint', 
fupport' a by aiclied pilt..r.. -..rh a lan- 
thorr and clo..l< at th^ toj), and. free- 
ll'Niei at the Kirner . it ' -.'s tv, o iiur.i 
licrs to pr.rliaiiv.-nt, choiVri by tiie !■.■ i' s 
tenantj ..lihe bnioiijdi, u!i.< jm;- l.ot ; ' [ 
lot, aiid are about i -o In iiiii,:her. 
is •^iii.ile> S Vv'. ul nu.kini !i.,.n, an i 
2'j N. \v . ol l.ciidon. L.n. iv. 5^, lat. 
St. 40. 

'' Amid, a t.->wn in Turl.v, in Aim, and in 
N.itoll.t, 40 Hides ti-o.u A'.:i.r,:.>, ar.d (,. 
fioni IV'cat. Lon. 54. -o. \.a ao, 3 \ 

Amik n:, a l.aiidioiiie, lai e, j".d aiicjef.t 01 1 faiicc; til'.- wapiw^l c>l i\caiJi, 


A M 

with a hirtiop's fco. The nave of the 0.1- 
tliedral iliurcli ij a finilLcd ji.cce 01 btnlil - 
ills') 31)^ (')-' vvhole Uiiidiiiu is ilutely : 
b.'ddei whuh rliert are ten patiili- 
cliuichct, and oily; it) tlie fuh.iibi, iceial 
leligious lioui'ej, nn academy of belles 
Icttrcj, live gitet, and about 55,0^0 in- 
liahii.nij. 'I'he biaiuhes of the liur 
.Soiiiiue enter tlin ■ U /, i^ver which lIi' : ; 
aic aj many bnd/.esj and it Iicj in tlu 
road f; cm Calais to Paris, h was taken 
by the SpaniaM!j in 1 v)7> hy the follrw- 
ini^ Aiatai'em 1 loldiers, diiV,uired lil.o 
I ca',..n' ., condi.'Kd a c;iit ioadel wnli 
nut:,, and let a bai; of tlicin fall juil as 
the irate was ; and while thvi 
! uard was liufy i:i (;aiheiln'^ up tiie nils, 
tlic Spaniaids cnti.ied, and b.caiiie inal- 
teis c't tl'.e town, it was retaken h\' 
Henry IV. who bi., It a citUk'el here. It 
hii.s in.tiuif.idures m linen jiwl wocllcn 
cloth, and IS fcnted on the river Soinnv.-, 
io miles S. E. < ; Abbeville, 70 S. (.1 C.i- 
lais, 50 N, E. of Rouen, and "5 N. of 
I'iris. Lop. 30. 2. lat. 49. '^.y, 

AviKNois, a town of F., in the I'o- 
vernnient of I'i. ard- , and .-Vitois. 

.Am IX, a diKrict ot Fiance, in t!i'. kingi't:.ii 
of l.O'.vcr N.iv irre. 

* A'loi , a town of Afia, in the coi-ntiy of 
the L'(l'r;ks, feated on tlie river Cihf n, 
60 iinl'.s \\ . ofCokeiM. l.^n. '.''i. o. i it, 
39. ZQ. 

Amo.s I, a dirtiii'^ of France, in tlie iro, 
vcrnnim'. of Fi.invhe-Conijiii , e'lV.ila. 
'v^ three bailiwicks. 

.\- i'. r. i", an illand of \hc Arcli !jicl.i";rt, 
lei rite in, oil, ;ri<' lorn. It is v.^ll 
cti! vated, and the i"!i.ibitan;s arc .ttfa- 
b!c, .0.:' t;envi i"y 01 tiu Givei; chuicli, 
'1 !v. belt I a-ts I'.k n / t" a r.ionatV.ry, 
white rl.'.f." aif a ^.f : t ..i;mhc:' 01 caloy- 
crs, (I ir,. nk.i. 'I'lie' I • . :ciiv:- 
ni.'i.t r-, tliis iil.'nd is t' -• v .iiu i f 
wiod. It !•. 2 7 nill.i N. of Candy, ard 
:■ ; S. '". ul N.ixl.i, belli:' jo iiiiici ill cir- 
1 uMt'eutv .•. Lotv 4.J.. 15. lat. 36. 30. 

A'l.e:;, .1 livcr (.>! .'.Ita, w!;-. .^ loen'c tj ill 
'ileila, .md i: " iii 1", tiiiou'iiCliineft; 
'i .'riaiy, and ' inco :!ie Iriy of Kein, 
in (!,'■ '..1 of th.;; r.un •. 

' Am.u , Sr. ,1 fiiiall town tf Franci", 
in ih.'^hc-CoiTp'e, 1 1; md-i Ir^ni 
■' I 1 ; ! i^. i.on. •.; .'. • '^. la.. <J e. ■■ •• 

A\ ., :in ifi ii'.i' ot'Cliiiii, i'-. » i piovirce 
if l.kiJU, a:-.d .: -he S. \\. cc?.i}, 
V. lieif thicni'lilli had .ifa>.'1ory, whicii 
tliev al.m or.ed en accnur.t of the inipo- 
i.t.oni '.I the Uihabiunti of tliofe p.irtJ. 




:.?■ I 






, I I ' I 







Ml • 

A M 

• .A\'.i>viK', 01 Am!\v.)ch, a vill,i:;c 
pf W.ilc-., en the Ni'i ll (idc (n' tin.- 
i!k- ol' Ani^ldl-y, with a lui I'li Nn- 
vciiii"-r li, lor lilt I If. 

Ami"mi:'oms a town ofTinky, in l".u- 
rojie, ancK-ntly tin- capit.-il ot Maitilu- 
nia, featcd on tlic livti Siynion, yoniili.. 
N. I", ol Sa!^.nic!ii. l-oii. 57. 46. lat. 

Ampthiii, a town in HcvlfoiHlliivf, wish 
n nnikft on'l'liiMrdays, (citcl i-lcilmtly 
hctWL'cn twt; lulls, Iv.t in a kni'.n Uni. 
It has two fairs un May 4, aiul Ikccinlii r 
J I, lorcattk'. It is (is niil.s S. of Bid- 
foul, and 43 N. W. of London. Lon. 17. 
10 lit. 52. ?.. 

A.vii'UfiNi ANO, a dinviti of Coifica, in 
tiie country fn this fide the nuinntains. 

Ami'iufas, a fta-piirt town uf Sj>.iin, in 
Catalonia. It isfcattd.-ii ihc moiiih of the 
river Kiuvii, 60 niilt> N. K. ol liareelo- 
na. [.on. ?.o. /\o. lat. 42. 5. 

Amp AS, a vi-iy (Iron;; call le in Criniiiny, 
very a:^i canly feat 1 1 in the 'I'lrol, two 
rnil'jiS. K. of Inf|'iucl<. It ij reinaika- 
Wj for tile laiitie^ (f all kinds which a'e 
cunt.iincd in it, as well a. its rich li- 
brary, adcined v.ith the |H)itta.ti 'jlnia- 
ny leiriH'd men. I.m. 29. 10. I, it. 4-. o. 

A.MS IIP. PA M, a l.irire, rich, iiopiiloiis, 
tnlim:, li.indionie city of the Uiiiicl 
I'riivinces, and cipitil of .ill the Diiicii 
>fellierlandj. It w:i5 loinwily a h'rd- 
fllip l)el<MiiVini; to tlie Ini,!, if Ar.ilkl. 
It niinetl 111 I7,""\ hut ;iftei\\,ii^^s 
rilni h. 'I'he walls ,iic he.'h, .ind Will 
forliticd ; .iild the hlidj'.o whi^h ioins tlie 
rampart that is huilt (<ver the lisci Aiii- 
llel, is one of tlie fit, ell pieces of ;ikIu- 
ttfluie in thefe ji irts, 'J iicie .11, few ci- 
ties whofc 1 uhlkk li.iildi:.;> :iie fo tine, 
numerous, ,iiid wcll-kcii'. ThiTc .-mc a 
Kfcat many !iniHifomechiiiihcs..uid In 11 1- 
talsfor peifiMVi of allai^eb, ^'eves, ieli:*i )n^, 
and counti ;s. One I'.rtat c.iufe ot' t!ie 
pop'jlo'ifnc .^ of .-^mfleid.i'n is liieir t-^ie- 
riitinsv .ill itliijons, wlio !;;;\e the ii'e if 
churches aivi l>cll.> ; thmi.'Ii the;nin,, 
r-li;;ion is the l'ro'e!lant. 'Ihe ex.,)i,'.;r ■ 
is one of tl e iiiinci])al orn:aiients if llie 
city, and the hirho.r is one of the laiiVvIl 
and tinea in llurope, v.V' re a vail tvini- 
bcr rf pierchiot Ih'o; ni.iy .'Kvavs be 
fcen ; .iiid ye': there i; :i Ivir .it i', cn- 
tnnce, whi^h is a !;rc.,t fccunty a-ainil 
forei;;n enemies. The fouiul.ition of this 
town is upon piles, drivc-i mio a nioiai ., 
and the Aadt-houfe alone lins i -5,000 ;iiles 
ofw'^od, upon which it is built. Tiie 
lioufcs, arc brick and itoi-.e, the Ilieets 


A N 

fpaciotis, .ind well paved, and mofl of 
them h.ive canals, wiili row* of tree. 
on e.ich (ide. With ie;',.iid to its m:i;;r,i 
tilde, it ii compiire I to be about hall .1, 
bi.; .IS London, and n(ine of the inli.di: 
tanti aie idle. It i^. i;overnid by a col- 
lei;e of ■JO fenators, who bold their pi. ices 
for lift', and 12 l)'.!ri;o-nia(hTS, four 1 1 
whom .ire .ilw.iys (ittinjr. It is featcd .it 
the ciiithience of the rivers Ainftel and 
W.e, It i. () 1 miles N. o'' .Aiuweip, 1-5 
v.. by N. if London, 2.^0 N. o( I'aii,, 
',■50 W. ol Co|)c-nlia[^e;i, r6o N. W. cf 
Vkiiiii, and S70 N. W. of Rome. Lon. 
72. 30. lat. ^^. 21;. 

.•\Mf, or the (ieiniin diltiirt in rrance, 
in the i;ovei 111111 iit of l.orr.iin and Lai re. 
It lies .'lion; the river, .md ii lo 
c.illed bevuile the inh.ibil.iiils (peak the 
('•eiinan lani;u.ii;e. 

An-api;;, a eonCiilerable river in .Si!n;iia, 1:1 
-All.!, that la!K into the I'.nlein 

AsAo'.i, .1 Im.ill town of It.ily, in (\im- 
pania, aiul m the territoiy of the cliiiKh, 
with a bilLoji's lie. It is 32 niilcj L. if 
Rome. Lcn. 33. 7.!;. lat. /iS. 6. 

Anca'cikh. a ti)Wii in Lincoliilliir,', 1- 
iiiile..S, of Lincoln, and ei'.'jit fioniCIi.ii;- 
tham. It neither l.iir i-.o: maii^i;, 
but i^ives title to .1 diil:e. 

* Ani a".\.\p, a town of Italy, in tlu 
march ol Ancona, five mi' -s N. <•( Al- 
coli and -JI N. L. ol Rome. Lon. 31. 2 |, 
lat. .:2. .;S. 

A.^^■I■^ls a town ol' I'lince, iiiHritaii), 
fe.i.,d on the river I.oiu, i c; iiiili-s I.. ■ i 
Naiitz, and 2 :; W. of -Aiv'ers. Lon. ii^i. 
2S. .^.-j. 22. 

A v( 1 A M, a (Ironi^ town of Ccrmanv, i;> 
t!ii; circle of rpl'er Sav-my, and dwil y 
ol romer.ania, for iiseytl- 
lent palluics. It i. 1. it' d oii iIju livei 
I'ciic, .'.o Piihs .S. of (iiipfwald, ,ird 
3^ N. VV. of .'jteiiii. Lon. 31. 155. Lit. 

S'r- O. 

A'.i oiiKi!, n teiiitory on tlie '.ydd coal^ of 
('■i.'ii'ca, v.'iili ,1 ri\ei- of t!ic C.ime ivi"-ir. 
wliofe lcii;;lh ii, th.Tt is, Uo^v t.'.i 
it i^ uj/ the Country ; however, as far as it 
). known, the banks are very jilcif int, 
.idoiiuii witli fine l( fty trees, wLil!! hI- 
i'"d the null a.^ie aMe (Itade in ti'i; 
work!. Ann n^ iliefe there are 'i;y 
be.iulil'ul biiii,, ;ind \'fry diverlin,; mon- 
keys. 'I'liLie IS hke.vife a very j)opuh)iis 
vill.i~r on the wel>ern fnore, 

Asio-.A, .an ancient and confuleralMC 
town of It .'y, in the territory of tin 
i'ope, .an.! t!;e march of AiKoiri, with a 
cit.ukl, ;i billiop'i fee, and ;» liarbour. 


I1 lia< .1 prcft 
biiint'i ate 1 
wax. The it 
the few, relii! 
lie i-iooo in n 
j;oj;uf. ll I 
nice, pontile 
by F. of 
A.scoNA, the n 
quil'ate in It.i 
allicil (Late, 
.Se.i. Theie i' 
lute, c.illed 
takiai out of 
tiii;h elKeni at 

to 31, 40. l.ll 

♦ Anc K F, .1 to 
witii the titk- 
miles N. L. < 
roi'.ne. Lon. ;. 

A Nil A I A, a rivci fills into t 

A-. i> \ 1 II I .\ , a 
2 v' mile, in le 
It is hoimdcd ,' 
of ( ;r.iiiad I, I I 
by .Al.;.iive, 1 1 
an 1 on the V'.. I 
'J'he 1 iver < 01.11 
whole len ;th ; 
rich, at^recable, 
Sp.iin. The c.ipi 
I10111 11,10 , 1), 

A N I' \ I es I A N : \ 
liiiiia, in Sout! 

colli of llu; N. 

v..'.rd I'kmd':, ll 
01. the W. 
A • II A M A V, certa 
(I the entranci 
'1 he inh,il'ii;ai"it ■ 
(i\e people, liv 

flllitS, .'lllct III ll- 

niil. lL!|-. th:,i 
feldniii I .1! .my 
writers of voy.ii 
Hi c.ii.nib.ils. Ll 

to 1 ;;. 

* A ', ll 1 I. V , a tow 
do, p.arted m tv 
Here is ., foant.i 
from all p.irts, I 
dci^, on til.; fe 
which it is dedu 
of Rouen, and I 

19. o. lat. 40. 
i\s V V I i.F, a liv. 
vernmriii of Ni 
|)arn;i ( ; l-'oi_.;e, 
It caiiicLj l.iiKc 1 

A N 

li li;i< .1 pretty frcnl tindc, ntv< t'lc inln- 
liii,iiif> .'irc iiofid for hliiuliin:: 
\v,lN. 'I'lic liadc is (.liicfly t.iliicd nil liy 
llic Juw. rulkliny; Irtc, who .'irc (aiil to 
lit- i;ot)o in niiiiilHi', .in<I liavu a l;.ivi- 
j^di^uf. It is liaicd on tliu i',iil|ih i I \'r- 
iiicc, (;o miles S, 1;. o( lirluno, and ; i() N. 
I)y F. ol' I.oti. ■51. 1 ^. lai. ,]■<,. jO. 
Ancona, tilt nanii' of a ni.iitli, or 111:11- 
qiiil.iti' in Italy, liLloiu'inj; to tlu icckli- 
allual llati', and lym;'; on the Adiia'iw: 
Sim. 'riicii; is a (oit of a llK'll-tnli louiul 
Ikic, tilli'd lialani, amonj; tliu (loiui. 
taki'M out of till- liiilviui, wliiili ii 111 
lii;;h ilKiiii at Itonit. I.on. from ;'\ 7.6, 
to •^i, .)o. uoni .y., ;7, to 4 ;, -,.j. 
* AM.KF, a towi; oiKiaiui-, in I'lcanl^, 
with till- I itk' (if a iri.'.rijinrati.'. It is i?. 
miljs N. 1',. of Anlci o, and 1.'. l'^. 01 I't- 
roi'.iic. F.on, i(j. I ;;. 1.1,. 411. i;o. 
Am'aia, a liver of ^pain, in Old C.iiiile, 

that falls into the Doiiio. 
Amimij'i.x, a piiiviiice of Spnir, ahout 
2i;o miles 111 leni-tli, and 151) inl'i.idtli. 
It i-, linimt!i.d ,>n the S. by tlie Kini;.!oni 
cltoanadi, lai the \V. I1/ ,l!ie lea, .'ild 
liy Al,:;ai ve, «'n the N. I>y lillrani.idiiia, 
:ind on the K. by I'u" Uinydoin nl Mi u ia. 
'J'he river <iiiadali|iiivii- riii\s llnou';li the 
whole Icn;th ; and it i, the inol) (•. itde, 
iieli, attreeabli-, and tadim; eoin.iry 111 
Spain. The town is Seville. I.on. 
fioin I I, to ii). lit. •'/), 10 -,". 
ANi'MfsiA N:u, a pioviiiee of '1^111- 
I'iniia, in South Anuii.M, lyiiv.; 011 the 
to III (.1 the N. Ila, o]ip>nite to the 
v.-i!(l Jflind'i, h,.vini; llic 1 ivei Oi'oiu.l.o 
or, the W. 
A* 11 A MA" , eiTiain in.;ii' on tl;< I". Ii''c 
<■! the enli.iiKe in tlie ha, o( IkO. al. 
'I iie iiilialii'aiit 1 ail.' .1 liarmlefs in.illin- 
(i\e people, liviiii; thielly f'li the iin, 
fiiiits, .■mdheihs, with wIiIlIi they Mn 
niil. Ih';|';. l!i:-.t i-oiiK- tliat way. 'I'lrv 
feMuiii I ,it any (1v!li at all, llunnli ;i i;h 
writ! Is of vovai;e> have leiuetenled iheiM 

rii e..i.;ii!ial,. I.on. i 

to 1 r, 

at. Ill III i.' 

* A\iiKi.v, a town ol I'l,' n-i , m Nor, nan- 
do, parted in two by a ,M\ed eaulew 0. . 
Here is a fount. lin to win, !i pih;riins fiin !, 
from .ill p.irts, to be cured ot'tlKir diloi- 
<lers, on th,; lV,ill-d,iy ol the (ai^it to 
wliii h It i^ (lediiati d. Ii i , 10 mile . ,'i, I. 
»'f R<iiKn, and ti i N, W. 01 I'.-n, ,. I,, in. 
19. o. lat. 40. r.o. 

Am'k, ii.F, ii livi r of I'r.inee, in the ro- 
vi-rnineiit of Korniandy, that me, m the 
paril]i ( f l''or;.;e, .■nul I il!< .into the 'ieine. 
It caiiii.^ l.iri;v; i.iftu yf timber, tut diywn 

A N 

ip the woods of l.\ ons and Pcitie, <Iovv.t 

to l',ll,>. 

Amu II II en r, ,1 lortr. fs t<( ni.iKnnt, in 
the Ne'herlan,U, two miles N. ot Ih ,1- 
(el>, deli^'lu■.l lor an oiit\\< rk to eii\. 
* AniudlSi. .1 tov.n ol' I'lance, in the 
Vivarez, five nule, .S. ol Sr. Viviets, 
V, hole billlop lo; meily lel.ded lliLie. Len. 
;.;. 20. I, It. .54. 1^. 
A':i>KSAeii, .1 t'lwn of C;erm,iny, m tlic 
lirelc of the l.owii Rhine, and in the 
ac' lilIlo| iiJ; I f (.'olo ;ii, on vsllull il 
''• 1" n.;.. It I. f. ,iied on thv Rhinr, . 11 
t!r e(>nfiiies ol the elietoi.ite ofl'iives, or 
'I'liei ..cieht miles N. VV. oll'i-bicnt.", aiul 
i^ S. VV. 01 r.oilM. I,, z-.o. I. It. ,;o. .'. •. 
A.MiiiMiSi. a le. I poll town of, m 
tl.f |ro\ iiue ol Uiieiy, wIkil the Sp:.iii- 
ards build, and lay up fomc ol iheii nun 
ol war. It 1, f.o nid( > V.. ol l!iU>(..i, 
.and So N. ol liuir.c.-,. l.,.ii. 1 ,. -. l.n. 
4v 20. 
Aviii-s, oiherwiie tailed for im 1 1 1 1 p a , 
.1 ;.;ieat thiin of mount.iin,, whitliiim 
aliiiif* the wl;id'' kiir.tli ol Souili nine- 
1,1.1, paLiliel to tl;(' le;i-lh"le, .ind trr- 
minatini; at the Sti.ut. of M.i;;tllan. 
'riicy .in; the lii;;hell, .and moll i(it).,il;. 
able mountains in thcwoild; hi tlioi'c are with n the Totrid /.one .ire al- 
^^,lys eoviud svilh liiow, ,ii;cl there is no'mi!; ovtr ihi. low ell p.irt ol tlni,i 
withoat (laiuHi of bi ing llai\cd witli 
I old. 'rr,ivelK ts .lie otiii' obl..,ed, v. hen 
.1 ib'iin i.i tonnn.;, to k 1 ilieii holies, 
.iiid j;et mio ;!;i ir bellii :,, for otlmwiie 
tliywiiild undoubicdiy p.iilli. 'I heie 
aie al\'.,r. , a ;.' iil..iiy voliar.of, 
\\ huh bii .ik (Mil iiimetiin> 1 m one pi. no, 
a'vl 1 I'lr 'lines ill .iiiotlier , and il ihiy ih,-iiui,v, t!i,.ie tail . f eh .1 In rent 
(1 w. Her that !■ 1. i.nriec' olV v.iil lujiii- 
bei I ol men .ind t.i;t!e. 
■\'. i>i \i', :i i!v,r ol l.,iwer Aliaee, tirit 
I.'' . in t' , \V,i..-,aii niouniaiii., .nul i.d!. 
into the III. 
■ .'\ ,'iMi t ; , .1 town of Tiane ■, in 1, -.wer 

M.ilne, and in the eleilmn of I,.i\;il. 
* A:-. i>o\ \' 1 1 I 1 , ;i f,ii.ill town of f'r ii'it •, 
I'l tilt ^i IK :,ur j o, i'a:i5, ,u',il el ;t', lull <. f 
fit mil',. 
\-.ii, vM', a mill, it in]il1\:s', 
w;;li a i.ii!':i oiiSiHiidiy., .aiui ihici; 
fin., i.n in.dl r,t S,iii:iil..;', I'.'r t!i'.c:'", 
boil; i, air! l.Mllu r ; ( n .M.iy i .■ . |>ii- 
le.iiliel ai,.! r..i!lenviy e.oods j and oii 
N'lVeiiih.r lit, I I ill''.,', I'.'iie:, Lather, 
ai d theei'e. It is a 1 11 ;f town, wliicli 
lei;ds two nil ii/m . to p 11 ii.inient, .lllrl 
is- a 'I' at (hi^iou^hhil^; 0:1 tilt \Ve(Ieii\ 

1. i .,,,:. 

^, .^:i 


I 111 

I 11:^' i 


road. Itijtcnmilc.N. hyW. of W,n- 
cheftcT, nn-l 6i W. by S. of Lon.lon. 
Lon. 1 6. 5. Int. ?i. 20. this town 
is lield an annual fair on Oaohu- i-, 
called Wcylull, for fl'.eep, leather, hops, 
nmUhcefc. It is one of the lar a-fl m all 
Ini^land, and has bootlr, kt up, wUaciii 
allVindsof pcodsaiefi'Id. 
A.snitAUUM, a town of Sweden, in S.uiili 
Gothland, two miles and three quarters 
S. oi Chridianftadt, where ther.- is the 
{:r«.r.:cll ai.uni work in the whole km,:- 

• Amir E S r. a f.nal! t.^v.-n in Lower Lr.n- 
j^iitdoc, and (liocdV oi l.i.. ive. 

• Ani-'-e :)1 BnAuiivL- St. a fmtll 
town (.{ Franc;, in I\-i!ia;nc, and in 
thecli/tion of l.ochi... 

• AsnK: ■>■. a town o Fwinc", in l-"o- 
rez, and w il'.v.- elertioi; < r R.^nnc. 

• As»KT..\' St. atown of Frarct; ;n Dour- 
debii, dioc.'V o.r>i.indcaii\. 

ANPKi/r, .1 rown ol Friric, in ih-.- :-vne- 
raFry of Four;, and t.!''f''icn oi Ar- l-rs. 

Andrf-ws S r. a lo'\n <•; Si.:..rl.'i:K!, in ihi 
county of Fift;, with an univcrfiiy. U 
was '.he nictropohs of Srotland, but ti.e clnncli is now in mini. I: i^ 
feated in a 5>!'.in, wh'.Ji "'.ts .1 I'lo'ii..,! 
cf the Gernun 0'.'. in. 'I'.ie inuvtirny 
t'-^nfills of tiiict CjUcjcs, the Old t'l I- 
k;;e, St. Uonaid's, and the New Ci! 
le^e. TlieluHifes, ihon<^h bi'i'.t of iKrc, 
are pone to dvcav, there heir;; lu!- 
faftures here to funpiit ilie nu.iiUfHii '<:\- 
habitants J nor yit i^ the hai Hour in a 
very t;ood condition, t!iou;^h il-.cve 
an afl of pr.rlijnicnMn i7aS to rcj .lii i'. 
Ir is ;o niili-s N. F,. of F,iiinl>iirt;li, 'iv! 
46 E. N. Fi. of Stirling, l.on. 16. 5. la:. 
SO. I?. 

A';drf.w St. a town nfOernianv. in 'i'. 
circle of Auilrw), and in the rlutchy of 
Carimhia, with a biiliop', fee. It ... 
featcd on t'le rivxr I i\', j.o mil-.s [:. r 1 
Clajranfiir;, and (kS. b_, VV, of V:c.i",;. 
l.on. 31. o. lat. .'6. .jo. 

Anuria, a town of it.ily, in the l<ingdor.i 
of N'.iplcs, and '--rritory 01' Hari, \"i!h n 
bifhop'sfce, and th.; titii' c.{ a durdiy. It 
i'. fc.itidin a ))i.iii\. foiii iiiili s .S. of i",.ir- 
rett:i, an<l live S. W. ot Lon. ;.;. 
:. lar. ,;t. ((;. 

ANnwos, ,111 iil.uid, a:.d to-vn of 'j'urltv, 
in Euro;";, in the .Arch:; . fi'.'o. Tl;,; i;v 
liabitant., are of t!ic Oncl; Chtifvli, .-inJ 
hive a hilltop, ,,nd nioii.i.Crtiiv-^ 
The principal rx'ics cf iliii iiland co 

very plia- 
fant and fertiie, being pl.i:itcd with c 

in fill::; ; ;;nd ''.e 

I Ti 

A N 

range.', utrons, mulberries, jiiiub';, 
ponKj'ranates, and fiRS. It \-i to the N. 
cf C.ndia, and to the S. F. of \ejio- 
pont, to which it is vci)' ni;ir. Lon. 43, 
o. l,»t. 37. 50. 

Anbuxar, a conlidcr;il)le town of Spain, 
in AiKi.iIuFia, defended by a (hong caf- 
tle. Its territory abminds in corn, wine, 
yil, honey, and all fints of fruits and 
{vame. It is fcated on tiiu C;i;adali|iii\ir, 
2:, mill's F. 01 Cirdubi, aril ?.z \V. of 
Jacn. I. 'P. 14. f. lit. •5-. 4?. 

A- UZE, a town of France, in l.i' ^uedoc, 
fccdon thj rivtr Cinlun, It carries on 
a coniider.iblt trade in t'erf;ej and woollen 
dotli, .ii'd ii 2, miles N. of Moiitpellier, 
and 20 N. vV. of N'liinei. Lon, 2-;. 4. 
lat. J 5, 39. 

.\ V /r. An.**, one of the Cuibbce illands in 
America. Lon. -514. v-. 18. o. 

* .AvEv, a 1.11 '.;c and b imlfi'iiie p.ilacc in 
th^' iile cf Fianc'.', .uhI in He-iiice, near 
tii- iivcr Fore, i uilt by H. -my II. It i'i 
^■< -.^li s W. of I'.uis, and belongs to the 
<;>;■ licth <if M.-iiof. 

An(, • •) St. a djiill, but flioiiit town of 
It I, III the C.pit.ipa'a, five miles N. vi 
r«t.infiedoni.i, .and two the fea. 
'J Ikio -re other t()\»'ns and i iMLs 
ot the (.line n.imj in Italy, and p.inicii- 
F'niy the ciitlc <•'.' >t. Angeli/ .it K-'imc. 
Lm. -,3. 33. Ia». 41. 4;. 

A«f, • ! (1 , ;\ conlider.ible, poi)iilous, and 
tr.rlin:; town of N. Ami.iic:i, 111 Me^'ico, 
Willi .1 hilltop's fee. 'i'he .lir IS excel.'vii', 
ard til ■ Find aboiMul. in mrn. It i> Ciz 
n,.Ie:. S. F. of Mexico. l.on. 2.77, o. lit. 
I'). V'. 

.•\ V r. K !( M', a ri'cr in the kinrd uii (.fl'ruf- 
111, w liic!i imitini; Willi i|-,l Inller, 
Iiii'.-rifur:;, louns the na'. arable iiver 

.* "f. K 1; i;i. (. n, a lianflfomo town in the 
Fir.;:-i' i!i 01 1, furroundtd wi;!i pal- 
M.ide?, wi'!i a (Ir.'n,.; c.illle, and fiat.d 
in a lu!:e (I the fame ni.iie, from 
whiiuctlu: iiwr Ani;erai ri'i^. 

.\- '■■ • I! M.\-. : .A, a ut tliC king- 
dt.m of .Sweden, b. uiuitd on the N'. by 
L.jd.i'.d and L/ihoii, on the F.. by tin; 
fulph (f Rotl.n 1, ,ir.d .Me.; Jf.utia, and 
en t!,e W. b; |-..Mti and (icuulel. If 1. 
f .; of rock.-, iii"tiiO!ir, ■., and IbrelF. j 
;i;:.l there is ere very lu.;li mo..rt.".in c.i! 
led .'Ati!!. It b.ii excellent iu>n wrrk;, 
and l.ik s ab( iii<din['; wi'.h tilh. 

.\m. r.R ?.:.\: . i, .■.•■. 1., a ] i-o\ ince of, 
b loiifiniMo :; .'.tden, '>iii£ 0\) the li\e»' 


A N '". r R M o ! 
Herg, in 
Rhine, n 
fi.bjett t< 
5S. l-'t. 

A N 'i F li S , .1 

pital of 
nuV|)'s fee, 
my ol 11. 1 
Fart of tl 
the fide ot 
through %\ 
inhibit ml 
is an ele 
with .1 t'.ii 
fiir:oun lt( 
tlllCl' uni^, 

nej.- till ci 
S.irt", 4: 
Tmiis, aiii 
6. iat. 4-. 

A • I II ! K r. .\ , 
ehy of M 
of the fi;i 
E.ifti.m fu 
ni'ie- N V 
4;. 4Z. 

A :«..,. 'v.- 
i.i.-, in t:ie 
tieeii' n of 

» A:...:,:, ; 
on I'le \\\K. 
it 1, ; T. I'll 

* .A Null , 
lI'C, .lllii II 

td on ,1 m 
A M 1. 1: , '. r 
county '■; 
in len;.;;h, 
me:nl.ei to 
fr'i.n tirj I 
wliie:i di> 
an,l oil c'. 
bv tl..; k: 
al'.",.!ulh ii 
fi w:,, \s ,• 
g.l.ul-il r.t 
m.<;i,. N 
;> liU.iMy o 
i.i .1 Iic;iutii 
be rot t!ij 
llax, anvl \ 
not far ii > 
phureou:. . 
Iieen workv 
piilei t•.■\lV.^ 

A N 

A N 

Hands in 

0. '■ 
lalacc in 
cc, near 

1. It Vi 
gatOtliC 1 

.r, near 

in \hr 
.■i',!i i)al- 


Is. hv 

la, i'.ii t 
If 1. 

tain c.i! ■ 



iNr.iRMONP, a town of tlie Hutctiy of | i^rcat body, or vein of flony okcr, of va- 
Hcrp, in Germany, on tlii; Vl. lidi; ot t!,c nous culoiirs, ns red, yellow, blue; and 

Kliine, 19 miles N. of Uuifolilorp, anil 

fulijett to the Lledor Palatine. Lon. 
5^. lat. ^i. 10. 
ANCiFKs, .1 larije town of France, and ca- 
pital of tiic dutcliy of Anjou, withabi- 
fliv)l)'s lee, an univLTlit , and an atade- 
111V ol !5Jlcs l.ettns, eilalililhed in loS^ 
Fart of tins town tlnuls liLalaii'ly t.n 
flic fide of a liiU, and the reil in a i)l lin, 
tliroupli wUicli the riser Maine run*. It 
contain.^ aliout ijoco lioufes, and 3o,oco 
iahilntants. Ik'.uU-, th^ cathedral, which 
is an elei^ant (liuciurc, thc^c aie ih 
panlll, and ti;;lit cUe./i ite cliuiches, 
with a I'.reat nuinhjr of conv..;'.tj. It is 
fir.'.oun led with a vv.ll, and aiitii|ue for- 
tihcatuins, .uul iS deicnded hy a ealile 
Hamlin.; t^n .1 l\.v|i r •cl<. It ia featol 
neai- tin of tiie tiver Ltiic aid 
Sartc, 42 mile, U. of Nant-.-s, c i; W. <'\ 
Touis.and lOo.S. W. 01 I'.aib. Lai. i;. 

6. lat. .;•■• "•'■• 
A- > iiiKiiA, a t.wn of \'i\j, in t'.ie dut- 
cliy <'f M:lan, and (a|iii d <.i a county 
of tlic fi:ne na,n;. !■ is fcated on tlic 
Eafluii (ide of ilie lake Ma;,'j;iorc, :» 
iii'.k-i N W. 01 M.ian. l.ijii. io. 5. Lit. 

4;. V-- 
A:->.i 'v.' , a toA'i-. i>. 1 lancc, in Au'.i.r.;- 
r.e, in tlie ;,\eiKia!i'. y of Rioiii, a:ul V..j 
tiei..i' n of i^'t. Flour, 

♦ A:.' 1 :, a t. .vn (i Fr.ince, in I'oitoi:, 
on i!ie li^er A!v:'",;i, \vi' 1 a luh aboty ; 
it i) : :, fides Lorn W I'l^ij. 

* .Am. I t , a t.'.vn (f i'r.mco, in Lanjrue- 
d.^, .ii'ia m t'le du C.fe of Cafhes, Ic; t- 
1(1 oil a 111. vri 1111, n.'..r the river A.rut. 

An< 1. .. , 
c u:i;y 

', i ! ■ (.i, i> the mull wclfern 
;<; W.,l>. .. It ib 2.V n..L .- 
in Lny,!!i, i-V in bu I tii, and l^iuLone 
meinlei to '. It 1. kiiaratei! 
fin,;i ilrj coiuiniiv. i'y t';e river M^m, 

on c'. 


e;n:i, ciitl^', ll.ih, hiii, ;.iui 

, wry ;;uod mill-lloiieb and 

'I'.x chief to-.\n is Bei;- 

by t 

1\ wl,, \', , 

ni.i;i^. Near is..ndyii Harb>,ur tlieie is 
a ijU.iny of Uonc, ciii-.d Anje.!(;s, wliiv.h 
is .1 iicaiitiiul ni.iible, out of which may 
be got t!ij Llmiin Afbt llinum, cai:ed hen. 
S'lLimandcr's Wool. It Is a I'ubllance like 
Ha\, aiui will li; ai' a comnvan lire : and 
not far iioni this tlierc is a \ellow ful- 
pluneous coi)|.er ore, which has never 
been worked. At I.laliVadrig, about three 
r.iilei c.'.lV.v.nd iVoni lijnce, ihcic ii a 

o'.licr i'l.le It 11 iuriu ind.d 

an extremely fine white clay, oftheCi- 
Miolia kind. Tliefe imvdit be of great 
fcrvice to jiainters, potters, and Hone- 
Anhoi , a town of South America; in the 
province of Chili, 1-5 miles N. of Bal- 
dii.i. Iaii. ?i>(). 40. lat. 58. 10. 
.Am.uia, a kiiii^doni I'f Africa, between 
the rivers Dande and, in Cons;o. 
'I'his country pinduces Indian corn, beatis, 
oranjcs, lemons, and fcvural other fruits. 
The inhalnt.ints arc \iiy I.izy, and ge- 
lur.illy id dattis, r.ikmt; ,is many wiv(.s 
as ihi-y think hr, The ciuntiy is divid- 
ed a.iiojij; fecial jetty princes, .and «!is 
l''.aiuguefe liavcfevera! colonics andfet* 
ikiiiLiHs on tiic ci\a.'f. However, the 
Liu'.hlh aid IJuich tialfick wi'Ii the na- 
tives, and purchafe a number of 
(l.ivcs. '1 helc are the mol\ Inzy and un- 
(;(wernal)le of any on the Coall of Gui- 
nea ; bi.caiife ihcy are t;enerally brourrlit 
irom couiitilti, wlu re tlicy have 
not the lead k'nov.-f.'di'c of the r.-fl of lbs 
woild. '1 hey ^!;o almort n.ikcd, .and ar, 
very fond of doi;' j (lelli, though tlity have 
ple.ity of otiier pro"irv ns. All tliennL-s 
are ciicumciff.d ; b t for what icafon 
they caniK.t t.ll. 
.•\.v -.uLi.j sn: r, a lovn i^f Fianrc, .nnd c.t- of thedutchy of An^^'ntmoi ., with 
a hilhoji's (:'i:. It (laiiiL on the tniddls 
t'f a moiinfaiii, fuiToiindi,d with rncl;-, 
the rlvir Cl...r.!n'.e ruf.s at the foot ot 
it. It is r.o miles W. of Lini";;es, 62 S. 
K, of Rk!c!1c, and 250 S. by W. of I'a- 
ri--:. Loii. 17. 49. I. it. 4;;. •^o- 
\\r,,,i vims a |>i(svin(e cf Fiance, bound- 
ed on tliL N. by 1*1 itiiii, on the V.. by 
I i,.,..ufin aad I..a M in h, on the S. by 
l'v.l<ord, and on the W. by S.iintongc. 
Asi,u\' w A, or ANfiOHA, ,1 tovvn of'l'ur- 
ky, in Aim, aiiil fnnniily .Ancyri, wiili 
: ( .retk ari iil)i(bop's 1\\;, and isremaik- 
:ibie I'or the remains of .mtujuitv. TluTii 
is nothins; to be feen in the llicets but 
]necc; iif pill.irs and '11 marble; im-inj 
which theie is a fpeci. s of rcKlilh p'l- 
phyry marked with white, and red an-l 
white jafper, with lar.;e ('po;»i. 'J'h,Hn;h 
the houl'.s ,it prerciit are .ill o\ cl.iy, y. t 
there arc a pre, it many pieces (>f vci y 
fine marble mixed anioni; ir, a'. w;ll ,i; 
in the walls of the town, whi^h .no lo'v. 
The i.iflle has a ttiple end;. fine, and 
the w.ills are of white niaible and a ll. 1..: 
refemblinc; porphyry. Flcio tluy lied 
the lir.tll ijoats in tiu: wiild, .,:-■! ''-t 

iif* fi 

■it J 


1-. ti 

A N 

hair is of .1 fine white, .-ilmort like filk, 
wliicli they woik into tlic fintft ftufT-, 
p.irticuLiiiy tirabkt^ It is 21: 
S. F.. of;iiiii|iIc, and 9S 
Buif.i. Lon. 50. 15. lat, y,. 30. 
A.'.r-' '", a fea-jicit town of ihc iflar \ of 
Tcrctr.i, of which it i. capiral, wiih a 
birtiopb fee, ai il is fubjvd to I' 
It is one of ti.c A/.ores, or VVt(l<.-in If-, lying in the Ailnntick Ocean, Ik- 
twten r.uropc and America. Lon, 356. 
o. lat. ;(;, o. 

• Ar.cRiR, a town of Fianc, in Anj-'u. 
in t'.c jiciiciaUty oi'l'i^iii, , aiv.l fleclion 

Asf-KocNA, a town cf I^cdniont, hcKinj:- 
inji; to the kiri; 01 Saidinia. It is icvL-n 
niifi W. of I'iiji-.Ltol, and c/.;l;t W. of 
Lucciiia. Lcn. 54.^5. lat. 4?!. 42. 
An<ii; 11. la, one of the Carihhee ill.ird,-. in 
America, 100 miles N. cf St. (.'!iri!li'- 
j)Iier's, .ind fuhjeCt to firtat Dri'iain. 
• As(,viii.An.\, a fniajl town of' 
in tlic [latrinKniy (/f St. retir, 15 nuli. . 
N. VV. of J'.onie, 
Anci's, a fliire of Scoti.intt, having' ^f■-I'■'^ 
on the N. the Oriiian Ocean on the F. 
the fiiih of Tay, which divides it l'r( 111 
the iliire 0: File on the S. wirh the (]iin . 
of Perth andOoiiiy on the W. It lui, 
many lakes and hi!!., and yet is t'liiitti.i 
in corn and paliuu; . 
Aniiat r, a pnncip.ui-y of,.iny, in 
the circle of Upper. Sax-iiy,al)iiit j<z iiii!c> 
in Icnpth, and eight in breadth. It i^ 
hounded on tlic S. by the couiity 01 
ALinslield, on the W. by the dutc'v < :' 
llalberftailt, 011 t!ie t,. by the diuJiv .^i 
Sa.xopy, and on the N'. by tiie diitcliy . ; 
.Masdehuri:. Ir abounds in corn, apil i, 
vaiercd by t!ie S.nlde and Mulda j and it ■ 
principal trade is in beer. 
Akmoi.t, -i' ii.and of I)..'nmarl<, in Nor;!i 
Jutlan.', ly.:v.; n .1, t ,.,.i.,it, i.,,,;,^ 
niiivs liom t' e to,.:} '.,f _,i! ' en tV< iii 
Seehnd, or /,'.:,l..i:d '.md kstn 1-, ,u 
Fialland. It .s ■'■.••ir.- ,. ;,., , .:,„r.. 
for wiii.-', :c I : ■■; : 
AniaN, a :"t; r fiii! 
N. L, of A ..I. , 
liut at prefei'i wl 
A" r.w, accraiitiy ' 

Africa, neat t!ie Rea ."m i. 
liavu very liuk !. ■, -.■: .■ x 

* ANiANr, a town < i- . 
Languedoc, at tlu- fom ,,i il„: ,„„».i, 
tains, near t!ie livu- .\i,v, w.ih a I.^p.,- 
didinc abbey. Lon. 21. :..-.. l.a. 4.-. 4.;' 

Arjysr.o. afnv.W .-iixi faciorv on ^li? 
«uil .i.-, in till; p,n;::fi,L on 

. 1-, 

' 1 



ee,' , 

*>• •* < .Villi, 111.. 

b' ft', r inlor:!.,'!, 

■ <■ - ■■'■■■• i-. •.■ ,1.; 

.V'li^il \ 


A X 

this fide t!ic Cani;e"^, helon^inj; to the 
Kail Indi.i company. Their merchandize 
confids ciiieny in pepper aiid callicoe!', 
Lon. 93. T !;. lat. 7. o, 

Ar.joi', ■; province and diitcliy (if France, 
.'ibout 7^ miles in lcr;;th, and 30 in 
bre.ulth. It is bounded <)ii the N. by 
^L•|lne, on tlie W. bv I>ittai;ne, on the 
S. by I'oitou, and on tfie K. by Toiiraine. 
The country 1. vtry pleafant, :\v.A fertile 
in wine, coin, pnlfe, and iVuit. Its 
(;iia:ri'.s of llate ar. the Inil in the kini;- 
(l>'ni. It formerly be!on;;vd to iieiiry 11. 
I'V inlRritancc. 

An ;u.A s, Sfe |<mi.a s v .a. 

AvN.., a tfv. n of 'litiky, in .ATm. le.ital 
I'll tile wefli ill l';.;ik ot t!ie liver V'.u- 
pbiaic-, and is the pic.dantert 1 l..ce in 
all t'lefe j-art-., t-ir tlieie i, plenty of 
(dive., 01, antics, citrons, lemons, pomc- 
rMn.itc-., and (lat;-.. Of tliefe bill theie 
."leprodi ;ioii. <|ii;;iiti!ie> ; .mil tiure .'iie 
two forts not coirinn.n tll'ewiie'c. l"!,' 
IieK!.. a; I. ; ■■■.•n ''.ith coV.< ii ; and ilio com 
i-rc'ws • xtrcr.kly bivji. '1 '.c town i.. divid- 
ed iii'o !•••.. puts, t!iv of wliiLli is 
ll.ll":!;;r:.. i \v:lh f'd \y:A]-, .md the 
li'.uks .irc lniiit\-.:th briik .llid iL lie. 
with car(ien> beloiK-ins' i!;e:\to. I; r, 

l'''0 T.l!;-, .\. W. it i;.i:,, .o.d i ;<. S. 

by W. I. .Moi/.'. 1. I,(m. -... lu. lat. 

.■\vN a: I', t!ic capital town of the fiuic if 
Annanda!'.', in St ,i'..i\d, and is ,1 [•..■'la- 
nient t.'VMi. P.^'-. in .1 leilile Cdun- 
t!v. aluait t!::ie Mi.hs l-l. <,!' Si Iw.iy 
I'lith, I- mil..", \. W, (.f ( .iiliilc. ;,nii".i 
S. ol L.lin'.i.i;^ l.i'n. I.;. -;;. int. <; • , 

.\\s .w.w.ny, .in l'n''lil1i fKtor\' on (lie 
gold c lall ol (;u;nr:i, in Alira. 'Jli- 
I'll is veiy rc.i' ;ir,(! ^nInl^,l!;^, anri they 
crrv ( •! ;» c.'!m.',r.i''K.' iia<h' in in.ld .uid 
ll.tve. ; ,i;-d ;h y .il. 1 .t deal i.l' 
(■■in, ,ui.! ill- pi'ni-'/'.'ic i , oxccli'/nr. 

A\>; AM)' I', t!ie cio'. .d town o.' M.irvlaiit', 
in N' t'. Aiiieric.i, ( 1 wii.Ji loi.l liilli- 
I!.. ■ • 1-, llie I'lcipiKK.,', ;,iid ii , chi'.'f pn.- 
Ci.. e is twiM^^o. 1. .11, 2ij(). -, ^. lat. 

.•1 ■ N K' ■! •. !<,, inc (ao'lal o.' Nov.i Sco'.i.i, 
<'! 'I'.Mii.i. ir I', .1 t.^i'tifird town, 111 
^^'■: '■ ''hie .■ .1 •'lh-'n, .-md ir I-.', k.iu', . 
t'> (.i\:ii l>iit;ii,i. J,>,n. 3 1-. 35. ha. 

Av ,; V, ,1 t,:v.-p in the diitchy of S.ivov, 
in I'l' teiil, IV ,,; fk'i.Lva, witli .1 caf- 
I.'''. I' :•. lea'id i,,i ihi I n cr .Si.'ii , .iii'I on 
•■■■•■'•■■'' till fame raific, wbii'ii- .-I'lonf 
' i-'iii; i.iur Lrvad, 1; in -/o 

' lodr. 

iMilei .S- 
<M»,iml) 1 
A N N o n o 
toall of ( 
lound 1)1 
fiuit, am 
in otiier i 
ther fiuit 
and cli 
black, an 
(itiorj ; 


and yet 11 
«;o', em 
lit. T. i;o 

A N N O N A 

L'p]>jr \'r 
ciiii', 22 

A N O C '. 1' R 1 

of Ca-pii. 


A\ AM', .1 . 

cliy 1.1 Ml 
by the Ki 
di'ke of S 
the iiVLi i 
and z 3 1 

4-v •;'■•• 

■• A •, ■ I . ai 
ti(e Lior.ii 
and .■•. 1; S. 

4';' S^• 

the hue, V 
<'l laudal 
vic;oro'i;s a 
that they 
mm II; ih. 
tine, til It 
tlieii; ail ,1 
not. Thr 
moon, a\u 
A- 10, ,'» ic: 

Jlfl V.TC'J c 

U.-, ■I'Sc 
lield here i 
b.iy i;f the 
ot Tredcriv 
liolm. Lo 
Amj'.m-h. a 
in riancon 
Tite oi the 




»iii!c^ S. of (kiic\ 

A N 

;in(l 71 K. F.. of hodTe nf nmndcnbur,;, and i$ n ver 

t.Mi.iml) iiy, and ii> fubjcil to tl'.c kiiii; ul 
Sard-.pi.T. Lon. 23. 44. Int. 4^ ;; 

* A N N l> n I) N A , 

idaiKl Dp A("rii.,>, on the 

lo.ill 'if (I'uitHM, foc.illi.'! h'jcaulc it v; 


iH't on N'uvv-War'o-U.iy. 


piodij;ioiilly Hocked with cattle and 
fruit, and the air h niore iieahhlul tlian 
in otl\er iilir.ds on tilt fame loalh It a- 
hoiinds in cocoas, oiar,p;es, lenior:, 
hon.maes, p.ilin-trccs, and >)- 
thiT fniiti ; 1 elides hr-g,, i^ratj, (iH't]', 
<)nd cliii-Iv.nj, which arc all LXti'irnicly 
chcaji. 'I lie inliahitants are ni.ltly 
li!ack, and arc of veiy \i!lair:n: dilpo- 
fititinj ; the\vo;riLr\ are all common 
vvliorc--, :•.^ tlij f nloi . iind 10 ili"ir cil ; 
and yet nui.l of th.-ni are vf ry ii.vy. i'l;'; 
govern'! I J i'( itu.Hicfe. l.'n. :.]. o. 
lat. I. 50. 

* Annon \v, a town of Fr:!nc^^ in iju 
U|i]>.r Viv.iiais, fc. i<;d on tl.,-. livcr i),:- 
ciuc, 22 niiki S, \S'. oi Vi- ruK. Lji;. 
zz. z-z. I It. 4^. I .-. 

AnoCm'ki, thelai.:cil lo-vn m tl; • iil'.rd 
of Capri, l)cion(;;n ; '," tUv I i > -;'(,ivi t : 
Kajdes, and il Ik< v\i tiic Wrll ImIv* 

A\ANc., a ihor;; frrt of I'.dv. i", the d.'.it- 
f!iy "1 Mil.m. 1: !;:is liec;! twiic- f.';.n 
l\v Mic FicncI) ; ln.i w.i') rcl(iM:d ti ili,.' 
dil.c of Sivi'y ill I-..6. It i:H'.!!..ii > .1 
the liver^, 1 .'. i>;,l'.:. S. i.:' 0.i:'.i!, 
and 23 1:. if Ai'.:;l. Ln. zb. ... In. 
44. 40. 

"* A", 1, .-in an.i'.nt town of France in 
tl.c LuM' Ml ), ten niik W. ot' Ircvcuv, 
and .'. !; S. ofMaC'.n, J.' n. .'.••.. 20. 

4'- ^^• 

" '^ w", a kin/dom '■'," Afr^.-T, ur.djr 
tliv hue, \vh'\!i aliouiid^ v. ih t-.vo Un^ 
ol taudal-v 1 ■■''[. 'ih •>it,ints a,c 
vigorous and (.oiira'ao'.is, and have hc-v n 
acco;ii'/ed ni.'ti ea'i T). Soni-,- luvj laid, 
that they hid p-hli-k nnr^ci lui hi:- 
n'-in ti ih. Rot the. , , h) fai ir. ,:i !- ii,,; 
Hue, til it It rii.,y !'■• doul'l.d \' h-ih.r 
theic ail .my nun-c'^i .in llieuoilil cr 
not. 'I'll, y are faid to a.l.ire tli-.M'nn ..iid 
nioon, and a irieat luii'd).: i;f idcK-. 

Av I II, a k-a-|.i r: il Ni rv. ,,■, in 1! 
in\ v:i'je of Ai'cerluiys, wirli 1 hiihoj. , 
Icv". 'I'lie fiipi,;n:e C( au <• i.ilUre !•> 
Iicid heie (\.i ?Morv.ay. Jt i, ic,,!',.-l in a 
bay I, f tilt: i'lnu; flaiii •, M>i.ii!.o \. VC . 
01 Fredtri.l-.lladi, aid 3. o W, .fS:..!.- 
liohii. l,(>n. .>-. V. I ■• ''":. 24. 

A\:r.'.eM. a to'.Mi ar.,: i, d\ of Clirnia'",, 
in Franconi '., an.! i-api; A of thi- n' ir.iu;- 
fitf of the faiik- n.inie. h b:Ki,_,i to tj ■-• 






near the callle, has a remarkable taltiiict 

01 cinionties. 

It is lea ted on 

a rivci 



me mine, ^-^ iiiiles S, W. ot N« 

renilKT^, and 50.S. byW. of liainbci;;. 
IajO. 2S. o. lat. 40. 14. 
AvsiRurHKR, a parliament town of 
.''cotland, on the S. K, of the (Iiirj 
of Flic, 2^ miles N. F. ot Ediiilvn li, and 
leven S. of St. Amlr,:\»"a. Lon. 16. 1:.. 
lat. 56. I 1;, 
An I r, .1 river pf France, in the .(govern- 
ni^iu of N'lainandy, that iiles teyiiKi 
Faiaife, and, after a couifc of four unl^b, 
filli into the Virc. 
Ani K'.o, one of t!ie Carrihbee iflands in 
Ani'iiea, zo miles in Lnt'Ii, and ihont 
a. i-.i.i;-,y in hrj.i.lth. '1 h.- inh < aiii 
ill •.;icit want of Water, and ;iie oblivcJ 
t > lave thtf niii-wa'er in cilLrns, ;a' I 
to f.rcli it Irein other iflanck. Hou- 
CM r, it ii now faid, t'ey have lately dif- 
coverr'd (prints, 'Fhe cliiei pr.-i'iice is fn- 
Rii. It i-. 60 miles E. of Si. Chrillo]iher^^, 
and .\u N. of t;.i dali;)e. l.on, 31 ;; jc. 
lat. I", ■^o. 
A vTF.f^u 1 1- 1( .A, a Iianth'.Mv town ofSp.iin, 

! 1:1 ;li.' kin^iom uf ( ran .da, wluc'i ib Ji 
vid d into two parts, the I'pper and 

J t'i: l.ov er. The U). pel- i,i fciied on a 
' i!l, .11 .1 li:!> a caiile. 'I'lu: Lower A iial» 
i!i 1 iiitih,- plai:i, ,,nd is watered Aidi ,1 
;.;it number of brn. k.;. 'I'here ii .1 
1 1:--> ,]uantity (f fair in the m-'untain'j 
and tive miles (Voin t!ie town, tiieieis a 
ipiini; i:,nirui ii.r t'le cure of the tjravel. 
I' I. -JO mi'.ei N. <f NLiia^.;a, and i^S N. 
VV. Ill' Aluci.ucar. Lon, 13, 150. lat. 3O. 


" Ante(;vifra, a town of America, in 
iWw Sp.iin, in.l in t'le pro.ii-ce (f Gua.v- 
a.jui, -/i; miles S. F.. ol C!uaxa(|ua. 

.A., i :•.:"., i fc.i-p.irt town of France, in 
I'l )V iKc. v'i:h a i^ronr c.illlo. Its tti- 
iit>rv piod'i^j t\i:.ilcpr truit ; and it 
ll.iiid i op;,'oi.te to Wive, on the Medirer- 
iMii.iii, () mdes \V. of Niie, 9 .S. of 
Venice, aiul 10 .S. L, of (ii iii'e. Lon. 
24. 4<;. lat. '. -. •;(<. 

A:. I u ,.• ; >, .an id.i d lyini; before the 
I'lmiili o:' the rivir St. l.anrencc, in N., It is a I..11 .en jdace, and is 
inlije^' ti> t!'e l';eiK!i. L"n. 313, 35, 
I :'.. Ir :ii .;'«. to c,.;. 

"> Anii N , 1 t. wn of France, in tlic 
j;ei'ii.dify ul I'eati.r;;, eleeti'jii ef 

' ,'\.N 1 1 r; ', V, a town of Fr,;nce, in t'.e 
i^ :'.,.''uh'.y ol 'icT.jiv ... 






, . 


'•11. s 

r< hi 

A N 

AKTtM.Fs, the mma wliich thcFi'-nili 
f.ivc to ilK-C.iiiiblHx:<l.s, in Aiii'. li- 
ra. Tlii-y wtic ilifi-uvcrcd l)y Cliiill"i''i-i' 
Columbus, in 141)1. Stt C a it iiiiii.i . 
Antii', a ptoinontoiy ot Italy, in St. I'c- 
tcr's p.itriinony, ntar which is ;in har- 
bour, lately in.v\c. It takes its nanr- 
in, III tlio ancient tity Aiuiinn, whil' 
luiiv, cxiuiul over a Ion.;; tr..d oi Ian-!. 
AwTiocH, now Anthakia, an .inci'.nt 
.ind ct.l(.brated town of Syria, in Ali 1, 
ol whitii it was formuily tlic lapiial ; 
but is row ahiioiJ toinc to nothmt^ : 
Iiowcvt" \hf iii.i.'nilitciit iiiins i.| it 'Ml 
remain. It is 'c.i:c(l on ilic Oi^n- 
tfs, now I- iDud A!Ti, I <; miles L. ot the 
Rleilitcn.iiitan, 22 .S. of Scanr!e:(oii, aii.-l 
40 S, liy VV. if .Mcjjpo. 1. .■• 5v "^' 
lat. 36. r.o. 
• Antiochf. I T.«, a town of Tuiky, i.-. 
Afia, in Carima'.ii I .villi a biniOji' > tee, 
ovei aj^ainlt the il'and of Cyprus, hun, 
49. 4v ■/>. 42- 
An 1 ii'AKijs, an iiland of the Aieliipelajro, 
'wera;;aipll I'.ir IS, Ironi wlmh it u iim' 
niile'i (lillar.i. In tjus theic is ii 
v.'onclerfiil i',roti", hy which foiiiL that 
Iiave \i(ilc(i if, j^rettild to jirovc llio \\;.;i.- 
tation of Uoncs. 
Antivapi, a nrons town of Ti;iky, in 
F-uropt', 111 Dalniatia, with a (iu'.t. .iic!i- 
Lilho|)\ fee, and is luliinl to ihe Tiiiks. 
It is ten nti'i , N. of PuIcIkIIo, „iu1 .; ?. 
S. Ii. oi Rai'ul.i. Lon. -6. 4^5. im. 4;^. o. 
/\:'T IV kNT K 1 »\ , a fuh-divilion (f Ten.! 
j-'irma, in .' .niih Anierica, lym;; to tlu' S. 
of Canha'^-n.i. 

• ANrois>, ati'vvnof Ihanc, iiifiu- 
|)!liny, in the ■.lirtc'e (>1 Vi- :in.', wuli 1 
cclchratedahhey. Ii is f..i;. 1 .mion^ t! e 
mou.ntains, 13 nnics F.. <>l l.y.>rs. 1 0:1. 
22. 50. lat. 41;. 4'^. 

Antomo St. one of l!ir C.ipe de V.i,l 
idands, on the wefKrn coaiK «{ Alric.i, 
!<; iniler. from St. Vincent. It i. full o| 
liii;ii mountains, Iruin whence prin •! 
Iticams of very good water, n ii- 
tier the land vi ry fruiffii!. The prini.,' 1 
town -j (eated .imon.'; t!;j inouni.un ,, ..i.d 
there :11c; alfo foiue vilia;;^s. I.on.^:, ; ;. 
lau iS. o. 

• Antoncil, a lar.^o bay in the iflard of 
Mada.'.afcar, which » \i:y Wu'c tv.v ili.,,! 
to ride in, and the land .;bout it ii v.ic 

• Anton-in St. a town of Franc;, in 
Koueii^ue, in tlie dioce i. .,f Ri-.odeZ, who i- 
f'Ttitu .ii;onj r.rc di ;i. l,;lvd. It i-, fe.i'ed 
on (lie nver Aveiiou. Lon. iS. 2-. l.»t. 
4^- 10. 

A N 

AvTRAiv, ;; town of France, in Upper 
Hiitinny, fcated on ihc river c'oelnoii, 
(11 the condii's of NoniiaTidy, i^ niiki 
S. of Avriiiilie, .md 20 W. of Keniic^, 
Lon. i(). 4. Kit. .|fl. 22. 

Anikim, a coiiiiiy of Iielaiid, in the pio- 
\ince of I'llKi, IhumuIkI on the F. Iiy 
St. (;eorj;e's tlianiitl, on thcW. hy l.tiii- 
(h)iuleny, on the N. by the oce.iii, and 
on the S. F. by the county (i| Down. I' 
is 46 units in length, and .', S in bieadth, 
and i. piiity f'uitlul: it contains i!-\.oi.}. 
iloefes, 5(1 p.iiilhes, en;lu ''.iroiiici, and 
five l)oroiii;lc ; and fend^ 'ell llienibers tei 
parlianiciii. two lev the county, two foi 
Lidmrn, two feT Iicli.ill, and two for An- 
ti im. 

Antrim, tlic < ipital town of t!;c toui.ty 
of Antrim, m Ireland, (e ited at the N. 
end (1 the lake FoU[;li-Ne mh. It is but a 
|)oer place, and is 1 3 miles W. of Canck 
fcri'U'i. Lon. 24. I la:. ^4. 4^. It fends 
two membci, to pnhaineiit. 

.An 1 a 11 !•, .a larce town ( f tin 
dutchy ol I'.iabant, and ol the 
iiMiip:)! ''c of the lame ii.iiiie, waii » 
i.'llu)|)'^ l\ e, and a ilroni; i\..'idar c ita- 
li.j. Ail. Hit ;i'o y..iis a;.;v> it l!'(; 
i;veaie(! ]dace ((t tr.ide in l:iirope ; bun 
it is now lemoved to Amileid. iiii. Ii is 
ill tl.i dupe of a bow, and the 
iiprel'iils the IIkii;,';. The liaiboiir is 
Very hand.loiiu: and tommoilioos, the 
w.iter beiiii; 22 fe.r <!eep, and 400 
yards \vu!e; lo t'lat l.iiye viiFis may 
come up to ilie key, .md by tin' canal'. 
l!iey may be bioui;ht lotlie of th-" 
houfes. 1 Ik; puhliek bii.ldini;s aie veiy 
br.iuMinl, ar. 1 .iicai leaii 2ou \n 
iiu. ' ii .1 line llni.iur'.', 
and the town lu.ufe is thuu'.dit to be .1. 
Ii.indiome ai ,my in the world. 'i'he 
ilreefs are eei y larj;c and rei;ular, and 
I'll lil.iiki I. • ll'.emei! one ol the l\i\iir.;- 
ell l.iiticlk, m tiie l.ow Cuuiiiric.i. It 
V.' . i.:''.'i by the piince o\ I'arma in 
I ,;'.:, and fiirieiuleied to tlic d'll.r i.f 
M,iillvrou!;h, aitcr th;- baltlo of Hamll- 
h.,. It w. 11 taken by the Fiench in 17.1^; 
biif \v,i,, vclli-ied r,^ (In. bouie o| Aulliia 
It is fe.ii.d on the river S.:l'.el'', 22 mile, 
N. of of ill iH'els, wi-^li wh.i h It conini'!- 

llUMIeS by .t r,;|l,.l, i2 mill's N. 1'!. of 

fiiur.r, and r - S. 01 .' l-.n. 
:. I. <o. lat. ,- ;. ; 2. 

* An\ r: :,-i F-H A M" V, a t'^wn of France, 
m Atiiou, atid I'leclion ot la Fle^.he. 

* An e.- I.I :. ;,it, .1 t.r.Mi of Krap^e, in L<av- 
I't Al:,..e, leatcd on the iiver Quic'i, 
aboi\ L.411 !,ii.!. 


* As7KnMA, 

America, in 
aie 111. IKS o 
on tiiu livi 

4. c. 

A o u s 1 A , a 1 1 
and caji^al o 
with a biili 
l<ing of S.ii 
leveial mom 
Tr tlie biul 
the Alps, vn 
N. of Sii/a 

5. F. of (n 

Aoei TA, a ter 
title of a duti 
in leni^th, at 
St. Mai tin's 
^'vlee, and 
Bernaii!. It 
forts of frnitj 
fame n.oiie, 

* Ai- A I, >cii r, 
111 Fiot ii! 1, V. 
viiices, that 
The louiiti y 
wliofe v,ii!;es 
niouniains an 
tliian mount; 
for tlieii true 
frrm the rivi 
known by the 
mountains lie 
tion-, betwee 
It i . .iKo Vet 
i;, .any livvr ni 
for It i"; not t, 
dern maps. 

* Af a M f A, r 
Hi nail, as fr. 
a town ol ;.yi 
liver AfFi, or 
"W. of llama 
l.on. ;.}.. 42. 

A p a ^; o M I A , a 
land 111 t!r' M 
f!:i. part I., 
w'.Mi has .ifp 
<'f a half li'.on 
deep, tin: 11 
I. ''11. 4-;, o. 1. 

* Ai'r M( A .. I , 
Slcfwi, k, . r ;- 
del. It ha:, b. 
■i»i\ is 'eated i 
ti.e F.dtick Se: 
'•on. 27. I. la 

•» A:i!;cM K.v:; 

A P 

« AsTKPMA, Ti a town 311(1 provincc 01 !5. 
Aniciic.i, in tli/ l'i'j)avan, where tlu'ic 
mc iiMiLi of gold. The town is fcatt-d 

jn tliu livtc Coci. 


n \, a town of lt:;t\', in I'iovlm; nt. 


nnd caj uf adu'tliy of the faini. name, 
with a liilhop's fcf, is ftihjecl to tlic 
l<!iii; of Sardinia. It i. rcnUikaMe for 
tuvtial inununanti of tlic Rinuar.s, and 
r r tlic liirth of Anftlin, archlu.hop nf 
(.'antciliury. It it fcated at tin. fool of 
tiic Alj)S, on tile livcr Doiia, 37 miles 
N. of Su/a, 50 N. of Turin, and Oi 
-S. E. of (jtnev.i. l,on. 7.5. 3. lat. .(.^ 

Anui I'A, a territory of Piedmont, with t!ie 
title of a dutcliy. It is a valley •jo miles 
in lenr^th, and extends fiojii ilie paCs of 
St. M.ii tin's, iic.-'.r t';e fiur.ticr- ol 
^'viec, and of tiie Milanef;.', as fai a. St. 
Bernard. It .iIhuiivIs m paiKiris, and .dl 
forts of fiiiitj, and ll.e e-\j) is 01 ti.c 
f.iiiH! n..inj. 

* .Af.M, \ r 11 p., n rivci' cf N'oii'i .\nuiica, 
111 Florid I, which divides it into lix j'-o 
vuKis, li.we tacli ilicir owniliKi. 
The loiinMy in full of liii'.h momilams 
whofe vallies ."te wry fiuitful. Ti.elc 
mountains .ne lalled Iiy f^nie ilie .Aj-al.i- iTKMinliiiiii i hut veiy impi<'|iii Iv, 
f>'i then trrii" name r; .'\li:;.Tny, fo i.-!i. 1 
frrni t!ie river of name, i:ri:.»ll. 
kiinwn l>y the li.Ii- of t'.e Ohio. '1 ii. ir 
nxuiniains he W. of t:;.' Hiit.lh | !ai t.,- 
tion-, Inrwetn -, (; and 44 (!t.;,iei' . ol I. it. 
It i. .iHo viry douhtliil, whether theie 
is ;iny li^■ern(nv known ranied Apaiaili. , 
for It i', not t.) hi found m the nie.l i.k>- 
dern luajis. 

* AHAMr\, T'vv called .Afav. I^, ih t 
H.i'ii.ih, a-, '" tvavillers have thoiii;ht. 
a town cii ! )ii.i. m Afu, ft.ued on tl.t 
nvtr Am, 01 Orontcs, 20 mdes N. I y 
W. of, n-.-id 4s S. i-l Antioih. 

l-nn. ^4. ,};. !;(;. 31. 

Apamomi.a, n tcwii of .'iantorin, an ii 
land in th-.- .M' liittrraixMn .'>ta, e;.i:ed m 
thi". part I-y foiue, tiie fua if Candia, 
w''.,,h has afp.uii lis haihour. !n thtfnrin 
<'f a hdf iiuum ; b;it the h^-t'om is (n 
'i'-'-P' '■'■• Ihii'S tanr.ot ;jr,i.hi;r t!;eie. 
'■'•n. 4',. n. l.i:. '/,. iS. I 

* Al■r^n.^,.^, <: tmvn of DeTiniark, in i 
Skfwick, la- Sei:th Jutland, with a cita- 
del. It h.i:, \i^:v plnndeiedic'.eral tiinc,>, 
■iiid ir. 'V.i'.ed j; 'he hotlom of a riilph of 
fiic n.iltick -Se.-i, 25 mil'js N. of .Slefwith. I 
l.on. 27. I. hit. ^1;. 4. 

* Ai luc.M K.v.'-.A.'ui.AK T, .T town of N a- 

A P 

t./ia, in Afi.itick Tuiky : it is caile-.l /V- 
phiuin, lK....:ie it |jriduci.-.a yreaf deal 
of opium, called Aphioni, by the Turks, 
l.on. 4S. 30. 3S. 


1 : r K V . I N Ks a eliain ol mount. nns 
whuh divide It.dy thiout^hout it, whole 
len{;ih, as 3. the foathcin extremity 
vi the Kini;(k)m of N,ii)L-s. From lientc 
pi.'.co.-d all tlie hroaks .ind r.vciswiiicll 
watei Italy, and lender the land fruitfni. 
An •.7.1 t, a town of SwiHerl.ind, in the 
e.intoii of the faiue name, whicli is ihc 
13th and lall. It is the capital of this n, which is divided into twelve coni- 
nainiiicsj (Ix t.illed the interior, art Ro- 
man Citholicl..., ai^d the txterioi .11 c 
I'r.t'.il.ints. It is 10 miles S. F,. of St. 
(hdl, three N. iT Coiie, and 4J F. of 
/.t'ruk. l.on. 2". 6. lat. 4-. 31. 
.AifKksiioii ► N, a little villa'^e ofCcini.i- 
Jiy, in the circle oi Sw.ihi.i, fe.atcil >iii 
t'.e ii\cr Key fell, at the comer ol' ;i 
wood, I'u'.'ie which the rii;ht \vini; iS 
the coiil( .l..i.i;c .11 my ci'C inip'.d the ni_.;hc 
l';.fore t.'ic hattic ol llochllct. Lcn. 28. 
10. ,)S. ij>. 
■" Ari'K V.I 1 1, a town of Fiance, ill 
Niini.iiKly, .111.1 in the (•.'-'■i-i^d.iy of 
Ari'i 1 r. ■s , tl e ci iiiilv town of Weflniore- 
l.jui, wi;h .1 r.uod c >miuaiket on Mon- 
<U) J, ami thicc' fa.i s, on Wliitfun-E\c, 
1m I'.oMi.d i.illle ; I II Whitmond.ay, W)! 
l.iun chilli :.iid nuTth.iiidi.'c ; and on 
Airii!} 1. , for luMfi., flucp, and 
i!.'.!i. It is y. 'lie pc.iily to decay from 
v>!.it it V...;, it hoiiu; only one hroul 
liittt ol iin.,in liollfc-. ; however, it lldl 
kccpj the .illii'ci and li.lh.oii., aiul .it thu 
lipj'cr ];ait is the c.i!ll'. The churcli 
ll.ind-, .a i!,c lov.if crul of the town, .iiuj 
hi.iird^ hcin rcp.iiicd ; and thcv li ive 
hk'.Avi'.c erei'ied .a to'vn liuiife. Itiun 
iii.Ii . r.hy S. ofl', and :S<'N'. N. 
^V . of London.\. l.j. c. lat 5.1. ;o, 
\' i> I'eated on the il'.u I'.ihn, l>y \ 
i'. iv .ilmolt fuiioi:nHi.d,, .md lcnd.> two 
111' inheis to p.iiii.nnciu. 

* ArriFnOBi, .1 town of Kent, fialeJ 
on the river K other, in it fir from 
lis milux into tl..' r. .1. It hid a fin, ill 
niashet, and time I. I'lill a fii; on Jim : 
zz, for lattle .ii"l p ■'s w.iie. It is 
fi uruiihs N. ol I've. I.tiii. iS. 2. . lit. 
re. <;5. 

• .Ai r I v: I! A V, n •.'.d\!':e in Il.itiipnur •, 
fill r miles VV. r,i'-cr, that h.e. ti\.> 
;', on May 2?, ■.uv.l Novcad--i;r 5, lot 




T -X 



i' i 

' M 

!ir I 

A R 

• ApnermwicK, a village in tlit ^f . 
iKling of Yorkfhiic, five milts :.'. of 
Skipton, witli :\ fail on Oc'^ober i, for 
c.-jtile and horfes, 

• Aprkmi- , a town of Francs, in I'oi- 
tou, and ia > '.c generality of I'oitiers. Lon. 

15. 5i. lat. 46. 45. 

« AruRiMA, or Apohamac, a river of S. 
America, in Peru, llut is extremely ra- 
pid. It is 30 miles from the river A- 

Arrr, an ancient town of France, in Tro- 
vcncf, with :i hidioji's fee. There ait 
many fine Roman antiquities, and it is 
featcd on the rivur Calrtnin, 20 miles N. 
of Aix, and 25 S, E, of Lon. 23. 
6. lat. 43. 50. 

Ai-lii'.* the E. fide of the kintsdom ot 
Naples, r.lung tlie giilph of Venice. It 
S3 divided into three territories, whofe 
jnodern names are tlie Caijtanata, Terra 
de B.iri, and Otr.inii>. 

A^e A-Nf r,K A, a fniall town of Italy in 
the M,tnt\ijii, featcd or 1 he river Chiefa, 
12 milci W. of Mantua, tight li. of 
Ui\.ano. Lon 27. 55. lai. 41-. 10. 

A'ii't^iA, formerly a very tlourifhinp, 
rich, and trading town of Italy, now 
gone to dec.iy. However, it has a pa- 
triarch, whoiffides at Udino. It is fear- 
ed on tlu; Triuli, near the fca, 22 miks 
W. of Treifte, and 57 N. L. of Venice. 
Lon. 31. 5. lat. 4^. ^^. 

A^uiLA, a large and handfomu town of 
Italy, in the kingdom ol Naples, and ci- 
pital of Abruzzo, with a hiiliop's fee, 
and a caflle. There was an e.irtli- 
•lu.ikc in 1 7C0, liy which 2400 perfons 
were killed, ,ind !<;co hurt. It ii featcd 
on the river I'tfcar.i, 35 miles from tlu- 
fca, 52 N. E. of Rome, and 100 S. W. 
of Naples. Lon. 31. 10. lat. 42. zo. 

Aquil.ih nF.i. Campo, ,1 town of 
Spain, in Old Cartile, lying on the rivtr 

Aquino, n town of Italy, in the kingrlorn 
of Naples, and Terra di Lavoro, with a 
bilhop's fee. It was ruined by the em- 
peror Conrade ; and now coniifts of abcut 
35 lifufcs. It is the birth-place of the 
poet Juvenal, and Thomas Aquinas. It 
IS feattd 20 mile; N. E. of Caietfn, md 
3? N. W. of Cipua. Lon. jj. • 
lit. 4i. 31. 

Arabia, a country of A.fin, which is ,•: 
ninfula, bounded on the W. by the Kc. 
f>ea, on the N. E. by the rivtr ?.u»brate 
and the IV-nun ^ulpl., „n tl,- .S. } ■/ the 
"C'-an, anr! on the N. by Syria, a-. ! the 
d'^iait ofDyrb-.kar. It is divide d int. 

A R 

three parts, Arabia Pctrea, Deferta, .ilH 
Felix, or the Happy. Arabi,i I'ctrca ij 
thcfmallcft of tlie three, and towarils ihc 
N. is full of mountains, with few inha- 
bitants, on account of its barrcnnefs. It 
liad its name from the town Pctrea, its 
ancient capital, now dtflroyed. It dif- 
fers lit'le fiom Aiabia Dfcfcrt.n, which is 
fo called from the nature of the foil, that 
is generally a b..rren fand. Howtvtr, 
theic aig great flocks of fhetp, and 
herds of cattle near the Euphratch, v.hirc 
the land i'. good. In the riefart thtic an. 
great numbers of oflriches, and there is 
a tine breed of camels in feveral place?. 
Arabia Felix i-. (o called, on account of 
it> fertility, wiili regard to the rcrt. .Some 
give 11 the name of Yemen, but impro- 
perly ; for It is a kingdom on the S. coart, 
whofe capital is Sanaa. The Arabs in 
tlu; defart live wandering lives, remov- 
ing from place to place, partly for the 
fake of pjftiire, and partly to he in wait 
for the caravans, which they often rob. 
There are caravans which travel ovir 
part of this defart from Buirerah to A- 
le))po, and from Ei;y|it to Mecca, in or- 
der to vifit Mahomet's tomb. Arabia 
Felix produces frankinccnfc, myrrh, 
balm ofGilead, gum-.irabitk, and more 
efpeciilly coffee, of whith they expoit 
prodigious (juantitics. The Arabs that 
live in the defart havr no houfes, but 
tent";. The famous Mahomet was a na- 
tive of this country, and his follower; 
fdon .'.fttr his dc-ath conquered a threat 
part of .Afia, Afica, and Europe, ii>r.h. 
lilhing their religi'^n wherever they came. 
Lon. from 52. to 77. lat. i?.. to 34. 
Arabo, commonly called Raaii, one 0/ 
the |)rincipal rivers in the kingdom of 
Hungary, which has its fource in 
Stcirmack, and falU into the Danube. 
An A I V, a fmall maritime kingdom of 
Afi.. n the Eafl Indies, bounded rn the 
S. > the bay of Bengal, on the E. and 
N. ty the kingdom of Ava, and on tlic 
W. by t'i, • kingdom of litni^al. It li a 
fertile courtry, but thin of pei'/le, which 
produ -he fruits proper to the Eart 
Indie :,ry have only two feafons ; 

the ra.. f-afon, which continues from 
April 'teber, and the fair feafon, 

whir^ nclip-ies all the refl of the year, 
and K. ailed the fummer. The inhabi- 
tants .1: idolaters, and the women art 
toleral iir; but the longelUari; are rec- 
koned t:r_n>oft beautiful, and in thefe they 
wt..r manv 'ncs. There are gre.-.t num- 
ber of dtp , bufi'alots, and tiei rs. 


There are 
account of 
nials. The 
building, ies 
phant's teetl 
meet with 
|)recious A< 
and the houl 
30. lat. 20. 

All »KAT, or 
lignifics in 
thither tlic p 
70,000 cvci 
Hones placed 
in the fact 
they iniplcjr( 
icceive theb 
is performed 
rer ; and In 
of Hadgii. 
jierfon gathc 
the next moi 
tailed Mina, 
where Abiah 
Ifaac. Here 
throw th'.ir li 
tlonu building 
defiance of th( 
feveral times, i 
ended, they t, 
brought by t 
I urpofe, \vl 
part of It thei 
to the poor. 

An A I., a lake 
tiie Cafpian Si 
above 200 ni 
vcrcd, and is 
and in fomc | 
veial rivers, v> 
to run into 
luand to lun 
tween 76 an 
tween 42 an* 
of the indepe 

A K A M U N T , a t ( 

doc, featcd 1 
miles W. of 
Uxes. Lon. 2 

* A;<AN, 9 va 
mountains, \\ 
(iaronne, bcf 


which ij pret 
is inOldCarti 
:nilc? \V. ol 
■'.vl)J. Lon, 


A R 

Thtire are but few places inliabitrd on 
account of the r.ivaKC made by tlicfc ani- 
mals. The commodities are timber for 
building, lead, tin, lUck-l^iek, and ele- 
phant's teeth, and fomctimcs the tradois 
nieet with diamonds, rubies, and otiier 
jirecious ftones. Horfes are very fcaree, 
and the liuufes arc very low. Lon. i lo. 
30. lat. ao. 30. 

Ai' kPAT, or GiJIDKL>L>Ar Ar AT, wiiieii 

/ignifics in Ambick, the mountain of 
Knowledge, is not far from Mecca, and 
tliithcr tlic pilgrims relort to the numlitr 
70,000 cveiy year, I'liere are certain 
Ibmes placed as boundaries, to fliew huw 
lar tliu Incred ground extends. Jk're 
Xlicy implore pardon for their fins, aiul 
leceive the blctfin^ of the iinauiiiu, which 
is performed in the moll folenm man- 
ner ; and here tlicy hrll receive the title 
of Hadgi«. Before they (;o to relt, e, 
jicrfon gathers 49 (null Hones, winch 
tlie next morning t' ey carry to a place 
( ailed Mina, which they fay i$ t!ie place 
where Abraham went to olJ'er uj) his fun 
Ifaac. Here they pitch their tents, and 
throw their Hones aRsinll a little fquarc 
(lone building, which is done to flicvv their 
defiance of the devil. This is done at three 
fevcral times, and three fevcral jilaces. This 
ended, they vacli buy a flieep, which are 
brought by the country people for that 
1 urpofe, which they lacritice, cat mi; 
part of It themfelves, and giving theicit 
to the poor. 

Aral, a lake of Afia,. lyirg to the E. of 
the Cafpian Sea, from which it is dirtant 
above 200 miles. It is but lately diCco- 
vcred, and is above 300 miles in Icnjctli, 
and in fomc places 150 in breadth. Se- 
veral rivers, which were formerly thought 
to run into the Cafpian Sea, arc now 
found to run into this lake. Ii lies be- 
tween 76 and 80. 1,1. of lon. and be- 
tween 4z and 47. of lat. in tiic cour.try 
of the independant Taitai^. 

Akamont, atown of trance, in Lani;;ue- 
duc, fcated on the river Rhone, live 
miles W. of Avignon, and 15 S. li. of 
Uxes. Lon. 22. aa. lat. 43. .;4. 

* Ait AN, 9 valley among the I'yrencan 
mountains, which is croilcd by the nver 
tiaronnc, before it cntero the tciiitory of 

* Ar ANnr-i)F-Dur»o, atown of S|jain, 
which is pretty large and iiandiome, It 
is inOldCaftile, on t!ie nver Uuero, r. 5 

:iii!c? W. i.l 0!ma, and .52 L. ol 
'.v'liJ. Lull, J.J. vj. l,it,4i,<;p. 


A R 

Aranjuet, a palace of the king of Sp.iln, 
in NewCaflile, feat ed on the nver i'ajo, 
IS miles N.F.. of Toledo, and 25 S. ol 
Madrid. I.on. 14. 30, lat, 40, o. 

Aral AT, a high mountain of Alia, in Ar- 
menia, where they pietend Noah's ark 
reltid. Some travellers nfl"un», that 
they have been at the top of it, and ften 
the ark J but that is inipi.dible, for it is 
always covered with fnow, and no one 
could ever get up, though fevcral attempt* 
have been niaJe. 

* A:t Ajsi, a maritime tr.idlng town of Ita- 
ly, in the territory of denoa, which is 
populous, and very neat. It is tlirea 
miles S. W. of All'iiiguiy, and 37 E. ol 
Ventimii;!ia. Lon. 25. 50. lat, 44. ^, 

* Arava, a fortrefs of Upper Hungary, 
in a county, and on a river of the f.tmo 
name, 72 mik^N.NV. of Callovij, and 
S7 N. E. of Neuhaufel. Lon. 37, 30, 
lat. 4(j. 2o, 

Am.mico, a fortrefs and town of Chili, in 
South Ameiica, and in one of tiie rinefl 
Yallies, feated on a liver of the fame 
name. 'I'he natives are fo brave, that 
tlii.y drove the Spaniards out of their 
countiy, tliouj,h I'.cy had no fiic-arms. 
Lon, 309. o. lat. 42, 30. 

* Araw, a town of SwifTeiland, in Ar- 
gow, fu.ited on the river Aar. It is 
pretty liandfomc and large, and is rc- 
itiarkablc for its cliiirdi, its fountains, 
and the fell ihty of the foil. It is eight 
miles N. E. of .Atburg, and 27 W. of 
Zurick. Lon. 35. 30. lat. 47. 2^, 

Araxkj, or Aras, which is its nrefent 
name, .1 river of .\('ia, which rifes inCeor- 
ftM, and rur.ning S, E. fall-i iiiti) t'.ie liver 
Kui, fiiriutrly Cyiiis. It runs quite a- 
crofs .Armenia, and part of I'crfia. 

* .'\kii£, .1 town of the republick of Ve- 
nice, in an illaiiii of the (anie name, on 
the co.itl ot D.ilmatii, Ircm whicli it is 
but live miles dillant, with a bubop's fee, 
Lon. 32. 54. 

Akbkla, a town of Afia, in Cuidertan, 
where Alexander foi.ivht the lall deci ivo 
battle with Daiius. h is .about 60 rules 
S. E. of Mould. Lon. 61. 35. lat. 35. 

* AunERo, a town of SwiiTeiland, in the 
canton 0/ Rem, with a I .iiuiroiiie calMe, 
vvliere the bailiff rcfides. It is feated 
im the river Aar, in a kind of illand, 
ten miles N. W, of |krn, and » j S. W. 
of Solei.r. Lon. 24. 45. lat. 47. o. 

Af. cois, a fiiiail uopulvius town of France, 

in tlie Fi.ini.he Oju/p'.e,. fanzuui for its 

F J, wineS; 





■i 'I 


■ n 

lit! ill 


I ' ! 



'II li 



I . ! ' 



: ;: It! 

A R 

win«. It is i^mileiS. T. of Polf, anrf 
11 S. W. ol Bcfanzon. Lon. 23. 3■^■ l.'U. 
46. ss- 

in HON, an ancic 

nt to'vn in Sv.'i'Tl'iiin'l, 
fc.itc(i on the S. fide of the Inl,',' Con- 
(lancf, in Tiirgovv, with a c^<\\c Imilt 
hy the It i^ (iivlir the hifhr,]. 
rt'Cond.iiici' ; but both tlic ^|•otl.•(^,l^t^ 
and I'apids h.ivc ihi; fuo txtirifc nftlitii 
rdii-ion. It i:i I z milt. S. F.. of Ci n- 
fl.incc, and cipht N. of St. Gall. l.on. i". 

• ARBL'iir, .n town of r.wincrlanH, in tlu- 
c.mtnn ol' n^'in, ^ind in Ar:o\v, on ilic 
river Aar. It is fmnH, iMit v< ly flfnc, 
being fcatal on a reck, and defended l\v 
.1 goud foiitcfs, cut out of i!ic rock. It is 
1 a milts K. of Solas re, zi S. cfli.iu, 
nnd 30 W. of ZuiicU. l.on. i^. ?-5. l-n 
47. 10. 

Akc, a river of It.ily it^ the dutchy of Sa- 
voy, .iriling in the .NKiRivif, nid C.-'llin.r 
into the kt're ; it i.., and full of 

• Arc-en-Rabroi?. a fovn i-f Fi inrt-, 
in Kiirgundy, fcatfd on t!'i i.'i Anjou, 
^1; nulls N. of Dijtr, and i ■, N. W. ol 
tangres. Lcn. 5s. -,7. lat. 47. 51;. 

AiirM>iA, a town of fiMt'ci:, in tlic N!'>- 
rea, near the gulpit of thj finie n.imc, 
and in the provincs o! IjJvedire, i; 
N. of N'r»v.iiin, and r.i S, of Lov-pani^o. 
Lon. 39. 2C. lat. 37. 2.).. 

• Anctr, ;i town of liaiic,', in fhr gene- 
rality of Rocli^lle, nnd ekrtion ot Saintes. 

Arikuii, a Village ofFiaiiLe, three miles 
S. of Paris, lemai k.-ihle for an an aqm • 
tlufl, which is ll.oi'ght hy fonie to eiju il 
the works of the ancient Remans. It 
was built and fiiiHied i\i 1624, by the 
order of M„iy de Aledicis : its w.ittr i% 
diftiihuted into the dif.ereni parti et 

AiuHANon., a rrfed 'ei i>ort t;".vii rf N. 
Ruflla, and c.ipita! of the pr()\ipco if 
D'.aina. It \v;;s the i'i-.!y le.;-poi t to>vii 
o' Riifila f. r many >!, and w:,,; t.rU 
referred to by the i-.pgliih in i ; ;-. 'I'.'.c 
trade is i;r'atly dininiflicd inve the 
Iniildiiig cf Fetern-ii! ■,', to wiiic'ithc nih>s 
failthruu-ii the iialriik ^j-s. Ir 1-, fcirc^! 
on file river Dwiiui, fnur mik.v f.Mm the 
White £c:;, -,eo miles .\". of ?.l<-k-ov.-, 
iiiui 400 N. t. of i'ei^.Mlvrj. l.on. c-'. 
^o. lat. 64. 26. 

ARCHANcr.i.cop.on, one cf the rovern- 
m'i-.,s orRu:!:a, in rurrre, \' hi:!) cor- 
tain. apart(-ri,:,;,!Mn,l, and tl.e ;;nLient 
>uny!cn;of J-lohiio-:;;d. 

i t* * 

A R 

* An rtttf rr .^r.o, a tonfidiraMe part i>[ 
the Medi'efanr an Sei, hivin,; Roman' i 
on the N. Nandia on tlic F. Maoedoiii 1, 
l.ivadi.t, anil flu- Morcn on the W. «•■ I 
the Kle ofCandn on tlicS. It is ji.vily 
in'ope, and partly in .Afii, c'lntain- 
4 ; principal iflandi. 

* Aim- is-SiiK-Aesr, n finall handfhmtr 
tc>wn of I'ranee, in ClMmp-* «nr. It 1. 
feated en fhv rivet .Aube, 1 q ni'lrs N. 01 
'I'royes, and 20 S. Ji. of bef.nne. Li'in. 
2 1. 4 <;. 1 It. 48, -,0. 

Arco, a Aroni; town and caflle in tho 
'I'nn'.in, belor.v iPvi to ilv luiufeof Aii- 
fliii. It was tikm by the French in 170^, 
aiil at'andort ,1 fi-on after. It i< verv well 
feated rear the I'ver Sarca, near the N. 
c\iemitv of ilir |.ik»j (iarda, i ^ mik . 
S. W. <'f Tient, .n<I r.o N'. W. of Veroi;- 
rc, l.on, 7,S. ? -. lat, .^ ^. <;t. 

* Alien-, ,-> flroni; townof Sj' .^ndah!• 
fia, with the title of a dnt by. Itisfeatnl 
on acrasri^y lO'k, at the fo"t of which run. 
th- live; (■.', 1,'al' '"I, ?. - niihs >J. of Ca- 
diz, and 40 S. of Seville. Loti. 12. so, 
lat, 36, .).n. 

Arcy, a tciwn o( Franrc, in Rurrnndy, in 
the Auxerroi>, whnvtlicre ii a maijazii..- 

of flit. 

Amnjifi, a lar^" 'own of .Afia, in Piifii, 
and in Ardirbci/an. It is cnv of tl • 
mod famous, and the mod ancient m 
Peifia, on account of thr rcildence an I 
burial of tlie l:mi;s ; and more efpceiall.* 
oil aeeoiint o! Siiiek Selli brint; burK.I 
tiieie, who W.I, flie author of the I'cilian 
i^ri\. I'il,"'"ims icfort to this place friMti 
all parts of I'f if-a. It is 21; ntiles V.. < f 
'I'aiiris, and if>i N, hy VV, oft'albiii. 
I.i^n. fi;;, o. Ii». -7. -r. 

Ai' II i- Mtii" ' , a town of the Netlicflanii , 
in Dutch Flandet 5, and formerly th.! 
mnd fonfiderable in that coiinny; but 
it Im. been difmnntled by ti'i; l^uteh. It 
is ten niihi N. K. c( 15n)'.;es, and 1 ' 
N, r.. o! Gli'-nt. Ion. ?.i. o. lat. i;i. m, 

AHI'F^^■r, a fatifi'as fore)}, lylm; on ih 
liver Meufe, w'licli in C'.efar's tune cv 
tended far intf Germany. iem:iio , 
rf it rt piefent lies betwivn 'I'hionville, 
in I.uxeiTil, Air?:, and the eity of I.iot^e. 

AimrR, or AiinPA, a finall territory, or 
kinpt'om of Africa, in Guinea, properly 
lo called. It lies a' the bottom of tin! 
f^ii'rh o( Ft. 'I', p.iid has a f( wii 
called .'\tdif..-, rii|,pi)U(l to be t!if capital. 
The inhabituirs are very licentimis, an 1 
have reirher t-'i;!", nor any pi ice t-)>.C 111 en •; Kjj^H'Ui aCCOUnt. H(A%- 
5 CNCi, 

'ver. they 
tiicr kin^ 
years iiv;o, upon I 
ntone.i, hr 
.111(1 burnt 
I'l Atdr.i. 
to huiopca 
I(<ni; life ; I 
IS teilile i 
I'lants, and 
J ; ,ind 1 
1.1 m. J I. 3 

AxnK', a to 
vergne, am 
ivNccn I'ppi 
IS I :; miles 
(it Lleimmit 

• /\k III N, a I 
till jn luiali 
ol Ni.iit. 

A I. IM M 1. 1 V , 

N. W, pf I', 

May ', .', 1)1 
A :< I'f t , a 
Fiiiue, III I. 

Il'tll V UAV b 

VIll, kim; 
It.iiid in 1 1 
miles S. of ( 
%cline4. i.(i| 

A 1, K 11 A 1 I I. T o 

Ar I no, or 

CO. id of G 

mouth of 
lull < 
Di.iJi hav 
pl.iee, indi 
lioufes and 
?. o, 
* A R y y. K A , ; 
.Sea, <;i; mil; 
and Will fori 
the poit til. 
pates in d,.ii 

A R K M 1! F II »; , ; 
ciiile of \V 
fouiity ol (I 
It i^'.d . 
oi Coloi'.n, ,1 
24- 3v lat, 

* Ar F r. snvic 
»iiele 01 \Vu( 
le I'ed on .1 II 
li.iino, by 1' 
ofCojf,;^H, ,, 

Ljn. 2 r, -•' 

tlicrliivi , 

UVlly t'l.: 
nrry ; l'i:t 
)iitth. Ir 
;, nml i ■> 
It. t;i. II'. 
; on ill 
time i'\ 
t tcmiiiii. 
tcry, or 
[•rdiM'i iy 

(Mil Ol" tl'i- 

IS a t( 'vii 

ir irip'it.*'- 

tii'iis, ;ui I 

I pi ICC t-> 

t. I^•^^• 


A R 

fver, tluy ate vcrv Cf>llr.■l(?io^l^, .1111I 
tlii-r Uin^ w.i> .itil'i'ltitc i Hut about tlii' i* 
yc.ii^ iiro, ilic Kioi^ of l>:ilioni'.' nvn-'- 
\s,ir u|io« t!\i'> ami thi- iici/liliruiiii'.; t>.i- 

litMlt-'a, l)l."l;lll tlicm lill'l- I Uili't^'tiin, 

.111(1 luirnt 'lie tosvns, pNiuculaily tliit 
«i| Aiilr.i. iiic.ui i> vciy i;invliollri;v 
tn ; yi'f the n.tfivt s liivc n 
li'li,', lite ; Init tlic ('m.ill pox Piikf, 1 :• it 
(!i.lliii<)ii>n .im<iin; tlmii. '\'\w> 11 iimm) 
is Jcitilf in liuti in corn, piilni-wir.., 
pliints, and tiuit*, wIikIi \n\\ nil |i' 
5 ; and tlifv nnkf a j'leat liiil ot 1 ui. 
Lon. J I. •? V !•"• '• ''■ 

Axi'iif, a town ot Kiantf, m I.owcr An- 
vcipiK', aiul tiic cliitf plaic in tlic diiti'iy 
^Jt•lt<^vl^. It is tlu' ll.ipic- (i| trade Ih-- 
iwccn I'ppur and Lov.ei AuMrjcni', aiul 
IS I :; milci N. W. ol liiifMilf, and "- '. 
otLliiniont. I.f)n. 2 >. /jo. lit. 4;. iz. 

'* /\ki)in, a town ol" France, in I'oiion, m 
till gi luialiiy of I'l'itkTs, and t'u' <.!( .'1 mi 
Pi Ni.iit. 

Ai. iMM 1. IV, a villai'( in Siii'i X, tive mil . 
N. W, of I'.ail (.niHtr id, wiili a fail on 
M.i\ •, -, I II pidla! s wari . 

Aii'Kt-, a iiiiill. I»it llionc, town of 
FiaiKc, in l.dvvir I'lcaidy. Hiii- w.i- in 
ii'iviMiw IniwiiMi I'lanc s I. and II'! 'y 
VIll. king of^land, in 1^20. ii \> 
fcaiid in tlic inidd of a nioi:if>, cirlii 
niili'^ S. of Calais, and tin S. W. ofd' i- 
Nclmc*. i-on. 19.1'. lat. ^c . -is. 

Ak K II A I II. I n, a river y-^'i Old I .dtilc, in. 
Spam, that falls into tliu 1 '('.111. 1 

Ari ho, 01 AiiFiioN, a town on t)\- n.i\.' 
<o.ilt of ("luinti, in AfiK.i. fc.rid at ilw , 
nioiith of the livrr l''oiiiiolo. TIk- Tng- 
lilli li.ul oner :. lai'lory t'..Tc. .ni.d tl.i; 
[)i:tcli have (lill. It is a lari'C oKI.-ni; 
pi. ice, iiulifi'ciently well uiiniihtd wirti 
luHifes and peO|'lc. l.on. .::. 35. I.i;. 

(,. o. 

* .'iKM'.KA, a fea-poii to'vn of tlic R':d 
.Sea, <;<; mil:- lioiu -Suaqiiein. It i.i I.t. , • 
aiul well fortified, and at tlte I'litr.iu «. fl 
the poit thru- !s ,111 i(i iiid of jiliDin J 
p.i^ii in di.uneter. 

An KM 11 rut;, a town if «'.ini my, in i!'. 
ciiile of Wedpjialia, aid ciju'.il .■■ > 
count V ol the i.ini'' n inv , with a •, itt!' . 
It i- j^.it^d on the liver .'\hr, 12 in:! ■; S. 
oi Coloi',n, and 7 ^ \v. ol tVlilnit/,, Loii. 
7.). 7,;. lit. 50. 1-. 

* Ah f m. nv:t(;. a t >\mi uI fl iiii.Tnv, in '!'- 
inele ot WcHph.iii 1, Wiih .1 (.nil,;, 1; s 
le I'ed i>n :\ lull in the vciinty i'l' t''e r.:;iie 
ii.iiiv, liy t'le ii\er Roer, quTule. N ):. 
»>fC<)lr,gn, .Hid ; S. W. of I'adwr,'. I 1. 
L.n. 25. -■.', l.r. 51. iy 

A R 

* Afts'iwrr,, an epifropil anil fci port 
t >\vn f'l Sweden, in Livonia, itt the il]« 
ot Old, in til.; R.iltiLk .'ic.i. Lull, .4 j. i^, 
ht. cS. 1^. 

* A 'OS MMii^, n frii't of Denmark, ii* 
the dutchy i^i, which containt 
thv* ^'uatcll |>iit of the famous rampair, 
liiiilt liy the DaniHi kinj Ciotrie, in the 
hci^iiinin,'; of 'ho oth century, as a <\v- 
1( ,ue .i.s.iinll l!.e irruptions o; tlic Saxons 
.■ind .'"d i\ i. It I xicnds .ierof> the country, 
:ihi ut "ijMit or nine mil ■> in Uni^th. 

* A u r \ ' ','.• \ I n , a town of llermany, in 
t!ie N'f *v M.iulu' of nr..ndeTihuiv;, f.-.ttcJ 
on tlic i.ike'^l uiin, ( n thf fionticriof I'O- 
nicr.inia. Lim. -5. 25. ht. 55. 13. 

Aiiri.MiPA, a town of Soutli .\niv icn, irt 
IVrii, With a Iiiflioji'^ fee. Tliu .lir i. 
viy ti-nip-riff, and ihe hell in tlur loun- 
fiy. Ni'ar it there i', a dre.idful viiKano ; 
and it is fc.itcd on a rivyr, in .1 very fer- 
tile country, ?0'> rniks S. hy E. of I.i- 
III. I, and r.'7 N.of .'Vrici. Lon. 30S, u, 
lat. I ft. .'fO, 

Ak r/70, an ancient town of I'aly, in Tuf- 
crniy, in the territory of Florence, with 
a hiih 'p's fi'e. rJiiyirifen, a Ujntdiftin': 
monk, was horn heii' in t!ie i itli century, 
who wa; the inventor of the niufical 
noto.., as tit, re, mi, and fo forili. Ir 
is ftated on a mountain, 1 5 miles W. o! 
Oina-diCniU!l\ and 17 N. E. of .Sicii- 
II. 1. j.oii. 2i|. j2. I. It. 4;j. ;-. 

A"'. ^, lir F.ii.A, a river of SjiaiO; that ruhs 
tlirou;;li the k!ifj.!e/m of Navaric, anil 
f.ills into tlic EI)io. 

* Aitiitw: t ', % town of France, fr» Lower 
Norinaniy, on 'h' river Meaiue, tei\ 
miles It. o'f Caen, ..;i 1 j,2 N'. of J'alaifc 
hon. I-, 10. I It. 45. r ^'. 

* Arhe^s, a river c( France, In Pro- 
vence, %v!ii('!i its fourc- in the 
fpifn'e of Oliare-i, and falls into the Me- 
ditcrra!iean, nc.r Frejus. 

AjicrNTi, one of the principal riVeis of 
Alhaiiia, :» pi .evince of Turky. 

' Ai! 1 V I .-v c, a to\vri (>r France, in the 
Im.-'hn, on the river r">ordoi;ne, . 1 •; 
i!i.:i. ,s, K. ofl'iille^, and z^ N. \V. of 
Auiillat. l.on. fij. 33. lit. 4^. «;. 

* A '. r, 1 ». T ,-. N , .1 town ot France, in Low- 
er, and m the dioceio of See/, 
wi'.ii the title of a 'n.inpiifate. It is I'eat- 
e.l on an c'liln^nio, in t!ie middle of a 
lir.c fertile i''iin, on t!ie banks of t!ie 
r.vei 0;nr, niH cTiii.s on a lonfidcra- 
hl.' u :de. It 1. i7, miles X. W. of Set/, 
t.. S. 1.. ,.»■ 1 .'I;'-,, and J 10 VV. at i'aris. 

i I 












III 2.0 







WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 

\' ■: 







ill ;> 

.1 ll'i 

I'-' ",l 

■■' 1!;' 
f, - 

LI :f 




• AnatNTEuiL, a town of the irte of 
France, feated on the river Seine, five 
miles N. W. of Paris, and iz S. E. of 
Pontcifc. It is a very beautiful place, 
with a fine vineyard. In the priory of 
the Benediftine monks, they pretend to 
have tiie feamlefs coat of Jefus Clirift ; 
and in the environs they have quarries of 
the plafter of Paris. Lon. ig- S^- '^t- 
48. £2. 

Arcenteuil, a town of France, in 
Champain, near the river Armancon, 
eight miles S. of Tonnarre, eight N. E. 
of Noyers, and five N. W, of Reviere. 

Argentiei-a, an ifland of the Archipela- 
go, near that of Milo. Its name is taken 
from the filver mines that are in it. It 
is a barren place, and they have no wa- 
ter, but what is kept in cirtcrns. The 
inhabitants are Greeks, and are very de- 
bauched, having little religion. Tliere 
is but one village in this ifland. Lon. 42. 
40. lat. 36. 50, 

• Argent I ERE, a town of France, in 
Languedoc. in the Viverais, five miles S. 
W. of Aubenas, and 17 W. ofViviers. 
Lon. 21. 55. lat. 44. 30. 

AitGENTON, a town and county of France, 
in thp dutchy of Berry, divided into two 
by the river Creufe. Lewis XIV. demo- 
lilhed the caftle. It is 37 miles S. W. of 
Bourges, and 6z S. E. of Poitiers. Lon. 
19. 8. lat. 40. 30. 

Akgonne, a territory of France, between 
the rjvers Meufe, Marne, and Aine. St. 
Menehould is the capital. 

Argos, a fea-port town ofTgrky, in Eu- 
rope, in the ifland of Morea, feated on a 
bay of Napoli de Romania, 25 miles S. 
of Corinth. Lon. 40. 35. Jat. 37.30. 

• Arcostoli, a fea-port town of the ifle 
cf Cephalonia, over aeainft Albania, 
with a fort of the fame name, which 
is five miles diftant j it is the befl har- 
bour in all the idand, and the provcditor 
refides in the fortrefs. 

• Argow, a county of Swiflerland, lying 
on the river Aar, fromwhtnce it derives 
its name. 

Arcuin, an ifland of Africa, on the wef- 
tcrn coafl of Negroland, with a fort of 
the fame name. It w.ib taken hy the 
Putch from thePcrtugutle in 163S, and 
afterwanls the French took it fri-m t!ij 
Dutch, and they have kept poffeflion of it 
pverfince. It is 30 miles S. E. ofCai'C 
Plancp. Lon. 1. o. lat. 20. jo. 

Argun, a river cf Tartary, in Afm, 
which divides the Ruffian from the C!ii- 
nefe empire. 

A R 

Af. CUV, a ftrongtown of the Ruffian om- 
pire, in Eafl Tartary, and the lafl they 
have on the frontiers of the Chinefe em- 
pire. There are mines of lilver and lead 
near it ; and there is a pearl tiihery in 
the river Argun, Lon. 136. 20. lat. 
49. jO. 

Argyleshihe, in Scotland, is bounded 
by Lenox on the E. by the ocean on the 
W. by the Irifli Sea, and Frith of Clyde 
on the S. and by Loch.ibar on the N. 
with the title of a dutchy. It fends two 
members to parliament, one for the coun- 
ty, and one for the burgh. 

Ar H u G Y. N, aconfiderable town of Denmark, 
in North Jutland, and capital of the dio- 
cefe of Arhufe, with a good harbour, and 
a bifliop's fee. It is advantageoufly feat- 
ed on the coafl of the BalticU Sea, at 
the mouth of the river Cuda, which 
runs through it, and it is furrounded 
with foreflsfull of game. It is 27 miles 
S. E. ofWiburg, and 50 S. of Alburg, 
Lon. 27. 30. lat. 56. 10. 

Ariano, a town of Italy, in the kingdom 
of Naples, in the Ulterior Principality, 
with a bifhop's fee. It is 1 1; miles E. af 
Benevento, and tenN.W. of Trevico. Lon. 
32. 49. lat. 41. 8, 

Ariano, a town of Italy, in the Ferra- 
rcfe. It is feated on a branch of the ri- 
ver ^o, eight milci .S. of Adria, and 22 
N. E. of Ferrara. Lon. 29. 38. lat. 45. o. 

Arica, a fea-port town of South America, 
in Peru, which was almofl defhoyed by 
an earthquake in 1605. It never rains 
here, and there arc a great many farms 
employed in the cultivation of pimento, 
in which they have a great trade with 
Lima, and otiier places on the coafl. 
They have a great quantity of the dung 
of a bird called gana, wluch renders the 
foil fo fertile, tlut one corn will produce 
500. It is 125 miles N. W. ol" Atie.ama, 
and 300 S. E. of Lima. Here they flnp 
the treafure which is brought from Po- 
toli, ii being feated on the South Sea. 
Lon. 307. 15. lat. 18. 26. 

* Ariege, a river of France, wliich has 
its fource in t!ie I'yrencan mountains, 
and running by Foi.x aiidPamiers, it falls 
into the Garonne. There is gold tlufl 
found among its f.inds, and it p.-i.dueei 
pood fiih, paiticulrtrly trouts. 
Aripo, a ttionj^ town of Afia, en the 
weflern coaft of the ifiand ofCcyh.n, at 
tlie mouih of the river Sarunda. It be- 
longs to the Dutch, and to the E. of it 
there ii a bank, where they tilh for 
ixarli, Lon.j;. 55. Ut. g. 42. 




Afkiow, a I 
the county 
Leinflvr, il 
II. 15. lat| 

Akles, a ! 
town of i 
an acadt 
men. ThJ 
fant as a| 
produces gl 
na, oil, ar 
are a greal 
which thef 
lifk, arf thcj 
ed on the 
Aix, and il 
18. lat. 43] 

* Arlks, a I 
1 5 miles fn 
dif^ine abb 
tomb, in \ 
water enter 
of the year. 

* A r I. r "^ H r ^ 
ferland, in 
fit', where t 

* Arleu F, : 
nerality of ^ 

Aki. ELX, an 
lands, in C 
was taken I 
retaken by 
French got 
n.onth, and 
miles S. of 
Lon. 20. 46 

Arlon, an a 
lands, whi 
place ; but 
longs to the 
ed on a mc 
37 N. W. 

49- 45- 
Armagh, a 

miles in ler 

is bounded 

W. by Tir 

N. by Louf 

Lough. It 

parifhes, fiv 

and fends 

two for th 

and two foi 

Armach, or 

row a fm; 

lo the coui 

Ireland. I 

ti^ho is prin 




A R 

Akxlow, a fca-port town of Ireland, in 
the county of Wicklow, and province of 
Lcinft-r, 13 miles 5j. cf Wicklow. Lon. 
H. 15. lat. 52. 55. 

Ah LIS, a large, handfome, and artcient 
town of France, in the government of 
Provence, with an archbishop's fee, and 
an acadeny, confifting of 30 gentle- 
men. T:.c country about it is as plea- 
fant as any part of France, and it 
produces cood wine, Vermillion, man- 
na, oil, aid all kinds of fruits. There 
are a greit number of antiquities, of 
which tlie amphitheatre, and the obe- 
lilk, arfi the molt remarkable. It is feat- 
ed on the river Rhone, 37 miles W. of 
Aix, and iz S. E, of Nifmes. Lon. 22, 
18. lat. 43. 40. 

* A R L E s, a town of France, in RoufTillon, 
15 miles from Perpignan, with a Bene- 
diifline abbey ; there is here a famous 
tomb, in wiiich it is pretended there is 
water enters miraculoufly on certain days 
of the year. 

* A R I. r s H F. M, a handfome town of Swif- 
ferland, in the bifhoprick of Bafil, or Ba- 
de, where the canons of that city refide. 

* Arleuf, a town of France, in the ge- 
nerality of Moulins, and cleftion of Cha- 

Aki.eux, an ancient town of the Nether- 
lands, in Cambrefis, with a caftle. It 
was taken by the French in 1645, and 
retaken by the Allies in 171 1. The 
French got podelTion again the fame 
n.onth, and drove them away. It is five 
miles S. of Douay, and loS N. of Paris. 
Lon. 20. 46. lat. 50. 17. 

Arlon, an ancient town of tlie Nether- 
lands, which was formerly a ftrong 
place ; hut is now difmantled, and be- 
longs to the houfe of Auftria. It is feat- 
cd on a mountain, ten miles N. W. of 
Lu.xemburg, 1 5 S. E. of iMontmedi, and 
37 N. W. of Mentz. Lon. 23. 20. lat. 
49. 45. 

Armagh, a county of Ireland, it is 32 
miles in length, and 17 in breadth, and 
is bounded en the E. by Down, on the 
W. by Tironnc and Mcnochan, on the 
N. by Lough-Neagh, and on the S. by 
l-ough. It contains 10,510 houfes, 49 
jparifhes, five baronies, and two boroughs, 
and fends fix members to parliament, 
two for the county, two for Armagh, 
and two for Charlemont. 
Armaah, once a confiderablc town, but 
now a fmall village, which gives name 
to the county of Armagh, in the N. of 
Ireland. It is the fee of an archbifhop, 
ttfho is primate of Ireland, and is about 

A R 

30 miles S. of Londonderry. Lon. to. e4» 
lat. 54. 50. 
Armagnac, a province of France, 55 
miles in length, and 40 in breadth, in 
the government of Guienne. It is bound- 
ed on the E. by the river Garonne, on the 
S. by Bigorre and Bcarn, on the W. by 
Gafcony, and on the N. by Condomois 
and Agenois, and Auch is the capital 
town. It is fertile in corn and wine, 
and carries on a trade in brandy, wool, 
and Bon-Ctucticn pears, which are ex- 
Armenia, a large country in Afia, bound- 
ed on the W. by the Euphrates, on the S. 
by Diarbeker, Curdiftan, and Adcrbijan, 
OB the E. by Shervan, and on tiie N. by 
Georgia. It is one of the moft fertile, 
and finefl countries in Afia, being wa- 
tered by fcvcral large rivers. It has had 
its ovvn kings, but could not keep them 
long. Part of it belongs to the Perfians, 
and part to the Turks. The inhabitants 
are much aduided to commerce, and un- 
dertake long journeys to carry it on. They 
are a fort of Chriftians, and have a patri- 
arch and an archbifliop. 
Armentiers, 3 fmall handfome town of 
the Netherlands, in the county of Flan- 
ders, and (iiilrid of Ypres. It was taken 
by Lewis XiV. in 1667, who difmantled 
it, and it now belongs to the French. It 
is feated on the river Lis, eight miles N. 
W. of Lide, 30 S. V. of Dunkirk, and 
35 S.W. ofGhent.Lo i.2c.27.1at. 50.40. 
AitMifHs, a town o. Ifainault, in the 
French Netherlands, feated on the river 
Samber, eight miles S. W. of Maubeuge, 
and 20 S. ofMons. Lon. 21. 15. lat. 
50. 15. 
Arm IRQ, a town of Turky, in Europe, 
and in Macedonia. It is feated on the 
Gulph de Velo, 30 miles N. W. of the 
ifland of Negropoi;t, and 30 S. E, of La- 
rilfo. Lon. 41. lo. lat. 3S. 34. 
Armuyden, a fe. -port town of the United 
Provinces, in the ifland of Walcheren, 
formerly very flourilhing ; but now in- 
confiderable, the fea having ftopt up the 
harbcur. 'I'he falt-works are its chief 
refource. It is three miles E. of Middle- 
burg. Lon. 21. 10. lat. 51. 30. 
Arna, a town of Andros, one oftheif- 
lands of the Arehipehgo, where there is 
a harbour. 
Aknay-i. F.-Dur, a town of France, in 
the dutchy of Burgundy, which carries 
on a pretty good trade. It is feated in 
the AuXois, in a valley near the river 
Aroux, 1 5 miles N. W, of Baune. Lon. 
21. 56. lat. 47. 7. Ak ne- 

I ! 'f, 

i= I:. 


:!*! ; 


if! i I 

A R 

A«K«B«ifi> a town of Germany in t!ie 
■ Old Marche of Brandt nhuri^, leatcd on 
the river E.lbt;, between Angcrmund and 
Werben, three miles from each. It was 
taken by the Swedes in 1631; but is 
now fubjeft to the king; of Pru.Tia. 

• Arnedo, a town of South Americ,-), in 
Peru, with a harbour, a n)ik' and half 
from the South Sea, and 25 N. of Lima. 

AiNHr.iM, a town of the United Provinces 
in Guelderland, belonging to the Dutch. 
The fortifications were demolidicd by 
Lewis XIV, but they arc now rebuilt. 
Itisfeatedon the Rhine, eight miles M. 
of Nimeguen, and 25 E. of Utrecht. I.on. 
23. 25. lat. 52. o, 

Arne, a large river of Italy, in Tufcany. 
It has its fource in the Appenines, and 
pafling by Florence and Pifa, falls into 
the fea a little above it. 

• Arnould St. a town of France, in 
Beauce, on the road fioni Chjitres to 
Paris, and in the forcft of Iv;;li;ie. 

• Arnsiieim, a town of Geimany, in 
the palatinate of the Kliine, and ni the 
bailiwick of Altzey, eight vniLa fiuni 

• AR^■ST.^DT, a town of Germany, in 
Thuringia, on the river Gera, ten niiltJ 
S. of Erford. Lon. iS. 35. lat. CO, ^4. 

Aronche?, a town of Portui;al, in Alen- 
tejo, on the cov,nnes of l.iiramadui3, iri 
Spain. It is feated on the river C.iro, a 
little above Badajox, fivt. miles S. E. o;' 
Portalegra, and 20 N. of Elvas. Lon. 1 j. 
14. lat. 14. 39., a tov.fn of Itily, in the d'.i'chy of 
Milan, with a ftront; riftle. It is or.K 
mile from Angiern, which ftands rr. tiie 
other fide of the ;..l:e Maecicrc, on 

A R 

which it is feated, 24 miles N. ot Ver- 
ceil, and 30N. W. of Milan, ion. 20. 
5. lat. 45. 41. 

Arooi., a town c.f the P-ufTian '-mpire. 
in the Ukrain, f.ired on the r:vi. Orca, 
ICO miles N. of Mofrow. Lon. c<;. 50. 
lat. 51. 5S. 

Arosbay, a town of the Eafl Indies, 
on thecoaft of theifland of Madura, near 
the ill.ind of J.iv.i. Lon, !■!?, o. 1,'u. 9. y>. 
ARi-iNo, a town of Italy, in the king- 
dom cf Naples, and in the Terra di l,a- 
voro. It is eii;ht miles N. of Aquino, 
and 55 S. E. of Rume, Lon, 31. 20. lat. 
41. 4;. 

Arq^u A, a town of Ttaly, in the Paduan, 
»nd territory of Vuiiuc, reniark..h;e for 
the fomb ol Petrarch. It is ten miles S. 
E. of Padua, and five N. E. of Halt, Lon. 

S9- Jy. lat. 


* Ar. Q^UT.3, a town of I'rancc, in Korrnqn- 
dy, in the tcrritary of Caux, feated on 
a fm<.ll river of r!ie fame name, four 
miles S. E. of Dieppe, and three N. E. <-,t 
Longuevjlc. Lon. iS.^o, lat, 49. 54. 

Ahragon, a kingdom, and one of ths 
moft cnfidciahle provinces of Spain, 
bounded on the N. by the Pyixncan 
mountains, which fcpaiate it from y-"rancc, 
on the W. by Nav.iiie and the two Caf- 
tiles, on the .S. by the kingdom of Va- 
lincia, on theE. by a part of Valencia and 
Catalonia. The air is puie and vvhole- 
fonie; but the country, tho' abounding in 
riveis, is in want of good water to drink. 
It is fertile in corn, wine, fiax, and fruit, 
near the rivers ; but in other places it in 
dry and fandy. It produces f itiron, and 
there are mines of fait in plenty. It was 
united to the crown of Spain in 14;?. 
Saracofla is the capital town, and tiio 
Ehro is the moft con'.idcrablc river. 

Arkan, an iiland in Scotland, in tliefiitli 
of Clyde, between Cantire and Cunning- 
ham, with the title of an Earldom. There 
i'i plenty of firtiing about it. 

Art. AN, a town of SwilFerland, feated or. 
the river Aar, 25 milts S. W, of Radin, 
wl.cre the Protelfant cantons hold their 

Akka';, a town of the Netherlands, .-jnd 
-:apit:i! cii' the county of Artois, with a 
bi.liop's fee. It is remarkable for it- 
fvir- church, and well fuiniflied library. 
A git It \-:\n of t*ie iortifications wen; 
buiU by V.iuhan. It is divided into two 
towns, the I'pper and the Lower, and is 
fcitcdon thf liver Scarp, 12 miles S. W. 
of Douay, ?2 N. W. of Cambray, 
35 N, W, of Amiens, and tc^ N. of Pa- 
ris. Lon. 20. 26. la'. 50. 17. "it belongs 
If the Fiencli. 

Appr.Kj a fmall iil.ind of Denmark, in tlie. 
JS.dtic fta, to the N. of tiie ifland DmIccu, 
and a little totlie S. of F\mcn. Lcn. 27, 

10. l;'t. ^ ;;. 20, 

* \r R <■, j.i-T) ."i-.S r.-Sf R v ,\ V, a ro-vn cf 
Spain, m EHramadura, eight mi! i S. r( 
Meiida, and 2 5 E. of Badajox. Lon, i?.. 
10. lat. 38. 40. 

A^-.w.A'j a town of (he Riilfian t-mpirT, 
in the territory of Morduates, feattrl on 
tho river Mokcha-reca, on t'le road to 
Ailr.-ichan, 300 miles S. hyE. of .\Tofcov . 
and ^00 N. by W. of Allracan. It w i» 
here general Dolciiruki punillicd the re 
liellious Cofl^u:ks. 

.ARr.\, ;i confiderahle ind ancient fca-po;r 
tcvn i!i L irc;.v, in I.owjr Alh,iri,i, with 
'ii('i<\:k .»uiiliii)io'i, lice, aiid wlierc ihcte 



arc more c 
It carries or 
is feated on 
N. E. of P 
riffa, and 
Long. 39. 
Artois, a 
Flanders, ai 
the S. and V 
vinces in 
length, anc 
trade confill 
oil, and c 
fincere and 
attached to 

• Artonni, 
France, in 
the river Mt 
the abode oi 

* Arver r, i 
onge, to the 
ver Sudor, ; 
Marenne. , 
of ever-gree 
the fame nai 

Aruba, an il 
Terra Firma 
Dutch. Lot 

Arundel, a ( 
tie of an t 
great markei 
one on Sati 
May 14 for 
21 for hogs 
cember 25 f 
December 17 
It is feated 
river Arun, 
bridge, whe 
ride. The : 
river Tame, 
compafs. Il 
and 55 S. 1 
governed by 
lends two r 
lias two ftret 
aoo houfes, 
ftone, and al 
17. 5. lat. 5 

Arzilla, an 
port town 0: 
Fez. It wa 
the Portugue 
fince. It is 
and 60 S. : 
12. 10, lat, 

i I, witli 

A R 

are more cluiftians than Mahometans. 
It carries on a confiderable trade, and it 
is fcatcd on the river Afdhas, zz milci 
N. E. of Previfa, 87 W. by S. of La- 
rlfi'a, and 70 N. by W. of Lcpanto. 
Long. 39. o. lat. 39. 28, 
Artois, a province of France, in tlie 
Netherlands ; bounded on the N, by 
Flanders, and partly on tlie E. and by 
Hainhalt, Cambrefis, and Picardy on 
the S. and W. It is one of the bell pro- 
vinces in France ; and is 6z nTiIes in 
length, and about 30 in breadth. Its 
trade confills of corn, flax, liops, wool, 
oil, and cloth. The inhabitants arc 
fincere and laborious ; and are greatly 
attached to the ancient cuftoms and pri- 

* Artonni, an ancient but fmall town of 
France, in Lower Auverne, feated on 
the river Merges ; and famous lor being 
the abode of feveral popirti faints. 

• Arvert, an iile of France, in Saint- 
onge, to the S, of the mouth of the ri- 
ver Suder, and to the E. of t!i2 river of 
Marenne, It produces a great number 
of ever-green trees j and has a town of 
the fame name. 

Aruba, an ifland near the continent of 
TeiraFirma, in America; fubjeft to tiis 
Dutch. Lon. 30S. 5. lat, 12. 30. 

Arundel, a town in Suflex, with th: ti- 
tle of an earldom ; and which has a 
great market on Thurfdays, and a fmall 
one on Saturdays. The fairs are on 
May 14 for cattle and hogs ; on Auguft 
2 1 for hogs, cattle, and flieep ; on De- 
cember 25 for cattle and (heep; and on 
December 17 for cattle and pedlar's ware. 
It is feated on the fide of a hill on the 
river Arun, over which it has a wooden 
bridge, where fliips of 100 tons may 
ride. The ancient caflle is feated on the 
river Tame, and is faid to be a mile in 
compafs. It is 8 miles E. of Chichelkr, 
and 55 S. W. by S, of London, It is 
governed by a mayor and burgelfes, and 
fends two members to parliament. It 
lias two ftreets paved with ftone ; about 
200 houfes, which are alfo built with 
Hone, and about 800 inhabitants. Lon. 
17. 5. lat. 50. 45. 

Arzilla, an ancient and handfome fea- 
port town of Africa, in the kingdom of 
Fez, It was once in tiie pofftflion of 
the Portuj;uefc, who abandoned it long 
fince. It is 100 miles N. W. of Fez ; 
and 60 S. S. W, of Tangier. Lon. 
J2. 10. lat, 35. 30. 


* AsAD-ABAD,orAsED-AB.M3, ahandrom* 
town of Afa, in Perfia, in Irac-agemi j 

63 miles N, E. of Amadcn.. Long. 
66, 5, bt, 36. 20. 
Asaph, St. a town in Flintfhire, in 
North Wales, with a bilhop's fee; and 
is commonly called a city on that ac- 
count. It is feated on the river Elwy, 
wliere it unites with the river Clayd; 
and over botli there is a bridge. It is a 
very poor place ; and is of note only for 
its cathedral. It has a fmall market on 
Saturdays ; and four fairs on Eaftcr 
Tuefday, July 15, Oftober 16, and 
December 26, all for cattle. It is 24 
miles \V. N. W. of Chefter ; and 2iz 
N. W. of London, Lon, 14. 5, lat. 

* AscHERLEBEN, a town of Germany, 
in the principality of Anhalt, feated on 
the river Eine. It was raifed out of the 
ruins of Afcania, from whence the 
princes of the houfe of Anhalt pro- 

AscHAF FENBURc, 3 townof Germany, 
in thj C.rcle of the Lower Rhine, and 
territory of the ele£lor of Mentz, who 
has a jjalace in this city. It is the place 
where the king of Great Britain took up 
his quarters the night before the battle 
of Dettingen, in 1743. His army was 
attacked by the French the next day in 
tiieir march to Hanaw ; but they were 
rtpuhed. It is 20 miles E. of Franck- 
fort, and 40 E, of Mentz. Lon. 26. 35. 
lat, 50. 14. 

AscENTioN, an idand in the ocean be- 
tween Africa and Brafil, difcovered in 
1508. It was faid to be in want of 
water ; but that is a miflake, for there is 
a good fpring 8 miles from the fea-fide, 
behind a very high mountain. If any 
fliips (hould happen to touch there, there 
are plenty of good tortoifes or turtles 
for their fubfiftericc; befides goats, and 
land-crabs. Sometimes the Eaft India 
fhips, in tiieir return home, call here to 
fupply tlienifelves with thefe turtles, 
which often prove a great fuccour. Lon. 
5. o. lat. 8. o. 

As cor. I, a pretty largf and populous town 
of Italy, in tlieMaichc of Ancona, and 
territory of the church, with a biihop's 
fee. It is feated on a mountain, at the 
bottom of which runs the river Fronto ; 
30 milei N. E. of Aquila ; 50 S. of An- 
cona ; and 75 N. E. of Rcnae. LorjS' 
31. 23, lat. 42. 47. 

G Aiicoj.!- 




A S 

/\3Cort Bi Satriano, a town of Itaiy. 
in the kingdom of Na^iles, ;uul in the 
Capitinate ; witli a biiliop's fee. It is 
fcated on a mountain 27 miles N. W. of 
Acerenza j 37 E. of Bcnevtnto ; and 
70 E. of Naples. Lon. 33. 15. lat. 

41. S. 

* AsHBRiTTLE, a village in Somerfct- 
fhire, 5 miles W. of WiUington, with 
a fair, on February 2 5, for cattle. 

« AsHBORN, a town in Uerbyllure, with 
a market on Saturdays; and 7 fairs: 
on February 13, for iiorfes of all forts 
and horned cattle ; on April 3, May 21, 
and July 5, for horfes, liornetl cattle, 
and wool; on Auguft 16, fer liorfes and 
liorned cattle ; on Ottober 20, and No- 
vember 29, for coarfe heavy horfes and 
Iiorned cattle. It is fcated between the 
rivers Dove and Conipton, over whicli 
there is a ftone bridge, in a rich foil, 
and is a pretty l.vrge tov.-n, though not 
fo flouriiliing as formerly. It is 10 
mile- N. E. of Uttoxeter, Ttnd 133 N. 
N. W. of London. Lon. 15. 55. lat. 

53- o. 

AsHBURTON, a town in Devonfliirc, with 
a market on Tuefdays for wool and yarn 
cnly ; and on Saturdays forprovifionsof 
all forts. The fairs are on the firft 
Thurfdays in March, the firrt Thurfday 
in June, Auguft 10, and November 11, 
principally for horned cattle. It fends 
two members to parliament, and is one 
of the 4 ftannery towns. It is feated 
among the hills, which are rcmarl'.ablc 
for tin and copper; and h;«a very liand- 
fome church ; as alio q chapel, which is 
turned into a fchooi. It ftands near the 
river Dart, 19 miles S. W. of Ixetcr ; 
25 N. E. of !'l;^outh ; and 191 \V. 
by S. of London, Lon. 13. 20, lat, 
50. 30. 

♦ Ash, a village of Krnf, not far from 
Canterbury, with 2 fairs on March 25 
and September 29, for pedlar's ware. 

AsHRV DK LA ZoucK, a tcwn in Lei- 
cefterffiire, with a plentiful market on 
Saturdays, and four fairs on EaUer Tuel'- 
day and Whit Tuefday for horfes, cov> 3, 
.''.nd (heep ; on St. Bartholomew and St. 
Simon and Jude for horfes and cows. It 
had a caftle with a very high tower, a 

■ greal part of which is ftiil Handing. 1:. 
lias alfo a food free-fc'nool, and is 13 
iii'.ies ?<. of Derby; iq N. of Coventry; 
ami 08 N. N. W. of London. Lon. 
16. 10. lat. 52. 40. 

A^H^■o;tn, a town in K';nt, with a mar- 
ket on S,uurdays, and a fairs on Ma^' 

A S 

t- !)ntl ?eptcnil)>;r 9 for lioffe?, catt!f, 
and pedlar's ware. It is 24 milei S. E. 
of Maidlloiie, 1+ S. \V. of C.mterbury, 
and 57 S. E. by £. of lA.)ndt'n. Lon, 
iS. ao. lat. 51. 15. 

* As 11 U.I, a vi!la3c of Somcrfetfliire, 5 
miles E. of Taunton, v.lth two fairs on 
Eailer Wednefilay, and the firft Wednef- 
day after September 8, for all forts of 
cattle and pedlar's ware. 

* AsMiNf^roN, a village of SuHex, 10 
miles S. of Koriliam, with one fair on 
July 10 for flieep and cattle. 

* AsiiovER, a village m Derbyfliirc, fix 
miles S. of ChelUrtield, with two fair:, 
on April 25, and Oftober 15, for cattle 
and flieep, 

* AsHTON VMOKR Line, a village in 
Lancafliire. fix miles £. of Manchelk'r, 
with two fairs on Auguft 5, and Decem- 
ber 3, for horned cattle, horfes, and toys. 

Asia, one of the four great parts of ilir 
world, and the fecond in order. It is 
bounded on the N. by the Frozen Sea, 
on the E. by the Eaftern Ocean, whicli 
is part of the South Sea, on the S. by the 
Indian Se.a, and on the W. by Eurcpc 
and Afiica. It is of larger extent than 
any of the three parts in our continent ; 
and is generally faid tiiat the fuft man 
was created here ; iliough many are of 
a different opinion, aril'ing from the un- 
ceitainty whero the garden of .Eden was 
plac'cl. But, be that as it will, arts and 
fcit^nops were early cultivated here; 
thou;;!! they arc tliought to come 
oririnally from Egypt : but all the 
confiderablc religions now known had 
thi:ir firft beginning in Afia ; and there- 
arc (till .1 great number of people who 
maint.iio their ancient tenets, which, 
according to them, are a hundred thou- 
fand years old. They ha\e one fort of 
religion in China, and another in India, 
whofe priefts .ire the Urachmins; not to 
mention the Je^v5, Chriftian;, and Ma- 
hometans, whole beginnings are fuffi- 
cicntly known to all the world. Thi> 
was the feat of feveral ancient empires, 
or monarehie? ; fuch as that of the Al"- 
fyrians, Medes, Peifinns, and Greeks, 
It is 47.] miles in length frcm the Dar- 
danels on the W. to the eaftcm fhore of 
Tartary ; and 4 3S0 in breai th from the 
moft fouchern patt of, to the- 
moft northern cape of Kova Zembla. It 
may be divided into 10 irr;'.t jjart.,, 
nam-Iy, Turkey in Afia, Arabia, Porfia, 
the Mogul's Enipire, with the two l*e- 
ninfuJas uf Indj.*, Tliibet, Cliina, and 




It is a 

fo near 
i from 
e is an 
fides ; 

\ great 
ks, in 
enns of 
it pafs 
Its are 


'1 MV|;ii:;* 


of the 
se. It 
E. of 


are of 
the un- 
der) was 
arts and 
I here ; 
11 tlic 
n had 
rt there 
fort of 
not to 
(,■ Af- 
e Dar- 
ore of 
m the 
1. It 
o Pe- 
, and 


'. Tre- 
E. of 

ry, in 
car its 
(t ha» 
x-n of 
jn of 

1 E'.i- 


r. the 

= S.E. 



nd on 





1, .40 

■]<, in 
ad i". 




'.;' ■'■'! ic 


l'?l! 3 


t * 


♦ A 


♦ A 

■■ ■$>> 
•. '•• 

• -tE 






. ift 


■ . r.<tf- 



* A 







"*•</< VV' 




Corca, Crca 
Car.i/m, Lit 
via, and tltc 
cf Alia aic 
Tmky, I'ei 
'i'hihct, and 
nionaichs j I 
feveial fovcr 
aru rtickonc 
kimrs, bclicU 
3as ol India, 
With ixRaril 
pions, the 

{\1Kt\ of tilt" i 

bends one t! 
is about tvvi 
tend tlicre i: 
lias about as 
tian. THlI; 
various, tlia 
rate tlium ; I 
tlie Oieci.m 
the rcrlian, 
fliort, every 
molt a dirti 
anin-,als we 
Jioiii, leop, 
piiants, rliii 
Tlieie are f 
principal ar 
S.COO miles ii 
Aral, wliicli 
lias not bcci 
ans. As ior ' 
tlie^i here, b 


wliicli tl-e. 

* A : I N A 1! A , 

vveilein coa 
of Sallari. 

As I ITU, a tov 
in the pope' 
of I'eru;iia, 
41. 10. lat. 

As vcr. Ai ON, 1 
province of 
Limerick, fe 
and fends tw 

* A : >: R I r, , a 
Yorklhire, v 
and the firft 
len cloth, p 
goods ; and 
lKirn(;d cattk 
millenary go 
i)f York, an 

16. 35. lar. 

A^Mf:R, a pre 

tile Ganges, 

lr<iu>, and 1 




A S 

Cores, Crcat and Little Bocharia, with 
Caraam, Littlf; .ind Tartary, Sibe- 
ria, and the Idands. The j;oveinmeiUs 
tit" Alia aiL- generally monaixiiical ; and 
Tmky, I'erlia, the Mogul's Empire, 
'i'iiihct, and China, are rul>je£l to fmgle 
inonaichs ; but the rcll is divided anioni; 
feveral fovcrcigns ; inroiniich, that there 
are reckoned feven emperors, and ;^o 
kini;s, belidts ^jctty princes, and the ra- 
,ias 01 India, which are very numerous, 
Witli regard to the extent ol" tiicir reli- 
pions, tile Ciiriftian is but Crnnll in ic- 
fpert of the Maliometan, wiiicli compre- 
hends one third of Alia ; and the I'.ipan 
is aiiout twice as mucii fjxtcnded as tlie 
Mahometan. Befide thefe, fome ))re- 
tcnd tiicre is the natural rcli;;ion, wliich 
lias about as many follower'; as the chrif- 
tian. Thelanf^uages are ic many and fo 
various, that it is impollible to enume- 
rate them ; hut the chief are the Turkifli, 
the CIrecian, tiie Arabick, the Chinefe, 
the I'erlian, and the Ol:! Indian. In 
fliort, every country and ifland has al- 
mod a dirtin^ language. Befidcs the 
aninials we have in Europe, there are 
Jion;, leojjardi, tiijtrs, <amels, tle- 
piiants, riiinocerofes, and many others. 
Theie are feveral great lakes; hut the 
principal are tlw; Cafpian Sea, which is 
ftcoo miles in circumference, and the Lake 
Aral, wliicli is about half a; much, and 
lias not been lunw; known to the Europe- 
ans. A . for the rivers, I lliall not mention 
tlieflihere, but refei tutlveirpropcrplaccs. 
Ail A -i M K Lks s, now called Natolia j 
which. Ice. 

* A:iN.\i!A, an ifland of Italy, on tlij 
weilern coall of .S.irdinia, 17 miles N. 
of Saifari. Lon. 26. o. lat, 41. 0. 

AsiiT(., a town of Italy, in Perugia, and 
in the pope's territories, i6 miles S. E. 
rt" Perugia, and So N. of Rome. Lon. 
41. 10. lat. 43. o. 

AsKF.Ai ON, a town of Ireland, in the 
province of Munlk-r, in the county of 
Limerick, feated on the river Sliannon, 
and fends two members to parliament. 

* A'Knir,, a town in the N. Riding cf 
Y'orklhire, witli three fairs on May u, 
and the firft 'i'uefday in June, for wool- 
len cloth, pewter, brafs, and millenary 
goods ; and in Odober 28 and 29 for 
luvn(;d cittle, woolen-cloth, pewter, and 
millenary goods. It is fix miles S. by E. 
tif ^'ork, and 175 N. of London. Lon, 
16. 35. lat. 53. 50. 

AsMF. R, a province of India, on tliis fide 
t'.K- Ganges, between the river Sind, or 
Jr-iui, and llie jvovince of Dclli, 

A S 

AsMisn, Or Asmild, ,nn old celeVMJted 
convent of Denmark, in North Jutland, 
founded in J 164, but at prefent is a 
royal fief. 

* AsNA, or EsNA, a town of Upper 
l'"gypt, feated on the river Nile, fo near 
the cataract that it may be heard froitj 
thence. In the middle of it there is an 
ancient temple clofed on three lidt.» { 
and in the front there are 24 cohinms 
very well pretlrved : they fujjport Irenes 
placed crofs ways, on wliich r^rt great 
tables adorned' with hierogiyphicks, in 
the fame m:inner as the fide^ and column?, 
Tiie people here drive a confidcrabfe 
Hade into Egypt and Nubia, by means of 
tiie Nile, and the caravans that pafs 
ever the deferts. The inhabitants are 
all Ar.ibs, and arc governed by a cafliif 
and two (huriiTs of their own nation, 
Lon. 49. 10. lat. 38. 1 5. 

* As or. A, a town of Italy, in Lombardy, 
and in the Brelfan, bein^: part of tliK 
territory of the republic if Venice. It 
is 20 miles S. E. of BrelJ'a, 20 N. E. of 
Cremona, and 25 N. W. of Mantua. 
Lon. 27. 4S. Lit. 45. I ^. 

* A'-^oLo, a town of Italy, in the Tre- 
vifan, feate<l on a mountain 17 miles 
N. VV. cf Trcvifan, and 10 N. E. of 
BaHano. Lon, 29. 30. Int. 41;. 49. 

Asoj'ii, a town ol Coban Taitary, in 
Alia, feated on the rivvr Don, near its 
momh, a little to the E. of the Palus 
Meotis, or the Sea of Afoph. It has 
been fevcral times ta'<en and tetaken of 
late years; but. in 1739, the cv^ntend- 
inj powers ;igreed the fortificaticns 
lho\dd be deinolill'.ed, an! that the tov.n 
(hould rein.iin under the fubjeflion of 
Uuffia. Lon. 5S. o. lat. 47. iS, 

* AspEROSA, a town of Turky, in En- 
rope, and in Romania, with a bilhop'i 
fee, and a harbour. Jt is feated on the 
coall of the Archipelago, 22 miles S.E, 
of Nico|ioli. lAin. 42. 50. lat. 40. 58. 

* A'loANCAi.r, a il''ong town of Arme- 
nia, feated on the river Ares, and on 
the road from Erzcrum to Erivan, 
Th.ere ;.rc hot baths greatly frequented, 
and it is 22niile,i E. of Erzcrum. Lon. 
59. o. lat. 39, 46. 

* AssANCHiF, a town of Afia, in Diar- 
bekir, feated on tlie river Tigris, ./]o 
miles S. E. of Diarbckir. Lon. 2S. to. 
lat. 36. 40. 

As SEN?, a fea-port town of Denmark, in 

the ifland of Fiuncn. It is the com» 

mon p-uTage that l^nds from the dutchy 

of blcfwitli to Cop;'nha[;en, and i", 

G :. 17 

jipi ; ;'^,: 


A S 

17 milei S. W. of Oflcnfcy. Lon. jS. e. 
Ut, 55. 15. 

JVuiMo, an epifcopTl toW'nof Italy, in «hr 
territory cf the Church and Dutch;' of 
Spolcto, built on the fide of a very hi^h 
mountain. Thccliurch of St. Francis is 
very magnificent, and is compoftd of 
three chu'.chcs one above another. It i^ 
lomilci S. E. of Pi:nisii.i, 4.0 N. W. of 
Spoleto, and 70 N. of Rome. Lon. 
30. 12. lat. 4.V 4. 

As SOS, n fea port town of Natolia, fcatcd 
on a bay of tlie Archipelago, 12 
miles S. E. of Troas, and fuhjeit to the 
Turks. Lon, 45. ?. lat. 3S. 30. 

Assumption, a large and handfume 
town in S. America, in Proper Parairuay, 
with a bifliop's fee. It is populous, and 
Aands in a country fertile in all forts of 
corn and fruit. The air is wholefomc 
and temperate, and the trees always 
green. It is fe.ited on the river Paraguay. 
Lon. 223. 40. lat. S. 25. 30. 

Assyria, a country of Afia, which for- 
merly comprehended tliofe provinces of 
Tu^ky and Pcrfia, now called Diarbcck, 
Curdiftan, and Irac-Arahi. 

• AsTABAT, a very hani.fome town of 
Afia, in Armenia, three miles from the 
river Aras, and 12 S. of Nakiiviin. 
Tlie foil is excellent, and produces f;ood 
'.vine. It is the only country \vhi*.h pro- 
duces ronas, a root which dyes a beauti- 
ful red. Lon, 64. o. lat. 39. o. 

AsTiRABAT, a large town of Afia, in 
Perfia, and capital of a province of the 
fame name, feited on the Southern (here 
of the Caipian 9c.i, 200 miles N. ot If- 
pahan, and 150 W. oS j\Itfc!;cd. Lon. 
72. 5, lat. 36. 50. 

• AsTERAC, or EsTERAC, H territory 
of France, in Lower Armatjnac, which 
is very populous and fruitful, and Mi- 
randc is the capital town, 

• AsTiER, St. a town of France, in 
Perigord, and in the diocefe of Pcrii^uex, 
with a rich Benedictine abbey. 

AsTi, a handfome and ancient town of 
Italy, in Montferrat, witii a eitadt!, 
andabifhop's fee. It is t!ie capital of 
the county of Afti, in Pii-dmonr, and 
was twice taken by the French, r,, 
in 1703,, and 174.5; but the kini; of 
Sardinia retook it in 1746. It is fcated 
on the river Tanaro, 12 mile^ N. E. of 
Alba> 20 S. W. of Cafal, and 22 E. of 
Turin, Lon. 25, 50. lat. 54. 50. 

AsTORCA, a town of Spain, in the king- 
dom of Leon, with a bi/hop's fee. It is 
well fortified by art and nature, and is 

A T 

fe.nted on a pieafant plain, wlirr* them 
aic delicate trout^, 25 niilrs S. W. ot 
I.ton, and 90 W. of Burgos. Lon. 
12. r. lat. 42. 20. 

AsTRAciiAN, a town of Tartary, in Afia, 
and capital o^ a kingdom of the fame 
name, with an archbifhop'n fee. It is .1 
l.irpe populous place, and a jjood 
h.ubour, where the Europeans embark 
for Pcrfia, It is furroiinded with rtrong 
w; lis, and is famous for excellent tifli ; 
at.d the melons are as good as in Pcrfia. 
it lains here but feldom : but the river 
VV'clga, on whici) it ftands, overflows 
lik' 'lie Nile; and when the water is 
run cfF, the grafs grows in lefs than a 
ironth. From Aftrachan to Terki, on 
the fide of the Cafpian Sea, there arc 
long heaths, which produce a vail quan- 
tity of fait, with which the Rullians 
carry on a great tr,ide. It is feated on 
an ifland made by the river, <;o miles 
N. W. of the Cafpian Sea, and 188 N. 
of Terki. Lor. 67. o. lat. 46. 22. 

AiTROH-WELLs, near Banbury, in Ox- 
fordfhire, arc reforted to by great num- 
bers on account of the virtues of the 

AiTURiA, a place of Italy, in the Cani- 
pagn.i di Roniana, having a good har- 
bour, and a fortified tower. 

AsTURiA, a province of Sp.iin, with the 
title of a principality. It is 120 miles 
in length, and 45 in breadth, and is 
bounded on the E. by Bifcay, on the S. 
by Old Caftile and the kingdom of 
Leon, on the W. by Galicia, and on 
the N. by the ocean. It is divided into 
two parts, the firft of which is called 
Afturia d'Oviedo j and Ovitdo is tin: town. The other is Alhiria de 
Santillana, and is itj capita!. 
This province is full of mountains and 
forcils, and the wine and liorfes therein 
aie excellent. There arc niinei of gold, 
Iipis l.Tzuli, and Vermillion. The in- 
habitants have a good ch.irafter for beincj 
more induOrious than in other parts of 
Spain, This [province bel()n;.;s to the il- 
defl fons of the kings of .Sp.nin, who 
bear the name and the arms thereof. 

* AsTwicK, a village in the VV. Ridinp: 
of Ycrkfliirc, five miles N. W. of Set- 
tle, with one fair on the Thurfday be- 
fo;e Whitfuntide for horned cattle. 

* Atacama, a harbour of S. America, 
in Peru. There is a great dtfcrt of the 
fame name, and a chain of mountains 
which feparate Peru from Chili. On 'he 
mountains th« cold is fo violent t!i:it: 


p.ifTei.ffTS u 
Lon, i^rcf. 

* A I M < V A ,; 
with .t ilron 
ot Tomer, 
Lon. n. 5. 

A T A V A 11 A , 

Cartile, th,. 

• Ate NA, .1 
<loiii of N.I I 
cipahty, m 
N. of Polie 
of Marlico, 

Aim, a fin. ill 
town of th 
of HainhnI 
French fevc 
J 741;, thou 
to the Aul 
river Dende 
25 S. W. 
CheiU. 1-c 

At hi. n ■., a t 
brated T.r 
duccd, it h: 
demy of tli 
called Atlii 
fee : thougl 
able to wh 
tains about 
c!iie;1y ciiril 
and they fp 
It uiul 
and r.ik 
and in lOS 
Jib.indon it, 
million of t 
merly callc 
crap^'y rock 
thj W. fide 
nifueiit rui 
its foiiiier ^ 
Livadia, .ir 
En;,Ma, loe 
.111(1 310 S 
Lon. 41. 1;! 

A r 11 j; R T N , 
with a nia 
fairs on A\ 
flucp ; on _ 
tcinber 19 f 
able quantii 
It is fe.ited 
tlirce miles 
iS S. by \ 
*:' London. 




A T 

pafll'i.ffr* 4re fometime* frozen to death. 
Lon. jof>. lo. lat. S. ai. 30, 

* Atm AVA, J town of PnrtuPil, in 
F.ftnmadura, fcitcci on an eminence, 
wlih .1 Jlrong foitrcfi. It is five milts S. 
ol Toimr, and as near tlie river Tain. 
I.on. 10. 5. lat. ^g. a';. 

At AY A!) A, a river of Spnin, in Old 
CnOili, tliat f^lls intotlio bmiio. 

• Ai r, NA, a tnwti of Italy, in tlic i'.in!^- 
<loiii of Naplt^, and in the Cucrioi prin- 
cipality, near the river Nepro, ai mile? 
N. of I'olicartro, and iz miles N. W. 
of Mnrlico. Lon. ■^■5. 8. lat. 40. 2S. 

A J H, a final), liandfiimc, and very^ 
town iif tlio Ntiliei lands, in tiic county 
of Hainhalt. It was taken by the 
Fiencli fev'jral times; and iaft of all, in 
J74^, tli(ni/l» it was afterward.; rcAored 
to the Aiillrinns. It is feated on the 
river Dcndcr, 11 miles N. W. v( Mor.s, 
25 S. W. of BrulVeis, and 25 S. of 
Client. Lon. 21. -,0. Int. t,o. t,'-^. 
Athi.n.-., a towii tif Oreece, neatly ccle- 
hrated f^r the UariKil nn.n it |Jio- 
duced, it having hecn the [irmeipal aci- 
dcmy of the Roman empire. It is now 
called Athina, and is an archhill'.op"'. 
fee : thou,;li at prefent it is inconfiiltr- 
M(i to what it was formcrl)'. It ecn- 
tains about 1 5000 inhabitant?, %vhu are 
ciiietly chrirtians of the Creek tliurch, 
•nnd th'.y fpeaU a corrupt fort of Creek. 
It uiuler.;onc vaiinus revolii'.inns, 
.nnd \vas taken hy th'.- Venetians in 14C4, 
and in 1687, but they were oldi.ced to 
;ili;iiidiin it, and it i;> now uniltr the do- 
minion of th'; 'I'tirks. Th'j citadel, for- 
merly calk-d Acropolis, is bu;lt on a 
crac^^y ruck, and iias no entrance but on 
the W, fide, and there are ftveral niat^- 
nifK-ent ruins which fufficiently tt.i'tify 
its former ijrandeur. k is tl-.ecan'tal of 
Livadia, and ir is fituated on tlie Ciulj)!! 
Enj;ia, 100 miles N. 1^. of Mifitra, or 
Lacedemon, 14-5 S. by K. of Larilfa, 
•Tiid 3J0 S. by W, of Conllantinoi-dc. 
I-on. 41. <;5. lat. 38. 5. 
ArioKTON, a town of Warwickfliire, 
■"■villi a market on Tuefdays, and four 
fairs on April 7, for hories, cows, and 
flvccp ; on July iS for pieafure ; on Sep- 
tember 19 for hones, cows, and confider- 
abl'j quantities of chcefe ; and on De- 
cember 4forhorres and horned cattle. 
It is feated on tile river Ankar, and is 
indifferently large, and well built. It is 
three miles S, of Stratford upon Avon, 
iS S. by W. of Coventry, and 104 N. 
(f London. I.on. 16. 5. !;«:. 52, 40. 

A T 

ATiitovt, a ftronfj; town of Ireland, in 
the county of Wertineath, and province 
of Connauplit, feated on tlie river Shan- 
non, fio m.les W. of Dublin. Lon. 
9. 30. lat. 153. 20. 

A) Hor, a county in tlie n.idille of Scot- 
land, with tlu; title of a dufcby. If i'* 
bounded on tlic N. by the (hire of Ba- 
iUnocli, Bro.idalbin on the S. Gauria 
on the E. and Lochabber on the W. 
It abounds with lakes ; and Blair is the 
capital town. 

Athc!, or M'lNTr Santo, a hi^Ii moun- 
tain of Creece, in Macedonia, and in at 
l-enlnfuli to the S. of the j'.ulph of Con- 
teifa. Its rtiadow reaches ,ss far as ttiu 
idand of I.eninos a little lieforc fun-fet. 
It is inhabited by a great number of Ca- 
loycrs, or Creek monks, who have a 
»^reat many monatleries u[ion it ; and no 
women are allowed to come within fij^hc 
of them. Thefij monaftcrics arc as 
ftront!; as fo many forts. It is 70 mile» 
v.. of Salonichi. Lon. 43. 35. lat, 

Atmy, a town of Ireland, in the county 
of Kildarc, and pnivince of I-einftcr, 
feated c:\ the river Barrc.v, i; i ilfs S. 
ol Kii,!are, not far from the borders of 
Queen's county. Lon. 10, 30. lat« 

Art A"!, a chain of liif;h mountains in 
Afri'.-a, which feparates Rarbary from 
Bilcd il'.:ered, and runs frc^n K, to W. 
It is inhabited almoil in every place, ex- 
cept where the extreme cold will not 
p'Tmit. Thel'e are the mountains from 
whence the Atlantic Ocean takes its 

Atock, or Attock, the capital town of 
a prnvi .cc of the fame name, in the do- 
minions of the Great Moijul, in Afia. 
It was lately the boundary between I'er- 
fia and Iiidia ; and when the Great Mo- 
pul wa'i prifoner to Kotili Khan, fove- 
reir^n of Perfia, he was obIiv;ed to fiir- 
rendcr it to that prince. Lon. gOi 40. 
lat. 32. 20. 

Atri, a town of Italy, in the kinj^dom 
of Naples, and in Abruzzo, with the 
title of a dutchy, and a bi (hop's fee. 
It is feated on a cragpy mountain, four 
miles from the Adriatick Sea, or Gulph 
of Venice, and 10 S. li, of Teramo. 
Lon. 31. 38. lat. 42. /] 5. 

Atticm, a town of France, in Cham- 
pas;ne. It is an ancient place, w' crc feve- 
ra! of tlie k\v.?z of France had their 
refidencc. It is feated on the river 
Aifnc, eight inilcit S, £. of Rhctcl, and 







■ ' .4' '' §m 




■■ t ■■ 

. ... 

'•■'nir , 

■!:■ la 

*',■ f ii. 




'f •' 


M !i 



* ill ." 

II " 

A V 

*o N. E. of Rlicims. ton. as. 17. 
lat.49. 30. 

Attlebuhv, a town in the county ot 
Norfolk, with a good market on Thurf- 
^ays for fat bullocks ; and three fairs, on 
y\pril, Holy Thurlday, and Augiift 15, 
for cattle and toys. It is 14. miles N. E. 
of Thctford, 15 "S. W. of Norwich, and 
94. N. E. of London. Lon. i5>. 15. 
lat. 5;. ';3. 

AvA, a kingdom of Afia, beyond the 
Ganges, lying on the fjulph of Bengal. 
It has a capital of the fame name, whi.jh 
is pretty Jjige and populous. I'he 
Iioufes aie all of wood, and the OrecLs 
are as ftrait as a line. The king's pa- 
lace is very large, and built of done, 
and greatly embelliihed with guilding. 
The inhabitants are well liiaped, with 
good features, and an olive complexion. 
The women are fmall, Init wiiitcr than 
the men, and very well fh.iped. Their 
Hack hair is tied up behind ; and when 
they go abroad they wear a piece cf 
cotton cloth loofe on the top of thar 
heads. They wear a cotton garment 
clofeto their bodies, which reaches down 
^J the middle of the thit^h, and under 
that they have a kind of petticoat which 
is open before, and almoft every ftep 
will difcover what decency fliould obli;:;e 
This, they fty, was an 
queen of thiico'^ntry to 
<!raw the men from unnatural crime;. 
They are very fond of the Europeaiis, 
and any ftranger may havea wif-f for ti/,- 
time he ftays in th.u country ; and d-jvir;; 
this time they are very carctul in the ma- 
nagement of the m:n'5 ai'Iairs, buying 
.ind Idling all forts of commoditioj. If 
the m,an has a mind to keep her while he 
ibabioad, he mull pay the value of fix 
shillings and tight pence per month, and 
then (he cannot cohabit with any other 
man. The women here are thoueht to 
lie never thj worfe for tliefe hut of bar- 
fains. Lon. 114. n. lat, ji, o. 

* AvA, a kingdom cf, with atown 
of the fame name, wliicli is the capital. 
Itisfeated in an iiland tliat lies between 
thofeof Niphon and Bongo. Lon. i>i. 
10. lat. 33, c. Tlierc is another king- 
dom of Ava in Japan, in the pcninUila 
of Niphon. Lon. i :;9. c. lat. 3 5. 20. 

AvAi.oN, an ancient town of France, in 
Burgundy, and in Auxois, capital of a 
bailiwick of the fame name. It carries 
on a great trade, and is feated on the ri- 
ver Coufain, 20 miles S. I'., of Auxerrc, 
and 50 W. of Dijon. Lon, 
47. 3S. 

them to hide. 
invention cf a 


21. S.Z, 

A If 

AubaoSe, a tovvrn in Provence, In the 
road from Marfeilles to Toulon. It is 
feated on the river Vaunc, ten miles 
S. E. of Merfailles, ami 17 N. W. of 
Toulon. Lon, 13. e?., lat. 43. 17. 

AunK, a confiderable river of France, 
which rifes in a mountain on the S. ex- 
tremity of the wood of Auberive; and 
crofTing part of Champagne falls into the 
Seine below Plancy. 

* At' HEN AS, a town of France, in Lr\n- 
gucdoc, and in tlic Lower Viverais, 
f-nled on the river Ardefche, at tlie foot 
of tliK mountains called the Cevenncs, 
I s miles N. W, of Viviers. Lon. zi. z, 
lat. 44. 40. 

* Au BENTON, a town of France, in Pi- 
cardy, feated on the river Aube, ten 
miles S. of Vcrvins, and 1 1 S. W. of 
Rocroi. Lon 21. 5^. lat. 40. 51. 

* AuiiSTEHRB, a town of Fi.mce, in 
the Angoumois^ feated on the river 
Dronne, 22 milts S. of .'Vngoulemc, 
and ;z W. of Pcrigeux. Lon. 17. 40* 
lat. 45. I r. 

AuBiGNi, a town of France, in Berry, 
with a call'e, and the title of a dutchy, 
which belongs to tiie duke of Richmond, 
in riglit of the dutchcfs of Fortfmouth, 
who wasalfoadutchefs of Aubii^ni, and 
from whom lie is dcfcendrd. It is 
fcattd on the river Nerre, in an agree- 
able plain, 22 miles N. of Bourges, and 
25 S. of Orleans. Lon, 20. 6. ht. 
47. 29. 

Avhi!-, n town of Jeffe^', on the coafl cf 
Normandy, belonging to England, which 
is tlie bell harbour in the wliole ifland, 
and is defendfid by a fort. 

AuBiN pu Cormier, a town cf 
Francs, in Brittany, and in the dioccfe 
of Rennes. It is famous for a battle 
between the vifcount of Tremouillc 
and the duke of Orleans, aftcrw.ards 
Lewis XII. in 14S8, when the latter 
was made prifoncr. It is ten milcf: K. 
of Rennes, and 12 .S. of Antrain. Lon. 
16. I ^. lat. 48. 15. 

* A u n ON \ F, a handfome town of SwifTer- 
land, in the canfyn of Berne, feated on 
a liver of the fame name, in the terri- 
tory of Vaux, four miles N. o( the lake 
of (Geneva, and ten W. of Laufanne. 
Lon, 23. 24. lat, 48. 30. 

AuuuPN, a town of Wiltfliire, witli .i 
market on Tuefdays, but no fairs. It 
is but an indifferent town, and is feated 
on a branch of the rivtr Rennet, S 
miles N. E. of Marlhr.rougli, and ? i W. 
of London, Lon, 16.0. Uu 51. 33: 

A U C W E - 


che, on the 
title of a V 
ture of tap 
pulous tra( 
the liver C 
moges, and 
19. 45. lat 
Ave If, a tov 
the county 
lis of Gafcc 
It is divide 
town, and 
fincft in Fr 
clivity of 
Gers, 37 r 
375 S. by 
lat. 43. 40. 

* A c c A u G R 1 
tal of the k 


in Huntingi 
of Huntingi 
for pedlar's 
Audi, EY-E 
Saffron Wa 
guft 5 for cl 

At-'ur, a largt 
in the I'yrer 
Alec, then 
from thence 
into the M 
N. E. of N.: 

AvEiRo, a tc 
t!ie lake of 
dutchy, and 
railci from t 
Lon. g. 30. 

AvELi. iNo, a 
dom of Nap 
cipate, with 
mod ruined 
and is 12 mi 
N. E. of > 
40. 53- 

* AvENCHF, : 

canton of 
nothing. It 
rat, five N. 
of Bern. L 
AvFRNo, a lal 
of Naples, ly 
is two miles 
Autliors havi 
ter was fo I 
dearl when fl; 
rc.ifun poets 
tut it is now 

'.~ ■ ll 

A V 

AvfiusJON, a town offrr.nce, in I.a 
che, on the confines of Limofiii, witlutie 
title of a vifcounty. It l'.;)S a maimfnc- 
ture of tnpiftry, which renders it a po- 
pulous trading; plate. It is fciited en 
the rivi;r Creufe, 37 miles N. Ei of Li- 
moges, and 17 E. of Bourganeuf. Lcn. 
19. 45. lat. 4.5. rS. 

Jii'CH, a town of France, and capital of 
the county of Armaf^nac, and n;etropo- 
lis of Gafcony, with an arclibiniop's fee. 
It is divided into the up})er and lower 
town, and the cathedral 13 one of the 
fineft in Francr. It is feated on the de- 
clivity of a mountain near the river 
Gers, 37 miles W, of Touloufe, and 
375 S. by VV. of Paris. Lon. iS. 10. 
lat. 43. 40. 

* Aec.^UGREL, a town of Africa, capi- 
tal of the kingdom of Adel, feated on a 
mountain. Lon. 61. 55. lat. 9. ic. 

* AucoNBuRV, or Alconbur V, a villar-c 
in Huntingdondiire, four milei N. W. 
of Huntingdon, witii a fair on June 24 
for pedlar's ware. 

* Audi. EY-ENii, a village in ElTex, by 
-Saffron Walden, with one fair on Au- 
guft 5 for cheei'e. 

Aunr, a lari!;e river of France, which lifcs 
in the I'yrenean mountains, runs N. by 
Alee, then to CarcalTone, and j)a(le:; 
from thence W. thro' Langue;l(;c, fallmt; 
into the Mediterranean a litUe to tlie 
N. E. of Narbonne. 

Ave I BO, a town of Portugal, feated on 
the lake of Vouga, with tlie title of a 
dutciiy, and a good harbour. It is fivi.' 
miles from the fea, and 30 S. of Porto. 
Lon. g. 30. lat. 40. 30. 

AvELi.iNo, a town of Italy, in tlie hlnr- 
doin of Naples, and in the uliL-rioi piin- 
cipate, with a bifhop's fee. It wai :il- 
moft ruined by an earthquake in 1694, 
and is 12 miles .S. of Benevento, and 2 - 



N. E. of Na;)U'3, 

4c. 53- 

' AvENCHE, a town of Swirtl-rland, inthi." 
canton of Bern, formerly capital of 
Swillerland, but now is alnioll come to 
nothing. It ii four miles S. W. of Mo- 
rat, five N. \V. of Friburg, and 1 5 W. 
of Born, I. on. 7.4. 37. lat. 46. (;o. 

AvFRKo, a lake of Italy, in tiis kiiw.uoin 
of Naples, lymg in a narrovv valley which 
J3 two miles lung, and about one broaJ. 
Autliors have formerly f lid that the wa- 
ter was fo bad that birJi drO])t down 
dea"! when flying ovet it. And for this 
rcafc/ii poets called it the lake of hell ; 
tut it 15 now feund to have ho poilwutfUj 

A U 

c,ualhy; for, birds not only fly ovsT 
if, but fwim upon it. A little to the 
W. of the lake is cave wliere fomu 
pretend they went formerly to confult 
the Cumrean Syb.l. There is alfo feme 
old walls {landing, that fome fuppofe 
to be the ruins of a temple of Apollo, 
.-ind others of Pluto. 

AvFRSA, a town of Itaiy, in the kingdom 
of Naples, and in tlie Terra di Lavoro, 
with a bifliop's fe.-. It is feated in a 
very fine plain, eight miles S. of Capua, 
aiyJ eiglit N. of Naples. Lon. 31. 50. 
Lt. 41. o. 

AvKG, or the Illand of birds, lies in .'J. 
America, in lat. 11.451. to the S. of 
Porf^ Rico, aud to the S. E. of the 
iHand Bonair, with a good harbour pro- 
per for the careening of fliips. It is fo 
called from the great number of birds 
that frequent it. There is anotlier of 
the faine name lying to the N. of this 
kit. i^. o. and anotlier in N. Ameiica, 
near the eaftern eoalt of Newfoundland, 
in lat. 50. 5. 

AvESNF.s, a finallhut flrong town of the 
Netherlands, in the county of Hainhalt, 
fiibjedl to France. It is feated on the ri- 
ver Ilcfper, 2 5 miles E. of • anibray, 
and 100 N. by E. of Paris. Lcn. 21. 53. 
lat. 50. 10. 

• AvoK, a fmall territory of France, irt 
Normandy, with the title of .-v vifcounty. 
It produces corn, flax, and plenty of 
api)les. Towards the fea there are falt- 
works, whire they mal^e very fine wiiire 
fait. It feeds a great number c( horned 
taule, whieh are fi'ld at Paris. Kon- 
fieur .ukI Port I.cvique are tlie principal 

Aei e-iiF, or ArsTA, an ifl.m.l in ti.e 
Adriatic Sea, on ihe coafl of Da'matj.i, 
near Ragufa, fubjecl to Venice. Lon. 
35. 10, lat. 42. 33. 

Au OUST IN, St. a foit of N. Amc;iea, on 
tliC F. co.-ifl of Florida, and on ti e c:;- 
tremliy of a neck of bin !, to the N. of 
which tliere Ls a bay with an illand. It 
lies on the frontiers of Georgia, and the; 
In^:h(li have ftveral times attempted tt> 
take it, but without fuccefs. Lat. §. 30. 

Augustine, a cape of S. America, in 
Crafil, 300 miles N. E. of the Bay of 
All S;iints. Lon. 33. 35, lat. 8, 30. 

AuGi:;; TOW, a fma!!, but flrong, town of 
PoLird, in the duiehy and palatinate of 
Peril (kia, feated on the river N.iricu, 44 
miles N. of Ei.lill:, ico N. by E. of 
Waifiv/, and 175 E. of Dar.tzitU. 


Lon. 41. 3;. Lit, 53. 25. 






AviciiANo, a fmall town of Italy, in 
Piedmont, feven miles W. of Turin, 
and tcnN. of Pignerol, Lon. 24. 35. 

Avignon, a liandfomc and large town of 
Fiance, in Provence, and capital of a 
territory of the fame name, wliicli de- 
pends rn the pope, with an arohbilhop's 
fee, and an univerfity. It was formally 
the* refidence of the popes before they 
removed to Rome. Tlic churches are 
very handfonie, and there v^-as a famous 
bridge of 19 arches, which are now re 
duced to three. There is an inqui: tion 
erefted here, but it is not fo rigorous as 
thofc of Spain and Portugal, becaufe the 
Jews are allowed to have a fynagogue 
here. It is advantageoufly fcated on the 
river Rhone, 12 miles S. of Orange, 
40 N. of Aix, 17 N. E. of Arks, and 
so E. of Nifmes. Lon. 22. 29. lat. 

AviLA, an ancient, pleafant, and llrong 
town of Spain, in Old Caftile, with an 
univerfity. They have a manufaflure of 
fine cloth, and it is fcated in a fine large 
plain, furrounded with mountains tliat 
are covered with fruit trees and vine- 
yards. It is 30 miles S, W. of Segovia, 
40 S. E. of Salamanca, and 40 N. W. 
of Madrid. Lon. 13. 22. lat. 40. 35. 

AviLEs, a town of Spain, in the king- 
dom of Leon, in Alfuria d'Ovicdo, on 
the Bay of Bifcay, 25. miles N. of Ovie- 
do. Lon. II. 36. lat. 43. 41. 

Avis, a fmall town of Portugal, In Alcn- 
tejo, feated on an eminence, with a 
caftle near the river Avis. Hence the 
military order of the knights of Avis 
have their name. It is 17 miles W. of 
/.flremoz, 22. N. of Evora, and 60 E. 
of Liibcn. Lon. 10. 30. lat. 3S.40. 

AuKLAND Bishops, a town in the bifhop- 
rick of Durham, with a market on 
Thurfdays, and three fairs on Holy 
Tliurfday, June 21, and on the Thurf- 
day before Old Michaelmas day, for 
cattle and flieep. It is pleafantly fcated 
on tlie fide of a hill, and is noted for its 
eaftlc, beautifully repaired about ico 
years ago, for its chapel, whofe architec- 
tedlure is very curious, and for its 
bridge. It is eight miles S. by W. of 
D lam, and 254 N. N. W. of London. 
Lon, 16. 33. lat. 54. 44. 

• AuLciifcTER, a town of W-arwickdiire, 
with a market on Tuefdays, and three 
fairs on Tucfday before April 5, May 
iS, and Oftober 17, for horfes and 
•hoefe, It was formerly mere confider- 

A U 

able than it Is at prefent, and is 14 mil«< 
W. S. VV. of Warwick, feven W. of 
Stratford upon Avon, and eighty-one 
N. W. of London. Lon. 15. 43. lat. 
52. 15. 

* AuLi's, a town of France, in Provence, 
in the dioctfe of Ficjus, witli the title 
of a Vigueria. Lon. 24. 5. lat. 43. 40. 

Al'MALE. See Al. D FR MAi:i. E, 

* AuNAY, a tov.'n of France, in the ge- 
nerality of Oilcan.-), and eleftioi\ t.f 
Blois. There is alfo an abbey of the 
fame name in Nonriandy, and diocefe of 
B.i>,cux of the Ciilertian order, which i* 
very rich. 

* AuNEAu, a town of France, in tlie 
territory of Chartrain, with an old caftle. 
It is ten miles from Cliartres, and 35 
from Paris. 

Aims, a fmall territory of Fiance, to the 
N. of Poitou, from which it i» feparatcd 
by the river S^urc. It is bounded on 
the W. by the ocean, and on the E. and 
S. by Saintonge. It is a dry country, 
and yet produces corn and plenty of 
wine. In the low marfliy grounds there 
are meadows which feed a great many 
cattle. Wood is very fcarce, but there 
arc many fait raarflies, out of which 
they make as good fait as any in Europt-. 
As it has feveral fea-port towns, it car- 
ries on a good trade, parricularly in 
brandy. Rocliclle is the capital. 

Avon, a river tliat rifts in Wiltlliire, and 
running W. to Batli, becomes navigable 
tliere, and continues it^coiiife to Bril^of, 
where it falls into the Briftol channel a 
few miles N. W. of that city. 

Avon, a river that rifcs in Leicefterniiif, 
and running S. W. by Warwick, conti- 
nues its courfe by Evefham, and falls into 
the Severn atTewklbury, inClouceftcr- 

AuRACH, a town of Germany, in the S. 
part of Swabia, and dutchy of Wirtcm- 
berg, with a ftrong; caftle. It is fcated 
at the foot of a mountain, on tlie rivu- 
let Ermft, 15 miles fron\ Tubingen, 
and 25 W. of Ulm. Lon. 27. 4. lat. 
4S. 25. 

AuRANciirs, an ancient town of France, 
in Lower Normandy, in a territory called 
Avranchin, with a bilhop's fee. This 
territory is 30 miles in length, and 25 
in breadth, and the air is mild and teni- 
peiatc. The cyder that is made here it 
thought to be tlie beft in Lower Nor- 
mandy. The town is feated in a moun- 
tain rear the river Sec, a mile and half 
from the ocean, 22 S. of Courtanges, 


And 30 E. ( 
lat. 48. 41. 

At; RAY, a fc 
Brittany, in 
is eight mile 
Lon. 14. 40, 

AuRE, a rivei 
that rifes in 
miles from 
Drome in t 
gradually dif 
rife again at 


A<ia, and c:; 
lagate, in t 
Mogul. It i 
and is feated 
140 miles S. 
of Goa. Lc 
AuR icK, a to\ 
cle of Wedi. 
with a cadle 
is feated in 
foierts full ol 
Embden, an 
Lon. 25. o. 1 


lous town of 
vergne, witi 
feated on the 
W. of St. F 
Lon. 20. 3. 1 
AusBURG, or 
lage, famous 
many, and 
bifhdp's (ee, 
fovereign (La 
the burghers, 
and other j)ul 
nificent. It 
pafture land, 
plains, with 
of game. It 
vvliere the Lu 
feflion of fa 
held in the y 
it is called 
which octafio 
pirc between 
that hlled u 
biiliop is one 
■sf the empire 
government o 
by the French 
cioned it in th 
b.ittIcof IhhU 
tiie liver Wc 


A V 

A U 


dnd 30 £. of St. Maloe. Lon. 16. 17. 
lat. 48. 41. 

AuRAY, a fea-port town of France, in 
Brittany, in the gulph of Maubian. It 
is eight miles W, of Vannes, 15 S. E of 
Hennebon, and 58 S. W. of Rennes. 
Lon. 14. 40. lat. 47. 48. 

AuRE, a river of Norntandy, in France, 
that rifes in the parifhi of Parlouru, fix 
miles from tlie fea. It unites with the 
Drome in the parifli of Malfons, and 
gradually difappears, but it Is thought to 
rife again at I'ort-en-Beflin. 

AuRENGABAD, a large town of India, in 
Alia, and capital of the province ot Ba- 
lagate, in the dominions of the great 
Mogul. It is a trading jjopulous place, 
and IS feated in a very Iruitful country, 
140 miles S. t. of Surat, and 145 N. E. 
of Goa. Lon. 93. 30, lat. 19. 10. 

AuRicK, a town of Germany, in the cir- 
cle of Weftphaiia, and in E. Frielland, 
with a caltle where the count rclidcs. It 
is feated in a plain furrounded with 
foreds full of game, 12 miles N. E. of 
Einbdcn, and 20 N. of OkLnburg. 
Lon. 25. o. lat. 53. 28. 

• AuRiLLAC, a conliderable and popu- 
lous town of France, in the Lower Au- 
vergne, with a fecular abbey. It is 
feated on the river Jordane, 30 miles S 
W. of St. Flour, and 250 S. of Paris. 
Lon. 20. 3. lat. 44. 55. 

AesBURG, or Aucsburc, a handfome, 
lage, famous, and ancient town of Ger- 
many, and circle of Swabia, with a 
hifhop's lee. It is an imperial city, or 
fovcieii;n ftatc, being governed by the 
town-council and the reprefcntatives of 
the burghers, who are lialf Froteilants and 
half Papifts. The churches, town-houfe, 
and other public buildings are very mag- 
nificent. It is furrounded with fine 
pafture land, beautiful and very fertile 
plains, with large foreils full of all forts 
of game. It was in tlie hifhop's palace 
where the Lutherans prefented tiieir con- 
feflton of faith to the emperor Charles, 
held in the year 15^0; and from hence 
it is called the coiifefllcn of Aufljurg, 
wliich octafion'.-d a civil war in the em- 
pire between the Prote!*ant5 and Papifts, 
tliat Lirted upwards of 20 years. Tlie 
birtiop is one of the ecclefiaitical princ«;s 
■of the empire, but has no rtiare in ti.e 
government of the town. It was taken 
by the French in 1703, but they aban- 
doned it in the year following, after the 
battle of Ho.ltftadt. It is feated betwecji 
tlie iiv^r Wcrdath and Lech, •?© miles 

N. W. of Munich, 62 5. of Nuremberg, 
125 E. of Strafburg, and 200 W. of 
Vienna, Lon. z8. 28. lat. 48. 24. 

* AusTLE, St. a village of Cornwall^ 
that has formerly been of fome account ; 
and it has now three fairs on Good Fri- 
day, Whit-Taurfday, and November 10, 
for horfes, oxen, Iheep, cloth, and a 
few hops. It is fix miles W. of Foy. 

Austria, a country of Germany, bounded 
on the N. by Bohemia and Moravia, on 
the E. by Hungary, on the S. by Styria, 
and on the W. by the archbifhopric of 
Saltzberg. The river Ens divided it iiito 
the Upper and Lower ; Vienna is the ca- 
pital of the Lower, and I»intz is capital 
of t!ie Upper. Aurtria excels all tha 
provinces of Germany by the fertility Of 
its foil, the plenty of its paftures, the 
wholefomenefs of the air, and the beau- 
ty of the country. Corn, wine, and 
fruit .Tre very plenty ; and the faffrori is 
better than that which comes from the 
Eaft-Indies. We mull not confound 
Proper Auflria with the Circle of Aufliia, 
which is the chief of the Circles of the 
empire j nor yet with the territories of 
the houfe of Aullria. It v/as long fince 
made an archdutchy, and enjoys greac 

AuTHiK, a river of France, that rifes on 
the borders of Picardy and Artois, and 
runs between the mouths of the Somme 
and Canchc into the fea. 

Autre Eglise, a village of Brabant, in 
the Auftrian Netherlands, to which the 
left wing of the French army extended 
when the confederates obtained a lign .1 
vidtory over the French at Ramilics in 
1706. It is t\Vo miles N. E. of Ra- 
milles, and 20 N. of N.amur. Lon. 
2». 25. lat. 50. 40. 

AuTUN, an ancient and very handfome 
town of F'rance, in the dutchy of Bur- 
gundy, and ca|)ital of the Autunois, 
with a bifliop's fee. It contains very 
fine monuments of antiquity, but is 
not fo confiderahle as it was formerly, 
fince it was ruined by the Saracens in 
750. It is feated at the foot of three 
large mountains near the river Aroux, 
45 miles E. by S. of Nevers, 40 S. W. 
of Dijcn, 30 \v. of Chalons, and i6z 
S. VV. of Pans. Lon, j.i. 58. la:. 

15- 57- 
AuvERGNE, a province of France, tjbout 
100 m les in Icni^th, and 75 in breadth. 
Ii is bounded on the N. by the Bourbon- 
noii, on the E. by Torez and Velay, on 
VV. fcy Limcfin, Qjicrc>, and La Mar • 




■ I 

■' i', 


■ 'f' 



*'" "' •'. ''Hi' 

' ; > 

i 1 

'-' ! 

' » .■ 

A X 

che, and on the S. by Rovergne, and tlie 
Cevenncs. It is divided into the Upper 
and Lower; and this laft is called Li- 
magne, which is one of the moft fertile 
and pleafant countries in the world. 
Auvergne fupplies Lyons and I'ans with 
fat cattle, and makes a large quantity ot 
checfe ; and has nianufiftures of fevcral 
kinds. The inhabitants ,ve fo induftnous 
that lo or 12000 labourers and tinkers 
go into Spain and other countries every 
year. The principal rivers arc the Al- 
lier, the Dordogne, and the Alagnon. 
There are three remarkable high moun- 
tains, and feveral mineral fprinpis. 
Clermont is the capital of the whole 

AuxtnRE, an an 'cnt town of France. 
in the dutchy of iiurgundy, and capital 
of the Auxerrois, with a bilhop's Ice. 
The epifcopal palace is one of the liand- 
fomeft in France, and the churches arc 
very beautiful. It is very advantageoufly 
fituated for tr.ide with Paris on the river 
Yone, 25 miles S. of Sens, and 92 S. 
E. of Paris. Lon. 21. 14. lat. 47. 54. 

AuxoNNE, a fniall fortified town of 
France, in the dutchy of Burgundy. It 
is feated on the river Saone, where there 
is a bridge of 23 .uchcs to facilitate the 
running off of the waters after the over- 
flowiijg of the river. At the end of the 
bridge there is a caufway 22^0 paces 
long. It is 17 miles E. of Dijon, 12 
N. W. of Dole, and 185 S. E. of Paris. 
Lon. 23. 4. lat. 47. II. 

• Auxois, a fmall territory of France, in 
Burgundy, of which Semur is the c.ipital. 

Aw LAN, a fmall imperial town of Ger- 
many, in the circle of Swabia, feated on 
the river Kochen, 15 miles W. of Oet- 
ing, and 12 N. of Heidenhoim. Lon. 

28.45. l^^- 4^' 5-- 

AxBRiDCE, a town in Somerfetflnre, witli 
a market on Thurfdays, and two f.iirs 
on March 25, and June 11, for catdc, 
Iheep, checfe, and toys. It is feated 
under Mendip-hills, which arc rich in 
iead mines, and proper for feeding cat- 
tle. It is a niayor town, confilHng i;f 
one principal Arcet, VThicii I: loni^ hut 
narrow. It is ten miles N. W. of Wills, 
and 130 W. of London. Lun. 14. 35. 
lat. 51. 30. 

AxKL, a town of tlie Netherlands, in 
Dutch Flanders, which was taken by the 
French in 1747. It is feated in a mo- 
rafs, 12 miles N. of Ghtnt, and 15 W. 
of Antwerp. Lon. 21. 24. lat. 51, 17. 

A»iM, a terrltorjr on the j^oid-toilt cf 

A Y 

Guinea, and contains two or three 
toAviis or villages, lying on the fea-fhon.-. 
The negro iniiabitants are (generally ricli^ 
and fell a great deal of gold to the Eng- 
li(h and Dutch. They aie likewifc in- 
duftrious in filhing .ind tilling the j^round, 
whicii produces a prodigious quantity of 
rice, which they tranfport to other 
places on the coalt, and brmg back In- 
dian corn, yams, potatoes, and palni- 
oil. They all go naked in the fame 
manner as on the rell of the coart, hav- 
ing nothing to hide their nakednefs but a 
clout. '1 he Dutch have a fort and fac- 
tory iiere, called St. Antony. Lon. 13. 
35. lat. 5. o. 

AxMiNsrtR, a town of Devonfliire, with 
a market on Saturdays, and three fairs 
on April 25, Wednefday after }une 24, 
and the firll Wednefday aU(.r September 
29, all for cattle. It is feated on the ri- 
ver Ax, near the edge of the county, in 
the great road from London to Exeter, 
and was a place of feme note in the time 
of the Saxons. This town has a port- 
reve ; but hai_ no conflable, nor any 
other officer. It has one church, and 
about 200 lioufes ; hut the llrcets, tho' 
paved, are ft vr.ewluit narrow. Here is 
a fmall manufactory of broad and nar- 
row clotiis ; alfo fome carpets are here 
made in the Turky manner. It is 25 
miles E. by N. of Exeter, 43 W. by S. 
of Salifbury. and 146 en tlie fame point 
from London. Lon. 14.20. lat. i;o. 40. 

AxuMA, formerly a large and handfomc 
town of Ab\irmia, and capital of the 
whole enipiie, but at piefent it is no 
more than a village. However there are a 
great number of ruins which (hew that 
it has been a large place. It is 125 
miles W. of the Red Sea. Lon. 54. o. 
lat. 14. ! 3. 

♦ Av, a tuwn of France, in Ciiampagnc, 
near the river iVIaine, a mile am! half 
N. E. of Eperna, and 12 S. of Rheiins, 
remarkable for its excellent wines. 
Lon. 21. 45. lat. 4g. 4. 

AYAMoNir, a fea-pcrt of Spain, 
in Andahir.n, withaftron:; callle built on 
a rock. It fnpplies the fliips with failors 
tiiat are bound to the We(t-Indies, and is 
feated at the inautli of tho river Ciiridi- 
ana, oppofitc to Caftro Martna. It is 
15 milts L'.of '1 avlra, 90 W. of Seville, 
and So N. W, cf Cadi;. Lon. 10. 35. 
lat. 37. 9. 

Aymouih, a town of Scotland, in the 
county oi Mcrs, which wai foimerly 
lortilied to curl) the g.iriiioii of Bvrwick, 


from wliich i 
45. lat. 55. 3 

* A Z A M R , 

Africa, in 
.nnd in tlie pn 
formerly vei 
ruined by tlie 
10. 30. lat. - 

* AzAY, a to\ 
feated on the 
of Tours, a 
Lon. iS. 5. 


Afia, in the ^ 
very fertile, ; 
lilver, iron, 
the king. T 
of gurn-lac, ' 
nilh of all / 
well made, a 
a delicacy, 
marry fevera 
the capital to\ 
AxcKq.u £, a riv( 

* AZMER, a tc 
t!ie dominion 
pital of s pr 
with ati extrci 
dcrately larg 
fnmetimes go 
their children 
bitants are vci 
roads are vcr) 
oxen, wiiich r 
The prir.cipal 
firtiin (alt-pet 

* Azo, a tov.n 
feated on the 
Azem, on the 
o, l.W 25. o. 

Azof. St.cA:< 
AzoR FS, are ill 
tic Ocean, <; 
'j hey were d 
the I 5tl» cent 
ler. Angra, 
is the capital 
here is very 
(iucc corn, gi 
j)lenty. The; 
VVeltern Klan* 
tugal. Lon. 



A n - E L - ^' 

tween the c 
and which u: 


B A 

from wliicli it is fix miles N. Lon. 15, 
45. lat. 55. 50. 

* AzAMOR, a fmall fea-port town of 
Africa, in the kingdom of Morocco, 
and in the province of Duquela. It was 
formerly very confiderable, but was 
ruined by the Tortuguele in 1 5 1 3. Lon. 
10. 30. lat. 32. 50. 

* A/ AY, a town of France in Touraine, 
fented on the river Inder, 1 5 miles S. W. 
of Tours, and ten S, W. of Chinon. 
Lon. 18. 5. lat. 47. 18. 

AzEM, AsrM, or Acham, a kingdom of 
Afia, in the N'. ]>nrt of that of Ava. It is 
very fertile, and contains mines of gold, 
filver, iron, and lead, which belong to 
the kins;, Tliey have a great quantity 
of gurn-lac, which m.akes the befl var- 
nilh of all Afia. The inhabitants are 
well made, and look ujion dog'f. flelh as 
a delicacy. They are idolaters, and 
marry feveral wives. KemmeroufF is 
the capital town. 

A«ER (I.U E, a river of Lyonnois, in France. 

* AZMER, a town of the Eaft-Indies, in 
the dominions of ti.e CJreat Mogul, ca- 
pital of a province of the fame name, 
with an extreme llroni^ callle. It is mo- 
derately large, ar,d the Great Moyul 
fometimcs goes thither. They mnrry 
thLJr children very young, qnd the in!ia- 
bitants are very rude and unpolite. The 
roads arj very ilony, and they ftioe their 
oxen, w'.iich many ufe inftead of horfi , 
The prir.cip;il trade of this province con- 
firtsin falt-petre. Lon. 93.0 1,^.25.30. 

•* Azo, atov.aof Afia, in the Kaft Indit.-, 
featcd on the frontiers of the kinpdc ni (>1 
Azem, on the river Laquia, Lon, 10;. 
o. lat 25. o. 

Azof. Stc Acoph. 

AzoBFS, are illinds that lie in the Atlan- 
tic Ocean, ^oo mites \V. of Lilbon. 
'1 hey were difcovercd in tlit middle of 
the 15th century, and are nine in num- 
ier. Angr.i, in the irtand of 'I'urctn, 
is the capital of the whole. The air 
here is very wlioleU'me, and they pro- 
duce corn, grapes, fruit, and cattle in 
jilenty. They arc fometimcs called the 
Welk-rn Klands, and are fuhjei't to i'or- 
tugal. Lon. from 346, to 35.]. lat. 59. 

* ^^st* ,^ ?:f: A^: ':i'^t'fi^ i 

'» JU <*» %<< .>*♦ •4* 




A n - E L - M A N D E L, a (1 reii;ht be- 

twcen the coaft of Alrica and Arabia, 

and wliith unites the Kcd Sea with the 

B A 

ocean. There is a fmall idand and i 
mountain of the fame name, from 
whence it is fo called. Lon. 62. 5^ lat 
12. 4.0. 

* Barenhausik, a town of Germany, 
in Swabia, and in the dutchy of Wir- 
temburg. It is five miles N. of Tubin- 
gen. Lon. 26. 46. lat. 455. 39. 

* IiABOLiTz A Caretiin A, orBABOM- 
ZA, a town of Hungary, or rather Scla- 
vonia, feated near the river Drave be- 
tween Fofltga and Zygcth. 

Babylon, once a famous city in Afia, 
and perhaps at time the largeft in the 
world. It is now fo ruined thr.t the 
place where it Hood cannot be difcovercd 
with any certainty. Iliwever, we arc, 
fure that it was feated on the river Eu- 
phrates ; and asfonie think over againrt. 
Bagdad, on the Tygris. Thi; laft place is, 
by many travellers, falfely called Babylon. 
This was alfo the name of a city ifi 
Egypt, fuppou'd to fland near the place 
where Cairo (l;ird. now. What authors 
tell us concern^.ig the bignefs of Old 
Babylon is almoll incredible ; for the/ 
affiim it was 566 fladiain circumference, 
which is about 50 of our Aatute miles ; 
however, it wa-. not full of houfes ; fcf, 
within ih J walls, there were not only gar- 
dens and orchards, but cultivated fields. 
It was divided by the Euphrates into two 
equal parts tliat communicated by a ftone 
bridi;e 61^ feet in length, and ■^o broad. 
The tower ol Babel within this city wa'. 
built in a fqun'c form, and was i<6o cu- 
bits hiyh ; and the circumference at the 
bottom was 4 or 5000. The hanging 
gardens at Babylon were fuch a prodi- 
gious work that they pn(Ted for one of 
the leven wonders of tiie world. Therft 
were four of them that contained each 
lour acies of land, and they were fuj>- 
pfirred by vail columns at the top of ,t 
pal.icc that v>as 2,50c paces in circum- 
ference, and they were ditpcfcd in the 
foim of an amiihitheatre. The walls of 
Babylon were alfo fo aftoniniing, tliat thei'e 
alio palTcd for one of the feven wonder*; 
and they were built of bricks, and in- 
ftead of mortar t'.icy made m'e of bitu- 
men i the circumference was c.c mile? as 
above, and they were 2co feet high, and 
50 thick, according to fome. 'l'h( rt; 
was alfo a temple conf":rated to Be'iis, 
whofe magnitici t-.ce correfj>Qnded with 
the grandeur of the city, which was the 
capital if the ATvrlan empire, and .if- 
terwards c( tlir kmsdoin of E-il'yUu 
t'oundcd by Naboaa:-.:ir. 

i I i B A » .< , 


lil !' 


[nil, i)|il ' :■ i 

■I Mi 

Ki I 




i 1 
'1' i 

1 1 

B A 

lACA, or Baza, a town of Spain, in the 
kingdom of Granada : it was formerly 
Veryftrong. It is 15 miles N. E. ot 
Guadix, and 17 S. W. of Ouefcar. 
Lon. 15. 34- >»*-37- 18. 

B\cAiM, or Bazaim, a handfome fea- 
port town of Afia, in the kingdom of 
Vifapour, on the coaft of Malabar, in 
the pcninfula on this fide the Ganges, 
fubjeft to the Portuguefe. It is 50 milts 
S. of Daman, 20 N. of Bombay, and 
400 N. of Goa. Lon. 90. 40. )at. 

ig. o. 

Bacano, orBAccANO, a village of Italy, 
in the patrimony of St. Peter. It is 
/eated on a fmall lake, on which it be- 
ftpws its name, and even a river and a 
wood, but it has nothing elfe confider- 
able, only the river is well known on ac- 
count of the defeat of the Fabii, in the 
ayyth year of Rome. 

Bacaseray, a town in the peninfula of 
Crimea, in Little Tartary, where the 
khan of tlie Crim Tartars generally re- 
fides, and is 60 miles S. of Precop. 
Lon. 52. 30. lat. 45. 30. 

Baccarach, a town of Germany, in 
the Lower Palatinate, formerly impe- 
rial, and famous for its wine. It is 
feated on the Rhine, nine miles E. of 
Caftellaun, 20 S. of Coblentz, and 17 
E. of Mayence, or Mentz. Lon. 25. 15. 
lat. 49. 57. 

* Bach, a town of Lower Hungary, in 
the county of 'I'oln, feated on the 
river Danulae ; it was formerly a biflioj)'s 

Bachian, one of the Molucca Iflands, in 
the Eaft-Indies, which produces cloves. 
It is very fruitful, and belon!!;s to the 
Dutch, who have a fort here. Lon. 
142. 35. lat. o. 

Bachmut, a fortified town of RufTia, in 
Europe, in the diftrift of Wornonedi ; 
it is feated on a river of the fame name, 
in a plain on its eaftern bank, and is de- 
fended by a citadel. 

Baciita, a river of Ruflia, in Afia, that 
falls into the Jenefey. 

Bachu, a fea-port of Perfia, in the pro- 
vince of Shirvan, feated on the; vveftern 
coaft of the Cafpian Sea, 300 miles S. of 
Aftrachan, and 120 N. of Ferabat. 
Lon. 66. 35. lat. 40, o. 

Bactria, a country formerly fo called, 
which is now part of Ulbeck Tartary, 
and the Perfian province of Chorazan. 

Badajoz, a large and flrong town of 
Spain, and capital of Eftramadura, with a 

B A 

biihop's fee, a ftrongcaftie, and a famoui 
bridge built by the Romans on the river 
Guadiana. It was on this bridge that 
tlie Portugucfc were defeated by Don 
John of Auftria, in 1661. It was be- 
fieged by the Allies in 1701;, but to no 
purpofe. It is feated on the river Gua- 
diana, in a very fertile territory, abound- 
ing in patluies, 12 miles S. E. of Elvas, 
100 N. by W. of Seville, and 175 S. 
by W. of M.idrid. Lon. 11. 27. lat. 

* BAnni-ESMOR F, a vUlagc in Kent, eight 
miles W. of Canterbury, with a fair on 
September 6, for linnen and toys. 

Badei.ona, a town of Catalonia, in 
Spain, with a fortrcfs on the Mediter- 
ranean. It is the place where lord Pc- 
teiijorougli landed, in 1704, when he 
was going to beliege Barcelona, from 
which it is ten miles E. Lon. 19, 50. 
ht. 41. 12. 

Badf.n, a fmall handfome town of Ger- 
many, in the circle of Swabia, and in 
the margravate of the fame name, of 
which it is capital, with the caflle on the 
top of a mountain, where tlie prince of- 
ten relides. It is remarkable for its 
baths, from whence it takes its name, 
and is feated near the Rhine, three miles 
S. E. of Rallat, 20 N. E. of Stralhurg, 
and 30 S. of Spire. Lon. 26. 54, lat. 
48. 50. 

* Badkn, the margr.ivafe of, in the cir- 
cle of Swabia, is hounded on the N. by 
the palatinate and hilhoprick of Spires, 
on the E. by the dutchy of Wirtcmburg, 
and principality of Fuiftembcrg, on the 
S. hy the Hrifgaw, and on the W. by the 
Rhine. It is divided into two parts, the 
Upper and the Lower. 

Bapen, an ancient and handfome town of 
Swiflerland, in the county of the fame 
name. It is remarkable for its baths, 
and the treaty of peace concluded here 
in 1714, lutween Germany and Spain. It 
was taken by the cantons of Bern and 
Zurich, in 1712, who continue maftcrs 
of it, allowing the Papirts liberty of 
confcience. It is feated on the river Li- 
mat, ten miles N. W. of Zurick, and 
30 S. E. of Bafle, or Bafil. Lon. 25. 
5,'. lat. 47. 27. 

Badkn, a town of Germany, in the arch- 
dutchy of Auftria, famous for its hot 
baths, which is feated on the river Sue- 
chat, 12 miles N. E. of Newftat, and 15 
S. W. of Vienna, Lon, 34. ao. lat. 
48. 0. 




the Brifgav 
the Rhine, 
and 12 N. 
lat. 47. 55. 

B A D I N O C H , i 

on the N. 
Murray, ot 
W. by Loci 

Bap IS, a for 
Ruflia, 20 
35. lat. 59 

Baeza, a la 
Spain, in 
and a bilho 
the Moors, 
It is feated c 
N. E. of 
and 425 S 
lat. 37. 45. 

* Baffo, a 
prus, with 
phos, of w 
able ruins 
fome broke 
belonged to 
a large an( 
are tranfp^r 
it, which foil 
but falfely. 

Baffin's Ba 
difcovered h 
who attemp 
fage to the 
70 to 80 dej 

Bafwen, a 1 
den, in whic 

• Bagbor, > 
fliire, fix m 
fair on May 

Bagdad, or 
feated on tl 
gris, which 
but now is 
The countr 
Arabi, of v 
a large trad 
built, and 
feveral vacn 
It is about 
and is inhafa 
Turks and 
pretty flron; 
of tile river 
other fide, t 
is looked up 
It was the c 
till taken Iv 


B A,R, a town of Germany, in 
the Brifgaw, belonging to the lowtr 
margravate of Baden. It is fcated near 
the Rhine, ten miles S. E. of Fiiburg, 
and 12 N, E. of Bafle. Lon. 25. 20. 
iat. 47. 55. 

Badinock, a county of Scotland, bounded 
on the N, by Invtinefs, on the E. by 
Murray, on the S. by Athol, and on the 
W. by Lochabar. 

Bad IS, a fortrefs of Livonia, fubjedl to 
RufTia, 20 miles E. of Revel. Lon. 40. 
35. Iat. 59. 15. 

Baeza, 3 large and handfome town of 
Spain, in Andalufia, with a univerfity, 
and a bifliop's fee. It was taken from 
the Moors, towards the end of the i 5th 
century, by Ferdinand the Catholick. 
It is feated on the Guadalquiver, 1 1; miles 
N. E. of Jaen, five S. W. of Ubeda, 
and 425 S. of Madrid. Lon. 14. 58. 
Iat. 37. 45. 

* Baffo, a town in the ifl.ind of Cy- 
pjus, vv'itli a fort built near ancient Fa- 
phos, of which there remain confider- 
able ruins near the port, particularly 
fome broken columns, whicli probably 
belonged to the temple of Venus. It is 
a large and agreeable place ; and there 
are tranfpsrent ftones to the wcftward of 
it, which fome have taken to be diamonds, 
but falfely. Lon. 50. o. Iat. 34. i;o. 

Baffin's Bay, a pulph in N. America, 
difcovered by one Baffin, an Enplilhman, 
who attempted to find out a N. W. paf- 
fage to the South Sea. It extends from 
70 to 80 degrees of latitude. 

Bafwen, a lake of Sudermania, in Swe- 
den, in which there is an hundred illands. 

• Bagbor,, a village in Sonicr- 
rtiirc, fix miles N. of Taunton, with a 
fairon May 12, for cattle of all forts. 

Bagdad, or Bagdat, a town ot' Afia, 
feated on the E. hank of the river Ty- 
gris, which formerly belonged to Perfia, 
but now is in jiofTefllon of the Turks. 
The country it ftands in is called Irac 
Arabi, of wiiicli it is tlie capital. It is 
a large trading place, but is wretchedly 
built, and thinly peopled, there being 
feveral vacant places within the walls. 
It is about three miles in circumference, 
and is inhabited by Chriftians as well as 
Turks and other religions. It has a 
pretty ftrong caftle f;.ated on the banks 
of the river ; and over aT;ainft it, on the 
other fide, there is another town, which 
is looked u])t)n as tlie fuburbs of Bagdad 
It was the capital of the Saracen empire, 
till taken by the Turks in tin 13th cen- 

B A 

tury: fince which it has been taken and 
retaken feveial times by the Turks and 
Perfians ; and laft of all by the Turks, in 
1638, and they have been in poflTeflTion of 
it ever fince. Kouli-Khan befieged this 
place, but in vain. It is 250 miles N. 
by W. of BaflTora, or Buzzarah, 150 S. 
by E. of Moufol, and 155 E. of Annah. 
Lon. 63. 1 5. Iat. 33. 15. 
Bagnagar, a town qf Afia, in the domi- 
nions of the Great Mogul, and capital of the 
kingdom of Golconda, in the peninfula on 
this fide of the Ganges. The inhabitants 
within the town are the better fort; and 
the merchants, and meaner peopk, inha- 
bit the fuburbs, which is three miles long. 
It was tl e refidence of the kings of 
Golconda before it was taken by Aureng- 
zehc. It was chiefly taken notice of for 
a magnificent refervoir of water, round 
which a colonade was built fupported 
by arches. It is fcated near the river 
Nerva, 75 miles S. E. of Solopore, and 
150 W. of Mafulitapan. Lon. 96. o. 
Iat. 1 5. 50. 

* Bagnara, a fea-port town of Italy, in 
the kingdom of Naples, and in Ulterior 
Calabria, with the title of a dutchy. It 
is eight miles S. of I'alma. Lon. 33. 
48. Iat. 38. 15. 

* Racnarf. A, a town of Italy, in the pa- 
trimony of St. Peter, and diftrift of Or- 
vic'o, with a bifliop's fee. It is five 
miles S. of Orvieto, and 12 N. of Viter- 
bo. Lon. 29. 40. Iat. 42. 36. 

* Bagnerf.s, a town of France, in Gaf- 
cony, and in the county of Bigorre. It 
is fo called on account of its mineral 
waters, which are good in feveral difcafes. 
It is feated on the river Adour, ten miles 
S. E. of Tarli. Lcn. 17. 42. Iat. 43. 3. 

Bagniai.ack, a large town of Turky, in 
Europe, in the province cf Bofnia, 60 
miles N. E. of Spalatto, and 90 S. of 
I'ofega. Lon. 35. 50. Iat. 44. o. 

* Bagnolas, a town of France, in Lower 
Languedoc. It has a very handfome 
fquare and two fountains which rife in 
the middle of the town. It is feated 
rear the river Ccfe, in which goid-duft 
has been found, eight miles S. W. 
of Pont St. Efprit. Lon. 22. 13. Iat. 
44. 10. 

Bahama I s t. a v n s , which are often called 
the Lucca IHands, lying in the Atlan- 
tick ocean. They are very numerous 
but there are only 12 which re taken 
nnicli notice of. The gulph of Florida, 
or Bahama, through which the SpaniHi 
galluons fail this way in their paflfage to 

Europe ; 




If 1' 

" 1 





Surope; lie* 

B A 

between thcfe idands and 


• 111 


the continent of Florida. 

Bahama Propei^, an llland wlilch gives 
name to thofc in the preceding article, 
lies between 300 and jo^dtgrccsof lon- 
gitude, and between 26 and z-j of l-»ti- 
tude. Thefe iOands were difcovered by 
Columbus, in 1492. But for a more 
particular account i'ee Providence. 

Iaharin Islanp, lies in the golph of 
Perfia, and was formerly vtry famous 
for its pearl-hlhsry, which is now come 
to nothing. Lon, 67. 35. lat. 26. o. 

Bahui, a Arong town of Sweden, and 
capital of a government of the f-nio 
name, with a caftle. It is feated on a 
rock in a fmall ifland, ten miles N. of 
Cottenburg, and 1 50 N. of Copenhagen. 
Lon. 29. 20. lat. (,-]. 52. 

Baja, a town of Italy, in the kingdom o'i 
Naples, and Terra de Lavoro. It was 
famous for its hot baths and elegant pa- 
laces in the time of the Romans, of 
which there are fome ruins remaining'; 
but it is now otherwife inconfiocrablc. 
It is feated on the fea-coaft, 12 milus W. 
of Naples. Lon. 32. 15. lat. 41. 6. 

Baja, a populous town of Hungary, feated 
on t'le Danube, in a fruitful country, 
45 miles N. W. of Efltck. Lon. 37. 
20. lat. 46, 40. 

Bajador, a cape on the W. coaft of 
Africa, S. of the Canary Iflands. Lon. 
I. 35. lat. 27.0. 

* Baikal, a great lake in Siberia, on the 
road from Mufcovy to China. It is of 
very large extent, and yet the waters arc 
frefh and very clear, but at a diflance it 
looks of a deep green like the fea. There 
are a great many feals in it which are all 
of a blackifli colour, with multitudes of 
ftlh, particularly fturgeons of a mon- 
ftrous fize. The river Angara runs out 
of this Like to the N. N. W. Tiierc are 
camels here of a very large fize, as alfo 
muflc-deer, virhich look very like a young 
buck without horns. They fell their 
camels to travellers, for which they n - 
ceivefuch commodities as they want, fdr 
they will not take money. Bot!i men 

. and women arc robuft, large, and liand- 
/ome, efpecially confidering the country. 
In winter both fcxcs wenr long coats 
mad»of fheep ikins, with a broad girdle 
round their waftes. They have aKo 
caps made fo .'J5 to craw over vhcir ears 
in cold weather I but as they never wafli 
themfelves, 6r pafc theirnails, they look 
very frightful. Tiicir religion is next to 

< none, for they vv-orlhip dcii'l animals. 

15 A 

They live in Iiuts m.ido of wood and 
coviied with c.irtli, on tlieto|> of which 
tiiere is a hole to let out the fmoke, the 
fire bvinp made in the middle of thcni. 
In f|)iing and autumn great torrpanies of 
thiin go out together on horlcback to 
hunt rtags, wild flKcp, and roe-butks, 
of which there are prodigious numbers. 

*♦ Eaili. Eui., a town ol France, in the 
county of FKindtis, formerly very ftrong, 
hut now without defence. Lon. 20. 25. 
lat. ;o. 45. 

Baka Ranva, a royal free-mine town in 
the kingdom of Hungary. 

• Bakan, ri l.irgc and liandfome town of 
Af-a, in the Enft-Indics, in the kingdom 
of Ava, and feated on a river of tiut 
name. Lon. iii;.3o. lat. 19. 35, 

Bakf w ri.i , a town in Derby fliire, with 3 
market on Mondays, and five fairs on 
Failer-Monday, Whit-Monday, Auguft 
13, Monday after Odtober 10, and Mon- 
day after November 21, all for cattle 
and horfes. It is feated on the river 
Wye among the hills, and the market is 
good for lead and other commodities. It 
is 20 miles N. N. W. of Derby, and 
142 on the fame point from London. 
It lies in a deep valley, and has a large 
church with a lofty fpirc. Lon. 15. o. 
lit. 55. 15. 

* Uaxol-, or Uaka, a town of Arta, in 
Perfia, and in the province of Shirvan, 
feated at the extremity of the gulph of 
Ghilan, on the Cafpian Sea. Lon. 
69. o. lat. 4c. 20. 

Baiitsciusara I, the refidence of the 
klian of Tartary, und it lies on the W. 
fide of tlie Crim. It is an open town 
between two nioimtains, and was taken 
by the Ru(11;\r.', in 1736. 

Bai.a, a town ot Merionetlilhire, in North 
Wales, with a nnrkst on Saturdays, and 
two fairs on May 14, and July 20, for 
fheep, horned c.ittle, and horles. It is 
feated on a flat near Henihlc-meer, by 
thj Welch called l.Iiin Ttvid, which is 
13 miles in Icnpth, and half as much in 
breadth, and abounds with a fiHi called 
a guiniid, which is in (liape not much 
unlike a r.iliiion, and its tatt'i is like a 
trout. The river Deo rur.s through this 
lake, wliirli is noted for falmon. It is 
36 miles S. W. by W. of Holywell, 87 
N. E. by E. of C.trdijan, and 1S4 N.W. 
of London. Lon. 13, \-^. Int. 5?.. 45. 

B A I, A GATE M o u N T A I N s , are thcle whicli 
divide the coaft of Malabar from that of 
Coroniandel, They run almort the wliolo 


length of t! 
CJanges fron 

* Dai. AG N A, 

the ifland 

4tt I. A ri N A , 

province of 
the river W 
er Nifa No\ 
<i0. 36. 


talonla, wit 
the river .Sef 
the foot of 
£. of Leri( 
and 75 N. ' 
28. lat. 41. 

* B A I. a M 11 U A 

ftrong tradin 
Indies, on tl 
Java, in a 1 
of which it i 
7. 50. 

* BaI. ARUC, 

out of the } 
to 'I'ouloufe, 
count of the 

BaL II AST I< (), 

kingdom of 
diftria of the 
fee. It is I'cJ 
miles N. E. ( 
of Huefca. 
Bai. BEc, a tow 
foot of Mou 
cient Heliopo 
to the E. of 
of a quadrani 
with a ftrong 
very mean, 
noble ruins o 
now converts 
aKo other ir 
many teftinio 
and fome of 
upwards of 2 
breadth, and 
inhabited by 
church. It ii 
and 45 E. of 

33- 25- 
Bai, CH, a towi 

Afia, and caj 

fame name, 

Perfia, 7.00 r 

82. 35. lat. 3 

?5aldivia, or 

town of the \ 

America. It 

p • 


B A 

length of the ptninfula on tills fide the 
Ganges from N. to S. 

# Bai.agnv^, a finall northern province of 
the ifland of Corfic.i, wliofc cajntal is 

iSitAfiNA, a town of Mufcovy, in tlie 
province of Little Novoi;oro(l, leatnl on 
the liver Wolga, 50 miles N. of Nifna, 
©r Nifa Novogorod. I-on. ^ 35. laf 
50. 36. 

• Bai.agukr, a town of Spain, in Ca- 
talonia, with a cafllc, and a bridge over 
the river Segra, on which it is feated, at 
the foot of a craggy rock, 12 milts N. 
£. of I.erida, 32 S. E. of Balballro, 
and 75 N. W. of Barcelona. Lon. 18. 
28. lat. 41. 38. 

* BaI. AMllUAN, or PaI. AMBUAN, 3 

ftrong trading town of Aha, in the Eaft- 
Indies, on the E. coall of the ifland of 
Java, in a territory of the fame name, 
of which it is capital. Lon. 133. u. lat. 
7. 50. 

* Bai. ARuc, a fmall town of France, in 
Languedoc, about a quarter of a mile 
out of the great from Mcntpcllier 
to 'I'ouloufe, which is famous on ac- 
count of the baths that are near it. 

B ALU ASTRO, a town of Spain, in the 
kingdom of Arragon, and capital of a 
dirtriit of the fame name, with a biiliop's 
fee. It is feated on the river Vcru, 42 
miles N. E. of Saragolfa, and 2i .S. E. 
of Huefca. Lon. 17. 50. lat. 41. 50. 

Bai. BKc, a town of Alia, in Syria, at the 
foot of Mount Libanus, being the an- 
cient Heliopolis. It is agreeably feated 
to the E. of the valley of Bucca, being 
of a quadrangular form, and lurrounded 
with a ftrong wall, but the houfes aie 
very mean. On the E. fide th^ re are 
noble ruin:; of an ancient Pagan temple, 
now converted into a cadle. 'llurc are 
aKo other magnifii-ent ruins. It has 
many telUmonies of its former grandeur, 
and fome of the (tones of the walls are 
upwards of 20 yards in length, four in 
breadth, and four in depth. It is chiefly 
inhabited by clirillians of the Greek 
church. It is 37 miles N. of Daniafcus, 
and 45 E. of Earuth. Lon. 55. o. lat. 
33. 25. 

Batch, a tov.'n of Ufbcck Tartary, in 
Afia, and cajiital of a territory of the 
fame name, lying on the frontiers of 
Perfia, ?.oo miles S. of Bochara. Lon. 
82. 35. lat. 37. o. 

IJALniviA, or Vai. niviA, a fea-port 
town of the province of Chili, in South 
Amc-ica. It was built by the Spanilh 

U A 

Spanilh general Baldivia, about the year 
1551, after he had conquered Chili. It 
belongs to the Spaniards, and is between 
the rivers CallacnIIes and Portrero, where 
they fall into the South Sea. Lon, 306. 
52. lat. S. •!9. 58. 

Bai. poc, a town in Mcrtrordrtilre, with a 
market on Thurfdays, and five fairs on 
Wcdnefday after February 4, the laft 
Thurfday in May, Auguft 6, and De- 
cember II, all for eheefe, houfhold 
goods, and cattle. It is a long town, 
lying on the N. road, and is feated be- 
tween the hills in a chalky foil fit for 
ccrn, and is chiefly of note for its trading 
in malr. It is nine miles W. of Roy- 
Aon, 58 S. S. E. of Oakham, and 38 
N. N. W. of London. Lon. 17. 20. 
lat. 51. 55. 

Bale. See Basil. 

Bai. E ARKS, the ancient name of the 
idands Majorca, Minorca, and Ivica, in 
the Mediterranean Sea. 

Bali, an ifland of the Eaft-Tndies, be- 
tween which and that of Java there is a 
llreight through which the Eaft-Indi» 
merchant-fhips fometimes return from 
China to Europe, but commonly the paf- 
fae;e is very difficult on account of con- 
trary winds. This ifland is extremely 
populous, and abounds in rice and all 
forts of fruits proper to the climate. 
The inhabitants are black, addifted to 
war, and are of the Pagan religion. It 
lies to the E. of Java. Lon. from 133 
to 135. lat. 9. o. 

B.M. isoRK, a fea-port town on this fide 
the Ganges, to the N. W. of the bay of 
Bengal. It is about four miles from the 
fea by land, but by the river 20, and is 
feated in a very fruitful foil, producing 
rice, wheat, callavances, feveral forts of 
pulfe, aromatick feeds, tobacco, butter, 
and bees-wax. The inhabitants make 
feveral forts of ftuffs of filk, cotton, 
and a fort of grafs. The Englifli, French, 
and Dutcli have faftories here j but they 
are now of no great account. The fides 
of the river are overgrown with ftirubs, 
which are a flielter for tigers that do a 
great deal of mifchief. It is 180 mile* 
S. W. of Hugley. Lon. 102. 50. lat. 
21. 30. 

* B A M. A N , a town of F ranee, in the 
dioccfa of Mons, with the title of a mar- 
quifate, fjated on the river Orne. Lon. 

17. 50. lit. 48. ID. 

Bali. AG II V, a town of Ireland, in tin 
county of Sligo, an.l province of Co- 
nauglit, 20 miles S. of iilijo. Lon. 8, 
40. ht, 5i. 48. U.M.Lj- 

i f. ' "^ w, 





'. i; 

i i 


{ I' 


B A 

BAtltJnANNON, a Urge town of Ireland, 
in tlie county of Donegal, with a good 
laven. It is iz miJet S. E. of Kilbig, 
ten S. of Donnegal, and no N. W, of 
Dublin. Lon. 9- 5* iat. 54- 25- 

Balliconnil, a town of Ireland, in the 
county of Cavan, and province of UHU-r, 
II miles N. E. of Cavan. Lon. 9. 45. 

Iat. 54. 6. 

Ball I COR A, a town of, in tlie 
county of Cork, and province of Mun- 
fter, wliich fends two members to parlia- 

Sallinukel, a town of Ireland, in 
Queen's County, in the province of Leln- 
iler, which fends two members to parlia- 

Baltic Sea, a great gulph between Ger- 
many and Poland jlrom which run 
other gulphs, particularly of Bothnia, 
Finland, Livonta, and Dantzick. It is 
remarkable that this fea neither ebbs nor 
flows, and there is always a current fets 
through the Sound into the ocean. It is 
generally frozen over tliree or four 
months in the winter. On the coaft of 
tJiis fea is foi nd yellow amber, and no 
where elfe, as is generally thought. 

Baltimore, a town of Ireland, in the 
county of Cork, and province of Mun- 
fter, with the title of a barony. It is 
feated on a head-land which runs into r!ic 
fea, 15 miles S. W, of Rofle, and five 
N. E. of Cape Clear. Lon. 8. 20. Iat. 

51- 15- 

• Baluclavo, or Jambol, a fea-port 

town of Crimea, on the Black Sea, 
where they build Ihips for the Grand 
Seignior. It is 40 miles S. W. of dim. 
Lon. 5:. 43. Iat. 44. 50. 

• Bamba, a province of Afric.i, in the 
kingdom of Congo. There are a great 
number of monftrous elephants, whofe 
teeth weigh zoo pounds each. The in- 
habitants arc a fort of Chrillians, con- 
verted by the Portuguefe. 

Bambkhc, a large, handfome, an! cela- 
brated town of Germany, in Franconiaj 
and capital of a bifliopric of the fame 
nan.e of confiderable extent. It was 
formerly imperial, but now is fubjeft to 
the bifiiop. The country about it pro- 
duces plenty of corn, fruit, onions, and 
liquorilh ; and it has a univerfity, 
founded in 1 5?, 5. It is feattd at the con- 
fluence of the rivers Main and Rednit?, 
30 miles N. of Nurcmburg, 40 N. F. of 
VViiuTjurg, 75 N. W. of Ratilton, and 
250 N. W. of Vienna. Lon. aS. 40. 
ht. 50. o. 

B A 

* BAMrKKC, :» town of Bohemia, fedted 
at the foot of a mount.iin, 30 miles S. of 
Glatz, and 40 N. W. of Oimutz. Lon. 
34. ao. Iat. 49. S3- 

* Bambou, or Bambuck, a kingdom 
of Africa, in Negroland, in which A gold mines j but it ii little known 
to the Europeans. 

Hamk, a capital town of the fliire of 
Bamf, in the N. E. |;art of Scotland. 
It is feated at the mouth of the nver 
Doverne, but has no harbour, and con- 
fequently little tr;ide, except for corn 
and falinon. It is 32 miles N. W. of 
Aberdeen, and i 10 N. of Edinburgh. 
Lon. 15. 30. Iat. 15. 30. 

■» Hamk, a rtiirc of Scotlind, bounded on 
the S. by Aberdcen(hire, on the N. by 
the bay of Cromarty, on the W. by 
Murray, and on the E. by the German 
Ocean. It is 32 miles in length, and 30 
in breadth. It contains part ot Buchan, 
Stathdovern, Boyn, V.xviy, Strathawin, 
and Balvcny, It Luntains mountainous 
and ara'olc laiuls, and the former yield 
grals furtitient to Ited (lieep and cattle. 
Theie is a hill which abounds with whet- 
<lones and hones, v.liicli arc fo plentiful, 
that I'ome cover their lioufcs with them 
inftead of llate. It fends one member 
to parliament for the (hire. 

Bami'Ton, a town in re, with a 
market on Mondays, and a tair on 
Auguft 26, for horfes and toys. Ii is a 
large town, and is feated near the river 
Ills, t!ie market is hut fmall. It is 
12 milci S. W. of Oxford, and 60 W. 
by N. of London. Lon. 16. o. Iat. 
SJ. 40- 

E A M H 1 ON, a town in 13evonniiie, with a 
market on Saturdays, and two fairs on 
Whit-Tucfdny, and Odober 24, for 
cattle. It is feated in a bottom fur- 
rourded witli hills, and contains about 
100 houfcs, with a lar^e <.hurch. It is 
14 mili.3 N, N. E. of E.xcicr, 18 S. S. 
W. of Mineliead, and 1O7 W. by S. of 
London. Lon. i;;, 55. Iat. 51. 5. 

* BANARr.3, or Ben ARTE, a han.lfomc 
and famous town of A). a, in the domi- 
nions of the Great Moj^i.l, and kingdom 
of Eent^al, with feveral handfome I'agods, 
or Pagan temples. It c^riies on a gseac 
trarlc, and the jiiliabitants have a great 
veneration for the water of the nver 
Ganges, when it is confecrated by iheir 
chief priefl. Great numbers fiotk from 
nli parts of Afin to purchafe it, and 
it brings the IJrachmans in coniiderablc 
fums. Here the [-ewple of the religion 


of the Brahm 
able fchuoli 1 
on the N. iK 
miles W. N. 
30. Iat. 26. 2 
Banbuk V, a t( 
market on II 
'Ihurfday aft 
cov.'s, and lli 
in Lent, for t 
Tluirfday, Ji 
horfes, cov.'Sj 
alter OoUibet 
hogs, and clu 
for cheele, 
large wcll-bui 
feveral gnod 
well fervetl 
fecond town 
and is Icatcd 
well. The 
with rtone, a 
handfome llr 
noted for its 
niilr, W. N. 
E. S. E. oi 
77 N. W. o 
member to pa 
5*. 5. 
Banca, an ill; 
Indies, hetw 
that of Bornei 
cf tile fame t 
3. o. 
Banc A I I!!, a 
coall of the 
Uingvlom of . 
have a fettlen 
of Malacca. 
Ban COCK, a to 
dom of Siam, 
fort, wliich w 
the l-'rcnch, I 
thence, in 16 
of t.inis, an<! 
The inhahita 
having no fu 
contented to 
miles N. of tl 
L'jn. iiq. o. 
Band A, the cl 
in tile Eal1-1 
chief that proi 
vercd with m: 
covers the nut 
Jareefl being 
Thcfe idands 
on account of 
have feveral 
JTar J 609 tl.i 

I fur- 


It is 

B s. s. 

S. of 

B A 

of the Brnhmins have the moll confider- 
able Ichools in thefe parts. Jc ii featfc' 
on tlic N. lide of tht; river C^rn^ei, Co 
ti-wk-y W. N. W. of I'atiia. Loii. loi. 
30. lat. 26. 2u. 

Sanbi'k Y, a t(iv/n of Oxfordfliiic, with a 
market on I hurfdayS; and leven fairs on 
Ihurt'day after January 17, lor horfci, 
co\v!>, and riie<.'|); on tlic firll Thurldny 
in Ltnt, for the lame and hili ; on Holy 
Tliurfday, June 1-5, iind Au^i'll 12, lor 
horfcs, cows, and (hecp; on ThuJ'day 
after Odoher 10, for hirini^ fcrvants, 
hoi;s, and cheefe j and on October 29, 
for chcele, hops, and cattle. It is a 
large Well-built n)ayor-tovvn, ci>ntainin(; 
feveral good inns, and its markets .«re 
well ferved with proviiion-i. It is the 
fieond town tor beauty in the county, 
ami ii Icated on a llat on the river C'har- 
well. Tiic houfes are ;-enerally built 
with rtone, and the cliureh is a laige 
liandlbme Itrudhire. It been long 
noted for its takes and theele, and is 17 
miles W. N. \V. of Buc in,p;!iam, 20 
E. S. E. oi Stratford upon Avon, and 
77 N. W. of London. It fendj one 
member to pailiament, Lon. 16. 15. lat. 
52. 5. 

B.\NCA, an ifland of Afia, in the Eaft- 
Indies, between that of Sumatr.i and 
that of Borneo, with a town and llieii;ht 
cf tile fame name. Lon. 122. 35. lat. 
3. o. 

Banc A I If;, a fen-port town on the E. 
coail of the illand of Sumatra, in the 
UinRdom of Acliem, where the Dutch 
have a iettlement. It is 130 miles W. 
of Malacca. Lon. 118. o. lat. 1. ^. 

JJancock, a town cf Afia, in the kinp;- 
dom of Siam, in the Eall-Indies, with a 
fort, wlilch was once in the pofTefi'ion of 
the French, but they were drove trom 
thence, ini6S3. Tlie houfes arc made 
of cants, and covered witii palm-leaves. 
The inhabitants are alnioll naked, and 
havinj no lurniture in their Iioul. s, arc 
contented to fit on the floor. It is 17 
miles N. of tiie fea, and 40 S. of Siam. 
Lon. iiq. o. lat. 13, 25. 

Bam>a, the chief of the Kanda-iflands, 
m the EaiVlnciian Sea, wliii.ii ;ir'; tiie 
thief that produce n'.itmcc^s, which arc co- 
vered with m.ncc, a:, tlie liuok of a filbert 
covers the nut.Tliey are all very fmnll, the 
Jareefl liein;; fearce 30 miles in length, 
'i'htfe illands have always been efleemcd 
on account of thcfe fpices. The Dutch 
have feveral forts here ; for from the 
yvdt ifcwj) ti.ty luvi )ud pwlkfllon of ;t, 

B A 

and drove the natives, as well ai iht 
En^lilii, away ; Itillkeepin!; this valuabio 
trade in their own pofTcincn. Theft 
iliai.ds arc v«ry fubjedt to earthquakes, 
aiul ila^ida Is 15 miles from Ceram, and 
75 S. E. ef Amboina. It lies in about 
4, degrees S. latitude. 

Banulb, .''vuassi. Sc>: Gumbkoon. 

Banipkk Congo, a fniall fea-port town of 
Alia, in Perlia, leated on tjie 
gulph, ICO miles W. of Gombroon. 
Lon. 72. 25. lac. 17. o. 

Banpoka, the cajiiial town of the ifland 
of Salfct, on tlie W. coall of the penin- 
lula, on thic fiJc the Ganges. It is fcpa- 
rated uoiii the irtand oi Bombay, by a 
narrow eiianrtel, and is fubjetl to the 
I'ortu>^;uefe. Lon. gn, 5. l;u. 19. o. 

Bangor, a towu of C«rnnrvonlhire, in 
North Wales, with a bil1ioj)"s lee, on 
which .ac.yjunt it has the title of a city. 
It has .1 market on Wedncldays, and 
three fairs on April j;, June 25, and 
Oclober 28, all for cattle. It was fo 
confiderable in ancient times, that it was 
called Bangor the Gica:, and was de- 
fended by a rtrong callle. Jt is in a low 
fituation, and the principal buildings are 
the cathedral, and the biihop's pulaccj 
but it is now an inconfulcrable pldce. 
It is 36 miles W. of St. Afapli, and 236 
N. W. of London. Lcn. 13. 30. lat. 

Banoik, a town of Ireland, in the county 
of Down, and proviiice cf Ulfter, which 
fends two members to parliament. It is 
feated on the S. I'aoie of tlu: buy of Ca- 
lickferi^us, over a;:;ninft the town of that 
name. Lcn. 11.30. lat. 5442- 

Banohir, a town of Inland, in 
King's Ctivmtv, and in t:ie province of 
Leiniler, feated en the ;ive: Shannon, 
15 miles S. of AliiloriC. Lon, 9. 35. 
lat. 53 lu. 

Banians, a relijilcus feft cf Afia, itt 
India, whofe profeffcis never cat any 
thing that has life. I'hey are difperfcd 
all over the Kail, being tlie greateft me/- 
rhants in the woiUI, and may, in fom« 
fcnfe, be compaii'd to the Jews in other 
parts. There is fcarce a merchant in the 
Eaft-Indies but has one of thefe Banians 
to take care of his accounts. They be- 
lieve the tranfmigration ot fouls, and 
think cleannefs of the body is a confider- 
able part of fandity. They marry their 
children at feven years of age, and feJ- 
dom ftay till they are 12. 

B.vt.jAP. , a river in the ifland of Borneo, 

xit the £aA-Indics, in ihe mouth o^ 

1 NvhlcU 



lil I 


ki .La 

B A 

whicli thfre is a town, wliere the Eall- 
liidin compnny have ^ J'aftory. 
Bankjsm, a province of Afia, in the ilo- 
niinioniof the Otx-at Mogul, and in the 
N. (i.irt of the ptninfuin, on this lidc the 
Banks ok N'. wkoundi. anp, are well 
known for tht grca: fifhery carried on 
thtic. They are lb frequented by moll 
«il the Europc.n nations, that there arc 
fometimes no Icfs tlian 4 or 500 fail of 
fliipsloarledwitlitodfifh herccvery year j 
and the fcafon continues from the fpring 
to the autuni.- . 'I'hac whicii is called tlie bank i'. the largeft Ihoal of fand as 
yet known in the nccan ; however, it is 
not at all d.ingeious. 
Bantam, a large town of Afia, in the 
EalMndics, and the moll powerful of 
the illaiul of Java, beinj capital of a 
kingdom of the fame name, with a godd 
harbour, and a fortified caflle, Itis(h- 
vided into two towns, wliicii are fepa- 
lated by a river, and one of them is in- 
habited by Chincfe. The Engiirti and 
Danes had faftories here till 16:^2, when 
they were forced away by the intrigues 
of the Dutch. The only prothice is pep- 
per, of vvhicli the Dutrli export vail 
quantities every year, they being the 
only Europeans that have footing hire ; 
and tliey are fo powerful, that tlicy have 
depcfed tiic kings of the ancient race j 
and fuftcr nothing to be done in this 
kingdom but tliey plcifc. It is 
feaied on the N, W. coafl of t!;c idand, 
Lon. IZ3. 30. lat, S. 6. ?.c. 
Ban TRY, a town of Ireland, in tlie county 
of Curk, and province of Munfitr. It 
is feated on a h.iy of the ft. a, to which it 
gives its name, in the S. W. part of the 
kingdom. Lon. 8. 15. lat. 5;, 30. 

* RANWKi.r, a village in Sointifetdiire, five 
miles N, W. of Axbild^c, witli two faii^ 
on January 18, and July iS, for cattle, 
flieep, and cliccfe, 

• Bap AC Mr, n lliongtcwn of France, in 
Artois, and m the French Netherlands, 
with a caftle. It has been in poflellion 
of the FieHLli ever fince 1^41, and is 
feated on a diy fpot, 12 miles S. E, of 
Arras, 15 S. W, of Cambray, and :a 

. N. of Paris. Lon. 2c. 31. l,:t. 5.0. 6',' 
Bar, a very Ihoni; town ol Poland, in 
Podolia, featcrl on the rlvci Kiov/, -jo 
miles W. of Ereflav/, a:;d 61 N. by W, 
of Bracl' Lon. 4O. o. h.t. 50. 6. 
Bar, a n,.r!o\v pal's of It.aly, in l!ie valloy 
of Aouil, which coiiin-,:inds the puffa^e 
6Ut uf t!;2t vull'.'v into Hicdraor.t. 

B A 

Ba«-mi-mont, a town of the FrentN 
Netherlands, in Hainhnit, fc.atrd on tlie 
river Sombre, 15 miles S. of Monj, 
Lon. 11. 10. lat. 50. to. 

Bak, or tliellARRois, .i confiderahU ter- 
ritory of France, lying on both fides the 
ri.erMeufe, or Maefe, between Lorram 
.ind Chainp.^gne. It was given to kin^ 
Staniflaus, in 1736, on condition that 
it fhould return to France after his 

BAR-t > -Pi'c, a capital town of the dutchy 
of Bar, with a liandfome callle j it is 
divided into the upjicr and lower town ; 
and this iall is wnteied by the rivulet Or- 
ney, in which there are very line trout 1. 
The wine here is excellent, and as dcli- 
hcate a^ Champagne. It is feated on the 
(ide ot a !>ill, 30 miles W.of Toul, 40 
W. of Nanci, Jind 138 E. of Paris. 
Lon. 23. o. lat, 4S. 35. 

Bar-sv K-Aunr, an ancient town of 
Fiance, in Champagne, cajiita! of tlic 
valhage, where there is very good wine. 
It is feated at the foot of a mountain, 
20 miles S. VV. of JoinviUe, 20 N. W. 
of Chaumont, and 20 N. E. of Bar-fur- 
Seine. Lon. 22.20. lat. 48. i;. 

Bar "^ur-Sf. is r, a t«wn of France, in 
Burgundy, and in a bailiwick of the 
f:\mv name. It is 20 miles S. W. of 
Kai-fji-Aube, i ^ S. E. of Troys, and 
I '<; S. E. of Paris. Lon. 22. 0. lat. 

4?: 5. 

Ba:iacoa, a town c( .Ancrica, in the 
N. E. part of the iflind of Cuba, with a 
harbour, ft is 50 mik- N. E. of St, 
Jago de Cuba. I.o;i. 301. 3^. lit. 21.0, 

Earanc-ii iiT. Mai. a. M nil, it town of 
An-.iriea, in the province of St. Martha, 
in Terra Firina, with, a bifliop's fee, and 
a £,oed harbour. It is a place of great 
trade, and is fe ited on the river Magda- 
len, 71; miles N. of Cirthagena, 50 W. 
of Sr. Martha, and 15 from the North 
Sea. l.on. 306. o. lat. 11. o. 

Bahan.vahii, ,1 fmall tov"n of Lower 
Hunf'.ir'.', in a county of the fame name. 
It wai taken from the Turks by the em- 
peror in 16^4, and is feated on the rivulet 
Cra'fo, that falls into the Danube. It is 
I •: miles N. \V. of E:leck, and 90 N. W. 
of Eel '.r.ide, bcii ;; i'ubje<fl to the lioufe 
of Awi^ria. l.uv. 36. 20. lat. 46. o. 

BAi!nAiior«, an iilii\d of .America, which is 
the c.ilUnjioft of the Windward Iflands. 
It is in fi< a level country, thouuli 
it is not without hills, and is at; miles in 
length, and 1 ^ in breadth. It had for- it is 


incrly ,» joi.i dci! of wc. 

now almoi 
oit the fug 
which they 
ton, indigo 
moll of the 
A college 
it not a 
h.ibitnnts a 

lOOjOou lU 

breed many 
receive mo 
and failed 
North .Ame 
iuiniture fn 
jetl to lull 
but not 1 
Illan.l.: ho 
ilhind of .'III 
lefs when t 
aKvay.s the 
tied eaileri 
to Em;l.ind 
finer than t 
and they I): 
called Birb 
the earth, ; 
the w.itcr, 
It is 70 n 
Vincent, .11 
The capita 
lat. I 3. 20. 
C \i' 11 AH V, a 
eluded bet'.\ 
ing itfelf al 
of the Med 
reckon that 
eludes the I 
Tunis, Algi 
is near 2qo< 
places 7i;(> 
to tlie ancit 
nia, Numii 
bi.i. It is I 
except Eg) 
maize, wii: 
there are ci 
olives, datt 
trade confil 
in the hoifc 
tiler, oflrie 
and coral. 
but no tliii 



I! A 

now ii\\\u4\ all coniiiiiie'1 with cnrryiii?; 
oil tlif luvvir-woiks. I'lie coiummliiifi 
wIiilIi the) export art- fug II, mm, cot- 
ton, indigo, and i^iiif^ii ; ;ind tluy liavc 
moll ol'tlic liints coininoii to tlic clim.itc. 
A ci'lki',^ li.f) been built lure by Col. 
C'(ulriii;^toi» anil other hciiclattors ; but 
it U.ts nut anlweiol tliu intention ol the 
foundci'). Tile !\unil]cr of tho \.hitc iii- 
li.ibitants arc about 10,000, who have 
loo.ouo nv^jn) ilaves. 'J'lii/y lia\e no 
iiiaiiuiachMij ani,)ng tlitiu, nor do they 
breed many tattle; lor which i^'afon they 
receive nu<l\ of their torn tatile, tUlh, 
and l.ihed tilli, li. :n our oloniei in 
North America } and their el<i.ii!\>. and 
liiiniture from lipi;land. They are fub- 
jeil to hurricanes in July and Augufl ; 
but not to nnith a, in the Oariiblice 
Illand;; however, it is the mull healtliy 
illaml of any in tliefe parts, becaiifo, i;n- 
lefs when there is a hurricane, they lia\ e 
alway.^ the advantage of a tonllant fet- 
tled ealleily wind, toninionly called tlu 
tratle-wind. Tlie liisar that \i briuijjh'- 
to Eni;land from hence is whiter aiil 
iinur than that of any other plantation; 
and they have one i)articular jModuifliiin, 
t:dled Barbadoes tai, which lilc'^ out o: 
the earth, anri fsviins upon t!ic ruilai-'e .^t' 
the water, it is of ^real ul'e in tiiediy 
btlly-ach, and in difeafes of the bieiil. 
It is 70 mi!ts E. ol tlie illaiul ol" M. 
Vincent, and 90 S, I-', of Maiiinico. 
Th'j capital town is St. Michael, 01 
Brid-^e-town, whuli lies in Ion. 318. 40. 
iat, 1 •;. 20. 
B.\iiiAK\, a larj",;- CdiMUiy !•! \iVic«, in- 
cluded between the .\ilaiiiu fJoeaii, th.- 
Mediteri.mcaii .Se.i, and l.<ypt, extei'.-l- 
int; itfelf alopi; the fet-lhore on the lide 
of i!ie Medueii.inean. However, fiime 
rcLi-;on that it e\tend:. louthwaid as far as 
Nei'.rulaiul, but viiy itiipiO|)erly. It i'i- 
tludes the kingdoms of Barca, 'J'ripoly, 
Tunis, Algiers, Fc/, and Morocco ; and 
is near looo miles ni length, and in fuiue 
places 750 in breadth. It was known 
to tlie ancients by the name of M.iuiita 
nia, Numidia, I'roper Afrie.i, and I.) - 
bia. It is the beft couiUry in all Africa, 
except Egypt ; and is fertile in corn, 
maize, wine, and fruits; particiilail v, 
there are citrons, orant;;es, figs, almonds, 
olives, dates, and melons. Their chief 
trade confiils in the fale of tliciv fruits., 
in the horfes called b.irbs, Morocco-lea- 
ther, oflrich-feathers, Indigo, wax, tin, 
and coral. The reigning relii';ion is tlic 
Mahometan, and there arc fome | \VJ ; 
but no ciuilliuiiSj t;xccpl tliv" llaves. 

B A 

* B.MinfctN', a territory of Africa, over 
ag.iinll Cape Vcrd. 

B A K 11 r K I N o, .1 town of Italy, in Tulcany, 
and in the Flortntin. it is featcd at the 
foot of the Appcnnine mountains, on 
tlie river Sieva. It i:. ii miles S. of 
i'loience. 1.011.2^,55. lit. 4 v 40* 

* Fak UK/. If. ux, a town of Fr.nice, in 
.Siintonge, With the title of a marquifatc, 
and a maiiuf.idlure of lintien-cloth. It 
i'l ii miles from .Saintes, .md 37 from 
])oui.leai!X< l.on, 17. 25, Iat. 45. 23. 

U.vMiir, S r, a town of New Bilcay, in 
Me,\'ico, ne.M' wliicii aic liih lilvci-mine:. 
If is -j.-o inilei N. W. of Mexico, l.on, 
2C7. ',5. lai. ;f). o. 

* l'i\KBt, I , the* ii.iinj of the inhabitants 
of feveral ^.l'leyw in I'iedmont; p;irti- 
ciil.irly tliofc of l.uc^rn,.\nj roDa.Heiiifa, 
and .Si. Martin. 

' Rak iiuN \ V, .1 town of France, in 
Champagne, and v'cr.eiality of Chalons. 

* l''AKiioiiA, a m.uitiine town of Africa, 
in the kingdom of Adtl, on the ftrcight 
01 H.ihcl-Maiidcl. 'J'he inhabitants are 
negro ■,, and lee^i abundance of cattle. 
There is alio an illand of this name in 
the Ued Sea, to the W. of the bay of 
nirbor.i. I.on. 64. ■52. tat. 10. 45. 

Ija k H e iiDA, aCaiililK'e illand in Americ.1, 
belon.'.ing to the Knglilh, which i» about 
io miles long, and 12 broad. The na- 
tivi s .ipply theinlllves chiefly to the 
bleeding of uittlc, and I'urnifliing the 
iieighlHiuiiiiti ill.indi witli provilions. It 
is tile |jroperty of the Codrington family, 
wlio have great mmibers of negroes, aj 
N* II here as in IJ.uI'ad'K.. It is low 
land, i)ut fruitful, .and ic pictty popu- 
lou., the inh,i!)itants being addic'tcd to 
liulbandry, and fowing corn, for which 
tliey iiavt always a pood market in the 
ivigar-illaiuis, a ■ well a. for their cattk". 
1.011. 316. 3^. Iat. 17, -o. 

* HAiiiii'FiNbiiov, ;i town of Afia, in 
the empire of Ruli'ia, featud on the 
taltern ihore of the L.ike, at the wiiere the ftnall river Rarbufigga 
falls into lake. 

" Bah By, ,1 town nf Germany, in U])per 
Saxony, and capital of a county of that, 
name, with acalile It is feated on tlie 
liver Elbe, and belongs to the prince of 

I>ARCA, a large country of Africa, lying 
on the S. toall of the Mediterranean 
Si;a, between Tripoli and Egypt. Ir is 
a barren defart, and is iniiabited by none 
but wandering Aralis, who are in fome 
feiift fubjetil to the Tuiks, U wus he;e 
I a thit 

■ f 

• ti:. 




I : 











1 1 



i i. 



B A 

• that the lamciis temple of Jupitsr A^n- 
rnon was Icatcrf, tliat was vt-ry difficult 
of accefs on ncco\]nt of tlic finds. 

Barcilona, a handfome, lart^e, ridi, 

' and ftrong town of Spain, in Catalonia, 
of which it is capital, with a bifhop's 
fee, and a good harbour. It is fe.'ted 
on a fine plain, which lies along the 
Ihore of the Mediterranean Sea, and is 
of an oblong form, containing about 
'15000 houfes. It is defended by a fort, 
or citadel, called Mont Joy, which ftands 
on a rocky mountain, near a mile to the 
W. of the town. It has double walls 
on the N. and E. and the fea on the S. 
with a mole running out fo' the fecurity 
of fmall vertels. It is divided into the 
rew and old town, fcparated from each 
other by a wall and a ditch. There art 
fevcral beautiful Arects and fquarcs, 
which are very clean, and paved with 
large It is tiie feat of a 
viceroy, and has a fine univerfity, bc- 
fides an inquifition. It is adorned vvitii 
feveral handfome (Iruclures ; and the ca- 
thedral church, which is large, has two 
lofty towers, The palaie of the viceroy 
is much admired, and the arfcnal con- 
tains arms foi feveral thoufand men. 
There is an cxcltange where the mer- 
chants meet, and a yard witli docks to 
huild galleys in. The palace where the 
nobility meet is built with laige hewn 
ftoncs, and adorned with marble i)ill;us. 
It is a place of grrat trade, and they 
have lioufes where they make curious 
works in glafs, and the beft in all Spain. 
The knives are likewife in great reputa- 
tion, as well as the blank!.ts, vvhi(.li are 
greatly ufed in Fiance. The inhabitants 
arc laborious and polite, and the women 
are handfome, lively, and frc;' in their 
ronveifation. It has been fcvcra) times 
taken and retaken by diftetrnt ration;,, 
and, in 1705, I.'ito Peterborough pot 
pofltlTion of it, .^fter a fic);c of three 
weeks. In 1706, riiilip V. inverted it 
with a numr,rous armyj but Sir fohn 
i.eake r-iiiVd the litg*;. In 171^, it v. a , 
taken, aiter a lone; (iegc, by tite Freiitli 
andSp,iniard.:,\\hen it v/as deprived of -ill 
its privlk\c:es, .nmi the citadel v.-as biiiltto 
kee]) It in awe. U is fcated in a very pU a 
fant fruitful coiiniry, watered by fprint- s 
and rivulets, and thick fee wicli villa^'es, 
2^0 milei E. of Madrid; 180 N. li. of 
Valencia, and 90 N. of the ifland of 
Majorca. Lon. "19. ro. lat. 41.26. 

Barcf.t.onetta, a tov.n of France, in 
the government of Daupliiny, and in tlic 

|B A 

E'librunois, beirgthe capital of the val- 
ley of Darcelonitra. It was ceded to 
Fiance by the 're^ty of Utrecht, and is 
ten miles F of Embiun, 17 S. W. of 
Pigncrol, an. ,5 N. of Nice. Lon. 24, 
23. lat. 44. if. 
Barcelob, a town of Afia, in the Eaft- 
Indies, on the coafl of Malabar ; it is 
a Dutch faiftory, where they cany on a 
confiderablc trade in pepper. It is 130 
miles S. of Goa. Lon. 92. o. lat. 

Barcf.f.os, a town of Pcrtupal, in the 

province of Entre Minho and Duero, on 

the river Sourilla, 1 1; miles S. W. of 

Brague, and 25 N. of Porto. Lon. 9. 

30. lat. 41. 20, 

* Bar pa, an ifland of Afia, on the coaft 
of Maiabar, a little to tiic N. of the city 
of Goa. It is very poj)ulous, abounds 
with cocoa-nuts, and belongs to the 

Bar DE WICK, a town of Germany, in the 
circle of Lower Saxony, and dutchy of 
Lunenburg. It was formerly a very 
Jarge place, but was ruined, in 11 89, 
by the duke of Saxony, fmce which tinie 
it has never recovered itfelf. It is feated 
on tlic river llnienau, 17 miles S. E. of 
Hamburg, and feven N. li. of Lunen- 
burg. Lon. 37. 41. lat. 53. 40. 

* BARDFnii. n, a village in Effex, four 
miles E. of Thaxrtead, has one fair on 
June 22, for cattle and toys. 

* Bardouf, an abbey of France, in the 
diocefc of Auftli. It is of the Cifter- 
tian order, and is wortli 8000 livres a 

Bar or, a ftrong and rich town of Ger- 
many, in the dutchy of Pomerania, 
with a caftle, and a fpacious harbour. 
It is fubjerl to the Swedes, and is feated 
near the Caliic Sea, 12 miles E. by N. 
of Strilfuiid, and 75 N. by W. of Ste- 
tin. Lon. 31. o. lat. 54. 23. 

* Barege, a village of Fiance, in the 
CDunty of Rigone, eight miles from 
Bagniers, v.-iiich is famous for its mineral 

Bakf.ii h, a tov n of Germany, in Fran- 
conia, in the niar:;ravate of Cnlembach, 
wjtii a famoui college, and belongs to a 
prince of the houfe of Brandenburgli, 
wliofe title is mai grave of Brandcnburg- 
liareith. It is i .; miles S. E. of Culem- 
bach, and 15 E. of Bamberg. Lon. 
29. 20. lat. 50. o. 

* Bak F.NTON, a town of France, in 
Lower Norm.andy, and in the diocefe of 
Auvranche, near the fource of the river 
Ardec. B.-vr- 

maridy, in 
by the Eng 
is tilled i){ 
12 mile 
part of th 
dcflioyed i 
W. of Par 
Bar!, a verj 
Italy, in 
capital of 
bifliop's fee 
formerly a 
ftroyed by 
E. of Tran 
121; E. by 
lat. 41. 31 
* Ba r I, or 
of Italv in t 
ed on tlie 
N.W. by th 
h. by the B 
Terra dOt 
gulpli of V( 
river, excej 
it from the 
perate, and 
and faffron ; 
ber of ferpf 
rantulas, w 
by dancing. 
Barjoi. s, af) 
vence, 12 1 
50. lat. 43. 
• Bar KAN, a 
the bridge ( 
stories gain 
Turks; the 
in 1683. 
fliire, with : 
for malt, • 
Monday, a 
and on St. 
had former! 
fchool, fou 
Bt. Paul's, 
ban's, and 
16. (;5. lat 
Bar KINO, a 
on Saturda 
22, for hoi 
Rolling, n< 
noted for 
ruins, tlier 
but a fma 
don, Lun 



B A 

$snTtTvri, t town of France, in Nor- 
mandy, in the Cotentin. It wys mined 
by the Englifli in 1346, and the iiarbour 
is filled lip. The cafe of thit name is 
J2 miles E. of Clierbmg ; .ind near it 
part of the royal n.ivy of France was 
deftioyed in 1697,. It is 175 miles N, 
W. of I'aris. Lon. 16, 7,4. lat. 49.40. 

Bafi, a very handforne and ricli town of 
Italy, in the kingdom of Naples, and 
capital of Terra di Bari, with an arch- 
hifliop's fee. It is fcatcd on tlic gulph of 
Venice. It is well fortified, and had 
fornicily a good harhour, which was de- 
flroyed hy the Venetians. It is 20 miles 
E. of Trani, ten N. E. of Bitonio, and 
121; E. by N, of Naples. Lon. 34. 25. 
lat. 41. 31. 

* Bah I, or Terr a-pi-Bari, a territory 
of Italy ill the kingdom of Naplcs,bound- 
ed on tlie N. by the Capitanata, on the 
N.W. by the Ulterior Frincipato, on the 
S. by the Bafilicata, on the S. E. by the 
Terra dOtranto,and on the N. E by t!ie 
gulph of Venice. It has nocopC'derihle 
river, except tiie Ofanto, which fcparateb 
it from the Capitanata. The air is tem- 
perate, and the foil fertile in com, fruit, 
and faffron ; but thtre are a great num- 
ber of ferpents ; and fpiders, called ta- 
rantulas, wliofe bite is to be cured only 
by dancing. Bari is the capital town. 

Barjoi.s, afinall populous town in Pro- 
vence, 12 miles t'lom Riez. Lon. 23. 
50, lat. 4.3. 31;. 

• Bar KAN, a fmall town of Hungary near 
tile bridge of (Iran, famous for two vic- 
^tories gained by the CiuKlians over the 
Turlcs ; the one in 1664, and the other 
in 1683. 

Barkh AMSTEA n, a town of Hertford- 
fliire, with a market on Mondays, chicrly 
for malt, and three fairs on .Shrovc- 
Monday, and Whil-Monday, for cattle; 
and on St. James'^-day, for cheefe. Ir 
had formerly a flronj; caftie built by th.- 
Normans, and has now a good fii.e- 
fchool, founded by John Inceiit, dean of 
St. I'.iul's. It is II mileo W. of St. A!- 
ban's, and 28 N. W. of London. Lon. 
16. <;5. lat. 51. 40. 

Bark i no, a town of UlTv x, with a market 
en Saturday, and one fair on Odober 
22, for horfcs. It is fcatcd on the river 
Roding, not far from the Tliaiiies, in an 
Unwhclefome air. It been chiefly 
noted for a huge moi^alkTy, now in 
riii'is, there being nothing left (landing 
but a fmali part of the walls, and a 
gate-houfe. Jt is eight miles E. of Lon- 

don, Lon. 17. 43. 51. 


B A 

Ba« Kttr, a town in Gloucefterfhire, with 
a maiket on Tuefdays, and one fair on 
April 14, for cattle and hogs. It is 
feated on a branch of the river Severn ; 
and formerly was of fomc note for a 
nunnery ; and has the title of a barony. 
It is 18 miles S. W. of Gloucefler, and 
1 1 1 W. by S. of London. Lon. 15. o. 
lat. 51. 40. 

Bar k\v a v, a town in Hertfordfliire, whicli 
had formerly a market on Fridays, and 
has one fair on July 20> for pedlar's 
ware. It is on the great road from 
London to York, and is 18 miles S. of 
Cambridge, and 35 N. of London. Lon. 
17. 35. lat. 52.0. 

Barlemont, a town of the French Ne- 
therlands, in Hainhalt, feated on the ri- 
ver SombK, nine miles S. W. of Mau- 
beuge, and 15 S. of Mons, Lon. 2 7. 
15. lat. 50. 10. 

Bari. ETTA, a handforne and ftrong town 
cf Italy, in the kingdom of Naples, and 
in theTerra-di-Bari, with a biihop's fee. 
It is feated on the gulph of Venice, a 
little to the S. of the river Ofanto, 25 
miles W. of Bari, 32 S. E. of Manfre- 
donia, and 100 E. by N. of Naples. 
Lon. 34. 2. lat. 41. 30, 

B.\RN ard-Casti, E, a town in the county 
of Durham, with a market on Wednef- 
days, and three fairs on Eafter-Monday, 
V/edncfday in Whitfun-wetk, and July 
2;;, for cattle, horfes, and flieep. It is 
feated in a bottom, on the river Tees, 
and is indifferently large, with a manu- 
failure of ftockings. It is 30 miles S. 
W. of Durliam, 1 3 N. N. W. of Rich- 
mond, and 2^3 N. N. r,'. of London. 
Lon. 15. 4q. lat. 54. 35. 

RARNAVELnr, an ifiand of South Ame- 
rica, in the Streights of Magellan, to 
the S. of Terra-del-Fuego, difcovercd in 
1616. l.on. 340. o. lat. 56. 20. 

Ra«kft, a town of Middlefex, part of 
which is in Hertfordlliire, with a mar- 
ket on Mondays, and three fairs oa 
July 24 and 25, fur toys ; on Odober 
1 8 and 19, for l.ngliili, Welch, and 
Scotch cattle; and on Augult 24, 25, 
26, for horfes, cows, and cheefe. It 
is a great thorough fair town, well pro- 
vided with good inns, and the market is 
very remarkable for hogs. It is 12 milci 
N. W. of London, and ten S. E. of St. 
Alhan's, Lon. 17. 25. lat. 51. 42. 

Barnstable, a fea-port town of Pe- 
vonfhire, with a market on Fridays, and 
three fairs on September 19, Friday be- 
fore April a I, and the fecond Friday in 




: il^ 

ru^ m 



15 A 

December, tor horned caUle. If is a 
torporation-tovvn, and fonds two nicni- 
bers to parliament. It is feated on I'.ic 
river Tan, over which there is a large 
bridge, and the market is large for cat- 
tle, corn, and provifions. It is ^S iiiikG 
N. N. W. of lix^tcr, fen S. S. li. of II- 
farcomb, and 194 W. of London. 
Lon. 13, 25. lat. 51. 15. 
Barnsliy, a town in the V/. Riding of 
Yorkftiire, with a market on Wcdncf- 
days, and two fairs on May 12, and Oc- 
tober 10, for horned cattle and hcrl'.s. 
It is feated on the <"'de of a hill, and 
a nianufadure in wire. It is commonly 
called Black Barnney, and is 53 miles 
N. by W. of Nottingham, and 175 on 
the fame point from London. Lon. 16. 

10. Jat. 53. 1^ 

Barocme, a town of Afia, in the domi- 
nions of the Great Mogul, in the pro- 
vince of Cambaya. It is a walled town, 
feated on a riling ground, on the banks 
of the river Nerdaba, and was formerly 
a place of great trade. It is now inha- 
bited by weavers, and fuch mechanics as 
manufacture cotton-cloth ; and the baftas 
made here are the kJ\ in all India, be- 
caufe they have the bcfl cotton in the 
world. The EngUlh and Dutch for- 
merly had faiTtories here, which are now 
abandoned. It is 60 miles N. of Surat, 
Lon: 89. 40. lat. 22. 15. 

Barrapa, a defart of Siberia, in Afia, 
that lies between the rivers Irtifch, and 
Ob. There are no trees ; but in foniK 
places there is good land, which migiit 
turn to account if there were any inha- 

* Barray, one of the wcflern iflcs of 
Scotland, which is five miles in length, 
and three in breadth, bcmg rocky on tic 
E. fide, and having arable land on the 
W. There h plenty of cod and lin,:; 
near this ifland ; and fevtral finall rtiips 
from Orkney come hither in fummer, 
and return laden with thefe ndi. Lon. 

11. o. lat. 56. 55. 

Barraux, a fortrefs of Savoy, and in 
Dauphiny, bslonging to France. It 
ftands at the entrance of the valley of 
Crefivaudan, and was built by a duke of 
Savoy in 1597. It was taken by the 
French in 159S, who have kept it ever 
fincc. It is feated on the river Ifer, 
eight miles E. of Chamberry, 20 N. E. 
of Grenoble, and five W. of Montme- 
lian, Lon. 22. 5. 131,45. °- 

Barthoidmew, St. one of the Carlb- 
bse Iflands in America, io miles N, of 

B A 

St. Chrirtopher's, and fiibit"5t to France, 
The Frt.nch fent a colony heie in 164S, 
and it is about 10 miles in circumference, 
having a good harbo'ir. Lon. 315. 30. 
lat. 18. C. 

* Barton, a town in Lincolnshire, with a 
market on Saturday.^, and one fair on 
June 13 for fheep, Ir is feated on the 
river Humber, where thtre ii aconfider- 
:ih!e ferry to pafs over into Yoiklhire, 
whit-h is of tonfiderable advantage to the 
town, which is a large lb jggling place. 
It is 35 miles N. of Lincoln, 36 S. E. 
of Voik, and 163 N. of London. Lon. 
17, 20. lat. 53. 40. 

* Bahuth, an ancient town of Tnrky, 
in Syria, where thereisaChrillian church 
of the Neftorian perfuafion. It is in- 
conliderable now to what it was former- 
ly, though it is fc.ated in a fine fertile 
foil, 20 miles N. E. of Seyda, and 42 E. 
of Balbec. Lon. 52. 50. lat. 33. 30. 

Basak TsciiicK, a conliderable town of 
Turky, in Europe, and in Romania. It 
is pretty well built, and the Greets are 
clean and broad. It has a great trade, 
and is feated on the river Mcritz ; here 
are alfo feveral baths. Lon. 42. 10. 
lat. 41. 49. 

Bash, Basle, or Baf.e, the capital 
town of the cannon of Bafil, in SvviUtr- 
land. It is a large, rich, populous place, 
and the molt handfome in all Swilfer- 
land, with a bilhnp's fee, and a tamous 
univcrlity. It is divided into two towns 
by tile river Rliine ; the l.irgeft of which 
is on t!ie fide of Sv.'ifl'erland, and the 
Icaft rin that of Germany ; but they arc 
joined together by a handfome bridge. 
It has five gates, fix fuburbs, 220 
ftreets, fix large fqnares, anti 46 foun- 
tain;, and is partly feated on a hill. 
The leffer Bade (lands in a plain, and 
lias hut two gates, with fcviral ftreets 
and fountains. The tovvn-houfe, with 
hn'j paintings in Frefco, and the piclure 
done by Holben, which reprefents the 
paOlon of Jefus Chrift, are much ad- 
mired by travellers. The library con- 
tains a prodigious number of books, as 
well in manufciipt as printed: andiluie 
is a rich coUeiflion of medals, among 
which there are feveral exceeding fcarce. 
The clocks here always go an hour toa 
fart, becaufe it did fo on the day ap- 
pointed to murder tlie magiltrates, by 
which the confpirary was difconcert'.d. 
This town is furrounded with thick 
walls, flanked with towers and baftions, 
and yet it is not a ftroDg place. The 


art of makln 
invented hei 
W. of Gen 

and 250 E. 
15. lat. 47. 
Basilic AT A, 
kingdonfj of 
win«, oil, C( 
and Cirenza 
lies betweer 
Calabria, Tt 
of Tarento. 

* Basimgor< 
empire, in tt 
on the right 
its confluenc 

Basi LiPOT an 
Europe, in 
the gulph o 
Eurotas by tl 

B A 5 1 1. 1; z z , a 
It is one of 
not above tv 
it has no in! 

a market on 
Wedntfday ii 
matters ; ani 
and hiring Ili 
fairs on Bali 
Tuefday, and 
cheefe. It is 
It is feated o: 
trouts, .^ni! i 
lilbuiy, and 
Lon. 16. 20. 

♦ B .^ s K A H I A , n 
taiy, bordure 
of 1'umen ^ : 
Abb ; on the 
t(ira, and <.>n 

E \ s (j^e K ■■. , a f I 
wards the 
and the dillii 

Bass, an inncc* 
coal! of E. I, 
entrance of t 
E. of Ldiiil 

R/\>;sAM. See 
*» B A ', ■; A N o , a 
ritory of Ver 
on the river J 
in excellent v 
B A s s p K , or B ." 






B A 

art of making paper is faid to li.ivc been . 
invented here. It is 175 miles N. by | 
W. of Geneva, 400 W. of Vienna, 
and 250 E. by S. of I'.iris. Lon. 25. 
15. lat. 47. 40. 
Basilicata, a territory of Italy, in the 
kingdom of Naples, abounding in corn, 
win«, oil, cotton, honey, and faftron ; 
and Cirenza is the capital town. It 
lies between the Capitanata, Citerior 
Calabria, Tcrra-di-Bari, and the gulph 
of Tarento. 

* Basimgoroii, a town of the Ruflian 
empire, in the Mufcovitc Tartary, fcated 
on tlie right fide of the river Wolga, at 
its confluence with the Sura. 

Basilipotamo, a river of Turky, in 
Europe, in the Morea, which falls into 
tiie gulph of Calochina. It was called 
Eurotas by the ancients. 

BASii.vfZo, an ifl.nnd of the Tufcan Sea. 
It is one of thofe called Lipari, and is 
not above two miles in circumference ; 
it has no inhabitants. 

BASiNOSTOKr.,a town in Hamprture,witli 
a market on Wednefdays, and two fairs; 
Wedncfday in Wlutrun-wcek, for triflinv;; 
matters ; and on October 10, for cattle 
and hiring Ccrvants. There are alfo two 
fairs on Ualinglloke-downs on Eafter- 
Tuefday, and September 21, for cattle and 
theefe. It is a corpoiation, and a great 
thorough-fair town on the welU-rn road. 
It is featcd on a fnviil brook, noted for 
troiits, r.T>i'. is -j; miles E, by N. of Sa- 
lilbiirv, and 48 VV. by S. of London. 
Lon. i(>. 20. hit. s I- 2c. 

♦ Bask.mi ia, a country of Mulcovite Tar- 
tary, bordered on the N. by the 1 artars 
ofTuineiii and on the E. by thole of 
Rarlliinskiii, and by the teirifories of 
Abli ; on the b. by the mountains of Sor- 
tora, and on the W. by the dutchy of 

E \ r, (}_e F. '. , a fmall territory of France, to- 
wards the I'yranean mountains. It 
tomjirehends Lt'bour, Lower Navarre, 
and liie dillri<5l of Soule. 

Bas?, an inaccefrdilc rock and fort on the 
coatV of E. Lothian, in Scotl.ind, at the 
entrance of theFiithof Forth, 45 miles 
E. of Edinburgh. Lon. 15. 15. lat. 

56- 3- 
B\>;sAM. See Bat AIM, 

*' BAsr^ANo, a town of Italy, in thf ter- 
ritory of Venice, and in the Vifentino, 
on tiie river Rl ante, in a "ountry fertile 
in excellent wine. 

Bassff, or Bass, .1 town of the French 
Netherlands, in the county of Flandeis, 

B A 

on the confines of Artois, well knowa 
by the many fiegcs it has fullaincd j but 
its fortifications are nowdemolilhed. It 
is fcated on a canal which runs to Deule 
18 miles S, W. of Lifle, and ten N. of 
Arras. Lon. zo. 30. lat. 50. 53. 

Basse-Terre, part of the irtand of St. 
Chriftopher's, which was formerly occu- 
pied by the French, till yielded to Great 
Britain by the treaty of Utrecht, in 
1713. St. Chriftopher's is one of the 
Carihbee IHands. 

B ASSIGN AN A, A Village of Italy, in the 
dutchy of Milan, feated at the conflu- 
ence of the rivers Po and Tanaro, fa- 
mous for a battle that was fought near 
it on November 25, 1745. 

BAfsioNi, a fmail territory of France, 
partly in Champagne, and partly in Bar- 
rois, of which Clionionte is the capital. 
It is extremely fertile in all things nc- 
cciFary for life, and lias plenty of wood. 

Ba^i lA, a fea-port town of Turky, in 
Eurojie, and in Albania, over againll 
the irtand of Corfu, feated at tiie mouttl 
of the river Calanui. Lon. 38. 5. lat. 
39. 4^-^. 

Bastia, a town of Italy, and capital of 
the idand of C riica, with a good har- 
bour, a llrong caflle, and a bidiop's fee. 
It was taker, hy the Englilh and the 
male-contiot ., in 1745; but It was re- 
taken by th( Ccnoefe fomc time after- 
wards. It i fcated on the eaflern part; 
of thccoaft, eight milcis E. of Florcnzo, 
too S. by E. of Genoa. Lon. 27. 12. 
lat. 42. 35. 

Bastimkntos, are fmall irtands n^ir 
Terra Firma, in America, at the m.outh 
of the bay of i\o.iiure-de-Dios, with 3. 
fort, and a good harbo\ir. In one of 
thefe there is an excellent fpring, and 
the country is good, and inhabited by 
the American naiives, tributary to Por- 

Bastion or Francf, a fortrtfa on the 
coaft of Birbary, in the kingdom of 
Tunis, where there is .i confiderabU 
fifhcry for coral; and the country pro- 
duces corn, leather, wax, and l;ori'e« ; 
it belongs to France. 

Bastiognt, a fmall town of the Nether- 
lands, in the dutchy of Luxemburg, Z9 
miles N. W. of Luxembiirg, and fubjett 
to the houfe of Auftri*. Lon. a;, 30. 
lat. 50, 10. 
* Bajvii. LF, a town of the ifh -.d o'. 
Martinico, with a very good harbour, 
whicli built by th-^ French. 




fr:>i)i: ]<.: 

of ^U 


.Ki . 

• 'i 

B A 

Eaft-Tndles, on the coaft of Malabi*r. 
It had a very large town of the lame 
name, ftanding on a little riv.r about 
four miles from the fta. There is now 
nothing leit worth taking notice of, but 
JO or II fmall pagods, covered with 
copper and ftonc. 'ihe country pro- 
duces a good deal of pepper } and the 
Englifli had a fadtory here, who were all 
murdered by the natives, becaufe an 
Inglifh bull-dog had killed a confecratcd 

Bat AC ALA, a town of Afia, in the Eaft- 
Indies, and on the E. coaft of the idand 
of Ceylon, and capital of a kingdom of 
the fame name, with a fort at the mouth 
cf the river, where there is a haiuour, 
and two pretty large iflands. The Dutch 
drove away the Portuguefe, and pof- 
fefled part of this country. Lon. 99. 

S3, lat.7. 55- 
• Bataseck, a townof Lower Hunt'iiy, 

feated upon the Danube, 70 miles S. of 
Buda. Lon. 37. 20. lat. 46. 30. 
Bat AT I A, a handfome, large, and very 
Arong town of Afia, in the ifland of 
Java, and in the kingdom of Bantam, 
with a caftle. This is the capital of all 
the Dutch fettlements and colonies in 
the Eaft-Indies. The fort, or citadel, 
is built at a little diftance from the town, 
and the grcateft part of it is of ftonc, 
which was brought from Europe. Cc- 
fides this, they have five other foits 
about the city, to defend it from all 
infults. In general the phcc is very 
beautiful, and is built witli white llontj 
and they have canals in the principal 
flreets, planted on each fide with ever- 
green trees. Batavia contains a prodi- 
gious number of inhabitants, of every 
nation and country in thefe parts j and 
particularly there were a great number 
of Chinefe, till many thoufands of tlu»in 
were mafTacred in cold blood in 1741, 
and their wealth was connfcated for tiie 
ufe of the Dutch. It is the refidence of 
the general-governorof all the Dutch colo- 
nies in the Eaft-Indies, v/ho continue.; but 
3 years, and is replaced by another, fenr 
hy the United Provinces. It has a hand- 
fome hofpital and arfenal ; and all the 
joods brought from other parts of theEaft- 
Indies are laid up here till they are ex- 
ported to tlie places of their dcftination. 
There is always a large fleet here, that is 
fufficient to maintain their power in ihefc 
parts, and to hinder other nations from 
molefting their trade, particularly in 
Ipices, which they have all to themfelves 

B A 

The harbour is excellent, and is featet! 

on the N. E. part ot the idai.d, S. E. of 
Sumatra, and N. W. of Borneo. Lon. 
134, 30. lat. S. 6. 10. 

Bath, a town or city of Somerfetfliirc, 
with the title of an earldom, and two 
markets on Wednefdays and Saturdays, 
and two fairs on February 3, and June 
29, for cattle. It is famoui for its hot 
baths, which draw every year a great 
number of polite compnny, partly for 
the fake of recovering their healths, and 
partly for diverlion. It is feated on the 
river Avon, over which there is a hand- 
fome ftone-bridge, in a bottom, fur- 
rounded by fteep hills. Of late years 
it haj been adorned with very l.andfome 
public and private buiidni-s, and parti- 
cularly a mapnifictnt liofpi>al for the be- 
nciit of the poor, who iire obliged to 
come thither for the fake "f tl^e waters. 
The fpiings, or wells, are dillinguillie.l 
by the names of tlie C'rof-,-b.ath, tlic flot- 
bath, and the King's-bath. It is 12 
miiej E. S. E. of Brill oj, 19 N. E. of 
Well,, and 108 W. of London. Lon. 
15. 5. lat. 51.27. 

* BA-riiA, Bath, or Baciua, a town 
of Hungary, capital of a county of flu; 
fame name, feated on tlie Danube. 
It was taken by the emperor, in 1686. 
It is iS milca E, of Elfcck, 17 S. of Co- 
loc/.a, and 62 S. of Bud;i. Lon. 37. o. 
lat, 46. 40. 

Batmon3tep., a town of Hungary, in 
the county of Bath, feated on the E. 
bank of tiie river Dnmibe. 

Battel, a town in the c^.ui;ty of SuiTex, 
with a market on Thurfdays, and two 
fairs on Whitfun-Monday, and Novem- 
ber 22, for tattle, and pedlat's wares. 
It is feated in a dirty part of the coun- 
ty, and IS famous for the decifive vidory 
gained by William duke of Norniandy, 
over Harold kini^ of Ei^ghind, in 1066. 
It is eight miles N. ol Haftin;;s, 22 E. 
of Lewes, and 57 S. E. of London. 
Lon. iS. 10. lat. 50. 55. 

Battf.nbuhg, :t town of Dutch Gucl- 
derlan i, feated on the N. banks of the 
river Meufe, alinoft cppofue to Raven- 
flein, ten miles S. W, of Nimegucn. 
Lon. 2^. 5. lat. 51. /^ 5. 

* Ba-j TLEFEiLu, A Village in Shropdnrej 
5 milciN. of Shrewsbury, wheie a vic- 
tory was gained by Hen y IV. over the 
rebels under Henry I'iercy, furnamcd 
Horfpur. It hr.s one fair on Auguft 2, 
for horned cattle and fheep. It is go- 
verned by a conilable, and connfts of 
t about 

fiboiit 400 h 
ftone, and 1 
large churcii 
long broad ft 

* Batusabfr 
peninfula of 

B A v . \ R I A , a c 
many, with 
bounded on t 
Up])er Falatii 
the archbilhc 
Mdioprie of 
bilhopric of 
ontheW. bytl 
miles in lengt 
breadth from 
rivers are the 
and the Lech 
and the foil i 
good paftiires 
becaufe it has 
into the nppe 
is one of th 
J623. We 
dutchy of Ba 
of that name, 
tenfive, comp 
mer, tlie Up 
bifliopric of I 
Freilingucn, I 
the dutchy of] 
the E. and S 
snd on the "vV 
Franconia, Sw 
paLitinarc of 
gaw, and whc 

Bavav, a little 
Hainhalt, in tl 
winch the i'ren 
battle in 1709 
killed than in .- 
5 miles S, W. 
Lon. 2 1. I .-. I 

hwicr, a fin.ill 
jou, With a c.i 
battle louj;l;t h 
on tilt; river • 
Anglers. Lor 

* HAu-,r., a to^ 
jjleifinily feat( 
the title of a 
miles from .'.5 
46. zr>. 

* B A U r, K N f I , a 

per Orlt-annois 
KuUiru' aijboy. 

* ii 'M.. MF, St. i 

i'; bet> 


B E 

fibput 400 houfcs built with brick and 
Itone, and 1400 inliabltants. It has a 
large church built with ftone, and one 
long broad ftrcet paved j but has no ma • 

* Batusabfr, a town of Afia, in the 
Eaft-Ir.dies, feated on the S. part of the 
peninfula <if Malacca 

Ba v.\R I A, a confiderablii country of Ger- 
many, with a title of a dutchy. It is 
bounded on the N. by Bohemia, and the 
Up|5er Palatinate, on the E. by Auflria, 
the archbilhcpric of Saltzburg, and the 
bifliopric of I'alTau, on the S. by the 
bifhopric of Brixen, and the Tyrol, and 
ontheW. hythe river Lech. It is about 125 
miles in length from E. to W. and 87 in 
breadth from N. to S. The principal 
rivers are the Danube, the Inn, the I("i r, 
and the Lech. The air is wholefomc, 
and the foil fertile in wine, wheat, and 
jood paftiires ; but the country is poor, 
becaufe it has little trade. It is divided 
into the upjjer anil lower j and the duke 
is one of the eleftors lince the year 


We mult not confound the 

dutchy of Bavaria witli the circle of 
of that name, wliich is mucli more cx- 
tenfive, comprehending, belides tlie for- 
mer, tlie Upper Palatinate, the arcli- 
bifliopiic of Saltzbur^, the bilhopric of 
Freilingucn, Braffaw, and Ratirtion, and 
the dutchy of Nauburg. It i ., bounded on 
the E. and S, by the circle of Auftria, 
and on tlie vV. and N. by the circle of 
Franconia, Swabia, ind Bohemia. The 
palatinate of Bavaria is part of Nort- 
gaw, and whofe capital is Amberg. 

Bavav, a little town of the province of 
Hainiialt, in tlie French Nctheilands, to 
wiiic'i the French retired alter the terrible 
battle in 1709, wherein more men w?re 
killed than in any during t!iut war. It is 
3 miles S, VV. of Malplaquet, 10 E. of 
Valen:iennes, and 12 S. W. of Mons. 
Lon. 21. i^. iat. ^o. 25. 

BAuor, a finall town of France, in An- 
jou, with a caftlo. It it fair.ous for a 
battle ;i;uc;I;t here in 142 1, .md is feated 
on the river Coefnon, 13 miles E. of 
Anglers. Lon. ly. ■',0. Iat. 47. 30. 

* Mav -, I., a tov.-n of Franc.*, in Bre.T?, 
|)leifjTjy featel on a fruitful hi!l, wuli 
the title of a marqu^fate. It is thtee 
ni'ies from .Micon. Lon. 22. 24. !at. 
46. zo. 

* Bau'iknci, a tov/n of France, in Pro- 
per Orl'-annois, vvheie there is an Au- 
Kiillinc aMcy. 

* 'tiM.y.r, Sf. a mountain of France, in 
Frcv?:::?, between Aix, Marfeilies, .-.nd 

Lon. 23. 50* 

B E 

Toulon. It is pretended Mary Magda- 
len died here, upon which .account it 
is much frequented. 

* BAUMF.-Lr.5.-NoNEs, a town of France, 
in the Franche Comte, with a rich nun- 
nery, feated on the river Doux, 15 miics 
N. E. of Befanzon. Five miles from 
this town there is a famous cavern, whofe 
entrance is 20 paces wide, and after de- 
fcending 300 paces, a gate of a grotto is 
feen, twice as large as a city irate. It is 
35 paces deep, 60 wide, and is covered 
with a kind of a vaulted roof, from 
which water continua'ly drops. There 
is nlfo a fmall brook, which is frozen in 
funimer, but not in winter, .nnd at the 
bottom there are ftones that pcrfcftly rc- 
femhle candied citron-peel. When the 
peafants perceive a mifl proceeding frcn 
the mouth of the cave, they are certain 
it will rain the next day, 
Iat. 47. 12, 

* Bal'mf.k, orBAUMATv', a cave of Ger- 
many, in Lower .Saxony, about a mile 
from Wcrmigerode, and i3 from Collar* 
The entrance through a rock is fo nar- 
row, that not above one perfon can pafs 
at a time. There arc fcvural paths in it, 
which the peafants have diflurbcd in 
fearching for the bones of animals, which 
they fell for unicorns horns. .Sometiiinlc 
it reaches as far asGoHar; but, be that 
as It will, it is certain the ilccletons of 
men iiavc been found tliere of the com- 
mon fize, who are fuppofed to have been 
loll there in the turnings and windings. 
Not far from the entrance there is a brook 
that falls from a rock, wiiofe water is 
good for the flone. The water that 
drops from the top turns into a flone, or 
fpar, as is common in valt cavities. 
When reduced to powder it heals the 
wounds of animals. 

B.m;3k, orBAUTKo, a fmall but impor- 
tant town in tlie dutchy of Courland, and 
on tlie frontiers of Poland, witli a llrong 
cai\le built on a rock. It was taken by 
the Swedes in 1625, and by tlie KuHlans 
in 1705, after a bloody battle between 
tliem and the Swedes. It is feated on the 
river Mufza, 15 ml'.cs E, cf Mittaw. 
Lon. 42. 14. Iat. 56. ^,0. 

* Sauthv, orRAV.-ruv, a town In the 
W. Rid'Pg of Yorkiliite, on the borders 
rf Nottinghamr.nrc, with a market on 
Saturdays, and two fairs on Holy-Thurf- 
d.r-, and Nove-.r.her 22, i'cr cattle and 
hcrfes. It is three furlong" in Icncrh on 
tl:c read fu>m I.omlrn to York, and has 
been long noted tor rrfili-ftories and 

K. grind- 






I , ^ 

1 ',: 1 
'' ' ' ' ; 






ii! ■ il 


B A 

gti/id-rtoncs, which arc brouglit Iiitlier 
up the river Idle, on which it is feated. 
It is feven miles S. by E. of Doncafttr, 
45 S of York, and 147 N. of London. 
Lon, 16. 30. lat. 53.27. 
Bautzen, or Budissen, a confiderable 
town of Germany, and capital of Up- 
per Lufatia, fubjeft to the eleftor of 
Saxony, with a rtrong citadel. The 
proteftants as well as the papifts have 
the free cxcrcifc of tlieir religion. It is 
feated on the river Sprehe, 30 miles E. of 
Drefden, 32 W. of Gorlitz, and 65 N. 
of Prague. Lon. 32. 12. lat. 51. 10. 

• Baux, a town of France, in Provence, 
with the title of a marqiiifate. It is feated 
on a rock, at the top of which there is a 
ilrong caftle. It is eight miles E. by N, 
of Arlos. Lon. 22. 30. lat. 43. 42. 

* Bay A, or Baja, a fmall town of lower 
Hungary, in the county of Bath, feated 
near the Danube, 32 miles N. of Eifek, 
and65S. of Buda. Lon. 37. o. lat. 46. 25. 

Bayeux, a confiderable town of France, 
in Normandy, and capital of Befnn,with 
a rich bilhop's fee. The cathedral church 
is accounted the fineft in that province ; 
its front and three high Aeeples are fnid 
to be the belt in France, and that in the 
middle contains the town clock. There 
are 17 parilh churches in the town and 
fuburbs, befides 7 convents, that is, three 
for men, and four for women. The in- 
habitants are laborious, and addifted to 
trade. It is feated on the river Anr, 4 
miles from the Endifli Channel, 15 N.W. 
of Caen, 75 W. (f Rouen, and 140 W. 
by N. of Paris. Lon. 16. 57. lat. 49. 16. 

* Bavon, a town of France, in Lorrain, 
feated on tlie river Mofulle, J2 miles S. 
of Nancy. Lon. 32. 12. lat. ^8. 30. 

• B A Y o N , or B /. Y o N A , a tov/n c{ France, 
inOalicia, ftated on a fmali i^uljjh of the 
Atlantic ocean, about 12 miks froniTuy, 
and aii much N. of the rivtr Minho. 
Lon. S. o. lat. 42. 3. It has a very 
commodious harbour ; the country about 
is fertile, and there is excellent h(l\ on 
the coaft, 

AvoNNE, a town of France, in Cafcony, 
with a bilhop's fee. It is feaced three 
milo3 from the fe,), ;it the oonfliionce of 
the rivers Nive and Adour ; tliL- fmt 
waflies it on one, and the fecond diviclci 
it into two unequal parts : there is m 
excellent h.irbour, v.liich renJera thib 
town a place of prcat trade. In t'.io 
fubmbs gf S:. Lfprit, there is a bridge 
that leads to the fmallell patt of tiie 
town, whi^ii ii called Litile Civonne, 

B E 

;.nd it is feparated from tlie oilier by tf.t 
Nive ; and by this the vefTcls come uii 
to the middle of the town. There are 
clmins that rtiut up the avenues. The 
Pont-majour is the largeft bridge, and it 
leads to a rtrcet inh.abitcd by merchants. 
The cathedral church is dedicated to the 
Virgin Mary ; but there is nothing re- 
markable in it, except the flirine of St. 
Leon, patron of the town. The nev.- 
caftle that defends the harbour is feated 
at the mouth of the Nive, and is flanked 
witli fix grofs round towers ; the town 
college is near it, and in the high-flreet 
of Little Bayonne the Capuchins and 
Dominicans li.ave their convents. The 
Palace of Audience is on the Key, from 
whence the harbour may be fecn full of 
fliips from different parts of the world. 
Tliere is alfo a caftle in Great Bayonne, 
which confirts of four low round towers, 
but very thick, with ditches full of v/a- 
ter; there are a great number of cannon, 
which appear on the top of the walls. 
The Dutch buy a great quantity of wine 
every year in exchange for fpices. Bay- 
onne is tlie capital town of Labour, and 
is 25 miles S. W. of Dax, 42 N. of Pam- 
pelona in .Spain, 40 W. of Pau, and 425 
S. by W. of Paris. 
Bazadois, a province of France, in Gui- 
enne, which makes part of Lower Gaf- 
cony; and it lies between proper (;ui- 
enne, Agenois, and Condomois. It is a 
b.iritn, heathy country, and the capital 
town is Bazas. 
Bazas, a town of France, and the capital 
ol the Bazadois, vvitli a very ancient 
bilhop's fee. It is feated on a rock, 
whofe foot is wafhcd with a fmall river, 
5 miles from the river Garonne, 37 
N.W. of Condom, 35 .S. E, of Kour- 
dcaux, and 345 S. by \V. of Paiii. 
Lon. 17. 10. lat. 44. 20. 

* Bazieoes, a town of France, in Lan- 
guedoc, and in the territory of Touloufe, : 
between the city of Touloufe and Car- ' 

* Bazoche, a town of France, in Lower 
I'crcli, feated on the river Coitron. 

* Bazza:;o, a mountain of Italy, in the 
kingdom of Naples, litu.ated in the ter- 
ritory of Aquila, and in tlie Ulterior 
Abru,-7o. It was formerly called Aufidns. 

BEAciiv-HKAn, a promontory on the 
coall of SiilTex, between HaUings and 
Shorcham, v/heie tlie French fleet defeat- 
ed the Fr -l::!! and Dutch in June 1600. 

Br. A CON!, !■ I k u, a tov.'n in Suffix, with a 
fmall maiktl 'ja Wcdneid.iys, and two 



fairs, on Fc! 
Hay, for he 
flands on an 
London to C 
inns. It CO 
Iioufcs, and 
bridge, 38 
W. N. W. 
lat. 51. 36. 
» Bealt, Be. 
of Btecknocl 
a great mark 
tie, and two 
turdays for ] 
three fairs, c 
December 6, 
and horfes. 
the river Wy 
lioufcs, who! 
in ftockings. 
nock, 53 N. 
Chefter. Loi 

* B E A M I N 3 T E 

Dorfetdiire, v 
•Tnd one fair c 
bullocks, Hiec 
placf, and is 
and is 4 mi 
W. N. W, of 
S. of London. 

B E A R A L S T O N , 

does not conf 
a market o 
come to notl 
but it fends t\ 
It is 10 mile 
W. byS. ofL 

Br An N, a pro 
title of a j)rin 
the E. by Big 
on the W, by 
Navarre, and 
cony and Ar; 
length, and 
48.}. towns at 
pulous, that 
were i9?/c 
the iMpital U 
fertile, eipe 
hills are loa' 
.ore laborious, 
firous of gain 
work in Spa 
the ground, 
their occupat 
thcmfelves a 
* Beat, a tov, 
of Commingi 
of tlv.; riverj 

in Lan- 
'ouloufe, I ]| 
ind Car- 

B E 

f.iii", on February 13, anti Holy Tliurf- 
c!.iy, for liorfes, cows, and (hccp. It 
ftands on an eminence on the road from 
London to Oxford, and has feveral good 
inns. It contains about 100 well-built 
houfes, and is 8 miles N. W. of Ux- 
bridge, 58 S. E. of Oxford, and 27 
W. N. W. of London. Lon. 16. 35. 
lat. 51. 36, 
» Bealt, Bealtii, or BuiT.TH, a town 
of BiecknocUfhirc, in South Wales, with 
a great market on Mondays for live cat- 
tle, and two lefler on Thurfdays and Sa- 
turdays for provifions. There arc alfo 
three fairs, on June 27, Oftobcr 2, and 
December 6, for fliccp, liorned cattle, 
and liovffS. It is pleafantly fcatcd on 
the river Wye, and confifts of about 100 
Iioufcs, wliofe inhabitants have a trade 
in ftockini^s. It is 16 miles N. of Breck- 
nock, 53 N. of Cardiff, and 92 S. of 
Cherter. Lon. 3. 18. lat. 52. 4. 

* Beaminster, or Bcmirter, a town in 
Dorfctfliire, v.ith a nmrket on Thurfdays, 
and one fair on Scpttmlicr 19, for liorfes, 
bullocks, fliecp, and ciitxfe. It is a pretty 
place, and is fcatcd on the river Bert, 
and is 4 miles S. of Crookhorn, i^ 
W. N, W. of DorcheiU-r, and 133 W. hy 
S. of London. Lon. 2. 50. lat. 52.45. 

Bear ALSTON, a town in Devonfliire, that 
dots not confifl of 100 houfes. It had 
a market on Thurfdny, which is now 
come to nothing, and it has no fairs ; 
but it fends two memhers to parliament. 
It is 10 miles N. of I'lymouth, and 201 
W. by S. of London. Lon. 4. 30. lat. 50. 

BrAPN, a province of Frince, with the 
title of a principality. It is bounded on 
the E. by Bigorre, on tiieS. by Arragon, 
en the W. by Soule and a part of Lower 
Navarre, and on the N. by Proper Gaf- 
cony and Armagnac. It is 40 miles in 
length, and 30 in breadth, and contain^ 
4S4 towns and vill.i:i;c3. It is fo popu- 
jiulous, that, in ifu);. the inhabitants 
were 19?, coo in ii'.iin'Dcr, and Pau is 
the lapital town. Tlic plains are pretty 
fertile, ef))ecia!ly in parturcs, and t!ic 
lulls are loaded with vincn The pcoj)!o 
are laborious, fol--cr, artivc, and fo de- 
fuous of gain, that vaft numbers go to 
work m Spain every year, either to till 
the ground, ret in the harveft, or follow 
their occupations ; for the Spaniards 
thcmfelves are very indolent and ],.zy. 

* Beat, a town of France, in tlie county 
<'f Coniminges, fcatcd on the confluenee 
ot the rivers Garonne and Pique, 5 n.iiis 

B E 

to tlie S. of St. Bertrand. All the tioufes 
are built with marble, w hich is here mor« 
common tlian frec-ftone. Lon. 18. 80, 
lat. 42. 50. 

'* Beaubec, an abbey of France, in Nor- 
mandy, and in the territory of Bray. It 
is 8 miles N. W. of Gournay. 

Beaucairk, a town of France, in Lower 
Languedoc, famous for a fair that is 
kept here yearly, on July 22. It is 
feated on the banks of the river Rhone, 
10 miles E. of Nifmes, 10 N. of Aries, 
and 12 S. W. of Avignon. Lon. 22. ig, 
lat. 43. 39. 

Beauck, a province of France, lying be- 
tween the Ule of France, Blafois, and 
Orleannois. It is very fertile in, 
for which reafon it is called the granary 
of Paris. There are fcarce any vires, 
meadows, or water. Chartres is the ca- 
pital town. 

Beaufort, a town of France, in Anjou, 
with a cadle, near the river Autliion. It 
carries on a great trade in corn, and is 
feated 15 miles E. of Angers, and 40 W. 
of Tours. Lon. 17. 26. lit. 47. 26. 

* Beaufort, a village, in France, in 
Champagne, witli the title of a dutchy, 
and a caille ; it is feated on the river 
Boire, 3 miles from Rofnay. 

Beaufort, a town of Italy, in Savoy, 
feated on the river Oron, la miles N. of 
Monfliers. Lon. 24. 18. lat. 45. 40. 

Beaujeu, a fmall handfome town o£ 
France, in Beaujolois, of which it wa$ 
formerly the capital, with a caftle famous 
for its antiquity. It is feated on the river 
Ardiore, at the foot of a mountain, S 
miles W. of Saone, and 12 S. W. of 
Macon. Lon. 22. 10. lat, 46. 9. 

Be A u joi.oiE, a dillridl of France, bound- 
ed on the S, by proper Lionnois, on tiiB 
W. by Forez, on the N. by Burgundy, 
and on the W. by the i?rincipality of 
Doinbes, It is 25 miles in length, and 
20 in hreadtli, and V'ille-Franche is the 
capital town. 

* Beaui. iKu, a village in Hampdiire, 4. 
miles S. W. of Southampton, with tw(i 
fairs on April 10, and September 4, for 
horfcs and cattle. 

* Bfaui. ii:u, an abbey of France, in 
Champagne, near the dutchy of Bar, 
and 5 miles S. of Clermont, in Ar- 

* Beaumeit, the name of two fmall 
towns in France. One of which is in 
Touraine, feated on t!ie river Indrt', 
with the title cf a harony, and a Bene- 
iliilinv abbey. The other is inTurenne, 

K z on 







'I « 

:! 1 


on the river Dordognc, with alfo a Be- 
ncdiaine abbey. 
Bkaumaris, a town of Anglefea, in 
North-Wales, with two markets, on 
Wedncfdays and Saturdays, and four 
fairs, on February 1 3, Holy Tiiurfday, 
September 19, and December 19, all for 
cattle. It Aands on the llreight Menay, 
and was fortified with a caillu by 
Edward I. It is governed by a mnyo: , 
recorder, two bailirts, and 21 com.non 
council men, and fends one member to 
parliament. Here the general and quar- 
ter-fefHons are held, and the county gaol 
is kept. It hes on the road fromChefler 
to Holyhead, and was formerly a place 
of good trade, by means of its excellent 
harbour. Here is plenty of corn, butter, 
and cheefe. It is 59 miles W. by N. of 
Cliefter, 17 E. of Holyhead, and 241 
N.W. of London. Lcn, 13. i5.1at. 53. 


Beaumont, a town of the Netherlands, 
in Mainault, on the confines of tiie ter- 
ritory of Liege. It was ceded to tl'.e 
French in 1684, and taken by the 
Englilh in 1691, who blew up tiie caftle. 
It is feated between the rivers Maefc 
and Sambre, 10 miles E. of Maubeuj-e, 
and 12 S. of Charleroy. Lon. 21. 51. 
lat, 50. 12. 

* Beaumont-sur-Oise, a town in thu 
Irte of France, feated on the declivity of 
a hill, with thf title of a cotjnty. It has 
a bridge over the river Oife, and is <; 
miles N, E. of Pontoife, 20 S. E. of 
Beauvais, and 20 N. of Paris, Lon, ig. 
S9. lat. 49. 9. 


France, in Upper Normandy, witli the 
title of a county. It is fuppofed, th:\t 
the founder's name Roger. It is 22 
miles S. W. of Rouen or Roan, in Nor- 
mandy. Long. 18.26. lat. 45. 2. 
Br.AUMONT-LE-VicoMTK, a town of 
France, in Maine, 10 miles N. of M.-.ns, 
and 15 S. of Alenzon. Lon. 17. 40, 
lat. 43. 12. There are fevernl oth^r 
towns of the fame name in France. 

* Beaumont, a village of SwilTtrland, 
in the territory of Vaud. It is feate.l 
between the river Orb and mount Jura, 
and is the chief of a fmail government, 
which depends on the canton of Hern. 

* Beaune, a handfome town of France, 
in Burgundy, remarkable for its excol- 
lent wine, and for an liofpital founded 
here in 1443. It had a Aroni; caClle 
built by Lewis XII. which was dem- Ijflied 

,. , by Henry IV, Jt is feated in a fruitful 

B E 

country, 15 miles N. of Chalons-fur. 
S.-iont, and 25 S. of Dijon. Lon. 22, 
20. la:. 47. 2. 

* Beauport, or Pobto-Hermo'.o, a 
fort and iiarhour of St. Dtmingo in the 
Weft Indies, and one of the Caribbee 
Iflandsj it is on the S. ud-^, and to the 
W. of the town of St. Donungo, 

Beauvais, a confidtrable town of France, 
in the Iile of France, and capital of 
Beauvaifis, with a biihop's fee, and .i 
county. T!iu cathedral ehurch is dedi- 
cated to St. Peter, and is much cried up 
for its fine arcliite<^ure. It contains a 
great nutnber of rehcks, and u library 
of curious books. There are feveral 
other churches, among which is St. Ste- 
phen, remarkable for its curious win- 
dows. It was beficged by the Engliili 
in 1443 to no purpofe, and in 1472 by 
the Duke of Burgundy with an army of 
3o,ooo men. In this laft, the women 
fiSnalized themfelvcs under the condudl 
of Jeanne Hachettc, who fet up a flandard 
that is yet preferved in the church of the 
Jacobins. Tlie Duke was obliged to 
r-iife the fieje ; and, in memory of the 
women's exploits, they always march 
tu'il in a prucefficn on t!ic 10th of July 
every year, the anniverfaiy of their deli- 
verance. Tin inhabitants carry on a 
good trade in beautiful tapcllry. It r; 
feated on the r»vet Th'-rm, 53 miles S. 
of Amiens, 37 F,. of Roan, and 42 N. 
of Parii. I. on. 19. 45. )at. 49. r,6. 

* Beavv^isj a town o; France, in Upper 
Lnnguedo^, feated on the river Tefcou, 
8 mdes E.of Mcr.uub:in. Lon. jg. 13, 
Int. 44. 2. 

Be A vvo I « -' u R-M» K, a ma'i;line towti 
of France, in Poin.u, with the title ot a 
rr; irquifate. It is 25 miles S. \V. of 
Nantes, Lon. 15. 25. Int. 46. 45. 

* Bs.m'voims, a territory of France, 
formerly part of Picardy, and now in 
the Ille 01' France, whereof Beauvais is 
the capita!. 

* Be n.'. 1. !:u; TEN, a town of Germany, 
in the diitchy of Wirteiiiberg, and in 
Suabia, feated on a lake from which t!ie 
rivirWonii proceeds. It is 10 miles N.W, 
of Stutgard. Lon. 26. 38. lat. 4^^. 


* Bec, a town of Fr.uicc, in Normandy, 
and in tlie dioccfe of Roan, feated cu a 
tongue of lane', at the confluence of 
two rivtrj, With a rich, large, and 
handl'Lime Benulidine abbey. It is iS 
miles S.W. of Rouen or Kuan, Lon. iS. 
22, lat. 49, J2, 

BrcAKOR, a t 
(ui the river 
territory of 
of DLlli, ai 
an Englilh 
27. 40. 

* Err CI. ED, 
good niarki 
fairs, on H 
O^ober 2, 
on July 1 
town, with 
tall bulky 1) 
fomc dil\ar 
the fefTion. 
are commo 
W. of Yan 
wich, and 
19. o. lat. 

* B E C Jl I N , . 

circle of th' 
by general F 
It is feated 
nilei S. of 
and 65 N. 
bt. .19. 14. 

* Becki. V, a 
N. VV. of V 
on Farter-T! 

* B I C K I' M , ,1 

feated at »lii 
7.0 miles S. 
by N. of Li 

* Bec 5 am; 1 1 
f'li 1, ho Mid 
f;e:i, on the 
1)11 the S, by 
F.. by the pr 
tiently callec 
town is Bui 

* B Ml A K I E tl 1 

of Fr.incc, ii 
tefu of Befu 
2c miles N. 
lit. 43. 29. 
'* Bkpas, a p 
of CeyI(Mi, 
near the fea, 
very ikilful 
Tliey have 
and they li 
hnucy wliic 

* B F. I) n c r I. E. 
Auguil 18 

B E 

Pf cAKOR, a town of India, in Ada, fcateil 
on the rivrr Ganges, and capital nf the 
ttnitoiy of Bacar. It is 140 niiks U, 
cf IXlh, ana 47.0 N. N.W. of Cikutta, 
an Englilh fadoiy. Lon. 100. 34. l..t! 

-7- 4°' 

* Err CI. En, a town in Suffolk, with a 

good market on S.itiirtl.iyii, and four 
fairs, on Holy-Tluirfday, June ig, and 
O^ober z, for jjetty cliapmen ; ai aUo, 
on July 1 5, for toys. It is a large 
town, with a handfome tlmixh, and a 
tall bulky fteeple, feated on an eminence 
feme dirtancc from tiie church. Here 
the feffions for the libcity of Bllthing, 
arc CDinmonly lield. It is 1 5 miles S. 
W. of Yarmouth, 39 N. N. E. of Ipf- 
wicli, and IC7 N. E. of London. Lon. 
iq. o. 1 It. <;2. 38. 

* Bkchin, a town of Bohemia, in a 
circle of the fame name. It was taken 
by general Bequoi, and burnt, in 1619. 
Il is feated on tlie river Laufnics, 12 
r.iles S. of Tabor, lo N. of Budweifs, 
a'ld 65 N. of Prague. Long. 5:. 35. 
l.t. .19. 14. 

* BtcKi.Y, a villnre in SufTex, 6 miles 
N. VV. of \Vin':helfea, with two fairs, 
on Earter-Tliiiifday, and Decemlier z6. 

* BrcKeM, a town of Ciermnny, in the 
biili'^prick of Munl>er, in WeilpIuiHa, 
feat.-d at 'lie fource of ti:ij river Veife, 
ID miles S. E. of Munfter, and 14 VV. 
by N. of Lippe, Lon. 25. 48. hit. 51. 

* Brc 5 A N '; 1 1 , a province of Afia, in Na- 
tch 1, bo mdrd on the N. by the Black 
Se:i, on the W. by the fea of MurnT.ra, 
oil tlie S. by proper Natoli.i, an.' on the 
F,. by tin: province «.)f Bolli. It was an- 
ti'Ttly called Bithynia, and the principal 
tr,v.n is Burfi. 

* I? J p AK I F. \ix, or Bec-d'Ap I r I'K, a town 
of iM'.ince, in Languedoc, and in tiie dio- 
cefe of Befurs, feated on tlie river Obe, 
2C miles N. of Befiers. Lon. 20. 54. 
hr. 43. 29. 

'* Bkpas, a people of Afia, in the illand 
ol CevliMi, who iiihabit a lan;e forell 
near the fea, and in the N. E. part of 
the id.ind. They are favagcs, but are 
very Ikilful in fliooting with a bow. 
Tl'.ey have neither towns r\ov villages, 
aiid they live upon iuinting, and the 
luncy which they find in the foieft in 

* r.ninori.jRT, a village of W.tle", in 
Carnarvonihlie, with two fairs, en 
Auguil 18, and D-.gemb'.r ^j, for 

B E 

BEr>fr, a town in the North-Riding ol 
Yorklhire, with a good maiket onTuti- 
<l:iys, and five fairs, on Ealler-'l'uefday, 
Wliit-Tutffday, July 5, d, for l.orne.i 
cattle, horfes, pewter, brafs, tin, mille- 
nary goods, and fliecp ; on OiJUiber 10, 
II, for homed cattle, flieep, hogf', and 
leather ; on Tuefday fcvennii^ht before 
CIniftmas, for horned cattle and flieep. 
It is a fniall j^lace f*atcd on a little brook, 
10 miles E. S. E. of Richmond, 30 N. W. 
of York, and 192 N. N. W, of London. 
Lon. 16. o. lat. 54. 30. 
* Beusr, a town of Afia, in the penin* 
Tula on this fule the Ganges, and in thff 
dominions of the Great Mogul. It is in 
the province of Balagueta, in the king- 
dom of Decan, 92 miles N. of Golconda, 
as much E. of Vifaporc, and 150 S. oif 
Aurengabad. Lon. 95. 10. lat. 16. 50. 
Bfdkord, the county-town of Bcdford- 
(liire, vvitli two markets on Tuefdays 
and Saturdays, and fix fairs, on thefirft 
Tuefday in Lent, Apiil ai, July 5, Au- 
gufl 21, October 12, and December jtj, 
for all forts of cattle. Bedford is feated 
on tiio river Oufe, which divides it into 
two parts, which arc united by a bridge 
wiih 2 gates, oiie at each end, to ftop the 
paffage occalionally. It lias five churclits, 
and formerly had a fliong CiRle, wliofe 
fite is now a very fine bowling-green. 
It is governed by a mayor, 12 aldermen, 
a recorder, 2 bailiffs, a town-clcik, and 
2 ferjeanti at m.ace. The Tuefday-min 
is on the Soutii-fide for cattle ; and that 
on Saturday, en the North-fide, for corn. 
It is 27 miles E. by N. of Buckingham, 
52 E. N. E. vt' Oxford, 2S W. by S. of 
Cambridge, and 47 N. by W. of London. 
It has I lie title of a dutchy, and fends z 
niembeis to parliament. Lon. 17. 10. 
lat. 52. 6. 
Rr. DFOKDSH iR F. is in the dioccfc of Lin- 
coln, and is 2.^ miles Kng arc' 16 bro;.d. 
It contains 12,170 houfes, C^,~^^a inha- 
bitants, iiC pariflies, jo market-towns, 
and fends 6 members to parlirinKnt. It is 
a pleafam inland county, ar.d is diverfi- 
tie J with fruitful plaini and rii'.ng hills, 
.•ibounding in cattle, corn, rind rich paf- 
tures ; it is noted for liarley, bone-lace, 
and a mai^ufadlure of rtiav.'. 
BF.n\viN-.M \CNA, is only avillap,e, ^ miles 
S. \V. of lluni^erford, which has neiiher 
maiket nor fair; but yet it is a boro'iv;h 
by prefcrj|>ti< n, <'md fends two members 
to parliamerit. Some tell us it was a 
confiderable place in the time of the 
S.vxcnS; and that the tr.ices cf fortin- 


i :ia 

m il 

■ vi- :^ii ■ii 

M' ■*: 

B! i 



i''5- M 

■• .ah 



li ' 

i iff 



estlenJ »re ftill rtmainlr.g. It ii 74 
milfs W. of London. 

Bedwins, a fort of wandering Arabs 
inhabit the deftrts of Arabia, Thtre are 
aJfo fome of the fame ftock in the dtfert.; 
of Africa; they live in tents in both 
places, and frtquentlv fliift their abodes 
in fcarch of grata and water. They fre- 
quently rob caravans, whtn flity hajjpen 
to be 'ftronger. The principal men are 
called Emirs and Si)eiks, 

BiroRT, a fmail, but ftrons; town of 
France, and capital of Suntgaw, in Al- 
face. It was ceded to France, by the 
treaty of Weflplialia, in 164S. It is 
featcd at the foot of the nvnintain, 10 
miles N. E. of MontbtUiard, and 2S W. 
of Bafil, or Bade. Lon. 24. 32. lat.47. 
-<S. There is not above 100 houfes in 
this town, and 700 inhabitants ; but it 
is important, on account of tiie great 
road by this place to Alface from Franclic 
Compte. The fortifications were greatly 
augmented by Lewis XIV. 

• Begia, orBECdA, a town of Africa, 
in the kingdom of Tunis, with a Aront; 
caAIe, feated in a territory abounding in 
corn. It is built on the declivity of a 
mountain, 25 miles W. of Tunis. Lon. 
;;. o. lat. 37. o. 

Be J A, a pretty large and flron^ town of 
Portugal, in the province of Alentejo, 
feared near a lake of the fame nctni., 
V'hcre it is pretended there is a fort ct 
fiili that bellow like a bull he foi e a f\orni ; 
but this muA needs be a fable. It is 31 
miles S. of Evora, and (>i S. I7 C. cf 
Lin)on. Lon. 10. 10. lat. 37- 5?- 

Beichlingen, a town of Gciinany, in a 
county of fh; fame name, and in Tim- 
ringia, a part of Upper S;.xcny. It is 
17 miles N. of V/cinur. I.on. 29. ic. 
lat. 51. to. 

• Beinheim, a fort of France, in A!f\:c, 
featcd on the rivi-r Sur, riar its con- 
fluence with t'le Rhine. Ir is r miles 
N. of Port Lewis, and 6 S. W. f;f Ra- 
ftadt. Lon. ;6. 42. lat. 4!^'. 51. 

i'>£ii,.'., a town of Italy, in I'ie^mon'^.. 3s 
miles 11. of Turin. Lon. ^5. 15. Lit. 

IS- 2- 
Eeira, a province of Portiii;al, hoi-nded 
on the N. by thofc of Tr:i-los-Montcs, 
and trtrc-douro, and Miiilio ; on the 
S. by Eflrcmadura of Portugal ; en the 
E. by Eftremadura of Sp.iin } and on 
tlie W. by the Atlantic ocean. 

• Belt. RouG II TON, a village in Worccfltr- 
fliire, 3 miles N. Vf . of Cromfgrove, with 
two fairs, on the firA Monday in April, 

B E 

and on Monday before 0(f^oher iS, tut 
horned cattle, horfes, and (hecp. 

Be I. CASTRO, a town of Italy, in thsking- 
dcni of Na|j!es, and in the farther Cala- 

, bria, witli a bilhop's fee. Is is fuatod 
on a mountain, 8 miles from the fc.i, 
and 10 S. \V. of San Scverino. Lon. 

34. 45. ht. 39. 6. 

» Belcham, St. Paul's, a village in 
Eirex, a mile S. E. of Clare, with one 
fair, on November, for cattle and toys, 

» Belchite, a town of Spain, in the 
kingdom of .^rragon, feated on the river 
AInionazir, 20 mile.-. S. of Saragotra. 
Lon. 17. o. lat. 41. 19. 

Belchoe, a town of Ireland, in the pro- 
vince of UlAcr, and county of Ferma- 
nagh, featcd on Lough Nilly, 18 miles 
S. E. of n;.!:ylhannon. Lon. 9. 24. lat. 
54. 2. 

Bhlem, a town of Portugal, in Eflrema- 
dura, feat ! on the Tajo, about a mile 
from Lifb. ;;, to the N. of the river, de- 
figned to defend the entrance to that 
city ; and tliere all the lliips that fail 
up llie river, mufl bring to. Ilure they 
inter tiie Kings and Queens of Portu- 

* C E I. r. s M E , a town cf France, in Perclic, 
which formerly had a ea(l!e. It is 10 
mil^s S. of j'vTiirt !gne, and 90 W. by S. 
of Paris. Lon. 17. 14. lat.^8. 23, 

* Bei. F. 'aa 1, a town (.f France, in Lan- 
Riifdcc, in thv county of Foix, remaik- 
.able tor a fpring, \\ hicli, as iii-ff'.nH..'rt, 
tbbs and tiowr; iz times in 24 liours, .is 
txaiJlly a-, a clock. 

RrLEZKRp, a town in Ruffia, a lapital O'f 
a province of the fame name, on theS. E. 
flicre of tliL White Sc.i. It i" ico miles 
>'. E. of Novogorcd. Lon. 53. 40, hit. 
Ci. 5C. 

rnt-AST, a fca-j'Ort town of Iicland, in 
the provinci/ of I liler, and county of 
Antrim. It is Tjated on Carrickfcr~us 
bay, and Ins a gocd trade. It f^nds two 
members to parliament, Lon, 11. 15. 
bt. u. 3S. 

* Uti Kour., a poO town in Northumber- 
land, in tise roa«l fr^m York to Berwick, 
with two fairs, en Tuefday before Wlnt- 
funtide, and AugufI 23, for black cat- 
tle, fhcep, and horfes. It is a good 
thoroughfare, and is 16 miles S. of 

Bei. GARDEN, a town of Germany, in Eart- 
Porneiania, in the Province of C.-.dul'i 1, 
t; mile', fiom Cclhut, and 55 mile:. N. 
of Stetin ; fuhjei5l to PjufTia. Lon. 33. 

35. lat. 54. 10. 

Hit cnKOfi, a 
of a proving 
feated on i' 
3S- lat. 51. 

Be I. COR 01), a 
Europe, an< 
mouth of t!' 
Sea, 80 mill 

Bei (. r AnE, a 
Turky in E 
U'ith a Gree 
en a low hil 
the Danube, 
with the Sai 
mort impoit 
veral times 
CliriAians ai 
by Piinet E' 
it was kept 
to the Turks 
int'omuch th 
of all Servi;i 
of Vienna, 

• Belciradk, 
of Turky ii 
feated on tin 
20. miles N 
lat. 41. 22. 

♦ Bei'jhado, 
and in the i\ 
near the Toj 
no, and lo 
35. lat, 46. 

Bei L AC, a to' 
feated on tl 
N. of Lim 
46. 4. 

Cli. I. CLARX, 

province of 
Sligo, 25 mi 
lat. 53. 56. 
Be 1 1 F, a towi 
9 miles S, V 
lat. 50. 45. 


RoufiUon, .a' 
on the fronti 
tified, and is 
count of its 
nees. Lon. 

* P. FLLtnARI 

Purgnndy, I 
with the tith 
11 miles belt 
Laane, a-id : 
22. 3c. lat. 

Btl. LE-IlLF, 

15 miles !!o: 
xiioit uver a- 

B E 

Bri.fioROP, a town of Ruffia, and capital 
ol' a iJioviiKC of the fame name. It !•> 
fcatcd on tlie livtr Donets. Lon. 54, 
35. lat. 51. 20. 

BEt.coROi), a (Irong town of Tuiky, in 
liuiope, and in IklTlnalna, Icutoi at th« 
moutli ot the river Nitilcr on tlic Black 
Sea, 80 milei S. E. of licnder. 

Bfi r,R API, a rtrong and famous town of 
Tiirky in Europe, and capital of Scrvia, 
with a Gretk billiop's fee. It is fcated 
on a low hill, whicli reaches as far as 
tlie Danube, a little above us tonfluenee 
with tlie Save. It was a very large and 
niort important plate, and has been fe- 
veral times taken and retaken by the 
Cliriltians and Turks. It was taken lad 
by I'rinet Eujjcne, in Augufl 1717, and 
it was kept till 1739, when it was ceded 
to tlie Turks, alter demolifhins the walls, 
inlomuch that now they are in poflTtfluin 
of all Servia. It it 265 mile* S. by E. 
of Vienna, and 400 N. hy W. of Con- 
ftantinople. Lon. •^S. 30. lat. 45. 10. 

• Belc;radk, a fmall, bur handlome town 
cf Tuiky in Europe, and in Romania, 
feated on the rtrei^Iit of Conftantinople, 
10. miles N. of that city. Lon. 40. 30. 
lat. 41. 22. 

♦ Bf.i fJKADo, a town of Italy, in Friuli, 
and in the rtate of Venice. It is feated 
near the Tojamenta, 10 miles from Udi 
no, and 10 from Concordia. Lon. 30. 
35. lat. 46. o. 

Bel LAC, a town of Fr.ance, in la Marche, 
fe.ited on the riv.'et Unicon, 20 miles 
N. of Limoges. Lon. iS. 44. lat. 
46. 4. 

BtLLCLARi, a town of IrcLmd, in the 
province of Connauglit, and county «1 
Slij^o, 25 mdcs S. of Sligo. Lon. S. 23. 
lat. 53. 56. 

Bf 1 1 F, a town in the French NcthcrLinds, 
9 miles S. W. of Ypre'j. Lon. zo. n.': 
lat. 50. 45. 

BiLLFnARp, a ftrong plac? of France, in 
RoulUlon, above the defde of I'ertuii, 
on the frontier^ ol Catalonia. It is for- 
tified, and is an important place, on ac- 
count of iti being a paflage to the l>yic- 
nees. Lon. 20. 30. lat. 4.'.. 20. 

* Bfllegardk, a town of France, in 
Furgundy, feated on the tiver Saone, 
vvitli the title of a dutchy. It is about 
12 miles helov/ ti;o town of St. Jean do 
Laane, a-id 1 5 NT. E. of Ciialoni. Lon. 
22. 3c. lit, 46. s7. 

BtLLE-I'.LF, an ifland of France, lyinj; 
ic miles Horn tlu zo.\(i of BiiUany. al- 
KiOit uver agunlt i'urt-Ljuis. It u ;ibout 


15 miles lon?;, and 5 broad. In tiin»i 
ot peace, there is gcnf^i.dly a gairifon of 
22 companies of iniantry ; but, in war- 
time, more. It is divitled into four pa- 
riilics, one of vvliich is that of Pal.iis, a 
fnull fortified town, with a cit.idel. It 
is is tliverfificd with cragB;y mci.nt.ilns, 
falt-works, and pleafant fertile plains, 
Lon. 14. 25. lat. 47. 20. 
Bti.i. E-lii. K, an ifland of North-. \mcrica, 
lying at the mouth of the Artiyht be- 
tween the country of the EfkimauK, or 
Ncw-l?ritain, and thi N. end of New- 
foundland ; from whence it is called the 
Strcight of Belle-Ifle. Lat. 51. 50. 

• BFLr.E-ViiiF, a town of France, in 
I'eaiijolois, fcated near the rivtr .S;ionc, 
5 miles N. of Ville-Franciie, and 8 .S. E. 
of Beaujeu, with a rich Auguftin abbey, 
Lon. 22. 16. lat. 45. 5. 

• Bri.lfy, or Bellav, a town of France, 
capital of Biijey, with a bifhop's fee. It 
was ceded to Fiance, by the Duke of Sa- 
voy, in 1 601. It is feated near the rivtr 
Rhone, 17 miles N. W. of Chambery, 
40 E. of Lyons, 40 S. W. of Gcnevcv, 
and 250 S. E. of Paris. Lon. 23. 2u. 
lat. 45. 43. 

• Bii.LiNcnAM, or Behinghak, a 
town in Northumberland, with a mar- 
ket on Tiief'lays, and one fair, on Satur- 
day after September 1 5, for black hom- 
ed cattle, ftieep, linen and woollen cloths. 
It is 14 miles N. N. W. of Hexham, i;^ 
\V. of Motptth, and 7.90 N. N. W, vi 
Lcndon. Lon, 15. 20. lat. i;i;, 10. 

• r.KLLiNZONA, a town of Italy, in the 
Milanefe, .'ind one of tiie bailiwicks 
which the Swifs pofl'efs in that coun- 
try. It IS fcated on the livcr Jefmo, 5 
miles above the place where it falls intw 
the Lago M.aggiore, and it is fortified 
with two rtrong caftlcs that liad been 
joiticd together by a vvall flanked with 
tow-'rs ; but the Swifs have demoliihed 
part thereof. Lcn. 26. 30. lat. 46. S. 

Bi£i. LUNo, a handfome, but fm.dl town of 
Italy, and capital of the Kelhincfe, in 
the territories of Venice, with a bifhop's 
fee. It is feated among the Alpine 
niountiins on the river I'iave, and is 
pretty jjopulous. It is 17 miles N. E. 
of Fekii, and 10 N. of Ccneda. Lon. 
29. 45. lat. 46. 9. 

• JJ.'-LLUKrriF, .T territory of Italy, be- 
lonciiiig to the Vtnetiani, which lies 
bc'.wctn Friuli, Cadorini.>, Feluino, the 
bi'.ho];nc ot I'rcnt, a-^ * Tirol. It has 
good iron -mine... Bcllu-jo is the only 
cc-niiJciable L»)ace. 

X\ ^^ 

i3 , ; 1 '!t ;■ 


• ■4, 


^ ii' 
1 1 



i k 


m ::i 


• RriMrtNT'', a town of Italy, irt I'lo 
kini^Jom of N:ipli'S and in liither 
CaKibiin. U i» fcatca on the conit ol 
the Tufcan fea, lo miles W. oi Cozcnia. 

Lon. 34. io- 'at- 19' ^'^-^ . , ... 

Belt, the Oieat, a f.imous arci^hto. Den- 
maik and tlie llland of Zealand and that 
of Funen, at the entrance of tli*' Baltic 
Sea. This ftreight is not fo commodious, 
nor fo miicli frequented, as tlie Sound. 
It is obfervable, tliar, in i0^8, this 
flreight was frozen over fo liaid, that 
Charles-Guftavus, King of Sweden, 
marched over it, witlj a dcfigii to take 

BrLT, the Lelfcr, lies to the W. of the 
Great Belt, between tin; Irtand of Funen 
and the coaft of Jutland. It is one of 
thi- palTages from the German ocean to 
the Baltic, though it is not three miles 
in breaikh, and is very crooked. 

• BitToN, a village in Leicederflilre, 
7 mili'i W. of Loughborougli, with one 
fair, on Monday after Trinity-wcek, for 
horfcs, cows, and flieep, but principally 
for horfes. 

♦ Btlton, a village in Lincolnfhire, two 
miles N. of Grantham, with one fair for 
flax and hemp. 

Bfltz, or Belzo, a town of Poland, in 
Red-RulTia, and cipital of a palatinntt 
of the fame name. It is feafed on the 
confines of Upper Volhyni«, among 
marfhes, and is -,o miles N. of Leopol. 
Lon. 4-2. 35. lat. 5c. 5. 

* Bfltz, orBEtzo, a province of Poland, 
in Red-RufTin. hovimlcd by that of Leo- 
pol on the S. Cheim on the N. Little 
Voland on the E, and Volliynia oa the 
W. Belt? is the capital town. 

Bf.LVEDERE, a conlidcrable town of 
Greece, and capital of a province of the 
fame name in the Morea. This pro- 
vince lies on the weilcrn coaft of tlr,' 
ft-a, and is tl'.c m'-iU fertile and rich in 
Till the Morea. This place is channinSj'- 
!y ftated, 17 miles N. E. of Chireiiza, 
and 17 S. of I'ntras. Lon. 39. 30. lat. 
38. 5. It is fubjcft to the Turki ; and 
our raifins come from thence whicii arc 
called Belvederes, 

Bf-mber, a cl-.ain of mountains, wliich di- 
vide India from Taitnt y. 

Bemstet, or BEMi'>TrR, a town of 
Dorfetflure, with a markit on Thurfdays, 
and a fair on Septeiiihcr 19, for horfes, 
bullo-ks, {hc"n, and ch'M!'"e. It is f-ntcd 
on the r;v;r Ro:t, 14 miles N. of Dor- 
chefter, and i-, 3 \V. by S. of London. 
Lon. 14. 45. l:n. 50. 45, 

BtVAVARRT, 1 town of .?puln, In th< 
kingdom of Arr.igon, with a calllc. it 
is featcd on the fioiilicis of Catulonia, 
17 miles N. F.. of D.ill.tllro, and 27 N, 
of Lerida. Lon. 18. 10. lat. 41. |;;. 

BiNAVENTo, a town of Spain, in thn 
kinijdom of Leon, and in the 'l'ic<ia-di- 
Campos, witli the title nf a dutcliy. It 
is feated on the river 11 1, 37 mde^S. of 
Leon, 30 N. of Z.tmoia, and 15 E. of 
Allorga. Lon. 12. 30. lat. 42. 4. 

BtNCooi EN, a fort and town ol" Alii, on 
the S. W. coafl of iho iiland of Sumatra, 
belonging to the Eni';Ii(h. About a quar- 
ter of a mile from t!ie lea (laiuli an In- 
dian village, whofe lioufci aic fmall ami 
low, and built on ports. The natives 
have a fwarthy complexion, and their 
flature is flendcr and llr.iit. They are 
V'.'ry delirous of trade ; but when allVoiit- 
ed, are very treacherous and revengeful. 
There are a few fmiths among tiieni ; 
but moft of them are carpenten. There 
are alfo fifhermun, who get their liveli- 
hood by filhing. The country about 
Bencooitn Is mount.ainous and woody ; 
and there are fevtral volcanos in the 
ifland. The air is unwholcfomc, and 
the mountains arc continually t(>vcrci 
With thick heavy clouds, that produce 
lightnint^, thunder, and rain. There is 
no beef to be had, except that of buffa- 
loes, w'lich is not very palatable ; and 
indet^d all provi("ron<;, except fruit, am 
pretty Rarce. The chief trade hen; i$ 
in p.'pp-r, of which there is a large 
quaiiMty. TluTc are frequent bicker- 
ings btrwixt the natives and the fadlo- 
ry, to t!ic' no fniall injuiy of the E.ifl- 
India company. The faf^ory was once 
entirely dcfertcd ; and, if the natives 
had not found their trade Hecrcafi.', 
they wruld f.arce ever have been in- 
viicd iheio ag.'iiii. Lon. ii3. 35. lat. 
S. 4. o. 

I>f.:.nF.rM.\'^s'- ::, t to'.vn of Afia, .and 
capital of a kiiii^ !o:n of the fame naaie, 
in the iiland of Pornco, witli a good 
l;a:bour. I.on. 131. 20. lat, S, 2. 40. 

BE.NnER, a to'.vn of Turky in Europe, in 
P.'irira'jia. foafcd en fl.L- river Niefter, 
10 J iiulc N. "vV. cif R''i;;orod, nncl ico 


S. E. of Urac'.rla-, 



fort.l:Jr.r:;'cnc'. of Chailr. Xil. King of 
S\' (idi.n, who retiftrd bifh.r a'ter he had 
bi en dcfciTi"! by t!i'j Rufiians at Pultown. 
lie- vai n\Tir,niiic I by tlio. Tuiks Ikiij 
iVver ii ill he wn; at ! ift forced 


.•;,■ '1^ 

I J f p n ^' I 

\ .1. 

::rc J.; r<.-n.i.:i',ri inct'u.r 1 i-a; 


; alter 




whkli he rtt 
Lon. 4'J. 35 

K>.Nti>ir I n, 
Italy, in the '. 
r,uidola, an< 
78. 55. lat. 

• B E N i: 5 o I u 
Hypt, lemai 
It is fcMtid 
Nile, and i . 
is the govt.! 
^ive it .1 1^1 II 
of Cairo. 

DeNF V» K TO, 

town of 
and in the V 
by t;i tliipiak 
and the .11 ch 
nediil Xri 
live. When 
)ial tliiir, he 
lulijc-a to tl 
flilijihtfiil ai. 
ci.ndutncc oi 
lore, IS mih 
Avclliiio; an 
32. 27. lat. 4 

Eeni 1.1 I), a 1' 
whofe fortific 
It ii fcatud 
.S. W. of Stra 
ftat. Lon. 21 

Brnr, A r. , a cou 
ing near the r 
linunded en t 
Patna and Ji 
kini;doms of 
the S. by th 
province of ( 
I'ldvintes of 
about 4C0 mil 
and 300 in b 
this ptovinccj 
French, have 
pal of that of 
cutta, or Fort 
has the fame ; 
is .".nnually ov 
for tliii Isvvat 
the Ganges, 
ly Gentows, 
tom of liurni 
dead Iiufl'and; 
v;n'atly reJlr.i' 
the Great Mo 
Nabob, one c 
■'it, f ;eor<:c, ■j\ 
ti"> :«(ii'.iii{ ll 


hci(; is 



s once 
n in- 


pc, in 

i IC^ 

in:; i^t 

r h , 1 


h' i\5 


B E 

wliicli lie retuintd to lil» own dominicnf. 
Lon. <<5. 35. Lit. 46. 40, 

B>cNiLi>» ri o, St. a lonfulcnhlc town df 
Italy, intlic Mintuan, 35 niiitt N. ol Mi- 
nindola, and 35 S. E. ot' Mantua. Lon. 
78. 55. Lit. 45. o. 

• Bknk sorer, a town of Africa, in E- 
Hypt, icni.iil'alile for il> hemp and flax. 
It is ("iMttH on the wclh/rn lliorc of tlic 
Nile, and i. the rtfidcncc ci u Hey, wlio 
is tlic govtinor ot it. '1 lie inofi|ut.i 
^ive it a t^i.nul iooi- . It i^ ro inile» b. 
01' Cairo. I. on. 4H. 30. lar. 29. 10. 

Jitr-r\t N rn, a li.indfoni;', lar'c, and ii'.li 
to\vi\ (i{ It.ily, in ilr; kin.;d.jin ol N'.ipli -. 
and in the Ultorior I'l ini ipate, widi .iti 
archhilhop's (cc. It luit.'icd rrtatly 
by ta (liiniakcs, and j)iilKulatl', »n lOiJ : ; 
and the .uclihuhop, aticrwan!s l\ii)C H'.- 
ncdiit Xri was du;; nut of the ruins a- 
li'.e. When he was advanced to llie I'a- 
jial chair, he rebuilt this plate. It li 
liilije(fl to the Pope, and is leaitd m a 
deli,i;Iuful and fertile v.illey, near tlic 
confluence of the rivtii Saburo and C.i- 
lore, 15 niile-i from Capua, 12 N. from 
Avcllino i and 3'j N. E. of Naples. Lcn. 
32. 27. lat. 41. 6. 

Ijem' r, 1, 1), a town of France, in Alface, 
whofe fortificitior.s were dcmolinicd in 
confcqntnce of the treaty of Wcftphalia. 
It ii feated on the river III, 12. miles 
.S. W. of Str.idniri:, and 7 N. of Schele- 
ftat. Lon. 25. 15. lac 4S. 14. 

BrNfiAi,, .1 country of Afia, in India, ly- 
ing near llic ni'niih of the river Ganges, 
bounded on the N. by the provinces of 
Patna and Je''uat ; ( n the E. by the 
kini;doms of Arracan and Tipra ; on 
the .S. by the bay of .and the 
province of Orix.i ; ;uv,I on the W, by 
j>rovinces of Narvar and Malva j bcliii; 
about 400 miles in leng'.h from E. to W. 
and 300 in bieadili from N. to S. In 
this piovince, tlie Englilli, Dutch, and 
French, have factories , .'iml the princi- 
pal of that of the Englilh is ^j-dlcd Cal- 
cutta, or Fort St. George. This country 
l;is the fame arlvantat'e as Egypt, wliich 
is .-.r.nually o^^rllowe^l by the river Nile; 
for tViii is watered in the lame mannoby 
tlic Gan;'!;es. The inhibit. mts are chicl- 
ly Ccntows, whcfe women had a cuf- 
tom of !,urninj; themrdves with their 
dead luifl'ands; but this pr.ii.^ice is now 
greatly retrained, by the authority of 
the Great Mo"iil. It is governed by a 
Mah'ib, one of whom lately took Fort 
•'it. (ymr^t:, and coii^mitted great cruel- 
t,', ;<(n<.i-jj llie propltf ol the fuitory j 

B £ 

but he h.K fince been depofed, and killcf', 
and there 'is now u friend to the Engiilti 
in hii room. In general, Heniial ii a 
fruitlul, coun'ry, ()/ iome c- 
iKemed a loft of eaithly paradifc, anJ 
it lies very convenieiu ter cariying on a 
trade with the partti round about it, and 
for puicliaftng their variou* connmoditie* 
and inanufadtureii. 
BtNtiiHA, a teriitcry of Angola, in A- 
frica, whofe principal town is of tho 
lame namu, and is under thu dominioi^ 
ot the I'ctl.^Kuefe. Thii a 300 mllei 
N. of Cape Nci'io, and lio S. cf the 

,^:* f 



lat. S. 

illand of Lcundu. 
I I. o. 

' liENiARAX, an ancient and confulcra- 
ble town of Attica, in the l'ip;,dom cf 
Aljjieis, feated in a foil abounding in 
corn, hon.'y, and paftures. It is 37 
miioj S. V\ . of Oran, and as much N. C. 
olTiLnic/ei . Lon. 17. o. lat. 35. o. 

Bi ' IN, a ! vr;;c tc •, n, capital of a Lin i^dorn 
of the fame name, in .'...nca. Some ;,ive 
it the title of a city, which it c'ocs not 
deferve, though the rtrcets ate vaftly long 
.'ind bread, in which marUcti are kept 
for cows, cotton, elephant's teeth, and 
European wares. It was formerly very 
clofc built, and very populous, as ap- 
pears from the ruins of the houfes ; but 
at prcfcnt ihey tiand widely tronn 
each other : they are all built with clay- 
walls, and covered with reeds, itraw, or 
leaves, no rtonc In the country. 
The women here are kept greatly in 
ful'jciftion ; for, befidcs their lioufliold 
affairs, they are obliged to keep the 
markets, and till the ground. Th; king's 
court, wiiicii makes a principal part of 
the tcv.n, i.> f>.aved in a very large plain, 
v.lth no other houfes near it ; but has 
nothin;; finarkaldc, except the extent; of 
grouml 0:1 which it ilands. The river 
of IJeiiin IS extremely large and wide at 
the intH'th ; but liow it extends up 
the country, is not ceiiainly known. 
The land about it is low and mardiy, 
and its banks arc adorned with great 
numbers of trees : upon this account it 
is pcftertd with great numbers of muf- 
quitoes, wliich arc extremely trouble- 
fome to rtran^'crs, and Aing th.em fo fe- 
v'.iely, that their faces cc^n hardly be 
L'l'.own by thc:r acquaintance. It is a 
very fatal counuy to the Europeans ; for 
no ihips ever arrive here, without lofmg 
a i!;reat part of their company. Tho 
i.atives dref, .lU alike w'fh a kr,^; cIotK 
wrapped ibeut their middl*, which only 
L d;tf:r} 





I I , 

B E 

differs in goodnefs, according to their 
quality : but tlie children all go naked ; 
the boys till they are twelve yearj ot" age, 
and the girls till tlicy arc fit lor marriage. 
The men have as many wives as their 
circumllancts v.iU allow; for their is no 
reihaii.t in repaid to number. T!iey 
take care to heej) their wi^es from their 
own countrymen ; but they are lb far 
from jealoufy cf the Eurojjeans, that 
they will often brinj thorn into their 
company, and leave thcni behind. If a 
recroe lies witli another man's w fe, if 
lie'is found out, he forfeits all liis gocdi 
to the hulband, and the wife is (luniflied 
feverely with .i cudgel. The cuacm oi 
tirtunicinon is hore univerfally pradlifed, 
though there is no other re.ifcu to be 
given f^'r ir, than that their anceAors 
have dene it before them. The ;;ovein- 
ment of this country is veAcd in the 
king, ai'd three ;;ieat men under him ; 
and each province ha^ its particular go- 
vernor. They have a fort of religion ; 
but it is fo ahfurd and perplexed, that 
it is .alniofl nnpolhble to defnibe it: 
however, it is certain that every thing 
that is extraoidii ary, is elleenicd as a 
god, and they make olferings to it accord- 
ingly. Thefe are lometimcs a few boiled 
yams mixed witii oil, which they lay be- 
fore the im.ages : fometimes they offer a 
wk; but then the idol mud be content 
C(. witli the blood, for they eat the flcfh 
themfelves. They have a fort of a Sab- 
bath every fifth day, which the great 
men obferve by killing cows, flieep, and 
goats ; and others are contented with 
dogs, cats, and chickens : but whatever 
is th.n killed, is diflributed to the poor. 
The animals are the fame here as in 
other ])arts cf Guinea, as well as tliC 
refl of the prod-clicns of cc untry. 
They have fome forts of manufadtures, 
and are particularly ikilful in weaving 
and dying, their cloths being made of 
cotton, which grows here in plen- 
ty ; and tlicy export many thoufands of 
them every year to other places. The 
town is feated near the river, 37 miles 
N. W. of Coffo, and 115 N. W. of 
Oavora. Lon. 26. o. lat, 7. 40. 

* Bennington, avillat;e inHer'fordfliire, 
4 miles S. E. of Stevenage, vv ith one 
f.iir, on June ag, for pedlar's wsre. 

Bexshei.v, a town cf Germany, in the 
palatinate of the Rhine, and ciucefe of 
Alen'z, feated on a rivulet, 10 niilo 
K'. F,. of Worms, and S S. of Darmfuid. 
Lon. 26. 15, lat, 4.y. 4-;. 

B E 

BeN'THFtM, a town of Germany, in tlie 
circle of Wedp'ialia, and capital of a 
county cf ttie lame naine, with a calUe, 
and is fubjeft to its own prince. It i> 
feated on the river Vecht, 37, miles N. 
W. cf Munller, and 37 W. of Ofnabrug. 
I.on. 24. 43. lat. 52. 23. 

* Tit .\' in F iM, a village in tlie"Wert-Rldin(; 
of Yoikfliiie, and in the vvapon-take of 
StantkJT, with a fair, on July 24, for 

* Bpntivoolio, 3 fmall town and caftle 
rf Italy, in the territory of Bologna, 
remaikable for the family of Bcntivoglio. 
It is 10 miles N. V.. of Bologna, and I'i 
S. VV. of rtirara, Lon. 29. 4. lat. 44, 

Bek, or BKKRf, a confider- '-'e liver of 
Germany, in Alfatia, wliicli lalls into the 

1jkr,\r, a province of Afia, in the domi- 
nions of the CJreat Mogul, near the 
kingdom of Bengal. It abounds in crn, 
rice, pulfe, and pojipics ; from which 
lad they txtraiff ojjium. Sugar-caries 
grow almoti without cultivation. 
> hapcur is the capital town, 

* Bfraun, a royal town of Bohemia, 
and capital of a circle of the fame name, 
12 miles W. of Prague. Lon, 31. 55. 
lat, 5c. 2. 

* Berbice, a river of America, in Terra 
Firma, whicli falls into the N. Tea, un- 
der 6. 30 degrees of latitude. This is 
the only river in the country, and it 
waters a great number of Cotton planta- 
tions, as alfo a plant calkd Orellana, 
which fcrves for dying. 

■* Bkk c'KTOi. sc.xDE N, A town of Ger- 
many, in the arclibifliopric of Saltz- 
burg, which ferves all the neighboui- 
hood with fait. It is feated on the river 
Aha, 10 miles S. W. of Saltzburg. Lon, 
3c. 40, lat, 47. 30. 

* BKuno.v, a town of Afia, in Perfia, and 
in the province of Grandga, The air is 
excellent, and there is abundance of 
cattle, cfpecially very fine mules. It is 
feated in a very fertile plain, 10 miles 
W. of the river Cour, and 62 S, of 
Grandga. Lon, 65. 30. lit. 41. o, 

*■ Bfhfberes, a people of Africa, who 
live in tents in the manner of the wild 
Arabs, and in different j)arts of Barbary, 
particularly to the S. of the kingdoms uf 
Tunis and Tripoly. The pi incipal riches 
confift in cattle. 

Berenice, a fca-port tov.'n in Egyp', at 
the bottom of the gulph called the Ked- 
Sca, now called Suez, which fee. 

Ber f- 


a market 01 
It is a ver\ 
N, E. of d' 
London, 1 

BEur, a ten 
the eaftein 
circle of Wi 
and mounta 
greatly addi 
the tleftor 
the capital ; 

• B r » c A M A 
the lenitiir) 
Bri'il'an, the 
It is cxtrcm 
have many! 
peflry, T 
Aones of V, 
Their ian.i 
any in Italy 

ByROAMo, a 
and anciLi'.t 
tories ot y 
mafcri, v/.rl 
(ho|)'s \\:c. 
haliit.m's In 
called Rrocli 
badnefs (^f i 
E, of Milan, 
3, W. ofCit 

Bf r n as, a to 
Romania, w 
It is k-.iied ( 

s, r. of Ad 
41. 17. 

B K 1; '; r ■- , a ! 
pfiit town 
pi evince of 
w.i\ , \vit!\ a 
and a billv trade 1 
tt'h. They 
w!iat is bro 
i^ fubli'iT to 
N. by W. c 
W. ot Got 

(io. II. 

Bt Rc J V, a t( 
i.inia, c ipit 
jed to the 
N. F.. of St 

54- 1'3- 
*I5fr r. i:nmc ^ 
Norw.iy, b 
Ae;i'tihu'. .t 
capital towi 

', in tlie 
tal of a 
.1 callk-, 
;. It is 
iTiilui N. 

B E 

F/EHE-REOTt, a town of Dorfetniire, with 
a inaikct on j/ctlncldays, but no l.iits. 
It is a vciy poor place, and is i?. mil'js 
N. F.. of Uorcliolk-r, and 123 S. W. of 
London. Lon. 15. i«;. lat. 50.40. 

Bekh, a tenitory of Germany, lying on 
the eaftciri banks of the Rhine, in thu 
circle- of WcApl'.al.a. It is full of woods 
and mountains, and the Inhabitants arc 
j^rcatly acidiclcd to trade. It bdotif^s to 
the KIcftor Palatine, and DulfcKlorp is 
the capital town. 

* BfHOAMAsco, a province of Italy, in 
the territory of Venice, bounded by the 
lUi'li'an, the Vakclinc, and tlie Milancfe. 
It is cxtiemely i)c<puioiis and fertile. Tlia 
inhal'iiains are very induflrious, niid thv?y 
have nianu!adu:es in h:>rd-warc and ta- 
pcftry. They have cattle, marble, and 
ftones of whici) they make mill-llones. 
Their lan;.'-ua:.;e is tin.- molt corri:pt of 
any in Italy, and Beri;aiiio is the capit.,1 

PyROAMo, n large, i-jop'.iloiis, ftiontr, ni'.d 
and ancier.t tuwn of Italy, in tin; tciri- 
tories ot Venice, and cnjiital 01 IJertja- 
maicn, With a (hong citadel, and a bi- 
lliop's fee. The ^reatelt part of the in- 
habitants hive a fwjiliiii; in their tliroars, 
callfd nrochocele, which is owiiit^ to the 
badiieli i>( ihe water. It i> 7.1; miles N. 
E. of Mil.m, 2-W. by N. of Bief.i.i, and 
3; W, of Cremona. Li>n. z-. 8. lat.^5. 

Bfkoas, a town of Tiirky in Europe, in 
Romania, wjth a Cli^ek arehbiihoji'> i,.-, 
It is iVated en t!ie mvi 1 l-arilia, ;; ni'le.^ 
S. r.. of Adiiaiiople. Lon. 4^ o, lat. 
41. 17. 

PiKKnrv, a handfom,', and ancient fei- 
)ioit town of N'o!',v.iv, capital of the 
pi,>.ini:e of P.ei .■enlniv-. and oi all Nor- 
way, wit'.i aitroiii; talUc, a deep ha.bei:r, 
and a bilhop's fic. They cany on a 
proit trade iii tkin-., ni-wood, anvl dried 
ti'h. They have fcarce any but 
vv!iat is broui^ht from oth^r ))l.'.cis. U 
ii fiibie.-l t.) Denmark, .md is 3>-'0 nr.K i 
N. by W. of Co) .'iiha ,en ; and aoc^ N. 
W, of (lottenbiiif;, Lon. 2^ i ";• lai. 
60. 1 1. 

r!»;Kf.fv, a to\\n of r..rmm\', iti Pom- - 
I inia, e ipiral 01 the lUe of lUipien, fi;!i- 
ie^l to the Sweies. It it 12 mile-i 
N. F.. oi" .Stralfund. Lon, 31. 30. 1 1'. 

*15fr or.Ntie -,thr mofl wcllern province of 
Norway, between the f^ovtrnment ••{ 

i.T.. CT. 30. 

|>, a town rf the Nether- 

A?i':eihu-> ,tnd the i'^.i, 
capital town. 

Beri'eii 15 tlii 

B E 

Berckrat, a town of France, which is 
very rich, poi)uleiis, and tr.iriin:;. 'J'he 
fortifications weie flemoliflieil by Lewis 
Xlll. It is feated on the river Uor- 
dogne, 20 miles S.W. of Perlteeux, and 
50 E. of Bourdeaux. Lon, i2. 7. lat. 
45. o. 

BEKOF.N-op-Zoort, a town of the Kctlier- 
lands, in the province of Dm Ji Braljant, 
and in the marijui ate of the fame 
It is a handlbme place, ,nnd one of the 
Aron^ed in the Kethei lands, as well <n 
account o( the foriiheati' ns, as of the 
m<Mafs with wliieh it is ftirroundtd. It 
has feveral times been liiieped, bu* to 
nopurpofe; 1 owe er, it was tai-.en by 
the Fn.nch by aliault in 1747, as tlity 
fay ; but moll il.ii'.k, by treachery It 
is feated pa.tlyon a liill, and paitlv 
on the ri^t-r /.00m, \\ i'leh communieates 
with t c .'•ch'ld by a c.-n;d, S miles N. 
of Antueip, and 27 S. W. of Breda. 
Lon. 21.4- 

* rr.Kc-Si'.Vi- _ 

lands, in the county ci li.u.ders, foiti- 
fied by maillial Viitjbr.n. It was ceded 
to France b, tht I'yiar.ean treaty, and is 
feated on the iivcrCofme, at the frot of 
a nioiiPt.iin, 1; mdes S. of Dunkiik, anfl 
12 E. oi Gra^elmc;;. Lon. to, r. lat. 
i;c. ?-. 

BKR'r;-ZABFRN, a ti-wn of Francr, ia 
Alface, 9 miles S. W. oi;, _r, N. 
of V/eifembiirjT, and F \V. nf tl-.c rivtr 
Rhine. Lon. 3 c. 2 ^. l.u. »• o. 4, 

Br-Knunr, an Lngiith C'"n:Titv, 3T miV-s 
in leni'.ih, and ?. ; m bro.rh. It \t 
boimded on the K, Iiv Oxd lilllire .n'.d 
Biukin{;li.imihire, rr r'u W. bv Wilt- 
fliire, on the S. by Han;pi"n;ie and J'.ur- 
ry, and on the K. by Miil.ilefi x and 
part of Ruckin;^I\inuhire. It contains 
140 panihcs, J2 market -tnwjis, arid 
iruicfi houfts. T'l.f j,^r' teiwn i» 
Readin ;. In neneral 1' !•; a frtii Til 
nHintry, and p.-.rticularly ■.■•, -'.-.e vale "f 
t';e V.'hite Ilorfi ; „nd il ii..s the title 
of an eaildom. 

Hk'm in, a lar'.;?. ttr n:;, ::\,.\ bar.dfan'e 
town ol {;.>rni.'nv, and capital of t''c 
rke"iora'e of Braiuieid<ui^, where the 
,K.ini^ of PrmTia reftees. '1 !■,■' | alace is 
ma;'nifice!-.t, ■.■.n'\ theie is .\ nri;: iibraiy, 
a lieli cabintc of curioiities and medaU, 
at". acaden)y of f.iei'c";, :ind r.i obfeiva- 
lory, beliries a fiiperb ai l''^I^al. Its tiade 
,iiui bulMings Iiavc l.if Jv been ith'. h 
provi rl, and there is n t inat (iir from t'l* 
river bpree to the Ovicr on tli? K. ai'.d 
another Uvm tli'ive 'j tl.i. Lihe on iVe 
1. -i W, 

: •»! 

. ^i 

I 1 





B E 

W. It has a communication by water ; 
both with the Baltic Sea and the Ccr- I 
man Ocean. It is feared en the river | 
Spree, ss miles E. of Altbrandenbinx, 
4.2 N, \V. of Francfort on the Oder, 4 
N. E. of Wiitemberg, 72 S. by W. of 
Stetin, and 300 N. by W, of Vienna. 

Lon. 31. 7. lat. S-- 53- 

Bermupa Isr.ANDs are a clufter of very 
fma)] iflands, almoil in the torin of a 
Ihepivrrd's crook, and furrounded with 
rocks, which render them almort inac- 
celTible to ftr.insers. They );■« in the 
Atlantic Ocean, about t;oo miles E. ot 
Carolina. They are inhabited by the 
Engliil), and enjoy a pure and temre- 
rate air, having plenty of fledi, fi(h, .".nd 
garden-rtuff. The common employment 
of the inliahitants is in liuilding of 
(loops, and the making of women's 
hats, well known in England by tlie 
name of Bermudas hats. They were 
diicovered by John Bermudez, a Spa- 
niard ; but they were not inhabited till 
i6o9, when Sir George Summers was 
cart away upon tiiem, and they belong 
to Britain ever fince. Denn Berkeley 
intended to have founded an univerfity 
here ; but by mi(l:ike he was carried to 
New-Eng'and, which prevented his de- 
fipn. Lnt. 32. 30. Some travell'.rs 
talk of fpiders webs here, which are 
fo ftronj that tliey will catch fmall 

Bern, the capital town of the canton of 
Bern, in SwiiTerland. Here is a cele- 
brated fchool, and a rich library, and 
there are 12 companies of tradefmen, in 
one cf which every inhabitant is oitlised 
to be enrolled before he can enjoy any 
oiTicc. It is a flrong place, and is fe.ittd 
in a peninfuhi, formed by the river Aar, 
alnioil in the middle of tiie canton. Jt 
is 17 miles N. T.. ef frihurg, 50 S. ot 
Bafle, 50 S. VV. of Zurich, and 37 
N. E. of Geneva. Lon. 25. 10. lat. 
47- c. 

* Bkrv, the canton of, is tlie l.'ir;;eft of 
the 13 caiucns of Swilferland, being 
abcAit 150 milc3 in length, and -5 in 
breadth. Tlie government confifi'; in 
two counci!3, called the Great and tlie 
Little ; aud the two chiefs of the Great 
a:; called Avoyers, It is divided into 
two principal parts, called the German 
nnd Roman. This lail ii moft common- 
h called the Country of Vaud. Tlie 
(xrrman territory is divided into 3 1; go- 
^e•rnnlent5, and t!u: ciunfy cf Vaud 
into 13. Their reli<;lon ii Caivinifm, 
iiid VjCiu i;i the capital town. 

B E 

Bf.RN, a town of Bohemia, fuLjedl to ths 
hoi.'fe of Ai.ftria, 1 5 miles W. of Prague. 
Lon. 31. 3v lat. 50. o. 

BeknariS the great Sr. a mountair. 
of Swiiluland and I-'avoy, between Va- 
lais and the Val-d'Aoft, at the fot:rcc of 
the livers I.Vancf and Dona. 'I'lie top 
ot it is always covered with fnow, and 
there i; a l.irge convtnt, whore tlu- 
monks en'citam all Ibanreri gratis for 3 
d:\/^, without any dilUnc'tion of religion. 

* Bri'KAKD, a tov.n of Germany, in the 
eleclon^e of Brandenbtirt', 5 miles frcni 
Berlin, wlier- they make excellent beer. 

Bk. I'. NAV, a town of I'rance, in Upper 
NouTinndy, with a rich Beiiediftine ab- 
bey. It \j a trading place, and is feated 
on the river Car.uitone, i^ miles S.W. 
of Lificiix, and 30 S. W. of Ruueii. 
Lon. iS. 20. lat. 49. 6. 

* Bei' rr. LRG, a town e>f Germany, in 
the cirele of Upper Sax(>ny, and ])iinci- 
pahty I'f Aiihalt, wlitre a branch of the 
lioufe of Anhalt relidcs. It is feated on 
tlie river Sara, i ;; miles W. of Dciram, 
and 22 N.W. of Magdeburg. Lon. 30. o. 
lat. 51. 55. 

* Ber n-Cas r Et. , a town of Germany, 
in the eledtorate of Treves, or Triers, 
Willi a calUe built in 1277. It is re- 
mark. ihle for i;s good wine, and is feated 
on the river Mofelle, between Trarbaeh 
and Welders. 

* ''tRKV, a town cf Fiance, in Provence, 
. ith tlic ti'le of a l\ir<>ny, anti is feated 
on a .'.ike of the lame name, in the dio- 
cef; of Aries. L. n. 12. ^2. l.-.t. 43. 52. 

Berhi, r, province i>f 1'r.jnce, with the 
fitli. of a diitehy. It is bounded on the 
N. by the Orleannois, Llait'oia, and Ca- 
tinuii j on t le E. by the Kivcrnois, and 
the Bouibonnoi'i ; on the S. by the Bour- 
bipnois, and l.,a Marrhe ; and on the 
W. byTfiiiaine .and Foitoti. It is fer- 
tile in corn, fiiiit, henip, and flax ; and 
there is excellent wine in fome places. 
It is divided into tlie U^pper and Lower ; 
and Bouiges is the; capital town. 

Bki'sei I. II, a town of Italy, in the Mo- 
dencfe, Vv'hith is veiy well fortified. It 
w.T, taken by I'lince Eugene in 1702, 
and by the hii;iu:h in 1703, who weru 
('bli;;ed to leave it in 1707. It is feated 
near the confluenve of the livers Lin/a 
»n<\ i'o, 10 mile.-) N. I"., of I'arma, 15 N. 
W. of Ke^";i'), and. 2:; S. l'.. of Cremona. 
Lon. 2?. o. lat. 44. 5^. 

* 15En3eiRf, a town of France, in 
Lower I'oitoi', 12 mile* S. E. of Tluniars, 
ann .u S. I', of M.iuleon, Lon. 17. 3. 
lat. 46. 52. » Bek- 


magnia, w 
bifliop's fe, 
miles N. E. 
of Urbino. 
Bertr and, 
Gafcony, ai 
feated on 
S. of Auch, 
18. S. 
PfKVY, a lea 
of Scotland 
miles S. W, 
lat. 56. 4c 
Berwick, a 
land and .S, 
longs to ne 
turdays, ani 
It is a town 
a place eif g 
ture as art 
.1 caflle, anc 
large, popul 
a go;-d tiade 
feated on tl 
there is a v 
arches. It 
ment, and h 
is 147 miles 
Edinburgh, ; 
don. Lon, 
' R e n w I c K N 
in tlie ount; 
Frith of For 
that Genera! 
rebels in i 7. 
Bc-iwick up( 
N. W. of Be 
W. N. W. I 
lat. 56. 5. 
B r. R w I c K , a fl 
the river T 
on the N. h 
E. and by 
abounds wil 
in it feveral 
The p:incip: 
Whiteater, I 
The prinrii 
calUe of Dii 
for trade in 
be IS to parii 
Lauder, &c, 

B E 7. A N Z '1 N , a 

and very llr 
French Con 
fee-, .and a i 
le.Tiains ot" I 

JO, o. 


Lci. It 

1 wen 


1 i; N. 

B E 

» 15p:rttni;r o, a town of Itnly, in Ro- 
magnia, w'nh a flront; citad':l, and a 
bifl\op's fee. It is fcattxl on a hill, so 
miles N. E, of Florence, and <;o. N. W. 
of Urbino. Lon. 29* 17. lat. 4.1. S. 

Certrand, St. a town ot France, in 
Gafcony, and capital of the ccuiity ct 
Comniinges, with a biihop's fee. It is 
feated on the river Oprcnne, 47 miles 
S. of Ai:ch, and 25 E. of Tarbc Lon. 
18. 8. lat. 43. 2. 

Bf.RVY, a fea-port and parliament town 
of .Scotland, and county of Merns, 22 
mitea S, W. ofAber.-'cen. Lon. ij. 50. 
lat. 56. 40. 

Ber WICK, a town on tlie borders of Eng- 
land and Scotland, wliich properly be- 
longs to neitiicr, with a market on Sa- 
turdays, and one fair, on Friday in Tn- 
nity-week, for bla.k cattle and horfes. 
It is a town and county of itfelf, and is 
a place of great flren^th, as well by na- 
ture as art, being defended with walls, 
.1 caftle, and other fortifications. Tr is 
large, po]5ulous, and well-built, and 
a gocd trade in corn and filmnn'i. It is 
feated on tiie river Tweed, over whuh 
there is a very handfome bridge of 16 
arihes. It f^-nds 2 meiniiers to parlia- 
ment, and lias the title of a dut:hy. It 
is 147 miles N, o{ Voik, i;2 E. S, E. of 
Edinburgh, and 3;; 9 N. by W. of Lon- 
d.on, Lon. i^;, Sv '■it- ';v4^' 

' Berwick North, a town 01 Scotland, 
in the ounty of Lothian, fe.ited on the 
Frith of Forth, It was near tliis pi.if.- 
that Cleneral Cope was duieated i)y the 
rebels in I74S) •'"i;! inade h'.s efcijie to 
Be.iwick upon Tweed. It is 36 miles 
N, W. of Berwick upon Tweed, and 20 
W. N. W. of Edinburgli, Ltin. 15. i. 
lat. 56. 5. 

Br.RwicK, a fhire in Scotland, bound,.d by 
tlie river Tweed on the S, by Lothian 
on the N. Iiy the German Ocean on tiie 
E. and by Tiviotdale on t!ie W, It 
abounds with corn and gr.ifs, an 1 has 
in it feveral feats c> ])crrons of qualiiv. 
Tiie p:incipal rivers are the Tweed, the 
Whitearer, BlackaJ.dcr, Eye, and Edneb. 
Tiic principal place is the town and 
caltie of Dimfe, which is the belt place 
for trade in tlie cnnity. It (ends : mem- 
bers to parliament, one for the burgh of 
Lauder, &c. 

Be7-a\z'>n, an ancient, hindfomc, large, 
and very (Itong town of France, in the 
French Co.npte, with an archbilhop's 
fee, and a univerfity. Here are feveral 
le.Tiains 01 Roman amiqiiities, and pat- 

B E 

tic'hrly the ruins of an amphitheatre. 
It was taken by the French in 1674, and 
this and the whole province have remain- 
ed in their hands ever fmce. It is 41 
miles E. of Dijon, 66 N. of Geneva, 75 
S.VV cf Bafle, 25 N, E. of Dole, and 208 
S. E. of Taris. Lon. 23. 44. lat. 47. 

BtsirRS or BiziERS, an ancient, and 
handfome town of France, in Lower 
Lnnguedoc, with a biihop's fee, and the 
title of a vifcounty. It has a delightful 
fituation, and the country it ftands in is 
fertile in corn, oil, and excellent wine. 
It is feated on a hill near the river Orbo 
and the royal canal, 8 miles N. of the 
Mediterranean, i^ N. E. of Narbonne, 
and 10 \V. of Agde. Lon. 20. 53. lat. 
43. 21. 

* Bksichf. iM, a town of Germany, in 
Suabia, .ind in the dutchy of Wurtcm- 
berg, feated at the confluence of the ri- 
vers Entz and Ncckar, between Hailbron 
and Stutgard. 

*BEssARABiA,a territory of Turky in Eu- 
rope, lying between Moldavia, ihe Da- 
nube, the Black Sea, and Little i'artary. 
It is inh.ibitcd by independent Tartars, 
\v!io maintain tliemfelves by their cattle, 
liiil^anrir), and robbing. Their religion, 
manner., and cultoms, are like thofc of 
the Crim Tartars. When there is nnv 
forces fcnt agiinft them, tliey r''fire 


a living 

mountains, and the Black 

.'loa, vvliere it is impofnblu to come at 
them, on account of tiie moralfes and 
defiles. The mnft remarkable town'j 
are Bender, Akerman, Keli, and Smiclfi. 

Bfstkici*, a town of Tranfilvania, re- 
m,irkable for the gold-mines arc it. It is 81; miles N. W. of Hcr- 
maii!>adt, and 90 E. of Tocka, Lon. 
3(), 3 ^ lat. 4'3. o. 

Bkianed^, a to>vn of Spain, in Galicia, 
feated ( ti the river Maiuloo, and on a 
bay of the fea, 32 miles N. E. of Com- 
pofltlla, and 20 S. of Ferrol. Lon. 9. 
40. la'. 43. 21. 

* B E T r. r. r A f, V I , a town of Afia, in Arabia 
the liapiy, famous for the vail quantity 
of cofu.-e which is bought and fold there. 
It is the mart vliere the country pccv'le 
bring iJK'ir coiVjc to fell ; and the Eu- 
ropeans who come to Mocha, go thither 
to purcbafe it, ov jt leaA fend their fac- 
tors, or brokci'. It is 21; miles E. of 
the Red Sea, ml 92 N. of Mocha. Lon. 
65. o. I, It. I •;. 40. 

Br vi!t. I. 'I FM, a town of Paleftine, in Afia, 
ttmoui for chc birth of Jesus Christ. 


' 'i.ifi 



' 1 

j 1 






' ' 




1 - 





I. i 

B E 

It is fated on the ridge of a IiilJ, which 
runs from E. to W. and has a mod di:- 
lightful profpedt. It is now an inconfi- 
derable place, but much vifited on tlie 
above account. There is a cliurch here, 
erefted by the famous Helena, which is 
yet entire, and is in the form of a crof.;. 
On the fides arc four rows of pill.irs, lo 
in a row, and made cadi of one entire 
block of white marble, in many placer 
beautifully fjieckled. The walls arc co- 
vered with large fquares of white mar- 
ble almoft to the top, and the rel\ is a- 
dorned with Mofiiic painting now almoft 
defaced. Over the midfl of the chanctl 
is a {lately cupulo, covered with lead, 
and adorned with Mofaic figures. The 
infide of this cliurch is quite naked. 
Here is alfo a chipel, called the Chapel 
of the Nativity, whcein they pretend to 
ihew the manger that Clirirt was laid 
in 5 as alfo another, called the Cha]>cl o( 
Jofeph ; and a third, of the floly Inno- 
cents. There are a few poor Greeks ; 
and, not far from thence, there is a mo- 
raftery of the Francifcans, furroundtd 
with walls. It is a miles S. of Jerufa- 
lem, and 24 W, by S. of Jerirho. Lon. 
53. 25. lat. 31. 10. 

BiTKLEHEM, a town of the Netherlands, 
in the province of Rrabant, 2 miles N. 
cf Louvain, fubjeft to the houfe of Au- 
ftria. Lon, 22. 10. lat. 51.2. 

BnHUNF., a town of France, in the coun- 
ty of Artois, with a callle, and feveral 
fortifications by marflial Vaiiban. It was 
taken by the Allies in 17 to, and refto- 
Tcd to France by tiie treaty of Utrecht. 
It is fcated on a rock by the river Biette, 
20 miles E. of St. Omers, 15 N. VV. oi 
Arras, and uo N. of Tans. Lon. 2c. 
iS. lat. 50 32. 

Beti.kv, a town of StafTordfliire, with a 
market on Thurfdays, hut no fairs. It 
is fcated on tiie contincs of the counfy 
riext to Chefliire, in a barren f.indy 
country, 16 miles N. N. W. of .StaffurtI, 
and 142 on the fame point from Lon- 
don. I.on. 1^.25. lat. 35.0. 

Be ri.i';, a llrong town of Afia, in Curdi- 
ftan, witii a citadel. It is fcated on a 
flcep rock on the frontiers of Tmky and 
Piriia, and is fubjert to its own Vn-y, or 
Prince, and is a fanftuary for the fub- 
jc"s of the ncigii' ourin.: powers. It is 
150 miles E. of Diarbekir. Lon. Co. 
10. lat. 37. 20. 

• Settu", 3 viltaje rf Merionctliniirc, in 
North-Wales, 6 miles N. N. E. of Bala, 
with five fairs, on March 16, June 2Z, 

13 E 

Augurt 12, September 16, and Decern' 
ber 12 j all for flicep, horned cattle, and 

* BETiYwr.vs, a village of Carnarvon- 
fliire, in North-Wales, 10 miles S. by 
E. of Aherconway, with two fairs, en 
May 15, and December 3, for cattle. 

Bf.tuve, orBETAw, a territory of the 
Netherlands, in the dutcliy of Guelder- 
land, between the river Rhine and Leek. 
The L^round is very moift, and the rains 
often render the roadi impalfable. It is 
divided 'ift) the Upper and Lower. 

BrvFcc'.M, a town of the Aurtrian Nether- 
lands, in the province of Brabant, 17 
miks S. of Louvain. Lon, 22. 2c. lat. 
50. 45. 

Bhvri AND, N, and S. are two iflands in 
the ])rovince of Zealand, and between 
the eaflern and welUiii branches oi ili- 
rl\er Sciield, bcinij part of the United 

Bevkrc r i!N, a town of Germany, in the 
circle of Weftplialia, and diccefc of Mun- 
flcr, 22 miles from that city. 

Brvr. HI. r. Y, a town in the Eaft-Riding of 
Vorkfliire, with two markets, on VVed- 
nefdays and Saturdays ; and four lairs, 
en Thurfday before St. Valentine's day, 
Holy Thutfday, July 5, and November 
16, for cattle, horfes, and llicep. It .t 
a large well-built town, ha', ing two 
pariHi churches, befides the minl\ei, and 
fends two members to parliament. It is 
feated on the river Hull, and is well in- 
liabited by the better I'ort of people anc» 
tradefmen. It is 9 miles N. of Hull, 
36 miles E. of V'oik, and 179 N. of 
Londi^n. Lon. i-. 21. lat. 53. 50, 

Be VK R UN r. EN, a town of Germany, and 
dioccfe cf Paclctliorn, feated at the con- 
fliiijnie of the rivers Beve and Wefv r, 
22 miles E. of Paderbcrn. Lo'.i, 27, o. 
lat. s I, 4c. 

Br. will. Ev, a town oi Worccl^erfl'.irc, with 
a market on Saturdays, and thiee fails, 
on May 4, for homed cattle, horfes, 
cheefe, line, and v^'oolen cloth ; en 
December 10, lor hogs only ; and cti 
December 11, for horned cattle, hotfes, 
cheefe, linen, and woolen cloth. It is 
pleafantly feated on the river Severn, 
and is a reat well-b ii t-towri, enjoying 
a good trade for malt, leather, and ca[)'. 
It is 14 miles N. of V/orcellcr, 22 E. ot 
Ludlow, and it2 N.W. of London. It 
fends one member to parliament, Lon. 
15, 14. lat. 52. 25. 

Deziers, See BEtiERS. 

RiAEAn, the capital town of a kingdom 



of the fame 
land, featet 
Lon, 35. 5c 

* B I A L O (, ( 

town of 
of the niou 
W, of Ocz; 

* BlANA, a 

ons of the ( 
its excellent 
of Ai;ra. 

Br BER AC 11, 

has a large 
is feated in , 
river R.u1"s, 
30 N. of L 
48. 4. 

Cl B EKS B 'R n, 

1 5 miles N. 
lat. 4S. 35, 

* B I C E S T F R , 

for cattle ai 
Augufl 5, f 
It is a rtrajo 
the rond be 
iiam, it heir 
and 12 fron 
lat. 51. 53. 


2 miles fron 
madmen, bs 
and young r 

Bin AC HE, ; 

Navarre, v/ 
the river Bic 
onne. Lon 
D A s s o A , a 
tiers of Frai 
the Pyreneai 
the fea bet 
Bmni FOR n, j 
market on 
on February 
ber 13, for 
feated on th 
there is a 
pieis, and f 
tuns may p; 
W. of llfrac 
and 197 W, 
Int. 51. icj. 

* B I E E z, ate 
tinate of t 

• V.x 


B E 

B E 

of the fame name of Africa, in Nct^ro- 
land, fcatcd on tlie river Los-Camarones. 
Lon. 35. 50. hit. 6. 10, 

* BiALoooROP, or Akekman, a flrcrig 
town of Belfarabia, fcattd on the Lake 
Vidono, by tlic fea-fide, 10 miles S. E. 
of the mouth of the Ncifter, and 428. 
W. of Oezakow. Lon, 40. 7.0. lat. 46. 

* BiANA, a town of Afin, in the domini- 
ons of tlie CreMt Moj;'.ii, remarkable for 
its excellent indigo. It is 50 niil.a W. 
of Ai;ra. Lon. 95. 30. lat. 26.20. 

BtHF. RACn, a free and imperial town of 
Germany, in Suabin, and in Algow, It 
has a lari^e manufatilure in fuftians, and 
is feated in a pleafant feitiie valley on the 
river R.ufs, 17 miles S. W of Ul.n, and 
30 M. of Lindaw. Lon, 27. 32, lat. 

BiRERSBrnr, a town of Upper Himjary, 
15 miles N'. of Trcfburg. Lon. 35, 5. 
lat. 4S. 35. 

* nicESTKRjOrBuRCPSTKn, a tov.'n in 
Oxfordshire, with a market en Fridays, 
for cattle and fliecp ; and une fail, on 
Auguft 5, for tanned leather and horfes. 
It is a rtragjling place, and is feated on 
the road between Oxford and Bucking- 
ham, it being 13 miles from the former, 
and 12 from the latter. Lon. 16. 40. 
lat. 51. 53. 

* liicETRE, a caftlo of the IHe of France, 
2 miles from Paris, where they impi ifon 
madmen, begf^ars, vagabonds, pilferers, 
and young men who follow bad courfes. 

* BiDAcHK, a town of France, in Lower 
Navarre, witii a callle. It is feated on 
the river Bidoufe, n miles E, of Bay- 
onne. Lon, 16. 30. Lat, 41.31. 

Bid A SCO A, a river of Spain, on the fron- 
tiers of France, which has its foiiicc ii» 
the Pyrenean mountains, and fall;> into 
the fea between Andaye and I'oiU- 

BiDDiFORn, a town in Devonrtiire, with a 
market on Tuefdays, and three faisj, 
on February 14, July i3, and Novem- 
ber 13, for cattle. It Is conunodi.>uily 
feated on the river Torige, over wliicli 
there is a large ftone-bridge, witii 24 
pieis, and fo high, that a vciii;! of 60 
tuns may pal'u under it. It is a large 
well-inhabited jdace, ami cairies on a 
coiifiderable trade. It is 16 miles S. by 
\V. of llfracomb, 7 N. of Torringtoii, 
and 197 W, of London. Lon. 13. 20, 
lat. 51. icj, 

* BiErz, a town of Poland, in the pala- 
tinate of Cr.icovia, rem:\rk.ib!c for i',3 

mines of vitriol. It is feated on the 
river VVefeloke, 40 miles S.E. of Cracow, 
and 50 S. W. of bandamir. Lon. 38. 
53. lat. 49. 50. 

Bir.i., See B ; i: n n a . 

" BiFi. a, a town of the empire of Ruflia, 
and capital of a province of the fame 
name, feated on the river Opfcha, 125 
miles W. of Mofcow. Lon, 52. z-j. 
lat. 55. o. 

* BiKi. A, a town of Italy, in Piedmont, 
ami capital of the Rellefe, near the 
river Ccrva, 20 miles N. W. of Verceil, 
and 12 N. E, of Ivrec, Lon. 25. 33. 
l.u. 45. 22. 

* BiF.r.A, OsF.RO, or, a town 
of the Ruffian empire, capital of a 
duti.!i_, of the fame name, and feated 
on a lake of the fame name, at the 
mouth of the river Ccnfa, 340 miles 
•S. of Archangel. Lon. 56. 40. lat. 58. 

5 5- 

BiEi.cnRon, a town of RufTia, and capi- of a govcrnnvjrt of the fame name, 
which is part cf Little Rulfia, and in- 
habited by CorPdiks. It is an arch- 
birtiop's fee, and is fented on the river 

BiF.LSk-, or Bi F. '. sKoi, a town of Poland, 
in the palatin.tte of I'olaciiia, near one 
of the fourccs cf the riVcr N.irew, 100 
miles N. E. of V/arfaw, and 62 S, of 

BiKi.sKor, a town of Rufl'ia, in the pro- 
vince of Smoljii!l:o, 3o miles N, E. of 
SmolenTKo, and 170 N. W. of Mof- 
cf<w. Lon. 52. 35, lat, 56. 40. 

* Bij NNA, a town of Swilferland, feated 
on a l,.ke of t'lj fame name. The in- 
h'lbitants are i'roteilants, and are in al- 
liance v.'ith the canton; of Bern, Soicurc, 
aiui Friburg, It is 17 miles N. W. of 
of Bern, 12 .S. W, of Soleure, and 17 
N. of Fribuig. Lcn, 24. 44, lat. 47. 
1 1. 

* BiERortKT, a town of the Ketlierlands, 
in .r)atc!i Flanlcrs, v.lijij Bruck- 
fieu!, or Bc.ik-lings, vvliu invented the 
nic'hijdi of picklin'5 henings, died, in 
13}7. 1; ;s a nulci X. of Sluice, and 
I J N'. \V. of .Axel, Lon. 21, 12. lav. 
5!. z^ 

* Bi !. 1 icKJii' iM, a ihong ;ov,-!i of Cer- 
m.m/, in .Su.ibi:i, and dutchy of Wir- 
tembei ;^. 'I he counti y wl'.ere it is 
feat^.i, produi-Cj excellent wine and 
iiuiti. It ib iiear the pi ice wiu;rt' a 
final 1 river t'allj into xh-j hv.j, and i-> 
ne.u Befiklieiiii, Stiuig.iid, .iijJ li.^ I'.iwng 
c.illi; '.i Al'i'eiJ. 

.81 G- 



ill n 



1 ^1 


Im* ^ 

■ ' 







B E 

BjcGiF-iWADE, a town in Bodfcidiliiitf, 
with a market on Wedncfdays, and live 
fairs, on February 13, tlic Saturday in 
I'.'ifter-week, Whit-Monday, July Z2, 
and Oa«ber 28, lor all foits of cattle. 
It is feated on the river 1 cl, over which 
it has a handlome Itone-bridge. It is 
much more tonfideraijlc than it was for- 
merly, on account of the great nortlieni 
road, which runs through it, and it has 
feveral commodious inns for travellers. 
It is 1 1 miles S. S. E. of St. Neot's, 46 
N. N. W, of London, and 10. S. E. of 
Bedford, being one of the grcateft barley 
markets in England. Lon. 17. 15. lat. 

52. 5. 

BiGORRE, a province of France, bounded 
on the N by Armagnac and ElV.rac, on 
the E. by the territory of Comin8;e, on 
the W. by Eearn, and on the S. by the 
Pyienean mountains. Tarbc i. the ca- 
pital town. 

• BiHAEZ, a ftrong town of the kinr,doni 
of Hungary, in Croatia, and in an i(lc 
formed by the river Anna, 65 miles S. 
E. of Corloflrat. Lon. 33. 32. lat. 44. 

3S" , . , 

Bilbo A, a large, handfomc, and ncli 

town of Spain, capital of Bifcay, with 
a good frequented harbour. It is a 
trading town, and its exports are wool, 
fword-blades, and othtr manufaclures 
in iron and fteel. It ii remarkable for 
the wholefomenefs of its air, and the 
fertility of the fo".l about it. It !3 feated 
at the mouth of the river Ibaicabal, 
which a little below falls into a bay cf 
the fea, 50 miles W. of St. Scbafiian, 
66 N. E of Burgos, and 188 N. of Ma- 
drid. Lon. 14. 50. lat. 43, 23. 

BiLOESTON, a town in Suffolk., wiih a 
market on Wednefday, and f>vo fair.>, 
on A(h-Wednefday, and Holy-Tiuirf- 
day. It has one large church, which is 
feated about a quarter of a mile iVrni the 
town, and an Anabaptift meetln.;. It is 
feated in a creek on the river Breton, and 
confifts of about 400 low lioufes ; the 
ftreets are dirty and not i:aved. It was 
formerly noted for Suffolk blues, and 
blankets ; but at prefent, almoll the 
only bufinefs of the town is fpinning 
ff yarn. It is iz miles S. E. of Bury, 
and 63 N. E. of London. Lon. 1?. 15. 
lat. 52. 20, 

iBh.kdulgerid, a large county in Africa, 
which extends from E^ypt to the Atlan- 
tic Ocean. It is bounded by E.irbary on 
the N. and Saara and the Dofart on the S. 
The air is very hot, but wholcfoait ; and 

B £ 

though the fuil is diy, yet it it yields a 
preat deal cf barley, but little or no 
wheat. There are vaft quantities of 
datcj, in which tlie inhabitants drive a 
gieat trade. They have no confiderable 
rivcis ; and the principal anin>als are 
camels, liorfes, and oftriches ; befides 
great numbers of ferpcnts and fcorpions, 
whofe Uintrs arc ^xry venomous. The 
inhabitants are of two forts, the original 
natives, and the Arabs. Tliefc laft live 
in tents, which they remove from one 
place to another i'or the conveniency of 
paflure. ^iany of th'jm rove in the 
befart, and lye in w.iit to rob cara- 
vans, and yei they profefi the Mahometan 

B'.i r.vrr.T, town of Germany, in the cir- 
cle of Wc.lphalia, and county of Ravenf- 
bur;^. Ir is 7 miles S. E. of l'avenfl)ure, 
and fubjecl to tiie King of Pi ulna. Lon. 
2 ^. ^o, lat. 52. c. 

Bi i.i. KK ic A V, a town in Eifex, wit!» 
a maiket on Tuefdayi, and two fairs, 
en July 22, for horfes, and on Oc'>ober 
7, for cattle in s;cneral. It is feated on 
a lull, and tlie market ii pretty laije foi 
corn and proviii')ns. It is 9 miles S. by 
W. of Chelmsford, 23 N. by E. of 
Cravefcnd, and 23 E. uf London. Lon. 
17. (,5. lat. 51. 35. 

Bitr iMoii AM, a town of Northumber- 
iatid, whofe market is dik-ontinued, but 
it has a fair on Saturday after September 
1 -, for black cattle, rturp, linen, .ir.i 
woolen cloth. li is .-S miles W. oi 
N'ewcatlle, and 286 N'. N'.W. of London. 
Lon. 15. 55. lat. 55. 20. 

* Bii.LiNCHURST, a village of Suilex, 4 
miles S. .S. VV. of Horfliam, with one 
fair, on Whit-Monday, for horned cattle 
and (hcep. 

En I ON, a town of Fr.mco, in Auvcigne, 
and in Lycnois, 20 milts S. E. of Cler- 
mont. Lon. 21. o. lat. 45. 36. 

BiLtDi N. a town in Leictfterftiire, with a 
m.irkrt en Fridays, and two fairs, on 
Aujuft 23, and July 25, for pewter, 
brafs, and toys. It is feated in a fmall 
place, and the market but mean. It is 
9 milcj S. E. of Leiccfter, and 91 N. by 
W. of London. Lon. 16. 45. lat. 52. 

Bn. f^oN, a town of Germany, in the bi- 
fiiopric of Leeds, feated on the rivei 
Demur, 8 miles \V. of Maeftricht, and 
i; N. cf Leeds. I, on. 23. 12. lat. i;f. 
J?. Here tlie confederate army had 
their v'ivx': !.\\•■^', when the Duke of 
M;.rlbcrou/!i v.-Lnt to attack the rrtnch, 


and gained 
May 1706. 

* BiMIM, o 

and as muc 
with trees, 
native Ahm. 
oJ accefs, o 
IS a very p 25. o. 
U J M 1. 1 r A 1 01 
tonda, in ti 
well-fidc ol 
about 12 m 
patan, und 
iidoiy here, 
all the clocl 

• Bin AGAR, 
4 miles N. 1 
on Whjt-Mt 
and Whit-T 

• BlNAKOS, < 

the kingdon 
for its good 
fea, 15 mile 
55. lat. 40. 


a mean mar 
fairs. It is 
tho' a very f 
churches. 1 
coin, and 14 
41. 53. 
BiNCH, a littk 
Countries, i 
fubjeiSt to th 
miles E. of 1 
leroy. Lon. 

* TlNGAZI, a 

the kingdorr 
haibour. It 
Lon. 37. 40 
Bin GEN, an a 
of Germany; 
Mentz, with 
the place wh 
the Rhine, ai 
and 20 S. c 
lat. 50, 3. 

B INCH AM, at 

in the vale o 
a mean place 
on Thurfday 
fairs, on Fet 
horfes, on tl 
a lh';w of h 
*nd •iojj, ii 

B I 

and gained the battle of Ramillies, in 
May 1706. It i^ fubjcdt to tlic houl'c ut' 

* Bi.MiNi, one of the Luccay lilnn»!s, in 
North- Amciita, near the Clianncl of 
Bahanw, It is about 8 inile:> in length, 
and as much in bicaiitii. It is cuvcied 
with trees, and is inhabited only by the 
native Aiiitiieai'.s. It ii very ililFicult 
of aecefs, on aceount of the flioals, but 
IS a very plealant jlate. Lon. 2y8, o. 
l,.t. ^5. o. 

B|M I. icA 1 ON, a feaport town of C'ol- 
tonda, in the Eatl- indies, feated on the 
well-fidc of the Bay of Bengal. It lies 
about 12 miles to the N. E. of V^i/aea- 
patan, und the Dutch have a very finall 
fa^loiy here, which is deligncd to buy up 
all the cloth that is nianuiaclureti by the 
inhabitants. Lon. 100. 35. lat. 18. o. 

* Bin AGAR, a village in Somerfctfhire, 
4 miles N. E. of Wells, with two lairs, 
on Whir-Monday, for all forts of cattle, 
and Whit-Tutlday, for cloth and horlcs. 

* BiNAKOs, a fmall town of Spain, in 
the kingdom of Valencia, reniaikible 
for its good wine. It is feated near t!ie 
fea, 15 miles S. of Tortofa. Lon. 17. 
55. lat. 40. 24. 

BiNBROKE, a town in Lincolnlhirc, with 
a mean market on Wedncfday, but no 
fairs. It is feated in a bottom, and, 
tho' a very fmall town, has two parilh- 
churches. It is 30 miles N. E. of Lin- 
coln, and 146 N. of London. Lon. 17, 
41. lat. 53. 32. 

BiNCH, a little fortified town of tlie Low 
Countries, in tlie county of Hainhalt, 
fubjeifl to the houfe of Auftria. It is 9 
miles E. of Mons, and 10 W. of Ciiar- 
leroy. Lon. 21. 51. lat. 50. 23. 

* TiN'OAZi, a fea-port town of Africa, in 
the kingdom of Tripoli, with a good 
harbour. It is 140 miles W. of Uerna. 
Lon. 37. 40. lat. 32. 20. 

BiNGEN, an ancient and Imndfonie town 
of Germany, in the arciibiihoi-iricl; ot 
Mentz, \\ ith rtrons walls. It is feated at 
the place vvlieie the river Nave falls into 
the Rhine, and is i <; miles W. ot M^ntz, 
and 2c S. of C'oblentz. Lon. 75, iS. 
lat. 50. 3. 

Bingham, a town in Nottingham, feated 
in the vale of Bclvoir, which is nov.' but 
a mean place, .nnd its market, which is 
on Thuifday, is fmall j but it has three 
fairs, on Tehniary 20 and 21, fwr l>rong 
horfes, on the fi;ft TucfJay in Muy, for 
a Ihew of horfes, horned catt'c, fl^ep, 
in4 liojj, ind en Novsaibcr 8, chitily 

B I 

for f'lalG and hogs. It is S nile? E. 
of Nottiii^liani. Lon. 16. zj. lat. 
56. o. 

B1N01..KV, a town in t!ie Wert-Riding of 
VorKiime, with no markets, but two 
fairs, on Januaiy 25, for liorned cattle, 
and on Augult 25, 6, 7, for hoineti 
cattle and lini-n cUaU. It is feated oil 
the river Aiie, ni;ar Skipton in Craven, 
and is 30 miles W. by S. of \'oik, and 
21.2 N. N. W of London. Lcn. 15. 55. 
lat. 53. so- 

* Lint an, an ii'land of Ada, in the Eaft- 
Indies, to tlie S. cf the per.infula of Ma- 
lacca. Lrn. 121. 20. lat. I. o. 

Eiop. Ko, ;tn nbnd ol Sweden, j miles from 
Stockholm, in which there was ancient- 
ly a confidcrablc market-town, and the 
royal feat of Birka. 

BioKNf. BuRGj a town of Sweden, in N. 
Fmland, leated on the river Kune, near 
it'j mouth, in the Gulph ol Botl'itiia, 95 
miles S. cf Chriftianiladt, and 75 N. of 
Abo. Lcn, 40. 5. lav. 62. 6. 

Bi,i, or Bf.e((, a town of Turky in Afia, 
in Diarbeck, with a caflle, where the 
governor refides. It is feated on the 
eaflcrn bank of the river Euphrates, near 
a hii',h mountain. It is neither large nor 
ftronp, but the country round about it is 
very pkalant and fruitful. They liavo 
a particular kind of vultures here, that 
are lo tame that they fit on the tops of 
the houfes, and even in the ilreets, 
without fear of dillurbance. It is 50 
miles N. E. cf Aleppo, and 35 W. of 
Oifa. Lon. 55. 36. lat.. 36. lo. 

BiR KENFir. i.D, a town of Germany, and 
capital of the county of the fsiiie namt-^ 
in the circle of the UpiJer Rhine. It i.i 
feated near the river Nave, 20 miles S, 
E. of Treves, or Tiiers, and 97. S. W. 
of Menfz. Lon. 2^. 39. lat. 49. 35. 

Birmingham, a very large town in War- 
wicklhire, with a market on Thurfdays, 
and two fairs, on the Tliurfday in Whit- 
fun-v. eek, and on Odober 10, for hard- 
ware, cattle, flieep, and horfes. It is 
no coiporati(.n, it being only governed 
by two eonftabk'S, and two bailiffs ; and 
therefore fiee for any pel fon to come 
and fettle theiC j which lia^ contributed 
grea'ly to the incrcale not only of the 
buildings, but the trade, which Is tha 
mo<t flour ilhing of any in England foJ* 
ail forts if iron-worK, br,:jde5 many la- 
ther curious manufactures. The town 
ftands on the fide of a hill, fofming 
re:iily a haif-iriocn. The lower part is* 
fifi-jd >vith the \vork-(hopii and warc- 
M h««f»» 

■;■ IB 





B I 

houfes of the maniifaflurcrj, andconfirts 
chiefly of old buildings. Tlie upivr 
part of tlw town contains ti niimbct ot 
new and regular lU'cets, and a liand- 
fome ((luare," elegantly built. It has 
two churclifs ; one, in the lowor part 
of the town, wliieh is an ancient build • 
ing, with a very tall fpire ; the other i:i 
a very rr.ind modern llruflure, liavini; a 
fquare (tone-tower, with a cupol.i, and 
turret above it : in this t(..wer is a fine 
peal of ten bells, and a let of mufieal 
chimes, which pl.iy feven lUttc lent tunes, 
one for each day in the week. It has 
alfo two chapels, and mceting-houfes for 
every denomination of diiienters. The 
houfes in this town amount to about 6 
or 7000, and their number is continual- 
ly increafmg. It is 17 miles N. W. of 
Coventry, 4S S. E. of Shrewfbury, and 
109 N. \V. of London. Lon. 15. 55. 
lat. 52. 30. 

• BiKviEsc.A, a town of Spain, in Old 
Caftile, and capital of the fmall territory 
of Burcva, 15 miles N. of Burgos. Lon. 
14. 15. lat. 42. ■54. 

BiKZA, a town of Poland, in the province 
of Samogitia, 42 miles S.E. of Mittau. 
Lon. 42. 35. lat. 56. 35. 

* BisacciaJ a fmall handfome town of 
Italy, in the Ulterior Principato, and in 
the kingdom of Najjles, with a bilhop's 
fee. It is 1 5 miles N. E. of Conea, and 
13 .S. E. of Ariano. Lon. 33. 5. lat. 
41. 3. 

BiscARA, a town of Africa, in tlic king- 
dom of Algiers, and in tlie province of 
Labez. Lon. 23. 20. lat. 35. 10. 

BisTAY, a maritime province of Spain, 
bounded on the N. by the ocean, on the 
W. by Afturia-de-Santillana, on the S. 
by Old Caftile and the province of Ala- 
va, and on the E. by Guipufcoa. It is 
about 27 miles in length, and as much 
in breadth, and produces a good deal of 
corn in fome places, and every where a 
large quantity of apples, oranges, and 
citrons. They have excellent fifli, and 
all forts of rncll-fiih from the fea, as alfo 
wood for buildmg lliijjs, .^nd mines of 
iron and lend. The Bifcayers are aftivc, 
brave, and the beft feamen of all Spain. 
They have a par'icular^uagc, vi-hich 
has no afVniity with any otlicr in Europe. 
Bilbvoa is the capital town. 

Biscay, New, a provmce of N. America, 
in Mvy]'-.'!, Parral is the mod cohfider- 
able j)I ;■- .-•, and therf/ ?.re filver-mines. 
The riv^r De-las-N.Ufas runs throut^h a 
gicat pmt of it. Lav from 25. to iS, 

B 1 

* BisKr.itA, a populous town of Italy, 
in the kingdom of NapTes, and in tlie 
Terra de Baii, with a hilhop's fee, l«.at- 
cd near the Gulph of Venice, S miles 
from Trani. Lon. 34. 19. lat. 41. 18. 

BisFRTA, a fea-port town of the kingdom 
of Timis, in Africa, feated on the Me- 
tliterranean, near the place where ITtici 
formerly flood, and whofc inhabitant> 
are addiiflcd to piracy. It is 37 miles 
N. VV, of Tunis. 30 N. W. of ttie ruins 
of Carth.ige, and 240 VV. of Algiers. 
Len. 28. 10. lat. 37 20. 

* BisHOFisHiiM, a town of Germany, 
in tjie circle of the I ower Rhine, and 
in the archbifliopric oi' Mentz, feated 
en the ri\cr Tauber, near thefrontiu> 
of Franconia. It is two miles W. 01 
Wurt^bnrg. Lon, 27. 7. lat 49. 40. 

* BiscHOKS Zf I I , a li.indfomc town ol 
Swilferland, in Turgau, with a caftlc, 
where the bilhop's bnilitf of Conltance 
refutes. The inhabitr.nts are independent, 
and ^re governed by a fupreme council. 
They are all I'ajiiffs ftnce ii;2o. It is 
feateil on the river Tlnir, 12 miles S. ot 
Conltance, and 8 W. of St. Gall. Lon. 
26. 53. hat. 47. 33. 

* BiscHOF-; Wf. RDA, a town of Germa- 
ny, in the circle of Upper Saxony, in 
Mifnia, 3 miles from Drefden. It was 
taken by the Swedes in 1630, and 1641. 

n'seiiwF. I LI. r N, a fortrefs of Alface, 5 
miles W. of the river Rhine and Foit 
Lewis, in iiOtTefTion of the French. 
Lon. 24. 35. lat. 48. 40. 

RisHOPs-AuKt A ND. See Ai;KLANn- 

B I S H O 1' s , 

Bishops-Castle, a town in Shropfliire, 
with a market on Fridays, and five fairs, 
on Friday before (iood-Friday, the Fri- 
day after M.iy-day, July 5, September 9, 
and November 13, for fheep, horned 
cattle, and horfes. It is feated not far 
from the river Chin, and is a corpora- 
tion, which fends two members to par- 
liament, and the market is much fre- 
quented by the Welch. It is 41 miles 
W. of Worcetfer, 8 E. of Montgomery, 
and 1 50 N. W. by W. of London. Lon. 
14. 35. lat. 52. 30. 

Bi'^iioi' AN-i> HIS Cli-rks, fome Tittle 
iflands and rocks on the coart of Pem- 
brokefiiire, near St. David's, dangerou.^ 
to manners. 

* RisHois-Lvni ART, a village in Somcr- 
fctfliire, five miles N. W. of Taunton, 
with two fairs, on March 2 5, for bullocks, 
horlcs, and Iheep, :iiid Sjptemhcr 8, fui 
all loris of toy;. 


fliire, with 
and three l.i 
horfes an<l 
fide of a hi! 
with fevtial 
are not pa\ 
one Prclhytc 
ing. Here 
Weymore C 
kept ; but t 
it left. P i 
and 29 N. 
55. lat. ,i, 

B I S 1 O N A N O , 

dom of N.i) 
with a Itior 
the title of 
on a inoun 
17 miles N 
Rolfjno, an. 
34. 10. lat. 
• B 1 ? I K V , a 
five miles 
v/ith two f 
vember 12, 


Afin, in tht; 
vince of the 
fula on this I 
mous inland t 
vilited by t 
S. of Gokor 
Lon. 95. 30. 
B I •; s A r, o ' , a 
co.ilf of Ke.; 
the N. of Rii 
the S. of tin 
is about 100 
is inhabited 
gild to trai 
th'.'m very v 

• B I ■; T u I (■ 7 , 
'J'tanfdvani 1 
t'u' lame nai 
the f.iV.v: nai 
loi'war. I.o 

• R rv n u R 1: , 
in the du'ci 
N. E. of Lu 
<;o. o. 

• B I r c H E , a of ; 
The fortifi( 
1698 ; but 
hands of Fr 
It is feated 
tarns near 1 


n I 

Bimiors-STOHTFORn, .i town nf TTcrtfoid- 
fliire, with a good maikct on 'riniifd.iy, 
and three faiis, on Holy-'riiiirfiliy, Cn:- 
pus-Clirifti Hay, and 0(f>ohcr lo, ("or 
horfes and cutle. It is fcntcd on the 
fide of a liill, and is a h indfonie town, 
with feveral good inns j but the ftreets 
are not jinved. It lip.s a Inr-^s church, 
one Prcl'hytcrian, and one Qiinker meet- 
ing;. Here wis forinely a callle, called 
Wiivniore Caftie, wherein a j^arrifon was 
kept ; hut there are now no remains ol 
it left. It is 12 niih's N. E. of Hertford, 
and 39 N. by E. ol i^undon. Lon. 17. 
55. lat. 51. 50. 

BisjoN ANO, a town nf Italy, in the king- 
dom of Najilos, in tlie Hither Calaliria, 
with a llioni; tort, a biihop's fee, and 
the title of a principality. It is feated 
on a mountain near thd river Uotcona, 
17 nnles N. of Cozena, i e; S, W. of 
Ro/fano, and 1 33 .S. E. of Napl'js. I.'mi, 
34. 10. lat, 3t). 37- 

* Hh. IKV, a village in Clnucrfl-i fliire, 
five miles W. N. W. ol CirenccAiT, 
with two fiirs, on Ajiril 23, and No- 
vember 12, for black cattle, (hcep, and 

BisN.AGAR, a lirjte and popiiloi:'; 'O'vn o* 
Afia, in the Eaft-Indies, and m ,1 pin- 
vince of the fame name, in the pcnin- 
fula on this fide theOanrts. It 1, a (',)- 
mous inland town, and confeoucntiy mucli 
vifited by travellers. It is uj uvk^ 
S. of Golconda, and 240 S. E. of f'.ca. 
Lon, 95. 37. lat. 13, 2c. 

BissAcos, a duik-r of Iflandr m tin- 
coall of Nc.;r.iland., in Africa, a htile ro 
the N. of Ri.'-Orande, and 20" milos r.i 
the S. of the river CJ.imhia. 'ilu ';;,-ci^ 
is about 100 miles in circumfti..-i >•, nnii 
is inhabited by I'ait'iii ncv^roe-j. 'i iicv .-.n: 
jtlid to trade with (hanger,-, and u;'. 
thi-m very well. 

* Ri<!Tnir7, a handfomp ftronr to-vn ot' 
Ti-miilvania, and capital of a ci untv of 
t'u fame namr, and feat.'d on a river nt 
the faivj name, T4.2 miles N. I', ot Vv- 
Kifwar. J.on. 42, 33. lat. 4-. -i^. 

* Mivnun--, a town of the Nct!;c Knv! ,. 

m t!ie du'cliy of I.uxemln.r;' 
N. E. ofLuxrmburir. l.on. 

27 mile;. 

;,. 13. lat. 
^o. o. 

Bi rcHF, a town of France, in I.orrain, 
capital of a c nmty of tiie f...!!-:' name. 
The fortifications were deir.oliflicd ni 
169S ; but fince it has fallen into th.' 
hands of France again, thev are r Huil- 
It 11 ieaic-d at the foot of cvrain moun- 
tains near the river bchvvclbc, 1- inii-.; 

13 I, 

W. of Wifcniburi.', 21 VV. of Dcux- 
I'onts, and 30 N. Hy W, of Stralburg, 
Lon. 2(;. 14, lat, 49. .,•, 

* BiTF.To, a town of It.ily, in tlie king- 
dom of Naple:>, and in the Terra di Rari, 
with a biihop's Ice. Lon. 34. ?,0, lat, 
4r, ?, 

BirHVNiA, anciently a pan of LclTer Afia, 
near the Strcights of Condantinople. It 
has no modern name. 

* BiTo, a fmall kinR;dom of Africa, in 
Negio-land, to the S. of the river Nis^er, 
wliofc inhabitants are faid to be ricli. 

RiToNio, a town ot Itaiy, in the kirg- 
d' m of Naples, and in the Terra di B.iri, 
with a biihop's fie. The Spaniartis 
gained a battle near this place in 1734; 
after which they became mafters of the of Naples, as well as of the 
'J'v.o Siclif s, and have kept them ■ -er 
liner. It ij feated in a pleafant plair, 
S miles S, of the CJulph ol Venice, ic 
S. W. of Ban, and 117 E. by N. of 
Naples. Lon. 3.). 22. I.U, 41. 13. 

* Ki r I in r r ;. p, a town of Germany, 
in the cifvle c{ Upper Saxony, and in 
Mifria, h'twien Hall and Wirtemburg. 

* Bin ON, \, a town o( Sicily, in the Val 
(!i Maz.jro, (rated upon a mountain, 
with the title of a dutchy. 

' Bizi-, a town of Africa, in Barbary, and 
i', fin: kingdom of Morocco, of 
the pro^•lnre of Elcura. It is feated on 
a mountain, in a cotmtry abounding in 
corn, wine, oil, figs, and nuts, and 
the inhabitant* are (aid to be rich. 

B!AC'--K\KK, a town of Ireland, in the 
c unry ol Armagh, in the province of 
I'ilter, 7 niilts S. of Armagh, Lon. 
1:, 4^ lat. ,-.;. 12. 

L' Acv.nuR>., ii town in Lancalhire, with 
a market on Mondays, and tlirec lairs, 
on May 21, for horned cattle, horfco, 
• lid tovs, on September ■3c, for horfe* 
..lid fin.ill wares, and on tJciobw 11, 
for h-.irfes, luirntd c ittle, and toys. I; 
iia^ ir, name from ;!ie brook Blackwater 
vvhi.h runs through u ; .md it u feared 
near the river Derwi.nt, 12 miles E. o»f 
I'rtfton, .md igi K. N VV. of London, 
l.op. I ^. 13. lat. i;3. 40. 

Hi Tv-FokKST, a fcreil of r.ermany, ;n 
Siiabia, whioti run-, from N. to -S. bo 
tween Ortnau, Brifgav-/, of the 
dufthy ot Wirteinburg, the piineipaliiy 
if Vufk'inb'iig, and towards the fomcc 
if the Danube, as far a , the Rl-,ir.c ab;A ,v 
Ralio. I; 1. pait of thcKyrcinian toroil 

' Bl AOK '■, r -s iM, a viihg'^, near firecr.- 

wich, !!>. Kent, whicli has iwo lairs, :n> 

i\ ,-, M,iy 


■i fi 



i ■, -' 

i'! f 

,r|! n 

r :''i!ft 


B L 

May n, ai^- Oftober ii, for bulloks, \ 
horfes, and toys, 

• Br. ACKM01V, a viHaj;e in EHl-x, 7 mil-s 
S. W. of Chelmsford, and one fair en 
AuRiift 20, for cattle in ^^upfMal. 

J((.ACK Sr.A, formerly called the Euxiuc 
Sra, ]ki between Europe and Afi.i, 
bound(.il on the N. by Tartary ; on tliu 
E. by Minsielia, Ciic:!iria, and (Jcorgii ; 
on the S. by Natolia, and on tlif W. by 
Romania, Fiul«aii:i, and neflai abia. It 
Jies between l,on. 5c'. nnd 61. and from 
lat. 42. to 46. buinp entirely furroundcd 
by the 'I'lnkiili fiominions, who have the 
folt navii^ition of it. The RufTians once 
made an attcinpi to trade upon this k-^ ; 
but by late treaties they wtrc obliged to 
frive U[i all their foiireires they had upon 
it, and confequently to abandon tliL- na- 

51.ACKWA TKR, a ri- pr of Ireland, lliat 
runs tin-ough the counties of Cork and 
Waterford, and difi;hargcs itfelf into 
Youghall I\ay. 

Blackwatf.r, a river of Ireland, tint 
runs through the counties of Armaj;h, 
snd falls into I.och-Nea^li. 

Slair of Atiiot , a cai^le belon^in;^ to 
the Duke of Atliol, leniatkable for a 
battle fouplit near it in 16S9, wherein 
the Lord Dundee was killed. It is feated 
on a fmall river which falls into tlieTay, 
22 miles N. W. of Dunkdd, 28. N. W. 
of Perth, and 70 N. by W. of Edinburgh. 
Lon. 14. o. lat. 56. 46. 

Blaisois, a province of Francp, bounded 
on the N. by Beauee, on the E. by Or- 
leanois, on the S. by Berri, and on tlie 
W. by Touraine. Blois is the capital 

• Blakiney, a village in Cloucerterfliire, 
with two fairs, on April 12, for horned 
cattle, and November 12, for the fame, 
and fat hogs. 

BrAMONT, a town of Lorrain, feated op 
die little river Vefouze, 12 miles N. of 
Lunivillc. and 28 h. E. of Nanci. Lon. 
24. 20. lat. 48. 3y 

"* Blanc, a town of Franco, in Rerri, 
With a caf'tlo. It is feat«l on the river 
Cru£;e, ■^^ miles E. of Poitiers. Lon. 
iS. 41. lat. 46. -?3. 

Blanca, an uninhabited ifland in Ameri- 
ca, to the N. of Miiguerita, near Terra Lon. ^13. o. lat, 11. 50. 

Br.*. Kco, a cape or proiTiontory of Peru, 
in South-America, on the coaft of the 
South-Sea, izo miles S. \V. of Guia- 
quil. J-at. S. 3, 45. 

B». ANco, a cap: or promontory of Africnj 

B L 

in tl'.e Atl.intit Ocean, j8o miles N. or 
the liver Sencf^al. Lon. 359. 21;. lat, 
20. c. 

Blandforp, a town of Dorfetrtiire, with 
a nia'ket on Saturdays, ard three (.wrs, 
on Match 7, July 10, and Novt-nibci S, 
for hoifes, flicep, and chce'e. it is plea- 
fantly feated on the river Stoie, near iIk 
Downs, and is a well inhabited phu j 
but has bein fubjccl to feveial dreadliil 
Prcs, partict'Iarly in 1731, when almofl 
ail iho town was burnt down, with the 
f:,ocd''> thcicin ; but it was f. rn rebuilt 
niore beautiful before. It l:.r. t!ij 
title of a marquifate, ami i;i 17. niile.< .S. 
of Salifljury, iS N F. of Doichedi r, an! 
!07 W. by S. of London. Lon. 15. 15. 
l.ii. (;o. 51.'. 

Bi. an; ,, a fra-port town of Catalonia, in 
Spain, 20 miles S. of Ciimnne. It is 
feated near tiic river TrrJtta, and it 
fuffered greatly by tlifc French trooj)s in 
ifiqi;. Lon. 20. 10. lat. 41. 30. 

Bi. A NKV N KKKo, a town of CJermany, in 
the circle of Wt(l]>lialia, and in the 
ilutchy of Berp;, 12 mile:; E. of Bcnne. 
Lon. 24. 48. lat. i,o. 44. 

Bi ANKKMieRo, a town of Gciniany, in 
the circle of Lower Saxony, and capital 
of a county of the fame name, fubje<5l 
to the Duke of Brunfwie-Wolleinbuttle. 
The calfle, or pajace is lately built, and 
ij the rcfidence of the rrincefs-dov.aper. 
It is 45 miles S. E. of Wuifembuttle. 
Lon. 28. 50. lat. 5i.%5o. 

* Bi.ANKF.MiKiM, 3 fmall territory of 
Germany, with tlie title of a county, 
which is p.iit of tliat of Eytfel, near the 
archbifliopric of Cologp, and dutchy of 
Juliers. The town of that name i^ de- 
fended by a caflle, built ujjon a moun- 

* Blanzao, a town of Fiance, in An- 
pumois, feated on the river Nay, on the 
frontiers of Sai-.itonge, with a chapter, 
whofe principal has the title ol an 

Bi. AkKCNFs, a town of the Auftrian Ne- 
therlands, in the province of Hainhalt. 
Near this place the Englilh, and their 
allies, obtained a viiToiy over the 
French in 1709, not\vith(\nnding they 
were encamped in a wood, vidiere they 
bad cut down the trees, and thrown uj> 
a tiiple entrerchn.ent for their detence. 
Their armies on each lidc confiUed of 
I20,OGO men, wheiecf nt leafl 20,000 
were killed. Thii is fonietimes called 
the battle of ^L'!!pl.^quet. 

* Bj.AS£Y, St. a village of Cornwall, 


ftveniiU':. N 
Febr",uy a, 
a lew iiops. 

B I. A «■ R n f r N 
tl'.e circle 
32 F.. of Tiii 
48. 12. 

Pi. A VET, a fe.i 
France, feati 
of the fame 
ftations of 
It ia fometiii 
i.i 65 tlliles 
N. E. 01 N 

Pi. v V t , an at 
Fiance, in ( 
with a rtror. 
niuch fieiuei 
fliij.'S which ; 
to leave th.ei 
It is feated 
miles N. oi H 
and <;o S. W 
S3- lat. 4';- 

B I. F C 11 I N G 1. ^ , 

has no ina'ki 
22, and No\ 
locks, and to 
Guilfoid, anj 
Lon 17. 1 5. 

♦ Bi FcoN, a 
miles S. S. E. 
on the lail I 
lucks, hiMfcs 

Hi. f KING, a te 
Sweilen, bou 
land, on th; 
fe.i, and on t 
1 5 miles in 
.ind it is a ] 
ous country, 

r : K N H 1 1 M , a 
Suabi.i, rend 
tory over the 
tained by the 
oi the Duke 
Eugene. I11 
fine palace ol 
W'liodfhjck, i 
n-.'nt. It ha 
is feated on 
3 miles N. I: 
Ulm, and z ? 
20. o. lat. 4 

Bl. ES.sI NC, 1(1 V 

county of \ 
L.'iiULr, lea 

ftvemilc- K W. rf Foy. wuli cnt fair on 
rtbr'Miy 1, for Iu'rft•^, oxen, Ihcep, and 
a lew \\o\i'i. 
Ri, A< FninN, a town of Germany, in 
the circle of Suabi.i, .md dutcliy of 
WirtJiiihcr!:, 1 1 miles W. of I'lni, and 
31 E. of Tiiljin^cn. Lon. 27. 57. l;it. 

48. 12. 

Pi.AVET, a f^a- port town of Brittany, in 
rr.intc, fiatcd at the mouth of a river 
of the fame name, v/liitli is one of the 
flntion'". of the royal navy rt trance. 
It ia fomctimes called Port- Lewis, and 
is 65 tiilks S, E. of Urtft, and 75 
N. E. of Nantes. Lon. 14. 35. 

Pi. AVK, an ancient and ftion^ town of 
Fr. tpte, in (luienne, and in Bounklois, 
v.itli a rtrcn': citadel. It lias a harlicur 
naicli frciutnted hy foreigners, «nd the 
fliij'S which i^o to Lcurdeaux are c Milled 
to leavo th.eir i;i;iis and weapons lieie. 
It is fcated on the liver (^iront'e, 17 
miles N. of Uoiiideaux, 40 .S. of.Saintcs, 
and i;o S. W. ot .AnCiOulenie. Lon. 16. 
i;3. \iU 41;. 0. 

Bi. KCiiiNGi ^ , a town of .Suiry, \vhi:h 
lias no market, hm two fairs, on June 
22, and November 2, fcr liorfe^, bul- 
locks, and toys. It is zv- miles li. of 
Guilford, and ?.4 S. by W. of London. 
Lon- 17. 15. lat. 51. 10. 

• Bi rroN, a villaee in Somcrfetfliire, 7 
miles S. S. H. of Huntrtiill, with one f.iir, 
on tlio lail I'luiay in .A.vigull, lor biil- 
lucks, li.nfts, llieep, and all forts of 

Bi.F.KiNG, a territory in t!;c Sovith part rf 
.Sweden, hoiinde^l on tliC N. by Snia- 
l.iml, on the K. and S. by ilic Bahic 
fe.i, and on the W. by Schonen. It is 
J 5 miles in ler.gih, and .\. in breadvli, 
and it is a pleaiaiit, though mountain- 
ous country, cont.nnint; about 5000 in- 

Clkniilim, a \illa(;e of Germany, in 
Suabia, rt:iidc;ed memornble lor ilie vic- 
tory over the French aiid Bavarians, ob- 
tained by the Allies, under the command 
oi the Duke of M,iill)iiiouc;h and Prince 
Ei:s;ene. In memory of this battle, the 
/ir;e palace of Blenheim was built, near 
■VN'.Kiiiilijck, at the charge of the r.ovcrn- 
n/nt. It happened in Aus;u(l 1704. It 
is featcd on the W. (uIj of the Danube, 
3 miles N. v., of Hochlled, 27 N. C. of 
Ulm, and 25 N. W. of Aulliuii';. Lon. 
20. o. lat. 4S. 40. 

Bi.Essi m; rov, ;i town of Inlnid, in the 
county of Wicklow, .and (»»ovincc of 
L'.;inllv:r, fcated en the rivci LiiTy. 

B L 

Bill H, a town of Nottingh''.mfliirp, M-jth 
a ni.iikct o'A Tl.uifdays, and two fairs, 
on Moly-'i'hurfc'ay, fi^r cattle and horfes, 
.niul on October <i, for flietp and liogs. 
It is featcd on a rivulet, and had former- 
ly both a callle and a priory, of which 
there arc fome oiiftnre temains It is 
i3 miles N. W. ct Newark, and 140 
N. by W. from London. Lon. 16. 35. 
lat. 53. 25. 

* Bi.ocKt.iv, a vill.iRe in Worceflcrfhirc) 
tliouijli incloied in Gloucefleifliire, is 7 
miles S. E. o' Evcfliam, and has two 
fairs, on Tutfday alter KaAer-wcck, for 
a few cattle, and on Odlobcr 10, for 
hinng fei vants. 

* Bi ocKZiL, a (lrniij» town of tlie United 
Provinces, in Over-Yflll, with a fort. 
It is fcated at the mouth of the river Aa, 
in the Zuider Zee, where there is a good 
liarbout, S miles W. of Stenwick. Lon. 
23. 30. lat. i;2. 4). 

Btois, an ancient and Iiandfomc town of 
Fr.ince, in Oileanois, and in the diftridl 
of liL-if IS, with a mapniticfnt callle, 
and a bifhop's fee. Here .arc very fine 
Kun'aiiis, and a handfomc bridge. The 
inhabitants are f;.id to be very polite, and 
tluy carry on a confidcrable tr.ade. It 
' 'as formerly the refidence cf fonic of 
their Kinn;5, and is an elci!;ant plac^-. \t 
i. ft-ited on the river Loire, in one of 
tlic moft ai,reeable ootintries of France, 
32 miles S. W. of Orleanois, 47 W. of 
'fours, 17 .S, I., of Vt ndi nic, and ico 
S. W. of Paiio. Lon. 19. o. lat. 47, 

Bi.ovir7, a town of Poland, in the pro- 
vince of Warlovia, 20 miles W.of War- 
f.ivv, Lon. 3S. 5. lat. i;2. o. 

* 1)1 YTiiKo* ouGH, a town In SulTblk, 
featcd en the river Blyth, over which it 
has a bridge. It is now gone to decay, 
ihouc;h it i.-i a jviit-town on the road to 
Yarmouth, and has a ftately handfome 
cliinvh. It has but one fair, and tliat 
for toys, on April cj, 

* BoF. FKH.'vvsif.N, a town of Germany, in 
Wcteravia, with a caftle ; it is 3 mile 
from Fiaiicfvit on the Maine, and is 
feated on the fmall river GcrlLrentz. 

Bon 10, a town of Italy, in the Mil mcfe, 
and territory of Pavia, with a bi;hop's 
fee. It is fe.ite<l on the rivi r Trcoia, '^o 
miles N. E. of Genoa, 20 S. W. of PJa- 
centia, and 25 S. E. of Pavia. Lon, 27. 
o. lat. 44. 4S. 

* lioijio, the largeft river of Chili, in .S. 
America. It has its fcurce in the trie. it 
mountains, called Andes dc Cui'dille;a, 


•u 1 




B o 

«nH f»lh into the fta m .]7 degrees of S. 

BoccA CitiCA, tlif P.rci-IU. or cntr.mcf 
into till* li.irhour of Carth.igena, in S. 
Amcri. 1 ; it is dtfcr.rl'jd by fev.ial fort;, 
and platforms of J^rns, svliicli wire all 
taken liy tbt- r-ririlh forces in 174' » ^^"t 
t'lrouph fome inirmnapemciu, they did 
not take tlic town itftlf. 

EccrA-nri. Dk \r,i>, a nrcicht fo cnlled, 
bctwt'en tlie Illand of Trinadad, and 
Andal'if'i, in t!ic piovincc of Terra 
I'irma, in S. Ameiica, 

Bo c H A R . S»:e 111 K II A M . 

Bocnr.TTA, a place of Italv, in the ter- 
ritory of Genoa, wliith was famous in 
the war of 1646 and 1647. It is a chain 
of moiintaii's, over which the picat 
road lios frrm Lomhardy to Genoa ; 
and on the very peak of t'le hi^htft 
mountain, thcrp is a narrow pafs wliich 
will hardly admit •; men to ro a-hrcaf>. 
Thi'. paf'i is properly railed the R'n-lictta ; 
for the (U'ftnce of whiuh there are ihrte 
forts. It is the key of the tity of Genoa, 
and was t,d<en in 1746 by tlielinperialills, 
by which means they opened a way to that 

BoPKHOi, T, n town of Germany, in W.ft- 
phalia, and the (lioctfe of Munfler, 
capital of a fmall diltrirt. It is ;o 
milei E, of Cleff, or Cleves, and is fub- 
jcft to the bifliop of Munfler. Lon. 12;. 
q;;. lat. ^-.i.^o. 

* KocKi.Nf;, a very lar(!;c viliatre in Tlfex, 
adjoining to Braintree, from which it is 
only fep irated by a fmall ftream. Its 
church 15 a deanry. and very larje, and 
there are here t'.vo or three nieetinp;- 
lioufes : but the market is kept at I'laiii- 
tree. In b'-rh jjarilhes there are alu ut 
1 ^00 houfes, which are in general b't 
indifferent ones, and t!ic f'rccts are nai- 
row and badly paved. There is a larpe 
manufaclovy of bays, chiefly fi.r export- 
ation. It is 42 miles N. E. of Lon- 

* BoncAM, a vll!at!;e in SufTiX, q miles 
X. W. ot V.'irchelfca, with one fair, 
on June 6, for cattlo and pedlars "..ire. 

Bodmin, a town of Cornwall, witii a 
market on Satuidays, and four fairs, on 
January :. r, .'Saturday after Mid-Lent 
bimday, Wedsefday bi fure V/lut- Sunflay, 
nm\ l^ecemljer 6, forhorfes, oxin, (heep, 
cloth, and a few Imps. It is feate ^ in a 
Lottom between two hi^h hills, whiJi 
renders the air very unwhclcfomc. It 
chiefly ccnlirts of one ftreet, ;ir.d the 
many decayed houies (licv,- it ha^ bicn a 

n o 

plaec of pi cater note. It is a m.iyrr- 
trnvn, and fends two memlnis to p.irli.i- 
nunt, .aiid foinaily bad the piivilei;e ot' 
the coinafje of tin. It is ^2 miles N. V , 
of Falmouth, and 26; W. by S. of l,on- 
don. It has the title of a vifeount). 
Lon. 12. If. lat. ';o. 32. 

BoiJON, a fortified town of Tutky in Eu- 
rope, .and in Bulgaria, with .in arch- 
bifliop" . fee. It is feate<l on the Danube, 
26 miles W, of Widen. Lon. 62, 54. 
lat. 41;. 10. 

Bi't'KocH, a town of Hun^'ary, feated on 
the N. E. ftioie of the river b.<nube, 100 
miles S, E, of Buda. Lon. 371 50. Lt. 
46. I ?. 

• BoKiiopiiF, a tradint^ villajre on the 
ci'all of South-Guinea, in .Xfiita. It 
conlHls of about fifty houfes, or huts, 
built with reeds and leaves, and is po- 
vcrnerl by a ma?iltrate, rall..d by the 
I'oitu^uefe Vr. Aiu]R ; hut it' any 
crime bo eonimitttd, they are not alluwcJ 
to decide it. 

• Boi-N, a town of Fr.inct, in Fore^, 
feated at the tiiot of mo'.iiitain'j, I'n the 
fide of whith luns the Li^non, iz 
miles from Rnii.ine. 

BorscHoT, a tuv.n of the Auflrian Ne- 
therlands, in tiie province of Brabant, 
feated on tiie river Nethe, 12 milej 
N. E. of Malines. Lon. 22. 15. lau 
51. 5, 

Boo, a river of Poland, wbith rtins S. W, 
through the provinces ( f IVnioiia and 
Budziac Tartary, f.illing into the Bla^k- 
Sea, b.'tvveen Ockzakow, and the nver 

Boo, a town of Scatiard, in t!ie flnre of 
Banf, near the mouth of the liver Spey, 
4 miLs .S, of Murray Frith, 12 E. of 
E!;'in, and ico N, of Edinburc^h. l.un. 
1 5. 12. lat. 5-. 4c. 

• BooTiois, a conliderilile nation of 
E.ilfern Tartary, on the N. of China. 
The tinde coniil\s in the i^.ins oi fables 
ar.d black foxes. 

Booi in, a diArid in the territories of the 
Duke of Sa";>y, Ivinu on the rivei Tine.i, 
on the i'lontier-) of I'roveiiee ; the chief 
place is of tiie fame name. 

Boo: 10, a tov. n of i'iedmoiu, and county 
of Nice, beiup; the cajiital place of a ter- 
ritory of the fame name, fe.i.ed on t!ie 
fron'iers of France, 25 miles N. \V. ot 
Nice. Lon. ?.;. :o. lat. 44. 12. 

B.if.oTo, the capital town of New Grana- 
da, in Ttrra Firm.i, in S. America, 
wliich are gold mines. It u fubjcd to 
Spain, Lon, 303. 35. lat. 4. o. 

B J )l E M 1 A 

B'liifMtA. a 
til on the N| 

the V. by 



Some place 
kmRdoni : 
ditle' ; and I 
tonHl\ of l'i| 
but this is a 
It is about 
in hrea<l; li, 
f.iffioii, bo I 
mountain, t| 
(ilver, and i| 
monds, VI. 
The Kom<i| 
principal, til 
tenants. 'l| 
Muldau, th'l 
language is 
ture of the ( 
or city, ia 1' 
lioufe of Au 
Bniioi., one 
Afia, lyini;, 
139. 35. lat 
Bo I A NO, a to 
of Naples, a 
with a bilho 
toot of the J 
the river Tih 
37 N. of Be 
Naples. Lo 
» HoiMTZ, a 
tlie county 1 
baths, and 
that grows 1 
48. 42.. 

BoU-l K-l)UC, 

fome town < 

Brabant, wi 

yet here a i 

allowed to 

It is feated 

and Aa, air 

of Breda, < 

45 S. of All 


Bokhara, a 

country of ' 

kingdom o 

larjie, popu 

a I i ling grc 

earth, and 

low, and n 


are numen 

Bii/iti, 01 

ll.itelv buil 

Bmif MtA, a kinpd.iiTi of F.iiropi-, bounri- ' 
(,(1 «>n the N. by Mil'iiiii ami l.uf,ii.:e, "H 
tliL V. by Siltlia aiul Moiavi.i, on tlitf 
.S. Iiv Aiil\lil, ;itnl llie VV. by IViVMiii. 
Somt jil.kct' Silcfn .11 (I Moravia in this 
kmsdoni ; hut about iliio gtoj^iaiilurs 
(iirti" ; and I'otnt will have it only to 
ti>nlii\ ol' I'ropir ni);i and Mdiavi.i; 
hut tliis is uihllindimii m no ci:nf<;(]ijcntc. 
It i^ about zoo mili-ii inkn^th, and ii;'J 
in hiead;h, and is vciy kitile in corn, 
f.ifTion, hops, ntv\ pilhiics. In the 
iTiountaini tiicif .nc mints ot pnhi and 
(ilvci, and in fonif pl.uis tlicy lind di i- 
monds, eran.itcs, C(ii);)ei, and L:ul. 
'J'lie Rom-*n Catholic rilii'jon is tho 
principal, though there aru many I'lo- 
tcdants. 'I'hc chief livers ai ■ < the 
Miii<iau, the Elbe, and the (> .1. 'I'heir 
languaRe is the Sclavonian, with a mix- 
ture of the (JeriTian. 'I'hc capital tu%vn, 
or city, ii Hrayue. It is fubjcit to tlic 
hoiife of Aiirtria, 

I'oiioi., one of the Philippine Iflands, in 
Afia, lyini; to the N. of the ill.ind of 
Mindanao, and S. W. of Leyte. Lon. 
139. 35, lat. 10. o. 

UoiANo, a town of if.dy, in tlic kint^dom 
of Najiles, and in the county of Molcfe, 
with a bilhop's fee. It is feated at the 
foot of the Api ennine Mountains, near 
the liver Tilerno, 10 miles S. of Molel'e, 
37 N. of Henevento, and 4^ K. E. of 
Naples, Lon, 31, S. lat. 41. 30. 

* BoiNiTZ, a town of Ujipcr Hungary, in 
the county of Zoll, icmarkuble for itj 
baths, and for the (juantity of fift'i,,n 
tiiat i^rovvs about it. Lon, 3''. 40, 

BoiE-i K-DLT, a laij^e, ftronf;, and hand- 
foine town of the Netherlands, in Dutcli 
iirahanr, with feveral forts, 'l here ate 
yet here a great many I'apil^s, who tire 
allowed to fay niafs in private lioufes. 
It is feated between the rivers DomniL-l 
and Aa, ainont; nioralFes, 22 miles E. 
of Breda, 4<; N. E. of Antwerp, and 
45 S. of Anilleidani. Lon. 23. 46. lat. 

Bokhara, a town of Tartary, in the 
country of the Ubliecks, and capital of a 
kins^dom of the fame name. It is a 
larjte, populous place, and is feated on 
;i liiinj ground, with a flender wall of 
e.ii til, and a dry ditch. The houfes arj 
luw, and moilly Imilt of mud ; but the, and the mofi]ues, which 
are numerous, are all of bne'.c. The 
I5:i/:nj, or market-places, have been 
llately buildings j but the gicateil part 

n o 

of them arc in r-i..' t tl.'f; werj 
gmerally built of »::!v,lt ..i.d it<^j ■! 1-Ier« 
IS alfo a ;,.. i.y biJil'.mjf, ivl H'O '.'iU'i- 
tion of the yr'"''*- ■ :'■.•) h •!'<•>• k;o 
Mah-ri',tf..i.., i,.ey iiaic i..v .V;i,«r.J 
more than the Cl.riAir.ns. i he air urd 
foil are wholefmne ; b t the water is 
bid, :.nd breeds v.ernis, butV7cen the 
Ik.n and the tielli, of >;r at '.: .v . . n-; 
are a jtieat number oi Jews and Arabi- 
ans, v/ho irciinent t'; . pl.-cc ; but the 
Khan feizes t.n iicifclliorii at his 
jilcfuie. '1 he [iriidiiee ot the country 
IS cotton, lamb-l'irs, ('own, nte, and 
cattle ; .ind they r.Kmufaiiure, fcup, 
cotton, and cilictc, Tlicy import 
rhubarb, mufk, and caltor, belides 
many t-ther vaUialMe diuiti, fiom the 
Ulaek Ciliiiuil;;, and 'I'afcheund, It is 
70 miles ii. of the river Amo, and 13 W. 
by S. of Samaicnnd, Lon. 83,20. lat. 
39, 15, llie river .vnio runs into the Aial, and ni-t into tha Cafpian Sea, 
as was foimeily tliouitht, 

* 1)0K k-Meai K, a ea])ical town of a 
piovince of the fame name lyinf^ under 
the Line in .Alriea. Thi6 coviutry is in- 
hahi'ed by |nv;,i>, svho purihalo clephaiu* 
teeth Irom their ikeighhours, and bring 
them to (iuinea, to be fold. 

Boi.EsiAFK, or Bet.'TZi.Ac, a town of 
iiilelia, featvd on the river Bobar, 17 
niilcs N. E. of iviw;nitz, aj E. of Gorlitz. 
Lon. 33. z8. lat. 51. 12. 

* Bo r. iNUDR ooK, or Bu (. LiNnBROxr, a 
t.jwn in Lintolulliire, with a market on 
'i'uul'd.iys, but no fairs. It is feated at 
tliC fjirinp-head of a river, which falls 
into the Withain on a low ground, and 
is a very ancient town, with the title 
of an earldom. It is now but a meart 
place. It IS 29 mile- E. of Lincoln, 
and 112 N, by E. of London. Lon. 17, 
5. lat. 53. 15, 

Boi. isLAw, a town of Bohemia, 30 miles 
N. E. of I'rajjuc, and fubjeft to the 
houi'c of Aultria. Lon. 32, 15. lat, 50. 


* B'jr.Kov.n z, a tnwn of Silcfia, in the 
dutchy of Gloi<aw, iz niiJes S, of the 
town of that name, Lon, 33. 50, lat. 
51. 27. 

* BoLNKV, a villai^e in SufTex, 9 miles 
N. of KewSh.'ieii im, with two fairs, 
on May 17, and December 20, for c.ttl* 
and pedlari waies. 

BoiorsA, an a'lcient .Tnd !a»;^e, rich snd 
vsry lianJfome town of Italy, m the 
teriitwrvof the CHuich, ^nd ca5>iTal of 
the iiolo^jnefc, with ati atclibilliop's fee, 


( i-i', 

u ■ 




40 m 


1 ,'!fei 




■iKi ■ -I 

1^; :• 

m ^h 




1 1 ■ 



] L 

B O 

jnd an iiniverllty. The public buildings 
arc magnificent, as well with rocard co 
the arclii'.cduie, a» the ornafhcnti, and 
elpecially the pairuini's, whuh aie ilone 
by the greatcit mailers. Tiieie are a 
gieat number of luperb palaces, particu- 
larly that svhere the Pope's Nuncio ro- 
fides ; and the private houl'es arc alio 
well built. It contaiiiS about 8o,ooo 
inhabitants and 169 churches. .-Ml the 
gates and windows are open in the fuin- 
nier ; infoniuch. that you nr>ay lee into 
tlieir apartments and }',ardtris, where are 
vaft numbers of 01.. njre-trees, which per- 
fume the air. It a place of great trade, 
which is in fonie meafure owing to a 
canal that runs from this city to the 
river Po. The Reno, which runs near 
Bclogna, turns 400 mills, which are 
employed in the (ilk-works ; befides, they 
deal in wax, foap, hams, faufages, and 
even lap-dogs, whicii are greatly tltecm- 
ed. It is feated at the foot of the Ap- 
pennine Mountains, 22 miles S. E. of 
Mcdena, 25 S. W. of Ferrari, 57 W. 
of P.avenna, 4!'. N. of Florence, and 
X75 N. W. of Rome. Lon. 29. o. lat. 
44. 27. 
Boi.oGNESE, a fmall province of Italy, in 
tile territory of the Church, bounded on 
the N. by the Ferrarefe, on the W. by 
the dutchy of Modena, on the S. by 
Tufcany, and on the F.. by Romania, 
it is watstcd by a great number of fmall 
iivers, which render the foil the mcft 
fertile of .iny in Italy. Bolognn is the 
capital, and from the great produce of the 
land is called Bologna the Fat. It 
produces abundance of all forts of gr.iln 
and fruits> and particularly Mulk.idinc 
grapes, which are in high ertcem. 'I'herc 
are alfo mines o'' alum and iion j and 
they fabricate lar^e quantities of linncn, 
/ilk-Acckinjis, and cloth. 
BoLSKNNA, a town of Italy, feated on a 
lake of the fame name, in tlje patrimony 
of St. Peter. It is 8 rniks '6. W. of O: 
vieto, and 45 N. of Rome. Lon. 29. ■; ;. 
lat. 42. 37. 
Boi.swAERT, a town of the United Pro- 
vinces, in We/l-Friezlan<l, and in tlie 
county of Weftergoe, 8 miles N. of 
.Slooren, and 13 S. V/. of Lewardcn. 
)-3n, 23. 5. lat. 53. 6. 
BfiLvoN, a town in Lancafhirc, with a 
m;<rket on Mondays, and two f.urs, on 
July 19, and Oftobtr ?., for lu/rr<;s, 
bcrned cattle, and thcvfe. It is 11 
xr.iles N. VV. of Manche'Ur, 14 N. N. E. 
of 'V^ srhngtcn, and 237 N. N. W, of 
iMnidon, Lon. 15. 15, lat. 53. <;i;. 

B O 

• Bolton, a vilkge in the Weft-4lidiii| 
of Voiklluic, ^ mile, N. E. of Skipton, 
with one lair, on June z'i, for cattle and 
pedlars wares. 

* Fioi ZANo, a large and handfome town of 
Germany, in t.'ie toimty of Tirol, feated 
on the river Eifach, iS miles S. W. of 
Urixen, and 27 N. of Trent. Lon. 2S. 
4u, lat, 46. 42. 

BoMAi,, a town of the Auftrian Nether- 
lands, in tlie province of Luxemburg, 
feated on tiie liver Ourt, 20 miles S. 
of Liege. Lon. 23. 5. lat. 50.20. 
Bombay, an ifland on the W. coall of the 
peninfula on this fide the Ganges, in the 
Eall-Indies, being 7 miles in length, and 
20 in circumference. It came to the 
Englirti by tlie marriage of Charles II, 
with Cather ^e of Portugal. The ground 
is barren, ....d good water fcarce. It 
WIS formerly counted very unhealthy ; 
but, by draining the bogs, and other 
methods, the air is greatly altered for 
tlie better. Tins iiland is eminent for 
little elfe behdcs its fort and harbour. 
They iiavc of cocoa-nuts, bur 
fcarce any corn, or cattle, but what is 
biough* from the adjacent country. 
The inhabitants are of ftveral nations, 
and are very numerous. It is very well 
fituated foi trade on the continent of 
India, and is one of the principal ftttle- 
ments the Inglilh have in this part of the 
world. The faflory, and thofe depend- 
ing u])on them, are now a corporation, 
.md governed by a mayor and aldermen, 
as in Eni^lnnd. It is 130 miles S. of 
Surat, 40 \. W. of Dunde-Rajapore, 
and 200 N'. of Coa. Lon. 90. 30. lat. 
19. o. 

• BuMnov, a jirovince of S. America, in 
Pen, and in the Audii.nct ol Lima. It 
i> vt:y barren. 

Bo.MEM., a fca-port town of the United 
Provinces, in Zealand, feated on the N. 
flioie of tiie lll.inti ''f .Stiioucn, op|)o- 
lite to the IHand 0: (Jorec. Lon. zi. 
35. lat. 51. 50. 

BoMMKL, a l,*.iulfome tuwn of tlic United 
I'roviiiees, in Di'tth Guehierland. It 
was t.ikeii by the Fijnch in 1672, who 
tliiiK.;. riled ihi.' loiiifications before they 
left it. It ii f^.tted on the N, flioie 
of the river W.ihai, and is 4 n.ilcs 
N. E. of Nimt^iien. Lon. 22. 45. lat. 

51- 5S- 
EoNAii-K, .in i(!nnd of S. America, nf.T 
the N, to:.(l '■A' Ten a Kirma, to the S, F, 
of CuiaJllni, :tnd to the N. V. of Mar 
t^ariu. h Uil&n^& tu the DubL'h, and i'. 


r.boiinds in 1; 

iO. ''.t. 20. I 

Bor.'Ajs, v.-ry 1 
the diitcliy ot 
ncbiiri;, and 1 
be afcendcd 


of S. Americ 
very iinwhc 
E. of Cah. 

SO.N A VIST.r> , 

Ocean, and t 
Cape Veide. 
?nd 12 in b 
the bell of t 
grcaf many <; 
indifo. I'll 
very l.i7y. 
coall of Afric 
L:it. 16. c. 

Bon 1 r acio, a 
of Corfi^a, 11 
illand of Sai 
and populouj 
A^pceia. Loi 

Bonn, a fm;;!!, 
town cf Cern 
CoUigne, and 
rnonly i'!i<*c' 
Duke of M:ii 
jial.icc of the 
the gardens r 
cn the welkrr 
miles S. of C 
65 N. by E. 
by W. of Me 
^o. 44. 

BcsuA, or Bo 
Africa, in Bir 
Alj^KTS, atul 1 
It was taicen I 
in 1735 ' '^"' 
l.irgt'd the fc 
for the fruit 
miles N. by ; 
W. of Tunis, 

Bonne E : r k r 
Good H o I' f , 

BoNNrSTA i; I. F, 

Le Maine, v 
trade in corn, 
iMans, and 12 
18. 5. lat. 4» 

E . ;; N t v A I. , a 1 1 
with a fine; I 
fe.itcd on the 
<jf Chatcaudun 
Lon. 19. 5. la 

Bow r VI I.I r, .n 
tiK, N. lidc of t 


3 O 

nbotnds In liabrittocs and fait. Lon. 3J1. 



20. lO. 

BoNAjs, very hisb mountains of Italy, in 
the dutcliy of Savoy, not far from LaH- 
ncbiir<, and in feme fealons they cannot 
be afttndcd without great danger, 

BoNAVENTur. A, a bay, harbour, imd fort 
of S. America, in Pcpayan. The mv is 
very iinwhoh'ome, and it is 90 miles 
E. of Cal'. Lon. 303. 20. lat. ;;. 20. 

Bo,N A*. I5T A, an ifland of the Atl.iiitic 
Ocean, and the moil eaftein ol ihoie of 
Cape Vvuiu. It is 20 miles in length, 
und 12 in bicadth, ni.d was formerly 
the bt.ll of them all. It liai now a 
grca^iiiany f;oats, and cotton, and Kuiie 
indir.o. The inhab tant^ are bl^'cltj and 
very lazy. It is 200 miles W. of t!;e 
coall of Arri':a, and fubjeft to Fortii^al. 
Lat. 16. c. 

BtSMrAcio, a fea-i-ort town in tlio ifland 
of C'orfi..a, near ihe motintains, and the 
iiland of Sardinia. It ir well fortilied, 
iind populous, .'ind is 37 miles S. of 
Acacrii. I.on. 5.6. 4.7. lat. 41.25. 

Bonn, a fm;dl, but ftic g and ancient 
town of Germany, in the eled^orate of 
Cologne, and where the Elector toin- 
rnonly i' fides. It was taken by the 
Deke of Marlhovougli, in 1703. The 
palace of the fleftor is handfomc, and 
the gardtns magnificent. It is fcattd 
cn the weflcrn banks (f the Rhin«, 10 
miles S. of Cologne, 17 E. of Juliers, 
61; N. by E. of Treves, and 60 N. 
by W. of Mentz. Lon^ 24. 40. ht. 

Bc.\:.-A, or Bona, .•» fea-port town of 
Africa, in Bubary, in the kinpdtm of 
Als;ier3, and prc-vincc of Conftantinp. 
Ir was taken by the Emperor Charles V. 
in 1735 ' '"" ''^"^ Turks afterwards en- 
l.irgfd the fortifications. It is noted 
(or the fruit called juiubs. It is 75 
miles N. by E. cf Conltantine, 125 
W. of Tunis, and 200 E. of Algiers. 

Bonne E:r£RANci. Set- Cavf iP 
Good H o !■ f , 

Bo •; N r r, T A I! i. r , n town of France, in 
Le Msinc, wliich carries on a great 
trade in corn. It is 1 1; miles N. E. of 
jMans, and 12S. W. of Beleme. Lon. 
18. 5. lat. 4i<. II. 

E ';>NtvAi., a town of France, in Beauce, 
with a fine Henediifhne abbey, it is 
feated on the river Loire, 8 rriiies N. 
of Chatcaudun, and 17 .S. K. of Ciiartres. 
I.on. 19. 5. lat. 4S. ir:. 

BovNFvii.i.K, a town (f Savo;/, fca'cd on 
viic N. fide of the ij\ei Aivc, and fjbjcft 

to the Kine of Sardinia. It Is 20 tr.iiei 
S. of Geneva. Lon. 23. a ^- lat. 46. 

* Eon NY, a town cf Frrnc;, in Gata- 
r.ois, feated at the contluence of a river 
of tht fame namej with the Loiie, I'lvj 
miles S. of Bri' re. 

♦■ Boo it I., a villaee in Cumberland, five 
njiles S. of Ravenglafs, with twc fairs, 
01, April 5, and Septcnibcr 24, (or cloth 
and corn. 

* BdPKiNGFN, a fmall, free, and impe- 
rial town of CJcrmany, in Swabia, feated 
on the r.vcr Ei^er, 4 milei E. cf Av.den, 
.->nd 9 W. of Norlingen. Lon. 27. 30. 
lat. 4S. 51. 

i3ori'AUT, a town of Germany, in the 
circle of tlie Lower Rliim , and in the 
cr^hbidiopric of Treves, x imerly mipe- 
rial. It is ieated at the loct of a moun- 
tain, near the Rhine, " miles S. oi Co- 
blent.-?, and 12 W. of Nafiau. Lon. 25. 
10. lat. .-c. 19. 

Bo:;rrkEK, a town of Tranfilvani.-i, and 
in the coi;nty cf Weiicmlure, feattd cn 
the iivtr M.uos, with a caflle on a high 
rock foitifitd with towers. 

Bo ecu, a town of Lower iaxony, in ths 
dutchy of ^L i^dtburg. It is fcactd on 
the rivtr Elbe, 14. miles N. E, of 
Magdebufg. Lon. 29. 44. lat, 52. 

BoRciii.oF.N, a town of Germany, in the 
biflmpric of Liege, and fiiiijt-Ct to that 
biflici>. It is 15 miles N, W. of Licjc. 
Lt)ft. 23. 5. lat. 50. K,Q. 

BorroE, an ifland belont^ifif; to Norway, 
and one of thofe called the Karo Illands, 
It a fecure harbour on the N'.W. lide, 
called Klack j and between the ifl, 3d, 
.nnd 4th of thefc iflmds, there is a fmall 

lloRr, o, an ancient town of Sweden, on 
the Culph if Finland, and province cf 
Nyland, md in the dlfaiifl of Borgon, 
20 miles N. E. of Helfin^fors. Lon. 
44. o. lat. 60. 34. 

BoRco-FoRTE, a town of Italy, in t'lie 
duichy of Mantua, feated cn the river 
Po, If) miles S. of Mantua. Lon, 28. 
17. lat. •;<;. 3. 

BoRGo San Domino, a tmvn of Italy, in 
the dutchy of i^arina, witii a billioij'a 
fee. It is I? miles W. of I'..rma, 
and 2C o. E. cf Placentia. Lon. 27. 30. 
lat. 41. r3, 

B.'Rro-r;-jA. -Srr ui CRO, .1 *cwn of 
Italy., iniufcary, and in the Floientino, 
with a biihop's; fee It is 40 milfs E. 
of, aa i.VV. of Urbino, fend 

^ i| 






.1 \ '■' 




five N. E. of Artzzo. Lon. jg. 50. lat. 

43- 3S- 
BoR(0-v A t.-n-TARo, a town of Italy, 

in the dvitcliy of I'ann.i, ao milts S.W. 

cf Pa; ma, and fiibjcft to the Iioufc of 

Audiii. Lo»i. 28. II. Iaf.4^. 35. 

Bop J A, a f-'^aU to\vn (f Sjwin, in the 
l<ir,i;.'om of Aii.iSoii, ii miles S E. cf 
Tjvacona, and 35 N. W. of Saiagolfa. 
Lon. 16. 15. )3f. 41. ^.o. 

» BoK. I5.LEN, .nn ifl.intl cf N. America, 
ne.:r that of TortoRico. The Enslifh 
fittlti! liifit;, hut vveif drove away by 
t!ie Spaniards. Jt li at prefcni without 
inhaliit.ints, ilicugii ai;r^-e'.il)Io and ftr- 
tile, the air bi ini;; wlu^lei'omi', and t!iu 
water good. There aie a great number 
of crai'S, f;om wlitnce fcnu call it 
Crab-Ill.«nd. Lon. 313. o. lat. iS. o. 

roj;lSrHKNES. See Nl'PKH. 

• EoRKrr. o, a llrcnj; plr.CL' of the United 
Provinus, in tin; coi;n:> of Zuthphtn, 
ftated on t!,c rivtr HoiKel, 10 miles 
L. cf Zutliphcn, Lc«i. 24. 5, lat. 52. 

Bo;im:c, a handfome po])iiku3 tuwn of 
tlic lountry of the Grifons, ;;nd capital of 
a (Oiinty of tl^e fame name, 'i he go- 
ve;r.or is called I'oDKbrA, and is fcnt 
thither by the Gri'ons, to manage cri- 
ujinr.l and civil aifairs. It is feated on 
tlie liver Add.1, 47 miles S. E. of C'dre, 
and 17 N, E. of Tirano. Lon. 27. 45. 
lat. 26. 4^. 

HoKNEo, ?,n iilard of Afia, in the Eall- 
Indies, ar.d the largelt in tlie known 
world. It is about iSco miles in cir- 
cumference, .'.nd h almoil c( a round 
form. Tie country is very 
mtuntninous j i>ut, towards the fi-a, 
veiy low and marlliy, occalionvd by 
the great rains that fall S months in the 
yeai. It produces lice, .-md many forts 
cf fri'its, hefidcs feveral animals un- 
known to the Europeans. I'epper is 
peculiir to the eountrics ahout U.imiaar ; 
and to t!)!-' wel^s^'ard they have I'mali dia- 
rr.cnds of a yellow wat^r. Sanibals, 
another part of thii iilaiid, pioduces 
gold, pe.irls, and b^i'cs-w.TX, which laft 
is ufcd inlttad cf mc.icy, '1 ho pjople 
in eener.-.l are very fuart'iy, but not 
quite biac'x, .ind tl:ey no ..hnot^ naked, 
'ihere .-.r;: Maliomeians on tlie fea- 
coaftj but all ihs vx'Jt art; Gentows, or 
I'aaians. The E. Indj.i coiopaiiy ha\e had 
fartoviei there j !»u. riiftcrcnces aririnj; I)e- 
tween them and the nauvt.-, they have 
been all driven avay, or nuird' red : 
however, the tngUl'a iiav;; lliU 3 libvrty 


B O 

of tradin; thither. TIic fea-coaft jfi 
lifuiiily overflowed half the year, and 
when the waters go ciT, the earth is 
Covered with oufe nnd mud ; for which 
reafon, fome of tlic houfcs are built en 
floats, and others on hii;li pillars, or 
p( tis. The ca[ ital town is ci the fanio 
u.ime, and it is lari^e and populous, witli 
a good hail'i'Ur. It is built upon piles, 
and is feated on the N. fide of the ifland, 
42 miles S. W. of Eacafa, and S2 N. E. 
of Maluna. Lon. 129, 50. lat. 4. 5^, 
'J hi 3 illand was difcovcred by the Ftr- 
tugucfe, in 1521. 
BoK NO, or Di)\! K Nou, a kingdom of Afri- 
ca, on the eaftern part of Negro-land. 
It is partly inoanrainoiis, and j arrly 
level, and produces plenty cf corn. It 
has no towns ; bur thf;rij aie 
villat^es, and the inh.'-.hiu'.n's go almoil 
naked, living in a brutifh, and- 

• having their women in conimin. How- 
ever, they have a king, to whom thfy 
are very cbedicnt. 'I hey have neitlier 
laws nor lehirion, at leafl none that 
could be difcerned by thofc who have 
bten among th.em. Many of thefe 
people rove about in tents, like the 
Arabs, The longitude is from 32. to 
41. and the latitude from 10. to 20. S. 

B:.u!^H0I^!, an illand of the Baltic Sea, 
10 miles S. E. cf Schonen in Sweden, 
and J 3 N. E. of the Iflc of Rugen. Lon. 
32. 35. lat. 5<;. 15. 

BoRovr, H Bu iDii E, a town in the N. Rid- 
ing of Vorkiliiie, with a market on Sa- 
turdays, and three fairs, on April 27, 
for in, rntd cattle and fliecp, on fur.e 22, 
for hories, horned cattle, flieip, and 
lia"d-ware, and on Cfloher 23, forl.crn- 
cUtl,' and fliecp. It is feated on the S. 
lide of the river Your, over svhich tliere 
is a haiidfc me Ilone-biidgc. The town is 
not large, but commodious ; and fends 
tuG memlers to parhaoient. It is 17 
miles N. ct York, 53 S. of L»uiham, 
and 20a N. by W. cf Loiidon. Lon. 
16. 20. lat. vV- 'o. 

EosA, a fea-)io,-t town in th.e wertcrn part 
of the id.and of Sardinia, with a bilhop's 
fee, atallle, and ■» pretty eood haibour. 
It li .1:1 ancient jilace, .uid feattil on a 
river of the f.-mie name, 17 miles S. E. 
of Algheir, and 27 N, of Oriflai,r,i. 
Lcn. 26. 21;. lat. 40. 19. 

* Boscn, or BoicMiT, a town of Italy, 
in the MilarKft, and in Alciiandnno. k 
is Icnted on the river Orbc, 5 miles E. 
of Alellandria, ar.d 12 N. E. of Avjui. 
Lon. 26. iij. lat. 44. (], 

of Txnky 
province of 

w. of r,j, 

Lon. 36, 
B^'MA, a pi 
fii called 
luiiN throui 
N. by Scl,' 
pn the S. 
by Croatia 
at Ba^ni-/ 
t,->vn. M; 
lad king, 


of Conllan: 
the Tea o.' 
the Black- 
kn;;th, ar. 
bieukh w 
TuiUs liav 
giinrt env.h 
It fepiratts 
country ;Jn 
rnf fide ot 
f^ Scir 
] i.'ucd upo 
IJ0S.M.V, ri 
Cornwall, \ 
hut it has 
cloth, and 
thi; fca-coai 
cclK'n, ar.d 
Lon. 12. 55 
niemhers tc 


Bo" c PT, at 
l.irds in 
ir.ilts S. of 

ci . -,2. 

Bo-T, a v?r 
r-rfin, and 
>U. CO. lat 

Bo.mon, a to 
maikcts, 01 
an'l th'ce 
another 01 
I'ali, and 
It is comn 
the liver V 
Ivji!"; not t 
c nioys a f > 
lomu lowi 
p' I ■; ; .T-. : 

B O 

;o<;v A-hFR Ar 0, 

a l.irce and ftronj; town » 

of Twiky in Europe, 

'1 c:ij)ital i>( lie 

province cf Bofnia. It is i;o n:iilfS S. 
\V. oi" FJLlgiade, and 66 S. li. uf J;iiofa. 


•S. Lat. 

4i(. 4f 

B^^^IA, a province of Turky in Tlnrore, 
(o called fnni tlic river I'orM.i, vv'Iiic'i 
luns through it. It i-s bounded on tlic 
N. by Scl.ivonia, on tht: E, b/ Servii, 
{.m the S. by Albania, and en the W. 
by Croatia ard I^aliii itia. It is the de- 
I'artmtrt of a Bviilorbcg, w'lo rcfK!.;! 
at Ba^ni-Al':vh, which i:i tiiu caj'iral 
t.-'wn. Mah> n;ct II. tctk Srrjjhcn t!ie 
brt king, and fUad him alive. 

Bi)^i'iioR\ s pK 'J'hi; ACF., or th'" Channel 
of Conflantinople, is a ftrcight by which 
the Tea of Marnu ra coniniiinicatts witli 
the Black-?^ea. Ir is about 20 nide, in 
Jen;;th, and a nule and a qnaitcr in 
b.e.ul'.h where it is narrcwtfl. The 
Turks have built two cartles over a- 
giinft each other, to defend the pafT"a:;e. 
It fep.iratts Afia from Europe ; and the 
(i)untry about it is very pleafant. On 
rnc fide of it ftands Scutari, where the 
Crand Feipnior ha.; a palace, a'ld it is 
I .oked upon a» a fubcrb to ConAanti- 

IJo s.'.r.v, rr Toss-Castle, a town in 
Cornwall, whofe m.arket is difcontinued, 
but it lias two fairs, on Augiilt 5, and 
November 22, for horfes, oxen, fhtcp, 
cloth, and a few hojjs. It is feated on 
t'li: fi-a-coatl, 17 miles N. W. of Laun- 
ccft.^n, and 242 \V. by S. of London. 
I.i-n. 12. 35. lat. <;o. 40. It fends two 
members to parlir.ment. 

BcfOKA. Sec Ci' s ', A i< .Ml. 

Bo:-- LPT, a town of the AuftrJan Nether- 
lands, in the ]>ri vince of Biali..nt, S 
m!Its S. of Louvain. Lcn. 22. 5. 
fi . 52. 

Eo'T, a very Aron;: town of .-^fia, in 
T'Tfia, and of the province of 
5>.ibkAan, with a Arung citadel. I. on. 
>' !. 50. lat. "5 1. i;o. 

Bo.vion, .1 town of I.incolnAilrc, \\'ith two 
markets, on Wcdncfdays and Satuid.iys, 
and th'te fairs, on May 4, for Aiecp, 
another lui Aii;;uA 11, c.illed T(i!ir.- 
I .ilr, and on Deceniber 11, A r horiVs. 
It is cimmic-<luiu!ly ftated on h -'h tides 
the liver Witham, over which it a 
ha;idl\.me, lii.'li, Wvioilen-bridigc ; and, 
bciry; not far from its infln;; into tlviVa, 
enjoys a food tr.-.Jc:. It ii a lirgu hanJ- 
r>n)e town. vi;!i a fiipcious in.-nket- 
1^' 1 ■: ; n'i alfo a Iv-^.i Aci-,'!-.'. v.-hi;.!i fomc 
ii..-^v.~l [. il.. 1m, I b>il; I. .vc; in ;!ii' 


\vci!d ; aCd it fervcs as a land-mark 
for f.olors. Jt s -^ miles S. E. of Lin- 
coln, 4S N. by N. E. of Pctcrbcrcug!), 
atul II.}. K. tro.-n London. Lon. 17. 
50. Lit. ■:, ;5. 3. 
r>osioN, the capit I town of N w« 
Kngland, in Xortli-Atnerica, feated on 
a ptninful.i at tlit hi ttom of a fine bay, 
ci>vered by fmall illands and iccks, and 
defended by a caAlc and platforms of 
c:iins, which tender the approach of an 
enemy ver) din, cult. It lies in the form 
of a crefcent abont the harbour; and the 
country beyond ri^ng gradually, affords a 
delii;htful pn-f, ith There is but one fafe 
ch.mntl to approacli the h.Trbour, and that 
is fo narrow, tliat tlnce Aiips can f^arce f.iil 
a-brcaA ; lu'. wit!. in t'.ic liaibiur, thcie 
is room for 50;; i'ail to lye at anchor. 
At the bottom of the bay, there is a 
pi;r, near 2ccc ftet in length, whicii 
Aiip-. of the gie.'itefl burd..'n may come 
up clcfe to ; and, on the N. fide, there 
are wave!ioufc3 fur the n-erohants. The 
Areets ate handfome, and ths chief run-, 
from the jiier tc 'he town-hcufs. There 
are 10 c'ivjri.lii.s of all denominations, 
of which 6 bel'iri'; to the ifidependents. 
At each end of the tt wn t!ie;x is a bat- 
tery of ci'-;ht i;uns 5 and, about a learue 
fic ri it, there is :■ dutiful Arong caAlc, 
with a^e ?ni;.;.)n in tiine ol war. 
The number of inhabitants are reckoned 

.'tb be at-out 1.1, ceo ; and it is one of 
the m.A A unlb.ii^i; towns in North- 
America. Lon. -rofi. o. lat. 42. 24. 

Bor wc; TH, a town in LeiceAei Aiire, v.-lrh 
a n-iarket on Wcdncfdays, and two fairs, 
on May S, for horf-s, cows, and ARep, 
and on ]uly 10, for horfes and cows. 
It is feated on a pretty hii!;h IillI, In a 
country fertile in corn and (^raf>. It :s 
noted for a bloody battle fou^^ht liere 
between Richard III, and Meniy eail oi 
Richmond., afterwaids Merry VILwhere- 
in King Rie!ia:d !oA his life and crown. 
It is I •; miles .S. \V. of LeiceAcr, and 
1 04 N, !>'. W, of London. Lor. 16, jo, 
ht. S2.4J- 

P.iTii.MA, a confi lerable province of 
Sweden, King on a gulph of the lanie- 
n Mile, which divides it; into two pr.rts, 
taU.d r. and VV. Duihnia. The coaiL. 
of i'lis (tiilph ait lull of inha' itants. 

Be T: E: p/\ t. r. Fee lIuPTErn At, K. 

Co- WAH, .1 town of Germany, in the 
cicle of .'luabi.i, and in Wirtemlieiy, 15 
iri'es S. F. of H.illbr: n, and fubjril to 
the Dul.e of Wiite-.nbeif. Lon, 25. t.o. 

l.vt, .-]<(, .J. 

M 7 "^0 T' 

% U 

r L I', 


■: m 


Vitr ' 




i ■ 


y i 


■ '■ 


M • "I 




!f m 



*► 'floTZitKBUnc, a handfcns tfAvn of 
Gcnmny, In the clutchy of Mecklenburg. 
It is 'eattd on tiie river Elbe j and all 
barKs that pafs by pay duty. Lon. 28. 

23. ht. 53. 34. , ,. , 

BovA, a town of Italy, in the hingdom of 
N.'.plcs, and in Farther Calabria, wiiii a 
bifhoi)"s 'ee. ]t is feated near the Ar,- 
pmnine Mountains, zo miles S. E. of 
Rop;f,io. Ion. 34. 3. lat, 3-. Sv 
EovcHAiN, a fortified tovn of rhc Frer.tii 
Neth..Tl.ii;ds, in '.hi; proxincc of Ilainii.ilr, 
and c.ipital of OAervant. It is lUvidjd 
into tv.^ parti by the rivtr f-ct'tld. I? 
wai taken by the Frcr,cli in i6;6, and 
by tlie Allies in 171 1 ; bat it \/as re- 
taken thx yiar following. It IS 9 miles 
V/. of Valencicm.Co, S N. L'. of Cam- 
bray, and 10 S. t;. of Duuay. Lon. ir. 
58. Jit. ^o. 17. 

• B.:)VCKAR-, a fmsl! ifianci and town cf 
Fiance, in'i\ur;iinc, ft.rmtJ 
Vienne, 15 milci from Tours. 

* SouD'jjv, a fmall town of SviHl'iIand, 
in the principality of Nctif Ch:Ue!, and 
c.ipital of Cliatelainry of the fame name, 
i-cn. 24. 40. lat. 47. II. 

• BouFFLEPS, a town of France, inBeau- 
vuifis, with the title of a dutchy. and a 
caftlt, before which there is an equef- 
trian rtatue of Ltwis XIV. It i3 fcated 
on the river Terraine, S miles from 

Jjouii'on, a town of Fiance, in the 
dutchy cf the fame name, and in tlic 
territory of Luxemburg, with a fortified 
cafllv, which is ftated on an almofl in- 
accefTiIIe rock, near the river Stmcis. 12 
milcsN.E, of Sedan, iGi". of Charlcvjile, 
and 37 W. of Luxemburg, Lon. 22. 55. 
lat. 40. 45, 

* Boi'iN, an ifle cf France, on the cc.ift 
of .'^ower Poitou, fiorn v.'! ich it i» fi|> 1- 
rattH by a narrow chinnel. It is in the 
fcrn-i of a twanglc, ii 5 miles in Icrgtli, 
and has one tovi'n. 

Bovine:, a fm::!l town of the 
Ntther'jnds, in tin.- pro-.incc cf N'aniur, 
fc.itcd on tl'.e river Mac'c, or Mcufe, 10 
miics S. ot Nainur, and 2 N. c f Dinant. 
Lon. 12. 25. lat. 5c. ::.'. 

BfvjKo, a town of Ir^Iy, in thcC.ipitina- 
ta, wiih a bifhop's fee. It is 'cattd at 
the fi-i," cf tin- Apj-cnniriC .■vTountair ■, 
7 lr.■ilc^ S. of Tror-.i, j :, K. T. of Btnt- 
vcnto. Lon. 33. 4. la-, ^i. 17. 

Br,urooNr., a laiiiL ai.d h,:ndf(.mc tov/n 
of France, in Picai<:y, and capital (.f the 
Bo il'ipi.i,::, with a h.iri->i ur, am! a bi- 
ftiop'i ftt. It is divided into iwc towns. 

B O 

the higher and the lower. The former 
is ilicn_B;, both by nature and art ; and 
tlu; latter is on !y fui rounded with afinj^le 
vail. The harbour has a mole, for tl.e 
f.ifety of the fliips ; and which, at the 
fimc time, prevents it from beini; choaki X 
up. The lower town is inhalnttd by 
merchants, wherein there are three largo 
ftreets 5 one of which leads to tl-.c hi(;h 
town, and the other two run in a line 
on the fide cf the liver. Many of t!;e 
Enplilh -ind Swcts rclide heir, wIkt, 
from rtliellion, or aijy otlier caufe, th _,- 
arc t bilged to fly from their native country. 
It is leaLed at the mouth of the riva- 
L-iip'.-, 22 miles W. of St. Omer's, 50 
N. W. of Arras, 55 N. F.. cf Lille, and 
i-i>. cf C.ilais. Lon. 19. 17, lat. ;;c. 
41. This } lace is commonly called by 
the Englifh Be i. l t n. 

* liouLoc i;oib, a territory of France, in 
the N. part c f Ticurdy, abi.ut 30 miiirs 
in, and 20 in breadth, and iti 
principal trade confifls in pit-coal and 
butter. Its capital town ii Bi uloi^ne. 

Bourbon-Lanci, a town of Fiance, in 
in the dutchy of Burgundy, and in tlic 
Autunnois. It is leniaikuble for its 
caftle and us baths j and there is a huf^e 
marble pavement, c.;lled the Great Baiii, 
which ib a work of the Romans. It is 
feaied near the river Loire, i^ miles 
S. W. of Autun, 17 E. of Moulins, and 
50 N. W. of Macon. Lon, 21. zi. lat. 

DouRBoN l'Ap. cii AME Au D, a fiTiall town 
of Franctj rcmaikable for its baths. 
The waters are exceeding hot, and yet 
tliey v.'iil not bcil an ev;^. It io feaiid 
in a bottom, 15 miles W. of Mouhiis, 
3- S. E. of Bouipcs, end 362 b. of 
Paris. Lcn. io. 43. lat. -ib. 35. 

Boi, n DON N F-i r s-H .^ 1 N ••■, a town of 
France, in Champa'^ne, and in the Baf- 
fi;:! i, famous lor its hot b.ii!i.>. It is 17'S v.. of l.ani'rcs, and 2^ S. E. of 
Chauiiiont. Lon. 33. 20. lat. 47. 54. 

Lour, licNNcir, a prrv.nce of F;ar,cc, 
with the title of a ilutchy, iH.iinued on 
the N. by Nrernois and Beiri, on the 
\V, by R'.Tii .ind a fmall part cf the 
Upocr Mdtclie, on tlie b. by Auvercrne, 
and on fiic l". by Biiri'undy anH Fonz. 
!t abounds in torn, Iruits, pallurci.. 
wood,' game, and wine. Its piii 
town is Moi'lins, .-md the ii>tri are 
tlie [,cit'-', the Allier, and the Chiir. 

By u M Houn (;, a tM>\n in Ft' titli Fl.indeis, 
whole fortiii'-anc!)-) ure iL'm"!:ihtd. it 
(cited on a .u;:al that goes to L";;r.l.irl:. 



It a miles 
lin'.'s, 13 ^ 
S. V/. of I 

50. ^'i- 

f,o\ u;>i.Ai'x, 
foir.o, and 

of Guiel:!! 

an nniverii! 
;'.nd Scienct 
.1 bow, of 
c'-.e Aiing. 
u iuvp'.' ktv 
a full tide, 
viffels tan 
The caille, 
at the cntt, 
runs rtur-i''tj lt:ul 
very narr' 
has I? paii = 
near whicli 
fe^'cral lov 
markable ai 
pie, dedicat 
entirely den 
built like ; 
aiuK'uUiIls i 
town cf a 1 
they riiiji 1 
wine and 
where Edw 
ftveral year 
Richard II. 
hmdfonie fc 
ei|uei\rian 1 
S7 miles S, 
Bazas, and 
16. 56. lat 

BoiRDlN KF, 

mur, 10 n 
tive N. W, 
^o. 55. 
B )CRO, tlie ( 
Cayenne ii 
Lon. 324. 


and capital 
Refoiiire, I 
20 miles ! 
2-,3 S. E. 
46. 13. 

• B !■ K O E N 

I.a .March' 
1 c, miles 1 

It I : U 

1'^ 'is 







B O 

It a roilcs nirl a half S. E. of Cravel- 

liii'.'s, 13 N. W. ol' St. Onitr's, nnd 10 
!>. W. 01 Dunkirk. Lv,n. ig. 50. 

CO. rr, 

Joi '■• M.AVx, an ancient, Lrr-e, har.d- 
f( ir,i , and town of Fr.iiac, Ci.jjital 
of Guicnne, with ,Tn .Tn 'jbifluip's fcf, 
an univer(ity, and ;\n acjd'.'niy ot .Arrs 
r.v.-i Sciences. It is Ijuih in thi; for.u of 
.1 l)Ow, of which the ri\'cr Gr.rcnne ii 
x.h^■ (\iing, Tliis river is bordered by 
^ iarf'.' kty, and the wattr riles 4 yards 
c: full tide, (cr wliich reafi n tho laircll 
VI ffcls can come up to it very leiidily. 
The caitle, callH i!i'.* Trumj^et, is feated 
at the entianco of tlyj key, and the river 
runs ri-ur.d its walls. Mol) of 
ftiecti lead to the ki.y ; but they .ire .ill 
very narrow, exiejt one, 'i'he t>Avn 
has 17 gates J and there is anothei' eafile, 
near whieii there .are line walks uivler 
fe/tral lows of trees. The i|iol\ re- 
markable antiquities are an ancient tem- 
ple, dedicated to ti.e titulary ^ods, now 
entirely dcnioliliied, to make riom for 
the fcilifications ; the pa! ice of Culicnas, 
built like an amphitlicatre, and feveral 
aiuieduiJ^s in diiVerent places. It is a 
tf wn cf a very cenf.derabic trade ; and 
they fitip every y<.ar 100, ceo tens of 
wine and l-raiidy. This is the j.K.ce 
where Edw.ird tlie I51ack I'rince refided 
feveral years ; and his fon, afterwards 
Richard II. was born here. 'I'herc is .1 
handfonie fqunrc near th.- liver, with an 
eiiuelti;an Aalue of Lewis XV. It is 
87 miles S. of Rothellc, 35 N. W. ef 
Cazas, and 525 S. W. of i'aiis. Lon. 
16. 56. kit. 44. 5c. 

BoiRDiNKs, a town cf the 
Netherlands, in the province of Na- 
niur, 10 miles N. E. of Namur, and 
five N. W, of Huy. Lon. 22. 35. lat. 
SO. 55. 

Bjcnc, the capital town of tlic Lland of 
Cayenne in S. America, and a Trench 
fettlement on the co.ill cf Guiana. 
Lon. 324. 45. lat. 5. 2. 

Boe R g-en-Bk E«s F, a town in France, 
and capital of Brcife, in the province of 
Buri'undy. It is fcatcd on the river 
Refoiiire, alinoll in t!;c center of liiiiFe, 
20 miles S. E. of Macon, 71 N. E. of 
Trcvoux, 37 N. W. of Bellcy, and 
2^3 S. E. of I'aris. I. on. 2j. 54. lat. 
46. 13. 

• Boi-R c ENrc'T, a town cf Fr'.i-.'"c, in 
I. a .March';, fc I'.cd <in the i!v; e 'i'aurlon, 
»<; miles U\m Limoges, and ?.'jo fom 

B O 

BouRcts, an ancient anH larcc town o^ 
France, and c pita) ot Her-^i, w.t!- an 
•archhiihop's fee, and a !;.mous nni^er- 
fuy. It is bi:t thin of j>eople, and 
thiir trade is veiy fmall. It i.i lealed 
en the livers Auron ;. d Yever, ahiiuft 
in the centre tf France, ?. 5 miles N, W. 
vf Nevcrs, 55 S. L. of Orleans, 75 E. 
by .S. cf Tours, and 125 S. of I'aris. 
Lon. 23. 33. lat. 47. 5. 

Co t n r, Y. 1 , a town cf Savoy, feated at the 
i). cf.d (if a'.e (/f tlic fame name, 6 
iiiilei Tv'. (,f Ciiambeiry, and fubjtd to 
the l-Kiiii^ cf Sar.linia, Lon. 23. 30, lat. 


R ( i; i; o c. K r , 01 B e w c u n p v , a c onfidcr- 
nl>le province of France, with the title 
of a du'chy. It is about 112 miles in 
length, and 7 •- in breadth, and is bounded 
on tlie E. by Fianchc Coinpte, on tlieW. 
by Bourbonnois nnd Nivernois, en the S. 
by Lyonncls, and on the N. hy Chain- 
1 .•.gr.e. Ji is fertile in corn, fruits, and 
efpeci.illy in excellent wine. Dijcn is 
the cap'tnl town. 

Bovr r,-si r,- V. in, a fea-pcrt town cf 
France, in Gulenne, and in Bourdclois, 
with a tolerable pood haibour. it is 
feated at the coniUiencc of the riveri 
Dordogne and Garonne, 1 ; miles N. 
of In.iiideaux. Lon. 17. c. lat. 4c;, c. 

BovRMo.vT, u town of France, in Bar- 
rels, and the principal pl.acu of a baiU» 
wick. It is JO miles froniNeuf-Chateau, 
and 22 from Chuiinont. Lon. 23, iS. 
lat. 4S. 10. 

Boi uv, a town of Lincolnfliiie, with a 
market on Saturdays, and thre.; fairs, on 
iMaich 7, May 6, and Oilober ?o, for 
horf^s, and horned <..itt!e. It is fea*cd 
ne.w a fjMJnc; cillcd niirnvvell head, from 
which proceeds ariver that runs through 
the town. It IS a pretty large place, and 
liaa a gccd market for corn and pro\i- 
fions. It is noteil for tiie coronation of 
King F.diiii nd. It is j -- miles N. of 
i'eterb!^rou.;li, 3^ S. of Lincoln, and 95 
N'. cf Lvjndon. Lon. 17. 15. lat. 52. 

BovRo, an iflmr" in the E. Indi.m Ocean, 
f 'tween the .'-loluccas and Celebes. It 
i;- \\J\ ciiklv.irc'l, .md is now fui:ije<i} ti> 
the Dutch, w:-o h.i'c built a lortrefs 
here. Some nnuntains in it arc exceed- 
ing liish, and 'he fi: t on one fide is un- 
cotniviorly deep. It produces nut-megs 
and cloves, a> well a, coc a and bonana 
tr;er, and many o'her'.cs intro- 
(lucta ny tliu Duuh. it li about 50 



• , '■m 


: I 


;i ; 



B O 

miles h\ r.Ircumfercnce. Lon. 119. c 
bt. 4, 30. 

* BousrAC, a town o{ Fnnrc, in Berry, 
towards the frontiers o! iMJiirbonno;., 
with a caftle, built upon a reck, that is 
almcifl inaccffTible. 

BoifSEviM. ir.i , a fm.ill town of Fiapce, 
in Allacf, capital ct a c.inton of the fame 
rame, en the confines of Lorraiii, with 
a calUc. It is featH in a very fertile 
country, in the middle of thrtp fmall 

Boi'ToN, an idand in the E. Indian Sea, 
ahgut If miles diflanf from the 5. E, 
pirt of the Iiland of Celebes, or Macaf- 
f»r. The inhaliitants are final), but 
•well-ilijped, and of a d.irV ( com- 
plexion. The principal town is Callafu- 
junjr, which is about a mile from the fe.i, 
en the top of a fmall hill, and round it 
there is a ftone-wall. The houfes are 
not built on the ground, but upon po(L, 
and it is a clean pleafant place. Their 
religion is Mahometanifm. Lon. 139. 5. 
lat. S. 4. 30. 

* BouGHTo.v, a village in Nortlian-.|)ton- 
fliire, two miles N. E. of Kettering, 
with one fair, for ready-made deaths. 

BoTi TONNE, a river of Saintcnjjc in France, 
that rifes at Chef-Boutonne. It becoines 
navigable at St. Jean d'Angcly, and at 
length joins the Charente between St. 
Savinian and Tonnay-Charante. 

* Bovey-Tr Acr V, a village in Devon- 
(hire, five miles N. E. of AOihurton, 
with two fail,, on Holy Tlnirfday, for 
Ihe<jp, and on July 7, for woo!. 

* Bow, a village in Middlefex, two miles 
E. of London, with a fair on TIiurf<)ay, 
Friday, and Saturday in W hitfun-weekj 
for toys. 

Bow, a town in Devonfhire, witii a mar- 
ket on ThL-rfdays, and two fairs, on 
Holy-Thurfday, and November zz, for 
cattle. It is feated at the I'piing-hearl of 
a rivtr that falls into tie Taw, anH is a 
fraall pretty town, but t'le market i-, m- 
coniidL-rable. It is 14 miles N. \V. .,f 
Exeter, and 1S7 W. by .'i. of I.oncicn. 
17. :?<;. lat. ^-. ^r. 

* JBorrrr, a vil'acre in rt:fl".Ik, five riiV.; 
N. E. of Clare, with one fair, on W'hit- 
Tuefday, for cattle. 

BoxTEL, a town of the Netlierl.-.nd", in 
Dutch Erabart, fcatcl on the riv. rPi .in- 
mel, 8 miles S. of Boisle-duc. Lon. 22. 

^T. lat. t;i. ,c. 

BvTi.iTE, a 'jTvn of Gcrm.Tw, in tli.,' 
lirtle of Loner Saxony, aii<t in the 
«hitchy of Bremen. It is feitcd on .i 

n R 

brrrk which fall, into the rivtr Elhe, 
li miles S. W. of ILimbur),', and 42 N. 
by E. of Bremen. Liai. 27. lo. lat, 

BoYKK, a river of Ireland, whicii rifes in 
Qucen'o-county, in the jirovince cf Lein- 
rter, and running N. F,. l)y Trim and 
Cavan, falls into the Irifti Chainul, a 
little belov/ Broc;heda. Here was a battle 
fi'u;;ht between King James II. and King 
Wi'liam III. in i6';o, wiieretn the latter 
was viftoricus. 

Bo 10 10, a town of Italy, in the dutchy 
of M.infua, capital of a territory of thi; 
fame name, with a caftle. It is fubjedl 
to tiie houfe of Auftria, and i"; 1 5 miles 
S. W, of Mantua. Lon. zS. o. lat. 
45. 9. 

Bp Ai! A N T, .1 large province cf the Nether- 
lands, with the title of a dutchy. It is 
bounded on the N. by the province of 
Holland and the dutcliy of Guelderiard, 
on tlie E. by the fame dutcliy and the 
bifhoj ric of Liege, on the S. by the pro- 
vince of Namur and Hainhait, and on 
the W. by Brabant and Zealand. It i> 
divided into I>utch Hrabnnt and Auftrian 
Brabant. It is watered by feveral rivers, 
of which the Scheld, the Ruppcl, and 
the Dommel are the chief. The foil is 
very fertile ; and they reckon 26 walled 
and fortified towns tlierein, of wl.icli 
BrufTels is the cajMtal. 

• Bracciano, a dutchy of Italy, in tlvr 
patrimony of St. I'etcr, which lies round 
a lake of the fame name ; and there aro 
celebrate . baths a little to the W. of the 

Bracciano, a fmall handfome town of 
Italy, in the patrimony of St. I'etcr, and 
feated on a lake of that name, with ilie 
title (if a dutdiy. It is 12 miles 
N. W. of Pvciiiic. Lon. :c. 41;. lat. 
42. -^. 

* BnACKiAw, a palitinatc of tl'.at name, 
which is the eanern part of l'odf>lia, 
and it is called Lower I'odolia, and is of 
greater cxteat than Ui)per I'odolia ; but 
it is more defol.itc, en account of the 
neighbourliO')d of the Tartas. 

DKAcKtAv., a 'h\ng town of I'oland, 
capital of ;j palatinate of the fame nami:, 
in I'ndolia. It was taken b/ t!ie 'lurk^ 
in 1677., and retaken by the Poles three 
years al'tcrwirds. It ii fcatcl on the 
nvfr l)ig, J 00 miles K. of Kaminick, 
a-d 11; N. of Tekin. Lon. 47. 15. 
lat. 4S.ja. 

Br AcKi f ^, .1 town of Xorthamptonfiirc, 
with a niatVcet un Wwlnefd iy% r.r.d ti' ■■ 

fairs, on We 

for horles, co 
Saturday in A 
hoe* ; on We 
hcri'i s and co' 
Ortcber 10, 
ing ol ftrvan 
hcrfes, cows, 
en a branch 
It had former 
turnec! into a 
members to 
S. W. of Nci 
of London. 
Brad, a town 
N. fide of the 
I'ofega. Lon 

B B A D F 1 F I. p , 

market on Th 
June 24, for I 
Chelmstbrd, a 
Lon. 18. J. la 
* Br ADFitT. n, 
Riding of Yor 
take of Strasf 
June 17, and 

Bb AI'VORP, .T t 

market on M< 
nery goods. I 
Avon, on the 
no very extrai 
miles W. of tt 
London. Lon 

B R A n !■■ o R T H , a 
of V'orklhire, 
days, and th 
ar.d 1 5, and J 
csttle and ho 
December 20, 
It is feated on 
and the houf 
It is 30 mile: 
N. N. W. of I 

• Bradmnoh, 
which ioimerl 
days, but no 
able plate beu 
burnt it to tl 
N. of Exeter, 
London. Lo; 

l! RAF. -Mar, a 
Scotland ill th( 
the lail Earl 
rebellion in 17 
of Aberdeen. 



B R 

fairs, on Wednefday after Ftbruary at;, 
for horlcj, cows and fliti-p ; on the 71I 
Saturday in April, for liorles, ccv.;,, and 
hoc* 5 on Wcdnelday after June 22, for 
licru.s and cows ; on Wtdnc day before 
Ortcbc-r JO, for horfcs, cows, and hiie- 
jiig ol ftrvants i on December 11, for 
horfes, cows, and flieep. It is featcd 
on a brancli of the river Oufe, and is a 
corporation, containing two chiirehcb. 
It liad formerly a college, which ib now 
turned into a free-fchoel, and fends two 
members to parliaincnt. It is iS miles 
j;. W. of Nort!iam|)ton, and 57 N. W. 
of London. Lon. 16. 20. lat. 52. o. 

Brad, a town of Sclavonia, fcated on the 
N. fuie of the river Save, 18 milts S. of 
Pofcga. Lon. 36. 15. lat, 45. 20. 

BRADFirt. p, a town in EfTcx, wiih a 
market en Thurfdays, and one fair, on 
Junt- 24, for toys. It is 16 milts N. of 
Chelmsford, and 48 N. E. of London. 
Lon. iS. 5. lat. 51. 54. 

> Bradfiemi, a vill.ige in the Well- 
Kidini^ of Vorklliire, and in the wapen- 
take of Strasforth, with two fairs, on 
June 17, and Deeeniber 9, chiefly for 

Brapkord, a town in Wikfliire, with a 
market on Mondays, and one fair, on 
Trinity-Monday, for cattle, and millc- 
rery goods. It is fcated on the river 
Avon, on the defcent 01 a hill, and is 
no very extraordinary place. It is 11 
miles W. cf the Devizes, and 95 W. of 
London. Lon. 14. 55. lit. 51. 10. 

Erapkorth, a town in the Weft-Riding 
of V'orklhirf, with a market on Mon- 
days, and three fairs, on March 14, 
ar.d I ^, and June 28. 9, 30, lor horned 
cattle and houlhcid furniture, and on 
December 20, 1, 2, very large for liogs. 
It is feated on a branch of the river Arc, 
and the lunifes arc built with flone. 
It is 31) miles S. VV. of Yo.'k, and 183 
N. N. W. of London. Lon. 16. o. iat, 

• Bradmnch, a town of Devonfliire, 
which formerly had a m.uket on Satir- 
days, but no fairs. It was a conlidir- 
able place before a fire happened, which 
burnt it to tlie grotmd. It is 12 miles 
N. of Exeter, and 177 W. by N. of 
Lond<.in. Lou. 14. o. Iat. 50. 45. 

1>rae-Mar, a mountainou'i territory cf 
Scotland in thefhiru of Aberdeen, where 
the lall Earl of Mar bjgan to raife a 
rebellion in 17 15. It is i; Miles N.W. 
of Aberdeen. 

B f At-MuHH/\v, a iTiO'jrtair.ot's and I 

B R 

woody traifl of land, lying ii^ the fliiros 
of Elgin and Nairn in Scotland. 

Br AC A, a town of Portugal, and capital 
of the Province of Entre-Minho and 
and Duero. It was one of the four 
princij5al t<<wn.> of Sy>ain, with an arch- 
bilhop's fee. The country about it is 
fei tile in corn, pulfc, wine, and fruits ; 
and there are alfo abundance of rtiec}> 
and e.ame. it is feated on the river 
Cavado, 3?. miles N. of Porto-o-porte, 
and 170 N. of Lilhon. Lon. 10. 55. 
lat. 41. 20. 

Braganza, a conliderablc town of Por- 
tugal, capital of the dutehy of Braganza, 
in the irovince of Fr -K.s-montes. It: 
is divic ed into two towns, the Old, and 
the N :\v. The Old is feated en an 
eminence, fu.M oun;'ed with double walls ; 
and the New iLands in a plain, at the 
foot of a mountain, and is defended by 
a fcrt with four ballions. It is feated 
on the river Sabor, near the frontlets of 
Galicia, 32 miles N. W. of Miranda, and 
i;>N. E. of Villa-Real. Lon. 11. 20. 
lat. 41. 47. 

* Brahmins, formerly called Brach- 
MANT, a fort ci Indian piuk'fophers, 
who believe the inimortali^ty and tranf- 
migrarlon of I'ouls ; for wliich reafon, 
they ne' er kill any animal, for'^fear it 
fliould be one cf their an^ellois. They 
affirm, that Brahma was the firfl man ; 
and that he had a power of creating 8 
fuch worlds as that which we live in; 
and he governs by deputies. They 
have hofpitals for beaits, on tlie above 
account : however, they think the fouls 
I't men continue in thei-.i no longer than 
w hen they become ht to animate man- 
kind af^am. ili^y take care of the 
fchools ; and, by their falling and ncr- 
tif.carions, are held in liich veneration 
amont^ the people. 

Br All, A, a town of Turky in Europe, in 
Walachia, which is feated on tlie Da- 
nube. It has a fortified caftle, witli 7 
towers, and was tal'.cii by the Rutnans 
in T-ii j but it was afterwards given 

B r All o'.v, a town of Poland, in the pro- 
vince of Podolia, feated on the river 
Bog, 40 miles N. of Kraciilaw. . on. 
46. 31;. lat. 43. <o. 

* Braii. E"', ti village in WaiwickTi-re, 
3 miles W. of Shipdon, with one air, 
on Eafhier-Tucfday, for horfei, cows a.-d 

BRAiNr, ."x tov;n of Fr.TCC, in the 
iSoilTonnois, with a monallery. 1' i«- 



ml I 

' t ! 

I i 


I .11.! 




15 R 
fcatcrl in a plcaf-nt plain, on the river 


B«Aiv-i.r-CoMTr, ,1 t(v*n of the Au- 
fti'-inNvthcrianfis, in Hainhalr, i^milcs 
S. W. ot IkuilLl;., and II N. E. f' Moiu. 
l.on. « I. 46. Lit, 50. 35. 

BnA'MRKE, a town in EiTeT, witii a 
matkrr on Wcdncfdays, and two fairs, 
on Mav 1% and OcTober 1, for catr!«, 
hii'.ter, i htcU; and lirp-i for rhrct- dayr. 
It li a lar^e tcT, fctert or. a hill, and 
has a good market for corn andp..n't- 
ficr.i. " It las r,nc curcli, :ii Arab.iptiA 
and aOcalrrrs r^-cfintt-hcufc; and :s ti 
niiivs N\ c( Clulmsfo.d, ;; S. ul St. i:<}- 
mund's-uui)'^ -mc! 4a N. li. of London. 
Lon. li. 10. laf. 51. ro. 

Braket,, a town of Gfimsny, in the 
circle of Wvjflpl-alia, ind i;^ J.c !!c 
of I'aili.rl-'rim It "b le.'tcd on ti.f ;i"i;i^t 
Bnic;lir, 12 miLs E. of Parkrbo. n. Lon. 

2 5. 4V '''f- 5'- 4^' 

Br AM A NT, a town of Savoy, in the val- 
ley of M-"!:ic;n, ftaitd on t:ic river 
A-cIt, 3s miUs N. VV. of Turin. Lcn. 
iz. 20. lat. 45. o, 

Bramhkr, a town o' SmffX, fomerl;- 
of fonie nccounr, bri^ h.r\s nt-ithrr marlrjt 
nor fnir ; Ixwcve^, it ftn^s z mcinbci-s 
to parliarTrCiit. It io lu miles S. cf Vveft- 
CrinfK'.id, and 47. S. .S.W. of London. 
Lon. 17. no. Int. 5c. 5c. 

ERAMPORr, a larrc tov;n of Afia, in the 
dominions of ihe Grcrir r4o?r.l, and 
capital of the l:ir.;:c!c;Ti n:" Candifch, with 
a cafllc, whereiii the kinp refidfs. It is 
an inl:inri place, and the inhabitants are 
ail Centooj. Imve a crr.i'iJ.erah'e 
maniifafiure in coJchj; ar.ri it is '-10 
miles E. of Surat. Lon. 5.5, o. at. 2:. 

Bramptoi:, .-. to\TT. orCunibfil ind, with 
a njarkct on Tut-fday:, and t'vo Liirs, 
on the U'ccrd VVednefriay after Wiiit- 
funday, and the ].i<\ Vv'edncf.lay in .Au- 
ftift, for horfts and horned rattle. It is 
feated en the river Ifliir, ■.-.ot fir from 
the Piis v.-,ill. It is at prefent in;: a 
fmall p'accj and ivar it, cu the \~p ci 
a hijrh hill, is a trench, c-Jltd 
%ht Mote. It i« S iiiiiss N. E. of Canir.f, 
and 787 "K. N.W. of London. Lon. 14. 
55. lat. 54. ro. 

* n R AVPTo:;, a villae;e in Mercrorofiiire, 
1 mile S. of Rofs, with a fair en .'unesi, 
for horned cattle, horfcs, fliccp, and 

• Branca, a fniall ifland of the Atlantic 
Ocean, and rne of ♦^he Capc-di:-Vcrde, 
to the \V. cf St N.choLv. I: 1% little 

B R 

hetter than .> h\v;U cragfjy rocic, without 

vv.itcr and mhalntants, 
BKAM.r!ON, a town of the Auftrian Ne. 

therlands, ii; the province of N'ainur, 

featt-d on the rivet Meluit^ne, S niik-s 

N. of r'auni!, and 2 S. E. of Ramillies. 

Lon. 2f. I V '•^'' 5'-'- J-- 
Ba.^.NDLi."!. a town of Bohemia, fe.itetl on 

the river Elbe, 10 milts N. E. of I'raguc. 

Lon. 31. 0. lit. c. 15. 

n KA?-U 1.N BL-RG, .1, MaROIK. (IF, a 

large ciintry of Germany, bounded on 
the K. by I'o.T^cnmia and MetUlcrburg, 
on the E. by Poland, on the «;. by Silena, 
LuUce, l^pi- r .Saxony, and Majdebu, j, 
and ontheVV. by the teirifcrycf Lunen- 
burc It is c'ividsd into five princijal 
p.-:riS, namely, the Old Man he, Free;. 
nit7. the Middle Marche, f 'lttrmar.;k, 
and the New iMar:^lK\ Berlin is the ca- 
pital town ; and the piinclpal liVcrs are 
tile Elbe, the Hav»l, the ^prey, the 
Ucker, t!ie OdeV; and the Warte ; the 
ccfuri is {".-.Ivi;-;;'!!, tnc preatvA part 
of tie inhabit.ints are J-utherans; how- 
f!ve:, tne Papifts are h;r<? tolernted. We 
moft list confound the ekclorateof 
d^nbuig v.i'h the; coiir.tries fubjed to the 
riecinr cf nrHndenborp, which compre- 
hends, ^e^d(•^ tl.e Marche, the Farther 
Fcn'.craria, the dutcliies of \fa5Hcbi;rg 
and Clevcj, t'le pnncipalhies of Halber- 
ftadt andMir.drn, the counties of ?.I.;rch, 
K avrr, fbing, LinrTi, Ma. r.^, and 'I'eck- 
liii. bu'T, ana lately Si.^rlja, and Weil- 
P. liAj. :<i : Bvnrr. a rorsm of Germ.'iny, 
dlviJL'i in*o tiirte p-»rf3. The t\'.{\ is 
Biiirj-Br.Trde'b-jrt:, v-hi'h is the plate 
w'.T'c the cath.dral row ftard'!. The 
fecond 's .Alt-drandenburjr, fcatcd rear 
th? river i^aveI, on the fitie of Wcflplia- 
lia ; this iS piv-tty l.i.ri'c ar.ri pi piilcui', and 
is fuppofed to ne the ancii nt E^cniius, 
The tliird is Xew rirandciib..-^, which 
is a lirjre well-' uilt town, 1 ppofite to 
tlK' former, and ,s fentctt en t.' c ct'.oi' 
file of t!:e river. Great nv.n.bers cf 
French rctugets havini; bC' n L.tely fet- 
tled hc.T, they have introduced flitir 
manufichires, whlcli lias rertlured if u 
prcfperous tra-iin?: place. It is 20 miles 
E. of V/arin, 26 W. c f Bfrl.r,, and 4 
W, of ijtetin. Lcn. 37. 40. hit. 43. 

Bbando;j, a 'own of SnfTolk, which iiad 

a marhet on Thurfdays, now difconti- 
r.ued ; but it has three fairs, on Febru- 
ary 14, for cattle and tcys, on Jure 11, 
and Novtmlr.-r 1; for tcys. It ii fca".-d 


upon the littl a lini.;;.,e 
diilance ; wh 
don, and Rr:i 
the moA l.u( 
are brought t 
It is 12 mile 
E. ol London 
B K A N s K .A , at 
on ihc river 
ftnburi;, and 
It is fubjcd 
Lon. 40, 50. 
B R A' ir , a lai 
with thr title 
given to the 
crown of 1*0 
j)art of Soul! 
under this na 
equino(rtial lin 
corn, being al 
and 1000 in 
along the coa 
long, and ii 
that open froi 
good harbour- 
fafety. It wa 
J7.C J for A) 
was forced u 
t!ic Rings 01 
mafUri of it 
af'.er the rev.)! 
from the Kin 
t!rove away th 
then i 
their turn, oh 
it in J(J5 5. ', 
teinpeiate an< 
that people 1 
'Jhi. v.'atera i: 
and the foil fei 
tonici mMc fi;; 
other jiarts if 
it produces to 
lal foits ol iVu 
'J l.c wood b; 
hence fo calU 
dying red ; .n 
there is gold, , 
cious (tones : i 
<:ver tVoni I'.uri 
vilions. '1 lii^i 
m.ili not Ino'' 
the I ell, a b 
bi.d V' is iu;t ;n 
Ivi ly-buy, and 
li a nightini-M 
«iiJ the ncels I 

B R 

upon t1«e little livei Oufc, over wlilcli it 
]ias n IxiJgtf, and a ferry at a niili-'i 
<!irtance; whence it is tliviclLdintoCriiii- 
c!on, antl Rranc^on-rcrry, wliitli l.ilt lias 
tilt rnort Lufincf , l>cc.U!l''." cciiinindirlcs 
are brought thithtr iVoni tl.c Klo c!' Kly. 
It i') iz miles N. of I5iiry, and 7S N. 
E, t)l London. I.on, 18. :o lat. 52. 30. 

Bkanska, a town of Tranlihr.nia, fcated 
on ih« river iMcrilh, 35 miles S. <.f Wif- 
lcnl>iiri;, and 47 S, W, of Herminftadt. 
Jt is fubjed to the lioufs of Auftria. 
Lon. 40. 50. lat. 46. o. 

Bka'M, a lar.;t country (f S. America, 
with thf title of a principality, which is 
given to the prefuniptive heir of tlie 
crown of Portugal. The moA Eartetn 
j)art of South -America is ciMiij-rehc nded 
under this name, and lies httween the 
equinoiftial line and the tropic i>[ I'apii- 
corn, being about 1560 miles in length, 
and 1000 in bread:h ; hut, mcafurinj; 
alonp the coaft, it i5 near z^c^ milis 
long, and i-> bordered with ni'yuntains 
that open from tiUic to tmie, and form 
good harbours, where velFels may lye in 
fafety. It was difcovcred by chance in 
J7C0 J for Alvare? C«bral, ' IVrtugucfe, 
was forced u,/cin it liy a ti'm))cA j and 
t!ic Kings oi riirtuf;al have continued 
malleri of it ever finrc. Some tinie 
after the revvlt of the I'nited Provinces 
from the Kinj( <f Spain, the Dutch 
tlrove away the Spai. .irds, to wiiom it 
tlien belong. il ; but tlie I'ortugucfe, in 
liieir turn, obli^^ed tlie Dutcii to k.ive 
it in 1655. 'i he ;.ir of tiiis country, 
tliuUj;!i within tlie torrid 7one, is pict'v 
teinpeiate and wlrnkfonie ; infomuch 
that jieople live tlieic a l^ng while. 
'J he wateij ia f.tne-.d are very pood, 
and t!ic foil fertile ar.d excellent : thee 
comes fi:gar from tlience, I'.ian aM 
oilier jiarts if the woiK! : befides this, 
it ]. reduces toba'.:co, li.dim c^ii, leve- 
lal foits ol liuits, and nn., drL;.:i. 
'J he wood frcni Fna/il, and 
liencc fo called, is of very gieat ufe in 
dying red j and, within the ct untry, 
there is gold, and fevcial foits of pie- 
tioiis (tones ; likewife t!ie cattle, cairivd 
< ver from l.iMojie, increase piodi.rioull) , 
infomuch that there ii no want ■! pio- 
Viiions, '1 liey have feveral forts I'f ani- 
iii.ils not I'.nowii in Kii'ope ; r.nd .-.morg 
the rcll, a bird called CoIiUi, vvhofe 
Im,.!,' i-, not ;mii.h laif^er than ihar of a 
fw>y-bu;', and. it fini;> r.s !iannon;<A;fly 
. ;•. a nightin^Mle ; it is a |>eile" bean^'v, 
«iiJ tin; nccK 15 yf fucli a lively red, that 

n R 

it niglir be niiAaken for .i rul)y } tliC 
btl!;, ;.nd the U|)pcr part of the winj;s, 
are of the colour of rold, anrl the thighs 
are as giM-n a' an emerald ; the legi and 
the bill r.ri' .-.s hhv.k as polKhc' ibcny, 
and the eyes ri.femblu twoo\al diamonds, 
Ijting of tiie colour of burnillied lleel ; 
the head is jue'-P, with a mi.vture ( f 
fold, anjl of a furi)r;zln(c liiftie ; that of 
I he cock is adorned with a fmall tuft : 
it is almort impolid)Ie to conceive how 
U) finall a bird can have fo loud a note, 
'i'hc I\>rtuguefe ebiefiy inh.'iliit the f..a- 
ci all, for they have rot perictrated lar 
into the country. Tlu- inland jiaits 
lull of jx'0|)le of f'ifl'ercnr lanruarcs ; 
but i|p(y all a;;ree in wearing; no fort cf 
tloaths. 'i'hey arc of a capp;r-coli,i:r, 
w;th long coarfe bl.icU hair on their l,ea(I^, 
but without any on the other parts cf 
their bodies like the reft of the .Ameri- 
cans. 'J hey are ftion'!, lively, and pay; 
and, as they are fubjcdl to few difea'es, 
they hvc a long time. '1 hey love to 
adcrn tl-.enifelves with feathers, and they 
are very fond of feafls ; at which tlicy 
d.mce and Ikip about inimcderately. 
'J hey have no temples, ror .-.ny rtlur 
fign of icli,<ion ; and they make no 
manner of feruple to marry their r.carell 
relations. Seme jretcnd they :\re 
canib.ils, and eat tliofc that they have 
have taken in war : but tliis is a fable, 
'i'hey have huts made of t!ie I ••anciies (j{ 
trees, r.nd coveted with palm-tiet leaves. 
'I'heir furniture ccnfiAs chiefiy in their 
hammocks, and diilus, or cups, n-.ade 
c f cahbaliies, i>:iint(.d witlunit of a red 
ciiKiir, and bl.ick within ; their knive< 
aie made of a fort of Aci'e r.nd fplit 
c lies ; and they b.ivc likewife halTictS 
<'f dirtcrer.t Tzes, chiefly made < f jiahn- 
tvee Laves. 'I'l'.eir :.riTis .".re bows, 
at low;,, and wootien clubs. When il.ey 
ti.ivtl, they faflen their hamni'^ i , \k- 
t .veen two trees, .'.r.d ll.ep all rj-'ht 
theuin. The roitui;ucfe <'i\ide Diazil 
into fifteen rovcrnnients or cap/iinaiics ; 
ci.jit of v.t.i.h belong to t!;e Kir.g 
of Poitural, and the reft t(> men, 
V.Ik, have pec>jled t'.iem a.t their own 
c^.^^lKe. The all uiu'.cr a Vi^e-n ;•, 
V. !io Kfcdio a', r.t. Salvadoie, the capital 
of tli^ v.'iiole cc-untry. 
P, y. '.: I A V , a ccr.: .'.!.!. .IL town of P. laiu!, 
in Liihuani.i, ni il iial.itinate of V.ilra, 
with ,1 tafV 

li in Ic.ted en a fii 
I \« iii a. L.\^ii. 


/ 1 

lat. ss. 45- 
B ;; .'. : : .-. v, or C ;• on s t at, .. 

*' J 



' i' ! 


,i ! 



I I 


B R 

of Tranfilvnnia, in Bnrczland, feated on 
the liv'.r Piiiczcl, 50 miles E. ot Her-, 5 N. cf TcrgowiTK, and <; S. 
E. of Clieft>ur5. Lon. ^4. 10. lat. 46. 

* hRA-TE/r, a village of Kent, ? miles 
W. of Stvenoaks, with a fair on May 23, 
for horfes, bullocks, and all foru of corn- 
mod it it:;. 

* Bii^TS).-!, people cf Afia, in Great 
Vartary, and in Sibtria, towards Tun- 
gutia, who are fubji:-! to the Ruflians. 
Father Avril is of oijinion tticy are Hord 
ot Calmuc Tai tars. 

* B'lAiJHAci!, a town of Germany, in 
V.Vtturavia, w:th a cnftle, feated on the 
Rhine, 8 miles S. of Cobkntz. 

* Br ALL 10, one ot the Alpine mountain^, 
in t!ie country of the Grifons, and on 
the fmnticrs of Tircl, near the town of 
Tiormio. It is a large mountain, and 
the principal cf the Rhtitic Alps. 

Braunau, a town of Germany, in Lower 
Ha arjn, feated on the river Kun, 25 
milts S, W. of l-'aifaw. Lon. 30. ^S. 
lat. 4S. 10. 

Br ALssBtRn, a town of I'&land, in 
i\ I'rufila, with a very ccmmodicub 
ha;'hour, ..\'.\ belongs to the King of 


It is fcutcd near the Bal'.i^ 

Sea, ?.z miks N. V. of Llbintj, and 50 

A Dan'zick. Lcn. 37. 



* B.'. A'.'NS' r.i-D, a town of Germany, 
in tlie cirdc cf tiic Upper Rhine, and 
county of .Solmes, witli a handfome pa- 
litJ, or cnftle. it is iz m:lfs VV. S. 'Vv. 
cf GielH-n, and 21 N, by W. of Franc- 
fort. Lon. 26. 7. lat, 50. 22. 

Bravo, one of the C.ipe-de-Verd lOanfi-., 
or. the coaft cf Africa, remaik.-hlv fi'r 
itj excellent wine, and inhabiteH by 
Por'iii^uefe. 1 he land is very liii-'ji, and 
con.ills of mornt.iins, which Ic^i; li!;e 
pyr.Tinids. It abounds in Indian cirn, 
gourdj, vvatcr-mticns, potatoes, horfts, 
nTis, hogj, and falt-pstrc J and tlicrc is 
plenty of 1I1I. on the coafl. Lon. 1 ;i. o. 
lit. 14. o. It is C)'pc'.:te to Cape-Vcid 
in Afiica. 

* Bk Avo, a town of Africa, on t'.c co.'trt 
cf .Ajan, with rs pretty good harbour. 
It is :.n independent place, and is abcut 
Sc. miles from Masjadoxo. Lon. 59. 10. 
lir. I. o. 

B« A V, a fia-port town of Irclrnd, i-^ the 
co'nty of Witklow, and province cf, fc-.tcd en .St. Geo'-^c's Ciianrcl, 
10 miles S. oi L'uLlin. Lc.n, n. k;. 

B R 

Br ay-sur-Seini, a town cf France, in 
'Champagne, and in Scnonois, on the 
confines of Brie. It is 16 miles N. of 
Sens. Lon. 10. 55. lat. 48. z^. 

• Br AV-?eR-SoMME, a town of France, 
in Picardy, between Perone, Amiens, 
and Corbie. 

B RAZZ A, 3 town and idand on the coaft 
of Dalmatia, in the Gulph of Venice, 
oppolitu to Spalatto, and fubjeft to Vc. 
nice. Lon. 45. 3^. lat. 43. (\ 

Brebincc, a ri^er of France, proceed- 
ing from the lake Lotigpendu, in Bur- 

Br EC H I N, a parliamont town of Scotland, 
in the county of Angus, J5 miles N. E. 
of Dundee, and 45 on the fame point 
from Edinburgh. Lon. 15. 15, lat. 56. 

Brecon, orERrcKNOCK, a town of S, 
Wales, and capital of Brecknockthirt. 
It is CTllcd by the Welch Abcr-Hodney, 
and is feated at the confluence of the 
rivers Hodney and U(k. It is an an- 
cient p'ace, as appears by the Romaa 
coins that have been often dug up here. 
It is a large town, containing three 
churches, one of which is collegiate, 
and (lands at the W. end. The houfes 
are v.ell built, and it formerly had a 
a wall, with three gates, and a f^ateiy 
caftle. The afllzcs are 1 ept here, and 
and it has a good trade in doathin?. 
The market is on Saturdays, which is 
well f-pplied with corn, cattle, and pro- 
vifions ; and it has four fairs, on Nfay 4, 
July 5, September 10, and November i-, 
tor leathtr, hops, cattle, and all forts r,f 
commodities. It fends one membcn to 
to parliament, and is 34 miles K. W. Iiv 
W. of Monmouth, 34 S. E. by E. ci 
I.lanbedtr, and 161 W. by N. cf Lon- 
don. Lon. 14. JO. bt, 51. o, 

* B;trcKNucK5HiKE, a county of S, 
Wales, 39 miles in h-ngih, and 27 in 
breadth. It is full of mountains, fonir 
of which are exceeding high, partic.i- 
larly Monuchdenny-hill, not far fioi-,i 
Iirt-cknork. However, there are lar:f 
fertile plains and vallvys, which yield 
plenty cf corn, and feed great numhcri 
of cattle. If h.Ts S5>934 houfes, 6t pi- 
riihes, and .; market-towns, and there 
were formerly 9 caftlcs. It is hour.cltd 
en the E. by tlie counties of Ilcrefoid 
and Monmouth, on the S. by Glamor- 
g..;-j(hire, rn the W. by Carmarthen and 
and Cardic-an ihires, and on the N. by 

Ea-ii.«, a har.dfoine and ftror.5 •c'^^'" '^^ 


the Netherlam 
fortifications ; 
ters and mot 
are more nuni 
and have the 
gion. It has 
property and 
long-J to the 
leated en the 
picafant plain, 
due, 20 N. E 
N. of Antwer 
and i)0 S. of . 
ht. £1. 35. 

* Br Enr, ,< vil 
W. of Wind 
LalU-r Tuefd.i 

* Predefort, 
the United I'n 
l.ind. It IS U 'I 
county of Zut 
lon. 2.1. 5. b 


in Pr>>vence, f 
finall iiland, o Sea, 
Br f gent 7, a tr of a cour 
the Tiiol, and 
Aut^ri.i. It is 
ftaiice, on the 
miles N. E. o 
of Waldburg. 

* Bkemar, one 
alinijf^ dire£>ly 
Cornwall, aboi 
It lies between 
Trcfcaw, and S 
and m. ft mour 
not many years 
families in it, b 
There a few po 
of Brehar ; ant! 
edged with ftor 
confiderable \.c 
befides many n 
wlio were Para 
opinion, that tl 
one ifland, wh.i 
miny antiquiiii 
ol them. 

B.< r M K G AR TE N, tov 
tcnitcry of 
the cantons of 
inhabitants del 
che.r religion is 

B R 

the Netherlands, in Dutch Br.ibant. The 
fortifications are ftrengthencd hy the wa- 
ters and moraircs near it. The PapiiU 
are more ruimfrous than the I'roteHants, 
and h.ive tlie lice fXcr>;ife i-f their reli- 
gion. It has a Dutch garnfon ; but the 
property an<) pcvernment of right hc- 
lonps to the Prince of Orange. It is 
leatcd en the rivci Mcrcl*, in a fertile 
pleafant plain, i?. miles W. of nois-le- 
<luc, 20 N. E, of Berpen-op-zoom, i-- 
N. of Antwerp, zi S. E. of Rotterdam, 
and 60 S. of Anifterdan'. Lob. 7.2. zc. 
lu. 51. ^5. 

* Bnf,nr, ,i village in ruffcx, 5 miles N. 
W. of Winchclfca, v/ith one fair, cr. 
£a({er Tuefday, for cattle and pudlai > 

* PRrDfroRT, orRRFroRT, a town in 
the United I'rovinccs, .nr.d in Gupld( r- 
l;ind. It IS fiatcd on n fmall rivet in the 
county of Zutphen, Smiles S. of Groll. 
Ion. 2.). 5, Int. j2. c. 

* On EG ANZON-, a Hrong caflle >if France, 
in Provence, featcd on a r^)ck, and in a 
finall iiland, on the co:jft of ti," MrHi- 
ferraiicm Sea, betwixt Toulon and i,,. 

Br F GEM 7, a town rf Germany, and ca- 
pital of a coimty of the lame name, m 
the Tiiol, and is f, hjeit to the lunife of 
Auftri.i. It is featcd on the lake Cor,- 
ftance, on the frontiers of Suahin, -o 
miles N. E, of Apijcnzel, and 17 S. 
of Waldburg. Lon. 27, 20. lat. 47. 

* Bkehar, one of the Sjilly IH.mdj, lyin- 
almof^ diretflly W of tlie Land's-End in 
Cornwall, about the diilancc ot ?o mi!'.-;. 
It lies between the illej of Micirlo, Cu-I, 
Trcfcaw, and Samfon. It i<, the roui^htll 
and m. fl mountainous of t!;em all, arid 
not many years (ince there were only two 
families in it, but now there are thirteen. 
There a few poor houles, called the town 
of Brehar ; and there are fevcral l):irrow$ 
edged with fton-.-, in wlich they buried 
confidernble pcrfons in .incicnt times ; 
betides miny nionimients of the Dri.ids, 
who were Paran prie'.b. Some at? of 
opinion, this witii the rc^ mr^.dc but 
<.iie ifland, wh.ich is the reafon vliv f.> 
miny anti([uiiies are now found in moft 
of tliem. 

BxrMKG ART? N, a handfomc anl pretty 
confidf.abie town of Swifferi and, in the 
lerritcry of I yen-Aemp-er, betweci 
tlif cantons of ?.urich and Bern. T!;c- 
inhabitants de'*! tbiefiy in paper ; and 
tt.e.r religion is the;^ Catltclw. I: 

B R 

U divided into the Upper nnd Lower 
towns, and is very advant.tijeriiidy featcd 
on the river Rufs, jo miles V/. of Zu- 
lich, and 12 N. uf ZU3. Lun. 35. 5^. 
lat. 47. so. 
Bi! tMFN, a large, populous, and very 
flron^ town of Germany, i.apital of a 
dutchy ot the fame name, with iin arch- 
bifhop's fee, feculanzed in favour of the 
Swedes, but now belongs to the Elector 
of Hanover. The iivci Wefer runs 
throiijh the middle, and divides it inri> 
the Old and N^vTov.'n. In September 
173(), while the inhabitants were afleep, 
the mae;a7ine of powder was fct on tire 
by liphf.rinp, and all the homes were 
ibock, as if there had been a vicbnt 
earthqaUc, which thiew them ,1 
teriibitt confiernafion. This town is 
f'ividcd into 4 (piarters, each of whiUi 
l.-o a biir,:o-ina:Lr ; and in t'l' mJdle 
there is a Urpe market pla.e, with the 
flatue ot Rolando. It is fc.ited en ihe 
riv.r Wv'er, 27. miles li. cf OlJenburr, 
I'D N. W. cf BrurUvick. ~o W. bv .S. 
of I.unm-.bur{;, and 325 ?«.\V. of Vienr.a. 
Lon. 26. 20. lai. i;-5.4o. 
Bi'. f. Mr. K, the rii!tcl;y of, a province of 
Gcniijny, i;i thn province of L(".v»r 
JjXi-.ny, lyin^ !ietv>«tn tjit- rivers Wt.^r 
and li'c iJbe ; of ^^■hich the former I'e- 
parates it f-oi.i the dutchv cf Oldt-ii- 
buri', and the otlitr fuin tiiat of Mol- 
Aein. '1 he air is cr.ji! j but the ci;'m- 
try ij fertile, .'iiid well ) eoplc:!. It fci- 
merly I)elcn(;id to tlie Swedes, bur w:.,s 
afterwards fold to t'.e Kin.; of Grei"; 
Britain, as Eledfor ot Hinovt.r, in 17:6. 
In the winter it is fubjcfl to inunda;ir.r.s, 
and particul,;rly in 1617, on 
d.iy, feveral loco cattle were drowned, 
bciiiles fevcral 100 of men ; and the 
country v.-.-.s fo cov.rtd v/ith watir, 
th.'it it has toft iniinenfe funis to repair 
tlie d)l;es. BrJincn is ihs capital town. 
Rh F M r.N voEK ]), a town of Germ.iry, in 
t!ie circle of Lov.-er Saxony, ard du'ciiy 
of Bremen. It was formerly a for'.ified 
town, v.'ith a ilronu; calllc ; but, fMict' 
the yenr 168';, the fortific.i'ior'J have 
been demclil'hed, and it is nov.- an cotn 
j>!;ce. It is zj nnlcs N. of Brer.ien. aC. 10. lat. i^-?. 4S. 
* ijRFNr.r, a territory 0'. France, inTou- 
r.iine. It iics nii the C"nfin<j of Derry, 
b.f.vccn Bl-inc fur la C'cnfe ard Cha'.t.l- 
kn lur i'lndre. Its rxnf> b^und^ ar" 
nov.' hardly known ; but the town <^f 
St. Mi'.hacl-le-Brenne is the j-iincii^il 

O a B:<*NT, 

! ;<!• 


'\ i 






I ^' 



B R 

Buf^'T, a town in Dcvoiiihiir, with a 
m.nkit on S.ituH i>s anc* two f.iir?, en 
A!.iy 13, and Oikhcr 10, loi liunutl 
c.ttilt. It is a pod town, a6 niiks S. 
W. of Exi-i'.T, 17 N. 11. <'f I'lynuiuili, 
nrd ;i6 W. by S. ol' Londtn. Lon. 
lat. 50. 30. 

Cn CNTK, a river, which lias its louice in 
the biihopric of 'J'rent, and ninnir;-^ 
throu!;h tlie VLnetian tciiitor/, fall:, in 
to the Gulpli I'i' Vcnii-c, oi)i)olitc to tlic 
city of Venice. 

Ehkniforp, a town in Middie'ex, wifli 
a market on Saturdays, and two f.iirs, 
en May 17, i3, 19, and .Se|)tenil)cr i;, 
13, 14, 15, for hcrles, tattk-, and lii>rs. 
1'liat part in wliieli t!ie cluircii .md mar- 
ket-place Hands i:; called New Brentltuil. 
It is a great tlioroiiclifaie on the wertein 
load, and is well furailhtd with inns. 
It is 7 miles W. of Londun. Lon. 17. 
25. lat. 51. 26. 

Bn ENi wooii, or CuRNi VN OOP, a town 
in Eifex, with a market on Tluirfdays, 
and a fair, on July 7, for horfes, and 
horned cattle. It ilands on a rilini; 
ground, in the road fr^m London to 
CokhcfUr, and has feveral (;oo<l inns. 
It is II miles W. S, W. of Clielnssford, 
and iS E. N. E. of London. Lon. 17. 
50. lat, 51, 3S. 

Breci.a, a ftrong and handfome town of 
Italy, with a i;ood cir.idel, and a lilliop's 
fee. It is tlie capital of Brefciano, in 
the territory of Venice, and is feated 
in an agreeable plain en :he river Garza, 
27 miles S. E. of Bergamo, 27 N.W. of 
Cremona, ■57 N. W. of Mantua, and 95 
W. of Venice. Lon. 27. .;-o, lat. 45. 


E:;£5ciANo, a province of Italy, in the 

territory of Venice; bounded on the N. 
by the Crlfons, and tl:e blHiopric of 
Trent ; on t!ie E, by th« lake Garcia, 
tlie Vercnefc, and the dutciiy of M.iiv 
lua; on tiie S. by the dutciiy of Man- 
tua, and the Cremonefe, and on the 
V/. by the Cremafco, the Burgomafco, 
and the Valtelina. It is watered by l"e- 
veral fmall ri\ers, which lender it very 
fertile, .".nd is full of towns and villaijes, 
of which Brefcia is the capital. 
<e":ki.i.o, a fmall town tif Italy, in tiic 
ilutchy of Miidena, feated on the liver 
I'o, zj mllc^ W. cf .Medina, 20 S. of 
Mantua, .'ind lu E. ot r.nnia. Lon. 2S. 
c. hit. 44. 51;. 

Lkfcbi.. 1, a town oiTolund, in the I'a- 
latmute ot. Leiicici, 1 c uulcs i. E. of 



.CJi. " 



• lUrM AW, the dutchy of, a fmull pro- 
vince in i-iLMi.., bjtwcen tliofe if Wol.uv, 
Ohfe, Bri.g, .'■ehwiidnitz, and l.igmt/. 
Il contain^ no confidcuuic tovvn, LXi.t.|>t 

Brlclaw, .1 large, rich, and pi^puloui 
li'Wn ol (i(.rni.>ny, and c.ipii.d ol : ilc- 
Iki, With a biiliop'^ {1,^, an uni'vcilitv, 
and t!i(3 title of n piincipahty. It i> 
feated at the torfliix of the rivers Oder 
and Ula, which lall runs thiouj^h fevtial 
of the Hietts, .ind is of gie..t lae t'j 
tliofe whole bufinefs svanlo water. All 
the hollies arc built with Hone, and it ii 
furrounded with j^cod walls, (liengthcn- 
ed with t.ii). pails and otiier vvoiks. 
'1 here are two illiiids near it, furi^ied by 
tlie river Oder ; in or.e cf \\ liicli u a 
church, whole tower was burnt l>y 
lii^htninv;; in 1730; in the other, called 
'I'hum, IS the catheilral church, 'lie 
bilhop'i p-lace, .11. d tl'.e cancns hoi.fc:, 
built not long lince, iie near the cillic- 
dral. '1 \\<t royal palace was olttained l>y 
the Jefuits, where they founded an un- 
verfity in 1702. '1 he two pri1n.1p.1l 
churches btlone; to the Piotcllaiits j near 
one of wliicli there ;s .1 collcje, and a 
handfomc library. It was taken by the 
Kiii^ 1,1 i'lull'i.i in 1 741, and ret.iken by 
the Aulliiaiis in 17^- ; but they did not 
keep it long, li r the Kin^ cf l^iuHia be- 
came mailer of it again the fame yea;. 
It is 40 miles N. of Cilatz, 112 N, E. «if 
I'ra^ue, 135 N. W. of Cracow, and 16^ 
N. of Vienna. Lon. 34. 40. lat. 

* BuEsr.r, a town of France, in Lionnoi*, 
feated on the fmall river 'I'ardine, in .i 
bottom among mountains, pait of it 
laid under water in 171 i. 

♦ Bresi.t, a river of l-'iance, that has iti 
fource in Normandy, above Aunnle ; 
and then it fep.iiatej Normandy from Fi- 
eardy, water- Lu, and then falii into the 

Bklssf, a province of France, bounded 
on the N. by liurs-.undy and the Franche 
Cumpte, on the ii.. by S.ivoy, on the S. 
by the Viermois, ui\ tlie W. by the |)iin- 
cipality of Donihes and the Sonne. Boui^ 
is the capital town. 

Bk Lssi via 1., a lowM of I'oitou in Fi ancr, 
3^ miles N. \V. o^ I'oitieis. Lon. 17. ^. 
Int. 46. 40, 

Chest, a town of France, in Lower Tiit- 
tany, with the heft and moll fecuie h.if- 
boiir in the kingdom, aivl a calUc feated 
on a craggy roek by tlie fea-fiJe. The 
flrecti aie iwirosv, cruoKcdj and few in 



\n number, 

'1 he key i^ 
is luinilht^ 
fuits ol In; 
two fmall 
dioiis for I' 
ftiops of til 
tacklir.;', :>i 
Enghlh at 1 1 

1694, but 
miles S. 

I J. 9. lat. 

• Bit ► "iTV, 

between th 
and I.encici 
to Unir d 
pital of th« 
B» > s rr, 01 
I'oland, lea 
1:. of Wail 
is a fortilie 
upon a 10 
gO;;ue, rei 
the countii 
lat. 41. 3^ 
B 11 r. T A i; N K , 
France, w! 
;ind 112 ir 
exeejit on 1 
jou, Maine 
is divided 
'I'lie air is 
l,,r;;e foiell 
by leafon 
ccalls. It 
Iiaiiee in 
Bkk I Kl II , 
mandy, w 
ii feated i 
W. of L' 
Lon. iS. - 

By 1 I ON C.^ 

ihc eafleii 
twecn 4^ 
It IS Up. 
naiiow 11 
ab( ut I.: I. 
in brcadil 
duein^; bu 
je^l to !>■; 
t.'Vered v 
celiive CO 
ance to Li 
to the Fri 
luw -alivv 




\n luimbcr, and arc all u, on a declivity. 
Tlic key ik above .n mile in Icngtli, and 
!■> luinillii';! wiHi ma;:u/incii full ut' all 
Iditjul lo;ci..'n Li'iiinioditic*. '1 licit aic 
two fm.ill b.tys, v.liitli aic ^(•|■y cnniino- 
(liotis (or buiUiiM;; l.iigi. Il>i|» ; and iliu 
(liops of the WDiknitn, who make the 
t;uklir.', nie all uiiiul ahout thtni. '1 he 
Lni;hl)\ att(.'Ui|itv.'il U> tul;c iliu pin u in 
ibitif, liut t>> no puiijofc. h ij ^^u 
miles S. E. of Moilnx, 30 N. W. oi 
(iuinipci, and '^z^ N. of I'aiis. J.on. 
I J. 9. lat. ^3. 15. 

• Bm t '■y f, the I'alaiinaie of, ij one of the 
provintei of Cvi'iiva, in l\p|.in<l. It lies 
between the palatin.iii • i-f I'K ell^o, Ilava, 
and Lenciti-Wiadiflaw. It \i divided in- 
to four ehati lames, and Kieile is the ea- 
pital of the wliolo. 

Biosrr, or DKKsiui, the cai)ital of the 
palatinate of Breilki, and o, I'olilia, in 
I'oland, feated en the river II05, 80 miles 
h. Di Waifaw, and fiil-jcL't to I'ohnd. It 
U a foitilied town, and ha^ ;-. eallle hudt 
upon a loek. Here ii a f.tmou-. fyna- 
{;0;;ue, relorted tn by the Jews fioni all 
the eountries in Europe. Lon. 41. 35. 
Lit. 41. 3v 

Bi: I r a(;n !•;, a confideiahle provinee oi' 
Fiance, which is 150 milei in lei.gtli, 
and 1 1 z in brcadtli. It is a peninlul a, 
fuiiounded on all tides by tlie ocean, 
txci'|)t on t!ie E. wlicrc it join? to Aii- 
jou, Maine, Normandy, and Pciiou. It 
is divided into the Upper antl Lower. 
The air is temperate, and therein arc 
I..ri;e forefts. It carrici on .1 i;rcat trade, 
by leafon of the many harboui^ on its 
i( alls. It w.ib united to the crown of 
liance in 1532. Keitnes is the capital 

Brk iKiii, a t'>wn cf France, in Nor- 
in.indy, v.iili the title of a count. It 
ii lc..ui.d on the lion, 15 miLv. S. 
W. o! Lvreux, and 63 W. ot I'.uii. 1 3. 3fj. I.u. 4^'. 59. 

Py I 1 i.N C".\i'i-. an iiland to called, near 
till. t..irtein coiuiiiiiit of N. America, be- 
tween 4^ and ai'.d ^S debtees ol latitude. 
It 11 ii, ]),u ited fioin N'ova Scoiia by a 
naiiow Ititli^ht, called Cuilo, aiid is 
abi ut ICO miles in Lr.i;th, and ^o in 
in brc.tdih. li i^ a barren country, jiio- 
ducini; but little coin or ziii\\>, and fub- 
jdl to ioi^s ihioii|;hout the ycir. It is 
c.AkiL-d wi li riH>vv in winter, and is cx- 
celiivc cold. It ii i;f \vry fniall inipott- 
ance to England, but of confeqnencc 
to the Ficnch, bec.iufi- it comniandj the 
navijation of llw uvcr it, L.v.Tei:.."".-, 

B R 

tlirou[',h wlueli they pa(t toCanad.if tu\A 
theieforu it would peatly dit\rvfs them if 
in our liandi in the time of war. There 
It likcwile M\ exceliLiU filliery on tliii 
co.'.ll, tiom which thi:y re.ip gieat ad- 
v.ini.iv,c. It waj taken by the Eni^lilli 
in 1745, and teiiorcd to the French in 
17^8, by the treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. 
It was ai^ain letaken by the Hnt^iifli, on 
July 26, i7«iS, vvhi-n all the garnfon, 
conliltinti; of upwaids of 5000 men, were 
made pi ifoncrs ol war, while the lofs of 
the Eni,hli» was very incondderable. 
There weie 11 men of war in the lui- 
bour, which were all either taken, funk, 
or deflro)cd. 

* BKf.TTiOAw, a territory, or vnllcy, of 
the Crifors, lyinj; l)etw*.en the Rhine and 
the ci)u;-,ty of Tiiol, and .ilong the liver 
Lanquait. The i(ji tieia of Caltels is the 
piincipal tov. n. 

Bkivorot, a town cf the United Pro- 
vinces, in (i'ucldtrland, feattd 24 milet 
I). E. of Ziitlij)licn. toil. 24. 10. lat. 
52. o. 

IlKEUicH, a river of France, in A 1 face, 
that rifcs m the county of Sahn, and di- 
vides it into two arms in the territory of ; one if receives the 
Modey, and by mcins ol a canal, made 
by I,twi» XIV. runs into the 111 alx)ve 
Siralburg ; the other pnOes through the 
\.\l\ mentioned city, and tails into t'.ie III 
below it. 

Rr f WEK s-Ha vtN, a ;;cyd harbour at the 
N. end of the ilLand of Cliiloe, on the 
coafl of Chili in S. Amciica, and in the 
S. Sea. The Dutch landed forces here 
in 16^3, dtli;:ring to };et polTellion of 
fome part ot Chili; but they were driven 
from thence by the .ipaniards and the na- 
tives. Lit. S. .]z. 

Drf.woop, a town of Gtafl'c.rdndre, with a 
market on Tuei'ilay, am! one fair, on 
September 19, tor lu.rfes, and tattle. 
It is a Unall place, and the market is 
alr.ioll come to noiliing. It is 10 milej 
.^. by W. of -Statlo'd, and 117 N. W. 
ol Lc>ndon. Lon. 15. 3c. lat. 52. 43. 
'i'lie (.III nunnery is now a frte-feliool. 

Brrv, a town of Germany, in the 
bilhopvic of Lit'^e, and on the frontiers 
of Crabant, feated on a rivulet, 10 
miles W. of Mafiick, and 12 N. of 
.M.icllre^lit. Lon, :3. 10. bt. <;i. 6, 

BKl••>^/l)^, ;» t"wn of Fr.ince, in L'|iper 
L^a'-'phiny, capital i-f Biiaiuonnuis, wi'.h 
a ealtle on a craggy lock It is 
rem.iikalMe tor the iiianiKi \',:v\\' i\d in its 
r.c.^i'.ibj'Jthjud, -.vhi;!; .U liift a])pearbon 




■1 i 1' 

' '"lilH 

1 J ^ ^ 


' ''i i 











J ■!:'■ 





! "1 ■ 




B R 

tlie leaves and fiiiall brarchcs of a fort of 
pine-tree ; but thw'y make incifions into 
tlie i^-rk, to get larger quantities. It 
has a liandfonic churcli, and three niona ■ 
fteries; and is 17 miVi N. W. of Em- 
brun, and s; W, of I'i'jncrol. Lon. 24. 
20. !at. y\. 46. 

• BRiANzftNNoi-;, a territory of France, 
in Uauptuny, !-jiir.ded hy Grenoblois, 
Gapenzois, Anibrunois Piedmont, and 
Savoy. It comprehends feveral val- 
leys, wbi'h lye an«ong the mountains 
ot the AljjS j and though it is ex- 
tremely -.old, yet it is fertile in rorn and 
paftui-es. The inhabitants have a great 
deal of wood, yet they chufe to be in the 
ftibles witii their cittle 6 months in the 
year, to keep thtmfelves warm. Brian- 
2on is the capital ti,wn. 

BsiARF, a town of France, in Catinois, 
leated on the river Loire, and remarka- 
ble for a famous canal of communication 
between the Loire and the Seine. It is 
35 miles S. E. of Orleans, and 88 S. of 
of Paris. Lon. 20, 24. lat. 44. 4(1. 

• BficKHiLr,, a village in nnckingham- 
fhire, 3 miles S. E. of Fenny-Stratford, 
has two fairs, on May i, and Odlobci 18, 
for cattle. 

• BRinroRn, or Birhfort', or Btrt- 
FORT, a village in Wiltlhiie, one mile 
S, E. of Salilbury, witli a fair on Auguft 
If., for Iheep and liorfes, 

Br I u OEM), a town of Glamorgan (hire, 
in S. Wales, witli a market on Sr.tur- 
days, and two f?.irs, on November 17, 
and Holy-'i'hurfday, for cattle, flieep, 
and hogs. It is fcated on the river Og- 
more, which divides it into two parts, 
but they are joined together '.y a ftone- 
bridge. Tl;e market is confidcrable for 
corn, cattle, and provilion;. I; is 7 
miles ^V. by N. of Ccwbridi;f, -7 W. of 
Cardiff, and 176 W. of London, Lon. 
14.0. lat. 51. 33. 

BRionr-Tov.-N, the crpit.^I of the !n;m'.l 
of Barbadoe';, in the Atlantic Ocean, a'ld 
in America. It was firft called St. 
Michael, from the name of the parifli- 
church, and is the fincl^ and largcltpjj.e 
in all thefe ifland; ; for it contains 1200 
houfes, built of flone, with ;;laz'd win- 
dows, and many of them fallied. The 
ftreets arc broad, the houfes hiph, and 
»he rents dear, Th.- vhatis and keys 
are very neat an," conven'cnr, and the 
forts arc fo ftronj, that, when rheyau; 
well manned and furnilhed wit!) amnn-- 
rition, it would he very difficult to tale 
• them. The church is as larje as (i."ti3 

B R 

cathedrals, and it has a very fine organ. 
On the Ji. fide of the town is the maga- 
zine of gun-powder, which is alway; 
very well guirded. Lon. 316. 35. lat. 
13. o. 

BBion.voRTH, a town in Shropfhire, with 
a market on Satuidays, and ff.ur fairs, 
on Thurfday before Shrove-tidc, for 
horned cattle, fheep, hogs, chcefe, wick- 
yarn, linen and woolen cloth, on June 
30, for the fame, and a large quantity of 
fliceps wool, on Auguft 2, for 'he fame 
and lambs wool, and on October 29, for 
horned cattle, horfcs, fhecp, fait, butter, 
and chcefe. It is 3 corjjoration-towii, 
governed by 24 aldermen, 48 common- 
couiiCil, and confirts of about 50c houfes. 
It is fcated on the river Severn, whui. 
divides it in two, but is joined toc;eth-T 
by a handfome tlone-bridge. They are 
called the Upper and the Lower Town. 
The ftreets are broad and paved, and it 
has 2 pariih-churclies. I? wis formerly 
fortified with walls, and a ftatdy 
caftle, feattd on a lock, now in luins. 
It fends 2 members to parliament ; and 
is 26 miles N. W, of Birmingham, 21 
S. E. of SlirewlLury, and 1-56 N. W, of 
London. Lon. 15. 5. lat. 52. 40. 

Bk inr.v A TER, a town of Somerfevfhir?, 
with two markets, on Thurfdiys and 
Saturdays, and four fairs, on the f;cond 
Thurfday in Lent, June 7.4, September 
21, a-d December 29, for cattle, and all 
fort-, of goods. It is feared on the river 
Pane., over which there is a ftont- 
brldgc, and near it ftiips of 100 tons 
buitlien may ride. It is a large well 
frtqueited place, with tie titlo of a 
dutciiy, and fend-, two members to par- 
liiment. Tlicrc a:c in it feveral large 
inns, and t!ic ni.iil.'et is well fupplied 
w.tli corn and proviiions. It is 8 miles 
S. of Brirtol Channel, iS S. W. of 
Wells, ",6 ^.. S. W. of Briftol, and i v; 
W. by S. of I^ondon. Lon, 14. 35. Lt. 
51, I,-. 

B« iDLi NCTov. or Bi'R r incto:.-, a town 
in the Eaft-Riding of Yorltfhirc, witn a 
market en Sarutdays, and two f.iirs, on 
Moiday before Whitfuntido, and Oi5>o- 
ber2t, for linen-cloth and toys. It is 
a f.a-pcrt town, feared on a creek near 
Fiatnborou(?!i-head, with a commi dious 
ley for ftiips, and is a plate of good 
t;ade, with, th; title of an earldom. It 
is 36 miles N. of Hull, 40 N. N. E. of 
York, and 205 N. of London. Lon. 17. 
40. lat. 54. 15. 

BaiPi'ORT, a town of Dorfvtfliire, with a 


mirket o 
en April 
Holy Tliu 
flieep, an 
ware, anc 
dirty coun 
it had a h; 
is now ch( 
are alway 
and it fenc 
It has one 
it chiefly c 
are broad, 
ket is rem; 
a large ma 
being gene 
twine, an< 
for all till 
miles W. 
by S. of L' 

• Br If, a 
on tiie N. b 
fcnnois, or 
en the S. a 
is about c^ 
W. and en 
nitnt of C 
that of the 1 
capital tow 

• BRir-CcM 
France, in 
Lon. 20. i< 

Br itn, a ha 
territory of 
fome collei^ 
iicl'ility leal 
t'-i thj Kinj 
tlie ilvei Oi 
and 15 N. 1 
lat. 50. 40. 

Buifi, a m: 
Voorn. It 
towns \vi; 
haniis of ( 
by the Ensrl 
of the ne> 
the Spania' 
at the mo' 
miles S. W 
Del It, and 
2 1. 31. lat 

• P X I r K N r , 
paj:r.e, ne; 
divided ini 
p.ite^ diilui 

B R 

triJiket on Saturdays, and tliref fairs, 
on April 5, for bullocks and fliecp, on 
Holy Tliurfday, for checfe, bullockb, and 
fheep, and on Oftober 10, for pciilari 
ware, and cattle. It is feated in a low 
dirty country, between two rivers, and 
it had a harbour in former times, whicli 
is now choaked up with fand. It is a 
corporation, i^overned by two bailiffs, a 
recorder, 16 aldermen, (four of whom 
are alway^ juftices), and a town clerk j 
and it lends two members to parhament. 
It has one church, and about 400 houfos; 
it chiefly confifts ct two ftrects, which 
are broad, and moiUy j>aved. The mar- 
ket is remarkable for hemp ; and here is 
a large nianufaftory, the town's people 
being generally employed in fpinninp of 
twine, and in makin;^ fail-cloth and nets 
for all the large filheries. It is iz 
miles W. of Durchefter, and 145 W, 
by S. of London. Lon. 14. 35. lat. 50. 

• Brie, a territory of France, bounded 
on tlie N. by the iHe of France and Soif- 
fcnnois, on tlie K. by Champagne, and 
en the S. and W. by the river Seine. It 
is aliotit 55 miles in length, from E. to 
VV. and cm- part of it is in t'ie govern- 
ment of C!ia;iipa.-rne ; and the other in 
that of tlie l(k of France. Meaux is the 
capital town, 

• BRit-CcM rr-Ronni T, a town of 
France, in Ciic, 15 miles S. ii. ol Par.s. 
Lon. ao. 16. lat. 4^.41. 

Br Iff;, a!"onie and Arong town of 
Giiniany, in bilefia, and capital of a 
territory of the fame name, with a liand- 
fonif colle;';c, an I an academy where the 
iiohility learn their exertifts. It belongs 
t^> thj King of PrufTia, and is feated on 
the livei Oder, 7,0 miles S. V.. of Bieflaw, 
and 15N.E. of Oppelin. Lon. 35. 10. 
lat. 5c, 40. 

Bii I f I , a maritime town of the United 
Provinces, ard <'aj)ital of the iiland c{ 
Voorn. It is one of the cautionary 
towns wiiicli was delivered into tlic 
lia:ii)s of (^ Flizal-eth, and garrilbneJ 
hy the En;:lirh diirin;.: Iier rei;;n anil part 
of the next. The Dutch took it from 
the Spaniards in i<;72, whicli was tlie 
frundation of their re|n)b!i'-, It i*; feated 
at the mouth ot the rive." Mculc, 13 
miles S. W. of Rott. rdi.m, 1 1 S. W. of 
Ii)(l.'r, and iz S. rt the Hague. L 'ii. 

5 1, 31. lat. <;!. 1,7. 

• P^JirNvr, a town of France, in Cliim- 
pa£;r.e, near the nver Aube, wlicli is 
divided into two towns that arc icco 
f.ites di'.lunt fiom t<ith oihcr. 

B R 

Brifnkois, a territory of France, wlfjch 
lies on the river Loire, and in the fouth 
divilion of Burgundy. 

Brirscia, or Brfsrici. See BRrsTE. 

* Bkikscia, a palatinate fo called, in tlic 
dutchy of Lithuania, in Poland. The 
name given to it by fome is Polefia, and 
it is bounded on che N. by Novogrode 
and Troki, on the W. by thofe of Biel- 
Iko and I.ublin, on the S. by that of 
Cliclni and Upper Volhinia, and nn the 
E. by the territory of Rziczica. This 
province is of confiderable extent from 
F.. toW. and it is watered by the rivet* 
Bug .ind I'ripcfe; it is full of woods and 
marihcs, and there are lakes that yield 
large quantities of M\ that are falted b/ 
the inhabitants, and fent into the neigh- 
bouring provinces. 

BsiEux, a confiderable town of France, ia 
Upper Brittany, with a biihop's fee, and 
a tood harbour. It is feated in a coun- 
try feitile in corn and fruits, about one 
mile and a h.-'.lf from the fea, and is 50 
miles N. V/. of R'^nnes, and 240 W. 
of pan's. Lon. 14.47. lat. 48. 33. 

* RRi.rv, a town of France, in Lorrain, 
and in the bailiwick of St. Miciel j it is 
feated near the river Mance, ao miles 
from St. Miciel. 

By ir.r,, a town inLincolnlhire,with a good 
market onThurfdays lor cattle and pio- 
viiions, and a fair, on Augufl 16, for 
horlcs. It is feated on the river An- 
l;am. .Some call it Glainford-Bridges. 
It i> 2; mile'. N. of Lincoln, 16 S, oi' 
Hull, .Hid 153 N. of London. Lon, 17. 
15. lat. 53. ^o. 

B R 1 o H T t. E 1 M s T o N r , a fca-jjort town of 
.Sullex, with a market onTluiifdays, and 
two fairs, on Hcly-'l'hurfday and Sep- 
ti-mber 4, for pedlar's waie. It is an 
iniliflercnt large and populous town, but 
ill-built, and inlvdiited ciiitily by fiflier- 
ne;i. It In i a pretty good harbour, and 
ii () miles W. by K. of Newhaven, 7 T.. 
01 New-S'i(ireliam, and 56 S. of Lon- 
don. L( n. 17. 2<;. lac 50. 50. It was 
at this place Kir,? Charles II. embarked 
t"'ir Fr.'.nce in 1651, after the battle 01 

* Bk icNf. I. Fs, a town of France, inPi"- 
\enie, famous for it< pruens. It i» 
f'.ated anior.f; mountains, in a pleai'int 
cD.;ntry, 271; r.iiles S. S. E. of Paris, 

I. en. 23. i;n. lat. 43. 24. 

* Bi: 1 '^ s rccK, I r FIr icKsTfx-if, a village 
in Northa;Tipto!-..'1'.ite, 3 mile; N. \V. of 
'i'lirapihn, v. iili rliree fair:,, on May 6, 
forhcr'A 5 ai;d hL-rned tattle, on Septem- 











If; i 

i 1 


i\ '■ 



!• I 


B R 

ber 5, for (liecp, brafs, and pewter, and 
on November 2i, i'or black hats. 

BRiiruECA, a town of Spain, in New 
Cnftile, whcie General Stanhope, with 
the linglifli army, were taken prilbners, 
after they had feparated themfclves from 
that commanded by Count Staremberg. 
It is feated at the foot of the mountain 
Tajuna, 43 miles N. E. of Madrid. Lon. 
14. 15. lat. 41. o. 

• Br iL IN GEN, a town of France, in Sua- 
bia, feated on the rivei Briget, in a pen- 
infula ; it has pretty good walls. 

Brindisi, an ancient and celebrated town 
of Italy, in the Terra d'Otranto, and in 
the kingdom of Naples, with an arcli- 
bilhop's fee, a fortrcfs, and a harbour, 
which has been partly fpoiled by the Ve- 
netians. Ir is feated on the Gulph of 
Venice, 32 miles E. of Tarento, 37 N. 
W. of Otranto, and 55 S. E. of Bari. 
Lon. 35. 40. lat. 40, 52. 

Bkinn, a Arong town of Moravia, depen- 
dent on Bohemia, of which fome fay it 
is the capital. It is a place where the 
alTembly of the ftates meet, and is of 
great importance. It was inverted by 
the PrufTians in 1742 ; but they v/cre 
obliged tc iaife the liege. It is ftntcd 
at the confiutnce of the rivers Zwitta 
and Swarf, 25 miles N. E. of Znaim, 
45 N. of Vienna, and 27 S. W. of Ol- 
mutz. The caftlo o;' Spielberg is its 
principal defence, and it is feated on an 
eminence without the town. Lon. 24. 
43. lat. 49. 8. 

BiicNNF., 3 town of Fr.irce, in Norman- 
dy, wh;c!i givis title to a count ; and is 
feated on t);e river Rille. Lon. 18. 26. 
lat. 40. 3^. 

B«ioui>r, a town of Trance, in Lower 
Auverirne. There are two towns about 
a mile's dirtance from each otlier ; one 
of wiiicli is called Old Brioucie, and the 
other Churcli-Bricurie, on account of a 
famous cliajjter, wliofe canons are ob- 
bligcd to prc'vethtir nobility before they 
are admitted. Old Lrlouvie is feated on 
the river Allier, with a briugc, of one 
arch, (if a womlvrful llrudluie. It is 
16 niilcs S. of Iin-ire, 20 N. W. of St. 
Flour, and 12.- S. by L. of I'ari- Lon. 
20. c. lat. 4s. 14. 

Briqukiias, a town of Itily, in I'ied • 
mont, feated in the valley vi Liiccrn, 
3 miles from the town of that n.mie, 
and 4 S. of I'ipneM. It li.ui a wy 
Itronj: talkie towards the latci end of 
the jCtli century ; but wlien the French 
5or footing in it, it was ruined ; that i-., 

B R 

befors they delivered it up to the Duke 
of Savoy in 1696. Lo . 24, 59. lat. 

44. 41. 

BRinAtH, a town of Germany, foimcrly 
the capital of Crifgaw. It was taktii by 
the French in 1638, and in 1703 ; but 
was rellored afterwards botli times to 
the Iioufe of Auflria. It is feated on 
the river Rhine, over whicli there is a 
bridge of boats, 1^ miles S. of Stralburg, 
and 45 N. of Bade. Lon. 25, 21. hit. 

45. 8. 

Brisach New, a hancifomc town of 
France, in Alfacc, built by the French, 
over againfl Old Briiaeh, and fortified by 
Marfhal Vauban. It is about a mile 
from the Rhine, and 13 S. of Stralburg. 
Lun. 25. 21. lat. 48. 5. Fort Mortier, 
which belongs to it, is feated on the 

Briscaw, a territory of Germany, in 
the circle of Suabia, lying en the eaft- 
ward fide of the Rhine, which feparates 
it from Alfacc. One part belong-, to the 
houfe of Auftiia, of wii;ch Fribuig is the 
cajjital ; and the otlier to the houle of 

* Brissat, a town of France, in Anjou, 
remarkable for a battle fnui^bt near it in 
1607, lietween two brothers. It is 
feated on the river Aubence, ncai the 
Loire, S miles S. E. of .'Vngeis, and <;o 
W. of Tours. Lon. o. 12. lat. 47, 

Erissei. Nrw, the capital town of the 
county of Bucks, in iVnfilvnnia, 20 
mijes N. o{ I'hiladelphi.i, feated on the 
river De la war. Lon. 302. 35. lat. 40. 


* Bk issoN St. an ancient town of France, 

in Berri, 5 miles from Gien. It is feated 
on an einincr.ce on the farther fide of the 
river Loire, vvith a calUc taken notice of 
in hiflory for its rtrength, and for main- 
taining a fiege .ngainft Louis le Giofu. 
Lon. 20. I <i. lat. 4". 44. 
Bbistoi , a fea-port town, wliich is part- 
ly in Glouceiterlhlrc, .md paitly in So- 
nierfetlhire, with a biiliop's lee. It ii 
now accounted the fecund t( wn or city 
ir^ Knglaiid, both with K;;ard to its ma;;- 
nitude, iichc.i, and trade. It iias 1 .1 
ciMucliei, beiiiles it-, cathedral, and fev,"- 
I il meetinj;s for I'rotellant, 
among wlii^li the QuaKcis arc a 
budy. 'I'he moll leinaikable church, 
betides tlie catliitlral, is St. Mary Rad- 
tlitt, jult without ilie walls, in the 
county of Somerfct, which fome think 
is the fintrt panih church m the l\ini;doni. 


There is a 

with houtes 
which l.ondo 
bridge is en 
have an excl 
which was 
The key is 01 
;i.bove its con 
which there 
the tide ; ar 
Green, wIk 
'I'liey have 
reckoned the 
feveral parts 
no lei's tliaii 
plenty of cr 
to for tije cui 
is about a ni 
fi.!e of the 1 
Rock, above 
fort of folt 
Hones. Hcfii 
fpiing, wliicl 
the fide of t 
the cold bath, 
faiflurcs, pan 
on b)- the Fn 
fp(ifl over tin 
it ftands a Ita 
Aruflure, wit 
the Kin^s of 
rows of trees, 
K.William 111 
The number c 
T 3,000, and 
T!ie wall> ha 
time ago ; b 
yet landing, 
inftead of carl 
cn'.nmon !hoi 
It has two m 
Saturdays, ar 
d.iy, and Jan 
!ari;e ; infom 
reloit to the I 
r.' ighbouring 
TI.e Lnndone 
during wIiilIi 
make 100 be 
a;,-,! nil forts 
.'ii.d Ibid. It 
nient, and h 
It is is 3 ; m 
SO S. of Her< 
14, S. of CI 
36 S. S. W. 





B R 

TticTC is abridge over t!ie river Avon, 1 
v/ith houtes on c.itii (iile, like thofc 
wliich London-bridge lately had. This 
bridge is entirely taken down. Tlvjy 
h.ive an exclian^e like tliat of London, 
v.'hicb was opened in Septeiniitr i74i' 
The key is on the rive- l-rDome, a little 
above its confluence v/ith tlie Avon, over 
which there is a draw-hridt^e, for the 
admittance of fliips that come up with 
the tide ; and this leads to t'ac Co'.icRc- 
dreen, where tlie tatliedral il.inds. 
'i'hey have a iirodi^^ious trade ; for it is 
reckoned they fend loco ihips ycaily to 
feveral parts of t!ie wwld. Here aie 
no lels than i 5 ijlafs-houfes, tlit7 havine 
plenty of coal from Kin;fs-wood and 
Mendip-hills. The hot-well is rcforfed 
to for the cure of feveral diftafes, and 
is about a mile from the town, on the 
fi'le of the river Avon. St. Vincent'', 
Rock, above t' :s well, is noted fiM- a 
fort of foft diamonds, t.illed Ciif^ol- 
ilones. licfidcs tliis v/eli, liu're is a t< Id 
fpiing:, which gulhes out of a ro.k un 
the fide of the faid liver, fujjplies 
tlie cold b.ath. There are fcver-.i nianu- 
faiflures, particulaily woolen rtutVs, car- 
on by the French refut^ces. Fio:n the 
Collc.^e-Green there is a deliijluiul pid- 
fp((ft over ti\c city and harbour, and in 
it rtands a llately higli crofs of Clotliic 
llrufturc, with the eiTigies of >.>'i 
the Kint^s of England around it. Niar 
<jt:een's-fquare, which is adorned with 
rows of trees, and an cquelliian (lati;e ( f 
K.William HI. i\ands the cnftom-houfe. 
'i'iie number of houtls are computed at 
i-,,ooo, and the inhaliitanti at 9 ^.r:,, . 
T!ie wallj have been demolillied a loni^ 
time ago ; but there ate feveral pates 
yet (landing. They ufe nedjTes or lied,, 
inAead of carts, bec.iufe the vault'-, ot tlic 
tnminon (hores will not admit them. 
It has two markets, on Wednefdays and 
Siruidays, and two fairs, op St. fames's 
d.-y, and January ai;, vvhicii are very 
lar^e ; infonuich that tiieie is a great 
rduit to the former, not from the 
neighbouring towns, but liom London. 
Tie Londoner* liaw; (Imps at both f.iir.s ; 
during which time the nt ii'libourins inns 
n.ake ii o beds .i-picce d r their gueiV. ; 
av.d all fortJ cf poods arc then bought 
ai.d fold. It fends 2 members 1 1 pailii- 
nient, and has tne tiijy <>f an!don\ 
U is is 3'; mill;. W, S.W. of Cirenctller, 
•,0 S. of Mereford, 1 c S. of Shnwftjiirv, 
14 1 S. of CheAer, 7S N. E. of Exeter, 
36 S. 5J. W. of GlouceJler. C- S. i.. W, 

B R 

of V/orccfler, 6b' W. by S. of Oxford, 
11 W. N. W. of Bath, and 115 W. 
of London. Lon. 14. 55. lat. 51. 27. 
Britain N r: v.-, called a!fo Terra Labrador, 
and rikimaux, a country in N. America, 
boiwecn the river of St. Lawrence ar.d 
liuihon's-bay. It is faid to be fubjetfl 
to G'-eat l!ritain; but v.-e have no fettle- 
meiu in it, nor are there any inhabitanti 
but a rude favage fort of pcoj>le, called 
Eikimaux, v.'l^o have neither laws nor 
religion. They have no hcuf:5, but live 
in cives and holes in t!ie fides of liiUj, 
and are the only people in Americi 
v.l'ich have not the fam:; origin as the 
ori'.'inal natives ; for tliey have beards 
which alnioA hide their faces, and cloatli 
iliemfelves with the iVins cf birds and 
fiflies. 'i'hc cliief j)roduce is l]<ins and 

n«iiTANV. See Br. rTACNF. 

• Hk I v K I.- 1. .^ -C; A L I. A R n, an ancient r.nd 
liandiomc to'.Mi of France, in Lower 
Limolin, of wb.ich it is the ca;)ital, with 
a general hofpitnl, a handfome college, 
aiu'i feveral re!iv;ious commimiiies. It is 
(eated in a pleaiant fertile ]'lain, over 
againll an illand fornii-d by the river 
Coieze, over wiiicii tliere are two fine 
bridi;ei. A beautiful and dtli;^'htfid walk, 
planted with trees \\liich fuirourds this 
place, makes it very and agree- 
able. It is 37 miles S. of Limoges, lo 
E. cf Tulle;., and 2S0 S. of I'aris. L'^.n, 
1 9. 10. l.if 45. 15. 

B'MXF.N, a handf.ime town in Germany, 
in the Tirol, v.itli a biihcp's fee. The 
pub.ic buildiiiijs .lie viiy beaurii'ul ; and 
It IS '•-•.ited at t!;e copfiuenct' of the livers 
Uier.;; and Eiioeh, in a fertile eountry 
noted for excellent v.ine, 1 5 miles E. of 
Tirol, and 40 N. of Trent. Lon. 29. 
^^. lat. 46. x-^. 

» Ckixkn, the bin-.r.piic of, a territory cf 
(•ermany, incK)f;d .n the Tirol, between 
I'loper'l'irol, the h.lhopric of Trent, the 
ll ate of Venice, and tii^ archliilhopric of 
Saitzljur;^. It is a country extremely 
"ucuntainous, and yet it produces 
xctlltnt wine. The liirttop is tlis; 
fovi.reign, under the protcv'linn of the 
to',;nts of Tiiol, aau is a j.rir.ce of tli? 

» Hkixworth, a village in Northampton - 
(Lire, 7 n.des N. cf N'orJiampton, with 
a fair on Wbit-Mrnday, for linen and 
'vnolltn cl'^tii, ha;d-w.are ;ird to)S. 

■♦ Hi. iziN, or D<. If rz^^, a tov.n of 
Geniiany, in ttJ Middle Marche of 
It is f<.i*'.d "n the ri-ci 
V A. d., 








4 , , i 
iiii / . .' 

Vki ■'-'■ 


1 1 1 













B R 

■ Adah, 12 miles N. E. of Wittembcr-. 
Lon. 3c, 49- lat. 1^2. o. 

BROAPAiPiNy, a iliire of SwOtlnnd. It 
is bounHed on the N. by Athi.>l, on tlic 
E. by Caurie, on the S. by Perthlhiic, 
and on the W. by Arcylcfiiire. 

Broo, or Brodt, a ftrong jilace of Hun- 
gary in ths county of i'oircsn, fcated on 
the river Save in Sclavor.i.i, lanious foi 
a ba-t!e pained by the Turks in i6h,S. 
It is 20 miles S. E. of Polfeja, and 27 
E. of Bradifca. Lon. 36. &. bt. 45. 


* Brod-Nemfki, or TKUTScn-BRon, 

a town of Bohemia, in the circle of 
Czazlaw, fe;ited on the river Si 7.awa on 
the frontiers of Moravia, 18 inilts S. 
by E. of Czazlaw, Ltn. 33. 2C. lat. 

* Brodra, a town of Ai:a, in the donn- 
nions of the Great Mogul, and in the 
kingdom of Guzuraf, near tl.e Gulph of 
Canibay, 8 miles S. of Amanadab. Lon. 
90. 15. lat. 22. JO. 

* BRonzitc, a town of Poland, in tlic 
dulthy of Lithuania. It li featid on the 
river Berezina, in the palatinate o'i 
Minr/:i, So miles S. of i'oloczki, and 
80 E, S. E. of MiniTvi. Lon. 47. l::t. 

54- 23- . , 

* Brof-k, a town of Crrmany, m the 

circle oi Wcftpl alia, and in the dr."-hy of 
Berg. It is a cliief place of a county f 
the fame nanu, and is fcated on the 
river Rocr, It is 11 miles N. of Uiif- 
fcldorp. Lon. 24. 2S. lat. 51. 22. 
Bromescrove, a town of WorcelUr'liiie, 
with a market on Tuefdavi, and tv.o 
fairs, on June 24, and Ofluhei 21, for 
linen-cloth, chccfe, and horfe;. It i. 
featcd on the river Salwarp, and i* a 
pretty good town, containing about 400 
Jioufcs. It drives a connderablc trade 
in cloathini;, and has a c;ood maikrt for 
torn, lattlt, and all forts of jiroviiions. 
It i". II miles E.N. E. of Wcrtelkr, 
26 W. S. V/. of Coventry, and 118 N 
W. of Lontlon. Lon. 15. 30. 

* BHoMFirr D, or Ep. i: MFiri i\ a vilLije 
in Soinerfctfhire, 5 miles N. of Taunton, 
with a fnir, on November 3, for tattle, 
hats, and all for's of pewter. 

Rromi. KY, a town in Kent, with a mar- 
ket on Thurfdayi, and two fa:r-., on Fe 
bruaiy ;, and July 25, for liorfcs, bul- 
lock', i)kv;), »nd h'^^i, It is fca'ed on 
or the iiv.r R.aveniT)orn, f> mill s 
S. ..'f (.,i>iyj?n, .-tn.l jf .S. by E. of Lon- 
(jcn, Lnn. :;. .y). lat. ■,:. •»•;. 

lat. ji. 

B R 

BuoMir.Y, a town in Staffoidfliiif, with 
a market on Tuefdays, and three fairs, 
on Tluirfday before Mid-Lcnt-Sund.iy, 
Ma^ 22, and Auguft 24, for liorfts and 
homed cattle. It is but a jioor pla^t, 
and the land about it is barren. It was 
fotinerly called Abbots-Rromlt-y, but of 
la^e Tagets-Rromley, bein;^ given to the 
Lord Paget at the time ol the Ri forma- 
tion. It is 7 miles W. of StatVord, S 
N. by W. of Litchfield, and 128. N. 
\V. cf London. Lon. 15. 45. lat. 5:. 


Bromvarp, a town of Heiefordrtiirc, 
with a market on Mondays, and five 
fairs, on Thurfday before March 2, for 
homed cattle and horfe?, on May 3, 
Whit. Monday, Thurfday before July 25, 
and Thurfday before Odlober 29, for 1)1. ;ck 
c.iftle and fliecp. It is f«:att.d on a rifing 
ground, cent, lining about :oo houfes, 
and the market is good for cattle and 
corn. It is 12 miles W. of Worceftcr, 
and 124 W. N. W. of London. Lon. 15, 
5. lat. 52. 20. 

BRONNr, or Bhcn, a fniall town of Italy, 
in the dutchy of Mil.m, nrd in the 
Pavcfj, wlierc the ImperialilU beat the 
Fiench in 1703. It is 10 miles S. 
E. of Pavia. Lon. 27. 35. lat. 44. 

Bro% a town of Tranfilvania, in the 
Saxon (erritory, wliicli is free and royal. 
It i fcated on the river I.!aros, and is 
caiiitil of a dilbiifl <>f the fame n.inic. 
It has been admitted among the Gtrm:;n 
t. wi)s by the S.ixons. 

BRPi'AfiK, a ftrong town of France, in 
Saint! nge, with a li.irhour. The falt- 
v.irks I'.ere ,irc the fintit in the kini;- 
dum, and bring in a good revenue; and 
the fal' which is exported from thence 
is called Bay-Sait, bcciufc it lies on a 
bay of the fca. It is 17 mil s S. of Ro. 
chelle, and 17c S. W. of PaiK. Lon, iti 
3^ Lit 45. 50. 

Br 'ir ER '.!! WKN, a fea-port to'vn of t'*'' 
iJr.iti'd Provinces, in Zeal.ii,'!, ani! in 
the llland of Schouen, fcated on a b.i/ 
of the fea, on the N. fide id the iflan.!, 
9 miles S. W. of Helvoetll'.iys. Lon. 21. 
3c. lat. 51. 50. 

• Brovck, a town of ^wi'fcrland, in 
Ari^ow, of which it is the third fur 
city. It IS featcd on the river A;;i, 
ovrr which thrre is a handfonic bridet ; 
there is likcwife a college, with a p'lbli; 
library. It is 30 miles S. E. of Ba:.!. 
I.on. 21;. 4 ^ lat. 47. iS. 

* Brca, a town in the llland of Sicilv, 


theVal di n 
the Gulph of 
good harboui 
ratui'e, and 
o. lat. 37. 2 

Bi'. utH- At , a 
palatinate an 
featcd on tb 
of Philipfbu 
lac. Lon. 2 

» Br uck, or 
in the cantoi 
It takes its n 
place over t 
(ignitics a 
N. W. of Zu 

Brugks, a lar 

Aullrian Nc 

territory of t 

fee. In the s 

.1 houfe, foun 

bring up 130 

and <-thers to 

abilities. It v 

in the late w; 

the French. 

Auflri.a, and 

ftaple for wo 

traiie for fort 

featcd on a fin 

from Gllend 

and as much 

of Ghent, 30 

W. of Antwc 

1 1. 

♦ Bk Iff; F'', the 
of SpanilhFla 
ocean, the b 
thattclanies o 
bailiwick of 
pita! town ; 
Olknd, New 

• BKcr, rr, 01 
Germany, in 
and in the bit 
miles tioni th 
fo called fro 
Leyne. Lon 

Urugnf. TO, a 
ritory cf Gt 
It is fcated a! 


27. 20. 

hit. . 


15k UN f 

I ro, 

tant p' 

ice I 

Sufa, V 



R II N >-. B u 



in th 

a.'.d in 


B R 

tlie Val c*i noto, featcd on the S. fide of 
the Gulnh of Catania, where there is a 
j^ood harbour. It is a; miles N. of Sy- 
lacufi-', and 17 S, of Catania. Lon. 33. 
o, lat. 37, 28. 

BiiucH?Ar., a town cf Gcrmnny, in tlic 
j.'.i!atiiiatc and bilhopric of Spiic. It i-. 
feat^id on the river Satz, ^ miles S. E. 
of I'hilipfburg, and 10 N. E. of Dour- 
lac. Lcn. 26. <;. lat. ^q. 15. 

» Bruc!:, orBRur, r;, a town cf Sicily, 
in the canton of Ktin, and in Arpow. 
It takes its names from a bridge at this 
place over the river Aar ; for Bru;,^, 
Jignities a R'idre. Ir is 17 nv.k's W. 
N. W. of Zurich, Lon. 25. 52. lat. 47. 

Brucks, a large li.uidA>me town of the N'tthcrlarids, .mil capital of a 
territory of the fame n.inie, with a l>inuii>'s 
fee. In the j^reat niaiK'et place there ii 
a houfe, founded in i.)iJ, wlicre they 
bring up 130 crjihan?, iume ti> le.irnini^, 
and ''thers to trades, .iLcordini; to their 
abilities. It was often taken and retaken 
in the late war^. particulaily in 174, l\v 
the P'rench. It helon^.s to the Iioufe o( 
Auflri.a, and formerly was the Ln.;li!h 
ftaple tor wool, and ha <lil! a very gond 
tratie for foreijijo comnv ''ities, it bein;: 
featcd on a fine canal, wli;„li is navigable 
from Ollend. It is 8 mile., from the lea, 
and as much K. from OiK-nd, 20 N, 1'. 
of Ghent, 30 N.E. cf Dunkirk, and 3; 
W. of Antwerp. Lon. 20. 47. lat. 51. 
1 1. 

* BRirfjrr, the quarter or dirtrirt of, is part 
of Spanifh Flanders ; and bounded by the 
ocean, the limgraviate of Ghent, t!ie 
tliatielanies of Courtray and Yprts, and 
bailiwick of 1 iirnes. Bru(;es i ; the r.:- 
pital town ; bclides v.hicli, tl.eie are 
Oiknd, Newport, Dixnnide, &:c . 

» BKir.rr, or Bku(.'-. KN, a to^^•n <,f 
Gcrnrmy, in tlie ciicle of Lower Saxony, 
and in the bilhopric of Hildedu-im, four 
miles from the city o*" that name. I* is 
fo called from .1 bridge over il'.e river 
Leyne. Lon. 31. 4S. lat, 152.20. 

Br u ONE TO, a town of, in the ter- 
ritory cf Genoa, vith a bilhop's fee. 
It is feated at thy foot of tiie .Appenniin; 
Mountains, ■;- miles S. of Genoa. Lon. 
27. 20. lat. 44. i;. 

• BKUNri ro, a very llroni; aiul impor- 
tant p'ae>; in I'ledmont, near the city 
Sufa, whicli it defends. 

BRt/NsBuTTi E, a fea-port town of Ger 
many, in the circle of Lower Saxony, 
a..a in i!.c tiutcliy of Holllciii. It u 

B R 

feaied at the mouth of the river Elbe. 
1 3 miles N. W. of Gluckfiat, and is fub- 
jed to Denmark. Lon. 26. 17. lat. 44. 

Brunswick, a large and firorg town of 
(Jermany, in the circle of Lower Saxony, 
and in tlie dutcliy of Eriinfwick. It v/as 
fornierly an Imperial and llanfiatic town, 
till it was taken by the Duke of Brunf- 
v.'iclt-VN'olfcmbuttle in 1C71, who built 
a citadel to keep it in av.\.'. In the 
fijuare befoie the calile r'lcie is a famous 
ilone ifatue, with a lion made of block- 
t'T, dene after the life. Here is alfo a 
ricli mcnallery of St. Klai'.'c, whofc prioi 
is a prince of tlie houfe o{ Bevern ; and 
in the arl'tiial is a great gim, 10 feet 
lon;;, and 3 in diameter. This town is 
famous for the well known liquor called 
Mum. wl/ich from hence has the name of 
Biunfwick .Mum, and which will keep fo 
v.jII, that it continues t!;ood v.hen tranf- 
ported to the moA diliant places. It is 
feated on the river Ocker, 55 miles W. 
of Mat^riehurg, S ^ W. by S. of Branden- 
burg, and •;2 N. \V. of HalbciAadt. 
Lon. iS. I 5. 1,1'. 1^2, I 5. 

BneNf. WICK, the dutchy of, is a country 
c\ Germany, bounded on thcN. by the 
diuchy of Lunenburg, on the W. by the 
circle of VVcilphalia, from whicli it is 
fci)arated by the river Wefer, on the C, 
by Hede and the little territory of Peich- 
field, and on the li. by Thuringia, witli 
thi. principalities of .Anlialt and Halbcr- 
idt, and the dutchy of NLigdeburg. 
The livtrs are the Wefer, the Ocker, 
and the Lyre ; and it is fertile in corn, 
Imt piincipallv in partuie^. It is divided 
into three pi incipalitus, Wolfendiuttle, 
(iiuhenhagen, and Calenberg, v liicli alfo 
(..mprehendM the dutchy of Gottingen, 
'1 he • principality of Wolfcmhutile has 
Its own Dukes j but the other two be- 
long: to the Lledlor of Hanover. The 
territories of the houfe of Brunfwick .ire 
m"!e extentive ; the principal of wdiich 
are the dutchies of Brunfwi.;k «r.d Lu- 
nenburg, wiih the county of Daniielnirg, 
which is annexed thereto. The reft aro 
tlie countie.i of Clanikenburir, Dieport, 
n, d Hove, betides two or three fmaller 

• llw u--- r I 5, the cjuaitcr ordiflriiflof Briif- 
leU, i^ one of the lour parts of the dutcliy 
of Brab int. quarter is bounded on 
the K. by that of Lnuvain, on the N. hy 
t!iat of Antwerp, on the W. by Flanders, 
and on the S. liy Hairihalt. Brull'eis is tlie 
ca].'itakity of this quarter, and all Bi. .bant. 

k' » BkU;>MLS, 

i ii 

s!'i > 

I- 11 

I ' 


^J " 

'V* ! 





B U 

CRHSSfts, the moft liandfome jnd rirh 
town, or city, of the Netlicrlandj, and 
caijital ot Brabant, which is thf \>-M v( 
tho governor ot' the Auflrian Low Coun- 
tries, to whom they pay .ihiioll tiie f.iiuc 
honours ns to r<.ivci-,ien. Theilutil 
palac'.-, whvru tic go- 'Jiiu>r n-tidc;, tlie 
town-houfc, nnd the aiLn.iI, arc fupcrb 
(Irufiures. The acadoiny is famutis, 
where young gcnilunien periorni tiitir 
cxenifes ; and they liave dug a canal, 
that runs from Lrullels to Antwerp, 
wliith is a very plc.ifant pairai;e for 
thofc w\v) po from tiis one piac' to 
the other. The trade and nunufaflure 
of the inliahitnnts is in cambleta, l.icti, 
and fine t:ipelky, which are txpffted all 
over Europe. It was bombaidtd by the 
French in 1691;, by wliith 4000 houfes 
were burnt, which, however, were re- 
built better than before. In 170?. it 
was befie/ed by the Elector of Bavaria ; 
but the Duks of Marlborough mad-! him 
tiecamp with precipitation. It was t.ilttn 
by the French in 1746 •, bnt was rendci - 
ed hack nn;ain foon after by tie treaty of 
Aix-!a-Chapelle, It is fcated partly on 
an eminence, and partly on an ai;;reeal>lu 
fertile plain on t'le river Senne, Z2 mil s 
S. of Antwerp, z6 S. E. of Ghent, 14 'J 
N. by E. of Palis, and 172 E. of Lon- 
don. Lon. 21. 56. lat. 50. 51. 

Bruton, a town in Somerrttfhire, with a 
market on Saturdays, but no fairs, It 
is feated on the river Urtw, and is a 
Well-built ami wcll-inhabitid town, wjrh 
a handfome c'liiicii, a fret-fciioo!, and a 
ftately alms-houfe, anil has a manufa' - 
tuie in fergcs and rtockinj^s. li u i ; 
miles S. E. of Wells, iS E. of JJiidj; ■- 
water, and 115 W. of London. I.on. 
15. c. lat. 51. 15. 

• Br u virus, a town of Lorrain, in 
Vofque, with a provollfnip. It is 7z 
mJivS S. by E. irom Luneville, ard 
there is a great deal o( wht^t i'M here. 
Lon. 24. 20. lat. 4S. 15. 

Br YANfiiR ircr., a town of Ireland, in tiie 
county of Clari", and provin'^o of Con- 
r.aijp'it, fe::ted on thi; river Shannon, R 
miles X. of Limrick. Lon. <). 5, laf. ;i. 

• Be A, an iflan-i of th'.- Oulph of V-.-nic, 
on the cn.irt of Dihnatia. tlie town 
ot Triu, called likewiff the I'artiidgc- 
l;land, becaufe there arc many partridges 
found thereon. 

• BeANEs, a town of France, in Gar- 
cony, and in the dioce''c of Aire. It is 
feated on tl'.e river Balius, and it i^ 


7 miles W. of Aire. Lon. 17. 40. lai, 

* BuA! CO*, a town of Portugal, in the 
pro'.liv:.; of Btira, near the fea. It i, 
27 miles '.'>. o: .Aveira. Lon. 9. 30. Lr. 

H ■• >■ 

Buc-n.v, 3 fhire of Scotland, having the 
C;criii.»n Ocean on the N'. and 1-. and tlie 
Ihire of Mar on the S. 

Ber:n.\>. MISS, a cape or promontory of 
S.otland, which is tiie larth-.u voint .-f 
Buchan, not far from Peterhead, and 
the moft eaUerr of all Scotland, Lat. 
57. iS. 

DiCHA-.\-, a f.'cp and imperial t.'iwn of 
Germany, ii-, Si abi.i, feated on the livcr 
'i"e(!;rfic, 21 miles S. W. of L'im, ai.d 
;;; S. of 1 ubin 'en. Here is a monalle- 
ry, whofe ahbci . lias a voice in the diets 
of the empire. Lon. 2-. 10. lat. 4S, 5. 

* RecHA'.v, a fmall teiiitory of Ger- 
many, in t!ic ciri.le of the Ujipcr Rhine, 
V. hith ciniprtheils the (hftritSl of the 
abbot 01 liild, and Fuld is the cajntal 

BecHORLST, a Lirec and fliont: town of 
Turky in Europe, and in VValachia, 
where the Hofpodoi of Walachia com- 
monly lelidci. It is 40 miles S. E. c( 
Tarvis, and 60S. of i erj.^iv\ n'co. Lon. 
44. 10. lat. 44. 30. 

BfCHoRN, a free and ir.iperial town of 
Germany, in the circle of Siiabia, feated 
on the the Lake Conflancc, i?. miljj 
N. r. of tiie town i"f 'criitance, and :?. 
N.W. of Linilaw. L. n. 27. 16. Lit. 

47- 4'- 
Bi.'i K T !,n A V, ,1 town of Noi folk, with a 
maihct on Saturday.-., but no l.iirs. It 
is fe.itcd in a flat, and loiimrly hail a 
(honr; rallle, which is now deninhllu''. 
It is 12 miles E. of 'Ihetfoid, and <iO 
N. E. of Lontlon. Lon. 1S.45. lat, cz. 

* RucKr AST I If. It, a villice in Devon- 
3 miles S. W. of Allibuin n, with two 
fairs, on June 29, for (hni', and Au- 
Rufl 24, for horned c.ittle. 

Be CM !M, n A M, t!io chic! to'vn <'f Bui.k- 
inth.miihire, with .1 market on Saturdnys, 
and fight fairs, on Monday levcnnislu 
after Epiplianv, March -, May (i, 'Miuif- 
d.iv in VVhitfuii-wcek, July 10, Si p- 
temhef 4, Ochdvjr 2, and NiAcmher -. 
for cattle. It is feated in a low ground, 
on the river Oufe, by whi.h it is .-ilmoft 
furrcundi-d, and over it there -iie three 
handfome ftone-hridijes. 'J'here was for- 
merly a Hront; caf^le in the middle ci r''e 
town, which is now dcmolKhcd. T.' c 


town-hall 1 

and the chi 
vvifc a coui 
fince. It 
title of a Gi 
arc about 
of Oxford, 
and Oc N. 
lat. -,i. -o 

B C K I .N C H 

land, boui 
by Oxforoi 
ihi'.e, l;oi 
river Than 
lengih, an 
iS,3yo b 
6 lend ni.ii 
is healthy, 
niMtl) ch, 
ral manufa 
.-jrc alfy K 
cipal rivers 

Oufe an; 

B 11 c K o R , a j 

river Sinde 

the N. and 

ic-'t t lilt 

pal fswn is 
fea'.ed in : 
above rivei 
Lon. 63- c,' 

• Be I' A, t!ie 
the chief p 
Europe. 1 
of Uppet I 
TellR: and 
and Nijvigi and 
gocd pait 
loii^':.-, to i! 

Be PA, a lar; 
capital of 
thj Kinrdc 
churches i 
h irdfome, 
bemj on t 
hanks of 1 
jacint CO 
\vhich pr 
there arc 
br d an e: 
baths wer 
jiit'C'.nt ro 
fcllion of 


. B U 

tov/n-hall is in the N. part o<" the town, 

ami the c!uiich on the S. There is hke- 
Vkifc a county v,, not many year-; 
ivicv. It ia a coiporjtion, fends two 
nicnilieri to jMiliiinient, and had tlie 
title of u fiutciiy. The number of hoiifes 
are about 3C0 ; and it is :^ miles N. E. 
oi Oxford, SS W. S. \V, of Cambriiige, 
and Co N. W. of London. Lon, 16. 35. 
lat. :;i. -,o, 

IJocKiNCH AMSHiRF, a county of Enp- 
iand, bounded on the N. by Northanip- 
tonlhire, on t!ie F.. by Hcdlordlhin-, 
HertfordfiVirj and Wi;!dlcfcx, on the W. 
hy Oxi'oroihire, and on the S. by Beik- 
ihi:e, from which it is fii)araied by tlie 
river Tiiames. Jt is al'out ■^g mites in 
length, and iS in breadth, containinvi: 
iS,3yo h 'lufes, 1 1 1,340 mliabitants, S^ 
par;(hcs, nnd 1 5 market-towns, whereof 
6 fcnil numberi to parliament. The air 
is htaltiiy, and the foil is rich, heinj!; 
inMtl) chall< or mirle. The mofl gene- 
ral nianufafturc is bone-lace, and thtre 
arc ahb fonie p.iper-mills. The prin- 
cipal rivers, beiidts the Thames, are the 
Oufe anrl Coin ; and the chief town is 

BucKOB, a province of Alia, lyinp on tlu* 
river Sinde, or Indus, having Muitan to 
the N. and I'atta to the S. and is fuh- 
jcof t the CJrcat Mot'iil. The princi- 
pal town is of the fa tie name, whicii is 
feated in an iibnd furroimded by the 
above river, 6.; miles S. W, of Muitan. 
Lon. 63. i;o. lat. zS. 4 5. 

• BfPA, the he:i'jrbeglic of, was ore r' 
the cliicf .;ovcrnmer.ts ol the Turks in 
Europe. It included aU tlie C'>urtrii> 
of Upper HiiPtrary, Ktveen tlie river^ 
TeliFe and Danube, and between .'\i:rii 
and NovLgrad, all i.o :\v Hun;;ary trcni 
Gran and Ciiu' « ''i.- t .veni part of 
^elavonla, aid .d i.od r.ll Scrvia : hut a 
gord p.iit ol tins pi) ir.H.'i. lit riow be- 
loriv's 10 the Ci^ ot Hi! ' ' '.vy. 

BuPA, .1 lan^e, (h-on:;. and famous town, 
capital of Lower Hiittfiry, ind of all 
the kinrdom, with a (^o. I citadel. The 
clnirche-i and publi' ' tiMin^s are very 
1) in;ifo'iie, and the .1: ion is ai^reeable, 
beins on the fide vi ; li.'.l, on the S.VV. 
hanks of the river i Mnube. In the ad- 
jacent country, thtre are vineyard,, 
which prrducc ix^illcnt wine; am! 
there arc baths fo liot, that they will 
boil an e^s in a very ihort time : theie 
bathj were in excellent oid,-;, with hi. •/;- 
int'cent rooms, while the T\irks had poi- 
fcllion of thij plaoe. It was talan by 

thr Turks in 1526, and retalKn by the 
Auftrjans the fame year. The Turks 
took it again in 1529, and it was after- 
wards befiegtd fcveral ti' by the 
Chiiftians to no purpof-', till 16S6, whea 
it was taken by the Germans, command- 
ed by the Duke of Lorrain, fmce which 
time it lias continued in the hands of 
the hoiife of A'.iftria. It is 105 miles 
S. E. of Vienna, 172 N. by W, of Bel- 
grade, 80 S. E. of Prefburg, and 560 
N. W. of Conftantinople. Lor. 36. 45. 
lat. 47. 20. 
BuDDEsnAi.r, a town of Suftblk, with a 
markt^t onThurhlay, and a fair on Holy- 
Thurlday for cattle and toys. It it 
feated in a valley, and is only a hamlet, 
l.avin« a fniali chapfl, and an endowed 
pranimar-fchool. It is : 5 miles N. E. 
of Bury, and Si N. E. of London. Lon. 
iS. 45- lat. 52. 2t;. 

* Be ') f I le n, a town of Germany, in the 
electoral circle of the Rhine, and in the 
archbilliopric of Triers, or Treves. It 
is feated on the little river Tracn, .ibout 
a mile from the river NTofelle, and 10 
miles E. of 'i'ricrs. Lon. 24. 30. lat. 

49- 51' 

UuniNOEN, a town of Germany, in Wet- 
trravi,», and in the county cf Ifenburg, 
01 Biuhngen, with a caftle. If is feated 
near a large fortft, zo miles N. E. of 

n-j^cA, a fmill but ftrong town of Dal- 
niatia, with :i bifliop's fee, and fuhjed 
lo the It was nlmoft ruined 
by an eartliqu ke in 1667J but the Ve- 
netians rebuilt it. It is 27 miles S. E, 
of Ragufa, and 1 5 N. W. of Antjvari. 
Lon. 36. 30. lat. 4;. 12. 

* Bui/Rio, a town of Italy, in the BoIof». 
nefe, whofe adjacent fields produce large 
quantities of hue hemp ; for which rea- 
fun it is eif gi eater confequence thin 
lars^ir fl .ces. ft is 8 iTiiks £, of Bo- 
loj^na Lon. 29.12. lit. 44. 27. 

Ill';) v.T • s, a tiiv.'n of Germany, in Bohe- 
mia, w'liiehwii t.ikjn fuvaril times in 
the- WIT of '-.;' It ii 72 nides S. of 
l'i,i,,^ue, all:'. ^: rJ.VV. Lon. 32. 
57, lit. 42, I c. It is I'uHjecf to Aultria. 

■• Benwo"-] H, n viila?;r in l-"helhire, three 
miles N'. of No!ilrvii-h, vjtii three fairs, 
on February 13, April 5, and Ocfober 2, 
rill for cu'.vj, horfes, liogs, and pedlars 

Bunzi AC T \ !• T '. p Y, l>s on tne rivers 
Neiiler, Bo;t, .md Niepei, having Po- 
land and RiMfii on the \. Little T.irtary 
on the E, the Uhck Sea on th; .S. and 


, i 


' ' !!3 ■ ' I,: 





Mr P, I 
fca-port u 

B U 

' I5c(tar;iWa en tlie W; Tl'.e cliicf town 
is Ot-rjkow, nnd it is fubj'.cl to Turky. 

Bt;fN Retip.o, a palace belonging to 
the King cf bp- :i, Ica'ed on the E. fitle 
of Madrid ; it is a peit'cft fijuaie, and at 
each angli tiicic is a pavilion. Tliis is 
generally the rcii >nci. of the kiiic in 
t!ie fp ". an ' . cav art ot tin; lum- 

Bi'KNOJ-A '••>.. ,! Civn^DDE laTri- 
iiioft confiderablu 
in ti. rovincj of La 
Plata, on the K. coaK . S, AnieiiLP., 
with abirtiop's fee. It is svcil furtifitd, 
and dL-fendcd by a nunitrcus attillvry ; 
and hither is hrou»;ht a great part of tlii; 
treafures and meichandires of Peru and 
Chili by the river IMata and other rivcis, 
which are txporicd to Spain. Wh.n 
the Englifli had the advantage of the A( 
fiento contrae>, negro flaves were brought 
liithcr by faftors, and fold to the Spani- 
arrls, who fent them t their fettleiner.ts 
in Peru and Chili. l>- was founded by 
Mendofa in 1^31;, but was afterwards 
abandoned. In 154+ there was ar, Ii>.r 
colony of Spaniards came here, who lett 
it alfo : but it was rebuilt in 1 582, and 
is at prefent inhabited by Spaniards and 
the native .Americans. It is fcated on t'.c 
banks of the river Plata, 50 miles fiom 
the Sea, and yet the river there is 21 
miles in bre.ulth. Lon. 32,3. o. lat. 34. 

Bug, a larpe river of Poland, which has 

its fource in Little I'ohind, near the 

river Leniberg, which runs northward 

to Brefte, and then turning weihvard, 

falls into the Viftula, betv.ten Bodtz and 


BuoEY, a territory of France, bonnd'-d on 
the E, by Savoy, on the W. by Hrcife, 
on the S. hy Dauphiny, and on the N. 
by the territory of Gtx ard the Frandie 
Compte. It is about 40 iniles in length, 
and 25 in breadth. Eelley is the capital 

• BuniA, a kingdom of Africa, whi' h is 
now a prf^vli-ce to Alt.iers in liaiSjry. 
It is bounded on the N. by tlie M'll ttr- 
ranean Sea, on the S. by Bilednh^'jrid, 
on the W. by the piovincc cf AIjIlis, 
and on the E. by that of Conftantini-. 

BucjA, a ftront; po; ')!ous fea-port town 
cf Africa, in tlie kingdom of Als'ii,'ij, 
fcated at the mouth of the river Maior, 
on a bay of the Mediterranean S-.m. 
It has a ihonj caHle, which, however, 
was not able to d'.-fcnd the fliippin;^ 
agaiiill Sir Ed.-'iid ^^pragge, who tccl; 

and d(?(troy?d fp»; Algerine men cf undvi it'- w.-'lli in 167;. It is 73 
milts E. ol Alc,itis. Lon. 21. 15. lat. 

3<>- 34- 
Bu<jiK, a fei-port town of '.frica, in 
Ljrypr, on tilt w(.fi-,ii t(i.'. , rht ied 
Sea, ncirly oppofite to Ziden, the fea- 
^ort town, b(lon;;in;; to Mecca, and 3- 
Dout iro nuks to the \V. of it. Lon. 
ii3.47. lit :-• 'i. 

* Bi-i/.-rH, or Hi Ai.i, a townofSonth- 
Wdles, in Bpjtknocklhire, which is plea- 
I'antly feated <n the river Wye, ovir 
which there is a wor,den-bridi;e tli:it 
leads into Radnorlhire. It is at prcfei.t 
but a fniall plaje, though it ha* two 
markets, on ATondays and Siturday-., 
and tliree fiirs, on June 27, Ortober 2, 
and December b, (cr il^'cp, horned tat- 
tle, and horfii. It is 10 miles N, <4' 
Brecknock, 47 VV. of Worctllcr, and 
1^7 W, by N. of Lond( n. Lon. 14. 25. 
lat. 52. 8. 

* Bu IS, a territory of France, in Dauphiny, 
talkd the Baronnies. It is bounded on 
the N. i.y the Diois and Gapenzois, on 
the W. by the feneftlialty ot Munthmar 
and part of the county of Venaiftin, and 
thcwhere by ProVi."nce. It is a fmall 
mountainous country, hut pretty fertile, 
and Buis and Nions arc the principal 

BuKARt, a fmall, but well-built town of 
cf Hungarian Dulmatia, with a harbour. 
It is feated on the (Jolfo di I5ikeii/a, 
near the Gulph of Venice, 10 miles N. 
of Vfglio, and 35 E. by N. of Rovigno. 
Lon. 32. aS. hit. 45. 20. 

BuHt, a little fortiefs, lyinc; on the line-, 
(.f StolhoflVn in Su.ibia, f ,iles E. of 
Stolhottcn, and 19 N, E. of Stia(l)iMg in 

Bii AC, a town of Egypt, in Afrita, fcat- 
td on tiif E, rti'in- Di thu river Nile, ; 
miles W. of Grand Cairo, which is the 
feaport town of that city, ..nd is f.iid 
ti> contiiin ai.'nit 400c families. On the 
K. liile ot it is ;heCalirch, wliofc banks 
aic tut every year, to r.onvev ihcw.ittis 
of the Nile, by a canal, to fJrand Cairo. 
All the velRh K'^ing up and down the 
river Nile make fomc Aay here. Lon. 
40. 35. lat. 30. o. 

* Rut. AM, an ii^and of Africa, near tl;c 
co.ifl of Guinea, to the caftw.nd of the 
ifl.ind of Bifagos. The foil is good, but 
it ij not inhabited. 

* BuLGAii, a kingdom cf Mufcovite Tar- 
tary, lying alonj; th.e eaftern hanks of 
the rivir Wolga, having the kingdom tf 


a I 

C.;f '" nn 
S. .)Omc 
the fame 
neither to. 
bitants liv 
frc.n j^lace 
I ope, boui 
un the E. 
by Strvia. 
capital plac 
lye on botl 
lafl is whi 
cipal town. 

B u I. L I N D R o 1 

ket on Th 

May 14, i\ 
on Scptcrw 
by the riv( 
it from N\ 
churches, o 
between bo 
are the ru 
Here is al 
houfc, and 
town conta 
the llreets 
paved. He 
of a caflle 
[ohn. Abo 
houfe was 
the ictoids 
convent we 
now a good 
men arc en 
which is bri 
36 miles ^ 
S. cf Suffoll 
I.'in. 16. o. 

• Bunco, a 
ifl md of X 
The king o 
to Cliridian 
Pope Cicjc 
is not one ( 

* BvMV,\, 
twecn 'I'hcl 
tmds as f. 
The ancier 
famous for 

B u .V T 1 N F 3 : 

B U 

C./'n on thtf N. and Aftrachan on he 
S. lomc fay it has a capital tcAP of 
the fame name j however, there aic 
neitlier towns nor villai;'/!>, for the inha- 
bitants live ■ 1 tents, and wander about 
frr n ^.lace to plate. 

Bi;i. r. ARIA, a previnre of Turky in Eu- 
topv.", bounded on the N. by Walacliia, 
on the E. by the Black Sea, on the S, by 
Romania and M;iCL\lonia, and on the W. 
by Strvia. It is divided into four fan- 
giacates, wliii-h have tlie name of the 
capital places, namely, Viddin, Suphi i, 
Nicopoli, and Sililliia. The tlirce finl 
lye on both (ides the Danutie ; but the 
lail is wholly on fide, and is partly 
inhabited by Tai tars. Sophia is i!ie prin- 
cipal towni 

B u I. L 1 N B R o K r . See Do 1. 1 n c n k o k k . 

Be NO AY, a town in Suflolk, with a mar- 
ket on Thurfdays, and two fairs, on 
May I.}., for horfes and lean cattle, and 
on September 2 -, for hoys and petty 
clia]);nen. It is feared on afpot watered 
by the river Wavenay, which fepar.ites 
it from Norfolk. It has two paiiih- 
churches, one of which is iMndfome, and 
between botli, in the midil ct' the town, 
are the ruins of a fann us nunnery. 
Here is alfo one dilfL-nring mcetn^- 
houfc, and a grammar-fi.!iOi.l. The 
ti'wn cont.iins abiut C'oo houfcs, an<l 
the l\reets a:e pretty wide, and well- 
paved. Here are likcwite ihe rem:iir.r. 
of a caflle fiij'pofcd to he built by Is ■ 
|ohn. About 6'j ytars aj';o, alm.'il eve'y 
houfc was burnt to tl.e ground, wli-.n 
the records belonging to the ealllc aid 
convent weie con'iimed. It is however 
row a good trading town ; and the wr- 
nien arc eniployed in knittinj; wcrlted- 
llockings. The ni.nkct i.> laue foi corn, 
which is brcuglit out ni Ncrfidk. It is 
36 miles N. by li. frn-.n Ipfwich, j ;> 
S. of Suffolk, an.l ici N. T.. of London. 
I. 'in. 16. o. 1.^1. 52. 35. 

• Bunco, a l;ini;dom cf japan, in the 
ifl ind of Ximo, vvhtife capital is Lunay. 
The king of thi^ country was converted 
to Chriftianity, a;id fent an embalTy to 
Pope Grcjory in 16S3 ; but now there 
is not one (Jl.iiflan in all Japan. 

* BuMv.\, ,T mountain of Greece, be- 
tween 'I'lu-lfaly and AcliaJa, which cx- 
tindi as far as the Culph of Ztiton. 
The ancient name was Oeta, and it is 
famous for the narrow pafs cal'cd tli: 
Thermopylcj, and for tlie death of Her- 

Bu.vTiNcraBD, a town gf Hertftird!)-!'-, 

B U 

with a market on Mondays, and two 
fairs, on June 29, and Noven.ber 30, for 
pedlars wa:e. It is a thoroughfare town 
on the N, road, and is leckoned no more 
than a hamltt. It is 7 miles S. of Roy- 
fton, 26 S. by E. of Huntini^don, and 
31 N, by W, of London, Lon, 17. 30. 
lat. 51, 55. 

* BuNiziAw, orBcNTZEi, two towns 
in the kingdoin of Bohemia, whereof the 
old is A.tted on the river lilbc, and the 
new, which is tlie nioft < •'dirablc, on 
t!ie river Gizara, 20 . les W. of 
Lignlt/, Lon, 33. 25. I..r. 5, i, 

Bvov OK THE NoHK, i buo_ . tccd at 
the mouth of the r!\ f 1 laines, to di- 
reil mariners how • ,1 oii. i dangerous 

* B', RACK AG, a r'v • of rt.irbary, in the 
kingdom of Fez, -h ' as its fource 
on the confines of t. pi ovince of Chaus, 
runs alom; thv C'-nt'uics of Ftz and Te- 
niel'na, and f;dls into tl;e Atlantic Ocean 
at the town of Sallee. Talbe-Rougiman 
a Moor, calls thij (Uieron. 

* BuRFii A, orCivifA Ru R « .-:m. /i, a 
town of Italy, in the I' of Naples, 
and in the Abiuy./o citra, near the 
iiver Sangio, It is 1'^ niiles S, of La'".- 
ciano. Lon, 32. 4c. 1:11,4.1.56. 

Ejk FN, a town of the L'rirsd Province?, 
in (iutlJcil.ind, and in t!ic Hi-taw, whicli 
givfs the title of Ccut.t <;e Bi;ren to the 
I'rir.i-c of Orange. It is 16 miles W. 
of Ni;ncr:ii.?n. Lcn. 12, 25. lar. 52. o. 

Be K £N, a town cf Germany, in the circle 
of Weilphalia, and in the bifnopric of 
Paderuorn, It is feated on the river 
Alme, 5 miles S. of Paderborn, Lon. 2O, 
o, lat. 51. 3 c. 

BuKFop. D, a town of Oxfordfliirc, with a 
market on Saturdays, and two fairs, on 
July 5, for hoifes, flicp, cows, and 
fma!l wares, ar.d on September 25, for 
ci'.eefe and toys, it is feated on an 
afcent on the river Windrufh, and is a 
!iand:ome place, chiefly nijted for the 
making of Saddles. The Downs near 
it, n.',t<,d for liorfe-races, are of great 
ativanta_.:e to the town. It is 23 miles 
W, N. W. of Banbury, 58 E. N. of 
Crinol, ai.d S5 W. of Li.-idDii. Lon. 
1 5. 55. lat. 51. 40, 

* BcRr, a town in Liriccinfir.rt;, with a 
market on Thuriday;, and tliree fairs, 
on May 12, for fii-e'j, 
tie, on Au^:^i'.'.l r'"', i 
Oa-.bcr ?., for cat.:-. 
a.' I f'c.-t<. It is feated 


2 {■: 


1101 1'cs, and cat- 
;: toys, a:;d on 
zzi Jo.ithinp of 
i'i i mrili, and 

i, i.- i% jniii" 

S. j:. 



! 1 " 

.■1 ': 


B V 

S. E. of Borton, and 117 N. of London. 
Lon. 17. 35. 111. S3- "• 

Burg, a town of t!ic I)urc!> Nc;thcrl.ind<, 
in Zutplicn, fcUed on the old IlTcl, iS 
miles E. of Ninieguun. Lon. 23. 45. 
lat. 52. o. 

Burc-Cast t.r, or nonovoii-C.\sTi e, 
is fcated on tlic i'dj!c o( tlic county of 
Suffolk, three niiljs W. of Yarmouth, 
where the rivers Vnre and W.ivcny 
meet. There was formerly a dolii^htiul 
caftle here, in which a nionalkry ; 
but there are ro remiins ol it now, 
except t''e ruins of its walls, near 
which Roman coins are often du-; up. 

Bl'rcaw, a town a-d c.iftl.; of Germa- 
ny, in t!ic circle r.\' Suabia, and capi- 
tal of a margravin-i: of the fame nnnie. 
It belongs to th'- houfe of Auftria, 
and is 15 miles W. of Auf fburg, and 
17 E. of Ulm. Lon. i8. 6. lat. 4S. 

• Burlaw, the m.-.rrrav.ite of, i'; a fmall 
territory of Germany, in Sii.ibia, be- 
tween the birtiopnc of Aufjfburg and , 
the Danube. It is a fertile populous 
country, and the c:r;i;al town is of t!ic 
fame name. 

• BuRr.Donr, a luindfome town of Swif- 
.ferland, in the canton of Bern, and in 

the Argo'.v, with a caAlc. It is jjretty 
large, and is feated on an eminence, 10 
miles N. E. of Be: n. Lon. 25. 10. lat. 
47. 6. 

BuROLEs, a town of Tranfilvania, fubjeft 
to the houfe of Aullria, feated 30 miles 
N. of Claufenburg, Lon. 40. 15. lat. 47. 

Burgos, a rich town of Spain, and capi- 
tal of Old Caflile, with an archbiOiop's 
fee. The fqiiarc:, the public buildini;s, 
and the fountains, ate very fine, and 
the walks very aerecable. It is feated 
partly on a mountain, and partly on the 
river Aranzon, 95 miles L. by S. of 
Leon, 6;; S, of Rilbo.i, and 117 N. 
of Madrid, Lon. 14. 20. lat. 42. 

Burgundy. See B e r n o n n e . 

BuRicK, a town of Germany, in the cir- 
cle of Weftphalia, and duchy of Cleves, 
fubjc£\ to -he King of PiufTia. It was 
taken by the French in 1672, who de- 
moli(hed the fcrriticaticns. It is .Tgrce- 
ably fcr.tcd on the river Rhire, over a- 
gainft WefL'l, 17 miles E. of Cleves, and 
37 N. W. of Cologn, Lon. 24. 20. lat. 
SI. 38. 

• Ei-RKn/«rfrK, a town of Germany, in 
Ltiwcr Bavaria, fci.ud on the river 

13 U 

Salt?, 27 miles N. by W. of Saltrburij, 
and 43 E. of Munich. Lon. 30. 25, 
lat. 4S. 5. 

BuRLiNCTON. See Br mt. intton. 

Bu'(LiNf;TON Nrv., tlie c.if'ital town (if 
New- (erfey, in N. Ame; ica, feated on river, 20 nnles N. of Philadci- 
jihia. Ships of burthen come up to 
t!ie keys, and tlie ccurts of juHi.e 
are held here. Lon, 303. 35. lat. 4^, 

* BupKHAM, a village in Buckingham- 
fliire, 3 miles E. of Maidenhead, witli 
three fairs, on February 2<;, and May 1, 
for licrfes, cattle, llic'.-p, and hogs, and 
September 21, for liorfes, cattlo, hogs, 
and lurcirii; fev.ints. 

* BuRNHAM, a village in Sonierfetfiiire, 
3 miles N. of Ilunifp.l, with one fair, 
on Tiinity-Monday, fur horfe*, cattle, 
and fliccp. 

BuKNHAM, a town in Norfolk, with a 
market on S.ituidays, and two ftirs, en 
r.Tarch is, for clieefe, and Au;;ult i, lor 
liorfes and other thing*. It is feated not 
fir from t!.c fea, 29 miles N. W. from 
Norwich, and 12S N. E. of London. 
Lon. 18. 25. lat. 53.0. 

BvRNi. K.v, a town of l.ancartiire, with , a 
market on Saturdays, and five tairs, on 
March 6, Ea(kr-Evc, May 13, [uly ; o, 
.-.nd October 11, all for homed cat le, 
hctfes, and (hcep. It is 35 miles S. E. 
of Lantafter, and 204 N. N. W. of Lon- 
don. Lon. 15. 3. lat. 53. 40. 

RuRNT-I'' I AM), a parliament town on 
tlie coaft of Scotland, in Fife, 10 miks 
N. W. of Edinburgh, Lon. 14. 30. lat. 
56. 12. < 

RiRNTwooD. Sec Br RNTWonn. 

' Bursa is one of the lar,.?cfl and finf^d 
towns of Turky in Afia, and in Natoli.i. 
It was the capital of the ancient Bithynia, 
and extends itfelf from E. to W. at tht 
foot of the fmall hills of Iviuunt Olym- 
pus, and on the edge of a lar;-'e fine plain 
full of mulberry iind fiuit-treci. There 
arc fo many fjirings piocetd from the 
Mount, that every houfe has its own 
fountains. The mofqiu-j are very luie, 
covered with lead, and adorned with 
domes ; as are alfo the laravanf.iries, 
which are very line and commodious. 
The Beredine is a large ftrinlurc, full 
of waielioufes and fliops, cont.iinin;; all 
the commodities of the E. beiidc: their 
OA'n manufaiTlurts in filk. Here aie tlie 
b'(l workmen in ail Turky, and are cx- 
cell-nt imitators of the tapcP.ry of Italy 
a;td France. This plj.;c 1* in general 


very pleafan 
Bazars is 
neat. It co 
400 families 
and 300 of 
men are per 
but the fubi 
and better pi 
came hither 
fpeak good S 
have good w 
j^rcat plenty 
the Turkilh 
into Europe, 
go S. of the 
lat, 35. 53. 

BuRioN uroi 
fordlliire, wi 
and four fai 
cattle and ho 
horned cattle 
on OAober 
horfes and la 
ly a large ab 
T^cnt it has 
fiee-rtone, ab 
length, fuppo 
fidi chiefly c 
runs from th 
flood to the 1 
market for coi 
ale is account( 
ale brought t( 
N. E. of Lirtl 
and 123N. N. 
59. l.u. 52. 4 

BuKTo.N, a tow 
market on M 
hill near the 
fmall place, 
coin, and 1 s 
Lon. 17. 5. h 

Be R TON, a tov 
a market on 1 
valley, near a 
Knothill. T 
built, but the 
it is on the gr 
Carlide. It i; 
57 S. of Carli 
London, Lo 

• BuRWASH, a 
W, of Battle- 
May 12, and 
pedlars ware. 

BcR v-St.Edm 
with a marUc 
fail i, un Sept 

B U 

very plfifant, and the quarter of the 
Bwizars is particularly well paved and 
neat. It contains above 40,000 Turks, 
400 I'amilies of Jews, 500 of Armeniiins, 
and 300 of Creeks. None but MulFcl- 
mcn are permitted to dwell in the city ; 
but the fubuibs, which are vaftly finer 
and better peopled, .ire filled with Jews, 
/.::'V."iani. and Creeks. The Jews 
c-ime hither froti Granada in Spain, and 
fpeak good Sp.ii.:fh to this day. They 
have good win;; and other provifions in 
great plenty ; and this the feat of 
the Turkilh empire before they palfed 
into Europe. It is 75 miles S. of Con- 
ftantinople, 172 S. E. of Adiiaiiople, aiul 
90 S. of the Black Sea. Lon. 46. 40. 
lat. 35. 53. 

Burton ufon Trent, a town of Staf- 
fordlhirc, with a market on Thurfdays, 
and four fairs, on April 5, for horned 
cattle and horfes, on Holy Thurfday, for 
horned cattle, on July 16, for toys, and 
on Oftober 29, which is conlidcrablc for 
horfi-s and homed cattle. It had former- 
ly a larRc abbey ; and over the river 
Tient it has now a famous bridge of 
fice-rtone, about a quarter of a mile in 
length, fupporttd by 37 arches. It con- 
fi(h chiefly of one loni^ ftreet, which 
runs from tiie place where the abbey 
flood to the bridge ; and it has a good 
market for corn and provifions. Burton- 
ale is accounted the bell of any country 
ale brought to London. It is 12 miles 
N. E. of Lifchticld, 1 1 S. W. of Derby, 
and 123 N. N, W. of London. Lon. 15. 
59. lat. 52. 48. 

Burton, a town of Lincolnfhire, with a 
mirket on Mondays. It is foatcd on a 
hill near the river Trent, and is but a 
fmall place. It is 30 miles N. of Lin- 
coln, and 150 N. by W. of London. 
Lon. 17. 5. lat. 53. 40. 

BiRTON, a town of Weftmoreland, with 
a market on Tucfdays. It is feated in a 
valley, near a great hill called larleton- 
Knothill. The town is pretty well 
built, but the market is very fmall ; and 
it is on the great road from Lancnfler to 
Carllfle. It is 11 miles N. of Lancader, 
57 S. of Carlide, and 244 N. N. W. of 
London. Lon. 15. o. lat. <;4. 10. 

• Buk«A'ASH, a village in Suffex, 8 miles 
W. of Battle-Abbey, with two fairs, on 
May 12, and September 4, for cattle and 
pedlars ware. 

Blr v-St.Edmi'ndV, a town of Suffolk, 
with a market on Wedntfdays, and two 
law*, «n Scpieniltr zj, wliahlaAs three 

B U 

weeks, and on December 3, which con- 
tinues three days, for horfes, butter and 
cheefe. The fituation is exceeding plea- 
fanr, and ilie air is fuppofed to be the 
bell in England, for which rcafon it is 
frecjuented by the better fort of people. 
It was formerly of great note for its ab- 
bey, which was f.iid to be the fineft and 
richcrt of any in England, and Hood 
between the two churches, which are 
both very larjfe, and featid in one 
church-yard. In St. Mary's, one of 
the''e churches, lies Mary (^ of France, 
who was mariied to Thomas Duke of 
Norfolk. It fends two members to par- 
liament, and is governed by a recoider, 
12 aldermen, and 24 common council. 
The ftrects, which are always clean, are 
pretty wide, and well paved ; and it 
contains about 1000 houfes, whicii are 
in general well-built, and 7000 inhabi- 
tants. The town took its name froin 
St. Edmund the King's being biiied here, 
after being murdered in a wood, and his 
head fevered fn.m lis boiy. Befuk-s the 
above churches, there a.'e one I'rtfljyte- 
rian, one Ir-depcndtnt, and one Quakers 
meeting. Here is a fpatious market- 
hall, a Rrammai-fchool, a fine fair-fted, 
and a beautiful crofs. The maiket is 
very lar^;c for corn, filh, and fowl. The 
affizc for the crunty .ire hid here. 
It is 14 miks E. of Newmarket, 25 
W. N. W. of Ipfwich, 43 N. of Chelms- 
ford, and 75 N. N. E. of London. Lon. 
iS. 2o. lat. 5;. 20. 

EuRv, a town of Lancadiire, with a mar- 
ket on Thurfdays, and two fairs, on 
Augurt 22, and April 22, tor homed 
cattle, horfes, and woollen- luth. It is 
a fiTiall place, and of no great account. 
It is 36 miles S. E. of Lancafter, and 
195 N. N. VV, of London. Lon. if' ^S- 
lat. 53. 36. 

BussA RAH, or Bassr AH, a fea-port town 
of Turky in Alia, and in Irac .'Vrabi, 
feated on t!ie W. fide of the nvcr Eu- 
phrati s, about 40 miles N. W. of the 
Gulph of I'erfia, It llards between the 
river Euphrates and thi Dciart, wliich 
lad comes up clofe to the walls. Some 
gtoirrajihers | lace this to"vn at f^me <lif- 
tance from tliat river ; but it is a mif- 
take, for the E. end is on the fide of 
the river : however, tli-rc is a canal 
from the Euphrates, whicii runs from 
the one end of ihe lity to the other, 
ai d divides it into two parts 5 and over 
it there is a bridge of boats, to keep up 
a communication between them. The 
C^ tir- 

j ; ^11 



• ^'m 


lit' . 








eirct-mference ii very tar(?e, vvhkh is 
owin^ in ( mcnfine to ttic pu'.it 
number of (l.iti-'-trctM phiiUcI witliin tlf; 
wallj. The hoiifcs nre gciunilly f.vo 
ftorics hijh, llat on tlie lop. Tlicy .iic 
conllruftcd svitli br'aki hiitnt in t'lc fun, 
and liavc tliu meant-ft afpei't "f any I'lacc 
In ihefe part; j and even tlic govcinc^r's 
houfc ii no better than a <loj; lu.Ic : 
there is fomewhat of architecture in the 
molquis ; but they lean in fiich a man- 
ner, that tiiey fecm rtady to tiiiiiWi- 
down. The rampaits arc very mv' h 
out of repair, and on the \valls there- arc 
a great number of bartions, or ronrnl 
tovcrs. This city is i^overned by a 
Tuikidi Bafh.iw, and a Mnufolcsn, and 
tlieru is a ga.riron conlirting of jcoo 
Janifarics. There arc many Jews, who 
IiVt' by brokcraj^u and fXchanRini; mo- 
ney ; but tluy arc kept very poor, for 
political reafuiis. Tlure are but a very 
few Cliriflians o( the Cncl< cliurth, ami 
thefe have no priert of their own. In 
1691 it was vifited will* tlie plague, 
which dertroyed 80,000 of the inliabi- 
tants, and tlie rcrt ran away ; but it was 
afterwards sepeopkd by tlie sviUI Aialis, 
who were fcon broujilit tinder the ful)- 
jef>ion of the Turks. The tra>ic Iieif 
is not fo confiderable as it wa^ foMicrly, 
which is owing to the infolencc of t'le 
Turks. It is 250 miles S. by E. of 
Bas^dad. Lon. 66. o. lat. ;o. 20. 

Bur r.S'i iR F, in Scoilaiul, cinfills of the 
iflands of and Rute, whicli Ii',' 
in th" Frith of Clyde, to the S. of Ar- 
gylc(l>irc. They arc fertile in corn and 
padui es, and tlure is a confidcraMc !ierriP'< 
fithcry. This (hire, to,;;ct!icr witli Caitli- 
ntfs, ftndi or^c nieuibtr to parliament. 

* BuTRAC, 11, a town of Spain, in Nijw- 
Cartile, formerly a bllhcip's iee. It is 
featcd on ihc river Lozoya, 50 rr.iks 
N. by E. of Madrid. Lon. 14. 40. lat. 
40. ^fi. 

CuTRiNT", a ft'a-port town of Albnni?, 
feated on the canal of Corfu, wit!i a 
biAiop's fee, and a good liaibuur. li 
fiands at the entrance of the gulpb of 
Venice, -50 miles S. E. of Chimera. Lon. 
38. 15. lat 30. 45. 

Eittok'j-Bav is tlic N. part- of flud- 
fon's-Bay, in N. America, rhiou;;'! which 
attempts have been made 10 dif.ovcr a 
K. W. paflraq;c to China. It is fo called 
from Sir Thomas Button, who i-ere lo(l 
his lliip, and cam:: hack in a floop built 

^ in the cr.uiury. It llc^ between Co ;ind 
66 d- srecs of N. latitude. 

C A 

• BuTZAW, a tuWnof Gcrm.iry, inf.owef 
Saxony, and in tl;u bifli( pric if Swer n. 
It '):\<\ a C..(tl'.', v.!:cie the bOiops <,| 
Sweiin formcily redded. It 1. 17 mile, 
S. W. of Kollnik, and 30 E. N. E. ol 
Swcrin. Lon, 10. 47, lat. 54. 50. 

• BuxsTr.M', or Bucks r r A i>, a villam 
in Sulfex, lo m les S, S. E. of I all- 
CIrinlUad, wiili one fair on June 30, for 
cattle and pidl.n ,; ware. 

Bex roN-Wt I. r.s, in iXibyfliirc, formerly 
noted for 2 fprinj;s were ni af-eath 
o her, one of which was very hot, aiul 
the other very cold j but the wonder u 
now loll, for ilky are both blended to- 
gether. It lies at tlie bott( m ol a dliry 
Villac;(' of the fan.e name, and tlicie it 
3 public inn, which is very lar^e and 
commodious, and a great deal of Rood 
company refort there in the fimiiret- 
time, as well for air and exei(ife as Iit 
the leiu-iit ol bathin':, Tliere is plenty 
of giviife or nioor-^'ame for thofc w' ,1 
love fluotinir, and tronts and !:reylini;s 
for thofe that love tilliin.% In (horr, 
hire is divcrlions of all ft it., at an eafy 
rate. '1 he water is not now fo warm 
as the hof-well at Brillol. It is 13 niilii 
S. E. of MaiuheiKr, -jz N. \V. of Dtiby, 
and 1 60 N. N. W. of Londcn. Li n. i -. 
31;. lat. 33. 20. 

• Buzhach, .t town of Germany, inWe- 
teravia, and in tlie county of .Solmc.i, 
on the ci ntincs of that of Ilanau. It 
is 8 miles S. ( f CJielTli), and 20 N. by 
E. of Franckfort. Lon. 26. 26. I.r. 50. 

BvcHdw, a town of Poland, in I.itluiania, 
and in the palatina'e of Mif^iil.iv/. It 
is t'catcd on the ri\er Nieper, 32 miles 
from Muhilvv, ■; (; ^f. E. cf Rohaczos, 
and I So S.W. of Wilna. Lon. 49. k. 
lat. 53. 37. 

BvzANTiuM, the ancient name of tliu 
city of Conflantinojile. 

Bvzi.^, orVizA, a town of Turky in Eu- 
rope, in Romania, which is now a fniall 
place i but it was ai.ciemly the feaf 01 
the kini'S of, and is lull an artli- 
bilhojj's fee. 




CA AS A, a handfomc town oi 
E)Typt, on ihi; eafcrn bank of 
the river Nile, from whi:rc<: they tranf- 
port coin and pull's to Mecca, Sever.d 

fine monimi 
pi iial tliai.i 
310 milc> 
i.t. J4. 3- 

• CABfCA-n 

Pcrtus il, ir 
ai.<l u iboni 
of I'ort-Ale 

Lon. 10. 4b 
CAr.rsiM, a 
Africa, 100 
fuhjcft to I 
4. 1;. Sovtii 

• CAiir. b, or 
in the kin,: 
the Rulph 
td on a 11 

C \ in)-C')K •". 

C \r.o-nF.-I .1 
province ol 
Venice, fea 
of \'enice, 
Oinds on ; 
to the iiiMin 
a bilhop'i li 

• C Ml K A , a 
dom of Toi 
but without 
liver Ni^ei' 
From lience 
to the kingc 
jTc) by watei 
i!ie (h.ii e i 
ftak;-, or 
clay, and t 
They iiiake 
IktVs a;c b 
jjcojiIc ,4ie , 
qU'.iUeel by 
who come 
vcint 1 by 
N. of Algii 


C A B R £ I> I A , , 

r.inean So, 
V inch it is 
a largj fee 

C.\ Kci , a la 
and c:ipital 
t.i.l!es, an< 
«" .iter with 
ijulltint^ till 
in 1739. 
lo S:;rmaca 
of Canii.ihc 

* C .1 u u L J : r 

C A 

fine niomim^nfs, coveiid vlth liicroi^ly- 
j!l iial thai af leu, nio fuund hcic. It n 
•;:o tiiilcJ S, ot° C'.tito. ^^q, jS. 

i.t. i^. 30. 

• C.\ B» ( A-iiK-V'inr, a finall town v( 
Pcrtug il, in Alciitcjo, witli pi ml. wall,, 
ai.d a Hioni; ciillc. It i» iz milti S.W. 
v( l'i>it-Alvj(io, ai)d 20 N. of LikrtiTUis, 
Lon. 10. 4S. lit. 39. o. 

CAr.r.MM, a f'lMpoit town of Cvingo, in 
Afrita, 100 inlli;j S. E. of Lo.'tnja, and 
fuhjtrt to Pomi^.il. Lon. 2g. 45. lat. 
4. 1;. Sov'tli. 

♦ C.uiKb, or (I \i: - ■;, a f'>wn tf Afiitn, 
in tlie kin(;Join of 'I'liniJ, jTUty near 
thu (;ulph of thu famu name, and is feat- 
t<l in a river. Lon. 2S. 30. lat. 33. 

C.Mii)-C<)R«'>. SccCa it-CoastC.x 5 1 1 r, 
C.\Eo-t)F.-I .TH I A, ilic t^j'ital to.'.n of tlif 
|)iovincc of lihia, i'> tli.- tciritoiy of 
V(.n;.f, fcatcd on itio coall cf ili; Ciil|)h 
III \'cnii.e, II ni.lci h. of Tiicfk'. It 
(t iiuls on a f;ii.ill illand, and i, j 'intd 
to ilif main l.ind iiy tliaw-l)ri(!jjc> i it is 
a hilliop'i fee. 

* C\iii( A, a town of Afiica, in tiie kinr;- 
doni of 'l'i)inl)ut. It is a lair.f place, 
but wittiout w.ills, .md is feateil on tlic 
liver Nij;tr, li mil.-s from Toii.lmt. 
Frnm licnec i!it naicliants, tr.ivel 
t(j the Uingdi-.iiJ of flhinea anfl NKIla, 
{TD by water. 'I he liuafes are built in 
i!ic Ihape of b.'!l.i, ar.d the walli a:e 
flak.:-, or lur.dlej, plafteicd over with 
thiy, and the covcrinj^s are of rei.<!s. 
'J'hey r.iake a ;;rcal (kal of cottoh-chMli 
ilumftlvts } hut \.i,ollen-i.lotlib and 
llcfts a:e brci-u;!it from BaiLaiy. The 
j<tr);>k .kie Nl 'iomet;.ns ; and it is fre- 
qu'.ntctl by a v :»t miinhLr of nej^iocs, 
who ccme l!iii!<cr by w.iter. It is ro- 
Vvint I by a viii -oy, and ia 900 ii;,l.j 
N. of Ali;ieis. Li>n. 10. 25. i.j. 


C.\UR£r>iA, a f.nall ilam! in :lie Mcillt'.r- 
r.mean Sea, to the S, ol iw-iiorea, frcin 
vhieh it is dirtant 7 or 3 n.ilos. It has 
a largj fecuie harbour, deUniled by a 

C.iKt'i, a laii^e town of Af..\, in In 'i >, 
and ciiJital of C.iLulift;,n, a n.or.i; 
t.i.Ues, and many palaces. T'lis, to- 
i" .her witii the provipcj, were ceiled to 
f.'jli-Khan by th; Cucat Morul, on his 
iiuiitiiu^ the I'.'ll <it his conqiK lU in India 
in 1739. '* '^ '^ '''I' "^''d tVom I.alior 
to S.nnaiani'i, and i-. about 100 miles E. 
i'f Canilahor in Tertia. 

* C.\ijulj:t.\2<, a province of Afi.i, for- 

C A 

iTirrly in t!ie ferritoriei cf t!ie Great 
Mogul, but t, vv in iVifia. It li bound- 
fd on I'le \. by 'I'.iitaty. < ti ll <• L. by 
C.iilvjiiif, (I' tia VV. jiy S.i'>' and 
C', and on the S. by ^!ull..n. It 
containi iron-ntlnct, Ixfhies fiveial font 
cf thugs, 'l'hl.^ country is not very fer- 
tic, but it i. lieli en actount cf tr^dc. 
C';ihul i) the I'tpital to-. n. 

* Cajaca, a lown of Afi:.-n, in t!ie 
kiiridbin of 1 ez, near Mulilli. 'J lu 
Moors retool; it from the Spani,\ri!j in 
i<;34j and it has af'itiipn a rutk, 
v' r h t.irni t be undtrininc!. Lon 14. 
Ao. lat. 35. J. 

Cao.ri!!, a town of Spain, in Edrtma- 
t!iira, nia' the c mfines ol rirtu.-,.il. He- 
twtcn this town and niotos i.. a wooil, 
in which th'j Allies (lib aittl the lunJi 
air.iy in t7c6. Ii is fai lous lor its (mc 
wco!, and \% fcattd on the livtr S.ibitt, 
22 nilk'j S. v.. of Alc.Tiit.ira, and •? ^ 
S. W. of I'lateniia. Ltn. 12. S. lat. 
39. j;. 

Cm- I k ? • -Tif.-CAv .% R r Ml A, a town of 
Alia, in flu- Iflc of Luzon, with a bilhop's 
f.~t', ard fulijtdl to Jip.iln. Lcii. 141. 25. 
lat, 14. I c. 

C.rii AN, crCASii AN, ,1 confidcia'^l'.' town 
cf I'erlia, in Irai- Apuiii, wlurc they 
carty on ,1 Lonfukralile trade im (iiks, 
filv,.r and ^,e 1.1 bioe.idcs, and tine eaithcn 
waie. 'I'heie ;ir-' a g -^at number of 
Cliiiiiians and Clutbies in this place. 
It is feated in a v.iil plain, 1; 5 miles 
fiuni iri>.di.n\ aiii! in the to Kojii. 
Lon. 0;, 37. lat. 34. 10. 

C.\^ 11.10, a ;e town cf Afia, in tl.e E. 
liidics, and opital of a | rovinee of the 
f.\'.i^<: name, m the kiiVs.Iom c f Tcncjuin. 
It in a hiyh country, alvaii f^o 
ir.ilcs from the fc.i, feated on the wcit- 
lide of the river Floti. It con'aiiii .-.iLuit 
20,coo houfts,Nvlic!e walls aa- mud, and 
c..Vw:cd v.iih ih.i'.cli ; aivl each h..v. .1 
yaiii, in'.vhicli is a f..ia!l arched iiii!.- 
inilHinj, lilvc an oven, witl>. the n^u'li 
to the ?;ro'.i!vl : in thc'e thty put their 
i-ooc'j, to ('.cure liiem ficm (•.>:. Tlie 
Kini'.s of 'ion.ju'.n h.ivc t- n or thre'^ 
j).i!a:'ei in it, iv. h a.s ihcy be. 'I'lic 
lioiifo of the Enijhih fa^- r> is felted at 
the iMiilh end of tlie town, fronunij the 
tlu; river, ar.d is the bell in ti.e place. 
The traelin.'.-j cop'e aie civil tothaiu'ci ;, 
l;ut the great nscn !iau.;lity, and tli.- jkh r 
ihicviil). 'I'l-e men buy tlieir wivu 


and n/;l 

s, :.i.ii the youiii^ womin 


'! 'H 


cficr thcirtfolvc-.j to C-rangers of their own 

acwvul, ;.n! they arc of .ill pr.cco j b'r 

Q^i til? 

[ ri 

C A 

the poor lafcars belonging to fliipJ are 
never without. The great men will 
oIRt then daughters to merchants and 
officers, if they rtay half a-year in the 
couptry. The childien of thefe girls are 
alwavs hctaT looked U)5on, hecaufe their 
complexion is fairer tiiaii that of the 
other ...habitants; nor does this com- 
merce jjrevent their having hufbands. 
The Dutch pcneraily keep their miftrcifes 
in pay during t'leir abfcnce, to buy in 
con modities, which they do at the dead 
time of the year, particularly raw filk j 
and they employ poor people when work 
ia fcarce, and fo get it cheaper and bet- 
ter done. Their religion is Pa!;;anifm, 
and they h.ive a great number of pagods 
to placi; tlitir idols in. The f.iftorics 
pui chafe fiiks and lacquered ware, as 
in China. It is joo miles N. W. of the 
mcuth of the river. Lon. 123. 32. lat. 
42. o. 

Cached, a town of Africa, in Negrol.ind, 
on the river of .St. Domingo. It is fub- 
jeft to the Portugutft, who have three 
forts J and lieie they car^y on a great 
trade in wax and flaves, Lon. a. 4c. 
lat. 12. 0. 

Cachmire. SeeCASHMiRB. 

* Caconcd, a fmall kingdom of Africa, 
lyinv; in the river Zaire, wliofe i ^.Iiabi- 
tants are nddifted to tr;;de. Their man- 
ners, leligion, .an. I government arc the 
fame as in Loango. Maleaiba is the 
cajntal town, 

♦ Cacori. A, a town of Spain, in Anda- 
lufia, fc:itei on the rivulet Vc^a between 
two mountains, about two miles from 
the fouice 01 tlie Cuadalquivcr, on the 
frcn'iirs of t'le kiiii;doin of Granada. 
Jt bclonRS to the a'-hbidiop r.( Toledo, 
and is 15 miles £. S. £. of Ubcda. Lon. 
19. 30. lat. 37. 5'.. 

• CAnAr, a town of Bohemia, in the cir- 
c!t oi" Zats, fcat.-d en the northern bat'k 
of the ri 'er Egra, 18 miles W. by N. of 
Zats. Lcn. 31. 9. lat. 50, 20. 

• Cadea, or, The League or the 
Hdvse of Goi>, is one of thofe that 
compofe the Republic of the Grifons, 
and it is t!ic i.\o!\ powcral and cxtennvc 
of the.n a!!. It contains the bilhopric 
of Coiic, tlie f;reat valley of Enradinc, 
ut^.d '.liat of Bretraille, or I'regel. Of the 
II great, or; I fmiil conimimitles, there 
are but two tiiat fpc.ik tile GernKin l.m- 
guage : th.u of the reft is calL-id the 
Rhetic, and is a dialed of tlit Italian. 
The l'rnieft;iin reIi>:\on is the moll pre- 
dominant in this League, which is alliC<4 


C A 

to the Seven Swifs Cantons, ever fmee 
the year 1498. Coirc is the capital 

Cad EN AC, a town of France, in Querci, 
on the confines of Rouergtie, and feated 
on the river Lot, 27 miles E. N. E. of 
Cahors, and 38 N. of Alby. Lon. 19. 
47. lat. 44. 36. 

• CADENEn, a town of France, in Pro- 
vence, and in the Viguiric of Apt. It 
is 28 miles S. E. of Avignon, 12 N. of 
Aix, and 10 S. of Apt. Lon. 23, 5. l-.t. 
43. 40. 

• Cadillac, a town of France, in 
Guienne, and in Bazadois, near the 
r.ver Garonne, with a liandfome caftle. 
It is 15 miles S. £. of Bourdeaux, and 
J7 N. of Bazaz. Lon. 17. 20. lat. 44. 

Cadiz, a handfome, large, ftrong, rich, 
and famous town of Spain, in Andalu- 
f:a, with a good harbour, frequented by 
merchant rtiips from all parts, and two 
fortrertes. It is a bilhop's fee, and is 
feated on an iHand, about 18 miles in 
length on the 3. W. and is about 9 m 
breadth ; but the N. W. end, where the 
town ftands, is not two broad. It ha; 
a commu.iication with the continent or. 
the oppofite fliore by a bridge. The bay 
formed by it is 12 miles in length, and 
6 in breadth. The S. fide is inaccefTiblc 
by fea, becaufe it is edged with craggy 
rreks, and the two forts, called Puntal 
. nd Mataporda, command the pafTage 
into the harbour. It is a very ancient 
place, it being built by the Pheenician.,, 
and afterwards was a Roman town, and 
there are feveral remains of Roman an- 
tiquities. The inhabitants h.tve no wa- 
ter but what liiey get from wells. All 
the Spanifli fliips go from hence to the 
\V. Indies, and return hither back, as 
well to and from other pans of the 
world j it is rendered hereby a tr.irliv.j 
place, and tlie inhabitants arc ^'ery ricli. 
It was taken and plundered by tiie Eng- 
lifh in I ^96 ; but being attempted again 
in 17c;, tiiey had not the like fuccefs. 
It cont;iin$ about 5000 hoiifes, and 
50,000 inhabitants ; and the 
is a v»;ry handfome flruiHuie. !t is 20 
miles W. of Medlna-Sidonia, 4!; N'. W. 
of Gihr.^har, 90 W. by S. of Malaga, and 
6<; S. by W. of Seville. Lon. '12. o. 
lat, 36. 25, 

• Capit;, 1 HE T<^'E or : Befidcs wirit 
has been jufl faid, it may be cbferved, 
that tliis iiland !ie'> eff tlie mouth of tl-e 
r.ver GuaJalcjuivar, near thecoallof An- 


^alufia, from 
channel, ove 
calle I Siiaco. 
tlie remains o 
lumns of Her 
in paftures, i 
e.l cattle wou 
removed in 
note in it, ex 
a great numb 
'# Cadore, 
town of Italy 
and capital o( 
which ii fame 
the painter, 
no, and 43 E 
lat, 46, 25. 

C A U O R I N , 

territory of V 
the E. by V 
Bellunefe, wl 
W. and by th 
N. It is a V 
and yet is p 
town is Picvt 
C.' nsANn, an i 
Flanders, at 
Scheld, whic! 
mand i.f th.u 

• C .^ t G W R I. K > 

Flintlhire, 7 ; 
with four f 
May 16, Au| 
all for cattle, 
Caen, a hamlfi 
of France, ca 
with a celel 
academy of 1 
ftrectf, and 1 
churches that 
Iniilt. The f 
which thrre s 
;ihle hei;.;ht. 
men, and fev 
v.liich there 
handfome am 
the Urfuline 
The caflle ha 
as well as tl 
Indidi, He 
palace belong 
wjiere he fon 
licufe is a lar 
towers, Th 
fomert in al 
lioufes on th 
rriid'lle is th 
1 Roman ha 
pcdcftal, ani 

C A 

^alufia, from which it \s fcparatcd by a 
channel, over which there is a bridge 
calle I Si:aco. There aie two old towers, 
the remains of a building called the Co- 
lumns of Hercules. It is exceeding rich 
in paftures, inromuch that it is prete.-\d- 
ed cattle would burft -hemlclves, if not 
removed in time. There is no place of 
note in it, except Cadiz j and there are 
a great number of falt-works around the 

* Cadore, or PiEVE Di Capoh, a 
town of Italy, in the territory of Venice, 
and capital of a diftrift called CaHoiino, 
which is famous for the birth of Titian 
the painter. It is 15 miles N. of Bcllu- 
110, and 45 E. of Bolzano. Lon. 31.20, 
lat. 46, 25. 

Cauorino, a province of Italy, in the 
territory of Venice, It is bounded on 
the E. by Proper Fraili, on the S, by 
Bellunefe, wiiicli alfo bounds it on the 
W. and by the biftiopric of Brixen on tlie 
N. It is a very mountainous country, 
and yet is pretty populous. The only 
town is I'icve di Cadore. 

Cadsanh, an ifland on the coaft of Dutch 
Flanders, at the mouth of the rivtr 
Schcld, which gives the Dutch the com- 
mand (>f that navigable river, 

* CAtcwRi. F. V, a village of N, Wales in 
rllnilhirc, 7 miles S. by W. of Cheiler, 
with four fairs, on Slirove-Tutfday, 
May 16, Auguft 12, and Odober 27, 
all for cattle, 

Caen, a hamlfumc, and confiderabi- town 
of France, capital of lower Normandy, 
with a celebrated i.'ni\enity, and an 
academy of literature. It contains 60 
ftrect', and 12 pa.iflies, .ipd among the 
chuiches that of the Holy Crofs is bcft 
built. The front has two towers, upi n 
which th'/re are two fjiires of a conlidcr- 
able heii;ht. Here are rine convents for 
men, and feven for women ; to each of 
which there is a church, and the mofl 
handfonie among them are the Cordeliers, 
the Urfuline Nuns, and the Vifitation, 
The ciflle has four towers ; and thole, 
as well as the wall, were built by tiie 
Fn:.:lirti, Here is likewile and epifcopal 
palace b'.loni;ing to the bi.liop of Bayeux, 
where he fometimes refides. The town- 
licufe is a large building, with four great 
towers. The Royal-Square is the hand- 
fomert in all Normandy, and has fine 
houfcs on three fides of it ; and in tlie 
niid'lle is the <Vuue of Lewis XIV. in 
a Reman habit, ftandinp on a marble 
prdiAiIj and furrounde^l v/iih an iron 

C A 

baHuftrade. It is fcatcd in a pleafant 
country on the river Oriie. There is a 
harbour about eigiit miles from the fea, 
which renders it a trading place. Wil- 
liam the Conquerer was buried here, in 
the abbey of .St. Stephen, which he 
founded. It is 65 miles W. by .^. of 
Rouen, 42 li. of Coutanccs, and 125 
W. of Taris. Lon. 17. 18. lat. 49. 
* Caehfu. T. Y, a town of Glamorgan- 
fhire, in South- Wales, with a market on 
Thuifdays, and five fairs, on March 25, 
Tliurfday after Trinity, July 29, Auguft 
14, and Tliurfday before Chriltmas, all 
for cattle and ftockings. It is fcated 
between the rivers 'lafF and Rumney, 
in a moorirti ground, and among the 
bills. It is thought the walls now in 
ruins were built by the Romans ; for 
there are often Roman coins dug up 
here. It \i 1; miles N. of Landaff, and 
122 W, of London. Lon. 14. 20, lar. 

Caeri. EON, a town of ^!onmouthl^lirc, 
with a market on Thurfdays, and three 
fairs, on May 20, July 20, and Septem- 
ber 21, for cattle. It is a place of great 
antiouity, and a Ronian town, as 
is evident from the many Roman anti- 
quities founil here. It is conimodiourty 
feated on the ijver Ufk, over whicli 
there is a large wooden bridge. The 
houfes are generally built of ftone ; and 
there are the ruins of a caftle rtill to be 
fcen. It is 1 9 miles S.W. of Monmouth, 
and 141 W. by N. of London. Lon. 14. 
35. lat. 51. 40. 

.AERWis, a town of Flintfliire, in N. 
Wales, with a market on Tuefdays, and 
fix furs, on March 16, the laft Tuefday 
in April, Trinity-Thurfday, the firft 
Tuelday after July 7, September 9, and 
November 10, all for cattle. It is feated 
on an alccnt ; and, though it is but a 
fmall place, the market is very good for 
corn and pioviiioiis. It is 5 miles E, of 
St. Afaph, 5 W. of Hint, and 192 N. 
W. of London. Lon. i.|. ic. lat. 53. 

Caeka, orKAFFA, an ancient and con- 
fiderable town, capital of Crim-Tartary, 
with an excellent harbour. It wai 
taken by the Ccnoefc in 1266, wha 
made it the feat of tr.ide in the Eaft, by 
which it wr,s rendered one of the moil 
flounfliing tcv/r.s in Ada ; but fmce it wai 
taken by the Turks in 1474, it is much 
decayed ; and their only trade now is in 
Haves, whitli ar^" bioug'it from the 


" '■'ii.'iM V!''li 

• ti :H 


I': ybi 





'IV 'li 

. m 

^ i ■ I, . 1 

C A 

rcig'ibouring coiv«rics, and fcH to the 
'luiks. It coiii.i.iis aixjiit 5 or 6000 
hoii'':;^ J but they li ivt no liamlfoiiR- 
bull. ii)-s, cx^fjit t!ic rcni:iintltr of thcU 
ot th.; Genocfi;. Il is inh.ibit.'cl liy Jews. 
Miie .', Armenians, Crceka, Roman 
Csil" ics, M-.d '! uilci, who liave all li 
bjrty (-1 to;.f.KraL> ; nnd ll)t Turks have 
alwav:; a lUoiv.^ paiiiion h:re. It is 
fuatui on the [ilack Sea, 150 miles N. 
by E.. ot Conftantinoplc, and 425 S. 
ol Mv>fco>v. Lon. 52. 30. Lt. 44. 

CA.-tR«R!A, a large ccun'ry of Africa, 
towards the SoJtIi. It is bounded on 
t!ic N. by Ne^roei..nd and Abyilinia, on 
the •'''. iy a part of Guinea, Congo 
and th',' fea, on the S. by tlic Ca; e 
of Go^-d-iirpe, and on the E. by the 
fi3. It is ili\i(icd into fevcral territo- 
iIls iind kingdoms, of wliivh we know 
little more t!iin the name;, i xc.:))t tlv 
ilottcr.t.i. ., wlicre iheDuiiii are niafl' is 
t)f the fea-cDaft, and, ii.'.rticul.irly, th. y 
have a tov/n and calU,; nc.r tlic Cape of 

•, a province of Af;a, in the 
rortliein part of the Ifle of Louzcn, 
fta'td un a rjvtr of tlie lame name. It 
is inhahite'.t by Ic'olateis and Clirilliam, 
an.' ii fo fertik'. ,ind full of bis, ihit 
the poi r people burn nolhiriv, but wax- 

Cap 1. 1, m ancient town cf Italy, in the 
dutch/ of Uibino, with a iVifnop'a =■■■■. 
It is r'i:4ted at the foo: of the App n- 
nine M j'.intr.ins, 20 mile. S, of Uiln- 
r.o, 1" (i. cf Citta-di dilello, and fo 
W. 01 Lotetto. Lun. 3c. iS. lat, 4-,. 

C.AOMARi, »n nncient, larf?-, and rich 
ttwn o(, capital of the Illai-.d of 
Sardinia, with an archbilhop'; fee, nn 
■f;.liv?rrity, a eullle, and a (,'ood luibour. 
It is llie li-at of the vlcirc^v, and w.;s 
taken, with the whole ifland, by the 
Snglilh in 1708, who transferred it to the 
linij oror Charlie VI. ; but it was re- 
taken by tiie .Sp.iniards in 1717, and, 
about tvvo year-i aUcrwar.-is, ceded to 
the Duke of i'avoy, in lieu of Sicily, and 
from hence he the title o; King of 

Cahors, a confider.'ihlo town of France, 
in ()uerci in Giiicnne, v ith a hilho[i s 
fee, and an univjrnty. It ir. feated on 
a pcnin'uln made by the iivLr1.ot, .nnd 
is partly built i;n a crav.^-y rock ; nnd 
over the river tlu-ie is a l.ivge ftciie- 
bridje, belidci two other b:idj;es, and 

C A 

fe^'cral mills for dirtcrcnt trades. Tiie 
principal Ilreet is very narrow, and ter- 
minates in the market-placf;, in wh;:h 
is the town-lunife. The cathedral 
church is a Gothic ftrueluie, pnd has 
a laige fquare fleeple. The fortlfita- 
tions are rejcular, and the town is fiir- 
rounded witli tliick walls. It is 50 
miles N. W. of Alhi, 62 N. of Tou- 
loufe, 102 li. of Bourdeaux, and 2S7 
S. of I'aris. Lon. 19. 7. lat. A^ 

CAjANi^BURr;, the caj jtal town of t!c 
province of Cajania, or Eall-I?:thi,in, in 
Sweden, feated on the N. E. part of tl-.e 
lake Cajania, •loo miles N. E. of AI;o, 
Lon. 44. 3^. 63. 50. 

Caj.azzo, vtC.\J[/7o, a town of Italy, 
in the kin;.;dcni of Najjks, in the Terra- 
di-Lavoro, witli a birtiop's fee. It ij 
8 miles N. E. of Capua, and 22 K. 
E. of N.i]<Ies. Lcn, 32. o. lat. 41. 

* Caioos, idands of America, to the N. 
of St. Domingo, whieli take their nams 
ficni the principal. Lon. from 305. z^. 
to y C. 25. 21. 40. 

Caikoi.t,, a;:c, rich, and populous 
town of ATm, in Ciiina, feared in tlie 
middle of a la; c and vwll cultivated 
plain. It Aaiid.i in a bottom j v.mi 
when it was ber!i;j;(:d by tile icbe!:, in 
1642, th;y onh'u-l the il^kes of the 

i.ver Ho!lan^^ho to be cut, which 
drowned tlie city, and dellroycd 300,0:0 



cf t!ie;s. 
M%TAN Is I ANfi', in t!;e W. Indies 


in-; between 2y6 and 301 ih'Kiees of 
lonRiaide, and in l.t. 21. c. They are 
fie((i;cnted by .he inhabit;.nts of Jam.'.i- 
ci, wdio con.'.- hither to catch tortoiie>, 
wliich they carry home alive. They are 
to the S. of Cuba, and to the N. W. 01 
Cairo, a large city of Africa, and capi'il 
of Egypt, built in 795. It ccnfills of 
liiiee towns, cr rites, about a mile a- 
p.irt ; tliat is, 0!r! Cairo, Calio prop' r- 
1) fo caiied, and tlie licit termed Iiul ic. 
'i"he ancient to" n, which fcems to Ii.i. 
fnccteded Dab, Icin, and was built n'..;r 
it, had the name of MeiVa. Chi Cairo is 
re.'Ueed to a very fniall pi ic?, beiny iv ; 
al)ove two miles in circ.imfeience ; and 
it is the haibour for boats that come 
from l^piier Ecypt. .^ome of the lays 
h;ivc eouiVry lunifeS litre, to whieh th''y 
letiie V lien t'le country is overflowed 
by the Nile, N'cw Cairo is foaled abo'.;t 

a irile from 
it about tv,-o 
and is about 
It has three 
very good vvi 
are very nan 
lanes. The 
a ( -^urt, in 
appearance ; 
windows lie: 
them look 
There ar;; a 
fome of '.nIni 
the moft re 
Su'tan Hiffa: 
a rock, and 
v.eft of the 
fome very 
with doiiips, 
pictures of t 
now ufed for 
Still hie;her t 
from wlience 
prol'peit over 
all the coiinn 
a t(-rrace to tl 
is now opon 
v'iih very lar 
granite. '1 h. 
nios, which 
and are vifed ^ 
tliverfion, elpi 
go tiitre twlci 
of c;reat men 
fare, by hav i 
city is excee 
are feveral fr 
and tlierr a 
ro'-m o: it : 
tiin.; of the 
C" wded, til. 
The wcirien 
ih m in other 
;re [^raticelar 
r-.'-'.s (it at th 
bar.'-faced, *c 
.T-c likewil'j 
v.infirirs, ihr 
f.rjii.-iis. 'J 

fc'Vi'.-, lo Ci'lV 

Ir.'.j the ciiy 
and ibrre ;ir 



A. f 

r'..'"", t'vy do 
wi;!i curli. 
(liew tlv." ti.'i 
t nalb in tlie 
wliiji i: dm 
the iiiojl lafw 




C A 

a mile from the rivcij .inH extends rcir 
it ;ibout tv.-o miles fioni tlic mountains, 
aiul ii nHout 7 milts in tiicuir/'crciiCv. 
Ii lias tl'ic-t; I'l' K'ur very grand ir.ites, tt" 
very good v.'orl:i:K'.nflii|) ; biit I'le (Ircrtj 
aru Very ii.incAV. ard look like f'o man, 
lanes. Tiie fmcll hoi.fts art' bi.ik round 
a {-iiirt, in wliic'i tiijy makr." tiij be;l 
appearance ; l^ut thi;rc arc few or nu 
vviiiJu.vs next till; ftrcct, wliiuli malca 
tlic-m look '. cry di'':i;^rt(.-i!']e 10 rtr'.'M.crj. 
There ar;' n i;reat nuintier of moicjvici, 
fonm of wiiich are very mai::nificeni ; but 
the moft remaikiblf of all is that of 
Sii'tan Hi'Tlir, built at t!;e frot o; tlic 
calllc-iiiU. The cafiic ilfilf 'lands uj^nn 
a r(.i.k, and is walled round. To th'- 
v.L'Cl of the caftic arc the remains ot 
fonie very grand apartments, coveted 
vvitli dcii,ips, and adorni^d with Mof;'.ic 
pichiiLS of tries and iioufes : they aic 
now iifed for weaving and cmbroidLiini^ 
Srill hi!!;ln;r than tins is Joflph's f iali, 
from whence ihe.j is a inott delii^hiful 
prorpeif over the cify, tlie pyraniii's, and 
all the C(.i)Ptry round. It was pn iviMy 
a tf.-rrace to tliat ma^nifittnt room which 
is now ojien on the top, and is adorned 
vith very lar;.:e b'.autilil pillars o! red 
granite. '1 here are fivcral public bii;- 
nios, which are very hand'.uiK- within, 
and are iifed as plares of refreilmiert and 
iliverfion, el'pcci Ily for ihe wonirn. I,o 
go there twice a-wetk ; but thj wivi.^^ 
of threat men arc deprived of this pic;- 
fure, by having .'ths at home. This 
city Is eNceedin;: p'> nil ms ; Or th.rt- 
are fivcral fai lilit.s li e m one lio.dc, 
and there a miii.hir of peoj'lc in c.;c!i 
ro-'.n o:' it : for tl-i', n i'"on, ii-. tlie ii \\-j 
tiin, of the (lay, t'.^ ;;!..,;:. are \o 
c".wili-d, th.- it is iliT'i; III'- ti) I'afs ■\i.:nv-. 
Tiie wcinen have ;:r;r*r'r l.hcr y here 
thin in i<arts of '1 VMhy j ard t!ij;c 
rre pnrticelar flreets, the courtc- 
y-'.'is fit at the do MS, ric!;Iy dre'lli, :.:-id 
bar.'-f.iced, to invite in culomers. Ifj,-i- 
are likcwil'j rcvi.ral lookhipi, rrcari- 
varfu-irs, ihr.'- iloivy; !:;;'•, Jor !;-^r:;"; 
rirjiu-(rs. The R.didi io a lMii..! v>-1i;j)i 
ferves to convey the \.-a!t'i'S of tlie T'.'ile 
ir;tj l!i;; city ; it is i :; or 

feet bread, 
a:id there are houles b;;ilt en each lide 
c*" it. As foon as tlie water betiiis to 
r'.fv, t'vy dole tlie mouth of the c.inrd 
\vi:!i, .md tliey place a m.-.rk, to 
fliew th'! tine vd,cu tlils, 'and all oth/r 
t. n:ds in the kini;'!oni aie to i\' - ; er.ed, 
wl:uh i: ,!( newitli ;rt.ic fcdeinnity; ;.;'.d 
the nioil lafv,iviou» duncca arc tlu leail 

C A 

marks cf iV.tiv joy. The motitli of the 
Well ct J; :?ph is 24 feet I .pp;, ard i3 
broaa ; aiHi in di'iih 276, beinr lut in- 
to a rock : and these are o^en m pioptr 
places within it, winch are emp!o)et! in 
drav inc; i p the water. This city was 
fomierly a place of m'" h rreatei trade 
than it r. at jjrefer.t, lince the v/ay was 
found tut tj th • E;.(l l-.dici by the 
Cape (rt fioi il liripe. 'i he piincipal 
ni-'ichan't'^es lo- exno'-'-a o-i aie fiax, 
thread, cotton, le.u!ii.r, cailiioes, yellow 
w ix, .al-anm,oniac, and fatiVnn. Be- 
fides li.efe, tin-:e .'ire \-x^ digiotis ;]Uanti- 
lies of from Mccha, d'u;.,s, (| ices, 
Cilliciis, ar.d othir n .rthandizes, from 
the r!al> In'hes. fofejih's Ci'rana.y is in 
Old C..;ri->, ard is fiirrcundcd by . fquare 
w.ill, and within there are divers parti- 
tions. I'ere they I.;y up tlie corn that 
is paid as a ta:< to th.c Grand Sciji ior, 
\<'avith(>an('in5 its name, it waj cer- 
tainly Nuilt in the time ot tiie .'■■.iraccns. 
'Ihe Eu,( ]?.-,r.3 Hill ha e their confnis 
r.rd fa(!U ;:■. here, lor the prc'eiJMon and 
manaeeiit.Tt if the lu-ky trade on that 
fide. It is feated near the ea.'.ern banks 
of tl;c Ni!i, .'ibout ico mik", S. cf its 
ii'i uth. Lvii;. 49. 6. lat. jC. ;. 
C.\ 1 1; o ■. s, or K \ I R o .', N, a town of Afri- 
ca, in the lin.:'!om of Tunis, feated on 
the nvcr Ma.nii.. "^ c, miles S. of Tunis, 
It has bctn a lor;; time the of the 
jMinces of tlie Arabs. Lon. 29. o, lat. 

) • «( '- • 

C\n:- i, a t'-v.-n of \\■■^, in Perfia, nrd in 
t'i'j rrovir.ce iif CUir^irtar. r.tar iMoiint 
Cauc fus. Its tnde copiius cliLtly in 
I'.ks. Lon. 65. ?c. lat. 4-:. •^j. 

■'■ C.i I .\ S . . a httle town and ijarcny of, in M.ime, with a Btnediitir.e 

C.>rAnp,T.4, a country of Italy, in the 
l:'n';.!om 1 f .N iplvs, which is diviiie<l in- 
to C.l.ihna Vl;ra, and C.dal ria Citra, 
coir>'ii'-nlv ;.;.'ii..l I'ltciior and (.Ulterior, 
or Farther art! H.ther Cal.ibri.i. Ca!a- 
b'-i.i Cltra is cr.c of t'le 12 provinces of 
thi' l>ip\'dorii cf Naples, and is bi unded 
(■:■: thv S. by i'a!,,l>i,.i r'lrr.i, on t!ie N. 
by 1' il', rin! en the W. ami 1".. by 
tlie f.a ; C\i."i.,-,a is the cii'l; il. Cii.i- 
bri.v I'^hra is v.'a'li-f! by the Medltcrra- 
r.e.-.n ."' -n r- t' e T. S. and \V. and is 
l-'U''-,l by C.'.-.I'iii Citra on the N. is tlie e"]''*i' town. 

Ca r. A II or^ R A , a lev n of 

Calli'e, vi 
in a lcrt:i 

:\ I'llth p 

. If 

n 0!.l 
. felled 

le !'•;'•; f f a 

vvliitli (.Ate-ids to iliC banks of 

the liver 






il'l 'I- 



C A 

r.bro, 70 iriltfb E. of nurfros, 7,- N. by 
K. of Sigucnza, and 6z N. W. of Sara- 
goil'a. ion. 15. 4'^' '^f- 42- '"• 

CAi.Ats, a ftii.iii; town of France, in 
Lower Picaniy, .with a citadel, and a 
foi lined harbour. It is built in the form 
of a triangle, on;; (icle of whicii is to- 
wards the fca. The citadel is as lar^c 
as the town, and has but one entrance. 
Il is a trat^in^; plice, with handfomc 
flreets j it has but one parifh, and yet 
there are feveral churches and monafte- 
ries, and the ncmbtr of inhabitants is 
rcckoin-d to be 4^00. It was taken by 
King Idwaid III. of tni^lard in 1347; 
and was iolt in (^^ Mary's time in 15S7' 
It was bombarded by the Enghih in ifion, 
without doing niucli damage. 'I'he foi- 
titications are good ; but its greatell 
ftrtngth is its fiti;atiLn among the niar- 
flies, which may be overilowed at the 
apjiroaih of an enemy. The harbour is 
n(.t fo good as formerly, nor will it ad- 
mit veflels of any great burden. In times 
of peace there are packet-boats, which 
go backward and forward twice •'-week, 
from Dover to Calais, which is ii miles 
di(}ancf. It is 25 miles \V. of Dunkiik, 
55 N. of Abbeville, and 152 N. of Paris. 
Lon. 19. 31. lat. :;o. 5S. 

C A I. A M A T A, a confideral)le town of Turky 
in Europe, in the Morea, and in the 
province of Belvedcra, with a icrt. It 
was taken by the Venetians in if'855 
but the Turks retook it afterwards, wiili 
all the Morea. It is feated < n the river 
Spinarza, 8 miles from the fea, and 27 
W. of Mifitra. Lon. 39. 45. lat. 37. S. 

• Calamiane;, an iHand of Alia, in the, between Borneo and the 

* Calamo, or Cai.amivk, an idand of 
the Archipelago, near the coart of Afia, 
and to the S. of the Irtc of Lero, with a 
town of the fame name, and fubjeft to 
the Turks. 

• Calata Bellota, a town of Sicily, 
^eated on a river of the fame name, at 
the fiot of a mourfain in th'.- valley of 

* C a I. A T A Fi M I, a towr of Sicily, in the 
"allc'- ot Mazai 1. 

■* Crt;..\ 1 ^ OiRONAi 1 town of Sicily, in 
t!-.e valley of Note, feated on a^y 
mountain, near the ;iver Drillo. 

0»r./ ;aju!-, a large and handfcme town 
i C\aix), i,- the kingdom of Arragon. It 
• ieated at the confluence of the rivjts 
>aion ;;t!d Xilcca, at the ciul of a very 
ieuik valley, and has a eo«u cartk f«at- 

C A 

ed on » rock. It is 37 miles S. W, of 
Saragolfa, and 35 S. of Taracona. Lon. 
16. 10. Lit. 41. 22. 

* Caj.ata Nicr.n a, a town of Sicily, 
in the valley of Noto, feated on a moun- 
tain near the river Salto. 

* Calata XiBiTA, a town of Sicily, m 
the valley of Noto, feated between t' w 
mountains, near the fource of the river 

Cai. ATRAVA, a town of Sp.iin, in N'ew 
Caftile, and the thief [dace i-f the mili- 
tary order of the Knights of Calatrava, 
inlUtuted by Saiuho II. King of Caflile, 
in 1 15S. It is fi.'ated in a plain abound- 
ing in torn, wine, (heep, and game, near 
the river Guadiana, 10 miles N. £. of 
Cividad-Real, 50 S. of Toledo, and So 
S. of Madrid. Lon. 14. 20. lat. 39. S. 

* C'ALBAitv, a territory, river, and village 
of Africa, in the kingdom of Benin, and 
in Cn inea. The Dutch carry on a con- 
fiderable trade he:e. 

* Caliik.n, a tdwn of Cermany, in the 
Old Marclie of Ilr indenliurg, between 
Domitz and Magdeburg, that is 32 miles 
from each, with a pretty gooil caftle. 

C A L c A 1) A , or, St. Do m i n t; o C a i. c a i. n a , 
a town of S; aln, in Old Caflile, 4S miles 
E. of Eurgos. Lon. 14. 35. lat. 42. 36., a town of Germany, in the cirtls 
of Weftphalia, and dutchy of Clever, with 
a caftle. It is very Ihong, and belongs 
to the King of I'lullia. It is feated near 
the Rhine, S miles S. E. of Cleves. Lon. 

24- 4';- lat. <;'• 45- 

Cai cehok, a tov.-n of Bithynia, in Leilcr 
Alia, and capital of tliat country. It is 
now t!ie place where Scutari ftands, tho 
feraglio of the Grand Seignior at Con- 

Cam- IN A 10, a town of Itily, in the 
dutchy of Mantua, and in the IJrefciano, 
remarkable for a vi(flory gained over the 
Imperialills by the French in 1706. It 
is 1; miles S. E. of Bergamo, and 25 
N. £. of Milan. Lon, 27. 20. lat. 45. 

Calcutta. See Wn m am's-Fort, 
Calidonia, a fettlement intended to be 
made by the Scots on the W, f;de of the 
gulph cr rivci of Daricn in 1692, who 
were llarved out at the requeft of the E, 
Imlia company; for the Eni^lilh govern- 
ment prohibited ihc colonics lending 
th.'.ni any provifions, and therefore they 
were obliged to leave it in the year 1700. 
Cai. rNBFRf;, a c.^ftle of Germany, in 
Lower Saxony, and in the dut^.!iy of 
Brunfwick, J: is feated on the river 


Wnc, T 5 r>.i 
jcft to the I 
burg, Eledlor 
England. It 
pality of C lie 
52. 20. 


ny, in Lower 
three parts of 
and belongs ti 


lon, at the mi 
nane. The 
in 1655 } but 
it. Lon. 97. 

• Cali, a towi 
;m, and in 
feated on tlic 
nor of the 
there. Lon. 

C A I 1 r o u I. A N , < 
coafl of Mala 
in ilie peninfu 
where the Du 
I ^o miles S. 
lat. 9. S' 
Camclit, a tov 
dies feated 01 
miles S. of Go 
St. George, fu 
The Englifh h; 
vhence they d 
Hian mercliand 
place whitli tl 
when they cir 
Cape of Goo( 
feated on the ft 
7000 hoiifes, 
Lon. 93. 10. 1 
• Calicl r, a 
E. Indies, on 
miles in lengi 
breadth. It i 
and marrtits, ; 
ger, aloes, an 
always green, 
moft a perpei 
J articular fort 
.1 kind of dates 
fui',ar and oil, 
ful, and alfuii 
which anfwe 
Contrary to 1 
eoun'ries, the 
bands, and rl 
inherit. Th 
TVda'd ; and ' 
k-. es. 'i \<f\ 
known ; but 
One t.w-d, V. 

C A 

Letnc, 1 5 relies S. of Hanover, and fub- 
jeft to the Duke of Brunfwick-Luncn- 
b'lri^, Eledlcr of Hanover, and King of 
Enj^land. It is tlie capital of tlie pHrci- 
pality of Calcnbtis- Lon. 27. 15. l;!t. 
52. 20. 

• Calenberc, a principality of Germa- 
ny, in Lower SaXony, and one of the 
tlirce parts of the dutcliy of I)r.:nr\v!i:k, 
and belongs to the Elciftor of Han.-- ::. 

• Cal-eturf;, a fcrt on the illand of Cey- 
lon, at the mouth of a river of tlio fame 
name. TIic Dutch became maftcrs cif it 
in 1655 J but they were obliged to leave 
it. Lon. 97. 7.6. 6. 33. 

• C.\Li, a town of S. America, in Popay- 
an, and in a valley of tjic fame n.iinc, 
featcd on the river Cauca. The i;uvtr- 
nor of the province generally rclides 
theie. Lon. 304. 30. lat. 3. I5» 

Cai iroui. AN, or C^i;' n " ^' . ^ town on tlie 
coafl of Malabar, in the F.. Indies, and 
in I he peninfula on this (ide ihc Ganees, 
wl\ere the Uutcii have a factory. It is 
150 miles S. of Calicut. Lon. 92. 4c. 
lat. 9. 5. 

Cai. icuT, a town of Afia, in the E. In- 
dies, feated on the Malabar coafl, 3C0 
miles S. of Goa, and ?2o S. W. oi' Foit 
St. George, fubjedl to its own prince. 
The Entjiifh have .a faif>ory here ; f'oin 
wlience they orpoit pcpcr and other In- 
dian nnTclianfliles. This was the titll 
])lace whit!i the Poiti.v^iu fc dif^ovcred, 
when they came to the E, Indies by the 
Cape of Good-Hope in 149S. It i> 
feared on the fea-fide, and contains about 
7000 houfes, with a garden to each. 
Lon. 93. 10. lat. 1 1. 21. 

* Cam cur, a kini^dom of Afia, in the 
E. Indies, on t'le coall rf M..labar, or 
miles in length, and about as much in 
breadth. It is full of woods, livers, 
and marfhes, and produces pepper, icin- 
per, aloci, and rice, and the trees ;:re 
always green, infomuth t!iat there i'. al- 
mofl a perpetual ipring. Tiieu is a 
j-.articular ibrt of a tue, which produces 
a Uind of dates, from which they obtain 
fui!;ar and oil. '1 he kin^x is vet'- power- 
ful, and aifuuies the title 01" Samcrin, 
which anfwcrs to that of Emperor. 
Coiitiary to the cuflom of mott 
countries, the women have fevcral luif- 
b.indj, and the fifter's chddnn alwajs 
inherit. The inhabitants p;o almolt 
iv;l;ed ; and tliev write upon palm-tree 
!c" 'iheir relieion is not very well 
known ; but it is faid they bcheve m 
One C»ud, who commits the govern- 

C A 

mcnt of the world to inferior beings, to 
whom they offer facri;ices. Tiiey have 
temjjici;; but tiiey are neit'ier lart^c nor 
beautiful, and the ima^-es ■,'e black and 
deformed. Captain Hamiii.^n atfirms, 
tliat the K'ca.cft men in this country 1, j with their wives, tii'l they 
have had convfifatifin with the prifft^ ; 
ami that eery woman may have la 
h"!l\".nds, ol licr own cafl, or triiie ; 
•ind, llie pro"es with child, flie 
names the father, who is to take care 
of its education. Calicut is the princi- 
pal town. 
California, a peninfula of N. America, 
lyins; on tiie t>. Sea, which was former- 
ly fup;:ofcd to have been an irtand. It 
was vifitcd by .Sir Iranii-. Diakc in 1573, 
who called it New Albion, and took- 
poffeffion of it in the name of Queen 
Elizabeth. In funimer the heats are 
very violent along tiie coa.'^.s, for it fel- 

■' I'l . 

dnm rains durmir that lea'' 

n ; but up 

the country the air is nioic temperate. 
In winter the rains arc exceflivt ; and, 
w! l!iey arc over, there is a great dew 
every mornim;. It is very hca thy ; for 
flrannc-.';, vvlio have been thtre for five 
>nrs toi;ethcr, never had .I'ly ficknefs. 
It abounds with with wide extended 
plain-;, pleafant valleys, and excellent 
paCliires, full of fine Ipiip^s ; tlie rivers 
and livuLts are hefet with willows, 
rccd;,, and wild vines. It i\ rt, Cali- 
fornia is a very fruitiul en 
there are fevcral ticii and f 
to it. They have i'outteen I 
whicli the inhai'itants fee ! 
they nrike bread of the : 
and |)lant». Soine of the 
by the Jel'uif:, bear fruit 
'i iiey h.ive two kinds ■■>' 
ni.'ds peculiar to the 
v.'liivh is abovu the fize of a 
yeais old, with a head like 
Ik ;r.s Ike a ram ; their iiair is Icn;^, 
an 1 the hoofs like oxen. she ot'ier are 
H l-ind of ihiep, fr>mj w'.i -j and others 
bla k ; but t'lty differ from tlie Europeni 
in fc-eral reipcfts. i'he other aniin;.!? 
are ]\k<: thofe of Mt \ico. The inland 
country, e!'pcci.illy iK-nhv. :; I, is very 
populous ; but tiiey have no houfes, for 
they live in a lort of .lilv.ui,, made of 
tile bou'^lis of trees, in funmier ; and in 
winter thi-y creep into civcs du'^ in the 
cirth. The men go v|uire ivaked. ; only 
tiu'v have a piece of fine linen abi ut 
tluir lieai's ; and thiy have rrnainenrs 
n.aJc c; (!k.ll4, niixed witii little roemd 
R beniei. 

yj and 


of grain, 

, on ; and 

■s of trees 

, it is faid 

rice a-year. 

-looted ani- 

/. One of 

calf of two 

a (\ag, and 





C A 

Urries, Aont their ricks and arms. 
Their weapons arc bows, arrows, and 
javelins, which they al'.vays carry about 
in their hands ; for they are often at with each other. The women wear 
a fort of apron made of plaited reeds, 
and cover their (houlders with the Ikins 
of hearts, with a fort of net-woik on 
their heads. They h.ave alfo neck-laces 
and bracelets like the men : they maKe 
thefe ornaments of a kind of grafs ; as 
alfo bags for different ufes, and fifhing- 
nets: with this grafs they alfo make 
cups, plates, difhc^, and fometimes um- 
brellas for women. 'J'liey have no form 
of govcrnmcn'-, and but very little reli- 
jion J {oi; if they have any, it fccms to 
regard the moon. They are of a red 
copper colour, with coarfe, black hair, 
ar.d no b^irci like the red of the na- 
tive Americans. Tlie Jcfuits pretend 
f^ey have made many converts here ; 
fcf t!iis may be doubted,, if they are 
like the Americans in other pl.nces. li' 
this country can be fald to belong to 
finy, "t niuil; be to the Spaniards ; be- 
caufe liO other people have ever made 
any flay here. 

* C.M.L AA, a town of Africa, in Barhary, 
and in the king lorn of Tremefen. It is 
fcated on the fidt of a lull between two 
mountains, and feveral rich merchantj 
dwell ther( r,. 

CAtLAO, a fta-port town of S. America, 
in Peru. The harbour i.. Luge, and ac- 
counted the bell in tlu; Soutli-S'.a ; A>r 
wlii'h reafon it lias a gojd trade. Tlie 
governor is fent from S])ain, and is 
changed every five years. It is 5 miles 
from the city of Lima ; but was .limoll 
totally deflroyed by an earthquake in 
tbe year 174'". Lon. 301, o. lat. S 12. 

♦ Call A-SusvNC, atownof Afia, in the 
Ifland of Bouton, in the E. Indies. It 
is a laige town, feated within 3 miles of 
the anchoring place, and about a mile 
from the fea, on the top of a fmall hill, 
in a pleafant plain, encompafied with 
cocoa-nut-trees. 'I'liere is :' flron^; flone- 
wail round the town, and '•lie lioufes 
ere built upon ports. The religion of 
the inhabitants is the Mahometan, and 
they fpcak the Malayan lnn'^ua;;e. The 
people are fina'.I, well-fliaped, and of a 
dark olive colour. Lon, 141. ?.o. lat. 
5. South. 

Cai. Lroo, a river of Spain, in Ar.'ajon, 
that rifes in Mouut Gavas, ncaj llic 
Cininty of Bi^one. 

C A 

Cailek, a town of Ireland, in tlie county 
of KilKenny, and province of Leinfttr 
10 miles S. W. Oi" Kilkenny. Lon, 10. 
13. lat. 5-, 25. 

* Cai-linc, I ON, or Kam.incton, a 
village in Cornwall, i , miles N. by W. 
of I'ortfmoiith, with three fairs, on May 
4, September 19, and November 12, all 
fur horfes, oxen, Iheep, cloth, and akwi 

Call 00, a fortrefs of the Netherland'?, in 
the territory of' W.ies, on the river 
Scheld, and fuhjedl to the houfe of Au- 
rtria. '1 he Dutch were defeated here by 
the Spaniaids in J63S, It is 5 mile. 
W. of Antwerp. Lon. 22. o. lat. 51, 

Calm A R, a rtrong town of Sweden, in 
the |)rovinte of S.nal.Tnd, with a harbour 
and a ftrong tartle. It is divided into 
two towns, the Old and the New j but 
of the former thcr.- remains no moio 
than tlie cliurili and .1 few homes. The 
New town is built a little way from the 
other, and has large h.mdlume ftreets. 
It is the Baltic Sea, 150 miles S, 
W, of S'otkholtii, and 125 N. L. of 
Copenlia'jen. Lon. 34. 33. lat. c6. 

Cai.mucks, a people of Afia, in Crtat 
Tartary., between the rivers Mingul .iihI 
Wolpa. They are of the middle fize, 
roburt and wtllfct, with broad heads, liat 
faces, and olive-coloured tomplexion;. 
Their cyjs aie black and I'parkling, far 
afunder, and n.iirow; the biidije ot their 
nofes is fo flat, that there is nothing to 
be K-tn but a bit at the end, and two 
nolltils ; their ears are very large, their 
beaidi thin, and thiir hair black, and 
as lliom; as In r'.'e-hair j and the wiinun 
havu the lame features, but not fo laigf, 
and they are well (liapttl. Their ihri^ of a fort of callicce, and their other 
garments arc ot (heep-ikms. They dcn't 
cultivate the jriound, but live upon theii 
cattle and llieep ; but chey neither touch 
hogs nor poultry. They are of the Pagnn 
religion; are divided into fvVeial Iionlbj 
live in tents, and \>an;'et from place 10 
place in fearcli of food. They have no 
trade ; but for what they w.-.r.t 
with the Ruffians. 

Cal:.f, a tov.-n of WihUiire, with a 
market on Tuefdays, and two fair-,, on 
May 6, for horfes, iiorned cattle, flieev, 
and chcefe ; and on Augurt z, for toys. 
It is fcated 011 a river of the fame name, 
and is n dirty dilcoiuinued place ; how- 
ever, ic has a liaudfome cliurcii, and fends 


tvto rnemhe 
miles L. m 
borough, at 
15.35. lat., a ni< 
Gil) is 
of Aiidalulia 
be one of il 
fo high, tlia 
E. (ide in fi 
niards atter 



Calvak V, a ! 
Jtsus CiiR ; 

Ca I v I , a tow 
of Na|>les, 
with a bilho 
Capua. Lo 

C A L V I , a tv-'w 
feated on a 
of tlie fame 
and a good I 
of Baitia, ar 
26. 35. lat. 

• CaI.Z ADA, 

Caftile, fcatc 
miles W. of 
lat. 42. 12. 

Cam, a ilvtr 
and, running 
tinues its co 
of Ely, wh 

Cam A, a confi 
Europe, whic 

• C A M A R A N A 

the Red Sea, 
and black. 
|)leafant illan 
they r.ih for 

• Ca M A « El , ; 
Bretagnc, fea 
made a defcei 
by v,ilileh the; 
of men. 

Camar(.ue, .'i 
Pruvente, al 
Rhone. It i 
other iflands, 
by channels. 

• C A M A R I N r. £ 

Illand of Lui 
Here is a mi 
fc .eral fprin 
which pcirilii 
to it. 
(Ja -1 c Al A, or 
in India, and 
iidv vi»c Cuig 

C A 

two iTiemb«rs to p.'.rUamont, It Is ir 
miles li. of Brii\c'l, n W. of Maik- 
liorough, and SS W. u Loiulon. Lon. 
15. 35. lat. 51. 30. 

CAi.fF., a mountain, at tlic foot of wlikh 
Gibraltar is ftjatccl, ami is in tl.c province 
otAiKLilul'ia in Spain. It is 1u|)ja)1\;i4 to 
he one oi" ilie piil.iis of Hercules, and is 
fo high, tliat it covers Gibraltar on the 
E. Tide in iucli a manner, that t!ic Sjia- 
niards aiteaipted to take Gibraltar in 
1727; but to no purpnfe, 

Ca t-v A K Y, a mouniain of I'alcftine, where 
Jesu» Ciirjst was ciucified. 

Cai VI, a town of Italy, in the kingdom 
of Naples, ami in the Tcrra-di-Lavoro, 
with a bilhop's fee. It is 8 miles N. of 
Capua. Lon. 31. 45. lat. 41. 13. 

Calvi, a town in the Illand of Corfica, 
fcitcd on a cragi;y mountain and guljili 
of the fame name, with a Hrong fortrefs 
and .1 good harbour. It is 32 miles W. 
of Baitia, and 40 N. of Ajazzo. Lon. 
26. 35. lat. 42. 30. 

• Cai.zada, a town of Spain, in Old 
Cartik", fcatcd rn tlie river Laglera, 40 
miles W. of Calahoirali. Lun. 14. 48. 
lat. 42. 12. 

Cam, a rtvtr v/hich rifcs in Flertfcrdfliire, 
and, running N. E. by Caml'iidge, con- 
tinues its courle norihwaid to the IHe 
of Ely, where it falls into the river 

Cam A, a confidcrable river of RufTia, in 
Europe, wliicli falls into the Volga. 

• Cam ARAN A, an illand of Arabia, in 
the Red Sea, whofe inhabit.ints are little 
and black. It is the inoA fertile and idand in all t!ic gulph, and here 
they r.ih for white coral, and pearl 

• Ca M A « E 1 , a town of Fiance, in Lower 
Bretagne, feated on a bay. The Englilh 
made a defcent upon this place in 1694, 
by which they loll a confideiable number 
of men. 

CAMARf.uE, r. fertile illand of France, in 
Provence, at the mouih of the river 
Rhone. It is an alicmblage of icveral 
other idands, feparated from eacii other 
by channels. 

» Camarinrs, a country of Afia, in the 
IO,and of Luzon, one of the I'hihppines. 
Here isi a mountain, wlierein there arc 
feveral fprings of hot water, one of 
which pctfihes every tUing that falls in- 
to it. 

C.\MBAiA, or Camp a V, a town of Afia, 
in India, and in the peninfula on this 
<idv V^<i Gauges, which is capital of a [no- 

C A 

vince of the fame name : but it it more 
commonly called Gu;;arar. It is teatcd 
at the bottonn of a gulpli of the fame 
name on a fmsU ivcr. It is a large 
pi. ice with high walh, and lias a pretty 
good trade, though not half inhabited. 
'Hie proiluil and manufaflures are infe- 
rior to few towns in India ; for it 
abounds in corn, cattle, and filk ; and 
cornelian and agate ftones are found in 
its rivers. 'I'ho inhabit.ints aie noted 
fur em'iroidei y j anl fomc of their quilts 
have Ijecn valued at 40 \. It is fubje>!l 
to the Great Mogul. Lon. Sg. o. lat, 22, 

Cam Bon I A, a kingdom of Afia, in the 
E. Indies, bounded on the N. by the 
kingdom of Laos, on the E. by Cochin, 
China, and Chiapa, and on the S. and 
W. by the gulph and kingdom of Siam. 
It is divided by a large river of the fame 
name, by fome ca'led Weeon. The ca- 
pital town ij of i.'-t i :ne name, feated 
en the weltern 1:.'^.. of the f.iid river, 
about I 50 miles N. of il^ aiouth. This 
tountiy is annually overt'.owed in the 
rainy f^alon, between June and Oftober; 
and its produclions and fruits are mucli 
the fame a.-> thi)fe tliat are ufiially found 
between the Tiopicks. Lon. izz, 30. 
lat. 12. 4c. 

Camkkay, a handfamc, large, and very 
ftrong f'wn of the Nethei lands, capital 
of Cambrefis, with an arc!ibin\Dp's fee, 
a cit.-.dcl, and a fort. It is well built, 
and ftands in a fruitful country, and 
is confiderable for its linen manufafto- 
I y, and efpecially cambricks, which took 
their name from this city. It is looked 
upon as one of the (Irongeft towns in 
tlie Netherlands ; and the country about 
it may be overflowed upon occafion. It 
was taken by the French from the Spa- 
r.iards in 1677, and has continued in 
their hands ever fince. It is feated on 
the river Scheld, wliicIi divides it in 
f.vo, and is 21 miles S. E. of Arras, 
15 S. 1:. of Douay, 17 S. W. of V.i- 
lenciennes, i 5 .^^ W. of Mons, 40 N, E. 
of Amiens, and loz N. of Paris. Lon, 
20. i;4' lat.|;o. t i, 

C A M n K K s ' 3 , a province of France, In the 
Netherlands, about 2^ miles in length, 
't is bound'xl on the N. and E. by 
Hainhalt, on the S. by Ficardy, and on 
the \V. by Artois. It is a very fertile 
and populous country j and the inhabl- 
t.mii an; indulhious, aftive, and inge- 
nious. The trade confdls princii)ally irt 
cyii)> flieup, very fine wool, and tine 
\\ z Iii\cn- 

V ' 

f ' ■ r 

C A 

linen-doth. Cambr.iy is the capital 


CAMitRirri, the qmnty-town of Cam- 
brif1;^t.-fl.tif, with \lie title of a dutchy, 
.ind ;ii' univcii'ity, whitl) is one of the 
nioft .ir.cicm floiir.fluni; in Europo, 
and It is iliou lit to 'lave been founded 
fiunn.' tlif Sax^T heptirt'iy. 'ilif town 
ccr.lirti -:' 14 t^arill-.ts, .ind is governed 
by a li.ayor, recorder, .i bailift", and a 
town-ctik, 12 alHcniien, und ?.4 com- 
mon tocncil ; .-.nd the mayor, when lie 
entur.i v tn his oftire, tal- 's an oatli to 
nriairt'*''' ''2 i'rivili.i;cs, iiiK;ties, and 
cu(f iiijfi tl;t urivcrfiry, to wliich lie 
is Tibftrvienr. Its fituailon is li.w, and 
confcquert.1/ tlic air is not fo t;< od as 
(hat of Oxiord. It has a market on 
W(.<'-e'''ays and ?:atur'lays, and a very 
l.,r.iC' fair, callid !'turbii.t), ishild, about 
a mile from the town, C)n .September 18, 
which lafh i > day-, and is famous for 
hops, ic.itlr.r, woul,, niul many 
other CiMriiiif.dliits : .".n<'ither fair ia lirid 
on Mu.l'uir.mer-dr'y, tor hcrl.-:, iirrhtn 
■ware, and 'vood, wliivli holds 7 (' lys. 
The town fendi two ineinbtrs to par!i -, and tliere aie alfo two f^nt ly 
•lie univctfity. It ci nfiUs cf jti coll'.p'-'s 
i\id halls, and about i 51-0 rtudenrs. I; 
liai aboit i5./C n.iddlinir lioufes, and the 
inliabitanis are computed at 6oco. The 
Oicetj arc geneiully narrow, tho' pretty 
Wvil paved., yet lyin^ luv", makes them 
very dill;/. In the midit of the marktt- 
placo ii .1 vtry p;ood conduit continually 
runrir. , and a na- liable river runs 
thri)U_:h thi; town fior.i Lynn ; but it is 
a fiull I'l:..:- :\ r :rad-. Jt i< ^o miles li. 
N. K. ot Oxfoid, 55 E. by N. of Buck 
ininham, 2S on the i'.\rr,c point from 
Bj(i!'oi(*, V"- K- of Northampton, 81 E. 
S. r.. ot C\.ver.r.-y, 17 S. cf Ely, and 
5i IC. by L. of London. Lon. 1;. 40. 
lar. -:,. 1 .-. 

Cambk mot New, a town of Ww-Enc;- 
land, in N. America, 3 miles W. of 
roil'-n, and hv^ an v '.'crrry, conliftir:;.; 
of three ccliegcs. L . 3^7. 59. lat. 
.\z. c. 

C-* ^;v)( inr,f.'->iiR E, an .idand county of 
England, 47 miles in I'.ngth, and iS in 
brcurlrh, ari! ,s bounded on the E. by 
fuiToik and Norfolk, on ■' S by EiTex 
and H.rf|nidili:re, en rh^ '^y Bedford 
and Hiinirf,don fi'.ircs, . r p. the N. 
hy Liiicfiln ,irid part v ' intingdon 
rants. *■ r r,tain3 g ,„ t-iowns, 
■ 163 p3r::r':. -7,000 h(:i .s, and about 
J4o,oc!> i;j; ibjtants 5 und it fends 6 

C A 

members to parliament. The principil 
ri'.'er is the Onfe, which runs throtit^h 
the county from W. to E, Ths air and 
foil of the S. part is very good ; but the 
N. fenny and ai^uKh j and where there 
are larpe wares and mter- lull of fifli. 
The capital town is Ca.nhridpc : befidts 
which there is Ely, a bifliop's fee. 

• C'.AMBRON, a villai^e in Cornwall, five 
miles VV. ot Redruth, with three fairs, 
on February 29, June 29, and Novem- 
ber II, all for horfcs, oxen, flieep, cloth, 
and a few hops. 

CAMPLro«p, a town of Cornwal, with 
a market on Fiidays, and four fairs, or> 
Friday after March 10, May 26, July 
J7, and September 17, for horfe<!, oxen, 
(hccp, cloth, and a lew hops. It is featcd 
on the river C.Hiiel, and fends 2 member* 
to parliament, and is governed hy a 
mayor, aldermen, and recorder. It has 
one church, fituatcd half a mile out of 
the town, and about 100 houfcs badly 
built, but the llreets arc broad and well 
paved. Here is a large market for yarn j 
a great quantity of which is fpun in this 
place and its neighbourhood. It is 14 
nulei W. of Launctrton, and 2i;oW. 
hy .S. of London. Lon. 12. 35. lat. 50. 

4 • 

Camert.t B.\y is in the province of 
Brittany, in France, and forms the har- 
bour of Brel), whii h is a rtation for the 
French men of war. 

Camf.rino, a town of Italy, in the terri- 
tory of the Pope, with a biiTiop's fee. 
It is ancitnr, Itrong, and pretty well 
peopled, fcated on a mountain near the 
Appennines and the river Chiento. It 
is -• ■; miles N. F.. of Spoleto, and 40 
S. V.^ of Ancona. Lon. 30. 42, lat. 

•I). 5- 
Ca.m EivON Capf, a promontary on the 

N. part ot the province of Honduras iti 
N. America. 
CiWsuA, a fea-pnrt town of PortueaJ, 
in the province of Entra Duera e Minhc', 
witn the ti'le of a dutchy. It is fea'cd 
at tlif mouth of the Minho, 10 
miles N. of Viana. Lon. 9. 5. lat. 41. 


C.\MMiN, a fea-port town of Germany, 
in^.rther Pomeran.a, feated on the 
cailern mourli of the river Oder, oppo 
fite to the IHe of Wollin, 30 miles 
N. of Sictin. Lon. 32. 45. lat. 1:4. 4. 

Campagna, or C.> m)' ami a, a town oi 
Italy, in the kingdom of Naples, and in 
the Farther Principato, with a bithop's 
iiG. It is 17 milc4 E. of Saiemo, 


15 S. W. of 

Camp a<:n.a ni 
a province ot 
by the river 'I 
W. by the fe 
Lavoio, on tl 
N. by Sabin;i 
it producei lit 
of the heavy 
though the w; 
and is about 

C ^ M I" n r I. T o N , 
Scotland, wit 
on the eafleii 
ftiire i>f Arg) 
Iflc of Arian, 

Camimifv, a 
with a maiket 
fairs, (HI .Alli- 
25, and Nove 
flieep, linen e 
a large but p( 
lout 200 houl 
count, and iti 
liament. It i 
celler, 22 N. 
N. W. byW. 
lat. S2. c. 
CAMrtAciiv, a 
New-Sjiain, in 
on the weikrn 
peachy, ikkr 
ftiong forts, 
ing a town as 
loj;wood, ihoi 
near it. It w 
1659, by the 
by the Freebc 
■joS^, who b 
citadel, Lon. 
Cami'fn, a Hi 
I'rovinces, in 
and a harbour 
fand. It wa; 
I r;)?, and by 
they abandon 
It is feated nc 
yiTel and Zui 
of Devcnter, 
dam. Lon. 2 

• Ca MP ink, a 
lands, partly 
and parti) in 

* Campion, a 
oftiMi inention 
gone ,''rotp i' 

C A 

15 S. W. of Con/a, and 35 S. E. of 

CAMl'AiiN A niPoMAjnnclcPtlyl.ATIUM, 

n province of iMly, Ixjimdt-il on t'le W. 
by ihc river Tiber aiul the fca, on the S. 
W. hy tlic fca, on tl.t S. by Terra di 
Lavoro, on the K. by Abriiz/o, and on 
N. hy Sabina. 'l'liou;^li t!ie full is gtiocl, 
it priHluctj hitle or nothing, on account 
of the heavy duties upon corn } and 
though the waters arc g'-od, tlic air is 
unwholefome. It is fubjtcl to the I'opc, 
and is about 60 niilc^ in length on tiic 
Mediterranean Sea. 
Camphflton, a parliament town of 
Scotland, with a h.nbour. It is feated 
on the eaftern eoaft of Cantire, in tlie 
rtiire .>f Arg)le, 10 niilts W, of the 
Iile of Arran. Lon. J 2. 25. lat. 53. 

CAMnifv, a town in Glouccnerfluie, 
witl> a market on Wccinefilays, anvl four 
fairs, dti A(h-Wec!nefday, April 23, July 
a^, anti November 3, for Iiorfes, cows, 
Iheep, linen cloth, and ftockings. It is 
a large but po< r town, and contains a- 
Loiit aoo houfcs. It gives title to a vif- 
couni, :md fends two mcn>bers to par- 
liament. It ii 22 nii!e; S. E. of Wor- 
ceHer, 72 N. E. of Oouccfter, and 87 
N. VV. byW. of London. Lon. 15.45. 
lat. 52. c. 

Campeaciiy, a town of S. America, in 
New-Spain, in the pennifula of Yucatan, 
on tile weikrn coall of i!ie Ray of Cani- 
j'cachy, defended by ,c;cod walls and 
fliouj^ forts. Ic is not fo rich nor trad- 
ing a town as formerly, and is noted for 
loj;wood, though it doLS not grow very 
rear it. It was taken by tlic En;.;Ii,'h in 
J659, by the Buccaneers in 1C7S, and 
by the Freebooters of St. Domingo in 
loS^, who burnt it, and blew up the 
citadel. Lon. 2S7. o. lat. 19. 50. 

Cam I' FN, a Hrong t(nvn of tiie United 
Provinces, in Overylftl, with a citadel, 
and a harbour almolt choaked up with 
fand. It was taken by the Dutch in 
1178, and by the French in 1C72 ; but 
tliey abandoned it the following year. 
It is feated near the moutli of the river 
YlTcl and Zuider Zee, 20 niiles N. W. 
of Dcvcnter, and 4 ■, N. £. cf Anifter- Lon. 23. 2S, lut. 152. 38. 

• Campink, a tenitiiry of the Nether- 
lands, partly in the United Provinces, 
and partly in the billiopric of Lie^e. 

* Campjon, a town oi Afia, in Tartary, 
often mentioiU'd by travellers who have 
gone frorp I'lriia to Ct.'jnj tut our 

C A 

latefV and heft maps take no notice of if j 
however, fome place it 55 miles from 
the Cliincfe-Wall. Lon. iij, 30. lat. 

40. 2^. 

* Campfi, or Campoli, a town of 
Italy, in the kingdom of Naples, and 
in tint Farther Abruzzo, ig miles N. 
by £. of Aquila. Lon. ^i. 30. lat. 42. 

* Campo BArto, a town of It.ily, in the 
Capitanata, whicli is rich and populous, 
and where there is held a famous fair. 

Cami'o Major, a town of Portugal, in 
the province 01 Alentcjo, 10 miles N. of 
Clv^i., 27 N. W. of Badajoz, and 100 
E. of Lifbon. It has ftrong walls and 
a cartlc. Lon. 11. 17. lat. 38. 50. 

* Campo Sa NTii, a place of Italy, in the 
dutchy of Modcna, lying on the left bank 
of the river Panaro, and remarkable for 
a battle fought thera^ in 1743 betwcea 
the Spinia:d.> and AuQiians. 

Camprkpon, a town of Spain, in Cata- 
lonia, feated at the foot of the I'yrrenean 
Mountains. The fortifications were dc- 
niolilhed by the French in 1691. It 16 
fc.t'jd vn the river '1 er, 50 miles N. 
of I'larcvluna. Lon. 18.0. lat. 42, 20. 

* Camhas, a villat;c in Pembrokelliire, 
3 miles N. W. of Havcrford-Wel^, with 
two fairs, en Febru.iry i-;, and Novc.n- 
ber 12, for c ittle, horfcs, ;ind flieejj. 

* Camvl, a town of Ali.i, rtanding or» 
the eaftern extremity of the kingdom of 
Culis, on the frontiers of Tangut, in 
Tartary. Lon. 115.40. lat, 37. n;. 

Canada, or New Fkancf., a large 
country of N. America, which, accord 
ing to the French, is bounded 011 the 
W. by the Ocean, on the S. hy Millifli]ii, 
on •.!;,' K. by the Englili colonies, and 
on the N. by the river St. Lawrence and 
the cerritory of the Hudfon's-Ray com- 
pany. It was difcovered by Jolm and 
Sebaitian Cabot, fatlier and fon, in 1497. 
This country in general is pretty good ; 
but the winter continues for fix months 
very i\:vi:re. The land tiiat is cleared 
of trees is very fertile, and the 
tliat is rowe<l in May is reaped tlic latter 
end of Augufl, Pulfe in general, and 
efpecially peafe, thrive very well, and 
are very good. The woods are full of 
wild vines, g iiiie, and animals peculiar 
to N. America ; but the beaver is the 
moft ufcful and cmious of them a'!. 
The riveri and lakes arc full of fidi, 
and there are a great niinibtr of trees 
unknown in Euto|)e. Canada turpen- 
tine is jr'jatly dV.*cmed for its b.-.H'amic 



If S'H 



•[^'4 ':^.iv 






ill*' i 

C A 

(lu.iUties, nnrf for tlie difonlers of tlie 
hrvall aid (»oni.icli. '1 he ofiirr.ul ii.i- 
tivcs ol tlui country fpenk lour dirt'erciu 
I,ir.i;uaj;t3, aiKl i.iny bj divided into ;i4 
many diiTcrcnt tribes, viz. the Sioule, 
thcAlgon^.crc, the Houtonne, and tliat 
of thu'Cil-.iui^ux. Moll of thfiri live in 
a wandering lite, and maintain rlnm- 
felvc by hunting. Their cmnpltxiun is 
of red copper coluiii, like t!ie rcll ui 
the Americans, v/ith roarfc h.iir, and no 
beards, except tiic £ilciiu.iux, who ;a'u 
a hairy, cruci, favajc nation, ^'h^7 arc 
very lend o( hrandy, and, when tlivy 
are drunk, dity become ;ilniolt mad. 
They ail Icem to woilliip tlie lun, liid 
acknow!tdi;e tuiclary gods as well at 
tilt Firit Ecir ,. 'I'litiv wari arc blocvly, 
«nd at prefciu tliuy make \^i<! of fiic- 
zt'Tii. 1 he French inhabitants are about 
30,cco, who Jkivc a governor, an in- 
tfcndent, and a billiop. Quebi:c is the 
capital town ; which 'v;i; taken by the 
En^.lifh on the I'JtIi of Se|)tcmhcr in the 
year 17^0 ; at the (if;;« ot which the 
brave (Jcnvral VVollc leA his hfe, but 
not beiorj he pcrc.ived I'lat tlicinglilh 
forces wtfie vidoricu.s. 

• Canal Rovai, or. The Canal of L.;n- 
guedoc, fo called, b.-caufe it paflLs '.hro' 
the S. pai t o{;iiedi-c, and maintains 
a communication hc^twceii the Mediter- 
ranean and the Oce.-in. It is 170 miles 
long, 30 feet wide, and is a wonderful 
work ; but that wliicli is mod furprifini^ 
ii the jjlace called .Malpas, where a very 
haid i(>ck IS pierced thiGiijrh, to make 
a paliage for the water, 'l iiis canal was 
begun in 1666, and finiihcd in 16S1. 

• Can/^nor, a .ar§e m;iritiiT)e town of 
Afia, on the coart of \!.ibiiar, in a kinj^- 
dom of the ranie n.aine, v.-itii a very large 
and fafe harboar. It formerly ljcloni;(.(l 
to the Pcrtuguefe, and had a Ifrong fort 
to guard it; but in 16.^3, the Dutcli, 
together willi the n;itivcs, drove tlieni 
away ; and. at>er ihey hecnme mafters 
of the tovvn, enlirgcd th« fortifications. 
Ti'.ey have but a. very fnir,!l trade ; but 
there is a town at the bottom of tiie hay 
independent of ilie Dutcli, whofe prince 
can brin,v lo.cco men into the field. 
The Dutch fort is iar.;e, and tlie gover- 
nor's lo('gings are at a good diilince 
frrm the gate; fo that whtn there was 
a r<<irmint between the f.i(51ory and tlie 
natives, he knew nothing of it till it wa.s 
over. Lon, 95. 41;. iat 12.0. 

Cana.n:o», a fnnU kip^rioni of Afia, on 
t!ie coaft of Malabai-j v^hofe liing can 

C A 

nifo a confHlera!>le army. The nativri 
are gcirerally MaliouKianj, and the 
country | roducei peppor, caid4monis, 
ginger, niiiobolans, and tamarinds, ,% 
wluch they dii\e a conliderubie trade. 

• Canaka, a kingdom of Aiti, on the 
roall of Malabar. The inh.ibiianti aro 
Gentoos, or Pagans j and there is a pa. 
god, or teiu[)le, called Rai.itrut, whiJi 
IS vifited every year by a i;ri at nunih-sr 
of pilgrim*. Sometime? they cairy ths 
image m proceirion, winch is more like 
a nil nkey than a man ; and it i; put in 
.1 vehicle tike a tower, 1 <; feet high, at 
which tin:e the Iheeii are prodigioufly 
crowded with peijilc, who come to be- 
held the cer- inony. Ifeie the cuftoin 
of burning tlie wives with their huf- 
band:> had its beginning, and is prac- 
tifed to this diy. Tins country is gene- 
rally governed by 3 woma«, who keeps 
her court at a town called Uaydor, two 
day-, journey from tl;e fea. She may 
marry whom (lie plcafes, and is not ob- 
li;;ed to burn with her luifl>and, like her 
female fubjedts. 'I'hey are fuch obfervcr> 
of their laws, that a robbery or nnirder 
is fcarce ever heard of aniong them. 
None but the principal men arc fuffeied 
to ride upon h.orfes, mules, or elephant.; 
and tlierefore 'he common jieople mako 
ufe of oxen, or buffaloes. The Cana- 
rins havt forts built of earth along thi 
coaft, which are ganifoned with z or 
3C0 foldiers, to guard againfl the rob- 
beric of their neighbours. Tlu lower 
grounds yiei<! every year two crops of 
corn or rice ; and the higher jjroduee 
pepper, betel nuts, fandal wood, iron, 
and flecl. The Fortuguefe clergy hers 
live fliainelefs lives, and make no fcruple 
of procuring women lor (Irangers, 

Can AR y-Islanhs, were anciently called 
tlie Fovtunr.te Iflands, and are feven in 
number, lying in the Atlantic Ocean, 
near the continent of Africa. Tli'.,r 
names are, Palma, Feiro, (fiom vvh'cli 
t'le Longitude in this treatife is taken) 
Comera, Teneiitt", the Grand Canary, 
Fuertoventura, and Lancerota ; to winch 
may be added feveral fmaller illes, as 
C'.raciofa, Roccas, Allegranza, 5;t. Clare, 
Infierno, and I.obos. They belong to 
the SpanLiidi, .Tnd ]M'oduce barley, lu- 
gar-c.4ncs, and excellent wirK' ; and it 
is from thence th:it t!ie Can.ary birds 
originally came. I.on. from o. 5. to 5. 
o. lar. from 27. 30. to 29. 30. 

Canary, Grand or I'roper, is tliat v.'hiclj 
ll'.-ji name 19 the other Canary Illands 

inJ IS furroMi 
rear the coal 
rnilcs in ciic 
corn, wine, t 
lides oxen, c.i 
hens, ducki 
tridges ; but 
Lon. 2. 1 5. 
• Cai. An Y, or 
the cap'ial t< 
with .T bithop 
quilition, aiu 
the Seven 111. 
on a hill, bu 
ble. Moll 
two rtorie j hi 
cathedral i ; 
bitants are i 
foil is fandy, 
clean. The 
free from the 
They Iiave t\ 
bruary and M 
bread as wl; 
alio 12 fugiir 
quantity of fi 
called Falm-! 
hence, .ns we 
termed Cm at 
10, coo Iioglhi 
Iicnce to Engl, 
original inliab 
either in l.iugi 
to their neit;h! 
liurope cr Af 
was of an o 
have a conful 
Iat. 2S. 4. 

C \ N C A I. 1. K , a 

Brittany, b)- 1 
a road. It w 
in I'l'^S, in 
where they 
ftiips in the 1 
without lofs. 
power ; but 
enemies, and 
any other to 
8 miles E. o 
of Paris. L( 
Can D AH A R, a 
Alia, and ca' 
fame nair.e. 
Tills is almi 
Perlia tM Indi 
to I'crfia. It 
tiiation, .-^rd 
by fers ,-ind 
J3' o« 

C A 

and is furrn\in(!cd by tlie Atlantic Oreafi, 
near tlic co.tllot' AtVu.j, Wcii.r; .(bout 120 
jiiilcs in tircunirncncc. It aoouiul* in 
corn, wine, Jruit, cattle, and f;:iinPj be- 
rules oxen, cnr.iciii, goau, Ihccj), capon., 
liens, ducks, jiigeons, an. I lar.',«* par- 
tridj;i';i ; Init it is in want o( wood. 
Tlic capital town is of the laiuc name. 
Lon. 2. 15. lat. aS. 4. 

• Cm. ,\R V, or CiViDAD n Pai m/ -, 'Iif 
tlie cap'tal town 01' tin; Grand Caiii-ij 
witli a biihop's fee, a tri'iunal ci the In- 
quifttion, and the Supreme* Council of 
tlie S( vcn Kl.mds. 'i'lie c.irtle is fca'ed 
on a hill, \nn is very and defpic.i- 
h!e. Mull I,'.' the lioii'.es arc well built, 
two ftoriei hij,l), aad llitt-roofed, snd tlie 
catiiedral is very handfi/me, Tlio inha- 
bitants are piy and .ie!i; and, as the 
foil ii fandy, ilie (ht^jts arc always very 
clean. TI.e air is very >.mperate, and 
free from the extremal of heat .ind cold. 
They have two wheat harvcfts, in Fe- 
bruary and May, and tiie corn m.ik. s 
bread as wlii'.e as fnow, 'lliey Invc 
alfo 12 fii(::ir-lii)U't.s, in which a pre. it 
quantity of fupar is made. The wine 
called P.tlin-.Sack Ins iti name from 
hence, as well as common fack, ol't-.n 
termed Can.iry. It ia compiiied that 
10, coo hopilie.uli arefmi annually liom 
hence to Enj;land in time ot peace. The 
original inliahitants no refcmblancc, 
cither in l.iu-iia.'e, manner.i,, 
to their neii;hli()urs en the continents of 
liurope or Africa, and their coniple>:i(^n 
was of an olive culour. The French 
have a conful at tliu place. Lon. 3. 15. 
lat. 2S. 4. 

Cancam.k, a town of France, in I'^pjicr 
Brittany, by the fea-fidc, where there is 
a road. It wai here the EnRlirti I.inded 
ir. 17 5S, in their way to St. Malo'.-<j 
where they burnt a. ^reat number '>t 
fliips in the haibour, and then retired 
without lofs. '] his town was in their 
power ; but they afled like generous 
enemies, and did no hurt to this nor 
any other town on tlie e.oafl. It is 
8 miles E. of St. jMal(>es, and 200 W. 
of Paris. Lon. i :;. .^.S. lat. 4.8. 41. 

Can PAH 'VR, a very rich, tradini; town of 
An.i, and cjiit il o( a province of thf 
fame name, m India, with 2 cit.'idels. 
This is .^hnoll the only palfaire from 
Perfia t-.i India by land, and now bclcn'Jis 
to Perfia. It is extrem'.ly llron^ by fi- 
tiiation, ard ib fun-jundjd on all fid-s 
by fei-s .-ind rocks. Lcn. S5. 0. 

C A 

• CANnAMAR, a province of Afia, bounded 
on the N'. by Halk, on the E. by the 
jiroviP'-e of Cabul. on the S. by that of 
Bukor and, and on the W. by 
other provi ces of Pcrfia. 
Can PI A, an i'.l.;ii'l in the Mediterranean! 
formerly 'idled Crete, and lies to tlic S. 
of the Ar-liipclaco. '1 he caj)ital towr» 
is of the time name, whah, tli'iui-li 
populous 1 nr.crly, is now little better 
than a del,; *, tlieie bein? nothing hut 
nibb.lh, exc'.|)t at tl;e C.izar or market- 
place ; hkfwjfe the harbour of C ndia 
is now fit for nchini; but beats : how- 
ever, tlie wr.ll% if the town are yet 
flandinir, wh'ch aic pittty llrong ; and 
it IS tiie fee of a Greek archbjrtiop. 
Here arc feme Greeks, a few Jews, and 
fome Armenians, befides three or four 
French families, witli a vicc-conl'ul. It 
was taken by t' e Turks in if. 69, after 
above a three )ears li was at- 
tein|)ted to be retaken by the Venetians 
in 1O02, but without etfert. 'I'he pro- 
dud\ of this idand is corn, wine, oil. 
Wool, (ilk, and txcilUnt honey. The 
air is i;ood, as well as the water } and 
it is chiefly inli.ibired by Greeks, who 
bear a very pood characVjr. It is di- 
vided into three pa:ts, the principal of 
winch is Candia, where the Hcglerhey 
refides ; the fecond is Canea, whera 
tliere is a IJalV.a.v ; and the third it of Retinio, wliere thtie is anotlier 
Balhuw. Miiunt Id.i, fo f,*mous in hif- 
tory, is in the middle of this ifland, and 
is noti'.ing but a luiicf, overthrown, ugly, 
fliarp-pcinted eminence, wiih not the 
lealt ihiidow c.' .1 ln;'.d(hip; no delight- 
ful ptetto, no publick fprin-;, nor no 
purlini^ rivulet are to be I'yicn thereon. 
It is about 200 miles in length, 50 in 
bi(.;;r!th, and ^eo in circui'^ erence. It 
is 1250 miles uoin Marfeil!e5, >,oo from 
Conllantinople, 32 ^ from Dalmati.i, in 
Egypt, and 250 from the Idand of 
Cyprus. Lon. 42. ri'. lat. 35. 20. 
C.^^l)IS!;, a tonfuler..t>l',- province of Afi.i, 
in the <ii>minions of tin.- Great Mc>gu1, 
bounded by Chiror and Malva on the 
N. Orixa on the E. Dccan on the s. Giu/.irr.t on the W. Jt is populous 
and rich, and .nbounrU in ci-tion, rice, 
and indigo. Brainpoie is the capital 
*" C.^NiiY, a l.rct? kinft'om of Afia, in 
the IHiind of Ceylon. Jt contains about 
a quarter of the ifland ; and, as it is 
cncompafTed about wiili Irish inoun- 
t.'.ins, and covered wiUi thick forefts, 
4 tiirttUijli 

!"■■ I 

5 1 














■^ !■■ mil 

Ul liji 


lis iio 

U ill 1.6 






















(716) 872-4503 







I 1 IV ■ 


't "i «; I 





( ■: 


C A 

tlirough which the roads and piths are 
narrow and difficult, the king has tl'em 
guarded, to prevent his fubjedts from 
going into other countries. It is full 
of hills, from whence rivulets proceed 
which are lull of fiili ; but as they run 
among the rocks, they are not fit for 
boats : however, the inhabitants arc very 
dexterous in turning tiiem to water their 
land, which is fruitful in rice, pulfe, and 
hemp. The kin;; is abfolute, and !iis 
fubjeiJts are idolaters. The capital town 
is of the fame name. 

Candy, a town of Alia, and capital of .". 
hingdom of the fame name, in the Idand 
of Ceylon. It has been ofun burnt by 
the Portuyuefe when they were mallei ii 
of thcfc coafts. The houfes arc very 
poor, low, and badly furniflied. Lon. 
98. 30. lat. 7. 35. 

C.'iNEA, a Arong and confidcrable town 
of the Ifland of Candia, where a Bafhaw 
refides. It is inhabited by 1500 Turks, 
2000 Greeks, feme Jews, and a ftw 
French merchants, witii their conful. 
The harbour is pretty good ; but tin- 
fortifications are much out of repair. 
The environs of the town are admira- 
ble j being adorned with forells of olive 
trees mixed with fields, vineyards, gar- 
dens, and brooks bordered with myrtle- 
trees and laurel-rofes. The ciiief revenue 
of this town confills in oil olive. Lon. 
4.43. lat. 35.28. 

* Canelle, or C.^^•^:-I,^^•^, a lnr;;e 
country in the Ifland of Ceylon, called 
formerly tlie kingdom of Cota. It con- 
tains a great number of cantons, the 
principal of which are occupied by the 
Dutch. The chief riches of this coun- 
try confifts in cinnamon, of which tlK-rc 
are large forefls. There are five towns 
on the coaft, fome forts, and a great 
number of harbours. The reft of tiie 
countries are inhabited by the natives ; 
and there are fcveral licli n'if.cs, from 
whence they get rubies, faphircs, topazes, 
cats-eyes, and fevcral other precicuo 

Caneto, a flrong town of Italy, in t';e 
dutchy of Mantua, featcd on the river 
Oglio, which was taken by the Impeii- 
alirts in 1701 ; by the French in 1702 j 
afterwards by ihe Inipcrialids ; and then 
by the French in 1705. It is 20 inile; 
W. of Mantua, and 17 E. of Cremona. 
Lon. 27. 55, lat. 40. 55. 

Canigai;, the hiulKfl pe.\k of the Pyre- 
rean Mountains, faid by (omc to he 
7440 fathoms abovw Ui« level of 'Iw fea. 

gg»a(g y?5 gg»Jfgr 

C A 

Cavika, the K. part of the ancient Tpl- 
rus, a province of Greece, which now 
belongs to the Turks, and lies off the 
entrance of tlie Gulpli of Venice. The 
principal town is of tlie fame name, and 
is feated on the fea-coaft, 8 miles N. of 
Valona, at tlie foot of the mountains of 
Chimera. Lon. 36. 50. lat. 40. 55. 

* Cannari. s, a favaec pecplc: of South- 
America, in the audience of Quiti), if\ 
Peru, 'i'lay arc handfome and wcll- 
madc, iho' of a red copper complexion ; 
and the country abounds in fcveral forts 
of game : if it was cultivated, it would 
produce grapes, wlitat, and barley. 

* CANNAr, Si. a town of France, in 
Provence, ainl in the diocefe of Mar- 

Cakni:, anciently Cann.t,, the ruins of 
an ancient city of name in Italy, 
and in Bari, a province of the kingdom 
of Naples. They may be ften between 
the mouth of the river OiTanto and the 
town Camofa. It was rendered fame iis 
by Hannih.l, who here vanquilhed t';e 
Romans, and killed 40,oco men, among 
whom wete a great numhcr of Roman 

* Can NET, a town of France, in Pro- 
vence, anti in the \iguerie of Cralfe, 
feated on the coafl of tlie Mediterane.'.n 
Sea, witli a harbour and a c.illlc. It is 
5 miles W. of Antibco. Lon. 24. 42. 
lat. 43, 34. 

* Cano, a kingdom of .Africa, in Ncgroc- 
land, witli a town of the faine name. 
It is bounded by Zaara on the N. by 
the river Niger on the S. the kingdo.ii 
of Acades on tl.e W. and that of Caf- 
fina on the E. .Some of the inha'^itan's 
are h.prdfmcn, and ctlicrs till the ground 
and dwell in villages. It produces corn, 
rice, and cotton. Here are al;b many 
dcf.v.ts, and mountains covered v/itl» 
woti'.s, in which arc wild citrons, and 
lemi n-trecs. The walls and houies of 
thL town are made of clay, and the prin- 
cijal inhabitants are merchants. It is 
700 miles S. of Tripoli in IJarbary. 
Lon. 33. 50. lat. 2T. <;. 

CANOHin, a to'.vn of It-^-ly, in the dutcliy 
of Milan, feated on the weAern brink of 
Lai:o Nfago;ioie, or tlie Greater Lake, 
17 miles N. N. W. of Milan. Lon. 26, 
12. lat. 4^. 55. 

* Canocrce, a town of France, in Cc- 
vaudan, and i'n the diocefe of Mende, 
from 'vhich it is 8 miles. 

C.vN-.o, a fea-port town of Acadia, or 
Nova Scotia, in N. AmeriC; feated or^ 

% ^larfovv ft 
Scotia fron 
town is a ft 
Frenth end 
time of wat 

• Can ST AT, 
Suabia, aiic 
berg. It IS 
2 miles N. 
fertile in w 
44. lat. 48. 

• Cantal, 
in Auvergnc 
lac. It is 
fnow. Tht 
tal is almof 
of the fea. 

• Cantaz.m 
labria, with 
the governo 
it is ftated 
r. of Nical 


• Cantecro 

quarter of A 
principality ; 
name, b t L 

of the count 
hifliop's fee, 
monk. The 
<\rutSlure, .ai 
for the fhrin 
fides this it 1 
there are tht 
Roman anti 
much like tl 
walls are uf 
are alfo wall 
deep ditch cl 
rampart of e 
is a large, p( 
has a good fi 
introduced b 
of Q^Ehzah 
on VVednefd.' 
fair, on Sept 
two member 
vn the river 
W. of Dover 
tor, .:nd 56 c 
don. Lon. 

C A N T I N Cap 
lantlc Ocean 
in Africa. 

C A N -r I R r , a p 
ing into the 1 
(t( the Iflc 

C A 

%i >iarfow ftrel?ht, which feparates Nov.i 
Scotia from Cape Breton. ttiii 
town is a fine fi(hcry for cod, which tlie 
Frenth endeavour to interrupt in tlii 
time of war. Lon. 315. 35. lat. 46.0. 

• Can ST AT, a town of Germ.iny, in 
Suabia, and in the dutchy of VVittem- 
bcrg. It 13 fcated on the river Neckar, 
z miles N. E. of Studgarc!, in a country 
fertile in wine and paftuics. Lon, 26, 

_ 44. lat. 48. 51. 

• Cantal, a high moutitain cf France, 
in Auvergne, near St. FJour .and Aiiril- 
lac. It h aimoll al.vayi covered with 
fnow. The place called Flomb-de-Can- 
tal is ahnoft 2500 yards above the level 
of the fea. 

• Cantazaro, a to\.vn of Italy, in the 
kinj:;dom of Naples, and in fiitlitr Ca- 
labria, with a bilhop's fee, and where 
the governor of the province rehdes. 
it is fcated near the fea, 17 miles S. 
T.. of Nicartro, Lon. 34. 35. lat. 3S. 


• Cantecroix, a fmall territory of the 

Netherlands, in Drabant, and in the 
quarter of Antwerp, with tiie title of a 
principality ; there is a town of the fame 
name, b it Lire is the capital. 

Canterbury, the capital town or city 
of the county of Kent, with an arch- 
hiHiop's fee, founded by Augufline the 
monk. The cathedial is a large fuperb 
(\rudure, and was <mce very famous 
for the (hrine of Thomas Becket. Be- 
Jides this it has 14 parifh churches, and 
there are the remains of a great many 
Roman antiquities. Here is a caftle 
much like that at Jlochefler, and the 
walls are of the fame thitknefs ; there 
are alfo walls round the town, with a 
deep ditch clofe underneath, and a j'.reiit 
rampart of earth within. In geii^i.d it 
is a large, populous, trading place, aiid 
has a good (ilk maiuUadory, which was 
introduced by the Walloons in the rtiyn 
of Q^Elizab;;th. It has two maikets, 
on Wednefc'ays and Saturdays, and one 
fair, on -Scpteniber 29, for toys. It Lnds 
two members to pailiament, and isfeatcd 
vn the river Stour, 15 m:ks N. W. by 
W. of Dover, 26 S. V.'. by E. cf P.ochc-f- 
tcr, .:nd 56 on the fame point from Lon- 
<k)n. Lon. 18. 50. lat. :;i. 16. 

Cantin Cape, a promontary of the At- 
lantic Ocean, on the Coafl of Morocco, 
in Africa. Lon. 7. 35. lat. 33.9. 

Cantirt, a peninfula cf Stctlaiid, ftrctch- 
jng into the Iridi fja, and Nvhich lies W, 
of the Iflc of Arran. 


C A 

Canton,, a large, popujous, wealthy city 
and fea-port town of the province of 
Quantong in China. It is feated on the 
banks of one of the fincft rivers in the 
empire, and it is deep enough for large 
veflela to come up to this place, where 
all tiie ciiriofities of China are brought. 
They have manu:adlurcs of their own, 
cfpecially in filk '-ufFs, and the number 
of tradcmcn is 1 cicc'iblc. It yields a piofpecTi: go.r^- up the river, being 
almofl: furrounded with green fields mix- 
c"d Willi pleafant roves and little hills 
one .ibovc anoth. :. It confrfls of three 
towns, divided by very l.igii walls, and 
is about as larvae as I'atis. The ftreets 
are long ard flralt, are paved with flag- 
ftones, and adorned with feveral tri- 
umphal arches. There are alfo Bazars, 
or covered market places, full of fhops. 
The houfes are only ;; ground flqor, built 
with earth, or ornamented with bricks, 
and covered with tiles ; however, the 
Ihops give it a very neat look. The 
better fort of people art carried about in 
chairs ; but the common fort walk bare- 
footed and bare-headed; and their goods 
are carried by porters, for they have no 
waggons. At the end of every llreet 
there is a barrier, which is Ihut up every 
evening, as well as the gates of the city 5 
(o tliat peopte arc obliged to be at home 
early. The river is covered with barks, 
whicii Iiave apartments in them for fa- 
milies, where many live and die. The 
number of inhabitants is computed at 
1,000,000. Lon. 230. 5. lat. 25. 20. 

* Cantons are the divifions of feveral 
countries ; and particularly Swiircrland 
is divided into di:lri<f\s fo called. 

Cantz, a town of Silefia, 6 miles W. of 
Breilau. Lon. ;^4. 15. lat. 51.6. 

Caori.o, a fmall ifland in the Gulph of 
Venice, on the coall of Fiiulij 20 miles 
S. W. of Aquilcia, and is fubjeft to 
Venice. The air is wholcfome, and it 
his a town of the fame name, with a. 
bifliop's fee. 

Catacio, a town of Italy, in tlie king- 
doin of Naples, and in the PlithcrPrin- 
cipato, with a bilhop's fee. It is 16 
r.iiies S. of S.alcrno. Lon. 32. 51. lat; 
40. 4c. 

* Capalita, a iarfc town of N. Ame- 
ri.;:i, and in the province of Guaxaca. 
The country round about it is full of 
fhcsp, cattle, and excellent fruit. 

* Caidenac, a town of France, inQuer- 
ty, ftated on a craggy rod:, and almoft 
fwrrcur.ded by the river Lot. 

9 Caps 


llii, . I i-r. 


' ' 


C A 

CafeRretok. Ssc Breton Cap*. 

Cape-Coast Castle, a fortrcfs of Afri- 
ca, on the coail of Guinea, and the 
chief the Englifti li'T^'e in thcfe 
parts, It is a rtrong place, and furni(h- 
ed vvitli pood room;, and maizes a hand- 
fpnie appearance, having a turret on the 
top. Very near tiicre is a round tower, 
fcated on a hill, and furniflied with great 
guns. Jufl by liie cartle is a negro.; 
town, which is the heft built of any 
upon thj ccaft : however, the inhabi- 
tants hi::v, as well as in other parts, 
go quite naked, except a clout or cloth, 
to covir what decency obliges them to 
hide, l.on, 17. 10. lat. 4. 4c, 

Cavz or Good-Hope, the South extre- 
mity of .Africa, fnii d:fcoV( red by tlv. 
Portugutfe, It To now in the liands of 
the Dutch, who have built a good town 
and fort here ; .nnd it is the capital ci 
the fettlements among; the Hwttentots, 
and inhabited by Dutch and French re- 
fugees, who have made it a delightful 
place, witli charming gardens, full of 
fruit trees of various kinds, as well as 
kitchen herbs, and very beautiful f.owcrs. 
The Hottentots arc reckoned the nallielt 
people in the known woild, and tiiey 
have little or no religion. 'I'hey are 
not fo black as the negroes, and yet ap- 
pear fo, becaufe they daub th.nifelves 
with greafe mixed with foot. All their 
drefs confifls in a fkin which tiiey throw 
over their flioulders, and a cleut to hide 
their nakednefs j but the women are 
provided with one by nature, of a con- 
fiderable length, and in this they dirtev 
from all other women in the wor!!, 
They have many flrangc cufloms, tliat 
are too long to enumerate : however, I 
fhall mention one or two. They deprive 
all the males of one tefticle, for which 
they can give no reafon, except cuftom. 
At a wedding all the comjjany, both men 
and women, fit in a ring, and one of 
their old men befprinklcs each witli his 
urine. The girls, from their infancy to 
12 years of a^e, wear bull-ruilies tied in 
rings about their legs, from tiic knee to 
the arcle, and after that they are cliang- 
ed for rings of the (Vans of fliecp, 
or calves, and fome grown women have 
above 100 of tiiefe upon each leg, one 
above another: thefe fome fuperficial 
travellers have taken for gutj, Tlicy are 
very fond, like other favages, of neck- 
laces and brar-clets, which of mucii 
better mateiials than before the Europe- 
ans cnme amorp; them ; for now ilicir 

C A 

bcaifs are either of brafs or glafs. Thi 
men always dif^inguifli themfelves by tl e 
bladders of the wild beafts they h.ivi 
killed, and they Wow tlicm up and faften 
them to their hair. They are fo naOv 
in tiieir eating, that they greedily devour 
the guts of their animals without empty- 
ing them. They have a great many ani- 
mals, fruits, and vegciabits, to be i'oiind 
in no ether place, cr not far from thence. 
The rhinectMcfes have two horns c ;i 
tht-ir nofes, one .ibove another j whcic- 
,ns thofe of Alia have but one, Fea or 
river herfes are common, and they have 
fome refemblance to an elephant in the 
form of the leg-, and in the r hide;, 
which are wit!iout hair ; and, with re - to fliape lie rcfembles a rhinoceros: 
he has four tuiks, that is, two on each 
fide, the one crooked, the other ftrait, 
which are as large as oxes horns, bein;.; 
a foot and a half long, and of tin.- 
weight of ten pounds : this far furpalRi 
ivory for all curious works. The afs is 
cnc of t!ic moil beautiful creatures ev^r 
feen ; for the body, neck, legs, and in- 
<t!\d all other parts, are adorned with 
Hripcs cf feveral colours. They l.a\e 
fL'.eral kinds of goats of divers colour-, 
aiid a fort of an elk, with .Irait horns, 
and without brandies 5 with many other 
curious animals which we have not room 
to dcferibe. The Engiifh were once in 
poileifion of this corntry, which they 
aftir.vards .abandoned for .St. Helena. 
In ftiort, in this fettlement there is pre:i: 
I'knty of excellent wines, corn, and 
fruits J as alfo cattle, venifon, roultiy, 
and liih, which render it a litli^htfii; 
l^lace to dwell m. The principal ineen- 
vcnience i', t!ie violer.t (lonns ilicy a.^; 
fulijeCk to, bo'h in winter and I'umnie!', 
Lcn. 37. 44. lat. S. 34. 40. 

* Caim-Fr ANcis, fo called, i; a harbc'T 
in the ifland cf St. Domingo, belongiivv 
to the French ; and near it there is a 
town, which becomes more confidcrabl: 
every day, 

* Cap f.-Pai.mas, a promontory en fl:; 
ivory coaft of Guinea, in Africa. Loi.. 
II. 50. lat. 4. 30. 

Cav r-TiiEF-PoiNT5, a promrnrory m 
tl'e rcld coafl of, in Africa., 
' 16. ! ;. lat. 4. £o. 

C/.r;- Vfr nr, a confidcrai.ilc promontory 
en the W. coaft of Afiica, which was 
oitcovered by the Poi;unuefe in i^.r^. 
On each fide arc two ri\crs, viz. 
.Si.tgal to tlij N. and Gambia to the S. 
Tb: foiint'v ngar it Ts inhabited by nc- 


Sroes, v^'ho 
Ihips that 
moft dreadi 
are ai u»;ly 
children en 
over their 11 
vious ;js t!,e; 
felvcs in p It 
lat. i.\. ij. 

Bl A. 

• Cap F ILK, 
d/, and m 

Ircm G.iife. 
niards in 1 
year after, 


bonne, nea 
royal canal. 

C A J' I y I N .^ r a 
vinccs of t 
Italy, boun. 
of Venice, 
Barri, on tht 
the I'arth'.-r 
by the coun 
©f Hither A 
try, without 
a hot air ; 
rivers is fei 
tal town is 

teiritory of 
calHe on its 
is a fmall h 
I 3 miles E. 

• Cato d'Ist 
Italy, in Ift 
wiih a biiliC 
temperate ; 
in wine an( 
'I'riefte, ami 
31, 31;. lat. 

C A p r A n o (• I A 
J.elFer Afia, 
no modern 
'i'urki have 
was, Tichii' 

" CAPi'FI. Cc 

panlliiie, in 
N. of Can' 
Holy TluHl'i 
C A V K A I A , an 
'-ea, to tiic 
it depends, 
lias a town, 
defence. It 




C A 

groes, who arc willing to traffitk with 
Ihips touch there. Tliey arc of a 
mod chtadl'ul afpeft, and the woiiitn 
arc ai u/ly as the r.icn. They carry tlic 
children en their bncl'.s, and fuckle thtm 
over thcir (houldtrs. 'I hey are as lalli- 
vioui ;:i t'.ty are ugly, [.roft.tuliDg theui- 
fclvci in p lijKe to itrans'ers. Lon. 356. o,, 14. 15. i>cc SEKtcJ.'.i. and Gam- 

lil A. 

• C.APFi. LK, a tov.-n of France, in I'icar- 
d/, and in the J iera.hc, S miles i'roni 
Ircm Guife. It was taken by tl-.e K\ \- 
niards in 1C36; but was retaken the 
year after, 'i he fortitk.itions arc de- 
niol.lhvd. Lon. 21. 34. 1.11.49. 5^- 

* C.wjCJTAN, a town oi France, in Lower 
Lang'jcdoc, and in the diov-eie A K.u- 
bjnne, near tlic riv-T Audc and tlio 
royal canal. Lon. 20. 4.0, lat. .}3. 35. 

CaJ' I TiNATA, one of the Twelve I'ro- 
vinccs of the kingdom of K.iplcs, in 
Italy, bounded on tiie K. by the Gulp.'i 
of Venice, on tlie E. by tiic I'err.i lii- 
Bnrri, on the S. by i!ie Baiu'ivara and the 
the I'arth'.r Principato, .-md on the W. 
by the county dt Molifc and a I'mall 
©f Hither Abiu7,2o. It is a level coun- 
try, without trees, %vih a fmdy, aj.d 
a hot air; however, t'lC land near the 
rivers is fertile in pallurcj. The capi- 
tal town is Manfrcdonia. 

Cai'o-Fino, a large bi.rrcn rock in thj 
tciritory of the Cenoefe, which has a 
caiHe on its c.illern ])e ik. N' it th..Te 
is a fmall harbour of the fame iiai.u:, 
13 miles E. by '.], of Cnoa. 

• Capo n'liTRiA, a confiderabie town o[ 
Italy, in l(\ua, on the C'ulph of TrieiU, 
Willi a bliliop's fee, anil fubjccl: to the 
Vtr.etians. The air is and 
temperate ; its principal revenue conlifts 
in wine and fait. It is S miUs S. of 
'iriei'te, and 25 N. W. of I'lnno. Lon. 
31. 3<;, ht. 45. 4S. 

Ca pp A Doci A WIS antlcntly a part cf 
Lclfer Alia, now called Natolla. It h..j 
r.o modern name i:i general ; but ti: ,■ 
'i'urk-, ha\e lour l)egl.rlu;;lics, callc.1 Si 
was, 'I'rehizond, ^^•lrafch, an<l C(jgni. 

* Cappfi. Cunnon, a village in Ciidi- 
paniliire, in .S. Wales, 15 miles E. by 
K, of C'.irdigan, with two f.iirs, cm 
Holy Tlunlvlay, and the Tir.irUl.iy after 
Micliaelmas, for cattle, horfes, and llic^'p. 

Caphaia, an ifle of Italy, in the Tufcan 
Sea, to the N. E, of L'orfic.i, on which 
it de|)tnds. It is pretty populouj, and 
has a town, wiih a rtrong callle for its 
tltfence, It is .-;bout 15 milts in circum- 

C A 

ferencc. Lon. 28. 35. lat. /\i. 15' 

* Capraroi. A, one cf the moft magni- 
ficent i)alaces in Italy, is fcatrd en a hill, 
in Roiieigllone, whofe foot is watcreil 
by the river Tircia. It was iiuiU by car- 
dinnl F.irnefe, and has five fronts, in the 
iiiiddle of which is a round court, and 
yet all ihe rooms are ftjuare, and well- 
proportioned. It is 27 m. N,\V. of Kome. 

Capxi, an ifland of t'c ^!c;lit'.r:^•inean 
in the kingdom of N.iplcs, and in the 
llitliei I'rincipato, over againA Sorento, 
i.imoiis for being tiie retreat of tiie F.m- 
jicror Tiberius. A vail quantity of (juaii.. 
come here every year, which mak-; thi? 
principal revenue of the bifhop, w!io is 
l;cnce called the Hifl-iop cf Quaih;. It i> 
five iviilcs ill length, and tv>-o in bit id*':, 
and is o miltS f). of Viterbo, .-ji-d ? I.'. 
of Home. Capri is the capital lo-' m. 

* Capri, a town of Italy, in tlvj l:in?;- 
dom >'f N.iisles, and in ,in tf '!■.■; 
fame nam'.-, with a bilhcj)'s fee, .nui j. 
Ai'ong ciiHe garrifoncd by the inhribi. 
tants. 1 1 was once a di.lhhtfiil pi ire, 
and LmbelliilKd with variety of mai'.mii- 
cent vvoiks, which were deinoliliii-d :dr t 
the death cf Tiberius. Lon. 31. 41. la. 

Capua, a town of Italy, in the kingdom 
ol Uaplcs, and in the 'Fcrra-di-Lavo; j, 
with an archbiOiop's fee. It is 2 niiie» 
from the ancient Capua, and '.v.r, buiic 
out cf its ruins. It is the place v. here 
I-finnibal and his (jfTicers trilU d ,»w:.,/ 
their time in pleafures, during w':ich the 
Romans recovered from tlieir cor.rtirra- 
tion after the battle of Cannx. It wrm 
taken by the Allied army in 170- i arti 
is feared on the river Vokurno, 15 mil^-i 
N. of Naples, 25 \V. cf Benuvcnt-., "■'.-.d 
91; S. of Rome. L('n. 31. <^y hit. 


Caput, an idand in Afia, and one r,l the 
I'liilippinus, 3 miles in conipa'v. It n 
both fertile and plcafsnt, 

Caracas, Cakacos, or St. Jr :.'■• r i: 
Lkon, a confiderabie town ot S Ame- 
rica, in Terra lirma, and in t' l p.-o -ince 
of Vv.nczuela. It is rich, and fi .ittd in 
a pLin abounding in catth , and crcoa- 
nuts, cf whicli chocolate is made. It 
was plundered Ly the French In :(>j(j. 
Lon. 312. 35. lat. 9. 40. 

Caramania, a conliderablK province of 
Turky in Afi.i, and in tl.;. S. pait of 
Na-.olia. Molt of the h^diies !i.rve tur- 
rets (o contrived, as to coo! t';c room- 
in fuinmer. S.italia i^ ti.c f:>.;;hal tov.-n. 

* Cakamanta, a to 'All !:•. i>, Amcricii, 

S z, Ci;;it«.! 



i '■ ' 



V : 


' ' '1 i 

' . 1 





5 J 



C A 

capital of a province of the fame name, 
in the audience of Santa Fe, and in 
Terra riinia. Lon. 305. o. lat. 5. 


* Caramanta, a province of S. Ame- 
rica, which lies on both (ides the river 
Cauca ; and is bounded on tlie N. by 
the diftridt of Carthagena, on tlie E. by 
New Granada, on the S. by Popayan, 
and on the W. by the fame, and by tlie 
audience of Panama. It is a valley fur- 
rounded by high mountains, and there 
are rivulets from wlience the natives get 
very good fait, 

Carara, a fmall town of Italy, in tlie 

' dutcliy of Ma'fTa, between thi; town of 
Mafla and Sarzana, and five mik-s from 
each. Near this place there are fevcial 
quarries of marble, of divers colour^, 
from whence it probably took its name. 
It is feated in a handfom.e plain, three 
miles from the f;.a. Lon. 27. 45. lat. 
'44. 1. 

Carasu-Mestro, a river of Romania, 
in Turky, which takes its rife in Mount 
Rhodolpho, and it falls into the Archi- 

Car AS u, a river of Katolia, in Ada, 
which rifes in Great Caramania, crolies 
part of Aladula, and at length falls into 
the Mediterranean Sea. The water of 
this river is fo cold, that when Alexan- 
der the Great bathed in it, it threw him 
into a dangerous difeafe. The emperor 
BarbarolTa was killed by it on his re- 
turn from tlie Holy-Land, in the year 
1 100. 

* Carasui, a famous lake in Bulgaria, 
and in the country of the Uobufian- 
Tartars. It is f id to be 55 miles in 
circumference, and to contain feveral 
fmall iflands. It is formed by a branch 
of the Danube, not far from the place 
where it falls into the Black Sea. 

* Caravacca, or, The Cross ov C.\- 
RAVACCA, is a town of", feated 
among the mountains near the river Sc- 
gura in Murcia, on the confines of An- 
dalufia and New Caftile, Tliey pretend 
to have a crofs here, which was brought 
by an angel to a prieft, who was gomj 
to fay mafs to a Moorifh king ; there- 
tore it is no wonder that it fhould j cr- 
form miracles. It is 50 miles N. W, 
of Carthagena. Lon. 15. 30. lat. 
38. s. 

Caravans generally confifl of a great 
number of merchants, with their camels 
and horfes, on which they carry their 
merchandize to diftant countries. They 

C A 

chiefly travel in this matiner for tfie'.' 
mutual defence, efpj;ial!y when they 
p:tfs over the Defaits of Aiabia and A- 
liii.a: however, there are f.>nie who go 
from Ruifia to China, from Ptrfia to In. 
dia, and nnny o'Ai'jv phces, in all v/iiich 
it would be dangeroua to travel in fmall 

Ca r .-. v A N s ae a tr, are a fort of public inns 
built on pre. it rcadu, for the accommoda- 
tion cf tai.ivans ; wliieh are tlie moie 
necclfary, b(;caufe there is no mnb for 
patfengcrs as in Kuropc. Som.* of tlicfe 
are very magnificent ; andtherearc people 
who attend, to accomnioJate travtllcib: 
however tiieie is no furniture, and in 
foine iilaees there aie no other provificns 
but the caravans bring along with 
them. There are many of thefe in the 
jrrcat towns e";f Alri and Africa, efpeci. 
ally in the I'uikini and Pcilian domini- 
ons. Tliey are generally huilt in tlie 
form of a fcjuare, and round a quadran- 
gle, like a college. 

Carbon, anciently the Alpheus, one C'f 
the 1 lincipal rivers of the Morea, in 
Euroj.ean Tuiky, 

C.^ K CAsr.oNE, an ancient and ronfideral Ic 
town of France, in Lower Languedoc, 
with a bidiop's fee. It is divided into 
the Higher and Lower town by the river 
Aude. In the Upper there is a rtrong 
callle and the cathedral church. The 
Lower is almoft fcjuare, and very regu- 
larly built. They have inanufacTurcs oi 
all fcits of cloth, v.'hich makes the in- 
habitants very rich. It is feated en t!ie 
liver Aude, 15 miles W. of Narbonnc, 
4;". S. E. of Touloufe, 37 N. E. of Foix, 
and 400 S. of Palis. Lon. 20. i. lat. 

4v I'- 
CARDifF, a town of S. Wales, in Gla- 
mori;anfhire, wiih iwo markets, on 
Wednefdays and Satuid.iys, and three 
fairs, on June :';, Septemlier 8, and 
November 3c, for cattle, It is feated 
on the liver J'ave, over which there is 
a har.lfome hiid<;e, and is a large, com- 
padf, well-built town, having a caftle, 
a wall, and four g.ites. It has a confi- 
derable trade with Brirtol ; for veHels of 
fmall burden can come to the bridge. 
At jirefent it has but one church, the 
^^■ater having del\royed the other. The 
conflable of the caftle is the chief ma- 
piftrate, whom they call mayor ; befides 
him, there are two bailiffs, a record- 
er, iz aldermen, iz common-council- 
men, 2 ferjeants at mace, and 8 confta- 
bles. It contain) 2 paridies, and about 


^co hcufcs, 
ftreitj. Hei 
the county a 
mtmbcr to p 
of Cowbridi 
and 163 W. 
lat. 51. 30. 
Car nioAN, a 
fhire in S. V 
turdays, and 
and April 5 
lar's ware ; 
the fame anc" 
tuated on tl 
tliere is a har 
veral arches, 
the aflizes ar 
kept. The 
it lias butoni 
her to parliai 
earldom. Il 
St. David's, ■ 
W. N. W. 01 
52. 15. 
• Cardigans 
42 m. in lenf 
upon the CO 
bounds it on 
the E. and \ 
more pleafan 
other parts ^ 
and S. there 
It contains ^ 
tants, 64 par 
and fends 01 
There are f 
riling in the 
but the Tlvy 
with veins ol 
of which la(\ 
filver. The 1 
veral times t( 
tieularly Sii 
2oool.a mon 
which enable 
ver water to 
venturers ha 
but have fai 
flock. An f. 
firmed there 
try ; but he 
ters, as feme 
for there ai 
mals to be fi 
Carpona, a 
Spain, in Ca 
and the title 
is aa inexha 

C A 

^co heufes, formed into brosd paved 
ftrettj. Here the afTizes and fciTions for 
the county are held ; and it fends one 
iTTJinber to parliament. Near it arc fome 
iron-works. It it. 12 miles E. by N, 
of Cowbridge, 36 S. W. of Monnjouth, 
and 163 W. of London. Lon. 14. 15. 
lat. SI. 30. 

Car nir.AN, a principal town of Cardigan- 
(hire in S. W^ies, with a market on Sa- 
turdays, and four fairs, viz. en Feb. 13, 
and April 5, for fmall horfes and ped- 
lar's ware ; Sept. 8, and Nov. 19, for 
the fame and cattle. It is pleafantly fi- 
tuated on the river ""'ivy, over which 
tlicre is a handfonic ftone bridj^c with (e- 
veral arches. It is tlie Ihire town where 
ilie aflizes are held, and the county goal 
kept. The ihirc-lull is well built j and 
it has but one church. It fends one mem- 
ber to parliament, and has the title of an 
earldom. It is 33 miles N. E. by E. of 
St. David's, 36 N. of Pembroke, and i)8 
W. N. W. of London. Lon. iz. 55. lat. 
52. I,-. 

« CAKDir;ANSHiRE,a couuty in S.Wales, 
42 m. in lenj:;th, and 20 in breadth, being 
upon the colli of the Iri(h fca, which 
bouiuls it on the W. U.idnorfliire is on 
the E. and MerionetliOiire on the N. and 
Carmarihenlhire on tlie S, The air is 
more pleafant, and milder here than in 
other parts of Wales : and to the W. 
and S. there are plains fruitful in corn. 
It contains 3i5ohoufes, 353S0 inhabi- 
tants, 64 parilhes, and 4 market-towns ; 
and fends one member to parli.ment. 
There arc fevcral fmall rivers, which, 
rihng in the mountains, fall into the fea, 
but the Tlvy is the principal. It abounds 
with veins of lead and filver ore ; a ton 
of wiiich jaft will yield 70 or So ounces of 
filver. The mines haVS been worked fe- 
vcral times to great advantage ; and par- 
ticularly Sir Hugh Middieton cleared 
2000I. a month for fevcral years togetiier, 
which enabled him to bring the New Ri- 
ver water to London. Some private ad- 
venturers have attempted to work them, 
but have failed for want of a futScient 
ftosk. An ancient Britiih writer has af- 
firmed there were bea\ ers in this coun- 
try J but he bellowed this name on ot- 
ters, as fome natural hiflorians h.-»ve done, 
for there are now plenty of thefe ani- 
mals to be found near the river. 

Carpona, a handfomc llrong town of 
Spain, in Catalonia, with a flrongcafllc, 
and the title of a dutciiy. Neai it there 
ii an inexhauiUble niouutalu of fait of 

C A 

fevc'ral colours, as red, white, carna- 
tion, and green j but when wafhed it 
becomi's white. Nothing can be more 
plealant to behold than this mountain 
when the fun fliines upon it. There arc 
alfo vineyards which produce excellent 
wine, and very lofty pinc-trccs. It is 
featcd on an eminence near the river Car- 
denero, 37 milci N. E. of Taragona, and 
37S. W. of Barcelona. Lon. 19. 10. 
Lat. 41. 42. 
Carduei., orCARDUELiA, a countf/ of 
Afia, lymg between the Black Sea and 
tlie Cafpian Sea. Teflis is the capital 

* Caruk, an idand of Afia in the Prr- 
fian Gulph, about 10 miles in circum- 
ference. It is 125 miles S. of Builerah. 

Car ELI A, a province of Finland, and the 
eaftern part of it. It is divided into 
Swedifh Carelia, and Mufcovite Carelia. 
The capital of this lail is I'ovenza. Swe- 
difh Carelia is divided into Finland Ca- 
relia, wjiol'e capital is Wicburg, and Ca- 
relia Kexholni, whofe capital is Kex- 
holm, cr Calegorod. The Swedes and 
Mufcovites have often difputed about 
this country, but alniull all now belongs 
to the latter. 

Carei. sr KooN, a fea-port town of Swe- 
den, in Blekingia, or Bleking, on the 
Baltick Sea, with a very good harbour, 
defended by two forts. It was built in 
1679, ^"'^ '5 ^■'^■'■y ropulous, with arfe- 
na) ) for the marine ; the lioufe of the di- 
redor-fencial of the admiralty is in this 
town, and here the Swedes lay up th>;ir 
royal navy. Lon. 33. 35. Lat. 56. 15. 

Carkntan, a town of France in Lower 
Normandy, and in the Coutentin, with 
an ancient callle, 8 miles from the fea. 
It is 20 miles N. E. of Coutanccs, 20 
W. of Hayeux, and 95 W. of Rouen. 
Lon. 16. 20. Lat. 49. 30. 

* CARfiAi'UL, a town of Mufcovy, in the 
I'rovince of Dwina, and capit.alof a tc^-^ 
ritory of the f;ime name, 120 miles S. 
W. of Archangel, Lon. 53. 35. Lat, 
63. o. 

Car I AT I, a town ofjtaly in the kingdom 
of Naples and province of Hither Cala- 
bria, with a bilhop's fee, and the title of 
a principality. It is 2 miles from the 
gulph of Taranto, 25 N. of St. Severi- 
na, 22 S. of Rolfano, and 37 N. E. of 
Cofenza. Lon. 34. 50. Lat. 39. 38. 

Caribbee 1st. an PS, are iftands of Ame- 
rica in the Wcil-Indies, divided among 
fevcral European nations, of which Ja- 
maica, Batbadoes, St. Kitts, Antigua, 


",: '. : 

'V.;i > 





v: Cy 




' 5 & ? 

C A 

Kcvis, and fcveral toal'tr, bdonj to 
tJK Englirti ; Hifpaniola, to the Spa:.urd$ 
auid French ; Cuba, which is the largcil, 
to the Spaniards j Martinico, to the 
Frencli; Euftatia, to the Dutch ; hulidL-. 
many otiiers as will be talicn notice of .n 
their proper places. 

CxRiBBtES, thr origin;:! inhabitmts of 
the Carilibce If.aadi, wl:o are now al- 
inoft rooted out, exceyit in fome tliat are 
not polfclfed by the Europt.ins. i'hey 
liave generally b..'eu accounted car.ibals 
or men-caters, but -.'Kry falfcly. 'I' 
are of a melancholy, thoughtful, and idle 
difpofitlon, and g.;nerally live a lonj 
while. They are of a coppei- cilour, 
yrith long black ccarfe hair, and beard- 
|efs, like the reft of tiie native Ameri- 
cans. They went ftark naked before 
the coining of the Europeans ; but nuw 
thofe that li'"'^ the fame idands with 
them are a more modeft. They 

have feveral ■ ;s without any regard to 
confanguinity ; but as for their religion 
it is liard to fay what it is. 

Carileana, now called PARiA,orNr.\v 
Andalusia, a country in S. America: 
the inhabitants have much the fame cu!"- 
toms as thcCaribbees. 

Cauicnano, a town of Piedmont in Ita- 
ly, with the title of a principality. It 
is in a diilridl of the fame r:imc, which 
is very fertile and pleafant. It was taken 
by the French in 1544, who deniolillud 
the fonifi;ntions, but fpared the cadlc. 
Jt wasalfo taken and retaken in 1691 ; 
and is feated on the river Fo, S miles 
S. of Turin, and 15 S. E. of rigncrol. 
ton. 35. zo. Lat. 44. 45. 

Carinola, a town of Italy in tiie king- 
dom of Naples, and in the Ttrra-di-La- 
voro, with a bifliop's fee. Tlie air is 
very unv/holfomo. It is fiattd near 
Mount Maffico, 15 miles N, W. of Ca- 
pua, and 27 N. W. of Naijlcs. Loii. 
31,35. Lat. 41. 15. 

Carinthia, a province of Ctrmany, in 
the dominions of Auftria, witli tlie title 
of a dutchy. It is bounded on tlie \'. 
by Auilria, on the E. by Styria, on the 
S. by Carniola and Friuli, and on tiie W. 
by Tirol, and thearchbilhoprick of Salt/- 
burg. It produces no wine, but abounds 
in corn, and the grcatefl part belongs to 
the houfc of Auftria ; the reft to the bi- 
(hopof Bamberg, the court of Ungnad, 
and the archbifhop of Salizburg, Cla- 
ginfutt is the capital town. 

Cabtpous, a people of S. America, inha- 
biting a counny 10 th'.- N. of the river 

C A 

cf th^ Annzon-., who are always at w^r 
with the Cjr:^bees, They are briik, bci < 
courageous, and very well diipofed, cuu-' 
fidcring ihcy are favages. 

CABiiBKooK Casim, feated in tlie mid- 
dl; of th.- I'le of V/i.',h:, and ii Va:-. 
])lace whcie C.ijiles I. was impiiionul 
IP. 1047. Lon. j6. c. Lat, 50. 40. 

Caristo, a tnwn ot Giceco in the tait'.'.'n 
part of tliCilLnd cf Ntgropont, witli .-i 
bidiop's fi. e, and is ft.ati d near Cape Lo- 
ro. l.on. 48. jr'. Lat. 38. 6. 

CAM.iNr.ioK D, a fi-a-port town of Iie- 
l.i;id, f;.ated on C.iriin^<;ord-r;ay, in •.!*« 
county of Lowth and province of L;in. 
fler, 2z tr'U.:, y,. oi Lioihed.i. Lc:'., 
It. 13. Lat. s4, 5. 

Ca:' i.iuF, a town orcity ofCumbcrlnn:', 
cf \vli:'.:i it IS ta;,:t,il, with ainaike'. on 
i)ati;rday3 ; and f^/ur lairs, viz. Aug. :6, 
for liori-td cattle and Linen ; Scjit. n,, 
for 1)01 fes and homed cattle ; and on 
tlie and feeond Saturdays ait'.r Oi\. 
10, far Stotcli horned cattle. It i:. a 
pi.wc of gieat antiquity, and is featrd .it 
the conruence cf feveral rivers, v.'hich 
almort encompafs it. The river i'etcr.ll 
being on t!ie E. Cauda on tiie SV. an.l 
Eden on ttie K. whicli foon after fi.i.o 
into the fea. It i-jfurroun^'ed with wal.s, 
and fortified wiih a eaflle, which f\aniJs 
on the Well: fide ef the town : tlie hovi!. :. well-built, and the cathedral thur.'i 
ij a ilately llruihue, with tuuoub woil:- 
iiianihii). It is a place of foine tn.Je 
in fultian?, and fends two members (~> 
parliament. The t;ate:i are c.iUed Iri li, 
Enghih, and Seoteli. It is 6e> miles .' . 
of Edinl)ur;-h, 70 N. of Laiiciltcr, a:.i 
301 N. N. VV. ol' London. Lon. ir. 
<;. Lat. 54. 45. Ti'e Picls, or 
wall, runu from hence to Newca' !e, - 1 
vvhieh thrc are iliU fome remains, ar. I 
from which it is 60 miles dillant to the 
the W. and from Cerwick-upon-Twe^d 
80 S. W. It Wi.S polilHed by the rebels 
in 174s, and was retaken by the D. of 
Cumberland 25 days afterwards, that is 
Dec. 10. 

CARi.or^iAii, or CARTsTAn, a town of 
Sv.'eden in Wermeland, feated on the 
Lake Warier, 133 miles W, of Stock- 
holm. Lon. 31. 40. Lat. 59. 16. 

CARi.osTAn, or^ut, a town of 
Hungary, capital of Croatia, and is tiie 
ufiial reddence of the governors of the 
province. It is feated on the river Kulp, 
8 miles E. of Meteling, zz W. of Z.i- 
grah, and 140 S. of Vienna. It is fubjeft 
to the houle of Auftria, Lon. 33. 'c. 

Li.t. 4 e, 34. 
augmented ll 
it was never 

♦ Car LOU 11 
ry, in Seiavc 
wcntluded h 
Chriltians in 
W. fide of 
.':nd 50 S. 1 
Lat. 45. 2 ;. 

Car f s'l ad 1 . 
circle e'f Fi 
i.t nillei i< 

C A re M A c N I o r 
mont, v-liic 
has a lironz 
and was ta 
and retiken 
year. It is fi 
runs into i! 
17 S. E. of 
Lon, 25. 20 
Car m ar tii r 
markets en 
and fix fair; 
12, Sept. (J 
for canle, h 
is plvafantly 
river Toway 
rt'jiie bridge, 
up to iiiiloa( 
ration, and 
are held. I 
wall and n 
r.nt a conli 
ir.'.'.iiber to 
.S. E.ofCarc 
r.c;k, and 
I. en. 1 3. ic 
* C A P. M A r ■: ; 
VV .-.!-,. 43 n 
and I), unde 
N. St. G 
E. and Pen 
iVuitfiil ill C' 
pK-afr.nt an 
alfo wood, 
falmon, wh 
air is pretty 
being Co mi' 
Jt c' ntains 
tnnt?, 145 
.■\nd fends 1 
on'' for the, It i 


C A 

l.^t. 4 c, -^4, The emperor Charles VI. 
rmgnicntcd tlie fortiiic^itions in 1737,, and 
:t vva» never cotiqucrccl by tlie TurUs. 

* Car LOU I iz, a fnuiU town of Iiunr.i- 
ry. in Stlavcnin, rt'niaikablt for a jiyacc 
wcncluiicd hivc. betwccr. I'.v-: 'luikj iwd 
Clir.ltiir.s in 1660. I: i'j liated en tl'.t 
\V. f:clc of tlic Danube. 5 niilts fn m 
IVtorsvaradin, 32 N. W. <A Bclgiadi', 
r.nd 50 S, E. of E..'v.(.k. l.c n, ^7, .•3. 
Lat. 45. 25. 

Car fi'i ad r, a tovn of Gcniany, in the 
ci',c!e .?f Fran onia, r.ud b.flioi>riclt cf 
\\ lutrtjurdi, fcaicil on ;!iu ri%'tr Maine, 
i.i. niilei K. of V» Jiui^. Lon. ;7. 
^5. lat. 5;. o. /., a trAvn t'f Italy in Pied- 
mont, which 2ive5 liti-j to a count. It 
has a ftrons; citaHel. It ii a trading placf, 
and was taken by tlie French in iCoi, 
and ret I'.a-n by inln.e Vlu.^'ne the f. ine 
year. It is featcd on a fn-,al! riwr, vvh,c!i 
nins into tlic I'd u niiitj S. of Tin. r, 
17 S. E. of I'i.rrntro!, and ^5 N. of Cuni. 
Lon, 25. 20. Lat. 44. .5 ■5. 

Car m a r t u fn, tlie tapitrd town of Cnr- 
niarthenfliire in S, Wales, with two 
markets on Wclnd'r'.iys and Satnr<!ay>, 
and fix fairi, viz. June 3, July 10, Aiij. 
12, Sept. (J, Och o. .nid Nov. 14, all 
for ca'tle, h„rfe3, atu! ju-t!!ars ware'. It 
is pl'.-afantly featcd en th^ banVcs of the 
river Toway, over whieh there ir, a kir^e 
fton'j bridge, to which fniajl veirt!.-. con-c 
up to unload their /cods. It is a corno- 
ration, and the jjlace v.-hcrc the afTwts 
arc held. It was onee foitificcf witli a 
wall and n flrcn-.^ caftle, and is at ])re- 
firit a confiderabl'j ; '.ice, f^ndin,; one 
ir.',' .liber to |)ailiaiiient. It is 24 miles 
•S. r. of Cardi^Mn, 4; W. by N. of Breck- 
r.c.k, and 206 W. by N. of Lender. 

I.(",!1. I 3. 10. £ 1. 5G. 

* Car M AT : i< F.NSHtR r, a county of S. 
VV .".!■.■',. ^3 miles in b'n;;th, ; - in bieadth, 
and b, unded by Cirtliv^anlhirj on the 
N. St. George's Chnnnel on the S. 
nr,.cl:n:ck and Glanior^^anfhires on the 
F.. .111(1 Pembrokefliiiv on the W. It is 
tV'.titrul in corn and f rafs, havinn; many 
pk-afant and rich meadows ; and it has 
alfo wood, coal, and fca-fifli, cfpecially 
falnion, which is evceedint^ pood. The 
air is pr:tty mild and wholefome, it not 
beinp; fo mountainous as other counties. 
Jr t' ntalns ztG] houfes, 165^0 inhabi- 
tinf, I.]- parilhcs, 8 market-tav/ns, 
and fends two members to pnrlianunt, 
cr- for the county, and one for the rtilre It is watyreJ with feveral rivers 

C A 

arc fmall ftrcams. The chief town t* 

* Ca r m kl, a hifth mountain in P.ikftinr, 
not'.'d for bcir;g the retreat of the pro- 
phet Elias, and a monallcry of Carma- 
iites. It is covered witb rtirubs and 
groves, whicl) Ihelter game of every 
k.ind ; about it there arc I'svcral villages 
belonjjinjj to the Arabs. 

Cai'. MoN, a town of Italy in Frluli, and 
in the county of Coritz, feated on a 
mountain ne.ii t'ae river Indri. It be- 
lonr^s to the houfe of AuHria, and is 7 
miles N. W. of Goritz. Lon. 31. S. 
lat. 46. 15. 

Cakmona, an .indent town of Spain in 
Andahilia. The gate, which is towards 
Seville, ii one of the mofl extraordinary 
pifces of antiquity in all Spain. It is 
featcd in a feitile country, i; miles E. 
of Seville. Lon. 12. 52. lat. 37. 24, 

Caknakvon, a town of Carnarvonrtiirc 
in N. Wales, with a maiket on Satur- 
days, and four fairs, viz. on Feb. 25, 
May 16, Aui;. 4, and Dec. <, for cat- 
tle and pedlar's ware. It is commo- 
dioully feated on the fca-fliore, and has 
a profped into the Ilk- of Anglefea : it 
is a place of great Arcnjth, as well by 
nature as art, being furrounded on all 
Tides, c:;cept the E. with the fca and two 
rivers. It had a (Ircng cartlc, which is 
now in luins ; and has only one parifh 
church, but the houfcsand flrcets are to- 
lerably handfomc. It has the title of an 
ea!ldi;n>, and fends one member to pai- 
Lnment : is governed by the con^h-ibic of 
tlic cafllc, who, by ]>atcnt, is ahvr.y? 
mayor. It is 7 aniles S. W. of Ilant^or, 
i>\ fi. W. of Aberconvvay, and 251 N. V/. 
of Londcn. Lon. 13. 10. lat. 53. 20. 

* Ca H N AR VONSH IR F., 3 COtmty of N'. 

W.-ilf;, 5o!niles in length, 13 in broadth, 
and bounded on the N. and \V. by th(r 
Tea, en the S. by Mcrioncthfi;irc, and cri 
the E. by Denbighfliire. T!ic air i;; 
Iharp and cold, it beinj f'_!I of high 
mountains, lakes, and rocks ; however, 
there are f'jveral fiuitf'sl bottoms and valleys, which i'cad fneep, cattle, 
and goats ; and its rivers arc full of fifh. 
It con'-nins 2765 houfes, 16790 inhab.- 
tants, C2 j^aiidies, and 6 inarkct-town:. 
The hi;;hefl incuntajn is calletl Snowd&n- 
Hill, whic'i ii bo2;^y on the toj), and ha . 
two lakes full of Jifii. The fheep, which 
leedon tlic fides of i:, yield the fwcctelfc 
mutton in Wales. It fends tv/o mem- 
bers to parliament, one for tlic count/, 
and one for Carnarvon, which is tha 
principal town, * C/ij- 



M -1. 






i ! 

['5J ■'! Mlil 


C A 

» CARNtRO, the name of a part of tlic 
Gulph of Venice, which extends from 
the wefternlJde ot lilri.i to the idand of 
Grolfa, and to the coafts of Morl:iki,i. 

Carmia, a province of 'I'urky in Furopc, 
in Lower Albania, called Alfos Dcfpo- 

Carniola, a confiderable province of 
Germany, in the territories of the lioufe 
of Auftria, bounded on the N. by Ca- 
rinUiia and Styria, on tlie E. Ijy Sclavo- 
nia and Croatia, on the S. by MorlaUia 
and Iflria, and on the W. by Friuli. It 
is full of rocl<» and mountains, and yet 
produces corn, wine, and oil. Laubach 
is the capital town. 

Carolina, a large country of N. Ameri- 
ca, comprehending N. and S. Carolina 
and Georgia, whicii are Englifli fettle- 
nients. It is bounded on tiu N. by Vir- 
ginia, on the E. by the ocean, on tl'.eS. 
by Spanilli Florida, and on the W. by 
Louifiana, lyinp between 30 ?nd 3;; de- 
grees N. Lat, The cliief produce is to- 
bacco, indir;o, and rice 5 bur ihiy are 
attempting to breed filk worms fur the 
produftion of filk. They li.i'. e a mucli 
more extenfive trade than formerly, ,ind 
it is ftill capable of great imijri^vcmenti. 
The animals, trees, fruits, ami pLints, 
are much the fame as in Virginia ; futh 
as a wild animal refembling a liull, with 
very long hair, (hort legs, larr;e hoiiiyj, 
and great bunches on their backs near 
the fhoulders. Their herns are bi^icl: and 
ihort, and they have a great btard under 
their muzzels, and fo much hair on tl.'-ir 
heads, that it hides their eyes, which 
gives them a hideous look. Tiiey jiav s 
bears, whofc flefh is cfteemtd good er.i- 
ing ; and they make hams of their Itgi. 
Befides thefe they have cat-a-mountains, 
wild cat«, wolves, a fort of ty;;ers, 
beavers, otters, musk-rats, polfums, 
raccoons, minxes, water-rats, a kind of 
rabbits, elks, different from tlie Euro- 
pean, flags, fallow deer, feveral forts of 
fquirrels, foxes, and two forts of rats. 
The birds are fo numerous, that it would 
be tedious even to mention their names, 
as well belonging to the land as water ; 
and there are many forts of fifh, quite 
tinknovvn in thefe parts of the world. 
Their fruits and trees are much tiie fame 
as in Virginia, and tiiey liave fomc of 
the beft kind of fruits tranfplanted from 
Europe, which thrive very well. Tlie 
native Americans are of the fame fhr.;:P, 
colour, and ftature, as in other parts ;.f 
America ; they being all oi a red cop- 

■ \! m 

Q A 

per complexion, with coarfe binck hik, 
and no beards j and lieie, as in other 
place;, each man has feveial wives. The 
other ciimmoditi'?s of Carolina not yt» 
mentioned, aie torn, naval florts, and 
skins ; IM thiy pui chafe of the 
native Americans. 
Carpathian Mountains, are thofc 
which divide Hungary and Tranfylvania 
from Poland. 

* Carpentkr Land, a country of Afia 
to the S. of New Guiney, anti in New 
Holland, of which we know but little. 
The natives are all blacks, and paint 
their bodies ; but whether for orn.iment 
or terror is uncertain. They have the 
woril features of any people in the world 
yet known : they are much tormented 
with flies, and, perhaps, on that ac- 
count keep tiiem almort (hut. Tlieir 
hail is frizzled, and all that have been 
yet feen, want two ot their foie teetli. 
Tiiey live chiefly on (heli-fifh, which 
they get on tlie fhore ; and they have no 
houfes, or at leaft none that the failors 
could fee. 

Cari'en TR AS, a to%vn of France in Pro- 
vence, and tajiJtal of Venainin, with a 
bifliop'i fee, and a Jewifli fynagogue. It 
ii iubjedl to the pope, and Is feated on 
the liver Aufon, at the foot of a ir.oun- 
tidn, 12 miles S. E. of (Jrange, ami 13 
N. E. of Avignon. Lon. 22. 43. lat. 
44. .}. 

Carpi, a town of Italy in the dutchy of 
Modem, with a ftrong caflle, and the 
title of a principality. It is 8 miles N» 
of Modena, 13 N. E. of Rcg,~io, and 
12 S. W. of Mirandola. Lon. aS. 25, 
lat. 44, 45. 

Carpi, a town of Italy in the Veronefe, 
memorable for a viilory gained by the 
Imperialifls over t'le French in 1701. It 
is feated on the river Adige, 24 miles Si 
E. of Verona, and isfubjeiTl to tlie Ve- 
netians. Lon. 19. 15. lat. 45, 10. 

* Carpio, a town of Spain in Andahifia, 
feattd on the river Guadalquivcr, with 
the title of a marquifate. 

Carravk IRA, a town »f Tiirky in Eu- 
rope, with a Greek archbifliop's fee. 
Lon. 40. o. lat. 40. 27. 
Car RICK, a county of Scotland, brnmded 
by the Fryth of Clyde on the N. W. and 
GalloNvay on the S. Bargeny is ih(p ca- 
pital town. 
C A li R I c K ON Surf, a town of Ireland in 
tl.c county of Tipperary and provinw 
of Munfter, 14 miles N, W. of Water* 
ford, Lon. 10. u. lat, 51. i£. 



t!ie county 
UllUv, whie 
town, an<l i' 
jilate, v.ith 
and which fe 
ment. It is 
channel of tl 
E, of Antrit 
Lon. I I. 20. 

C.A R 5, or Kar 
town of -^fia 
Ilia, feated 
with a foiti 
Lon. 61. 35. 

* C A R s c H I , a 
tary, and in 
very fertile ei 
lous trading | 

C A R T .\ M A , at 

dom of Gr.u 
pretty conlidc 
foot of a iiioi 
and 25 S. W. 
lat. 36. 40. 

Car TVS UK A, 
Indies, and c.i 
va, in an iflar 

Cartk R KT, a 
S. Carolina. 

Car th aokn A, 
of Spain in th 
capital of a t 
It was built b 
general, and 
It has t!ie bel 
it has nothing 
bi (hop's fee is 
was taken by 
the duke of 
wards. It is 
fame name, 2 
17. 6. lat. 37 

C A K T H A G E N A 

town of S. A 
province of t 
of Terra Fin: 
one of the 
The entrance 
only one (hi]) 
it is defended 
venues of t!' 
Graiiiuia .md 
here ; belidcj 
cfpeei illy in j 
Englilh J 5555 
who found a 

C A 

Carkick-Ffrcvs, atownof Iiel.ind,in 
till; county of Antrim and piovlntc of 
UllU'V, which is a horniu;h .iivl 111.11 kcr- 
ti)wn, and is a very licli and ]U)iiul"'is 
plate, with a i;ood hailjoui and a callle, 
and wliich (ends two nicinbcrs to pai lia • 
nicnt. It is fcattd on a bay of tiie Iiidi 
thannel of the fanid name : is 14 milts 
H. of Antrim, and 8 ^ N. of Dublin, 
l.on. 1 1. 20. lat. 54. 45. 

Caks, orKARS, a confidtrable ,nnd ftrorg 
town of Afia in Armenia, or Turcoma- 
nia, featcd un a river of tlu; fanie name, 
with a foi tifietl jallle, which is almoin 
iin])re);nable. It is 120 miles N. E. of 
lirzerum, and 100 S. of Trabifond. 
Lon. 61. 35, lat. 41. 30. 

* Carschi, a large town of All \ inTar- 
taiy, and in Bokaria. It is fcated in a 
very fertile country, and is a very popu- 
lous trading place. 

Cartama, a town of .Spain in the kinp;- 
dom of Granada, which was formerly 
pretty confiderabie. It ii ftatcd at the 
foot of a iiiountain near the river Gua- 
dal.i-medina, S miles N. W, of Malaga, 
and 258. W. of Ante'.juera. Lon. 13. 5. 
lat. 36. 40. 

C.ARTKsuK A, a towH of Afia in the Eaft- 
Indies, and capital of the e;n))ire of Ja- 
va, in an ifland of the fame name, 

Cartkrkt, a county of N. America, in 
S. Carolina. 

Carthaokna, a famous fca-port town 
of Spain in the kingdom of Murcia, and 
capital of a territory ol the fame name. 
It was built by Afdrubal, a Carthaginian 
general, and was named after Cariha.^c, 
It has t!ie bell harbour in all Sjjain, but 
it has nothing very conful.rabie ; for the 
bilhop's fee is tiansferred to Toledo. It 
was taken by Sir John Leek in 1706, but 
the duke of Berwick retook it jl'tcr- 
wards. It is featcd on a gulph ot the 
fame name, 27 milcs j. of Murcia. Lon. 
17. 6. lat. 37. 36. 

Cakthagena, a large, ricii, and flrong 
town of S. America, and capital of a 
province of the I'amc name on the coalt 
of Terra Firma, with a billiop's fee, and 
one of the bed harbours in Aitierici. 
The entrance into this is fo narrow that 
only one fliip can enter at a time ; and 
it is defended by thiee foit*. Ail the re- 
venues of t!ie K. of Spain from New 
Granada and Terra FiriT.a, are brought 
here ; behdes, it carries on a gr'.-.u trade, 
cfpeci iliy in pearls. It was taken by the' 
Kns;lilh 1 5555, and by the Trench in 1O97, j 
who found a great Ijocty : but sdniir-l j 

C A 

Vernon, in 1741, though he taken 
the harbour, was obliged to abandon the 
lici'e, on account of the want of fkill in 
the commander, of tl:e land-lcr;'es, and 
the liiknels that was among ihem, nc/t 
to mention the difference between tha 
a 'miral and general. Lon. 302. 10. lat. 
10. 30, 

Cabthao E, a famous town in Africa, 
which once difputed the einpire of the 
world with Rome, but it was at length 
levelled with the ground by the Romans, 
and lome of the ruins are yet 'o be fcen 
on the coall of the Mediterranean Sea, 
3c miles N. W. of Tunis, and 3i;c F.. of 
Algiers, near a jjrcmontory, ftill called 
Cape Carthage. Lon. 26. 35. lat, 36, 

Car Til A 00, now a confiderabie town 
of N. America in Mexico, in the pro- 
\ince of Coilarica, with a bifhop's fee, 
and a Spanifli governor. It is a very ricli 
trading-place, and is 360 miles W. of 
Panama. Lon. 196. 15. lat. 9. 5. 

Cartmki., atownof Lancaihire, with a 
market on Mondays, and two fairs on 
Whit-monday and the firftTuefday after 
0>ituber 23, for pedlars ware. It is 
fcated among the hills called Carmel- 
Felli, not far from the fea, and near the 
river Kent, It is adorned with a very 
I'.andfoine church, built in the form of a 
ciofs like a cathedral. The market is 
Well lupplied witli corn, fheep, and fiili. 
It is 12 in.Ls N. by W. of Lancallcr, 
and 260 N. N. W. of London. Lon. 
14. 55. lat. 54. 15. 

Car WAR, a town of Afia, on the coaft of in the E. Indies, and where the 
E. India compan; have a fadtory, which 
is fortined with two baftions. The val- 
leys about it abound in corn and peijper, 
which lalt is the hell in the E. Indies. 
'i'lie woods on the mountains abound 
with ipiadrupedes, fuch as tygers, wolves, 
monkeys, wild hogs, deer, elks, and a 
foi t of beeves of a ])rodigious fize. One 
of tiiefo beini; killed, the four quarters 
wei.;hed above a ton weight, befides head, 
hide, and guts. The horns were 23 in- 
dies in circumference about the roots, 
and the marrowbones where fo large that 
t!ie mirrow was taken out with a filvcr 
tab!e-fp ipn, but i!ie fiedi .was net fo 
good as common beef. Thwe are three 
I'indj of tygers in woods; the fmallcfl 
is not above two feet tii»h, and is the 
fi'.rti.i[. The fecond fcrt is ab.vjt three 
feet hi'Ji, and hunts dec, wild no""*, and 
a lit.ii crc.iiurc called pill'ay 3 lii'.s h*s 
T Vhe 






Pi f :: ■'. 

I :! 

i i ''l ] 

C A 

the Di.ipp of a <Iccr, ami the heiH of a 
lio<, anil alfo t.vo li)n< lu^ks (jrowinj; 
upwaul from tlic nctliur j;«w, like ^ wild 
bom. It has likcwife two long (liarp 
ti;ctli, which 5;row downwird liom tlic 
iif>|u.T ja'.'', Jtnil rcaih lo tlm under pait 
ot the lower jaw. It is vtiy harmltls 
and fjarful, ftedsun grafs and ht-rlis, and 
is of the fizc of a cat, Tht! Iarge(\ ty- 
gers are about three feet and an half 
hipli, and attack men very fcldom. '1 lie 
rilli^ion of the natives is I'ai^anifin ; and 
they have a great miny (Irange and lu- 
pcrititious curtoms. It is 60 miles S. of 
Coa. l.tin. 73.0. lal. 1 <;. o. 

Cas^ nrLC'AMi-o, a palace hclonging to 
the king of Spain, feared on the W. lide 
of Madiid in New C'alhlc, dircdlly op- 
pofite the caflle on the oth'jr fide of tlie 
river. It is a delightful place, and has 
an inchanting grove. 

Casai., a ftrong town of Italy in Mont- 
ferrat, with a citadel and a hifhop's fee. 
It taken by the French from the Spa- 
niards in 1640 ; and the D. of Mantua 
fold it to the French in 1681. In 1695 
it was taken by the Allies, who demo- 
lifhed the foitifications, but the French 
retook it, and fortified it again. The K. 
of Sardinia became mafter of it in 1706, 
from whom the French took it in 1741; j 
however, the K. of Sardinia got poircf- 
fion again in 1746. It is feated on the 
river Fo, 37 miles N. E. of Turin, 3<; 
S. W. of Milan, and 50 N. W. of Genoa. 
Lou. 26. 4. tat, 45. 7. 

Casal-Maggiorf, a fmall ftrong town 
of Italy, in the dutchy of Milan, feated 
on the river Ho, 10 miles S. F.. of Cre- 
mona, and IS N. of Parnaa. Lon. 27. 
50. lat. 45. 6. 

Casan, a conliderible town of Ana, and 
capital of a kingdom of the I'ame name 
in the Ruffian ciDpire, with a flrong 
caftle, a citadel, and an archbidiop's fee. 
The country about is very fertile in all 
forts of' fruits, corn, and pulfo. It. car- 
ries on a grcar tr.ide in furs, .and fur- 
riilhes v/ood for the building of (hips. 
The kingdom is hounded on the N. by 
I'timia, on the ¥.. by Siberia, sn the S. 
by the river W">hM, and on the W. by 
the province of Mofcow. Lon. 69. o. 
lat. sv ?S. 

• Cash A, a town of Africa, in thir king- 
dom of Tunis, feated in a fertile plain, 
5 miles from Tunis. 

Casrin, or CA';\vrw, a large town of 
I'-^ifu in Irac-.'\^em!^ v.rhere ffiveral of 
thei'.m^s of Fei'ia have refided, Tiic 


c: A 

houfcs arc, for the mcft parf, Mowt!<i 
furface of the earth iitar ihim j as .irc 
many of the gat('in>) adjoining thcieto. 
'I'hey are generally built with fun-dticd 
brick';, and have flat roofs v.'hcrcon tliev 
(kej). In the wall within there aii: 
iiitihes, which anfwer the purpofe of 1 1- 
Hes, and the floors aie covered wuh 
lariie vvor(\td carpets. In the win);s i f 
tht houfe there aiefmall rooms for lixlg- 
ing : the womens a|V4rtment rtai>ds by 
itiell, into which no man is permited tn 
enter except th« mailer. The air a fub- 
]ti\ to fuch fudden dianges, from hot to 
cold, and rlie ci<ntTary, that it is very 
unvvholcfonie lor lliangtis to li.e in. 
Nadir-Shah has bi'ilt a p.ilace here, en- 
clofed with a wall a mile and an half in 
circumference, 'i he town isencloftd witli 
a wall of about 4 miles in circumference ; 
and there are a great number of turrets 
and ))ort-holes for arrows. Ir cairiii on a 
great tr.ide, and is feated nc n the luuli 
mountain Flwend, wliere tlure are Uvc 
quarries of white marble. It is 180 miles 
N, of ifpahan. Lon. 67, 35. lat. 36. 

Casiais a town of Portugal in Eflrcma- 
duia, feated at the mouth of the rivtr 
Tago, 17 miles E. of Lifhon. Lon. n. 
20. lat. 3S. 40. 

Cash AW, or Casijovia, a town of 
Upper Hungary, feated on the river 
Horat, 7S miles N. E. of Buda, an-i 
fubjeift to the houfe of Auflria. Lon, 
38. 10. lat. 40. o. 

Caskrta, a town of Ital^ in the king- 
dom of Nai)k'S, and in the 'I'erra-di-La- 
voro, With the title of a dutchy, and .-» 
biihop's fee. It is feated at the foot of a 
mountain of the fame name, ii niik-jS. 
E. of Capua, and 12 E.ol Naples. Lon. 
31. 58. lat. 4J. 5. 

Gasman. Sec Cachang. 

Cash EI., ov Cawiii, a town of Ireland 
in the county of Fijjperary, and province 
of Munfkr, with an Trclibiihop'u lee. It 
is 13 miles N. \V. of Cloiimel, and £0 
S. W. of Dublin. Lon. 0. 55. lat. 52. 
1 6. 

'* Ca'^mg A p.. a kInr('o!ii of Afia, inTart.iry, 
cth'?iAvi('e called Little Bocharia, It is 
bounded on the N. by the Calmucks and 
Mung.-ds, on the E. by Tibet and the 
Defeits of Gobi, on theS. by the di'mi- 
nions of the great ino^cul, from which it 
is fepar.ited by th-i hi."!! mountains ot" 
Iiiiaui, called by thrj Tartars Mus-l>Mg, 
.nnd on the VV. Ii^ Creat Hocharia. T'his 
country is pietty populous, and l'cr:i!e, 


Init tlie air 
j.old and filv 
ii-iddic V iiii 
wholly in 1 
aniiiials are 
they have fe^ 
• Casiioar, ; 
kingdom of 
the foot of t 
incily thecal 
pietty good 
very good , 
nor tables, 
ing themfel 
'1 hey go to 
lep'^ted hUe 
women have 
tcie calves of 
their bodici 
bri.eche3, aru 
both fexes dl 
isfvvarthy, a 
but it is hard 
tx.idly. .So 
wives ; but 
luijbands wh carry nut 
<ii. o. lat. 4 

* Cashmikk, 
(loniin.ons cl 
miles in lengi 
far: ^unded v 
fide^, and for 
ii Like, but i"! 
cxteeiling pli 
lous, and a' 
lice, whcil, 
I'.ibit.ints ail 
iiiou.i, and 1 
I i;^iires, mii 
natives are a 
Their compl 
Luiope; anc 
very re»; 
t.irs in nothii 
iipon them, 

(.: A s H ,M I H r , a 
of a provim 
l.-.itcd on tht 
Like. Lon. 

• Cajion.a, ; 
loiia, s >>>''t 
formerly wai 

C .\ 4 f I a N Ska, 
IfouiidwU b) t 

C A 

Init t!ie nir is cold on account ol' the 
nioiini.i.ns, Ilciu aie iich niincii ol 
^old and filvcr, winch thu nativcii do not 
iridillc wMi, Lecauiu they aic einploycd 
wholly in tCL'dinK tattle. '1 he imijk- 
aiiiinals are founil in thiii country ; and 
they have I'evcral (jreLious (\ones htlixles 
diamonds. The clue! town is CaHiRar. 

• C.AsiKJAR, a tosvn ol" Alia, capital ol a 
kingdom of the fame name : it ItancU at 
th<. loot of the mouiitamii, and was for- 
iiicily the capital |>lai.e, and llill enjoys a 
pietty good trade with the neighbourini; 
countries. The homes arc of (lone and 
very good ; hut they lia^e neither thaitii 
nor tahles, and they lie on quilts, cover- 
ing themfelv'jj witli a cotton carpet, 
'J hey go to bed ftark naked, and fit cri/fs- 
lep?ed like the Turks. Both men and 
women have go\vi-.s whicli fall down to 
tiie talvti uf thtir legs, .,iul laiUned to 
llieir bodies with j;irilles ; with clofe 
brtechei, and boots of Kullia leather, f c r 
both fexes drefs alike. Tluir tomplexit.n 
is fvvarthy, and tliey have ail l>lai.k h.iirj 
l)ut it is hard to lay what tlitir rel,;iun is 
exactly. .Some of tlie nun have two 
wives i but the women may leave their 
huobands when they pleafe, though they 
tan carry nuthmg away with them. Lon, 
<i I. o, lat. 41. 30. 

* Cashmirk, a province of Afia, in tlie 
dominions of the Ricat mogul, about 7^ 
miles in lengtli, „nA 30 in bieadth. It is 
f'.ii;..unded with high ninuntaiiis on all 
fide j, and fome pretend to fay it haabeen 
ii Like, but is now dried up. It is an 
exteeiling pltafant country, very popu- 
lous, and a'lounds with pafture, cattle, 
rice, wheat, pulfe, ;ind honey, 'Jhein- 
I'aint.ints aie weil-made, a.^ive, inge- 
nious, and have (e\eral cuiiousmanu- 
fiChires, nuich valnd in India, The 
natives are all M.i'ioinetans or idolaters. 
Thtir compltxi^n ia as good as any in 
l.uiope; and they an; well-made, with 
very regular features, being l.kc the T.ii- 
t.irs in nothing at all, tho' they border 
upon them. Calliniire is the capital 

Cashmihf, a l.irge town of Alia, capital 
01 a province of the fame n.ime in the 
dominions of the gre.t nu-gul. It is 
l-.iicd on iht lu'e of a large frelli watei - 
hike. Lon. yj. o. lat. 74. 3J. 

• Casi. ONA, a town of Spain in Anda- 
luiia, s miles N. W, of Baeza, winth 
formerly was a bilhop's fee. 

Cashian .Ska, a ktreat lake or ft a of Alia, 
l>ouiiu>j b) i.'x to.uuo oi tiie C«vnui.k 

C A 

Tartars on the N, by Uocharia and part 
of I'erlia on the V., by anoiiiei p.irt of 
I'eilia on the S. and by another part of 
Tenia and Circafia on the W. being about 
400 miles in length tioni N. to S, and 
300 in bieadih from E, to VV, Several 
great rivers fall into this fea, and yet it 
never feems to increafe, though it has no 
Communication with any other fea. It 
i . fometimei very dangeious for failois 
to fail upon, .'ind h.itli no obfervablc 
tide. It abounds in filh, which aic 
thought to be better than in other feas. 
I. on, from 67 to 73. lat. from 37, to 47. 
Cassano, a fmall town of Italy, in the 
dutchy of Milan, with i loi tiiicd c.illle. 
It is mem(;iable lor an obltinate b.itlle 
fought here by the Aulliians .uid I'lencli 
in 1705. It is feated on the liver Add, 
I ", miles N. b. of, and 25 N. W. 
ot Cremn. Lon. 27. 3:;. lat. 45. 20, 
C/\ jS A NO, or Cosb A NO, a town of Italy in 
the kingdom of Napie:., and iii Hithei 
Calabria, with a bilhop's fee. It is 5 
miles fiom the Gulpli of 'i'aranto, 17 
N'. W. (.f Koihiiio, and 57 N, ol Cofeu- 
za. Lon. 34. 5. lat. 59. 55. 
Cassei, a town of Ceimany in the circle 
<if the Upper Rhine, and capital of the 
l.'.ndgiavate of Ileie-t.'.iirel, with a pa- 
lace, where the landgia\e relidt-s, which 
ij nearly as lliong a.i .t citadel, and is ac- 
counted one of the liandfomell in all 
Germany. The town is divided into the 
old, the new, and the upper ; the laft 
('I which is without the walls, and i^ 
tliiedy inhabited by lifiich refugee), who 
canyon a woollen nuniifactory. '1 he 
Itieets are bioad, the niaiket-pl.ices fpa« 
Clous, ar.d tiieie aie four ihun lies. '1 he 
callle 01 palace liom whence there is an 
txteiilive delightful profpcCt, h built wiih 
tree llone. The gaiden.s, the aileiial, 
and the cabinet of curiofities, de'.trve the 
attention of tiavelleis. 'I he Fiencli re- 
tii;;ee.; ha\e a church of their osvn. It is 
featci! near tiie river I old, oii tlie 
frontiers ol Liuni'wick, 45 miles N. 
L. 01 Maiburg, 27 N. E. of Walrieck, 
and 4J S. of 1 aderboin, Lon. 2&. lo. 
Lit. 5 I. 20. 
C.\csr. 1-, a town <:f Kreiuh I'landers, and 
capital of a th-ttllanic of the inne 
name, formerly very ftiong, but now 
open. It is remarkable fcr feveia! 
tles foug'.U heie ; it i.-. feated on a mojn- 
t.iin, where tile ground-plot of the caitJe 
lull reniums, tro;n v.dience might be feen 
•5 ?. t< »vns, aiid coiiiiiiaiids a prolpeiii of 
the fea, i:io' 5 J jniies from it, It is !o 
'1 z mile* 


■'■ ii'! 


' ^ '\i\ 




II' ' 



!' * 



■ ) 


C A 

miles K. E. of St. Omcr's, 18 S. E. of 
Gravclines, and 15 S. E. of Dunkirk. 
Lon. 20. 9. lat. 50. 48. 

* CASSiNOGORon, a confideiable town of 
the Ruffian empire, in tiie province of 
CalTinow, feated on a mountain near the 
river Occa. Lon. 51. 5. Int. 51;. 20. 

» Cassovia, a ftron^ town of Upper 
Hungary, and capital oi the county of 
Abanwywar, with tlie fineft arfenal in 
Hungary. The Iniperialifls took it from 
the maiecontents in 16^5, after a long 
fiepe. It is near the river Horat, 55 
miles N. E. of Avs'm, and 37 N. of To- 
kay. Lon. 38, 28, lat. 48. 38. 

* Cassubia, a territory of Germany, in 
Fariher Pomerania, lyina; on theCafpinn 
Sea. It is about 48 miles in lent;th, and 
30 in breadth ; and the principal towns 
are Colberg, Belgard, and Cotlin. 

Cassum BAZAR, a town of Afi.i, in tlieE. 
Indies, and in the kingdom of E•en;^'ll, 
where the Englifh and Dutch have fa^^.o- 
ries. It is large and rich, by reafon of 
its being much frenutntcd l^y nurcliaiits. 
The country about ir is he.ihluul niid 
fruitful, and the inliabit.ints have fL-veral 
good manufa(5>ures. It is feated on the 
river Ganges, ico miles N. of nu^;hli.y. 
Lon. 104. 3 c. lat. 24. o. 

CASTANovns, a town of Croatia, fcatcd 
on the river Unnn, which divides Chrif- 
tendom from Turky, and is fuhjccf to 
the houfe of AuAri:'.. Lon. 34. 55. Int. 

* Castftamara, a town of It,ilv, in 
r' : Vingdom of Naples, and in t*ie Hi- 
*h.' ;Ti'cipato, with a bilhop's fic, jnd 
a /■•/•() '..T-bour. It is 15 mile:. S. K. ii| 
l''i-pii». Lon. 32. o. lat. 41.40. 

C>^'' rt-Ak A'-,o»-' V5T, a rtrontt town of 
i. •■:'■•, ' . tb? Ifland ci Sardinia, with a 
• jihop's fee, and a r,ond Iiatboiir. It is 
feated on the N. W. coal\ of the illand, 
20 miles N, E, of Saifari. Lon. id. 32. 
lat. 40. 56. 

* Cast m.-Baipo, a fmal) town nf Italy, 
in the Veronefc, and feared on the river 
Adige, I ^ miles \V. of Rovigo, and (55 
S. E. of Verona. Lon. 2tj. o. 'at. 4 c. 7. 

* Castelbar, a town wf Inland, iii 
the county of M;iyo, and province of 
Connaught, 58 miles N, of Gajway. 
Lon. 8. II. lat. 53. 4?. 

Caste i.-Br anco, 3 town of Portu.ral, 
and capital of the province of Btira. 
It is feated on the river Ly.-a, 35 miles 
N. W. of Alcanta.'a, and 70 S. W. of 

C A 

Castkl-Fr anco, a very fmall, but 

well-fortified frontier-town of tjje Eo- 
lognefe, in Italy, belonging to the Hope. 
Cas r r. t.-DE-VinE, a fmall ftrong town 
of Alentejo. It was taken by I'hilip V. 
and is 3 miles N. of Port -Alegre, and 
27 S. W. of Alcantara. Lon. 11. 10. 


59. 15. 

Cividad Rodiij;o. 

Lcn. 9. 35. bt. 39. 

*, a place of Spain, in 
Catalonia, feated on an Inacceffible emi- 
nence, between Girone and Campredan, 
about 15 miles from each, and is 
the river Fulvia. The fortifications weic 
demoliflied in 1695, 

Cas I E i.-Gan noLp HO, a town of Italy, in 
the territory of the v.'!iurcli, with a caftle, 
to whicli tlie F'ope retires in the fummjr 
feafon. It is 10 miles S. by E. of Rome. 
Lon. 30. 21. lat. 41. 44. 

* Castei.-Gf I. oux, a town of France, 
in Gafcony, and in the Ba/adois, feated 
on the tiver Avance, and is a plate of 
pretty good trade. Lon. 17. 50. lat. 44. 

C-A sT«;r.-Niivo, a ftrong town of D.Tlma- 
tia, with a cafcie. Tlie Venetians be- 
came mailers of it in 16S-, and have 
Vtept it ever finre. It is feated on tim 
Gulph of Cat.iio, 12 miles W. of a to-.vr, 
of the fame name. Lon. 36. 20. 
42. 2^. 

CASTF.i.-RnriR too, a town of Fortuiri!, 
in the province of Tra-los-Montes, -o 
miles N, W. of Cividad-Rodrigo, in 
Sixain. Lon. 10. 3;. lat. 41,0. 

* Ca s T V i.-Novfi HE Car KAON AN A, a 
a town of Italy, in the Modenefe, with 
a flrnngfortrefs. It is the capital of the 
valley of Carfagnana ; and is feated on 
the river Sercliio, 17 miles above Lucca. 

* Ca'- rEi. DF.i. Ovo, a (mall ifland in tl.e 
TufcanSea, in the Gulph of Naples, and 
is feated near a town of that name, to 
which it is joined by a ftone-bridi^i'. 
The fortrefs in this illand is called Cartel 
del Ovo, in which there is always a good 

* Castel St. Joanne, a handfome fmall 
town of Italy, in the dutchy of Hlacen- 
t'a, with a callle ; it ii leated in a coun- 
try abounding in rice. 

* Ca^vkinau nf. Bar i: a r EN5, a town 
of France, in Annagnac, in the county 
of .'Vfterae, which h feated or> the river 

* Ca:tv. I. NAti or, Bf ASS AC, a town of 
France, in Upper Languedoc, and in the 
riiocefe of Caftres, feated on a river that 
falls into th.e Ajoiix. 

* C.lSTtLyAi; DiURETENOUS, a tov/ii 


cf France 
rive I' Scire 

* Caste I. N 
France, in 
diocefe ot 

* C A s -i E L N 
France, in 

* Cast F.T.N. 
ci France, 
tain, betwi 

* C A 5 t F. I. N , 

town of F 
of La Vere 

* C A s 1 F. I. I. ; 

in a fertile 
24. 24. latl 

* Cas r >. 1. 1. . 
the kin^dc 
fee, and ihi 
feated on t 
Molota, an 
Lon. 34. 3 

* C A ^ I K I. t, A 

dutchy of .'. 
fought bet\\ 
in 1704. 
diia, 10 N. 
of i ortona 

* Cat. 1 liLio 
Ionia, 5 mi 
20. 50. lat 

* CaSI E LN.-i 

of Fiance, 
for tlie luut 
the Duke 
pnfoner. 1 
a foil very 
W. of Car 

C \ S T I (■ I, I o N 

Italy, in ll 
calUc. It 
in i-OT, a 
miles N. \ 
lat. 43. 23 
Cas t I f. k O i 
the title of 
miles in ler 
is bounded 
the K, by v 
K by Bifc. 
by the kinc 
capital tnv. 

C A s ■! I I. E N I 

'i'oi. uno, 

C A 

«f France, in Quercv, fented on tl e 
river Scire, near its confluence with tlie 

* Castf.lnau n'E>;TFFONii, a town of 
France, in Upper L;»nguecloc, and in the 
dioceie ot Touloufe. 

* Cas-ielnau he Macnioc, a town of 
France, in Arinagnac, leated on the river 

* Castt r.NAu PR MoRT ARTir. R,atown 
ci France, in Qiicrcy, feated on a moun- 
tain, between the rivers Lute and Bar- 

* Castfi.nau te Montmerf-il, a 
town of France, in Albigois, to the S. 
of La Vere. 

* Cas 1 F. I. L ANT, a town of France, in 
Provence, aiv,'. in tiie diocefe of Senez, 
in a fertile and pleafant country. Lon. 
24. 24. hit. 43. ^^. 

* Castf.i.i.annet A, a town of Italy, in 
the kin;^(!cm of N3|-.lcs, wiili a hilhop':. 
fcj, ,:nd lliL- title of a principality. It i'^ 
fcatcci on the river Talvo. :; niik:, W. cf 
Molota, and 15 N. W. of Tarentum. 
Lon. 34. 3S. l.\t. 4c, 50. 

* Cas r KM. Azo, a town of Italy, in the 
dutchy of Milan, reniaikahle for a battle 
fo'.ij^ht between the French and Aiilliians 
in 1704, It is two miles E. of Alcxan- 
diia, 10 N. E. of Acqui, and 10 S. W. 
of J'ortona. Lon. 26, f. 44. ^3. 

* Ca'.ielion, a town of Spain, in Cata- 
lonia, 5 miles N. W. of Rofci. Lon, 
20. 50. lat. 42, 8. 

* C AS 1 Ei.N Aun AR Y, a confidcrable towii 
of France, in Upper Lansiuedoc, famous 
for tlie tout uf the rebels in 1632, whv.n 
the Duke of Montmorenci was taken 
pnfonor. It is feated on an eminence in 
a foil very feitile in corn, 5 mi'cs N. 
W. of Carcaiibnne, and 3?. S. E. of 
Toulonfe. Lon. 19. 38. lat. 43. ig, 

C\sT ir, I. loNE, a fni.ill (liong town of 
Italy, in the dutch.y of Mantua, with a 
calllo. It was taken by the Germans 
in i"oi, and tlie French defeated the 
lm[)eriahlls near it in 1706. It is 20 
miles N. W. of Mantua. Lon. 2S. 4. 
lat. 43. 23. 

C/\srir.K Otn, a province of Spain, vvit!\ 
tlie title of a kin;;doni. It is about iqi 
miles in length, ani 1 1 ; in breadth, aPi! 
is bounded on the S. by New C;i(lile, on 
the E. by Arragon and Navarre, on the 
K by Hifcay and .'M\uria, and en theW. 
by the kingdom of Leon. Burgos is the 
capital town . 

Caswii. E Nrsv, or, Tiir Kingdom ok 
Toledo, is a province of Spain, Luund- 


C A 

ed on the N. hy Old Caftile, on-tlwrE. 
by the kinsidoms of Atragon and Valen- 
cia, on the S. by t!;at of Murcia and 
and Andiiiufia, and on the W. by the 
kingdom of L on. It is divided into 
three parts ; Argaria to the N. Manclia 
to the E. and liierra to the S. Madrid 
is the capital town. Both thefe pro- 
vinces are very well watered with rivers, 
and the air is genenlly pure and healtliy ; 
but the land is mountainous, dry, and 
uncultivated, through the lazinefs of the 
inhabitants. The north part produces 
fruits and wine ; and the fouth very 
good paflures, and tine wooL Thefc 
two provinces are divided by a long 
chain of mountains, which run from 
E. to W. 
Castiie-pf-Oho, a large and fertile 
country of S. Arneri-.a, in Terra Firma, 
lying to thi.; \V. of Oroonoko. It com- 
})rehends eight governments; namely, 
'J'erra Finivi, I'roper Carthagena, St. 
Martha, Rio dc la Haclia, Venil'uela, 
New Anchi'.ufia, Fopayan, and the new 
kingdom of Granada. It is fubjedl to 
the Spaniards, 
C.^ SI I r. I. Au A, a town of Italy, in the 
dutchy of Mantua, 6 miles Ni E. of 
Mantua, and fubjecl to the houfe of Au- 
Hria. Lon. 29. o. lat. 4^. 20. 
Castit. ION, a town of France, in Giii- 
tnne, and in Perigord. It is remarkable 
for a viftory gained here by the Fi'encli 
over the Englilh in 1451. It is feated 
on the rivtr Dordogne, 25 milts E. of 
Bourdeaux. Lon. 17. 43. lat. 44. i;2. 
Cast I f-Carv, a town in Somtrfetlliirc, 
witli a market on Tuefdays, and thr;e 
fairs, on Midlent Tuefday, May i, 
and \Vl;ltUmday, for bullocks and ilieep. 
It is 12 miles S. E, of Wells, and 125 
W. by S. of London, Lon. 14. 55. 
lat. 51. I,-. 
* Casti. K-CoMH, a in Wilt/liire, fo 
called from its old caftle. It formcrljr 
had a market, which is now dilufed ; 
but it has a fair, on May 4, for horned 
cattle, ftiecp, and horfes. It is 17 
miles N, W, of Chippenham, and I,^ 
N. N. E. of Bath. Lon, 15. ic. l.U. 
cr. 50. 
"• Ca:: 1 L f-FIfdin nil A M, a village in F.f- 
fex, 3 miles N, of Halted, witli one 
fair, on May 3, for cattle and toys. 
Cas 1 I. E-Ri s f.i N c, a town in the coimty 
of Norfolk, which had a market, now 
diUifed on account of its harbour beini; 
c'.H).d<cd up with fand ; and for tlie fame 
reafon it has no fairs : however, it is a 



,3: r;;,'i: 

i M 

! W ' i 


! ! 

1 I!, 

C A 

mayor-town, and fends twd mimbers 
to parliament. Tlie calllc, fr< m whence 
it has its name, is rtiU rtandinc; ; and 
here is an alms-lioulc for 24 poor wi- 
dows. It is 7 miles N. of Lynn, 56 
W. N. W. of Norwich, and 97 N. 
N.E. of London. Lon. iS, 15. lat. 52. 

Castletoun, capital of the Iile of Man. 
lyinp on tlie S. W. part of the illand, 
and had formerly a billiop's fee. It has 
a ftrong caflle, but it is of no great im- 
portance, on account of i's diflancc from 
the rocky and fliallo.w harbour. Lon. 
12. 55. lat. 53. 50. 

Cast ON, a town in the cownty of Norfolk, 
with a market on iiaturd.iys, and three 
fairs, on January 10, April 14, and Au- 
guft 18, for fheep, and pttly ch.ipmens 
wares. It is 10 miles N. W. of Nor- 
folk, and J28 N. E. cf London. Lon. 
18. 55. lat. 52. 41;. 

Castor, a town of LhTcolnfhire, with a 
market on Saturdays, ai.d two fairs, en 
June I, for fhttp, and OCiobcr Z7, for 
tait'e. It is 24 uiik-b N. E. of Lincoln, 
and 147 N. of London. Lcn. 17. 23. 
laf. S3. 50. 

Ca^ires, a cf France, in LnntjU'.. 
dec, with a billiop's fee. The Hu( uen ts 
made it a fort cf a repnblick in 1629 ; 
but being vanquiflicd, the forfifxations 
were demolidied. It is 20 milts S. of 
Aibi, and 35 t. of Touloufe. Lcn. ig. 

55. 11143.37. 

Castko, a town of Italy, in the patri- 
mony cf St. I'eter, and capital of a 
tlutchy of the fame name. It i; 10 
miLs from the fea, 2 ;; S. W. r,f Orvurrc^, 
and 55 N. W. of Roiiie. Lon, 20. 15. 
lat. 42. 33. 

• Castr o, the dutcliy cf, is bounded on the 
N. by Orvietano, on the S. by tlie Mttli- 
terranean Sea, on the E. by the river 
Marta, and on tlie W. by 'lufcany. It 
is fertile in corn and fruits. 

Ca;tro, a niari;i.iie town of ItjiU-, in the 
kingdom of Naples, and in the 'I'ena 
d'Otranto. It was much damaged by 
the Tuiks in J 537. It is S miles S. of 
Oiranto, and 9 N. E. of Lnn. 

56. c. lit. 4c. iS. 

Castho-Ark agon. iice Castel-Ar- 

R A n O N K s E , 

Casiro Tie Rev, a town of Calicia, in 
Spain, from the nei^libou;liood cf whicii 
is the fource of the river Minho. 

Castro, a ftronp; town of S. America, in 
Chi i, and capital cf the iiland of CIi.Ijc, 
with a harboui. It wai tak^n Ly ti.j 

C A 

Dutch in 1643. ^' ** ^^'^ milts S. vl 
Baldivia, and is fubjed to Spam. Lon, 
195. 35. lat. 43.0. 
Cas-1 ro-Marino, a town cf Portugal, 
in the province of A Ig.ave. It ii \ciy 
ftrong by fituation, and is feated near 
the mouth of the river Guadiana, 5^ 
miles S. of Beja, 60 N. E. of Lagos, and 
105 W. of Seville. Lon. 10. 27, lat. 

• Castro-Novo, a town of Italy, in Si- 
cily, and in the valley of Mazaia, feated 
on a mountain, at the fourte of the 
river Platani, Lon. 31. 30. lat, 35. 

* Castro-Verrecn A, a town of South- 
America, in Peru, remarkable for mines- 
of filver, good tob.icco, and wlul'jron.t 
air. It is 150 miles S. L. oi Lima. Lcn. 
301;. o. lat. S. I 3. o. 

Caj AcoMBf, laige vaults in Italy, and in 
Egypt, where the anc.ei.ts Luiied iluir 

CATAr.oNiA, a confiderable and populi)Us 
province ot Spain, with the title of a 
l^rincipality. It is bound.;d on the N. 
by the i'yienean Mount.uns, which fcpa- 
rate it from Fiance ; on the E. and S. 
by the Med.terr.inean .■• ea, and on the 
W. by the kingdoms of Arrayon and 
Valencia. In 1641 the inhain ants le- 
vcilted from Spain, and fubmitttd to the 
French, who continued mafU-rs till 16152. 
The air is whukfome j and though it is 
watered wi;h a gre.»t fuii.bei ot rivers, 
yet it is full of high mountains, covtiej 
with forcfts and fruit trees. It abounds 
in wine, corn, and puife, and quar- 
ries of maible and fe^ciiil foits of nines. 
They tiih for coral on the coall. Harce- 
l>/na i» ihc capital town ; and the Frtiieh 
do mo<l of their harvell-work. 

Cat A MA, an ancient, rich, and celebrated 
town of Sicily, feated on a gulph of the. 
fame name, with a bilhop's fee. It 
ifandb near Mount y^itna, and is great- 
ly fiibjedt to earthquakes on that atciu t, 
particul.iily in the years 1669 and iboj. 
In th s hi\, the town was mtiiely ile- 
l^royed, and i8,oco people wuie buried 
in the luins. It has iicm- been rebuilt, 
and repeopled, becauie t!ie l.ind about 
it is fertile in corn '.xcellent wine, and 
fruits. It i-, 32 njiles N. oi S\i,ieule, 
and i;o S. W. of Mcffina. Lor,. 5:. 54. 
lat. 37. 3c. 

Catanzaho, a populous town of Italy, 
in tiie kingdom ot Naples, and capital 
of the Farther Calabria, with a b;ihopi 
fee, U ij the ufual rci'uleiiee of the go- 


votnor of 
a mounta 
Lon. 34. 
Cataro, a 
tal of th< a i\ 
It is fubje 
a gulph 
W. of S<| 
Lon. 36. 

• C A T K A U ■ 

in Cambre 
is Ii mile 
10. lat. 5 


Baltick Se 
with the 
den and 

* C A T H , a 
the provin 
lat. 31. 3 f 

Cathay, a 
tion man) 
lofs to de 
to be the 

€ A T !l E R I 01 

county of 
row, 16 n 
10. 3;. la 

• Cathkrl 
wliich is 
breadth, : 
and on thi 
it contain' 
baronies, < 
hers to p 
county, tv 
for Old Le 

Cathr inen 
Alia, belo 
regularly I 
ntr, on tl 
and a gai r 

CaTO I' c H-( 

of the pro 
in S. Ame 

♦ Cats-St 
mi'es S. I 
fairs, vi7. 
cuilc, am 


whicli de 
Cat?' n r 1 
ny, in tin; 


C A 

VMiior of the province, and is feate<) on 
a mountain, lo mites S. W. of 15ekalbo. 
Lon, 34. 35, lat. 38. 5S. 
Cataro, a town of Dalmatia, and c?pi- 
tal of the territory of the fame name, a flrong caftle, and a bilhop's fee. 
It is fubjcft to Venice, and is feated on 
a gulpli of the fame name, 10 miles N. 
W. of icutari, an 1 27 E. of Ragufa. 
Lon. 36. 33. lat. 42. 25. 

* Catk au-Cam BR Es IS, a town of France, 
inCambrcfis, with a magniticent callle or 
palace, belonging to the archbilhop. It 
is i: miles S. E. of Cambray. Lon. 21. 
10. 50. 3. 

Ca rtr, atk, tlie name of a Rulph in the 
Baltick Sea, by wliich it communicati-s 
with the ocean, and lies between Swe- 
den and Denmark. 

* Cath, a conndtrable town of Afia, in 
the province of Kowarefm. Lon. 7S. o. 3 1 . 36, 

Cathav, a country of Afia, whofe fitiia- 
tion many c;i.c;'rapliers have been at a 
lofs to determine ; but now it appears 
to be the N. part of China. 

€atii ER loucM, a town of Ireland, in the 
coimty of Cat'.ierloiigh, and province of 
Leinfter, It is feated on the river Bar- 
row, 16 miles N. E, of Kilkenny. Lon. 
10. 35. lat. 52. 4<;. 

• Cath RR LOUGH, a county of Ireland, 
which is 28 miles in leni;t!), and 8 in 
breadth, and is bounded on the E. by 
Wicklow and Wexford, on the W. by 
Qvieen's-county, on the N. by Kildarc, 
and on the S. and S. W. by Wexford. 
It contains 5006 houfcs, 42 parifhes, 5 
Laronies, or boroughs, and fends 6 mem- 
bers to parliament, viz. two for the 
county, two for Cathcrloui^li, and two 
for Old Leighlcn. 

Cathr INF. NGBUR c, 3 town of Sioi:ri.">, in 
Alia, belonging to the RulFuns. It is 
regularly built, after the German man- 
ner, on the river Illef, and has a fortrefs 
and a garrifon. 

Catovch-Capk, the N. E. promontory 
of the province of Jucutan, in Mexico, 
in S, America. Lon, 2S8. 35. lat. 21. 

♦ Cats-Street, .i village in Suflex, 10 
mi'es S. of Timbridgc-Wells, witli two 
f.iiri!, vi7. on April 1^, and June 27, for 
c.wrle, am! ppdl.irs w.ire. 

C^r^H.^NiTz, a fortrefs of Ru'qar'a, 
wliich defends a pafs over the mo'in- 

C,\ T7 ' N r I I 1 Bo<" FN, 1 town of Cerin.i- 
ny, in tui; lower part of the Upper Ciule 

C A 

of the Ivhine, with a ftrong caflte, and 
cnpital of a county of the fame name. 
Lon. 25. 15. Ut. 50. 20. 

C.WADo, one of the principal rivers in 
Portugal, which rifes in the province of 
Tra-los-Montts, below Barcelos, anJfails 
into the fea. 

Cava, a confidcrablc and populous town 
of Italy, in the kingdom of Naples, and 
in the Hither I'rincipato, with a bilhop's 
fee. It carries on a coniiderable trade in 
linen clot'.i, and is feated at the foot of 
Mount Mcteiian, 5 miles N. W. of Sa- 
lerno, and 25 E. of Naples. Lon. 32, 
20. lat. 40. 40. 

C A v A I L r. o N , a town of France in Comtat 
Venailim, with a biiliop's fee. It is 
feated on the river Durance, in a very 
fertile and pleafant country, 25 miles S. 
E, of Avignon, 22 N. E. of Aries, and 
2:; N. W. of Aix, Lon. 23. 52. lat. 43. 

Cavan, a town of Ireland, and capital of 

a county of the fame name in the pro- 
vince ot Ulfter, 60 miles N. W. of Dub- 
lin. It fends two members to parliament. 
Lon. 10. o. lat. 54. o. 

* Cav.\n, a county of Ireland, which is 
47 miles in length, and 23 in breadth, 
and is bounded on the E. by Monaghan, 
on the S. by Longford, Weftmeath, and 
Eallmeath. It has but two towns of any 
note, which are Cavan and Kilmore. It 
fends fix members to padiament, two for 
t'le county, two for Cavan, and two for 
Belturvet. It contains 8318 houfes, 37 
parishes, 7 baronies, and two boroughs. 

Caucasus, a great chain of mountains in 
Afia, whicli extend from tiie Black Sea 
to the Cafpian Sea, between Say and Der- 
bent. They are the higheft mountains 
in Afia, and are always co.ered with 
fnow, efpecially at the top. The lower 
parts abound in honey, corn, wine, fruits, 
gum, hogs, and horned cattle. The vines 
wind themfclves about high trees. Thefe 
mountains are inhabited by different forts 
of people, who are of a good complexion 
and handfome : they are almoft all 
Chriflians, fuch as they are. Thefe 
mountains have various names in the 
(iilfcrent countries they pafs through. 

Caupebec, a rich, populous, and trading 
town in Normandy, and capital of the 
territory of Caux. It is feated at the 
foot of a mountain near the river Seine, 
17 mil's N. W. of Ro'icn, 27 E. of 
Ffavre, .ind SS N. W. of Paris. Lon. 
iS. 22. lat. AO. 30. 

* Caudecosti, a town of France in Ar- 









\ f,; 

C A 

magn.ic in Lomagne, 3 miles from the 
river Garonne, 

* CAuniEZ, a town of France in Langui.-- 
doc, and in the diocefe of Alet, featcd 
at the foot of the Pyrenees, on tiie brook 
Egli, and on the frontieis of Koufillion. 

* Cavita, a town in the jfland of Ma- 
nilla, the principal of the Philij-jpincs, 
with a ftrong cartle, and a harbour, near 
which they have a dock to bring in Ihips. 
It is 10 miles from Manilla, 

• Caunard, a town of France in Gafco- 
ny, and in the bilhopric of Aire, fcated 

. on the river Adour. 

• Caum, a town of Fiance in U()per Lan- 
guedoc, in tiie diocefe of Cafbes, rear 
the mountains, where the river Agout 
has its fourcc. 

Caux, a territory of France in Normandy, 
and in the diocefe of Rouen. It com- 
prehends 600 parilhes, 30 towns, and 10 
cities, though it is but 40 miles long, and 
as much broad. It abounds in corn, 
pulfe, flax, hemp, and fruif;, 'J'hc 
youngeft fons oi the inhabitants aio 
obliged to go abroad to feak their for- 
tunes. There arc alfo a deal of 
game and filh. Caudebec is the capital 

Cawood, a town in the E. riding of York- 
Ihire, with a maruet on Wcdnefday, and 
a fair on May 12, for cattle and wooden 
ware. It is iz miles S. of York, and 17'' 
N. W. of London. Lon. 16. 45, lat. 

53- 45- 

Caxamal CA, a town of S. America, in 
Peru, and capital of a territory of the 
fame name. Here Pizarro, the Spnniih 
general, took Atabiclita, the inca of Pe- 
ru, and murdered him in cold blood in 
1533. It abounds in paftures, Indian 
corn, fruits, and mines of fevcral me- 
tals. It is 90 miles from the South Sea, 
and 300 N. N, E. of Lima. Lon. 304, 
40, lat, S, 7. 45. 

Caxem, or Cayf.m, a town of Afia in 
Arabia-Felix, with a well-frequented 

Caxton, a town in Cambridgefhire, witli 
a market on Tuefdays, and two fairs, 
one on May 5, and the other on Udtobcr 
12, for pedlars ware. It is but a final! 
town, and is featcd on a clayi^ foil ; but 
is a poft-t(jwn, and a good tliorouvh- 
farc, 1; is in miles W. by S. of Cam- 
bridge, and to N. of London. Lon. 
17, 23. lat. 52. JO, 

Cava, a river of Portuca', wl,ii:!i ri es 
near Porta-Lt re, und runninj S. E. af- 
terwards di- .si:s Spain from i'utw^al, 

C E 

and falls Into the river Guadiana, at Ea- 
dajoz in Spanilh Eflremadura. 
Cave.nm-, a rich town and ifland of S. 
America, and capital of the t-rcnch f^t- 
tlements there, bounded on the N. by 
the Dutch colonies of Surinam. It liej 
at the moutii of the river of the Am.i 
zons J and the French have given it tin 
title of Equinodial-France, from its litua- 
tion nearly under the equinoftial Inie. It 
is about 45 miles in tireumference, and 
the anchorage for vclJels is between C.iijc 
Ccperou in the iP.and, and that of Cw- 
bin in Terra Firma, '1 he Frencli fettled 
heiO in 1635, but leaving it in 1654, tin- 
En^lilh <taid here till 166.1, when the 
French took poireffion of it ai, m, T c 
Dutch became maflers of it in 1676, but 
the Fiench diove them away tlie year 
following. There arc not above 130 
French familici, becaufe it is a diflitult 
niattjr to bring up children here. The 
greatcfl heats commonly begin towards 
the end of June, and terminate at the 
end of November, and this is the di / 
feafon ; but Iroin December till the t-nd 
of June, it always rams more or Icfi ; 
however, on account of the eafteiiy 
winds the air is very healthy. Sugar and 
Roucou are th-.- principal commodities of 
thiside, for tliey have negiefted tlic cul- 
tivation of indico ; howe\er, fince the 
year 1722, they have begun to 
cotfee-lhrubs, and the cofiee-be.nes yie 
thought to be full as good as thofc in 
Arabia. Lon, 325. 25. la , 5. o. 
* Cavo, a village of Carmarthendiire, in 
S. Wales, wliich ;:ives denomination to i 
hundred. It has two fairs, viz. on Au 
guft 2i, and OdVobcr 6, for cattle, horfes, 
and pedlars ware. 
C.\zAUBON, a town of France in Armag- 

nac, feated on the river Douze. 
Cazf.kf. s, a town of France in Gafconv, 
and the diocefe of Rioux, fcated on the 
river Garonne. 
'Jaz^mir, a handfome town of Poland, in 
the palatinate of Lublen, feated on a 
hill covered with trees, and is 10 nulej 
from Iklgitz. Lon. 39. 45. lat. 51. 5, 
Cebu, one of the n'.oil fomherly of tl,j 
Philippine Iflaiids in the Y.. Indian fcas, 
between the iiland of Layte on the W. 
and Negtf; on the E. 
Cf.donca, a town of Italy in the king- 
dom of Naples, and in the Faith -r I'lm- 
Cip:ito, with a bilhop's fee. It is now 
hall ruined, and is feated at tlic foot oi 
the Appenine Alountain;, 12 iiiiies N. 
W. of Mrifi. Lt'ii. 13. S. 1..'.. 41, V 

t. i i i < u M A 


(ii i''.'Ct' to 

N. E, of tl 
red wine, c 
grapes not 
iii.i!;e a !?;r 
climate is ■^ 
fuir. > on thi 
It i:j fu'>je 
c:i tow 
a l-'iihop's i 

'* C '; K A I. u , ; 
ley of Den 
bour, and ; 
ht. 3S. s. 

* C 1; I. A N ti , ,1 

dom of Naj 

is feated a n 

tlie fj;nj na, 

C r' !. F r. s s , ar 

Indian Sea, 

lil<ewife call 


Eo,ii-o, ami 

properly fo 

iiii'u])poi rahl 

t'l.j I ains \vh 

fure and aftt 

two months Iisad;. 

all tiirijo of 

great nun' 

wiiic'i walk 

T!ic natives 

li -ion, and 

thefc part'^. 

lirKl gor yo, 

drove away 

\>)'-.h ; an-i 

forts and nu: 

the, I.eep the 

tItiTi', T'.ti her 

t'lc Sjix-e-in 

aliii.-,;! naked 

i.'Tvler the toi 

c'ive rilour, 

ihaped an! !. 
fexcs are of ; 
of felling t'x 
t^e Cliinef a 
buy tlK.-in for 
lovin;-;aiKl (a 
le.' liii:, rever 
bad tr- .tmen 
14 !• o. la^ t 
Cn 1.. Se; Zi, 
tV. N k;. V, an a 
in..r.(, (.r n, 
tvriite.ry of \ 

C E 


CtKAi-oNiA, a coniidcTable iflnnt! -i 
(rii.'.'cu to t'lc S. of Albani.-i, and to t!i'j 
N. E. of tl»- Mcrca. It is fcitilc i:: o!!, 
red wine, c:ici.)lent Mufcadine-Win'.', and 
gr.ipfi not unliku i;uri;int5, vvhicli tliey 
rta!;'.' a ,";reat deal cf money of. 'I'lic 
cliinatc ii; wry liut, and tlicrc arc bloT- 
foi7'.s on till; tucs t''.ro'.i;^!iout tli;.' winter. 
It is fu''jort to the Venetian-;, and I'v.c 
c:i: ital town is oi tlic fame, witii 
a bjllisp'j fe.\ Lon. 3U. ;o. lat. 53. 

' C'-.KAi. u, a town of Sicily, in tlic val- 
ky of Dernoirt, witli a c.illle, a Iiar- 
b.iur, a.;J a bi.]i<);)'s fee. Lon. 31. 53. 
l.t. 3^. s. 

* Cki.ano, a tc'.vn ol Italy in tlie kin 
(1 0:11 ui Na()! s, in i^art er Abruz? ). It 
is ftated a m'.Io and half iVom tlie lake of 
the fj.nj name. Lon. •ji. %o. kit. 4?,. o. 

Cki. FT. Ks, an ifland of A'Sn in t! e V.:A\- 
Indian Sea, lyln.; undei' the eiinator, and 
Iil<e%vife called MacaHTer, to tiie S. of tlie 
rhiiippines, to t!\' \L, of th.;<l of 
fioriv-o, and to tl e W. of tlie MoUicci, 
properly fo called. T!ie '' would be 
iiiUij)jjortable but for the K. winds, and 
thw' raina whic!i ccnilantly fall 5 d.:ys l.c- 
i\,re and after the full moons, ,ind lUifini; 
two mont'is tliat the fun is neatly over 
tuy.r iisadi. 'I'be fruits are ripe hery at 
all tim.'j of the year, and tlitie are a 
great nun'ier of monkeys, fonic of 
wiiieh '.va!k only upon their liind leet. 
Tlic n.itives pr.-.f'fs tlie Maliomctan re- 
11 Ion, and are the beil foidiers in all 
tliL'.e parts. F<irnierly the I'ortuguefe 
li.vl jcr yoJeifun licre, but they were 
drove away by tlic airinan.:e of the 
Dutch j and now th'j latter have Aion ; 
forts and nunerous ^nriifons, by which 
the. keep the natives ir. awe. Theii fet- 
lltments here are wi'h a view tn dci nd 
t'le Sp'.ce-.'il mds. The inlnbitants ;.^o 
alrii.-.!l na',:i;;!, as in oihcr places near it 
tin !er 'he tonid zone. They are of aii 
olive r;)lour, and the women are well- 
lliaped and tolerably liandfome ; but brtli 
fexes ,ne of a low il iture. 'i'; e tLfi. in 
of fellinc; t':e \vo'r,e:'! prevails her-,\ 
t;.e ClinvJ" and Darc'i in this iOand . ftui 
'uiy them fo!' hedft-llows : tliey are wry t.iit!U\j! if v/e'l ufed, bur ix- 
teehn;; revenjclul ■.\!i,n they ine,-t Wiih 
I'ad tr'i .tment. i.011. fvom 15:5. •. 10 
141. e, lar. from 2. c. N. to 6. o. S. 
Cr \ I.. !)>_■ ; 7. 1. 1 I.. 

Cf. \F. :r I, an .mcii nt town of Italy, i'l tlie 
lu.ire,-), (,r niarche ol i'revif.uM, in '!'c 
lenit^ry of Venice, with a bilhep'. fee. 

It is ?.o ifi'.ies I-'. <f Trevif^Io, and 10 S- 
of Jielliino. Lcr.ic,, ^n. !:,t. /.Ci.o. 

* Cems, a mounfa'.n v. lii.hii a p:'.':oftiie 
Alps, and fc pa r.i i , i tlic in.ii.|uif.-.te of 
Suf.s tVom Mrri.iire. 

CiNL, a town o.' L. '.-neiie.;, in Terra 
Kiima, S i.iiles S. of C'art'.ajcna. Lon. 
20 !. o. lai. 9. o. 

C r ." ;i A 1. '-> MA. Sec C r F A I .v i a . 

Ce.-imsus, a river of Tu-ky in rur-'^f?, 
and in LIv.ic'.hi, whi^Ii falls in'o the lake 
Cop;, whic'i it fupplies v'i,:i •,\-a>er. 

Ceram, a confider-blL i'''e oi A^•.^ in the 
E Inclit.s, and one cf the Moluccas, to 
tilt W. o( New G'i.ney, and to theN. 
v{ the ifinnds of Ani)v-.yna and I?andn 
- I beinj; about i.',o m.les in Icrctli, and 40 
in br-adth. It is a mountaino-'s and 
woody country, and ilie 13' fc 1 '■n'e a 
fonrel's to keep the iv.tives in fiil-.'iec'^ion 
.^n.d to dclend the Jlpice la.mds. Tlia 
irihalilt.iiits are Mahoineram, a-'d weTo 
re;-orted to be men eaicis bc'ove the Eu- 
ropeans vifited t!;en\ but v.-iihout foun- 
dation. The Diitrli h.ive pluck"'! up tbe 
cKive trees iieie. I.on. from i.;3.o. to 
H('. c. ie.r. 3. c. 

Cf • r-.\(-vA, a foiMl oinivT-, pn-t'y of 
l]Kun ill Catalor a, an.! p.-irlly (.f France 
in RouiTilion in \'.\?.V icnean n-,ciinrains. 
Pu-.c.i,la is the einir;lin Spain, and 
M.-t.t I.cA-is in Fraree. 
Cf.-a y -7 ■>, a of I;ah-, in the kintr- 
doiii of 

dom of r\',.p!cs, and in the 'litter Cakv 
bri.i, with a billion's fee. It is fcatf-d on 
a ro.k le mi!;- X. \v. of St. Severina. 

l.en. 34. -o. Lit. 30. ?,•;, 

* Crar.T, .a tc-,-.-n cf Fr.'rcc in I^ou(rlI- 
lion, wliJ! n m':c:,ificent bridge of n 
fm.'.lc arc!i. it is v,ci\v thp river Tec, 
le miles frnni i'ei;> /t>an. J-on. 20. -e.i. 
lat. 42. 23. 

Ctu roNo, an if! imi of the Arehip-^'aTO, to 
the S. of the VInrea. and fo t!ic N. of 
Candia, formeily lu own l-.\ the iMmeof 
Cytliciea. It is full of mountains, wi'li 
a dry (ml, ai^d there is iii tf'.ii'tr very 
a'.'iee.ible in it : liovvevtr, nvovifums are 
c'c.ip, ."iLd .T (Ik en may be boneji* for 
halt a Th-re ;.re r-e.U nuniher 
of I'ares, qn ii!s, and n!v:If di-. --. 'I ' 
is l.iid to he th.c native country el Venus 
r.nd Htlei\ wi'o .va;; tli:; <-i'r ifion of the 
iiei'e of Troy ; i,n ' it ;., ab.Mit ^ c nii'.'s 
in ciicuin!eren(T. 'l"!;ere is a frnail t'r.vii 
ol t'le lame r ame ^' ith r, ca)\ e. 

* Ci'k IN :•;■■., .1 (f the i''i;inH oi' Cv- 
prus, v^-l'.Ii a i'oci' 
Creek buiico •= !e 

ciKle-'r, an'' a 
:. i.en. :■<■. 10. l.t. 


VI- : 

^'4 ' "lill 

*«:■ i;..M ;li^ 



f ^^'i^M 

* CiKNK 


C K 

* C?!". VK, aviIh>];..-inDorfi.'ti1-.;r% 5 inlL". 
K. of Doiclu'llcr, widi lliffj fairs on 
MicUentMoiul.i)-, Hrl; 'I huild.iy, and 
Oa<.bcr 2, for liorfcs, bullocks, and 

* Cy.nRifJY l)k'.vn:iN, a vilbc;. of D'.n- 
big'ilhiro in N. V/.ilcs, v/itli lo'ir fairs, 
viz. on .April 27, Aiiniills;, Oclobtr 
20, and Dcccmher 7, all for cattle. It 
is 3 niik-s S. W. of Ilutliin, ai'.d S S. W. 
of Denbigh. 

Certos^x, a celebrated Cartlinfian moiviilc- 
ry in the tciritory of the j-avefr, whivh 
is in the dutchy of Milan in Italy. It i ; 
4 mil'js troni I'avia, and its piirk is fur- 
rounded with a wall 20 miles in liicinii- 
fcrence ; but tlurc arc fevcral fni.iU 
towns and villages tliertin. 

* Cervera, a town of Spain in Catalo- 
nia. It is frated on a fmall river of tiic 
fame name, 22 miles N. W. of Tarra- 
gona. Lon. iS. 44, Lat. 41. 2S. 

CeRvia, a fea-port town of It:ily in Ro- 
magna, with a biflioi)"s fee. 'I'lie air is 
unwholefome, and it is feated oii tlio 
Giilpli of Venice, 10 miles S. E. of Ra- 
venna, and is fuhjeft to the liope. Lon. 
30, o. lat. 44. t6. 

Gy':ENA, a town of Italy in Rrmagna, 
with a bifhop's fee. It i; fubjcd to tlie 
pope, and is feated on the river Savio, 
15 miles R. of Ravenna, and 15 N. W. 
of Rimini. Lon, 29. ^Ct, lat. 44. 8. 

* Cf. TTE, a fea-port town of France in 
Languedoc, feated at the i)l:ice where 
tlie canal cf i,an;;ue(loc bei;ins, between 
Montpelher and Agde, on the bay oi 
Majuelona in tlseMediterranean fca. Lon. 
20. 51. lat. 43. 25. 

Ceva, a flrong town of Italy in Piedmont, 
and feated on the river Tanaro, with a 
llrong fort, S miles S. E. of Mi)nriovi, ?.i 
S. of Alba, and 17 W. ofSavona. Lon. 

25. 40. Lit. 44, 20. 

CEVF.NNrs MiM'NTAiNs of Francc, in 
L.mguedoc, rem irkable for the frequent 
meetings of the I'rottilants there, as a 
place of fecurity againfl tl -■ tyranny of 
their governors, in Q^ Ann , leign iheie 
WIS an attem|)t made to afl'ill them by ;in 
Englidi fleet in the Mediterranean, hut 
to no purpof:.', for the French had occu- 
pied the pair.nies, 

Ceuta, a fi.'.'.-iHMt town of Africa on tlie 
coaft of n irbary and Uinjdom of Fez, 
with a good harbour and a bifliop's fee. 
J'^linkingof Portugal took it from the 
Moors in 141 ^, but no'.v it belongs to 
Spain. It fulLiincd a vigcrous fi'.-ge in 
if^iy: ag.ipd the floors, ami is fe.ilcd en 

C K 

tlie Strcig'its of Cibr.altar, over-ac;ninfl 
that pkice. Lon. t/. 5. lat. 3^. •jo, 
Ceyi.on, a large illand in ilie Kali- Indie?, 
abciit sjomib.sin length, and 195 in 
bicadth. In general the air is very gord, 
:.nd tho' the couiitry ia full of moL'ntain,i, 
tliere are fertile v, lleys : in fo\iie places 
the mo,;ntaii'.j are very high and barren, 
bein;; nothing but deadful recks without 
v.'atcr. It is particularly rem.irk.'ible Tcr 
its plenty of cinn:\mon, which is all in 
the po'itinon (^f the Dutch, who drove 
away the Porti gucfe. In fonie plates 
there .ire rich mines, from whence r.;s 
got rubies, fapliires, toprizes, and cato- 
eyes, belides oilier llones cf L'fs value. 
In t'e kini;<him of Candy there is iikn'y 
of c-uc!.imoms, which are very larjte. 
The pep[)cr that is got Iiere is fo gee.', 
that it fells dearer than that of otlar 
places. Here is plenty of wood for ;!1 
forts cf ufes, and f<;me proper for Ay- 
ing red. It abounds in cows, butlalrti, 
poats, hogs, deer, hares, dogs, jiickiiL-;, 
monkeys, tygcrs, and bears : they liave 
a quadrupede no bigger than a luiij, 
wliich perfedly rellinliles a deer. ]!e- 
fides the buflalo, there is .-•.nether of the 
bceve-lund, vvliich h;ith a h:g!i back a;vJ 
fiiur whi'c feet ; but this ii a great r.i- 
ritv. 'I'lieir ele[)hants are l:ke thofe in 
otlier places, and they h.ive foiiie likewj'c 
that are fpottcd, which aie very, 
They have great v.iriety of birds, fen- 
of which are not to Le nict with in other 
places. They have very dangei' us fcr- 
pents and ants, which lio a great deal li' 
mifcliief. The moll remarkable tree in tl:i, 
ifland is th.e tjUipot, one of wlio'l- leav'. i 
will cover ten men, .ind keep tlieiii from 
the rain : th>?y arc very lifjir, and tr.i- 
vellers carry them from to plac.', 
and ui'c them inflead of tents. Th^ie 
are two foits of inh;ibitants here, thef.i- 
vaTe, or wild, and the civilized : tie fii:t 
li\e u\yt;n hunting, ]i;irticularly dec;, 
whofe fk'lh they dry and fell v.'hat thvy 
do not ufe to the other inhabitants : they 
go .-ilmoll naked, and never cut their 
h lit but tie it on the fop (>f tl.eir head.-, • 
their religion is peculiar to thcmfclvi ., 
and what it is, is very hard to (ay. Ai 
for the u\i!ized inhabitants they arcv.iil 
made, .ind have a better ;ifj 'j(-\ tlian nioil 
of the Indians. 'J'ii.y wear .1 cloth abcut 
their middles, and .1 capon their heads; 
they are very ac'five and int^en.ius, pro- 
per for all forts of emjih^y. They .iro 
divided Into feveral tribe--, frcnn the 110- 
bkuKia down to the makers of mats, 


nnd all the cl 
tinefs as their 
marry into 
liave each ai 
in their ilrefs 
admiiers of 
reckon incefl 
is idolatry ; 
a fupreme Gc 
tlie inferior 1 
reckcn the fui 
or temples, ; 
there are ima 
well dune, ll 
rtrous : fome 
per, and oth 
forts of god, 
lia\e all (oin 
are fmall anc 
liurdles, fmoo 
the roofs are 
only a gro- t:\cry t 
liave no ciiii 
Macis witliin-: 
niture is onlv 
two c'>pper- 
thrre fto>!s ; 
luvvid t.' (u 11 
e.ilin;,;, t!iv;, a 
lice :nd, 
water, which 
cut of a velil 
fpout, • e-'er 1 
lime, beet-lea 
bac.o. 'I liey 
curtains, whi 
th? h 

( U! 


ah.vays he up 
vv.irdi which 
thi y ha', e no < 
wo„.l. The 
marrie', are 1 
any men of tl 
tlity are i:'.tc 
but then tlicri 
W'-.en they ar. 
kill his vviie i 
but this (h'es i 
in which ilicy 
are iclooni fo 
are m.ide by 
atten.led witli 
taking their w 
do not ai'ree, 
leavin.; ■ .ich 
b-rh men anr 
four t r ;ive ti 
Isnt ; but wh; 

C E 

nnd all t!ie clnldu-.n liHow tlic fame !)u- 
lint'f:; :!■> l!ieir f.itlicr ; nor is it l;i.\l'ul to 
in.irry into any otlic-r lubv ; rind they 
liavj i.!:ii nparticul.irinaik nf clillini5ti' n 
ill tliL-ir ili'crs : they ]iictcn-l to he great 
aihiiiiers of nior.ility, aiul yet the) 
jeckon inceft no ciiinc. llioir ieH;;ion 
is idolatry j and tho' tliey acknowltdge 
a fujireiiie God, they worl'i.ip none b;.i 
tlic; infc'.loi' fort, and ann. np ti.e-'e t'lcy 
reek in iliefiin and moon. TliCir ij:;g..(l.-,, 
or ttmples, are very nunierniis, in which 
tlicre arc images, whereof fomearexeiy 
well done, the' tlieir fic;urcs are imn- 
rtrous : Come are ot filver, otlieis of to|>- 
per, and other metals. 'Die difleient 
forts of pori,, have vaiious priiih, wlio 
lia\e all fume privileties. 'i h-ir lu.ufes 
are fmall and low, with walls made of 
luirdles, fmooth!) teiveted clay, aiid 
the rciofsare thatched ; kiid a:^ they h.iKC 
only a i;rojp.d-ni or, it is no wi ihilt 
that c\^:ry one builds his own. 'l'!ie)' 
have no ciiin)ne)S, and they n'c ijuiie 
Maciv witliin-fide %% itli finol-.e ; tlieir fur- 
niture is oiiJv a few caitliei) vefTeh, with 
two c opj-cr-hafon,, ;iiui e.nly two or 
tiiree fto, !s ; f..r ik ne bin the king ^s al- 
lowed to (11 in a dial!'. V>'it!i regaid to 
e.ilini;, f!r,') are !;e;H:ally contented with 
rice ;nd f.dt, and their coniin.n rlrink is 
watei-, v.'Iiich liicy pcijriut(. their mcutlis 
cut of a velfel like a via pof, rhro' the 
fnoiit, I ever touching it v.'jtii th.cir Kps. 
Their tre It, v.hen a vifit is made, is, be.t- leave,, aieck i.uts, and to- 
bacco, 'Jlicy hive a bedilead without 
ciMtains, whieii is only lor llie mailer of 
th'.' Ill eifc ; for tie women ann children 
always he upon n.ats near tiic f"re, to- 
wards wliicli t'u-y iiiace their fc. ' ; and 
thvy have no oiiici' bollle s than :'. lo^ of 
v,'o>,,l. The Women, before they are 
niarriel, are not ;.ihamcd of lying v.'ith 
any men ol' ti 

a'"i'l in tins 

f:mi'; ti ibt 

tliey aie eneoiHM.'cd l>s parents ; 
but then there are no p' iihc )>: oiUmii-s. 
W'.cn tliey are i;i.i-.ried rlie luifljand nny 
kill his wife if flte is lak.n i!i a lultery ; 
but this does >i 1 ;!:e\"ent their i!ivri;-;r'- 
in which tlicy afl fj cautioufly, t!i t ;!'i 
are feukim foi:nd out. All ni in iai,o:, 
are m.ide by the paittus ; ami ihev arc 
atren;led with lU) ccr^^i.ony, iiri)':-> of 
t.d.ini,' iheir Vvilves h.'ine. if th ' i a'ics 
do not ai'ree, thi y make no fciiiple (f 
leavin,' ■ ach other; for re'd.n 
b'fli men and women c'^nerally many 
four or iive times befoie they are con- 
tent ; but wliat is mere ibangc than all. 

C M 

one woman lias often two hufband''' 
'J he/ have no niaikets throui;hout tiiC 
i.lind j hut in the t^wn^ they have fliop'' 
\\licic tliey fell linen, r.ce, fait, tcbacco, 
li.ue, chugi, fiuitj, fw uJo, I e.l, coj)- 
I ci, and i!ie Id-e : tliey are very ijjno-, for all their le.uninj; [;> eon- 
fi:h in readinj-, and wiiiing ; their books 
ti\:it ct nothing but re!: 'icn, j^liylic, and 
allioiiwii.y ; and thiS l.i'.L is iir.dcr- 
llocdb. theehiei iiiiefis, Tleiea.tin- 
fc.iption.-. on the rctks, which mult be 
very ancient, for they are not undeillood 
by any of the jirefent inhabitant.^, 'i he 
Dutch are poiielled of all the principal 
places along the fca-coails. Lun. from 
(J--, o. to 99. o. hit, fioni f). r. to 10. o. 

Cii. (i<r, a fort of ..Vmeiiva, in the pro- 
vince of Darien, at the mouth of a river 
01 tlie fame name. It has been taken 
feveial ti.Ties by the bu^caiieei.-., and lafl 
01 all iiy Adm. Verm n in 1740. It is 
350 miles W. of Caitliagena, r.nd a little 
to the S. W. of I'orto-I'ello. Lon. 295. 
J j;. lit. o. 50. 

Ciiald:-. A, cthei'wife called B bylonia, has 
now the name of I:icArahi. "^rhis is 
jiartof Tuiky in Afia, and lies between 
thv. river Euphrates and '1 ii,iis, a little 
to the X. of Cu:r.irali, and the I'erfiaii 
Gulph, anci to tlle S. of I's'irda'!. 

* Oil A i: 1 A IS, a i-M'^vince (-1 the dutcl.y of 
Savoy, bounded on the N. by Lake Ge- 
neva, on the E. by Vallais, on the £. by 
l',.u;!,.,ni, and on the W, by the repi:b- 
lick of Geneva. Thunon is the cajntal 

Cii.'\, a town of France on the con- 
fines of Champa'ine, 10 mihs from 
Auxcrie, remaikiide fc'r it'i ex.'ll-nt: 
\vlii;c wines, l.-iii. 21. 20. lai. 47. 


* Ch 1 !f -l)i ;: e, a town cf Fr;',nce, in .^ti- 
\ergne, with a celebraicd ricnedicTme- 
alihey, ji inllei E. of Biici;;'.e. Lou. 
:•. 1. .-.i. )a'. .^.5. ) 5. 

* Cii Ai. I ON r, a t iwn cf France in An- 
jou, feated o\\ ihc .S. hank of the rivef 
l.< ire, near the place wdiere the Laycn 
falls into r' river. It is oppi lite to a 
fmall ifiami of tl' iV.aie,.', .,nd near 
it tlier. ait uv Ljti' , : ■ 'i i;s te.ritory 
i;rodiiceS g< ■■ ' wliite wi: ■. 

Ci'A oNs suit M-i;n:., a large town (^f 
Im lice in Chanvpa-ne, wiih a bilhopV. 
,ie. Tl:e walk ■■, died |ard, is one (if the 
l->!..fl a>-,d moll I h;a'"aiit in the kingdom. 
1: ' .M'/iCo on a con'ideraMe trade in ihal- 
lo. .r.,. and other Vvn.lLn iVaiTs. '.t is 
fea.ed b.t.vecn two '.if e meadcw:. on tho 
IJ i rucjs 

: i '!> liil 








:^:' .!.' 


riwis Marne, Mau, and Nau, ao miles ! 
S. V/. of Vtidiin, 30 S. E. of Rhi.ims, 
1 s N, \V. of Vi;iy, ami 95 L. of Fails. 
hon. Z2. 2. lat. J S. 57. 

* Cii.-.LLocK, a Mllaec in Kent, lomilc; 
N. W. of Ca tcrbuiy, wiih one fair on 
0<fi..her S, for iiorfts, c.ttif, and ptdjars 

CiiALioN EUR Eaone, an antlert town 
of Fiance m Biirjt', and capital o! 
the Clii'.llonnois, with a cit;.dcl and a 
bi;liop's ftc. It u ftatcJ on ilii; river 
Saone, 7'^ milt.- S. of !:iij()n, 30 S. V,. 
of Auto:'., .;n:l (;i N. of Lyoiu. Loji. 
23. 51. lat. 4C. ,}-. 

* Cii.iiu?, a K -vn ai'd cr:!>K- of France in 
Liniolin, n;n.iil<..Mj l"or it.. hoiiV-fa r, 
w' icli ii Ii'-ld on .':.t. Gcort^c's Day. Lun. 
If). 2. lat. 45. 16.", a towi- of GeriTia\iy in tlit circle 
of I'avaii.i. ia;nMl of a county of tliC 
f;-.!ijL- name, and fc.itcd on the" river 
Clinnib, 37 miles N. Ti. v^f .Ratl^bon. 
Lon. 30. ;3. lar. 40- 'l-. 

* Cn.\ MB, a coi;nry in Bavaria, liciwccn 
Boiitmia and t!.r dutcliy and ]\-il3tinate of 
Bavaiia. I; i'. hut 1 - milci Uini;, and 4 
liroad ; ai;d Ch.imb is tlie ii'dy conC'it- 
rablc jilacc, tho.igli it fornVvrly !.ad its 
own ccnn'.-. 

Cii A I-. Y, a tonridorabic and popu- 
lous tcwncf lt.;!y in Savoy, \v::!i a caf- 
tli. It is capital of tlic wholci dutcliy, 
and is WLlJ-buih, bur has no fortifica- 
ti'irs, It is \va:ereiJ with fc'-'cral .Ireanis, 
wliicli liave t'lclr foiircts in St. N';:.'tin's- 
3-iii), and which rmi tliroi.'^'h fcvera! of 
tlu- ilrcc'ts. Tlicru arc pia/za; iir.dcr j 
I'liOil |:iart of tiie i'cinL-s, t'lroiii^h x^iilch I 
piV'pIe 1'! !y walk dvy in l':x wcrll vc2- \ 
thtr. It lartrc and li.'.ndfoinc lu- I 
Jnirb.s : and in tiic center of the town js 
the toy.T] palace. The parliament r.-.eet, wliieli h comjjofed of ffur j-uTi- 
clent.s, and a pre.'y lari;f nuiiil^er of fe- 
rators, it beinj; the fu;)reir.e tribunal . f 
the whole duichy. Tlie princip.d cl.i'rch 
is or. Lt'irar, and tli'; jefuits co:lc;e ii the 
nif^i^ :r.."..'^r.;:-t-r.t of all the monaRerles. 
'i hliTown was taken by the Spaniards 
ill i"4-r., and in 1-4-5 t'ie''?>ljce ww: on 
fire, v.'hcn D;.n V'.i'.:\^ had n^.ucb. ai'nto 
<%■.'(/ ■,•.:■:) ;ii' rM-..e-. It is 27 miles 
N. E, of Gi-ei-.obb, 4J r,. c\' Geneva, 
50 v.. of Ly, ns, and S5 N. VV. of Tu- 
fin, Lon. aj. 3c. l.qr. 4:;. ■^t. 

C:!.-'. .MUCK ;i, :■'. rov.'d p.i'...;, .,'' C);'c. r.oii in 
j-''an.:e, b':ilt cf !''ee-!i0'^e 'ii tl'e nuiir,; 

G -tl ic KlHe. -Vlilr. -VK. ->■ . v,..-.j 

K.. .Siii;ii];\ub 

5 '.vai, 
I ine 

reiidcnc" 01 
years, as ah'c; 

C H 

mnr(hal Saxc, who died in tiie 

* Cii'.MONP, a town of France in Lyon- 
nois, with a flrong cafflc. It is feated 
on tl'.c river Gicz, 15 n;i!c3 from Lyons. 
Lon. 22. 8. lat. 45. 1!. 

CiL^MPAGNf, a confiderablc province of 
France, about 162 milci in length, and 
112 in brcadtii, bounded en tlic N. by 
Hainhalt and Luxemburg, on tl'.c E. by 
Lorrain and the Frarche-covntc, on the 
S. by Unround), anrl on the W. by the 
Ifle of France and Soii]'crr«; s. It !r.s 
a gna' iiumbcr of river^, the r'incipal of 
which are the Meufc, the Seine, the 
M.iiMe, the Auhc, and tl.e Aine. Its 
]irm,'pa! tr.ide confil^s in e\C';llent ivme, 
all foris ot corn, hnen cloth, wooll-n 
lUiti;:, cattle, .and Hieep. It is alfo di- 
vided iriio the Ilit'hcr and l.o.vei, and 
Troys is 'he capital ti wn, It is divi.led 
into 8 part, Chaur, I'roper, theKI'e- 
moij. ihe Reuloii, the IVrtoi.s, tlu; V. il- 
lume, Ra'frrni, the S.nonnrs, and the 
Brie ChampciiOife. 'I'he irdiabit.ints aic 
miM, laboriiius, ai il valhant ; l>ut they 
are rctkcned to have no sjreat depth (f 

* Cii.\ .'. vaom: Proter, is one of th:; 3 
parts of Cliampayne, which conipie- 
liciids the t.'.'.vns of Troys, Chalons, St. 
Menehold, F.perney, and Vcrtus. 

* Cn.-\ MPicN 1, a town of France in To-.i 
raine, where there was a vcy handfonie 
cartlf, of which there remains nothin;; 
now but a court and a niarnificent 

Cii\Mri. AtN Lakf, a lake of N .Ai'.ic- 
riia in New-Yoi'k, and < ti the N. (ide 
cf tliat province. Lon. 3';2. 35. lit. 

* Ch AMPTOE F A vx, 3 town of France in 
Atijcu, and in the eleflion of, 
wit'i acafllc and the title of a barony. 

* Cha.- cn.\, ;'. rieli and confideiable town 
of Africa, in Ljyjjt, 5 miles from C.-.iio, 
at the entrance of the defart v.'hich leads 
to .Mount 

♦" CfiANOANOR, a town of .•\r:;i in the E. 
Indies, and e.ipital of a territory of the 
f.ime nam,', in the ptr.inl'ula r( Mala- 
bar, r. bcloHt^s to a iv.ajnificcnt and 
veiy rich pa\;i"!, or pae-an ttrnple, 

C!IA^^•;•Isv, a boroi!r;h and parliament 
tinvii (if Rofsfl'.irc, in Scotl.ind, lying 
near the i'lith of Murray, op- 
p( !:*'.' to .\rdefe r-joint, from which it 
is divide 1 by a narrow (lre;?,ht, and 
a Riod read. It w.ia formeily alilLop's 

» Cll.-. NSI, 

* C'l'-'^Nsi, a 
ol t''e fniil! 
wliuh fepa 
a nv UMlaii, :'.<^ 
c..rn, and v 
Lkev.ife abi 
n-'.rble. jaf 
fc iri n 

Chan Till -1 , 
of Itance, 
3 miles bel 
Heti:e thee; 
fhiMic, in b' 
co'iiiable M 
tJiis tliere is 
til- lioufe uf 

* C'h a .\ roNr 
0!ic uf tl'.e 
Canal runs 
vine'-, and 1 
p.'.fs I'lvm ill 
wa' r -d Wet 
vvIiilIi re-Ill 
ahrv-nHj in 
bef.i'es pi 'il 
qiMiis, anc 
of fu;ir , 
plumb., a;.r 

♦ Chan i ki 
France,, in f^ 
tlic i.vcr Bl 


ot the liver ; 
4S. 6. 
C-, ■ p y \. 1 N F 
with a mar 
f.iirs, ' n T 
Miuh .",, '1 
30, nr.d lio 
Ja!y -, lot 
Icre .'iii>;u(l 
en 'I'hurfda 
T'lurlday be 
tl". It is u 
of tl'.e IVa 
n'.a.k, • is n 
17 mi I s S, 
\V. of Mie'.t 
and I ;7 N. 
AC. la'. ;■!. 

C.! \'.. '. f'lN, 

the N. coafl 
the F...1I-I1 
inilcs v.. of 
S. 6. o. 

Cn • R r » s, a 

i'-.rj, l;ing 

C M 

* C:iiAN';'. a pro"ipix' of Cliii a, and one 
oi t''e fni.illeft lyiiv.; near tin; ttrcai wall i'cp.iatc; it iVcm Tnrt:'.i7. It is 
,i nvu'iiaiiioiis ci'urtry, l'>ut liealt!i\, 
iik'af'.tiit, ami alv'tiii''ir.ic in coal-minL-b,, and viry Rood .:ia,'fs. '1 lii'v li ivc 
I.ktv.iCf abundance of mull', porpliyr' , 
irniMc, jafi'cr, and lapij I.i,;uli, l)i.l.ii'... 
fc ei'al ir( n mines. 

CiiAvrii. 1 ^, a tov-n and lv.r.d:" c'lfti'^ 
<,1" 1 lanto, fca'fd on the i ivcr Ncnvtu, 
3 miles hirlow Senlis, and i - fiiiin Paris. 
J^tti :c the caftle ther." is n fmi.' cqucltrian 
(ta'nr, in buinz •, ol tlic laU I'.ukc and 
cinit.ible Mon'iiiorency.'n.',iir< to 
tJiij tli'v'rc is a fine loicl*, the property cf 
til- lioufe of Conde. 

♦ C'HA.\TONr., a province of C'hin.1, and 
one of the moll rii!i;!'i.I. T!it- Gieat 
Canal runs tliroupii part of this pro- 
ving, and tiie darks !'ail tlirouj'h i' tlKit 
\>.:'< lirm shcSo'ith to WW.n. I' h '-'i-l! 
\va' r -d will) L.kes, rivcis, and brt 'k ., 
vvhali pMider it wry fertile, and it 
atv> nHj in nil dTts of cc-n. and pnl:"e ; 
Iv.C.'ls piulir., pl.'.afanti, p:»rt.-id,.;ej, 
cpi.iils, and han. -) ; as ailo ftvtral lorts 
of lii;;' , e'p". ially cti'.riiuts, prae'.ies,, and w.'.liuils. 

« Cii AN i Fi.-i.f. f (I ^ 1 > t,, d t'.wn cf 
France, in Roiivt.onp'.is. It h feated on 

t!:e liver BL;ui 

L.n. 2; 

J s 

laC. d.6. 

• Cn.\nrH'-Vj a t'^'A'n of France, in 
Chanipa.T"-". 1'. is fjatcd at f'le i"Uice 
of the liver L^ii. ;i..; ^. Kit. 
4S. 6. 

C;.' ." f I. I N' Fr ith, a t<".vn in ne'hyn'ire, 
with a mdrkf t on S.itiird.i;,^, and ten 
f.iirs, ' '.\ Tl.uri'day hcivjii. rc'jruaiy i", 
Manh if), ThmA'ay Eaficr, A;'i;l 
■;o, and Uoly-Thnrfday, for cat'!" ; on 
[aly ", lor wool; on 'rirailday be- 
1,. re luriill a.j, fur tlii-cle and fneep ; 
ci; 'I'hurfdav a'ter Si'.-.rriTib.r 20, and 
T'lurlday before No-.(.;nler i;, Jor cat- 
t!'. li is leaied on t'l!- iitHKill eoiifir.cs 
0.'' the I'eak, n'.-ar Clvihire ; bir tl;e 
n'.i'.k.r is now c:mi.' to notlv.n<;. It is 
i-^ in;\-. S, F. of Manclv-llcr, -.ic \V. .V. 



?< N. \V. of Derh\ 

and I ^7 N. N. W. of London. Lon. 15. 

.1 r . la'. C ?. 27-. 

C.i •.:.'.!' 'IN, a fea port town oT Afia, on 
the N. eoaft of th,' !;l:-,rd of Java, in 
the F..(l-Indian It is n,o 
mill'; 1~, of llatavia. Lon. 125. 3:;. lai. 

Ci(«K(»s, a province of S.America, in 
i'-.rj, l;'ing on the b, ocu. It hai eli- 


fined filver mires in the world ; ai-.d La 
I'lat.i is the capitaUown. See i'orosi. 

* (."ha I! :i, a town in .Soimrfe inir; , with ,i 
market on Mundays, :.nd tliicc fair:, en 
M.iy ;^, AuRUl^ <;, and fCoveii.'ier 2, for 
eatik' of all lorti, and )icdl,irj ware. It 
is fe te on the (ii'c of a hill, and on the 
borders of t'le county, being a pofl- 
ttAvn. It is r.x miles W. of C;ook- 
Irirn, 10 S, of Bridgwater, and i.).oW. 
!\, S. of London. Lon. 14. 25. lat. 50. 

* t'M.^RE:■v , a town of France, in the 
Nivernois, feated rn the river Loire. 
Jt is 12 niiles N. (-f Nevers, and 27 
y,. of Kom'ges. Lon. .'o. 40. lat. 
47. «. 

CiiAHKNTK, a liver of France, whicli rifss 
in Liinelip, n'ni welhvaid i)y Angou- 
l'.-fi:;e ar,d S.iintes, an ! tails into the hay 
cf liifc.y, ever araii.fl the Jflo of Ole- 

Char rNTOK, afmalltAvn in the Ide of 
France, 4 milei S. ( .' Tar's, It is fa- 
mous for a I'^uieh wliere the Pioteflant 
niu. liters ufed to preach ; but it was 
de..ioli(hed in 16'=' q. It is fented en 
the liver. Seine. LiTi. 2n. ^. lat. 4S. 41;. 

* CM..i!ir.r, a\ilia(-e in Kent, 12 milts 
F,. S. E. cf .V.a -I'hir?, with two fairs, 
on May i, and C^obcr 20, for horfes, 
eP.'tle, and pedlais v/are, 

** Ci;.\K 1. 1'. UK V, a tc'wn in Oxfordiliire, 
with a jTiarker, is greatly gone to 
(itcay ; bu' it has four fairs, on Janua- 
ry I, I'eeond Friday in Lent, fecond Fri- 
day after .M.-iy i:, and O'lober 10, for 
cartli; of ;,ll kirds. It is 6 miles N. W. 
ol Wo di\otk, and 12 N.N. W. of Ox- 
ford. Lon. 16. o. lat. 51. 54. 

C H A k I. r M o N r . a i\ ronr; tov.n of Ireland, 
in the county of Arm.iedi, and province 
f'f Uiller, wiilch w.ts beliei^eri by King 
V/illiam in i6r,o, to whom i' furrenrier- 
ed. It is feaied on tlu river Rlackwater, 
6 miles S. ot Dun -anron. It fends two 
nijniliers to p:.:iia;ntr.t. Lon. 10.45. 
lat. 54. 16. 

Ch a k 1. k >! ON ]■, a Inndrome town of the 
Netl;er!and3, in tho county of Namur, 
wliich ceded U) th.e French by the 
treaty ot Niniejuen. It is well fortified, 
and is feated on the river Meiife, 25 
miles S. W. of Naaiur, and 20 N, E. of 
Ucicroi. L.'n. 22. 2.;. lat. 50. 5. 

Cii.M^iJsoY, a -1 ery rtronj town of the 
AuP.rian Nctherl.indK, in the county of 
Nnnur, bi.llt by the Spaniard.6 in 1666, 
It has been feveral times fakt:n and re- 
take.", in the la:e wars, and laftly by the 


iii: -M 


Vf" f 


t ^'li! 

II ; 


Trench in 1746, Init ix'nHered back 
l,y tlic iitaly of Ai.\ la-C''"ri^!li.'. Tl h-^i> 
a tort and fortrtis, .iiul i.> cUcd on the 
river Sambtv, 20 miles W. of Nair.iii, 
ai-ifi 19 E. of Moui. Lon, 24. 14. iut. 
1,0. zo. 
Charlks Capk, a promontory of N. 
Anicritn, in Viri^inia, at the N. fide of 
thccntrarcv*ofClicfopc.ik-Ba/. Lat. 5-, 


tiiARi.ES Cm r, a promontcvy of N. 
Air.ciica, on '.he S, V/. part i-f t lie Arcijclit 
cntciinsintoHudion's-Ba/. i... 62.4c. ES-TowN, the capiti! of S. Caro- 
lina, in N. y\n'it.'ricn. It lias ,a commo- 
dious and ft'Ciirt harbour, and tht tov.'n 
is as v.xli Iiuilt as mo'.\ in America, bj- 
im; .". pLice t f good trade, where a giiint 
nu.iibcr cf ihips are loaden annually 
with rice, ikins, pitch and tr.r. A jrrcat 
pa:t of tliii town was burnt down on 
l\hruary 2S, 17^0-1, by wi/itli a va(l 
d'.al of valuable merchandize was entire- 
ly de tro'^ed. 'lliey have alfo frecjuently 
fiMti.d by inundations, and unlioaiiiiy 
fcifons. But, as it is cap iliie of many 
iijiprovcmtPts, which mi;,lu be of threat 
.ni>anta;;a to C/reat Jlritain, it is now, 
liy th^ cultiva'.ii'n and induilry of the 
- ii-ii.ibitar'ts, rendered the mo!! !iou;i,i.- 
ir)5, rich; and ploafant pluLC of any 01 
the Ihltifli plant.'.tions. It ia feared on 
a ptiMiifiila, formed by the rivers .AiliL.y 
aru Cooper, the form-r of wliich is na- 
\;;.M!.le lor f1)'.])'J of burden r.o miics 
above thj town ; and the banks of t!ie 
Vivers .-'.re adorned with beautiful j-.!,inta- 
ticn^, and f:ne walks, intcrfjxtild wirli 
rrwi of trees. w!iich make^ thi; town 
veiv acuraWe, ('elijjli'ful, ami jik'.iiant. 
Li^n. ;g(). ■^ ^, )at. -52. '^o. 

C;-r •». V r.i ;,-r'0KT, a fortrefs of Ireland, in 
the i-ourty vt C(.'ik, and proviiv.c t.f 
M'mtler, fcitcd at the entrance cf Kin- 
fa.' ■ ii.Jiht.ur. I.on. 11.15. '•"• i'' -^■ 

Ck,^ i( r. t. ToK, an iiland^ at tlie bo'toin of 
Hi:dfor('s-Hay, in N. An;c: ;-;■., vvliich is 
A.hjtit to Crcat Britain. Lon. 21)6. 3 '• 

lit, 52. sO. 

tx.Mi rr-M.T.r, a tc\^-n of Ireland, in the 
toiitity (if Cork, arul prcvincc of Muii- 
l\er, i;o miles N. of Cu! k. U fends tv\ o 
rt'emb.j-s to pirhamenr. Lon. 9. 47. 

p.' A R i.Kv 1 1, i.r., a very handfome town of 
France, in Cii.';mpa;-ne. 'i'he fhectr, ar/j 
as lirai' lis a lire, and th^' b.cufes are all 
r>f an equal lrei;;iit, and covered with 
f.ite. Here is a ma^ pin';ent fquarc, ''n 
tiit middle of which ik-.'V^ is a handfuiric 

c ri 

fouf.tnir. It 15 featrd en the rlvec 
Miufe, i.eai Mf/ieies, from v< hicii it d 
only kj^arated by a brid;,'e and a caufc. 
way. It is 11; milis N. V.'. ol Sedan, 
and 113 N. E, ot I'aris. Lon. 22. ji). 
lat. 49. 50, 

* CnAKi.iv, a tov^■n cf LancalJi're, with 
a market on 'I'uefdays, and thrve lairs, 
on May 5, and Augurt 20, for homed 
cattle, and on September 1;, for toys 
and final I wares. It is fe.Ued near the 
fpriiikt-IiLad of a rivulet tailed Choi', not 
far from the river Yarrow. It is but a 
fmall place} but the market is well fup- 
[ilied witli yarn and provifions. It is 
6 mile, S. E. of I'lvflon, iS N. of War- 
rinf;iuji, .nnd 197 N. W. of London. 
Lon. 15. o. lat. 53. 40. 

* CiiARLiKu, a town uf France, in thi- 
diocefe of Macon, on the frontiers of 
R(.*auiolois, ami Riupundy, near the river 
Loire, with a nth abbey. Lon. 21. 40. 
lat. 46. i^ 

* CiiAKr^Trf, a town cf France, in Lot-, 
rain, fe.Ut.l on the river Moklle, with a 
Vei) haiulfome biilt^e. It is S miles L. 
of .\iiri-tourt, and 15 .S. of Nanti. Lun, 
24. o. lit. 4S. |S. 

C:i.\Ror I. E^:, a town cf Fr.mce, in Bur- 
puii;ly, and capital of tht C'haiolli is. It 
i. iVaied on the river Reconce, z-' miles 
N. E. cf Macon. Lon. 21.42, lat. 46. 
"> ^* 

* C,i AR 01. 1 ois, a territory of France, in 
Ruri^undy, v^i•ll the title of a county. 
It ;s a'-.out ^o ndles in ler.i;th, and i- 
in l-weacl'ii, and belon.^s to th houlc vi 

* CuARosT, a town of France, in Btrry, 
with llie title of a dutchy. It i. fiati..! 
on tlie river Arnon, S miles N. F. of 
L'iinlun. Lon. 10.4:;, lat. .].6, ■-.f. 

'■ Chai'oux, a t(;vn of I', in Bir- 
bonni IS, llaied at tl e entiante of the 
ri-er Siuulle. I/tji. 20. 4^. lat. 46. 


* Cii A u o V jr, a town of France in I'l iclt nu, 
near the river I'haiante, with an nnu'.nt 
and celebrated abb( yofbeni-dictine monks, 

Chaktrks, an anLJent .and corfidtialile 
town of l"r;mcc, capital of the ftnitory 
oi' Chartiain .apd Beaute, with the tit:.; 
cf a c'utf'fiy, and a lnllur,,'s ft;.', 'i he 
tat'.icdral is one of the fmefl in France, 
and its fteepie is vcrynnicli admired. 
The principal trade conlills in torn. 
It is (L.ited on the river Euii', in a fer- 
tile at'd afree'i'ule c<amtrv, 4^ miles S. 
V,'. cf I'aris, and 37 N. \V. of Oi leans. 
L'jn. iS. 50. lat. 4a. 37. 
I CH.\RTu::v':r, 


1 R Kii ■• I , I 
pro'in. '-■ «i 
hi^!;h mouii 
■; miles in 
no entr.ine 
(hut up by 
and it is fo 
ftir all the c 
out France, 
Jionie preti 
allowed to 
certain hoi 
this It-ems 
for, on ho 
talk as nu 
tliey are en 
nit arts, ar 
cloaihs. I. 
C;i A R VI'. nif, 
ter, ill r!ie 
Italy and Si 
nit ir.uth r 

* C H A f r F . • 1 
j')u, md in 
J-. 5S. lat. 

* CuATi; Ae- 
in Biirtany, 
jou, with . 
lat. 47. 40- 

* Chai-e .u- 
in N'iveriioi 
with a conii 
Lon. 21.2 

C:i \ rf A u-D 
(f i'aly, in 
<pi fare of 
ol Sa.di'.iia 
bin' ;1 ar:ny 
and lei 
Aix-la Cra 

C:i AT I A I'-n 
in the M.ii 
Jie •(• of fevi 
Mans. It 
22 miles S 
Pars. I.o< 

Cm A 1 ¥..\v-D 
France, ar. 
in the ijove 
taillc .nui , 
on an emin 
miles N. 01 
and 7.'. S. ^ 

4'-'- 4' 
t ; . .\ 1 K .i u G 

c n 

t'HA i«Ti« eu3r, cr, I\i r C;t.\t'ii CiiAn- 
•iKKii.-i', is I nc ol Hiu mill c-ljiii.iiv,*! 
moiinrtcrifs in', nii'l lit.-, in tlic 
pro'.iiv, ',• ut' n.iupliiny, 8 nnLs K. it 
Gn.noLlc. It ib (l iti .1 on ilic toj) ot ,) 
lii;;h iiioiMUaiii, v\hi(.li llaiiiit. in a valley 
3 niil.'s in k-iv:*!), into v!iic!j there i^ 
III) tntrancu I'Ut hy one way, \v!iic!i is 
(liiit u\> hy a ;;.Hi.'. It is the cliiol' ul" tlio 
nio'viftciica ot" tlic ov'.-cr of Chavticux, 
and it is fo 1:11 c;c, that tlier; arc locl^in-.s 
for all the duputici ut' the onlcr thiou;;h- 
oiit France, who nieur here: once a-uar. 
Sonie prttind that the ir.o;i!:s a:c iv t 
al.'ouxd to fi>\' to e,:i.!i oLl:v,r, hut at 
certaiii hours ar<l plaui.-i. However, 
tliis leems not to he altogether true ; 
for, on holidijj tiny may wall; out .".lul 
t,ill< as nuitli as the/nleafe: liefuK's, 
t!iey are eniplny.d in all forts of mecha- 
nic arts, and fp;n ai'.d wiavj tl'.ir own 
cloaths. Lon. a-;, z:. lat. 4.';,i3, 

C:i .\ n vi; 11 1 f , a whirl;!"'.'! to paces iliniTic- 
tcr, in r!ie (Irci^ht of MeTir.a, bev-vcn 
It.dy and .Sicily. It was fonv.erly t!io'";!ir 
cian^jeroiis in na"i^Mtii.n, hut now it i. 
not much minc!cd hy faiUns. 

* Ch A ■■ r K .-. I.', a town of France, in A;i- 
j')ii, md in tlif clio.;cfe of Anjri-.ii. L<jii. 
1-. 5S. lat. 4-. 40. 

* Chatk Ae-l;iM A N I , a town of Fran. e, 
in Brittany, and on the connnc-. of An- 
jou, with an olii calUe. Lon, 16 15. 
lit. 47. 40. 

* Cii.'^ TE/.u-Ciii >::)N, a town of France, 
in N'ivcrnois, and capital of 'vK rvant, 
with a conluljra'jlc nianufafht^e oi clvtli. 
I. on. 21. 23. lat. .-,-. 2. 

C:i \ TK A u-Dao PHI .N, 1 very flronc; caftlo 
t f iMly, in I'iedmont, ar, ' in t!-.>; ni:..-- 
qirfatc of SaluceJ, be'ioiigin;; to t!ie M. 
ot Sa.-dinia. It was fallen by t.'.j eoni- 
bin' :! army of France and Spain in 1 ;.;..}, 
ant! \v..i lendertd b.ick by the tiv.ity of 
Aix la Ci ap.-l!e. 

C:i A T r A r-n'.. -'^oir , a town of France, 
in th^ Maine, I'a.TiOiis fcM' Uiil. lining a 
fie/c of (even years ai;.>inil the count of 
Mans. It is iVated on the rivc-r Loir, 
22 miles S. E. of Man.;, and 07 \V. of 
Paris. I.o'i. 18. o. lat. 47. 40. 

C'MA 1 K., e-DuN', an antient town of 
France, and capital cf tlie Dun.'ij, and 
in the goveininent of Orleanoi"., with a 
taille .lud a 1 icli inonafiery. It is featcd 
on an oiiiincnce, near t.'ie river Loir, 30 
miles N. of tili'is, 25 N. W. of OiL-ans, 
and 7.'. S. V.'. >f I'aiis. Lcii. 19.'-. lat. 
4;'. 4, 

C'n\ri-.AU Go.mik;', a town of Franc.', 

c ri 

in .\nif>', fcalcd on t!ie river ^^3ynnr.e, 
witli a ci:lle. It is 22 miles N. W. ot 
Anjier.i, and 147 S. W. of I'aris. Lon, 
16. 5.).. lat. .}7.47- 

* Cii \ -1 r. A f L.v N DUN, a town of Franc ', 
in Cattenois, with ;m Aut'.ulHne abbey, 
fe.i'c'l on a !ii!l, live n>ilesi. of Nemo'.ii..;, 
ir. N. of Moniarges, and ijo S. by li. of 
Paris. Lon. 20. 23. lat. 47, 47. 

* (.'ii X r r A u -M ! 1 1, i. a n t, a town of 
Fr.'ir.-e, in Berry, .and in tlie elefti.m (if 
I.Iouc'on, 'I'lieie is an ancient cafllj 
here, \\ ith a tosver, faid to be built by 
jiiliiu C;efar, 

* t.Jn.ATF Ae-N..ei-, the name of fevcral 
towns in France, viz, one in Ferche, 
arotlier in Anjouniois, on the river 
Charente, 10 miles fioin Anj;oulifme, 
and five from Jaiinac ; a third in Berry, 
17 miles from !)"ri'es, and is leated on 
the river Clicr, and (tveial other fn.all 

* Cm A r r. a i:-P'ip 1 kv, a town of Franci% 
in C!:amp,ijrne, and in a '.iillridl called 
!'o:t;cn, with ii caflle biiiit on a rock, 
and the title of a principality. It ii on 'lie river .'ime. Lon. 21. 5S. 

1 ... .,.9. J .,. 

^ C.i A :■ i-.Ac-P.iN Ann, a town of France, 
in the Gat'cnois, 8 miles N. W. ot Mm- 
taiges. fkre the cloathes are m.ide for 
tlie army ; ;nv.! it lias a in fallVon. 
Lon. 20. 1 J. lat. 4S. o. 

* C I! A r "■. A u K r .s a e :', a town cf Fr.'.rcc, 
in 'Fo'jraiiie, wi;h the tirle of a inarqui- 
fate. It is 10 niiles N. VV. of Amhoife, 
and S3 S. \V. of Pane Ljn. iS. =6. 
lat. 47. 2-. 

- t'l; ATK Ai;-Rofx, a town of France, in 
Ficrry, with a ca:Ue, and tl'c title of a 
(h.i'.chy. It lias a manufatShire in cloth, 
nnil is ft. 1 ted in a very la.tre pleafanc 
i'l .in on tlie river hidre, i ; miles W. by 
S. of iidun, and 148 b. of P. iris. Lon. 
10. J.'., lat. 46. 49. 

Ci.A I K, A u-'i'iiif..< .t A, a town of France, 
in Cii iir,!\i;;i>c, v/ith the tU'c of a clutcfy, 
:\nd a handfome cartle lL:iuling oti an 
tminci'.cc. It is feated on the river 
]VLii;:e, 37 miles S. W. of lllieiniL;, and 
c)7 N. W. of I'ails. Lull. ii.8. l,it.i)u, 

* Ch.\ti: A u-Vi r, ATN, a town of Franco, 
in Ciiampai'ne, with a cd'iL , and it has 

t'le title of a dutchy. It is featcd on 
Lon. 22. •;.;, 

the liver Aujoii. 
48 o. 


Cii > T F. r. [. r .-■ A V T r, .( town of France, in 
Poiro'i, vi'h t'.'.e title of a diitcliy. It 
is fe.Wed in a fcriile and plcalant com- 


■ . M 






I i[ 


C J{ 

try, en t!ic ri'-cr Vicnre, over whi'H 
there IS a Iiandijmu rt(.no-bridp;e. It 
is as mill's N. E. of Poititrb, an 1 iG'.! 
S. W. ot" Pans. Lon. ly. ij. lat. 40. 


* CiiATFi, or Cm ATT., a town n( Lor- 
rain, in thu Vrifqiic, u.ifcil on the livcr 
Moffllij, 8 milci trnnj Mirt court. 

* Cm A T E I. • A 1 1. 1. (I N , a i.iantinvj town m" 
France, in Siiuiongc, five niilc. iVoin 
Roc'icllo ; it was I'onncily very conlid'.-- 
vablc, but is now grratly (ficayocl. 

* Chatri.-Chaion, a town of Franci-, 
in Franclie-Coin;tL-, nviicli i". rcinaiKi 
ble for its aWxy of niiv;c!idi;ia nuns. Ir 
is 20 miles .S. of Dole. Lon. 23. 5. 
lat. .}.(). 50. 

Chaiv.i.e.", a to'.vn of the Nctlu'rlrinds, 
in Nainiir. It i'> fcatol on tlif .Sai.Jvf, 
in the biihopiick of Lie^c, and is lo'ir 
miles F,. of Charlero). Lon. 22.0. l.i.. 

CuA iHAM, a town of Kont, a Ijoinin^; to 
Rnciieih.'i-, anil ftatcd on tho liver Mcd- 
v.'ay. It is the principal Itatirn ot tiie 
royal navy j and the yards and imja- 
zines are furninied with all .orrs of na- 
val rtores, a', well as materials for build- 
ing and ri5,.;inj; the lari;efl inen of war. 
'i'he entrance Into the liver .Medwny is 
defended by Sheernefs ami other foit.; 
and, in the year i7S7i by direif^ion of 
the duke of C'.iaibcjland, feveral addi- 
tional for "icati'^ns were be.;,un at Chat- 
ham ; fc .hat now the fliips are in no 
danger of an in^'ult, citiicr by land or 
water. It has a market on Satuiday., 
and two fairs, on May 11;, and S'.'iMem- 
bic 19, for horfes, bullocks, and ai! forts 
of commodities. It lias a c!:urv.Ii, a 
chapel of eafe, and a fliip u'ed as a 
church, for the failors ; i: has Lkevv'ii'e 
about 500 houfes, moAly low, and built 
v.'it!) brick j the ftreets arc narrow and 
paved, and it contains about 3000 inl-.a • 
bitants. The principal employment of 
the lahourin;< hands is fiiip- buildin- in 
t!ie king's )ard, and priv.ite docks. [It 
being near i'ocheflcr, fee that place for 
the dillances.J 

Chatican, a town of Afia, in f':e king- 
dom of Dental, on th.- moll eaftei Iv 
br:inc!i of the river Gan-tes. h is but 
a poor place, thoiu^h it vas tl.e firll t!;e 
PortiigueCe fettl-.d at in tlufe parts, vvl)o 
ftill keep a futt of polVeClion. It luis 
hut few cot'on inanufafhircs ; but it af- 
fords the bell timber for buildint; of any 
place about it. The inliabitants are fo 
afraid of eac'.j other, that they always 


go armed with a fword, pii>o!, and 
bhinder'Mjfs, lot ixceptin.t tl.c pnu'i. 
It is fubjecl to the (iicat Mk/^ul. Lou. 
loS. 35. lat. .'. }. c. 

* Cii Ar 1 1.' 0N-«uH -Inpr r, a tov.-n 'f 
Fiance, in 'lour.une, ajt,n. ably (ca.ivl, 
and ii I J milci E. of Locho, and ^ <i, 
of Amboiu". L« n. 19, 8. lat. 47. :t. 

Ch ATiLi. oN-i K'l-DcMnrs, <i town c.f 
France, in the ttiritory of IJieile, anrl 
jirovince of Bursundy. If is 10 miivr, 
-S. W. of Gere a. Lon. 23. 15. lat. ^ i, 

* Cii ATI I, t.ov-rtii! -Loin, .t town if 
Fi.ince, in Crittiiuis, feared in a viiy 
agreeable valley, with t!.e title of ,j 
dutohy. It i-, 10 nnles from Muntarges. 
I. on. 20. 30. lat. 4-. 50. 

* Cii ATji. rot.-' eri-MAK r.r, n tovii ((;, in C'liaiiip.i.'ne, X niilo \V. if 
Lpernay, and 17. S, of Riuiiii.i. Lv ,1. 
2 I. 30. 40. S. 

Cii \ Ti L f.oN-'. I i< Sr I". K, a tcwn of 
France, in Ri'r.nmly, divided into tuo 
by the river .Seine. It is ]2 nnles lioin 
Langrts, and 40 from Djon, ai d 
ircn-v.-uil: . in its neiglibouiliood. I, on, 
22. 8. lat. 47. .1-. 

* CiiATHK, n ti'wn of Fr.inri', in lieriy, 
ftated on the river lnd:t, 37 miles fu 1., 
Bourttcs. It cairies on a conli''v.!aMc 
ti.ide in ciule. Lon. 19. 50. .^'), 

C't'\vr.7, n (Iri'nr ;r,wn of rortU':;n!, r.r.d 
in Tra-los-iMoiu.s. Ii i; li.ited .it 
tlie fo( t of ;i mountain oti the iv. r 
Tamega, ar.d !;.'.'. two fubuib , and ..s 
maiiy forts ; r.rc (.f which looks like .« 
citadel. Betv.-ecn tiie town ami ilie 
fubu.'b Magdalena, is an old Roman 
flonc-bridj;e above 92 jtcomctiical pates 
lonjr, and the town Ins fHll fomc leinaii:; 
of its former gr.irideur. It is 27 milts 
AV. of Ijiat;.iiiza. Lon. ic, 3.^. lat. iji. 


• CiiAt-r, a flrong 'own f>f Afia, in thfj 
kin::dv'in of V'ifapcre, and on the ce.iil 
of Malibar. It Ivlonys to thelVrtu- 
guefe ; and the ii\er it /lands on alfoKls 
a harbour for fmall ve Zeis. It is forti- 
fied, a; weJl as the illand, on tlie .S. 
fide of the li.ubonr. I'ormerly it wa; .1 
I'lace noti- 1 for trade, particularly fir 
tine embroidered quilts j but now it is 
mi'erably poor. I", is 1 5 milC) S, of Loiii- 
b.iy. Lon. 90. 20. lat. i'?. 30. 

'► Chaut, NK, .T town of Frarce, in Picar- 
dv, and tlic territory of Santcre, v.'ith 
the title of a dutohy. Lon. 20. 30. kit. 

iy- 45- 

CllAU .MO.NT, 

C>MU-!ONT, 3 

pagne, and : 
the capital, 
near tlie nvci 
inville, and 
22. 46. ht. 

Ch M/MONT, : 

of France, 3 
Lon. 10. 35. 
C II A e N k Y , a 

on tlie r'.ver ' 
Jiid 27 N. E 
navigable at 
lat. 40. 37. 

• Ch A w r E Y, 
miles N'. N. 
N. N. W. o( 
May 6, and 

♦ Cii r ADtr, 
with a mar 
fairs, vie. on 
cattle, and c 
horned cattle 
lands, an<l it 
them. The 
the maikit h 
N. F. of Stal 
London. Lc 

* Cii K B r. r TO, 
lies in Nova 
ment in Nort 
Halifax is bu 

* C H r B It E c n I 
Poland, in tht 
carries on a 

1 5 miles S. 1 
2(3. lat. 50. 

Cr. r. DDER, a lai 
lamous for its 
bell to Stilto 
they are as 
It is feated 2 
bridge in Sc 
fairs, viz. on 
for cattle, ilu 

Chkok, a fmall 
per Huivcary, 
banks of til 
l>arfod and K 
are Clii'j;e, tt 
Little Waradi 

Ch EC, FOR 11, a I 

market is no 
f.iirs, viz. on 
ber 29, ,ind < 
cattle. It cc 
a very Iiandfo 
S. W, of Ex 
London. Lo 
Cr.iKi.s: G, an 

•i«i ^r 


Ch^umont, a tova of France !n Cliani- 
pagne, and in B.iinnni, of which it is 
die capital. I( a leatcd on a mount lin 
lu-ar tli'j nvLT Manic, 1 7 n\,Wi S. of Jo- 
invilli.', and 51 S. li. ot 'i'loyc*. Lon. 
22. 46. Ut. 48. (t. 

Ch m;mont, a fDwn of France in tlic Irte 
of Francf, 30 mils-S N. V/. of i'uris, 
I. on. 10. 35. I If. 41J. 18. 

Cn.\i'N»v, a town I'f ;<.'(i)on:Ms, Ccatrd 
on the r'.viT OyU:, 20 miles L. oi Noyon, 
and 27 N. li. of r.iris. It lu-gins to he 
navigalilo ;it this I' I-on. 20. 53. 
lit. 40. 37. 

• Chawt IV, a village in Povondiire, to 
miles N'. N. \V. of Creilitoi;, and iS 
N. N. VV. of Exe'er, with two fniri on 
May 6, and Uecen.^jtr 11, fur cattle. 

• CiiFAPtr, a tovvn in St.iiTor'Idiiit-, 
with a market on .S.iiurdays, ,ind two 
fairs, viz. on Holy Thurfday, fcr horned 
cattle, anJ on Autjurt 1, for hoifcs and 
horned citric, It a featcd in the moor- 
lands, and in the moll friiitfil part of 
them, 'llie hou'es are poorly huilt, hut 
the market is pritty jjood. Iti; 12 miles 
N. E, of Stafl'or.l, and 119 N. N. VV. of 
London. Lon. 1^. 35. 5^. o. 

» C H K R K (• T O , or C H I B U C a CI • H A R B O U R , 

lies in N'ova-Sciiti 1, an F.n.^lifh fettlc- 
mentin Nortli America, and near wliic'i 
Halifax iii huilt. 44. 30. 

• Cht Bit Fell IN, a conliderahle town of 
Poland, in the palatinate of lliiliia, w iii.:!i 
cariioi on a i;ri-at tradj in wax. It is 
1 1; miles S. E. of Tourobin. Lon. 41. 
a6. lat. 50. 35. 

Ciir.iiDER, a larc;e village of Somerfetlliire, 
famous for its theefes, whic'i are tli2 next 
bell to Stilton-checfe in England ; and 
tliey arc as large as thole of Chelhire. 
It is feated 7. or 3 miles to the E, of Ax- 
bridge in Somerfcifhire, and has two 
fairs, viz. on May j., and Odobcr 29, 
for cattle, iliec]), and horfes. 

CHEnjc, a fmall ])rcvince or county in Vp- 
per Hun:sary, which lies .don;^ tlie eaftei n 
banks of the river Teilfe, hetsvteii 
Barfod and Kalo. The principal ])lacc< 
are Ch!'i;e, the capital, St. GciTge, and 
Little Waradin, 

Cheofor n, a town of Dcvonfl-.lre, whofe 
market ii now difufod; hut it has 4 
f.iirs, viz. on March ?. 5, May 4, Septem- 
ber 29, and Oclober 39, all for horned 
cattle. Jt contains So Iioufe^, and has 
a very liandfoim; cii'irch. It is 15 miles 
S. W. of Exeter, and i3; VV. .<>/ S. o) 
Lond.^n. Lon. -o. •^5. iat. i;o. 40. 

CmKi,\: c, a nurii.i;r.c prc-virjce '.'■fCiiina, 

c u 

to the W. of Peking;, which ii one of th# 
mod leitilc hut tiadm; provinces of tli:<t 
empirt*. It it interfperltd with moun- 
tains, fniitiul fiiKU, livers, and can.iN. 
'I'he inhabitant! are famous for makin'.; 
gold and idvtr brocif'jd lilKi, which no 
vcy cheip ; fcfthey nourilh vafl quan- 
titiei of tilk-worms. In the Lkct uf tlii$ 
coui.t;-; is to bi found the gulden tilli, 
well known for its beauty, as alio a trtfl 
which J reduces tallow. It contains 11 
large cities, 77 towns, and an itifiniu 
number of populotis villai^cs. 

Cur I M, a town of Pel nd in Red P.utT-a, 
and capi'al of a palatinate of the fam(» 
name, with a bifh p'i fee. h is 60 mile* 
N. W, ofBcltz, and 90 E. S. E. ofWar- 
faw. Lon, 41. 47. lat. ^i. 10. 

• Chi I.M, the palatinate of, in Red Ruf- 
(ia, in Poland, which u bounded on tho 
S, by the palatinate of Belt/, on the W. 
by that of Lublin, on the N. by I'.^L'fia, 
and on the E. by Upper Volhinia. I; 
may be al)0ut 75 nulcs in lent;th, .Tnd 
30 in breadth ; and it is (iividcd into 
two chattellanies, whofe feats aic at 
Chtlm, and Ciafnoflaw, the two princi- 
pal towns in this country. 

Che I. m;for n, a town of Eifex, witii .1 
food market on Fridays, and two fairsj 
\i?.. tn May 12, and November 12, two 
days each, for cattle. It is fei;ted on thu 
road to Cckhellcr between two rivers, 
over which there are bridi^es. It is a 
handfome, laij'*, and wcU-frcqucnted 
to\\ ti, and takes its name from the liver 
Chelmer. It is governed by a clvef ccn- 
(l.iblc, has only one church, which Is a 
veiy ancient and lai7C Gothic ftrudliire, 
ami three mecting-houfcs of the dilTcO' 
ters. The town conliils ot about 500 
houfes, whicli are, in general, pretty 
irood ; but the llrccts are paved only at 
the doors : however, the tov/n lying on 
a fmall deficnt is always clean, 'lliera 
is here an excellent conduit, which con- 
tains I'evcral infcriptions, almoft worn 
cut by time ; and it has t'uc'.i a fupply of 
water, tliat it n;n3 a hoj'fliead and an 
hall', and Ic.ur gallons in a minute. Ilcra 
the members for t!ie county are thofen, 
and the aflizcs commonly held, as 
well as the four ou.Tieriy feirion<;. It ii 
43 milts S. of St. Edmund's-Bury, 27 
S. E. by S. of Saiuon-Walden, 23 N. 
E. of Gr.-;vcfend, and 2S E. N. E, of 
London. Lon. i8i 5. lat. 51. 40, 

CriELSEA, a very handfome village in 

Mid''!sfex, feaved on tlie river Thames, 

I mile W, ef Wcftminfter. It is rc- 

2i nr.AiK.iwl'' 


> -,, ii 



in: I 

c ir 

k..b;c for its ni;r;ninctnt liofpital fo': 

lidt, and for RaiKla.Ji-liDDle a 





A'iieie tlicic is a himl of imilic 
for the fntcrtalnmtntcf tic bcan-nioiKle 
in tilt; l'i!iriir.i.:-ft.-aron. Here is alio an 
extellc'iu piiyfic gaidtn. 1 

Cii t!. r LMi \ M, a town of CJloiiCffter- i 
Jliiic, with a ivaikft on lluiruiays, and 
three fail), vi?.. on t'le ftcond 'I'hurfday 
in .A pi i!, and Iloly Tlual'day, for all ftiiis 
of catrl^', and on AiH-,ull 5, lor lamb.;. 
It is a pvLtty t;ood town, containing; 
;.;.)^ul ;.. o lioufcs, niid I)atl; a liandfonjtf 
ciiurch j hut it i^ nu'ifl noted \ov itb :'ni- 
rcral waters, \vl:.^'i arc (omcwliat like 
tliofc of hcarborci'.^^h, for whii'i it was 
lately nvacli frtqcenrid. It is 9 inil'.'s N. 
E. ft" G!.H-ciatr, r,?^ S, W, (^f War- 
wick, a!id 95 VV. by N. of Lonili 11. Lon. 
15. z 5. lat. 51. 5c. 

* CiiKNsi, a provi:-.ce of Ali.i, in C';inn, 
Ivinc in the N'. V.'. j;art of ir. whiili is 
;l.vidcd into two parts, ilie t. and tiic 
W. It cont.-;i:is S cities of the nri\ rank, 
and n 6 of tlic fttord and tliird, belic'es 
n'l.'iny Urts on liu; i^reai svall. Tiic nii iS 
tiiiipi-rate. ..nd the iniiabitants more ci- 
vil a'.labie to rLrnn,::ers t!ian otiicrs 
in the- ncitlicin parts. 'I'l'.e fi:il is \ery 
f.riile, and abc^undb in wheat .••nd niiliei, 
tho' i lit very little rice. 'I'licy liavt alfo 
iliui-avb, iicr.ey, wax, n'.uil;, cinnabar, 
and of cual-nunts : they ha', e 
a greiit number i.t detr, bears, wild bullj, 
and an animal>hn5 a tyger, whoie 
llxin ii very cr.rious. Tbeie are ahb 
niiilk ;-oats, and bats as I.irgc as Iitr.s, 
befides two cr three otlier forts of ani- 
mals quite unknown in Emcpe. 

CuKPFLi-o, an uland of Ameiica, i;i tl.e 
bay of I'ar.aim, and province of Darien. 
Tr is about 3 miles from the town of Pa- 
nama, and fupi'lies it with j)rovi!:or.3 
and fruits. Lon. 296. 3^- l-'f- 9- c. 

CiiEi'STow, a town of Moninouthfliire, 
with a market on Satui'days, and four 
fairs, viz. en Friday in V\liitfi:n-vvetk 
for horned cattle;i,n Saturday before June 
?.o, forwool ; on Auh;uiI i, and Frid.iy 
fe'nniylu after Odcbv-r iS, for Iioi r '! 
cattle. It is'd on the fide of a liiii 
on the river Wy.', near its confiucnee 
witli liu: .Severn. It w\;s foimeily a very 
confiderable place, and li.-id a larvae caiHe 
on a rock, and n prl. ry, part of whi^h 
lall is convfted into a paiiih church. It ,1 liandfome hit'h bridge over t!ic ri- 
ver, and fends p>rov!(ions and other coni- 
nioditi'.;3 to Brilb I. This town is wall.d 
jounJ, and confilh of about 2co lioufe?; 

C H 

and t'lie llreet.'". :,re broad and wcll-pavtd. 
The tide is faid to rife lii^i'.er here than 
in any other part of Europe, it fwellinc; 
50 or 60 feet ptrpcndicu .-ir. It i^ iS 
niiies N. of Driltol, 14 S. of iMmmoui!!, 
antl 131 W. 01 London. Lcn. i.j. 15. 
lat. 51. 4c. 

CntR, a river of France inOrleanoi^: it 
iias its rife in Upper Auvei ine at Aii- 
zaiuc. It waters .St. Aniand in iu'ur- 
b^nnois, Chatteau-nenf, Vieizon, and 
(Jells in 12eiiy ; it pallls iiear Tours, and 
f.iiis into the Loire 5 miles above the 
nu'U'li uf l.he ii'.der. 'i^ieic is alfo aii- 
otlier liver of the farne ranic in Lower 
Alfaee, wlii'.ii ialL into tlie Aiidlau. 

Ch I. k .^sco, a ilroni; and con<ider.';ble town 
cf Italy, in I'ie'.iinont, and of a 
territ. ry ol tlic; ianie rame, wi:ha llrom; 
eii.idel belonv;inc; to ll'.e K. of Sartiinia, 
where be rehired in 1706, during t!;i: 
fiege of Turin, It is f-.-ated on the con- 
fluence 01 tlie river-, S'.uria and Tanaro, 
upon a mountain, i- n.lle., N, E. of Co- 
ri, 2.2. S. E. of Turin, and 15 S. E. of I'ii;- 
neiol. Lon. 25. 3c. la:. 4.5, 3^;. 

Cm r. r r. f r g, a fea-port town » f Frarce, in 
Normandy, with a harbour and Aucuf- 
tir.e al)',?ey. It is remarkable for the fea- 
tiii;ht between tl'.e Eni;!ini and Freneli 
lieeta in i(3()2, when the lattei v.-cre beat, 
.ind upwards 01 tv.xnty of their men of 
vvar were burnt near Cajie la Ho.;ue, 
The Englidi landed here in Aug. 17^8, 
and took the to\\'n, wi'Ji th.e fnips in ti.e 
bafen, cleniohintd tiie f^.rtiiications, and 
I uined tl-.e other woiks which they I'.ad 
been loni^ aboiit, in cnlarj;ing tl;e har- 
bour, and reniierini: :t mcTe fafe and 
conve:iiLi-.t for ;liippiti;r. It is 3- rriiles 
N. of Ccutanct;,and :;c X. \V. of Caen. 
Lon. 16, i, lat. ^9. "iS, 

Chk 11 jicoe I., or Ch.-^ h kzi' i., a town <i 
Tuiky in Aha, and capital of Curtbibr, 
and ii tlie feat of a ber.lerbe;;. It is i ; -■ 
miles N. cf Ba'_,dad, Lon. 6;, 35. lat. 
36. o, 
Chkk ;; v-I: t. ANT hes in tlic north.ern 
oct.;n, !-ctwe?'n N'orw.iy and Creenlard. 

Lon. 37.3s. tar. 7 5- <^^- 
Ch I- Kso, aii iilai.d m the Gulp!; rf Venice, 
\\-ith a town <:f til.! lame name near 
Croatia, and belonpin!'; U. the Venetians. 
'11. e air ij gord, luit the f . 11 ij Ilotiey ; 
however, it abound) m vvii,., cattle, oil, 
and excellent lioi.ey, -,.■.. 15. lat, 

45- S. 
CH;:RSuNr:F, is a name anciently fivca 
to fevcral towr.s and pcnir.iula ■, and li 
ftiil made uf\; of by fouw c:.-.. 'r.ipher ., 


whi'ii the 1 

C!l> KI'-K.Y, 

inarl'.et en \' 
viz. on the 
luirres, caul 
h r iiorfe-,, .ai 
Otiohcr 6, f 
It is in a low 
the river Tiia 
bridge. Hei 
nailery, and 
dl IK fited. I 
iron, rind 1 ') 
1-. 5. lat. 

CllEK WEM , a 

throiii'.h 0\(v 
fold, V.dKM\ 

* Cii KR7, an ; 
Mafovia, I ■: i 
39. 2S. lat. <; 

Chi eh .-vm, a t' 
v/i;h a market 
fairs, viz. or 
September 2'i, 
S. v.. of Ailc> 
Linden. L^.t 

runs u]) lictwi 
btirg navigahi| 
V.-;;,. It is ah 
rntrance, betw 
C!i irles, and v 
ler,<th, and 30 
freat nemher i 
Up wluc'.i the ( 
door ahnoft of 
t!-.eir loadinn; o 
nioihties. Tl'i 
ifi. ;-. and C' 

Cj' 1 s in K ^ , an 
to miles ill len 
l'.>un Ii.l on tl 
P;;!l)yl1lire, 01 
ai; i on the S. I 
?..;',' s-.\ hoiife^, 
4 member;-; to 
1 4. ice is Cheil 
arc t!ie Dee, th 
but there arc f 
ail and foil are 
is litter for paf V'py f-.'C 
tie j and (\-on 
c!i.e!V, well l-.n 
r. :..i'-, which 
ww;i;:, whicii J 


17 5''. 


C fl 

v.'Ikmi tlie mod cclcliratci! arc tueiv 
Ciif HI ''►■ V, a town nf Sitrry, witlt n 
jn.irl'.ft fn V,'(.i1viercl-i)-<;, r.nJ Jour f.iirs, 
viz. on tlie fult Monday in Lent, for 
Jiorfcs, c:Utle, and lio]iS ; on May 14, 
t\r liorfes, rind cattle; on Auf^i-rt .;, and 
f)c1ohcr 6, lor horfes, cattle, an:! 1:;-:;';^. 
It is in a low wet fituati(.n, not far iVom 
tlie livcr'l'hanies, over wiiich tlic-rc h a 
bridge. Here iormerly tlu're was a mo- 
naftcry, an<i lure K. Edwaid VJ, w.i:. 
df|i('fi;cii. It is 7 iTiik'S VV. of Kinf,- 
fton, and iq V/. Iiy S. of London, l.on. 

1> 5. lat. ri. 2^. 

C.'iF.KWEM, a liver which rifes in Noi- 
tlianiptiinlhire, luns S. hy Banbury, and 
throng'] ONfordHnre to tlie city of Ox- 
ford, wlicrc it i:i itci with t!ic Ills. 

* CiiKR7, an .nr.i'ciit town of I'olancI, in 
M.'ilovia, I 5 nillL'i f]om W.'iPfaw. Lon. 
'59. aS. lat. c; r. z,'^. 

CiitsnAM, a tnv.n cf Bucl;inr:!ianifl'.;re, 
with a market en WcdPi^ldays, anr! tlircc 
lairs, viz. <>n .Ajiril 21, July 22, and 
.'^cptcr.iber aS, for tattle. It is 12 iniifs 
S, I'', (it Aile.ibnry, and 29 W. by N. of 
Londor. L^n. i-.o. Int. 51. 36. 

» Ciir' ?)• • ■> K-i;.\ v,isin N. Amc: ic.i, and 
ruris up lietwccn Vlr-inia and .\!ar)land, 
bcirg navigahic i^r Jair.e fliips all tlic 
w;y. It is ahouf 20 miles bioad at the 
entrance, between Cai:e Henry and Cape 
C!i irl'.";, and within, it is 170 miles in 
lePvjth, and 30 in breadt'i. There area 
ftcat n'.;mHer of l.trge rivers fall into it, 
Uj) whicli tlie friips miy go to tiic veiy 
door ahnoft: of the planteis, and take in 
ti'-.cir loading of tobacco and ether cnin- 
niodities. '1 lie lit, of Cai)e Henry is 
if). ;7. and I'ape Ch.irles 3-. 12. 

(.';.' J, HKt, an En-'liih county-palarinL-, 
CO iniies in length, 33 inbrc'a::;ii, ar.d i> 
boun-'icd on tlie U. by SfafiVrdniiie aiul 
I'iihylliire, on tlic VV. by VKntfliire and 
Pcnbii^, on t'lc N. by Lancashire, 
ani rn the S. by Shropfhirc. It contains 
n.j'js.t hotifei, I ('^',2.1. inhabitants, 13 
niaiket-towns and SO pari.hcs. U fends 
4 nieuibers to pailianient, and the chief 
l^ is Chcil -r. 'ihe principal rivt■l^ 
arc the Dee, the Wever, and t!ie ri:>:j ; 
but there arc f".-.- r.;l I'mall flreani;. 'I'Ik 
air and foil ;ire very Rood, and the land 
is litter for pnf^ure than corn, for which 
It V-ey feed a jreat i.innb?i of rat- 
tle j and tVdni it we have veiy ^co,\ 
c!i c!V, well i-.nown over all the kin?,doni. 
- .'. i-"i which there arc veiy good falt- 
wwiU:, whkU jield fine whiu f.ilt ; theic 

C H 

are .-Jfo mines of ccal, and many meen 
and lakc», 

Chkstfr, the capital town orcityofCie- 
fliiie, with two r.iar!:cts 0.1 V\/i;dnefday< 
and Saturdays, and t.'iree f-urs, vi-i. en 
the lail '1 hurfday in Fcbruai), for cat- 
tle ; in July 5, and October 10, for 
cattle, Irifli linen, cloves, bard-waie, 
hops, draiicry, and M.ii-chtfler goo«'s. 
It is a place of great antiquity, an ! is ot 
a <iii:i(hanp;iilar form ; the w.dl; arc near 
2 miles in circumference, and there are 
four i;ates, towards the four ca:d ml 
points. It has a a llronr c-.l'ile, in which 
i tlie lliirc-hall, where all the caut'cs be- 
lt ngir.'., to tlie cotnitv-p'.datine aic detei- 
raiiied. I>y tile I'l i l:;e is a liandfcnie 
Water- ho' fe, :.nd t!:e ])riiKipal ftreets 
aic a;l(inccl with piiiz, as, under v/lii.h 
aie the tradefnicns (hops. It contair:> 
JO ;\'uilh ei'Uiches, be fides 'he cathedml. 
li ahr.cP. a conllant crmnumicarioii 
will) lielard J this and Holyliead bein.:; 
t:.e p>iiocip,d ]ilaces of takivur Cliipiii.i^ 
lor l)i,l 1 n. It is uovemed by a mayor, 
2 liieriiFs, 24 aldeimcn, fends two mem- 
bers to ]-ar!i::menr, and is a biflioi/» 
fee. It is a place cf very confideiable 
tnde, and is 147 miles X. of Bnihl, 
41 N. W. of Shrewsluiy, 30 W. .S.VV. .t 
MnciieAer, 1 1 N. F. I'f Wrexham, ai d 
1S2 N. VV. of London. It t^ives title of 
earl to the I'llnce of Wales. Lcn. 34. 
35. lat. !;3. 12. 

Cii E s r i. K N J V. , a tov.ti of N. Ameiica, in 
Penfylvari.i, and capital cf a county of 
that name. It is feated on the river Ue- 
law.-.r, 5-. <f I'Inlsdciphia, a!?d lias a fine 
c:ipa(i< us baihrnr, admitting; vcfTtls of 
any biiithen, 303, 35. lat. 40. 

Cm F.-'VFR v-iFi p, a trwn of Deib-. fliiie, 
with ,T mai kei en Saturdays, arid fevci 
fans, \iz. on Jan. 25, b'eb. 28, Apiil 
3, May .:, aid July 4, fcrcanle, horfes, 
ard jiculais v.are ; on Sept. 25, for 
I lieefe, onions, and jnclars \\ate ; ard 
on Nov, 25, fl r ca'tle, Iheep, and j.-ed- 
lars ware. U is pleafantly feated en .t 
hill, between two fmall rivers, and has 
the title of an earldom. It has a lar[;:e 
handroine chuieli, a irce fehoel, and fe- 
veia' almshoui'es. The fel^kms for the 
I e ;' e are held ! ere for the N. part of the 
count,. Ir is rovtrr.ed by a nuyor, .ind 
the market is confider.ible for corn, lead, 
and c( untry-cv.mmedities. The Iv.'aifes 
.■lie, fir the moll part, tnult of loueh 
Hone, and covered with (late. It is u) 
ir.ile'. N, cf Derby, 1 1 S. cf Sheir.dd. 
X 'i aiil 


'i M 

.,c;>:i^ ■a. -urn 

r'l:*' i i [ 

''"»' il' ';.s'l^ 

1 ■ 1 I 

■ I.' 


V'iU I' 

C H 

ind 117 N. N. W. cf London. LoD. 16. 

xo. lit 53. 20. 

CHitsTZR FORi>, a viUage in E.Tcx, upon 
the borders cf Canib idi^ertii e, ;ind 3 
i.-.ilcs S. of SaiTron-Vv'aldtn, witu one 
f-iir, ciiicfly for IktIcs. 

Chi.vrevse, a fmall town' of France, in 
t'ne llle cf Fraricc, and in Ilurtpoix, 
featcd on the nvcr Ivctu^, with an old 
caftle on a ncijhhourin^ mountain. It is 
I ^ miles from Faris, and has tlic tirle of 
a du;chy. 

C'ii-vioT, or TivioT-Hii 1 <!, aridgeof 
inountairis, which run from N. to S. thro* 
Cumberland and Ni-ruiun' Near 
thfcfc many an obftinaie battle has been 
fought between the tngliih and Score!), 
be.orc thefe kingdoms were umtcv!. 

• CKJ.AMti LAN, a maritime jirovir.ce of 
Mexico, m N. America, with a town of 
The fame name. Ii ia very fi-rti/-, aiid 
cor.tai.-.s mmej of H'/er, and jMoiuces a 
freat deal cf honey and wax. 'I'he fa- 
vages aic well made and warlike, and 
Sit. Scballiin \s the capital town. 

CiiiAMi-A, aiciritory ol Cochin-China,and 
in the S. part ol it, which is very little, 
l;nown to the Europeans. 

Cm A FA, a province of N. America, in 
Mexico, wuh two towns of the fame 
name, one cf which is tiie capital. It 
abounds in cochineal, cattle, liuits, ho- 
■ey, and fcveial forts of p;ame, and 
brings in a good revenue to Si'ain from 
itj trade. 

• Chiafas de losIkdios, a larcc and 
jrich town f.f N. America, in Mexico, 
und in a piovince of the f.ime rami. 
The govfiuur and moft of t:ie inh.ibi- 
Tints are origin i!Iy Americans. Lon. 
284. 0. lat. 1 1;. 6. 

• CHiAr/" tL^y. Ai, a tf)wn of N. Ame- 
rica, i'l Mexico, ill a pro ince of t'u 
lame name, v/ith a biiliop's fee. lis 
principal trade confifts iii cin^i l.iti.-nuts, 
cotton, and lugar. Lcn. i?.^. 5c. Lt. 
:5. 10. 

C.'^IARF.^ZA, a fta-port town cf Turky 
in Europe, and in rhe '^.o.•c.^, C'ljpoiut to 
t.'ieiflanri of i'-ant, in the Mtiiitcii, 
fcc;, and on thi; N. \V. cuaiL Lon. ^S. 
50. Ut. 17. 3v 

Ckiart, a to'.vn of I^ajy, in tl.e te.iitcry 
of BrcfLJa, beiontiin? to the V'tnttirfn.s. 
It is famous for a vi<'»ory obrainLd by tdc 
Ir.ipcriali.'ts over tin I icncli in i;oi. 
Lon. 17. t •^. Jat. 45, 30, 

^ C HI Ai-.o-MoNT F, 3 town of Ita'y in 
Tncily, and in thc'valley ol Noto ^ fealcd 
en a mountain, 27 miles W, of Sjraturc. 
Jtcn. 32. 25. lat. 37. 5. 

C H 

Chiavikna, a handfome, populous, and 

large town of Swiflerland, in the country 
of tlie Gr.fons. It is a tiad.n^-piac.-, 
efpecially in wine and delicate fiuj'o. 
The governor's palace, and tl.t churclus, 
are very magnificent, and tiie inhabi- 
tants are Roman Cathohcs. It is ft.iud 
i.ear tiic lake Como. L.n, 27. 4. Lt, 

^ 46. 15- 

Chichester, a town or city of SulTex, 
and capital of the county, v^jth iwj 
markets 0.1 Wednefdays and Satuiday;, 
and fiVe fairs, viz. on Ajinl 23, Whi- 
monday, and Au^uft t;, lor horfes ar.d 
horned cattle ; on Oc'itbir 10, for iiori,- 
ed cattle ; and on 0:1oLcr 2i;, for hoifis 
and horned cattle. Ji ii ftated in a plam 
on the banks of thu ri^er Levant, wlutli 
furrounds the S. ar.d V/. j^art'., and at a 
fitiall d.ilaiice falls into the ftn. It is a 
bifliop's fee, and has a cthedial, witli 
feven fniall churches witii tlim. 
ftone. It f>.ads two meiiibors to j ar- 
liamcnt, and is pi>vtrn(.d by aniavoi,a 
recorder, a (leput>-iccoulcr, 14 aider- 
nicn, 6 bailili's, 27 coininoncis, and a 
portreeve. The buildings are vciy re- 
gular, and the city be. iig walled round, 
you may ftand in the niark(.'t-plai.e, 
which is the centre, and fee th;; K i., 
gates, whi(.li are all tliat belong; to tin' 
city. It has fome trade, but uould liavt 
more il the harbour ua^ not chiaktd 
up. It ij 33 miles S. W. ol GuiUoui, 
29 S. E. of Winjhtllcr, and 63 .S. W. 
ol London. Lon. 16.45. |jt. 50. :;o. 

Cii 1 c II E s r E R N F. w , a fea port town of N' . 
America, in I'enfyl.'ani.i, ftated on tl.e 
rivtr Dclawai, below Clieller. 

Ci;iceiios, a province of S. ."^merlLa, in 
tiie government <,f ianto-Ciuz dc l.i si- 
eira. '1 he chief riches coniii'ls of Im- 
ney and wax, ami the original i:.!,.il)i- 
tantb aie very voluptuous and v.a.l.iM'. 
'I'hty are alfo very fupei (lit ous, ;ii:d 
c' jn^,-e lii>iiwives as often as t'ley pie.ile. 
'lliey bloody wars v.'iili il,c 
Spaniavd;, till j6yo, lir.ce wliieh fome of 
tliein liave become Ciirii!!ap%. It i) 
bounded by La-i'lata on tiie K'.E. i.r.d 
by Caili on the W. 

CiiiDLEioii, or Ci! c I) i I !<: H, atownof'e. with a niaiket on Satur- 
days, and two f.drs, viz. on Jane 'i, 
for Ih'j'.p, and on iijprembcr ?. 1, n.r 
h>-:!ied eaule. It i* fe.ited near the river 
Ti ij^ne. and the maiket ij etud tor com, 
.Ttui provi!:ons. it is 9 nnles i). W. of 
txeter, 33 N. E. of Plymouth, and 1S2 
vv. Ly Ji. of London, Lon. 13. 41.,. 

kit. ^0, JO, » CliltUlir A 

* Chiei. Er 

It was t..l 
b'Jt after 
eU t!ie 

* ClilEMbJ 

var.a, vvl 
fanu nam 
■i he ;llan( 
in clrtuii 
W. a. W 
ot Munit 
mont, fu 
It is fe.itt 
a very pi 

fldeS vvitl 
tlieie is n 
by the n«. 
iin, 17 N 

* C H 1 i. 1 I , 

dom cf 1 
t ler Abi I 
1. is leatt 
15 K. ^ 
lai 42. : 
Chih.ri, < 
tovv'n of 
Some pie 
are very 
Oiler the 
arrive th 
jealous ol 

* C:hI ! H A 

i;. W. cf 

* Cii I I M A 

miics W, 
J'jly 3c, 
;ikI ehee 
Criii I, a 1. 
.Vea, whl 

fiolll 37 

the bi.'ho 
by Don I 
cattle, a 


C H 

* Chiei. EtA, a ftror.j town of Turkyin 
Europe, in thu Moic.i, and in Ziicani.i, 
It was t.,kcn by tlic Venetians in 16 '•'^ ; 
b'jt afa-r tliat tlic Tu:ks retcck it, v.'ii;i 
all the Mcr>;a. Lon. 40. 6. lat. 26. 

* CaiEMbF.F, a lake of Ccrmany/in R 1- 
var.a, whicli ccn:;uns a to'A-n of th-; 
fmivj name, wlic c there is a bilhop':> !c'.. 
'i he illand it Hands in is about i- ii.ii.s 
in ciri-urnfuience, and it li:s 22 nil.. 
W. a. W. of Saltzburj, and 35 E. S. I.. 
ot Munich. 

Ci:ii:;ti, afoitifiec! town of Italy, in Pi'.".i 
iiiont, fubjefi to the king of >arJina. 
It ij fe.uetl oil trie declivity of a lull, in 
a very pkafant country, bordered on all 
fidcs witli hilli covered with vines, '.n:i 
there is no town in l:aly nioje fic>)iien:ed 
by tl.e nobility. It is 3 miles E. of 'I'u- 
nn, 17 N. of AAi, and 12 N. E. of 
niai;nola. Lon. 25. 20. Lit. 44. 50. 

* C'hjLTi, a town of h.tly, in tlie kimv 
doiii cf Napka, and t.ii.i:al of t!ie fii 
t itr Abruzzo, with an areiibilhop's fee. 
1. is feated on a mountain near the r.vtr 
I'efc.ira, S miles S. W. ol I'efc ira, ainl 
15 N. W. of Anzar.o. I. on. 31. 48. 
lai 42. 22, 

Chih.ri, or Port Cheer, a nianiinie 
tov.'n of Ha^jp/ Arabia, with a hailiodr. 
Soiiie pre. end to fay, that the miiabiatits 
are very civil r.nd fincire, and th^t they 
oit'tr thc.r daughters i<,^c.s wi.o 
arrive there ; but this may be jviftiy 
<!oiibted, for the Mahometans are vc-"/ 
jealous of tlicir women. It carries en a 
Cci-.ii.ler^iblc trade, Lon. 67. c. l..t. 

* ^JHIIHA^^, a villapc in Kent, 6 miles 
S. W. cf Cinteriniry, v.'i:!) or.c f..,i on 
Novtn.ber £, tor catile. 

* Ciiii MAkK, a viil.ict in Wilril.i'e, 12 
miles W. 01 Salishuiy, w.thone fair, cij 
July 5c, for c„:tle, i).e..'p, liorie^, li^j".^, 
£1kI cheefe, 

Chi 11, a large coun'.ry and k.r.jd.un ot S. 
Amtiiea, lyinj along the fide of the b, 
lea, which i» 7 50 miles in Lngth, .ami 
fmiii 3-' to cc in brcauth. It may ht 
divided into thiie [nincipal parts ; v'li, 
tlie bi.lupriwl: ol lai;o, the bilhopnel; ot 
liiuji-iiai, and Cuio. It v. .is difeovend 
by Don D.ego d'Ahnaj^ro in i^2<;.. It'jrds in trees, tru:ts, Indian corii, 
tattle, and mines ot all kinds. 'Iti!. 
greateil ]irirt is inhabirtd by the native 
..Ameiicar.s, who have neither towns nir 
Villagti, properly ip^-aiaiv^, but i-nlv 
wi'cUiieci liuCSj ai a daliini,u iio..i (.adi 

C H 

otl er. Tlicy are nvjch acidised to wo- 
nien and drun eiinefs. '1 he colour of 
t'lvir Ikin ii t!M' of a r°d copper, as in 
all oth'.r puts of Anivrica ; -".nd, iincc 
il-.e introduifiion of hor'ts by the Euro- 
jviis, thcyft.l'o,n travel without one, 
there b':injc fueh a pr'dip;io'.is plenty ct 
tl.' :n. Lome v. ojld hive Chili extend 
ai fa: ai C;i|ie f icrii, hnt very inirroper- 
1,. It is hoii'idid on the W. V>y the S. 
Sci, and on the E. by that prodif^ious 
r,,lec of Mountaiiis called tli2 Andes of 

* C'imm.\i;k, a villat^e in WlluTiire, 12 
miles W. of Sahlbury, vith one fiir, 
en July 30, ioi cattle, llv.ep, horfes, 
hog^, and cheefe. 

* Chi I cr., an iil.ind cf.^mfri.a, on the 
cu.ifl i>f Chill, and in the South-Sea, 
being about 12;; miles in length, and 
ir in breadth. '1 he pvinc.pal town is 

Chii ifRN, a chain of clialky hills, run- 
ning fiom E. to VV. tiiiouj^h Euckmg- 

CiuM \v, a town of the Erencli Nether- 
l.iri(!.,, ill the jiKiVinee i;' flamli.iU. It 
was ceded to the I-reneh by the Spa- 
niards in 16S4. 1: is fcatjd on the river 
Llanelli,, 20 miiej S. cf Cha:!eroy, i-.nd 
iR S. v.. 01 Maubcau^e. Lon. 21. 17, 
l.'.t. 50. 3-.. 

CfiiMA.', a cenliderab'.e lake cf Af:3, in 
Ai'.iii, a country tl;,ii h^s bet; ween I'i bet 
on tile N. and Bengal en the S. 

Cm 1 M .^- K A, an ancient and ilioni; town of 
'Ei.'rky in LiMope, and in Albania, capi- 
tal of a territory of the fame nanif, 
V, Inch eiimji-e i:i\ds a chain of moun- 
t.;in-., of wiiicli one part ii free, and 
the other fiibjeit to the Turka. It is 
fe.Ued on a roek r.ear .lie fea, i :; niile.s 
N. <'f Corlu, and 57 S. E. «^f Valona, 
at t'.ic entrance of t!ie C'ulph ci Veny.e. 
L.'ii. 37. 43. lat. 4c. 10. 

<• Ch 1 M 1 E I r. Ii, a town in Devonfliire, with 
a marVct on 'Ihund^tya, and c^ne (air, 
on Auj.;:.'l 2, fen cattle. It is I'eated m 
the riv. r Deit, whuh fc.fehing a compafs 
like a b;ivv, furriunds tliiee parts of it, 
); ib but a f.iiill place, and the market 
ii inconiiderable. It is 21 miLs N.N. 
W. of Excrci, 17 S. S. )■ . 01' Darnllable, 
and 1S4 W. by S. of London. Lon. 13. 
30. lat. cJ. c. 

Chi- a, tin; fuipirt; of, in Aha, \y lioundeil 
on the t. by the od. an, on the N. by a 
g c.ii wall, above loco r.iiles in len?;th, feparat'.s u from Ta.taiy j on the 
W. by lii^h laouuLaiiis and defartSj anct 




1"^''1*^ '-Mi's 


!;ll- 51; 

r. ^. 

::i -r;:,|i!! 


1 M ■■ 

,iM ■ I 


C H 

An ths S. by the ocean, and the kio::- 
rfoms of Tonqiiin, Cochin -China, and 
Laos. It is inLJiideci between 112 and 
152 degrees 01 Lonpiitude, and between 
31 and 55 of Latitude. Some pretend 
it is bounded witliout the great wall by 
tiie empire of KulTia, but improperly j 
lor thjt country has alvva.s been i?nov\'ii 
by the name of Tartaiy, tliovi^h it i. 
now in the Chinefe dominions. It is 
a'lout 2000 miles 1:1 l'.n-;t!i, from N. to 
S. and 1^00 in b;:;:;dtli, from E. to V/. 
aj'.ii is divided into if) [M"ovinci:3, whi'-h 
cont:iin 1(55 towns of the finl rank, 
1312 of the lacond, bcfides 2357 forti- 
fied towns ; 111 all wliicii there ir.jy be 
aix'Ot 50,000,000 of people. 1'here arc 
feveral lar£;e rivers, and where tliefe are 
wanting, ilurc are artificial canals, for 
the more leady communicaiion and 
trading from one part to another ; f v r 
they are .ill madj navigable for larce 
barks. It is generally a plain thani- 
paign country, and they fearce let an 
inch of ground lemain unoccmied ; for 
The hills arc cut i:;to fcveral fla'-ri-s, or 
i^orit.';, from the iiot'.om to t'.o td', 
t!iat the rain may \v.';ter them all pretry 
equally, and render them mo.-e fruitlul. 
Even the niountains are cultivated and 
covered with trees; and there aieniii, s 
of iron, tin, copper, quick-filver, coKl, 
and Th^r-j are corn .ind pulfe 
of all forts, efpeci,;lly rice ; and there 
are a number of funrles, and 
feveral trees and fruits proptr to the 
co>:ntry, pirticularly one tree ])roduce5 
peafe, very little dillereiu from tiioie of 
Europe; another bears a kind of j,'um, 
which mnhcs excellent v.irnifh ; and a 
third beai'S wliitc berrieG, of the f;/e of 
a hazel nut, whofe pulp is nothinc; b;.t 
a fort of tallow, of whivh they make 
handles; and a fourth, called the white- 
wjx tree, picduces wl'ii.- fliirdng w.iX, 
of much r;rearer value the eommon 
bees-wax. The Bamboo cane grows tj 
the heiiTJit of an or.linary tree ; and, 
thou'^h It is hollow v.'itiiin, \et the 
wood is very hard, and p'oper I'or many 
ufes, fucii as piiJC^ to convey v/aw in, 
b.-ixa;, baiKLts, and for the mal<mg cl' 
jiaper, after it is rtdi;ct.-l into a foil of 
palle. It is new well kfovn to ai! 
T'.urope, that thi.i is the country 
from wiienca all forts of leas are im- 
ported. T!i2 comi-'h.-xion of the Cliinei'e 
is a f.-.rt cf tawncy, .md they have larre 
foreheads, fmall ey^s, ihort nofes, laree 
cars, lon;^ beards, and black hair j and 

C H 

thofe arc thnuf;lit to be tnoft han.!<':>mc 
WHO are niort bulky. The women affecl 
a great deal of modefty, and are remark- 
able lor tlicir little feet. The men en- 
deavour to make as pompous .m appcir- 
ance as pofTible, when they go abroad ; 
i:.<l yet tlieir houfe. are but mean and 
low, confining only of a ground-floor. 
They are addided to all forts of learn- 
iiv^, particularly to arts and fcienccs ; 
and they were the firft inventors of 
printing, gun-powder, and t!ie mariners 
cJinpafa, th; y .ill having been known 
here for a con!iderablc number of years 
before the knowledge of them in any o- 
thcr part of the globe. The govern- 
ment of this empire is abfohitc, and the 
empercr has a privilege of naming his 
fi.ceeiror ; but the chief man;!aiin has 
penniflicn lu remind him of his fault',. 
J-ic looks u;-( n his fubjei^is as his cliil- 
f'r.r, and pretends to govern them with 
a ia'laily ailedlion. There is no coun- 
try in the wcrld where the inhabitants 
.';re fo ceremonious as here ; and yet, 
rotwitliHandiiv,; their feeniing fineerity, 
they .ts much in tlieir dealings as 
in the iiioil uncivilized countries. It is 
certain that their empire is very ancient, 
and they tl'.enifclves pretend it has e.\;!l- 
ed many thoufand yeais before our .i ;.i 
ot N'o-ih'i) flood. However, it io gene- 
rally allowed to have contmued .}.coo 
without interruption, though they liave 
had twenty-tv\ o different families on the 
throne. The laft f.imily, now reigning, 
is that of tlr.' Tartars, who conquered 
China m 1640. Their religion is I'a- 
gatiifm, the k(\ of Fo is the prin- The Popifh mifllonaries had for- 
merly got a gre \t footing here, and had 
made many proielytes ; but of late they 
have been all baniihed, and the emperor 
c:iimot be perfuaded to admit them into 
hi . dominions again. They allow poly- 
gamy, and they keep their wives pretty 
clofe. Their writing is very particular ; 
for cvtry letter is a word, and con- 
fi.juently they have as many letters, or 
charainers, ,is v.ords in theii' language : 
But, what is molf leinarkable, it is faid 
'liejapanefe ufe the fame, and undcr- 
ftand them very well, thbugii their lan- 
guage is (Uiite difierent. All tueii cities 
tin:; towns are fo much alike, that thofc 
tiiat know cnc, are acquainted with all, 
and therefore the principal and nin/t le- 
mnrkable will only be taken notice oi\ 

I'eking ii the capital of thev.holecm 

Tiie revcriUes of the crown are 


comptited a 
nnd the fori 


however, fi 
the 'J'artars 
cope with 
have a gre 
ceftors ; an 
in their liou 
of devotion 
gulate the c 
lutation th 
reafon they 
treinely goo 
but little d 
Hiip, for ih 
great hypoe 

C M I N c .A , a 
of Lima. 1 
fame name, 
miles S. ot 
n. o. 

Chinev, a to' 
lands, on th 
of Liege. 1 
and 1 1; S. E 
l,it. 50. r.o. 

C iNor:, an i 
Tourainc, r 
Henry II. Ki 
birth of the 
fcated on th 
and ()leafant 
Kichlieu, 22 
S. W, of Fa 


Chios. See S 
♦ Chiour I. ic, 
in Europe, a 
of a Greek 1 
liver of t!x I 
of Cor;ftanti 


C h I o z z o , an r 
of It.ily, in 
in a fmali iil. 
a podella, a 
dtfeniled by 
Venice, and 
20. ;S. lat. 

C 11 1 r r K N H A M 
a maiktt on 
viz. May 6, 
November 31 
hr>rfes, and 
river Avon, 
plied with cc 

C M 

compiitetl at 2i,oco,ccc ncrlinjr yenrly, 
Olid the forces are faul to coniiii dI about 
5,ooc,ooo ot" men in tinies of pcici' j 
however, (into their being conqucetl by 
the 'Jartars, tliey have iio enemies to 
cope with. 'I'he Chinele jii'-tend tu 
have a great veneration for their an- 
ceRors ; and fome keep images cf them 
in tlicir lioufes, to whieh tliey pay a foi t 
of I'.evotion. 1'hey iiave laws whicii re- 
gulate the civilities ami ecremcnioii ; fa- 
lutation they pay each other, for whieli 
riafon they always appear to be ex- 
tremely goocl-naturet! ; an 1 yet there is 
but little dependance on their friend- 
fliip, for they are as deceitful, and as 
_i;reat liypoerites, as any people in the 

CuiM-.A, a large and famous valley of S. 
America, in Peru, and in the jirovinee 
of Lima. It has a fea-port town of the 
fame name, anrl is feated on a river, 60 
miles S. of Lima. Lon. 293. 35. iat. 

CiiiNEV, a town of the Auftrian Xether- 
lands, on the confines of the billu'iiriek 
of Liege. It is i: miles E. of Dinant, 
and 1 <; S. E. of Namur. Lon. 22. 35, 
lat. 50, 20. 

C iNOf:, an arcient town of France, in 
Tour.iinc, icniarkahle for the death of 
Henry IL King; of Entcland, and for tiie 
birth of tlie famous Rabela.s. It is 
fe.ited en the river Vienne, in a fertile [j'eafant country, 10 miles K. o{ 
Kichlieu, 22 S. E of Tours, and 150 
.S. W. of I'aris. Lon. 17. 47., 47. 

C;nos. .See Sio, 

* Chiouri. ic, an ancient town of Turky 
in Europe, and in Romania, with a fee 
of a Greek bifiiop. It is feated on a 
li'er of t!;e fame name, 50 miles N. \V. 
o! Cor.nantinoj/ie, and 62 S. E. of 
Andrianople. Lon. 4<, 22, lat. 41. 

I :. lozzo, an ancient imd handfcme town 
of Italy, in the teriirory of Venice, and 
in a I'mall iiland, near tlie L.'i junes. with 
a jiidella, a bifhop's fee, and a b.irboir, 
dvUntleil by a fort. It is 15 miles .S. ui 
Verice, and 2Z S, F.. of Padua. Lon. 
20. ,-8. lat. 45. T7. 

Ch 1 1' 1' K. N H .x M , a town of Wiltfliire, with 
a maiktt on Saturday., ;ind four fairs, 
viz. May 6, June 11, 06>obcr 18, and 
November 30, lor horned c^t'lc, fhecp, 
h'^rfes, ami hoj^s. It is feated on tin; 
river Avon, and t!ic marke' is well fi'p- 
(-'lied with corn and provifions. It is a 

C H 

good thuroui-Iifare town, has a Ii-.ind- 
lIone-bri;l/e over the river, confifiing of 
16 arches, and it fends two members tu 
parliamcut. I is 21 miles E. of Brif- 
tol, iS W. of Murlboroii;':h, and 04, 
W. of London. Lon. 15. 23. lat. 51. 

* Chii'pint, a villac'e in Lancartiirc, 10 
miles E. of fiarltang, with two fairs, 
on Earter- luefday, andAugr.rt2}, for 

Chipi'ing-Wycomb, a town of Euck- 
in(;'iamiliire, with a nxirket on i ridays, 
and one fiir, on September 25, for hire- 
ing of fervants. It is feated on a fmall 
rl\er, vvliieh lal's into the ', in .1 
[dea'ant valley, and is well-built, con- 
taining about 200 houfes, with feveral 
good inns, and the maiket is confidera- 
blc for fiih, t^efli, and other provifions. 
It is a mayor-town, and fends two mem- 
bers to parliament. It is 12 mil s S. of 
Aileil)uiy, 14 W. N. Vv'. of Uxbridge, 
and 33 W. of London, Lon. 16. 53. 
la . ri. 3';- 

Corp iNG-NoRTON, a town cf Oxford- 
fliire. with a market on VVtdnefd.iys, 
and feven fairs, viz. March y. May 6, 
tlic lall Friday in May, July 18, Sep- 
tember 5, November 8, and the lafl 
Frjday in No\ember, all for horfes, 
cov.s, (hi.ep, and cheefe. It has a dry 
fituation on the fide ot a hill, and near 
a fmall rivulet, and is a ftraggling town, 
cxccjit abmt the market-place. It is 3 
cori)otation ; and t!ic market is good for 
corn, c.utle, and provifions. It is 12 
miles S. W. of Banbury, 18 N. W, ef 
Oxford, and 76 N. W. of London. Lon. 
10. q. lat. 51. 1; ?. 

Chipp J Nr,0\Gr-f;, a f^wn in EfTex, with 
a market on Saturdays, and ore fair, 
on September 30, for fmaJI wares. It 
is ID miles W. by S. of Chelmsford, 
6 E. by N. of Epping, and zi N, 
E. of London. Lo.i. 17. 55. lati 51, 

* CHippisn-S'inrvr v, a town of Glou- 
cefk'rfliire, with a market on Thurfdays, 
and two f.iir^-, on May 23, afid June 
24, for eattl-.', (.lu-e e, and pedlars ware. 
It is f'.'ated in a bctt'in. near the Down;i, 
on the n.'ul trum IJiiilol to Cirer.ceiler, 
and has a great marl'et for corn an;l 
thccfe. It is 12 miles E. N. E. cC 
Briflol, 23 vV. .S. W. of Cirencerter, 
and 103 W. of London. Lon. 15. i£, 
Jat. 51. 33. 

C n I H V A N . Gee S'. u i n v a v. 

* CmssEL Ecp.oueii, a village In Somer- 






' u 












'■' I' 





C fl 

fetihirc, 4 mi'.cs N'. of Crookthorn. It 
has one t'.iii, vi/. on O.'lobcr 10, for 
cattle 01 all foiU, clictfe, liogs, and 
Ckitor, a famous town cf Afi.i, in t!'e 
doniinicns of tlie Crc.l Mouul, and in 
a pruvlnce of the r.iiin; )):)uif. It is 
HOC now fo confiderabli; as toniifily ; 
however, fome fuppoic it to hi- the ca-