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Full text of "Brookes' general gazetteer improved, or, Compendious geographical dictionary in miniature [microform] : containing a description of the empires, kingdoms, states, cities, towns, rivers, lakes, seas, capes, mountains, &c. in the known world : with the extent and boundaries of each country; the trade and manufactures of the cities and towns; their longitude, latitude, bearing and distances from remarkable places : including a detail of at least two thousand towns, more than has appeared in any European edition of this work : illustrated with several maps"

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I- 1 2.8 

!!: US, 






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'•• 6" 





^/ ^'^ ^^^' 





% J' 









WEBSTER, N.Y. 1 4580 

(716) 872-4503 







Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes/Notes techniques et bibliographlques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibllographlcally unique, 
which may altar any of the images in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checked below. 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'll lui a 6t6 possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-Atre uniques du 
point de vue bibllographlque, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la m6thode normale de filmage 
sont indiquds ci-dessous. 

□ Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

□ Covers damaged/ 
Couverture endommag6e 

□ Covers restc red and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaur6e et/ou pelllcul6e 



Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 

□ Coloured maps/ 
Cartes g<iographiques en couleur 

□ Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

□ Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 


Bound with other material/ 
Reli6 avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La reliure serr^e peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distortion le long de la marge IntArieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut cue certaines pages blanches ajout^es 
iors d'uiie restauration apparaissent dans le texte. 
mals, lorsque cela 6tait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas 6t6 filmAes. 

Coloured pages/ 
Pages de couleur 

□ Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommag6es 

□ Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
Pages restaurdes et/ou pellicul6es 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pages d6color6es, tachetdes ou piqu6es 

□ Pages detached/ 
Pages d6tach6es 

□ Showthrough/ 

□ Quality of print varies/ 
Quality in6gale de I'impression 

I — I Includes supplementary material/ 


Comprend du matdriel supplimentaire 

Only edition available/ 
Seule Edition disponible 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been ref limed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont 6t6 film^es d nouveau de faqon d 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 


Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires supplimentairas: 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est film6 au taux de reduction indiqud ci-dessous. 







r— I 

















The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

Library of Congress 
Photoduplication Service 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

L'exemplaire fllmA fut reptoduit grfice d la 
gAnArosltA de: 

Library of Congress 
Photoduplication Service 

Les Images sulvantes ont 6t6 reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition et 
de la nettoti de l'exemplaire filmd, et en 
conformity avec les conditions du contrat de 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or Illustrated Impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or Illustrated Impression. 

Les exemplaires orlglnaux dont la couverture en 
papier est imprlmiie sont fHm6s en commandant 
par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
darniire page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'Impression ou d'lilustratlon, soit par le second 
plat, selon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
orlglnaux sont fiim6s en commenpant par la 
premiere page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'Impression ou d'lilustratlon et en terminant par 
la dernlAre page qui compoite une telle 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol — >► (meaning "CON- 
TINUED "), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Un des symboles suivants apparaitra sur la 
dernlAre image de cheque microfiche, selon ie 
cas: le symbols — ► signlfie "A SUIVRE", le 
symbole ▼ signlfie "FIN". 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included In one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, inft to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagran^s illustrate the 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtre 
fllmfo A des taux de reduction diffdrents. 
Lorsqua le document est trop grand pour dtre 
reproduit en un seui cllch6, Jl est fllm6 d partir 
de Tangle supArieur gauche, de gauche d droite, 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'Images ndcessaire. Let diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la mdthode. 


>n d 













."Tf ^ 'Jj^ 

/^v^^ J 



'^' y^y^ k 


■h\"v tf,: : . -if 




»'■ 1|».'. ■»!..■ 


General Gazetteer j 




IN MINIATURE. $j ^^,^ 





Extent and boundaries of each country ; the trade and manuracturch/ 1 

of the cities and towns; thoir longitude, latitude, bearing ™ \ 

and distances from remurkable place*. i 


More Ulan hai appeared in any European EditioB;()f diii woriiji; 



i he First Ameiicaa HM—,TeTited and corrected in erer]' part. 



^^ J. Robinion, Printer. 

'^^ 1815. 


-i-,, ■».-*.-ijif iTi''i«ia»k. . 



.% ' 




'i.\.' k 




■ IT RBifEIttERBD, That on the twenty-teventh <tay of My, in the 
* SSryott oftli iuilepemlence of (he United S.»t« of Atneno, 

AltfA CxuUng of the Mid Dittritt, hath dt|«)jit«l in «Mi ^t 
te%le of .^oom.the right.*h««f 1« «',""1'«L,PSK^; 
in the woitU fallow ng, to wit :-» Brooke*' General t.»««««f 
toprovSTor, Coropeiliou. CJ«)graphical D««'.<>n%'i '"!»"• 
ataVe. Cwtalning a dcKription of the *°>P'^'' J^"?^' 

fe.2;^r»:rt;%Sn^?f"™^rni'«« isiij^Jii'-r^ 

'tr2«i;is;rs^^T7.£?i:ire« of the vt"* «»"niir ,:^". 

tanimSoMd," and abo to the Art, entitled » m Ac?,. 9"P^e^*2 SL ^ 
AetTenStM an Aet for the enooutageroent of lf«>"n8!i3L!"'J^K mnIS 
.ta'rf SaptSarf ud book, to tffViHthor. und P[oi«n«»" ?£i^S^tto 
--=-^-^„« ,ha-nn«.tioped^^e^xt«;duy^h^«uO^«od- 


g, eograving and < 


^H, 'i^^ 



Op ^l»e 

I continual! 

I quire revi 

tions. T 

lity of thi 

ges, to « 

world are 

ted SUiU 



a wilderr 


tions, or 

ly publis 

this km( 

the state 


sources ' 



the unioi 

the pub 

sure unn 


found in 

the prii 

some in 

ted SU 

wise tl 

The dii 

,-.'^m^„2.-::..-:' ..i ' H*un . V ■ ««« -..uta*-^-, « -•- 

I ;_rfro WIT :— 

e twmtr-teventh Aiy of Mir, In J 
KC of ihe United Suttt of Amen 


^ merica, 

District, hath deposited In tbii office, 
lit whereof lie eluru m litopnetor, 
wit :— " Brooket' Genenl Gtietteer 
II Ueograpbical Dictionary ;. inmini- 
ription of the enipit«i, kingdomi, 

r!«, moiiiit«in«, &c. in the known 
each country ; the trade and ra«nu- 
mtude, Utitude, bearing and diitan. 
detail of at Uait two thouMmd towni, 
B edition of thi« »oik. lUuitratea 
The fint Aroencan cditHO, 

n of the United Swtei, entitled "An 
y Kcurinft the copio of mapi, ^iirM 
of »uch copiet dunng the timei thrae- 
led <• an Ac?, Supptenenttry to U>e 
nent of learning, by •"•yNr «b» ~- 
ithor» und proprietor. <>[ ««5.f^S 
entending the beneilM thereof to the 
[historical and other jminti. 

lerk tfthe Dittrkt ^ luryUnO. 



Op ^*»e various literary and scientifick work', which trp 
[ continually offered to the public, none mo- e frequently re- 
quire revision and amendment, than gtographical compila- 
tiona. This may be principally attributed, to the insUbi- 
lity of things liable to fluctuation, and the perpetual chan- 
ges, to which nations arc subjected. In no part of the 
world are these effects more observable, than in the Uni- 
ted States. The peat prosperity and rapidly mcreasing 
population of the country, cause* a gradual and conatant 
extension of settlement, which, in a few yem, change! 
a wildemesa to a state of agriculture, improvement and 
civiliiationj thus fumishmg new topographical descrip- 
tions, or rendering those more perfect that were previoua- 
ly published. The principal merit, therefore, of a work of 
this kind, consists in accommodating the delineations to 
the sute of geographical improvement, and selecting such 
articles and facts, as the works of travellers, or other 
sources of information may afford. To render the present 
edition worthy of public approbation, the method was 
adopted, of addressing letters to the various post-towns of 
the union, but particularly to those of the West and South ; 
the publications of Morse, Spaffbrd, &c. made this mea- 
sure unnecessary beyond New-York ; by this means several 
hundred articles have been inserted— they are not to be 
found in any other geographical work. The population of 
the principal European towns, has been corrected, and ui 
some instances given as late as 1811 ; those of the UbL 
ted SUtes, when practicable, is inserted to 1814, other- 
wise the population is taken from tlie census of 1810 
The distancM of the post-towns have been pvm from 


<•«!«* ..\*il»-«i*v 



WMhington, according to the li»t pul.lisheil by tlie Post- 
MMter-General in 1813. The latitude and longitude, us 
well u the dlgtancea, of all tlioae places, situated on the 
main post road, between the Eutern extremity of the Dis- 
trict of Maine and St. Mary's in Georgia, are taken from 
an actual survey of that road, made by order of the gene- 
ral government in 1812. The manufacturing establish- 
ments of the different towns in the United States arc 
noticed, and the various military transactions of the late 
war have been mentioned. Care has been taken to curtail 
useful information, as little as possible, while at the samQ 
time, the redundancy of trifling local details, which is 
too frequently the feult of large (Jazelteers, has been avoid- 
ed. The present publication, it is confidently believed, 
Vill not only be found convenient, as to its portable form, 
ind vahiable as a book of reference, but also useful and 
Entertaining. Solicitous that this volume should be dis- 
tinguished, as well by the beauty of its appearance, as by 
its intrinsic merit, the publisher, to tlie fineness of the pa- 
per, and neatness of typographical execution, has added 
elegant Maps, which wei« not promised in the origmal 


Information relative to this work, is respectfully soli- 
rited. To those gentlemen who furnished the Editor with 
communications, he returns his sincere acknowledgments, 
to their poUtenes. he is indebted for the principal part 
of the new articles, that have been inserted. 


P.MKNT. 1^ 

lilt pul)lisheil by the Fost- 
; latitude and longitude, us 
lioae places, situated on the 
iaatern extremity of the Dis- 
in Georgia, are taken from 
made by order of the pene- 
he manufacturing eatablish- 
,8 in the United States arc 
tary transactions of the late 
ire has been taken to curtail 
1 possible, while at the samQ 
ifling local details, which is 
je (iazelteers, has bren avoid- 
n, it is confidently believed, 
nient, as to its porUble form, 
ference, but also useful and 
t this volume should be dis- 
auty of its appearance, as by 
iher, to tlie fineness of the pa- 
iphical execution, has added 
lot promised in the original 

his work, is respectfully soli- 
*rho furnished the Editor with 
his sincere acknowledgments, 
tebted for the principal part 
ve been iiuerted. 


t. .; 


AA,i rircrorDtitch Brriant, which 
falb into the Domnwl, abore 

AA,a river of the inritnl Provineei, 
wliicb nttert tlie Vi^t. 

AA, ■ iimII river of Ovrmuiy. 

AA, a river thai riiea in (he ch^part- 
ment of Somine, in France, and tUlt 
into the Oerman Ovan at Urave- 

A A, a river of Courland, that ritet 
in Samoiitia, and fklb into the gntf of 

AA, a river of BwiMcriand, which 
kai a noble cataract, near the abbey of 

AAR, a larae river of Switiwrhmd, 
which iuiMt mm a lake, near Mount 
Saalbetc, in the 8 of the canton of 
Bern. OoM diut is ftond in iti bed, 
conveyed to it by the river Etnroe. 
Aar U ako tha name of* imall ittaod 

AARASSUS,! town of FUdia,iD 
the Hithrr Alia. 

AARONSBURO, a port town of 
Caan county l^nnnivania, i< situat- 
ed on the N tide of Penn's ncelb It 
is 40 miles W of Nortliumberland, and 
ItB N of Waihington. 

C3* For the other wordi beciiniing 
with AA, look under a lingle A. 

ASSAR, ■ town of PaieMiiMU ia the 
Irihe of Judih. 

A B ACOEITA, a town of MeiKn, and 
looiher of Cana in the Hither Atia. 

ABACOENUM, a town of Sicily. 

ABACH, a town af Oerniany, ia 
Lower Bavaria, go the Danube, kvmi 
nulesSWoflUUiMB. Vnull n % 
hit. 41 lis. 





ABACOOCHE, a river of the V. S. 
which rises ia the state of Tennessee, 
and unilinc with lb« <M(f»ikr« in the 
terrilon or Creek iMbns, forms tiM 

ABAKAN8K0I, a town of Siberia, 
in the province of l>iboUk, watrd on 
the Janesha. It lias a garrison. Lon. 
M 4 B, hit 53 5 N. 

ABALAK. a town of Siberia, two 
miles tVom XWiolsk. Lon. (M 30 E, 
lat. JR II N. 

ABANO, a rillage Ave mile* SW of 
Hadua, in Italy, fliinous ibr warm 

ABARA, ■ lowaia the Greater Ap. 

AHARANER, a town of Armenia, 
where the archbiih'ip of NtJuivan of- 
ten reskks. It is 10 miks N of Nak- 
■ivan. 1.00. A3 59 E, 39 N. 

ABASClA,or ABC AS, acountry in 
Asia, tributary to the Turks, •ituaied 
on ine coast of the Black sea. The 
people are poor, thievisb, and irracb- 
erous, and they are said by travel- 
lers to sell their own chiUrvn to the 

ABASKAJA, a tovnt of Siberia, oa 
the river Isehiia. Lon. 09 5 E,bit. 50 

ABASSVS^ a town of the Greater 

AHEVILLE, a town of France, ia 
the department of Somme. It is it 
miks 6 of Cshos, and 80 N by W of 
Paris. Lon. 1 55 E. lat. 50 7 N. 

ABBEVILLE, I put town and o» 

giul Ot Abbeville district, S Carolina, 
situated on theNWskleofSt.Jolai't 
creek. It ii 110 miles W tt Colim- 





r 2 1 


l,ni, iSO KW or Ch«rl«t«li, MKl «» 
HW i>r Wnhbigtuii. 

■n-R, in fl«1lbol«t>ir<-, Mtimw «n • 
lofty nuwl l>ran""""n'. wkI •»|"T 
r^ife or m\; 7 l>ou. W»l»« ■- 
luititlilalk • 

AniWTSTOWN, » port town m 

York iMiiiiiiy Fii"nl'l*»i"«. '' "'"'■' 
SI York, i««l W N „rW«ilili.nloB. 
ABHOrH.llKOMl.KY, » WW" of 
Utaffiirdlhire, lii nilkt Kol 8«m>nl. 
•nd IJM NW of Uundon. Ion- 1 »•» 
W. lal »'J UN. . „ 

AHHorsnuaT, » •"«?'" '>»'• 

»^.hin-, H-»»ii mllei SW of Dorehit- 
UT, uml U7 W hy S of Lomkiii. ».""• 

Anno rs LAN<ir.F,'V. « yiiiugt in 

Ilms four ii.iirt 8W uf 51. Altant. 

AIIK.NH A1)B. • «owii of IXiiiimrk. 
in HI. .wick. It i« » tloiinthing l>l»<;>;. 
uiMl »iiii"l on ■ •imcioiii hoy ol Un- 
Hsliic. Urn. « H *'■< !»'• "i' ^• 

ABKNSHl'HO, otowM of <.rrni«. 

ny, in (he cirek' of Bavoria, U iiii»« 
»W of ■" 

n uf KAliilmu. 

ABKRAVON, ttown in GlMDur- 
ennhirt'. tttti-d W ihr month of tlic 
Avon. 1«5 inihm W of LMukin. 

BHOA'l'H, ro)«l liorongh in An- 
■HHhiro. The inhahiluiU |)niici|Wlly 
Jomiitof miuiuf«eoirMn will *i»«" 
uf ouMbuntbi ami atkhidb It u 40 
iniU:i NNR of Edinburgh. Um. » S9 
W, l»t. »« 38 N. , , .. 

ABEHUEEN. OLD, • dty in Aber- 
dcnuhire.aliout a mile to the N orUie 
new at the nuiuthof the river Don, 
over which ii aUne Ooihiebrklr "f " 
•iiiiik- areh, greaUy admunl, whieJi 
iviti at both nilei on two roekt. 

ABEHDEEN, NEW, a handwroe 
..•,tv in AberdeemWre, for UrgeneM, 
tn^and beauty, it greatly exceed" 
any town in th.' N of Scotland. It i» 
built on a riling pound, and liet on a 
.mall h«y fiwiu'Jbytl'e Dee. On ihe 
biEb rtrtet it a targe chorch, _which 
fonoerly betaWHl to the Fraiieiicaufc 
In the iniddleor Caitleitreet » an oi- 
laaon building with lajtit 'uii >cl».'voi 
Dfthekinu of Scotland, from James 
I. to Ima VII. TiTie town-lH>u«« 

•riHh out Utwren « and 000 eured 
pmienl. aiii.nnlly. Hot the chi. < |Mib. 
lie biiikliiiK ill tl»' new low" » ln« 
MariKliul colli-gf, fuiiiHk^l by '•"" Ma- 
liubiil ill H'"- Ih*' prioeipal "innu- 
f»eiure n .tockingi. 1 lie thnad ma- 
iiiifiiclim' it likr«i»e mrried to great 
IMTfit'tiiiii. A maiiiilaclory of Nul. 
'kith iMnl <i«iahiirgtn lia» latelj; liren 
.'.labli.intl. fhcy have lilirwi«' » 
CI Ik 111 wiliiioii H.hi iH-i. I be iiiiriber 
ul inliahiimin ill Okl and New Alirr- 
lUt II, «ihI ibr mihiirlit, iiii'liidinj iiortll 
ami wMitli Uiib waiiminuited in IHOI 
10 iiniomit t.) HJ.lrt0. Alierdmi » »4 
inik'» N W of Winburg. l<oii. I to W , 
iat. S7 n N. , 

AHK.KI)K.K.NSHIHK.a county of 
SciiiluiHl.liiiiiiHktl cm the N W by Manll^ 
,liinr ami the river IXv.ron; on the 
N aud NKby tlw (ierinan Ocean; on 
S by ilie coiiiitiej of Kincardine, AD- 
gut, and Firib ; and on tlic W by U^ 
veriH'tiHibire. ... , «,, 

AUEHUOUH, a »dtage in rn 

town in llR- W riding of ^ '"''•h''*. >* 

niilei SW of York <l IM NNW of 

London. l.«m. 1 31 W lat.M JO N, 
ABEUFKAW, a village in the UlO 

manVgoal'finre.and bat a hand, 
tone ipire in the 

,„„^ .„„. ! effltre. Gonkm ■ 

hotpital ii hMidionie. aud hM in front 
• good »ti«ue of tlffw™**;,^"* '"; 

trrarr Im bug* ptata tMiiUiii«,«ad 

AB^llfjAVENNY, a |mputon«well 
built town in Moiinioutlnlnre, oontaill' 
ing alioul »00 houiei. It ii 1«* ""'" 
\rby NofUnalon. Loii.3iW,l««. 

«» SON. ,o . _• 

ABKMNETHY, a town of Scotland, 
in Strath. r;i, on the river lay, the 
■eat of tlH' I'iciiih kingfc .. 

ABEKYS IW1TH,» iiDall town ta 
CaidlKamhire, on the Hiddal, a03 inllei 
WNWof Umhm. Ubi. 4 W, tal. 
M M N. . -. . 

AnEX.a country of Allnc«,on the 
Red Sea, which bouudi it to the E ; 
Abyuiaia and NiiMa lie on the W : 
Egypt on tlie N i and the cuMt of Ajon 
to the 8. ^ , , 

ABIAD, B town on the coitt ot 
Abex. „ - 

ABIAGRASSO, ■ OnaD town of 
Italy, in the duchy of Milan. Vnu 9 
34 E, tot. 4» » N. . „ , 

ABINGDON, a town in Berki.on 
the 'lliamet. It is »« niihri W of Lon- 
don. Lun. I 13 V Iat. «1 43 N. 
ABlNliDON, a pout town and " 

nital of Wiuhiiigton county, Virginia, 
II nttutcd oil the W ridt: or Hobtcia 

river. It It S 
aiHl 401 SW 

eouiity, 4tatt' 
alwvi' 100 ill 
niilea NK of 

"■ iiiinjtli cu 

Etiiun 5,1 
inn, and 

rnimlatinn 1 
lage it Jenk 
offlei' it keii 
driiihia, aiiif 

I.ii<rriie co 
milet NEuf 
liV in 1810. 

pal, nmtaiui 

rr, nibject ti 

between the 


Klft of lloi 
sre it • uii 
nie ganlen,) 
Ibrtunate O 
export linei 
pbnkt. Loi 

cient ibrt In 
near the moi 

tituaied in tl 
dria and Roi 
by the vicio 

HIBE, a tov 
the Ilile,fiut 

in Hungary, 
IB MB, Iat. 

in Ennunad 

tea, in Portui 

bout M mile 
near the iria 



t> mil hrtwccn It iml "O" «uf"' 
,nii uimiinll). Iliu ilw thi. f |>iib- 
biiililiiiK in ll»' "f* '""" " '"" 
riwlml colli-gi', fuiiwltil liy '"rl M«- 
bnl in H" '• ■»•»-• priKi'ij"' i""""* 
iiiv i. ilockiiiKi. 1 1m- tImiKl ni». 
KliiiT it likewix- Purrifi) to Kmit 
fiiliiiii. A mmiiiCarlory tif mV 
th iiimI <i«i»hiirgh« liM i»»f'X '""« 
iMitlNil. «h<7 ''»»«• l'hrv(i«' «. 
Ii'iil «iliiioii hrfsrii'i. Thf iiiirilier 
nlwhlirtiit. ill OH iiim) Nt-w Alirr- 
II ainl ihr tiihiirlK, iiicliulinj mirth 
1 uiiKli Willi *«• riimuiU'd in IHOl 
tnioiiiii t.) M2.1«o. Alirrdmi i« »4 
li, N W of Winhiirg. IMU I w W , 

\l)KHI)K.KNSHmK. » county of 
iil!iii<l,l»mii<l"l »» tlif N W by HanfT. 
n- himI tiK' river IX'viron; untie 
»ua NE by tin- (leriimii Owaii 1 on 
t>y ilir eoiiiitii't of Kiiicunhnr, An- 
1, and Pirib; and uii tlic W by to- 

AUKUUOUH, > viihge in «' 

»ii ill l\w W rkKnK ->» ^"'"i*'™'" 

iln UW of VoiU, iiiid 184 NNW of 

ABKHFHAW, a Villagi' In the lile 

A1«4ii2aVENNY, a populomwell 
Jill town in Moiinioiitlnliire, contaiBj 
ig aliuut »00 houKt. It 11 l*;""** 
V liy N of London. Urn. 3 i W, l««. 
I JO N. ,„ ,, , 

ABKMNBTH'Y, a town of BcoHanJ, 
i8iniihti-;i, on the river lay, Ifce 
i-al of tiK' I'iciiih kingfc .. , 

ABEKVS IW1TH,« •mall town in 
aidinndiin', on Ibe HkUal, »3 m\Vn 
MUvHa Lundmi. Ubi. 4 W, tat. 
> 25 N. . _. . 

A»BX,a country of Aflnc^on the 
iled Hat, whW> bouudi It to the K ; 
\byirfaia and Niihia lie on tlw W ; 
eg) pt on the N ; and the cuMt of Ai*n 

ABIAD, ■ town on the cant ol 

ABIAGRASSO. ■ Ondl town of 
Italy, In the duchy of Milan. Unu 9 
»4 K. lal. 43 ao N. „ , 

AlllNODON, a town in Berki.oa 
the Thaniet. It U »« niilei W of Loi^ 
don. Lon. I « W tat, Jl 4a N. 

ABlNliUON, a |>oiit town ami t» 
pita) of Wiuhiiigton eountyj Virginia, 
b nttutcd uiitfic W nd« of HoWtta 

I • 1 


rlrw. It It ton mIK-i W oT Rirhmnnd, 
ami 401 S\V iif NVaihiiigtiiii iii) , 

AHINIiUON, II liiwn uf lliiitriini 
eouiily, ttaicufMarylaiid. It niiiialiK 
alwvi' too iiihaliitanti,and ii nlwut iO 
mill"* NK of Hiiltiiniin-. 

A1IIN(11K)N, a iHKt tnwnihip nf 
Plyiiunitli coiinly, IvLmachiiieiii. Pu- 

filll»lion 5,187. It \\ 10 inih 1 HK of 
miiiii, aiHl 474 NK of WnthinKiuii. 
AIIINOUUN, a poll ta»ii<ilii|i of 
MoniKfiiMcry cuuiity, Fi'iim^Uanin. 
I'liimlatiiin 1 iM. 'rhe primiiiul vil- 
!• Jenktnitown, where titr unit' 


Bw ii kfui, 11 luiki N IViini I'niU*- 
dcliihia, aiHt 140 frum Wu^iingiuii. 

ABINUDON, a JMM towiithip of 
l.ii<rriie county. n>nii<yl«aniu, 343 
milfii NEof Watniiigluiu Populntion 
IbV in IBIO. 

AIIIUL, a town of neira in Portu- 
pal, ronlaiutiig iipwardi of 1300 inhe- 

ADLAY, a country in QrcatTarta- 
ry, nibieet to thr Hiiuiani. 

ABLOE, BUwu in Utile Tartary, 
lietween the river Onieuer, and Uie 
Black Sea. 

ABO, a leaport, the capital of Sw<^ 
"' ■" ■" ■ th "^ •■ 

t at 

nie (anfenieitaMislwd by the lair tin- 

, the cap/ 
diih nnland, on the poini where the 

Klfi of llothnia and flnlanil niiiir, 
sre ii • univeriiiv, aial a royal beta- 

Ibrlunale Ouitavnii. The inhahllaiiti 
export linen, corn, flax, iron, and 
planki. Lon. 32 IS ¥., lal. no 37 N. 

ABO-FLOT, or ABO-HUS, an an- 
tient ibrt In Finland, on a iienimul*, 
near the mouth of the river Aura. 

AUOUKlH.a imall town of Egypt, 
rituated in the deaert between Alexan- 
dria and Hoaetta, rendered immionbie 
by the victory cained in Alnuktt^tm, 
by km! Neinn, I7W. 

HIHE, ■ town in Upper E«yp(, near 
the Iliie,<hmout Kir poppies. Liu. 30 

AllRAHAMSDORF. a imall town 
in Hungary, Ml well inhabited. Lon. 
IB M B, faM. 46 30 N. 

ABRANTSS, a town of Portugal, 
in Ennunadura, on the river Tajo.— 
JUm. 7 IS W, lat 30 13 N. 

ABRBIRO, a town of Trk-ka-nion. 
let, in Portugal. Loiu 7 10 W, lat. 41 
SO N. 

ABROLHOS,' dangeroui dmaU, ■- 
bout (0 milei from the coiut of Hnzil, 


ARRira-n AKVA, t pnpuloui tn«ii 
in Iraiiiylvaiiin, >iliMtra •• the river 
(hiipay. Lon. 31 M fc, l«, 4» ai) 
N. . 

ARRUZZO, apmvinae of Ntolet, 
hoiinrinl un the r', by the (•ulfur Vi» 
■lice, nil the N and W by Anconia, 
Vinliria and Campagiw di Roum; niHl 
nil the H by Terra ili Lavora aial M»- 
liie. It ii divided into two parti by 
the river IW!ani,wherenf on* ii calktl 
I'lii nor, aial \ti\t Aiiuilbi lor it« enni- 
t«l ; mid the fttber Citeriur, of which 
StdiiKHio ii tin- capital. 

ABS n .IN-KN.a lailiwic bnond iho 
river M< mel, in tiie circle ,'f I'apietif 
heloiigiiiK '•• tin- kingdom i. * Pruuia. 
It ahouiHli III cnm ana eaitk 

AUYOOS, a town and caitk ofN*. 
lotia, iin the itmil of OallitKili. 'won. 
37 3A E, lat. 40 16 N. 

ABYO.ur AUUYU.tmrorthe Phi- 
lippine irftnli. Lon. 133 1* K, htt. 
10 ON. 

ABVMINIA. a king^m ef Afl-i-^ 
IiouihM on the N by v.-' _ un ihe 
K bv ihc lied Ben av tiviicala : on 
the W by Oolftam and ywt nf Oingi- 
ra ; and on the S by ninna and Alahia : 
lying between A and M neg. N lat. ami 
an and 40 dTK. K kin. It ii about UOO 
niihi long, and 800 broad. 'I1w rainy 
leaiun cuntiuuei flrom April to iir|» 
lember. which it tueoeeitut, without 
interval, by a cloiidlm iky, and a ver- 
tical luu. There itno eouiiiry in tlie 
wurid thai pniducet a greater variety 
of quadruped!, both wild and taini;; 
buttlieicarc no^igert. The hyciiun, 
however, are very numerutii, aial 
drcailfiil in their ravages. Betidet ma- 
ny ipeciet oj" eagfei, viiltiltcs, ke. there 
it a species of gkite, called haddajan, 
which it very fre<)iient in Egypt, awl 
coaes punctually inco Ahyttinia, nt 
the return of the sun, after the tropi- 
cal raini ; and Horfct cover the plaim 
in May, when the raiat beeome coii- 
itant ! there are ibw owit ; but then: 
are of an immense lii* and beauty. 
The anal remarkable Insect l> the 
Tttahiol, or Hy, which ii very faul to 
cattle. Even the eamel must yield to 
this inseet,fbr when oooe attacked, his 
body, bead, and ifgp, break out inro 
birne buttes, which swell, break, and 
pntreiy, to the certain dettruciion of 
the animal. Aeaording to Mr. Bruce, 
the ceMyateJ river Nil* hat i tisou rce 



. fflftft».t<**gste*!!v«>'- 


t * 1 


Ckmhitn Ion. U M E, nd Ut. 10 S9 

ACAMBOU.a kingdom on the COM 
of Ouinn. in Aftiea, whocK king u«b- 
aolute, and all 'ii snbjreta ilanfc 

ACANNY, an inliind country of 
Giiiii«i, afnrding the bat gold, m 
|nat plenty. Lon. S E, Ut. 8 30 

ACAPtJLCO, « town of MeJBCO, 
■eatcd on a bay of the S Sea. It bn 
■ fine harbour, from whcMta nup an- 
Dually anlK to Manilla: and another 
retui-ni. laden with all the treatum of 
the E Indies. Um. 103 SO W, tot. IT 

SZ S. 

ACARlAka town of South America, 
3n Paraguay. Lon. SI S W, tot. 3A 

DRUMMOND'8 TOWN, a port vil- 
lage in Aoeomack eounf; Virenia, 31 
milet S of Snow HiH in Ifarylaiid, and 
Slf SE of Waihington. 

ACERENZA. a town of Maplea, in 
the proviiieeofBauUcata. Loo. 19 B 
X;b*.40»j;, . 

ACliRNO,atown of Italy, in the 
cileiiorprindpality of Naplea,U mika 
ME of Sidemo. Lon. » « B, tot. 40 
« N. . . 

ACERRA, a town of Naplei,WTen 
nileaNEofNaplo. „ . . , . 

ACH,a town of Saabia,in the land- 
mvate of Mell^fdwig, on die Htw 

ACHAA, a town of the idand of 
• ACHAM,aeoontt)rrfAiU. 

ACHEENi a kiiMom m the KVf 
partof the island of Sumatra. Aeheen 
iTcompantively healthy, bring more 
IVve fhm wood* and swampMtom matt 
other paru of the idand. The sod is 
Keht and fertile, and pradueet fliiits, 
i&, cotton, gold dutt, and sulphur. 
The mtivea are Mahometans. The 
laws of thU Idnadom are very serere. 
Tor petty theft the oflfcnder to suspend- 
ed ftoma tt<!e,wU!. aheanr we«ht 
tied to hii^; or by cutting off a 
finger, band or kg, aeoonHng to the 
natuKofdieomaiee. ^,__. 

ACHEEN, the capital of a bncdom 
of the same name, in Sumatra, seated 
on a river wWdi fluws into die tea, 
new the NWpOintQf dielatand,r*out 
two milet ilroA the«ou^; it iiei ui a 
wMe valhiy, formed Hke an aapW- 
tlwatre 1^ t^ lof^y nng(««f billi. 

Aeheen is 1000 mihis SE of Madran. 
Lon. 0« 34 E, lat. 9 12 N. 

ACHMIM a large town of Upper 
^ypt,ontheeastem bank of the Kile. 
Thcugh this town be fallen fhtmits 
ancient splendour, it is sdllone of the 
most beautiful of Upper Egypt. The 
streets are wMe and clean, and eom- 
meree and agriculture fiourisb. 

ACHONKT, a small town of Ire- 
land, in the coimty of Sllgo, co the 

ACHMET8CHET, a town of Crim 
Tartnry, in the Russian province of 
Tauriib. Lon. 33 ao E, lat. 4« N. 

ACMYR, a strong town and castle 
of the Ukraine, on the river Uoraklo. 

ACKEN, a small town in the duchy 

AC^TOOTH, a pott towaihip in 
Cheshire county. New Hampshire j no- 
nidation IJU in 1810, and 4(W milet 
NEflrom Washington. 

ACOMA, a town of New BJodco, 
-eated on a Ugh mountaiii, with ■ 

ACQS, a townorFtanee,at thefoot 
of the Pynoeet, hi the department of 

' AC^'A. a town in Tntcany, noted 
<hr warm baths. Loo. IS 10 E, lab 
43 4SN. 

ACQU APENDENTB, a laife town 
of Orneto, with a bisimp't tee, ID milet 
NbyWoflUwie. Lon. IS 17 B, taU 

ACQUARIA, a tmril town in Fri- 
■ana, 13 milet S of Modena. 

ACQUAVnr A, a imaU town of Na- 

ACQUI, a town of Montftrrat^lli 
eomroodioat batht, SS mile* NW of 

ACRA.a town oil the «a«it of Oui- 

ACRE, a leaport of Paktdne, Ibr. 

erly etdled Picfemait, flunout in tbe 

wot'the crusade*. ItwathmeT^hete 

air Sidney Smith, and a handful of 

Otr OIUHKT WMH»»| ■*■■■ " ""I 

E^ish Mieert, stopped tbe pionea 
jfdK Frendi army in EgyP'* " ** 
S8 milet S uf Tyre, and 37N of JeiU- 

jfttK Frendi army in 

S8 milet S of Tyre, and ,. 

salem. Lon. 3« S5 E, bb 3S 3S N. 

ACRON, a territory on the OoM 
eoatt of Guinea, where dw Dutch b«l 
a Ibrt. , , . « 

ACROTERt, a town in the island 
ofSantorini. Um. M 1 E, tot. 30 S5 

ACTON, EAST, • TiUase • »&*• 



:lieai ii lOM milet SE of Mldnw. 
m. 0« 34 E, l«. 9 U N. 
ACHMIM a large town of Upper 
|ypt,ontheeaMem bankof theKile> 
Kcngh thit town be fallen fVontiti 
icient iplendoor, it it nlUone of the 
Mt beautiful of Uppev Egypt. The 
reeta are wMe and clean, and com- 
eree and apiculture flotiridi. 
ACHONRT, a imall town of Ire- 
mi, in the county of Sligo, oo the 

t « 1 


ACHMET8CHET, a town of Cnm 
artnry, in the Ruuian ptovinoe of 
auriib. Urn. 33 ao E, lat. -U N. 
ACMYR, a itrong town and cajtle 
'the Ukraine, on the rirer Uonklo. 
ACKEN, a imall town in the duchy 

ACftWOTH, a poat towa<ihip in 
hnfafare county, New Hampshire ; no. 
idation IJU in 1810, and «» mlKi 
[EfVom Waifaington. 
ACOMA, a town of New Blodco, 
ated on a Ugh nMuntaiii, with ■ 
nmgeaHle. . _ 

Acqs, a townoT Fmiee, at the foot 
r the Pywoeea, hi the deportment of 

AC^' A. a town in Tnicany, noted 
ir warm baihi. loo. U 10 E, lab 


ACQUAKIA, • nadl town in Fri- 
ana, 13 miles S of Modena. 

ACQUAVIV A, a imall town of Na- 

ACQUI.a townof M«itferrat,willi 
omroodkNU baths » >>>Uc« NW of 

J*™*" •-. . 

ACHA, a town on the «Mrt of Ouif 

ACRE, a Kaport of Palestine, fiir. 
-rriy edted Picfcmais, flunous in the 

wot'tbe crusades. ItwasbsreTrhere 
tar Sidney Smith, and a handful of 

SngUah dicers stopped the pnipe>s 
iTSk Frendi army in EgyP** *' ** 
» miles S uf Tyre, and 37N of Jertl- 

■lem. liOn. 3« S5 E, lab 3S 3S N. 

ACRON, a territory on the Gold 
soast of Guinea, where the Dutch tad 
1 Ibrti , , . « 

ACROTRRI, a town in the island 
ifShuMnrini. Lin. M 1 E, lat. 30 S5 

ACTON, EAST, • TiUase • nO** 

W of London, noted for its medicinal 

AC TON, a pmt township of Mid- 
dlesex county. MatsacbUKtts ; popula- 
tion sm in 1810. 

AC TON-BURNKL, a villoRe in 
Sbropshirr, 8 miles from Shrewsbury. 
A parliament was hekl here in the 
reijrn of Edward I, when the hinls sat 
in the cattle, and the eonmions in a 
barn, which ii still standing. 

ADAMS, a post toMnsliip in the S 
pait of Jetfurson count}', state of New 
York, It is about six iiulcs square; its 
lands rich and well wntorcd. In 1310 
it ronUiiiiHl 137ti inhiiliitniits. 

AUANA, an ancient and handsome 
fown of Natulia, 2j miles NE of Tar- 

ADDA, a river ot'Swisserlaml, which 
fiills into tlie Po, near CrenionH. 

ADDISUX, a township of Steuben 
county, slate of Now York, formerly 
called MiiMletuo, population 369. 

ADDISON, a post town aiid capital 
of Addison county, Vermont ; is seated 
on the E side of Lnke Champhlin. It 
coiitaine<l UOO inliiibitunts in 1810, 
and is 47 miles N by W of Rutland, 
ani 488 NE of Washington. 

ADEL, a kingdom ol Africo, on the 
S coast of 4he strait of Babelniaitdel. 
Tlie inhabitants arc Mahometans. 

ADEN, once a rich seaport of Ara- 

a town of Wusr';hBU«, in the duchy 
of Berg, 13 milts NEof Cologne. Lon. 
7 14 E, lat. 51 3 N. 

ADIOE, a river of Italy, which has 
its source to the S of the lake Olace, 
among the Alps, and rum into the 

•bout SO 18 bb 146 44 Ion. in the S 

ADOM, a town of Hungary, seated 
in a fruitful country near the Da- 

ADONI, a town of Oolconda, in the 
peniiMuhi of Hindoostaii. It is 171 
miles SW of Hydrabnl, and 310 NW 
of Madras 

AOOUR, a river of France, which 
falls into the bay of Biscay below Ba- 

ADRA, a seaport of Granada, in 
Spain. Lnii. a 37 W, lat. 36 43 N. 

AORIA, a town in the territory of 
ViiDise. Lon. IS S K, Itt, 49 8 N. 

ADRIANO, • mountain of Spain 
in Biscay, It is one of the hiehi-st of 
the Pyrenees ; and is only iiihabiied 
by a few diepherds, who lire in cotta- 

AnRt ANOPLE, a celebrated town 
of Turkey in Europe, in Romania, 
with an archbishop's see ; situate in a 
line plain, on the river Manizi, llj 
miles NW uf Constantinople. I«n. 23 
27 E. Int. 41 45N. 


island in the S Pacific Ocean, so calkil 
f\-oni 'lie ship Adventure, in which cap- 
tain Fnmeaux sailed. The people an; 
mikl and eheerfuL Lon. 147 30 W, 
lat. 43 31 S. 

AUULA, a mountain of Spain, in 
Navarre, in which are the fountains of 
the Rhine. 

ADZKNOTA,a smnll town of Spain 
in Vulentia. Lon. 3 16 W, lat. 3» 10 

A:f;ADF.S, or ^.OATES, three 
small islands on ^ W siile of Sicily. 

Ji^GEAK SFTA, now the Archipe- 
lago, a part of tlie Mnliterranenn^se|f 
aratine Enrope from Asia and Africit. 

^GIUM,a town ofAcham I'ro|ier, 
famous for the councilof the Aclueam 
hold there. 

AERSHOT, a town in Brabant, on 
the river Demur, ten miles E of Mecli* 

AFRICA, one of the four principal 
parts of the world ; bounded on tlie N 
by the Mediterranean ; on the W by 
tlie Atbintie ; on the £ by tlie isthmus 
of Suez, the Red Sea, aixl the Indian 
Ocean ; and on the S by the Southern 
Ocean. It is a peninsula of prodigious 
extent, being joined to Asia by tlM 
islhnMU of Suez, which is 60 aiiUa 
over. In its greatest lenglli, from 
the moM northern part to the Cajie uf 
Good Hope, It is 4600 miles ; and in 
the broawst ; tart from Ca|ie Venl to 
Cape Guan|ii»/iii, it is 3900. The 
neatest part of it is within the toirid 
Zone, which renders the heat almost 
iiuijpportable in many places. Hoh- 
ever, the coasts in general are very 
fruitful, the fruits excellent, and the 
plants extraordinary. There are more 
wild bouu in AfritSk than in any other 
part of the world ; there are also some 
animals peculiar to this country ; as 
the ioppupotamoi, or rivix Innv > ibc 


^^»»'>»smammmimsmr,iNii»m^miaeiimiimmii^^^. ■i^ntaailhMr'^f 


[ 6 1 


rhiiioMrot. with two honn on iu 

one of ■ lirge extmj. ««''~™^ 

thcK •« not qirite without Intato; 
tanti. There .lemwi^lwrjn""' 

SaTM* the Atl«. the Mom«to.of 
Se Moor, uid^AeSjerr. 1»«*. « 
themountamoftteUani. Ttaifr 
hdNtum ediutat of ftgmi, Jtohome- 
tarn. vhI Christian!* , 

APRIQUB, «T. a aiMll town ol 
Ji^wce, in the department of Awiron. 

AGADES, a kmgilom of Aftie* "• 
Negrotand, with a town of the laroe 
n£e, tributary to tte kmg of Tom- 
biictou. Loo. IS WE. tat. » W N. 

AOAMENTICU8, aimaJl riter ta 
the dliirict of MaJlie, running in» the 
Atlantic oeean near the town of Y««. 

ltiin»via'*'™»"o'^''""'**'- «fM 
AG AMKNTICU8, a mjmn^ of N 

America, in the dirtriMoTMam. It 

i, a noted landmark ftir MuloB, about 

ciabt mUe. ftom the lea, in IH. 4» 18. 

™ GATH A,aT.a town of Naplw m 

the Ulterior FrineipditT, M inR^ " 

KofNnnlei. Lort.l4S6E,lat.41«i. 

AG ATTON.a town near *» mpoa 

of the Formoai. on the eoait of Guinea. 

go mile* 8 of Benin. Ion. 7 •£,»(. 

AGDE,a town of Trmie, m *B 
denartroent df Herault. leated ott-W 
riwTHmiult. l*».JJ3E,tat.« 

ADEN, a eity of Fiance, the depart- 
ment of AvoroD. It 1. Mated on the 
Garonne, in a pkawnt "wntHi »« 
milei SE of Boidnux. Loa.O«)E, 

lat. M U M. ..... , 

AOBNABAT, a town of Tramyi- 
»ania.U>n.»4»0E,l«t48 3»N. . 

AOER. a imaU town of Catalonu 
in Spain. Liin.1 COB, hi. 41*0 »- 

AOGA,or AGGON^a town and 
country on the ooart of Guinea, where 
the Kigliih have a fort. Urn. 00 
Int. A N. 

AOGEHinnrS,a toiwn of Norway, 
and capital of a prorinee of the tame 
name/ It ii 30 miletNW of fttder- 
iekalwlL Loii. 10 SO E, Utt. 19 MM 

AOHRIM, aTilhp in*ecpiititf 
of Gdway, memoeabfe the the vict 

01 oaiway, inraiiw"u«: .». ~~ — . 

Wiclilow. 13 ndle. SW of WickW, 

^•o*.Se&.'^"a£^HB, *a 
oTHindoaMan Proper, hmlt at tlw 
foot of a Tcry iBgb moimtain It « 
aaomilnWof Agfa. Loo. 75 » E, 

* AGINCOURT. a villMB ofjrme. 
in the department of the '^Jj^ 
Calaii Itanoui for the victory obiwm 

by Henry V,ln 14H. 

* GMAT.a town of Morpeoo, ana 
r, roftheitmename. Iti*"™"" 
S of Morocco. Lon. 7 W W, Ut. 30 

AGNADELLOA, a viltaRe "^ *« 
Mibmew, leated on the cunl »«**«■" 
Adda mi Serio, « miJe. 8E of Caba- 
na, and 10 N. of Lodi. I/>n.»»6l5. 
lat. 4« 3« N. . , ^^ 

AGNANO. a circular blie. In tte 
kingdom of Nqiha, »e»en milet ftom 

Puxioli. ^ouio 

A008TA, a leaport townof woly, 
with an excellent harbour. Tbe great- 
er part of it wa> dewmyed by w 
ewtbquake in I«e3. Un. IS 1< Ei 
lat. 37 S» N. . , , 

AGRA, the capital of a prottaee ol 
the same name in Hindoostao Proper, 
on the S tank of the nwr Jumna, 
which is seldom iM«lMe. »•»•»* 
the most mtaadld of all the InBan 
cities, Md nowSUMtstto most mar 
niflcent rains. Apn»'12*J"'2l«S' 
EofDdhi. Lon.70 30E,h«.«0H. 
AGREDA. a town of Spain, in Old 
Caitile. Lon.»0 W,lat.4I»3H. 

AORIA,a small, hut •«™nS*»*»»J 
Upper HuMr«ry^ffc(iM*«J^s« 
ItYTieatedonAe river A#to,« 
miles NE of Boia. Loo. SO 10 E, Ut. 

48 10 N. ... _, 

AGRIONAN, one of the LaOMB 
islands. Lon. 146 OK, hrt. 19 40 N. 

AQUA DE PAO, a town in the Itl- 
«riof8t.Mich.eL««tftf» Axow 

the kingdom ol 
K, tat. 41 35 N. 
Prance in thed 
AHUTS. a t 
province of Go 
hour, 15 miles 
Lon. 14 15 E, I 

sort of Corsica 
ulsnd. Populi 
4 N. tat. 41, 51 

the provinee ol 
Sileiia, seated 
30 miles N of / 
Akppo. E lo 
Its population i 

AICH, a tov 
Fkr. Lon. lis 

capital of a I 
iiame. It lies i 
Altinal, 30 mi 
Loii. II 10 E, 1 

in Ataruzzo Ult 

AIGLE, a t( 

E liie eantcsi of 

Rhone six mik 

to the take of G 

ire of marble. 

AIGLE, a If 
in the departmi 


Fnooe, in the 
Houdisof the: 
Inai^ wWdi isi 
4 1 E, lat. 43 3< 

in the d eu ai tm i 


AILAH,a ta 
snthe Biadeo 

lopuhnu town 
saau UjMei 

and ol St. Micfiaei, one w un "J™"" uT . . Ji i 
inAe Attantic ton. 85 40 W, tot. 3», ""^^'j^ON- 


AQUAS BELLAS, a town of Port* 

SI,inEstramadura. L6n.8 5W,lat. 
40 N 

, AOV«LA,«»BwnofUi«kiii«*mrf 

AILBA, a gn 
Itibaie is two n 
Itconsiiuof at 
if preeipitaos el 
ties, fimniim a 



[ r 1 



AOHRIM, «Tilh«eui*e count. 
Odway.memar^eftartiwnci y 
incd In king WilUwn, over Jamn i l. 


IlindooMan Prop". »»"?* " "? 
M or • wyWgb nioim«»in It « 
nmilnWof AgtB. too. M » E, 
t 9A 3ft N 

AGINCOURT. ■ villMB f^Jrme, 
I the depwtment of the •*u2^ 
«l»ii ItaDOUi forthe»M!torjf obt«m«l 

y Hein^ 141i. 

\ GMAT, « town of MoroMO, on* 
, roftheiuMnmK- It**""'"" 
I of Moneoo. Lon. T W W, Ut. SO 

'agNADELLOA, ■ liltaBe "«■ ** 
Mibmeae, toMi on the cuul n«*«'" 
Uda and Serio, 5 mUn SE of Cm«»- 
». and U N. of Lodi. I«n- » »6 B, 
at. 45 2« N. . , ^^ 

AGNANO. a circular •akOn™« 
kingdom of Nntlet, »e»en nulea ftoro 

Puxzoli. _ _ ^cui« 

A008TA, a waport townofSidly, 
with an excellent hartiour. The great- 
nt part of it inn deMioyed by tn 
eutbqiiake in IMS. I<on. IS If E| 
lat. 37 S< N. .. 

AORA, the capitti of a protinee ol 
die lame name in Hindoottan Proper, 
on the S hank of the river Jumna, 
which ii leldom fiwWite. J**"^^^ 
the mart mtaadid of all tha Indian 
citiea, Wd wW^UMtttto m«t mar 

niflcentrtiiM. A«™»'»2*J"'2l«9' 
EofDeihi. 30 E,hrt.«0H. 

AGREDA. a town of Spain, to Old 
Castile. Lon. » W, lat. 41 »3 N. 

AORIA,a small, tat •"ro"? •"•nj' 
Upper Huognry.. wi%a Wyg* ««> 
It's leated onAe rtver A#to, « 
miln NE of Boda. Loo. SO 10 E, Ut, 

AGRIOKAN, one of the LaArMB 
landh Lon. 148 E, tat. 19 40 N. 
AOUA DE PAO, a town in the W- 
andof St. JfichaeLooe of tte Azoiw 
iniheAtbmtic Lon.!«40 W,lat.3» 

AQUAS BELLAS, a town of Port* 
il,inE>tramadura. L6n.8 5W,la«. 

AOV«LA,««Bwn of the kinadom of 


AGUILLAR, a town of Spain in 
the kingdom of Naraire. Lon. 3 90 

AGURANDE, a imall town of 
Prance in thedepartment of Indra 

AHUTS. a town of Sweden, in the 
OTOTinee of Gothland, with a good har> 
hour, 15 mile* SE of Chritlianstadt. 
Lon. 14 15 B, lat. 56 15 N. 

AGACCIO, or AJAZZO, a fine wa- 
port of Conica, on the W tide of the 
iJind. Population <030k E Ion. 8, 44, 
4 N. hit. 41, 51, 1. 

AJAZZO, a leaport of Natolia, in 
the province of Caramania, anciently 
Sileiia, leated on the Mediterranean. 
SOrailetNofAntioeb, and 40 W of 
Aleppo, E king. 5, 54, N lat. 51, 55, 
lis population ii eitlmatsd at33,41S. 

AICH, a town of Bavaria, on the 
Far. Lon. 1 1 90 E. lat. 48 30 N. 

AICHSTAT^ a town of Franconia, 
npilal of a hnhoprie of the tame 
name. It liet in a valley, on the river 
Altinal, 30 milei 8 of Nuremberg. 
Ixm. II 10 E, lat. 48 57 N. 

AIELLO, a •mall town of Napkt 
in Abruzzo Ulterior. 

AIGLE, a town of Swinerland. in 

E in canKm of Bern, leated on the 

Rhone lix milea fttim iti entrance i» 

to the bike of Geneva. All the booKi 

uv of marble. 

AIGLE, a imall town of Pmnec, 
in the department of Om. 

AIGNAN, St. a town of France, 
in the depertment of Loir and Cher. 

AIOUB MORTE, a town of 
Fnooe, in the departments of the 
Houdis of the Rhone. It ted a bar- 
Inai^wliicli is now choked up. Lon. 
4 3 E, lat. 43 34 N. 

AIGUE-PERSE, a town of Prance 
ia the department of Puy de Dome. •8 
idn N ofClemiont, and Ul S of Paris. 

AILAH, a town of Arabia Fetrea, 
w the B side of the Red Sea. Loo. 
36 40 S, lat. » 10 H. 

AILKSBURY, the hogest and most 
ropuhnu town in Buckinghanrilare, 
•ad is 16 BMes SE of Buckingham 
tad 41 trvrirLondua. Ioni0 43W, 
lit. 51 50 N. 

AILBA, a great insubted rode, to 
te Softhefileor ArmvisSeothmd. 
In base is two miles in eireumftrcoee. 
Itconsisu of a stupendous assemblage 
if preeipitoas cUflf, rising to a wild •» 
ties, fonninB • pynmidal mouiitato, | 

000 ftet high, accessible onhr on tto 
NE. . 

AIME, or AXIMA, a tbM town to 
Savinr, on the river Iseie. 

Am, a department of Fhuoe, Utdy 
the province of Bresse. 

AiNSA, a town of Spain, in An*- 
eon, seated in a plato, on die river 

AIRE, a town of France, in tfaede- 
pastmenj of Landci, 05 mites S of 

AfX, an ancient city of France and 
capital of the department of Bouches 
dii Rhone. Its streets are elegant and 
iti public buildings handsome and ipa- 
cioui. Popuhition 33,080. It is 15 
miles flrom Marseilles and 75 E of 
Montpelleir. B ko. 5, SA, 48, N bit. 
43, 34, 47. 

AIX, an ancient town of Savoy, on 
the hike of Bourget, where are mineiw 
al waters. 

AIX, a small island on the coast of 
Franoe, between the isle of Ohnvn and 
the continent. It ii 13 mikn NW of 
Rocliefnrt. Lon. I 5 W, lat. 40 5 N. 

imperial city of Westphalia. Its fW- 
moos mineral waters draw a great 
number of persons every year. In 
1068 and 4748. it was distinguidicd by 
twocek'bratedtmitieioftiMce. The 
Fivnch took it in 1791 ; it was retaken 
by the Anstriana in 1793, and wain 
taken b^ the French in 1794. It is 
seated in a bottom, surron u dcd by 
inoantains. SS miles NE ofLiegr. 

AKISSAT, the ancient TImtyra, ■ 
town of Natalia, built in a fine plam 
48 mika broad. Lon. 38 30 E, tat. 38 
18 N. 

ALAnA, or ALATA, one of the 
three nnallesl districts of Biscay to 
Spain, fertile to rye. 'niwia is the 

AL/.OULIA, ■ proviaee of Tor- 
key to Asia, hatweer. Amasia and the 
Meditemncan. TK' country is rough, 
and mountainons ; yet thei« are good 
paslMre^ and pleaty of bonei and 

ALAOOA,atown to ike isle <rf' St. 
Michart, one of the Azorcl. 

ALAIS^ a town of Fraaee to the 
department of Qaid, situated on the 
river Oardm. It oontains 10,000 in- 
habitants, is 37 miks N of MontpeDcr- 
Loii.410E,i«.44 8Ni, 



[ « 1 


ALAND, a duiter of iilands It the 
entranct' of iht- gulf of Bothnia. The 
priiiciiuil islaiid u 40 mili-t long, «..i 
from 12 to 10 Uxwd, and u 7» miks 
ME of Swekbolm. Utu, ao £, lat. 
OOON. .... 

ALATAMAH\, ■ navipible nvcr 
in the ilate of Georgia, rise* in the At- 
kgliaiiy niounuiiu and is formed by 
the union of tte Oakmulgee luid Oco- 
nee riven. The OakniufJRee. the prin- 
cipal stream, pursues a winding courie 
of 400 milei. Alter the conHUjCnce of 
the two riven the Alatamaha, runt a 
SE coune for 100 n)ilei,aiid faila into 
the Atlantic i>reaii about fio mile« SW 
of tlic Savannali. 

ALA THI, a town of Italy, in Cam- 
pagna di Itoma. 40 mihs SE of Home. 
Loii. 11 8 E, lat. 41 30 N. 

ALArVH, a town of Russia, in 

ALAUTA, a river of Turkey in 
Kiirope, which ruin through Wabichia, 
and iaili into the Danube, almost op- 
posite to Nieopolis. 

ALU A. a I wn of Italy, on the river 
Tanaro, 30 miles aE of Turin. U>n. 
8 5 £. Ut. 44 4fi N. 

ALBA JULIA, a city of TransyWa- 
aia, situated near the river Oinpiat. 24 E, ht. 46 ? i N. 

ALBANIA, a province of Turkey 
in Kumiie, on the gulf of Venice. It 
piwliices excellent wine. The iiihabi- 
lana are Christiam of tlie Ui-eek 
church. Durazzo it the capital. 

ALBANO.atownof Iialy.on a lake 
of the same name, finiuHM for its excel- 
lent wine. It standi If mitei SE of 
Hume, ani if the lummer retirement 
of agieatmany Homanprincet. lion. 
U SO E, hit. 41 43 N. 

ALBANO, a town of Naples. 
ALBAKOPOUS, a town of Tui>- 
key in Europe, seated on the river 
IMno. , Lon. ao U E, lau 48 41 

ALBANS, ST. an anouot bonMgh 
ofHerW,Wi the itver Coltt,io called 
'ftomSt. Alhan, wlw«ai the flnt nar- 
tyr in England. St. Altan'tiaAnu- 
ow fv the victory obtained by Kieb- 
ard duke of York, ia 14M. over Hen- 
ry VI; and ibr a victory which queen 
Margaret gained in 1461,over the earl 
of Warwick. This town rose Oom 
the niiiu of the ancient city Verulani, 
nothing of iitjA cemiin except the 

oM walla. St. Alban'i wndt Vto 
mtroben to parliament, and is 81 
miles N by W of Vauix, Lon. 1 i 
W. ht. <1 41 N. 

ALBANY, a fortress behmgiiw to 
the British, on the SW «ff Hud- 
ton's Bay. Lon. 81 80 W, lat. »a 80 

N. J . , 

ALBANY, a pan. town and eapiul 
of the state of New York, and of Al- 
bany county, if «iioated on the W 
hank of the Hudson. It wat flnt set- 
tkd by the Diiicli in 1614 and a sloet 
ade ereeteil, which was enlarged m 
1623 and called fort Orange. In l««* 
it passed into the hands of the English 
and received its present name. lo 
charter was granted in 1686. The 
public buiklidga of tliis city are the 
capiiol at the Tiead of State-street, >» 
ftTt by lis. The E ftont is adorned 
with a portico of tlie Ionic order, with 
four coliuniis 3 fo't 8 diameter, and S3 
feet in height. On the centre of the 
roof is erccwd a circular eupohi 80 
feet diameter, its dome nistaina a 
figure carved in waoil repreientlrg 
'lliemis ; an old city hall } an elegant 
ne>v jail; an arsenal; 2 banking hous- 
es, tliat exhibit a beautiful appearance^ 
and a tlieatre. There are also 19 
places of public worship, 2 of which 
belong to the I>iiich reformed i ongt^ 
giitioiM ; S to PretbyteriaiM ; 1 Episco- 
pal ; 1 Griman Lutheran ; 1 Roman 
Catholic ; 1 Mellwdiit meeting house, 
and 1 Secederi. Albany is tupphed 
viih water by aqueducU Ihan a re- 
servoir situated on the hill near the 
capitol, which is supplied from a 
spring abont 3 mile* distant. It car- 
ries on an extensiva trade, and is sit* 
ated in th) centre of a lin-tile countiT, 
and on one of the finest river* in the 
world, at the head of doop Davigauon. 
lu population in 1810 amounted to 
03S6of whom aw were sta»«». N. 
lat. 48 39, ton. W Atom Qreoimeh 
73 3*, and E of Waihiijflnii 3 a«. 
It ii tM miles N of New Tork. 171 H 
W of BoitoD, 173 S W afBaxUagun 

in virmont,ll30 Sof M<lll««at320 E 
of Niagara fhll*, ifld 377 N E oi'Wad^ 

'"^ILBAHAZIN, a town of Spain, ia 
Arragon, seated on the Ouadalayir, 
100 mile* E of Madrid, lu wool i* 
the be*t in Amioe;, lA^ 1 W W) 

hiU 40 30 If. ^vf' ^- -3B-«--»- . 
ry, with a •tronf 
the road IVnm Mo 
103 30 E, lat. S4 

bay in the Mate < 
extends into thi 
miles iVom the oc 
18 broad. It it 
vers Roanoke, I 
nd several other 

in the departroen 
is 3S mile* NNl 
NNWof Parii. 

seaport of Italy, 
Genoa. It i* set 
lanean 37 mile* ! 
8 3 B, <at. 44 4 > 

a porcelain mai 
bmibanied, in 1 
lon. 8 10 B, lat. 

ALBRET, ■ t 
tke departmeatt 
Sof BourdeiMB. 

ALBURO, a i 
Ide eountr, Vei 
Ac edge ofiaket 
aUch extmdt fVg 
like. It ii about 
4S| the boundary 
the United Stat 
1110, 1100. 

ALBURO, a ti 
Jnttand, icatej i 
mdein herringi 
4« E, lat. sa SOU 

naikia wool and 

ALBV, anane 
It it aitiiate ia 
Tarn, and contaii 
The iahahtlantat 
»; aadwaretl 
andemned by a ' 
It bat fbur mua 
■ay riew airtlw 
Ad plain. wUdi | 

Km, exedient « 
■ Mwuitan 



mill. St. AllMD'a Koit Vto 
nhen to pwliamcnt, uid ii II 
L'l N by W of lAmdm. Lon. 1 : 
lit. 11 41 N. 
iLBANY, « fortKM brtonnmr to 

Briiith. on the SW of Hii* 
's Bay. Lon. 81 ao W, Ut. M iO 

LLBANT, « po^t town and eapiul 
the state of New York, and of Al- 
ly county, ii riiuatfd on the W 
ik of the Hudton. It wa« fim iM- 
I by the Dtucli in 1614 and a alotikf 
! errctol, which was enlaiKvd in 
!3 aral called fort Oranie. In 1(IM 
laswd into thi' hands of the English 
i recrived its prfstnt name. Its 
irtcr was Krautcd in 1686. The 
blic biiiMidfn of tliis city are the 
iiiiol at the Ticad of State^treet, 90 
t by lis. The E ftunt ii adontfd 
th a iiorlico of tlie Ionic order, with 
ir coliunns 3 fot 8 diameter, and 33 
t in height. On the centre of the 
if is erected a circular cupola SO 
t diiimeter, its dorae sustains a 
ure carved in wooil n-preientlrg 
leniis ; an old city hall ; an elegant 
w jail; an arsenal; 2 banking hout- 
tliat exhibit a beautiful appearance, 
d a tlieatre. There are also 1» 
Kcs of public worship, 3 of which 
long to the Hutch reformed lOiigiC' 
lioits; S to Presbyterians ; 1 Episco- 
1 ; 1 Gfiman Luiherau ; 1 Roman 
ithulic ; 1 MellKiditt meeting house, 
id 1 Seceders. Albany is supphed 
ith water by aqueducts ftom a re- 
rvuir situated on the hill near the 
pltol, which is supplied frasn a 
iring aboot 3 miles distant. It ear- 
n on an extensiv« trade, and is situ- 
cd in th> centre of a tin-tile countiT, 
Ml Oik one of the finest rivert in the 
wM, at the head of doop nangatrask 
■ population in 1810 amotintcd to 
56 of whom %f4 were shiTO. N. 
t. 4» 39, ton. W ftom Onaawieb 
I 34, and E of WadanjCM 3 M. 
ii 160 miies N of New York. 171 H 
r of BoUon, 173 S W of JiiuUiigtiiD 
I Vermont, JMO 8 of MdutteiimoK 
'Vagm fidJf, i« 377 N E oi'Wad^ 

'\lBAHAZIN, a town of Spain, in 
rragon, seated on the Ouadalayir, 
W miles E of Madrid. lu wool u 
le best in AmBog; iMk I U W) 
IU40 30K. 


t 9 ] 


ALBAZIN, a town of Great Tarta- 
ry, with a strong ibrtress. It is on 
the ra«d IVnm Moscow to Pefcin. Lon. 
103 30 E, lat. 54 N. 

ALBEMARLE SOUND, a spacious 
hay in the stale of North Carouiia ; it 
extends into the country about 60 
miles iVom the oeewi, and is ftom 8 to 
11 broad. It is the estuary of the ri- 
vers Roanoke, L'hawan, nwiuotank, 
nd screral other stieams. 

ALBEMARLE, a town of France, 
in the department of Lower Seine. It 
it 35 mflet NNB of Rouen, and 70 
NNWofParia. Lon. 1 30 E, Lat. 49 

ALBE^NOUA, an ancient stnng 
icaport of Italy, in the territory of 
Genoa. It is sealud on the Meditfi' 
imean 37 miles SW of Ocnaa- Lon. 

ALBISOLA, a small town behme- 
ing to tiie republic of Genoa. Here is 
a porcelain manufaeture. It was 
bnnharded, in 1745, by the English. 
Ion. 8 SO E, hit. 44 15 N. 

ALBRET, a town of Fianeii, in 
UK department of Landes, 37 miles 
SofBoanktMO. LaD.0 3o W,lat.44 

ALBVRO, a township in Grand 
Ue oounu, Vermont, it riiuaial on 
Aeedge oflakeChamplainonacape 
ahich extendi from Canada into the 
like. It ii about U S of the parallel of 
45, the boundary betiraen Canada and 
tke United Slato. Population in 

mo, 1100. 

ALBURO, a town of Denmark, in 

Nftomtheaea. It has a considerable 
mde in he i ' iiugt and com. Lon. 
ME, lat. (OWN. 

m Esnamadura ; it carria on a great 
tndeinwaolandciotb. Lon. 7 3 W, 
ht. 3B M N. 

ALBV, an ancient town of Ftanee. 
It w litinle in the department of 
Tarn, nd contaiu lojooo inhabitnts. 
The nhabttanta were calhd Albigen. 
«; and were the flnt tbtt disputed 
AeauAontTorihepone: tbey were 
•"jdeianed by a oooned luxe in 1176. 
hbu fbur jgatea through which you 
nay view alTtbe btantin ofa delsHn- 
fid plain, whdi prodneci all kinfi of 

Kto. exeeUent winea, Baz. heinn,&e. 
■ town u a milM N£ of T«3niie, 


and3S5SorParib UtkiUTL 
44 15N. 

of Andalusia, in Hpain, seated on tht 
river Guadaira, live miles SE irf' Se- 
viUe. Lon. 5 16 W, lat. 37 38 N. 

hambome town of Spain, in New Cat. 
tile, with a famous uniTcnity, a fine 
library, and a eaitlew It is seated on 
the river Henarez, 15 miles ENE of 
Madrid. Lon. 3 6 W, bit. 40 36 N. 

ALCALA-OF.-REAL, a town of 
Spain, in Andalusia, seated near tto 
river Sabalo, six miles S of Seville. 
Lon- 5 33 W, lat. 37 18 N. 

ALCAMA, a handsome tovm in N 
Holbuid. In the environs they make 
the beat butter and cheese in HoUand* 
It is 17 miles N by W. of Amsterdao. 
Lon. 4 44 E. lat. 53 40 N. 

ALCAMO, a town of Sicily, in the 
valley of Mazara. Lon. 13 53 E, tat. 

38 S N 

ALCANTARA, a sDiall hut strong 
town of Spain, in Estramadura. It 
haa a magniflaent hriitoe over the Ta- 
in, built by Tra|an. Itii43miletN 
by W of Seville. It gives name w 
one of the three orders of knigbtliood. 
Lon.a7 W. hit.S9aOM. 

ALCANTARA, a town of Spain, 
in Andaluaa. Lon. S 10 W, lat. ST 
40 N. 

ALCASSAR, a city of Batfaary ia 
the kingdom of Fei. ?t was fbrraer- 
ly a city of great note, but is no* 
fidlen into decay. Lon. U M W, 
Ut. 35 15N. 

ALCARAZ, a town of Spain, in La 
Mancha. It is situate near the souraa 
of the Guadalquivrr, 135 niilei SSB 
of Madrid. Lon. 3 « W, lat. 38 3t 

ALCAZAR, a town of Spain, in 
New Caidle. It lies in a very ftuitful 
country, 100 milet NW ofCarthaaeiia. 
Lon. 4. 30 W. lat. 38 15 N. 

ALCAZAR LEGUER, a town ia 
the Idncdom of Fei, seated on the 
stitita of Gibraltar. Leo. 5 30 .W, 
lat. 35 ON. 

ALCAZAR.DE4AL, a town of 
Fwtugal in Estraiadura. TheymahO 
fine white adt li^^ whenee the town 
tahea iti name. It it Mated on the 
river Cadoan, 15 niilea ftom the seiL 
and 35 HE of Ltabao. lflB.80W, 
lat. n U N. 



[ 10 J 


ALCMAER, ■ dn ir 'lie United 
ProTincit, about 4 milei (Voin the ir*, 
If rrom Hacrlem, and 18 fVvin Am- 
•terdam. In 1709 it wai taken by tbe 
Britiih, who were fbrced aoon after to 
abandon ic 

ALDBOROUOH, a borough and 
MajKirt in Suffoliu Tlie town wa» 
totiaalj much looier; but the tta 
bai taken away wkie itreet*. It i> 
S4 mile* NBof Londoo. Lon. 1 4a E, 
bt. «3 10 N. 

ALDBOROUOH, a borouch in tbr 
Vf _riding of Yorkdiiie, on the Ouie, 
wUch tendi two memben to parlia- 
ment. It it If miln NW orYork, 
and M5 N by W of London. Lon. 1 
10 W, ht. 4 8 N. 

ALDERBUHY, a village in Wilt- 
•hire, Kated on a mil, two niiki from 
Saliibury, and near tlic Avon. It ear- 
net on a manufiKtutv of fuitiant, 
and received eoniklenible damage by 
a fire in 1777, whoi 300 houiet were 

ALDERHOLM, a pkaaant idand 
of Sweden, Ibrmed by tbe three armt 
of a river, running thiDUgh Gentle, a 
towji of Norland, in Swediai. A eon. 
MttMe trade ii carried on here in 
plankt and dealt. 

ALDERNEY, an idaad in dK En- 
gbih Channel ; it it eight milet in com- 
JMM leparated fVora tbe coatt of Nop- 
mandy by a ttrait called the Race of 
-AUerney, which it a very dangeroui 
pattage, on account of the rockt ui>' 
der water. It it a tiealthftil itiand, 
and fVuitful in com and paiturc ; but 
Ini only one church, in a town of tlie 
Mtue name. Lon. s r W, lau 4» 4« 


'aLDBRETTC, a tmall town of 
Portugal, in Alentejo, on the river 
Caia, which fallt into the Ouadiana, a 
littki IkIow Badi^oi. It it leven niiles 
8E ufPortakgie. Lon. 7 Si W, lat. 

ALZNTKJO, a fiatile province of 
Portugal, between Tijo and the Gua- 
diana. 'the iiihabitanta are very iif 

ALENCONt, a huge hanhome town 
of France in the doMrtmoit of Ome. 
It it teated in anojm country, abound- 
ing in all lortt or com and finiitt, on 
tbe river Sart, 07 milea SW of Parii. 
„Itm. 10 E, bt. 48 18 N. 

ALEPPO, the ea^tat «r Syria, is- 

htaited by Turks, and ibnr wrtt a( 
C'irittiant, who have each a biibm and 
a church, and tbe free ciercitr at their 
religion. TIk city and luburhi con- 
taiu lasfiOO pertont. Neit to Coii- 
ttantinople, and Cairo, it it the mott 
romideTable city iji the Turkith em- 
pire. It it built on eight hillt. The 
houtet are large and commodioui, 
having teiTacet on their torn. The 
ttreett are carefully (laved ; have gui- 
ten and a foot iMvement on each 
tide. The moiquet are nuraermii, 
und tome of them inagniHcent. 'I'lie 
bazart, or market-placet, are long c» 
virvd lurrow ttreett, on each tide of 
which are a great number of troall 
thopt, jott tufllcirnt to hoM the trade* 
man and hit goudi. llwir chief con- 
moditiet are raw oi ipun eottom, 
clumty lineni fiibricatea in the vH- 
laget, tilk ttiint nianolhetared in ths 
city, eopper. eomw etotha, goalt hair, 
the nil nua of the KoanMtant the 
meichandite of India, tuch a« ibawb 
and mutlint. Eighteen miki SB of 
Aleppo, it a burge Bban, called Ike 

Valley of Salt, and in Aprik people 
are einphiyeii logather thia lalc when 
a quantity it gathered tuflkwot to 

tupply all thit part of die country. 
Aleppo it 70 milei E of Aiexandietla, 
and 170 K by E ofOamaieu. Lon. 
37 M E, bn. 31 4S N. 

ALESIA,eaUed ALEXIA bv Livy 
and othert ; a vown of the Mandahii, a 
people of Celtic Gaul. 

ALESSANO. a town of Naplet, in 
the province of Otramo. Lon> 11 IS 
E; bil. 40 10 N. 

ALESSIA, a town of Albania, near 
the roouihbf the Orino. Lon. 10 8 E, 
lat. 42 8 N. 

ALESSIO, a town of Tarkhit Dal- 
matia, teated on a mountain it aula 
flpora Spalatro. 

ALE r, a town of France, in the de- 
partment of Aude. Ititteatedonthe 
river Aude, 15 milei S ofCarraaaiiwfc 
Lon. 2 ME, lat. 43 NN. 

OEROON, a town of 8yria,in Aiia,al 
tbe extremity of the MedltiTraneai^ 
Sea, and the teapon of Aleppo^ ttam 
which it it diiiant28 or SO lo^iiiet. It 
it now nothinc bat a village ; and i> 
70 roikt W of Aleppo. Lon. S«2S B, 
bib 3« 35 N. 

ALBXANDRIA, a tawaMf to 

Hunterdon couni 
ed on the river 1 
Baium in Penn 
contained 2371 i 

Huntiradon coin 
■luated on the F 
the Juniata; pop 
uieo milet W 
Its Wot'N.fWii 

(a|iital of the nai 
tualtd on Red r 
fhm itt conflnen 
pi. It coniaioei 
raort houte, 40 
iM inhabitantt. 
wntern dittriet • 
point of intertec 
raadt in the coiui 
Id all the memba 
teriilory, and alii 
tat N and W. / 
nearthe middle oi 
Rapidet, which e 
rtnve and below I 
8 Biilet wide ; tl 
by Red river oi 
Bouf, a naviga! 
etei, St. Frnncit 
Opelouiet, Nacbe 
ing of the Sabine 
nich, SOOftumN 
SW of Wathingt 

liderable town o< 
tke duchy of Mi 
•ce, and a ttrang 
by Bonaparte wa 
Riaken by Suwai 
<don the Tanari 
8 4 


■ pmt "»«»> »■ 

II bnttiet of Colni 
luatioi ii elevate 
original lettlen li 
tke pin of Pldb 
boildingi, tonati 
cue for epiacOpa 
pnl, academy aia 
iTler thn captun 
■Hit humiliating 
by the Britiih co 
ntixeu w«««o 



lAited by Turks, and Ibnr lorti o( 
'iriitiuu, who have each a bithm ani 
^hiirch,aiid tbr Tne exerciK' ot their 
Mfpon. TIk city and luburhi coO' 
liu lasfiOO penam. Neit tu Con- 
aniinople, and Cairo, it is the most 
msklerable city in the Turkish cm- 
irr. It is biiilt on eight hills. The 
wises are large ana commodioui, 
■ving trt-raccs on their torn. The 
reets are carefully iMved ; nave gui- 
n and a foot pavement OD each 
dc. 'IV mosques are nuracrmii, 
rid some of them iiiagnilicrnb The 
Him, or market-places, are lonK c» 
trfd narrow streets, on each side of 
hich are a great number of small 
lops, just sufflcirnt to hold the trade» 
uui and his goods. l°heir chief com- 
Miditiee ai-e raw oi spun cottoni, 
iumsy linens fabricated in the tH- 
iges, silk stnfTs manafhetnred in the 
ity, copper, eonne elotha, gnala hair, 
K Kail nuu of the KounMtMM the 
lerehandise of India, such a< ebawb 
nd musliiis. Eigfaieni milea SB ef 

alley of Salt, and in ApriL people 
re einphiyeii logMber thia miu when 
quantity is gathered suflkwnt to 
ippiy all tUs pan of the country, 
ieppo is 70 miles E of AiexaodlcKa, 
■diroNby EofOnuueu. tan. 
r ao E, lat. 31 4t N. 
AUBSIA,eaUi>l ALEXIA bv Uvy 
id oibers ; ■ vown of tbe Mandnbii, a 
uple tt Celtic Gaul. 
ALESSANO. a town of Napka, is 
■e provinee of OtnsMo. Lon> 11 V 
; hi. 40 ION. 

ALKSSIA, a town of Albania, near 
le niouihbf the Orino. Lon. M X, 
it. 42 8 N. 

ALBSSIO, a town of Turkirii Dal- 
latia, seated on ■ mountain U miles 

ALE r, a town of France, ia the da- 
irtment of Aude. It is seateil on (he 
iver Aude, 15 miles S of CaremioMb 
on. 2 ME, hit. 43 i0N. 

iSaOON, a town or8yria,in Asia,at 
K extremity of the MeditRnuwai^ 
ea, and the seapon of Aleppo^ ftoa 
rhieh it is distant 28 or SO le^pies. It 
I now nothinc but a viBace ; and is 
» mike W of Aleppo. Lon. S«23 B, 
It. 3« 35 N. 

ALBXANORIA, • tamnkip te 


[ 11 J 


Hunterdon county. New Jereey, situat- 
ed on the river Debiware, opposite to 
Basum in IVnnsylvania. In 1810 it 
eooiaincd 2371 inhaMunts. 

ALEXANDRIA, a post town in 
Huntiiwdon county, Pennsylvania, is 
■iluatnion the Frankstown branch of 
the Juniala; popohition about 200. It 
ulM) miles W of Philadelphia, and 
108 Wot' N, fWim Washington, 

ALEXANDRIA, a post town and 
capital of the parish or Rapides, ii s\- 
tualtd on Red river, aboui 120 miles 
fhm its confluenee with the Missisiqi- 
pi. It contained in 181.1 a handsome 
coort house, 40 dwelling houses, and 
iM inhabitants. It is the centre of ihe 
western district of Louisiana, and the 
poinl of intersection of all the grvat 
reads in the country. Thi-ou.^V it pos- 
ies all the merehanaiie for ihe Spanish 
tenilory,aial all the trade for the ludi- 
sas N and W. Alexandria is situated 
nearthe roiddleof the ft'rtile valley of 
Rapides, which extends about 30 miles 
stove and bekiw the town, and is about 
8 miles wide ; the valliy is enelosed 
by Red river on the K, and Ba)vu 
Biauf, a navigable water on the W. 
JUcxaiidria is equally dijtaiit from Nai- 
ikei, St. Fmncisville, Point Coupee, 
Opetousea, Nacbetoehes, and Ihe cruss- 
ing of the Sabine, about 80 miles from 
(Mh, 300 from New Orleans, and 1499 
SW of Washington. N lat. 31 15. 

ALEXANDRIA, a strong and con- 
ililerable town of Italy, btiunging to 
Ike duchy of Milan, with a bishop's 
m, and a strong castle. It was taken 
if Bonaparte wbeii he over ran Italy, 
lelafcen by Suwarrow, and since taken 
by the FR-neb{ June 1800. It is seat- 
ed on the Tanara, 40 miles S by E of 
RMita^ Lon. 8 43 £, bit. 44 55 N. 
ilHCANDIUA, a post town and 
naMv entry in Ahauuidria county, 
Disliiet of ColnmUa, situated osi the 
Sbanfc of Ike river Aitomae. The ei- 
luatioeii* elevated and pleasanc The 
original settlers taud out the streets on 
the plan of PUIadelphia. to pidiVc 
baildings, sonfcof which are hand- 
amCLCiiiisist of ajpresbyterian church, 
cue for cpiacOpafians,* court house, 
pnl, acadenn and tenk. A few days 
ifier thn capture of Washington, a 
Met humiliating and disgraceful c» 
litnlatiai was imposed on Alexandria 
ly the British cooimanders, which its 
otiieu wtnoonipettedtotutawtto, 

in consequence of the defenceless state 
of the eitv. Population in 1 9 lo, 7227. 
It is 7 miles from Washiiiglon. 116 N 
of Richmond, and ahoiit ISO fmni the 
ocean. Lat. N 38 47 5V, lon. W fVom 
the city 1 39. 

an ancient aial once rich and rniiioiis 
town of Egypt, now much dcr.iycd 
though tlii-re are Mill some remains of 
Its ancient -plenduur. Th»- city was 
buiK by Alexander the Gif at, about 
3.13 yrai-s before Christ, and was a 
league and a half long, bv oiiv-third in 
breadth, which made tbe rircumttr- 
t'lice of iu walls about four kvgiiri. 
Lake Mareoli* barlM^ its walls on the 
S, and the Mt>dilcn-aneaii on the N- 
At present, the city of Alexanlria is 
reckoned to have about 14 or 15,000 
inhabitants. It is seateil on the most 
westerly bi'anch of thi' liier Nik', 125 
mites NW 01' Cairo. It was taken by 
tlie FniKli in their expedition to Vi- 
gypt. In I7U8 the canal of tlie Nik-, 
which commiinieales with the ensleni 
harbour, and is 40 miles long, was 
clearet' tux by order of Bonaparte. 
Lon. 31 11 E, lat. 30 ri N. 

ALFACS, tlie name of certain if 
lands neur tlie mouth of tlie Ebru, in 

ALFEIZERAO, o town of ^ortt^ 
gal, in : '.stremadura. Loo. 9 10 W, 
lal. 35 30 N. 

ALFKLD, a town of Germany, in 
the bishopric of Hiklesheim, 15 niik's 
S8W oi' Hikhrtlanm. I^hi. 10 4 E, bt. 
51 38 N. 

ALFIDENA. an anck-nt town rff 
Naphn. Lon. 14 30 E, lat. 41 48 N. 

ALFORD, a town in Lincolmhiir, 
with a market on Tuesilay ; seatiil on 
a small brook six miles tVom the sea, 
and 20 N of Boston. Lon. 13 K.hti 
53 16 N. 

ALFRETON,atown in Derbyshire 
with a market on Monday, 141 milrt 
NNW of London. Loo. 1 25 W, lat. 
53 8 N. 

AL6A010LA, a small fortified sea> 
port in Coriica. E km. 8 55, K lat 42 3D. 

ALOARVA, a province of An-tu- 
gaL 6f miles in length, and 20 in 
bfcaiib ; boiindedj^ the W and S by 
the tea, on the E by the Ouadiana, and 
on the N by '.knttjo, 

ALOEZIHA, a strdng town of 
Spain, in Andalusia, on the siraita of 
OlbTaluv. Lon. « IS W,bK< 30 I4 K. 


I » 

1 5; 

[ la 1 


ALOHEK, or ALCERI, ■ town of 
Sardinia, on the NW coatt, with a hi- 
ahon'iKe. Lon.8 40 E,ht.«>40 N. 

ALGIERS, one of the italMor Bai^ 
bary bouMkd on the E by Tunis, on 
(he N bjr the Mcditerrvnitan, on the S 
h) Mount Ailai, and i>r- toe W by Mo- 
iaeco> ItntendiMvniln AwnEio 
vr. The air i> temniale, and the 
land toward the N fertile in corn. It 
iiiiiTidtd into three prarincn, namely, 
TIemaun on the W,Titeriefni the S. 
and Comtaniia ou the E or the oily of 

ALGIERS, a large and itrona town 
of AfHca. in Barbery, the capiul of 
the kinijdoin of Algien. It ii built on 
the deoivity of a mountain, and it ui 
the fomi of an amphithratre next the 
harbour; inaonwca, that the houni 
appearing on: above another, make a 
wry fine apnearaneaflwn the wa. The 
top* of the fiauaai are all flat, Ibr whieb 
resMMi they walk upon them in the 
erening to take the air; beridet they 
a i e « u >«!ied witheartli.aiid wrre for a 
aort of taidem. The •Iraeti are nar- 
ntw.anoKn'eto keep off the axtivine 
heat of tlie lun. The mole of the har- 
hour ii 500 pa««> in length, exlmdiac 
flom the oontiiHnt to a unall iihuid, 
where therciiacanleaiKlabn]{eh«^ 
tery of gtini. The number of uibabi- 
tanu it M^ lobe 80^)00. Iiiiiiiiiate 

2podie Minorca, 300 mile* W of Tu- 
I. Lon. *18£,hit.34 9N. 

ALHAMA,atownof Spain,in Or» 
nada: near it are hot batik, the beK in 
Spain. It it V milei SWof Onmada. 
Lon. 3 14 W, bt. 3« M N. 

ALUAMBRA. the ancient fortrett 
■ri midenaeor the Mouriih UMaarchi 
of Granada, remaricable fbr the mag- 
nifieenl remaiBi of Moorith araMtee- 
tiue, ItittealediKartltteanllueaee 
of the Oro with the XceiU, U4 milet 
8W of Murda and 3U S of Madrid. 

ALIB&MA, a large ri«ar of North 
America in the MinUppi TerrUon : 
ititninnedby theJHnMtaiaribe T» 
Hpooia and llsoM, two very to n i i dt ra 
hH river*, tint rite in iIk mouotaiik- 
oucoootry of Oaorgli^ and ntpi 130 
mihii through.* rich aoontry, until. '* 

' ithe ToMigbMitofarmtheriWr 


[CANT,* Mapoct of Spain, in 

Ifab ItitteatedontheMiiditer. 

«n * Iwy tCtbc MM nane^ U 

milei S of Valencia : ito pMAlatiob 
17,43*. Lon. lat. SB la N. 

ALIOATA, a town of Sicily, nv 
markablefiir com and wine. Lun.lJ 
4B E, bt. 37 U N. 

ALLAHABAD, a city of Oude,in 
Hindootlan Proper, teated at the con- 
flueneeof the Gangn and Jumna. It 
it 470 milet NWol Calcutta, Loo. 82 
E. bt. 24 4< N. 

MOUNTAINS, a long range of moun- 
taint in North America, between the 
AtUiBtia, the Mitiittipui,and the fadieii 
exNnding marly parallel with the tea 
coatt, MO miles in len«h,and ftom 
60 to MO in breadth. Tlie diflktent 
ridget which compote thit immente 
range, Inve dillirrent nanwr in the diA 
ferent itatec Advancingftom the At- 
lantie,the lint ridge of Tenntylvania, 
Virgink, and North Cirolina, it the 
Blue ridge, or South Mounttin, fkwn 
IM to MO mile* from the teal and*' 
bout 4000 ftet high flrom iu bate. 
Next liet the Allegany, which it the 
principal ridge. Beyond thit it tha 
long ridge called the Laurel Mann- 
taint, in a tpur of which, in lat 38 dcg. 
it a ipriiig of water, M feet deep, very 
coM and a> blue at indigo. From Ibcie 
ridget proceed innumeraUe namelat 
branchetor jpurt. The Kittaliny,ar 
Blue Mountain*, run through the nor- 
thern paruof New Jeriey and Femi- 
lylrania. Thete mountaint are not 
eonfluedly leattered and broken, riting 
here and there into high peakt oni^ 
topping eaek other, but itretah aking 
in uninrro ridget, tcaroely hatfa uik 
high, lliey tpr^wd at they proceed S, 
aiM tome of them terminate in hicb 
perpendicuiarhluflt. Othertgnduaily 
tubiide into a lerel eountiy, nniig 
rite ta the riven which runaMMtfy 
into thegulf of Mexico. 'W 

tant iircam of Penntylvania. Itritn 
in the N nart of the alala, Mariv in a 
aeatral ditectioa B and w. Wind- 
ing aNW eourte,itpaite* into New 
T<n^ and a^ ninriag tome dit- 
in that ttate, it turn* SW 

through Pfenntylvanim and iCKlvet 
at Warren the CoMwanto, wUeb it 
naviobk! fbr 70 roikt. AtFrankUn,ii 
reeeirct French creek or the wetteni 
Branch, which riaet near Lake Erie, 
it 100 mik» long and navinbhi nearly 
toitiNutce. HcMetontttburgthe 

Allif^ny taki 
<)in>L-li4iii. 'I'l 
brnncliri, an' I 
Nl-^ aiid Kiikii 
'lite Alleglmny 
itiilfj from Pil 
than 400 miles i 

trrHhiri , live mi 

ry ifiliiiHU, l^iiig 
aiul In iIk- K »t : 

luiHlj^ruvntt ol' I 
ble tur its salt n 
tlK- Wwer. Lui 

town in CtMrU-s 
lirt about 80 mil 
and about 50 H u 
ton. * 

Rot*kiii;;haMi em 
Ham|»liire; abu 
eti^i*. iiiid atKiut 
poutilniiun 34S. 

ALI.F.R, n ri< 
diicli) uf Magdrl 
Ihllt into tlie 

ALLOA, a coi 
frith of Forth, a 
u\t t\w river tlii 
F, of Stirling. I 
some otiier ntai 
vr. hiu 5« 10 N. 

tile in Spain, Te 
fought in its m 
in which the Ft 
Ili-rwiek, defeat! 
Miirquis >k- Ins I 
Galwtty ; ntiiuil 
mill's SW utVttI 
ht. 38 54 N. 

Kttninindurn, lei 
lusite Lisbon. 1 

the uroviiice of ' 
ciNiniies of L^'Oii 
vadad Rodrigo. 
4S N. 

nigal, ill the pro' 
river Coa. Liw 




t S ofVklmd*: In pMAlMiob 
35. Umi. lal. 3A lA N' 
LIOATA, • town at Sicily, iv 
kiblcfbr corn and wine. I4n.ll 
1; bt. 37 11 M. 

LLAHABAa, a citr of Ouile,in 
doMwi PniiCT, MMcd at tte con- 
nee at' ihe Oangn and Jamna. It 
ro milet NWorCalcutla. haa.»i 
, lat. M 4« N. 

UNT AIN8, a lone raufe ofmoun- 
• in North AiDcrica, between tbe 
IBtie, thH MiMiHipui,aDd liie laketi 
mllng marly panulel with the wa 
it, MO miles in length, and IVom 
oMO in breadth. The diHhrent 
fit which conpoM thit inunerae 
pi, Imto ditlirrent nanwr in the diA 
nt itatet. AdvancinKftom the At- 
ie,the lint ridge oT Fenmylvania, 
(inia, and North CaroUna, ii the 
e ridae, or South Moumnn, fhm 
to 100 mile* from tbe wai and a' 
t 4000 ftet high flrom iu bate. 
It liei Ihe AUe^any, which ia tbe 
leipal ridge. Beyoiai Ihii it the 
( ridge cdlnl the Laurel Moui>' 
It. in a ipur of which, in lat 3S den. 
ipriiig of water, M feet deep, rery 
I and a> blue u indigo. From Ibeie 
[es proceed innunic-raUe naroeleH 
nchetor ipun. The Kiltaliny,ar 
K Mountaint, run through the nor- 
rn parti of New Jeraejr and Penn- 
rania. Tbne nMMiniaini are not 
Auedly Katlered and broken, riiing 
e and tfanc into high pealu ottt- 
ping each other, but itretah along 
ininrm ridgei, scaroely hatfa loile 
li. liter •M.'ad at they proceed S, 
1 Mune or them terminate in hlcb 
pendicuiarhlufli. Otfaengnduaily 
aide into a lerel eountiy, gwing 
s la the riven whkh ruamBriy 
a ibegulf of Mexico. ^W 

UXEOHANT RlVaa,aiiifpiir- 
it iitcam of Pemuylrania. Itritn 
tbe N nart of Ihe Mate, Marhr in a 
itral directioa B and W. Wind- 
' aNW eoune, it !■•■«• into Kew 
NL and liter nin^ng wrae die 
ice in that Mate, it tunu SW 
ough FenunlvaoM, and reeeira 
Warren the CaMmtp, wfiWh ii 
rirnUe ftr TO roiiei. AITranbUn, it 
eiwt French creek or the Wettan 
•nch, which riaet near Lake Erie, 
100 mile* long and naTinbh; nearly 
iniBiuce. Hcnee to nttiburg Ihe 


[ »3 ] 


AltrKhany takes more of a unnthrrly 
din'i'iiiiii. The princi|ial K.iitirrn 
brHnclH-i, arc rub>'i entk, fruni (lie 
Nl-; Olid Kiikimenviiii l\nm (Ik SK 
IIk AlleglMiiy ii itavlguMe for 200 
niiirt from Pili«biirf(, md it nut leii 
than 400 inilei in IriiKth. 

ALLCI il< HCH, a vlllave nf Wore<"<- 
Irnhin , flvi- miles E ana N of Bronis- 

ALLF.GR ANZA. one of the CnnH. 
ry iilnmU. tyiug in thi N orcimciuu, 
and 111 il»- \; «; St. Clmv. 

Al.I.KNI>OKK, u iiimtl tnwii in iIh- 
laiHlj^riivnte of Htsst- 
ble tur iu salt wurki. It i> scatul on 
tht Wesrr. Lon. 9 .w K, 41 V,» N. 

ALLEN'S KHESH, a small |ni«i 
town in ClMrlts county. Manland. Ii 
lies about 80 miles SSW cf Hallimort, 
and about <a H ul' Uiii ciiy uf Washiiur- 
ton. • 

ALLENSTOWN, a lownsliip in 
BockiiiKliaiii eouiuv.niiiUiuii'ol Ni-tv 
Hamptliin- ; abwu is iiiilen N\V of En.- 
eier. iiml ahmi 40 from Purtsmoulb ■ 
populniion 34A. 

ALLER, a river which rises in tfie 
diicli> of Magdfburv, » alert Zell and 
Ihllt into tlie Weier below Ver- 

ALLOA, a commercial town, on tin- 
frith of Forth, about W iiiiies higher 
«)> tlw river than Leith, oik! 5 miles 
K of Stirling. It has a glassliuiise and 
some other manufuctuiei. LoD. 3 43 
W. teU M 10 N. 

ALMANZA, n town of Ne* C««- 
tik; iu Spain, remarkable fiir a hottk 
fought in its neiglibou-hooil. in 1T07. 
in which Ihe Fniieh. under niurshiil 
Ilerwiek, deleated the allies under ibf 
Miirquii ik- Ins Minos, and the larl ot 
Galway : po|iubiiuii 1600. It it (0 
aiiles SW ot Vuhiicio. Lon. »8 W, 
hit. 38 94 N. 

ALMEUA, a town of Porliiinil, in 
Esti-anindurn, tealeil iiii the 'l'i*j(i, op- 
poiite Lisbon. Lun. U 4 W, kit. 38 33 

ALMEDIA, a town of Foriiigal, in 
the urovince of Tnelus-mnnto, on Ihi 
confliies of l^on, 17 miles N W of Ci- 
vadad Kodrigo. Lon. 6 15 W, lat. 40 
4S N. 

ALMEIDA, a fortifieil town of Por- 
tugal, ill the province of Beirn. uii thi 
river Coa. Lon. 8 15 W, lat. 40 33 

' ALMENDVALAIO, a tewD of 


Spain, in Estramadiira, near thJ bor- 
ilirs of Puriiigul. Lon. SAW, lat. 
3« 3i\ ,V. 

AI.MEHIA. a leapori of SiMin. in 
ila nniviim-of Gnnaifai. with a hi> 
shop s sie, seated on ih<- rivt, ■ 'ineria, 
(^2 miles BE of Granada. 1. % 15 
lib 3A 91 N. 

ter ol'smiill i«lai(l« UII iht comiof Zan- 
giiebur, ill Al'rira. They lie h> luetn 
ihe p..rHlk!hor S lal. 5 30 and 9 49. anil 
between the meridiaiit of E kin. 91 40 
ami I 45. 

ALMISSA, a small but timne town, 
at the niouili uf ihe Cetina. in Dalina- 
tia, fliniuiis lor ilt piraci' s. It it 10 
mikn E of Spalatro. Lon. 17 45 R, 
Ut. 4 44 N. 

ALMONRURY, a village In tlie \V 
riding of Yorkshire, two mikt SSE 
uf UuddersliekL 

ALMONDSHUHY, a village in 
Uhmcettersliire, light milet Noi' Bris- 

ALMUNECAR. a ii-aport town in 
the kingdom of Gmnatla, leak'd on the 
Meditirranean, with a goiHl harbour, 
dt'finded by a strong caitk', 30 miles 
SSE of Alhuma. ton. 3 45 W, hit. 
38 30N. 

ALNWICK, the county town of 
Nurthiimberhmd. It wat drfi-nilrri by 
an okl tt«lely (;othie castle, the teat 
of the dukeof Nunhuniberland, which 
has been htely repaired and beaiitiflisl. 
It a 30 mikt N of Newcatih , ») S of 
Iks-wick, and 305 N by W of London. 
Lon. I 30 W. lat. 15 25 N. 

AL03 r, a town of Flanders, on the 
river Dender, hi the mhl.way between 
Rmstelt and Ghent. Lorn 4 U E, lal. 
*i) 98 N. 

ALPNACH, a town of Swiiterland, 
iu Underwalden. seated on lake Alp- 
nach. Hii arm uf the lake uf Ihe Four 
Caiiloiis, with which it unitet near 

ALPS, the highest mounlaini in Eu- 
roiH-, tepatstiiig Italy from France and 
Gerniniiy. 1'hev U^iii on the tide of 
France towniil tlie Mtditerranean he- 
ixeen iIk' territory of Genoa and coun- 
ty uf Nice; iiihI terminate at the gulf 
of fiirmtro. which is part of tbe gulf 
of Venice. Tliey coi»i>taf Mitychaint 
ol moiiiitniiis, ranging uiie linn ano- 
ther, wiihonly narrow valleys between. 
I'liey are couipused uf ttupendout 
rocky massct, two, fonr, and even lix 



t »* ] 


MnK pilnl upon «wh oihrr, •ml finm 
4000 111 H,ono firi liiKh. I'l"'"."": 
ffw iMaw*^ uvt-r Iki'Iii, hihI iticw ofull* 
Dciilt •»«•.•. HwiMertowl i»kM h|( * 

SxhI purl of tln-ne nioiiiiuiin, or ra- 
in- ihf vulliw helwtm Ihi'iii. 
ALHKSKOKU, a lowii in lliimi>- 
■hiii , uwl * miall nniiiifiH'iun- iif llit- 
■cti. Ii i» in "''I'" *"*K of Siiirtli- 
■nip«an, mvl 5T WSW of Londmu 
lot.. I 1 W, 111. M (1 N. 

A l.HAC K, « III* inliip of BorlH coun- 
ty 11 I'l'iUKvlviiniu. ii liiunlKl iiii liw 
H «mU> uf ihf Sthiijikill, pu|>uUuoii 

AUSF.N, Ml Ul«nd of Deiiinark. Ii 
hai iioihiiiK remirkultli- IkH i«u I'liv 
Ik-t, uid U 100 milei W of Copnilm- 

AI.SFF.I.D, anancn'm town in iIk- 
fauMlKraruic of Hi-w.- Caait'l, iu inba- 
bicaiiii wt-re ihi- lliit in lhi« oounury, 
»lii) riiiliracitl the nformalion. Lmi. 
o 1'', Int. SO as N. 

AI.S ION-MOOR, a lown in Cum- 
brrland, KUtulun ahili, at iIh- Uitloin 
of wliicn rimi llie I'jiie, wilh a »iinii- 

briilKr «»'■' '»• " '• *° •"''''* ''' ^X * 
of CriflWi-, and 303 from Loialon. 
Kon. 3 14 W lat. 54 M N. 

TAINS, aie an eMeiuive ranut- in llie 
N of Alia, exinidiiiff about MOO iiiiln, 
IVoin tbtr TOlh to the 140lh «g. uf K 
king, i'liey ariilivitktl intotbc Uri-at- 
er and Utwr Altai ; the forim-r nro- 
eiiilinK to llr NNE by varioui wiml- 
ingt, »i>d tlM- lailer ruuninK betwwi 
SuonKOvia aial the govirnminl of Kol- 
hy van. Souk nf tlie iialit lilual niuuii- 
tains, of tte varimu riilgn of tin- Al- 
tai clbiin, lie with ihuK of tlie Alp<. 
fat niagniuidr and iiibliinitjr. St-viTiil 
•xtcnnve and iniponaiit mitm of Si- 
beria, are tituated in th«« muiintaiiii. 
Th« >ilvn iiiinet uf Kulliyvaii, llK 
tkbitt of the kind in the Hiinian cin> 
■lire, ata In this ruiK ; Ukvwiae cop- 

Ser and iron minei UMtate very pro- 

ALTAMOKT, a l»wn of Naplei, 
in Calabria Citerior. Uiik IS 2S K. 
lat. 3') SO N. 

ALTUORF, or ALTORF, the ca- 
piuluf the canton of t'ri, in S»it- 
lerland. It ii a handtoiiie townem- 
buHHued in ittfp mountaini, ami n 
cek'bratid a> tht- birth ulace of Wil. 
liain Ti'll. It it «itu«tcd at iIh- mouth 
of the river Riu<, Iu the S of llie lake 
oridizeis. Popvlatwn 4000, E Ioiik- 

« 14, 1» l«». 4« JJ ; ili'tant ft-oin tht 
tomi o» Ui»rm »0 mik-t SE. 

AI.ritJSHlJKa, II tuwiiul (ierma- 
ny. in iha eirek of Upper Snvoiiy, 
wUh a moot cmtk. Luu. U M E, lat. 

M> y> H. 

AI. rF.NBUnO. or OW AH, aluwn 
of Lower lluunnn , on ilie l>uiiube,4a 
niika hE of Viiiuia. I^n. I' '3 K, 

an aiHiient town of ttermaii|r. in Hul- 

ALTESSOS.a lown cf Pu-dinont, 
twtwafli the riven Uore and Stiira. 
mar rjiiiYeuerte. Lou. T M E, laU 44 

.11* N. ■ . I , 

AL TEZEY, a town and eaitte or 
Genuany, in tlie Palaiiiiote of the 
Khiiie, U mile. SW of Menu. Lon. 
I la E, lat. 4J 40 N. 

ALlKlMCII.a town of Frawee in 
the depurtnieiit iif the Uujier Hlnm^ 
on the river Ilk-. 4* mil<« SSW of 
StniburK. Lon. 7 M E, lai. 47 40 N. 

AL I'MORb; a lown of IreUwMl. in 
thi- county of r)ii)ii<',7 niik'i NW of 
IMilinuion. Lon. a 44 S4 4) 

ALTON, a town in Hainpihire. on 
ilie river Wey. It hai one eliurch, • 
tVi* Khool, a liu|?e innnulVieiiiic of 
riliheddroKgeH, iiiHlurK,-idr Niinieij 
It ia 48 iiiiii'i WtiW of LoikIou. Lou. 
u S6 W. lai. 91 M N. 

AL rONA, a vaiiort of Ocrinany, 
in ibe duchy uf HuUtein, K«teil on the 
Elbe, hi tlie vicinity of IlainlHiri;. It 
wai burnt by tla- Sweile* in I7U. but 
Imi been lince beautifully rebuilt. P» 
(lulation 34,500. E U»>g. » 95, N lat. 

" '»• - ^ 

ALI'ORF, atown of aermanr,tai 

tlw territory of Nui-eiiilurg, with a 

fjiiuou) iiniTrrtity, a library, and a 

nhyiirg<irdeli. Lou. U 33 l<:,lot4U3* 

ALTORF, a town of Genuany, in 
iIh' eirck; of Suabia, lubject tn the 
liouie of Austria. Um. tf M E, lab 
47 40 N. 

ALTORF, a town of 8wn«Tlann,in 
the canton of Uii, ix'ur ilie iiiou'.kof 
tiK' river Run, on the Uke uf Lueini, 
20 uiili't SEuf Lucem. Lon. 8 35 E, 
Ut. 40 55 N. 

ALTRINOHAM, a lown in Cho- 
jhire. ISO inib<i NW of London. Lon. 
3 33 W. Ihi. 53 33 N. 

ALVA-DE-TOHMES, a comiilera- 
ble town Of SimiB, on the Tmnic*. 1 ■' 

mik-i SE iiT Sal 
lar. 41 N. 

trnhire, elp^ht 

Irncia. on llie ri 
of Vak-iieia. L 

AM AR, an ill 
CotH-uhanfii, (Vo 
"I n) n canal. ] 
and two biiwd. 
in (nnleiii nnd p 
Cnpenlia^an will 
p-lnhlei. Ihi! i< 
faniud, niHl two ii 
above ,1000 iiiha 

AMAL, a tiiM 
proviiic" uf Ool 
a ^n-at trade in 
13 40 v., lat. 49 I 

A,MALFI, an 
Citerior IVineipi 
arehliiihop'i m. 
tbirinina ronntr 
lat. 40 28 N. 

tke d partment ^ 
lau-ljr a cek-bratr 
nliitiderrd. Lo 

pW,in Calafat^ 

talia. It la the I 
and prndnm the 
of Nalolia. It 
nrihqiialu-, July 
E, let. 40 31 N. 

ptat river oTSc 
iai it> aource in 
hill into llie Ai 
thannela, which 
overflow their ha 
country. Its cni 
•000 niilea. lit 
bro. d , and it nn 
»iar 300 oilier ri 
fiwn iu mouth, i 

ka, >H)uiKlrd nn I 
aia and Guiana, 
luitic Ocean am 
b Plata, and on 


irU*.4A 5.1; ilUlwit IVmn the 

I of Luwm JO iiii'i'* SK. 
I.TENHUKO, tttuwiiul' «frm» 

II tlM cirekf of Upper S«v«iy, 

B iironi cutte. Loll. U M K, lab 

I N. 

I. lENBUnO, or OWAR, •town 

o>vtr HiMi»or), on il"-- l)iimihi',40 

■ hK ol' Vitiiii*. Uni. 17 13 K, 

iickiu low" of Oermiuiy. in Hul- 

LTE8SON, » town i;f Pifdinonl, 
VMS the rivrri l)<m nnd Sturn. 
■Lmiveuerte. Loii. 7 »o E,liiU44 

LI'EZF.Y, • town Biid r»«tle of 
iiinny. in tlir Huliiiiimti' ul' the 
!«-, IS mifcj S W ot MiiiU. Lon. 
I F., 1*1. 4(J 40 N. 

L rKIBCII. u town of FrMlee m 
Oi'partnK'iit of the U|>i>fr Klnnu, 
tliTrivei- llfc. 44 mifc-1 SSW of 
iibiirn. Lon. 7 20 E, Ul. 47 40 N. 
,L I'MOKl'^ a town of Irctond. in 
couiiiy of I'lrow.T mi lei NW ol 
iigBiuon. Lin.* 41 W,lm. J4 41 

iLTON. « town in Hninpihire, on 
riy«T Wey. It h»t one tliiirch, • 
J Khool, « Ui'ne mnniifiiciiMc of 
xil (triiEKrit. :"hI •irR'-'il'' Niiniet ; 

■ 48 miUi WSW of Loiidoa. Lou. 
6 W. Isi. SI S3 N. 

VLl'ONA, a KaiHiit of GirmimT, 

■ he duchy of Hol«li'in,««twl on the 
h;, 111 till- vieiniiy of Hainlmil!. It 

■ burnt by tlif Sw«lr» in 1718. but 
I belli tinct- hmniifnlly rrbiiilt. P»- 
Ivtion M^OO. E loiig. g 5j, N UK- 

IL I'OHF, u town of Qermanv, in 
! territory of Nuitmlurg, with • 
iiniii niiWeriiity, « library, and * 
yaicgnnkik Lon. U 23 I';iat.4y20 

/VLTOKF, a town of Oemiany, in 

■ lireh; of Sunbin, tubject to the 
««■ of Austria. Lon. » 30 E, lat. 
30 N. 

AL roRF, a town of SwijuTland, in 
f eantun of Uii, ncur llio inou:hof 
I' river Him, on the Uke of Liu-.i-n, 

iniK't SE of Lucem. Lon. 8 U E, 
U 46 SS N. 

ALTHINOHAM, a town in Ch* 
ire, 180 iiiilii NW of Londoik Ixm. 
32 W. till. S3 «3 N. 

ALVA-DE-TOKMES, a comulera- 
ie town Of SpiliB, on the 'I'oiniej. i ' 

A MA [ IS ] AMK 

milei SE of Salamannb Lnb « 4 W, I ii 1200 mik-i lonR. and (MO hnad. It 

'"iJVI.SVnv 1.^! rxi- i« rj-'rally a flat rraioti ahoniidind in 

*LVl!.8roN, a Tiltafici in_Olouec» | woudLlnkn, riwri, biM^ ami mora*. 

"^ '-■»• Theioil it very rSh »ii«l feriik-i 

IIk' tmi aiid ptanuari-verdaiil all the 

AMDRRG, a hanltome town of 
nerraaiiy, capital of the UDptr Fal» 
liiwtp of Batraria. Iadi. U 7 K, lat. 
40 SON. 

AMUERT. a town of Pranre, in 
the department of the Pay da Iknn*. 
It wat reniarkabk', befbra the Fivncb 
revolution, Ibr the great nnnibi'r of 
paper maniifuetiirrt in its viiiiiity, 
and Ibr its trmle in coarse burs, cam- 
lrti, he. It is SI miln K of Isauirr, 
300 Si by E of Paris. Uni. SME,l«t. 
4i 21 N, 

AMni.ESinP., a tawn af Wnt- 
morcland, seated on Wlaaudemwre, 
13 mtk^ N W of Kendal, and S71 NN W 
ofLnndui. Lon. 3 S W, hil. M M N. 
AMBLRTEUSE, a seaport of 
FfMiee, in Iha department of tha 
Bttaiu of Calais, 8 miks N of Do«- 
logBr, d<'ft'nd<'d by a baitrry of can- 
non. Lon. I 41 F.,bilM4« N. 

AMBOI9B. a town of Vrtmtt, bt 
the dipartmem of Indrr and Ixrirr, 
•rated at the Gonflaence of the Loire 
andMaesp. It is 12 miha B of Touni 
and 118 S by W of Paris. Lon.OM 
K, fait. 47 as N. 

AMBOYNA. an ishuid of AtfaL in 
the Indian Ocean, with a aarrbna 
town of the same nanuN ft h the 
eMef of the Moluccas, and reniarha- 
bk fbr the quantity of doren and 
nutmegs it producviu The BngHsh 
and Dutch had (iKtories here at the 
beginninx of the 17th eentnry ; but 
the Uiiteh npelleil the Ei^lish. and 
tortured thciii with tlie most savuge 
erorli). The natives are gcuerally 
Malnmetani ; but there are mhiic Ro- 
man eatholica. amoi^ ihenb Lw. 127 
£, lat. 4 ik 

AMBERSBVRY, a town in Will- 
rfrin.iix miles N of Salisbury, and n 
W of Londusb Lan. 1 40 W, bi. It 
11 S. / 

AMKDABAD, a laege and imp*- 
lga< dty nf Indostan, aaal the eapiwl 
of the province at Uuatrat. It ti one 
ot'the Vtt fbrtUWd plaeea in India, 
bat was taken by tenenl Ooddatd, 
in 1780, Ikmn the I^anah Mahntias, 
to whom it was ratond in 1783. It 
standi bi « heaiMiiW plata, «n the 

<* . < * ».. . , «. . 


ALZIRA, a town of Spain, in Vt- 
kiicia. on llie river Xiicar, 17 miles 8 
of Vitk-iicia. Lan. 10 E, hi. 39 A 

AM AK, an iilnnd in the Baltic iK-ar 
Coneiihagrn, fVon- which itb u'paral. 
r<l h) n canal. It it (bur niilet long 
and two bixwil. Tlie ialiind i| laid out 
in ijardens nnd putiini; ani supi>liet 
Cnprnliaftan with niilk^ butter, ai«| ve- 
artuhki. I'hii itlnnd is Hbo«tMWiuih> 
onind.and two in length, ai«l'%ii«aiiw 
(hove 3noo inhabitants. 

AMAL, a town of Sweden, in the 
pnivinc" of Ciothland It carrias on 
a great trade in timber and tar. Ton. 
12 40 R, lat. «9 N. 

AMALFI, an ancient tmvn in the 
Citerior IVincipalitv of Naplea^aiid an 
arthliishop's see. II is seawt in a 
<htiriningc<mmr}-,oiitliewvsieni coast 
«f ihi gulf of flahnmo. Loo. 14 41 E, 
lat. 40 28 N. 

AMAND, ST. a toam of France, in 
the d partment of the North. It imA 
lately a cekbratrd abbey, whieh is naw 
nlutiderrd. Lon. 3 sl £, ht. Ktr 

AMANTEA, a •Papoit Wwnaf Na> 
pterin Calabria Clieliorr, near the 
bay of Eufirmia. Lod. 18 19 {L bii. W 

A, MAS! A, an ancient town of Kl^ 
tolia. It h the residence •TahMitai', 
•ml pmilnces the best w|im lndli¥tla 
oi Nalolia. It wan d«wn| i « 4 by an 
ewiliquRke, July 3, 17»4i I.011. 30 
E, let! 40 31 N.' ! 

|mt river of South Amttm, which 
lias its source in Peru, and npming E, 
falls into the AUaniie OeHIn Wf 84 
(hanitels, which iii dke iWgf 'leaam 
overflow tteir hanks, and MWxe the 
country. Its enune li benMen 4 and 
tooo niiks. Its monli»4»:I(9 mih» 
liru: d, and it rvoeive*, in its progrtit, 
mar 200 oilier riven, and IMp niiles 
fitim iu mouth, it ii 30 or |t TathotDS 
deep. . ,, 

AMAZONIA, a coimtM-in S Amer- 
in, lioiiiiitrd on the N bTTerra Fir- 
ma mill Giiiaua, on the E Mr the At- 
lantic Ocean and Braxil.oD.-ihe Shy 
U Pliia, and on the W by 9t^ It 



( l« 1 


hMifci oTl M»il!»W<- ri«T iM Wit 

AMKI)NA<»1'R,»«>«) o1 Hll>» 
tail, ill il» DMTmi ; onrt thr cuiMt^ 
ofih. Souhiih ot ihi- wiiir nmnr. whifh 
iimi* S mr kiMiwii h) llwi <il IJo»- 
laiuhtul. li 1' !'•• ii'il'*. ''» !*<«"»'». 
flnini llomtav. Um. 7« o K Ul. I» 1" N. 
AMK.I.lA.niK P>«"l'"l«"y "•.'"'»'• 
in i»ir rtiti' •!' Ui<- rliiireh to milw *» 
W iif iliolrtto. will *' N ut HotiK-. 
Urn. H ."» R. I»«- '« H N. 

AMKNIA, * p«rt-tn«inhip Hiimt- 
«1 ill ihf NF. niriicr of DiiUlii' «»"*• 
tt. itiiii- of Nr» Ycirk. li miiiiMi" < 
Pri lb) irrimi nmiiinn 1miii» «, iiirf in 
Itlu tu pniniUtiuii »»« .Wi. I« i< 
U4 niiln N of PoiiRhliwlHir and 313 


AMKHICA. «w of llH- ioiir p«rti 
of the *orti.«»l bj much tht taivi. 
A it bwmM oil ill Mk% b) ihf "«•" 
■I tntwun from ilir lit «l iliicoverifi. 
It toolt lU nam* <Voin Amnicni 

lliMMhS b 
I'hr M|* 

H 1U». .- .— ' ^** 

J*«eitti,'iii riowniiiH, hut »m »r« 
Uttrntcd by ChriWoplMr C iilimWii, 
• (kniocte, in MMt. iliit inimriijr 
MliUiM^t ii .livlAil iiilo N Hid » A. 
mericL wliicb are i«iii«l by iIh; ittli- 
iMK of DurlMi, "f HMioniH, which u 
only 00 niilM *»li-. Ill N Aimrini. 
«hfch rr«*i-« from V 30 N l"J- <" J" 
or 7». or p.rh«p« » • l*""''' ''JJj 
neutr th« pole, »iid IV<">| «> >? '™ W 
k»RR- wiATpn-hf mini thi- divi».oi» of 
UUrwIor, duwiU. the »««••• 
ofAiiieriM. FtoridH. M«ic), O.i.i* 
bmNi ■ml tbcir luUiiviiloiu ; mid in 
8 Ai'nwl* nwiKlinr from »l»«' " 
a lot to W » lit- •nJ I™"' ■'*!'• '* 
W ion. irr inclodrf 'l«>«- "'..r??''!: 
»iela,New C.miadii. Prrii, thili, (.in- 
MiB Br«»il. l'»niRu»y. I'iilaK'"!"". o"*" 
«|ie'Tvrn 1>1 >«'«K"- «'"ch '• «H»- 
ntwl IVom thi- continent hy the .traiu 
afMKrflBn. Ilic chii-t rinTi of N 
Anienca nwUie M.»i«lppi. M.«<"uri. 
llllDoit, Ohio, 81, Uwroior. toii.irc- 
"eot, Wsm, Dcta««r«. Voivmn^ 

Sri Nortr ■»! Coliunbta. lho« of 
B Amrrin m the Oroiioco. tlw Am»- 
Soi^Mlnpio- «>l the R.« De U 
I^t«, or Rronfc 11k- pnncipul 
mountaim ot Ameriain coniintiit »« 
thr AimIm, the Stony or Roc«y i nivd 
the Apii\i«hi«n or Allegliin.y. 11' 
a(u UK HaJwii, commonly oiulia 

tin I whI iht Carritibrtii. 
Uf, Beffln'. Imy «iid il* 
I ii.^p.1.. Th. )^lll^ Ml thr Kulf '»• 
HI. LiiWInner, of Mi-m"! »iid • "'''*• 
III*. ||»l«ki«iirr Wiiiiiip>T. H'lp^ri- 
or, Miakhpui, Hiiro". *■'■'»• <>»""* 
iiiHl Nn»A«i»v. A. <!» '""Iiimhi -f 
Aim rirtW ai»llii«ui«l'"l lro.ii ll»- O" 
\V.«lilb\ ihr nr«Hl.-iir ul ii.t.i.i»n-.( 
w It rtliihl'i » ionlr«t no !.•. rt- 
iimrkubK' In Ihr ««.• divrniiy ol ,u 
rliiiiiitii aiiil •nwui'- •• ""'""• 
throuck thr temiM mtr /"i"*'''* '""^ 
ri.1, i.7id » liurl of III.' N fr.Kid /urn-. 
III.' wiiilirtuIN Arnrnco uni luHkr 

•iKlthe 11 H-rt hoturllMinil«M'_or 

Kur«n» ill th. iniii' luii'id.'- ""^ 
i\,»^u,wrMfmt ul III- N." WorM 
nrr iir».r«u5i«t«il «' '•»• ml'"* '"'!'• 
ilim i.iTvtIh in tbB wni^ rrgHim i» 

AMKHSroRT. »townof ihcNHli- 
.t1..mI., in Utivichi, «»t<il ill • "-f 
til.' .'.miiiry on tl» riv^r KmIm. U i"iW 
K ,.f Uu»i<*< I « "''«'•'*•'•",;• 

HAM. II h.*.HiRhof BucU «""'■""'» 
ol iilKiiii snolioiwt.iinilu «" nii ;'» S" 
ol l'.ii'ki"»h«ni. «ml »0 NW ol Uh* 
dun. W Ion. 1J, N int. U *0. 

AMRHBUHY. n to»n in Kmcxcuuiv 
f», uMe of M.».«'liuwiu, i. •itu»i«J 
on « nnvigiibk nvir, W miki N by E 
ol riowon I nopuUiion lawo. 

AMKWKl.L. » towinhip of ' . !»• 
tcrdon eonirty >».^*^\"\^^. 
J»r«v.«bout .14 mill!* N by E ol Pb* 
■fclpiiia. It roiiuin' about <,7)7 Uf 

AMHIIR8 r. n pi«t town ol IMIv 
boniucli eoont, . New Ham|»hiri\ i. «l- 
imlrU on iwKtliwn branch ol boiilK- 
i;»n riv.T, wbWt OiU» into ilie M.rn- 
ii,«k. It i. 00 mika W ol Puri^ 
moiilli, W N W of »o..«n, and 4f« N 
!■'. ul Wmhinnion. N hit «, 54 > w 
Ion. T I, 111 Population 1*54. 

AMJitltfl. • iwt towiuhip ol 

lI»mi.*h«»o»nl5. ».«'•"'!' »' ""S* 

chu«ni«- It i» «7 mill* W Iroiii B«i- 

I ton mill a»W K of WaJiuigton. Po- 

pulalioii 14M. , r 

AMIENS, an ancient elty "' 
France.-lniht ifcparinient cf Soniint'. 
The cuthMnl win oiu- of Ur lurRf.i 
and inoat iMgiilftcem in France. |>i^ 
viointotlarFreHeli revolution. Thttv 
hranclM of •«l» river S.imnie enter 
tliii eitf. It ba« m"""'"*'.""^ "' 
linen vri woollen c loili, ctfablub.4 by 

erOmt, which r 
■riltwriii rooiitr) 
10 inil<-i NK, of i 
Parlt. K liMi. I 
hitndnil of '1 wi 
Ainlmy. Thi' 
at ki't Mater, wa 
miImI ruck. Pop 

W Inn. 4 *l .VI, I 

irliiKO. lirlile ii 
III. |(n'al>'it ill) 
hml II iIm' want 
in rircuiiif. relic. 
K inn. 1ft IJ. N I 

in Kiinipr, aiic 
Mamkniia. ini ll 
niik'i N P. uf Hal 
.N lin. 41 3H. 

.km-, M'atiil pk' 
killt. but ill a 
niik-i S of Ihtll 
I^iikIoii. W lull 

Cntakinin. ii *r 
ilie river Pliivia 
(rliiiin. V, Ion. 3 

MmUKonKry c 
\i>rk. nliiatttl 
tlulinNvk. In 
inhab'tantt atal 
n, the Cliiii 
iliruiitili the to. :'iin full* ii 
It ttt1i>id« pood 
niuuth ii kitiiat 
III iilani. « liii'h i 
uitl cuniuiiis 3^ 

llllill, Ktc. It 

baiiy. mid 40B I 
laial in the Pn 
cuaii at Spilxtai 
aiiotlirt' I .IhikI I 
iienr tin? W coo 
N lat. I' M : aa 
IHM.' Sea. betwe 
el' T'ornKna. 

liHlian lea. It 
piirpiHC of colii 
and iea-lion*. 
dent markH of 
tinn ; aevtrul 
irrvnl, aial on. 
of water, a uuii 

t>l. . ..v^l»i'l"tl(l ij^ll 





r »' 1 


iHti'i h«yi kimI •!'« CwriMxaii. 
TU, luw Ihifflir* l«> "'•' ''»•. 
wpMk. Ilw %«if- »"• '•»• *',' r 
LiMrNncr, or Mfxiwi »i»l <'">"":• 
, In lidii-' Of VViimimf . Hin>i-ii- 
Miobknll, Huron. Krw. Oi.urw. 

Nxangiia)' *" 'I* ••oni"""' "J 
» ri««««lii««>"R«»l'"' '"">'. '•"• "" 
,1 1.1 In Ihr Kr«ml.->.r of in l.«t«ri . i 
It ixliiM'i » iimlrwt iiu l.«. rt- 
ikuldiln llir »kl.- divfrtiiy ol lU 
„mu aild »i»"ni. it "t.i«U 
.luAlhi- IMiUHmly '"'«*'''• '""^ 
, .'d * t»rl nt ll..' N ffiKHl "'"h- 
». »iirt>-rtulN AiiwriM iu« iuU»r 
il tlw .iiMiMxn hot" r tlwn it»«^'» 
iNinr ill Ihi «i»f lililiidn. H'M 

4<«t<«i«l !«•"• "' ''"-.N' * W'lrM 
p i(r»< riuniti-titl I" '•»• i»t""« '"■»•• 
at |)irv«ll» ill the «nit n'tlMnw I* 

A MKHSrOR T. • town of ihr NHli- 
lui.ili. iu Ut.mlii, wHt"! '"' » !*■"* 
.■.•..uiilryonili' riv'^.'- ••■■';''7-"""^; 
„|- IHwiehi 5 21 Kloii. N W. " ». 
AM, > h.»-.mRhof Buck*. "M""""! 
iibim 1 «<» lioiui't. mw " «" '"'J'", "»» 
HiKklii«h»in. •ml »0 NW ot Urn 
Ml. W fcni. 15, N tau SI 40. 
AMB»BURV.nto»iiin hiMexcouij 
r, iintc irf M.ii.«ihu«-ii., H •itu»uj 
I n nitvigiibli' livi-r, » milei N by B 
rikwoniMpiiUiioii l««o. , . ^ 
AMKWKLl. 11 township of '.;'•• 

»r«v.»b0Ut .14 mliiW N by E ol I'h* 
Aelplii*. It eoiittim »l»ut I,T>1 «> 

AMHKR8 T. a pmt town ol Hill* 
loniiigb •ounty. New H«miHhii;t\ i« «l- 
irUhI on fciHWdiMH bnuich ot SoulK* 
;.n rivc-r, wUelt ftU« Into Uk M.rn- 
m«k. itiVtW niik. Wof Pori^ 
iiomli.*! N W of Bo.j»n, •lid *f»^. 
K or Wmhitifston. N lul «. M i w 
on.fl..V1> I'ojiutalion 1554. 

AMiUiWl , • prnt lowiuhip ol 
ltaroi.*ke««i«t5.«nd«tnl.ol ifai* 
thu*ii« *tniT 11.1k. W fr.H.1 a» 
ion ami Se**IK of Wellington, ro- 

pulation 1469. , 

AMIENS, an ancient ejty ot 
Frai«:e,-tothe *^p»rt.iieiit cf Stoniiw. 
The I'utWwat w.i< oiu- of Ur larKt't 
and ino.t%gnm<*utui Frauci;. 1.1*- 
viuii»tot|KfFn!nelir«oliitioB. riinv 
hraiielM of •the river Soiimie eiit.^^r. oty, It hai 'i>»»"'«|«;^'« "' 
linen mk wvolten c loth, etnbluM bf 

04>itrt. whlrh rmpkiy In Oir 4ty md 
arij.H'.'i.i riHintr) I0,a<10 piwphh It l< 
90 inikt HK <>r AhtK'till.'. auAri N of 
ruia. K kHk 1 M, N lai. 40 M. 

AMLWCH, a naporl l»«n in <>>• 
kiiialivil of r»rerWn, ud-Mpf^ "• 
AiiKk-«y. IV haAoiir, «M«k b ill y 
at ki'> water, waa rwavMcd Ant of ilw 
■nliil n^k. t'opnlalHin In IMI. -I'l??. 
W III... 4 U M, N hil. M S5. 

A Ml I ltd US, an iaiand »f the Arthi- 
oiliiKi). ftriile ill wii», oil, ami run.. 
Il» Knnltat ineonvniM-inf <if ili.a i»- 11 the want ol fial. It i« .10 n.iln 
in elrciimfi niuw, and OT N of CaDdia. 
K imt. in 15. N lat. 3A 30. 

AMrmi'OI.IS, a town of Ttarfcey 
in, anrwiitly the capital of 
Maniliniia. on the rirrr Btrymini, 70 
n.ik'< N K. uf HiikMik-hi. K Ion. '14 l«, 
N I111.41 1H. 

AMPTHILL, a town in BedfoiiW 
«hm', M-atiil pkaaantly lii-twwii two 
hilb, hut ill a Imrrvn aoil. II ia ai» 
niik-i S of Ikdfanl. uiul 45 NW ul 
Lonriuii. W lull. II), N lat. 53 0. 

AMIH'HIAS, » arnport of 8paia,in 
Cnnlmiia. i» arolwl at tla- inoilth ol 
tlr rivrf Kliivia, 60 inikt JNE ol' Bar- 
ctlii..», E Ion. 3 «, N lat. 4» 5. 

AMSIEUUAM, a pott uiwmhip of 
MoniKoincry ctMinty, itat>- of New 
\i.ik. lituautl on tlie N ahore of ila^ 
Mol.nwk. In 1810 it conlaimd 3u3'i 
inliah.mnla Rial 1 pi-rah) Urian ehureli- 
ea. The fl.iictcni.mla creek r.iiia 
iliro.isli the fownahip in a SW dirco- 
iMi. :<nd full- into the Moluwk riVer. 
It iilliiida raaal mill aitrt, and at hi 
nwiilli ia ail.iattti Ite village of Ai» 
lU'.ilan.. wliioh givra name to the town 
».<l <^ollluilla 25 lioima, loine atorea, 
n.illa, (tc. It it .10 niih-» NW ol Al- 
bniy, niHl 40H NE of Waahinctpn. 

AMS TKHUAM, an uninhaUtnl it- 
land III the rrozeii Sea, near the W 
cuaai of SpitztaTgtni ; alsotlie nanivof 
anutlirr 1 .laial in tlie gulph of Mauar, 
iifiir tlie W eoQit ol t'e) km. E Ion. 8 1 
N Itt 1/ 50 : and of anulber in the Clii- 
iH-sc Sea. between Japan aial the itiaud 
tf I'ornKiia. 

AMSI'EROAM, an iiland in the 
Indian tea. It la resorted to for the 
pi.rpoae of collceii.i(( the tkina of tealt 
ajHl lea-luini. 1 liu itkind beara evi- 
dent marka of rectiit volcaiiie er.ip- 
tion ; teveral cratert hair been ob- 
itrved, and oneof verv large sixe full 
of tvater, ■ uuuber of hot ipiiiiga were 

alaii fiMind in diniirnl parfi of Ihaia- 
land. Il .a iipwanla <il 4 n.ikrt in 
k-iuih, »nd iiImiii iwii n.ik-a aial a latlf 
In bnaihli. f la' grt-at eraler on the 
K akk' forma a luarUHir, i.ilo whiak 
the Inlet (tow in u SE by H direiiMNi, 
■t tirf! rale of 1 i.iiki an hour, the 
dritdl ia H or IU tallaana. Uii evi-ry 
oiaer aule the iilaml ia inaecettibk-. 
E. km. 7ft t », H Inl. .18 41. 

AMH I'EIIDAM. a lari.', rich and 
|Mi|>..k>..i ciiy in IIoIIhihI, capital of 
tiK L'liintl I'rorint'a. Im- walla are 
high, aial will tiirtilkd ; ami tho 
baidilP wl.irh joiin llir rani|Mri ia laiilt 
over iIm! riv. r Ainalel, ami it mir of 
the fliHil piceia of aii'biu'ctiire in 
theae iiana. Vt* citk-a have llvir 
pa.UiriMiikliiWa aun.w.iiumeroat.aiai 
well kept. I lie foniaknion of ihii 
town ialakl upon, driven bitu« 
i.Hi. ati. aial .iiider ilw atadlhoiite akina 
are I3,0.«. riie iireita are a|iacMJ<u 
and will imvttl, nial iiHjtt of them have 
raiialt, with rowt nf treea on each akk*. 
It ia eunipuletl to lie about lialf at 
large ai Lnndoii It lurremk'i'Hl to 
)h< king ol Pniaiia in I78T wlicn that 
priiiei- invaded Hollunil, in fa>our of 
the ataililHikkr, Imt ivaa ■■vaeuateil on 
tho n^ioratki.i of iIm' latter to l.ia 
rlRhti. H'lntr il aiirreialered to tlie 
Fmuh in 1TU5, iu trade liat greatly 
din.iiilabi^, ami iia mcrchaiila liave 
btren inipovi ridital by (be repealed ex- 
actiona of their ni|iack>ua eonqm rort. 
Iu populatioii in lUOA wat etti.natitl 
at SOOjOou. It ia icated at the conllii- 
ence of the rivera Anialel niid Wye, Af 
loiki N of Antwerp, 175 E by N ol 
I«ndca,a4a N by V. of Haria. ami 3«0 
N W orvknua. E Ion. 4 50 N lat. 52 23. 
AnAUYH, I river of Siberia, wliidi 
riiea out of a lahe in N lat. 68 a. and 
E km. 169. and, pontiing a SEfoune, 
fallt into thai MR uf the I'Mtlle oocau 
wbi.'li la calM the le* of Andyr, or 
the AiiMlir Skaia Oulph, In K km. I7T, 
34, N hit. Ofc It ia a broad but ibal- 
kiw river, and it the boundary of two 
dilierent eliinatet and aoib. 

ANAMOOKA, a Hotterdam iiland, 
one of the Friendly Itiandi in the Pa- 
eiHc ocean. The prineiiial harbour 
it on tbeSWtade.the anchorue gaud. 
aiMl the depth of water hwu to to 11 
faihonii, it it, however, tummnded by 
nefi aial auid bankt, be It wat flrtt 
diicovercd by Tatman ia 1M3. H lata 
20 15, W Ion. 175 3R 



[ >8 1 


ANCASTRR,« smnll town Uy 
eoluriiiiv, li miles 8 of Linct)ln. It 
WM mideiilly n Roman villnp-. on • 
Romnn bi|>hway, aiid lies onder a hill 
nboumtinK with aiitiqiiiti«. 

ANCENIS, a town of France, iral")! 
on die Loire, >n thf di-prtmem of 
Lower l<oire. *00 miles E of Ntniot, 
W Ion. 1 S. N lat. 47 IS. 

ANCLAM a town of f^ermany. in 
Pomcrania, on the rirer P.iie. 20 miles 
S of Oripswnlil. K Ion. 14 *. N lat. 5 52. 
A^'COCUS. H liver of ilie Mate of 
New Jersey, tiiUing into the river Del- 
aware ahoiit fi miles below Burliinton. 
ANGONA, inarqiiitate of. ii n pro- 
vince «f I'ulv. W> mile* lone, and 48 
broad. I', i. iiotimled on tlie E by tile 
Kulf of Venice ; S by Ulterior Abrii/- 
io and Umbria, and W by Urbuuo. 
rounlution 333.000. 

A N CON A, an ancient town and cilo- 
del of Italy, on the Riilf of Venice, in 
the marqnuaie of Ancoiia. The ex- 
chante is a magnificent edifice, but 
many of its ele)?aiit buildings, with 
the arch of Trajan, have lieen demo- 
lished during tlie disturbances of the 
TGvolntioii. It was taken by the 
Firncb in 1799s and .etakcn by the 
allies in 1799. I'opiilution 20,000, E. 
long. 13 29 «, N Int. 43 59 54. U a 
19 miles N bv Eof Rome. . 

ANDALUSIA, aprovince of Spam, 
2J0 mites in length, mid ISO in breatllli. 
It is bounded on the S by Granada, on 
the W by Algarva and the Atlantic, 
on tlw N by Estrainndiira, ami on the 
E bv Mm-cia. Populniion 1,270,000. 

ANDAMAM8I.ANI1S, on llw E 
side of the entraice into the bay ol 
HeugaL The inhabiUnts are the mOit 
savage in the whole worl* 

ANDAYE, ■ foftifletl town in 
France, situate ot the mouth of the 
river Mdassoii, opposite Fonurabia, 
18 mitea 8W of Bayonne. Lon. 1 45 
W, lat. 43 25 N. 

ANOBLEY, a town of France, in 
the deparfinent of Kiire, SO miles SB 
of Ronen, and 60 N W of Paris, popu- 
lation 3865. E Ion. 1 20, N 4'." 15. 

ANDERNACH, an ancient city of 
Germany, seated on the Illiine, lo 
miles K W of Cublentz. Lou. 7 22 h, 
lat. 50 29 N. ,„ . 

ANDERO, ST. a seaport of Spain, 
in the bay of Biscay. It is 60 miles W 
of Bilboo, and is the capital «l tlic 
utuii province of Los Mniit.'Uiuile St, 

Andre. Tt is 'I commercial town wiili 
a pOpnlidioR < f 5«». W ton. 3 59 50. 
NInt. 4|-e8 SO. _.„ 

ANmS, «r CORD1LI.K.RA9, a 
chain irntuuntaint in South America, 
the kffih^ in the world, which run- 
ning ita^ I 1h' most northern purl of 
frm. to the I traits of Magellan. «« 
the longest Md most n-markahle in 
the world. Ihey divide th.- «hole 
southern part < '" America, iiml run a 
leiipih of 4300 1 liles. The Amies may 
lilenilly lie sai'l to hide their heads in 
the clouds ! tli" storms often roll, and 
■lie tlniBdiT 1. 11 MS Ik low their s :.. 
niiW. which. UKiugli exposed to tlie 
raysof lliesun in tla' 'orrid rone, arc 
covered with ev -rlasting snow. From 
e-speriments mule with a barometiT 
on the mQantaiii of Cotopaxi. it ap- 
iiearcd that its lunimit was elevated 
6852 yanls abo.-e the surface of the 
sea, something .iiore than three rco- 
graphicitl miles. In these inountaiiis 
there are said to be 10 volcaiuies. 

ANDOVFP a fltiurishing jiost town 
of Ealex county. Massachim-tts. P». 
niiliUlon in 1810. 31fi4. It is 22 miles 
N<irBostoikfe490NE ofWu*ingtnn. 
AMUOVEK, a post town ol Hills- 
homigh county, Ni.-w Hampshire. It 
comaimil in 1810, 125<) inliiibitants j 
aiidis 528 miles NE of Washington. 

ANUOVER.B town in Sussex coun- 
ty. New ,Ii rsey, about 10 miles S by 
EofNewnm famous for itsiron works. 
ANDOVKR, a Ijoiaugh in Hunii>- 
•hiro^lO miles N by W of Winchester, 
am! 05 W by S of lAiiidon. It is si- 
tuated on the river Amle, population 
in 1801, 3304. 1.on. 1 20 ,V, lat. 51 14 N. 
ANDRARUM, a town of Sweden, 
in Gothlaral, three miles S of Chris- 
tiaiistadt: where there is llie giratcit 
alum work in Ihe kingdom. 

an island in ihe Carribbean sea. 187 
miles N of Porto Bello. It is a singu- 
lar circumstance, that on tliis island 
there are neither birds iicr beasts, nor 
any fish in the rivers. W king. 81 40 
Nlat.12 33. . . 

ANDREWS, ST. a city in Fifeslnrr, 
with a university. It was f3rinerly 
the see of an archbishop, and is sea'ol 
at the bottom of a bay. on the level 
top of a small hill, extemling E and 
W. having iin open piwliect of tw 
(ierman Ocean. Tlie town of St. An- 
drtw's w«» trtcleU into a royal bo- 


mugh by David 
The castle was th 
tad nunishment c 
window is still ■ 
beheld the icartv 
hiri. who was f>i 
nealh; and in tl 
was assassinated i 
in 1 01, 3303. 
F/liiiburgb. W 

ri- ^ of tlie Distr 
N o, la- ' LfinlM 
thi'-.^od '.una S 
in two miles of tl 
loiheN. itdescen 
and unites wit,: tl 
from the ocean. 

DUG AS, a town 
since of Jaen, si 
bank of tlie Gu 
lemk'd by a castl 
some lieautiful cl 
Population 3250, 
37 SO 10. It is 4 
•ml 23 NEif Ja 

ilcpiirtment of tl 
tlie river Gardnn 
t^ serges, woollei: 
ini;s. Populatiui 
from Mimes, ai) 

the Archipelago, 
of I he Greek chu 
>m1 several iiion 
pul ricliesof tliis 
It lies totlieNol 
30, N lat. 37 50. 
RARE^A, or I 
the largest of tl 
situated in the cb 
between the iit 
Madagascar and 
from which it is 
is inhabited by ^ 
with the other 
Mahometan cliit 
tary to the Pirti 
Slat. 11 44. 

«ipilal of Alle^ 
Kew York, is 28 i 
II is watered b) 
and contiii'iied in 

MM i <B i nt i W> ».»ia» M !W WWW» - 

0f. ■'' ■■ 

»i|ri". It ii 'I commersW town wiih 
IXipitlirtioR < r M90. W Ion. 3 59 SO. 
Int. tf-eSSD. _.„ 

ajnari^oMnlaint in South An»ric», 
e ktmlll. in the worM. which run- 
US fra^ llir m<wt northern pwt of 
•m. to the J train of Muir-lbn. lire 
e lonceal'Mcl mo« niiiarkaWf in 
e worM. Ihpy ili''!*' 'h<- whole 
uthern part < '' America, iind run a 
ni-ili of .1300 1 lilen. ''he Amks may 
[rr:illy lie jail to hUc tlR-ir luiids in 
f cluiuU ! t!i' •.torm« often roll, and 
le tliuodtr h irsn IkIow their »;:.. 
it«, wUch. ukiukIi expojed to the 
lys of tlie sun in iIb' torrid rone, nro 
ivervd wiilievrlnstinRinow. From 
iptriments muli- with a baronietiT 
1 the mountain of Cotopaxi, it »p- 
farttl thnt it» luninnt was ek'vattd 
ISi yanU iibo-e the wirfiice of the 
•11, somctliiiig .liore than three Rt* 
rauhic:^ miles. In these inountaiiu 
im' are saiil to be Ifi voleaiMies. 

ANDOVFP a flmirisliing jMUt town 
r K«ex county. Mastachusi'lts. Po- 
uliUlon ill IS 10. 31(14. It is 2a miles 
IorBosto*fc490NE ofWmhinRtnn. 

ANDOVEU, a post lo«ii ol Hillv 
amieh rannly. Nfiv Uiimjwhire. It 
>iiiaiiit'<l in 1810, laSM inhabitants j 
lid is i28 miles NEOf Washington. 

AKUOVER,* town in Sussex couii- 
I, New .Ii rsey, about 10 ir.iles S by 

I ofNewUm fainons foritsiron works. 
ANDOVKR, a Ijoiatigh in Huniii- 

lire, 10 miles N by W of Winchester, 
ml 05 W by S of lA)iidoii. It is si- 
iiatid on the river Amle, popnlalion 

II 1801, 3304. 1.on. 1 20 .V, lat. 51 14 N. 
ANDRARUM, a town of Sweden, 

n Gothlanil, three miles S of Chris- 
iausiadt: where there is tlie greatest 
lum work in the kiiigdom. 

in island in the Carribhean s»'a. 187 
niles N of Porto Bello. It is a sinpi- 
ar circumstance, that on tliis island 
here are neither birds iicr beasts, nor 
my fish in the rivers. W long. 81 40 
< iat.l2 35. . ._ .. 

ANDREWS.ST.acityin F^fesliire, 
vith a university. It was fjrmerly 
he sec of an archbishop, and is sea'cd 
It the bottom of a bay, on the level 
op of a small hill, extending E and 
IV. hnvliig nn open piMsJiect of llie 
ierman Ocean. 'I'lie town of St. An- 
Irtw's WKB erected into a royal bo- 


[ 19 ] 


mu|;h by David Lin the yw 1140. 
The castle was the scene ot 4tl'u>""^''y 
•ml punishment of canKnnlBcton; ilie 
window is still shown from which lie 
bflitld the lEartvrdom of George Wis- 
kari. who was (>uriit on the ipot be- 
nraihi and in this castle hebimstlf 
vras assassinated in 154A. Population 
in 1 01, 3203. It is 30 miles NB of 
F/luiburgh. W Ion. 3 45, N lat. 50 

. KUROSCOGOIN, I comiderable 
ri* ^ of the District of Maine. It rises 
N Oi ■■- - V/mliagog. in New Hamin 
khir''..,iul '.'una SE until it passes with- 
in two miles of the sea ; tlien wimling 
ID (he N, it descends the Pejepwot falls, 
Mtd unites wit!: tlie Kennebee, 30 miles 
from the ocean. 

DUG AS, a town ufSiiaiu in the |ii-u. 
since of Jw^n, situated on the right 
bank of tlie Guadalouiver. It is de- 
It-mled by a castle, anil adorned wiUi 
■onie lienutiful churcliesand convents. 
Papulation 3350. W Ion. 43 58, N lai. 
37 50 10. It it 40 miles B of Cordova, 
uk133 NEif Jacn. 

ANDUZE,a town of Fnuiee,in tlie 
ilrportment of the G.ude, situated on 
the river Ganlnn. It has iMiMifactnres 
uf serges, woollen stufft, and silk stock- 
ings. Population 5000. It is 31 miles 
from Niiues, aud 37 from Mouipe- 

ANDROS, an island and town in 
th' Archi|ielago. rheinbabilaiittare 
of ihe Girekchurch.and have a bishop 
ami seseral monasteries. The pnna- 
pul ridiesof tliisislaial consist in lilks. 
It lies tu tlie N of Candia. E Ion. 35 
30, N lat. 37 50. 

the largest of the Comoro islands, is 
situated in Ihe channel of Mozambique, 
between the nurthern extremity of 
Madagascar and the Alriean ocast, 
from which it is 310 miles distant. It 
is inhabited by Moors, and is governed 
siiih the other islamls by Pagan or 
Mahometan chieftains, woo are tribti. 
lory tu the P}rtugue<>?. £ Ion. 43 58, 
Slat. 11 44. 

ANGELICA, a post townsliip, and 
«ipiial of Alleghany county, state of 
New York, is 38 miles kmg ana 11 wide. 
Il is watered by the Cienessee river, 
and contni'iied in 1810,43Binhabitanis. 
The viUnge of Angelioa, in which the 

county courts are heM is 385 railea \f 
of Albany, and 3A NW of Washing* 

a town of Mexico, and capital of the 

Krovince of TIascala, is situattti in a 
ne valley on tk' river Zacatiila. ilie 
buildings of this city, which arediiefr 
ly of stone, are sumptuous and elegant, . 
and the streets broad ami regnbir. Be- 
sides many splendid churches, there 
are two colleges, several convents, and 
13 nunneries. Population 00.000. It 
is 65 miles SE of Mexico, W Ion. M 
40. N hit. 10 35. 

ANGELO, ST. a small but siAmg 
town of Naples, in Capitanata, Ave 
miles N of Manfredunia, and twofYom 

ANGERS, an ancient town of 
France, in the ilepartnient of Maine 
and Loire. It is seated near the con- 
Hiu'iice of the Sarte and Luiiv, ami it 
divided by the Maine into two parts. 
The inhabitants in 1803, amounted to 
33,900. It is 50 miles E of Nant«,aiid 
175 SW of Paris. W km. 33, Mat. 
47 38 9. 

ANGHIERA, a town of Italy, in the 
duchy of Milan, and capital of a coun- 
ty of the same name. £ Ion. 8 40, N 
lat. 45 42. 

ANGLESEY, an island, and the 
most western couiiiv of North Wales. 
It is 24 miles ill Ifiigtii, 14 in breadth. 
Vast quantities of copper are procured 
ttota a famous mine on Parvs moun> 
tain. In the NW part of tlie island 
is a quarry of green marble, intermix- 
ed with that curious substance called 

ANGOL, a town of South America, 
in Chili, 135 miles N of BaUivia. W 
Ion. 73 59, S bt. 37 3(1. 

ANGOLA, o kingdom of Africa, 
hounded on the N by Congo Proper, 
on the £ by Malemin, on the S liy 
Beogtieia. and on tlie W by the ocean. 
This onootry produces Indian com, 
beans, oranges, lemons, and tereral 
otiier fruits. The inhabitanit are ga^ 
nerally idoteters. '^• 

ANOOULESME, a town of Frane^ 
in the department of Cbarenle. T1im« 
were formerly fine pa|>er manafae. 
tures in its envinmi. It is 30 miles W 
ofLimogea, and 3M S by W of Pari). 
Eh]n.0 14,NlaU45 39. '' 

ANGORA, a city of Natolia, in the 
territory of Anuuia, rormeriy ^ncyra, 



compated to contain 100,000 inhalH- 
unu. It U m milet SE of Coiiitan- 
tinople. K km. 3:2 (, N IM. 3tf 30. 

■ long and nwrow ittand, w eaHeil 
from tta winUnR loinewhM in the man- 
nrr of ■ mdtr. It ■• the nwM nof 
therlyorihe RiwIiJi liceward Ulnidi, 
in the Wen Indm.Mmilei NWof St. 
Ghriitopher'i. W km. 03 M, N lab 

ANGUSSHIRE, B eounty of Scot- 
land, (lomctimet caUed FORFAR, 
IVom the name of the county townj 
bounded on the N !>>' Aberdnndiii'e, 
on the NE by Kineardincihire, on the 
E by the Gennan ocean, on the S by 
the fHth of Tay, and on the W bv 
Perthdrire. Ita length and brctHlth 
we nearly equal, Rbout 39 miles. It 
has many lakes and hills, but is fniK- 
tii\ in com and pastures. The pnii- 
aipal rimi are the N and 8 Esk. 

ALHANT, a princimUty of Ger- 
many, in the cirek of Upper Sanony. 
43 mihn in length, and 8 m breadth ; 
bounded on theS by MansHeld, on the 
W by Halbersiadt, on the E by Saxo- 
ny, and on the N by Mai^debiirg. 

ALHANT, an ishind of Denmark. 
lybiK in the Categate, 8 miles ftmn the 
coast of Jutland, and 10 from Zealand. 
The light house on this island is li- 
toated in E l<m. 11 10 81, and in N lal. 
5« 44Mi 

ANNA,a town of Arabia Petrea.on 
the western hank of the Euphrates. 
It U 134 mik-s W of Hagdad, and 130 
SSW of Mouisok E km. 41 0, N ht. 
33 58. 

ANNAN, the capilal of Annandale, 
a division of DumiViesshirc. seated on 
therirer Annan,aboutflOmik»Sfl«in 
Edinburgh. Fbpidalkio 1800; W km. 

ANNAN. ■ nwT urSeolbnd, which 
riali« in Ibe K>)fflit Hills, and Bowing 
in a loutMriy o.rection, throtnh An- 
iun«lah),cnntin itself into tiie Soiway 

ANNANDALE, a diitnot of Dom- 
firiesshira, in Scotland, so calkd ftom 
the rivrt- Annan. The mountains in 
the norlhetn part of iMs district, somr- 
timci named Mofff ,t Hills, are the higl>- 
CM in tka S of Seottaiid. 

ANNAFOU8, the capital of Mary^ 
land, in Anne-Arundel county, on the 
8 bank of the Seretn river, a small 
dittuwe fhm its moaih. Its pubHc 

buildin|M ne a sUtc house, an Bpnea- 
■aI and MetlMdist church. It is 30 
mihit S of Baliiniorr, and 40 W of 
Washington. N bt. 38 80, W kn. 
76 8. 

ANNAPOLIS, a fortUUd town of 
Nora Scotia, in N America, with one 
of the flneM harbours in the worU. 
W loa. M 8, N bt. 44 83. 

A19NICI, a town of Fiance, in the 
department of Mpnt BInnii. 'IIk ri- 
ver Seir panes through the tow.i. 
Population 8130. It is 19 miles Sof 
Genera and 21 N of Cliambery. W 
lun. A 7 30. N lau 48 so 33. 

ANNONAY, a town of France, in 
the deiMwtnient of Ardeche. It has 
long been disttnguishd for its nianu- 
fociure of jmper. Popuhilian 8,880 
£ Ion. 4 II, N lai. 48 18, 

AND CAPHI, the largest town an 
the island of Capri. 

ANSPACH. a town and casde of 
Gemumy. in Franconia, and capital of 
the margrarate of the same name. It 
i> seated on a i-iter of the same imme, 
38 miles SW ofNuremburg. E km. 
10 47.N lat. 49 30. 

ANSTHU THEH, a borough on the 
SR coast of Fif^hire. 28 niiies NE of 
Edinburgh. W fen. 3 34, N ht. 86 18 
ANTEqUIKRA, a town of Spam, 
divided iqio the Upper and the Lower. 
It it titunted between the kingdoms ot 
Greiinda, Seville, and Cordova, but 
imperlf helouging to none of thiiu, 
nor to any province in Sjuin, its ter- 
ritory is two or three miles in eMent. 
Aipalation lOjMO. W loik 4 38. N lal. 
36 86 30. 

ANTIBES, a seaport of France, lo 
the depnrtmciit of Van, with a strong 
castk;. It is sralnl on llie Mtditerrt- 
nean, nbie miles W of Nice. E hwi. V 
13, N lat, 43 38. 

ANTIGUA, one of the English 
Leward Islands in the W Indies, about 
30 miles in tength and breadth. Tliu 
island having no rivers and but itw 
springs, or such •• sr' brackish, the 
inhabitauu are ohiiged to umerve the 
rain water in cisterns. The air here 
is not so wholesome as in the neigh- 
bouring islands, and it is more tuWeet 
lo hurricane*. It has excellent har- 
bours. TIk chief produce it sugar, 
of which it annually makes 10.000 
hocshesKlt. Ilie capital u St. John's, 
It IS 00 miles E of St. Chrittophcrh 
W tin. 63 8, N lat. 71 8. 



Spam, In the urn 
10 mik-s SC of Gi 
rrrach give lo It 
dimvered by Col 
ANTIO, a proi 
Ihc nairinionyof 
iillurbuur fnlrl 
tncicnt and ccli-l 
gf which it was fi 
hit is now r 
kmws, bulk will 
nsrrow miry sti 
sppt-amnce of nil 
m river Orontei 
niikt Eofthe M 
SW of Akpps. 
38 17. 

tn i) tend of the A 
W of Pant, timi 

thir department < 
Time of Oaupbii 
mountains, 13 m 
Verde bhmds, I 

ANTRIM, thi 
of Antrim, at tl 
nik-i W of Carr 
t, N htt. 84 43. 
roug county, N 
■hlimi 1,377. 
«r Portsmouth i 

(airitslof the n 
luiiie. It is bui 
the east bank o< 
deep enough tc 
iniiUM burden 
The chief ediH 
the stadthouse. i 
two latter are ■ 
In 1803 its po| 
88,318. Ititsiu 
ifgular tbrtifte 
nThy a very 
inthr fhrmof I 
the duke of 
commands the 
sent coniitry. 
by the prince 

linil are a Mate houw, an BpiM» 
■ra HetlioHm church. It it M 
I S or Baltimore, ami 40 W of 
hington. N lat. 38 M, W hm. 

NNAPOLIS, a fortified town oC 

■ Scotia, in N America, with one 
K flneu harboun in the world. 
DO. M S, N bt. 44 n. 

NNICI, a town of Fnnee, in the 
urtmvnt of Mpnt Blank. '11k ri- 
Seir pMaes through the tow.t. 
ulation fl30. It i* 19 iiiilea 8 of 
len and «1 N of Cliamhery. W 
7 30. N lat. 45 50 aa. 
NMONAY, a town of France, in 
department of Ardeche. It hai 
; been diitlnguiihcd for iti nianu- 
ure of jmper. Popuhition 5,550 
•1. 4 55, N lat. 45 15, 
NO CAFKI, the largnt town in 
isIlM of Capri. 

.NSPACH, a town and cudc of 
-niany. in Franconia, and capital of 
tttarfnvrate of the nme name. It 
isted on a riv^r of the nme name, 
milet SW of Nuremburg. E luu. 
17, N lat. 49 20. 

iNSTKUTHEH, a boroujch on tlie 
euait of Fif^hire. 25 niiiet NE of 
tnburRh. W Ion. 2 34. N bit. 56 15 
lKTEQUIKRA. a town of Spain, 
id«d into the Vpper and the Lower. 

■ ntnated between the kingduini ol 
eiinda, Seville, and Cordora, but 
iperlf helouRing to none of thciu, 

■ to any provinee in S|Hiiii, ila ter- 
wy ii two or tlipue milo in extent. 
[lalalion 19.600. W Ion. 4 38. N lat. 
56 30. 

VNTIBES, a wanort of Ftanoe, in 
• depnrtmcnt of Van, with a itroiig 
itle. It ii lealeil on tlie Mediterr«- 
in, nbie miles W of Niee. E hMi. 1 

N bt. 43 35. 

ANTIGUA, one of the Enxlnh 
ward Islands in the W Indiei, abuut 
miles in length and breadth. Tliu 
ttid laving no rivers and but IVw 
rings, or such e srr brackish, the 
liabitaiiu are obliged to preserve the 
in water in cisterns. The air h«« 
not so wholesome as in the neigh- 
•iring islands, and it is more tuluect 

hurricanes. It has excellent hai^ 
wrs. Tlie chief produce is sufpr, 
' whieh it amiually makes 16,000 
nhcads. llie capital is St. Johii'h 

It «0 miles E of St. ChristophcTti 
' ii>n. 62 5, N lat. 71 5. 

[ ii 1 

AST . ^ 

AVTIOUERA, a town' of New 
Spain, In the uroMiice of Uuaxaqua, 
10 miles H>^ of Giiaxaqua. 

ANTILLES, tlie name which the 
frrnch give to the Cari'jbee Islands, 
iicoverni by Columbus in 1491. See 

ANTIO, a promontory of luly, in 
the patrinionv of St. Peter, near which 
is s harbuur Intrly mmlf , 

ancient and cclibmttd town of Syrin, 
of which tt was furiiierly the oapiiali 
bill is now a ruinous town, wlnwe 
kouses, built with mud and straw, awl 
nsrrow miry streets, exUliit evtry 
sppeiirance of misery. It is setited on 
Ihr river Orontes. now calM Assi, 15 
miles E of the Mtdiierranean and 40 
SW of Akppo. £ Ion. Sd 45, N lat. 
35 17. 

ANTIPAROS, the ancient Okalbs, 
an iibiiid of the Archipelago^wo miW* 
W of Paras, iiiraoas Hr a nmarkable 

ANTOINE St. a town of Fnnce.iii 
the depnninem of Isertt and iate pro- 
tliice of Daupbiny, stated amoog the 
mountains, 1.3 inilin E of Lyons. 

ANTONIO, St. one of the Gdpe de 
Verde Islands, 15 milet from St. Vin- 
•ent. '* j » 

ANTRIM, the capital of the eounty 
of Antrim, at the N end of <li* lake 
Lougli.Neacb. It i» a poor place, 13 
nites W orCarriekftS^lH. W Ion. 
«,Nlat.»4 43. I - .■ ^ 

ANTRIM, a post to*n of Hilsho- 
roug county, New IJvnpsMre. Pmi- 
ahlioii 1,277. It is aBout 75 milei W 
of Portsmouth and 47« N£ of Watli- 
ini^ton. ' 

ANTWERP, a city «f Brabant, 
capital of the marquisate af rtf same 
luim-. It is built on a large |ila!n,on 
the east bank of the SheUv; jwhiyb u 
deep enough to admit veoHs. oC the 
greatest burden cloae to tfc'^'qiwys. 
The chief ediSeet are Wk. cathedral, 
the stadthoiise, and the eupuige; the 
two latter are tnagnil!eeBt it««etures. 
In 1803 ita population aiMRiittrd to 
56,318. It u snrraonded l^r a tniU ami 
rrgnlar IbrtiAcatian* and atodlfiml- 
(d by a very smmgi largfejdtwkl, 
in the ftirm ol' a nentaam, #clnl by 
the duke of Alva, W »«■, Mhieb 
coasmands the townand m »dja- 
fenlconiitrv. Anttirp i llis^Wken 
by the prince of Fanna i» littS, 


alter ■ hmg and memoraUa riege. tt 
has been since taken by the French in 
1700, by the allies in 1706, ami by the 
French in 1746. It was twice taken 
by the French, during the last war. It 
is 22 miles N of Brussels, 23 NE of 
Ghent and 65 S of Anutcidani. E 
Ion. 4 28, N lat. 51 13. 

ANVEL, a iwst township of Dau- 
phin county, Peiuuj-ivaina, Popula 
lion in 1810, 2601. It is 130 milea 
from Washington city. 

AOUS TA, a town of Piedmont, cap- 
ital of a duchy of the same name, seat- 
ed at the foot of the Alps, on the river 
Ooria, 50 miles NW of Turin. E kin. 
7 30, N lat. 45 48. 

APANOMIA, a town of the island 
of Santorini, in the sea of Candia. It 
has a spacious harbour, in the shape 
of a cteacent, E hni. 25 50, N lat. 30 

APENRADE, a town of Denmark 
in SIrswiek, with u citadel, 27 miles N 
of Shiswick. E Inn. 9 38. N lat. 55 A. 
APPALACHIKOLA, a river of H 
America, formed by the Junctlan of 
the Chataboochce and Flint. It con- 
uins 7,200 inhaUtants. 

APPENNINES, a ehcin of momi- 
tains which divides Italy throughout 
its whole kngth, as far as the southern 
cxtn-iuity of the kincdoni of Naples. 
Hence proceed all the rivet* whieh 
fertilize Italy. 

APFENZEL, a town of SwisMr- 
land, capital of the canton of the tame 
name, which is divided into tstelve 
communities; six ealM the intctiori 
are Roman eat holies; the six exterior 
arc protestants. It is 40 miles E of 
Zuric E kin.9 31, N lat. 47 2L 

APPLEBY, the county town of 
Weitmorebnai. It it seated on the ri- 
ver Eden by which it is almoit sur- 
rounded, and is 266 mihi NNW ,it 
London. W km. 2 34, N lat. 54 34. 

APPOMATOX, a river of Virginia, 
the chief southern branch of the 
James, about 120 niik-s kmg. It it 
iMvigable for Tcssels of 15 ftetdraucht 
to Braadway,and for tho«; of 4 to Fe- 

' AP'I , an ancient town of France, in 
the department of the moutha oTthe 
Rlione. Here are many Roonn a» 

APULIA, the E tide of the king- 
dom of Naplet, on the gnlf of Vemee. 
It b divided into thiee pmriMet, 



( « 1 


whoK modem mmei are CipittnMa, 
Ban, and OtranUk 

A^UILLA, a town of Naplef, capi- 
tal of Abruzzo Ukionar. *'« e^ 
quake happened here "> ."«>. ■»>. 
which 34000 nmoM were kilW. U 
ii Kated on tfo Powara, 52 ""1" NE 
of Home. K hm. 13 39, N lau 43 

*AQUILEIA, formerly a. Wadii.K 
town of lUly. in Venetian Friiili. It 
it 57 miln NE of Venice. E loiL 13 

' AQUINO,'* town of Naplei, in Tet^ 
ra dTLawin. It wu the birth plw« trf 
the Roman »Uri«, Juwnal, min 3W 
milet NW of Capua. E Ion. 13 50, N 

ARABIA, a erantry of Ana, bound- 
ed on the W by the P«I Swiawiaie 
|«hmu. of 8u^; on the NE by Eu- 
phrate^ which ilividet it ftoro Diarbe- 
kiir. the meient Meiopotaroia s on tin- 
E br the mlft "f Penia and Otmm ; 
■nd on the 8 by the Indian Ocean. Itii 
divided iuttt three parti, Arabia Prtre=, 
DeKrta,and Felix. A«hiaPetteai»the 
■mallett of the three, ■*. toward the 
V, it fuU of nwuutaint with ftw in- 
Iwbitanti. on account of iti barren- 
nen. lOmdiUDame ihim the town 
Fetica, Ito ancient capiul, now do- 
rtJSjei It dilftrt littf fttm Arabia 
Deierta, to tailed from the nature of 

STtSr, which « go«»ny •5rSI 

imaL ArAia ?elis !• » cattrd, on 
aeeount of iti fHrtUity, with iwpect » 
the Kit. It prodilMt ftankmcenae, 
myrrh, balm of Gilead. gum ambie 
nd cohbe, of which latter thev export 
Diodiltiaia qwntitiei. It liei between 
STanSM d»E loiv and 18 and 30 
dec.N lat. extending 1430 i.ulei in 
leratb. tat laoo in breadth. 
^KACAN.orRECCAN, « country 
•f A«ia, bounded on the i; oy K«haan, 
on thek by Bnrmah, on the S by th.- 
SiJTof AJa, and on the W by tbi' 
SufofBeJSaL " '• "J^J *•"' 
not popukwi eonntry, P>»^«d '>)' " 
nineek iuliect to the atfku*, who 
raUbTin Araean hH capital. 

/Sal. a lake of Aila, SOO mde? E 
(/theCaiuianiea. ItiiSOO mile* m 
lawth, and in tome pbam 150 in 
uSSL It lici hetweSTs* aiid <1J 
dtaTof E hn. and between 43 and 47 
dec. N lat. . „ > ■ 

"bANJUEZ, a town of Sprfn, ii 
iltuattd at tin caoflux of Cic Tagiis 

and Itevma. It h celebrated for Ut 
royal palace. Populatkin during the 
retideiioe of the eoiiiii, 10,000. It it 
30 mle* ft»m Madrkl. W loo. 3 »« 
3,lfchu4ao»4. . 

ARARAT, a high mountain of A^ 
in Arraenivwhc'c "oah't ark lettaL 

AHAS8I, a marilime and popukiui 
luwn of Italy, in the terrilorj- of Genoa, 

AKAVA, a Ibrlren of Upper Hun- 
eary, lituated on a river of the lame 
iiam-. E Ion. iu 0, N lat. 49 30. 

AHAV,or AARAU, in Swuterland, 
derive! itt name from the nver Aar on 
whiehitUieated. It ii 37 ndlei W of 
Zuric, PouuUnion 1700. E hm. 8 x, 

n \tt:*i aria. . 

ARBS, an epiMopiil town of the 
republic of Venice, in an Uand of the 
laine nanM>,on the coait <tf Dahnatia, 
fVoin which h ii 5 milei dittanu 

ARBELA, a town of Aua, m C•^ 
diitav where Atexander fought -Jb 
taut ttttlrwiUi Dariui. E km. 42 35, 
N tat. 35 5. 

AHBEiro,*8 to»Ti of SwwertooJ. 
iatia: canton of Bern, 10 milet Nyr 
SfBem. E ton. T 5, N lat. 47 0. 

AHBOIS, a poputoni town of 
France, ijow in the department of J* 
ra, fiiSout fhr iti white winet. E 
Ion. 5 40, N Ut. 48 15. 

ARBON, an ancient town of Swit- 
. lerhMd, on the 8 lide of the lake^Coo- 
ttanc^bi'rhurgau. E Ion. » 30, N lat. 



ARBURG, or AARBURG, a town 
of Switierland, in Argan, teated on 

ARCADIA, a town of the Mom. 

near the gnif'of 'de lame mat, ani 
in ibe nrturnee of Belvedere. 


21 43. ft tat. 37 34. 

JtRCHANGEL, a leaport pt Rui^ 
capital <f the go;ernment of the «me 
name, olt wai fim retorted to by the 
Eiiglidi in 1553. Great part of the 
city wat buirnt to the grouid in 1793 , 
but it I* MOW rebuilding with neatnew 
and even elegance. ArchimgG! ii teav 
eil on tiMi Dwina, fs^ir milei trwu the 
Wbit» Sea, and 400 NE o» Petm- 
burgh. '«7on.39 0,Ntat.64 34. 

AlicmVELAn, a conaderaWe 
parv«>f«e MBditt anean tea, haviM 
kom*(ttv.on the N, Natohaon the K. 
Mii**inia,iiwdia. and the Mor« M 
the W^ and So iile of Caad* on the 8. 


four principal g 
twten Kainicfaaui 
of AiiH'rica. 

AHCOS. a towi 
luiia, on a ctagg; 
(tf Ciidiz. 

AKCOT, a eil; 
Camatie. in the j 
ttn. It ii 73 mi'' 
ami 317 £ by N 
Ion. 7>> 0, N tab 

Ftnia, the nstidei 
ofShiek Seui. tl 
lian lecl. It ii 2 
E Ion. 4B 30, N In 

rianden, 10 mikn 
Ion. .1 30, N lat. .'■I 

AHDRES, a ti 
in the departmei 
Calaii. Itiieighl 
km. 1 59, N lat. 5( 

lia,ou a hill, 50 n 
E ion. 8 30. N tat. 

iMin theRuniai 
n, E hin. 35 ■'/>, 

!i America in Pe 
in a fHtile counii 
of Uina. W km. i 
oTTuwany. £ It 

mml on the rive 
department of Ca 

the department 
ailei NW of Sue 
rii. N km. 5, 1 

df FruMe, on the 
W of Parii. It 
plice, with a Hne 

the Archipelago, i 
fhan the tilver m 

, I Ibe depanm 
I km. 4 33. N lat. 

linthe departroen 
* 18, N tat. 40 35. 

ARGOS, a a( 
Itarope, in the S 
■Corinth. E hm. 


IVwna. It i« cebhreted for iti 
mlacv. Population during tto 
See of the count, lOfiOO. U « 
lei from Madrid. W Ion. 3 at 
tot. 46 24. . 

lARAT, • bi|!h mountnn of Aiii, 
ineniM»>K'« Noib't ark retMd. 
IAS8I, a maritime and l^puwui 
of Italy, in the ttrritorj- of Genoa. 
lAVA, a forlpcn of Uuper Hui>. 
rituatrd on a river of the lame 
.. E km. ao 0, N lat. 49 30. 
lAV.or AAttAU, in Swmerland, 
e> it« name from the river Ajr on 
liitUirated. It ii 87 mllei W of 
C PouuUtion 1700. E Um. 8 a, 
1. «7 22^8. 

It BE. «n cpiMopal town ol the 
blicof Venice, in an Uhuid of the 
• nanw.on the cowt of Dahnatia, 
I which h ■« < niilet distant. 
[IBKLA, a town of Aua, in Cttf^ 
,» where Alexander fought ai« 
itille with Dariui. E km. 42 M, 
'• 35 5. , . . , _, 

HBERt),* to»-n of SwiBCTianJ. 
K canton of Bern, 10 mita NYT 
lem. Ek.O.r«,Nlat47 0. 
HBOIft, • uopuhMU town or 
ice, ijow in *c department of JU; 
fufflout ftw lt» white winw. E 
S4p,N tat.4«_U. ,„. 

RBON, an mdent town rf 8wi«- 
«ad, (w the S iide of the lake Cjnv 
^JnJThuigau. £ Ion. 30, N tat. 


RBURG, or AARBURG, a town 
3wiMerhuid,,in Argau, ««t«d on 

iHCAOIA, a town of the Morea. 
r thsKOtf of 'he lame nM>&"" 
heonSwceof Belvedens. Ehw. 
12 II' hrt. 37 24. . 

[rcHANGEL, a leaport of Ha«ta, 
ittd of the go.ernment of the wne 
ne. »U wa» first retorted to by the 
alidi in 1M3. Gnat part of the 
r wa* bi»nt to the grouid in 1793 » 
'itbu^KhuiUing with neunen 
1 even *gance. AichiuigBlis t»tr 

on tto DwitMt. f^' "»•" ''??* "" 
hit* Sefc and 400 NE ol Pet«» 
rgh. <«lon. 39 0. N tat. 64 34. 
*RClHHELAn. a conuderahk 
rt,ofaie Mrtitt ««»"•<». bavim 
miMM, on the N, Natoha on the E, 
M(<tonta.iiiradia. and the Morw tf 
r^and Bk isle of Cand* on tke ?. 


[ W ] 


archipfxago, northern. 

four principal groupn of isbuKb, br- 
twreu Kuinichatka and the W coait 
of AiiH-rica. 

ARCOS, a town of Spain in Anda- 
luiia, on a craggy rock, 38 miln NE 

AUCOT, a city and capital of the 
Ctmatic. in the peninsub uf Hindoos- 
tan. It is 73 nii> ' W by S of Madras, 
ami 317 K bv N Heringapatam. B 
bn. 7'i 0, N (at. 10, 

ARUEBLL. an ancient 'own of 
Pcnia, the resadeiwe aud buriid place 
of Shirk Seisi. the author of tlie Prt^ 
iian sect. It is 23 miles E of Taurii. 
£ Ion. 48 30, N lat. 38 15. 

ARDENBURG, a town of Duteh 
Fbiiders, 10 wUn NE of Bruges. E 
km. .1 3n, N lat. 51 IS. 

AHDRES, a town of Ftance. now 
in the department of the Straits of 
Calaia. It it eight niiks 8 of Calais. £ 
loD. 1 S9. N lat. 50 50. 

AREMBEHO, a tov/n of Wettpha- 
lis, on a hill, 50 miki NE of Cokgoe. 
Eton. 8 20, N tat. 91 25. 

ARENSBURG,an episcopal 'ce and 
■nportintlieitleofOesel. Itisinclu- 
Min the Hutsiaii goverimient of Ri- 
p. E kin. 25 :o, N U«. 58 15. 

AREqUIPA, an episcopal town of 
S America in Peru, sraU'd on a mer, 
in a fertile country, 290 miles S By E 
ufLiina. W ton. 75 30, S tat. 16 40. ancient capital town 
of Tuscany. E Ion. 13 0, N lal. 43 21. 

ARGENCES, a town of France, 
mied on the river Meause, now in the 
department of Calvados. 

AROENTAN, a town of Ftwioti m 
the department of Onie. It ii 12 
Kilei NW of Suez, and 110 W of Fa- 
lit. N km. 5, E lat. 48 45. 

ARGENTEUIL, a town of the Isle 
oT France, on the Seine, five mihsN 
W of Paris. It is a very beautiful 
pisce, with aflne vineyard. 

ARGENTIEHA a barren isfauid of 
Ibr Archipek^o, which takes its luuite 
from the silver mints in it. 

AR6ENTIERE, a town of France, 
in the department of Ardeche, E 
Ion. 4 23. N lal. 44 30. 

ARGENl'ON, a town of France 
lithe department of Indre. E km. I 
33, N tat. 40 35. 

ARGOS, a leaport of Turkey in 
Kurape, in the Morea, 35 miles S of 

Corioth. E km. 33 5, N tat. 37 30. 

ARCiOSTOL, a seaport in the isle 
of Cephakmia, opposite Albania. It 
is the but harbour in all the island. 

ARGVN, a river of Asta, wliich di- 
vides the Rusdan fVom the Chiuete 

AROVN, a town of East itetary, 
on the (VtiUtien of the Cbinete empire, 
'i'here arc minei of silver and lead 
near it ; and a pearl fishery in the ri- 
ver Aigon. E hn. 103 56, N tat. 41 

A RO YLE, a pott township of Wash- 
iiigton county, state of New York, it 
situated on the E bimk of the Hudson, 
and conuiint 3 post ufflcet ; one at Ar- 
g)le, and one at Fort Milhir. It it 
about 9 miks square and contained in 
1810, 3813 inhabitants. I1ie hand- 
some link viltage of Argyf .- is central- 
ly situated at 4 emtt itaata, 41 N of 
Albany, and 414 NK sf Watbingtcn. 

AROYLESHIHK. a county of Scot- 
taiU, bounded on the N bv Invernet- 
sMre, on the E by tlie counties of 
Perth and Dumbarton, on the S and 
W by the Atlantic Ocean, by which 
it is broken iiiln islands and peninsu- 
las, lu extent is very considerable, 
being not kss than 90 miles in fength 
■Bd 70 in brewllh. TMi coantv af- 
fbnlt a very wiM prospect of bills, 
rocks, and huge mountains, piled upon 
each otiier iu dreadful dittwder, hare, 
bk«k. and Iwrreii to the View ; or «>- 
vered with slugged heath, which in 
summer, is variegatetl with an agreea- 
ble bloom of a purpfe colour. Thete 
high grounds, though littte fitted for 
cultivatNin, aiibid excellent patture. 

ARHUSEN. a aeaport of Denmark, 
in N Jutland, with a bishop's tee. E 
kin. 9 5C, N lat. 56 t. 

ARIC A, a teaport of Peru, 550 milea 
SR of Uma. Here the treasiure 
Itroiight fVom Potoii it shipped. 

ARINMO,al«wnari«aplei,ia Mn- 
cipato Vlieriorc. Popiitatian 1400. 
It ia if luika M of BeiiiiveBt% and If -. 
NWoTTreviio. £lon.M W,N faii^ 
41 8. 

ARKLOW, a teaport of Ireland, in 
the county of Widifciw. W ton. 6 ^ 
E lal. 52 42. 

ARLE8, an ancient city of fnnee, 
in the department of the MMithn of 
the Rhone. The country around ii 
very pleasant, and produces good wine, 
verrailUun, manna, oil, and fruits. Iu 
inhabitantt ate compttied at 18,470, 


1 s* 3 


It li walfd on the Rhone, II milet SB 
or Niiinn. N Ion. 4 43, F, lal. 43 41. 

AHLE8HEM,(biiiid«>nie town of 
Swinerlaiid iu the bithspric of 

■•••e. . . , 

ARLINGTON, a pmt lowrohip of 
Beunington county, Vurinoiit. It la 
la miln N of Beiiningto'i nnd 43» N 
fcofWaihingtoii. Populntion I4«t. 

ARLON, an ancient town of the 
Anttrian Netbnrlanili. E Ion. 5 M, 
H lat. 49 45. , , , _j 

ARMAGH, a county of Irelxnd, 
bounded on the E h)- Down, on the W 
by Tyrone and Moiwghan, on the N 
by UhirIi Ncagh, and on the S by 
SAiith. It it in fetigth 3Z miiei, and ■■ 

*«^*"- .... J 

ARMAGH, a city of Ireland, once a 

tMHiiiderable town, now a Hnnll vilbK. 

It ii 4i milw hB. of I/»donderry. W 

kn. « 34. N lat. 54 27. 

ARMENI A, a large country In A«u, 

faoundol on iIk- W by tlie Kiiphratei, 

on the S by Uiarbrker and Conliitan, 

on the E by Sehimu, and on the N 

ARMENTIEHS, n town of France, 
in the di-partmrnt of the Nortli Klan- 
dert, Kated on the Lii, 8 mllei NW of 

' ARMUYCSN. a icaport of the U- 
nitcd Provinces, In the iiland of Wat- 
dirm, now inconiidinibkr, the aea 
having Mopt up the liarbour. N Ion. 
3 4S. £ lat. 51 31. 

ARNAY-LE-DUCja town of France, 
in the dcpartiuent ofCote d'Or, It ii 
■cated iu a valley 25 mita NW of 
Baune. ,_ 

ARNEBERG, a town i*f Germany, 
!h Brandenburg on tlw Elbe. 

ARNBDO, a leaport of Peru, S5 
ntikiNoTLinia. . . „ ,^_. 

ARNHEINLatown of the United 
Pnnineea, capital of Guelderhind. It 
ii aeatcd on the Rhine, eight miles N 
of Nimegiien. B Ion. 5 So, N lat. 52 8. 
ARNO. a rim in Tuscany. H has 
in touret in the App««nini». and n>- 
ting by Fhwente and Vna, falls into 
the Mnllierranean, a litth», telow the 

ARNSHEIM, a towa i". Germany, 
in the palatinate of the llhine. 

ARNSTADT.a town uf Thuringia, 
«D the ri»-er Gera, 10 mile* SW of Ec^ 
fkirt. B hm. 11 15, N lat. 50 54. 

ARONA, a town of Italy, in the 
dcChy of Mihn, on the lalce Maggiore, 

30 miks SW of Milan. Lon. I 35. 
N Int. 45 40. 

AHONCHE3, a town of Portugal, in 
Alentejo, on the river Caro, five miles 
SU or Nrulegra. W lun. 70, N lat. 
39 ."l. 

AHOOL, a town of the Russian 
empire, watnl on tlie Ocea. 300 miles 
ii M Moscow. It it included in the 

Kvemment of Kiof. E km. 3t 40, N 
1. 51 58. 

ARBOWSIKE, an island on the 
•HMtt of Maine, eoutaiuiiig 30,000 
acrt^ of laml. 

AHPIKO, a town of Naples, in Tci» 
mdi Lavom, ri;;ht miles N of Aquimk 
E Ion. 13 46, N Int. 41 44. 

AH9UA, a town of Italy in the Pa- 
diian, where is a tomb of ihccelebrausi 
Petmrvh. It is ten miles S of Padua. 

ARQUBS, a town of France, on a 
river ol'the tame name, in the depart- 
nimt of Lower Seine, aiid is four miles 
% ^Dieppe. 

ARHAtiON, a province of Spain, 
bounded on the N by the Pyrenets 
which separate it from France, on tlic 
W by Navarre, and the two Caitilei, 
on the 8 by Valencia, and on the F. \iy 
Valencia and Cataloiila. Saragoua ii 
the capital, and the Abro the largest 

AltRAN, an ishmd of Scotland, la 

' Jth of Cljife, between Kintyre 

Cunningham, 33 miles long and 11 

„ . The nnmher of iubabitaiM 

art' aUait 7oOO, who chiefly inhabit tkc 

eoastToie ftr greater part of the eotah 
try being nniiilabited by reason of the 
vast and barren mountains. It 
aboiindf w th cattle, goats, black gnuv, 
iimP^iise ; and the strrems are »ton< 
with flih, especially sal.non. AmuiE 
the racks are foiinil iron ore, spar, aw 
a great variety of beautiful pebhiu, 
On the const arc many wonderful c» 
s-erns, formerly the retreat of ScottiA 
heroes, now degraded into a siK-lter fi>r 

ARRAS, an ancient ibrtified towa 
of Fraiiec, in the department of tb 
Straits of Calais. 

ARVA, a river of Savoy, which net 
in Faueigiiy, bikI joins the Rhone !»>• 
low Geneva. It nat a eaiamct ikk 
Salenelie in Savoy. Its fall ic said lo 
he above llOO ftet, nulling witligresl 
noise and violence from a proiligiiiai 
impending rock. See APPENDS. 
ARUN, a river in Sostcx, which ™» 

mdering thraog 
nllt into the BS 

with a market oi 
unlay. It it seal 
on the Aruii, wl 
ndt. Itisgovei 
two mrroMTt to 
milet E of CUdi 

of Switserland, o 
. ARZlNA,ari 
■and into a hay i 
EiurUth aliipt (« 
atlSh at llie : 
bacon} were foi 
werj and their c 

*e river Elway, 
«•» Cl»^i aiidi 

•d itiand, in the 
NW of Sc Helei 

Germany, tu^ei 
Mcnti, who hat i 
40 raifet E of M 

101.50 40. 

ASCOLI. a po 
in the marquitat 
HthopH tc«. It 
tain, at the hotto 
Ftanto, 80 niilet ] 
15 39, N lat. 43 4- 

■ealed between i 
Complon, 10 mU 
ind 139 NNW ol 
44 N lat. 55 3. 

diite. Itsendatw 
nmt, nd it one 

. lY HE I 

Irora thit town, s 
witb tlie Covcntn 
mikt NNW of h 

ASHDEN, a si 
mUet NEufaaflfV 
Winduun county 
neetietit, lyiiw pri 
iBaggalonaand M 
U 371 miles NEo 



nilci SW of MJIin. Ian. I 35. 
It. 4 j 40. 

IIONCHE3, ■ town of Portugal; in 
ntejo, on the river Caro, Ave milei 
of Wrmlegra. W lull. 70, N int. 

iHOOI., n town of the Runim 
iiiru, wttnl un tlie Ocou >00 niiln 
r Mowow. It ii included in tlw 
eminent of Kiof. E Ion. 3t 40, N 
51 S». 

IKJIOWSIKE, «n iiland on the 
•t of Maine, eoutaiuiiig 30,000 
11 of laml. 

IHPINO, a town of Naples, in Tci» 
li Lavom, rii;ht miles N of Aquinob 
Inn. 13 46, N lat. 41 44. 
^HqUA. a town of Italy in the Pa- 
in, where ii a tomb of iheeelfbcated 
tmreh. It is ten miles S of Padua. 
MiQl'SS, a town of France, on • 
vr ol'the nine name, in the depiirt- 
mt of lio^'er Seine, and ■• four luiltt 

;rf Dieppe. 

HACiON, a province of Spain, 
iinded on the N by the Pyren«s 
licli separate it from France, on tlw 
by Navarre, and the two Castiln, 
the S hy Viiliiicia, and on the K by 
ik'iicia and Cnialmiin. SaragnKu ii 
e capital, and the Abro the largcti 

ARRAN, an isbmd of Scotland, li 
a^th of Cljite, between Kintyre 
dCunningfaam, 23 miles long and 11 
iMd. The number of iuIuibitaiM 
I' alMut 7000, who chiefly inhabit tkc 
ostTuie fbr giinter part of tlic «»!»• 
y being uniiiliabitMl by reason of the 
ut and barren nioiininiiis. It 
Kitind*' w th cattle, gaat>, black gnuv. 
id^roKsu ; and the itrcams are storrti 
iili fish, especially s»l:nan. Amme 
le rocks are foiinil imn ore, spar, aia 
great variety of beautiful pcbblu. 
In the coast arc many wonderful civ 
erns, formerly the retreat of Scottiik 
eroes, now degraded into a shelter tat 

AHKAS, an ancient Gvtified tova 
f France, in the department of thf 
itraits of Calais. 

ARVA, a river of Savoy, which rms 
n Faucigiiy, ami joins the Rhone !»'• 
ow Cieneva. It nas a eaiarnct n«t 
ialeiiclie in Savoy. Its fall ic said i» 
le above 1100 ftet, nulling witligffsl 
wise and violence from a pra(lit;ioai 
nipending rock. See APPENOS. 

ARVN, ■ river in Smscx, which ™» 


[ 85 ] 


mMng Ihraugh a beintiflil country, 
Uli into the EngUih ChiiniKl, below 
Arundel. ^ 

ARUNDEL, a borough in Sussex, 
with a market on Wednesday and Sat^ 
urday. It is seated on the side of a hill 
«i the Aruii, where small ships may 
ndt. ItisgnvenKdhyamayor.sends 
two members to par.ianient and is a 
miles E of CUchister, and 68 SSW of 

ARWANGEN, a castle and village 
of Swiaserland, on the river Aar, 

ARZlNA,ariver of Hiitsian Lap- 
taid into a bay of which, in Uti, two 
Ei^idi sliips (which had peneiraml 
"^ ai Uie 73 N tot. to Spits- 
Mseo) were foreed by stress of wea- 
mer; and their crews were frozen to 

AS*"^ *•• " ''^ '>'' n>n«*ire, on 
2! 2?" Elwajr, where it unites with 

. F" V*i •™' «"*' both is a bridge. 

ASCQI^ON, a barren, uninhaUt. 
S.^'^ '" "" A«'«n«ie. «oo miks 
NW of 8c Helena, W km. 14 », N 
lat.74a, ' 

ASCHAFFENBLTir, , town of 
Gerraany, sutjecl to i k elector of 
Menti, who has a palace here. It is 
40 miles E of Menu. E km. 9 5, N 
lat. M 40. 

_ ASCOLI. a popuhnis town of Italy, 
jnmr marqoiiate of Aiirona, wjili a 
•impH see. It is seattd on a muuii- 
»m, at the bottom of which runs the 
Fhnto, 80 niihs NE of Ronicw EhHi. 
M 39, N lat. 43 44. 

ASHBOHM, a town in Dcrbyshiiv, 

aled between (he riven Drweand 

--—*--- ".-".-^^M WW ...v,* AAFTT HUH 

Compton, 10 inUe* N£ of Uloaeter, 
Old 139 NNW of London. W hn. 1 
44 N bit. 54 3. 

ASHBURTON.a borou|^in Devon- 
nuR. It lendi two members to parlia- 
WDt, nd is one of the four stannarv 

. ASHBY DE LA ZOUCH, a town 
mUici-sti ' liifc ^ . A canal isnowmade 
irora this town, which communicatrs 
«i|b tla- Coventry Canal. Adibt- is 11« 
ndbi NNW of Loidpn, 

miles I^raaffWWaMo) 
„,.A«1«>RD, a ^ township of 
Windham county, ill the stau- of Coi>> 

I ««neVt. lying principally between the 
ma and Mounthope rivers. It 
itlA. ME- aT u/»i.;. . 

|u 371 miks NE of Washiiii 

ASHTORD, a Iowa ia Keuu It ii 

seated on the river Ash or Eth, ST miles 
SE of London. E kin. O s», n tot. 
Jl 4. ' 

. ASHTON-UNDER-LINE, a village 
■n Lancashire, 7 mites E of Manch^ 
ter, with a manufacture of cotton, and 
an iron fonndery. 

A8HWELL, a vMtoge in Hertfonl- 
shire, on tlie river Rhev, that issues 
from a rock at the S end ol' the town, 

ASIA, one of the four great parts of 
Uie worW, situate between 35 «iid ISO 
ueg, F. km. and between the etiiiator 
and 80 di-g. N lat. It extends 4,740 
luikt, from (he Dardoneltes on the W, 
to the E shore of Tarury ; and 4,381) 
mites from the most loutherii part of 
Malacca, to the most northern cape of 
Nova ZemMa ; being superior in c»- 
teiit,as well as in many other n-specu, 
to Africa and Europe. ItiiKuanted 
Irom Europe by tlie MediierraneaD. 
Uie ArchipelagD, thi- Black Sea, the 
Palus Bfeotis.lbe Don, ant the Dwina : 
and IVoiu Africa by the Red Va and 
the isthmus of Suez. All the other 
P«"« are surrouiated by the ocean. 
•Tie principal countries in this conti- 

S^/;^!ii!?"»' 2",*""l' ^^'"»h Thi- 
bet, Hindoosian, Siam, Burnah, Pet^ 

»'•» A'»J"». Syria, Pakatine, NatoKa, 
Diarbeckar, Imc, Armenia, Georgia. 
Cunhstaii, fee Asia is hwkcd upon h 
iliat part of tlie wi<rW, which, of all 
others, has heen most peculiarly dis- 
uuguished by heaven. Laws, a'U, sci- 
«Kes,and religion, almost all bid Uidr 
original in Ana. 

ASINARA, an ishnd in the Medi- 
terranean, on the NW coast of Sards. 
nia,l7milesNby WofSalfivi. It is 
38 nutea in compass, E Ion. 8 30, N 
lat. 41 0. ' 

. ASKEVTON, a borough of Iietond, 
in the county of Limeriek, on the river 

,^5?ffi?,°» • «»*" in the N ridiw 
pf YwMiire, with a market on 1'hur? 
day, 343 miles N of London. 
ASOF, a towMaad forims idCutom 

lartarv, behnpng to Russto. It u 
«tuated mar the mqutii «f the river 
oMnon HI southern aborek I\ipul» 
ikm 3,80d. K tot. 47, Elan. 39 14; 
. ASOPH,a sea, anciently the Palua 
MepUs, Mug N of the Black Sea, with 
which It haa :i comraunicatian hy the 
strait of Caflii, the anetent Ctmmerian 
Botphorus. It is known dio by the 
name of 2abacbe Sea. lu priiNipal 



{ 88 ] 


barter U Tinniroek. The riiwn«i 
of Ml UlMd tapptwd in il4»ieii,un 
tlir 5th of Sepwinbcr ITO'J. It »»" 
denly miiilf lti«pp««r»iM»- 150 ftthonii 
from the »horp, nrecofc-d by i- none 
like thuwirr, mitf wconipmiK'd by ■« 
eruption of tnyikr wid H»n».'; the 
thock of ui eirthqimke wm fHt at Uw 
Mnie time. The icu of Aiof •' *if 
niilei in k-iigth, md from 40 to SO in 
breadth. N tat. «Voro « JO to 47 «, 

Elon.34 30to39 •W. ... 

A89AM, country of Aii«,tound«d 

on the W by Bengiil mid Bootan, on 
" '«m the N by lliibet,»iMl on tlie SK and 

i ™! 8 by Mwkfcy. Iti capital i» «her- 

'™' conR, and the river Biirramiiooti r 

Bowi ;hroii»h the whoh; fcngth jl ii. 
Anain lie; between 'il and 90 deg. if. 
loo. and 2J and «8 dig. N l«t. , 

ASSKNS, a leapurt of Deiimarfc, m 
the iikind of Kuneii. It is tiie common 
pM««e ftom the di.chy of Sfctwick 
to Copenhtzan, and h 17 mllea »w 
of Odeiiaec. E lou. 10 3, N lab » 

ASSISSIO, a city of «aly, In the 
duchy of Speleto, on the ihh; of a liigh 
mounuin. It ii 70 niikt N of Home. 
E km. IJ 3«, N lat. 43 0. . 

ASSUMPTIOy, a dty in the vice- 
royalty of Bueiiof A)Te^ It ttandi on 
the eaM bank of the Pai-agiiny, a litiU- 
above the mouth of4he PilcoiiMyn, niiri 
»77 railei ftom the ica. It coiiiaiin 
MO Spiyiih lkmUie>,aiid «venil ihjiu- 
•andi orMettizos and IiKliani. b .at. 
3«, W !oiu S7 40. , . . , . 

ASSYN I", a diitricl of Sotlierland, 
in Scothmd, contaiuing plenty of liim> 
•tone and inariile. 

ASSYRIA, ■ corntry of Ati^cehv 
bnted in luioent hiitory. It compre- 
bended the pravineet in Aua now call- 
ed Diarfaeek,Curdlitan, and InK. 

ASTORGA, a very ancient city of 

Saan,>n Lrou, well foriiHed by art 
and nature, irMcd in • pkawit ftaui, 
w nuh« SWoT Leon, Wton.»3a, 

ASTBABAD, a large town of I*r. 
aia, capital «ra»rovinee of *e ndjie 
nanMSon iht oSupian aea,lMonuln 
NofbpataB. B km. 55 35, N lat. 38 

ASTRACAN, a province or nee. 
royalty of the .luMian empire, of pn> 
diCKMUextentt comprehending the <iM 
TMTtarian kingdom of that name, the 
GwtaHiaa eowtry, ui the iiMtk<» 

•m divinon of the Kiiban. The gr 
iirral atprct of thit countrjr ii ch«w> 
teiirtic of ill inhabitanii, it ii neatly 
in a «late of nature. In lomi' paru the 
trmini: ii loft und itroiigly impregnat; 
vd with «alt. In olhcn the imI U well 
Miiird to all the piiriaiiet of agricul- 
ture. ITie whote province i* um^ tlio 
liiriMUeliun of the archbidnp of Aa- 

ASTRACAN, an epiicopal city of 
thf Hiiuian empire, capiuil of a pro- 
vince of the lanie name. It ii targe 
and popniout. ha» a g<«l harbour, awl 
il iiirruumlnl by itiMiig walK It ii 
built on wveral emineneii, which are 
jurroumWd by tlie inaiiliei ol' tlie Vtil- 
r», not ti«r from iht ouiU t of «hat ri- 
ver into the Catpiaii Sea. The per- 
maiieut inbaUtanti, it ii laal, do iiot 
amount lo more than 20,000 1 but In- 
cluding ihoK of temporary reiidrnce, 
theyareeitimatiilatWvOOOiouh. Here 
may be lecn adventures f\rom all pans 
of the globe. N lat. 4A 21 13, E km. 

ASTURIA.ij a province of SMin, 
120 inilei in U-iiglli, and 45 in brewlth ; 
boundi'il on the E by Hiicay, on the 
S by Okl Cnvlil<' ami Uon, on tlie W 
by Ciklieia, and on iIk- N liy the At- 
lantic. It i» divkktl into two partf, 
Ktturia d'Oviedo, and Eiiuria de 8an- 
lilliwin. . . , , 

ASYLUM, a po«t townihip of I.IP 
xrme coanty, Penmylvania, on itie S 
WiiA'ofSiiiquehannahriver.iir mih^ 
N\V of Wilki«h;irre. It i« 283 miles 
from Waihiiigton. _ . . 

AIALAN A, a town of Portugal, in 
Eitremadurn, seated on an emuiciicr, 
5 roikri S ol lomar. W km. 7 59, N 
lat. 39 «5. , „ , 

ATACAMA, a harhonr of South 
America, in Peru. W hin.70 0,S lat. 
22 0. 

ATHELNEY, an itlnnd of Smbw- 
aefdiire, at the confluener of the llmne 
and Pamt, insmoraU* to* having af- 
fonM Onktlwr ta king Affrf;, ^„_- 

ATUEN8, now called SETIKB«, 
gnce itcMFaMd «ity, the capital af 
Ancient AttfcaL but now of U«*dia, in 
European Ttnfctw- Alter mmy te- 
votbiion^ the luiit finally wreMed jt 
from tlie Venetiana. lu poputatkm ■• 
upwards of 10,000. Ekm.235338,N 
bit. 38 41 22. 

ATHENS, a nooriihine port »«» 
of Onw cotmty, itatc of New lorKi >'< 


utuaird on Iho wei 
■on, and oppoiite i 
aontaim about loot 
Lutheran ch.ireh. 
ny, and 3A3 NK of 
AIHKMS, a pc 
comity, Ohio, ii • 
wla, foniKd by ih 
faig river. It coiiU 
liitanti, the univrn 
an aeaoemy. It ii 
villr, 57 eaiterlv n 
nf Marietta, and 31 

ATHENS, a pc 
enunty, Oaania, ii 
iUe of the N fork < 
Tht- houica am h 
w.. ji) give it a pk 
que apprarance. 1 
college, the leat o 
inliabiunli. It it 
kthB-vilk, and «9< 
M bt. 34, W km. { 

■bin, arated on tl 
VWufl/OiMlun. W 

the county of W< 
the Sliiuinon,tOmi 

A'I'HOL, a diiU 
beautifal, romanti 
•oontry, rantai 

ATHV.a 10' 
county of iCildar 
Lefamer, KotRl 01 
bl. «t 58. 

ha is Africa, and 
(Ontinenta of AfVi 
the E continem ol 
fairadtb, from Oi 
BraxU in S Aroeri 
cneakleof Iheeqv 
N Atlantie Oerau 
the 8 Atlaiitks Oa 

in Africa, aepara 

ATOOI, one o 


ATRL aa cpl 
plea. In Ahmno 1 
cdona eragnrm 
Tkcaaw, " '— 


livbion of the Kiibin. Thr RT 
Mpeet of thi« eoimtrjr ii amno 
c of ill intaWwiiu, it U neirty 
tMe ofiMturr. Iiiiuiw p»rt» the 
C it wft liiid «troi!i5ly irapregiwt- 
th Mit. Ill olhen the toil li woH 
1 to all the puriMtei of wricul- 
ITic whole jirovlBce i> uiufcr tjia 
letiun of the ■rehbuhop of A*- 

TRACAN, mi epittoptl eily of 
lu»iin enipirf, capiuil of ■ pro- 
of the Mine imnie. It n targe 
»piiloiu. hu • good harbour, awl 
roundnl by itroiin wallfc It l« 
on nevi-ral rmiiwn««% which are 
iiiiilwl bj tlie inardies of llie Vol- 
iK far from iht ouiUl of that rl- 
ilo the Caipian Sea. The per- 
ut inblbitiuiu, it it mW, do not 
int lo more than 20,000; but lit- 
in thote 01' temporary ntidence, 
ireettimatiilatTO,OOOioiili. Here 
\x teen alvoiturej from «llj»ri« 
e globe. N tat. M 21 13) B Ion. 

>TURIA3s a provsnce of Spam, 
iiile. in Uiiglli, und 45 in hreiKltli ; 
dill on llie E by Hi^niy, on lh« 
Old CiHlil'' and Uwi, oii tlie w 
ifclicia, and on iIk- N liy the At- 
c 1( is divided into two partf, 
ria d'Oviedo, and Ksturia de San- 
in. . . « . 

iYl-UM, a po«t townthip of I.m 
e eoaniy, Fenntylvania, on ilic S 
*<• ufSutquehannah rirer.iiT milei 
of Wilkisbiurre. It it 283 inilus 
I Waihiiif^on. , . 

r ALAN A, a town of Portugal, m 
emadurn, tented on an emmonei-, 
I let S ol romar. W Ion. 7 59, N 
»9 25. 

rACAHA, • harbonr of South 
!rin,inFeru. W fciii.70 0,8 lat. 

THELNEY, an iilnnd of ____ 
lire, at the eonfluenw oJMie Thon* 
Pwret, inonarabl* Amt feanng af- 
«i thelter M king Alfrd. 
THEMS, mnr ««led SEriKBB, 
• reeMpirted fity, the capital rf 
lent Att^«^ but bow of Uiadia, m 
ouean TllilMnf ***" ■«■>>» 
iirani, the ruAt finally wretted it 
ttlic Venedam. Itt population « 
nnboflO,000. Blon.2353 38,N 
38 41 22. 

THENS. a floorithing pott wi»n 
Hwa coiuity, ttate of New yorl>, i^ 


[ «r 1 


utuaird on the wett bank of the Hwl- 
loii, and oppoiite to Hiidton city. It 
eontaint about 1000 inhabitauli, ani I 
Lutheran chjrrh. It it»8 Sof Alhe- 
nv, and 3A3 NK of Watliinglun. 

Al HF.NS, a |mtt town of Athene 
coiintv, Ohio, it «ftual«l on a petiin- 
tula, fomwd by the great Huckhock- 
ing rirer. It conlaini about 200 inha- 
bitantt, the univenity of the ttatc, and 
an acaoeroy. It it 47 niilet Sof Zaiiii- 
fiUe, 57 eatterly of Chillicoihe, 41 W 
of Marietta, and 357 NW of Waihiiig- 

ATHENS, a post viltage of CUrk 
county, Ocorgia, it tiluattd on the W 
tide of the N fork of the Oeonre nver. 
The houiet arc built on eminence! 
w-jb gi»e it a pleating and picture*- 
que appearance. It eontaint Franklin 
college, the teat of the uni«ertitT of 
the ttaie, a targe ctapel, and too wbiir 
failiabilaiiti. It it 70 initet (Vom Mil- 
kdgrville, and (WO Aon Wathingtnn. 
N tat. 34, W ton. 85. 

ATHEHS'l-QN, a town in Warwick- 
ibire, leaied on the Anker, 104 mi let 
V W of London. W tau 1 30,N lat. 52 40. 

ATHLON E,, a town of Ireland, in 
the county of WeM Mcath, tnud on 
the Slijuuion,tO mikt wett of OuMin. 

ATHOL, a dbtrict of Perthihire | a 
beautiful, romantic, and mountainoua 
aouniry, rantaining Mme flue lahn. 

ATHY.a town of Iretand, in the 
county of KiUire, and pnrinae of 
LcinMcr, Kaied on the river Barrow, 
UmileaSof Kihtare. Wh>n.037,M 
lat. 4t 58. 

CEAN, lakct iu name flrora mount Ai> 
ht in Aftica,and liet between the W 
contincna of AfVica and Eurane, and 
the E continent of America. Itt IcMt 
bceadtlK from Guinea in AlKca, to 
BtaxU in 8 America it asoo milet. On 
one liAi of the equator, it i< called the 
N Ailantie Oerau ; and on the other, 
•be S Atlantic Ocean. 

ATLAS, a dndn of htob mountaini 
bi Atiitt, leparatiiig Barhary fiom 

ATOOI, one of the Sandwich Itl- 
■Mb, diirawnd by captain Cook, in 

ATM, an cpbeopri town of Na- 
plea, In Abraaio Ulteriore. Ititteatp 
«d on a craggy mountain, (bur mile* 
Ihan the gutfof Venice, and 10 SE of 
ItaMM. £toll,U48,Nlal.41S«. 

AT8ION, a viltage in DurlinKton 
county, New Jcrtey, where then- it a 
valuable iron fouiidery, and a pott oT- 
floc) 2« mikt W of Tiickcrioii. 39 K 
bv S of Phitadelpliia, and lAO NK of 

Al TACPAS, a eoniiderable iM- 
tkmrnt in the lUteof Louiiiana, era- 
taining about 5000 inhabitantt. 

ArlLEBUaV, a town of Norfolk 
03 uiika NE of London. E km. 1 5, 
N lau 52 35. 

ATTOCK, a city and fortreti of 
Hiialaiiitaii Proper, on the E bank of 
tlie liului. E km. 70 3f,, N tat. 32 17. 

AVA, a largi- city in Atia, cupitat 
of the kingtkini of Bunmih, and » at- 
ed on the river Avii. Ava it 11*0 
mikt NE of Calcutta. E ton. W 30, 
N lat. 21 0. 

AVA, a tong tract of coast in Atta« 
on the E tide iif the gulf of B<ngal, 
txiiniliiig from th<' » i-ntrcmit} of 
Aracan to Cape Nt;Ri>riat, aial divided 
!timt Piwi on the E by the river Ava. 

AVALON, an andent town of 
Frunee, in the drpartniMat of Voiine, 
20 mill I SE of Auwne. E ton. 3 IS^ 
N kit. 47 30. 

a teaport town in the pravince of Bei- 
ra, m Portugal, rituated at the moiitk 
of the Vonga which flow* through tha 
town; population 4400. Vr Ion. 8 38. 
N hi. 40 38 18. 

AUBENA8, a town of France, in 
the department of Ankdie, teated 
on the Ardeche,atthefootortheCe. 
vennrt, near the miomd waters of 
Valtz. and 15 miks NW Viviers. ■ 
km. 4 30, N tat. 44 40. 

AUBIOimr, a town of France, in 
the department of Cher and tate pr» 
viuoeorBetry. It hat a cattle, and ia 
teated in > fine ptain, on the river 

AUBIN. a town of Ihe iitand of 
Jersey, wim a good harbour and a iiirt. 

France in the dtxiaitment of llto and 
Vibune ; 10 mik* E ofRennes. W ton. 
1 23, N tat. 48 15. 

AUBONNS, a handtone town in 
Swiiterland, in the canton «f Bem,oa 
ariverof the tame iwnc, 10 mikt W 
of Lansannr. E ton. 8 30, N tat. 4A 30. 
AVBURN, a town in Wihihire, «1 
mile* W of London. Poputatton 1280. 
W km. 1 32, N tat- 51 31. 
AUBUSaONt • town «r Fraaet^ ia 



I «• 1 



the drpartmrnt of Cremr, 

If, N tat. 49 <a. ,__ 

AUCH, un rpUcopal city of FWii«'. 
InllifdcpiirtiwiilofO*^' Itwton 
iKr luromit mid Atlivitjr "f * ^ff 
hill, M the llxit of * Well rum the lirn. 
The intwbit«iiu an curnpuuii toh 
tOM. Auch ii 3T niiirt W of roukiue 
K Lon. 40, N kt. 43 39. 

Ike IMnpric of Dtirtam. H.". ■ 
raUn S by W of Durhun, and Ul 
NNW ol' London. . „„ 

AV«1H0, or BRANGA NO. 
VA, a Manort town in the prorince of 
Belra. in PMtugal, » titiuwd at the 
mouth of the Vui« «h^ flor 
thnwgh the town. Piputatton 4400 
W lone. I U 4t, N lat. 40 3» 18. 

AVEUNO, an efiMopai town of 
Mapiei. It wai almow rulnad by an 
cullMUdw in l«04, and ii lU nul« 
E of Napleo. ._ 

AVKNME8, a mail town of Fruwe 
in thedqja«mmtoii*e North, *attd 
OD the ftaMr. *l mikt E ot Cam- 
Lny. and llbAE of Parih £ long. 

3 5t, N Lat. » ». , 

AVESNES, a to.»n of France, 
littwttd oa the riTrr HM|>re : popola- 
imntnit. EloBg.3«4.NUt,W«. 
AVENCHB, a town of Swiiierlaiid, 
inthrcaiiunarpari. '«»"Mi» 
W of Bern. E LoB.« th^J^^i^^- 
ATEHNO, a lake iH^ V»t>^^ 
Terra dlla»c.T», tw» ndfca laof, md 

mond an. Otar^ I. •hnawd « the 
a W aide of Savannah rinr. rhepub- 

lie'buildilit^'s chu'rehei, an atade- 
r.courtMuw, andfaal. Pi 

my.courthouw, andioai. I'opulMlon 
J47fl. It n U7 mllei NW ftom 
Savanmih, and HT from WadiJnguw. 
N lat. S3 19, W \ang. 80 40. 

AUOV'b'i'A, a puft town andcaM. 
tal of Braeken county. Kentucky, b 
a niMll town delighir<illy dtuaird 
on the 8 lank of the Uhio riTar. It 
CMiddiM, a aourthouie, gairf, an ae» 
deny and »ll inhaWianti. It it it 
mlln below Liimiione, 60 NK of 
LFiiii«loa,«nd <14 from Wadnngtoii. 
N laL SB 4«, W kMi(. from WaAinif 
ton, T 33 31. ..... .« 

AUOUS TA. a townhip in the 8W 
part of OneidB eo. «late orKew-tork. 
iTeonlaimd in 1I10,»00« inhabiMnM, 
uud a ehuTch for aooirrgationaUitt. 
Part of iu lanU an owned by tta 
Btoekbcid|e ImUw. 

AVERBA, • town •fNapla, with 
■ ■ ■ n't Hc It It ieaudln a wry 

fl;;^n, eMt mikt N of Naples. 
E toil. 14 0, N lat. 40 »». 

AVERtSBOttO', apaftawrf 
Cnmberiand tamQ, N»»* C«^ 
(landing nn the i tide rf *«_22[ 
braacbafCapeEEar i^Tcr, 3* niilei 
N of FayetteriUe, and SO 8 of E» 

A17G8BUIIO, an *«^^^j¥ 
8aaU^la Oonany. lBthe hiitop;t 
2da«e, the Lolbnam proeatcd tbor 
fiSSiim> oT Wlh to the empem 
Charh* V. to 1530, hence ealM tte 
aomkarianor Augriwrf, h wai^atoi 
by the noMh inlTVS, bMdan^ied 

30 rnihsMW of Munich. ._,. 
AUGUSTA, ■ poit nmu «r Bi(h> 

AUOUlTBar AU8TA, anldai 
in the mlf <* Veatae, on ib<- wart of 
Dalmatia, near Ragua, •"5«« «» 
Vtfiic*. E kn* 17 0, E tat. a M. 

AUOU8TA, a poet town of Koi' 
nehre county, JUna j lituBial w thj 
W ride of F.enp«bea r5»er, M mto M 
of Wtwanet: 190 »E of BoMn, 
ami 031 of Waihiiiciun. Population 

Aneriea, on the E «0Mt of »Vin«. 
Ii h th?<apital of E FkwUSJi* 
obionK «gui«, rrgularly IhrH llcd. 
It aoaiairo a dmtA end noMilCTy, 
and aboM 3000 inhgidtaati. W km. 
(1 10. NhK.3ih 

AUGUSTINE, a eape of N Am^ 
riaa, in BradL 300 mike NE of Ihe 
teylirAU&ale. W leau 3f 40. 
N tot. t 30. _ . ^ ^ 

AVIGNON, a eity of Fnaec^ 
apUai gftlw depart«»t rf Yau- 
diiM, dtuatHl CD t«e »« bank /tb« 
Rhone; the pohHe ediBaei « hau^ 
MMie. P*p«latton30,pOO.BIon.4 4t 
M, N toU 43 M SO, » nika ■ it 
Nunn. . 

AVBOUANE, a maH towto ej 
iMly. In Pkdnwnt, 7 milei W of 
tS;.. E too. T M,.NU«. 4» fc 

AVILA, an ancient town afSpifa i 
in OU CHtile. It baa a indtcMtf, 
^TeonSkrabk bidwpiie. andl* 

AVILE8, a town tt figmt, m 


Bucay, il miki N 
- N III. - 47. 

AVIS, a iiiuill 101 
Ali'Ut'Jo, 11 auil on i 
• null', iKar thi' 
M mil..t R of Uil 
N jut. 38 4't. 

ikirr. It U 7 rail 
iipun Avon, anil loj 
W l.«i>. I. 55, N Ul 
AULHS, a town ^ 
>l''|Mriini'iit of Vur. 
bt. 4.1 40. 

AVON, n rivcT ihi 
tml CLiiiini; Ni wDi 
Kllirliah Cluiiiiiil « 
lay, ill Miuupahirr. 
AVO.V, H riv.r th 
imliirr, awl runiiii 
wick anl Evithum, 

AVOV,apaai to« 
CO. ilate oT Nrw-Ym 
iSe Qeneik.v ri«r, ; 
moiuh. Population 
It H tl mikt W of I 
Id Wilti, and rtuinii 
mm' a luviarnhli- iIh 
uiiink- to RriMol, a 

nnny, in tlu- S par 
diicliy of Wlrteiuhii 
M lat. 48 2A. 

Fruifc, in thf de| 
ChaiuM-l, iMipiilntiur 
1 18, N hit 48 41. 


« the giiir of Mort 

Mrtment of that nai 

ranaei. W Lon. » ; 


apilal of Cayiua 

iKr-York, U aftua 

Owaaco an^ Cayiiff 

Mini 4 poat afflera, 

lus, Ihtf iiga, and Uii 

pnimlatMn in isw, 

Mirn U a floudmiq 

^ the outlet or Owa 

Ina, a court hoiM 

laea. Aureltua it 

of Albany, and 

AURIACH. a tow 
B niataui. It k 


It. OnrtU, b ilraMid on «hi 
loraaTumdtrim'. The pub- 
linn tn Jchurahn, m »ti»»- 
nhouir. aiid foil. Poputetitm 
It II 117 milra NW tnm 
•b, and liT from WmUdkUiu. 
»J J9, W iMIg. »o 4a. 
H'SVA, * iwtt lowii »n<l •■I* 
Braekm county. Rnitucky, if 
I town delighifiaiy iliuwwl 
S lank of Um- Ubio rivar. 11 
1^ a sounfaoiur, g"*!.™ "* 
Ufd lis inhabiiuu. It U I* 
betow Linirttonr, 00 NE of 
iOD,uid Hi ftom WMMncuni. 
38 41, W long, from WMhiiiK- 

33 3ta 

lUS r A. a towiuUp In tte 8W 
rOmUa €0. ttate oTKew-tork. 
laintJ In 1110,9004 InhabitmU, 
chuTcb for eongwja^omliiu. 

BuSrEar AU8TA, anUnd 
nilf at VcBie^ on »l»- <»» «* 

FoUSTA, a pon town of »«► 
eounty, tfaiM S rituMcd Mi tb* 
of KmnriM n»er, M mltaN 
"tnirn- IW NB of BoiHB, 
31 of WaihiiCtun. Populatwn 

lOUSTIMB, ST. atimnofN 
rtaa, on tt» E eoMt cf Monto. 

ntrim a danch and moMiMrri 
ibom 3000 lohBitoatt. W km. 
I, M lat. 30. , „ . 
Jo VSTIME, ■ aajpe of N Ain©- 
in Bnril, 100 raOet NB of iha 
a AU fiiBM. W laK 3* 40, 
t, » 30. , 

noMOM, « ahy of FnMt. 
Ill oTilM itfrnnmemt of Vjii- 
!, rinmttd on ik »« '»* ^*« 
MS tkr potaHe »di«aM aw kaud; 
.. PopulatlBn 30^000. Eta. 4 « 
N teTw « SO, » ndki B rf 

VBOUANE, • ■»•« W»Ji of 
,, in Phabnimt, T mUtn W af 
ih. E hn. T 30, N lit 41 fc 
VILA, m anelent town af »pite i 

. eonAWwWc M<h«prie.iBdli 
rite NW of Madrid. 

• town of Ipata, In 
n d» Iqr of 


( 80 ] 


Bixay, UmilnNorOricdok Wlon. 

- N l»l. — 47. 

AVIH, a iiimll town of Portun't in 
Ali'UtiJu, 1. ■ii'd on un iininrno', with 
• nMlc, n<ar lh<' rivir Avi^ It it 
M mill'* K of Uilwn. W Lun. 740, 
N lilt. 3> 4'i. 

AULC ESTER, a town in War wick- 
■kirr. It i« 7 miki W ol' 8truin>rd 
iiRun Avun, and loa NW uf Landon. 
W 1.01). I. 55, N lau 51 10. 

AULHS, a town uf Kntner, in •.he 
il<'|i,irimi'iit of Vur. E Lon. A 3i), N 
lnu 4.) 40, 

AVON, a riviT that ri»<^ In Willi, 
imi cj,iiiin>; Ni w Ibr. «, OilU, iiit^i th.' 
KiiKhali I'liaiiiii'l iit Cliriit eliurch 
la], in lliuiipiiliin', 

AVON, n riv.T that riiii iu L< lorv 
imliiri-, ami running SW by War- 
»ick and Eviihum, fid!) iniu the S«> 


AVON, a Mat townihip nf Ontario 
to. iiute of Nfiw-York, i, aitiiaird un 
Ike Ocnctoi- rinr, 18 mil.'i IV«m its 
month, IHipnlation in 1810 wiu 1380. 
It B 11 mik'i W of Canandaicua. and 

AVON, LOWER, a rivrr thnt r\%n 
IB Wilti, and rtuining W to Uatli bi-- 
■mi'i luviEMbli- tlKTo, contiuiK t in 
uiiini- tu Hriatol, anti fUb into tht- 

AUHACH, a rortiAitl town in Oir- 
many, in tbt- 8 part of Siwbin, and 
oiicliy of Wirtembiirc. E Loii, 9 22. 
M bit. 411 2«. ^^ 

ABRANCIIRS, an ancient town of 
Frniirr, in thi- dcpartiiicnt of the 
ChaiuM-l, pupuUtion S413. W Lon. 
1 IS, N Int. 48 41. 

AuR AY, a inwU mport of FrrjKc, 
« the itiiir uf Mortaihan, in thr dt> 
Dartmmt uf that name, » niiks W of 
Tannn. W Lon. l 53, N lat. 47 40. 

AURBLIUS, a poit towndiip aial 
apital of Cayuga county, ttate of 
■ew-Tork, ii utuatrd betwum the 
Oiraaco and 5«yM«» laki* It con- 
■ni 4pn» offlen, Aubam, Awk. 
Sui, Blmga, and Uvjan SpriaM. lu 

Ciiiikaon in isu^ wu ^O^Au- 
rn t« a nouriMiv <#«<'i lituatnl 
{otho outlet of OwaMoUfieb It con- 
im, a court hotiie, jail, and lOO 
'uet, AureOut it 175 inilei iwit- 
of Albanr. and 413 N of Wadv 

AURIACIL a town of Wcatphalio, 
' BfrieduiL RiiMnedinaiibia, 

•iirrouniliil hy finvtu full of | 
Ii iiiilo NK of Kmlidi'n. 

AUHILLAt, a (own of rranfc, on 
thi- rivrr Jordanw, in the ik'uartiai-iii 
of Caiilal, l^uuntitit'i of litw >m| 
vHvit iin- maniilltctiiitil l»n'. it ia 
.10 niik^ SW of St. Klour, aiallJO S of 

AUROH A ISLAND, an iilaial, one 
of the New Hvhridi I, in the S PaeiAo 
Ocean, li ia about J3 kwim kmic, 
Int not ahovf nnir WmJ, 

AUIirNdAIIAI), 8 cvmidrraMk 
city of Aim, in iJu- I)rceaii of llin- 
ihiuftan. It II but ii modem eity ) ow- 
ing iu rije fruni a iniidl town to uSe 
mpiial of Duwlutiilwit, tu tlu' givat 
Aiiruniruilx', fruiu wIhiiii it had ita 
nanie. It it irto milii NK of Bumbar. 
E Inn. 7(1 a, N lat. 1 1 4J. 

AUSTKHLI I'Z, a iinall town of 
Moravin, in the cirrki of Bnuiii, c». 
k'hmtul fur u dreadful huttfe, fuught 
in iti tirinity, un 3il of Ueu'nibi r, 
lat'J, betweiii the Kn iivh and tlie al- 
littl Riiuiana and Aiittriaw. Thii 
liloudy engiMfe inent tirniinated in fa- 
vour of tht^Fri'iich, and hai Ixm calM 
l>y them the battle of the three £in- 

AUSTRIA, one of the eirelei of 
the G< rman unpin', boiiwhtl on the 
W by Swiwrliinl ; on tlie N by Sua- 
bia, Ravnria, lkihimi;i, uiid Muravia; 
on thr- R by Hungary ; uml un the S 
by Italy and Cnmia. Ii niiiuiini the 
nrehdiichy uf Auitria ; tht diieliio of 
Suria, Carinthin, CurniiiUi, Rial Clori. 
tw ; thi! county of Tirol ) and the 
hiihonriva uf Biizen aou Tn'iiu 

AUSl'MIA, an arehduchy, in the 
"ircje of the lame name, 'llie rivet 

Mi» divides it into Upper and Lower: 
Vienna ii the capilid of tlie Lower, 
and Lintxof the Upper. Auitria exerh 
ulthe provineei of Germany in the 
ntllnty of iti wil, the ph:nty of iu 

r»f"f ond the wholcaonieneai of 
«£. Com, wine, and iMt, are 
|rientiAd; and the affVtin better than 

WWdipMtiaent of flame ant Laiic 
U incited at tkelbot of dine rapuat 
Una, on tlie river of Arroui. Autun 
H 45 miki E by S of Mven, ai:i 
lOlSEofParii. E Lon. 4 17, N lat. 
40 50. Pouuhtion 0170. 

AWE LOCH, one of thp man brwi- 
tiftil lake* of SoMlaiKl, in Argylcdiirr, 
c 2 ■ 




I 30 1 


Mttf nSn lone, and in mum pwta, 
■hovi- two brau, 

AUXERRR, Ml aneinM mwii of 
Fnncr, in iIk rirpartmrnt nf Yuniu'. 
Ttm inkabitanM ik oomMititl at 
ll/we. Jt !• U mUn Sof Siiu. K 
Lon. 33 At, N IM. 47 47 17. 

AyXOMNK, * town iif Pnno-, bi 

thr Ayiu nwit af 

Cotr il'Ur, wiih a 
«Mtl<','m«rieiial«handaoini' iMrriuki, 
and a (bundrry v eaunon, Puunln- 
lion Mtl. K. km. « M 3<, N lat 17 

AWATSKi^llAT, a bartmir of 
Ramuelwlha,ilir iaftrat and laiHi extra- 
■in that ku been dlffurrntl, and Ihr 
only ooe iit ihac aart of ll» world, that 
am adnill mieli of a conaMpraMa 
burd«n. K Ion. !(• 41), N lac. II it. 

AWI.KN, a unall imiwriil town of 

HiHiUa, on tbi! river Cuohrn, I< mllei 

11 ■■I W of rkdna. It wu taken hjr ttw 

Fmwh in Aiiguit ITVO. B hn. 10 

1 j, N lat. 48 .16. 

AXBRIIK3E, a (nrporatv town hi 
8oiiirr« tikin*. It ii watttt «n tko ri- 
vi-r A«, 133 nilki W uf Ixindon. 

AXKI., a iiiiall (owa uf Dutch 
Flandrn, v'atMl <m a moraw, 10 mika 
N of Ohnit. K Lun. 3 41, N lat. Bt 

AXIIOLM, an iiland in the NW 
pnrt of Uneoliuhirt', in Encbuid. It 
.^ fbnnnl by thr IVnit, Dun. and 
lillf. and it ten milri Unig, aud Ave 

AXMINSTER, a town of Denm- 
ihiir, on tfw rin'r Ax. It it 18 milet 
E by K of Fai'Ut, and 147 W of 
Umkin. W Lnn. 3 I, K lat. 50 40. 

AXUM, ftmnrrlT a lar|^' city, and 
once the cuital of AhgrMlnki. It i< 
IWmilnWaf thoRcdaca. E Lon. 
3« 4, N lat. t4 6. 

AYAMONTE, a Kapcrt of Spain, 
in Andaiuiia, «'ih a ««»![ nadc 
built on a rocfc, at the month of m 
rinr Guardkm, opporite CaMra-ftH- 
rino,WgiU«NWiJcadii. W Loo. 

7 If, N IM. 37 U. 

m, di borough of Za^ 

land, in Buehiiufaanuhire, ikualetitpi 
• branch of thethaniea, in • phauaM 
and fkntlt «all«y of theiame nam^ 
VOuata^Mk 3180. N tat. «l 40 18; 

AYLBSfORD, a town of England, 
in thecodnty of Kent, lin <■ the N 
bank of the river Mcdway, Popui*. 
tioa 9U. N tan. H SI> B ton. e S8. 

ATLKWAM, a town in Korfblk, 
lilinikiNKuflMidon. K Lun. 117, 
N hU.«aM 

AYMOU Til, a toHii of Seotland, in 
Ihrwtckihiri', lit inilti N uf Brrwick, 
W U>n. I4<l, N Ut. <A 1 1. 

AYR, a InnniKhor Svotlaial, capi- 
tal of an rxlrniivi OMintv 'if 'hi* MUne 
lauw. It ii liiiMtixi on the riwr Ayr. 
l>(inukiti<Hi 7000. It ii 7A mika tfW 
uf Kdlnburgh. W kin. 4 37, N lau 
IS 37. 

AVRSHIRR, acountyof Scotbind, 
binuidiil uii the W and N by the Prilh 
of Clyde and RenfVrHihirt', on the B 
by the rouMiri of iJOierfc and Duifr 
fHri, aiMl on the HE aiai S bjr thu 
iliirin of Kircudbright and Wigtsn. 
Brtween itf rxtn-mr pUiit* it ii about 
90 mika ; iu gmtnt breadth ia nut 
qilitP 37. 

LANDS, a group of iahuHb. in the 
Atlantic Ocean, brtween *S and 33 
drg. W kMi. and hatwcen 37 and 40 
der. N lat. 'lOO mika W uf PortuflKl, 
and ai many E of N''u,rnu>illand, 
Th«7 are nine in naniUr, .i*. St. Ma- 
ria, St. Michael, Tern- v, St. Oeorge, 
(Iracloao, FyrI, Pic. r'-irn, and Coi^ 
vo. Tbcy were rt.iK.. ih<* Aiur*^ 
(Vnm the niinihi'r uf hawlu fbund 
aniung tlicm, Nu puiMnoua animal, 
it ii ihkI, ii 10 bi- found in tik? Anarea, 
and if carried thiilier it will exniri' in 
a few hoiin. All nf ihnn are rinik', 
aial enjoy a «alubrioui air, but are 
•ulfiect to riolciit eaitbquakn. 


BABBLMANDEL, a itnit be< 
twicn tlie coait of AiVica and 
Arabia, uniting the Red Sea with the 
Indian Oacan. N tat. U 40, E lg«. 

BABEITHAVSEN, a ttwn of Sua- 
Ua, in % diiclw of wirwabim fl*B 
iaitaair«r TuMMJai. Etao.r«,M 
tat 41 S«,\ ■■' 

BABOLHM,a town of Setan«tat 
neait'the n*er OraTC, httwccn PuMga 

BABYLON, once a flunoiii city in 
Aais, and pettiapi at the mm time. 
Ilk: iaisnt in the worU. It wai watnl 
«a the riyer Euphrateii about tUrty 

niilM hrtaw 6 
dad. It wai 
m Into two r 
nicalHl by a < 
kiupb, and 30 
Hahl-t, within 
Kiuarr Dann, ' 
The walU of I 
niddng niagni 
briclu and hi 
(umlWaiicr. X 
l^ia wa< abc 
Kgypt, au|i(n 
plucf where C 

in the kuigdoi 

BArANO, i 
pairiiiumy ol ! 
aecouniaf Ihi 
the 377lh year 

in tlie palatin 
30 mile* W of 
lat. 4tf <]. 

lian pnnrinrai 


tal of Eatran 
we. It b aiiit 
on ihe (iuadiu 
iktand atran) 
ii<inl4J0O. Ii 
Madrid. Wh> 

10 loitai UK t 
30, N tat. 41 31 

BADEN, a ■ 
In the drck ol 
K bank of tl 
J Mtttw omarqi 

(be river OHba 
lain. Itiicde 
and k 4 mile*! 
94, N tal. 41 41 

BADEN, a i 
duchy of Auati 
Schwocha, nu 
niuntof ittbal 
48 3. It ii 15 

BADEN, an 




AYLRnUAM, • tmm In Norflilk, 

IndlnNKurixiniiaii. K Lull. I 17, 


AYMOirill, ■ la«n of HnMliind. tn 

rwlcluMri', ii« inilri N uf Brrwbk, 

l^n. t*». N Uii. H 1 1. 
AYH, ri l»nHiKhi>r Hvoiluid, tapi- 

of an rxiriwlvc OHiiitv '■!' *hr uune 
im'. It ii liliiaU'd uii tlie rivrr Ayr. 
inulnlMNt 7000, Itii 7A niikt Bw 

I'VliiihurRfa. W Ion. 4 37, N IM. 


AYRSHIRR, ■ miinly nf ScnOamli 
undnl on ihr W and N by Iht- rrith 

Clyde ami Kniftr»ihir<', on the E 

the couMln of Ijuirrii >Bd Dtoa. 
m, ami on thr HK and 8 b)r thn 
irt> of KirtndbrlKlM and WlMm. 
iwvni i(f rxtn-mr puiiii* It U aliout 

mile* ; iu gnatnt lamkhh la nut 

ANDB, a Kroup of Ulandk In the 
tlxntk; Oeriin, brtwtra *l and S3 

K. W kHi. and bMwcm .17 and 40 
N bt. 'too niiha W of PortuNliI, 
ai niaiiy E of N-'kniuHllwid. 
^7 arrnint' in rnunU r, -iz. St, Ma- 
I, St, Mii'hael, Ter» r. , Ht. (icorgc, 
racioia, FyrI, Plc«. t-nrrt, and Cor- 
1. IVy wrw iIk- Aioret, 
i>in th» iiiinihiT of hawlu fbund 
riunii thrin, Nu puitanoiu animal, 
it laid, ii (o bt- llniiai In tk: Aaom, 
id if cariitd thithnr it will npin' in 
n-w hoiin. All of thrm an a-rtik, 
id rnjoy a nalubrioiu air, but ar» 
l^«ct to Tioleiit earthquakn. 


SABBtMANDEL, a ttrak lic> 
iwim tliu coat of AlVic* wd 
mWa, unitiai the Red an witk Ike 
idian Oitn. N kit. U 40, B la«. 

BABENHAVSEN, ■ Wnt tit 8w 
>, In Ike diidnr of wurMabuMkiva 
itaairtC TuHmoi. Ekn.r4,N 

ABOLBSA, • town of Sclaraaia, 
au^the nvcr Or*Tr, bttwem Poaagn 

BAHTLON, onee a flunoiM eit]r io 
•la, and Mrfwpi at Ike iuiie time. 
K kuaett in the worU. It waa mm) 
I the rirar EupbntCii about tUrty 


[ « J 


mih* brlew the madrm dty of n««- 
ilad. It wai dlvidnl by iIh Kii|ilint- 
m into two equal parli, tluil iiiniinii- 
niralMl by a Mnoe l)ridi(v, A24 IVn in 
Iriupli, and 30 broad. 'I'hr Tuoir nf 
iwii-l, wilMn thii riiv, wiu built in a 
Hiuarr Ibrni, 4A0 ruliiti lii;>li i iiiul thr 
cirruinArnMr at ihrlmtiiini 4 or louo. 
'Dr walb of Hab\ Ion wm' uf iin hM» 
nWnK magnitude i lliry wrnbuih ol 
bricha and bituiwn ; 10 mil< i in cir 
cunifWencv, UO Ibi i hifh, ami m iliiik, 
lliit »a< alM the luunc nf a riiy in 
KfyiM, •uppoard Iu itand nmr tlw 
pwir whrrr Cairo itanda now, 

RACA or IIAZA, a town of Spain, 
in thr kliifpiom of (iranada, Ii niili'i 
KK of Oaudii. W lat. a 43. N Ut. 37 

BAC ANO, a nUaf of Hal) , in tbr 
patrlnHMiy ot St, PM<-r, wHI kuoirn on 
uMount of Ike dt'ftst of the Fahii, in 
ihr <77lk ynr of Roinr, 

RACCARAH, a town of OiTnianr, 
in tlie pahitinatf ui (he Hhiuc, It ii 
XmileaWorMenlx. Ek>n. 7J«,N 
Int, 49 It. 

HASCA8KRY,aM»nin the Hii>, 
lianprovinrcof laoridi, Itia70inllra 
SofPraeop. E ktn. 35 40, N ku, 45 

RADIUOZ,a tnvn of Spnin.eapi- 
lal of Katramadiira, iiml a bi>liop'a 
itc. It la anitrd in a livrile ttrrilory 
on Ike Onwiluna, It la di-ftiidtd bycat^ 
lira and atnmg Ibrtifleatianh l*omila. 
lion I4J0O, It it 17* milea S by W of 
Madrd. W kai. « 43, N kit. 3* 44. 

RADBLONA. a town of Spain, in 
CttakmfauaraM on Ike MediU'rraunut 
10 railai VK of Barcekaau E km. * 
30, N tat. 41 M. 

BADEN, a inwmTateiif O eili iaay , 

in the circle of I 
£ hank of the I 

akoalnl on the 

It ia dWUnl 

iteaaaJkd Upper nai 

RADEN,«kctapitalof the upper 
warquiaalcjf ikat name, la acated on 
the nrer OMWh, at the foot of a moun- 
tain. It la ceMralcd br iu hoi hatha; 
nidb4niiletSorRaaiadt. EIoii.t< 

BADBN,a aroall town in the ard»' 
liKliy of Aualria,dluatul oil the river 
SehHOcha, much nn|iieiittd on ac- 
count of lit hatha. E kuk IA U, N hit. 
48 3. It ia U mika South Weat ofVi- 

BADKN, an andcnt and handaome 

town, thr rental nf a muntry of the 
aaine nuiie in Hwiaarrlniiil, i^ «i(iliited 
UII iIm- river Liinat, It i« tiiiiH>ii« for 
iu hMht, the watrra of which are min- 
ed with aulphur and alum, it ii 10 
miln NW of Ziirie. E hai. 1 11, N lal. 
47 31, 

UADF.NWEILI.ER, a tnwn uf 
Siialiia, brhMMrimt la tkr hwir nwr- 
gruvnte of Baden, anitnl neur the 
lihine, 10 milea SK of Friburg. K km. 
7 H, N lac *» 1. 

II AnOKWOHTH.a vlllaitr in Okiu- 
eminhirr, reniurkubk- fur a ipring of 
mineral waier, calkd CuM Pual. It ia 
7 milea NK of Okmceaier, 

IIAKZA, a town of 8naln, in Anda- 
liKia, It la aeutedon the Uuadal<|iiivrr, 
15 niik'a NE of Jurn. W km. 3 18, N 
k». 37 45, 

BAFFIN'S RAY, a bay in N Ame- 
rica, aaeovrrcd by Mr. Iliiiflii nn Kn- 
glitliiuan. It eatenla Ironi 70 tu ituih g. 
K bl, 

RAFFO, a rona'tWrable town in the 
iahind of Cypni, F, luu, 32 30, N Int. 
34 50, 

HAOPAi), fiihely wpiward to hr 
ancknl RABVI.ON, » popuktua city, 
cMjnijil of Imc Aniliiii. wittiil on iIn' 
i'lKria, and inhabiuil hy Chriitinni, 
Turka, hr. The city it liirgf and |m>- 
pukHti, tin; onmlier of tia iiihHiiitiiiiti 
being compulid at lOO^XM, I'Ih' bo- 
lara^oriaarkvM hrre.arc l:iri«f and ex- 
lemirp, being corerrri over » iih iirchci 
built of maaonry, and dirided into dit- 
ferrnt alreeu itllrfl with ahopaofall 
kindi uf mtrclmiidixe, to the nimiher 
of IZ/IOO. On the N tkk- of the town 
ia the citmlel, which coininniidt the ri- 
rer. In the city uii' teveriil large 
beautiful nwti^iiea. There luv olao a 
iHirober of antique biiildiiiga. It waa 
taken liy the Turka in 1S38. Itia350 
mikiN by Wof Baaaora. E kai. 43 
51,11 hit. 33 90. 

BAONOI.8, a town of Plnuiee, in 
the dfpurtmenl of Heraiill, near the 
rirer tcae.and 8 milea 8W of Put Si. 
Eaprit. K km. 4 43, N lal. 44 10. 

eountry of Hindooatan, in the Rreean, 
which exienda frum the Sunt river to 
Poonab, and ia inckiard by a riolgu of 
mountnina. calktl the Uauta. 

BAONAHA, a aeaport of Napk«H ( 
mikia S of Palnui, In thia town i'017 
penoni perialied,by tlie di-cadflilcailh- 
quake, in 1713. K fcw. 19 8,N tat. 31 f. 



[ 32 ] 


>■- \ . 

BAGNEJIES, n town of France, in 
the Aimrtment of the UpiM r Pjren- 
nee^ ; much firqMcntfd for «« not mi- 
neral wair". E l""-.*)!!' JS '"-^J.^ 
He to the S of Carolina, betwi'en SS and 
37 dee. N iRt. nml '3 '1 •'IT- ^ '?"• 
They extend along llw coiist of Floruln 
to Cuba, arc imid to he 300 in number, 
but all unhahiled except I'rovidence. 
They are suliject to the EurIi*, to 
^hom they were unknown till 16S7. 

BAHAR, a eoimtry of Hindtwstnn 
Proper. It is subieel to the Knriish K 
iDdu Company, and most of the lalt. 
petie ih.y export, ■• roantifactiired m 
thi> province. It in s.timtHl lothe W of 
Ben^<l,and i« about MO miles loiii?, 200 
broml. The chief pi™lu"e n opium. 

BAHRIN, or 'bAHEREIN, the 
nanit of « group of sniiill mIiukIs, jitu- 
Uted on the wesleni side of iIh Persinn 
eulf ; fiunoiu for itn |>oarl fishery. At 
Some Oistniicefhmi thi'ne islands, at tlm 
depth of two and a iKilffiitlmm. it is 
ttiSthe fishermen liave fouiid good 
«pring water, bihI are iV.V^J" L. 
^ving to the bottom to fill thiir bot- 
tles. Those irtands contain about 40 
or SO meaii villages. E Ion. 48 10, N 
lat. 2« 40. , c ._j _ 

B AHUS, tt strong town or Sweden, 
oapiial of n governnuDt "f il* »aiiic 
name : on a ro*k in an '««»"?' >"™«;« 
N of Gottenburg. E ton. W 42, N l«i. 

BAIA, Ml inconsldoraWe town of 
Naple«, in Terradi I-avorn ; it wiu ft- 
mom, in the time of the Rolnau^for 
its hot I>ath« aiHl elcRant palncej. It 
flourishi^ in ftill. ■5l>'i) *«"' '"«''« 
days of Theojlonc the Goth. Afin 
the irruption of the northern honliij, it 
decliiK'tl inwcallhand splendoiu-. The 
■ea, which h«»l been driven back by 
huge ir.olfsaM butti-rsscs, broktdown 
the b:ivriers that couflntd il, "i^ f«> 
ouer.t earthquakes, coinpleuil the nc- 
vastMionof this enchanting retreat. It 
is s««ed on tlK hay of Napfe, 12 miles 
W of Naples. E Ion. 14 S, N lat. 40 SI, 
BAIKAL, a large lake of RusM,!!- 
touted ir the government of Irkutsk 
ill Siberia. It extends ftom the «1 to 
above the J5 dec. of N lat., and i» up- 
wardsof 300mit-«long,and TOriest.-oni 
W to 50 in breadlh. Also the name of 
a clwin of mountains whic!. follow 
newly the saniediieciion with the lake, 
acooro^yiiig it on both nd» Iheae 

mountmn-. abound with valuable uij. 
uernh, tmi give rise to many noble ri- 
ver-, of which the SaWiign, Angara, 
I*-„i, Vilui,aii<l Tungusa are Uie prin- 

"^AILLEUL, a town of France, in 
the d^J*"n«.t ol the North, 9 miles 
SW rf Ypi«». E km. a 4», K lat. » 

*'bAJA, a populous townof Hunm- 
r^• on the Danube. SS miles NW of Es- 
seCK. E Ion, SO 0, N Int. 45 10. 

BAJADOH.acapion the W «>a«t 
of Africa, S of the Canary l>lai«l». W 
Ion. 14 22. N lat. 46 W; „,vPB 

a river of Hiraloastiin, whiih rises near 
the Nerbndilii.ruus so-ithward through 
Bnrar. and after a coursi; of neur *m 
mile, unites «iU. the «<«1<1«":';> ! «^,'^ 
in the hills that bound the Bnlish Cir- 

"StAIKDSTOWN, a post town of 
Nelson county, Kentucky. It "Situ- 
„,«! on the N side of Beech creek (a 
branch of Rolling nver)16 miles NE 
ot Bealshurg,55 SW of Fraiiktort,»nd 
fi37 westerly from Washington. Popu- 
lation 821. . „___. 

BAKEWELt, a timn on the Peak 
o|- Derbyshire, noted on the "ver Wye, 
among tSa- hill», HI i'"l« NNW of 
Ixiiidon. Population 1412. 

BA XU, a towhof Persia, in the pro- 
vince ofSchirvaii,the most commodi- 
nus haven of the d-spian Sea, wi the 
W coasi of which it is situate. E ton. 

50 22, N lat 40 21. . 

BALA, a lowTi in Menonetshin-. It 
stands on tl* lake of Bah, or P™'l>k- 
niere, which is n miles in kngth, ;uid 
e in brenilth. I lie town is t«itcd for a 
Kicat trade in knit woollen stochinK<; 
Ills 195 miles NW of London. W 
km. 3 35, N tat. SI n. Population 

BALACLAVA, a ••port of "»*»• 
ry.fwmerly SymbotaBand Cwilmlo, 
is situated on the S side of the Crimea. 
The population consisting of lartfi 
Greeks, Russians. &c. is 3000. E Ion. 
31 24, N lat. 44 38. 

BALAGAT, a provmce in the Dec- 
can of Hindodslan, and thekirgert of 
the three which compose that king- 
dom. It extends through the peiUn- 
5ula to the southern extremity of My 

BALAGUER, a fortified town of 
Spaiu, ia Cntaloniiii on the ritrer S» 


[ 32 ] 


'once, in 
r Pjren- 

I hot mi- 
Int. 43 5. 
n 22 una 
, W Ion. 
r Floridn 
iiRlisih, to 

II I'M)?. 

the lalt- 
ctiired in 
Ions, 200 
JIN, the 
tiitls, siti» 
« Persinii 
liery. At 
ids, at tlio 
mm, it i» 

p iiuhit of 
thiir bot- 
I about 40 

1. 48 10, N 

r Sweden, 
' the lanic 
d, W miks 
) 43, N lai. 

p tovm of 
; it W!U fH" 
oinnns, for 
lalnces. It 
[»Nvii to tl>e 
Mlu After 
n hordet. it 
idoiir. Tlie 
'» back by 
broke down 
it, ni4fre- 
eutl the de- 
' retnat. It 
In, 12 niile« 
N Int. 40 51. 
>f Htiuia,ti- 
of Irkuuk 
im the 51 to 
,., and i« np- 
il»' name of 
hie!, follow 
vith the lake, 
■ides. Tbae 

mountMn-. abound with valuable uiw 
nerals, «nd give ri»e to many noble i-i- 
vei--, of which the Saleiign, Anptra, 
I*-„i, ViIui,Kiid Tunguw are the prm- 

"^AILLEUL, a town of France, in 
the deiArtment oftheNorth,« 
SW rf Yprefc E km. a 45, N lat. 50 

^'BAJA,apopjiU«is »*" of HunM- 
n- on the Danube. 35 milei N W of El- 
«eCK. E Ion. 20 0, N lit. 45 10. 

BAJADOH.acapeon the W eoa«t 
of Africa, S of the Conan' lilmMs. W 

a riverof HiiHloiHtmi, wbith rues near 
the Nerbnddii.rnui southward tbrough 
Ilnrar. and after a coiir«; of iieur 400 
Zk, unite, wiU^he G'«1''»":0 S^^L^ 
in the hlll« that bound the Bntish Cii>. 

'SlAIHDSTOWN, a poit town of 
Nelwii county, Kentucky. It ii ntu- 
„,„! «i. the N «ide of Beech creek (a 
branch of noHinK nver)16 miles NE 
„t Beal.hurg.5S SW of Frankfort, and 
ft37 westerly from Washington. Popu- 
lation 821. ■ n 1 
BAKKWELt., a town on the Peak 
of Uerhyshirt , noted im the nver Wye, 
amoiiB tiie hitl», HI n"l« NNW ol 
Ixindon. Population 1412. 

BA XU, a towhof Persia, in the pro- 
vince ofSeh'iryon.the most cominodi- 
niis haven of the Ci-spian Sea, on Uie 
W eoiisi of whicU it t« situate. E ton. 
50 22, N lat 40 21. . 

BALA, a town in Menonetshire. It 
stands on tlic lake of Bah, or PMnok- 
mere, which is 13 mifcs in fcaigth, :uid 
fi in breailth. Tl»' town is |»tcd for a 
Kieat trade in knit woollen itockiiiKi; 
11 is 195 Diilei NW Of London. W 
km. 3 35, N lat. 51 «. Population 

BALACLAVA, a ••port of TJftt- 
ry.fmmerly Symbotaiand CemUnto, 
is situated on the Slide of the Crimea. 
The population consisting of l»rt»f»f 
Greeks, Russians. &c. is 3000. E Ion. 
31 24, N lat. 44 38. . . _ 

BALAGAT, a province m the Dec- 
can of HindoiMlan, and theUirgeit of 
the three which conipoK that king- 
dom. It extends through the peiUn- 
5ula to tlie southern extremity of My 

DALAGUER, a fortified town of 
SjniUjin Cataloiita,ffllJ*e ri«r o* 


[ 33 1 



ITO, at tlie foot of a craggy rock, 75 
•niles NW of BarcelouaTng Ion. II, 
Mat. 4 1 55. ' 

BALAKUC, a town of Franae, near fVom Mompeliei'to TuukiiMe- 
noted for its baths. 

BALASOKE, a seaport to the NW 
of the bayof Bengal. '^! I e iiiliabitaiits 
make stuffs of silk,cottiin unci a sort of 
grass. E lOll. 87 1. N lut. 21 22. 

BALBASTRO, an episGu|ii<l tnwnot 
^paiii 111 Arragoii, on the river Vcro, 
41 miles N E of Sonigiissa. E Ion. 27 
N Int. 42 8, 

. BALBEC, a city of Asia in SjTia, an. 
cienlly called Heliopolis. It ii situat- 
«I at the foot of Anti-Lebanoii. On the 
*, side are the renuins of ancient ruins 
aiiiung the must magnificent are tlic 
ruins of the ttniplenttlie Suiu Aronnd 
itisarow of ruined edifices which dis- 
plav all the omameuti of the richest 
architecture. Balbec is 37 miles N of 
Oamiiseus. E Ion. 37 20, N 34 22. 

"AI-PH, a town of Usbec Tartary. 
Ml the frontiers of Perrla, VOO mile. S 

t. i"?^^;*. ¥■ '»"• ® "> N lat- 3/ 20. 
BALDIVIA, a lotport uf Chili, in 

i'ail^^J'' '""• ^!'*°. S lat. 19 38. 

BALDOCK, a town in Herts. It is 
9 mife, WSW or»oys«on,iuid37 NNW 
of London. W Ion. O 5, N lat. 53 a. 
Populatkm IXa. 

«,iLS^ "^ ,•'•'»• ™»i»huidi. 
MtreinHy populous, and abounds in 
nce,andairsorti of fruits. Theinba. 
bitanu are Pagani and very warUke. 
E Ion. us 50, Slat. 7 10. 
■rSiV'?' P"''"'''} the ancient BAC. 
1 HIA, u a large town of Independent 
'"•^i situated on the river Dehasb. 

capital of the province of the same 
name, and was ukeii by ZengiiKhan. 
hi lail, the dty plund^ Jd uJjii' 
nantants massacred. 

S r ti* '"T y*""-' "" rartary, subject 
JJthina. It fa 140 miles km^ and 70 

BALAAGHY, a town of Irebuid,in 
the county of Sligo, IS miks 8 of SB- 

• ^.ff-I-YCONKEL.atownoflreland, 
if C?T»T^'' "*" ^""^ " """" ^^ 

.:.?^y'™°?'^' » "»*»• of Ireland, 
nluated near!) in the centre of the 
pumy of Antrim, on the honks of a 
ilistreaiD,whicbfallsinu>tbii.Main. I 

Population »SV). It is Si' mltia N^ of 
Btlfust, and 93 fVoin Dublin. W lun 
5 5V. N lat. M Si. 

^r^^}'OWy, a post township, and 
capitel of Saratoga couni,, state of N. 
York. It conwuied in ISH), 2155 inha. 
bili ...;. U ia S8 miles iioriherlv of Ak 
bur y, and 400 NK of Washiiigtin. 

LALLSTOWN bPA, all incorpo- 
ra ed post village in tlit to«mhiuV 
IVIiltoii, Saratoga county, N York, ft 
IS hoiMtsuniely sitiiateil in a narrow 
ronuintic Vale, on a branch of the 
Kyadeross creek. It contains about 
100 hfluse*. an acadiiny and nieetius 
house ; and is -etebratKl fur its mineiJ 
al waters. It is 38 milts N of Albany 
aiKl 409 NE of Washington. ' 

oS*..'" •t'"*"'' coiuitv. 18 liiiKs NW 
of Kdkeuiiy. W Ion. 7 25, N Int. 52 50. 
BALLYiHANNON.:torB. s4ort 
of Ireland, in the connty orDoiKirol. 
with a good harbour, 110 mitts NW of 
OubUn, • 

country of fliiidoustaii Proper, bordet^ 
iiig on thi- N of Mewat. awl aunroacb. 
ing witliui 14 miles of DelW. 

BALTIC, a large »in between Den- 
mark and Sweden to the W, aial Gei>. 
mmiy, Potand, aud Russia, to the E. 
It IS rtmiirkable that tiiis sea mither 
ebbs nor flows, and a current al«ma 
sets thnrapih the souikI into tlie oetau. 
The Baluc opens from the Gtrnian 
sea between the 57 and 48 deg. of N lat. 
''ill 5"''j>««"tinfi: NE and is Uura 
called the SkagiT Hack ; it next passes 

"7 — - --«8^. .>i».i%, II iir.M nasst*S 

♦everal degn« S in what is callid the 
lattigat. Afttr |>assiiig tiM- islaial of 
ZiiaJand this sw spitails widely to the 
NE and runs Out into the gulfs of Both- 
ma, Finland, Riga, and banizic. Its 
|"'fftj> M mori- than (SCO niiks, and iu 
breaifch 75 m general, but in some 

. BALTIMORE, a town of Ir<lan<l. 
"' tJP epiuity of Cork, seated on a heait 
land which runs into thttaea 9 miles N 
E of Cane Cfcar. 

-„'!*^tj"^'*'5' .COUNTY, in the 
state of Maryland, is 45 miK» long and 
36 broad, and is bounded N by ftiin- 
ylvBiua; NEbyHarUbideotinty; SE 
by Cliesii^nkbav; S hy Anne Arun- 
del connt) •, and Why Hwk rick coun- 
ty. I he soil with soniu frw excep. 
ttonais genmUlythin. IJiis county 
contains extensive mines ofiruii ore, 
and soBieof them have^een wr.iught to 

- ■! 


[ 34 1 


oM«t iiIv»bUM. It U fcmoui for it« 

nroximitv of » nuinbrr of tu^n-* «» 
S^n SXa. WWUn .bout 10 

Siii". of tiH .o«n »^' » ™««»:rsr^» 

powder workj. Of thise 

■ t.n...ka 


KSViK^fcr buikU of the i«me 
S^ Powhattan cotton vmtkt »re on 
G,ri.imKe»pit«» two hundred thou- 

ration. On the mmr ttiwini, dK pj- 

Eicompai.y arc sltuatol, «>J»talone 

"one,' fall. a« Uk cotton w")" »' *^, 
Wadungton con.puj, «ith . capital 

Belloiw pinpowdarworks, which iMut- 
SftwuT*, 60 quarter c«.k« per day, 
Sitol one hiujdn^.thiWWd toHiu* 
Tfc. princiw*Oteic««f the cotton 

ihirtiiuts. Mliamhrayi, 8c. .r»" oi 

more city, by r^i^t. •n*vri''^-,^ 
tJiiio.1 company liave about 00 looms 

•"sSrllMOBE, the larp^rt .to^n™, 
and capital of uV above county, in the 
SSe o?Mnryland, a.»l«e of the in«t 
TOnnierclal porf.fai '•^,'™^ "J^ 
nated on the N »»' of tlie PatapMO 
S^.ZuTm mile. fromiu.iui»t«m 
IJSuT'JIe Che«.pcak TV h^-»«n. 
which the town i. bmlt .»«* * "Jl 

«Hitiuned but 50 ho»« J. ,»" '^^JS 
inhabitants unonn fdto "^!J*' "S- 
in I8lfl iU PupuhMon »1>. «/" «•' 

SXcriQ JoncV «*>"., n™ through 
ihTcfty, airf «»*. h into two «m> 
<iMl pami Ax hrMp's are h«ih over 
Su .mSi, ««rt three of them «e 
ewitrttctBd of .tows, *»«»> bandwne 

' ,. . . livil' ... f 

archr. am^ iron railinB.. 'Ilw "s""'* 
d^irioni' ..ibdiviiWtl, or d. sipmt.t! by 
S "mi" " "fold loOTi and K. 11. Pmi.t, 
a 'rhitt.r .hip. of the l»rp';t b"'; 
d«l« ~K""'>''. ♦'•^;. 
of 200 ton. have a .ufflcieiit d'l'f' < • 
water to tin- he»l oftiR- «»!■"•,"'' 
.urroundiiiR country nse. li> pi «'«• 
SX «aonbnK ••"ieWe .Uumior^ 
for.«m«i.r ntrraw. '1^,' "•"" »'' t 
thy citiwrnhaviavaUitl t^""'*'"' "J 
d *.7adv«i.taJ!e.,andtoth. northwanl 

try ttat. are to bf^m, iihibitniS 
.ticimiuni of taite and elegance, 1^ 
,0^. are well paved and mani <£ 

are ni nieroui, and »me of them aw 

ihA. court hoi«e..iitu»ted on U»- NW 
Srmr of Waittngtrai Kuares the 
Seal college at the W™d "^ *« 
dtv on the comer of lomtani ana 
Sn^rrtKrt., not only di.ptey. bi-au- 
tifi.l archite«un', but i. «iiP»Tior to 
wVv thiMof the kind in the l'. Sttuti i 
X- UniS bank in N. CharUn .rtr.-«. 
deMTve. iwrtjcular notice «br it. ap- 
l>rte'heauty. The other U|d& 
KmbKiin are the Mechamc. bank, 
S."aTon^ SE comer of W|^ 
Snoii «>"»'«; »'•<' Conimvreial and 
^SmoMlBank, on the coriH-r of S 
HoNviird and German street^ bo4 

room, on the comer of HoU'dav Mrt 

„ _ _.BCit)'l 

rv iaiUaiul hospital. Mtuated in the 
JiiSprecineu'i ««1 «. aim. bojuc 
in the wertem precinct.. Of the 
houieV for pubUc wordup,5Me for 
mmMi calMioi, * for raethodi.l«, 4 
^ZJ^R » for prcbyterian., 

tirt.,« Gemuu. reformed, > lorGer 

k!-w ji-tunakm, and » for A"*"'* 

^d St. Mary'. <^'.. 'T^.Z 
the Fredetf ektowii mad, u a neat mfr 
oimenrfKothic arcWtieetiirc. The 

&.. "rav««ity^^,^'!?lL2li^ 
rv'. college, wWchhMatatamialjW' 

£n i and the Baltimoie eoll^. TO 

received itj chartenn 181S, "f^Jl 
S^Xlon the »M««caI and Chirur; 
IIJ^Faaultr or 8octetr»f «*»»«* 









[ 3* 1 


mi for it> 
t a<«t saw 
r JO nuT- 
h nro jifw 
«e of the 

lUVUTi to 

laT. tatily 
about 10 

the Union 
)ne million 
I 4000 (pin- 
if the —aw 
irVi »re on 
Hvt in ope- 
uii, thepa- 
the FBiiik- 
ih a cn^tal 
fkdltfSi aiid 
luid alto the 
, which nuuf 
tf per day. 
Mmd dollan* 
r ihf cotton 
u ginghnrot, 
J. Fart of 
tied in Bnhi- 
iduaU. The 
out 60 looms 

irgttt town, 
ounty, in the 
IT of the inoit 
union ; is sit- 
the Patapsoo 
niu .junction 
tmaiim till 
cure ^"d «)m- 

archrs am^ iron railinBS. /ll"* "»""'» 

d "Sn" ^ "fOW loOTi and F. 11., 
al.rh.tur sMpsofthe l»rK.';t hu.-- 

of 200 tons Aave a •u<Beient -I'l't'! ' . 
waUT«l oftiR' I*""- .^•^': 
•uiToundiiie country rises by p mie 
;Xlt7^§onling enipble^tuauom 

for summer ntrrau. J^ "Kire*'*; 
Ihy eitim ns hav. availitl «k"'«;'^" "J 
SJirad»Hntai!r.,aiid to th. northwaitl 

try Hats are to b# aeen, exhibiliiig 
siicininM of taste and ekgaiwe. The 
sn^s are well pawd and nuure of 

an numerous, and tome of them are 

?r,A strurtuw-., P«'J«"^yvW 
.H-Vr eourt ho.«e..MWated on dw NW 
cormT of Washingtcn «iuare^^ 
mrfieal college at the W«rf »' *« 
citv. on the comer of l^m"™ »"" 
Gn^rstims, not only display, beau. 
tifi.1 at«hite«un', but is siipenor to 
w.y thimof the kiid in the f Stau.j 
^. S bank in S. CharUi. rtr.^ 
Sewrve. particular notice for its ap. 
n^IrSe beauty. The other uurfic 
Smfii^piSnK- M.chames W, 
^"aUiTon the SE eornir of WaJ^ 
Suno.. square; tlw Conim-rcial ™d 
¥Sme^<«*, on the cormr .rf S 
Hov.unl and German street., both 

rooin, on the comer of Holl'^v «« 
^t streets, conadni")? the cit)- lih* 
^ Tl« m'« thmtivi a P'™W"*'* 
n, iait,aiHl hospital, situated m he 
iirtim precincts i and an almshjiUK 
■T^the western precincts. Of the 
houieTfor pubUc worship, 5 y^ for 
mmui StMics, 4 for raethodisls, * 
(Te^ta^K « for presbyteriaiu, 

ti8ts,« German refcrmed, 1 «>rO"; 

tt-os 46,55$ of 
cks. A small 
, runs through 
into two line, 
are built over 
; of them are 
rith bandanie 


[ 35 ] 


which was incorporatitl in 1T98. i he 
Uiiiv.Tsity cuiunw of a provost and 
lour facullies, vi/. of iiieUicine, of di- 
riiiity.of law.aiKl oftltt- arts and sci- 
ence*. Each Acuity is con-.powil of 
seven proli'ssors, one of whom is ek«t^ 
ed dean of the faculty. The profi* 
sorsan likinise styled intlieir <HiriM>- 
rate capacity, "Kegiiit. of tiB- t.'nivt rsi- 
tyof Marylainl." l'li>' nu-dical dtpart- 
inent of this institution, only, is in 
oiieratioii. Its proOssdi-shipi ar. fill- 
ed by giiitl.iuen of distingiushetl 
talents, ami great profi-ssional eiui- 
neuce; their nanus are as follows; 
Anatomy hy John B. Davidgv, M. D.; 
thi- thior) and practice of imtliciue by 
Natluuiiel Potur, M.D.J eh. miilry by 
Klisha De BrutU, M. D.j nuuria ijr- 
dica by Samuel Baki r, M. D. i ll»- tlii-- 
ory aial practice of sunttTy by WilliHin 
Gihwn, ji.D.; imdwiliryby Hiclianl 
W. Hall, M. 1). ; ami tin- iiistitutf s of 
lOMliciiieby Maxwell Mc Dowel, M.D. 
Then- is also SL^vend excellent male 
and temal. academies; 3 fir.' schools 
on the I^nca^tariaii plan, and a coii- 
sitleraMe iiumluT of eomnum schuoli. 
The Baiaiiwre Library company was 
incoriwrauslon tiK' aoth Jaiiuai^ 1796. 
llie niunber of volumes at present 
sre about sooo, well K>lect<tl, ami 
funds are accumulated sufficient to 
niuvhasr 1000 widitioiialvolumes. By 
ihe exertions of Mr. Uembnuit Peale, 
the fouialatiwi of an excellent institu- 
tion of iiuiural liistory ainl Uie fine arts 

Srincipal somnaiiea of l«mmB JJ? 
v^iSwrsity of Mar) land; St. Jta- 

£,ii an? tfie Bdtimore epll^. Tte 
fim'rf^ is y" .i» it. inflmcyj^ « 
Miorivnl its chartenn 181*, •"" *Jr 

^ F»««Utr«r8ocletjr»rMirjftaD4i 

wpn^ly for the purpose, already coiir 
latns a nue collection, ajid a ,i?allery of 
lieautifbl paiiitinr'. This ;«, con- 
uiutObAiiKs; sevi'ral iiisun»ce cim- 
pauiea; a large coctoii factory in «Jld 
Town, and a variety.-.'' c'hi r mauu ,ac- 
inriet in difit mit paru of »?«■ dty. A 
rlass house is esttnlisht^ aa>> « 'clum- 
ber at' casting fur laees. Baltimore is 
toppKedwitli vvat r from JuwVs falls, 
by means of acanal, tlie wat. ris raided 
by inadiiiiery ontt conTc-yiTl to two 
hrge reservoirs, one near tlK' watiT 
works in N Qalvert strett, and tin 
othei- situated on Fianklinstrett; fi-oiu 
these it is distributed to every pait of 
the city, except Fells point, which 
isfuniithetl with excellent suriug wa- 
ter, that is also conveyed tlirough a- 
i|ueducti. Besides tlu!«.'iilvajiti)g>.iU)e 

city is srpplied with a nrrer fhU'ins 
spring of exnlleni water, situated on 
N Calvert streetjlu a lot pmcha».d by 
the curpwutiuii and hamlsmuely iin- 
provttl. BaltiinMt.' is the third city 
ui population > and tlie fourth in cum- 
imrrial iiiii" rtancetafl"- 'J3ion. The 
harbom- i» nurrow a'.ii well delendnl 
by fiirt Mc Hmr), whiah conipltuly 
8i«ures it againsi u naval Ibrce. Ou 
tlie point ofHoid outlwSW side of the 
city senTul heavy hatU'ri. »ar»' planted 
OIK mile and a liHlfft-oni tlK maui tort, 
till se batteries commaad the cove op- 
pojiti' til.- Iwrliour. Ou Hue E side of 
th,' to\iii, strong enmnchimnts ar« 
thrown up, flanked by rnkiubts, mkI 
si«ured by a deep diU'h in ftoiit. Ilua 
city wasattackiil by the British on th« 
1 1th and ISth of Se^mb. r j814, from 
xvhich they were compiUed w rttiru 
witli disgraci . It is 3»aiid a hidf mill's 
NE of Wasliington, I«0 8 1)) W of 
Philadelphia, Wl SW of M. w York, 
421 of Bowoii, ttiKl 580 NE ofCharlia- 
toii, in S Carolina. E Ion. ftom Wash- 
iiiBU>ii,0 24 14, N lat. 3« 17 », W Ion. 
lh>in t;re>-imieh, 76 36 46. 

BAMBEUG, alargehawliometown 
of FfMtcuiiia. It is seatinl ut the cun- 
lIueBCeoftheMiiiw awl Rcdmty. 3i 
miles N of Mim inburg. Poimlatioa 
19J8*, E Ion. 10 51. N lat. 49 56. 

BAMP TON, a town in Oxfonlshire, 
s.i>t.<l mar the Tluuiies, 70 miles W 
bj N of LoihIuii. 

BAMPTON, a town 'oi JJ<Tmnshii«, 
It IS 163 mills W by S of UhkIoii, siv 
uau-d oQ a branch of the nver Ew, 
Pfluuladoii 1364. ^-. ,,,_. 

BaHBURY, atowii in Oxlbnlshire, 
75 mUes NNW of Limdon. Popuhir 
tkni275«. It is seated on the nyer 
dwrwcll. W Ion, 1 11, N lat, 
5 J. 4. 

BANC A, an island of Asia, in the 
East Indii-s, on the E coast of Suiua- 
tra, with a town and sirait of the same 
name. E Ion. 106 3o, S lat. i 30. fhe 
tin miiHsof tJiis island npi>e«r to be 
inexliaustibl.', 700,000 pounds have 
beeeii proilucitl in one yiw. 

BANIAI-IS, a si'aiioit on the E 
coast of Sumatra, whtw the putMi 
have a tettlemmt. It is 130 miles W 
of Malacca. E Ion. 100 7, N lat. I 15. 
BANCOCK, a town of Asia, in the 
kingdom of Siain. E Ion. lol 5, N lat. 
13 35. , , „ 

BANOA, the gvnenil uaine of a 



t S6 ] 


group of *llti« UUndi, oUled the 
Sniw or Nutnifg iilauda. If we ».x- 
otpt tlu' ptfl|»itioi» of tlie niitnu-K, 
thf Ilnmlii isl««l8 bi* tarren to a M> 
rible dt-RrtH-. The «liinate « «1«0 very 
unhmllliy, Tht«fciuidj have beiii 
(iibji-ct to*e Oiilch evir liiice 1609, 
biit wire taken fVflm them by the En- 

alWiiii 1796t^iul Mitottiliu ISOlby 
le inace of Afniw«. The population 
ii only «fl3, S Ittt. 4 W, B km. 130 40. 
BANDOT OONOO. ■ leaport of 
Peni»,>eaied oiMt* Ven^ P^» *P 
railnW of Gvabnon. E Ion. U 8, 

BANDORA.thr capital of Sflselte, 
an isJiDd lepanitcd from Bomliuy by a 
narrow cbauMi: E Lon. 7i 40, N lat. 

w 0. 

BANDON BRIDGE, a Bourithiiig 
town of Ireland, in"*e county of Cork, 
situated on the fcie river Bandon. 
Some coarw fhkiKes are maiiufacturt-d 
inthiitowik Bandon Bridge helongi 
nrinciptdlr lb the duke of Dcvo-ishire. 
Kpulati»Mrt»utiao«). Wlon.848,N 

B ANPF, ■ tefno^and eonnty town 
of BanflUure, plealndy iltaatcd <« 
the «* of a Wit, at the mouth of the 
Dewron, over which it a haNMUc 
btiiliFe of Kven arches, 3X ntoet law 
of AbirdBen, froiu Edinburgh WW. 
Popuhuion aodut 3000. W hub'S 3>, 
Mfct.57,41. S _ 

BANKFSHIBft»«ounty of Scot- 
land, bounded mt^ Il%y the Murray 
■griSi, on the SB by Abcrdieemhire, 
uid on the MW by MurrayiUie. Ito 
neatest length is 50 miles, aiW lU ex- 
tent along the coast *ealy 30. 

BANGALORE, a strong fortRss of 
Mysore, in the peninsula of Hindoo^ 
tan. It is a pUce of great, poHticU 
importance, as it is, (Sara its ntot- 
tion, the key ofMysore, toward Arcot. 
Blon.7T37,Nlat.l3 0. 

BANGHIS, a town of Ireland, in 
Kinc't counn, on the Shannon, 15 
ndlesSofAthluDe. WkHi.7 41.Nhit. 

*3 r. . . . . „ 

BANGOR, anephaopalcity in Car- 

nrrandliie. It is 3ft nules W of St. 

Asaph, and Ul NW of Uindoih W 

BANGOR, > po^ town of Hancock 

coomy, liiine •, Iring on tfie W side 

oftheHver Peoobscot, at the he«l of 

•MvigMian, ahoat 37 miks N of C«s- 

tine on the same river, and 7J1 NE of 
Watliingtoiu PopuUition 850. 

BANJAR, a ri*tr in the island of 
Borneo, at the mouth of wJiich there 
it a town, where the English have a 
factory. . . ... 

BANGOR, n borough of Ireland, iii 
the cunnty of Down, on the S shore of 
Carrickfergut, opposite the town of 
that name. . 

BANNOCKBURN, » imall inlet, in 
Scotland, about thn-' mik-t from Ster- 
ling, cekbratid for a hattk fought on 
iubKnks, betwi«n the En|liiih aud 
ScoU'h arniK's, in tte latter 
well' vkloriiHis. 

BANSTEAD,B villi^geof Surry,13 
miles SSW of London. 

BANTAM, a large town on the NW 
const of Java, E loiu 105, S lat. « 20. 

BANTRY, a tmvn ol Inland, in the 
countyof Cork, on a Iwy of t)'- Atlaii- 
tie,towhichitgivvsaaine. WloiuOa 
5, N lat. n 36. 

BAPAt'ME, « strong town of 
i>tance,in the deiMurtmeut of the Straits 
orCaUu,12miltkS£ofAmu. Ekn. 
2 35. N lat. 50 8. ... 

BAH, ■ ttroiig town of Poland, m 
Padoli«, en the river Bog, ♦) miles N 
W of BatMa ." E lou. X7 30, N btt^OM. 
BAR-DB-DUC, a town of France, 
in the d.uartnient of Meute, 30 mika 
WorToul,and 138 EofParis. 

BAR-SVR-AUBE, an audeiit town 
of France, in the deportment of Aube, 
B km. 4 55, N lat. 48 M. 

BAR-SUR-SEINF., a town of 
France in the deimrtment of Aube. E 
Ion. 4 33, N tat. 48 5. 

B ARRAS, one of the Hebrides of 
Scotland, to the S of ITist. It is Ave 
taales long, and diree broad. W km, 
7 30. N lat. 56 54. ^ ^,_ ^ 

BARACOA, ■ leapott dT «^ » 
nulesNEofSt.Ja^deCula; Wton. 
T« 10, N tat, SI 0. ....„_ 

town of S America, l» Tcm Krma, 
sratt4on the rivw Madalena,» mlfcs 
N of CarthaBeiia. W km. 7f 30, N 
tat. 11 40. ■ 

BARBAOOES, the easterauitt «r 
the Windward Islands, in the Win- 
diet, «5 mifcs in length, anA IS m 
breadth. It belongs to the EngUsh; 
and the number of the whites is about 
aV«0,wl»liaTelOOiOOO«toTei. tieit 


exports are sugar, run 
and Ringer. This isl 
niiK:)! tram hurricai 
fruiu a dreadful one,( 
It is 70 raik's E of St 
capital ii Bridn-town. 

tween the Atlantic < 
Miilitemmeiin Si*, a 
coiilaiiiin^ the oouiitri 
puli, I'luui, Algicrs^ ] 
cu. It is near 2000' i 
and, in loinr plneei, 
'llie established rtugic 
metaii «ihI thire iiiv so 
Christians, excfiit the 

BABE, SI. a town 
in Mexico, mar whic 
minit. W talk 107 5, 

trated at the fboi oi 
■noiintabn. E kin. U i 

in tlie department o 
lite ]irovinec of Ango 
miles NK of Bounle4i 
lit. 4*30. 

BARBUDA, one of 
ribre islands. About 30 
II hroml. It is the | 
Codriugton family, a 
NB of St. ChrittiHiber, 
H lat. 17 40. Popiilat 

BARCA, a country 
the S eoesti ofthe .Hn 
tween Tripoli wd Bay 
rm devTt, i:^habiKd h 
define Anhs. 

DA> -:EU>NA,a ci 
Catalan..^ of which i 
itated on the Mediterr 
ifcape is between a tqu 
it ii defiavkti by ■ tbi 
Jor, which stands on 
tun, a mile W of the i 
double wall on the N i 
Kt on the S, writh a mi 

rityofiMps. Theeiti 

■TO parts, the OM and 

itea iVom each other 


IsK ditch i the laltei 
Rkmeita tlie inhahita 
pally ioMiers, lailon. a 
iSGted with the nav] 
WWuiit of Baroeloni 
km B|,p(«raiiee. tti 
«e exseoiive, etpceia 
ntlon fahriekt. In 17 
kjthe earl of Peterh 
wgcufdireewMtas , 



e iiune riveri, uvl 731 ME of 
oik Po(iiibitian >W. 
iR, » h«T in the itbind of 
I the nioiilh of wliith ibt-n 
, wlierc the Eiigliili hare a 

OR, n borough oTIrrlanil, in 
) of Down, UD tbu S ihore of 
r^«, oppwite the town of 

[K'KBURN, » »ni«H inlet, in 
about thtf,' mikt from Strr- 
l)rat> d fur a battk' flHiriit on 
, between the Encliin and 
rini< 9, in the latter 

1 E AD, a TiUtge of Surry, IS 
Vf of London. 

AM, « large town on the NW 
[ava, E loiu 10(, S fait. A 20. 
HY, a town oi Irelanl, in the 
r Cork, on a hay of On Atlan- 
lich it give* oaine, W Ion. 02 

it' ME, • itrong town of 
n the departnwttt of thi' Straitt 
,12mil(>SEofArraik Elm. 
lat. so 8. 

a itruiig town of ToIiumI, in 
or the riwr Hog, +) miles N 
illUa. V, E Ion. XT 30, N Ut^9l4. 
•DE-DUC, a town of France, 
k'uurtment of Meuie, 30 milea 
aul,and 138 EofParia. 
■SUH- AUBE, an aiusieiit town 
cr, in the de|iortn>ent of Aube, 
I SI, N tat. 4t U. 
.SVR-SEIKE, a town of 
intfiede|i*rtmentof Aube, E 
«,Ntat.48J. . , 

:HAS,one of the HebnlFt of 
a, to the 8 of Uist. It i> live 
ong, and diree broad. W Ion, 
ttat.5a5«. ._^ , 

lACOA, • leaport dT 04«, M 
IEofSt.JtiD«CuhB. Wfon. 

if 8 America, i» Tem Knna, 
bidiAp'i aee,aiidagpad harwwr; 
on the ri»»r Marlalena,» niBn 
girdiagena. W Ion. 7f SO, M 
40. ^ 

IIBADOE8, the ta«miKWt a 
rindwmd Iiiaudi, iu the W In- 
U mik« iu length, an* U m 
Ji. It belonBi to the EngMi; 
le number of the white* it about 
^wiwlwraioo/xwitare*. Tbtat 


I 37 ] 


faiBOrUare ninr, mm, cotton, i_. 
ana Ringer. Thii iilaiid ha> •uffeivo 
iiiiirn from hurrieanet, iiarlieularl)' 
fiviii a dreadful one.OctobLr 10,1780, 
It ii 70 milei E of St. Vluceut. The 
capital in Rrideetown. 

BARBARY, a cmuitryof Aftico be- 
tween the Atlantic Ocean, and the 
Mediu-rranean Sea, and E^ pt, and 
coiitaiiiinij the couiilrie<ofBiirca,'rri. 
puli, I'niu, Alrkn Fez, and Monw- 
CO. It i< near 9000 niilej in length, 
and, in loine plarri, 750 >n breadth. 
The ef ublisbed religion a the Maho- 
metan iumI there are mrae Jewi ; but no 
Chriitiam, exceiit the ilarei, 

BABE, ST. a town nf New Biway, 
in Mexico, mar which are rldi ril«r 
minii. WlwklOTJ, NlaLSdO. 

BAHUERIKG, a town uf TuMany, 
•rated at the Am of the Appenine 
noimtabn. E km. 11 IJ, N lar. 43 so, 

B AHUEZIEUX. a town of France, 
In tlie department of Chatcnte and 
late imivincc of Anitoiiniouk It ii 4; 
mile* NR of Bourde^ux. Lon.«0,N 
lat. 41 30. 

BARBUDA, oneoftlic Britiib Car- 
ribee iilaiKli, about ao mill's lung, and 
It hroml. It ii the pivperty of the 
Codriuaton Rtniily, and ii 19 mileg 
NBof SuChrinopber. W Ion. SIM, 
N lat. IT 40. Population 1400. 

BARCA, a counirr of Barliary, on 
the S eoesti ofthe .\lnlitr.Taoean, be- 
tween Tripoli apd Egypt. Itiialar- 
nm devrt, tnhabiiid by none but wan- 
dering Arabi. 

BA> "ELONA-a city of Sdmil in 
Caialoi'.^ of which it ii the eawlal. 
Mated on the MeililerniKan Sea. Iu 
ikapviii between a tquanaudaDOTal; 
ttiideftnJvdby a ttart, calkd Mont 
Joy, which tlandt on a rocky gaoun- 
■Hn, a mite \V of the town, It hat a 
double wall on the N and B, and the 
■a on the S, with a mok for the kcu- 

Iccbneibt tJie inhabiianu are prinei- 
pally wMicn, tailon, and people eou- 

WUiutii of Bareelona have a mi«ui- 
MM appeanuae. It< mannfactam 
■e nHoiife, etptcially of lilk and 
lotton fahrielu. In ITOJ, it was taken 
k; the carl of Peterboiougb, after a 
Mgc of dute wgikis ;ii J740, fliOip 

uivotcd It widi a nuiiieraaianB*. but 
wat obliged to raise tU siive. In 1714. 
It w» taken by the FiaidiaMi Spani^ 
ard* wlieu it was dejirived of aU iu 
|in« lieges and ihe eiindel built to keep 
it m awe. It is2«> mikt KorM«dri£ 
E ton. 1 13, N bl. 41 as. II euotaina 
10,787 houses 82 ehurchet, W coo- 


France, in the department of tha 
I^wer Alps, and bte prorincc of 

2*."'*'.°3[i 'i if''*' ** »«■ Kmhrun. 
£ km. e 39, N lat. 44 23. 

BARCELonE. a town of the pen- 
msulaof Hmdoostan, on the eoan uf 
••^•"•.'••"l « »u»»h IhcfarylSO 
miha S of Qoa. E k». 74 U.M lat. U 

BABCELOS, a town of PortacaL 
oil the river Sourilta, 20 mitos No? 
Oporto. W Ion. 8 20, N tot 41. -W. 

BAUDEWICt a" la»t towS of 
GerniMiji, in the duchy utnLnnenbeiv. 
on Ihe nver Uinenaii, 17 miles SE of 
"SftjWi. ^ •"• '• '»' N tat. $3 24. 

Swediab BomerMiiiK near the Baltic. 
MmiksWbyNofStniUun^ Eiob 
13 19, N tat. 44 23. 

BAi'EGESj viltage of FnuM*. 
""*? '««1«*»«»« on aecooni o»' iu itS. 
neral baths, iiniaied in the deuar*- 
nient ofthe Higher Pyrenees, J2 jliilea 
^^Eagnares. Ekn. Oj^St; N taC 

B a'ruTH, a town of nwennia, ia 
the margravate of Bareiih. l^nmbp 
tion 10,000. E km. II M^ N IM. ■» 

BARFLEUR, a town or.Ftanee,ia 
the department of tne ClamneU It 
was ruined by the BngHili ia i34(L 
and Ike harbour fllM up. The amr 
of that name ia I2 mila E of CbeP- 
buig. It is 17f milei NW of Puiit 

BARI, • seaport town of Naplea. 
and capslal of the prorinee of Bjirit 
Ito latter pnidnon earn, wine, oil, fca 
The town aas some aianufiwMics,aiid 
is saM to contain Moo inhabitanu, 
E tan. 10 i2, N lat. 41 Ii. 

BARJOS, • town of France, in tte 
department of Var. E tan. o 10, N tai.' 
43 SS. 

BARKINO, a town o: Eoei, cele> 
brated for a raagiaficirnt uiinnerr. 
founded ia Vltrit it 7 oQei fi «f 



[ 9« 1 


nTiRLETTA. I .wiixwt iom o» 
Jjniilfs, ill the |>ii» i« ol' B»rl. E km. 
16 2(1, N 1*1. 41 10. ^^ 

BAHLKIl A. * hMxhome Mid 
itrawr to« n of Nsi'lM. in Ban. with « 
MdM»'t "v, irtted on the gulf ol Ve- 
"«,i»«llr.WSWofB«rl. Eton. 
.. 31, N tot. 4130. 

BAUNARO, » po« towmhip M 
WiiKlior CO. Ventiom. Il u *«•••• 
mil*. KK of B»»nin««<»»' ■"•.*?• 
fVom Wmhincun. rMputoij on 1M ». 

HAHNAUt, ■ ">*» ofSiterta in 
the govemiiH-nt of Koljuui, ntiittwl 
OB thr W iHk of the Ohy. f»nwut «br 

BAH;-ARI>CA»riJt. • town in 
«be «Hini) "f D»i*«iii, with »m»i*M 
mWri\**i*!- It • 144 miln NNW 
rfl!oSISrWlon,14V.Nl«.»4 35 

]\>pnlHtian SfW'fl 

BARNKGAT. «n inlet JVom the 
Altomie oceMi, on the E tcmi of New 
^ney, nbout 70 milo NK (V«u Cape 

*^AaNRT, • town ta CiWoiiUi 
county. Vermont, "«"•««' ™X.*i 
iide of Connecticut i^ver. M» niitaN 
of HtvethUI, New.H»nip.hi«e, «na M, 
NEofW«ihhiBtmi. Poputotlon 1301. 
BARNET, a town partly i" MM- 

cislw battle brtwcvn the houiM of 

\ork ttiKl i*n"M«w- *" l?"^*J?SI 
thto phop. Barnel U » niile. Nby W 
of UMidon. ,. .^ 

HARNSUSY.a town >n the W 
lidins of Yoriwlim! uxl ■ contidenihli' 
BtannflKtuR! of tjoairw Siwn. It ifi 
V74 N by W afLomlon. Wlon.l»8, 
W lai. 53 3». PopuUlion 360fi. 

BARN8TAPLK, « Kaport and ho- 
noKh of Oevomhire, leattd un Uh- 

Ij^diet. Popntalion 34T8. l»l mUa W 

BARREN ISLAND, the mme of 

one of the Asiatic itiandt. about e 
leaRuea in circuit ; diuinguiilan b* a 
vMrat volcano, which throws out 
ihowert of red hot itonei, and Toluntes 
ofunokr. N Int. U U. ^, , 

BARNSTEAD. a pott towniUpof 
Btraffiird co. New^Hampdiire. It it 30 
nitei NW ^ Portunouih. and M3 
NE of WathinKton. Population 1477. 

lamenanr. It it 71 <iih» SR af Bov 
ton. and M3 NE of Waihiiigton. Po- 
pulaiion 394«. N tot. 41 43. 

BARNWELL Couri-Houie, a pott 
viltaKc oV Bamwelt county S. Caroli- 
na, it lituattd on Turkey creek, a 
branch of the Great Salt Lilclier ntrer. 
Itcontafau a baptlit mcetiM honie, 
court houl^ jail, M white Inhahitanu 
and 100 tlavet. It it W naln freoi C^ 
lunibia, 90 ftvni Chartalon, fla- laiiie 
from SavaiHwh, aod ng ftwn Watb. 
Incton. W km. ftvm Philadeliihia 
iio. N tot.35 1». 

BAROACH, a town in the Deccan 
of Hindnottan, on the S hank of the 
Neibudda, 40 milei N of Sural,' for- 
merly a very commercial place. E hw. 
73 «<. N 25. 
BARRE, a puat lowotMp orWol^ 
I ceiter eob Blattachiitetti. It it about 

00 milet W of Boiton and 440 NE uf 
Wadiinglan. Poputotiou 1971. 

BARRR,a pon townJiipinOnnce 
cmnty, Vermont, nbrnit IS milet Draan 
NrwlMT)' tbe cuunty town, and (SO 
IVuro WaiMiwton. Poputotkia UMO. 
BARREN, ■ tmall ittond iu the 
ChCMprake bay, opponite tfaii mouth 
of the Patiixent river. 

TLE. two eoniidrnMt branehei of 
Ofcvn river, in the ttaioof KentuekT. 
BARKINOTON, a pott townihip 
of Briitol county, Rhode Iitoiid, it »- 
tuated on Warnn rivi4, 7 milet SB of 
Providnice, and 4U NE of Waihiug- 
ton. Poputatiim 004. 

BAHHIMGTON, a pott towmMp 
of StraRurd county, New-Haiiipthiie, 
about 30 milet Nw of PoruiuouiJi, 
and M3 from Waahingtun. Papul» 
tion in 1110. 3504. 

BARTHOLOMEW. ST. one of ibe 
Caribbe^ itiaiidi, in the W India, 30 
roiM N of St. Chriitupber. It it ao 
milet in cireumferen(ie,aiidhat a good 

BARTON, a town in Liiicolnihire, 
tituatrd on tlie Uumber. It it 16ii 

BARUl'H, once a contkkrable 

town of Syria, with a Chriitian diurcli, 

30 milet NB of Seyd& E km. 36 30, 

N tat. 34 10. _ 

BASARTSCHICK, a town of Tu^ 


BARNSTABLE, a pott town ami key in Europe, In Ronunto. It bat a 
not t of entry ol Baniilabkico. Mat- great trade, and it teaied on the over 
S^IMMbi* MUMca OB • bKf of the I SjtoiU. £ hM. M 40, N hiUOS 18. 


■ASHV, ar B. 
or trven in niiiut 
the iilaiid of I or 
pine lalet. Sum 
pitipM. E king 

the CMiitcii uf R 
with a hWwpN « 
vertity. It i> dii 
by the Rbiiie, 
Baskf ctoim ila; h 
veniod th« maiiu 
of priuiuig in 14 
it Mill tcarcely 
174 luikt N by £ 
E by S of Pari* 

40 J5. 

key, iu Europe i 
fillt into (he giil 
wai ealhjd Burulc 

abounding in eon 
honey, and mtBn 


*Dwn in Hampil 
Sof London. H 

Someriei eouniy, 
branch «r the Pi 
SW of Mmjttir 
capture oTGenen 
court of the Briti 
1770. It b SIO n 

BASS, a great I 
German Oeean, 
eoatt, at a unall 
town of North I 
cntihk: on ajl tM 
In lumner tfaii 
which overhangi l 
dottt manner, it qi 
nnu, eggt, and ; 
gannett, ur toton | 
one milB in circu 

«ied wirt water b 
' Ion. 2 35. Nb; 
Trevliaua, tituaw 
na. It hat tome 
conlaini 30 chiirc 
3 hoipitalt, and 
E longituife 11 . 




rar. HI»ni'iiletSR«fBo»- 

W3 KK of WMhiiigtOII. Po- 
13940. NUt.4143. 
NWELL Couri-Hwiie, * port 
oV BurnwrU count; S. Caroli- 
■itinud oo Turkey tnxk, ■ 
^ the Omt Salt Liiclier nvrr. 
ifau • baptiit meeting honw, 
Diiie,jail,M «M<e IniMbitutu 

slave*. It it W miln tram C» 
. 90 flvni Charkaton, tlir niiic 
ivann^ aoil W« frwn Wa«h- 

W km. ftvm Pinlaileliiiiia 

lat.35 U. 
lOACH, a town in the Deccao 
idnouaD, on the S tank of the 
Ida, 40 milea N oT Burnt,' for- 
I very cominereial place. K km. 
N lM>ai 2J. 

IH£, a put lowotMp orWol^ 
eo. MauachtiKttt. It it about 
n W of BoMon awl 440 NE of 
nglon. Popukitioa 1971. 
IIRR,a imu towiiJiipinOnuice 
I, VernMHit, nbout U mlletDram 
•T)' >l<e county town, and 199 
iViuhington. PopulMhia IMW. 
RREN, a nnail itkmd in the 
peake bay, opponile tfae mouth 
: Patnxent river. 

two aontidrnMt branehei of 
I river, io the MataofKentuekT. 
RRINOTON, ■ poti townahip 
btol county, Rhode Iilaiiil, it n- 
I on Warnn rivi4, 7 milm SB of 
deuce, ami 4U NE of Waihiuf 
Popuhitiim 004. 

.HHIMGTON, a pott towmMp 
niRurd county, New-Haniptbiie, 
I 30 uiilet Nw of Poruinoutli, 
143 Prom Wathingtuo. Papul» 
in IB 10. 3564. 

lRTHOLOMBW. ST. one of'the 
ibe^ iilaiidt, in the W Indict, 30 
I N of St. Chitoopher. It it ao 
I in circumferenae,aiidhat a good 

m TON, a town in Liucolnihirr, 
lied on t)ie Uumber. It it 16ii 
iNof Londua. 

tAHUTH, once a contkkrable 
I of Syria, with a Chriitiaii diurcli, 
diet nB of Seyd& E km. 30 30, 
t.34 10. 

ASARTSCHICK, a town of Tut- 
in Europe, In Romania. It hat i 
It trade, and it teatrd on tlie river 
riu. £hM.M40,Ntat.«Il8. 


I at 3 


or teven in iiiiiniK'r, utuatui betviceii 
the iilaiHl ol'l oi'uKuw, ami the Philli. 
piiie Itlet. Some of them Hn- wi-l| 
uiopled. E kmgitude lU, K latitude 

BASIl,, or BASI.E, the capital of 
IIk CHUtcn of BatU, in SwinrrliUKl, 
with a hMtopN Ke, awil a fninaui uni- 
vertity. It it dividtil iiiio two uirti 
by the Rhine. The iidnbitmiti of 
mat daim ila; hWMMir of having in- 
vented the mauufaoup: of Muir in 
N17, aiKl of having diwovrrcd the an 
of pnnting in 14lll ; thrir number it 
II WHl tcarcely exceed 14,000. It ii 
174 luikt N by £ of Geneva, and 310 
EbySofParifc £ ton. 7 se, N Ut. 

BASILIPOTAMO.a river of Tih>- 
tev, in Europe in the Morea, which 
filli into the gulf of CaloeMn. It 
wai ealhjd BuruU* by the andenti. 

abounding in bmh, wine, oil, cctuin, 
honey, and anhin, Oiienu it the 

BASING8T ROKE, a corporate 

S of Londoa. W Ion. l ^Mllk il 

BASKINRIOGB, a Jl^nm' in 
???*?*•-■?"'* HewJeney, on a 
branch of the Patiaic river, 7 taUn 
SW of MorritMwn: famaut fin- the 
captuic oTGeneral Lee, br CoL Hai^ 
court of the Britith army. In the year 
1770. It it sig miks ftom Watldoa. 

BASS,a great intulated rack in the 
Otrman Ocean, oaa mife Aom the 
coott, at a unall diitance A«m the 
town of North Berwick. It it inac 
entihk: on ajl tMei, ntoept the SW. 
In_ aumncr thii teourkahle rock, 
whkh overhang! the aea in a ticiaen. 
dottt manner, it quite coverad with the 
neti^ tggt, and }wn« biida of the 
gannett,uraolangecte. lite nek it 
otf .milB in circumference, ind tup- 
pHed with water by a fpriug at the top. 
W Ion. 2 35. N b:. tfjT^ ^^ 

BAS8ANO,atowaof Italy in the 
Treviiaua, lituaied on the river Brvt- 
na. It feat tome' mannfiMtnm and 
coiitaini 30 chiirchet, S iiHiiNMleriet. 
3 hoainnlau and 11,300 iidiabitanti, 
h fengituife 11 43, N hititude 4J 

J^|T|4|rS,« dHBMl i^ thR 

Anatraiaimn nwium, aituated in il« 
40 drg. S lal. aild 147 148 .l^jfc R llHW 
Which aepiratta New HnUaitd from 
Van Dirtiuui'i Land. 

UA88E, a lawu of France, in the 
departiuent ol the North, fiuuaui 
for the many livgr. it hat iuiiuin. 
ed. It IS lb iiiiW, SW of Lille. E 
ion. a 51, N lau 50 is. 

BAHHKEN. a cm and furireu in 
the Oecean of Hind<M>tiin, oppuaiia 

N o< Hombay, N lat. IS* 19, E km. 

n«,cS?^ '?''•' 'KIRATES FRAN. 
( OIhE, a ilangeriMia roek in the N 
I'ltcifle Ocean, about 100 yardi tong. 
and 50 high, tihi.ued un the NW i^ 
treiuity of a r.«f of rockt,. ttrttcb. 
ing about u mijet m the SE. W 
kab 105 50, N lat S3 45. 

Aue laiw in Ciimburhnd, thtw iniln 
NW of Ketwick. It m four niiln 

i^SSETERRE, the capital of St. 
Chriajopher, built by the trench, b*. 

Uah ill 1713. ^ 



N*|.W*«: —01*9. 

BAS80RA, or BUSSARAM, ■ eitv 
»»?««»"•' Turkey i» Aai^^ fort* 
milei NW of the gulf of Pmia. ft ' 
""""■'«" the Eupbatet, a canal fttan 
wlueb Andes the city into paru ; and 
'^" *!_• ^^ "^ boatfc It » MO 
uihii B by £ oT Bagdad. £ h>u. 4S 
^}SiJS.?^ IVputalkm*),«00. 

BASTIAiaamponof *'' • 

liah in 1713. -.—.«. 


Mid other ibnifleatioai. W km. 015 

_.~;-~—---» •• ""^lam.. , v, I iMiMM III 

Efr^ ™ B<"»Pe. oppo««e the iaiaud 
"^STSS!..^*?^ 9u »S, N ht. 39 40. 
BASriA, the capital of Coraica. 
It It 70 mifet SSWorLcgham. eK 
9 30. N lul. 48 30. —»—*'="«• 

• j*^*".*^'*' '•'* "<«ient nameof an 
ithmd in Dttt«k Ouehk-rbnd, from 
whieb the Dutch are tumetimet caUcd 
Bataviam. See BATU WE. 

BATAVIA, a city ol" the itiind of 
Java,<»pindof all tim Oiiteb teuk- 
nwnu in the £. Indin. Batayfa coa. 
lamt a pradigHMit number of inhabi. 
lantt of every country in tlieae part-. 
'* " ?•- »e»<dcnce of the govirnor- 
^iueral ofall iht Oiic^.i-oloiiKaiii tlie 
E. Indies. Tin.' ur very UiiwlH>l(<- 
aomejaudthitpkiee ^ivpiennicdas 




I 10 1 


NK pari of thv UUmi. E km. loe II, 
S ki. 8 10, ., . 

BATAVIA, ■ poil-tawiwhip nd 
MDhd of Griirtrc eoiinty,italt' ofNew 
Toriu It tanmiiu « cuuriJiouir, Jail, 
and SMI inliabiianti. DiiDmt IWiin 
BuffUn 40 ■iiih'i.frtMii AlliMiy MO, and 

BATH, ■ city of RiiKluid in So- 
mmMMicit bnutiAiHv litininl on 
Ott mer Aton, on ihr liilr of ■ narrow 
Tulley, which ii houmhd by hilli ontlw 
N, S, and S W. It Him own famow 
ftom the time of the Monutn*. lor in 
Imm tonitt, whichare not inly uird ai 
baiht, but internally a* a nt> >heine. 
The repotationol'thPii' watrrt haaio 
niwb iSiannHl. that Bath li becomr 
thv prioeipil rewrt. next to Ihr rae- 
iraiioliL for th« nobilitv and mtry, 
■ml the coratant n-iidcnce oT many 
opuhm in«alidi. ai well at of name- 
roiu Tourin of diiupatiiio. BMh hat 
lone hrcn conddrnd at ok of the 

fliH-M IBOIU in Kngiaiid oo at'UMiBt of 
«br beauty ofiu itrrcit, and the laac- 
nificcnee of iu puhlie baiklingi. It 
wMiuint two auemUy raonu, both 
large buUdingi; a th(«tre erected in 
nan. The ftuiUhall it a handtome 
biiildinK' The circui it a gtmi etr- 
aular pile. Some of iu prinapjj.. 
•hurelte* are hmiitiful »pt«lmeBt •« 
EoaUth architecture. AmonR the be- 
nevolent inttilutiiiDt are Ave Impitali. 
a ditpeniary and aayluin. P«>P"'»A 
tiou, »r,l«5. Uiitant 12 milet KSK o( 
Briitol,anllOTWofLoiiduii. W lou. 

BATH, a posi-lowmMp, carttal or 
Steuben eount\,Nrw York. IVCop- 
boeten runt throueh the lownMp in 
a NW direction nial affofdi abandaiit 
of mill leatt. It it about 40 milct S 
of Canandaigiin. US W o« »..jany. 
and 300 N by W of Washinatoiu 

BATH, a po«-Tilla«« o» tht- laine 
•oiinty, tituaied on the E tale of th« 
Cnnhoeton. It cwtaini about Uiiy 

HATH Court Hootr, or warm 
Hpringt, a posMuwn awl capital of 
Baih county, VirRinia. it iW luiht W 
of Siauniun. ami 8M flroin WwhiiiRtoi! 
n ATH, a po»t-town of Lincoln coun- 
ty, Di Uriel of Maine, it tiniiiu >1 on tlie 
■W (kktiir Ihr Kennebec, in nii'i^ frum 
«ka tea. It it a OoarithisK cwniner- 

■I U rnilri NW of Purtnnonih. H* 
fVnm Boiton, asd from >VMhiii«tJO 
8U. W luo IVom Otwmwicb M « ». 
N bit 43 I* St. E loo. «>om Waiii- 

^ATH. a poit*»wn^hip of Orajtap 
eounty. NewHaJni" titnaitfl on 
the E bank of the ConiiettWiit river. 
!t U 07 mikt NW flwii PorUnioulh 
and 5M Ataa Wathlngtofc I-upula- 

lion 1310. . 

BATHA or BACHIA. a town of 
Hmgary. in a aoiinty of the •mo 
nam?,oiitke »"'''»."•";''"*?.'? 
of Buda. E hw. ao 40, N lat. 

**BATON ROURE, a telilMncnt In 
Miciana coiiniy and tttie of to«l«- 
ana on the river Miititiippi. Here the 
bankt of the rlvei- Btit ritot to any 
wmiidtTable hei«ht above tfas el»«; 
tion of the water in <>«*«"•" " 
about «0 mikt ahove New Orleana. 

and isn ftwm Wadriiiistao. 

BATSroai), a vilNr m Okmf^ 
tenhiic, Ibur mihi S by E of Canp- 

''^^(■■Uya town in Suttct, witba 
oJIIVthanday. «««»««•«»*• 
decidM Iwory gained by William L 
^MaroU ih WOO. Thl^ town it 
noted for a mannfacture of K<>nP?^' 
der. well known by the name of B»l- 
ite'p«53er. POf»1ationlnl»OI.S040, 
It itWrolletSE of London. E luiu 
33, N hrt. ao 55. 

BAT lECOLA. a fortHW town. on 
tbrBeoattorCeykin. Eloo.ll3,N 

""aAlTENBtmO. atownrfDateh 
OiicUcrlMid, icated on the N nank or 
th!> l£tr»n mitet SW of Nlmcfuen. 
Elan.»S3,Ntot.«4i. . - ^ 

BA'IIXKbEA. a vilta«e in Surry, 

BATTLEFIELD, a viUa((eln Shrop- 
Aire, Ave milct N.of^hrewrimry. 
where the *eUvB victory «at gained 
h^ Hen« nTv^ Henry Pe«y, mf 

W by N or5te»entb««K,«"E™l*'",*" 
ibJjirV and W North Wet of Wa* 

'"^VABIA, one of the eU^let of the 



the principal part a 

KATE OP, wmttlm 
fVoin iu tiluatian in 

BAVAY,atown i 
ilrpartnimliirihr N 
niiln SW of Malpla 
of Mom. E km. J « 
the department of S 
It it «ated on the r 
47 30. 

ihe dapartnwnt af L 
Mil, at the lbo« of 

France, in the depart 
It had beffara Iha Tn 
rich nuiwcry. Awn i 

unponant town af i 
flnitien o4° nahaid, v 
rack. Elea.UMk« 
Omnany, and capital 
on iherinsr tene. 
Ui. 51 KW 

BAUA. atownoTI 
parunemoflhe raout 
It it built upuit a roi 
whwh ii a ttran* eati 
N hil. 4.1 43. 

ofVortahire. It hm 
llir mHbtonn and grin 
1 10, N lat. K> 37. 

RAY of IS.'.ANI», 

tnui of New aeahiMl, 

tir number of iti itkii 

inid auaboraRe ftal re 

kl. 35 l«, W ion. Mt .1 


the S Pacino Ocrnn, 

which ii about M mil- 

iiwe, S lau IS. W loi 


Hii.'i;;{i>-y, on Ihe Duni 

ut'^. F. lull. 19 

KVVEUX a town o 

ilepuriiik-nt of C'llvut 

t'n>in the Eiifliih Cluin 

liy N of Parit, It i, 

lirrr Auiw. l'u|iultiliu 

42 it, N laU n 10 31 


nd eonuim 1 i.«ng»«*«***'' 
h and U91 liilnMMntk It 
I NW of PurwnimiK U* 
m, m4 from WnihinRtJO 
« from Orwn«lcb M 48 I, 
I J7. K loo. «Vom W«ilf 

'*'• •■ 

a DQiMowndiip at Onnm 

wHamiMliirL'.b •ituatfO ««• 

1 of the ConiiMllcnt rtvw. 

Itn NW ftoni Porumouth 

fhw WMUnstflO' I'upul^ 

k or BACHIA. • town of 

in a ooimty «f the lam; 

the Danube, 110 miln MB 

E Ion. «0 40, N lat. 

i ROUfJR, a tetilpmnit In 
coiimv and itai* of UMii«- 

river MiMBipin. Here the 
Um Am.- lint t\K» to any 
kk height atow the eUtv*- 
Ik wMW in freAe^. It »• 

mile* ahow New Orham, 
rirom Wadiincton. 

roan, a *iiu«B m aiMifr 

(biir raiki S by E of Camp- 

k a town in 8u»«ei<, w«tba 
llMnday, fanioui tor the 

^y gaii^ to]w«ii«Vn I. 
roU in Wdfl. •% town « 
r a roannfacture of P'nPJ*- 
linown by the name of Bal- 
er. P»>n«1ationinl»0l,«040. 
oUetSE of Loudon. K lun. 
Int. 50 95. 

rECOLA. a fortSjted town, on 
■ttofCeylon. Elon.l8S,M 

rENBURO. ntownffDuteh 
hod, teated on the N mink or 
Z^ roilet SW "^ MinKguen. 
3.1, N lat. M 41. 
IBRbEA. a viltaie in Surry, 
rLEFIELD, a *«»«?•» *">?" 
ire Diilet N of Shrewibury. 
h« aeeUve vietory *u gained 
re IV. wrer Henry Ferey, •u^ 

-luSfoWN, • PO»}-»*"j' 

4 of Sieveiitburg, 'i" » of*"* 
, and 19 Morth We« of wa* 

ARIA, one of the cirelet of tta 



r *» 1 BRA 

BATJAH, HAIA, or BE/A, • ink- 
ing town of Africa, in tbr kiiigriora uf 
Tiiii(», titiiatnl on llie ili clivii) of a 
bin on the •mall titer W«IH lluiile. 
E Ion. 9 U, N ht. M 43. 

nAVON, a town of France, in tbo 
depariinent of Mcarthe. B Ion. 13. 
N lat. 4() M, 

BATON, or BAYONA, a irapnrt 
(own of S|win, in Gallieia, utiiate on 
a iinall giilf of llie Atlantic W Ion. 

BAVONNE. a popnlout and eom- 
mrnlal dty of f ranee, in the depari- 
inent of the Lower Pyreneet, Katnl on 
th* rirer Aduur, whiih forou a g<ind 
harbonr. The miliiary waapon, thu 
bayonet, hear* the naaaeof thlicity.iu 
which it wu inventnl. it if 424 mikt 
8 by W of Parii. Population 13,100. 
W;on. 130. Nfait.43iO. 

of the Miuiuippi, oa the wetfern tide 
7» mika abon- Now Orirani, In the 
N lat. SO, and W Ion. OO. It >• nearly 
00 yardi wide, ami coniinue* that 
breadth invariably with agreeable m> 
anden, nearly parallel wiih the Mia- 
mrippi flw 133 niilei, whm it ills. 
chaiiiM itiflf into th- gnlfof Mevico, 
in N bt. 30 21. A ranije oTaeMkineiiu 
extends on the hanks of thi* river tiir 
73 miles, and ibe lands Ihrouglloiil thii 
dntanm bonhring ite banlu, are en- 
iremjiy fertile, and well adaptul m 
tlie culture ufiiidigo,theeotton plant, 
•unr ciine, and uuiixe ; and proiluces 
in luxuriant plenty, iteiiciout orango, 
■— — ipes, pum^fnuMtet, peaches, 
"~ • ■* the lands 

the prindpal part of tbt elnle of Ra- 

KATE OP, sonMtinw* caU«l Bonigaw 
n«in iu atliiatiiia in the N paH of the 

BAVAT,atow» of the 

nrfln 8W of MalpfaHiiwt. and 13 8W 

B AUOK, a MMll town of Fruwe. in 
the depwrtmeni of Maine and Loire. 
It IS seatRl on the river Coeman, l« 
mileaBafAi^pn. Wlon.0l,)rfait. 

BAUOBNCI, • town of Erme, in 
«he departmrni of Loire, MiatFd on a 
hill, at the (hot of whiah ruM the 

BAU.UB-LE9.NOMES. ■ town of 

It had faefbre tkfe Frmcb revolotim a 
rich nunnmr. from wUeh It rcMived 
in aaaeUMiaa. 

. BAU8IC, or RAUTKO, ■ UMdl btH 
■roporttnt town of CkmHmd, on the 
**".""TLf* '>»'and,witlia«aMlBona 
'«*:.,|,loo. U M, W fall. M 301 

BAUTSKN, a considerable town of 
OrruMuy, and capital of Upper 1au» 
tia, with • urang caUmlnd. It stands 
on the river ■pitss. E hm. 4i 43, N 
Ut, 31 lOk 

BAD A. a town of Prance, in thede. 
paruiient ufilie mouths of tlie RlMme. 
•<!• built upon a roek, at the top of 
which u a Mraiig eattfe. Ehia.4 37, 
Milt. 4.1 43. 


of ^ ^ ^ 

Hit inUlstones and grindstones, ^hm. I on thie Bayini are uninhabiiabh^iiiTisir 
1 10, N tet. 3 .'^ 37. iiig only of low inorsbei, and quag. 

mfret. See ASSUMP HON and LA 

„ ;• *L,*'-„ '" iniuriant plenty, ikHicioi 

..S,**;."''* "•*"'■ ••""•^tetng I Ipi g'»pe», pomegraiiatos, 
li Yorhibitv. It has been Ion* noted pmiub, IScc Lower down 
lir inHlstones and grindstones. W km. on ths: Bayini are uninhabiial 
1 10, N tet. 3,1 27. iiiir only of low inorsbei. i 

BAY of ISLANDS, a hay nn1|he 
cnwt of New Seaknal, n-mai-kabl.! fiw 
iIk nNrahiir of its iitamU It affunli 

Siiid auahuniRe tui refreshmrni*. !i 
1. 33 i«, W ton. 133 .11. 

BAU.'kfAN ISLANDS, a elusUr in 
the S PaeiKe Ocrtin, the largest of 
which is ahout 3* miles in eircuiuteiv 
nice. S lat. 13. W hm. 173. 

ItAV.V or BAJA. a town of Lower 
Hii^uai-y, on the Uiiiiulie, .12 miles N 
of Kivck, F. lull. 19 59. N liH. 4« 12. 

B A V EUX a town of Kraiiu', in the 
d«p'jrinK-nl of Cnlrud n, foiit miles 
fniin th<- Eiiitlish Cluiniu I, uiid U3 W 
by N nf Pariu It i. >itii»ted on the 
river Aure. I'upulaliuii 9970, W iOD. 
42 <!. N tat. «) IS 30. 

mil ., 


BAZAS, a town of France, in the 
department of Uironde, and luu- pro- 
vince of Uuienne. W km. o 3, N kit. 
44 23. 

BEACHY-HEAD, a promoniapy on 
the coast of Siiswn, between Hastings 
and Shoreham. K lou, 19, N ku. 50 

BE ACONSFIRLD,a tonn in Bucks. 
Itis33mik:s WNVVuf London. \Y 
lon.oso.N lat. 31 30. 

REAMIN'aTKH, a tcwn in Doi^ 
setshirr, with a market on Thursday, 
W Inn, 2 52, N lat. 50 . 0. 

BliAUCAIliE^a town of Fi'aiMe,ii> 
tlie department ol' ijmti. It in ia 






f *8 1 


R (an. 4 W, N 

aOn r, of KUmri. 
tat. 4.1 to. 

BEAUFOHT. » Hiwll lo*n of 
Fnii)«- in ll»' ihwrtnienl <il' Mniiie 
•ihI liOin-.coiimimnBitimmO" •«»•»"• 
It ii W milCT Kof Aiidm. W loii.O«, 

BEAUFORT, ■ »lron« town of ■•• 
Mw in lUly oil the ri»CT Onir, W m l« 
jjft of MtHutkr. K Ion- ftM,N tot. 
4» 50. „ .. 

BKAUrORT, * pmt town of » dif 
irict of tin- aroe n»nir in 8 C(ml>iia 
iiiituiMd on IMrt Bojul i«tantl,at thr 
month of thr Coo.»w»ichie rmr. Ii 
ii H wrmmrfciBi town, wid Iim •» «• 
tellcnt hwlHiiir. li < iniiilm uneplico. 
ml. mid imk-pniil«iit, mid » h«|iim 
rhiiiTh i ■ tnmll uiiblic librirv. a lol- 
hlTf, and iipwanh «f 800 inhahiuiiiit. 
II ii Tf niilea 8W iif Cliarlnton, 60 NK 
nf Bnvaiiniih. aiid B2il S W nC W athiiiR- 
tOII. N l»t. UM.WInll.BOlO 

HEAUrORT. a KiiiKirt and po.1 
town the iiipiul of Cirurtt tiioniy, N 
Carobna, ii rituntrd on the NE udi-o* 
fort- Miink It containa abuiit MO tii- 
hahitnnts n ronrt hoim; and i»il, mid 
ii 97 miW-i ft-oiii C»|h' l.iiaki>iii, JJ SE 
«r >tw hern, iiiitl 3uft I mm Wu.liinglon. 
NlHt. 3147, W Ion. 8»- ,„ 

UF.Al'JEAU, a town of France, in 
tliedewartnieiitof Uhoiif»<id Luire, Ii 
n leiittd on the- rivtr ArcSieri;, at the 
ftoi of ■ mountain 8 luilea W of Swim'. 
E lim 4 40. W 4fl 9. 

BKAOMAIUS,tbe«oimty town of 
Angl«»ey,iltaiil«d lit the N entrance of 
Mviwr Sin*, which Ibrmt here a ipa. 
tioiw harbour. PopuLition 1570. Ii 
n f U luUn W by N of Chejtir, and «4J 
NW of London. W Ion. 4 IS, N to). 

W !«■ 

BEAUMONT, a town or France, in 

thedriiartinrnt of the North. Itint-at- 
ed between the Mtnte ami Srnnhre, ten 
milet E of Mauheugv. £ km. 4 18. N 
hi. <0 13. 

(own of thedrmnnHniof 
Lower Seine, n niihn SW of Houeu. 
E Ion. Sfi. N tot. 'tU 7. 

town of France, in the de|iannHnl ot 
Sarte, 10 miki N of Mam. E Ion. 
la, N lat. 48 4. 

BEAU.M0Nr-SUK.OlSE, a town 
of France, in the depurtment of H vine 
and Oi«. ; lemed on the declivity uf o 
bill, nn the river Oiie, wiucfa bat « 

bridirr, 90 mllei N of Ptiib K km. I 

BEAL NF., a town of Franae,in the 
deuariiiwnt of CoteU-Or, rewarkable 
for li. exceUeiit wine, ll l» «»"'"«• 
SWof Uijoii. P0|nilathiii«.M4. Lion. 

447,NI«I.470. , ,. _f 

BEAUVOIU; an epiicopaJcity of 

FWnce, hi the department of pi«e. II 

betiextd in I4M, by tho duke of 

wiw ueiiCHrii in «.«*•, -^ -" — r- 

BurKuudy.when tfce wonien,uii<*r the 
mndiicl nf Jeanne HathrtH ,fcrc*d ll e 
duke 10 raiir the iled". It " «•*!,'•"" 
the river IhetJn, 4J niih:t M of Farii. 
E Inn. 1 1. N lat. 49 3A. 

of France, in Ihi department o' Ven- 
dee, 25 mile* 8W of Nanlrt. W Ion. 
1 54, N lat. 48 >S. . 

HKAVKH TOWN.aiiort town and 
capital of Ihaur conntj . rcniwylvif 
nia. ii »ilimt«» on the N »<";,"f Vf 
Ohio, on an elevaiwl ptoin a WWW lie- 
low the iiiiiciian of BiRhi-avOT erw«. 
It coiiiaina a lirick Miiirihwue. wlirtb 
kcrrei alio aa .1 pbiw of publle wonhip. 
an acadcDT, lind about 3M iuhabitunla. 
It i> M ndWi HW of Phtibwgh, and 
U2 IVoiii WiMliiiwton. r o ^ 

BEBKl.lNOUKN. a town of Mfr 
bia, in tin- diidiy t>l Wlrten*Hn(.«««- 
ed on n |iik«,»lroni wliiih nini the ri»rr 
Woint 10 mU« NW of 8tut|tanl. Iw 
hm.<)3,N lat.4«M. 

BF.C, « ton n of FianaCt in the de- 
pun iiient of Lower 8«ine.and '««« P*"- 
viiice of Normandy. E km. M, N lat. 

EUX, ■ town of France, in the pro- 
vince «rilvraull. and kite province of 
Lancucdue, on the rivir Ohe,*) miki 
N of Bezier* E h«. 3 SO. N lat 43 39. 
BECCLE8. V town in HulTolk, on 
the navteaUh; river WaveiwT. It hai 
a iioWe chureh, and *o Iree K-hoob. 
Itii l2niiWi SWof Yarmouth, (uirt lo« 
NE of London. E luu. 1 43, K lat. «» 

BBCHIN, a town «f Bohemia. •!««• 
atrd on the river Laiiinict, »« roilea S 
of Prague. B km. 14 53, N bil. 49 

BECKET, a towmhip in Bcrkihire 
and iJUile of Mauachuaetti, abuiit 170 
miki W of Bmton, and 387 NE of 
WatUngtoh. Pupulntkin 1028. 

BKCKU.M, a town of VVejiphalifc 
,n the binhoprie of Muniier, utiwtcd 
«l Ibe NUiceof (lie rivd Vrnr,20iBilc« 


n of Mumter. E I 


BRCSANaiL, a pi 
in Naiolia. liwMani 
ihynia. Th ■ capital I 

BKOAL, a town in 
Yurkdiire, through wl 
iiuin canieway. 1 1 ii 
Khihniond, and MO N: 
W km. 1 M, N tat. U 

don, in Surrey. 

Snun, near a river oi 
wMcb rum into the I 
•t New Shoreiiam. 

BBDBR, a ffartlfled 
the capital of a conrid 
It it 10 miki N Waft 

ehetter eoiim)r,New 
centre of this town I 
Bedlbi^, in which ii 
dwreh, a eounhouie, J 
and a Hw dwillinn ho 
•hip eomaini U74 inl 
44 mllei fWnn Nen* Vt 
ba>iy,and27ANBof \ 

IKDFOHD, a poi 
aedli«d eouiity, Pnu 
of Phltaih)lpMa,nMl 
incton. Population < 

county tavn of Redft 
vided into two paru b 
which there ii a bridgi 
io 1101,3948 inhabitan 
43, N lit.«3 « 8. Bed 
N by W of London. 

■bind, bounded on thi 
inaikiiuMre, on the E 
■hire, on the SE by H 
by Bueka, aid on the N ^ 
tomhin. lit uunott h 
and it< greatett brcudi 
produeti are corn, bun 

of the peniniulaof Kin 
iore. It wai taken by 
in 1783; but retaken 
Tiupou SulUii. The c 
violaed, and the generi 
i< 4i2 miles SE of B< 
NW of Seringantam. 
N III, 14 0. 


ilti N of Pmifc K Ion. t 

u a town of ite 
nf Coced'Or, mMrk»l»le 
Init wine, li It M miltt 
I. FopuhKfciiiiSM. Eton. 

ISK, on epttcopd ti'y »*■ 
■edrparliMiil of Oiw. 11 
I in 14M, by «•» a«k<- of 
rhrn ifce iM>nim.uurlrr the 
ronw HMhMU.fticwil lie 
ihetiiRK. UbK«««<Im 
iitin, 42 mikt N of Vnit. 
; lat. *9 id. 

)lH.St'R-MSR. • »MI>«>« 
in ihc iWwirtnwnt w, *"»- 
« SW or KanlM. W Ion. 
40 «3. 

» TOWN.«J'oittii*n»nd 
IJiaur toHniv. PimwyUif 
imI on Ite N wie.of tlie 
I rlTTOinl plain » hKir M'- 
ciioii of Bn«>iiw*r erwk; 
■ lirick HHirihoiiw. wlw«l» 
M 4 pbru of puMie worthlp, 
, Mid about 300 iiibtbitunu. 
k>NWor PhUburgli, and 
I'mliiinton, , „ 

INQUKN. alown of Son- 
^diicliy ol WlrtH«b«rK,f«i' 
«,IVoinwl>i«h mm iherirrr 
mUnNW ofSlutltanl, k 

(n«ii of Frtnw. U\ the de- 
>f Lowrr iMne.ani iaie mo- 
oanandy. R fcMkO «, N lat. 


twn of Fraiict, In the pro- 
lmult.and tate provinee, of 
p, on the riviT Ott,*) miki 
i;n.Eloll.3!K»,Kl«l 43 39. 
.KS, 9 town in UulTolk, on 
able ri*er Wavwiey. U ha« 
^urah, and Ao frm KhooK 
In SW of YarnMMith.fiKt loS 
ndon. £ lou. 1 4), K lab «S 

[N, a town af Bohemia, litu. 
le river Laninict, »• mile* a 
!. B Ion. 14 53, N laU 49 

ET, a townihip in Hevkihire 
; of ManathuK-tti. about 170 
of Bmloii, aiid 387 N£ of 
loll. l'u|iuli)tH>n 1028. 
L'M, a town of \Ve«tph»lifc 
iboprie of Muniter, utiiatea 
iicfof «lie rivn Verw.aomito 


t 43 1 


SH of Mumter. E Ion. « 3, N lat. II 

BKCSANOn., a province of Alia. 
in Nalolia. It wai anelamljr ealkd Bi- 
tbrnia. Th ■ capital ii BiirMk 

BKDAL, a towa in the N ridina of 
Yurkihira, thronRh whieh patitt a Ho- 
nian caaieway. 1 1 it 10 mUet BE of 
Kkshmond, and MO NNW of Londoo. 
W km. 1 11, N bii. 94 30. 

BKOniNaroN. a viH^nearCrsy- 
don^n Surrey. 

BKDKN, or BRDINO, a village in 
Snnes, near a river of iu own name, 
wbicb runt into ilie Kiurliih Channel, 
■t New HiorehHn. 

BBDRR, a fortilM eitv of the Dee- 
am of Hindootlaii, in nowlaiabad,oiHr 
tke capital of a eoMidetaWa kingdom. 
It it «6 mikt N W of Hydrabad. R k» 
71 a N lat. 17 0. 

BKOrORD, apoit towmlap in We■^ 
cheMer eountjr, New York. Near the 
centre of thit town it tlie vUlaflr of 
Bedlbrd, In which ii n prviby<erian 
•iMirthba OMirthoine, Jail, an academy, 
and a nw dwillinn hoii«» t th* towi^ 
ihip coMalni 1374 inhabtemt, and h 
44 milei IVam Netr York, 130 8 of Al- 
batiy, and 37« NBof WaddnMod. 

IROroRD, a pott lowmhip of 
uedtlwd eoiuty, tVnnmlraiite. It it 
100 mUetSby Sof PilubuTKb, 3to W 
of Phitadelphia, and IMflroro Wnib- 
Innon, PnpufaMlon 547. 

BBDFOHD, a bgramth, and the 
eponiy tmm of Redflmbftirt'. It it di- 
vidnl into twn partt by the Oiiw, over 
whieb there it a bridne. It coniaiaed 
in lt01,ae4S inbabitwirti. Whm.0t7 
43,N Iat.«ail8. Bedford it JO roilei 
NbyW of London. 

BEDPOROSHlRK,aeaiiMy1n En- 
■bind, bounded on the NK 1^ Hunt, 
inarioiuhire, ou the B ^ CarahrMie- 
thire. on the SE by Merti, on Iha SW 
by Bueki, and on the N W by Noriliamp- 
tomhife. Itt uunott l«n|t;<6 it 33 milo, 
and in gtvatetl breadth U. Itt chief 
praikicu are corn, butler, and fuller't 

of the uenlntulaof Hincluottan, in Mi^ 
tore. It wai taken by Oen. Matthewt, 
in 1783 ; but reukeii miHi after by 
Tiupou Sultan. The capitulation wai 
THilHied, and the geneml poiioned. It 
■< *S2 mihi SE of Bombay, and 187 
N\y of SeringapMuo. £ lin> 71 30, 
N lat, 14 0. . - ' -^ 

RBDWIN, GREAT, a hoMU|h lb 
WiltiMre. It it 71 mikt W of Lou- 
don. W Ion. I 33. N tot. 11 U. 

BBEMAH, a Aver of llimkiotlaii, 
in the Oeaaan, a peincipal braneli of 
the Kbina Joiainii it near Bdihir. It 
ritei in the motuitaiiM to ibe N of 

HRTOR T, a tmall but ttroof town 
of Prance, in tbo department of Upper 
Rhine, af tha flwi of n mountain, it 
mlh-1 WofBaiU. E km. O <4, M lat. 
47 10. 

BBOIH.or Beola, a town of AMca, 
■II the kingdom afToai^ with a itrong 
cattle, on the declivity of a mountain, 
Ofmiict WofTunii. Ekin.ll30,N 

BEJA, a town of Portugal, in Ak-n- 
trjo, in a IVnitlVI ptain, near a lake of 
(he inue nanicL n mikt SE of Lithon. 
W too. 7 40, N hit. 37 It. 

BRIRA, a province of Portngal, 
hn ninh d on the N b« Tra-Jaa.Muniri, 
and Eirir»Oiier»«-Mlnbn.on the S by 
Mirtngune Etavmadura, on the K by 
the Spaniih province of the Mm* nanw, 
and on the W by the Athnile. 


BBICHLINOEN, a town of Oer- 
many, in Thuringk, 17 miki N of 
Weimar. E Ion. U M, N lat. si aa. 

BEINHBI.M, a fort of France, on 
the 8ur, near itt coiifluenec with ilw 
Rhine, tixiiiih-s SWoTHiutadl. E ton. 
7 8,N lat. 48 SO, 

IIBILA, a town of Pittlmont, 3a 
milei N of Tnrin. B km. 7 «0, N kl. 


BEIUA, a province of Portugal. 

BBI.C ASTRO, an rpitonpal town of 
Napkt, in CMabrio Ulitrion, tealed on 
a iiiounlain, etabt miks fhnn the tea, 
luid 13 SW of San Scvt rino. E knu 
17 «, N Ul. M 0. 

BELCHERTOWN, a pml town of 
Hampihire county, Matiachutitit. It 
it M milet W of Itotluii, awl 404 NE 
of Waihington. INipnlalion 3370. 

RELCHITE. a town of Spain, in 
Armgun, on the river Alinonazin, 30 
iniks S of Saragotta. W km. 90, N 
lat. 41 33. 

BELCHOE, a town of Ireiaiid, in 
the roiiniy of Fernumagh, tealed on 
Lough Nilly, IS mitet SB of Bollyihaii- 


BRLCLARE, a town of Ireland, in 
the county of HVitfo, 33 inWrt SW «f 
Sligii. Whui>l54, NlBl.i4 1. 



[ *♦ 1 



IIKLGM,« town nf nwtopl, In K«- 
tnniailura, on U|» N li*! ol ihe Tigo, 
N mill' tVoin Uihoii. Hrrr ihm iiitrr 
iIm kin«> ««> qunm of IN>rtii|pA ; mi 
here U ■ raraijHlMr. 

BKUUtTAT, ■ town of FVaner, In 
the il>'p«Kni«nl of Arrirto, irnwrkif 
Me Air ■ iprinf , which li !• invtniikd 
ehbi uti flowi It tiinM In M hwin, •• 
•XMlly M ■ ehielu 

BRLPAS'I', • pul town of llMwnck 
touniy, nUtrici or Matno.iiluand iimr 
the iiMMiih of PenobKot river, I U luiln 
V, of PorilaiKl, IM Irotn PnrtanMilb, 
tn NKaf Banoa,*nd «W4 fUm Wtth- 
inntaa. W Ion. fVom Oremwiob M 
<8 9, N IM. 44 21 Sa B ton. Oom 
WwhiiiMnn tad. 

IIKLP AST, • bomuKh and Mport 
nl Ireland, In the count)' nf Antrim, 
Mntrd on CwrickfriiiK hn^. I'. ii 
nw of the mm lliMiniMni| commn^ 
viot towm ill Irdmd, 

BKIXiAHDKN,* town of Piunlui 
I'mwninla. 51 milee N B of Stetio. E 
Ion. I J 13, N IM.M10. 

eipital of ■ nnirliwn of the nnne 
imnir. It ii mniM M milet SB of Bni> 

BRLORADB, * null town of Ro- 
inaiili, in Kuni|iran 'rinrkr]f, on the 
Mmit of ConiiantiHopiP. M iniln W 
of that city. B kin. auO,N lat.4t 


BELaBAI)R,a townof Torkev in 
Kurupp, MAtnl on the Dannhr, a Httle 
above iti coiiiluKnce with Ibe Savi'. It 
■I DM mlla SK or Vlemin, and 400 N 
W oi ConMaiuiiwple. E t, N 
ht.4f 10. 

REIiURAno, a town of Itnly in 
Venetian FHiili, 10 imlM E by 11 of 
L'dlno. R km. |3 ts, M lai. 43 5A. 

BELLAC, a uiwu uf rraiw, in the 
(Irpartnw^m qt L'purr VieuiH', Kaied 
un Ihe Vincoii, M niikv N at' Lunoget. 
li km. 1 ao, N lat. 4<t 10. 

UKl.I.AlH,a iMHt tiiwn and capital 
ul' Hartford eouiiiy, Miirylaud. It con- 
tain! an tHei^nt courihiiiiit^, lail, a me- 
IbiHliit muting hmm', :iiid aUiiil lAO 
iiilhiliilatiti. It ii 23 iiiilm iVoin Bal- 
tiinun, and 88 rnmi Waitiingian. N 
kl. 3'.) 38, W Inn. 7n 30. 

UKLI.I'IFON riC. a iHHt town of 
<:i'iitit: uiuiiiv, IViiiiJivlvania, nbuiit 
^38 iniki NW nvm Plnladelpbia, oikI 
:84 I'rum WatMngtoD. INipuhitiun 

BF.LLROARDR, a ttrona nlaet of 
Fraiin-, in tkr dr|mrtiiH-ni ol ilir Kif^ 
tern I'vrrnett, above ihr dr«l k- of Ref- 
mil. it Hirrairfen^l to the K|wnianU 
in ITM, but WM retaken the next y«nr, 
and named by the Prenah Kovrrninenl 
Sud Libre. E km. 1 it, N hii. 4* 


iaEU.RaARDR,B towiiof Pranw, 
ill ihr ikrpiirtnient of Saonr and Ixirr, 
katcd oil the river 8aunr, IJ inikai NK 
of CliakNH. R km. « 10, N ht. 46 

:M':I.[.RISI.'.% an iilaial of North 
Amrricii, Ml ihf iiKitiih of tlie Mrail 
brtwirit Nrw Hriiain a-al NtwAwnd. 
bind, wlienct! the itraili Mhe abo the 
iKinie of Helleitle. W hn, «« t«, N 
lai. SI II, 

BKU.RISLB, an Uland of Francv, 
l> inilea Ihiin tha ia«l of Brittany. 
The nrlneilMd plaac it Pataii, a flirfi- 
Hrd town witb a citadel. It wat taken 
bv the Bndhh in ITAI, and retlanid in 
ITM. vnoi«llilde 3 «. N iMitnda 4T 

UKLLBSMB. a town of Pranaa, In 
the deuartmant of Ome, with an mi- 
cimteMile.7lroiteillWarParib R 
kin.0 4a,Nlat.4taX 

BRLLKV, an epiaM|ial Mw« of 
Fmnce, in the depurlmrnt of Ain, 
near the Bhotiei, la p|lle« H of Chan- 
bnTry,anda«0<iEarP*ri>. Blon.<«e 
K lau 4J 4/1. 

BKLUSGHMU a town in Nor- 
thuinberbtnd, 14 niiks MNW of Hex 
hani,aiKla«4orLauduii. Wkn,tt9, 
H bt. 11 10, 

BELUNBONA.t town of Italy, in 
the MlUnr«. It h lealed on the Te- 
■iiKi, > niik-i abuve the place wbi-ru it 
fnlb into the Lago Muggwrr. E km. 
ii«.Ntot.4«n. ^ , , 

BRLLUNEiiK, a territory of luHf, 
bekingiiiR lu tht; Vcneliani, It hai 
iron niiiieb Uelluiio is the only place 
of poll-, it I* •raiul aoMiigihe Alpa,<ia 
iIh; river Piave. . , , 

HKI.I.UNO, a 'own of Italy, capital 
of tho l!tlluiwic, and lnniiirly a bi- 
ihuu'i ice. It ia leattd iuuoiii; the Alpi, 
O'l the tiver Hinvi-, I J milei NKof 
Feltri. K kmgiiutle la 9, N latilude 
43 30, 

BICI.MON TE, a lowii of N«|iM in 
CahilirU CiU'iiorf, uii llw euail <>l 
lu^caii S«i, 10 iiiik-» W of Cow;ii7Ji. 
E lull. I« J, N lac 3H ». 

iij:L r, ok.i:a'I", u •imlt of uoi' 


UlSrVf Tlrtw'OCTl 
aiid Kiinen, at 
tic H.*«. 

REI. i', Ml 
of the Oreat t 
NJiiilaml. It 
IWim ihi' flern 
thiiugh nut thr 
very eroiiked. 

county, Niiw 
above Barton I 
of Hope, an'* ' 

ill Ihe Mar a. 
ly litiiiiiiil, iihI 
K lull. 11 4J, N 

Ian Praprr, be 
It wai eitli-d 
aiiri (irodiieet i 
of v>ofiOn\. 

tal of the di<i 
in HimlutMtj'.ii 
8E nfUellii. ai 

Amigon. 17 in 

in Lroii. It it 
73 iniln SK o 
V lat 43 4. 

land, une uf tli 
a>.il 8 Uiti. s 

ing 10 the Engl 
ill pf uper, 1 

Europe, ir. It 
Dmiiter, lOO 1 
It wai taken b; 
but nilorcd by 
ill 1790. E hn 

in Ihe Mautuai 
tua. E km. 1 

(oiimy, in the 
FMuxeat ritrei 
mika flroin Bi 
poal town 41 1 
N lat. M 1, W 

ronarhahle fo 
tcatct on the V 



LLP.nAnDF,, ■ Mfwii alMi* of 
■, In thr lii'iKirtiwiii ut ilir Rm- 
rrrnett, iibovr ihr dHtlr of Fw 
,.l Mrmalfml to thr K|Wiiiiinb 
I, but «M rvtakni (he nvM year, 
mrd by (ha KmMh i|u«miiiiml 
jbrr. E Ion. t <«, N lai. 41 

J.ROARDK,* lowiiorrraiM*, 
ilrpiirtnirnl of Htone ^nil I<oirVi 
on ihrhvfT SaiMir, IJ inikaiNK 
■loiM. e ion. » 10, N kit. 4« 

.I.F.ISI.;% an Ufamd of Nortk 
icii, ut tbr iiHiiiih of llw Mralt 
lit Nrw Hriiain a>id Ncwlbanit. 
»licnr« ihr itrail* takr abo lh« 

or IMIriilc. W hm «« U, N 

LLKISLE, an blaiid of FraiMr, 
In Ihim ika tnaH of Hrliiany. 
irindH phMC Ur PaWi, a Airfi< 
>wii witb a cilaikL It wai taiwn 
BmtHib In iTAt.and mtorHi in 
Wloi«i(ilda 1 •. K ttAWii *T 

U.KSMB. * town of rraMa, in 
rpMrtmaiit of Uim!, wllb an >»• 
i!Mile.7lroiln8Wafl>arii. K 
4*, N lal. 41 ii. 

ILLKV, an «-pi«o|ial town of 
EC, ill the d(|Mrtiwnt of Ain, 
the Hho<M\ II mltn N of Cham- 
, and MO •& of Pari*. Elon.<M 
. 4J 47. 

XUNGKAM, a town in Nor- 
berlAnd, U mlln NNW of Ha>. 
aiiil9«4af Louduii. Wiiia.tM| 
.MIO. ^ , , 

XUNEONA. a town of Inlyi in 
Ulanne. It U watnl on ihi Te- 
S niiln nlwvv iKa place «hifv i« 
into the U|o Muniorr. E Ion. 

tLLUN ESS, a tcrritorr of luly, 
laiiiK lo Ihi.- VeiwllaiH. It hot 
niiiKi. Urllttiio it the only iiloce 
III-, It la •raitd aoMHiR the Al|i«,ua 
ivcr Piavf. 

■:l.l.UNO, a '»mn of Kalv. capital 
c l!rllumii-, awl I'lirimrly a bi- 
't •!«. It ii trail il iHiioi>>; the Al|ti, 
he >ivn> Fiiifi-. H roilet NKuf 
>i. K UmKiiiMle 11 9. N laliluile 

:i.MONTE, a town of N»|iW» in 
liiia Cittiiuri', uii iIk cua'l "' 
'lUi Sen, 10 iiiik-« W uf COKtiixu. 

Ik ig 3, N lau M ao. 

:l 1, oH1:a T, u umit of nen. 


t *» 1 


mark, hnwcrn ih- iilandt of Zraland 
•lal (■'iinni, at thr mirance of Ihc Hal- 
lie S*-a, 

REI. ■', l.nri.K, a Hrait (n ihr W 
of Ihi' Ureal IMlihrl'vi-en Piiihii .iihI 
N Jiitlaial. It it one of ihe paiv^r* 
Omii Ihi' (imiiaii iieraii to ll> Raliic, 
Ihiiuith iHit ihn-e milrt in bn-Kitili, aud 
«r» eruokni. 

HKl.VIDRH, a poil town in Hiiwx 
toiiiil). N<!W JrriKir, about 13 iiiIIk, 
•hove lUtton in Delawaie. ;o H by W 
of Hour, ail'* '"• ft-on 'Vaihi' ^tuii. 

BELVEl'KHb, a liioii ui (irm-r, 
eapiijl Ufa |inivinerof tlii- laiiir iiaMii'. 
Ill the Mor-a. Thrlowii iailrlirhiriit^ 
ly liliiatril, iiid it iiil^rct ui the I'urki. 
i Ion. 11 4J. N lal. ID 0. 

RKNAHKS, ailiiirivt of Hindoo* 
•an Proprr, bri««>ii Hiibar luid Oudi. 
It Wat eitltti lo ihi' Knglith in 1775, 
and prodiieri a ck-ar aiiuuul n-vmue 
of 100,0001. 

BKNAKES, a popiiioiii eily, cap). 
tal of Ihr diilriet of tbr tame na>m, 
in HiiKluiMl>.a. Brnarrt it 43t niiki 
SE of Urilii. and 400 N W ofCaleultn. 

BKHAVARRI. a town ol Spain, iu 
Amiion. 17 mil. • N of Lrrid.i. 

HlVNAVENTO. a town of Spain, 
in Lroii. It it iNicd uii llie river Ela, 
M iniln SK of Attorn. W km. «7, 
V l*t 4S 4. 

BENHECULA, an itlam: of Scot- 
land, one of tic HrltrMe, belwoni N 
auil S Uiit. Nee HAHA. 

BBNCOOLKN, a furt and trwn oh 
Ihr SWof Ihe idaud of Sunialta^irlonir- 
ing to the Encliih. 'Hm- chii-f trndi i> 
in pruprr. E Ion. 103 «, S lal. 3 tO. 

BENDEH, a town of 'I'lirkry in 
Kiiro|ie, in Ik'tturahia. on the nvrr 
DiHiilrr, lOO roilet NW of Belgnrad. 
It wai lafcrn bjr the RuMiani in 1719, 
but mtored by the treaty of Yana, in 
ill 1700. E Ion. M 0, N lat. 49 ft. 

BENEDETTO, SI', atornof Italy, 
in the Maotuan, U niikt SE of Man- 
tua. E Ion. II W, N lat. 44 44. 

BENEDICT, a town of Chaurka 
MUnty, in the itatc of Marytan), on 
Vatoxritt rirer. Oiitant about 88 
miki ftwn BalUroorr, SW. It it a 
piat town 41 iniiea tmn Waahiiigtoii, 
N lat. M 1, W. kmc. 7A 54. 

HENlEaoEUF, a town of E|n|<i. 
remarkable for lU hemp and lia\ ; 
•taid on the W. ihore of the Nik, SO 
inili-i S. orcoira, B kn. 31 10, N ht. 

lir.NK'IRI.n, » timii iif Prancp. In 
th*- di-|mriiiu'iii iif tin- l^iwrr HIiiiH-, 
II il titiiauil on Ihi- rivr, III, Ii 
inikt SW iif Stnilnirfli. E km. 7 4«, 
N lat, 411 14. 

IIKNKVKNTO, a fity of Naulri, 
ayri'talil) tiliialfd in Hniiri|tulii t'iti* 
riort-. It hu\ iiiff nil ip-iall) hy turtli. 
(|iiakt,, iiitruc(ilju'l) in If^H, uihI «-al- 
(tl iwr iIk- riiiiHuriin- iif ih.- SahiMM 
and ('alan>, 3.1 iniki NK of Napli«. 
E Ion. It n, N lal. 41 fi. 

UKNdAl., a rimiiiry of llinhioiliiii 
Pnipi r, IxHiiidt'-i (III Uir W. by Dnunfi, 
and Hahur, oitthr N bv llootaii, on the 
K by Aiiani ami MtrLli), atal on the 
N h) the hay of B<ii|{ul, IU Kpntiit 
rxK-iit flnim Vf to K ii alaxit 7»0 iiiilii, 
aiai (ViHn N to S ahutc 300. Thu 
country coiuiiti of our viiit plain, of 
the mml ft-rtilr toil, whirh, inronunon 
•flth other port! of IlinikMMUUi, aiuiti- 
aily m«l*Tii t»is aal, iu lunw part>| 
rveii thn-r rnipi. Hy thr latti r riia 
of July, all tlH' kiwrr |mrti of Bengal, 
euntigwHu to th<' Oaiiip i and Hiimm- 
pootrr, are ovt'ritou l mid pn-irnta 
iiirfhcr of waur ni' ihan lOOinikv 
wide. To pr>v •omr of the 

■audi fhiin n'r*! <hinia|!V Ihry 

an- Kiianird by fining dykit. Ben- 
gal boa bn-n iiilijict, cViTuno)' 17M, 
IU tlir Englith K. Imliaruminiiv. It* 
annual rt'minr, includiiiirthatorHii^ 
artt, in iK-ar J,500,iX>0, and it, |)opi.liv 
lion it lunoOOOCCalciiltaii iIm' cajiital. 

county Nfw-Vorl., lituautlon the NH 
•ilk- of Oneida lake, 413 milri N of 
Waihinrton. Population 454, 

BENOUKI.LA, aUnRdoni of AlVi- 
ca, buuialitl nn the N by Aiurnhi^ on 
9 by Maiaman, on ihr Eby tnr nriT 
Hiniba, and on thr W by the AUantir. 
The climate it very pernieioui to Eu- 

BRNOUELLA, the capital of a 
kingdom of the tiunr iinnie,whrrr lh« 
PortuKtine havi' u fort. It lin to the 
N of die hay of Bcngiiela. E. hui. U 
30, 8 lat. 10 :o. 

BENIN, a kingdom of AiVica. II 
brgliu in I drit. S bku and ntrndi to 
about 9 dig. N lat. Tlii- country it 
low ami marthy ; 'his rrndrrt it very 

BENIN, the capiuil of a lun«:riom 
of Ihc tame name in Africa. It it fi- 
liuKr on the ilvrr Benin or Fonmia, 
E Ion. 5 4, ^. tit. T SO. 


[ *9 ] 


HKNNEVIS, B mountain in Invi'r- 
nrutiirv, miu' Kurt Willimr . It is et- 
to ined ibe higln'it iii Bri .ain. rinii|r 
more than 4300 feet alwvc i he level of 
the tv», 

BEi.NINGTON, a pot -town and 
capital of BenniiigUHi co my, Ver- 
■iioiit. lu public b(iiMing> are a 
Vburch, Coiirtboust', aiid goal. '* is 
faiuoiis for a victory obtaintd l>t'rt> ot 
the i6tli Aui^ut, 1777, by the Ameri- 
vant inidL-r (it- ii. Surk, ovtr a detacl^ 
nient of thr Bntish arioy* Popiilu- 
tioniu 1810,V24. Itii34 mik't No 
from Albeuy in thenatrofNvw-Yark, 
N lat.43,42, W long. 74 10. 

BBNSHIKM. a town of the palati- 
nate of the Rhine, on a rivulet, 10 
milet NE of Worms. E Ion. 8 41, 
N. tat. 49 36. 

BENSON, • post ta.n of Rutland 
county, Vemuint ; situated on the E 
tide of lake Chlinplaine; milet N 
by W of Ftirfaaveii, 27 NW of Rut- 
liuid,aiid40lIirEorwailuiigton. P» 
vuintion IM). 

BBNTrVOGLIO, a town knd cattle 
of Italy in llie Bolo|rM*e, 10 mikt 
NE orBvloKiia. fi loo. 11 34, N. lat. 
44 37, 

BERAR, a MMihah of the Deeenn 
•r Wndoottaa. Its capital it Nagpour. 
BERBICE, a Dutch tettlement, on 
a river of the tame name, in Ouiana, 
twoleaguet 'V of Paramaribo. Itwai 
•iken by tbe Engliih Beet in May. 

Oermany, in the archUibopric of 
Saltzbun. Ittepre* all the neichboir- 
haodwithtaltianitifr'.itr^ utberiv r 
Aa,10mileiSWof' ' '' Jjrg, Eloii. 
13 0, N lat. 47 30. 

BEREALSTOF, a borough in De- 
"onshure. It it 311 miles W by 8 of 
London. W Ion. 2 32, N fatt. W U. 

BEREU.V, a city of WndooMan, 
Proper, eapiul of Rohilla. U lies 
between Luclr.ow and Delhi, 120 
milet IVom eac.^ £ loo. 70 40, M lat. 

BERG, a dochvof Wettphalia, vo 
ry mountainotu and woody. Diiitel- 
dorp it the capital. 

BBROARAC, a trading town of 
Fi auee ii. the dei>artment of Dordogne, 
seated ou the river Dordogne, M miles 
K ofBotdeaux. E km. 43, N tat. 45 0. 
BEROAS, a town of Romania, and 
'.heawof aOiMlkHtcUinb^ It it 

leated on tlie rivn- Lar'jsa, 40 milet 
SE of Adrianuple. E Lniu 37 40, N 
Ut,41 14. 

BEHCiAMO, nn ancient town of 
Italy, CHpiuil t>f a pruvincr of the 
laiw iiainc. it i 30iii:li.'!i NE of Mi- 
lan, E ton. 9 47, N lat. 43 4A. 

BERGEN, an ancient impart of 
NorwM. It carries on h great trwk in 
skint, nr-woud. mid dried lish ; nml it 
350 milei N by W of Co|H'nlugen. 
,'. Ion. 4 45, N lat. 80 11, 

l.'-'.RGEN-OP-OOM, a town of 
Dutch M,_ha.i(, It ttaiids on a rising 
ground, on the river Zoom, where it 
luins the Scheldt. II was taken by 
the French in 1V48, and by treachery 
in 1793, On the Bth March 1814, it 
wat attacked by the Hritith forces un- 
der general Graham, who were de- 
feated with dreadtiil itaughtcr. It it 
a bandsome place, and one of the 
strongest in the Netherlands, It wat 
taken by the French in 1793. It is 15 
mik« N of Antwerp, and 32 9W of 
Brtsda. E Ion, 4 35. N tat. 51 27. 

BERGUES, ST. VINOX, a ftrt>- 
fM town of France, in llie 4epartF 
nwnt of the North seated on tbe river 
Colme, at the foot of a oMiumain, five 
milet S of Dunkirk. K km. 3 38, N 
fait. fO 57. 

BEHKI.ET SPRINGS, a pott vil- 
tace. of Berkley county Virginia, 110 
mile* ftvm Washington. 

BERKELEY, a corpurMe town ra 
OioaaeMerthirP. It it teated oo a brook 
that flowt into the Severn, 11 mik's 
SW orGkncester, and 113 Wof Lol^ 
don. W km, * 33, N tat. 51 4i?. 

BEHKHAMSTEAD, a town of 
Hertc Here are t»ohospitalt,a hand- 
some Gothic church, and a fteesvhool. 
ItitseniltnRWof London. Wkw. 
31. K tat, 51 46. 

BERKS, or BERKSHIRE, an in- 
land county of England, botindcil on 
the E by Surry, on the S by Hants, on 
tlie W by Wilts, and on the N by Ov 
tbrdddre and Bucks. From E lu W 
it extends above 50 milet, and firuin N 
to S it it 35 milet in the nurrowett 
part. Ittdaefrivert are tlie Thames, 
Kenaet, Laniboni. aial Loddon. Head- 
ing is the capiuL 

BERLIN, a eonaiderable «ity of 
CJeniik.-'y, eapiul ol ilie electorate of 
ISnittdenburg. It is well built aw' 
contains 33 cbiircbes, adorned ''.:'.■) 
itatuet of hwhcu t/m, wui pxtorvt 


of warriors ami 

«I palace and U 

Aceiit buiUiiigt 

tbeSDree, acog 

fallt into the H 


the Aut< riant in 

sian* and Austri 

acted fhrni it, Sj 

180« it was oeeii 

ter the victory 

130,000. It U 3C 

enua. E km. 13 

BERLIN, a i 

ford county, d 

mika SSW of 

New Haven, and 

tun. W Ion. frot 

N lat. 41 37 18. 

ingtun, 4 18 37. 

BBHUN, a i 

mertet county, I 

on a beautifbi n 

maniifartunt ai 

terian cHin-het, 

420 iiihabiiantt. 

Piitsbiirg. and 11 



islaiidt, ik'arly ii 

brrd't crook, and 

which retakr th 

ble to ttrangm. 

laiitie Ocean M< 

and are inhobita 

town of SI. c»«<j 

Ivtaiid, h the ea 

N tal. 32 3J.> 

HEHN, the fail 
of Switterland, ; 
and 75 in breadil 
two uiiiieipil pai 
aiHl Koinaii. 

BERX, the ca 
Bern, in Swiurr 
ptaei-, in a penii 
river Aar, rh< 
built of white i 
Bern was, toget 
Swisierlnnd, ohi 
the French. Il<- 
Geneva. E k>ii, 
P«>Mntation in 17( 
Uiii of SwisKTta 
and Yalta d'Aoasi 
the river Draiice, 
woyscoverMi wit 
« large, 
leruio all tiranj 


on tlie rlrrr Lar'.na, 40 milei 

Adriano^ilv. £ Loii. 37 40, N 


ICiA.MO, an ancient town of 
CH|>iu»l of A provinw of the 
laine. ll > 30m;k-s NK of Mi- 
, Ion. 9 47, N lat. 45 45. 
UUKM, an anciitit Hupoit of 
ty. It carries on » emu triiik in 
nr-wuml, and dried full ; dihI ii 
ilei M by «V of Co|KiilMgt;D. 
, 4 45, M lat. 00 II. 
RGEN-OP1;OOM, a town of 
I n.„h;;iii. It •taiids on a rising 
d, on the rirer Zoom, where it 
the Sclektt. It was uken by 
rench in 1748, and b» treachery 
M. On the 8th March 1814, it 
tiacked by the British forveo iin- 
eneral Graham, who were do 
I with drradOil (hughU'r. It is 
idsome place, and one of the 
gest in the Netherlands. It was 
I by the French in 1793. It is If 

N of Antwerp, and 22 SW of 
s. Elan. 4 35. N lat. 5137, 
IRGUES, ST. VINOX, a ftrti- 
own nf Froiioe, in tlie defuirt- 

of the North seated on the river 
le, at the foot of a •noiimain, Ave 
I S gf Dunkirk. K km. 3 38, N 


SHKI.ET SPRINGS, a post ril- 
of Berkley county Virgiida, 110 

1 ftom Washington. 
iRKELEY, a coriMiFMe town in 
leeslershire. It it seated on a brook 
flows into the Severn, IS mik's 
of Gkmcester, and 113 WofLuii> 

W km. * 33, N lat. 51 41;. 
EHKHAMSTEAD, a town of 
c Here are tno hospitals,* hold- 
■ Gothic church, and a fteeschool. 
3SniilnNW of London. Wloii. 
, N lot. 91 46. 
BRKS, or BERKSHIRE, an in- 

county of England, bounded on 
E by Surry, on the S by Hants, on 
W by Wilts, and on the N by Ox- 
ddre and Bucks. From E 10 W 
tends above 50 miles, and firuin N 

it is 35 miles in the narrowest 
: lu chief rivers are the Thames, 
inet, Uunbora. and Loddosb Read- 
is the capital. 

ERLIN, a eonaiderable «ity of 
niK^'y, capital ol ilie decloraie of 
ndenburg. It is well built am* 
lains 33 churches, adorned v.:'..! 
net at heaUwu sodi, an) p><tiat«9 


[ 4r ] 


of wvrkirt and sutetmen. The roy- 
al palace and the arsenal an; magni- 
ficent buiMnigs. Berlin is siiuateiron 
tbeSiiMW!, a eoDiideraUe stream which 
falh into the Havd, one of the tribu- 
tuiwol the Elbe. It was taken by 
the Autiriansin i757,aid by the Hu»' 
swns and Auttrians in 1700, who ex- 
acted fWtm it, 3,000.000 oCmwas. In 
180« it was oecupfad by Batwptine af- 
'^„SS V^y of Jena. Papulation 
139,000. It IS 200 miles N by Wof Vi. 
'"St .''' ■""• " **» N ht. ri S3. 
, BEHLIN, a post township of Hart- 
ford county. Comieetieut. It is 10 
miles 3SW of Hanftmi, 34 NNE of 
New Haven, and 330 NE of Washing- 
tun. W Ion. from Greenwich 71 44 83. 
N lat. 41 37 18. E km. iVura Wash- 
ington, 4 10 37. 

BEHUN, a post township in So- 
merset couiitv, Pennsylvania. situatHi 
uo a iH-aiitirul eminence. Ithas some 
manuractures and contains a picaby- 

^^Ji'-'ti'^^ * luiherean, aid about 
4M iiihalHtaiits. It is 90 mlln ftom 
Pittibiirg, and 178 from WathinglOii. 

MER 1SI.AN1)S, aeluste; of mmS 
islands, laiu-ly in the fbrm of a shrp- 
herd's crook, and surnMiidrd by toeks. 
»hich rewler them almost iiuwceS 
ble to strangers. Iliey He in the At- 
lantic Oeean 500 miU^ Eof Oaralina, 
aiid are inhaiiitcd l>y tbiKncKsh. THe 
tKwnofSt, Gecsrge, or St. George's 
I<linid,i< tlie eainiaL W km. 03 38, 
N lau 32 35.' ' 

HEHN, the hrgettorihe 13 cantons 
ofSwiswrland, 150 miles in length, 
•iKl 75 in breadih. It is divided mto 
two unncipil parts, called the German 
ami Hiiinuii. 

BERN, the capital rfthe canton of 
Bern, in Swisserlaml. It is a strong 
placir, in a peninsuta, fbrmetl by the 
"T" •*»■■■ '"he Iwiises are niustiy 
huilt ot white flreestune. In 1799, 
Bern was, togetlwr with the rest of 
Swiswiland, obliged to surniider 10 
the Fivueh. Btrn is 70 miles NE of 
Ownevn. E km. 7 SO, N lat. 4fi 59. 
Population III 1792, 13,000. 


Ifj ^',.**,i?'''''""^' I*'**™ VallaTs 
Mid Valla d'Aotista, at the sounc of 
the nver Drancc. The top of it i. al- 
wajs coveiTd with snow, ami tfaem^ 

dayt, without any dittioclion of reli 

in the principality of Anhalt, whera a 
bran ch of t he house of Anhalt resMes. 

i\i' •S"!?'^.''* """ *>™» «> mil''' 
SWof^Magdeboif. E km. u 4«, N 

BEBNCASTLE, a town of Ger- 
many, ui the rleMoniM of Treves. It 
isMKd on the MoKlle, near Trar- 

, -, ...... .sswn« Mini um 

• large, where the monks —. 
•eriain all stnuigers gratis f«r three 

BBRSELLA, a fortiBed town of 
IWy, In the Modeneae, seated near 
the eonfliienee of the Linn and Po, 
{ynjI^NB of Parma. Ek»».10 5«, 

BER8UIRE. a town of Fi'^nce, in 
the demrtment of the two Se»iet, 12 
mifeaSWofTiumaf:, W Ion. S7, 
N lat. 40 K, 

BER17NERO, a town of Italy, in 
Rontagna, with a strong citadel, and a 

mito NE of nonmoe. E km. 11 40, 
N ht, 44 18. ' 

BEHTHAND 3T.a townofFiance 
ta the denartmaN af Upuer Gaioiine, 
43 nnks B of AtKb. £ Ion. 48. N 
lat. 43 M. 

BBVRIE, a ssajMrt and boroush of 
*" *»;«» of Kincardine, at Uie 
"1?"™ •• ""»•'■ »*" «•» "me iiainc, 
25 mileiSW of Aberdeen. Wk)ii.2 0. 
N hit 58 40. ' 

BERWICK, a town, and county of 
Itself on the boiden of EiiglaiKl and 
ajotland, situated oti the N smIc of iIk 
nver Tweed, and within one mile of 
the sea. Papulation rising SJJOO. It 
" " "l?" »E of Edingbii^, Wid 336 
N fay W of London. W km. 2 3. v 
lat. 55 10 40. ' 

BERWICK, a post township is 
Topk county, distriut of Main, is situ- 
ated on tlie E tide ot Piscauqua rir.,. 
about T mik's fi-om Yoi*, the county 
town. Mid 544 NE of WashiuL-tou. 
Popubition 4555. 

BERWICK, a post Tillage in Noi. 
thumherkuid comity Pennstlvaiiia, s'- 
toatPd on the W side of the Simoui. 
haiina, 37 mik^s fhmi Northumberland, 
and 198 fWim Washington. 

BERWICK. NOrVh, a borough 
in the county of East Lutbian, on the 
Frith ot Forth, 30 mik's NW of Ik-i^ 
wick upon Tweed. W km. 2 33, N 
lat. 56 3. 

0.«!aWICKSHinF., a cotint^' nf 

-.^r^^!)^*Sj«^i.^^,l,»^ia»s*sB%wiJ«s««aa*wB**)i *' 


r *8 ] 


Scotland, tometimn called the Men ; 
bi)uiidud on tliu E by the Q^^rnon 
Ocniii.oii Uie SR by the Twwd, on 
the S by lloxbiirglKhin:, on the W by 
EdinburgsbiiL', and on Uie NW by 

BKSANCON, an ancient city of 
Fnuiw, in th' deoartment of Douba. 
It ii Si nrilm E Qf Oijun, and 308 SE 
of Harii. E ton. S, N lat. 47 13. 
rouHlatfam 31 J7S. 

BESSAHABIA, a ter-itory rfTuiv 
key in Europe, brtwven the Danube 
and the DnlKitrr, along wb«n ianiu 
the Tartar inliabitanu tmt, 

BESTHICIA, a town of Traniyl- 
raniii, remarkable Ibr the goU nWea 
near it, 83 miles N W of Httmumit, 
and 90 K of Tockar* Eliu.334f|N 
lat. 47 30. , „ , . 

B^ TANZOS, a town of Spain in 
Galicia, wau'd on the Mandeo. on a 
hay of the Albntle, 20 miln S of Fer- 
nf. Wlon.7«S, Kbit.«3U. 

BI^TBLrAEUI, a towiiof AndAa 
Pefix, fainom for «te vait quantity of 
coAms brought and aoU here w the 
EnropeaM. It i« U nik* K of Iha 
HrtlSea. E 100.44 SO, N tat »«>■ 

BETHANIA, £. pott lo«fn ofStoket 
county. North CaiMbiai a Monvis 
•etttement, about htm milet «ilM|l 
fttim Betluhiun, their caMtal tamu, 
10 SW nf Uermantowa. ant U NEbf 
Hunto'ille. It hat khout MO iiiMii. 
tunI^ and i) 370 mila ftam Waihine- 

BETHLEHEM, a town of Auttrin 
Bralauit. two niikt M uf Lauvain. B 
Ibu. 4 4i), N bt. M H. 

B£rHF.EHBM, • town of Fata- 
tine, ilunow fbr tlie birth of CHRIST. 
A fi'w poor Onrlu reiide here. It is 
s\\ miles Sof .'eruialein- B kin.S5 U, 
N lal. 31 SO. 

BETHLEHEM, a town of N Ame- 
rica, in the it(«e of Peranylninia, on 
the Lehigh, a biaiieh of the Delaware. 
It u 53 miles N uf Philadelphia. W 
Ion. 7f 8, N lnl,40 37. Population 1430, 

BEl'HUNE, a iiirtiBed town of 
Fnuice, in the departrvmt of tlie 
Stmiu of Calais. It is scaled on a 
ruck, by the river BrcUe, 30 miles E 
ofSt. Oroer, and laoNof Paris. £ 
Ion. i 31, N lat. SO 45. Popubttkm 


BETLEY, a town in Staffbrdihire, 
1A miles NNW of Stafford, and 150 of 
London. W li» 3 10, N l»b » 4. 

BETLE8, « town of Alia, in Cut* 

BE rUWE, a fertile ithntd of Dntch 
GueWerlawl 40 miles hmg, »»l. » 
broad, tontiiMiiiw, in that tfaf ■■. ght 
eitit and scverKl handicf' viingf*' 
It it med to the bifatriaiioa of the 
Rh'.n.. above Kimeguen, and to in: 
union of ivt sirtiinji, under dHlfctWit 
appelbtiwL jMr Wotcwi. 
^EVECOiLs a town \S AlMtKan 
Bnbant, IT illni & of LmvUia. B 
Ion. 4 50, K IM. .«o se. 

BKVKLAMD, N and S, two islands 
of tlw X!iiii«d pHMrinces, in ZeojfBM, 
between Cie Band WbnuHdMai or the 

BEVEROORN, • a»wn ot W«t- 
pbalia, S3 milekfi'^.n MtinsiCA 

BBVERUNOEM, a lawn of Ge»- 
many* in th'; dioeese of VWerbom, at 
the confl'uneis of iha Be»e and Weter, 
n miks of Paderbum. B ton. ? 30, 
NHit«14a. . _ 

BBVBBLT, a town h Essex ewia- 
tr, MIMaebuseUs If ntilei K by B 
drB«i<Mband.sct>Hr»ted ftw" 8aWT» 
IM a luSge. It is 479 (taiea ftw^ 
WasMngtam, ami in 18I0, cuutaSatd 
4001 inhaibiianii.' ^ ■ 

BaVBRLY, a borough if. the E 
riliKof Yoifcibire. It is iMMd on 
tbe (tw HuU, U> mihs N «ri«adgn. 

BEVmVX, a villaiT of Siril^er- 
bnd, )eek<>rattd fur the flalttenuM 
situated in an ainaMat mauntMa. It 
u 3 tidies S of AftS^te. . . 

BKWCASTLB,a vUtage n Cora- 
berlaial, on the Lrven. .___ 

BEWDLEV, a hospogb o< Vorce»' 
tcrsbire. It is 131 mOn MW of Lots- 

BEX, village of Bwinerland, in tbe 
cauioii, of B«n, near the town of Sfc 
Maurice^ remaHtable for its Bait 
works, one vf which is entrvcd by a 
uasiaae cut out of t^ solid roek. 

which rises in the .' of Inveme» 
shire, and Mowing akm^ the S bor* . 
of RusMhire, fom» thi fine -oiwy 
on which stand Inverness B.>a l^irt at. 
Ueorge, and which tenninatai in the 
VSith or Murray. 

BE2IERS, a town of ViaDoe, in 

the departtneM of Heraull. The in- 

hahManu are computed at 17^. E 

jK3 18,Mtat.3fo. . 

/^lAMA, a town of HindooiMn ¥(o- 

per, rpninrlit 
JO niik's W 
lal. 26 .10. 

of Siinbia. I: 
i'lutians. and 
valley, on tie 
'Mill. E loi. 
the dcpArtmei 
lien and late 
".aiitl on tlie 
K of Bayou at 


tn»n ill Oxtbn 

:ir]il riuckingli, 

tiiriner, and 57 

W km. 1 10, N 


lull its sour 

and fnlli into 

iween Andnye 


>^<r), iiihI post 

Maine. H n sit 

WW cape Porp( 

of, 4( 


iiik'icin, Pupult 


wii>onite ill !) 

iiIIm W of Lot 


nrjsambiu, on I 

II nek &•», 4S a 


Cacimiii. ivm«i 

^■iiiul, ifaici' • 

'iiilei SE a' Cru 

lat, 4!) J3 

HIEI .t, II to, 

nl of .ne flcii^v 

*»i 'J miles W 

' •', N !»•. 45 3 tc 

Kownim-nt of I 

XK of Sinolenski 

»»■• K Ion. 33 s 

WE.NNE, a t 

i» a like of ihi' 

M of Mount J 

VW of Bern. E 


flMiden, two mil 

"9, N lat. 51 31 


«n»ll itreaiu in 

sale of KentucI 

ts'at of the ania 


lETLBS, « town of Ann, in Cur» 


E rUWE, » fertile itiand of Dntch 
rWefhwl «J inilH Kmg, w»l. tO 
il, tantiiiiiiTigi, ia itait ^^ ^, Kbt 
and sev««l himdltn* ~ 


I idmI to tlie bifarailiaa BMhe 
iw idiove Kiineguen, «>',^ *Q^ 
HI of iu Jtruinii, iu«l« dHlfcteM 
elhtiw: iwr Wotc«m. , . 
EVUCDtL. ■ town «.f AwtKsn 
bmt, IT itUni S of Lxivotab E 
4 M, N iBt. M Se. 
KVKLAHD, N and S, t»o i»lwM 
IMS Xiiiii«d piAirincei, in Z«ii|lBM< 
seen Cie B md W brandtes of tlMJ 

EVEROORN, • o»wn ot W«t- 
luL n m!l»fr'„n MiMiCA 
iBVERUNOESr, « "own of Oe*- 
ly, in tl>' dii>«*»e of Vaderyam, «t 
confl'Ufleis of IM Beve tin W««', 
uila of Padurburib B Ion. ? 30, 
ttn45. . _ 

nVBRLT, a town h E«« «»»• 
MiWUbuKUs t* n^ik" N hv E 
BortMband.tcimnitrtl flvui SoWm 
■ taScr. It it 479 (nihw ftw^ 
tMiqtom mmI in «». ouutaiart 
tinMriumn.' . ,. ™ 

laVERLV, > iwroutb ift «(« K 
Mof Vaifcibiro It ii SBMd on 
nwr HuU, l» mile* N «ri«adgo. 

tEVmint; a villaw of S«itter- 
i, jMefarattd for the aaKlpriiiM 
lattd in a» aihiBmat nwtulttib. It 
rrilnSof Ag^lp. . ' 

IKWCASTUS,a village m Cora- 
land, oil llw Ucven. _ 

lEWDLEY, a tnipogb ot Wore** 
itiiR. It is IM milMi NW of I.OD- 

SEX, viUage of Bwiwrland, Id the 
iioii, of B«n), near liw town of St 
aric«^ remariiabte for iu Salt 
rlu, one of inliii'h ii entncd hj a 
iUfn cut out of' t:<e nlid roek. 
ich ri«a in the >' of Inverne» 
re, and Aowiu|> akm^ the S bor* • 
KuM^bire, fomu thi <lw —MV 
which itand iHveniew ■>■«' l^Mrt St. 
orge, and which terminatai in the 
th or Murraj. 

iEZIERS, a town of Vnuiee. in 
deiMirtiwM of Heraull. The in- 
Manu are eommited at 17^. E 
L3 18, Nlat.310. . 

llANA, a mm <it Hindooran Vfo- 

pj-r, rpronrtable for excillcnt iiiUigo, 
hLM 10 ''™* *^ '<"'• «'J «>. N 

DIMERACH.afreeinnwrial town 
01 bimiiu. It hnt a inauufliefin> or 
iiutian.. and ia H^tcd on a pltawnt 
valfcy, on t « Riuu, 17 milet SW of 
iL"' ii'" '• <0 2. N l»t. 48 10, 
BiOAC!(E. a town of Fnuice, in 
ibc departimim of the Lower Pyre- 
nees and laic province of Baiqueii. 
«.al«lontlie river SidouK, 12 mikt 
I: o» Uayoimt. W kin. », N lat, 43 

[ 49 ] 


tn«n in OxIbrdJhire* between Ovford 
jiiiU Buckingliani, n miles N of the 
w'kS!''."!!? v^" by N <"■ LoiKlou. 

BIUA8SOA,a rirerulSpain which 
"",'!« .""irce in the !•; renew, 
snd fnlls into the bay of Histay, be- 
'"r^" ^™'->)e ami Fontaral.ia. 

mODl. K6m). or SACO, n port of 
!"','■). '»«! post town in York wumy, 
Maine. It i. situated on tht sea toa«t. 
"■"f'ape Porpoise, 23 miles S by W 

v.r^I""'*'!'"' *•'■- °- P'>rum.imb. 

New-Hanmshire, mid s«S Croia Waili- 

iiik'Um. I'opulaiion IJOJ. 
XIODEKbUD, a «,,p„rt town 

.Miiwraie ui DevonJiire. It i. ao3 

1,1 mW of London, 
iill,W)fjORoD. a strong town of 
«sari.bitt, on lake Viilino, near ;tie 

m^,^.> ■•* '"''•■'• SW oi Ocfcikow. 
III-a!,Z, » town of Poland, in 
I'acnwi;,. ivni«r^;.i)|p fui- iu iiiin-s <,1 




Wesejoke, i<: 
■ ' ■". 31 5, N 

milei HR u' Cracow, 

l;it, 4<) 13 

..i"'.?' *• ".JO*" of Visdinnnt, enpi- 
'M ot .at Heii>.«r, near the i ivrr Ce|v 
~: •'„'»''*• W of VereeiL E Ion. 
' 'j, N !»'. 45 31, 

niEN.VE,tttovmof RuMio, in fl«. 
K;**,?!"*^"* of SuH,|e,„ko, so miles 
.Nhol Sniolensko, aial 170 W of Mo.- 
"nV,? '""• '^ *' N lat. SS 40. 

HIt.NNE, a town of .Swis cilaml. 
noa Ijkeof the same name, «t lii. 

s^?,J'^""«:','"'*- J' " >^ '"'I"' 
mEK^Vr'""-' ^•'^''"•'"'l^ 

""."^ikl^iT,'"'' "'■'*'"'•'• '^'""• 

iraall stnwu in Woodfted caanty, 

w^t of Ob MUm b«De» Of anenT 

moiii size that have been found In iti 

HIELSR, ■ town of Polnul, in tlw 
palatinate ot Polacbia, near one of tiKi 
worcc. of Uie river Narew, lOO miki 
M 4 "v"***' E km. «3 39, N lab 

fonlshire. Itii4> mifejNNWolLon- 

'.■."u^^*^'.." Piwihce of Hindoo*. 
tan Proper, between the rivei-s Iiidut 
f™ At.tock. It is luU of niouniaiiia 
and Willis, inhabited by a wvwb 
luid turbulent race. ^ 

lilLBO A, a citv of Spain, capital 
ot Biscay, Hith a good harbour. Tt i» 
««>te<t at tlie mouth of the Ibnieabal 
wlHcli Miters the tray of iliscav, SO 
iiiitesWol Su Sebastian, mid istJN of 
Mwlrid, W Ion. 3 10, \ lat. 43 33, 

HILUESTON, a town in Suffolk. 
I lie oiilj business of the town eonsista 
m spiiiiiing of yarn, it is 63 luiks 
f'^K of Lt«aon, B loll, SS, N lat. 

BILLERICAY. a town in Ewej. 
It it 23 miles E of London, E km. 
JI, N- lau 51 30, 

■ ",'?*'-''^y'?.''''!'' •"*"»'■ Oeminny. 
'n Westphalia, :ii the county of H» 
yembu^S. 7 miles SK of Hawnsbunj. 
i', I-..1. 8». Niat,52 10. " 

, 'I'J-I'KKICA, » poit township in 
^ .iililleM-x county, MusachusetttuaWit 
*?• ,'"''''.'. ''^"' »' HoMon, ami 479 NE 
" u.."t ""''°"* P»l"i'atioii 1289. 

HtLLL'PS, a iKMt town in Din. 
iiidftie wMiiily, Virifiiiia, no luiln 
frnm WasI- ■ :i„n. n |„|. 37 j 24"^ 
luii. i.i.Hi Wuvliiiii;tuii 31 13. 

IJll.SDIC.N'. a town in I.i'ierster. 
sliriT, VQ mill's N by W of Lmidou, 
W ll>». 42. .\ laL i2 3*, 
BILSON a to» n of Westplinlio, in 
.»; Uslpopi-ic ul Liese. on the ?n*r 
Denier, 15 niikfl N of i, £ lo,,. 
5 20. N Ihi. *0 so. * 

ltl.\lINI, '.f .no Bahanin i^l.indt. 

nenr il,e CIkuii*' of Ilahama, 3 milol 

111 letiBih. and ,s much in breadih. 

I It It uihabiiMl 'ly the native Anieri- 

ciius. W loi> ;9 30, N lat. 25 0. 

Hl.VBHr,<,j, a town in Lijicohi. 
sWe. r, .^30 miles NE of Lincoln, 
•iiid ..,: N of London. W km. 0. N 
ll.t. S3 30, "• " 

.„ SL^'"^-^?' » ""«r i™ BerkshiiT, 
in WuKlHir Forest, thre* mikt N by 
ot Okingbani. Binfleid was t|« 


[ 80 ] 


icone of Pope'i yoirthTuI days, .ml 
here he wrote hii windmr Vnrctt. 

BiNOBN.a town of Fruice, in the 
new department of Mont ronnerre, 
■itaated near the conHuence of the 
Hhiiie and the Nah. PopiilaUon M6Z. 
E Ion. 7 33, N lat. 4'i S4. 

BINGHAM, a town in N(ittin|{hai» 
diire, 9 luilea E oi Notiiiixham, and 
IM N by Wof Londmi. W Ion. Ofl, 
N lau «1 5B. 

BIR,or BEER.atnwn oriMarheek, 
In Turkejr in Asia. It tuuvU on the 
E bank of the Eupbratei. It i> 50 
miles NB of Aleppo. 

BIRKGNFULD, a town of Ger- 
many, capital of e OHinty nl' the aame 
name, in the circle of ilie Upjier 
Hliine. E Ion. 7 I4, N lat. 4J 5j, 

BIRMINGHAM, n large luwu in 
WarwickiWre. It is no corporation, 
and therelbre fn* lor any pcrmn to 
settle there. The lower iiar; ol' tlie 
town IS fliled with worKihopi aiul 
watvhotises, ami consitu chielly of old 
huihlingii. Ilie upjwr part contains a 
nuraher of new and regular streelt, 
and a hnndiome iqiiare, cleijnntly 
built. Birinini^am nj> been long la- 
ntous for its tiardwnre inanufac nres. 
It contiiins about 20 pliioes of public 
worship : and in 1301, 73,670 inhubi- 
lants. rite improved iteam eiifi^ine^, 
made herv by Itolton nnd Walt, ile- 
sme to rank hi^li ainoni; the protliie- 
tions of liUDian mgenuiiv. Ilirmiii^- 
hani is 116 miles NW oi' London. W 
Ion. 1 JO, N lat. 52 30. 

UIRVIESCA, a town of Spain, in 
Old Castile, 15 miles N of Huruoi. W 
Ion. 3 39. N lat. 42 35. 

BISACCIA, a sniHll handsome town 
of Naples, in Principalo L'lteriore. 
with a bishop's see. 15 miles NE of 
Coiiza. E Ion. 15 40, N lat. 41 S. 

BISCAY, a provinop of Spain, 
hounded ou the N by the bay or Itis- 
cay, on the S by Old-Cauile, on tlie W 
by the Asturias, and on the E liy Up- 
per Navarre. It is 27 miles in both 
IniKth and bread tli. 

BISCAY, DAY OF, a>. extensive 
bay of the Atlantie, between Cajw 
Ortearal, in W Ion. 7 35. N lat. 41 48, 
and the isle of Uihant, in \Y Ion. i 0, 
N lat. 48 30. 

BISCHOFISHM, a town of Get^ 
many, in the nrclibishouric of Mentz, 
an the river "^auber, two milei W of 
"WMrrtbnrgs E Km. 9 10, N Ht, « 40. 

BISHOPS ZELI., a town of Swi» 
serland, in Thurnu. with a castle. 
I'beir govemiuent bai been overturned 
by the FMnch. It is H miles 3 of 
'^imstanee. E km. 9 13, N lat. 47 27. 
IISHOPS-CASTLE:, a buroogh in 
v. jpAire, lis milet WHW of Lod-_ 

niSIGLIA, a populous town of Na- 
ples, in Terra di Bnri, situated near 
tbfl gulf of Venice, six miles E of Tttr 
'. B km. 16 45, N lat. 41 38. 

BISKR TA, a seaport town of Afri- 
ca, near the place where Utica oncu 

ud, 37 miles NW of Tunis. E Ion, 
9 49, N lat. 37 10. 

IU3HOP, and HIS CLERKS, dan- 
pierous rocks on the co.»st of Peni- 
hrokeshire, England, situated near St. 
I),..i(l'». W Ion. 5 20, N lat. 51 57. 

RISIGNANO, a town of Naples, in 
Calabria, with a sti*ong fort, and a 
liisbap's see. It is seated on a ' > 
tain, m'nr tlie river Boee ma, l!i milei 
N of Cosenzu, an.1 133 SE of Naples, 
E Ion. lA 20, N 'at. 39 33. 

BISLEY, a sillnge in Surry, noted 
:br a spring called St. .lubn Baptist'i 
Well. It U thtve miles N of Wukiiir. 

IIISNAGL'R. a town uf the penin- 
sula of HindoDiiaii, in Mysore, seale.l 
on tliu ri\trr Tungebwlra. E Ion. 7^ 
10, ;nnt. 15 30. 

BISSAGOS. a cluster of islanlsoii 
the const of NeRrolaiul, 200 miles SB 
of il»5 river Gambis, in 11 ;l i;. X Int. 

BISSAA, an isliiHi on ilie coast of 
.Africa « few leaznes to the SK of the 
river Gambia. 'I'he islan.l is about 
3S or 40 milei in eircnnferfncp. 

BISTHIEZ a town of 'rransylv> 
nia, on n river of the same name, Hi 
miles NKuf CukMwar. E Ion. 25 .3, N 
lat. 47 .13. 

Hire HE, a fortified town a I'mne , 
in the de|>.irtnieiit of Moselle and l:it ' 
province of Lorrain, with a eastle, uii 
I. ruck. It is seated at the foot of a 
niountaiii, near the Schwelb, 30 inilei 
N hy W of Strusbiirg. E km. 7 44, N 
lat. 49 5. 

BITONIO, an episcopal town of Np 
pies, in Tei vedi Unri, ten miles WSW 
ofRari,andll7Eby NofNapks. E 
Ion, W 30, N lat. 41 4. 

BLACK, a river in Vermont, wbich 
rising in Rutland county, passri 
through the country in a SE iMine 
to the Connecticut river, with whick it 
unitn new Charleston. 

.11 > <W, ^l| i L I .11 

the CKOur of 
i-ourse in the i 
rises in the hij 
the litik- falls 
pursuing a no 
Hides fulls into 
outlet ul' lake 

Carolina, whici 
riicr, about 20 
tun. in the sam< 

i" the ooumy < 
Sol' Armagh, 1 

Innl, running t 
Cor;^ ' id Wa 


village in Cayal 

tains about 60 

miles W of Pit« 

km. 81 54. Til 

■ffixtls ■ imad hi 



lenee coiimy, ] 

niilea kmg and 

mites aadahal 

larrallel witht 

about 4 miks E 

■nerous islamia. 


bouiNled on the 

ea,and the sea o 

Minerelia Cirea 


mania Bulgaria, 

lies between 33 i 



which riles in t 

is joined by the 

■od enters the est 



shire, 203 miks 1 

Ion. 2 35. N lat. 


Prince Georae's 

situated on die ] 

branch of Anaco 

the Potowmae. 

honsrs and is re 

fought here on tb 

between the Br 

armies, in whieli 

Aated. It is fin 

ngton, ami 34 S 



ISHOPS ZEL1., a town of Swif 
ind, in 'ninrnu. wiih b cut\e. 
it RDTcmiuent Ini bi'cn overmriwd 
Iw Flwach. It i> 11 niilei S ot° 
stuiee. E Ion. 9 13, N Ut. 47 27. 
ISHOPS-CASTLE, a burongh in 
ypMn, Ui inilet WNW of Lon-^ 

fSIGLIA, a popnioui town of Na- 
I, in Terra di Bari, titualed mar 
gulf of Venice, tix milet E of Tra- 
B hm. tfl 4J, N lat. 41 38. 
IISRRTA, a seaport town of Afri- 
near the place where Utisa oiKu 
d, .17 inilei NVV of 'i'unii. E toih 
1, N lat. .17 10. 

II3H0I', and HIS CLERKS, dan- 
3US rocks on the co.Ht of Peiu- 
kethiif, England, litunted near St. 
.•iil'j. W Ion. 5 20, N lat. ii 47. 
IISIGNANO, a town of Napin, iii 
Rhria, with a strong fort, anl a 
lop'i see. It ia leflteo on i ' .> 

I, near llie river Biiec ina, in milei 
if CoKiizu, an>l 133 SE of Naples, 
an. IA 20, N 'at. 3^ 33. 
IISLRY, a <ill:ii^ in Snrrr, nntnl 
a spring called St. .lolin Baptiit'. 

II. It ii three miles V of VVukill^ 
tISNAGL'R. alownof tlie pcniii- 
i of HindnDstnii, in Mysore, (ealf 1 
the ris-er Tungelxvlra. E Ion. 7^ 

.'Hat. 14 30. 

)ISS\ClOS. a cluster of islamlsiiri 
const of Nei;rolaiul, 200 miles SB 
ilie river (larnhis, in 11 ;1 i;. M lit. 
IISSAA, an isl:<iHi on tlie coast of 
rica, « few leajiies to the SK of ilie 
rr Giinibia. 'I'he islari.1 is about 
or 40 iiiik'i in circnnferfriep, 
ns rillEZ a town of 'rrans)'lv> 
, on n river of the same name, Hi 
les NE of Colutwar. Elun.2S.1,N 
. 47 .13. 

MIX' HE, a furtiflitl town a I'mne , 
llie department of Moselle and l:it ,' 
ivince of Lorrnin, with a cattle, uii 
uck. It is seated at the foot of a 
untaiii, near the Scfawolb, 30 inilei 
>y W of Strasbin-g. £ Ion. 7 44, H 
49 5. 

ilTONIO, an episcopal town of Nf 
J. in Te ledi Unri, ten miln WSW 
nari,andll7Eby NofNapks. E 
I, Ifl 30. N lat. 41 «. 
DLACK. a river in VermoDt, wbicli 
ing in Kutland county, passri 
uugh the country in a SE iMine 
the (Connecticut river, with whick it 
Itn near Charleston. 

t «» ] 


BLACK RIVER, M called from 
r;.iirse in the sute of New York. It 
tlie little falls, „^ j,e Mohawk, and 

pursuing a iiorilwrly iom'sT fw I'm 
I, lulls into Hiinmiry bay near the 

miles, _ „ ...,1,™. 

outlet of lake Ontario. 
.."?f;l^''^ ."1'.^*^'*' » "^ o»' North 

--— - — - --*.*.!,, ■ river 01 
I iirolina, which uiiins with Caue Few 

ZV^' *" ""'"■» «*»'"= vKlmin^ 
lun. in the same st«(e, * 

HLACKWA I KH, a river of ii-.- 

Cor« ' a Waterford into Youghall 

Slack RIVER, Mouth of a post. 
,'■'!*«>="• tayahoga county. 01 io.Mii- 
^n. «^ut M inTuibitanti It i, i5« 

Ion. 81 44. 1 he ^nouth of the river 
«l^ ■ mod harbour. 

n5"9*- h*?^<. •o'oM'niei called 
OswegatchsB Lake, situated hi St. Law- 
rence county. New York, is about V. 
mile. k«» and from an half to two 
nutesaS. half wide. It is SS? 
fwrallel with the St. LawrawsTuS 
•bout 4 mile. E of it, and o<n^ Si 
merous islands. 

i^htS^ ^?*i ** Mielent Etixine, 
houiHted ontheNby TMt»y Tauri- 

M.WI !l^J!^ "' ^^*^'' ! on the E by 

I^n-.*? '"'° '"^ "«? on the *hy Ho. 
pania Bulgwia. aid BcMrabia^ it 
hes between 33 and 44 deg. S lon.and 
42and40il«r.Nbt. "'"•"™ 

BLACKWilTER,,,!,*!™ Eaa, 
which niw in the NW of the countr 
« joined by the Chelmer at Maiden! 
■nd enters the estuary, to whioh itSni 

BLACKBURN, a townin Lama 
sbiret 203 miles NNW of London. W 
Ion. 2 35. NIat. «S 42. ^^ 

BLADENSBURG, a nHfrtown fa 
Pwnce Georae's county, Maryland, is 
situated on Qie E sUe of the eastern 
bnnch of AnaeosU river,* hnndi of 
the PotawmM. It eaotains about lOo 
nonsrs and u reinaduble for a battle 
fought here on tht 24th of August, 1814. 
between the British and v^merican 
aarmia, in whicli the latu-r were dc- 
ftated. It is five miies frtim Wash- 
niiton, aud 34 8W «f IMtimiac, N 

dt*" oVSo*' ^ '""■ '™° Washington 

BLAIRATHOL, a vUlage in Rwli. 
store, in an angk fanned by the rivers 
TUt and Garrj j in its vidiiity are 
many ronian'ic watcrfalb. It is 28 
miles N W of Perth. 

BLAMONT, a town of France, in 
the department of .Meiirthe, siinatcd 
on the little nver Vezuuze. 13 miles S 
of Luneville. E Ion. e 52, N lat. 48 40. 

BLANC, a town of France, in the 
depwtrornt of Indre, seated on the ri- 
ver Crcuse, 35 roiks E of Poiciiers. E 
hm. 1 13, N|at.4fl38. 

BLANCO, a cape of S America, in 
i^t',«)iiia. W hm. 04 42. S lau 47 20. 

BLANCO, a oape of Peru, on the 
South Sea, 120 miR-s SW of Guiaiiuil. 
W Ion. 83 0, Slat. 3 44. ^ 

BLANCO, a cape of Africa, on tho 
A lantic Ocean, IM mikai N of the ri- 
vej- Senegal. W Ion. 17 10, N lat. 30 

BLANDFORD, a corporate town 
in Dorsetshire. It is pleasantly seated 
on the river Stonr, near the Ousins, 
104 miles W by S of London. 

BL AN ES. a seaport of Catalonia, in 
Spnnnear the river Tonlera, 30 nules 
S of Oii-onne, E ton. a W, N bt. 41 

BLANKENBEBG, ■ tosm and fort 
of the Austnan Nethcrhuids, situate on 
the Gcnaan Ocean, eirtt miies N£of 
Owend. E km. 3 4, Nlan 51 33> 

JBL ANKENBERG, a t«n»n of West- 
Ppaba in the duchy of Burg, 13 miles 
EofBoDD. Ehn.r30.NlM.W4>. 

BLANRENBURG, a town of Ger- 
""•") > to Uie circle of Lower Saxony, 

»U M mik« SE of Wdtenbattle. 

. BLAbBEUREN,atownarSaabia. 
S *,n'**y of Wirtemburfc ll miln 
W rfVlm. E ton. 9 55, Nlat. 48 23. 

BLA Y'e, fa France, seated on the Oi- 
rpnde. Its trade cOMist in the wines of 
the adjacent eouutry. W kw. o 35. 
N lab 4* 7. ' 

BiBNilEIM. a vilhge in Suafaia, 
memDrable for the victory gnned over 
the Vrenefa, August 3, 1704. Itisseai- 
ed on the Danube, three mika NE of 

BLOCKZYL, a town of the United 
Provinces, in (ireryisel, with a «irt: 

"•ted « tl«ilwMh«f 3ilA%Affl«l» 


[ 52 1 


XRarSlemwiek. E loo. 1 39, N lit. 
43 44, 

BLOIS, urtndent eonmierd«l,«ltT 
oTFrMwe.latrlr the capital of BtauoK 
iiow iiiulndMl in the *?p«rtnient or 
Loir wid Cher. ItiurttiilonihehM*! 
oftlH: rivw Loire, iwnly oii»pl»to, 
partly on an urointiH*, iu the iniiut or 
IV « lif the mort agi-WHihte eountnei in 
iVaiiu, 47 iniki W of lour*. ami too 8 
W of Parii. K Ion. 1 W, N taU 47 

BLOCKLRY, a towmMp of Phila- 
delphia county, ttate .if Pwwiylrama ; 
•ituaud on the W tide of Schuyllnll, 
■Ikku three milei from the eity ; wm^ 
tainina I6U inhabitant!. . , , . 

HLONEIZ, a town of Poland, in the 
provincv of Wanoria, M mUei W of 
Vramw. E km. SO 3«, N lat. M 10. 

BLUE HILL, a nmrtowmb p in 
Hancock county, Maine, IfO nilfet E 
ofPorthuid and 7M NE of Waihing- 
Mi. Pbpulaliuainl8U>,an. BIom. 
ft«n WaWl«Mi, tuil, N tal. 44 

BLYTH, • towa ia KMtSathUD- 
It it 148 ndlaa N by W of Loo- 


BOBENMAUSBK, a tomi of 0«r- 
nany. in Wetaravia, with a aaiUe, 3 
niln SB of Ftaneftrt on tht Maisi, 
Hid (catMl on the linr Oenhrom. 

BOBIO, HI epiMapal tovm of Italy, 
tm the Milanew. on the TicUa, U 
mikt SB afParia. E Ion. 9 11, N lat. 
44 4f. . . 

twecn the iiland af Trinidad and An- 
daluria in Terra Pirma. in S Aamiea, 

BOCHETTA, a chain ofinouiitaint, 
in the territory of Genoa. o»erwjii«h 
■ b the raad hiding ftom Lomhardy to 
peooa. Onthe peakofitelu^ 
noonlain it a past, which will hurdhr 
■duil three men to |0 ahWHi : tW« 
pan, ii properly, the Boehetta; for 
iheMknee of which there are three 
fori!. It it the key of 0«ioa, and 
wn taken in 1748 by the Auttriam, 

BOCKHOLT, a town dt WHtpha- 
lia, in the dMCCK of Mumter, 10 miks 
EirCfeyr.. Btan.811,NLull41. 

BOCOIMG, a targe \il(aK in Btiex, 
■yoinin^toBraiatree. !«>■•«■«« 
manufiKture of baize, and it 41 inilet 
KKofLoudoo. B km. 40, N bl. «1 

BODMIN, a borough in Conwill. It 
' 1 iimnihnn tn firliinnr'i **** '■ 

.11 miles KKof Falmouth, and 134 W tiy 
8 of Iiondoik 

BODLIO, a town if luly, in »he 
county orNic«,M milei NW of Nice. 
E Ion. 7 «, N tot. 44 2. 

HODOS, a fiirlifWd town of Turkey 
ill Kiirope, in Bolgitria, with an Arch- 
Imhou'i ire i irtiwl "" "he nver D» 
iiiilK. 2« miU^ W of Viden. E km. M 
<4, N lilt. 4t 10. 

BOUROC H, a town of lluncarv, on 
the Danube, inc tailn SE of Boda. 
E km. 19 31, N hn. 45 it. 

BOKSCHA T, a town in Ue pro- 
vinee of Auitrian Brabant, loilHl on 
the riVer Nethe, 11 inllti ME of Mech- 
lin. K kill. 4 41, N Ut. 51 n. 

BOG, a river of Polund, which rum 
SW thrutidi l'<i<lolia and Biidaiac Tar- 
ijry, ftliSi into the Black Sea, be- 
tween Oeukow and the n«cr Unie- 

"TioOOTO, the capital of New Gra- 
nada, in Terra Firma, in S AmenH, 
near which are gold aiuica. W km. 7J 
S3.11lau4 0. ,„ _ 

BQRBMXA, a kingdom of Europe, 
houndi^ on the N by Mitnia nid Lu- 
•atb, on the E by Sikn* and J«>i«»i». 
on the S to AiutTta.and on the W to 
Bararin. rtii Mb milei in length, and 
lMiubrewkh,and ii fertile in corn, 
MflVoo,, hopa, and P^Wj* "S,™ 
mbnmains are n.wet ofwld andnlm. 
TtechiBfrtversarel ''uklaw,fclhc, 
■nl Oder. Tlirir Ian «e ii Selav» 
man, with a minture <« Oenuan. It « 
•uMnt to the houw of Amtna. The 
capUal i« Prague. 

BORANO, an episcopal town of 
Naples, in the Motisfc at the fept of 
ite Appanninei jouar the nver Tvlemo, 
41 nrilet N of Naples. E kn. 14 40, 
M lat- 41 30. ,„ „ 

BOI TMI rz,a town of Upper Hu» 
cary, in the county of ZoU, remarka- 
ble tiiriu baths and safliun. Ekm. 19 
10, N lat. 41 42. . 

BOJAOOH, a cape of Aflrioa, m 
Negralawl, discovered by Ae Portu- 
eueicin 1411, and doubhd by tbemm 
!4S3. W km. 1417, N tot. » 11.^ ., 

BOIS-LE-DUC, a torge well fomfl- 
ed town of Duteb Bndbuit, between 
the Doromel and Aa, aituaie among 
monsMca. £ ton. 5 IS, N tat. 51 40. 


BOLINOBROKE, a town In Lur- 
eoliiihire. It isl9raih»Baf LiMott, 
aal 111 N by B of Laudo» 


(apital ot Be 
shop's m.aia 
the loot of (he 
in a fruit All | 
The river Sar 
and the Reno, 
the silk work* 
public buiklin 
and etogan(,aii 
tar the beaui 
and for their h 
church uf St. 
in Bologna ; i 
(hi), Ciistiiii I 
Ibere ai»' ift 
])riva(t- houH** 
(ity I'oiitaiiu c 
carry on a con 
Slid velvtfts, w 
here in great 
•eated at tba 
32 raik* S£ ul 
ufRorae. El 

ill the M-rriiur' 
ed on the N b' 
Why Modena! 
iuhI od tlie E b 
«) by many uii 
Ike toll titt' ii,u 

crcfesiaKiral s 
of the same i 
4*37. It it 4; 

cil Pwvine 
miles N ot Smh 
43 3. 

Derb^Mre, dt 
lite declivin ol 
liOI, IWl. 

lud lam mam 
jland, in Lanes 
s rivulet inlu t 
Old Little Poll 
17,418, tt is- 
llK'sier, and 23 
» 3J. N tal. *3 
« Mir coiintv, ] 
t''\k\ W of B 
"uttiiiictoii. I 

boi,£ano, I 
de Tirol, litiRi 



mite NK of FiiJmouth, and 834 W l| 

m mMfMmtnt . 

JOULIU, a town of ''•lyt,'''.*'* 
iiicy uf Nice, « niilrt NW of Ntoe. 
kill. T «, N tot. 44 a. 
UODOV, a fiirlUWd town of TorkM nolpiri*, with an Arch- 
ihou'i M ; »«it«tl un the rivi-r »»• 
,\H-.M niilM W of Video. K Ion. U 
, N liiU 44 10. 

BOUHOCH, a town of IIuii|»ry,on 
s Daiiubr, IflO inil« SE of Bodi. 
Ion. 19 la, N tat. 45 59. 
BOKSCHAT, a town in the pro- 
Me of Auorian Brabant, lait"! «n 
e riVer NeAtt, I* mlla ^*^ <» *•*'''■ 
I. B Ion. 4 4», N Ut. 51 «. . 
BOG, a liTer of Poland, which ruiH 
ir thruiiRh I'ridoiia and Biidxiae lu- 
ry, fallSg into the Bla* Sea, he- 
lien OaSkow and the (iter Unit- 

BOOOTO, the capital of New Gta- 
Ida, in Terra Fiwna, in 8 Aijienw, 
wwhich are gaU uinch W ton. 73 
l.Nlal.4 0. ,„ _ 

BOHEMIA, a h-igJom of EoroMi 
mndnl on the N hy Mima and Lu- 
tia, on the E by SUwiaand Mojjr* 
B the S by AiMtrta,and on the_W to 
lavarta. rthMbnule* in length, and 
(0 in brradthtand it fertito iij eorn, 
lA-ao, hops, and putiuc. In tin 
■duntaim are cAna ofculd and nlm. 
riKehieffivmarel '«uldaw,i,lbc, 
nd Oder. Their tan «e w Sataw- 
iao, wiih a niisituie «« Oenuan. It « 
uUeci to the home of Auitna. The 
i^ilal i» Prague. 

BORANO, an epiKopal town of 
laplet, in the MoUk. at the (bot of 
m Appanninei Jiear the ritrer Telemo, 
« nriln^N of Naplca. E ion. 14 40, 
I tat. 41 30. 

BOl TNITZ, a lawn of Upper Hud- 
nrr, in the oooniy of ZoU, remarka- 
feiuriubathaaodiairnm. B loo. 10 
O.Ntal.48 48. 

BOJADOR, a cape of Aflriea, la 
lemtand, diKorered by Oio Porta- 14IS, and daiibM by them in 
[433. Wton. 1487, N tot.8« IS. 

BOIS.LE-DUC, a tarae well foral- 
>d town of Oulrii Brabant, between 
he Domroel and Aa, iituate anxinc 
uonMe*. E Ion. 5 16, N tat. 51 40. 


BOLINOBROKE, a town in La- 
solniidre. It it 8« miiet E of UmoOi 


S3 ] 


R0LOONA,an ancintt »hy of Italj . 
raiiiial ol Uotognew, with an archhi- 
«hop'« m^aiid a univeriiiy. It liet at 
the lout of iht> Appriiniio' moiiiiiaifu. 
in a fniiinji plain, and iialiibrioiu iiir. 
The riWT daronia rum nau iu wall<, 
and the Rcnot which turns 400 milk for 
the silk works, thmiafa the city, llir 
public buikiinn of this city are laree 
and etagancandan-raually mnarkabic 
lor the beauty oi' their arrhititture 
and for their faHemai devoratiuns. Tlip 
church of Si, Petniiiiiis i% ilie largest 
in Bokigna ; and on the paTenieiit of 
this, Cassiiii drew his mt-ridian line. 
1 here ai»- 1«8 oUiir ehurcliui. The 
pnvait' hiiUHi are »( II buil; i and tlic 
city coiitaiiu 80.U00 inhitbitjinti. Thej 
carry on u cuiisidenibk tradi- in silks, 
•lid \elvets, uhich ai-e maiiufucluivil 
kcre ill great perfet'tiun. UokiRna is 
leatcd at the foot of the Appeiniim:*, 
32 nilea SE of Modeiia. nnd 175 N W 
tif RooMf. G km. II 31. N lau .^ 30. 
. BOLOON£S£,aprotiiiecof Italy. 
Ill the ti-rritury of the church, bound- 
ed on the N by tlie Ferrarese, on tfce 
W by Modena.on the S by Tuscony. 
and 00 tlie E by HouiaROa. It is water- 
ed by many small rivers, wliiih render 
the soil tlie n.ost fertile oJuhv in Italy. 
BOLSENA, a town of Itoly, in thL- 
ercluiasiical slate, situated on a lake 
of the same name, about 30 mik-s in 
cirrmafaieiice. E ton. 11 54, N lau 
4» 37. It is 45 miles N of Home. 

BOLSWAE".T,a town of the Unit- 
«1 Pwvine n tlie W Fifchiid, 8 
miles N ot Swoten. E Ion. 4 25, N lat. 
$3 3* 

BOLSOVER, a town of Engtand in 
Derby>bire, dcligktfiUly situated on 
the declirlty of a UU. Pcpulatioo in 
UOIj iwi. 

BOIlON.I.E-M0ORa, or BOI, 
rON IH THE MOOR, an anck-bt 
<«« ta^ nanuiiMturini town of En- 
fund, m Lancashire, It is divided bi 
snvulet in«u twonara caUcd Great 
aid Little Salion. VrnxdMion in I801, 
I7,4i«. It u-llmik!s XWat Ufan- 
tlniier, and 230 of London. W km. 
< 35. N bl. A3 33. 

IJ0L1X)X, a poM tovmMp.i|i Woi^ 
« Iter county, Massachusetts, about 36 
f iile« W of Rostun, and 449 NE oi 
nuiliiiigtoii. FopuUiiuii 1037. 

BOLzANt^ a town ot'tiinnany, in 
He rirol,iUintidon (he rivtr Uyiak^ 

near Its confluence with the Adige. U 
IS 87 nuks N of Trt'iit. E km. 11 so. 
Nlat.4A35. ' 

BOMAL. a town of Austrian Lux- 
eniliiir);, situated on the river Uurt, 80 
iiiil< s S of Liege. E Ion. 5 38, N tat. 
58 18. 

BOMBAY, an uhuxl on the western 
oust af India, and the scat of one of 
ihil-^nglishpretiikaKes. 1 he rlimate 
IS more healthy than furmrrh. Tlie 
eiiy of HoiBbay is about a nilfe in 
Ii-nqtli, and deltiided by strung IwtiH- 
I'uiHiiH. Pa|iulaiHiii of the istanri in 
1803, ISOMX). It ii uo inikss S of 
Murat. E Ion. 72 38, N lau 18 58. 

IIOMMKL. a town of the United 
Frovineea, io the isle of OTerflacke. 7 
mill, Wof Uillianiitadt. 

HUMMEL, a laiiidwme town of 
Dutch Guehkiland, in the island of 
BotunH-kWatil, seated un the W;ud. ti 
n^ilt-i NKofHiiesdeii. 

UOMMl'-.I..WAERT, an isfamd of 
Duu-h (iuekkrlund, formed by the 
Juneiioii of tlie Waal nral tlie Mae«e, 
It is if mile, luiiB, and 5 broad. It 
was taken by tlie French in 17'J4. 

MOMENii, a stnport of tlie Unilcii 
PruviiKcs, in Zeabuid, situated ou tlie 
N shun^ of the island of Sdinweii. K 
Ion. 4, N lat. 51 42. 

BONAIRE, au island of 8 America, 
"«•' J^^, ,N «»st ol' Terra Firma, lu 
tlie Hfc 01 Curracoii, bekmiring to tlw 
Dutch. W Ion. 68 18, N Uu 13 Ifl. 

HONAVENTURA. a bay, harbour, 
and fort of 8 America, in Pooavaii. 
VO nuks E of Call. W km. TSia, N 

BQNAVISTA,Ua! most easu-m of 
tlie Cane deVcnklstaods. Wloii.88 
47, N lat. 16 0. 

DONAVISTA. a cape, on the E skki 
of the isiaial of Newfoundlaial. 

nONDOU, is bounded un the E by 
Da.iihoub ; on the SE airi S, by I Vnda 
aiKt tlie Siniraui Wihh-nieni on the 
S\V by Woolll; on the W by Foola 
Torra; aial m the N br Cajaaga. Si- 
luntrdiu \V Ion. 11 50, N bt. 13 53. It 
it a hingdom of Africa. 

BONIF.'.CIO, a seaport of Coniea. 
well Ciriified, and popukras; 37 niika 
S of Ajkcck). E ion. 80, N lat. 41 

BONN,an ancient city of Germanr, 
HI tlie eleciorateof Cologne. It cuiitaira 
SCOO iiUiubibtms, aiid has a Uoi>riihiii8 




I S4 1 


U »00 «3m E of Algkii* .It *»■>*»" 

mouSiarihcSnbouM!. Eloo.7 4i,N 

B0NNK8TAI1LE,» townof Fi«ne«, 

to X iepirtBicn. of 8«t.. » nJle. 
MK of Mtatti. • 

BONNKVAU ■ town "f/f*-* J' 
(he drn4i«tni«*nt of Kure «« l*"*- " 
ii watMl on llv lain. 

HONNKVIUJl, > to*n of fcvov. 

«P? Arvc at thv fool of ■ niounUui 
"'o«.^ W»«..<H0.Nte.4« 

^*'bOO»K8BURO. o imall «»*" 1" 
•W».hinBto« eoonty, M«r»»M><'- '«""• 

•''XoPAC'^iJ'SSpPTAAL, • «2»" 

lory of tke «»n« iMiui-, m thf «««'Jf 
rf ».l«B). N ««». M 14, K Ion. W 

**BOOTAN,« Piwinw *T>«»*i"» »» 

«.uni^J und B«"yJ. iu limit. i«e not 
■cFiiratrly »»ciTtaiii«i. ...... 

B0<) I H» AT(, « io» mhip "' /j-i* 
inet of Miiii"*, lulonHii* ««• *f«»»" 
I^,," It bii. issTiul-bil-iU ud 

HOPPART.u towuof OrrinMiy.iii 

inil» 8 of Cohknt*. l< loa. 7 31 , ^ 

'"hAVch b town of the tJuthy of 
M««S " . the Klh.. 14 nuk-. NE 
rfMngdetairg. E luiu U 2. N taU « 

*''UaRCHLOEN,.to«<i rf^«ti*«h 
li« in the biihoprc of Lifge, 14 mii« 
l?iv ofliege. E lou. * 31, N l«t. 50 

**■BOHDF,^•TO^VN, > port town ta 
Buriinpon county, New Jmey. iMit«d 
on the K side oftfic river Dthw""-; »« 
Til" NK of Burlington. rf>oj.t *i of 
PI iSiMphii. and 111 NE «f >V«dui«- 

BORKHAM, a »iU«|t m Emm. ' 

BOROO. * town "f ?*«1«2- "."^iSf 
(uir of linUuid, 10 milet NE oi Hcl- 
KirfMi. Eton. M 40, M tau tj ?4. 

SwiGOFOBTE, • town of Iwly. 
intl»!i)a«hyof Mmnim •" ^JJJ'fJ 
PlH ifc mite* » of Mamui. E hm. 10 

53,11 lit. 45 0. , 

i; IRGoaAN-DOMINO, an epUco- 
pal town of Italy, in ilw du«hy of Par- 
Sa, l< ...ilM Niv o» Parma. E km. 

"* °B<^RoV miAV-SEPOLCimO. 
an •■uiwapiil town ol' Tujaaiijr, fcrtj 
mileli K at Vtonucr. E kuk 1» T, N 

""boRC)0.VAU-UI-'IABO, a imall 
town of IiaSy, in the duchjr of Parma, 
W mik-« 8W of Parma. E km. 10 l^ 
S lat.4430. . , . . .^^ 

HORIC^UEV, an iilnnd in the W 
ImiieL near Porto Rieo. Hereu a 
great nunJier of '»'»' «»^. *»S'^ 
kiaecallitCrahblund. WhmMO, 

V lat. 18 0. . ■ . 

BOHJA, a town of Spam, in AtT» 

fii, l» iiiik!! 8K of Taraaoo* W km. 
16. H 1.1. 42 6. .«„r,i. 

BOHKKI.O, a «trong townoftw 
United Proviiwefc in Ziiiphen, onihe 
river Borkal, »0 mile. E of Zutpbeli. 
Ehm. 61»,NUt. Jill. .. . _, 
BORMIO, « town of SwiUeriana 
in the riHinty of the name mroe, » 
beautiflilly situated at the fiot ol 
Mount Braglio. hetween the nW Ad- 
da aial Kredolf. Popatalion aboit 10««. 
uiul that of the county 14^''*- 

BOK.VEO, an i " 
Ucrau, diwoveittl 

in 1581, and ahO"..; ;■— ,■' ^ • ._ 

(U- Ibett diamondt in the luoe*"* 
found in lit rivwfc Ihcre «" M«» 



Jje. Kkin.im7,Illat.4 55. 
BOHNHOLM, anl«l.i»l jotte «* 

Sweden K Ion. M «S N 54 H. 

BORNOU. an eitnulTe •OMniry ii 
AWea. boundtJ on the NW by fre. 
I .^theNbythedeeriof Bik>» 
un the SB by Carina, and on the 8\\ 
by Nubia. It e.\ten(U Iroin "toM 
dtic. 01 E li«u ami from , IT to 81 deg 
of N tat. The twnpfcaion ol the n» 

the county 14^ 
a, an island in the Indhn 
oveiwl hy the Po«^«« 
nd abounds with giM, and 



BORKHAM, • »iUMt m Emm, S 
In N K of CheliMftnL 

BOROO. * town '•'^""JS'S'iSl 
If of KnUwdi *) mila NB of Htl- 

OOROOVOKIB, • town "* l«Ti 
the (lathy of MnKot. •> *f n** 
I, ic niln !i of MmiIui< E Ion. 10 

il 0RGO8AN-D0MIN0, w ejfUeo- 
il uiwn of luOy. in ilw dmliT of ™- 
», II i,.«M NW ol Pirma. K km. 


. •■uiwopul i"wn "'' ■•'u»«»ny» «»••); 
ifcf K of VIoixuce. E lo<>. I* »• » 

'BORaO.VAl.-DI-TAHO, » hmH 
iwn of IinS*. in the duchjr of IWi, 
) miUi »W of Parmiu b loo. 10 l^ 
kit. 4430. , , . . ^ „ 

FOUU^UEV, on lilnnd in tbe w 
luiies near Porto R>™. ^ "'^'J" " 
rtiit imnibei- of I""" "»^< *■?!'? 
MKMllitCnIiblunl. WloaMO, 

r lat. IB 0. ... 

BORJA, i lovrn of Spain, u»An» 
pii, la naWt SK of TinooOfc W loB. 

16. N l.t. 4S 0. , . 

DOHKKI.O, a rtrong townofthi 

ivir llorktl, »0 inilii K of ZUiAeii. 
B km. 5 l», N Ut. 42 II. 

BOEMIO, ft town of Switaeriano 
in tke tiiunl) of the »»ni« mme, » 
beuutlftiUy siluanil »« 'he Uit ot 
Mount Breglio. between the n»jr« A*- 
ilftHwlFiMlolf. PopalutionnboUlOOO, 
aiil thiit of the county l^/X*- , ., _ 

BOUNKO, Ml islttiKl in the Indtan 
Occoii, di«ovii«l by the l«^<^ 
in uai, and ahoiindt •'«'«,««■"» 
tl« aaeit diamond, in the luwj «« 
lound in it! riven. >lw'«"7.™S 

tie Sea, aa nuW» 8* " *««»e"i •• 
Sweden K Ion. M «, N M M. 

BORNOU. un eilemi»e,J««ni'X. « 
AW«a.boundid on the NWby|e» 
* , Ji the N by the desert of Bik.» 
on theSR bv C».hii«,aBd on theS\» 
by Nubia. It e.itendt Irora « w^' 
din. 01 K liai. ami from , IT to SI deg 
oflj lat. The eainphaiion ol the i»i 


< M 1 


«)*•» U bhMk i but Ihqr m not of the 

BORNOU, the capiul of the empire 
of BflmoUiritnale in a flat country, on 
tbe bank! of a nnBli lirer. Bomou i< 
aunounded by a wall, and ii fiso raikt 
8E of MouroiQk. E km. 13 30, N fail. 
10 40. 

BOROUGHBRI noK, a borourii in 
Ifaa N riding of Yorkihire, leatra on 
the Vrr, orer whirli ii a Mone brUf^, 
and i« 17 miki NW of York, and 31* 
N by W of Londoo. W kn. 1 U, N 
kb M 10. 

NKSii. a villasr of Linlithgowihire.on 
the firitli of Forth, siirrouiidt'd with 
cool pits and nalt-puiM. Population 
3200. a b 18 nuki NW of ^Uliu■ 


BOSA, an ancient leaport of Sar- 
dinhi, with a faiiliop'! aee, and a cutk-, 
on a river of the aune name, 17 iiiikt 
SE of Algeri. £ loik • 50, N lat. 40 

BOSCAWEN, a tonnihin of Hillt. 
borough county, itate uf New Hamp- 
■hire, titimtHi on the W ride of the 
Merrimack river, about 10 milci N of 

BOSCO, or BOSC II I, a town of Italy , 
ill tbe Milunete, waled on the Arbr, $ 
niilri E of Alexandria. K Ion. 8 53, 
K Int. 44 >4, 

BOSCOBEL, a village in Shroptliire, 
niiK- mila SE of Newport, iiot^ for 
the Ouk. ill which CIiark» wu hM. 

BOSNIA, a prorinee of Turkey in 
Kurope, bounded on the N by SeJavo. 
nia, on the E by Servia, on tbe S by 
Albania, and on the W by Croatia and 

B08NA SERAGO, a lut^ ami 
nrong town of Turkey and capital of 
Hoanin, wated on the riter Bosna, 
1 10 n.iiet SW of Belgrade. E Ion. 17 
A7, N laU 44 40. 

UOSSINEY.a borough in Comwa'l. 
It is aeated on the Briitol Channel, 333 
mill'] W by 8 of Loudon. 

BOSTON, a borough in Lincoln- 
(hire, situated on the E aide of the ri- 
ver Withom, about five miles from the 
^•n. Ihc lofty tower of tlie church 
of St. Bololph, lupporti on octagon 
laiiieni, which M-rres as a li^htlioiisi' 
tu roarincn. Population in 18u:, 
502A. It il 37 iniln SE of Ijnrohi, 
and u< N ot'Landou. £ Ion. f, N hit. 

BOSTON, the capital of Manaehm 
K'ttt, In N America, ballt in 1S39. It 
it waled un a peninuih, of about fbur 
mika ill eircnmft'mioe, at tbe liottoni 
of a flue bay, in a very confniicnt rf. 
tiintlon for trade. I'm town itindi 
about nine iniln fton the mouth of 
the bay, at whoae entrance are M-veral 
■jiall roeki and iiiandi, aoine of width 
•re inhabited. At the bottom of ilie 
hay i> u nobfe pier, near 3000 feet in 
lengtli ; aking which, on tbe N ride, 
extendi a tow of warehouiei Ibr tlie 
mcrclnnti; ami to tliii pier ahlpa of 
the grrateit biirdcji may eome anil un- 
l<«d without tir helpof boota. The 
itreeti are hiiHliome, |Mrtiaularly i*^ii 
extending from the pier to the uiwit- 
houH. 'Ihi- puMie nuikHnp are an 
okl and ntw itatr houw, llie tatter it a 
•u|ierb building ; Fonniil hiill, acniirt 
houw, un exchange, and an antheiiiii. 
lu churcliei amount tu 33, wine of 
them on' elegant i-ditlces ; lU fur cou- 
gregationaliiik 3 tbr eiiiHupuliant, 3 
flir naptlMJ, 3 for methixlisii, 1 fur cii. 
tholica, 1 fbr iVieodi, 1 lor unitarians, 
1 for Africans, aid another fbr travel- 
ling preachen. About three inilea be. 
k>w the town is fort liidipemk-nce, sl- 
tuatnl on Castle island, which Sfciires 
the enliaiiee of the liaruniir. Pupuhi- 
tioii in I81U, 33,230. I< i. M iiiilei S 
by W of Portsmouth, 331 N£ uf New 
York, 332 of PliiliKlilpMu, and 403 of 
Waihiiigioik N lui. -12 3S 10, W ton. 
from Giceiiwich 71 3 4,. and K of 
Washington S )7 JO. 

Worth, a town in licici aterdiiiv, 
sealed on a hi^h hill, and famous for 
the buttle whiih deeidtd for ever tiio 
contests between the houses of Yiii'k 
and Lnncasier. It it 100 miles NN W 
of Luiidon, 

BOI AXY BAY, n buy of New S 
Wales, on iIh' E const of New Holluinl , 
•o eullfd iVoni ihe great qiunitiiy of 
herbs found un tlie slmre. Il is 15 miles 
N of IHiri .Ini'ksuii, u hiih see. 

UUTANY ISLAND, a siimll island 
in the S Pacific Ocean, to tlie SE of 
New Cnlt'duniu. 1: kiik 1U7 la, N lat. 

BU THM.V a province of Sweden, 
on a K»lf of the same name, which di- 
vides It iiiio two paru,calk!d Euiid W 

flOTWAR,a fownof SiiabiR,in tlie 
ducliy uf Wuruiiiburg, 15 uiilvs SE 


t *« 1 



of Hailbnm. W km. « 33, N lui. 40 


BOTZENBimo, * town of Oer- 
many, in Ike ducby uf Mvckk'UburR, 
on itH- riwr Elbe. E loih 10 49, N lau 
»3 19. 

nOV.\, an eatMopal (own of Nn> 
[•Ifi, iifiir tli« AMKmninn, 18 miln 
!IF. of Rt^giab K Ion. lA 30, N lut. 3/ 

bOlTCMAIK, a town of Wancr. iti 
<he flppartninn of ttm North, ntnalnl 
oil the Si;h«lili. mlln SW of Valei>- 
citiim-^. Pnnkilalicm liaa. 

HOUCHAUr. a town of Prance, iu 
thr iltDfirtqu lit of Iiulrc iiml Ixiire. 

BOl'DRY, a town of »«ii«.rlanil, 
in tlie county of Ncufchuit'l. K Ion. A 
40, N I It. 47 ^ 

BOVir.NF.H.atownortlir AiintrinD 
Neiherlniids. in Niiniiir, on lliv riwr 
Mruar, 10 milti S of Namur. K Ion. 4 
50, N lilt. M) I». 

ISL^NU, an iiiuiul of tlit- I'.icitu' 
'kiMi., wpanitnt from Bnugninvillr 
i<l jDil, by a narrow ahiiniirl, TIh- N 
I' Hint of Itouka li« in S km. Ij-i 3'i, 
mil ill S Int. 5 J 3n. 

noiLAC, ur ML'LACK.alown of 
l^^lti. litMiitad iipnii ibe Nik-, t»o 
unlet W of Gnnd C'liiro, It wut al- 

I tout tlouoyiil liy tlw Fiviich anuy in 

BOLII.I.OK, a town of France, in 
tin' duchy nf the iinie iiaiiu, and tvr 
viiorj 'if l.tixfrnbiinr. 

HO VINO, HD cpiacoital town oTNa- 

llOiaOGNE, a brge ipapart of 
I'lai Id-, in thi- drpartiwnt of the ttrailt 
■if Ciilaii. It will lately un riiiieopal 
Kr; uihI i<di<lil»l into two tawni,the 
liiKlur and thi- Lonvr. The former it 
•ironi;, Iwih by nature and art ; ami 
the kilter inoiilv ituToondtd by a tin. 
Kir wall. The harlntir bat a mok lor 
iIh- t^ilty of the tbipn t and whii'li. at 
the Hunie tlnie. preveiitu it from bi'ine 
flwitliiil up. It ii leatttl at tlie iiiouln 
■if the Lianiir, 14 mili'i S of CaMi. K 
lull. 1 33. N kit. $0 44. Pcpulatioii 

BOURBON, an idand of Aftica. in 
tlie Uidiaii Cxt in. M auVt Ions, and 
15 liniiKl. Hiete ia not a lafe harbour 
ill till island; but iiianyKoiid romltfor 
9lii|i|iiiig. It ia 300 iniln E of Mada. 
K»>cui'. K lull, a 30, N lat. 3J Si, It 

II ai l:ii.i.u by tlic lOii^litli in IS 10. I'u- 

piilation, 73,040 bfaMkf, and lA/WO other 

BOUHIION I.ANCI, a town of 
Praiioc, in the department of Saone 
dimI Iivire, aixl late urorince of Hiir- 
nindy, remarkHbk! fbr iti raitk' aid 
hot faatbi. It it 11 niik.t BW of Ai). 

a town of Fraiire. In the department 
of Allier, titiuite in a bottom, near tlie 
river Allier. If it 3M raiirt S of IV 
rii. K Ion. 3 5, N lat. 4« 35. 

of France, in thi' <k-parttuenl of Uii- 
piT M:ime, niiiioiii lor iu hut hatbi. It 
II 17 iiiilet RufLaiigret. R Ion. 5 4i, 
N Ut. 47 114. 

DOL'HDF.AI'X, an ancient eity of 
FniKf, in On il'-partinentof Gironde, 
It in aitiiuti'd oil lilt- W hank of tin; 
tiaronne, about 40 niilet from ili 
inoutli. ItiiuiM'ol the Ant cnnuwr- 
eial Uiwiit in Fninoe. The niiblie 
buildinf^ are noble, atidiiinieortheni 
an* thj ivnninx of Human art and 
^ndeur. It cniitaini alHiiit 100,000 
iiihabltanti ; it diitaiit from Parit 8f4 
leariut SW, and 27 8 rniiii llochelle. 
W kin. 30, N lat -It JO. 

BOUHG, a town of France, leated 
nil the river lii uuumt', 333 niilet SB 
o( fixti: 

HOUHG. ■ town of France, in the 
department of Girondci lirajks Not' 

UOUilG, a t:!*n of the iiland of 
Cayenoe, iii 8 America. W Ion SZ SO, 
Nlat « 3. 

BOirROANF.UF,atown of France, 
in the departineut of Creiue, 300 inilet 
8 of Pant. 

BOURGES, an ancient city of 
France, in the department uf Cher. 
It ii titiwted on the river Ewe, at i|« 
cunHiit uce with the Riire. It potteu. ■ 
a fi'w luaiiiifaetucei of lineiii, t^c. 
Population 15,340; it diitaiit froiii 
Parli 125 mika.^i E kHb 3 33 26, N 
IttCa 47 S4» 

BOUHGF,T, a town of S«ro}-,on a 
lake oi' tlie tame name, lix nultt N 
of Chamberry. E Inn. 5 50, N la*.. 
45 41. 

BOL'RG-I.A-REINE, a town of 
Fraiic'', onek'afpieSof Parii. 

norUDlNES, • town of the Auv 
triaii Nitlu rlaiaU, iu Namur, tiii' 
luikt NW uf Ifuv. Elon. 5 9, N. 
ljt.50 35. 

BOURN, a t 
From Bourn it 
lluntoib It it X 
ami »7 N of Lo 
MOUHO, an 
Ocean, btiweer 
Celebrt. It pp 
rbvi'i, cocoa and 
ii 50 ntiki iii ci 
137 3J, 8 ku. 3 
the ifepartincnt 
pruviiiec of Mar 
tiKHt inaccetiibi 

Ocean, 13 niilta I 
133 30, 8 lat. 5 C 
BOW, a town 
•B miiei W by 8 
3 39, N bit. 50 5 
BOW, a com 
MkUleaex, 3 inik 
county in the dii 
the mouth of the 
•bout lAO milei 
«I7 of Wathinni 
t pott offlce, ill ( 
rinia, 84 milet fr 
33 S of Frederick 

BOVU; or / 
Ixroiigh of iKkn 

milet flrom Waihii 

BOYNB, a rive 
riiet in Qiieen't c 
Trim and Cavnn, 
ael. behiw Oroghe 
live battle wat foi 
IL and William I 
BOVOLO, a lov 
lucby of Mantua,c 
of the nunc naiDe< 

county, in the ttati 
iboul 10 milei V 
tnd4(<0 NBofWi 

BOXTEL, a toi 
hanl, on the river 
•f Boifloduc £ 


ion, 7S,946 bl«clu, umI lA/XM olhrr 


UlTHIION LANCI, ■ town of 

EC, in the drpartmrnt of Saone 

l<uirr, aiMl latr urorinw or Hiir- 

), rrtaarknbk! fbr in raiik- and 

atbt. It h 11 niiitt BW uf Au- 

'11 of Fmiire, In the drpafniMit 
liftr, tiduitc in a bottom, imr tin 

AlliiT. Ii ii 3rtS milri H ot IV 
'. Ion. .1 5, N Int. •!« .15, 
UKllONNK-l.KS IIAlNS,atoini 
'nncr, in thi' ili'pariiiKnl nf Vu- 
kliii-nr, fliniuua lor iu hot halhi. It 

iniliM BuTLaiigm. R Ion. 5 45. 
. 4T U, 

)t'KI)F.Arx, an ancient eity ul' 
IV, in Oi« ilt-|>arttneiitor<iiroiKlf. 

lit'iutitl on iht- W hank of thr 
niv, ahoiii 40 niilea rniin ii< 
1i. It in uiM' nf the Ant cnnimf-r- 
tuwiu in Fniiior. The niiblie 
in(^ are nobk-, anil <4(tnie or tlieiii 
th.' it'ni^ini of Kuiiian art aiiil 
ileiir. It u)iitaiii> aluint IOO,(KK> 
iltiinti; ii distant In)!!! Parii a> 
us SW, nml 27 S rriim lloclwlk'. 
11. .19, N lat 41 «0, 
)URCJ, a town of France, leated 
I'' river UijiuuiiH', U3 iiiikv SB 

)URG. ■ town of Franee, in the 
rtmriii uf Girondci 15 milts Not' 

)UR(>, a t:!*n of the island of 
■nnt', ill 8 Anurica. W kin SZ SO, 
II i. 

)UROANF.UF,atown of France, 
e denartineut of Cn-iue, SCO inikt 


JURGES, an ancient city of 
loe, ill the department uf chn. 

sitnatcd on the river Ewe, at its 
liuuce with the Riire. It possess, » 
w niaiiiilketum of linens, tkc. 
ilatinn 15,340; ii distant from 
s 125 inilel5i E loll. 3 U 26, N 
17 34. 
31JRGF.T, a town of Saro}-,on a 

oi' tlie same nanie, six miles N 
:;hamberry. E Inn. f 50, N la*.. 

31'HG-I.A-REINE, a town of 
ic.', onelmfpieSof Paris. 
3l'UDINF.S, • town of the Ans- 
I Nitiii rlaiKU, in Naniiir, ftv,' 
■ NW uf Uliv, Elon, 5 9, N. 
!0 35, 

!? yB>u i.' jas ft -iggg^^g^^^^^ ■ 


( S7 ] 


UOURN, a U(wn of Lincolnihirf, 
From Bourn is a navi)>iihk! caiwl tu 
lluatoib It is 35 nulci S uf UucuId, 
aiMl V7 N „f London. 

HUUHO, an island in the Indiui 
Ocean, bitween the Moluccas and 
Celehri. It produces iiutniuKi and 
rhiVi's. cocoa and huiianatreis. Udiiro 
is 50 niilit 111 circunifereiKf. K kin 
127 35, 8 ku. 3 30. 

BOl'SSAC, a to»-n of Franii', in 
the department of Crrusr, awl Ute 
province of Marchc, with a nude al- 
most inaeceuible, 35 inili-s NE of 

BOl'I.TON, Ul island in the Indian 
Ocean, 13 miles BEof Celebes. E Ion, 
123 30, S lut. » 0. 

BOW, a town in Denmshirr. It is 
as mites W by 8 of Uindon. W Ion. 
3 39, N lat. 50 50, 

BOW, a cunsidrrablp village in 
Middlesex, 3 miles F,NE of London. 

BOWUOIN, a lowuhip of Lincoln 
county in the district of Maine, near 
(he inouth of the river Kennebec, and 
about IM miles NE of Botton, and 
«i7 of Waahingtoik Vnpiibitkm 1««). 
BOWLING GREEN, a vilUfie with 
I post office, in Caroline county, Vir- 
finia, 84 miles from Washington, and 
23 Sof Fredericluburg on ttie Happa. 

borough of Irehnd, in tfce county of 

BOVIJC,apost towmhipin the NW 
part of Ontario county. New York, 300 
taiin ftvm WashiDgttm. Popuhitionin 

BOYNB, a river of Ireland, wUcb 
rises in Queen's county, and runs by 
Trim and Cavnn, \nv> the Iriab Chan- 
nel, behiw Onigbeda. Here diu Aei- 
live battle was fought between lunm 
IL and William III. 

BOYOLO, a town of Italy, in the 
luchy of Mantua, capital of ■ territoiy 
of the same name. It is 15 miiei 8W 
•f Mantua. 

BOXFORD, a township of Essex 
count)', in the sute of MasMcfaiuMts, 
shout IS miiet W of Newburyport, 
snd 4(<0 NE of Wadiiutton. Pomila- 
•iai 880. 

BOXTEL, a town of Dutch Bra- 

hant, on the river Bomoid, 8 miles 8 

•f Boi»l»duo. E Ion. f 1 5, N lat, 51 


B0XTBQD8, a t*«n of Lower 

Saxony, in tlw duehv ol' Brw «i. MM. 
«* oil a lirutik which lalb in' . ihe Elbe, 
13 mikrs SWof Hamburg, *', lon.U 45. 
N Ul. 53 30, ' 

BHA AN, a ri»»i- of S.-odnid, whi<il> 
deMend^iiKihim the bill of Pferihshiiv, 

^"'.'^'f ' "> • '^^ ianMiti lay xba** 

JIRAHANI, a ducbr of Neihei^ 
landt, buuudnl on the N by Hulhuid. 
on the NE by Ouekkriawl, on the B 
by Liege, on the 8 by Namur, aiai oa 
the WTly Hainaalt, Fhialen and Zc» 
land. liiidWdnlinraUmahBrahuK 
and Austrian tirabaat, watered by le- 
veral rivers of wbigh tlie Sdielt, the 
Hnppal, and Iht Oommel aiv the 

BUACCIANO,a town of Italy intha 

Kirimooy of St. Piter, .ituated on • 
u! of the larae nanw, )« miles NW 
of Rook. E Ion. » U, N Ib. 48. 

BRACKLA W, a sirauc unvn of Po 
laiMl in Podulia, situated on the rUtf 
Bog, gf miles B ofXaminieA. £ taut 
«S 30, N blt.41 40. 

BRACKLBY, a bamugh in No* 
ttemplondiiie, It Iks iTnUes • of 
Non&impion, and 04 SW of Loo* 

BRAIWOKD, there are two tow» 
•bipaofUa nme, bi the state of Fen» * 
sylvai^, distingtiished n E and W 
Uradlbrd, and emtainiiw about M» 
inhabitauta. nay are goMiguouiaoi 
■loMed about 30 miki weitwanl fltm 

lUUOFORD, a lowmhip of Kims 
apunty, MaaseohuKtta, situated on tht 
8 side of Merrimack rivi», lo friki W 
of Newburyport, and 495 from Widh 
Uuina. Popalation 1M9. 

BRiWFDRU, a townhip of HiUt- 
borough, ooumy. New HMMMhiie, 30 
miles E of CharleMon, mSt3» fnum 
wadimcton. PupuhliM 1034. 

aRAl>FORD,atuwain Wilts. It 
i» the centre of the greatest nianuft» 
tuie of supcrfliie ekMbs in Eittland. It 
It seated on the Avoi^ u mika W of 

IXivizes, and 103 of ^oadtm. Fopit-' 
Ution 7303. W Ion. 3 80, N lat. H 

BRADFORD, n town in the W rid- 
ing ol Yorkshire. Ii U seated on a 
hraw* of tlie Aire, 30 niiiei 8W of 
York, and 193 NNW of Landon. Po- 
pulaiMa 0393. W km. 1 40, N lat. 51 

BRADNIKCIi, a totra of J 


t »« ] 




in nrvomhire, tituittnl on 

l'< lllllllll. PuUllllllilHI 1117. 

HliAK-MAH.n IViiiU' nk In Ahir- 
ilMiislMrr, mrniuniM hy niKIRi l>i^ 
vilticn. lirr* iIh' •-wrl uf Mar txttaii 
Ihi- iilwUhni In I7K. It i< 17 iiiUm 
MW of AlnrriMit. 

IIH A<iA, « timii • *' t'Drliigiil, capi- 
til ol' K,nir>~Miiili>i<'-<-l>iHwni, R«inl 
Ml Uie rUn CittiMln. 180 ntiU'* N uf 
l.i<biin. Kupuliiiiuii lJ,oao. W kiii. a 
», N Uik 41 42. 

imAOANKA, Um Mpilal of thr 
ilufhy ut Un^mi*. in Poniigiil- **^ 
■■uUnittn 3700. W luib o JO. N lui. 
4i J. 

HH AILA, ■ town uf Turkfy in Ru- 
ruiK-. Ik WalacUa, oii (Iw Uannlx'. H 
Ian • aulle ukrn b) iIm: KiinUui in 
1711, hut ■riirwinl i^ivi ii huck. 

HHAIIX>W, • tawn ul' I'ulauil, in 
rmlulis, «n (he riwr Hoti, 30 inllft N 
Vf Ol' nnoUaw. E km. ga 0, N lat. 
4U U. 

HHAIH LE COMTE. a town of 
AiKiiiuii HuiiiMilt, 15 mihfi SW of 
Bri-iwli. K km. 4 A. N Im. lo 41. 

DHAINTRKE,* town in F,me\, 41 
Mile. N ol' JUMMtoii. Pn|llllalriin 3821. 
Hi«Al»i'l'RKkl,K town ill I.ii/xrm: 
•oiinty. tauMvUma, on tlwSW iMe 
of the rivn ituH|iKhannah. It ii a 
poit (awa 3U lailea ftooi AVAiUii«tuii. 
^iHilatkm 9(M. 

fiUAKKL. a townoT \VMt|)lwlia,in 
till liidiu(irie of Paderboni. MMui on 
tin nvuitt llriii!hi. U luiki £ of 
Patlerburn. K ton. u, N lat. 51 

BRAMOv a nioaouin of the Al^. 
in tlw Guuntry of the Qriwrn. which 
•t'lHirab'ii tk' ralk)' of Muiutvr iVoiu 
tliv county of Uoriiiio. 

ilHAMAN'r, a i»wD ofSaTor. on 
the river Ank, 35 niiln N W of 1 urin. 
Elon.r J.N lab 45 25. 

lIHAMIIKH.a horoorii in Suwex, 
47 iniirt S by W uf Uiiidin. 
, BHAMP'rON, alown in Cuuiher- 
'Irnd. Ui<3n luileiNNEofLouikin. 
IHipiilatiaii 1M2. 

OHANCHON, a town of the Aii«- 
trian Nithnlmxlt, in Namur, on the 
riTiT MehaiBK, » miln N of Naioiir. 
El<in.4 407lirk<u50 3». 

HHANUKI.S, a town of Bohemia, 
on the ri»*r Elbf, 10 miles NK of 
PruKiH'. B km. 14 45, N lau fO 15. 

BHANUEfcUHaH, a country of 
OwniHiy, FiourjMi on tbil M by Po- 

nirrania an>l Meckkiilwirnh ; on Ihf T, 
hy Polainl ; on iIk » by Siletia, Lina- 
lia, U|ip<'r Hniiiiiy, »i«l Muml<biiri i 
-.11.1 IHI tiM W liy l.iiiiriibiirK. It it ili- 
vkkil iniii •!»•■ i«iiK'i|ial [nirn; thn 
Ofcl Manhr. I'nKiiii/, lh«- Mklill* 
Miirchf, I'cKiT Mitrclir, «i«l ll»* n''* 
Marchc. lit ilin li ihi- raiiiuil i and 
IIb' urinri|wl livi'in ari- ibe Klhi-, Ma- 
111, Spw, fi-ki-t, l>liT. ami Warrc. 
Tb.' grenU'it part of tlw iiiliahilaiin 
nru LiiiherioMl but tltr i'apiaa arc 

IIKANDK.HUHO, a town of (Wr- 
iiiaiiy, diviikil iiilii iIk Ohl and New 
town, liy ilie Havil, which leiianii < 
tliefml Hum hotlu Itii «ft iuile« Wot 
Berlin. I'liuiiluiioii I'MO. 

BHANOON, a villnnt in Suffolk, 
K-alcd uii the Little O.iie, U iiiilei N 
of Bury. 

IIUANUON, a port town of Riit- 
I'jimI county. Vermont, It niilei N cd 
Rutkual theconiiiyiown.aiKl 4H0frfiai 
Wailiinntim. IVipiilatioii 1375. 

MMANnVWINF, a towiiibip of 
New Cuiile ciiiini), l>Klawart-, li'iiatiii 
betwaeu Delawatv river, and BraiKlj- 
wine ereeh. 

BKANUYWINE, a aoiuidenible 
•treaiii which rim iu Cheater county, 
l>euiMylv:iiiia, aial enipllet into the 
Delaware hit, in tin- itate of Dela- 
ware. It H iliMiiigiiidied for the iiu- 
iwrout mercbaiit inilh creeled near 
iu raoiiih. 

BK ANDFOUD, a towiuhip of New 
Haven county, Cimiieciiciil, >iliiateil 
on iMug lila'iHl !1wiihI. In 1810 it 
cunUiiiiul ltfl2 inhabitant*. It ii T 
niiln from New Hiiveii and 314 NK 
of WaahiiiKiuii. K km. ftwn the Mine 
4 1130, N lul. 41 16 51. 

■RANSK.x.n iiiwn of Traiujlv* 
nin, on iIh- lior Mtriih, 15 loilvi S of 
WeiinniburK. K Ion. 24 15, N laL 
46 0. 

•ti-uiiK town of TraniyWania, on the 
river llurezel, 50 niiUn K by N of 
Ht rmaiiuadi, E km. 25 55, N hit. 46 

BRASH., a country of S America, 
which Ilea between tlie equinoctiiil line 
and the tropic of Capricorn, being 
1300 milea in length, and 1500 in 
brradtb. It wai diicuvera] in 1500, by 
Alvarez Cabral.a Portuguese, wlw wai 
furced upon it by a tempeiu Tlie air 
of (hit cutuurr, UMMigh wilhia the tar- 

iM tone, (• iri 
ihr toil it 1*1 
inlci pruvliie< > 
nanix.are mil 
11« |iriiii'i|>itl 
nail, Paraiha, 
tin, or S'waiiii 
llhtlHM, Hio I 
CiiUHla. Ilrai 
iiig ml, ituNi 
pnnripally I'r 
luiniburro. 'I 
n( BranI are r 
ul' iliainutals 
pant. I Ih^ I 
gu( tie guvernn 
Ihit proviiiie, 
j| iinuorinnct 
ill Kiliruary 1 
900/100 more 
are ilavr*. 

laiali.wltt-rt' ij 
in whieh 100 
^\iiulbani cu 
UII ila' W imIi 
Diili't K of H< 
aial 430 i'rui 
pint low ir 111 
in WeUtHviii 
the Rhine. « i 
in Lower Ha 
Kiun,25 unit 
13 3, N Ihi. 4 
in New I'm: 
harbour, mmi 
miUt Eof U 
54 21. 

in the tuiint 
Hinie pulaci 

niul inli:ibili 
km. 24 5U, N 
BHAV, a 
•oiinty of 
(ieorge\ Ch 

ciinsi of Dili 
Bice, oppuH 

nn'm iihl MrcklrnlHiri(h ; mi ilr T. 

HDlwal ; on llw H by HilniK, l.ii» 
, U|ip>T Hniuiiv, mmI Mit|tli'biiri I 
I nil ilw W liy f.iiiiriilMirKt II it ili- 
«l iiiiii rtfi' iH'iiH'ipal |«rii'. thr 
1 Mlirihr. I>ii'i(iiil/, Ihf Ml<lUc 
jrih> , 1>U>T Murvlir, «ik1 tin- mw 
irchc. Il< I III! M Ihi' <'it|iiuil I und 

|>nn<-i|nl livfn uri' ibf Klhr, lla- 
, Spn-<-, fikir, Olrr. unil WiiiTi'. 
r Kmik'tt pan of tir iiilxbiiaiiK 

Liithrrioiui but Utr ra|iUu arc 

IIHANOKHUKO, a town of Orr- 
my, divukil iiitu itie OU anil Ni-w 


( S9 ] 


mn, by ibi- Mavrl, wbich «p|i»nii< • 
BHANDON, a villmir in SiilTulk. 


uiu bollu It it »» liiikt Wol 
l'u|>llllllHHl ]J 

iKti (III ihe Liiilr Ouir, It iiiikt N 

IIKANIMN, a port l»wnof Htil-_ 
hI I'uiiiity, Veinwiil, It niiU't N iil 
itlniai th(! county town. Hint 4HAfhMn 
iKliiiiKtoii. nipiiliiliiiii 1.175. 
MHANDYWINK- a lowiithip of 
■w Cutik- niiiiii), IK'lawan-, li'iiatiii 
tvnwu DWnHare river, and Uriualjf- 
lir trerk. ,, ^, 

IIKANUYWINB, ■ aoiuidenble 
rfHiii wkk'h rim lu Cheater county, 
.■iiiitylviiiiia, and iMiipiin into th* 
I'lttniirr vinT, in till tiale of Del* 
•rr. It M iliiiiii|;in<linl fur the iiu- 
a'nwt mei'cbaiit inilli cKCied new 
I mmiih. 

BHANDFOKD, BiowiuhiporNew 
avfii couiiiv, Cimiii.-cliciit, tiliiated 

I lAtug iihiiid SooihL In IHIO it 
iiituiiiul lU U inbabiiiinti. It u f 
likt I'l-uin Ni'w lliivt-ii and 314 NK 
r WathiiiKioii. K kiii. flroin the taine 

II 20, N hit. 41 16 II. 
BHANSKA, a town of Tranqln- 

la, on ilM' riMT Meriih, IJ mik-i S of 
friueniburK. K Ion. 14 K, M lab 
S 0. 

ruiiK town of rramylvaina,on the 
ivrr tliirrul, 50 niilit K by N of 
hrnwiittadi. £ hm. 2* 55, N lat. 4a 

BRASH., * country of 8 America, 
liirli liet belwivii tlie rquinocliiil line 
lul th«i tro|iic of taprieorl^ heiuj 
300 milca in luiifrth, and 1500 in 
rndtb. It wai diicuvt-ml in 1500, by 
ilTircz Cabnil, a PortU){iie«.-, wlni wm 
iicted upon it by a leinpeiu The air 
ttbk cvuntry, ibuuKh withia the l«r- 

rid tone, it temprrat'' awl «»liiik>«>iw, i 
ihr auil io li rtile, llni/il it diviiktl 
iiilii pniviiwc't, b<it il>'ir iiuiiihi r aial 
nahiii.ari' mil «ilfliMiiily atoriniiird. 
ila priiH'ilHtl nvfn an- il"- Mura^- 
nail, ParwlM, V*n, I'anarat, Incaii- 
tin, ur S'laiiiin, San TttKa, Hm dm 
Ilhi-mia, Hi<i Diilrf. I'anina, uial itki 
(iraialu. Iliaiil oixal niurh iititl ill dy- 
iiw rv\\, i« obtained fhim ihit luiinir}, 
prinripully Iruin tlx- iiroviiui' ii( Ker- 
luiniburi'o. 'lb*' mineral prodiniioiH 
nf Uratilan- richaiHl abiindani. .Minn 
uf iliaiiiuials lukl, liitir, iron, anti- 
fiHiuy, aiHl zinCare liiiiiHl in inriout 
parti. TIk' niiiU-iir< uf tin- I'urtn- 
giK te* ina trainii rr»il to 
iliit pi-utiiKC, hat rii.itl it in ilii' wak- 
jl iiiiunriniiK'. i hit r»int took |il.ii<- 
ill KilH-uary isnil. Pu|iuUliuii alxmi 
S00,fiOO iiiorc than oinHiiath of wIkjim 
ure ilavft. 

DKAhSA, one nf the SlirilumI I«- 
liiiidi.nlKn' itilit iioinl Bnitta Soniiil; 
ill whk'h 1000 tail may *l uiice flial 
I'unimodtntii iniMirini;. 

ItnAITLEllOHDUOII a town ut 
\\iiHlhani lunniy, V«rtnoiii, liiiiaiiil 
un lilt- W tklf of Coiimtticm rlvir, 3(1 
niili't K iif Hi'iininKiiiii. u S nl fultiiey, 
and 430 from WiisliiiifrKiii, It it * 
pott tovir hip. INipiiliiiiun IHOi. 

HHArilACII, a town of (iinnnny 
in WrUiHviii, «ith fi ciittk, tcautl on 
the HhiiM.-. > ni ki H of C nlilviiii. 

BKAl'N AW, II io»n ol (Kriimn), 
in Uiwvr Batariu. tmtitl on iIm- rivrr 
Kiun,25 iiiik'n SW ul Puiiuau. K Ion. 
13 3, N lat. 4A 10. 

BRAlNhHUHO. a townof Polnml. 
in Nc» rniiiia, with a ctaiinHidioti,, 
harbour. m'uimI war tlie Biiltw.nfiy 
luihi Euf Uaiittic. V, Ion. 10 A, N III. 
54 2a, 

BK AUNKEI.D.a townof (lermaiiy. 
ill thf ii>iinl) II.'' boliiit. with a Imial 
Minn- pulat' , 2ii n.ikt N l.y W of 
Vnuicfui't. li lull. « 3^, N lau 50 

BUAVO,WH'iif the Cap«Hle-\>nl« 
hUuidi, iiinui kabk! lur escilkiit » iiif . 
mill inlcibiitil by ilr I'oriiiguttc. W 
kill. 24 5<.), N Ul. 14 52. . 

BUAY, a oaiiorl of Iroland, in the 
aoiiniy of Wkklow, n-atwl on St. 
(ieurgi-'t Chauml, ivn niik» S of Diilv 

BIIAZZA, a town and iiUind on ilir 
tuaii of Uuuiiutia, in tiit gulf o'.' Vi- 
■iix'i opixiaiU: Sjulauo, aud (ulgit:! 

to VrnltT. K kill. IT 1', N lak 43 


IIUKCHIN, • laiMunli in Aiiiniv 
»hiir. II it n'att-d «i Ih"- «idc of ii 
.iiiiill liill, vtatheil by tlw nvir HuiiUi- 
.-.k. IV n«l»-<lnil it a tuiiliii! pik-, 
•ii|i|Hai><<l hy If pilhirfc Ihe rati ki 
III lliivhiii Mat Iniili <>ii »>i viiiiia'ni' 
» Ink- S ill ill* un*ti,ai»l *»i (pilkiin ■ 
ly<k'l<mkila(iiiii<ttlK l.niib.b in ll»3, 
by Hii- 1 hiinwt .Maiilr. Il hii« a !"ieii 
anl Mil (ikilh niaiiiifofinn-. I'ihmiI* 
tinii ahiiin JOOO. II Hci It miU^ W ul 
Moiiiro*' tarhonr.and 70 SKnl Miih 
biirt. Kloii.2 H, N Ut. 5« 40. 

BHK<KNO<K, or MKKioN, llio 
rapiiul of Brechnoekthlrf, mxl »«'"! 
at iIk nmlliH-iici' of the Hoiakk'V an* 
l!>k, Il njiiiiiiiu 3 cliurclH't iiiid 257it 
iiilLiliiiaiili. DiMam frmn Ij.iitkiii by 
MoniiMMith im iiiikt. W kni.3 1», N 

lul. il 54. 

HKK.lKNOfKSHIHK., a county nf 
S Walri, 3<i niik-t ni koKili, and 27 in 
hiTudih i Uiniabil on iln- I', by Heri • 
funlilMrv aial Mnniuoutliibiiv, on iIk; 
» by lilaiiiiii|piii<liir«'. un ih«- W by 
C:irinail» i»liir««ml l.ardiKaiubin-,ai<d 
on Uk: N by H«iln<ir,hir»'. 

BIlk.llA, a city of Dutch llrubant, 
lartie, ponnkiJs and well built, li it 
n-Kiilarlv fiiriilHil after tlie nioilerii 
way, hikI i> mn of Ihi- ttronprt plucet 
on the Diinjh fiiinliiTi. It i' teatetl on 
Uic lucr MfCk, in a inaith) country, 
whicli may !»• ovirliomd ami i-eiHlii^ 
Ml nuircettibli' lo mi army. Hittki kia 

t^i iiu,.^^*«.,.i, ■" ...-J- 

turtVnd tevenly in ilie ililKrent Eu- 
ropean wait. In l'U5 it iinilerwint 
i,ii<< ul the uioil iiiciiiiirHlik- ii<'K>'> un 
ncoi-d. Popnlulioii ic.coo. It it 1% 
iirka SK of HuitcHlam. 25 NNK of 
/tniwrrp, and 40 S uf Ainili nlani. U 
kill. 4 45. N kit. 51 37, 

BUEGEN TZ, n Umn of rierinany, 
caiiiiiil ol u itMiniy of Ite tame name, 
ill ihc lirol. K kui. tf 45, N tat. 47 

lllUr.MAUTKN, a town of Swit- 
tcrliiial, ill the fret- kiwi-r luiibwict, 
Matend hy the ReiiRt beiwitn tliu 
cuniuiiK ofZiii'lc and Bern. E lull. D 
17, N lilt. 57 20. 

HUELE, a river of France, wlach 
ili\irtf. the depiiri nieiit of Lower 
.Stioe fioni tliut of Soinine, and »•• 
leriiiK Ell, entert the Englith cha* 

"*■'• ... « 

UIlEMKN, a cuniHlerable town of 

Germany, capital of a diidi) of tlie 

■a.* !■ I w wn 1 


[ W ] 


eiine nnnir. It !• sitiiami upon a kliiil 
«ir peniir.til*. bikJ is divided by tlie 
river Wi3<t into nvo parts. Brempn 
hu beni Iopir t'ainfjm for ita m»nu- 
llHtuna. Pn|tulatic'n 40,000. It ii 10 
ntnuon miles diiuoit <Vum Alimten, 
and la fVimi Haiubiirglk £ loo. 9, X 
lat. S3 30. 

BHEtlEK, a diich^ of Germany, in 
»1m! circle of lowip Saxony, irini; be- 
tween the W«tT luwl tlie Kibe, of 
which the former sepiiratn it fW),.-: 
Oldrnbitrg, aiid the utiier (Vain Hoi 
Mein. Tlie uir ii eoM ; but Uie country 
i> fertile ami well ptxiplr^. Breriien 
ii the cupital. 

BREMEN WOKKD, a town of Gei^ 
many, in the duchy of Uremcn, K7 
inileuM of Bremen. K Ion. R 44, N 
ht. »1 33. 

inerly deiiaminated tlie Hliir.tiau AI|ih, 
are a chain uf mniuitiiimi in tla; Tvml, 
running in a N eiutrrly dirccliou 
from Ster/.ing to IiMpreiiik. 

BRKN r, a town of Devunshire, SIX) 
mites W by S of IjUtwIon. 

BKKMVoHD, a tc.»«i in Middle- 
•ex. It is seven milr« W uf I.oihIiiii, 

HHKN T, a river it Somersunliire, 
which rises in Selwood Forest, on the 
edfji' of Wilt«, and falls into Uridgt^ 
water Bay. 

BREN TE, a river which riset. in 
the bhtmpric of Trent, .ii'.d fidls into 
U»e (»uir of Venice, optwsite that city. 

BRENl'FORI), a town of Eng- 
laiiil, i'l Mi(Idk"H'X cfunty, is kim- 
«tt\l on the N Imiikof TlmiiniZniili.s 
frum London. Hapnlatioiii 1443. W 
|un 10, N l.'it. «1 a<°>. 

BHRN rwoOD. a town in Era«, 
18 nrdes ENE of I/indon. 

BRESCIA, a city- of Italy in tlie 
district of Brescia, is •iliiut(~d on tlte 
amall river Carut, at the lliot of a of uiofintaiiu iin a tx^ntifid vnj- 
ly. It hitH some Hue public btaktiu^, 
]':) parish chiu-clM!), 30 cnnvenls. and 
42,000 inhiibitaiut. It wiu taken by 
the French in 1706. and by the Aus- 
•trians oiul Russians in 17!)P. Il is 
•14 mile* from Milan, 32 fimn Mantua, 
and 30 from Cnnia. K lun, 10 5, N 
lat. 44:1 u 

AHESCIANO, « pint nice of Italy, 
Si the lerritury of Venice ; biainiW 
on the N by the couuir / of the Ori- 
Mm and! tfit bi»lio|iric ui' IVent ;. on 
jiM £ )>>' Ikkc Cacla, tin VmwMe, 

bikI the Mantuan ; on the 3 by tlw 
Alantuan and the Cremoneso; and on 
the W by Creniascu, Bergnioo, and the 

BRESLAW, ■ l»r)(e, rich, ami |h>- 
puloui town of Germany, caliitnl of 
Hilesia, with a bishop's see, a'Ml a uni- 
versitv. It is Mated at the conflux of 
llie Oiler and Ola, which last ram 
tht'ou|;h several of the streets. It ia 
112 miles NE of Prague, and 16S S of 
Viennn. E Ion. 17 8, K lat. <1 3. 

KKESSICI, or HRZESK, the capi. 
tal of I'olrsia, in Poland, seated on tnn 
river Bog, 100 miles E of W»:saw. 
Hereii a syna;i;oi;ne, .esorteu "" by 
the Jews from all the countries in k,iy 
rojie. E Ion. 24 A, N lat. 52 4. 

BREST, a town of Frniice, in the 
department of Finesterre, witli a eav 
tie seated on a erarnry rock by the 
seaside. The su^ects are nafrow, crook- 
<i), mikI .ill uiwnadi-clivity. I'he quay 
is ulwve a mile in le:i!!;tli. TIk: arsenal 
was built by Lewis XIV, whose succes- 
sor ostablisiied a nitirine acatlemy here 
ill 17S2. This is tlic liest |>ort in 
France, and has eiery areonimixlation 
fur tlie navy. The Eiii;liili iittenipted 
ill vain to take 'hii place in 1094. U 
is 32* miles N uf I'uris. W Ion. 4 30, 
N lat. 48 22. Pnpiiktiiun 2i'i,000. 

HUE TEUIL, a tosvn of France in 
tlieilepartment of I»wer Siene, seatiti 
on thu lion, 6.f miles W of Paris. F. 
lun. 1 u, N lat. 48 5n. 

BRETON, CAPE, an island of X 
America, lietween 45 and 47 den. N 
lut. seimratttl fniin Nova S'^otia by a 
luirrow strait, calletl Caini . ami is lOO 
miles ill leii(;th, ;iial 50 in bi-ca.lth. 

UREVVEKS-HAVEV, a Rood har- 
bour on the N end uf the isluial of 
Chilne, on the coast of Chili. The 
Uuteh laiulifd hen? iii \<i.3, desis;niii|; 
to ifn pusiessiun uf some part of Chili; 
Um they w re driven from tlH'iice by 
the Spaninnis and natives. W lun« 
74 0, S lat. 42 30. 

BIIEVOROT, a town of Dutch 
Giii'Iderlaiid, 24 miles SE of Zutplier. 
K lull. « 25, N ht. 42 2. 

1) RE WOOD, a town of Englam!. 
in StalTordsliirf , 10 miles S by W of 
StiilTonl, and 130 N W of I.Andon. W 
Ion. 2 5, N lat. 52 43. 

UUK.Y, a town in Westptalia, in 
the Ushitpria of Leige, It mi!e« N uf 
Matatricht. K lun. « 39, N lat. 51 4. 
< BHIANCON, a town of Frantci, in 

the department 
a castle s<nted e 
has a noble bri( 
and is 17 milei 
Ion. 6 25, N lat. 

BHIARE, a 1 
deimrtment of 
SE of Orleam, 

nnshire, aeatrd 
lUvidet it into 
a (tone bridge. 

of Cunnecticnt, 
situated on Lon 
E side of Saco 
(Vom New Have 
ingiun. E Ion. 
49 31, N Lit. 41 

Wales, in Glam 
on both tides of 
contabn a towi 
and 1701 bihaUl 

the Mand of 1 
tiKi innoM pott 
streets are broad 
and well laiilt. 
Miehael is a 
huildinr. Here, 
uid colTegi', tlH! 
rally rialowe)! b 
pulatioii about J 
W hu. (» a 30. 
fully defended t 
tinxs and the bnl 

Citit.berlaial roii 
niilea NW of 1 
of VVatliington. 

Kent euunly, \ 
(;iie!iter river, iii 
uea. It contain 
•lid is 21 mill's ^ 
126 from Washii 
oC Cumberlnnd 
14 inihM 8 of Sa 
Cape May, and 
•teluhia. Here , 
miles fhrni WasI 

Shroiitfaire, tea 
widen divides it 
Lower Town, jn 
It eonuincd in 1 
•04 i> as niili<] 


rat , 

:hc Mantuan ; on the 3 by tli* 
;ii«n and the Creinonesc; ami on 
f by Crenuucu, Bei'giiiDO, and the 

lESLAW, ■ litrp-, rich, and jkv 
iia town of Gerinnny, caiiiuil of 
ia, with a iHshup's lee, and ■ uni- 
ty. It 19 aeated at the conHux of 
Oder and Ola, which last ram 
i^li tcvvral of the streets. It ia 
mica N£ of I'rai;ue, and 165 N of 
na. £ Ion. 17 8, N lat. SI 3. 
IF.SSICI, or BRZESK, the capi- 
r ]*olrsia, in Poland, i^ted on the 

Hog, 100 milts K of W»:nw. 
ia a syiiasioc^ie, '.i.-sorteu "" by 
ews from all chu countries in iuii- 

R Ion, 24 A, N lat. Si 4, 
iEST, a town of France, in the 
rtinent of Finesterre, witli a cas- 
mled on a craf;i!^' rock by the 
lie. The streets are nafpow, crouk- 
iid nil upon a declivity. The quay 
>ve a mile in leiif^h. 'I'lie arsenal 
tailt by Lewis XIV, whose succes- 
stablisfied a mnrinu academy here 
7J2. This is tlic liest |iort in 
tee, and has e^cry at'conmitKloiion 
Ik- navy. The Eiii;li<li attempted 
lin to take 'his place in 1094. It 
S miles N u»' P^ris. W l()u. 4 30, 
t. 48 22. rnp!llutii>Il 20,000. 
iV, I'EUIL, a town of France in 
epartment of lAjwer Siene, seatiti 
lie lion, &S 4iiiles W of Paris. K 

1 0, N lal. 48 5B. 

liBTON, CAPK, an island of >J 
rica, Ix'tween 45 and 47 des;. N 
i-lwu-atetl fnnn Nova S'lotia liy a 
nw strait, calteil Cansr. ami is lOO 
s in len^;th, and 50 in breadth. 
IlKWEHS-HAVEV, a Rood h«r- 
' on the N end of the islaial of 
He, on the coast of Chili. The 
;h landiHl lien^ lu W.J, desii^iin(» 
ft pmtessiun of some part of Chili ; 
they w re driven from tiK'iice by 
Spanianls and natives, W lun> 
, S lat. 42 30. 

UKVOROT, a town of Dutch 
Iderlaiid, 24 miles SE of Zutplier. 
u. « 25, N ht. 42 a. 
HE WOOD, a town of England. 
Italfunlsliirt, lo miles S by W of 
rurd, and 130 WV of I.oiidon. W 

2 5, N lat. 52 43. 

HI''A', a town in Westphalia, in 
bishnpria of Leige, 14 miles N of 
istricht. £ lun. 5 39, N lat. 51 4. 
KIANCOi?, a town of Franttt, in 



[ « ] 


the department of Upper Alps, with 
a castle seated on a craggy rock. It 
has a nuble bridgi^ over the Dinwice, 
and is 17 miles NW ufBmbrun. E 
ten. a 25, N Int. 41 41. 

BKIAUE, a town ofFranee, in the 
dOHirtment of Luiret. It is 35 milea 
SE of Orleans, and 88 S of Paris. 

BRIDGEND, a town in ^lamo^ 
nnshirc, aeated on the Ognmre, which 
divides it into two parts iriiied by 
a stone bridge. II ia ITS milea W of 

BRIUGETOHT, a Mat ftwnship 
nf Connecticnt, in FairAeM county, is 
sitiiatetl on Long Island Sound, on the 
E aide of Saco river. It ia 18 mik^ 
ftwn New Haven, and 288 JVwn Wash- 
ington. E Ion. ;Vom the awne city, 3 
48 Jl, N lat. 41 10 14. 

MRIDfiKND, a town of South 
Wales, in Giamoigiui county, sitoated 
on both sides of the river OnnoK'. It 
contains a town hall, pari3i cbureh, 
and 1701 inhabiMita. 

BRI06BT0WN, the caoitalof 
the iaiand of Barfaadoes, liiusttd in 
tlie inaaoat part of Cwliate Bay. I«a 
nrreu are broad, and the hooaea lofty 
and well laiilt. llie draich of St. 
Michael is a lame and beautitiil 
huikhng. Here, alas, ia an boimital, 
and cultegf, tlw latter (bnni nid lihe. 
rally eiahnveii by cat. Codington. Po- 
pulation about ISMa. N bi. 13 9 30, 
\V km. «» a 30. I'hia tmvn ia pown<- 
liilly defemkd bv the atrennh of its 
luits and the bnldnesa nf ita coaata. 

BRJDGE-IOWN, a poat (own of 
Cuit'.berlanilroiinty, Maine, about 40 
niihsi NW of Portland, and «a5 NE 
of WatlHiwuin. Papulation 882. 

BRIDGETOWN, a iwu town in 
Kent county, MurvlaiKl, situated on 
ClKSitep river, at the head of navig» 
den. It contains about forty bouiea, 
aiid is 22 mill's NE of Centtwilk, and 
12a from Washington. 

BRIDGETOWN, a principal town 
0! Cumberland county. New Jersey, 
14 niifcs S of Salem, 48 N by W from 
Cape .May, and about 50 ftom Phila. 
■lelnhla. Here is h pout offlce 183 
miles <hm Washington. 

BRIDOENOafjr, a botxtugh in 
»n»P«lpre, aeated oil the S»<*m, 
widch divides it into iIm Upper and 
lower Town, joim-d bya tloMi brielge. 
It eonuinci) ill 1801,4319 in^abi(luus 
ui4 n 33 milei SB <if Sbrvwilrary, I 

and 140 NW of London. Wlon.Z3IL 
N lat. 52 38. ^ 

RHIDGEWATER, a post town in 
Plj-nwiith county, Massachusetts, 22 
miles 8 of Boston, and 468 from Wash- 
ington. l>Dpulatioii ill 1810. 5157. 

BBIDGEWATBR, a small post 
township in the SE comer of Oneida 
emiiity, New York. PopuUtion in 
1810, 1170. It ia 12 milea S of Utica, 
and 410 E of N fV«m WaaUngton. 

BHIDGEWATER, a borough in 
Somerseuhire, situated «i the river 
Parrot, M nules fhwt the sea, and 
nearly 128 ftara London. It amitaina 
a spacioua town turil, several places of 
public worship, ami 3«34 inhabitants. 
W km. 3 «», N lat. si 7. 

■^ON, a aeapoit in the V, rkling of 
Yorkaiiire. It ia aeaud on a creek 
near Flamboroagh head, 36 miles N oT 
Hull, and 208 aTLandoii. Population 
3130. W Ion. Of, Nlat.54 8. 

PRIDPORT, a borough in Dorset- 
shire, 'i'.uated in a vale surrounded by 
hills, between two Wanebes of the ri- 
ver Brit. Populatian 3117. It ia 12 
mil'a W of Dondieater, and 13f W i^ 
t> of London. W km. S M 59, N lat. 
<0 41 13. 

BR1DPORT, a post township oT 
Addison county, Vernuml, situated on 
ttie E side of Jake Chaniplain. ap|ioaite 
Grown point, and 488 miles flrom 
Washington. Papulation 1520, 

BRIEG, the BREGA of the an- 
cients, a eiiy of Sihain, and capital of 
a priiiCiittUty of the same name, about 
.10 miles lung, and ftwn 8 to 21 broad ; 
is situated on the leii hank of the 
Oder. luprinci|Mil imblie edifices are 
a Imheriasi college, an academy, nn 
arsenal, and several Roman catholic 
and prowatant chui-cfaes. This city 
was taken by the king of Prussia in 
1741. It is 20 mih^s SE of Breslaw, E 
Ion. 17 ?», N lat. 50 48. 

BHISL, a town of the Vniteil Pro. 
nneea, and capital of tlie island of 
VooRi, ia situated near tlie enibunchre 
of the Meuse. It is fSunous fbr beiiie 
the place where the GonfMern(i>s of 
the United Provinces first estalilisaed 
their indeuendenoe, and is noted fur 
brim the birth place of the celebrated 
admiral Trump. It is 13 lilea F-um 
Delft, and 10 Avm Rotterdam. £ kin. 
4, N hn. Jl 53. 
BRUDITE, a bkoaf Swioerlai^,. 


t '68 1 


in iho tmtan of Bern, three le«gtie« 
loiiR miJ "iif broKl. 

lIillKUX, SI. a town of Frinoe, 
in iIk deiwrtmein of the Nurth ComI, 
wiih II Kuoil li. rbour. W loii. » 38, N 
Ut. 18 Jl. 

HHIEY a to«ii of Fmnoe, now lo 
tlie dcBMrlinfiit of Mo«-lle, teattd 
near the river Manie, 30 luikf Nk. of 
Si. Micharl. _ _ . . 

mtlGHl'HfiLMSTON, or Brigh- 
ton, « waii'ivi in Suwx Kroni it« 
hiixiiiK iKwiiMJ a fa«liion»blc retort 
for «.a bnihiiig, it hai betii rum-d 
iVoiii n poor uiwii to a pluee o( conu- 
tierabie inipoitiiiice. lt« puWic biiiW- 
iiin are a luariiu: pavilion, a imUl 
theutri', an ancient ehurch. a ehapel 
roynl ; a qiKik.i-, uii iiiJep -ttliiit, a 
nietlHkli^t, a..ilalwptni imtiing house; 
■ Udiiiaii cailwlic eliai>e. and ■ Jewuh 
•yiiaKOg"*^- I'opulation in suininer 
7339 iiicl*liiig viHinirn. It '•» 6S nules 
from Ui.ndun. W ton. U J:, N lat. 
«0 4« 3). , „ • • 

BRIIIUBGA, a town of Spain, m 
New CtiiW, naied at the foot ol Uie 
iiiountuin T^juna, 43 milet Nfc, of M«r 
drill. W Ion. 4 10, N lai. 40 50, 

UIMKIKLU, a tiiwnihip of Hiirap| 
»hire county, Mimaeliusi'lts, wtuated 
on llie E iide of Connecticut nver. 
ll i, II poit town37S niilenfroin Waih- 
InRtoii. ..lid contains 1315 iiihabitantk 
BKIGNOLLKS, a town of France, 
in tlK- dtritarliueut of Var, 323 milet 
SSi: of I'arit. ... . „, 

BiilMi'SFIED, a vilUi(?e in Glou- 
ce»t<.r.bire, at the source o( the river 
Stroud, leven niifcs SE of Gluuce»ter. 
UlU.SnlCI, the luicieul Brundii. 
Miiiii, u city of Italy wtiiatBl on the 
gulf of Venice, in tlie lerra U'Oiran- 
til, and kinplom of Naple*. It toil- 
tuiiM a caihidral, and a large citiulel. 
Puiiiilation 3Mi. Di«taiit 32 miles k. 
of Taituto. E Ion. 17 40, N lat. 40 

BHINX, a town of Moravia, where 
the iiMciiibly ot iIk- stiilo meet, i» situ- 
ated on the coiitUiei«;e ol the iwilta 
mid »w»rt, 53 mile. N of Viennii, Hiid 
S7 SW of Olmutz. E lou. "0 40, N 
lat. 49 rt. , _ 

HUieUDE, in France, tlie name of 
two tuwnw, a niite dislwut from each 
athii, now in the dep-irlmeiit of Up- 
per Loin, liiiHy in.tlie l>iovi"« »' 
Vlay : one of which n called Old Bp 
•udu, ahI th« otbet- Church BiuHMe. 

Old Brioude ■• M« milet S by E of 

"bRWUERES, a town of Pi«J- 
moot, in the valley of Luoern. three 
miles from the town of itat lU'iie. 

BRISACH, NEW, u fortirtal tow-n 
of France, In ihe department rf Up- 
iier Rhine, and late pro""^ * .^1- 
lace. It i. built oppojite Old Brv«,. 
about a mile from the Hhine, airf M S 
of StraAurg. E kin. 7» 4a, N lau 48 
5. Populiition JOOu. ^^ 

BRISACH, OLD, a city of Ger- 
many, and «»P'»l«^»"'??'LV.l rf 
wee, II Mtiiated on the 'eft bank of 
tiK' Rhine. It lurrendeied to the 
duke of Weimar, in lft38, n«l wiij 
taken by the French in 1704. Briiach 
1^7 mile. N ol BaiW, and « f™n 
Sti-iuburg. E Ion. 7 49, N »«l- « "• 
BRISGAW, a territory uf Suaha, 
on the E tide of the Rhine, wh>«i«e- 
parntet it from the department of Up- 
per Rhine. ,_ , .._ 
BHiaSAC, ■ town of France, in tue 
dipartment of Maine uid IxHre, »nrt 
htte BWvinee of Aiyoti, wittd on the 
river Aubenee, 13 milet 8 of Ansen. 
W ton. »7, N bit. 47 90. 

BRISTOL. • eity and leaport in 

Glouoe»tenh««e»nd Somerieijhire. It 

ii Katnl at the confluence of tlie Avon 

with Frome, ten milet from tlie iiiBus 

«r Ihe Avon hito the Severn. 1 lierc 

are »tai« "Miriderable woi>llen maiiu- 

f«etare>i and no test than 15 ((ln«»- 

houm, and a nigar reBnery. It Ms 

m cbiirchLt, \<nuk% the cathedral, a 

bridge .nrer tin Avon, a ^ommhmiie; 

and an exeluinge. TBC Hot wen, 

about a mile from the town, on the 

»ide of the Avon, it much retorted to. 

In St. rmcent'. Rock, above thit well, 

are found those native chrytttli, to 

well known under the name ol Br* 

tol Blonct. It it 12 unlet WNW «* 

Bath, 34 S8W of Gloucetttr, and IM 

W of London. Populatson ui 1801, 

63.645. W Ion. 2 3». 8 N tat. « 27 «. 

BRISTOL, » po»t town, in Ijncoln 

county, MaiiKj; lituated on BootJ 

bay, U milet SE of Witciwet,_aflO 

NE of Button, and 6«l of WaibiDg- 

ton. Population inl8lO,27J3. 

BRISTOL, a teaport and pon W]™. 

ths ca«ul of BritioT county, Hhodj; 

-I .mf 13 m«l«N of Newport. 24 SB 

I ProvidHice.,und 435 NEofWiish- 

iniion. TTietUualion it healthy?™ 

ji^ixtWe. IteoDtaimacDiigR'gaUoii- 


['%9 ] 



M, N 

tow iD 

em It! 


: biiild- 
I iinkll 

.U'lit, a 

i5 miles 
, N lat. 

mn, in 


t river. 
15 mihs 

in Glou- 
ihe river 
xlun the 
It eon-' 
^ citiulel. 
i niilei E 
N lut. 40 

ia, where 
t>t, in situ- 
K Zwilta 
L'nnii, anil 
•0 40, N 

e luuue of 
I'nuu each 
:i>i of Vf- 
ovince o' 
lOld Br> 
I Brioude. 

Old Brioude ii ns miles S by E of 

""''bHIQUERES, a town of PImI- 
moo^ in t^ valley of Lucero, three 
miles from the town of itat miue. 

BRISACH, new, .1 fortiried town 
of France, in the departnient of Up- 
iwr Rhine, and late P~""^»Vi^'- 
Uce. ft is built opposite Old Brua., 
f^t « mile from tKKhine, 83 S 
of Strasburg, E lou. 7» 42, H lau 48 
5. Pouuhition SOOu. , 

BRISACH, OLD, « city of Gcr- 
many, and capital of Brjwftw n>Al- 
Z,,U .it.«ted on the ^f' '«»>' "f 
Uk Rhine. It surrendtied to the 
d.*e of Weimar, in l«38 n«l wa« 
taken by the Fteuch in 1704. Biiwch 
UJT mils N or Basle, •»». « ,«™'" 
SUiisburg. Elo"-''«.Nlal.48Jl. 
BRISGAW, a territory of Suahw, 
on the E side of the Rhine, wludije. 
p.Hnites it from the departmentof Up- 

IKT Rhine. , . 

BKISSAC, « town of Franee, in tue 

department of Maine and UHre, awl 
laie provinee of Anjou, •nted on the 
river Aubence, 13 miles 8 of Angers. 
WknuOW, Nlat.47a0. 

BRISTOL. ■ eity and seaport in 
Gloucestershire Mid Somersetshire. It 
is scaled at the conBueiKie of il* *»<>» 
with Frome, ten miles from tlie influx 
uf Uie A v«m into the Severn. 1 liero 
are sea* .'Miiderable woi>llen maiiu- 
faetaresi and no less than H k}^ 
bouses, and a «ig«r reUnery. It hw 
H churvhtt, besides the cathedral, a 
bridge wer tlie Avon, a -iustomhmiie; 
andl an exchange. Toc Hot WeU, 
about a mile fi-om the town, on the 
,ide of the Avon, is much resorted tfc 
In St. Vincent'!! Rock.above this well, 
ai« found those native chrysttis, so 
weil known under the name of Bris- 
tol stones. It is 12 nnles WNW jf 
Rath, 34 S8W of Gloucester, awl IM 
W of London. Population m 1801, 
63.645. W loo. S M. 8 N tat. M %^ «• 
BRISTOL, « post town, in lancoln 

county, M»'»«i ""'.'"Jg."".,?^ 
ba^, 12 miles SE of Wiscasset, JOO 

bay, 12 m les SB ot wisea»«j.«~ 
NE of Boston, and 651 of Wa«buip 
I ton. Population in 1810,87*3. 

BRISTOL, a seapmrt "«« P^^^ 

the oa«tal of Brisuir county, Rhadp 

-I .mflS miles N ot Newport, 44 SB 

1 . Providrtice,, and 435 Nfe ol Wiishj 

ingion. l-besUoatioii is healthy and 

ji^iwtble. Ueontumacongregttlen- 


r «■? 1 


•1 and episcopal church. Papulation 
in IBIO, 2693. 'I'h<' hariwiir of Bris- 
tol is sdTe uikI coniiiiodious. 

BRISTOL, a post town in Bucks 
county, Peimsylvaiiia ; seated on the 
W Iwiik of the river Uela»aif, op- 
posite to Hurliiigtun, 30 railed ubovt- 
Philadelphia, aial ijU froiu Washing 
ton. Population 628. E Ion. from 
Washington 2 8 48, N lat. 40 5 33. 

BRISTOL, a iwst township of 
Hartford eoiiiitv, ronnecticut. It con- 
tains 1428 iuliabitants, 16 miles W 
of Harlfotd, and 335 NE of Wash- 
ington. * 

BRISTOL. ■ cape of Sandwich 
Land, in the Southern Ocean. W Ion. 
»b 51, S lau 59 2. 

ike mou eoraiderable of all tlie Euro- 
pean islands, extending tyom 50 to 58 
30, N lat. It is about 580 geographi- 
cal miles in length and370 in ueadtli. 
Britain is separated from the tsiiti- 
nenl of Europe by the English chai> 
Del and the straits of Dover. The 
union of the two kingdoms of Eng- 
land and Seothuid took plaec in 170n, 
whence the name of the United king- 
dom of Great Britain. 

BRITAIN, NEW, a c ntry in N 
America, commonly called the Esqiii- 
maux country. It is sul^ect to Great 
Britain : and lies between 50 and 60 
deg. N lat. and between Ion. 56 and 
110 deg. 30m. W. It is divided into 
LabrwIur, New S Wales, and New N 
Wales. Hudson's Bay company keep 
imall deuchments ol tttwps, at fori« 
Churchill, York, Albany, and Moose, 
on Hudson Bay. The country is ge- 
nerally level, ani reiuarkuble ibr die 
sierelity of its soil. Its nvers an- 
Cburclull or Missinippi, Saskatcha- 
wine. Hill, Severn, Albany, and 

BRITAIN, NEW, an island in Uk 
8 Pacific Ocean, situated at the eastern 
extremity of Neiv Guinea. The gene- 
ral aspect of tlie istand is raoinitainous, 
enliieiKd with beautiflil streams and 
fruitful vailies. Productions, eaco»> 
nun, yaiaa, and gingt r. Lat. between 
4 deg. and 6 50 S, and between 148 30 
Mid 151 20 £ lou. 

ancient town of i>Vaiice, in the depart- 
ment td" CwTeze. It is seated near the 
eonlluriNeof the Curreze and tlie Ve- 
zen^. in • delightful roUey, 320 milM 


8 by W of Paris. E Ion. 1 SJ, N lat 

4d 15. 

BHIXEN, a town of Germany, in 
tlw Tirol, capital of tlie bislmpric of 
the same name. E Ion. II 47, N Ut. 
46 45. 

BHIXEN, a bishopric of Germany, 
ill tlH- Tirol. I'lie bishep is a prince 
of the empire. 

of (jfrnmny. in the fnidtlte iniirche of 
BraiHldibur^. seaiMl on ihe .-iver A- 
dab, 12 miles Nli of Wirieinherg. 

BH0ADA1.BIN, a pus-, towiuhipof 
Moiitgonierv county. New VorK, 1* 
miles 8 of tJiicii, ani 450 from Wasb- 
iiigto... It ouiitaiiis a meeting house 
fur meihodi .ts, 2 tor jnwsby teriaiit, aiai 
32:>a inliabitants. 

BHOOEHA. u principal fortress and 
town of Hiiulomaun Proper, in Guze- 
rat, in the NK part of the tract lying 
between the rivers Tapty and Myliie. 
It is 95 miles S bv W or the Ibriiier, 
and 195 NE of ilW latter. K lou. 7> 
11, N lat. 32 15. 

BROADFIELD, a pwt town of 
Westmoreland cuiinty, Virginia; to 
miles from Washington. 

BROAUKlLL,a village with a pott 
office, ill Sussex county, Delaware, on 
Broodkill creek, about 10 Miles from 
Lewistowii, and 173 from Washing- 

BROAD RIVER, a river of South 
Carolina, funned by three branche* 
fVom the NW the Enoree, Tiger, and 
Packolet; these unite about 40 mile* 
above the Saliala, which with Bruad 
river form tlie Congaree. Also the 
namcofanariuof thesea, in the same 
state, which extends along the W and 
NW side of Beaufort, or Port Royal 
islaiid,and receives the Coosa, from the 
N W. Likewise the name of a rii-er in 
the state of Georna. a branch of the 
Savannah, into which it empties at 

BROD,orBRODT, a strong place 
of Hungary, on the river Save, iauious 
for a battle niued by the Turlu in 
1688. Itis WniifesSEof Posega. K 
km. 19 35, N tat. 45 30. 

BROCK, a town of Westphalia, in 
the duchy of Berg, the capital of ■ 
county of the lame name; stated on 
the Boer, 11 miles N dT Oussektorp, 
£ Ion. 6 53, N tat. 51 23. 

BROKK, ■ beautitbl village in N 
HollMid, six wiiet from Antnerdaiit, 


[ «4 1 

lilffll ' 

'I'bt inlwbiUBtii, <]wui;h peumts only, 
•re all rich. The Mrerti are luvwl in 
mosaie wurk. with varicgaiMl brickb 
The hoiiKi are painted on the outode, 
and hxik at <re>li ai if quite new. 

BHOMLKY, a town in Kent. It 
•ODiaiiu a howitai, a tiiaeiaui church 
and ilTOO inhuutanu, rituated on t*% 
river lUvenibiim. Bromley ii TO 
miln S by E ul' London. 

3MLUy,a town in Smflbvdthire, 

' Bow, in 

130 inilei NW ofldndon. 

BKOMLGY, a TiUage 
Uiddlewx. ^^ 

HKOMHRROVE, a town in Wo^ 
•Mtenhire. n-ated on the river S^ilwarp, 
113 niiksNWof London. Xthatioine 
Jouriihing inauulaeturet of woollen 
and linen duihs, naiU, &c. Popul» 
lioii UVt. 

BROMYARD, a town In HereOml- 
•hire. It u 18 miles W of Wocaeiler 
and lis WNW oTLondon. 

BHOM LOCH, an cxientive wit-wa- 
ter lake and arm at' the tea, in Hoat- 
•hite, on the W coait of ScoUand. Ix 
liai luiig been noted for its eieelient 

BROOKFIELD, a town of Worces- 
Mr county, Massa thu i c tts, of great an- 
tiquity, beiMt settled as early as lOM, 
IS nibs aw of Wiweester, and 390 N 
B of WasUt^ton. Population in 1810, 

BROOKFIKLO, • town of Fairaeld 
•ouuty, Connettleat, on the W side ot 
HousaMiiek-riTer, about ci^ miles N 
KofOnbury.and 307 SB at Wash- 
ioctan. Population, lOST. 

BHOOKFISLD, a post tMnaWp of 
New Tack, in the o a slua angle of 
Madison county. ItisU miles WoT 
8 Oom Uiiaa, 03 nearly Wfiom A]b» 
ny aBd4Mfnim Wathangtoo. It con- 
Miutwo hapsht nwetiii^houses, and 
4094 inaaldiaiMi 

> of New York, in Suflblk county, 
the whole widdi of Loiig- 
t aosMaiiu 9 post efllcM, viz. 
Bcookhaveo. SU miles ftmn WaiMng- 
tuoi nn)-Plaee,an ihaS sideofthe 
island, 301 miles Ikvra Wariiingtou, 
Morriehts oti tflt sane side distant 72 
luiles iVom NewYgrii and SOAftoiii 
WaiWngtons Patefcogae alio on the 
S side, distant IM miles; Setauket 
which » the nlrttat ■»< larMst of thne 
villages, has a ckareh**, aiid a imall li- 
hwy gl'**«al hudnd tbIuoms, it is 

Aa miles from N York and 301 from 
Waahinglon ; Stony Brook is 3 miln 
further W and has a good harliour ; 
Drowned Meadow is 3 niiksi E uf Se- 
tauket; the other post-vilUoes are 
Middfelown and Ku'ge. 't'his town- 
ship has leremi Rood bartuun, and 
cnntained in Iflio, 4t7« inliaitants, 
likewise 6 presbyteriaii and caii|pTg» 
tiouul ebuivhej,' aiid 1 fur episcopa- 
lians. Setauket was tK' ancient ivai- 
(feiice of the tribe of Indians of that 

BROOKLYN, a pott township of 
New York, in Kings county. lu popu- 
hltion in 1810, was 4402. The village 
of Brooklin in this township, is situ- 
ated on the 8 bank of the E river, op- 
posite New York eityi it contains a- 
bout 400 houses, an episcopal church, 
a Dutch refllriaed church, a laetlMyJitt 
ineetiuc bouse, and a poor house. On 
the NE of this village is Wallabout 
boy, wWcIl is the site of the U. States 
navynid. The hhwdy battle of Long 
IsUbil, Aunist 37, 1776, was fiiugbt 
principally m this town, in which the 
Xmencaiis were defeated. 

BROOKLYN, a pott town of Wind- 
ham county, Connecticut, situated on 
the (tuinbou(:g, a branch of the river 
Thames. It is 20 miles N of Norwich, 
and 394 N£ of Washington, and eon- 
tains the fliinaus cave m whiah Oei). 
Putnam shut the wolf. Population 

BROOKVILLK, a port town, in 
Montgomery county, Maryland, on tlie 
W side of the river Patuxent, 20 miln 
flpom Washington. It is situated on a 
small creek in Ruddy Branch, and coo- 
tains about I J dwellings. Here are 
mills for manufacturing Unseed and 
castor oil. 

BROOKVUXB, a post to«ro of !» 
diana Territory, and capital of Frankr 
lin county, is delightfully situated on 
an elevated flat, between the forks of 
Whitewater rivtr. between 80 and M 
rods from their juiiciiirb In eouse- 
quenco of Hs Mgh sitiuiiion, the inha- 
bstanu are remarkably healthy. It ii 
42 miles ftom Cincinnati, and 578 tVom 
WaabingtoB. Populadati 100. N lab 
39 17, W ton. 84 41. 

BROOME, a post towBsUp, in the 
SB comer of Sehoharic couiity. New 
York, 35 miles SW from Albany, and 
383 E of N nom Washington. It co» 
taint a Dutch refiirmed chiwob, a ui» 




or the 

rail 4 





)ow lb 



Salup I 


This tt 





ille wai 


been h 

found a 

It hnwe 

I'«, b] 

"><■ n«a 

SN32 in 

aial niit 


Snide ol 

S of Oil 


■It wiirl 
■he salt i 
Ill-ion a 
th. Unit! 
G Ion. 4 

^Td CUUl 

Botion, ai 
pilaiion ; 

Wdgc- coi 
W of Sfc. 
ington. t 
of Jclfen 
!<mlinr fi 
Ontario, i 
!»ke are in 
'' Clnttimo 
wliit'iim I 
<>' iu valua 
'■'»<- isiitiu 


54 ] 


S3 milet from N York mA SOI Trom 
WaihinRton; Stony Brook u 3 milva 
further W and h>M a good hartnur; 
Drowned Meadow u 3 niik» E uf Se- 
taukcf, the other poat-villiuie* are 
Middkiown and Vtrve. Th» town- 
•hip bai severni good barluun, and 
contained in 1810, 4176 inhoitonti, 
liliewiie 6 pmbyterian and conKrrg* 
tkjnal churches,' and 1 I'ur epiieoiU' 
liant. Seuuiwt wot th'; ancirnt mi- 
deuce of the tribe of Indians of that 

BROOKLYN, a post townslup of 
New York, in Kings vuiinty. Its j^pu- 
lation in 1810, was 4402. The village 
of Brooklin in this township, is situ- 
ated on the S bank of the E river, op- 
porite New York eitjr ; it conuins a- 
boat 400 houses, an episcopal church, 
a Dutch reibrmed church, a methotliM 
ineetiiv house, and a poor bouse. On 
the n£ of this village is Wallabout 
bay, wfaicll is the site of the U. Suues 
nary mid. The bloody batde of Long 
bland, Aoaust S7, 1776, was fought 
principally in this town, in which the 
Amencau i<ere deftated. 

BROOKLYN, a pott town of Wind- 
ham county, Connecticut, situated oa 
the (tuinbouif, a branch of the rirer 
TbaoKs. It is 30 miles N of Norwich, 
and 3M NE of Washington, and eon- 
udiw the (hmaos cave m whioh deq, 
Putnam shot ibe wolf. Population 

BROOKVILLK, a post town, in 
Montgomery county, Maryland, on the 
W side of the river Patuxent, 30 miki 
ftmn Waihingtun. It is situated on a 
small creek in Ruddy Branch, and con- 
tains about 15 dwellings. Here an 
mills for manufacturing linseed and 
castor oil. 

BROOKVILLG, a post town ofliip 
diana Territory, and capital of Frank- 
lin ootinty, is delightfully situated on 
an elevalM flat, between the fwdu of 
Whittiwater rivtr. between go and M 
rods from their Juiict.ire. In eouse- 
quencL- of hs Mgn situation, the inha- 
hstants are remarkably healthy. It ia 
4jl mihs firom Cincinnati, and (78 iioiu 
Washington. Populatkn 100. N tab 
30 17, W loo. 84 41. 

BROOMB,apost towndiip, in the 
SE comer of Schoharie county. New 
York, 35 mites SW from Albany, and 
383 £ of N tt om Washingttm. It cui> 
taint a Dutch reibrmed chtuxbi a uw 


Uhlnll. '™**'"* *"^' ■™' "« Inha- 

Of ?te Si«iLr ?P" "" "le E coas. 
^ .'■^^"'*ff la'Klsliire, Scotland. Bi-o- 

mhirh HdHT" '" S""HTlandihire, 
«•" • ^'OW the town of BrorL ii 

JJ^« village, ftlls into the BriuS; 

Safo?^!;^'^'-" *?*" "<■ EnK!«nd.iii 
8?w?„^jil'' ".."""""' »" the riler 
™ ™' ^■*? 'n'l« NW of London. 
TllMtown I, remarkable for a oSi 

J M, by the sinking of a coal nit in 
ZiVi^"*^^ Broxle^c^,? ain" 

r55^FV'^' * •o*'" of Sicily, on the 
If C,tau«. R fcm. „ 30, N tat.3? 

(U^P'^UAGR. a town of France in 
tte department ofLower CbaiSS' lu 

SwTf Pa^ ''*^"* "»• " " »^o 'ait« 
K Ion. 4 15 N St ?; HJ Hclvoetshij.^ 

[ 65 ] 


rail. « IS. n |«. «I 40 '- 


"< its valuable fiVr,,,.' ,"^™""' 

N hankof Blackriver 5 milfi from iia 

In ?iIi"^P*.'* ■-•"*'' »'■ Oermany. 

BRUGG, „r broug, a town of 

P™^ Asf, over which ia a hridce. It 
i'»»,%'|^SE of Basil Effiv" 

AiuSiV^^'l!.'"'*" «Piicopal city «f 
Austrian Flanders, once the arej. 

16th century, the cini waii ocoisiontd 

iraqe nr« to Antwerp, and thtii tu 
Amstmlam. It i. «..tSd in a plain a 
mile, n;pni tl|e „^, and hi? ^C "n* 
cation by camds. ii.h a^olu-^7 

uiinKii-K. It is eijht miha E of 0»- 
^r„'; ./J ~"*?'™ • "adtbou... an hiH 
lrs»!!^ }?•"'"■ ??''»«'~l.the'ch,,?,:; 

BRUGGE. „;'bRUGGEN,?-,P,„ 

H,>t.^^ ^""".r- '» 'he bUliiprirof 
Hildesheim, 6 miles from the i Ly of 
'Uu name. E Ion. los^'^Ztl 

I itarbwr.™'"" *pi'«'H townof 

fiS. . If .li **"""•"'>' of a««».«t the 

HHn«K'^'*' .B«"«N, BRUIN, or 
«^V.7S' " -"-^ "t" Moravia, airi' tI?B 
agM^biy aiid stnindy s tiiated at ih.- 

!• renidi kiililc for the leautv of iia 
cliiirclKH., yiHi jHiblic ediS. Pon,!! 
lat.™ iti^. Elon. ,a?o, kial. 

»»UNSWICK, a country of Gor. 
£»"j! "' •'* circle of I.„«Jsaxw 

Z luJn"' ""'S "'■ «'-»'l'>'«li» " 
h^wul "''"'^j "^ on "»■ K by An- 

prbicpal rivers arc the Wejai-.Scker 

f.S ^'T-- "• " •'»!J"' into th.-^ 
>rtn..i|,aliiip,. Wolft,,!,,,,,!,, OiuZS: 

in-.iKMpah.y of Wolft-nbuttle iL-.*"^ I 

■« WWV *-.rt^i! -iijii i. 


( «fl 1 


•wn dukes : but the otber two belong 
to the dector of Hiuio»«r. . ,^ 

HRUNSWICK, a iMje eity of Oej^ 
iDiuiTi in the «'"«'>> "f Br>u««w>ek- It 
•mia formerly an imperial aiid ban- 
leatie town, till it »«• tMam by the 
duke of Bruiawiclt Wolffenbattte. In 
1971, who built « citadr; to teep it in 
•we. Its puUie buiWingi are the 
duUc'j palaeei thft citbedral, Uie 
churchet of St. Nltholo*, St, Cathe- 
rine, and St. Andrew; an ac»demy 
fcr nurtial enerofaeji the arnionyi 
tha eouncil hoowi Carobne eolkv; 
3 gyranB.iuDU, a lebool for snatomy 
M^ •urmtry, a eolJppe fl>r tlie inidy 
of nhyitc, an orvlian hou», a taiaretr 
to, and «B liMpiwU It it dmated on 
h«.ik of the Oeker, S5 mik* W of 
MaedtbuiT!. E Um. 10 4«, N lot. 32 S3. 
gaOMffWICK. a town of Gi»rg>a, 
in N Ameriisa, where the Turtle nver 
lii) i I enter* St. Sinion't Sound. It «» t>0 

miK'iPW of Savannah. W Ion. MO. 
JI Sat. SI W, ami W6 miles ftom Wenb- 

BRUNSWICK, NEW, 5n Ameoea, 
imeof the two pnwlncea into which 
Nova ScoUa wb» divided in 1784 ; 
bounded on the W by New En!^«nd. 
oa the N by Cannla, aial on the E by 
thrgBlfji* iJiwrnwe, «jd"nthe 
S by *« jot Fundy and Nova Sec>- 
tin. St Johns i» the eajMtal. ™t 

Jiravinee is watered fey the nver» St. 
Inlm'j, MagfgailBviek'w.K?**''^,"- 
Ter, Dtduiwaatet, Memmicbi, PeWeo- 
diack and Mewi.nieook5 the th-ee 
Ur«i di»eh«rge themielvei into Pana- 
nnquothly My. , 

BRUNSWICK, a PO«t vjftim in 
Glynn county, Georeia, tiwaled on a 
uk»<ane «ndy UutC on the N Iwnk 
ijf Turtle river, 14 n>dw from the sin, 
14 Shy W from l>ari«rn, and 7J6 tivm 
Wtt^higtuii. It u nc-nr to St Siinon i 
island, so mueh fiu'^.d for its m« is- 
Imid cotton. It contains ncourt houw 
and jail. N lat. 31 10, W loiuSl 36. 

BHUSSELS. thecauital of Brabant, 
ii litiiiitod oil the nver Siiine, in a 
fertile and jiictHi'e«que country, about 
97 m.les S uf Antwerp, awl 177 N by 
E of Parii. It i» a rich, liandsome, 
and iiopnloin city, rising from the 
river (o an «inl»«nce on tfic E. I he 
houiM are Wfty and well built i toA 
Us public buildings *iplay both taste 
ami iiuignificence. The ducal palace 

tiuiidi «!>«» UB eteyaliou, and wn- 

tauii the librnry wliich tontisti of 
about 120,000 voiumet. und some valu- 
able MSS, III the great mavlict 
place, which ii tlit m<wt beautiful in 
the world, is the Houl de Villc. n su- 
perb Oothic stiTicture. 'ITic church 
of St. Oudule hin a very niagnihceiit 
Mipcarance; ilicre ii alio the cliapcl 
or Notre Daii»-, the church of the ca- 
miehini; inaiiy palaces bclon|!ing to 
the nobility, 20 p'lblie fountoim. and 
a number of hospitals. It is diitm- 
Kuis'ied for its manufactures. Its 
iHoes and can>ets have seldom been 
equalled, and never lurpasse^ lu 
camlets, ate of a superior kind both 
in beauty and quaUty; and its silk 
stockings ate of the nnest kind i and 

likewise iis goW "^, "'"ef ',^; " 
was bombarded by Marslial Villeruy 
in lass, and 4000 houses, and 14 beau- 
-tiful churehes distroyed. It was i* 
ken by Marslial Saxe in 1746, and by 
the French in 17y4, Population 8«,27». 
E Ion, 4 26, N lat. 50 31. 

BKU TON, a town of Somersetshire, 
Knxxi on the river Brew, 109 miles W 
ofl-oralon. Pop'ltolion 1631. 

BHAYNS-BHIDGE, a town of Ir> 
laud, in the cr ..rty of Clan^ seateil uu 
the Shannon, . i jlles N of Lunerick. 
W Ion. 8 34. N lat. 32 SO. 

RRUYIEB8, a town of France, i« 
the department of the Vosges njijMte 
iirovluce of Lorrain, 22 mites S by E 
Jif Loiieville. E ton. 6 50, N tot,40 18. 
BUaHCOS, >\ town of Portugal in 
the province of Beira. 27 miles S cf 
Kxfin. W Ion. 8 30, N tat. 40 13. 

nt'CHAN, a district in the Nfc 
part of Abetdeenshiiv, from the sea to 
the river Ythan on thi' 8. 

HliCHANNESS, the moct eatiern 
pran,..nt0ry of ScoUand, niu:ile m 
Uie iisirict of Buchan, m W Ion. 1 20, 
N lai. 37 28. BttMWii ihn iH-oinoif 
tory and ilie town of Petei-laad, is ti): 
plaee calkd the Boilers of Buchan; « 
targe oval cavity, sunk into the steij 
ro3i» on the coast, to the depth ot ISO 
feet. Boats fre«iuently sail into Urn 
awful pit, under a natural arch oimv 
inc to the sea at the E end, and nxm 
bling the window of some Rreot c«. 

city of Asia in Great Buchana, u sitn- 
au-d on tl«! river Sugd, nho<« „1™ 
miles W of Suuianwi. N lat. 39 a>, 
£ l«n. 01 38* 


Cm If 
of i 
It 1 







■• ' '.'■'. .■~ 


( «fl 1 



of Oer- 
ick. It 

by the 
ittk:. in 
«li it in 
•re the 
al, the 
. Ctthe- 
t» wot 
tie river 
It ia bO 
kHb 8!l 0, 

lu which 
n 1784; 
the £ by 
lov* Sen- 
■1. I'M! 
river* St. 
nteru ri- 
i, Petileo- 
the tb^ee 
to Paan- 

nIOuKB in 
eN bank 
m the sva, 
It Biinon'i 

its w» is* 
lurt house 
lb SI 30. 
r Brabant, 
■Miie, in a 
try. about 

177 Nby 

fruni the 
! £. The 
built; an& 
butb taste 
ical palace 
I BOil star 

tnira the librnry wliich «ann>U of 
about 120,000 voi«me«. und wme valu- 
able MSS, Irt the great mavlirt 
place, which it the mint heautiful in 
the world, in the Houl de Ville. n su- 
perb Oothic stiTicture. 'ITic cliiivth 
of St. Oudulf hi» a very ninRnltictiit 
upcarancc; ilicre ii aim the cliapd 
of^iotre Dansi.-, the church of the ca- 
poehim; maiiy palacet belon^ng to 
the nobility, iO p:iblie fountoim. and 
a number of hoiritali. It u diitin- 
niiihed for ili manufacluret. It> 
iMsn and carjieU bare Kkhun been 
equalled, and never turpawed. It; 
e»mlet% are of a •upenor kind both 
in beauty and quality ; and it« iilk 
.tocking« ate of ^the flncrt kind ; aiid 
likewiK ii« goW «a>? "'™r'*?r,- " 
wot bombjrded by Marilial Villeruy 
in ms, and 4000 bouwL and 14 beau- 
-riful churches dirtroyed. It was i* 
ken by Manhal Saxe in 1746, and by 
the Krencb In 1794, Population 6e,J7». 
E kill. 4 2«, N fait. «0 H. 

BRU TON, u town of Soroerietthire, 
«t at»^l on the river Brew, 109 mita W 
ofI>owlan. Popuhition 1631. 

BRAYNS-BHIDGE, a town of Ir> 


[ 67 1 


laud, in the cr ,.i-ty of Clare, leateil ou 
ibeShannon, . i jlles N of Liinefick. 
W Ion. 8 34. N lat. 92 ««. 

BRUYUU>8, a town of France. i« 
the depwtmeiit of the Voige« lunl l«tt 
iirovluce rf Lorrain, 22 niiK» S hy E 
Jif Loneville. E Ion. 6 SO, N tot,40 11. 
BUaHCOS, n town of PortugW '" 
the pt«vince of Beira. 27 niilei S of 
Avtira. W IMI. 8 30, N tat. 40 13. 

nUCHAN, a dktnct in the Nfc 
part of Abenleeinhite, from the sea to 
the river Ythan on thi' 8. 

nUCHANNKSS, the inoct easltro 
pran.jitory of Scotland, niuiiic ui 
the jisirict of Buchan, in W Ion. 1 29, 
N lai. S7 28. Between this iHwnoii- 
tory and ilie town of PeteHaaJ, is tlif 
phwe culLil the Boilers of Buchan i • 
large oval cavity, sunk into the stcij 
rodu on the coast, to the depth ot 150 
feet. BoaU frequently sail into tliii 
awful pit, under a natural arch opei> 
iiiR to the sea at the E end, and resem- 
bling the window of some Rreat c» ] 

cHy of Asia in Great Buchana, u situ- 
au-d on tl«! river Sogd, i>hw« „1™ , 
miles W of Suuiarcun. -N laU 39 », | 
£ l«n. 01 «8* 

BUCHAREST, or BCCHOREST.I a county of EnRland, bounded M 
a town of Europeui Turkej, in the | the N by Niirtha„ipiuiisSire ; pii iheE 

province of WallachiH, is situalei' un 
die river Damborizn. This tow'i has 
b««n siibjc* 41 ditfbrent times, to tlie 
delivered to the latter j)Ow.n-,ont.V 4th 
ufAui^il. 1701. Distant about fOi.tiks 
SE of Tergorviti, ant' 2M NNW of 
CninUuilinopk>. Population 60,001. 
V. kni. il <1. N lat. 44 30. 

HAHIA, acoi'Jitrv'of Asia, and pait 
of independb' t Taitary, is botiudr 1 
onthe N b ,lie river Sirr und (*: 
mountiiiiuaf Argjuii; on the W by 
Kharisin, Chorasan and the denrt of 
Mareiuiia ; on tlie S by the Gaur iiid 
HiiiJou Koh mountaim, which sipar 
rate it from Persia and HiiK.toost in ; 
and by the ctmin of Iklen T;ig, which 
uparaa-s it flpum Buchiirio «u the E. 
It lies between 33 and 113 di'g. of N 
lat. and S9 and II of E Ion. ami is su|i- 
|ioaed til compn'beiid llie Soi^liana 
sad Boetria of the ancients. 

BUCHARIA LrrTE,aeouBlryof 
Asia, foru'erly caMed the kingdom of 
Cgatmir. It received th<! n».ne of 
"Little" from its being much '.iiferior 
to tlie Ia<(, in regard to cli>jate, anil. 
Slid llie nunilier of its r-tics. it ii al- 
nxnt surrounded wl;!i mountains ami 
itaeits. On the W it is leparattd 
from Great Budiaria by the molar 
tains of Helen ; on the N from Sudu- 
aria and tlie Calmuck Tarttirs by 
tSe mountain; on the Ii from the em- 
(lire of China mid the iVIuts of Koko- 
ior by the destit of Cobi ; and from 
Tibet on the S by the nwiiiitains of 
Mus 'lag. It is 1000 miles in length, 
Bid its greatest iireadth nearly 600. 
Ii lies bctwo.^ 39 aiid 44 deg. of N 
bt. and lietvccn 70 and 80 of K loib 

BUCHAW, a free imperial town of 
Suaiiis, on tlie Teilersee, with a iii» 
iiastrry, whose abbess has a voice in 
the diet of llie empire. It is 27 luiks 
SW of Uloi. K Ion. 40, N lat. 48 

BUCKENHAIM, « town in Norfolk, 
97 miles NE of TAiiidon. 

BUCKINGHAM, the chief town in 
%uckiDghamiUre. It is seated on a 
low ground, and alnioitsiirroiiiuled by 
die Oiise, over which are thive stone 
br dee.- bikI is 25 miles N£ of Oxford, 
uiil.t? NWuf liOiiduib 
BUCKINGiiAMSlURE, «r Bucks, 

ly Bedfordshire, HiTU. uihI Midrik*. 
ie«; on tlie W by Oxfordshire, and on 
the 8 by Berks. It is .39 luilei in 
lengt'i, and 18 in breiMlth,arnu ohione 
fbnn, wliosi' greatest «tent is fiwii N 
to S. It sendi 14 nH'iiihers to jpnrliif 
nieni, and lies in tlie diocese of Lin- 
col'.b Its prinriptU rivers are tlie 
Thames. Cull^ Oiise, and 'I'anie. 

BUCKFIKD, a post town of Ox- 
fonl county, Maine, 10 miles W of 
Turner, 'on the Awlrasctiggin river, 
about 50 mik» N of PoriUind, and 651 
from Washington. Population 1231. 

BUCKI.ANU, a vilbige with apost- 
offlce in Prince William county. Vir- 
ginia, 42 miles (Vom Washington, in 
a SW direction. 

BUDELICK, a town of Germany, 
in tlie srehbislKjpric of Treves on tie 
Traen, ten miles E of Treves. E Ion. 
6 35, N lat. 49 60. 

BUDA, the AUNIUM of the Ro- 
mans, the capital of tlie circle of Pest, 
and nietroimlli of Hungary, is beauti- 
fully sitiiutnl on an eminence on the 
W hank of the Danube, 125 miles SE 
of Vienna, and 150 NW of Belgrade. 
Poiiulatioii about 25^000. E loib 19 10, 
N tat. 47 39 44. 

BUDDESDAI.E, a tovra in Siif. 
fblk, and a small diapel. It is 83 
miles NE of Loiidoik 

flUUOA, a strong episcopal town 
of Oalinatia, subject to the Venetians. 
It is 30 miles SK of Ragiisa. E Ion. 
18 68, N lut. 42 30. 

HUDKIO, a town of Italy in the 
Bulogiiese, whose adjacent fields pro- 
duce liuge i|uan;iii;'s of line liem|>. 
It is eight miles E of Bologna. £ Ion. 
II 37, N lat. 44 30. 

BUIJEWEIS, a town of Bohemin, 
70 niilea S of Prague, and 85 NW of 
Vienna. E Ion. 14 52, N lat. 4>' 55. 

BUFFALO, a iwu township of New 
York, in Niagara county. The vit 
lage of BuAiilo. is situateil just at the 
outlet of lake Erie, at the mouth of 
Butfalo creek. Tliis flourisliing vil- 
lage which cuntaiiHtl 100 houses, ■ 
court house and jail, was biinit by 
the Hrilish in Deivnilier 1813. Tim 
lownkliip contains 1608 iiihabitaiits, 
is 22 miles from Niagara falls, ana 
439 from Washington. 

BUENOS AYHES, a country of .S 
America, bcluuging to the Sptmianu. 



[ 08 ] 


H fxtPwh (Vom »1miH I J ikt- to 3* of 
8 Int. mid fnmi ^^ <o ilxxit 70 ik'H. o»' 
W km. and i« hnniMlol on tho N hy 
Pm-ii, Amn/.cmi». ami nmzll ; on thf 
F liy llPii».il iiml the Atliineir ! on •hi' 
8 if P«HRonia ; unrt on the W Chili, 
ihp Piciflc iKV«n,iinil IVth. The «li- 
mnle in loine pnrH i« <nliihrinn« iinil 
pk-nii»nl. Ha riiren arr I.* Vint.,; ViU 
eiimiivn, VtrnKico, or Hrd riwr. P«- 
nina : iHilwlo. or Salt rivpr, l>rWTO, 
V'riiKniiv, Bflramlion, Salaili'llo. In 
hkM TiiiiHini, Di^m^iadero, Pitria, 
•ml Ihrri, or Ciirapcn*. 

DE I,A TBINinAD, the rapiial of 
IhiTonnlry mIIhI lliirnffl Avni. in S 
AiiMricfl, «iw foiiniloil in th« )«ir 17.1.', 
nmlcr tho ilin-rimn of Don Pedro de 
^IokIo'm, at that time (tormior. It 
•liimli on a point rnlUti C«|ie ni»nn>, 
on thr S side of ih«- PlniR, 50 inihi 
mim th* in, tViiminir n imall river. 
The litnatioii is ii. a finr plain, ri^in^ 
lij B ipiitk- ascrat 0-ora the river, *hii'h 
n here 30 niiiej n ide. Ship« rannot ap- 
proach within a r<insidcrahk- dimtanre 
of the shore. Thev an> (;nlo«<hfl in 
liehtert. H eonlaim » ratliedml and 
three other chiirvhet bi'siik-a arvrral 
ininneriesaiid n'onanteriet. In isort iu 
»diiliitnnt< iuTt' eiiimntnl at 4P,000. 
8lni..H 37. W linuSS 31, 

Hf «'A, a |>ruvinee uf Aljtipri, in 
Afiii a, nimmridMl will) mountaiiii and 
wry fi-rtile in com, , 

AlRii r< lit the niomli of the Major, or 
a hay of the Xetliu-minean. It ii 7J 
>mle« E of Algien. E Ion. 4 58, N lat. 

Bl'II.TH. a town in Rrecknock- 
Ibire. wnted on the Wye over which 
W a wooden bridqe into HiKbiorshire. 
It i« 12 milei N of Rreeknoi-lc and 171 
w hy N (,(■ London. W h)ii. 1 14, JJ 
ht. 53 8, 

BUIS, a town of Franrr , in the de- 
IMrtinent of Dmnie, 40 nulu SW of 

, BUKARI, a amall but well hnilt 
iown of Hnn^arian Oalinaiia, with a 
Iiarbour, on the gulf uf Bikcriu. near 
the frulf of Venice. E Ion. 14 59, N 
lat. 45a<). 

HULAC. a town of Egj'pt, on th- 
Kile, two miles W of Grand t-'airo, 
lieini! the leapori of lha< city. 

BUI. AM, tlHf mint eantrn iskuid oi 
tho Bijugu ArchiiH-laip, ea Itav vtt- 

tern ronit of Aft-iea, i< litiintril on ilm 
NW of the etnhouchere, on ih«' Hio 
Ciramle. N lat, U «, W kin. 14 50. 

BVLGARIA.apmvineeof I'nrhey 
in Kiirope, bounded on th'> N by Wa- 
larhia, on tlie K. hy lt.e HIark Sea, on 
tlie S hy Hoinanin and Maott(r;\i|,and 
on the W l>v Sc rvia. 

BVI.NESS, m nOWNESS, a vi|. 
faitT in Cimiherland. nt the rnd of ilie 
I'icn Wall, on the Solway Frith, It ii 
Mmilii WhyNofCarliih?. 

territory of Hindomian r>roner, on the 
8\V of the river Jnima, anl leparated 
thini ii hy a narrow track of kiw conn, 
trjr. It i< uirroinHji^ bv the iloniinioni 
ol^tliide, Benares and the Maluatlai. 
E hm. 79 75, N lat. 25 0. 

Hl'NtiAY.aiown in SiifltOk. tcatrd 
on the Waveny. which ii luivignble 
hence to Yarmouth. It i> 107 niilti 
NEof l.onilon, 

BUN TtNOFORD, ii town of Her!«. 
■even milm S of Royaton, aiwl 31 N 
by E of London. £ bn, e, N lat. 
51 58, 

IIUREN, a town of Weilpbalia, in 
the bishopric of PmhTbom, teaii'd on 
the AInie, 10 niiki S of Padcrbom. 
Eton. 8 S3, N 1:11.53 Ifl, 

BUHEJI.a townuf awiuerland, in 
the canton of Hem, seated on the ri- 
ver Aar, between Arberg, and So. 

BUR FORD, a town in Ojlonlihire, 
71 milea W of London, Popuhiiiua 
1519. E k)n. 1 38, N lat. 51 fo, 

BURG, a town of the Dutch Ne- 
therliindt. in Zutphcn, 18 luikt E of 

RUHGAW, a town and cartic of 
Siiahia, capital of a ninrtruvate uf 
the mme nann', K kni. 10 25, S kit. 
48 M. 

RURGOORF, a handrnme town nf 
SuiiM'Hand, in the caulvin of Bern, 
with a eaatle. 

BURU-UPON-SANDS, a villafce in 
Cuniberliiiidt nearSolwav Fri'li.wlicre 
Edward tlie Fir t died, in 1307. It ii 
five mik- NW of Carliik-. 

BURGOS, a town ul S|>ain. capital 
ofOklCattile ii lituatidon llicilKli- 
lily of a hill, on the right bank of the 
rini- Arlanziff. It containi ahoni wxo 
irihabitanti. and ii 113 miles N of Ma- 
drid. W Ion. 3 3S, N lat. 47 10. 

BUHHANPOUH, a city of Bin- 
doonaii, ia tlie ikccau, iliu caj.ilal iii 


'tsi::gSi^~is,^liiu>vKSliil0&mm^ ^eiu««u'>>>.i'lt'«gi^''-^^iMii«<i«MNffi«^0^r 

08 ] 



U'm poMt of Africa, i> litiintnl on iIk 
NW of ItM- rmhouvhrrp, on iIh' Hio 
Cirnmle. N Int. II », W Ion. 14 50. 

illXnARIA.a pravliHTof nirkry 
in Knrapr, biinndnl on th'> N by Wn- 
iM'hin, on (Ik- K. by- lt.r Hlark Sett, on 
t\w H hy Hdinanin and Maatl<r\i|,aiiil 
on (hr W l>v Si rvia. 

BVI.NESS, m nOWNESS, a vi|. 
lace in Cinuhrrlaml. at thr md of (lie 
I'icK Wall, on the Solway Fridi, It ii 
l.lmihi WbyNofCarihle. 

trrritoi-)' of Himtomtan ?>rop(-r, on the 
SW of (he river Jinma, aniripparatrd 
fVoni it hy a narrow traek of low einin- 
try. It i« uimiiindid bv ilie dmniniont 
of Oiidr, K4-narr«, and (he Mahratlai. 
E Inn. 70 7J, N lal. S5 0. 

HVN(iAY.«(own in Siifflilk. wated 
on the Wnvcny, whiirli ji niivignble 
hmce to Ynrmoutb. It i$ 107 inikt 
NF, of l.ondon. 

BUN IT VOFOHD, ii town of Her!«, 
«even mik-« 8 of Horatoii, ami 31 N 
by K of London. £ km. A, N lat. 
<1 M. 

IIURKN, a town of Wet(pliiii;a, in 
the bishopric of Paderbom, aeati'd on 
the AInie, 10 niiki S of Paderbom. 
Elan. 8 S3, N hii. 53 ID. 

BUHKN.H limn of .Swiuerland, in 
the canton of llem, <™tMl on (h<t ri- 
ver Aar, between Arberg, and So. 

BURFOHD, a town in Ojlofdthire, 
71 mileii W of London. Papulaiiiio 
1519. E km. 1 38, N lat. 51 50, 

BUHO, a town of the DiKeh Ncf 
Iherliindt. in Zutphcn, 18 niikt K of 

Bl'RGAW, a town and enitle of 
SiinliiH, capital of a nmrvnivate at 
the mine nann'. E kHi. 10 25, b Int. 
48 M. 

HURGOOBF, a handmme town «t 
8«iHM'rlaiid, in the caulvin of Bern, 
with a eaatle. 

BURU-UPON.SANDS, a villaftc in 
Cuniberhiiidt nearSolwav Fri'li. where 
Edward (be Firt died, in 1307. I( ii 
five milev NW ofCarliik-. 

BURGOS, a (own ul S|>ain. capital 
ofOklt^aatile ii lituatidon Iheileili- 
lily ot'a hill, oti tlx' right bank of (Ik 
rivtr Arlan7in'. I( nintaini ahoui unco 
inhnbitaiiti. and ii 113 miles N of Ma- 
drid. W bin. 3 38, N lat. 47 10. 

BUHHANPOUH, a city pf Hin- 
dooatan, m iht iXccau, thu ciij-ilal «i' 

CrindH.h, aiMl iit one period, of the 
Ikteaii obo. K km. 7« 10, Mat. H 

llUHICK,a tomi of Germany,!, 
ihtrtiiehy of ricve,, K.«t,.d on the S5i« 
opjio-ite W.*l,,7^mik, SE ofCte^ 
K lull, rt 18, \ lat. 513^ 

IIIHKHAUSKN, a town of Gov 

1 saiii, W7 milet N by W of &Uuhiir» 
K Ion. 12 50, N |at!^o 17 *^"""'R- 
I .. DL'HLIXGTON, a pon town of 
I ,\";!»"«. ChitteiKk,, colmty, i, hcaS 
i ^fully »(i.,i(e,t u„ „ harliour of Uke 
amupln,,,. It contain, ,. <•«„« hoiile 

i.i«l.i(i«o„UMbi,anu in 18 lo. Iil^ JI^ 

i™i, 109 mile. N of Denning^;* 

f.!i°S"l!''' "» "W from^«io^ 

wid 517 E of N ftron WariUwto^ 

WiS,,'?-?™ ^«?°-.«^ «7 NE if 

r 6» ] 


iff^ti™ ;r"*T"' •""' 4'» NE of 

t^_. _U U cU^ built OTMUhSd 

ijittsDelawareKine mite kW^ViS 

. ; ~».MH w*ii«tk KnepuDlie build- 

uHR>r methodbo, an iMwiemT Sn 

n'Si'^^j!''^^ ft" 

IpLiJI? St "'. Tlwnton, 18 NE of 

I ^rti^Z^'^^' • P^ townihipof 

llnendi. Popolatian SllXi. l, !, tI 

Afc*!^'^'!!'^??"'™ kingdom of 
Irfz-i"^' tar aa tbe ihmticn 

Jniki'NF'ilf ?'if"™ Is Norfolk, m 
«UHNHAM,a townia Btiex, at tbe 

"With of the river CnMich. wMah i. 

herj. c,||.il B«r..ham wZ^ ^ *• 

nir INLEY, a town in Lancadiin> 

Sn"3:;!,'i '""'"' "'■ '^"'^OFuK 

BURNTISLAND, a hortHigb in 
Fifohins, on the Frill, of Forth, with 
S*.""""" hTbonr. .0 mih^.'^w of 

which „«-, ,^„ ,h,, ,„.^ ^ ,^^ Q^ 
KW, in tlw in«intniiu of I hibet. It 
flr»l take Ml coiirii to the E, directlV 
oppojite to that of the Oii^!^i^ 

^:^ rt4"r"M 

"enter. Be^pd on the NE, whSHt 

gomtbe m, alter baring meander" 
«» iBwe thui aooo milcfc 

BURSA, or PHUSA, one of tha 
tor« oitiM of Tiirkey'in A^ii 0,^ 
'»l^a««.MiKil. itwaitheouJitSrtf 

•fC««antiiMSE B««,i.T9"SS 
SrfC^junUnopte. rion.2»tN 

hi toffl«*Mre, .ituatod on (JT™ 
baiik olibe river Trent. It comaim 

liSS^ ^f* '=" ™"^» NNW tf 
iftrP^f^?,".:" »*"•■" Lineolaihiie. 


"UHY.atown in Laneadiire. leatnl 

iTl^n^ *'^'=?*»««'' «"«' 194 from 
^'&,^JSft,ii' »«>1. 707,. 

in SuSI*X- '^»'UNDS,.boro«gb 
m SulWk, wuated mi the river UrC 
It >. 73 mile. NNE of London. Ptop* 

i„ I .'■•**^ i« county of Scot- 




[ 70 


til CiimhertamI, » mikt SW of K«* 
wi«k 1 t«u iiilki loiiii, mm) urwiy om 
broMl. .. 

BL ITERNtTS, ■ pMi IowdiImp 
In Ihr 8W coiinT of Ouc-go comity, 
New York. It oinliiini ui trliiyopH- 
hmiiiiiil prMl>)tfri«n chiiirh.iuidJUl 
InhaliiiMiti. It U 87 niiln Ironi AlbMiy, 
mi 34J I'liiiii WnliiiiRton. 

BiniON'S HAY, lh» N pMt of 
IIihImmi'i h«y, thmiiKn which itlenipu 
iMvr li<«i niiile UidiKOTrr* NW |i«>- 
wgi' to China, li ii w nlkd fivni iir 
llMimai D>ittoii,*bo bereloit liliihip, 
■ml c«ro« b»ck in ■ ilooii lu.ll in ih>; 
•oniitry. It li« betwwu «0 and M 
deg. a l«t- 

BUTZAW, n town ol GwmMiy, in 
th« l.iilwprii'ul Stliweriii, J7 milt!* SW 
oTHntock. E lou. II M, N IM. >4 

BUXTON, t town of York eount). 
in the dittriclol .Mainr. It h tituaud 
ivar the month of Saou rivtr, and •■ 
bout lis iiiiln northeaitwanl ftoni 
Bo>tol^ and 98i llnim Waitainfton. 
I>opulation 1324. . „ . . . 

BUX ION, a village In DniijrJiir*, 
•t the rnirance of the Peak. Mueh 
coniiiany retort to this town in inin- 
OKT, to enjoy the b«w fit of it« watrri 
and baths. K mile from henci' Is aitfr 
tlier of the wtoders calfcd I'ool'i Hoi*, 
■t iha foot ofa moinitain. Buxtoo ii 
160 niiK* NNW of Ixnidon. 

BL'ZHACIi.a townof 0«rniany,in 
Weteratria.aiid in the county or Bohiu, 
»roik«Nby EofFraiicftirt. Kkm. 
««,N lat. J0«3. 

HYCHOW, a town of Lithuania, on 
the l>ni<p<r, IHO luilti SW of Wilniu 
Kkin. 30.N Int. 53 38. 

BYRON'S ISLAND, an Uland in 
the bouili I'ucilic oiuui, di«ct.*tred by 
Corn. Byron iu 1765. Ji km. J73 M, 
B itt. 1 U. 


poit tow II of N CaroHiia, and capital of 
Calwrrai county, ii liiuauil on llie N 
lak' o( Hoeky ri»er, h brimtli m ilif 


CAANA, a town of BKJptiOD the 
river Kile, whciiw' they iraiitpori 
torn and iHilse lo Mecca. Il M 3^u 
"ilcSoftaiiti. Ei«in.30«,NUt. 

ireat Wtkv, Vt uilitt SW of Salibtiry, 
7 B by W of Haleni, and *i» fruiu 

CABIN POINT, a |>o.t villaK in 
Surry eouniy, VirRtiiia, 3i* inilct K by 
S of Peteraburg, and 17J I'roiii Wail> 

CABKCCA-DK.-V1I)E, a itroiig 
town of HortuBl in Alenlrgo, toiltc 
inifet SW of Artakgro. W kuk 6 43, 
N lat. 3U lO. 

port town of AOica, in tlie kinKibiiii 
of Cacoiigu, il litiiuud at the nioutli of 
the river Cabcndii. 100 iiiiki SK uf 
Loango. K hill. U a, S lat 4 ». 

C ABKZZO, one of tlie unviiieri of 
the kiiiRdom ol AnRoia, lytng butwieu 
tht riven Coanza and Hiinlia. 

CABHKMIA, an iilaiid in the Mo- 
diumuiean, abuul 7 aiUea S of M» 

■* C ABUL, a provlnee of Hindowiaa 
Proper, bmuufc-d on the W by Peniu, 
on Uir N by HiudiNiJui, on ibe NK by 
Caferi•tal^ and on iht E by Roatbinerr, 
and on the S by Caudahar. It ii t 
country highly diveriiflcd; coniiiUiic 
of inaunli&< coveml with eternal 
■BOW ( Mill of moderate hcieht aiul 
eaay aKcnt ; rich pUiiu and ktairly 
fottMt; and tbcw eulivcunl by uuiu- 
merabi; itreanu, . , , . 

CABUUthc capital of the provinn 
of Cabul, and of the duniinioui of tin 
king oi Catidahur, aeated near the fun 
of the Hindoo-ku,and the luuree of Uie 
Altock, which rum near it. It ii 6W 
milet NW of Delhi. K hw. 68 i», H 

hit.34 3«. , u . . I r 

CACAC A,a town of the kingdom of 
rez, with a Ibrt upon a rock. I'te 
Moon i«tauk it fnini tlie Siianiank 
in 1(34. Wkin.»l»,Nlnt. 3JJ, 

C AC£H£S, a tow u uf Spain, in Er 
tnmadura, fiunuiu ftir in line wnul. 
and wauil on the Sabcot, U uulii 
SK of Akmiara. E kn. « 44, N bt. 

30 11 

CACHAN, or CASHAN, a town ui 
Penif, In Irac A»oil,wbi:retl!ey car- 
ry on a considerable trade in ulks. sil- 
ver and gold broc«te«, and fine earthen 
war«-. ft i» •«•««• In • virt pUin, »J 
mik-s N by W of ItpalHO, £ too. » 
<«,Mlat.33 20, 

( ro 1 


>r Km- 
riy oiw 




part of 
W par 

ivni iir 
lia ihipi 
t in Uk- 

any, ■■< 


lai. 14 

eouni) • 
', ami a- 
il rruni 

, Much 
in mm- 
!■ wau-ri 
:i' h ano- 
uxUio ■• 

many, in 
if Kouu, 
. Elon. 

•ania, on 

bland in 
.vt-rt'd by 

II. 173 40, 

pt, on tbt- 

' irampori 
h u i^ii 


pott to* II of N Carolina, and capital of 
Calwrrai comny, 1« •iiuanil on ilw N 
ikk o( Hoeky riKcr, ii liriiiuli iii ilie 
jcreat IH^Iw, 33 inilM SW of Salibiirj, 
l7 8 by W of IMeiii,aiid 4ail from 

CAMIN POINT, a po«t vll»lt» in 
Surry ooonly, Vir»[iiiia, 3it iiiilit K liy 
It of Petertburg, and 173 Iroiii Waili. 

tABKCCA-DK-VIDK, a itroiii! 
town of l^>rlug*l in Atentrtjo, toilit: 
nitira SW of Mrtalegni. W Ion. 6 4J, 
N lau 3» iO. 

port (own of AlVica, in Uk liiiiK<l<>iii 
of Cacongo, u liduiu-d at the nioutli ul 
(be riviT i;abciid». 100 niiki SK of 
Loanao. F. km. 12 J, H lat. 4 «. 

CABKZZO, out of ilR' uroviiwet of 
thr kiiitphiin ol Angola, lying butvieii 
tht- rivew Coanza and Huiiba. 

CABHRHIA, an iiland in the Mo- 
diU'iTaiiean, about 7 toMn S of «»• 

■* C'ABUL, a proTinee of Hindooittn 
Proper. bo.iii4-d on the W by Pcrau, 
on iV N by HiiKhioko, on the NK by 
Ciifcrirtaii,and on tht E b» BoaAinnT, 
and on the 8 by Caudahar. It ii • 
country highly diveriifltdj conmung 
of roouniiun. covetwl with etirnaj 
■now I bilU of moderate hciefat aiid 
eaty aMcnt ; rich pUiiu and bUWiy 
foiwu ; and thwe enlivened by uuio- 

CABUU the capital of the provinM 
of Cabul, and of the doniiniom of tta 
kingol Caudahur.ireated near the fiwl 
of Ibe Hindou-ko,and the HMireeofilM! 
Altoefc, whicti runa near it. It ii 6N 
miha NW of Delhi. U lou. «8 M, M 
lat.34 30. , w . • I f 

CACACA,a tnwn of the kingdom of 
Fez, with a Jbri upon a rock. Ite 
Moort retook it froni the SuaniatiU 
in 1»34. W h>n.« 15, N Int. 3J », 

C ACER£8, a to» n of Spain, in E;- 
tramMluia, fkmmu fiir iii line wml, 
and leaud on the Sabrot, 23 iiulii 
SK of Akwitara. E ton. * 44. N bk 

CACHAN, or CA8HAN, a town «( 
Pemif , in Irat Agemi, where they car- 
n on • eonaderiaiU; tnafc in uUa.«il- 
ver and goW broc»h!t,aud fine earthui 

iiiikM N by W of bpahan. E l«ifc »' 

W,MkU31 20. 


[ ri ] 


t ACHAO, the capital of a pnnince 
of the wiiiv luinu', in ruiiqiliii,<ill lhi> 
W lidi' of the riv.v Huu, 80 milii 
frrnn tlir gulf uf I'l.iiijuiii. It coii- 
uira an Engliih, a Uaiiiih nietiiry, 
!UKt;irintingotn,:f', Population 40J)00. 
Ekin. IO,f, 31, N lat.3'J, 10. 

CAt'HHO, a town in Nt'Pfmlaiiil, 
•niiil on the rivir St. lX«iiiiii,'<i. It 
i< luliji-ci tu thi? Piirtui^iu'i ', mIiu limi- 
tluTr liirl,, and carry iiii ii ({rmt tnuU- 
m Hiu ami ilarct. K luii. 14, it, N 
lai. W, 0. 

I'ACUNtsn, a imall kinvikini of 
Arrira, on thr ri»i'r Znirt-. Thi- iiiha- 
biiniii, luvi' a cuiuklcrakli' tradi- ; and 
iWr iiiaiini-r<, rcligkin and gorcnt- 
ini'iii im^ the lamc- hi in Ixningo. It 
lift Ih-iwivn the 5 aial 7dc!f. ofS lat. 
iial ha, a cauiul of ilic uuiiu iiainr, 
iitiiiiuil ill !i fat. S, and E Inn. 14, 30. 

CACOHI.A, a luwii of Siwiii, in 
An<lalii».a, un ihi- rivuitt vVga, ho 
Iwtrii two numiitHini. 1( it 15 iiiihi 
KSE of Ubcda. K Ion. 1, ii, N Ut. 37, 

CAUE.VAC, a town of t'rance, in 
ifcc department of Lot, on tlie rinr 
Ut, 37 iiiik-i £NE uf Calwrt. £ Ion. 
!, 0, N, lat. 44. 33. 

CAUKNEI, u town of France, in 
iW dL'iHirinu'nt of the Miiiitht of tlw 
Hhuiii', 38 inilvi SE uf Avignon. £ 
Ion. 5, 30, N. laU 43, 42. 

CAUILLAC, a town of France, in 
ilr dipiirtmrnt of UiroiKle, and late 
fnivincc of Ciui(iin>', j!tt»\ on tlie 
(ianiiuir, witli a huiidwime caatle, 15 
niili s SE uf Bunlraux. VV lou. 0, 33, 
>° iau 44. 40. 

CADIZ, a large ami rich city of 
Spain, ill AmhUiiiia. with a gnal liiu^ 
liour. It is a liiihop*! gut', and it-atnl 
•n au iilaial, 18 iiiih'i in length, ami 9 
in lireadth ; Imt the NW rial, wl»-ri- 
tilt' city (tanda, it not two tirnad. It 
lui it cuiiiiminicatioii with the conti- 
nent, by a bridge, 'llie hoy formed 
!>)' it in 13 iiiilia in li-iiKth, uud <ix in 
briwllh. 'Ilae S ihIc i> uuicceaaiblc by 
m, liceaHie it is iilswl witli craggy 
rocks , and two forts, the PuntuI uiiil 
Matagorda, conimair' the passage into 
llie harbour. Excejit the Calle AiichH, 
■II the streeta art- narrow, ill paved, 
•nd imiiltWably stinking;. The roofs 
>n^ Hut, covered with an impenttrablt- 
nmvnt, and ftw are without a tumi 
for the purpoge uf eainnunKlint; » view 

uf the tea. High above all ihMt, 
stamis tlu' tower of aigiuds. In IIV«, 
it wai tukrn aial pliindrmi by tha 
(^glish, whii-h thi-y aipun atuinpted 
ill 170il, aikl fitiktL lu cuiiiimru' ii 
I'Xitnsivr and lucrative, aial its cU* 
mate hi'althy. It is u very ancient 
plHW, being laiilt by thr Plk-nicians] 
It was aftrrivarda a Human town ; anj ' 
thre ail- iilll w'venil renuiins nl |{» 
nuui antiquities. It is 4.1 milit W uf 
Uibmluir, ami VO W by H uf Mahiga, 
Wliiii. d, ll,Nlut. 3B. 31. 

CAUOHE, tlie caiiital uf the dis. 
irict of CadoriiMi, in Italy, 15 miles N 
of Belluuo. E lull. 12, 0, N Ut. 49, 
38. ' » f 

CADOHINA, a province of Italy, 
in the terriuiry of Veiiict-; huumled 
nn the E by Krmli Projier, on thi- S 
and Vf hy tlM- Ik'lliiiu'K, and lui ih« 
N by Uhxeik I'hv cliief town i> Ca. 

CADSANO, an iiland on tlie tf 
coast of KliuHlers, at llu' iiioutli of tha 
SiM'fct, which rivt r it rummamts. 

C.VKN, a cunaidcrabli'ciiyuf France, 
in the de|>arui«:nt of CalviHkis. It ia 
sitiiotitl at the cuufluenceol tie rivei-s 
Oriiu aial Onhm, uial cunuiius a uiwd 
hall, 13 imriih chiirelH s, an < plseu|>al 
palace, i abbeys, 14 cunvents, a iiin- 
vi-rsity, an academy uf sen iici-s. Hid 
35,000 iiihab.taiiu. It is t2J iiiiica 
W uf Paris. W ton. o, 17, N lat. 49, 

C ARRLRON.a town in Monmuiith, 
shirr. It contaim .ipupulatiunuf riA7, 
who ar? uldcfly ai.ppurtMl by tin wurka 
in iu vicinity, 148 uiiles w by .^ uf 
Lnmton. W luu. 3, 0, N tot. 51. 

CAEHNAHVON, a town of Engi. 
land, in Caernarvonshire ouunty, it 
pleasantly situated uppusite tu tjic 
island of Ani^lesrii, lietween an arm uf 
the si-a, calliil the Straits of iMeiui, 
aial the estuary of the river Seiort, 
It roniHiiis a church, oliaptrl, and 
3m6 iiilialatants. It is 2S0 miles NVV 
of Loialuii. 

CAEUPHILLY, a town in Gbunon 
gaushiri'. Poputotion 300.— 5 miles N 
of Laiidair, WHt lig W of London, 

CAERWENT, a village in Mon. 
muutlishire, famous fur a heautilul 
tesseluted pavement, discovered her* 
in 1777. 

CAJeftWIS, a wwu in Flinubir*, 

I iiilfci'iii 


I « 1 


DM miki SVr of Lonkm. Piipiihlkm 

( Arp A, • tuwii of th« Crintrm, Willi 
(II rtn Ik nt hiirliuiir. U n Mutnl on 
the niiu'k iki, IMmilri NKoI'l'un- 
MaiitiiHiiil' , 

CA»Va, H IHAIT or, tin' «IKiiiil 
Clinntt'i-inn IkiaphunM. • iiniil Uim 
fcrni* ihr iiHiiiimtiii'aUun hrton ii tile 
filiick Hi« Hiid tNt- «*• of Aibjih, 

tAKKHAHlA, • vrr) utriMm- 
•Diiiiti'}' uf At'ricu, laHiiiikil on iIm' N 
b\ N>i(c<ila>M< wmI AliTuiniii. <>n llir 
W h) |iiirt (tf OitiiKii, ('uih;ii, hii'I tlu 
■THi 111 thr S by (tH- Cape ut (timl 
Hulx'i wkI •>■< tlw K. Iiy till' net. It 
cut ikU arniM ihr aiiutiHTn jmrt i>t' 
tht* t*4)iiuiii'til, Hitil ii cimtiiiiK^i "11 ihi' 
W l« twn-ii till- 10 mmI il di'K. uf M Ut. 
■oil un Ihr K brtwitni thi- ^1 iiml U 
(inc. of Slat. 

t' At) LI, nn wick'iit rpiwnpiil town 
of I'nl), ill tlu' (Inch) III' I'l'MiKi, 20 
inik'a S of Urbuiu. K Inn. lU, 41, N 
l»t. 4.1, 3n. 

CACil.lAHl, nn mivient mhI rich 
city, rniiiul uf SHnlinia. It (iiiiliiini 

■ iiiiivi nity, h cantlv, » aii|irrli ax\i»- 
dml. » churches, 30 ninvniti, mhI * 

ExKl liai-Niur. II ii aitintnl at the 
ittnm of a raiHidoiii Iwy mi thi' 
(DiitlHTii Mk! uf the iilaixl. Popuht- 
lion aopoo. N lat. 30, SB, E k>n. 0, 

CAHOKIA, a |io>t town in Iniliana 
territury.and St. Clair county, ttand- 
ini; un iIh' B tiili' of the ritvr Miiu»' 
iippi, A4 iiiiK'S N by \V iif Kiiik«*kiua. 
■ml 979 W of Wailiingtuii. Popiila- 
tioii 711. 

CAHOKS, a ranwIrraMr tnwn of 
France, in thtrdtTwrtmfntof I<ut, with 

■ Uiliop'i HI', ami a luiivtruiy. It ii 
acatnl on n ixiiiiuiila imdc h) thr vivtr 
Lot, anitbirtltpanly ona eragi^y tuck. 
Tln'ir are three bridijgn im»t the rt- 
*rr. 'I'hr oithedral i> a Gothic >trii^ 
turr. Cahon h M7 iniln 8 of Piirii. 
r. liHi. I, 31, tl. Uu 44, M. Fopiila- 
«lon 12,000. 

WMort town of I'ali otinr, riluatnl at 
the fiiM of Moiiut Cariwl, 8 taiWt fVom 
Acre, fVom whiek it i< wpamted by 
4ie bay of Acn-. W. Ion. 35. 10, N 

CAMNABDRO, the eapiuil of R 
, Bothnia, in Sweden, on Lake Ciuania, 
•MmiletNEef Aiw, fi ton. 27 43, 
^ Kbt.e4I3. 

tAJ.\ZZO,or CAJIZZO, an foi- 
copal touii of Nai)k-». in 'IVrri di Vu- 
vara, it imlri f ; l>. uf Naph't. kl Inn. 
14, Jl, N Int. 41 iO. 

CAirUNIi, a lan[r ami uopiiliHii 
city of Chinn, aratnl nn th>' HiaiiiK-hii, 
in the pniviiiCT' of Hoiiaii. Wh<ii In- 
lit-HMl by th«- rebiU in Irt4a, tiny uii 
tlH- dikri uf the rinr, which druwmd 
.lOO/MO uf iIm- iiihabitanti. K kui. 1 II, 
37, N lat. M, 0, 

CAIUA, a pint town, and the c»|ii- 
tai uf Cuiiilii rliiiid ruiiiity, Virgiiiiu, 
190 milo (Voiu Wiuliiiigiuii. 

CAIUNCiOHM, a nuiuntnin of 
Scotlaml, ill the K of InvenM'Kwihin', 
famuiia fiir bniuliftil ruck cryalala iil 
vnrioiii lint*. 

biri!<' city, eapiul of Knpt, uiih a 
oaatle liuilt on h nick. It i> tUviiliil 
iiilii New and Did citiei ; OM Cairo i> 
on thi' K wleof (Ir Nile, and uIiihmi 
iiiiiiihuliiuil. New Cuini ia a mil'' 
from llie river Nile, aial aeven milei 
ill circiimfireiice. 'Ilir Cukiah ia • 
ffjial which convey* Uic »at«T» of tin' 
Nile into tbi' city ; it b M IH t hriMl, 
and hna hou« i on each aide uf it. It 
wna tat.eii by ibe Kcrticb, unah r Huo' 
napnrte, in th«'ir rxiieditinfi to Enjiit. 
The pupiilalion ia coni|HHe<luf iwiiiy 
iliftereut thhea and iiatioiet, tiie moat 
niimenitia are thi: Araha ; and (Ik 
number ii vnrioaialy aiiitial fiuni 
UOyOOO to 700,000; nboiu 300,000 i< 
connderail neamt the trillh. It i< 
about 60 luik-a W of Srut. N tat. 30 
a4 M, Rlon. 31 18 t. 

CAlHO..« aiiiall puat villa|p>, aitiHv 
teat on the N iMiik uf lunilxrlnnd ri- 
ver, in the alaie of Tewwaae**, in Siini- 
nrr cuiinty, 30 niili > K uf Niuhvill)'. 
ami 730 8 lay W uf WaabiiictiHi. II 
haa n ainall cotton flwtory, aiiuaiwiltrr 
fiir iH'mp. 

CAJHU, ■ poat tirwiiatiiii of Nnr- 
York, in Oreene county. It cuntiim 
a Pniifaytrrian meetinifhiHw. iiiul i^ 
It iniht W of Atheni, and 3«3 ihm 
Wathiiiinoia. >N>pulation SOU. 

CAIHOAN, or KAIROAN, a town 
of the Uni{dani of 'I'liiiia, on the riwr 
MiKrida, 80 niilet S of Tunia. £ km. 
10, la, M lat. 34, 30. 

CAlTHNEfSHIHE, the moat ni*il'' 
erly cnunly uf Scutlnixl, buuialHl on 
the K by tfie uoeaii, on the S ami SW 
by Stralhiraveii ami SiitherlaiMl. On 
tiK N it 1» wathed by tb«s tVutlaivl 


I 73 J 



irm, Willi 
tmnl on 
111' t'uit- 

' RtWH'llt 

nil thai 
toll the 


n the N 
, un thi' 
aiol tlu 
iif (hml 
M-B. It 
imn fit' 
il on the 
■if S IM. 
I awl n 

pill town 
rliiiKi, ao 
\'i, U, N 

iihI rich 
rli cuiiir- 
!>, mmI * 
d at the 
on th)' 
E lull. 0, 

I Indiiuu 
I)', <l»nd- 
rr Miitifr- 

tnwn of 
I^t, with 
ily. It ii 
W) roek. 
T tw> n- 
hiv Htnic- 
of fiirii. 


kPHB, ■ 
luatnl at 
iKtrd by 

15. 10, N 

litAl of K 
' CiUHBia, 
ID. n 43, 

t:AJAZZO,nr CAJIZZO, an fni- 
Fopal ti'Hti III' Naiil*-ii. Ill 'I'l-rri ili Vu- 
vara, tH nuln f;i*. of Naplii. V, liiii. 
14, Jl, N Int. 41 IS. 

CAIKUNO, a lantr ami nopiilmii 
riiy of China, aratiil on lh>' HiMiiK-hn, 
in lh«- pnmiiCT' of Hiiiiaii. WIkii hi - 
<icKiil ny th>' n\»U in I'Ua, tlH) iiit 
the iliki-s III' thr riitt, which ilruwiiol 
.lOOyOOO of ilw inhabiianti. K Ion. 1 1.1, 
37, N lat. 3J, 0. 

C'AIllA, a (iiMt town, ami the ffiyi- 
lal of Ciiiiilii rluinl ruiiiil), Virgiiiiu, 
too mill t IVotu Wuliiiigiuii. 

CAIUNt.OHM, a nuiunlnin iif 
Scotlaml, in thr K of Invrrw'wMihiri'. 
famoiia liir brauliftil ruck cryitali ui 
vwioiii linli. 

biri!<' I'ity, lapital of Kcypt, uiih a 
caitlr liuilt on n nick. It i> illviili,! 
into Nrw and liUI citiri ; OM Cairo ii 
on tht' K ntk' of Ihi- Nik', and uhmial 
iniinhaMtiil. Niw Cu'im i< a mill' 
from Ui* riviT Nik", aial tewn miln 
in I'irv'imifV'mn'r. 'Ihr I'likuli i> • 
c#Jial wkirti eontt*)'! tlic wuiiTi of iNr 
Nile into tin' city : it in 10 fitt hriMl, 
and Itns Ihiiiw-i on rach >iik' of it. It 
»«« laUin liy ihr KtMich, umh r Huo' 
naportr, in thrir n(|i«litiofi to Egyiii. 
'I'hi' population i« ronijiowdof luaiiy 
iliKhrrnt tribri and naiioiM, thr iiiaM 
niinvniuii arc the AralH ; and the 
niinihiT ii mriwinly aiatitl fhxti 
UOvOOO to 700,000; nboiii .100,000 ii 
cnnndrn-d nfamt the truth. It ii 
about M mik'i W of Srux. N lat. 10 
a4 M, Elan. .11 18 ). 

CAlHO,ii niiall po« villaRP, ■itin- 
trd on thr N Iwnk of CiiinlarlniKl h- 
vtTjin thi'tiate of 'I'cimwmm', in Siini- 
nrr county, 30 iiiili't 1& of Niuhvillf, 
an) 730 8 fiy W of WaibinctiHi. Il 
hai n mnall cotton fhctory, auuaiwilii'r 
fiir iM'mp. 

CAJHU, ■ poat tirwnvtiin of Nw 
Tork, in Orai'se county. It coniaim 
a PniibftiTian mmJni^lHHw, iiml <^ 
It iniht 'W uif Atheni, nnd 36% Turn 
'Wlthiii|rio». Population SOU. 

CAIHOAN, or KAIROAN, ■ town 
of the klii|(dani of 'riinin, on thr rinr 
MaipMa, 80 niik'i S of Tuiiii. £ km. 
10, 19, N lat. 3J, 30. 

C A ITH S E." »H 1 H E, the inmt mrtrth- 
rrly county of Scutliind, bouiaVil im 
the E by tnc ocean, on the S ami SW 
by Strnthimveii ami SuthtTlaial. On 
Ue N il U washed by the Piiivlao*! 


[ 73 ) 


iVUh, which nowibelwfan thia ciHiiily 
ftlid ibi' UrkiM*)*. Il, in'ftitiit i'\ii lit 
ia Ii inika IViiiii N to S, uial io IVimi K 
to W. Thi' clinuili la Kim*', uml ■'■<' 
•oil around th<' rimitvi'ry iiiiiinivahli'. 
Itjchk'f •'.a|H>iU arr In-, f, iiti iil, Iwrli y, 
hiut< r, chi-, a , iiirii, akiiia, fi atli< ra, 
awl ki Ip. Kii|irluh ia cliirll) apuki n un 
thi coaat. Iiiit in llie liigliUiala iIh' Oai- 
He pr viiila. 

(AI.AHKIA, a niimtry of NiipUi, 
divided into «'»N','u.. Cit-rtare, aial 
••^Whri.'i Lltriiin', or llithtr uihI 

rurther Calaliriii. I'lu- flrat ia i il' 

the 12 urovinri a of Niiplea, hoiiialitl 
(Ml the 8 by Calaliria I'lti rior,-, on ihi- 
K hy naaillirat*, aiul on iIm' W uwI tt, 
by ibi' MixtitirraiHan. Cinti-niui u tin 
ca|iital. I'nlaliriii Hit. rior ia wiialinl 
In till' Mialiii imiu'an oil tiK' K, 8, iiirl 
W, hihI hoiiiHlial by Calabria i'ittTiiir<- 
olilhiN. It.Klfio ia tlie caoiliil, I lija 
country wh« fiitin'ly d'-aoluiut bj tb^ 
rarthi|imki a in Man'h awl Fi briiary, 
17HJ. Jk-aiilea the (k atriiction of nmii) 
rtiwna, villnu^'a, himI ririiia, Htxiir 
40/100 p"opk' iH'riahi'd l>) iblacnianiii), 
itupewkiiis iifterutioiia were imcoaioiV' 
xliHi the faei'of till coiine.'v. Muun- 
miiu were aplit, aiHlviiHua formiil in 
iiiiiiiitanti nrw rivera b ^'ull to How : 
iitlirn dHiaiki'd iipby ilie flillii,^ in of 
rtie hil la. were cuiivertitl into Itiki a, or 
aiiiik iiiio the earth and di atniyial ; 
plantHiiona wen' n niowtl ftimi tlu-ir 
,lliutioiia, awl lijlla curried to plncca 
liir diataiit. 

CALAIS, a traport of France, in 
llie department of the Mtmita of C» 
laia. II ia built In the I'oriii of a triiin- 
(tie, one aide of which ia lowania tlie 
VI. Packet hoiii a go twice a-wrek be- 
iwwn Dover and Calaia. It ii 2n» 
iiiilea N of Paria. Population lUfiuO, 
E Ion. 1 il, N lat. 50 97 31. 

CALAIS, ST. a town of France, in 
llie dcpurtinen: of Surle, and Inte pro- 
luioe of Maine, it) niikt SW of 'Cen- 

CALAMATA, a town of Turkey, 
mKuropr,in llie Morea. Ititandaon 
thf river Spinarza, 8 milea from the 
.McditrrraDean. K Ion. 21 5i, N hit. 
37 0. 

CATAJUD, ■ town of Spain, in 
uragon. at the cnnlluerce of Xakni 
aud Xikica, with a caiOe on a rock. 
37 luik^i 8 W of Saragoiu. W Ion. 1 », 
N Int. 4 1 4'2. 

VALATAOIONE, iiity of SicUv. 

ill ihi' Val di NiMo, ailiinlrd on die 
tup of a bi|ih inaulaliil liel, 

I'AI.AntAVA, a low II of Spain, 
in New lailik', ihi' rhii ' (ilnei af Uie 
iiiilitHr)f onkrof ila bnixhiiui Calniia- 
va. Il ia aealed near the i ■iiridnina, NO 
iiiifea S of .Mitdrkl. W k ii. 1 iu, N 
lal. .lu 4. 

CALIlAttV, or CAtnAl.. a ui- 
irici l)iiiKun iIh' W euaai of AfVici, 
h> t»een ilie Hio Heal uikI thv riter 
l^'orcaika.— Alao tin* name of a liver 
that wniera iIh' dittiici, which ia ii jt 
bill aliiillijw. 

CAl.HK.s, a town ol' (lerniany. in 
tin' okl iiiaii'lH' of HraiHlriiburK, miiIi 
a ffiHKl cuaik, .12 iiiilra N of Magilr- 

(' ALUAH, a iiiwii of llii duchy of 
CI vi a, M uti d 111 iir tile Ubiiu , H iiiilis 
•SK of Clma. K luu. S »5, N laL 
il 40. 

CALCINA TO, u «iiwn of luily, in 
the Mnniiuin, r, iiiurkiible lor u viv 
tury iraiiieil uvi r the Aiiatriaiia, In llie 
Fri ncli, ill 170(1. It ia 2i mill , NK of 
Milan. K Ion. 52, N kil. 49 45. 

LIAM, tile eni|Hiriuiii of 11 iikbI, tir 
tuati on the E anL of the lliaiKly, or 
Weill rii arm of Uie Uaii|j;i a, lon niiira 
from the a II, in iIh: bu) of Ikii)^ 
Viibiiiib a. 2.)..i' JJ yiara, CaUoiw 
liHi Ui II woihI. ilnlly iiiipruvid both 
ill appearaiii'^ uml in the aalubrily of 
Ilii ajr, liir il.i airnta have been pro- 

IH I'ly iirai ami tli. (loiMta flik'd up. 

It la aiipiii.ed to coiiuin at Kn«t 
500,000 iiiliuliitunla. Tlie Guikti ij 
iiuvignbl' up to iIk- town for the 
Ur^eat aliipa that viait Imlia. Hen' ^ 
the teat ol tlu- |^Vi riior-Kuu ral, aial 
council of Deu)^. In 1756, Cuicutta 
waa taken bv tin' aoubali of B.ii|!iil, 
who forced Uie feiblc (ptrrlaun, to the 
Biiiiiunt of lit pi vaoiia, into n priaoa 
lallcd the lllaek Hole, a tiibt ol 18 
f 1 1, out of which only 23 caiue alive. 
It wai ntakeii ibe mxi yiar. Ijnme- 
iliaiily aft' :• tliia vieuiry, the erection 
of Fort AV'illiain coiiuiienci<l, which 
ia iii|Hrior to any l(jitr.u in Iwlja. 
Calcutta it 10.10 milet NNE of M» 
draa. E hiii. 88 38, N lat. 22 23. 

CALDEH, a river in Yiirkihire, 
whicli rial a on the borden of Lane* 
abirc, and falli into the Aire, eieht 
mil.a below WukeHekl. It it naviga. 
ble the pri'ati r pivt of ita coiurte. 
VAmoomA, ii^W, a large ia- 



I 74 1 


1«ik1,id tie a IMcilio Ocean, eneiBi- 
iiiK lb >m W UJ Sa tJeg. CI 'at. mA froin 
li)3tol67<leg.Klou. It »i« "'•<»■ 
Tifn d by Caiiuiiii Cwik, in 177.1. 
CAl.fe:Oto'IA» » iwn totinshipin 

(itiin-ju t^Jtmt)', Niw Vurk. It . 
946 milt's irom AlbHiiy «inl 3M itvm 
Wiwliiiigloii. Pi)piil:ilion 33.1S. 

CALENHBKG, a tastk' of I-ow(r 
i-inxrai) , i-npiul of tlu' ilui-hy of Bi!i iw 
ivii:lj Ciili-nUni> »='"* "" the nvir 
l.nis», 10 >Mt.. S of Hanovtr. E Ion. 
10 £, N Lil. «» U. 

CA.LI, a town of 'IVn-a Firms, in 
Pouajaiu in a vallty of tte wme 
naiiit, on the river Canca. W Ion. 
77 S, N lat.JI*. 

CAUCU'l,, « <ouiilry on the cMiit 
of Malabin-, M riiiles in lensth, anU (u 
nmch ill bi-eac tK It n)rocUiees jitlilKr, 
(TjipiT, alois, mi rice. . , , . 
CALICVl, > city, cui,ittil of a 
toiiiKr} of tl."- «aroi' name, on UR 
lOHsl of Mnlnhar. It win tli'- first In- 
«liiui iKirt visilHl hy Ecroixaii stiiii- 
in?. The English have a fi>cu»y 
hem It it 320 miles WSW ol M* 
Abs. E Ion. Y4 24, N liit. U 18. 

CALIFORNIA, a pc-Tiinse..i ut N 
America, in Uie N Peciric Ocean, sejia- 
mted from the W toast of Aiaerwa, 
by tJie gulf of Califoniuu It »-at Oil- 
fovirtd by Cortes, in H3fl. 

CAIXAH EL, a town lU the west- 
ern proviiit« of Algiers, isatuiitwlon 
an fnijtteiice IS miles NE of Miis^ 

(Uil-LAO, a seaport of » Americu, 
in Peru. The harlwiir is the best m 
Ute 3 Sen, It wai iilmoit toially mi- 
stroyed by an e«rthqu5\ke, 111 I74fl. it 
is live nrifci fnirn lama, d wlueh it i» 
the iMitt, W Ion. 76 «, 8 bt. W *. It 
it Btuuted at the eiuboiichuiv ol th. 
tiw?r IJn-.H, aiid is 8 miles ;lKim the 
«ity of I jma. . . _, 

CALIA SUSUNG, :« town of the 
Jsbind BoutoTi, in the IihImu Ocnin. 
It is a mile from the nvt., oil U'e top 
of a liill, ew-iimpassed with (MtoaHiut 
trees. E tea, VIS 45, 3 Int. W 

CALLE LA, a seaiwrt. town o» Al- 
Ki?rs, in the province of Contiantia. 
Kipulafmn -WO. W Iwi. B W, N lat, 

CALLKN, n town ol IteM, in 
the count) of Kiltenry, 10 uiJi's SW 
-if Riitaainy. l^opulation MOO. *> 
(oil. T 34, *T lal. «8 38, 

<:A,U.00, » fBrtt-eu «H uw Nwlier- 

lands, in the ticnitiiry of Wnea, on 
llie fielield- suhiiet to Aiiitriii. It i» 
five miles W of Antwerp. K losi 4 JO, 
K Uu 51 13. , J. , 

CALUM;T0N, a iHMMU* in 
CorawuJI, 317 iniKs W by S ol Lon- 
don. W Ion. 4 35, N tat. HO 30. 

CALMAR, » strong seaport of 
Sweden, in the province of Sinoljiiisl. 
On an eminence, liaif ii niite from 
tiM) town, is the castle, (he oiily rt- 
maim of if" aiwient ni»gninc«io'. 
Iliis palaw, once the residence of the 
illustrious que™ Margant, » row 
coiivertitl iino a distUlery. It a ISO 
miles SW of Stockholm. E Ion. 16 
J 667, Nlut.40 

CALNlJ^ horongh in Wiltshire, 
sitiinti.d on liie bonks of the river 
Marli n. iS mil" K •><' l^ristol, and 
88 W of I/>udoii. Pcpula'iou 5062. 
Wlon. ISU, NlBt.5130. 

CALVI, *i> episcopnl to«n of Na- 
iihi, in the Ter-« di Ijiii'Bi, eight 
miles N of Capua. K M 19, N lat, 
41 1'. , „ . 

Cas.'." « town of Corsiea, on * 
craeiry mountain and Riilf of the awe 
iiaiSe, wiiJi a strong flirtress, mid a 

Imioii harliotvr. It is 32 miles SW ol 
Uislia. E Ion. 9 16, N lat. 42 26. 
CAM, m- GRANT, a. nvcr wjidi 
riit.s in Hert?, and Tiiiining ^E by 
Cambridge into tin; isle of Fly, tliere 
fulls into the Oiise, to which river it 
is nnvigabK from Canihridgi'. 

island of tlie Ked Sea, lying bitwein 
Loheia and cupe Israel, on the Ara- 
bian «.ast. Elttt. 15 3130. 

CAM AH AT, 8 seaiKiit of trance, 
in the department of Fiiiirteirt. 
It stands on tlie hny of tlie same 
mime. /. ... j 

CAMBAV, a large city of Huidoos- 
lan Pniper, in the provmot of Ouw- 
i-iit. It stands on a dwp and daiigi^ 
roUii gulf »r tlie same name, and was 
UieCainanesof IHoUmy. The inhj- 
bitantisre noted for embroidery. It 
is subject 1o tlB- Pooiiah Malirattas, iB 
U'e iwrt of AiiiMtabud, iVom which il 
is distant 56 miles. E Ion, 72 10, Jf IK. 

CAMBODIA, a kingdom (if Ana, 
bounded on (lie N by Laos, ™ ♦J' » 
by Cochin-china and Cismwi. and on 
tfte 8 mid W by the gulf and kuigdoro 

1 CAMiouiA i» the winf*'* i™"** 

' ;istSiMaMliW4,1*l«W»aw«J«akiS?2^i»«ffl«SiW 

74 ] 







t in 


. It 

it ia 

. It 



' the 

• top 

f Al- 
ii tie. 

i, in 
. SW 

. V»' 



lamls, in the temtiiry of Wnes, OB 
llie fiflvrW- sulmcf to Austrin. It w 
tire iiiiltn W «l' Aiit»iri>. K •«> 4 M, 
K Isu 51 13. ... 

CwnwuJI, 317 milvi W htr S ol Left- 
duik W Ion. 4 35, N l«t. HO 30. 

CALMAR, » strung Maport of 
Mwi-den, in the province of 8inol»«1. 
On an tniJwiM*> liaif ii niite ttora 
tlie town, i« tl»' castk-, the only rt- 
mains of its aiwient niagniftcnice. 
lliii iMlaoi', mice the rwiiknce of the 
iilujtriotu qui>™ Margaitt, !» row 
convtrtitl iino a iliitilliTjr. It » 130 
niilu SW of Stockholm. E Ion. 16 

CALKli, a boronifh m Wiltshire, 
sitimtitl on liie bonla of the river 
Marii n. in >iiilf» K »f nriitol, «nU 
88 W of I/JuAui. Pcpula'iou 6062. 
Wioii. H'J, WlHt.5130. 

CALVI, *i>. episcopal to« n of Na- 
iiUi, in tlie Ter-« di I^wra, eight 
milts K of Capua. K. M 19, N iat, 
41 !'• - „ . 

CA*.'." « town o*^ Cornea, on a 
craeiry mountain and Rnlf of the laine 
name, witji a strong fbrlrew. and a 

Ieuod harlioiVT. It is 32 imlts SW ot 
Biislia. E Ion. e 16, N Iat. 42 26. 
CAM, or GRANT, u nvcr v*idi 
riies in Hert«, and running NE by 
Camhridge into tin^ nie of Fly, tlierB 
I'll lis into the Ome, tu which river it 
is nnvieabl. from ^anibriiiKi'. 

islam! of the Red Sea, lying bitwein 
Lohcia and cupe Israel, on the Ara- 
bian «.ast, K Iat. 15 31 30. 

CAMAHA r, a diaiKiit of France, 
ill the departimnt of Fmirteife. 
It stands on tlw bny of tlie sanK 

CAMBAV, a large eity of Huidons- 
lan Pniper, m the provinoe ol C«uze. 
Hit. It stands on a d«p and dange- 
roUii gulf of tlie same name, and was 
tl.eCainan.isof IHolimy. The inhj- 
bitaiitsare noted for embroidery. It 
is subiect to tlH- P.101U* Malirattas, ib 
tlie ixjrt of Ai.iedabad, iVom which il 
is distant 56 miles. E Ion. 7» 10, Jf Iat. 

CAMBODIA, ft kingdom of Ana, 
boundi-d on the N by Ijios, im tjf ^ 
by Cochin-china and Cismwi. and on 
tfc S mid W by the gulf and kuigdoro 

I CAiwioBIA i» the winMil, KWf 


t rs ] 


ee tha river Mecan, ot Cambodia. E 
Jon. 104 5. N lau 13 :o. 

CAMBHAT, a fortified <:it/ of 
France, in the department of th.> 
North. It has a considerable manufnc- 
turf of cainbi'ics, which look tlieir 
i.ime fi-om this city. It is seated on 
the IkheM, 102 milei N of Paris. The 

tirit»ci|«l houil and the epii opal pa- 
lieu, are siijierb edifices ; the catht- 
dr«l bns be*n murli admired for its 
HKepli; ; hesidei tk »> it contains two 
coth-giate and 8 pa itii churches; also 
aeverJ ablxiys ami hospitals. Popii- 
iatwm 15,6C«, E Ion, 3 13 41, N Iat. 50 

CAMBRIDGE, the eountytown of 
Cainhridgeshire, and sieat of a cel.> 
hruieii iiiiivenity. II takes tlie naii.e 
mf Cainbridgc from die bridge over 
till Cam, wbieb divides the town into 
twc part*. It enjoys great privilege's, 
and IS govein>.il by the chaneellor, the 
high utiward, the vice chancellor, and 
•everni other inferior offleers. It con- 
tains U colleges, and four halls which, 
imlike those at Oxiord, have equal pri- 
rikges v'-'b die lolleges. Of the col- 
leges, Peter Hou e is the most ancient, 
being founded in 1257; and King^s 
and Trinity colleges the nost consi- 
derable. King's Gulh^ is tlie noblest 
foundation in Eui'0|ie, aial the eliapel 
if one of the finest pieces of Ciothie 
arcbitectiir.' in the worU. I'he library, 
chapel. &c. of Trinity cut I' s^, justly 
place it in the first rank, li ri- is also 
R buianical garden, aikl a general hot- 
pitai, callea Addenbniok's from the 
name af the founder. It is 51 miles N 
by E of Lundeik Population 11.108. 
E Ion. 4 If , N la^ 52 11 36. 

CAMBRIDGE a village in Gkw- 
cestcnhire, near Herkley, on the river 

CAMBRIl}GE,a post wwn in Mkl- 
diewjt euuuty Masniteliuuetts. It lias 
2,S3$ iuhahilanis, iiiul ii llaurisliing 
iHiivnniti', which uonsista of four cU^ 
gUDt brirk houiea, and is, with ivspect 
li> its library. pUloaopUctil apparatus, 
and profbwarsiiigin, the fb-st literary 
iiuiitotMHi ill Amerieii. It w„iesta- 
Mished in 16;ig,uid lias ginerally Oom 
ISO- to 150 siiidenu. 

CAMBHIDOIS, a mviinf Wosbing- 
t«n count), and Mate of New York. 
It is a post to wnsitin 3f mikx NE of Al- 
lwBy,ajid411 Ei^Nfrouk WiiUngton. 
PoputotioB iu mo, 6730, . 

CAMBRIDGF^ the cliief town ,,Y 
Dorcliester county, Murybnd. It is llt- 
tuuted on tlie S side of Clioptaiik ri- 
ver, about 12 niik^s f'ruin its luouib, and 
101 from Washington. It is a poit 
town. Population about 300. 

CAMBHIDGE. a town iv) South 
Carolina, the priiici|ial sett of justice 
for the district of Ninety Six. li is 
about 160 raik» N W of Cliarleston, and 
194 SW of Washington. 

CA.MBRIDGG, a (wit town of S 
CaiYjliiia, in Abbeville district, is plea- 
santly situatesl on an elevated plain a- 
bout 7 miles f.-om Saluda river, wliiah 
at no very considerable expense might 
be ma\e navin.ble for boots of 10 or 20 . 
toiist. Joiuiiibia. This town isreiniu'k* 
able for u stige in 1781, by the Ame- 
rican troops under General Greene, 
against a British garrison. Population 
19J, of wlioui 1 14 ar>.' slaves. It is 70 
miles W from Cnlumbiii, 58 fi-om Au- 
gusta in Geoi-giu, and 5U4 from Wash- 

CAMBRIOGZSHIRE,a cotihty of 
C'igland, bouHed on the N W bv Lin- 
colnshire, on tl>.' NE by Nuifolk, on 
the E b) SufToP , on the S by Essex 
and Herts, tai oii the W by tiK coun- 
ties of Huntingdon, Bedford, and 
Northampton. It extends 50 miles 
from N lo S, and 25 from E to W. 

CAMUEN, a post town in Lincoln 
eouuty, Maine, situated on the western 
•kle of Penobscot bay. 96 miles E of 
Portland, and A7t> rmm WashinaiCm. R 
Ion. 7 53 5, N Iat. 44 13 9. 

CAMUEN, a pose to .iiship in Onei- 
da county, New York. It nfit^iiiis 1 
congregational church and 1133''inhl^ 
bitants. Distant from Washington 427 

CAMDEN, a post town in Kersliaw 
county, South Carolina, situated on 
the E side of Wateree, 3» miles ?iE of 
Columbia, and 158 N b'y W of Charles- 
ton. It was the scene of two coiisi- 
deraUt actians between the Ui-itiili and 
American armies, during the war of 
the revelation It contaiiu a presl.y- 
tecian, a melhodisi, and a baiitist 
church, a court housts jail, und alK.ut 
IfO house*. Il is disti.-nt from Wasli- 
iiigtou 471 miles. 

CAiMELKORD, a borough in Corn- 
wall, seated on ibe river Camel, 22<> 
miks W by S of Londoiu It ii go- 
ViYned by a mayor, and seudi tivo igeni- 
bert to pMrliament. -. - •■ 

AUttka^atiiiieMie^i^aifi '< 


[ 76 ] 


CAHERINO, an aneient and popu- 
Idu« towu of lul). It ii arated on a. 
mouatain near tV Appeniim aiid the 
river Chinita, 37 iiillei SW of Ancona. 
E Ion. 13 3, N lat. 43 15. 

CAMILI.US, a pott towmhip of 
Nt'M Toi-k,in Oiiondn county dtuat- 
ed un Seneca river. Population S388. 
It i> lao niikt westerly of Albany and 
447 northerly of WaiMiiKton. 

CAMMIN, a Kaport of Pruuian 
Poiiierania, m flx; principality of the 
lamu iiaiue ; seated on the Oder, appi>- 
site tin! isle of Wollin 30 miles N of 
Statin. E Ion. 14 55, N lat. 54 4. 

CAMINHA, a seaiwrt of PortUKnl, 
in II*' province of F.ntroOructo-«>Miii- 
ho, at t^ mouth of the river Minbo, 
12 injlit N of Yiaiis. W Ion. 8 29, N 
lat. 41 50, 

town of Naples in Principatia Ulte. 
riore 40 hiiks SE of Naples. E Ion. 
15 10, N lat. 40 35. 

ly LATIUjtd, a province of Italy, ex- 
tending 6U iniles SB alonf; the Medi- 
terranean, to tlK frontiers of Naples, 
Ibrmeriy the most delightful and 
mott populous country in the world : 
few villages, little cultivation, and 
aearcaly any inhabitants are now (o be 

CAMPapLTON, a boiMOgh of Scot 
land, in Argyleshire. It has a good 
harbour and is situated on the E coast 
of BSityre. I'opulatiun about 0000. 
W Ion. 5 .14, V lau 55 20. 

CAMPDEN, a uwn in Gloucesteiv 
dure, 32 mi lei, nb of Gloucester, and 
*7 WNWuriKindon. Population 1313. 
W Ion. I SO, N lat. 52 4. 

CAMPEACHY, a town of Mexico, 
In S Amcnca,in die peninsula of Yuca- 
tan, on tlie E coast of a bay of the same 
-Mue. It is noted for logwood, which, 
tewever, does not grow very near it. 
W Ion. 00 57, N lai. 20 0. 

CAMPEN, a town of tlie United 
Provinces in Overyssel. It is seated 
n™r the inouth ol the Yssei, on the 
Zuider Zfv, 44 iniles NE oi' Amiter- 
duiii. E Ion. 5 55, N lat. 52 38. 

CA6IPOU, a town of Naples in A- 
bruzzo Ulteriore, 23 miles S by E of 
Aquilii. E Ion, 23 57, N lat. 42 42. 

tAMPO MAJOR, a town of Porto- 
sal, in Alentejo, 100 miles E of Lis- 
ton. VY loll.? 4,N lat 38 53. 

CAMPRBDON, a townof ^ah^iii 

Cataknia, at the foot of the Pyicwei, 
and on Ibe river Ter, 45 miles N of 
Baredooa. W Ion. 3 10, K lat. 42 

CANAAN, a post town in Kennebec 
county, Maine, situated on the W tide 
of Kennebec river, 54 miles N of Wis- 
caiset, 230 NE of Boston, and 683 
ot Washington. It contains a congre- 
gational meeting house, and 1275 inha- 
bitants. E Ion. from Washington, U 1 
40, N lat, 44 17 8. 

C AN AAN.a post town of LitcbBeM 
county, Connecticut, near the line that 
diMdet this state from Massachusetts, 
situated on the Housatooic river, 18 
niiles N of IJtchHeM the shire town. 47 
N W of Hartfoitl.and 358 NE of Wash- 
ington. PopuUiiion 2203. 

CANAAN, a post town in Grafton 
county. New Ham|>shire, on the Ma> 
cany river, about 12 miles E of Dan- 
mouth college, and 510 from Washing- 
ton. Population 1004. 

CANAAN, a post township of Veiv. 
moiit in Essex county, is situated oo 
Conneeticuc river, at the foot of a higb 
mountain. 65 miles from Newbury, 
and ao« NE of Washington. Popul*. 
Qoii 232. 

CANAAN, the country so named 
u»m Canaan the son of Haiti. It lies 
between the Medilemuitan and the 
mouniaiiis of .\rabia,and extendsfrom 
Egypt to Plieiiicia. Its leiigib is about 
70 leagues, and its breadui in some 
places 30. 

CANADA, a large country of » 
America, bounded on the N by N;« 
Briuin, on tlie E by the gi.lf of St. 
Lawrenee.ontbe ShyNew Brnniwick 
and the United States, and uii the W 
by imknoivn lauds. It lies between 42, 
30 and 50 deg. of N lat. and 64 and 
37 deg. of W long. It was fli-st diseO' 
verrd in 1495, and tlie Arst pennuiient 
settlcnieiit made in 1808. The climate 
is extremely cukl. Winter commences 
in November and lasts till April, The 
spring however, is short, aiid vegeta- 
Uon rapid. The face ol' the counU7 
in tk' lower province, ii hilly and often 
mounounousi in Upper Canada, the 
lands are generallv %M Wheat and 
other ^am are rais^ in considerable 
quantities, file articles of exportation 
are fun, and «a|DnbI prodiifc. 'IIh 
W mcipal riven are tie St. Lawtence, 
aaguenaj, Montmorency, Chaudierr, 
9k Am, A^nei CaiUeu, Sorrd or. 


niilation . 
by the En 
10 them h] 
the count! 
riiiccs, ll[ 
nada. of w 
a the chic 

gf New ) 
pmeiy o 
ndeuf the 
ot' ^Jbouy, 
i>. >:«utain 
1 for ba|i 
UpwanJ, : 
ill this til 
ins and ' 
sail severs 

of Nf* 'i 
c-'lEty, «il 
vhicb thi 
built on o: 
in length 
miles w a 
of Niagan 
N lat. ii ■ 
ton 18 4 


ed in Unti 
is about 1 
breadth oi 
St the V c 
woe naiB 
milei, aiK 

die coast 
Tippoo Si 
the Eugli 
17g2. ft 
bay en tht 
taut tVom 
NW. Nl 

of M:ilaba 
Uileg. N 
miles m I 
port is On 

NARY, tt 
Mauds, all 
or Afrsctt, 


76 ] 


CatnkniB, at the foot of the Pyranei, 
and on the river Trr, 45 iniiei N of 
Barcdooa. W Ion. 3 10, K lat. 4t 

CANAAN, a post town in Kennebpc 
oouiity, Maine, lituatcd on the W side 
of Keiinebee river, 54 miles 'N of Wii- 
cataet, 230 NE of Bouuu, and 083 
of Washington. It contains a congre- 
gational meeting house, and 1375 inha- 
hitanta. E Ion. fVam Washineton, U 1 

C AN AAN.a port town of LitcbBeM 
county, Connecticut, near the line that 
diMdet this state fVon) Maiaachusetts, 
situated on the- Hoiisatonic river, 18 
miles N of Ijtchfield the shire town. 47 
N W of Hartfoni.and 358 NK of Wash- 
ington. Population 2303. 

CANAAN, a post town in Grafton 
county. New Ham|nhire, on the Mai- 
cany river, about 12 miles E of Dart- 
mouth college, and JlS Oram Washing- 
ton. Population 1064. 

CANAAN,* post township of Ver- 
main in Essex coiuty, is situated on 
Connecticut river, at the foot of a high 
mountain. 65 miles from Newbury, 
and 606 NE of Washington. Papul». 
tioii 232. 

CANAAN, the country so named 
(ram Canaan the son of Hath. It lies 
between the Medilemmtan and the 
mountaiiu uf .\rabia,and extendsfrom 
Egypt to Pbenicia. Its length is nbout 
7a leagues, and its breadui in some 
places 30. 

CANADA, a large country of » 
America, bounded on the N b) N:« 
Briuin, on tlie E by the gi.lfof St. 
Lawren«e.onibe ShyNew Brunswick 
and the United States, and on the W 
by unknovvii hmds. It lies between 4SL 
30 and 50 deg. of N lat. and 64 and 
07 deg. of W long. It was fli-st disc» 
vered in 1495, and tlie first ueriiiunent 
•etilenient made iu 1608. The climate 
is extremely cokl. Winter commences 
in November and lasts till April, The 
spring however, is short, and vegeta- 
tion rapid. The face of the country 
in tk' lower province, ii hilly an) ofiten 
mounuunousi in Upper Canada, the 
lands are genenllv fc*ri. Wheat ami 
other ^am are rais^ in considerable 
qunutities. TiM articles of exportation 
are furs, and «a|DnbI produfc. 'Hn 
pimcipal riven We the St. Lawrence, 
Saguena;, Montmorency, Chaiidierc, 
Su AjuH Ja^nei CarUeu, Sorrd or. 


[ 77 1 


ChamUy, Utawas, or Grand river. Fo- 
nulation 300,000. It was conourmi 
by the English, in 175g,aud cuiinrmed 
to them by the peace of 1763. In 1701, 
the country was divided into two pro- 
rinccs, Up|ier Cjuuah, ani) Lower C;i- 
uda. of wbich Hatter province Qwbec 
ii the chief town. 
CANAJOHAKIE, a post ton-niliip 
■ New Xork in the S p:u-t of Mont- 
nmery county, is situated on tbe S 
ndeof the Mo'.iBwk river, 40 miles NW 
of ^.ibnuy, and 418 from Wusliiiigcun. 
i: cwuains 3 l>uich refbrnieil ehnrchui, 
1 tor baptists, and 4010 iiiliabitants. 
Upwartl,af 50 houses * ere desiroyrd 
ill this tn»iiship in 1780, by the Indi- 
ans and *<,rie4, under Mr J. Johnson, 
snd sevcnii lunrilies masKtcred. 

CANANUAIUUA, a piis<. township 
of >Vw Yorii, and capital uf Ontiirio 
tj'.iEty, situated at the N piut of C* 
naiidaigiia lake, near the outlet of 
vhicb the Hourishing villus of Cu- 
nandaigua, is ^leatanily seated, tt is 
built on one main street nearly 2 miles 
in length, and has a eouit liouse, an 
seadeiur, and an arsenal. It U 208 
miles W of Albany, 108 IVom t\w falls 
of Kiagara, and 376 N of Wusliiugton. 
N lal. 42 48 11, W UHLfruni Wushlii);- 
ton 18 47. The pniHilation of the 
towo'.hip in 1810, was S3U2. 

DAHClUe LA'tK, is centrally situat- 
ed in Ontario e ituity. New Turk. It 
is about 14 mik s long, and its medium 
breadth one >:.ile. It disebarges itselt 
it the V end, and forms a river of 'he 
nine oaine, which runs NE about 45 
miles, and forms a Jimction with toe 

CANANORE, a large .waport, on 
the coast of Malabar. It was ixdi-A by 
Tippoo Sultan, regent of Mysore, to 
the English Kasi India Coiiipnny, in 
1742. ft lies ai tbe bottom of a Sfiall 
bay en the coast of Malabar, and is dis- 
tant IVom Tellicherry, about 15 miles 
NW. N lat. 11 55, E Ion. 75 14. 

CANARA, t province on the cnett 
or Malabar. It extends between 12 ami 
u ileg. N lat. and u firani 30 to 00 
miles m breadth. Its most nortfaf rt> 
inrt h Onore, in N Ut. 14 SO. 

CAltARIA, or :he QUAND CA- 
NARY, the principal of the C&nai7 
Iilaiids,aliout 180 mill ". fi-oni tbe cinM 
or AfrAca, which gives luuae ic the 

whole. It is a fruitful islnmj, and Gt, 
mous for tlie wine that bears itii name ; 
the temneraiiire of its tt'.i' i» ilulight- 
ful. ileVe are >wo wlwat luirvtjtts in 
February am! May. It is 42 miles Iimie, 
and 27 broad. It lias a capital uf the 
same luiine, and lies in N !ut 28 4, W 
Ion. )3 50. 

CANARY ISLANDS, anciently 
called Fortunate Islaiuls, lyin^ in tlie 
Atlantic ocean nlwul ISO miles W of 
the coast of AfVivn, between 27, 30 nnd 
30 deg. N lat. They are seven in nnio- 

CANCALLE. a Imy on the coast of 
Fr-.inos, 10 miles E ol St. Maloes. 

CANUAHAH, a kinmlom of A««, 
betwei-n llie rivtr Indus aial Periia, 
boiiialKl on the E by Liihiire, on the 
SE by Moultaii.and on tlie W by Her- 
nia, and ii bulb ixipnijus aial Huiirislh 
ing. From its favo'irabie sitii.itiun on 
tlie great rood .vnicli «anllt^cts Imlia 
with Pemia ami Tartary,. it has long 
bueii a distiiiguisheil mart.uf trade. N 
lat. 33, E Ion. 65 33. 

CANDEISH, a rich and populous 
province, in tbe l>eccan of HindiKistan, 
subject to the I'uonali Mahratta^. It is 
liminiU'd on tlie N by Malwr., on tla! 
E by IJerar, on the S by Dowliitaboil 
iMiJ on the W by Uagliuia. Caiida- 
bor, a rich t> adiug city is t>'.e > ipi- 

CANDIA. nn island iu tlie Mcditi;;-- 
r.anean, formerly Crete, lyiiie; to tlie S 
of tlie Archipelago. The productsott^ 
com, wine, oil, woo!, silk and excellent 
liouey. The climate of Candla is do- 
lighiful ; escept in Dectmlier and Ja- 
nuary, the wlwle year is uie continucil 
tine day. Tlie sky is always unclauU- 
ed ami serene ; die winds mild and i-o- 
(reshiiig breexca. The jnonntaiiis aro 
covered with a great iiuiiiber of odori- 
fei-uus plants; th7 rivulets which flow 
dowi. the vallies, are overhunj; with 
myrtles, ami jaurel-i-oses. In a word, 
from the hills, the vales ami the plains, 
on all liamls there arise clont!« of ev 
aui^le,>J>erfuiiies, which enib:ilni the 
airj iin<< render it a luxury to brenthu 
it. Caiidia is 200 miks in length, and 
;u in breadth. It is 500 miles SW uf 
Constantinople. Cvindia the of 
the above island, was formerly pupu- 
loiH, aiul ponsessed a lloiirithitig coiii- 
iiieree, under the fostering hand of itie 
Veucliuiu. Ibis city \\m besieged by 


I « 1 


thf Turk» in i'146, which tontinued 
for 24 >i-»rs. befrre it snireinUred ; 
30,fO0 chriitmiM wre (lettpu>Kl clur- 
h\i; the «i' Re, ami iiiore than )ii'),000 
Otti.mum (M-rifhtHl at thefiwtofiu 
wall'. P.iputetion about UvOOO. E Ion. 
as IS N l«t. 35 19. 

CANDY K kiiii?liim of Cevlon, con- 
tfliiiiii^ uliout n qiiarttv iil' the !..'.atKl. 
'Jlie king is ataolute, and hii tubjicis 
areMiilntiTa. . , 

CANDY, the cRiiital of * kinndom 
of thr same n«>ne,iiithp isliind of Ce>- 
lon. It was oflen biiint by the Portti- 
BUnr, when they wiTo mastei's of thfse 
coa»ts. E Ion, 80 J2. N lat. 7 4S. 

CANEA, a jeapoil town of taiMba, 
lies on iIhj N »ide of tl.i; iilaiid. at tiK 
eastern extremity of a larije hay. P<v 
uulntion about 7000. E Ion. 24 J5, N 


tAKK,, GBP no DEL, a fttiwHU 
(trotiu, on the bonks of Lake d'\gaiio. 
7 niik-9 from Fniioli m the kmploni 
of Nniiles. A sntfocating vapour mrm 
a foot above tlr- iw torn of tliis cave, 
aiMl is devtriicliYe to life. 

CANETO s town of t!ir 
MmHiian, on thi riv.r Ogbo. ofieij 
taken and rtlnken by the Inenth and 
Austriani. It )« 20 mik'S W of Man- 
tua. E Ion. 10 2i, fi Im. « 9. 

t'AKFIEl.D. a sni!;!". town with a 

wst ofi'c'-. in IfHoibnll iount\ , Ohio, 

• fi H>ilt;» N by W o) Vurt M'lr.tOili, 

Mid 321 from Wushiii(;ion, 
, CANGEHECOHA,aUi(fe rivtrof 
"tiie iK-niintda of llii.duusiiin. U lun 
to source in the Uuuli and r-inninB 
8W luthecojtt of Malaliar,entei»the 
Jiidiiin Ocean, lour indte la the N of 
mount Uillat !«'iorc which its course 
it iwcallel with the jescoast lor about 
H mdes, being sepiu-aU'd only by a 

rtVlNA, the capita! of a dmrict 
i' V v; u .t. ..? name, in the N ptiri uf Al- 
^•..ui. .1 province of Tiirk/V iu Eo- 
l\,t>e ';. }near tlie entrance ot the 
»,i!' *i - -nice, eight miles N of Ve- 
faua. K kin. 19 »». N III. 41 IS. 

CANISTEO CREEK, risei liV the 
JJW part of Sleuhtn county, NeSf 
York, and SE to Tio^o river, 
which it enters neur ii» viHare ot 
FalntMl Post. It is alwut 60 miles long, 
40 ui' which i> boatable. 

CASISTEO, a large iwst towMhip 
of New York, in Steuben county, 3i*y 
milej fom 'Vvastiijigtou. 

CANN«, in ancient tp>fr»J^1t 
amiill tovin of Italy, 'tu«i«l on the 
river Aufidius in Apolia, no' fiw ficra 
the sea. The tnic«» o" thi« town arc 
at prenent vt-ry fWint. It ii piin<rpil- 
I V remarkalik for a gisst hattte touiglit 
lii its vicinity, betwwS! Mmmibal and 
the Romans, which nearly aooihiliifd 
itic power of the Isttw, this b».«te liap- 
peued in the year aie,be*bi«ths Chvi» 
tian era. 

CANNAY,or*;of the western ute-, 
of feioi'iiKl. SW of llie isle of 3k;i'. 
'iliis i«hind it fertile, and is noted lor 
vast hmaltic coluniiw, which riienbovt 
each other to a great lR-i|fhi, in «i»iiy 
successive ranges, each seinirati'd fiMin 
the other by a stratum of pvbUy ««■ 
cielions. . . , , . 

CANOBIA, a town ot Itajy, bi the 
MiUntse, on lake M'aggioie, 3S milw 
NSW of Milan. « Ion. 8 44, N l«t.»J 

( ANOGK, a town of Himloostm 
Pixiper, intlw (irj-'ijiccof Agnmeatai 
on the O jiipn, near its conflutiw 
wiih thi ».! iivti It is U(' miles bK 
of Asm. y "nn. 80 13, W ki. W 

CANON't '.T. an island in Nar» 

fiiaet bay, belonging to the «au of 
iKidv Mand. " The soil is ftrttle uA 
•»t\: "ultivattd; the iuhidatants n 

CANONSBURG, a post town it 
miles SW ot Pittsburg, situated on the 
VV Side of Charter's creek in Wain 
ington ■, ;nty Pennkvlvania. 

CAf. ■! , » town of tlitkingdomol 
Nnpl- .11 re. .« ui tlam. U contaim 
iHii ir.i.ri tfc.n 3 JO luiuacs, aad o«* 
pies th 't' o' the ancient tauusii™, 
onuof til. Li .1S1 populous and magnili 
e< nt cities of Itafy ' E lun. «0 32, S 
lal. 41 30. „.,_.• 

CANhfAT.B town of Suabia, m 
the duchy o< Wertemliurg, ^tiiated m 
tlie Neckiir, 2 niiks NE of StutguiL 
E lun. 14. N iat. *» S3. 

CANTAZ'.JHO, an episcopal tow 
of Naples, in Calabrio Citeriore. It » 
seatiid near Uie sen, 20 miles E of Ni- 
caetro. E ton. 16 47, N l»t. 39 3. , 

CANTKHBl/RY an aixrcntcitym 
Fngiand, ajHi eapital o» Kent couwy, 
is situated «i» fins valley, mi the bank; 
of th« ri*«r Stour, J6 miles KSh of 
Lmxlon. Its public buiklmgs ares 
cathedral, 10 churches, a town hail, im 
UMatrf. rojiulaiion ItviOO; 

78 1 


CANN«, in •iicicnt uNfirapbr.! 
atnull io«n of luly. iiu»ti<S oii the 
river Aufidius in Apoliii, iw' fiir tnim 
the i«i. The tmcei o" th» town «w 
fttpitment. icry fkim. It u priiwrp*)- 
ly rwuirkalik- for B gipit twttlt ioujtit 
m in vicinity, IjetwH* Kuiiniml aiid 
the R»mim«, »hii-h naaly uouiMnei 
xtie power of the Isttw. i)ii» fctr.Hli' lif 
ytoKti in the ye»r Sie.beibteth^ Chn» 
tian tm. 

CAN>JA\,or«?«f the weattni nlc, 
of Si'oiiuicl. bW ol' tin' iilr of ^kyv. 
■11ii» i«llil>d i« fiTtilis aiirt i« MOtfd (iir 
vMt hMMltic eolunim, which riicubovc 
each other to a greiit htiKhi . in "'.""y 
suecpi'iive raiijei, each •eiiniauil fnira 
the other by a rtrtttum of pvWily coii- 
cittioii*. . , . 

t'ANOBlA, a tovn of It»ly, in ilic 
MiUntse, on !«kc M'BjiKiuie, M tiiiln 
NN W of >lilai!. *: toll. 8 44, N l«l.<) 


( ANOCiB, a town of Hmtluotim 
ProiK-r, iti tl»e jirjvitice of Afirm, lesiai 
on the O '.injxri, iic«r itt confluiiw 
»iib th; >.;iM';i It i« 1»/ milei dH 
of Ajjra. y "uu. 80 13, W let, il 

CANONH '. . T. »ii itlmul in KanH' 
gniim-t hay, beloiiKing to the «i«u of 
KIkhI- Uhuid, ■ The «)il i« ferule anit 
Mil: -uliivutui; tlw iuhabitsnti fcT 


CANONSllURG, ■ post town U 
inih-j SW ol Pitt.liurg. gitualed on IM 
■»V wde of Charters creek in Wnt 
iiiK'on '■ ^'iity I'ennM Ivuiiit. 

VAV. ■> ■ .» town of tlK-kingdoinol 
Nnpl,. , ,11 t'Cxnui il«m. Ueoiitaiu! 
110' iiof tfcr.ii 3J0 iHimcD, icaJ tKt* 
piej ih 't' o* the anciLiil duiuiiniii, 

oiieof tl,v Li'oni populous and niagmf, 
eem eities of Italy " E Ion. UO 32, S 
lat. -41 30. „ . ^, ■ 

CA.NblAT, a town of Stiabia, n 
the iliich) ol Werteniliurg, litiiatrd on 
tlie Neckiir, 2 miles NE of Stutgdi 
K lull. 14, N lut. 4f «3. 

CAN TAZURO, ail episcopal ti>« 
of Naples, in Calabrio Citeriorf. It » 
i£«t<tl near ilie K», 10 miles E of Ni- 
uioiro. E kin. 16 47, N Ut. 39 3. 

C.XNTEHBURY Hii ai« iuit ciiyol 
FuKiaml, and espilal o> Kent couiiit, 
is situated Sftaftw-valle/, on the bniila 
of tb<) ri«r Slour, J6 miles Khh a 
Uiixlon. Its puhlie huiUlings artii 
cathedral, 10 chii«li«a, a town lwil,iial 
UkxQv. rofiulaiion itvMOi 


[ 79 3 


€ ANTKRDijn r, a tmvn in VVitxl- 1 of dangerotu rocks, called lUe Mull of 
hanicoum.yjC'onnectMsuliMi! tlieCluiiia- 
Im^; rirer, JO n>.!es E of Windhinn, H 
K hy E of Ntirwicb, and 380 of Wasl» 
ixj^on. It is ■■> ptnt fowuship, ami 
tmitairu 18)1 inhaoitsnti. 

CANTEUBUHy, a t«wnihin of 
Hockin^utn; ooiinty, Ne'v Hampshire, 
Mtuwet) un tile Meiriraatlt river, 15 
niiks W of CVneonI, ami J2'2 from 
WaihiikCtoii. II i-i a iH»t towitsliip, 
ant coiitaint KJA iiihuoitanti, 

CANIIN. CAPE, u promuniory 

of tl. • Allanlie Ocean, nii th: luasl 

of Murrocco. W Ion. 'J 5, N lut. 3a 


CANTON, or «4UANTON'ri, one 

of the smiilRti-n proviiieeD of Chiim: 

bouinled on the XB hy Fokieii, on the 

N bv Kianpi, on llie W by tiii«iii(-si. 

ai-d'tlie kiii|{dom of Tonking, and 

every whei'e olw by ilie sea, 
CANTON, a Ici-ge pt.iiulous and 

wealthy «il> of China, oipital of the 

pruvinueof'ihat name situat^tl on t' ; 

n.irtb easieni bank of t!ie river Pe- 

kiniig. It is fortified, by ii stronic ram- 
part, 9 or 7 miles in cireunifoenee. 

Tlie number of iriluibitttnti is eoniput- 

cd at one million, hut later ealeula- 

tioiis have l tie them comiderobly 

less. E Ion. I33 12, N lat « 7. 
CAiif't'ON, a township in tlie slate 

cf MasaMhiisetts, situated in Norfolk 

county, 470 miles from Wdsliingtoii. 

Tliii is n post township, and contain, 

CAN fON,a post township of New 

York, in St. Lawrence county, 400 

miks N\V of Albany and 534 fi-om 

M'athiiiKton. Population 6'>'.i. In this 

loirti is UK curiosity.calM ili" Natural 

Canal, connecting the waters of Oswi- 

ip^ebie, and ^rass river*. I' is six 

miles long aiul IVom 5 to -J rods 


ptt« town in New Casth: county, l>el»- 

wari', situatu) on Apijoquininiiiik 

cra-k, 19 miles from New i:a5tli', 52 

n-oiii Philadelphia, and l3Ufrum Wash- 

CANTYRE, a southern tJivision of 

Argyllshire in Scotland. It 'S a niir 

row iieniiMula (Itij miln lof^, and 
from Hve in eight broad. Xlb eunneci- 
«1 on the N by an i>tbmtit to a muiiii- 
laiiioiis divirict of Kmpdair. To tlie 
i> ihe jieninsula tvrninates in o great 
proiuontory, lornMAiided liy a group 


CAP'S i and other capes, in like ■in'ii- 

CAPELLE, a town of France, in 
ihr de)iirtnient of Aisne, 8 inilM NE 
of Guise. 

OAURLO, a imall islnod in ths;(ulf 
of Venice, on the coast of Venetian 
Friuli, 80 mifcs SW of Aquikia. It 
has .1 town of the came name, with ■ 
bisbop's see. £ lo.i. 12 30, N iat. 45 

CAPACIO, an episcopal town of 
Napleii, in Piincipato Ciieriore, Irt 
miles a of Salerno K Ion. 15 0, N lau 
40 20. 

CAPE COD.a point of hiwl in Ma*' 
'sachiise-l I, at tlie entrance of Masaa- 
chusetH bay. N lai. 42, W Ion. 7i. 

CAPE FEAR, a cape at the eiv 
trance of Capiv Fear river, in ihi- slate 
of North Carolina. N Ut. 34, W Ion. 


CAl'E FEAR KIVEH, lin- most 
comideraUi. river in Noitl. Ciirulina. 
It rises iiriucipally in Hockin^ham 
and Guilford couua<« ; vliciiceil pur- 
sues a SSF. course to \br. Atlantic 

■"\PK MAY,» point i>f land In the 
staw of New Jersey, forim 1 by Ihe At- 
lanlic ocean and the bay of Delaware, 
in the lat. of 39 N, and Ion. of 74 30 

the principal watof.i'-istioe in Cape 
May county, N>-." Ji-rsey, situated a 
few miles N of C8|>e May. 34 Sl'^ of 
Bridgetown, «i,d 74 of PhiMdelphia, in 
th-- hil. oi" 19 N, and 74 W. Vim is ■ 
post otB&,i 223 miles from V-' ,-hing- 

CAPE GIRARDEAU, a post town, 
in a county o" district of the same 
name, and territory of IjOui':iana. is 
situated un the W bank of the Minis- 
lippi, 40 miles above the month of Ilie 
Ohio, oihI 927 from Washingun. Popu- 
Utinii 100. From its tavourabic situa- 
tion, this town cannot fail to become a 
place of importarice. W Ion. from 
Washington 14. N lat. 37 15. 

CAl'KSTAN, II town of France, in 
the de|i;utmeiil rf Aiide, tear the ri- 
ver Aude and the fi moui canal of Lan- 

<: APITANATA, a prci-iiice of Na- 
ples, bounded on the N hy the gulf of 



\ BO ] 


T«nk«, oil the E by Tiara «a Uim, «^ 

the » by Buiilioiii and r-j-imipyto tlk- 
tm'ioFc, und on Uk W by MoUk anS 

C.'iFE Town, the cipit*! rtt Oa 
€i|ic of Good Hojre, in iitwinnl ou a 
ikipiiu pliun, at iIk SW oiriieF vf 
TuhUiliiiy. it miimhu Sif* white, 
ai<d nhcHd WjflOO bluck inhuhiustti. K 
JOJI. 13 M 15, N lal.M di 42. 

CAPUl,*!! idaniilofthc MiiKten*- 
dean, jitu««x1 on iSie S lide of ifc luiy 
•)' Kii{i)o«, still ii alHini >J raifn iu tar- 
ciimlttwuK. Itt princiiMil plactf an; 
Capii aiirt /inacaiwl. The flwmeriu 
mJj- a oBcaJl vilkiec ami tl»e IcilKi a 
imaW (ovni. «)Uh a nuniKvy, oivJ a p» 
rsiii vliMieh. T hit iOaiii] aUiuiidi wuh 
eiuili, which pnn over fwm the «»)- 1 
X\wm. Trim 12 to 19,046 are taken I 
yeerly. E l^n. U 10, N bt. «a 32. 

CAi»0 D'lS'l'SUA, a »ov/n «tf IWljr, 
in Vein ua« lrtiia.oa liic gujf uf Tiieii«, 
It i> a miU's 8 vf Triet<. X, leu. 13 m 
10, N !at. 4i M 10. 

OAPHAI-A, ail isle in the Mwliter' 
ranenii sea, to the N^ of '.:oiii«t, o«i 
nUeh it clL'iw:i)di. E loB. 10 0, N lilt. 
-a ,1. 

CAFUAjU towiiof Hiijikf,!!. Terra 
di I«vor», It ill ixo iiiileu from Uw 
aneJent ('apoa, imd »u buiit out ol 
its nitm- It woi* uW^n by tfc* Au»- 
tiitisuin ir07, aid li KntetS on tl>e 
■Volliu-Eio, 15 inilei N of Naple«. Ca- 
pua lias one 'Yillef-.iatt nburch, l« pa- 
lislicliurslK!!, ami i"ionv«nti). fiMu- 
lotiuB soec, E Ittii, u M 30, N lai. 

.10 7. 

C,UlAf('A;i, a iliiitritt of S Ante- 
I icn, iu Tetru i'irrna, iueluJtd in the 
\\ pint of tb*- proviiiw ol Vfin /.iila. 
It 13 bouiKied c\i ite ?< by tiie ^ulf of 
Mtsiep, oil the E liy Ciiiuaiia,.iivil «n 
lln! 8 liy Sfv f Iraiiattiu 

t AHACC AS, a town of S Amttrich 
lu ibe nrovino: of Vnify.iila, siluaied 
in a i-alu V. Tlie twu iireatm Cartma 
and CaiTOiK) nj« thiwigli the city. ITie 
liouu* are f^ei-erally well builu It 
eonvaim V t'liutchei, 3 inoiiaMeries, i 
aiiiineries. «urt J hofpitala. Population 
41,000. On U«' 26ili of March 1B12, 
Caraeim- w.« dewlated by adreniid 
la^'liijuake, wliich dei'.rciyed :i"v.i> 
public and private buitdiiigt, aiki a 
^■eat number of inhaUtautt. N lau 10 
3l,Wlon.C6 4i. 

CAKAMANIA, a province ofTur- 
k<^y iu .'i«i3, ill the S ynrt «f Natsiiis 

CjIiRATIAMT^., <V5 tupltal of a 
pnrruier of liiut lum: in Terra Mrma, 
w«S«* nn ih* <;a»M:>, «40 mlSej JJMKof 
fonayub vl' km. 'llf ^^| N )at. s 18. 

CAKAaA, a tt«»iii oi i'mooiy. In 
the pi'UKipiility «f .vUua.dct'ievik MiKr 
M and Saniana, flirt luiliri frrnn each. 
New llm pUiee arc uuairK-J of niarbte 
of varlo'Ji rulttni K loiv. 9 ««, IW hit. 

CAUASiU, a liver of Katolia, w)iit*» 
ri«u in Canunanin, uruiiM part cf AI- 
adula, atid ftitb into tht Mcditertaixv 

CAHASU MBSTRO,* river «f Kt* 
numla, wWcli rrinei in luwisit KWhV* 
piHi, and fiilts into tlie AitbipBlcgo. 

CAHASUI, a Mix in J^ul(5llrl^ «ajd 
to Ik 1/J iDtllM in eit tun fti viwe. It a 
formal bv a bmnch ol the tHuinbe, 
not far from iDi entriiwe iuio tie 
Bl»cU n't „ „ , 

CAM.AVACCA, « io*n at SpaVu, 
anxuiz «be isounti>liw near tiw river 
Seftun, in tui/iici<>. It in M nttea N 
W of (^arthajjena. 

CABCAS»DN»;Bn aixaent town ol 
Fraiwe, in the dtpartmenl of Aude. 
Kutii aic maJiuttHituies of nil Mtu or 
slwK It it 1« bbW» W of Narbanne, 
and MOB of Far in. ,.„. , . 

C ARDJJ^F, a hopongb of S Walea m 
OhunorcaniVue, ir rituated on the ri- 
ver Taif, Mid ii raiiarkaWe ftir its nr 
cient castVb Popntotion 34(7. Neiir 
tlK Mwn are nime iran-vfoilu ; andh 
eanal, entending 33 niilei hence, to the 
inm-woriu at Me«hyr- TldviL Cai^ 
dilTii 164 njih;» W oTLondr i. 

GARDIGAN, the cMUitytown at 
Cardiganthire, utnated on tlie river 
IS-vy, over which ia a handaome sune 
hndge, and is 125 roil« WN W of Lon- 
don. Its principal poWic building* ate 
ttdiiirtS, towij4iall,a«ljail. Popula- 
tion 'i 29- 

CARDIGAN BAY, on ..le coatt ol 
<;ardigaodiire, at thr mouth of the '!> 
*y, extending to Barm y in Cuv- 
narvunsliire. It is 40 uiiki tVom one 
cape to th<! other. 

CARUlOANSmRE, a county of 
4 Walefcbouiidtd on the N by .Merioiv- 
rfdie na Montgomeryihire, on tiie K 
by Radnorshire ind DR-cknurKthire, 
on '.be S by CtwnarlheiuliTif, and Ptm. 
broloslnre.aiid on dii W by CartligMi 
Pay. It eil«»h 4!! luilej ftom Ji .•> 
S, a<id SO from E Ui W. 
CAUDONA, a town of Spwn, it. 


jiR/niANT/., »»*s wpltsl of a 
micr of liibt jumv' in Trmt tirma, 
eiJ im Ihi CaiH V <*i) li>'.Je« NNKof 
jyiii. W )on. VK >S; N »iit. i J8. 
AHitRA, « lonnol i'muuiy, in 
piincipality ■»•" M«Ma,5ii.'«'i«ii Mas' 
ni] StnjKi, fl'W iiiil<!> I'niin i^ach. 
1- tim t'luw "B (luuTifi of niubte 
krhHJi rUuni n. Imv, g <S, IN kit> 

AKAiiL', ■ river of NHtoiia, «liich 
t ill CanumniH, orunai p«n cf Al- 
U, Mid f«tt» ialo <he MwlifCTrjiaxy 

AHASU MISS! R0,« river nf R<* 
giiia, wMeli rrinei in inwiait Hhodn)> 
k rimI r»lb inw llie Ai-elniiclcgo. 
lAHASUil, a luku til BulKurio, aud 
K l/J mi Ici In «ir cuii ft tiiwe. U b 
iuod liv a bmnch ol itR Duiubv, 
fnr fnmi )ti> entr>u<e iuio tin 

rAll/I.VACCA, » lain «rf Sw'.ll, 
nil* (he n5<«mtniiw nenr liw nior 
[iim, in Maiei*. It i.i 80 wUen N 
»f' CartlunoM. 

.■ tRCASSOKXan «iKaem lown of 
MMe, in the diip»itBi«nl of Aiiile> 
n) aiv ms.'iufhotuL't*s of nil iiartt m 
H\. Itf,n«Biik» WofMaftaime, 
d 4S0ttor]>ailii. 

C ARDIJTF, • toroiigU of S Writ* in 
ttiaonmniJiue, ii rituntcd on the ri- 
( T»n, imi h rniittlwble fti» lO »<i- 
jDtcMtlfo Pi^tatiou MJT. Nflor 
t town are nimeimo-worlu; andk 
nal, rxtendiw %S mUa keoee, to the 
nvworta at MCTtlwr.Tid»iJ. Car- 
ITis 164 mile» W of Londr i. 
CARDIGAN, the eotuityMiwD «C 
itdiganthirr. utnatui on ttie rirer 
t-vy, over wliicb ii a handtome Mane 
Ug^, and ii 135 mtln WN W ot' Um- 
>it. Itiprincipal{HibliclHiilding«ate 
i:liiirc!t, lowii-ball, aial jait. Popula- 

CAKDIGAN BAY, on ..*• cout ot 
imlijauihirc, at thr rnoulli of the Ty- 
,. extending to Barst ) in Car- 
»r>«i>J>irr. tt i« 40 miks tlrooi one 
ipe to th<! (ithM". 

CAKUlOANSfUlRE, a county irt 

Walet,bouiidt<l un the N by Metioiv 
Ore wd Montgonitryihirc, on tin) K 
t Uadnonhire nrel l)n<ltnorK*ire, 
i'heSbyCara>aribeuJh:if,»tMl Ptni. 
i-okesliire.and on tin W by Canliuan 
ay. It extends 41l ifiilei fWiin N ." 

gild 30 from E to W. 

^liBOMAj a to* u of Si>«iu, «. 


[ 8t ] 


t'litiilonia.with a eaitle. Near it ia an 
hriliauitiblr«in of lalt. of 
Ktvral euloiin, which, when wailird, 
httome' while; and theru uri- vine- 
[■Miis, flltich (ipoduce rxcrlliut wiiir> 
It it JO inilei N W of Baroelonit. 

CAUKLIA, the eaiUrn (lart umn- 
hml. tt twioiwi Mctijr to the Swukt, 
tiki ptrtir to Ihe Ruuiau*. See Wi- 
lli: HGH. 

CAKKNT AN, n town of France, in 
the liiiiortment of the Channel, rijiht 
milci I rum the KU. W Ion. 1 I, N lal. 

48 in. 

CAKIATI. a town ofNaplei, in Ca- 
hbria Citenore, with a bislicp't kc. 
It Ii two inilei fVwn the gulf of Tarau- 
to. K km. 17 19, N tat 3!) 3.f. 

i.'ARXDIAN !iKA, that part of the 
AiUiitic, lying between Cuba, Sl Do- 
ii.iiigo, and Porto Hito on tlr N, and 
Trrni Finoi. on lilt S, 

mternislankoftbe \V ttM'ric* divided 
into Wiidwatd iind Ui'^ani isiaudi. 
Ai (he Caribbti>.'i>Undi are ull tit twrcn 
da' iro]ik«> their inhiiUianU ii-e > r,- 
WDii to perpetual heut. IIh- torn nu 
01' rain which iii'l reftfiah the air; but 
their biunid exbalmivoe n niler tbi- cli 
n«e wTy unhialiby. These itiaiidi 
lie tictween the paottab of II aud lu 
iini. N lau 

CARlGNAKO.ntown of I'iedmonl, 
li a diitrici of the laioe name, wated 
on die river P«, th.'ee inil« S of Turiir. 
E hni. 7 *S. N lul 'J.4 «7. 

CAUIMAN JAVA, a Muitevof if 
limit to the N of Ja»», ')>'/" ahipi 
touch Ibr reftwhiaiiit^su th«.l» voyngi? 
tt) Borneo. E ton. HO \i, S |jt. 4 «•■. 

CABINOLA, an Epiieopal town uf 
N'avilcs, in Terra di Ijivora, aeatediMar 
Miiiiiit Muwieo. %s iiiilct NW of Na. 
pKs. £ Ion. 14 lo, N hit. U U. 

CAUINI. a lown of Si.iiy, lituatrd 
in the fertile valley of J'uawa, and 
(iicirclod by bigli raclu. Population 
i:pw:)nlii of 4000. 

CAIUNTHIA, n fertile duchy of 
OiTmanv. b.iui»i«l on the EbyStyria, 
un Uv N by the mum duchy and die 
srthWiiioprlc of Saliiborv, oa the W 
li\ f ynd, anJ U.I dK S 1^ the Vw- 
liwi lerritorie* aiid by CarMiila. It la 
M'liital liLtwceo 4ft SO and 47 W MC 
:..»] between 13 33, awl M M E 

CARISTO, an epiMopa) titwa of 
AiTrce,iD M E inirtof the uilaud of 

Negropoiit. E Ion. 24 45, N lat< 

38 4 

C AULINGFORD, a K-Hport of Ire. 
land, on CarliiiKf(>i'<1 Itay, in the eouii- 
ty uf I.u«ih, 21 luilei II of Droghrda. 

CARLISLE, an ancient city, the 
cajHial of CiiniberlaiKl county, En|{. 
land, ia delightfully ailuatrd m a fir- 
tile vale, on the S side uf llic river 
Eden. IK principal public buildings 
are the ratheilnd, » paridi church, a 
Koman catholic chxpel, a quaker, 

Sibytertan, nH'thmftft, and an Aim- 
list ineeiin^lHiiiie ; alio a caille 
n tflwi)-halV. Popiibition 12,j31. 
Diitance fruui Ediulmig <l6tnflti,and 
.101 from London. W luii. i 53, N laU 
54 5A. 

CAHLISLK, tlie county-town of 
Ciunberland county, I'liiniylvania, is 
pleaianlly tiuinied iwor the aouthtrn 
btuiii of Comilgiv met cnrk. Its pul> 
lie buildiiigt are a cnllegc edilioe, a 
eoiirt-hoiiHC, jail, and four [ifaci^ of 
public woi'iliip. Population in 1810, 
*4fil. niitauce fri>m WiuliiiiKluii 102 
inilt't. aiiil 124 fiiini I'hiludelpnia. 

C A IILISI.K, » iHiii-townilnp of New 
Vork. ill Schoiuiiic county, 40 miles 
W of Albany , and .i"» E of X from 
WagliiiUEton. I'ouiiliitiuii in 1810, 1231. 
a eoum) (if li' in the univinoof 
U'lmter, 2h miles in [ ngth. mxl 8 in 
breadth . iKiimded i.n the E by Wich- 
low and Wexfonl, on the W by t^oeen'a 
fount y and Kilkenny, and on the » 
by Kiklnn', 

» town uf Ireland in a county of the 
name r,;inii-, on the riier Rarrow, W 
mills .NK "f Kilkenny. Population 
5335. VV liin. 6 58, N Int. 54 50. 

CAHI.SBAD.or WAHY, a town of 
Boherai:'. i" ih* cii-clt of Soat/, rituals 
ed on tlie river h^pr, and ii cekhriiti'd 
fur iu hot springs. I'op.ilation alnut 
3000. K '.Ml. n il. N Int. SO 14 58. 
a si-aport of S*lt*n. in ihe province 
of Biekinp^n. It derives inorigin and 
name iVmii Chlrk^t XI, who Krst laid 
the fonmbtionsof a.iew town i^i 1680, 
alK suburlM are fortifltd tovMu-di. the 
land, by a ilone wall. A dock was 
hoUowin in the anliii mck in 1724, 
capable of reeeivi^g a fl"t raic man 
oTwtr. A OTOjeet for constructiug 
30 covemd doeks, and oiIk r improve 
iivnu, was brgiui 'u 1759, but thij 



[ 82 1 


haw mocenkd (lowly. One dock w«» 
flniihi'd ill 177 J PoiiiilBiion, "> \«<«'j. 
UMOO. Carlwroim ii Mo niilM »w ot 
Stikholm. E loB. I» 3«, N UiU W JO. 

CARLSHUKE, or Cmlirouke, * 
luwii or Gcrinuiy, ntiuted lo Uie e t- 
cle of Suabi* uid FJ«:»r»te ot Bn- 
tji!«i. Popiilttlion 10.000, 

CAULSTA'J r, ilitr cuplul of Crt*. 
ttr, till the river Kulp, 140 mifct 8 or 
Virnna. K km. 1« »1, N lat. « ». 

CAULS lADT, a town of SwM«n» 
iu WfripelaiKl. uii the ijlual of Tinir- 
walla, which ■> fornKtl by twobranehej 
of the Clara Elli. The town coiltaim 
1 JOO inhubitaiici, aud n 133 iiulet w 
of Stockholm. E Ion - " " '- 
01 21 

il»ni,«id Tinertlly. Il U «70 nuln 
ft«m N 10 8. but no »li«r«! niort than 
l»0 «-vfc, and coinmool; noinoretlun 
7». Ha; Camalie ■• riefc, ftrtik, uri 
iMHMilbui I and eonlaim an inemnUc 
tMiWber of fcrtrewet: pubH< «™* , 
luenta too, the uiwauWacal inarkiof 
eiriUzaticu and opulence. a»i- mwf ' 
ooiiUDon here thon in the iwrthcm 
p^rtaof India. In 1787, thi Eytlf 
(Ha Cooipwiy took the whole adiiiiiih 
■twtinii of thi- Cttimitic, and the col- 
lection of the nabob i i«»ent:«s into 
their own handi. Arcot u the «pi- 

133 inilei w I CAHNESVItLE, the county uwa 

13 43?Ntat. I of FraiikUn county, m the rtatv rf 

, „ IJ 4., n » G.„™,, .bout M nuki ^^ °f ^, 

CAIUJiTADT,.townolGenntiVj •'•'"W*^"' X,r* ""^ 
, tb.. bUhofric of W urubunfcj»K«i f'T. J^S,'^*™' 
a tbo Maiiie, 1« iule» N oJ'TWurtJ- CAKNIO 


5aRMAGNI0LA, a town »f 
rrance in the Jepartmentof dt' Po. 
Papulation lifiOO. It ii leated on a 
imall river, which rum into the I'o, 
14 uiilei S of Turin. E Ion. 7 41, N 
tat. 44 50. 

CARMARTHEN, the countyiown 
of Curmarthi-iahire. It is leatcd oii 
the river To*y. over wliieh « a itora.' 
bridge, to vh.cb iraall vwteli may 
Cbiie up. It leiiilM one niimhcr to pai^ 
lianient, and i. 207 iniliB W by N of 

v-AivntoLA, a pwtaee of GW' 
n:any. in the drtle of An««4 ^^ 
edoi the N by C:*inthia "na SUrj 1 

on the Eby SetaToola and Cm«tSa,oi 
by niirUrhia and Utxit,, and « 

Luialon'. Populiiiioii <S48. 

of S Wakt, 3i mifc-i in fength, and » 
in hriadih; bounded by Caidion- 
diirv on the .i. tlie Bristol channel on 
the S, Brecknock and Ghiinorgamhire 
on Uie E, anl Pembrokciluri- on the 
Vf. Iti principal riven are the fowy, 
Tyvj , and Taafe. . . „ , 

CAR.MEI. a mountain in PaU* 
fine, noted Ibr haviiiR b.*« the retrert 
of the jnopiiet Eli»>, and Ibr a iMiM* 
ury of CarmeUtefc It i« iO uuks N 
of Jrncaleni. , , , 

CARMONA. a town of »«W. »i> 
Auitrian Friulu K «HJ M, N !«»• 

CARMONA, an ancient to"™. «*' 
Spain, in Andaluoa, M niiku E of se- 

"cARNATIC, a country oftheipen. 
insuht of Hiiidooatan. entendiiig Irom 
the Guntoor eircar along the wWile 
ixiaat of Cororaaiatel, toeape l^niorin; 

ineludii« iu appr-* "'"•'■ ""• 

Taiqwe, Slwavar, 

the 8 _, ^._,- 

tbe >^' by Knulu ^, , . 

CAROLINA, NORTH, one of jte 

United 8t«« of A"*"" * '"''Xtf 
ui ih. N by Virgiina, mi the E anJSE 
by tiM! Atlantic; on the 8 aiid 8W by 
8 Carolina aiid Grorglai "na o"* 
NW by lemem. It >• ujuated ^ 
iw,vii N lat. 33 JO, and 34 30. and W 
k«K 75 43, H.«l 83 JO. It 1. 430 mito 
knur, iu gr.atett breadth 180. fha 
•tate it di"kl.J into «» """''"^^JT 
wa. flr.t Kttkd in 1?«>- ,2J«.'"St 
tantt of ilie lo» Und« aiUaeent to tht 
«< ««t, are .uWect «»» ''•!*'i»^ 
diieato, particularly leren. Iheww 
lernSl^ly Ptrii of the itale in 
Firith) TfclMidioftlM- Batw"* 
try. wtach exteiaU about 80 na*t from 
thi tea, ar« poor •n<>,'""P>«j'"''','£ 
III the WCTttm nurtt of the «»te Ihr 
varioui kind» of gram hiinp, 150 .0* 
J,T^produ«rf'in e^J'f^ 
111 priiMipal r.vera aiv> thi Ho.u»»lu. 
"h,& rilTin Virgin^, cape 1^ 
Newi.Pamiko,*nd Chowan . liniMWi 

Cunmrint 83 10 W km. .«>""^""«K 
^TmI and NE b:^ N Ca«»'!i2°*L*£S 
.Hj, M»- Ithe Attau6«,iwIon««»SWiBd Wbj 

il« SavtiniA a 

iKoanitc it fro 

^ into M dill 

tied in IA70i 

114301 "hi" 

ilivrt. and 4,i9 

nate of I hit it 

atuatiun, near 

tTO•»^ively hot 

»«ieni iMUiti 

winter tlie ■" 

Ar itate iirr ol 

yrein tlHiicf n 

Mb no ai to c 

omige tries ui 

b, tmu Tht- 

tradf about 80 

Uk rivert to 

in entire level 

Thit tract oro 

uf pitch piiii ' 

in il iiitiTipiTi 

iwuiipt and 

tince from C 

rour<e, coroiu 

wi and barre 

MUi, which 11 

Ind, calktl th 

m\. Thnrit 

nah to Broo 

«|iper countr 

■sore trnipef 

nearer the •« 

«iih valuabh: 

wtteniik aial 

tile, Thehig 

W ai>d «o nil 

kriween 3 ait 

iimnig thv II 

lU'e. The i 

cotton, rice, i 

country, hem 

cuiiiire ot'gn 

been atteinp 


teree, Wandt 

EdutD, Aiht 

Bn>ad, anil 

mid hv Oh- t 




nouiitaiiu v 



«r France, il 

vencr, andc 

14 milt a Nt 

N lat. 44 e. 


'i 1 


dan, nd TiiieTtlly. It (• <T0 mUn 
ftwn N to B, but no where mon ihu 
ISO midr, knil coinmanl: iw more llitn 
Tf. Che Camali« n ritfe, <Wrtilc, iiai 
populoui I and containt in inernlible 
number of ibrtmwt: public inoii» 
laentt too, the nneauivoeal iiuirkiof 
dviliuiicu and opuknee, an- iinrr 
oolnmon here than in the northern 
p^ru of India. In ITST, thL Eait In- 
dia Coaipuiy tooL the whole admini- 
■tnitinii of the Curmtic, and th« col- 
lection of the nabob • rerencet inn 
their own bands. Arcot ii ibe Myt- 

CAHNESVU.LE, the ooun^ Urea 
of Fraiiklin eounty. in the itat<- ut 
Giorijia, about 80 miki NW of C» 
MiinUa, in the same tiate, and ttt 
from Wuhincton. 

CAKNIOLA, a prorinee of CJnv 
n-jmy. in the <3i«le of Aa«n» ; huun* 
ed ua the N by Curinthia and Sura, 
on the £by Ddarooia and Crfwlia,ai 
the 8 by MorUrhia and Lrtria, and on 
the W by Friuli. 

CAROLINA, NORTH, one of ite 
Unllnl Statei of Auierieaj boiindnl 
ui th. N by Virginia, mi tbr E and !IE 
by tiK Atiuntic; ou the S and SW bf 
S Caraliiw aid Gt<irgia; and on tk 
NW by TcnuMiei It it «itual«d t» 
iwrtii N lat. 33 JO, and 36 30. and V 
kill. 7J 4J, luid 83 JO. H U 430 miln 
long, iu grioleat breadth 180. fha 
lUie it dividifd into A3 countiu: tin 
wai flnt Ktikd in ISM. The inhaln- 
tamt of the low lands laUan-nt to tk 
set oMtt, are lubiect to » variety of 
diwasei, particularly ferers. Thiww 
teni and hilly parts of the stale an 
health). The lands of tbt^ B«t «iui> 
try, width extends about 80 miles from 
the sea. are poor and onpradiicuvt. 
Ill the weswm paru of the state th 
various kinds or grain btinp. laa m- 
toii are produced in great j-m • fctoou. 
Its priiKipal r>vers aiv tht' KiuiwU 
■*h,5i rises in Virginia, caue Vim, 
Ntws, Painileo,and Chowan . bniiiehei 
of the Kanhawa aiid TeiuKssee, rue 
ill this lUte. Puimtetion, in im 
376410 whiles, 16IS884 sSavei, ud 
10,M« free blacks. 

CAROLINA. SOUTH, one oflta 
i;iii««d Slates of Aiiienca, lying te- 
tweeii 31 and 15 8 S tot, «"* 'J ^ 
a'.Kl 83 30 W Ion. Iloiuided on tlie N 
aiid NE by N Carolina, on 11**^^ 
the Attautit, oud on the SWand W by 


[ M 1 


it Sommah and Tiigulo rivers which 
Kpanu; it from Gtorgia. M is divi- 
d^iilo «a diitricu, BiiH wan flrst «ei- 
lltd ill 1070; ill 1810 it conliiinrti 
114;tol white inhabitant^ 19n,.Vi5 
ilivra. and 4,S54 IVfe blacks. 'Ihr cli- 
■ittr of this sUle varies ucconliiiK Iu 
adiatiuo, near the sea the lumnif r i> 
e\ccs»ivelyhof, as vou apiiroach tbi' 
«ateni Ixiundnry it is cooler ; in thi 
winter tin- inoniitains in this port ol 
lliruaie ore often covenil with snow, 
ynrni thi'iin- to tlie sea it but wkiuin 
AUs so as to om-r "be i?i-ouiid. I hi- 
oi»ii(tf tn-es an- iioniiiiiiKS de»tri))iil 
b« ftnst. Tht- low coiiiilry wluch e\- 
irods about 80 miles from th- fulls ul 
Ike rivers Ui the sea shon-, is aiaiosi 
SB entire level, and deslitiiti of sUJim. 
lliis tract orodiin'B exteiuivi- fon<t» 
of pitch pims, cail«l pini^ harrmi; 
ii is iiitvrspersrd, likewise, with larg' 
ivisnips and niinshi'!i. At sonir oi»- 
unce from Charleston in a WNW 
cour.e, coniiiieines a curiously uiien- 
Kji and barren cjiiiitr). of little saial) 
bill, which TOntiiiiMs to a high hiHt ot 
Isul, calkd the ' Ridge.' ol excelkiit 
ml. This ridgi' extends from Savan- 
nsh to Broad river. Beyond it the 
iipner couiilry begins; here the oir ii 
more tempeniu; inid healthy than 
nearer the sea. The hills are covered 
with valuabk! timber ; the vallies well 
watered) aial the lands extremely fir 
tile. The high hills of SaiiU-e beiw»-eii 
W and 00 iiiiks IVom the oei an, an- 
between 3 and 5 miles widi , -nd rank 
smuiig the most opulent |>mt» ol iIk 
Its'*. The aRi-ieullural products are 
wIMwi, rice, indini ; and in ilie upp. i 
toumry. lieiiip, riax, wheat, fee. Ih. 
euliiire of grapes, figs and olives. Iiaii 
been attempted. In ruers are the 
WaccniiiHW, Ptdee, Bluck nver, W»- 
tefte, Wando. Cooper. Adiley. Stoiiu. 
Edisto, Ashepiw Coiiibahee. Coosaw , 
Bn>»d, anil iiantee which last is loi- 
mid bv Or toiigaree and Waten*. 


mountains which divide Hungary and 
Transylvania from Poland. 

CARPEN THAS, an episcopal towi, 
of France, in tlie late province of Pro- 
rence, aial capiul ol Venaissiu. It i> 
u miles NEo«' Avignon. Ukauifi, 
N lat. 44 8. 

cmiPI, a tows of Italy, in the Mo- 

drncsr, with a castle, eight miles N of 
ModciM. E km. 11 10, N tot. 44 

CABPL a town of Italy in tbi- Ve- 
ronese, seated on the Adige, 24 mitea 
SE of Verona. E km. U 39, N tat, 

^ CARRICK ON SURE, a town of 
In l.iiid. In lipjiei-ary, 14 njih-s NW 
of Wuierfbrd. W Ion. 7 10, N tat. 

M 44. . 

CARRKKrERGUS, a p«p.itoii« 
horougli «rJ sra|H)r* of Irehoo, in 
Antrim, » Hh a caslk-. It is Katedwi 
a hay, in ihe Irish Channel, ol the 
same nanii , 89 miles N of Dublin. 
W Ion. J 4ft, N lat- »4 43. Populauon 
about 4000. „ „ . . . •„ 

f AH RON, a river of Stirl ngshire, 
which rises on Ih.' S side ul' the Caiiip- 
*•> Hills, and flows into Ibe ftith ol 
Forth, lielow Falk/ik. 

CAR RON, a village of St.rliiigshirc, 
Scotland, remarkable for iu extensiTO 
foundry, beloiiaiiig to the Carton Coni- 
lUHiy, on tlie nver Camiii, one mite 
from Falkirk, consisting of the greatest 
iron works in Euroiie. These works 
were ei-ectcd in 1761; 'ifore which 
time there was not » single house uii 
the spot. Piipiitaliun 2000. 

CART, the name ot two rivers in 
ReiilVewshire, ilistinguishid by the 
npiielliitiuii) of Black aial White. 

fAHlAMA, a town of S|miii, in 
i;ruiiada, at the loot of a mountain 
near the rivir Giwdala Mtdiia, eight 
miles NW of Malaga. W hm.4 43, N 
l.,t. .10 40. 

CAR lARET ISLAND, an ishnd 
in lh<- S Pacific Ocean, seen by Cap- 
lain Cartarel. in 1767. II is six k-agu« 
loiiu from E to W. E Ion. 149 14, S 
lat. 8 30. , 

CARIERSVILLF. a ^t town in 
Powhallan county. Virkinia. about 40 
iiules from Richmond, and 173 Ironi 
tia- city of Wuahington. 

CAR 1 HAGE. a fianous city of an- 
tiquity. Some ol the ruins are to be 
«, II on the coast of the Mediterranean, 
10 mifcs NE of Tunis, near a promon- 
iur> cultal Cai>e Cartlaige. E ton. 1» 

IS N hit. 36 JO. 

CARlHAtiE, a town of New 
Spain, ill Costa Rica, with a bishop • 
«?. 360 miles WNW of I'aiiania. W 
ion. 83 43, S lat. 10 13. 

CAR I HAGE, or MOORE Court- 
Houw.apost town, and tt«pnn«»P«» 



( 1* ] 


•eat of jiiitu* of Mootr counlv, North 
( unilina, ■huiit forty miln IVaii fmy 
•'iU'villf. (ml .181 fro,,, WmhiMtoM. 

CAH rH*OK, ■ IW.1 xwm 3 I 
neiKi , ill Sinitli voiiiiiy, l« tituatnl . i 
Ciinihrrlaml river, about oik mile Ix 
low the junction of Cmwy Koik. In 
public iHiildiniti wo ■ court hoii-w, 
J>il. and iu«d«ni;, a baptiM, arwl a me- 
Ihudm m«*«in({ houie. J>o|,..lj|ioo 
a*0. (r It eoniila K of Nailivillr. MO 
Wot tvnoxvilk-, IHO 8 of Uniiigiw 
Ui Kmtiicky, and OtfS IVum Wattun^i- 
•on. K Uu 30. ' 

CAH IHAUENA.awaportol !i|>ain, 
111 Murtu., iHiilt by /*lriihaJ, a C«r- 
thaienian mm-ial, i;iid named afu r 
the city of CarthKne. It wan taken 
5''i /.*!"" '•'■"'"■• '" "'"«> butthr 
duke of Hrrwick rttook i.. Itiimileil 
on a gulf ol ilHf lumc m»„„ . »7 milii 
5 ol Murcia. W ton. 1 \ N hit. 37 S'. 
CAHIHAOKNA, a city of N.w 
f.raiiada, .iiMiiiiil on a large bay of 
the lainc naiiH'. It tionlt on a pcnlit- 
•;ila that coiiiiniinicatcn with thf con- 
On. iit by narrow niclu of land ami 
wooden briUg.-.. ThU city wa> Biit 
■etiled in 1533. its cliiirchn ami con- 
wtiu are well built and numerous 
1 he interae heal aid nioiitiire of ilie 
climate, render the inlmbitantii .„,. 
nealihyi tbey are alllnid with iIk. 
Wack voinit, the ipaini i,r convuliioii, 
and the leproay whitli n prevalent. 
•nu town \;a. taken inil pilhgeil in 
1M4, by Hinie Fniiili adveutiirerj. 
About lorty yean after it >vat capCiiml 
by Sir Frnncii Drake, ami half of it 

llri" *^ " *" *li^™ «•'««' by 
the French in MU7, amTwat a fourth 

iT- ^r^ "•>. * *='«'••'• >'"<«f 
•dmiral Vernon, in 1740, who were 

oh igitl to abandon it with great lou. 

Nil'- 10,2* 35, W k». 75»S 4*. 

CAR 1 MEL, a town in Loieashiitv 
»'» mile. N N W of LondonT^^ 

CARVER, a tuwiuhip of Plymoutl. 
wuiity, Maiuchuaetti 50 inilet 8E of 
IJoiioii, 460 from Warfiiiwton. Pouu- 
jatioiiSM. Iteoptainiapondoutof 
which 500 toM of iron otenhave been 
dragged in one year, ^^ 

of M«W«r. iuW»«t to die kkm of 
Myiore. ItuaSmilaSbyEdfGoa. 

CASAL, a town of 'i«|y, in Mont 
•erraL with s. cit*iel, and a bi.l»p-> 
«» Kit miod QD tha li^ ^^37 

mile. NH o( riirin. The prim 
public biiililiiin are, the \h-a''n, 
the «mm,„y, ilie lycetim, and i>o 
"•huri'he. ; ihere b aim a number nl p» 
imvt, ami hot. Ii. l-opulaiion 14,000. 
K Ion. 8 37, ;, lat.45 7. 

CAbAL MACiOIOHK. a town of 
^ta^|r. in the duehj ot Milan, 2o inikj ■ 
E nfCnnioiM. Elon. 10 35,N lat. 44 M, 

I ASM. NUOVA, a t<«.n of N» 
pin, in I'nljbria L'lteriure. A teriitifc 
earth(|ii«ke hippeiHtl liere in I7ii,i by 
whii;.. the pi'iner<i Oeriwe, and iiii 
wanl. of 4000 inkalatai.i iml theit 

CASIllN.or tASWiN a town <,f 
rema, 1,, Irac Agenii, i« titiiated . 
an exteiiiive pla n, mar the river Kiri- 
ma. Ill population it esiiiumnl a, 
from 30 to 00,000. N lai. 3» 13, F. 
Inn. 4» 33. ' 

CASt AB8, a town of Portugal, in 
KilraiiindMra, at the nioulh of tb 
ram, 17 imlei E uf Lisbon. W Ini. 
■< 43, N Int. 38 40. ■»"• " <«<■ 

. CASCO BAY, a hav of N Amerir,, 
in llie itaie of Manacbuiriti and Uiy 
tnct of .Maine, between Cape EUm- 
bcth aiHl Cape Small Point. W Ion. 
6'J 30, N lat. 44 5. 

CASERTA a rity of S»p\e,, in 
Uic country uf Lavoia, aituaied at th« 
bottom of • tefty range of hill,, and 
celebrated chMHy for &•• mngniflceni 
palace erected by Chwhni m ol 
itpain. K 

CASHAN, or KA8HAN. a town of 
Per.ia, in the p.<orince of Irak-agimi, 
B iitnated in the Bhiin of Ciuhan, 
rjie hnutei are built of earth and 
'M ick. lu p.-mcipai public building,, 
are, the royal mtaee, another for am- 
bawAwi, and about forty roauuei. 
Population 30,000. N lau 33 5I. K 
Ion. 51 81, ' 

CASHEL, a town of Ireland, in 
Tipperary, with an archWtliop'j lee, 
i_' uiliH. NW of nioiunel. W Ion. 25. 
-V lat. 52 30 ■•■)i,.il rion ,1000. 

CASHOUB, ■ city of Alia, capital 
of a country of tl«i Mme name. It 
•tandi at the tbot of the Htminaletli 
nmonttiin,, .Md wjoy. a good trade 

Ion. 73 a5, NbU. 41 30. 

CASHMERE, a imvinee of Hi* 
doottan Proper, lubiect to the king of 
Candahar: fiotuideiron the W by ilie 
Indui, on the N by Himmalch Mount, 
MAnteSandSbyUhort. 1]^ 

valley or ci 
niile, lung, 
bratiil fiir 
fertility i.f I 
(iireul iIh' ji 
rui'ioiii m»i 
that nf fthnv 
of whicb til 
of a ^[M-tiei 
above provi 
and Miuietii 
t'lirtunl flow 
riiv, a Ink 
quarter of t 
eiHIlfei^ not', 
■arrow chi 
Tlie air is 11 
33 4% E lur 
ACrien, |>an 
Kiujanri: liui 
zuii and Zul 

aiHl nil iIh' I 

noil, Cailiii 

paluiinni-' ul 
■at. 51 n. 

of ,A,ia • Ihi 
country of I 
a tribe uf th 
by Peraia, a 
and Circii 
and in no 
count of i 
gable only I 
to 10 Icel w 
nnti, and, 
Jcct tu viol 
oidy qiiailri 
piau Sea. 
in great nu 
deg. K lat. 

ducliy uf I 
If milea N 
In. 45 301 

Calabria I 
15 milea N 
M kt 31) i 

Vatur of 
on the Ft 
liom. Tl 


^ ] 



milif NT, i>( riirin. Tlie priiuipil 
public biiikliiup nrr, the ihra'rri \ 
ihr mnihiu)', mt lyortim, ami i-ko 
I'liiiri'lii'i ; ibere b (Ihi a immhrr nl IV 
Inct^i, ami koU It. l'u|iiilltiull 14,0<JO. 
K Ion. H .17, :. Ia(.4) 7. 

CAbAL MAGOIOHK, * town of 
Italy, in thr duehj of Milan, ti> inikt II 
E otCn niuiM. Eliin. 10 35,N lat. 44 S«, 

CA.SAI. NUOVA, a Uniii oC N* 
pk-i, in 1'fil.ibria Ultnrkire. A icnihl)! 
eartii'iniike ImppciH'd Itcrr in 17ii i, l>y 
whii.' thu pniicKi (Ifrtce, and U|>' 
waiili ul' 4000 inti'lulaiii knt ibeu 

CAHHIN.or CASWIN, a town cf 
Penia, in Irnc Aftrnii, li litiialnl i 
an utL'iiMM- pla ri, iK'ar the river Kii!- 
niH, Iti iHipuliMion h t itiuinKxl m 
I'loni ao to 00,000. N lat. 3ft 13, K 
Km. 4» 3.1. 

CAHCABS, a town of Porttigal, iii 
KMrainndurn, at the niouth of tin 
Taio, 17 iniki K at Li'.boii. W loti, 
^ 43, N iHt. 3tl 40. 

CASCO BAY. n bav of N Araerici, 
in tlw itati' of Mauacbuietii and dir 
trict of .Maine, between Cape EUu- 
beth aiKl Cape Stnall Pobit. W Ion, 
6U 30, N lat, 44 «. 

CASKRTA, a rity of Naples, in 
tlK country uf I.avoiH, situatnl at the 
boiiom ol' a lofty range of Irilb. and 
celebrateil chieriy for tat- magniflcrnt 

galace erected by Clivlei III ol 
pain. ^ 

CASHAN, or KASHAN, a town of 
Per.ia, in the p>x>vinee of Irak-anmi, 
io ritnated in the plain of Caihan, 
The hntuet are built of earth and 
brick. In p.-incipal public buihlingi, 
arr, the royal imlace, another fur am- 
bauadun, ami abotit forty moMiun. 
I'lipnlatioii 30,000. N lau 33 «», V. 

CASHEL, a town of Ireland, in 
Tippctary, with an arcbUUiop's ler, 
1.1 iiikii NW of Cloiunel. W lon.SJ, 
.V hit. S3 30 "oiiul •Jon .1000, 

CA8HMUB, ■ city of Alia, capital 
of a coMiitry of the nune naiae. It 
•tandi at the foot of the Hinmaleih 
moontaiiH, and e«|ioyi a good trade 
with the neichbounng cotuMrici. E 
Ion. 73 as, Nlat. 41 30. 

CASHMEHE, a ufovinee of Hin- 
dooitan Proper, •ubfeet to the king of 
Candahar : bonndedon die W by Uk 
Induk, on the N by Himmalch Mount, 
•Dd OB dv B and S by Lahore. '!>: 

[ !>•• ] 


««11«7 <"■ "Xin'n of C'lulim' ri- it «" 
niik't kniK, ni»l -W l"ood. nml ii cell- 
hniltil I'ur tu roniai>iic Wi«Mi<«, llr 
frrtililv "f ih"- toil. Riiil llr u iiii» ro- 
iiin ul iIh iiiinotphtn-. Ainimn othiT 
tui'ioni mmiurartiiiTt ul' Cinhiiiere, » 
that of thawU ; »i«l Ihi- dt lii ate wool 
iif which ihiy art' niad<',ii tin- product 
of a nmxin of Koat. . , . , 

t-ASHMEHK, llie capitiil of tlit 
ahoM' province, cnllrd alto Sirniaijnr, 
■lul Miiiietimit Niini". ""■ "'?'■ 
Clirluninowi lhronKhih«ii»inof the 
city, a Inki- t'xIiiMli from ili<; NE 
quiirliT ul' tlir ciiy, .1 or ft mil" in cii^ 
comfii • »0', lual join^ the livtr by n 
wrruv ihni.iitl mar tlM> lulmi-bi. 
Tlie ail- is mild uml loluhtioMt. N lat. 
33 4% Elun. T3 11. . 

CASIINA. nil fxtcmivp tinpiri-nr 
Al'rica, part af tin- rtnion i:ill(tl Ni- 
Riolaiid' liuiindiil on llii> N bv K«- 
lu.i and Z4»ba>-a,on tlir .Shy the NiRtr, 
ami nil tir K by Zumpjiara and Bor- 
0011. Catliii < it llie cnpiial. 

DASIMIK, u town of I'olaiKi, m iIip 
paluiinni. ol Lublin. E luii. 22 3, N 

hi. Jl 0- , , 

CASPIAN SF.A, aKTOii inland tra 
or Asia- iKiuiKk-d on tlie N by the 
country of tht- Knlmiio, on the F. by 
a iribi' of tlie Iiirioiimm", on tlio S 
by IVrtin, ami on i1r W by OiiUKin 
and Circiittia. It i« liUO inili« in kiiKth, 
and in no part more than 260 nuktin 
Ueadtli. It hat no tide; and. on ac- 
count <if ill t'lrqncnt tlioiilt, it navi- 
cable only for vuttelt drawing from t 
m 10 ftit water, ll hat ttroni^ ciir- 
nnli, and, like all inl'iid tent, mnb- 
jtct to violent lion . Seali an- the 
only qiiKlriiiMili th': iiilmliit tlr Car 
piantiea. 'nK' Caii>iaii iniUs vMth 
iea-dogt, which are huutt^l. and caught 
ill great numbert. Uui- from 4S tu «3 
deg. E lat. from 37 to 47 dcg. N. 

CAS8ANO, a town of lt»^y, in the 
dudiy of Mibui, leatvd on the Adda, 
» mileiNE of Milan. Ek>ii.9S4,N 
ht.44 3(r, , „ , ■ 

CASSANO. a t»wn of Naplea, in 
Calabria Citeriore, wiUi a bithop'i lee, 
IS niilei N of Coaaoza. E Ion. lA SO, 
M h)t 39 55. , „ ^ . . 

CASSEL, the capital of the land- 
Ratar of M««ae<a«el, divided into 
the OU and New Town. It it tcated 
on the Fulda, 40 miks S i>f Pader- 
bom. The principal public buikiingt 
aic ttetaNW,ihii ■MWeuni. thi oatbo- 

lie church, the fmindling hoipiul. iht 
nnaloiiiieal thiutii , ilic reliiniBil 
cliurch, the opera Iwine, Ihe oraiigrn , 
the obtervniors. lh<- m< iiaKcrie, nnd -2 

pnlwct. Powuliiii"". in l"lli «0,»rtO. 
klon.K.IJ 1(1. V i' 19 10. 
CASSEI., H mmi orFraiioe. in Iho 

y nanriit, n nimi u. ..«..vb. ■ - 

deiMirtimnt ol On- North, leated mi a 
moiintain. It n 10 mik-t NE ol St. 
Oimr. F, Ion. ?, Hi, N lat. .'0 M. 

C A9SOV I A, 01 ( ASH AWf» ttrnng 
town of Hungary, »iih a Hoe arteiial, 
leahil i>.«r the rivi , ilomt, 5S niile* 
NF, of Agrin. E ton. Jl 23, N lal.49 48. 

CASlANOVriZ, a Umn of Aui- 
trian Croatia, n-antl on the river Un- 
na which dividit that country from 
Turkey. K Ion. 17 1«, N lat. 4S 40. 

CASIEl.MARA. a town of NapU-t, 

ill l'riiKip«io Ciuriore,withah'tlio|rt 

jrt', iind a good luirUmr, 15 miht .SF. 

ol Napli-t. F, kill. 14 1.S N Ut. 40 .Vj. 

CAsfl'F.I^AIKlONESE, a teaport 

of Sanliiiia, wilh " hithop't tw, 20 

iiulrt NEofSori. F. k.n.y 1,N lat.40 Srt. 

CASIEL-HAI.DO, a tow, of Iluly. 

in tlie Vtrontw, on the river Adige, 

35 niikt SE ol' Vcnma. E Ion. 12 7, 

N hit. 45 5. , , , , 

CAS rELllAH, a town of Irelaial, 

in tlie county of Miiyo, 33 niile« N ol 

Oalwny. W Ion. 9 13, N Ut. 33 54. 

CAs'lElrBHANCO, niownof Por- 
tiiical, ciinitnl of !!■ iru, tiiiiated on the 
river I.ym, JH mik^ N W of Aleantara. 
W Ion rt 40, N lat. .W .'2. 

<; ASrElrDF.-VIDE, a town of Poi^ 
tnial, in Alrntejo, eiRbl miln N ot 
Portal. P''. W Ion. 7 .1 1, N Int. 3« 1.'. 
C ASTEI. COMB,a town ul Kiiglaiid, 
•■n Wiliiliire, 12 milet NNK "• Hath- 
CASTEUFOI ', a town of Spain, 
ill Cttiaionia, tiiu., I on an iiiac" "I- 
hli' eiiiiin.-nee near ' i« nvcr Ftilvia, 15 
ii.iki W ot CampiiRiia. 

cAS TEIXiOMlOLPHO, a viltag« 

in Can.i ignadi Rimia, near iJike AI- 

haiKi. It it 10 mi lea & by E ot Koine. 

CASElyJ ALOUX, a town of France, 

in the deMrtmemof Lot and Ga- 

milea E of Baiafc E km. o 25, N Uv 

..4 SO. ^ 

CASTELtANE. a town of Franec, 
in the department of the Lower AlPi. 
It U ieal5on the VetdoO, 27 iniletSli* 
Eof Seiiei. E km. S 34. N lat. 43 S3. 

CA8TELL0N, u town of Spaiu, m 
Catalonia, Ave iniietNWorRoWh £ 
Ion. 24 58, N lat. 42 18. 



I w J 


Franer, In iht- druirtnH'nt of Aiidr, mi 
mi emim-iirt*. Ant Lniii^iifrtne CaniU 
hrrr nirini ■ luilii nlxHit n300 Irrt in 
cirgiiiiilVrt'iMr, CiiiirliiaiHlrv i< IJ 
. mill I W nl' ('matKHiiic. E hni. S 0, 
N Uit. 4J IV. 

CAS TKI^-Nl'VO, I (own of 
iImi Duliniitia, liiimtnl on Ihrciilt'iir 
Caiaru^n mik-i N by W uf Cauro. 
K hill, n 3D, N lal.41 M, 

CAS I'RLrROUKKtO, ■ town of 
FiH-liiKal, in tin' imivincv nf 'Irn-lw 
Munin, JO mik-i NW ol' Cividad Hud- 
rigo. W Ion. A n, N lai. 41. 

NANA, a town of Italy, in the Mult- 
imv, with a (truiig t'url, It liiuainl on 
Ihe rivir Si-rrliio. 17 iniln abore Luc- 
ca. K Inn. 10 40, N lau 44 B. 

CASIILLAHIA. a town of Itiily, 
in the dtiehv nf Mnnlua, A niiln N K of 
Mantua. K Ion. lo J4. N lat. 4J 15, 

CA8i'ILLnN,a town of Kraiicr, in 
the ilrpartnKnt ol' ninnidr, •itiiafiil on 
Ibe Uo«loKnr,2i niil«> K of Uonlraux. 
It U Aunoui Ibr a rictury ■Hiiwil hy 
the, Ficndi orcr thr KngliiL in 1431. 
K Ion. 01 , N lat. 44 33. 

CA8TKiL10NI'% a town of Italy, 
in the Mantiian, with a ca*tie. It wai 
takrn by the French in Anguit 3, 1700. 
It h 10 miln N W of Maniua. K lou. 
10 31, N lat. 43 33. 
CASTILE, OLD a province of Spain, 
191 mile* in Imgth, and I li in breadth ; 
bouiMM oo the 8 by New C^tile, on 
tbr E bv Arragon and NaTarre, on thr 
N bv Bucay and the Aituriat, and on 
*• W by Leon. Burgoi ii the capiul. 

provinae of Spain, loo miles in lenkih, 
and 14* ill hrcadih ; bounded on thr N 
by OM CaMile, on the E by Arn«an 
and Valencia, on Ibe 8 bv Mureia ami 
AmhUuria, and on the W by Earama- 
dura. It it divided into Ihrre partii; 
Argaria to Ibe N, Mancha to the E, and 
Sierra to the 8. Madrid ia the eapiial. 

CASTINB, a noat low«[|bip in Han- 
coek county, Maine, liluaMd on the 
£ lide of towbwt \mf, foor miln 8 
of Penobacot town, and 730 NE of 
vrwbingmi. Ilii a commercial pla«^ 
and captained in 1810, 1030 iiihahi- 
lanit. TWi town wai taken by tht 
Britiih on die Bni of September 1814 
and remained in thtjr poMct&ion until 
the conctuiian of the late war, N lat. 


(•ASTI.F-rARY.aiown In! 
•rtihin', II inik't HKoC WHImndiii 
W hy M of Uudon. W loo. I 41, N 
\»U II 3. 

CAHTLB-HIillNn. a boro<i||h in 
Norfolk. 10.1 iiiikt NNR of London. 
K bn. 10, N lut 31 SO. 

CA8TLK lOWN, the capital of the 
Ilk' nf Man, with a caillr, but of no 
KTvat inijmrtaim', un aeeoitiit of id 
iliilatKv from Ihi' mcky and ihallow 
harbour. W kMk 4 .13, N lat. 31 33. 

I'ASI'ON, a town in Norfiilk, W 
mllv, NN W of Niirwioh. E luii. 1 W, 
N lat. 33 411. 

(AS run, a town In Linnilnahlrr. 
13 iniki NE of Lincoln, and 130 N or 
Liiiidnii. W km. 9, N lat. 33 30, 

f AS rilKS, a Uiwn ul Kiancr, in the 
ik'pitrtnirnl ot I'ani. Ni ar ihi< timii, 
are mimt of Turniioiie itnnrs. It ii 
Katittuii a flm'vallry,oii the Agniit,3') 
niikt 8 of Alby. E ton. 1 Ih N lal< 
43 xr. 

CASTRO, a (own of Italy, in the 
patrimony of St. I rirr, 40 inilei If W 
of Rome. E Ion. II 3], N lat. 43 

CASTRO, a loam of Soulh Amrrl. 
ea, in Chili, capital of the inland ul'Chi- 
kic. It ii 130 niik* 8 of BaMivia. W 
km. 73 3. 4 lai. 43 t. 

CASTIIO-MAltlNO, a town of 
P&rtiiifal, in Algarvc, It ii itninc hy 
situation. niMl st*atfd iwar thr inouUi ul* 
thr Cluadiana, 33 miiet S of Urja, W 
Ion. 7 13. N lat. .17 A. 

CASI-no-VKasONA, a town of 
Prrii, nMiiurkalilf for mlnnofSilt^r, 
poul tobucro, and wholaioinr air. It 
11 133 niUa SE of Lima. W Ion. 7 1 
43. 8 tat. 13 30, 

CASTRO, • ni«|iiime town of the 
kingdom of Naukti mlf 8 oi'Diran- 
(o. E Ion. li 31, N lat. to in 

CATAWBA, a town brlangine (it 
the Catabaw Indiana in 8 C'nrnlina, 
•ilvaUl tm the river of that nnmc, in 
N hi. 34 49. Populatnn riiinr 4no. 

CATAWBA. aouniMferiMer virof 
the United States that rim nror Kinft 
mountain, in N Carolina ; thence put- 
•■ring an rastrrlr courM.- for nr irly 40 
pikit, il turns gradually SK, ai d pass- 
iiiK into 8 Carolina, obtains It r name 
ofWaleieri pursuing the same direc- 
tion it unites with the Congaret, to 
form thr Santce. At Moreaii town, 
33U miles from the sea, thu river \i 
MO yards wide, and bn been nude na- 



(• ASTI.r-CARY. ■ town in Somif- 
M-tihiiv, II iniitt HKof Wrili,«i>l lit 
W hy S of I^uadoit. W Ion. « 41, N 
lat. s\ >. 

('AHTLR-HHINn. ■'biiroii||li in 
Ni>rialk. 10.) m\Wt SSf, at lanJm. 
K km. n 10. N lut n 90. 

(•AHll.K lOWN, the ctpiUl ofllw 
lilr III' Mull, Willi ■ castlr, but ori» 
ifiTnt iniiHH'niiin', un aocuiiiit of ill 
irKtmct' ri-oni iIh' mckjr did ihnllnw 
harlmur. W kni. 4 19, N \»U «) 3). 

CAHI'ON, t town ill Norfiilk, 10 
niiln NN W of Nurvtiaik K loii. I a), 
N lac. 93 4*. 

CAIi'l'OR, a lawn In Mnciilmhire. 
19 inilit NK of Lincoln, and 190 N of 
Liiildnil. W liili. 9, N Int. Si 30. 

C AA rilKS, a Uivni ul Krnncv, ill the 
iK'imrtniriit III I'ani. >• ui' lhi» tun n, 
iiri* iiiin(*4 «r TurntKii* .fotw**. [t ii 
n'Dliil un a Hilt' vallrv.oii thv A|niit,39 
iiillii S of Alb). K Ion. * 10^ N lad 
43 .1?. 

CASTRO, ■ town of It(IV| in chfi 
patrimony of St. [rtrr, 40 iiiiln NW 
of Rome. E Ion. U 91, M lat. 41 

CASTRO, ■ towi of South Amtrl- 
ca, in Chili, caiiitil ofthr i^and ot'l'hi- 
kic. ItiinOniilnSofnaMivia. W 
kin. 79 9. S tai. 41 I. 

CASTltO-MAItlNO, * town of 
Pi/rtiival, in Algarve. II ii strung hy 
liluution.niHl n-att-il miir iheinnuth ul' 
tlie Uuadiaim, 99 milet S of Ueja. W 
toii.7 18. rt. 

CASrnO-VKRSaNA, a town of 
Pern, nMimrkolilc fur mlnM of 8il«fr, 
Ciiml tobdcro, and wholeioini' air. It 
M 139 mlln UK, ef Limk W ton. 7 1 
49, S Uit. U 9a 

CASTHO, t niwdiinK town of the 
kingdom of If apksa. A miln il of Otivn- 
to. R Ion. It 3t, N l«l. W lA 

CATAWBA, a town brhmgine to 
the CMabaw indiam in S C>irnliiia, 
riiuMOT on the river of thu numo, \m 
N lau 34 49. Pupulntun riann 400. 

CATAWHA, aoonlkferaWer verof 
the United States that rim near King-* 
mounoriDiin N CaroHna ; thence put- 
tiling an outcrlv cour«e for newly 40 
niiki, it tiirnt eradually SK, aid paai- 
iiie into S Carolina, oMain* tt e name 
ofWatetcei piinuing the tanie direc- 
tion it unitei with the Congare*, to 

form tlie Santce. At Morcaii town, 

35U milei from the lea, thU rina M 

UO yarda wkle, and hM been nuMe u- 













^ 140 


U 1111.6 







WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 






^^ ^ >. "^rS 








Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historlques 




t «l 1 

Wslnuitibte mouutain of mU. or 
Kfcnl colwin, whicli, when wadied, 
xt while; and there are vine- 
■nnu, wUdi produce exeelknt wiw< 

It it 30 milM NW of Bawekma. 

CAHKLIA, the eastern part of Wd- 

■ Ilb«loiw»parUj' to the Swede*, 

^rtly to Itie Bumaoi. See WIc 

h^AGU. ,_ ^ 

CAHENTAN, a town of ftance, JB 

khe department of the Channel, eioht 

Diki from the aea. W km. 1 4, N kt, 


_ CARI ATI, a town of Kaplei, in Ca- 

llabria CitMiiire, with a hlshop't tee. 

lit is two milet ftwn the gulf of Tarau- 

■to. K loo. jr W, N tat 39 3 J. 

I CARIBIAN SKA, that part of the 

■Atlantic, liing betw««9« Cuba, St. O^ 

liningo, and Porto Bieoon the N, and 

TTcrm FirmaoutheS. 

Eaitem ubndi of the W IndKi divided 
into Windward and Leewaid Iriands. 
J the Caribbee iilanb are all between 
i tmia, thdr inhabitaBU are ex- 
jtoperpetoalheat. llie tort«nu 
un wIdSi faU reflmb the air; but 
r hoinU edwiati0n> rtoder the elf 
_e verr unheahhT. Yhne nlanda 
e between the pMrdiBb of U and 1» 

•Ntat. ,„ . . 

OAUION AHO, a town of Piedmont 
■ a diitriet of the Hune name, leawd 
ja the river P4, three mile> SoTTm-in. 
Ekjn.r45.Nlat.MS7. , ,. 

CAniMAN 4AVA, a clutter of if 
sMndi to the M of Java, when: dnpt 
Iteuch ibr nftechmenta, fai tbar rayage 
ItoBoroeo. 8 km. UO I*. 8 lat. » S6. 
I CA^INOIA, an Epheopal town o« 
■NaplM, in Toiradi Lavora, waledmr 
iMriuut «a»ito,2S mik. NW of N*. 
Iplei. El«ti.I4l«,Ntat.4HS. 
I CAHIxf; a town of Siatly, utuatcd 
lin the tetile valWir of MuxodL and 
IvneiraM hT U(^ neki. Foptdatioo 

1 'cAWWTHlA, a ferdle dmAy of 
IGemianr. bounded on die JEhySnnii, 

loi the Hbf tbe — -*"' ^ "" 


■by Tjndi V^'-iiT , 

landbetaMit If "*' 

l^cAlWBTO, w> opiMeMl mm ^ 
I «;«(«, is <IW B part oTthe ithnd or 

K km. Z4 4J, N lal. 


CAHLINOFOHD, a leaport of Ire. 
bind, on CarlinK<«nl Bay, in the coun- 
ty rf lawth, 31 mitei N of Droghtda. 

CARLISLE!, an ancient cit), the 
eauilal of Ciimherbmd eouuty, Eng- 
land, it deiightlblly litnatnl >a a fer- 
Ste vd^ on the 8 tide of the nver 
iden. Its RrnM^pal puWic ImiWng. 
Me ^ caiwdraL a parith cbureb, a 
Motaaa cathoHe dwpel, a quaker, 
ptcibTteriao, rarthodiit, and an Ana. 
baptb« roeeting-honie -, abo a castle 
naT town-hall IHtpotalkin »,531. 
Duiance from Edinhurg 9«tmlt»,and 
301 from London. W Ion. a 43, N lat. 

44 iH. . 

CARLISLE, the ominty-town of 
Cumberland county, Fenniylvania, ii 
phaaantly rituaied near the auutbertt 
5inkofCori«lg>vineteretk. Iu:)ul> 
lie hoiWingi are a college edibae, • 
coivt'hoote, jail, and four place, of 
public worAiip. Poputatimi in 1810. 
»4Q1. DiatanGe ftt)tn WatHin^oo 103 
milet. and IMfrom Wii1H'/li)Ha. 

CARLISLE, a uostrlowu* ;;.ofN'>w 
York, in Schoharie comwy, 4t i...;e« 
W of Albany, and 178 E of N Irora 
Waihineton. Pouiilatianin 1810,1231, 

■ county of IreUnd, in thepiwinoc of 
Uantter, as miles in Ipng*. andS jn 
breadth , bounded on the B by Wiclfr 
kiw and Wexford, on the W by <ti«en^ 
county and Kilkenny, aiid on the H 

a town of Ireland, in a county of the 
uune n:mie, on the river Barrow, U 
miks NE of Kilkenny. Populadoa 
(335. V km. 6 58, N fat. 52 40. 

CARLSBAD, or WARY, a town of 
Bohemia, in tht cirete of Soattritu^ 
ed Op the river Kger, and i| celewatRI 
fin- Its hot spriogb Paputanon abau( 
3000. Skm.l3(a,Nlat.M14«S. 

• senuort of imilea, m the pronnoe 
ofB&ililini. It derive* lUonmn and 
^^wftoiTctarieaXI, who Ijmhnd 
die fiHwdathmtafkiiew town m ItiSt^ 
itie snburiM are fortiAed towards the 
timd, by a ttone wril A dock wae 
hollowed in the nhd mcfc m ira^ 
eapabhfdF leoeiving a flrst rate man 
of^r. A pnyeet for eDnnrqet|ng 
M covered dodo, wd otter imirove. 
nvnu, was begun m.l7», but they 


[ «8 1 


iMTe ■roeeeded ilowly. OnedookwM 
finiihcd in HTO Poptihttion, •» IBOO, 
13J0O, CarUcrona ii MO niilM SWol 
Stockholm. K km. 1» M, N tat. M HO. 

CARLSRUKE, or Cwlttaoke, ■ 
town of Gerowny, •itu»t«l la the e r- 
cle of auabu and Electorwe of B* 
Uen. Popiihtion lOJtOO. . . ._ 

CARL8TAD r, the c»P«Ul of Cro» 
tia,ou the river Kulp, l« nuK» 8 or 
Virnmi. E km. H »l, N tat. 4« «v^ 

CARLSTADT, » town of i>«™en» 
In Weripeltiid, on the ittaod of Ting- 
willa, which i> formal by twohrinehet 
of the Ctam Bill. The town conWm 
IJOO Hihalutanti, and « 133 milet w 
of Stockholm. E km. 13 43, M tat. 

«1 *!■ 

CARLSTADT, « town of Gerniany, 
in the Uihopnc of WurWburpj. verted 

on the Maine, 18 nule« N oT^Viim- 

'?ARMAONI0LA, a «own «♦■ 
Fnnoe in the department of the re. 
Poputation lifiOO- It ii.ieatedona 
snuiU riwr, which rum mto the Po, 
14 mika S of Turin. E km. 7 43, N 
lat. 44 50. 

CARMARTHEN, the countyMown 
«r Carmarthi-mhire. It ii »eal8d on 
the river Towy. over which it a itom; 
tH'idge, to which imall veueli may 
coiol up. It lendi one nirmber to par- 
liament, and b 207 miles W by N of 
lAndon. Populallon «548. 

ofSWalet, 3« mifci m fcngth, an* » 
in breadtli; bounded bv Caidiaan- 
shite on the N. the Bruto! channel on 
the S, Brecknock and GtainorganAire 
on the E, and Pembrokeihire on the 
W. Itt principal rivers are the Towy, 
Tyvy, and Taafe. . , „ , 

CARMEU a mountwn in Pale* 
tine, noted fiir having bwn the retreat 
of the prophet Eliai, and tor a monaj- 

ury ol CarmeUtet. It i» »« ">«'« " 
of Jcruialem. . . ._ • 

CARM(MJA. a town of «"?,,•" 
Anttrian Friuli. B IM> U 23, K tat. 

* CAJRMONA, ui anstait town of 
Sp<dn, in Andalusia, M nales E or se- 

CARNATIC, a country of thejpett- 
imnta of Hindoossan. extending tjom 
the Guntoor tdroar along the wtole 
coatt orCai«maiidel,tu«iipe Conwrln: 

including its "PpaSM™. "'^'''JIE^ 
Tai^orCMmrar, Tttawopoly, M«- 

dura, and TinCTdly. » «• "«"'*» 
fV«mN to 8. but no where more ihu 
ISO wide, and commonly noinore tlim 
7*. TheCaniatici»rM*,fcrOle,tBj 
DODukmi I and eontaiui an inuv^iUe 
mSbt.t of fortresKS! pubUc moot 
nents too, the unequivocal markiof 
dvilizatmn and opulence. •«« "«« 
cofumon here than in the northna 
SSJoflndta. In 1787,thetot,l* 
Sa Company took the whole adnanj- 
atmtion of the Camatic, and the c* 
feetionsf the nabobs wveniies 'ntii 
their own bands. Atcot is the aipf 

"cARNESVaLE,the emmty torn 
of FraiikUn county. Ui »*»•««»«• 
Ckotgia, about flO "»*• ^W of to 
lumlfi, in the ame state, and 641 

from Washington. 

CARNIOLA, a P™»toW fC **? 
many, in the cirele <jf Aiwrtal h»^ 
«don the N bv Cannto w* SU.^ 

Unittd States <»5 A'»«*~ »J^J5S 
on ih, N hy r"««"^"' *^ fS'iS 
by the Attanno; on the S ••»»"» 
8 Caraliim and GeWgiai "« «* 
NW by Tennetse. It i» "J""™* 
iween N lat. 33 50, and 36 30, and W 
km. 75 45, and 83 50. It is 4J0 niita 
kNig. in gri«te»t breadth 180. fha 
^ is di5id«l iiito M «"»»»? '^ 

was Bm lettkd ''i?««-,.I'*,'?JX 
tana of the low lands adjacent to Ue 

diKases,Piirticularryfiwers. Thew* 

tern andWly P«i« "f.i**-*?^" 
healthy. Tfc tand» of the «■* coii» . 
try. wMch extend, about 80 mifctfrom 
S saTwe ^ ">* nnprodiicuft 
?*.?"' ~r. -TT^-k. „«• ,t^ •iiiti# the 

Ms" SSShSTven'S^e-tta. R«««*. 
whiTrisTin «rriria, »pe JW, 
of tie Krnbawa aiidTimne«ee,rt« i 


Old 83 W W km. Bounded on theS 
S3 KB b^ N CaroBna, on tte 8E to 
the Atlmfit,M4«ii«Nt»^i|?5'' 

[ «« 1 



[ M J 

. • 




« W 



a of 

43, M 


ad on 




m the 




iwn of 

g from 
r whole 
ili'li arc 
ly, »!•• 

donuanilTiiKmlly. It U »70 mifa 
fVomN to 8. but no where more ihu 
ISO wide, and commonly noroore than 
7*. TlieCaniatiei»rM*,ftrOle,»Bi 
DODuhMii i and eontaiui an inen^iUe 
ni!mlKr of tbnnuai publle moo.- 
mento too, the unequWoeal marluof 
drilization and opuknee. are tun 
ce<nmon here than in tte nortlMB 
SSJof India. In 1787,the»»t> 
Sa Couipany took the wMe adnanj- 
atmtion of the Camatic, and the c* 
liKtionof the nabob* Krenoet 'ntp 
their own handa. Aitot it the caff 

"cARNESVaLE,!!*! eminty town 
of Franklin county. Ui «*»•««*?«• 
Cko«ia, about flO ■>*• ^W of C» 
luralfi, in the aame attte, and Ml 
from Waahinrton. 

CARNIOLA, a P™»toee fC **? 
many, in the drele of AiutrBi, fc»» , 
WontheN hy Cannto ami M.^ 
on the £bv S«3«««>'^«f7' Croatojon 
the S by Morlaehia and Iitria, andoi 
the W w Friuli. , . 

CAROLINA, NOaXH, one of* 
UnitHi 8tat« "f *'»«*S.»-'^J!!S 
o.. ih, N hy r«8«"^"' *!,5 S^J'lS 
by the Attantw; on the 8 and sw w 
8 Carolina and G««giai "« «« 
NWbyTennea«. U " "tu«M» 
iwrei. N lat. 33 50, and 36 ». and W 
Ion. 75 45, »iid 83 50. It la 430 mto 
long, ita gn«t«t breadth 180. rb» 

waa Brat aettfed » 16<»':.,^,'?JX 
tana of the low landa a<yacenttn ite 
^ coaat, ar« •ultf««»l» "-^l^ 
diaeaaea, wrticularry flm«. Jt^^ 
tern andWy pari" "f.i^ •?^" 
healthy. The landa of the flat coii» 
try. wMcb extenda abotit 80 milnfrom 
S aoTwe ^ ">* nnprodiicttft 
STlte »«tei5>iru of the aiate te 

ton ai« producef in «"« J»^'«<*°i 
lu priiKipal r;vera are thi' K««n»ke 
IbXriaTin Wrglnto, cape JW^ 
New^Pamileo,and CltowmiW^ 
of tie Krnbawa aMTennefjee,* 


tke Sawnnib and Tugtilo rnrera which 
SStt it from GcotKia. Itiadivi- 

' Jainto M diatricu. and was nrat »et- 
£d ill IflTO; in mo it conuinrd 
SJjii Vhite inhabitant.. ISMO? 

^«.. and 4,554 tVwMacka. iheef 

I ZZ o»- ihia aute variea accordmn to 
Sutam, near the lea the "">>me' '^ 
"eea,iv«lyhot; u )«i approach tb. 
Satwn boundary itUcoolrr, ni th. 
wiiiier the tiiouiittina m this part ol 
ikeatate are often covered with mow. 

i fiin. thence to tlie aea it b"t «>*?"' 
ftlb ao aa to cover the grournl. I hi 
utaiwi' tn-ca avc aomeiiiiin (iMtrojm 
bffKit. The low cowitry which ev 
Mida about 80 railet ftora the falla ot 
dTriver, to.the^.ea»«H^,.. jUnoai 

lyiM !» 

.« ■«\»; 

5 Bid 83 W w ion. »«^"»aK 
I andNBbyNCaBilinB,2ntbe8E2 

deneae, with a caatlr. eight milea K of 
ModMk E Ion. U 16, N lau 44 

"carpi, a town of Italy i"*;-^ 
r„«,e, aeatedon the Adige 24 m.ta 
SE of Verona. E Ion. H 39, N lat, 

"JaRRICK on SURE, • towji rf 
In liiid, in Tipiieint7, 14 mjle* N w 
of WaJerftnl. W Ion. 7 10, N lat. 

horougli and aeaport of Irelawl, in 
AntriS, «i.h a caatle. It »•««?»,"• 
a bay, in the Iri»h Channe. of the 
'amJ nam., 39 ii.ilea N of Diibhn. 
W ion. 5 46.' N lau 54 43. Populauon 

about 4000. a,:.i „-.««. 

CARRON, a river of Stirl ngaliire. 

„«iriSrie,j^andde.tjt«u of atone.. I ^;;^^^^;^"^,\CT,iie of iteCainp: 
ThU tract J'««>««-?,^'»'<?™''1,SS^ • «v Hin aS flowa into the Wth of 
rf>«h|*»l!L.«^iS^,.<l"'S,'rj; FLhtelowKulk.rk. ,._ 

Sia^toSrSSSd^M; with .ar^ 
..wp. Ad marjhea. At wrne d«- 
lance^iom Charleaton in a WNW 
eour«, commencea a curioualy un«.. 
wiind barren countrj . of Uttleamd) 
Mb, which contmuea to a high belt ol 
yS, called the •* Ridge,' ot excellent 

mU IVi. ridp- «■!"*»>» '>™"', ^T 
tak to Bitif river. Beyond it the 
.pper country begina t here the «r « 
1^ temperate and healthy thro 
KM«rthe«i. The hilla are covered 
with valuabk timber ; the vallie. well 
wMcKidk and the Unda extremely fi-r- 
tii^. The high hifh of Santee beiweru 
•OaiidOOroiU'a ftom the owiuvare 
knween 3 and 5 mile, wide, and raiik 
among the moat opulent paruol th. 
ittte. The agrieultuial ,iroducta are 
cotton, ric«, indigo ; and m the iippj'r 
Mumry, hi ,p, Hax, wheat, «tc. 1 hi 
oiltiire of grape., flga and oliv«. have 
h«i. attenipwl. 1" '•'*'^'^ "^ '^ 
Waccamuw, Pedee, Black river, VV» 
leree, Wando, Cook r Aahley. Stoiw. 
Ediau), Aabeppo. I'mihahee, Coo»», 
Bmad^aml intee *''«hl"t « lo.- 
ned by thi- cmigare. »'|^ WaWB*. 

CARoLlNAb. or V * HOLINE is- 

moiuitaiiit which <H»ideHuiig»ry and 
Traiuylvania from Poland. 

CARPEN TRAS, anepiacopal town 
of France, in the late protince ot Pro- 
vence, a^ capiul of Ven«»n. It i. 
14 milea NE of Avignon. B hm. 5 n, 
li ht. 44 8. 

Forth, below Falkirk. 

CARRON, a village of Stirlingshire, 
Scottand, reniarkabfr for lU extemiTe 

iron worka in Europe. Theae workj 
were erected in 1761; before which 
time there wa. not a aingfc nouae on 
the apot. Population MOO. 

CART, the name ot two "^^^ 

Reiift«w.hire, di.tinguirti.^ by the 

appellatmna of Bhick and White. 

•^tARIAMA, a town of i>l>»m.«n 

Granada, at the ftxn of a mouiitwn 

near the river O""^" *?«>'"»• j^B^ 
milea NW of Matoga. W kin. 4 43, N 

'" CARi'arET ISLAND, an ialand 
in the S Pacific Ocean, keen by tap- 
tain 1767. .( >"«.^K"" 
long from E to W. E ton. 159 14, S 

'"cA^ERSVILLF- •?«>««"*»•? 
Powbattaii county'. Vireima. atoutW 
imlea ttom Richmowl, and 173 from 
the city of Waahington. .„ ,._ 

CARTHAGE, a fanioua city of mh 
tiquity. Some of the ruina metobe 
"°noJi theeoaatof the Medilerranam, 
10 mile. NE of Tunia, near «pre""!; 
lory calkd Cape Carthage. E Ion. 1» 
35 N lafc 38 50. 

CARTHAGE, a town of New 


£'iit^l;.«w.0fI«ly>«««M0.'H^:.V. £■«...». lb. pri-cip- 


[ W 1 


•eat of jBitice of Moore county. North 

Carolina, about forty roilei ftom Fay 

clteville. and 381 from Wa«hln«tuii. 

CAHTHAOE, a poil town o< Fe 

CAHTHAOE, a poil town oT fen- 
nena; in Smith county. U utuated on 
Cumberland ri»er, about onemite b«^ 
low the juuctijn of Caney Tm\ lu 
public buUdingt are a court houie, 
fail, and aead«roy, a l»Pt"««i™",».'?*: 
thoditt roeoting huuie. Pppulannn 
S«o. Itit90mileiEofNaih»ilU.l40 
W of Knox»ille, 180 S of Ijenngtoii 
in Kentucky, and 6»8 flrom Waihuig- 

lon. N l««- 30. .« w 

CARrHAGKNA,awiport of Spain, 

in Murcia, built by Arfrubal, a Car- 
thaienian general, and named ^r 
the city of Carthaije. It wa« taken 
by Sir John lieake, in ITOfl, but the 
duke of Berwick retook it. Itmeated 
on a Ruir of the ssinie nanK-, a? milei 
S of Murcia. W Ion. I e, N lat. 37 37. 
CARTHAOBNA, a city of New 
Granada, rituaied on a large bay of 
the «ine name. It iiandi on a penin- 
•ula that communioatra with the con- 
toent by narrow neckt of land and 
wooden bridge*. Thii city was fliit 
■ettled in 1533, it« chiurchei and con- 
wnu ate well built and numorous. 
The iutenie lieat and moitture of tlie 
climate, render the inhabitants un- 
healthy; they are alB«ttd with the 
Mack votnit, the fum w eomruUion, 
and the kproiy which it prevalent. 
TUi town wa» taken and pillaged in 
1544, by tome French adventuren. 
About torty yean after it wai cantured 
by Sir Francij Drake, and half of it 
faud in ariies. It wa> nain taken bv 
He French in 1M7, and wa> a fourth 
time beiieged by the Eugliih under 
admiral Vernon, in 1740, who were 
oMigcd to abandon it with great km. 
MlatilOM 35, Wkm.»5»ft4l. 

CAHTMEU a town in Laufaihire, 
S«0 mikn NNW of London. 

CARVER, a townAip of Plymouth 
qounty, MaiMchuietti 50 miles 8E of 
Boston, 460 (Vom Washington. Popu- 
btion 858. It ewtains a pond out of 
whifh 500 tons of iron ore have been 

CARWAR, a seaport on the coast 
of Malabar. suUect to tiie regent of 
Mysore. ItisOOmihsSby EofGoa. 
Bk>n.74 34, NlaUMO. 

CASAL, a town of I«aly, in Montr 
serrat, with a ntadel, snJ a bishop's 
iMk III* Mrtad w ibe ri^ ro> n 

miles NE of Turin, llie pnncipil 
puMio buiUiuKS are, the ihwitn, 
the lemiiwry. the lyecum, and two 
churches \ iheie is alio « number ofPt- 
laces, and hotels. Fopiihition 14^000. 
B km. 8 37, N lac 45 7. 

Italy, ia Jie duchy of Mihui, So miks 8 
E oTCn mona. Elon. 10 354) lat. 44 M. 

CASAL NUOVA, a town ot N«. 
pies, in Calabria Ulterwre. _ * temhh 
Mrthquake bappenni here in 1783, bj 
which the prince« Oeraae. an* op- 
waids of 4000 inbabitaiu tost theit 

"oisHIN.or CASWIN, a totraof 
Persia, in Irae Agemi, is situated in 
an extensive ph' ii, near the river Kul- 
ma. Its population is estimatctl at 
ftwn SO to 00,000. N lat. 38 13, E 
Ion. 49 33. , „ _ , • 

CASCAH8, a town of Portugd, i» 
Estramadura, at the mouth cf Ok 
Taio, 17 mite E of Lisbon. W km. 
8 43, N tat. 38 40. ^ „ . 

CASCO BAY, a bav of N Amencs, 
in tlK sute of Majsaehusetw a»d dii- 
irict of Maine, berween Cape Enis- 
beth and Cape Small Point. W fcin. 
69 3u, N bit. 44 5. . . „ , 

CASERTA, a "'y of Naptea, in 
the counwy of LaM.ia, >il«a<«d,« »■>■ 
bottom of a h»fty range of InlU, and 
cekbrated chiefly for 4e magnifieen 
palace erected by Chwles UI ol 

'*'cASHAN, or KASHAN. a town of 1 
Feriia, in the prc'vinee of Irak-agtmi, 
is situated in the ?!»in of Caihwi. 
The houses are built of «™ »im 
b-ick. Its principal paWio btnUings, 
are, tlie lojal palace, another for r.ra- 
bailadors, anu*%bout ftwty mosqu«. 
Population 30^000. N tau 33 59, t 
lon.5121. , . , , . 

CASHEL, a town of Ireland, in 
Tipucrary, with an archlatbop > see, 
n^ksNWofCkmmel. W Ion. 25, 
N lat. 52 30. Poputation 3000. 

CASHGUR, a city of Asia, capitsl 
of « country of the laine name. It 
stands at the Ibot of the ^mnudet n 

sianosai mo w"" "- ™— rT_i:. 
moont^ and eways a good tra*. 
with the naghbounug eouBtnes. E 
Ion. 73 85, N lat. 41 30. . . ^.^ 

CASHMERB, a provmee rf Hi* 
doostan Praper, suMect to the long of 
oSdahiTE^irfon the W by tte 
Indus, on the N by Himmakh Mount, 
uidwtl»Em«SI>yLa*>on' ^ 

vslteyor ( 

riik-i long; 

brated for 

ftrtility of 

turc ol the 

uirioiii mi 

thatof sbi 

of wbkh _t 

of a sped) 


tbuvc pro' 

Slid loinei 


city, a l« 

qiiVlfr ol 


aarrow ( 

The air is 

33 49, E I 


Arricn, lu 


isii and ! 

and ou til 

nou. Ca 



fat. 51 0. 


of .\ua; 

country i 

a iribt- a 

by IVitii 

and Circ 

aiul ill 11 


coiuit ol 

gable mi 

n^io fu 

rents, a 

jeet to 

oidy qu 






duchy • 

U mile 

lat. 45 



35 roik 

D bt. 




on thi 



'fcftt,u_,a-..;. — -*■■ - 

84 ] 



[ 8i ] 


mile* NE of Turin. Ine pnncipil 
puMio buiUiun arei the ihaitn, 
the wniiwry. «e Ijwini, md two 
cburchn ; Otm h alio « number atVi, 
iMeL and hotth. Fopiilatioa 14/100. 
BI0O.8 3T, Nlat.4<7. 

Italy, ia Jie duehy of Milan, So nnia S 
E oTCninona. Eloo. 10 3»^ ht. 44 W. 

CASAL NUOVA, a town of N«- 
pin. in Calabria Ulteriwe. , A lennbta 
earthquake bavpemd here in 1783, by 
which the princeu Owaae. and op- 
ward! of 4000 inbabilMiU lott theit 

*CA8HIN,or CASWIN, a towiof 
Perna, in Irae Agemi, is ntuated in 
an e»ten«ive pla'm near the rl»« Kul- 
ma. I«« population it ettimatwl at 
from ao to 60,000. N tot. .19 13, E 
Ion. 49 33. , „ _ 1 • 

CASCARS, a town of Portugal, i« 
Entramadura, at the mouth ct tin; 
Taio, 17 mile> E of Lisbon. W Ion. 
8 43, N tat. 38 40. ^ „ , 

CXSCO BAY, a bav of N Americi, 
in tlie «ute of Manaehuiett* and dii. 
trict of Maine, between Cape Eni* 
bcth mid Cape Small Pomt. W ton. 
69 30, N lat. 44 5. . ^. , 

CASKRTA. a "••y of Naples, in 
tlie country of LaM.m, titaated at t*e 
bottom of a lofty range of tolls, and 
celebrated chieHy for Ac mogniflcen 
palace erected by Ctaurlei UI ol 

'*'cASHAN, or KASHAN. a town of 
Prriia, in the province of Irak-agjmi, 
is situated In the v!»'" "* 5S*^ 
The houses are built of «rtli am 
b ick. Its pi-ineipal paWio binldinf!, 
are, tlie lojal witoce, another for cm- 
basladors, anuabont forty mosqoej. 
Poputation 30^000. N tou 33 59, E 

lon.«121. , . , , .„ 

CASHEL, a town of Iretond, in 
Tipucrary, with an archtathop s see, 
n^lesNWofClonmel. W Ion. 25, 
N tot. »2 30. Poputotion 3000. 

CASHGVR, ■ eity of Asia, oapitjl 
of a eouiitry of the same name. It 
standi at the ftnt of the Ifinnudnn 
moontains, and enjoys a good traifc 
with the naghbouruig eonntnes. E 
Ion. 73 25, N lat. 41 30. . „^ 

CASHMERE, a prorinee rf Hln- 
doostan Proper, suMeet to the long of 
oSd«h«r7fc5ie?on the W by U« 
Indus, on the N by Himmalch Mount, 
and wUB Bands by Uhore. Tfle 







It of 



mlley or «iun;ry of Cwhmrre » 80 
nilrs long, and 40 broad i iiiul is celr- 
bnitMl for in roniamic biiiiit«-«, the 
ftrtility of thf soil, und tiR' iimixTu- 
tureol tlieatniosphrre. AmmiK olhrr 
uirioiis maiiufaeturrs of Ciwhiiieiv. i» 
Sat of shawls; and thit iblicaie woo 
of which they are madf, is tlie product 

CASWMEHC^llie eapitiil rf tlie 
above province, calUU also hinnagiir, 
iiid sometimes Nnpi/. I»l- nycr 
Clielum flows tbrouKh thcceiilreot llj; 
•itv. a lake cxuwls from tlie Nt 
oiiarur of tlie city, 5 or « iiuUs in cii' 
wmference, ami joins the river by n 
aarrow chai.iiel near Hie subuvte. 
The air is mild and salubrious. N lat. 
33 49, E Ion. 73 11. , 

CA3HNA, mi extensive emP'"" »' 
Africa, )i»rt of the region calM Ne- 
grolaiid boiiiuled on the N by F"" 
laii and Zaha-a.oii the Shy the N^r, 
and ou i\*.- E by Zuinpluira and Bor- 
nou. CasbiM is tlie capital. . 

CASIMIR, a town of Poland, in the 
nalaiinate of Lublin. E Ion. 22 3, > 

"cASPIAX SEA, a great inlai«l sea 
or.\»ia; lioiiiided on tlie N by^the 
country of the Kalmiics, on the K n^ 

a irihi' of llic Tiircomanes, on tlie 
by Persia, and on the W by titwina 
.^1 Circiiuia. It is 080 miles in length, 
and in no part more than 260 miles in 
tweadth. It has no tide; and.onac- 
coiuit of its frequent slwals, ■»«»*'■ 
cable only !«» vessels drawing ftoro 9 
UlO IWt water. It has strong cur- 
rents, an.^ like all inland seas, is sub- 
ject to violent storms. ^Srals are •!« 
SUy qiuMlriim^s ttat, inhabit die Cav 
piafiSea. fto.- CMPian «b«inds with 
Kdogs, which ara hunted, and wught 
hTgnS^numbers. Lon.lVoni 48 toJ3 
de£ E lat. from 37 to47dM. N. 

CAS8ANO, a town- of Italy, inUw 
duchy «f Mitou, Mated «» t»» Adda. 
MmilesMEofMiton. Efc)n.9»4,N 

fat 4tf 3c€ 

CASSAMO. a town of Napl-a, in 
Catabria Citeriore, with a bishop . «e, 
35 miles N of Coienia. E wn. 16 ao, 


pavar of lte-e*«*«. *"*ll^ 
%e OU and New Town. It .s iw^ 
on the FuWa, « mile. 8 rf V^ 
Wn. The prindjal public buiWbngs 
«»Uj,*lliW*lMD,tte «*o- 

lie church, the foundling hospital, llit 
anatomical ttontiv, tlie relornic.1 
cluirch, the optni laiuse, the orangery , 
the observatory, ihe mymff!tie,aiax 
iiolnces. ropuWion, in 18! 1, 20,260. 
E Ion. 9 35 18, N lat. Jk 19 20. 

CAS8EL, a town rf^Fraiice. m the 
department rf.the Noril^ sMttd on a 
inwinuin. It is 10 i''ite»JJE ol St. 
Omer. E Ion. 2 36, N bit. SOJg. 

CA3S0VIA, or C ASHAW^ ttroiK 
town of Hungary, «•* aft»« fr^fj? 
seated near the nv-r »*«*•". ""J" 
NE of Agrin. E Ion. SI 35, N lat. 46 48. 
CAS lANOVlTZ, a town of Aus- 
trian Croatia, siwed on the "'er Un- 
na. «hich divides that eo'intry from 
Turkey. E Ion. 17 19, N lat. 45 40. 

C AS lELMARA. a town of NapWs, 
in Principaio Citeriore, withab'sliop » 
«•, iiihI Tgood harbour, IS miles 81'. 

CATrF.I-AUC;ONESE, a seaport 
of Sanlinin. w>lh « bishop s see, W 
Lies NE of Sari. E lon.9 1,N l«t;40 50. 

CASTEI^BALDO, a town rf lub- 
in the Veronese, on the "«» A^^'BJ' 
35 miles SE rf Verona. B Ion. W 7, 

'^CASTELBAR, a town of IrflandLj 
in tlK- county of >fayo, 35 milei N rf 
Gal way. W kin. 9 15, N lat. 53 54. 
t^^AS- EI^BK ANCO, a town rf Po^ 


tiiual, capital of Beira. situated on the 
t\^rl.yn, 3S miles N W of Alcantara. 
W ton 6 40, N lat. 39 5-. 

C ASTELrDF,VIDE, a town of Poi-. 
tugal, in Alentejo, «•«•>« m"'",'* ,"' 
Ponilegre. W Ion. 7 31, N lat. 39 15. 

CASTEL COMB.0 town of Eii^id, 
in Wiltsliire, 12 miles NNE ot Bain. 

C ASTEI-FOLIT, a tow-i of Spain, 
in Catalonia, situat.'d on »•' "'""^j^ 
ble eminence near the nver Fulria, 15 



in Ae demrtinemrf Lot and fca- 
%^. !««««» on *eAv.nce, 30 
oiilet E rf Bazas. E loo. 25, N uv 

**CASTELLANB, • tow" of *r»D«, 

Iin ite department of the LowerJUw. 
£ UieatSoo the Vertoo, ^ in »«SV 
V of Senax. E km. 6 34, N lat. 43 53. 
CASTBLLON, a town rf Spam, in 
Cattloiiiarfivendle.NWofRoi«. » 




I w 1 



CA8TEI.NAUDRT, ■ Mjni of 
France, In the dil>artimnt of Aiide, on 
»n emim nee. iV I.iinRtiiiloc C«niU 
here fbrnit a lw»'ni about (1300 tm in 
cirenmfctence. Cmtrluaudry ii U 
, niiki W of Carcattoniie. E km. S 0, 

CASTKL-NVVO, a town of V.-ni- 
tian Dalniutia, litualed on the ^nll of 
Cniani-ia miU N by v- , caiaro. 

C ASlKlrllODRUiO, a town of 

Purtugal. in tlie iirovincc of ' r«-loi- 

Montw, 30 miles NW of Cividad R.* 

rigo. W Ion. « aa, N l»«. •«'•.„_. „ 


NANA, a town of Italy, in the Mode- 
ne«e, with a «trong tbrt, ii iitueted on 
the riviT St-rcliio, 17 mile* abu»e Luc- 
ca. K Ion. 10 40, N lat. 44 S. 

CAS rH.LAKIA. a town of Italy, 
in tht- duchy of Mantua, ft nnlet N K of 
Mnntua. K Ion. 10 J4, N lat. 45 1». 

CASriLLON.a town of France, m 
the dvpartnient of Gironde, litnaietl on 
the I)onlogne,2J mile» K of Bordeaux. 
It ii flunout for a rietory cnined by 
the, French o»er the F.nglitU in 1451. 
B Ion. OS , N lat. 44 52. 

CASTIGUONH; a town of luly, 
in the Mantuan, with a cajtle. It wai 
taken by the French in August 3, 1796. 
ItUZOmlletNVTofMantua. E Ion. 
10 3«, N lat. 45 23. . ,„ . 

CASTILE, OLD a province cfSpain, 
192 milet in length, and 1 1 » in breadth ; 
bounded on the S by New entile, on 
the B by Arragon and Nararre, on the 
N by Biicay and the Aiturini, and on 
tfw W by Lean. Burgos is the capital. 
pTAvinee of Spaing 900 miles in length, 
M 14S in bn-adlh i bounded on the N 
to Old Caitile, on the E by Arragon 
and Valencia, on the S by Murcia ami 
Andalucia, and on the W by Ettrania- 
dora. It U divided into tliree parts ; 
Arcaru tothe N, Manctatothe E, and 
Sierra to the S. Madrid is the capital. 
CASTINE, a paittow«|hipin Haii- 
eock county, Maine, riluated on the 
E side of Fenobicot bay, four milea S 
of Penohicot town, and 730 NE of 
MTaihingtan. It it a eommercial ulact' 
and captained in 1810, 103S intaabi- 
tantt. This town was taken by i»- 
British on lAe first, of September 1814 
>nd remained in thtir potsmion until 
the conclusion of the late war, N lat. 
44 21,W Ion. 93 31. 

CA9TLF.-CARY, a town in Sonw- 
seUhiiY, 12 inil'-s SEof Wells, aiidlll 
W by 8 of lA>ndo». W Ion. 2 42, N 

hit. «U. ,. ^ 

CASTI.E-niSlNO, a' borough in 
Norfolk, 10,1 miles NVF. of Lomloii. 
K tan. 30, N Int 52 50. 

CA9TI.K roWN, the capital of the 
Isle of Wail, with a castle, but ofiio 
erent iniiiormiice, on acconiit of its 
liistanec from the rocky and shallow 
harbour. W km. 4 35, N lat. 53 3J. 

CASrON, a town in Norfolk, 10 
miles NN W of Norwioh. E Ion. 1 22, 
N lat. 52 48. . , . , I. 

CASTOR, a town In Lincolnihire. 
15 miles NE of Lincoln, and 159 N of 
LoikIoii. W Ion. 9, N lat. 53 30. 

t AS rilES, a town of France, in the 

department of I'arn. Near this town, 
are mines of Turnuoise stones. It is 
seatixl on a fine valley.oii the Agoiit, 29 
milea S of Alb). B km. 8 20i N lat, 
43 sr. . . . 

CASTRO, a town of Italy, in the 
patrimony of St. Peter, 40 mih!« NW 
of Rome. E Ion. 11 51, N IM, « 

CASTRO, a town of South Ameri- 
ca, in Chili, capital of the island ot Chi- 
kic. It isl30 milesSof Baldivia. w 
hin. 75 5. S lat. 42 t. 

CASTKO-MAIUNO, n town of 
Pnrtui;al, in Algarvc. It is sttone by 
situation, aiiJ seatetl near the mouth ol 
the Gundiana, 55 miks S of Bejfc W 
1011.7 12. N lat. 37 ft. 

CASrnO-VERBON^, a town.of 
Peru, remarkable for mii..'S of Silfer, 
Bood tobacco, and wholusome air. It 
IS 125 miles 3E of Lima. W Ion. 74 
45. S lat. 12 50. . 

CASTHO, • nmiiime town of the 
kingdom of Naples. « railft S ol' Otiwi- 
to. E Ion. 18 31, N lat 40 Ifl 

CATAWBA, a town belongmt; to 
the CatabaW iiidians in S Carohna, 
situatdl on the river of that name, m 
N lat. 34 49. Populalion ruing 400. 

CATAWBA, aconsklerable river of 
the United States that rises near King's 
mountain, in N Carolina ; thence pur- 
suing an easterly course for newly 40 
miles, it turns gradually SE, and pav- 
ing into S Candina, obtains the nsroe 
ofWataee i pursuing the same direc 
tron it unites with the Congaree, to 
form Uie Santee. At Morgan town, 
350 mites from the sea, this nver M 
290 Tud* wide, and hM been nuae nf 




[ »r ] 

■■*■ • 

CASTLE-CARY, a town In Sann- 
■euhire. U niit'-J SEof Wrll«,«iiilIU 
W by 8 of lAindoii. W Ion. » 4J, N 
lat. 51 5. ^ _.. . 

CASTLE-KISINO. « boroiiish in 
Nurfolk, 10,1 niilfi NVR of Lomlon. 
K Ion. 30, N Int .W 50. 

CASII.K TOWN, the c»pi«Jil of the 
Iili' of IWaii, will" a castle, but of no 
El-rot imiNM-taiicf, un account of Iti 
liitlance from the rocky and «hallow 
hnrtwur. W ton. 4 31, N lai. J1 3J. 

CASrON, a town in Norfolk, 10 
mlln NN W of Norwioh. E Ion. 1 32, 
N lat. 3« 48. . , . , ... 

CASroH, a town In Lincolnilnrc. 
15 mile» NE of Lincoln, and I J9 N of 
London. W Ion. 9, N lat. «3 30. 

C AS rUES, a town of France, in the 
department of lam. Near thii town, 
are minet of 'rurnuoi* itono. It i« 

•eiued on a fine valtey.on the Agout,a9 
milet S of Alb). E ton. 8 30) N l>t< 

43 sr. .... 

CASTRO, a town of Italy, in thf 
patrimony of St. Peter, 40 m<k« NW 
of Rome. E Ion. U 51, N lat. 43 

CASTRO, a tmm of South Ameri- 
ca, ill Chili, capital of the iiland of Chi- 
toe. It is 130 iiiileii S of Baldivia. w 
Ion. 75 5. S lat. 41 4. 

CASruo-MAKINO, » town of 
Portiiital, in Algarve. It i« sttime by 
situation, aiiJ seatwt near the mouth oj 
the Guadiana, 5S milei S of Bejfc W 
1011.7 12. NIat.SrO. 

CA81'RO-VER*ON4, a town.ot 
Peru, remarkable for mii.>'i of Silfer, 
Kooil tobacco, and wholosome air. It 
is IS5 niilCT 8E of Lima. W Ion. 74 
4», S lat. U 50. . . 

CASTRO, • nmaiime town of the 
kingdom of Naples. « miifs S of Otiwn- 
to. E Ion. l« 31, N lat. 40 1(1 

CATAWBA, a town belongmE to 
tlie CatabaW Indians in S Carolina, 
situatiM on the river of that name, ■• 
N laU 34 49. Population ri»ng 400. 

CATAWBA, aoonsiderjible river of 
the United States that rises near King"* 
mountain, in N Carolina ; thence pur- 
suing an easterly course for newly 40 
milcL it turns gnalually SE, and pav- 
ing into S Canriina, obtains the nsine 
ofWatetce ; pursuing the same direc 
tton it unites with the Congaree, to 
form tlie Santee. At Morgan town. 
35U miles from the sea, thh nnr M 
2S0 Tud* «"><:, tad hM b«en DMe Of 

timlilf through N laroliiui upwards 
ol lOO niiU'S. , _ . 

buuiHlwIoii ihc N bv ihp l'>nnir«,oii 
the E and S liy the NIitliuii-Hiu mi sea. 
•ml on the W by Ari-amii ami Va cih 
tia. It is 13J miks in kngtli »"«' ''"'i 
ill breadth. The air is wluil.- jiiie 
iikI it is full of high nionntaiiii.,coviT- 
nl with Ibrests and fVuii-lr<*s. II 
abounds in wine, com. and |)1i|ik> and 
there arr several qnarrifs ut luaiblc. 

CATANIA, a wleliiirtid cii> ol 8i- 
rily, on ihe RUlf of Ike simn' ii«»iV- 
By an eruption of Etna, in 166'>,,it 
»»i almost toiall> deni-oved; ami, in 
1603, it was eiitirilv swallowed iip "y 
■n rarlhqiiakc. wliicl. burii'd 18X)00 
n link' in the ruins. It is 52 mill h !> W 
Hilessina. E Ion. 15 29, N lat. 37 .16. 
tAI ANZARO, a town of Niipk-s, 
in Calabria Ulieriore, wiib a bishop s 
sec, seated on a mountain, 15 iniles o 
WofBelcasUo. Eton. 1648, Nlat.39<). 
CAT ARO, a town of Venetian IJal- 
matia, with a catto', aiMl a biJiop's see ; 
seated on a gulf of its own name, 30 
miks W of ScuUri. E Ion. 18 40, N 
lat. 43 49. 

CA TEG ATE, a gulf between Swe- 
dm and Denniiirk. by wludi the Baluc 
coniinunicates with the ocean. _ 

CA FHARINE'S, ST. the principal 
Ssland on the coast of the S part of Bra- 
zil. It is m mites broad, and is sepa- 
rated fMU the continent, bv a cliainicl 
400 yardi wWe, and is divideil into 4 
pariskLs. Thi' capital of the islaiul is 
of the same natfie situated on a bay. 
Fopulathm lOJOOO. S lat. 117 34 46, 
W loo. 47 55 .10. .^„„ 

KINENSLAF. a govirnnitnt of tlie 
Russian empire, divkl«l into t«o pro- 
Tincea; namtly, CaiU vineiislal which 
includes New Russin. and llie late w>- 
mnment of Asopli; and Taurida 

CATHAHINENS1.AF, tlie capital 
of a province of the same name, seatit 
near llie connuence of the Kiluin aiKl 
Samara. 178 miles NE of Cherson. E 
ton. 35 15. N tot. 47 23. 

CATHERINES, a larje post town- 
ikitfin Uie-NW «irner ofl K«««>"'r 
tj,S York. It is »» '»''" "^J^ 
taoy andS43 from Washington. Pop- 
iilaflon in 1810, 836. „ . „_ „^ 
CAIOOHE, CAPE,, the NE Jfo- 
montfry of Yucatan, »n N Ameiica, 

wliere the English adventurert from 
Janiaicc first atleraptHl W cut tog- 
wood y toi1.8<i30,Nlat.2aiO. bee 

'.A rsKlLL. a post township ol N 
■ ork and capital of Green county, « 
situatTon Z W bunk «f the HufUtm. 
It contain- 1\*' viHaip . "f *'»'"|".'.'',''^ 
(Wsim ami Madison. P'!P<'l»UWi in 

1810.4345. I>'»'»"".r'** .JiJa 
Huilsoii city, 33 Ik low Albany, and 358 
E of N fMiin WasliiiiRton. 

cap.ul of Orissa, a province of Hin- 
.uistun. in tto Deccan J. it i? «;<«^ »" 
the Mahaii.Hid). i":*"- '<• ,'»""a\;"*| 
the hay of Bengal, 2000 iniles SW ot 
Calcutia. E Ion. 8ft 1, N lat. 30 31. 

CAITAWESSY, a thriving port 
town on th.- E l""*;^ ?<'«l««'-""jj' 
river, in N»f*«?'*iV"«' «""/''/: 
Pennsvlvawia. at «'«■ *»»ne«"f " 
mite, kby N of Northuin»*»tandjl» 
NW of PWIaddphia, and 183 llroro 
Wasbhwtoib Populatton 1934. 

the German Ocean, near which the <m- 
^brSSrfthe RhU« that rettu- it. 
witinal name, u tost m the sands. It 
UrSi£N\.y W of Ley*^ 

CAVA, a consWerabte and poputou* 
town ofNaples, in Pri'«iP»«V'.''[:: 
«,*, with a bishop-, see .'«'**« the 

foirtol Mount f "^'"'"•A^'S^jrlo M 
of Salerno. E ton. 14 35, N tot. 40 29. 
dAVAN, a county of I'^-'d, mihe 
nrovlnce rf Ulster, 27 miles in tength, 
STa" in breadth.' Cavw U the capi- 
tal, flo mites NW of UuUln. WhHV 

sor county. Vermont i iituated on tfc? 
N side of Black river, betw.«. W» 
JhersfieW and L.rito*. Mmlto.SE of 
Rutland river, and 471 IWmi Waddnp- 
Fopulation 1393 

ton. »-opui««uii ■-■"" .„_;„„ 

CAVIANA,aii istoiid of S Amenc^ 
at the mou* of the nver Amazon, 90 
"ileVin eircumlhwice. and of a trian- 
^ h.r form, with Its base to f* «*««>•• 
Tt lies under Ihe equinoctial line m W 

'"CAUCASUS, a very high mountaiii 
of Asia, being one of tfce P^J '•»'?^''' 
mouutaiiw that rum between the Btock 

a^ Caspian seas. Tb«f JS^"**"" 
areinhaCitedby «ven dittinttnattons. 

each weakinga diftrent tanguage. 

CAiSmbIc, a rich «»d P<3™toji 

[ traluig Wwn of rr»nee,ta the depacjr 


[ St- 



mml of I.ow«T Siiite, Irt thu funl of* 
nwuiiuiii, ii«r the Seine, H "i>l«» N 
W of Hmwii. E loll. I A, N lut. 4K 

'cAUNK, Blown of Fnino-, in the 
.I<-Mirtiwiit of rum, «n.l wt.ilnaii 
Uie inountiint, whtre ihf "•"■3""5. 
Iwi in loiiro.-. It u»l inil« NK ul 
Cmtrw. E Ion a 43, N tal. «3 40. 

tAU IKRB r S, II Tilliui-or iTiuwe. 
in ihe department of the t'liper Hyi-e- 
iB-en, noted for iu iiiliierul water. It 
ii 18 'iilUiSW ofllagmi-ei. 

CAUVKHY.or ( AVKUY, » conn- 
4en<hle rivir of the pciiin^iiU ol Hiii- 
daomMi, which riiei biiioiik the Ci»iin, 
oml wnteriiig 8erinf«P«iiini «no Imi- 
lore, enter, llie hay of Bemwl, by te e- 
r»l muiuhi. between CiMU»lore and 
'rrielilnopoiy. . „ . ,. 

CA wool), * town Inthe E riding 
ol Yorkibin', U nulei S of York, ami 
ISANWofLoudou. W toll. 1 N tat. 

CAXAMALrA, ■ town oT Peni, 
capital of a territory of it« own namr. 
It wai noted ftw a tumptuoui paUiw 
btlonglng to the liicat, «i«l a niagtuH- 
cciit temple dedicated to the •im. It 
it 300 milet KNE of Luna. W Ion. 
74 53. 9 lat. 121- , „ . .j^ 

CAX'i'ON. a town in Cambridge- 
ririre, 10 inilei W by S of Cwnhridge. 
W Ion. 10 N tat. 10 0. 

CAY A, a river ot Portugal, which 

one to one and a half bra»d, at ihe a 
end of whiih I ii/.eimvitt villa)|eiipli» 
wiilly liiiiuutl, cipniiiiiiiiig Ilie l^wt o)- 
Div iUmI ahiiiii 5U0 iiihubitanli. It u 
20 iiiilei N \V nt Allwr >, 1.10 IVoni Uti- 
ca, and lil« liom Wiuliinguiii. 

cr.UAH tUi.KK, awaierof Jome« 
Hirer, in Viri?iniu, in ■ the euiiiity uf 
Ho<'kliridge ; reiiiurkalile Ibr 1H natu- 
ral brWlKi-, wliieli it mv of the iiiojt 
aUuniiliiiiBworktor-iiiire. IttlaiKta 
on iIh- a»eeni of a bill, which tevn.i I» 
have been cloven ihri.ugh ill luiirih hy 
tome K'cat louvuliioii. The fliiiire, 
jutt at the briilKe, » i.W fret diip, 45 
wide at ilie botuiin. iiiul 80 at Ihe top. 
lu brewlUi, ih Ihe midilii-, it about '10 
fell, and the thickiK w ot the inatv ut 
the iiituniil of tin iireh, about 40 fu I. 
A part of Ihit thickwta u contututi^ 
by a coat of eaitli, which girei grontk 
to many large ti-eei. , „ , ._ 

CEUONOA, a town of Napkt, in 
PrinciMto Ulteriore. with a bitlwiil 
.e«!; icated ut iIk- fo«oflhe .\|ipe- 
nink 1» rail" NW of Melfl. E Ion. 
IB 38, N lat. 41 5. ^, ■ , ^ 

C EF ALON I A, a cnjiJK'.rmblc i«l.ind 
of Ilie Mediterranean, on tlic coartof 
Livadia, and oppotite ihe gull ot Uj- 
panto. 11 it ftrtile in oil, and exctl- 
lent muscadine wines the ctuilul i.oT 
the tame name. E Ion. SO 36, N tau 

CEFALV, a teaport oMioUf, in the 

t> -.!• «x.. ...»...■ luittt A fikkfWM and ft 

CAYA a river ot Portugal, which CKFAi-t., ateaporiowiwn.'" >■- 
rii. ««; PoVtui^,«',.nd rSning SE valley of Detnona, with* c«|fe anda 

»•? .*?_V.'!!™»"5'.U'.^*i"i i.i.~i irite of Naple., in Ite proiriiie'^^ «f 

AbruxM Vltra. 1 he Jake it about 47 
•nilei in circumference, and ftoni 4 to 

nia urn uiim™«u», "• — ~-j--- 

CATENNE, a rich town and liland 
OD dn •■■•< at Ouiana, in !i America. 
•t^ |^««.ii it ahotit lA mile* in circunt- 
' Jkicate, and it only leparatedftoni the 
Continent by two rivers Cayenne pep- 
ner. tiunr, and coffee, are the principal 

• CAYUOA, a |Kwl Tillage, »ituati»l in 
the W partof AiireliuttoiilMhip.CBj- 
uca county, on tlie E bnd( of Cayuga 
Idte tmte idNew York. It contaii.i 
■bout 40 houiet, and 179 iniki w.M- 
ward of Albany, and 404 fi-om Wnsli- 
ingtun. llie kVeol'tbe untie name It 
about 3B milei long aial fVom one to 
four mik-i broad. , . , 

C AZRMOVIA , a pott-lownthip, and 
capiul of Madiwn county, N York It 
eontium t preabyteriaiy a hapiui 
roeetiraHuMiie, and 3151 iidMbitaiitt. 
Near the centre of thi» town It lake 
ijuklaen four milet king, and thini 

,„.. circumference, i 

10 in breadth. . 

CENANDA, an ancient town of It* 

ly, in 1 reritano, with a Hthop'ncc. 
18 milM N of Trevigo. E ton. U 30, 
N lat. 4« 1. , 

CEN lERVl'.LE, a pqat town of 
Queen AiinS county, Marylami^ ut* 
Btcd on Coitica ci-eek, a brati^ til 
Chnter river, 17 milet 8 of Chwter- 
town, 20 N of Eiuton, and 92 (Voia 
Waihington. It contain* about 50 
houteik . 

CENTERVI1.LB, a pwt tow« of 
Fairfax county, Virginia, 8 initei trom 
Fairfax court-koute, and -31 fttwi 

CKSV, a town of "Rrni Finna, « 
mitoi 8 of Carthageita, W lulb 73 H, 
N tat. 10 1". 

Iniid in the In 
Biiriieo. '1 1 
l>i.i table, but I 
niiH, which ir 
f(» which rent 
iVir hiiiwt < 
lii(li. Ihe IV 
Imi. from 1 
from 1 10 N. I 

CENIS, a 1 
nf the Al|n.ii 
^g^ of Suva 1 1 

I'lcicnit, a to' 
live poinit of 
I populotit I 
iMW ixhihid 
l>i)|iulntioii III 

loBiBii tea, ah 
iiRticc, lying 
milt .1 tiiiair 
I'oiiuliitioti ul 

Dceaii, one tj 
W of Kcw 
IcuKili, and 4 
1 jn to 1 29 

ly of Spain,, 
of France, ii 

FjHtirii r 
capital iif I 
Lauii of the 

Calabria CiU 
■ealrd an a i 
Jcverino. I 

uid tate pro 
theTet. I 
■an. E ton 

kigc, to the 

£ ton. 33 3 


milet front 


■^ CRN 

to oiir mnI ■ hiiir bniad, M thr 8 

1 of «lin.h I a/.ri»>viii vill»||r ii pU» 
lly kitnaiitl, riiiitniiiiug the ginl oU 
• luvl iihiim 300 iiihobiunti. Ii « 
iiiilri N\V ol AllMii);, 1.10 (Vora Uti- 
aiHl m« lioiii WiuliiiiKUiii. 
■ 1U)AH t U I.KK, « wmer of Jamw 
n-r. ill Virginia, in • iIh- comity of 
,klin<lf!<; ; miiuiknblf for iM iwtu- 

lirklKi', wliifli IS iiiK.' of thu iiiojt 
oiii*liiiiK»ork» oC- iittrc. Ittl«i»» 

iIk^ a>r«nt ul'a hill, wliich •wim l» 
If been c-Iovtn ihrwigh in luiKlli "f 
nc ijrtrit louviiliioii. Tlw Ilnii«, 
It at thr bviilije. » ifO frt« <>. •" 
de at ilie butuiin. mul 90 at the top. 
I brewltli, ih the miiWif, » about '» 
L-i, and the lhicl»iK»« ot the iiibh at 
e «iiinniit of ihi iirch, about 40 fti t 

part of ibii thicliiicni « comututi-J 

a eoat oliailli, whieh gi«» grow* 

many large t\tx: , „ , . 

CEUONfiA, a town of Napltit«B 
rinciliaio L'lteriore, with a Ushoii"! 
e; ieated ut the fgOl of the Ap|io 
inn, l» nillet NW ofMelfl. E Km. 
I 38, N lat. 4U. ^, ., ^ 

C EF ALON I A, a onjiMi'emble uSma 
r tlie Metliierranean, on tlie coait of 
ivatlla, and oppoiite the guH ol !*• 
anto. It is itrtile in oil, aiul cxctl- 
■nt muscaiiine wine; tht^ cauiiul i.oT 
lie same name. E Ion. 30 16, N Ilk 

8 23* 

CEFALt', a leaport oWieUy, in Ihe 
alley of Deinona, with i cuOk ana ■ 
lihop'i «e. E Ion. 13 S8, N lat. .18 a^ 
CSXANO, the naniH of a town ani 
ake of Naple», in tte i;n>»im.< « 
Ibruizo Ultra. Ihe Jriw " »»«w« « 
nilei in circuiufereuce, ami flrom * » 
10 in bn-aiUh. 

CENANDA, an anciait town of I» 
y, in 1 reriiano, with a H«hop • w, 
18 niile« N of Trevigo. E Ian. la M, 
N 1*1. 4H 2. , 

CENlERVnXE, • po»t town of 
Queen Ann's county, Maryland, ulu- 
aicd on Cumica citi*, ■ br»»di ul 
Chetter rivei-, 17 miles S of Cheitti'. 
town, » N of Eaiton, ana ba «Vom 
Waibingtoii. It coot«h«« about » 
U>uie!i. , 

tENTERVIlXB, a pwt «<»««"' 
Fairfax county, Virginia, 8 miles ftom 
Fairfax euurt-house, aml,-ai trom 

CFJjD, a town ofT^jTO Firma, » 
rnika S of Cartlugtiia. W lun. Ii »», 
N lat. 10 1''. 


[ W ] 


CELEBES, or MAC ASS A II. an ii- 
IniRlintbe Iwlian Ocean, ioiIh E ol 
Burnro, I'lw hull woiilil Ir- iiuui>- 
iM,it»hle, but for till' N wimU iiihI the 
niiu whieh overflow tliii niiiniry, aiHJ 
r* which reason the Inhabnaiit* binW 
ill, ir houses on pil" "f *<"« 10 feel, 
hinli. The IVuils are ripe hII tlu; year. 
\2n. from 1 t* t" 1 '« '•'TJ- N •*• 
train 1 10 N. to 1 .10 H. 

CFNIS, a mountain, which i« port 
nf Ihe Alps, ami •« iwraes the iiiar(|ui- 
ut,. of Sii«a 11-om tlie .Moiiaiiiii'. 

rEM'OlUII, the teiituna of IW 
s'lcienu, n town .of Sicily, ^iiuiited on 
Hie points of rocks. It was tiiriiierly 
1 populous mill spleiiJiil town, but 
„iw txhibils onl) a nims of ruins. 
I'Miulntion about 3000. 

CKI'HALONIA, nil ulaml of tlie 
loamii sea, about 120 luih-s in circuni- 
r, niiee, lying in 39 .leg. N lat. It cmi- 
isiiis 3 small towns «im1 130 ullages, 
roiiuliition about 70,000. 

lERAM, an iskind in the Imliiin 
Ocian, one of the Moluccas, to the 
W of Kew Guinea, 140 niilc-s in 
Vaiirtli, ami 40 in brcailth. Ixin. from 
12rttol2D E,lat. 1 OS. 

CEROAGNA,asniall ilisinct.parl- 
K of Spoil!, in Catakiiiia, and partly 
of FiUDce, in tlie Uepartineiit ot tb»^ 
Eiiitirn PyremfS. Puycinla is tlie 
topilalofihi' Spanish iwrt, and Moiit 
Uwis ol the Fniich. 

CKRENZA, a town of NapK., m 
Calabria Citeriore, with a bishop sm;^'; 

Calabria Citeriore, with a bishoii s s.^' ; 
Katrd on a n«k, IS miles NW ol s>. 
Severino. K Ion. 17 a, N laU 3S 23. 

CERE r, a town of France, in the 
Jepartmont of the Ewteni Pyrenees, 
Slid late pronnee of Roussdlon, wiUi a 
naznillcent bridge of one arah over 
SrTet. It it la miles from Perpig- 
Ban. E km. 3 46, N lat. 48 M. 

CERIOO, an island of the Archipe- 
lago, to the S of the Mora., •«> to «h« 
STft Candia, formeriy kmmu by the 
name of Cyiberea. _ „ 

CERINESs « sMipo" of Cjrprua, 
with a eattl^and a Greek bishop's Ke. 
E kin. 33 35, M 35 5». 

CERNEY, NORTH, a village >n 
GkiuceMerslUie, near the DowiM. . 

ClwroSM eekbtwed Cajpth«««n 
monastery in the duchy of Milan, 4 
niilet fromPavia. , „ . i„ 

CERVERA, « town of Spain, in 
rataloni», on a river of its own name, 
js aula NW of T«t«gonli. B Ion. 1 

9, N lat. 4U5. ,. , , „ 

iimciia, with ii Imlnip's »!■>• ; riiinl oil 
till iruir uf Viliui , 10 links SK ol 
llavi iiiui. R km. U 17, N lat. 44 31. 
lEbE.SA, u town of luly, in Ho- 
niiiKnii, with a binliop's sfe i m ateil on 
the Savio, U link i SE of Raveiuui. 
E k>ii. U 2B, N lui. 44 a». 

t E T TE, u vniiort of France, in the 
diportmi'nt of H. ruiilt, seatiil n llie 
uli.v whire the canal of I.aiigiM dm^ 
begins, lietwivn M«nip«-lUft uml A^di-, 
on tiMi M'lli'irn'Tiiaii Sia, E loiu J 
4J, N Int. 43 13. 

ti;v A, a town of Piithnont, on tho 
Tmuini, Willi n t'"", 8 miles SE ot 
Momlovi. It «as inkin by the Fitiieh 
iu April, 17'Jft. y. kuig. H 10,N lat. 44 it). 
CEVENNES, 11 mounuiiioiis coun- 
try in the S of Fraiiee, in which, afttr 
till- n vocation of the wlict of NanU, « 
nnuunit of iIk' peiseeuti'd Hiiguenoia 
took n'fllKe. „ . - . ,1. 

CEU TA, tt seaiiort of Africa ; John, 
king of Portugal, took it fhim the 
Moors, in 14 U, but it now bilongk to 
Spain. It is seau-d on tlif straits ol 
Giliraltnr. W Ion. 5 ao, N laU 35 M. 
CEYLON, a large isbmd in I ho 
Imlian 0<.«ii, at ih.' entrance of tlio 
l»iv of Bcngid, sitiuited bHweeu B 
lung. 79 50 ami sa 101, ami N lat. 5 50 
ancl 9 51. It is sium;ati<l IVuni the 
coast of Coroimmthl, '>y„ l'>e B"" °* 
Manaar, a niurow sii-nit full of shoals. 
Iu griiKe.t li iigth is 280 milea and its 
bnadtb 150. One ol the most remarks 
able tree, in Ctylon is the talUpot, 
wliich grows straight and talk and il 
as big as the mast of u ship i the leaves 
ure so large as to cover 13 or SO ni' H J 
Tlie Portugu. se were the first Europe- 
aiu who sUtlwl on this island ; 6ut 
Uie Dutdi soon drovt them away, and 
established theniKlves on all the unnci- 
pd place, along the coMt. In Febr* 
Ilry, 1796, all the UutJi fort, lud jet- 
tu'inento wi-re taken bv the En^Udi, 

CHABLIS, atownof France, in the 
department of Yejine, and Ute pro- 
vince of Burmnd/, remarkable for 
white wines. It is 15 mile. E by N of 
AiixerK. E Ion. 3 59, N tat. 47 48. 

CHfiRONEA, the la.t town, or 
rather villnge, of Beotia, toward. Pho- 
ShSie hir^pUee of Pluurch ifcmous 
fo? AedeSat of the eonftderaus 

o'reekih by Phillip of Macedon. 
CHiUUB-DIEC, • toWBOf France, 


■ ' nwwJ B ut. it Ji il y' ' 


I 00^ 


ill llw .lipniiin. Ill iif Uppi r toirr, H I CHAMfHW, ■ poH ln»n,hip M 
mil 1 K or llriiiiidi'. K luik .14, N Int. I N. 

44 IS. 


rHALONWH'H-SAONK, »u iiiKi- 
mt f ily of I'rsiiw, m ill.- ilrpiirtimiit 
ol'HauiH'iuid Loin'. IIk' (rrmt Ho- 
limn wiiy fl-inn Ljroni lo Boiilnt^m', 
■wwnl by Chuliinii It ii ••'■t<^ <in 
thr Hwin.-, .11 nilbt H ul' OvJun. K 
lull. 4 A7, N Int. 4S 47. 

I 11 AL()NS-SUB.MAUNE, • city uf 
FiTUiw, in thr ihwirtniiiii of Mm-ni'. 
It roiiMiint l),000 Inhnljiwnu. K km. 
A 17. N- Int. 48 97. 

CHAMH, « town of Oirtniny, in 
t\w rirvic of Havnnii. cupiiul uf » 

rouiltv of iM OHII IIMIIlt', sruiul oil till' 

riM-r ('hunili, '^7 inilti NKof Uatislmii. 
E liiiiir. IJ >J, N lilt. 49 14. 

CIlAMHICKHY, > uopiilniii town, 
(III- rnpitnl of Savoy. It ii U7 iiiilii 
NKoftirtnoW.'.iiiHl 85 NW of i^irili. 
K loiw. 5 iu, N hil. 4) .11. 

ClIAMnKHHIIHHa, » iMnt town, 
■ml the iirilK'iunl town of Irniililiii 
toiinty, I'i'iiiuyinuiiii i «itimt<il on tlur 
ConfpKht.nKiu- trwli, U niilii SW of 
BliiplMinlHirR, »o of CiirliiU'. 1.'7 W 
of Philitik'lLiiliia, ukI U3 fruiu WHslung^. 

CHAMOND, * town of Fronee in 
thr ik'partinnit of Khom' iu»l Loin , 
with a itroiiRettitlPionthr riviT (i'K7., 
17 nilirt Hoi L)onik K hmi;. 4 ««, N 
Int. 45 30. 

CHAMPION, a poit township ofN, 
York, ill J>.'fH i-Miii nninty, litunntl on 
Black I'iviT, 52 luili'i N of Ronit'. lAl 
MW of Albaiiy, awl 473 iVom Wasif 
knn. Hopnlatiun 1471. 

CMAMPLAIN, LAKE, a lake of N 
Aam'ka, that li'tliiiviwn the italii 
of v. York and Vcrmant. Krom 
Skasmkorougb, at the lontliern ntiv- 
mit)r,tsN lat. 45, it ii 100 iiiik* long, 
■ml ii ntnatHl in a beautiful atai (litile 
country. lu hcnidth ii t)mm 1 to U 
M - miln. TUi VkK eomaim abovr 80 
Manda of rarinu* liwi, &c. n crivit 
■t Ttaqaikmn tht; y»Miian nf lakt^ 
Oeai||e. At Uie nortbem ^t>n the 
Vrrmont tide U MiMhiMoiii bajT) wMeli 
ki partly in Canada. TU« lake M 
Tmderainunmu by a brilliant naTol 
victory ; obtained by Captain Macdan- 
ough on the lllh, of September, 1814. 
IIh) ac^ took place in Platuburxh 
bay at9 A. M. ana ended in the capture 
of «n the hrp; vessefi of tlje eftemy. 

Yiirkj ill til.' NK eoriirr of tliiiii 
roiinl), n •iliuilnl i«i til" W iiiU III' a 
Juki of tin' »iim'' nami- in N Ini. 4». 
I'ii|iiiliitiuii uin. It in 15 mlki K. uf 
I'liituliorKS, 195 tVoin Aibniiy, ami JOT 
IPHii 1*n*liili|^in. 

<H ANt HA, » town of K;fyiil, tin 
iiflln fi-oni fiiiiii, m llw' iniraiii-i' of the 
iki< rt whiili kiaii to MiMinl .Siniii. 

(11 AN I) A, a n>M«i«h ratili- ei;, iif 
Rimr, in iIk' IV-rraii of liiiHtiKMtan. 
It ii vntrri on a hninch of tlx* (•iiilit. 
n ry, 70 U milr» H of NuKlwiir. V. 
Ion. 70 40, N hit. iO 10. 

of lliiHliKMinn I'riipir, in Fl iirjI. 
Siainllwu lr:iEiii'« lunl n liiilf nU.vr 
l.'nli'iiti:i, uiih iin rxi'i ll.nt ImrliuMi'. 

('1IAN(;-IIAI, n lotvii of I'liiiut, in 
tin- |irovinir nf Kiiini^iiiiii. In tli.< 
lowii, Hint till' >l!luKfiili|i'-iid. lit niiii, 
are inor.' tliim JM),ooo wmvi riof iian- 
iiHiii ciittiia riolli. 

IHANti-lDNCV, a jirovinn' i.f 
China. Ttii' I'oiiiilry i« »''!l wtiU'rul 
but i» iievirtlii li •i lii'.bli' to nulf. r fi imi 
•IniiiKht, H« mill MU here liut »i fckmi. 
ri»' |imviiw.f i» rnntly inriehiil liy 
thi" rirr Ynn, enlUil tin' < irniHl I cii|i. ■ 
rial Canal, ihniiiBh wliiili all the hiiiki 
Imiiiid to IVkiu nitut j>««« ll»ir way 
Ibilhrr. ITm' miiiial ii l'«i-imii foil. 

CHANMANNlNtl, ni'ilyorniil«t, 
whirli hiH \r en iIn' r. »id»iice iif thi' 
Kraiid Iniim. Il is 1.10 mil< i W of 
I.unn. K Ion. flW45, N l:U. 31 0. 

CHAN.N'I-.UAY. a villiice in Itiu* 
iliire, iit^r tlie (Vith of Mnrray, 3» 
iiiilei M' of V.' fin, 

CIIAN-8I, a pnivince of China, i>i»! 
niH' of the in the empiif. 
The cliiiMite i» hi-ahhy i.nd agreeable, 
and the wU gi-nrrally I'.rtile. 

CHANTILLY, a to\vn if Frnnat. 
It il 17 oiiki N by E of Varii . B kin. 
3 3A, N lat. *<i 11. 

couiiikraMe city of Thibet, Kautl on 
the •ontlMTiimoit of the two headi ol 
the Ganp-iinot <ar westward fhan the 
lakra Mai»arour and Lakt.'n. li: kin. 
78 43, N lat. 34 0. 

CHAPF.LL HILL, a pott town (f 
Omiifi[e UHiiity, North Carolina, titii- 
ated on a faraneh of Cape Fear river, 
about 14 niilei S nf HiUibanwgfa, 34 
mik'i We«t of Raleigii and 31f IVoni 
cHAgfit IN FRITH, a tewn bi 

ami |fi.< NN 
from Wuiihi 
cnatt of Ja' 
IJO iiiik'ti t. 
» kit ft 0. 


Anil rien, ii 

nivi t mini 

llie muinil. 


141 niiliii > 


Friine' , in 



nieiii of K 


towii» ill 



a of i'«vi> 


the ilenur 

10, N liii. 


hmi, in il 

en till' fii 




It i> » all 

of Nuiiiu 




It it new 

W of Nil 




'vijar. I 








•awn 4! 






CIIAMPI.AW, • poll tn»n,hipnf 
. York, III t\i'- NK coriwrol' Lliiilun 
mill), u •itiuilnl <>i< til" W iiili III a 
iki 111' tlH' vuw imrni' in N Int. 4J, 
wliMliHiuii IJl". It in tJ mlKi S. of 
IiiiKlxirK'ii 101 tVoin Albnii), ami M7 
riiiM Hniliiiii^iiii. 

CHAM HA, » town of K/fvpt, flr* 
flii 1 fi-oni Ciiiiis m tlw' inirmii'i' ul'tke 
*•%• ri wlikli liwii III Muiinl Siniii. 

CIIANDA, II roM.ilh mtili- «•)!, .if 
)>n>r, ill tlr IVfraii ol' liiiHlmMian. 
t in »iit«1 (III R hniiK'h nf tlw (•milt' 
t rj , 70 U mil«i H of NukIW"''' ►'■ 
nil, TO 40, N l'.it. 30 10. 
if IliiKkuMinn l'r(i|M'r, in 11 iiKal. 
1"«imIi«u lr;ipii'« iukI h liiilf nUm 
,'nli 'uti;i, null iiii rxi'i ll.iit hiir!»<ii'. 

('HAN(;-HAI, n lunii ul' I'liiiiu, in 
1h- |iriiviiUH> of KiniiiHinii. In tlit 
lowii, Hinl till' > l!l»ici'i ilipfiidi lit nil ii, 
in' mill''' tli4m J<K),ooo wiiivi riuf cuui- 
iiHiii fiifliiii i-liiih. 

lHANci.ri)N<V, * jmrnnrt' i.f 
ChiiM. Thi' t'liiiiitry '» »''!l wiit>Ti<l 
but i» ni'ViTthi liii lii'.Wi' to nulF. r frimi 
ilniHufct, HI mill fUlli hcri- Iwt »i hkim. 
rill- |iii>viiiw ii nt-Htly rnrirhiil lif 
till* iivir Yiin, I'nlUil till' (iruHl liii|i.- 
I'iiil Caiwl, lliniiiBh wliiili all til'.' hniki 
Imiiiid to IVkiii mint ^lll«^ ll»ir wiy 
lliilhrr. Vhf niiilial ii r«i-iiiiii fii". 

CIIANMANNlNtl, ni'il)«rniil«1, 
ttliiili Iwi Ir 111 tiN' ri »id»iice nf ill'' 
Knuut laniii, II is 130 mil< i W of 
l.utw. K lull. dW 41, N l:it. 31 0. 

tHANN'F.UAY. a vUliicp in Hiu* 
iliirt', nor tin" (Villi of Mnrrmyj M 
iiiili'i M' (if V.' tin. 

CHAN-8I, » pnivince of China, iinl 
line or iIh' iiiinlU-jt ii the rin|iir<< 
Thf I'liiimie i» hi-riihy i.nit ■^eniblit, 
and tbt' miU piH'rall) liriile. 

CHANTIIXV, » toivn if Frnnat. 
It it IT niilri N b) E of Viirii . B kin. 
3 3A, N lilt. 4» n. 

cinuiilentMe city ol' Thibet, kiiUiI on 
tht' «iallHTiiiniirt of thr two hndt nl 
the Guiigri, not <ar wertward ftron the 
liOira Maiisarour ami Laki-n. Ii. Ion. 
78 43, N Ut. 34 0. 

CHAPKLL HILL, a port town (f 
Omnge UHiiity, North Carolina, litii- 
at«d on a faranrh of Cam Frar rivrr, 
•bout 14 niili'i S nf Hilliharoiigb, 34 
miln W«t uf BaMgh and 3If IVoni 
CHAgBL an FRITH, • ttwn in 


t >■» ) 


0,i)^,.hir , T iiii^K SF.oi' Manchritir, 
awl Ift.l NNW ol l..n«Uin. 
IllAl'iU'O.a iiiwn 111 »t Mir) » 

»lii-.h..«ii. 11 i- a|»»"»l""'-' 

fruiii Winhiligtoll. 

"cilAUAHffN, a -'ajH.rt ..n tin' N 

150 iiiil<'» K af nauvat i. Ion. l'» 1". 

*,ii.ric«,i».H.Tu. >'1«"J^',.,";, 
nivi t iniiH 1 1ll ll»' *>"■"• ^ ' '•'" '• 

''" hX'hh'. » ln»n i" Siimi rw Hhirt', 
lllmlltn \V by Snri.nn'1""- 

t'HAHF.NlV., a il. |iiiii"«'i>l »'. 
Fmrn. , imlmliiiK ihf laU' pnivn*' •>• 

* CJlA'BirN TK. LOWER, a d.',«.rt. 

M^i, ill I i-aiHi . tlH' 0I-- niH." '» 
M«riiii>n-I<-. in tin- .k prn'tn" >> "' Al'lyf • 
JhSiXi- oL il'i' ri»i f S.inr, lour mil- . 

Ih.' denarliwm nf Nion. K l»". •' 

*■.'•?" :.r A..iniiirli. naiiu 

into Hiid.iMr« Hay. W km. 7J U, H 
''o7\HLI''.H CI TV, a town of VlrRi. 
niai in a rouwy «'•' '<•' «"»' '"'*■;'!; 
SK ol Hiflinitmd. iiiul HI lroi» "»•»■ 

'"ciTAULI'.HrOWN, a town in Ct, 
rilwmiii). MnrtlatKl. .iiiiaud on iha 
1 wl^iV'.. NnilliK."! Klvt'r, in-ar lit 
„iou li, 1" mil" VV "I K.lkUHi and 4T 
K li, N »< Hnltiin.*.'. 1« '«•, « »"<» 

bjiiriaii nintn« «;. "'"J •» "•► 

ilrniv. Pi'iinit (Voni Chntw NK in 
mill. «i-l IVnn, WinlnnK.m. «)• I' •• 
a i«„t in» i«. I'.M>"1»""", 'i'-""' *"•,., 

W Ion. 7i* 

hnd'ui It- comity of Ariniifli. »«.d 
WImi. ft37, NW.J4 44. 

on ihf r.vir Hlaikwnt' r 


It ii Katitl on thi- M< nm', is ;'"'••"" 
rfKuimir. Kl.m.4 40,.Nl»l.J0«. 
f'HAHl EYROV, a town "' '"' 
aS NH&., in tlH- conmy 

W rfl?^«r. E Ion. 4 30, N lat. 5? 30 
OIARLE8BURO.»P«« |»»" ^ 

"^ n^tain. upwtrf' of »« '"•"• 

'" the tmteof 
M^b^MtU, which ftow Into BQrton 

•-^T/k^SMW^^ «ow«Hp of 


liotliM "•' Hial«o<i » Uay. 

I N ill 13 3. , . 

CI A.'M'.STON, a p.»t townilnji 
rf n;« \ irk, ill Ihr SK pa. t ot Mmi^ 

NW of Albany, i -"l «»' 'Ij"", ""l 
elinrche., 1 liir ■''f»\''»^,^ ^'"''■ 
HARLkIiIOWN. u |«.t town m 
I irk ronniy. liHliaiin lcrriion,«-W 
mite. fW."« Wiid-ington. Fopoliition 

in 1810, no. . - ,,,, 

CHARLKSTON. a »aport of tlie 
U 8 Btti, in » Carolina, «ai«<l <"• ■ 
l«,ii,' iKi forimnl liv ilH- rivir, A.lily 
K "."mir, th<^ '■'"•>'»•' "' wl"«h. '" 
^^/.^liAr .hip. of *«-■*-' jr'^- 


goirf trade', and ha. an ^jj-g- » 
home, and a poor hojuej 3 ql« wp»i 

34.Tll,;»»;. >«.««« "I^JSJ a^S. 
bhMks. of wtom lliOTl 22LIr<44 
Hi. di ttnt IVom Waihiiit»il« '7 
niito 8W, and ft«n BdCmore »84, 
Zb. W from Greenwkk » »J>^ 
tai. 33 4« 39. W ton. ftom W«*Jng- 

"^HA*I KSTON, • townoTN Ame- 
JSStt of WaAlngWn. .J±J*"''S^ 

ILMlMl i JU-lLUM I .Uf . ll •' 


'[ 93 

•jwmnin (to the number or 500) in this 
atate, wIk) speak the EiiKliih lan- 
guage. H i» 1<* mile» NW of Ncw- 
nori, and 3BII NK of Washington. 
i>anulHtion 1174. 

CHRLES TON, « town on the SW 
side of th(^ islaiul uf Nevis, in liie W 
IiKlies. It is the seat of goverament, 
an'l defended by a furt. W Ion. 62 SO, 
N Int. lA 10. 

CHAHI.KSTOV, n post to«-nshlii 
bf New Hampshire, in Cheshire coun- 
tv, situated on tliu K side of C'uuneo- 
ticut rivur. 38 niik's S of l>ar(uiauth 
college, arid 462 frain Washington. 
Population ISOl. 

CHAKLKS'roWN. a post town- 
ship of IVnnvylvunia, Cliester county, 
Ifi4 niih'i fi-oiii Wosliington. Popula- 
tion 1580. 

CHAKl.ESTOWN, the principal 
town of MiddleKx county, Muisaelui- 
setts, situated on a point of land fiu-rn- 
vd hy Alynie river on ttie E. and a 
small bay setting up from i:harles 
river on the W. It is se^mrntcd from 
Itostuu by one of the fi^iest bridges hi 
tlie U States. Charleslown eoutiuneil 
in 1810, 3 places of jii'lilic wunhip, 
and 4959 nihabiiants. On Mystic ri- 
ver is a marine hospital and the U. 
States, navy yartl. Distant fi-oin 
Washington 463 milei N E. N lat. *i 
33 1, W Ion. from Greenwich 71 a 10, 
and B from Wudiinglon 5 57 50. 

CHAHLTUN, u post township in 
tlie SW corner of Saratoga county 
Ni York, 35 miles NW of Albany, and 
401 from Albany. It has a meeting 
home tor prebyteriana, 1 for epiicopa- 
iiani, and l for seceders. 

CHAIU.TON, a post township of 
MamoiUKtts, in Worcester county, 
60 miles saw of Bo<ton, and 390 NE 
of WuhinMon. Pouulaiioit ai80. 

CHARLEV1I.LE, n borough of Ire- 
land, in the comi'y o< "urk, 30 miles 
N of Cork. W km. t. N° IhU 53 23. 

CHAHLEViLLE, a town ol' F.-once, 
in the department of tbe Ardennes. 
It is sealed on the Meute, 15 miles NE 
of Paris. E km. 4 S, N lat. 40 50. 

CHARLOTTE, a post town on the 
E ode of I.ake Champlain, in Cliitr 
teiiden count}', Vermont; at thedi»' 
tanje uf 10 mikis S of Rnrlingtosi, 13 
N of Vergeiwa, rod 50a fh>m Washing- 
(on. Population 1679. 

eHARLO 1 TE, ■ town in Viivi- 
nia, the capital of Churk)tte tjo<tnty. 


30 miles N of Haliliix, I'O ,S\V nf 
HicliintaKl. and 336 from Washinttiuu. 

{'HAUI.orTE, the principal town 
of Mecklenlinrg county, ^urth Caro 
lina; situati'd on Sugar Creek, a 
branch of Catawba river, 46 miles SI 
of SIntesville, and about the same di»> 
tance SW of Salisbury. It is a post 
town 44B n>ilcs iVum Wadiinglon. 

CHARLOf fE-TOWN, formerly 
ROSEAU, the capital of Dominica, 
21 miles SE of Prince Rnpert's Bay, 
on a point of land on ilie SW side of 
the island. W Ion. 61 25, N kit. 15 

CHAIU.OTT&HALL, a post vil- 
lage in St. Mary's county, Mnryhmd, 
is beautifully situated ut the Cool- 
s[M-iii'j;i, about 40 miles SSK of 
Wasluiigton. It derives its namefi-oin 
an acailf'my, which consists of three 
c>Mnmo<lious brick bniklings, calculat- 
ed to aeeominndate 100 pupils. This 
seminary is under the uircction of n 
president, and 38 trustees. TIr- go- 
vernor of tliL' state acting as presidejit 
for the time lieing. T!te situation of 
this villagi^ is elevated and hcftlihy. E 
Ion. IVom tVashiugioM 21, N lat. 39 

town aiul capital of Albermarle co^l^ 
ty, Vir^iu, situated on Rivannah ri- 
ver, 83 miles NW of Richmond, and 
144li-nm Washin!*ton. 

LANO, an islaiul in the S Sen, first 
discos ei-ed by captain A'/aUis, in the 

CHARMES, a town of France, 
seated on tlie Moselle. E Ion. 6 17, 
N lat. 48 21. 

cniAROLLES, a town of Fmnec, 
in the department of Saane and Volrv. 
It has a ruuHiiis castle, and is scaiM 
on the Reconce, 24 miles WNW of 
Mac m. E Ion. 4 24, N lat. 46 28. ' 

CIIAROS 1', a town of France, in 
the department of Indre, seated on 
the Anion, six miles NE in laioudun. 
E k>n. 2 10, N lat. 47 1. 

CHAR riERS,'atowndiij> in Wanh- 
iiigton county, Pennsylvania, sitiuitcd 
on a creek in tlie same name, which 
falls into the Ohio, bekiw Pitubvrg. 
Population 1747. 

CHARTRBS. an ancient city of 
France, in the deportment of Eure 
and Loire. Here is a Keneral hospiti>l, 
and otothei; Ibr blisu ptrsont. The 

Mtholnil is one i 
II i, sealed on tl 
of Palis. Elof 
Population 19,0 


in die strait of 
of Sicily, opr 
Scylla, in Ital 
pueti, it WM ve 
nirsi but it is 
tireiy removed 
(luake m 1783. 

cha lAUq 

and capital o> < 

York, situated 

lion 1039. It 

ol Uulfalo, 3«7 


i] situated in 

miles long, an 


Trance, in th 

Loire, with ar 

of Remies. ^ 


of France, in 

Korth, with a 

it famous for 

tween Henry 

II. of Spain 

Cambray. E 


JiTinte, in tl 

villi a eon* 

cknb. Eloii 


castle of Pie 


France, in 
seated cm th 
ris E Ion. 
of FWiice, i 
and Loin!. 
72 Mile* 6^ 
lat. 48 4. 


situated At 

conntt, K' 


from WmI 


Fnuice, in 

the river.l 

36, N IM 


Franop, ii 

and Mam 

£I«D.2 3I 

^ I II I w 

W ■ CHA 

mHm N of HhWhx, VIC ,S\V nf 
^iiitKiil. ami 336 (Vuiii Waihin^iuii* 
HAUI.Ori'K, the priiici|>;il town 
iLtklt'iibiirg countyi Kortli Can* 
; ■itiiaU'd mi Sugar Cre«4c, a 
lull or Cauiwlw rivtr, 49 milra SI 
ilnte«ville, and ubutit the same diii> 
e SW of Saliibiiry. It ■• a poit 
1 44B miles fVuin Watliingion. 
H A RLO r r&TOWN, furmppljr 
iKAU, the capital or I>oiniiiicg, 
liles SK of PniifC Kiipi-rl's flav, 
point of lanil on ilie SW side of 
isl:ind. W Ion. 61 25, N kit. IS 

HAIir.OTT&HALL, a post vil- 
in St. Mary'< county, Mnryland, 
irautifully situated ut the Cool- 
n^i, about 40^ miles SSK uf 
ihiiigtun. It derives its nanwfi-oin 
iciuiemy, which consists of thi-ee 
inoilious brick huiMiiHCi, caleulnt- 

aeuimnindate 100 pupils. This 
inary is under the uit'cction of n 
ideiir, and 28 trustivs. TIh- go- 
Ku- uf the state acting as presidejit 
the tiuie Ijcing. The situation of 
villaRi^ is elevalisl and healthy. K 
froui tVashiugiun 21, K |ai, 38 

<i aiHl capital of Albermarle couifr 
^ii'^ia, situated on Hivaiinah ri- 
8.1 miles NW of Hichnioiid, aild 
iVom Wasliin!*t(in. 
MU, an island in the S Sen, first 
Jiered by captain AVaUis, in the 

HARMES, a town of Francp, 
ed on tlu Moselle. E Ion. 6 17, 
It. 48 21. 

lIAKOLIiRS, a town of Fmncc, 
he department of Saone and Voirv. 
as a ruinous castle, and is seated 
the Heconce, 24 miles WNW of 
: in. K Ion. 4 24, N Int. 46 28. ' 
HARO^ r, a town of France, in 
department of Indre, seated on 
Anion, six miles NE at Iiioudun. 
in. 2 10, N hit, 47 I. 
HARTIERS,<atownshij> in Wash- 
on county, Pennsylvania, situated 

1 creek <n tlie same name, which 
i into the Ohio, below Pittsbvrg. 
Illation 1747. 

HAHTRBS. an ancient city of 
netf in the department of Euiv 
I.oire. Here is a Keneral hospiu>l, 
ntothei; Dhc bliou persona. Tbe 


[03 1 


CHATEAULIN, a town of FtfB«(, 

in the deparunent of ftiii:t«m!, 18 

miles N of Quiniper, on the "JW Au 

of Pans. JS ion- » •"> " -" i -„,, where there is a saliiion-nihery. 

iMpulalion 1?,00C. .,k:,i,„„i i CHATEAU-MEILLANT, a town 

Th ARYBDIS. c famous whirliHXil, ^n" ■■".". . _ . „r cIim-. 

V ' "it -«• >■„»;... nil ilie coast 

emliedral is one of .he fltiest i".f ™nce. 
r^s.^led on tbe Eure, 45 -mh. b W 
if Palis. Eton. I 34, N lat. 4a 27. 

in tt« strait of Messiiw, on the cMrt 
nf Sicilv opposite tlie celebrated 
tX.m IWV^ According to the 
nSok it was vefy formiilaWe to man- , 
Trs* b.rt " iV^aid to have been en- 1 
"iid;«movcd by the dreadtui earth- 

"tiLVIAUqUA, a post towt^hip 
Slid cairital of Chatauqua counU , New 
Cw^tLed on bike.Erie. I^opuh. 
lion 1039. II 15 70 miles b ««•»''? 
rf Buffiilo, 3»7 W of Allx'ny, and 4» 
NW of Washington. Clmui.iqua lake 
U situated in fliis township, it is It 
^tei loUK. and «Vom 1 to 3 in breadtli. 
"mAT^AU-BRVANT, a town ot 


^s,;:«i:'w";on:Ti«;N"tat.-47 46. 

■^cl^AT^U-CAMBRESlS, a town 

of France, in »»« <>''K'"™*?*,°' jt 
North, with a nwgBiflcentpalaM. U 

U famU for > treaty, «»«'"J^hilh^ 
S,«n Henry IL of France, a»l P^hP 
II. of Spun; «nd.» "T.'.'^iT " 
Cambrav. B Ion. * *•> " '»«• " 7. 

Tnnee. in the department of Nievre, 

rloih. E on. 4 8, N lat. 47 0. 

tastle of Piednl»n^ 18 mile. W by N 

^cISaI-EAU-DU-LOIR, a town rf 

France, in the *!•«"«"« «'~"2!' 
^ted in the loir, 97 mile. W of Par 
ri. E Ion. 30, N lat. 47 40. 

CHATEAU-DUN, an ancieiit town 
of Franc , in the •<''P«'-««f °^*;?^ 
and U>ir.-: It i> seaAd i«ar the ^re, 
'ii^SW of Paris. E ton. 1 22, N 

'"cHAflBAUGAY, a post township 

sitSa'l^i *r.i« « >»s««;^*rw'of 


SI wiawmton. Population 025. 
CH \TEAtJ-GONrtER, a town of 

FnS.«,in the *P««»™.«; -*^tom 
the river Maine, with a castle. Eton. 


Franer, in the d'P'r'S'f" of P^. 
and M»me, so miles b by B of P «». 
E ten. a 38, > to. 48 ^R 

of Franee 'ijhedepartnieiit of Cher, 

Sstk with a tower «iid to have been 

built by Julius Cesar. . 

cairEAUNEUF, a town rf 

France, in tlie *'P»""*"Sf :, tte 
18 miles S of Bourges. »«"«»« 
name of 2 other inconsiderabte towns 

"^ ^SaIiV^auneuf. . t»*"„^ 

France, in ^^ .^'f^'^^rt^^^ 
and Uarc, 12 miles NK .* CharUei. 
CHA rEAU:;EUF, a W«™ .«f 

France, in tlie departimnrt rf ^^ 
and Loric, 20 miles N W of A™««5j 
awl 88 SW rf Pans. W ton. I », » 

"VhATEAUROUX, a town rf 
Fnmoe, seated in a pleasaiit P>'»"! »" 
^ wire. 15 mile, W rf /f «>"^ 
and 148 S rf Paris. E ton. H, » "t* 


Fnince,'»n the department of AUne, 
97 miles NW rf Paris, 

■arifc Eton. 3 33, 
ij lau'ip 2. 

CHATEL, a town of """^ 

CHATEL, a town of Eranc^ "• 
the dep.rtiS«t rf the Vosge.. .-ted 
on the^iloaelte, 8 milea Erf Mirer 

*°CHATEUCHALON, a toj™ «*.; 
France, in the department <tJJS!! 
remartoible li« its '«»Srtgf * 
nuimery, 20 milea S of Dote » M»» 

France, in the department of V«n.K. 
seated on Oie ViennB. . It « ''°\™ ,'?,' 
its cutlery, watchnwiing, aia^ tl« c-"' 
ting rf SW dianwiids. It ••]«*"*? 
3SW rf Ihiris. E ton. 44, N lat. 
46 50. ^«. mL 

CHATHAM, a town ^*^^ "S 
ioiniiig Rochester, and Mted on Uie 
•jtelwV It is one of the pWMiipji 
sutioi.. rf the royal ""T: ami the 
yards and magaini^ are furnu*«rt 
with all orts oi naval store*. In lo«3{ 
SieDut. Cited up » «"• «»«Vn 
burnt loeral menrfww- « • 3' 
I milea .'JJB rf !.«««>• , 



» [ 94^] 


CHATHAM, R iMMt tnwn^hip oC 
Mutnbiiielis, llnrnsuilile count), 
iie*ret|K: Mnlafaai-, 22 nilU'i Eof Bnrn- 
•table, aiid .^27 fVom Waihiiigtou. Po- 
pulation 1334. 

CHATHAM, a town iaChetterfit'M 
county, Soiiili Carolina.'flrtbe W tide 
of Ciruit Pwl«! river, lA milts N of 
Ciritnvllle. Here is a pott uflier, t%H 
inilti fr<>in Wusliiiif^n. 

CHATHAM, a luwmhip nf Colum- 
bia count}'. New York, IS miles NE 
of iluilwni, 21 SE of Albany, and 3i4 
n-om Washington. It has a nteting 
boiiiF flir pnnbyteriani, I for friends, 
1 for hq>aili^ and a post office. Po- 
pulation 3381. 

CHATHAM, ■ lowi i p of Middle- 
•ex county, Connectio. . situated on 
the E side of Couneelicut river, near 
Middleton. Population 3258. 

CHATHAM, a post township of 
Morris aoumy, New Jersey, ati miles 
ftvm M'kihingiOD. FopuUtion iu 1810, 

CHATHAM, a post town in Ches- 
terfleM county, S Carolina, situ- 
ated on the W side of Great Pulee ri- 
ver, 4W mile* fVom Washington. 

town of France, in the department of 
Ain, U miles W oi Bourg. 

«f France, in the department of In- 
dre, 10 miles S of Loucbet. E Ion. 
SS, N iaU 47 22. 

town of Fnuce, in thv department of 
Mame, 27 miles S of Hlieims. Eton. 
4 (, N l«t. 48 Si. 

ijCVtmm, in the department of Cote 
afOr, dividtd into two by the river 
Seine, 38 miles NW of Dijun. K Ion. 
4 35, N bit. 47 42. 

CHATO<tUE, a iJike of N America, 
in the «ate of New-York. ?t is the 
source of the river Couawongo, which 
runs into the Allegany, and is about 
1,8 miles loiiK. 

CHATRE, a town of France, in 
the department of Indre, seated 
on the river Indre, 57 miles from 

CHAT8WORTH, a village in the 
Peak of Derbysliire, near ilw river 
Derwent, 8 duIm W of ChestcrlieM. 
It was the prison of Mary queeu of 
Saots, fur 17 years; in meniorv of 
y\hkn the new IvdgJDgs ilut «re built, 

instead of the nld. are called tlie <\»etu 
of Scon' opari I'lit. 

CHAUMON . , a tow.n of Franw, 
iu tlie tlt'uartiui'iit of Upper Mariir. 
It is seiitui on a mountain, near the 
river Maine, 14 miles bof Joinville. 

CHAZY, H post township in Clin- 
ton county, Nuw York, IM miles N of 
Albany, nnd 560 K of N from Wash- 
ington. Population 14M. 

CHEBHECHIN, a town of Pohiiid 
in the provinve of Russia, ami pala- 
tinate of Belskow. K bin. 23 51, !i 
lat. 50 35. 

CHEADLE, f, town in StafTunl- 
shiiv, sealed on tile most fertile part 
of tlK Muorlaml, 12 miles NE of Staf- 
ford. W Ion. 1 58, N lat. S3 0. 

CHE AT. u river iu Virginia, which 
rises in Huiidolpb county. It runs 
northwanlly luxl falls into the Mon- 
ongahela, iieur llie Pennsylvania 
line. At its juiiition it is 200 yards 

of the principal of the Rajpoot states, 
in Hiudoostan Proper, becweeii 24 and 
38 deg. N lat. It is tributary to ths 

town, in province of the same iiiUDe, 
Hindoostaii Proper. It is ISO miles S 
by E of Nagpour. £ bin. 74 50, N 

CHBLM, a town of Pohnd. in Red 
Russia, capital of a palatinate of its 
own name, with a hubop's see, 100 
miles ESE of Warsaw. £ Ion. 33 29. 
N lat. 51 30. 

CHELMEI,, a river in Esaex, which 
rites near Thaxted, and liOws into ttw 
Gorman Ocean. 

CHELMKL, a river of England, 
ill Essex, wbieb rises near 'Hualed 
and flows to MaUen, where it join* 
the Bluckwater, and iiimiing the estu- 
ary called Blackwater bay, t-ntelra the 
Ocrmen t>ceaik 

CUEL.MSFORD, the county town 
of £tse.\, situate in a beautiful valley, 
at the cunlluenoe of tlie Chdmei- aial 
Can. It coiitiits of tlie town and ham- 
let of Muiilsluiin, parted from each 
other by the river Can. over which is 
an elegant ttone brid;(e of one arch. 
1 .1 tlie town are the cliurch,' i magiii- 
lieent sliire-lmustt, a I'reescbtMl, a new 

eoiuluit which alfonU u plcuti<^lI sup- 
uly of water, and A neat tlicatrei the 
Iiauilui cyiit:iiiis the nuw county gaol,. 

and three meeti 

risn 4649. Cb 

£ME of London 


•n tlie N band ol 

mile W of We! 

for a inngnilieeii 

tnd oW deerepil 


side of Thai 

Uiiidon county, 

I'i-iaiice of 14 n 

ikii. Here is a 

from Washiiipi 

Ion. from Wiitli 


(estenliire, not 

ters. Populatii 

ri»hii> 1811. 8 

NE of Glonces 

London. W In 


Himloosian Pit 

most (if the fn 

the i-ivw Indus 

moiis H)daspe8 

wmetiine' eallt 


cspital of Km 

148 miles S of 

W8 flfom W« 


New York, In 
Irom Albany, 
ton. ?l»pulat 
CHEiSlSl, I 
live proviiifes 
the great *«ll. 
parts, the es 
contains eight 
and 108 nf the 
Fniuima, thref 
Panama. wMc 
mns and fru. 

■hire. It is 
with the Sevc 

France, in <l 
It is sealed at 
ria and Tana 
\ miktSEofl 
E km. 7 41, 




r 95 ] 


tead of the nl<l. ar« calliil tlie <^iie«i 
Scots* uuun >'iit. 
.HAUMON . , » town of FiHiici', 
tliu tit'uartiui'iit of Upiier Mariir. 
19 snitui on a ipoiiiitaiii. nenr the 
t^r Marne, 1-i iniltMi SofJuinvillf. 
;HAZY, h puat towiMhip in Clin- 
I county, Nuw York, 186 miles N of 
iMn}', nnd «dO K of N from Wash- 
:toii. Puuiihition 1-IOA. 
;HEBR£CHIN, a town of PoUiid 
the provinvH of Hussix, aiul pain- 
ate of B«l>kow. K Ion. 23 51, N 
, 50 35. 

;HEAI)LB, f, town in Staffonl. 
ir, Kated on tlir ino<t feriile part 
tiK Muorlanil, 12 inilca NE ofStaf- 
J. W Ion. 1 50, N Ittt. S3 0, 
JHGA T, u river in Vii'ginia, which 
» in Itaiidolph connty. It rum 
rthwunlly ami falls into the Mod- 
^lela, neur tlie Peiinsylvtiiia 
e. At iti junition it ii 200 yardi 

:HEIT0I(G, or OUOIPOUR, one 
the principal of the Rajpoot itata, 
Hiudooitan Proper, belweni 24 mt 
deg, N lat. It ii tributary to tha 

m, in proTince of the tame nniiH^ 
Mloauaii Proper. It is ISO mili'i S 
E of Nagpour. £ Ion. 74 5a, N 

mELM, a town of Pobnd. in Red 
luia, capital of a palatinate of iti 
n name, with a hubop's lee, 100 
ea ESE of Warsaw. £ Ion. 33 39, 
lat. 51 20. 

;ilELMEt., a river in Essex, which 
n near Thaxted, and fldws into the 
rinen Ocean. 

;HELMEL, a river of England, 
Essex, which rises near 'Hiaxted 
I flows to MaUen, whire it join* 
Bluekwater, and iorhiing the estu- 
calltd Blackwater bay, enters the 
riaeii Oceoik 

:UEL.MSFORD, the county town 
Baex, situate in a beautiful valley, 
he cun<luense of tlie Chdiner aial 
1. It consitu of the town and buin- 
of Mouhhuin, parted from • ach 
er by the rivi'r Can, over which is 
eleg'.uit none brid;(e of one urch. 
tlie town are the cliufch,' it magiii- 
iit sliire-lHiut^ a freescliliul, » new 
iiluit which aminls u pktntifiil lup- 
of water, and (I neat tlieairei the 
ilut eyutiiiui the new couuty gaoi,. 

snd three raeftinR houses. PopMln- 
lion 4649. Chtlnisfonl is 29 invUs 
EME of London. 

CHELSEA, a line vilUf^ie, situntert 
•n the N hand of the river Thnnirs. n 
mile W of Westminster, reninrkable 
for a inaeniticent hospital of iuva.ids 
snd oW drerepit .oWiers. 

side of Thnnies river, in Ne» 
Uiidon county, Connecticut, at tilt 
.' -lance of 14 niihs N from New L<»- 
,i,m. Here is a pint office, 373 miles 
freni Washinp"". ^I Int. 41 31 51), E 
loo, from Wnsliingtoii 4 55 54. 

CHELTENHAM, a town in «lou- 
twun-iliire, noted for its mineral wa- 
ters. Population of the town and pa- 
riihiii 1811. 8325. It is nine niiWs 
NE of Gloiieesur. and 95 W by N ol 
Loudon. W Ion. 2 21. N lat. 51 55. 

CHELUM. 01 JHYLVM, a nvxr ol 
Himlooslan Proper, being the wester- 
most of the five eastern branches ol 
the rivpr Indus. This nver is the la- 
mous R^dasiK-s of Alexander, and is 
jomctiines tailed Behut. 

CHENAJ8GO, » iKist township ami 
csiiital ol connty. N. York. 
14g miles S of W from AllianVv »•»' 
W8 1^111 Washington. Population 

CHEMUNG, • p<vit township ot 
New York, In TioRa county, 189 miles 
iroiu Atliany, and 31 1 from Wasbine- 
ton. Population <>83> 

CHEMSl, one of the most exten- 
live provinces of China. bordrniiK on 
the great vr«ll. - It is divided into two 
narts, the eastern and western, aiid 
conUins eight cities of the fir.t rank, 
and 106 of the second and third. 

CHEPELIO, BU island in the bay ot 
Panama, three niih-s from the cily ot 
Panama, which it siipplrti withprovi- 
srons and fro.t. W Ion. 80 15, H lat. 

CHEPSTOW, a town in^Mommooth- 

iJiire. It is tinted on the side of a 

Mil, on the Wye, near !«► eg»«™«'«r 

1 witk the Severn, 127 nulet W of Loo- 

CHERASCO, a comiidcrale town of 
France, in <he depitttnient of Stura. 
It is seated at the eannuence oftne stu- 
riii and Tanaro, upon a nMnintain^ 

cipnl seat <if justice, in Datluistii* 
county, South Canjlina, situated; on 
the S side of HIack cntk, a branch ol 
tlic Great PeiUe. Here is a post omce 
420 miles fnim Washington. 

in the department of the Channel. It 
has nianu factories of woollen and cot- 
ton stuffs, and one of glass. Popula- 
tion 14*00. Cherbourg is 50 mUe* 
NW of Caen. W Ion. 1 37 3, N tM. 

^'cfW^ESCOL, a tosm oJ' Turke* 
in Asia, capital of Cunlistan, WO miles 
N of Bu^dail. _ jt, . „ 

CHEllUY ISLAND, l« the Nor- 
iliern Ocean, between Norway and 

CHERRY VALLEY, a post town 
in Otstgo county. New V»rk. «» nnl<-» 
NE of C'<«per's town, 53 W of Al- 
bany, raid 380 from 'Vashington. Po- 
pulation 2775. In '^■".«»*™"P J," 
Clierrj' village, beauliiu'iy situated 
in a vale, ami romantically enviromil 
l>y hills. It contains 80 houses, an 
academy, and a ""''"S '>""'*•., „ 
CHERSO, an island in the gulf ot 
Venice, with «. town of the same 
name. The capital of tlic island, aii- 
cieiitlv Ci ispa or Crexa. contains about 
4000 inhnbitanu. E Ion- !•» *>^ N lat. 
45 11. 

CHERSON,fIie capital of NewRu*- llie covernnient of Cathanneii- 
,& «W^oi. the N bank o._tte 
Dn^iper 50 mik-s E of Ociakow. -niii 
town was built by Catharine II. m 177^ 

This town is >»«e«S;"«-."^'it?!*h^ 
place whei-e the celebrated phitantW* 
liic Howard terminmed his lite, Pf 

Sulation in 1903, 11,000. N t. 40 H, 
1 Ion. 47. „ -^ 

CHERTSEY,B town in SuiTy,»> 
miles W by 9 of London. Popuhition 

'^CHESAPEAKE, one of the targest 

ban inlfee known •"''^ "» """SI!! 
is Between Cape Cliarles and Cape Hen- 
ry in Virginia, '^ miles w*.and ex- 
J^s MOmiU., lo the N, dividhg Vit- 
Ksnia IVom Maryland, throU|h thU ex- 
wnt it U from 7 to 18 >5'la!«S«?'»™ 
aenerdly nine flUioni> deep i alfotdinK 
Siany cnramalious harbouts, asd a lalb reeelves the Potomac, 

1 «^ _ --■ «... Vnmtf .1nm(i«. PatlXraT* 

rii, and Tanaro, upon a "•ounj^i" B»nlS«««iot Ywk, J«n«.Paupent. 
inik!s SEof -nirta. PoinilatKm li.«». J^PPJ^ScToinP^f «*Su»- 




the emtcm lid* it re- 
•eivei the Klk, Chukr. Chnptaiik, 
Nantic-'.e, Wkomico, nml Potomokc ; 
bnidei » gn-at many small riven. It 
cmbotaiui a nuiaher of islands, hotih.- 
vfUwm large wid well cultivattil. Thij 
bay affbrdi nme cxoelknt ibad and 
berrinr Osberin. 

CHESHAM, a town in Bucks, 39 
miles WbyNofUndon. 

J;HRSHiKE, a township of B<Tk- 
re county, in the «ulc of Mauii- 
■husett , •bimt 130 miles ti-um Boston, 
and 404 tVom WasbiBgtoii. Popula- 
tion 1315. , 

CHESUUbE, a township of New 
Baven county, Cunrocticut, distant n- 
bout 15 miles IVnni New hiaven City, 
and 321 from VVasiangton. Popula- 
tion 2288. 

C HKSHIUK, an English conntv pa- 
■i hiiiie, bounded on the N by Lancashire, 
•ntke D£ by Yorkshiir, on tlH' R by 
Derfajrihire,on ilie SE by Staffiirdjihire, 
•n the S by Shropshire, ou tbc W by 
OenUghsmre and Ftintshire, and on 
the NW by the lri<b Sea. This county 
vstendi 33 milei from N to S, and 42 
iiwn E to W, without including a fe- 
Bimuhi, 13 miles in length and six in 
breadth, which pntjecta mtn the Irish 
Sea. or a narrow tract of land which 
•tretchn between Liineashire and Uer- 
byihiie, to Torkthin-, on the NK. Its 
timn are Mtnce, Weaver, Dam>, and 
Bee, which hat falla into a creek of 
the Iriih Sea, near Chester. Fopub- 
In 1811.327,031. 

CHEST£R, a pmt Tillage of Cbe» 
ter diMriet, S Carolun, situated at the 
headi of Sandy river, in the forki be- 
tween Broad and Catawba rivem. It 
contains a courthoute Jail, an academjk 
' and U divellingi, fina jiM miha N or 
ColumUa,183 N of Cbarl(ston,and «oo 
8 of W Awn Wadiington. N lat. 34 
40. In ntoation it lemaikably heat 
thy. * 

CHBSTEHjthr cafntdofehedilre. 
The (tnMture of the principal itreeu 
U very lingular. They are ai if exca- 
Tat^d out of the earth, aail'Hink many 
ftet Mlow^,iurraeei the carriagei 
drive fiw hmeath the levd of the kit- 
ebem on a Vmi trilh raMt* of sbain. 
It hat a iiitu.afiwia(e of ilovei,'anil a 
aonsidirabie tralile of ihtni goodiinto 
VVrSet. It ii SO milea 81^ E of Li- 
verpool, 38 8W of Manebeiter, and 
ala SW of UiBd<9ir it* pnadpai 

linimiii" Mii:ifMaiitiit''iiiriii'itmi iiiiniinii 



public buildings are a cathedra), and T 
churches, the cattle, an exchange, uiid 
an inflnnary. Populatiun in 1811, 
10.140. VV Ion. ft 3, N tut. S3 II. 

CHESTER, a pott township of 
Washington county. New York, sitii- 
attd on the VV tale of Scroon luko, W 
miles N of Albany, i .id 4SI froni Waiii' 
inelon. Pupulatioi in 1810, 937. 

CHESTER, n pott town and theot' 
pital of Delaware county, Peniuylvt. 
uia ; sealed oil the W side of the river 
Delau'iti'e, 15 miles bekiw Pbiladelpkia, 
11 NE of Wilmington, and 125 of 
Wnthinglon. Population 1050. 

CHI'^STEIL, a towntliip of Wind. 
sor county. Vermunt, having a poK 
ufllce, am! 2370 inhabitanti. It is li 
miles W by S of Chartettown in Xe* 
Hampshire, and 467 NE of WatUing- 

CHESTER, a post town of Borl- 
ingtLiiu county. New Hampshire. It 
it lituaaxl on the E tide of iMcrriinack 
river, about 30 milet westward Iron 
Porttiuoiith, and 514 from Winhingtan. 
Population 3030. It contains a cuii- 
gregationai and preibyteriau churtji. 
llattiesiiake bill in this town, is a gKM 
curiosity. On the S tide is the entrance 
of a cave called the Devil's den, II or 
20 feet sqiinir, and 4 higli, fi^Am tite 
roof of which, are dependent many cs- 
civscences in the form of a pear, that 
throw out a brilliant lusti-e of almost 
every hue, when approached by a 

CHESTEBi a post township of 
Hampshire county, Matsathusetn. 3* 
miles NW of Springfield, and 392 NB 
of Wathineton. PopuUtioii 1534. 

CHESTER, a post townihip af 
Middleaex county, Connecticut, 3S0 
miles NE of Washington. 

CHESTER,anost lownihipof Mor 
ru county. New Jerwf, 301 miletfran 
Wkthingtun. Population 1371, 

CHESTER, a river of Aarylvrf, 
that rises ih the state of Odawarr, it 
runs W alwut 15 miles, and thet) pup- 
sues a SW By S course, until it fiills mta 
the Chesapoike hqi. Its whole length 
is 43 miles, and is navigable for a eon- 
siderable distimoe. 

CHSSTERnELD,a town in De*< 
bysUm. It has a roanutheture of stock- 
ings, and also of carpets. There are 
potteries for hrown ware, and uear 
tbetowuhirge iro!! fonnderies. Ches- 
terfield it seated on a hill betwegt tha 

flO ] 




[ 07 ] 




publie huildinp are a cathrdra), md 7 
churehcv the caitle, an exehange, uiid 
an infirmary. PoiiulMiun in 1311, 
ies.140. VV Ion. 6 3, N luu S3 11. 

CHESTER, a pwC township at 
Waihington county, New York, ritiv 
Btrd on thi- VV akie of Bcroon lake, w 
milts N of Albany, i .id 4)1 >Voni Waiit' 
ineton. Pu|iulalioi in 1810, 937. 

CHES'l'ER,n pott town and the» 
pital of Delaware county, Pennij lv» 
wa ; soAittl on the W side of the river 
ucUwiire, 1} miles below Pkiladelpkiu, 
11 NE of WihninKton, and 125 of 
Wnshingion. Popiilaiion 1050. 

CHESTEIl, a township of Vntxl- 
9or county. Vermont, having a pox 
office, utk! 2370 inhabitants. It is It 
niilej W by S of Charleitown in New 
Hampshire, and 487 NIS of Wailiing- 

CHESTER, a post town of Bart 
ingluini county. New Hampshire. It 
is lituatetl on the E side of McrriioMk 
river, about 30 miks we*twa(d from 
Poruniuiith, and 514 from VVntMngton. 
Population 2030. It contains a cun- 
cregational and pretbyteriau churth. 
lUttli'snoke hill in this town, is a gmi 
curiiMity. On the S side is the eiitraiwe 
uf a cave callid the Devil's den. It or 
20 feet squnir, and 4 higli, from tie 
ru(jf of which,are depeiKlent many cs* 
civscencei ill the form of a pear, that 
throw out a brilliant lusti-e of alinM 
every htw, when approacbad by a 

CHESTER* * post township of 
Hampshire county, Masulthuartti. M 
miles NW of Spnngfieid, and 3<I2 NB 
of WashiiietoD. PopuUtion 1 J34. 

CHESTER, a post township of 
MkMleaex county, Cmnecticut, 350 
miles NE of Washiigton. 

CHEST£R,apost lownihipof Mar 
ru, county, New Jerwr, ^l miles fron 
Washington. Population 1371, 

CHESTER, a river of AOrytorf, 
that rises m the state of Delnwarr, it 
mm W about 15 miks, and then pup- 
sues ■ SW By S course, until h fidlt mta 
the Chesapoike hay. Its wlule lengdi 
is 43 miles, and is navigable ftir a eoif 
siderabk! distiuioe. 

CHSSTERnELD,* tswnio De*' 
byshiiw. It has a nanutbeiure of stock- 
ings, and also of carpets. There are 
potteries (br hrown ware, and near 
the town hurge iron foundiiries. Ches- 
terfield it seated on a hill baweQi ins 

livuleu Ihfaer and RothM-, 14* miles 
NNW of London. Popidation 417n. 

CHES'IKRKIRLU, a post town in 
Cheshire emmty, New llurapthire, si- 
tuated on the E side of Coiineeticui 
river, 11 miks W oT Marlboroughi and 
438 fmin Washineton. 

CHESTERFIELD, a town of Es- 
sex cuimty, New York, having a post 
ofHrr S19 miles from Washington. Po- 
pulation «31. It is situated on the W 
title of Lake Champbin. The ch»n- 
ml of Sable river, togetiier with Ad- 
galr's falls, in this town presents great 

CHESTERFIELD, a post town in 
Csroiine county, Virginia, 34 miles S 
of Fredericksburg on the Rappaban- 
iwc, and 139 fVom Woshingtan. 

riltagr, situated in a valky, to the W 
of the river Wear, opposite to Lumly 
cssdek Population VtSs. 

CHESTER TOWN, the chief town 
of Kmt county, Maryland, situat«I on 
CkettcT river, 17 miles N of Centervil<e, 
■ad about the same distance SW of 
Gcorgi'town, on Satsaftas river. It is 
spost town 83 miks flrom Washington, 
sixl AO E by S from BalOntore. It 
amtairo a conrt house, jail, an alms 
home, an episcopal church, a metho- 
disl meeting house, a colkge edifice, 
snd about 150 dwelling houses. N lat. 
39 12, W km. 7« 10. 

CHEVIOT, a district in Nnrthum- 
betland, to the SW of Wooller, on the 
borders of Scolhmd. I'he adjacent 
country being hills, is called tlie Clie- 
viot IfiUs, ftmous for the fierce en- 
counter u e twwi i the English and 
Scoti. under the earls Percy and Doug- 

CHIAFA-EL-MEAL,atown in New 
Mexico, situated in N lat. 17 M, W km. 
94 15. 

CHIARENZA, a seaport town of 
Turkey in Europe, ui tne Morea, op- 
IsMiie the island of Zante. E Ion. 31 
35, N lat. 37 M. 

CHIARI, a town of Italy in the 
Breseiana, where the Imperialists de- 
Cvttd the French in 1701. E km. 10 
17, N bt. 4S 30. 

CHIAW MONTE,a town of Sicily 
m a mountain, 25 miks W of Syra- 
««>. E km. 14 59, N lat. 37 3. 

CHIAVENNA, a to«m of Swissep- 
and, capital of a county of the same 
■une. Under the sovocignty of the 

■ -taj!i eati i iMte»*'*''" !««jiiaBm 

Orisons. Chiavenna is st ate II near 
the bikes of Chiavenna and Como. £ 
km. 9 19, N htt. 40 19. 

a small take of the conntry of the On- 
suns, in Swisserfauid, near the town of 

CHICHESTER, the capital of Sus- 
sex, is surrounded on every skk but the 
N, by the river Lavant. The princt 
pal puMie buildings, are the cathedrsl, 
the piihUKll, the bishops palace, ant 
a cnslMn house. Ftipulatwii 0425. 

CmCHESTER, VnZtl and 
LOWER, two townshl|M of Delaware 
county, Pennsylvania. TIlBy are con- 
liguous, and the eastenumst houwls 
on the river Delaware. 

CHIELEFC,a town of Torkev in 
Europe, in tlie Morea. It was taken 
by the Ven^ans in 1A85; hut tlie 
Turks ivtr. kit. £ km. 23 3^ M biU 
36 35. 

CHIEMSEi:, a lake of Germany, 
in Bavaria, « hich contains an islanfl 
and town of the same name, llie isl- 
Mid is 17 miles in eircumfttence, ami 
the town is 23 miks WSW of Saltzr 

CHIERI, a (brtified town of Pied- 
nwnt, t-Mei on the declivity of a hilL 
in a pkasont country, bounded on all 
sides by hills covered with vines. It is I 
miles E of Tuyin. 

CHIP n, a town of Naples, capiul 
of Abruzzo Citeriore, sealed on a 
mtnintain near the river Pescaia, eight 
mik-s SW of Pesaara. £ Ion. 15 7, N 
lat, 43 20. 

seaport of Arabia Felix, which carries 
on a considerabk trade. E km. 49 35^ 
N tat. 14 40. 

CHILESBURG, a post town in Ca- 
roline county, Virginia, on the E side 
of Pumuiikey river, 32 miks S by W of 
Fredericksbura oti the Rappahannoc, 
and 80 miles from Washington. 

CHILI, a targe coiuitry of S Ame- 
rica, on the coast of the S PWdflc Ocean, 
discovered by Oi^o d'Almagro in 1535. 
The mountainow part of it, is still 
posartsed by the anginal inbaHtants, 
forraidabk neighbours to the Spani- 
aids. The Spanish eohmks, are dis- 
persed on the bocricrs of the S Sea, td 
an extent of about 900 miks. They 
are parutl fhmi Peru by a desart of 
80 kaeues in breadth, and bounded by 
the istand of Cbiioe, at die a(tr«n)itr< 

i w s wiji^ i ftiiiflnnigMmM i iW i Wj ■ * , ! *■■ 


I 08 ] 


next to tke itniti uf M«(ellw. The 
vHroate of Chili U (he nioit ilelightriU 
ill the New WurM. Though bonkr- 
iii( on the Torrid Zone, it nenr iMi 
the extmoiitict of beat, being tfXtatf 
ed cool md arreeable b] in vicimty to 
the Andei. Nature hai enriched Chili 
with valiuble niinee of gold, dlirer, 
copper and lead. The trade ii coo- 
fined to Pmi, Parguay.and the wva- 
ga on tbeir firentlen. In the whole 
extent of Cbili there aie not ahom 
tofioo white in^hiunti, and M0/)00 
negroet and people of a mixed race. 

CIUUCOrHE,a pofttownofObio, 
and capital of Ron county, i< lituated 
on tbe W bank of Scioio run, 4S milei 
IVom iu junction with the Ohio river, 
and 8 above the mouth of Patentcreek, 
which hini on the S aide within one 
mile uf Scioto. The atreeta run paral- 
lel (B tfie rirer, and cruu at right an- 
glei. tt ha: 4 cotton factoriei, tliat 
contrin i]mm 300 to 600 ipindln, and 
a variety of other manunKtoriet. lu 
public buiktingt are a mertiiig bouie 
for pmbyteriAm. l formetbodut*, and 
1 for aeoeden, a court liouie, jail, an 
aeiidemy, a temporary itate huusejani 
■ bonk. Papulation about 9000. Thii 
town itanda on a high level Muff or 
bonk 417 fhim Waahington. N hit. 3V 

CHILKA, a Inke in the Dccean of 
Hindooatan, which boundi tlie 5 Ciiv 
can on the N. It ia 40 milea Arum 
ME to SW, and in moat plaeea 11 or 
15 wide, with a narrow alip of aandy 
ground between it and the aea. It baa 
many inhabited iabinda ui it. 

CHILOE, aj\ iiland of S America, 
on thecoaatof Chili, \U milea inleflgth 
and 17 in bteadtb, between 43 and 44 
dc'g. S lat. Caatro the chief town 
staiida between two brooki. 

CIlILrRRN.aehain of chalkyhUU, 
rotming ftom E to W, tkrough Buek- 
inghamahire, and forming toe S part 
ofthe oouhtj. 

CHIM/BRA, an ancient town of 
Turkey in Europe, in Albania, capi- 
tal of* territory of theaamename. It 
ia aeated on a rode, at the entranee of 
the gulf of Venice, » miles M of Cor- 
fu. Ehm-aos, Nhit.40 8. 

CHIMAY, a (own of France, in the 
departmeutof (he Northjieated on tbe 
river Btanehe, 30 milea SSW of Cha^ 
leroy. E Ion. 4 15, N lat. M O. 

CBIMBSIOH,.* turn m Deroo- 

aUre. If ia almoM lorroimded by tH 
river Dart i and ia 105 miks W by S 
of London. 

CHINA, an extemive empire in A- 
sia, bounded on (be N by Tartary, from 
whlAi it ia aeparated by a great will 
500 kaiguei in lengtbi on the E by 
the Yellow 8ea,Biid UK Cbineae Ocean ; 
on tlie S by that ocean and the king- 
donu of Tonquin, Laos, and Burmah : 
and on tbe W by Thibet. I( lie> bfr 
(ween 100 and 185 deg. E Ion. and M 
and 41 deg. N lit. It ia 3000 milea frani 
N to S. and IJOO from E to W, and 
divkkd iiiui 15 province!, which con- 
tain 4402 WHiled citir^ divided inhi 
and miliury ; the civil 



, (lieeivili 

claas conuiiia 3045, and that of (he nii- 
liury 3537. It is in general a plain 
and level country, with tl-w roouMaini 
of any note, but the riven are vrrf 
numeroua and eooaiderable. Tbe iu- 
land navigatiou ia beaiilea aaaiited by 
nurobera of canab. Theae are IbrnKd 
in a manner auperiur to that of other 
natioaa; (lie principal beiiu lind 
With hewn stone, ao deep that they an 
abk) to carry veuelaof any harden,anl 
extending in aoane Jilacea 1000 mUea In 
length, 'rhey arenimiahed witha(ow 
quays, and lometimes with bridges or 
a surprising conatruetioii. Aeeordin; 
to the cakulatnns of Ibdier Amiol, 
China eonuina VOfiOOfiOO inhaUianu. 
The clinuKe and anil are varioua, n 
the diffiitent provinces are nearer (& 
or remote from the S i tevcre ccM 
being felt at Pekin, while the aeutheni 
pronneea are exposed (o oxccaaive beat 
China baa been often d«lola(ed bv f» 
mine. I(a numerous iBoun(aina (wnicll 
ara cliie6y in the N and W paru of 
the empire^ cobLun mines of iron, tin, 
capper, quicksilver, goM, and tilver. 
(Quarries of murble,ooal mines, lapii 
liizuSi, rock crystals, precious atones, 
and a kind of aonotous stonta,cf wbidi 
muaical inatruments ue eomn39ed,arc 
abundant in China. They have |iot- 
ter's earth of auch various and aupenor 
kinds, that dieir odebntcd <hie porce- 
lain will ever remain unrivalled. Tbe 
moun(aina and vas( Ibresu abound witti 
wild anunala of every spesies : bu( that 
valuable quadruped, (he muak-deer, u 
peculiar (oi(. Of (heir biida,tbemOit 
bttutiAll in China, and perhaps in the 
worfcl, is tbe ktn-hi, or golden fowl. 
The princinal dcfenee of the empue 
ifpimii » i«Ni|« gants >• (be gm* 


ra 1 


■hire. li it alntiMC nirraundal bv th< 
river Dart i uid ii 105 milei W b; S 
of London. 

CHINA, in extemive empire in A- 
lia, boundnl on the M lijr Tartwf , from 
whijh it ii Kparated by ■ gmt will 
MX) leasuei in leninhl on the E by 
the Yellow Sea, uid UK Cbineie Oceui ; 
on tlie S by that oeean and the king- 
donu of Tonquin, Laoo. and Burmah : 
and on the W by Thibet. It lies bfr 
tween 100 and lU deg. E Ion. and 10 
and 41 deg. N lit. It ii aooo niilet from 
N to S. and IJOO from E tn W, awl 
divided iiiio 15 province!, which con- 
tain 440a WHiled eitirt^ divided iiiui 
claiaei, (he civil and military ; the ciiil 
clan oonuiiu 3045, and that oflhe nii- 
liury 3537. It is in eeneral a plnin 
and level country, with ibw roouMaini 
of any note, but the rivert are very 
numeroua and eoniiderable. The iu- 
hutd navigatiou la beaidea aaaiated by 
numbera of canab. Theie are IbmKd 
in a manner iU|ierior to that of oUkf 
naiioiu; tlie principal being limd 
With hewn stone, ao deep that tficy are 
able to oarry veuela of any baideii,aiid 
extending in loine jilacea 1000 miiet in 
length, 'rhry aremmiahcd with Mow 
quaya, and lometimea with bridgea of 
a aurpriaiiig conatruetian. Aeeordin; 
to the calculaliona of Ibtbtr Amiol, 
China eontaina mofiOOfiOO inbabitaDU. 
The climate and aoil are various, n 
the diffistent provincei are nearer V), 
or remote from the S i tevcre con 
being felt at Pekin, while the loutheni 
provincea are expoaed to cxcciiive heal 
China haa been often datolated bv f» 
mine. Its numeroua ngountaina (whicli 
are cliiefly in the N and W parU of 
the empire^ cobUin mines of iron, tin, 
copper, quicluilver, gold, and silver. 
Qoarrieaof murbie,ooal mines, lapii 
litzuii, toek cryalals, precious stoiKS, 
and a kiod of sonorous atoms, of wbich 
musical instruments are eombosed,aii.' 
abundant in China. Tbey have pot- 
ter's earth of such various and superior 
kinda,that dieir celebntcd flue porce- 
lain mil ever remain unrivalled. Tlie 
mounuins and vast IbrciU abound witb 
wiM animals ofevery apeaiea : but that 
valuable quadniped, the musk.deer, u 
peculiar to it. Of their biidi,the most 
benutiAil in China, and perhaps in the 
worM, is the kin4ii, or nUen fowl. 
The principal defenee a( the empm 
§giian ft nweii* famn >• ttK gm^ 

iliiJ^JJIii l.L 


[ 09 ] 


wall, wWeh separates China from Tar- 
tary, exaending more than WOO mihia 
in iengtfa, and of aueh thickneaa that 
six boraemen may easily ride abreast 
upon it. It is flaidnd with lowera two 
bowduta dUiant niNn each other. 

CHINA CiHOVE, a post town of S 
Carolina, in Rosa cuunty,4ei miles SW 
of WasUngton. W km. iVom the same 
city, 3 r4 It, N Ut. 33 37 15. 

CHINCA, a seapmt of Peru, aituat- 
cd on a river, in a vulley of lU own 
■aoie, 90 mika S of Lima. S biu 13 10, 
W km. 76 15. 

CUINON, an ancient town of France, 
in the department of Indrc and Loin', 
seated on the Viesutu, IW mika SW oi 

CHINSURA, ft town of Hindooatan 
Pmper, in Bengal. It ia a settkmeiit 
of tne Dutch, and is ae-:4ed oo the ri- 
ver Moogly, nearly mkiway between 
ChaodeniMuiv, and the old town ot 
Hoogiy. It was taken by the English 
ia 17»f . 

CHUrar, a town ^f 'he Netherfamds, 
capital of a county oftboMie nam^ 
in Austrian Lunroburg, 57 mika w 
ofLuxemburg. E km. 5 37, Mat. 49 

CHIOS, SCIO,ar K10,b» the Turks 
odled SAU 8ADU<'I,an lalandhring 
near the coast of looia, in Asia Mnor, 
about 100 roilea W of Smyrna, It is 
Bwontainous and nieky,aiid about lOO 

CHIOS, the capital of tba above isl- 
ani. It stands on the E eoaal, la aa 
wcU boih M moat of the towna in the 
Levant, the Qenoeae having batn kau 
in the poaaEsawii of it. Hereu a Turk- 
ish garrison of 1400 menijBd the port 
is A rendezvous of the Turkish dap- 
ping, which trade to Conataatinoplf , 
and otwdly the atatkn of a aqiKhurun 
of Torfcisb galleyi. EhNi.37«,Mbt 

cmOUaLIC, a aneknt town of 
R0lnanH^ with the see of a Greek bi- 
shop. It is seated oa a ri««r of the 
sai£ oame,47 milet W of CosiataDti- 
uvle. B»on.97 57.,Mkt.418. 

^CHIOZZQ, aneiemly VOBSA 
CLAUDIA, a town and islaad ot Italy, 
in the teniiorr of Vcaiige, with a hi- 
Snip's aee. fe kab U 9, N tab 45 

CHIPPEWA, a MnaU TlUi(e in Up- 
per CaoaAuaitiHded at the oiwtb ora 
«^»an«r die>aiiMniiBii^tl«enilea 

I above the falla of NIanra, and 10 iVwa 
I aueenatown. Thia viUage is remark- 
able for two celebrated actions fought 
in iu vicinity, between iht Brit.tU 
and American armies, in wlucb the 
latter were victorious i the first on the 
5th of July lil4, and the other on the 

Uth of the same month. 

CHIPPENHAM, a borough in Wilta 
and is «eatnl on the Avon, over wWcn 
is i stone bridge of 1« arches, 31 mitea 
B of Bristol, and 94 W ol London. W 
km. 8 8, N hit. 5137. . 

CHISLEHURST.avBlage in Kent, 
near Bromley. Here ia Camden Ptace, 
the ancient aeat of earl Camden, and 
the resklence of the eaMrated anti- 
quary of that name, here ttkewiae wero 
bum air Nicholas Bacon, and rir Frait- 
eis WaUngham. It is U miles ESK 
of London. 

CHlSMB,a seaport of Natolia,OB 
the strait that parto the c on t imt nom 
theisieof Sckh 

CHITOR, (he capital of a province 
of the Hune name in the Hither Indu. 
It Ues 350 milea NE of Surat.and is 
suUeet to the Great Mogul. Ehm.7fl 
10, N lat. 33 30. _ ^. ^ 

CHITOH, a dtv of Piedmont, in 
Italy, ntuated on use Po, 10 mika N 
of Turin. E hn. 7 35, N hit. 45 IS. 

CHITRO, a town of Macedonia, on 
the bay of a\kiDiehi. E km. 33 35, N 
tat. 40 SO. 

CHITTERDROOG, a town of the 
Peninsula of Hindooatan, in Mysore, 
117 miles N by W of Seringapatan. £ 
km. 70 15, N lat. 14 5. 

CHIVA^a town of Piedmoot, which 
haa been aeveral times taken and re- 
taken. I. ia 13 mika NE of Turin. 
£ km. 7 47, N lat. 45 13. 

CHIUSI, Ml epiacopal town oTTui- 
cany, pooriT pe(«kd, on account of 
its unwboliaMaeS:. It is 35 mik* SE^ 
of Sienna. £ km. 10 5S, N 43 0. 

CHIUTAYE, a tovm of Turkey m 
Asia, capital of NatuUa Ptoper.aMted 
on (he river Ayda, 75 mihsa Bof Bur- 
sa. E km. 30 47, N taU 39 30. 

CHOCZIM, a tovm of Moldavia, oo 
the Dniester. It waa. takw by tto 
Mea, in 16T0,aftar they had totally 
defeated the l^irkiah army, beibre lU 
walls. It sumndered in 1788, to the 
Ruadana and AuHrians, but was re- 
■lored to the rurka at the subsequent 
peace. It ia 110 miles NW of /any. 

THOLET, (town ofFnuiw.iii tlw 
dapartianit of Maine nid Loliv, with 
acaaUr, irOini(n8Wori>iri>. Whtu. 
4), N bt 47 to. 

CHONAr, an epiHonal (own at 
Hungary, cupital of a ouunty of ihc 
nine namr. on ibe Mtirkh, U mile* 
£ uT aegvdiii. E Im. 11 4, N lat. 40 

CHOPTANK, a narigaUe ri»er on 
the Emu-to Jwre of Maryknd, which 
riiei m Kent eooDty, Delaware, end 
after running a SM eoune, about 43 
milet, turm tuddenlr (o the WN 
w, mid enirn the Clienpeiike, bi^ 
twwn Couk'i point and nighniaii'i 

CHOROES, a town of France, in 
the department of the Upper Alp,, 
burnt by (he duke of Savrty, In l«h. 
It II 10 miks E of Uap. Eloo.4U, 
Nlat.443(. ^^ 

CHORLEY, a town of England in 
Tjint t Ml r, iltuated near the wurce of 
a nvulet calted Chor. wMch lldlt Into 
no Yarrow. In tbit town the cotton 
manunietiire ii carrivd on to great ev 
trnl. It is 20 j mi lea NW of London. 
Ponuhtion in isii, S1H3. 

CHOV,ri,E^ , (o«n on the ooau of 
Mabhar. with a tarbour fur unall m- 
■ell, which ii lortifled. E Ion. 7t 4<, 
N lat. It 41. 

CHRISTCHURCH, a borough in 

CHRIiiTIANA, a dty of Southern 
Norwav, in the nvernmcnt of Agaer- 
huyi, liiuale at at extremity of anr- 
tile ralley, forming a nmicireular 
bend alo> g dk- ihore of the beautiful 
hay of BwminK, "•»* 'oruM the N 
•ntreroitT of the gnlf of ChrittiiuUa. 
llw caitlt: of Ag^erfauyi ii built on a 

rocky enunemerou the' W ade of die 
bay, at a imull Aitanoe fhim the city, 
The inhabitanu ainuhnt to aboot 9000, 

The city wai rebuilt in iti pi^cacnt u- 
otadoD byCbrlM'an IT, anur ■ plan 
dedgned byMmwir. lu principal ex- 
porta are lar,«iap,iroD,eumeT,i>lankL 
oeaU and ahua. It'hai lii privUeaed 
•awmiUi. CkrislUnia bao mUaftam 
the open na, and aw N by W of 
Copenhagen. B Ion. to 38 4I, N In. 
SB H *>. 

CHRISTIANA, a yiOtgi with a 
Boat office, in New Caatle county, De- 
laware, aeaied on Chriatiana ere^ g 
i?,:!!!j?^ WHmiuBton, 37 avTof 
>Ebiladelphia,mdlOllniai WMUng- 


tun. Iteontninaaprcabytariaachurtk 
unri HfauiU no huum. ^ 

CHUISTIANHI IIG, a fort uf A- 
ftioa o« the gakl rcw^i ofGuiiM-a uih- 
ji-rt lu tba Oanea. K km. I n, N lat. 

4 10. 

CHRIS TIANOPLF., a arong an. 
port of Sweden, on the Bol'ic, and iv 
pital of Bk-khifen. It i. il mikii NE 
of Carktaerooai. K km. 10 47, N lak 

Swcdrn, in the hrritury of Rlekinga^ 
I'he luwn il iinall, l>ut iieally b<iilt,uid 
11 (iteemcd the <tnHii|t',t lurimi in 
^WFden. I'he inlubilaiiu have aunu- 
rncturii of ckitli and oilken itufTi. riie 
tuwii it leated ui a nurihy plain, ckm 
to the riirer HelgiMi which Aowa into 
the Baltic at Ahua, about the dirtanea 
of 10 milea, and ii navigable only lor 
ainall eraf> of leven loiii burden. It it 
M mikn NE of Cupenhaiem Popula- 
lion 1980. E km. 14 |3, N fart. M 1 

in the N Paciiie Ocma, ao naim: k 
Captain Cook, on nccouat of kit flnt 
landing thert- on ChriftniM day. It it 
4> milea in eircuiufdnenee. uiunlMM^ 
ul, and deatitute of (Vvah water; hut 
hai abundance of line turtle. W kai. 
157 M, N ktl. 1 W. 

CHRIS riANSVILLE, a pmt lawa 

in MttkknbiirK county, Virginia, on 

the Mebrriu nver, 143 miCa ihim 


CHRIS I'MAS SOUND, a aound of 

5 Ainetint, in Terra del Fuego. Whn. 
70 L S lit. U II. 

KIT'S, uiie of the Leeward labnda in 
the W ludiea, M mika W of Antigua, 
It waa Ibrmeriy iobaliited by the 
French and Engliah; but, in 1713, it 
waa ceded to tlielatter. It ii SO milea 
m hmdth, and 7 ui hnigth, and haa 
high UMWutaina in the lulddle, whence 
rivuletiflpw, which are of great uie to 
the Mlabitaiiti. Between the uottn- 
iMin are dnwinil racfci, horrid pnei- 
piaca,and tfaiafc woodij i;id in tfaeSW 
parta, hot aolphuruua luringa at the 
Ibot of them. IV air u good, the 
nil l«kt. aandy, and fruitflil ; but it ii 
•oiyeci 10 bonicann. I'he prailiice ia 
ehidly ragar.oatloa (inier, indigo, 
and the tfopical IVuita. Ii waa taken 
by the Tnueh in 1701, hut icatored 
dwBott year, iiwasimc ia the capiiak 

nil iiland 
Uacki, and »' 
Wkm.A3 II 
Hit, 115 ml 

Proper, in tl 
Itiawattd < 
iboK Benar 
which ia ifac 
inliowera 1 
tkii plaoe ia 
nf Cawnpor 

of Hindooal 
t!iro<i||h Ca 
after leani 
let country 
ilBie rlTcn 
Moultan. ' 


Churdi hi 
Hodaon'a I 

^aeoD An 
ataoon the 

edon the 
Why Cm 
town of -, 
laken tm 
liaua, in 1 

many, 'n 
capital of 
Mid acatii 
ol' lauba 



00 ] 


tan. It contain a prMbjIariaa ohiirtk 
and Hbout DO houwi. ^ 

CHUISriANBl'llU, a Tort oi' A- 
IVica ou ilie Rolil n>ii,i orGuiiHs uilh 
i<Tt lu thw Oanci. K Ion. 1 ti, N Ub 

4 10. 

CHHISTIANOPLR, a urong in. 
|iort of Swctten. ou the BiU'iC, ual rif 
pital of Blrkbi^n. It m i3 milei NK 
of Carlneroou. S km, i6 47, N lat 

Swwlfn, in the u-rritory of ilk'ktngai, 
The (own it iinaU, hut iieaily huilt.aml 
in itUKined the itrtHinral t'orimi in 
Swnleik The iiiliabiiaiiU bavr manu. 
factum of ckith aiHl lilken iluffi. Ilie 
town ii leauii iii a nuribf pbiin, clme 
to tbt river Hel)[i>a which Aowi into 
the Baltic at Ahua, about the diitancc 
of ao inilet, and ii navigable oiil) fur 
nnall erarv of levtn toui burden. It ii 
M mifei NK of CotMnhwen. Papula- 
Mon 1980. E hxi. 14 M, N lat. M 1 

■n ihe N Pacitte Oeeao, w namn: by 
Captain Cook, on account of hit flrH 
landing tbrre on ChriMnm dm. It ii 
45 niilea in eirennifiirenee. uiunhtMt- 
«l, and dctlitute of fWth WMer; hut 
bat abundance of flue turtle. W hai, 
157 so, N bt. 1 W. 

CHRIS TIANSVILLB, ■ poit «swa 

in Mivklenbiirg county, VirgiiiiiL on 

the Mubrrin nver, >43 miC* IVooi 


CHRIS I'MAS SOUND, a nuiid of 

5 AinetiBitin Tenradel FiMgo. Whu. 
70 g, 8 tit. U 21. 

KIT'S, one of the Lwward blandi in 
the W ludin, M mikt W of Antigua, 
It <na Airmrrly inhabited by the 
Ftendi and Enriiah ; but, in 1713, it 
waa ceded to ttielHtler. It U ao iiiitea 
in breadth, and 7 ui lenctb, and haa 
nigh nMNiutaina in the luiddle, whence 
nvuktaOow, which are of givat uae to 
th) inhabitaata. Between the uraan- 
tauit are dreadnil rackt,horrid ncvci. 
pieea,and tfaiafc wooda; i:ti in tteSW 
parta, hot tul|>haruut apriiKa at the 
tbot of tfaem. lite air u good, the 
nil light, mndy, and fruitftil ; but it it 
aul^ect to httnicaw*. 1\e produce ia 
chiefly ancar, cotioB. gknger, indigo, 

I the ttopieal tlniu. It waa taken 
by the Ii«iwh in 1783, but rettored 
dw next year. itaaKterrc it die capiiak 

[ IM 1 

I nil iiland eontaina abtwt V>fiOO 
Utcki, And 8000 whiici. N lat. 17 If, 
W Ion. «3 17, , „ 

CHUDLEIOH,a town In Deron- 
Ainu H* milet * by » «»«" l*^*™;-^ 
CMUNAR, « ft>« of ttndjjojnn 
Proper, in the pronnee of A'"""'*"; 
It iaac^ on the Oatiaea, M railet 
•bore Ben«««, and ia built un a rock, 
which ia ibrtiiled all round by a wall, 

1 andtowen at Tarkwa diatrooea. At 
ikli place it kept the nwgaiine rf a^ 
Mnltkm and ardltanr,forthe Bri«de 
ofCtwnpore. It U J»5 mil« NW oj 
iilcutta. E km. 81 », N tot. M 

ip«ral courae la Ihmi NR ««»", md 
ifier leanog JumnMX), it tbrpupi a 
lltleouiMry «n«*u»Uy ■PS^Sll."*!? 
iht Chehnn. It b oidtcd with toih 
ilae riTcrt at tome dittanee abore 
Mtullaib The Cbunaub it the Aoeti- 
nia of AlBxander. 

SktopaUre, with a market on Thiira- 
jnTnSet 8 of Shrewtbury, and 53 
wiiworundoo. W Ion. a 4«, Ntot. 

"mURCHILL TORT, •«■<>?«« 
Church bill river, on the E aWe of 
Hodion't Bay. W km. 4 3, N tot. «B 

CHURCH HILL, > pott town of 
Qaen Anm' county, Matrtond, »tu- 
Scdonthe ao«U.E«tCi*dM. branch 
«f CbeMcr nvei, aboute nill« H W r- 
orCentRrUie,and Wl from Wadnnr 

"ciAKPA,aWngdom of A;4b, bound- 
«d on the E and Sby «•*»»•»? oee^ 
00 tfaeN bv Cochin-china, and on the 
W by Cambodia. „ - .i_ 

(own or DaUmtta, on • rodtj hiU on 
the W bank^tbe Najinthk It wat 
ukcn ft-om the Turki, by the Veiie- 
liaua, in l«a4. E km. 18 M, N tot. 43 

CILLEY, an ancient town of. Ger- 
inany, n fjpper CajmWa. It^ithe 
capital of a county of tlfc aune^^Nne, 
and acau-d on the Saan, 38 t™""."^^ 
ol Uuback. E ton. l* U, N tot. 47 

^'ciMBBISHAM.aWpOrt of Swe- 

den, in Schonaii. B ton. U», Ntot. 

50 40. . . 

CINCINNATU8, a poat townabip 
in the HE comer of Corthnd county. 
Mew York, 14 rallea 8E of Homer. 140 
W of Albany, and 354 from Wathing- 
ton. oputotion tm, , „ _ 

C «5UILLA, a town of New 
Mnieo. in the pnirinoe ol Sooora. w 
km. Sfl U, N tot. 35 (. 

CINEY, a town of the Nethertaiidi, 
in the arcbWihopric of Ltoge. 8 milet 
E of Diuant. E km. 4 »7, N tot. 50 

"cinque PORTS, e«»««ln porta on 
the ooatt uf Kent and Sutiea, to called 
by way of eminence, on account of 
their auDCTkur importance, aa having 
bean thooriit by our kingt to merit 
a portieutor regard flar tWr P«««»»- 
ii£i agidnil invaihm. They >««««»« 
in number, when ttar «rtt Aartar 
wat grantei by WUUam L ia ion. 
Thei were Efover, Haitingi, Hvde. 
Romoey, and Saadwieki to which 
;;S;r2\erward^ added Winebelaea. 
Seaibnl, and Rye. That king appoint- 
ed a oonaubkiof Dover Caitle, (who 
U wi™called Lord Warden of te 
Cinque Foru) and invetted Urn with 
the command of theae pant, whoje in- 
habiianu had comktorabto pnvrieget. 
For theae they were obliged to anpply 
•ovemment with 57 iMpt, at 40 ttayt 
notiae, ori to pqt thetr etwvi duruig 

^'i^TRA, a can of Fortiinl, in 
Rttnunadura, called the Hock vt Lit- 

»u.i.«B the M aide of the entrance ot 
tbeTalo. W Ion, 9 30, N to. 38 4(1. 

CIOTAT, a teaport of Fnmee, in 
the department of the Moutht of ite 
RhooeTdelbided by a ttrong ibrt. E 
« 40, Ntot. 43 la. _ , . 

CtRCAllS, NORTHI»N,8»epro- 
vinoei on the W eoattof the bayof 
Bengal. They *«• ofigjnally *»»• 
^imMcd Nortfarn, fto» tliej potioon 
in retpect to Madrat, on whidi they 
depadTor the «« NorttamCircari, 
CiSeSe. H.iJ»<n»n*7» 5"25-«"^ 

the FigHth, and Ounloor it tathe 
SmdtTSE Niaam. Tto «rt« four 
Steni ftom the N bwikof the KMtnn 

dip of country 3«0 raihn ta«j,»«« 
"ilSn W to 75 teoad, boundal to 
mountaUit and attentive S!*^°",vh 
tide oppoiite the m. Tbe Bnnltth 

I 2 


I iw I 


«iiMi'i 'Md tom (fdfcl Id i)m rnnHi, 
Wy Ibr Niznin ufthc Deemii, in irj.l : 
bui thr) »rr» cenqiu-iMl by cnlan-l 
Clivr, ill I7M, mid pradiMr m ■nmial 
ran-iiiir of IIW.OOO, tm- Unntmr, 

riRC-A.HHK, ■ luntr miintry nf 
Alia, liiiiniifl lM'l»mi 43 ml 50 rirc. 
of N Int. mid IfrtWHii 40 and Jo ol' E 
lull. It i< buuialRl by Hiniin oil fhr N. 
hv Aatrucaii and rtw Caapiwi tn on 
K, hv Omnria and Oaciuan nii Ihr H, 
mA by lb" Anr Dmi. (ke Palui Mtii- 
lii, and ibr niaek tai,m\ the W. Thii 
country lau lonK bern ark.-briMt'd Ibr 
the nimoniinary bnuly of iu wii 
man i and hnr It wni that the prav- 
liw of iiMKiilating fiur tb« nnall put 
ftrtt bripn. Thi" flMr ol" tin country 
■• iik-anntljr divmifled wiiii iimnt- 
laiiii, rallm, vgodi, hkn, and ri*«n ; 
Hiid iho«fh not much cohinrtnl, ia 
na llroni bting nnlVuitftil. In nua- 
mcr, the iidiabttmili quit the towM, 
and uncamp in the thUt like Iha 
iMHihboiiring Tartan; aecarfonaUy 
•hnini; ihciritariwH ahmg with tWr 
llockt and hmlt. The principal 
hnuiili of their traflle u their own 
ehililirn. npreially their daughlcn, 
whom tlH'y K'll fur the lue of tht iPra- 
Klloi in I'urkcy and Pmia, where ilicy 
fKi|iMntly ninrrv to graa^ advantage, 
Hial make the rnrtuiie of their Ihmi- 

CIRENCESTRH, ■ comiderahle 
hnraiiKh in GliHiceitenhire. It if 
•rated on the riwr Chum, 18 mikii SK 
of (Hourntrr and «i» W ol' Ixmdmb 
I« piiblio buUdii^ are, a paiith 
church, coniii hwd one of tha flncM 
ediHeva in the Unadom, Si. John'i 
church, and S ehafeh. IHipubNkm in 
mi. 4M0. W loiir 1 M, iTut Jl •«. 

CIH£NZA, a lowi. of Naples ca- 
pital of Baai icata, with a hiihop'i ws. 
K km. IA lu, N ht. 43 .<.4. 

CITTADBLLO, a mport and m- 
fiui of Minon><,on the W tide oftlat 
idand. E km. 3 34, N Uu 39 i*. 

CITTA.DI.CA8TEI.LO, a popu- 
hmi citjr of Italy, capital of a cotm.y 
of the aine nana, in Umkiria, with . 
Mdi^. lee. II hi waod ODthe Ti- 
ber, ft mikaSW of IMWm. EhMi. 
lll>^hN.43U, '^' . ■ 
^CltTA-NUOVA, a ei«r of loM, in 
the marquiaate of AMgaa, kmcm on 
thegulfof Tariat,tniii3iti SofLo- 
retto. Ehn.U«kNlal.4I IS. 

CITTA-Ifao^ tmtm^ Ve- 

netian Iitria, with a bidnp'i kv, iw 
miiiN K af Vrnioe. K ki.k U t, N lai. 
*l M. < 

CITY-POINT, a part town of Prima 

<».«•»>• eotini), Virginia, •iliinnd mi 
I hf S <iih- of JnnM 1 river, II mil.', 
NB of PttinbiirK. %4 miM HK of 
Richmond, and U» tmu WaMilnr 


CIUnAD RRAL, a town of Spain, 
cHi'iijil or Maiwha. TV iiihahilanu 
nn- iHiinl (lir ilri-nini; kiiili.r l,r 
itkivin. It ii <M iiiili-^ S of \uidriil. 
W Inn. ,t 3J, V ht. m .18. 

riUDAIl-HDOIUOO, a town of 
fipiiiii, ill U'lHi, Willi a bitlioii'i w, 
wiitid on tlh' r vrr Aquaihl, 40 luika 
8VV iif BnUmaiiea. W km. S It, N 
lat. 40 3.1. 

CIVri'.v.U(-FRt(.'I.I, a imaU Imt 
uiicieni town of Italy, >n Vt-niiiun 
Kriuii, aeatitl un the Nutiimw, ten 
mik^t R of Udi'iw. E km. 13 I), <« 
hit. 4A II. 

ClVITA-m-PEXNA, an ancient 
town of Nanlt-i, in Alirir^za Ultitiiirc, 
.U mik-t UK uf Aquilb. B km. 14 
ii, N lat 43 17. 

of Italy, in Campagiadi Kama. It ii 
i$ mik-a N W ul' Kome. E Ion. U 31, 
N Int. 42 3/1. 

CIVITA-VECCHIA, • waport of 
Italy. It ii 3.1 milci NW ol Hook. 
E kHi. a «1. N lat. 4% $. 

CLACKMANNAN, a imall town of 
in Beotland, ami cii|iii«l of the umnty 
of the Mune name. It ii 2) milei N 
by E of UbMgow. W km. 3 iO, N 

CLAGENFORT, a town of Oer- 
many, eaiiical of Carimha, M laiki 
SW of Vienna. E km. 14 JO, N hi. 
46 53. 

CLAIR, ST. a Uke of N Amrriea, 
half way between the lakrt Huron 
and Krir, 00 iniln in ciraimftreiMr. 

CLAMECl, a town of riwnr, in 
the department nf Nievrr, it litoainl 
at the oonnuenee of the Beiivton and 
Yuiiii>% ) U mikii S by E at Parit. t 
km.3 3n, Nkit.4r38. 

CLAHA, SI', a unaU idand of S 
Anarica, ia fim. In tbe bay of Gua- 
'I9fl>'«^0 mlln 9W of doahaiuU. 

CLXRR, liT. a amall iiland, or ra- 
ther rock, mie of tbe Canariea, be- 
Iwern Laneerola and Allwraina. 

CLARE, a tawu st SSthtk. It b 


laattd M 

ite provl 
ln«tb, a 
unlhe K 
rick, luid 
hniir, m> 


of a riHiii 
NW of 

IM. «t <1 


in rini 
liiumiil II 
« brunch 
Sul' Dull 

K nf S ilh 

CI Ml 
Til^> 'if 

Vauil, ikl 
nrnce. wl 
■Ik luwa 

y Hockl 
mnl mi t 
)• mlln 
III' Alhnii 
Ii cuiiuiI 
Uircli I'e 

niikt tW 
iml ahtMi 

town uf 
tiiHtel uf 
Ii4ht'lit ri 


iMklOII I 

the N n 
no mik 
Irwn Wl 
New Yoc 


It it teat 

aim, nil 

'rigin ta 

IN ] 


nHtan Ittria, with ■ Wihop'i tn<, iw 
miM K af Vfiitcr. K iuii. U S, N lai. 
43 3A, • 

C ITY-POnrr, ■ |mt town of Prhm 
•>'-or«f count), Vir||lni*, lilMiiiid ,n 
I he S iMtror Jnn»i river, 11 mibi 
NE of P»tt'nbiir)(, U milM SR of 
Rirhnioiid, and U» rVoai Wuhinf 

CI CHAD KRAL, a town of Spain, 
cii|>iuil at MaiKha, The inhahilinu 
xri' iiotefl Air ilrrHing k-»)lk'r ur 
gkivfj. It i< ao iiiihi 9 of .Vimtrkl. 
W Inn. J 23, S I It. imn, 

riUnAI>.Hi)l>UIO0, * town or 
Hpuiii, ill Ia-iiii, widi h liitho]i*a ki.-, 
miitd oil tiK' r vrr Aquwlii, M nilkx 
8VV nf SiiUmiiiieii. W kni. 5 ft, N 

Im. .10 3.1. 

CIVirA-DI-rRIl'I.!, ■ imiiU Imt 
uiicinit town iif Inly, iii Vt^i'ii:iii 
l^riuli, «t<ititl un th« NutiMnia, ten 
lailm R of Uikiuu E Imi. 13 19, N 
lat. 4n 13. 

ClVri-A-m-PEXNA, an aii>i<-m 
town of Nniilei, in Alirn/za UlttTiiiri>, 
.1* miln NK of Ai|uilli>. B luik H 
li, N hL 43 27. 

of Italy, in CainpaKi>* <U Kama. Ii ii 
it mlln NW ur Konie. B Ion. U 3J, 
N Itll. 43 211. 

CIVITA-VBCCHIA, a teanort of 
Ilnl)', 1th 35 niilct NW at Hodk. 
E ton. a«l, N tat. 43 (. 

CLACKMANNAN, a imall town of 
in Scotland, awl caiatnl of the cuiinty 
of the Mine iuidk. Ii ii 33 miln N 
by R of Ulausow. W Ion. 3 :o, N 
latw M 5. 

CLAGEKTORT, a town of Ocr- 
many, capital of Carintha, m miln 
BW of Vienna. E Jon. U 30, M ht. 

CLAIR, ST. a lake of N Antrrica, 
half way between the lakn Huron 
and Krie, 90 miln in chtnimfereaee. 

CLAMECL a town of Frame, in 
tbr drpartnient of Nierre, U ritoated 
at tht^ connuenee of (he Beiivmn and 
Yoinie. lUroihiiSbyEalPaTlj. E 
lon.3 3n, N lat. 47 38. 

OLAHA, ST. a unall bland of S 
Aawriea, ia ram, (n the bay of Qua- 
l'«|U*.To nfUn $W of 6aalaqiiiL 


CU * 

CLXRR, i't, a nuall Ulan], or nh 
thcr rock, one of the Canario, be- 
tween LaneenMa and AllcKnuiu. 

CLARE, a tMfru at SuMk. It li 

(Mini near Ihr Stonr, 1) roilci NK of 


CL/\HR( a rminty uf Ir'lnml, in 
ikr pnivinve of Muintrr, n inil<'a in 
Imgth, and .IB in brrarith; buiiiMl<il 
in Uw K «iidSby»hr8lmi,inin,wliith 
.inirHtrt It from Tlmier'iry, Liiue- 
riek, lual Kerry i on the W by thf Al- 
lanlicniHl on llie N by OiiUiiy. 

C1..\IU'', « lo«n of Irtlaml, i'ii|>ltiil 
of » I'liunlv uf ilr wiiw" imiir, 1" niil>< 
NW .if Unifriik. W hill. » 4ft, N 
jM. »» n. 

I'LAHKLMDN T, a pmt t(iwii«M() 
in ririirr «iiin(y. Nfwlliimi»liiii', 
lirudiuloii 111!' N ii<l<- 111 Sugar rinr 
« liTinicli of ilif (uiiiuoiicni. il inihs 
S«l l)Hi-iinuutti, and 4«'l NE of Wiuh- 
iiiKlini I'niniliiliaii 3n'»4. 

CI.AIIKNOON, a villiine 3 mll« 
E iif Siliilairy. 

fl HKNS, or CHAriT.LVHI), a 
iill»)i. .if Swhtcrlmid, in th. I'ayi *• 
VmiiT, ik'lii;hir>illy tiiiniKil on an niii- 
miire. who«" ilrcli»iiy il"iiii'« ffrjtUir 
iillv inward' ihi' lake uf Griifva. 

II.AIIKSTOWN, a po«t luwnibip 
of HockiHiid i-ounty. New York, <iln- 
ilnl iHi iliL' W Iwik uf the HifNiii. 
U mill I N of New York city, 13i S 
uf Alhiiiir, and 243 IWim \Va<liin)fiiin. 
It wntnfns a ranrt iHnne, Jiiil. a 
Uiiili reliirioed church, and IWO in- 

CLARKSBl'RO, a port town iii 
MontgonKTy coiiniy, .<liir) hind, 38 
niiiit IVniu Wathinguin, ami 19 fWim 
Fmlrrickiowu. It vuntaim a ehurcli, 
ml about 30 dwelllngt, 

CLARKSUUHU, the pri<ici|Ml 
town of H.irri«m county, Virginia, ai- 
tiiMcl un tlie i.iain liniicn of Monoii- 
gahrlii river, 3« niiki S by W of .Mo^ 
gaaiown, and 336 from Waihing- 

CLARK»BlI(i, a post town in 
Jaekwii county, Cicorgia, litiialnl on 
the N fork of the ApjMdachy river. 
Ill) milrt NW of Auguiiat and 708 
from VVaihington. 

CLAHKNCE, a |Mnt townahip of 
New York, in Niagara county, lituatrd 
on Tonueilwaata owk,3l«) iniks W of 
Albany, nn* 430 tram WasUugton. 
Popalaihrn 133K 

CLAUDE, ST. a tandnrae city of 
FVniee, in the department of Jura. 
It it Kaltd between three high mouii- 
laim, on the river Liwii, and owei il> 
Mgin to a celcbratvd aUiey, built in 

43.1. It it 3J milet NW of Oera'M. 
r. Ion. 1 m. Nliil.4rt 31. 

t'l.Al'SENBlJKO, a towiiofTixn- 
lylvniiin, un ihi' rivrr Siiiikk, ry) niib.'« 
N W uf HtTmanitadt. K Inn. 1.1 30, N 
lai. Irt 9.1. 

CLAZ a town in Norftilk, ""ntnl 
on «n arm of tlii' vn. Iii'twrt<n two ri- 
ver' 2M iiiili'ii N W uf N'orwich. 

CI.HAK, CAI'K, n promimfory uf 
n liiiii inIiiihI imi iIh^ S of Ireluml. W 
km. II l<. Vial. 19 IH, 

CI.EIU'UY. a town In Shropdiln-, 
11" mill' NW of I<oihIi)ii. 

< I.KKACt, or (LAIHAC, in the 
<l>i|MrtnH'iil of I.nt aill (iiironiH-. h) 
lull, 31. N ht.4l 30. 

CI.KR.MON* r, a luwii of FruniHS 
in t'w ileiMi'inii-nt of Mi'utc, 127 
i.iikt NW of Paiit. E km. 9 9, N 
hit. 4'> :)!. 

CI.KllMONT, a town of France, 
in thi> iliMuiriinent uf Olw 37 miltt N 
of Hiirii. E lull. 3 33, N lot. 41 39. 

fl.EUMONI', a lOiniikTuble city 
<if KiBucc. in the depmtinent of Piiy 
dc Dome. Tlw ciithnlral, public 
square, mid walk«, ore very Hiio i but 
tif iiriH-n are iiarruiv, uikI lino! witli 
lanii^i liiiih of •toiicj of »onibiT hue. 
Cli-nnoiit euiitHiiH 3 ).000 iiilmbilann, 
and li 3110 iiiik!« Sof I'arii. K lun. 1 
10 N Int. H 47. 

CI.EH.MON r, • po't townihip of 
New Yuik, ill the " W ciinar of Cn- 
liimbia cuiiiur, it litiialMl on tlie K 
liaiik of Huoio I. 49 niilei 8 .if AI- 
liany, and 333 from W:iiliinKton. Pa- 
pulntiiiii two. N lat. 43 4 3il. 

N' Pw'llic Ocean, between the eooit uf 
KumticltHtka uihI ilmt of N Aiuerica, 
W km. im .10, N lat. 63 19. 

CI.I'.itY. a village in France, nine 
mila SW of Ork-am, onoe fniuoni 
liir the pilgrimagea lo our lady of 

CLEVES, a ducliy of Germany, in 
the circle of Wertplialia, divided into 
two parn by the Rhine. 

CI.EVESi, a city of Wettpbalia, C4- 
piul of t!ie duchy of Cleret. It U 
Kated on the eaatem aide of three hills 
■bout am few of the Rhine; with 
which il comrauniemei by meam of a 
canal. It ii 15 mikn SB oriNimegueii. 
E kni. « W, N hn- <1 41. 

CLIFF,* »wn ia !l8Wilimpton- 
ihiR, R» nriiia MMW «« Uodon. \f 
lon.0 37, n1|I.«I1' u« i « r" 9!' - 


t 10* J 



ri.irrON, ■ «IIU|r in Wrttmon^ 
ImmI 1milr<i!lKo<'l'nirilk. 

CtlKlCN, ■ viDiiKi' tii<ikHicnlpr- 
>hlr<-, imr Hrl<ti>l, ihikiI fur thr l«ii 

W»ll ill il< WlRllllUUrllUul, IIIMHI iIh 

l^*»r Avnii. 

CLIN TON, ■ nnviKtblr rivnr of lb* 
•Inir of ■|>iiiH-.«f, «hlcb rl«n In 
lllinch iiMNiiiiiilii. and iflrr niiuiiii|| 
Ibniiiuli I'lmcH'i valliy, tluwi iiiUi thr 
IViinrivr rlnriil Sw nnliit. 

CLIN ION, « hniiijiuiiir |i«( vll- 
Inn', ill ihr NW (iiirt of i'arii town- 
«hip OiK-ida county, New York. II 
I'oiitiiiiii ■ nwiiiiig Imiiir. and >bi>ut 
no itwt llinip. Itiiiuiii Imm Allimi) 
]0A iniln, uiid from Wuhiiiiiioii 400. 

CLIN'rON, R pnii mwii mid ca|ii' 
tal of Joiira coiiiiiy, Otroii^ia. w'tth a 
• ourt liuiiir. It ii 10 niilrt IVnm fhn 
llawkiiia. 11 from MllUilgrvillr, bimJ 
i«5 NW finrn Muliiiigioik 

<:MM(IN mill, apmlTillMein 
llir iniiHiJM: TiTlilurv, litiiatnl in a 
II rtih' vmiiitry, liO mili.< S of K I'iihii 
Si. Ix-uii, 41 Nuf Kaikaikit, and V«T 
\V of \\ u«lii]i(;toii. 

CLIitiiMN, a iiiivu of Fntiiee In tlw 
drparinirm of Lowir I.iiiii', on ilir 
river tlitire, 13 milet of S ul' N'aiitti, 
IV Inn. I 38, N tal. 47 I. 

CLirilRRO, II tMMouKh in Li 
•hire, wntnl miir INsniTtl >l-ll, 
iiilli'ii NNW of Ixiiitlun. 

C LOliHKIt, nn tjKKopal lunn lud 
ImrouKh of Irrbiiid, in TvniiH'. 

<;L0NMK.L, r lamniHbuf Ireland, 
\l\ tlH' (iiuiity of ri|iiK'i'ury. uMted on 
I he rivtr Htm, lU nuki SK uf Tijipe- 

•'LOUD. ST. a town of Kmicr, 4 
niiki W of Paris MiHiil on iln- Sc'iiir. 
Here wa> iMely a raagniSuiu rnyitl 
luhwe, gtnkm, and ■ beautiful vru- 

CI.OVNE, an rpiieopRl town aixl 
Inrongfa of In-laiKi, in the nninty of 
Cork, OniikvK of Cork. Wk>i.8C, 
\ lat. .M 4. 

CLVNY, a town of France, in tb« 
ilrpurtnieiit of Saone and Loire, wated 
on tiNi Oronip, 10 niilet N W of Macoik 
K Ion. 4 33, NlatM. 

CLYDE, a river in Scotland, which 
nriiing in Aiuiandale, talk iu the sea 
over ugainit tin iife of Bun:. Next to 
the I'ay it ii the liirmi river in Scot- 
luiid ) and ia uavicalik for laiall craft 
Up to Clbinw. 

COBLeSTZ, I* ndaR city of 


(iermany, in tha etrdoralc of Travca. 
Ii waa taken b)p Ihr Krcncli In IT«4. 
It i< iratiil at the eanilltinMr of tha 
Hhiiir aiNi Mowlh-, JO mtin NK of 

I rt^vet. K Ian. 7 M, N kit. M M. 
CUHUHO, a townoT Ovrmany. In 

thr eirrk- of rrancenk, capital of a 
l>rlnel|iall<T <>' ■■>• •■"<« name, with 
a eolh-ae, a Ibrt, and a aattla. E ko. 

II IK, N hi. MM. 

COCA, a town of HpaiM, in OM 
CMllk. W km. I 34, N lat. 41 17. 

CUCIIKIM, a town in the ekcto 
rale of 'In-veii. It h Mainl on ih« 
MiMclk, U miha 8W of CohiniM. K 

7 a, N lat. M la. 

COCHIN, a leaport on the eoait of 
Malaliar, In 'rravaneorv. It ii lao 
iiiilei S I)) K. of CalkiUU K Ion. 7J JO, 
N Int. 10 0. 

COrillN CHINA, a kingdom of 
Alia, iNniixMotitbe K hy the Knatrni 
Oe< HN, on thr N by 1'onqiiin, on tlir W 
liv Canihiidia, aial on the S lir Ciani. 
Ilia. It abouiaia in nhl, raw lilk, atut 
ilnigi. It It aunually otarilawfd, aial 
conieniietitU fVuitftil in riar. 

COCKIIURNK, a paat towMMpof 
Cooa county. New HampaUre, titualed 
on the K aide of Conneaticut rWrr, 
U'tweni Cok'bmofc and N Mraifonl. 
It ia a poal town 5M mihia firtHu 

cot RkH, a river which riaca in 
tlH' H wC CuniberhUHl, and flowiug 
through tlx! lakea ol Bnltcrmei*, 
Croinack-WRter, and Lowca waicr, 
Jolna tke Uerweiil 

COCKEalMOUTH, a borjugb is 
Cumberland. It haa a maniifhetuR of 
alMlhwna, woraled atockinga, and hata. 
The number of iidwbatanu are be- 
tween 3 and 4000. It aenda two mriD- 
bera to parlianH-nt, and ia 17 niika 
8W of Carliile, and MO NNW of 

COCONATO, a la«n of nedmcnl, 
rrmarkabk for being the birth plan! 
of Coluiiibua, It ia M milet E of Tu- 
rin. E kill. 8 9, N kt. 4i «. 

ecu, CAPE, on the S aide of Bo» 
ton Bay, In the aute of M— afhtwrtta. 
W loo. 70 18, N hu 4S 0. 

COUOUNO, a toavA of baly, in the 
duchy of Milan, acated naar the con- 
fluenac of the Adda and Po, 33 milea 
E of Pavia. It waa taken by the 
Fit-nch in 1796. £ Ion. 10 4», N lau 
49 0. 

CCESFELO, a town of GCrminjV 

><i ihM 


llr SK I 

llliki H 

I'iriiixl I 
iluli, iim 

lullt. I 

'hi- Hiii 
fulial ill 

'I''!- irnm 
-'■•tid INI 
N lai. 4ii 

<"), ill 
ilo niik- 
I'in. 31 fi 

» fiich ri« 
in (he I 
'itn bell 

Niirrvik I 
'> niikia 
cwMaini I 


iml a n 

•U«l 01 

nikt KN 

u«ii of 
I III): kil 

Dm ail 

l>ll)p lot 

1'^ luifet 
i>iu;7 10 


npilal ol 
il«' liicini 
i « laikra 


piiil nf tl 
n liluaie 
fuinl at ; 
nm. 41 
•r Hiiiiia 


104 J 


Ciwinmjt, in Ihc rlrolaraK) of Travti, 
ll wu tatirn by Ihr Knitsh in ITM4. 
Ii ii u-atiil *t Ihr muHnnMr of tli* 
HIiiiH' aiiri MoM-lir, M milm NK of 
Trt-vn. K Imi. 7 M, N lal. M S4. 

COHUHCl, ■ town of Uvrnwiiy, la 
ili« rirrlf uf rmwania, mpiui of • 
princiiMlliy of Ihc mmm Mmr, with 
• •otkir, • flirt, and ■ tMtk. B loo, 
II U, N 1*1. JO M. 

COCA, • town at N|i*ii., in Old 
CiMlilF. W Ion.] M, N IM. 41 17. 

CUCMKIM, ■ tmrii in Ihr rl«ct» 
mm uf I'rrvi*!!. It It icattd on ih« 
Miwllr, U mika 8W of CoMniK. K 
7 a, N lai. SO la. 

COriilN, a Kaporl on th« eoait of 
Malabar, in I'mvaiworv, It ii IM 
miln S ll) K of Cilieui. K km. 71 M, 
N Int. 10 0. 

COrillN CHINA, a Unidom af 
A<ia, UkuhM otiUic K hfihc KaMern 
Uci'au.anlhr Nby l'oiiqiiin,anlhcW 
l>v Canibmlia, anil on ihc 8 hr Clam. 
|>w. It aboandi in aolil, rear iilk, anil 
ilnigi. II ii annually of«rflo««d, and 
cunKniiaiily tVuiihil in rier. 

COCKIIURNK, a paM lowmMpoT 
C'ooi county, Nvw HaniptMre, liluMcd 
on the K aidr ol' Coniwatictil ri«rr, 
U'twcm i'oh'braok and N Siraifortj. 
It it a |MHt town SM miln fhuu 

CO( KKH, a tiver which rian in 
iIh> S .r Cumberlaiid, and flowing 
throiigfa the lakct ul Buimrmma, 
Cruinack-waicr, and Lowes want, 
Joins the Uemnil 

C'UIKGKMOU TH, a barju|h fal 
Cumbniand. It hai a mantrfheture of 
tlialloani, wunwd •toekingt, and kati. 
The nunibar of iidiaUlanU are be 
tworn 3 and 4000. It midt two nviv 
brrt to parlianKnt, and ii IT miha 
HW of Carliik^, and 380 NNW of 

COCONATO, a town of PMntoal, 
rrmarkabk fur being the Urth plaee 
ol' Colunibui. It ii 30 raiki E of Tu- 
rin. K lull. 8 «, N hit. 41 «. 

COU, CAFli; on the S lide of Bo» 
Ion Bay, In the Mate of MaMMdniMtu. 
W km. 70 18, N bu 41 0. 

CODOUNO, a low«of iMly, io the 
duchy of Milan, lealcd Mac the eon- 
fluenae of the Adda and Po, 33 niilet 
U of PaYia. ll wai taken by the 
Fn-nch in 1796. £ Ion. 10 49, N lat. 
45 S. 

CCE8FELD, a town of GrrmtnjV 


( lOJ ] 


in tlu> trrriiurin of ilw hiihap of 
UiimHr. K Ion. 7 M, N lu(. il 411. 

COKYMANH, a ihmI iimn<M|i In 
ilr SK coriH-r i>t AltMiiy cuii ily, ulii- 
•Kilunlhi W Imiik ul llv' IIikImiii ii 
iiiiki S of Albani, Bml 1/7 I'nifn 
\V«|iii>iti«iv ll cuiiiaiiM, 1 Dutch 11^ 
l<iniii«l MKviiiia Iwiiv,, I tu.- nailvi- 
ilutt, iiwl I BuTilic l(ir all (kuwuiiM- 

lu'lll. I'UUUUIIItll 1.171, 

t OKVimuKN. a rurlillnl town of 
ilr I'liiud PruiliMvf in OwryM-l. 
"■Miwl ill a murwi, ,lo milt-« .1 of (Iroit- 
iiwi'ii. R kill. « 44, N Im. .Ii 4^. 

Coon AC, u town or Knum-. in the 
<l<'|. iriini'iil of Chamile. It ii n«- 
niwkabki Ibr naeUmi bramly, and ii 
xikd IMI the Chamilr. W hui. lo, 
.V lat, 4.1 14. 

CO(;nI, an anrlrnt town of Tar- 
kry, ill Aiiit, iliuai'il in Curiiumiii, 
170 niih-i HK of Canftanliiwuk-. K 
l>n.3J i5, Nliit,37«8. 

COHAtiSY, a rim uf Now Jrnry, 
ohich riaei in Halem eoumy, and iii- 
' n thr bay of Drlaware, about eigbt 

ibtba'kiw Omniwu-h, 

COHAMSKT, a icHimrt lawn, in 
Vorfolk county, Maiwchux.'liii, about 
'< >i>ik!i NK uf Buiton, and 48) uf 
WulHiigtun. It i> a putt town, and 
nmaia* UV4 iiihabitaiiii, 

C0HOE8I1AI.. a iuwd in E>m>h, 
lid a ro^uiiilacture uf baiir. ll it 

tunl un (hi) river HIackwater. 43 
■«in I'.NK uC I^Mialmk 

COIMBKITOUB, a nrevinee and 
uwn of iIh- |h iiiiwaU of Hindnoatan, 
I the kinoduin of Mywre. Sinae tlie 
Ont ami diath ol ripimo, it bc- 
»'BH In ih(> K India cnnl|iuiiy. It it 
1')^ miln 8 by B of ikrinaauataia. E 

io«.7; 10, Ni»i. io». 

COIMBKA, a town of Purtuial, 
rapilal ol B<T.>ra. I'lw eaihnlral and 
ll* luuntaiiit are magniflceiii. It ii 
m nika ME of Lisbon. W hm. 1 17. 
K UU 40 il. 

COIRR a lawn i.-rSwitierhind, ca- 
piul of tJie aotmiy «»" the Unwiia. It 
» iiiuate at liw Am III' the Alps, in a 
ndi ulain. '11k tehabilaifa are coin. 
fuinl at 3IW0. Il ia aeiited urar iht 
iimie, 41 n>UM 8 of Coiutaiwe. E 
W 9 Ii. HI kil. 40 M. 

COHENHAUSEN, a ttrong town 
If Hiiiaia, lu the guacnrniL-ni of lavu- 

Hnitlaiid, nine milea SW Iruni tfe» 
IKiliit iif Antiiainiirchan in Arioli* 
I( it rich in eurn and |>aitnn-, 

i BOI ^ _ 

u« nil- rirer Uwinu, M iiiiiea S£ 
•I Kiga. E bin. 2« 10, N lau 50 30. 
i:i)L, one of tbi- Wntern likuidi of 


ami abuniidi with BJu W Inii. 7 i«; 

N lai. .t7 I). 

I OI.IIKHO, a •eaiMOTt nf I'midaii 
I'lMiiiTunla. niiiarkafih' liir iit ia||. 
workt. ll it traiiil ai ilr inuuih 14 
ilie IVrmnl, ini d» llillii-. 'M) niika 
NK. ufHuiin- K Ion. U M, N lal.<4 

cni.CIIK!irRR, an anrh-nt b*. 
rough in Fjm-k. Ii it a bt-aulitiO, ii» 
liiilout, ami iikawiit tawui rmrnilitl 
IMI Ihi- liruw uf a hill II-ihii K ui W, 
Hiai utioriiiil Willi n rhiiaabi'ti. It it 
ti-«uil un ihr t'lihi, which it n:iriga- 
Idr wiiUin a mik> uf Ihc inwii, at a 
pl^we calhil ihr llytlv, whrit- ihv ciit- 
luiiihoiiiL- il iIiumimI. II il M mika 
KNE ul' ChelintfunI, and $1 of Lotk 


COLCHK.8IEK, a |io<l towathtb 
in N.w Icomluii cuimiy, Coiiiirviicut. 
W) Miikra N W ul New Luiid»u, 30 si? 
of MarllWil, and 171 NEof Wa«iiii|. 
Ion. Puiiuliiiiuii iim. 

COLCHEslKM, a BMI (a«ll in 
Kairfli\ county, Virviiiia, liliiainl ua 
Oci|iMkau riis'k which nUli 111(0 ih» ' 
I'utuiiMc. Oiiianl Ift lulloiN by WoT 
Ak^nndna iumI 10 rroiii Vnuhiiigtun. 

COLOINi .1 town ufOi' 
N JutmiHl, iMiurkn lie iiir U IithIir-, 
It it tiliiair :>i ihi- cxirciiidly of a bay 
of till- LiiUc Ikit, 30 niilei ti b) E lif 
Wihiirg. K Ion. lu 13, N lut. m it. 

COLbsiuriAM, a town in ,In 
eiuaity of Ikrwiw, leHiitl an ilie 

iwrcd. w lull. a 5, N «u. uan. 

COLKRHOOKK. 11 putt Inwiithip 
of Liiclittekl couiiiy. in Ihr ttaie of 
Cunik-cticiil, niluiilMl on ihi' W branch 
111' rnriniiiKiuii riyor. briwccn . llark< 
h.inntiiiil uihI Norfolk, 37» oiik-t from 
Wuthiiiirioii 1*011011111011 1243. 

COLKMKr, CAl'l-., » capeof Uie 
iilaial of Niw C./luliiniM, in the S I'a- 
ciflc Ocean, E loo. liM 30, S lai. 10 

fOLKKAIN, a bwoiigh Of IreUnl, 
ni Ihr county ot UiHdoiiderry , un the 
river Uaiiii, 15 mikt 10, of U»aloi»- 
drrry. W luii. « 39, S lat. 55 in. 

COLEHAIN, a lawn in Bertie 
coiiniy, N Carulioa, haying a iiuit 
offlcr, 170 niik-t frulu WaiMactuii. 

COLEUAIN.a towmbip of Hamp- 
ihire cuuiitv, Maaaaebuaeiu, bouiidrd 
noribward by ibeNM Aai diviiln tliit 


[ 106 1 


■tate ftoro Vermont. II ij.n P«» to'™' 

' felttUX, « town in Wgr-ick- 
Aire fartSuTthe .kJe of a HI, on 
SSSdta^ over wHeh i. a "»ne bndKe- 
Si, lOS Inile. NW of Lp"'»t„_^ 
COLFORD, a town in ^»"«'*»'^ 
mZiU mile. W by * of too- 

♦'COLIMA, "."•p«»»'j'r'^s!; 

"Wlon. JOfl S, N Ut 19 10; 

in tto <k|«rtroe« of tte I ;«'ern Py- 
S.3^10«iSrsEofPeri»finm. E 

COLMAJT, a city of Fraie»i capii*' 

;[i?"«iM^uJet:;T fc 

.•enoa. Elon. 

ilY,^ UK. 43 W. .„__, 
COLM, tht panie ot •e«™ 

• ™ ^"HTi- s.i« and III 

. nnaU 


Su iSoATciernian Ocean, between 

'*g52MOOORdD,. town of »"»^ 

na. with an ardibiiliop • lee, 30 nuieo 
SferfJW»>»ge'- Ekm-39 «.»"•«• 

aeatad oirthe wer Coin, 17 mite' w 

°'cOlS»,.towBof EMtod in I^ 
«i^<v rituated on a hill 3* miles SE 

•-\ii^.Si3tof the Lower Bhioe; 
SJiSw A N% the.duch^ of 

T?SCa3l A *-■ W by tbeducby of 

^"cOLOGSBvio ineient city rfOet^ 
^•^^iTthe electon^tt rfCo- 
V^. It *aionl«ono»)f tre" "■•"■ 
tXj, iJr#«««dfl.r iu com. 

Two tHi* «*«»«'«»*«" 

len into ruim. It wa. .««ke».'^,^ 

i^le« E of JuHen. E Ion. 7 lo, h ui- 
"cOLOMBOTZ, I. «««. of Tark^ 
in Europe, in Bulgaria, «» •, ^J^ 
der whXi. the •t>««?S"»f "*???, 
COLOMEY, or CoLoMIAjatowa 
of Potand, in Hed RuoMu "gd w 

E ion. M 40, N IPt. ««*?•.. ,„ c-a. 
ganiBdiHoma, ii.fc^ E of Wome. 

roLun/.-C , .. riTer of New Me» 
rtJ Apoatlei,enier.the mtf rfCaUW- 
nia. iSW iSi. 101 0. nT«02 ». 

COLORNO, • «ow»o'.'*'t. "w 
Pura«an, nelr the Po, » ""Jf *«» 
ftSSTfc ton. 10 M, N tot. 44 IJU 

COLOSWAR, » tarC'o*"'*^^ 
tvlrania, ie«ted on *e n»er Sjnm, 
SmtoEtaSofViem* Eta. 


COLUMBIA, a ]^ »7»,»tSi 
U«l dittrict, 1^ "".T'ul.'K 


the confluence w oaiuu" r^^S" I 
rimT The town Ufegatarlylald«H 
S^dMntdm about lOO tou-a. ^ I 

SSuc buiiainiP,"*^ »!»»gf t£?S 

a rtatehoMie. co«r»«i«»c, ^ 

■* roT-UMBIA. a po« town on the N 
Lane»ter Sr^'^STSSl^ * 

106 ] 



[ lor 3 
















I Lut- 
es SE 

len into ruim. U «".«*«" ,''5;^ 

roitaEofJuHen. E loii. 7 10, N Uu 

"cOLOMBOTZ, . «i* of Tark^ 
in Europe, in Bulg»ri«, «» ■ V,'iZ 
d^r whSTi. the »tiwW PJ-oJ ""«» 

of Potand. in Red K|i«», ««!*" 
la di Roma, ^'"^ ^^ 

iiia,in Whm. WlO,NI»t.M». 

la. in W hm. 101 «, » "V.T» i- tte 

"^OLORNO. . »*» "^ 'SilAS 

Parmeian. near the Po, 8 <"!■» w"™ 


h^ of 


ninnia. Maled «o the nwar Smm, 
SiTltaEbjSofViem-. Eta. 

riven. The town ureguwriyiaiawH 
of ChartatoD, amHO« sw « w«w 

'■ rm usSlA. a port town on the N 

SU^ifflid m «V«n Waihtopo?- 

. com- 
D IftlS. 
nee fill- 

f JS,Sr"tawiS^ftom PhihM- 
n;6uJMBIA, a port ««.% "J?^^ 
ry count), Teimnw, ntiMted an 

the S side of Duck n»er, about 100 
miles above itt confluence with the 
Tennewee. Population 300. pistaiii 
Awn Naihvilfc 40 miles, and Irom 
Washington 817. " contmns an eli- 
tsBt brick eourt*ouse and jail. N lat. 
j5 ». W Ion. 87 ». . 

COLUMBIA, a post village, in Co- 
lymUa county, 0«"^'** 'S''?i„^ 
oT Augusta, aid 605 ftom Washing- 

"cOLUMBIA, a large river of North 
Anerica. lu geography is but inipe-/- 
iietlv known. At the distance ol 41J 
miles from the Pacific Ocean it re- 
ceives Lewis's river, from the east, 
which is 5711 yards wide, aiKl the to- 
lunibia 960. At the distance of 154 
miles from the latter. Lcwn • JJivct is 
joined by the Kooskooskc, and about 
100 mil» further it divides into two 
branches called the N and S forks, 
bath which rise in tlie rocky mouii- 
uins not flir from the heiri waten ol 
the Missourie. The Komkooske, or 
Fl«i-Head, also, two branches 
ia the tame mounuins, which unite 
in N hit. 46 34 56 J. At th-ir junc- 
tion the midn ttteamis 1» yards wide, 
ml after running an easterly course 
gf TJ miles, in which there are a num- 
ber of shoals, it ftllt into Lewis s n ver, 
snd widens at itt Junction to 150 yards j 
it i) a rapid stream, and iu waters clear 
M crystal. Lewis's river is here 200 
nids wkle, but io water is of a green- 
!ih blue colour j it purtues a NW 
coune fiw a few miles, then turns W 
ind after making 74 milej, receive. 
Drewers's river ftoin the NE, 30 yards 
wide i after rumiing 76 miles furUier 
in a course a littfc S of W it jouis the 
Columbia iu tot. 46 15 13 .9. In this 
last distance tliere are thrct tad rapids. 
The Columbia soon widens trom one 
10 three miles including ittoiidB, and 
pursuesa course SW for 154 inilet. Mid 
receives from Uie S the nver lowiirh- 
Mliooks,«)0 yards wide,. <o"f '"••« 
fiirther are the neat falls in lat. 45 4!S 
57 .3 ; the first fill is 20 feetperpendn 
cular hetow this a long i-ocky island 
compresses the channel of the nver 
witiun the space of 150 yards, so as to 
ibrm nearly a semicircle ; beyond this 
the channel is somewhat wider, but is 
still divided from the main stream by 

disunce of about one mile from the 
Hot fall the river is obstructeil by • 
swift rapid of 8 feet descent, which emis 
the first pitch of the great falls, and n 
i-emarkaSle onlv for the smffllar man- 
ner in which the rocks havfe divided 
the river. Abmu SOOjardsJ^ro Uie 
rapid is the second flBl 37 ftM 8 inr 
ch^s in pitch. Attliedistmceoftwp 
and a half miles from this lall, tta^ ri- 
ver widens into a large bend ur liasm 
on tlie right i at the extremity ol which 
stands a high rock, that stretches icroit 
the river to raett the high hills on Ibe 

opiHisite slKire, leavlug a space of only 
45 yard* wide, thwugh which the whole 
waters of the Columbia must press 
tlieir way. The water being thus 
forc«l inio a narrow chaiuiel, rises at 
the falls above, and is here thrown in- 
to whirls, which causes it to swell and 
boil wiUi the wiWett agitatioiu Tl.u'- 
ty miles from the great tails, is Catar- 
act river which comes from the N, and 
is.60 yanls wide; fortv-oiie nules lur- 
Uier is tlie grand rapid in lat. 45 44 3 ; 
through a part of the last 71 miles tlw 
Columbia pursues a NW ttiurse, and 
at tlie grand rapid is narrowed to 150 
vatds. It is here crowAd with stones 
and islands for 400 yards the descent 
about 20 feet ; at tlie distance ot one 
mile and a half tlie river is again ob- 
stnicted by another very bad rapyl. 
The Columbia now turns nearly Vf 
and after miming 23 milet meeu tide 
water in lat, 4 J 45 45, and coiiunuiiig 
it! course a little S of W ior 33 mifes 
it is joined by tlie Multonomah, 140 
miles from the ocean ; lU junction is 
at the upper end of an island called 
Wappaujo, 20 miles long and ftom 5 to 
10 bci.ud; this island is remarkabU; for 
tlie common arrowhead, which grows 
upon it in great abundance, called by 
the natives Wappatoo, the root ot 
which they gatlier for food. The Mul- , 
tonomah 7 mifcs fiom iU confluence 
is 500 yards wide, and more than S fa- 
thoms deep i it appears to flow ft-oin 
the SE and itt current it regular and 
gentle. The Columbia now pursuM u 
NW course until it joins the Pacific 
ocean in tot. 46 40 Fortyftwr miles 
from the Multonomah it receives Uie 
Coweliskie river 150 yards wide, it Jails 
in behind a long and narrow island, on 

still divided from the niain itreamBy J" 'J™" " f„™"t^"~ outh of the rTver 
ll^^^^tl^r^MW'^^'t^'r^ ^ water., edge to the 


[ 108 ] 


tii'iBht of 80 feel, measuring JOO iwces 
niiimllhrlwiei thcCowelisk* dbelMirg- 
n iurlt'uii tlir N Me oi'tht' Culiiinbia. 
il ii tlren, tt-iile, tdiil uavignliW for u 
conMifrable dUtuncc, From a link' 
above CqprMt rivtr lo tlw rapidi the 
Coluinbiii h from one h:ilf lo thret 

JiiUhrtmof a mjjlb » ide and haa jrarce- 
yaUy current; dnriog the whole of 
(Ml eoiine the trunks of many large 
pine trcet an- found atanding er<-ct 
in tlie Water, and are often 31) fe«t tong. 
Utik it known of the Coliimhia be- 
yond Lewirt' river. A conmleinbh 
distance fWint ibis itteain it is ioiiHtl 
by another, will larger, called Clark's 
river, which forks .Jn the rooiin- 
•ains i where the B branch is 120 yards 
■wkle, and the main fork 150 » hitli wa- 
ters an estcniive level |iluin. A few 
milea above thejunction tht^Ebraiich re- 
•eivei the Cookalathithkit, tliat conies 
JVam tlie NE and rises near IKarbom'a 
river, a branch of the Miiaourie. The 
Coakalashi>hki( isdtep, rapid and 8<> 
yanli wide and the l^Vlnmnch «0, bii» 
bekiw thejunction the latter wkkiis Ui 
100. Tht distance fi-om the Mi<sissi|i- 
ni to the tills of tiK MIfaourie is aJ7» 
mile*; thence 340' iniles througli the 
plaint, and across Ibe Rocky moan- 
faim to the navigable waters of the 
KooskiMriie, 300 milet of which Jt a 
gind iwri, 144 it over aWemenduut 
nioontiiDi ttcep and broken, 00 nulei 
of v^iidi It covered with tnow teveral 
feet deep in June, from the navimi' 
ble point of tl* Kooikooike, the d»- 
taiice detceiiriing the Columbia to the 
PneMc oceairit «!40 mae»,ahollt 180 oi 
which it tide water. Makinjj the whole 
dittMKe ftom the MiitUsippi to the 
Pacifle 3»»» miks. - . ., . 

COLUMBIA, a dhtrict of the Unit- 
ed Statet, and the teat of the geiscrol 
govemmeni. It it a tquaife with s 
tide oJ- 10 miles and lies on both tidai 
of the Potowmac, about ISO milei 
from ilt mouth. Thit district wa» 
cetkd by the tiatet of Maryland and 
Viiginla to the U States in 17«0, ano 
wat made the permanent teat of the 
Federal government in 1800. It it 
dividni into thv eountv of Watbuigtoii 
on the E «de of the Potowmac ; and 
tlie count) of Akxandria. on the W 
•idi'. In UIO in inhabitamt amount- 
ed lo»4.083,of wbom»»40 were fit* 
Macks, and J.TO5 ttavet. 1 he riveri of 
Ibis district are the Polowmac which 
iiitcm-cts it, ai^ it navigable for large 


mile ■ 

Eat- I 

, and I 

ships close to the hank lialf a 
above Grcenleaf't point. Hie 
tern Branch rtiet in Maryhmd, 
flows about ao milet. It it navi|>able 
for the Inrgrtt tMpt 4 iqilei ahmg itt 
baiiii. Hock creek nins toothrrly 
about 16 niiki. Tiber ur Ooote-cieek, 
is a iniall stream, running througb the 
city, which Oom the elevation of iu 
tource can be made the retervoir of 
aqueducts for anr part of the city. 
Four mile run, fain into the Potow- 
mac from the Virginia tide, oppotite 
the Eatu-m Branch. See Wathingtui. 

COLUMBO, atownonthe W side 
of the island of Ceyhm, which vat tak- 
en by the English fleet, in Febnnr)', 
1796. It was built by the Portugwie, 
uho wereexpelkd by the nativet and 
Dutch. E km. 80 99. N lat. 7 10. 

COLCBIANA, a pott town. In Co- 
lumbia county, Ohio, 44 miles from 
Steubeuville, «5 thim Kttsborgb, and 
321 thim Wathington. It eontaint a 
IVieudt meetingMUir, and 00 inhabi- 
lantt. Nhit.40M. Whin.M39. 

COLUMBUS, a poti township in 
the NE comer of Chenango county, 
N York. Pupuhtian 1389. Dittnm 
81 .liik* vr ol' Albany, and 3W from 

COLUMB TON, a town in Devon- 
shire. It bat a woolkn mamillKture, 
aud it teated on the river Columb, over 
winch there it a bridge. It it iS mil^ 
NE of EjetiT, and l«4 W of London. 
Whin. 3 33, N kit. 50 «3. 

COLUMPTON, a town in Devon- 
shire, 1A4 milet W of London. W hni. 
3 23, N kit. .10 «3. 

COLUMNA, a (own of Rntiin, in 
the government of Moieow, with an 
archbislion'i tee, W milet UE of Mos- 
cow. E fen, 38 33. S lat. >S 5. 

COLUKI, an island of Gteeee, ror- 
meriy calhad Salainit, teven miki S of 
Athens. E lOn. 34 4, N lat. 38 0. 

COM a popuhHit town of Pertia, in 
Irac Agemi, 100 milet N of Iipalnn. 
Ekin.51M,NUt.34 9. 

COMACHIO, an eiiiteopal town of 
Italy, in the Ferrarete, 37 mifca SE of 
Ferrara. E km. 13 10, N lat. 44 4*. 

COMACHIO, a lake of Italy, in the 
Ferraretr, between the two rooutht of 
the river Po. It it to milet in cucum- 

^COMANA or CUMANA, a lewort 
WS America, in the prorince of _ve- 
a. was huilt in ISJO. The rtT« 
nam w««r» it wi the S. It 

34,000 inl 
thirc. in 
the depa 
>'tfncJi ] 
luilct SV 
J0 4 5. 



the river 




■d byft^ 

of a lake 

80 milet 

Dit. 45 41 


the Mils 


ill any o 


ti their 

of 2an| 

island of 


and Coi 



em foil 

tan. E 



name, I 

idand o 



the dep 


1430. It 

2 55,N 


town of 

an arct 

Hit tea 

the Tar 



of Aim 


CO. W 


onthe ^ 


tas, an 



lOS } 




ihipj dote to the Imnk lialt' a mile 
nbove GRenlotf't imint. The Eac- 
tern Branch rbei in Marrlind, and 
lluws About SM milet. It ia lavif^ble 
fiir the Inrgrtt iMpi 4 iqilei akiiig it* 
bank. Hock crwk rnm MmthPrlr 
•bout IS niiUa. Tiber or O«o»e<reek, 
i< a iniall •treani, running throui^ the 
city, which Oom the eievitian of iu 
source can be nude tbe rewrvoir of 
aquedueti for *nir part of the city. 
Kuur mile run, falb Into the Potow- 
mac frain the Virginia tjde, onponte 
■he Ea<u-m Branch. See Wadnngton. 

COLCMBO.alownonthe W lide 
of the iilaiMi of Ceylon, wbieh wai tak- 
Mi by the English fleet, in February, 
1796. It was built by the l>ortugane, 
u ho were expelh')! by the nativei and 
Dutch. R km. 80 U. N lat. 7 10. 

COLCBlANA.a pott town, in Co- 
lumbia county, Ohio, 44 miles fnm 
Stfubciiville, «5 tinm Mitsbargh. and 
.121 tVoni Wathington. It contains a 
IVieuda nwetingjMUsr, and M inhabi- 
lanu. K hi. 40 M. W km. 80 39. 

COLUMBUS, a post township in 
the NE cumec of Chenango enunty, 
N York. Pupuhtian 1389. Distant 
81 .:iiks vr oi' Albany, and 359 firoin 

COLUMB TON, a town In Deron- 
shire. It has a woolhm manullKture, 
auti is sealed on the river Columb, over 
which there it a bridae. It is U mil^ 
NE of Eseter, and IM W of London. 
W toll. 3 23. N lat. SO «3. 

COIA'MPTON, a town in Devon- 
shire, lrt4 miles W of LouduD. W km. 
3 23, N hit. .10 «3. 

COLUMNA, a (own of Rnssin, in 
the government of Moseow, with an 
archbislion's see, W miles UE of Mos- 
cow. E Icii. 38 S5. .N lat. M 5. 

COLUKI, an island of GtBeee, for- 
merly calkad Salamis, seven milca S of 
Athens. E lOn. 24 4, N lat. 38 0. 

COM a popuhHii town of Persia, in 
Ii-Rc Ageini, 100 niik* N of Ispaun. 
E lon.«l M, NUt.34 5. 

COMACHIO, an eiHsoopal town 6f 
Italy, in the Ferrarete, «7 miks SE or 
Ferrara. E km. B 10, N tat. 44 4*. 

COMACHIO, a lake of Italy, in the 
Femreae, between tbe two mouths of 
(he river PO. It is to miles in cucum- 

- COMANA or CUMANA, a •eWO't 
W8 America, in the province of _Ve- 
Mjula. was huilt in 1530. The nver 
Mbanaret watm It *■ the 8. It 

t Joo ] 


eontaitia 1 ehurdi, 3 monasteries, and 
34,000 iiihabilants. 

COMB-MARTIN, a town in Devon- 
shire, 170 miles W by So' Loudon. 

COMINE^ a 10*11 of France, in 
the department of the Kurth and late 
>'if nco Flanders, seated uii tlie Lis, 5 
iniles SW of Meuiu. E k>u. 3 4, N lat. 
50 4 5. 

COMMBRCEY, a town of France, 
in the department of Meuse, seated on 
tbe river Meuse, 160 miks E of Paris. 
£ km. 5 44, N bit. 48 40. 

COMO.a popokHis luwii of Italy, in 
the Milanese, situate in a valley, iiiclos- 
«d by fh'tile hills, on the S extremity 
of a lake of the same name. Como is 
80 miles NE of Turing E Ion. 9 7, N 
ikt. 45 45. 

COMO, the largest lake in Italy, in 
the Milatieac It is 88 iniles in circum- 
fixence, but not above six miles over 
in any one part. 

COMORA ISLANDS, five islands 
tt the Indian Oeean, between tbe coast 
of 2angaebar, and the N part of the 
island air Madagwcar. Theyarecalled 
Mnzuan, Mayotta, Mohilla, Angezeln, 
ani Comora. See MINUUAN, and 

GOMORIN. CAPE, the must south- 
on point of the pcniroub of Hindoos- 
tan. E km. 77 33, N lat 7 50. 

COMORRA, a town of Lower Hun- 
gary, capital of a territory of the tame 
name, teat«l on the Danube, in the 
island of Sibut, 70 miles S by E of 
Vienna. E Ion. 18 5, N tat. 47 50. 
COMPGEONE, a town of France, in 
the department of Oitc. The Maid 
olOrleans was taken priioner bere. in 
143U. It it 45 miles NE of Paris. Ekm. 
2 55, N lau 49 35. 

COMPOSTELLA, a eetebrnteil 
town of Spain, eapiuil of Galieia, with 
an archbishop's sec, and a nuiversity. 
It it seated in a peninsula, fiirmed by 
the TambHi and Vtta^aM miles NW of 
Madrid. W Ion. 8 17, N lat. 43 5S. 

of America, in New Sn4n, near the S 
Paeiflc Oeean, Mo miles NW of Mai- 
so. Whin.109 43, Nlat.31 30.. 

CONCAN, a low tract of countiy, 
on the W coast of the Deccanof Hiu- 
doottan. It is laltject to the Mahrat- 
tas, and lies between If and30dee. N 
CONCARNEAU , a SMiport af 

France, in the deportment of Kiu» 
lerie. E Ion. 4 2. N lat. 47 40. 

CONCEPTION, a town of Cbili, 
witli a bishop's see, and a wry large 
harbour, vnoii. 73 30, S lat. 36 40. 

CONCEPTION, a town ol' New 
Spain, seateil hear Uk' pilf of Mi.\ioo, 
100 miles W of Porto-BeUo. W Ion. 
8145, N tat. 10 0. 

CONCORD, a pott viltage of N 
Carolina, and capital of Catarraa 
county, sitiHittd on tlie easurn side ol 
Kueky river, 30miUtS8W of Salisbu- 
ry, 428 SW of Wathiugt-ai. Poputo- 
tiiiii 120. N lat. 35 34. 

CONCORD, a post wwn in Rocit 
ini^hani county. New Hampshire ; 
sitiiatiil on tlie W side of Merrimack 
river, 18 nukt S by K uf Saliibury, 48 
NW iif PuruiuoutJi, luid 513 NE of 
Washington. Population 3393. 

CONCORD, a village with a posff 
office in Susstx eounty, Dtluware. 
abuut 20 miUs NW of Dagsbury, and 
alwiit 30 W by S uf Lewistxwii, at 
Capi^ Hfidopen. 

CONCORD, a considerable town 
witli a uust-ofnce, in MkUlesex county, 
Matsaclnmtts, 18 mikt NW of Boston, 
rewlered furious by being the sei ne of 
tlie fii-st hostilities between Great Brir 
tiiiu and her eulunies, at the beginning 
uf th<' rt.-volutionary war. 'i'his town 
is 4ti5 miles NB of Wathington. Po- 
pulation 1633. 

CONCORD, a townthip of Detawaru 
county, Pennsylvania, about 20 inilus 
fVum Pliiladelphia, in the SW curiMV 
of the enunty. Population 1061. 

CONCORD, a small rivT uf Matia- 
chuKtu, on which the town uf Concord 
is situated, and which enters the riv^ 
Merrimack, at Tewl«bury. 

CONCORDIA, a 'own of Italy, in 
tlie duchy of Min.idola, on tbe nver 
Sechia. < luo. 11 13, N Ut. 44 53. 

CONCORDIA, a town of Italy, in 
Venetian Friuli, 31 miks SSW of 

CONDE, a ttrong town of France, 
in thefcportnKDt of the North. Contl* 
it lettMd on the Scheklt, 117 milvs N 
by £ of Paris. E km. 3 39, N tai. 50 

CONDK, a town of France, in the 
departmcsit of Oalvadoa. It is if 

milet W of Paris. W km. 37 N. tat, 
COKDEC WP, a «V«»f 9 An«riM 



I no 1 


iu the YueataB, 100 mikt W of "^ I 
luliim. W Ion. «1 «, N '»♦• «» *>• | 

CONDORE, the cupital of a nuniher 
ofUlaiid|,intJieIni&nOea^ The 
Enirlidi E Imiia Company had a irt- 
Snimt hew in ITOl ; but the flicirn 
fUHng out with die nativtn, mort or 
them WW raunkftd, ard the "•» 
drivm thince in 170». E hm. lOT «6 

Stat. 8 40. ,„ . 

CONORIEU, • town of Franee, in 
(he drpannn't of Hhone and Lmre. 
E hm. 53, H lat. it »3. ^^ 

CONEMAVGH, a nwr of Pemv 
STinnia, whidi nting on the W ride 
of the Meghany mountain, fclli into 
die Allei^y river about 30 miles 

above Pitubun. .j_ «., ._ 


caiter connt)-, Peniuylvania, ntuMM 
on the E tide of Suiquehannah nwr, 
Zi watet«l on the 3»i*j5!C«»«S«S: 
g«< creek. It b« about 1500 inhab- 

*^KEOLEN&. a town of Frmee, 
In the lepartment of Charet. E Wn. 

which U formed by the SaJuto and 
Broad riwr, unitivjg at die ojy of 
cS»£sinkiehl»a «««I- Ttence 

it flowi in a aE eour« «> *« "^> 

it a»»umc» tfc nrnie of the Banlee ri- 

'*CONGLETON,a town in Cbeihire. 
anlamoK conrideiaMerae in nlfc. 

CONGO, a eounty of Am^ "^ 
«*«>« the «l»i»**4i?l.!^rS 

20 mikt N of Comtauce. E lang. 9 

boNISTON-MERB, a take in Ua- 
caihire, whiehaUhnb plenty ol char. 
It u « milet W of Winandermere. 

CONNAUGHT, a proijnce oflij- 
tawU 130 Mile* long and 84 teMd i 
ESSdedontheBby tdnsterand Mua- 
iter, on the S by the tatter provincf, 
SiieWandK'bytheAdaiit W 

ontheSWbyUUff i* *• * "« 

eiiltivjtcdaf any of the <bur mm . -so. 

CONNECTlCU-n oneoftbe Umt- 

^ Stat'eonliiJiing the kingdonu of 
Loango, Congo, AngoJ^. 

KB, n~e— 7 and Ben. 
SSCit ii lonietiraea called Lower 
SSw». The iiAtdiitanu are ikiMVil 
in weaving cotton doth; md they 
trade in ilava, IwOf^'f^JS* 
tunariodi. From March to Septem- 
ber ii called the winter .cMom, «*™ 
it laim ahno* everyday ; Mdthe ima- 
mThfiam October to »tagfc.«heii 
Sr««aS» i» very»»t. tftprinc^ 
,al -own ii St. Salv ador. _ 
^ONI, a torwn of PiMaiWt, capital 
ofa territary of that mm. It u 
wued at the oonftuenee of ; « Grciie 

and Store, J» maei 8 of '. inn. E 

Ion. V 4«, Nlat. 44 M. , . ^ 

CONINGSECK, a town of Suaha, 

eipitrt gf « MMttT of dW WW BHk«< 

CONNECTICUT, one 01 tne ^mi- 
ed States in New Engtod, 82 nul« 
Umg and 5T broad ; h»J™««> »'' ^ 
by lilaMadiuKtu, <m the E byUl«de 
iJlmd, on the W % New Yori^irf 
on the S by ttajound, whieh divida it 

tgwiu, the wSSer ii »"«»>*, accoi* 
ing a. the wind HowjIVom the wior 
hmd. A»vm.«dv»nf intotheeounw 
the weatiir ii le" «rf«I*% ^ 
up of nioiuitiJP2>lK»nd nUen, 
•& it JiexoeedSwIy T'IISSJL 1. 
U the mart P»P'*:?'> JCSGTsS^ 
iu eittent, «Jany of ttie Crited Sta^ 
andprodueetthe neceijariet of hfe 
in atunince.^ IU PHnciH n*™ 
are the Conneetieut, Hooat^ and 
Thama. Tim itate i» divided ii* 
geountinviz. Haitford, NewJftwB 

Ne».London, **''«««*♦ _.*S3te 
Utehedd, T«ddk«x, and HoJtanil, 
wMdiMe .ubdividrf injal" ««»* 
Mm. The lettlememonSiinneciicut 
wMoommenced in VM and in W7U 
eontainedabout 10,«M inhal»tanli,ai»l 
to 1774, 197,8m. It« B«y»to»«" » 
Swding to the oeniu. *I"0 «»»iM, 
ITBvSte., and WM Uaekt of whom 
Siowerestavei. Iu nmiiittctuiw «K 
in a flouriiUng wayjm hterary e*^ 
Uthmenu itexoebpeAapt every ilMt 

intheVnion. . . , 

CONNECTICUT, a lai«e nwrof 

....-a ■ 1-1. «:mm Sm tt Mvaflnn m 

NewEngtand. »n"«"7^HI^ 
E lai. 4i 10, Ion. 4. AWr « ile^ 
tiane ofdjjitorten imtai, rtWm*i 
SiTlbur^V-ttate t^ 'SL«''£ 
imt Wert, loBep» claae uMorm 

nf tKfe vale, through wfaidi itniiu. l*' 

the E, and Wertnunrto on df W nde 

rfth? river, are *eSft*»X,^ 
whide river, comprened between two 
JXSS5dV3?^riuiider, Aoot. 

laofi'et ii 
luider wh 
pa!.! Yvithc 
nhich UK 
are iirnny 
lowiii. II 
ing 10 fl 
iloopi (0 
been rem 
wanb of 
Thii beai 

Fnyctte c 
ing on tl 
ver, 12 » 




lat. «4 i 


the del 


4 41,N, 



per ant 

The in 

3000. : 



land, « 

that pa 



N. Yoi 

at the 






at the 





in Ai 

no ] 


Ic I 30 miln N of Comtuice. E long. 1 

'fcoNISTON-M»RB.«l»te«? \^- 
cMhiir, whidi««B>nb plenty «• <*«• 
n u « milei W of WiiwidHrineK. 

CONNAUGHT, ■ prowice ofln- 

KSwontheBby Wiistw«Ml Mu* 

.ur.onthe »^J^^*^,VT^ 
onieWiBdNbythe AUmt «rf 

onOieMWbyWrtw. It U t »«l 

eultivjudof wiyof the ftwrpnn 

CONNECTICUT, «>« of the Umt- 

ed 8«ttt, in New Engtod, 8» nul« 

byMawaAuKtU, on Uie E by lUm* 
Stari™., the V^ bv New Yori^irf 
on the S by thB^und, which div«da it 

towiu, the wMtW ta vjn»>*. »«"»* 
ing «. the wind How. iVom the aei or 
wd. AsjourivmiatototheeouMm 
the wemiir >• le" «rf«!*!, 12 

up of nwAititaMulKMd wl!«I»! 
and it aeMwidingly wdlwMtW 




y of 

S^; 8?oomle,Wz. H«««J^.N«J«J^ 



and produeet the nece«tari« of hfc 
in afiuninee. lu PrindH nwn 
are the Conneetkiut, Hooat^ Md 

I, be- 
ni of 

, UM 
, when 


New-London, »Wf«ehU Wtadhm, 
UtehfieM, Fliddlettx, and HoiUnl, 

diipi. The ietttememonSpnneMicat 
wtacoinmenced in VM and m U7l A 
eontainedabout 10,«« inhalatanl>,ai«l 

Soding to the oentiu «r»"0 *"'5 
m»fit.t, and 8,78s Uaekt of whon 
310were.ii«i. lu nianu&cMiK. ut 
in a OouriihiBg way ; in htenry c«iil» 

in the Union- , . , 

CONNECTICUT, a bfge n*er of 

NewEnghmd. « "".Si ?'^uS^ 

in. E 


[ »» 1 


4< 10, lOB. 4- A!**.* '"^ 
ooune ofeliJitartai mjea, rtWmlki 

ins Wert, i*«P» «•"* "S^L.* ' 


oftlfcwle, through wtodiitnnu. B<v 

the E, and Wertnnntfei on df W n* 
of th? river, are *e2HS»i_^ 


capital of the Ottoman mipiw- Con- 
rtinine the Gri«t eho«- thi. pla«- fbr 

',^1 of Rome. II wa, take,., m 
1453, by the I'urki, wlw hiiw _k>pt 
pn-^ionof it e»er lincf. ^"*i 
Er..i\illy «iti-«t«l between the Black 
aSa and the Archipelago, ftomwh«i« 
Uii .applied «i«hall iieeewarie.. The 
lipte are infe,t«l*Uh 'he ld«g»e 
ll<ii« evory yi-ar. The inhafctanu 
are haUTorkm iwo-thiid. of the other 
half chri«tiam. ainl the rwt Je*.. 
Here are a great number ol anewiit 

cumterence of tW. city U »rf to he 15 
mile.. lu poputation 400^)00. Ehm. 


Inxm below. Ovrr thM.- Wl J, »^5^. 
l«0 fiet in iLiiBtli, «M hujlt in 1784, 
lUidiT which till- highrjt Hoodi may 
M» vnlhout ilttrimi-ut. On it« bamu, 
«hich arc .ettli^ nlmmt to it» wuro^ 
are many nlownnt, iieat, aial w>*ll*unt 
town.. tti.naviB.iWc fcrV«*"»™'5: 
ine 10 ftet waur M miUs, and tbr 
limp. M. By ineans of canal, it ha» 
hero rendered p«.««hle for '»at»,"l,>- 
a'anb of *» mik. above Hartford, 
fhi. beautifU river i. 410 inilu in 

'^NNELSVIIXE, a post towr in 
Favctte eoonty. Pejmnlvania, niuiO- 
ingonthe Nfe •i*ory'«'*?"l"i 
w, U miWi NE of Unionj 31 W of 
Somer«a, and about 4f 8E of Pitta- 

^'SNNOH,atow„ofIrd^nd,U.tI^ OT^^Uy^T^^^ 

county of Antn;m,jith • Wdjop^ r*j ^Sj^-g^S^ STtodTSea, and 

riimDetN of Antrim. * ""^ **•'' IJIpiiSinUnr .ea of Marmora. It 

|at.*4W; ,„ »:- .jTSta ling, and 

lac »« »w. , „ 

CONOUET, a town of France in 
the department of Rnirterre, wiUi a 
goodhB*our,l3WofBre.t. Wlon. 
4 41, N. lat. 48 S3. , _. u! 

CONSTANCE, a eity of SuaUa, 
Mated on the Rhine, between the Up- 
per and Lower lake, of Comtance. 
The inhaUtanu Marcely amount to 
3000. E Ion. 9 10, N lat. 47 J8. 

the mart eonriderabte Uke. of Swioe^ 
land, whidi it «rpara^ from Suabia, 
that part CTcepted, where the city of 

COOTTANTIA, a poittownahip W 
N. York, in OneWa county, *«•«*' 
at the mttlet of Oiidda lake, 439 mile, 
from WadiinRton. 

CONSTANTINA, a .trong & con- 
Viderable town of AfVica, in the king- 
dom of Alperv and capit^ of a ictj 
ritory of the wme name. It u t^wa 
way to It hut by rtep. cut out of the 
rode, and the uiiial way of pimiduiig 
-_i.i-.a1. kawi :• *n thwkiv them down 

rode, and the uiiial way of pimiduiig »»•"• r."^Jl wNW orLoiakm. 

_ .,, a mile Mid a 

r" "^BThread, where narrowejt. On 
one .ide oi'it U rituate Conitanti- 
nopte, and on the «•«.*!»«"' 
wBn« the grind Signior hath h« .era- 

CONST ANTINOW, a town of P* Volhiuia.on the river Sehij 
M, 83 mile. NE of Kaminieck. E 
iS.S7J0, Nlat.49 58. . ^ . _ 

CONTE9SA, a »!anort of Turkey 
in Europe, on a gulf of the Mme 
rwmK, in the ArckTpelW)^ ™il« 
W of CoMtantmople. E kai, » »", 
jir Ut.41 8. 

CONTI, a town of France, in the 
deaartment of Sonime. It i. «>ated 
^e Seilk-, 14 mik. 8W of Ania-nv 
and 63 N of Porib E km. 2 13, N lat. 

* CONVERSANO, a town of Kaiifcs, 
in Tenadi Bari, 13 miles SE of Bani 
E ton. 17 ft. N lat. 41 SO. 

CONWAY, a town in Carnarvon- 
.hire, wated at tl«- month of the Con- 

theeWr. Iti. 75i.Ule.ftomthe«a, •'^^VJi*'- ■ 
EbySofAlgisr.. Eton TO, CONWAY,^. 

andllO _ - 

Nht.36 4. ,„ . 

CONSTANTINA, a town of Sjjain, 
in Andaluna, with a cartle MWl on a 
noum^ 40 mik. NE of SeviUe. 
Wlon.f 3«, Nhit.37 40. . 

CONST ANTINOPLF., the anaent 
Byzantium, one of the mort telebrated 

uuHwni, « river of N Wale., 
whidi falb into the Irtab Sea, at ih« 
town of Conway. 

COWWAY, a port town of StoObnl 
county, New HaropAire, rituattd o. 
the Saco river, 83* mile, from Wadt- 
iiutton. Popnlatkm 1080. 

CONZA, an ancient town of Naule^ 

.,-!_.:-.».» 1 .'lM>viAm>. It wa. niiiiMf 



( »12 ] 


niMke in 1S04. I« ■• '* 
Napleik £100.1135, N 

hj an earth 
■nila E of 

Hi. 40 50. . J » 

COOK'S RrVER, I targ* tim of 

R Ameriai, which flowj intothe N 

Pioiac Oeem. . >« *»» •"•"ST^..!! 
1779. bv e»puin Cook. TbU n»er 
w,. 't^Ll Thish M Ut. 8130 N. 
vbieh i» »bove 70 tntpm firom lO 
IDOulh. iiiloiu 15» W. 

COOKS STRAIT, « itt^t dWl* 
biR the two i jMKh of whdi New Ze«- 
i||j!d U eoinpoMl : ic it about fiwr or 
five InupK* broad. , 

CTOPER'S TOWN, a new and 
thriviiiR town in OneRO county. New 
•York It b»« • po«t omce, and ii tne 

principal »«< "•'.•i"";* J",,??!*" 
^uiitv bein«77 niiU» Wof Alhanj. 
~C?rf»PKR% TOWN, or OTSE&O. 
• floiiriibins pott, "urf.";?*"' 
of Olie«o county. Nbw York, u flj»ly 

Copenhagen it the beit built city »f 
tbeiwrth. TlM^itrectiart wllimved, 
with a fool-way on each iidi!, but too 
narrow and inooo»mii<tnt for p-iiertl 
UK. Thegwateupartof the Ixnlil- 
iMtiare oT brick; and a few att^uf 
nw«tane brouglit from Oernumj. 
The ha»en ii alwayi crouded with 
roenJiant Oiipi : and the •«««<•»« 
intenectrd by Woad eanaU. wtoch 
brinr the mcrthmdlie 3k>« to the 
wai3ieuie that line the quay*. It n 
five mile* in cireumfenroie, and leat^ 
on the E thore of the ute of ZwtanJ, 
300 mllei SW of Stockholm, andwo 
NE of London. Thi« city "'"«« 
drewirnHv «Voni Are in ITM; on Felirii. 
ary «V. 1794,^ the royal P««J^*" 
comumed, and nearlv one Iborth of 
Uw city wa» dc^royed by a «««*•* 
coinmer«d on the « June, IWf. C* 

altnntiJon a aeiith- acclivity at the 8 
end of Otiego wkf, «6 niilis W of A_l- 

Knhagen was atiaeked in Aiwuit ISOT, 
1. Britiih fleet under adminl Gaa^ 

Siny, and 387 N of Wa.hiiigtap. It 
eontaim 2 churiliet, a court botne, 
iiiil and «» inhabitann. E Ion. Irom 
Vathing^on 3 4 13, N Ut. ««4. 

COOPER, a river of South Car» 
Hi«. which riiw in the *•«"«♦»[ 
Georsetown, aiiu ....» .'pto iBariai. 
Mwil^rbour, on the E iMe of the cUy. 

COOS, an inUmd in the Arehipefr 

£, 5S mile. N W of Rhodii^ luIiKjt to 
5 Turku E ton. »7 44. N lat »7 1. 
COOSAWHATCHU;. a pwl «!• 
lace of S Carolina, in Beaiilbrt dli- 

X. •itual-'J on «»« 8 •""iL" ":* 
of the Buw name, about 100 yardu 
ftomiu bank- the rivtr it navi«ble 
Jbr vetieU of from 60 to 90 toufc Thw 
»illa«i- eontaim a court houK, jail, 
anda few dwellinw. It u unhealthy 
in the 1 tier end of tlie •ummer aint 
ftll moiithi airi ii diitant 60 mile« 
SL, 40 «5»m,^™}n»^ 
97 N W of Beaufbri, and 6 IS 8W flwm 
Wadiiiwtoo. N lat. 3J 30, W km. 
IVom Wii»hin(rton 3 30. 

COOrSTOWN a village with a 
iKHtofflce, in Eerkt county, Penmyl- 
^a. situated on Muideii "Jfk- • 
wS. of the river SchuylkiU and 
SS« 17 mito NE of Reading, and 


eapitulcttd on ui^ ■ -• ■~r---v~i 
fXwing. In 1M<S U .«»«•''** 
9T,43» iidiahitanti. I* Ist. 15 41 4, E 
km. IS 35 15, See AMAK. _^ 
COPILOWA IS. a town of Tmtey, 
in Europe, in Bulgaria. E Ion. 36 35, 

N lat. 46 40. . ■ .v. 

COPORI A, a town of Ingrra, m the 
Runian government of Pi-ierrtwrg, 
at the mouth of a river of the hum 
mme. Ehin.39 O.Nlat. 59 34. 

COQUET, a river in Northumber. 
land, wWcli erowng «>»«*« "JJ^ 
county faUi into t& German Ooean, 

*'c0Qu"eT, an itland on the eoaw of 
Northuraberrand, oppoute the mouth 
ol the river Coquet. . 

COQUIMBO, a leaport of Chli^ 
a river of the »amo name. Itluubeeii 

often pilhged by the EntlUh, and ii 
ofcoraiderableeitent and population. 
vr ion. 71 11. S lat. 2<> 54. 

DooaL lubiect to the nabob oTOude. 
ItiTS) mifei 88W of Lucknow. B 
ton. 70 45, N lat. 36 5. 

CORBACH, • town of Germany, IB 
the prineipaBiy of WaWedc, «» m«^ 
NMrof^^ddeek. E ton. « 5li, N lat, 

"cOHBKCK, a town of Amtrian 
Brahmt, three mile. 8 of Louvaui. E 

toll. 4 49, N lat. 50 50. ^ 

CORBEIL, a tow» rf F«we, in 


US ] 


Copenhigen » Ihe bnt huilt city sf 

with a foot.w«y on <«di lidc, but too 
narrow and inconvemoit for p-ntrtl 
UK. Thegl»««e«|>artof the iHiild- 
insiare of brick; and a few are of 
iVSMtone brouglu from 0«iii«mr. 
Tlie baren U alwaya crouded with 
merchant .hip. : and the •'««««• "J 
intawcted by W canaU. wh«h 
briDK thr mcrehandlie akwe to the 
wai^iie that '•"Ji'* "l^yj J JJ 
fiye mile, in ci'f™"*''™*'^^? "SIlj 
on the Ertiore of the i* of Z^limd, 
300 mile. 8W of Stockholm, andMO 
NR of London. Thi. city mflere* 
dreadfiillv ftom flro in 1728; on Febru- 
ary M, iTS4, the royal V^*-. 
^»nUa, and neaijv one foarth of 
the city wa. deitroyerf by a ««*■»* 
commeraed on the 6 June, "»»• Co- 
penha«n wn aliadinl in Augmt »«<». 
fiy K Briti* fleet under admrral Gam- 
bler, and after receiving jrait iniarj, 
SStubttd on the 7 of Septenito 

fofiowinB. to »«>«}'» ,fi'{*i:^ 
9T,43B inhabitants S lat »» 41 4, B 
ko. 1» 31 IS. See AM AK. ^^^ 
COPILOWA 13, rf Ttrtey. 
in Europe, In Bulgnna. Eton. 30 M, 

^ COPOaiA, a town of Iiuwia, in the 
Runian govemnunt of Ptieriburg, 
aTthe rowth of ■ river of the laiM 
name. E km. ag 0, N lat. M 34. 

COQUET, a river in Northumbw; 
land, wWdi crwiing «bece»«re ofttat 
couiity faU. into the German Ocean, 

*'cOi>VET, an on the coarttf 
Northumberland, oppoute the mouth 
ol tlie river Coquet. 

COqUIMnO, a «aport of Ctal^oa 
a river of the lanie nanie. It *«• beoi 
often pilUged by the Enj!li.h, and i. 
ofWHwderaMe"*"* awTpopnlation. 

vr Ian. 71 11. S UU 29 (4. 
DAD, a city of Hindoo.iaii Ptotct, m 
nils, -uWcct fo the nabob ol'oude. 
ItiTSo milie. 88W of Lucknow. B 
km. 79 4», N lat. M «. _..„.^, ,, 
CORBACH, ■ townrf Germ«iy, « 
the mineipaUiy of Waideek, ten mile. 

* Co'rBKCK, a town of Amtrian 
B«tant,thr«mlte.8ofLouvBiu. E 

loifc 4 49, N lat. so M. . 

CORBEIL, • »w» tt nmce, in 


[ ns 1 








tb a 



, and 

if the 
in the 
a, not 

S^Vm MIM. 48 33. . . 1""^ 


* mst, ^town of Germany on Ae 

iu •P>«n*""JS?,^nBSn«the 
many age.. U b«nr^' J^ corduba. 
Roman, by the i*^" iimoranee 


•kMnanw. Ek>ii.»oo.»"»«>»ii;* 


■■SrtoiMTH now caltod COKAK- 

••'^'^SSinSi about it abuund. 
ouh The 'JT'Jil oil TheinhaW- 
withcorn,wli»a'>d««. '"^^ ^^ 

Greek church. " "^,„. jg ,4. 
*'^NTSr-a"w™hip of orange 

COKINTH, a Hiwiiii.ii' "- f~;ZJSn 

Ion. 4 4. S tat. aa 10. .,Mri«. 

CORDOVA, a «"'" •?!, *,?^ 


^^iX. NW of B«urd«ui. 



saris' «s .35,^ *■ 

Sriith. ntaekwater and U*- , 


Cork, witti • btahop*' ««• "" • "^ 
£!£«;?' itU the Brat town of Ire- 

TSSo. UU14ni«eiflN)mSt.Gcorgei 
l'r?!_ J i!J i«a aw of Dublin. W 

Sr-.'X'cSSra''^ ^S^^l'^'i^n -f Sp-n. 


CORFU, fS±!!^t^MM^ 

CORITA, • 'Srf£i«Sei. 

J^Si^JirfSithe river ftrwitj 
3S;»i2l^of Colherg. B Ion. W 

«^»Jfe.*i4?rK . Ibrtw- 00 the 

OoH Coa* of Ouiin* newi^un . ^ 

■gitaeiu betonging t. 

k]n.0 1^ 


[ »* 1 


«*«»• ^ longiiude It, N latitude 
47 30. 

COKNE t a eattle on the idani of 
OiHTDwy. W Ion. 140, Mat. 40 30. 

CnRNETO, a town of Italy, in the 
yatriiiiouv of St. P«»t, with a hUhop'i 
arc, irMrd on tlir Marui, ilirre miln E 
<ir>brira,and37 NW of Rome. E 
Im. 11 53. N Iat.4ai5. 

CORNISH, a townihip of Chnhirr 
county, in the lUte ot New Bamp- 
ahire. It luu a |KMt offler, aid it litu- 
■ted on the E ndr of Connecticut ri- 
ver, ahout 90 mihi N of Charlettor., 
ana MS ihm Wathuigtun. Popuhi- 
tlon l«oo. 

CORNWALI., a coanty whieh 
ftrmt the SW extremity of Enfjland . 
faonnded nn the £ hy Deronihire, oil 
the b by tilt Engliih Channel. This 
county in 80 mi In long, 40 liroad, and 
3W in cireiiinlh-iiiee, Minca of tin 
are iniineroui, and are, in general. 
very rich in ore ; theae Imv« renrtemi 
this rountv famoui in all aget. With 
the metalline orei ore inlermixvd large 
ouaniitiei of rauiidic and arieuic 

CORNWALL,a pott tcwn in Litch- 
field county, Coniieetieut, ten oiilet 
NW orMtchflekl, 42 W bv N of Hart- 
i'ord, and 43J NE af Waddiigton. Po- 
Liulatt3n ISOS. 

CORNWALL, a lownahip of Addi- 
ion eonnty, Vermont, lituatnl between 
Brideport and Middlebun, and be- 
tween the S end of lake Chainphiine 
and Otter river. Population 1279. 
moM eatiem part of the Hither India, 
lying between 10 and SO dec. N lat. 
umI re, 30 and 86, 30 E km. It it ter- 
minMcd by Goleoiida, on the N, by the 
bay of Bogal co the E, by Madura 
on the S, and by Bhuanr Proper on 
theW. On«hiioout,Madnu,orFort 
Si. Oeotge^ Pondicherry, and many 
other European font aiid faotoriet 
are tituatBd. Madrat it the prioeipal 

CORON, • icaport of the Morea, 
aealed on a bay, 15 niilet SB of Hit 
doo. E km. 31 50, N lat.3« 50. 

CORBEGIO, a town of Italy, capi. 
tal of a territory of the tainenamr.ln 
the ModoBCK, with a cattle, B milet 
NE oi' Rcggio. E km. 11 11, N tat. 
44 40. 
CORSOAlftgtOwiiisTrdti. Hoe 

are tome comMeralik ckithicn. It a 
four mih^ SW of Chippenliam. 

CORSICA, an ithilidln the Mrdilc^ 
raocan, betwien 8 and 10 deg. E hn, 
and 41 and 43 deg. N lat. On the S It 
it teparated thm Sanlinia. by lit 
ttraitofHontlheio; to the B 1 1 hat tbe 
Tuicau Sea ; to the N the gulf uf Ge- 
noa ; and to the W it it oppoiite tke 
coatu of France and Spaip. It it IK 
raikn ftora N to S, aim mm 40 to M 
in breadth. It wki known by the an- 
cient Greeki by the nainei of Calliiia 
and Cyrnut, atid to the Roniani by tkt 
preaent appeltation. There !« a ridge 
of mountaiot, which divide the ialanl 
into two pant, the N and S. Thect. 
vital It BaUia. '. .it iibuid it fanHwi 
Ibr being the birth place of Napoleca 

CORSOBR, a town of Denmark, m 
the W tide of the itie of Zealand, on a 
pviiimula, in the Great Belt. It hat 
a gnod narboor ibr light vetieli, and it 
deflndrd by a ciladeL E hn. It 11, 8 
lat. 55 IS. 
CORTE, a town in tlie iitand of 

Coriica, teated partly on the foot, and 
partly oti the declivity of a rock, at 

the covAuence of ilie I'avignauo Bni 

CORTIS, a town of Germany, in 

the hithuprM: of Liege, 10 niilet NE of 

ofRamiUiet. Ekiii.4i»,Nbl.«046. 

CORTONA, a town of Tuieaiiy, 

.13 mika E of Sienna. W km. 1153, 

N lat. 43 SO. 
CORUNNA, a teaport of Spain, in 

Oalieia, at the mouth of the Oniyne. 

It it titiiated on a fine bas' of the At- 

bmtic Ocean, about 33 miict N of Cum- 

poatrihk W km. 8 Itf, N lat. 43 18. 
CORVQ, the tmalleit iilani of ilie 

Azorra. It hat about 000 iohabltauu. 

Whm. 315, N tat. 39 43. 

COBYVREKAN, a dongerout 

whirlpood on the W coatt of Scotland. 

between the iile of Soarba and the N 

point of that of Jura. Itt dreadful 

vortex extendi above half a mile in 

COSZOLA, an iitand in the gulf 

of Venice, on the ooatt of Iklnuilia. 

£ km. 17 0, N tat. 43 16. 
CORYOON, a poit town of Indiana 

Territory, in Harriaon county, it 

handmmely ntuatcd, on an citeotiw 

and fertik; plain, in the fbrlu of Indian 

aedt, which fiitli into the Ohio 1* 


the capital 

taint a itoi 


town it d 


a navigab 


nluable ti 


p'lUl of Ci 

(111 the ri« 

>ca,iuid II 

10, N lat. 


Quila, ten 




iiiilnS « 

47 U. 

.NtaL S3 
by Nicar 
gua. Ni 
natal a 


in the I 
■hire. > 
SftW I 





lit Cbi 



114 ] 



I "5 1 


It a 

■re fomc eomldenlik clothicn. 
four rail» SW of CWppmliam. 

COHSiCA.Bi iilaiidin iV Mrdiinr' 
noMBl, bctwini 8 ind 10 deg, E hn, 
ukI 41 um! 43 Org. N Int. On the S ii 
it amaralnl fVvni Swdinia. by lie 
■traJtarHontnieio; to the B II hw the 
IHucui Sea ; to thr N the gulf uT Ge- 
no* ; ind to the W it it oppoMte tke 
GOWU of France Mid Spaip. It b IM 
roikn ftnni N to S, inn mm 40 to M 
in brradtb. It vfi known by the mv 
eieni Greeki by the niunei of Cdlim 
and Cyrnut, nid to the Roniant by il» 
|in«iit ipiielbition. There <« • ndge 
of mountauM, which divide the iaiand 
into two parti, the N and S. "neci- 
pital ii Bailia. '. .ia iilami it fanHwi 
Ibr being the birth place of Napoleo* 

CORSMER, a town of Denmark, 3D 
the W aide of the iik of Zralaod, on a 
pviiiiMuli, in thf <irrat Belt. It hn 
a lenad narbour for light veuela, and ia 
drAndrd by a citadel. E kn. 11 IS, R 
lat. 5S IS. 
CORTE, a town in tlie iihutd of 

Coriiea, aeated partly on the foot, and 
partly oii the (Kclivity of a nek, at 

the covDuenoe of ilie I'avignauo and 

CORTIS, a town of Germany, in 

the hiahopric of Liege, 10 niilet ME of 

of RamiUiea. E Ion. 4 59, N tal. N 46. 

CORTONA, a town of Toaeauy, 

.IS mik-aEuf Sienna. W km. 1153, 

N lat. 43 80. 
CORUNKA, a leaport of Spain, in 

Oalieia, at the mouth of the Oniyne. 

It i> aitiiated on a fine hm of the Ai- 

bailie Ocean, about 3S miict N of Com- 

pcaiHIa. W km. 8 10. Mat. 43 18. 
CORVQ, the araaiku itiand of ilie 

Azom. It hat about SOO iohabltauu. 

Whm. 31«, Nkit. 39 43. 

CORYVREKAN, a dongeroiit 

whirlpaad on the W coait of Scotland. 

betwcoi the iaie of Scarfaa and the N 

point of that of Jura. Itt dreadful 

vortex extendi above half a mile in 

CORZOLA, an itiand in the gulf 

of Venice, on the ooait of nalmalia. 

E km. 17 0, N ht. 43 16. 
CORYOON, a poit town of Indiana 

Territory, in Harriton county, it 

handaomely titualed, on an extenaitc 

and fettih! pf 

aeeby which 

nata from the town. It it at preieni 
the capital of the Territory, and con- 
tain! a atone court home, « •e™'™'/ 
o( leamini, and ISO iiOahitanl". IWa 
uwn la dStant tVom Lewiaville in 
fcnlucky S* milea 8, E of HUie river, 
a navigabh; itrearo, and titifl Irom 
Waihington. In the county iire many 
nluable lalt-petre cuvet. 

C03ENZA, a city of Naplea, ca- 
nital of Calabria Citeriore. It ii aeated 
(111 dK river Crate 11 niiUt (torn the 
.fa, and 10» SE of Naplet. E too. 18 
10,NI«t.39SO. . „ 

COBI.IN, a townof PniMian Porno 
Oniia,tennuteaEofColbi-rg. . 

COSNK, a town of Fraiict! in Ilic 
dl'inruueiit of Nicvre, litunteil at ihi' 
HMifliR-ncK of the Loire and Noam, 88 
mile. S of Parii. E km. 3 «, N Ut. 

COSSIMBAZAR, a tmall city o< 
Hindmatan I'roiier, in Bengal, mwly 
adiaemt tu Muorihedabad. It U 
eued on an itiand. in Hoogky nver, 
llOmifeaNofCttlcuIu. Ek>n.8«Sa, 
V lau S3 40. 

COSTARICA, a province of N 
America, in New Spaui, bounded on 
the NE by the gulf of Mexicu. on the 
SWbytheP«aIBeOcean,on the NW 
by Nicaragua, and on the SE by Vera- 
nia. New Carthage it the capttaL 

plain, in the fbrlu of Indian, 
icb fiilli into the Ohk> l* 

'To f BUsi a toani of Lower Luaatia, 
ubicet to the king of Pnittia. It ia 
leatcd ou the river Spree, M milet S 
by E of Berlin. E km. 14 13, N hu. 

COTIGMIAC, a town of France, 
in the department of Bar, on the nver 

HILLS, a king tract of high ground 

COVENTRY, a city m Warwidt 
■hire. It haa a manufacture of nbanda, 
gauaca, he. i and cOntaina 3 anurcbet, 
Silt* KUiola, and aevcnd.boipimli. 
CoveiMy ia 91 ndkt NW of London. 
Wkm.ll8,N lat.5S38. 

COVENTRY, a towuabip of Kent, 
Bbode-IalariB, aditdniuf the itate of 
Coanectisut on the W, and VTarwick 
towniliiu on the E. It it Ibniout for 
ill Cteeaeilairia, aH canlaint S9t8 

COVENTRY, a town in ToUand 
countv, Comwcliettt, 14 milet W of 
Windwm, 19 B of Ittrtibid, and 3ft 

NE from Wailiiiwton. It la a port 
town, with a population of 1918. 

COVOKRDEN, a town of the Unit- 
ed Provincea, in Overyiael, 3J milea 
NE of Oeventer. K kin. 6 3i, N lat. 
H46. , ^ 

COUCY, a town of France, in the 
dennrtment of Aiane, nine mika N <■ 
Smannt. E km. 3 13, N tat. 40 31. 

COimLAND, a duchy of Europe, 
bounded on the N by the Baltie.on Uie 
Eby Livonia, and on the 8 and W by 
Poland. It la divkW into Courlaiid 
I'toper and Semigallia; ill length it 
about 150 milet, and ita breadth it m 
•ome nUcea 30, in othen icarcely lO. 
and towanla the SE it itrelchet to a 
iwiiit. >fittaii ia the capital. 

COUH TRAY, a townof the Aijv 
tiian Netherlaiidi, on tlie riv« Lit, 
2S milet E of Ypret. E Ion. 3 fl, N lat. 
50 50. 

COUTANCES, a ttaport of France, 
in the department of the Channel, It 
it 3S mitei N of Avnnobet. E Ion. i 
S3, N lat. 49 3. 

COUTRAS, a town of France, in 
the department of Dardogne, 80 milea 
NE of Bourdeaux. W km. 3, N lat. 

COWBRIDGE, a ooniorale loira 
in Glamorganthire. It it 170 mUet W 
ofliondaa. . „„ _^_ 

COWE8, a aeanort, on the NE nda 
of the itie of Wight, eight mifct SW rf 
PortoDoutb. WTon. l l». N lat- «• 46. 

COXLACRIE, a townahip of Oiee« 
county, ami ilnte of New York, titn- 
SSd on the W aWe of the North rivor, 
about ao mitetN of tta aity of Hud. 
icm, S» S of Albany, and 369 ftom 
WaaUngtoii. It it a DopukMn poat 
townihip, and cuntained in 1810, 40ST 

COZUMEL, an itiand of N Am*, 
rica, on the E ooait of Yucatan, wliero 
Cortex Unded, and refteahodhiatiwpt, 
bef«« he attempted the csoquett oT 

"crab ISLAND. SeeBORiqUEIi; 

CARACATOA, the aoulhermoit of 
a eluMcr of itUtndt m *e entraiiceof 
thettratoofSumta. The poputetkn 
it conaidenible.aiidta coral ««J •»" 
foni tmall turtka in abuadanee. E hMv 
105 M, S laL 8 0. , .t^ ^ 

CRACOW, a city, formerly the ear 
Pital of Poland, wlarc the kinga were 
elected ud erowvd. It w«»ei)pa ab 





t »•» 1 



naM the ceaiMordv FoUJi tanim- 
am, bm linee thr pvtitioa of PuUni 
in 17T4, h it townne • IVoniJnr tnwn. 
Cracow Muiib in an «tMwi«! p««i>» 
watcml bv tbr VWula. Thn diiviM* 
lion of thii iinfiirtunMr lovm wai Ik- 
C«n hy the ■««*« at the mnunentt" 
mnn of ibe Not waiuuy, whm it ««• 
hoirgHl and ttlum bjr Charin W, but 
dH- miKhirft it uiiktcd from tim ra- 
»RT of the north «ri« fiir Ira drt- 
tractiTC than thaw it exprHcnenl dur- 
ing the latr dmdfiil aommotiomt whrii 
h iiiidrtriKOit rrpaatrf tier* «id «a« 
■Ih-rnalPty iu poMcwion of ihi' Huui- 
■ni anl Conftderata. It ii murd oii 
the Vntnia, 130 miln 98W of Wanw. 
Urn. IB W E, lat. M 10 N. 

CHAIOMILLAR, a rulnoni CMtk, 
two miln SR oT Edinbunfa, in which 
Mary queen of Seota miM, aftn her 
ictum Rom Paris, in IWO. . . 

CUiUL, a bonuiih in VifitMtr, M 
tkemoatharihcMthaf Forth, wvcn 
nilv* BE of St. Andrew'i. 

CRANBKRRY, a onall mt town 
in MMdkKx eounty. New Jt-nry ; ri- 
tiiatcd on a branch of Millnooe rivnr. 
■bout IS miln NE at AUentown, and 
193 fVon WaiHnMon. 

CRANBOUHN, a town in Dorwt- 
iliirr, 94 mikl W of London. 

CRAMBROOK, • town in Kent, S2 

CRAHGAMORE. a town and ftirt 
Vt the eooM of Mabibar. htely luUect 
to the Dutch, by whom it waa tdten 
ftom the Pertuweie IB 1M«. Ii U «•• 
ted M the mouth of a ri/cr, M mikt 
Nby WofCocUn. Lon. Tt 30 E, htt. 
10 il N. , ___ , . . 

CRATO, a town of Portugal, In A- 
lemejo, iBfen milei E of nwtafcfn. 
Lon.7MW,lat.W« N. 

CRECY, orCRmaSt.a Tinaceof 
France, in the dcpnrtnmt of the 
8tniuorcalai^ remarkable ftrthe 
Tictory R^ncd pt Edwaril III in 134A. 

CREDITON, a town oTIaslaad. in 
I>e«onrfiire.tituMnibetweai twaMlb, 
IS mile* MBaTBiMar, and 111 W by 
N of London. W hia(. 3, 41, M tac W 

CRKBTOWN, a inall port of Boot. 
lai>t,entheEiMeof WigtaiB*y,in 
Urkeudtarightdiire. _ . .. 

CRIBFF.a «owBjnPBtthihire,wWi 
an annual Mr flir cattle, cae of the 
gtwtM in Scodmii. 

CRKIL, ■ wwn of FiaMT, now ;■ 
Ihednpartawntoroin. E Lon. 141, 
M lat. 48 13. 

CRKMA, a town of Italy, camtil 
.J- CniUMWfc with a blihoo't tee. It n 
watul on the 

with a bkihop't wr. ... 
_ _ .M Berio, SO miln II uf 
inil^K^ntia. E Lon. « M M lat. 4i U. 
CHKMIU, ■ town of France, in Ut 
deuanmrnt of Urrr and late piwtaet 
of uiMiphiny. It k »Mfi M^lhe «« 
of a moiimalB m-ar thr Rhoiw, » 
inilMNEof Vlenne. ELon.fSO,X 

lat. 4« 44. . , , , 

CHKMNITZ, thr principal aitr- 
Uiwn of UpptT Hiinpiry, TO mjlw N 
E uf rp/aburg. K Lon. 1« ^ M tau 41 

CREMONA, an ancinM town or I' 
talv. capital of thr Crrroonm-. It « 
MVtnl on the Po, 30 miln NW of Pw 
OM. R Lon. 8 58, N Int. 4> 8. 

CHEMONESE, a temtorjr of 11%, 
in theduchy of Mitan,boundHl on* 
Bby Mantua, on the M byB.i«IJ"i 
on uw W by CreniaMo, and on the 1 
by Parma. . ^ 

CREMPEN, a town of Oemmj, 
in the duchy of Hobtein, Ave miki 
flrom Haraburch. ^ _ . 

CRE8APBBURO, a P*« J""," 
Alle^iany county, Ma#ylaiid, on tt« 
W iMe of Putomae riwr, *»*•'"*' 
8W of CumbrrlMid, eight K of Itaafc 
ford, and 141 IVom Vfadnngw*- __, 

CRE8CENT1NO, a town in »* 
niont,onthe river Po. »t*".«J" 
by tit Frmch in IT04, and, by the at 

CREBPY, a town of France, talk 

department of Oi«, md »«EJ*S** 
otSb Ue of France, 3t miln NWdt 
Farib E Lon. S 31 N htt. 48 10. 
CREST, a town of Vva^t in «* 

department of D*™**, "*Sl? b 
Drame, 1« miln 8E of Valence. E 
Loa.<l8,NbM.44 40j 

cramWond waVeh, • Jrtwr •• 

BdlnburjUMre, «»>fel«^ *ikAi 
raonLfaU into the Frith of Fnth, at 

I niiiuiiing 
Ml »')«■• 


many, in 

\ Hhiir.wiu 


, J M<ill». 


I Mklie, i; 

W liOik 3C 


I Doduhifc, 

1 niiWi »K c 



aliM« •» 



I tie iDeii'i 


•nd W bj 

Ik pron 


of Prrek« 

ol' Awph 

Ctimia i 



I tunpmi 

I liuin! • 

Ok cUbm 

I oclnnon 

lich tbi 

the vStege ol Crammond. 

CBBVteCOEUB, a town* rran^ 
ta the depwtmgit of theNorth, uri 
!._ «.AmMi* nf Cramlseni. on toe 


five mUn S of CanSny, 
L0B.3V, Nht.l0«. _.,_ 

CREVECOBUR, • town and fiirt 

of Dutch Birtia^ «*««»«'"«;; 

of the Donund with the Maeoe, four 

I oaeof Ihi 

meot oi 

■me of 


on the > 
iwrtof i 

MM, \ 

hon. t« 

lar lioit 

119 ] 




CRBIU • tBwn of rttmttj now ia 
thci>«|MrtiMntorOlw. Etoii.t41, 
M 1*1. 49 II. , . , 

CREMA, ■ IBWB of Italy, aipinl 
of Ckimmwo, wtab ■ btehop'i ««r. U » 
Mated on am Icfio, M raiirt M </ 
IMMrntbk EUn.9MNlM.4IW. 

CHEMIU, ■ town of Fnacr, ta ikr 
deiHtftmrnt ollww uii l«t« pnwtad 
of uiMiphiiiy. It M •«««« M U« w 
of a mountain war thr Rhonr, a 
iiiiln N K uf Vlmnr. E Urn. I •«, » 
biu 45 44. . , J , _■ 

CHKMNITZ, thr priodpa) nim- 
tuwn of UpptT Hunffurjr, TO miki »i 
E uf Prvburg. E Lun. 19 ^ N III. « 

CKEMONA, an anamt town or I' 
taly, capUal of thr f"™"^- ,'«•• 
Kalfd on the Po, M inUr* WW of P» 
IM. E Lon. 9 >«, N lai. 4< *. 

CHEMONE8E, a toritarT of II*, 
in theiliwky ol' Milan, houndrf on* 
E br Mantua, ou the N by BiiirhM, 
on Uie W by CreniaKO, and on tkc I 
by Parma. . „ 

C HEMPEN, a town of Otman, 
in the duchy of Hobtetn, Ave nulct 
ftom Harabanh. 

CRESAPSBURO, a ?*««*»■.•: 
Alletrfiany eounty, Ma^<<l,«i*e 
W Me of Potoiaae riwr, ■««•"!*' 
8W of Cumberhnd, eight N of Ptaalir 
and UliVoni wadwiRtiM. 



I A' 






[ iir ] 


the htc pruviiiiv 



^IBSCENTINO, a town in I** 

mam, on the river Fo. >« *" ™" 
by the FKnch in 1704, and hr the * 

CRESPY, a town otfjmtt, tatk 
department of Ol«, and IjepiOTto; 
oftheUleol'Franee.StniUef KMT of 
Pari*. EL<«.«Mkl«^10. 

CREST, a town of mner, in tte 
dmaitment of DroiMr, iraMtlaa tkr 

Loikf M,NfaM.44 40, 

CIIA1«*0KD ^^[^"£"^5 

iSj^dTfl^lm'tlK'rrilh of rwth, « 
the village a< Crammood. 

CfuiVBCOEUR, a town of Kranee. 
ia the dewrtment of the North, ud 
late nioroiee of Crwil»wi»iOO tte 
achdiL Are roiln B of Caninr- ^ 
Loa.3t\Mfart.lO«. . _. 

CREVECOBVR, • •««"« •"■ •"* Ike cguflurnce 
^tteDo^dwith the MMse, four 

CllBl)8E,t departmwt of rtncri 

I niMiaiiiiag 
^EUTZNACH. a towT. of 0,-i- 

wSi-,"-* ■ rMdr, ..n an 'iiiinriKTr. 

i, i, «t.-.l Ml ll"- N«l"'. W nnl. . «W 

,/ Jlrtiia. K Uni. T »•, N 1.11. •li' 44. 

I ruBWKEHNK, aiown 111 Son«•^ 

W I>oii. », N bit. » »o. . „ . 
CHICKHOWKL, a town m nr«k. 

neluhi>e, leatwl oii the "Y'Vi; i« 

™lM 3B of Bmhnock, «i«l «« W l^f 

WUndon. W l«n. 3 7,N Ui.M 4«. 

CRICKLADK, a honwRh in Will., 

«d 1. »3 mile. W b, N "f '-"'l^.^ 

1 the anek-nt I »urieii Cherwii""". J 
pmhHUhi in A.i», h.iui«W on iW S 
Hw by lilt lllmk 8.» , on the N bv 
tlK anmmr of latbiif inriuUifj wiHi 
vWrllitMnimunicata l>v ilw Kilmmi 
of PtiHuip : an.1 on the S by tlir »« 
of Aioph and ll»' •trail ot Catlk Ihr 

\ Ctbaa ii dividrd iirin t«o P>ru, by 
iMvMaim which run E and W. I In- 
N divirioii b Hat, nixir, and lit for pa^ 
time only. In Oie » paft«,.the val- 
taSe aonaiUiingly productive, and 
the climate extn-owly nuW, Irom the 
tulunon of thoie vWent windi by 
which the N dlvi.ion ii Irtiainiitly in- 
■ ■ The Crimea now lornu 

___ 1, ine vrii»«» •».- 

oaeof the two pcovinew of the govn-n- 
mmt of Catharinemtaf. under the 

DMiK of Taurida. , . 

CROATIA, Ibmieriy a part of the 
■dem Illyrieum, now a P™*'"**"' 
Hnnry, bounded on the N by Selu- 
vonS^ the E by Bojnia, on the b by 
MaaMia and the pilf of Veimx . «id 
on (he W by farniola. Om- greatitt 
IMTt of it btkHig« to the bouie ol Aiii- 

CROSBY, a port town in HMiiillon 
•nunty, otio, litualed on Uic mat 
MiHiw, ao milet above ii« niouih, IM 
fnaa Clneiiinatti, and »M Wol W«Jj- 
liiKton. P^latioo about 1100. N laU 
» M, W kin. ««. . . , . . 

CHOIA, a town of Alfaanin, wiOi a 
Wihop'i lee, wted near the gulf or 
Vbm, 13 miiei NE of Ouraruo. E 
kon. 19 ST. N lat. 43 A. _ 

< KOISIC, or CROIbll.. a town of 
France, now in the departinMitoTLowj^ 
.» U>i«. It iiwaicd on Oie tay ol 
UiiMiy, bMire«B the ■anita rf «« 

Uiire aial Viluiii., 11 niih» W of 
Nani». W l.un. 3 H, N Int. 4T 17. 

CHOIX, It r. » ri'ir in North Ame- 
rica, xliirh fl>"i» the NE buuialar) of 
the lliiititl SUM>». . . ,. 

CHOMACK-WArKH, a lake o4 
(umbi rlHiiri, In t».-m l».ilUTnH.rr.wii- 
trr and laiwwwau-r, wHB iiich i# 
wbli'b it it iiMinecttil bj the ri»rr Cu» 
kir. It l« fbiir milri lone, "lal mar 
hall a mile over i *ilh Oiive 

t-HOMAH TY. a eonmy ofSaotkmd, 
wliirh oHiiprrlniiilo uart of a |ieiiiiuu- 
U on tl« 8 liik- iJ' thi Intli i<> which 
it nivn iiiiniv It i» hoiiiahJ o» »" 
.iik-i by Hmwliin , ix«p< on Ibr K, 
*h. re it i. hoiiiMlitl by the Mnrrav (nth. 
It ii 13 niik-» Iroui V. to W, ami ihn* 
in iu Kn-«te« bnadlh. 

( KCiMABIV, tlir capilal "',«*• 
■hire of fronuirly, at llw monlh ol liai 
tViUiof the .anie uaim. Ihi. Imro'iKlJ 
Im, 11 maimlHCtuPC of cuarw ckuh. aiijl 
II rouiiib rubk Irade in corn, Ihrewl, 
,.rii, n.b, and *"» "f vanou. "m^ 
ii i> 10 inik» N uf lnvnfi».tfc W UM. 
3 J3, N lal. 47 44. . 

CHOMEH. a town in Norfolk. »«^ 
(d near the tlerroan Ocean, aial Jb" 
nierly had twodairchei. wa- of whiah, 
with Kveral houK., wac ••«»o«'«| "P 
by the mm. It i> 1»T miU« NE of Loii. 

"TilOMKORD, a vilUgc in Derby- 
.hire, i>n ih- rivir Dcraeim two mika 
N iif Wirkiworth. 

CIIQNACII, a .trong town of Oon- 
mam, in ih*^ liiihoiric of HM».berg, 
wiUi a ciuahl, is nSk;. NK of Bam- 
St'rg. R UBi. U 33, N lau 50 37. 

CRONBURti, aMroiiK fortre» of 
neiiinark, on the i.U' of ZeaUnd, near 
l<U>iuore, wliieh gnanU 'he P<'»»«Jr 
the Sound. E l^iii. 13 »4, V lat. 590. 

CRONENBL'RG, a town of Oer- 
many, in the landgravale ofH-* '-•* 
kI, iith a caitU-. It i. .eatwi at the 
foot of a moiintaUi, 10 mik» N or 
Vrancfurt on the Maiw. E Uw. ■ 40, 

CRON8 r ADT. a town md fortre* 

of Rimia. ou the iilaod of Retwari, 
inthe>lf«f«i«ta««- ".'-•/^ 
liarfanur, which U the iUtion of the 
Ru«ian fleet, •«».|!'«i»Jf««»',*12f 

tor buiUing thip^ It U 1« mU« W 
of Petcrtburg. B Un- »» *• « '«•• 

sa 56. 





t H» 1 


ONOOKED-LAKK, ■ mwll takr <J 
Nrw Vurh, itlmMd |Mnl)r In Mrl- 
kuriir, urf Mrttr tn OnHrki Cmif 
tir<. II h It ailM laa(|. 

CHC>SSRN, « hwidaanic town ofHI- 
Inta, capitiil uT • |ir«n«i|MHl)r oT (he 
■Mnr ih* foii(la«-n«r> rfilw 
riiwra RotiHr mil CMnr. Ilw l>nd|c 
orrr lb* Oihr b HiriMnt. K Ion. It 
49, N l».M«. 

CKOTON, ■ rlwr of New Tork, 
wMall ritn in Conaecticttl, ind ifW 
rnnntni ■ SSW Mmrn Mb Into the 
Hadm, ■« thr hnd of Tawui bar- 
CROn-ONA, ■ lown at Nnin, In 
Calabria Cinfiocr, on (kr gulrol' la- 
mite, with a liiiiio|>'i He. K km. 17 
»r, Nlai. SOS. 

CROUCH, a rivw In Ram, whiah 
riihif near Mormkin, termiiiataa iu 
•Nirar in the Ovrman Oaran. 

(•ROWLAND, a town In Linaoln- 
•hirr. It U ei milei N by W of Uw- 
don. Wton.0 IP, NhM. n4i. 

CROWN-POIN r, a poat lowmhip 
of Nrw York, In Kwn coiiiitjr, itliia- 
M at ihi- riitrancr of l.aki' Chainplain. 
FopiilMion 1082. II it 140 mik-t fWmi 
Montnal. anri 402 IVnm Waihiiiitvii. 
llir cakhnHnl llrititb tort of Cruvi 
Nnt, gave name luthii town, it It n- > 
in ruiiH. and wai titiiatMl on a point 
of loud near the NK eMremit]- or (he 
«owmbiIi, in N lat. 44 3, W Ion. 71 »". 
CUCKFIKLO, a town in RiihUihI, 
In SutaeK coiiiilY, U miki NW of 
Lrwri, and 40 S by W ol' LurHkNk 
W loth n. 

C ROV DUN, a town in 8iirry, leatad 
■ear (Iw toiiree at the Wanilk-, %ur- 
nundtd in a manner with hilli. Croy- 
don it nine mika H of London. W kHi. 
1, N ht. <l SO. 

CRl'XHAVEN, a imall raarilime 
town or Ovrmany, In the N |Hirt of 
tkr duchy of Brrawt, teatixl at th- 
nMM(h o< the Elbe, 70 milei NW of 

CUBA, an idand of (be W Indkt, 
M the entrance of the ndf of Mexico, 
too inikn in k-iigth, and IT in hrcadtk. 
On (he E udo it tacnm at 90 W N kt. 
toochn the tropic « Cancer oo the N 
■id extendt IVom 74 to 8f 1< W km. 
It lieiM mikatothe W of Hiipwdcb, 
U k-agiwa N of Jamaica, too milct to 
the B of Jucatan, and at many to tlv 
B of Cape FhirUa. It aoaani a ndt the en- 
tiMOa of Un gidA boib.*f Mexica and 

PkHrkfak at aho the windwani pa«n(in. 
1 1 wat liiioxi'ml by I 'olumbui, ill I4ui. 
The Hpaiiianli nri' mtirrly nuwiert iit 
It, ha«iiu| •'tiirpatcd tlir natlvw. Ilv 
pniitii«' it tiigiiri an ei, KinneT, conia, 
wiM einnanioii, and very tind tobicM, 
palled hy the Hpanlardi ('Imrrut. i'lr 
true plantatiuiu are aU WMinnnl to thr 
hrauiiful plaint of llavaunab, and 
even ihne are not what they mlfbt \*. 
Thit itIaiMl waa taken by tba KnRlldi, 
in 17(11, hut rettand by the peaaie lA 

CUBA, or A1.CUHA, ■ town of 
PnriinaKin Akntejo, Mmltat H by K 
ol Kvora. W km. 7 10, N lat. 3M 0. 

cUBAta'A, a hwren iiland of » 
America, bi-twrra iMt of Margarelta 
aiiri IVrra Firma, where the Mnudardt 
in ISOM, niaMithed a Hihery ol'raub. 
W km. J4 30, N lal. 10 If. 

CUBAN, a ri»er forimd by the JMBO 
tioii of ninny ttreamt iImi rite in dw 
eoiintrin bitwren the Hkak ara mi 

!■ niiiniry of Atla, in the RoarfaB pre' 
. iiK* of Tat!rieii ) boureW on «ho W 
\iy the tea of Aiaiih s on da N by da 
i.v«* Don, whiab arparataa Ir ftora 
' Kuropei on the E by the Uetrrt of Ai- 
tnMvai and on the S by the river Cu- 

CUDDALORE, a town oa the eoait 

of Ouromandel, brkniKing to the Knr 

lith, very near the ulace wh«r« Fort 

St. DuvM once stood. It it 40 miki S 

of Mitdrai. K lim. 7U 4i, N kit. II 41. 

CUDDAHA, a town of the penintn. 
hi of HiiahxHtan, leated on the Fkn- 
nar, OJ mlh^ W by N of iti entrawc 
at Oangapatnam, into the bay of Ben- 
nd, and 140 NW of Madraa. E km. 
n 47. N lat. 14 3. 

CUISNZA, t town of Spain, in New 
Cwtih-, with a Uthop'i tee, on the ri- 
ver Xuear, 74 mik-i E by 8 of Madrid. 
W hni. 1 5J, N tat. 40 7. 

CULKMBACH, a town of Franco- 
nia, capital of a marKravaie of (he 
aaw name. It it teateiTon the Moinr, 
M mikn M« of ::amber(. K kNb ll 
33, NltLMU, „_, ,. 

CULl'.M>iKRO, a town of Dutch 
OiMMerknd, on the river Lack, M 
milct SB of Utrecht. E km. < M, N 

tot. »l »». , . .. . 

CULIACAN, a town of North Ame- 
rica in MexifO, capital of • provioae 

Send of 

bt.*4 0, 

Kith a b 
km. ID 1 

of Baiifl 

in IX»« 

three ni 
duke of 


the aau 



the eon 

IX. M 


it well 
the nil 


thi u 
SW » 
it unit 



im 1 



( "» 1 


rViriifai. M •!« Ow «)ndw*nl ptMatp^- 
It wai liimmrnl hy I'tilumbui, in I4ui. 
'The HiMiiianli nri' nilirrly niatl«r» iil 
it, haviiiK •"iiirimtnl tlir iHtlm. Ihr 
prariiin II Migiu — n m, l^nun, tttraa, 
wiM ciniMniuii, u)d vnrjr iumI Mtaano, 
<^IhI hy (hr H|iwiianli nnrnn. Tlr 
triK plMitMiinw are til •onfliml to the 
htiuiiirul plaiiM of IbvMirails ami 
rvm ihMf «r» iiol «** th«f mt(bt l«. 
Thia iibuMi wm taken bjr tba KnRli^. 
in 17«l, hul miami b)r ttm |ww« lA 

CUBA, or AIXUHA, ■ M«n of 
PnriiMBl, in Aknttjo, M mltot H hy K 
or Brora. W Ion. T 10, N lat. 3H 0. 

CUDAca'A, a huran iilanl t4 % 
America, Irtwrm inat of MargarMta 
and rerra Flrma, whrrr the MpMihr^ 
in IMN, ntaMiiht'd h tiihrry <ii'r«urk< 
W km. J4 .10, N lai. 10 \t. 

CUBAN, a rivi-r fiH-nad by U» Jua* 
tton of many atirann ihat rtw in Ihr 
HMintrin bitwmi ilw Blaak In ■■ 


In wiiniry of Atia, in the Rmrital pi» 
I it«* of Taurica 1 boumW on the W 
by th* m of AmdU s on tha N Iw <!■ 
I i;««r Don, whUb irparalM l' ftora 
' Barcjwi on the B by the Awrt of A* 
nwani and on ibe S by the river Cu- 

CUDUALORE, a town <m the tomt 
of Curonundel, brkmRins to the Ko^ 
liiib, very near tlw wlace wh«rB Fort 
St. Duvid oner lUiod. It i> 40 mil« S 
oT Madru. K km. 7U 45, N hit. 11 41. 

CUDDAf A, a town of the penimii. 
hi of Hiiahmtan, aeated on the Pen- 
nar, OJ mlh^ W hy N of iti enlrawe 
at Uanaapatnam, into the bay of Ben- 
at, and 140 NW of Madnu. B km. 
78 47. N (at. 14 3. 

CUICNZA, t town of Spain, in New 
Cwtlh-, with a biihop'i we, on the n- 
rcr Xuear, 74 mik-i B by 8 of Madrid. 
W knk I ». N bt. 40 7. 

CULRMflACH, a town of FraiwO' 
nia, ca|iiial of a inargravaie of the 
Mane naine. f * ii Katnlon the Maine, 
M miki :<U of i^amtaerg. C kNk U 
33, N bt. » u. „ ^ J. 

CULk'.MilKHO, a town ofOuleb 
Onekferknd, on the river Uck, rt 
inilet SB of Utrecht. E km. « U, N 
lat. 51 IS. 

CUUACAN, a town of North Ame- 
rl«^ iu Modao, capital of ■ provinv 

•TthcMiMBMne. It ia oppoailB the 
S end of CalUbrnio. W kiik 10 11, N 
ht. *4 0. _ . 

CULM, a town of Weatim Pniaau, 
with a bWup'a air. Ii i< «Ht»l near 
Iha VlatuU, M mik-a M uf Daiittic. k. 
km. ID 30, N lat. 13 t4. 

l'UU.KN, amall town on the cooat 
nf BanllUlire, 40 mikt N W of M*T- 

cilLLITON, a town of Knaland, 
in IXvanablrr, altuaied on the CiiHy, 
17 nuk* NK of K.»eter, and I J4 W by 
» of London. W km. 3 0, N tot. M 
40. . , 

CULIXJDF.N. a vllUitr in Scotland, 
three mika E of Invrmraa, the 
duke of Cumbrriand ipdnni a ikriaivr 
victory ovrT the rvbtia, in 174^. i 

CULmoHK, a town of Ii-rland, in 
the Munty of LondoiakTry, aeaird on 
Ihr coait of Loughfoyk:. W Ion. 7 3, 
N lat <• •. 

CULPEPPKH, a poat town, and the 
raaiul of Culpepper eminty, Virxinia. 
» mlln N ol Oranie Court.houw, 45 
NW of rmWidubura on the Rappa- 
iMaiae. HtlTa ftom Waahington. 

CULROM, a henwiih in the fVilh 
ontrthiiii a traat of country between 
CkMkiMunanaliin and KinnMMhirr, 
which ii rMkoawd an anpanidafe of 
ihecoanlyorFWtK W tan. 3 34, N 
lit. M4. 

CUMBSRLAND, a conntv of Bar 
lanLhaunM on the N by bcMlaral; 
on the B by Northumherlaiid, Dur- 
hmi, and Weatmoicland : on the S bv 
UocaAirc, aid on the W by the Iriah 
Sea and Soiway Frith. The kmth 
fhm N 10 S may anwunt to 51 milca, 
but the breadth doci not eteerd 40. It 
ii weM watered with rlver^ lakei, and 
fountain^ but none of iU atiaann are 

and howMM oa the B nd N h; *• 
ataip of Atoiiaahuaetti. Popabuaa 


eiaiaidaruhk' rai*" uf miHintaiiia m 

Ih.' United SUU'a, but the |r«at hcdr 

of Iheni ia ailiiatrd in thcaiaie of Te» 

neaarvi running through the whole 

emrnt of lhat atale fVom W lo E about 

.150 niika. , 

CUMBERLAND, a poat town of 

Maryland ami capital of Alkrgan* 

county, w«« Br»i n-ttkid in 17lu, and 

i. ailiwu^ <Hi tin' N aitk of the Ponw 

mac, at theiiMHiiliof Will'acrerh. It 

nmlaiiia a louri-luMW, a Koinan Co- 

llwlie church, •idI Melhodia* nie»'.iii|- 

houae, a chunh (or (Vriwn Luthe- 

riana, and ahum 100 dwriliiiKa. It I* 

I4U niik?» W of BalUuMire, and U« N 

W of Waahingtun. N tot. 30 37, W 

I km. 7« 57. 

CUNNINOHAM, the moat norther- 
ly diriakm of Aynhire. Tha NW an- 
gle of iWa diatnct, though nMMmta » 
Ma, affbrda rich paaturogr. Ila chiaf 
town ia Irvin. . , _. 

CUPAH, a royal borough of Flfl*- 
ahirv, and ihr county town. It to aeol- 
cat in a rkh vaUT", on the N aWe cT 
the Kden,eigbt mllea WSW of Bl. An- 
divw'a. W W a ». N tat. 50 II. 

CUPAK, in ANGUS, a amall lows 
in ForfiurtMrt!, Soottand, whoUy em. 
pk>yrd in iha maMlheture of Uihb 

CUHRACO A, oniatand oTS Aipi rtao, 
to the N of Terra rirma, auWeet to 
the Dvteh. It it 15 mikt iu length, 
ani la in breadth, and iu trade eoit. 
aiauinaugarandtkiiia. Wtaa.««ll, 
N tat. a M. 

CUROISTAN, a eoantrr of Aaia, 
nalcd between the Turkiaii cnpira 

and P*"»^ •)»■«»»»!« Jir 

coMt oflhe river Ticria, fM«l eampra- 

Kveral minea of buria eatom ii i a r it. 

CUMBERLAND, a targe rivar of 
Ike UniMd StMca, wUeh rim in the 
Cambcrimd oMwrnaim, nd running 
BW thraugb the auta of Tenueaarc, 
(Mnr* Chriilian eounty in Kentuckir, 
nd thenae pamwa a NW count undl 
itunitea with the Ohio. It ia 300 yaidt 
wide at iu mouth, and to navigable by 
hfge Tcneb op to NariniUe la Tcn- 

CUMBERLAND,a towmbipofPn- 
vidcMC ooinitT, Rhode litand, aituMtd 
00 Ike HE lUeof th« fttacket dnr, 

coott ortne nver ticna, aav ami 

bending great part of ancient Aaayi 

CUHIOLA, an toland in the gull 

Ventae, on the eoait of Dalma 




17 15, M 

VCllKV, Oil WW «..« 

about M milei tang. 

tat.3«. ,_ . 

CUS8ET, a town of France, now in 
the deparnnent of Allier, taMly in the 
province of Bourixmnola, IT nukt N 
oTHomane. E km. 4 5, N tat. 46 17. 

CUSTRIN, the oviHl of thu new 
marehe of Brandenbmg, teMtf ai ih* 
oonfluenoe ofthe Oder and Waita. B 
tan. 14 40, N tot. 5S 40. 

CUTCH, a territory In Wndtoaton 
F(op«r, i««il« 00 Uw 8£ «< 8itt7 i 



[ 130 1 

tke K bnuich of the Indus lepmaling 
the two countriei. It extends along 
the N coait of the gulf of Cutch, and 
it WMraied ftom Guitrat by the nver 
Puddir. lu capital is Boodge-boodEe. 
CUZCO, a town of Tcru, formerly 
the reiidence of the incaj. It « leat- 
ed It the foot of a mountain, and is 
built in a iquarc form. It contain" 9 
churchei, awl a number of conventi. 
lu iMuulation is estimated at iSfiOO, 
It is 52 mifcj S of Lima. W Ion. 73 47, 
a lat. 12 0, 

CYN'fHIANA, a flourishing post 
village in Harrisuii county, K^atucky, 
situated in a rich mid fertile country, 
on the N bonk of the S fork of Lick- 
ing river, 24 miles N of Lexinglon 
13 N of Paris, mid 573 from Washuig- 
tun. It contains some woollen and 
cotton manufactories, and tbo<it 400 

CYPRUS, an island in the Mediter- 
ranean, near the coast of Syria. It 
was taken by tlie Turks from the W 
nctiuns in 1470. 'I'lie exports of tlie 
island an; silk, wool, ana wine. Nico- 
sia is tlic capitiil. 

cyn, ST. a village of France, two 
roUes from Versailles, celebratetl for a 
nunnery, limiided by Lewis XIV. un- 
der thepatron^^ of madame d« Maiii- 
taivn. whicti was abolished, daring ttie 

CZXSLAU, a (own of Bohemia, cap- 
ital of a circle of the same name. It 
is seated on tlie river Crudenka, 40 
mifes SE of Prague. £ kuN 15 33, N 
lit. 49 50. 

CZACKTHURN, a strong pl«» of 
Austria, betweai the riven Drave and 
Muhir, 100 miks S of Vienna. £ Ion. 
17 10, N lat. 4A 44. 

CZENSTOKOW, a town of Pohnd. 
!h Craonvia, with a foil. It is wated 
on the river Watte, 50 miles N by W 
of Cracow. E Ion. 19 15, N lat, «0 48. 
CZERCASSL a town of Russia, in 
the Ukraine, with a casile. It is seat- 
ed near iIk Unie)<er, 83 miles SE of 
Kiow. E kin. 3a a, N lai. 49 0. 

CZERNCI, aCowD of Canriola,in 
the circle of Aosirix It is Kmarkable 
for its lake, which is 15 mihis in length, 
•ml 5 in breadth, and prodnoes mli 
•nd com every year; for when the wa- 
ters fall flrom tlie mountain* it becomes 
full, and abounds with Bsh ; and, »t\a 
•oiiie time, it sink* into tiie sarin, and 
tbcu it b wltiTaMd) wd pntlum 


B km. 1 5 0, S Ik, 

grass and oonu 

CZERNIKOU, a town of Russii, 
capittlofa duchy of the same name, 
with a castle. It is seated on the Dei- 
na, 70 miles N by E of Ksow. E Ion, 
31 53, N lat. 51 29. . „ , . 

CZBR8KO. a town of Poland, <n 
the Vistula, 20 miles NW of Warsaw. 
E lon.21 31, N Ut. 5i 26. 

CZONGRODT, a town of Hongary, 
capital of a territory of the same nan*, 
at the confluence of llr Teisse anH 
Keres, 13 miles N of Sugedin. E to. 
30 (4, N htt, 46 3S. 


DABVL,atownofthe Deeeandl 
Hiudflostan, on the coast of Coiv 
can, 75 mikn S by W of Bombay. E 
Ion. 72 50, N Int. 10 0. 

DACCA, a city of Hindoostan Pn> 
per, in the E quarter of Bengiil, silust- 
ed 160 niikx above the mouth of the 
Ganges, and 180 by the road iVoiu Cal- 
cutta, li Ion. 90 25, N lat. 23 55. 

UACHAW, a town of Bavani, 
\\ here the elector lias a palace, with flee 
gardens. It is seated «n a nwunuua, 
near the river Amber. E lou. 11 M, 
X lat. 4H 20. 

DACHS I'EIN, a town of Franee, n 
the department of Ixiwer Rltiae. £ 
km. 745, N lat. 48 35. 

DAFAR, or IKJFAR, a Urm of 
Arabia Felix, seated on a bay of tkc 
uune name, on the SE coast. E ko. 
53 25, N ht. 16 30. 

DAGHESTAN, a province of Am, 
boanded on tlie E by i.<ie Caspian S«, 
on the W by the monnuuiu of Cauca- 
sus, on the N hy Cireassia, and vn tk 
S by Scfairvan. 

DAGNO, a touvn of Albania, vpilal 
of the district of Ouc^!>, with a Iv 
shsp'ssee: seated near tlie c -^ 
<ot the Drino and Nero, 13 niies SB 
of Scutari. E km. 19 39, N lat. 42 30. 

DAGO, or DAGAU, an island in 
the Baltic, on the coast of Livonia, he- 
tweeii the gulfs of Finland and Riga, 
E km. 22 50, N lat. 58 44. 

UAGSBOIIOUGH, a town in Sos- 
sex county, Delaware, lying on Pep- 

E-r Creek, a stream tbbt runs iiito 
ehobmh Hay. It is a prtt town, is 


pal church 

wliich Ho' 
Bothnia, ti 
carleby, it 
scarce infc 
at Lauffen 

(he coait c 
Jail. It is 
though no 
sbuve half 
between 3i 

opposite tl 
length, an 

capital of 
Wraner, J 
£ kill. U 

iini,iiear : 
sad 100 in 
tiin^ abo 
sail lion. 
m their 
and warUl 



the Wb] 

18, N lat. 



, milesW 



I tdoD the 

rircr, op 



<79 ] 



[ IM 1 


grau and oorn. K km. 1 5 0, N In, 

486. „ -r, • 

CZERNIKOU, B tow-n of Humi, 
capitid of a duchy of the same naiw, 
mth«ca«le. It is seated on the Dei- 
lu, 70 miles N bj E of Kiow. E Ion, 
31 »3, N lal. Jl S9. . _ , j 

CZKRSKO. a town of Polmd, on 
the Vistula, 20 miles N W of Wana». 
E lon.21 31, N lat. 5i 26. 

CZONGRODT, a town of Hungary, 
capital of a territory of the same iiau*, 
at the confluence of tlK- Teisie anH 
Kem, 13 miles N of Sagedin. E »». 
30 (4, N htt. 48 3S. 


DABUL.atownofthe Deeean* 
HiudixMtan, on the coast of Con- 
can, 75 miles S by W of Bombay. E 
Ion. 72 SO, N lat. 10 0. 

DACCA, a city of Hindoostan Pl» 
per, in the E quarter of Bengil, situsi- 
td 160 miles above the mouth ol tie 
Oan),-es,and 180 "ly the road from Cal- 
cutta. Klun.90 31, N Iau33 9S. 

DACHAW, a town of Bawu, 
where the elector lias a palace, with flae 
gardens. It is seated on a mauntaia, 
near the river Amber. E lou. 11 30, 
N lat. 4» 20. 

DACHSTEIN, a town of France, n 
the department of I.ower HUoe. £ 
Ion. 7 45, N laU 48 35. 

DAFAH, or I>OFAR, a to-mi of 
Arabia Felix, seated on a bay of the 
same name, on the SE coast. E Ion. 
53 25, N tat. 16 30. . 

UAGHESTAN, a provinee of Ana, 
boanled on the £ l)y the Caspian Sea, 
on the W by the mouutaiiu of Cauca- 
sus, un the N by Circassia, and on the 
S by Schirran. 

DAGNO, a totim of Albania, «piial 
of the district of Duci^h. with a bif 
shop's see: seated near tite 
ot the Driiio and Nero, 13 nriies SB 
of Scutari. E km. 19 39, N lat. 42 30. 

DAGO, or DAGAO, an island la 
the Baltic, on the coast of Livonia, he 
tween the gulfs of Finland and Riga. 
E km. 22 S6, N lat. 58 44. 

UAOSBOKOUGH, a town in S» 
sex county, Delaware, lying on Pep- 
per Creek, a stream thct runs uiio 
Rehobnth Bay. It is a pnt town, l» 
OiM 3 *( tewimwi^ will M4 1^ 

Washington. It conlaim an Episeo- 1 
nal church, and about 30 houses. 

DAHL, the fini'st river of Swedfn. 
which flows through Dakearlia and 
Gettricia, and tails into the gulf of 
Bulimia, to the £ of Oesk;. Near E» 
carleby. it forms a celebrated cataract, 
kcarce inlerior to the fall of the Rhine 
at Lanffen. 

UAHOMY, a kingdom of Africa, on 
ihe coast of Guinea, to Uk N of Whi. 
ilsli. It is supposed to reach tVom the 
jMMoast about 500,or 800 miles inland, 
though no Kiiropean has penetrated 
sbove half the dutanee ; the capital, 
Aboraay, lies about 99 50 N tat. and 
between 3d and 4th dec. E km. 

OALACA, an istaudof the Red Sea, 
opposite the coast of Abex, 72 mile:, in 
length, and U in httaAth. 

DALEBURC, a town of Sweden, 
capiul of Dali^ seataid on the .Lalfe 
Winner, 90 mile* N of Gottenbiui!. 
£ Ion. 11 59, N lat. 58 .11. „ > 

DAUSC ARUA, a province of S^e- 
itm, near Norway, 175 mile* in kngtb, 
nd 100 in hieadUb Uisfuilof n^sbn- 
ttioL abounding in roiqea of copper 
snl lion, tamfi of which are of a pro- 
digiout depth, lite towns are small i 
aid the inMbitanli are rough, robust, 
and warlike. 

OALLA, • province of Sweden, 
hounded on Ae M by DolecarUa, on 
tbe E b)i M(cmKtand and Uke Wen- 
iier,iwtbcB bgr OoMdandiand-oo tha 
H by MMnArf and (he sea. 

DALKEITH, • iswn in Bdinbngib. 
Oice, 6 nilet SE of Ediidiurih. 

DALMATIA, a country oTKuNpe, 
ftnnerlyakiiMdini. Itiabpundedon 
iteNI^ Bastia.onthe SbytlKnilf 
ofV«niee,ontiieJCIn Berm, «id«B 
ihe W by Craatkk It is tHvided into 
VenetiaDiTurkiik, Wagnian, aad Htn* 
prian DalnuMia. 

DALTON, a town in f irihite, 
snmilnNNWofLondaD. Whm.3 

DALTON, a port «>wmUp of Maa- 
■cKowtta, in Berkshire County, U5 
miles W by N of BoMon, uid 189 NB 
cf WadriaMob. Fnyuladon 779. 

DALTGW. ■ pott township of New 
IbonpsUre, in Cooa county, atoa*- 
HoDtke B banker Ike CwmeetwiK 
linr, apposite C«oeoi4L in Venaont, 
■at i64 miles (Whs WatUngton. 

DAMA$CU8,now called SHAM, an 
McMciir or^riivito flmoT vUcfc 

ia m tfttt iware, each nfc bein( a 
mile awl • half kmg. They hwe k> 
vcral manuibcturesjiipong which, that 
of satarei. and kriive* has been niMt 
famous. It has an archbishop's sei^ 
and contains great numbM-s ol Cbria- 
tians u<d Jews. It stands on ilie river 
Barida, 113 miks S of Antioch, aiid 
112 NB of Joiualem. B I6n. 37 0, 5 
lat. 33 45. 

DAM, a town of the United Pr»> " 
vinces in GroninKen, sitoafad on the 
Duuster, 3 miles from the sea, and If 
SW of Kmbden. E Ion. 8 48, N laU, 
53 22. 

DAM, a town of Prussian Pomei-v 
nia, situated on the Oder, 10 miles SE, 
of SteUn, E km. 14 50, N lat. 53 31. 

DAMAUN, a seaport of the Deccan 
of Hindoostan, at the entrance of the 
gulf of Cambay. B km. 72 25, N tat 
20 90. 

DAMAR, a famous town of Arabia 
Felix. E km. 49 25, N tat. 18. 

OAMGARTIR, a town of Swedish 
Pomerania, situaiM on the Reeknil^ 
18 roUM VT of Stnliuno. £ Ion. 19 
57. N fat 54 18. 

DAMIETTA, an ancieni and rich 
town of Egypt, sealed at one of tba 
eastern nwmbs of tin Mile, with a gqoa , 
harbour. Tbe port of Oaniietu la 
constantly filled with a multitude ot' 
small boats and vesiek. 

D AMIANO, ST. a town of Italy, in 
Montserat, 18 mitea W by N of Vcr, 
ceili. E km. 8 o, M lat 4f 33. 


aied on tha ataud between Sl^s ani 

OAm. a rivar of North Carolina, 
which rising in the state of Virginii^ 
rum in a sei^emine course near tha 
line wUdi divides the twoslatea. Near 
MeddeidmrgiCfiiUsinlo the river Ro 
anake, and loiei itt name in thkt of 
the greater stroauu 

IKbiBUKT, a viltage in Eiwx, situ • 
BtB on a UH, Otc niiks £ of Cbeln» 

DANBURY.apoM town of Fair> 
field county, Ccmieetieut, 10 miles N 
of RUgeOM, and about 33 NW of 
New Haven. This town and a taiga 
quantity of lailitary •torn kidged 
wire were bomt by the Britiah tnwpa 
in 1777. ItliavSmikiNEarWaiW 
ington. PopufrtiaB 3M8. 

DANBT, a town in Ratland eountr, 
Ttaraeat, « lailei S tf Butkad, SI K 

mmmmtm "" 



199 1 


mtln NW orMartliunberlanl,nd ITS 



of Mnrt^ 

^ANGBH, I8I.E9 OF,*ree iitand. 
tn'ilw S Wirille Owm, wen by eoro- 
nodoreBmnlnlTOC., , „___ 
DAN-rtIC, the <!«pi«« of Weilern 

Prutihu (tanrnKli on ■ bfWich of (lof 
ViMb, abant fcor mite *o»e wherj 
it ftlbiBU tlw Biitiei in Blpn-lo 
3«, N lit. M M. Thu oty M ftn>iK.« 
in biitory on naOT '^i»^l^^"Z 
hrlr that of iu bang flirmerly at the 
Imtdartbe Hameatie aanciaiMin, com- 
nonlyealled the Hw»<owmjlt lo.t 
it! indepeuienee, and wa» ftfced «o 
«.bSr»£ kj« of p™»-. *•»; 

U»». ItwUkBrfmuehbythetagwar 
in EoropSJ an* wnj oMnpe' »' 
nmc lime by a JWd* V^^JS^J^ 


^SSaA^wSwO MW of Wj«a*. 

I9pe. odled (lie I»w «» * «~'^?' 
It rim at " — *"'"'' 
and flowt 

■r, •braMhoftk KentM^ 
I by B ofFrankftart.and BOO 

„ Wnpoo. Itiiaportttja 

■ml eontaim ttl iohablanli, and ha 

U4J«vti«irfBM a town •• •-; — --v 

Ae Mawt rftwtfd en the Jw^*fc« 
40 miletS ., 
from Waihir 


wioB.'8»». ,„ . 

DANVUXE, a port Wwi.rfC.fc. 
douia comity, Vermont. 7 mte Wjc 
South JohiwboryjMid *»» ttom Wa* 

'"^^VILLK, a port to'wTiMp in *e 
NWeomer of Steuben coMntyfNWrt, 
aid MO mite W of Albuiy, 34ft nma 
W«taii«ton. Foputetion SM> fJOt 

It rwiuwi%i«" www- — — 

vUle -T&m, in Se NW eotner rfthe 
townthipTli pleaMitly moated on a 

fiAHRT, a tillage of Unw" **;; 
towndnp, in Delawaio «■■■}]'« ■■■ 
rtaM of Tennwlvaida, *»« « * 
E 4ie rfParby eia. T ilw »«? 
pUMelpida. E km. ftom WaAnr 
ton I 44 M, N tat » M T._ 

nAHBY CREEE, a uBw fy * 

the Betoto, in Ohiik ,I« 2I!L'iJ5?i, 
derhi««A«< of r» iJte ft«ittWW« 


There ii a tetrianent on t|e hart* * 


thi« eraelc oCtha ■ 

tin Mat. 

nntkeUngen, in S« 
.„ — - NE by Ulm; .«™ 

«imity * '""' *" ' !!!i y*S'LSS£ 
an the NW. _ftp«»*i",I^ mSm^ 
Mkmal ehiiittl**. aid 313T lOhan- 

•r Oil town 5. ftrmedby a ermunua- 
tionrfthe prineipal igeet of Sotej. 

DANVhSIe, a'jMH .town qfTte- 
nrlrania aoanty, "^fl^^f^^ 
tbe Dan riwr, a »»«*«' *M& 
anoke ! here it a poK ofllae, 311 mlla 


CnXK <H,**B HIB* ^^?^^ -* - 

40. It ha> a PK*y«**^,2?^ 

miteNW ftomChi; 
,_ . W of OoluiBbiu, aid 

9AIU>ANEt£te, two »rtte «f 

Tmtoy.oi each lUe the •»'<>'( >? 
I^St^ now S^t rf Oallipoli, die 

(he one !• ««IN 8«SV«t!*lSii 

At the latter. *B « argae« * jljng 
aJOn ftom CoMlaaitiiople an Mt* 
3ntat98 30,Nlat.46«. 

DAMEM, a riWT and »w<« • 
America, in Tern IW, i*w« * 
ride dK piUTineec rf DanCD aMi C» 

S^^Atoothenameof an kttiiMJ 
dStJota* M and S AH>eric% ofied te 
MhnnuofUricn. I«*br««U>uart 
rtweeo mite ; and hrt-g« the torn 

rfyirlo Belhi, CB 4e -tdf ofM.^ 

Iand the town of Panama oB tne rw 
Ac (X«B,it •;«..» « «^te. to IW 

■ Mtlenen 
law. Thii 

•ea, If rai 
-and 14 


eoonty or 
the river f 
Tea. Da 



ialo Ae 


lad oik the 
(lainw ' 





iraiti. N 



«rr, m 

wHfX Imi 


Art, Ml 

» 1 


mtin NW orNartbanberlanl,na ITf 

Dido ri' 
40 miiaS 

or, • bnoMh or Ik KcntMkr. 

, _ S bT B of Fimklhrt.tnd 800 

f„„n WiAingioB. Ith • F^ "*■ 
■ml eonttim ^ i>MI■*¥!'^.*'!l^ 

■ PmbytcriMi emnn. N ht. 37 30, 

DAMVUXE, > pott «"*» "fSr-J 
dwte countr, Vermont. 7 ml"* J» «« 
South fchiwboryjMnl M» ftwn Wak 

"?S5iVlLLB, a poit towTiMp In *e 
NW eorner or8t«iVn.coiinty,NY«k. 

■rilMO mila W of AlbMi>v34ft fimi 
MrMkii«ton. Population SM> iMO? 

It rwiuwi%i«" www- — — 

*Uie fillaip, in & NW cotner of tke 
lOwnthipTli ple»M>tly nloated «n i 

SahBT, a tillage of lower !>■*;; 
towmhip, in IMawaie «aaMr« ana 

PhiladelpUa. E loo- «lw» Wo*u|^ 
ton 1 44 M, N lat » M T._ 

nAHBY CREEK,* «*«««T« 
the Sdoto, in (Miiik ,«. 2"* "JarT. 

40. It ha» a PK*y«*«*!»,5??5S 
SUe, auditV nUe> NW ftom Cfa- 

Tutay.oB each lUe the •"•'«>( I? 
l^St^ now SHtrait of OalKpoU, Ae 

the one M eallrf8etl«,.iea««*Jn «* 
aeocfcr, . 

Abydoi,iw Mal^ 

America, in Ten* /3[n^^*SV« 
ndeOepruTineetafDariai "fj^^ 

,«»e™u^liSSS naine of ai» kflma 
Stjota* N aa< S AHierta% (^ ^ 

SvTeo milei ; and bet-<«eB the torn 

„ and the town of Panama oB me ran- 
ftr<XwB,itho».»STBata. In|«» 


I 123 1 


■ Mtknem OB the NW pouit of the 
gidfof Dari«ii,*iidtook |w««onm 
logo, nk ooiony wa» numtl bjr the 
dwwAd oaitkiUtjr of WUIiam Ul, and 
theJcahMuy ^the Bngliih nataDO. 

oSbIeN, a poit town of (Monte 
ialMMoih couil;,ntuattdonahigh 
Sii^lSuK onth.- N bank of Abrt» 
mli nwlr, which diKmbasun iu wa- 
ten Ihnwrii Doughbay tound into the 
«, l« rain diMuittoii thebar the 
imdiorwMtraUfoet attbe hiwnt 
tifiTaAne ipaSiMMaiwfaoraiK within 
I«nl M feet drau^t to thr town. 
Daricn aootaiiit, a nt^tbytenan dnuch 
■d ISO iohafaitanu, haU'of whom ar« 
Haebt, It ii U miin saw of Savan- 
Hh, aid TSl 8 by W of Wariiington. 
M ht. 31 M, W long, from Waihingtoo 
4 3f 4, and fVom Uivenwicfa II 30 4. 

DARKINO, or DORKING, a town 
ia Surry, 13 ndha SW of Uaidon. 

OARUNOTON, a town in the 
oounty ofDwham, KBied ina 6at,an 
die river Skeme, wM4i (bUi ioto Ae 
Ten. DarttBKtoa iiSSt miles N by 
W of London. 

DARMSTADT, the capital of the 
Imdnante of Hene Oarmttadt, has 
anod eoDege, and is swled on a nver 
aftfae anw name, 10 miles NW of 
mmitt- V^ •«. " l«t. 4» 43. 

DA&T.B rirerm De»ans!ure,whleh 
lim at thlibot of paranoor Hilk era- 
MS Dartmoor to Ashburton, and fklU 
ma the Bi%lish Channel, at Dart- 


DAVinORD, a »*t> in Kent,sM- 
Miaik the Oaivnt, not I'ar mm iu in- 
dui inv^ the Utainn. It is 10 miks 

EbySofLobJon. ^.„ 


DARTMOUTH, a township of 
Mssmiliinnlli in Brittol eounty. It 
k situated on the NW ■JsofBoi. 
xHd'«har, about 78 miks 8 of Bosion, 
mt 451 ME of Washingtoo. It is a 
post town, and conlams 3»1» tohahs- 
Snti. N tat. 41 37, Who. JO »». 

DAVENTRY, a eorponte tmm in 
Kordian^taaahire, 7t milea NW of 

DAVID'S, ST. a city in r*mtaote- 
iiir, soModin a hanen soil, jm the 
itier Den* ioniteliraii^flrQm these*. 
*s«*. Ufa M5 man W by N of Lon- 

DAVID, fort ST. an AicM 
ftsiM «IM ««■« tfCarapaW. It i* 

flo ndks S of *;n St. Ocorge- B !«■> 
7v 44, N >-><. :i SO. , . 

DAVM' arm of tte 
sea between Oreeutand and N iUnt* 
ea, disoirtred by captain Datris. In, 
IfO^wtai he endeaTouKd to And out 

DAUNToumi of Germany, in the 
ekctaraw ttfTieres, U mUes N« 
MontRoyaL . 

DAX, it ACQS, ssiancient towinrf 
France, in the department of I«nrtea, 
S4mih!*NEaf Bayonne. WLao.iqt 
N lot. 43 4S. 

DAYTON, a post town, and capital 
of MonlKomery county, Ohio, '•««'*: 
ated on Sini^An, "^"S* 'i'J 
the Great Miami, immediately behiw 
Ibe confluence of Mad nver, and 
about a mik betow the 8W branch. It 
contains, a court house, jnl, a roetho- 
dist meeUng house, an f$^y<» 
public library^a tamk, and about SM 
uiiiabitanls. This town is dlsunt «S 
miles fnun Cincinnali, 7« NW of CU- 
licoihr. and S81 from Washington. 

DEADMAN's-HEAD, a cape i* 
Cornwall, between St. Maw's and 

I DlSiD SrA, a lake of Palestine, 
into wUcb tht rirer Jordan runs. It is 
70 mik*hng,and Mbnad. It ohoun^ 
in bitumen, and is supposed to be the 

OJLALfH seaport in Bent, situMe* 
on the straits of Do»«r._ <^^*»! 
about (000. Between Ihb pbce and 
the Oodwtai Sands, are the Downs, 
where the lUps usually, ride at th^ 
leaving or coming uMo the risw 
Tbam^ ItU7mnesS1»BofSan^ 
sriieb, and 7S E by 8 of Laadaa. B 

DEAN, a town m GhwcesterahilC. 
V is IM ndles WSW of l«rfon. 

DEBBM, a river in Satrolk, whidi 
riws near Dthenham, and cxpanda 
into a hmg narrow «rm of the Ger- 
ran Ocean, a little to the N of Har- 
wick. . „ _ _ 

DEBENHAM, a ton of SuflbBi 
84 miles KB of tondMC , . 

DECCAN. an extensive tract of 
eouBtry of Asia, which, inlts iRost ra- 
tensive sigoiAcatian. the SooA, n> 
eludes the whoJeMjnsuh 8 of Hm- 
doostan Proper. However, «» its orfi. 
nary acccntation, it Weam old) the 
eountries Auaicd betw(«t Hindoosnn 
Pnpcr,tlw CamMk md Ot&iM, tfe^ 

' ,. 


f !«* 1 


■I the nroTinea of CindeUb, Dowtata- 1 
tad, Yiiiapaur, Gotaaodi, mil the W 
BUtot'BcTW. It b hounded on the N I 
bjr the rircr Vterbudd*, by Bengal, and 
^Bahar; andiherimr KiitnaflinM 
iti irparation on tk) S, (Voin the pen- 
imula of Hindoottan, 

OECISBt an ancient town of the department of Nievie, 
•eated in an iiland formed br the 
lioiiv, 14 milei 8E of Nevert. B Ion. 
4 31, N ht. 40 W. 

DECKKNDOKF, a town of Lower 
Bavariai waied near the Danubts 37 
Bikf SBofBatiibon. It waa tdien 
in the Swedea in IMI. E Ion. 13 iB, 
N lat. 48 4t. 

DEUDINGTON, a town in Oxflied- 
■hire. It it 70 nilei WNW of London. 
vr Ion. 1 12. N lat. fas. 

DEDHAM, a town of Korfolk 
aountjr, Matiaelivietta: ntoatal on 
<ke S litk- of Charles tiyer, 10 milet 
ftom Boston and 4«1 Ihim Wadiing' 
ton. It ii a poat town, and eoniaint 
S173 inhabitami, thiee congregational 
ahurehea, an epiaeopal church, a court 
houiie and jaiU 

DEK, a rivvr ol N Walet, which 
riaea in Merionethihire, in N Waka, 
and runs E to the bordi-ra of Denbigh- 
•hire, where, tumlng N, it washea the 
walh of Cheater, and then falls faito 
the IrisMiea. 

OEE, a river of Seothuid, which 
rises in Aherdeenahne, amid the moon- 
taina of Mar Forest, and flows through 
a wild coiiiiiry till it n-aches the fei^ 
tile vale of Brae^nar, whence it pro- 
aceds in an easterly direction to Afaer' 
4een, below wMeb it falls mto the Bri- 
tish Ocean. 

DEE, a river in Scotland, which 
riart in the N W part of Kirewttariebt- 
•hire, and Joining the Ken, below New 
Oalioway, Mh into the Irish Sea. 

DEEPIKO, a town in Uneolnshire, 
9u milea N of London. 

nEERFIBD RIVEB, rites in 
Bennington connty, Vermont, and 
paites into JtosaaekMetts, it then 
winds in an mbcction, and empties 
into Coitn^cut riven between the 
tawntU^ Of OfeenAeld «ad Deeifleld. 
The panage of thia river through the 
anoiiiitaina ia tingular and romantic. 

DEEttFIELD, a pott to«n of 

-Hampshire coun^, MaaiacbuaettB ; ly 

Vgon tie W aide of Oonaeeticut iv 

^ S aalM 8 af ORKnBcM, M KW of 


Bofton, ana 400 NE of Waahingl«i. 
Iteoniaina a caiigreg«ional ehurcV, 
an academy, and 1«70 inhabitalita. 

DEBHFIKU)^ a township of New 
Harapahiie, aitiiated in Hockingham 
eoonty, On the £ tide of Merrimack 
river, and between Candia and Mortlt- 
wood. ItiaSSUdleaWofPartattiouth, 
and «43 fVom WaaUngton. Vopula' 
tion 1151. 

DEERHVRST, ajrHlage S miks S 
of Tewkesbury, in OlboeestershiR. 

DEINSE, or DBYNSE, a town of 
Autlrian Ftandera, seated on the lii, 
tteht miles SW of Ofaeut. E km. « 
39, N lat. *0 59. 

DE KALB, a post townshinof Sc 
Lawrrnce county, New TorU. situa'ed 
on the Oawegatehe river, about » 
miles flnm its Junctfcni 'vitfa the Sc 
Lawrence. II oonlaiuaMt inhaWtania 
and is Si4 inilea ftom WaaMngton. 

DELAWARE, one of the United 
States of N America, ia «« miks kng 
from N to E. 4u nrateat breadth ■>6 
and iu least 10. It ts situatrdbttween 
N lat, 38 39 30 anJ 39 f 1, siidbetween 
W Ion. 74 M and 7« 4^ TMa stale 
is bounded S and W by Marjlaiidi !l 
by Pennsylvania, E by the river and 
bay of Delaware, imd the Atlantic 
ocean. It was flnt setlkd by a cakmy 
of Sw«les and Fins, in 1S27, who 4WIC 
reduced by the Dutch in IMS; an) 
the latta- m a fbw reant,^ter became 
subjrct to the EnrAih. Xn 1810, the 
inliabitanis amout d to 73^74, of 
whoiu I3,13S were fKe bhlcka, ami 
4,177 slaves. The clintate in iMDy 
parts is iiiiliealth)', in consequence of 
the lands being kiwand flat, which 
occasions the waters «o Manale, and 
subieeta the inhabitants to oH diseases 
arismg ftom marsh miasma. A ridge 
or height of land which extends )» 
tween the bays is in this state. It com- 
mend's near the Cyprus Swamp, and 
runs iieariy paraHel with the inden. 
tores of l^ W coast of Delaware bay. 
Many parts of Delaware are well 
adapted to agrieultuM, and wheak 
which is the staple, is enhivBtcd to 
great perfeitioiv Itc manufiMtuR* 
are in a IhMrishiM state and aomeof 
them eitcnaWe. The principal atream 
of water arc Braialywine nid Indian 
I riven; Christiana, Duck, MotherkUl, 
Mis^km, and ntaUtiU ciceks. *v»' 
nl rivers that fall iota Ch a m « « 

1^. whii 
•fork, by 
to lat. 41 

able to 

•boat 5 1 
New Jer 

1S4 1 



[ W5 ] 


Boftoa, ana 400 NE of WadriogMn. 
ItconliriiM ■ caiigre«iHon*l ehurcV> 
m Mademy, anl 1«70 inlMbitldiu. 

DEBHFIBU), > towinhip of Nn 
Hampih*'** ntiiatcd in Hocklngham 
eomity, On the £ nde of Merrimuk 
rifcr, ml between Ctpdia end Jtartlt- 
woai. ItitSfikilnWofPamttMnnh, 
and 543 fVon WMUngton. KopuU' 
tion ISfl. 

DEERHVRST, irUlHie S mil«8 
of Te«knbury, in ORHieeitenniR. 

DEINSE, or UBYNSK, * town of 
Auttriui Flandm, kMkA on the lit, 
eight milet SW of Obeut. £ km. 6 
39, N fcit W «9. 

DE KALB, a port townihinaf Sc 
Lawn-nee county, New TorU. mu'ti 
on the Oiwegatehe river, about «o 
iiiilet flnm it> Junetioii 'vitli the St. 
Lawreme. II oontaiinMl inhataituw 
and ii i24 milet from WwMngtno. 

DELAWARE, one of the United 
SMtei of N America, it 9« milea lon| 
from N to E. lu neateM brendth ■>« 
and iu leait 10. It u «ituatr<lbKween 
N lat. 33 K 30 an.1 39 fl, Bindlietween 
W Ion. 74 J« and 7* 4\ Thi» itaie 
it bounded S and W by Maijlmdi H 
by Penniylvania, E by the ri»w and 
bay of Delaware, and the Atlantic 
ucvan. It wat flnt tettlcd by a coloiqi 
of Swcdet and Flni, in 1827, who «RK 
reduced by tlie Outtb in 1S9«; and 
the lattCT ai a fliw yeant,^ter bc«>ine 
lobjtcl to the Enrtnh. fa 1810, die 
inliabitants amout d to 72fl74, of 
whoiu I3,13S were ttve bHelca, and 
4,177 ilaTes. The climate in iMDy 
partt it unlMadthy, in conaequenee of 
the laiidt being low and flat, wbick 
oecatiom the waten «o Manalr, and 
subjeett the hihabitana touHditcuet 
ariiing fVoro marsh miatma, A ridge 
or height of land which extinidtbe' 
tween the bayt it in thii ttate. It coin- 
menot near tlie Cypmt Swamp, and 
runs iiearly paraHel with the inden- 
turet of l^ W eoaat of Delaware hay. 
Many partt of Delaware are well 
adapted to agricnltui«, and wlieaU 
which it tlK tiaple, it eohifStcd Is 
great perfeition. Itc nianufiHIuRi 
are in a lionridiiM ttate and tome of 
them exMntive. The principal itteam 

Iof water arc Brandywine nid Indian 
riren) Chriittana, Dude, Motiierkill, 
Million, and nnxUtiH cicekt. ikvc- 
ral rifcrt that fall iota ChCHV^w* 

DE1.AWARE, a Titer of » Ame. 
^. whirti ritet in ll* itate jf New 
lork. by two principalWanchet. The 
iSt&»»>ot wA3i h called the 
Hohawli'i bnndi, and the other the 
pboaeknia t Iram the jimcrUn of thoe 
imHM the Ddaware runt a S&eourte 
tDlat.41 *l,fbnninK a partoT the 
boandary between the tutet of liew 
Tork and Penmylvania. Heieittarkt 
Kiddenly to the SW until it pattct the 
Blue ridge, when it again purtutt lit 
Irit eoone to Bordentown ; and Ibea 
windhig to the 8 W it pormetftat 
coufie 10 DeUwsre bay, through wIM 
it Cfflptiet into the ocean. It u nan- 
able lo Philadelphia for a 74 gun 
iCpI for ihiopt to the fidit of Trenton, 
indfcr boau ofs to 10 tont » milet 
Ainher. The whole length of die De- 
hwaie. Avra iu louree to the bay 
ibout 5 milet below Neweattk, it 300 
nilit. It dividet PenmyhaBm and 

"delIKJarB bay, a hay of N 
America, whidi it 00 mdei long ftom 
Oke Henlopen to the enuwwe of the 
rircr Delaware^ at Bombav hook. 

DELFT, a city m Holland. It it 
dan and wclMwUt, with eanali in the 
itteed, pfaniKd on each tide with treei. 
It it leaied on the Setae, eMi nulet 
HW of Rotterdam, and SO SW of Am- 
Mcfdam. Eh>n.4t4,Nlat.n4. 

DELFT8HAVEM,a fortified town 
«r Holland, on the N lideof the Maeie, 
widi a canal to DeltY, he. 

DELHI, a ptonnee of Hindooctan 
Praper, boimM on the HW by L» 
hotToo the MK by SeriBagur, on «* 
B by the RoUOn eouBty. on the S by 
Agim, and on the W by Houhaii. 

DELHI, the capiod of a nnmnee 
«f the tame name, in Hindoonan FrO' 
per, leawd OB the riter Jumna. D* 
fiii 8W milet NMB of Bombqr. . E 
lon.T7 40,Nlet.S8 37. 

DELHI, a pot* townthip, and •■ 
Bilal of Oehnraie county, New York, 
btoalcd on OetawaiG ri»er, ictmw 
Odin SW of Albany, and 3S0 Eof N 
ftsm WaiUngton. FnpnlatioB sspo. 
TfaeTiOweoriMhi, wkieh eaniaiDt 
ihe eowty builfingt, U plewMb 
■atcd indie centre of the towinhip 
at the eonflaence of dK Uttle Del» 

«c,w<didKhner river afthrtwne. 

DELMBNHOfST, a towii of Wet*- 
Italia, in die eorni^ of OdnMhcnt, 
MoB^ to DwaKlb 
h 2 

DELOS, an tyhnd of die ArAip*. 
bum, now called DIU. ItitiixmUea 
hi elTcninflmnee,but now dettitnl* of 
inhabilantt. E km. U «0, N bt. 

37 30. „^„ , 

DBLFHI, or DELHOS, a town «f 
Livadia, tcated in a valley iiear inoinit 
Pamaatui. It wat famoai for tik «(•• 
eleof Apolkh . . _ . 

D«;LTA,e part •'>»»".*»£'. 
betvMcn tin branihec of the Ndt^jM 
the Mediterranean. The aieigita 
called it the iile of DdM, bcoai te ij to 
in dK the ahape of a triangit: like the 
Greek letter «f diat name. hU IM 
mikt ahaig d» coatt ttm Dj;™!«« to 
fchMandria,andTOondie tidet. ftcm 
thb place wl-i« the N'tebegint todi- 
videVielf. 'Iw princii»l townt on 
dweolujuv i>ttidetta, Rotetta, and 

DBitt^i^ a river which riaet in the 
bidiopric of Liege, watera Haaaeh, 
Diett. Siehem, andwt. and Meehhn, 
bekiw which it jObu die Sennr,and 
taket die name ofRaiel. 

DEMERART, a teMVmeutfotiner- 
It bebnging to the Dutch in Gmana, 
w a river (3'die tame aune, 3 haguct 

DVMHIN. an ancient town of Swe. 
diah Pomeianiajin U« duchy of Sietin, 
teated on die river Peen. E km. 13 
as, N lat. 93 5S. 

DEMONA, a fort of Piedment. oa 
the river Stnte. 10 mikt SW at Com. 
F- km. 7 18, N tot 48 18. 

DEN AIN, a village of France in die 
denartment of dK Mordk Ititiraied 
rathe Scheldt eight milei W <rt Vakn- 

DBNBI<}H,die eountjMownof Den- 
bigbtWie, tiraate on die rfde of a ndty 
iSn, on a hnneh of die river Clwyde, 

Walet, bounded on Ae Shy Jfcricne* 
and MowgMCry atajefcontheNb* 
FHnt*S^3d« I«» Sm, ondtej 
by CaenMMB and part of »9enoneA- 
Site. It ii <bMt lonikt hmg, and 

"dENDER, . river or Aiutrian 

lit, which viatert Uuae, Adi, 

OnHnmont, Ninove, and 


let, ^mmuamm'*^ V."^ i? 3 

andjoina the ScheU at Oender- 

DENDERMONDE, a city of Aw 
ttian Fhaden, f^*<TSJ'S^ 


[ W6 1 


Sea*!r iBd ihM, 1« mila W of 
Mechlin. E km. 4 :o, N IM. .<l 3. 

DBNIA,u> aneient uaport ofSiiaiii, 
in Vaknci*. It ii mted M the fbot of 
a nwiintain, on the Mediterranean. 53 
niletEot'Alinnu Elaa.0 3«,M lib 
as 44. 

DRNMAHK, a IcInBdom of Eampe, 
boondnl on (he E by the Baltie Sea, 
on the W and N by Uie Ocean, and on 
the 8 bjr OerniAiy. Ilie country b 
aenenlly flat, and the nil Nnd*. 
The air u rendered fomy by the 
wHghboarhoud of the leai aM tekM. of 
winch it ii Aill, but it hat no condderk 
able river. Denmark, properly n 
aalled, eonniti of Jutnnd, and th<: 
blandi of Zealand and Funen; \r»iA 
the litle itiet about thein. lb an 
actual numeration In 1759, the wbaU- 
lanti were nkl to amount to 3^**J>00 
•out). The produce of Deiuoark oon- 
riiu in i^tch, tar, flib. aO, and deals. 
Coatnhann n the eanital. 

OEKMARK, a fMt towmhip in 
liewii County, Wiw York, situated 
on Black river. 150 miM NW of Al- 
biny, 465 E (if N fiom Wwhincton. 
Vapuiatian 1141. 

DENTS, ST. a Qmwui town of 
France, in the departuienl of Parti, 
Mated on the river Cioald, near the 
Seine, 5 mile* N af parii. 

OENNVSVILI.E, a port town in 
Waihingtoo couuty, Maine, 13 nulea 
NE of Maebias, and 841 of Waihiug- 
ton city. 

DENNIS, a post town in Bonutabk 
toimty, Masiacbuietts, about 8 miles 
ttota Bamstable, 80 SE of Boston, and 
ni NE of Washington. Fopulatioo 

DENTON, the capital of CaroUne 
county, Maryland; stanfing on the 
£ side ofChoptank creek, 37 miles S 
SE of Chestertown, and 104 ftam 
WasfabiMon. It to i post town. 

DBPTFORD, a town of Kent four 
miles E of LoBdoo. B laO. P 4, N lat. 

DBRBZNT, a seawKtM (brt(c« 
of Persia, in the provlnee of Schilrvaa, 
en the Waaaitot'theCamansak It 
u seated at the ftnt of Mount CaiKa- 
MIS. Rh)n.fOO,Nlat4a8. 

SBRBY, the county town ofDeriky- 
e. It is seated on (be OerWen^ 
pvw which is a bindsoaie stone bridge; 
and a brook runs through the town, 
letenl itoueM^tpk Itbw« 

cburchM, «id is lA miles N of Cown- 
try,andlMNNW of London. Wlum 
1 35, N lit. 53 58. 

DERBY, a town in New Havm 
oounty'CoaiMetieut.wiib a postofKui: 
situated an tbr point of land tbrmcd 
by Nauntuvk aiid UonsatoDick ri- 
vers. It Is a post tuwmhip, 3 mile* W 
of N. Haven, aiid 314 NE of WadUn^ 
(sn. Population 1051. 

OEUBY, a post township in Orlcam 
county, Vermont, situatnl on (lie N 

{Ine oi^(he ita(e, and on (lie E side oT 
ake Memphtemagqg, 608 miles fcooi 

DERfiYSHIRR, an Euffliili county, 
bounded on the N bv Yurkibire, ou 
tbifEby Nottinfbamshire. osi iheS 
By Leicestrrsbtre and Warwiekihire, 
on the W by Suffbidihire, and on the 
NW bf Cheshire. It is near 5» nuka 
in kngth flrum S to N ; about 34 in 
breadth on the N side, but on the S n> 
more than six. Its mountains jmU 
gteatquintitiesof the beu lead, ami- 
mony, mm, seytbiMtones, griwivtonci, 
marbte, aliibasier,a eoane sort «f crft- 
td, axure, spar, and plt-aeal. In nai 
mountains are two rehiarkabie cavCTU,, 
named Pool's Hole, and EMc»iIol& 

DEREHAM, a town in NoeMk. 
It is 100 miles NNE of London. 

OERRY, a townibip of WestmorO' 
bmd oounty, Pennsylvania, situated 
between the Kiskeminetas river and 
Lo^alhaimon creek, and oonlainiiif 
S380 inhabitants. 

DERUYTER, a post township in 
the SW catremity of Madison comity, 
New York, situated on Otselic'. creek, 
34 miles SW of Utiea, 130 W of Al- 
bany, and 371 N of Waahingtwi. Fo> 
pubtion 1503. 

DERWENT, a river in Devon- 
shire which rues in the> high Peak, 
pastes Derby, and empties itself into 
flie Trent on the borders of Leiee>te^ 

DERWENT, a nvcr of Yorkshire, 
which riiii^t in the N riding, flows 
Into the Ouse. 

DERWENT, a river of Diirbai% 
which flowing for soofe time tptweea 
Durham and NordMimberlaud, fidli 
iu«l> the Tyne. 

DBRWENT, a river of Camber- 
tand, wUeh Oowinc through the Ukes 
of Derwent water and BassenthwtaC- 
water to Ccfkr -Wtb, <Bt<n Ib^ 
Iran Scs* 

16 1 


ehiwchM, Mid U M miln M of Covtn- 
try,andlMMNWorLiiniioa. Wkm 
1 M, N Isl. «> «8. 

DERBY, ■ town in New lUmo 
eaunt]r<C<Miieetieut,with a imtoflke; 
aitiMlrd on tbr poliu of laiid tiiMiiwd 
by M«ani>.'k aiiil HainuooMfc n- 
Tcn. Itii * iKMt tuwmhip, 9 roilet W 
ofN. Haven, and 314 NK uT Waihiiif. 
Ian. Populatioa SOtl. 

DBHBY, a put lowiuMu in Orlcam 
county, Vrrmont, littutHl on tlie N 

{ine of the Mate, and «■ the E lide of 
like Merophreniagiig, 808 mlkt rraia 

OERBYBHIRR, an Eufflidi eoontr, 
bounded oo Ike N bv YiirkihiK, no 
tWEby Motlinthaauhire, ai tbcS 
By LeicrtimMre and Warwiekihiie, 
on the W by Suffimiihirv, and on thi 
NW by CheiMi*. It ii near 5» mika 
in kngth flrom 8 to N ; about 34 io 
bnMdiboD the N akfe, but on the S no 
more than alx. It« mountain ,ieU 
gicatquantitiet of the belt 'lead, ami- 
mony, mn, Hythe^tonei, gtlnii^iaKi, 
mirbte, alabatter,a ooaiw Mrt vfcrfl- 
td, aaure, tpar. and pitrooal. In OH 
mountaina are two reraarhoNe f«ven„ , 
named Pool'i Hole, and BU(»Hole. 

OEREHAM, a town in Norftlk. 
It ii too mila NME of Londoob 

OERRY, a MwmUp of Wequore- 
tend aounty, Feom)<Tvania, lituatcd 
between the Kldteminetai rirer and 
Loyalhannon cieek, and eomainiui 
S380 inhabiunii. 

OEKUYTRR, a poit townahip in 
the SW atiemity or Madiwn eoomy, 
New York, lituaicd on OtKlic'. ereek, 
34 mik* SW of Utieii, I30 W of Al- 
bany, awk 3Ti N of WMhiii|{t«a 
puhtion 1W3. 

OERWENT, ■ river in Detroo- 
■Ure whtah met in lhe> Ugh Peak, 
puK* Derby, and emptiet itielf into 
oie Trent oo the borden of Leienfc» 

DERWENT, a river of YoriaWr^ 
which ri^ in tiks N riding, flowt 
into the Ouae. 

DERWENT, ■ river of Durban, 
which flnwinflbr noM) tine ^tweca 
Durham and Nortltumheriaud, Mil 
iillD the Tyne. 

DERWENT, a river of CnmixT- 
land, wtich ttowinc throwh the bko 
of Derwent water and BaMenthwhic- 
water to Covler -KMtb, «Bt<n <h^ 
Iriih 8ea« 


[ IV 1 


DBRENBURO. • town rf Uiwer 
Sfciony, in the prinripality of Halbei^ 

•U*''" > « . . • 

OKHNE, a town of Btrbary. It » 
llr capital of a dittrict in Tripoli 
nnvtbe eoaib E Ion. 31 41, N lat. 
30 40* 

UERP, a town af Runia, in the 
uKmment of Riga, wilb a iinivcc 
SItv. II li«-« near the riwr Ainbrc, K 
n^ N'.V of Pikof. E Ion M Ii, N 
IM. 28 30. . , 

DRRWKNT.WATER, a lake of 
Ciunberbuid. in the vale of Keiwick. 
It ii dine inilct in length, and aniik 
and a half whfc. , ^ „ ^ ^ 

DKSIiADA, one of the Fitncb Co- 
rib«!idand«,inthe W Indk* It it 
l« mil« long, and five broad. W ton. 
«1 10, N ht. 18 40. 

OK8SAW, a itrong town of Ocr- 
lumy, iu the circte of Upper Saxony, 
and province of Ibiiiault. It » 37 
miki N of Lcipiic. E Ion. 13 23, N 
lal. 11 13, 

DETHMOLD, a town of Weatpha. 
Ba, on tlie river VVehtra, 15 mika N 
of Pvlorbom. E luii. 8 5S. N lat. 52. 
DKTROIT, a town of N America, 
lituatld in the Michigan Territory, 
on the W lidu of Detroit river 18 
milea N of take Erie ; ami 10 8 of lake 
Sb Cbir. The uM town wat wholly 
dettroyed by flre in 1805. It hataince 
been well bid oot, and conuined in 
1)10, about 800 inhabitanta. Thia 
town ia remarkable for the aurrender 
of an Aaerican army under goieral 
Hull, tolbe Britidi force* under tfii. 
Bniek,onthe 18 Augua^ 1812, It la 
a pott town 58« milet NW of Waab- 
iwton. W km. 83, N lat. 42 22. 

DE TTINGEN, a vUtage of Ger- 
many, iu the territory of Hanau. 
The Franch were here debated in 

1743 by George M. . . . . 

DEVA, a aeaport of Spain, on the 
hai of Biaeay, in the provinee or Gui- 

fan. 1 40, N lat. 43 24. 

DEVENTEH, a dty of the Unitrd 
Froviooea. the eapiul of Overy<ael, 
with a uiavarity. E Ion. S (0, M lat. 

DEVENTO, • town at Bolgaria, 
widi a Greek arddiiahop>a * aeat«l 
OB dK river PaAiza, 6« mlk NE of 
Adriaaonhs. E hn. 37 3S , N L t. 42 33. 

in Bulgaria, not far fVom ibeiec of a 

Greek arehbiahop. Itia aitnated mac 
dw Black Si-a, '08 mika N of Co* 
•tanlinople. E lo.i. 27 22, N Uy 42 2*. 
DEVIZES aborough in Wihs»ld> 
a naiiufacturc of "rgca aiid other 
woolkn atiiffa. It ia 80 mika W of 
London. W Ion, 22. N 20. 

DEVON, a river of Perthdiiif.over 
whieb, in the beauiifid vak "f Gk* 
devon, ia a greai curioiity, calkd the 
Rumbling Bridge. It coniiita of one 
arch, thrown over a hombk chaam, 
worn by the river, about 80 feet deep, 
ami very narrow. 

DKVONSHIRE, an Engliih coun- 
ty, 60 mika long, awl «4 broad. It h 
287 mika ill i-ircMmlen-iice, of which 
iu maritime coaat i» nearly liO milea. 
In iu figure it rcprcteuta a paralkk- 
g'^m. ^ „ 

DKUX PONTS, a town of Orr- 
many, in the palatinate of the Hhinm 
capital oi' aduehy of (he aann- name, 
icaiid on the river Erhach. E Ion. 
7 211, N lal. 40 10. _^„ 

provhicr of rurkey in Ana, whidi ey 
tcndf along the bankaof the ligna 
and Buphratea fVotu NN W to SE, that 
ia, iVain Monnt Taiirua, which diviriea 
itflrom Tui .umania on the N, to the 
inmoit reeeu of the Pertian gulph on 
the 8, about 800 niik-a ; and from E 
to W, that ii, from Peraia on i lie E to 
Syria and the Arabia Oeterta on the 
W, in tome pbieea 200, and in mhcr* 
about 300 mika, but in ihu aouiheru or 
lower paru not above liO, 

DIARBEKIH, the capital of tlM 
above province, it ailoated in a d» 
lightfiil pbtin, on the baiikt and near 
tlie head of the Tigrit, about lii mika 
or U caravan daya journey, NE from 
Aleppo ill ton. 40 iO, lat. 37 35 U. It 
itoneuf the riclieat and mKi iner> 
eantik citiea in all Ik- Aaiatie I'ur^ 
key. Iu ebkf manufacture ia the 
dnsaaing, tanning, and Migof goat- 
■kina, eoramonly calkd Turkey kai- 
DIE, ^ town of niner, in the do- 

Cmment of Drome. E Ion. I 21, N 

DIEPHOLT, a i.jwn of Wattph»- 
lia, capital of a county of the aame 
name, aubject to the eteeior of Ilaoo- 
ver. K ton. 8 4i, N lat. 52 36. 

DIEPPE, a town o«' muKe, in the 
department of Lower Seine, aitua«ed' 
on liw HugKib CtamWl It taV«* H 

tm I »«• 5 


^ - - tkr MB* ikMwe fVon 

KiSbMW. »»•*"• . ..■■■ 
Mi AhMOKDT, . 5«; J»J*!S 

M _^ A„.»i«> Br* H«««y»'*- U»«*«ei»U«IIB 

"iiFST • town of Amtrtan Br» 

"dSuZK « town of I'w-'i'f.te 
Wuich nit. H • "«'«^ 2* i* Tii' I 


^ nl^GHTOH. • town in tto counjr 
Srd dheW li^ of T.uBt<m ri«r. 

nir.WAH • town of Veiwtim.I* 

Bto,,. U (, K bit- « >£: ,„*rt_ 

d^rtromtofth. U.WW Aim. I«»J 

^^Diitrt •««««>. Eton. iT, 

», N tat. *»_«.•. 

Frith of Cnwiortj, " ■•'",,^1^ Se 
(ownofCiomart). Nw Kniwo" 

_!^iu^ AlbHMurle mmd. 

w cnuB<i<»> .-- ' ■ DISH. ■ town "","'?:v-:.^: J 

mir. M inu? 5,'* aurjiuiTi. I ton. 1 9, H !•«• ••.»*• . 


S^. M*roilerNW Jtopurg. 


V^DlAirr, •*»!» of FmieB, now 


■ town of H 
Hue** po 
ftom WtiMni 
mmiln Ww 

oTFnMce, ii 
par Mmho. 
wIhWH bei 
bntk Rial 

rim in thr ij 
ind fliiwiiia 
mteri il» 1 
anuri OCX 
inly once in 

ri«in Oil 

tia, dWlin 
loalon R01 
hf, and hai 
into the I 
moath,or I 


ilbt >AM 



Vimila, 14 
ioi. ffi. I 

n^ilh of t 


girt miir 
4 U, ft lai 


tnl Provii 
Htm the 
gbni. B 

I ilie UiTil 
\tl» mm 


I "><M, ea 

VIM. 43 




ion. 4 M. N ■*■• N ". . 

^"SaliT W to- »«•>"*• 

DtHCHVRCH,* »««!fL'"H'£|*'5 
5JS^ Manh. 'n I. *« «»"" «■ 

»B of SurfMH. «•««< " *«^'5 

sSs-^rtSbSS »i-i.>o 

Frith of Cnwmrty, " "■•"l.^" Se 
J^n of Citwwrty. New «♦ nn-«« 
!?_M rji«i>l. Iwadiu •" I*"***"'! 

gamiActwcl uf w*****?! ""HUTO 
CS;^ ttin*. It •» w "*» * 2 


! i« 1 


ta^l4 5T. 

, town of lUntoyk noimtT, M«liie; 

ftSwM«n^ PopuUlkil. 337. 
BOXMUnii, • town of Aiutrtan 

" DlZISa. ST. • eonJkwble town 
nfFnMce, in the depertmeiit of Up- 
1 Ntaie, «««l mT the Jtarn^ 

iMik R Ipii. 4 54. N tat. 4« H*- , 

DMIRpSb. "neiethly the Borij- 
tkmn. ■ Wfc ri»«' of Hm»i». whleh 
rim in the Bwernment of SmotajJro, 
ind flowiiiK in • toatherly dirrenon. 
!pttn tV^taek 8e« between Cher- 
wniniOeMfcow. Iti naetatlon .) 
giih onee intemiptHi bf ertwieti. 

IJNIESTKH, ■ ane rwer •Wrti 
ri« In Griiei., in \.u«Ti« Potad, 

i, tk« lepanitet "rtWtlHj _««™J*« 
■ml«n Kovernment ^ CMhwiam* 
W, ind h»vin« watered Bender, thlh 
hto the Bl«ek 8e«, hAween the 
roooth,of the Dnit^ iOi| the !>► 

"doBKLIN, a tflwn of .Cou*^- 
flmiletaWeVlOttau. E km. S3 39. 

DOBRZm. • town of Polmrt in 
)MHta, capitd of* territory of the 
iMT name, aeated on a ruck near tl^ 
Vutwla, 14 mileiNWof Ptoeluka. E 
toa-ffj. »• h«. M 54. 

DOTKUM, a town of the Uniteo 
P>«vim«,*ii W Fn"ta«d. at the 
nJMith of the rivtr Ee. ten mlw '•'•; 
I oTUwiMen. K Ion. « 41, N lab 93 
IS, -^ _j__ 

DOSL^townpf Dm* »»•'*"' 
ulSTriVcr SeheMi. oppoiife Lillo. 
niat Ddln NW of Antwerp. E »n. 
4lJ, $lat.»t iTi -j_,T_t 

DQESBURO, a town of the UnJ- 
MdProvinee^faatpheju Itl««at. 
fd«i the I«i, l«n mSiet »^)f »"• 
■km. B Ml. ( 36. N tat. 43 a. 
^M»3AbO,i provinfc "Of Italy, in 
ibe un-ritory of Vcniw. It f^T^ 
htah niimr wnall ldnd> nnr l«< <*»- 
D6U;Bi<i)l%, a town of Hed- 

t mfflt, with a 

noi.R, • »own of Franaa In »ta 
department of Jura, teated on the rk- 
verDaiib<,S9 mikt 8W of BcHneoit. 
Elon.5 38, Nlat.4Tft. . 

PCLEOR1.1.Y, a town in Meno- 
m-iMMrr. It it «««"•<»** "J* 
Anm, in a rah- to ealled, and at the 
(hot of the Rreat rojk Caaer-ldnt} 
which it extfeowljr high. IthMagond 
manufteture of Wei* aotto^ and i« 
J09 mUe> NW of London. W Um. 9 
48, N tat. J» 4t. 

UOMAZLIE, » town of Bohnnik, 
in the circle of KUen. It wat taken 
bythe8»<de«inl941. It U teated on 
t6e rifulet Cadbuxa, IT milet S of 

'dOMFRONT, a town of France, in 

I !>' hi. 43 50. 

ICMtk. B ion. 7 43, 

the department of Ome, S5 mile' NW 
of aEkoo. W ton. 43, N tat. a 

DOMINGO, »r. one of the liebM 
ittandtin the W Indies 4M milct n 
ieniA^ and 79 in breadth. Itwaadw 
iaiwi by CotamhM. '>> »«»-«"JJ? 

Sren, an* minec of KoM. «*;»"■ 
=rySu Since ttaFi2Ar««*U.on 
itak illani hat beenifctolnted by tlio 
nlir areadfhl criaaatiefc In »m 
the PfKroCT conftagrated all *« """* 
ftctoriet, and plantatiwiiof hyir t«n 
,K»them province., wWch •••JS'^*- 
I'd by a teene of the mort horrid er» 

Spdhid) part of the Ittond of St. U» 
iJKw. ft iiKfJted on a targe Mvigar 
Me Aver, dimcalt of aeeets, and hH an 
exeellent hartiour. lu "»3 thi.dtj 
wat plundered, anddriugrf with hUioJ 
by tile maMhere of *e weatcr part of 
white inhabitantt,by <•« b'*'*'-. ^ 
DOMINICA, one of Ojf wwlwarl 
Carihhce btaniJt, in the W I'-l-JV,,? 
lici between «*<«*''»V>*'."iJSj™^ 
to, and U mar »""'"„'". ^^ ^ 
13 in breadth. "^^ •»»^"JS'i.5te 
better adapted to the »<«"«,™ ~"^ 
than .ugar. The Wand b »^l iiy pIh 
.dwiAnnitatt. The capital it thar- 
kMte Town. farmcrlT Hot«H. 

DOMMBL, «^ n:*'^ "SSTlJ' 

which receive! the Aa below Boit le- 

Doc and then fiilto into the Mwiie^ 

DOMITZ, a town of Mecklcijtel 

Sohwerin, *ith a Ibrt, •eotco at dp 

■eanilHenoeortbe Elbe and Em, 9i 




t90 1 


B ton. U 41. N 


""boMiD-OSSOLA, ■ «»« •"'fi! 
la th. duchy ol M«';^.J^, 3 X 
Alii^ lA miln N of Vanllo. 

■n ot Arc, U* M«l "[.'^^^ .ilA 
acM.ll mi till' Meiiw, Ave mile* l^wi 

*^. . rinr of 8eoiUuiil, •««»» 

yutn »t Intcnity. •«« l«^X^> 
J^, fcU. in'o .««» Oerm" *«J 
tt Abenkm, wilhm **« ■»«» * •* 

MMtT and ioini the Aire, new itt vr- 
nUiiBlkm With vjie Ouie. 
DONAWEHJ, • *™nK,«XS^ 

JliuikcNofAupburg. RI00.IH, 

on the rWrr Doo. It »• J* ■»!" ^5} 

l«L 1 It. M bt. «3 31. , 

TONCHERBY.* !»»»«»•«•'««' 

«»ai«t!, ill Uic fcpwrtitimt of Ai*» 

SSu'SSl" E Ion. » «, M tou« f 

IhTunwiiice of Uhter « niifc. i» 

■ri?^ of wlhwr prf«»! the Dwuta lii» 
"DoiitT.* wonjt 'Jincr hi .». 

OOOAB,or MABAH. ■ tnwi * 

himiin ifi«iop«« C»r!if£:!<^5 

■ri and the N momiiolnc, M "Wl ■ 
DOOM bOC* • W« "S/'^'S 


"dobghbstkh, tto w^jmbw 

S of London. W Vmu* ♦*.'*»'•"?; 
DOR AT, » lo*n of Fmnee, n«" ■ 

~ith the Sr««,»i mih. »rflii»*fc 
K ion. 1 M, M !•«. « »•- ... ^ 

SUA. 1% i» »• ">"" '"."5 S'TJ' 

FmienDdudInc *« Ute prtHnceof 

47. Nbl.M4a. ^ ■■ 

Ihr NW iniiT of the •<«n«T-*!"' 

tton;3H«. ThU Uotothe i«»r of 
WrToiher towiHhi|w in thr Mme tttte. 

'"nmSracHiMiEK. . tow«of soi. 

• the principUty of Kuryen- 

of •'Aith •''«•»• "^XTt 

_ W h*, 

3 41, N lai. vr n. __._ ,„,.., .J 
DORFT. or DpRJlAT. h-Srita 

" dSrsbt. • wrt •?T1?I,^S^ 












the imii) li 


dyke, wlii 

nd aboot 


K hM. il< 

wmiof ^ 

DOC a: 


lathe Pi 

bnr. K 


lloett Am 

met In 
■nni Sti 
Trent, fl 

Ummb, I 
of the • 
nika 9 


n 1 


ta»rtmem rf Mto»i»^M m.W. M of 

OOOAB,W DOABAH. ■ «'** • 

■II the Am eoMMTT »«««««» <"^^"^ 
m and dr N mwinwnt, « "Wi. ■ 

■nl IWh Uiu» the Frith of »•'»'•*•.._ 

noH AT. • »*•• o* '""o*- ■""' ■ 

"thtlip Sr**«,»* mih. WoTU""!* 
SSkcHksTfcR, •. tOW«Mp •» 

MorfUk eonnt J, Mm oo hiw otwJI nUf 

TbacHiisTiiB. ■ M«»*i a««* 

255 wW of toBton. jpr Ion. 1 «, 
Fnlnc?. tocludtaB {he h« pnw»»« «* 

enmlior of • «* «£*« "TJ?*^, 
uSiSMNEoflnvnriiMo. W »* 


ton county, Varmow^ t^t M J*j 

, of Bli- 
the ED' 

It town of I 


I 131 1 


Jite «id WUuUfe, on tlw B bT (tainp- 
iWm ond o« the W by Uewmhiw wJ 
Zm port ofa—enrtiWte.^ Itklx' 
IMM 40 Md W lailn kng fitMn Et<i 
W, and 34 brail fyomS loN, Tbu 

vtR^o^r. ead • d»P. rioh. ond 
fcrSh«HI.«adydl»«rtfc«l. JroioB 
10 W run ■ ridf* d htib oolM the 

"DOHT.orDOimBKCHT. « oily 
la HoUmU fomoM fcr • P^^*"; 
naod hrU in 1«I8. <«Uch condnniicd 
(ktewtioTAnniiauo. ItUwMedw 
M Mhod of Uw MeuK, oppriile tbM 
gr Ylwliwni. It wot <kt»«bod flporo 
the iD*iit laod in J411 by * Hood oc^ 
■taoui by the breoklna down of the 
dyke, wliieh owrwhelnwd 70 filloflu 
^ dMUt iOtfiOO perMHih It U ttji 
■ila SB of I^tttenbra. B Vm. 4 41, 
M let ft SOt 

DORTMUMD. • rtfoog impertal 
imra of We^phriio, ta the couuly ol 

Marek. lOBted oil the Kamer.M m»l«« 
jrtiFcotogKrB Ion. T J», N Ut. 

"dooat, ■ «'*yi.'»f'"»«»i'» »>■ 

dnarntent of tie IMah, wMnl on tbv 

^oSStfti mile* MW of Cem- 

iJoUE. ■ town of fronee, in the de. 
Mitmnit of Maiw and Loire, 9 mifei 
W Of Smiibv. It hat one of th« 
lloert ftwntaim in Ftanpei mA near 
U Ua raM Roman amj^thealre, cut 
wl of the wttd rock. 

DOVB,arW«r in Deibydiire, which 
riM in the Peak, pojrw *«.««"a[ 
ft«m StalfapdAlie, m^JUh into the 
Trent, flwr mite* N of Burtoiu 

DOVBR, a leaport of EJlfland In 
da county of K«i. It }• litualed be- 
nreen two bigbcUn, on one of which 
U an ancknt eattle B Item the town. 
Iha iMrtour li nurfo by * g»p in *e 
dlOiWhoK heisht htrtUy ■ubHrne. 
Hnai. i* flne weather, ii a pra|Ket 
of tlw Mwt of France. Dorer ■• 19 
nOcc PB of CMttertaury, and 7t of 

umm.^ B loo. 1 13, N tat. 51 8. 

DOVBR, a town of the county of 
tot. and alate of Uetawan^ in iNorth 
Aaeriea. Itiatbe leatortfaenvOTi- 
Bait. and itanti on Jonrt' cicek, a (cw 
■an ftom Delaware rirer. It con- 
dill of 4 itreeta which intmeet each 
iihar at right anglea, and form a 
ifcm, m whi* ivi ekiast itaie 

iibuiH. Population, riMn««0O. 

Do»er it a PO«t town, 30 mih-' » <« 

JT Nlo«'»»<>.WI«i.T.3<^ 
OOVRR, a po«t town of wranujo 

Klranioiilh, und »33 UK of Wa.hin» 
ton. It couiaim • CotigregMionM 
diurab, a «Kirt*oui*, jail, and «» 
inhahitaiiu. N lat 4i^ U, W tan. 

DOVER, » po* towndiip of Dutch- 
eioou>My,New Vurii, <itiia«d » Ten 
Mile en«k,a bfMwh of he Houiato- 
nic ItWloO iaU« S of Alh«>y, and 
3»3NEof Wadiln(Um. It coiitaina 
t meeting hmat nr Frien^, 1 for 
BaptitiH o*"* """•h"' •>* ''»«''y««- 
riant. Pupulalfcm «48. 

D0UO1.A8 a town in Lanerkihire, 
on a river of ihe mme name that fulU 
into the Clyde; »hovr Unerk. 

DOUGLAS, « »ea|>ort of the We of 
Man, n«rli at the laiiie dlttanct- from 
the Englid^ »cotdi,_aiid Irl.h ihorefc 
and tiK Imt hartmur in (be uland. W 
hm. 4 W. N bit. *4 IS. 

DOUGLASS, CAPE, a tofty !«». 
montory on the W coutt of Aiwrica, 
within the entrance of Cook'i Rirwk 
It wai diMoveretl by eanloin Uiok ui 
1778. W Ion. U 3 30, N tot. »8 SO. 

DOURAC, B town of Perria near 
the confluence of the Euphrain and 
Tigrii, remarkable for the reed of 
wMch the* make pern. E hm. «« (7, 

N tat. 31 If. ^, . . 

OOURU AN, a town of France, in the 
department of Seine and Oiw, tl mika 
SWofParifc Bkm.llO,Ntat. 48 3(. 
DURLACH.a town of Suabia, cap* 
itriof Badrn-Oourlnch. it h aeated 
on the Gletien, 13 milet S of Philip* 
burgh. B hMi. 9 18, N tat. 40 9. 

of France, in the department of Sum. 
me, II milet N of Amient. E Ion. S 
N lai. SO 10, _ ^ _. „ . 

DOWLA FABAD, flirmerly called 
Amednagur, a proviuce of the .Deecaii 
of Hhidootun. It it hounded on the 
N by Candeiib and Malwa, on the W 
by the (Jauii, on the S by Vistapouc 
and Oolconda, and on dMB by Bcrar. 
AumnKuhHd it the capital. 

DAVXATABAD, a Ibrtrett in the 
Dt«cai> rt Hindooitan, IS milet MW 

of Aru'iwaoad. Near it are the pago- 
datafUwa, MMtarwhik «• out 



[ }» 1 


p. Ion. T» e. 

iiQl (/ itw Miami ncfc. 

DOWN, « couniy of Iretoml, in «hc 
ynxincr ol I'liirr, 41 iiiiirt ill k-iigib, 
(nd 1-1 ill brcmlih* 

DOWN, tlw MniMl of Ibe (iMinlf of 
Bnwm bi Iwhuui. U !• ■ b-xwuih 
Mid inarki t lowii, «r»««l im ilw" f"*" 
MewiT W l"i. « 4», N Ut. «•• io. 

UOWmHO TOWN, • l>t««nl vl^ 
hii' in ChMUT caiiiitv, IViiMjIvjnia. 
31 inilCT W of Ihiladt-lpliia, unil .i» 
frooi Wwlr:i|tli)ii. It l« ■ ixm Mllup-. 
DOWNS, » row! oil kh' K coint ot 
Kmt, brtwrui ih» N mul S uf f'lm- 
bnd. It ii • (iinHMK n'iBli-/.viim fur 
ihinpiiiK. »«• OODWIN SANIJ». 

DOWN'TON, » boniiigli in Wilit 
mttni Ml thr Avon, ji* mil« SK of 
Mirimry, mmI " I WSW of lAMUlon. 
W km. 1 Jfl, N Int. «l 0. 

DOWNMAM, H town in Norfolki 
M roil" NE ol' lainbriJgr, »ikI "« N 
bj K ufLuwIoii. E hiik », N tat 
53 4U. 

DOYLE8-T0WA, ■ port town in 
Diicki county, FMUuylmnia, »lioiu «« 
■nilti N of PhibdrlphM, uti lAV Irura 
V'MhiiiRton. . , ., 

DHACur, ■ town of MiiWIneii 
muntf, KUuMhiiKlti i •ituatcd on lh« 
M lirh of tbe riwr Merrinitek, 30 
luiki NW of Baton, mmI 48a NK of 
WMhUigton. II it • poll town. P» 
uutation 1301. 

DHACiUlONAN. »iownof Fruiee. 
in ihc drpiirlmeni of V«r. 10 mil" N 
W of FmiM. V. kill. 6 3», N Ul. 43 31. 
DRAVE, « TOiuidiTalik river of 
Omnany, which riin in ihe Tnxil 
run> MruM Ui-lnlliiii, and aitcriiiR 
Stiria eonlinuet in minr by Mar- 
pum I ihcn it mm akmc ibr conflnei 
r.jl, 1 '■owtrrHui 

EMwk, and a litlki aher'lUli 

of Selavonia and kiwvr 
mby Eoeck, i 
inw tlw Danube. 

DRAYTON, a town in Shropdiirr, 
Kami on the river Tom, 1*4 mtWt N 
W of LoiiduD. W km. « aa, M lal. 

DRESDEN, the tnpital cily oTlbe 
tIeetoHte of launy in Ovrnun;r. It 
if Mated on the nvcr Elbe, which df 
ridMhlnlolwoparta. IthaiaMMle, 
■ uniTcnity. and n oiagnincent church 
Ibr the Ronan catholic , and the pnu- 
dpaltlHirtbfbrlhepmeManU! thai 
artiwHaly Crow, U aho a noMr itrue- 
WMb It M (ummndMl by Mrotui and 
£ag|N flwtifit»<i<"fc Id IMS, U 

■nntainMl I* cburchn, ami lO^cti iif 
Iwbiuuiia. Dniden la rvniarkalik I'm 
a imt battht fmiihl In lu vicinit) mi 
Ihe Kith and a7th of AiiRUM mil, In- 
twn'Ulhv allitti Kumpiwi l'urc<i,anl 
ilie rrrnch, in wblcli thr latu* wire 
vieluriout. II ii 79 iniki NW of 
Ihracw. R kMi. 13 (o, N hit. *l o. 

unKaiiEN, a town in l.iiiciiln 
roiiiity, Mauie. lyii^ nn thr Keuwln^' 
rivfr, alKiiii fO niiki NKof l>iirtliii«l. 
DIlKl'X, an aneWnt luwii i>l 
FraiKT, III thr ihtpiirliiirtil ol Rnir 
aii<IIjiin.s4iiniih:i WofParii. K lun. 
1 Hi, N lill. 4H 44. 

DHIRSHKN, a itrunB town of Oct 
many, in ihr m-w ni»r«liir of llnuKliii- 
iHirg, with a xroiiK Ibrt, on Iht' rinr 
Waru, 30 iniki K uf Landtpnrg. K 
Ion. I J 4.1 N lat..1!i S3. 

UKINO, a river of Tiirki7 in En- 
rupe, wbich hai iti tnurae in the fi'uii- 
lien of Albania, and llilh iiilo Ibe pilf 
of Venice. 

DUINO, a icaport of Turkey In Kii- 
rope, un a hay of Ihr Mine '.uinie, in 
the gulf ol' Veukr, «C iiiikri SE of Hi- 
niia. K Ion. |0 19, N bl. 43 48. 

OROGHEDA. a teauon and ho- 
rouKh of Ireland, in the county of 
Louth. 1 1 b icaMl on 'he Boyne, Ave 
niiki W of the Iriah Sea, and 23 N ol 
Dublin. W km. « 1, N lau SI 53. 

DRONKO, a k>wnorPiedBioil,«at. 
cd at the fuul of the Alpi on Uie rivn- 
Macra, over wUeb ii a bridgo of pro- 
dickiui heiirin. 

DR01TWICH,abardugb in Wo^ 
centertbirc, noted for the tall made in 
ill nriithboiirhoad. It it 118 milei W 
NW of London. W kin. I 48, N Ut. 
S3 15. 

DROME, a deaartmnM of France, 
including part of the late province of 

OHOMORB, a town of Udand. in 
Ibe count; of Down. It ii MatM on 
the Lat/aan. IS mUet SW ofBalta- 

DHONmU), a town in Deriiy- 
■hire. IiuMmikaNorOerfay.and 
115 NNW of LondOM. W htn. 1 ». 

DRONTIOUM, a provineeor Nop 
way, bounkrionlhe w by theoeeaik 
on tne N br Ihe gorcrDnient of Wank 
huyi, on the S by tba of Beraen, and 
on the E by Sweden, from which it ii 
lepan nd m high mountains. 
PHOMTUUM, • «itT «f Nonni7< 




t N 
I SI. 
r of 




I lau 

. It 



ennlainni !• ebuKhn, unl tifiH iit 
Iwbiuiiit. Urfaleii la rriMrluilik fin 
■ gmt lanlv fnimbt in lu vklnii) m 
ihc tnib »ni anh of Auruh mn, Ik- 
IH«'U thr allktl Kiirnpi'Mi lurni, inil 
llie rn-ncb, in wlilcli Ihr tatuar mn 
victwrioui. It la 79 iniki NW of 
erme. B km. II (o, N IM. 1 1 »■ 

UHeiinKN, ■ liiwn in Linnln 
nxiiity, Maiiw. lying nn Ihr Kcnwlai' 
rivrr, ■Iwiii fo niikt NK ol' I'lirtlanl. 
UUKl'X, an uickni luwii i>l 
FraiHT, III thr ih-purliii«il ol Rnrr 
»mlUHn.s4l<niika WofParia. K. lun. 
1 il\ N hll. *» U. 

DUIKH.HKN.a itrong lowii ofOnr- 
mail}, in iht* iwv, nmrvnc of llrandnv 
iHirK, wilh a atroiiK Ibrt, nn Iht' rinr 
Waru, 30 iniki K ul' LaiMliimrg. K 
Ion. M 4.1 N lausa SX, 

UKINO, a rivrr of TiirWry in En- 
rupr, wbicn haa ila amiree in Ibe frun- 
lii-ri ol' Albania, and liilla into tbe gull' 
of Vi'iiicf. 

Oil I NO, a icaport nf 'I'urkr/ In Eti- 
ropr, on ■ hay of Ihr muhl' uanw, in 
Ihc KuU'ol' Vrukr, 40 iniln 8K of H*' 
niaa. K km. 10 )9, N bt. 41 48. 

DROOHEOA. a Mauon and bo- 
rounh of Ireland, in the county or 
Louth. 1 1 U a«i«.-d on 'he Boynr, Bve 
niiln WofthelriahSra.andaa Nul 
Dublin. W km. « 1, N hu 4t S3. 

DHONKO, a town of Piedmont, aMt^ 
cd al tb« foot of the Alpa on tint rivo- 
Macra, a«*r «bkb la a bridgo of pro- 
dlghnii hriirtn. 

DROITWICH,aborAi|b in Wop 
ecntenbirc, not<;d fbr the wit nude In 
iu nrighhourhood. It it 118 mifea W 
N W of London. W kin. I 48, N Uk 
S3 IS. 

DROMF^ a dnMiliwm of FlwiH, 
including part or the late province of 

OHOMOaR, a town of Ireland, in 
thr eounir aC Down. It ii acatnl on 
the Lai/gan. li miln SW aTBaUlnt. 
e km. « 8^ IM. 54 U. 

DHOMFIBU), a town in Derby- 
ahire. It u M miln N of Derby, and 
IIS NNW of LondOM. W km. 1 W, 

DRONTMKDi, a prorlneeor Nor 
way, boundolonihe w by theoeeaib 
on the N br the gowmment of Want 
buyi, on the S by thi<t of Bernn, and 
on the E by Sweden, ftom which it b 
lepar* od Inr high mountaini. 
fiHONTlUUM, a (itT «f Monnqr. 


m ] 

1)1! u 

tapltal af a nvrnnmni of tlie tanir 
naiiir, II U iiIiiumi 'iirniuiHli-d lij iIh 
am «ihI iIk' river I'iilik'ti mal ii ;70 
niiica N W of Sionkhuliii. K I.hi. 1 1 u. 
K IM.AJ lA. 

nUlMBOTK.a io»iioflnlan<I,iii 

tlM' t*t>util) of MuiinKhnii. tt inik-^ Vf ul 

Dundalk. W Inn. .11, N Im. St lo. 



I)IU'MI.ANHKI, n town in Dnili- 
lyii'uhin-, in the diiirirt of Nithvlnk-i 
irmiirkablr tor a muuI of oak ti« iniha 
ill IniKtli. 

UHYUKN, a pril tiiHmhIp nf New 
York, ill the aonlhrrii (\inniiiy nl 
CiiyiiKa roiciil) 170 iniki W of aIIm- 
m , nul 1T7 N of M'mhiiigiuii. I'opu- 
laiion I8Q0. 

DHViiK.NilKiM, a forlifliil Inwn 
of France, in llr di'IMirinieiit of I.nw- 
rr Hbliif. •eiitiil on Ike rivir Moirr. 
near 'he Rhine, five milea SK of Hit- 

in ilir MW rxiremiiy ul Ncben '!> 
tonnly, New Yorl^ 33 tliUn - W 
IVum Albany, and 3U7 R ut iroin 
Wathington. It cuniiiiiia an K|Mu'opal 
tbiiri'li, and n haiiliit nicvtiii|chouie. 
PouiilHtion 3098, 

1)1 llUN, LOWKH, a lnwmlii|i of 
fbiladrlphia county. Peiinayhaiiiii. 
aiuotnl on thr W ildr of IVItwnn- 
i<ver. 10 niika N of PMlMlrlptiiii. Po- 
gulatioii 3194. 

DUBLIN, I'PPER, a townihip ul 
Maiiignmrry cuunty.iPmniylvaiiia, IS 
win NW of PUMelptiia. Popiibi- 
li>n lOsn. 

DUBLIN, a county of Ireland, in 
Die province of Lrinater, 37 miln in 
kngth, ami 17 in brvadih; bounded 
la tlie E by thr Irith Sea, on tlie N by 
Ih>t Mvath andthelriabtra,antli('W 
bf R Mealh and KiUarc, ami on the 8 
bf Wiekkiw. 

Dl'BLIN, a poet town in the crnirt- 
el Lawrence county, CH.'orgia, is aim- 
r.rti on a high and beautU^il bluff, on 
tbt SW branch of the Ooonee river I 30 
lujea abuvi' iu (Dnfluenoe wilh the 
Oaluiiul|i^. It cuulaiiu a coorMionar, 
jail, and IDS linhabitault, and is lOO 
aulaa fVom Darien, 48 ftwn Milledge- 
vilir, and 7IW SW of Warirington. 
tmm ■ ri«h and eMeuire baak coun- 
try, and a good boatable navlgailnn, to 
D)wien, tina town iadotined to become 
>(tll**«f •auWierable importaiw^ 

Dl'llLIN, \hc inpiu' of IralamI, la 
a count) (if Ili4' a«niK i aiw, wilh a 
billHipi ai-; M'uHll oil I.- Lilll'y, In 
vit'w uf iIh' Iriih Sn*. on ti - E. Ut 
fnrin ii iliai nf a M|iwrr, i..a i il«t 
•ml :i hnir In i-xiiiit on each aliH I 
Minii' of iIh- iitil .tni'ia were formerly 
narruw, hiii Kiial improvrmnrla haw 
hreii lali'ly iua<ti', in rrganl buih tu 
nrnvriik-iire ami croU-lllAnient. Sie- 
vrii'a Unrn it one nf Ibn largeat 
u^uana in Kiirnpe: it ia a'l Kiinith 
mile ill clreiinifrrrnrt-, aiirniundnl by 
agravel walk, plnilnlon i»fh aide with 
in-i-a. Aiixnii; lh<' priiuipal piibl'o 
Iniililinga ii III! oiiilr, (ihi- reaidence of 
ibi' >inmy,) iIhi l>arliHnM<Mi lliiiia<', 
iIk- Iriniiy liillfne. ilir Hoyal K». 
chaii);!-, ilie ('Miioin-linim', tlie Mujal 
llnapiial of Kilinainhain fiir invulida, 
and K«-i hridgi', nm- of llie live 
briilgra our (In- LifK j. which iMing 
banked in iliroiigh the whok- IrnKih uf 
the iimii, rxliiliita a|>aci<ina and n-aiH 
lilul qnaji, whtn- vi<<i« la bekiw the 
hiidfp- lowl and unkind lulbn- tlr iiirr- 
>>h»nl'< iluura. Cbriat-ehureh, or the 
Holy Trinity, built in 10.18 by Donal, 
liialnp of Diihlin, ii a vini-rabie Uiuliio 

Kile. St. Puirirk'i catlirilral ia alui a 
lie ('Mhic atruriurt'i it atamla on 
llw E akle of Patrick ainvl ; ihe monih 
ntonta here are niore nimieroua thiin 
ill Chriit-chorch ,- and ibe atreph' ia 
Uie hielical in thi- cily. The harbour 
i< cholu'd up by two banka nf aaiiri, 
u|»ii which, at high waUT, dirre it 
not alxive 17 feet; a canal bus hem 
nimfc from the Liffey, which rommtK 
nicaiea wilh ib^ Shannon, near Clon- 
tin. Poiiiil.itioii in 1802, l«7,8ua. Dulv 
lin it 60 milea W of Hulyheail, in 
Walea, and 310 NW of London. MT 
l«n. B 8, N lat. S3 31. 

DUCK ( HKKK. aonetiniet called 
Snk-tbury, u thriving tovm uf Kent 
county, DHawsir. 12 inilrt N by Wof 
Dover, and 38 H of New I'atle. II hu 
a poat oHlcisaiid about 600 inhabitants 

DUDLEY, a town in Worceitenhira 
w itii a markii on Saturday, and a great 
miiiiuikcturt- of iiaila. ami other ir<>» 
want. It it 10 mikt N W of Oii-raing- 
haiu, and 130 of Loudon. W Loii. $ 
0, N lat. SS 33. 

DUDLEY, a townabip of Worcciter 
county Mattachutetta, ntuatul on tha 
line wnich dividit this itate IVnra Con. 
necticut, and on the E akle 9f^lDcl^ 
wood rim, 09 iqikt SW of Iftttili) 


l^m 1 


4H«I aW) NE of Wadiin|!«m. It hi 
BMttawn anl eontaiiu 1210 lubabi- 

oiriKS or DOINO, » mport of 
<)«rmany, in the dnchv of Carnwla, 
eL-'it Bulw NW of TnefU% E ton. 
IJ 40, N tat. 45 SI. „ ^ . 

OUIS.'WRO, » town of W«»«ph»- 
Ua, in the luehy trf'Clrvi't.witfa a uni- 
wnity, tM*.^ on the Row, near the 
Rhine, 1* imU. W of Du»'-i*>rf. B 

DVITZ, or nUYTZ, » town of 
WeitphiUi*, on the E (IiIk of the Rhine, 
oppoiite Cologw, chiefly inhabited by 

uluid in the South PuciBc Occmi, 
■bout 10 roilet lonK, lyinc between 
lord HowCi Groap and the SE powt 
of New Inland. East Ion. 15S 41, 8 
^* 47 

DULDEaSTADT.atown oTOer. 
mmy,intheduchyofBniniwiclt. It 
h t^led on the rirer WhiMiCT. »' 
mila Eof Oottingen, and IM NE of 
Mentc E Lon. 10 14, N lat. 51 38. 

DULMEN, a town of Wettphalia, 
in the bidnpric of Uumter, 16 mile* 
8W ofManMoni W Lon. 7 4 N lat. 51 47. 

OULVERTON, a town in 8anMr. 
letdiire. Hated on a branch of the Bit, 
34 milet B of Barmtaiile, and 104 W 
j^SofLoulan. W Lon. 3 30, M iut. 

DUMBARTON, a borough, the ok- 
nital of OumbartOMbire, aeattd at the 
Sonfloenee of the and Clyde. 
Dumbarton Cattle it a vatt rock ituep 
pn every ode, itiing out of a plian to 
theh^«litar500 fliet,and unconnect- 
•d widi any high Bound for the ipue 
of a mile, Dunuarton ii 15 iBtlet 
WMWofOlatgow. W Loo. 4 30 N 
bit. 50 0. 

NOX, rum ftr N anMms a cluMur of 
UBkand iibauiaiedao theS by the 
9Mi and the river of Clyde; op the 
K b* LanerUiiK and sarlinmire ; 
on &e NE by Perthshire and the 

r ftwn N t>. S. 

OUmFBRMLINE, a faorouA in 
Eifetfair^ wUeb is a eonrndenible ma- 
nuftctunng town. It is 15 lailei NW 
arUktergb.WLon.3a7,Nlat.5a 5. 

IMdaurBIKS, a royal bacwvh of 

Seudanl, npital of J)umftie»ilBre, 
pltaiBUtly sraiM between two hills. « 
the rivet Nith.eij^t mile* N of bol- 
way Frill^ and 30 WNW of Carhsle. 
W Lon. 3 19, N lat. 55 U. 

DUMFRIES, a county of S«otlaii4 
which includes Annandaie and Niddn- 
dale; it Ubounded on the N by paK 
of AyrsWre, LanerksUre, PeeblesSire, 
and Selldrkshiic; onthe W by S* 
kirluhirrandRoxhurt^ithire; on the 
S to dK Solway Firth ; and on the W 
by the countk^s of Ayr and Kircud- 
bright ; extending about 30 miles ■ 
length, and 30 in breadth. 

DUMFRIES, a pott town and pott 
of entry, in Prince William couuty 
Virginia ; situated on {(uantico Creel^ 
whSh communicates with Potomac, 
about 85 miles below Alesandna, and 
33 iVom Watiiington. N lat. 3i 33, 
13 W Um. from Washington 18 12. 
DUNAMOND, a town of Rnuia, is 
the government of Riia. It is situa- 
ted nfarthemoudiof theOwuaa, U 
miles NW of Riga. ^. „^ 

DVNB AR, a royal borough m Had- 
dingtonshire, snktcd near the Oernuw 
Ocean. It has a good harbour, for- 
merly defended by a cattle. It is li 
mUeaEorEdii'lHirgl). WLoa.S34, 
N tat. 56 IS. 

DUNCANNON, a ibitressand town 
of Ireland, in the county of Wexfon, 
seated o.> the river Rots, six milet t 
ofWaterfbrd. Wfx>n.646,Nbit.MlJ. 
DUNCANSVUXE, a pott vdtap 
in Bamwtdi diitrict S. Carolina, e* 
milet {him Columhin, 80 bom Chario* 
ton, and 155 from WashinedMi. . 
Din^'DALKia seaport of Iretand,* 
the coi^y of Louth, on a hay of tta 
saiae name, 20 miles NNW of On- 
gheda. W n. 6 17, N lat. 58 X«. 

OUNOKi:., a royal borough in Ai- 
gusahire, with an excellent harboir. 
The houses are built of stone, genera- 
ly tlu-« or Ibur stories high, the tow* 
house, ■> »n decant structure. T* 
principal raaiuinctutes arc osnBb«««s 
and stU cloth. Population 85,000. tt 
is seated on the N side of the flnth or 
Tay.l* miles fifom iu mouth, 40 NB 
of Eihnburgfa, 23 E of Forth, anl 14 
NW of St. Andrews. WLan.8 5^» 

nUl4£BURG,a town of LiToriHi 
on the Owina, M miles SB of Bi|». 
BL»n.S7 0,Ntot.5«». ., . . 

OUNOANNOMja towaoT Mm 







194 J 






















Seotluid. e»pit«I of Dam{lnf**in, 
plcauuitljr ieslMbrtween two hiUs.aa 
therirer Nith,ei|^t milw N of Sol- 
way FriUi, and 30 WNW of CarluJe. 
W Loii. 3 M, N lat. «» 1». 

DUMFRIES, a county of SenUant 
which include! Annandale and Niddif 
dale ; it it bounded on the N by uait 
of AynUiv, tanertaWrc, PeeUeiSire, 
and SelkiriuUre; 00 the W by S* 
kirlahire and Roxburt^uhire ; on the 
8 brthe Salway Firth ; and on the W 
by the countiti of Ayr and Kircud- 
bright; extending about M milei » 
length, and 30 in lueadth. 

DUMFRIES, a poit town and poit 
of entry, in Prince William couuty 
Virgiiin i lituated on i^uantico Creel^ 
whSh comnninicatet with Potomac, 
•bout 85 milei below Alexandria, and 
33 from Waahiiigton. N lat. 3> 33, 
13 W Ion. from Waihinjton 18 U. 
DUMAMOND, a town of Riinio, m 
the government of Riga. It ii «tii» 
ted near the mouth of the Dwma, U 
mileaMWofRiga. .^ . „ . 

DUMB AR, a royal horough m Hid- 
dingtomhiie, iFOtcd near the Germis 
OeSui. It hu a good harbour, for 
merly defended by a caMle. It u U 
mileaEorBdii'burgh. WIiOn.8 3*, 
N lat 56 U. 

DUNC ANNON, a fortieM and towa 
of Iteland, in the county of Wexfon, 
■eated o.> the rirer Rom, lix milet K 
of Walnfbrd. W^an-S 46, N tat. 54 U, 
DUNCAVSV'XLE, a pott vdtap 
in BamwBli diitrict S. Carolina, «• 
milet ftom Columbia, 80 from Chariti. 
ton, and 155 flrom Washingtim. . 
Din>'DAI.K,a leaport of Ireland,* 

laioe name, 10 nuka NMW of On- 
■riieda. W n. 6 ir, N lau M 16. 

DUNOKiw a royal borough m A* 
gussbire, with an excellent hartaoir. 
The houie* are built of itone,gen«nl- 
ly thr« or Ibur rtoria high, the tow» 
houK, 1. on degant rtructui*. Tie 
principal maiuifiicturei are oansbargk 
imd MttI cloth. Population 35,0«i., ft 
ii tested on the M tide of the thth nT 
Tay, IS nulet ftom itt maudi, 4DJIK 
of bUnburefa, 33 E of Perth, ani 14 
NWofSuAndiewt. WLon.2 5^* 
lat. 56 .'a. ... J 

nU<EBURG,a town rf Lirah, 
on the Owina, 90 nulet SE of Bi|>> 
BLon.»70,Ntot.5«8. . , . . 






ia the aouBty of TjTone, 11 wil" IJ^ 
Vof Armagh. W Lon. 6 39 N tat. 

"dUNGARVON, a teaport of Ire- 
land, in the county of Waterford, tear 
tSimDungarTOBBBy. W Urn. 7 29, 

N iai. 52 1. ^ . 

DUJIOENESS, a cape on the cpa« 
of Kent, eight n3e. S 6y W rf Rom- 
aey. E LSn. 59, N Uit. 50 52. . 

DUNKELO, a town of Scotland, ui 
the *ire of Perth, teatiii on the N side 
of the river Tay. lt« i-omantic situar 
fioii, aud the benefit of drinking goati 
wbey render thii place the mort of 
inch genttel ««»P<«ny j" ™I""^" 
Dunkefd u 12 Bules N of Perth. W 
Ion. 3 3«, N Int. 56 35. 

DUNKIRK, a considerable s^po" 
«f France, in the department of the 
SorATlt it 22 milet 8W «f Otteud. 
K Lon. * 28, N tai. 51 1. 

OUN-LE-ROI, a tovm rfFtanre in 
the department of Cher, 2fnnl« ». »' 
Boargei. E ton. 2 89. N lat. 46 45. 

DUNLOP, a village in AyTihire, in 
<be «itriet of Ciinnini*am, eelebrated 
Cv rich and delicate cheete. . 

DUSNINGTON, a* town in Lin; 
•obithire, 27 milet SE of Lincoln, and 
111 N of Londou. WLon.0 7,NUu 

DUNOTER, ft magnificent cattle 
«r Scothuid, in the countj- of Meami, 
««ed orTalugh rock whw-'l.'J'";;" 
into the ten. It u 12 milet B of Abet- 
dren. W Ion. 1 4, N lat. 56 57. 

DUNSTABLE, a town in Bedfop* 
rfnte, 34 mile. NW of London. W 
Lon.0 29,NUit.51.W. . „,.. 

DUNSI ABLE, a toviTi in Hillsbo- 
lough county, New H"mMhire, Ijing 
ilTflie ri«r Merrimack. ^nt40nul« 
KW of Boston, and 504 NE ofWath- 
ington. It it K pott town, and eon- 
taint 1049 inhaWtantt. rir.A. 

DIWSTABLE, a townthip of M* 
dkiex conntv.Matrtehu.ettt ; situated 
Jithe W tide of Merrimai* nver 2, 
miles NW of Bottom Population 47fc 


DUNSTF.R, a town in Somert^ 
ih;re, 20 milet NW of TaunUm. W 
Lon. 3 41, N lat. 51 "• . ;„ _„«,,, 

DUNWICH, a hjaj"*'' »,.*"]5'55 
»id it 24 milet S of YarmouA, and M 
N of London. ELon.l 55 N tat. 5221. 

DUPREEVILLE, a po.1 town in 
WortkuBptw county, North C«i«ui» j 

litualed hetwem Meberrin and R««» 
oke rivert, 206 mifet 8SW of Wathing- 

DUQU£LA,B province of AJHca, 
in the kingdom of Morocco, about, 7» 
mile, in kngth, and 85 in h»ea<hh. 

DURANCE, a river of Fiance, 
which ritet near BriancOT,aml wate^ 
ins Embrun, Talhrd, Sitteron, »to- 
nSqoe, and 'caraUton, ftUt into the 
Rhone, below Avignoti. . __. ^ 

DURANQO, a I»P!S??J°J"bS. 
Spain, on BiKay, 14 i»>l« 8*; <* »* 
bS: W Lon. 2 56, N tat. 43 "• ._ 

DUBANGO, a town of New Spain, 
in Sf^ Bilcay, with a Uihop •»»»•? 
good'talt worfct, in a fertile country. 
W Lon. 105 0,N tat. 24 50. 

DURBY, a town of French Luxem- 
burg, caiMtal of a county of the ^m» 
miLS, .Jated on the Outi*. » nnhj » 

T Liege. E Lui. & 28,N1«t. 58 18. 

DURCKEIM, a town of Gerroany, 
in *eJp.ladn«»of the Rljdejl2 m,^ 
\Elofiteuttadl. E Lao- ' 21 N lat. 49 26> 
" DUREN, a town of Germany, in 
the duchy of Julier»,«n AenverRoe^ 
UmihsSorjulien. ELuo. «40,M 

' DURHAM, a eounw rf KBriuA 

called the bishopric «*"P««!SlJj^ 
ded on the N by Nor*umhertand, on 
the E by lheG«ni»n Oeiwi, on tte 
S and 8W byYorkthm), and on *eW 
by Westmoreland and Cumbijland. It 
extends 37 mifca fkwnN to 8, and 47 
(VomEtoW. . , ,. _„^ 

DURHAM, the capital of *e lam- 
ty of Durham, ^^^^'^''^^rffj* 
m a hiU, onabeautiful ww«n8 »™ 

et. Tliemott remarkable eihftee. are 
the cathedral, with tix other churctas, 
three itknding in the citj, «>" " ™"T 

uDurn ; vx «uui|p. > --r,--: 

tie, or bitta^'i place! pej™"™" 
ne^r St. NW&tat*i church; to crots 
and conduit in the marite(*lace i with 

To w-g« "Sl**w'^.'rridte % o"r 
tjon TSSO. Dofham it 14 n«te« s oi 
Neweattfe,ai.d 357 N by W of London. 
W Lon. 1 27, N tat. 54 SO. 

DUBHAM.a pott tow»*"P"! *™: 
fold county. New HaropaMje. ntuated 
on Oytter river, W^^SljlJ^ 
roootfc, 527 NE of Wathingiw. Po- 
putatknl449. On the t<» of a btH in 
aiii town, it a taige »»»» ";£»^ 
poiml on to be NlUjr ■■** 
«d with the Aneer.' 


DURHAM, • pott township of Con- 
iKcticm; in kHddlnex county, 33 
railei SW of Hartford, and 327 NF. of 
WafMngton, Population lioi. 

DUHHAM, a iiurtbern tuwiuhip of 
Boek't eotmtr, IHrmM^lvaiiiu, aituatnl 
on the W ride of the rivtr DvUware, 
emiln Sof Kaiton, and 103 NEof 
Washington ; it it a pint tuwt. 

DURHAM, a |io«t lowmhip in the 
If W |Mn of Ortme county. New York, 
•iniated at the foot of a mountain, no 
mile* SW of Alhkny, and 374 KE of 
Wailiington. It containt 3 meeting liou- 
letforpictbyterians, and Ifbrmethod- 
uti, a public library, ouu 2944 inhabit- 

DURSLBY, a town in GloueeniP;' 
thiie, 107 milea W of London. V ^m. 
8 33, N lau 51 40. 

DURTAL, a town of Iranoc, m 
the department of Ma<'» and Loire, 
and brte province of Aojou, wboie 
chief trade coiuins in tanning. 

DVSSELOORF, a atvnia city, ca- 
pital of the duchy of Berg, ft contains 
about U/XW inhabitantii, including the 
garriMO. It it teatniuD the river I>u>- 
•el, near the Rhine. 33 milet NW of 
CdoBW. B km. 6 52, N htu Jl 13. 

dCtLINGKN, a town of Buabia, 
rituat^ on tiie Danube over which i: 
h|»a briite. Itit33 milet NW of Cod- 
ttahee. E hm. s 3, N lat. 48 lO. 

OVXBURY, a leaport town in Ply- 
mouth couMjr. Mattacbotettti situated 
on Cape tJoil Buy, about 9 miles N of 
Plymouth, and 38 SE of Bottnn. It 
it a pott town 500 miles NE of Watli- 
infrton. Population 330]. 

bWINA, a river of Rutsia, which 
ruat ftnm S to N, and fiOit into the 
White Sea, at Atchangel. 

DWINA. a river in Lithuania, 
wUch diviiKt Livonia from Courland, 
and fldb into the Baltic, below Riga. 

DYSART, a borough in FitMire, 
seated on the fhtfa or Forth, II mi<et 
N of P^tinbofgh. It hat a contiden^ 
Ue tuOt in cool. W Idd. 3 6, N lat. 


fi town in Berwickshire, seated un 
the river Lcaler, 3> milet SE df Edin- 
£AB|I, a river 'fiinb )tsiM| fcos. 

the Inke o' Gam, in Perthshire, U 
mean(ti->-« iur abovi* 20 miles, thraui;h 
the viiU»y of Stnitheuni, and Joins the 
Tay. h l.iw Penh, 

K/ :i''. J^ a Inke of Ireland, m the 
rou .ly of Fenuanagh, 30 milet in 

KASTBOURN, a town in Suisex, 
sealed near the English Channel, 65 
mik^t S3«: of Londim. 

KASTEH ISLAND, an islaiul in 
th( S PaciHe Ocean, 13 leagues in cii-- 
cuit. It is the same that was seen liy 
Davit, in 168rt : it wnt nCKt visited by 
HoggBwi-ln in 1733, and aetiiin by cap. 
tain CooSt, in 1774. W Inn. 109 46, 
Z, lat. ». «i, 

EAS r OREENWICH, a teaport 
and post town in Kent vounty, Hliodii 
bbnid, 15 miles S of Provkknce, 14 N 
of ik-wtlLKinnton, and 42J; NE of 
WasHinMBn. Populutiun 1530. 

EAS r KAOOAM, a post town of 
MiiMlPie? ilnnnty, CoinKuticiit ; litu. 
nted on the K aide of Connecticut ri- 
wer, 10 m.tei S by E of Middleton, 34 
of tltrtfon!. aid 347 NE of Wathinp 
ton. PojHdik.'ion S537. 

luAH IHArif a uiwn iu Banutable 
county, Matmehutetu, rituated on 
Cape Cod Penintuia, 10 milet 8 oT 
Welfleet, and about 3A milet by water 
from Plymouth. It oonuUns a meet- 
ing house, and 751 iidubitauti. East- 
ham it a putt town 538 milet NE of 
Wjuhingtoa. N I«u41 51, W Ion. 095(1. 
EASTHAMPTON, a pott towiuhip 
of Suffolk eouniy, Nev York, <ituat<fJt 
at theeaitem extremity of Long '','.™J. 
Populatkin 1484. This tow- t'jiu it 
lai^ and contains several vit' ,g<s. Itie 
prmcipal one is Eftstlia. ,piu», 113 
miles E of New York, a jd 33i NE of 
Washington; H lui i picabytpriaa 
ine«ting houae, an rjidemy, and 80 

EAST HARTf DRD, a post town- 
ship of H:xrtlbn' couiny, Connecticut, 
situated on the ii bank of Connecticut 
river, opponr: to Hartli>rd. It i« 341 
milet NE »'' Waili>ngtai>. Population 

».<tSTON, the capital of Ncrthamp- 
ton county, Pennsvlvnnia, utuated on 
the W side of the river Delaware. 12 
mileji NE of lUlhli^hcm, 65 N of Phila- 
(ii'Iphia, and 1»8 E by N fmiii Wnji- 
in^ton. It is a post township, and con- 
Uiins a court house, jailf and 1657 iii- 


16 ] RSB 

tlie Inke o" Earn, in PerllnhiKi, U 
imiindi'i'* i<ir abori* 30 miles, through 
the vall'^jr or Stnitheurn, aiu) joins thi: 
Tay. h low IVrthf 

if '<■':&,» Inke of Ireland, in the 
«Hi .ly of Fenuanagh, 30 mile* in 

EASTBOURN, a town in Suiwx, 
seated near the Bngliih Channel, 61 
miles SSFCcfLondim. 

«:ASTEH island, an Uland in 
tht S PaciHe Ocean, li Icagun in cii-- 
cuit. It is the same that was seen Uj 
Davis, in 1686 : it was iteM visited by 
Hoggiiwi'in in ItXt, and ttstain by cap. 
tain CooSi, id 1774. W Inn. 109 46, 
Z, lac a. <i, 

EA9 r OREENWICH, a seaport 
and post t^wn in Keiit county, Htuxti; 
kkind, 15 miles S of Providence, 14 N 
ef iv-uith KinnttHi, aisd 42S NE of 
WasHinmn. Populatiun 1330. 

EAS r KAODAM, a post town of 
MiiUmei ifhmnty, Connecticut ; situ- 
ated im the'R ude of Connecticut ri. 
'er, 10 lUiles S by E uf Middletun, 24 
of HtnAm!. ud 347 NE of Washing 
toti. PojMda.'ian 1J37. 

luAli IHArif a town iu Barnstable 
county, Hassaehusetu, situated on 
Cape Cod Pcniniuia, 10 uiilea 8 oT 
Welfleet, and about 3i miles by water 
from Plyinonth. It oonMUiu ■ meet- 
lug house, and Tf 1 iidubitaoti. East- 
bam u a post town 938 miles NE of 
Washiiwtoa. N lau 4 1 5 1, W Ion. 69 M. 

EASTHAMPTON, a post tuwuship 
of SuRblk Mruniy, Mcv York, situat-f^ 
at the eastern extremity of long '-.'..^, 
Populatnn I484ii This tow- I'liu is 
lai^ and GinUains several vil' ^s. llie 
principal one is Enstla'.plwi, ill 
miles £ of Netv York, a A 333 NK of 
Washington; it has i prabytpriaa 
iiieMing bouse, an rjidemy, and 80 

EAST HART'^aRD, a post town- 
ship of (Ltrtfon' couniy, Connecticut, 
situated on the ^ bank uf Connecticut 
river, opnosif; to Hartli>rd. It is 341 
mitea ME »'' WattiUurtoii. Population 

^'tSTOH, the capital of Ncrthamp- 
ton county, Pennivlvania, sitiuued on 
the W side of the river Delaware. 12 
Riiles NE uf rU'lhliihcm, 65 N of Vliila- 
delphia, and 198 E by N fmiii Wiiji- 
in^ton. It is » post township, and con- 
Uiins a court liuuse, jail, and 16S7 iu- 

" ii .) >» . ;i;f i j.i ' j s up iii ) i " i I 



EASTON, the principal tawn of 
Talbot coimty, Maryland, situated on 
the 4M» of Third Haven creek, 13 
laik-s above iu confluence with the 
Ckopcank. It contaim a court house, 
■I KpisooMi churth, a methodist, and 
afkiends meeting boune. FopuStion 
rising 1000. k't is a post town, K* .rul-t 
SE of Baltimore, and 8« IVwn >V«ift- 
telon. N Int. 38 49, W Ion. 7(. 

EASTONNE88. the moat easterly 
tspe on the coast of Soffiilk, and the N 
pstnt of SouthwoM Bay. 

EASTON, a post township of Bris- 
Mlcounty, Massaehuaettt, situated near 
ttr head uf Raynham river, and noted 
lir its iron manufiwtures. It is 12 
anVs W of Ilridgwater, and 4A0 ME 
tf Washington. Population 1557. 

EISTON, a post township in the 
SW comer of WashingUm county, 
Kew York, rinuted on ifaeE Me of the 
HuAnn, 37 miles N of Albany, and 405 
E af N flrotn Washington. It contains 
aneetiitg house ibr itiends, and 3353 
ialiabs'tants. ^ 

EASl NOTTINGHAM, a port viW 
|«e, in Cecil ownty, Marjland. It 
conaiiw a meeting bouse ftr IKcndi, 
fndabuat XOO inhaMtnta. The pott 
•fire is known by the name df Brick 
nerdng bcuse, and h 10 mikes fhm 
Charkxtown, tiK- same distance from 
Ac SoaqoeliiHU'a, and 104 fhun Waah- 

EA8TPOBT, a M«t town in Wash, 
togtan oounty, Maine, situated at the 
BMUth or Kubbeikook river. Itii47 
■ilesflnisu Madiias, aid (59 MB of 
'^'■hinilon. Popnbitki^ Mil. Bkn. 
liaR. V, jMiuitiuu^ M 6 14, N laU 44 

EAST WIRDSOlil, a port town- 
Aip of Connectieal, iu Hartford eaun- 
ly. Situated on Conneetient river, 7 
■ik» NE of Hartford, and 350 of 
Washington. It contaioi 3 uiuiNg*' 
final ehurcbea. and 3081 iidaV!iaMs. 

EBRO, a river in Spain, »»«eb ris- 
es in die mountains of Srit ilane, (n 
•Id Castile, and wateriw; to agpw 
and Tort«aa,<alb int«lb itemet- 

ECHTEEACHB, 9 awn at Ant- 
Irian Lmtemburv - uie river Sout, 
in a valley mrr- -^Md by motnitaint, 
18 mlieti ME of LoxcBiMrg. E Ion. 
• 3S,NfaU.49 50. 

BCYA, or EZUA, an epuoOpal 
wwa of Spain, in AaUuM, aeM«d w 


the Zenil, 18 milca SW of CwAn*. 
Wkm.4a7, Nhlt.37 39. 


EATON, a post township of Staf- 
foid county, New Hampuiire, situated 
3 miles N of the Great Ossipec b>«, 
about J» N by W of Porttnumtbv and 
SlAftomWadiington. Population 535. 

EATON, a post towndnp of New 
York, in Madison eounlv, situatr^ ou 
a branch of Chenango river, 30 imlet 
SW of Vtica, 110 W of Alfawty. and 
365 N of WasUnglon. Populalkn 

EATON, a post town in PreUe 
county, Ohio, brautiftilly situated on 
St. CMr's crt«k, half a mile E of the 
seite of oM fbrt St. Clair, and 50 mile* 
N of Cincinnati, 568 N of E from 
WasMngtoii. Ft^ubitMNi 300. The 
lurrounding country is level and ex- 
tmtiely fcrtile. 

EAUSE, an anciem town of France^ 
in the department oi' Oers, 17 mika 
SW of Condom. £ km. 10, N lat. 
43 51. 

EBEMEZER, the eUef town of Ef- 
flngham county, state oJ' GeuigiL a- 
tuated on the SW side nf Savannah ri- 
ver, 35 miles MNW of the city of Sl>. 

EBERBACH, a town of Ocnnany, 
in the palatinate of the Rhine, aeated 
onthe Necker, 10 miles NI. of Hei- 
iNbnrg. E Lon. 8 50, N lat. 49 3flu 

BBERBERO, a castle of Germany, 
in die pahitinate of the Rhine, seatnl 
at the confluence of the Nahe an£ Al- 
•en, 8 miles SW of Creatz&adu Ji 
Lon.7 53,N>;.<..4i^;<i. 

BBERS''<'EIN, a dik^.t and cr.stle 
of Suafai% ndrieet to the manr-ye of 
Bedm,Onile>SEorB«feb. r. h».8 

BBSRSSTEIKM, k J?^. ol Get- 
muy, in AlsMS, 8 miles SW of Stnu- 
buw. Ehn.T46,Nht.4lW. 

the department or Puroe.Donie, aeated 
on the Seioule, 8 milea MB of lioo. B 
hn.315, Nfatt.45W. 

BCCIESHAL, • town in S«aflk>4- 
iMra,143 mihs MWorLaodim. W 

EDDYVIXXE, • port town, and ca- 
pital of CaUwdl county, Kentucky, si- 
taxed an Cunberiand river, 40 »}<« 
ftom its mouth, and surrounded nr r 
lieharitetihegmry. bbiqtfMBn 


— TT" =^'°*^- = 


[ ^ 1 


Aiw KMhrille, na IVom Lcxingt«f<> 
and 81« ftom Wulaiigioa. IH>pul» 

tio" ••"■ . . .^ . . .., . 

EOKN, ■ tin h"* "■• >" W*"" 

■lalnnmfawM \pp^ •ml Cw 
IuTf, WW into 8Q>w»y IVith. 

BDENTON, ■ pot town and port 
or mtty. Old eopitti of Chowin coun- 
ty. Noni C»coUnl^ U -tuMrf ««;«»» 
hemi of Albmimrle Souid, 18 miln 8 
bv E of Plyiroiuth, on the opponle 
■bore, *a K of Wind»or, aboot the 
Mnie diitanoe 8 by W of Hertibrd, and 
389 S of Wajhiiigwn. It contaiiu an 
KDiKopal chureh and about 150 hous. 
«r Nlit..1«»«, Wlon.77JO. 

EDGAR'TOWi-., a i)o«t town ot 
Dukr't tounty, MaMaehuietu •, it w a 
nan of entry, the citief town oftlie 
oounty. and the ,!«pital of Martliai 
Waldi rftual«lTn N lat. 41 M. 
and W Ion. of TO 30. It i» M8 
mHet HE of Wadiington. Popi.wtlon 

' EDOEHILL, Btillair in Warwiek- 
ihire, where the first battle w»i fought 
between CiMviet i.aud lliefnrliaini'nt, 

*" EDQEW ARE, ■ town in Middhaex, 
villi a market on 1 iiiir«!ay. eight niifes 
NW of Londoiu W Ion. 14, M Ijt. 

»l if- 

EDIKOFEN, a town of Germany, 
In the palatinate of the Rhine. 

EDINBURGH, the nwtropolii of 

Sootlntd, lilttated in a county of the 

•ame name. It may properly be di- 

vkkd into the OM aad New Towni, 

the OM Town it liluatcd on a narrow 

tteep hilL about a mile in length, ut- 

mbuiled alirupdy on the W ride by tlic 

canle,fttiin which tbere ita gradunl 

declMtv lo the palace of Holyrood- 

bouie. llie caitle h teated on a nut 

perpendientar .«ek, aeecMiUe only by 

a drawbridge on one cMe, and in ait- 

aknt *B««waa «oiwktaned m alinoit 

fanprcgmkle. TM ehmdi of St. Giln, 

od tte faiilR** street, a very aneienl. 

It it a flne GolMa atractuiv, and U at 

nicwnt divided into four churchea. 

Near to tut DUaidM «Ik- Parliament- 

fiiMMe, now •eeapM by tb« eourta of 

MnioB and exefarauar. IndieH|iMK 

■MoiniM, ii * handaome equntrkn 

MtneofCfaarieaU. The Royd Br.. 

dwRb on the opjmrite Me of the 

ed in 17i3 ■ hot not oecupiH m an Ex- 
ehangf. Tlie Tron-<:liiurch, founli'd 

in 1637, hai been lao-ly modoniiMd, 
and hai a neat appeavnnce. Thr par 
lace of Holyi«id-Houie forms a grand 
quadrangk-, with a court in the erntrs 
turronnji'd by piawju; tlir NW tow- 
ers were built bv James V, and iho 
whole was completed m the reign of 
Charkall. Aifloining arc Oic nwroi. 
ftcent ruins of an abbey founded b; 
David I, in I IM. The New Town is 
situated on the N tide of the Old, on 
an efcvatHi plain, from which tlie 
gioinid descends to the S and N wuh 
a gentle declivity. It fern" ■\n assen- 
blage of very elegant iin.. unilnrai 
streets and uiiiaret. 'ITie public luiiM- 
iiigs are tlie Hec'isti'r Office, a vatt pile 
orntodeni atcliilectiire, uniting ili- 
gmice ■• siahtlity t St. Andrew's 
Churcl., tue Pb>^cian's Hnll • the Ev 
ciie Omce: and the New AstemU: 
Huoms. Tlie communication hetwtva 
the N ami S parts of the city ia fiwili- 
taled by two noble hridjjei. ITiere ire 
a number of puldic buiuinja in Kdiii- 
hurgh, bettdet thoae menuawd, vu, 
Hrriot's hoapital, fiiunded in 16x2, m 
ele^nt tiothic nik- ; the Royal I^M^ 
mary; WaisonV Merchants, IVadcs 
Trinity, and Oruban hospital ; Fnlilic 
dispensary, Merclianl't Hall, he The 
iitacet of public ainuiemi-nt are the 
'l hinlre Royul, Concirt Hall, Assem- 
bly Rooma, and Equestrian Circus. 
On the summit of the Calionhill. toa 
lately been erected a Bridt-welL la 
1801, the pupuiatiesi, including theso- 
iHirbs, and «k seapuitt of N and • 
Leitib amaunlrd to »J,S6C>. It is I 
milea 8 of Lcith. 34 WNW of Bc^ 
wick upoti Tweed, and z:o N by W 
of London. W km. 3 7, N tat. M 91 

EDINBURGHSHIHB, the princi- 
ri (oumy in North Britaiiu It is 
iinded on the E by Haddington- 


ahice, on the SB by BerwickaUre, oa 
the 8 by adkirkaUre and PeeUethirc, 
ind part of LanerkshiK' ; on the W by 
LinlittK'wahhte, and un the N by the 
Frith M Forth; extemliiiB about SI 
milea in lca«th; and hi aome placi'S 
:e brand, but in others not above i. 

EDNAM, ■ viltege near Kelso, seat- 
ed un the Tweed, where Thoiiiaon, the 
author Of the araaaiu,waa barn. 

BFrBROIMO, • Mwn af Uppw 

Austria, di 
miles W of 
ht, 43 18. 

It miles N 
EGO, a 
die Hehrii 


Biles Wb 



Klon.8 « 


nerly im] 

French in 

la evacuai 

nl water 

en the E| 

B Ion. \i 


knd. It 



milea in I 

est; boiu 



Suez am 

the E of 

°i IVom 

thenec i 

till it a| 

into the 

which I 



many < 







ler. ' 



as wel 



of Ml 

wm iL ii Hiiiw i t i iun i 

(Wi«**U '-i.u^ii'Mt^ 

1 EPP 

ed in 17«3 • hut not oceupiM m nn F.v 
change. Tlie Tron-Cliiirdi, founM 
in 163T, hu been Utrlr modrrm/.wl, 
and hu ■ nrat •ppnunince. The ptr 
lace of Holyrand'Houw forms a gnm 
quadnnRk.-. with • court in the cfmre 
iiirroundc'd by pinnrjui tlie NW tow- 
en were built b» J«n>e« V, and llie 
whole waicompktnl in the reign of 
Charles II. Aiflmninj! arc tlw miiBiih 
ficent ruins of an ahbey •bundi'd br 
David I, in UM. The New Town is 
situated on the N side of the Old, oa 
an eh-vRttil plain, from which tlie 
ground descends to the S and N w«h 
a Rciitle declinty. It I'o'nis in assepv 
blage of very elegant an., unifotm 
stractsand snuaret. ITie public liuiM- 
ings are tlie Retister Office, a vast pile 
of modem architeetiire, uiiitiiiK lii- 
Biiiice " stability t St. /Vnilion'i 
Chiirci., tlie PUi-sician's Hull • the Ex- 
cise Office; Bitd the New AssembI: 
Kuoros. Tlie communication hetweea 
the N awl S parts of the city i» laali- 
taied by two noble bridges. Iliere »re 
a number of puWie buitbings in Kdiii- 
bureh, bcsidet those meiiilaned, vu. 
Heriot's hospital, firanded in IMZ, «i 
elegant tlothicjpSh-i the Royal Ii*^ 
marv; Watson's, Merchants, Trado, 
Trinity, and Orrfian hospital ; Public 
diipemary.Mercliam's Hall, See. Tte 
iiliices ol public aniuiement are the 
1 liinlre Royal, Concert Hall, Aaieia- 
biy Rooms, and Equestrian Circni. 
On the siimnrit of the Cahonhill. hts 
lately been erected a Biiibwell. la 
1801, the nupwiation, incluiling thes* 
hiirbs, and tlie seaports of N and » 
Leitlu amounted to t7fiW. It is « 
miles SOf Lcith. 3* WNW of Bcj 
wick upon Twetd, and J:3 N by W 
of Lonion. W Ion. 3 7, N tat. «« «»• 

&«LEn;:. ^ ^ . 


Kl county in Monh Britiun. It u 
iindiid on the B by Haddington. 
dure, on the SB by Berwickshire, oa 
the S by aeOpriuhire and Peebferfiirc, 
md part of Lanerkshlre ; on the W by 
LinlitlWfwshhre, and on the N by the 
Frith <^ Forth; exteiwliiig about « 
miles in length; and hi some places 
19 hrari, but in others not ahore 3. 

EDNAM, • Tiltege near Kelsu, sail- 
ed on the Tweed, where Thomson, the 
author Af the seasons, was bom. 

KFFBHDINO, » «»WB rf Uppty 


r I 



A,„iria, defended by two •»«|^' « 
miles W of Liiitt. E ton. 13 »2, « 

U miles NE of GuiUbcd, and 17 SW 

•'EW^rmile'lit.le «J.««>;^ »J 
Ite Hebrides of Scottand, to the 8 of 

*^GHAM, a »llta« ii- Surry, J8 
Biles W by S of U»idon. 

EGLlsAu, on ancient »»'"» .^ 
Svisserland, in the canton of Zunc. 
Eton. 8 TO, N lat. 47 ?3. . - 

EOHA, a town ol B***"* X 
mtIv imoeria' It was taken by the 
SSJhTi7«, b«' they were forced 

towiu of Suabia, «»« one near the J*' 
nuhe, and tlie.otl«r on the Neckar. 
■Ibc former is in ? •j"?* ^J-,? "Sf ', *j. 
18, and Ihe hitter m E ton. »«•» '»»• 

**EHRENBREISTEDI, « wry ao- 
ci-^t eastJc, in the ;^.«'^^, «* 
Tnves, on the E bank of the Rhin^ 

summit of a stupendous rock, not lew 
Ihan 8«0 feet Sove the level of th» 

" Ei'mBECK, a town of GcrmonT, 

in the t-^rriSry °£ G™i^SiSS'{l M 
miksSof Hikkaheun. EI«o.lOO,H 

EISLEBBN, • town rf Germanj^ 

,„ iy were forced . ^^Jl.^-^.JfViificWr, Smii M 

i^To^Mteit the next year. " """S Se*K p^ of iJIu^r.' ItisflTe 
r»| waters are famous. It is seated \ t" ™™'.}"!37„«„u K km. 13 10. 

«\teE^'90miles W rf Pn«"«- 

Und. It '» M» ">»'*• **^ " """"^ 
W kin. 3 3«, N tot. M 3«. 
itfiVPT. a country of Aflnca, ow 


which laat eoroprehemu me """' 

Swinds aw bv the natives e«>W P* 
«M«swiSs, or the hot winds rf Ae 
SSrts. iSJing the three <«»y» •*« 

S«Jiaiy fist. Iff •»«SL'S.^ 
icned: and woe to the travdier whom 
'SU wind, .urpnje t*?^ ff" "^ 

Sri by 51 «»"«r siS K 

ttkonn ten acret ot.gronnd.aBn ». 

Here are aho cnvenis, <»« «*jXS 
they get the "»"<>»"»*»» 2L!jur2? 
jK &^ JTi which ore flmiid in eot- 
aead hoiliet } *™™' ."J^ -f ,h. .alls. 

mitosE of Mansfield. 

''eISMACH, a town of Thorin(»i«, 

and S^tal o? . tlif LS'cXT^ 
name, with a^eekbrated coUer, 36 
mites W of Ecfurt. E Ion. 10 a«, N 

'" EItSbN, or YTHAN, a riter «i 

A^deeD*ir«< '''«''. "^"'i f^i. 
iS^in a SE airection, «»>«»>'• 
Siothe British Ocean at Newburgh. 

FKEREFORD, a town of Deih 
ed on Uie Baltic, H »iles 8E of Sle»- 
wick. E Ion. 10 30, N tat. 54 JO. 

liI.BA, an istand in the coast of 
TusnmV^ remarkable for mii«« ot 
irof^ SdMone, ""Jqu-ne. of 

^,30fhim CorsiM. and » south- 

H^fuL I?s «»a« ".J^V""^ 
mrtieutarty towarts .*» »» *"°* 

S^taS^'bLSSSSSnt of Hapotam 
^yr^ Poputo'ion »h«it 15^. 

4»mil««8Eof Dur»ia«. Ekm.SO», 

*'maE*tto«e ri«T0f G«JMny, 


( 140 


nUe fbr t*TM dilpi to Ihmburiiii, 
wliMi b 70 railin tnta thr an. 

KLBERTON, the prtncipid town 
•nd •«( of jiuticp, in klbert county, 
OeoTRil, 13 miki NW of FMenbunr 
on tin* SarMinah river, and 30 SE of 
Cimenille. It b*i a pou ofllo', court 
bouie, ml Jail i maAuMI miles flmm 

ELBEUF, •tawn.of France, in the 
■topartnent of Lower Seinr, 05 niilei 
NWoTFarit. B kMb 1 8,N liit.4919. 

RLBIMO, ■ tuam town of Wet. 
tern Pninia, in tin paladnate of Mt 
rienbwili, wateil near the Baltic Sea, 
30 milet NB oTDanttie, and 100 N by 
W of Wanaw. B loo. 19 3«, M fat. 
B* 9. 

EI.R0OEN, a town of Bobemia, 
eipitnlofadreleof the tame name, 
ntualitl on tiw rirer Eger, 10 milet 
NEofEKra. E hm. 13, N hit. ao 16. 

ELBURO, a town of the United 
Provincei, in Oudderiand, lituated on 
the E cotft of the Zoder Zee, ten 
milet NE of Handwick. BloBfM, 
N Ut. n 30. 

ELCATIF, a leaport of ArAta Fe- 
lix, on the W ooatt of tic golf of VMv 
•ia, 300 milet S of BanoiB. Eloa.53 
f, N lat. M 0. 

BLCHE, a towa of Spain, in Va- 
lencia, ao milet SW of Aficant. W 
lBn.0«3, Ntat.38T. 

EI.EPH AfTTA, an iiland on the 
cant of the Decean of llindootian 

■nilci ftoro the tattle of Bombay. 
ELEUTHES, a kinadom of 


tary, lying to tie NWd'Cbinete. It 
wai conqurivd, ic IT»9, by the em- 
neror of CUna. See KALMUCKS. 

ELGIN, the county town of Mur- 
ryiMtr, pleatamly leated on the riter 
Lottie, fire milet S of Murray Frith, 
and 37 E of Inveniett. W Ion. 3 1«, 
M lat. «7 37. 

TER Court Houie, a pott vHhge in 
Carter county, Tenimae^ it tituated 
on the W tide of the iron niaonlain,m 
the S Arit of Witlmgaiurii aiKl Big Doe 
liven, 4M milet ftom Waifafaigion. 

ELIZABETH, a towniMp of Alle- 
ghany county, nmnrlvaoia, tituated 
between MonangaVIa and Tcgkiv- 
any liTCrt, near d»ireoiiihienee,and 
containing ssei inhaUtanti. 

land go dw coait of Mattarhntettt't 
Say,lNnrin(Ca|i«Co<ta tto H, and 

the iihmd of Nantnchet to the rtit. 
The nalirei are chiefly employnl in 
the fliheriet. W Ion. AO 3, E kt 41 n. 

ELIZABETH TOWN, a town in 
Kttex county. New Jeney, lix milii 
S of Newark. 10 N «r Amhoy. and 1« 
byUndWoTNew York. It ha port 
town and the teat of a reipeetahk col. 
lege, and oontairo a church fiir epii- 
copaHaiH, another fbr pietbytcriam, 
and a«77 iidnbitantt. It it Hi milet 
ih>m Washington. 

ELIZABETH TOWN, a pott (own 
of Ettex county, New York, rftualtd 
on the W tide of Uke Champlaim, 
about 100 miles N of Albany, and N4 
EofNfWm WatMngton. PopubMion 
136a. It it the capiul of the county, 
and eontaini a court house. Jail aiid 

ELIZABETH TOWN, a post town 
of Lancatter conntr, Pennsylvania; 
seated at the month or Conewtfto 
enwk, alwut II mikt NW of the bo- 
rough of Lancaster, and 143 of Wash- 
ington. Pupulation 007. 

ELIZABETH TOWN, the princi- 
pal town of Wasbiimton county, M» 
ryfamd, (sometimes called Hagnrslown) 
seated on Antietam creek, 30 miln 
N W of Fiedwiektown, 7t N of E iVoia 
Baltimore, and 70 NBof Washington. 
It is a past town cotitaiiaing a court 
house. Jail, and 300 dwellings, a 
church fbr German Inthemns, l for 
German cahrinists. 1 for episcopalian^ 
and 1 fbr Roman catbolict. 

KLKHOLM, a seaport of leden 
in BleMngen, leatad on the b«itic, 14 
miksWofCarleteroon. Elon.l4M^ 
N lat. Mao. 

RLK, a tnali river on the eastern 
Shore of Mar) hnd, wMch mm iiito 
the Chesapeake bay, near its head, and 
between North Batl and Sattaflnt ri- 

BLKTON, a pott town, and the ca- 
pital of Cecil county, Maryland: 
seated on the BIk river, at the head of 
navigatioa. It conuins a eotirt houie, 
an aeademy and about lao dwelKngi. 
It u 47 mikt SW of PMIaddpbta, a 
NE of BakhnoR, and oa of WasMng- 
tun. N lat. 30 30 S7, E Ion. from 
Wathiiwton 1 10 •, 

ELLBRENA. an cpitoopal town of 
Spain, in Ettramadura, M milet N of 
St^ville. Whafctao, Ntat-SSlO. 

ELLBSMERE, a town in Shrep- 



tHe iilnd of Nntnehct to Um rttt. 
Itir mnira arv cMefl* emplajml in 
iheAtherin. WloiuM 3, ei«L4an, 

EI.MABBTH TOWN, ■ town In 
Kmsx county, M»w JcneT, ite miln 
S of Kemrfc. WV M Amboy. and U 
by land War New York. Itiaii|HM 
town Md the wat of ■ mpeetable col. 
Irgr, and eonlaint a church fiir rfiii' 
eopaliaiH, another fiir pieabyteriam, 
and 2977 inhabitantib It u Hi miki 
nrom Waihincton. 

EUZABBTH TOWN, a poM town 
of Kwx county, New York, rituatrd 
on the W lide of lake Chanpteine, 
about 100 railn NoT Albany, and 104 
B of N tnm WaiMngton. Pbpulatian 
1361. It ii the capiul of the county, 
and eontaiu a court houae. Jail and 

of Lancaiter eonmr, Pnunylnnia ; 
Mated at the nMHiih or Conewapi 
ererfc, about It roika NW oT the bu- 
rough of LanaiMer, and I4S of Wash- 
infrton. n^pulation M7. 

ELIZABETH TOWN, the princi- 
pal town of Wadiingtan county, MO' 
ryfauid, (Mmetimn oalhd HagnMown) 
watnl 00 Antietam creek, SO miln 
NWorrrahriektowii, yiNofEtVoia 
Baltimore, and 70 NBoT WaakinRton. 
It it a pati town contaiBlng a court 
buuK, Jail, and 300 dweilingi, a 
churdi ibr Ocnaan lulherara, 1 for 
Oerman cahriniMt. 1 for epiMopalin^ 
and I fbr Roman catbolici. 

BLKHOLM, a iraport of ledrn 
in BleUiiRn, leMad on the luMtie, M 
mikcWorCarlCNrooo. Bhiii.l4«S 

RLK, a onH rircr on the eartera 
Shore of Mvyhmd, which mm iiita 
the Cheiapeakebay, near iti bcKl, and 
betwcea North Bait and SaMaAai ri- 

ELKTON, a BOM town, and the ca- 
pital of Ceeil county, Maryland: 
•rated on the BIk river, at the head of 
navigationi It eanuim a eoiirt houie, 
an aaadony wd about IM dwelHngi. 
It ii 47 niha SW of PMtadeipULls 
NE of BaMmore, and OS of Waihuig- 
tun. N lat. 30 3S S7, B hm. ftom 
Wadiincton 1 10 •. 

ELLBRENA. an epiaeopd tawnoT 
Spain, in Eatramadura, M miko N of 
Seville. WloibiSO, Nhtt.S8S«, 

BIXBSMBRE, a town in St — 

tn, wii».sa,Nl«iUfX 


I »«J 


ELtlCKPOUR, the capital of the 
W part of Bvrar, in Hit- Deccan of 
Uindociatan. E Ion. 77 46. N lat. SI U. 

nf the kiiitdom oi llinii. H-atMl an 
ihe KttWoi Caper. W km. S 47, N lat. 

ELSINORE, a Kaportof Denmark, 
mtnl on the Sound, in tlie iileof Zea- 
Itnd. It ii the iimm coronurclal place 
III Dmmark, next to Copenluveni 
and coDUim WOO inhahitauti. The 
liMage of the Sound ia guardeo by tin- 
tuUr orcmnborg, lituuie on Ihe tdge 
of a penimubt prooiontary. Every 
mrl paninc the Sound payi a toll at 
thit place. E Ion. 13 S3, N hrt, MO. 

ELMIRA, a poit towmhip in the 
SW comer of 'I'ian euiinty. New 
Yuffc, iituated on Tioga river, 310 
milnSof W Ann Albiuiy, and 3S4 N 
of Waihingtoo. Population aiO». It 
omtaina a troail miiieral iprinir. 

EI.MO, FORT ST, a (brtiCN of 
Fmee, lit the department of the 
Eatum PyreiMm. It aurrendered to 
iIk Spamarda in 1793, but wai rrta- 
km In 1794. It ia aeated on the river 
Tit, 0ve milea N of Colioure. 


ELPHiN. a town of Ireland, in the 
county of Koaoommon. and the tee of 

ELRICH, a trading town of \J[pper 
Sauny, ibrmerly Ihe capital or tbc 
toiinty of Kkttenburg. 

tUIMBURG, a acanort of Swe- 
ilrn, in Ihe province of Gothland, 7 
mik'a E of Elainorc. E km. 13 SO, N 
lal. 16 0. 

KLTHABI, a town in Kent, 8 milea 
S of London. 

ELTEHAN, a town of Franconia, 
in the biaboprie of Wurtaburc, on the 
riirn' Maine. Elon. 10 fS, NTakM 8. 

ELTZ, a town of Geroiany, in the 
hidnpric of Hildcabeim, aeated on the 
K'ida, ten milea SW of Hihkaheim. 
K Ion. 1 05, N bt. J3 5. 

ELVAS, a atrong frbntier town of 
fortngal, in Alent^jo, aeoied on a 
mounwn. near the Guadiana, 50 milea 
NK of Evora, and t';i) £ of Liabon 
V/ Ion. 7 3, N kL 58 43. 

ELWANG^Ba town of Soabia. 

E Ion. 10 38. llW,4i^bw 

ELY, a cUv injHtaWgeahire, 
ntcd on the Ouae, (Hlh ia naviga- 
bletoLgnm.) It baa a BM eatbcdral, 

but iaotberwiaeameaoplaca. It it 17 
mile* N at Camhckhe, and «8 N by E 
of Liindon. E km. 9, N lat. 53 S4. 

EMBDEN, a atrong town of Wea^ 
phalia, capital of B Friealaiid, rith 
a good harbour. It behinga to the ki,^ 
of Proaiia, and ia aeated at the mootS 
of the Eniha, oppoaite DoUart Bay, 3S 
milea NB of Oroningen. B km. 7 5, 
N lau 53 30. 

EMBOLY, a town of Macedonia, 
with a Greek archbiibop'a aee watcd 
on Ihe StraoHina, 40 miln NE of Salo. 
nichi. E km, S3 55, N III. 40 59. 

EMRRUN, an anci^n and itranc 
city of France, in the drpanroeniaf 
Ihe Upper Alp*. % km. A 34 Jf bu. 44 34. 

E^fBS, a rinr of Weatphalia, which 
riaea in the cotmty of Lippe, lud falb 
into the Dollan near Eminen. 

EMMITTSBUHO, a poat town of 
Frederick eountys Mairyhnd, about IS 
roika NW noni Taneytown, aboutj50 
in the aanw direction nom Ballimora, 
and 00 flrnii Waahiiigion. 

EMERICB, a lame city of Oerma. 
nyintfeaduchyof Clevca. It ia aeat- 
ed ncarthe Mhine, 8 nOea B of Ckrei, 
EM* S ^ N lat. 51 45. 

IWPOI.L a town of Tuacany, 17 
mnea SW. of Fkrenee. 

ENCKAUYSFJI, a acanort of New 
Hullandaoa tlie ZuideikZte, 35 roiiaa 
NEof Anutenlanb £hm.54,Nbt. 
53 45. 

tlie S Faoiflc Ocean, and aeparatea Neir 
Ouinta IVtun NewHolbuid. 

ENDING, a town ofSuaUa. in Aua- 
Irian Briagaw, iitnnerly firee and inv 

ENDXIOFINO, a town of Sweden, 
in Upfamd, aituate on a river, ekiati to 
an inkt of Lake Maekkr. It ia 40 
inika W of Stockholm. E hm. 10 50, 
N lat. 5S 45- 

tun county, Counnctkui ) rituated oa 
Ihe E aide of Coaaeeiicul liver, aix 
milea Nol'Eaat Windtor, IS milea NW 
of Tidland, and 358 NK. ofWaahinK- 
ton. It containi two coiigrcntiunal 
ehurclKa,a met ting houa Kir iihakcr% 
and 1846 inhabiianta. 

ENFIELD, a poat ttwnahip oT 
Grafton county. New Hampahire, 11 
milea SB of Dartmoulb. and 510 N E «r 
Waabiiigun. Population 1391. 

feNGADINA. a countrr of tlie 
Oriaooii in the lamntiiaaat iha 4ipi( 



(.»*« 1 


Itii AviM Imo Upper mmI 
mtcnKiv (hinil Uw MnHi of t 


„ __ rthBri»er 

Inn.fVoai )t« wSuttr to Au linilew. 

KNOKKS • lawn oT Qctimbt, iD 
dK ctaclonw at Trrvn. It U tnrtrf 
•n Ike Hbine, II milt* N of Cobltnu. 
B kMk 7 81, N lal. «U 35. 

ENOHIBN, * luwii of Aiulrlan 
Haiunill, war » Mch wm rourht ihc 
famniii taiulp of Wemhtrk. li ii If 

SUr« 8 W oT Bruneli V. km. 4 «, N IM. 
I 4S. 

ENGIA, «r RNOmA, iB Uhnd of 
TnrliL7, >.> l!^uroji«, in • gulf of Ike 
tutm nainH, betwcca linriiu and Ihe 
Momk ThnvuttnauDouitordK 
Nunenamc, tamilaVtrAihau. B 
|pn.S:il«0, Nht.3T4i. 

ENUL..ND, Ike HMilh anl noit 
eoiuidi rabk lart of Ike if land ofOrrM 
ari«Ml^ koMBtal en Um N by Smtand, 
an Ike NE Hid S Iqr Uw Ocrinn 
Oiean, on Ike S by ike Bnglhk cban- 
■ri, and oM tbe W kr **• Qegnp'* 
obi^nel, tki arfaMifalM oTW^M, and 

SriD. rrtan Ae So** ~ 
Kent, w kwfc najr be M 
*oint of Ike ttkan^ to 1 
Tweed, wblebie ibeNi 

tandUSM. TbarivcrtaRmimeroiut 
•ke nioit eaaaidcrable aTiheji are tbe 
Tkamak Severn, Mcdwaj, Trent. Ouk, 
T>ne, Tkct, Fden, Aran, Derwcnt, 
Dee, Mene), lice. Tke hkei aic nei- 
Iker noiaerMU nor cxienriTe, TKev 
are (Ucfly in Ike NW coimtiei; mi 
Ikon of WeMnurefauid and Com- 

herland, in partioular, exhibit vi 
of keaulifliUy mnandc and pi•Ul^ 
•eqiie Mcnerr. Wiik mncci to elV 
mate, En|hud i< dtuaird on tke N 
nart of Ike Kniperale tone, to that it 
'«qj^i knt a Mann ihare of Ike ge- 
nial inlliKaee of ite lun. In atnwi- 
BbMc it incliiwd to ekiloew and moi*- 
Mre, niltlecl to ftvquenc and radden 
ehaiiHP*- 1°l>c manuOKtinct and com- 
nerce of tUi country an n vart, «• 
teniire, and nuf tkat a particular 
■eeount of tben would Irod m bnond 
our liinim in wooUrn, eonoa, and lanV 
ware manulbetiiret, in partiealir, it 
bai long maintalnrd a pncminencc. 
I(iwlana it dirided into <1 oounlkt, 
•nTdMe are again nibdiTidcd into 

bnndredt an^ poriikah PofioUrioa in 

BNGBLBERO, a Talb7 of S»i» 
teriand. W Bitet lonj, inlirrly cur. 
l^imM bjr very lofty and banen 
mouMaim, and bouudM hj the rui- 
toni of Bern, Uri, and Undent ■U<«. 

BNO, or ENOS, a town of RonuiKi, 
near the (.jirof Eno, 135 mlln W of 
ConitaaunopK B hm. M 15, N hi. 

ENOUUnO, a pMt townthipor 
Vermont in Pnmklin CiMinty, liiuutnl 
an Ike 8 B ride of Michitcoiir rim, 
bclwcenHoMeHbni and Movigamtrj, 
5M milM N Eof Waddngtan. Popu- 
lallonnM. . , 

ENS, a town of Upper Auitrn, li- 
tnatadon a riwr of tbe tame nuiw 11 
milettE of Unix, and WW of Vi- 
enna, r kw. U », N lau 41 II. 

ENtHIEM, a town of Frante in 

lked(p«rtnicmar>l» ^fg" ^iS'l 
•ituaied on Ike Q, lO nflei 8 W rf 
Brinek. E km. T M, N kit. SI. 

BNSKIBBBN, alownof Oennaau 
iaikedackyof iuHonb U mUeiSW 
oTCohBie. Blaikal0,Nkit.n«. 

BFBRIKS, a IMB ofUpper Hua- 
■ary, capital of Iks eowily of 8aro^ 
JSiiwriiaUelbritimiKiorMll. hn 
•eaud on tba TMaa, » niloi « <t 
CacwTia. B bn. U 13, N hi. 40 >. 

BPERNAT, an anctent town of 
Trance, in ibe dnwraacBt of Mmn 
"itbirmiktHVrorciialaa. BIta. 
4 0, N ht. 40 t. 

teddty of Nania,iB datpart i 
cMly called Ionia. It b now e 
AJanhme,by tbe Tortoj but of in 
fomcr ipleiiifcwr there is notbiagu 
be Km but bape of niaiWe,o*ertun- 
(d waUi, eokonm, eapitab, and piccn 
of itatna. Bphcwu b tiMHl nrar a 
goH' of tke lanie nune, and has lUll • 
aood burbour, 40 milr< S of Smymi. 
EIni. tr 33, N bt. 37 41. 

SPINAL, a town of France, in dK 
denariment oftke VoMo. IlitwaM 
on tbe MoMlle, n<w tbe moiintituu of 
lbs Vom, and U 35 niiln SB <t 
ManeiTE lor, :. v •«. *» 9. 

EPPINO, «iwnin£na,walMM 
Ihe Ncndof^. flueMjCtbeiamerainr, 
17niilctNNBafI^Bn. EhukOS, 
N bt. 51 44^^, ^1^ 

BPPIN^^M town of Oerroan)', 
in tbe ualidVof the Rhine, wiili a 
came, Kaldia tke EMm, m nuW 

149 ] 




r, it 

bnnHrab «i^ piriihH. Popuktloniu 

BNnBLBERO. ■ mlkT o^ "»>* 
■erianl. 10 bUn Iom. intirrly im- 

mountalM, md bouudM hj iW ran- 
toiu of Bern, Uri, and UndertiMm. 
BMO, or BNOS, ■ (own of RMiwiii, 
near the (JfoT Em, 135 miln W of 
i:oiiitflrtinoplek K km. M 15, N hi. 

ENOtBUno, ■ poM towiuMpor 
Vennodt; in Prmklin CiMiiiljr, luuiilnl 
on the S E Me of Miehtacoiir nnr, 
bt'twecnHniwerfhnl and Moinr>n»T< 
5<WnylMM EorwwMoium. Pope- 

ENS, 1 toon of Upper Awtne, il- 
inuadon ■ ri*er of the wme nuw li 
milee I E of Unit, imd 90 W ofri- 
eniim E km. U M, N lu. 41 13. 

EMMIEM, • town o7 Fnnw In 
the dtpnrtmeiN itOtt Upwr RUk 
rituMvd an iheDI, M nileaS Wrf 
Brinth. Eha.7M,Nkl.31. 

BNSKIEKBM, a lownor Oeramb 
bttheda^oT JuHmb II mUetSW 
afCohnw. Klw.8iB,Nhit.Siai 

EPBRIK8, ■ Mwn «r Upper Hna- 
gary, capital of the oomily of Sara, 
nmlrikiUelWitamiaeiorMll. It» 
•rated on the TatM. M milaa N of 
Caiwria. B hm. « 13, N hi. 40 8, 

BPEHNAT, an ancient town ef 
France, in the department c^Mm 
IttalTmiletMVr^Ciialanfc Bl^a. 
4 0, N hi. 40 1. 


143 ] 


Rhesus, mi anaient and cddir*- 
wddir or Nau«a,in that part am- 
cMlf eaUed lonh. It it now caM 
AtaiahNte,b)r the Tiutos bolofte 
&ner Mknihiiir there it oMmgta 
be tern but hnpt of mari)le,o*ertHi» 
cd wUb, eofaunn, eapitalt, and pietn 
of (Utneb Epiienu U tnurd war a 
nir of the nune MUM, and hat tull t 
load hnrhour, 40 milrt S of Smym. 
Bbn. 17 33, H bt. 37 4«. 

BPINAL, a town of France, in d« 
department of the Votm. Iti>Katf4 
uiihe Motelle, ww the nwiintium or 
Ihe Vo«n, an) it 33 rolln 8E of 
ltanei.^1 lor, I. c. v Ht. 41 9. 

BPPINO. HiwninEttn, teatrdtl 
the N end of i, IbfO^Utthemme n«w, 
nmiktNNEafl^Bo. EkiikOt, 
M I.. «i j«-^ ^ 

BHPIN^^ni town of Oermaiiy, 
in the uaMBp of the Rhine, wiili t 
cattle, teatcd on Ihe EMua, M nukt 

NRofPhUiptbiui. ElMi.OO,M.h«. 
49 t4* 

KPPINO^a pott town of HceUiit- 
hun coontv, Sew-Hampililrr^iibojit 
M naict W of FOrttuouib, and ijl 
MEofWadrinclon. Popiihtion Il« 
KP80M, a town of New Hjmpdiirr, 
ia Ihe cwiOty «f BockiniAam, 34 
■Ikt W by N of Portunoutb, 14 SK 
Tommi. and 549 MR uf Wuhhir 
wi. It it a pott towothip and con- 
Hint U5« inhabilanti. ^ ■■ „ 

EPSOM, a town in 8onTri|*brat- 
a for iu ninerat waif rt and lalu. It 
i. 15 mHct MW of London. W ion. 
»l»,Nlat.5lM. ..^,. r 

KPWORTH, a TOhwe of the itie of 
Aiholm, in Lincolinliire, nine iiiiln 
Ny Galnthoroogh. It it the hrthr 
■hcenfJohnWnli'y.lhe Ibonder of 
Or iNt of dw methodltti. 

ERFURT, a town of Oflnauiy, 
opilal of UfBer Thiutagh, wiUi a 
aSwnity. Thit town it cekbrattd 
fur a meetina; between the Emperort 
of Biuiia and France, Sept. S7, 1N8. 
It it KMed on the river One, 30 niil« 
UB of Mulhauken. B Ion. 11 33, N 
ht.510. ... 

ERICHT tOCH, a large lake in 
FcrdnMic, wUeheHendttereral mllet 
inia Inremnathire. 

ERIE. LAKE, in N Ammoi, it 
•iinalcd Iwtwetn 41 50, and « W, N 
hi. and between 78 45, and « 10, W 
Iga. It it about 330 mikrt long. Itt 
ncalett bceadih about Do, and itt Iratt 
"a The norlhrm ihore aftndt few 
atodharfaoun. Fioni,iiapoa«toriiad 
piSceu tevoal mika into the lake. 
STenendt towardt the SB «1W 
U»g Point, about 40 milet E of thM 
U a Biairf ri»« , the prinapalttHMn 
tel fidlt in fVom the Canada tkfe. 
On Ihe S E there nrariv oppotiK to 
oiial^iie lale : here h a good bar^ 
hnr. aeiwilofitttribijiarytotwyi 
ftom the tlate of Ohio a«irf toiwrtJe 
end anehoraaa ibr reateb, but are 
JtSaanally lulijeeted. to much ii^ury 
A«a the lUfting of the «ndi, at Oeir 
mitktt ; to nuiiS to that at timet they 
■e rendered entirely uceletk ^Roaky 
liwr which alfcrdt one pi the beet 
MnoTHit 9 mikt W of C'yihoga 
lieer, hthottom la rocky andihe fcpft 

«f water at ito mouth § reet. BfacK 
rirerifitckargea iltolf 1« milajr of 
tit Mnactk Md IB W of «» rtnwyV 

Unr. lu mouth alTiirdt a gaot 

harbour liar mtrh of B or 10 n«t 
dranght. Sanduiky hay it 30 mikt W 
of Black ri«rr, aflbeding a looil har- 
bour Ibr vetirit drawhig 10 IN* waUr. 
llie tpaeiuatbayorMami, hlOmihrt 
firom thK latt, and riluatid at lh>- W 
«d of Um' Ijiki', it (bnnt a hrgr and 
mU- harbour, reiM'li can aMriid, 11 
mikt, to the flnt of tbi- rapidi, and 
within 3 mifc^ of Ibn Mt-in. The 
B«t lilanrtt are liiuaiul in tlie W end 
of Ihe hhe, about 10 iniki NW of 
Sandaiky bay. One of Ihm' iihuab 
ii known by the name of Edwanli, or 
Put in bay, IW^ *c harbour that it 
preientt. r-ti ««* it the bwt in lakj 
lirir I ►einr tiMboMly hw for 100 
veutlr. to ride in laftty. Thit ithnd 
cani'4nt a tpacHNU cMve that hat in it 
a ipring of rxeelkint water. Front 
Pui in bay the n-e can ditcoTir the 
Canada thore, and tlie ithni of Point 
awi PIMl, the only one in the hke 
pMwand by lit Britiih. To the NaT 
fiaitiaiaila •!• 3 athrr^ that are denp- 
"■ Ti, the middle 

from BdwBcda 

eourte 15 drgieei 
H. j« ■«< Jf end it receina 
„c».«#*«T, which aflbnb a navigabh 
eonmunieatkin with the grtM hkit on 
the N aid NW;and at iu Bend it 
ahnmudEatet, with Ontario by m*nt 
of Niagara rlwr. Thii take it rendered 
memorabk-, by one of the niort bnl- 
liant naral vicloriet on iroord, flwdit 
on the lOlh of Sept. 1813. In *» 
engagement the whole ol the Britiih 
ihuM lumwfcred to ihe American 
tquadron under the eanmand of Com- 
modotv Ptrry. . . j , „ 

ERISSO, a town of Macedooia, a* 
the bottom of the gulf of Monte Suieio. 
ERITH, a Tilhge iu Hun^bwdon. 
ihirr, on die Oiur, Bve mikt BN£ of 
St. Irei. ... . 

RRIVAN, a city of Aii", in a no- 
viace ofthetame name, and capital oT 
Penian Annenia. It U tituoud nemr 
a hke of iU own name, which it very 
deep, and M mikt in oreumftrenop. 
hit 105 mikt NW of Attroljad. E 
Ian. 44 to, N lat. 40 10. 

BRKELBNS, a town of WMtpha. 
Ua. in the duchy of Juliers, tntol on 
Ite Roer, 10 mjlet NW of Julkn. B 
loo. 35, N taU 51 4. 

ERLANO, a town of Germany, in 
tke aiKtBaf roamida, andvanuutta 


Kstetnf- v a a d li g Mwma*"'-*"***'" 

I »** f 

ff eiik-niliMh, Kami on the Rrmitz, 
W iiiiln NW of Nuranbuig K km. 
U «, N Ivt. 40 35. 

BRNKK, • lown or France, in Ihe 
iMe pfOHnoe, now io ihR drmrtmcnt 
•rMinmnns, dimwd on the M«)cnni-, 
UmllnNNW of Laval. Wlan.0 4i, 
mat. 44 IB. 

ERPACH, a town of Ocnoimy, in 
Ac eiivle or Kranconia, 30 rail«« SK 
•rrraucfort. E Ion. 9 10, N lat. 40 AS. 

■RPACH,a to«nai°8uabla,ea)iltai 
of a county <n the tame name. With a 
aaitlr, eWit niiln SE uf Ulnu B km. 
10 l«, N let, 4« Mk 

EHqUINO, • MMMt of the Rrd 
Sea, nil th« man «^pi'i, •ubject to 
Tiirltey It i< SMagfttttWofMecca. 
B Ion. 3» I, N tat. 17 30. 

BRZBHU>L a ci«]' of TorUih Ai> 
■nuia. It it utuate between the two 
loitreet of the Siiphratet, in a bcauti- 
fid plain, at the fliot of a ^Mln nf 
mountaim, froitiUl laiU wiM i^feorn. 
The T<irlu, are tkm)tWl0>9 in niim- 
Vr, They Jrite w gMM, t u M pre in 

tg the eacavam to tW SfiMli ll> 
llMmile>»b}' KarTKUSOPlW' 
40 S«, M tat. N «0. -"* 

BSCALONA, a town of Spain, in 
IHw Caatilc, nnroondcd wn waUk 
It ii litualedon aneminenoB, in a mr- 
«Ue coantrr. near Ihe Atbredie, M 
nilet tnv or Toledo, aub 33 SW ol 

BSCHKLLES, a town of Savar, on 
tta fVontiert of Dauphinj, 10 mllet S 
WofChamborry. E ha.. ( 4(, N tat. 

ESCHWEOEN, a town of Germa- 
ny, in the tandaravate of HCMt'CatKi, 
•aatad on the Werra, n milet SB of 
llie«»Caiwl. Bk>n.lO«,Nht.(10. 

B8CUHUL, a TillaR of Siwin, in 
.Ifew Castila-wated on tlieOiidlai»,lS 

• - of MaJM. Hare Pfllin 

htraiu ttmetura, in IMS, 

or the victory (twned over 


• U, M lat 33 47. 

ISFARAIN. a town of P«»ia, in 
<iw province or Korawi, fhrnoui fbr 
the jicM number of writeit it hat 
BNdiMal. UiiVOnMesEorAttra- 
bd. Elon.4in,inat.3S4a. 

E8SBNS, a town oTE nietlaa4 on 
Ac Oemian ocean, 10 milcc N of Bnlh 
tlf^ Blia>ui4Kbrt.M<ir. 

ailei NW of MaAU. 
n. built a fttraiu 
in nemory or the victory call 
tke Frendi near St. <tuinlin. 
, M lat 33 47. 

E8HKR, a ♦iltage in Surry, on de 
river Mole, I miki SW orKiiigiloii. 

MK,a river in DomfHeihire.whick 
brroi part oT the boundary hctwcrn 
aMtand ami Scotland, and Iklli inu 
mvay Frith, alao a river in I'^dtn- 
burKhthlrc, IbrmnI by the iunetlon nT 
two ttreamt called N and S Etk. 

E8K, NORTH and SOUTH, tto 
riven in the iMre or Angus, whick 
ria- in Ihe Oranipun hilh and flill iiw 
Ihe Oer^n ocean near Hontmw. 

BSKHLE, the moit eatterly diti- 
lion of Dumftiediltt'. to named from 
the river Etk, which ilowi throu^ \Lm \ 

P.SLIMORN, a large irouevlal eii^ 
of Suahia, in the duchy uf Wirtcm- 
berg. Itl«waiedontheNeekar,el|lit 
milet SK of Stalgatd. E km. 9 W, I 

larM tovni of Upiier Rnpt, on,''^ 
Nile. Thi» lownit cekfirated ftr« 
meeting between »he emperort of H»* 
•ia and France, Sept. 17th 1808. It 
liei near Ihe grwid cataract of the NUr. 
E Ion. 31 40 N lal. 34 Hi. 

KSOPUS CREEK, a flne ilreuii 
that rum in Uhier county.N Vocfc. It 

rrtgpt a SE couraa lo MarUetotm, 
then tumi NE and gradually dmf; 
ing to neariy N it Joint the Hivban It 
miUi bckiw Califcill. The whule 
k-ngth of Ibic cftck ii aboat (lAy^iilit 

ESPBRIE, a town of Hungary, if 
mikt NofCnichiw. Ehm.ai38, N 
let. 49 3. 

ESPKRRON, a town of France, I.. 
the drparinient of Sure and Loire, «•!• 
«d on theOuetle, U mile* NE ofChu- 
tree E Ion. 1 44, N lat. 4« 30. 

ESPUns, a town of Awtrian Fl». 
den, vriwreariverofdw •ameDune 
fliUt into the SheU, 8 nilkt N ot Tou^ 
nay. E kn. 3 33, N tat. fo 33. 

BSSECK, a of Seta 
vonia, with a ttrong cattle. It hai • 
brUn over the mvihei^(3U g(oii» 
trieu pace* in loigtb, and 13 in 
breadtlL with tower* at a quarter of a 
vMe 'flttant from each other, and 
handaomeiy railed on each ikfa Itli 
a <MRcult pate, and there have been 
iCTeral hatUct fboght bete hetwem 
the Turin and Germam. Itii leaied 
on the river Drave, SO mUei W M N 
of B^pr^andl73abjrEof Vien- 
na. Ehm.un,I(l3«.4l4r. , ^ 

casldl, a town of Wo^haU, Ok- 


144 t 



[ 143 ] 



u in 





£ or 




I, in 

I Ibr 




ESHKR, t ♦ilUgt in SurrT, on tic 
rinf Mole, < miki 8W orKiiigilon. 

KSK,* riftr in Dumfnnhlre.wliick 
fttrnu part of the boundary beiwmi 
JMliind ami Seotlaml, and Iklh init 
Vtrajr rrilh, ai«o ■ river In mo- 
burgluhlre, Ibrmwl by tbeJunctioD if 
two ttnann called N and S E<k. 

EM, NORTH and SOUTH, two 
rifrn In the iMre of Augni, whick 
rinf in the Onuupian hilh and All iiua 
(he OerMin ocean near Hontrow. 

BSkHlE, the mmt eaatcrly diti- 
■ion of DumAMdr*. u naimd fron 
the rivpr Etk, which Aowt throu^ \hm 

RSLUIORN, a large irouerlal eit^ 
of Suahia, in the duchy of Wirtcm- 
berg. IthieaMsdontJieNeckar.eiiht 
nUletSRorStut(ard. K loo. 9 90, 1 

ESNB, A8NE, or BMEMAY, r. 
ImM town of Upiier Raypt. on the 
Nile. Ttw townii celebrated Riri 
nweting between 'far eniperon of Rii» 
•la and France, Sept. 17th t80«. It 
Ua near Ibegrwid caiaraat of the NUr. 
E Ion. 31 40 N lat. M 4ti. 

BSOPUS CRKEK, a flne itrtm 
that nuu in Uhtrr eounty.N Vocfc. It 

rrtgpi a SE conna to MarUetown, 
then tumi NX and gradually chint 
ing to nearly N it JoIm the Hvbon It 
rnUai below Calddll. The wMe 
It-nKth of tilic cfeck is aboat flAy^ilkl 

ESPERIK, a town of Hungary, if 
mitet N of Cnidmw. E km. ai 38, N 
lat. 49 5. 

ESPERKON, a town of Fmnoe, I- 
the drpartment of Sure and Loire, «K- 
«d on IheGuede, U mile* NE ofClut- 
tiv. E Ion. 1 44, N lat. 4« 30. 

ESFIBRS, a town of Awtrfan Fha- 
dert, wherearirerof die •amenaiDe 
<UI> into the Sheld, 8 ndkt N ot Toll^ 
nay. E Ion. S M, N lat. fo M. 

leSSECR, a of Sclt' 
ninia, with a itroDg cattle. It hai • 
brUn over the mwihas (SM geoim 
tried pace* in toigtli, and U m 
bRadtiL with tower* at a quarter of a 
vMe imaat fnnn each other, and 
handaomeiy railed on each Me. It u 
a AIRcult nan, and there have been 
•ereral battle* fbogbt here between 
the Turk* and Oermaro. Itii Kated 
on the lirar Drave, SO nrile* W by N 
of B^pr^ and ITS a by E of Vicn- 
na. ElM.UH,MI«t.4l4C. , ^ 

SasKM , « torn of WotpbaU, Or 

mcrly imperini, but now iiil^l in 
the •hbew of RuA It ii tight nilirt 
K of Duiiburg. E Ion. 7 4, M lat. il 

ESSEX, a eounir of Engkfd, 
bMinbtl m tha N by the Stuiir, whMh 
■tpanle* it from Soltblk UM Caiii- 
biiilgeihita ■, on the E by llie Clerman 
la: on the W by Hertlbnlihhre aixl 
Middlewx ; and on the S by (be river 
Tlumei. It nleiab 40 inilci in length 
IVom E to W, and about fortj-two In 
breadth, Ihm N to 3. PopMatlon in 

BSSEX, a pott townthip of New 
Turk, in Enex county, liiuated on 
tk W ihare of Uke <:hainiibiio, *U 
mlla flvm Waihininon. Population 
aiA. In thi* town u the cvMbrated 

ESI APLE8. a town of France, in 
the drpartinent of the Htraiti of Ca- 
liii and lata province of Houloniioit, 
watcd at the mouth of the Canchea, 
li iiiikM S of BoukignB. N km. I <0, 

ES I'F.LLA, an epiteopol town of 
SiniD, in Navarre, capiul of a terri- 
lory of thv lame name It it leattil 
on the F4^ 19 milit W of Painpeluiia. 
WkHi.3 0, NUt. 42 40. 

ES I'KP A, a town of Spain, in Anda- 
I'Kia, with an ancient cattle, on a 
immatain, 63 mik* N by W of Malaga. 
W km. 4 19, N lat. 37 10. 

ESTHOEIA, or RETEl,, a govern- 
nwnt of the Rutdan empiri', bbundcd 
uiihe W by the Baltic, on the N by 
UHgulfof Ftnbind, on the Kbyln- 
tiia, and on the S by Livonia. 

in Laneadiire, between Hawikhead 
and Wiadernwt^ Water. It h two 
iniln and a half in length, and half a 
mile broad. It) bank* are adorned 
viA village* and tcanncd hotiaa, and 
dutbed with delightful verdure. 

ESTRAMADURA, a pravinee of 
Spain, 174 mihitin kiigth, and lOO in 
bicadth. It now make* a part of New 

BS^rBAMADUBA, a province of 
Furtacal, lying about dw nuuth of 
ibe T$iqj boonkd on the N by Deiia, 
on the E and S by Alentejo, and on 
ilK W by the Atlantk Ocean. It 
abnindt with wine,exc«ltem oil,h«ae» 
aid orange*. Utbon it the capital. 

BSTRAVAOBB, a town of Swi» 

teihnd, in tiie eantMi of Friburg, littK 


atvd on hke N'^ftbatel. E km. A >0, 
K lat. 4fl 5J. 

■iSTHEMOS, a town ui Portugal, 
in Ak-nii'io, ilivkltd iolo thii iipprt 
(own and thr kiwi'r. It it tratnl on 
the rivrr Trrra, which fnllt inio thu 
TbIo, IJ mik-« W of llwl^iia. and 7J 
K r.itboii. W Ion. 7 III, N lat. 38 44. 

EMWECEN, a town of tlirmaiiy, 
in the landiravt! of H«ir-Ca««.-I, ii 
mile* SE of Caiiel. £ lou. 10 9, N 
lau 31 11. , , 

EI AIN, a town of Franc^ In lh« 
di partnient of Meute uiid late duchy 
ot Bar, M mikoKE of Verdun. N 
km. » 39, N 1^ J? If. 

BS TAMPiiiRtowu nf France, m 
the dejiirtniSft if Hrine and Oitc, 
w'atnl on the river I«-t or Ewoipet. 
E Ion. a 10, N bit. 48 30. 

E'i'AYA, a t'lwn of Hindootlan 
Proper, in the jrovincr of Agta, titii- 
Hie on » lilgli bank of (he Juinina, M 
niiitt SE of Agn. K km. 79 U, N lat. 
20 43. 

E TJ^OnA. • ncme by whkrh a 
vaatlmaiil jUHca hat been ditiin- 
:uUi^ bf iwae Kographeri, who 
' rtlt into Up|icr and Lower 
The ilrtt Incluifet (lie cen- 
o»' Africa, under the equi- 

line. 'I1k lecond contidn* 

wiiat it now called Nigritia or Negro- 

E riENNE, ST. a city of Frmse. 
in the department of Rhone and 
Loire, renuirkable for id rwnufae- 
turet in iron and iteel. SOC mih-t S by 
E of Paris. E Ion. 4 30, N lat. 49 IS. 

ETNA, MOUN I', a vokauo of Si- 
cily, now calhsd Oihel bv thr iiikahi- 
tantt. It it A3 mile* in dreumftTenca 
at the bate, and 10.994 ft« in height. 
But travellert vary greatly In their aa- 
coiinu both of i« height and circum- 
ference. 'IVii mountain faniuut 
IVom the renioleit antiquity, both Ibr 
iu bulk and terribk- erupiiuin, ftaiMli 
in (he eattem pan of the iiluial, in a 
very extentive plain. The crater it a 
littie raounuiii, about a quarter af a 
mile perpendicular, and verv tii'ep, 
tituatvd in tbemhMleof a gently in- 
clining pfcul^ of about nine mik* in 
rircumflrencek In the middle of tha 
liitk niMiDiain it a hollow, about 10 
mik* and n half in eircuratereiw. It 
goeiihrlvingdowii, from tlie toa like 
an inv«ne«r cone. In the nuaille ol 
thii fuuBcl ii the trenwiidoai «Bd ua- 


[ «*• J 


tMhomiU* r'h*. "> ""«'• »«W»«'"' 
in all ft. rnm ihit Ruluh com n» 
mIIv Imm irrHM)- md ixintum4 notwa, 
wMeh in fnipilon tn li n r MW * to 
•uth * *1P"' M U> be hnni it a 
•rrmi illMWiw. Of III iu rniptjo™ 
d«t of I«fl3, WM the iiKUt unrMr ; 
it wu MMnM Willi mi r»rth«ii»kr 
thai oTiTturncil the town o»' C»t»rili«, 
■lid burlnl 11,1)00 ftnout in lit ruiiM. 

KTON, itownuf llucks iMttU on 
tht ThiMiiM, JO mil« W of London. W 
I<in.o30, Nl«l. 50 3* ,..«„. 

ETni'HIA, a tUIi(« In Sttlwr* 
Urirt, i>r»r N<-w««Kl«. Jt I. the prin- 
tifti MMt of the poMtrin in lhl» 

*°K1^HUK, » livrr hi S»lkirluWr.-. 
which rlK» f""'i tl« nwuniwi'o''' r«- 
JSTin the HVV. wd huving ft>rim-U 

U»t river enter. H.»biW|M>H^' 

EVAUX, • M>wii of *»»*;«'*' 
deportment of freii»_«nd Wjjg^ 

Ueon. Kloii.2 3i. NIW.«>%, ._ 
BUCLIU, ■ thriving 1"! «llW» to 
Cnihon county. Ohio. U iHtMlil «•« 
<h?MlSnV of like I'l*. le" mtfV. 
Jr^C.«£i. ri«r, I60NVVof I'ilt^ 
hu«:w3M0NWufW»iJ.M.R:i.m. U 
e„35tei . pre.b,trriMi me.. ,.« hou«-, 
^dupwudt of 400 intahitanl.. 

indadrelc of AmtrU, ««il«i on tin 
Dinttte;i3naie.Wof Lint*. E Ion. 

"El5,^«i.S.'ofF,««*«.i7 »»«,*? 
pjiittcnt ofiawcr Seiue. Won. 1 30, 

mvSlSHOT, ■ town ,n norirt. 
Ali»,UB WbySof UmkUii. W Ion. 

n«. N l««. » «»• , . ,., 

BVMHAM,»boiwmh in Worce* 

MMhuc, «ited on * grwljul iKcnt 

iSmdir Avon, wbicE nlmoM lur- 

ISSimI It fcTM mile. NW of ton- 

RVESHAM, > towmtop «* »«f«»r 
tan comitT. New Jeney, -|«>«« "*: 

EUOUBlO,Bi cpiNma •own^ 


ki2. U ST. N hit. 4» li. 

EVIAN, I town n' 9vm, In <'h»ii. 
W., 00 ll» H Md» or the talie if (iene- 
»», tt rnllt* NK of (lemwk E ton. 

KVOI.I, Ml undent tovn of N«p^n, 
in Princlpoto Clterime, :« mllr. Kof 
Schrno. K I""- '» '". N ••«•*'><" 

F.VOH A, 11 Ibriified town of Porto- 
nl, mpiinl 1.I Abmtejo. It it M miln 
y, L S of I.i.hoii. W Ion T », N 

tat. 3» »» , „ L. 

EUPHEMIA, ■ »«port of NiDlei, 
In Ctoh* I'hiTlore, .eottd on «T«l», 
«0 milM NK of Henpo. E Ion. KHJ, 
N tat. 31 44. 

EUPHH ATE», one of the mo.t «■ 
..^britcdrim* in the w»W. iinl the 
prineipol of Tiirhi y l.i A.». It tai 
(1. ri<e ne«r Kr»..rii.n, In ArnRtii., 
IVoni two Miu.ce. llwt li" '" <»". ^' 
ward, on high mountain, covered wiili 
mow almmt the year roiiint It nnt 
dlThln Arm«iiU from 1»i«l'»- 'h™ 
Syria from Wartnuk ; after whidi it 
r'int thrmiRh Jrae-Arabta. and recmt. 
the Tiirii on the canflmM « «•■ J™;;; 
•Ian !p«o»ln«c of K<"«1*«" ' •». J^. 
«■!«. Bu-amh, an* 40 mlk. W ol 
It enter, the lulfofPaf ria. Itl.a lw 
tha NE bounAry of (be paM dnnrt of 

^EURB, a dapartmnif «*/■»"«'■ 

which iMludaa part of tke ht« pro- 

inccof Normandy. _ 

KURE and LOIRE, a departmenl 

of Fwnee, » called ftom the riroi at 

that name. ^ , 

EVRKUX, a anciem town of 
France, leattd in the deprtm ciit 01 
fcure. It ha. a manoftcture of cotton 
velrcta, and another of tick. It i.i«» 
edoDthe ritrcr !««»., «J."**_\? 
Roaai,MdWNWof Farii. Eko. 

1 14, N ht. 49 1. . _, 

EUROPE, ow of the four gcnerri 

St. of the world, l><»«»*i.«m the N 
the Eioaoi Oeom, onthe 9 tar Ac 
dittnaiKtti, 00 theW «nM*e At- 
lantie and Northcn. OoeM. and on* 
E by Ada. Etoin Cape St. Vincent 
to^iwwthof »eOtar,kU«« 
3/100 mlta to l«Aj«fft«nC™ 

many'pJ^Su!!.* WSSfdy iri*; 




I »V ) 


EVIAN, I town t^f Btotn, in < h«ii. 
kris im Ihr N wt» orihr takt if (i«w. 
va, «J rollM NK rf (lemnr*. E (on, 
fl W, N tal. 4fl«l. ,„ , 

KVOI.I, m unelnW tovn of N«d>i, 
in PrinclMto Clterloi*, :» mllri Kiif 
S*krn<>. K !"». U li', N •»<.<»*'. 

K VOB A, « Ibrtiflrd «mn of Porta- 

PI, ciipili.l 1.1 AlMilrj* "taMmil.-. 
in 8 of Liihciii. W ton 7 JO, N 

KUPHKMIA, a tMllioM of Naffci, 

bt CakhSimiTlore, K«»r4 on «1iil>, 

ItomilnNKoflUnio. Eton. ies», 

N l*t. M 44. , I . 

EUPHH ATK», one of the moit w- 
lfbritedrim« in ihr w»W, ""1 iv 
iHiiwiMi of Tiirk<7 lii Au«. It 1»« 
in riw nmr Krurii.n. in ArnKtil*, 
IVoni two MiuiCH tlwt Iw to thp eMI- 
want, on higti mountain! eovrrtd wiUi 
mow almott the year roumL It nm 
dttiiln Arm«iiU from liftolli,'"" 
Snia ftom Diarinxk : «ftnr wWdi It 
nuH thmiRh li"*-A"'*^!5*'«^ 
the Tigrit on the conltoM « «•■ ™; 

«Mtr. Bo«»h, •«» «™*f, «^ 
It anttn the nill of fom- . »"w 
the NE boundary of (be graM dnnrt of 

RUnK, a depwlmnit «* /"niKf. 
which inalwlM murt of *e hie pro- 
vinceof Normanoy. 

KURE and LOIRE, ■ 4epart«iciit 
of Fwnee, n calW ftom ibe r4»ai«f 
lliatnanw. ^ . 

EVRKUX, a ancinittown of 
Franoe, leatfU in thrdejwtmeBtoi 
Eure. It ha> a manufteture of ternn 
relTCta, and another of tick. It iiie» 
nionthe rircr ;«»"il«* """"Jj 
Roaai,aDd M NW of Pirta. E M. 

]^HOt>K, ow ofthe fiwr ma* 
parti of the world, bounded to the N 
WUm! Froien Oeew, ontho 8 tar Oe 

laotie and Northen. Oomd. and on* 

to^»onthof *eOtar.kU»-r 

ilMtr i> iH'ilhrr t'lc rtermvu boil, nor 
tw iiiM|ipurtaUe cold, uf ttir othir 
parit of iV iMiiiiiiM'iii. li it Inter 
4'iil(ivHt4-(lt^ limn f itlwi* A«iii or Afirica i 
i< riillnr ui' vilkifii, luwiH. und ciiiei, 
and the biiiidiiig* arr iti-unarr, mart' 
I'll gaol and wtiunuriiuui. Ilu' iiilni- 
IklMiti an all wiiiui, iiihI, Ibr tin- 
imMI |wrt, lunch Ivtbr iiwli- than iIh' 
Alhriiiu, or t»Mi the Aiiaiit't. With 
i-t-ipinl 10 Hrl« uml irK-iirC4, ihiTi* it lau 
inanurr of cuiU|Miri«>n ; uor yet in 
tndr, iiarigiuiuii, iiiid war. I'he pre- 
vailing nliKiuii u the t;hriuian, di- 
(idid into the (im^li, Itmiiiib, awl 
arotittam cburehei. 'Ihrre are tlju 
Jewi in eyi TV country, and Mahomo- 
laaitni li the eatabiubad religion of 
Ihr I'urfca. 

GUSIATIA, ST. ow of the 
imalka of the U'eward labnidf, in the 
W Indlr*. It ii a mountain in the 
form of a lugar-Ioaf, wkne top i< hoi- 
low, aiul lin to the KW ul' lit. Chriato- 
pbr-. W lan.aJ 10, N lab 17 SU. 

LUTIM, a town ofHabinn. with a 
cattle, wht-ro the biihop of Lubr« rr- 
iidu. It It leven milet (hun LiiIh'c. 

EWEI., a town hi Surry, tniinl uii 
a liirulet which emptiet itH-lf intii the 
IVinei, at Kingilon. It it 10 inilrt 
NNE of l>arkin|(, and 13 S8K of Lun- 
ilon. Wlou.0 13, M. 

KX, a river which ikn in llie fiMTit 
•r KxnMnr, in Sommetibirr, and ler- 
aiinalea in Ih* Eiigliih ehaancl, at E.i- 
moutlk afhT a coune uf 40 uilei. 

EXBTEH, an ancient town in 
Haekiiigliani county. New Haniptfaire, 
irtiM at early ai 1037. It it a putt 
tuttii, and leaDori, next in imiMirtance 
la furumouAi and it liiuatui at the 
hiad of nnrlgaiioii, on Swanteot or 
Eieter river, a branch of the Pi ratit- 
uaa. It aontaini two aonKregational 
Murahn, an academy, a court-houte, 
mdjaiL Popuhiiion 175«. DUuniM 
laiiei Nof Botton and • IS NE of Watli- 
iiiMin. Nlat.43«,Wha.71. 

EXETKB, a townabip of B«ki 
county, renmylvanim otualcd eve 
nUrt SE ofthu borough of Heating, 
inUwNEddeofScbuylkiU. I^ipuS»- 
lion 1194. 

EXILLB^ • atrong ibrt of France, 
now in tbe department of the Upper 
Alpt. Uwaatabnhy thedukeofSa- 
tny lu 1708, but rtitocMl fay the treaty 
oiUtrrtoht. It it S roiktW oribuau 
aud 40 NE of Eoitiruin. 

KXKTKR.a lawn of Oliegocouiitv, 
New York. II it a poil luwintiiu, T.I 
mik-i W uf Alhany,aMt lOj KofN hvu> 
WmIhiiciihi. ISiiiukiliiHi 14 la, 

KXKI K.ll, a capital city of t)rvoii- 
■liirt', liiiialid <ui tlic rivrr K\, t>n 
mikt norihiifthr hrilidichwinrl. It 
la one of thu princiuai riiitt in the 
kniipluiii for iu buildiii||« weultli and 
niiiitl>rr ol ill inhaUUmi. Ihe co- 
thiilral ia a ntaKiiin«enl pile, I'liiiula- 
limi ir.Wll. Ii :• All niik^ s\¥ ol'Urit- 
lol, and 173 W b> S of LuiMkUk W km. 
3 i,1, K lat. M 44. 

EJHJpuril, a village of Devon- 
•kirdm iha K Me uf die hay wbicn 
llirmi the mMlh of the river Ex, lO 
milea S by E of Enter. 

KYNDhOVRN, a town of Dutch 
Brabant, in the dittriet of H<ii»l< ■Uif, 
at the conMueiMe of the .<Cyi'.:t ami 
Ormmel, 13 mik^ 8E of Uu»k-Ouc. 
Ekin.«l«,BhM. <13I. 

EVB,ahgrough in SiiflUk, o miln 
N of ImwWh and VI NRof London. N 

•m • (iver which rfaei in the NV/ 
oflfcfirtlhiWre, and fU't into the Bri> 
ilJl Om wi , at Eyeaaonth. 

SVEMOUTH,aaeaportin Berwiek- 
ihire, at the inouth of the Eye, « mike 
fVoai Berwick. W km. 1 SO, N bt. 

EVESDALE, a innll bland on the 
roait of ArtjileiMre, to the 8R of Mull. 
It H iHilrd lor ill tiatr quarriei. 

EVSOCH, a river of the biiboprie of 
Brixen, which waten the town of that 
name, and falli into the Adige below 
Meran. " 

FAABORO, a tea ^ort of Denmark, 
ou the 8 coatt of the iihuid uf 
Funriu E kni. 10 1 1, N lut. Si la. 

FABIUS, a pott town in Unondago 
eouoly, New York. It it tiiiiaiul on 
Ihe head >mii>iti uf Chetiaii|Ri river, 147 
milatW of Albany. PopuUtton 18M. 

PABRIANO, a town of Italy, in Ibe 
■naniuinie of Ancona« is qUtet NE of 
Folicni. 32, N lal«4S'l0. 

FAHLUN. a town of Swedtn, eapilal 
of IX-keorlia, lituale in the uidtt of 
rooka aiid hilli, between the lake* of 



[ 148 1 


Run and Wurpen. It contains wo 
elMirehw. u\i TOOO uib«bitMi»». It i» 
ehkfl) cehbmtrti flir it« copper iviimr. 
E kin, 1ft « Nl«t.ftOS4. 

FAlHKAX,n pmt to>?n of Froiiklin 
oounty . ViTiTiont. tiiuntwl on La Mm]"' 
rivtT alwiiO iiiilt-'" eaitwatd of Inke 
ChBinplain. and 5S3 railea EofN from 
Wuthiiiftmn. Population ISOl. 

]• A)HF AX, n poit town in KtTine- 
liepooHiiiy, Maine, 20 imlei NEol An- , 
ru,t. auO (73of W«hington. Popula- 1 „- ,--^,^ '„,, 
tlon ■**•*! ■ • 

FALAISB, a town of Fnmw,in«ic 
deuartineni of Calvadoi, ««'«'.<"' •» 
river Ant.-, lU milei W of Pani. W 


yALKENBURG.aitrong town ot 
Gemuiny, in the new marche of Bran- 
denburg, leated on ibenverlr^je. t 
Ion. lS58.Nlat.5ja5 

FALKlNGHAM,atown inl-™™;- 

■hire, 104 milMN of London. Wtai. 

»0, N lat. 5« 48. 

' fXt.KIRK. a town in Stirlinnhire, 

battle Riiuiwl "J 

lull .*••,• . , 

FAIKPU'LD, a pout tow^IP in 
KeniirlK-fk comity, Maine, «'«|t" J^ 
thi- !iB binilt oC Kennebeu tmt.tis 
Elilet NK of tJoitou, and 600 of Waslh 
ineton. fopiilation aboiit 9C0. 

FAIHVIRl.l), :i post town and port 
of enir) in Vitirfield county, ConnecU- 
cut, i< filuuted on Mill Run. tt little 
nbove iu entrance into Long ula.irt 
aound. It coniaim a conereciatioiial 
church, « court-house, and 41S5 inha- 
biiaiiis. Ihia town wat burnt by a 
party of torie. and Britiib umler the 
couimand oSGov. Iryon fai im. It is 
distant Si! niifcs SW of New Harm, 54 
»Vo»i New York, and «I4 NE rf Waih- 
Snglon. N lat. 41 8 41, E Ion. ftom 
Washi«s*on 3 4fl 21. 

FAIRFIELD, « post township in 
Fniiikiiu comity, Vffrmont, situated 13 
niJk^Sofllie Canixta line, about 10 

Ed«.. ' '. over the Seots m 1298, and 
whe.«tfac hightandenin IJ^e.'l'ff'- 
ed the king'sTorcea. nl«9milesS«f 

KiixicLAND, a su.aJI town in Kfr 
shire, made a royal borough bv Jaran 
U. in 1458. Here is a royal p«l»« 
whose magniflccnt niins evinte ill 
fbrmer degance. It n M mil" I* •' 

"IMaND ISLANDS, ne-r.Ae 
strait! of Magellan, in Swith Amenta, 
flKoveredby^ir Richard Hawkim,m 
1894. W ton. 90, S tot. «<>• 

township, of Chester county, Poinsi* 
vaiiia. They are conugooui, and « 
.Uuatcd on tie W br««* of *• nv« 
Bra.Tdywine, about 40 niita W ol 

Philadelphia. POR"""™*'"" . ««,. 
FALltENBERfe, a seaport of S«j 

rolie. Sof llie Canixta loie, about 10 rAi^r^^o^^^,--^!^'^^ „, 

fi-oiu V* iwhiiigtoii. Population 1818. , 
FAIRFiEl.U, a post Inwndiip ol 
HerkiniiTCHiniy N York, situated on 
the N tidi: al iJie Mohawk, T6 nula N 
W of Albaity, and 4*3 N of WasbiiK- 
ton. It coiitaim one huuse uf puWie 
wonhip, an academy, and «70» inhabi- 

FAIRFORD, a town in Gloucester- 
shm-.' llbi- church has 28 Inrge »ui- 
doivs curiou«li painted with scripture 
histoi'ies, in liaiitiful t^lotirs. It is 
seatrtl on the Coin, 80 niiles (W by N 
of Loiidim. . „ 

FAIHH AVEN, a post town m Vct- 
morn, in Ruilinid county. 13 intha W 
of Rutland. 50 N of Benningtim, and 
451 fmiu Washington. Populalioti B4». 

FAIUftANS, an island in the nvCT 
Bklasitn, wiiich »:pai-at»s FranwIVom 
Spain, it is situated hetween Aiidaye 
aTFoMnmraWa. W luii. 1 46,N tat- « «>• 

FAiCENHAM, a town ot Norfolk, 
110 tuik..! NNE of LiHHhn. E HO* 
68 N, tat. 53 M, 

Hetastadt. E too. !» W, N lat. 16 52-. 
FALMOU-^H, a seaport town ol 
Barmtable c nty, Manachusetti i n- 
tlSS aUbe sw'«rf of the penimuU 
of Barmtabli , 18 railea SbJ'J*'; 
Sandwich, 41 S of Plr«)«th,.«w> «? ■ .n „ 
NErfwUington. kpul.t»on^ ^ 

It is ■ post town. Nl«t.4l33,Wkai. ^ r^^ 

^FALMOUTH, a tmm in Ciimbej 
■and county, Maine, ftve ""J*"^" 
Portland, rod ritoatol on Cascohay. 
Population 4105. i,_ib_i 

JfALMtJUTH. • »*» -^ *?5n 
eoaniy, Virginia; «*«»«««*"*''**" 

site to Fredericksburg, TO iMteSor 
Richmond, and 56W of S ft™» ja* 
inaton. It is a port town, oont»ninj 

"■"kalmouth, « «»fl«»« JC 

nnd seaport in Cornwall situattd »*«« 
STriitTFale^nni. into the EngHA 
chimnel. The tarbour U ottewve 

w iijiw '/ ii & i' Li i iii^ i 

» 1 



FALAISE, a town of Francp,in«ie 
deparlinenl of Calvados, seairt on ftc 
river Ante, 115 mile. W of Purifc V 

Ion. «, N Int. 48 35. 

yALkENBURG, I itrong town of 
Gemmny, in the new mareheof Bmn- 
(Icnburg, »-ated on ilie nver 1 n^e. t 
Ion. 15 58.Nlat.53 35 

FALKlNGHAM,atown in Lincoln. 

iihire, 104 niiiet N of london. w un. 
20, N lat. 52 48. 

fXt^KIRK. a town in Stirlinmhiw, 
~nu.vKal.fe for a battle gained by 
Ed». ^ '. over the Seou in 1298, and 
where tiK highUnden jn "46 defeat 
cd the Iting'sTorcea. ItU9mile»S«f 

'^FAiikl.AKD, a .uuUl town in «fc 
Mtf, made a royal Iwrough bv Jaran 
U. in 1458. Here i« a royal pala« 
whoK magnificent niin. «""« '•• 
Ibrnier eJ^ce. « n SO mile. N of 

'^rSuL'iSllXND ISLANDS, near .the 
■iraita of SojiA Ammti, 
rtKovewdby Sir Richard Hawlam.iii 
1594. W Ion. 90, S tat. 50. 

FALLOWFIELD, » ""^ '"? 
towmhitt. of Cherter cotuity, Vami^ 
vaiiia. Tliey are contigaou", and are 
luuaid on tL W bnmeh of J** "'« 
Bra.idyw>ne. about 40 n>ii« W oi 
Philadelphia. Population 2147. 

FALlfENBERfe, a «»»»« """f. 

den, on the BaWo, IJ J""*' J* ,f 

Helnutadt. E too. »» »i N '«•• *'> 'i 

FALMOt"-H, a «»port town ot 

Riwmtable C(. <nty, MaiSachuietu; » 

of Barmtabl. , W mile. Shy Wol 
SaDdw;eh,4i S of P'CT^^X 
KE of WaAington. £'P^"»y*^ 
tt it a post town. N lat. 41 33, w no. 
70 35. . „ i„ 

FALMOUTH, a town in Cumbn' 

land co<>nty, MaW, ftw n»J»»W« 
Portland, and ritnated on Caaeohaj. 
Population 4105. B^KwH 

f ALMOUTH. a town ot S«»rt 
eoonty, Virginia; *«««*"".*?," 

^5 the r^e» R»PP««Mr°&Trf 
site to F'f>eri*.l»n5, TC ntfta Sof 
Richmond, and »W of S frp™ J"»^ 
ington. tti. a port town, crowning 
an EpiMOiial cfiun* and about W 

''"fALMODTH, « eorrwrale, town 
Jl ^^ftin Cornwall i>..^J^ 
the ri^taTFaleront into *e Ei*"* 
cbuiMl. -m tarboat b orteww 

[ J40 ] 


■ndeomraodimu. It«aft8 mileaWSW 
of London. W km. 5 8, N lat. 50 8. 
. FALSE BAT, a bay E of the Cane 
of Good How. frequented during the 
prevalence of the NW win|i which 
Win in May. £ Ion. 18 33, Slat. .14 10. 

FAL8TEH, a little ijland of Den- 
ni«rk, near the entrance of the Baltic, 
between the lilaml of Zealanfl, Laland, 
and Mona. 

FAMAGUSTA, a town in the iiland 

FAMINE, PORT, a fortreM on the 
NScoait of the Magellaii. W Ion. 70 
a), 8 lat. 55 54. 

FANANO, a town of Italy, m the 
Modenew, W miles S of Msdena. £ 
Ion. II 18,N IM. «4 10. 

FANNKT, i\ lownihip m Franklin 
tmttty, Peniuylvaniii, rituaud on tlie 
W bnaeh of Conegocheague creeh, 
between Stfaiburg and the Tuuarora 
mountain. It ii a pott town 109 inilei 
l>on Watbingtou. ..... 

FANO, ■ town of Italy, in the duchy 
ofVcbino. E Ion. 13 5, N lat. 43 46. 

FAItEHAM, a town in Hampibins 
74 niks W by S of London. W Ion. 
1 6, N lat. 50 53. 

KWthen'y prorocntory of GreenUnd, 
« the eiitrauoc of Bavit' Straiu. W 
Ion. 42 4%, N lat. 59 38. 

FAHGl'.AU, ST. anancMnttown 
of France, in the department of Yonne, 
27 miki S cf Paria. £ hin.3 8,Nlat. 

FARMINGTOH a poit town in 
Kennebec county, Maine, ntuawd on 
Saialy river, 13.t mUei NW ofHalow- 
cU, and 070 N£ of WatUngton. Po- 
pulation 1039. . ., 

FARMINOTON, 8 town in Hartp 
fiinl cooaty, CooKeetieut, mne milea 
watward Anm Hnifwd. Thia u a 
paat town, and conttiro a dmrch and 
1748 intabitanta. U a utuated ana 
river of the tame namr, 337 milei NE 
ofWaabiaglon. .. ._ 

F ARMlROTOir, a tivwrnhip of On- 
tario county, New York, S nulea N of 
Caaandaigna, Fwalation 1908. TUi 
towmhrn eoataiw the lulphnriaaa 
fliantaiiu, imown bjr the name of CHf- 
ton Springa. The water it ttnmj 
iiopngnatad with aal|riMir, andcidti 
lugequantilietarnlpiiuiMed hydro. 

F^MVILUi, • town «o the N 
iMe «S Anoamtiu. riTcr, ia Piiaee 


Edwaid county, Virginia, 20 roilet SW 
of Cumberland, and 72 W by S of 
Richmond the capital of the itale. 
Here it a pott oAlie, 304 milei .XHn 

FARNHAM.a town in Surry. Ta n 
one of die greatnt whrat marketa m 
England. It it tcaied on the Wye, 39 
mikt WSW of London. W lun. 46, 
N lat. <1 16. 

FARN ISLAND, two groups of 
little iaiands and rockt, 17 in number, 
lying opposite to Bauiboroiigb cattle 
ill Northumberland. 

FARO, a leaport of Piirtiigsi, in At 
garva, situated on tlie gulf of Cadiz, 
20 miles 3 W of Tavira. W ton. 7 48, 
N lal. 36 54. . , 

FARO or MESSINA, the atrait be- 
tween Italy and Sicily, to named, ftom 
the Faro lighthouse, or Cape Faro, and 
its vicinity to Meisiiia. 

FAHHINGDON, a town in Berkt, 
near the Tliainei, 50 miles N by W of 
London. W km. l 37, N lat. 51 44. 

FAilUUSTAN, a province ol P'irtia, 
bMUMtod on.tta: E by Kerman, on the 
N ^MioA«mi. on the W by Kuiii- 
tan, and un Ibe S by the gulf of Persia. 

FARTACK, a town of Arabia Fe- 
lix, at the foot of a cape of the tame 
name. E ton. 51 35, N lat. 15 (5. 

BATTIPOUR, a town of Hindoo*- 
tan Proper, in the province of Agra, 35 
niiea W ofAgra. E Ion. 77 43, N lat. 
27 33. 

FAVAONANA, a tnoall ishnd. U 
roilet in eompati, on the W aide of Sici- 
ly, with a fort.* E ton. 13 35, N fart. 
38 10. 

BURG, a town of Dutch Limhurg, on 
the river Geule,teven miles £ of Meaa- 
tritcht. Eton. 5 50, N lat. 50 53. 

FAWN, atownthip of York county, 
Pennsylvania, aituated on the S tide of 
Muddy erc^ adjacent to the tttte of 
Maryfaod. Popufartian 1403. 

FAYAL, one of the Asoret, or Wca- 
tem iitandt, which luAied greatly by 
an earthquake in 17M. Itt capital it 
TUbideHoru. , _^ ^ 

FAY^ENCE, a town of Franeo, in 
dw department of Vw. E km. fi 44, 
N lat 4S M. « , . 

FAYETrEVIIXE, a aootiihing 
poit tovvn of North Caralina, and eapt 
tal of Cumberland dialriet, it pleaiant- 
ly liniaied on the WtadeoTdieNW 
linnib of Cape Fear rirer. It con. 


^ li i imM,,ji i j».wnm- i " 


[ 150 1 


tiAm sboMt MM "'"wW^Jlt ^ '4,^ 1 

FERABAD, » town of Penj«,Wt 
n.*»fr«m UP»b«n. and fjtcnding jU 
re»t tbn* mitt »loBgtlie taJu «f tin 

^"fEIHI* town of Fnmce, Jn thefc 
imnnient of Aiine. Vne n 75 miln 
imof Pari!. E Ion. » »», N l.t. 49 M. 
FERMANAGH, *f«»J>*y ,« Ife- 
land, in toe pro»iw»of Uhwr, 38 mite; 

oi. thr N by Donfffrt Mjl Tjlw«-« 
tlie E by Tyrone «nd MoniShan. on 
the S b» C«T«n, and Uilnm, wd on 
(he W by Ldlrini. i . 

FERMO. Ml ancient town of It^, 
in the maniuiwle of Ancona. B W- 

"Fl;RN«;uo'-de NORONHA, .. 
rortugiiw iihmd to *e M"^ 
J«,„f .it«a.e.l in 8 hit. 3 M M, aad 
W Ion. 3% 36 38, Population tbm. It 
fumWiCT pWnty of fmit, Beib, and 

""fERRARA. a poor dty of Italy, 
cxpiul of a duchy of the lame name. 
It i« leated in an agreeable and wKile 
pbin: watired by the nver P*^ I» » 

Wins awrai tuuv iiiiii,,n,m-.~ — ~ •- •- 
mil., S of Raleigh, 80 NW of Wil- 
miiipon. and 348 from WaAinpon. 
N l.rt, 35 8 33. W Ion. ftom Wadnng- 
Ion 8 4 23. _ r 

FAYBTTEVILLE, a po-t town ot 
Tfnp'stw.i" Liiicnln tonnty, » "'"at- 
.d 01. il.r N bai.k of EJk ri»fO»« 
riil.'. lij land, aiKl :oo by water turn 
ill joRfliieiiee with iht Tenmme*. " 
MnavigabhforhoauofMtoni. Thw 

town cootwn. a <'<'<">*'>"'»»!F'.*SSS! 
ny, » nwtting hoine aiid «« tnlijoi. 
laiit>. Duiant«VomN««hville eighty 
iniln, and ftnm Wadiington S30. N 

'fear! cape, a cape of North Ca- 
rolina, mnarkable for a danaerou. 
tlKwl calM from it« ibrm the ftynig- 
nan. Nlat.»3 32. 

*^FEAH. cape river, a river in 
N Carolina, which openi into the lea 
at Cniie Fear, in about hit. 33 45. 

FECAMP, an- ancient M-awirt ot 
France, in tlie department of lower 
Seine and 24 milti NE of HavrtMle- 
Grace. E loo. 043, N j^. 49 37. 1 r"-;;.,™^- j^ yCamt 

FELDKIRCHE, a tr«l«)g town of ^^^^^^^l" 

Gennan,, e«pilalofa count5;^ofthe Nlai.44.qi 

,an»> nani-, in Tiiol. E Ion. 9 4P, N 

'"fKLICUDA, one of the IJwr 
iilandf . in the Mediterranean, 88 milet 

FELlS! ST. an iiland in the South 
Pacific ocean, NNW of Juan Feman- 
defc W Ion. 86, S lat. 26. 

FFXLETIN, a town of France, in 
the department of Cfruie, not«l «>r 
ita manufacture of tapistrw . 

FFJXEN, a town in the Ruman 
government ot Riga «"««> l^^^ 
of the lame name. 62 roilei BE of Be- 
Wl. El«n.i4»,Nhit. 58 88. 

FELTRl.anepiwopal town of lt«Iy, 
in the Treviiano, capital of a dutrtct 
of the »« name. >«»«««^""*f 
Awna, 40 miki N of Padua. E •<«• 
11 55. N lat. 46 " ^^^ 

FEMEBEN, a KrUle nland of Den- 
nvfc, in the Baltic, three milei irom 
the eoait of Hobtein. _,«,.- 

FBNE8TRELUB, ■ »w -md fcrt 
of PiednMOt in the vnlley < ■ - Vau- 
duib Elon.7 81,NlBt.4i . . 

FERABAD, ■ town t <tn»M, m 

lal • 44 -.o. 

FERRARA, tlie^^J^y "•, • 1^ 
Tince in Italy, bounded on the N "y the 
itate of Venioe, on tlR> W bjr tae 
ducWei of Mantua ami Mirand^a, on 
tlie S by the BologneK and by Roma- 
nia, of which it «»,*™*''>,p^,'r. 

on the E by the gulf o» Veirice^U ii 
M mile, in teiiai, and 43 in hrcad* 

* jfiRHENDiNA, a town of Naptei, 
in Baiilicata, near the river BmimH.^ 
35 mikt BW of Maters B lat. 40, » 

FEBRISBU RG, a towmhip of A* 
disoneounty, Vermont, moatedon tto 
£ ndeoi lake Champiaine, about W 
roilea N of Crown Poinu Fopulauoi 

FERHO, the mort westerly of tte 
Canan I.l«nd«. near the Afnom jcaj, 

wheic the «"» >««*I!"J!'" 55.5 
fixed in nMwt mapi. Vr'lon.n46,» 

LANDS, .clutter of Bt* Wmtolr 
ini in the Morthem Oaen, «««*; 
M and 83 *«. r tot. «d tejwa « 

FERABAD. ■ townt '^"•^.'S XizSTom. W km 
the DTDvinee of MMandenn, tMtjd l"»" "?' xhere 

Gaipian ae* to tbe S. 
tatW 14. 

E lou. n 81, N 

^m^ Ion. They Mam » 
\ awimin WMiBg o«t of the wtvet, di- 

vided from the 

Oalicia, on a 
W hm. 8 4. I 
ISmdcaS of 
IM. 48 30. 

France, iirtt 
Mam. E loi 
on a creek 
fRquOited 1 
Janwi II at 
dam i> V mil 
tot. 51 88. 

FEZ,* k 

nulet in |eai| 

on the W b' 


the E by ^ 

Morocco >i 

temperate i 

cMintry full 




Fez, addon 

AlHca. Iti 

called Beh: 



tbe trade ol 

tkm ii upw 

a gnvt ni 





bounded Oi 
15 and 304 
phiin, en 
neat to I 
btte, aaw 
imeme: I 
tmt, whe 





FERABAD, « town of Pe»ij«,Wt 
ks fmm Upahan. and ratcnding «1- 
»t ibn* mikt along tlie baiJu of tha 

FEIUba town of Firance, in tbedoi 
irtn«nt of Aime. i^« «• " >«'»" 
KofParii. E km. » M, N lat, 49 M. 
FERMANAGH, a eounty <f Ire- 
ml, in toe i»ro»ineeof Uhw, M mifej 

iJligth, aiS »3 in breadth ; iou.-M 
, thr N by Diin«Wri ™? 3ir>™"; 
e E by Tyrone and MoniShan. on 
le S b/ CaTiD, and tritnm, ««« on 
n. W by Leitrim. i 

FERMO. an ancient town oritgTi 
I (he mar^uiwte of Aneona. B W-. 

'F'EHN«:uo'''de NORONHA, t 

^„f .ituaietl in 8 hit. 3 M M, aad 
N Ion. 3» J« 3B. Population ttan. It 
umldm pWnty of fmit, Beib, and 

FERRARA. a poor nty of Italy, 
wpiul of adueby of the lame ramie. 
li is Kated in an apeeable ai^ teWile 
ptain: wat. red by the riw I^„I« » 
190 niilea N of Home. E ton. « U, 
N lat> 44 34w 

FERRARA, the doeby o« a pro- 
Tinee in Italy, bounded rai the N by «» 
,uite of Veniw-, on the W^ tte 
ducWei of Mantua aiid Mirandola, on 
tlie S by the Bol'«n2i!?*,''L^^ 
„i«. of which it '•••*™*''>,P^,T. 
on the E by the ipiJfoJ Venice^ . 

eo niifct in length, and 43 in bread* 

* fLrHENDINA, a town of Napta, 

I in Ba.ili«au, near *• ri*",??"^^ 

a niitat BW of Matcrk B lat. 40, » 

*'fEHRISBU HG, a towMhip of Ad- 

I disoneounty, Vermont, montedon tto 

E ndeoi lake Cbamplanie, about W 

roilet H of Crown Poinu Fopulalx» 

FERHO, tlie mort westerly rf the 
Cnnun I.l«ndi. near the Aftwan joaj, 
wbere the flrrt mendian i»at ta* 
fixed in mow mapi. W Ion. 17 46, » 

LANDS, • clurter of «»* «*n*'j; 

LANDS, •ciuner " "ww"*--;;^ 
ing in the Northern Ooem, beww" 

and 8 da*, w Ion. Hwy b*?! " 
DamwZ Tlum are l» *«*••"" 

laaratMiividBgoHtof dw«m«%<>- 

«;M from the othen by de^ and rapid 
currents* -_ , , 

FERROL, a ««%wt oTSpain, in 
Oalicia, on a bay oTtis Atlantic. Its 
hnboarisoneofthe hen in EuMge. 
W km. 8 4. N lat. 43 30. « 

FERTE-ALAIS, a town of Franee, 
in the Apartment of Seine and Oise. 
18 rnnTrof Pan*. E km. 3 S7, N 
Isl. 48 30. .. 

FKRTE-BERNAHD, a totrn ot 
yr«we,iirtbe deisartment of Sarte, 
KaKdontheHufawe, 30 miles NE of 
Mmis. E loB. 39, N lat. 48 8. 

FEVERSUAM, a seaport in Ket:. 
on t creek of the Msdway, mjiob 
tRoiiaited by s«aril Tcsaeb. Here 
Jaiiws II attempted to embwk, but 
wu stopped by tl* populace. Fever- 
tan is « miks W at Canterbury, and 
4S E by S of London. £ km. 5i, N 

FEZ, a kingdom of Barbary, W 
miles in |e.igtb and breadth! bounded 
on the W by tha Atbmltc Oeeanj on 
the N by «ie Mcdiierranean Sea, on 
the E by Alrien, and on the S by 
Morocco an| Tafltet. The nr is 
trmperate an* *hole«mie, and the 
cniniry full of mountaius, particular* 
jy to the W and S, «hR« mount At- 

FEZ, ^capital of the Kin^idMn uf 
Rz, and on* of the largest cities in 
AlHea. It Uoonmpsedol' three toww, 
tailed BehydR, OM ^^ "«•>*•" !*i 
The palaeet aremagBilleent, and tteie 
are WO mosques. Feaisttie oentw pi 
the tnde of this empire; It( populV' 
tkm is upwards of JoO^AOO. Msfiare 
a pyttL number of Jews who tare 
tmdsome »ynagofU«i; but ^bulk <»r 
theinhrtdtmtaareMoorfc .|*M« ««o 
Biles S(« Gibraltar, and UO NE of 
Morocco. Wko.*».Nlat.33 40. 
FEZZAN, a kinglom of AlViea, 

such as to thiMiten suflbeation ; but if 
it chuige to the W or NW a reriinng 
fVeshness imincdIatelT sgcoetds. 

FIANO. a town of Hair, m the p«. 
trimony of St. Peter, seated on tlm 
liber, 1« miln M of Rome. 

KIANOMA, • town of Venetian 
Istria, sMrted oo^tbe gulf of Camero, 

17 tMtt N of Pola. 

bounded on'the N by TrinoU, «i the 
E by deaaru that dindsit iVam i 
on ilie S by Bomou. andonthe 

crta of Zahara, tying between 
wannSOdeg. Niat. It it an eatoMre 
plain, encosnMMed hy mwmtaim, 
iu«t to the wTimd to tfie ln«QOj«e 
ofdme hdgbu it may ba owing, ttat 
here, as wSTm i> U^ Bgypb no 
ndn barer klwwB. ttehoKrflte 
ehmale flnaa Amil to Noronber, U 
imenK : ftom May to.the end of Au- 
gust, when tha wind te osaally ft«n 
tkSEtotlw SW.tha beat is often 

,.^CONR, an episeopal town of 
Italy, iu theMnritorT of the ehiiich, 
noted for fine iMscadine wine. It is 
sooerl on a mountain near LakeBolse- 
3?1H miks NW of Viierbo. E km. 
19 13, N hit. 4$ 34. 

FICHEHVLOLO, a furtified town 
Of Italy, in Uie Ferrawse, seated on, 
the P<% Undies W of Jferrara. I. ton. 
a 31, N lat. 4J 8. ,, , 

FIERANZUOLO, a town of Italy, 
in the Parmesan, 10 miles SE of Pla- 
centia. E km. 9 44, N tat. 44 *9. 
1 FlEZOLt, an ancient town of Italy, 
in the Florentino, with n bishw's see, « 
I «« miles NE of FhMtence. Elon. U, 
11. N lot. |3 49. . , i 

FIFBSmHE, a coontfof Scotland. 
It is aflne ttcninsiita, inehxed between 
the Forth aMi •he.'ray rivers, bounded 
(mtheEby (lie British or German 
Ocean ; on tlK S by the Frith irf' Forth : 
on the W by the (}ehillhills, Kinross, 
and PerthsMrc ; and on the N it divided 
from Forfar by the Tay. It is about 
30 naUa long finm NE to SW, and 
about 17 where broadest. The eastern 
part is the roost level. Tte Mincipal 
rivers are the Levcn and the Edin. 

FIGARI, a SkUport of Corsica, at 
(he mouth of a river of tlie same 
name, si miles W»W of BoiuiiKio. 

FIOEAC, a town cf France, in the 
department of Lot, seated on the Sel- 
le, 33 miles E of &diors, and 370 S of 
Paris. El<m.r«8, NlM.44 33. 

of Portugal, in the Eslramadura, seat- 
ed amoM mOuMrim, near the river 
Ziaere. It is 33 mika N of Tomar. 
W km. 7 4f, N tat. 39 40. 

OE-FIGUERAS, > Tory fttosig for- 
tfcti of Spain, in Catalopi-> which 
wastakoiliytlie FMDck Ui ITM. B 
km. 3 4S, N tat. 43 18. 

FILLECH, a town of Hungarr in 
die eoimty of Novigiwi, situated as 
tbe IpoL 30 milei flma flrom Agria. 
B km, 10 9, N tat. 48 34. 

FINAL, • town of Italy, on U» 



r isa 1 


two ftirti. aad • •St- *"!«f •**;. 

CtaM*. l?lo£ 8 0, M ta«. 44 14. 

TWALE, a !*»» •/ Italy, in ite 
Mo*iKK. It ii )«;adiui an lu;!" 
ibrrod by itartwJiawo. Mni5|o 
NEan&cM, BlM.Iltf,KI«l. 

FlNCAtTUt, ■ poll toWii .rf 
BouMtMTt eonmr. VuBWih »*« "*• 

FINDH(S»r'a Wung towiv^to 
MMtrtjrdiiR, at tkt niomb of a b<^ w 
the Mme naiw. "4 »T mita W by 
Wwrjibl.. W tea 4Mi tat. « fj., 

CAPE, the WHt 
-yarBnaiik but 

frith of Mu 

orSuiSpf — ■ 



FINLAND, am pf tM «y pnerri 

n. of SiMdol, boundoi ou t-- 

br BMhnia and Laplaad, on the B by 
WbuTR. o« tliB 8 by *e i»lf ^ J™" 
lawl, and on the WAjrihat of Bothnia. 
It if about aoo milet in lenglK, wd ai 
my in tanarllb. Abo u the ea|dial. 

E too. 31 «7, n WU 'IP 


FIREPLACE. Sao Bro»khn»eii. 

FUKABO. a earponMd town in 

FmhnlBMbire, a4a uUtt W by N of 

FISHKILL, a poK loaniihip of How 
Yoric, in Dntebm «ou^. !• ""»«■« 
on to E lide of tha Hrfjon M mUet 
Saf AlMiiy, and tSI BoT N Aom 
WaMngien. In thta towMfap. ■• 

in lab 3* SOS. . . 

FfSTBLLA, a ibrtUtcd town of 
MonMOo. Tbcinhabiianu carry so i 

rit trade in line p-oenlfc Ii « 
mikt NE of Hana^j. W \m. i 

MwaofHiinary.W milei frifBulik 
Eloii. 18»,Mlafc4ft«. 

FIUM, the cajiilal of a prorinee of 
the tame name in E|XP>. 

promoutory in Yorlullilo, whow oio»- 
while cUrn lenre for a jlirwHon to 
ahiiM. Iti>»mil(»BmBurUinoa 

FLAROERS; »«ouniry of the H*- 
tberlandi, divided blio Dutch, Aottn- 
an, and French FlaBdqrt. 

FI.AT BUSH, a town of Kii|'i 

lUtm, Long Uland, in the •talttf 
Mew York. It i> tiluatrd flvc Mlh 
SE of Mew Yorlc eit». It Motabi ■ 
court bouM, jail, a cliHrch,ar« acid» 
my, and tUB inhatatant^ 

VLAITEBY, CAPE, *o tfie W 
eoait of » America, » named h 
eapttdn Ccoib who dM?™**.'' » 

FLAVIOMI,* town rf Pttncjiin 
the i>|»iiliwiil «t Cole dtOr, U a 
Mated on a mounuin, it mllei E« 
8rmur,andi40Eo|-PariK E laa.4 
17. M ht. 47 as. ,_^ . . 

FLECHE,atow|iofFr«ce, intta 
diMrtaMm of Sane, mted on the ri- 
TerJoiR,«nitnN of Aafcri. W 

ruekt, « liwr in Kuvndbnrt^ 

Aiic, h win* »t«»"#L» ST'ij 
TaNey, duceped by woody hdb, mi 


FLUUNOi^, a pait Mwn te 
HuMerdsn aaumy, "*» J^^. »J 
mtkt W ofMew Bniuwiek, and W 
MB of WaiMHiMM. 

FL«MOWUBO, a picM IW! 

on a bay oft 

for la 


Inwe ihlppiai- 

■KKio .._— .ataleconuaenr, 

MWofSktwick. ElBn.»«, 

"fLBoSus, a tillage of the A» 

tiian I»a*«tla»d«, i»*SJ™?»2SI 
Mamar, Anow ftr a baMie fbu(t* ia 

MTMii^bonriwad in tm, botwM 

in June 1^9^ 
■rami attac 
but were rep 
of CbarlcToy, 

*wtntent I 
Jta Mor( 

FUE, or 



a nun a 81 

Wilei, W I 

E brthe I 


i, built on i 
it. 41 15. 

ii a rait pi 
tioaation c 
Enry eon 
iMinanr, ■ 

cil and mo 
ever wai n 
(4 by them 
lU KW< 
Fiance, if 

ia, ] 



[ 1S3 ] 


tcniDla, aad MU bto tba bidim Owsg, 

"FiS'nUtXA, • fortifM town of 
Monicaa. Tire intaMianU carry w i 
gim iMnte in «ne gr-nento. It ii 
B( mik* NE of MorsovJ. Wkn.1 
«l, N IM. 3> ST. 

lawaofHungurv.if rnikt MTBub 

FIUM, the e*i>i«Sl of* proTiaK of 
the Mine nunc in Enpt. 

nmniDDUury in YorluWtc, whow o<«»- 
white cUm lerve for MiiwWloo u 
lidlM. Itii*mile»Bi>rBurminoD. 

nAMDERSr^Couniry of the Hfr 
therlmdf, divided into Outeh, AaMi- 
■D, and Freoeh FI«Bder<' , „. , 

FtAT BU»H, a town of K»^ 
oouftty, l«w Wand, in "hf •«»V 
NiiW York. It it litualfd «w wild 
8K of New York elW. It wmtato i 
court hodw. Jail.* diar«h,Mi andfr 

eoart of N America, w nanwd b; 
etptuin Coolt, who "ISC?^.!' " 

FLAVIOIO,* town rfmncjjm 
tin dcpamMM «r Cote dtOr, Ijn 
teated oo a mounuin, It mllet KM 
8nD«r,aiMli4oEoi'PariH E loftl 

37, M bit. 47 30. ,_^ . ^ 

ifIJBCHE,atof(»ofFWnce, to* 

dtMrtnemorSane, wied on the ri; 

l«W«S,iriM.47 39.. _. -j.^;^ 

FLBfct, « tint in Kircuttrat 

ihiic, k irindi through a beattiird 

^fe^ dcwmd hy wgody hUls, ■■< ■ fiiU(ifwindenin t)ieaTt>orjMftiii«, 

MJUUNO'TOH, a pott lowB 1» ■ pel of,8l«I<iitan», U l|ert»p« the JW; 
HwMndnaMimr. MArJcney. U ■ &aDdmoMexnAii'i«>aWatioi» 

miln W of Mew Bniuwiek, and MS 

ill June IW*. tke Aiutriam made a 
KWnl attack on «•« Ff«n<* po«^ 
but wen) repulaed. It 1> 6 milei NE 
ofdnrlemy. _ . . 

ILEURY, a town of France, In the 
jHNfftment of aaone and Loire, 30 
^ N of Chailon. E km. 4 SO, N 
M. 47 13. 

FUE, or VLIELAND, an island 
M d>e eoartof Holland, at tlie mkMIe 
oTihe mtrance of (he Ziiidei^Zee. 

FLUilja^town In Flintihire, 1«3 
miln NW of London. 

FLINT RIVER, a fine itream that 
rim in the Miuinippi Territory, and 

Snuct a &W coarK until it Mm die 
•Mhauche in the lUte of Georgia, 
hrniing the Apilaehkola. 

FUVBHIEE, a county of N 
Wilet, W milct in length, and U 
«hei« brondati boniided en the N 
nd NE by a bay, at the mouth rf the 
Dee.whjilidtTUait iVvri CbedHrei 
Ml ie ITW by the Iriih tea ; on die 
B by the Dee, and on the 8 and SW 
toOenbigluhire. FopabtioDinlBOl, 

FLIX, a town of Spaiiuin Catato- 
nia, itrong both bv art and na«nie« It 
M bull on a pomunla, m the river 
Elm, where it mahea an elbow. It it 
jomlkt SofLerida. B ton. JO, N 
It. 41 IS. . . 

FLOREUCE, the capital of the 
dM& of Tuaeany, and one of thMn- 
nttitietin Italy. Towaidt Mia, aicif 
iia vaitphrin of40inile» inieiigthl. 
wMd) b wfilkd with nllagei and ^toa- 
lur^houw•, that they weni to be acpo. 
tiaaatkm <jr the •ubnrta of the city. 
Bnry eorWrof thtiWautUol eityli 

"■" " mdenintheart*-' ^- 

aod areUtcctuiVi 

Witt I 

aattnnsatakai. It ii (kuated 

■ hqrorlie BMlie,, and h« a br 

^ Brdi»«noiughfar larae •hippiil- 

MaitoiMWorBfcmek. Kk«.e«, 
> Mnwr, ftnowitac a battle foHl^ 

emr wai itared^nir the dead ; it bj^ 
dinted with pnt«omMaiei,«ndador» 
(d by the worknumUpof the beit mo 
fan'iMulptoh R e«»Mf to 1» ehnfch. 
a,M eonwnti,tthn|^tahklt •*•*»?• 
nd IM nblto •tKuet. 'rhe"imber 
rfadirtiiianti freateuktedM M,ooo 

Anxerre, and 80 SB of Pant E Ion. 
3 »J, N tot. 4» 1. , _ 

FLORENT, ST. a to>rti of France, 
In the department uf Maine and Loirv, 
•eated on the Loire, » mite* WSW of 
Ammn. W ton. o fO, N la«. 47 14. 

nLORENTTNO, one of the thrrt 
provtnci'i of Tuieany. bounded on the 
\V by the ivpoblic of Lueea and the 
ModeuPK, onthe N by tlie ApjH'iiiii«, 
on the £ by the duchy of Uf bino, and 
on the S by the 8ieiine«e. It u a well 
watered mtivinw, and very ftrule. 
Florence U the OpiuW ., . . 

FLOURS, a ftrtih^ '-'ind in the A*, 
lantic Ocean, one oi Aioiet, nt* 
au^ in N hit. 3» 34, ami W Ion. 31. 

FIX>R1DA, a country ol N Amert- 
ea, betonging to the Snaniai-di. It i» 
litiwlcd Ciiiweenlat. Maml 30 43 N 
and between km. 80 17, and 87 l'- W. 
Itia divided Into E ail W Florida, th« 
lattef formerly extended IVom 8» ifeg. 
W ton. to the river Miwitdppi j but 
that part of h whtoN liet to (be weat- « 
waiirof thePeidido river, waicediil 
by the French to the United State* s 
which ledueec the Vtondat to the afbro 
menttoned limiti. The foce of the 
country atong. the wbote of the •« 
coait it tow, flat, and uuidy ; towarda 
the N it ii mote elevated, aixl in the 
interior ii a rid«e of tanrty hiUs. It 
ahnnadi with iwampc and mamhea, to 
ad&tce that lenden it very uiihealih^ 
Thaprincipal rivera are St. Jahn% and 
the Apatochicela, wfawb d'.videt E and 
W Twrida. The W eoaat la iirfciittil 
with a number of haya, that alftrd ex- 
cellent ahe.'.er to veaaela navigating tha 
gulf of Mexico. They are Chatham 
bay. aituated on thU S end of the peii- 
inaula; Charlotte Harbour, in int. ao 
43. Spiruto 'Santo, or Hillaboroiiah 
hay, in tat. M, about 70 milttto tlie 
N of thi« bSu Jooeph bay. Aki 100 
mitoa flirther ia the bay of Apakcte. 
Proceeding W you Ami the haya of St. 
Joaeph, St. Andn)W>>, St. Roae, and 
Penaaeob^ wMcb toit, U the moat im- 
portant. On the faanka of the rivera. 

norencek4f mika ftof Botena. and 
lU HVr of Rflme. B ton. 11 U, H 
ht,4»4«. _« „ 

FLOHENTIN, 8T. a Wmjf 
nance, in t& department vfTimm 
itmei at «e coaSocWHi of the Aiw 
OMMc and AmiMicaih 1» taifca ith_^ 

then k aonoMtcry exaeltont and fi;r- 
tUetaiaL lldcrthe preaent govern- 
^mem. there k but Ihtic fanpnneiAnit. 
I .The wboto whita popwlotton probably 
does not exceed 10^. ^. , , 
. FLORIDA, a post townahip in the 
8E eon** of Montgomery county, 
JSevii Yw*, \f npuu* oil the S aide 


t IS* 1 


•I Mafaiwk ri«T, W mllf N W of Al- 
Kiny. «nd *» imlef E of N <if Wwb- 
inxbtii. It ennuim 5 pUcw of pub- 
He ooriUji,* onaU publta Ubttrf.anit 
a7T7 iutaawiarUi 

TtOTZ, • tti«ni of Wibdite, •c»t. 
odoii tike OenbM, new iu inHux in- 
to the Diumlw. . 

FLOUR, ST. w cpiKoprfl town of 
jBraiii*, ill the dtinnaieut of Cauul. 
It ii fimed on • Boumiio, *s mUet s 
of CiernMU, and M) of Pini. Blofk 

FLdWOEN, a »i«to5 rf Korthun> 
terUuxl, f mUra H of W«oter,.Amoui 
fiv a batde fouRht <r^ ky the EogUth 
oikI Svott. in 1 513. in wbieh Jaroea IV. | 
«a> killal, together «itti l]w flower of 
U* nobUit). 

FLUSHING, a ttRNW and oomiA'T- 
able K*MMrt ol' Dutch Zeabuid, in the 
iiknd of WalelpTa. with a goad haF' 
hour, Mi a gmt fimitn traie. It it 
{burinUeiSWorMiddleburg. i; km. 
5 U, H bit. «1 39. 

FLUSVlNOia towuMp in ^iwen'i 
eaanty, Mow York, litualed on Ea«« 
rirw. r mita E of N from Wew York 
dly ..>id 17* ftora Albany. PtopuJa- 
■ . <730. In tbit town are two o^ 
tteB», under whith ai.'or»a Fox, th« 
fininder of the «ect of (tuakert^hehl 
a ivlisiom meeting in IWI. TU«? 
weca, theftfore, *ra regwded .ifith ttift- 
ly iuo-reiiby theioeicty. .. . 

FLUVANNA, a conwrierabk nwr 
of Virgiqia, whieh raf m <™» *"^ 
l^ny-DHHintaiiu, and ■^■'^.^f'T*^ 

.5 courw tiU it jmin the lUvanna MW 
ColnniUa. Tbr united stream u inw 
callnWaniM river. _. . 

F&CUABEtlS,«townniIh|D<n ^te, 
Mated on a plain» near tin (iwr Sptv. 
Mtm U Qorba/'CafMle. Ae friiieely 
masHianofdniceof QortoB.. Ui(4( 
mihaHWof Abenfcuo. _^, . . 

^kCHAH, a villaip in CWpa, in the 

nnriwie t/l^auiMUBri ratkontd lo 
fe nine mite in c«oa»fer«iee.aod to 
«aqt«nM)0O,«»ariinaUtMUh Itia 
]« iwln nom CwMMk , . ^ 

rOOOl A. » WWB ofJ W"..'? ca- 
pitanata, Mftad naut iffCetketn, 10 

mile* NK of Hermamtadt. E Ion. 2S 
»», N lat. 48 30. 

FOOLIA, a river of Italy, whidi 
riies "n the conHnet of Tuwanv, croir- 
m 'III; duchy of Urfaiiio, and (Uli into 
ibe (ulfof Venioe, at PeMro. 


FOHR, an i»land of Denmurk, neat 
the eoatt of Skiwick. It it about M 
milea in eireumfi-renee. 

FOIA, an ancient town or Natolit. 
on the gulf of amyma^ with a nod 
harbour, m^ a itroog eaule, 30 mVa 
K of Smyrna. , . , 

FOIX, a town of Franee, In the de- 
partment of Arriega It i. noted for 
fu manuftclare of co**; woollen 
dotbt, and •ome eoppciHmUt. Itn 
iiated on the Arrirge, at thafoot of 
the PnfnneCL S nute S ol^Vanuen. 
B)(a>.132,Nlat.43 0. 

FQJI.IEN, a prorinee of China, 
bounded on the ifby Tohe-kjlttir . « 
the W by KlMg^^ the 8»y «l'^ 
toog, aS on the E 1^ the Chmete Set. 

Foutdwn-Fou it the capital, __,. 

FOllGNI, an epiwopal and tradtng 
town of luly. in the duchy of Uuihriii, 
on the decUvify of a mountain, 89 udin 
N of Home. K Ion. U 84, N lat. U 48. 

S OLK8TONE, a toum in Kant, Ml- 
ed on the EngSh Clgim»V '»>»11" 
R by S of London. B^J|aa. 1 14, N 

KONDL m epiioopal toWn ofN* 
piS, in Terra dfLB»o»B. It ttgwd 
.lira ftttile pbin, near a lake of m 
own irae, <& nOu NVir of Caput, 
•odaoSE of Borne. Ehm.l314,N 

lat. 41 3*. r 

FONTAUfQLBAU, • town of 

TcaMyhntnfa, on li^^^ngi Alauia, » 

FMnae, in the dwartnent of Seine 
and Mame, remuiiablefiir itt One ft 
lace: Itit»ndtlnthenia.ttfafe««, 
M nilet SB of null. Bmi.S4r,N 

""roNTAWB-L'BVEqUE, a wm 
bf Franee, in tie department rf tbe 
MKtb, near die n»«e S""?^ S™ 
l^ka WofChaikroy. Ehin.4 18,N 

la^»S3 ' ,« i_ 

FOrrARABIA, MeiW«rt?f 8|»*|i 

vrh>n.i3^;NUt.4S«. • 

FOKfEffAI, a viltafB of ftanoc, 
inthedep^iMatorTiMie. E k» 

at rroiCP| 
dw, leatd 
bay of Bin 
twtt'n Utt 


Fiance, ii 
Itii nini! 
IN SW 01 
47 9. 

of France 
liower All 
VCT Law. 
5 48, N li 

berg, will 
<n the R 


rnikt Mr 
40, N lat, 


Itnil, V. 1 

(if Sanda 
rinr Btn 

tory wbi< 

ami, an 
nnen ti 
tfllird a 


Btme. I 
nntr, S 



* } 


milM NE of Hermimtadt. E Ion. 25 
M, NUt.46 30. 

VOOLIA, ■ rivor of Italy, whit* 
riien 'M> the oonttnei of Tutcanv, crw 
Ri 'Ik diKhy of Urfaium ud nU> >uto 
ihe eulfof Vniioe, at Ptwrth 


FOHR, Ml itlairf of Den™***. »«" 
the eout of Sletwiek. It U idioui U 
lailei in eirtamfi-rmee. 

FOIA, an aoeicnt town of Natolia. 
on the gulfof 8mymii.wi»* « goo* 
bubour'wd • •trong euUe, 30 miWi 
N of Smrraa. , ,^ j 

rOIX, a town of France, in the A> 
nartOKUt of Arriege. II i« noted for 
ft. manutetww of come woollca 
dotbk and iiime eoppcwiulb. It n 
«iid on the Arriege, at tha&ot of 
the PyrenDMSi, « imlli S oigPumets. 
E'<m.l»i,Ntat.43 0. 

FO&U^i » proTince of Chu>», 

the W bv Kiang^oo the Sly qiuii( 
tSngVana on thSTby the Ch>ne« Sea. 
FoWdKai-roa it the capital. 

FOUGNI, an epiifopal and tndiiig 
town of luly, in the duchy of Umbna, 
on the decUrt ty of a nwuuuin. W loUn 
M of Boine. E Ion. H H »>«• « «• 

I OLK8TONE, « tow in Kmt, «* 
ed on the EngiiOi Chp^f*, ja raihj 
R by S of Londoo. B>J|od. 1 M, N 

KONlSl, Ml eniaoopal iimn of Wlf 
nla, in Terra dfL»»o»a. n^»g?« 

•Dd«OSKoraoiBe. E)oii.l3U,N 

lat. 41 sa. . 

FONTAllfQtBAU, • toira^" 

^Fnnae, in the *!»««»?«»..•'**»« 

■^ and JIaine, remiSable.fcr i^^V* 

lace: ItitMid.intheniidi««r«fccei^ 

*^JTOITAIirB-L'EVE(»UE, « »w 
of Fiuee, in tke depturtmaM rf tU 
Ntetb. near tte rirar Sambre,, tbm 
StaWif Chaifawy. E Ion. 4 18, N 

""fcSiTARABIA, Me^PJwtPf ?p^ 

w'loo.i33;i»lat,43 43. ^, 

FOM-rraf AI, a vUtafB of ftanoe, 
intha depiW>nfKofT»Hie. B li» 



[ >M 1 


of Frtnee, in the <»^.;««tintTit of V«^ 
dw, •ealBil on th^. Vendee, jfr tl* 
bayof Bitcay, at nllet NEof Kocfadk 
VrVm. U, H la-. ««*>•,._. 

rONTFWOY, a 'iUageof Avitnini 
Hiinault remarkabii lor aha.tlehe- 
twn-n tlie alRei and the FrACb, in 
ir«, in which the ftrnier we.«defcat- 

FONTEVRAUIT, '- town rf 
France, in the denartrfnt of Maine. 
It ii nine mUn 8E / Saumur, and 
l«SWofP*rib E lim. 0, N fall. 

47 0. 

FORC ALQUIEB . an andoit town 
of France, in the d iiartmeni of the 
rxwer Alpa, Mated o ■ a bill by the ri- 
TerUie, aOm'.letKi!lof Aix. Ekn. 
9 41, N lat. 43 .v. 

FORCHAIN. a itron; town of 
FnuNonia, in thi' biAopnt of B«ni- 
bn, with a line araenal. It u aeatad 
on (he lUdniU, 18 mile* S by Eof 
Bamberg. E hn. 11 la, N lat. 49 44. 

Hunniiire, leatnl oa the Ann, 87 
niln Wby to^ London. W km. 1 

K)B01T»:, • amall Tillage of Soot^ 
lanl. >r, Kincaidinahire. 

FOHDWICH, a member of the port 
(if Sandwich, in Kent, wated on the 
riter Stour, andgovwned by a mayor 

EORELANO, NORTH, a promon 
torywhich ii the NE point ol the lale 
of TbaOH, In Kent. . ■„. . 

FORELAND, SOUTH, a headtand, 
Ibnntag the B inint of the Kentiih 
coart, and called South, in nspect » 
in bearing ftomthe other Foretand, 
wUihiiiSiautuniileatotheN. B» 
tweea thcae two «ape» » te noHd 
raadi, lalkd dv Dowm, to whidi they 

FOR^Sr-TOWNsi fiwr towna of 


eonOoa ofSVSafiUt.lheentraiiee 
of the Bhck Mnat. Tfaar nuna ai« 

■nd RMiAUcd; apd they are lub. 
ieettodielioaaeor Aaalna. 
nroRFAR,a borwigh ofScattaBd, 
wd capital of the county of nK •>•"* 

Kkli ilmda go de niley of Strah- 
»,J0 toC W of MBBtnue. W 
>«.3S4,Niat.M35. . _ 

FOROEB, ■ town of France* im Aa 
deaartment of Uwer Sdae, reaanrfc- 
Akte iUMiwna wmen, tt isM 

miln NW of Parll. BliB.e4»,n 
lat. 40 38. 

rORLI. an ancient town of Romag. 
nia, aapiljii of a terrhwy of the nme 
naneTwilfa a tiibopt lee. The pub- 
lie nnwiurei are vwjr hmdMune. and 
it ii Mated in ■ Ibilile and healtbr 
oonntry, lO milec 8E of FaKoa, and 
40 NE V Florene*. Elgo.1144, N 
lat. 44 IS. . . „t> 

FORMOSA, an Uand m the Chi- 
nctt Sea, eondlet E of Ctmtoa, lying 
between 110 and UidCf. B ton. and 
aa and a5 deg. N Ut. Tt b niMect to 
the ChiwPK, who, aotvWhrtanding it* 
protimity, did not know of It* exi* 
enee tiU the year 1430. Itbatoutas 
kagne* in kngdi, and a» J»«^g!«™ 
a chain of mountain* running Irtnn - 
ID S, divide* it into two parti, the E 

FORRES, a town in MurruthiW, 
Mated on an emiaciiee, 18 mile* W 

TORT ANNE, a poM towmhip. of 
Waihington county. New York. ntu. 
atMl on Wood Creek ; iu NW comer 
estendt to lake George. Here wa* 
0B«! a conMeniUe milituy pott from 
which thi- town deri*e» It name. It M 
11 mil« S of Whitehdl, and 437 E 
of N <hmi Waihingtaa. Fopulatwn 

FORT EDWARD, a pIcMnit po»t 
village in the NW earner of Argylo 
townhip, Wadiington eonnty. New 
York, ii aituatHlonthe Bhank ot the 
Hudwn. 80 mile* N of Albany, 4M 
mik* Eof N <Vom Wodungton. It 
take* it* name from afbrt built ueie 
in 1788. , . 

FORTEVENTUBA, one of die 
Caury iikmda. 08 mik* in lengdi, aad 
of a Twy irregohr hrendth, eapwtitis 
U mile*^btuadllb Itprodaeapton- 
ty of wheal, barky, bee»»*, and gaala. 
W hai. 14 a«, N tot. M *. .„ 

FORT 8TODOART, a ndhtuy 
part «f Wa*ingt»n egnniy >fi~|*ir 
hl^nitarr, te oWMed on «o Wet- 
em nde of IkB Mobile, on •Moffe^uak 
ly faanlifui and eominandin» It u « 
milM abtiw the SM.degne o* I»to«..t 
3 mile* behiw the lUBeuaa of the n> 



r the iuneiiaa of the n> 
and Tombigby, an* at 

„„„„ Boe below ^fcct,th« 

MeUlrdivide* intotwo 


TO* ..— ... 

the mote dirtance 


I »»6 1 


tion. Diiunt from Wiihjngum lOM 
""forth, one ofil* n>»» n<*|j "f, 
Mket itt rite myr the Iwtwm rf J^ 

ftwn the amliwicer m Ihe mMlena 
wuntin of North Bntnln. »«««»«» 
81 irl ng Wd Alto., Oi. forth wlnai hi 

ner ; » «hM, Ihougli It to «'»■*«" 

thoae two ptaeet. Below Alhn the 

Wfe i ht QiieenVFenTr It ii «»"*««" 
by promontoriM UwJting ta» it ft«» 

bitboMti. A»»M.!5""*'*f,'^ ftlB 
North Berwick to FW^""* 1' » ''i" 
fl«e kMuei brox^. There l« ■ o m- 
mai^kH»«i hetwwo tW. ri»Mr emlthe 

iSTkOSE, ■ boroHgli in ifc» 
AU,, liuiaie on *e IVith of Muimy, 

E lotu 7 M, H tot- <* ■"• , , . 
K)S90vIbR0NE, • town of It*"/. 

river M«ro, 1» mOui SW «£ PejWB, 
and l» SE cf Urbino. E ton. M «, 

"to™ieringat, «^««^_^ *f 
U«mptomhite,nlnennl*« f»f »»5 
foni, new the river N. n. lUt no«d 
for the riilM rf the ciiUe where 
Richard III *» j"™* J"'„;?to^ 
M»y, queen of Soottainl, WM be- 

FOUOERES, a town of F""" »J" 
the detwrtment of Maine and UMre 
2a l«?F^nee ol a»»Vf,*^ 
manetant cattle. W Ion. ll3, N tat. 

^'toOLSHAM, • town in »«*!''■ 
1» milct NW of MorwMh,and in NE 
^London. « ««n. 1 T, N ht. « JU 

yOU-TCHEOU-FOO, a dty of 
ChllU^in Fokleni one of*e moit 
coiuUieraM* In that ptovnye. fth 
tlie i«ildence of a yleetoy, hai imdw 
toljariMlietion nine citfct of die third 
Siw, «nl ii 36o ndlea NB of Canton. 

JOWEY, a borough andieaportiB 
Cornwall, dtuated on the E hank er a 
hir gf *e dnm am* » U W 

W lin.4- 

milM W by S of London. 

"^OX^isLANDS, • r»«P«f HlSS 
in the Northern ArdSpeligi. Jtej 
are W in number, »2i""..3SS5! .S 
twecn tie E cojBt rf5j»1*S^'^ 
the W eoait of Anwrlea, between a 

FRAO\ a town of 8paln, in *"» 
goo, with VoaKte. ««i«*?™''"^,*^^ 
SuTMOM. Elan.on, N lat. 4ltf. 

FHAMINOHAM, a P»rt tiwndjip 
of MamchoMtti, ^VOb^^J^'li 
M mih» W8W of ^*». •"* *»'? 
E of Wariiington. Population, 1M». 

PRAMLmISHAM, a town in aof 
fclk, 30 mUei E of Bury, "J " """" 
NF- of U>ndon. E ton. 1 «6. " »<• 

" FRAMPTON, a town |»,5?!E' 
diire, 1»8 mllet \v by » of Loadon. 
W ton. « M, N lat. W 45. 

FRANCE, acounlry of Europe, 
bounl«l onlie N by the&H^* Chw 

nel and the A»«<""«J'«*?S?^lS 
the Eby G«-niany,«ndthe JUwwM* 

Kparate it JVom Swl»mtei**OT; 
ai!d Piedmont j on the 8 »5_*f »{«Jl; 
temoiean Sea and Spam Iwmi *««» 
kingdom ItbdtvidwnwaeryraieCT. 
a,;;^ the W by tte **«»» 0"?^ 
From the Pvttnce. in the 8, » Dm; 
kirk ii. thek It! eitent li ««»"«; 
and ninethhig roote tVom the rawj 
eaittrW part of Alraee, to the. "•' 
wetterh p5m of BretipieiwhWi pro- 
vince, it mmt he *«f»«^ "*SS 
above 100 roilet further Into the ocean 

than any otlier part of the eoraU7^ 
France (a gnieraru not amount aaiow 
HNintry; tlioiighlubo«i*rietro*« 
tend nie •» tfie hlgh»*n oJW « 
Alpi, wMeh cepiww?'*!^ *«^?r 
p^5«, whSTdividc It ft«»^', 
an: MotJit Junt whk* "p»«*2" 
ftom 8wiMertand. B«S" *^ *^ 
are the Cevennet in **S?t;^S2,2 
Languedoe, uA MountDotJnth« •J 
Aunrnir. The <»5'>^7!*«5~VS? 
mainffiK riven at whi* theLoW, 
the Rhone, and the Oarone. are tie 
prindpaL The Seine, the Some, 

M coMiderable •!««». »*i|*"*i 
neat terviee to the inland e«S"~~ 
Sf die eountry i and tbUu i*4|J<'™" 

was J« yean in beii« e^npjeted, aw 
Ii tttrried Uooogli » cKeat of W 


6 1 FRA 

nulei w by S of London. W km. ♦ 

irOX I8LASD8, » fP<>"P »f "ij* 
in ilH- Northern A'«fP«N»'. JTI 

t»«m li» E oiyit «'5*»«{*?2S. M 
the W eoMt of Katene*, Mt««n n 
■nd M dm. M IM. . 

FRAO A, • town of SMln, .'» ^ 
«a,wiih>eMCle. I» l« « ™'>«,?^^ 
SuruaMb Eton. OM.N tat. 4l«. 

rHAMINOHAM, •fS^*y^t 
orMMChiuetti, Ui ^««l«« """^ 
Mnitia W8Wortotim,ml«llN 

PRAMLMOHAM, > tomn In Sot 
Mk, 30 mUei E of Burj, »* " "£? 
NK Vr Umdon. E loo. I «6. N »• 
it SI. . _„_, 

FRABiPTON, « town ".D^- 
Aire, W5 mile. V by S ofLo«»on< 
W ton. « W, N lit. »0 45. 

FRANCEL ■ own'nf.oT 5r^* 
boundHi on the N by the B!»gB* ^hw 

iiel nnd the J^«»"'"_?^l^!!flAAA 
the e«fm«ny.«»?*«.*y'j;^ 
xpante it «Vom Sw*»^«I?*.^*?I: 
aiid Piedmont •, on *e 8 bjr*e »to^ 

Mmdom It ^»*»i«'«^«n[*«J>TSS• 
«nf on .he W by the *«««»« <>«^ 
Fnim the Pyrenee. in the 8, «o Dm; 
kirk h. the N, its e»tent ii (B» «U« . 
and ninetbtaic more IVom tje moij 
eulcrly put of AInee, to the ■«•> 
weMern p3tot of Bretipiepfhidi ptj- 
viner, it imut he ?»«»|?> "»2S 
■bore 100 milei further tow the ocem 
thui my otlier pert of the eoimuy. 
France fn BMnTi. not « nMUBtMiow 

fhMu 8wiMerl«nd. .Be*deithe«;t*« 
are the Cewnnei in «**Pf^5 
LiMtKdoc, and Mount Owtott* K 

the Rlnne, *nd the QaroD^ •>< tie 
nrineiBal. The Seine, Oe Somr, 
ISSSSTMoeede, V«r, «- AJ>or,«. 
all eoinSderahle »t««eni«. <*»*;"»; 
great wviee to the "ri^d eommme 
Sf the eoiintry i and thU ta stiUIViirthet 

augmented by the great unmll^^lF; 
tiTcial eauah. ^'Hiat of l^g^S 
wa> 18 yean in Wug «SSf'5»iS? 
bvwricdUBOuKh m citeat of IW 



t 157 ] ■ 


lOfl n.lU'« over hilli ami rallii'i, wid in 
MK piMe thru' u niountaiii. Minn of 
larMHii nu'WU, «»l coiil it llkt-wiw 
net Willi ill Kinie purti ; there aw leve- 
ml qmn'iTM of e»ii'li™t ulniM', anil a 
kindul'itnn iiamctl the Twuniioiw i> 
net with in twi^ueduc. Salt ii maile 
iu cnat aiiamity in the itiaml ul Hh«f, 
tt Rut'k'Uird, and in ihu HiiitlHi-ii^rtt 
of' the kingitom and encvlleiit wiih^ it 
iumIc in abuiidaiHA Hiiiei; 178V, 
rraoee bai been in n ttatr, of alromt 
touiiniul revolution. Pupulatwii iu 
I8M, 26.775 J87, 

TIUS, an itUiiid in the Indian Oeean, 
MO ktuiM E, ot' Ma'lanicar. II wai 
nrly diteuvertd by thf PorlUKiie*;. 
Aficr thiin, the Duteh leltkil ou the 
SE ihon', aiid (jave it thi' name of 
Mtiiriiiut, in Imiiour of priiio' Mau- 
rice, tlKir ttadhuhWr. Bui tliey aban- 
ikiuHl ill on iliiir avf|uiiitioii of the 
t'lpc of Good IIO|H.'. It then ivmoined 
uiunhahitul. till th»' French huidcd 
thm in 1720. ITiit iilaiid it alwut 45 
Icwuet in circiiniftreiicf. The cli- 
iiiue ii healthy ; but the toil it not 
ytry fertile. TIktc »if iniiny nioiin- 
laini, loiiie of which pnalure the beit 
rtdiiy in the workl. the valUei are 
well watered with rivers and arc niwie 
yen uriidoetive by eiillivation. 'I'he 
town and harbour are called Port 
Lwiii, tliia iiUiiid waa taken by the 
EiKliih ill 1810, hot 8000 whitct, und 
ia,(X>0 blackl. E ton. 57 38, 8 lai. 20 

FHANCHRMONT, atownoftSer- 
many, in the Uiboprie of Liege, 13 
mika 8E of Lieue. 

FRANCISIXJWN, a port town of 
Hilbhorougb county, New Hampihire, 
tficen milei NW of Arobertt, about 54 
Wof Portimoiith, and 505 Awn Waah- 
iwton. Population, 1441. 

FRANKENSTEIN, a town of Gei^ 
many, in the pabttinate of the Rhine 
It mik't NW oT Landau. £ ton. 7 41, 
N lat. 49 18. 

FRANKFORT, a handaome pott 
ta«n in Philadelphia county, Penmyl- 
rania, five miles NE of the eitv and 
145 fhwn Waifaington. Populatkin 



in ancii:nt and free imperial city of 

I Oomanv, in the elrcle of Franoonia. 

U b letfed on the river Maine, If 

niiltt NK. of Menti'., and 150 W by N 
of Vienna. E Ion. 8 40, N Int. 4« 51. 
fluiirithinK city of German), 45 nillea 
SE of Ikrlin, and 7) S uf Stttiii. K 
Ion. 14 39, Nkt. 58M. 

F K A \K FORT, a iwat town of Han- 
cock county, Maine, titoaird nii the 
W tide of Penobaeot river, a f'w mik't 
above the bfad of Penohicoi Hay. eight 
milet W of Ptnobicot, aiKl 71« Nh ot 
Wathingun. Pupukiiton 1«03. 

FRANKFORT, a town in Virginia, 
the capital of Petidkton ouuntv; •••■:- 
ated at the foot of th<t AllcKbiuiy 
mountain, 55 milea N of Rath, on the 
8 brunch of the river Potomac. Here 
it a pott ofllee. 

FRANKFORD, the chief town of 
Hanipdtin- county, Viisinin, lituatrd 
on tlie W aide of tiic S bmiich of Po^ 
tumac riv»T, ahout 30 inilet SW of 
Bath, 13 N W of Winchealer, and 137 
from Watliington. It it a pott town. 
FRANKFORT, a to »iuliipof Her- 
kimer isounty, !»'* lork, 8T miln 
NW ol Albany, and aitiuted on the S 
tkh: of ll»c> Mohawk river. It con- 
taint about 1500 inbabitanlt. 

FRANKFORT, a poat town aiid 
capital of the aiate of Kentucky, in 
Franklin county, it tituated on the 
NE bank of Kentucky river, about 50 
milea alaive iu conHuenee with the 
Ohw. It contaiiu a itate bouae, and 
in 1810, 1099 iidiabitanta. It it forty 
initoi N by W of Danville. 113 ftwn 
Louiivilk, and 587 W of Waahfaigtan. 
N hit. 38 14, W Ion. 73 40. 

FRANCOIS, CAPE, a line toimm 
tho N port of the irfandof St. Do- 
mineo. W ton. 72 18, N lat. 19 4«. 

FRANCOS! A, a eireto of Germany, 
boundtd on the N by the cirete of Up- 
per Saxony, on the K by that of Bava- 
ria, on the 8 by that of Suahia, and 
on the W by the cireka of the Rhine. 
town of the United P rovi n eea,in Friea- 
laud, witli a eattto and univertity. 
The public buiMinga and palaeet are 
magmflcent. It it teven mikt W of 
i«wanten. E loo. 5 33, N lat. 53 11. 
FRANKENDAL, a town of Ger- 
many, in the patatinate of the HUne. 
It hat btmonen taken and retaken, 
the latt time by thealliea in 1704. It 
it aeated near the Rhine, aeren mika 
8 of Womw. S ton. 1 89, N Ut; « M. 


I "s* 1 



CZ^,ani .taut 1»00 'n'<»W'«m». 
FHANKLIN, • town ill H«. Miiry « 

lU. 1» Sl« ttam Mew Orl«nt, .nd 
5ST. W ton- "™" WMltfWton J4 M. 
ren cotmt), «*>, iUmu^ on, th ■ K 

rfSftonTCiMlmuitJ. .iKl 'Mfrom 
WubinBUm. »» eontaim .bout 50 
'^RAUItMFEW,.town«f 8wi^ 
nrlwid, e^_wl of the l^iirfwi. K 
l« Ab«*eii*i«. on .the Of' »™ 
(Veui. It h «■««' 'low by « pro- 

5S* & • Ughthouie, forty »»'»»';/ 

Swcdo over th. Smoim, in "J^ " 
i,»mSle.KWol'*loK«vr. E Ion. 16 

*• rHSbKNBUBG, • own of Wert- 

filiT*) roitei W of C» kU E Ion. 
l^giS-RKA; . viltag. (With . 
MM lAte) In Keit county, DeUw"!"' 

Sd^V^W WirVtiWngton. 
FHTOEHIC^ , |Mt town of 

eoiintr, Mtnrtan*. •'•'"•J*'^*!!! 
i,fh.mO~r«town. It i. ««n«N 
SW of Wurwkk. N !»»• S"^™- 
I'hit town WM burnt by th« Hrtu* 


.,ind, m Uie mouth oJ_«5' "J"J"t 
■ITiii town H M >»»" '*. f ,S ,2; 
niu. Kton. 10 M, M tat. 99 "• '>" 
llw iiimmit of tut ilmMl |iiTpeii<»>" 
|.r rock, whUh omtang. lb" ««". 

"""frEdbricksham, • ««iiy 

built town of Hiiiii; In £»««»• « » 

iCMedmwthBgulfofnntanil. . . 


l»)townolFr«*ri«k •aunty. M«t 

MlTinto the Mow-My rl*«i " b ^ 
of thePWOHMMS, «»^»"'5'»,?J^ 

Sp^tS^aboof^ Ubigju 
Thu i> > flouri*ing P««,W*1.'*^ 

43fromWl«hiugton. N tat. MM. 

FREEHOLD, • p«»t «»*"'•'*'* 
aphd of M.mmouth oounty, N™ 
Jener. It !• thirteen mllee swor 

»n of Wwhington. FrejWd eonuini 

FRBEPORT, ■ pott town In Com- 

Jtotai of ciin hoy, l» imte. NBrf 

toleomSy.MM-diuietM, •lw«w'" 
thiEiwIorTiunto; rh«. "b^tw 
miki ibore Jtoont Hope bay. . fo^ 

"wiBDEIUCAj > K«gi2S. SI S»i^Mo«ntHopehiy. Po«. 
6eor«», ritu«4«. St. »«"»•» J^"'^. » U , poStowwhip 471 

i> apMnhnb «o«nty^Vlr^*2: 
rimr. M mOei NW of 


FREISIMGBN, ■ ,««■ .» /*£ 
muvrcanild of ■ hl*opeie of tte 


% w toftSoV^-gton tr n. 

« 1 




I 159 1 


lidr of SiMnflrw rim. which •!>"«" 
it from George town. It • •» ""^; 

I'hii town *M burnt hy tlK Bntuh 

'"rfffeDKRICKSHALl, jrFHlt 

DERICKSTADT, • »«POJt of N«r- 
liliiiite on iheCTtnmilty oTlbe swimv 


..ind, »l the mouth of tte nj" r * 
Thit town b *1 "'•"'"f.S'^S; 
nna. B Ion. 10 IJ, M lH- SO U. <>■ 
(he lummit of »n ilinMt juTjwrii" 
IV rock, whUh «»f5»»E,lh'' »»,". 
i. . .<runnfortreti,be.iep^in 17 ».hy 
Churl. . XII. who WM kUW <>"'"« 

""frEdrricksham, • ■Mf; 

built town of R>'"i! »J £»«''•,• " " 
KMed new the gulf orHntand. . . 

fSeOEHICKTOWN, the prrnth 

iwl town of Frederick eaunty. NUf); 

nSiTlnto the Mo«M-cy '•'»'>"; ^ 

Thu U « llouridiing P«t W^ ««2; 
fl*e mites W by N «f^\j>'«^^ 
43fromWl*iugton. Ntal.M**- 

FREEHOLD, • p«»t «•*"'•'»,* 
e*pit*l of M.mmouth •"Jjn'yj..^'^ 
Jeney. It !• thirteen mUec liw or 
ShnwihurT. 33 N R of Allentown, and 


FREEPORT, .port t-wnjn Cimj 
beriand eoinrty, VUnt, tlUMted wy 

SeE ieoTTiuatoii riw, nhMtw 
S» 3^ Mount Hope hoy. Fojcr 


FREISIMQBN, ■ ,W«» .of Oj^ 
nMnTcanild of ■ hlAopjiB rf tte 
Zg£ ima!to the eicete of Haw* 


FREMCH BROAD, " ii»vi(?iil>h 
„„T of TeniKMre. *hich ri»^ »> 

rivrr ut Knilvilfc. It i. n...K«l.U: 
Ibr buou of 13 or 1« torn to Dmi- 

■"iKirENCH CREEK. « branch of 
Alkvhuv ri»ii. into wliK'h it tulli 

mik? N by E of Wmburgh. It »f- 
Ibnblhe iie«rcit pMUn to l»ke fcrie, 
irfU iMi»iR»ble tole U«u. ; trow 

tknm: tt> Pr«M|m) Ule, i» « p<M»g« «f 

"kHFJJCATI, « town of Italy, in 
CMnpagna di Roma. It dcn.v*. itj 
MiTllroin the cooliK^ of the air,aiK 
ftvUi vtTtlur*- ot tir «« Ul» around. It 
i, boilt on the ruin, of the aiwieiit 
TiMttlum. Kn-Mati it «atijl on iIjc 
iM\«ity of a lull. i»il»c raiWi »»• "I I 
Honn-. Klon. 114!I, Nlat.41 48. 1 

FREUDKNS 1 AD r, a itrongtown I 
•r guabia, in the Black Forest, built 
to leoo, lo defend the l«i»<F_™? 
Dm fuiTit. It i« 13 milei SB ol »ira»' 
kari. Kk.ii.»l,Nlat.4»M. 

F^El'DKN IHAL, a towiiof Site. 
ria.cck'bniKd fcr iu breed uf hjnci. 
iMlmaBuJhctur«<,rftiiebnen. Elon. 

FREYS TADT, a town of Hun- 
nry, in the county of N. ilra. wuh a 
Mrane caMle, anlHl on the Waag, op; 
ZHiie I«opeWadl. £ Ion. I* 10, N 

tt. 48 M, _ - a:i_u 

FUEYSTADT, a town of Sitcna, 

in theduchy of Trewben, M «»jl« « 
•r I'raupaw. E km. 18 1», N tat. M 0. 
FRllS a comWerabh. town of 
Spain, in OW Caillle, "'l^™ » 
Jwntain, mar the "v";*^'*^. =" 
tailMNWoIBurgoi. wnm.3 48,N 

FRIBURO, one of the cMitom of 
SwiMcrbind, surrounded on all »!*• by 
the canton of Bern. U ii f'"ik* in 
eooi, IViiiii and partiirei. . 

fklBURO, a townol Swisseilaiid, 
eiipiul of a eni.toi. of the miih' iianie. 
•rte public bui Wings, esuccially the 
.-wlral.arehandsonift It.dtuiwon 
U very extraordinary, »» "V?,Jr_!^ 
tide it near plain ground, and the rest 
ii built upoi rocks and precipice., k- 
nral pam of which arc acoeoiWe 
only by stair. aiHlladden. rhrwmiks 
ftoS. thi. town is a celebijted liermit- 
tge, (tit in a rock, which tontain. 

chiitth aial • neepte, • Ttrtry, • 
kinlan, a large hall, two raoau on 
each .ilk-, two pair of .Uirj, jnd a cel- 
lar. ButthenwitwonikrlViUhlniof 
all i> Uie rteepW, which i> 70ft«t Bl* 

nhovr the roeki •"* ,*«..^SS"lr. u 
the kitchen Unoftet In height. ItU 
alnioM iucuiMiivabk- how one man, 
with hi. wrvant. oguM pi'tftarro io dl^ 
ficult a work, Owiih 'Iwy •*" *• 

year, about it. '''*"1 ^J "J'Si^ 
ihi- river San, U roihr. »W of Bern. 
E km. « »5, N tat. 4« 48. 

lull, o »a, n wu -^ ■■". , , , 

KRIBURO, a town of SaaWa, caul- 
ul of Bri.gaw. It. I. «««^ "jjl" 
river Irlwr, 10 miki E of DnMW< 
niul if, s of Sinubori. E km. 7 17, 
N Inu 41 10. , o ij .-. 

I lUDINO, a town ofSuahia, on 
tla Danube, 30 mile. NE of CMMtanee. 
K kMU 9 M, N tat. 48 n. 

FRIDLANO, a town of Bubemia, 
on the cunfluri of Sihwa, « mile. E 
ofDr«deii. E Ion. 11 ", N tat. M ♦. 

FRIDLINOEN, a town of Suabia, 
thrc* mitaa E of liw Rhinx *^ ^ 

FRIEORERO, a town of OaffinaDy. 
In B.»aria, tak«i and Plunto^i ^l 
(he Swede, in 1933. U i. 30 mile. N 
WofMunkh. EkiifcU10,>'l«-40 


FRIEDBERO, a town ttOmumr, 
In Thuringia, Kuied w the Umtnio 
30 milea W of l«ip.i»k. Ek>n.U41, 

N tat. »i 18. ^ J. .«.. 

FRIEDBERO, Ae name of two 
unall town, in 8iJe«ji; the one m tM 
duchy of Jarer, aiid the other m tl* 
duehy of Schweklniti. »>« '•*LIi 
rcnurkable for a halite gained there 
by the kuig of Pnuia, oTer the Auf 
triam, in 1745. . 

FRICEN'I'I, an episcopal town "i 
Napte., in Principato Ulterior^ near 
the p^r TriapaHo, 30 n^l" »» »• 
Beneveiito. jflon. 15 9, N tat. 40 W. 

FRlEDBEHCi, an imperial Miwn ol 
Germany, in Weteratia, sealed m» 
niuunlain, W mile. NE of Irancfort. 
E Ion. 8 48, N tau 80 10. 

FRIEDBERO. a town of Germany, 
in Mimia, remarkable f"* »t. minej. 
It it WBiS oil the Multa, U rnikaSW 
rfDrSten. W k.11. 13 .^^ N tat. <l 0. 

FRIENDLY ISI. AN DS, a group of 
idands ill the S PaciOc Ofean,«name.l 
byCaptain Cook, iu 1773, on accouiii 
of ihalHeniUilp thM appcatesJ to wV 



[ too ] 


ihl nnanR thr inhabitnitt : •ml (hulr 
cuurtiYiiK hi'hMvhtHir to iCriiiiKii-a. 

rillK.HACII, It tuwii of ( h riiiiuiy, 
in iht' iirvhbiiiiaiirte iil' Hulixlnirg. »ith 
II Mnnig riMlr, u» I nHWIiaiii. ll i< 
M mlln SK uf ItalaburRh. K km. U 
IS, N 1*1. 47 It. 

FRir.HI.ANn. one of the Uiiltnl 
Proviiicn, IwniMini on thr N hy th4' 
OrrnMii <kmn, on the W hjt llw Zul- 
dn^Zrr, uii Itk- 8 by the Mnw »i>il 
Ovrrf Mel, which aliw, with lli'oniiiK''iii 
Iwuiidt U on the K. Lewiinlen U thr 

FHIKHLAND, KAST, » prorliief of 
Oenmiiy, in the circle ol Wi «i|iliiilik, 
iyiiM; near the Oeriimn Oermi, elioul 
W iiiiln in U'ncth, nml 10 in bii mllh. 
KRINWAL T, ■ town "»' (hriiimi), 
in the MurrrnTate of llmmUiilniiTt, 
litiMtuI on tlie Oder, 30 milia NE of 
Berlin. F. kin. 14 10, N Ut. 51 SO. 

FRIO, CAPF., ■ promontory of 
Bnxil, in tht- province of Uio Juieiro. 
W Ion. 41 31. S lac 43 14. 

FUI8CHAII, ■ buy ot the Baltic 
Sea, at the mouth of the Vivaihk 

FTHITZLAR, a (own of Ciennany, 
in the Itndinravate of HeMc-Canrl, 20 
Dilln 8W of CatKl. 

FRIULI. K proTlnee of Italy, bound- 
rd on the N by Cnriiitliia, on the S by 
they gulf of Venice, on the P. bv Caro- 
lina and the (ulfof Trintaaiid on the 
W by the Trtviuro and Dellunen, 

FROBI8HF.H'8 STRAITS, a little 
N of Cape Farewell, and W Oreenlaml, 
diHHmml by Sir Martin FrobiUnT. 
W km. 43 0, N Int. ni 0. 

FRODINOHAM, a town in the E 
ridinx of Yorkihirc, W mik» E of 
York, ami 1»4 N (of t.(>ndoii. W km. 
la. N Ut. J3 J6. . , , 

FHODSHAM. ft town in Chediire, 
•f^ted near the Meawy, by Frodiham 
Hitl«, IM mile* NW of London. W 
Ion. i 4«, N IrI. 53 21. 

FROMF., or KROOM, a river in 
Donrtihire, wliicb comet from the S 
W iiart of the county to Durclietlcr, 
andpivccvding to Warebam, emptiet 
itK-'lt^ inM the bay that forint (be har- 
bour of Roote. 

FROME^ a rivrt- in jomeneuMrr. 
which flowj by the town of Frome, and 
imitei with the Avon ni Bristol. 

FROMB. a town in >oiii<'r<tt«hire, 
•eatcd on the Fruim'. 13 iiiili'» 8 of 
Bath, and 104 W by S of London. W 
laa. 3 IS, N IM. n 10. 

FRONSAr, a town of France, iii 
thr ih'p'.irlOH'iii of (iimiHli- vanil <iii 
the Uunkiziii', 2% niilx NK. of Ihnii 
drmix. W Inn. 1*. N lal 45 1. 

FliON I'KIHA, a town ol Horiiiipil, 
in Alfiil.ju, lUmik«Nl'. ufK.lnimx. 
FHONTKiNIAC. aiownof FmiB-e, 
in llif U»puriimMit of lli'raiilt, vvt'\i 
Ol- Luke Vlii|{iileonr, 14 iiiilii SW of 
M.inliH llnr. K liiii. 3 4», N Int. 4 ) 4A. 
FRON 1' MOYAU « town in Kml.- 
rick coiiot), Virniiiin, on tlic F. «!* 
of Shrnamkiah river, neiir the Him*. 
Ridi^e iiiociiiluiii, 30 iu<k-i H <if Win- 
chnttr, and 38 N of Cul|M'ii|>i'r. Iliro 
ii a iiovl-olB«-. «« niikt IVom Wa*. 

FRirriNflKN, a iM'aiitinil townnf 
Hwiwrlniid, >iiiiaiiil in <li' canUin ul' 
Ih-rii. .31 milei 8K of KrlbiirK. 

FKYINtl I' AN. a d-niKiiimi Jmtl, 
which Ik al the entmn e of Capi- Fear 
river, io N Cnrcillna ; in >* part n >» N 
bL 33 32, n iniknfmm Calir Fear pilch, 
and 24 »K by SfVom the light houte on 
BaU M< »d. . , 

KUYHl'ROH, a po4t towmliip ia 
(Hfbrfl rouiit(, Maine, lying on the 
N braiicli of Sueo river, »" mihi NW 
of Porilaml, aixl «»7 from Wathinglon. 
It contuiiii an academy iMal 10U4 inli*' 
bitant'.. . . . 

FUBOO, one oi the Cape de Veid 
hiandi, in the Ailantie Ucean. It it 
a volcano, wlix^h bumi continually, 
and may l>c leen a e"'*' ••/ "^ •' "* 
It it 300 mikii W of Cape de Vert. W 
km. 34 80, N lut. 14 54. 

FUEN-HOU-F<»L', an eiienaive and 
pouuhraa city ofchina, in tlie provhire 
of IViaheli. It ii wMted near the great 
wall, aniki mouiitaint. 

FUEN- rCHF.OUFOU, ■ oommer- 
ciitl eii) of Chiiia,in the provino.-of 
Chang-Sii. It ii noted <br ill baih< 
and •Jiringv, and iv titiiHU-d on llie ri- 
ver Fiien Im, J50 mile« SW of Hikin. 

I'X' F.NIK K(.rE(iNA, a towiyrf 
Spain, ill Nt'W I'Kai.le, >ituntni on^be 
I'ligo, .35 niiUt iiV of Madrid. W 
km. .1. N lat lo 14. 

FUF.SF.N, a Uiwii ofSunliia, tnlti 
on ihe L«ch, 50 mihi 8 by K. of AiiRv 
Imi-g. K lull. 11 15, N Uu 47 40. 

FIJU)KNTALL, a town uf Siih'««, 
in the duchy of I'roiiiiiiu. siiiiiiii'd 
near tlie Mohra, 111 niik.-v W by S of 

FUL\,or THULF-.oneof theShct. 
land Ukindi, W of Maiidand, Uwiislit 

rHONSAf, ( town of rriinw. iii 
thr «fcii;irlimin iif (iirniKlf •alMnii 
thr Dunliwiir, n iiill<« NK. of Ittnii- 
drtiiix. W lull. 1*. N lal 49 1. 

FIUIN I'KIHA, a luwii ol HortiiKal, 
in Ali'Ul.ju, Itf miltiNl'. orK.miiiin, 
K HON IK iNI AC. a ii.wii of FntiKT, 
In Ihf ilnuuriimut of lliYaiill, waMl 
or l.(»ki* ^liiKulMiiH*, 14 iiiiUi SW <»f 
MonliH llitr. K loii. J 4», N I.U. 4 ) *f; 
KRON I' MOYAl^ « mwn in Kml- 
riek niiiiii), Virninin, on llic K •ak- 
of Shrnaiakiah ri«rr, nr«r the Hli»«> 
R^ll^^•• iiiocmlaiii, *> iuik?« S of Wiif 
cbtitT. ami M N of Cul|M'n|M'r. U>k 
ia a portortlM'. »» niikt IVom Wa*- 

iHirriNflKN, ■ la'antinil lownnf 
SwiutrliiiHl, <iHiat«l ill lln' canton uf 
Ik-iii. .11 mil" 8F. of Kribiiiu. 

KRYINd I'AN. a ■biHtifimt ilmil, 
which Ik M Uw mtrane of Cap<- Ki-ar 
ri»<T. Id N <:anillna ; iu S pan ii m N 
lat 3.1 ii, !> iiiitetfnini fiiir K«ir pilch, 
aiMl24 HK hy S IVum the light houte uii 
Itahl Kind. . . 

KKYHl'ROH, a poit townilnp m 
(Hfbnl rouiin, Mainr, Ijing on the 
N hraiicli of Sneo rivrr, »« milf" N W 
of Porilaial, aial M7 ftimi Wadiiiil5ioii. 
It cuiiluiiii an acaili'tnr tial l(XI4 iiili*' 
bitiint'- . . 

FURGO, omi of the C»pe de Vrrt 
hlniib, in thr Ailanlie Uo-an. It i< 
a Tuleaiio, which burni condnuallr, 
■mi inay Iw •een a gr«l way n<f at «* 
It it 300 mika W of Cape da VcnI. W 
km. 34 M, N lui. M 54. 

FUEN-HOVJ-FOU, an estenalTr and 
pouuhrai city ot'thiua, in the pruvbin! 
oflVMhrli. It ii walMi near the great 
wall, amid nioiintaint. 

KUEN-TCHF.OUFOU, a oommer- 
ciitl eii) of Chiiia,in thi' provinci' of 
Chang-Sii. It ii noted <ur iu bailK 
and iprinn, and ii titiiHtttl on iIh.- ri- 
wr Fiicn I«N IJO inilea SW of Hikin. 

FUK.N IK Kl'lidNA, a lowiLof 
Spain, ill N«-w t'aai.le. >itiinied onThf 
I'liga, .t.f mikt iiV of Madrid. W 
Ion. .1. N lal. 40 14. 

PUKSKN, a Uiwii of Suiiliia, iealrd 
on Ihe L««h, 50 mili-i 8 by F. of AiiR* 
iMinr. K, lun. U 15, N lau 47 40. 

FVJIDKNTAI.L, a town uf Sikna, 
in the duchy of 'l'ro|>|uiii. aitimii'd 
near tlie Mohra, 111 niiki W by 8 uf 

FtlI.A, or THULF-, one of the Shct. 
luid blundi, W of Mainland, Uwiiskc 


[ «(!« 1 


hy Kime «• ha *! Uhinui Thuh- •'•Jw 
aiii'iliiii. , ,, , 

Fl'LDE, a town of (lemiany, in 
the circh of the Uppir Rhine. It ii 
tratnl on tin- Fnhle, 55 inileiHof t«» 
kI. F. k>n. i> 4.1, N lal. 50 40. 

Fl'I.IIVM, » vllla«r in Midilkw«, 
fwir miki W by H of iMidoo, • 
en Ihe Thainea, over which ii a woml- 
Mihrklie to Putney. , . , . , 

Kl'I.I.AN, a coniitrr in the inlenor 
mri of Africa, W oCiha kingdom of 
radma. Iu houndarie» have not yrt 
hnn aKtrlained, nor hai the flMe al 
the roinilr) hi«i dewrilietl. 

l.tiNltlAI.,lhe capital of Madehn 
liliiaii' fxiiid a hav. on ilie g»-ntU' ai- 
«rnl of Ihe flril Wilt, in Simi of an 
anipWlbi-atrft W Ion. IT rt, N lal. M 


FINDY, a hay of N America be- 
tween Nrw KnghuHl and Nova Seolia, 
reniarkablt lor in tklei, whleh riie to 
the laight of W ar M fwt, and Haw 
Tcryrapklly. . , „ 

n NEN, a firtile itiand of Den- 
mark, 340 niik'i in circunifttenee ; ae- 

K rated from Jutland by a atraii calWd 
■ Litlk Belt, and fVam Zealaud by 
the Oreat Beit . . 

FUHNEB, a town of Aiulrian 
ruuden, aeated near tha Oerman 
Ocean, on Ihe canal flrora Brugea to 
Dunkirk. It waa one rf the harriei 
towiii ; and b » miki E of Uunkii i 
E kin S 41, N hit. 41 4. 

FURSTENBUHO, a prineipaliiy 
of Suahia. In this atale the riwr Ua- 
Biibi! taltea iu rte. , , _, 

FUR8TENBURO, the capital of a 
ptinciMllly of the aame name, aeated 
w a mountain, near the Danube, 17 
miletSarRotwcil. £ Ion. 9 0, N lat. 
47 43. 

FVRBTENFELD, a town of Lower 
Stiria, with a cattle, on the river Au». 
nhz, fO milea S of VicDna. E Ion. IS 

FURHTENWALD, a town of Goe' 
many, in the middle marehe of Biwi- 
dmhiirch, acMcd on the 8p«M««»j; 
milea W of Fraoeflirt on the Oder. It 
waa taken by the Sweilea, id 1(31. E 
kn. 14 >, N lat. n 13. 

FTAL, one of the A«if««, «r Wert- 
em Itlanda. The moat eonidaaUe 
■hoe U called Vilte da Horta. Whn. 

ii 38, M tau M 3a. , , _j, 

FYlUtS, • ri»cr of iB Wi p tay re, 
ti Beotiand, ^MOt, itmeaHogtHn 

thr >, Ihtwa Inwanli lj<eb N>'«i. Over 
tliia ritir ii Imllt a iiiiiirnduin hridti , 
on two <.ii|MialU' roeki', the lop of iih' 
arch hriiK! ;ibuve 1(10 IWt above lb<- 
aurlkae ol the walrr. A Hllle hekiw 
the brklge ia ilii' eeh hratad Fall of Fy 
rrv, wiMfK an t bcily of water daria 
ibrougb a iw.row i, p beiween two 

'•*•«•• ... 

FYNE, UM'H, an inlet of the At- 
lantic, In Argyhwh .', iwar 40 roilea in 

PYZAnAn, a large eily of Hin- 
ihnaiaii Proper, i ilie urriiory of 
Oiide. Ilfc.' cliy ia vt ry populuua. ami 
iafOOmilraNWof CaloMb. K hMi. 
II 30, N Ul. W i*. 


GARARET, a town of France, ni 
the department of Ot^ra, aeated 
nn the OelSc, » mi let W of Con- 
ihHn. E km. 0, N bit. 44 K. 

UABEL, a town of Bohemia, Ihrty- 
flvemlkaN of Prague. 

O ABl AN, a vUlago of France, in the 
di'partment orHanull, nwoui for lit 
mineral watert. 

UAUIN, a town of Poland, m tha 
palatinate of Reva, M milet NW of 
Waraaw. E Ion. 19 45, N lat. <tJM. 

OAIETA, an mcient town of Na- 
plei.iB Terra diUrora. It wat taken 
by the Aottrlana,in 1707, and by the 
Stmnianlt in 1734. It U tcatad at the 
Ant of a mountain, near the tea, 30 
milea N W of Capua. E Ion. 13 47, N 
bt. 41 30. 

G AILLAC, > town of France, now 
in the department ol' Tarn, remarkable 
fbriuwinet. ItUaaatadontheTam, 
lOmiletSWorAlby. Kh».a«,N 
lat. 43 «4. , ._ i_ 

OAUXON, a town of Franoe, in 
HwdepattmemofEure. Ititfmika 
fVora Andely, and at ftvn Rouen- 

GAINhBOROUOH,B taani in Lin- 

... . . ^riwrTmit, 

coIimIu*, tcatad nnr IM n«r 3>m, 
<m> wUcb it a handniM iMM bndiw. 
It U IT niilai MW of Ltaaaka, md Ml 
N by W ttlmtkm. W Ian. o ^^ K 

OAIRLOCH, ■ hm tay of Sea*. 
Iwrfaon the W tarn oT Ho ta *ii«. 



[ 162 1 


in WwJc ejti!iior. It is roneh ifsort- 
lei) to on nccouut of lu gMl't wln-y, 
whWi » brouRtit from a iiuiglibouring 

GMJlCZ, m town of BulBurtt, neat- 
til jwut the Dwiiihe, between the 
nKWiJii 'jf iIk- Priith «i»l Seret. 

G AJ. A8H1F.LS,« villiip! in S<'lkir|:' 
uhiru, wattd on the Givla, iwar lU foii- 
iIuuimh! wilh Uhc Tweed. It u twenty 
Aw iril>a S l»y E of EUiiibiirgh. 

GALA HO, ■ river of NapWi.m 
Olraiito, wliieh ri»!i in tlic o|«miiii)! 
» Oiia, aiid falli into tlif gnH o< 

GALA-SA, the prmiiiwl Miburbot 
Conttanliiioulc. waitwl on the otiMV 
iiiilu ol' the l»>rl»«r. It m inliaiuttil by 
Chrialiant of hII «irt«, »s well as Jews, 
T ho I'teiviie ihiir religiuii iiulilK-iv. 
'AIJ-Y, a town of Xrelniirt, 

GAi.FAI,l>Y, a town of Xrelniid, >ii 
tlw countv 111' Ti|>perary, 2.1 imi" ■ &r- 
of I.ini«Ti!k. W Ion. 8 20, N U<. .« li; 

GAI.ICIA, » large count)- <.'i tt, ; b 
of Poland, whiih cjiwistiof tlaii .'.rt 
ofl-illle Poland. *Iiieh lies wi llie H 
aideoftlK. Vii<.iia, alimsi tlie »_liiik 
of R(rt Ruv«ia, and a riip of l.'odolia. 

GALICL.^, a province ot Spam. 

boun«td on tk; N and W by tiK! AilMi- 

tic. on the S by Pori ml, a!«l on the 

E by the Aitui-i»« and Leon. 


LAJAHA. „, . . „ 

GAl.ISTIC, a own of Spain, in F.«- 
tranmdura, 1.0 niil« N W of Plaeeiitia. 
K Ion. 5 F, N Ut. 40 a. „,,,,.,, 

G\U~ S r. w 9 r. GAILKN, a 
town of Siwiwerland, lu '1 liurKaii. It 
is 37 mileii NE of Zutic. E Ion. 9 20, 
K iHt. 47 M, . ^ 

GALLATi;s:, a town in Siimnur 
county, T«nne<iet. 33 miles NK ot 
Na«U»ilie, iiikI 7M ftwn ^rnshinstiu. 
It is a iKUl town. , 

GALt.ll>OLI3, a pfJt town and 
tanilalof iIk connty of Gallia Wiio 
>j «ito»t««! on tlic NW batik cf the 
Ohio riwr.oii m: elciated plmn, nt Uie 
eonflui^no? of Chicaiuogi^ creek. ITnis 
town war firsi settled by a cotooy Inira 
F»npj!,«tin»i ■ ngof about soo peanoniu 
in 17W, "I'ltaJ ^nm looii after dispenird 
iiytlieinli»nv(r..% In iu vicinity ar* 
!«v«ra' promiiiini! vineyards ; aluo sinie 
.•urkMU ';<;U'iiru<:tkaui comiiitiitg ol 
tpc«, in' itotne imtai.iws nttijttluig 
tVain tbe kjM r<«!k in wli.Jtt tlfay are 
enckwed, and an bard ai to on it firs by 
rercunittii. IPoimlttimi atoit rati. In 

iHintaina a couv'Jiouip. an academy, aiJ 
II masonic lixljre. Dirtnnt 4 iiiiles SW 
from tbi- miiiiih of ilie great Kinliau u, 
68 HR fi-ora Cbilicoihi-, and 4»H W ot 
WasWinnn. N lat. 38 4e. W Ion. 32 «. 
GAl.UPAtJO ISl ANl)S,amiml»r 
of Ulaiuls in tlie Viicitlc ooeaiu 

GALiai'OLI, a seaimit of Napls-i, 
in Terra D'OU-aiito, wilh a bivhop"! 
»(« and a fiirt. 'i'his place ii a gn?«t 
mart for olive oil. It is seiitat u<\ « 
pwk. mirroiinded hy '.he sea. andjoim d 
to ilie main Inid by a bridge. M niiln 
W of Otranio. K lun 18 S, N lat. 40 20. 
G ALLirOhl, a seaport of T'm*tii 
in Eompe.iii Uonianin, witli aUtliop'i 
ice. It contains about 10,000 ruiUs 
3*00 Gr«ek., besides a great number 
of Jews. It ii- Ktttid on a strait of the 
Ksmc iiaiiie 1C« miles SW of Constiin- 
linople. K Ion. S5 J9, N Int. 40 SB. 

t'ALl.IPtll.I, fctrait heiween Ku- 
mpeaii nod Asimic Turkey, und forms 
tiK conmmnicaiion betvetn tlie -Arclii- 
iM-lKgo and I he sea of M'.rmore. 1 1 was 
ancii-nllv cnlkil the Heiiespoiit. See 

GAU.O'WAY, NE"W, a bomnehin 
Kircudbrialrtsliirc. situaie on tlie rivK- 
Ken. 14 mile« N of Kireudbi'i(l,lrt.. 

GAIVKBTOAVN.avillBTOOf Ilibei'. 
vilic count)-, Louiiiuna, 1t< mitif ully 
situated on llie S bank of tlie river II). 
Vivillf.whire ihi't river first reeeitn 
its luiiw, f'-om tlie junction of ihe 
lliijou NIanvbac. and river Aimte. It 
conuiin«tl, at tlie timf the Amencan 
l^vcrnnient took po!«.-ssi'>n of tliii 
country, lOO families of Spaniards, who 
liave since aliando.ieil it. It it about 30 
miles from Baton Kouge, and up-»aidi 
of SO from New Orleiuis. li ha« a fiee 
comniuiiictioii with the latter by wa- 
ter; and a sure na»ig«iion nt all 
tiiw-stotliKRulfof Me\ico. 

G A LW A Y. a iKist township ui Sara- 
logii county, New 'York, « niikf N W 
of Balls^on. and 410 E of N' I'iiiiB 
Washiiigtum PiipuUtion 11705. 

GALWAY, a couiiiy of Iwland. in 
the piovinoe of Coiinautjiit, 82 miles 
ill fcng<l>, aial 42 in breadth. 

GALWAY, a seaiwrt (if It«lnnd, 
eapiul of a <wunty d'the same name, 
seated on tire bay of Galt-ay, 100 miles 
WoflionikHi. . \.. 

GAMBIA, a cmt rivei- of Afnca, 
wkicb nmniDK ftom E to W. tails into 
tk! Atlantic ntiean, befvi»n Cape "I etd 
on tbe) N. awl Oape St. Mtiry on tlie 






[ 103 ] 


imtaini » couv'Jiouk^. im nciwlemy, ftiU 
masonic lu<lp;. niJtnnt 4 inilra SW 
nmi Ihumtiiiiti ofilif gmit KtiiliH«u, 
3 HK from Cbilicotlie, and ■««« W oi 
ViiiMiiinn. N tat. 38 4P. W Ion. 33 B. 
CiAl.LIPACJO ISl ANl)S,B^mml^>T 
lf ialsiuls in ;lie VaiiHc ocraii. 

GALI.IJ'OLI, » aeaiioit of Naplei, 
n Tom D'Ounjito, wiih a biilKV|i'» 
(■c «im1 a fi«-l. Thii pl»«- u > giv*i 
nai-t tor oUve oil. It n «oual un » 
nxW. nurronnded hy '.lie lea. iuirt.ioii«4 
M the main hi»il by n bniffn. iS inilci 
W of Otraiito. K lun 1« 5, N Int. 40 W. 
GALLUX)Ll, a n-aiiort af Tiu-iiiTr 
in Uoiu^inii, willi « W«lioi> i 
tee. It iM)nuiins about 10,000 Turli), 
S.'OO Oreek., bwides a great nunibtr 
(if Jews. It 'f Kiitid on a ttrail of the 
same name ICO mik'i SW of Consuin- 
tinoplp. K Ion. 45 J9, N liit. 10 S6. 

CMA.IPOLI, B !.truit between Eu- 
ropean nnil Aiiulie 1 urkej , i.iid foritn 
tile comminiicaiion btiveen thi! Ardii- 
imIbeo and thestaof Mr.rinorB- Hwut 
ani'ii-nllv callnl the Hciie«»»nl. See 

GALLOWAY, NEW, a boiwiehm 
Kircudbriglitiliire. riUijie on tlie rive:' 
Ken. U mi!e« N of Kirciidbrinbt. 

G Al. V R8 IX)WN . a villaefjof IIXki^ 
libe niuiity, LOuisimm, In iiiitifully 
Hitiiated vn ilie S bank of i)i« river 11)- 
Viville.whire ilii't river flrit pectin i 
in niiw, f'-om tlie junction of ihc 
Jliijoii M»n;bRC. arid river Ainite. It 
contiiined, ut tlie time the Amenciin 
govermmnt took )i)(««.«si'in nf tliii 
country, 100 faniilifs of Spnniatds.nlio 
liave »ince aliandoiwi li. it it aboiic 30 
miki froni Maton Uoiige, and iip» nidi 
of SO from New Orleiuii. It liai a free 
comniutiicctioii with the latter by wa- 
ter ; and a sure navigaiiun lit all 
tinKitotlieHUlfof Mexicoi ^ 

GALW AY. a pmt towmhip u) Sar* 
topi county. Sew York, H milet NW 
of BaUsioiv and 410 E of ff i-om 
WaahinctMb JPo|ndatioii it70S. 

GALWAY, a couuiy of U-eland, in 
the ncQvinoe of CaiiuiHii<:iit, 8S railei 

GaIwaV, a teaiwrt of Ireland, 
capital of a rounty cd'the •»me name, 
neated on the bay of Galray, too mdei 
W of Irf)niloii. , . , . 

GAMBIA, ajprat river of Africa, 
wliicb rurauDf; ffom E to \V. f alli into 
the Atlantic miean, betsHwi Cape > etd 
on thel N, mkI Ongc St. Mary «i tlie 

S. Itot.<rflo..«tbecountiyniiniially,|I>»idonn. Weit Ion. a »3, K.n-th laU 

l;i... .1... K'll... " '"• _ , . „ ^ 

like llie Nik'. . . , 

fiANtiKA, or GAN.T A, a town ot 

Penio, in the proviiict of Krivan, 105 

niik-* S by E of Tefflii. E km 4S W, 

GAKGFS, a large and celebrated 
river of Asia, which has it« wurce in 
1*0 tpriiigi, on. the Wat side of 
»Uiiiiit KeiitaifTr, in Thibet. Thcie 
mo jti-eanu take their Miurte wcst- 
« ltd* inclinini? com'iderabl)- to tlie N 
f„r a cour«e ofaliont 3(M) mik's, when 
ii)C< ling Ibe Rnat rids<= of J"!"!"" "'."i" 
nialili, they turu to the S, in which 
courne they niiite tlieir wa -s, anU 
frtun wlat is projievly cnlled ilic Gai»- 
m-s. From thin second source. Us eourse 
Lctoniet essu'riv, through the ruge"! 
tixiniry of Stringur, until, atHurdwai- 
it finiilly es-apes from this mountaiii- 
uus tract in ««hicli it has wandered 800 
miles. From Hni-dwar. where it guslies 
thiiiugh »n opening in the moiintaiiis, 
and inters Hiraloostan, i' flows w.ih a 
uiioolJi n.ivi>?ible stream tliTOUgh dt 
liRhlful plains, during the remaimler 
of it. course to the Jlay of Bengal, 
wliii'li is about 1350 miles. _ 

GANNAT, atflwn of France, in the 
■Iciwvinient of Allier,anillale province 
of lloiirbJiiinois, 30 miles S ot Mouliiis. 

GAP, an amieiit town of Frauw, m 
llie dep;iiiment of the Upper Alps, 
lately II lii-Jiop'ssee. E Ion. 6 10, N 

OAIID, a deiHirtmcnt of France, 
which eoi.iurchcnds part of the late 
province of Langiiedoc. 

GAUDELEBEN,aii>wii of Germa- 
ny, in the old marche of Brandenburg. 
eU. 1135, Nlat. 54 41. 

GARDNER, a post towti m Kenncj 
btc county, Maine, suuiited on tlie W 
bank of Keunebcc nver, 63-i miicf NE 
ofWaiilrington. Population lOM. 

<;AHOlh{F^ a nver of France, 
wbiL-h has iu sourw- in the Pyreneaii 
iiiuiintaius,and taking a NW direction. 
waters Toulouse aud Itourdwnj, and 
thence to it' • ntrance into thebayof 
Biscay, aauines the name of the Gl- 

GABRISON, a townoflrdilAin 
the eouiity of rermanaugh, 10 mUeiS 
E of BiUyshannoii. W Ion. 17 43, N 
lat. 54 25. 

GARSTXANG, a town m unea- 
iMre, seated on the river WyWi," 
jBita S rftanewterj and 3M NS W of 

S3 50. , . „ 

GARTZ. n town of Prassian PiMpe- 
niiila. si'ated on the Oder, 13 niiMM S 
ofSli-tin. E Ion. 14 45. N' lau 53 23. 

GA TEHOUSK, a considerable vil- 
lage in Kicudbi'ightvbire, at the 
muutli of the river Fleet, with a cotton 

G ATTON, a borough lu Surrj'. W 
Ion. 10 10. N lat. 51 18. 

NINES, a stiil>end<«i8 wall of moun- 
tains, wliicb extend 13 deg. of lat. IVom 
Cape tomori:!, the S extremity •>! 
Hiiuloostan, to the Tapty or Sural lu- 
vei', at unequal distances fp.m the 
coast i scldnin more th.ui 70 miles, and 
commonly about 40 ; and within one 
short space only, it approaches within 
sin miles. , , 

G A V ARDO, a town of Italy, in tlie 

Bre5cl»iio,5tati'<l on tlie Wiise, seven 

luiK's W of IjUce Garda. E loll. 10 

9, N lat. 44 40. 

GAUDENS, ST. a fo-^n of France, 

1 tlie department of Upper Garonne, 

.cnti'd on the Gnronnc, 8 miles NE of 

St. Bertniud. E km. 53, N lat. 43 1. 


town of Austrian Flamlirs, seattd on 

tlie ScheW, eiiJit miles S of Ghent. E 

Ion. 3 51, N lat. 50 43. 

GAVI, a town of Italy, in the ter'"- 
tory of Genoa, seauil on the L^mo, 
19 miles N W of Genoa. E Ion, 8 57, 
N lat. 45 40. . .f 

GAZA, an ancient and celebrated 
town of Palestine, three miles from 
llie MeiliU-rramnii, with a luirl-wur 
called New GaM. li is SO miles SW 
of Jerusalem. E kin. 34 45, NJat. 
31 28. 

GEFLE, the capital of the province 
of Cestrike, in Sweden, seaU'd on three 
branches of a river of the same name. 
It is as miles N by W o' StocUwim. 
E Ion. 17 0, N lat. 63 0. 

GEGENBACH, a free imperial ci- 
ty of Suabia, seated on the Kinzia, U 
inlks S£ of Strabiurg. Eton. 8 3, N 
lat- 48 34* 

GEtSLENOEN, an iminrial town 
of Suabia, 17 mUes NW of Ulr.i. E 
km. 10 3, N lat. 48 30. 

GEISMiVR, a town of Gcmuny, in 

the urineipality of Hesae, E km. 8 57, 

N ht. n 10 „ . . , 

GELHAuSEN, a small impenal 

town uf Weteravia, under the pceiec- 



£ 104 } 


tigh of dw deetor nilMine, whh a 
outle, aesled on the KintsiK. SJ milva 
EwTHuiMi. E Ion. « U, N bit. M 7. 
SeMAFPE, * VJIlM* of Austrian 
Hianault, Uuve milet W bv S of Mons. 
It it nniariuMc for a bfcody haule 
between the Aostriani and the Fireneh, 
Nov. S 1192, in wliich the Austnaui 
were defestcn. 

OEMBLOURS, a town of Austrian 
Bnbant, with an ancient abbey, teatrd 
on the Omeaii, 23 miles S£ of Brus- 
kIs. E Ion. 4 «i, N lat. i9 37. 

OEMINIANI, ST. a town of Tus- 
cany, in the Florentino, setittd on a 
mountain, in which is a mine of vitriol, 
S5 miluj SSW of Florence. 

6EMMINGEN, a town of Germa- 
ny, in the jmlatinate of the Rhine, 30 
miles E omiilipsbnrg:. E Ion. U 13, 
Nl«t.«9. , . ,. 

GEMUND, a town of Westphalia, 
In the duchy of Jiiliers, seated on the 
Roer. 34 miles S W of Cologne. E Ion. 
« 48. N lat. BO 38. 

GEMDNu, a town of Upper Aus- 
tria, remarkable for its salt works ; 
watrd to die N of a lake of the same 
name, on the river Draun, 30 miles 
SSW of Liiitz. 

GENAP, a town of Austrian Bra- 
bant, with an ancient castle, seated on 
the Uyle, is miles SE of Brussels. E 
Ion. 4 40, N lat. SO 40. 

GBNEP, or OENNEP, a town of 
Weit^lia, subject to the king of 
FrusJEand seated on tlie Nears, Ave 
nflesSWofCleves. E Ion. « 48, M 
tatf«143. .. . „ 

GENESEO, a post township m On- 
tario county, New York, situated on 
Genesee river, 20 miles from Canaiidi- 
supia, U8 ftom Albany, and 364 W of 
Nfhim Washington. Popuhtion 894. 
GENESEE RIVER, rites in Penn- 
tylvania, and runt a N course thKmp;h 
the state of Netv York to lake Ontario. 
Within B milet of its mouth are falls 
of 79 and 9S ftet, <Vom wh!i»i it it 
boauUe 70 miles, to the N end of Ale- 
muiy county; here the river it ol^ 
strueted by$wo other falls of 00 [and 
«0 ftet. lU lai«th in New York it 
about lU aiUet. Oa t>w banks of 
G«3ietee are tome fine tettlenientt, am] 
the flne alhivial flats which it watert 
are fimtout for their ridmett and ferti- 

OBNETA, an andent, large, and 
pt^nloui tmni, eaptal ^» Kpauic of 

the same name. It li divided by the 
Kliuiie inio iwo unequal parU. Poi>ii 
lation ill 1802, 33,300. 

GENEVA, H flourlshinB post villuR; 
of Senecii township, in Ontario cmuiiy, 
New York, is finely siluiitetl on ihe 
W shori- of Stiioeii lake. Hi miles E of 
Canaivluigua, 1H2 W of Albany, «i)d 
3B0 N of Washington. It conOiins 3 
placet nf worship, and 130 dwelling. 

(JKNEVA, LAKE OF, a m.ciifi- 
cent eximntf of water, in Swi«i rli.iid, 
which, from the city of Genera to Vil- 
leneuve, extends S4 milet in leiif^h ; 
and iti breadth, in the widest pan, 
is 13. It is in the shape of a crescent, o( 
which Switserland forms the concan, 
and Savoy the convex part. Savoy iif- 
folds a rude and awful boiuid».ry of 
aspiring alps, cnigKy.aiid coverei" with 
the ice of ages. The shores nf this 
lake are enriched with all the varieties 
that nature can bistow. The depth ii 
various: the greatest yet fmiiM by 
sounding, is llio fathoint. Like nil in- 
lni,d lakes inclo'ied with high moun- 
tains, it is subject tu siidiU n »torms, 
The river Rhone nins through the 
wlnte extent of the lake, from its E lo 
SE extremity, 

GENEVEVE, ST. a post tnwn in 
St. Geneveve coimtv, Missouri territo- 
ry, situated on the W side of then v\t 
Mittitsinpi, nearly opposite to Kaskas- 
kias. Tnc disti-ict or county coutaim 
4630 inhitbitBiits. 

GENtlF.N BACK, a town of Sua' la, 
10 inih^ SE uf Strasburgh. E Ion. i 
53, N lat. 48 28. 

town of France, in the department of 
Saone and Loire. It is seated at the 
foot of a mountiiin, 17 miles SW of 
Chalons. E Ion. 4 43, N Int. 46 37. 

GENIEZ, ST. a town of France, in 
the department of Aveiron, 34 aiiles 
NE orRhodes. E Ion. 3 0, N lat. 44 3S. 

OKNIS, a town of Savoy, seated on 
the Ouier, ISjniks W of Cbamberr}'. 
Elon.S30,Nlat.45 40. 

GENOA, a territory and republic of 
Italy, extending ahing that part of the 
tfediterranean, called the gulf of Ge- 
noa, 153 milet : but iu breadth it ve- 
ry unequal, betng fVom 8 to 13 milet. 

GENOA, an ancient city of Italy, 
eaintal of a republic of the same name. 
It it situated at the bottom of a little 
guIi; puthon the flat, and partly on 

' of • pieuwt EiU. The 

riiy contains 

churches an 


tliielty in vel 

other silks, b 

mcDts, fruit 

anchovies, ai 

tlw Levant. 

large is far 


It was lake 



ga coiiniy, 1 

E thotv of < 

Auburn, lE 

from Wash 



iherians. V 


Aiaerica, in 

lin SW ol 

37 miles loi 

Oil each si 


mid haiidsoi 


200 btnutif 

iske Chain 



tlie jgiitr ol 

Venice, to ' 


The iiiliab 

W toll. 28 I 


States, in t 

firms the 

lalie Super 


best fort o 

inii the ] 

Dutch in 

from the I 

miles W l 

W Ion. i 



33 45. 

gulf of M^ 
ihe Appa 
la*. 39 30, 
of i, Aiiiti 
ated bet 




[ 165 1 


le «»me niinM>. It ii ilividecl by tlip 
ttHHif inlu iwu iincqiiHl puu. Po|iii' 
ition ill 1R02, 33;100. 
GENEVA, » i1ouri9hin|> pt»t villiiR; 
rStiK-tn township, in Ontario couiiiy, 
low Yurli, ic flnciy Mluut«1 on the 
V shoiv of Stiu'cii inkf. Id rnilvj E nf 
anaiulaigua, 1«2 W of Alliany, and 
fiO N ol" WMliinRton. It cimtiiint J 
lacu r>f worahiu, and 130 dwrllinip. 

tJKNEVA, LAKE OF, a in !!i\* 
rut exiw™'' of water, in Swiw» rluiid, 
.hicli. tVuin the city of Genera to Vil- 
piieuve, extendi S4 milei in leiiph , 
nd it» breadtli, in the widist pan. 
1 12. Ic ii in the shape or a creicent, of 
»hich Sttimrland forinJ the concan, 
iiid Savoy tlie convex pure. Savoy af- 
bnli a riKle and avtfiil boiind'>.ry of 
spiring alp«, cragcy, atai ctiveret' with 
he ice of HRes. The shore§ of thii 
nke are enriched with all thi' vnrietiej 
hat nature can bestow. The deptli it 
various: the i^eatwt yet foiiiil hy 
ounding, is 150 fathoms. Like all in- 
atid lakes iiwlasetl with high inoiin- 
aiiH, it i) subject tii siidili n storim, 
rhe river Rhone runs through the 
vlnte cxti-nt of the lake, Oom its E to 
>E extremity. 

GENEVEVE, ST, a post town in 
St. Geneveve coiintv, Missouri territo- 
ry, situated on the W sideof theri«'r 
Miniisippi, nearly oppoiitc to Kaskas- 
kias. The diitrict or county cuntaim 
4630 inhabitants. 

GEN<iEN BACK, a town ofSna' la, 
10 miles HE iif Strasburgh. £ Ion. i 
53, N lat. 48 28. 

town of France, in the departra.nt of 
Saone and Loire. It is- seated at the 
foot of a niountiiin, IT miles S\V of 
Chalons. E Ion. 4 43, N Int. 48 37. 

GENIEZ, ST. a town of Franoej in 
the department of Avdron, 24 nules 
NE oTHhodes. E Ion. 3 0, N lu. 44 35. 

OEMS, a town of Savoy, seatitl on 
the Guier, Itjiiiks W of Chamberry. 
E Ion. ( 30, N lac 45 40. 

GENOA, a territory and republic of 
Italy, extetHKng >hnr that part of the 
I,IeaiterrBiieaii, called the gulf of Ge- 
noa, inmilef: bat it< breadlfa ii ve- 
ry nnegual, beang tnm 8 to 13 miles. 

OBNOAs an ancient city of Italy, 
eapitai ofa republic of tbe laine name. 
It IS littiated at Ae bottom of a little 

SIflBwilTaa the flat, ind partly on 
t deebnty of • pleuut EiU. Tte 

rity contains a vast number of palace*, 
churches and convents raid •.ivenil 
hospitals. '.lie trade cf C^enuo i» 
chiefly in velvets, lUiiuisks. plush, arid 
otiier silk^, br>ca<l> «, luce ghivi s, tweet- 
mciits, IVuitB, oil, Parmesan cheese, 
anchovies, aial medicinal dfugs flrora 
llie Uvant. The harbour tbongli 
large is far from being safe. It has 
niaoulactures of /elvet, silk and ckith. 
It was taken by the French in 17S6. 
Population upwanis of TOyDOO. 

GENOA, a post township in Cajii- 
gx coiiniy. New York, sitiiatul on tlie 
K shore of Cayuga lake, SO miles S of 
Auburn, 180 W o!" Albany, and 375 
from Washington. It coniaiiis two 
Pre>b\ u , tan iiteting-houses, two for 
nrtbodists. a>id one for German Lu- 
tlierians. Population in 1810, 5425. 

GEORGE, LAKE^ u lake of North 
Aioerica, in die state of New York. It 
Hes SW of take Chainplain and is 
37 miles long »i»J from 1 to 7 broad. 
On each tide it is skirted by lofty 
mHuiUujH. lu hanks are regular 
and fcendiome, and its water perfectly 
transparent. It cnihosenis more than 
200 btnutiful isbualss and falls into 
lake Champlain by a clianiiel 3 miles 
wide. . 

GEORGE'S, ST. a small island in 
tlie gulf of Venice, lying to the S 0» 
Vraice, t<i wbidi i! is subject. 

GEORCIE, ST.oiieof the Azores. 
The iiiliabitanu may amount to 5000. 
W k>n. 211 0. N lat. 38 39. 

GEORGE, ST. an island of the U. 
8ute«,i« tU- »»ra=t of St. Mary, that 
<i)rms the communication between 
lake Superior and lake Huron. 

best fort on the CJoW Coast of Oumra, 
snd the principal settlement, of the 
Dutch in tliose parts. It was taken 
fruia the Portuguese in 1630. It is 30 
inilej W by S of Cape Coast Castle. 
W Ion. 22, N hit. 5 3. 

GEORGE'S ST. thetargestofthe 
Ilrrmuda Islands. W km. (i3 30, M lat. 
32 45. . . ^ 

GEORGE'S ST. an island in the 
giilfof Mixicaonpofate the mouth of 
ihe Appalachikola. W Ion. 84 50, N 

In*. »» 30. ,. . , . 

1 I :EOROE'SKEY,ST.asn«ll island 
of:. Aiiurica,jH ihecoaitofHoiwluras. 
G KOHGE TOWN, a post town, in 
C.coigetown dislriet, S Camlina, iitii- 
aied between Sanipii creek auu 

Georgetown bay. It is about 1 S nnfc» 
IVom the »ei^ "id w." situated for 
trade. It contains a court house, goal, 
3 churches, and about 9000 inhabitants 
It is 55 inikt NE of CharlestOl^ and 
482 »W a Vifaihingtoii N lat. 33 21 58. 
West hmgitode trun Wastungton t 
27 33. 

GEORGETOWN, a post town in 
Lincoln county, Maine. sitiuMed on 
both sides of the Kennebec nver, 170 
miles N by E o«' Boston, o-al 631 llroiB 
Washington, Popuhition 1998 

GEOHOETOVyN, ft iKMt town, and 
the capital of Suiseir.cuuiity,Detaware, 
13 nules W of Lewistown at caiie 
Hpnlop<3i, and 165 from WashiiiBtoii. 
GEORGETOWN, a town of Mary- 
biiid. In Kent connty, situatwl on Uie 
S side of Sa«safi-»s river, at tlie month 
of Qudley's cr»«k, 17 miUs from Chts- 
tertown. It contaiiRtl a Pt»>«byteriaii 
church and about 40 houses, part ot 
which were burnt by tbe Brituh in 
»Uv 1813. „ , 

GEORGETOWN, Crosi Roads, » 
small post villtge, one mile ftnm the 
above town, and 122 ijrom Washington- 
flEORGETOWN. a post town and 
capital of Scott county, Kentucky, is 
situated in a beautiful and fertile cmiB- 
try. abont bidf i mile 8 of Main N of 
Elkhurn river, it contuns a Baptist, 
a Methodist meetinghouse, ana up- 
wards of 600 inhabitants. Tins town 
is distant about 19 idles N of iMiuw- 
ton, 17 5 of E ftom rrankSil* the 
same distancefVom Paris, and Versailes, 
and 570 from WasUngtou. N tat. 38 
15, W ton. 85 8. 

GEORGETOWN, a post town and 
port of entry in Wasliingtoii county, 
disiritt of Columbia, is situated on the 
NE hank of tiie river Potowmac, four 
miles froin the capital, aiaJ eight fhim 
AkxamUia. It einitains an Episco- 
pal church, a I'resbyteriaii, a Baptist, 
and a Methodist meetiup-'io"*' I" 
other public buihlings are. a court. 
buuK, a Catholic oilk-ge, ami an aca- 
demy. Population in 1810, 4948. 

GEORGIA, a post town of Frank- 
lin county Vermont situated on tbe 
E side ol' lake Champtataialiout i mifcs 
N of Milion, and 538 E of N from 
Wasliinitoik Pimulatioo 1760. 

GEORC;lA, a beautiful country of 
Asia, calkd by the Persians G jv^istam 
»!:!! '-v the Turks Gurtshi. It is oiie 
of tbe'» veu Caucwiau natioosjio tliu 


I 166 ] 


tlie Capian, and co.nPivhemJ« the »n- « P™'"P^' j,„ , ,iii,h fbnu. -.«« «f 

in the *<.rl.l i the »'*" »« <«^ ;15£ '. 
the BKWiiiuiiu »bouiitl -n mineifua . 
and the elinwie j» exce Uenf. 

GEOHGIA.oneof llv United S«te. 
of A.wric». liing b.;tw«B NUt. 30 
SS, aiid 3i 1«, whI >ittweei> Wlun. 80 
». ttitd 8J 54 lt> kiiBlh IS aho'il 3M 

mT'rta-.t. i, tauKdrf ou tte N by re* 

S^ll^h river. w!ricbd..i*^yt<V«n' 
S C-arolina-. on thr SE by the At!«ni«.', 
OB tl-i- S by E Florida, u" the »W cor- 
ntr .*»ut 30 miles by W Floralii; a»<l »« 
ttK W oy the Mis>i«ipp> Jw""«7' «' 
«hs iiavilflofSS d.* Ptjig*'; ."' 
the »tati' «liith)s srttli'd, uOrrtdJO '^ 
to 4 dietricu «wl 38 miiutifci. Gt. f 
Sa V«. ftr« »fUW iS 1733, and cwv 
Nint^l in 1810, l«;4W wtotc, aiKl 
ioe.820 btaek inl-a-tatt. The »l>- 
TOflle ofihe lowlacds is nitttt^f'i i ^a 
the di»c«»i's more fmal than Ukw^ of a 
CaniKiw. Theepidemie «'-'^"r;P^ 
caie liMtly from tlic ba-'mw. "» "« 
Wterran2fparay from tiie »'««»» va. 
poiinwhirfi an:«ib»'«^ fromth .»V 

tond of tin: S Varifiu Ocrau, dwcn-'fr- 
.dly c«pt«n C,>«k ill 1775. «.«! « 

and Win i« crwittt»t lf'«l'h- ,} "« 
i,l«!idl,.s belv^i. 33 H_aa;» 35 34 W 
lou. aiid 53 57, and 54 5 . a l»t. 

GEfPING, an imperial lu«n at 
3ual>ia, In l!.e duehy of W.i-.«.ih.irr, 
^fxl 0.1 th..riv.T W. », as niil'^« I. 
«f btiiti,'ariU E lofi. «4-', ?• •»«• « *;•■ 
GERA, r. town <* ttriiiiJiy, in 
MiM..a, with a handwmi; colkgv, Ml 
(lie rivrr W«tw. E loi«- " »". ^ '»- 

GEKAW, a town of ."^^'n^^S"' " 
;(«9e Darnw'adt, capital of a dijhi« 
.>f the »une nann-, 10 imIm K W of 
Oannst«lt. E kn.B »», >f !«. ««. 

GEKBEHOV. atownol Era""'.'" 
tlie deoartiiient of Ois*-, BO >»''"• ^'J'l 
W of Sri.. E i.«i. 1 «, N lat. « 3»- 

inland on the coast of T-imn. It bear, 
no other corn than hatteyj Iwt tat 
fere.ri««niit« of fig., ollv« ««« 
Iraiwi, which wIkm frwd, form fc 
|?& tr«de. It dep*«». on *J 
Sey of TripoU. E Ion. 10 30, N Ut. 

_ ^waters of riw .w-amp*. > ' '« j,- , 

« afcted by the <ride wiud., «'i«* y^?f^S^,uimofMe.H 

on iLfSoua oi «)r..ump'JVt. namu i -i 
the <H,'«ice of 7 nite ft-om the oc«m 
theiv i. a aiargin of «l»"«l' »™1 nvtwh- 

inlA.,a»Mn(mii.iti>iB*ith flhothu, 
and Ibrimnic a tomplete inland navi- 

Sb whole coait. Thu fate of th ■ 
sooutrv 70 or 80 miles nom the coast, 
JSaa the avJdilt of 8 Carohns 
^tVhtitthe hill, are higher, »n<l 

large bodies of oak 43«1 hickory arein- 
ttripened bibodk the piiies. About 

i^ mite fh«n ae *.-a, the «»»• h^ 

gome more d«irBMe. and the only 

tract that can be called mountamwis, 

is near the northern line of the state. 

The oriidMof axiiciilture in this state 

ate, coltoii, rice, ma!M",indi|t), wl^t, 

"ye, to. am. and iiaa-p. % croji. 

ia soijie ptrtu, »»i«vr tcrious.y Iruni 


iii^»>.«~ '"'*' 

S J^SSurthrAg^S^miiMfromLune- 

"' GERGENTl. a town of Sicily, with 
a CMtle oiri a b«a»p'» «* ! •^^^ 
the river St. Blaise, tWjmle. S of Pa- 
lernm. E ton. 13 %4, N laU 47 24. 

GEHISAU, a rilUgeors*i.<erlaiA 
on the N side IS the laki. of ScUwlh;^ 
at the foot «r the Hi^i. »'',*^'''f': 
«nt« are eon piiteil at about 1200, («• 
riwiiTu mil.. 3W of Sehweil/,. 
" GKHMAU.-, ST. a «>«» of Fnmcr, 
,n the tUiMirtmeiit of Seine and Ovs.-. 
litre J-un. » U. found an aiyliim, wh." 
he fled t,. France. U is .eatol "ii * 

Seine, near "/.'•■«='•'>«■"«•!' ,""4^5^ 
iif IMrii. E lou. 2 15, N iRf. 48 S% 

wall. It .tami. near *■«, 224 mil.< 

W by S of Loiuloii. W loii. 4 24, ^ 

lat. 30 St!. 


Hid I*iire, n 

wine. It it 

tai.4 2. NV 


affiipi (wun 

V of Altai! 

iiigluii. It ' 

kotise, and 1 

tcttii is ft ini 

in ciitiiniim 


iliip in Hf V 

silimtBi ou 

rivir, 75 ni 

Jwion in 13 


f,*) miles ill 

hiiimUi' '» 

Poland, on 

.mi Deiuiii 

»ik1 the Ne 

dwAips, .S 

dividiO iiiti 

lie on tlie 

Jawer Saxi 

oh the S, . 

Wsi tbw 

iiio, the U 

tenth and 

iy, or anci 

try are up 

ees and si 

*Tit in ( 


iDwaitls tl 

(fux'y or 1 


middle of 

lure of hi 

fruitful c 

niii'.yi } 

silh Diiw 


in Einvi 

den, Aix-1 

titants * 


md gtio] 

to the C 


The roa 
Irxed. 1 


Men. ' 

on with 1 





[ ic^ ] 


WRht, <ut' AxMn much «in. TV 

lU. b«. Maf y'», wli;* '^'■"'•, !>««<" 
,B mirtliwD boiioaiu-y, Alwnaha, 
lint, aiHl t!.ntihoucbe, ttooM, 1 «t- 

,oi> of li.« S VBrific Ocvaii, dHcnii'Y- 
l by c«i.tAii. Cwk in 1775. «.«! «. 
anu^ l.y him. it is .U '^l;l'^» !?"?• 
„J win U, c;ttau.t tavHdtli. Im 
llmultos tefvetll 33 n awl 35 34 W 
ou. aiKi S3 57, and 5^ 5 .• ? Int. 

GEPPING, au iiiil'crial lu«n at 
iuaWa, in ii.e'.lue!.y of W..-.e..> ...r.^-, 

if StiitsranU E loik «<-', ?• •»«• « *.^- 

GERA, 1-. town <* ttriniJiy, m 

Misiiia, with a l«n?™n'=, """'^«;^' ."I' 

GEKAW, a town of ,'^;'''"'','?5;' '" 
W«9e Darm»',ad«, caiutal of a aijjnirt 
of the Buiw nam.-, 10 ™l8» *" ^ <* 

OariMtadt. E te". a «», ^,}^ *^J': 
GERBEHOV. atnwiioi JrantB,!!! 

ti.e department ff'Oi'*'' "'J"'l^'i„^''J 
W of Kri». E lim. 1 f*, *• lot- ^^ 3»- 
inland on the coa« of T-uhs. It bear. 
!io otter corn than hatfc-yj Iwt h« 
fereat quantity of fig., oll*« «i^ 
liiw., «hich when dried, form fc 
Iri^Md trwle. It dependi on the 

'GERBEVI1.UERS, a town ^ 
France, in tUedcp« te, 
Kated on the Agen, S milt« » mm Lime- 

^' GkRGENTl, a town of Sidly. wHh 

a castle tti»l a l«bup'» «* S »«^i*S|; 
the rivir Si. Bla..c-, « mde. S of Pa- 
krn». E Ion. U M, N lat. 47 24. 

GKBISAU, a rillageofSwiiwlaiA 
on the N sidi- of the laki. of ScUwt n.A 

at the foot of (he Hiiji.^ "'t '?'""? ' 
«nw are eonpote^l at about WOO. («- 

ri,H„ i, IS mi\.s SW ot hc\y*ji». 

in the itoimrtmint of Seine and Ov«-. 
Hi re J-uiV s U. found an aiylmn, wh.n 
he fled to F-raiice. Uis .eate.t«nthe 

seine, near "/."«= '•"'rVf ,""4^5^ 
of rVrii. E lou. 2 15, N iRt. 48 K. 

OEH MAIN'S, at. s huruHRh in t-Bii>- 
wall. It .tai»!. near .'ae *■«. 224 md.^ 
W Viy S of Loiuloii. W Ion. 4 *», ^ 
lat. 50 il. 

of yraiiw, «"<'">= depart inei.l ol RlioiK' 
Mid J*«re remnrkaU- for it; exc Uent 
SS^ It i. 2SJ mile. SE of Panu E 
Inn 4 2. N Ut. 4» 50. ... ~u 

I- RIl MAN, a iwnt towiuhip in Che- 

Tof Albany' «■»» 350 V. of W Wa.h- 
„,„,„„. Jt comiun! B Biii.i.n iiKtiinf; 
koiise, uimJ 15W iiihabilMots. In thil 
tcwi ii a mineral spivng, fimml hm lul 
in ciit«net>iif4 atlVctions. 

OEKMAN FLATTS, apmt towp- 
iliiu in Hf vkimer cuiintv, Ni w York, 
,A«t«i ou the S tide of th<' Mohawk 
riv.^" niiies from Albany. Poj.u- 
kttioninlSlO. 2228. 

GliHMANV, a eimntry of Knrow, 
e « miles ill Unj^li, and 550 in breailtli, 
huimUd ™ th? E by HmiRnry W 
Poland, on the N bv the Baltic Sea 
ami Btimiark, on t* W l>y /«"«; 
»nil the Netherlands, ami on tlw !> by 
Uie Alps, Swiiserland. and Italy. Tt i« 
divWid into ten eirclej, three of which 
lie on the N, n-wnely Uimer Saxony, 
Jflwer Saxony, and We.tpl-alia ; thne 
Oi the S, Austria, Ba\-a ••», ati " Sua- 
iiiai tbre' aliout the middle >fai»o- 
nio, the Upper ami Lower Rhine ; the 
tenth and Kit i. the circle of BurK«n- 
(ly, or ancient Belgium. Inthiscomi- 
m are upwanl* of 300 sovei-eign prm- 
eu and states, most of ibem inilepeir 
ATit in their lesncctive territories. 
Germany it for the most part level 
loivanls the N and E, being a tarren 
gini'v or marshy sod. On the s >t •■ 
encumbered by the Alp^ ; but !n the 
middle of the country » an intermix- 
ture of bills and dales. Germany is a 
fruitful country, particularly in the 
Tilicjs; and iu monntihis abound 
silh mines, from which V'^"^/^' 
of the best metlicinal sp. ings and iMtiis 
in Etii-ope, ai those at Pyrmont, B* 
fen, AuSchapelle, &c. Tte mha- 
tiitanu are excellent mechonics anu 
chemists. The iuvention of pnntiRK 
md eunpowder is Renei-ally »»crib«l 
(0 tfe GerxMUB, and they tave also 
l»oiil*tetoi..'% watches, »w«™J '?if' 
snd fir&anai to very great perfecoon. 
The TO«nu6cturei at tin ptota « 
white iron titer tare entirely 5«»^Po- 
frxed. Tlnsy me reputed good ?»!»»• 
V 1, cntrirvers, enamellera, ip.a engi- 
Men Tl^irformsntrodttneyejnr 
on with sreat snecen, by m^ «» tne 
am. I&«, Bttif. Oift, y"^> "^ 

the Bdtie Sea ; mri^imTticutarW frmii 
Hamburgh, Lo^x!C\, Breineii, Stttin. 
Sc..nd% landwith Italy, Switrx-.- 

Innd. France, and Holland. _ 

GEHMANtOWN,«n anwent *wo 
in Philadelphia o^n^y' ^fW;'JS'?J 
plnwHitly situated 7 miles ^^y" "f 
tMWolphia: most of the ho ise. are 
built in one street which iJ " ;»'**» 

imlesloiig. I«»»P««'«*S?i®S,r 
from WashtnRton. Ponolatton 4»4-»« 

CiKKMANTO'>VN. apo.t town of 
Stokes «"»ntyA,N<<rth l^'ohmi. latq- 
ated near the Town Fork of Om n- 
vcr. It contains a court »»"«, J»l. 
and about joity dwellinra. Dutant 
from Washington .1(57 miles. 

GERMAN! OWN, 11 township^ 
Columbia county, N.-w liork, '"uatrt . 
on the- E side of tiie HiKhon. It c^ 
taiiw a cli'.i«di tin' liithcnnns, a pr» 
byterian ineeluig houw. and 090 inB* 
ta'tants. t>i«'um 12 miles S of Hutu. 

'"germ AND, S r. a town of Napk* 
in Terra di Lpvora, at the foot of 
Mount CMnano, and bfloiigii.g to an 
nblwy 0,1 the top of tiiat Mount. E 
Ion. 13 59, N Iftt.At 13. 

GERMEH8HEIM, « town "J" f'«f 

many, in the l"'l«ti>"«"' <*/* ^J""*^* 
GEHS, ndep»'tmentof Jiance.m 
which aP! comprehended Jk- late pro- 
vinces r,i Gaseony pnd An-nagnat. 

GEftTHUDENBURG, h!i aniient 
towsiof Uutch Brabant, siti..**;. at 
the E extremity of the Bies, With 'afcej 
which are Ihrmed by the Mi».»e. ai^ 
niakeapMdhnrbour. I»»^^''? 
N of BrSin. •: longitude 4 52, N tao- 
tnde .52 44. . r 

GEUUME.NHI, an ancient town of 
Portugal, in Akntejo, with ««"''« 
castle? It is seated on k tall, u-ar the 
river Gnadina. . <.b„,,j_, 

GESTRIKE, a province ofSweden, 
bounded nn the N by Hel-ingia on 
the El>, ihe gulf of iivtbaia. on theS 
bTupfind. and ou the W by Dafcctt- 

'^ETTISBURG, J: In-t W'™ i? 
Adams' county.'.^ twen^l 
eight miles SW of Tfo.kiown, *« "J* 
Xrf the county, i^ijie^^^ 
"hitodelpWa, anC 75 ftran WsAing- 

'"gEX, • town of France, i«n *e de- 
partraen* of Aine, ^^J^^^^ 
Blount St. Claujk. , betwe CT the Rhone. 
fad takr trf (Hasn, an* SiiimitiMm 



[ IrtS 1 



It w tra mitiS K"VV (ifGH-nnn. R Ion. 

UKZIHA, u town of niafbevU, m 
an whml fonii«l b? Oie T^P""' ''* 
mitMNWofilouiiiL Kiiin.'ICION 

lai. 34 m. 

oi t»4e eiiiuisti r^f Ci>«hnn, in Mtvst.< 
ItiiiMUHl (jLiwrenn latw ""^ ""^ •''" 
wrNiiiw. Hk 90 mile* NE cl a» 
aWf of Cuitu*, wnl 209 3 ol AEndei. 
£ Ian. lli 1% N tat. »i '>' „ . 

OHRNT, UiB ciuritnJ M Aeiiliri» 
» tandem. It ii «««n1 .wi four "uviau- 
Urte rim-B, the StlmU, tlie Lv., tbti 
I,i«vp, .vnd ths Moiw, wtneh rum 
ihiwjeh tiie citj'. It toai alio two m*- 
vigaljfc tanaU; tr« one tJ Sm »«« 

vhs lut of sthich wm dt-.tmutl in 
nM, l»v ttie Biitijl!. riHiuii.ti<m m 
saw, Mai. A ttilttj- of wai* will 
nepwHteJ »t Ohent, niid *'i{!>»'o t*- 
tviw-H tin; American aiwf bniiih raiin- 
inii«oiien, on tiff ^^* ""if "»«'' 

GHEBGONO, R rity of ^ua, tf»}- 
IflJ of tin; kingdom of Aswm. I'. « 
4t» miltr NE at: Caktttta. S, Ion. M 
1,5, N la<.»S5«. , . , 

CHKRUH, a towi of tfce praiin- 
saUi of Hindoojuui, on that port pi w 
siiVt called tlie Pirate Coart. It H 29* 
Mtte S by E of Bombay, l.lou.738. 
,V III, 17 59. . -,..„„ 

GHtl H-li, a province of Persia, on 
\\n SW sidt of ilic Casjiian Sta; .up- 
po«!d t(. Ix^ she llvicama pt the an- 
ijcMtj. It i. very nKPteaWy «tuattj, 
liitviiiB ilK- «;a on one side, mid lii^ 
monniiiiwontttotlicr; and there i« 
iio rtit, iiuis it but through narrow 

''*G«ILAN, ST. a lown of Fiance, 
JtJ the depai-unCDt of IheNorlli, wat«.<i 
on Uie HSvia, miles W oi Muiis. 
ii loiu 3 13, N lat. SO 28. . 

GIBRAL 1 AR, a town ol Spain, in 
Aadllusia, near * mountain of the 
j»ine name, fonnerlj ealltil talw, 
which with Atyla, on th.; omK«i.te 
Jwre of /iii:<», were called the Pl^ 
i«nofH.icuie8. Since tlait time a 
town has teen buil: at tlie toot ol this 
rock, whieh it st'ongly fortified, ri 
WMtbrmeily tho'igbt to be irapregnw 
ble ; bus in 1704, i« was taken by tlie 
confederate fleet, commanded by Sir 
George Kooke. The Spaniards «• 

(emptid to rtuke it tlic following 
vfcHj, and SCO of tl*m crept iip th« 
■(•oclt in the night time, bill » .'re di> 
veij ilown lieiidlong in tlie inui iim(;. 
Ill 1727, tlie Spaniards linii->;eu i( 
iiimin, ami alti; mnted to blow up ihe 
imcW, which tliey fousiil impiaeticable, 
and wiTP oWiKed lo raise tliu siep'. It 
wu beikgw! in the AraciiCim war 
horn Urn Wth of. July 1779, to tlie he- 
«Mkiiii>K i>f Febiruavy 1783, when the 
M-m: v/M fiisally mi»»l. But it iiviy 
he coivsider»tl as i.ermimiteu itn tlio 
Utfe of SepMoiber, 1781, on the fiu- 
k>T of tliK Kraiid attack iniulf by tlte 
Siiam«.i"«. fhe strait of O.bnilur is 
if miWs in leiiBlfa, and 15 in b;;eadUi, 
and a ulniiig ciinedt always runs 
sliroush it from the AtlaiiUe to the 
VlaliiriTanean. Gibraltar is «5 mile; 
S of Ceuta, and 44 SE of Cadi*. W 
Ion. S 17, -V lat. 30 6. 

GIEN, a town ol Franee, in thede- 
u«»'Ui»!nt of Lo'ret and late province 
of Of leannois, seated on the U>m;, 7ii 
milea SE of Paris. E km. » «! Mut. 

GlEHACK, an ejpucopal U»wn of 
Nantes, in Calabri IJllftrior*, »eau<l on 
a mountain, near the sin, 3J miles NE 
of Heegio. E Ion. 16 40, N lat. 38 13. 
GIESEN, a liAd of Germany, in 
the laiiJgravr le of Hesv' Cancl, siatefl 
on tlie Lohn 19 miles vysWof Mar- 
Jiiirg. E Ion. 8 41, X lav, 50 30. 

GIG A, a small islmul on the W coail 
of Scotland, between tlie isle of Skya 
an.) he peninsuUi of Cantyre, m At- 
gyleshire, in which county K u in- 
cluded. . 1 ^ 
GIGLIO, a anudl island on the coast 
of Tiiicany, and is IS miVs W of Porto 
Hercole. E Ion. 11 16, Jt lat. 42 I. 

GILOLO, a large island, with » 
to- II of the same name, iu the Ardii- 
w ..igo of the Sloluccas. 

mi.MANTOWN, a town of Straf- 
lord county. New Hampshit*, about 
Si Mifcs N by W of Port»n«mtli, and 
513 NE of Wnshingum. PopuUmcu 
4338. , , . 

GINGEN, a free imperial town of 
Suabia. 16 miles N of Ulin. E IJ". 
10 <3, KUt.48 39. 

GINGEK, a large and poputoua 
towiioiitiK' coast '>f CororoandeM* 
miles W oi ?oiidicherry. E ton. '", 

' CiioDUA, or GIDDAII, a wagwt 
on the E coast of Arabia, oo the IK* 

«iia|_i|.iiai| I 

] GIO 

einpt.ll to reuke it titc followini! 
:n« mid SCO of llitm crept iip llw 
•ock in Iho nigbt tiiiw, btit v.ri.ili> 
eij ilown liriidknig in the inuvnmjj. 
[It 1727, the SpuiiiHitli 1h"iiix«1 " 
imiin, ami mu mjilitl to Wow «ii the 
ncW, which ihty foujrf iinpructicablf, 
iih! 'WW obiinfo to nuK' 'lie sn'm'. U 
»»« beiHietit ip "» Aiiniic™ WW 
ri.;r« tlw I'lUi t.y July 1779, to tlK be- 
piuiintt "*■ Felirum-y 1783, when the 
lUari' «•• 'i»»"y "»»»•• ""' " '"■'"!' 
be coiisiilwil M lerrniiiaioi i«> ""-• 
Uthof SepMniber, 1784, on tlw fiu- 
Imi; of tiK Rniiiil a«»ck '"»"'■ l»y >'« 
Suti;iiai-<"«. The iti»it of Gibnilter ii 
M mi its in liiiBlh, and '5 m b-e«dih, 
unl a iitning ciintdt alwayi mm 
thruiinh il fiom the Adaiitic to the 
MalitriT«n«»ii. Gihrnlur ia U inilci 
H of Ceutli, »nd 4« i>E of C»di». W 
Icn. 3 t7, N lat. .10 6. .... 

GlEN, » town ol Fr»nee, in the de- 
UM'tinrM of Wret utitl late mwince 
ofOrh.'imnois,«.--«tedoii tiie Loire, Jd 
mile* SE of Parii. E ton. a *5, N lat. 

GlEHACK, an epiK<)l»l town of 
Naples, ill Calabri \1\iKriote, KMni on 
a mountain, near the mi*, 31 milei NE 
of Heggio. Elori, 16 40, K i«t.38 1.1. 
GIlRSEN, a ts-ii of Geiinany, in 
the laii.lgr«»f <e of Hw*,^ Ca«'l, w ann 
on tlie Lohn 15 miles vvSWof Mar 
pure. E Ion. 8 41, X lav. SO 30. 

GIGA, a small itlaiul nu the VV coait 
of Scotland, hetwiwn tlie isle of Skyo 
aitci lie peninsula of Cantyre, m Af- 
gylethire, in which county it u in- 
efudefl. . . 

G IGLIO, a aTiiiU uland on the coast 
of Tuscany, and is IJ miV. W of Porlo 
Hercole. E Ion. U 1ft, N lat. 42 i. 

GiLOLO, a large island, with » 
to< 11 o»" the same name, m the Archn 
w ...Ka of the Moluccas. 

GII.MANTOWN, a town of Straf- 
fiird county. New Hampshire, about 
Si Miles N bv W of PortuwiUi, and 
»13 NE of Woshiiigioo. Popuhituf'i 

oiNGEN, a free impefinl W*n of 
Suabia. 18 mije. N of Ulni. E Ijii. 
10 '3, N lat. 48 39. 

GINOEE, a large and populoiu 
town on thi coa»l if Coromandri, M 
miles W ol ."oiidicherry. E lou. 'M, 
T, lat. H 42. 

GIODUA, or GIBDAIC, a ««P?2 
on ttie £ c«ui of Arabia, oo the am 


I >fi9 ] 


Sra. It if the port of Meecn. N !■>: 
31 .10, Elon.3%97. 

GIOV ANNAZZA,a townof Naphs, 
in I'erri di Bari, watrd on a moun- 
tain, netir the lea. ten mite NW of 
{tan. Kkiii. i« JO, Nlat. 4Z2A. 

GIIION, SI', a town of Franre, in 
the department of Arriege, and late 

Sroviiice of Coutreans, se»u>d on the 
jrot, three miles S of St. Liifer. B 
Ion. 1 Id. If lat. 41 53. 

OIRONNA, an aiteient and tiroo^ 
town of Spain, in Catuhuiia. It it 
sealed on a tfH, 45 miles NK of Oar- 
cclona. E hm. S <1, N lat. 42 0. 

GIRON, ST. ■ town of France, in 
thedepattniMnar Arriege. E Ion. 1 
1«, N lat. 42 <3. 

OIsnOHODGH, ft town in the N 
liling of Yorkshire, 'M7 miles N by W 
nt London. W loiv. SI, N lat. S4 34. 

(tISBUHN, a town in the W ridiiig 
ifYorksfeiK. Whm.3M,Nlal.S3 3». 

GIS.OBS, a to«i of France, in the 
(biMrtiiHiit ot Eure, seuletl on the 
Kpt, *) inil« SE of Hoaen. E Ion. 1 
+3, N lilt. 49 1.1. 

GlVR'r, a fw-lifleil town in the 
hiih«p)V! of th:^, divided it* two by 
ih; river Maeae, il miks 8W of hi- 
miir. E Ion. 4 34, N lat. 5U 13. 

(ilVIHA, a t<»wn of Itflly, in tlie 
Mihneie, seated on a Uike of tlie «ime 
name, eight n\}Wi from Anghierra. 

GIULA, u strong town of Unpcr 
Hungary, on tlie froiitierk of '1 rati- 
ijlvnniu. It was taken by the Turks 
ii> l.WJ, and retaiten in 1691. It ia 
!\*Vii '/Il the Keii'iUan, .W mije* 8W of 
Onat V/ai-adin. Eton. iO 40, N tot 

GIUiaANA, town of Sicily, on a 
cnggy votk, 12 miles NNE of Xavca, 
anOO SSW of Palermo. 

GIUSTANOEL, a large town of 
viacedonta, with a Greek archUabop's 
««, jeated near lake Ocbrida, 06 mile • h 
Eof niirauo. £lon.20 36, N bit. 41 -.o. 

of Sooth Wale^ 48 miles lunc, and 26 
broad, boundesl on the N by Carmai^ 
ikemtnc aui Brceknockihire, on the 
£ bv MHunauthshiic and on the S 
snl W by the Briatol ChanneL 

OLAMMIS, a village in the SW 
|«rt of Aninisihir*. 

• town in Uueoinshire, IMmile* N oy 
W of LoDdao. W Ion. 23, N l»b 

OLARV8, a,eantoii ofSwiMcrland, 
boumM oo the E by the (rrlions. on 
the 8 by the same, the caiiion of Uri, 
and that of Schweitz t ami on the N 
by the rirer Unth. It ia a mountain- 
oils county. 

GLARUS, a targe town of Swissel^ 
land, capital of a canton of the same 
name, and Miird on the river I.inlli, 
32 milea SE of Znrie. The streets ai« 
brge, and the houset kept in good ro. 
pair. Elan. 2, Nhrt.46SA. 

GLAVSBORUUOH, a village of 
New Jer»eyi,^ttiated in Gtoueester 
county. 20 mllH SE of Philadelphia, 
on the E ti^ of the river Debiware. 
It has a considerable glaia manufac- 

(^LASfiOW, a city in I.«nerkshire, 
'vliich in point of siw; ami importance, 
may be etti^med the second city in 
Scotland. It is seated on the N «de of 
the Clyde, over which iire two stono 
bridgen ; one of them au elegant niu- 
ilern structure of seven •irches, 1500 
few long, and 32 wide, it was eom- 
pletod ill 177!i. There are U chiirchen 
lu Ghugow, 3 of which are contained 
intlteonclrjit cathednil, which iscmi- 
sidercd one of tlie most entire pieces 
of Gothic archiiecturt: in Scotland. 
St Andrew's is the Aneit piece of mo- 
dem architecture in the city. The 
t'lwn-gijard was desiroyeil by fire in 
1793. Then; are several charilaUe 
etUblishitKaiU ; particularly th<' Mei^ 
chtiit's Huspitnl, aiHlthat of the Town. 
Here isaeelcbrnted university ; tlio sin- 
gle eullcge belonging to which ia aa 
elegant buiidintf. The Tontini tavern. 
coiKe hotue, niiil hotel, for ckuM and 
accommodation is perhaps equal to 
any in Europe. The ooiton manufac- 
ture in particular is carried on in a most 
extensive scale. The inhabitants ai-c 
romputed at upwanbof OO^OOO. It baa 
the advantage of two ewiiala, besides 
the great Canal that joiiu tm I lytle 
to the Fortli ; and is 15 miles ESE of 
Oumbarton, and 45 W of Edinburgh. 
H Ion. 4 2, N lat. S5 52. 

GLASCJOW, PORT, a town in 
Renfrewshire, on the S side of the 
CIvde, erected, in 1710, to serve as the 
seaport of the oity of Olaanw. This 
port u situate 21 miles w li> N of 


GLASTONBURY, a town in SO" 
mersetshit<-. It is 129 miles W by Sof 
Lonikm. W Ion. 3 40, N lat. ».8. 



** r fclScOE. VALE OF> i> valtey io 
^OLENLUCE,. town i" J>J**;^ 

■II* ft Ion. tf H. N 1»<. 13 73. 

of TmliM«w« county, «»•* f^.i; 

ONWN A, » city of Gr««» ^OJ!?: 

of*hS« it i. tte «*«£• »« N 
Sile,WofW»mw. fcWiiJ.n40,> 

"VoA?-. co»ide«hle «.y, rf «£ 

^' ^'-S^s^wSS^ P* U the N •^^S.lrSSSte rfi^ 





[ in 1 


N of Uiuilon. W U". » 10. ' 

of EnSuirf^ •nik'' "' »«'*> "Sf 1^ 

.itiuted op the SW .,"* S J,fWtlilt> 


tat. S» M. .ij__ia- aitv of tlif 

!JI^9byBofB<»l»y. «•»•' 

In let. !»•••_ _ nnVTKA. « tWll I 
OOAR, BT. or O0WB^» I 


Rhode Utand, >«»» «•» mttw* "^ *; 
tartour of New Port. It h« » fcct 

SSTHhilinbuig. E Ion. 8 54, N 

bt. 40 A. 

OOblN.BT. See Fere. 

OOCH, » town of QenMmy, in «»' 
dnehy of Chw, «««J on «»» ^'•'"J 
ill railn 8 of Ctevet. E Ion. 5 »«, " 
llU *1 ^9. ,. . 

OOCIANO, a town of Sardinw, «► 
vital of ■ cout.ty of the uum iiamu, 
Mmied on the Thuno, 2S nnJei B of 

RiiKMui on t*e Wey, .-- 
ndea into lewrul •tre«ni«, four inilM 
SW of Oiiil<in>nl and 54 o» Loudon. 
W Ian. 54, N lat. 5 1 13. . „^„„ 
WRY, a rirer of the DecsMi of Hin- 
" HO, which hai i%» •ource 00 «»'<" 

KoDALMINQ, • town hi Surry. 
.t" ■*» — ...I.MW It di- 

to the NK of Bombay. After crowng 
Dowtataliad and OoIeMda, 

j.», tram W to 

Sarh A>r *e«el. «rfjno*er««« burden. 
OODMAWCHBSTEil, * »^ "*• 

OOLDBERCl, ■ town of SUwa, in 
the^dndtytlf Lignit*. M mllw W ol 
Bmtaw. K lonTlft »S, N I*. « »• 

GOLD COAST, a nuniume aouiw 
try of Ouinea, wh. re the Euroyeiin* 
have »*er«l fiiru »i»l irttkmentt. tt 
reMhea ftoni the CloUl Ri«er, 11 m.lea 
W of Aiibir, and endt at the villafe 
uf Fttoui. eiaht mlka E of Acruw. 

GOI.o\h«EN, a town of Cour. 
tand, with o caitle, «!«ttd on «» wew, 
Minik* W of Mitttii. E Imi. « »». 
N hit. 50 48. £. 

Hareock «>iinly. Utauie, """«'«'».?' 
E lid.! of Fiviidinian'i l*r. '» "''I?' 
from Wiwawrt, and 794 <£»« ^^"*; 
iiurton. l>i.piil»lion 471. Eton, ^om 

GOlSTw. « townof PruB,»» Ptt- 
irfrnnia, ieatt.1 on the III-, "mile. 
NEoTStetin. E ton. 14 M, N tat- W 

**'oONDBECOURT, » *»*" «f 
Fraiiw, ill th» depMtmont of ftfciwt, 
waled on tJia Oraey, «> "'i"" » « »'• 
Michael. K ><»• » "'A'"'- «.»%^ 

OUITO, a town «if Italy. J" «• 
Mantuan, imted on the rwef Miiicio, 
between the lake of *•«""» "!» *** 
ofOMtta. E Ion. 10 40, M tat. 4» 16. 

OOLCONUA, a ~«»«2.*f>*,5S!; 

tank. off** «-»«*«!-*: 'J*'*'*- 

town of the United I'«w>™?ii" J*t 
liA «d MPital of the ittand of 8 
BMlu^ ^U». 3 «, N tat. 51 33. 

linu7an a branch at we^frima* 
iSerTrtioPt 41 mik» W of JPoiWiooth, 
ST wSmUe. NEof WarfifagtoiW Po- 

^^W^'w SOORJEW aiWR, 
a lane riwr, wWeh ri«. «» W»e ^"; 
kee file, ta Thibet in tau M l^N.and 
fansJi ita w*» throogh Wwygg; 
Bialeh; taket a SE direetm. and anttt« 

whh the OM«n. ui„A^ 

GOHUD, a temtnry of »n*>^ 

parti of the "»""''S![S|J^,Srf 
Dotrntabad. U ti moat lemarkaWe 
foriltdtamond i^, «'JL°*'' T^ 
Mxabk' in the world. Here are auo 

mioei of Hilt. ,._._• r 

GOLCOMDA. a oefcJ«i« fort«««, 
in a xiwnirv of the Mne name, us 

w St city by ■ wril of communis 

""oOLUEN ISLAND, a *«™™J;: 
tand at ll« mouth of the nrer or i^lt 

tm Proper, in the prownee of Af» ! ,T^ tav of uTitrait of Ormui, 130 

land at ue lUOUlO ui i»c i"^- — a--7 

Ofnirtm, where the 8«*..tten.»^ 
torartteniettlenientlnlMS. Whin. , 

' odLElTAJan faUmaof Aflrjet. «« 
Arfmtou-e of the b« of Tu^ 
Sken hyATAmiieror Cterle. V. <aA 
- ■ ^Ae ChrSSaw "nreriJ ycMi. 

SemUfrtBiidarAhu.1. Ui«««ti'd 



[ «7a ] 


OOMERA, on. 'f tf>t •^"W ',•■ 
Uiidi.brtweMifiiw. imlTcnenflt. It 
tiM • lowii ol' the wiiH' imnn', witb in 
norllmt hwrbour, wlnre the SpwujjJ 
iiliipi often inWe in relreJunentt. W 
lou. 17 3, N II. »8«. 

UONUAIt, ihe ra«-iropol» ol AbTf 
itnim niliuiu- III! » hill oTcoin-ili-rBWe 
beiirhi, iiid coniwning io/kii <»""[»-■? 
in tlnus of p«Mor. It u ihh .aite* Sh 
•f Seiin»r. E km. 37 S3, N In'. U 34. 

CO,4MA, I river of the peiiinsulii ot 
tUmiootUii, which riiunear ( ninMin, 
ft,rini the nomiiul himmtory of the 
C»riinii<- on the N, »nd f«IU into lh« 
Imy of ll< iiml. 

'iONURBVILLE,* townof Fnmee 

in tiK' deuartment o»' Miurtbr, eigot 
mile* fVoin Ntnd. K Ion. 6 », N tat. 

«• *>• , ^ • 

OONESSI^ « town of Franee, in 

the diiMirUneiit of Sriw mid Oiic, will- 
ed on (he Croiild, 10 niiln NE ol P»- 
rii. E km. » w, N tat. 48 J8. 

OONJAH, a kinnkm o» Afine*, »• 
twren the coait of Guinea on the 8, 
Mild Tiiinbuetou on the N. W k». ft 
10, N lat. 13 ao. ,„_ 

the principal rat of juitice in Goocb- 
laiiircouiity, Virninla. It ii tituated on 
thr N liile of James river, 30 imk» 
W by N of Kichmoiid, and ha* a court 

hoiw , KMl. fc"' '« '• » P"' """' ''^ 
luik-i rrom WashiiiRlon. 

temive KttlemcDt on the Muthern ex- 

eniiiy of the African continent, 
which lw» bitween S tat. as »5, and 
34 47, andbewetn E km. 17 3S and IB 
17. It U boiuidrd on the W and S bv 
the Ocean ( on the E by Great Fiiih 
ri\-er, and Caffretaod, on the N by the 
river Kou«ue, and Jif ^jmitrr of tlie 
lianinmaiu. It wai diKoveit^ b' V 
Portupiew in 1417, and setikd by the 
Duuh in IBM, from whom it *«« t» 
ken by the Engliih in 1795, It wa. 
Vntored in 180a, hut retaken in 1806. 
■rtw toil i> fertile and the eUmate aUu- 

brioiu. - „ J 

OOOMPTY, a river of Hindooctan, 
PrfiRT, which ri»e« in the Rohilta 
Cot,..try, awl Bowing 8E by Lueknow 
and Jionpour, fiUta mto ♦hi. Gai«eii. 

GOOTY, or OUTTI, a ittaig for- 
ti«H in the peuimota <H Hindooatan. 
E Ion. 77 35, N tat. 15 15. „ . ,\ 
GORCUM, • town of the United I 

Provineet, in Kjltanif, *hlch caniri 
on a conjuU-rabfc trudi' m ebv^*' unJ 
biittir. K, Urn. 4 51, N Im. >l «l- . 

(HiHUK, a iniall itluiMl af Alrii^a, 
near Cape de Vitd. W ton. 17 M, N 
la U 14 40. , , 1 ,■ 

UOHKK, the capital of an Utainl ol 
th<> wnie imiiH" in Hulln'i'l, » ""kt S 
SW of Hii.1. I ...II. 4 ■iU. N Int. 51 <1. 
< ,t)ll< iONA, u imall i«l«nd of Italy, 
in tiK .a of iUMaiiy, eight inihi ni 
cireumleiiuoe. E toil. 10 0, N tat. 4) 

GOHOONA, II iJaiid lltAie S IV 
ciftc Oc. mi, 12 ii.iW. W of tht- < i>M« 
of Peru. W ton. 77 .10, 8 tat i 0. 

GOUH AM, a immi town in l^iimbiT. 
land county, Maine t <iii»t«l on tlw W 
E ridf of Saoo river, 1 M mile. N by h 
of Boitoii, and »»0 IVom \Vaihin|toii. 
Poputalioii 2631. .. , n 

GOHHAM, a poit township In On- 
tario count}. nVw York, »00 "''" 
wctwanl of Allwny, ami 36(\ W of N 
iVoni Waihinntoii. PopiiUtion 21m). 
GORI TZ, the capital of a comiiy 
of tlw Mine imme, in the dutaiiy o| 
Caniiota, «n the Liaonxo, IB i"*' n 
EofAquelia. Eton. 13 30,N liii. 4n20. 
GOSHEN.apomuwoihipol Litcb; 
HeU county, tonncrtout, and 341 NE 
of WaihinntoB. Poputauon IMl. 

GOSHEN, a pmt townihip of 
Orange county, Jlew York, M imka 
W oTWettulftnt. 11* loulherly ftwm 

Albany, aboUt 6lN o' "»•* S.'.''-"*' 
and M4 E of S turn WatWngtoii. 
Population 3155, . , . , 

GOSHEN, apoit tonni in I*'*" 
county, Virginia, 35 mitetlVoin Waib- 

"OOSLAR. an ancient dtydTUlw- 
er Saxony, in the territory of Bjri»nt- 
wick, ttated at die foot of « i«|0»*f»"'. 
near the river Gok. It ii 3< nutat S 
0- «runi*i«i<. K ton. 10 4», N tat. 52 (». 

GOSPOHT, a to«fn in HampihiTe, 
on the W Bde of the harbour orPprU. 
mouth. Hen ii a iiohto hoapital, built 
for the relWf of the lick and wounded 
laitorb It ii 70 mitet SW of Lomloiu 
W torn 1 3, N tat. 50 49. „,„,„ 

town of Poland, in the Patatioate of 
Ra»Ti, 36 mills NF. of Bava. E Ion. 
JO 40, N lab il 54. 

GOTHA, a town la Upper Saxony, 
capital of a dutchy of the mne name, 
18 miki W of Erforl. E iOo. 10 52, 
N lat. 51. 


mue« from 

to thcN " 


{iraviiiee o 
Baltic tee. 
BUHU. a 
in WQotI 
onj, in <h. 
iratnl on 
Caiirl. E 
Bulation { 
" GO IT. 
io (he due 
duchy ol 
at iIk I>ii< 
cullitl (la 
54 SB. 


in (Ik- t.d 

bk- for il 


toNMi in 

Uiel, eig 

kill. 4 41 


inites B\ 







on the 

W Ion, 





the Ml 


tat. 45 






of Cat 


and t 





rolnen, in KjlUmif. which ""i"^ 
n 11 coniMh'nible tr«l<^ ■" cho-H- uiiJ 
HUT. l"'U)n.4M, Nl..'.»l »!■ . 
(H)HUK, a inull Wuinl tf AlVica, 
car C»im; de Vird. W Ion. IT »», H 

OOKKK, the tapUnl of »n U\u»\ M 
\u> wiiie ii»inf in Hullttml, « niikt » 
W of Hiiil. K ,.>ll. 4 20. N liil. »l HI. 

[.(IKiiONA, a inwll itlMid ol llily, 
II tlw . » uf TutcMiy, right miki m 
ireumltitiiee. K loii. 10 0, N l«l. 43 

GOHOONA, 11 ijlmul int\r ' I"*- 
iflc Ociaii, 1» i»ih« W of Ihr .)1M1 
f Pern. W Ion. 77 so, 8 tat 10. 

GOIUIAM, a iHut town in Ciimlitr. 

>nd coiiiiiv. Maine ; <iinal«t on thu » 

1 lidi- of Siieo river, 1 JO luilei N bjr t. 

f Boitoii, »nd»»0 IVoin \Vaihin|t««' 

'opuUlioii M3». .. , n 

OOHHAM, » post township In On- 

brio county. N.w York. »«« mi'" 
*«l»aiil of AllKiny, ami 3<)t> W of N 
^wii WashinKtoit. Popu|»tion 21t)i). 

(iORII Z, the cajiilal iif i^tii'ty 
)f the tame name, in the dutiliy M 
llariiiola, on the Liaonic 1« miles N 

of Aquelia. E Ion. 13 30, N lut. 4« M. 

tlOSHEN,»|Miittownihipoll Liieto; 
AeU county, Coiuie^otit, and 341 Nt. 
of Waihiiiittoll. PapuUiUon >««• 

GOSHEN. ■ nut township of 
Orun tiOunM, Hem Y<«rk, M mJw 
W oTWrrtpflnt. lU southerly fhim 
Alhmy, about 84N of New York city, 
■lid M4 E of N fmu WMilingtoii. 
Papulation 3155. ... , 

OOSHEK. a post KWni Jn I#i*f 
county, Virginia, 3« mileaftom Wash- 

"'ooSLAH. an ancient cftyeTljW- 
cr Saxony, in llie territory of Bpt^ns- 
wick, seatt'd at the foot of •niou*««ui, 
near the ri»i r Quae. It ta M miles 8 
o- «runs*i««. E Ion. 10 «, N tat. M 0. 

GOSPOHT, a to«m in HMopshire, 
on the W side of the harbour <" Ports- 
mouth. Here is a iioWe Inapiial, built 
for the relief of the sick and wounded 
saikm It is 70 inikv SW of Uniduik 
Wkin;i3, Ntat«0«. .^^„,„ , 

town of Poland, in the Patatinatc a 
Hai-a, 3« niilcji NR of Hava. E Ion. 
30<10, N lat. jl «4. 

GOTHA, a town in Upper Sa»ony, 
capital of a duuhy of the same iiaroe, 
18 mifci W of Effort. K Km. W IH, 
N lat 91. 


I 173 1 


GOTHA, a rimr of S*"*"! •'^'^ 
„.ues from lake WeniCT. ami Mis in- 
to the N sea ut (;<rtli«-horg. 

OOIHLANI), tl>" most souili' ■ " 
mm\ne>- of Sweden, being a l' miij"; 
J™OKomp«Kd on tliree salet by the 

"•oOTHEBORtt. or "O,'^^- 
BUKO.aftourishingtownol Sweden, 
in W Qothtand. . , , ,„ 

GO rriNOEN, a city of «^w« BaK 
MIT. in <h« <»«'>y "' "'•""•w'ek- " '• 

mitat 9 of ■tfcw'i In. '■ >""• > 1 **. » 

* ORACI08A, one of th *»o"7i " 
Westimlstand.. «'«««;i'"J''r'I n^ 
inhaMtaiiln. W k>n. «7 M. N Im. 30. 
ORACIOSA. a rocky, banrn. uiiin. 
baMtnlistaiiU, «.e of tl* Cf"*""['' 
iteNofUlioOTOta. ItistlireemUe. 

'"8kAimc/lT?t«n of 8,l.»onta, 

ihe Inrks in IMl. It » seated <m tw 

T^UK 'i^Vl^N ?."" 39. P» 1« ,39, N_ta.. 45 »1. _, ,..,^ ,„ . .^„ 

pulatinn 0000. rw—.-rlc 

GO ITORP, a town of Deiininrk, 
in the duchy of Steswick, capital of ilr 
duchy of Holsteiii (lollorp, •••<«« 
atilH bottom of an arm ot the ..h 
eulKtl tlie Sley, four m'l« J*?J*,"' 
Sfeswick. East loo. 9 Jft, Mortn lat. 

"oOTTBBERO, a town of Silesia, 
in ilK- 1. JtAy of SehweWnitt, remarka- 
ble lor its Silver nilnn. 

OOUDA, or TURQOW, a strong 
to«ii in Holland. It ij ««<«' "« ^^ 
btel, eight miles NE ol' RotlenUin. E 

kin. 4 4irN l«t. « *• . „ . ,o 
OOdAuRST, a town in Ken^l* 
iniles SW of MakUtone. and 44 SE of 
Loudon. E Ion. 31, Mat. MB. 

GOURA. or OUHA, a town of Po- 
UuA in thp palatinate of MMoria, he- 
longing to ' l>e bishop of Posnwua. E 
loo. «1 50, N lat. 5» 1: 


iitaiid of the s«ne >»«"»t.°"J??,'3*5 
of Vimtian Priiili. »o itdlis Kby NoC 
Venic. . E Ion. 13 lo, N. '«-,■«». J*' ^ 

GRAriON. a village in Northamp; 
tonJ"«; Utw^ Stony Sirailotd ano 
Nortlmmpton. . ,^_,f. 

ORArt-ON. RPOSt town »n O"*- 
ton county. New H»niP*"*-,*.?„"S'w 
3K of Dartmonih eullegr, """J » "^ 
ot Salisbury, with 931 '"h*'"?"'';,^. 

GRArroN, « township ^"!^ 
ter county, Massachusetts, ahoittbrty 
mllwsW of Boston, 34 NW ol Provi- 
dent, i.nd 40« NE of W»sh.n(p«n. U 
iViTpist township containing »4tt in- 

'' ORAMMONT, . town of Amtri^ 
Fl«nd.-rs seated on the »;•"'>"• >« 
miles NE of Tournay. K lo". 3 »», « 

lat. 50 47. . ir__— III 

ORAMOST, a tjwn of France, 

*rtt'-F^«mri«",^'7t'"?:;^. v.l... 

W Ion. 3«, N lat. 49 3a. 

,ORDON, a townol **"»««'" % 
department of I-ot, 18 mllci NV- of 
CiSiors. E ten. 1 J4, N l»t.J» «• 

OOVERNOLO, a tO"n of It»jyi »" 
the Muituan, aeated on i lie Mtoidts W 
miki 8E of Mantua, l . Ion. 10 »a, N 

(K>WRAII,Rboraugh «J!f«»»«»*" 
of iRtand, in the Bounty of Bltomy. 

Qotzia, or uozM. «JfSf4?f 
the Moditemngm, w the Sof«|'We 

M^ta^MMm. » '"ito HW of Malm. 
and bek»|ii« « the hnlf^ti of tfaM 

" ORABOW, a town of loww *»>; 
By, in the dachy of Mtekknbaiv, U 

E ton. I 

wall. ItisM4mitasW^8ofLnnp 

don. Wk>n.44«,Ntat.*«- 

GRAN, a town «>f »«*" .Hj^g^ 

on the Dmube, 'I'^'" * y^" 
enna. B ton. W «, N htJT 4H. 

bociMM on the « ""J7 S^ITa. 


SSaS^Sfite Oro wi* the»nU. 
SUmUnSofMaUll- WW.»W» 


[ in ] 


6R ANADA,«i i.ViB* In Ifcr W In- 
Hi,',, .h. prtndH rf the <lniii«»««. 
.ilu.t»l in W Ion. »> 40. •«! h-j*<*ii 

ihc WMtMird CaribbMi, ■«• thirty 
leiipHt MW of TutaNI". ^"* ."''ili 
JoS. i«iM Umi^, U on Ifcr •«« ri*! 
fiTihe iBHUIe of » torr l«y •'!•» » 
MiMly hmwm, »ml it rtrv •jwwtit. 
llic iilnad rrahMci tery Am timhur, 

[}li A!«AdX ■ town of North Ame- 

rieii, n> Ote untiiMT of Nkiricu^ 
««u^ on iIm Uw NI««r»(tUfc U wu 
lalwn iwwe by tht JwMMieen, ukI 

?ommwii«rtr.«ith the AU«nlkoe<«i. 
UU»4roitaSBofU<ni. WlmulT 

GRANADA, MRW, an r«tB«i« 
inlmii cutinlry in 8 Awriofc It «• 
trnib IVwi kt. 3 U to ■bout » *» N. 
•lid ftwn « » to M SO W ton. Hound- 

.xl an thm by the «»»lp* <>f »J^ 

E by Vennraetai on the S by Peni i 
on t1i« W by the Pi«»e i md on the 
NWby Uuaumudii. It u diviibd in- 
to M uro»ino«. The iHpatf wriCT 
in thi» rountrv, »cooidlnjt to elemttai 
nnd bitiiodi-. The pWiu «^^ thu 
moumum, »re tempowtc uid Mlihy ! 
lH>«r thi- •« «o«t ftvtn uf the worst 
kind uridunrinote. Il« riv>" «re the 
MaiidSlaM, C»u«m Gumyqviil, beridtt 
•rvonl hnnehrt of the Oronooo mid 
AnmoiM. lu flruiu und fluwri-i iire 
not rteeeded by »ny p«t of *«*»«. 

URANBV, k port townihip «'«•'«- 
ibrdeoMiity. Ooniiicticut,»mikt NW 
of HtttIM, .nd 364 K&rv tttM> 
Wuhincloo. Fop«il»llon,»»«. 

OBAMBT, • port towB »n Lning- 
ton dirtfirt, South C»olli««, ritiuted 
un the Cof^uw "bout » mUM behi* 
the junotkJTof Broud rad adndu ri- 
ven. It ii rnnarWde flir • eunou« 
bridce thrown On* the river, «nd u 
fOVniiln "W of WaAingtun. 

OHANOB-PRE, ■ town of Frmer. 

£loil.4(l«Nlit.4«». . . ^ 

ORANOS « *°^' '^^ • ^ 
bland ritaMed la thr St. UwRMe, be- 
low Me Onlariot nad oMoiUe to »ii(- 
twn. It liei within tfc itate af Kew 
ToA, tJ* main «l«u>el of *• "»" 

I brliiR on the W tide. II U II mHn 

lutiK, and IVum I to ft tiruad. 
, (ifcANU I8LK, » tonr i«l»nd rf 
I thi' lUle uf Niw York, liluatitl in Nj» 
nra ri»T, wal iiHiimeitelng 4 nidw 
Grlow th«' oiiili t f>r take lin*. •!» •* 
u-iidiiHt to within 4 iiiik • <" .the «it» 
ran. It i« at pntetil atiarhed to tk( 
tawn of BiiflUoi'. 

OUANH^.w tlRANlCUt, a aittl 
riwT of Natalia, which ha. itt woMt 
in Mmini lila, n^ar th, rmn« 
Iruy, ami l«Ui into U«- na oi Mm- 
■mini, to th.- K of Imiimiico. <»» >!• 
bank! »a» foll^llt thi c<lel»al«l nattla 

betwi I'll All \«iidtr uuil Dariiw. 

OH ANHON, « WW" of SwiMi-r »««, 

in th. I'«)i dc Valid, capital of i. '"Ifr 

wic ol th.' auiie name. K Ion. ft W| M 

lau 46 SV. .... 

UHAN THAM, a honiuah in Lrn- 

tnnfif « !*«.«-.«" ».- - — 

eolndiirr. It it i^tetl on the Witham, 
110 inile«N by W. if London. Wkm. 

okANVUXE,a townJiipof Hamp. 
•hire eouiity, Ma»»»ehuietn, 14 miln 
W ofttpriiigfleM, aiul 370 iiiiira NB of 
Wathinipoii. It ia a pwituwuililp 
tontaiiunk H«4 iiiladjilBiilfc 

OHAMVILLE, a |><»t townihip la 
Waihington county. New York,.«ti|. 
atvd on l'i.wl« t river, and aiVoiniiig 
the itale of Verinonu It eunwini » 
coiigregailoual ehurchet, lbaptiM,aad 
1 frii-nih ineelinR hotite, an aiadeni; 
and 3717 iiihaUtantt. In thii town li 
a manufuctiire of Uaeh had pencib, 
and in the N «id a raarhte quarry 
which ii wrwil^ht to advantag.'. DU; 
taut fWira Albany, 60 miKt NE, and 
fVwn Waihiiwton 440. 

OHAMVILLK, a «eBpairt of FraM«t 
in thedepartment of the Channel, part- 
ly leated on a rock, and partly on a 
plain. It ii 181 n»l«» W of Pan*. W 
Ion. 1 31, N lat. 48 JO. _ __ 

ORaSs, «r I.A OR \8S RIVEIl, 
a river of New York, ri <t in the SB 
part of m. Lawrence wmiit;, and a» 
wr running a NW and N, and chaur 
ing to N eartcrly aourns emntkt in«a 
Um rivartt. Lawrence. near the header 
Gtaat St. SUA Ufwl. It baa loaiiy 
raiiidt aid (Uk, and ia 'JS"* >« »*• 
in'tanph. In thetowmMpufCnnton 
SiTTiver U oonueeled to tbe Owregat- 
dda by a eturiout natural ranal. , 

ORASSB, a town of rmua, m tta 
depwtiaait «r Vv, wMM on IB (oi- 




* ] 


iriuK on ilr W ildr. It U li m*. 
utir, u»l frum I lo * l>ri»l. I 

(ifcANU I8LK, 4 Urr »'}*>^'l 
th). tUI<' »r Niw York, liiMMil in N* 1 
ntn rt»'r, —iA atnunrntUtg 4 nulu 1 
iriuw «hr outl. t <«f Muf lim. •«» r» 
to wUlltll 4 lllil< • <" '•* ""*" 

racL It i« M pm-wiii Mt^tW 'o tkc 
tvwii of HiiRUw'. 

(HI ANIC, .w (IRANICUB, * hmI 
riv<T »r NMolm, whith Km Itt mum 
in Mount W«, n. w ih. riilm orMii.-i.m 
Tniy, iml l»U« "«l<> *>*• • ■ *« '*^ 
iiMira, to Ih. K <>f Uni|»«i«>. <»» »« 
haiiki »«• foiii,lit thi- cil«l»»lrd tatlto 
brt%vi ■■II All »«inkr unrl Ilwriut. 

Oil ANHON, » town of SwiMrrjimd, 
In ll.. V»y *•• ViMKl, capiul of h Uifr 
wic 111 ilw max: lunw. K Ion. fi ao,n 

OHAN THAM, * borough ill Uit- 
niliuhirr. It U i^tetl on tfc WlUiim, 
no inilM N b» W .>f London. W km. 

OM, Niat. <a<a. ^, ,., 


•hire GOUiitr, M»M»il>UirtH, 14 niilM 
W ofSwiuuflrM, ami 370 nuin NE of 
WMhiiigtoii. It i» • po* towMlilp 
itHitiiiiunK H«4 inhaWtiuiU. 

aHAMVILUE, » P"t lowniMp, in 
Wnihincton county. New YorK, ntif 
■Ird <»i Pkwii t river, and aiVofnu<{ 
tiK itale ol Vtrmonu It «»«"» J 
OMigrrntloual ehurcfcet, t baptM^aad 
1 friemh ini»ting houte, an amdem; 
and 3T17 jiihaUtanti. In tliji town to 
a mMiunicluit: of black kad pmcib, 
and in the N cwl a marble quarry 
which ii wratifcht to adrantaKc'. DUj 
taut IVom Albany, 60 mikt NE, aud 
fiwn Waihiiutlon 440. 

OHANVILLE, a i*ap«rt of rranca, 
in the department of thr Cbaiinrl, parv 
ly waled on a rock, and partly «• a 
plain. It ii IB J milea W of Paru. W 
Cn. I 3», N lat. 48 SO. „_,„_ 

ORaSs, or LA GH \8S RIVER, 
a river of New Vork, ri « in the »» 
pwt of 81. Lawrence tfuiity, and a» 
iw running a NW awl N, and chaufr 
ia> 10 N eaiterly coums emmita m» 
tS rlwr M. Uwreuc*. near the headaf 
Oieat St Rerit bland. It bat inapy 
tapidt ant iUh, and ii »]»?"«"*»*• 

thiTiiver U coDiteatrd 10 the Owcff v 

IeMa by a euriMM natural euMl. 
OHASSK. a town of Fmoca, t» tl» 
depMiiaaa of Vtr, itated on wieo* 









S^f ■- 








> :^ 





WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 




> A' 

^'' 4^^ 





Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Kistoricai IVIicroreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 




•"m ^^ ' w" ' 


[ 175 1 


nence, 15 miles W of Nice, E Ion. 6 
56, N lat. 4.1 39. 

ORASSK, » cown of France, in the 
departiacnt i>f Aude, seated on the ri- 
nt Otiiieii, ai the liwt of the moun- 
tains of CuurUetv, 13 miles SK of 

UHA'l'ELEY, a village in Hainp- 
shin>, on tlie SE siik' of qiir.rley Hill, 
in the rood from AiHlover to Salisbu- 

ItH ATZ, a town of Germany, ca- 
pital of Stiria, with a custle, ainl a 
iiniursity. It is seatwl on the Muehr, 
8J miles SW of Vienna. K lun, 15 30, 
N Int. 47 4. 

GRAUDENTZ, a town of Poland, 
in tlie palatinate of Cnim, wiih a cas- 
tle ; scaled on the Vistula, 30 miles N 
of rhoni, anil 110 NW of Warsaw. 
E Ion. 18 I'i, N Int. 53 3J. 

GRAVE, a strung town of Dutch 
Brabant, seated on the rirer Maese, 
beyond which tliere is u fort. It is 
eight miles S nf Nimeguen. E lun. 5 
4J, NIat. 51 47. 

GKAVELINES. a strong seaport of 
France, iluw in tlie department of the 
Nortlu It is strati d on the Aa, 12 
lailes E Calais. E Ion. % 13, N lat. 50 

GRAVENAC, a town of Siiabin, 
capital of a county of the same name, 
30 miles W xf Ulm. E Ion. 9 28, N 
lat. 4d 33. 

of Liuemburg, on tlie Moselle, taken 
in 1553, by the marquis of Brauden- 
burgli, who burnt it. 

GRAVESANOE, a town of Hol- 
land, tlie resideuce of the ancient 
counu of Holland. It ia seven miles 
W of Delft. 

GRAVESEND, a town in Kent. 
It is situated on the banks of the 
Thame*, S3 miles SE of London. E 
loD. 37, N lau 1145. 

ORAVINA, i%iwn of Naples, in 
Tern di Bari, with a bishop's see, 33 
miles SW of Bari. 

GRAIILE T, ■ tosni of France, in 
the department of Tarn, 13 oiilei N 
Wof Castcei. 

GRAY, ■ town of France, in the 
ilepartment of Upper Saone, situated 
oil the river Soune, 35 miles NE of 
Oigon. £ Ion. 5 41, N lat. 47 38. 

GRAY, a post township in Cumber- 
land county, Maine, 15 miha N by W 

of Portland, ami 5f)7 NK of Watliing- 
Ion, Population 1310. 

post liiwn and capital of Grayson 
county, Virginia, 378 miles fmiii Wash- 

OKAYS THURHOCK, a town in 
Essex, seated on tlie riiaines, 24 milei 
E of London. E Ion. 31, N lat. 51 

town in Berkshire county, Mmsaehii- 
setts, aliout S3 miles W of Springfield 
on the river Connecticut, aiul 3fl3 
miles E of N from Wasliinstou. Po- 
pulation 1784. 

GREAT KENHAWA, a over of 
Virginia, which rises in North Camli- 
na, and thence runs a northern course 
to Greenbriar county in Virginia ; it 
afterwards Hows in a NVV direitinn, 
till it unites with the Ohio at Point 
Pleisant. The great falls of this rinr 
are SO miles aliove its confluence with 
ihe Ohio, at its mouth, it is 380 yards 

town \n Scot countv. Kenmcky, is ele- 
gantly situated on Elkhiirn river, in 
the midst of a rich, iio|»uloiis, and lu- 
vel country. It contains a Iwittist 
meeting house, an academy, and 100 
inhabitanu. In the town and ilj vici- 
nity, are 3 paper mills, one for heiiip, 
ami another tor jwwder. It I""*' i.** 
name from tlie great cjiinntit / ol" Bu ha- 
loes that puss:^ at this place, ami also 
from its iK'iiig the gi-eat crossing pwce 
of the Indians. It i» distant 13 i lies 
NNW from Lexington, and 575 W ot 
Washington. N laU 38 31, W Ion, 85. 

GREECE, the nneieiit name ol tliat 
part of Turkey in Europe, which c:m- 
tains iMacedonia, Albania, Livadia, the 
Moi-ea, the Archipelago, airf Candia. 

GREENBUSH, a post township m 
Rr-iisselaer county, N, York, situatwl 
on tlie E side of the Hudson, opposite 
to Albany, and 376 miles E of N from 
Washington. It contains several vil- 
fames and 4458 inhabitants. The Unit- 
ed States barracks in this town, stand 
about a mile fVom the ferry. 

a post town, and eaiiital of Greenbri- 
er count)', Virginia, is diitant from 
Washington 370 miles, 

GREEN CASTLE, a post town in 
nmnklin county, Pennsylvania, U 




( lt6 ] 


B*4 Sunty, ton-, »i«>»«e^ » *^ 

inKton. PopuUtion 1*77. 

GHEE-JB, a P«t towinWp m the 
BW corner of cfcnjJBO """^L? m 
York, .itunted ™ Ch^'^S'KirAW 

t» pmntin 120 miles below Loutiviue. 
ItirnJrigabte .t.M time, for boaU 50 
Sile. f«.m it. ™>»th, to the "P«l»- *« 
tbe town of GreeluborRh, > ' G^" 
Sunn, thi.«ram .about. 100 jBi^ 
Swe'iid the navigation coimnue.p«d 

ftr»n« dntance above : boats of 4 or 
iTtmi being mble to paw tJ»> rapids m 

StewOrieani. IM Whole length i« up- 
wards of 300 mileh 

OllEENFlELD, a port town in 
Hammbire county, >toMehu«?tu; ii- 
S'.SS'Sr.he W Vrie »f Connect^ca 
river, ri»«. « -n<l« NW °f Worc« 

river. aDoui »3 111"" *■■" "• ■ , .;„ 
SrTlMW by N of Boston, and 109 
vi of Wadiingion. Population lias. 
T^ncwMimn.n. n no.t towmhip ir 

78 deg 46 rain, and 80 deg. SO mm. nf 
N U^and between W deg. and 20 deg. 
of E longitude. To iu froien km, 
the Engl>.h and other nation, repajr 

GREENLAND, a townihip in 
Rockingham county, New Hampshue. 
FDnuUAon Mi. It i. « mile. S of 
pSSumooth, and ni NE of Wajtaj 
ton. N lat. 43 3 38, E lon.ft»ra WaA- 
innrtfin 6 11 54. . 

tJREENLAW, the count y;town of 
BerwickAire, Kate* on the nver tt«t 
kin. the Twid, before it reaehw Kef 
C^ck. It i. 18 mil« W by S of that 
Jjwn W ton. 3 10. N lat. 55 43. 

exttwKug through the ««« K!|8'''°J 
Itate., in WNE direction. Kimiipon 

tSS: the bighct point, i. 3,454 teet 

fcove thr level of the o«an. 

GREENOCK, a conmterablc .raport 

in Renfrewshire, at the "imith oftte 

Clyde. It is 22 mile. W of Glasgow. 

W Ion. 4 20, N lat. 55 54. 
GREENSBORO-, a port town in 

Caroline "o-'n'^t ""yland, ..tu.«d 

on the E hi««*"'*^.'i'«'Pi5",H/<™S 
10 loiteEof Ccnterville.and lUirom 



1^ of Wadiingion. Population lie 

GREENFIBUD, a po.t wwj**, ,'" 

furatoga county, New York, 30 mile. 

^TQbany.ani 418 Eof N fiom 

Waihinston. Population .10»7. 

SffiNFIELb, a port village in 

Mghtand. «»™«y. Ohio, JS'Se of 

SJtt ofAmeriea, .(rttcMns twarf. 

land, M the »>rth»»rd rftte eontt^ 
SSt of Buroiie, lying •» J^K*^ 
^nidei. Thh country u divided in- 

Swentand Jhound. «'* «**N Jag. 
«d large river, i and i« m"'"'"^ 

rent dimemion.. In'SJ^*"™?? 
S«e«. !»— ver, on the eaiien» eo^ 
iSally, uie iw« i. iwaw^We by 

STe GieSand iraiicovered to be 
S"Jwb^om»iid. lying between 

in Orlean. county, Vermont, ^ng 

to Minden on the NW. »' ».^,'™'" 
fVom Wadiington. Population 500. 
GREESsioaO', a p»t town in 
," _. .. n4u,rmim. ntuated on . 

Green county, Gcjwgia, ntuated on . 
ulain 5 miles E of Oconee river, 30 » 
Sf A.heS';;^8 N of MilWge«lk^ «« 
W of Augutta, and M3 "WoJtWM* 
ington. It contain. i^J^^V*^ 
m«SiiB home, a court bouK^ jail, a 
nSSSngWiemy, aml^oTmhatat- 

of We(«noKland,to PrainndvaBto, m 
mile. W by N of VftBa**PW»- ^ •»• 
78 3«, N tat. 40 8. 
in We.tcherter coo ,. ... „,.„^ 
toattd MI the E b^tff »J« «S^ 
87 mile. N rf Newjo* dty, 135 S* 
Albany, and 363 E otstltm Wa* 


•6 1 



[ 177 ] 


76 dec 46 min. «n> «o deg. » min. of 
N !«; and between W deg. and 20 deg. 
of E longitude. To iu ftoien km, 
the EngiSh «nd other nalioni repfit 

GREENLAND, ■ township in 
Rockingfaun eounty, New Ham|»hii*. 
Fonuladon tn. It n 5 mlle» 8 of 
pSSmouih, rad ni NE orw«Mne- 
ton. Nl»t. 43»38,Elon.fl™n Wa*. 

instcn 11 SA, . 

GREENLAW, *e coHnlj;.town of 

Berwickihire, leated on the n«r tint 

j^n. the Tweed, hj^"*!' ««'«l "^1 

wick. It i« 18 mile« W by 8 of that 

„ town W km. « 10. N lat 55 43. 


m extending through the New England 

W SiSWE^direction. Kil iiwum 

^ «S; the highest point, i. 3,4J4 Teet 

^ve the level of the o««n. 

GREENOCK, a eonmterable »eBport 
in Renfrewshire, at t'V'Toi."^ 
Clyde. It is « "»•" ^ »' Glasgow. 
W Ion. 4 SO, N Int. S5 »4. 

OREEn4bORO', a port town in 
Caroline co..nt,-. M»J3''»"f ' f*??^ 

on the E brancii of .V.''"P2"'^ .7!Si 
iSrailesEof Ccnterville.and lUiroin 

^OrEsBORO'. a post towmWp 
in Orlean. county, Vermont, «lj™n g 
to Minden on the NW. It '•. «* 'lf« 
fWrni Washington. Population J69. 
GREENSBORO', a post town in 

fVxim Washington, ropuiauofi •"* 
GREENiBORO', a post town in 



> in 
[ on 
: of 


infed I Ainany, ub "y- - V,^ 

*S '■'SSiffiWHSlM^port.-wn'ljip 
"■"T -r Vfrr.-, S- tir«-.«L«i5»nd county, 

Me by 
ins of 
I to be 

Zpm. It einuin. «^<«*'W?^ 
mSeSng hou«-, a «»«'« houjejadj 
Hourhhing academy, and 300 mhabit- 

of WertmowlandanPmwrtT^il' 
nuirs W by N of njjMWplM. W Ho. 

"oREENSBURbH.a post wwjhip 
in Westchester county, New ^rkj* 
toatedon the E bmkof *b HwMo, 
Fmile. N of New V«* cjw, 13» Sof 

and cSiUl S- WesSorSuidcounty. 
Yourfuoiany river. It eontrins aoer 

iuii. ami ms inliaWtants, and is 31 
iuilej SK \>y E of Pittsburgh, uiid 221 
I'riini VVwJiiiigloii. 

(iHERNSBURGH, n |io«t town in 
C,tv<m oiiinty, Ktniiicky, hitnatitl on 
i\ic N bank of Green vivir, 70 imli-s 
W uf Lexington, and 664 Irom Wiiih- 
<iiglon. It eontnins a presbylenaii 
I'huicb, an eh'ganl cuiiri huuje, jail, 
;.uacaileniy, am 250iiih»bitants. Here 
U a rasnutaetoryof woolin and cotton. 
N lal. M, W kin. 86 10. 

GKEENVILI.E, a (KWt town of 
Met-klenburg comity, Kiiiluek)'. sun- 
airtlon small hraiKbes of Little Cuiicy 
ireck, a braiM* tJ' Big Canty, lliat 
tilb into Poud creek, and coiumuui- 
caies with Green river. It i> the ca- 
pital of the county, and contains a 
court house, and 135 iidnbitaiits. On- 
tant 181 miles S weilfrly from Lexing- 
ton, and 761 S of W from Wushuig- 

GREENVUXE, a post town in 
Pitl county, North Carolina, on the S 
bank of Pamptico river, 23 miles above 
Wnsliiiigton. on the same stream, and 
S91 SW of Washington city. 

GHEKNVILLE, a post town m 
Green county, Teiuuas«. 82 miles N 
W of Knoxville, and 471 S o» W from 
'\VashinEton. _ . _„„_ 

or PLKASAN rSBURG, a post vil- 
lage in Gretnville county. S Carolina, 
is pleaiantly situated on the bank of a 
unall strmiu, culled Keedy rivi;r, 120 
miles NW of Columbia, 230 ot Char- 
leston, HON of Augusta, and 567 SW 
of Wasliiiigton. It contains a com-t 
house, jaiL, some manufactures uf iron 
aiiil cotton, and 200 inhabitants. Grcen- 
ullc is surrounded by a level couutr: , 
and its situation is cousklered one ol 
tin- most iK-althy in tin- J^'juthern Sutes. 
It stands within i ni. ^ of Saluda ri- 
ver, in N lat. 34 48. 

GHEKNVILLE, a post f^wuihip 
in Greene county, New York. 1- r.ules 
NW of Athens, about 26 W fr iia Al- 
bany, and 349 N uf Wailuiigto' ; Po- 
iiuUuon 230O. 

GREENWICH, aposttownsl. tin 
Hampshire count}-, Massachusetts, »» 
miles N W of Worcester, 74 W of Bos- 
lun, and 410 N£ of Washington. Po- 
pulation 122f. 

GREENWICH, a mantitne post 
township, in FairfleM county, Coniaw- 
lifui, situated on Long Island suuihI, 

22 miles W of New Havni, 54 E of 
N.w York citi , and 284 NE of Wash- 
iiigloii. Population 35.13. E Ion. fi-om 
Washington, 3 46 21, N Int. 1) 8 14. 

GHKV.N WICH.n towuol EngliiHl, 
in Ki-m, tbnious for a rojiil olisi-rvnto- 
r)-, built by Charles 11. on tln- summit 
of KlanisU-ad liill. It is 5 miles E ol 
LuimIuu. ,. . 

GREENWICH, a post township in , 
Wasliiiigton county, New York, sitii- 
au-d on the E side of the Huilson, 37 
luiks NE of Albany, and 412 E o« N 
from Wasliingioii. Populaiiou 27J2. 
Union village, seated on tin; llatteukill, 
is in this town, and contains 2 cotton 
factoriis, 1 woollen, an acaili-my. » 
meeting houses, aud aliout 500 iiJi» 
bitants. .„ ,. 

GREENWICH, a post village in ' 
CumbcrlaiKl couuty. New Jersej-, situ- 
ated on Cohaiisy ci-eck, about 20 miles 
Swof Safeni, 10 SW of Bridgetow n, 
and 190 from Washington. Population 

GREENWICH, a towrabip in Sus- 
sex comity, New Jersey, situated on 
the » side of the Ptlaware, in a niomi- 
Uinous country, 31 miles SW of New 
ton. Population 2528. 

GREKNWlCH.atowuihip in Berks 
county, Pcraisvlvaiiia, situated on tha 
E side of Muiileu creek, is iiiilts NE 
of Reading. I'opuialioii 1104. 

GREKN W IC H, EAS r, a town and 
capital of Kent county, llhode Island, 
situated on slie W sidi- of Narrapmset 
bay. Hi miles S of Pnividi nee. Ii con- 
tains a Inuse of public wurslnp, a court 
bouse, and 1530 inhabitants. 

GRENOBLE, an ancient town ol 
Franci , iu tli;' dLiinmiunt of Iscre. It 
is 27 miles S uf C.'iniiibir) , ami 103 W 
byNofTuriu, Elon.S4'.i,Nlat.45 12. 
GRETNA, a siilage in Dunii.iei- 
shire, near the mouth of the Esk, and 
on tlie borders of Cuinbrrlaml, nine 
miles NW of Carlisle. It has been 
long iHited as tie murt uf tlu; \utnig 
persons in Engkuid, » la) are hi-re unit- 
e«i without iiicuri-iug tlie penalties of 
the marriage act, iivtw iihsiaialiiig tJie 
proliibitiuiis of tlieir parcau aial guar 
dians. The eiremuiiy is performed 
by a blacksmith. 

GBIFFENH AKEN,a town of Prua- 

sinn Pomerauia, in the ducby of Ste- 

tin, seated on the Od.r opposite Gartz. 

K lull. 14 42, N lat. 53 25, 

GllliMUEHGAN, a iu»u of Austrian 


t ir» ] 


Bnbwt, ilx mile. N of Bru«eU E | 
SE of Leipuck. E km. U »». « '»• 

rate of Trewi, " mito SE of Trevw. 


Wugh to linwlmhiw. 170 m l« N 
GRINDON-RIGG, J^«r ,n No^ 

. \ 

somite. NB«f out*. Eton. n«, 

"oliaiSKAW a town of aej™, 

„,^Je the Turk, ^rf"'^,^- ^• 

I inuu in 1739. E Ion- *' "j ^ W- 

**GROTON. « po.t town in MWdl^ 


the E .Wte of thi- nv» TnMMMj "»"• 

StoiKH intabituntfc FortGruwokl, 
^.defend, the hubour of New 

" GRINDON-RIGG, « river in »«- JJ^nXStuatMl in tto town, (mi 

fl,uuUierl..«l, ««Tjr:^^iJSl WAr«tteh«nkofthoTh«ne.,«jd 

for the victory g«n«» orer the Sc«t., |f WJ^k,We fortong .lormrf onU« 

aSTEJVD. EAST. . borough Oth of Sef.«nhfrJ 1». bj^"^ 

'"aSTEAD. EAST, -JfeT "S riJii''X'^»'"*«' E^"^ 

Ion. S. N l»t. «1 1«. _f I SSiLpMd ■ and the oompMt part «f 

GRIPSWALD, a rtrong town of 1 r™«'« V.™ - .i- -J«time. Du- 
SwrfhhPow^*, formerly imperi- 

ty! Iti.«««inearthBBaUwK5,W 

aie/sErfsTriSnu-i. E loo. 13 44, 

lithiiaiiia, in Potaifl, •''"^iiS^and 
Ji,^ N&n, partiy ""/L^L^ 
5,rtJy on a mounimn. g"™™""'.? 
Sile. NE of WarMWr. B km. 84 W, 

CkUd^ 'STtte part . 

^.'^M mile. NBlWan W«hln«<«. 
GHOTON. a port towrahipm Gial- 


I soTkM,. 


er of Spain 


« {?kotua town of D-**^-*^, STSSSTof-Hi^io^" Eli. « 3, 

*£teiNGEK,.a poH-jis^-j *«£;^r:?A,'^°-ror^ 

,P United Provinec., ««P««1.«J? 1 "^ oRUNDE, » town of_Go™w»y..i; 

the 'uiriwd Provinec., ••£"..„ 
lSrd.Mp of the -roe name, with a ot* 
SW a .miver.ity. It »" "^J 
BofAmTOBlain. P«*ulation »3,n0. 
B Ion. 6 »1, N lat. «3 10. ^ , 

GROHiAgBN, one «**« "£?t 
Province., bounded on *« ^ J^ 
vrieriai^on the Why P"""™?^ 
JSiJby the German ocean, and on 
tiie 8 by the Ovcryewd. , j^ 

ORCfflSA, an i.lM>d o "•"""?' 
tn \tenlf of VenJce, near die cMot 
IjtteKofXwii lti.«mik. 

with a eaitle and a hW. ■» ' '"^ 
Srt near the •«; » nJe. 8W of 8.. 
eniia. E km. U 1, N lat. « 49. 

GROT8KAW, a town of 8ile««, «• 
piSl of a proTini of the -me name, 

tliT dtidiy of BrunwWirMidl.1 tl* 
iioa«aiiiofi*irt«. Ekii.l3 3J,N 

SfVbulwark of the wne name. B ton. 


in tte canton of Prihurg, «>* • 'J'lr 
wliretiiehriliffieddB. Bton.««. 

UCIA, om; of theltoce au«b^ ^ 
New Spain, eKtending ?« nam "■ 

Miph. ai 
bounded oi 
the E and 
and on the 
and the N 
ARA, the 
.ndieiice o 
It ii a bill 

100.104 4! 



aeiDU th 



of Spain, 


brN of 

lat 39 H 




Ion. ao 

which i. 

be about 

It U divi 

Mm of 1 



the nam 













K or< 

37 4. 


ITil, i 






8 ] 



[ 179 


30 mik. NB •! GUtt. E ton. 17 /i, 

»hm the Turiu fcftated ihc Ck- 
SSTto 1739. E loiu 81 10, N Ut. 

'''r HOTON. « poit town »■> Middle- 

W of BottoD, ami «» NEof Wului* 

til™ Sm inbiibitant^ Fort GmwcM, 
\m^ deA:n<l> the tariwur of Ne« 

hriX ii the bwik of the T^S^"! 

jSitSi ana the oomp« |«rt rf 

Ji, 374 milei NBlVom Wp^nK^, 
GUOTON, > port «o*n*«P>n Olit 

ton wunty, A«*«^B^'ii'"Sj 
NE of Dirtmouth oojWWjBid Wl 


pri„^i^SV-n«n.mju 1... 
STSEsof H«i»»er. E Ign. W 3, 

thia, with » cMtle on U« rhrer Stn, 
Elin. 1» «, N tat. 48 7. 

GRUKDE, a town »L*"JS*S'^'.w 
)noaBUiiiuori«irtx. Bfc».13 3S,N 

•"ORUNINOEN, • _^ of >^'. 

rfVtalwirk of tta tmit naioe. E l». 
i„ the caBton of FntaJ. "i^wll «, 

UCIA, one of «»>«"?«• "K^SK^ t 

l-neth. and SOO in hn-ndlh. It i» 
houSJd on the N by Lew M«xico..on 
ite EM>d S by the aidioice uf Mexico, 
Ilrf W*B w'bY the gulf of Clifomia 

ARA, the capital of the pnivince anil 
MKlie IOC of 6iudalijara,iii New Spain. 
Tu a bUhop'.1«ranrt rituate on the 
aireinja,«TmiieiW of Mexico. W 
loo. 104 49, N ht. SO ». 

GUADALAVIAR, anrer of Spain, 
«hich riset on the confinei of ArraRon , 
Sw the protinee of Vakucia, and 
hib into the Mediterranean ««. 

OUADAIiOUPE. a handwme town 
of Spain, in Ettramadura, '^tw »» » 
riX of the .me nme, 3'. mile. E 
L II of Tnixillo. W km. 4 4i, N 
u. 39 1S« 

.riCarihbee Irfand. indie. ^J^ 
between Antigua and Domimca, in W 
lor»0 8.Nlat.l6». ThBMland. 
wSch it li an imgular figure, may 
be about 80 IC^toa in circurafereno-. 
11 ii divided into two parts bva unnll 
u m of the tea, which u nut above two 
£^e. long, and. fhm. II w 40 fa- 
Smi broad. Thii aanal known b> 
STnaine of the Salt river, U iiav}g»- 
£,but will ortly cwT^ "»«K?'^;° 
^ burden. The «il u excewlinglj 
mod.aiM weU wa*««d near the *», 
^vuleti Which faU ftom the moun- 

'oUADAmUIVER.a river of Spcun, 
lAid. riK. in the 8 jjn of New C-- 
l)le, flowi thraurii Aadaluaia, and ftUi 
into the hayofCadii. _ ,„_.., 

GUADAkAMA, atowD of Spmi, 
inOW Cartile. W ton. 3 4B,N tat.4i4l. 

GUADIANA, a "«' »£„^°' 
vUch having ita touree o New Camle, 
(TCtwa Ettremaiura into Portugal, and 

Granada, wAh a MJiop'i lee, 30 roilM 
K^lfOnUMda. W km. » *■>, N lat. 

OUADO, a town of Italy, jn 
AM<»a,an^te. NW ofjJoMnu ui 
JmTit wa. ataort *^^«>y " 
Mrthqoake. E too. « *». ^ hu 438. 

GUAM. *e chief of the lJ»ln>oe 
uS^rS Ab N Paeiflc Oeean, 100 
i5« in cirtaunfarenoe. It abound! 
with exeellem ftuit>.apd «h?"' » 

wiw>— Be; M ul o n i wnw 1*« "* 

nativej aw iulue<!l to a kind of k'piMy 
E Ion. 14* 15, N lat. 13 S. 

GUAMANGA, a town of Peru, 
capital of a province of iheiamt name, 

niir il are i>«.?' '"^l^^"^ ^ 
■tone and quickulver. I"'^.'""'* 
Se of Lini W Ion. 74 15, S lat. 13 

one of the Bahama Utandi, the It-rt 
land of America, diwoveredby Colninp 
bus, in 1491, and named by him St. 
Sall«tor. W Ion. 75 5. N la'. 24 20. 
GU ANUOO, a town of IVru, capital 
of a diMrict ol the tame Mme. It ij 
m mile. NNE of Lima. W long. 7S 
15, S lat. 9 55. , . _ , 

GUANZAVELCA, a nch town of 
Peru, whoK neighbourhood abound, 
with mine, of quTck.ilwr. It i. 159 
mile. ENE of Fjca. W ton. 74 39, 
SlaU l«3fl. _ 

GUARDAFUI, a capo of Africa, at 
ibe entrance of the .tr-it of Bahelman- 
del. N lat. U 45, E Ion. 52 5. 

GUARDIA, or GUARDA, a town 
of Portugal, in Beira. It i. fortified 
both in tut aial nature, aiid ha. a fine 
cathttlral. Distant PS iiiil''» E of La- 
bon. W Ion. 8 37, N lau 40 22. 

NauKa, in the Moli»-, 7 milct NW of 
UnnJ E Ion. 14 58, N lat. 41 39. 

GUARMA, a wiport p« P;-"'. «» 
mile. NW of Lima. W ton. 77 49, H 

""gUASTAHLA, a town of Italy, in 
the Mantuan, .eated near the river Po, 
IS mik. N of Reggto. E km. 10 38, 

^ GU;«TO, or VASTO, a town of 
NaDlc in Abruxio Citenore, ntuated 
onUegulf of Vcntoe, 15 mile. SE of 
lineinSo. E ton. 15 8, N lat. 43 U. 
GUATIMALA, a captalb gemjal- 

Aip of New Snain, lyiiw between 9 dog. 
and 18 IS, N Tut. and boinided Mi the 

IN by Oie province of Merida, in Menoo, 
and the bay of Hondnra. ! on Ae E ta 
the aulf of Darien ; on the SE by the 
pnvince of Veragua, in New Gtanatei 
SntheSWbythePaciflc: andon tba 
jrw by the provinee, of Caxaca, iB 
Mexico. It i. divided into a pnvmcei, 
and i. «id to te Ae mow W^^ 
countrr in Snanidk Ameriea. It. ddef 
riven are Chlapa, and Hio St. Juan. 
lU lake* Nicaragua and Leon. 
01MTIM.-4rA,WSW, dW M«i«l 


[ tso ] 


of thi> »ii<V:('nc<' anil prorinci' of Ouati- 
imilii, in Ni» bimiii. It i» Mtimte iioi 
fur from the liU: of llie formrr town o( 
thut name, wliich »in <li«ro)ix1, Jnnc 
r. 1773. h) a droadfiil onrthqiiaki-, 
nitiiKi'd ny an crupli"" 'Voin thf 
IM i/rhlKMirint; vi.Kaiio. New Oiintiniala 
i) rtoo niiU- » S\V of Mixko. W Ion. 90 
30, N lat. 13 40. 

huAXACA, a iirovincc of New 
Spain, bouwliil by tlie gull of M.xieo 
oil the N and by the Padfic Ociiin on 
th(> S. 

Of AXACA, a town of Ni'W Spain, 
capital of a province of tlw nanK' mime. 
It i, IftO luil.Ti E of Acapulco. W Ion. 
ion 0, N lat. 17 25. 

CiLBEN, a tovn of Germany, in 
Lower Limatia, si'atiil on the Nei««, 
fi2 mill-* NE of Dresden. K Ion. 14 
39, N tut, 51 58. 

GVBIO. or KUGUBIO, a town of 
Italy, in the duchy of UrWniu with a 
bishop's see, «2 niiks N of Rome. E 
Ion. la 38, N Int. 43 Ku 

OtIELUHES.a town of the Nethei^ 
lands, in a terrilory of llie satne name, 
was taken liy Oie Ki-eiich in 1794. It 
ii 10 miles NE of Velno. E Ion. 6 0, 
N lat. 5126. 

GL'EUANDE, a town of France, in 
the department of Lower Loire, tlure 
niiles from th<' Atlantic, and 250 W ol 
Paris. W Ion. 2 2", N Inu 47 10. 

GVEBET, a town of France, in the 
rteuartmeiit of Ciiuse, jf ated pn the 
Gartampe, 35 mile. NE of Limc^es. 
and 170 S of Paris. E Ion. 1 5ft, N 
lat. 46 10. ... 

GUEHNSEY. nn inland m the coast 
of Normandy, snbjpct to Great Britain, 
hut njverned by its own laws. It is 
naturally strouc, biing surroiuided hy 
hii-h rocks, are! of a round form, 30 
miles in circumference. W Ion. 2 37, 
N Lit. 49 32. , „ . . »,„ 

GVETA, a town of Spain in New 
Castile, 60 miles E of Mmfrid. W Ion. 
1 36, N lat. 40 22. . r . 

GUIANA, a large eountO' of S 
America, i« bounded on the NE uhI f. 
by the Atlantic Oct an : by the Ainawn 
on the S ; by the riw-r Negro on the S Wi 
by the Casiqiriari and the Oronoco mi 
the W ; and by the Oronoco on the N 
W. It extends above laoo miles froni 
NE to W, that is, from the mouth of 
the river Oronoco to the mouth of 
iNfe river of Amazons, Biid near 600 in 

llie contrary din^-tion. Tlie Purm 
Ifuei.', Kreiieh, and Dutch, have all 
•ei'lenients aloiiR llie coast. . . 

OUIANDOT, H riv( rof Vh^ini»,in 
lh<' wi stern pan of iIr' state, it pursuit 
NNW course ot aiioiit 80 m\W>, aim 
falls into iht Ohio, h<twe<n the Great 
Kenhawa, and Big Sandy riveri. , 

GUIAQUIL, one ol' iIk' iiiiw J"n» 
dictions of the late province of qnitu, 
in Peru. Chocolate is on« ol its princi- 

s princi- 
pal prinlcicts. . , .. .J' 
OUlAt^l'lL, a commercial city ot 

111, capital of a jnrisilicuon ol tac 
.aine name. It is largi' iiral popiilou<, 
and is 140 miles N by E <if Haiuu w 
Ion. 81 II, Slat. 2 11. ... 

GUILDHALL, a i«ost township and 
capital of Essex cuiinty, Veriuont, 
siuiated on the ConiHClicut nver. «(> 
nosite the month of Israel riwr, S7'i 
miles from Washington. PopuUuon 

GUILDEULANDT, a townsh p in 
Albany county. New York, J» milt^ N 
NWofthecityof Albany. Populatioa 
2486. Hamilton VillUge. in this town 
contains about 30 dwellings, and 2 
Glass Houses. , . _ 

Gl'lLKOHD, n borough in Surry-. 
It i. 23 miles WSW of CroyAni, and 
30 8W of London. W Ion. 29, N lai. 

'1 !'• . . ■ ..r-J 

GUlLl't>RD, n townaWp in Wind- 
ham count- Vermont, situated on the 
W side of 'Connecticut rivw, 30 miK-s 
E of Bennington, and opposite to the 
mouth of Ashuetot river, foputouon, 

IB 7'' 

GUIIJORD, a post township in 
New Haven county Conni-clicut, ntiial- 
ed on Long Island sound, 18 miles B 
by S of New Haven city, 322 NE ol 
VVashington. Population, 3845. 

GUILFORD, a township oi Frank- 
lin county PenmylvBiiia, about 6 miht 
8E of Chambersburg;. Population, 
1961. „ 

GUILFORD Court House, see Mar- 
tinsville. - _ ^. 

OVTILLAIN ST. a town of mntaa 
Hainault, situated on the river Haioie, 
6 milei W of Mons. E Ion. 3 33, N lat. 

GUELLSTRE*. ■ town situated in 
the Alpa, 9 miles NE of Embrum. *. 
Ion. 6 36, N lat. 44 41. 

GUIMAHAENS,an ancient and con 
sideraUe town of Portugal, in tte pro- 

pi-inci- ■ *•" 


ihr nmtmry tlin^'ikm. Tlie Puriir 
S(i\>-»; Krrni'h, and Diilch, n«»r Ml 
•ei'li'mriiti aloiiR ilir coujt. . . 

OUIANIWr, H rivirof VirRinin" 
th<' w.iterii |>»n uf llii' «nU-. it piir«ii« 
NNW rainm- ot aianit HO miH->, mm 
fiilli iiilo thf Ohio, hctwecn ihi' Grrtt 
KriihawR, kikI Big SwKly rivfri. 

GUIAOUIU oiie rf tlK' mm- Jiin* 

(littiom of the late province of qnitu, 

in Pfiu. Choeoluu; ii oMi ol it» pnnci- 

pal prcKliicW. . , ., ., 

RTUIAOUIL, « commrrcial city ot 

111, capital of a jiirimlicuon of tSc 

.Hine name. It i» large' iiral popiiUx", i 

and i> 140 miUii N by E of HaiW. ^ 

Ion. Rl II, SInt. 2 11. ... 

OUJLUHALL, a i«o«t towiHliip »™ 

capital of Em-x county, Veriiium, 

slliinted <m the Conntcllcut nver. «(► 

noiite the month of hmel rnfr, S7'i 

niilo from Washington. Poputauoii 

S44. .. . 

GUILDEULANDT, a townJiip in 
Albany county, New York, 12 miltj N 
NW of the city of Albany. Po|>ulation 
24flft. Hamilton Village, in tliu town 
containi about 50 dwellings, and 2 
Clan Honncii. , . _ 

GUII.KORD, n borough in Sun-)-. 
It i. 23 miUi WSW of CrojAni, »iid 
30 8W of LoiKloii. W loii. 29, N lal. 

" H. ... ..r-J 

GUlLl't>RD, n townahip in Wind- 
ham count- Vermont, litnated on tliu 
W Ml- of 'Conmtticut river, 30 miKm 
E of Bennington, and oppmite to ihc 
mouth of Aihuelot ri»er. foputouon, 


fUIlIJonD, a port towmhip in 
New Haven county Conneciicut, ntiiat- 
ed on Long Island sound, 18 miles K 
by S of New Haven city, 322 NE ot 
Washington. Population, 3S45. 

GUILFORD, a township of Frank- 
lin county Penmylvania, about e miles 
8E of Chambenbiirg. Population, 
1961. -, 

GUILFORD Court House, ace Mar- 
tinsville. - _ ^. 

GUILLAIN ST. a town of Mitriin 
Hainauh, situated on the nver Haime, 
6 miles W of Mons. E Ion. 3 »3, N lat. 

GUELLSTREK. a town situated in 
the Alpa, 9 miles NE of Embrum. *< 
Ion. 9 36, Nlat. 44 41. 


I wi 1 



GUIMAH AENS, an ancient and con 
sideraMe town of Portugal, in tte pro- 

4iltc of Entn.'-I)aiien>e-Minlio. It is 
105 miles NK of Lisbon. W loiu 8 21. 
Nlat. 41 3». 

GUI EC AMP, a tounof France, in 
the ilepartment of tlie Norih Coast, 
leaK^ on the Trieu, 13 miles S cf Tn> 
•airr. W Ion. 3 8, N Int. 48 36. 

GUIENA, .8 country of Africa, of 
which lilile is known except the coast. 
It lies within the tropie of Cancer, 
betwvn 12 deg. W, and XO ilcg. E Ion. 
and Isdivideil into the I.uu er and Uiip<'r. 
Ihis lust eonipn'hi^iKls (he (train Coant, 
the I'ootli Coast, the Gold Coail, ihi- 
Slave C'uHSt fwliicli incliidii Whidnh and 
Ardrah) nixl Hi-iiin. TIh' lower part is 
commonly calli d Congo. It ii very nn- 
hnllliy <or Euro|Mans, tbau|{h the ne- 
giws live ■ considerable time. The 
commudities purcluiHil here, are gum- 
tenegii, at Senegal i grain, upon -.he 
Uniii Coast ; elephant's toeili, upon 
tie Tooth Const ; the greatest plenty of 
pild, upon tlf. Gold Coast ; and all, in 
general, fiii-ji»h slovei. 

GUINEA, NEW, an island of the 
S I'aciflc Ocean, lo the N oi New Hoi- 
Jaiid. litis isUiml, which is long and 
narrow, extends SE from tlie eqiiatur 
ID 12 (leg. S laU and from 131 to 15i 
defc K Ion. 

GUIPUSCOA, the NE division of 
Ik provinw of Biscay, bounded on the 
K by the bay of that iianu , on the E 
hy Navarre, on the W by Bisiu) I'lojier, 
snd un the S by Alava. 'I'ulusa is the 

GUISE, a small town of France, 
now in the di'parunent rf Aisiie, seat- 
td on the Oise, ii miles NE of Paris. 
GUNPOWDER, II river of Mary- 
land, which rises in Yiwk counly, Peine 
■ylvania, it is formitl of two sinains, 
salkd Great and Little Gun{iowder 
fslls. ' They luiite above tlie town of 
Joppa, and run a SSE course to tiM' 
Cbrsapeak, which they enter about 11 
miles above the Patapsco. 

GUNIXMJR, one of the northern 
bircars, in the peninsula of Hindoos- 
laii. It occupies tlie space between 
Condapilly; thi soutlunost of the 
four E&glish Circars, and the N part of 
the Carnatic ; extei..Ving along tlie se«r 
nast of the bay of Ikugal more than 
30 miles. 

GUNTZBERG, a town of Suabia, 
in the margravate of Burgaw, seated 
on the D:inube, 16 mile* NJi ft Vim. 

S tan. 10 3f , N ht. 48 35. 


Franconia tivu miles from Weissetn* 
b>rg. It is seated on iIh' rivt r Altmiil, 
i> miles E of Saltiburg. E Ion. 14 
19, N Int. 47 11. 

GUHK, a towT of Carenthia, sealefl 
on the rivt r Q- .k. 

OUSTHO*,/, M eiiy of Otrmany, in 
tla-ducb- ,1 Micklenburgh-Schw»rin, 
aiMl c»;,iuil of the circle of Weinlen, 
It i' ^.1 mih's NE of Schwerin. E Ial4 
12 13, N Int. 93 57. 

GUTlA.a town of Hungary, seat* 
(tin.ithe E skle of tin Daiiiilie, onj 
posite the island uf Schiit, i'J miles K 
fay S of Presburg. E kin. 17 47, N lat», 
48 10. 

GU TSKOW, a town of Swedish Po« 
merniiin, capital of a county of tlw 
some name. It is seated on tlie Piviie, 
14 mill 9 W of Wolgitst. E Ion. 13 39, 
N Int. 54 0, 

GUZEU AT, a peniiisuln of HiiMknK 
tan Proper, ulxnit 200 miles long, mid 
140 bi-'>ail, formed by the Arabian 
Sea lual the gulp'us of Cumbay and 

GUFHORN, a town of Lower Sni. 
ony. in the duchy of Lunenburg, se«l- 
td <in tin' rivers Aller, and Iscr, 2S 
miles N of Brunswick. £ luu. 10 4V| 
N laU 52 49. 


HAAG, or HAG, a town of BaTt- 
ria sealed on a bill, on the river 
Inn, 30 miks F, of Munich. E Ion. 13 
15, >< lau 48 18. 

HA^PETSTOWN, a port town in 
Sussex county, New Jersey, 12 iiiih.s £ 
of the river Delawan , 22 W of Moms- 
town, and 208 from Washington. 

HACKINSACK, a town in Ber> 
gjn county, New .lersey, and the win" 
cipal seat of Justice ; it has a post nnlcr, 
and is distant fl-uin ilie city of Nei» 
York about 15 milct NW.aud 244 NB 
of Washington. Populatioi. 1018. 

HACKINSACK, a rivtrof Neij- Jer- 
sey, which rises in RocUond county, N 
York, and rnnning a southern coui-sa 
through Bergen count)', falls into New- 
ark bay, a fbw miles above Eliznbetb> 

«AeKM£T, a p«]i\ll«ui viU(|l t« 


[ 182 ] 


thf NT of IrtnAni ; Ihp flril ili»t ««• 
wcimiinwUiinl withnrriinr.'' '"roctn- 

HADAMAH, n loira »f (■erinan), 
in Wetnmvia, •Kh « ""'I'; "l^i^^Z 
the Kill, 33 ""'•' l**^ "' MMll*. I!. 
Icm. « 0, N Int. SO 21. 

HADDAM, R pottlown ofMiAlle- 
wx cniinly, rimiwtliPul ; litiialttl on 
the W .id.- of Coiinrflicut riv. r, wvrii- 
ion inilw NE of N.W H.iv.ii.aiid 3S3 
of W«tlunEl<)n. l'..piil«trt'ii 21<>». 

HADUINOTOK.n honniRn of Scot- 

burgh. Wert longitude 3 3U, North 
LOTHIAN, a «o«nty ot HooiImkI, 
b.«n«W on th.- N an<l '*»; l"^ 
of Forth, 8 hy Bi rwtckuhirr.Himl W by 
Eilinbnrghibm-. Hit about STniihi 
loni':, turn 17 hmad. 

HADDONKIKl.D.a iXMt towmhip 

milts K of I'hilatlclplua, .tnd 148 NE 
of Washincton. 
IIADEKSLEnEN.B maritime town 

of IVnmarK, in »kiwick. with a .trong 
f Itailil, rituntf il on a «ninll ulan*, m a 
Jny of tlH' Ilaliic, 2Jniilf« E of Riptii. 
E Ion. 9 SO, N lat. 5S 18. . 

IIADLEY, a corroratc town in Suf- 
folli, «■!««» un tlK- Hilt «'»m'l.'. NE 
of I-oroloii. K»>» lougmalf 1 «. "orth 
iHtitutlt S2 10, .■■,, ^ 

HADLEV.a p-Ml lowmbip ill Hamn- 
iliirr county. MaHsmhiiwtts delightliil- 
Iv situateil on iht F, .iile .>f Coiimcii- 
cut rivrr, 90 milej W of Bmloii, and 
aBl NE of Wailiiiigton. Po|^lauon 

HADLRTf.* post township in Sara- 
toga county . Ni w York, situattd on tlie 
W side of ihe Hiid«iii. 17 mili;; N of 
nnllsiown Spa, and 4M E o» N from Population J'Sl- 


HAGfF,, « town of the United Prtj- 
iin«;t,in Jlollaiidaiidoneof thehaml- 
limi^t citie, of Europe, .• «tuated 
about 2 mil''' '"""» 'h'" •!*• »*;*'*™' 
of iu public «li«cet dlipt y !!>*•« **•"• 
iv. ftipiilation in ItH 38/»33. It 
sum iidmd to the French in 17M, It 

u w roUo N W it HgtWliup, ami 30 


52 4. 

IIAdl'E, a lowndilp in Wasliiiif 
ton count y, New York, Htuateil on i\r 
W iiile ol lake < " orip. IWi town i< 
noliil for 11 nmarkabfc' nob, '"f* ''*' 
from the »nltr'» hIrc to the Ih luhl ul 
300 IWt ciilhd Koge" H"'"'- " f^'' 
ceivrtl its nanK- fniin llie liravc majiir 
Rogers, who with his party weif ■ur- 
urisi-d aial encircUd on thi' top ot tbu 
rock h> a party of savages ajioul I7M. 
II) u hasty retreat down the nK>k lie 
cscap<d unhurt hut lost ihe nio«t of hn 
men, whose Ikiw-s still ivmoiii '.iibun- 
cd on Ilie summit. 

H At; t' EN A U, a town of France, in 
the ih'partmeiit of [.ower Rhiiie. It 
is seai.d on llie Motter, which divHM 
it into two paru, 2SJ iiiiks E ol Parij. 
E Ion. 7 SS, N lai. 48 47. . 

HAIMIHON. a free imperial tii»u 
at Siwhia, in the duchy of Wirliiii- 
burg. It is sean»l on the Nickar. ow 
which is a stone bridge, 2S miles N r. ol 
Stuigatd. E Ion. 1) s!5, N hit. 4« 1«., 
HAIN, a town of Upper 8a»oiiy,in 
Mismia, on the Hbedar, twelvo 
mihs NW of Dresden. 

HAINAUM, a prorinceof Iht Ike- 
therlaivls, bounded on Uie N by Bra- 
bniit, on the NW hy Flaialers on tin 
W hy Artois, on the S liy Can.lircii!, 
Picardy, and Champagne, awl oil ilK 
E by the tetiritories at Liege and N> 

"haINBURG, a town of Austria, on 
the Danube, 3J miles E of Vienna. 
HAI.BERSTADT, a town of Lon- 

er .Sa«ony. capital of a pnncipalit) <it 
tlH- same name, seated on the Hotne"". 
82 miles SE of Bruniwick. E Ion. 11 
24, N lat. S2 «. . 

HALDENSTEIN, a barony of the 
country of the Grisons. It coraisuof 
a semicircular plain. Iietween UK 
Rhine asid the foot of Mount CaRii- 
dar, about five miles in lengUi, am) 
scarcely one in breadth. 

HALEN, a town of Austrian Bra- 
bant, on the river Geet, ^ miles W ol 
Maestrichu E Ion. 5 4, N lat. so S9. 

HALES-OWEN, a town in Sh««l> 
shire, incloaed by Worcestershire, iix 
mifes E of Stourbridge, 

HALESWORTH,a town ill Sufflilk. 
101 mikt NE of London. E Ion. 1 40, 

'* H AWMOON, • targe towmUp * 

iho tout 
Hudson ( 

eiglii lui 
th<- lutK 
lag«, 11 
•lid SI'i2 
thi- N I'll 
iu ell-cill 

VITJ' loV 

N lat. ti 
hcnuii II 
tin ill I 
ill Cheb 
tlr liarl 
almvr tl 
lifax fa 
id. N 
«r York 
iHiir ft I 
tains II 
who an 
wool III 
mart fc 
uf Luiu 
bam c 
tween I 
mill's I 

mill's t 
river )■ 

of a tei 
hi. 49 

12 ] 



[ IM ] 




IIA(;i'K, » towmlilp in Wmhiiic 
ton niimty, Nrw York, litMiilol 'in llr 
W iHle ot likf ( ;• or« . I hi» luwii " 
miliil t'nr ii nm«rk«l)lf noh, J"";"*), 
ln)ni llio »altr'» Hlge tti the Im iKhl n' 
,100 IWt cnlliil Ki>K<-i' '*«•''• " !■'■■ 
(■^^vl■tl iti nonii- t'nnn (lie liriivc nmjnr 
K<i(!«r», who with hit purty *"• «"?■ 
|iri«-<l Bixi encireUU on ihi' top «l Ihw 
ru«-k h) a party ol' uiUBni »houl 17H. 
Ill a limty wtrrot tlown thr rock lie 
e«i'*p<il lUihurt liut lost ihe m«t »r hn 
nirii, who«' Ixinm rtlU irniam '.iiiiun- 
h1 on llw •unimil. 

H AG f K.N A U, « town of Kidncc, in 
the ih-p«nnH'iit 111' t^wer Rhiw. II 
inMHIMl iin llw Miillir, which diYKl|« 
it into two p»rt«, 2J' iiiih-« K ol Hwii. 
E Ion. 7 JJ, N Im. 48 47. . 

HAII.HKON. a Crre imperial tiiviu 
ol Siiahia, in the iluchy ol' Wirlim- 
burn. It in »ean»l «ii the Nickar. iim 
which i» a itone bridge, 2» unlet NK ol 

StiilKO"!- K •">• " ''■>< N '"'• ■•* *"■■ 
HAIN, a town ol'l'pptr 8a»ony,in 

Miimia, jitiiBlnl on the Uhwiar, twelve 

mill . N W of Dresden. 
HAINAUI.T, a proTinceof Iht I^e- 

therlaivl*, bouialfil on U»' N by Bra- 

bnnt, on the NW hy Flaiider. on iK' 
\V hy Artoii, on the S liy Can.liresi!, 
Picardy, and Chainpanie, ttiKloiitiK 
E by tbe tetritorieii at Ueg* !"» "* 

"h'aINBURG, a town of Anitria,on 
the Dnniibc, 39 niile« E of Vienmi. 

HAI.BEKSTADT, ■ town of U)»- 
er .Saxony, capital of a principality ot 
tiK- name name, seated on the Hotheim, 
82 miles SE of Bruni«ick. E Ion. 11 
J4, N lat. J2 «. ^ , . 

HALnENSTEIN, a barony of the 
country of the Grinoni. It connHUoT 
a semicircular pimn. tetween ite 
Rhine asid tbe foot of Mount piKii- 
dar, about five milei in lengUi, ami 
scarcely one in breadth. 

HAI.EN, a lownof Austrian Bra- 
bant, on the river Geet, M miles W of 
Maeitrichu E Ion. « 4, N lat. so M. 

HALES-O'WEN, » town in Stoop 

shire, ineloMtl by Worcestershire, ii.< 

miles E of Stourbridge. , _ . 

HALESWORTH,a town in Sufllilk. 

101 miks NE of London. E Ion. 1 «, 

''uAMWiON, ■ targe ttwwUp » 

Ibo soiillirm entremily ol Saratiwn 
cuiuil), New Voik, siiuiinil u" il»' 
IIikInhi and Moliawk riwn, eileialliiK 
riilii luiles aluiiK ihi' W bank ol ilie 
fiiiiiier, and twelve mi the N Itaiik nl 
the lutler. U coiiUiim u viral vil- 
IniM, five places iil' public wor.liiu, 
•lid M'12 iiihulMtants in l» 10. H« W A- 
TF.llKOHU. . , , . 

HAI.lHUr ISLAND, an uland ni 
thi- N I'ncific iKH-aii. It ii »>iii Iciinuii 
ill ciicinnferenci . ami exi' lU the litail, 
viTy low and liarrLO. W Ion. 101 13, 
N lui. <4 48. 

HALII'AX, a U)wn of Nova Scotia, 
bcituii to lie built by ilie EiiRluh pluii- 
un ill 174U. Ii is deli(5lllflllly siuUhI 
iuChebiicIo harbour, which ii \Myi'' 
niouifli for a tl»>usai>d ships to ride m 
sufety. It is Iwilt uu the W siilf ol 
thi- liarhuiir, on tlie iliellvity of a coin- 
moudiuK hill whose lumiuit u 300 li^et 
above the level of the siii ; some of the 
public IwildiiiKi exhibit coniiili ralile 
fiianly. population aliout '(000. His- 
lifax is itriiiiijly fortitted and entreiicli- 
cd. N lat. 44 40, W Ion. «3 13. 

HALIFAX, u town in the Wndlng 
of Vorkshire, seated m a hilly country, 
mur ft branch of li»' OBider. It con- 
tains iipwattls of U,000 inhabitants, 
who are principally eiiiplo^rcd in th> 
woolk'U iii«..iil'actury. It is tbe great 
mart for shalloon.. lalaraanwKS, ami 
evtrlastlnn. 't i» Ui7 miles N by W 
uf Luiukm. 'W Ion. 1 4J, N lat. 13 45. 
HALIFAX, a township of Wiial- 
ham county, Virinoiit, niiiiated be- 
tween (luilidurd and Whittiiic;liaiii, 25 
niili-s E u«' Beiiniugton. Population 

irsit. . „ ,. 

HALIFAX, a post town in Dauphin 
couiit\, Pennsylvania, lUnding on the 
Esideuf the river Smqiiehanimh, I'V 
oiikt N of Harrisbni-g, ami 138 from 
Waslungtoii. I'upiilatiiin 13SJ. 

HAtlFAX, a post town in Halifax 
touidM N Carolina, 67 luiles WNW 
of Kdeitton, and on tlie S bank of the 
river Ruanoke, and 380 from 'Washing- 

HALI'l'Z, a town of Polimil, capital 
of a territory ol'the same name, in Red 
Russia. It ii seiiti'd on llie lliiie«ter, 4rt 
mik-s S of Lemburg. E Ion. 2S 19, N 

'»'• ■''J *". . . , „ , 

HALtAM, ■ township of York 

coiiiily. I>enMylvania, situaud on the 

S s'lde of the river busijuebamiali, and 


on the 8F. side of tudores creek 
pttlnlloll 1440. 


tiniioil I.**". „ „ ,^, 

HALLAND, a province of 8«iiie1i, 
on tlle W ciMst ol liolhlanil. » " *" 
iiiilx along the ciwsi, liiil iiol alwve 12 
111 hiiaillh. ll.iliiMladl ii til. capital. 
IIAI.LAl'OS. a tinMi in •■«''«"»,"'f! 
shire, II ii.iks SE of L.icestKr, and «0 
N by V. ill Uiiidun. F. Ion. u JO, N lat. 

IIAI.I.K, a dismantled town "I"*'"!. 
ti'iaii llaiiiaiiU.eiKhurii miles SSW of 
Ili-ii.wl.. E l..n. 4 20, N lat. 50 4^. 

IIALLF,, n comid.iulih-ciiy ol Uif 
iK-r Saxony, in llie duchy of Magilo- 
tiurgli, famous Ilir iu uinvi-riity, airt 
wilt-works. E Ion. 12 8. N Uu «: W- 
HALLE a I'leeji i; . i ia! cuv of Sua- 
Ilia, famous lor its suit-pits. E km. « 
S3, N lat. 4') 20. . 

H ALLF.,a (own of (kmnmy, in 1 y- 
nil, n miles NE of Inspruck. E ton. 
11 .13, N lat. 17. 12. 

HALLEFIN, a town nf (Jermany, 
in the archbishopric of Saltiburg, siiit- 
ed on tk' Saltxa. aiuoiie mountaiin 
that abound in mines of salt, viliicli 
are the chief riclies of the town anil 
country. It is seven miles 8K ol balu- 
iMirg. E Iwu 13 12, N lat. 47 33. 

HALLOWELL, a jiosl town in Keil- 
iH-bcc county. Maine, , on ihi; 
W silk- of the river Kcniiehic, iihout 
25 miles aliove the jiiiictioii of this li- 
ver with the Aiidrascoggin. It is Mfl 
miles from Washiiiguiii, ami containt 
an acoilemy, aii-l iiWB inliabitants. !J 
lat. 44 IS. r, « itiong seaport ol 
Sweden, capital of Hnllaia^ situate on 
a bay of the Nurtli S-a, 80 miles Sbh 
of CiotheboiK. K km. 12 48, N lat. 
5rt 3«. 

11 ALSTK AH. n town ol Essex, witlin 
iimnufactuiv of bavs, stiyv, and ciili- 
inancoes, II is 47 miles NI'. ol Lon- 
don. E Ion. 45, N lat. 51 .19. 

HALTEUEN, a town of Germany, 
in the bis'aipric of Muniter, siated on 
tlie Lippe, 25 miles 8W of Mniuter* 
E kill. 7 27, N lat. SI 40. 

H ALTON, a town in Clieshire, seat- 
ed iiinr tlie Mersey, 13 milit NE of 
Chester, aiKl 184 NNW of London. W 
Ion. 2 4T, N lat, 53 23. 

HAl.VA, a town in tlic kingdom of 
Fez, seiiu^d on tlie Cebu, 8 miles S of 
Fe?, W Ion. 5 5. N lat. 3.? 33. 

HA.M, a strung town ofWestphalia 


[ »»* J 


Mpiul of th" cniinly nf Mitn-k. tratitl 
on th.' U|i|) , 'i4 iiuli* H ut' Miiiuur, 
K loK. 7 30, N l«l. It lit. 

HAM. n 111*11 of Kranof, in llie <lr- 
nirtiiit'iu ul' HtiiiiiiM-, with a %ironi;rM- 
tli-. It ii walnd iiii ih''S<iin:ni', 4Anuk'> 
N or Puria. K Ion. A .1, N lui. 4U 49. 

liAM, a i\\\tgv in Hurry, •>■>■' »>>!<= 
from Kingtlon. 

HAM KAsr Hi. WKSr. twumljoin- 
infc vill.ip • ui Kwii. Knulnml. Woi 
Hum, ii litimuil on the river L«, ^ 
miUt V. lit N of I/imloii. 

IIAMAH, « Uriri' town of Svrin,