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Full text of "A dictionary of the Kalispel or Flat-head Indian language [microform]"

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■ 30 

£ Hi 


1.1 f.-^l^ 


1.25 1, U 1 ,.6 













(716) 873-4503 






Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microrcnroductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiquas 

Technical and Bibliographic Notas/Notes tachniques at bibliographiquaa 

The Instituta has attampted to obtain tha bast 
original copy availabia for filming. Faaturas of this 
copy which may ba bibliographically uniqua, 
which may altar any of tha imagas in tha 
reproduction, or which may significantly changa 
tha usual method of filming, are checked below. 







Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couiaur 

pn Covers damaged/ 

Couverture endommag^e 

Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaur^ at/ou pellicul^e 

r~~| Cover title missing/ 

La titre de couverture manque 

□ Coloured maps/ 
Cartes g^ographiquas en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encra de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I I Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 

Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
ReliA avec d'autres documents 

r^ Tight binding may causa shadows or distortion 

along interior margin/ 

La re liure serree peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 

distorsion le long da la marge intirieura 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within tha text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches ajouties 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela itait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas itA filmias. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentairas supplimantaires; 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur axemplaire 
qu'il lui a iti possible de se procurer. Les details 
da cat axemplaire qui sont peut-itre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger una 
modification dans la m^thoda normale de filmage 
sont indiquAs ci-dessous. 

r~| Coloured pages/ 


Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Payes andommagias 

Pages restored and/oi 

Pages restaur^HS et/ou pelliculies 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxei 
Pages dicolories, tacheties ou piquees 

Pages detached/ 
Pages ditach^es 


Quality of prir 

Qualiti inigale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary matarit 
Comprend du material supplementaire 

Only edition available/ 
Seule idition disponible 

[~~] Pages damaged/ 

r~~| Pages restored and/or laminated/ 

r~7| Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 

I I Pages detached/ 

r~T| Showthrough/ 

r~T| Quality of print varies/ 

r~J Includes supplementary material/ 

r~l Only edition available/ 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partieilement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc.. cnt m film^es d nouveau de facon a 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est fiimi au taux de reduction indiquA ci-dessous. 

10X 14X 18X 22X 










Th« copy fiim«d h«r« hat b—n rvproducad thanks 
to tha ganaroaity of: 

University of Alberta 

Tha imagaa appaaring hara ara tha baat quality 
poasibia conaidaring tha condition and lagibility 
of tha original copy and in kaaping with tha 
filming contract apacificationa. 

Original copiaa in printad papar covara ara filmad 
baginning with tha front covar and anding on 
tha iaat paga with a printad or illuatratad impraa- 
sion. or tha back covar whan appropriata. All 
othar original copiaa ara filmad baginning on tha 
first paga with a printad or illuatratad imprca- 
sion. and anding on tha Iaat paga with a printad 
or illuatratad impraaaion. 

Tha iaat racordad frama on aach microficha 
shall contain tha symbol —^(moaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or tha symbol V (moaning "END"), 
whichavar appiiaa. 

IMapa. plataa, charts, ate. may ba filmad at 
diffarant raduction ratioa. Thoaa too iarga to ba 
antiraiy includad in ona axpoaura ara filmad 
baginning in tha uppar laft hand cornar. laft to 
right and top to bottom, aa many framaa aa 
raquirad. Tha following diagrama illuatrata tha 




L'axamplaira filmA fut raproduit grica A la 
gAnArositA da: 

University of Allierta 

Laa imagas suivantas ont 4ti raproduitas avac la 
plus grand soin, compta tanu da la condition at 
da la nattat* da l'axamplaira fiim«, at m 
conformity avac laa conditiona du contrat da 

Laa axamplairaa originaux dont la couvartura 91% 
papiar aat imprimte sont filmAs an commandant 
par ia pramiar plat at an tarminant soit par la 
darniAra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'imprassion ou d'iiiustration, soit par la sacond 
plat, salon la caa. Tous las autras axamplairaa 
originaux sont filmto an commandant par la 
pramiAra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'impraaaion ou d'iiiustration at an tarminant par 
la darniAra paga qui comporta una talla 

Un daa symbolaa suivants apparaitra sur la 
darniAra imaga da chaqua microficha, salon la 
caa: la symbols — ^ signifia "A SUIVRE", la 
symbols ▼ signifia "FIN". 

Laa cartaa, planchaa, tabiaaux, ate, pauvant Atra 
filmte A daa taux da rMuction diffirants. 
Lorsqua la documant ast trop grand pour fttra 
raproduit an un saul cliche, ii ast filmi A partir 
da I'angla supAriaur gaucha. da gaucha A droita, 
at da haut an baa. an pranant la nombra 
d'imagaa nteaaaaira. Las diagrammas suivants 
illustrant ia mithoda. 

















Kalispe! or Flat-head Indian Language, 






St. Ignatius Print, Montana. 



Kntkhkd, according to Act of Conorkss, in the Ykar 187i», 

Hy RKV. .1. (JIOIM)A, S..I., 
[n thk Office of the Fjibrarian of ("onoress, at VVASHiN(iTo\. 



l)l!Oll tbll| 
to OiU'h 
This i.liii 
iiiaUi's it 
traps and 
ot' this li 

f '•'^'^AR^ f^f THE immi^ 

* OF AlRFPra 



Vkar 1871>, 


III till' conipilatiori <>t this J)ictionavy the order and the 
(li'Hiiitioris fi-ivoii in " Webster's Unahridjjed Dictionary " have 
Itcon followed in as much as it was possible, in order to ji^ive 
to each Knfi;lish word the several equivalents without ambiguity. 
This |»lan, tiiough it renders the work a little more voluminous, 
maki's it also more inteliijrible and useful. Otiiei's will fill the 
<j;ai)s and correct the mistakes which even twenty years of studj- 
(»t' this lanu;iiatje could not prevent. 


fi 17799 


was no tj 
tice can g 

(o tell -wli 
the rudica 
it occurs i 

The r 
])ouii<i wo 


Pronunciation of the Indian Alphabet 

Used in this Dictionary. 

a, as in English, arm. 
ch, „ „ church, 

e, „ „ bet. 

g, as in Hebrew, heth. 
h, as in English, home. 




i, as in the Polish language. 
m, as in English, my. 













z, as ts, not as ds. 

Man}- niiito vowels occur in this language, tor which there 
was no type to express them, and of which only a little prac- 
tice can give a correct pronunciation. 

Sometimes o and w are used promiscuously, it being hard 
to tell M'hicli ought to be preferred. Sometimes the vowels of 
the radical are changed into others in the compound verbs, as 
it occurs in other languages. 

The radical's accented vowel is usually omitted in tlie com- 
pound words. 



1. — In the First Part the Indian words are set down under 
their respective radicals, or what is assumed to be a radical. 
2. — The radicals are printed in capitals. 

3. — In small capitals are printed the main branches ot the 

4. — Each radical should not contain more than three or four 

.5. — The radical is usuall}- found in the middle of the word, 
if it be of any lenj^th. 

6. — To find the radical, the word ji;iven must be stripped of 
all the prefixes and affixes. 

7. — The most usual prefixes are : ( 'h, Chis, Chil, FA, Eh, h, 
Kol, Knt or Kol, Mi^ N, S, Sn, Sz, T, Z. A few words that could 
not be traced to any |)arental root are given in the proper alpha- 
betical order. 

8. — The affixes are too numerous to be mentioned, and they 
afford no great obstacle. 

9. — When the radical was difficult to find it has been marked 


set down under 
bo a radical. 

branches of the 

an three or four 

e of the word, 

be stripped of 

+, FA, Eh, h, 
rdfi that could 
proper alphn- 

tied, and tlioy 

boon marked 

10. — For iuHtance, if one wantH to find the radical of the word 
" ChiHIguon^nzin " (I cover you with blanUetn), ho must take ott' 
" Ohil," the prefixed proi)()Hition j then " il^ii " would ropro«ent 
the radical ; yet wanting? the accented vowel, because in coni])(>- 
sition the accented vowel is suppressed, and there is no rule for 
n'str>ring it, or to know which vowel must bo inserted, or where 
it should be placed. Hero the vowel is f, and the radical is iM</t(, 
under which heading the word is to bo found in the first part of 
tlio J)ictionary. 

11. — This second part ol the Dictionary continually refers to 
the first. Usually only the radical is given, which must be soiight 
for in the first part, in which all the family of such radical may be 
foujid. This plan was adopted both for the sake of brevity and 
because, by referring constantly to the first part and seeing the 
way one word is manipulated, the reader would bo more apt to 
seize the genius of this language, and so to learn how to make by 
himself similar compositions or derivations, it being impossible to 
write down all the endless forms which a word can assume. 

» «>i * 


A, an, art. 

ak»' i 

A iiui 



2.1 When 

to th< 


3d When 


am a 



2d V. ref. ] 

'id V. reeip 



1) I C T I NARY 



\,iin, art, ind. When govoriiinj^ any verb is rendered by 'Cliin- 
aks' if the snbstuntivo is personal, by 'N\<o' if inipcraonal. 
A niun had two children, 'Cliinuks skaltcmigu u est-I In sgusi- 
•quits' ; A wonmn is siek, 'CMiinuks snieein cs-ehzaleisi' ; A boy 
killed my cow, 'T' chindks tituit polsts hi istonia.' 

2d When governed by an active verb it is rendered by t prefixed 
to the substantive, and tiie verb takes the indefinite lonn. 
Make a canoe, 'Kolish t'tlie'. 

3d When following the verb substantive, or possessive, it is 
dropped. Thou art a good woman, 'Ivu gest ku sniecm' ; J 
am u man, 'Chin skalleniigu' ; I have a horse, *Chiii-e|il-gati- 

ABANDON, V. i. Chines-goiili, lesduncchsteni, Tesehhiencni. 

2d V. ref. I abandon myself to evil ways, 'les-milkoniim hi teie'. 

Jid I", recip. Kaes-golstuegui. 

Abandoned, part. ^r. Es-goelom j part. pass. Szgoel. An object 
abandoned, 'Sgoclemin' ; Abandoned by her husbiuul, 'Sz'oin'. 


ABAI^E, /•. 


. Till 



Tiip, Tlirow, Iliiiublc. 


1, Esk: 

no CO it 

1, 'E.s-kokoL'zi' 




in, 'yU'(.'], Tuul. 

ARniCATE, .-.f. T( 



t'islu IIh' c'hieflninKliip, *'os-^ 

tMom In i-siliiiiimiMi', or, 'Ics Ikoin' 

ABDUrrr ,.. /. To^i. 


11 (o!- ;r.iim;i 

!:-0 ; h. 


AT?RT, r. f. res-iii.5!iztAs:ciii. S'-o Caz. 

ABTIOE, r. t. los-ehutnein, les iuiimeiii, los-lcocslicirineni. 

AFULITY, n. Siopii-it, Span;p;,; 


J » 

jii isiopieul , ii! as 

111 lie 

h iis it is in th 

ic v.'vsdp. 

. My 

My ability, 'Lii iiuopicutcii', in as 

nv.ic'li :i^ it causes ability. Sc'i> To, T\ig-. 

ABJURE, V. t. Ti'.s-jfoeleni, Ics-gokouszutoni. 

ABLE, a. lopicut, Sissir.s, I'agpagt. 

Ab1e-bo(lit>(1, (7. Toiot, Rissi'.s. 

ABODE, ^r. SnlHit'n, SnonK'itfMi. P?..",' Zu, En.'.-.l. 

I take up my abode in, Io:>-kolsnlz'iitenoin. 

ABOTJSII, ).', t. los-boioni, Icsptli'cbstoni, losmaiiiu. 

ABOMINABLE, a. Mil tc-io. Mil Ul, Ta.itul ttie. 

A])ominably, adv. Tas-lul t6ie. 

ABOBTIOX, n. To ni-ocure abortion, los-kulpLstencbciu in «ku- 

A!)0)"tion liy oneself, 'Cbines l:ulj)lstc>;u'bis/,uti.' ?'oe Pfl.;. 

Aliortion l)v aocebn-atinii- tlic time of birlli, 'Cbinos-tkoUs2;uli.' 
RcoToko, Tkom. 

ABOUND, Cbincs-goectomi. Roe Hoeit. 

ABUXDAN('E, ». Sgoe:t. 

ABOUT, ,uh: All abont, Rs ehmilkomizc. See Miiko. 

2d About one mile, cte., 'God.' 

,'?d Nearly, Geihieu. 

XBOVT.prcj). 1:>t All around, all over, rii-\::e, cbil-C:. . See Cb. 

2d Near, jnr-;t going to, Potn ks, witli tlse \\ r!i ■:> lIi,- .-.ubjiiiietive. 
He i-! about dying, 'Pot'i ks-tlilemi.* 

o 1 ,Tn<< doinii; soi;iel!ii;!i:, A ■i'lUebiin ; I ;;:;i \i\>\ ubou; it, 'A^i'at- 

4th roneerning, in regard to, ^^' prcC ••.;! to tiic sub.-ilan{ivc and 
with a verb indefinite, or rh prefi.ced to the verb, wb!ib take:!t 
then tb.e inslrnmentnl form. T air. forry about thee, 'Clol imw'i 
n cliin-pupust'iieh,' (.r 'Anui hi l;u ie;.' cbpupusencheui j' ^\\' 
talk about horse;-, 'Lu gol gatl/.iii ii kacs kamkamilft;;!', cr 

■ 'Kae^ 
•2d In raiii 
8J From 

1 1 s'el 
2d High^j 

hi hi I 
3d More 



ABU ID* i I 
To bo abr 
Ab.seiit, I'. 
Absent, v. 
Absolve th 
2d Spoili 
ad Makiii 
4th Abus 
5th Abus 


■':.s-Uoko(:;',i' ; The 

L'f!:r,n!-;!!!|), <:os-go- 

c:iu ' . 


Ill isioj)iijul', ill as 

i!ii()piciito;i', ill lis 


:ULMic!]cni hi kLu- 


il-O:... See Cli. 
ilic Mi!iji;)!cti\:c. 

iuon; it, 'Ar-ai- 

ul'.<(;aiiivc ami 
rl>, \v;i!'.-'i t;i!<c:s 
. tliec, 'Gol ;uu.l 
ist'iiclicui ;' "Wo 
aiiikamll.siii', cr 


Acc n 

*Ivacs-clik!i:rikiini61ih;l»;iii hi "ullziu'. 
AI50VK, Ui On Iiigli, 
2(1 111 rank, (iigiiily, .S'lusl, Es-iibiiii/.iii. 
od l''n)iii abmc, Tel iiui.-;l. 
ABOVK, prep. 1st Jlighor in plaff, L s'cliiitiiF.i ; Above ino, 'La 

I is'ciiniiist' J From above the head, 'Tel .sV'hiiiiist.s hi isplki*!;-.' 
LM Higlior ill rank, ?\ul.sttel; <nKi is above all, 'KoliiKiulen mi' 

ist hi to! esia, e?^-ii8liii/.in hi td esia,'. 
3d More in nuinlu'r, (iuanlity, degree, Tel zi toi, lei. ITe iis rich 

above II'-, 'Ln lei kaeinji'ili; u kuiolegii ; tel /.i lei kaei!'.]iiie ii 

ABR!'].\ST, aJr. Es-ntkoineiu-^, Ivs-chgaziniilshi. 
ABUlDGE, See Short. 

AlHiOAD, Togt), i.'luiie.schil-cheii.shiLshi. Sec (."heu. 
To be abroad, Ijchccut. 
AUiiUPT, a. See Craggy, Steeii. 
ABS(J.l'iSS, n. Sjjozt. See JJoil. 
ABSCOND, c. /*. rt/. Chiiie.s-nkomisli. See iS'alio. 
Absfoml, V, t. Sec TTide. 
AB->1CNT- rt. I-e;i:ii-chu, '1 kii eliu, ele. 1 wii! n:)t hj ab.-ent, 'Ta 

Absent, v. i. Chin-fhocu. 
Absent, i\ i. les ohooni. 

ABSOLVE, r. t. The .sin, leskt.ilgocl'leni hi Icie. 
Absolve the sinner, les-kolgoelkeni hi tele .szkneiy. See Forgive. 
ABSOLUTION, n. Nkolgoc^ltis hi tcic. 
ABSOliUTELY, adv. Ta ks-tam. 

ABSTAIN, i;. (". Chines-jiutei ; Ab^;tain from, 'h's |.iuteem' ; .Ab- 
stain from mcjil, 'les-j.iuleeiu hi skcllieh'. 
ABSUHD, a. Tas guiutein, /. c. It ounnot go. 
ABSYNTH,n. Po].oneI|). 
ABUSE, v.t. Ist 111 treating b\- actions, les-ches'ohstcni ; Hy 

words, 'Ics-ciies7.iiieni'. See Chey!, Harm. 
2d Spoiling anything, hs-kolguerieni, les teiuualseni. 
JJd Making to .suffer, Ies-giizgii/.ni«Joh!slein. SeeGuz. 
4th Abuse one's power, nutlioritx*, Chinesclign/.in/.iiti. See Goe/. 
5th Abuse one's self, Chine.s-eliocheniszuti, 
ACCVEPT, V. t. le.s-tkuntin. See Kunei, Agree, Consent. 





A ''('! DKN'TA LLV, <idr. Ks-gaiiiu'iiii'in. 1st I c-i'i[iiile Iiiiu ;Kri<l(.'tit- 

:illy, '!os (fiinnriioni. 

2(1 I sliot hini nccKlcMitJUly, Is ciHtoiii. * 

;M I find it ;ic('i(h'iit:illy, Ii's-cliiziiu-iii. 

Ill most cases lliis advurl) is ivmhIci'imI hy pun at t!u> end of tlic 

verb. ITe was cau^'Iit in tlio (rap accidontally, 'Es-azpmi, 

a/.ip' ; III' uot looso accidentally, 'Ks-lalprni, talip' ; It l>roI-:e 

.iccidcnlally, or by itsoH', 'Kaop'. 
A('i!()Ml'A.\ V, ('. f. 1st as an o(|Mal, JcssluMnonucguni. 
2d As a siilx'i'dinate, les-ijfa/.iitem. 
v>d To follow, los-ihsliinim. See Siiin. 
ACCOMPLICK, V. OlksliisziUcn. To bo an accomplice, 'I.s-(dk- 

sliitem, Ies-n;i;a:'Jusen), les cluisbicclistoin'. Sec Slici. 
ACCOMPL'.SH, v.f. 1st Tho time of, Kolchiz In. 
2d Accomjtlisb tlie ])ropliecy, tbc oi-dei-, riiin-ai^eilem In 1 — . Ac- 

complisliod what Daniel bad foretold, 'Au,'t'i!;'m lii t-ty.itntern 

ACCORD, //. Sinkospnus. Of one accord, 'I-kaos-nkos])iius, Ks- 

chsbnuci|;ni hi kivj spnijs*. See Puns. 
Accord, i\ f. i\<;Teo to, los-sheiem. Sec Sbei. 
Accord, V. i. Chinos inkosjiiinsi, Inko hi ispu;,8, Chin-zuti shei. 
\ccorii with him, los-inkospuusoni ; Accord with him in that, 'les- 

ACCOUniXd to,;)n'/). Kza,i,'eil f-. 
ACCOHDINGLY, (uh\ Clol shei, Kiiomt. 
ACCOST, r. t. los-chisairanioin. 
.\('COUNT, ?) . 1st To ask an account from hini, los-chseiipilem. 

Sou Son. 
2d Place to his account, les-tkaishitom, Ios-tkailt6m. Hoc Ka'i. 
*{(l Of no account, Ttonenu'is, It'tenomus. 

4th On account, by roason of. Ciol. 

ACCUMILATH, r. /. Ks-^ootiiilshi, Es-gooetmi, Es iaami. 

.\ccuinnlato, r. /. fos-iuainim, los "jjooothn, los-chi^oikanoni. 

ACCUnATK, a. I-tot,'. 

Accurately, tuh\ Potn sbii. 

ACCUUSED, p. a. Si^o/domon. 

AHCUSATIOX, /(. Snmiop. 

Accuse, V. f. lesnmicpeni. Sec Moie. Ics-nmipiilkam. 

Acc!:s:d, i). a. \ am accused. Ko os mni/.-petji ; ..I bave,b,o'.Mi !:c;;tisc(l. 


A 'cns'i 

Ace list on 
hi to 
ho i 
ACT, r. . 
2d To bi. 
:^d To ac 
Act, i: t. 
Act, n. S 
In tho V 
ADD, V. 
Add u pi 
Add, V. 1 
Added, J 
Added, I 


l-jtli' I)iiii ;if cidctit- 

it llie end of tlic 
nlally, 'Es-tizjimi. 
1, l;ilip' J It hroKn- 


■:oni|)licc, 'I<'.s-()llv- 
Soc Shoi. 

i;il(>iM III t — . Ac- 
•i!;'ii) III l-tziintc^rii 

iios-iikospuiis, Ks- 

■ liin-ziiti slic'i. 
him in thai, 'los- 

1, loschst'iipiloiii. 
6m. See Kai. 

Ks iaami. 


lV(;J.\cv.>n accused. 

ADD 6 

'Ko iHuic'iHiilcm, Ko-szninici), KoKzninipiUka'. 
Acc:;sor, n. .Sjfiituniopom, Nini})Oiiziilon. 
A' CUSTOM, V. t. Ics-Uoukuomiiii, Sco CusUim. 
Accnstoincd, to bo, los-koi'ininom, los-chkocmincm. 
A(MI I'], J). K/.al. I have ail a<;lio, Chin-cliztvlelsi. Sec Zal. 
ACI DUr.OUS, («Ij. h'/.'/.oo]. 

A(M(X()WJJ':i)GK, r. f. Cliiii-zuii c, iedos-inijH'iiunom. ' 
Acknowlcdt^o my own fault, CliiiK'.--iimcoi<!'p, Icdts-iimipcnii^toni 

111 ttio iszkucii. 
ACC^UA'NT, /,'. /. lo.s-iui'ioin, IcH-iuiiiKMuni, Irs-iniinisliitcni, It's- 

A((pi:iint (nio wilti, fcs-im''i(,'!tc'.in. Soe .Moio, i\liiiii, 
Af(jiiaiiited, to 1)0 a'-quaintod v/itli a ]>ci'soii, Ks-suj;ustcn, Ks- 

A<'(iiiaiiitance, n, f wish to make his aoquaintaiico, Ik.siiiohcrn, 
ACQITIKSCH ?•. /. Chiiios-kolag-aloiuisti. Sec; Submit. 
A("(^liniK, See (Jet, Gain. 

ACHiUIT, (". t. To i-i'kaso, dischari^c, ki.s-pthk-hstom. 
ACROSS, otlv. Lcsfiinoiis. To i>la(o, 'Jcs-oimeiisorir ; To 

ho across, M'^s-oimOiis'. Soo lOi. To como across, 'los-chlzi- 

nom, los-iiichom' ; To j^o across, Soo Cross. 
ACT, r. /. IstTo be in action, Cliiiics agatchiiii. 
2d To bohuvo, Chinos-agcili. 
8d To act upon, los-cha^eilom. 
Act, v. t. To assume the jilace, oHico, character oi'. Ics-nziizucch^om, 

les-nlkalshclpom. Soo Zuu, I'lace, Siibstituto, Imitate. 
Act, n. Skol, Szkoi. 
in the very act of — , I'lHu. Ilo died in the very act of sinning, 

'Potii es-kunoms hi, u llil'. 
A("nVK, a. Koilkolt, Ivolmkomt, (iua^-iidat. 
ACUMIXATK, r. t. les-nchnu'iksoni. See Chom. 
Acuminated, a. Hsnchmaks. 
ACrTi:. See Keen, Sharp, 
ADAPT one's self to, '•. rrf. les-elikolemistem, 
ADD, (.'. t. leschtiruin. See T^^u, Tug. 
Add a pioe.J to a garment, etc., los-tpim. 
Add, V. i. I'ls-chtgiigtimi, chtgugu. 
Added, ;>(nt. Ks-ciitguin, Clilgiintcni, szchdig. 
Added, ii'''j. Ks ciilug. 

6 ADU 

i\Dnr("'TEn to, rf. — L';ac;i aftlx.-'d lo the ma;c:i]. A^'lirtod !■. 

s1o:i!, 'NTuko (''iiion' ; Aildictoil to (cll lies, 'Ik(>is!i';incii'. 
ADTTK1?K. r. /. f'hir.os zpakiiDii, ('hi!i'.«s-chau;;. S-o SLu-k, AtliU'li. 
AI).l()rXIX(;, rt. Chisaonin. A'ljoi!ii!i';- Iioiis(>,'r.Mr;s^'Igii.' ?■.>;.• 

AD.MJSr, V. t. 1st. To milk'.- it rii-;!!!, !,-.•; (^n)i^,ii;:!. 

2 1 To \\\\i ])!tv'c>s to;!;'.>tIu';', I(.'s-ini!;:i::i. 

;M To mako it lit, Iosk(ilcm. 

ADMIiJAHFJ-:, rt. Rno Wondorfiil. 

Admire. Soo Wotuk>r. 

ADMONISH, V. t. Ifs /uncin, I'.'sk'olkiuMtoin. .See Rcpn.acii, 

ADOin-:, ». S/.tit; pJ. H/.tltiK Adol.c, 'StcUMgii, Muhulgii' ; 

To tnako adidtr. T' teliiii* ; T(» make ;ni adol c Ihhi.^c, 

'Cliinos-tolcl^nii'. See TiK 
ADOPT, r./. 1st A cliild, :(-s-k(dsp,T..<i^niltciu, Itv-- s-'isigulli'iii. 
2d Adopt a ho^-, Io.s-kol,skns('\'ni. A'lopt a !j;irl, 'Ics kolsloiiu'licllciu". 
8d Adopt ono as parent, citlior ti^.tlid' or iiiotkcv, Ir.-s puinMc!;!, It's- 

4th Adopt one as f;itli'M" (sai 1 hv a maji) I^.s-lcLurn, Tc'skolivriiin. 
.Tt!i Adopt one as fatlior (said by a woman) los-pogotom. 
6th Adopt ono as inothtM' (said by a Dnin) lesskoieni, Tos kolskv.- 

7th Adopt one ar^ motlior (said I)y a') Tos-tonu'in, To;; kollu- 

ADC/KABIjIO, a. ChonuUerti, Xpottten. 
Adore, v. i. ('hines-ohaiii, Chines-potoi. 
Adore, r. t. lea-ehiuini, lospotccm. 
Adoro, to aoknowledge as true God, les-kollkolir.zutciK in, le.s i;<d- 

smiskolinziUcnom. See Kol. 
Adorer, n. Chaniizi\tcii, P'teenzuteti. 
ADORN", V. t. 1st To fix w(dl, to work on, les chkoloni. 
2d To put oriiamentsi on, around, r. '/. beads, fringes, e(f .. les eh- 
3d To adorn one,s(df, CIiin-^N (luliomizeoti/.iili, Chines cliohomi/.c 

4th To adorn oneself with, les-clichniizeern'isteni. 
Adorned, jpr7r^ Es-chehniizem, Esohktiein. 
Adorned, n. Es-elichemize, Ks-ehkol. 

'le.s i\ 


'Iju kl 
.Vdvise, V. 
Adviser, / 
2d Affair 
^M Affair 
ivc ( 


2-\ T>> in 



ed, 1 
a I To 1! 
or I 

ieni, Tcs,- 

■'lU'iii, To;;K-c»:U)- 

itOIK 111 liyjs i;<,l. 

iiios tliclu'iiiizo 

AFF 7 

ADULT, a. Kiilcnulko, rug[>a^t. 

ADTTLTRREIk, ?<. XukoOmi:!! hi yinteiu, Uiuigui.o, Kd-j/ukunti. 
AdiiltoiTSs, n, Xakocinou iu Ukaltoinigu, Uiuigune, E.spukunci. 
Ailtillciy, to CDiniiiit, Cliiiic3-l)ul;;iiiili ; AiialU'i'y willi lIjuL ^)t'r.-.(/ii, 

'los ptikunijin' J tind IhiiS verb govcnis, iioL tho uccouiplico of 

.'iin, bii 1 the iiiarriud jicrHoii \vr(jiig(.Mj, Coiuinuiily llioy suy 

'les iiakuni In Miietin cp-.^gului, Icis iiiikoin hi .skaltomigu epl:- 

ADVANCE, f. i. Chiiics-koami, Erf-kouiuTii. 
ADVENT, It. ?::gui, Zguitcn, -Lu hcIu/amiIoh, KI iicliizciilcii. Tlio 

kocoikI advent, 'FA zguileii' ; Tiio sec-und advuiil oi'tlu; Lord, 

'Lu kacizguitis KolinziUcMi'. 
ADVERSARY, n. Nculus. Soe Euliis. 
ADVICE, ;<. Opiiiiim on a subject, S!ciil])ug, Spuus. To give an 

advieo (o, 'It s-kulpng'-IillLwn', nicaiiing li; thiiUc i'or hini, \u bi.s 

place. See Pug. 
Adviac, v. t. les-zuiiem. 

Advisedly, adv. Sz-ehzogo. See Zog, WilTiilIy. 
Adviser, «. Zun'iizuten, ICuJpagshiszuteii. 
ADA'OCATE, n. See Plead, Deieiid. 
AFFABLE, a. Es-kaiukamzin, Totcuzin. 
AFFAITJ, «. Skul (iu l!io ])reyeut)j h'",kol (lu t!ie pa.'it) ; K.s-kol 

Kf^zlcol, (in tht; fiUiirc). 
2d Affair of great iiiiportauce, Es-iikutonakscni, 
[!d Affair of lillie nnporta; 

a Hair of great iniportai!c\ 


iS n;Kii:;iii;ii.iK:- 

.• '-,v' 


I iiuld it as ai 






AFFECT, 1st To make a show of, i.s rendered by tl»o verb reflex- 

ive ol the form — aziiti. To afl'eet goodness, 'Chines gos 


..(> a 

Hvet st; 

IM T. 


) inni'.ence or move 


hinesioiot .sziiti 

I eel in: 
.1 < 



nssii.)iis, to loiieli 


rendered l)v the i'.istninienta! foriu — nuneni, but i;» the eon 

-lrneli(;!i ill 

e person afVecled <j;over 

I he objeel affo 

i liC 

n* affects nie well, I 

])rayer altects nie a 
ii'oslemineni hi nch;'!i;r,ii.ii 

iiin we 

11 affected by tlu; prayer, 'les- 



ed, moved, enticed 



le iKpioi 





es zUr.iaimaiem hi ;seiilKU 


1 To aim at, a^ji/ire to, seek, is rendered bv the .va 



rm re 

flexive, — szuti. lie affects tlie cliieflainshii), 'Es ilimguij/.uti' 
or by tho volitive form iu — elal. 


8 AFT • 

AFFK("riOX, n. A settled good will, Spalkogamencli. 

Afffotiotiatc, a. P'lpalUot. Soo Palko. 

AFFIANCK, V. t. ics-zogshltem. ' 

A FFn?.>r, r. i. Chinc>.s-/,iiti, ('liii)os-/,uti «'ii, Nrli. Soo Vo«. 

AFFIX, V. t. los-lpim, ics-sliiniin. 

AFFLICT, r. f. Ios-i)ii))Us6ii(.'lioin, IcskolpujiiiHciu-hoin, Ics kolslii- 

tem t'spiijjiiscncli. 
Afliifted, (/. Ks-piipusc(ifli, Es-iiigiipcl.s. 
Affliction, ?j. Ist The being afflictcMl, Spupusench. 
2d Causing affliction, Npupus^nditen. 
AFFORD, r. t. Ist To produce, give, yield, Ics-guizUem, Jos-Uo- 

2d Can afford, les- Ikoni. 
AFFKAY, n. Brawl, quarrel, Stiiikot. 
AFFRONT, r. f. Insult, les-clioinzutem. 
AFLOAT, mZu. Espelpmi. Sec Float. 
AFOOT, adv. P]8 gu8t61egui. 
AFRAID, a. Es-ngeli. Sec Fear. 

2d I am afraid of him, tlii'ough diffidence, Icsiaamincni. 
'id I am afraid to hear him, les-niaanem. 
4lh I am afraid to sec him, les-niaiamusem. 

5th I am afraid to punish him, or to ppeak to hnn, les-chiaipilom. 
AFTER, a. Subsequent, Siz. 
After, adv. Afterward, Kuemt. 
After, prep. Ist Later in time, when connected with substantives, in 

the past, 'Lu chgoezt' ; in the future, 'No chgoezt'. After one 

hour, 'No chogt^zt nko slichch', or 'Ne nko slichch.' 
2d Before a verb or verbal substantive, it is rendered in the form 

Ills ', in the past, 'Lu chin-uis' ; in the future, *Nc chin-uis'. 

After dinner I went to work, 'Lu chin uis ilcn, chin-k6lem' j 

I will work after dinner, 'Nc chin-uis ilon, m-chin-kulem'. 
3d To go after a thing, les-tlutluusem, or by prefixing ch to tho 
■ noun and making a verb of it. What art thou after ? 'Ku es- 

chstemi ? I am aAer money, flowers, tobacco, 'Clunes-chulu- 

lim, chii'.cs-chzeehoi, chines-chsmcnigui'. 
4th To run after, Ics-chtkem. 
5th To be after something, doing it, les-agtchini. 
6th To go after one, following him up, les-ngi'iieu), Tos nshiustcni. 
7th Concerning, in relation to, inquire after, Teschscum. See About. 

sih IJchii 
l»lh Af'tci 
10th Coi 

lM (I'iist) 
:l\ (Futui 
Mi MS, 
•Id 111 reti 



Tin' ! 


2(1 111 <'P1' 
1 loll 

;;(1 To sta 

-till In pn 
the V( 

a<;k, u. T 

tich, ^ 
•J(l What i 

iush 1 

:;d 1 am o: 

is of n 
4lli am ol 

is not 
Aged, a. t 

I'd The III 
Agent, II ( 
•Id Indian 
:;d See Su 


Suo Yos. 

chcin, loH kolslii- 

juizUem, Jes-ko- 


I, les-diiaipilom. 

1 substantives, in 

;<)t'zt'. After one 


3rcd in the form 

, 'Nc chin-uis'. 
n, ehin-k6Iom' ; 

:;fixing ch to tho 

after ? 'Ku es- 

Tes nsliiustcm, 
.'iini. Sco About, 

Mil , \t 

>i|h Bohiiul in ]»hjct\ St*..- lU'hind. 

!»th Aitera while, Me kiieni: ; Aflei-a loni!; lime, 'Xe kasi|).'. 

lOlij (.'oiu'erniii;^, in relaliuii to, iiniuii'e after, les-chseiiin. Si-i' 

ArrHlMiiUTir, ?». Xti.i^m.selten. 
ATTKUNOOX, n. Sniakokiin. 

2d (Past) In the alternoon, l,ii I Muakokeni, ur \t\i niakoki in. 
:M ( Future) Xe niakokcin. 
Al-TEKWAIH), (Ulv. Kueint. Si/,. 
A(r.MX, «(/('. Ist Another lime, L'li!, lOhiku. 
•Jd 111 return itaek, is reii.lere 1 wiUi id jirclixed lo ihe verb, i ^n 

ai;'aiii. •Ciiin-eky-pi'iii' ; i (uiiu' iticain, H'ldn idej>/gui. i-^er 

.\(iAlXS'r, l>rtii. \a Viu-v to faee, opiJOsile, Sto;i'l<j_i;M, S'chitel/ii ; 

Tiie hoii.ii' iiL;'; my own. m'jii /.itii;u la is'clilei/.'ii, or I'is'ciij- 

■_M In <>()|Mi.silioii Id, usually rendeiH il with 'rli' preiixiiil lo the verb. 

1 tell lies au'ainst him, 'Ics-ehioUoin'. 
;!d To slaiid, aet a^aiiisl one, djijiosc hnn. It'sclu'Uli'isriii. le>-eli- 

ii.s'eht.useni. Sih; l*]ut, 8'chut. 
4iii In provision I'or, in iirep.iration lor, I'endered willi -eh' iu'luri' 

the verb or '1' beJbre liu' noun. 
A(l K, ;i. The whole duralion ol lirinii', SLraiuiilt, S<j,-ulii'uiit. Spen- 

ti(di, S]>o<rj)o<:;ut. 
lid What is your a<fe !' She kuinsh speiilieh lu lel kii kohl / '■/■ Ku- 

insh kii-ohspentieh ? I am ten years ol ai;e, M 'Inn oprn cli- 

spontieir, /. c I arrived at ti:n years. 
;ld 1 am oi'the same a!j;e ol' I'eli'r, (.'hin-e/.a_!;aluilsh In l-l*irl ; llr 

is of my age, 'Is-nkulagalnllsh'. 
4lh am of ago (id' reason) Chin tiguspagiiatit, {'hintigus|uiiis j lie 

is not of age, •Che psiiie". 
Aged, a. l*og|>ogot. 
.v(iEX(^V, /(. 1st Th(> (piality olaetiiig, the iiistriinu'iitalily, N'ku- 

le 1110 11. 
'lA The Indian agency fm* the l''lallieads, Xilka. 
Agent, /( One acting for somebody, Sguk«')leni. Sec Sgii. 
2d Indian agent, Skeligii iliinigum, (.'hitenzulen. 
;id See Substitute. 
AGITATE, See Stir, Shake. 






AGO, <7(?»'. How long ago y PisU-iii. 

'2i\ How many (lrtv.s ago ? Hliu sl<iiiiislK'isk;it "' 

8(1 Tjoiig ago, Skasip. • 

4tli Xol viiy long ago. Tani hlkakusiji. 

i)tli A little Avlillc> ago, T'snr. 

»Uh Ono day agf>. S]ji/,i.'!(. 

"Ill Two (lays iigo, Slio saslaskat. ^ . 

Sth Th\Ti^ (lays ago, 'Sho ^'clialiiskal. 

N. B. In counting tlu; day.s \vc nmsl only tako noiici' of ]u)\v 

many nights inU-rvcnofl. 
AiiONV, /I. Sniigot. To 1);> in agony, •('iiint'Minigoti, OliinoM-nl'- 
llulsi, Soo Tlil. Tilt' second means 'I tliink I <iic,' and a)i- 
Hwcrs hotter tlian the fivst. 
AtilvHK, r. i. 1st ]l!»i'nn)ny in oididon, 'Inku iu iszntcls, Inkt) lu 

is])nus, Inko chin-ep-zntcls. Sec Accord. 
5)d llannonizc in a slutcnuMit, lnki'» lu iMniniii, In!i;o-lii isiiclnncn- 

Jld Agivo to, to assent, (Miiiu's-sliiilsi, < 'liin-/-iiti sliei. 
-Ith Agree tctgelhcr, Kaes-chshnucgni, Kaes-nsjulsonnegai. See 

Shei. " 

oth It agrees with mo, it is to my taste, Is-chzohem. 
<)th It does not agree with me. Is I'lichesem. SeeClu-s. 
Agree, r. t. les-sheiem. 

Agroca!)U>, '/. 1st Pleasing, rijiiil, Ivoiimkomt. 
l?d In eonlbrmity with, h'zageil t — . 
;>d To my tast(>, Ts-chzehem. 
.\l\, infer j. If for j(»y Ch ; if for jmin, 'Kmi!!, loh' ; Ah, n\'i;i1 ar. 

you doing 'i Ni I 
AHHAl), adr. 1st To he ahead, Chines-shiitemi, (I., he tirst i 

tMunos-tgiii (to go ahead). 
2<l To send ahead, los-tguiem. 
od To go ahead of one, les-golshitusem 
AID, Sec ITelp. 
ATT,, 8oe sick. Pain. 

MM r. i. Chines-(;htkiisi, Chines i hlgcuni. Se(^ Tog. 
Aim, n. Szehtkus. 
ATl^ «. Sneut. 

2d Air tight, I-tuk, Idcs-tukui. 
3d To give oneself airs, Chincs-iaiasziit. iSoe T'lay. 


-»ce Aenetn. 

ly a I 
2d All ai 

:!d all ov 
All logot 
Allay, r. 


•_>d The c. 

ten, T 

A LI. nil 

AI/IA. )i 
ALMS, ?i 
•_M To gi 
•_M Togo 
::d To h 

Iinlici' nf liou' 

Dli, ('liiiif.s-iit'- 
I <lii.'," and aii- 

illtl'ls, IlllvU lit 
i> -III isjU'llllUMl- 

(.Mllll'gul. Sci" 

Si'i' Zi.'lK'in. 


All. wlmi ;iri' 

(.iH In- Hrsfi ; 


AlA) tt 

ALAIi.M, r. t. ( 'liiin'K-iiyalj^Jilltumslii. Sc*- Ngol. 

ALAS, Ni. 

AliKlUT, c. /. ('hiiu'.s-tiiK'iizuti. 

ALFKK, (7. Kzagi'il : All aliko, 'l-i/,a.!j;fil. S'oo A.i,'ai. 

AI.IVK, rt. Esijrilljrnilt. 

ALKA LI, /(. Mj^<)iuU\mi. '< 

AIjL, >(iIi'. Wholly, (oiiipli'U'lv, is rciidcivd liy *i' pn'lixcd to ll»o 

V(.M'l;:-( or iioiiiis. All wliitc, 'l-jilk' ; Alii^ood. *I-i;c'ht' ; All 

wet, *i-iias'. 
All, (I. K.siil J .Ml loiiils, Ks-iiiiiksi.'in ; Wi- imist Ik all, wt; must 

2;atl»oi' lom'tluM'. 'l\atd<s-iaanii'. Soo laa. 
All over, lulr. f.i-siiiiiko, Itnt liottor I'ciidorod bv plai'liiti ''"' verb 

lictwocii, '(Mil! i'lK''. Covcn'd all ovor, 'I 'liit-ilu;ii-(''iH'' ; 

I'Moodod all (iviT, '('lii'-iiu']j»-('ii('.''. St^c L'lj^ii, MLdip, and iit-ar- 

!y all the radit-als. 
lid All around, Ii'S-cliiuillcotnizi' ; All over llu- snrliici-. •Ks-chiliiiiK 

k( nil one. 
od all over, i!i;-idi', K> iii)iili<oiiK'I/A'. 
All lom'tlior, ill :i piU", Ksiaiu'ilsh. 
A liTjA Y, r. /. Ks-nu'olmi, K8-lii\ii. 
Allay, )•. t. Irs-iiudiin. 

AliL-FOl'liS, To ji'o on all fours, < 'hiiics-titshi. 
ALfJANTK, n. Ist Tho Iiciiig alliod, Su'iiitiu\mi. SiiUoligiiciis, 

2d 'IMu- CDniiJact, or livaty ol alliancr. XiciiitiK-iiiiicii, Xkoli^r ii''iis- 

Ilmi, Nt<'innu'niii'giili.Mi. 
AFJiOW. Scf IVrmil. 
ALLrilK. r. f. Tos-zkukiuiuni'iii. 

AlliUMd, T \w\ alhiri'<l liy, li's-/.kuki;utiriii, Sco /-k. 
A FiLY. //. Snktiidiii'i!. 
ALMOST, luh: (u-il irii, (Icil. 

ALMS, ?i. S/,fi;n'i/.sh (us !;'ivtMi) ; SzlCii1/,'/.s1i ,;is mm civcii ■ ; Sukitnii;. 
■J<1 To ;;"iv(> alms, ('hinrs-j.«;iiiy,shi. Sec (iiii/., Ic> nko'iin'initirtii 
AL()()I'\ To r.tay alool', Ics iiakamiiu'in. Src rakiiiikal. 
ALONE, a. [-(hin-cluiii'iks. l-idiilitiaks. 
ALONti. <uiv. Isi (Jo alonj;', t'liiin's-ian-idiisj. 
2d T()j;v(lior with, Soo To.i^cIIkt. 
;ld To brint; alon<>; with oucsidl', Ic-ii-iiiu^rin. Ics iikii'i^uiiMn. Sfv 



12 AN(; 

Lol'li. Sn- I.oihI. 

I. SO, ihlr. Nru^li. 

I/I'A I?, /(. SnIvoliiiiiniistiMi. Sco Xuri. * 

I.TKIi', r. t. Ii's-tin-iilcm. 

l/rKKCATK. r. i. ( 'liiiuvs-du's/iiii. 

Iti'i'i'i'timi, />. S'clios/,in, S'clu'sziiiciiiciiiU'L!.'!!. 

li'l'IlOlMJ If, ro/</. Iliiuir. Kiiiic', I'c. "* 

lAVA^'S, (ith-. T'sliic'iis, IV'iiticIi, Taslioi ( in tin- pa-t) ; Xi'iii 1 
shiriis, Ncm ]i(''iiU<'li, TuIxNliiii, (in (lu' fiitmv). 
'2i\ ('"iitiiiiially is vciHliTcd liy tli'..' t'oi'iii rDiitimialivc ol' tlic vcrli, 

as III llu' ^Tamtiiar. Soo ('oiiliiiiit'. 
AMASS, r,^ losiaainiiii, F'.'s.clijj;6il;aiitMi). 
A.MAZK, r. f. Ii's-Unssv'iscin, Ics iisju'iiii. Sci' Pas. 
A M RASSA IH)I:. ». Xini/.in/.ritcii, Stiiiiiiiiiuim. 
A.MI?rri().\. /). I f'l'i'l an aiiil»itii);i, Kau'iikriral In is|iiius. Sec 

AMIJI'SII, /(. S'clii^alnn ; 'I'u lio in amliiisli, •! 'liiiics diiralfnii' ; 'I'o 

lay an amitusli to. 'rt's-clijfali'm'. 
AMKUOKATK. r. t. Ics-M-cstini. 
AMKXD, r. '. (Miin-i'lff^onuMi/.iiti. 
A.MKNDK, /-. NkolisusU'i). 
AMHR CAX, S(.ia])i, Pikskcliirn. i 'li|iika/.c". 
'Ii\ Anioric'iin liorsi', Soipskaj^at'. 
."ill AnKTican dress, Soipalks. 
Itli Aincriran lani:;iiai;'(', Siiij)zin. 

Aiiu'i'icani/i'il. 'I'o li(\ Cliiiu's-kolsoiapi, ('liiiu's-k()listi (•liikst)iapi. 
A M ' [)S'r. /'/vy/. [iiiilu'iisoui. Si.'i.' A imm^' liclwccn. 
AMISS, S.v Kaiilt. 

AMMUXITIOX, //. Ill iiVii.M'al. X.-!ilplni. 
'2d I'owilcr, Npiikumiii. 
:M Hulls, i-jinilinilko. 

Itli To lie out oramnuinilion, ( 'iiiiu's-z'sprlisti. 
.')tli To ••oiisiitm- another's aMiiiuiiiitioti, h's-zspi'lisein. 
(itli !''i\(M| aininimitioii, SncluMiicli. 
A M< )X(!, p/vy), li, Tikai'. Soe Hi't\v('<ii. 
AMl'SK, '•. rrf. (.'liincs-niomg/.rni. 
A iiiuscinont, SimMUszut. 
AX, Sec A. 
AXCKSTdK, n. My ancestor, lii-u-ciicliiiu'islieii, Ii -po^'poiiot; I-si:ii- 

Aiieient \\ 
A XI), roiij 
WVAV a. 
An-'i-y, (t. 

.\iii;le, r. 
Aiiffler, II 
2(1 Doniesl 
2(1 Sore an 
ild Spraine 
Aniun'ed^ < 
2(1 'i'o anoi 
2d Xot oft 
AXT, H. Si 

lu Sii'll 


11 si^-iisl 






2(1 The laii 

:M The pe( 



' pan) ; N'oiM 1 
ivi" <>r llu' vi'ilt, 

II ispiiLis. Sec 

s (•liiviili.'lili' ; To 

isti cliiksoiiiiii. 


iH'|lii:i(')t; [-s;^(l- 


ANT " 18 

sliiil. Sec I'arcnt. 

AiK-ioiit folUs, liU Hhitoinii.skcligu. 

AiK'ii'iitly, (/'/r. iiS t'skusip. ^ 

AND, I'onj. U, Ni'f^ii, KiuMnt. 

WKW n<lr. lloudoriMl with ''A'. To iiuikc iiiu«\v, 'l-clo,s-!:olom\ 

AX^tKL, 71. -?iii skiilknlsttlts Ivoliii/.uUMi, hn i.'[)ski\\\ki\\nUiA. 

AN'GET.l'S, Tlu', hn (•liochchis. 

AXGHI?, }i. Saiint, S'eho;nl'li;ls, Xdiurni'it-l.sten. 

Aiii;i'y, «. To i^ot uni^ry, ('liiiu's-aiiiili, (Miiucs-chgiit ttisi. To be 
anifiy, 'Cliinos-aimt, ('hiiicscliifiit/tols'. 

AN(r-hK, n. Corner, Ks-koe. 

Aimle, r. /. (Jliines-kakunieioi. 

Aiij>ler, /(. Sgiikakameiein. 

ANIMAL, 11. Qim(lrii])e(l^, (riiigiioiul. 

2(1 Doineslic ninuKils, (iatl/.ii'.. 

ANKLE, n. Skolcheinzinshin. v 

2(1 Sore iinklo, Cliin-kol/alziiisliiii. 

;M Sprained ankle, Chin-kohnalkuziiishiii. 

ANNOT'XCK, /". 1. los-uiimiim. 

ANNOY, r. t. See Vex, Trouble, Bother. 

Annoj'ed^ (t. To he annoyed, Chin-shal. 

ANOINT, c. t. Ie,s-p('illeiii, fes-ptani, les-minem. 

•Jd To anoint with perfumes, les-sinem. 

ANOTFIKI', (I. 1st Not t!ie same indinidiia!, inanimate, Nko ; an- 
imate, Chinaks. 

2d Not ol" the same kind, different, Ks-ligideni. 

ANSWKI}, r. /. C'hinesdvolktieMgii/.ini, Klikolkuclsten. 

ANT, H. Sgiignie. 

AXTK("KSSO|{, Lu sgushiit. i'iiis, the antecessor ot J>co, 'Pius 
lu sgtishiits lu Leo' ; Leo has Pins tor his anteL•e^sor, *T Leo 
II sgiishiitcmis 1u Pius'. 

AXTKLOPI-:, /!. -Fikaelsrhin. rnnde); Antelope skii, (male), L- 
Icacls'ehiiielgii ; fli'male) Staaii ; OeinaU' skin) Stanlgii. 

ANTIPATHY,/!. Saaime. 

ANTIPODKS, n. 1st The land on th(> opposite lower side, S'elie- 

2(1 The land on the opposite side, S'chemlnieut sl<')ligu. 

■"(d The people on the imaginary lower ]tlace, -Fill sktdigu lii Ikae- 



■till 'I'lio |tt't>|ili' oil 111*' ii|i|>i'r pluff, hii cliilkMliiliiliilij^u. 
ANUS, n. Siipdoten. 

ANVffi, n. Siit(M')nin(oii, Siitcttilolini. ' 

ANXlors, a. To lie anxi'iiis, ('liiii.<-iMMi'iit(l>i. < 'liiiu's-koltka- 



2(1 To 1)0 I'tii^t'i', ScH' Kui^tT. 

ANY, n. 1st lnlciTou;iitofv. oi- i:i tlii' iiiivwc!'. il is rcii'lci-i'fl l.iy llio 
vorlt 'c'p' |irotix(''l citlicr to the noun o;- vcrli. Is tlu'iv :iiiy 
ijooi! l)o\ y <A cplijcst tilii'il 'f Noiaiiy 'Tii cplczaiiiir ; Havi 


2il To a)i|i| 


•>.v 'fli 



A ku fpsi'ilcir 

not ItidoiUiy, 'Til t-plnrlviiir ; I diil ii(>t ^■ivf liuii any, 'Tii c))!- 

l<iii/,H('ii. SiH' Kp. 
AI'KIITn{K. II. Siulioinr|»iisl(M). • 

AI'iSI.AfO, /(. 1 r iiM'iI mnlor i!k' s:i<l<ilc. Xkapo. Nl<apoc!iiskiis;iH'. 
LM II iisc'l on tlic sailiiU', ('likaiKMi'i. Set- Kap. 
A !*()[,()(! IZM, r. i. ('liiiH's-konkons/.int'inWti, < 'liini"^-toi('Mifnri<ti, 

t 'liiiM's-totcny.iiuiiisti. 
Ap'islati/.f. '". '. ('liin('s-ji;()kons/.uti, < 'liinc.s-iu'lkons/.uii. 
APOSTLK, «. Apotiv, -Pill smimiini'iiiis .li'sii Kli. Ku skiilkulstells 

.Icsii Kli. 
AIM'AIJKIi, //. (ia/.iiuin«»>ii. 

AFM'KAW, )■. i. 1st Conu' to iiirhi. ('hinivs-laiikoi, Ks-laako. 
2<1 To muKi* om'Holfscon, ('liiiu's-lakonu'ii/uti. 

■j'[ To apiKMi' lu't'ore othors, C'liinos-lakonu'ii/.i.ti In I <inili-luin«''ls/.. 
Mil Tin- ti'uits appear, Ks-cliii-az'/.mi. Si'i' d'a/. 
AI'!*K.\SK, /'. f. Ics-H-i'diini, Ii's-kainpnii. 
2'l .\p})oaso liis aiiL't'i". Ics kani])ltt''in In ncliu;rit'trl.siis, IcsnnnH'l- 


••I 'V 

M To appease onesell'. ('liiiies-ninceielNi, ( 'liines-nkasnelsi. 

AIMM-rriTK T.. feel an appetite, Clnnes-nelinelsi. 

AlMn.K. II. Tine-apple, S/.V.ielie. 

I'lM'oiiinion a]iple, Sukaikaieis. So caileil l>eeansi' tliey Ininl llie 

leelli : My tecih atv Itoutid, soiireil, •( 'Min-nkaik.-iieiv'. 
."M l)i'y-a])pl«s. (lainip snkaikaieis. 

Al'lM-V. r. f. A Mister, ])onltice, Cliiiios-zpakaini, ies zjiaUein. 
.\pply to one, les-eligiiioni. los-choiuistein 


yon killeil anytliiuii; '/ -A l;ii ej -'/.pnU' ^ Have you any food? ■ AlTltOAC 

2d .V persol 
dii' ■•>l A persol 

In the positive sv'nse it is i\'!idereil liy the verW rtJative in 
or 'shitem'. (iive in(> anvthintc. 'Ko n'ui/.sht tee I'sleiii' ; F did B4th A peiv 

.")lh To app 
()lh To apj) 
1, 'Ies-1 
Koie, A 
2d llol'uiTiii 
•.'A Uofcrnn 
ifuin' ; ': 
ineii in 
2d To a,u;ro< 
APT. <(. I Si 
th(! rad 
Apt to hi! 

apt to 1 
2d Aptitn<l( 
radieal. -Vp 
AlUSH, r. i 
2d From Ui 
ARM, n. S' 


i, < 'liiiu.'.s-Uiiltka- 

'li. Is tluMV iiiiy 
[)\r/Miiii\' ', ilavt- 
''i' VMii Hiiy t'doil 'f 

•l» rcliitivi' ill 'shi' 
tt'c t'stcrn' ; F did 
liiiii any, 'Ta cpl- 




Kii sUiiJIiiilstells 

I siiiiK/lniin'Isz. 

stis. Icsiiiiici'I- 

they iiiinl (lie 

«'s /|ialc('iii. 

APPOINT, r. t. Ul To iianuv Hx, los uitiii 

Jd To appoint to an otHtr, los-ti'MliilsluMH, Ii'H-lkoni, IcH-kolcni. 

AppoirittMl, Clio-ti'ii to do anythini; Cor Uio a|»poinl(.'i', is ronddivd 

l)y 'n^rn' pivtlyi'd t<j llit,- radical. My woi'knian, 'l>;;ii-kt'iU'nr ; 

My (»vl>l•^*et"• 'I-N^n cliitiin'; 'My liorso guard,' I-sgntla^kti- 

,«"*"'• i 

APPHKCIAT!-:. r. t. loskntiMu'lscm. 

APl'UlSK, c. /. To ffivii notic'o, li's iiiiniisliiU'iri, It s-/.u!icni, Iis- 

APPKOAC'II, v.t. 1>I A plau', h ^-.lichlili-iiuiu in. 
-d A pi'i'son from thf IVont, h^s-cliizilslicni. 
•Sd .\ pi'rson from the sidi', Ii,'s-(lisuj;-ain. 
4th A |>».'ison from lu-iiind, li's-nclii/niclK'm. 
.■)lli To approach j^cnlly, stealthily, los-vMiclom. 
(llh To approach the s^-ater, a siroam. Chi/iutiknl. 
APPIJOPlflATK, r. (/. 'L'o take to him.sidl, Ist as rdato.l to tlu- 

person appropriating^, is ren^lered hy the j)ersonal pronoun. 

I, 'leskoiom', Thon, 'As-anuu'n.', \Ve, 'Kaes-kaenipileni'. See 

Koie, Anui, etc. 
2d Rel'errin;^ to the act of appropriation, lesknmni, les-kolsteem. 
'.)\\ Heferrmu; to the oI»jiM-l ajiproprialed, the ohjecl is made a viM'li 

iiistriimc:ilal ; v. (j. I api»ropriale to myself the hoiist', 'les-zit- 

ij;iim' ; I a|)proiH'iale to myscdf the roan horse, '(iatl/.iii'emen 

snuamUam' ; I ai)proprialc to myself tlie white l-iankel. 'Zize- 

men hi ipik'; Yon appi'opriateil to yoiirstdf my ci-avat, "Ko- 

skale))semeltifii In iskal«!'p>'. 
AIMMJOVK, r. ^ Isl T.. he ]. leased with, les-o'estcm'incm, le-s-cii- 

2d To ai^roe, Chin-ziUi a. 
APT. (J. 1st the passive aptitmU- is reiideri'd hy 'lUem' afli.xed to 

the radical, which nsnally rv-diiplicates the last consonant. 
Apt to he made, 'Korintom' ; Apt to he seen, 'rdiclji'item' ; Xot 

apt to be caui^ht, 'Tas az'zntem', 
2d Aptitude to do anythinu; is rendered hy *mi'itcm' atliixi'd to tlie 
radical. Apt to ilo, 'Koleniutem' ; \\){ to catch a hnrsc. 'Azmi'itcm. 
APiDOn,/i.8uihiilt. SeeX'l. 
AlilSK, V. i. 1st from sitlin«f, Chincs-teshilshi. 
2d From laying down, Chinos-gnlilshi. 
WIM, n. iS'chmigan. 



2(1 liOng arm, TJsshinay;aii. 

;M To sti'oteii ihv arm, ("liiiios-gupiniiguii!. 

4tli Swolloii arm, Skui.^'an. 

Tith Sore arm. Zalaj^aii. 

(itli To broak ono's arm, Cliiues l;ao]'agaiii. 


arms, ». 


capoiis in ii'i'iK'i-nl 

Ni:;a/A'lstcii. Soc (<az. 

a])imii, Skiirhol, Sklii'iirl.vl, 

Arm, r. i. Cliiin's-iiiiaztMsi, Cliiiio.s-kueiu'Isti. 

Sijlolima'.ks. I lia\t a coal ol'sU'al 


<'l.'ll 'Cll 

.VI{M01{, Coat of slcol, 

AHOMATIC, ^?. Ks-'osalka. 
AI^OUXD, pnp. 1st ncinici-^.I l>y iilacin.!;' tl,.- vr 

and 'i/.c'. Cdvi'Vi'd around, '('l)iIiLi,iiizc'' ; Shining all around, 

'(.'h)>eii'u"izc' ; ('|i>;!n around, 'Chivukuph'^". Scr ( li, ("rowd. 
2(1 To ifo aiound, Cliinrssilclu'iui. Sci' Surro'.md. 
.'id To go around, at random, (Jliincs ^ustiduisi. 
4tli 1 liavo it around, I am surronndrd liy it, Ciunis-iliNih'lii/.i' t — . 

or, To8-«'lisiI(lM/A'ni, 1 havo lliorns around u\\ heart, 'hu i.— 

])Uus os-clisdc'hi/o Icpl-luhu'h'A'', ■//■ ('lisiichi/.i-t'invii !u iiddulu- 

Hill Around the nc(k", K.s-k:il6])s. Soo Kalrji.-. 
<»th To lio around, but riot fill around, Ks-luko. 
7th To place aroun<!, not all around, It's-lkom. S(.'(' h\in. 
Sth PlaciMl around the head, Ksdkokein. 
AHOUSK, r. t. lesdsiileni. 
AliRANGH, r. t. lesdvoli'm, les-iia/.mim. 

2d To arranu'c by jiuttinii; several ])i(.ces t(ii;etiier. les-niimini. 
Arrani^'O, ?' /W'. To arrani;'e oneself, (,'hinesd<olenii>li, ( 'hiiies-iia/.- 

AlMiAY, n. i'laeed in array, in a line, one af'ti'i' ll;e oiiiei-. Ms Ij.e- 

AiJIIE.ST, r. t. 1st To capture, lesdvuniin, les-lchiiii. 
2(1 To stop, Ti^s-tolpnn. 

;>d To ari'c.-.t by cattilung one by the wai.-^l. It's-goi usem. 
4tb To arrest an enemy by band, les komnlem. 
Arrival, n. The arrivini;', Szkolelii/.sh. 

2d The stranger arriving, 8'('bii//zin. There is an arrival, a stran- 
ger lias come, 'P^jt-s'chiiz'zin', 
Arrive, r. /, 1st Tn general, to reach a point, <'hinesdvolclii/..'ibi. 

See Ileal 
2(1 To wa[ 
;{d To thcl 
hh Out oi 

r)iii To th 



(Uh To till 


rih T 

o :i (i 


Sill To the 
Dth Too la| 
lOth Just 
ilth Late 
12th Late i 
ir,lh Arriv 


Arrogate, (' 
xuti, C 
AllUOW, 'I 
2d Arrow \ 
•'M Arrow ( 
Itli Arrow 
olh To mal 
Oil. To thr 
X. B. In 

every 1 
AS, roiij. K 
2d 1 think 
•".d I Speak 
tth I do as 
.'ith 1 dress 
(iih 1 dress 
Tth I dress 

iriiol, Skiii'iii'i.xl. 

a cnal of St fill 

)!> lu'lwiH'ii 'ell' 
ling Jill jiri>iiii(l. 

^■s-rli^iii-!ii/.i' t — . 
y lu'arl, 'hn i>- 
iiivii 111 ii)I-lulii- 


-\u ( 'hiii(.'.>ii,'a/,- 


li I'ival, a slraii- 


AS' ' 17 

Si'i" Ucacli. 
:.M To water, riviT, Chiiics-ollcoi. 
od To Uie open prai'/ie, CLiu-poptleiu. 
4tli Out of the woods, Cliin-g'utp.salko. 
r)lli To the eommencement of a jioviod, month, vear oi' [dace, les- 

(1th Til the end oi' chisL' ot'a [lei'iod oi' time ui' plaec, les-nptleniu- 

Till To a dillieidt [jhice, tl'ii'K) ^''''"■'*^'^\ ('hiii-iitieei)us, Chin-kol- 

Stli To the end, to he .stuek, C'hin-idapaks. See |-jee, 
!ltli Too kite, Cliin-giizip. See tJoez. 
lOtli Just at meal time, Chin-npenchezin. 
11th Late in- niglit, Cliinos-eh.skukuezemi. 
12tli Lat<' in the evening, Chines-ch.s'ehlgumi. 
lolli Arnvu to the wiuter, <,'hin-chili.stthene. Arrive lo sjiring, 

'Chin-chiltimniene' ; An-ive to .summer, 'Chiii-ehikuilkane' ; 

Arrive to tlie morning, 'Chin-chilgaipeue' ; Ariive to thr 

evening, 'Chiii-eliilchlguene. 
AIJROGAXT, a. (Jussos. See (luas, Xgulgutzin. 
A ri'ogate, (■. /. Assume loo great power, rights, ('iiinr.>-chgu/.in- 

zuti, Chines-uchshiit'.s/aiti. 
AKiiOW, Taj.min. 

2il Arrow with th(! head of stone, Sinzelelisleii. 
od Arrow ot hone, Sinzenialisten. 
4th Arrow of iron, Snululemi'issei, ur Siiolt)limoslsten. 
otli To make arrows, Chinosdvol'li. 
0th To throw arrows hy llie hand, ( 'hines-ihui ; \>y tiie Imjw, 

\. 15. In compositioi'. 'il', 'el", 'al , have siiK-e heeii trans Icrred to 

every kind of ammunition and WL'a[ioii. 
AUTKIJV, H. Kakaiu. 
AS, ('OJij. Hsageil t — See Agal. 
1.M I think as — , Chiiies-nagalelsi 1— . 

:'>d I sprak as- Chines-egukuiii (-- (.'hines-ngiikun/.ini t--- Scr Sjicak. 
Uh I lie as— , Chiiies-ageili t — . 
"ith 1 dress as a iiKUi, v'hin-skallemugualks. 
(iili 1 (Iress us a w umaii, Cain-manialhs. 
Till 1 dressasan Amerieaii, Chin-soiaiialks. 






IMW lllMl;',!! 

18 ASS 

S(li T (Irosf-; lis 

Otli Asyo'.i i>l(.';isc, A-s]r,iUf<, 

ASCEND, r. l. < 'hinrs nuis.scl.slii. 



<l A 

sr'oiul a luoinilnin, ('I-.i'K-s-.'-hr.Iut: 

;?(! Ascoiiil a laddei-. (' 

liiii'.'s chiulsh! 

a ill (; 



IM 1 fmu i( (Hit 

lor ci-i 

•tain, I 

(1 r 


must asc 

M'taiii Il:a!, I !<ai'siiiii; 

AWnA^rKD, ^/. ToI..'a-!.anuMl, CI 
"J.l Ashanio^l of—, T'.v; zi-r.-Iu-inimMu. 
•M To make a'^liaincd, Fi 



>,1 'P 

o (-ica 

/'. IVoll.MDlM, 

Kor ashes, L 



n<] T» s('ait(M'a.;l.c' 
A SITC UK, <-,//•. L 
•-M T 

s on I !ic iicaii, ir-~ 

:ju<(.i'\i iii'.'in 


) "■') asii'M'c'-yaiiOshi! lii. 

Ill, ."^liorc 

ASTDK, ih^!-. 1st T,) p.!f :;.;.!-, ;,:, 

iM Oiilv In stori^ awav, Ics-i'Ikici 


li':-,'l I'. Uiu. 

I) lake asifi 



•ttli To -/n a'^idi^, C!iiiu>s-tl(:ki!!. 

'•til 'I'd sic]) asido ulT IIk' i-oad. Chiacs-ju'lh'.li. 

• ith To ])i)t asidi'j nol i'ov liidiiiL';, Iv->d<()!rliil('ii;iii 

ASK, r. f. 1st to I)Cii-, CI 



) iiMiuire, intcri-oii'a 

U-. I 



:"ld Ask ii(M>])l(' for infoi'jiiatio!!, Ciinu's-sidtuinslii. 

4tl) Ask tlio payin(':il of a d<l)l, CliiiK's-iiMMijd. 

"til Ask wha.t T won i;-;iniMii!i;, ''Iiin;'> ii; ali'^ii. 

tltli Ask iioniiission, (Miiiio.s-clisujdeinisli. St'c Sou. 

Tth Ask in inavviago, ros-iiseii/.iiuMii, rcs-galUt'iu. 

*^tli Ask tiro, Cliiiu's-iikuc'iipi. 

0th Ask i)!ir(h")n, Chiiicsdvonlcoiisziiuniisti. 

JOth Ask for help, Ii's-clioniislcm. Sih' Clii'ui. 

ASLEEP, a. Cliuios-ltslii. 

ASPElJSrOX, See Sprinklr. 

XSITRL, i: t. les ka^^^iiniiiHMii. 

ASSAA', SooTry. 

ASSEMBLE, r. /. Chiu'-'s-iauiiii. r. 1. h-, iaaiiuiii 

Assc'iiiMy, /(. S/.iaa, S/.iainilsh, Sniaiatin, 

ASSIST, Sec JLd]., Stand by. 

:i, I-:iii,-i',':i. 

. Sv'i' J'ivlUll 

(.'■■-1 1'l ;;iu. 


Ari) 10 

ASSOf'IA'I'l':. Willi 0111', r. ,'. Io.s-Ip;!il(-usc'iti. Src I,;i,iil, K'liu'uii- 

Ass(jc'iat<', ii. Srlla^i^t. • 

ASTC^NISir, r. f. ^^^■.•k;ls^ut^,'lu, Ii'.s-ji'.spur.i. 
As'u!!iislii".!, .■'. T" h:\ ('liiii-i<ussiis, Clili;-|i.-aji. 
Asiniiisliiii.;', -'. i\ I'l^iiUst, 'i'a^tr.l. 

ASTRA V, i!<!r. 'Vd o'i) n-;fray, d) !u' mil (»i tin.' voml, ('liiii-iiiss;ilia. 
:id To K-a !, liriii^- ;isti'ay, los-usiusfia, U's-iiis>..;'ika!ii, 
:M To ]}■• nut ol'si,:;'!!!, Chin-oast. 
\:-T!in>M, <.■■/.■-. To \k-, (n scl aNlrid.', Cliiin'.-.-clnM.iu' iisi, Chiucs- 

•J' Astrid'! on a tr!ic>', l.i.;:, ('liia (•liaiiiutalko. Sci'' Kniul, ijak-. 
AMl'XDKW, <u!r. Sei' Kvpam'u-. 

AT, ir'r. T.. ("i, !U()s(l\- oiniticii kv u>iiij; ikr wro lraii>iuvc. 
..VTill'lIST, Sli'iuIlcoiiii/.uK'ii. 

ATOXI'V"' ^- I':;])ia(i', Cknus nkolisusi, ( 'liiiu s-ii!v6lisi. ' 

ATTAIX, '". '. Tc i;\( aii;,thiiii; with an ciVurl, k's-Icoaiimu'iii.' 
.\')'TA('!I, /•. f. :-\-v Tic, Sliiiiy, (iluo, riiitc, Join. 
Atlachc'il, ii. Ist StroiiLciv adhiM'iiii;', CliinL's-cliaaz, (/liiiu's-rliaa/aiii. 

AVt' a:'o attar !um1 (o opo aiiotlier, 'Kacs-a/cais'. 
■Ji! So well iiiiitt'<l as to he one wlmk', Oil. ('hoHp. Altai-hod to- 

jjiidlioi", 'Ks-nolciis'. 
•"ill To f'l'il altachnu'iit ior an nliji,';! or jicr,-oii, Ii's-krii^'tvin. Vou 

ai'i^ allarhed to yoar nionoy, 'Ku-es-chau/; in I'an-ululini, ",■ !']s- 

ki'ii];-toiiisti!;ii 111 aii-iilnliiii. 
AT'I'ACK, '". /. h's (■hu.'iit'lini'inoin, /■/. I\ar.> ciiuui/ailriu. Sco (Jui, 

Jd Attack an 'Mii'iny, (■liiin's-(IiL;'iilinniskclii:;ui. 
Attack, ;,'. S'chi;iit))miNkcli:i;ii. 
ATTKXTK /N, /^ 'I'o pay alicniioa iu wliat wc near, ( 'liiiics-^cu- 

nci, < "Idncs-scMu'iinti, ('liincs-ntl<iikiicnci, rjihics-iiiiitciu'i. Sec 

Sonne, Cliiit. 
I'd 'i'o pay allcniion in ln(d\iiii;'. (Jci-t n'> a>;;j;ani. 
;>d 'I'o L;'i\'e atlenliiMi ul' tlie iiiind, ( ' clikacl-i. 
I ill To draw ail.inlion i'nr iiuiiv i ial (|iiali'. ie>, ('id he,- ai-.uianb/'.uli. 
aili Aticiilioii I'jr moral (iiialilie-^, < 'Id;.. ^. :i/,_i;as/.uli. 
ATT!JA<T, r. (. Ies-zku!;iinrineni. ' See 'Auk. 
.\ttracled, (f. I feel aitraeled Iiy — , les zkiikuiiiuiein. 
AT'Dllil-K, (/. Suiinutein. 


20 AYO 

AUGER, ». -l-iLijoelisteii, Ji^'oinintoii. See ^jo:;. . '' ',,'"'•■/' '- 

AUCJUH, ?», S^Mimoi-fa. 

Anirnr )•. /. Cliinos iniiiixai. r 

AUX'P, /(. 1st ^fy (iithor's sistov, (hy u iniui). I-^kukni. . 

2(1 My fallier'.s sister, (by a woman), In-likul. <. 

'M LUy iiiDthcr's sistor, (Ity a man), In-kago. ■ ■ •' 

-Ith My mother's sister (l)y a woman), In-kago. 

Ath M3' wife's i'athor's sister, lii-)zozeli, 

0th My hiislniiKl's lather's sister, In-lzozch. 

AUEOlfA, n. Sni»ak-a/,in. See Paaka. 

AUTirOIUTY, H. Niopic'iiton. 

2(1 rt is mostly used in eomposilion hy ])lacini!; the verb between 

'eh — epile'. I sjx-ak with aiilhori'y, 'Chiiies-ch-kolkolt-epiler ; 

T judi^e, think, will with authority, 'Tes-ch-mi(''pih*m, les-eh- 

zoi!;o-t'pilem' ; I question him as judge, 'les-fh-sc'U-|)ilem' ; I 

send him with authority, 'los-ch-ku!st<>pilem. 
'M 1 bless, pray as suporioi-, les-eh-chau-pilen). 
4lh I exhort as ehief, lesv-h-naukan-epilom. 
')th T forbid it as fhicf, los-ch-jjjacnepilom. 
nth T calnmniftto him in eourt, les-oh-iokopilem 
AUTUMX, «. S'ehe(;i. 

AVAIli, (*. ^ 1st I avail nnsclf'of — les-tcm'm, Kolstem'm. 
1?ut it is better rendered by givint;; the ohjeet availed of the inslni- 

inental form of the verb. Seo Use. 1 avail mysolt of this 

horse, '(Jatlzinomen lie gatlzin'; T avail myself of your hat, 

'Koa/.kanemlzin hi an-koazkan' ; ITci availed himself of my 

house, 'Ko /.itgnmolts lu in/itgn'. 
2d With the verb gain- See (Jain. 

;M What avails it me? Tk-stem In shci ? Ikl-ntemten "i* See Tee. 
4th It avails, Nt^mtcn. 
.■)th Of no avail, Itcnenuis, Tam ntemten. 
AVAi'ICK, ». Sieiukue, SiekomiM. The former means the habit. 

the latter an aet ot rel'using to give one's goods to others 

through tenacioiisness. 
Avaricious, a. leiukue, Ikomemen, Zuziuehl. 
A VMXd !•:,*•. ^ les-eiehs'shten 


3(1 Avoi( 
2d To k 
;ld To k( 
4 til Fro Wi( 
Awake . 
2d To ta 
;!d To g 
4ih To ri 
")th To SI To tl 
7th To e: 
AWE, n. 
AWL, n. 
AXE, H. 1 


.\veiiger, n. Kiehs'sh/.uien, Sgnoiehse 
A\'()T1), r. /. Tes-golhienem, Ics-hincch'steii 
2(1 Avoid the sight of — Tes-menzom. 



ilcd of the iiisli'ii- 

lil inysolt of this 

s'sclf of voiir liJit, 

(1 Iiiinsolf (tf my 


3(1 Avoid for fear, or sliiucss, Ics-iuvkniniiK'in. Soo UakauUt. 

AWAKP', a. To be awuko, IhI Not to sleep, 1-diiii-giius. 

2il To keep onsclf iiwake, ('hiues-gusseinisti- 

;ld To keep tiiiotlier awake, not to let liim sleep, lesg-uiisim. 

4tii From being asleep, breaking up tlie sleejt, ("liiues-kcilti. 

r)tli Wide awake, Gusgust. 

Awake v. f. les-Keiltem. 




ive, (• 

i. ('liinos-kdilti. 

AAxakoner, n. Sgiikahumsli. 

AWAY, iidc. 1st To be away, I.eliin-eho. 

2d To lake away, Icseliomem, Ics-guiem, les-ilckiim. 

;>d To go away, Cliin-giiisti. 

-lib To run awav. Chines telkuml. 


r)th To send away, les ozkaeni, lesineeminem 

i)tb To throw awa^'jTesgoelem, lesiskolcm, les-zkaminein. 

rtb T 

earrv awav, Ies-a;uiusem 



AWE, n. To be in awe, Chines-iaamini, les-j)6tee 

AWFUL, a. luiiit, Xpuluten, Xgallutein. 

AWHILE, adr. hinhc. 

AWL, n. Tckomen, Ptptkominem. 

AXE, n. Sli<demin. 

AZUHE, (/. CIiai--akVskat, lit. Skv-Iike. 






BHLKIJ, IK KolkoKul. 

BY, n. Ogtelt, Skukiiiinelt, y//. Sz'/.iuiell. 

riIKL( )]{,/(. Tituit. 

Old baclu'ioi', < 'liiii-clienicbemiiuiiil 

■''■' ■■ 1st 'I'iie whole ofa man's li:i(k, S'cliik'lieiiKui'ligii. 

(Ml. Ill cDiiniDsiliiiii 'ii — 

Se>' Cliem. 
111 (•()in])osilii>ii 'ii- 

i\, //. isi 1 Ml! \\ 11.110 1)1 a man s ii:i( k, .t (•iiin.'iu'iiwiii'iigii. 
riie hind ])art of a man, Snchemichen. In (•om])osilii>n 'ii- 
ichen'. I arrive at liis l)aclc, overlake liim. Vies n'cliiziricln 
iiem' ; 1 (urn my liaek *Chinos-iu'nii,'iK-liini' ; Heavy loaile 
(in tlie back, •( Janu' eliiiii' ; Soit iiaok, vl'ls-hpo/ehini' ; 1 stano 
at his l»;iek', 'les-nt'slielehielinem' ; 1 lay at liis b.ick, "les-iilko- 
ichiiuMn' ; 1 «it al his back, Te.s nemtiehinem." Soe Saddle, 




I'.Mck, ]>();i.l. 

'M Till' middle ^nwi of llu- li;icK-, Iwins, S'd 

1 'iii>ii> 



I I'iMiijK.KiiliDii 




!-y > 


1 I ho loAvor |); 


'•-i'i;( |). !;i (•,i;i)ii.)..;i(ioii ' 


Avliip 'liiii "!: 


III • I:!'!:. I 


vs >]n 

I)noI<, 'fos-tkoopiloMi' ; T 'Aoiirid lii-n.iick wit! 
strmiuMil, ';os liioiiilcm' 

piloiii' • I )iiit it oil Ills 

a iiojiiti.'(l ill 

r)tli Muck ofMii aiiiiiKi!, S!i!:,:;(iic|n.|i. 

<!lll Ikck Oi'n IlOllso, r"!ioiii]iul(.L;;;i. 

Haols, aih: V\-~. To ■■■>, I,;ir 

Oipololllisi';- To ;..;iv,' tin 

l<ili!i)' ; To conic li;ick, ( '!; 

, '('!i; 
,1- ii; 

•<iL 'Ii 


tiii'ii li;i( 

!,■,,. I- '<• 


!,i;-ui:'.!tcir; To take Lack", K!- 


l?ack, r. f. Ut To l>ack Imi's, s, cf.'.. F 




)!n-ons Amoricani-ni'! ; l( 

lai.ciii, ( h\- 11, 


d To turn kack an 

.1..: ?1 

;{(! 'r 

>ii liis liack, [c ■-rl 

lat ai-c riMiii: 


Uh To siinji 

scccid, Ic>;-o!ky.|ii(( 

P.ack. /■. /. Tst To kack oaf of a I 

!('• -n.'Vi/.tiisi'ni. 

v-iuMisi, Chines inu'Mii.i. See T-k 

iar:j;aiii. cn-'n-'cinenl. Cim! 


d To pnll I)ack, ('Iiincs-niuMi|>i. 




lia(d<l)ito, r. f. Tos-nc! 
riackhitcr, )K VU 


u/.iiicnicit, (if addwl, d (o) ; Tk 

>f a ])orson) ; Si.;uu<''kiizin, (it'd 



one on sonn 


cn(n|\- s ac 

HACK-IlorsK, „. S 


IJAT). Tide. I 

n oonijiosition '(.'Iios- 

BADCH, II. Cliniiiten. Clistio-iiskcli.ii'iitcii. 
H.VDdKlf, H. Siiifoii>;o|(M!iin,Sin'()i, ,•(■,. 

i5An,rPhitkcads\ r-hk 

IM Td-awl.a- Tkikane 

• !d fiinon l)!iin', Sjiezon. 

4tli To open a lia;,', lcs-k(diiitelii|i 

>f';iicii^ ; (Kalispc|s\ 'I'h'ik 



■ )|li lo 

a iKXi!: with uTains. T 


I>A(;<r'A(n';, «. Stakcl^ui. i.l. ,v!;ainnc!; 


r. I. 

'I'o (ri!;c t!ic water oaf of';, |)-,;,t, Ckines n^ciiili 

/'. ''Iitkokaniiet 


I'jAKK. r. ;. Cliines-kolci.i. Sec Koli. 
\hk>'r, n. S^nikolepem. S;.,'!ik.dpul 


;{d Iligli I 

<. fii c'lmjio.siiiDii 

i' ; I )in( it Mil Ins 
it!i a iioiiiii'd ill- 

turn !i:ic!c, 'Cliiii. 
ro t:tki' l.nclc, K|- 


I'.'Ill. ('iiiijrs-iic!- 

S(I1U('1h wlv's ;U'- 


liakrn, )i. Siikolcplcii, ShkoljiuK'^iiU'ii. » 

DALAXCK, Si-o Scales. 

IJalaiK'c, r, /. Jcs-kcUsn. . 

:.M TlK-y Icilancc ouc iuiotliov in wi'ii^Iil, !']--ki.'U;;iU'!iii;\i;'ui. 

1)AL1>, a. Cliilokokaii. Sou -huko. 







'2d IJaU; 1)1' blaiila'l;<, C'lia/,;']'!/.!.'. 
BALK, /■. f' lialk, ivs-gal^'ali'ini.-li 


a/ nail, ."1 (.iiCliL>'i'uim' 

2i\ To play al liall, J']s-j)kult'iiii. 
;Jil Ti) wrap lip in lialls, Ics-l-IiVii 
llli M.ii;mCi.'(. lialls, Iiiuhnilko. i;. 




1 1M1H.\ 

Skoiiuiiioii/ut, Slcl 
i)A.\' A ( 'J: LVDI AXS, O-'oizo. 

'a;\. Src' Uaiifo, 

I'll ; iiaiKia 

'II- iJn' iK'ad 


U 11, LkoivL'iuti'U 
'r.\j>;j> ul' li;;'-. ( 
Land:;, *(i^)^;ak^lls' 

if ; (.)! 

ir i:an.i. 

li li.-iL'ii: 





d \ li'i)()j) ol' nuwi, "s line] 


1) tioop'lfliij;ii 


ihe'iii intii to hanu:-, 'Ie.s-i.'.si.dtliy;tiiu ; I nialui oia' baml ol 

theni, l\ s-nkoeliiruiii 






liaudaii-o tlie head. 

'' ; naiidai;'e tlu' luot, 'L-'s-cludclisliininr ; ISand- 

ai>v llio v've:s 'Icf-ilii'i'iisoin. Sec Iclir. 
IJAXISir, r, t. ro.s-nicL'ininL'ni, Icy-u/diacin. 

BAIS'K, n. ()!'a i'ivcr, lak;-. Isl Tl.i' stL'e'j) clovatiun, So1<1k.'(/.1ii. 
-d Sliui'v, Sg-a/am J On iIk' .•>In)i\', "iiii ^s^•a■/'l^l. In (■oin[)()siti<>n 

' — zinc'tiku'. 
od ll\g\i bank, Ks-iilpapiia. 
4ili Ot'oasy aocoss, J-o-OH/.iiu;iikii. 
.")lh IJi)ii;^li bank, I-eliusziiiL'tikii. 
(lib IJocky ba.ik, Ks-.sboiisIint't.iku. 
Till To rcacli tlie shore, ('hiii-fb'/iicUkii. 
Nth To stand on the shore, ('liin-euhsiisli/au''l.iku. 
Dili To walk on the shore, ('hin-gu:sgu.--/.neliku. 
r.AXKliUPT, a. IJiiinod. (Iiitein's/a'il. 
ILVXC^TKT, II. Skolsiiizut. 
IJainpiet, r. /. ('bines kolsinzuti. 
r>aiH]iiet, V. t. To give a l;anijueL to, les kol/iiU'ia ", 1 givo u baiii^iud 




to my soil, '('llilH.,s.Ii,,|/,i,u'.It|'; I ^•ivril l)lll,nlU>t |o tlu- |)0OpI( 

HAI'TISn, «. i,„ ||,.,t,.|„. 

njiptizi', r. f. Ics-II)!iti'iiirm, li's-K-nli.,,,, Trs-iualicm, Ics-;u;ni/,U 

-Pill lltMtt^m. 
'Plu> S])('Ivaiis,i's|(;,||_v I'roU'.stiiiils, sav Ics-I>ai)t 



HAUK, </. I-lo!<. IJaiT r..Mt(..|, 'Ks-|,||pt|siriir; n-.u-v. IhskI, -Ils-ptl 



Marc, r. f. To iincov 

vv any luii'l cl'llic \hu\\ , 'rcs-clirlK'n 

HAIfrJAiN, So.. Tradi 

■-M To hivak a i)ai'i;viiii, < 'liiiirs iu'lkiiriiciisi. Sec f.ko. 

.'M To iiiako a liar^-aiii, Kacs-kaiiikaiiiilslii. 

till To cDiicIiiilc a liai.iiaiii, ICaos-uis'kaiiikaini^ilii. 

MA UK, )i. TIic outside hark, (^liiI(M.;ii. 

'-M Tlic inner dark, ZeLiiiie. 

.'Ill To take oil' tlie dark lcn.i;tli\vise, ( 'liincscliuiiil;',ll;,,i. 

Ml) To take it all around, Cliinoscliauinrilkoi. 

Atli To take (lie innci' dark, ('IiiMc>;-;'liz,i;'iiiiiII 

HH' euiii. 


hark, r. i. 


en ; Uani lor calllc, Suljiiciil'sk 


iJAin.EV, //. [.oi-ire. 

I>A|{\, II. For grains, Snsj)keii,t 

HAIJKKL, y*. Chilmze. See (i tin. 
!>AIJ!?M\, (/. AVonian, Cliistcmell. I'arrcn land, It 
r.AIMJTKlJ, See Keiue, Treneli. 
HAS ir KIT,. ,/. Zecslu-nien, Iaiaskalii;'iil. 
l?ASI.\,/(. Wnsli l>asin, Sii/.eMsleii. 'I'alde liasin. Kanel/.i 
i5ASKKT, «.(;nlielien. 
HASSO, ),. Xiolkan. See luit. 
r.ASTAIM), ,(. 
15ASTJ0X, /i. Sinilo. 
15AT, //. Telteleiue. 
UATir, /). S/.uidsI), S/,V-oozaiilsli. 

I'd IkUli-rooni, apparatus, jtond, Sn/.oo/.aidslitcn. Sec Z 
:id Steaiu lialli, SlakaisI, /. ,■. to h 


.ini'\- one.stdl' in a swcal Iiou- 

liatlie, r. i. ('liines-/iuiWn, C'iiim's-/.oo/.aulslii. 
-M To take an Indian steaiu Italli, Ciiiiicsdakaisti. 
;ld .\ t'ootdjatli, ('liincsd<aiiitetikiii. 
iJatlie, r. f. I(>s /.oozjuksliciu. 

ilH't l«) (lio 


<''iii, Ics-^ri 


Mi'(! Ii(;;iil, 







>'(' Cl'llll. 

If, ■'^iiljiiriit'sku- 



t:i|)( l/.r 

fATTLE, n. .Spelstucgii, Silinut^f^u, 
1 liatllo-ficlil, Snapclftilut^gutoM. Soo Kij^lit, War. 
AWDY-norSi':, «. Snuiuigulen. 

A Y-iroUSK, I-ptgii. • 

IK, Tu, )-•. .su/as. 1st vVll iiouiisi, adjoctivi'S and advcrlis, (iciiiiito, iii- 
cludu already tliu vorb he, sjini)ly \>y dropi)ing tbu ai'tiftio Mu'. 
Ill' i.s an Indian, 'SUcligu' ; The Indians, 'i-jii .sktligii'. She is 
Mary, 'Maly' J Mary, 'Lii Maly'. llo Ih God, 'Kolinzuion' ; 
Clod, 'Lu Kolinzutou'. IIo is good, it is good, '(rosl' ; Tlio 
good, 'J-iU gc'st'. 1 an\ cliici', '('iiin-iliniigiim' ; I, tlio child", am 
l»oor, 'hn chinilinilguni, u chin-iionkoint'. I am, it is I, 'K<;ii''; 
I myself, '-Lu koi6'. 
li. Whon connecting adjectives to suhstantivos notieo must be 
taken which of the two is afl'octed by lJ»o verb he, and then 
tiiat one is placed first without tiie article and followed by 
the other with the article, v. (j, God is good, 'Gest lu Kolin- 
7,uten' J Mary is the virgin, 'Maly lu stiichmish' j Mary is a 
virgin, not married, 'Stiichmish lu Maly'. 
Ld To he, when used with nouns or adjectives indefinite, is render- 
ed by 'ep*. I call indefinite the nouns, etc., preceded by the 
article a, <tw, some, any. There was a man, 'Ep-skeligu' ; 
There is a (Jod, 'Epl-Kolinzuten' ; There are bad ones and 
there are good ones, some bad, some good, 'Kphgest, u cpl- 
tcie. Evidently this verb cannot have but the third in<lefinite 
person, because in the phrases, I am, thou art, etc, the per- 
son cannot be more specified. 
lr>oth make the subjunctive with the 'k'. I am good, 'Chin-gcsl'; 
I must be good, 'Chiks-gcsti'; Thou art chief, 'Ku-ilimigum' ; 
Thou must be a chief in deeds, 'Kuks-ilimigui' ; There is a 
chief, 'Epl-ilimigm' , There must be a chief, 'Kaepl-ilimigum'. 
[.'VI When governing a substantive governing another substantive, 
namely a possessive, to he is rendered by 't' prefixed to the ob- 
ject possessed, and the possessor is conjugated as in paradigma 
(2). i am the mother ol God, 'Ko-skois t-Kolinzuten' ; I am 
chief of the Kalispels, 'Ivo-iliimgum t-Kalispclini' ; You are 
the father of Paul, 'Ku leeus t-Paul' J Wo are the masters of 
our hearts, 'Kae-chcltichlils t-kac-spuus' ; He is Ihc slave of 
the devil, '.Skoangais hi t-.sgotlcmcn. 
N, U. If the 't' is not prefixed, then the sentence looses tbo mean- 




ID!; »»f Itcinir, rciniiins ;i iKnm ii'ovoniin;^ jniotn','!' 'loun 



MiM'ilIii;.; !i vcrit for itw siiiii'm't. T, iv-oIImt of Paul, 'K<)-H!;ui 
IVitil' ; Til!' .--Imvc of'llic (I 'vi!, 'fill i'lofni;;!;!,-; Ill sn;nM (,•;>,«.(> n. 

Itli 'I'll 111' ii>. Ml hiiDu'. Chines cinuti. 

."(li To lie, 111 n'mniii iii wwy ji!;k'", Cliiiii's h.i;, 

tilli f mil licrc", !i' Ici' 11 cliiiK's I'liM. 

Till I mil :il)s('ti(, I-chiii-(li(). 

"^tli 1 :mi jin'siMi', Cliiii-sluM. ^ 

Stii 1 Mm aiiKHio', r'liiii-iislu'i. 

r>I'' \T)S, ,v. 1st A-i lu-rklaiH! of li.'iiils, Sk;il('i)s. 

'.M flraiiH (Milciiil;iiinius-.i<, y)f. clirj/.h 





lictids, (.'lii/,il<iizilviis. 

:!^l H-;iil^:, IJosM'T, V- Hkii. T U'l! tla' li-ails, •' 'I.mks rliiiu: In 1\- 


ni'lAIJ, r. /. ls( Til (Miiliiro, Ics nii'iulsiMii. 
:M To I'vodiicc, ros-l<i)Iiloiii, {'lil;i")IiK'in. 
'■' I To lirii>;;- 'ortli ynmi;;' o!n's, h'> tkui'li 
Mriiijj;, ('iin-y, Fetrli. 

Soi' 1. 

'Ill, lOS cliKol 

iltcin. S 

■Itli 1 cMiinot lioMi'liini, [os-iu>(. lii'lscni. Sco Khv', lo. 
I^'iir, r. I. (""liiiv.'s-iiifMiIsi, fliiiu'skulili. I cannot h'-'ar, 'Ta 

IVKAK', n. niaek licar, Xlaiiikac. 
'Jil Ciriz/ly liciir, Snii^i'iclicii. 

!iil Tho coiistollalioii ol' tlu' hoar, Smjjcicluiiaskat. 
Uh To (livss a-, a 1.; 


'•.\y ti) (locoy (lu'iii, <'liim's-iti^i'i(!ii!u\!I;?<i 
lUvVRT), n. Siip/.ln. 
HKAI{Kn. i>. Sgukoi'll, (il'iKU'kiii,!^); Sgiiiiknni, rkiinr.utv ii. 

ME AST,?!, (ill 


To inaki' a iK'asl of <iin.'M.'ir, '('Iiin-koli.-it, 







MI'IAT, r. f. Seo strike. Isl To oxcoll, les-clin-o/.'/nuiieii 

•>,l 'V 

I To win, Ii'.''tl('guinMii. 
(1 To jirevail on Jjiin, res-ikom, f^kniiteii 


Tlir liearl Ix'al', Iiiuikiiinukii, l!>-!i( 


ill 1- 


PiKATITUDK, n. Isl The rejoieiii-, SleininsziU. 

L?il The cause o( lieatilinU', XinOlstcn, (,'hIenunszuU'ii. 
I'.H.VT'TIFUL, a. Cost, Sumumt. See Uiiu'iiuL How heaatiriil, 

fill SJJOSt. 


,i New lit] 


Id A heavl 
llh Til I'l'l 
a'.. 'I'o ;j,i 





(I'reeii heads, TMikoil-oiMi'is' ; lied heads, 'C'hkulkulliisc' ; lira.- Bi', i;i' 

I'll hy 
'.:.] ilv a n 

;;'Ood, ' 

; ! I'.y Vlie 
linnl' 1 

|ioor, ■* 

lih I>y ••I'ii' 

•ha ;'.kr 

'hu ma 

15 ".•oine, r. i 

ll. h(U'0 

lUeeoiiiinj;-, ( 

2.1 I'll! 

jr.KD, ;'. Sn 

2il r.ed-fl.M 

oil JJed-iiui 

Jkh !)ed-tir 

l.ilh To <fo 

JUKKF, «. > 

lijHi'yr, n. I 

I', K FORE, 
wen I 


; aiiodi.M* iioiin, I)iif 
')!' Paul, 'K()-.s!:6i:- 
; !ii sgfi{'K':r.(Mi. 

iKAVKl:, ". 1st SlvuH-ii. 

W liOlMl bl'llV 



vri', .Si'.iii.'); Ills sUiii, 'r-ziiii^ii 

i> tail, •.•>/.!!- 


|.nsu|ih' ; His lirad, S/.i^i'saial 
,1 A lii'iivri' (nu- yc'iir oltl, Skoi. 
lull '\\> Iniit iK-avc:-, {UiinoK-fhskalriti,'!, Chiin'-aziiii. 

Lili "iv p;i> III ^'Ci" ll'^' iH'avi'C IrapH, ('!ii;i(!. llti-mi. 
|l'!'l(^\^^■^!''., .■■',//;. X^li. l?iit usually liu' Iiiiians phi'i' lli 

1:1 ('i)li- 

lllicl;!'!! 111! 

t lu'l'div llir rcas.iii ;;'i',cii, lull, Ih'I'iiit llu' |plirasi' ) h:: 

lr;i!l ■, •('lii]Viii;is' , 
<:iillviillir~:c' J lira. - 

liiius i'liii;u 111 W'i 

s clikoIilkMii. S '■■ 

ili:lil,lli'lU', lit' 


M>r tins I ..I'iii'vc, lu'iaiifc _y 

Ml ^lluU(•, '^Niil ( lilll 

li !;ii-kt)lk'H'll, "/• Nr'i kii kulkoi ll, go] h' i cliiii-ii'Mi- 

Sc»! For. 

l',K(X)Mlk '•. /. T();;r( 

()\.' ii\' .-low ri'iici' 

ill In aiiylliiii^", i'« ii'ii'UT' 

vie !ii!u'i!I;:-ii. 

•fli; 'Chin-koli.-^f, 


Ut'I/A', r-ui';-. !u i- 

How lu'aiitii'iil. 

(Ml hv iiic 

junn iii'lki' vi'i-!i iii''ii-ialivi', '--ih-Iii'. i Iic( ouu' n'.- 

'liin-:'-csllIsh ; I liccoiiic uis", •( 'liiii-j)aii;|)aglilhl 

L''J V'V a iiaiMvnl pi'occ' i; it is n'ii<li'i'( '1 liy llu' ('(irm in "---i 

-iiiii;, or 


(!iis latdr inosllv with oipjvcl* aiiiniad'. I Ii'm-di 




:;'<>o(k ^ 'l.!iH's-:;rsti' ; I ln'coin;' tirt-i], M 'niiu's-iii-'oti' ; 1 l»cc(iiii 

i;i:i(!, '('hiiM'-'-aiinti' ; ll liccnim'--. ;!ry, 'lv^-L','aniiKii'r ; It Ijcciii 

|,ii::i', 'I'l-^-talidni' ; It liccomos lionMid, 'ivi iiicl|fini'. 
,; i :;v file's iMTtioii, '('!ii;i-k6!ist', (I make jiiysrlfj ; 1 lieiMiiic 

iinur l',- ir.y (iwn (IcimJs, '( 'hiiikiMisl rliiii-liunkifin;" j 1 lujcmiu' 

jKHir, •Olun-koiikoiiit'. 
till V,\ claii.'Jiiui;' iiatiiic, ( 'iiiii-ki'-'il. 'l''li<' imi| liccaiiu' :i snake. 

•hii ;'.I;iii;cIi.-^tci'. k('!:l t's''lu;.;i!r" ; 'I'h:' '\.'.-A lu'i-uuc inosiiuitiu'.-, 

'fju malt kt'ilil t'soh'iks'. 
P. ':'()ino, r. f. To lit, l)i'h:).'V.\ ll-lu'riii. i i 11 ■cnMics iiic, • K () .s'laTai' ; 

It. Iku'ouk's us, 'Kai's-lu'i'li'ililt. 
lU'C'oiaiiii;', t(. 16. 

2i\ l'iil)CConiiii,u;, Tas-io. 
jr.KD, //. Snit'sliiloii, Siitkotiii. 
12(1 iii'il-doihos, II. ('hilii'ui/.ttrn, Si/.ciii, sni/icn. 

1 iH'd-ii'.alo, Siikuk'lit'sli. 
Ikli licd-tiiiK', rliil'shU'ii. 

.)th To }^o to l)C(i, ('iiiiir.--lkuli. Send i'> ki '1, .'es-!I.citiiii. 
llUOKF, «. Skuititli. 
BEET, n. Red bod, Siij;iil, I,!iiitlwiii. 
I'EFORE, (iilr. Tlo. lii coiiipositictii •;— " i)reti.\ed tu the vei'k. I 


cat helove, 'Chin-t-uui' ; I Ijiiew it hcloiv, 'Es-t-inistLn' 

thoiiglit oi' it boloro, 'KiiM-paj^stt u. f told tlial bofore, T 



niiii'ltcn' ; f tiiakc it Im-Ckiv Iruid. Mcx (kulom' ; I «oo it li 
fore Imnil, 'loH-t-ulcho 


!K<((irt>, yi/vy. 1st In the prcsoiici', in lln> fiici', tiii rsniilclimolH. H( 
Clicni. You iuv Imlori' (loci, in Ins jji-i'scncf, *hi\ rHiiiiK'liMu''l>| 
Kolinziitt'ii u l<ii-l/,ii. In roniixtsition, 'mil — 61s'. T stand In 
('ire fioil, 'Ii's-niil-t'sIu'lsli-Mscni hi Kolin/.Afcn' ; I hit licfor 
liini, 'IoH-mil-c'nit-('Iscin' ; I lay it lu-f'orc liiin, 'Ics-mil-t'ldi 

Ifd In IVont of IIh' lions(>, in (he \ ai- 1, I/cIiincliiiuM^fu' ; To stuii 
Ix'I'ovf lilt' lioiisi(>, riiiiifH-cli-rchsns-chinMi^u' ; In front of (Ii| 
door, 'L'U()lincluMU(>ii' ; llo stands licfori- tlii' door, 'Esch-ocl 

'kl Opposite, T/stotslo^t. 

ttu lH'jluM' in diijnity, Ks-nsliii/.'in tt'l. IFc is Itfl'ori' inc, 'Ks-nsliii 
xin lol koiiV. 

lU'forc, pirp. nf ilinr 1st I'nM-cdini!; a noun in tlio past, 't — nil 

I arrived tour davs b'd'ore Sunday,' T-MKiskat in-cliaz 

Ills n cliiil 


2d Tn tlic present 'che t — ni.' 'riiere .are \i't four davsheforo Sail 

d;iy, '(^lie t-ni6skat m-clia/.t-us,, 
:M In the t'litiire, *ne cho t — in'. You Avill eonie four daj's -hcfoj 

Cliristinns, Nein k«-zgi\i, no elie t-nuVskat, ni-tapskcdij^n', 
•llh Procodinfjja verb, in tho sens** nf not i/ct, Zin/.i, Ta. I arrive! 

hot'., re he died, 'Ziu/.i tlil, ii chindcolehizsh, or Tas tlil u eliii| 

kolchix sh'. 
r)th Procedin'r a varh, in t1\o senfie of ludnij; near to (h) anylhinj^, 

rendered hy tiu' siniph^ moth- snhjnnctive, especially hoforl 

the partiei))le. Mefore dyin.i^ ho prayed, 'Lii k.s-tlilenii, slul 

chAnm' ; Hoforo you eonfoss (eonfessiiii;) you pray, ^hi 

no kuks-nmiponiist, m-kii chAiini. 
(»th Innnodiatoly boforo, (past) -J-iii jioln Ishoi n ks — ; (prosoiiil 

Potu ks — ; (fiitui'o) fill no potn Isliei in-k 

.hist hot 


<tartin<ij lie cried, ^h\\ potu Islu^i ii ks-inishi ii zkoak 


just boforo roceivini!;, 'Potu chiks-nkaezini' ; Hoforo dyini!; li 

will confos 

PiU no p('»t;i 1 shei m-kstlil, in-nmipoinist' 

ith To i^o boforo, (in tiino) fhinos-ti^iii ; (in space ahead) ChincJ 

.shiitomi, C'hines-jjjolshittisi. 







2d BoiX tood, ('hinesngalizmi ; Hi^ix I'roni n friend, ('hinos iilluii. 



nilt'm' ; T «i'o it 1), 

III I'Mriiilclimols. sj 
)', 'Fill rHiiiihliiui'lJ 
}—0h'. T stand lul 
Ali'ii' ; I sit Itoforl 
liiiii, 'Ifs-inil-t'kJ 

liiu'l;,'!!'; To staiJ 
ii' ; 111 front of tli| 
lu' dooi', 'Esch-ccl 

I'l'oiT inc, 'Ks-iislii 

11 tlic ]), *t— nil 
lit in-fliaziuN ii cliiil 

iiir (laysljcforc Siiii 

I' four days •boforj 


iuzi, Ta. I arrivcl 

or 'Pas tlil u cliiij 

r to do anvlliiiijr, I 
, osjH'cially lioforj 
fill Ics-tlilcmi, sliiF 
oil pray, 'hi 

II l<s— J (prosonij 
l<s — . Just Iwtorl 
11 /.ivoi'iko'; r aij 
Hof'oro dyiiii; h\ 
•o alioa(l) ('IiineJ 

1, <'liinc'sulliui. 

!M nt'g a inoal, riidian ntylf, without suyiiij^ u vvoi-i|, Cliiiifs-ka- 

giithi. . ' 

Itli Ik'^ firo, (!|»im!S-iikiniiii>i. <• ' 

.")tli Hog for liulp, Cliiiio.s cliomi.sti. 
Mcj^, r. t. It'M-;^aIit'Hli('iii. Hog Koinctliiii;;- (Voin liiiu, or for him, 

'Ics galit'shitoni' ; I hcg lliat for or from Iiiin, 'Iis-garitltom'. 
IlKCJET, I', t. ProcriMiti'. Set- Mriiig lortli. 
liKGGAI?, n. Ngul7,n6moii, Sgiiiiguilzin. ** 

MKdlN, r. /. There in no projicr verb for it. Ist Ifciidored hy *tlo'. 

He hegiiis to walk, ''IMe eHgusteliiisi' ; I hegiii to work, 'Th; 

•id \\y ('hiiien-ehtagolechsti, Chines-tagolusi, I turn my hand to, I 

turn myself to. 
liegiii, I", t. I.St IJy 'tie' witli tlie active veih. 
2d \\y IeH-ehtHgol6chHtcin, los-olitugoliVsem. 
:M les-n(lii/,ini\Hem. Sec Chiz. 
Ik'iriiiniiiir, n. It is the heii:iiiiiiii;r. I ain at the hoj'iiiiiiii'', I arrive 



at tlie beginning, ('hines-neliiziiiils. To (h»y is the beginning 
of the inoiitli of Mary, 'letlgoa I'sgalgall iichi/.iiius lu .sjiukaniis 
Maly' ; We avrive at the beginning of Lent, 'Kae-nchizimi- 
senteni hi m.sloi)eneh.staskut' ; lieuiiiinii": of the nra »!r, 'T;ro- 


HRIIALF, See For, Avail. 

HFillA Yl'i, r. /. Chines-ag^Mli. 1 Iiehave myself well, (iest u ehiiies- 

ugtilem, Gest \\x iii-zuiit. 
I'd To behave like him. Chin ageilem t — . Voii behave yourself 


<e a Konsilile hov 

» > 


ageilem t-kii-pagpagt kii-tituit, 

.'M To behave well, Chiiies-gesti. You iiiiist Ik have yourself well, 

'Xein kn-es-gestem'. 
Uh 'Vo liehave bad, Chiiies-teie. .Mv wil'e bcdiaves badiv, 'Ks-t«iicm 

lu in-nogoiKtg. 
"jth To behave oneself toward anolher, le>-agcilein, les ehizutt'eh- 

stem. I behave towards him as ti» my lather, 1 treat hihi like 

my father, 'Ageisten t'iii-pogut, or ( 'hiziitc'ehstenien I'iii-pogot'. 

Sec Zuii, (Jest, Clics. 
Hehavior, n. Ziiut, Xkolomcu. 

BKHEAl), r. ^ (a man), les-niehsem ; (an animal), les-ngotusom. 
HKKIND, ;)/•<';). Ist Back of a man. L'snehemiehen. Sec Haek. 
2d Ikhind another, L's'chitelziis. 


T.. -t;lV, 

11 11 OS- c 



lu;liiii'J ill 


Kni^-^ lioiitcpi'ii'^, Kaos-n(Mit('[>r')i 

t'l> T 

) loo; 



U", back, Cliiiios-ii:izij;:U']m/.uti 

'Ml T'l \ri(ik behind iiiiolher, Tei^-iinzi^Jicpom. 

Itli To Ii-iok up biliiiif! liiir. IoHchnazL;'(''iH'm. 

rtb T''' b". ivivKiin b.^liinr!, not to vcacli ;i [)<)iiit, lui olHcct, ;i i!i;i;ui 

\\-. ( ", Sco 'I'liiii. 
■iih To be iiilVi'ior, ("Iiin-('/,out. 

ufi, 'P 


1 ' 1 , ; 1 

(> .>;,-(>\v1 b'hir.d ;i iMTsnii, (' 
ifwb '''o ;.5t biMiind, l;--; i-cJitoprin. 
l-!r)!:!ii', ..'.7c. .Mu'-U b- iviub'Vi'd with pli!':(se n::f yf, 


1 ' 


111' V 

' t'W 


left b'diind .'ih'vo, 'CIic fill lie', hi ^-iilu-niU' ; Tin'v nre b 

bind, (";bo clio, //r. Still absent. 
i'l!l!(M n, r. f. ro.-;-;\7,<j;aiii, lew uifbem. 
Ibdiobl. ,-.)■.■/. Ma. 
aFJ-nr. r. ''. ('hines-koakoinili. 
nKF.i'MJV, n. Siiloliulsh. 
IJKIilK. See Lie. 

MKLIKF. ti. b< The ixdicviiiL', S;ioiiin:.i:!i':'iie. 
"id The object ludiev;"'!, S/.noiiiiii^'iuMie. 
;! ! 'I'll'' virtue of'lieiieviiiir, Sn()niii'i-inMuMeii. 
Itli Ojiinion, SKiittds. 
Believe. V. i. ' bine^'-noniiunienei, ('bines-ntelsi. 



r. t. ji's-iu 


les-iiteisein. .\'ot |m b-l 



s liutn. 

Hi'M-b, V. Loliiil-b. To Till-- the bell, 'le 

cull with the bell, les-liumsliteni, I'mnillen 

2d Boil rii.!j;er, n. SiTiiliiiin. 

:{(! Dog-bolls, n. Chpasaiiie. 

HKLLOW, r. i. Ks-kolko.dti. 

HKLLOWS, /). l>ur,'nsteii. 

BKfJjY, n. Olin. In coniposii 
'Hig holly, '{'likntciicii^:' ; ^ 

2(1 For the inside '— cncbi'. > 

Ics b,!l 


ion, Ibi' llic ot:l'-ii 


\ . 'en — e 

-wolleti liellv, 



•wclir.iij; u]) nan!, as hy wind 

kagnperich' ; I'elaved, When enipt'ed of the 

w I n 1 1 




Bcily-ucho, Ks-ehr.aleiich. 

BKLLV-BOrXJ). Costive. Kh kagupeneh. 

BF]LO\(i, r. I. Keiuicred either hv tho veil) I fuivv or V'ptit /,(,-(> 

; 'l'!:','\- iiw 111' 

ly. 'cii — ("",!.-'. 
•us. S>'c Silk. 

• ir tt'P.-'t Ixii'f, 



lliL' lliiiiii', ('liiiK'|(-,>lu, C'liikap-ylc'i J oi it ii iiunt, ov I iiin il 

ma •:;.}■ 

/■ ;/. 





to luo, Koic hi c!)ik;u-()-.sl6' j My i)ro|) 

I ;un the nia>Li r 

Dwiiei' o; a 


Whuin (Itits this belong' U 


llLl U 


lulin.', 'iuni 

Tiiko Avlitit lujloiiirs to ll 



u I;- 

let', 'iviiLiii 

:U K 

ivin'nl III tt'O iislcm'; Il is your li(;:;ic, il buluiig;; to yon, 'As 
iiiitlzin' : Voii liuvo tliC horsL'. it liL-loiii 

U) voii, '.iii; I 

ku-k;u'pl-;.;'ullz"m'. Hue IJc, Have, <^\vn, Ajjprop 
(Iocs not lii'loim" to him, 'T;u)i bte.s'. 



nKrA)VKl), '(. (ianuia'l), iS/juilkogaiueiH h. 



li iliMilU. 

'Tchiishul'. In coiiipusiliou •I'lul' 
.1 In clii;"iiilv, axro, Kzeiit.- 

j)o\vu tlic I'ivci', in a hnvor altiliiik' 


•u ICJlUlll 

i roiii 

o w , 


ow, irq). 


ciw inc. L is-kolishut 

below I net 



IVMLT, /(. Woman's belt, Sni)ulehalks. 

-d Man's belt, SiK'leheus. 

'■)A If woi-n uinler the cual on the iiaul.- 

BEXC'ir, yncheleiuulon. 

BMXD, (". ;'. 1st To be iiiulincd, to liaee u bent, propensity, [es-eh- 



L'uliiteni, ('li<;'ulatc:nstc';i. IIo bends on r.ionev imi! 




luteinsts In iihiliin' ; I ben<l on i)iTnini;, Chin-eli<i;uliitcn 

( 'hin-ehgnlutein ehs'eluiiir 

iM To be bent, iiielineil 



lines ehtuiein. 




;! Out oi'perpen'licular, ready to fall, Es-kii/.ebe 
Bond, i\ t. 1st By strainiiig, les-tkiimim. 
L'd By turning out of the dircet eourse, les-.-ialkoii: 
'■)<[ By inelmlng it towunls any object, les-tiiiem. 
■Uli ]>y lolding il in two, lo ply, 'les-pnim. See IV 

)lh By turning it m a circle, I 




lilii By i'orcibly pulling the to]) of a tree, les-lopkanein. 

'ih Bend the liead 


any one, 







ply lowering down the head, Cliinesnpiiusi. 
Sth Bend the knee, Chinus-koisheni. See Koi. 
'.till lieiid the bow, Chines-chzkuiuehi. Sec Zuk. 
r.cul. tt. Iiiciincd, prone to, Chgulutem, H:i-chtuiem. 
Bent, /!. S'c^hgulutein. According lo our bent, as wm are bent, 'I'z- 


ji t'kaes'chiniluteiu' 




32 BBS 

REXEDICTJOX, n. Szchaiisht, S'ch'ohaupilo. 

BENEFIT, V. f. Ics-gostshitem. 

Benefactor, n. NUonncincnziUen, Gcstshizuten, Giizishzi'iteii. 

HENEVOLEXCE, ;i.S^cspuus, Snkonnltumsli, Snkomiltum.shten. 

Banevolcnt, a. rro^piia^, Rs nkomiH.iiin.'slii, I jim benevolent to 

liim, los-eligospiiu.sem, Ics-chgcsusem. 
BEQUEATHE, !-. t. les-olikolkoeltcni, Ics-ehiieulsheni. 
Beriucst, n. Any present received from a (.lying person, Isclkoni- 

2(1 A liorse bequeathed to me by a dying friend, T-salkomskiig:ie. 
'?(! A blanlvet bcqueatlied to me, I-salkomnize. 
4th A dress, shirt, I-.salkomnalks. 
r)th Leggings, I-,saIkomnalkstshin. 
6th Food, I-salkomnenc. 
7th House, Lodge, I-salkomnelgu. 
Sth Gun, I-salkomnineh. 
0th Canoe, I-salkonuieuK 
10th One of the wives, Xkoisten, and tlien the dead and the new 

husband, *Es-nkoztemenuegui. 
11th A child, I-s*chleniplalt. These regard tlie bequest in as much 

as it concerns the legatee. 
Bequest, n. From the testator, Chueulshtis hi e.s-tlilemi, lit. The 

thing spoken ot by the dead. 
BEBRY, n. Spiikalk. 
BEEBY, i\ i. Chincs-kolem. 
BESEECH, r. t. Mi. Jt is the Latin Qv(^so. 
,.^d les-chomistem. See Chan. Ies-kob>guogukiineiii, le.s-Iionzi- 

BESET, V. f. 1st To put around, les-chchmi/.em. See Cheni. 
2d To put on, r. <j. precious stones on a robe. les-chkoleni, les- 

r;i To press on all sides, Tes-chpenizern, los-siechsteni. See J'in, 

Si, Besiege, Crowd. 
iJESIDK, ^jrcjJ. At the side, I-^s'chisagam. Besides nie, 'L'i-s'diis- 

agam. See B}', Aside. 
Hcside, a. Kucmt, Telzi. Sec Over. 
Besides, 2;rfy). Over and above, Chgoezt. See Goezt. 
BESIEGE, V. t. les-chielcm, les-chializem. 
Besiege, morally, lo3-si6chstem. 

benevolent to 


u\ and the new 
r]Uost in as much 
tlilcnii, lit. The 

nein, fo.^-honzi- 

See Clieni. 
s-oliIv6leni, les- 

oni. See Pin, 

^ me, •L'i-s'eliis- 

iii.'si>-i^o(l, lain l)i',-,ii>m-ii, ( 'liincsliiiiM'Imi.c 

I'.I'ISMKAK. Ist With wiiitenin*;, (•ic.ciiiiicspnoiiii. 

iM With grease, riiiin's-jx'tli. ; 

;M With n)U(.l, les-mi'ihMn. 

-Illi W'itli tobuceo juice, j)()iiitiee, le.s-|piiim. 

.'>tb With ointments, Ics-sinein. 

f){\\ With vermilion, tUiinesgiiemsi. 

I*. KSXOVVEl), I am besnowed, Ko-es-miiuiii. 

liKSPAETKi;. r. t. h-H-malem. 

iSMS'l', rt. (.{est, N'.-thii/.in gesl. 'IV-l csiii ii 'jn's\. Sliiuinln'ot. 

iij'i'i', n. In gambling, Sgezgez, Ngay.gH/.niinlcn. 

lift, r. /. ('hincsgazgazmi. 

2(1 Xot ibr gambling, <'hine.-i-llv{)nii. 

i!i't '•. i. In gambling, les-gazgazmimiti. I'.ci \\>v oibei' pui-poses, 

ies-tlvom; I bet that, 'leS-lUo.siiilfin ; I l>»'t to Itim. "les-tkoV- 

tem', i. r. 1 Ijot that to him. 
lU'lTOKEN, i\ i. les-tkol.sugumem. Sec Sign. 
Iti'iTRAY, IJy cln-ating, le.*i-<kakaniiM..'iii. 

'l'\ To bctrav bv (leliverinji' one t(» :iii i'Iumhv . lt's-ki)li'Ui/.:sbem, 
r.ll'i'TKH, a. (lest hi tel. I tee! belter. ■Cliiii-rlocstiiilslii. I-chin-. 


1, CI 


111; rWKKX, pri'j). Isl In the in(ernK'<ii;(|e .s|Mcf. or lime, l/nihe- 

iseni. .See Iheiisem. 


ween luu rivon 


il Willi verbs it is usually rendered l>y jdaeiiig llie verl> between 
'n — i-'iis'. I sit Itetween, 'les-nemteiisem'. .'<ee Kmi'it. 1 
stand between, •les-nechsuslieusem". >e<' Kclisuisli. I walk bi- 

.*^ee(iMi. I pass bet ween, les-nsiii- 

I strike belween. 'Ies-ns|)«'ii 


tween, Jesiigusti'ust'in' 

steusom". See Sinus. 

Sjtim. 1 sc.'ilter liad between, ■ies-nebeseusem'. .*^ee t'l 

I sleep between, les-nt'zeiisem. See ( 'onnnunioii, I idle. One 


.'Jd Heloiigilig ill eoiiiiiKin to one or more, Nko ii e|i 


e have 


le same I'aith lielweeii u 

S, NI<o 11 1< 

;i-v |»-siioningoeiieleii 

-kii Witli relation to two or several. i-ehdei'<'d b\ l!ie verb reeipri 

cal. and sometmuvs by liie eopiil;iii\ 
themselves, *Ks-.spelsliu''gur. 

'riu\ fiiibt hetween 

IJKW.Vlli, '■. t. les-ehzUoukom. Ie-ieli|m|iii>eiielii'm, lese.b/ootem. 

.'^ee Zuk, I'lipiiscncli, Zooi. 
liFiW.Mii-',, /■; t. ( 'hiiKis-Uolkoeiii^ti. Sliiiies-kola/.^jnii'isti. See 

Koen, A/.ga. t 'bi 


IH^i sieiislt-liil'"! 1. 

lUlWIJiDKII, r. i. le.s ostiist'ni. Soc Astonislj. 




1 am howildorod, Cliiii-oost, Chinosicmmi, Chin- 

•mshkjuionrisli, ('hiiK's-niiili' Seo IJil. 

UKWITCir, r. t. To cluinu, oiiticc, Ics-/,Unkuiiuuom. 

iJi'witching, a. Zkntizufon. 

I^nvitolied, I am bewitt-luvl l>y, K-s-x.kiiUiiininom. 

lillVOXD, prep. Isl In ireneral, Zi, IVI— , Zi, Chzi, Tel—. 

21 IJoyond (Ijo river, Niskot, IVmskut. Vvow\ heyoiid the river, 

•I-u lol nisk6t'. 
iJd Deyoinl the niouiitaiii, Ch'telihitheii. 
Ith licyond the vallev. or thlch, Ch'iitoiiL'Ize. 
.")th Ik'voiui foni])r"hensi()ii, Ta-ks-fhisiiijaei, 
•itl» ,S(.H« Over. 

lilBLK, n. 7'jU kuiiniiitis Koliit/.uten. 
lUf'lPlTxVL, a. Asehiiakuii. 
IUI>K?^TAL. <7. Xeseieis. 
P.IHi{, w. Sntkotin. 
\\\i\,<i. Kutiint, lull. 

2>l Hiji; with child, Es-iuiiii, K.s-iilkiiel(i, Ms-iilkuktielti. 
iM To play the bii^, Uhiwos-kiilisxiiti. Big on account of his 

nicmoy, etc., 'les-chkutisziitem \\\ in-iilii1im', 
UKIAMIST, n. For both sexes, Pn clicsel. 
BILK, Gall, Kolii. 

RUiL, n. The beak ol'a Ibiil, Spisaks. 
2d To dip ths bill in water, as ducks do, Ks-noopkusi, Ks-nluati- 

cuins lu 



I UNI), V. t. Jes-lch 

iiiu, les ageni. 
2d To constrain, oblij^e, lesdcheinini, les chkolkol(«>pilem, Ics-ch- 

lilPKD, a. Cheselshin. 
BIRCH TREK". Sizkanclp, Kolnalk... 
BlRCH-CliEKK, n. Xzkanelpctiku. 

BIRD, n. In ment^ral, hu es-iruet^iiee, ^jm t;uigiieiul ep-skapkapii.sel. 
2d Small birds, before havinj; plumes, Jip'plapole. 
3d Sirrav color bird, Alal. 
4tli Yellow and gray bird, Spia, Skakci* 
5tli Long bill bird, (Ciirlewj, (Jauitgauit. 
6lh Imigrating birds, Stakat. They migrate, 'Ksliikati'; They 

return, 'Elztnkati'; Migrating sea^^on, Thtakaten, i. e. Sjtring 

inof^ iemiiii, Chin- 


and fall. 'I'Ihw inijii'alo to a warm «M»uiilry, 'Hs clitakuleins In 

BIIITII, n. Tho being pnxliic'.Mi, •Skolil, S/.k.,lil. 
3d Tlicactof produfing, <'|ik«»lil<('ii. 
Hirth-piacc, n. Snkoliltni. 
Birthday, n. Clikoliltoii. 
BISCUIT, Lcavciicd, Sr.kok<.l|.o. 
BISECT, BY the lcn<,Mli. rcs-nidicltusoin. Biscft by the bnatli. 

BlSltOP, n. Ebuk, KoikouialUs iliinigiiin. 
BIT, w. For horses, Kolazpaskagaotcii, KoI;i/A'p«rstt!ii, i. e, Tlic 

part rour)d tho chin of the horso. 
2d The part inside of the mouth. Ks-uclizoik<»ii. 
3d I take oft' the bit IVoni ihe iiorse, Cliines-kolptlpatikagaei. 
BIT, n. A small eoiu often cents. Bit, 
BITE, V. t. les koecin. 
Bite, n. Sko6o. 
BITTER, a. Mag. 
Bitterish, a. I-U'tag. 
BITTEE-ltOOt, <*.'Spetlem. 

BLACK, a. 1-koai. Black man, Koais, Koio'-, lehi. 
Black, t". t. Blacken, les-koaeini, fi'skoacinunem. 
2d Black one's fac«'. Chines koaiseniisti. 
3d Blacken a neighbor's nann-. les-koacinultein In sUiitsts. 
BliACK-BlBI), n. TIachkan, y>/. TIchtla. Tl.htla.-hkan. 
BLACK COWN, /.. Koiiiaiks. 
BLACKSMITH, /*. Sguti'toinji,,.. 
Blacksmith shop, Sntetoloiini. 
BLACK-(;rABI), .(. Cns.s. 
Black-guartl, r. <'. By wonl.-, < 'liiii('>-^ii;i>/.;uii ; By (Neds, ', hiries- 

Black-guard, r. ^ Bywords, Uscligna.ozancin' ; By dents. 'lescli- 

BLAI)1)KI{, /(. Sntelu item. 
2d II extiactedand Idown, SnualNten. 
3d InflammMlnni of the bladder, Ciiiius k:ign|>Itcln i. 
BI.A.MK. r. t. les ehilikononj. 
Blame, n, Jst The blamin;.', Lii f-'chilikou. 



. •'i'» i;ij': 

LM Wlril i^ li. -..rviii^- ol Miuiic. I.ii sud 

triis/.u(. Src I'il. 

Piliilnclc'*'^. 'riic|ilMii'lciii/.iil. 
HLANKKT. r. t. I.s ^^z,.Ml. 


2-1 Wliiit Uiii'l -M^ntftjiikci li;iv(. yon'r Ki 

•stt'Miizf ■/ 

IM 11*' li!i>i .1 l;ir<r<' I'lii'. Kiiicnizc. 

4(li A Miitill l>f:iiil<<'i. fJiiilxiiiiMi/'.c. 

Titli <;«»(m1 l.l:iiil<.'t. <;csi/,.. 

fith M:i<| l.|:mk<'i. ( 'li.-siz,.. 


Ttli I'oDf Miinkfl. KoiikMiii/c. 

Ktli Wliilc l.laiilxcl, .^l:tl<:ii. 

'.♦fh 1,'c.l l»i;iiik(M. Kiiil/.,.. 

lOth HImcIv Miiiikct. I\(nil/.c. 

lltll (il'i'fll or Mile l>l;lllkcl. KlIliJZC. 


\1\\\ Slnpcd M;mki'i. Kci/.c. Sk..|;i!i^rz,.. 

l;5tli Uollcii I.L-n.kcl. 'I'..k:.'i/.r. 

Utli (»i(l l.ljiiikct. K:is|.i/.<.. 

l')tl> S(»;uiis!| ItluMkcr, S|.;ijol/. . 

ItJth Slroiii.- M;ii,k.'l Tll/.i;:,.. 

IT. I. U .. 11,- 1 . ^. . 

til H((»\vii l»k'irikci, Spn 
IStli li:ilc ol l)l:mk.'ts. < •|,ii/.,.|i/.,. 
llMli I Icivc III) Mjiiikci. < 'liiii-i-lioaiiL 
I'Otli I \\.-:ir;i ' Miiiikct. <'liiii-('li-iii;;i|i 
I'lst I l;i\- tlown iii\- MjHiki't. < 'liii,(.,s-tiik 




L'lM I |.nll my l.laiikci over ii.y Load, Cliiii-cliinkcal. 
I5F-AZK, „. Siili|.. 



Hiii'.s-ul|>iiii. ( Itiiifs oUlii/.ii 

UT.KKh. /•. ,. ('Iiiii-iii.(i "^iii^i'il. riiiiios-inill 
2i| ')'i» lilt'<'(| I'rorii I li 
IMet'd. r. t. I.'s l<-l 


I' n<)»c. ( 'liiii-inilhtk 


Uloodii.!-, //. IsMiiuj.- oflli,. I.luud. Sy.iiiillil, Szni.dlaks. 
1-M Till' It'lliii^' Mood, f.ii -zirliisiiiraii. Mv In-art i> |,| 

M ) \V I 

liil, -'riuii sMunl 1,1 i >|)iius' ; Hi- i^ Mccdi 

t'i'iiMi;;. sor- 

iLt'ii siiiiiil 

lili'imsli, II. Siii 

■"''*' I lrin<>i'i'lin<;c 


Il i 


ii(» Idcmixiij • Ta (•)>!-. 'siiilrm'. Scr I'd 

i;i< siiDif l.|^•lm^|l. 'Kpl-csirdoiu' ; It 1 



/. 1st 'I' 

d Tm i.'lorii\-. Ji.^.JciJliM 

<> j.ra.v ..v.-r. U's-c!i-(|,aii)»il<Mii. los .luiiisliitiu 


d. ./. 1st K 

IMIflscill. ICS-KlSISZilKIll, N'S' l»'lll/illOI 


ij'>yiiii: lirippitU'HS. LcriifiiHziit. BU-sscd an- U, 

lilccdiii;;. sor- 
liv ;i woiiiid, 

'iiilcin" ; It li:;s 

»'S cluiiishiti'm. 






]ii)(ii'. 'I,finiu>/.ut III Utiiikoiiii.' 

'_M Iiii|):iftii><; liappinos, Slfininszut. 

151. '^v, 

•(I pl.VC 

ily. 'Sii'iiitns- 

zi'iU'ii hi NkonUoiiit' ; My Mcsscil c 


.., M 


11 hi 



lilossoltK'SS, n. Nt 'I'lu' liciiii;- li:i|i|iv. Sir 



'2i\; liaitpiiit'xs, Sh'iiuiiszi'itcii. 


HloHwiti^' /'. A iiH'uiiv "1' liiip]»iii('ss. SK'i 




This 1 

(iist'iisc is it Mcssiiiy; la voii, 'AUl-im' 


Ill as 



lM a Mcssiii;; |ironoinic('<l ii|ii)ii anvtiiiii 

,LS S'( 



die, ('\i\ 

du'iu- 1 

pilciiziiti'ii. <iiv(' me voiir lil<'-i-.iiii:- 




pilciit, "/ 


chiuisliit , (Jiv>' vdiir lili'xsiiiti; to iiiv 


. K<. 


lilllt 111 


sif^nlt, Ko-cli'cliiinpili'lt 111 i-sifiisiiii'ii 


;M A iiu'fc\' i;i\'oi', Siikdiiiii. ^'nll^ <]'■ 


is a 


ssiiiLi; to 

yoii. ^ 

'A-srikoiiiii 111 as-cl(/al(''ls'. 

liLIN'l>. '/. I'ls-rliiiicmkciii, 

2ii liliii'l '"t Miic t'vt'i, ••ov('r»>i|, l'!vi-cli;i-ii»'] 

•s. HIiii*l 


lIlC t'Vt', 1 


i'(\. 'Ks-iitki'isi. 


.'M Hlilld of botll 0\ (•<. iO\(M'.'i|. Ks-(||;;I| 



4lli Siiou-Miinl, Zi'dicln^. !I:ilr hliii'i l»y iIh- 


\' • 


Hliiid, '". t. Ics-iilkii-i'iii. 1 Inirst jiis i'_\ 

', 1 Inirst 


<V(S. I 



Hlindnoss, n. S'cliiiiciiikrin. 

niiii(i-lol(i. r. f. li-s-iliixi'isfin. Sec I«ln-. 

Hlind-loldtMl, ii. \\-ii\\i^{\<. 

HMSS, )i. Npirlsh-ii. S.'(> I'll. 

'M I51issl\il <M>unti'naiK(', I-cliio-piis. 

rid Hlisst'iil cyi's. I-cliiii-clipiis. 

HI.ISTKR, ;!. 1st Tlu> litll.- Idaddrr 




lid matte 

r. ill 

L;«'in'r:il. SnifkoiiuMi/i'il. 

■Jd Hlistcrs (in ■lu' liailds, S;i;;okllc<dls|. 


<M's on tlif t'fct, Sa:;>d\osliin. 

4lii \'('si<'ati>ry i<\' S|iaiiisli flics, cti'.. < "lizpakamin. Sir /apk, 

r>tli To laiici't a Idistt'i", Ics-tkuin. 


istfi-, (". /'. It ldi<tcrs, Aifl^oiiUMiziit. Si'c <'|i(di 

IJIistor, '". /. Tcs-sldiiim. 

HI-()<'K,v. /. 1st A door, los kolinicrpi'in 
2d nio<d\ a passaijf, [osdvolii>no;;iu''piui. 
3d Block a road. Ics-;io<iiuikst'iii. 




Hli()OI>, «. SiifTiil. Soo Ngiil. 

2<l ('l«»(, ofhlood iiiKido of a Jinimah body, Mitidjit^. 

.H(l I spit blood, (MiincH ripiilzini, CliinoKptiiiroi t'Hniriil, Cliinos-nl- 

HI) Hb)od-ivd, blooti Ntiiitiod, I-iliini. 

HLOOI) IXDI.WS, SnjriilNVhi. 

UliOOM, r. i. Ist «M livoN, KH-/,jiko;ilk.ii. 

2d FilcMtni offlowtTs, KH-/,«'koini. 

o I III ^t'lu'ral, Ks-Uimb'ml. ' 

m.OSSOMS. «. Szk.nilk.., S/,Wk(». 

lU-OT, r. t. Slain, IoH-cbll<«\tn, Ich kncitiuiu'tii. 

Illot (Mil. r. ^ Ios-/,Mm, los-jrukuinnuMii, l«'8-o«'|H'm. 

lUiOW, r, /. ls< Wind blowiiiir, Ks-nriifi, Soc Nt^iit. 

LM nbiwiiij^ oCa bivo/.o, K.siraaini, 

;M Tk bn-atUo bard, pant, Cbinos popiulMlii. 

4(b 'I'd sound, as tlu" btij,d<! blows, Ks-ii|M\:;iil/,t'. 

M\ 'r<» braj;, < 'liiin-s-iisbiis'.iiH'niisti. 

•J(b To llirow oiil air fro i tl 

10 moiilb. ('bines piWni. 

Hlow, r, /. Isl To Ibrow i- from Uu- nioiitb on a person, i(,» ., I 



1 II. 

2d Wind bbt\vi*isi on an objoct, Ks-iu'iims. Sm' N 

M Hroi/.t' blowinoj on an object, Ks-fraains. 

Jib To sound an inslriinii'iit, loH-npujrnlsi'iii, hs-npujruin. 

Tub 'I'o spread news around, les niiiniiu. 

'Jib T 

Tib To blow ill tbe fire, CI 

> swell an object by blowiiiir air into it. les |»eum, les-np*^ 


, I liines-pntrii^^i. 

Sill To blow out a candle, lesdep 

so III. 

Otb To blow one's brains. <'bines-l^'(.Uan/..'ai See JiOi^. 
lOtb To blow tbc brains of anotlier, lesdfjrokcineni. 
IM.rH, tl. Tbe s;inieas i^reen, l-koin. 
IIMWDKI}, r. /. Cbines-sidlpini. See S-l. 
IMunder. n. Sellu|t. Mv blunder, Isellup. 

Hi.rxT, <f. riiih. 

IU>rSII, c. /. (Miines/.eesbnii. 

iM Mliisb forsiianu' or rajro. ( 'bines l<u«ls|ji/,t. 

Pdiisbini,'. ,f. I]s-/,eesbemi, Zet'sbenieii. 

HO AIM), H. 



i T'» ir'> Oil board, <'biin!,s idaksbilsb 


los cm (em. 

'hiiiiiiI, <'liim)s.|i|. 


p<'r.s»in, i(,c.. It'H- 


no A 

HOAST, I". /. (Jliiiii s ii.sliii/,i8/i'iti. 

LM Hniisl ()!'i»Mytliiii;^, h'.s-cliiiM|)iizi>/.iiti'iii. 

noAT, II. ('nii(u«, sliip, otc, 1st Ol IcirU. Tli<- 

•Jd Ol'wooil, Slilcm, 

;M Flat l»()iil, Slktiil. 

4tli S(i«:iiiil>oul,S()lHlii, Slilmii. 

fdli Li»(|.;(' »»!• skin hoiiJ, S'cliIclirliUn. 




r»fli Oiu' liMiil, Nk()6iiJ ; Two Ixmit, 'Ksclriil' ; ]\u[U Im.iKs, 'KzihI- 

4'nl'; 'I'lin'o hoiitn, '(MirWiil. 
7th Xuw Itoiit, SiziU ; Old hoal, 'Sk;H|)i'iil' ; (ioiMJ l.uni, "(nisrnf ' 

Biul Ixmt, '(.'licHiiir. 
Sth 1 liuvc no h(»!it, (M»iii-('liHt«Min''iil. 

9ll) l"'(>r u i^enonil itistninuMit to travel on \val«'r, Nliiipl, NIaaptin. 
lOth Tlu' lore part ol II lioat, Sliit lis ; Tlir sK-ni of a boat, 'Sz6pr 

lltli CracktMl liout, Uiganh lirokcii )Mial, 'Miiiti'. 

I2tli I make a boat, (MiiiK'H-koWMiH, (Miiiii's-k('»liili ; I make a lii»at 

of Itark, 'Cliitics-ko^uoiili'. 
ISttli 1 chop down a trot; for a lioai, Chinos shilr::!!. 
14tl) I hiini the lo^ to shapo it into a boat, lus-innU'l/cni. 
lAth T fill tlu- cracks with raj^s, Ciiines-nj^iicpsi. 
Ifith I fill th.' cracks with pitch, Chsiu-s tcliili. 
17th I finish the boat, Chincs-hoi«'>nli. 
IStI) I lra<b.' boats, ('hincs-ttMili. 
lOth I j^ivc him a boat, los-giizcnciilcnu 
20th I borrow a boat, ChinoH-kol^ni-iili. 
21st I st«>al a boat, ('hincH-ndkoli. 
22d T b>sc my boat, Chines ossnl. 
23d I lend a boat, Ic8-ko1in«^iihMn. 
24tli I put a sail in a boat, ('hincs-iislmt'-iili. 
2.')tli I steer a boat, Chines-tgom«'-pi. 
2r)th I hold the holm, Chiiies-ntchelpciili. 
27th The lielm, ntchelj)»>iilton, Tgf)minl(Mi. 

2Htli It takes water in, KhA 



I in. 

29th, I 8wim, holding; tho stern of the boat. Chin <*likas«ii}. 

iSOtli I swim over to fetch a canoe, Chin-chalpcul. 

vJist I brinji^ yon a boat, les-tknculem (ukiiin). 

y2d I put tho bagga<^(! in llie boat, Tes ntkamninleni. 

S3J I take it out of the boat, le.s-nkuitiiilciu. 



40 l-OT 

•'!Ull I !,"• <'lll ,.|'ll|,. Im.jiI. (•|,j||,.,s lilrsiiilsli. 

•■|''tll 'I'm li;lil i( hoal ( 'IlilU's-iiscii'lII. 

i?()HT.\ii,.n(HjsK, i;s...|,^.uiu,,s. 

I5()I)K, Sr.'OMl.Ml. 

I''0|)V, /(. 'I'll,. IhmIv (.Im |iv(., Sk; 


:M No l)i»(iv. 'I'acliiiuiks, 'I'll Mict. 

."M Some ImmIv, ('liiiial;«i, Tec siU'l. 

Hon,, //. 'I'liiiioi-, S/,()iii/iiii, 


Moil, r. ;. Sim- Pill. I'la. 

Moil, V. (1. Ii"S|((|)aiii. 

Hoil, r. 1. 'I'd cook |j\- Imiliiio'. ( 'jiiiHsiiii.iivi 



Hoil, r. t. Ii's-iiiiii'isi'iii. 

Hoilod, <?. Sziiljx'jy, 

I^oiliiit;; watf-r, l-iillaka. I-iiplap. Sy.n/.isli. 

Hoilor. /i. h(liii», N"/,isIn.|ii,.i,, Ntpiistfii. 

Mor.n, a. Kutispuris. 

|{()I/r, »•. (f. Ist A tlooi-. lcs-koliii/,ii!cM|K.|ii. 

2il Flour Ii'Hii/.'st'iisoiii. Sec Z's. 

IJ<»lt, n. Vov iJKurs, K<>liii/.akii|)H'ii. 

2(1 Kor floiii', .\/.'s('ii. 

HOXK, H. S/.oiii. 

2i! To j>iir(i' a lioric. ( 'liiii('s-/.p;<oiiii. 

'M To throw awav Itoiics. Cj 

nOXXK'l\/y. Koa/.kaM. 

BOOK, KaimiiitiMi. 

HOOT 'I'o Im>o1. Clituniiiiii. | oivt- iliri to \uh>\, K'>-chiy; 

Boot, fA'atlitM' boot, ('ssliiiilniir|»sliiii. Sc- irluMiiii. 

Horo, r. .' ( 'liiii('s-|<;'oiiii. 

2ii To teaso, ics-iiu-i-listriii, i'ls-mm'/.lm'iii. 

Hoiv, )>. Ifolc. S/,iil(W. 

2tl Toasiiio-, MtMin't, Niiiciucziii. 

MOltX, ;^,</7. l5roiio|it forlli, Kolij ; 1 

HOUnoW. (',ii. 

BOSOM, )i. Tlic oiit.siMr, Skapmiii. Ska<'iii, i l.rfa>i i. 

2(1 Till' iiisi.ic, Siii,slilfl/A'. Sfc Isln'it. 

Both, ((, (personal) Ms-clicsc'lctii ; ( iiianinialo ) K/.«»s(l 


»oni ol' 111.', I->/.ikii«'-lt. 

Ii>)lli, 'Kao-clicsi'k'tir ; Voii i'-clu'srii'iii 
B0TI!I-:K. r. t. lo.s-ho.nim. irt'i'i'strn, I 




2(1 To Im.iIhi 

nM' otiosolt alioiil aiKMlirr's I'lisinfss. ( 'liiiics nshJcUi 1, 

Ozosflciii. Wo 

iiii"^ ii>liicKi 111 


rhkcligii, ri'.s-kulpa^'t'iii hi I'skeli^fii. 
Iloiliersoiiu', a. yU'mvi, Niiiiu^iiU'/.iii, lv> iiu/ 
HOTTJiK, u. igal, La l)outi-ilU-. 

IIOTTU.M, /*. J^hut. liolloiii ulu rivvr, XiHliU'liUii. 
2(1 Hottoin-laiul, Ks-luku. 







."I'l notluiii nl' lioxi's, koUk'>, i;lc., .Wlicim'ijw 

MUUIIiLlOX. /(. Sf^uMitiku. 

I'OUXJ), yA///. I am boiiiul, i,-i i'cikIciolI willi llu' ."iulijiiiKtlivo. I 

am lioiind to dio, 'Chiks-tlikMuT. 
'Jil For ;;iv'atrr oiujiliusi.s, with doiibli' lu'^uliw, ■'raik.^li'mr. Y(iu 

arc 1)01111(1 1(1 tlii', 'Tu k.s-taiii.>5ly;ii, i\f-kii-tlir. 

;5il C()ii!straui(.'il, Ivs-leliiiii 





Siiiall bow, -liZkiikuiii(;lu;io. 

P)!Uiii(.l, r. t. To (.irtuiiiM'rilK.', Ii.'.s-kaiiilcp;iun, lc.i-ij)ulu 

IJouiid, v. i. To capor, (."liiiu's-.salkoiiuMi/uti, Cliiiu.'.s-iikauka.s/.ali, 

nouiithiry, n. Lpulcgulcii, KaiuU'giiU'ii, Sl|uili'i;ii, Skaiulogii. 
BOUXTKOl'.S, IJcunlifiil, a. I'epiol. 
BOQUKT, Szctko. 
BOW, n. Zkiiiiich. Sec Zk 
2(1 Bow-Htiing-, (Miazinelituii. 
i5(l To Ijciul the how, los-chzkuiiieluni. 
4tli I have no bow, Cliia-chslcmiiich. 
•"itli My bow is hrokeii, Chiii-iiiiiuiith. 
(Uli To inuko H bow, ("hiiics-kolihchi. 
7th To trade a bow, Chiiios-tuiiiiicln. 
Bow, See ]Jeud. For .saluting', Chiia'&-cliit(Jikaui, (.'liiiies-k(jU'i5i. 

See Uui, K(»i. 
BOWELS, H. Stgcneh. 

BOX, n. Trunk, 1st Of wood, Chlukuze. Si'o Lukii. 
2d Ofiron, metal, C'hululmi/.e. 
3d If it opens and shuts as trunks, Hs-kok'hJ'CuniiacmiegM, Ivs-nkol- 

chostus. See Kueleh. 

ith F 

)r storiiiiT i>"oods in, Siikamiiden. Snlkoinir.tL'Ji 



Box. r. t. les-tkiun, les-tkuluiscni. See Tkuiu. 
2d To box the ears, les ntkoneni, 1 will box your ears, 'Nein- 



To box above the ears. lesntkoaiiakaiion 

."d To box the face, lestkoususcnj. 

BOY, n. Titiiit, Skukusse. Small boy, SkiikusOit. 



42 ma-: 

!M In ^^iMUTIlI, tin' Im>\S, SlsOikllSSCT. 

Movliood, Sl<i|liiiii'nn(\ In mv liovlinol, \ih I'ir'kiiUuiiiim', I'oli 

\\n.\(i, See n.Mist. 
in?AIN, ;». Szonik«ih. 
Hraiiilos^, ii. Ta cp-HZDiiiIvriii. 
Hrnk'c, of locomotives, n. /.anciiuii. 
Brake, >•. t. loH-zi'inein. 
MK.W. «. ('liiii'nkti'''iisU'ii, Sii;r()ku^'iistfii, ('hiiiz'sius. 


III "ri'iH-ral, S'cliz'l/,'llo(']ist, S'cliclcliel-'ln'iueclisl, 

SVliiiii>,'«ii. The first Iiraiuli, lO^-elislmrLeelisl. 
2(1 (IrotMi, small (wij;, I-elikuilj). 
Hraiieli. V. I. F''s-elikiiaIiV'lis(i, (of liraiielu's). 

(1 Fi 


■li of 

roads, Ii 



fl\ i: 


;M Hraiieli of water, stream braiuiiiiij^ otV, I']s-ii;;iii|)iist;likii. 
HI?AXI'), r. a. Isl With red hot iron, los-ju^am, (.'hiiies-paifska- 

2fl ^^y Nimi»ly markiji^-, res-chtechim, ChinoM-ehiechskiigaei. 
5Ul By cutliiifj; the ears, les-chnieheiiem. 
4th Hy ftplittiiig the ear, le.s chskeneni. 
r)th B}' borintj the ear, les-chlgoO^iiem. 
Brand, ;i. The being marked, Hpiga, S'ehlueLicIi. 
2d What is used to brand, Chteeheminten, Pagskagaeten, Kaiska- 

lillAVE, a. 1st fn general, Sisius, loiol, Koilkolt, (eorrugeousj. 
2d Brave nt work, (liiaguaat, ho who likes to gi> to work. 
3d Brave in a fight, Lehellehet. See lieeh. 
4th One wlio is sueeessful in eatching enemies, Zkomnak, I'ei- 

Sth One who is the first to ealeh the enemy in a stuflle, Kunnuilie- 

6th Tn composition, 'Seme', 'Smis'. A brave woman, '.Smissiaot'm ; 

A brave chief, .Sniisilimigiim. 
7th Who exerts himself, suoeossfiil in limiting, ete 
BRKACIT, n. Sgak. There is a breaeli, 'Kiil-esgiik. See tiak. 
Rreachy cattle, <?. Gani6nclu,s nu'uiis kologomin, Xako(''mon I'skolka. 
BTIEADTII, n. Slakat. 

BRKAD, n. Baked in an oven or nkeKilon, Snkol|»6legii. 
2d Baked in a frying i)a:i, Snpecho'ugn, Npeehele. 



l.iiKiiii'iinc, f'oiii 



aeU'ii, KaiNka- 

Ui)iiiiiiik, l\'\- 

fllo, Kimiuulic- 

, 'Suiissmocm ; 

Soo (Jak. 
)('mon I'skolka. 

• HHK 48 

.',i\ 'I'liicU liiTU'l, lii|ili'ili j„ai. S('(' jihll. 

tth 'I'liin Itiviul, Iiiiakalii'gii. 

riili I'lMod in {^roHso, N/aniiIci;ii, Xzuj^alc. 

litli I miikc lircad, <'liiiu's-iikoljii»lrgiii, ('liiiu-iipccIn!f;{Ui, ('hiiioh 

Tth Mi'fiiil maili' iiiuIcraslK's, Snay-kolci^u. 
Sth llani l.ivu'I, T'itus. 
lUJKA K, r. '. 1st III general, to lotiio ajtai'l, "!• ill |iii'ci's, (.'liiiics- 

■Jil ()l wotxi ami Imiius, Ms-kaiijimi. 
.'Ill Ol'stoiU's, ;;;la.s'-, irifii, lvs-tclj)iui. 
nil Ol'i'dixjs, Hf<-t(tiikaiMi. 
.■)tli riotlu's, iMju's toai'iii;:;, iiikat, I's-tiiii^aiiii. 
(illi Of tuiuofs, lioils, Ks-tkujiini. 
7th To sinasli, Ksl6/,i. 
"^th ()( e<;'^'s, ('liii'cM-ii/.6mi)i. 
nth Tho axf iuvakiiip;, K>,-tol|»u>i. 
lOtli 'I'lu! axi'-haixllo Invakint;, Ks-clikaoj)ij(ili-. 
11th Of'a man Invakitip,' lior-scs, Ks-a/-u/-iiii. 
12th ("loinls liivakiiii; oft', ( 'li<j;iikiipa.'skat. 
i;{th To hreak loot^i-, (ofa do^ chaiiu'd), Toiikaii/ul. 
14th To hrcak loose iVum jail, Tali'ii/.ut. 
loth Ici' l)lvakill^• ii|), Hs-tiichiiii, Tiiich, Totnn h. 
Kith Tco hivakiii-^ ii|i, (lisa{)pi'ariii:f, Nilan. 
ITtli It hivaks oil', (tlu' jiicccs liroakin;^ ott), of wood, kolkaop. Ol' 

jiicci'S oi'stoiii', etc., Koiit. ri|i. Of a jiii-cc of roj)c, Koltiiuk. 

Ol' aiiylhii)^', Koiiuiiiit. Of jticits of gariiuiils, Kollikal, Kol- 

t 111 a ^a in. 
18th To tail in luisiiicss, to hivak down, ('liiii-koljj;oii|i. 
IDlh I lii'cak olV with oiu', ( 'liiiu>^ ^-oicojKMisi, ('hiiu'siiclkiii'iisi. 
L'Oth To dosisl, Chiiics-hoii. 
L'lst To Iii'cak awav sci.Tctlv, ( 'hiin'sk'i!i!ikwmi-li. ( 'liinrsdco!- 


-2(1 To hroak out, to ajiju.'ar, -J-iaako. 
2.'i Piiuph's hroakiiig out, Ks-jxj/ti. 
.Bmak, v. f. 1st In j^oiHM-al, 1 is- ma n in. 
2d "Wood hoiH's, los-kaoni. 
;{d StoiH's, (.'tc, Tt's-tcliin. 
tth Jloiit's, Ii'M-touUein. 



M\ Clothes, ni|»os, Ti's-lilcain, Fos-tinfiani. 

6th A (umor, lo« tkuin, Ikuii. ' 

7lh To sinasli, Ics-lozorn. 

Sth All egg, Icfl-iizompom. > 

9th Ai! iixo, l>roaIving the cdgo, It's-tolusoin. 

10th The axo IkuhIIo, Fcs chkauepilcm. 

Ilth Horses les-azazini, 

FVllPlMvKAST, r. i. Chines-kurkusti. 

BREAST, n. 1st The wliole, S'ch'ehcinagozili. 

2(1 The middle breast, SkajMnin. 

'M For tlic nipples, S!;aeiii. 

•Irtli The skin ovcm' the i)i])])h's, S'chkaemkMi. 

r>t!i To a'ive the breast to a l)ahv, res-kaom, (Miiiios-kaeiiii. 

nth To suck the breast, Chiiies-tdmi, Jes-toin'm. 

7th I liave sore breast, the whole, r'hin-ehzaU\goze!i. 

Htli 1 have sore breasts, ('hin/.aleingtii. 

nth Pim]>les on the bi-east, Cirm-])azmgiii. See Poz. 

10th 1?iiiuiing sore on tlie breast, Chin-nizltamgiii. 

nth To put anything on one breast, Cliines-tkiuungni ; On both 

l)reasls, ( •hines-kanin6nigui. 
12th To l)lister the breast, ('hines-zpakemgui. 
18tli To stpieezc" the breasts, milk, CMiineskoekoemgui. 

Brcast-pm ii. Otchele. 
i'.HKATir, ». Spopenlsli, Xpopeiilsliten. Foul breath, N'nakal- 




, V. I. ( hines-popeiilsiii. 

te, I 

t. \ 




Rreeehes, as used In' Indians to cover sini{)l\- the necessary. Inl- 




HliEF/MI-F.OADTNG, )u Xlalenielze, 

Chiiies-lcolsgnsignlti, Chines-tkuelti, ( 'Iiiiies-kolili, 

HiJHFD, r. / 

BirFKZF, /(. Sgaa. Tl 

!^!?IBK, f. 1. les-giikam, fes('hgaka])ilein. 

ie hreeze l)l(.)\vs, 




\, II. 

1st U 


Fs-til, Ks-tiltil. Sztil. To make bi'iek. Chin 


2(1 Ijurnt brick, Szkol('']i 

hiui)(;k, /(. ist ()i 

2d or two jdanks, 
.■)(! I'suiil i.ri'lg( 

one ]ilank or log, r,s-ncliizeus. 



^s ni^alt'iis. 






■mi^iii ; On both 

• rcntli, N''r,;ik;U- 

iK'ccssnrv, In 

I'rick. Cliiiio: 



T5ciflji;c, r. t. ros-iK-liiKuusoin, [o.s-np(.''iu, Io.s-nj;'iileiisc' 

HJtIDLE, Sec Horse. 

BRIGHT, (f. I-gal. [ - , . . ^^ 

2(1 Bright throwing liglit, l-puaka. 

■)(\ Xot throwing light, as star.", 1-pi'gn. 

•Uh Smooth surface, reflecting little light, Ziich. 

i){h Refletting light, I-ziikii. j ' 

(ith Polished, as shoos, l-pich. 

7th Briglit room, Xpnakelzc. 

i^^th Bright boy, I'agpagt. ' 

Brighten, r. /. See All the above. 

HRLVr,?i. Of bottles, kettles, (,'iiemziti. T!ie opposite of 'Xche- 

nu'ips,' the bottom, inside or out. 
HRIXG, V. t. 1st To fetch, les-zuetem. 
2d To carry, les-ukuni. Sec Carry, Pack. 
;5d To carry along, les-guiiiscmi See Along. 
4th To drive in animals, les-keigiim, Chines kciguskagaei, les- 

igcni, Chmes-igskagaei. 
oth To bring away, to make go, les-guiem. 
(ith To bring in, to make come, les-zgiiiem. 
7th To bring in, to make go in, les-nulgnm. 
8th To cari'v along in, Ies-niil<>-iisein. 
Olh To bring far awa\-, les-lkokusem. 
10th To bring him abmg, ruuniug away, K's-telkiisem, Ics-gnt- 

11th I bi'ing it down the river \)y water, Tes-nagotem, Jes-nagotu- 




A got. 

12lb 1 bring it U[\ ihv river, l('s-nziii>lieni, [i's-ii/iil>]irisem. So< 

i;]lh To bring it ont les-ozkansem. 
1 till To bring it up bill, iLS-shaltuscm, 
l')lh To I'ing him ti]., raise, les-poglilshem. 
IBlh To bring away, out of sight, les-choiiscm. 
I7tli To bring astray, li's-ostnsem. j.. 

ISth To firing him down, les-iilkupiiseni. 

Ii)lh To bring him down, to prevail, b'S-llcgu[ifin. Ics-lk6m. 
20lh To attract, rcs-zkukminem. 
21st To bear frnils, produce, les-ehkolilem. 

To I 

u'iiiij; foi'lli voniig ones, Chines-ikiu' 

•hi. fc 


es-Uolilzein m. lew 



<l,kMlll7.,'lll. Soc Tok, K( 

2;{ '!'(» I»riiijij forth t\vin8, Ohirn's-nossiMili. 
lilMSTLK, V. Spurns likoHhon. 
MRTTlSir, (K Kill',' Cioovifo. 
lUUTTLK, rt. .Lt6tiini. 
MROAI), (J. fiiikat. 
HHOlIi, ti. Sn'i'ikot. 
Ilroil, r. /. Popouille, It's-iottmii. 
2il FihIi, or hivml, (lUiottf, los-jii'clisoin. ^ 

l?R()KKN, (7. 1st Hy itself, wood, elf., Ks-I<a«')i) ; (Jiass, etc., 'JOs tc 
li|>'; Of ropes, 'Ke-toiiilk, Ks-likat'; Tii jj;eneral, 'Rs-niaiif 
lid lU- others, Szkaoo, Sztil, Szmaii, S/.toiu'ik. 
.')d IForses hrokeii, Ks ti^oi:^, Scnsaiit. 
4Hi Smashed, Es-foz. ^ 

.>th Broken wind, Tla^t es-pop<nilshi. 
liUOOM, H. 1st For the inside honst<, Zislciviieijiteii. 
2d l-'or outside, Z'snlegiiten. 
MROTIIKL, «. Snnii\ignten. 

MI'OTITFU?, ». In genera!, Snkiisigti, /</. Sniniso-iisign. 
2d My ehlesi brother, (by a man), rn-kezcbe. 
.'M My younger brother, ("by a man), T-sinze. 
4th My oldest In-other, (hy a woman) rn-!k;ikaze. 
.")t.h My youngest brother, (by a woman), I-sisinze. 
Rth We (two) ai-e brothers, Kae-nkiisgiittus. 
7th We (more than two) are brothers, Kae-nkusgntclis. 
Xth I take liim foi- my brother, Ies-kolsin/-em, kol 
!>(h We are brother and sister to one anotlter, Kae- 


smzens, n ka 



lOth We are brothers of Jesus Christ, Kae-sinzelils t .It 
Brother in-law, 1st My wife's brollier, I-szeslit. 
2d My sisters husband, (By a man), Iszrsht. 
■M These two arc brothers-in-law, Szosht 

i\\ Kli. 


4lh My husband's brother, T-sestem. If tli 

fith M}^ sister's husband, 'by a woman) T-sz^sht. 
Hth brothers in religion, Sinze. 
BFJOUGHT, a. Szutte, Sz.'ikn. 
BROW, «. Splt^n. 
BROWN. <;. Mkokoai. 

Ii.islianil 1- 

ad. I 




; (Jlass, c'lc, 'Ks tc 
wiuTuI, 'Es-uiant'. 

Iil>^ t .Icsu KII. 

i:u)'l IS <[(«!ul 

■| . • 

liliriSI'j, n. Contiisiuii, sjratdi, In goiiorul, EinuUii. 
Hruisu ui) tlu! hand, lOnikuechNt. 
Bruise on the foot, EniUu.shin. 

[li> Hruiso on tlio lurohuad, CiiilcnikucsHliiii. 

lilh Hi'uiso on the chcekd, Kok-nikiis. 

pill IJruise on the back, Emknioheni. 

i'th Bi'uiHC on the hUIos, >ieiukuliiiut. 

Hli Bruise on u tree, Chanikudlko. Chta;>kualka. 
|l5^ui^^L', V. t. los-enikuni, enikniiteii. 
ll'.lilJSir, ;t. Orbiistk's, 1st Fur elathos, G'ulauniii. 

pd For shoes, Pichenien. 

f{d Brush-wood, Es-ilil, Tentemnidlko. 

iU'iish, V. t. les-giikiini. To lirush one's clulhos, Chiiu's-^jiiknii/iiUi. 
[BUUTE, n. (.luigueiiil. 

BUBO. Sec Boil. 
|BIJ()K, n. Pu61sh*ohin. 
[Bl'CvK-iSIvIN, Szooliguelgn, Slanlgu, Puclsh'chineign, Sgolt'»h' 


IBUCKET, «. In general, MulenK-n, 
fcd As used to draw water, Kolmulten. 
|;M As used to hold water, Xniulten. See Mid. 
IBUCKLE, n. Luaksten. 

Buckle, V. f. les-luiikseni. 

BUD, V. i. Es-chgaz'znii. (la/.. 
JBUFPALO, «. Ikoiii stonu'i. 
J2d Buftalo hide, Spiunze. 

BUFFET, See Slap, Strike. 

BUFFOON, «. Pospst. 

BUG, n. ijkalukat. 

BUGLE, See Trun>pet. 

BUILD, r. t. in general, Ie.s-k('»lonu 

2(1 To build a house, les-kol'lguin. 

Builder, n. Sgukol'lguni. 

BULL, n. Szolem, Skalteinuskugae. 

2d Bull's head, Szolemkan. 

BULLET. See Shot. 

BULLY, Sec Blackguard. 

BUMP, On the hack, Es-nenikuichoni. See Bruise. 

2d Bump on the back of the head, Es-kolmknapkan 





3(1 Rum}) on tlic knw, Ks inkokcinshin. 

BUmJ, S'tkt^p<(M.. 

BUllDKN.w. SUoill. 

nurdcn, r. a. 1 


OS-gillUC'cllllll'lU. Sfl' (Joiiil. 

ciic'il, a. I am l)iir(k'iK'<I, ('liiiics-ifamt'cl 


FUMfX, r. /. Tho tiiv is buniing, K« oli'is. Sot- UI. 

2d lam burning, (^liinos-ulpnii. 

'M I am l)i]iMiingsi)n)otliiiig, ('liiiics-iiliui. 

ith The prairie, field, is burning, Es-paaprni. 

Titli'-d by llio sun, (iom, (//• ("lui'is. 

Oth To burn oneseli'in any pai't of the bo<ly, Chinoslonikami. 

7tn To burn with rage or sbanie, I-chinkoels. See Koel. 

Sth To burn tbroiigb, ('i!firely,l']s-cbanii)nii, Es-eliuninsi. See A 

nth My bea'-t is burning, ( 'hines-ehul])'si»iii'isi. 

loth My heart burns fol* his love, Ics-ebuip'spui'iseni. 

Uurn, V. t. 1st I set fire to it, les-ulusem, 

2d I burn it, consume it by fire, les ulim. 

3d I burn the ])rairie, field, les-paani. Hair, •Ies-cl4>aiukanoni 

4th 1 burn him, scorch him, les-lemkem. 

5th I burn it through, I burn it down, les-elianu'iseni. 


Burning, a. As u hot stove, Chtlaaka. 


urning, /(.Solus, Soli]), Spap'p, Slmiik 

2d Having the capacity of burning, (ardent) Uiluilt, 

3d Having the capacity of being burnt, TJlIuilpt. 

Burning, /). The caixicity of burning, Suiiuilt. 

2d The capacity of being burnt, (anlor), Siiiliiil])(. 

BURROW, r. i Es-zkzikalegui. 

BURST, c. i. Of tumors, Es-tkupmi 

SI. <"^-i)skani'Usi. 

2d To burst, split in two, Es-ntelpeu 

3d Burst the belly, Es-chtelkueusi 

4th A gun bursts, l<]9-chtelpusiiKh. 

5th To burst inside, of animals bursting the lungs, I'tc, Xlokt-I 

BURV, r. f. 1st By covering with earth, les-lukam, Jes-ulkoK 
2d By laying in a tomb, Tes-ntkom, Ics tkom, Tes-nloum. 



3d 1 

n a stone tomb, res-chtku6sshine 


ith To bury the face in the hands. Chinos-koi 
Burying-ground, n. Sntentemneiteni. ^fy bur 

tcmneitcn, Ikl-ntkoleguten. 
r.USir. w.Es-ini, Tontemnialko. 


ing place', Ikl-nten- 

See ivot'l, 
liaiiiusi. Sec Aim: 


S etc., Xlukt'lzo. 
1, ios-iilkok'mini. 

;■ lilac.., Ild-ntcn- 

BY 48 

tlSIIHL, n. Cli^ukiiciis, Sii^iiiiiclon, Chiiiii/o. 
JSIXESS, II. Ist Ocoiipatiuii. Zuut, Nkuliniicii, .S/,itkaci,-<. This 

i.w my bufsiiK'ss, 'SliOi, hi ik-.s/.iikai'l,s, Lii iu-c-ligc^alUMi, [it-clia- 

Att'air, S'ch'rirKlict, S'clisugain. N. 15. 'IMio IbniiLT In luom 

used by Spokaus, llu.' Uittcr liy I'Mallieuds. Jl i.s iiunc! oiyour 

l), 'Tam as'c'h'(liit.'hct, Taks-ch'cliUcmiiiliiii, Ta kij-chsii- 


liTii, Ta sik.s-ehsauai la I'.shci. 



Lsy, (/. (.'hill (!p-sy,nkaels, ('hiin.'.s-koiiiiiui, (lam in a hiuTy^j 

Chine.s-koimehsli, ("hiiH's-koinu-Ii.sUMui.sli, Cliiiics-koinlvoiiuuls. 

2J To busy oucsulr about olbcr i'ulk.s, ('liiuo.s-ii.shic'bsi 

hi rttkcligu. 
lusybody, ii. Komuicincii. 
jUT, conj. Pen, Ku. ■ 
ll For only, 

it, n. I3ut-eiul, Ist The hnvc.^l, S'thiiioi.. 
ll The upper, S'china]jkaii. 

If horizontally placed, S'chmagan. Sec Clu'in, Turn, Hriin, IJot- 


JUTCIIER, n. Sgugoisiui. See (ioz. 
luteher, r. t. Chines-])el.skugaei. 
lUTTEli, u. Jii general, Skosl lei .skaeni. 
ll A.S used on bread, Chmincnieu. 
luTT E R-FL Y, « . Id le 1 lilegu . 
|UTT()CKS, «. So' amep, Sokaintpil. To whip the butlock^^, 

le.s-lzlzepileni, Ics-spspepilein. 
|UTTOX, ?i. Ilu'il ; d</)/. fiilial, Gapiiilii. Siu; llii\K 
iiillon, r. t. le.s-gapini. Button your.sclf, '(Japon/iUi.sir. 
lutton-hole, m. Es-log Tgapnun. 
jUY, V. t. Ics-toimstom. 

Id To buy a woman, u.s u.sed by riidiaii.^, (.' 
|d To buy out .'i prisoner, to .save him, Tes-koltkoia. See Iledeem. 
i:y, V. K Chine.s-tomLsti. See Tom. 
W, prep. Lst Governed by a pa.ssive verb, 't'. r. </. I'aul wa.-^ 

killed by Xero. T-Xero A polsts hi Paul. 
|d Xear, is rendered with 'eh — ' preti.ved t<j the verb, whieli ibeii 

Lssumes the iii.strumeiilal 


I remain bv vou, 'Ch-lzli- 

ir.enziu' ; I slay by biiu^ 'le.sch-eniulem' j I stand by bini, 'les- 
oh-cehBuLshem' ; I sit bv hiui, Ie!j-eh-lak.-jhiIshom, or. lit. hn V 

I " 




s <'lis;i<f;iii),- 

Veil ^liiill ivniiiiii liv nu', 'F/ii I'L-'cliii^iiuMiii in 




•ii; I 

M From, TrI. 

4lli lU- mvsclt; I fliiiM !ilii;\ks, Mi 

">tli By Ihc )K)iiii<l, I/ii!;n siio'iiiiirUMi. 
<»lli ]U- i'wv yvAV-i my scMiior, Zil .si)(>MlicIi In cIio-,,,''/,! hi 
Tth Tf) st.'iml Ity o!u>. lo tnkc Ihm purl,. Fes !';4'a:',liVc!!\ 
Sth Oho l.y one, (^hiiikanilks, .<;• (Miinaks u (■hinaks. 
Oth Two by two, KscM u csiM. 
lOth, To pass hy, to i;-,, l,y, fos cligoO'/.trni, I 
nth Trood hy, (Jost st,'al!iall. 
12th Hy and I)v, Xu kuoiii-, Xo ttshi'iiiV 

I'll 111, 



IStli rjoil will jiul-'i' us (^110 hv oiu', Xciu kiio chin k 



<a('clizo:;'0(M)i!i'liIs t'KoHii/iU 


My, (Ulv. Xoar, r/s'chsuu;ni. 


CABIN, /?. Zltgu. 

CABf-E, «, X''o.;oim''ns(on sp.'x >::, XogomriH, iV;>m; .^I'oh 

across the rivor. 
2(1 To stivtch a cahlf across, ros-nogomt'-iiseiii. Soo "Wick. 
Cable, )). Sp6/,oii. 
CAGE, ?i. Snch(H'miitcn. 
CALK, ». Isl. Within tin- (irsl six luoiitlis. Chlkullciilrl-T,. 

LM Within the sccoiul six months, LI:('ikol 
3(1 A ycai'ling, St'tjvgoiiiteli;ii. 
CAIifCO, n. In general, Itliiilgn, l-y<akti. 
CATJ., r. t. ls( To iiivilc or crniniaiifl to cdiuo, r<..',s zui;. .i 

litem, Ies-//ziincni, Teszgalitem. 
2(1 To give a name to one, Ies-kol.skiu''ste!n. Sec Skiii.-.t. 
3(1 To pronounce one's name, to call him hv name, IcsaiuiJ 


') '*■'■'?;" 

What 'Jo you cull this ? 'Stem u e^3-au.sle|J 1 


I'i.-'clii.'i'ii.rain in Iviil 

/iii'.soli, I aiiiii, I-Iviil 




I' cliiiilwiiiiikscnlil.-J 


To I'n'sinitiiu' OIK' I'or ;iii ollicf, 

it'll I'o oaii akuiil, Ics-ikh-iii. 
til To lall I);h'1<, lolczi^alitom. 


I'.'.s mini, los-U'-^liilslu'in, Ics- 

iii 1 1> ' 

;ill ill to visit i»iH' 

les-clim'ilmiiii, li's-flii^uii: 


'(\» cull u))Mn, to solicit i>ayiiuMii. ol' .Irhls, Iosiis(mii»imii, Sei! 

Aislv, Scum. 

To call oil, to invoke, Tcs-jialitsli'tom, Ii's-clu'iiini, Ii's-clioiiiistcin. 

loi'.i i'o .all lo one's iiiiiul, k-s-iillvulvumiiR'in. 
Ill, i'o -all animals, dogs, etc, to come, ( 'Imies-i^alska.u'iiei. Sec 


|-.:iii To call itv a wiilHtle, Jc;s-i|.i;uni. 

!, . !. To visit iVieml-; in jjjeneral, (-'!iiiies(hj;aiiiiiskc-liii;iii. 
To (all in (or a meal, CliiiK's-kau; 

o call 

111 lor K>( j;in' 

('Iiinos-ii/.it'«liilsIii. See Itsli. 

.Vl.hOlS, ('. 1st (Jalloiis liami, ('!iine.,s-a!j;ko!co(."'elisti. 
1 Callous feet, « ;iiiiie.s-ai:;k(jkosiiiiitni. 
.\L.M, .f. Isl Nut stormy, i-koi. 

Ill sea, 

Ks-nkainiietikii, I-nkoikiics cliilslii'itlkii, Ks-chHtel- 


IMjtikii, See Sliill, IVlip. 

I 'icKslMi'licd Iiy |!assion, l-l<ci;a, k 
calm, 'I-e.liin-ki'-nn'. 
Ifal'tci-a iit of i»as.-ioii I .-ilin a'j;aiii, (.'liiii-cl-!<anii]i 


a, I ! 1 

/. les l<amoim, Icslcli ua, ics- 

■niiii, K'-.-nmccicKvii 

AH'Ml'.T, n. Tohaci'o jiiix'. Snnieniji-iiteii. 

I To lii-cak (lie 'aliiniet. to lireak tlic |Kacc, Kac /.,^an.iisi;niiicii 


I To pass the calumet oi peace, le^-iil jiy.inem ; !."ci) 

ntpkeimeiiaii, Kaes-iilp/.oiiwej^ni. 
AI.rMNIATK, c ^ Ies-elii«)koiii. Sic luko. 
alumiiiati'ci, n. S/.eliiokom. 
|<'aliimniati.r, )i. 1st llaliitiial, » 'liikoincinen. 

ciiin'ca;l\'. i\ac 


\ caliimnia 

Ini, lie vlio ealainniatis luc, i ii-c!iiki)ii;,;;lcn. 

>\ Mv eahininiator, one of my iieoiile v.lo ealiiiniiiate.-, .'l,ii r-. 


)v name, les ami, 

|( 'aiiinniy, .". .s ca 
\:A]\u. IsL Th 

iokoni, S'ehikolliiiii'-li. 
>• n-i'or,iiil on which leii 

Is ai'e inil. up iravciin^', 


The iToirad v.herc ter.ts are eroded in urder to n main, l.<s- 



•''2" C'AX 


.'{ 1 The ci'ow ! ;^-iI!ioi\m1 in a fi-inp, fiii os kri, In 0R-ai6iiti. 

(th To iiiovo cnnip, C'liinos-iinslii, 

r.'imj), *". /. 1st For iiighf i'>>st, li-.ivclin;;', (Miiiirs-tkukiuMpi. 

2(1 For ,st<)pj)iii<i;, Chincs-k/M. 

CAN", ». 1st Onin, St'tnch(\. 

2il It usod to can eatables, SiicHsliinuks. ^ . 

(^AX, r. i. 1st I have tlic ])fi\v('r, vTikontt-ii. 

2(1 I know how to do it, Ks-mii^tcn. 

M Tt is moiv tVo([UcntIy ivmkKmviI Ivv tli(> juvsoiil or | (■(jiifii 

iialo ol'oach vcM'b. I cm Avork, Tliiiii's-kcMi' ; I can do i 

♦fos-koloni, OS koIstiMi' ; \Vho can stop t1i(> sun ? 'T'siict ii 1; 

tc!]ist6s h\ spakani ?' 

M!i I^roppvly tho power ofdoiiii-- or I)cill^• don^^ is oxprossod In" tl 

potential lorni of the verb. (1) The power ot'doin«'- a thi 
adds 'intUeni' to tlie root of tlie verb. T can work it do 
'reskol-einiitem'; T can catch liim, (a hors"), 'les-a/.-im'itoi 
(2) The power of lieim:; done, jtassively, adds only Miteni' 
th(> i'oc>t, (biplieatiii/j; the last consonant of the same i-oof. v\ 
can l»e soon, Tch'chutem' ; Uy} can be tied, 'Lch'cliutem' 
can be done, 'Kol'IAtem'. 

CANAF., ». Ks-nel()oten, 

CAXCK!;, r. f. 1st To obliterate, les-n-ukiiin, les epeni, T 

2d To draw a line over, les-kolji-oerien). 
<'AN('I"]Tj. «. I?ailin,!jf ontside or inside of a biiildiim\ (Miou;7.r| 

< 'ANCKIi, «. Canker, l']s-;,'atliin. 1 have a cancer, 'l\o es-M'atfii] 
2d Crab, ZovjiO, Ks-titishctikn. 
CAXOLE, /(. Zckoinen j If lighted, Zekushin. 
2d Candle-wick, Xoi>;oniel/,ctcn. 
'■U\ To make a candle, Chines-kol/.ckiishini. 
Candle-slick, ». Snz(:dviishui, Snchilshtemiinten In r/.clcii'-liin 
CANDY, )i. Candies, Chlkaikais, (foi- beiiuj; ]i:i!ntcd.) 
<'AXK, 1st To floo-, Spminten. 
2d To walk, Xzkucchst. 
Cane, r. f. les-spim. les-spelzeni. 
( 'AXOK, /(. Of bark, Tlie. See Hoat. 
CAXXOX. H. Xkiitcnclze. 
CAXTICLE. «. Kni'lemen. 

, In i)S-:TiiMiti. 


osiMit f)r past coiitij 
s-koli' ; I ciin do 
ho sun ? 'T'.siict 11 I;| 

no is o.vprossod liy tiJ 
nvoi- of (loin o- ji tliiil 
T can woi'Iv it do 
oi-s"), 'K's-az-iiu'itoiiil 
adds only 'iitoiu' 
>rfln> samo roof. l| 
oil, 'LohVliuU'in'; 

fos opoDi, T0S-|)lillll| 

liiiildiiiM-, ('iiOH;:/.c 
ncor, 'Ko os-u'ntlii 

1 In I /.olcii-Iiiii. 



C.VNTINAS, n. (niiJposiiuti. 

('A I*, /(. Siip'putakan. Soe I'ut. , 

<'ai»s, n. Sii/.ololstoii, Siizcle, C'h'oliiiicliiiipaiko. 

2d 'I'o [lilt <'ai)s oil a •^iiii,{'liiiio.s-huipI<t;iiii. 

(WrSIZ!*], /'. /. Til geiionil, Hs-pclclioiiu. 

lM T'pdiniiiijj; on tlio sido, Ks-iiiMMi, radioi- llu- (os^-inu;, llio Uirn- 

"d Upsido down, Ksdviiehdii, lOs-eliilkitclchi. 
4tli I'poii a capsi/.e, Ics-chilkuokliOiioiii. 
<"A?TAIX, n. Iliiiii^mus hi sol lis. 
( 'A I'TJ \' H, n. Koannaii, Sz-iiicdt. 


< autiiiv, r. I. 





2d Captiu'o ill a sciiflU', losdioiimiiticstciii. 

:!d To ctipfuro animals, driving llu'iu away, Ii'sd<oIkcigiiiii. 

CAR, n. (iolko. 

CAliniXH, Xlk.dvoiimdzo. Soo (Inn. 

(.'AnCASOX, H. So-uciin. 

OA lie ASS, II. Szom. 

<'Ani), H. To |)lay witli, ,M(Mii>/.utcn. To play at cards, (Jliiiio: 

CAliK, /!. 1st. Till' cliai'ii'o 1)1' ovovsiHMii,:^", or the oi»joct in cliargi 

S' ) 

S'ohiito, Sz-diiito. Soo Charyro, S'clislitini 

»^ » 

2d Attoiitioii, liccd, S-clikacls 

•id Aii.xioty, caro, S pupuscncli, Sd<ollkaiic'ls, Sniiiocli- 

iU\ Care ii 

I cxaniiiiiiiii', doliiieratiny,', Sdiolkoc'iiist, .S'kot'.'n'iiK', 

otii To take cave ofonosolf, Cliiiics-cliiitonzi'iti. To look out i'ov 
dangoi', 'CllilU'sd■co'az^•aluisti' ; To cxcrl oiu'scil', '( 'hiiicsdvoilr- 
inisli, (?]iiiios-ioios/,uti, < 'liiiiossiclistcin'isii. Sec AzLi;a, Koil, 
Sii— . 

l>lk T'o take care of a person or fliiiiL!;, Tcs-cliiitirn, rcs-clisliitin:, 


■ill T 

do a thiiiLi; wi 

til care, Tes-cld<aclscin. 

>^tli To i;Mve a tliiiii; or pei'soii in carv' of aiiolhcr.les-cliitcleni. 

!Mli To ])lace oiies(df under flie I'are of anotlioi', les-cliteleniistei:^., 

( 'liiuoscliiloelioiinsti. 
lOlh I do not care for tliat, I cannot attach to it, les-painiiiiieiii, 

Chin-jiiiupol t — ' ; Vou do not care for the world, yon dcspiso. 

it, 'Kiipaupot III t'stulij,'!!*. 
I Itli 1 do oaro fur it, Tos kt'ii'tciii. 




'>4 CAJt 

'.'AIJK'TI ..r M (\-i!rn!;itiii,:,r. Ks-l<,>ll<,„:.,ur.ti. Ks knrinnci. 

lM Attoiitivc, Ks clikiU'lsi, I'agpaM-t. 

'•AI:KT,FSS, ,/. 1s( irco.lK-ss," Tiiop spmis, T:!s.kolimLniiiii. 

LM Kvoo I'roin utixicty, Kst-^!iiiilv<M"iu. 

:! I T>oiic (»!• saW! witlidiit t!iitil<inn', ^cli'iii. Sec Sri. 

Itli TlKit l;«l<cs 111. f.'irc, F*i\ii]iot. 

CAUKSS, r. /. K-totinni, I.'s-(r;<ciii, los-l 

cArunor, /(. siio-i/.,". 






I*] ('MrjioiifiM- sliop. Si)M;iitIt.iniiitoii. 
♦'AUIM;T, /t. {ini']A\K 

<';ir])Ot, r. i hi n ttoDi-, (Miiiies <i;ii('.']iol]ii. 
i| Till' <_>;r()Uinl, <'liiiii's-!.ni(>|>ilri!;iii. 

I'l! cliLi'iitlako. 

.'{(! 'I"li<> rMiid, Chii 



Carpet, r. /. 1st li;- Huor, loa-Lni('])('l| 
IM With lli!il kind oCcmvit, I«'s-ii;iic'priii. 
''A!;!!IA(;!:, //. Vehicle, (lolko." I- 
CAlimMIJ. /). rkuir/.cteii. SSm-i ukinu. 

Ill- e<iii(|i;'-t, St',' M,'l 

soiioiis carrot, Inl^-ii, 


<'A!JIM)1\ ;/. Sli'.kiii.i , Pui 
(' V1:RV, r. (. 1st To (onvcy, Tos-ul< 
LM 'l\> pull loruanl, les-zkinn. 
;;a To l.i'hav. , Src JJehave. 

1 To earrv away Ibreihly, les-kuel inn. 
.")th To cany oli; Jes cliuesliilsiieiu. 
titli To eaiTV aloiiii", See Hrin"'. 
7th To cany on Uie hack, Ios-k(jclteni. 
J^th 'I'o ri\y\'y oil the shoulders, les m k.fkeit; 

Mail ecj-ricr. .'•^-■iiiil.;i;I;u!i 



iUh T 

o caiTv any kind oi' wood on t 


e loKo. 

teni. See ('hiz. 
10th To carry tlie liior, les nci/Vanein. 
1 1th To cai'ry a\v;iy, as wind or water doc-:. Ics-pcjini. 
12ih To cary in the nioiilh, Iesd<ocnsein. 
i;5lh Tm carry a child insi<le. ('hinesiiiknclli. 


any :i child (mi llu' ann, ('hit 


Kith To-arrv it throa:'! 

::h, n.-aativ I'cndercd hy th 



IXC 1 to the vcrh. I worked it tliroii-h. 'T - ] 

Sop Succood. 

17th To carry np Idll. Tes ^hall 

'iini.u ni 

< o ( 1 1 U I ; : ■ : • 1 



Sc- M,-li:;V(-. 
iiTici'. >'i;-itiil.;i;!;u!i 

•V. Ii's-nclii^clkc: 

ll'- C\'.\-a\ — 'lllMli til" 

1i. 'T "--l<i)Iiir)i;:':-i 


I'-'tli To cany duwii, ha ulkiiju'isfiii. 

\'h\\ To cany over a rivi-r, Ics-iiicUtMii. Ic - iiiikiH'isi'in, 

•Jdlli Ti> t-aiTV liii^liup, los uui.''Islu'm. 

CAIil', //. (^li'ik'si-lhliiii y;^>\\io. 

('MJTRriXJI':, /). Siu'luAiiUm, Siita|iiiuiiU'U. Sinla'i.i. 1.. 

I'AUVI'l, c. f. l-il Wood, Ics-Ivolliiiii'lu'm. 

->[ .Uoul, k'S-^oi/A'iii. 

('A:'('AI)I'], //. Sil.i-iliku J WaU'i- hill, il- liiu likn. 

(USK, Soo Hox. 

CASH, St(c Money. 

< "iVSK, /;. Chiliiizo. 

('ASSOCK, ^i. Siuizlki'ili.s liouialk.-t. 

CAST, Soo Throw. 


CASl^ALLV, Oirasiunally, T.".-. So;' Acciiini 

CAT, «. Pus. 

2cl Wild cat, MchiWiie. 

CATAPLASM, ;). Zpakamiiiion. See Poullieo. 

CATASTKOPIII-:. n. SsntcMus/.ut, «iiU'inszul(Mi. 

CATCH, v. t. Ill general, les-kuneiu. 

I'd To seize with the hand, Ics-duuin, les-tc.iu. ' 

'M To c.iteh an enemy, les kunem, les kiinni\ncnK 

nil To caU'h a, beaver, with rojjcs oi" ir.»)is, 

:)lh To caleh fish. Sees fish. 

lilli To oalfli liiiii ill a .snare, les-azpnuncMn. 

7th To Hiu'iirise one in the act of slealiuir. clc, I 




■<ec Icern. 





Sth To catch iij) with a traveling companion, Ics nchiznicli'Mn. 


'■>, r 

t. I 

L'.s-mimeiem, le.s-sunnegiim 

Catecliiym, w. S .siiniicgii. Snsuiaiegulen. Sec .Seiiin. 

CATHOLIC, a. Caloiic, epldcoaialks, Chochoimil. 

CATTLK, «. Gatlzin. Jn coni|)0,>ilion, — skagae. 

CAUL, n. Omentum, Skeil. 

CAUSE, n. Ivolinzuten. 

21 T!ij veal cause ofanytiiing i.^ rcuderod hy lIk' .siibjiiiKlivi' caius- 




V hi 

ijipine.s.s, 'In-pielhten 

ai'.se oi niv 

.1 T 

death, In tclillin'; Cause of my troubles, 'Jn-i>n])' 

lie rca>!'n whv, or on acctniiil of whicl 

1, IS reiiaei'ca 


ime siinjuncuve, 







le reason o 

i" 1 

11 \ 


at cut 

ftOiTOAV, 'riif-li-inipiisiiiclikMi' ; Tlic' (il'inv li;ij<i'iiie's,s, 'Iii- 
(•Ii-iii(it'!stiMi' ; Tlic (.iiiiso of my jinnlilioii, 'hi-clioosti'ii* ; Tho 
cnnso fif my licin;^ lovctl, vliifl\-i!;iim('iiclit( i/. 
('AUSATl VK, f. 1st All (triginul tniii8itivi> verbs aro cuiisulivo, 
n-om till' iiloii tlint tlic I'mlicnls (lie jmssiw state, r. <j. 

^Fado, 'KnI' ; I liiivt> ii 111! 

r iiialxc it, Ii'v. kulom. 

2(1 Tlio <lorivjitiv(' vi-rlis rrtU'vivc, or v(»Iiti\\', ai'L' caiisitivf iC 
'•, [j. 1 rijoifo, '('!ii;i('sii]iiilsi' ; I mako liim 

made active. 

rejoice, les-iipiclsein, iipiil.steii 


am liivi 

1. -CI 


I fatigue liim, MesAigotcm, Aigd'ston' 

X. TJ, Tfimiile active, not ifiHed in tli'- iii>ti'ui;.i ntal I'uriii, IiL'caui-te 
*Ios-iij)i<il.s(.'iii, ujiit'lNcmi'ir, would mean, I use it to i'eji>ice, I 
vc'joioo at him Kveiy vorl) can lie made causative. 

(^'AUTIOX, V. i. Iestk(dkucltcm, Tes-tzuncni. 

CautiouH, a. To lie cautious, Chiucsdvolpagami. Pi-opci'Iy, Cliiiics- 
kolkot'iiisti. See Aware, KoLw, ('!iiiies-Iv(ila/.L,aiiiisii. 

<'Ayi<:, n. 1st oil the bill side, Es iilog. See Log. 

■Jd In tlH> ground, Es-iilgolegii. 

}}d Under a floor in a liouso, cellar, K.s-koUugo. 

(^avo, )•. i. Ist To cave in, Es-iitcmpmi. 

2d To cave into a licdlow, dry place, Es-ntcinpulei'U. 

>d To cave into a "svcll, or the like, Es-ntomrttHiku 




V. I. Chinosdioimi. See lloi. 
V. t. Io8-h6icm. 


,1. Ti 

I op-siioi. 

CEDAIJ TREE,». Kuctkulp; (Kalis^pel), Mshclp, Astuko 

2d Red cedar tree, '[Vstesel[). 

CEIL, r. /. Chines-ngalclzei, les-iigalel/.em. See Gal. 

CEILING, «. Xgalelzo. 

CELLAR, See Cave. 

CEMEXT, ?(.Mctomin. 

Cement, r. fos-mot<}m, moteiilcn. 

tM'^NSURE, r. f. Tes-chilikonem. 

CEXSrS, To take a census, rhincscIi-in/iUi. See Sleii. 

CEXTAURTJS, )K S'chutemskt:- te! sii.-hil/.ask;'.. 

CEXTTPEP, /). Chililkotc-chst. 

CEXTPE, n. Xihcusem. 

CEUTATX, a. 1st I-mii, rieini. I am a-rlaiii, I in'i>(eii 

I- 1 


10 1 h To cha 







I'll' ; 




LUUSUliVL', 1 


^ivc ,s 


'•• :;. 



i .'. I'.rt'.iii jjcrsot), iji'I. iiiiit.', <'liiii;ikn Sco A, Any. Sumo, 
'liaihiy, liiji.'. InUi. l-ii^o Yes. 

. N* 


.'ririCA'P!!, 7i. Cliiiniili'ii. roitifnut* of biiiilism, hn chmii 

i.lM lit 


t 111. 

lire cati^alivo if 
^i'; T inako liiiii 

, ■('liiin.'.--i'u;j;(iti' J 

ital loriii, l>L'(au,-ic' 
sc it to ivjoiee, I 

IHSAIIII-V^I, (_.)[Mr.iii()iij, I pi'i'l'orm on Ih.t tin; Cf.sai'oau opiTatiMii, 

K'.-. ( l»U-u"u.seui, u ics nkuUiiii. 
!II AFJ'I, ;•. /. As u fpirilud, Hs-koininii, Ks-koiiniiHi. 
iia:','. I.'. /. By fnclioii, lus-iilkiiiii. _ i. 

'hiii)\ n.As it i>i uri^iuid the ^'raiii, f 'Ii'chciuizc. 
(1 A-^ .•ioj)uiaUd, CliiigiikutUfjU'ii. 
/'IIA1K,«. luilyucliH. 

Pi-oiiorly. Cliiiic^- ■'' I''"" ^1"^'". Kalgiulis uliil 


i-;l('ii, .[■Icin'ii^lv.Mi. 

11 Air:, .•!. SucliiK-ihCiUMi, NhikHhi.ston. 
JIIA-Nl."]'], 8f.(^ Acviiloiilally, Luck, 
-'IIANGK, V. /. Ciiino.s-li^'iil(.!iiii.sli. 
id To ( i.aii^-'," Tor l!iu bisst, Chiius.sgosliiilslii. 
d To o!i:'.U;'e i'uv the worso, (/liiiie.s-clK!.sliiilshi. 



|lh To !'0 tlian_i;;'.'d into another .su!)staii( c, Cbincskolili. Tin- 

Biv;ul I.'! fI.;\nj^od into Hcsli, hu snkolpo kt'dil !u I'^koltieli. 
Ith To clKUi^iij i;>;lor, Ivoccl. For a pei'.sou to change color, Tigii- 



V. f. 

) make it pa:-).s 


ono .stale to another. los-tJiiu- 


1 To o.\cliango with any other, Ios-iK;i|j;ueu.sein. 
d To oxehaiiiio an article for another ol'tho same owner, Icsdio- 


kh To cliaiiye place, moviiiij; I'roiii one to aiiothor, Chines-sipsiishi. 

iTUli To exchange 2)lace with another, Chiiiesneigiiselpi. 

|()lh To change hortes with another, swopping, Chines-utdgii.skii- 

gaci. To change only i'or a while, i'or a ride, Kaediolinucgni ; 

To change my own, r. (/. when one is hitigued, Chine-- 


"th To change shi''ls with another man, Chinesneigiisulkasi. To 

change for another of m^' own, (Tiine.sdvolisalkasi. 
^ih To change blankets with another, Chines naigusi/,ei. To 
change for another of my own, Chine.sdcolisizei. Lending 
blanket:-', recijirocally for a while, Chine.s-IvoHiiizei. 
lOth To change iivnev, ex'-haiiging. Chines neigu6iisi. To givv:. a 


iiS CHA 

kind of coin or currency of my own for another of my own, 

10th To change nionoy etc., with other articles, Chines-tonii.sti. 
llih To change life, los-tigiilem In in-znut. 
12(h To f'hangc tlv'i^^T^elves, one to take th;; place of another, 

l'>t!i Ti> exchange onr.selves, one to go to the ofTice or work ot 

the other, reciprocally, Kacs-neigusonuegui. 
Changeable, 1st Fickle, llihiilt hi spnus, Nuihiilzin, See Uel. 
Ud As the wcaiiicr cock, Es-pelpekhmcnzuti, Pelchescmcn, 
'.'A One easily drawn (o any side, Zkuzkuzkukuf. 
1th Asa leaf, easily carried by the wind, Pilpilt. 
Changed, a. Esligulem ; but meaning the act of having become dil- 

fercnt, Tigngnlein, Tigul, means the fact that it changed. 
I'lTAR, r. t. 1st To bnrn partially the loot of a standing tree, le.i-; 

2d Any other ])0st, Tes-chnlalkom. 
(IIARACTEH, n. 1st In as mnch as it marks the soul, etc., S'ch'-l 

2d As it dislinguishes from others, Chmiiten. 
rHAKCOAL, n. Zagzogt. 
•Jd To mark with charcoal, lesdpim. 
3d To bnrn charcoal, Chincs-kolepi t'kl-zagzogt. 
CTTATv(JR, n. 1st The ])orson or thing committed to our Inisi, S/.- 

ehiite, S'ehilel. 
•2d What must ])e paid. Kl-iu'isten, Chgalcapileten, CJulgnill. 
Charge, v. f. See Load. Pack. 

2(1 To command, exhort, Ics-chkolkoltepilem, ](>s-iK'ui!;aneni. 
3d To place to account, les-kaim, les kaishitem, les kailtem, les 

t-kaishitem. See Account. 
4th To accuse. les nemiepem. 
Tjth To charge a gun, Chines-ncheinchi. 
OKAIUTABLE. (7. Es-nkonkonnels, Es-iikonnltiMnsh. 
Charity, 1st As theological virtue, Xgameneheli.sten. 
2d For love, Gamcnch. 

"d For the act of reciprocal love, Sgameiicheus. 
4th For the disposition to help jtoor ])eople, NkoiinUum:slen. 
5th For an act of helping the poor, Siikonnltumsh. 
6th For a favor received, Snkonin. 

uollicr of my own, 


place of iiiiotlu'r, 

I oifico (ir Wdi-Ic dt 

\■/A\^, Soc Uol. 




haviiiiT bocoino dil'-l 
llint it changed. 

8taiuling trcH', lo.'j- 

iic soul, etc., S'ciri 

'd to our trust, Sz-;;i 

'D, CJulgniU. 


n, Fes kail tciii, los | 




L'lIAUAl, n. Soiiicsh. Sec Philtre. 

(Miariu, r. t. Ist To entice, Ics-xkukununcm. 
lid To delight, les-npielshtem. 

[/harmed, I feel charmed at — , les-zkukuminem, les |(imiinciii. 

Charming', a. Fipiit, Ivoamkotnt, Zkuzukul. 

iMIASE, r. t. 1st To pursue, les-nguieni. 
Ld To drive onward, lesdvcigum. 
Ijd To drive away, les-mcominem. 

I'lIASJf, n. Es-ngak<ius, Ks-nzkapeus. 

L'lIASTE, (T. I-gest, I-guku, Ta epKes-uelemsziit. 
Ld Chaste girl, irreprcjachahle, Skomelt. 

('IIASTISK, t\ f. les-}/.iin. Tes iigiizguzmclscm. 

rjIAT, v. X. Kaesd<ainkamilshi, Kues-mimishituOgui. 

I'lTATTEL, n. Stakelszul, Skamnelsziit, 

I'lrivVr*, a. Ks-iilkukui.maksem, Tas nkutenakseni. 

I 'HEAT, V. t. 1st To defraud, les-koilem. 
pid To deceive, les-takakanuuem. 

IFEC-'K, V. i. 1st A horse, les-ntninusem. Seo Tin. 
pi A person, les-geeniiii. 

eld Oiiesidi, (/hines-ionienzi'iti, Chines-geenzuti. 
Ilth To niai'k goods, Ics-ehtechim, lesdvaim. 

I 'heckmate, c. t. les-polsein. 

ilIECKEKS, /(, 1st The board, Snclulkoakoamin. 
Lm The pieces, (JhiHcokoamin. 
pJd To jday at (heckers, Kaes-koakoami. See K.(M. 

I'lIEKK, /I. Skolchemus, />?. Skolclieiuinu-. 
Kd Dirty with mud; Kolmals. 
Kid .Solid cheek, Kolkoais. 
jlth To sla]) on the cheek, Ics-lkouMiscni. 
lull To have pimples on the clieek, Ksdcolpozs. 
VlIRER, V. t. 1st My words, les-iuiukanein. 
pi To chtjcr horses 'vhcn swimming, les-nkeigiipeiu. 
( ■heerful, rt. Ist Calmly Joyfii!, E><-niii('N. Esiilt'tomtcms, 
pd Cheerful at work, (lUaguiial. 

I'lIEESE,;!. St'J'.kem, Ihis-skacm. 
(ciIEJlISn, r. t losdv-cigtem. 

("IlEnUY, n. Krilil, J^igologo. ('■•icrrv irc<\ Lgolgoi'ilkc. 
|(.:iIESR, See Chcckei-h. 

OIIEST, n. Sec HrcaHt. 



:M Hii.-k.'t, Siik:i!s:i/.;ik 


r. t. ]\I';ist!c:i((< I 





IM To clu'w tnfKiffo, Rs-nfk')IkoUi I' 

CTrTvMFKX, H.Skiiiskiis. 

-.1 Pniii-i»' chirkci!. Skokolko, 

'.\i\ Wood fhickcti. KiVlkulzo. 

Ith Smull, \vliit('-Ii\'i''-i| 

•"»t!i SiKilko, 

• ith Shiilsbel. 
7th Sti'lgu. 
'^<:h Spiialkan. 
!Uh Koiiskoi, 
iOtli Skogolii. 

• ■IIIKF, ,'/. Ks-iishii/.in. 
< "hii'f, n. Iliiniguin. 
CITfr.I), «. S<rnVio;u!t. ' ! 



n c'Oinnositioii, 

2il Now boni f!)il(l, Siz»It. 

.'M To h.> vith chilil, ('Iiiiic.s-i^tkii6lti. 

Itli To I)niijjj forth u child, Cliii;..'s-lkii('!ti.. 

.")t!i To hrina; fortli u dead child, C'hiii-cI'K'I!; 

'•.Ill To li:ivc a'chihl dead, Ohin-tcnclt. 



1 ! C 


cm hi re n 

dead, (."hiii-k 

Sth To c.'irrv my chiM in ann, Chiiu's-knoiici:. 
Mth To can-y any child on tho back, (^Inii-kol- 
lOth To havoal! chihh'on dead, killed, Chin-x' 
nth To he childless, ('hiii-chstomclt. 



Fl'th To have plenty of childven, Ch 

I8lh .My ciiild is dchauched, Chin-chiiilt. 

14th To take caro of my child, Ciiines-chitclti 

I'lth To tloi,' my own child fhiM-spclt. 

FCth Small child, Sknl 



d t 

u tc^-i'.r'l to ])ai-ents, n: f cnijiositioii, is -aid Ki 

«"hildl»ood, Skiikiiii'imt 


r. n. (•hine8-chi;]«''irii. ('hines-i 



L'd ("!iille(l hands, rhinos-teiiil.inhi, ('Iiiii-n/,\i/,iiieclisi 

♦ .'HI^rXHV, H. SnoMuf-.ten. 

rrriy n. K<dclieinepen, Colchcnit pst, Sec Bit, Bridle 

rFri\.\ NfAX. „. Chilnsu!, Chilosii 
down fi-'im tli'^ top of thelicad 

isshen, from the queue hiu 


, 15ri(Up. 
n the qncu<' liiin:;!!!: 


<'!!.()1(;K, n. My clioioc, Is-ziu6ls, Is-z;iko:'-;i, ; .s] 
("11<.)KE, I'. /. (Jliiiui.s-t'kiipmi. 


'.V iuiyliini!'- reiaaiuiiiii' i 

11 the Uu'uut, C 

.1 -Uiw 

'. I'Ui all. 


r. I. To ivikUm" unable to breatlio, !;■ -Lkap'i 
.1 V>\' |iressin_i); on. the throat, Chines-Uoltku; .-I'tni. 





V eatehiii!:; 

a I'ellow bv the throat, Chi; 

1th By iIiiMwiii:^" a rope at hU ucek, 





t. Ics-shelini. 



<MI00SM'2, r. t. les-nkoeiiciii. 
('lioose, r. i. Chities-iikoeni. See Clioicc. 
CHRtSTIAX, Klistiaii, (MioHiomul, Epl m' 
CllURCir, /(. Siiohiiumeu. 
CILTRN, n. Snkolomon hi rehniiiieincn. 
Chm-ii, r. ''. 1st By workiiii;' llie piston iij) :i 
•_M By turning the wheel, K,s-!<ileheini. 
< 'ICAIJ^ /'. Kv iisliitcpene. I smoke a eigar, 
CirilEJ?, /(. Sehsicn. 
Cjplicr. r. i. Chines-ehsieiii. 
CIRCLE, //. Iiil. 

■_*d A circle, ol' wood, etc.. to play. 
;M Around an object, Ch'chnii/-", Chiall/.e. 
cniCr.MCiSE, r. f. ie.s-chcheuizeni la f<palk, 
spallv. dun. For babies, le.s-clislkeiukaiu' 
Circinnriscd, </. Es-clislkeiiikau hi spapalks. 
CITIZEN, n. Siiiapi. 

lM To become a citizen, < 'liin-kolist chiii-s'.!ia| 
CITV, /(. Es-kci, lv-;-keikei, Siajikcin, Sniapke 
<'liA>r, Clamp, /(. Skokollaue. 
<'LAM()1», r. /. Cliincs-iunezininisti. 
CLAXK, of horses ieet, Lululii, 
<M.AP, till- hands, Es-takqtakochi.iizuti. 
CLARLNET, n. Chlj;oalk.». 
«;L.\\V, Seel 'aw. 


'.>') \\ !!, 









'LEAX */. I->fesl, l-j;;ul 

il Clean dish, Xtrt'si'l/.e, N j-iikuel/.o, Xirukiilze 

d To becoi 

ne cle;^ii, 




can, r 

/. I 

cs-iiiiKum, Je»eci)ein 


r'l/MVR, a. 1st I'ree t'wia •^'jirnio.iGSH, br!;rhl, I-tral. 




!».! It^i fVoin tnw'tM*t:iint\\ l)lain. ! 

*>^A 1 

Kivc i'rorn inuiuritv. us water, 1-sisli. 

mi 1 1 «^v, II ./■■. ■■■■|.... . ..J ) - 7 - 

.")tl) C\r:\r wiitor, I-ngul, I-nsishk-u. 

(5th Clour wuallicr, Cligesaskat, Cbgukiijtaskat. 

7th I'h'iir road, Ks-kai;. 

Slh Clear voicr, soiiiid, .Vfakozin, 

t;i Clear sit^litod, Chiiiiiius. 

10th Clear cotinlr}', r-i;asiiIogu. See Tliiii wood 

Clear (»</r. Wliolly, I—. 

Clear, /;. I. Isl To fret^ from obstruction, les-gaktM 

•Jd To free from obscurity, les-hikoiiiiin. 

;M 4'o free "'■ 

1 . i rn /• 

tains. les-'rakum, es-j 

\ ltir\lll I 111 I'll! IM 1 \' I 

rill J. w .. ^v, , ^ , 

Clear. V. i. 1st II becomes clear in t 

fos s'shipminom. 

.11 I. 1 i'.. ..., „I 

the mor 

;M From stains, Ks gukiipmi. 
Ith from impurity, Es-.-;'sliipi 
r>th From clouds, Es-chguku 
CLEAVE, Se«^ Adhere, stick 

I'l l/\<l.'"\"i .1 VI.-(iiil.-/iriM#'>Ii 

bst ruction, Esgakapmi. 

, .1 imr i.T» ., !:>...-.•,, 

. • « -r i-^-^T-fl, 


> .J. .>i, ^, ... S'chite., . 
ten. 8eo Chit. 

> 1 Jl .II. JJ, t . ' ■ « '-i- »•■,> "■•• ...... . V w., ^ 

2d On a ladder, goinjj; by hand and foot, C 
:!<! On !i s1air-<'ase. Chines-iiuissclshi. 


tii I 

i^t^ a \\i\ rM-ktiw>M.Mh*i11uti. 

.■)th On a May pole, Chine _,., 

(TilNCIl, V. t. Ie8-zanem. 


..r I XT/1 .. ; v., ..i.';i:. 

(!LTP, V. t. IcH-ailom. See . . 

('Tr\ATf M f'KiM.-«ilt<li:'ilif«. 

lilko. Es-chaKcn 



CliOCK, «. Spakav.i, .,,. ,. 

CliOSE, (\ ^ 1st to <lra\v t..„ 

2<l To shut a. door Cbiiu>H kolin 


o<J «. ^/ oil HI v.»iv -'J 

4th To draw close, ,-.>.-.,n , 


e, Chiiies-nzijisi; Both c} 

:!hinosni;i),)B psi. 

coc tJs 

ruh To close u speech, Cliiiies lioizini. 
I Close, a. IsL Of a door, Es-koliiishn^p, Es-kolin/oumuj), 

2(1 Secret, Es-koiiizemnap lu spelimenzis. 

;j(l Parsimoiiioiis, Iciukuc, Neinncmt. 
|4th ^Neighbor, S'cliisiigiUii. 
Iftth Compact, I-oiK See Thick. 
Ic'IjOT, Of blooil inside an aniiual's body, Mitichic. 
IcLOTlI, 71. red. Kulkuilt. 

jClotho, V. i. Isl To dressi oneself, Chincs-gaznurnti. 
|2(1 To another, Tes-guznunitem, Tes-iilgiipini. Sec f jigup. 
IClothc!!, n. Caznumton. 
L'd Poor clothes, Chkotdvonizc. 

'»d Nice clothes, Ks-gcsulks. 

kh Old clothes, Ska,si)alka, 
fcth Xew clothes Siziilks. 

Sth Refuse clothes, Sgolalkfl. 

Iftli To clifuigo clothes, Chin-kolisalks. 

Mothc8-pin, Zanenien. 

Jlothes-line, Chilkoelistcn. See Lok. 

TiOITI), H. S'chitetnip, pi. S'chintemtcmip. 

'loiidy, a. Ks-hemip, Ks-chiteniip. 

pOAGUL.VTK, r. L 1st Of blood and milk, Esolemi. 

|(1 Of gruel, etc., l']s-/.upmi. 

^agulate, v. t. les-uiein. 

[?(»agulated, a. Noolku, 061t. 

PO.VL, n. Zkolzagozogt. Burning coal, Es ziiku. 

i;0ALF<:SCK, r. /. Chines-nkouilshi. 

fOARSE, Clownish, a. Tas-';nl!cepus, Ta epl-ii/..-!iiiii, T.'i.-s kulpu 
senziit, Tas neheltiunsh. 

{OAST, n. See Shore. 

[OAT, a. Snazlkeit. 

lOAX, r. /. res-kolegnegukiineni„Tes-totcinn. 

|0 coax one into, Teszkukununem. 

loB-AVEB, Sazim. 

|l The sj)i(lcr makes ttie cob-web, Es-kolla/cinini. 
It catches flies in the cob-wob, Es-azini. 

|()C1\, ». I'ouster, Skaltemigu skuiskus, LiUcMc. 
(X'K, r. f. ^y\\v•^\ or bay, Chilndvokeincm. 
UCKLH. /(. Xcliestnkein. 








V I'lju:! 

r.i i» ■ II !■> II . ^ ...i ,' 

( lOK'^SI-'N l.''-i !.': ('.. SiiKM(>i>skcMticli, 

"(>l'.!\\ >;!•'!)' 

• ' T 1 

'en I 

:i;.;,i i iii i:mi. 

COKXIST, Witii, h:s!ikiiHziim, 

fdlToL", Ii's^MzlciUisoni 



••' i' 

1 , 

I ,i •.>!> I'll) 

>:t.Ml iU. 


i!i<'' ln•MlC^^ Miuuuniiu'n 

t:il:o jtidichil iidnniiiiUoii, Irs-.l, ;iMiim:i 


11. fsro .l\ 

.v.«.ii, iMi 

'<•■>][ A TV 

t!i, 1st If tlioy in: (■qiKils, Ics iikuU'iuiii 

:M !i'(li!M'(< bo 11 ■-:\bor(li:;:jtion, Ic-.s-cnonuuom 
•',tl As a soi'vaiU, Ii's c-bcmtcpcm. 

4th C'i-'bnbit.sii!-i]>!y, Ks-aieuli. 

OOTfElH, n 
COIT,, r. 1. I 

mI: iMi-s'ii', .M<<1 11 Kaop sl( 
cliialiin, cbiiiloiitoM. 


vs n !-'i;-t!:o, r.s-cliiulKanzuTi 

''■M, Ofi 


1(1, hs-chKil, Ksgollcoci 


v.. Ti!' 


(•()IN<^!Df^ '•■ /'. Es-iiioi 


'U)lA),a. Za'.i 

tnij'stiiegn, rs chzcMuu^L;!! 



i;i-tably cold, Ksui, 1-sul 


;!i!ti;i;j: 11! spirits, ac'tivity. dopt, Mi(!pt 

5tl. ! 'or I 

;i in II Ml 

, run 


cold hands, cliilly, ('binos-zuznu-i'lisi, V inno.^ imini 

()t!i i have 

Ttli Tho \voatb(M' is cold, T'N-zalti. 

Stb ('old cnnntry, ZaltOilogn. 

9th Cold wator, ZchUikii. See ('.wd t'n cze. 

lOth T am shivci-in;!; witli fold, riiiii-fhiszleini 

11th I am f'r!'(V.iii!.r, rhiti-chili^u-iimus. t 

12th To catf'b cold, rbinos-oh«'ii. Src Cough. 

l"l!i Cf)ld weather, Z'llteiniu'ig. 

COr.LA il, n. U\ Necklaee, Skale])'^. 

2d (^d^.u• of a sliirt, etc, S'''heTi'(p,MlkoU. See ( 

tar, Chines-rliein])ol-kolti. 
Collar, '•. t. To .seize by the collar, Tcsd<olzi 
2d To o;'ve a <"dl;'.r, Tes-cheni])olkolteiir. 

T--"" ■' 


, ( 'liino.~triutiiiiI;'i. 

'ollur-bono, n. SiiclioniHa'lt. 

\)hLl']MiV\'j, ». SnUiilc/tigcil. In (.•oii)j[iosiliuii. 'Siikiil '. Soc 

Nko, I'Vllow. 
'(.)L01i. u. Ist Thciv i.s no yonoral naino for color. Wlial color 

liorso is ho ? 'SUun hi sj>uins '/ L (.'hen u oigc'-il hi spiiius / \v/.' 

H'cliea hi sj)iiins ? E/',s'chiiii!lj>;ii ? l']s-o!iil:cH'chin61f^u ?' 
M Colors for jaintiiig, See PaiiUinj^^, Minomcn. 
Jd Colors lor a Hag, See Flaj^. 

Uli ^Vllat color shirt have you '/ Kii-e/.-.s'chiiuilk.s '/ 
nil What color blanket have yoiii' Kii-cz.h'chinizc '' 
Uli What color liice have you ? Kiioz ;>\liiiiu.s 

face, J-chin-koais. 
'th What color beads, feathers 

a\r .1 iiro\s ii 

.s-ciLslirsa cnimis, 

1, clu'ii II 




;,'olor, I", t. les-minein. See Dye. 

'oloivd-jjeople, it. Negro, l-kouis, Koios. .S 
:OI/r, ?i. Jjkakaiche. 
d 01' one year, Lkokonu'nis. 
Jd Two years old, Kokonieus. 
"OI.UMX, n. Hs-nsliitulcgu, /;/. Ks-n/.i/Juicu': 
,"O.MB, H. S'tishemin. 
'onib, V. i. Chines-usheni'i, Chiiies-iishkeini, 



c. I. 



^e G 


lid I come lo see him, le.s-chguieni. 
|>d ("onie back, (yhin-elzgui. 
llh Come back, returning without comjjU'liiiii; lliv iriji, ( 'Inii-elx- 



11) CO 

mplelc<l, Cliiii-el/.iuisb. 

down ll'nHt 

)tli Come back, after a tr ^ 

Uh He is coining, Es-zenes. See Eni's. 

'th Come quick, Chin-zuaniist. 

5th Come down, Chin-zuelkup. 

)lh Com"' down Ironi liorseback, or ilimwii 

a fiMue, etc., Chin-ztipenziiti. 
lOlh Come home, Chin-clgui. 

.1th, Coine loo late, Chin-guzijcle. Sei' Luli-, Arrivf. 
l2thCoine in, enter, Chin-ziiolgu. 
jtli Come sliding, dragging oneself siUiiiii' <in tlic Incis. Indiun 



lines-/, koamenziiti. 

■ieu In, At, I'p, Down, Alter, Out. 



1 Itli To (••>iiiv' oil! (pfllii" \v;iU'i', l<j _!,■'• ((I l;inil, (,'liiii /,ii!i. Iiil.^Ii. 
1">tli Sci' (!(). H\- in'cfiNitm' */.' \n III! iliMsc \\'rl)s tliov imau t< 

< 'onicr, ;i. S'(Iii/,'/,iii. 
COM MA XI),, r. f. Isi A i,..i'>Mi,, 


I's /•.uiirni, 


I, u'S.iiiu; 

kaiu'iu, T('sI<nI!<(M'Isti'iii. 

iM A (liiii^-, Tc :-('!is/,i'iin"iii, Ii's clislcluniiii, K\s c'li.skolkiji'Itrni, lo- 

clisiiinilianiMii, Fes chlcolkoltrjjilcni. 
''iiniiiiaiii!, 11. Slcluuini, The act ol' cDiHiiuuKliiii);, Slcolkoill. 
( "iMuinanil!'!', ,'). Si^iilvluMnnn, Sj;iu'!i!>(tl!<i)ll(j)ilo. My comuiaiRk'r 

wlio conimanilN me, Iii-cIiIcoIkoIti'jiiK'iizuU'ii, Tii Iclicincii/.uU'ii 

('():\1M().V, .1. It It 

IS a cDinauMi j)ro|)(M'ty, I'jsia u I'p si-! 

iM Our coiiiiiKMi fatluT, Kiicsia ii kao-pog('>l,. 
.'M 1 ij;iv(' tliat wai;'<)n. nioiicy, in ('(11111111111, los-iitkiu'iisoiu 
g(')lk(); ;',.'/. Xtkiierscu In giMko. (rroin Icstkoii).; 

i;-ivo tlii'in tl 

u' wa^:-'!! in c.'ini!!'!!, 

•K's-nt!iiu';u!i« 111 III iiiiU 


Uv i'-av(> us 1I1C waiviiii in coiiiinon 'Kai^-iilkiu'iiHl.i, !u <r(',lk 


as IioiMi jj;ivr!i to us in vonnnun, 'KaL'-iitkuuiililt. lit. 

jilacc t!io wai^'on, inoiu'v, hrtwci'ii lluMU, union/j; llioiii. 

■ttli ^yo 1i:;vi> th 

n^'oii in ((Miimini 


u- iil!vU(';il.sL'iiu!lite ill 



\(> the \v; 


ill corniiioii , 'Mtku(' u,- 1 iiu'iiti 

!■•(")! ko' : Pl:i!H', ^ivi' tlic waii'on in coininoii, 'Xtkut.uscuti ! I 


V. Tl. TIu' (lou!)k> CJiijug'alioii, (ho ori.i^inal, h's'iu, iitl; 


'UiMoii : los-ntlviiciisoiu, iilk^u 


s(Mi, (^) [ ]>lac'.' i! In ci 
(0) T l,avo it in ( oauno!!. Tliis remark ai>plu'.s to all tin.' 
lowiiii;' verbs. 
')tli TIu* wairoi' is in coiniiioii, Ks ntkueus hi "iMki 




I'iS niKueus 111 gDiKi). 
r give a Iiorse in coniiiion, les-iiecIisiislK''useni !ii siieliilziiji 
kagae. h'f. I stand tliat Iiorse between, among. 'Xeelisusliil 
senti'. Place tliat Iiorse in common ; I t-taiul the JKjrse in ctJii 
inon to lli"iii, 'Ies-!U'ch-ush(iille!ii In sneliik;a->k;'iga(j'. [Fri 

We liave the lior-e in cinimon, Kac!s neelisiisheiis^'iii, (//. 
neclisiisliensenieiitem) lu sneliil/.askairac Have \'e the her-: 
in common. 'Xoelisusbi'iisementi*. 
He staiuls. i> in (omnion^ I'^s-neelisii.slieus. 
1 give a gun in eommoti, Tes-iiclii/.euseni In soloIoiiiiiKli, (y^ 
ii''hizeuseir. Plaee Uiat in eoiuiuon, 'Ncliiztu.seiiil 

Te.- k..!: 
{il To reve; 
Sec Ka 
pi To bo m 
M To havi 
jieni, I( 
to me) 


d t'ommiii 
Tlie tir.^ 
third, il 


Id Coinraih 
|d In a grea 



till /,ll{L-.'.'.)i!.^ll. 

I iriv-' t!::i( '■■ii;. ti> tliiin ill (Dir.ii; .M, '!fs ni'lizt iillfiii'. i I'roin 

r1).. llu>v Muan l| Clii/.o.) 

Iclu'iniHi, los.iw'ii;} 

■hskolktn'lli'iii, k'- 

. My (•(imiiiaiHlci, 
II, In 1(.1u".ik'1i/.uUm;| 
u'l u (,'p sU'.'. 

IoS-Ut!vlK.'ll^OlH Ilj 

Din Ii's tk;iii).j 
kui.".il'u ni 111 giViko'j 
kiu'iiHl.-i, !u golko'j 
iL'-iii-kmjiiliil. ('t. 
iiiioiig ihoiu. 
iilknr.iiSL'iiuJiiUin Ij 
, 'Ntkiu'u.auu'iili ! 

isisu, iitkui'iisoiiu;. 
iIk's lo :ill till' i> 

llt'i ! 

],^\■^' (kf .::,ii:i in ; Mi.;;iiu,iii, K:ic.s-iicii/.ui.-.iiii, {j>- '.,'■ 
k:i>> :Kl!:'.'Mis('i!i(Mit>':n); Iluvt' yv llu' ;,M!1i in coimuxii 'Xch;u"u- 


:i l.!:inkrt in ronuu'iii, Tcs ntkiiisciu si/.rin, (iilkri).si.'ii, 
;nl). r give (ki'Mi ii liliiiilict in roiniiioii, I kiy :i l>hu 

'•,.1 ,! 


I'! (MV 


•II (ill- IIicM, ;iui')ii_: 

llii'msi'!\ cs, 'r^.s-ntki' III loin A/x'.a 

'Jtli W<' Ikivc llic likinla't in <-oniMi(in, Kaos-iitkriiscin, Kao iil- 

nionti si/.oui'. 


IVC w 

tlial klaukcl in coiunuiii, 




•lisushriisoiii, (^", 
llavi- vo llio lioi> 

II sdldinmiiK'li, (y-' 
luon, '}solu>!tusi'iit| 

n. All thc's" Vi'i'Ii-i (k'j)'.Mi'I I'lMin tki. dlllVivnt Indian vi'i-ks to 

cxjiroKS to [ildcr, to put. 
"a ..I all olhr:- !;r.i.l-. =>f ^ )in!niinll_)' can I) ; rcniliTiMl l)y tin- cur- 

ivsiiondiiig vorl) iiichulcd Ix-lwci'ii 'n— ens', tlio cui)u!ulivL' ; 

Vft. (k^"I:'."^;( iisiui! way Ini'aU is Id Miy,'Kacsia u kai; golku, iviii'- 

sia i; !iai'-. .iloloniinili', Tin; wagnn oi' lis all, Uu) gun oi' lis all. 
'OMMUXICATI'], r. t. 1s1 To have, u sliarf in, Xko u chin-cji sic-, 

Tos knlsii'in'in, It's-U;in'ii,('nii("'giiin. Hir Comnion. 
d To nivoal, inipiirt ncnvs, Ii's-ininunliiloiu. 
'oniinunicali', r. i. 1st To iT<oivc coninuinion, (.'Iiiiios-nkaczini. 

Sco Kac. 
\(\ To lie in jiai'tnorsliii) witli, (*hiiu>s-loni'nuMuieg>ii. 

d To liavi' amtliing iu < ominoii, ky jtropagation, lis-cdiinclkiu".'- 
lu'iii, I(>sclinioi)('i)c!n. I <'oinnnini(ali' (/'t. I havo i)nn»ogatcil 
U> nu:) in lh(! sin <i'' Adam, 'ChniolUni'jiL'nH n In tcio .s/.Uiu'ns 
Adam' ; I t oininimicali' in tko blood ot'Jc.Mis Clu'isl, I liavo ii 
lloving down lo nu<, '("limoiiipmcn in siiguls .k'sii KIT. 

'uiiiiaiiniiMi, n. Isl Lord's siijipLT, Snkarziii. 

d Coniinimion ( 

if saints, h\\ snlimnionuCgutis In osdlKilcin ; h 

snk.inikktis In cs-lkatcin j J.ii sntc'ji.-tdistis In (.•sdliali'in ; liU 
-niaam'ilshtis hi is Ikati'in ; Lti snkoligm'Mistis In (.■slbalcm. 
Till" first means tlic intercourse" , tliL' second, unitieation j the, 
lliivd, vlu' being joined together; the I'ourlh, the i\ union, tki' 
lieconung one jieojile, (me family. 

•(>^rr^\NI()^, n. 1st For tnivoling, Sga/.ut. See Ciazut. 

d Comrade, Irieiul, Scllagl. iSce kagt. 

il In a y;r.>at feat of war, Sokui. Sec Soko. 



•Itli I'litn dc'itli, K«''in'. Si'c I\!_f))im. 

•)tli 1- 

niiytliiii!;' i'l>t', 'Nko' iii\'lix<Ml (o tlio iioiiii or vt>rl>. Si'c 

Xkn. With, 'r<)L'('llic>r, Follow, 

'oM iiiM-t ([ilit viMi!" Iiiid rninji.'uiioiis' must be irndo'Tfl ucfotM 
iii!_' to wli.'it IiM'l conipany it is. 'i'o a lioy I slioiild say, *Ak 

iliiii'Mscin 111 t6ii' In as-iilciiltit!Ut' ; to a y-irl, 'hw trii* hi aw- 


'sjn'slu'ilcin' ; 1> an olis'ctu 


•Fill as-iiUiil(lu'('lii;ziii 

to a ttMinhlcr, 'Jiii us-iiknlalaljiul. 

COMPWY, ?(. To 1h' in comiKiny witli, r'hiDc's-iKluM. Sct> Shr 

2(1 To Ici'cp conipany, ChiiiessliisliiM. 

( '( )M IV\ RATI V K, 'r»>I, or Toizi hi tol. So.? Moro 

( 'OMF'A RE, r. t. Tt's-c!i]iusrn), ros-cl)sii<:;;iiin('Tn. See I^m\soiii. Sulch 

I'd To tliiiik ('(nial, los-chsliiimciisoin. See Siici. 
:!<! To lliink inloriov, los-koHczciitotii. 
4tli To tlii;ik supovior, los-iislmzincMii. 

COMRASSIONATK, r. t. 1st To fool i)ity, Tes-nkorim'niiiuMn. 
:M To f't'cl sad with one, los-nkiilpnpiist'nflioin, Io.s-iikulni«^opi! 

;M To surt'or with him, Tos-iikuln<fii/,gii/,mtlsom. 
4lh To iced sad for him, los-idipuptiscnchem, Tos-chzkoakom, lis 





•'>th To lo.ok at one compassioruitoly, Tos chkonm\so 
ttth To hoar otn' oompas.sioiialoly, los-iikoniii'iKMii. 
<'()MPAT1U()T, «. Snkutligii. * 

<'OMPKTi, r. t. los lohomim, los-uiziiicm. 

('(.).\r[M-:\SATF,. r. t. 1st Kor work or tavors ivcoivod Ios-<>-ak 
'2d Por ilamagos. <Ud)ts, Ics-nkolifiiisoni, Ios-iii;'ii/,'sh('is(;m. Soo Pai 
("'OMPLAI'X, r. I. Chiius-iozuti, ("hinosioziniiii>ti, ^Chiiioschil 

2d To complain of him. Tes-chi!iko!i'jm, ics-chiiv.inmislcm. 
COMPOirr, Soo Hohrtvo. 

CO.MPOSE, /•. /. To put togothor. los-mimim. 
2d To ])Iaco in ])ro]M!r form, lo.sdcolom. 
'} I (!omi oso f>'i<'«idi"^ adjust ont.'s:df, Chinos-kolomisli. 
4th To (piiot, los-tolpim, Ics kampim. 
CO.MPRKHKM), r. (. 1st To take in. Sec Contain. 

d T 

o inidor.'*tamI, Ic8:ii.sugnncm 


COl'llS 11 

2d Soo Uiiti 

< 'oncorii, H. 








< 'oiuh'mnati 




in or viM-l». Si'cH j,i T.i ri'lui-'ii to :i siiuilK'i' vohitni', h-4-U'ii/,i 


n'tido'-cd accord 
.should say, 'A1<m| 
, 'iiU tt'-ii' lu aw-ii- 

;M To pi' 'SI upon, los-chil/iimaiK'i 


['\'("ri<h\, Sec Sorrow, CoiilriliiMi, llcgrot. 

('(•\('i:.\ !,, r. ^ Icstickiim. 'I'o coiicc;!! Ins own l:;ulls, (lo!ii;^.«', 

< 'hiiKhiiUuiiiisti. 
2(1 To jiiit away, Ics-«''lUon». 
(:(>N('i:[)K, Sec (irant. 

iishC'i. Soc Sh(-i.Mc(): 

Icc PiiAsoin, SiVmiiMCiincivcl, n. 

■K1\'H, /•. /. Cliiiics-iilkukuclti, ('liiiics-iilkut'lti, Cliiii-cp-.szn- 

loUo, ("liiuc's-iuuii. 

/, Ics-iitkiikucltcni, Ics-iilUiicUcni, loH-nkolil/.cincni. 
1st Said Iiv the nuttlu'r, whal 1 have coiicoivod, hn 

( OllcC'.Vt.'. 

1 S/.ll 

tkukutMt, hn i-s/.ntkutMt, Lu i-s/,iik«lil/.o. 

,1 Said Iiy the cliihl, Cliiiics-iitoko, ( 'Iiiiies-iitkoko, Chines-ukolil, 
Cliiiies-iikolil/.i', Ko-iitkukuc'llenieiiteni, Ko-iikolilzoiuoiileiii, 
to tlie mothor bv whom it has heeu conceived.) 

Ill relerelice 


, los-iiUulnif^oj)i!i 

(•i,uce|)tioii, H. Isl The coiicciv 

iiiir, Sutkukui'ltoii, Siikolil/.trtcn. 

lie iioiii"; coiiceivet 

I, S/,ntk6ko, S/.utoko, Sy.ukolii/AV 

'OXCKKN". r. t. 1st To boh)iii; to, to atVect thc^ interest *>(', It ooii- 
cenis me, Koie u chiii-ep-ste, Koic u chiii-ep-s chkaOls. See Kao. 

sch/.koi'ikom, les^'Jd Sec Business. 

ronooru, ;(. 

Toe stem, Sziikaels, S'chka('l.> 

/eivcd les-^-akaiiij 

'shiisem. See I*ii: 

ri>ti, (Miiiic-^cliil 



CONCKIvT, r. t. To plan devise, Ics-kulpa«;em. 

roXCITJATK, r. t. T<« win over, to re-aiii I'riendship, lesihem. 

CONClirsrON, /». Snpllemi'is, Shlapaks. Coneiusion ofa speecli. 

Seulzin. See Knd. 
CONCOHl), n. Inko u op spii 
CONCOrnSE, See Crowd. 

COXCrr.lXK. II. N'ogoiiou,-, Sz.r.iki, Szkoliii, Sukiilelitsli. 
COXCrn. *•. ''. To m*>et in oiiinion, Chiiics-nshielsi. See Shti. 
CON'l)E!\TX', (•. /. Tes cli/.oi;-oopi!em. To londcimi lo death, K'n- 

CoiidtMunation, ;i. Snchzoixoepileteii. 
COXDKXSK. See Thick. 
♦ 'ONDITIOX, Conditionally, See il', (jr.nn. 
roXDOXK, ?•. ^ To pardon his-- Ir^-chsukoniicniiltem. Ics-(h>- 


izllem. See I'ardor. 

COXDUCT, r. /. 1st To lead, .:;iiidc, les-f^-olrshiituseiii, Ko-ess-u 



70 TON 

'„' ! 'V I ' ■■ •■!, ;i'( Minjiunv, Ti"' '.'•;r/i'itriii. 


(" '''ii'muiiiiHU. 

('()NI''MS'<. /•. /, Cliini's iiiiiipfinist. S.'c >'('it'. 
2il Net (<• ilrtiv. riiiiics li!iii'ri»\|). 
*! I Hv "iirsclf, ';;)iMit:im'i>if!!y, <Mi!n;'s mniiicn/.i'ili. 
(''iii((";-. i\ f. 1-f <iii'<'s --"iiH, fi's iimip('riii>;(i'iri. 
LM T'l (•(i:it'i.'-s t'u' liiilli, It"<-iiM;iii,'ji,':ii In i suoii 

) coriU'' 

'i!:iiuMi(''1('n, \vH !; 

;!il To cnnCc-^ l'n~ 'I'l^ ornir'tlicr. If." nnr|",'iiri-t'^liitiMi 

<'oiile'ssit»ii, /(. Siu>ii|M'mist. 

< '(ii'!('ss!nii!\!, /(. Sni!iijioii;i-ti'fi. 

( 'niiCi'^soi*. II. S^mifiiipcniist. 

COXriUKVCK, II. As ail ad. Snmtivsrls. 

UI As virtue. Ninnxsclstfii. 

:!l Tm ! 

!('i '! 

i'!\'i' '■■(Miti'IiMM'i', Cliiiics !ini ,'i<si'!si. ( 'liim'^ tlciii'l.srmisf i. 

Iiini. f cs tiMii'i-'^cNcm. |i •^ kiilciu' 1 

ia\'l' C'lMllilcIMM* v.i 


Ics Iloll!:iL'"<''ll*M1l, I('St!<ll(MsiMl 

•'nil To !iavt' ( (iii!iil('iicc in oin-si'll, ' 'IiMi-ioiiis|iiii'is. ('fiiiicK-iuii- 




COX FINK. II. Sc(> RoMtKhiry. 

('oiiMdo, t', t. To lu' coittiruvl, Cliincs tkiikni'lti. (MiincsKoIs^iisi 

COXFTinf ATlOy, /). Siiioiotilslilcii. 

roxrrAcnATiox, n. spiii^)>. 

('< )XrT,I('T. /■. f. Iiw-slioiDononsiMH. l^•^•l•lIll'l•«■lll. 
<'<)Xl'f,I'KXT. /). 1st A tnl)iit!iry stream. Xli,nu'til<ii. 
■Jd The pl:ic(» wlicve lli(> two slre:ims join, elin-nt'iietikti, 
t'ONVOHM. '•. f. 1st to make like. lesaLfeilem t-—. Tes-kolem kac 

/i\<:;«^ili t--. 
2-1 To eonronii one's mind to. nhines-naucahM.-i In 1 -. Tiik>> u eliii; 

ejvszntels In I, les-nkiilnfiirakMsem. 
:M To coniorni one's actions to, ('liiM-e/a:.rtili t — 
4lh To siihmil. oiK^sclt' to. r'hini's-kolMjjcaleinisii, 
r)t,l> To follow one's will, lesclisliinim In sjnuis.v, res.rlisliilti^m li 



rOXrorXD, Seo Astonish. 
♦.■onfoMndod, (/. I'erpiexcd, Chine^itimnu. 


< 'onsefi'alii 
|< 'nii,-;i.Hi'alo 
ing i)e 



See Afj 
llM To vieh 
|od To coH^ 

4th To cuu 

I ")th To cou; 
( 'onseut, /(. 


that (Hi 
LM To thin 
[nd T<. look 

•Uh T,i estii T(. exa 



inMini.t-n. SnUoii- M.j^j .p„ „,,^,„, 

ICONTWOXT, /•. ./. l-l '\''< :AiuA ill lVuii>, 1.,- mill.:i.]Mh.''l->:u. 
L' I To lur.i l.)wai'(ls, Ic . cliiita^wlusi'iu. 


in (ipposilKMi, Ii^H chciitu.'sciii. 

CONKUSK, V. t. Soi' .Mix. 
[coNdlA'TINAVi:, .Sco(Jliu'. 
CoXGIJATrr-ATK, r.l. M To iTjoi(r will., I 

LM 'I'o iH'joKM oi', ;il)oul, Km'iii, Ii > clilrmliin 

r> li..llllMiiclsc'lll, 

n.^iu'iiMcii. !('H li''-B(«,)X(;i{i.;(;ATi:, Sm- (lullu i 


'.•ii;i ..ihLJUihri. ii.< 

* llciirlsrmisti. 

:ii. Ic •^ l;nt(MH' Isi'li! 

IIMS. (MlillOS-Ill\l<M'- 


(•OMCAL, ./. Xlliillli. 

('oXfirKi:, r. I. iis-iit.M;iii)i'i... 
l(*()N;^A.\(iriNK(jrs, „. xko q,.;.n^iii. : 

luko oj) sn^iil rkoic, Nkiilii;^iilciiii'ii, (!'). 
U.'ONSCrKNCK, ;;. Si.iius. 
("ONSCIOUS, (/. l':.sini.szuti, Es-iui.sti'ii. 
|('.iU.s(ii)il.ilU'.ss, To lo.Si' cuuscioii.siios.-:, Ckiiu'-. ii- oIsi'!>'iiii i;iri,-->i. 

'oii.sciuii.^iN , (till'. .S/clizoi^o. Si'c Zo;j;. 
|('()XSKri'{ATI';, r. /. h.sIli'(luuii>iK'iii. 
<'oii!ji.'fi';ilioii, //. S'c'li'cliiiuj)iU'. 
('oii.ii'ci'aloi', n. rhVliiuijiili'ii/.iUi:!!, S^'iifh'ilu'Mijiilc ; M^\ "oiisifral- 

111^ J)0l'.-'Oll, 


]u) ails ill iiiv iiaiiii', I-S'i'iicl 

I ciiipiii: 


c'oiist'.ci'aU's Idi'ssv.s nil,', Iii-fh'i'liaiipilrii/.ritc 

— . Tcs-Uolom kni' 

|('ONSKNT, c. /. 1st To a^-rcc in opiiiion. (Miiiics-iia.ualrlsi i -. 
Sec A^'al. 
.[ To vii'jil, givi- ])i'ri;iissi(/ii, CliiiU', < 'liiiU'S/.uli slid. 
,1 To (Diii-ciit lo a iiia.u'iaiio, ('Iiin.'.susliii'lsi, ( 'liliu's-zi'iii >lii'I. 
■Uli To coiLsciit lo Uiko that wiio or man, ('liiiu-s /.uti a. 
')tli To constant, {j;ninl, Irs .sliricni. Sco .^>li(''i. 
h'oii.siMit, II. Szslii.'.'ls. 

<'()xsi-:(^rr-:xTLY, a</r.(;oi >u\, uu-un. 

roX.'^KlIVK. r. t. Irs chitln), Tos-cli:,hilini. 

n I -. Ink.. II '■»>ii)H("()XSII)!':iJ. r. /. Ist To na'dil 

lie, (o think. Imi n 

'1 ;i1m,,|| iI 


tliat Olio is to ^h^, los-pu.sciniiioni, 

l-il To tliiiilc wliat I or others inii.'bt ilo, Ii'skuliiau'c n 
(.1 T(» look altc'iilivi'Iv, To.s-i'izii'ani. 

'-.'.. rc.«.<-hshih.\m hi«.m, 'I'., ostiiuato, to take int 

o ac'counl, les a/.'^ain 

>tii To cxainiiu'. K's-nlkolkolsinzutt'in. 

Icox.^rDKiiAnr.v, </</r. r;uih 

|('<)X.Sl.l)Ei;.VTK, !. Caiviiii, Kulijapa-aiioil 



72 '. C*()X 

Coiisldoratoly, adv. SzHizugo. 

COXSIG'X, r. f. Ist. To deliver, j-ivo, To»--iu/,slioin. 

2d To give in trust, Ies-c)iitt'ilcn>. 

3d To consiiirn oneself. Cliines-ffuzsluMnisti. 

ConsiLCnoe, n. The iiciNun ti> whom the thin;.; is trusted, Xi liitido- 

iniston, Sijnehtiiii. 
rONSOLK, V. t. Tes-leinmim, Tos-iilcmclse 



nsoler, h. Jjeminciizuten. 

rOXSOIJT, RnkulkiMiI. In composition, 'i 

)u'. Tlic L'onsoi't ol'j 
Pete-, 'Pii-riel' ; The eonsort of Marv, 'Pii-Malv'. 




r. /. 

r<) unite lofretlicr for an end, K;us-iani>t(','ni li 


kac sp 
'OXSTABLE, V. Siridchini, S-nikuni 


us, Kae-ehnkospuuseuistem. 




ill siich/.ui;iie])i 

CONSTANT, a. Zen/.anl. Sec Zaii, F r 
Constantly, aclr. Agalehim. 
COXSTITUTIOX, H. Thr Atneriean cnnstitnt; 

letia hi Suiapi. 
COXSUBSTAXTIAT., Jesus Christ is eonsubatantial to his fathvij 

.Tesu Kli iidco u ep-Skolinzuteii hi I'leeu. 
COXSUTjT, r. /. To ask one's advise, les-nzeuzme 


2d To deiilierate upon, resdculpageni, lesdcoennieni, les-cldconi 

pileni, Kaeschkamkanielistem. 
Consult, V. i. Chines-kulpat;aiiii, Chines koenniei. 
^'onsultation, n. Szkulpiig, S/.koenme. 
Consultor, «. »Sgukulpaifeni, Sgukoeniinem. 
COXST-ME, r. ^ 1st Py using it up, rnld)iiig, <■((■., lesiuni 



See Aum. 

2d P 



>y giving or throwing awaA", les-z s])iiune 
.'M Py drinking of any liqunl, Tes-nsoopnncniu. 
4th Hy eating, los-uizineni. 
oth By fire, les-ehaniusetn. 

liiisunie, r. /, 

Chint's-aiiniti. Chines-zspini, ( -hini s-iis()(i|]iiji, (' 


izin, Chines-ehanipmiFO/- Chines-ehaniusi. 

onsunien, a. 


t, Zsin, N 



I in US, 




COXST'MPTIVE, a. Es-tkutkoli ; (properly) Es-ehgui 
CONTACT, /). Fn eoniact, Es-eiingueusi. Estkonieiisi. 
COXTACIOrS disease, Chinilenien. 

ate the contagious disease. Ics-chinih'ni 

() conimunic 

=1 'I' 

d T" I'ecoivi! it, fes-chnguuiinem hi nteliltiii. 





tniwtoil. N ell it ok'- 

flc. li's ainiiunoinj 

im s-i:s(Mi|)iiii, ('lui> 


► XTAIN", V. t. 1st I rofi'fiiti, les-ioinirn, Tcs-gcenim 

myself, Chinortioiiicnzuti, Chinos-geenzuti. 
To liohJ, to be filled \s'ith, must bo rendered according to tlie 

objeot contuin^ul, v. g. The bucket contains water, 'Es-nsigu t' 

isculliu' ; It ocMilaiiKS flour, 'Es-npoko t'szguako' ; Jt contains 

money, 'Es-neschcn t'ululim'. 
>NTAMIXATE, v. t. 1st To soil, les-chngum t'teie, Ies-clitk6m 


To spoil, Ics-kolgoel'lcm. 
^XTEMX, V. i. To disregard, Ie.s-galgalemistcm. See Slight, 

^NTEMPLATE, v. t. 1st To look at, les-azgam, les-clikaspusem. 
To have in view, intend, See Intend. 
[NTEND, V. i. Chincs-tiakoti, les-cutusem. 
jTo contend by words, les-clieszinom. 

|NTE\T, a. To be content, Chin-niuals. See lo, Chiii-lemt. 
Iitent, V. t. Ics-lemmechstera. 
iitont, a. The contents, il" liquids, Es-nsigu. 
[Grains, dust, potatoes, or the like, Es-npuI:o. 
|Contents of a trunk, Es-ntak. 

In general, Es-nloko, Es-nkamin. 
I^'TIONTIOUS, a. Tikottinen, Chcszincincn. 
IXTIGUOUS, <7. Ist If near, Chsagauj. 
[If meaning real contact, E>5-clingiims, Es-chngut-usi, Es cluigu- 

Il am in contact with, les-chngumiiicm. 
IXTIXUAL, a. Witliuut interruption, fraction, Ta ejd-i's-gak, 


'eiy often, Goeit, Penticli, Zieus. 
llinually, (Nnitinue usually takes the form of the verb contiuu- 

ate, 'es'. He ])rays continually, 'Es-chaui'. Continue tn ])ray, 

imp. Es-chauish. See I'cmain. 
Continue to go, to work, C.'hinos-tagol,u.>si. 

TRACT, v. t. 1st To shrink into small compass, Chiiies-kuzpmi. 
p'o n\akc bargains, trade, Chines-tomisti. 

'o make any other bargain, Kaes-kamkamilshi. 

'fo conclude a contract, Kaes-uis-kamkainilshi. 
[tract, r. t. 1st To di-avr together, los-ka/.im l»'s-/,ii)eni. les- 



74 CON 

2il To brill-- along, iiicuv, :i.s to coiitracl tlic original sin, doatli. ■ TOXTUi 


les-chnu'lkot'peniC'iM, Ics-clwnopi'pnicni ; From nativity, 1 
nkol'luscMii, ros-nlcnlgi'iioni. 

To contract an c; ■:'!■.';!■!!'•, a ;-iain, C!iiii-:-liiin'iirn, Tcs clingi;;vii 


\\h To contract :i(1c1/k T'liiiioskDlguilgmlti. 

"';!i To enter into an a''reenicnt, Kac-.s-kanihaniilslii, Kac.s!:i.:ikai: 


lln;!..: !■ 



('(lUti'MctciI, n. Si.nni 

Contrncted liand-, V-~ kanc'-list. 

2d (Contracted feet, Esdcanclisliin. Sec Kan. 

CONTRATUrT, ;•- t. M T 

2d To ojipoa? one's \v 

zanein, les-jijrocl/inein. 


( 'OX vjo: 


■ ■■iiVc;'i, 


uv'i< st;i.lo:nenl, f 

lisbJii^ve, I. 

di. I. 

rcliise !o comp 

Iv, los-', Te.-i 


(I con 

tiadict, disbelieve (Miran 

o'llsi.T. I'.ra'ue, Ka.'s k' 


4i!i To l)e animated, hy 


oi!i To contradi(t hims 

nth To contrirlict <■"■■ . 

'.[ i:" contradiction to anotlier's view 

in ;: si 

atenienf, Cliine-ntigulzini. 

r in a siateinenl, t:) n: 

ike a d 

1 .iC ; - •!. 

statomont, l\aes-r,l(>g':!.';n!j:In. 
Ttli To contradict that point, Tes-clisntemzaneni. 
<"oiitradiction, ??.Ta, Xtumten. 
Contradictious, (?. 1st inclined to disbelieve others, jwin.^er.u 

Kaikaniseiniil', (■''i-^dveiiiliunishi. 
2d [ndined to say no. to velase aiiclher':-. wish, Tenilein!s.6l. F- 

a, l\euis. 

(*()nlradictorv, d. Op^osit" to one a 


tlier, lis slienieii 

(.'ONTRIT!^, ./. I't. Ks iniMi, l^vpupnscio'hi, Ks ehilk 
Contnlion, n. 1st As an a-'l, Spujuisenel;. 
2d As liabit, Xpnpiiscnclit 
:] ! |'\n' the I'cjiroai bin::; < 

See I'enance. 
(■'(VXTniVM, r. t. (Miiiics k>)ei:enui, ( 'liH;es-':i:lj)againi. 

); iiiUViO 

!r fM-,' b-.d deed', S'<l;ill;on; 


Tn cnuiv 

Ol iiii'JSl 

1!" Chines-iMiien/.'.ili, rh.inesgcei 


li, C! 



lonzuti, Chines-(d)sliiepiler,:.';ri!i. 

21 T'neontndlable horse. Toil" 

• ) I 



-'..1 To dec 
•) 1 . o iin 
i'OOK, ;;. 
'•:..!:, r.r. 
( 'ook, r. f. 
(.'ooked, (/. 
<'<X)L, ./. 

-'1 V Did \.- 
•J'l ( OOi ,s, 

Ith Cool 1 

[■'ill iJ(juiii 

|'!!li Co.d I! 
JTlh, C(jol ■, 
r 'o.)!, r. '. 
See yb 
1 o iiecu 

o (■()(,'; 

■)XTR()L, /■. ^ lesgeenlni, Tes-cldilin, Tc^-clishiepiU'in, l\-s ln;^«i;i i 

'"■>l, r. /. i 
d To nial<( 
d 'I'ojiac.j 
tb llv vrii 



inal ^^^n, deiitli. 
n nalivity, It^s- 

vn, K's cliiigv.Mii- 
lii, K;u;s;:i6l:ai:!- 

(•():;\'ALESC1-:XT, i;. To bL> (y)nv;il 

(.■.■.;i;ont, V. niUL'io.^ iicsiiisiii. 

Cliin-nioel, Clun-ol-haii, ('hiii-el-pLH\-<h. 
COXVEXE, SucCivther. 
COXYEXIEXT, ((. U). Xc;L ( ouvci.hmI, 'i'asiu. 

(■0XVE]K;E, C. (■. I:s-Ul;l-(>lu.^i, E:-.-!ltn-ul-cl,u:ll,iL;^ui 

rOXVEESATloX, n. HJiaiuktimilsh. 

t.;ivcr;-'0, i . t. 


t, (li::lj^li('VO, I'." 

COXVEin, Sec Chaiigo. 
(\iiivrri, i. (. Cliiu-olo.s pelcliu.--.i 
1a<j;i)lut^i.'iii hi cli-koliuzuteii. 


1 . . ! . V ; i 

:) UiO (.liir.-c 

,, ..| 

:-i.i L.aiiiX i; 

;oi;iuiii;uii, U'iv^ (.iiu- 

.:> Kiri.<.U":6 -lu laJuai- 


n, Es-lbatoii 

s-'ani:^, Ii':^-ntei:i- ■(•;):; \'r:Y, r. f. lie ('as 

L'\', 111 

o ;in()l"t-'v'!--> views. 

■ iiti,<j;ul;'.i"i- 

) inal:^' a dlMVi'^'a! 


i l.i> deed over. ics-_mi.z.Siic;'.i. 
');'i;^.atio'.i, los 

•! I 7- 

).l -I O 1 

> iaiiiavi i; 

■f ill, .t ,!U,i, it.', -iniii 

ics-r.upoinuiL'i.i. u'.. iu;i; 
iSoc ((ailier. 

"ON VICT, ;• 


i'OOK, ;i. Sg"ii;itpu.SL'iu. E:---IcoI,;;i-.;:ii: 

•.;,!;, r. t. :^'s :.lj.,;s;iii [c-;-n:::.:i;i.:.-; 

Coolc, r. t. The vi-'tual.'- are eookiimv 

u ;ii. 


i ' 1 M I i /, 1 1 I i 



ked, (I. Pi.' 

h'OOfj, J. I-/.(l, i-sal, I M\i, I- 


V 0.)i \. 

u, 1 li'Uiua. 

I ( oo! .s;;i'iiiu,', .-ii/.oiiiii li 

Uh ( 

ool room, 1 sul 

'111 Lioiliu.-- liii.l r(.(.)iv'tl no".', 11. l-l.Tiiiii. 

|t"il'ii ( '.nil lk'.-.ii, l;wL loo w;, 

'111, ( 'i;;i! w.'j.tiK'r, (iauiu'i; 



'> Drcollic 

/,;'r.i i.w 

uo,. ol In 

See M. 

(lli'l.-, ( 'llillL'.S-llJi.l.'ijlll 

io oeV'oliU- imi two wai'ill, J'..s /.( i nil. 

.1 To <;(),;I ikiwii ii'-^ia a iit. of jias^iiiii, ( 'liinos kampiiii. Sor- i\;;ii 
ill i'ls-^'ajiiiii. ?'i \' kt.;.;'i is cixtu-o linwn, I (•Iiiii-;.''aiisiM'ias. 

o:)l, r. /. k-l I o iii.i,;t' 11 ori'ouK 

o-c oii/ati, rk.ii^^^^B^'' '1'" inakt> it not too warm, It .■.•/,i'i:K'ii 

K'a.-c, 1< .slwiaiiiiiii. 

.11. u.'s-iii.u'ijiam. 

ill To jiaciiy, apj) 
h ily \\iililatio:i, Ics ^aaiuuuicin. .See Claa. 





rjth I I'ool his lionvt, Tcs-l<oIel)gupspnuscni. 

<Uli I cool tlint room, heart, insi(h*, l<'s-iii!;;i:ilzeiii. 

Coojiorato, )•. /. To cooperate with, les-nshicjchstem, les ni^aztuso 

Ics-olkshitein, Ics-nlcnlkolom. 
(HJPPEJ}, n. Ikiiil iilulim. 
('OPULATE, I', i. Kue,s-ehzomi6gin, Kaes-mipstuegui, Kacs-nli 

memiegui. Sec ('onph\ 
2d Tcs-chizincpi, [es-mipeiii^iiem, Tes-nakom, res-nroupseni. 

< ^ORB, H. Sipi. 

'id Cord of wood, Sngiiineten. 

CORELIGIONIST, n. My corelii^lonisl, r-siikiiep!-iichaiimen. 

CORK, n. Tkc'pteii, Koliiikacptcn. See K;\v. 

(/'ork, V. t. les-tkopem, les-koHiikacpom. 

CORX, n. Maiz, Ikurkuali. 

(H)TIXKR, ?). Es-koce. 

COJ?l>OREAT., a. Malt hi skcltichs. 

CORPSE, n. Es-tlilemi, Tentemnei. 

< "ORRKCT, r. t. 1st To bring it hack t.. Hg-ht, 

2d To tri' to bi-ing to correct moral';. Tcs-kolkoelstem, h'8-kei!: 

1) m: 

ce riiT 


."M To reprove, les-chilikonciv.. 
-l-th To prevent f'rotn doing mischief, les-gceiiim, 
oth To punish, les-Izim. 
('orrect, a. I-tog. 
Corroctov, ». TiJ'omenziiteii. iudkoe 


ziUcn, Chil-kon/.ule) 

enxutcn, Jjzeiizuten. 


To tit, tf) he tlii> other itart, I'ls-shenieiil 

o be in communion wi 

iM T 

.'id To liu in straiir 



ht 1 

th, Hs-temnuMi'.!egiii. 

me, Diiiuvsite, Es-to;:"to<.';scus. 

/. T 

o eat awav, coiisuiin 

es animiiieni. 

/. Tn hecoiiu' vitiated, Chiiu's-chestuilshi. 
('orriipt, r. t. 1st To s]»oil, detiU', [esdcolgnrl lem. 
2d To \ itiate. fes-chestuiishem. 

rorru])t, ii. Ks-chestuilsh, I'ls-kulgocl'l, te;e, Sgocleiiuii. 
COST, /,. 

lOI!j;oI Icnzutei! 

N'licistcii, Siic 


Wiiat '.vill i)e the cost i'\' a w.v. 

'Kniii^ch 111 ik!-niicislen In I'lroIKo ? lit. How maiiv ('d<i 
must he my [VAy for a wagon !' Whati.s the cost ol'a hlai 

» I 

0111 , 

istcMii, Ics ngaztusoij 

ipstUL'gui, Kacs-iikj 


t, lo make right, lulj 
Ikoelstcin, los-kei!; 

'11, Chi!-koii;u'iU!H, 

r pavt, Ks-slienu'iM 


amnuiu'iii. See (Ii.. 
;-cli('stiiilslii. ^^c{'\ 

llie cnsl itf ii \v;ij.| 

'. How many (iloi. 

tlio cust ol'a IdaiilJ 


'Kuiiisch hi ,siii; \u sizcm '!', )•. /. 1st ill tratlo, Es-ii6is(3iii, ^Y. ft is paid. It 




dollars, 'Chclcs ululini Ui kl-niiei.sii.s, o/' T'oliclcs ulii uii ii os- 

iicci-scia' ; It costs me many cIoIUvd-, 'T'gocit hi iiL'<!;isti: 

eit u isz-iu';i.s'. 
2(1 (.)r work, Ks gakain. 
i\d Ot'dolits, ])ayment, Es-iikolisusem. 
X. 15. ill reiidoriiig this word, cliau^o tlu; pliranc 'It (d.-; ■ 

imicli,' into thi.s, 'I paid so much i'or it.' See Pay. 
COSTIVK, a. !vs-ka.<.Mi])ciichi, Tas ozkao, Ta.s meiu;cli. 
< 'OSTLY. (/. i]s-iikiitc!iaksoi)), T,gO'jlt u cs-nciscni. 
COTTOX TllKK, Mulish, Molishi du,i. ^.h'liuelttlp. 
COrtJII, c. /. 1st 15y coId,Chiiios-ohui. 
2d Ot'pricuiinoiiia, ])leiirisy, Clunos-ulgointi. 
< 'oiiuli, n. Sohoo, dim. Slohoo. 


MIC &0 


St Th 

ic persons asscm 


111 counc 

2d The incctiiiii- m council, Sz-iaamilsh. 


ic rilacc oC council, Sniamilshtci 


Is iaamilsh 



•Ith The deliberation held in council, S'ehl. 

^ou mciiili 

5th The decision of the council, Suis-kamkamilsh, S'chzo"-uei>iU 


r. t. 

o li'ive advise 







Counselor, /(. Sgukulpageni, Kulpagshis/.ui 
COUNT, r. f. iVs-sienem. 


d T 

o eslecni, think, h^siiti 






/. T 







COrXTHRMAXD, r. t. Icles-lam'ni. 

COrXTKRPAXl':, /^ Chilgui^ceten. : 

( 'Ol'XTKIMW WT, a. Ks-shemenciis. 

COUXTER-PorSE, //. Kcteiuen. 

<'01TXTRY, n. St61igii. 

2d Nice counlry, '-gi ulegu. 

JJd Bad counlry, Cliesulcgii. Sec Land. 

<*i)UXTRY-MAX, n. .My co..ntry-nian, 1-snkuOligu. 

2d What counlryinan art thou '! Ku-stcincligu* '/ 

:J I or that counlry, SJiicligu. 




mi, .>e 


Jtli Of;'. tlillViTiil cutiiilry, Ti^niloli^-i 
(■'Ori'L!-:, r. /. Cliiiu's-scll 
('()ii]ili', n. i'st'l. 

r'()i'[j.v(;i;, ». sioiosjiin'i.--, skutisju 


;) la: 


('!ii!)i.-;-i-k()i!i, ( Ml i II. -••!:();! (Millet i 

•J i In 

UTvT fill 

iivt i--* h\ 


1-, T 

c's 'cfiu-ano-ii ; loinvo cawi 

icii(i:i, Ji's-I;()ih'.isltM!i 

!t!i To los;' r^,\ivi\::v. ( 

111!!;';; !)s' 

:nu, Cii!::oi"-!-('!i 


■i;:i^-!!, (' 

k()!lii]i. Si"(< 4-..j)iii!, Discoiu-a^-!. 

( iMIl-:;;;'"(Ml:- 


i'-<])ii!i^, i')ins;)i!us 

<'()(.\S!.X, (I. St:ur!is. Siikii^iiri; 


s -,. r 


VVKXAXT, r. n 

■<".':i !'"i) iiai!!)')-:. 






1.M Till 
;•!'! All 


)i t! 


r.. ... , i,;,M, 

;i!in. Sfo L 

v/IiuU' li'),!\-, ;u)! :\i-iiiiii(!. but all 




'■!nli!an:':(Mi\ !i"-!-siZf!ii. 

iiii ) lie lai'L' witl: a 

■n lac.'. (' 


iV Nell Sj.I'i.' 


!'!), It's ii 



1 1 X • 1 


n: :ii 


t.,. t, 

(■ coyer ( 
r;'i To .■,)vo!- i!'c 

'til H^• pilUill;;- (!k 

with j!i(- !;at. C;ii 

!h':!<l \\ 

if' M. I 

I ! • c I'l 

:il;i I ovci" oiu.' 


icfoi- iV.r li 

ii!, ' hi:ii' 




iMl) '!\) covvi- witli I)!)ari!s, rcs-;>;ali!ii. See (Jal. 

)ll) '! n ciiv 

O." \Vt[\\ c;il" 

!h:' !;kc, [ 


CS-o-lICpiMll. .*■•;■(• (ii; 

1 I o 


> covci' a.II ovc 



l:it!i T 
):i:!i T 

'Vri- With .- !;c 
o cuvcr will) I'll!) 

J. T, 

;1, I.'s-c! 

11. 'i;i('i!i!>:i. 


14lh T.. I 
I^lh To slicll 

l'o!!l s; 

:t. r 


\V t i'.);ii III 



Sec ( ' 

IfJih To protect, I 

ITt', T 


cow;- AV!1 h Vv-;iU'l', 


i:cl;:ci:;'i!i Si 

l^!h T:> \< 
liOlh To ; 

iiilicicnl jo 

;ii;i|" <-i\ 

i!:r th" j; 
wit!) ;!',( 

1 !i. 1.1' 

(■ ■\-iM'li 


r-S-k ri!c] 

•ilst I 

)\- '':i\vr; 

1 I 

ii;i:r, ;is a 

i-a^v, h 


i :".!ic';n. 


il To ciA'cr ;i l'i.';l Uy,- lii;it:Hl! 

wall a l>!:i:ikot.s ('iiiiu's-kolit.! 

c I if ;i 

111 'I'o IiaiK 





>VKHT, ;/. Hhc'llor, S'cliiiehoioaelcn. 
iVI-yr, V. t. k'S-kiiuH/.iiJum, le.s-ktig'iiniiiKMi). 

I'.ooLU-;. ;;. Kiiiusziiioi.aii. 
)vctouu.Hiic8.s, Xkiiin.^zintcn, Skamszinvnicii. 
t)\V, n. iSioiiu'i, SldiiiullL-ni. 
('<»\v aide, /(. .'ilai;i'il..'5l.a!^ii. 
Cow ;iiul ciiir, Ston\;'i cp-b'chazpC'Il. 

)\v, r 

t. I 


*. p 1> 


n. X_'alciiii.'n, Tuaiiu'irna, SiauiMii, 



!iii"!i:Il!;l. Sf.,- [,■[ 

I;;s ('!!<'!ir!)i. 

Iii;Kv--n(k.a!:a: !ii;-;;V: 


c ]V.-:\ ("!:;:!(■:•!•■;•!.;, 

'hi:i!'.-(:lii!n!:;;;l!; ; 

^T a.!l ovc.'. Ifs-c!;' 

1; 'A!c]i':-iirni. S.| 

[■■, CliilU'S-l^MllCIirill 


.i L t'i 


J1-, P'-lil 


ACK, //. Ist Tin; wood, ICs-lonclimi, Touicli 
\Vaiii>, Hs-aigli. 
(ilass, stom\s, 10s-/gu]>mi. 
Ik It sijllis liv I'l.^'jlf, E.s-ii.-ilwipili;.-^;. 
!c, /(. la a wall, Slouirh. 

In timlic!-, Suigl. 


a ''''a;~ 




|) I , < »- r n 


I . V ' i I 



ADLK l:a liiuiai 

) i.-onctru :;)!• baba^s, i! ol woou, 


kakat ttdt. 

i)!a(.';.' a oa 


lu the craillo 


wiagiag, .lukatui;. 

■'l iO 11 

:iad a baby in a (radio aL ilie i-addK', lv.< i-]ii';iia,,jia 




ih To carrv it on llic kack, Chiuesdsultclti. 

C'l'adU' k(:V liai'vcst, ( 


;f;v, (/. n 

iZitgntcu 1 spkOia. 

'^.s iLskc'SHhiii. hcc rial 

;AMI>, 1st In iho legs, CluaeR-ch.-ulsliii 
In tile hands, (.'hiae.s-sukdisli. 
All ;1k' body Clilne.;-n.'-uk;c. 

;AXE, ;!. Skoulsliin. 
IHAVAT, //. Skalt'i-.s. 

F.' ' <A T 

:)ii, r^o 

Soe ( 


A V. 

A^yIJ, r. /. Isl on the hantls ami feet, (' 
in the -.vate!', C"hines-ti(i.slit tiku. 


>i eraw 

jl To erawl on tlie i;and.s and haek side, Chiaes-igejii. 

I'o crawl in stealtliilv, tov niisehief, Chinos-chitili>lii'nif>kiligui. 






CJIAZY. i. I am orazv, I-ciriii-Uokot'ii, 


2d To hi'f^omo or 




8<1 T'l iMtiko cniz;}', los-koetim. 

CRK\M, n. 1st As loiiu; :is it is on tho iniUc, Cliiltccko. 

2(J WIi.ii fToamod in tho jar, Es-chilmul. 

Crea i 


Crca!ii, r. t. les-clvhnulom. Sec Tccko, Mul. '^ . 

CREATE, y./. los-kolem. 

Croat or, Kolinzuton. 

CREDIT,?!, (ruilgiiilt. Iliavo orodit, 'Chiii-opl-gtiilgiiilt, '//• Kpl- 

giiilguilt I'koit', Chin-('p-ist6 hi I'znilz. 
Credit, '•. t. JcH-tkaiUcni, loH-tkaishitom. ^ 

CREOrLOUS, ((. Nononiiig-uiuih 
(■;EEEP, Soo Crawl, Croiiclu 
CRESCENT, n. Soo Moon. 
CREST, n. Ufa cock, Snlinoskan. Soo Tin. 
'-RIB, ?). 1st F(.r animals, Snanionshkagaolon, Snalini'inslikiigao- 

2d For children, iScc ('radio. 
CRICKET,?). Siluono. 
CRIPPLED, a. E.stilgM('ii7;uti, 
2d By chance, Es-gannun\t. 
CRISP, See Curl. 

CRITK^IZE, V. t. los-kiilpagom, los-chilikonem. 
CROOK, V. t. Ics-tkuniim. 

CROOKED, To bo crooked, out of the straight line, Es-tiskn. 
2d "Winding, Essalko. 
3d Folded in two, Es-npneus. 
4th Crooked hand, Es tisknochsti. 
r)th Crooked nose, Es-tisknaks. 
Cth Crooked arm, Tiskiiagan. 
CROP, V. f. 1st To cut the top, los-goihu. 
2d To crop tho ears, Tcftchgotgi^tcneni. 
('MOW )>. The product of tho tield, Eu szkolkn. 
CUOPPED-EARS, Es-chgotgoti^ 
CROSS, ?!.. EseimtMis. 
2(1 Affliction, Nguzguznielsten. 



1 To tuk( up one's cross, Chinca-uiualscnii.Hli. 

ili^iiilt, "/■ Hpl- 


'I'Ki^s, (f. To l)C jjocvisli, ('liiiu's-iczuti, 
|il To speak cross, Chiiios-iozinmisli. St-i- (irmuMo. 
'ross, r. t. To Iu3- Imnsversoly, Ifs-oimi'iiscm. 
|(l To inuko tlic sii^n of tlic! cross on a iKTMOii, TcsHiinciiscin. Ics. 

1(1 To Moss oiu>sclt',('hiuos-taUtakt'ii/.uti I'cscinu-iis, ('hiiH-s-cli'diaii- 

piloiixuti IVsoinunis. 
|lli To cross the arms, ('liiiics-iikaka.u;aiiii<j;aii, (.'h'mos-iikakairaiK- 


Itli To cross the Icjjjs, ("liiiu's-chkakatusakstsliin. Sec Kac. 
Ith To cross, tliwart a person, les-oiitiisem, les-sheiiu'iuMiseni. 
Itli To cross a stream, Chines-uiekonii. 
Ith To cross a niotiiitain. Chiiies-chgo/.iisiclioiii. 
]R()SS-(aTT, r. f. les-gotim. 

Ir()SS-H()A1), ». Xeimussiks. I'lace oCjunclion, Niiliisuks. 
KorCil, r. '". 1st To submit Cor fear. Thiiics kolajj;aU'niisti. 
Ll I'o walk stealtliily, Chines-cutHi. 
IJOW, /). Melakalks. 
HOW ("UKEK, Ept iiemla. 
11 Mountain-Crows, Skois'cliint. 

IliOWI), r. t. 1st To crowd on one, les-pineni, pinenislen, les-cli- 
tui'im, chtuumcn. 

To crowd out, les-kul])enim, kulpcn'ntcn. See IMii, 'I'liii. 
To urge, [»ress, besiege, Tes-sieehstein, les-pizchslem. 
|h To crowd around, les-cliiaamineni. 
rowd, ». JjU goeit, Lu cligoegocit. 

I-]»in, I-tuu. 

I'owd, r. 

I'owded, a. 1st We arc crowded, closely piuked in ;i loniii. Kiu- 
pleut, Kae zaaut. See IMl, Zan. 
Crowded in, I-pin, T-tuu. 
Crowded out, Kutpnin. 
HOWN, n. Koaxkan, lal iiilul. Szlkein, Zlkeinten. See Kue/., 


i'own, V. t. leskoiizkanem, les-zlkeinoni. 
'UCIFIX, n. JiU es-chpti>tkonHnalko. Ks-a/.a/.iniiu'»lkoni, Ks-i<l»l- 

rucitier oC Jesus Christ, Pelszutis Jesu Kli. 
icily, r. t. 1st Uy nailing, lesinilchittptkiinunalkoni. See I'itk. 




•I 1?\ Iviiiii,' witii rcpo-, Trscliaza/.mimllkom, Tosclilclilfliiuiiiul- 


('!M'M15-!, /<. b,t OI'mkkI ill .n'om-ril, <'lini:uKik-<. ' , 

'J<1 Ofiiirat, Si)k()i.'i)il(c:i. Sco Pkiim, Mnu. 

:M Tlio cTMists, S'c'.iiiliiizr. 

CIH'MUL!':, r.!. !v. Uiin-an!, Iv: (rniii.ilsl,', I'-Mile'iiiiiini. ^ 

( 'avf. \ 

('[iriMM'Mf, ,'. (i'or lutisiv-) Ciiilkiipsku-iiMc'ii. 
2il I ]):i1 Hk' ( riippcM- to, Ii'S-cliilkiiii-ki'ig;icia. 
("KTSir, r. t. Ics-Ior.i'iu, K's-hhuiiii. 
CUrST, 1:>t irlmrncil, S'cliuliu/rs Kiikoljiu. 
!.M Willi! 1-; ;i"niiii(l tin' i»r':ul, Chclmii/.rs siikoliM'-. 

(clu- ', r'l.iiii.";-ii:',kii/:kii;'i^; 

('';i"'V'!I, X/k::a-:;iir';i. ^V:ll!; "M cm 

LM As u \v:ilkiii';-ciuu', Xzkiit-ohst. 

('!1V. .-. '". 1 ■! 'r>' ult'T ;i hjirlsoin 1, ( "'i!;K's-;ilhi;i:>'iiii, <'iii;i.s-!KT:^., 

2i\ To (iill, (Miiiu's-uL\i. 

!(! Ill wrt' 



li Til sfi'i'um. 

('limcv. iic'ci, Cliiiiv'- iill:i-/-iiii 

)t!i T) wliv 

wiifl son:i'!s a.^ :i :-!i;'ii;i 

1 fiir liail l^l".^|l'^•'^.•s, ( 'irnn.'.s-cli 

hmi. i^ci' Sliout. 
(THJASS, ;/. SiKiloliaialk-;. 
(.TI/nVATK, r. f. K's-kulk:ini. 
(T'NXIXC, i(. I'agi)a-1,Xta!:l:ik;aii, Tklhakal. 
(T'l', n. SiisustLMi. 
('iiivlii'ai'cr, //. Su-tirJiiiileiii. 
(T!!!), r. '■. CiinlU', Ks-iiK-lkdrtikui. 
(TIJK, '•. f. T'os-iiialivni, Tc's-]i.'iaii;r;M, K's-nu'!iai. 

Care, /•. /. ('iiiii.v^jKUiga 
(•rWlorS, ./. l.-i V^y iinttiii- <!' 
(TIM., r. /. Kskusmi. Sci' Ku 
Cm-locl-liuii', CLkuskaii. 

( hiurs-iiu't'lnii. 




,1-^kii:. As il(i--s, sli-cp, I\!i:-;:(Mu'n. 

CUIMJANTS, /(. Xtc'triDclii 


{ \\ 1 

^l ciir!" 





Ciiriy-iMiinli, Chiluslit'lgu^ka.^arUai. 

CUH'^K, r. i. Tc's---ut'ziV.(.'!:-!, ( 'hiM-k:i!!.i vll l'i;^:^iilr!i; I'KoIirzi 

Ill'Sl', C. ; 


'uiLiiii, /• 



TT, ,•. /. 
■I Witli a 

1 l!y the 
III To ell 
\i\ li T.) .-.Ill 
[ita 'l\. chi 
'III T(i ciif 

.1 -ii . 

Ill 1 1; 1 ill 

1 1 'I i-ai 

Mill T;i .1 

I ill Ti) V 

a >liiK''i 

I'ili T-; <■; 


|:ith Tocu 


4tli To (11 

•Mil T.> cii 
['ill, /•. '■. (' 

('lit, /). Cut 

'llltia', ;,'. 

[.! Wlial ci 



A(i(iFK', / 



|( 'iirsi', r 

( 'liiiu's mit/iiii. 

•rilTAlX, ./. Xiligustoii. Sit Tt-ljL,ni. 
'iirtiiiii, '■. f. IoM-i'i;^«soiii. 

Vi nUMiHiiiii. Si'i| 

•ri;VK, Ksalko. 
TS'.IION, So' Pillow. 
TSTO.M, S^^' Ilaliit, Ac(r,>tnin. 
TT, /. /. i-t Wil'i loiifi' oi' -a\v„ It'siiu-iK'Hi. 
Ij^I With ail aM', Ics-shcl'im. 
1 |)_v lliv I'l'. a;hli, '■los.s-ciil, .\>.s-^-otini. 
ill 'To (111 ai'din!, Tos^'oixi'in. 



hill l'> 

.jili'i, iiy tlK' l.'ii;,'c .1, 

Ii\->-.->k(Mil, I ,'sii.s!;i''il.-:r:il 


,iiii.'-'-li:''''il>'-'^"-'r^"'''' I 
|-a"'>',iiii, Cliines-nn' 

ill) T.i t\\i>[) r;iil:-, liro-Vi ii.iil, ( lr.iii'.s-^a_y;i)i. 

til To (lit in sti-iii.^switli. scissors, t'tc, Kscliakiii. S> r .\',1, ( 'hal'iin. 

ll, '!'(, 1 at d.iwii, with ail a\i', ('liiiK's-shilrjH. 

;h 'I'l ci; :l),v!i with a >a\v, Chiiios-nichiii. 
|l);h 'I\> tut ill l.vo, ;';'(!ss-\va\-, ]\'s-n(jli't;>v'iii. 

Ill :■> 



cut III 1 'A ;i Willi a 

liilci; ..'111 ; il ii'ii'^ili-wa- 


cat lii t'lVi. wit 

•^(,.:,cs, Cirmcs-chc'M miicliuM.'iii, iT lcii.:j;tli-way 

ll a -aw, lc>iiicliu.-.(.iii, il' cTi^ss-way ; Ics- 

,. Sec Mccl. 


illi ail a\c. Ics-l;r,!-liiriiii ; with a saw, 

:;th To cut olV. cat -'lor!. willi a 

Ics-kiilii'ichcai ; ci'o^.oway, [c:.-I<U!g'(li;(!. 
4t]i 'I'o cut animals, castrntc, Ics-uUonkocpilcm. 
otii '!".> cat !ccth, Iv;-kua!cini In p;a!c_u;ii. 
'ill, (•. '■. Cliiiics nich'clii, ('Iliac-- Ntcl!c;,.i. 
'lit, II. < 'iittinu", Siiicirch. 


iio cut:', .'■■ j;illlicll" 

i;ii.-<I.iU HI, .■•'uai,-.;;i;'(C,i), etc 

.! What cuts. X'l'hciucii, Slu'lomin, Sii_u;i)incii. 



! /. k I ; /. u I c 1 1 , 

\ai_ai!il i>;Lu 1 

i.s :u .-iiiii ill. 

'VPIJKSS. //. Zkct). 

('],;;, ..,.clii!u;-l',clLl 


ACTIlJXIV, Ks-kolsu-uinohliu'-ui 

l^uUni rKolii ^''^'■■)A(;(iFi>', /(. (iot^-eil 





■ 45 




^ ho 12.0 


1.25 [|U 1.6 







WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 



84 r>AFt 

DAILY, «. Agulaskal. 

DAINTY, ti. Chf^csaks. ' 

DAIRY, n. Snkncmtcii. 

DAliLY. t*. «. ('iiines tiiianiiti^ui. ' 'i 

DAM, /I. Slkd].. 

2(1 Dam lor fishin^j; in llio vivor, Skoio;;o. Si>c Tivnch. 

Daui. r. ^Ios-tkt•])(Mll. 

2<i To (luni fortisliiiiK. riiinos-koioi^oi. 

;i(l If made with green ti'oos for tisliiiijj;, rhijies-tcnuisi. ' ' 

DAMAOK, r. >. lefs-koJgotMMcm. Sec AVxiso, (Joel. 

2tl To repair (iainugcs W gifts, [es-ngnzsliusein. 

'M To damage by «uftoring, etc, les-tikolisusem. 

DAMN^, f. t. Condemii, loschzogiiepiiem. 

D.imnatioii, Ist: TIiu st*ito of b^ing dimnod, Snoa-itoi;. 

2d The cause of being condemned, Choosten. '■ , 

M Tho act of condemning, Xehxogoepileton, S'ch/.ogocpilo. 

Damned, <i. Ks-o6st, Sgo{'lemen. 

DAMP, (f. I-tim, 1-nas. 

DAXCK, i\ i. Indian dances, t 'hinos-telUami. 

2d American dances, (Jhines-koimeuzuli. 

M War <hince><, Chines-uenshi. 

4tli AYomen dances, Chines-iuli. 

DAXdER, H. Tl»e being in danger, and the being dangerous, Cliiij 

2d To Hnd oneself in dang<M\ t'hines-chinti. 
od To expose oneself to danger, Clnnes-chinchintemsziiti. 
Dangerous, Cause of <langer, (Miinchint, Xgalulegsi, Xgalgasnug 
2d f arrive in a dangerous ])laco, Chin-nchi/-iiius h\ rngalulegu. 
DAPPi;K-(iRKY horse, i'hlailku. 
DATJE, )•. I, rhines-kutispuus. 
Dare, r, t. 1st To be strong enough for it, Ics-ilvom, ( 'hines-lki>i| 

2d To challenge, les-chguasr-iinen). See Muas. 
I>AI{K, a. 1st Totally deprive<l ol liglit, T-<hiin. 
2d Dark room, I-nchim. 
.'Id Dark sky, l-xchim. 
4th Dark colored, I-koai. 

5)th, Xot easih" un<lerstood, mysterious, Jaiat, Seisiit, Tas niii. 
♦ith Dark, cloudy day, ('hVhompaskat. 

i V 

liiii^ dangerous, ('liiii 

U'<^!i, Xj^al.gusia'iy;. 
us In riinaIul»>o;ii. 

«-li<i)m, ('lii?ios-llviHl 

Solsiit. 'Pas inii. 


Till It. grows dark, evening, Ks-eWgiuni, <'liliig. 

xili It grows dark, after .sunset, Jis-lkeikalli, Jikeikal. 

Sith Jt grows dark all at once, as by an eoli|ise, Es-kolchlgumi. 

lOtli Dark '»n acccunt of clouds, Es-hcmip. 

11 ill The sun will grow dark, Xcm es-kolchilgn lu spakani. 

Darken, r. i. Kskolehlgunu, Kololiilgii, Ks-liempmi. 

Darken, r. t. les-kolc-hlguui, as the moon darkens the sun from l)o- 
ing under it. 

DAUX, r. ^ les-nkaziisem. 

DARKY, See Black. 

DAHT, See Shoot. 

DASH, See Throw, Fall. 

DATIVK, The dative is rendered literally hv 'V prefixed to Jlio 
noun ; hut move regularly by the verb relative. 

DATB, r. t. 1st with mud, pitch or the like, les-t«dem. 

lid With ]>aint, les-poom. " v 

')d With varnish, les-minem. 

DAUdlTTElJ, n. 1st Up to the age of puberty, Shutemelt. 

2d Alter puberty, Stomcheelt. 

:;(l The tirst daughter, S'shitemishelt. 

-Ith The youngest daughter, Steutelt. 

■")lh To bring forth a daughter, Chines-slomchelti. 

(ith To have a daughter se<luced, Chineschialti. See (.'hiid lor 
the compositions. 

l>;uighter-in-law, My son's wife, (said by a woman) Is scpeii. Al- 
ter the sen's death, l-s-chelp. 

DAWX, /I. Snpakzin, Sgalpulegu. 

Dawn, r. i. Ks-galpmi. 

DAY, 1st The luminous part, SgalgiiU. 

'li\ For the 24 hours, Xko sgalgalt u nko skukiie/.. 

ild Vice day, Ks-gesaskati, (Jesaskat, 

4ih Clear, cloudless day, Ks-chgesaskati. 

.)th Had day, rainy, ('hesaskat. 

f»th Clouded, ChtkiijKiskat. 

7th One day, Xkoaskat ; Two days, 'Aslcs!;at' ; Three <lays, •< *lial- 
I'lskat' ; Four days 'Moskat' j Ten days, 'Openchstii.' 

>^k\\ Long day, Usshinaskat. Short day, Chlguuziiskat. 

1»th First dawn, at oock-crow, Xpakazin I'esishiit. (2) Daylight, 
Skuckust. (3) At sunrise, Ks-tlochmi lu spakani. (4) About 



S o'rhjck, Sill HIS. (."ij AI)<)Ul 10 o'clock, Til' simist. (fi) Xoon. 
Siilu/'-kciiii. ;7) .\ I'ti'i- iicni!, Sniuko'uMii. fS) After J3 o'clock, 

.'■> ( 

lilu^'. (H) WIicii tlic sun is nvar the hills, S'-chiitakcii 
10) ^Vliou the -nil is oil lop of the hills, S'shiiikan6. (11)1 

When the sun is ovei", down hi!l, t'lisooskiui. 

(12) V 


iu'lei' siiii-set, S'lkeiknl. dPOWlieii ihirk, Skiikiie/.. (IP ,Mii 
niii;ht, Xihcusem sknkucz, 'ri;'oc^',iseni skiikiic;'.. 

iOlh Maii\ 



e\v (lavs, iiiiasa 

kal. n 

o\v nia!!\- 

ilavs ? 'Kuiiishi'iskat' '' 

lllh F 

vei'\- ilav, 

A, ■::!;, s!. 

ow liiaiiN' 


•he sii!<oasl{ 


l^•s a''o 


The whole ilay, < "haiilk-on^askat. 
' She .vkuiiishiiskat ^ Oi 

le t'.'.w a'''o, 

"s a,''-!"), 

She saslask'at. 

l:Jth A Tier h 

ov<' iiiaM\- da' 

•/■'//.) Xe kiiinshns!:al '! AYicv \h 



•Xe chalaskal. 

uh n 

)w iiianv ilavs are \'e1 Iiefove 

Ciiee I k-niiis1uis!<at 

Theru ai'e Nv't t wo ihr.'s !> 

'<'li(c t aslaskal. See Befon 

■>lil Sllll:la\'. 

, e clia;u'a-i 

Mon.lav, X 

e cli'.i'oi/. 

t, Xe c!,n(l 


Taes'la^-, Xe l\kal nsela. Weilne-wlay. Xe tikiil <-ha!a. Tlmr 
(lav, Xe tikul m<>. I'rida.v, Xi- tiiciil /.ilchsti'iskat. Saturdax 

'J ' 


Xe chlee. These are in the i'ati'.re ; i'o;' tl-.e past, drop the 'nc 

and prelix the 's' ; i'or the p 


i\ simi)Iv M'ha::eiis, ('1 



I, etc. See Cha/eiis, ( 'hiroczt. 

ll)di Dav beloi-e vestei-dav, Zi t zink'ia. Tlie dav after to-nior 

X'c znikoa. 
17th Ye^te^day, S]ii:xdt. T(;-inun'ow, Xe !;'ari]i. 
l>^th I ha\-e lieen thei'e 

I'.Hh On th- 


(hn\ two da vs. ('liin-iikoaskal, 'M 


d t! 

f) h 


'(•o!'(l, t!i!!M day, [jniyf) ha as|;>s 
katilsh ; (fiit.) ?\"e aslaskalilsh, Xe ch'askatilsh. 

sh, -hii ( 



./. ', 

.) II 

e ^\ ,.') IS now '!ca(| 

ill es-tlilemi, / 

'/. Tli 

who are aitaally dead in one single lime or ])!ace. Lii es- 
koinpini ; Those V\-ho are actually at difi'ei-eiit times or jdaces, 
hu esdcoiukoni|Mn\ j (/"'-^O ^'^^ es tlil, hn eskonii]), T-iii es- 

>ry dead, I-sMaitlii, ^1. f- 


2d The dead in i;eneral, Tcniteiniud. 

sojii-koinip, h\i in-tomtoniiit'i. 
:M Dead, killed, hn es-polstcm, 
4th My wife or husliand is dead, r'hin-])n tlil. 
.itli My ttithor and mother are dea'l, < 'hin-eliitemaiiile, I'hiiidi!- 


Iv siinisl. (fi) \(»oii,| 
C^) After :] (.•(•lock, 
i> Iiills, S'chiitala'M!!. 
Is, S'shiiikjiiu>. (11)1 
<aii. (12) K von in-', I 
Slviikiiez. (11) y\\',\. 
:n ('■/.. 
s:'ika1. IIow mii!u-| 

< '!iini!k-()!;i;;>k:i1. 
!<at '! One (!av a^-o, 
I skat. 
!^^!;al '! AfU-i- thi'c,' 

Mi('('' I kniiislitiskat '! 
aslcat. :-'c(^ Ijcforc. 
;>'i>i/.l, X(> chplJc'iis. 

tikiii-lKihi. Thnrs. 
isliiskat. Satiirdav. 
;o [>asf, (liMj) tiw 'nc' 
ply 'Cha-c'iis, riin'o- 

u' ai'tor to-nion-ow, 



Gill My cliiM is Ixn'ii (load, Cliiii-nt'llelt. 

7ih My I'liiid Li (!oiid, ('liiii-iMl(."'.t. 

.<i!i To play dead, (,'liiiiti.'ltcllC'ii.'. 

I)i.adly, I.I. capublo ofgiviiig doiitli,*Nt.'liltiii. 

i)|OAI'\ (/. Oi'uiio (.'ar, ('liiiic'snllcciK.' ; ol' bntli 



nil ;'s 111 


St'c Xtl 


lM I IcjciiiiK! deal', (■hiiMitkiiiicnc, 

Id'IAIi, /•. i*. Ics-iiiilciii. 

|)calor, n. Sgiiinik-iii. 

hl'.Ai:, (f. 1st Loved, GaiiKJiicli. 

•J.,\ ('i)slly, Hs-iikiilcuiikscin, lisKciscin t'gocil. 

;;:! I hu!u ;L dcai', Jcs i;ai)>(!'uciicir., Jc^kiiglcui, Ics ]i;i 

i)I-:ATIL n. IsL The slal 


•11) 111 

C Ui IJCii 


iil; (;/.:^^/) 

ill :-v-,("!i 


2d Causing death. Xteliltin. 

'Ad Tuo reason why one dies, ('hteliltiii. 

4 h The picture ofdoalli, Xteliltin, teinlenuR'i, 

!>eath lie(l, it. Siiteliltui. 


I>eba(e, r. 1. Kaes clikolkolstiicgmn. 
l>Hr>Ar(Mr, r.7. leskolgodl'leni. See Clo 
DKHT, «. (iiiilgiiilt, (';idg:;iU. 

To cDiilrac 

t deht.s. C 


liii iiI<oaskal, Chin- 1 '''' '^'^ 1''^^ '^ '^"^^^^ los-nkolisuse 


ci'tilsli, ,Ln clin!a---| 

-Ililenii, j,!. Th.-M' 
e or ])lace. Lii c-:- 
'nt tiin(>s or jilaces, 
cskoini]), T-iii es- 1 

d, i-sgutiii, ,:i. r- 

leni;'i)iile, ('hin-!i:- 

rth To i»ay a debt in lull, Ies-nslul"lj)nscin. 
li To ask j)ayinont of a debt, Ciiinesiiscup 


r. ( 


_>i I o (. 

lecainp suddenly a;id secretly, Chines iikmnb 

!»!:CArrrATJ-:, r. t. les-u'iiiehsein, Ies-!ig(;( 

DI'jCAV, c. /. Of clothes, sti'englh, Chiiies-tnu'igani 

-i\ Of tiinl)er, Hs-cheiei. 

•"id Of old age, Chines-chciilshi. See I)elerl<)rate. 

DKCMfT, ».' Stkaka. 

lU'ceili'ii!, i(. Tkliikat, Xlaka/.iii. 

Deceive, /". /. les-tkukanunein. See Cheat. 

heceivcd, a. Sztkakanun. 

'Id I am deceived, Ckines-tkakain'i. I r-thm-.-il 


.1 I am deceived, mistaken in my jiulgment, Chin-nselpcL- 

/ v 


4tli I am doot'ivod, in heanii}{, etc.. Sec Sel. 

I)BC1I)K, r. ^ T('s-(<j;oiniin, les-chzogoi'plk'iM. ' ■ '>• 

hcc'ido, r. i. Ist to dc'liheratc, CliinoH-kulpjigaini, Chinos nkoi-noi. 

2d To j)ass a fiiinl opinion, Cldnos-ntclKi, Cliinos-uiH-ntt'lMi, 

JJiJ To utter a dceision, sentence, (!liiiios-uis-kolkoelti. 

Decided, a. S/,cIiKoii;oepilo, S/ntcIs, Szkulpau;, Sznkoen. 

DKCIiAUK, r. (. les-lakontini, les-inimini. 

I>K(;LIXI*], r. i. To refuse, ("hines j^alu;alemisti, tuni i-spm'is. 

DKCOKATK, See Adorn. 

DKCOY, r. t. Ics-gideni. 

DKCUKASK, r. i. 1st In size, (;:iiineslkuUuiniet!:ilshi. 

2d In number, CMiines-luetuilshi. 

JJd In general, Chincs-aamti. ^ 

4tli Water, flood, Es-snnnii, 

5th The heat, Ks-zeleini. 

DECUKK, See Decide. 

DKCKKPII), «. Siops'chint. 

DEDICATE, r. t. 1st To give to (Jod, les-gni/.iteni, Ie«i-t gni/.Heni. 

2d To dedicate oneself, Cnines-kolgn/.shemisti. 

Sd To consecrate, les-eh chaupilem. 

DEED, w. Szkol. 

DEEP,a. I-shut. 

2d Deep water, Nkoest. 

.•;d Deep snow, Kocst. 

DEER, n. Male, Sgolesh'diin ; Male skin. Sgolsh'ehinelgii. 

2d Peraalc, Szoolign ; In spring, Skoni6l/.e ; Female sUiii, S/ooli- 

od Young fleer, after six months, Slkokoltelze. 
4th Male deer after shedding the horns, Smalkiis. 
r>th Hlack-tail-dcer, male, Pnelsh'chin ; His skin, Pnelsh'cinelgii. 
(Jth IJlack-tad-deer, female, St61zc ; Her skin, Stol/.elgii. 
DEFACE. V. t. les-kolgoel'lem, les-guknm, les-eepeni. 
DEFEAT, r. t. Ics-telkom, Tes-tclkomim. 
2d les-tlegupem. 
DEFFA%8ee Fault. 
DEFEN D, r. f. les-kolkeigum. 
Defender, Kolkeigun/.uten. 

DEFElk, r. t. 1st Delay, postpone, les-koltkeni, koltkanten. 
2d To protract, to be long in doing anything, Chmes-kaspnii, 

i, Cliincs iikot'noi. 




Inali' sUiii, Szooli- 



Cliincs C'luiucliciiti, Chincs-ehencIiCMUiijiti, Chincsehcnchcii 




I>KFH!il-:XC']::, D^'foi-ciilial, Cliiiic.sUuIaguloim.sti, Chiin«iiliocl 

Soo Hoc. 
DEl'IAXT, Dofhiuc'O, I am di:iuiiit, Cliiuos-guu.szaiii, Scu lira I t > . • ■ 

])]']FICI IjXT, 1 am dclicioiit, Chiucs-Uultuiiii. Soo Tuiii. 
])KI'"'rLE, f. /. To file OiT, start away U-dgo by lodge, CluiKJ.vko- 

tncpl, komt^puin. 
]>L'filo, V. I. l.-it To foiVii|)t, Icci-kolgucriciii. ' ' 

2il To soil, stain,' Ios-chtk6iii i t'koai, t'lUalt. 1 stain it nilh 

blaok, or mud, loa-eliiiiiuin. See Llackcu, tSoil. 



■ki.ilgocl'l, Jjj)l-c'.;-cliiLul:o, i^pl-cs-tluuga t'tcic, iit^- 

chiuugu t'teio. 

DKI'^iX^], l.-it The liiiiit:j ol a cuuhtry, []ndcgiuii. 
21 A (.■, Ios-(;hmit.piloin, Ica-clizogocpiloiu. 
ni' FLOCIl, r. Mos-koliiocl'lom. 

•m, los-iViii/Hfiii. ■ DKFIJArD, Sco Cheat, Kuil. 

r. (, 

Ic'.;-tiaak-uin, I 

cs L;iia::iiiaiieiu. 


HECEADATroX', n. l.'it Tho state of being reduced in rank, etc. 
Lii .skoukoint. 


vj ae 

t ofiJiitting one oat of oHiec, Ie.s e:;kaeiu. 

DFIFY, V. t. Ics-kol'lkoliuzutene 



1. 1 lip 


DF.rFCTED, Tc foci dejceted, Chinois-pupustncLi, Cliihe.s eni^h- 

kancriii.sli, Chinerf-totO}js]niu«. 
DELAY, r. i. Io.s-kuhkeiu. See Tak. 
DELEGATE, .See Substitute. 
DELT1]EEATE, c. I. Chiiie:i koenrnei, Cliinos-kulpagaaii. ' . " 




ozehzugo. See/A 

[DFLICATE, 1st Of complexion, l-ko6te, I-ehin-koot'e. I uni grow- 
ing delicate, 'Chincs-kootenii. ■' 
2d Slender, Lkakeit. See Soft, Smooth, Delightful. 

d Delicate our, Cliiuiueno. 
4th Di.'lieate .smelling power, Cliiuiuaks. 
DEIilCIOUS, Food, drink or odor, Es-ch"-esak.s, Ccsaks. 



DELIGHT, <,. Ui Th 
els. See Gcs. 
d The giving pleasure, Xpielston. 


le leeliiig jdeasure, .^npiel.s^ bi;n])iel.', r?nge.s 



lio iv:is.>n ot J 






T>i>li<j;lit, r. f. Tos-npitMstoin 






Doliglit, ?\ /, Cliinos-li'inti, See Pii. 

r)i'Ii!i;Ii(fnl, Pijiiit, Koamkonit, Lomloint. 

DT'^LTXEATF'; r. /. Tes-lcaiin, Tos-koVlcaim. ' • 

DPTJVRR, )'. /. ^!t To riv'.> fVoiu restraiiil, T'js-lalim. , 

2(1 To deliver from jail, etc., los ozkaoin, 

8'1 To lot froo, Tcs-ptlrchstoiii. 

4th To save from faptivity, Tos-koUkorn. Sec IiihIcciu. 

bth To ^!;ivo np, ti'ansfer, ros-guixsliiMn. ^ 

nth To ilclivor liimsi'lf tip, (^hiiics-kolgiizsliciiiisU, 

7tli To (lelivt'i- it ino,ssa^;'(', Tes minushitem, ]tv;-Ll:.'.;j;aiusoiii. 

Sth To be 'U'livorpil of a cliild, C'liine/.lknr'lti. Delivered cI a huy 

rhinop. skiisseKi ; Ofa g'irl, Clii!:cH-.itoine]KMti. 
nth res-i^nlg!!iltom. 
T>PLrT>E/?-. t. les-tkakanancm. 
2d To inis-dead, Te!^os:useni. 

DELFGH, n. SVliilmelpC-iies hi sloligu, Stcehot. 
T)eliige, r. f. TesehilincdpeiieiMri. Sec ^I.q\. 
PE^rAXP. ?•. t. 1st Tn o-eneral, Tes .si''iim, k-vo-alite 






d To enquire oarne'^tly, authorilalively, Tes-elu.;ciipiloiii. 

nK'>rE?JT, r. f. Tes tlegi'ipeni, tlegi'ipemen, (0) 

te!T!o is not 'tie 



lis I: 



h.enveii, 'Slud In ih-ch(h"gii])'j:i;enle:i la V 

;si)a \v 

s I- lie, 

]). The pa^l 
!.Y I dciiierit 


a mil. 

nEArOLTSTT, r. t. Teles-in: 
DI'IAfOX, }i. So-odletneii. 
DEMOXSTRATE, v. t. lesdcot^mncm. 
DEN, n. Es-nl6go. 
DEXKJRATE, Sec Blaeken. 
T)F,\()rXCE, r. t. 1st To aceiise, 


leniu jieia. 

2d To puMi-di, res-r.iiiiiiin. 
DEXT^^E, r. f. Ie.--eli.",'seliL;-ani. 
OEXY, V. f. See Contradiet. 
2d Chines-zuti ta. 

d To refiiso t 

o a'lve, 








rth T)i 






Delivi'i'iHl (.'1 a lu)^, 


■;i):i w'.ij" I (leiUOV'.l 


;ili Ti) ivfasc to Jo, ur to uccojil, luw-tiimoiii. 

■>tli To flcny ii cliargo iimtlo nn-aiiiHt oih<, '-'Iiiiu's-luiicniii. 


I'/i'iij" tI;L' lIuu 


(laU, I 

(.'ii lCil(.UUClll, tCSClliCllCIU. 

'ill Deny tlio (oiKi'.'clion wilh a pr!',-3on, Tas su<fustcii ; To deny Iho 
ofsaiil lonni'tlivMi, (.'lilnoa-'ciicniti ; Am i'ctor doiiicd 


le fii 

•n^ ) 

a:i(l r-\\u\, I 1; 


•r r. 


ciiciiil, u /uli la."> 


DF.p.urr, r. ;. 1siT( 

) ''•() aw 


( 'Iiiiir,;ini;>!ii, t'liii 



.) (Ii. 


tr, Chinclos-thoo, Ch 


.'Ill To fudo away, Chines ai'uuti. 

(ill To die, Chines iin.shi, ChiiiL'.s-llilonii. 


I) r 

r. ('. 1st To liang dow 

i;),)n, U's n!:ui;iel.sviii, Ic.v clili.'cjii 







I'hino.s chlonu.sti. 

;i".^.\'I>l'^XT, a'. lu'ndc'iv'd hy, lie wii \vliun» I tk'pcnd. 1 am do- 
pondeiit on Tlod, In-chloniunzi'ilon hi TColinzulcn. Sec Cliicc. 

I > KPT. OKI-], v.t. Ics clipnijaoUicliciu, Ics ehzkualvoni, Ic.^ cTiz 



DKPO.Si:, ; . t. To put a ddcroiit ofofilco, To:v6zkacni. 

lo.sthiiDiiy, Tos-i;iiniini, Ics fhsninitpe'ni. 

lM To li 

Lid To taki! down, Ics-iiipniiiii. 

!)i>P().SlT, c. f. To place nujuey in, Tcichitcleni. ,Seo Pawn 

OKPRAVl':, r. t. Tcis-chcsliiilslicm, Ics-kociiiLslicin. 
DKPPiKDATK, c. /. Tcs ncheniulkiun. 






UKPlilVE, (.-. t. Icskucltcai. 

DEPUTE, Hoc SiiUstilutc. 

I)EUELKri>. Chilcniai-ile. 

Dl'^PJDE, /'. (. Io.sehoiii;uUoin. 

IVEPIVE, V. t. To nncivc hy traiLsnii: oion, by biitli, ies-ciniielk 






es ;ii;ii.uui lein. 


1 c i.iei'iVO oni' 

])li>od fi\)ni Adam, 'Kae ohmclkoeiien^cnlem hi .siigul.s Alum 

Kae-climopc'])iiu i;iem hi .sngi'il.s Atum. 
I'oi'ive, V. L Tu ilow. to pi'oeOLd, IC-j im)<;]imi, \\h iiiclkoiui, V.:^ lie- 

DE.SCEMI), V. I. Chinos-iiclkapi. 
2d To descend Ly the roail, C'hln-nulkupaks. 
od To carry one down, doscciuliny', lcs-ulkupu.sem. 





i, Ki-o/.I<!i(M, K 

I'll T,> !■<: 'Ml 1 ;i i-iv.-r in l..>,.)s ( Mmi-;' i-:VL-;';ti ; % I:\im1, Chiiu' 

ii;\ !:')ti ; M'.vimmiM'r il'nv;t !i nv;'i', " •■ •* li, (Miiiuv'.-ngoti'isi 

Flyii)"^ <lo\vii, ;i'-! Iiinli, Es-Ji:i!^oh'isl. 
!')'.h 'I'. I coini' (liwii, n:i ri'Min :i ■i^i'.ir'-.', K';-«'iii'n');i! 

Mh To ImWvM" ouosclf, Si'c r.'>\V(M'. 
h(W('(>inl;int, /I. S'i;iisi..Milt, Soi^ii/']w. 
hKS(M?IMK, »•. /. I(<s-k:ii!n,, fcs l:n!!<:iim. 

M!-N(M1V, ;•. /, T.) (!!.-'<• 'v-v will) tli;' oy.', [■'••-c'uniVK'in. S'.-(- :\Ii 
'>I']SM!{T. /•. ^ T'.'s-,r>;;)l:()](!'its;M\i. Tc-t :ic!!c'u''H:;oin, T('s->^()('l(.>m. 
I>('si>rl, ;.". Wild'TiK-ss, '.'clnMi'Tn, Ti'(lu)('":t. 
Di^soft, iiKM-il, Si!r,v;'iji, S:'.l:o!. T vooiv." my <!; 

I-s/,lc()l ; T (Icspvvo it richlv, T-szsr'iniskoI. 



l>KSKI?\'!'\ /•. f. M f'l 


1, .'iii'l ii) !i "•'icl s(n:v\ los-tl( 


■.M !•'('•• I>:'<1 il'>';('rts, i;-'!!;i!I\- i-imkI'.mvmI !)v t!i;> s;J^;u•"•livl■' Ynii ih 

in lio fl'v.f.f.Ml ♦Kiil-T'x-l: 

•Hi , '. ('. \'n'! I'll 

it 1t,< floiri::*''! 

V t'u* (• 

:liti(Mvi1, 'Kiui/'ii kuI-TslKiiii, von sliniiM lio flf>;x?. 

\8 ) WIhmi tho f'vi!ii(> ';; ("-pvcf^scil tluMi il is Ix'tlri' r-.tidorcil li 


':!;!"• n vim'!';>.1 hiiI'MmmHv" oi'llu' ]Mini'-;1iin'.'nt drr^'rvf 

'!. II 

llv siilM!nu'tiv(\ ]i 


'ih' in II ; cr siiiiiilv 

]iiy ].'. iiN:ii_i;- 

7. T!u> tliicf (I'.'sri'vi 

iM'oivviirio,) to iho v:'r'' tl::vt oqm'ssos tlio I'O'.vavd or tin- jiiiii 
ii^diiMCiit — hricflv, l>j' nit rvi I !.'.>; tlu> ]>lira''o, thus : T KudVi' fii; 
thnt SI!!. Tlio sin iHi wli'U 1 sullVr fov. ?•. ', 
to 'jn to li.dl, 'T-.M si\!il:o(^nHMi sIm"-! In ('1>";ai((n I'l'sori;)', /'"'. 1I; 
thiovii'"" is tlio cui ■;'^ of';;-oi':'; to ]<i'll ; Ifis stt'illiiii',' is llio ctiiis 
ofIii'> lnMii::; bound to ^-o to ludl, 'FiU snu'cos slici hi kl-cl-.guiti 
I'l"-.!;!'!'!' ; my sin is wli;',! I ini!' t suflVr {oi', 'F.u trie i s:'.!;m'! 
sliri In ikl-('hni;MiZ!.';iiznuM:;oiu' ; f iniisl sufVcr for iii}' !-:n,'ll:s 
chngiiKi^u/.mtMstMii \n trie i-s/,knrn' ; I snITcr !'or my sui, 'Ji'.- 
(•tin;:;n:^<j;iiziiW'!scMn }ii t(M(' i-s/.k-urn'. 

Ith 15y 'ircst'. r di>sovvo to !);> whipjicd, 'Cc-l koks-l/.im' ; T d' 
scM'vc to bo put in jail, '(Jost ko-nolonlcui. 

fith r <lo not doservo it, Sco Unwoi-tby. 

(ith I do not deserve that Duiiislimeiit, ItiMien 


1 ievi[-elin'ruj',:''ii/j 

Hi.s 11 |{o-na;ii/:_i;;ii/:iiK 
aelsten, /7. (''or n:)t!iin.<r 1 Ir.ivo bei. 

made to siittei", T have notbinij; to suiter for. 
'til '^ome u-io 'tleiXi'spein' for deserving punishment, but it seeiii-j 
iMitirely wroi^g. You 'rained the \vliij\ 'Tlegilpentgu hi kci- 

gem en 

1), ('liiiiiv;-;ij^*(>lusi ; 
pnii, K.-i-n/.kni'i, K; 

•'itniiu'in. S'.'c 'Mi 
II, T('s-!j;()('UMn. 

inijiiix'liv'.'* YdU di' 
must lio floLc;';i'(l ; "I'l 

n sli(it;M lie f!";;i;.Ml, 
lii'tlcr i". ndcrnl livl 

-:inip!y pcflxiii,^' tlilj 
^ r(>',v;iv(l oi' tlu- l'!!ii{ 
<, tlins : T y\\{\'--v i'». 
fj. Tlio lliicfd'.'sri-vt 

itrii I'osoiip', ^■^ \\A 

tcnliti!.',- is tlio cans" 

s slici hi kl-(l'.!i;uiti> 

', 'FiU trio i^:',!;ii(i!| 

Xvv lor \\\y i-iii, 'l!:-! 

'(>!• for my sm, 'Ji'^j 

k.-ksd/i!u'; T (!'. 

neiit, l>iit it fjcc'ial 



li I)t'.sor>i-', to merit f;oi)il lU- Uuti, lo.s-iiK'lkomuioiii, mclki»iuiii. 
Vi)ll ilosoi'W tlu' V. liil>, you siicccod in inaUiii^ tiii.' wliij) (■uiiio 
l;^»ou you, 'Mclkoiiuiil;;'!! In la'ij^iuu'iii', Sl'o Milko; I do.siTVo 


wi' it loi' liiiii. l(.'s-iiu'lk*)liUitciii i i mi dv.'.-.rivc iii^ mIiiiI, 
•lCo-iiu'lkoiiullj;ii 111 isimzlkM' J I (U'soi'Vo tliia kiiifo fur you, 
'Midkonril/.iii hi niiiciu'incii' J I dcs-rvi', merit lor liliii,'li'.s-iuel- 
IvoMliit.'iii, i.i'dkosliiti'ii, iiKdkosliit' ; .h'.siis Cinist iiieriieil ;;;outl 
r II-:, 'T'Jc.-iii K!i II i;;u' iindlvosiriljls In I'l^rnt': Adam 

' liin,^ i 


vil, ''r'Au'ii.i II kue-iiielko.sliilil.i In I'leie' 



i)ol 1).! 11.1 iiud, ' iiudkokoti'ia' : Yoti CiUUioL ileseive it, 

Tas iiudkoiniuem.- 
i a;ii lie wlio de.-Li 

Ho \v!h) deserves it, '^lolkoiiiuitea' 

nil, 'l\o-mel!i(m;;itli;i in t'e.sulii) 

ol m;iie \v!io (le: 



(J no 


U'sei've iK'lliilii;', 

ihitlilii^' liajipeiiiid to iin', 'Ta iej) .siaellukiikii' ; WliuL tlul 

.le;Ui;s (.'lii'isl d^ 

l>y his deailii' 'Sleiii hi szinoliukukii.j hi 

.]k.'^\\ llli hi ;i'.)l stiils' '! IFi^aveii i.s wliat he "L'ot, deserved, 

I eii- 



il In .f.ziiu'MitlcnKU.- 

1 ha/e no desert, iio merit, ai.u vely 

Ta it'iil-ii 





:Klt i.s l! 



lor wiiuli yoii (leservo 

,em ill aii-eliiiu lUi/t.ii iii eli esoap 


r I 

viii deserved luer^ 



liii m',!!koii/,nt' 

icy deserved nu^, miiiled to liavu 

lu"' son, 'Jvi»-meli.ii!i; 
wliieli. oil acfoiii;;. oi which, 

ill is I'M.i!^' 
I deserve il 

I 1 

lave nutiiiii: 


a K 

' niueilvotin. 

The 11. le v»l)o {;ain« a way, an object, 'KulemelkuJixiUeii' 
l^aul i.'. the one who deserves to liave m.', 


i' :> 


) a girl would Siiy ioa man wliom ijlie e.sleeiii.s 

worthy ol' her, 

/. IslT 

o Ooi 

lit ont, Ie.v/'-oi<om. 

2d To tell wliicli, les-unm. 

;!d To show, les-koeiiiiiem. 

itl'lSlIJI']. Ir.l To loiii;" lor the eiijoynuMit o!', lesdca.iis/.inem, 

Ica-'ainiiiem, 1( 

•l-\ To reii-ret (lie h 




les piuisem. 



hvsdxeiiiitem, hdes keiLi'teiii. 

d To re(jnest, to entreat, Ji'.Telu)misleii 


IS oiteii ri'iidered 


le vo 


ive veri 

Desire, n. Sziilols, S|)uus. 

DMSIST, See Cease. 

DKSOhATM, II. 1st Land, Cliocul. Koiikoiiit stulign. 

2d Lonely person,, Es-clioptdsi, Ks-pilpnsenchi. 




04 DKT 

' ■\.. 

DICSl'.Un, r. /. Dus^ioii 1, f'Iiiin'si.Mnslilc:ini';ii!-.t!, rii!iK\s-jt.'H)nii\, 


-1 !\ .jiiiir <:'.', Ir- (•'lOiivlilcaiKMiiistoMi, Ti'-^!;iill]-i'pi!iiiioin. S'i<o 

"] To c:msc 'U'sjtuir, foslciiHp'piin, ^o^•-)^s:^f■hNtom. 


njs|i;i!r, S.«'n:;!ik:;n.*nrist(M!, Si>nv'l)kiiiu«!niy.t, Sec rnisli. 

DKSPKnATr-:, a. flivi-ii IIP, l<:ir.I ciiso, KtillnTiiH't, lama Iiar.I 

caso, 'Cliir.-kiiH])' liiiot.' 
!)K??riSR, '•. /. 1st T'» Iiavo a low oj);ii!o!i of, It'stiiDilsoiu. '^o'' Ta. 
2il To ll'cl ilisgiistc'd at, Tos-kiiosliomiiuMn. 
!M To Initc, los cliom'in. 
Itli To liavo u gi"a(!L;-(' ag-um^t, I-s aaiiiuMii. 
Tidi Xot to far? for,^.tiin. 

DKSPONI), Soo iK'spair. " ^ 

!>RF;TIXK, r.t. ^ \ To (Irt'M-iiiinc tlic fatnv.', ill (!io lio-ri, to h;- 

tciul, For iri«-nt6!s'.>m. 
'2>\ T;» naino foi- •^<^ offlfo, Tos-Anni. 

.'M To simkI niithoritativfly, Ios-ki\lstom, Tos-(liknIstt]ii!oin. 
DKSTITrTK, (f. ^^^ Of fVi.MKls, CliitiMiiapik'. 
•2'\ ^V ^-litiifc orL;o.)(1::, T-fliitcinfl^'U, Tiaiav.loyn, Konknint. 
DESTROY, (*. t. Isl To pull ilown, niiii, los-mauni. 
lM To la}- to ^\■lv^to, Tc-'-kolgo6riom. 
oU To put an cr.d to, lo cany awaj', los-utushilslicm. 
1th To kill, Tos ixMstoni, Tos-koni'iio. 
Destruction, }>. Kolgoel'lttMi. 
2.1 Tlu> cau^'e of dcst'-uctioii, Clikolgnoritcn. 
DKTAriT, /•. t. 1st To (.lisunito thin<?v) tied, fes-tallm; if (roiu 

nl»ove, los-clitaliin ; If froni below, Tos-kiiKaliin. 
iM For tilings gliud or nailed, sticky, Tos-cliogkiim, or Ch'A'.uu 



ten ; froin hclow, Tes k»lcliegki\ni. See T^Iister 

M To separate, See Sejiai-ate, 

illi To separate in geiier;'.!, les iin'inni ; if rrr)ni n1iov(>, T'> ■.-'■I'ln.'ai; 

if from below, losdctil-manm. 
'Ill or tilings so united as to lia one, r. ;/. fruits from the U\ 

oil Kern 

The same of bones 'ointcd, stars from heavei 


DKTAIX, V. t. 1st To stop, los-niiika 

2d To prevent, Tesgoeniin. 

3d Xot to give, retain, Tes Icucstem. 


tim'ilHOiu. *^i.'i' T:i. 

•s-talini J if from 


u;n, or Ch'-li'ium, 

Sec Blister. 

ts rrnm th" tiv>, 
ars rrnni l;onveii, 

I)I'/riiCT, c. /. Tu fi:ul uul, IcM ii.iijoiuliiciii, loa-uicliciii. 
PIITKIJ, r. t. Ii's-yccuiiii, loHinjkiim. 






Dotcrioriilo, i'. t. loa-chcstuilbliom. 

)lutl>-\)lii, Chiiicvlui'iiU 

I I 




M." ' \ 

ILMC, f. t. l.sL To ll;^ lL(j buiaulaiic.:;, !...> Ij.iii:, l.sljn'ilc- 

'Uiii, Ic8-kaiulcu;uiu. 

'2d Tu murk oil', Icb-kulkalm. 

3;.l Tu mcuijiirc, Icutsiii^uiiK'in. 

llli T;) pi'i..jC'rlljc iiii|Ki'iiLivolv, Ic.j cliliulkallcii.lvii., Tc.j d>.. n'"^'!'! 

r)lli To impt'l, iliroct, Ics ku[u'iii, Ie:vlguiiiliii. 
(!lli To liiul out, ics-niipciiuuciii. 
Till To rL'.solvu on, Cliiu ui.siiLt'io, Cliiii-uli., liolkotll. 
])1:T1':sT. c /..k',-,-clioia'm. 




!)i;'rikA( 'T, I', i. Cliiucd-uukuiiiui. 




[\liiuiui', ,(. lie who tiilk.-j biul orinc, Tii-ukiizIiic'nicu;:utLMi. 
2.1 The 011^; ol'my Tolka who talk of others, I-.sgiiiickiiziiK'iii. 
od Oiio who la ill the habit orbafkhltnig, Ukuziuuiiieii. 
DilTliLMHXT, /<. DotrinuMilal, Chtkijilonzutoii, Is'dichcyOin. Sec 
Clies ; lit. AVhat I beeoiue bad for. 


2.^ To biiJ, gi 

r. I. 

1st To come to liyiht. l].-i-l;;:ikoiiii. 

ow O'.I 

I, CI 




DEVIATE, V. L Chiiics-polluti 

DHVIL, «. Sgoelemin. 
DIOVISH, c. t. leis-kulim- 



t. 1 





.1 T 

o uevo 

to oiiv.s^U' to, Chliie.skolifu>;'sheirasli 


n. (Jlioehoimil. A dcvot 


f the Ijle,s.-;cil Vir^iiii, 'Lu 

•huuiizutis St. Muly, Lu pleeiizuli.s St. ^laly, 



OS t)hi]nm. 

DEW, n. SkuL'it. 
J)IAGOXAL, n. Es liskii. 
niAL, n. C'hiteehmin Thpakaul. 

[l)[APIIAX()US, i'].-; eh.slgouu'id tipadka, the lighL passes ihr.iugh. 
)iAliRII(E\, n. Spa:. 1 havo the diar.-htje.i, Chiiiesp/.ma. 
DICTIOXAIIY, ?). Sn'iikolkuelteii. 
DIE, r. I. Chiiies-llilcmi ; pi. KaL\s-koinpmi, if we die at the wi 


place or lime 


coiukompiui, if we 

die at dillerent plac 




or timcp. 

2(1 Cliiiics-iiimti, Chiiics-imslii, Chin-hoi. 

8(1 To dio of, Tcs-f'hito!loniitKMn. 

4th To die with, les-ukultcllcminoni. 

5th % chiM died, fhin-tollolt. 

6th ^[y Avifo or husband died, Chin-pu-tlil. 


^o't !i^; if! v,-:is dviii:'-, C'l 



8th To die for one, Tcstlili^hilcni. 

0th To malvo one dio, Ics-tlihiuncm, Ics-p6lscni. 

DIFFEREXCE, ;;. It niakc^ no diliVroncc to nic, Ta is niicch;^lcnu 

See Mii. 



t, it. Es-ti:j;uleni, Xko. Sco Cha 


DTFI^ICUT.T, a. 1st HrlsiU. See Sol, I6inienil, Tlizt. 
2d Hard to please, Iniat. 

T>TFF^r)EXT„1:=t Ti::;-1, X-lcmon " '■ 
2d riiheliovm-;, distvustfnl, Koi 



as a:: 





r. I. M)rcaa as on aoos 





res-nplkon)iin, Tcs-moopim, Ics-mcliin. 

d T;v sT)i'oadin^' liquids on a snr 

'Litem, litenu;t 


DifTir.cMl, Arcd!.;,!cuk:;, ^Tclip. 
DIG, V. t. 1st The ground, les-ziham. 
2d To diti; roots, potatoes, etc Cliincs-gczti. 
DlflXITY, n. Siopiciit, Xiopicutcn. 
DIKFi, «.Tkcpton. To make a dike, Ics-tkepcin. 
T>TM, See Ohsoure. 

DmLNTSn, r. f. 1st T:i sii'.e, les-lkukaiLimera. i 
2d In length, les-lgoigoeztcm. 
3d lu number, lesdue'ilshem. 
■Ith Tn u'eneral, Tesluulim. 





/■. (, 

1st I 

n ;;;!ze, 



?tu\Ishi, CI 


■.-t( pn 



2d In number, Es-hu:tuiNhi. 

d Ii 


ml, Es-tuu!emi. 

DIXE, V. t. Chines-ntog'ktini. 

I^ine, /■. /. To feast, les kolzinem. 

Diniicr, n. As an act, Sntog Icein, 

2d "What IS eate:i at dinner, Xto-;'k; 

2d Dinner time, Chtog'keinten. 

I)ir, r. t. 1st To put in water, le.s-ntkoetikuni. 

■ 1.1. 

, T;i i:viniccl);^loni. 




li.. 1. 

ji'can 111 am 




To dijj a .slid; or the like, les-ii/c'ikukuin. 

(Ill T 

u ilii) :i por.joii, Iod-ulocU-k:;m. 


ij dij) the ruiger in llc|ui(l, Ics-nl(K'lii;>tc(ikani, L'..; nlkaviikinn. 

i)il)pci', 1). As iisoil lu lake watci- out, Sukuluiulti 
,M .\s li^.c(-l lu pour walui'.. hiiitsiguir.cii. 

; )i ;;!■:( 'T. (V. i-ioo-. 

Direct r(pa(l, Xloii'ks, T-loi>' shii;luicl. 


/. I 


2(1 To direct oneself, his, Chiue.s-t^'jiuenziiti. 
.'Id To direct aiiuther, Ic.s-tg(jraeu/;uteui. 
Uli To aim at, les-ohtiionHin. 

th To direct a u;iin, arr 




nil T 

'o diivcl a <i:an, arrow at an ohiect, lo.s cht 

) COMllllCt 

slraiy;ht a lior.Sv, 





■Ill To ytecr a canoe, boat, etc., Ie.s-li 


;i;)li, /.' 

le iient, inclination to, S c.iirihuteiu. 


)iiVLt!y, ddr. 1st Straight, I-tog. 
(1 Immediately, without delay, Goclle, 
■\ "Without am- intermediate actiiui i.s 
the verb invceding it, r. -j. You wil 

- < 

iKlereu Dv 'i lUH.'Uxe 

jd t( 



eelly a 




'Xc i-ku-ntuii-'kcinem, ni kuiiuisl 

I'O (U 

rcclly to a j; 

Cliine.s-ltri.'inenzuti, le.s-cli 



DIRT, ,i. Sliut, Malt. Soiled, Liut; All dirty. I-liut; Tarn dirty, 'I cliln-ch- 

!;,.:'; Dirlval! 
luuul, 'Idiiiohst' 






) ri 




•ty, [. 


'J ; 



')iity in general, Checliet. See (.'he. 







l\- m.- 





th Dirty clothes, I-lcoai 


■:.\ w 

ly, '■ 

f. Lst With mud, le;: 



:ent;-, Ics-menec'iem, 




as Ciuairen 






1st Xot to be oT one a 


) ue at variance. 
) l.)e un.-iiiled, T 

!;ulem ;u i-Sj^;uus, 
It d::;ur,';.. v-d 



1 1; \vi 



La is-iiuuii:-eni. 


f)i.'!!i,u;i'ooablo, ('. Ta.siu. Sco [(' 


r. /. Icliin-clio, ('nines cliuiKiziiLi, Chiii-fl'clio. It 
I'lit, 'T]l'cIiou';„'nK'ii,' /,7. T fov.'.nl it Jilisfiit 

(lis!iii|)i'ar.s li'Diu r.iv 
,froni tiiy sight. 
MSAPPOIXT, r. t. Ios-tk:ik!viu'u)eni. 
nTSAPPROVK, V. t. los c-hilikoiv.'in. 
DfSASTKf?, n. S--utoius/,,'it. 
DfSAVOW, Sei' i)cMiy. 
DJSBAND, r. i. Chiiios-pMroir.oiizuti, 

DisIiuikK ?•. f. fcs 



pgonuiii, Jcs moomincm. 

nTS-r^KUKyK, r. f. Tos-keiuson 

I)IS('KI?X, ?•. t. lessi 



mrum, -losniuin 





li'IIM •■•() 


f. Is! A 


un, l);")\v 



.!, L; 









-!tli Disclinrgivl from dnit-^-, Tcs-o/.ki 

!)IS('lPL!'], n. Ist SiiiiiiiiLMr, in us mucli m lie is iiislnulc'd. 

2,1 !=^t 


his to.'u''hc' 


II as much as he teaches what he leai'ued fr 


DISCOXTINUAXCI':, n. Epi-cvsgak. Soc G'ak 

nisoontiiiiio, r. t. les-liuiem. 

!)TSr()P1\\yT ./. Ks-sliemeni 



IMSCOT^TJAG'K, >\ f. 1st '[^y words, les-p 
2d T?y aC'lioni-i, Tes-psi'ichstem. 


3d Ics-p's 

J) spam. 

Sec Pas. 



1, (/. (']] 






i:n v•^•all, 






a. 1 



2d To find out, It 

f. l^-t See r 



iat, Kedjilipel. 



3d To expose to view, Ics-lakonu 
-Uh To show, lesd 




d The Imir, Chines Iposil^ 


f. Ti 


:um, h 

Item, K; 




DISEASE. Sec Siek 


r. /. Chi: 



Bisomhark, /•. /. les-nteshihd 
DISKMPOWEL, r. f. les ehtell 



t . I 



Ill) |)aii. 


'.Li'...'^. la. 


I)ISKN(iA(ii'', r. I. Isl Vi-om buiul^i, Tos tali 
2(1 To (Icliidi, See Dotucli. 



uli, Chill •crclio. It 
'//;'.] n.ii;nl ilMl)stMil 

't (Vco, Tc'8 talir.i, if lir was f'etteivu , los-ozkaoni, if li 

(.! was 

only in jail. 

llh To si't fruo fiOMi aiiotlior, Tostaliicusi, iL's-^^ukopuiisi. 
lUSflRACE, n. 1st The hi-iiig (li.shoiiorc.l, .S/-u6sh. 
:.'(l The cause of tlishonor, Xzc'oshtiii. f 

DISCJUISK, 1st Oiiost'lf, liy putting or. the dress oi' a white iiuui, 

2il As ii woman, Chiiies-niainuik.s. 
;>(! As (I man, Chines skalteniyiialks. 
Itii As a Crow Jndiaii, riiinrs teinchisalks. 


Asa Ulackfoot Indian, Chines-s'ehkoishiiuilli 

hiii .1/1 v..-.^ 

111:!' a. 

a Ijoar, to liuiiL Lead's, Chi 



.ll/A', Cili 



'ih As u wo'it, Chnies-nz.i/.iniise. 

is instructed, 
lat he learned froiiil 


sliioiuii^' one ;', iie 

d as a l).:ar's. Chmos-i: 



Putting on an antelope's head, Cliines-tanaiakan. 

];1lh Frittin:;' on horns to res.'inble horned>, ("diiesdvei.- 

kan. See Feign, play Sj)eak 



) Oc aiS;i'U:-,te< 

1,, les-ehcstenii- 

neiu, ios-nchcselseia. 
Disgust, r. t. Ics-nchcselshtom. 
lM If jirovoking to vomit, leschellim. 
;)d I give him sorrow, lesdvulshitein t'spupusciieh. 
nes kulp'paii. S.\^ Disgustful, </. In general, Teie- 

•2d Dirty, Cheehct. 
■"id Pro^'okiiig to vomit, Chelehilt. 

'llh l^isgiisting water, revolting tlu' stoniaeh, Xehelku. 
•")tli Disgusting smell or taste, drink or food, Xehe^aks. 
DISH, n. Kap61ze. 
-d To i)if ill a dish, resiies'ehenem. 
'■\i\ Of roundish objects to Avash the dishes, Tesnpkum. 
DISTII^ARTI'^X,. r. f. les-iisachstem, Tes-i)szunein. 

l):sheartened, d. To l»i' disheartened, ( "!iliies-l(jlop'.sj]iius, ('liin- 

emshkanemist, Chiii-kuljiipe, Chin-psap. 
l)lSnKVHL, r. t. los-migum. 
DISIIOXOIJ, See Shame J>isgrace. 
i>islionor, c. i, A female, les ehoiiiziUem, los koln'ocriem. 







100 V Dis 

DISJOIN, Sou Dotacli. 

DIS.IOIXT, /•. t. ]cs-)M;illcriin. Soc M:ilk 


W iMlti' 


!!;ii ; Tl ,".•() 1 1! 


,' n-,!A'. 


nrS?,!K!-:, r. /. K^scIiosUmkiiicih, See (M 
DTSLOCATK, S,M- DiMPinf, Malk. 


',": ni(>iMiii;ii'iii. 

DISMISS, r. t. r 

2i| To lot _!.-;(), Tos-ptlv'clislcm. 

;M To ]i:iv^> ihnu^ will; (■;).-, 1;. I-' 

Dis^rorxT, r. ;. fi-,,,,, i,:,,.,-...-!, 

D.SOUMDIKXT, .7. Cal-.Irinislcnu'ii 

:''! Silll.].;.!':,, yi7.'X7.\ ; T 

idiir, ic 



!C, (';.■!! 

i^ni' 'I 


<!); Tn ('[>]■ tonlriio, (willinu' miv 
not); T;is seimc, Tas iitkiilviH'Mu>. 


,> • '!' 

[/■,k-;iii, (1 

i ii/, K';i 




C lU'JIl- 

HM', /•. /, 

t. ! 


isti; T 



:i''iiiii'iii. Ta is.iisi'ii>-tuu'in, 

a. is-iitkiikn('iuM!i. 

DTSlVVTr'ir. '•. /. T,, .■,,;,! 

'1 i:i'.>s-^;>!i:' 




Vo (!isj,;it"I) surli a oiu', Ics-kulsti-m, rcs-c!ikulstc[)iliMi 

DISPKYSI-:, r. f. T.'s-,.k 
iM To ,1; 


v-\\h (Ii;;* law !;;■ iiiai'ria;. 


•'M T,-) (li<])',Mis'.- with ()iK> ill tliat mari-ia-.^, fos-'!isnki)!iiK.'iiii!lciii 
X. B. Xoiio of ilio aliovr words c-xpir-s exactly tlic idra of (li> 

Disp!M!S(>. r. f. To (Icnj, (lislrilmtc -'oods, Tcsinilcm. 
I>I^1M<:RSK. r. f. Tos-p,.:o,.nini. 
DTSlMJv\SK, r. f. Tt's papiisrn<-!u>:a, jntpusOucIitvMi, Ios-k61,sliitoiu| 

l'spi:](i;si'itf!i, Irs-i;-!!i/;s!itiMa t'spupasiiicj-, Irs-kolsliitom la I' 


:M To mak- .>!,<> fcrl l,;i,l, Tf;-M(lirs-!s! 
Disjilcast'd, a. ('liiiu>s-piipusciiclii. 


d Disl^l('as;^l at. 1 

ma, oil liis a"C()r,:i1, Tc 

oliostoniincm, T 

IS .'-o-;* }iv i-siuil'is. 



!>'■"■ DOS'-:, ■•, i. \^A: T 

I r'.'!.':ii!;!U', dctcnniiic. f ,'>^cli,-. 

;."ovriai, to 1i:ivo fa'l now:'i 


es n;tn 

'. ! 1 1 , 



ICS (•:i.--li;;'j'M(Mll 
To d 


o ii'ive a wav. 

o il! Jiio-e ol oiK'-^eii 


''Iniies'di-^liiepil.'Mzriti ; To dispose of oneself I 


■l>are. Chines !:nl(MnK'ti, C 

To treat, 1 
'pietith, Wil 


I.--!;rileai ; To d: 


sjiose liy w 

o, h 

•ee rrep;'.i'> 
I!. See n 

iliikii. t 


T!\;;k;(ii, (1k;]-'1-Iu.:;:1.| 

■, T;i\u;nno. 

lii. T:! is-n.s.'iij-nm'm, 


'cs (•iisiil:i!iiiioii'.!;i<'; ::. 
clly ilic ii.U'ii of (liv| 

clilon, K's-lcn!sliiU",i, 
Ics-kolsiiilcm ta l' 

'oo I>;:^-:i;,t 


) 1 




l)is|)()sitioii, Soo Hcnt. 

DlSi'OSlvSS, I', t. lort-6i;k;ioni. 

i'iSrrTK, V. t. To iu-^wc, pro iiml coii, Ic.s 

llil To I'uii'a'iid, lo.s flios^.uu'in. Sec Cliu.s. ' , , "•'■ •'; 

!)lSiU"](i AIll), r. i. Xct tu look at, los-iiioiizoin. 

:!.I Xi't to I'iii'o i'oi', Ta if:; ay.<j;;un, Ta ics'n), li'S])iluni. 

:'A .Not to obcv, Chiiu\s-!;'ul";akimisti. 

')I;--;;A'!TSFJ !•:!>, (^ 1 am uif:t^ati;,ikHl, T 

l)ih!i)', J)i.s_must, Ta is iiiiiuls. 
DISSKMIILI'], c. /. ('hiiit!s-ii!;iimisli. 

•i ;x^- 

U 111 i-s|)iu 

,i\\)[c, r 

f. h 










:)lS;-;i^^riXATI':, M-o Si.;v 

i)!SSFiX'l\ Soo l),i>;roo. 

DISSLL'ATK, r. /. Sec Clear. 

ijlSSOIil' TiC, (/. l"iui,i:,iiiio. 

DISSOLVE, c. I. lisl III walor, Tos-plmdiio 


olVl', I 

I. Ill wau-r, 

I'talf ; T 

lU; walL-r 111 Willi 11, .sa.l, 

111 ta llvu. 


eU', is (K\-ji)IvcJ 
Dissolvod by lire, As-g' ; c. /. Ici-uiiuoin ; /". /. J"].s-o:mi. 

^ < . I 1 • l\., ( 


oMiai, K',s-!';ol!;i;!.' 

Ilt'iii, 1 

(j:s ;:u:;v.-iii la. 

DISTAXC.;-:, It. Slkol. 
Di.slaiK'O, c. i. ioslkoiouiiiioiu. 
Distant, a. L'kot. 



'iO[», )i. (oi'auiina 


>!STIX(''i"', '(. 1st Xol I'.io samo iiidividaai In-iii^', (,'liiiia!<s, il' jirv- 

suiial ; Xko, ii'iiot personal 

i:.] X 

oi oi the saau 



(1 rioai-lv marked, I mil, niniiint,<>;n. 

' »;'.:'!' 


1, '■ 

1.'\:A To ai'iix a ilKii 

in, le:s Kolsti^ii- 


ijiajMisenclu'iir, Tc-H ;.M To iwoi^-nize liy a niai''.<, ics-sii,miia. 

a^aiisli on'S(.'ll', t 'Iiiiios-Iak')uifii;;i'i(i, Caiaes iisnil/jszuli. 

(•!!.':i)u;f)r]ulc:i! ; T. 

i'lii ; To u;ive away, 

(' oi' oiK'si'i i ;;s 11 ' 
j-^f* of (;iie-<!'ir to, I- 
r.uli, Scr Pi'i'ii;; r.' ; 

liv win, Soo I], 


O (llWi 

t tao att>';!la)a, 


iT .'T'M 

led, t(. I-( iii;; i»aii. Distraclinji;, iWiiMol. 

asL'i'iiiu-, Sii^ru/.ii'ii/anel 

(•;;iise oi' .sali'ei'ia 

,-,» •'0"",-D 


^iISTIMiri'Ti:, /•. /. I>1 To deal out, les-iu'ilein. 

M To divi'le _i;'oods, les-jigoiaiin, Ciiiiies-j)i;onislii.-,hi. 

M To divide goods sunong several, les pgonisliitem. 



lih Ti' (liviilc s;K'1i p;o()(ls lo such pcnjjlo, Tos jig()iiill(''!ii. 

'>tli To (livido ill ('lassos, Tos-gnaksi'isoin. 

l>is(riI>iitioii, V. Of t';()(vls, S]);!;()ini!sli. 

DISTIUTST, r. t. loskoiAsem. 

Disti'tistfiil, (y. Kcuisrincli, 

!)[Trir. /). Stc'litikii. See Tol. 

Ditch, r. /. (Miincs tcU'tik'tii. 

!>rYAl?T('.\TK, a. I'N nirciiis. 

DTVK, r. /. rhinos-iisti. 

DIVKUriK, '". /. Ks-'fok-opciisi, Ksnicnniisiiks. 

DIVEST, r. f. los chr'.'scli.'iin 


/. 1st T 

(I sen; 

\y:\\'.' i!i \'.\' 

Sec Dctu'h, Hivak 


rtion to ir.nkc ]>;vtiti()n am-'ii 



•'M To (livi(U' ail nitjcct, a mass into several h 
Mh To diviih' ::i tv.-o. !cs i.'sclein 



cs i;'Meci;soni. 


III three 



ith T: 

irate two olv'ecis or ivM-sons iniiteil, ';'s-ij'oKM;ciisein. 

'itl' To cans:^ to 
7th. T, 

ar,",t(\ 'es f.>;oko]iciis(Mn 





) separate oneself froai, fes-jjuokoiii r.seiii, jjiokojie 


PUMK iiarnioMV 

^\h To il'sanite in opi 

!Uh To divide a people, family, into t 


throe, los c'hloliirii 

J ) 






10th To divid(> a room into two hy a partition, resnselelzem. 
T!th To divide hy cutting, sandn;:;, hrc'akiiii;', etc., See Cat, Saw, 
Break, and all are found hy the copulative form of the verli, 
12th To divide into two equal jiart.s, lostgociisoni. 
18th To divide a whole into many jiarfs, iosgocoitem. 
' l^th To divide into seve 
Mivnle, r 

ral hainN, les-iroaksusem. See d'oeit. 

( Miines-ntalpciisi, rhines-gokopciis 


lines nencon>i- 


21 The road diviiles, Rs-ngnktipnsaks ; The stream divi<les, K 



'M To divide in two, Es-cselnilshi. 

4th To divide in three, Ks clialnilshi. 

.'ith To divide in several hands, Ks-goaksusi. 

l>ivi<lo, ». Skakalt, Xtgoichon. 

Dividoil, ■/. 1st nistrihntod, Ks-pgoniiin. 

2d Parted, separated, Es-goko6cus. 


'■, Tcs-i;-')('(''i;sein, 

I, h's-u'o!crrnsein. 
, ^-okojirnsoinon>I(Mi>j;nin ; intii| 

('(('., Sro Ctit, S;nv,| 
Ibrm of tlu' voi-li, 

so 111. 

111. Sco (Jooit. 

isij ( "llill(,'S-!U'lIC(MI'<- 


;; 1 111 ojtiiOsiU! fiicruHis, Shuinjiicii.s ; The two 

i;u:li(jiis, lis &ihciubliuiuciicu.s. 
|)l\'iXi'^, lixcclk'iil, Set! Puwui'l'iil, Siiii.s. 
Diviiio, r. t. 1st To ibrosco, EH-tinist6ii. 
I'll To Ibrelull, Ics-tinciciii. 
:]i\ To ;j;;io.s.s ri^^lil, Chiiios-Uiilziiiclsli. Sou Au. 

Piviiicr, (/. 





]. s 

00 ;-iorccro 

I)IVOJl('l'i, r. t. To (livoroo ouo'a own oousort, 




2il To (iULSo lo si'paralo, los-^'okooiiso 


llcoijirocally, Ivaos-gokopousi, luics-^'ol.'iliiogui 

hlVriiUE, V. t. los-ininilii 

'IZZY,.<. l.sL o 

\\;rLigo, giduy, Llmio;;-!i«cl.solciu 

il Willuuil cli.siiiiit kno\vlo(.li>'o, Chill Icokiicu 



lr:L T 

o lualco, wo 

rk, |)orloi'iii, lo.s-koloi 

havo lo do, 'los-kuloiii hi ik.skoloiu'. 
1^(1 To pruilaoo, lo-s-kuliloiii. 
;i.I To do Olio harm or gooti, To.s-k6l«!iitom t'gcst. 

I ill To hi'iiig lo an Olid, los-uioch^iloiii, I havo (h)iio Ihal joh 





lo ;iOi»aral 





u. I do 

wlial I 


itoni la 


o nave (loin 


( 'liinoo-clioiinri, Cliiiioii-huizin 

(j;ii T.) do vii'laals, oook Ihoiii, lo.s-jjiakoni j lUmo 
) (\o hi.s \u'>,{, C''oilomi.sli, Chino 




'.ziiti. fJhii'.o.- 

mu.s f 


Uh To d 

O l)VO 

r aiiaiii, Tclos-kolein. 

|!)lh Whal ishall I do to hiin ? l-kaoz s'ohoiioiii '! Soo C'hoii 
lUlh I do nothing to — Ta too os'ohoaton. 
lllli i di) .soniolhing to him, or with il, Too os-cht':>ton. 
IJth L i\o uolliiny; but — , Jos-milkomlni 

.oil UO IK 




Ixiokhilo, Mrikoniblogu .sucku/Zin. 

■=ti-enm dividos^ '•^■iDih Wliat .shall I do with it ? Ikl-ntunlon ? Soo Tso. 

l:jt '.Vhal do 1 do '/ C'hiiio/--.'j'oh6iii 



Lm lluw do I do ? Chinoz-ji'choai 'i How do you do? 'Ivuo;c-;..'cliLi 


Iz .i ohil'iii hi a-.skoltioh ''. how ia thy yy->'\y 

J I do as — C'hinos-agoili t' — ; I did a^^ 3"ou told nio, 'Chin 

;oilo:u I'ko-aszaltom. Soo Ay;al. 

Uih 1 

uo as you c 

lo, V 

lunofi-au'oil: t aiiui. 

li I do rio, r/.-jh6i u oliiiios ay;6ili. 

1 d 

) \' 

\ Uil 

liMi a-i — 

m I 

Do with mo 


i04 I>OM 

(lorstood by siilwtitiiling 'T tr;':\t. liilii'. 
Till ITdw do T do witli Iiim, oi- (u liiin ? L'cIkmi n ies-ii<^-6i!i.'!ii 'i 
Olli 1 :nn dnii)'!; :vol!, T-s-lii'i ;vo?Tt. , • , 

lOtli T :im (loiiio- poorly, T;i is;!;-rsl. 

11t!i It will do, it n 

ll'iWMM'S Wl'll <vio 


di. riiM! ::f;d, Slu' 

V:.\h This Avill not i\o, Tas -•L'.v.t, Tasio; Tliat will nol do, 'Ta- B' ' 

l<si()i hi slu'i. 
1.'!(!i r a;;i doiii>, Clii!! lioi, rinnd;!i'^;tit!]), ('hinga(nn-.;:'-at, ('iiii 

Mill r liavo dolus Cliiii-hoi, lioiston. 
^M\\ \ Iiavc> done with liini, lioiston. . . . 

OOCTO!?, .'). Physician, Sinuiialic. 
'Jd Vnv loa'du-r, Mgnnioi", M'iiMi/.i'itcii. 
Poctov, r. f. Ti'sniali(M!i. P"o Modtcatc. 


rmc, ?), 

Smiinu'io, Sniiniii. 

I)()('r>TKX'r, ». K:!i:;ii!' 


?". ', 

("hinvsl-;!linkoni\sti. Soo X 


!>od!,:;(\ r. f. A prison, Tos Icnliukoi'ir^lcni. 

T)OF, /!. Sto!;'..^, Szo!Mif^;n. ' 

DOFF, r. f. Tos-])tliin. 

DOC, «. Xkcdcosmrcliinshin. Sc-c Kiis. 

2d Small do^i-, Stiticliinio. 

Dog-bolls, ("hpasaiiio. 

!>'<:;•, /•. f. To:-. sii'clistfUl, ^r'--]Viz;'lis((.Mll. Sis.' Sli, Pi/,, los-Uii'/aiifl 
noT.T.., )}. So!.n)gtol(\ 

DO'!>r\, ;'. l\s ;'.'ionin;.:;n('':io, T,\\ stnii;;uM'.'> !;i l:ol;;i;',a;'.':i. 
DOLK, V. t. los-iniloni. 

■nOT,LA'^ r. 14 ri-'in-, TMla ; Skali^;;, (ly wosUt 

"1 rn'-T.-ncv doU'ir, T\:',irautio idnli'ii. 

M Hnir dollar. S'oliut. 

4t!i Qiiai'tor o!'a dollar- Km'ilcr. 

nth To <n) nft'-M- a dollar, (^hinosc hululinii. 

hO^IATX, )}. St(Migii. 

"T>(>>rK^TK' <L Tiiinv, '^:'i!sa;il. 


1 D 

d ('! 

)i!';ost!" a.niina 

nclciMV; n; 

Is, (••.'.ttlo, ' 




J til To n-'-ow tame, F-;•sc;lsont^la]^■^li. 



\ h 

)1!s;.> Sor 

)i- S'"h 

•\uUi, i-. 




1 1). Mi. Mi: 

iM>.M, r. 

(H)iii .s-(la 

ONK, .(. 


ooij, 1/ 

1 Tlu- li'a 
i The; h: 
li Wido 

ii Siiial 

"a \ )iK' ot 

( 1 t ' o • I' 

i / 1 i> ii 1 ., 
1 Twko a 

r'.K' ha 

Tu luld 

oUiJT, /• 


I am po 

I doaht 
joaht. r. / 

ijiibHul, i 



To kiioa 
)VE, n. G 


'W-lail, c. 


)WX, H. J 

wii, c. /. " 
wii, adv. 



[ilA^n. HvlUM' ii; 

11 ies-aj^i-'iU'.ii '■ 

.v;(, SluM. 

t will iiiiL (!.>, 'Ta- 

iu-:j;iiti.ins:'->"it, ('hiii 


iiiiicsliiiiU', f. I. Ii'S-seiisoiituulHlic'iii. 
D.MIM iOl'ili, r. /. Ic^i-c'hsUuli.sziUoiii. 

>)i).M, /•. /. Ja's fIi/.(i,u;()t.'i»iloiii ; 'i'o ddom to doalli. k'.<N-ci.Ui'ij<iii'iu. 
oDiuis-cliiy, hn vavhI sgaljj;a.ll. 
[oNK, ((. Wi'll rij>c, fooUt'tl, I'iak. Set.' Do. 

II D()iu>, fntrt. 1-gu. 
[(>f)I?, Isl Tlu> eiitrancf. tlio wiinc, Koliicliiut-pte'ii, SiioliiiU'pu- 

Nluii, Kuliiu-iieini')). 
|| 'Ulu' Iraiiio () I' hoards to sliiil and opoii, I\<diuhliiii;j)tc'ii. 

Tiic hido or clolli lu \\\v Indian 1ihIjj;i> door, Kulin^halpciizuU'n, 
ilt Wak' door, KoHiikutouepo. 

III Small dour, KolinlUuUiiiiuej[n.'. Soi- Ivoliii. 
f the iv.(^ uj)p()t-iitu <loor.; wi'a long Icnl, Skozinclgii. 
I (i. 1..1 'rwo-i'uld K:3-iigaja'niOiis, yy/. lis-ngaijcinclif, «iid 

Lu V /lU' o 

ol' several objects double. « 

[l Twice aa dear. Ks-naselakseni. 

|l Tin.' hai'id'a I)(H)k, douldc al the (nniKi', l).s-(.ln)c'ia'iu . Sen- I'in. 
lorDfiK, r. t. 1st To Ibid in two, fes-ngapenieiiseni. 
Il To ibid a corner of the Icafofa book, le.s-clipenencni. 
|()l'r>T, c. t, To hesitate lietwccn two ojtinioiis, ies-sellenii- 

I am perplexed about il, I fear n(jt to be able, Tes-ieuniieni. 
I ddultt bis statement, believe him not, les-keiusseni. 
Pi/, les inc/Jneiii.H""'*^' ''• '• ^^^ Chin-csselspuusi, Cbines-iemnii, Cliinesdieiul- 


.'^■!..M'ii T:;.i:;ii,:0 



ll'ul, insiurin^' (b)abt, a. Solsilt, leniieinl, Keik^'iiisnii 


)ubtfully, adv. I-iuii. 
HTGIt,'n. Sztil. See T'lim. 
To knead the douirh, Tes-l'lim 

OVE, n. GoKgozom 
Pitreon, Kaolirozsroze 




ivc-lail, r. t. les-nlose 
or several cuts, les-nloselise 


•tailed, a. l'].s-nloseus, Esnioscli.- 

[)WX, n. J^jebebep'si)U 



II, r. (. Tes-ngapLii.-ieni I'lchchcii 

/. '<M .iiilep. y- 


adf. iilii, L'lshut ; <iuo, Ch'ishut; ir,ii!i', U\ i.-diut. 

, '^"V, 



'J(l Duwn iiiMJilo, L'ni8lii!kt, ch'nishiit. 

;M |)owii ill tlic <j;r()iiii(l, L'niyliti\li><5ii, * 

4lli Down ill wiitor, T/iuslilcMikii. 

r)tli T^owii a Iiili, from aliovc, Ic's-lllktlpll^^. 

(Uli [)o\vii hill, said from bolow, K.s-/ulUui)ii.<. 

Ttli Down lull \>y lliu roail, Es-millciipaUs. Ks-zniilkiii;!'ik' 

Sth Down till' river, f/iitcindii, rii'ntc'inclii, Tel iilt'iiiclii. 


o go down till' riv(M' 






lltli To j^o down from on liigli, ill general, C!iines-iit!kuj>i, ('liiiuM|]^ -p^^ ,1 

1'Jlli To go down :i lull, ('liiiies-uelktipi, C'liiiuvsiilk;ii)ii 
intli To curry down kill, les-eliiiLMkuiicni, Tes-idaihitMkni»ein. 


lown, sink down in the watei-, Chines-nicaeti 

lipeiiziiti, lit. Ihri'i 

1 Ith To go I 

ISth To go down, iiu;ide, ("'.ilshi. 

inth To >'() down from o;i horsebaek, Th 

himself <lown from any ]ilaoo. 
17th To lie down, Chinesdkoti, Chip.oii Ikailshi. 
I'^'lh To j)ut down, helow the pcr.^on aeting, rhini'stkt)nri, li 

lOth To put down, depose from authority, Iksozkaem. 
20th To take down a load, Ics-tookem. 
2l8t To take down hy letting or throwing down, Tes-tiinnim, Iil 

'_'2d From Adam down to Xoah, h\\ tel Atam gui u Xoe 



■riirht, a.h'. Straight down, Ks-c-hiltgoeiie, 

Down-right, a. Unmixed,<l, I-inii. 

Down 'stair.-;, aifr. L'nishiit, Ch'ishiit. 

Downward, adv. Ist in gcnerrl, Ch'ishut. 

2d To hang downwards, head down toward the ground, K>»-iiilMi '| 



:M To hang head down, heels up, Es-nauiakan. 
DOZE, V. i. Chines-chosil'.shi. 
DRAFT, 71. Sketch, Skei. 
Draft, r. t. To sketch, lesdadkaim, 
DlJAFT-iroPvSE, H. Xzkumin. 
DI*A(r, V. t. 1st To pull before, lesxkum. See 
2d To drag along, to make it move, losdvoamlm. 
'!,1 To drag oneself, v. g. n;0ving on a Hoor, li'.il not w;ill 


til 1 o ^1 

ruin, H. 
RAW, . 
I To (Ira 
I To lira 
th To <lr 
I lo d 
llli To A:: 
ill To dr; 
h To dr. 
(hi. It 
h To pii 
llUli To (!i 

I ill To di 

tlh To di 

jjlh To St 

Jlth To di 
|"^tli To dr 
<ltli To dr 
ii'tli To po 
Istli To ati 

To unsli 
o pain 
h To sucl 
h To dru' 
li To drai 
li To ilrai 
ii To dra\ 
li To shri 
IJAV, ?).7 
RKAD, /•. 
Iivadfiil. a. 



'Pol ntciuclii. 

!iincs-utlkui>i, Cliiiu 




|ili Ti) iliMy; oneself slowly, ihroiigli la/.yiu'.-is, Cliinos-eluiicln'iili. 

■;i"i;i'(l, (I. r-/.iik. T foel ilruj,';j;e(l liy, rcs-zkiikuiniiioin. 
llJAdOOXS, «. Ksclmiuteii.s fioltis. ) 

IKAIX, /•• <• le«-y;unii)ule>j;mii. . 

rain, ». (>nnipi\lo«;utcn, Nteltitiku. , .• 

il!AW, (•. t. 1st To iiull along, leH/.kiiin. Sre I'lill drag. \ ■ I 
\\ To (li'aw (r.)Ui u (jruwer, trunk, K'h-nkiilini. ' 

il To draw oiitoftlie Uiile)', Je.s-znkiillrliknn>. 
Itli To draw w:i((M' from a siroani or other j)late.s, ('hiiu'Dduilnii'ili. 
ill To d'-aw watei' or other li(jUids, meaning the jiouring It into 

arv vessel, glass, Chines-iMnuli. 
Ill To draw water, or the like, hy siieking, a-> a jiiinij) or syringe, 

|th To draw out ol'u case, ele., hy pulling, les n/.o(d<t;ni, ii's-u'»- 

es-til'en/.iiti, /'^ t'"'''B(li To di.iw, unsheathe a I'evidver, gun, sword, ( 'hines-nz oki In- 


ig, ('hines-tkcin'i, !« 


lown, Tes-t)pn\ini, k| 

1 gui II Xoe, 

(hi, les-n/,ookeni lu tapniin. 
(h To pull buck, los-nishlslaMn, Ios-nu6iipen». 

!lli loiiraw nionev, ivo-es-gaUaiu, 


Iih To draw a line, ( 'eiiiesdcuiiui, ('hiuesdj)nri. 
till To draw lines, surveying, (Tiinesdvaiulegui, ('hinesdjiriU'gui 

ilh To streteh in length, les-siUeni. 
Jlth To draw a bow, Chincs-xkuinehi. 
t)i\\ To draw a eurtuin, Toijitlguui. 

illi To draw the hearts, les/'.kukununeni. 

"til To poi'lrait, Icsdvulkaini. Sec Kai. 
th To allraet, as a inagui'l, les-zkukununeni. 

raw, /■. /. To l)ull, Chines-zkunii. 
ll To unslu'athe, ('hines-n/,ookaini. 

Ihi." ground, l-'s-iiilMj To paint, ('hiiiesd<olk 



^ee Zuk. 

)0r, Ii'.it not wall;:i^ 

\h To suek, Chine.s-tomi. 

Ii To draw back ( "hincs-enuLiipi. 
|h To draw near a jdace, Tes-ehehiiteniinem. 
Ill To draw near a ])erson, Tes-chizilshein. 

1 To ilraw near, on the side, It's-ehisagani. 
Ill To shrink, ('hinesd<a/-i)nii. 
IlIAV, ?). Zkuniin, zkuininten. 

liHAl), r. t. les-ngelem. See Fear. 
IreadCul. <(. XgalhitenijNgalgalsnug. 




108 ^ 

DIfKAM, i 

'i'l To ttillc or !)("(i' ill !i (liv'inM, ('liiiu'sla^isi, ('1iiii-ii-<|)si'i. 

.'M To walk ill a <ln>!nn, Cliiivn-UMMi. 

hrciiiii, I', f, I('M-k(''isiMii, ki^iscmoii. 

|)n»iim, I). Sn])'s]>'su]»']is. 

Ih'oaiiu'i', /(. Sguii])sn, S<^iik/'isom, Kfisd-nuMi, K-^-Utisi. 

hlfKrj, |)r(>!.i;«i, ui-nniiils of'f'ort'(«(<, ion, ('lui/.k.'Lustcii. 

hIJKN'CII. r. f. IcM-iii^siMu. l<-s ■^I)i^m.•I^ll<Mll. I luiv.- I 

I'M'ii ilrcii' 

• I I 

oil i»v I'liin. 

Til k 



hIM'ISS, r. /. 1st ('liiiu's-^'!i/,iiiiiiiti, ('liiiio.s-iilf;'ii)»cii/,i'iti. 

2*1 Chiii('s-iizi!i>ikii<>, SaiM of a wiilow (IrcsiitL!; ;;'!iil_v nitor ii 

;!(| To MiTPn'^o oiioscit' Ml M line, ( 'iiiitcs s!iitli'uu;!i/.iiti. 
4tli To Mi'ratiLijo oticsoh" ill it liiu*, nicli our IVonliii'.': Iiis ininji;;, 

ion's liiick, ('hiiU's-ljn'indi/.iUi. Sec K,i]», Sliitl. 
'»th To <livss as white nicii or woiiu'ii, etc, Scdh'sgiilsc. 
bi'fss, r. /. Ist A jtciNoi), to flotlic, !('s-!;a;'.i', rmitcin, u':;ziii'iin(-;|r 
li'l I put a (Ivoss on him, los-nln-upiin. 
"M r ilrcss inysolf with that, los }H;iij)ini. 
4th I uso that article of (IrosH, Ios-li:jii|i:iiiii(Mii. 
'•til I (lr("<s tnysolf, rhinos-nltcnpciizi'iti. 
t)lh I dross mysolf M-jth that, Tos-iil'j;ii|HMix;nloiii. 
7th T ilrt'ss him with tlint, Tos-fhsngii]iim. 
N'th T (lros«; nivsi'lf with a shirt. <'hinps-nlgiiiiulksi. 
Mth To dross skins, (Miinos-gnikiii. 
lOfh To dross liimhor, ros-oloiii, Tos-n'iitlim. 
11th To dross hoof, los-goizom. 
12th To dross a wound, los-iiolchusom. So<> Mdi. 
|!!th To jMvparo, to inak'> -iiitahlo, to adjust, Ic-^ Kulciii. Ir- 

DKIKT, r. /. Ks-polpmi. 
Drift, r. t. los-polim. 


i(!0, n. Snsiiknk 

|)rift-snow, n. Pifiitoiu'- 
l>rift-wood, n. StgiVgn. 

/. Of .soldiers, Ks-gusgiiinoon/.i'ili. 
. ''. 1st Til t!;oiH'ral, Chiiios-snsti. 

l!<l Of an I 111! 

•king the wat(M', ( 'hi;;i'stn:ni. 

:M < )f chickons, Ks-snsti. 



I Iiiivi' ln'on diTiH''^ 

siiiL!," i;'''uly iiltiT I'l 


tVoiitinv lii-; ''"inii;!! 
i, Sliitl. 

Ii'-^ l;u!(Mll. It- ;;; 


own, < liiiK's-iiIUui-<li('Ukiii. 


hli As <li)^s, iimkiiiji; u iioisi-, (,'liiiio.s-lliiit likiii. 

.'iili |)i'iii!.iiij;' III il >lri'iiiii. fliil 

I Mink, ''. /. los-suNloin. 

2il To ilriiiU nil, Toa-ns()()i)iiriiiom. 

;M I (IriiiU llii» lii)(tli' di-y, tiUMiiiin' it- li )lti)iii iiji, Iv-^niialkain'm. 

Soo S(>oj». 


/. 1-1 I 

() iiKiki 

Iiv-i-ki-'imim, < liiin's-kii^iiskii^iiU'i. 

() drive ;iw 

!i\', Ii'siiiciii, < 'liiiits in;skuy:a 


;M 'I'o ijrlvi.' .1 uaiii Iiy llie liiK's, ("liiiic.s-iiti^oiiniski'i^'iu'i, Ii's-iitij;ii- 


hli To ilrivo till' ^^•allK' away, K's-clikOi^'iilslK'ni. 

r)tli To (Irivf into an open Hi>l(l, Ics clilclu'iisliilslnm 

(ill) Ti) 'Ifivo liaci; a runaway animal, [cs kul/.aki)in. 

Till Til lorcc, Ics-kujiLMii, los-Icliniini. 


I'. ' 

Chinos ki'i;;'iii, < 'liin(.'S-kiiL;u>ka,i!;ai'i. 

Jil l'liinos-ntj;' 

DriviM', S;^'iikt''iu;ii:,ki(_L':ao, ."^^iiij^'aikagao. 

hlMVHL r. /. CI 


DIIIZZLH, -. /■. 


(J (ll'on 

J) llu' luail as I'l'Dhi iat:,i;'iii', ( 'Iiinis ^uiili. 

DKOP, /(. ],-t As It llowL'd out, Sai.)). 

L'll Any ilriij), no nialii-T how lornu'd, Sl/.j|i; / 

<L Si 

I /.an. 


Mnains nut a ilroj), 'Tas nko sl/ap' 

'I'Ol', ' 

Isl To fall in dr(>i)s, llowiiig, iv- au)»ini. aii]i. Soc Ai 

•I iall m droj)> 

as a iii'o]i))ini!; vn 


;; 1 To fall suddenly, Chiiu'sliipnu, ( 'hiiu's-tkokonu. 

I til To clio, CliinyiS-tliU'Mii. 

."ith To coaso, Chinos-hoinii. 

lilh To di'o[( in, lo visit, ChiiKsc h^iiimski lii;iii. 

Till To hi'conic a drop, in any way, l-Is-lzpnia, l/.aj). 

I>i'i)p, r. /. 1st To )ioiir out in drops, Icsauni, res-aMpini. 

•J<1 To let till!, Irs-tipinino>n, 

:!d To let jfo, leshamii, lesptli'.'hsleni. 

4th To abandon, dismiss, les-^'oeleni. 

.'tth To lower, as to drop a eiirtain, Ios-ishislli('m. 

I'lth To d.rop in a hole, as a K'tt.'i', Ti's-nlo6m. 

Till T I droj), put di'ops on the ^-yi.'^, les-cdielimusein. See Moop 

sih To jnit dro])s in the ears, les-nlenienem. See .Moo)). 

I>H()PSY. n. I have tho dropsy, Ks-pogtilshi la in-olin I'sealkii. 




I)!:nr(J!r!\ /-. T-llaka. r>y t]i.- !h;i( (Iru'.l iho crop, 'T-i*t!;ika ii 

.i;'i)(')^ 111 skolhii . 
DROVK, )i. A 1.^)11.1, Xlcusom. 
DROW.V, r. !. ('Iiincs-iitellotikni, //,'. l\ao.s-i>konij)t'iiI<iii. Sec Tlil, 

Drown, r. t. Ics-iit'l!r(iknni, Tc'^-iiloMikiiin. 
'^■1 To drown ories<olt']Mirpo.soly, rMiiiu's-iit'Ili'dkiin/nti. 
I>F;0V:SY, h. Clicsitslicp.ien. "t W'A drowsy, '(Munosclu'^-itsln'. 

;i>r?TT(7, ?). :>rn!M'Miiist(Mi. 

!>I?r>r, ;?. Sprli'lK"'.,, Pnmin. 

P'-um, )-. !. ('liinos>polcli^'])i, Ick sjiolclu'in iii In jMirr.iii. 

I ) I'll m mors, Indian jiiii-<)!;loiN, Kpl-piimin. 

DRUNK, (/. Es-koeii. T am drunk, Chini's-kotni. 

f)!iinkard, Koonrmon, S'sfrmcn. Sec Siist. 

Dninkoriness, n. Skoeu. 

!>KY, <i. 1st Xot Avot, T-!;-ain , Dry land, r-!i;ai)il(\i;'n. 

iVi Tluit is no n; oro Avi'f, tliat <^o{ di-y, Ks-n-jiniip ; Dried hii; !, (."ani- 



rv wood, Clu'do, irii\- oM 



Iko, if cut and di-icd. 

4tli T)iy ,i;"ra--s, ^vlloat, o<f., !iy ripening;:, l\o;''(d, ICocoluIcii'ii ; Dr 

liay, T-t!;aiiiip, i-<;am. 
')fli Di-y y(dlow oolton troe leaves, ('kkoelMp. 
Htli Dry pino loavos, Cli('mnio. 
Till Dry crook, "N<^"ainpi\loc!;ii. 
!**th' 7>ry moat, SzkaiiMj^o, S7d]irl/,i\ 
!Uli Diy fisli, S/dptdzo. 
It^th Di-v ( dotli'^s, I-n-aui : Driod, Es-clioo'uni. 

Iltli D 

rv on \\\o surlaeo 

riigamij); v/ood, ('!t^•anl]!llIko 
iiios n;;'ain])7.ini. 

l-_>fli T am Avy, thirsty, (*li 

loth Dvy road, N'i;-ain]i;iks ; A dry road, f-n^-i'unk 

14th Dry hranohos, Xcdiaiakaii. 

Dry, r. /. 1st To lose moisture, Ks-n'ampnii. 

2d riras-;, Ks koetdem'i. Ksdcoeeliileii;ui. 

Drv eolton oi- idne tn 



-I'll Di-y clothes- Ks ;;anipini, Ivscho 

Ath Dry creek. Ks-nii;am])iiii. 

('.Ill Tl" 

7th I/ind is i\vy 


u> eyes <li'y nj) alter weepiiii;-, <'liiius 


Drv, r. /. 1st I 

Miii', hs-n-anipiilog-iii. 

es Li'ainimii 

it 1 

; lo inaKo it hei-omo nvy, les-i;'ainpnu- 

iilH'tik-iii. See Tlil, 

kiniznti. ^ 

) ; !>rioil lai; !, (<';u)i- 
if'cnl ;uii! ili-ii'il. 


(liy, ll.'S-ii-;ll|Htlll 





•_M 'I'o dry fluthcs, dry hay, Ic^-chi; 

•"ill To throw thu clothes aoroiss a lino to t\iy, le;> chilkocussc 

Ics chilkoL'li.som. They arc s^ji-oad ac'i'Oi>s the Hir' to diy, '1'] 

thilUoolis'. Set- Lok. 
4tli To dry oneself, Chiucs-chcguisli. 
\)vk'd, d. Ist What got dried, E.s-ganiip. See I>ry. 
2.1 or clothes or hay wel, then dried, K.s-ehuguiu. 
;>d Of meat dried, 8eo Dry. 

Drying place, phioo to dry clothes, hay, Snchcguiaen. 
■_M Drying meat, Szkaielzeten. 


hrvness, //. 





I'UAIi iierh i;s made by atlixliig 'eii,s' to the verb. They love one 
another, 'Es-gamenchcus' ; They are tied two and two, 'Es- 
a;'.eii.>', ol one couple; Of.sevei'al couples, 'E.s-axelis' ; (.)f sev- 
eral couples in several places, 'K.s-azazeli,s* ; Ilcnce the verli, 
']e6-a;ieusem', I yoke them twti j 'les-az-eliMom', i yoke them in 
twos; 'le.s azazelisem', I yoke them novt- and thou. This 
verb then is subject to all the derivations and formations of 
Jill verbs. 

DUBIOUS, See Doubtful. 

DUCK, n. Sesllgum; Small duck, 'St'tome. 

I>UKL, It. Snt'hgutpt'us. 

Duel, /". L Caes-nehgutDCHsi, Kaos-c!inksmenucgui. 

Duel, c. t. les-nchgutpeusem. 

DULL, a. 1st Slow, Shopt. 

-M Dull knife, etc., Ilillt ; the opposite of (toigoil. 

DU.MB, a. Es-t'kau, Tas kollaielt. 

DL;XG, n. Smenoeh. 

DURABLE, See Last. 

KUSK, «. Lkeikul. 

DUST, n. Skooh 

2d For earth, Mtilt. 

:M (rold dust, Ululiin espuko. 

Dust, c. f. 1st To dust a table, to free from dust, losguk 






d To snroail dust an, Ios-dI 

To reduce to dust, Ti 


Sec L'ok. 

m. See Puk, Powdoi', 

DUTIFUIj, a. p]s-nsiigune, Epl-tentene, I'iS-seune, SusunuJ, Xsgu- 






DfTTV, /(. Mv duly, 1st What I shall do, Lu iUs-zkol • My duty to 

him, T-iii iks-kulshitein, Ln iks-cli/iilc'chstciii. ![8oc Ziu'.t. 
DWKM., r. !. Chim-s oim'iti, rhincx-lalcshilshi, Chiiios-h:ii. 
Dwidl, ;•. f. It's-nomiitoin, losiiomtrl/.cni, res-neint6I<riiin. 
I)\vc'lliiii;--li()iisc, /). Siu'im'itoii, Snlziitcn, Zltirii. 
!>\V!\|)i;i':, r. /. ("iiiiH's-aaniti. Soi' Consiimf, Diuiimwh, Dclcrio- 


DVK, v.t. 1st Clotii, rod, Ii's-knilom, lL'S-k()l!lviiiloui, los-kol 


F-ksknili ; RimI cnlorod wator, 'XkiiiiJc 

I (> (!y(> <;T('o:i, 

T('^;-koim>i>i, ToskuiiMii, T-!c 


iri'on c'Diur, 


:!d To dyo, yellow. Ic'sknaliiin, los-kolciii i-ks kiia! 

4tli To dyo Mac!:, To--kn:iic:ii ; HIai-k co!onn;>- li-^uid, 'Xkoaiki 


o (l\'o v.'hito 


os-k-;')Ioni idc^ 

tMl wator, 'Xpikakii. 

()th To dyo a/,iiro, los-jiaam, losk61;Mii i-k;--j)a!kiii. 

Dyo, To dyo fealhon-s and hoad-^, ro;!, !os(-hki:ilsi.iii, 

2d rii'oon, Ics-ohkoiusem. 

.'M Yollow, Tos-chkiialisoiu. 

Itli Black, los-chkoaisoin. 

r)th White, los-ohpiksein. 

<)th Aziiro, Tos-ohpasoiu. 

Hyinir, ^7. Es-iui''0ti, Ks-t!iIonii, Ks-nlollol.-i. 

Vriiito color- 



yinir, n. -Lu stlil, L 

II s; 


DYSSEXTEIJY, n. Spuz, Ks-pzn.a. 

DVST-in', Skaga].ltoh(:')l, I havo d; 


.'.skiimii)! i( he: 



I'l.\<'ir, '^ Isl Evory oiio or iiioi'o i)idi\ idual.s coiL-idc-rod .scparaU:- 
ly from tlio ro;-t, -Chiiiaks', ^/,'. 'Cliinkaiiak.-i'. (iud .sliall 
jiidgo oacli (if ii.<, 'Xoiii-ktio tldukaiii'iksonilils, iii-kao-olizoi;'!!- 
I'piUdils hi 1-Kolinzuten . 

I'l Cac-li one with a subslautivo is i-oiulorod l-y tlio di.strilxilivi 
plural. Maoh tribo, 'Skalkolij^u' ; Each wouum, 'SuiOmoiw' ; 

Diininisli, Dctcrin- 

uiiii ; - ii't'L'H (.'olur, 

si'iu, !v- fIiUiiil>i. 

EAG 118 

Each man, 'SkalUaltomigu;' Each house, 'Zi/Atgu.' I visited 
each tribe, 'Chguimeii hi skali^^Iitru.' He entered each hnuse, 
'Nulgu M-izitgu.' 

;lti. Each Olio governiiy^ a verb is rendered by the distributive plu- 
ral of the verb: Each one is working, 'Es-kolkoli.' Bach one 
went away, 'Guigdi,' Each one went out, 'Oz6zkae.' 

N. B. Not to confound each one in severally, with every oue col- 
lectively. See Every. 

I j^ive each one a dollar, *les-guzguiz'.shtem t-nko ululim.' I give 
to all oue dollar; 'los-guiiz'shtein t-nko ululim.' 

Each other must be rendered by the verb reciprocal, or copulative. 
We love each other, 'Kaes-gainencheusi.' We fight each ohter, 
'Kaes-pel-stu^gui.' We hate each other, 'Kaes-amist^usi.' They 
separated each other, 'Es-gokopc^usi.' 

It would appear that the dual is used when expressing a union or 
disunion to or from each other. The reciprocal when thei-e is 
reciprocal action, c. g. We are bound to each other, 'Kaes- 
-azi^usi.' We bind each other, 'Kaes-aznufegui.' We are tied 
together, to each other, vKaes-lchdusi.' We tie each othei*, 
[but not one to the other, v. ij. 1 fetter you to-day, and next 
day you fetter me,] 'Kaes-lchenuegui. 

EAGEK, a. Kommfemen, Es-koimmi, Bs-nkomkomils. Very often 
rendered h}"^ the verb volitive, or by the verbal adjectives in 
-emen, or ut, A talker, 'Kolkoltut.' A thief, 'Nako6meii.' 
He wishes to go, 'Es-nguelsi.' One that swallows eagerly, a 
glutton, *Kamala.' One that likes to eat, 'Etnfemen.' 

KAGLE, s. 1st. the black, Melkaniips. 

2(1. s. White-headed, Pkalkein. 

EAGLET, s'. Kael-molkanups, Kael-pkalk^in. 

KAR, s. Ist Tine pi. Tentene. 

IM. The right, Szohzeh^ne; The left, S'clizkntne. 

;{(1. Cropped, one, Chgot^ne; Both, Chgotgottne. 

4th. Split, Nzk^ne. See Zak. 

iJth. To have ear-ache, Chin^s-nzaleini. 

I'illi. To have a swoolen ear, Chines-chskn^noi; Both, ("liiiu's- 

7th. To have ear-rings to one, (-hines-nazcnei; To both, Chinesc- 

Hth. To give ear, to obey, (Uiines-ntkukninei 







114 EAR 

9th. To have the ears stopped, to bo deaf, Chines-ntak'taLene- 

10th. To keep my ears attentive, ('hines-thfthttinei. 8ee Shit. 

11th, To rofnso to give ear, les-nteminem. 

I2th. To listen with badear, bjul feeling,. Tes-nchos^nem. Sw CUck. 

13th. To listen with a willing ear, Chinos-ngesfene. See Gess. 

14th. Ear-lock. Seo Hair. 

N. B. In composition use N-ene, when the verb regards the instidv 

of the earj and Ch-ine for ti>e outsidej N-anakan for the abov«.- 

the oar. Seo Spim. 
EARLY, adv. 1st. In the morning, 'L-rhilgalpene, Mskuekust. 
2d. To rise early, Chines-kn7>temik6ilti. See Knez. 
3d. To go early^ start early, Ohines-ko^zti (ku^/.ti t), 
4th. To visit people early ,Chine8-kuztapi. 
5th. To eat early, to breakfast, Chines-ku^kusti. 
6th. To pray early, morning prayer, (Jhines-kuatems't-hauin. 
7th. To come too early in the morning. Mil chines-zkuezti. 
8th. Yon come too early in the evening, Mi} kn-chs'cheiug. 
EARN, V. t. Ist. By compensation, or pay lor work, les-tiegiipeni; 

25. By labor, as to earn one's bread, Chintigu; les-tigumj len- 

3d. To earn by sweating, les-chskuiltcni. 
4th. By working, Tes-chagaluisem, les-chaigotsziiteni, les-chai- 

EARTH, s. Ist. The globe, Stoligu. 2d. Soil, clay. Malt. 
EARTHLY, s. From the earth, Tel St6lig«. 2nd. As opposite to 

spiritual, Malt. 
KARTH-QUAKE, s. Es-iumi In stoligu; os-giialpnii hi stuligu, i-s- 

-iuiulshi \u stoligu. 
EASY, a. 1st Of body, I-chin-mel, 
2d. Of mind, I-chin,k<iim. 
3d. Not difficult, Ltfctiim) Tas selsilt. 
4th. I do not feel easy, free with him, les-iauniiiiom. 
EASE, V. .t Ist. The body from pain, les-mefim; 2d. The minU, 

EAST, s. Sntlechtin, Skutiptin. See TIech, Kuitl. 
EASTER-SUNDAY, s. Paque-sgulgalt. 
EAT, V. i. Chines-ileni; It eats, it can be eaten, Es-ilit'tem. 
EAT, v. t. Ist. les itineni. 

igu; lo»-tiguinj hf^- 

►tKZutoiii, les-fhai- 

Ipmi hi »toligii, os- 

EFK 115 

2(1. To consume, les-amiiuncin, les-uizinom. 

-id. To eat one's words, Ic-les-tum'm. 

4th. To cat snow, ice, Chiiu's-giukuu 

RATABLRS, s. Siiten. 2d. When put wji, Stkudne. 3d. To trade, 

(!hin«8-t^UKini. See Tom. 
KCIIO, s. Smlinalkuikan, It reverberaUwon the hills, Es-goltefenchi 

KCLTPSE, r. L Es-kok-hlgnnii hi ^pakani; Kok-hlug, 
2d. The sun is eclipsed, Es-kok'hilg« hi spakani. 
■^d. The moon is eclipsed, liJs-koK-hil'gu lu spakai'i I'-skukuez. 
ECLIPSE, r. f. les-Kok'hlgum. The moon eclipsed the sun, ha 

t'-spakani Pskukuc'x k<»khlgunt6ni lu spakani. 
ECONOMICAL, a, Nem*>mei), ii6mnomt, 
ECONOMIZE, V. L les-nemem. 
EDDY, Es-ininkudtiku. 

EDGE, s. 1st* Of a knite, etc., Chenius; The back of, Siieheniichen. 
2d, Of a table, brink, S<}e Bank, 
;}d. Of a gardon,KolaikMnin, 
EDGE r. L 1st, les-pethseni, (to sharpen), 
2d, To border the edges, at the feet, les-chenipalksemj at the 'vrist, 

Tes-koichemznechsenij at the neck, Ie8-chemp61koheni. 
;]d To edge a garden, les-kolzilim; lit., I plant all around. 
EDIFY, t'. (), To give good example, les-guiKeltem gest nzgodlteii 
EDUCATE, r, i.. les-pagpagtihheni, pagpagtilshten; les-pagtilshem. 
EDUCATED, a. Pagpagtnilsh. 
EEL, s. Kutun, 
EFFACE, V. t les-gnkum, 

EFFEMINATE, a. Konkonus; Es-mcenius, Looking like a woman. 
EFFERVESCENT. Es-guul; Es-guulenii. 
EFFETE, Unable to bring forth, Tic hoik. 
EFFICIENT, a. Sissius. 
EFFJGY, See Portrait. 
EFFLUVIA, 1st, Of filth, I-guag. 
2d, Of corrupted water, carcasses, Tlagalka. 
EFFJIONTED, a. Tas iaiaskilign. 
EGGS, a. (Of birds), Uiissc; 2d. To lay, es-nussci; 3d. To hatch 

Es-nlkalshusi^lti; 4th. To break, Chincs-nzcimpi. 
EGGS, (Of fish), tkun. 
EGREGIOUS, a. Kutuiii, Tastut, Itls-nshiizin, 

116 KKi 

RIGHT, n. hum. Flcein'in; am'm. VUAu'^nvnv, in romp. Ilumn; Kijj;Iil 

days, HanmdHkat. 
KIUFITEKN, 6i)on i4 l.tineni. 
KIGHTH, a. hn k-H-hefenem. 
KIGHTY, w. Ho6iiemV6iK'n. 

KIGHT-HUNDRKI), KaanmUan. , 

EITI1KI{, a. (toa ie nko, ^ou ki nko. 
KITHEH, ronj. Ucndi'ictl s<»: If you do not \\m, vou will do that. 

You must cillicr woikjorNtarvc; hi\ ik- ta kuci»-k6U>in,iu;ni ku- 

EJECT, V. i. For natural ovacuation, (MiiiioH-pziuii, 
KF.BOW, .s\ On the outside, S'chauNairaii; On the inside, SMieniu- 

2d. Stove-olbow, Ks-koAtj^o. 
3d. Ilivoi'-elbow, Es-ininipi'tikn. 
ELBOW, V. t. les-kupeni. 
ELDER. Sec Old, Ancestor, Parent. 
ELECT,*?, t. 1st. ToehooHe, Ics-nkoeneni. 
2d. To nominate to an office, Ics-auin. 

ELECT, s. and a. Sznkoen; The elects, h» s/,nkot--is KoiinziUen. 
ELEVATE. Sec Nuist. 

ELEVEN, n. 6pen-ct-nko; anim. Ch-(')|)en-ol-chinaks. 
ELIv, .s. Sh^tso, (male); the skin, ShitsiMjju; Sncchel/.e, (tenuilc); the 

EliOPE, r. i. Chines-telkomi, Chinos-gut)»tMizuti. 
2d. With a man. is rendered by the jtassive; the num car"ied nu' 

away, Ko-fj;utepiisentem; or les-nkultelkominein. 
EliSE, a. Something- else, Nciju teestem. 
2d. Some body else, .Wjju tee sui-t. 
3d. Nothing; else, Ta neijju teestem. 
4th. No body else, Ta ndj^u suet, 
nth. Somewhere else, Nei^u tecl'chen. 
6th. No where else, Ta nt\sj;u I'chen. 
KliSE, (till-. Otlierwisi', Lu ne ta. See Olhcr. 
EMACIATE, r. i. Chines-liipmi. 
E.VtACFATEI), <<^//. Es4ii|). 
K.VFAXATF), r. i. Chines-kolili, Chines-/,ni(>ui>nii, ( 'liiiies-/,('i/.l<;i.'i. 

See Originate. 
MMA.VCIPATE, r. t. les-ptledisUMn. 

omp. Ilanin; Kijjiil 

ktK'-is Koliii/.iitrii. 

ni, ('liiiu>s-/,ozUj(t'i 

EMB 117 

CMASCIJLATK, Soo Kffeminate. i . ^ 

SMBAIiM, V. t. Io8-sinom; les-diBinzcin. 
IMHARK, r, /. (^hinos-niakshilHhi; pi. KacM-nlAkakai. 
JMHAHK, r. t. Int. One person, leN-ntakshilsheni; 2<1. Many por- 

HOMH, les-ntikakam; 8cl. One thinj^, les-ntkoin; or, loN-ntkoeu- 

lorn; 4tl». Many things, IeH-nkamn6ulcn). 
IMBAIlllASS, (/>•. (fener).v. t. leH-lenim; 2(J. With talking?, I«>H-iaa/.i- 

nem. See la. 
IMBAKKASSKJ), a. Ist. I am. ChinoH-i^nimi. 
1)1. I am embarrawsed with him, Ics-iaaminem. 
|ii. I am embarraHRcd seeing liim, les-niaiamusem. 
th. I am emharrasscd at hearing him, les-ni^nem. 
(h. i am embarrassed fearing to pnnisli him, les-ehiaapilem. 
h. One always embaiTassed, lamimon, laiaskaligiil. 
|MBAUKASS1NG, a. laidt, laiasnug; I am an embarrassing fel- 
low, Chiii-iaiat; The one that embarrasses me, C'hin-iaiat, Is- 

-iuiasnug; I am embarrassing, r'hiii-iaiasnOg. 
i. Of other things embarrassing, Idmiemt. 
iMBKIiLISlI. See Adorn. 
kMBIiKM, .s. Kolsugumiten. 

fiVfBRACK, r. t. 1st. By throwing the hands on the neck, les- 
nfiielshiisem; 2d. By drawing the'cheeks near, fes-kolcliiy/zinem. 
jMKIRANT, .S-. Es-zimshi. 
MKIRATK, V. (nuncs-imshi. See Bird. 
.MINKNT, (/. Sissiiks; Ksnsliiizin. 
|MJT, c. t. les-ehkolilem. The flowers emit fragrance; T-szeekn 

t's-chkolilems sgesalka. The tire emits smoke; h\\ t'solshizten 

es-clikoiiletus smoot. The sun eniits liglit. hw t's|iakani 

l-sgalg6lt es-chkmilize t'spaaka. 
LMPKI{01l,.s-. llimigum. 
iMPHiK, ('. Snilimiguten, Snchzogoepileten. 
IMI'LOY, v. t. Ist. To keep in service, les-.sgiiagaluiscni, sgiiaga- 

liiisemen; les-ehemt^pem, chemldpenislen. 
|l. '['i) use. See Use. 

To employ a day; a month, t'hin-nki>askut; (M>in-nko- spaUan'i. 
[Ii. To engage, hire, ies chonnstem. 
[li. To send, les-kolstem. 
M I' L ASTER, See Plaster. 
IMPOWKR, r. f. les-guizlteni niopii^uten. 



118 END 

KMPTY, rt. I-no6l. Soo 06I. 2d. Worth Iohh. 

2(1. Of liquids, N8o6p. Soo So6. ' 

3(1. Of any tnin^ olso, Nz'Rip. Hoo Z'N^n. 

RMPTY, ?'. i. Ist Of n river oinptying into another, les-chiilpriil| 

2d. Bocominf^ empty, En-nz'Hpniij KH-nzopmi. 
EMPTY, V. t. Ist. By cl-oaniiif;, dijufj^iij^ out, los-a'sim. 
2d. By tiiking out, loH-ngukuni. 

'M. A vessel fontaining liquids, Ios-n//siin, los-nsoopnUnem. 
4th. A vossel in general, Chinos-nz'sfelzoi. 
KMULATE, v« t. 1st. To tiy to etpial, Chiks-shiimuszuti 1- . 
Ies-shiinnisz(item) Chines-nltMnnuszuti; foH-niemnikHZiiteni, whn 
2d. To try to surpass, Tks-chgoz'zniknem. 
RNCAMP, V. L See Camp. 
RNCOUNTER, v. i. Ist. Kaca-chizena6guij Kaes-chgutpenuigui, 

2d. ??. t. les-tchizinemj les-nkokthiznuc^gum. 
KNCOURAGE, v. t. With words, Ics-koilzinernj les-naukanewj 

ENC^OURAGEMBNT, s. Chkutispuusten, litt. What the hoaij 

grows big for. 
END. .s. lat The cessation of being, of working, S'h6i. What wiil 

be the end of the world ? Stem hi k-s'hois lu 8t6ligu. Wlui 

the world will cease to bo, Nhoilegu, lift. No world. 
2d, What makes it cease, the ceasing actually, Nh6iten. What Avil 

be the end of the world? What will put it to an end? The tiiil 

Stem lu kl--nh6itis hi stoligu? Solshizt. 
Hd. The reason why it ceases, Ch'hoiten, What will be the end i 

the end of the world, what is the reason of the end of tlJ 

world? Our sins. Stem hi khch'hoitis hi stOiigu? hu t6ie kiiJ 

4th. The last hour, da}-, etc., Ez^ut. See Eut. Which will bo tl 

end of the world, its last day? We cannot know it. Chen I 

k4-ez6ut sgalgalt? Kaes-nuil^lseni. 
nth. End, in opposition to the beginning either in time or in spaiil 

Snpettemus. Which is the end of the earth? The shore 

the sea. ChentusnpetJemusz in stoligu? hu s-gaziis hi s'cliil 

petlem^tiku? Which will be the end, terminus of the worl 

Ashes. Chem hi k-snpoth'imusz hi 8t6ligu? Kolemin. 

ftnothor, Ics-eliiilptnll 

08-z Sim. 


litt. What the head 

ling, S'h6i. What wiJ 

^ END 119 

^li. Tho iitmoht point that can bo reached, Snlapakh. See i^v. 
What will ho tlie end, the latit terminuH that the worUl will 
roach in time or spacel' Stem \\\ k-HntapAkhz iu stoligu? 
^h. Kxtremity, ('hem. Which i» the end of the world, on only 
on one side, r. j/., tho larthoHt country? Chen lu chem^gnn 
stiligu/ Which are tho ends of tho world, tho two extreme 
opposite lands at the speaker's sides? Chen \u chcmchom&gan 
»t(Migu? Which is tho lower end of the world, /. e.,tho anti- 
podes? Stem hichemiilegu? Which is the end of the earth, 
the side of the earth, supposing it a round body, and speaking 
of one of its sides. Stem hi s'chemhu6uts stoligu? 
\h. Object in view, Szntels, Spuus. What is the end, intention of 
(Jod about tho world? Stem In Szntelsz Kolinzikten lu I'stb- 
ligu? What must be tho end of, tho object wished for, by 
men? Heaven. Stem hi k-spuusz hi sk6ligu? S'ch'schomiskat. 

[li. The object for which a thing is made, tho object of a thing, 
not of tho maker. Skoltkol. What is tho earth made for? 
To bo a place for man. Stem hi skoUkolis ie 8t61igu? Skfeligu 
k-snilziitis. Whom is the sea made for? A residence for fishes. 
Suet ep-skollkol, hi s'chilpottom^tiku? Su6ul k-snlziitis. What 
is the end of heaven? Man. Su6t n ep-8kollk61 hi s'ch'che- 
niaskat? Sk^ligu. 

|th. Use, instrumentality of an object, rendered by the in- 
strumental substantive. What is the end of tho world? Of 
what use is it? It is the pilgrimage, the traveling place of 
iiiaiikind, Nt^mtcn hi stoligu? Snguiluistisluskdligu. See For. 

Ith. Knd, what one is looking at, Chizgatcn. What must be the 

end of man, what must a man be looking for? God, heaven. 

Stem in khch^zgatis hi skfeligu? Kolinzuten, s'ch'chcmaskat. 

What must be the thought, intention of man? Stem hi k-spuiisz 

lu skeligu? 
fth. Knd of a speech, of a canticle, the last words, Chooi>sinlen. 
Nl), r. t. 1st. To make it cease, stop, Ics-hoiem. 

To end working, Chines-koichsti; To end taking,, ("hincs- 


I. To terminate, Ics-iiptlemuscm. 
ill. To complete, finish, les-uim. 
VI), r. i. 1st. To cease, Chines-hoi. 





/ ' 

120 KNG 

2<l. To arrive at the iiltimato terminus, r. g., as the month end 

•H<t. To become impassable, inipossible to reach or to he reachei 

tiirther, Chines-ntapaksi. See Jjee. 
4th. To bo the last, the conclusion, ('hin-eaeuti. The hymn ends bJ 

these words: ShtM hi Hi'uzis hi ku6lomen. You ended by sav 

ing ho: Sh^i hi a-s^uzin. JJtt. this has been your last word, 
rtth. It ends in smoke, Mo6t u hoi, /. e., it smoked, and stopped. 

ends in few tears, Z-koAko u hoi. 
KNDEAVOR, n. Hioiosziit, Skoitlemist. 
KNDRAVOR, r. i. C'hines-ioioszilti; Chinos-koitemisti. 1 endeav 

to do this or that, res-chioioszutem; les-chkoilemistem. 
KNDLESS, a. t, 1st. Ta-ap-s'k<ii; Ta ep-snpttemus; Tas nlapiiks 
2d. Recurring continually, 1-ehemish; Pi-ntich, T'shiius. An oiidlesj 

talker, I-chemish ^s-ueulshi. 
;><!. By the adjective in — uf, or — omen, so: An endleso talkcri 

Kolkoltiil; An endless crier, weeperj- Zkokofemen. 
4th. I have an endless misery, Milkomistcn spoposench; 1 havo ai| 

endless joy, Milkomistcn snpiCls. 
"nh. Without object or profit, I-tencmiis. 
RNDORSE, V. t. les-nshifechstem. See Aid. 
ENDURE, V. t. lefi-niuAlsem. See Resist, Patient, lo. 
KNEMY, n. 1st. National enemies, enemies < f war, Shemen; \l 

ciproeally enemies, Shemenfeus. My enemy whom I hate, h 

-shemen. My enemy, whom 1 hate with reciprocal hatred, In 

2d. Private enemy, the one I hate, 1-saaime 

me, In-amiszuten. The one with whom 

mity, l-snkutamistCus. 
3d. Adversary, opponent, antagonist, Eutiis. 
KNGAGE, V. t. 1st. To hire, to beg, to bring to one'.s ussistaiK 

les-ohomistem. See Chan. 
2d. To persuade, Ies-k6ilem. 
3d. To win over, les-zkukununem. 
ENGAGED, a. To be busy, Chiii-ep->'znkaels. 
ENGAGING, />. a. Zkunzuten. 
KNGLISH, King-George. 
KNGilAVB, V. t. les-kotkaim. 
KNJOIN, r. t. See C;ommand. 

The one that hatii 
have reciprocal eiJ 

if to ()|U''.s ilShiHtilllcJ 

KNO 121 

KNMOY, »'. t. los-piiimncm; rcHiipielsom; Ios-(;hnpifcl9om. To en- 
joy oiu'solf, Chinos-iipidlrti. See Content. To enjoy good 
lu'ultli, I-cliin-goH. To enjoy good. reputation, (lent hi i-skn^st, 
iiiid so forth. See Poshcsm, Have. 

IvNMOYMKNT, s. Ist. PleaHure, Snpidls. 2(1. CauMC of pleasure, 

KNTiARGK, f. ^ [es-kolem kutAnt. » 

KNIiARGK, i\ I. ChineH-kutentilshi. 

KNLIGHTKN, r. t. 1st. To illuminate, Ies-galp\m, See Gal, Galpmi. 

2<l. To enlighten the eyes, les-ehgalgalpbaem. 

:M. To enlighten the heart, les-ehgalp'spufasem; IeH-kolchgalspui\- 
sem; Ie8-k«")lshitem i-ks-guli hi Hpui\»42. 


KXOUGH, adv. Ist. No more, Ttenii, Tie. 

2il. Jfoarly, almost, very, Gdih I am good enough, G/"it chin-gest. 
lie is era/.y enough, G6it koku6u. That is enough, Tte h6i, 
She h6i, L o., No more ot it. That is enough, that will do, Tie 

KXOUGIIjrt. 1st. Plenty, Gooit. 2d. A sufficiency, P6tU shdi. I have 
bread enough, Goeit in i-8nkolp6. I have enough broad, just 
enough, P6tu sh^i hi i-snkolp6. I have not enough bi'ead, Tas 
goeit hi i-snkolp6; Tarn potu shfei iu i-snkolp^. That will be 
enough, Sh6i nem potu' sh«ii. Tt will not bo enough, Ta-ks- 
potu 8h<>i. 

I''X()UGH, n. For scarcely, Geit niu ta . . . I have enough to do 
to bear it, G6ii n6u tas Ikontfen 2d. [ have enough to do there, 
Goeit hi ks-kolen I'shdi. 

K.VOUGII! Tie! Ttemi! Hoish, pL Hoiui, litf., Stop. 

ENRAGE, See Anger. 

KNRAGED, To be, Chines-kuehs'chisti, Chines-nkuilsi. See Kuel- 

KNSLAVE, 0. t. les-koangiinem; les-uitltem. 

K.VTANGLE v. t. To make one fall in a trap, les-azpnunem. See 
Puzale. Embarrass. 

KNTANGLED, Ist. Hair, Es-chptptopiakan. 

iM. Thread, etc. . . . iaiil. 

.'M. A fly entangled in the cab web, Es-chzpaUanii, chepsika; Es- 
-azpini, azip. 

KNTER, ('. i. 1st. In a house, lodge, habitation, (.'hincs-nolgui. 

2(1. Into a town, Chines-nkasclgui. 




122 ENT 

8(1. ToHink in mud, Hivnd, otc, (MiiiioH-tiiHliilNl>i. 
4lh, To ontor and ruinaiii Htuck, ti^litly iiiuiiy ludo, ('liiiwH-iikuiMin. 
5th. To outer in an oponiiif^, door, inoutli o|' a vial, l)(»ttlo, tiglii, 
Chino8-kolinka6pi. Hoc Kac. 

ttth. To entor, paHHlng throngli, r. g., througli tlu* oyc ot a iim'dli-. 

a doorHquonzing oncHeif through, Chini'S-ehii-koiiii. 
7th My foot cannot oiitor into that mJIioo, Ta iH-chitikoshiii. 
8th. My logs cannot enter into tho»o pants, Ta iH-chiakakHt'shin. 
9th. My hand cannot enter into that glove, Ta is-chickuichst. 
lOth. The water enters in a canoe or anywhere else hy wave> 

splashing, NUkako. 8eu Lako. . 

11th. The water enters my honse by flttod, ('hin-nt6chlgu. 
12th. To outer into a new year, etc., Chines-nchizinusi. See Arrive. 
18th. To ontor deep, as an arrow, ball, ('hsnkueez )u tapmin. I 

have a ball entered in my head, Chsukucczcmcn ta])emin I'i- 

14th. The water enters by being poured in, Es-nsigugti. 
15th. the water enters by filtering, as rain through a cracked root, 

or light through a window, Es-chslgoniiksi. See liOg. 
16th. To enter into oncsclt* Chin-tigu-spuus. 
KNTER, f. t. Ist. A house, Chines-niMgui I'zitgu. 
2d. A town, Chinos-nkas^lgui I'sniapk^inteii. 
8d. To bring in, ies-nilgum, nolgun. 
4th. To enter a debt, an dccount, les-kaim, lus-kaishitem. 
5th. To enter the army, the marriage state, etc., is rendered by l< 

become a soldier, etc. 

6th To ontor by the mouth, los-nolgulzeem. 

7th To enter by the cars, ics-nolgneneem, nolguineen. We liuvi I 

faith entered in us by hearing; Kae-nolguen^mentom hi snonin- 

8th To enter by the nose, les-nolguaksem. 

KNTERTAIN, v. t. 1st. To admit to hospitality, Ios-n6lgum. 

2d. To feast, Ies-k6lzinem. To feast people, Chines-kolziltumslii. 

3d. To receive with consideration, Gest ies-azgam. 

4th. to amuse, les-npi^lshtem, or, les-npielstem. 

5th. To entertain good or bad feelings, Ics-kufcstem ^u saimt, lugost. 

ENTICE, V. t. 1st. By persuasion, les-kfeilem. See Tempt. 




•_M. Hv attrnctiiiij tho licart, loH-Kkiikiini^nom. Sot) Ziik. 

.'td; By Ht'iliifiion, Ii'M-<'hiilin. 

U\\. Into Htartiiiji, loH-jLtislmn. 

KNTK'KIJ, Tolio, 1st, By iH'i-Hiiiision, ChincH-kfcirii. 

•Jil. By iittriuMioii of llio lioarl. loH-iskiikutidnufn. 

.'{il. By H(>(lii(-tit)ii, ('l>iii(>s-( Iii6a. 

Itli. To start, Cliiiu'K-ni rii. 

KNTIBK, (/. KM-milko. Ilorwo or any otiior male, Molmelkoipilc. 

KVTBAP, ('. t. li'H-a/pm\iicin. 

KN VKfiOP, (•• ^ Ist. All around, hy tht* tompoHition, ('h — ize, as to 

wrap u ina<i all around, loH-chpelkuii'.um. S«h» Fold, I'olko. 
•_M. All ovt-r (not all around), by tho composition, (Jhii — ^ne, tw a 

ship I'nvolopod in the mist, that covors it all over, leH-chiluiku- 

nom, See Cover, ChiK 
KNVKIiOP, Letter, Snioniinton I'kainiin; Sntkominten. To put a 

letter in an envelop, lus-nlo6ni. 
KNVIors, (I. Nainianuds, (Miilij?ut6inon. 
KNVY, r. I. Ist To feel sad for another's well l»eing, I'hines- 

2d. To fe»d mad, anijry nt somehody's well heln^, Chines-nalinolsi. 

See \[\}f, iiinj. 
KNVY, /". /. les-iniinudst'm, les-ehiliuj^tem. 
KNVY, M. The act, Snnimels, S'c hifiiigt. 
2d. 'IMie jtussion, Naimelsten, s'chitigutt^inen. 
KPILKl'TIC,rf. Ks-ihlcmi. IJtt.. Hedies nowand then, K»-kokotHii. 
KPIPHANY, II. h\i chechetle's ililimigum siralgiiltH. 
K(JUA'l, .«. 1, Kza,:,'til. See Agal. 
2<1. Perfectly equal, l-ezagtMl; I am eijual to thee, I-chin-ezatreil 

;id. Perfectly »'<|ual. l-potu eKajj;eil t . . . \Ve are i)erlectly ecpuil, 

l-p(')tu Uae-e/.a;ieil. 
4th. Pit, j)ro])orti()nate, J'olu shei. Not tit, jtroportionale, Tas io. 
Kt^T^Mi, II. 1st. My eijUHl, i-sunknles'.n<^eil, I-snkiiUemneus, I-s!;Uul- 

2d. My e(|ual in aj^e, I-snknIagaluils. 
od. M}- e(|ual in wisdom, l-snkulezat^als )>ajj;pau,t. 
Ith. They are equals, Shiim^us, Ks-nlenuMieus. 
I'K^UAL, i\ t. 1st. I make them eipial, les-shiinu-iisem. See SlU'i. 
2d. I make it equal to, les-chshiinieusem. 



124 ESC 

3d. I think them oquni, les-koishiimeusoni. 

4th. J equal myselfto, Chines-shiimueziiti I ... , 

5th. I equal him, I make myself his equal, los-shiirauszutoin. 

RQUIPOISE, V. i. Es-k.temenuegui. See Ket. 

KQUIVOCAL, a. Ist. NselSelzin, i. i\, having d()ui>le uieuuing. Set- 

2d. Equivocal in genei-al, Selsilt. 

ERASE, V. t. les-telg^ium, les-gamzim. los-niauin, les-gukiim. 

ERECT, a. Efn-echsnish. See Stand, Raise. 

ERECT, V. i. Ist. See Raise. 2d. To build, Chincs-kol'igui, ks- 

ERELONG, adi). past, Itshene; Lishfe; Tas kasip. 2d. J^m^ >'c 
itshene; ne tish^, taks-kasip; ne kuen6. 

ERMINE, s. Lpapkalzc, (in winter), fich'im (in summer), on ac- 
count of its changing color. 

ERR, V. i. To be lost, wander, ChiMe8-o68ti. 

2d. To mistake, Chinos-oosti, Chines-nselpelsi. Soe Sil. 

3d. To fall morally, Chines-odsti. 

ERUPTION, n. As of measles, etc.. S'chilozkae. 

ESCAPE, n. 1st. Stgop. 2d. Means of escape, Nlgopatin. I have no 
means of escape, Ta iepl-nl-goptin. Confession is your only 
escape, Snmipemist i-shei iu aki-ntgoptin. 

ESCAPE, ?;. i. 1st. To flee from danger, Chines-igopmi 

2d. To avoid, Chines-goliufeni, Chines-ntundlsi. 

3d. To run away from, Chines-telkomi, Chines-gutpmi. 

4th. To pass unhurt, Chin-gulguilt. 

5th. To pass unnoticed, abscond, Chin-kolnkomisti. 

0th. The trigger escaped, the shot escay^ed, ligopinch. 

7th. 1 succeed to flee, to escape from, Is-lgoptU. 

8th. I wish to escape, Chines-ntgoptlsi. 

ESCAPE, V. t. Ist. To flee from one, les-telkomincm. 

2d. To flee from danger, rendered thus: lie lets me escape, les-lgo- 
pniinem. I cannot escape death, Ta koks-lgopniinems \\\ 
t'nteHltin, litt., Death will not let me escape; You cannot es- 
cape death, Tamaks-tgopel- lu t'nteliltin; or. Tarn kuks-lgopii- 
'. t6m t'akl^-nteliltin. 

Her To avoid, les-golluencm, Tes-nhmelsem. 

4th. To avoid seeing a person, Ie8-m6nzem. 

5)th. I cnn escape, Chin-lgoputem. 


ouhio meuiiini'. Set 

jn summer), on :ic 


•:S(H)Ur, «. S-gazut, S-ffuc'hishinim. 

•]SCOET, V. t. les-gazutcm, los-chshinim. 

■ISPOUSK, See Marry. 

<].SPY, !'. t. To see from far, Ics-tuichein. . ,. 

•ISSAY, See Try. 

'ISSENC'E, v. let. Skeltioh, Though not appropriate, it seems tol»e 
the nearest word. 

In the partieular nanies, it may be appropriately rendered by 
the substantive abstract. The essence of God, Lu Skolinzu- 
ten, l. e. divinity, the boing'God. Goodness, the being good, hu. 

ESTABLISH, Oneself, settle in a place, Chines-kobt61igui,0hineH- 
-lakshilshi, les-kunem h\ ik-st<)ligu. 

WTKKM, V. t. Ist. To think of great value, les-koUnkutenakseni. 

(1. To think anything or person supreme, les-nskiizinem. v ; 

(1. To have a great opinion of^ Tes-kutenelsom. ■ .) ' .! 

th. To treat with respect, les-azgam, les-heem. 

th To have an attachment to objects in our jtossossion, Jes- 

kc'igtem. . ■ ' / 

th. To have an attachment to an object or person not possessed, 


■ISTKEM, n. 8azga, Skeigt, Sheem, Skutenils. 

yrEUNAL, rt. 1st. Without beginning, Ta ap-s'hoi. 

(I. Without end, Ta Kaep-s'hoi. 

d. (.'ontinual, ceaseless. See Endless. 

•yriQUETTE n. hu ziiut, hu nkolemen. 

•] YA POHATE, V. i. Es-gnulemi. 

'AP()1{, n. Sguul, I-guiil. 

IVK, /(. The daj^ preceeding Sunday or any other day, S'chiiee. 

^iVKX, <J. 1st. Polished, smooth, l-ool. 

ill. Horizontal, unobstructed, as an even prairie, 1-shiitle. • 

]d. To become even with no balance of debt or credit, Chines- 
sliitlpnji; Chinesnshitlepj^si; t?hin-paag. 

(li. Even temper, I-k6im, Kamkemt. 

til). Ill iMi even front line; We form an even front line, I-kaes- 

ill. We ; in an even front line, one facing the back of his com- 
panion, I-kaes-lpemenzuti. Sec -Lip, Shiitle. 

KVKN, c. t: 1st. To make smooth, les-olem. See Plane. 

il. To make level, les-shitHm, les-sliitlepniincm. 



126 EVE 

8d. To bsilance aocoiintH, Ics-nRhittepusem. 

EVEN, Eve, evening, s. 1st. The latter pai-tof the day, S'cheliig,| 

Thin evening, /M^ Ne cheli'ig, (before sunset.) 
2d. The beginning of night, Slkfeiiiai, (after sunset.) This eveninjfj 

Ne k^ilittl. 
Hd. To reach the evening, to live up to evening, ('hine8-chitcho|.| 

4th. Evening meal, ^uppc, Chines-chelvkgui. 
."ith. Evening prayer, Nchaumen I's'chelug. 
KVENT, See Happen. 
KVENTUALLY, adv. Ne gui. You will eveutually be hung, ^ 

gtii m-chaz6nsenzt. ^ • 

KVER, See Continually. 
EVERLASTING, See Eternal. 
RVERY, a. Agal, Esial. 
KVERY Day, Agalaskat. 
KVERY One, Esia. 
EVERY Part, lis milko. 
EVETY Thing, Esia teeste'ni. 

EVERY Where, L'es-milko, L'es-mikomolegu, < 'h'es-milkoniolegiii 
EVIDENC^E, s. 1st The being evident, I-smii. 
2d. What makes evident, Chmiiten, Chtakotin. 
EVIDENT, a. 1-mii. It is evident to me, I-miistenj It is evi<l*'i 

to us, Kae-niiistem i-kaes-miistera. 
2d. It is evident to the e^-es, l-chmimiis, 
8d. It 18 evident to my eyes, I see it plainly, les-chmimiuseni, <'liiiii'| 

4th. It is evident to my ear, I-s'chmiine. 
5th. It becomes evident, Es-miipnii, miip. 
Hth. It becomes evident to me, les-mipenunem. 
7th. It becomes evident to my eyes, les-chmipusem, chmipusenu'iil 
Xth. It becomes <-lear to my hearing, les-chmiptnem. 
KVIL, a. Teie. See Clios. " ' 

EVIL, .s. Steie. 
EWE, s. Golgoa}. 
EXACT, r. t. les-cliH^upilem. 
EXACT, a- Agreeing with a standard, l-potu shei. 
EXACTLY So, I-p6tu shei. 
E.XALT, c. t. Ist. les-nuisselsem. 

ning, ('li'!no8-C'hik'holJ 

(itunlly be hung, Nel 

EXC 127 

id. Oncsolt, Chine8-nus8el9z6ti, Chines-kutiszuti. f • 

^:XAM1NE, V. t. To test. les-kodnem. ' * ' 

2(J. To take cognizance, Ie9-ko6nmem, les-chkonmepilem. 
Jd. Examine oneself, Chinos-nikolkolsinziiti. 

^IXAMPLB, s. l8t. A story, Sinimiij I will tell you an example, 

2d. What is or must be followed, imitated, Nzgo61ten, Nazgaten, 

Zogzogonziiten. See Zog, Azga. . , , . , ,• : . 

Jd. Bad, good, Nzgo^lton I't^ie, Nzgofelten I'gest, 
1th. To give one a good example, Jcs-guiz'shtem t-kl-nzgodlt-is 

t'gest. See Zun. 
)th. To follow the example of . . . les-nzuzu^chsom, les-chshinim. 

See Imitate. 
i)th. The givfer of example, good or bad, hn zuzuusenzuten I'gest. 


teXCAVATE, See Dig. 

KXCEED, V. t. les-chgozim, Chin-chgoezt tel . . . 

fcxCELLBNT, a. Gest, Sisius, Kutilnt. 

KXCEPT, adv. Pen ta, Ku ta. All except that one, Ksia, u nko lu ta. 
KXCEPT, V. t. Ies-t4mem, Ies-6zkaem. 
KXCHANGE, v. t. 1st. To part with, or give one thing for another, 

Ie8-n6igu6u8era. See Change. 
id. To trade, Tes-toraistem. 

KXCITE, V. t. To anger, les-chzogofechstem, les-aimtein, aimtsten. 
iXCLAIM, V. i. Chines-u6ei. 

bXCLAMATION,Ofjoy,Io! Of disapproval, Nih ! Ofpain,Enu! 
KXCOMMUNICATB, i'. t. Ies-6zkaem tu tel snchaumen. ' 
jilXCREMENT, s. Menfech. 

KXOUSE, V. i. Ist. To exculpate, exonerate, los-kolefem. 
2d. To apologize, Chines-konkon-szini. 
M. To find excuses for extenuating one's guilt, Chines-le'nemti, 

1th. To find pretexts for not doing a thing, Chines-paganzikti. 
EXECUTE, V. i. les-kolem. 
EXEMPLAR, See Example. 
EXEMPT, V. t. Ies-kolgok6m. 
EXERCISE. See Use. ^ 


128 KXP 

EXERT, Oneself, 1st. In doing something, ChMies-uitclu'stijCliiiKx 

-ioioszuti, {/hines-koileniisti. 
2d. In speaking, Chines-aitzini. 
EXHAUST, Sec (Jonsmne. 
KXHIBIT, V. i. les-ko^nem. 
RXHORT, V. t. les-zogzogoni, lea-naukancni, Ie»-chnaiikan<)pilt'iii.| 
2d. Animate, encourage, les-koUzincm, les-koikthstem, 
EXHORTATION, s. Snaukailtftmsh, Sznankan, Szogzogltunixli 
RXHORTER, s. Zogzogonzuton, NAukanzi\ten, Sguzogzoghiunnhi 

KXILE, V. t. Ies-<5zkacm, Ies-go61oin, les-meeininem. ' 
KXIST, V. i. 1st. To be present, to be really, Chine*-lzii. 
2d. To live. Chines gulgnilti. See Be. 
EXPAND, 1st. Flowers expanding, Es-chtelpisse. 
2d. Wings, Hands, Es-gnpgupm6gani. 
KXPECT, V. t. Ist. To wait for. les-tnemteusem. 
2d. To look for with some confidence, les-chtUitluusem, lew-tniiiiij 

2d. To think. Sec Think. . ■ ' ,!.. 

EXPECTORATE, Chines-nlg6mti. ( ' 

EXPEDIENT, a. Gest, 16; Not expedient, Tas gost, Taa io. 
EXPEL, V. t. Ist. In general, les-meerninein, les-ozkaein. 
2d. From the house, les-nizkaem, Ie»-zkainenchinelgniTi. 
8d. By the hand, Ios-nozka6ehsteni. 
EXPEND, V. t. 1st. By giving away, no matter for what end, Ics 

-gniz'shem. , 

2d. By consuming, les-z'spenunem. See Consume, Use. 
KXPERIENCE, I have experience. Chinos-misziUi. I havr ex|)t^ 

rience of that, Es-mist6n. 
KXPERIENCE, v. t. 1st, To try pewonally, l«'.s-koen»«m. 
2d. To feel, les-enuenem. See feel. 
8d. To train. See Accustom. 
KXPERT, a. Es-misziiti, Es-mistes. 
KXPIATE, V. t. To extinguish, or fuliy to at<nie for the penalty <M 

a crime, les-nshitiepusem In t^ic i-szknin. 
2d, To make penance for, les-nkolisem. See pray, 
Sd. Simply to suffer the consequence of onnie, I(>8-pakak.'(ni. Ie> 

-uiche^mcnem, uichocmen. See Uichc, 
EXPIRE, r. i. Ist. To breathe. Chines-popeulshij E.-^-ntkolMinzutl 

ii'iios-aitcUisti, CliiiitN 

or Ibr what oiul, li'» 


lie for tlie (K'nulty 

Ishi; Ks-iitkotsiiii'.uti 

EXT 129 

2n(l. To die, to draw the last breath, Chines-ttilemi. ' 

;i(l. To come to un end, terminate, Es-nptiomusi. See End. 

KXPLAIN, V. t. Ist. les-meiem. Ie8-nmizinem, les-takomim. 

2(1. Kxplain oneself, ChinoH-nmixinziUi. 

KXPLUDPl, V. i. K8-lf?opinchi. 

KXPIiOIlE, V. i. Thines-chesVihisti. Kxplore, (to try), Chines- 

KXPLORER, n. Ches'chistfemon, Sguches'chist. 

I'lX POSE, V. t. Ist. To the view. le9-ko6nem, les4akomim. 

2(1. To cxposeoneselftodanger, Chines-chinchinmiszuti. See Chint. 

3d. To divulge what should be kept secret, IeH-nemi6pem. 

KXPKKSS, r. t. Ist. To squeeze out juice, les-ipem. 

2d. By wringing, as milk, les-koakodmgum. 
j ;{(!. To express an opinion, les-aum iui-spuds, les-mfeiem in i-spuds. 

4th. To send by express, les-kulstem, les-chkust6pilem. 
|;")th. To represent one by actions. Chines-agfeili t . . . 

»5th. To represent one by the features, I-chin-ezag6ili t . . . 

KXPIJKSS, «. Ist. In regard to the sender, Sgukultumsh. 2d. As sent 
(() deliver news, S-gumimiim. 3d. As delivering the message, 
Ks-mimimi; Ijetter-carrier, Sguukulkaimin. 

KXPUXGE, r. t. les-gukum, les-mdum. 

KXTENT), See Stretch, Enlarge, Disseminate, Expand, Spread. 

KXTENUATE, v. t. 1st. To make poor, les-liipim. 

2d. To make small, Ies4kukuiumem. 
|;^d. To diminish, les-tuulim. 

KXTRRIOR, External, 1st. The exterior side, or part of anything, 
hut pertaining to it, hii chitkeltich. 

2il. The external things surrounding an object, but not belonging 
to it, Cholzkae. See 0''tside, Extreme. 

KXTKKMIXATE, v. f. les-chueushilshem, leszspnunem. 

KXTINCT; a. Es46ps. Race extinct, Z'sip. 

KXTINGUISH, V. t. los-ltpsem. 

I':XTRA, See Over and Above. 

KXTRACT, See Take out. Pull. 

EXTRACT [ON, n. Origin, Golchemusem. 

KXri{KME, Extren)ity, Ist. Chem. See Ohem. 
|2(l. The utmost point, insuperable, NIapAks. See i^ee. 

:{<!. The last, Ezf;ut. See Eut. 
|4ili. Insupportable, Tastuh 


180 KYK 

EXUDE, r. ^ 1st. Sweat, Iiis-chskiiiltem. 

2d. Trees exuding liquids, gum, Aiip, KH-uui»mi, Ivs-eiiaupiilkir. 

The peeled tree exudes pitch, hu lUcuriiiiU'n ('s-(.'hauj)iili<i. 


EXULT, V. i. Chines-npit'lai, 

BYE, s. Ist. S'chkutI listen. Bl., S'ohkutkutlusti-n. 

2d. Eye lid. S'chupus. Fl. S'chupupus. 

3d. Eye brow, Spline, PL Spzpl^ne. 

5th. Eye pearl, I have a . . . . rhinos-chpaks; Moth, ('liiiu-s- 

5th. Black eye, Ikoikodiks. 
6th. White eye, I-chpka}>ik8: 
7th. Red eye, by anger, I-chkulkuilks. 
8th. Redeyes, blood-shot, I-chthimtiiinis. 

9th. Grey eyes, I-chpapaas. , 

10th. Small eyes, I-chlzizimuse. 
11th. Big eyes, Chkutkuteniise. 
12th. I have keen, sharp eyes, Chines-chiuiuus. 
13th. I have feeble eyes, Chin-chzngzogotiis. 
14th. Eyes for seeing, Chilkukukus. 
15th. Near sight is, Tau-chilkukukus. 

l6th. Sore eyed, Chin-chzaliis. Of both eyes, Chines-i-li/.azalus. 
I7th. 1 medicate the . . . les-chmaliuseni. 
18th. My eyes grow better, Chin-chmelus, (^hin-chtoulus. 
19th. My eyes are cured, Chines-chpapagus. 
20th. Squint-eyed, Es-chpelpelchus. 
2l8t. One eyed, Che chiHnkus. 
22d. One eye lost, Ntkus. 
23d. One eye covered, either with veil oi cataract, K«-cligut'p>. 

Both eyes, Es-chgupgueps. 

24th. One eye veiled, Es-niligus. Both ejes, Es-nililigus, 1 veil 

his eyes, les-iliguscm. 
25th. One ej'e lost by puncture or disease, the eyt'-l»all coiisuim'il. 

Chines-ntkus; Both eyes, Chines-ntikut'ikus. 
29th. I keep my eyes half closed, Chines-nzinizinios. 

27th I close my eyes making wrinkles, Htraining the lids, (Miiins- 

-nzipsi, chines-nzipzips. 
28th. I open my eyes, Chines-chgalg^lsi. 

■2<\\\. I 


. 1 1 


1 k 


1 lo 




















1 li 



, r. t 









WCE, /» 
>t. Siiiiill 
til. liaPi^o 
.1. Ugly ti 
Mil. Hcaut 
f>tli. Swool 
[illi. Swot)] 
[iili. (^uiet 

ks; l>()tli, Cliiiu's- 


KYE 181 

I'^ili, I ojioii his oyc's, srivo him tho sight, Ics-chgalgalpusem. 

;!(lth. I i-aiso my eyes, (vhiiios-chnhteshtemusi. 

:!lst. I l<oc|) down my oycs, ChiiicH-oheinlemlusi. 

:{2il. I lowiT my cyew, hjok down, cast down, Chinea-fhishilshil- 

;{8d. I pluck out one of his eyes, les-nlkusoin. 
;|4th. My oyo is swelled, Chin-chskus; Both eyes, Chin-chskuskus. 

it swelle<l, Chin-(h|)opfens; The inside swelling, Nskuskiis. 
:','){\\. Swelled eyes and faee by weeping, Chin-ehagkupk6in. See 

vKitli. .My eye is tilled with dust, Chines-chpoksi. 
;{7lh. To throw dust in his e^yes, Iea-chp6ksem. 
|;jsth. I hoUl my eyes fixed on him, les-chtemttsera, les- 

:)!Mh. r throw my eyes away in order not to see, Chin-zkamnus. 
40tli. I throw my eyes away from liim, les-zkumnushtem; les- 

iiieiizem'm, menzenicm. 
IKVK, r. t. les-iizgam. 
KVK-(rIiASS, n. Azgamen. 
HVK-SKJHT, n. Nthithiiisten. 
jKYK-WATEIi, n. S'ehmaluiiisten. 
IKY K- WITNESS, //. Ohiii-ehmimiis. See Mii. 

araet, l'iS-cligiK'i)> 

lye-hall consunieil. 


IKABLK, II. Skolliimt. 

IkAMLK, r. t. les-kollumtem. 

|l'.\MHI("ATK, r. 1. 1st. To i)ut together, les-miniim. 2d. To make, 

FACE, /( Skutliis. in. Skutkutliis. 

. Small faee, i-jkukuimiis. 
|iil. Large taee, fjkaus. 

d. (Igly ti'^'i') ^'hesus. 

hli. Beautiful lace, (Jesus, Sniiiiimt, Tiuemtstus. 

t>lli. Swoolen tiice, Skiis. 

lilli. Swoolen by crying. Pens. 

fill, (^uiet faee, 1-keims. 


lace to him, los-ioDiiscin. 

132 KAC: 

8th. Sour face, Hons. I make a soui 

9th. Soiled face with mud, 1-malH. Soiled face with dust, M<ols. 

Soiled with colors, etc., 1-pdas. Soiled face with greasy tilth, 

I-Uu8. See Look, Rye. 
10th. To make faces to one, les-p^isem. One making faces, P^ipis. 
11th. Face changing, pale, etc., Tigulemris. 
I2th. Pace poor, lean, Liipiks. 
13th. Brass faced, Nioi66s. 
FACE, n. Ist. Presence. Smikhm61s. Yon steal right in my pros- 

ence, Lu I'ismilchmfcls u ku-nako. I stand in your laci-, 

Ku-ies-miltshelshfelsem. I lie before your face, Ku-ies-niiit- 

FACE, V, t. Ist. Chines-ntagolusi ch . . . I tace the wind, Chin- 

-ntagolis ch-sneut. 
2d. To face the enemy, les-chntagoliisem iu shem^n. 
3d. To face one another, Kaes-ntagolsemenucgui. 
PACE-CLOTH, n. For a corpse, Niligustcn. 
FACETIOUS, a. Es-np6spzin. 
FACT, n. 1st. What is done, Skol, Szkol. 
2d. What happened. S-ez's'chen. 
3d. Reality, It is a fact, On6gu, Sh^i. 
FACTOR, n. Sgukolem, Sguchitim. 

FACULTY, n. Ist. Power to act,Niopiei\ten. See Ask, Permission. 
FADE, V. i. Ist. To diminish, Chines-tuulmi. 
2d. To grow weak, Chines-zgupmi. 
3d. The color of his face is fading, Tigulemus. 
PAIL, V. i. 1st. To tall short, Chines-kuhuini. See Tuin. 
2d. To be left unassisted, v. g., I fail to receive what was distributcil 

to others, Chin-toniis. See Tuin. 
8d. To leave incomplete, v. g., I fail to sow all my land, Chin- 

-tundlegu. I fail to finish the dress, Chin-tonalks. 1 iiiil feed- 
ing my guests, Chin-ntun6p. 
4th. To fall away, declii^c. See F'ado, Extinct. 
5th. Not to do, not to go. Rendered by Ta. It failed to ruin. Tii>i 

0th. If denoting the inability, with the Ta use the verb of success. 

He failed to do that, Tas k'lniiis. (From les-k'lnunem, J ssuc- 


hill), Io8-1oih\h«iii, 

akinfj; faccH, P^ipis 

ce Iho wind, C'hiii- 

ee Ask, Permission. 

failed to ruin. 'ra> 


See Sue- 
In genc- 

cecd in doing that). He failed to see it, Tasuehniiis. 
ceed. He failed to cut it with the ax, Tas shelniiis. 
ral, Ta8-lkont6n. 
|7th. To miss, les-slehem. 

|8th. To become broken, bankrupt, Chin-kutgutip. 
[FAINT, I', t. Ist, To swoon, Chin-oospuiis, Chines-tHlenii, Chin- 

-chilguspuus, Chin-chemipspmie, Chin-BelselmHiimsh. 
|2d. To become despondent, Chin-emshkanemist. 
lad. To disappear, Chines-ch6o. 
JFAIR, a. Gest, Igal. Fair weather, Ks-gesaskati. 
(faith, n. 1st. Snoningutniten. See Believe. 
M. For confidence, Nmiiselsten, Snoninguen6ten. I have faith in 
you, Ku-ies-nmiiselsem, Ku-ios-kuten^lsem, Kn-ie8-ntku61sem- 

[FAITHFUL, a. Ist. To be trusted, Mselsiiten. 
2d. Firm in his attachment to God, etc.,Onfegu. T am faithful to. 

you, L'anui u chin-on6gu. 
Jd. True, On6gu. 

i'AITHFUL, s. A christian, Chochomul, Kpl-koaiilks, EpI^-zuut. 
''AITHLESS, a. Ist. Unbeliever, Keikeisemul, Tap-snoninguen- 

id. Untrue to his promise, Ikoist^men, Tk'tdkat, Tk'takzhi. 
I^^ALL, V. i. 1st. To come down from a higher position, Chines- 

fd. To detach itself from an object and fall, as fruits, Chines- 

Fruits fall from the tree, Es-chtoukami, Chtu^k. 
|th. Leaves fall from the tree, Es-chtoukfelpi. 
ith. Dry branches falling off, Es-toukanii lu nchaiakan. 
ilh. A tree falls, or any object standing on its basis, Es-kozchmi. 

See Kozich. Timber fallen in a road, Es-nkozkozchaks. 
[til. A tree falls down, in regard to fall and lay down, Es-chiz'zemi. 
See Chize. Kozich means the falling, the quitting the upright 
position. Chize, means the horizontal position it takes. 
|tl). Trees (in pi.) falling down, Es-pnemi, Es-pin. See Pin. 
jth. A man falling, loosing his upright position, and falling to an 

horizontal, Chines-tkokomi. See Tok. 
lOth. Grains, stones, flour fiall, Es-pkokomi, Pkoko. See Poko. 
jlth. Water falls in drops, Es-aupmi. See Au, Bs-sigugumi, Sigug. 

iU FALfi 

Waterfalls in wavoK splashini^, Hs-lukokoini, lakoUo. 

12th. Rain fivlis, KH-tip^isi, Tlio rain (iiiiiiiii»ln's, Ks-nitMsi, Ks- 

lath. Wind tiills, abatoM, Kw-koiii. 

14th. The stream falls into the main river, Ks-chiilip, KM-chiilpmi. 
The stream (liniinishes, Kl-siiu. The slreain IjiIIk in a 8tet'|i 
eascwle, EM-tla^-etikii. 

loth. The house Calls, Ms n)zkami, M/.ak. I make the house fall. 
les-mzkem, Mxkantthi \ii zitgii. 

16th. The fenee falls, l<)H-mzkami, as before, l.'itli. 

17th. The birils tiiil in the trap. Ks-lakshilshi I'azmin. 

l><th. Beaver and other aquatie animals fall in tiie (rap, Ks-nti- 
shilshi I'aKmin. 

19th. Animals in general tailing into a tra]), Es-ntt>shilshi i'azmin. 

20th. Karth falling, erumbling, E8-tomj)mi, Temip. Earth lallinji 
in a well, ditch, shaft, Es-n(emi»mi. See Tim. 

21st. Clothes and the like fallingon the ground, Es-tkami. See Tak. 

22d. To iiill in water, to tail overboaril, (Miines-tipetikui. A stand- 
ing tree tails in tho water, Es-nku/iC'lictikui. Earth falling in I 
tho water, pjs-ntemp^tikni. 

28(1. To tall in the tire from on high, ('hines-nti])iisi. To fall intlu' 
tire, by losing the upright position, (Miines-ntkokuisi. 

24th. To fall upon is rendered by the verb analagoiis, prefixing the I 
prep: Chih I tall from on high upon liim, les-chiltipfenem. 1. 
from a standing position, tall ujton him, slip upon him, lev 
-ehiltkokuj^nem. [ (ot a tree standing) fiill upon him, iosl 
('hilkozcl)6nem. 1 (of a house) tall upon him, les-ehilmzkeneiii. 
I (of wood n(;t standing) fall upon him, Jes-chik-hi/Zzenem. i 
(of fruits) fall upon liim, les-ehiltoukenem. I (of rain) fiill 
upon him, Ies-ehiHipeis6nem. 1 (of sunlight) fall upon him, I 
les-chilkukullenem. I ( ot snow) fall U))on him, Ics- 
-chilmgofenem. I (of earth) titll upon him, les-ehiHempt- 
nem. I (of water) fell upon him, Ies-(!hilsigugun(Mn. I (<»i 
stones, grain) fall upon him, les-ehilpkokoenem. I (of nigliti 
fall upon him, les-chilehlguenem. 1 (of morning light) fall 
upon him, les-chilgalpenem. I (of spring) fall upon him, lo>- 
-ehiitimm^nem. J (of anything that liilling strikes) fall u|)i)ii 
him, Tes-ehilte(inem. .See Tee. 


, lakoku. 

hiilip, KM-chiilitnVi. 
Ill liillK in IV Htei'i. 

lUi- the house fall. 


11 the tmv, KN-i>t»- 

i-ntt^shilshi ruKimii. 1 
mil). Karth liiUiiii;! 


. Es-tUami. See Tak. | 
-tipt'tiUui. A slJiiul- 
i. Karth fulling in | 

ipiiisi. T<» fall in till' 

ngoiis, prefixing tlio 
ies-chiHipeneni. 1. 
slip upon hin», lev 
lall upon hitn, Us- 
ui Ie,H-chilnizkeneiii. 
is-ebiU'hi//ztM»cn». 1 
ni. 1 (of rain) tiillj 
ghf) fall upon him. 
upon him, U's| 
hiin, leH-ehiVtempt- 
ils\giigun<^ni. I ("i 
Kineni. I (<)i' nigliti 
morning light) ♦''" 
;) liill upon him, lo> 
\^ strikes) fall »]«>" 

FALL 185 

ri\eHe and humlreds ot the like are more UMod in the passive. Thv 
morning falln U])on me, ('hin-ehilgali»tine. The sunlight falls 
upon me, Chin-ehilkukulkme. The stono fell, striking me, 
Chin-eliilteone. See Cliil. A tree fell npon mo, Chin-chif- 
ko/-eli6ne. A log, a <r(*Ms fell upon me, ('hin-ehikhiz'z6ne. The 
houHe fell upon me, C'hin-chilem/.k<ine. It fell upon mo from 
on high, Chin-chiltipene. 
l^iVili. To fall into a hole, ("liineM-nloopmi. To fall into a water- 
hole, Chines-nlojM^itiku. To fall into a fire-hole, Oliincs-nlopfis. 
2t»tli. To come to tiesfruetion, ChineH-h6i. 

|*_'7th. To (liminiHh, to tiill off gradually, Chines-shiitsllkoi. You 
fell off in your love ot reading, of praying, Shlitalkomentgu 
III nehaumen. In kainun. 
IHlli. To fiill off of prices, Nlkukuimaksuilsh, Tiip. There is no 

more sale of furs, they fell off, Che ta op sne^istu sipi. 
JOth. To tall, to bo ruined, Chin-kuhiip, Chin-kulgutip, Chin-h6i. 
tOtli.To iiill into sin, (/'hin-tkoko hi I'teie. 

Ist. To fiill into the hands, possession, either by gift, sale, etc., 
les-chtku-kuepem. This house fell to my lot, into my hands, 
Chtkukuepenem ie zitgu. Of animals. les-chtshelshfepem. 
The red horse tell to my hands, Chtshelshj^peinen iu ikuil. 
See Bequeath. 
[2(1. It falls from my lips, Ozkaelu tel i-spelimenzin. 
pi. To fall away from church, to apostatize, Chines-nelkouszuti, 

les-goelem \i\ snchauinen, Chines-kolgokouszuti. 
kli. To fiill down before one, on his knees, les-chkoishenem. 
|.5tli. To fall down before one flat, Chines-Iumenusi. 
itli. To fall, to agree, les-nshi^lsem, Chin-ziiti, sh6i. 
[Ttli. To ttill upon, to attack, les-cbguisziitom. 
<tli. To fiill short. See Fail. 

III). To fall into an error, Chincs-selpmi. Sec Sel. 
[ALL, s. 1st. Autumn, S'cheei. See Che^i. 
I. A Sater-tsill, Stiageliku. 

I. The tjill of mankind, hn sgutemszuts hi slteligu. 
[li. The tall of Jerusalem, hn nhoitis, hi kolgofel'ltis hi Jerusalem. 
ALLACIOUS, u. Tk'tAkat. See Tak. 
[AliLIBLE, a. 1st. Liable to deceive, Selsilpt. See Sel. 
I. Liable to be deceived, Selip'p. Not liable to be deceived, Ta 

rntiilliblo, TnUl 

m PA.vf 

M. Fallible in bin jiwl^rnoiit, NH«;lpolri(tt««n). 

4tb. Falliblo in liiH words, NNi-lpilitirtkun. 
FALLING, SickncsH, .y. Kn-tk(»kolu'wi, FH-lHlcini. 
FAIjSE, a. iHt. Uttering tuhoboodM, IkoiHti'nicn. 
i(\. Not fiiithf'ul to bis obli>?ations, aH talNc Iriond, Tktakat, Ntk' 

takazin. My wife proved fal«e to ine, Ko-tkakaiii^iH t'lnl 

-n6gonog, K(»-cboin-zutoini8 t'in-n«)gonoj^. 
M. False gold, Skanihiliilim. FaiHe tootb, Skainigai^gu. FhIncJ 

euiTency, Skunilkaimin. 
4th. Crooked, E«-Alko, Ka-tisku. 
5th. Not well founded, diibiouH. See DubiouM. 
Hth. It proves falHc, it is not so, Ku la. 
7tb, False appearance. See Fein, Play. To put on a false appcaij 

anoe, Chines-paganziiti. 
FALSIFY, r. t. A record by writing in sonu-tbing, Ies-nkai^iist'iii,| 
FALTER, V. i. The legs, fniines-cbteltelesusbinzuti. 
FAME, s. Ist. The public report, Sminiii. 
2d. The name, reputation, Sku^st. To denigrate one's fame, It'>-| 

-kaesinuHom hi skuists. 
FAMILY, .s. Ist. A lodge with its inmates, Nkoelgu. Of the suiiul 

family, Nkohikofelgu. 
2d. A married couple, hn sngongu6u8. Of married couple of tlif| 
^ same familj', Nkolngonogu6usentem. PI., Sngonguelis. 
3d. Also of the children together, Sgusgultfeus, PL, Sgusgulteli> 

Of the children ot the same fiimily, Nkosgusgult^us. 
4tb. One family, Nkiis, NkoaksuH. Two families, Aslaksiis. Tlnvii 

families, GhaJaksi\s. Four families, M's'ksus. Five tivmilicN 

Sth. Descendants, Sgusigult, Sognep. I have no family, Ta io| 

»th. Ascendants, Sgolcbomi\sschin, Sgusbiit, Pogpogot. Duvid wai 

bis forefather, he was of the family of David, David \\i m<;o|| 

ebemussbis. Darid was bis antecessor, SgiiNbiis hi Davii, 

See Antecessor. 
K AMINE, s. S'cbikskameiten. 
FAMOUS, a. SisiOis. 
FAN, s. Ist. Any instrument to cool one's self, (xaaminlch, <Tjii;iiii 

sten. See Gaa. 

Infulliblo, Tu-kK-l 


•itsrul, TUtiikat, Ntk' I 

, Ko-tkukainiiH t'iii- 

FA It 187 

■Jd. For wimiowiii;^ /iniin, Siif^nkiithiHton, an lanniiii^ mill. 

FAX, *". t. \h{. To (Old oiio'h solf by a>^itatin^ tho air, ('hino«- 

2(1. To tan hiioUkt porson, Ics-^aiisom. Sco (Jaa. 
."M. To tiiii j^niiiiH, wiiinowiiin, loH-Dgukiieiisoin. 
F.\N(J, ClawH or talon, .Stojj;t6g.shiii. Tho hind-tiinj;, Zol/.oltpHhin. 
F.VNCY-WOllK, on hIiooh, IeH-chiM{al('liinshinim, loH-ohitkaichin- 

FAN(;Y SIIOKS, S'(diitkolk61chinshin. 
FANCY LKGGINS, SVhkolk6lkHtHhin. 
IWNCY-WORK, Embroidory, Rs-chkol. 
F.\H, II. Int. Lk6t. 2d. Soo OppoHite, Enomy, Extromo. 
FAiJ, iitlr. Ut To a great extent, Kutdnt, Mih We are tar distant 

trom each other, Kiitunt kaes-lkotfeuH, Mil kaeH-lkot6uB, 
2(1. To a great distance in time or space. Lkot, M\\ tkot. 
:M. In great part, Geit-n6u. Tho day is tar spent, Geil-nfeii hoi hi 

sgalgalt. See Nearly, Almost. 
Ilh. By a great deal. Mil. God is far greater than man, Kolin/>u- 

ten mH kutiint hi tel sk^ligii; or, Lki)i, Kutunt. 
")th. Far off in tho prairie, wilderness, or soa, Ch6um. See Chium. 
.")th. Far-sighted, Es-ehiiiiiiiiis. 
7th. Far-hearing, Ks-chiiiifeno. 
Mth. Far-smcUing, Uiuiuaks. 
FARE- WELL, adv. Gest sgalgilt. 
FARM, s. Snkolkaton. 
FARM, i\ «. Chines-kolkai. 
FARM, I', t. IoH-k6lkam. 
FARMER, s. Sguk61ka. 
FARTHER, adv. Zi-eh-zii, Lu-ch-lu. 
FARTHEST, rt. 1st. Lkot, Jju lkot tel esid. 2d. Extreme. See 

FASHION, s. Nk6lemen,Zuut. At tho fashion of. . . Bzagfeil t . . 

Seo As, Way. 
FAST, a. Ist. Not loose, firm, Zenzant, Es-ztlnem, Es-zan. To be- 
come fast, Es-znpma, znmap. Past attached to anothei', 

2d. Quick worker, Koimkomt, Guaguaat. 
f. (4aaminU'n, Gnijaii^ :M. Quick walker, Koitkolt, Tlagt. 

4th. Fast talker, Ntlagzin. 

|)Ut on a false appoar I 

thing, les-nkaii^useiii, 

;rate one's fame, bvl 

{otilgn. Of the stnnil 

narried <-ouple of tli(| 
|/., Hngongnelis. 
IIS. PL, Hgnsgiiltt'li: 

|lies, Aslaksiks. Thvei 

ksuH. Five tamilic 

,-t> no family, Ta iit 

'ogpogot. David w 
|l)avid, David hi sirol- 
Sgnshiis hi Davi 

! ' , 

138 FAT 

&th. Fast friend to death, Kapcnzikten Sec Kap. 

6th. Fast, quick, impnlsive, Tlagt, Aip/ 

FAST, adv. Tlagt. Firmly. See Fasten. 

FAST, 5. The fasting, S'chskam^lten. 

FAST, V. i. Chines-ckskam^lteni. 

FASTEN, V. t 1st. To make Arm, immovable, les-zanem. 

2d. To attach firmly to another, les-snpsausem. 

3d. To fasten the door with a lock, les-koHnznm^pem. 

4th. To fasten a door with a bolt, les-kohnzdgopeni. 

5th. To fasten with nails, los-lpgomim. 

6th. To fasten with rupes, les-lchim. 

7th. To fasten on a cross with nails, les-milchptptkominalkoni. 

8th, To fasten one object on another high, Tes-chshalim. 

FASTEN, V. i. Ist. Chines-znpma, ZnAp. 

2d. To grab, les-chinim. 

3d. To hold, les-ku^stem. 

FASTIDIOUS, a. Difficult to be suited, Ta-ep-schz-'hem. 

FAT, s. Skozt. 

FAT, Fatten, v. t. les-kozim. 

FATAL, a. Nteliltin. 

FATHEE, s. Ist. Pogot, pi., Pogpogot. 

2d. Said only by a man, Le6u, /)L, Lel^u. 

3d. Said only by a woman, M6stum. 

5th. Ancestor. See Ancestor. 

5th. Spiritual father, God-fiather, Pogot. 

FATHER-IN-LAW, Ist. Sgag6e. 

2d. Wife's or husband's gi-and-father, Chielt. 

FATHERLESS, a. Ohitem^pile. 

FATHOM, s. Six feet measure, Sgo^pchst, Nko sgoepchst, Kssel 

FATHOM, V. i. les-siigumem. 
FATIGUE, 5. See Tired. 
FAUI/r, s. 1st. Suiluilt. 
2d. Moral fiault, Sulemszuti. See Uil. 
3d. To find fiault, les-chilikonem. 

4tli. To throw the fault on another, les-chsguizshem. See (tuIzsIi. 

FAULTLESS, a. Ta-epl-esuiluilt, Ta-eps-zuelemszut. 

FAVOR, s. 1st. Kind regard, friendly disposition, Sngesels, S'chgi'- 

sgoepchst, Kssi'l 

FEA 189 

sus. See gea. I find favor in his eyes, Ko-es-chgeausems, 

Ko-es-ngesfelseras. , ^ ., ,^.. 

2(1. A kind act received, Snkonin. 

8d. A kind act done to others, SnkonHiimsh, SnkonHunishten. 
4th. A gift received through charity, Snkonin. ' >■ y> : t i 
.Mh. Partiality, Bias. See Side. 

(5th. Protection, etc. By the power of. See the verb Favor. 
KAVOR, V. t. Ist. To engage with favor, les-chgeselsem, les- 

2(1. To have the disposition to aid, les-nkonneminein. 
8d. To countenance, les-ngaztusem. i •: 

4th. To be friend, les-kolsoldgtera, les-kapim. 
•ith. To assist; as, the wind favored us, les-chz'him'ni, Ko-chz'- 

hfemis t'sndut. See Zehem. < . .. t 

KAVORABLE, a. Ncheh^mten. 

FAWN, s. Spapichakan. ; ' 

KEAR, s. Sng^I, Szngfel. 

FEAR, V. i. 1st. To be in danger, Chines-ng^li. 
2(1, To apprehend danger or evil, Chines-chinti. 
'M. To be over-awed, embarrassed, Chines-iamini, Chines-iaiask^li- 

gui. See la, lem. 
FEAR, V. t. To apprehend anything as dangerous or evil, les- 

-ngfelem; so, we fear God or sin. ■! . 

2(1. To be embarrassed with someone of over-bearing manners, les- 

-iarainem: This means that we are not free, but in constraint. 
Hd. To mistrust one. les-keiiisem. 

4th. To fear for one, being really anxious, les-ngdlcmshtem. 
ith. To fear, to be shy, as a wild colt, les-uakaminem: To keep 

away from a person. 
<)th. To be ashamed to see one, les-zeesheminem. 
FEARFUL, a. 1st. Full of alarms, Ngal^men. 
2d. Inspiring fear, Ngallutem, Ngalgalsniig. 

8d. One over-awed, in constraint with the people, laiaskaligudmcn. 
4th. One inspiring constraint, laiasnug, lai&t. 
oth. Shy, wild as a wild colt, TJakaukt. 
fith. Bashful, Zeesh^men. 
FEARFULLY, Frightfully, adv. Tastuh 

FEARFULNESS, s. 1st. The state of being timid, Siigal^mei). 
2(1. The causing fear, Sngallutcm. 



140 FEE 

FEARLESS, a. Kutispuus, laiaspuus, Sisiiks, Lcheliehet, See Brave. 

FEASIBLE, a. KoUutem. Not feasible, Tas-Kollutem. 

FEAST, s. Kutdnt sgalgilt, N"pot6ten. sgalgalt. A feHtive meal, 
Sntpiis, Skolsinzdt. 

FEAST, V. i. To eat sumptuously, Chines-ntpusi, Chines-kolsinzfati. 

FEAST, V. t. Ies-k(ilzinem; To give a fieast to the people, Chines- 

FEATHER, s. 1st Skapusel; pL, Skapkapusel. See Plume. 
2d. The beard of feather, Chkolp^ne. 
3d. Small feathers, Spurn. 
4th. To pull off the feathers, les-lkem. 
FEATURE, s. See Face. 
Fee, s. As I'eceived, Sgakaka, S'chgakapile: As paid, Sgakaltuni- 

shten, Chgakapil^ten. 
FEE, V. i. Ies-g4kam, Tes-ehgakapilera. 
FEEBLE, a. 1st. Wanting in strength, I-zug. To become feeblo, 

(/hines-zgupmi. Feeble-sighted, Zugzugiis. 
2d. Easily overcome, Broken, Lt6tiim. To grow feeble, Chincs- 

-ttetiimuiishi. Feeble rope, Lletimfep. See Delicate. 
3d. Small, as feeble voice, Chines-lkukuiezini, and is rendered 

with the diminution. He is feeble in walking, Es-lguigusti: 

Feeble in working, E8-lk6koli. 
FEED, V. i. 1st. Oneself, man, or beast. Chines-Weni. 
2d. Animals, out in the prairie feeding, grazing, Es-gatlulegui. 
3d. To feed upon, les-itinem. 

FEED, V. t. 1st. To give food to, to nourish, les-semtem. 
2d. To distribute food, les-milem 1-u siilen; To ration. 
3d, To supply with food oi* anything else, les-milem. 
4th. To give an article in food, les-eminshem: 1 feed out hay to tiio 

horses, les-eminshem lu supiilegu I'snchilzaskagae. 
5th. I feed animals, Chin-amskagae. 

6th. I feed my children, Chin-emn^lt. I 

FKED, s. 1st. What is eaten by beasts, Saiineniskagae. 
2d. What is given or accepted in food, Semmin. What is given in 

food to me, or what I give to others, I-senimin. 
FEEDER, s. Sgumilcm. 

FKHL, i\ L 1st. Chines-enueni. I feel well, f-cbin-gest. I leil 

sick, I-chiti-zal, Ta-i-sgfes. I feel vexed, Chin-aimt. 
FFiEL, V. t. Ist. les-enuencm. 
2d. See Smell, Tasto. 

To bet'ome f'oebk', 


I ;^(J. I feel it good, les-gestominoin. I iecl it sore, los-zaleminom. I 
feel him bad, les-chestetninem. J. feelgood toward one, Chines- 
ng^selsi. 1 feel good towards him, les-ngdselsem, I feel bad 
towards him, les-nch^selsem. 
N. B. les-gesteminem and the similar verbs in mlnem indicate the 
status ot the object felt. les-ng^selsem, an the like, indicate 
the status of the person feeling. The first refers to the instru- 
mental form of the verb; the latter to the volitive form. 
4lh. To feel by the touch, Tcs-taktakfem. 
FEELINGS, pi. Spu6s. 

FEIGN, V. t. To pretend, to put on a false appearance, to counter- 
feit, rendered by — 6iei. 
Ist. To feign to be sick, Chines-zazaleiei. 
2d. To feign to be sleeping, Chines-ezeafeshfeiei. 
3d. To feign to be a triend, Chines-lgalgat^iti, les-lgalgateiem, 
th. I feign to be a woman, Chines-memfeiei, Chines-me^mi. 
|ftth. I feign to be a man, Chines-kalkaltmugufeiei. 
th. I feign to be married (man), C^hinee-ngonogueiei. 
(th. I feign to be married (woman), Chines-galgalu^iei. 
th. I feign to be chief, Chines-ililimgnfeiei. 
ih. 1 feign to cough, Chines-oogonzt^iei. 
10th. t feign to be lame, Chines-teltelgunztdiei. 
1th. I feign to be deaf, Chines-ntaktakaneszAt. 
2th. I feign to be dead, Chines-teltell^iei. 
3th. I feign to be drunk, Chiiies-kokoufeiei. 

4th. I feign to be an Indian, Chines-skaliguszuti, Chin-kalkeligu^iei. 
5th. I feign to be an American, Chines-suipszdti. 
6th. I feign to be good, Chines-gest'szuti. 
7th. I feign to scare people, Chinos-ngalgalszut. 
8th. I feign to weep, Chines-zkozkoko6iei. 

0th, I feign to be still, Chires-kakameiei, hence I fish with a hook. 
•'EIGN, V. L Dhines-paganzuti; to dissemble, see Play. 
ELL. V. t. By the saw, les-nichepem. 
d. By the axe, Iea-shel6pom, lit., To cut at the stump. 
ELI.OVV, s. Ist. One who follows, follower, Sgaziit, See com- 
•1. An adherent, Shement^us. 
<1. An accomplice. See accomplice. 



An equal in power, rank, condition, \s renderd by Nku pr: 
fixed to the quality held in common. In general: My fellowj 
one like me, I-senkutchinaks. My fellow, wy equal, my likej 
I-senku}ezag6il. My fellow man, my neighbor, l-senkuHkalJ 
tomigu. My fellow woman, I-senkusmefem. My I'ellow boyf 
I-senkuttitait. My fellow girl, I-sonkuisheshutem. My fell o\ J 
chief, I-8onkuiilimigum. 
5th. One of a pair, a mate; must be rendered by Nku, jirefixed tiJ 
the copulative or reciprocal: My consort, my fellow marrieilj 
my mate, I-senkutngonogueus. My fellow yoked, tied; sup 
posing the two to bo yoked or tied to-gether, I-senUulaz^uJ 
My fellow soldier, fighter; The one with whom J fight ttil 
enemy, l-senkul^sgupelstufegu. My fellow friend; if tliey lovj 
one another, l-senkuigamenehfeus. My fellow enemy, if thcJ 
hate one another, l-senkul^amist6u8. 
6th. One of ours doing anything, is rendered hy Sgu prefixed: Mjj 
absent fellow, I-8gu-ch6. My dead fellow, I-sgu-tlil, iici 
my fellow dead, which should be rendered, hu i-i-senkultlilj 
My stealif)g fellow, I-sgu-nako. He is my fellow thiet, ooiiJ 
panion in stealing, I-senkutnako^men. My crazy fellow, 1-sgJ 
psdie. My fellow crazy, I-senkul^ps&ie. My working tellovfl 
I-8gu-k61em. My fellow made, l-8enkuik61. My married lil 
low, 1-sgu-ngonogueus. My fellow married, my consoiJ 
I-senkuingonogudus. My born fellow, my child, I-sgu-sigiilij 
My fellow born, my brother, I-senkusigu. 

FEMALE, s.Smeem: For animals, Sm6m8hin. 

FENCE, s. Ist. Field lence, SkoJogo: The materials of such lend 

2d. Fence around the house, or chancel, railing, (-hogzenzuten, 

8d. Fence arouud a corral, Koiogoskigaeten. 

FENCE, V. t. 1st. les-kol-ogom, les-ogom, ies-chogoizeni. 

2d. Fence, a corral, Chines-kotogoskagaei. 

FEROCIOUS, a. Guds. 

FERRY, V. t. Ist. les-laapim, les-niekom. 

2d. To carry one across, les-niekousem. * 

FERRY, V. i. Chines-laapmi, Chines-niekomi. 

FERRY-BOAT, s, Stitem, Niekotin, NIaaptiii. 

FERRY-MAN, s. Sgu-laapim, Sgu-ni6ko. 

FESTER, V. i. Es-chestuilshi. 

derd by Nku pr: 
reiieral: My fellowj 
my equal, my likJ 
ghbor, l-8cnku8kal[ 
m. My lellow bojl 
sh litem. My fello\l 

by Nku, prefixed tol 
my fellow marrieil| 
>w yoked, tied; sup 
ether, I-fienkutaz6usl 
1 whom I tight tM 
friend; if they lovJ 
)llow enemy, if theJ 

hy Sgu prefixed: Ml 
ellow, I-sgu-tlil, noi 
ired, JiU i-i-senkuhlill 
my tellow thiet, ooiiil 
[y crazy fellow, l-sgcl 

My working lellovil 
:61. My married ielj 
larried, my consori 

y child, I-8gu-sigiilt| 

FET 148 

|<'ETCH, i". i. let. To go and briiig, Tes-zu^tem. 
To go and bring provisions, Chines-zufeti. 
To go and bring water, Chines-kuimiili. 
fth. To go and bring my child, Chinos-zufetolti. 
»th. Togoand bring a horse, Chines-zuet'skAgaoi. •' 

Ith. Simply to bring. See Bring. 

[th. To make one do anything, is rendered by the final — iknem af- 
fixed to the verb. 1 fetch him to, I prevail on him, los- 
-kolnunem, les-Ikoniknem. I drag him, I fetch him to by 
dragging, les-zkukuniinem. I fetch that horse to, 1 succeed 

ill catching him, les-azpniinem. See Succeed. 
i'ETI I), ff. See Smell, Stink. 

BETTER, s. Azmin, Lchmin, Inasmuch as used to fetter: Azminten 
lohminten, in regard to the fettered. 

i'ETTEll, I', t. Ist. lew Ichim, les-azim. 

Id. To stop, to restrain from motion, les-tiilpim, Ie8,geenim. 

fETUS, s. Es-ntoko. 

[EVER, 1st. Sztlaaka. To be with fiever, I-chin-tlaakn. 

fEW, a. 1st. In general, hiiet. 

For persons, Chtuet. 

To become few, to diminish in number. Chines-hietuilshi. 
th. Few days, Lua^Akat. 
[ICKLE, See Changeable. 

[iDDLE, .s. Chgoakonchton, Chgoakonch, Chgoa. 
[iDDLE, V. L Chines-chgoakonchi. 
jlDDLER, s. Sgu-chgodkonch. 

iterials of such l'eiu«i p; Py | exl., Pum ! Nib ! 

Ig, (U\ogzcnzuten, 


|1EL1), .<. 1st, Farm, Snk6lkaten. 
i. Field of battle, Snpelstueguten. 
1. Open field, Chich6um. 
IIEND, s. Shem^n. Sgo6lemen. 
JIEHCE, a. Guas, Gusos, See Guas. 
IFE, s. And other mouth-instruments of music, C'hilgoalko 

^TEENTH, Lu ks'6pen-el:-zil; pers.,'h\x ks'open-et-chzilzil. 
[FTII,y)frs. Kkhzilzil. 

FTY, a. Zilcht6pen. Fifty days, Zilchlopenchstaskat. 
KillT, V. i. let. A real tight, Chines-pelstu6gui. 
To contend by blows, (-hines-tiikoti. 
To oppose, to act in opposition, Chines-eutusi. See Adversary 



144 FIG 

FIGHT. V. t. To cany on a conflict with one, Io8-ni{ntpol8tu6guin,| 

pelstu^-gumen, les-tiikotein, tiakotumen. 
2(1. To beat, to win one. Io8-lk6m, Ikont^n, les-polsom. 
3d. To cause others to fight, as to fight cocks, los-pelstueguin. 
4th. To fight a duel, Kaes-chnksmenuegui. 
FIGHT, s. Spelstufegu, Sti^kot. v 

FIGHTER, 5. Ist. One that likes to fight, Tikotdmen. 
2d. One that fights, Sgupelstu6gu, Sgutiakot. 
FIGHTING, My fighting mate, I-nkulpelstu6gumen. 
FIGURE, s. Ist. The form of anything, image, Skolkaii. . 
3d. A number, S'chsi6n. 
tth. A type, embrNem,kolsugura6ten. Abel was a figure of J. I 

C. crucified, Abel nkolsugumfetis lu J. C. es-chptptkominalko,| 
FIGURE, V. t. 1st. To draw, les-kotkaiin. 
2d. To embellish, Ie8-chk61em. 

3d. To express by numbers, Ies-chsi6ncm, Chines-chsi^ni. 
4th. To prefigure, les-tkolsugumem. The ark of Noah figured thei 

Church, Noah tli^es tkolsugumeis iu sinch^umfen. 
FILE, s. 1st. See Line. 
2d. File, GoAkomen. 
FILE, V. t. les-go^kom. 
FILE, u. i. 1st. Chines-goAkoi. The file does not file, Tasgoakokd 

That steel cannot be filed, Tas-goakoko. 
FILL, V. i. Ist. Chines-ko6zti. 
2d. To fill a glass, Chines-nrauli. 
3d. To be crowded. See Crowd. 
FILL, V. t. To make full, les-kofeztm, koezsten. 
2d. To satiate, les-mkfenchem. 
3d. To fill a hole, les-nldkasem. 

4th. To fill a bag with grains or anything roundish, les-npkoni. 
5th. To fill with water or liquids, les-nsigum, les-nmulcm. 
6th. To fill the water, Ies-nko6zkum. 
7th. To fill a pipe, Chines-ntakami, Chincs-ntkei. 
FILLIP, V. t. les-tomchim. 
FILTER, V. i. Es-chstgomiisi. Sec Log. 
FILTH, See Dirty. 

FILTHY, a. 1st. Inside, Es-nches61ze, as n filthy soul. 
2d. Outside, all around, Es-chehesize. 
FINALLY, adv. Lsiz. 




of Noah figure*! the 

not file, Tasgoakokd 

KIND, V. i. Ist. To meet a person or object urilooked for, h's- 

2tl. To see something unexpected, les-uichem > 

8d. To find a lost object, leies-ulchem. 

Uh. To find out. To perceive, les-kaoi'miponunem, les-chsnmifepeni. 

'nh. To furnish, les-tigum. I found a riding-hose, Chin-tigulnchoni- 

teusten. I found ahorse for him, Tigushton t'kinchomt6usu». 
Hth. To feel, to know by experience, is rendered by the verbal 

— niinem, or mcnem, according to the accent. I find it good, 

les-gosteminem. I find him good for nothing, Ies-g6ptcmenc'ni. 
7th. To find fault with one, les-chiHkonera. 
KINE, a. fst. Beautiful, Gcst, I-potu-8h6i. 
2d. Small, slender, as thread, l^kakeit. 
:{(l. Not coarse, as flour, ashes, Lt't6ko. Let it be very fine, I-ks- 

-H'tokoi. It becomes fine, as dust, ashes, Es-to-kouilshi. 
FINERY, s. Chazenzulcii. See Adorn, Fancy. 
FINGER, .s. Ist. Ill general, Chelsh. 
lM. Thumb, Stumchst. 
■Id. Pore-finger, Z6komen. 
4th. Annular, Chissagam. 
•')th. Small finger, T'tnuk^inchst. 
tith. To dip the finger in water, Chines-nlochistitikui. 

7th. To place the finger in a hole, Chines-nlochistdsi. Sec Loo, 

FINISH, V. t. To put an end to, les-hoiem. See End. 

2d. To complete, Ics-uiin, uisten. 

.■Ul. To Complete a work, Chines-uiechsti. 

4tii. To complete a house, rhines-uielgui. 

•")th. To complete eating, eating the whole, Ics-uizinem. 

tith. To finish a fellow at one blow, les-ikumt^chstem. 

7tli. In coinposition, Uis prefixed to the verb, and it makes a regu- 
lar verb. I finish eating, (?hines-ui8-ileni. I finished eating, 
Cliin-ui8-i4en. I will finish eating, N(Mn chin-uis-iten. Wlicn 
I shall finish eating, No chin-uls-i4cn. 

FIR, Tree, 6-. Kofclzen.' 

FIRE, ,s\ Solshizten. Fire-place, Snolshiztcn. In composition, — us is 
affixed to the other component. 

2il. RIazing, burning fire , Solip. Seoul. 

o(l. Large fire, Chkntcnus. 

4tli. Small fire, Chlkukuinuis. 

146 ^ FIR 

5th. To be on fire, burning, Chinos-ulpmi. See fiurn. 

8th. Thepiairie, field, grass, wool, hair is on fire, Es-paapini. 

7th. My fire is going out, Chines-t^psi. Pee Lee. 

8th. To set out the fire, les-tfepsem. . 

9th. To set fire to, les-ulim, Ies-ul6seni. 

10th. To set fire to a heep, les-noiiusom. \ 

11th. To set fire to a prairie, wool, etc.. (es-paam. 

lath To set fire from the top, v. g., lighting candles, Ies-<;holu8eiii. 

13th. To make fire. Chines-olds, Chines-olshizti. 

14th. To make a big fire, Chines-chkuteniisi. 

15th. To make u small fire, Chines-tkukuimikHi, Chin^s-ioldHi. 

16th. To place wood on the fire, Chines-chkamini. See Kuniiii. 

17th. To poke the fire, ('hines-chkilsi. 

18th. I have no fire, Chines-lfeps. 

19th. I ask some fire, Chines-ku^npi. 

20th. To take some fire in order to light a fire in my houHO, ('liiiicv 

21st. To put a kettle at the fire, by hanging it, les-nshaliiseni. 
22d. To put a kettle at the fire, not by hanging, but bv rewting on I 

the ground, or stove, les-nzkaiksem. 
23d. To remove a kettle from the fire, les-nzkiisem. 
24th. To pull out of the fire, les-nkutlusem. See Kuitl. 
25th. To put in the fire, los-ntkiisem. See Tok. 
26th. To put one stick in the fire, les-nchizusem. See Chiz. 
27th. To lay several sticks in the fire, les-npeniisem. See Pin. 
28th. To fall in the fire from on high, Chines-ntiipusi. 
29th. To fall in the fire from a standing position, Chines-tkokuHJ. 
30th. To fall into a fire-hole, or a cavern of fire, Chines-r.loopiisi. 
Slst. To throw into the fire, les-nzkamnusem, les-neskoluseni, \w\ 

many things. 
32d. To throw into a fire-hole, les-nlousem. See Loo. 
33d. Near the fire, L'sgamilks. 
34th. 1 set by the fire, Chines-ntkalshtisi. 
35th. I withdraw from the fire, Chiues-nushelsusi. 
36th. F'ire-dogs, Nzelzellgosten, they that are planted in the houso 

by the fire. | 

37th. Consumed by the fire, Chamus, Chamip. See Aan>. 
3Sth. I consume it by fire, les-chamusem. 
39th. To strike fire with matches, Chinesrpdgai. 

dies, Ies-<rholu8etii, 

my Ikuimo, ('hint'! 

kail ted in the \unm\ 

FIR 147 

41st. To tiro one shot, Chin-nkokiin^i. To Are two shots, Chin- 

42(1. To fire a gun, Chines-tapskdiijjiii. 
i VM. To fire at one, leH-t4ipim. 

KII5K, v. i. To take fire, Es-olshizti. 

•Id. To shoot, Chines-tapsk6lif;ui. 

|;M. To bo on fire, or burn with rage, (vhines-ulpmi, Chines-ku^k'- 

KIKK-BRAND, .s. See Brand. 

FIRK-MAN, s. Ist. For making fire, Sgu-nldsem. 

2(1. For extinguishing fires, Sgu-tipsem. 

FIRE- WOOD, s. S'ohkamin. 
[FIRM, a. 1st. Fixed, steady, I-zati. What become fixed, Zn&p. 

Habitually firm, Zenzant. 
1 2(1. Hard, compact, I-tas, T'sap, Tlizt. 

|;^(l. Unyielding, strong, Toiot. A man of firm resolution or char- 
acter, loiospuiis. 
|4th. Persevering, Iku^mtem. 
1 FIRMNESS, s. Ist. Of character, Sioiospnus. 

2nd. Constancy, perseverence, Sikufemtem. 

FIRST, a. Ist. Ot^a series, Es-shiit. I go first. Ohines-shiiterai. 

2(1. First in dignity, Es-nshiizin. 

FIRST, adv. L'es-shiit. 

FIRST-BORN, Es-shiitemish^lt. 

FIRST-CLASS, First-rate. Es-nshiizin gest. 

JFISH, .s'. 1st. Sufeuh Head of a fish, SulaiAkan. The fishes more 
known are : Ist. Salmon, Smlich; Head of salmon, Smlchai- 
akan. 2d. Poor salmon, in the fall, S'chilu6, 3d. Gum^ne; his 
head, Gumaiakan. 4th. Salmon trout, Aizchst. 5th. Small sal- 
mon trout, ijaizchst. 6th. Crab, Zoiga. 7th. Oyster, SkukulAne. 
8th. Kukuenchin. 9th. Lkokoiups. 10th. Trout, PisK 11th, A 
bony fish, Chil6ne. 12th.St'tema. 13th. Upujizin. 14th. iikata- 
kat. 15th. Nzlzlichen. 16th. Kuku6ichin. 17th. Skukuiche. 
18th. PMue. 19th. Nt'tge. 20th. Sturgeon, Szemtus. 2l8t. 
Tortoise, Spelkui. 

IFISII, V. i. Ist. Angling with the hook, Chincs-kakameiei. 

id. With net, Chines-miili. 

M. Making trenches in the stream with green branches, Chines- 

148 PIS 

tth. To fish making trenchoH in the Htroam with dry W(»o(iH,('hiii('N- 

')th. To flsh darting Iho fish with a Mpour, loH-nililichinem. , 
(Hh, To catch fish effectually, Chin-tgUHU«ili, Chiii-tgusuisni. 

7th. To catch no fish, I fish nothing, Ta is-chnkui';, Tu is-chnkuul/.i". 

Sth. I catch plenty fish, Chin-chgoc6lze. * 

riSlIKH, s. Kakameicnziiicn, M'lonzuten. 
KISHBRMAN, s. Ist. With hooks, Sgukakanieio. 
2d. With nets, Sgumulem. 
3d. In general, Sgutgusu^li, Sgutgusiifene. 
FISH-HOOK, s. Kakamfeie, KakamtWeten. 

FIST, s. Melkufechst. See Milko. To show the fist to ii fellow, lev 

FIST, V. t. les-zuum. 

FISTl-CUFPS, Stidkot, Szuunufegu. 

FIT, a. Ist. Adapted, Potu-sh^i. ' 

2(1. Decent, 16, Gest. 

FIT, V. t. 1st. To make adapted, Ie8-k61cm, ks-pbtii-sh^i. 

2d. To bo suitable to, Is-ch-z'h6m, it suits me. See Z'hem. 

;Jd. To prepare. See Prepare. 

FIVE, s. 1st. imp. Zil. « 

2d. pers. Chzilzil. 

3d. In Composition, Zilchst — . 

4th. Five days, Zilchstaskat. 

.)th. Five times, Zilchi8t61egH. 

6th. Five hundred, Zilchstkan. 

7th. Four five dollar pieces, four five, Mus-zilzil. 

FIX, 71. I am in a bad fix, Chin-konkoint, CUiinos-icnuui. 

FIX, V. t. Ist. To make firm, les-zanem. 

2(1. To determine, les-chzogudpil^em, les-tgomim. 

3d. To keep the eyes fixed on, les-chkaspiisem. 

4th. To fix the eyes on, les-dzgam." 

iith. To arrange in good shape, Ies-k6lcm, lols-kolem. 

<)th. To put together pieces of a machine, etc., les-miinim. 

7lh. To implant. See Plant. 

Hth. To transfix, Pierce, les-luum, les-lgotusem. Ics-chizeuseni. 

FIX, y. i. 1st. To settle, Chines-kol8t61igui, Chines-lashilshi, ('hiin 

lashilshi, Chines-emuti. 
I'll. To become firm, steady, Chines-znpma, Cliin-znap. 

Jrv W(K)dH,(M)iiu'v 

Hst to iift'llow, It'!- 

)8- If mini. 

FLA 149 

FIXINGS, s. Ui. Tho way of doing, Nk6lomeii. , , 

"ill. Tho rrmtorials for, K6lumcn. ^ 

|8(i. Ornumonts, Chaiseiizikton. 

FLA(t, s. S'chaz6u8. Ist. To raiHO tlio flag, Chin08-clmz6u8i. 

2(1. To elevate tho flag, loH-Hhitoniim tu H'oha«C'UH, m to plant it 

upright. 1 , 

[8(1. To earrj' the flag, Chinos-kuits'chaztusi. , . 

1 4th. Flag-bearer, Ea-kuils'chaz<iuH. 

FLAME, s. Solip. 

FIjAMK, v. i. Es-ulpnii, Es-olshizt. 
I FLASH, V. i. As light flashing against a wall, mountain, etc., Tos- 

I FLAT, a. let. Level, without protuberance, I-shiU. 

2d. Lying at full Idngth, to lay flat, ('hinoS-tkoml, CJiiiicn-toko. /*('., 

|3d. One piece of wood flat on the ground, Ks-chize. Of several 

piecoH, Es-pin. See Put, Place, Lay. 
|4th. Insipid, I-giiis. • 

|.5th. To feel flat, Chinos-pspmd, Chin-psAp. 

FLAT, s. Ist. A low tract of land. Es-toko. 

rid. The flat, as opposed to the narrow, sharp edge, 1-llaka, ±<akat. 
I FLAT, %■>. i. Ist. Of tumors yielding, Es-psma, Psas, Rs-pAz'ssi. 

FLATTEN, v. t. les-pAzem. 

FLAT-HEADS, s. Indian tribe, Stiish. Literally, Ks-pazidkan. 

FLAT-IRONS, .s. PAzten, PAzmen. 
[flatter, v. t. les-koleguegukiinem. See Egukuiieni. 

FLATTERER, s. Koteguegukunzuten. 
[flavor, s. Both for the smelling and taste, Spugpalka. Sec 

I FLAW, s. See Fault, Crack. 

FLAX s. Spezcn. 

FLAY, fj. f. See Skin. 

FLP]A, s. Kutkuitelp. 

FLEE, 0. L Chines-telkomi. 
[FLEECE, s. Spiim. 

FLEET, a. Koitkoh, Tlagt. 

FLESH, s. Skfeltich. See Meat. 

FLEXIBLE, a. I-zol. 

FLIGHT, s. 1st. The Fleeing, Sztel6ko, Szgutip. 




2ii. Put to flight, leH-telk6m, loM-tolkomim. 

KlilMHY, (I. l-toncmikH. , 

KlilNfr, I.', t. leH-zkaminom. Soo ('aHt, Throw. 

KM NT, X. HnrAhly Snrilfelston; lit., what Ih planted on the arrow or 


KliOAT, ('. /. 1st. To remain ntill on the snrfiico ol' water, not to 
Kink. ()t one piece oC wood, EM-ehitchiz6tikni. See Chize. Ot 
several pieceH of wood, EH-chitpn^tikui. See Pin. Of clothoN, 
hay, otf., KH-chiUk6tikui. See Tak. Of a canoe, kotlleH, Ks- 
-chilKkt^tikni. See Zak. Ot grainH, EH-chil'pko6tikui. See Poke. 
Of a man, ('hines-chittko^tikui. Of a man swimming, pur- 
posely remaining still, fjH-ehiltkotiknnzuti. See Place, Put, 
Rail, aH the moaning of all is to be placed on the water. 

2d. To move gently on the water, Chines-pelpm'i. See Pol. 

I'TiOAT, /'. i. To caiiHc to remain on the surface of the water, 
without Hinking; of one piece of wood, les-chiH'hizitikum. 01 
several pieces ot wood, Ics-chil-pndtikum. Of a canoe, les- 
•chitzkitikum. Of a man, los-chiHko^tikum. Of Clothes, Icn- 
-chihkfetikum. Of a raft, Io8-chitche6tikum. See Chec. 

-d. To cause to bo carried by water, Ies-pelpn«inem. 

KliOG, V. t. Ist. With rods, les-spim, los-nsp^lisem. 

2d. With whips, les-lzim, ics-nl^z6liHem. 

FLOOD, .1. Ist. The overflowing, Slfechet. 

2d. The being covered by water, Es-chitmelp^ne. See Techt-t. 

KliOOD, V. i. Ist. The water, or any one flooding a country les- 

2d. Causing the water to overflow, los-chitmolp^nem. 

FLOOR, s. Ist. The ground itself, inside of a room, Lkotiilegu. 

2d. The plank-floor, the lower floor, Szgalfelp, Galdlpten. 

Hd. The upper floor, Chilgalominten, Es-chitgfil. 

4th. Plank floor, not in a house, Es-galulegui, Gali^leguten. 

FLOOR, V. i. Chines-galfelpi, Chines-chitgalemi. 

FLOOR, V. i. Ies-gal61pem, los-chilgalim, les-gali^legnm. 

FLOUR, s. Ist. SzgoAko, Sgo4ko. See Goako. 

2d. Shorts. I-zich. 

M. Bran, Es-nz's6u8. 

3d on the arrow or 

pfene. See Teclu-t. 
linj' a eoutitvv lei<- 


40th. To strike fire by rubbing; Htioks togothitr, Ciiin 

FIjOW. v. i. iHt Of liquidH pouring out, K8-uupmi, Eh' 

2(1. Of HtroamH, Ka-moopmi, (from Aiip). 

M. Of tours flowing from the eyos, Ea-clmuaupiks. 

4th. Of blood flowing in the inside of the body. KM-ngiif< 

oth. Of blood flowing from the nose, etc. Ks-ni'llenii 

6th. Of irrigating ditches, P^s-nmopdusi. 

KLOWKH, s. SKo6ko. To go after flowers, ('hineH-cliHzct'ko 

FLUCTUATE, v. i. Ist. Chines-iiiti. 

2d- To be undecided, Chines-idmmi, Chihes-selloiniiii. 

FLUE,.s. Snolsbi. 

FLUME, s. Chilmup, (>hi4mopalUo, 

FLUSH, u. I. To become red in the face on a sud<l('i 

FLUTE, s. Cblgodlko. Sec iiOg. 

FLUX, s. Morbid evacuations, Spiz. See Hcmorriiage. 
FLY, ('. i. Chines-tugti, pi., Kaes-goeemi. 
FLY, V. i. To shun. See avoid. 
FLY, s. Gam61teni. Ox-fly, Chatn'Ika. 
FOAL, I'. J. Es-tku61ti: 

FOAM, s. Chilposiitiku. Horse mouth foam, Spoos. See Poos. 
FOE, s. Shom6n. 

FOG, s. S'hemip. Foggy, a. Es-hempmi, Es-hemip. 
FOLD, V. t. Ist. To envelop, as a bundle, les-polkoni. 
12(1. To double, as a sheetof paper, shirts, les-pniin, les-i.piieuseni 
See Pin. 

8(1. To fold one's arms, Chines-nkakan&gani t'chelisli. 
4th. To fold one's legs, one on the other, (.'hineH-chkiikatusakst 


FOLDED. Es-chpelkoize, Es-npn^us. 

FOLKS, 1st. Skfeligu. 

FOLLOW, V. i. Ist to attach one's self to a person, j»arty, I'hiiioM 

-chshinmi, leH-cbshinim. See Shin. 
1 2d. To accompany as a helper, les-gazutem. 
hid. To go with one as an equal, les-shemenuiguui. 
Utii. To go, to be with one, Chines-nsh^i. See sh^i. 
hith. To follow one's tracks, les-nshiustfepem, los-nNhiiistshineni. 

♦)th. To pursue one, les-nguiem. 



Jose at one's back, les-nsgamichinem. 
)chin(l one, les-eut^pcm. 
itate. See imitate, Pjxample. 
'.result from, rendered by the adverb Ku6mt. 
suceced. See Succeed. 
)WER, s Chishinzuten. Sgaz6t. 

OWING, S'chshin, Nehshintin. I have no following, no 
lite, no one to follow me, Ta iepl--nch8hintin. 
JLY, s. Spsaie. 

ID, a. Ist, I am fond of, les-guminem. 
9t- t am fond of food, IcH-gummaksem. 

f<l. J am tond of an object or person in my possession, les-kdigtem. 
«* See Kag. 

4th. I am fond of something which I wish to get, les-kaguminem. 
FOOD, s. 1st. In general, Siilcn. 
2d. What is given in food, Semin. 

8d. To take food, Chines-il-eni. To take little food, Chines-nkaezi- 
ni. To get food, Chi ncs-tiguzini. To beg food, Chines-ngalizini. 
To buy food, Chines-teuzini. 
KOOL, a. Ist. Paaic, Ikoku6u. 
2d. To play the fool, Chines-aganziiti. 
(id. To act as a fool, Chines-kolspsaie. 

4ih. To treat one as a fool, les-kolspsaiem, les-chkokufechstem. 
5th. To speak as a fool, Chines-kokutuzini. 
K()OL, *;. t. les-chposachstem. To fool by words, les-poszaneni 

POOL, V. i. Chines-poHzani. 

FOOT, s. Ist. Of man, animals, Szooshin. In composition, — shin. 
I have a nice foot, Chines-chzalshinmi. 1 have a frost-bitten 
foot, Chincs-ngsiiinmi. 1 have IroHt-bitten toes, Chincs- 
ziizniechsti. 1 withdraw my foot, Chinos-kazshinmi. I wash 
my foot. Chineq-zeushini. 1 tie a foot, Chinos-chaz'shinmi. 
Cloven-footed, as cattle, Es-nkaius'shin; />/., Es-nkaikaiiis'sliiii. | 
Es-ntliitlii, as they are sharpened at the end. FIoutkI footed, 
as horses, Ea-ielialshin. One foot, Chskot'shin. The uppor i 
part of the toot, S'chilchemichenshin. The lower, under part 
of the foot, Snchemk'hcnshin. The ankle of the foot, Skol- 
chemzinshin. The knuckh' of the foot, Sinkozin.'^hin. The ti|i 
of the foot, Snlchachmkaii. The hind part of tlie foot, tli< 

no following, no 


'ds, les-posKaneni 

Imposition, — shin. 

FOR 158 

heel, s'chcmfepHhin. Tho fore-feet, Szeeze^chst. One fore-foot, 
Szec'chst. Small foot, (/htkukuiumeshin. Large foot, Chlka- 
shin. B'^r's, Bird's, Chicken's fi»et, Es-tagtigshin. See Claws. 
Two-footed bipod, Cheselshin. Four-footed, Chmdsshin. 

2(1. Foot of a mountain, Koloh'chemiilegu. 

:M. Foot ot a tree, S'chemep. lu composition, — ep. 1 cut a tree 
at the foot with an axe, Chines-shelfepi. I stand at the foot of 
a tree, cross, Chines-chechsushdpi. 

4tli. Foot, measure, Szooshin. 

"tth. To be a foot, Chines-gustolegui. To walk on foot, Id. To pass 
on foot, fording a river, Cbines-ngustdtikui. 

KUOT-BRIDGE, Ks-nchiz^us. 

KOOT-MARK, F<H)t-print, Sguiten, Es-zupifeut lu szozoshin. 

K() n, ;)?V'/>. Ist. When meaning possession, is i-endered by tho sub- 
junctive form of the pronoun or noun. Is it for me? "A iki- 
-koie." Iti8fortheo,"Akl-anui." It is forhiro,"Ki-zmlz." [sit for 
us? ''A kaokt-kaempil6?" Tho house is for me, "Iki-zitgu." The 
blanket is for thee,"Akt-'sizem." The hat is for him, "Kt-koAz- 
kais." For whom is it? "Kt-suet." 

It is evident that the litei'al meaning is tHig: Shall I have it mine? 
1 shall have the house mine, etc. 

It is for tiiy good, "Akl'-ngestin.'; It is for my punishment, "Ikt-nguz- 

2il. For the benefit or tho detriment ot any one, is rendered with 
the verb relative. (A.^ When the person for whom the action 
is performed is indefinite, and the thing done is also indefinite, 
use the indefinite form, — shi, if the verb has not the accent on 
the last syllable; and the form — shishi, if the accent is on the 
last syllable. I work for others, not specifying for whom, 
"Chines-kolshi,*' from Chines-koli. I write for others, ''Chines- 
-kaishishi," from Chines-kaimi.(B.) When the person for whom 
the action is performed is indefinite, but the thing done is 
definite, use the form — shemor — shishem, according to the ac- 
cent. I make this canoe for others, (not for myself), "Ie8-k61shem 
i6 tliee." I write this letter for others, "les-kaishishem i6 kaim- 
in."CC.) When the person for whom the action is performed is 
definite, but the thing is indefinite, use the form — shtem, if the 
accent is not on tho last; or — shitem, if the accent is on the 
last. I work for Peter, (not specifying what kind of work). 





154 FOI{ 

"les-kilshtem Pierre." I write for I'aul, "leH-kjiishitom Paul." 
(D.) When both the person for whom the action is ijerformed, 
and the thing done are dctiri'te, use the form — item, if tlu' 
accent is not on the last, and — item if tlie accent iH on the last. 
I make this canoe for the chief, "icH-koi'Hem ie tliee hi ilimi- 
g(im." 1 write this down tor Paul, "les-kailtem +u Paul." 

3d. For, on account, by reason, meaning the motive of the action, 
is rendered commonly by (Jol, but properly- V)y ('h prefixed td 
the verb, lam mad for you, on your account, "Chin-aimt gol 
auui," better, "Anui u liu-ies-chaimtem." I am tired for liim, lor 
my bread, "Znilssu ies-chaigofem, les-chaigolcin +u ik-snkolpo.'' 
Why are you mad at mc'/'"CTol-Htem u ko-clialmtcuintgu?" l^am 
sorry for my sins, "f Hnn-pupusench In gol i-szkn<in ttie," bet- 
ter: **le8-chpupu86ncheni In teie iszkucn." 1 come for yon to 
see you, ''Ku-ies-chguieni :" For what pur|)ose do you come' 
What do you want? "Ku-cs-ch-Ntem? Stem \n an-chguiom ?" 1 
come for food, for water, "("hinos-chsiileni, Chinc8-ch-.seulkui." 

4th. For, meaning the direction. See To. 

5th. For, instead of. See Instead. 

6th. For, the year or time of an action, G»»l, fj, For ever, Gol-ta- 

8th. O for, Komi. O for a mansion in heavenl Komi chikaep-snlzii- 
ten lu I's'chichcmaskat! 

For, conj., NfeH. Fear not, for 1 am witli you, Ta kuksngeli, n^li 

FORBEAE, v.i. Ist. Foi'bear from proceeding, (Miin-eitam. 

2d. To keep one's self in check, Chincs-iomenzuti. See lo. 

3d. To have patience, Chines-niualsi. 

4th. To control oneself, Chines-gcenzuti. See les-geenim. 

FORBEAE, V. t. 1st. To abstain from, Ies-p6teem. I abistain from 
meat, from women, "les-poteem hi .skeltich,iu smetim." 

2d. To treat with indulgence, patience, les-niualsem. 

FORBEARANCE, s. Ist. The act of patience, Sniuals. See lo. 

2d. The habit of patience, Sniauiols. 

FORBEARING, a. Niauiols. 

FORBID, y. i, 1st. A person, les-geenim, les-chgaenepilem. 

2d. A thing, les-chsgeenim. 

3d. That thing to that person, les-chsgeiltem, les-chgaenepileltoin. 

FORBIDDEN, a. Szchgaendpiie. 

:jiiBlutein Paul." 
Ml is jjerforined, 
n\ — Item, if llu' 
mt is on the last, 
it; tliee h\ iliini- 
n \n Paul." 
re of the action. 
y Oh prefixed to 
, "Chin-aunt gol 
tired lor him, for 
n hiik-snkolpo.'' I 
uttMnntgu?" I.ain 1 
i'/Aiuiin ttie," bet- 
•ome for yon to 
ise do you come? 
II iiH-chguicni ?" 1 

Por ever, Gol-ta- 

ini chikaep-snlKii- 

'a kuksiigeli, n^li 

See lo. 


I abstain Iroin 
lu eme^m." 
iuals. See lo. 


KOH 165 

FORCE, .s\ Sioiot. To do anything by force, is rendered by the 
rinal — niinem affixed to each verb. To hold by force, "leH- 
-konunein." See Ku6n. To catchjby force, "Tes-aznunem." To 
throw down by force, " Ie«-tkokonunem." To do it by force, 
" leH-kolniineni." 
FORCE, i\ i. Ist. To con)pi'l, ics-lchemim, les-alzinem. 
•jd. To offer vi<deiice, les-^lem. 

:{(!. To press upon, to overpower, les-pizem. See Piz. 
4th. Td ravish, les-nakom. 
.ith. To force one's stlf, (yhines-aizti, Chines-ioiosziiti, Chin^s- 

FORCIBLE, .». 1st. Posessing force, loi6t, Sisii\s, Lchel^chet. 
2(1. Oppressive, Pizpizt, 

FORI), s. The place or means of lording, Sniekotin. ; 

FORD, V. t. Jes niekoni. 

FORD, V. I. Chines-niekonii, Chincs-ngustetikui. 
FORK, adv. Rendered bj' the present tense prefixed to the verb, 

as in the following verbs: 
F(JRE- ADMONISH, r. i. les-t-ziinem. 
F0RP:-ARM, r. i. Chines-t-ngazelzi. 
FORE-BODE, i\ i 1st. Foretell, les-t-meiem. 
2(1. Fore-know, Jos-t-niimiim. 

FORE-CAST, V. t. To plan before action, les-kul-t-pag^m. 
FORE-FATHER, Sgushiit, Pogpogot. 
FORE-GO, To go before, les-tguiem. 

FORE-HEAD .<. S'chitchemdshin. See Chem. In composition, 
Ohil: — shin. 1 pour wateron the lore-head, "les-chil-sigushinem." 
I FOREIGN, a. Tigulem. 

FORE-LAND, S'chgoiife. 
I FORE-LOCK .s. Snchemusus. 1 latch him by the fore-locrk. les- 

I FORE-SEE, u. «. les-t-uichem. 

FOREST, s. Nkoezt, Eszlzil. 

FORE-RUNNER, Sgu8hiit,Golshitu8ten. 

FORE-TASTE, v. «. les-t-onu^nem. 

FORE-TELL, v. i. !es-t-mciem. 

FORE-THOUGHT, a. Es-kuH-pagem. 

FOREVER, adv, Tshieus, Pentich, Te-kaep-s hoi. 

FORFEIT, V. t. les-tlegi'ipem, tlegupemen. 

FORGE, s. Snolshi. 

FORGE, r. t. Sec Make, Feign. 


156 FOR 

FORGET, V. t. les-TitAptom. See hw: 

FORGETFUL, a. Nlept6mon. 

FORGIVE, V. t. Ist. The debt, offence, hIii, les-kolgoe^leiii, ies- 

chs'hoienn, les-chsnkonneminein. 
2(1. The person, les-nkonneminem, les-nUuiihcnitiwlsf^uni. 
3d. The debt, offenHO to the debtor, offended, Hiiiner, les-kolgoel- 

item, les-chs'hAiltem, les-chsnkonneniUtem, les-chs'guizheni. 
4th. Forgive one another, Kaee-ihemtufegui, Kues-gestshitiifegui. 
6th. Forgive one another our debts, offences, Kacs-oh'sguzshtufeguin. 
FORGIVENESS, .s. Ist. The act of forgiving, Szkolgoel. 
2d. The power of forgiving, Szkolgofel. 
FORK, s. Ist. Of a tree, Es-nkeius. ^ 

2d. Of a road, Ks-ngukupusaks. 
3d. Of a river, Ngukupusetiku. 
4th. Hay-fork, Nkeikeius, if it has more than two prongs; ('\\\\- 

5th. Table-fork, ^ominten. 
FORK, V. i. Ist. Hay, wheat, piercing with a fork, les-clis'lkuin. 

chs'^kunt^n. I succeed in forking it, les-chs'lkukununeni. 
2d. Fork meat at table, Chines-iekupzini. 
FORLORN, a. ChitemApile. 
FORM, V. t. les-kolem. 
FORM, V. i. Chine8-k6rii. 

FORNICATE, v. i. Ist. Ies-kun6m lu eliech6t tele. See Adultery. 
2d, les-n&kom tu skaltemigu, tu sine^ni. 
FORSAKE, V. t. Ie8-chitu6nem. See Luen, les-godlem, 'fa ies-cii- 

FORSOOTH, adv. N61i. 
FORT, s. Sraito. 
FORTH, adv. Es-tagoliis. 
FORTITUDE, s. Sioi6t, Niopieuten. 

FORTUNATE, a. I am fortunate, Chin-leramiszut, Ko-es-geststii- 

tem. See Luck. 
FORTY, num. M'slbpen. 

FORWARD, adv. Usually rendered by t prefixed to the verb. I 
go forward, "Chin-t-gui." 

FORWARD, a. 1st. In front. Es-shiit, | 

2d. Eager, earnest, Koitkoh. 

FORWARD, n. t. To send forward, les-t-guiom les-giiiem, lev 
•kulstem les-t-kulstcm. 

-koigoeilein, los- 

Lwo prongs; ChW- 

c. See Adultery. 

Igo^lem, 'fa ios-cli- 

111 les-guiem, W" 

POU 1J.7 


FOSTER-CHILD, Sgusigult. 




FOSTER-SON, Skus^e. 

FOUL, a. See Dirty, Favorable, Untavonible. 

FOUNDATION, s. Ist. Stone, Lu c8-kolp6ko. 

2(1. Foundation of single log, Es-kolchize. 

3d. Foundation of several logs, Es-kolpine. 

4th. Foundation of one block, Es-kolshite. 

.")th. Foundation of several blocks, Es-kolzile. I make the f<»iuida- 

tion, les-kolpkum, les-kolehizim, les-kolpuim, los-kolshitim, 

FOUNTAIN, s. Oskafetiku. 
FOUR, a. Ist. Impers., Mus. 2d. Fcrs., (/hmiiseni. 8il. Four days, 

Moskat. Four times, M'slegu. 
FOUR-FOOTED, Chmisshin. t 

FOUR-SQUARE, Miislko. 
FOURTEEN, a. 6pen-eJ-mu8. 
FOURTH, a. hu ksmiis. On the fourth day, L'ksnioskat, or Lti 

moskatilsh, if pastj if future, Ne Ksmoskatilsh, lit., when tin- 

fourth day was growing, or will be growing. 
FOWL, s. Es-guegufee, See Bird. 
FOWL, V. i. Chines-tatapini. 
FOX, s. GuaguAligu. 
FOX-HAT, GuagualiguKan. 
FRACTION, s. VAmia. One and a fraction, Xko a clniau. T»ii and 

a fraction of ten, Open u elmau. 
FRACTURE, s. Kaoptin. 
FRACTURE, v. t. See Break. 

FRAGMENT, s. 1st. In general, Lu cs-maii; />/., Ln cs-nHMnaii. 
2d. Fragment of food, S'chamauaks. 
;W. Fragmoni of glass, Chteltelptin. 
4th. Fragment of cloth, Chchalinin. 
FRAGRANT, a. Es-gesdlka, Es-pugpalka. 
FRAIL, a. Ltfetiim. 

FRAME, s. Of pictures, etc., Chempniinton, Chchonipizoetcn. 
FRAME, V. i., les-chempim, les-chenichempi/AMu. 


KUATERNIZE, v. I. Ch'inoHkoleinziM, IcH-kolsinztcmj of IbmalcN, 

leH-UoI//7,ui\p8em, We f'ratoriiizo witli oach other, Kaos-kol- 

KKAt' I), .9. To prftctire fraud, CMiiiuiK-koiH. 
KHE(MvLEJ), Face, Es-gnagoa. Freckled forf-head, Es-chiigiia- 

goshin. Freckled breast, Ep-cligiuigozch. 
FKEE, a. Ist. I am free, No tik-spuus. lam free to go.Ne tik-spuus, 

m-chin-guiHt. I am free to go wherever I please, Ne-ispuus 

Chechen chiks-gili, ohsh^i. 
2d. Liberated, EMa^l (if the person was in chain); Kt-6zkae, (it the 

person was in confinement.) 
Hd. PVee with his money, goods, Pept^et. 
FREE, V. t. Ist. To liberate from chain, leh-s-t-jilim. 
2d. To liberate from jail, lol-es-ozkaeni. 
8d. To liberate from death or captivity, les-koltkom. 
FFiEEZE, V. s. 1st. Of liquids, Es-nimpma. Nimap. See Imp, 
■Jd. Of potatoes, wood, ground, solids, Es-sulti. Sec Siil. 
8d. Of animals' limbs, Chines-iigti. See ug. 
-1-th. Of the whole animal, Chines-chiligumusi. 
FREEZE, v.t. Of liquids, les-nimpam. 
2d. Of solids, les-8>iltem, siilt'sten. 
8(1. Of animals' limbs, les-ugtem. 
FREIGHT, s. Ist. What is freighted, Szi'.kum. 
2d. What is paid for freighting, Szchgakapilo. 
FREIGHTER, s. Sguukum. 
FRENCHMAN, s. Sdme. 
FREQUENT; a. 1st. Goeit. 
2d. Most commonly, rendered by the verb frequentative, ending in 

— luisi. I often go, "Chines-guiluisi." I frequently walk, "Chi- 

;^d. Also rendered by the verb continuate, when indicating the habit 

or power of doing anything. 
FRESH, a. 1st. Recent, Siz. 

2d. Rendered in vigor, brisk, l-miRiignls. See iicgu. 
3d. Cool. See Cool, Freeze. 
4th. Meet or fish, Kaltlze. 
Hth. Vigorous, l-gus. 
FRESHET, s. Stechet. 
FRET, V. i. To be vexed, Chines-nchgut'telsi, Chines-koltkapeisi. 



!iul, EH-i'hilgua- 

Ki-6zkjie, (it the 

liciUing the hahil 

I'MIICTION, s. Ist. To make tiro by friction, Chines-gaikupi. 

2(1. To make light by friction, v. y., with maehes, Chines-pAgui. 

i'M{II)AY,s. TigulzilchhtAskat, Zilchstiskat. 

FRIEND, s. Ist. not enemy, Snku61igu. 

"id. My intimate comrade whom I love, l-selagt. See LagL My 

friend who loves me, Ko-neligts. This means true friendshi}* 

l)clween equalH. 

;M. One whom I love, Jn-gam6nch. One who loves me, Ko- 
-gam^nchis. This applies to any friendship, love. 

4th. My friend to death, In-ktpe. See kep. 

r)Ui. M}' friend in a glorious feat ot war, Is-zukoi. 

>th. My frio!ul, meaning the reciprocal ity, I-sinkutgamencheus. 

7th. M}' favorer, In-chcheniten, In-nkonnemenziiten, In-olkshis- 

FRIGHT, s. Sngel. 

FRIGHTEN, y. Mes-ngalgelem. 

FRINGE, V. i. Ies-zozo6m. 

FRINGED, pari. Es-zozoom, Bs-zoo. 

FROG, i". i^emlamaie. Small frog, Kalkalaks. 

FROM, prep. Tel. From here, le-tel-c^. From there, Tel shei. 

From above, Tel nuist. 
N. B. The verb governing this preposition takes the pretix s, if the 

action is directed toward the speaker: He came from below, 

"Zgui tel nishiit." Iftho action be directed to another direction. 

the verb takes the prefix t. 
FRONT, .s. See Face. Ist. position in lace of a person, or of a 

house, etc., Stogtogt. In front of you, "L'astogtogt, li'asmeltdg." 
'_M. The part ot any thing that seems to look forward, as the front 

ot a building, Smilchemels. To stand in front of a man, "les- 

-chmil-tdshilshem." We stand in front ofa hou8e,"Kaes-pieutc.hi- 

FRONT, V. t. 1st. To lay opposite to another, Turned to him, 

Chines-utagoliisi, les-chntagolusem. They are fronting each 

othei*, Bs-ntagolsemenuegui, Es-tagtogsfeus. 
2d. To appear face to face, Kees-chshemen^us. Sec Shemen. 

FROST, ,s. S'sull. White frost, Skufeit. 
FROSTY, «. Frosty country, Zaltulegu. 
FROTH, s. See Foam. 
FROWN, V. i. Ist. I-chin-sshcsh. 
2(1. To look sour, I-chin4enu8. 
FRUtJAL, aNdmnemt 



KRIIIT, s, SpiikAIk. Tho fruits known to those Indiann are: Hucle- 
-borry, Stirthii; Poars, SI4k; (.'horry, ho^\o^', Berries smaller 
than, and like to the hucle-bcrr}-, Sipt; Hat-berry, P6lpolkan; 
Stnvwbcny, K6tkam; White berry of a red plant, Tfcchzjj;u; 
Prickly-pear. Sgue6no; Curmnts, Ntetoinelpsj Koso-berry, 
GiiiApalk, ITva ursi, Kulisj Rjvsp-borry, Miz; Plum», CAn- 
tetiiisj Orcjjfon grapes, Szals. 

2d. To go to fruits, Chines-kol^ui To pick up fruits, Ics-chkoldum. 
To strike down fruits with a rod, les-chspim. 

PUY, /', i. Chines-zAgai. 

FRY, t). t. Ics-zagam. 

PRYING-PAN, .s. SnzsLgamen. 

KUEL,s. S'chkamin. 

FUGITIVE, a. KoUkoH, Es-gutpmi. 

FULFILL, V t. Ist. Accomplish, Ies-k6lem, les-uim, Tos-kolilem, 

2d. To arrive at the end of any period, IeH-nptl«mi\sem. 

FULFILLED, a. Ist. It came to pass, iiaiko. It wa8|fulfilU)d what 
Jsnias said, "<La^ko in sztm^ies ivL Jsaias." 

Sd* Executed, performed, Es-kAlem. 

FULL, a. 1st. Ko6zt. N. B. This word seems to derive from gofezt, 
to pass, and therefore it is not construed with the object full, 
but with the object Ailing, which really surpassed tho tilled 
one. My house is full of smoke, "Ko^zt la smot in I'in-zitgu." 

2d. Chkofezt, when denoting the vessel filled to overflow. 

8d. Nko6zelze, when denoting the all inside full. 

4th. House of people, I-tdu, 1-pin. See Crowd. 

5th. Sack full, Es-npuku. 

6th. Dish full, Es-ne8ch6n. 

7th. Thy heart is full ot fire, Lu solshizton e8-nko6Bt lu I'a-spuvis. 

FUN, *. 1st. To say a thing for fun, Chincs-poszarii. 

2d. To do for fun to a fellow, Ios-chpopos4chstem. 

8d. In general, Chines-posmszdti. 

4th. To make fun of a fellow, les-choinziitem. 

FUNNY, a. Of a person, Np68p8zin. 

FUR, s. Ist. The soft hair, Spiim. 

2d. The skin with the hair on, Spunilgu. 

FURIOUS, a. I-ku^l, Ku61s'chit. 

FURNACE, s. Snolshizten. 

8, lc»-«'hkol6uni. 

KlJIl Ittl 

KllRJflSII, V. i. 1st. With food for a trip, lcis-t6cholein. ' i .' "- 
2(1. A house, Ie8-chl<olein. ■ • • ■ 

8(1. Furnish Olio with ariiiH, etc., lo8-^a7,im. •'■ ■'' i 

4tii. Set) Afford. • ,. , 

FUIIHOW, .s'. .SnUdikli';ifu. Ono furrow, Nkofep; Two, KHel6p, «. ^., 

one line, J wo lines. '■ ,> . .' . 

FniTirKR, adr. Zieh-zii. (Jo further, Zi-chniish. i :j / . 

FURTIIKRMOST. See K.xtreme, (^hemAfian. 

FUTUItK, p. Isl. hii ne to6 ks-es'oh^ni (Something that will hap- 
pen.). ' I i' ; ■ 
2(1. Remote future, ('lied tUnssip m-ted oschinem, (After a lonj; time 

yet something; will happen.) 
:{(1. Ks-tajioliks. * ' I 

4lli. On a future day, Ne >f(}» pistt^m, Ne tefc pist^m. 
FY: fxd. SiUl ' . . 



(iAlN, r. /. 1st. Ill j^enerul, les-uichem, les-tigum, les-melkonunoin. 
See Deserve. 

2(1. To ^ain in gambling, playing, les-tlegdpem. 

8(1. To gaiie one game, les-shitlpenuncm. See ShiitI . . . 

4th. To gain a portion of his goods, Tes-alpnuncm. 

oth. To gain the whole of his goods, les-guikununom. He gained 
me one game, " Ko-shitlpeniiis." He gained some of my goods, 
" Ko-alpniiis." He gained the whole of my goods, "Ko-gui- 
kunuis." He gains on me, he beats me, '' Ko-tlegupis." 

lith. I gained it, it made me owner, *• Ko-chditichstem." What did 
you gain by pra3'ing? "Stem u chtltiehstcms 4u t'a-szehiium ?" 

(i.Vfili, rt. Kolin. 

OAliliON, II. Sugumeton. ' » ' 

• lALIiOP, I". /. Chines-pak'zemisti, Chines-aipmi. 

(JALliOWS, H. Snchaz6ustcn. 

tlAM Blip], (;.«". Chi nes-gazgazmi. See Play. 

(lA.MBLINfi, V. Sgazgazim, Ngazgazminten. 
l(JAMBLTNfi-PLACE, a. Sngazgazminten. 
MJAMBLER, «. Gazgazmut, AlalpikK 
MtAME, rt. 1st. Animals pursued by sportsmen, (rnigueiiil. 





162 (iAT 

2(1. To play ono guniu, KuoH-nkoHliith'pHhitiie^ui. 

8(1. To looMo ono ^liino, (^hin-nkoHhittip. 

4th. To win ono ^auio, Tu iK-Hhittip, ('hin-ll«'>{(iponi. 

(i.VNDKU, SUik'k. 

UANGItKN, KH-8liip'«m. 

GAP, «. Kpl oH-jruk, 

<}AKI)KN, n. Snkolkaton, SnlkolkHton. ' 

(lARDKN-SKKDS, n. Snkfcin, SKi/.imc skAIku, 

GASIC, n. iHt. iMado with a jxjintod arm, SJnhu'iH. 

2d. Mado hy an axo, knifo-hlade, naw, Snichch. 

GATK, Hoe Door. 

(t.VTHKR, »'. t. It (itipcndH on th(! tliinj^ ^fathered up, and tht; place 

in which it i^ ^athurod. 
Int. In <ronoral, los-iaam'nn, which moanrt to collect all toir<>||ior. 
2d. Toj^athor people, (Jhines-ianiltuniHhi. 
3d. To gather h()i*H08, animals, ('hinoH-iamskiitjaci. 
4th. To fjather berries, Ciiines-kok'ui. 
i'uh. To jL^ather roots for food, Chines-j^ti/.ti. 

()th. To pick up stones, roundish objects, potato(^s, etc., les-pUi'itn, 
7th. To pick up reluse stutt", clothes, etc., leH-chcmcli(!mirn. 
Xth. To pick up from the {ground carrots, bread, et(\, les-es'chc^ncm, 
GATHKri, r. i.- Chines-iaami, Chines-iaamllshi. To gather around 

one, les-chiaaminom. Sec Crowd. 
GATHERING, See Assembly, Szisla, Sniiia, Sziamilsh, Sniaatin. 
GAY, 1st. Joyful, Es-npidls, Pipiit. See Pii. 
2d. Vivacious, Koilkolt, I-guil. 
GAZE, V, i. los-izgam. 
GAZETTE, n. Miminnit kaimin. 

GELD, V. t. Ie8-nkoako6pilsem, les-nkoiikot^pilskagaum. See Koc 
GELDKl), a. ?]8-nkoakofepil8. 
GENEALOGY, Sgolchemusshon. 
GENKBAL, «. Of an army, Ilimigum-s sojtis. 
GEN K RATE, v. t. Ist. In general, les-kolilem. 
2d. Of animals, le8-chk61ilzom, los-tku^ltem. See Boar, Briiiii | 

forth. Produce. 
GENEROUS, a. Ist. Liberal, Pepe6l. 
2(1. Large-hearted, Kuti8pu«i8. 
3d. Spirited, Koilkolt, Sisijis. 
GENIUS, n. Ist. Talent, Spagpdgt. 
2d. Disposition of mind, Spuus. 

nj), Hnd thi! |>la(»> 
t nil ton.'lhor. 

H, etc., lo«-|>l<«iiii. 


tc, loH-os'chiiiicni. 

r<» t^atluM- around 

,inil»l«, Sriiaatiii. 

iagjieiii- ^«*' Koo. 

Sot! Boar, Briiii: 

GKT 168 

(iKNTlLK, (I, Not chriHtiaii, TunVhAui, l-ttMicm<i8 Hk^lixu. 
(iKNTliK, a, SoMHiint, (ihiit remuins Htill), Tam<\ Kh-Ioj?; Tamed 

(iKNTLY, <///»•. lHt,iil<ukuilot. . ' 

.M. To Hpottk n»'ntly, <'liin»'H-Jkiikui<izinl, ('hinyH-konkonzini, C'Jiiii- 

;M. To «pcak j;«'ntly. flultoring, luH-kok>j{ue^uk{inom. 
Mil. To trout j^cntly, los-totthiin, loH-j^cHgeH^oliHtcin. " 

.'(III. 1 ;-;|K'uk to liitn ciUmly, i^cMitly, IcR-rikamkamkiincm. 
(IKNlJKIiKiVrroN, Sx-n//ljriR\p. ' ' 

(JKNIJINK, ff. l-tojr. 

(}KST.VTI()N, /I. Siiiin, S/,ntUiiku6lt,Szntk«felt. 
(iKSTUHIF.ATK, y. Iwt. To make gcsturt'H, to oxprcHH a puHHioti 
with, ri)ineK-])6/.koi. 

ill. To Hpnik with <^CHti('iilatloiiM (»( the handH, ChineH-tikni, Chin-!liH(i, CMiines-tiikui. 

(rKT, r. t. \h\. To eomoin poHHOHNion of an indefinite ohje«t, C/hin- 
-Ugut; or if the object it begins by s. Chin-tlgus. 1 got a wife, 
(Jliin-tigul-n6gonog. I got tobaeco, Chin-tignsmfenigu. 

•j(l. If the object is Hpecified, leH-tigum. 

;M. To be in poHsession of, to have an objoet indefinite, Chin-cpt, 
or Chin-ep if the substantive begins by .s. See have. 

4ih. To make, to cause, to induce, les-kolem; or, by the verb causa- 

.')lli. 1 get It, get my dues, Chin-pukaka. 

(rET, r. /. Ist. To become. See Become. 

2(1. It gets sawed, cut, poured, spilled, done, etc., in the 8eii.«»e that 
the object lends itself to being sawed, etc., or meaning the trans- 
ition from not being sawed, is rendered by reduplicating the 
last syllable. It is sawed, "Es-nicho." It got sawed, "Nich'ch." 
It is done, " E8-k6le." It got made, it is born, " K6lil." It is 
posed, " Ks-zaka." It got posed, it settled, "Zkak." It is 
poured- " Es-sigu." It got 8])illed, "Sigugu." It laj's dovvn, 
"Es-toko." It got down, fell down, ''Tkoko." It is conceived, 
" Es-ntkutlt." The baby got conceived, " Ntkukui^ll." This 
form socms to have no parallel in our language, and can be 
learned only by practice. Several derivative forms are origi- 
nated from this reduplication of the last syllable of the radical. 







t64 GIF 

Vol It iM iiiMiTlcd in Ncvurul mdiculH i»f the flrsi |»art of thix 

H(I. To j^ct uhuud, up, down, etc. Sor all lh««o udvorhw. 
(iirOHT, «. iroly— Saint Spa.m.ii^M. 
(•HOSTS, «. pi. iHt. Tho (Uuid. Tontcnuui, Nkott>niiKii, (ho calliMl 

by tlir wi'Ktorn Irilu'w). 2d. A ^^iunt ^host, S/.uoni'. ^d. A Uind 

of inviHihlu j^lioHt that Irij^liltMiH |K«o|»k'. SUii.sUiiM'rliusUfe. So*- 


(r[ANT, n. SliiumU-kiitenaIko, 

(ilHHOUS, (/. KH-nndvoichun. Soo iMoko, Miikii. 

(rlDDY, a 1st. I>i//-y, KN-n8olNoliiiti^MriHh. 

2d. Li^ht-hoadutl, IVikir, lvoku6ii. 

(tIFT, n. IhU In general, a« {^ivt-n Ity, St?ni/,(*h. My fj;ift, at" jjiviit 
me, "I-HfijuizHh." 2d. As j^iveii to, roeeived by, Sgiiiz'/sh. M_v 
gift, what isjifiven to me, I-H]u;iii//z8h. X. H. the reduplieated 
s here, and in ail the eompoHitioim. See fJuiz. 

Sd. New year's gilt, (JhichinehiHumshton, as made. My new yttar'.s 
gift, "Lu in-ehichint'hiHiimshten," /*^ that lor whieh I shake 
hands with the people. It is derived I'rom les-ehinini, les- 
chintchsem. I shake hands, Chines-ehineehihfjmshi. I shake 
hands with the people, as all Indians do on new year's day. 
Io8-chchinchiHumHlieni, I shake hands with the people lor 

4th. New year's gift as received, I/i-chichinohiltumshteii. 

5th. Gifts to a child, or small things as received, S/,ch6pen. The 
present made to me, a child, I-Hzch6pen. 

Hth. Gifts to a child ns made, ChepUiimshten. I have these shoes. 
which I will give to a child, " Iki-chepltiimshlen i«^ kaeshin." 

7th. Gift in contemplation of marriage, or seduction, to gain the 
good will, as a pledge. To receive such a gift, (Miincs-chtkncii, 
lit.. I have some thing placed at my feet. To make such a pres- 
ent, lo8-chtku6pom. See Tkom. 

8th. Presents made by a dying friend, as received by the survivor, 
Is-lkomnin. See Bequest. 

(UMLET, n. Lgominten. 

GIRD, V. t. les-chielem, les-lchim, les-nelcheuseni, res-npolchalk- 
8om. See Belt. 

2d. A horse, Chinos-kolkonchiskagaei. 



Ht yuri <><■ l'»'"" 


ml', aa. A UiiKl 

y, S^^ui/Z/hIi- My 
tht' nidujilii'uuil 

.. My iiuw yotti-H 

1)1- wluvh I Hliiikf 

li,s-t!liiinin, l^'!*- 

new yeur'rt iluy, 
\ the pooplo lor 

, s/.ciiiipoii. 'riu' 

uvc these shoox. 
Ihteii it^ ktioHluii." 
Kioiiito gttii» thf 
nuke !*uiU a l»'*'''- 

bv the survivor. 

In, les-tipulchalk- 

i;lUI), I', «. ()f»eHoir,(u imum), OhineH-noldhoMisiUi; (a wonmii), rhin. 

(illthliK, «. iHt. For u niuii, Snelclil'UH, Snh hoMxiiteii. 

2(1. Korn woman, NpolcliulkH. 

:M. For u hoi'Hc, Nk(»lk<»iicliiHkft>(u^ten, an corninoiily UHod tor Mud- 
dle horMufH. 

l(h. For a horse, llirowiii^ thi» j^irdle on the Haddh;, HurMiiigle, 
NlkoiK-hiHka^aMoii. < 

(ilUIi, li. Int. Not a boy, oidy to toll the hox, Sriietim, StimWuoern. 
•_M. A little girl below twelve, SbeHhiitom, Shiiteniiilt. 
:{d. At twelve, lij^c'tmiNh. 
Mil. I'uHt twelve, Stiicheinl«h. 

9lli. An irreproachable girl, Skomelt, cveu if hIiu be of old aj^e. 
(ilVK, r. 7. (IhiiieH-gu'izshi. 

(11 VK, V. t. Ist. (rive that away, leH-f^uiz/Hhem, ro«-lkoin. 
2d. I give Hoiiiething tu him, les-guiz'Hlitem, leH-tkoMhitom. 
;5d. I give him that, leH-guizhem; IeM-tk(dt^m. 
4th. I give away his, leN-gui/ZshomHum. 
"itli. i give inyselt up to . . . ChiiieH-kulguK'shemisti. 
nth. I give preseiitH to a child, leH-ch6penem. 

7tli. I give presents for a marriage, or to gain any one's good will, 

7th. I give back, lotoH-guizUem. 

!>tli. 1 give ear, Ies-chiit6nem, les-ntkukuenem. 

lOth. I give in, I-siz ohin-/.ikti : shti. 

11th. I give out, publish, les-mimiim, les-hikomim. To he at the 
end of his strength, C'hin-nlapaks. See hoc. 

12th. To go over, Its-kolguiz'shem, les-ptlichstem, les-huiem. 

13th. I give up, (-'hin-hoi. 

(iliAI), a. I am, Chines-lemti, Chines-npielsi. This last means prop- 
erly to rejoice, and Chines-nkam^lsi, I take pleasure. See I'ii, 

2(1. (ilad nows, Pipiit smimii. 

?>i|. Glad face, Chpiis. I make a glad face at him, [es-chpiusem. 

Gladsome eyes, Chpipiis. I look at him with gladsome eyes, 

4th. Gladsome, making glad, les-lemmim, les-npil'lshtem, les-nkoe- 




166 GLO 

(iLANdB, V. i. loH-Azgam, furtively without turning the head, les- 

-chalini. :, 

(tLAKING, a. Ipich. 
(rfjASS, II. l-gal. 2d. Lamps, Sz^kushin i-gal. 3d. GlasH-tunibler, 

SnsuHloM i-gal. 4th. Glass-eye, I-chpiks. 
(tLEAN, r. i. leH-chemchemim. \ 

GLIDE, V. ,s'. Chines-koapmi. 
GLITTERING, o. I-pich, I-pfegu, I-gal 
(J LOBE, I-miIko, St6ligu. 
{JLOOM, Gloomy, a. Iguiiigt. 
'i'K Gloom)- looking eyes, Chuguigus. 
8(1. Gloomy heart, Chines-nigup^lsi, Chin-totopspui^s, Chin-piipu- 

(JLOllIFICATION, n. Skutunt, Npielsten. ^ 

GLOIlIFy, V. i. To make glorious, Ie8-k61em kutuut. 

2cl. To ])raise, Ics-kuten^lsem, les-sisiszinem, les-iakomiU^mtusku- 

GliOItY, /). Isl. Praise, Snkutenfels. 

2d. What one is praised for, Ch-kutenoisten. 

8d. Tho greatness, Skuttint. 

GLORY, V. /. Chines-npi^lsi. I glory in my shame, " les-chnpielsem 
hi in-zooshtin." 

( I LOVE, «. Spec'hst. 2d To put on one's gloves, Chines-speehsti. 
3d. To pull olf one's gloves, les-ptlim in i-spechst. 

(J LOW, c. i. Es-ziiku, Es-zefeko. 

GLUE, n. McH'teniinten, which is properly carpenter's glue, Zpaka- 
miiiten, T^Hen, Telemen. 

GLUK, V. t. les-meeteminem, les-zpakdra, les-teltMn. To glue to- 
gether two objects, les-nzpakeusem. 

r-LlTED, ti. Es-crhzapk, part. What has been glued, Szchzpak. My 
shirt in glued on, not loose, "Bs-ehzapk hi i-snazlkeit." .My 
whirt got glued on, " Chzpak \\x i-snazl-kfeit." 

GLUTTON, .s. Ntollana, EJn^men, Kamm6men. Kammala. 

GLUTTONY, z. Sonsaiit, Sntellana. 2d. As a habit, Sntellanaten. 

GNASH the teeth, v. i. Es-ntiaghsinzuti, laziazi^zi^z I-u galegu. 

GNATS, n. Pepechime. 

GNAU, r. t. Ist. Of quadrupeds, les-gethm, 

2d. Ot flesh-worms, Es-gamAm, Es-haraAm, hamantas. 

3il. Of clothes worms, Es-geipem. 

the head, lee- 

ui^s, Ohin-pnpu- 


" les-chnpielHem 


ter's j^luc, Zpaka- 

in. To glue to- 

\ Szchzpak. My 
-anaztkeit." My 


^it, Sntellanaton. 

ki^z \n galegu. 


GO 16T 

(tO, v. i. Ist. I am on my way to, Chin-ends. 

2d. Chinos-gui. 

3d. To file away, moving the camp, Kaes-komdpem, 

4th. To go about, to endeavour, Chines-ntdlei, Chine8-kofeni. 

jt To go around, rhines-gusteluisi. 

t)th. To go ahead. Ist. To be first, Chines-shiitemi. 2d. To continue, 
Chincs-tagoliisi. 3d. To proceed, les-golshitusom- 4tli. To g<» 
further in advance, Chines-tgfii. 

7th. To go away, Chines-guisti. 2d. To clear away, Ohines-tidkui. 
3d. To disappear, Chinet-cho. 

8th. To go after, les-nguiem, les-nshiiistem. 

9th. To go back home, Chines-l'gui. 2d. Returning from an unfin- 
ished trip or walk, Chin-eipelehiis. 3d. Returning from a long 
winter's hunting, Chin-et-imsh. 

lOth, To go between, amongst, les-ngustfeusem. les-nshisteusem. 

1 1th. To go by without stopping, Ch'nes-ngozusi, les-ngozusem, 
los-chgozim. See Goz. 

12th. To go behind, Chines-eutepi, Chin-gui I'snchemichen. 

13th* To go down a hill, stairs, etc. Chines-u6lkupi. 2d. From on 

horseback, or any other way, throwing oneself down, Chines- 

-tipenzuti. See fall. 3d. To go down, sinking inside, Chines- 

nishilshi. See Ish6t. 4th. The sun goes down, Es-chsoozkani. 

See Down. 5th. To go to the bottom, Chines-kaetemi. 
I4th. To go tar, Chines-lkokomi. To go farther, Chines-tzii. 
15th. To go ior, to, aftei', les-chguiem; or, with the preposition ch 

prefixed to the noun made a verb. 1 go for flowers, "Chincs- 

I6th. To go in. See Enter. 

17th. To go off, Chines-guisti. Said of a gun, Lgopinch. 
18th. To go on, Chines-tgoliisi. Go on, imp.. I-gii. Of clothes, shoes, 

19th. To go out, Chines-ozkaei. 2d. Of water, Sigugu, Es-aupmi. 

3d. Of grains, Es-pkoko. See Pok. 
20th. To go, lost, Chines-oosti. 
2l8t. To go straight, Chines-tgomenziiti, I-chin-tog. 
22d. To go to, les-chgdiem. 
23d. To go there, Chin-chzii. 
24th. To go to bed, Chines-tk6ti. 
25th. To go buffalo hunting in winter, Chines-irasheluisi. In spring, 







2f)th. To go to camp, to pass a night at somebody's, Chines-nzi- 

tshilshi. See Itsh. 
37th. To go to see the trajis, Chines-tlos^ni. See Tlec. 
28th. Togo to war, stealing horses, ('hines-geilshi. 
29th. To go together, Chines-shish^i, Kae-chshinnfegui, Kaes-she- 

30lh. To go through, as a thread in the eye of a needle, etc., Cliin- 

31st. Togo with, Chines-g6i 1', les-nkutg^iem. See Aceompany. 

les-ehshinim, les-gazutem, les-guiiisem. See With. 
82d. To go up a h»dder, Chines-chiulshi. A hill, Chines-shalluti. .\ 

stair-case, C'hines-shaltkti. High up, Chines-nuisshelshi, 

33d, To go afoot, Chine8-gust61egui. 

34th. To go on horse-back, Chines-ehemteusi, Chines-chikalshtiisi. 

35th. To go in the water, Chinos-ngust^tikui. 

36th. To go slow, Chines-tkukuifetei. 

37th. To go quick, Chines-uAmisti. 

38th. To go under, Chine8-ch8o6skani. 

39th. To cause to go, les-guiem. 

40th. To let go, les-ptlim, les-ptlechstem, les-goelem, les-haum. 

4l8t. It goes to me, it does not go. See Agree. 

(40AD, s. Skuenel. 

GOAD, V. I. Tes-ilim, les-nilichinem. 

("rOAT, Tie, n, Jjonienclchshin. She, Xlimkae. He goat with thin 
horns, Sgotlfei. 

(tOD, n. Kolinzuten. (Ainotkan, an old deity). Would to (iod 1 
Komi ! God forbid, Komi ta; Tagui; Komi ta kaezageil. God 
willing, No ntelshi ep sznt^ls. 

GOD-FATHER, God-mother, n. Pogot, Skolpogot, Skol'leeu. 
Skol8k6i. God-child, Skolsgusigult. God-bo}-, Skolskusee, God- 
girl, Skolstomchelt. Who will be your god-father? " Sufet In 
aks-kolpogot? Suet lu akt-pogot. 

(iODLESS, a. Ta epf Kolinzuten. 

(TOGGriB]S, n. Nshinshinusten. 

GOITRE, n. Es-k6}kolti. 

GOLD, ft. Knalit ulalim. Gold dust, Es-p6ko ululim. 

(tOOD, a. Gest, 16. 2d, Not good, Tas gest, Tas io. Sd. Good tor 
nothing, I-tenemus. 

8, Chines-nzi- 


;gui, Kaes-sho- 
dlc, etc., Chin- 

e Accompany. 

no8-8halluti. A 


sm, leH-haiim. 

jjoat with thill 

Would to (iod: 
[kaezageil. God 

3g6t, Skol'leeu. 
^kolskusee, Cxod- 
ither? "Su6t l" 

k». Sd. (rood tuv 

UliA 169 

<i()()l)S, /*. St;ikcl/ait, /^i. SkumiiolKzut. In conipositiion, — Iflzfit. I 

hiivo icood i>;o()(ls, " ("hin-i^cslszut." I ioso some jjoods, "Chin- 

-oslzi'it." Wliiit kind of jroods? " Stcmlszut?" 1 take iioodn, 

■' Chiii-kinu'lszut." 
(lOOSK, /(. Kusi«j;a, fd,, Kuskiisi}j;u, 'rptposgan. 
(rOOSK-HKHKY, Soo Currants. 
<i()|{K, /•. /. lo8-luuin. 
(iOSPKr^, n. 1st. Thi' (htctrinos ot'oiir Lord, h\i szniichumsh .Icsus 

it\. Book of . . . Kaiininti-s Ivolinzuten, Koliiizuten szkoIkii61t-s. 
(iOVKflX, r. f. Ics-cdizojfiiopik'm, Jc8-chiliin«fuepiloin, les-chitim, 

(lOVKIlNOIJ, /*. lliniio-uni, Clizt)gudpilenzuton. 
(iOWX, //. Snazikeit. See Aaz. In (•<)mp()sition, — alks. I have a 

iiici' <ro\vn, " (!hin-pikaiks," 
(illACE, /*. 1st. As fiivor rocoived, Snkonin. 2d. As fiivor made, 

, (illACKKini, (1. (Jest, (rracetnl speaker, Es-nu;eb/ani. 
|(ili\(M()rS. ,/. Mereitiil, Nkonkonneis, (Jest. 
j(!l!AKT, r. t. les-iishiteseuseni, (irafted, Ks-nsliiteseus. 
j(iliAlN, n. Kor seed, Skolka. See Seed. 
|(ii:ANI)-I)Ar(;ilTEI{, i>. 1st. said by a man, my son's (hxughter, 

I-su;« )u'. My daughter's daugliter, I-silc. The grand-daughter 

(•alls her grand-fatlier by the same name, and both are "Sgape- 

iis," oi', ''Sileus," /. ('. (rrand-father and grand-daughter one lo 

the otlier. 
I'.M. Said by a woman, My son's daughter, lii-kene. My daughter's 

(laughter, in-chi'-hie. Again the grand-daughter calls the grand- 

niotiier by the same name, and both are, •' Kaneiis," or, " (.'hi- 

thieiis," reciprocally. 
|(inAXlMJnANI)-l)Ar(;ilTKI{, //. T6j)ie, and the same is grand- 

grand-tather, or. mother, and they ar*- " Topifcus," together. 
|<il{AN l>S()X, /(. 1st. Sai<l by a man, My son's son, l-sgepe. My 

(laughter's son, I-sile, and ricr /•(/•s./ as tor grand-daughter. 
'Id. Said by a woman, is also the same as grand-daughter. 
«il!A\l)-FA'rilEH, II. 1st. Said by a woman. 1-sile. 
LM. My a man, I-sgepo, as above. 

fiHANT, r. t. les-sheiem. les-^liiclseni. I givi' it. les-gnizshcni. 
iHAXTKI), Shei. 





170 GRA 

(}RAPES,(oregon), s. Szals. The shrub, Szalse. 

(IFIAPPLE, V. i. les-kuestem. 

(IRASP, V. t. los-Chinim. 

TrRASS, w. Ist. (Jrowing, Upulogu. 2(1. ("ut, Supulcgii. 8lI. (Jood. 

Sgas^stie. 4th. Poor, S'chosestie. 5lh. (jroeii, 1-kuii, Iliiiikiiiii- 

legu. 6th. Grown grass, Skualukgu. 7th. Dried, Kocluk-gu. 
GRASSY,'/. Upulegu, Kuikuiulogu, Kiuvliilegu. 
GRASSHOPPER, n. T'taze. 
GRATE, r. t. Ics-goakoin. 
GRATIS, adv. l-t'teni'iiius, 1-goI-tencinus. 
(rRAVE, n. Ntkotin, Ntkol^giiloii, Es-iilog, Xtcntcmiieilon. To 

dig u grave, Chiiios-iizikai. To fill a grave, Ghiiiewliikiii. To 

put in the grave, les-ntkoiii, Ies-iih)«)iii. 
GRAV'H-YARI), .s. Sntentemntiteii. 
<tRAVE, (if. lat. I-see. 1 h)ok grave, l-chiii-clisi'scrs. 
2(1. Quiet, tirm, I-zaii, Z'nzant, Z'liap. 
GRAVEL, J-j'Hz'znu'shen, Ji's/ZzniesiifeHJien. 
GRAVITATE, v. i. Es-keteini. 

GRAY, lloary-headed. 1st. Man, Es-j)kaniaiakan, l^ik'kan. 
2d. Animals, Pik'kaiakan. 
(JRAY-IIORSE, S'ehgeilps. See (Jei. 
fJRAZE, ('. i. Chines-gatlulegui. 
GRAZE, v.t. les-gatlini, les-gatlulegum. 
(tHEASE, rt. Skozt. 1st. Tallow, Olikul. 2d. Swiiniuing or hoiiiiiu 

meat, Es-chiheko. See Teko. 4tli. It iianlens. Es-ini|inui. 'uli. 

It melts, Es-oiemi. 
(rHEASE, r,t. Chines-potli, Cliiiies-niiiii. 
(iREASY, 1-potl, I-liut. 
GREAT, (t. Kutunt. 2d. Hig, lliick, lull. od.Grt'al in muimIht. 

Goeit. 4th. Great in length, of space, risshcn. otli. Of linu. 

Kaaip. (nh. Great nhove all, Es-iishiizin kutunt. Tlli. Woitlix. 

Sissius. See S'mis. 
• rREATNESS, //. Skutiint, Siult. Suisslicn. Skiisi|,. 
<;UEE1)Y, See Glutton. 

(rREEN, Blue,'/. 1st. 1-koiii./^ l-konkoMi. 
2d. (Jrass. See Grass. 
:}d. Beads, ('hiiordvoins. 
4th. Wood. Kaliilko. 
•Mil. (ireen bough, I-ehkudp. 
•ttli. Not ripe, Es-gtiu. 

emu. :^lI. (»o<'"I. 
-kuii, IkuiUiiiii- 
[l, KocluU'gii. 

ntfiTiiuMleii. 1<> 
hiiu'.-liiUni. T" 


Ks-imimia, 'lit. 

\\-M ill ihiiiiIht. 
III. Mh. 0\' liiiH'- 
III. Til). Worlliv. 

RRl 171 

7th. Krcsh, Inexperienced, a. Siz, Udkaiikt. 

UUKKNISll, a. I-lkokoin. 

<il{Kb7r, r. ^ Chiiies-c'haui, lus-kolskeliguin, leH-uzgHm, leH-cliint!- 

<il{IT)-iri()N, n. Nzagamen. 

(linKVK, '•. '. 1st. ('hiiios-pupus6nchi, ZaI hi i-spuus, Zkoako hi 


-M. To grieve at . . . les-clipupusenehem. 

IIIUKVK, IK t. Ies-])npiis6n(^heni, piipusencliMten, les-guizshtcni 

t'spupii sencii, los-kolnhitern t'spiipusencli, leH-hiuttem hi 

spuiis-z, los-manttein hi .spiius-z. 
(iUlMA('K, r. /. ()hine8-p6ipis. 

(il'IXD, r. /. 1st. Tn pulverize something, Chines-goakoi. 
2(1. To become pulverized, Ks-goakoko. 
(iliXD-STONH, (ioakomeii. ' 

(rRIPK, The bowels, r. i. Chines-nzalenehi. See Zal. 
<iRlST, n. Sgoako. 
(ilJlST-MILL, n. Sngoiikomen. 

(iUlZZIjY, (t. (Jei. (xrizzly bear, Smgtiiehin, i. e. grey on the back. 
(iROAN, V. i. Ciiin-enu. 
irROOVK and tongue, r. t. lets-nlos^usem, pi. les-nloseliscm. 

(rrooved and tongiied, Es-nloseiis, pi. E^-nloselis See Loom. 
(IROPK, r. /. (;hinest'zt6zi. 
(iROTTO, »(. Ks-nl6go. 
<i ROUND, H. Malt. 
■J(l. Land, estate. Stbligu. 
i.'ROlJNI) <i(i Szgoako, Es-goako. 
(iROUND, /•. /. See Foundation. To bv!d apon stones, les-chke- 

issbinem In H'sbensii. 
<;R0USK, t). Kalkaize, Skakegu. 
(iROVK, II. Kalnii. 
<iR()\V, /■. '. (1st.) Of inanimate obje(!ts coming into existence by 

natural procews, Es-kualemi. 
1st. The gras.s grows, E.>*-kiialulegui, Kss-chkualupsi. 
■_M. Tlu' branches grou Hs-chkiialechsti. 
:{il. The wheat gro'^s, K.s-kiiab>IUo, Tlecluli, means, " It is coming 

out ol' the ground." 
hii. The horns grow, KN-kiialepels'chin. 
•Mil. 'I' lie hair grows, lOs-chkiialclgui. 
'itli. The nails grow, Es-kolkuakalUcitichsti. 

3 » 


a ' 



^- ' 

172 ' (illi » 

7th. Tho tail grovv8, Ks-flikimlupsi. 
8th. Tho teeth f^row, Ks-iiUimleisi. 

(2d.) Of any object increasinj; in size, 
fixed to the adjective or verb. 


age, use 

— ilNhi at- 

Ist. I grow ill age, CliiiieH-pogtiishi. 

2d. I grow good, ('hines-gestilshi. 







Hd. I grow old, ChiiieH-pogtiiilslii. ^ 

4th. J grow bad, ('hiiie.s-tieiiilshi. 

5th. I grow big. Chiiies-kutentilshi. 

8th. I grow small, (.'I:ines4kukiiiiiietuilshi. 

7th. I grow ill number Cliines-goetuilslii. 

8th. I grow wise, Chines jiagpagtilshi. 

6t^-. I grow tall, Cliinos-kiitoiialkoilshi. 

GKOW, V. i. See produce. 

(tROWL, v. i. C'hines-alinti, Chines-naiaiepi. 

GROWL. Ist. I growl at the chief's, los-naiaiepein In ililiiniguih. 

2d. I growl at that, les-clisnaiaiepem. 

3d. I growl, speaking evil, Chines-ncliesznupi. 

(IROWX, Tall, person or tree, Kiitenalku. 

(tRUB. r. t. Chines-lkemi, les-lkeni. 

(rUARD, i\ t. 1st. To protect from danger, les-kolkeigiiin. 

2d. To take care of les-chitim, les-chshtiin. 

(rUARJ), r. ('. To watch the enemy, C'liines-cligalcmi. See ( 'aiuiinis. 

(tUARI), /(. 1st. A sentinel, Sgu-chgalem, Sgiitazgain. 
2d. One that takes care of my property, l-sguciiilim. 
3d. One that takes care of me, ln-chiten/,uten. 
4th. Horse-guard, n. Sguchit'skagae. 
;">tli. To give ill guard, les-chi(clem. 

<)tli. To give myself in guard, les-cliitelemisteiii, les-ncliitei-lu'ini- 

GUARDIAN,/*. Cliilenziiteu. 

GUARDIAN Angel, Ange cliilenziiten. 

irUKSS, c. /. 1st. To conjecture at raii<loiii, ( 'liiMes-kiihiiii. ( 'h 






2d. To guess right, to hit. ( 'liin-kuhiiicK Cliiiies kiil/.inneli. 
(rUKSSER,, /(. 1st. One that guesses rigiit, lucky. 
id. Tedious giiesser, given to guessing, Kiihuiiiiemcii. 
;!d. One that guesses it, Kulaun/ulen. 
GUKST, //. 1st. S'ehiizin. 

use, — 'il>lii til- 

lii ililiini<;-iiiu. 




-Iviihtiii. < 'hill 



(iin 178 

2(1. Ono liviiij; with mo for a good whik', Jii-giiezi'ii, lii-u;iiiziii. 

(jriDK, .s'. 1st. A C'oinpunion on the road, Sgazut. 

2(1. Oiu> to teach the road, SgunmiakHcni. 

;j(l. One to go ahead, Egii^hiit, Golshitenzuten. 

(rlll I)E, r. i. Ist. To aceompaijy, los-gazuloni. 

2(1. To teach the road, Jes-niniakiseni. 

;{<!. To go ahead of him, les-golshitiisein. 

4th. To conduct, les-guiussem. 

.Mil. To bring straight, Ie8-tgoniin>. 

(tth. To guide a horse. See Horse. 

(IIJILLOTINE, r. t. les-nchitusseni, IeH-nsj)useni. 

(ilTir/r, .s. SkuiM^ie. 

(IITILTY, a. K8-kun6ni8 hi teie. 

(rlJM, ■>«. Tko^i. See Pitch. To chevv gum, ('hnu's-koakoaltkoei. 

<;UM, r. t. les-t^lem. 

(JIJMS, s. Snalt^guten. 

<iUN, (Shot), n. Sololemineh, /. (. Iron bow. 

2(1. Double barrel gun, Sneselelzo. 

8(1. Six-barrel, six-shooter, Takanchistelze. 

4th. Seven-shooter, Nspelchelze. 

;nli. Rirte, Es-nshinshinshcmclze, Gauteus, ijgoeus. 

Otli. Breech-loading gun, Xtaloniel/.e, Xtalemups, Xchcgkucnc, 

"til. Needle gun, Chilohegu^ne. 
^tli. Gun-shot, Stapskeligu. 
•Uh. (run-powdcr, Npkumin. 
lOlli. Gun shot, (ammunition), J-izizemele. 
lltli. iiiMi bullets, Lmilemii. 
12tli. Fixed ammunition, Sinclieinch. 
IBth. Gun worm, Chgolkomen. 
Utii. To load a gun, Chines-nchoiiiehi. Sec Clif. 
l;nli. To level a gun, Chines-tgominchi. 
liilli. To tire a gun, Cliines-tajiskeligui. 
ITtli. The gun starts, Es-lgopilshi, ligopiiicli. 
llStli. I have no gun, Ghincs-clisteminclii. 

lOtli. What kind of a gun have you 5* Stemincli In ii-Militicmiiicli. 
-'Oih. I'lii' gnu bursts, Es-ntelkiisincli. 
UUT. //. Stgench. 
• iCT, r. ^ k's-cbtelkueiisem. 












I. H. 

II A HIT, ti. Int. iimnnci'K, Ziiiit. 

2<l. Iliihit coiiti'Mcteil by ro|)cut('(l ucts, Skociii. Sch' Kocoiii. , 

."{(i. Divss, Siulzikiiit, (luziiuintoi). 

IIABITITATK, r. /. IiiH-koukojim. ^ 

2(1. Habituate oricsolf to, Ics-koiMuiiK'rn, loH-clikoiMniiuMu. 

|[ABITUALLV, Is rcMwIcred by tlie verb continiiate "es," «»r by 
tbe treciiientiitive final — "liiisi." I did Hteai, "('liiri-nako.'- lam 
in the habit of stealinff, "(Jliines-nako," or "('liineH-nkonilni- 
si." ,. • ^ 

IIA(t(;A|{D-L()()KIN(J, .7. Ks-cbkomkonniH. 

IFvMli, n. 

HAIL, r. i. Es-Halussei. 

II Al L, r. f. To salute, Cbineskoit'si, les-koit'soni, (.'liiues-cliaiii. 

les el 


HAIR, /(. Ot'th,' bead, Kmnkan. Hair of othorparts, Spu 



orse man 

e, S'cbi/.elelns. 

;M.()ne hair, Nkoejts; Two hairs, Kseliip; Three hairs, (Jlu-bHs Four 
liairs. Musp; Five hairs, Zilchstep; Six hairs, Takanchst6p, 
Seven hairs, Spelcliop; Kiyht hairs, Hannu-p, Nine hairs. 
(iant(!^p; Ten hairs, Openchstt^p. 

4th. Pli-nty hair, (ioe/'p,, ( 'hjj;oakein, (o1' the head.) 
•")tb. Few hair, 4-in«';p, ('idokein (of the liead.) 
•)th. 4Iair standinf"' on top of the head, dishevelled, Ks-ebaek*in. 
7th, My liair is smoothed down, l-ehin-4u/kan. 

><tb. To smoothe oiie'w hair by the liaml, Cldnes-lazkani. les lezoni 
hi komka-is . . . 

Uth. To smoothe one's hair witti water, or wet iiands, ('liines- 






lOth. Hair tressos at the o<(i|m(, ( 'hines kolk'zapkan. 

I Ith. Hair trusses at the ears, ('hines-nkazka/.erie. 

12th. Hair looso at the ear-side, ( Miines-ehti'ltalpeiie. Il plaiti'd al 

the ears, Isl. For woniei). ( 'hiiu's clist'stchpeiu'. 2d. For men. 

|;>tli. (Jrav hair of iiorst's. I-clorilp. 2d. ot 


I chk 

fll). >t'C 





ite "cH," <»r liv 

liin-niiUo.'- lam 


1, Cluiics-cliaui. 

I'M, (;lu'hn»; Foiii' 
s, 'raUuncliHtep. 
i]», Niiu' liairs. 

, K,s-chaek»iii. 

;l<ii;ii. loH-fezeiii 

liiinds, Cliiiu's- 

'or iiH'ii. 

I4tli. HIack liair, I-k<>ui|>. 

|;')lh. To cut tl\(.i hair, ("liiiios-clif^oizkani. Sue (jioi/.. 

MUli. To cut tlio luiif close to the rtkiii, loM-chailkaiioiii. See Ail. 

ITtli. Hair liriiHl), Usk(>iiite!i. 

IKtl). lied hair, I-clikiiilps. 

I!)tli. To rawp off the hair of hojjjH to drens them, (.'hineH-(Jia«'<)pi, 

IcH chiifjopcni. See ago. 
IIAFjK, a. Sound, F-giiil, I-gc."*, SgnlgijilwUcligii. 
HALF, /(. S'chut. See Kractioii. 
-M. Ilalf'-ltreed, (liidianj, S'chutomskeligii. 
:i(l. llalfhreed, (Negro), Uehi. 
4th. Halt'-hroed, (lIorHo), S'chiiteniHiiipHkagae. 
•Mil. To (Mit ill halves, Jes-chuteiii, les-iiichusein, les-nicheliiiiseju. 

See Nich. les-nskeiisciii, les-ngolcusein. 
()th. Half moon, S'ch'ehut't, for the tirst quarter, and for the third 

(jnarter, Et-s'ch'chiit't. li. "encral Esnlgoeiis. 
Ttii. Ilalt-hrothor, I-Htikius'igu, See brother. 
Mill. Half-sister, I-snki'.sigu. See Sister. 


r. I. 


UALliOO, r. t. les-utH'm. 

HALLOW, V. i. lespotoeiii. 

HALO, Sun-dog n. Sololagani. 

HALT, *•. /. Chines-tlpmi. See tHI. 

HA[/rER, .s. Slgui)us, Agausteii. 

IL\LTEIi,r. f. ieH4g»])useui, les-agausem. Chiiies-lgupskiigaei. 

HAMMEIi, )>. Teemin, Teeniint 



t. !es-t 


HANI). 1st. /«. Chelsh. 

-M. Hight hand. S'chz'hechst. See Zehem. 

;!(1. Lett hand, S'ch/.ikue. 

nil. One hand, (nisUotechst. 

•')tli. To Shake hands. ( 'hines-<'liaui. (.'hines-chinechsi, Chine.s- 

teinclisti; /rc//v., Kaes-temeliiHiiiiegui. (To i efuse th«' hand. 

Chines golvclisi. ) 
Till. To stretch the hand, ("hines-giipomeeiisti. 
"<tli. To extend the havid, ' hiiies-guale< hsti. 
'••(11. To lay the liaiid on. to touch, les-tkcin. See 'i'aU. 
Kith. T" press down with the han<l, ies-cliiltakenem. 
llth. Hand, for servant, wotkniati, S/.ehomist, Chelsh. S'chuag.-ui. 


I7«{ II AX 

S^uUolfiii. Set' ('((Id, Fivozt', VVuhIi, DiNlnciitc. 
I'itli. To touch willi tlic tipH ol" (lie fiiif^erH, Ioh-cIiii^iIiii. ' 
IBtli. I piK my liiiixl in u hole, IcH-ntUuuNCiii. 
I4tli. I put my liiinH, Hiij^ors in u liolo, loH-nlochiHtiisfin. 
lotli. I ilip my IuukI in the wutor, ChiiiCNuhx .iiNt^tiUni. 
ilAXh. r. t. To <;ivi" ovor l»y thi' l.aiid, It'H-xkiineni, Ii-sjinizHht'm. 
llAXD-CrKP, *•. i. Ics-lcluthNi'm, loN-a/AiiHom In chilshi's, h-s- 

-Ichc'iiHcm III cht'lHhis, l«-H-lch'im. 
llAXDFlJIi, //. Olio, XkoltomlacliHttstn. 2d. If with ht-th luiiids 

JoiiK'd, XUolchtMiicchHti'in. 
IIAXI)KK[{(;HIKF, i>. SptVAMi, (if used to wipe the liiindK), Nep- 

steii, (ifuHed to wipe tJiU face), SkalepH, (neok eloth,) 
IIAXDLK, 1st. Toueii or foal with the liaiidH, Tes-chooclistoni. 
"id. To use with tho hand, is rendered liy — mineni, afHxod to the 

railieal verit, r. (/., to handle an axe, los-Hholeminoin, Cnnii 

Shelini. Tt» handle a saw, ios-nichenienem, from Xichoni. See 

.'{d. To treat ill or ««;ood, Ies-a<^i>ilom, los-chzuteohHtom. 
4tli. To hold with the liuiids, losl<n6stem. 
')th. To handle a lutrso, etc., les-te/.ein, Ios-tott>um. 
(itli. To holil a fractious liorso, lesaz/nuiiom, les-koniii^nein. 
IIANDLK, )i, lst.(;ii'(hinminton, Snoirchnemin. See ("hiii. 
'2i\. Knife-handle, S/.chninehomonten. 
■■)d. Axehandlo, S'sheloniititon. 
4tli. Ifandlo of a crank to turn, Silchoinin. 
")th. Circular handle for jiail, kettle, etc. ('hiiilkoehton. Tho pail 

lias a handle, Rs-chialkocli. See lalk. 
•Hh. To hreak a handle, los-climiiupilem. 
7th. The handle hroaks, Ks-cliinojiopile, Ks-chkau])«>|tile. 
xth. To take off the liandh^ of an axe, rosclikutlim. 
IIAXDSO.ME, (I. (i«'st, Sniiiumt. See Uiiuimt. 
1[.\X(t, r. t. 1st. To place on hi,ij;h any ohjoct,ii()t meaning to tiisti-n 

it, les-shalim, les-chshalim. 
2d. Moaiiiiuj; the risinif it from below, los-chfj;oeuseiii. 
'■\(\. .Meaiiiiiii" the tyiiii;', fastoniiifi on hinh as on the li'allows, les- 

4th Moaniiii; tlio hooking* on high, los-chkalguousom, los-kalgum. 
•^th. To hang some ono by the nock, los-kohi/.'zinoni. 
()lh. To hang jiicturos around tho wall, los-niliguonchom. 

7th. To 
Sth. To 
Itth. To 
lOth. JI 
-M. Sim 

•'M. Meat 
tth. Mea 
■nU. A t 

fitli. To 
Tth. To h 
.^tli. To b, 
!)tli. To ii 



mo 'f 

-M. Soinet 

•'ill. Someti 

liens t 

Uh. Xothii 

otli. It haji 



-M. The ca. 

•M. Tho ha 



Our L( 

his suff 

-M. I am ha 

;^<I. I am all 





flAHi), a. 1 

III. > 



chMslil's, l»'s- 

ih Ix'th IihihIs 

L' IihikIw), Xtp- 
.attixed to tin- 
loiniiicm, t'i'<»iii 
n Niclu'iii. Si'f 


.e (Miin. 

fiti'ii. 'I'lu- pail 


|aiiiiig til I'astfii 


I' u;all<)\vs, K's- 

|, h's-knljium. 


HAN 177 

Till. To liaii^ oneself by thotu'ck, (MiiiieH-kohizV.inzuti. 

*<lli. To liaiif^ (lovvti the head, CliiiieH-chit^ikani. Soe Tui. ; 

'.Mil. To hail};- down the head to tlie jfround, bonding, KH-niliilogu. 

lOtli. Head down, lieelH up, NuuiuUan. 

IIAN(«, 1'. /. }st. T'> be ill a plaeo hanging, ChinoM-chahalteus. 

2(1. Simply to be hanging down without regurd to the lotution, 

■U\. Meaning to have been raised from below, Chines-chgo^usi. 

Itli. Meaning that the person has been tied on high, f'hines-ehaz^UK. 

.')tii. A tree lianging down, inclined, out of jjcrpendicular, Kh- 

(illi. To hang on a j)erHon, to lean on, Chines-ebh-emi. 

7th. To ha»ig down below the speaker, Chines-t'shaltdus. 

Stli. To be weighty, Ks-kete, as the scales. 

!(tli. To incline, to have a ))ropension. Chin-cp-s'chguluten. 

HAN(!IN(}, part. Ks-chshalteus, Ks-ehazeiis, Es-chgo6us, Es-Hhalul. 

IIAXKKR, c. /. After, Chines-chtuiein, Chin-ep-s'cliguliitcm. 

ll.U'PKN, r. «. What happened? Kzs'cheny What happened to 
ine '!* Ko-CH-cheiieni ? 

id. Something ha])pens, Tec-es-ehfeni. 

:M. Something hapi)ens to me, Te«>-ko-es-chfcnem. Something hap- 
pens to us, Tet-kaos-chelilt. 

Ilh. Xotbing haj)pone(l to me, Ta tee-ko-us-chenem. 

.')tli. It happened, Shci. 

HAPPINESS, n. 1st. The being happy, Snpi6ls, (See Pii), Slein'- 

2(1. The cause of happine>js, N])i6!stcn, Lem'msxuten 

:{(1. The happiness of a family, Sgespi^ut. 

IfAPPY, rt. 1st. Es-npielsi, Es-lemti. N. H. Leint means content- 
ment, not to bo displeased or mad. NjtiHs means the rejoicing,. 
Our liord on the cross E^-Umti, i. r., was not disjileased with 
his sufferings, but in the resurrection JiJs-npiilsi. 

2(1. I iiin happy at, for, les-chlemtem, les-cbnpi^lsein. 

3(1. I am all well, happy, T-chin-ges. See Gos. 

IIAKANGUK, i\ /. Chines-ueulshi, Chines-kolko61ti. 

irAHANtJUE, n. Sueiilsh, Skolkoelt. 

lEAPiANdUER, n. Sgukolkoelt, Sguuc^ulsh. 

HAJJHINGKU, Sgushiit, Golshitusten. 

ITAjn), a. 1st. To the touch, I-tas. What grew hard. T'sap. 




^ .^%. 




.sr \^ ii. 

< ^ 



1.0 If 1^ I 



1*0 111112.0 


1-25 ||.4 1.6 







WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 

"•V V ,^ 









2d. Firmly adhering the parts, ditliciill to sepanitc, um hard meat, 

wood, etc., Tlizt. 
3d. Difficult lO accomplish, to bear, to please, Tlizt, Selsilt, lemi- 

emt. See Sil, lem. 
4lli. Of liquid irozeii hard, Es-nimap. 

MARI), adv. 1st with pressure, vehement, loiot, Sisirts, Pizpizt. 
2d. To speak hard, les-piz'ziiiem, ('hines-piz'zneinisti. See Piz. To 

speak hard, in a passion, Chines-gut'tzini, les-aipzinem. 
3d, It is hard on me, it oppresses me, Ko-es-siechstem, Ko-es-pi- 

zemstem. See Sisius, Piz. 
4th. Also rendered by Tastul. See TuK 
5th. To work hard, Chines-koli t ioiot. To pray hard, loiot chines- 

HAIiDEN, 7K i. Chines-t'sapmi, Chines-tlizini, Ei-nimpnia. 
IIARDKX, V, t. les-t'sapem, les-tlizim, les-impaiu. 
HARDENED, .7. T's^p, Tlizt, Nimap. 

HARD-HEARTED, (i. Tlizspuus. ' ! 

HARD-HEADED, a. Tlizkan. 
HARD-KARED, Ntlizne. 
HARDLY, adv. 1st. Scarcely', Geih-neu-ta. 
2d. Strong, healthy, 1-guil, loiot. 
HARE, n. Skuakuze. 
HARE-LIP, Tuchaposkan. See Tuich. 
HARLOT. See Whore. 
HARM, Hurt, r. /. 1st. To an animate object, spoiling, les-kolgot'i- 

2d. Harm to a person, les-ches'chstem, les-tgupini, les-+gupnunoiii. 

les-mel-nielchsteni, les.chtleepilem, les-gutechstem. 
HARM, n. Ist. Sigup. 
2d. To cause havni, misery to . . .•Jes-chtleepilem, les-gutechsteni, 

les-chtletlecm. See^Tlee. Do him no harm, "Ta tee ks-es-dii- 


3<l. To sutt'er harm, detriment, les-uichem tee stem. Chin pekak;i. 

Cl)in-lgup. See Lose. I did not surt'er any harm. "Ta ie]»-H/.- 

iiich; Ta lee-ko-es chenem." 
4-th. There is no harm, Ta, I-tenemus. 
IIARNKSS, n. S'chagzaskaga^ten. See Agem, Chageizt'. Collar. 

HARiVKSS, r. ^. Ohines-chagzaskagaei. 

as hard meat, 
t, S«l»ilt, lemi- 

08, Pizpizt. 
ti. See Piz. To 
»8tein, Ko-eis-pi- 

ril, loiot chines 


-■\3 'I 

^} I' 

|in<^, les-kolgoe'l- 

I, les-lgupiu\iu>iii. 

L los-guttx-hsteui, 
rra tee kH-es-olii- 

jin. Chin pekakii. 
lann, 'Ta iep-sx- 

haijeize. Collar. 

2(1. I harness that horse, lea-chageizeni. . ,„!,.(..;.. 

1(1. I harness liis. horse, les-ehaf^eizeHom. , ;. . , i] 

IlAUNh^'^SEI), a. Ks-chageize. ^ /yriuVuii 

irAllHOW, n. Ajjfuli'guten. .See Agom, Ushuleguten. ; ; ' r 

11 AllROWEll, n. Sguagalegum. , ,; .^ ,, j : 

HARSH, rt, TastiiJ, See Tut. . ,, , . ,V.l.!' 

IlAllVKST, «. The season of— Chgoizl^guten. „ ,, ,, , „, 
■J(l. The act of harvesting, Sgoizl^gu. ,. , ., 

^•{(1. What is harvested, Szgoizl^gu, , , <. 

HARVEST, r. /. Chinea-goizl^gui. 

HASTEN, V, i. Ist. To be in a haste, Chines-koimmi, Chines-koiti, 

Chines-iiamisti, Chines-goetlichsti. 
2(1. I hasten to, les-chkoimmem, les-ehkoil-emistem, Ie«-chgoetl6- 


HASTEN, V. t. 1st. By words, res-koimzinem, les-koilzineni. 
"id. By action, les-koimchsteni, les-koilchstem. 
HAT, n. Ist. Koazkan, anything supposed to keep the head warm. 
2(1. Hat stuck in the head, Zlk^in, Zlk6inten. 
'M. If only put over the head, likokfeinten. ' ' 

4th. If in a form of veil, or crown, Chialkokan. 
.)th. I have no hat, I-chin-ptIk6in. ' 

♦>tli. I pull off my hat, Chines-ptHv6ini. See PtI. 
7th. 1 pull off my hat by raising it, detaching it from the head, 
Chines-chagkuk^ini. See Chchck. 

Sth. I put on my hat, Chines-koAzkani, Chines-ztkeini, (Jhines- 

-tkokfeini, Chines-chialkokani. 
!>th. I uncover my head, pulling off the hat or veil, meaning cimply 

to lay the head bare, Chines-chagk^ini, Chines-chahk^ini. See 

lOlh. Indented, Indian luit, E8-ngeit6Bzkani. See (jcit. 
HATCH, V. t. The pullets are hatched out, (■hlakozeelt. 
HATCHET, n. Shelenun. 

HATE, V. t. Ist. A person, les-aaimem, aimesten, Is-aaime. 
2(1, The reason I hate, what I hate in a person, les-chsaaimeni. 
;{(1. I hate him for that, les-chsaimfcltem, 

Uli. To feel an aversion, to detest, los-ch^mem, (used for all things), 
•"itli. To feel an utmost disgust, loathe, les-koesheminem. 
'illi To refuse to see or speak to, les-mfenzem. 

180 HAV 

HATEFUL, a. Worthy of luito, S'cluunchoinHiu\g. lie is hateful t(» 
me, "I-s'chemcheinsniig." •- . 

HATRED, n. Saaime. 

HAUGHTY, a. Kagukigut, Es-kutiszuti, Es-dmhitemkiiii. K 

HAUL, V. t. leB-ukum, les-ukukiim. 

HAVE, V. i. Ist. Before nouns in the partitive sense, Chin-ept- or 
Chinep — , if the noun begins \\y a «. N. B. I call partitive, or 
indefinite nouns, those that are not preceded by the definite 
article the, but by the indefinite article a, an, any, some; in 
Frem^, de, ties, quelfjne. \ have « house, " Chin-epl-zitgu." I 
have a wife, •' Chin-ept-nogonog." Sec Ep. 

3d. Before nouns compounded, Chin-; I have a big house, "Chin- 
-kutenelgn." I have an American horse, "(!hin-Huipskagae." I 
have a black dress, "C'hin-koailks." 

3d. Before a definite noun, (1st.) If it means the ownership, render 
it by the possessive pronoun. I have Mary for wile, " In- 
-n6gonog hi Maly." You have God for father, "An-leeu \u 
Kolinzikten," *. e., JVJary is my #ife, God is my father. (2d.) If 
it means simple occupation, possession, but not ownership, is 
rendered by the preposition I prefixed to the possessor, and 
the verb have must be something analogous to the condition of 
the object detained. Who has my hat? "L'sutt lu in-koa- 
zkan?" i.e. With whom is mj' hat. i have your horse, "L'koia 
H echsuish iu an-gat4^zin," i. e. Your horse stands, is with mo. 
(3d.) If it means to wear, to use such a definite object, the noun 
takes the instrumental form ot the verb. I have leather shoes 
on, "Kaeshinemen lu t'stas.' 1 have the red blanket on, I use 
it, ''Sizemen iu kuilze." 1 have, 1 use, the grey horse, ''Gatlzi- 
nemen tu i-chgeilps, or, Chemteusemen, lu i-chg6ilps." (4th.) 
If that definite object belongs to a third person, use the relii- 
tive form of the former instrumental verb. I have on yonr 
shoes, " Kaeshinemelzin \i\ ankaeshin." He had the wife ot 
his brother, " Nogonomehs sinze," so they say. f have horses, 
" Chin-ept gatlzin." I have this horse, "In-gatlzin 116."' 1 
have your horse, " L'koie lu an-gatlzin u echsuish," /. f., it is 
with me. I have the cream horse, "Gatlzinemen lu i-chipi." 1 
have, use, your roan horse, Gatlzinemlzin In a-sgoamkan. (fttb.) 
The same holds good for the negative. J have not; I have no 
children, "Ta iep-sgusignlt." I h.'ive not this child, he is not my 


a n 







•M. Fisl 

:^d. Mos 

1th. A s 

HAY, n 

HAY, c 



HE, proi 

'2(1 Any 

in r( 



2d. Heac 

U. Big-h 

Ifh. Whi 


•)tli. Hed- 

♦)th. Don! 

7th. Seve 

Sth. To c( 



!)th. To ui 

lOth. I un 

1 1th. To 1 

12th. To I 


13th. To V 

1 1th. To c 

lo 18 hateful to 

smkeiii. V 

so, Chin-ept- or 
all partitive, or 
by the definite 
n, any, some; in 
in-epl-zit}j;u." 1 

ijr house, " Chin- 
n-Huipakagac." I 

wTicrship, render 
i-y for wite, " In- 
her, " An-leeu in 
y father. (2d.) If 
not ownership, is 
10 possessor, and 
o the condition ot 
L'sufct h> in-koa- 
jur horse, "ii'koia 
ands, is with mo. 
;e object, the noun 
lave leather shoes 
blanket on, I use 
|oy horse, "Gatlzi- 
•chg^ilps." (4th.) 
ion, use the relu- 
I have on yonr 
had the wife o1 
ay. I have horses, 
[in-gatlzin W^." 1 
•hsuisli," i. e., it iB 
men h\ i-chipi." 1 
e not; I have no 
•hild, he is not my 

. HEA 181 

child,"Tam i-sgusigult lie." I have not your child, *'Tani I'koie 
lu a-sgusSgult." 1 have (use, treat,) not Paul as my child, 
**Ta sgusigtiltomen fu Paul." (6th.) I have not, is rendered 
also by prefixing fam in the noun, in the indefinite sense, I have 
no horses, "Chi n-sten»lgatlzin. SeeTa. (7th.) To have a fever, 
head-ache, fear, etc. See each one; they are all rendered by the 
neutral verb. 

IIAVEIISACK, n. Snshalagan. See ShaUm. 

HAWK, n. Ist. Aatal- 

'Id. Kish hawk, Ziguzig"- , 

M. Mosquito hawk, Spas, 

4th. A small one, 16ziz. 

HAY, n. Supulegu. See Grass. , 

HAY, t\ i. Chines-goizeligui t'supiilegu. 

HAZARD, See Accident. 

HAZEL-NUT, n. K6ipgoe. 

HE, pron. 1st. Zniiz. 

2d. Any person, h\\ shei, hu 8u6t. Ho that loves me, shall be loved 
in return, hu t'sh6i u ko-gamt-nchis, nem el-tgamfcnchsten. 

HEAD, w. Ist. In all the possible senses, Splkein, pi. Splplkein. 
<Iim. Sp'plkdin. In composition, kan, kiin. 

2d. Head of a river, Snleepzin; better, Sniapkciin. See iioe. 

Hd. Big-head, Chkutortkan. 

4th. White-head, for persons, Pik'kan, Pkamaiakun. For anunals, 

Pikaiakan. ■ ■• 

i)th. Iled-head, for persons, I-chkuilkan. For animals, I-chkuilps. 
♦ith. Double-head, Aslaiakan. 
7th. Seven-headed, Spelchaiakan. 
Stli. To cover one's head, Chines-koazkani, if with the hat. Chin- 

cs-Ikok6ini, if with the kerchief, etc., and if with the blanket, 

Chines-chmkuak6ini. See Moko. 
Oth. To uncover one's head, ('hiiies ptH<eini, Chines-chahkeini. 
10th. I uncover my head to the chief, leschjjtlkt^inem lu ilimiguni. 
11th. To bend the head, Chines-npnusi. 
12th. To bow down the head, Chines-cht<iikani. I bow down my 

head to God, "les-ch-fhtoikanem hi Koiinzuten. 
1.3th. To wash the head. Chines chzaukani. 
14th. To cut oif the head, Chines-ngotusi, Cljines-n'nichsi. 





!6tii. To cut otf' Ins Ik'.'mI, Ics-Uoh-liiteHem hi splktii's. 
IRtli. ToHtriUo Honu' oiic'h head witli fist, IcM-lainkiinem. With an 
axo, IcK sht^lapkuiiom. With u stick, les spapkanem, les- 



I7th. To niisc the licad, (/hiDes-chshtemkeini. 

iKth. To hi'oak tin? head, fos-iizpo<^k<iincm. 

Iflth.To break one's neck, ChinesntelpilHi. ^ 

20th. To smash the head, IeH46zkancm. 

2Ist. To pose, rest on tlic top of the head, les ny/kaiiskanom. 

22d. To h)se tiie head, Ohines-emshkeini. See linsh. 

2:Jd. I put him head (h)\vn, los-nauiakanem. I am head down, 

('hitiesnaoiakan. i 

24th. Thelront part ol" the liead, S'ciiilchemesshin. , ^ ' 

25th. The back ])art of the head, S'kolchemapkan. 
2(ith. The sides of the head about the ears, S'ncliemono. 
27th. The to|» of the hea<l, Sntf^uauskan. 
Por th«' :!se of these ditferent parts in composition, Sec Sip, and 

observe bow they are nsed. 
2Sth. I have I)ead-ache, (;hineH-tcm])k<;in, Chines-zalkiiin. 
29th. My iiead turns, (Miines-ph-hk^ini,* Chinesnselselemtusi. 
•'(Oth. I pound his head, IeH-ta])kanem. 
Mist. Head of a <lead, skull, Skalij;;ukan. 
•'{2(1. Head haiiijinjj; down towards tliejjjround, benditjjj;, Ks-nilulegw. 

See llani;-, 
IIKAD, r. t. 1st. To be at the head, Ies-j:;olshitu8em, Ko-sj»;ushiits, 

Ko es Hf>;u-shiitenis, /. e., lie has me for his antecessor. 
2d. To lead. See Lead. 
•Sd. To <fo to the frcuit and make a drove, a band return, les-koi/.ii- 

IfKAD, (". /. 1st. To oriLTinateas a river heads, Ks-6xkaei, Ks-koliii. 
2d. To tend to, ('hines-nta<?olusi , los-chnta<>;olusem. 
;{d. To form a head, as a cabba,i>x', Tii>;usplUeini. 
IIKAD DRKSS, «. Chialkein. See ilat. 
HKAnSTHONC;. <i. Tlizkan, Aizazt, Naizazals. 
IIHAL, V. i. les paaifcm, les-melini, les-maliemem. 
HEAL, r. /. ("hines-nielemi, ('hines-pugami, (Mnneles-gestuilshi. 



irutetn, (Jul'l litem. 

HKALTH, /). Siiiilil. S^uil, «. c, The good health. How is your 

health 'f •' Kz's'cheni hi a-skeltich V 


ow IS voiir 


nem. With an 


TTi head down. 


1, See Sip, and 


iiij^, EK-niluleg»i. 

n>, K<)s|i?"f*Jiiit^' 

ftuni, It's-kolza- 



zkaei, Es-kolili. 


III. How in your 
is v(Mir l>o(ly .' 




IIKALTHKUL,^. 1st. Full of licalth, .sound, 1 gnil, Gulil, (Tt•s^ 
loiot. « ,,, , ,^ 

'M. Coiiducive to heniiii, Ntrulguilten. 

IIKAP, I", t. l»t. T«> uMito what iH Hepavatod, U's-nulus«'iM. '/ '\ 
2d. To anmHs, put all tofi;ethcr, les-iuandin. .'" 

vJd. To make a jiik'j leH-eligoikanem. 
4tli. To make a pile of wood, len-pnim. See Piti. 
IIKAP, «. 1st. Ot wood, blankets etc. Es-ehf^6ikan. 
2d. Of hay, Es-ehmkokiin. '' '' 

IIKAK, I'. /. 1st. To ])eii'eive by the ear ae<'identally, passively, 
(^V. <'n^;n<//'t;), les-leshinem. ' ' 

2(1. To fijive audience, attention, to listen, (/"V. ivnuler) los-seunein. 
.)th. To understand, lesnsugunein. 

4tli. To hear submissively, les-sonumtom, les-ntkukuenem. 
iith. To hear jjraciously (i'V. ea-ancer), les-scunem, les-nkonn^mein. 

See Nkonneminem. 
II HAH, (,'. i. Cliihes-16shini, Chines-seunei, Chines-sonijniti, (-hines- 

ntkukuenei. I hear of him, les-leshincm. 
liKARFIR, /*. Sunemenziitcn. 
IIKARFvEN, y. «. Chines-s6unei. 

IIKAU-SAY, n. Szleshin, Smiimii. * 

HEART, H. Ist. Spuus.* See Puus. ' ' 

2(1. Hij^-hearted, Kuiispuus, Kutunthi spuusz. 
:j(l. Faintdiarted, -Lkukuimspuiis, iikukuiume fu spuus/.. 
4tli. I have a good heart, Crest tu ispu us. Chin-gespuiis. 
.')tli. I have a bad heart, Ti'ie lu i-spuus, Chin-chespuus. 
(itli. My heart is burning, Chin-ulpspuus. My heart is burning for 

him, les-chulpspuusem. 
Tth. I inflame his heart, les-kolchulpspuust'iii. 
JStli. My heart is cool, I-cbin-gapspuus. 
'.H\\. 1 cool his heart, lesdiolchgapspuusem. 

Udli. My heart is illumined, Chingalpspuiis, /. c. it becomes clear. 

11th. My heart is clear, well lighted toward tiod, les chgnlpspuu- 

sem Kolinzuten. 
.12th. 1 illumine his heart, les-kolchgapspuu.sein. 

I3tli. My heart is still, I-chin-tlil-spuiis 

Uth. My heart is pure, I-guku iu ispuus. 

loth. We must be of one heart, unanimous, I-kaeks-nkospuiisi 

Kith. My heart became still, l-chin-tHlpspniis. 

I ■?/. (« 

K . 




tm iiEA 

I7t1i. I still luH heart, leH-tHlpspmiscin, 

fHtli, My licurt \h dry. I-chin-giirnHpuus. 

I9th. I irrijijato his hcai% lo»-chmo|)Hpu{tHem. 

20th. My heart in dirty, ('hin-cheehospuus. ' , !* 

2lHt. I wash his heart, les-ehzf.UHpuiiHem. , i 

22d, My heart is sick, I-chin-zalspuu8. .. 

23(1. I. heal l)is heart, leH-chpaj^spuusem, , 

24tii, My heart is stitf, I-ehiii-tlegspnus, I-chin-tliz>8pinis. 

29th. I bend his heart, les-chialspuusem. 

26th. My heart is eold, l-ehin-sulajxiils. 

27th. T warm his hesirt, les-t'lkaspuusem. .,: 

2>«t,h. My heart is astray, i. c, I am astray, I-chin-ni»isakai. I-ehiii- 


29th, I govern, direct his heart, les-tgomiltem hi spni^HZ. 

HOth. Hard hearted, Tlizspuus, Ta ep spuus. 

'{Ist. The heart is heating, Muknni;';ku. See Mitkii, Oosso. 

If KAKT-BllEAK, 1 am, M^uthi ispuus, Chin-pupus^neh. 

IIKAETBURN, I have the, chin-ehazguelsi. 

UEARTLKSS, Taepspuus. , 

UK ART-ROBBING, Zkuzukiit. See Zkum. 

HKAT, n. 1st. Of sun, Skukulil. , . 

2d. Heat of tire, fever. i 

8d. Heat of outside heat of stove, etc. 

4th. Heat from coverings, comfortable heat, Skoez. 

oth. The burning-heat, Suiluilpt. See Uil. 

(ith. White-heat, S'chziiku. 

in*] AT, V. L Es-kukullm\, Es-tlakami, Es-chtlak»mi, Ks-ko6zti, Kh- 

-ulpmi, Eschziikumi, Es-zishini. 
IfEAT, V. t. ies-tlakam, les-chtlakani, les-ntlakum, les zisheui, 

les-koezem, les-chziikum. 
HEATHEN, n. [-tenemiis skc^ligu, 
HEAVE, V. i. Of the heart, Mukumukuls. 
HEAVEN, n. S'chchemaskat, Nuist. See Sky, 
HEAVY, a. 1st. Gemt. 
2d. Oppressing, Pizpizt. See Hard, 
'id. I find it lieavy, ponderous, Jes-gemtemenem. 
4th. I tind it heavy, oppressing me, les-pizminem. 
)th. I am heavy on him, oppressing him, les-pizeni, Ics-sicehsteiii. 
HE(?TIC, (!oiisnmptivft, a. Es-chgiimi. 



2d. Skol 
-id. Of I 

2<l. I am 





HELL, n 

ists \ 
hi lee 



HELM, n. 

HELP, I,. 


2.1. To helj 

— shite 



•W. 1 can no 

Mr. To tak 

HELP, V. i 



2d. Irrenied 



HEM, «. 1st 


-d. At the n 


> ; , ' i_ 


inisakni. I-vhiii- 


Li, Efl-kofcati, Kh- 

I • .1 

Lam, los /Asliem. 

Itii, IcH-Hicchstt'iii. 


llRDGK-HOa, n, Skuil; The bristle hair, Luluela^ton. ^ 

ilKEI), r. ^, les-Miunom, leH-tlikiil'lsem. 

HHiKFj, «. l«t. 8'ehemfe])8liin, lit.^ the back extremity of the foot. 

2(J. Skolchc'iTiziimhin, is properly the ankle. i 

;|<1. Of birds, Ztapi^shin. 

HEIli, n. ist. Ka6p-slo, i. t., he that must have the things. I aiA 
the lioir, " Koii hi chikafcp-sto. 

2<1. lam the heir of my lather, Koie lu iks-kolstfeeni iu sto^s \m. 

8d. 1 am the heir of the honse, horses, Koife fhikaepKzitgu, 
cliika6p}^-gatl/-in. My inheritance, I-s^lkomen. My heir, my 
successor, he that takes mj' place, in-nemtclpenzuton. 

HELL, n. iiW esulip, L e., the flame, Sgofelemin, Hgo6lemin zitgus.' 
We are suspended on top of hell, " Kae-t'shaltius tu Is'chnu- 
ists lu Hgoelemin." I fall into hell, "Chines-ntiipusi, Chines- 
•nloopusi ht Icsuli})." I throw him into hell, ^'Ics-nzkamniisem 
lu lesulip." I am iu hell, "Chin-lzii lu lesulip;" improperly, 
"Cliines-nemtusi, Kaes-naiutusi i'U Jesulip:" ErntU means to be 
home. Ilell is no home. 

IIELL-GATE, n. A local appellation, Sgutpk^in. 

IIELL'S-GATE, Kolinchemfeps lu 8go6lemin. 

HELM, n. Utchelptfulten, Tgominten. To be at the helm of a boat, 
Chine8-utchelp6uli, Chines-tgomtpi. 

HELP, IK t. Ist. To help one, les-olkshitem, les-chinshitom, les- 

2d. To help one in doing a job, is rendered by the verb relative, 
— shitem or — shtcm, according to the case. 1 help him to 
work, '* les-kolshitem." I help him to catch horses, " Tes- 
az'shitem." I help him grinding an ax, " les-goMcoshtem." 

.'{d. I cannot help that, Tus Ikonten, Ta is-niuAls. 

tth. To take the part of one, les-iigaztusem. 

HELP, V, i. Chines-olkshishi. 

HELPER, n. Olkshiszuten, Chinshiziiten. 

HELPLESS, 0.. 1st. Destitute of help, Chitemapile, Konkoint. 

2d. Irremediable, Tas Ikokoiitem. 

HELP-MATE, n. Olkshisziiien. Selagt, S'chmagan. 1 have no 
helpmate, no husband, "Ta iep-s'chmagan." 

HEM, n. 1st. At the bottom of a garment, S'chempalks. See Chem, 

2il. At the neck, Tpolkolten. 




188 ' HKR i 

8d. At the wrirtt, Koltepznt'fh»ton. Both wrintH, KoltitptopTiiiiichNteri. 

HEM, V. t. Ist. At the bottom, ChiiicH-i-hompalksi. , . 

2(J. At the neck, (Jhines-tnolkolti. V 

8(1. At tlio wristH, ChiiiuM-kultopzii^ehnti. 

HEMLOCK, n. Innign. 

HEMOURHAGE, iHt. In gonorul, OhincH-inI'mi. 

2d. Of the noNO, Chin-molldkH. 

3d. Of tho lungri, Chin-nuz'^kaozin t'Hingiil. I vontit blood, (,'hinuH- 

.'ith. Of tho uterus or urethra lor both hcxch, Chines-fliHiniliin«'l- 

HEMORRHOIDS, To have, Iwt. Biind, Chinos uskup«. Soo Siikiit. 

2d. BlecdingH, Chincs-niolliipH. Soo Ml'lomi. 

HEN, n. Ist. Domestic hen, SkuiskuM, tlio real wood-pheasant. 

2d. Prairie-hen, Sk6kolko. Sniitu. 

3d. Mountaiit hen, Skogolik. 

-4th. Mountain grouse, Kalkalze. 

HEN-HOU.SE, n. Skuskusfclgu. 

HEN-JIOOST, n. Snchaieutis skuiskus. 

HENCE, adv. 1st. As opposed to thence, le-tel-e^. 

2d. Absolute, Tel-shfei. 

3d. For this reason, Gol sh6i. 

HFAl,pron. Znilz, the same as His. 

HERALD, n. Fore-runner, Golshiszuton. 

HERB, n. The smoking weed, Skuls^. 

HERBIVOROUS, Es-gattiilegui. 

HERD, «. 1st. See Band. 

2d. Guardian of animals, Sguchit'skagae. 

HERE, adv. 1st. In this place, I6-lofe. 

2(1. Toward this place, Ie-che6. 

3d. Here, in verb of motion, towards the speaker, is always, pro- 
fixed to the verb. Come here, " Zguish i<'-ch('«i." Come (jui<;k 
here, " Ziian\ish i6-chefe." 

HE RE- AFTER, a//?;. Ie-tel-e6 m-es-tagolus. 

HERE-AT, adv. Golsh^i. 

HEREBY, (/</r. T'8hei,Tel-sh^i. 

HERETIC, a. KeikeiusemuL 

HERITAGE, n. S^lkomen. 

HERO, See Brave. 





2d. To 

3d. To ; 

Uh. To 

•nh. To 

<Uh. To 

7th. To 

Hih. I hi 

JHh. To 

1 0th. To 



HIDE, / 

2d. Dres 

'M. Paral 


HIGH, a 

2d. Greai 

3d. Tall, 

4th. Doai 


I loo 








HILL, « 

2<1. To go 

3d. To go 

1th. Up hi 
-nU. Up hi 
6th. Dowi 
7th, Down 
8lh. Foot- 
0th. I arri) 
1 0th. I ai 



blood, Chinot*- 
ip«. Set' Sukdt. 

is always, pro- 
e." Come qui<^k 



HKUSKLF,/*/o/i. Ziiilx. By hcrHolt; I-«iiil8, ' .' 

UKSITATK, S*.i! Doubt. 

II KVV, r. t. h's-Hlu'lim, ChitiOH-ShcU^pi, Chlnes-shiU'pi. 

IflDE, >'. t. Isl. To piittiwuy from sight, Iu8-u6kum. 

2(1. To put aside, les-oMiuin. \ 

'M. To lower. See Cover. ' ! ' "• 

Uli. To hide onenelt^ ('hincs-utkui, ChinoH-udkuiHti. ' 

oth. To hide one's actions, or faults, Chines-ukumisti. ^ 

<)th. To hide oneself secretly, Chines-nkomisti. 

7th. To hide oneself from others, Chincs-kotnkomisti. ' 

«lh. I hide myself from God, les-nkomistemiu KolinKUteii. 

i>th. To keep secret, withhidd from know^lodgo, les-kui'Stera. 

lOth. To dissemble, to disguise, Chines-pagaozikti. See DisguiHe, 

HIDE, V. /. Chines-ufckui, ('hines-ikumi. , ! !! 

HIDE, «. 1st. Haw, Kitito. ' 

2d. Dressed hide, Sipi. 

•Sd. Parafleshes, Snzoliguton, 

HIDEOUS, rt. Ngulgaisnug, TastUt. 

IllCrll, a. Ist. Nuist. 

2d. (Ireai, noble, Kutilknt. 

:M. Tall, Kutepdiko. 

4th. Dear in price, Nkutendkscm. 

.ith. Difficult, Selsilt, I6miemt. 

t)th. I look high, proud, Chines-chsht'temiisi. 

7th. High living, Chines-ehgesiiks. 

Hth. High water, Nkuiist. 

6th. High-going sea, Chilpak^tiku, Ip&kap&ka ia s^ulkn. 
lOth. High-minded, Chines-kutisziiti, Chincs-nustelscmisti. 
HILL, n. 1st. Es-mok, Es-Vmok, Lumku^ut, Lumkotdlegu. 
2(1. To go up hill, Chincs-shaluti. 
8(1. To go down hill, Chinos-ufelkupi. 

4th. Up hill, out of trail, Es-shaltemus, See Es^shaltemus, etc. 
iUh. Up hill by the road, Es-nshaltemu8. 
6th. Down hill out of the trail, Es-ulkupus. 
7th, Down hill by the road, Es-nulku))Ak8. 
8th. Foot-hill, SUolchemul^egu. 

0th. I arrive at the foot of the hill going up, Chin-golkakatlpfench. 
10th. I arrive at the middle of the hill, going up, Ghin-goli^- 




11th. I truvol oil the liill-topH, ('liiii-^olta^ok'ncli. 

12tli. I go hy tliu Hide ot thu hill, In'twuoit top uihI foot, Ciiiii- 

-golHhiHtiiU'h. V 

lllM, pron. 1st. Ih not. rondi-rod but by the tmnMitivo vorb. Stu' 

the [mnuiiginutn. 
2<i. hilt when eiiiphuHiitcMi, ZiiIIk. 1 huvu movii hiiu, Uichti'it. Hint 

I did soo, "Ziiilz ukhton." ^ 

HIMSKLF, ;y/o«. Ziiilz. By himHclf, 1-znilz, I-tznilz. 
HIND, a. 'V\w liiiid logs, Szozoshin. Front loot, ZooKu6ch»t. 
HINDKR, r. t. Ist. From doing, loH-geunim. 
2d. Hinder Iron) going, luM-nuiUuin. 
IIIP, n. InI. Tlie outside, Siu'lieinusshiii. 2d. The upjtor side, 

IIIRK, n. What J jmy, r;htUuplemisten. See Tol<. 
HIWK, ('. t. 1st. Hire u person, les-ehoinisteni. 
2d. To hire u room, furin, etc., res-eiigaUupiiein, ('hines-eiigiikapiU'- 

8d. To hire himself out, CJhines-Uolshi, (Miines-sguagaluisi. 
4th. To grant to another the use of one's tiirm, house, ete., les- 

5th. 1 have a farm, Ies-('htl<u6pIom, I pay the rent. 
6th. I hire a horse, les-ehtkuplasUagaem. 
7th. I hire a house, Ies-elitkupl61guin. 
UIRSUTE,«. Flough haired, Chakein. 
HIS, y»/'o/i, Is rendered by — a aflftxed to the objeet possessed. So. 

House, Zitgu. His house, "Zitgu-s." 
HISS, V. i, 1st. The rattle-snake hi.ssed, 1-zos higeolegii. 
2d. The ball, arrow hissed, I-koas. 
H STOllY, w. Smimii. 

HIT, I', t. 1st. To strike simply, fes-spim. See Strike, Beat. 
2d. To reaeh at the mark aimed at in shooting, les-ilpnunem. 
3d. To etfeet sueeessfully, les-klnunem. See Succeed. 
4th. To know correctly, les-i-mlnem, i-niisten. 
5th. To tell correctly by guess. See Guess. 
HOARSE, a. Cliinesnsekomi. 
2d. Hoarse-voiced, ('hines-nsekom. 
8d. 1 talk myself hoarse to him, les-chsiikonjxineni; les-chgaii- 

gauilshenj. See Gam. 
HOBBLE,?', t. 1st. Horses, Chines-chaz'shiskagaei ; (.'hines-lch- 

•-M. I i 

irOF, // 
IIOK, r 

•-M. To r 
Fes- 1 
;M. To rt 
tth. Tosi 
•"•111. To r 
•iili. To h 
71 h. To h 
-^th. To h 
i>th. To h( 
10th. I h(i 
J 1th. I ho 

l:'(h. I ho 
13th. I hoi 
14th. I hoi 
Ifith. I h( 
HOLD it! 
When ineai 
con tin I 
Hold 01 
HOLF«:, n. 
-'<i. Hole in 
■^M- To mak. 

,(l foot, Chfn 

house, otc, 1««- 


|ke, Beat, 


hicm; les-chgati- 
Lai'i ; (.'hmes-U'h- 

I iioL \m 

IchhliisUaguni, lit., I tie iho toot of tho liorniH. i , ; 

•_M. I liohltit* tliiit horso, loH<liu/.!<liiiWm, Ics-lclilchnhinim, Ioh- 

UKlt^'lll hi HKOKOhtlliiH. 

IIOHUriK, lloltbliiig, n. LchlcliNltiNkiigauton, ('Iiuxhi ,k«igft«ltMi. 

H()K, /I. Nslu'iaifguU'ii. , 

lloK, r. /. (/'liiiioH-slH^liiKi^ui, /. e. I cut the ground with an nxv. 

\H)Vt, n. N])v\\w\kii\iH„ IJUoHh6n. 

HOIST, A Hu«. (Jhiiuw-tluut^usi. 

llOfil), r. t. 1h1. To j)rt'VO!it from lulling or running away, K'h- 

-kiUHtom. ! 

-M. To retain in one's poHHeHnion, leH-kut;Ht( m; Ikl-koii-j ukl-anui; 

loM-koiiMnoni, es-koii-nistcn ; AH-anuicni, eHunuinistgu ; Iom- 

(^hkoi^-l(>m; AH-cliuniiilum. 
.'{(I. To restrain, Ii'H-kut'Htcm. ,. . • 

4tli. To stop, les-tlpim. 
■)tli. To receive and retain; Water. EH-nHlgHgumis hiseulku; (IrainH, 

Ks-npuivukumiHts hi npkiiin. 
•till. To liohiby Uvying one's hands on, les-chiUkcnoui. 
Till. To liold hy grasping, les chinini. 
sth. To hold him last by hand, les-ehz'npaohsem. 
;ttli. To hold, to think, lesnttMsem. 
lOth. I hold my tongue, I stop talking, Chinos-h6izini. 
lltli. I hold my eyes fi.xed on him, les-ehitemtiisem, Ics-chkaspu- 

12th. I hold my eyes down, Chines-chemlemlusi. 
IStli. I hold his place, les-nlkalsh^pem, les-nemtelzl'poni. 
14th. I hold the reins tight, les-ntnmusem. Sec Tin. 
16th. I hold m}' baby, C'hines-kucnciti; At the breast, Ohines- 

HOLD, »)./:. i«(/>fr. Tlipsh. 
HOLD It! Ks-kut^sku! 
HOLI), Remain there, Lziish. » 

HOLD, Be Still, Silent, iloizinsh. 
When meaning continuation of action, is rendered by the form 

continuative of the verb. Hold on to your work, " KH-k(5li8h." 

Hold on to your prayeils, " Es-chauish." 
HOLE,/}. In general, Es4og. 
'id. Hole in the ground, Esniog. 
•M. To make holes in the ground, (/hine.s-zikai. 



190 '! HOM 

5th. To fall into a hole, Chines nloopmi. ' ■ 

<»th. To lull in a nuid-hole, ('hines-nloop^tiku. 

7th. I throw him into a hole, Ie»-nlo6nj. > 

Xth. I empty a hole, Ie»-n/.'Him, le^ngukum. 

9th. J stopa hole, Ics-tkepem. ' 

loth. I get HtiU'U in a hole, Chincenkeemi. 

Ilth. To ])ateh a hole, leH-nHhimiiHeni 

12th. 1 have a hole in one ear, Chin-ehlgo6ne} In both ears, Ohin- 
ch+golgotne. ' 

13th. 1 have a hole in the ear for ear-iings, Chines-ptkiiene. 

14th. Therein one hole, Nko^us, many holes, Es-ngoegoeiis. 

HOLLOW, a. Empty inside, I-no6llze. 

irOLY, a. Npot^ten, Ilehesnug, Pagpagt. 

2(1. Holy-day, Kntiintsgalgalt. 

(id. Holy water, Seulkii esehehaupilem, (Jest s^ulku. 

4th. Hol)^ land, S'hcesnulegu. 

IlOMA(JB, To pay homage to one, les-kolsk^ligum. N. B. Hom- 
age is from homo, Kolsk6ligum is from skUujv; the same deriva- 

HOME, n. Zitgu, 8nemuten, Sniziiten. 

lid. I am home, Chines-emuti. 

iM. He is not home, l-choo. 

4th. I am home-sick, Chines-chop^lsi. 

ijth. I go home, Chin-efgui. I bring it hom.;j, lelcs-i'ikiini, leles- 
-guiiiscm. See bring. 

Hth. I go to the home of the chief, Chin-gui chilin^igiim. 

IIOME-STEAD, n. Stoligii. 

IIOME-STE.AI), w. f. les-kolstoligmn. 

|[OxV[ICI]>E,w. The act, Spelski-ligu; 2d. The man, Sgnpolskciifiii. 

HONEST, a. Gest, Jo, I-tog. 

irONEY, n. Tish tel gamalteni. 

HONOR, V. i. 1st. les-poteem, les-hefem, lez-a/.gam. 

2d. To honor a person, leskolskeligum, [es-kolsmiskciigniii. 

■'M. To honor God, les-azgain, les-poteetn. Ies-kolsniisU«iliiizuti- 

HONORABLE, n. Npotfeten, Heheesnug. 

HOOD, n. Koazkan. 

HOOK, n. 1st. Chkeilemen. 

2d. Fish-hook, Kakain^ieten. 

ad. Hea 
2d. To I 
HOP, n 
HOP, V, 
2d. The 
U. The 
4(h. The 
2d. To h 


HORN, ,, 
2d The h 
U. To sh 
4th. Lon^ 
•Hli. Bran 
•Uli. Powd 
(th. To h( 
HORN, n. 



2d. To spo; 

:^d. To tres 


2d. By wo 


-'d. With p 

•M. My- ridi 

+"i- My pa 

■iih. Work I 

^•tli. Mare, i 

'II'. Stallioi 

^M". Gelded 

both cars, Chui- 



urn. N. B, Hoin- 
/; the same dcriva- 

lelcH-iiUuiu. leU^H- 


an, Sj^iMK''**'^'"''^"- 


HAN - . »!" 

3d. Iloaping-hook, ftoizlegiiten. ^ ., .'; 

HOOK, y. ^ les-kttigum, Io8-chkalgiim. ' 

2(1. To hook, as an ox may do, Jos-ziohorn. • 

HOOPS, Of casks, S'chompize. / 

HOP, n. let. S'chilialko, pi., S'chilialalko. See lel. 
HOP, y. «. Es-nteltclkapcnzut. . . ' 

HOPE, n. 1st. The act of hoping, Snmdseis. • • 
2d. The virtue of hope, Snmiiselsten. 
8d. The object hoped for, Sznmusels. 

4lh. The ground of hope, Chnmusolsten. ■■ ■ 

HOPE, r. i. Ist. in a person, Icsnmimclsem, les-tkuelsem, les- 

tkuelsemistem, les-kuten^lsem, les-noningu6nem. 
2(1. To hope for that reason, on that ground, les-chnmusclseni. 
HOPKFUL, Inspiring hope, Nmuseisutem. 

{[(^PELESS, a. I am, Ta i^pl-shushutl, Ta istgupel, Ta iept-nmu- 
selsten, Chin-gutemmszut, Chin-kolgotip, Chin-cmskanemist, 
Chin-oost, Chinhoi. 
HORX, n. 1st. Kagamin. 

2d The horns ai*e budding, Chines-chkuel^pls'chin. See Kual. 
8d. To shed off the horns, Chin-malk6s. 
4th. Long horns, Usushshin^pJs'chin. 
.')th. Branching horns, I-kuispels'chin. 
tUh. Powder-horn, Szutem6lze. 
7th. To hook with the horns, les-zichem. 

HORN, n. Musical instrument, Npugulzetcn. 

HOF{NKT, «. Sk6ul. 

HORRIBLE, 1st. a. Tast:-.}, Kususten. 

2(1. To speak horribly, Nkuskuszin. 

8ti. To treat one horrihl}-, les-nkuseltichem. 

HORRlPy, V. t. 1st. By deeds, les-kus'ch^em. 

2(1. By words, les-nkuskuszinem. 

IIOIISK, H. 1st. In general, Snchilzaskagae. 

2(1. With ])ron. |)oss. (iatlzin. My horses, L»-gattzin. See (latl. 

■M. My riding horse, In-chen>teusten. See Emiit. 

4tli. My j>ack horse, l-sguko^lt. See Koe'^t. 

•itii. Work horse, Zkuinin, Zkuniinten, Zkunzuten. 

fill). Mare, Sniomshin. 

Tih. Stallion, Es-milmilkoepils. 

Stli. (Iclded horse. Ks-kookoepils. 

I . 



102 ^ HOR 

Uth. Male in general, Skaltoimiskagae. 

lOth. Colt, Lkakaiche. Of one yenr,tikokomvun,hko\ininunkai[tu: 

Ilth. Younj; horsr, Skiikuimlt'skagac. 

12th. Old horse, Pogt'skajpie. 

I8th, Spotted horse, Es-kai6igii. 

14th. Cream horse, with black tail, I-chpAlgii. Croam horse with 

white tail, I-ehpikalps. 
J 5th. Brown horse, I-ehlehfelgu, l-ehlpokolgn. 
16th. Grey horse, I-chg6ilp8. 
17th. Bald face horse, l-])kaus. 
I8th. lioaii horse, Guamkan. 

19th. Read-eared horse, Chgumgu6ne. > 

20th. Bay horse, I-kuil. 
21st. White grey horse, I-p6o. 
22d. SoiTel horse, I-p6gu. 
23d. Black horee, 1-koai. 
24th. Mouse color horse, I-chpuitielgu. 
2.5th, Branded horse, Es piga. 
26th. Shod horse, Es-kakaeshin. 
27th Splitted ears horse, Es-ehsktne. 
28lh. Cropped ears horse, Chgotups. 
29th. Bob-tailed horse, Chgotups. 
fiOth. Bore-eared horse, Es-cbJgo*ine, Ks-chtgoigoeiu'. 
.■{1st. Pacer, Es-niininilshi. 
•'52d. Jiaco horse, Koilkolt. 
38(1. Horse pen, corral, Skologoskagaeten. 
34th. Horse whip, Keigumen. 
3.5th. To buy a horse. Chines toskdgaei. 
36th. To give a horse, Chines-guzshskagaei. 
37th. To lend ahorse, Chines-kotliskagaei, 
38th. To drive loose or pack horses, Chines-kciguskagaef. 
39th. To drive away horses, les-igein. 
40th. To drive back horses, les-kolzakoni, 
41st. To drive a team holding the lines, Cliincs(!h(l»itipiaskiiga<'i. 

See (7hin. 
42d. To drive farther, Chines-usshilshiskagaci. 
13d. To .seek the hordes, Chines-tlaskagaei. 
44lh. To catch a horse, tJhines-az,kagaei, 
4jth. To bringa horse, lesiikuni, les-guiiisein. 






.")lst. ' 

.■>2d. T 

.■)3d. T 

.')4th. ' 

•Mth. ' 



oSth. T 

•"ifith. T 

60th. T 

61 St. Tf 


62d. T<. 

63(1. T(. 

64th. T 

6r)th. W 

66tlK (,' 

67rh. T, 


6.Sfh. T.» 

6!lth. To 

TOfli. To 

71st. Hue 

72d. Ame 

73d. Freii 

74fh. To '. 

^■•nii. I ha 

7*)tl.. T.» ( 





my .so 

II oil 


am hornc wHl» 





■'I'7.' )</?l .i)j: 
M , ti))l ..!!(" 

4fitli. To lead by hand a horso, loH-clu-hiiiepileiu. 

47th. To hri(ll<« a horse, (Miiiio»i-kola2])aHka^aci. 

48th. To saddle a horse, (Miines-ntkochiKk^gaei. 

49th. To jmek a horse, Chiiies-koh-hiskagaei. 

.)Oth. To harness horses, (.•hines-chagz'skagaei. 

•Mst. To unbridle horses, ('hines-kolpi4paskagaei. 

.'•2d. To spur a horse, Chines-koikoltelkanehskagaeU 

-)3d. To halter a horse, Chines-igupuskagaei. ,. 

.')4th. To mount on a horsu, ('hines-ehlkalsh^usi. 

•Mth. To ri<le a horse, Chines-chenit6usi. 

.')Hlh.To dismount, to come down from hoi*sehaek, Cltinos-tipi-ii/.iiti. 

.")7th. To bring to water a horse, Chines-tamskagaei, 

-')Htl>. To unloose a huriie, (.'hin-talskagaei, _,) '(-^ lulJ 

oOth. To unload a horse, les-ehtaiizem. ..!>,!,,-!»!.- ,-,t.. ;| .... j f-^ 

<'»Oth. To loose horses, Cliin-oskagaci. 

»)lst. To brand horses, Cbines-cbteehskagaei. With red-h»»t iron, 

•>2d. T'< guard horses, ('hines-ehit'skagae'i. ., ,., v,,- 
J>8d. T(» feed horses, t'hines-amskagaei. 
<>4th. To turn a horse out o\ tl)e way, ios-peluteia 
•i'Mh. Wild horse, r^kaiikt, Tas tgogo. 

<it>th. (Jentle horse, Sfnsant, Ks tgugo j 

<!7th. To break horses, Chiiies-axazkagaoi. les-uza/niinem, les- 

<)8th. To hold the reins or linos light to, (.'hi)ies-iihMinajskagaei. 
'irttli. To swap horses, ("hines-nai!.;uskagaei. 

70th. To ehange horse, ('hines-koliskagae). ;; ,, .,,., ,,(,•,,< j <.; | 
71st. Bucking horse, Nenjz'nix'K'kidt". .-;,,,; ,,!, ;•,'.) ,,. t 
72d. American horse, Snips ki'ij^ae. .,,i.l > , ,;-u., t . Miini ! ,hu\ 
7'M. French horse, Samiskagae. ,; .i, ,, ., , -, ,-i 

74th. To shoe a horse, ('bines-kasliiski'ignei. . ,,„ 

7;ith. I have no horses, t'hin-cliNteinlgatl/.iii. j,,.! 

7tUli. To dieer, shout at the horses, whci* swininiing a stream, les- 

IIOIJSK-FLY, H. Chatenlka. , . ... . ,, , 

IIOHSE-RIIOE, H. Kaeshin. i • , V 

110ST.\(tE, 1st. To give a hostage. K's-tkosiniM-ni hi . , . I give 

loy son as hostjige, "lesikoseu'^ciii lu i >lciist'i'." , , 

■-' i. 'I'm Ih' 1iiisI:il:'i'. t'liil.M'S 1 liusi'-ll.'i. ; ,:.. 

. ■•ill.,; . . i ; I , I u 

»-:( JniM .,i:i't 

■•''i'i.p;l''l i:)i< 





•m' ./r.ti.K'rl 

1 1 I 


:l !, >i ii.j 

• • '(rii;il 

T if MM 


IIOSTLKK, rt. Sf^iichtt'sUagae. 1 ■'-••(•".' >-'l';i-'^ 

HOT, (<. 1st. Hot weather, sim, I-kukiili!. • ' 

2<1. Hot ii gcneml, I-tliika. ■ ' 

Hd. Hot watur, I-ntlaka, Nzish. 

4th. Hot outwardly, as a stove, etc., I-ihtlaka. 

r)th. Hot, lusioiis, Kiiels'chiit. r x -1. i .♦*.,•;), 

HOT-HKO, -Lii kw-zspsipshilshi. 

HOUIJ. «. 1st. S'li(h<h. See Selkh. N. B. Sgoiut, m nut of a«o 
already. What hour is it now ? Kuiiish s'lichoh. At what 
hour? Lc'hcn-iiiiiug ? At this same hour, L'oiiagal-mnug To 
' strike the hours, Ks-kolkoelti \\\ slp'pakaiii. .)"iii .r|- .iir<t< 

2il. The time. See Time. i-!! hI ■ " 

HOUSE, «. 1st. zitgu. ':-'.'ii* V- ; ' . ■ 

LM. liog-house, SJukuIgu. 'i'vl- -.l - •■ ...'»• .i.<. 

3<l. One house, Xkoelgu j IMiree h<»ust^H, (M»etl6lgu ; Four houses. 

')• .(If- 


,--.■. M 

1 ,f 

• ..ii; 

■ .' ( -J 1 


1 ; . • 

' 1 




• V I 

,-| !!• 

Miislgu, etc. - ' ' : 

4th. Small house, -Lkukuimi'lgu. "': 

5th. Big house, Kutenfclgu. ' ' ' 

6th. Bad house, Cheselgu. - : • ,. i ,. 

7th. Nice house, (xesidgu. •' ' • ■ 

8th. Dih»j)idated house, with holes, Slgo^-lgu. 
9th. High house, Nustelgu. 
fOlh. The near house, Sgamelgu. ' ' 
llth. The distant house, Lkotelgu. 
12th. .\t the front of the house, Lehemehinelgu. 
I3tl». At tl»e rear of the house, Lehempolegu. 
14th. On the top of the house, Lehemkanelgu. 
15th. Inside oltlie h<»U8e, L'zitgu. 
16th. 1 build a house, Chines-kollgui. 
17th. 1 roof the house, les-nzikokanelgnm. 
ISth. ! 0oor the house, les-gaielpem. ' ii 

19tli. 1 dauli the house, Chines-telelgui. ' • ' '. ' 

20th. I go in a house, Chines-nolgui. 
2lHt. To go from house to house, Chiues-ngusgusteigni. 
22il. 1 buy a house, Chines-teulgui. 

HOVEH, f. L To be suspefided in tiie air above, Hs-ehshalusziiti. 
now, (f'/r. 1st. Ticlien u ezageil ? /r'Mf. Lciien m-ezagfcil ? How 

big? fjehen u ezageil hi skutunts? or, liChen u ezagalskutunt? 

See A gal. 

■ i,. I 

■•11 .' '':.-! 
• 1 

ii 'lit 

2d. H 

*M. H 

4tl.. r, 

5th. h 

6tli. f] 

Tth. H 

«th. H 





now, I 




II VG, „, 



2d. J.ow, 

-M. 1 am 
^i'l. J thin 


-d, as viri 

-'I. lO Mpc, 

•"J'l. T„ lool 
See U, 

I.n-pf.-'i"- 'I ><•''* 

■;'.im. ./r .)^«'- 
■ ■■. ' t ■'••■■ 

, itj nut of OHO 

K-li. At what 
ijral-mnut; 'f*» 

u ; Four houties. 

.-0 , .-u.i - 

: ! ■ ;■/; u:^ 

{ ,,'1 " ,i;-- 

i,. I -I M-" ' 
.,,,,1 :>'<. 

,,, ,;' .i:<! 1^ ' 
., .{ ■ ni .' ' !■•- 


HUM 1J)6 

2<l. How am I ? Lflien u (■l)in-(.>2a<{oil ? ' 

;{(!. How <lo I lio ? lichon ti chiu-ag6ilcm ? 

4th. How (Jo I sa>' ? f.chuii u chin-c^ukunem ? 

.')tli. How do I think '{ lichen ii chiii-nagalelis i* 

<ith. How inan_y ? KiiinHh ? How many daj'H ? Kiiinshawkat ? j'jT 

Tlh. How long? Lchon u eKa^alnkasip ? ■.,. 

xth. How long ago y Spistini ? ^ , v'/.ytU 

HOW, (2d, not interrogative) Iish6i w ezag^jil, I know^ not how 

long I Hhall live, " Ta Kmisten*t-shei ui-eKag^LskaMlp in-eliin- 

-giisteluis." I know how many dolhirrt you have, '' Ks-niitslen 

kninsh iii aniiluiim ; 'rnhei ii ezagalsgoeit In aiiiiluiim." 

HOW, (3(1, ex(Oamation), 16 1 How do I love thee I lA kii-in- 

gamench I How good I lo hi sgesl ! h\\ HgeHt I 
Mow, (4th, for what reason ?;, Kjs's'chen ? How you are mad? 

K'z'schen ku-aimt ? See Chen. 
HOWKVKIl, I'OHJ. yet, still, Ku, Ku |)en. 1 was alreatly willing to 

strike you, however 1 will not, " TJe tie ks-l/.enzin, ku tn." 
HOWL, p. /. (;hinos-ntlagi<ini, ('hinos-neei. . ,,,,,^^.,„ ,^^^^^ ,^ j ^^^.^ 
HUt^KLE-BERUY, H. Stisha. See Tish. i.J' !i.» 

HriG, V. f. [os-nchelshiisein, les-zanem hi lispuus. 
nr.MBLK, <u 1st, thinking lowly ot oneself, (.'hines-nkonnelsemisti, 
Chines-konkontclseinisti, I'hin-eutidsemisti, Konkoint hi is- 
i>uu8, (Miines-temelsemasti. 
'Jil. liow, mean, Chin-konkoint. , ,•■ - \ 

IlUMlUiE, »■. /. 1st Chines-konkontssV-hiti, (.'hines-ki'disti ehiii- 
-konkoint, Chines-ishilshs/.i'iii, {'liiiies-lkukuliuszuli, < 'hi lies- 
2(1. I am humble in my heart, Chines tmelsemasti. 
iid. I think mj^self the last, Chin-eutelsemisli. 
HUMBLE, ».'. t. les-tkom, les-zeeshim, les-ishilshem, les-ezout'stem. 

les-chitoikanem, ies-chishilshusem. , j ittiio > -ifiii/ II 

HUMILITY, n. 1st, as an act, Snkonnelsemist. y ,. , " j,. ,. 
2d, as virtue, Nkonnelsemisten. • ;, , .,,,',,,, ,.,!! 

HIIMMIN(t-BIRI), «. (Jonimgonem. . /''',.,'.'.' 

Ill'MOI}, Ist. To he in had humor, (.'hines nehgut'ttlsi, Chines- 

-ncheselsi. j 

2(1. To speak in had humor, Chines-gut'tzii'i. 
;M. To look good-humored, Chines oimsi, I-<-hiii-oims, l-cliiii-ges's. 

»||,--:'JM(,.< ill}. 

1 ■';-!!Ujj>iH ' x\\i'. 

i)\:\ ;j 

See (res. 


/■i;i '• n 












196 \ HUR 

4tli. T(» Un)k ill-luiinorod, (^hint-H-p^ipiHi, r-<hin-ehes'». 

III'MOKOUS, a. N|)OM|)'szin. 

IIUMI*, n. 1st, Ks-in6ko. '' 'f >n i , 

2(.l, IIump-hu'ke»l, «. PViuunkok-hiii. ' "• ' t'l'i I 

IIUNDRKI), mtiii. imperK. NUokfein ; pers. rhnkok6iii. 

HUNGER, «. S'thskamelttMi, Skaintltun. 

HirN(tIiY, n. Cliincs-chskaiiii'Iteni, Chiru's-netin^lMi. I am liiiiigiy 

of t<tl>acco, "■ (.'hiii-cliskame t'smenifrji." 1 am hungry of the 

prayer, " Cliskami'lteinen In nchaunu'ii." 
2(1. ChineH-kaj^iM'Isi, (Miinos-Cilnui. These two verbs are lined for 

heggiiig f<K»(l when one is hungry. All are nsed also metn- 

HUNT, r. I. Ist, Ml geiienil, ( 'hines-ehilpnti. '' ' = ; ■ ^ 
2d, To hunt hutfulo-cowH ill winter, Chines- imshe! nisi, Chin-ehstoiiia. 
8d. To hunt buffalo-hulls- in spring, ('hines-uikalzei. 
4th. To hunt beaver, to trap lK*aver, Chines-azazmi, (?hine8-<'hska- 

5th. To hunt martins and other small animals, Chines-ehin^ini. 
6th. To hunt deer, phines-ehiJpmi, Chin-ehszooligu, and so on ; 

when expressing the idea of going after siieh an animal, prefix 

eh to the name of the animal. 
7th. To hunt prairie-ehiekens and the like, Chines-tatapmi. 
8th. To look for, les-tlutluusem, los-ehilpim. ' > 

HUNTKH, n. 1st, Sguchitip. Our hunters, Kae-sgucliilip. 
2d. Good hunter, Chilchiipul, Polpolsemuf. 
3d. Annoying, useless hunter, Chilpemen. ■ ' ■•• 

4th. Siieoessful hunter, Chsulkanalka. i ^h 

5th. Sguimsheluis, Sguuikaize, Sguehintin, Sguaiiim, aceording t<' 

the game the hunter is after. 
HUNTING, n. S'chiiip, Suikalze, .^imsheluis, ete. i' 

irunting-outfit, ('hilptin. 

Huntiiigiiorse, .Xehihin. ' , ' 

Hmitinggroniid, Snehllptiii. 
Hl'RL, r. t. les-zkaminein, les-iskoleni. 
hurrah: Hai6h ! 
HURRY, r. /. 1st, by actions, les-koiinehstem, les-koilelisteiii. 

les-goetlechstein, les-uamistem. 
2d. To hurry by words, les-koimzinem, les-koilzinom. 
HURRV, c. /. ('hiiH's-koiinmi, Chines-koilemisti, C'hiiies-uamisti. 


•/oil V<Y 
i ,,1 /■,. .^^1 .i\li 

i , , ;■ -A .li^ 

' .11 

I am hungn 


of thf 

)» arc UHcd l«»i- 

// ( 1 ! 1 



li (?l»ine»-<l»Hk:i- 

iga, and w> on; 
an animal, pietix 

sgiuliiHp. 1 

iiiii, aci-ovding t<. 

■.,1' '. 

L lesi-koiUhsUnii. 


-I' 197 

Ill'lJT, r. ^ 1st. To cuiiso harm in genoial, lti»-4gupini, h'«-lgiip- 

nuncni. . ssii ,litiuo :■ 

2(1. To cuiiNc hodily liarni, les-r.guzgUKm^chHtcm. 
Hil. To cauHe aft1i(;tion, leB-pupUB^nchum. ... ,, ;.;i: ,.;,; {, .; ;. 

4lli. To impair thf usefulness, los-kolgoel'leiii. '• ; "» ,fl it. 

r)th. To treat badly, les-nuelmtlehstem. ■' ' 

fttli. To wound the feelings. les-ehoinzutem. 
IIUIIT, a. 1 am hurt, 1st, bodily, ('hineH-lgup. Are you hurt i!" 

A kudgup '( 
'id. I uni hurt, wounded in my feelings, Ko-eH-ehoinsuteiii.(;.j 
:M. I am hurt, made useless, Chin-kolgofel, rhin-koJgoel'l. IT*;-)*! i 
HUSBAND, w. 1st. Sg6lui. See Gelni. : .jj wiHO/i » •;iv>3«i! 
*Jd. Consort, Snku{k6li], Snkulngonogu^iis. 

'M. (Consort in eomp, I'u-, prefixed to the name. Tiie iiushand ol 
Anne, " Pu-An." "Whoso husband art thou'i' '• Ku-pu-sjiet ?" 
Y<»u are the husband of two, yon are bigamous, " Ku-pu- 
-ebes61. ( ii 

4tli. The huHban<l of the woman abused by me, l-sieezinem. ' i,;; 
ftth. 1 take a hu.sband, Chines-kolsgfelui. If 

6th. I take him for ray husband, les-gfeluiem, los-kolsgeluiem. 
HUSBAND, I", t. les-nfemem. ., " j. ..i n,ui )-) .i>,i;i 

HUSH, V. i. 1st, to keep still, I-chin-tlil. - ,, ! j .• ,i,!<r 

2(1. To keep silent, Chines-hdizini. ' i >,' ;r/'l.(i! i 

3(1. To put oneself still, Chines-tlilemisti. .;,i Mtio ^d-.-!/ y: 

4tli. To stop talking, Chines-choopmi. ■ .!..,■•, tii im !•;: 

HUT, poor, Stgo^lgu. ^ ; ..' WMd! 

IIYMX, «. Ist. Kofelemen. See Nkunei. VXI.H'I! 

2d. The hymn to Maiy, Snkoenzintis Maly. : , 

'M. The hymns of David. Snkufenzis David. - i ' 

HYPOCRITE, a. Ks-gesgest'sziiti, Es-ukuniisti, Tklakat. See 



i-i . .1.1; 

*1 i 

1, pron. Ist. Koiefe. ,^ , 

2<1. It is 1, Chin-koicfe. I am indeed myself, I-chtii-Uoiee., , 
:^il. I alone, l-chin-ehin6k8. , . , , 






.198 ILL . " 

4th. lindeed, I-kolo^. "^ *' -.uu - T .|i.f ;\ , i -.TM. ii. 

ICE, n. Int. Sfjuimtekii. .(ii.tUMi'. 

2d. Water f'rozo into ice, Sniinip. ' "' ■■"•■' 'i--' - r» . ^^ i*^ 

3d. What has boon frozen into ice, SzniAni. See KriM'Zp. '^1' ''■ 

4th. Drifting ice, Snaukiiku. '> -f > xittnn^r ;■.^f iimpm "Tf 'I* 

K/E, V. t. Ies-nimp4m, leH-niAm. • ■;• • * J .'" •< ii "J "1" .15 

IDEA, See Thought. ''' ' 

IDENTICAL, «i. r. I am the identical perHon, I-chiii-shti. You 
are the identical )>erNt)n, I-kii-sliei. He is the ideiitital tellow, 
I-shfei. He is the identicHl iifllow that came, Li-sh^M 11 /.gui. 

IDKNTIPY, r, ^ loleH-Kugum. 

IDIOT, n. I-kokutu, Psaie, Ta ep-szomk*in, Tas kiilpfig. '- ' ' 

IDLE, (J. Ist, iinprotitablo, I-tenenius. Idle talk. l-tenenifiH HMiiniii. 

2(1. Unoccupied, unemployed, I-teiiemiiH — ;joined with the analo- 
gous verb. An idle horse, l-tenemus cs-ai'/-, if lie he tied up; 
l-tenomuH os-taal, if he be loose. I am idle at l)f>nie, I have 
n(»thing to do at home, l-lenemus <liiii-eniut, 

3d. Averse to labor, Chinesnu«'ilKi. 10." Hfs h/ i/.ij:.ini;il vii i ..,M! 

4th. Sluggish, Shept. j--.>,i - ><\.,i' y ,.,. ;.i j,,; ,, „i. i ..);. 

5th. Lazy, working slow, Gopt. ••..:l-i-l /u* (oinuit --ij:: I .'f'' 

Bth. (Jetting tired, ('hines-shilli. !.«-.i 1 • < / /Jl-: 1 f: 

IDLE, r. i. (Chines shalli, ('hines-nueilsi. { *' 1 -' -J 

IDLENESS, w. 1st. As an act, Snn6ils. ;u.i • ,m . 

2d. Habitual idleness, Snuilshfemen. ■ •- ' ■ ;• : >• • 

3d. Inclining to icUeness, Snn^ilsten. 

IDLER, n. (ropt, NuilsenuMi, Shclliinien, Shaltemen. 

IDOLIZE, r. /. Ls-keiglem. /T ^ - ■ ■'■ i- 

IF, cow/. 1st, in past, Ku, luj in future, \\i nc. 
Mood in the conjugali«^»ns of the verb. 

2d. Whether. See Whether. 

ICNOBLK, «. Konkoint. 

IfJNORE, V. t. Tas mist^n, Ta uui. 

ILL, a. Ist, physically, Tas gest, Zal. 

2d. Morally, T6ie, Tas gest. See Humor, <*hcs. 

3d. Not convenient, Tas io. 

4th. I tfike it in ill part, Ta isniuals. 
ILLICIT, rt. Es-chgaenepile. 
ILLIMITABLE, Ta eps'h«')i. Ta ep-snptiemus. 

.-I'll' i 

■ ..r ,.;^ 

■M .»' Hi 
I'! ./i/Vfi 
See t'onilitional 








2d. Inul 

3d. I 




2d. To 











•^<l. Iniita 







-'d. Imme< 



3d. Immet 





I! I 'H 

.. .'!• .Iii. 

hii>-Hh4M. You 
donti<a> fellow, 

nlpi^. '^ " 

rtith Iho aiuvlo- 
f 111' Ih' tio«l «i>; 
it Ijr.iiu', I l>»v*' 

li «-. 

i:.l <i '-'^ • •■*'*■ 
„U.I ..i^'! I •'•''' 

, I /:iA\< ' !'• 

111,; ..I i . 

Seo ('oiicUtioiiul 


IM.-NATUIIKD, xXcliestiUiimMi. 

ILI.NKSS, tt. Kzal. 

IIJ> TUKAT, t. ^ Tus ^v8t u i«H-ag6ileiii, ItiH-iuolinddiHteni, leg- 

-ehe»cirh»tc'in. . ) J M U I 

ILIiUMINATK, «'. t. Ic8-ze6kuiii, los-vlipeguizom. See Pa^kn, 

P^'fi", <ial. ./. . 

IliliUSlON, to !*«' undue uii iiluMion, (Miiii-oiiHeUul^H. See 8tii..t i: 
ILIiUSTUlOUS, rt. lopieut, SisiuK. ,,1 A,i\ 

IMAGK, «. Int. Skoikaii, or Skolk6i. h -jisH -j^,?: ./f r/..!< >t/ IH 
2(i. Inm^e mudu by oneself, by photographing, Skolkuinxitt. 
Hd. IliuHtrution, parable, figure, Chsuguni^ten, Kolsugunieteit. 

Uhsuguniezinten. See Suguui, Figure, Portrait. 
I.MA(rINK. r. t. 1st, to form an idea of. , leB-nteUeni, les- 

-nagaltseni. .i^rcinC!-*;-.*! • ■.>< HiAMIff 

'Jd. To device, les-ku+pagtni. 

IMAtflNK, I'. /. ChineH-kuipagami, ChineH-nt^l^i, Chines tuigul^lHi. 
IMBECILE, a. Gopt, l-kokueu. 

IMBUE, with blood. See Blood, Tluni. nr 1 . I / IVA '/It/ ? 
I.VIITATE, f. f. Ist. Chines-zagtili t lit. I do jis he does. I 

must imitate the meekness of J. C, "Chikaezugalsnkantelse- 

misti t'es-nkainelseniisti lu J. C," lit., 1 must he as meek as 

Jesus (Christ, les-zamem, Ies-tei4uiera, les-nzuzii^ciiseni. See 

Zua. les-chshinini. See Chishmim. les-nguieni. See Gui. 

les-nshiistaksem, les-nshiust'sbinem, Nshiust'shisten, les- 

-nshiusteni, les-nshistepem. See Shiust. 
8d. Imitate, to mimic the words of, les-zuzuzinem. To mimie the 

actions of, les-zuzueohsem. li j:'{ > »v .y.i i\'\"i'Vt',l^]'{\f : 
IMITATOR, n. Zamenzulen, Nzuzuechsenziiten, Nehshintin. 
IMMACULATE, a. Ta epi-es-chitoko, Ta epi-esuilom, Ta epl-es- 

-uelemszut, i-issish, I-guku, I-ngukuize. .See (ii'iku. 



I MM KASUKABLE, a. Tas sugugumutem. 

I MM EDIATELY, adv. 1st, quick, Goetle. ) . 

2d. ImmediateH' after, I-. ('ome immediately after meals, 

i-ku-uis-Wen m-ku-zgui." After those words he died imm* 

diately, " Lkolkueit u tlil." 
3d. Immediatol)' before. See Just. ' . • .i "i.m'MU 

IMMEDICABLE, a. Tas papagutem. rsi- <i I' 

IMMENSE, a. Ta ep-snpttemus. 
IMMERSE, V. t. Ist, linen, les-ntkoetikum. 


.. . iX'htri .i.jl 

• iWiinii ■■t-r tfi I 



. vX;/ 



200 ^ IMP 

2d. To immerso llio flnjifiirs in watrtr, ('liiiioHMilocliistt'dkiii. ^AAy 

'-id. To iinmorHo hi-iiiid in liquid, loH-nkiW-lt'in. 

4th. To immiirso a pornon, loA-nlo^tikiim. 

IMMIGRANT,*!. KH-tlutluusi t'si6liifu. 

IMMODBUATK, a. Tus tiiK ! 

IMMODKST, a., in fr,Mu>ral, Chfichfet. 

2d. Immodtist tnik, ('hineH-i'liodioKinmiKti. 

3d. fmmodc'Nt actionn, ('liincH-i'hcM'homMziiti, ('hincs-kin'iinilwti.f'l 

IMMOLATK. See Sacrifieo. 

IMMORAL, a. Ta» gest, Tfcie, Ta» 16. 

IMMORTAL, a. Tan teUiitem. • < .; 

IMMOVABLE, a. Taks-idt't, Taks-iiimi 

IMMUTABLE, ,i. TakH-tigiignlem. 

I MPA 1 1{. Sei! Oetcriomte. 

I MPALFA BLK, a. Taks-rlindgugn. * 

IMPART, »", /. l«t, to give, les-giii/.'shi'm. 

2d. To give lu'ws, ChincM-niiniinii. 

LMPARTIAL, rt. I-tog. ^ 

IMPASSABLE, rt.Tasgniutcm. > 

IMPASSIBLE,/!. Taks nguzgnzM.elH 

IMPATIENT, n. Tjis nis'iiiiolH, T«» ninals. 

IMPEACH, r. t. les-ncmi6|KMn. ' 

IMPENETRABLE, -/. 1st. Tas gHi.itcm. 

2d. InaccvHHible, Tiis clwagaga, Tan clicliiiti'itrMi. 

IMPERCEPTIBLE, <i. Ta« mholmtoni. ■ 

IMPERFECT, ,1. Tarn pM.i sliei. Ivoltuin. 


IMPERIors, '(. L.iat. 

IMPERTINENT, ri. S.M' Arrogaiii. < 

IMPERVIOrS, ./. Tasgiiiutem. ' 

IMPETCorS, </. TIagt. ) 

IMPIOUS, (/. Kiiaukot. 

IMPLEMENT, /*. K6lemen. , i, 

IMPLORE. i\ t. Mil I irnplon- yitm- nu-ny I -'Mi koril^oinii'- 

mintl" lit., Plo.HS(' hav*' mercy on nu'. S<'i' P)i'a<l. 
IMPORT, r. t. les-ukiim, les-guiom, Lvx-y.-fiiictn, ■ 

IMPORTANCE, n. Snkutfnaksein. -^ ^^' 

LMPORTCXK, r. t. Nt. ],y a-tic.-*, \<'<-^u'-h-\vur '' ' ' '■ 

t -Mr 

\, -" i J 

' 1, 

.t(l Tn 

Jtli. T 

I M P( ) 



2.1. To 

•M. To 



2.1. Tl.ii 



2.1. IT„„ 



I M PR El 


2.1. To ii 

■•M. To p 

41 h. T.M 

Chi I 



2.1. Pi-„di 



2.1. Imjd-i 






2.1. .VlT.)g;i 



2.1. Dirty, ' 


iiiM >rl nil; 



rtikni. ' •»!' 
/.I. I' 

I /^r.iU I'J 

■1 / '/\\f \.\ 1 

-■A • 1.1 

f 1 

, ,(.•: 

; .: ; i, .•'1 .!^': 

I . 1 1 '. t 1 I I 

, 1 ..M- '1. 

i., n 

- j; I •!!/ ( \ 

Mi k..-iil<-Miiii- 

' 1. 

IMP 201 

.1(1 T<i amiDv It.v woimIh, IPH-iiu>7.iiit!iii. 
Hit. To annoy liy uciions, loH-nii:(.'list(^ni. 
IMI'Oiri'l'N.VI'K, (f. M»'iiw'('t, KH-nuM'ziiit-niist, NiniMntziii. 
I.MI'OSK, r. t. 1st, to impoisi'ii.slii'H oil jlio liiitt'l, I'liini'M-clijMtliokt'ini. 

Soo PUniii, I'ut, l'\'ifjjii, (,'lumt. ,,ln ,t , 

2il. To iiii|)osi' tlu' IiuihIs, ii>.s taki-in, loH-chiHukt'iunii. .111/ 
:i<l. To iinpoNi' tin- liaiids l>y Htrclcliiiii'- them on, los-(rhjfii|)ifU))mA- 

I.MI'OSSIHliK, ,1. 1st, tliat caiinol 1h« cloiio, Tas kol'liitorn. >' »/ / | 

■J(l. That cannoi lie aitaiiuMl, Tas Ikokoutt'iu. .Sci' J*ossili|»' 
I.MI'OSTOH. tt. Soc Koi'Mi, Choat. „,v .. 

.1 1^,11 i \ I • i I 


i.MPOTKXT, (». 1st. Tas ioioi. 

id. rnalih' (I am) to do a spccitiod lliiiijj, Tas Ikoiiten, Ta»» Ikoinu- 

IMIMJKdXAIJliK, a. Tas Ikokodtom. 


- .^y ,.'.(111 /,;H'i'r/,v.i 

'( .!• .•! /Ij /..\'\'\ l./\ 

IMI'RKSS, r.1. 1st, to make an iin|nvssioii on thai Cihifct, Ics. 

-kaim. It is not iinpivssiMl l»y, Tas kaii. 
■Jii. To inipri'ss onesolf with a mark, ( 'hinos-kain/.uti. m\ z > i/\ 
:M. To product' marks, imajic of that ohject rcxprt'ss), Ics kiilkaim. 
1th. To impress his own leatnrt's on an ohji'ft, ( 'hiiu's-knlkain/.uti, 

(Miiiu's-lviilziizuiiiiKi'iti. Sc'i> Ziiii. It is not imprcssod on, Tas 




l.M IMJKSSION, 1st, produced on an olijt^ct, Esziiii, Ks-kt'.i. 
"id. ProdiiotMl by thcohjoci, Itls-kulziiii. Bs-koMvei. , jj. ..((jivji 
IMPRINT. S»H' Impress, Impression, .Mark, Stamp. 
IMPRISON, r. ^ 1st. les-nlooiu I'siihdieiiiinlen. les kiint'in. <V 

i ■ I 2d. Iniiirison ami liandculf, los-lcliiu 

I- .i J 

IMPllOHABLK, <j. (ioii ta. (.., . ; .S . : 1 !. ' 

IMPROPHH, <i. Tas io, Tas u'l'st. 

IMPROVE,*-. /. Chill el-M;e.stiiilsh. ( Miiiies-uvstilshi, ( 'iiin-e»-m<'e], 

IMPKOVK, r. i. It's->«;ostim, Ios-;fostilshom, les-koleiii lel/i mest 
IMPUOVIDKNT, </. Taskiiliiairaini. 1 1.,/ - •/ 

IMIM'DKXT, It 1st, sliaimde.s.s Tn epl 11/eslitiii. ■ . ' 

■_M. .\rroi>;ani. See .Vrrniianl. 1 

IMPrtlN, r. /. les-ntamzaiiem. See Ta ^ . . I ' ' ' ^'. ' 

I.MPURK, ^'. 1st, water, Tam iisishkii. Nhkii. 1 . t- I 

2(1. Dirty, Chechet. ' I •-' ' / =. 

IMPITIMTV. ». Cliechtt trie. 




202 fNC 

IMPL'TK, i\ f. U{, to chnrKis loH-tkaiin, lt>H-kniiii. 

2d. Iiiipulu HoiiK'thiii^ to u miin, loH-tkHtHhitiMn. 

ftd. Impnto that to him, IeH-tkuih<*m. 

IN. prfp. Int. \t. In tho houHi>, " \i'rA\^\\." 

2d. Usually tho vcrh tiikoH tho profix tt. I put it in tlu< Niu-k. 

" Ntkont^n \\\ I'tl&knne." 
iNA('(?KHHIKLK,nt. lett. Tuh chchiitatcin, Tnn chsa^timatom. 
2(1. IiinccoHHihIe to tho knowlodgt*, Thh mipi'itvni. 
INAC(>'URATE, a. Tnni p6tH Hhli, Tarn i-tufr. 
INADEQUATE, (I. Turn pAtn hW\. 
INADVKRTENt'E, n. H'sinp. What wc do inadv«rt.>ntly, h\\ 

ka©-»'slup. St'o Sol. 
INANIMATE, (t. Ta op Nnt,'ap<nf». 
INATTENTION, n. Spaupot. 
INATTENTIVE, a. Paupot, I-pan. 
INAUDIBLE, a. Tas seuunfatom. 
INCALCUTiABLK, a. Ta8 siiniitem. 
INCANDESCENT, a. Es-chziiku. 
INCANTATION, a, Stlekuilsh. To practioo incantations, Chiiies- 

-tlekuilHzdti. ,, 
INCAPABLE, a. 1st, incapacity for passive reception f»f anything'. 

action, etc., is rendered by Tas — utom, uh it apijoai-s from sev- 
eral examples under this very letter. See Capablo. ^ 
2d. Incapacity ofporforming an action, etc., is rendered hy — miitoni 

allixed to the root of the verb. 
INCARNATE, v, t Ist. To incarnate himself, Chine8-k61isti chin- 

2d. To give flesh to, les-kolskeltichshtem, les-kolshiteni I'kskel- 

tichs. T > ii^!^' 

INCENSE, n. Mdtomon. 

INCENSE, V. i. Perfume with incense, les-kolmoutem. 
INCENSED, a. Furious, (;hines-k»61s'chit, 1-chin-kuel. 
INt.'ESSABLE, a. Incessant, Tas hoi. See Continue. 
INCEST, w. To commit incest, los-nakom hi i-snkusiiru, Lti 

i-stemt'lis. . . 

IKt'lTK, t'. /. Ist, in general, les-kiipem. '^ '^ 

2d. To start, Ies-g61em. ' ';, ' " '^'^ ''' 

IN("LINED, a. 1st. Chin-ep s'chgniuten), Chiues-chluem. Set' 

Bend. ■■,.,.' 


I I, J . 1 III' 

idvtTtt'ritly, hn 


mH-k6li8ti fhiii- 

sluU'in t'k ski'l- 

INI> 20S 

2(1. A trot' is hicIiruMl, it in olT itn porpoinliculur, H)H-k<>K'ciit)rni, 

INCLOSK, r. t. Int. With a Hjmco, Fc8-ko|oj^/»ni, (t^M-cho^foiKflm. 

Sow Kcnuo. 
I'li. IiicloHu, to t'ulil ill, tu put ill nn (Mivolope, otr., lcH-iipii6iMeni. 
INt'IiOSUUE, n. iMt. KtMuc, KoUgomin. 
2t\. With riiilH, les-cliojroizt'm. 
1N<'()MM()I)K, v.t. leH-molmfcicliHtcm. 
IM'OxMMUNICATIVK, a. T«rn uomiinon, Tiw iiiiiniinuK 
1 NCOMPA liABLK, a. Ta i»j)l cwiKfell. 
LXCOMPATIHJiK, Ist, in j^ttncrul, TaksukiilaiiinH iu Eh-^Iuv 

■J<l. PcrsoiiH of incompatiblo tviuper, TakMnkiilaiiMii. 
INCOMPIIKHENSIBLK, a. T« kaoH-ohis^Kai, Tu kaos-chriiiit. 
INCONSIDKIIATK, a. Tus kulpuj<umi. 
IN(M)NSTANT, «. Iiit't, Pelj)ilt. 
INCONTKSTABLK, a. 1-mli, Taks-tiiuHtiMii. 
J\(H)NTIl(>LLABLK, a. Taks iijo«omuteiu, Tm* u«'x{iti'in, 

INOONVKNIKNT, ((. Tan ib, Tas t(% TImiloni. 
INOOmiKCT, «. Tus toj^, Tigiilom. 

INt'ORRKrlBIiE, a. Tas seuiie, Ta« Ikokoatom, Tu epV tont^m;. 
IN(K)RRIJPTIBLE, ^f. Ist. Taks-aiirnt, Tak«-ru6uti, Takis-koU- 

goil'l, Taks-fhestuiish. 
2d. Honest, I -tog. 

INCREASE, ?". V. iMt. Ill Mumhur, OhinosgootuilHUi. 
2(1. In bulk, quantit}', (,'hinc8-kuleiitilHlii. 
•"M. It is oxpress(Hl b^- the inchoative form of tli«' v(M'b — ilsh. .Sco 

nuarly all the adje<:tivo8. 
imrREDlBLE, t/., Ivi^ikciuHuag. 
INCULPATE, i\t. iHt. AciHso, Ics-iit'iniipcMi. 
2d. Reproach, Ics-chilikoiiom. 
INDEBTKI), a. Ist. I am indebted to him for a favor that he or 

others bestowed on me, for his sake, les-ch'hem'm, < 'h'hemen. 

I am indebted t(t his mother for, etc., Cirhemlteit l« skt)is. 

The person I am indebted to, In-cli'lMJinteii. 
2d. r am indebted (ironically) to him tor harm received, Ko-chllee- 

pilfeis, Ko-tleemsies. Sec TIee, Cause, Harm. 
yd. Having a debt, Chin-epV gulguill. 



..If / 

■■'p. ■ 

204 IKD 

mDEEI), afir. 1st. Really, Sl.ei, Unfej^^u, Imii. I-tniii 

2d. Absolute, affirming, Ne}i. 

INDEFATKiABLK, a. Tns aifrotutein, (niayttaat. 

IXDKFECTIBLK, a. In.lefieient, i-kiiemtem, Taks-zsip'p. 

INDELIBLE, n. Ta kolguUup, TaUs-koUgoel'l, Takselio. 

INDEMNIFY, c. t. les-nkolisusem. 

INDKNTED, o. (Jeit. 

INDEPKN'DFNT, (/. 1st. To aet by itself, by its own fi-ee will, 

l-koiee, I-aniii, I-znilz, I-spiu'is, l-koiee u chin-op szntels. 
2(1. To be independont, not snbject to anybody, Ta i-epi ilimiguni. 
3d. To be without superior, father's assistance, I-chin-chiteniapile. 
4th. To disregard others' will, adhering to hisown. Chin ioi6spuus, 

INDIAN, a. .Skeligu. What kind of man or Indian hi'm \<n\ 'i Kii- 

-sterneligu? I am ar Indian, Chin-skeligu. 
INDICATE, c. f. 1st. By pointing out, Ies-x6koni. ' ■' ' ^ ' M " ' 
2d. To show, les-nieiem. 
TNDIFFFJIENT, a. 1st. Not being particular in the choice, Ta is- 

2d. Unimportant, I-tenemus. 
3d. Of a middle (pialit3-, She-shei. 
4th. To have no preference, Ta i-ep sznt^ls. 
5th. Not being different, Tas tigulem, 

6th. Free from prejudice, impartial (I am). Ta i-ep s'chguliitem. 
INDIGNANT, ^<. Chines-aimti, Ta is-ninals. See 16. "' 

INDISPENSABLE, u. Taks-tam. ^ 

INDISSOLUBLE, a. 1st. By itself, Ta kael-talpeus, 

2d. By outside powei-, Ta ks-talcus, Ta ks-gokueus. 
IXDiVlSIBLK, <i. Ta ks-goeusein. ' ' 

INDOLENT,./. Xuilsemen. 

INDOMITABLE, a. Tas tgogo, Taks tgngo, Tli/l. 
INDORSE. V. t. Chin-zuti shei, les-nshieiseni. 
INDUCK, /•. r. 1st. By soft wonls, les-totcuzinem. 
2d. By attractive ways, les-zkukununem, ics-zkuin. 
INDUI/iF, r. 1. 1st. To love anything, In-gamench.^' 
2d. To let himself be overpowere<l by— I induluc in slct'ii. 

Hd. To be lenient to, les-totcueni. 

Ta kael- 




2d. That 
I'd. Not 
:^d. Not 1 
-M. To accu 
'•\'\. To g(^t 

-'I. An objo 


If /. 

•"1 uv.i;i 

zsip p. 

own fvee will, 
up szntels. 

i-e|»l iliiniguin. 


iti am vou '! Kii- 


/ •; -'■ 

■ ^.* ■ 

/ t 

i -' 1 





N Ta 


/ .' ' 



|l s 



; , 



. 1 ■ ' 

. '-■' , ' 

llpcus, Ta kai>l- 

; . -i M 

ii sU'cp. Cluiu'!-- 

INH , ^ 205 

INDULGEXCK, w. Kae-snkonin hi tel Lpap, Nkoniikuinshtis hi 

I'Lpaj) In rnkdlistis hi chee kae-giilguilt hi gol teie kaci- 

-kolgoelhit, i. e., Favor to people IVonii the Pope, tor the sutlM- 

faetion of'oiir yet debt for sin already torgiven uh. 

INDUSTRIOUS, rt. Pagpagt, Guaguaat. 

IN'DWELL, r. t. les-nenitfclzeem, les-naiutelzeni, it I abide in more 

than one pei-son. 
INKV^TABLE. a. Ist. Taks tam, Tas Ikokotein. .i .L.,,.,,,, 
2(1. That oan::ot be avoided on the road, TakH-i>i8ka8uteiii. 
IXKXTlNtJUISlIABLP:, o. Taks-lept<, Taks-lep.sutem. 
INFALLIBLE, a. Isl. Not liable to err, Taks-sellii.'p.^ S^.^eK , 
2(1. Not liable to fail, I-inii. ra - U<r.;i ) .b£ 

8(1. Not liable to err in teaehiiig, Taks-selp''/-iii. j,^ ^ < M"«'^iy I 
INFANCY, «.Sogtelt,Skukuiume. ,„.,|,....,,.^.,j' " " .f}' J.- 
INFANT,/*. Ogtell, SUiiknimelt. ' „^^ ;.„;u 1 .hV, 

INFECT, r. t. les-chinilem, leN-ebehiniigiimiiieni. ,,j ^ .^.^j,. j ',^^^\. 
INFECTED, Chines-chchinug. ,.,pif ,,...j unjIV.l 

IXFECTfOUS, a. <:hinng'gutem. ,„,,.(. j;';..; .KT.^r/roRl^ . 
IXFKRIOE, n. labut, Kolishut. 
INFIDKL, a. Keikeisusevnul, I-teneinuis, Leheinisi) skfeligu, Tas 

INFINITE, a. Ta op s'hoi, Ta ep snptleiuus. See, >. 
INFIRM, a. Es-tkutk«)li, Uiteinen. ,„,ii 

INFLAMK, .V. t. To set on tire, les-nluseni, les-nlini. , ^ '^.^v f \r/ \ 
INFLAMMABLE, a. Ulnlp;;!. (MmiK ., / VA 

INFLATE, r. ^ les-pciun. .5,^ ,, /<,x{)i\y\ 

INFLECT, r. t. Ies-ialk6m. i ; , 'V . w , , '. , 

INFORM, v. t. 1st. To iiupait knowledge, Ies-niii*iishitein, les- 

2(1. To acc-usie, deelaiv a fiu(, les-neniiejK'in. - ,;• . 

8(1. To get due knowbwigc- of a I'act, Ie.s-chsninii|H'in. 
INFORMATION, /). As given, I-smiuui ; as ivceived, 1-s'c-hsn- 

iiiiep. ,, = - 

iN(iENIOUS, */. Pagi.agt. 

INGRAFT, See (J raft. / 

IXIIAI'.IT, r. t. les-neinuleni. 

INIIKRIT, r. f. Isl. A person to sii(<('i'i| one, les-neintelpi'ni, les- 
i. An obji'ct, K(»iee ehikaep sUS I-selkonien. See Ileii'. 


> — I 




^06 ' INS 

3d. To receive by birth, les-nivulnkoi'lem, Nkuhiliorietuen, les- 

-nkutk6iMein. We inherit the Hin of Adiim, " Kaes-nkuiii- 

k61'leme8tem lu t6ie Hzku6i8 Adam," bccjinse we receive it 

'' from the moment of our eoneeption. Kties-nkiilkorienistem, 

We receive it with our birth. 

4th. To have a thinj; propogated to mh, les-chmelkuepem, les- 
-chmoopipem. You inherited the nature, blood of Adam, and 
bj'^ baptism you inherit the blood of Jesus Christ, " ('huioope- 
mentgu hi snguls Adam, u hi kues-lbatem chmelku^pementgu 
lu snguls Jesu Kli." '" " ' .' 

INHKRITANCE, n. My inheritance, ^ju tee ik-ste, hu i-selkomeii. 

INIMITABLE, n. 1st. Tas telauutem, Tas zamutem. 

2d. Unable to imitate, Tus teiauimutenisten, Tas /.aainmutenisten. 

INJECT, V. t. Ist. The liquid, les-pzekom. 

2d. The person, les-npzfekom. See Paz, Pzam. 

3d. 1 inject his ears, les-npzkoenem. 

4th. I give him an injection, les-npzki'ipscm. 

INJURE. See Harm. ,' ' 

iNJUST, «. Tas tog, I-tenemus. , 

INK, rt. Nkuailku, Kaiminten. 

INK-STAND, n. Snsigumen hi Ikaiminten. 

INLAND, a. Kum, kom. He lives in the inland, interior, 
" L'kom.'^ He goes inland, " flui ch-kom, Krtmshilsh." Sec 

INMATE, rt. Cheratep, Kuezen, (ruizen. 

INN, n. Snifenten. 

J.VBORN, a. Snkutnkolil. 

INNUMERABLE, a. Tas siinuten. 

INOCULATE, u. ^ 1st. Plants. See Craft. 

2d. inoculate small-pox, les-teliin (from the cut made), 

INQUIRE, Ist. From one, les-seum. 

2d. Inquire about something, Ies-chscur>j, les-chscupileni. 

3d. Inquire from people at large, Chines-suH^mshi. 

INQUISITIVE, a. Nsuseuzin. 

INSANE, a. Kokueu. 

INSECURE, a. Isl. Not feeling sate, (.'hines-.hinli. 

2d. Not aifording security, Ngalulegu, Tani giimkanulegu. 

INSERT, ('. t. Ist. Anything in a writl«'n do<'<l, liook, K-s-nkni- 

2d. To pi, 
2d. Inside 
•-id. All th 
ing t 
" Ngt> 
'i<\. Insist ( 
4tli. Insist 
before t 
chaui el 
Instead, 2d. 
stead, " 
Instead, 3d. 
fion, sue 



mental f< 
made. 'J 




:<)nenien, les- 

" Kaes-nkutii- 

we receive it 


elUuejjem, les- 
(l of Adam, and 
ist, " ('hinoope- 

, J-iU i-selkoineii. 


> ;" \ 

inland, inlm-iov, 
[^nishilwli." Sot' 





I, l)OoU, li's-nk:ii 

2<i. To place between, les-nkufcusem. See Kae. 
INSENSIBLE, a. Not feeling tlie senses, Tas Uehthutem. 
IXSIBE, adi\ Is't. Ota house, L'zitgu. 
2(1. Inside, in general, I or prefixed n to the verb. 
Hit. .-VII the inside of a person, room, vessel, is rendered by insert- 
ing the noun or verb between n — Mze. Good, clean inside, 
"Ngesel/.ej" Dirty inside, "Nches^lze;" The room is well 
illuminated inside, " Npaakelze." 
INSIPID, (I. I-guis. o,,iK.'.;,- : ,■•,.. .i.,^i.l u;; 

INSIST, i\ t. Ist. Upon an object, les-chioioszutem, les-chszunem. 
2(1. Insist liy words, les-chsiszinem, les-chpiz'zinmistem, les-aizem. 
8(1. Insist on a person, by words, les-sizinem, les-piz'zinem. 
4th. Insist on a person, by actions, les-sitchstem, les-pizchsteni. 
INSI.ST, Chines-aizini ! ■■. .', . ' < - / \ 

INSNAKE, V. t. le.s-azpni'inem. ' 

INSOLVENT, a. Ta epi nkolisusten, Ta epi gakaltumshten. ' 
IN SO MUCH, a<h\ L'shei u ezageil. ^ 

l.XSl'ECT, r. t. les-ko6nemem, les-chkonmepileni. ' 

INSPIRE, f. t. les-naukanem, les ngaalzem. See An, Gaa. 
IXST.VLL, V. t. Any officer, les-anm, les-Iakshilshem, les-teshil- 
shem. The first expresses the nomination, the second the 
placing in ofHce, the third the setting him up. 
INSTEAD, adr. 1st. Before a verb, is rendered by j)refixing .v/*/ 
before the verb. I sleep instead of praying, "Ln cbiks-shiis'- 
chaui ehin-itsh." See Shii. 
Instead, 2d. Before nouns following a verb, s/ii is affixed to the 
verb. I pray in his stead, *' les-chaushiteni." I Avrite in his 
.xtead, " les-kaishitem. ' See Per. I die in your stead, " Kn- 
Instead, 3d. When meaning substitution, succes.'iion. See Substitu- 
tion, succession. 
INSTKJATE, r. t. Ie.s-kotegnegukuneni, les-naukanem, Ies-kuj»eni. 

INSTIN'CT, V. Spuus, Zuut. 
INSTRUC-'T, c. t. lesineiem, Ies-zogzoi>om. 
INSTIlUCTOli, V. Zgozgonzuten, Zunemenzuten, Mienzuten. 
INSTRUMENT, //. Kolenicn. .N.H.— Every verb has an instru- 
mental form, from which two instrumental substantives uvv 
made. The instrumental turm ol the verb is — minem ; )»rf. 



208 INT 

— mill ; or, — iniiionioii if the orijjjiiml verb i.s acwntod on tlu' 
lust; :iii(l — menoiii, prrf. — men, iftlie actViil is not on tiic iiisi. 
Soc ITso, and nearly all railicais. Krom those iiistrunu'iiliil 
forms oftlu' vi'.rh theiH' aro (wo forms of iiislrumonlal subslaii- 

tivos, one passive ii 
— minton. 

-mill or — nu'ii ; tlu! other active ii 


INSTRUMKNTAIilTY, 1st. To obtain through the in- 

strumeiitality of, les-ch'hem. See indebted. ' '' ' ''>' 
2d. Instnimentalit}-, to use any one to obtain an obj»'<t, les-eliiteeli- 

INSUMOIIDINATE. r». Tasstiine. • ■ ■;' ■■ 

INSITFFMRA RLE, insupportable, Taks-niualstem, Memeet. 
INSUKFKJIKNT, a. Tarn pc.tu shei, Koltuin. Soc Tuin. 
INSULT, r. f. 1st. les choinzi'itein, wliieii answers lor all eases. 
LiHiiIt. 2d. By deeds, les-ehkoeuehstem, les-ehes'ehsteiiK 
Insult. 3d. IJy worils, leH-ehkoeiiKinein, les-ehe.szinem. . i > - 

Insult. 4th. Men showing the fist in the taee, Ies-guel<usem. 
Insult. .5th. Women pointing tlui index and small finger to the face 

of people for insult, les-nzel6sem. See Zel. 
INSUI'KIIAHLK, <i. Tas ehgoz'/.utem, Tas IkoUotein, ., , • 
INTACT, (». Tasehingii, Tasehinugugu. . v 

INTANCJIBLH, n. Tas chngugugutem. 
INTKLLKCT, intelligeiKe, /(. Nkul))agamiiiteii, Spagpi'igt. 
INTKLLI(;KNT, </. Pagpagt. 
INTEND, /■. /. ('hines-nt61s:, I-spuus, l-sznteis. 
[NTKND, r. t. les-ntelsem. • 

INTKNT, a. Isl. My eyes intent on, K's-ehmei.sem. 
2d. My ears intent on, lescbuieinein. 
INTENTIONALLY, .<J/'. 1st. S/.ehzogu. 
2d. To do anything; intentionally, les-ehgixt-hstem. 
.'{d. To say anything intentionally, los-ehzogzinem. 
INTLIKIKDK, r. I. 1st. ( "hiiies-konzineniisii. 
2d. Intercede wirii, lesclikoMzinemistem. See Kotikoint. 
INTKHCIIANGK, r. t. les-neigueusem. 
INTEIJt.'OUllSE, /(. 1st. Snteininenueiru, Siitemmenueiruten. 


have intercourse reciprocally, Kaes-temineiniegn 

INTKUKST, n. 1st. To my inlerost, Ikl-ngestiii. To your iiiteivsi. 

ucc'i'iitod on tlu' 
s not on the last, 
so instrunionlal 
imonlul subslaii- 
olluT activi' in 

tlirnufijli tlu- in- 
)jt'<t, Ics-chitocli- 

1, Momet't. 
iii Tuin. ■> 
s tor all casos. 
•listonu ■ ' 

tini^or to \hv tiiir 





To \ (iiir inliTi'sl 



2(1. I find it to bo my intorost, lo.s-iin<!slint'ni, ni^t'sihu'im'ii. 

INTKKIOH. Sw Insi.U., Iiiiin.d. 

I.NTEIMiINK, ios-nUaieuscni. 

INTKKMKDI.VTK. S.vBotwo,'!.. 

INTKI{IM)L.\TH. S.«o Interline. 

INTKKPHKT, /•. /. riiiiics-rmizini. 

INTKUIMJKT, r. ^ lesoiniizinem. S(.(. Miim. 

I.VTKIIPUKTKIJ, /(. Isi. Translating, Snui.mi/.iii. 

2(1. Wejiortinj;" juntlliei-'s words, >Jniizinxiiten. 

INTKHR()(i.\TK, r. t. Ie:s-senm. 

I.VTKIMMTPTLON, /(. Kp! esgak. See GaU, (Jap. 

INTKIIKl'l'T a speaker Ity spcakinif, les-ivac/ineni. 

INTKH-W'K.WK, les-iclum. 

INTKSTINKS, //. Sigeneii. 

IN^TOLKRABLE, a. Tas 16, Tas ml. 

INTOXICATE, r. t. [esdcoeuni. 

INTOXICATED, <i. Ks-koeui. 

INTOXICATING, Nko6uten. See Koeu. 

INTRACTA BliK, a. Tas agal'Kjtoin, Tas tuK 

INTRENCH, tJ. ^. 1st. To surround with a trench, les-kultelim, 

les-ntelulegum, lit. I cut it off with a turrow. 
2d. Intrench, simply to dig trenches, C'hines-ruelulegui. 
INTIIEPM), a. Skaltemigu lu spuusz. See Brave. 
INTRICATK, V. t. les-mklem., 
INTRODUCE, V. t. les nolgnin. 
INTRUST, r. Mes-Chitelem. 
INUNDATK, I', t. les-nieiiin, les-chilnudpenem, les-ehiltechenem. 

See Flood. 
INVALID, a. Es-tkutkoii, Uilemen. 
INVAIilD, a. Not jiroperly done, I-tenenu'is. 
INVALUAHIiE, (/. Es-nkutenaksemt 
INVARIAliLE, -7. Taks-tigugulem. 
INVKKtIjE, r. t. Ies-ko^egu«^g^kullem, les-gcleni. 
IXVESTKJATK, r. t. les-koenem. 
1NVETF]RATE, </. Kasip. 

INVINCIBLE, n. Tas lleguputem, Tas lUokolem. 
INVIOLABLE, a. Taks-kolgocl'l, Tas kolgol'liaem. 
INYIOLATK, a. Tas kolgoel, I-nolel/.e. See ( >il. 
INVISIBLH, <i. Tas udichutem, Ta kaes-uichstcni. 



• — I 


210 ^ ISL 

INVITE, r. f. Ist. I*s-giilitiM>.. i 

2(1. Invite to a Journey, IeN-ji;eleni. 

8(1. Iiivit*' to Hin, les-cliiiini. Se*- Ask, Calf. , 

4tli. To alliife, to tempt, les-zkukuniiiieiii. 

INVOLrNTAHV, (/. 1st. ^^.t ])roeeeaino' Iroui my will, Tani tel 

2(1. Pi'oceediriti; IVoiii lilniider, inadvertence. Seliij>. See Sel., 
INVOLVK. .See Knvelope. 
IXVUIAKn.MH.K, ,(. Tas iijnUem. 
INWAJM), (/'//•. In my iiearl, Lnishia li-sptii'is. 
IHASCIHLK, <(. Amtemen. 
IIJASCIHILITV, /^ Saintemen. 

IRIS. See Kainl.ow. V 

IJtON, «. riulim. 

I Hon, r. t. 1st. Ies-t(/.em, /. c, to pass with llie iron. 
2(.l. To manaele, Jes-lcliim. 

IRHATIONATj, a. 1st. Devoid oC reason, Ta epi nkidpauiuninten . 
2(1. Al)siird. Tas toy;, l-tenemus. 
Sd. Not reasoninii', Ta es-kiil]tagami. 
1I{|{K('C)(;X1ZABLE, (/. Tas suj;u-utem. 
I IMJKCONCi LA HLE, .(. inii.laealde. Tas telputein. 
I IMIKKHAtJ A BLK, a. I-mii, Taks-ti'msteni. 
lIMiKMKDlAliliK, irre])arable, <i. Tas paai-iiteni. 
IRHKPHKIIKNSIHLH, </. 1st. Ta epl esuelemszut, Tas el.ilUo 

2d. Iri'epi'eiiensiMe i!,irl. Skcnnelt. 
IKUESISTIBI.H, (I. Tas Ikokotem. 
IinJKSOl.rTK, ((. Cliines-seileniini. 
IKREVMUKNT, ./. I'aupot. 

IRlfKVOCAIUJ':, ,1. Ta kaul-ma.,(, Ta kael tamsiem. 
II'RKJATK, /•. /. 1st. \\y ruitninu: i" :» diteli, as ilic water irriyale- 

the Held, Ks-nmop< iisi. See .Moop. 
2d. .V jierson l>rini;-iui>,' the water in a tield, in dilelies, d'liines- 

'Ad. Irriii'aie 1>\ poiii'inji water on the Hovxci's, etc , Ies-nl;tUous(.'ii . 
ll?l{H,'ATIN(i DITCH, Snniopeusten, Snemiiu listen. 
li.'UKiATLXti Tl'liE, Sniakoiistem. 

IlkUlT.\TH, '•. t. U's-aimtem, les-( hzjioei-listem. Ies-( h/.iid/.ineni, 
ISI.AND. /(. Ks-ehisoukn, /'/. Ks-( hisosonkii. 


-M. [ss 

in '11. 





-M. Care 
•!d. Aftiit 

llh. Ofn 

■"'th. Of, ,• 



I KST, r. 

-IKT. Se 

•'KW. „. : 

.lo|\, r. / 

-d. To joj] 
•M. My sev 

I on-,. (I 

llii. Uy se 
'>ll.. !{y o-l 
'llli. Hv tv 

ivill, Tuni Itl 

.101 211 

ISSTK, /■. /. (Miiiios-6/,Uiu'i. I 

ISSUK, r. t. l,<i. All onlcT, < 'liines-kolUoelti. " ' '' 

2i\. Issuo ratioiiH, los luilslitoiii, les-jii^ornHliitom, les-j^uizslitoni. 
\'\\ pro. It is nndorst'xxl in all verbs without any cxjirossiDii. 
ITCH, w. l-k5i6. Sec Kao. 


J a: 




.lAILOli, «. So-iKliitiin l'('s-iil()(). 

.lArXDlCK, Tas.os. 

.1 AW, II. Koit't'pi^st. 

.IKAIiOUS, a. Isi. Killod willi anxious approlionsion, luifasUy 
viyiianl, <iiis<fiist. See (Jiius. 1 am jealous of that, les-cligusc- 
iiiiiioiii, lit,,, 1 do not siccj) on that account. 

iM. ('aivl'iil to retain what one possesses, les-keigleni. See Kag. 

M. AtHieted l>y jealousy^ aj^prehemiint!; rivalry, Ics-UoleeiiUMtciii. 
See Knvy, Tlee. 

a 'I'as ehilUi'- I liii. Of marrieii [leople, (/liiiios-lvol<»;apapsliiiimi, (Jhine.s-Uoleenusli. 


•">ll\. Ot, reciprocally, Kaes-kol;j;ai)asliiiienienue!i;ui, Kaes-koleeniis- 
tenienucii;ui, Kaes-cliis<;ii/.islitut'>j;ui. Phis last means : We 
throw the fault oue U))()m the other. See (luixsli. 

.1 KS'P, r. «'. t>liiiies-i)osziini, Chines i)osemszoti. 

water iri'ii;al<- 

lilehes, riiines 



.) i<yr 

See S])ji 

t, P 


.MOW. <i. Ni>-eii>;e/.iii ; they are so called hy the Colville liidian>. 
.InIX, ;•. ^ 1st. To l»rin<i; together in contact, li's-tkomeusein, le.« 

-clitkuni, les-iit-xusiMii. 
Jii. To join with links, icskal^'uciisem, les kalguolisein. 
■ id. Bv sewini>; a piece lo, or as limbs ofaninials or ti'ees are joine 

l()L;-(>ther, les-ntpsciisem, les-ntpscliseni. 
lili. \\y sewing t^vo piece- toii'ether, les tkociiscm. 
nil. Hv Li'lnciiiiT, lfs-/,p;iUcus»>ni. 
'llii. H\- tx'iiiX, h's-a/.ciiseiii. 'esdchciiscm. 






• — I 

Till. Hv plantinu'. ciifxi'al'tiii'^ tofiftluT, lcs-!i.s|iit'sfii>«'tii. 

X\\\. I?y associiitiii;;- oiicHi'li to a |t;irty. < 'liiiics-iishi'i, Cliiin's- 

SMit. To slick to, adlu'i'c (•► tiny oliji'cl, Cliiiu's-cliaa/.mi, CliiiinN- 


ti I. 

or, k'H-('liax<>ii/ut(>iii. Sec Attacli. 

Idtli. A cow, marc, joined to the colt or call', Ks-clia/.|K'lt. 

Iltli. To unite, inakiiii;' oin- ol several ol»jects, Ics-nuli'isem. Sim- 



I2lli. To join otK'selt'in tlie l»onil ol' iiiarria}z;e to , ('liiiies-iit^ 




•lOJXT, ('. f. ies-iit|)seiist'iii, ol two ; les nipselisciii, ol sevenil. 

.U)1XT, II. SiitpscHs, Snt [tseiistcii, Snlpsclis, Siitpselisten, To dis- 
locate a joint, Ies-niali<un). 

.lOK K, /'. S I n. 

.FOKK, /•. /. ( 'liincs-poszani, ('hinoM-posi'insT'.oti. 

.!( M\ E, r. t. les-c|i,s|Mis7,ancni. 

.lOKKIJ, «. .\|)('is|is/in, Nclioioizin. 

.lOMiY, (I. See.loylid. 

.lorUXKV, /(. 1st.' S^'iistcluis, Simsis. 

lid. To ii'o on a journey, ('hines-iiustelnisi. Cliines-jnislii, 

.'M. 'I'o return (roni a journey, ( 'liinel-ziinslii. 

+tli To arrive home from a Journey, ('hintd-ztt'le. 

•lOY. II. 1st. The act ol' rejoicini;, Sn|»icls. See Pii. 

2d. VViuit causes joy, Snpi^lslon. 

;^d. What one is joylul for, < 'lin|»ielstcn. 

,I(>VKi;i., II. Is(. Full or joy, Ks-npielsi. 

2d. ('iii<'idated to inspire joy, Pipiit. 

.iriXJK. //. 1st. As tryini;' a case, Sj:;iichIionme|)ile, Chkoninepileii- 

2d. As tindini;- out the truth of it, Soiichniiepile, Chmiepilcn/i'ilcii. 

i{d. As passinu" senteiue, Sninlizon'ocpile, Chzoifoepiion/.nten. 

,11'IXJK, '•.''. les-chkonmepikMn, les-chmiepilein, Ies-ch/,o<;ut'|»ilcni. 

,1 riXJ.M KXT. /(. 1st. .\s an act, S'chkonmepile, . S'chmiepilc. 

2d. As power <il judiiinii', N< hkonniepilclen, .Nchndepiieten. Xch/.c- 

.11 |)(;.\1KXT-SI-:AT. jiKlii'iiient liall, //. SnchznoocpiUtcn. 

.irhlClOl S, (/. Ks-kolkociiisti, Kulpapai;aniiil. 

2d. To j 

;;.i. To" 

2d. .Mux 

.irsT, ri 

.IIST, </, 


1st. ( "hines-ttdkaiieuzuti. 

KKKN, fl 

2d. Sharj. 
•'Id. Acrim 
2d. To rcN 
•>(l. I o cat 
" Ks- 
4lli. To hill 
T)!!!. To 1)1 
'ilh. Tosu 
Tth. To h, 
ejd ^^j, 
Mh. To <d. 
KKKP, r. 
the r<- 
2d. T<, last 

iuir, Xl 



islii'i, Cliiiu's- 

iiu/,mi, CliiiiVK- 

-iiuliisoiM. Sl'c 
.., Cliiiu-K-iitgii- 
1, ot'sfvoral. 






iU', . SV-hniiopiK'. 

lirpili'toii. N'rlr/.i-- 
• pili ti'it. 


'_M. To Jniiip ill or ovi'i-, ('liiiics-iitc'lka|itiizuti. 
;!(l. '!'(» jiiiiip aro.und, pruii(iii;f, Cliincs-Uc/.kt /,In 

kuNKdti, ('liiii(>s-siilk(im<Mi/.uti. 
.ll'NCriON, Isl. Of two stiruiiis, Clifiutp*'. ClifiiMpt likii. 
l!il. .Iiinctioii of Iwo roiidH, SiiuliisiJikN. 
.II'ST, a. l-tojr. 
.ll'ST, <N/r. I»ot-i,'l. 

.M'STK '!<:,/<. I-HlO/r. 


lii. ('Iiiiios-ukiiii- 


KKKN, (I. 1h1. Acute for rcacliiiij"-, lo. Kci'ii-cyi'd.CliiuiuuN. Kei-ii- 

earo<}, Chiiiiiiciu'. 
2<l. Sliarp, oC tools, (Joi^-oiit. lit. ciiltin;;. 
:M. A(;rinioiiiouH tawto, Tairt. 
K KKP, J', t. Isl. To hoi. I. Ks-kiiostciii, 
2il. To rcstmiii from (lcj>ai'tiiig, U's-makam. 
:)(l. To cause to remain in a ci'i'tain )»ositioii, is rendered by (lie 

contiiiiiatc iiuiod o( tlie respective verl). Keep liim a-fioiiifjc, 

" Ks-i?uisku." Keep him still, " Ks-telpiskii." 
4lii. To have in custody, Ies-<iiitim. 

r>th. To preserve I'rom discovery, as to ket'ji one's sins, les-iiekum. 
(illi. To supply with food, to keep hoarders, les-eemtem. 
Ttli. To h(d<l su])j)lies, et<., lo have. l>o you liave iiorses '/ "A ku- 

e]d fxatlzin ';"' or, "A kniiallziu'iU'iii ?" 
Mil. To oltserve, not to traiistcress,I«'schshinim, les-puteem. 
KKKP, r. /. 1st. To remain, is rendered hy the contiriiate mood of 

the respective verb. To kei'p distant, '* Chines-lkot." 
lid. To last unim])aired : with tiie same continnate verl>. 
K ('IKPKH,;). Sj>;uchitim,('liilcr/.iiten. Tliese only mean a guardian. 
KKIH'IllKF, n. For the head, Chiulkokanten. 
KKIJNKFi, /(. Snchitlte. In comii., — esshen, as Stone. 
KKTTLK, /^ Lchep. Kor wanuinu- wjiler, Xzishenicii. Koreook- 

inif, Ntpusion, N/d<austeii. 







KKY, H. As it sfi'Viw to open, Knliiiclit'irlviK'ptcii. As il serves tn 

lock, Ki)li:;/,«>iiii)!'i|>lt'n. 
KICK, /(. S/,iiilk. SzlkMzc. , 

KICK, /•. t. Ifslclkrni, Icslclkrlzcin. 
KICK, /'. /. ('Iiines ti'lUiimi, < 'liiiicstclkcl/i'i. 
KICKKD, /'i(/V. Ks tflUrii), Sztiilk. I linvc lu't-n kitkc<| n'c.iitl\ , 

" Ko-t's-tclkoin." I liiivc l)i'fii kicked in p'lst lime, " Ko lei- 

kaiilem." I have Iteeii kickn., " Ku xy.inlk." 
KID, )i. Kiiieli. 

KIDNA I*, /", i. les .f.itpiiseiii. 
KIDNKYS, //. Ml.)s. 

Kllili, /•. /. 1st. les-polsletM, les-komim. 

2(1. To kill people, ( 'liiiies-pe|skeli<;iii . v 

:{i|. 'I'o kill aiiiiiiiils, Cliines-pelskiiiiaei. 

KlliliKI), />'//7. Kspolslein, Ks-koiniiu. 1 1' I'eceiil ly killed, Szpols. 
KIND, /(. IJendereil liy inserliiiL; llie adji'clive iie '\eeii (<>• — nl.sini. 

One kind, '• Ks iikoiiksein." Two kimls, *' i'iS-iia/-eli'ikseni." 

Many kinds, " I'ls-njfoeiiksiMn." All kinds, " Ks-nii'ikseni." 

Hvery kind, " Ks-naLcahikst'in." 
KIND, <i. (Jest, Nkonkoniiels. See Nkomieinin. 
KINDLM, /•. /. Chines-oliisi. Cliin-oli'iseni. 
KINDIjK, /". /. ( "Iiiiies oli'isi, ( 'liiiu's-oliis. 
KINDIiKl), ./. Ks-ziikn, Ks-olns. 
KINDLIN(;, //. Oli'isteti. 

KIN(i, /(. Iliinin'iini, Cli/,oi>;oi'piIenzi' ii, ( 'lisliiepile. 
KIN(iD().M, /(. Siiiliniii^Mmteii. 
KINIKINIK, //. Skiilse. 

KISS, i\ t. 1st. By simply applyini;' the lips tn, les-lnuim, 
'2<\. Hy drawiiiii; tlu' lips to«retlier, as siickinu', les-tomem. 
.■{d. To kiss the inoiitli, les-ntam/.aneni. 

Itli. T<i kiss the eheeks, li's-kojlenu'isem. See Tmam. Tom, 
KISS, n. 1 1 must he minh- aeeofdinii' lo I lie pai'l kissed. 
KITCIIKN, //. SiilpusteM. 
KNAVK, ,/. Teie, Tklakat. 

KNKI'i, //. S'eheuikeinsliiii. The iiiH|i>r pari. T'ehenieMsshiii. 
KNKK-PAN, //. Si>kiiak(inshiii. 

K\I"]I']Ij, /•. /. Isl. Willi one kiu'e, ( 'liiiies-n/.el^-iM'iii. See Zil. 
2d. To kneel with holh knees, Chines-nzl/,eli;in'pi. 
.'Id. Ti) kneel, and sit on llie heels, with one knee, ' "hines-lodslHiii. 

Willi hotli knees. Chines koikoislieni. 

Ilh. To I 


;.ili. To.n 
lilh. To r 
• oiiii 

:M. To kll: 

with I 
•Id. To kill 
K.VOT. «. 

KN'dT, r. 
KNOW, r 
IM. To he i 
•I' I. To kiio 

hi.. To leai 


'ill. To kiKi 
''111. To kiH) 

Till. To kno 

Mil. I know 

his laii;:; 
I'lii. My ,se.\i 
"Mil. To kn 

See .M 



l\ .Now I. Ml) 

<'t kmnv 


,\s il xTVt'K In 

itUctl n-tviitlv, 
liiiif. " K" i*'l 

y killt-a, S/pols. 






II. >*'l' 




III). To Uin'cl, <;('iinfl«'<! Ill-lore jinyoiii-, witli diu" kni't', li's-clm/cl- 

^iiU'iK-m, li'silikoislu'iicin, (•likdislit-iieimii. 
filli. 'r<i.ficiiiiflt'(l lii'lnrc iiiiyoiu' with liolli kiict's, K's-(lik(iik<ii- 

(illi. To n-iiiuiii on one's knees rendired liv llie suine vei'lis iir llti- 


eonlliiimie in<Mi( 

I. I 

teniain on ■nuv kne< 




Itenmin on liotli your knees, •' Ks-iizly;el^iU'|»i8li. 
KNICK-KNACK, ii. SlUlem. 
KNIKK, /<. Ninelieineu. Scni]iiii};-knire, I'slieniin. I'oeki'l-knil*', 

( 'lilolopiilkc. See l.oo. 
KNITTKD CI-(>THI-;S, Sknkatiilks. 

KNOCK (Willi lists), r. /. 1st. los-ziunn. See Strike, lieat. 
jii. '!'(» knock al tin- «l<»or. Cliin«'N-koiin/.iie|ii, il witli the Hsti^. ll 

with llie ]ialn> oltlie liand, Ciiines-kolinkoe|)i, 
;;(|. 'I'o kno<*k <l<»wu the <loor, les-tkonuin, TkoniMtiMi. 
KNOT, /(. In a tree, Ks-ehitete. In tliread, etc.. Ks-iia/X'iis, Sleliieli, 

KN(lT, '". t. les-lcliiin, les-azini, les-u/eiiseni. 
KNOW, r. t. Isl. To liave knowledp-, leH-ininiiini, es-niisttn. 
■J(l. To he ae<iiiainted with, to re(Oj;iiize, les-sugiini, siij^usten. 
:iil. To know l»y lieart, les-ionu, es-iostt'n (lined esiioeialiy hy Kiat- 

4ili. To learn, to eoine to know, les-niipcJiuiieiii, ieM-ionuiiom, let*- 

itlt. To know helor*' a thinj;- iia|ijiens, Ks-tinisieii, Ks-kol^iiisteii. 
tllli. To know hy si^lit, Ies-ehiniis«t'in. To oaiiie to know by sight, 

Till. To know iiy lieariiifi, les-ehiiiiineni. To eoine t<t kiiOM' hy 

hearing, leH-ehini|ieiieiu. 
Nlli. i know Ihe language, Chiiies-nniiziiii. I uiii ae<|iiaiiited with 

liis lan";iiage so as to reeoiiiiize i 

I, les-i 


lull. Uv sexual intercoiirsi', les-nii|iem'ineiii. Kaesinijistiiegni. 
loth. To know Ity elear, ([iiiek intuition, le.s-i-iuiiieiii, i-iniHten 

See Mii, Sugu. 
KNOWAHIiK, <i. Miputeiri. Sugugviteni. 
KNOW LKIXi K, /(. Sniiiiiiit ; and as nuiiiv ollieis as are tin- way; 

of knowing a tiling. 
KNoWIN^JLV, J do sa\ it. Ks-mi-teii, l-s/.chzogo. 







LAHOR, n. Isl. VVorU, Sii,i?iiliiis. Skul. 

2«1. Effort, Si<)i«)H/-ut. 

Hd. Painful cxortion, S'chisknilt, Saii^ot. 

4th. What is ih)no with jniiii, < 'haj^a>,'<'lti'ii. *> . 

fjAliOll, r. /. 1st. To work, Cliiiios-koli, ( 'liint's-Hiialnisi. 

'2d. To do jinythinjjj with pain, Ii's-('ljau;»'ih'm. 

8(i. To ho in (lislross, (^liim'sii','iizu'ii/-nu'lsi, ('hin.'s-|)ii).ns('n(lii. 

Uh. To make an ftfort, (Miinos-ioioszut i. 

LAHOIIKH, /*. ^^'uk6h'm. S^^inif^ahus. 

fiAliORlOlIS, a. Isl. Roqiiiriiif,' lahor, (Mi!ii.^aliil»'in, ('liaiiroti^tt'in. 
2<l. Di'votoil to hihor, (riiaL^nual. Kolkolninl. 

lACKRATK, r. ^ les-tclini, li'siikani. 

liACK, ". '. (JhiiK'siapz-ini, « 'hini-s-kiilliiini. Sec Tiiin. 

LADDER, H. Snohiiilshton. To jr., n)) a la.i.liT, < 'hinrs-.-hinlshi. 

liADliK, n. Xnu'iltcn, Kulmdlton. See M\ili. 

[iAG, i\ i. ('hinc^J•(!llenl•hlMlti, Chinos-clicn.-lu-in.Msti. ( 'hini-s-ch.'ii 

LAKK, /*. Chilkaiii. Si-i' Kal. 
LAMB, n. Kai'l,u;o;<>;oai. 
JjA.MK, (I. Cliincs-tilf^mMizut, Sci" Tiliixiini. 
liAMKNT, r. I. Chines zooti. 
LAMENT, r. t. Ics-ch/,ooti'ni. 
LAMP, /(. Sn/,t'kushintcn. 

L.\MPASS, hini} ors, n. (of liorscs! .><iiciiMallv'»lt, 
liANCE, /(. Snuiicrnon. 
liANCK, '". t. rcs-huiin. 
liAND, «. 1st. St('»iiii;ii. 
2<l. The quality of suil, Mail. 

liAND, '-. '■ l»t. Aninialc lii>int>-s. ( 'liiii('s-iitf>l)ilslii. 
2d. Hoat, Es-zkakaini. 
8(L I como to iaii<l, (Miincs-ziiti'sliilshi. 
LAND, '•. ^ 1st. .Vniinatf hi''^, L-s-iiri^liii-^lu-m. 

2il. Boat, I('s-/,k(-ni, Irsnirsliilslu'ni. 
LANDIN(i-PLA('K, n. SiiK'-sliilslit.-n, X/.kakatiii. 
LANdl'A'iK. /(. 1st. Nknlkoclt'ii. 'riii-iizi.. 


.M. I kn 
.•!.!. r s|..' 



:,AP, «. 

.M. To la 
•M. To li 

I.AI', r. 
-M. To .li 
l,.\P, r. f 

■ villi 

LARD, /* 

;!.!. \ 





tail, ( 




liicc, i 

tail, C 

' AR(;i-:, ] 

Hill In 
is K'l'i 
-M. Butter 
LASH, „. 
•-M. Tlie sti 
LASH, r. i 

It-in, <MiiiiL'<>t»lfin. 

,.(. Tuiii. 
( "liiiH'S-rliiillslii. 



Isti. • 'liijii-s-f-lifii- 


,1,,'in. iitrsliiNlili'ii 


LAS m 

■Jil. 1 know u laii;;ii!ii;»>, ( 'liiiics-nmi/.iiii. ■ ^ • 

.'111. I s\H'iik well a laiii^iia;rr, ('liiiu's-ii^^cs/.iiii, 

|,.\N(M!II), ./. STiall, Slu-llumoii. .Soo KrobU", Woak. 

|„\.\TKI{\, n. Sny,oUiiHliiiil«-ii. 

!,AI*, II. 1st. Ol'a iiiTsoii sittiiiif, S'flHMHolpsl'sliin ; llotii, .S'l-hdio- 


_M. Tk lay it on llic lap, Ics clitUot'litsl'Hliini'in, chtkoi'ljJHt'sliin. 

-ill. To liavc it on llu; lap, Ifs-ditkoi'ljisi'Mliinoni, chtkoi'lpsl'Mhi. 

I, A I', '•. /. 1st. ()v(>r-la|), I'iS-cliirjipus/.iiti. 

lM. To drink as doj^s do, ( Miincs-lkuflikiii, 

L.\l', r. t. h's-lkuMikiiMi. Tli.' (at laps the nulk, " T'pn« os-lkutti- 
kuins hi Hkui'iu." 

j.AIM'll, n. Msludp, Zi'ik.dsli. White hireh, K.)koliit. 

i.AHl), //. Cochon skozt. 

I..V|{(JK, «. 1.— 1st. Widr, hiikal. 2d. I.arfi;c leaves, Cldkelp. 
.'III. Ijai'ffe helt, iikiji. 4lh. Iiai"!j;e hand, ^-ikeehst. Tjili. liUi'tre 
eloth, 4-jkel<;'ii. (Uli. liUri^e liice, 4-ikaiis. 7th. Lari^e I'oad, 
NJkaks. Sth. liaise lorehead, ( 'liifdkesshin. 0th.^e 
plank, -f-ikalko. lOth. I<ai^;e tield. iikaiilen'U. lltii. Lai'^e 
door, KolinH<ep. 12lh. Lai'i^c leet, l-ikalkashin. llJth. fiai'ije 
tail, ("hlkai'ips. The opposite of " 4-jakat " is " J-ikakeiet," 
Narrow. 1st. Narrow leaves, C!hlkakael]i. 2d. Narrow helt, 
-hkakacp. iiil. Narrow hamls, iikakaechst. 4th. Narrow 
road, J-jkal'-aiiks. .")th. Narrow )dank, Kakaalko. (Uh. Narrow 
tsice, Jjkakaus. 7lh. Narrow teet, Keikeosliiii. Xth. Nar)'ow 
tail, Chlkakai'ips. * 

' .MJdI'l, II. — 1st. (ireal, Kntnnt; its ojijiosite is 4-ikukiiiine. 2(1. 
Midky and lonu, hilt; its opposite is l-ikakeiet. od. .\hundant, 
(Joeit ; it.s ojiposite is 1-iiiet. 4tli. Liberal, Popeet ; its opposite 
is leiikiie. ;")th. Thiek, I'lilt ; its o]»]iosite is -Pikakeiet. 

i.Ah'V.K, /). 1st. Caterpillai's, Chililkote. 

_'■!. Bnttertly, K iudiileu;ii. 

I.ARIN.X, II. Skanicllen. 

I.ASClVlorS, ,1. Ks-iiiuiii;iine. 

I.ASII, /(. 1st. The cord of the whip, Kolkeii;-miien. One, Tw<i 
l;ishes, Nkoe]>, Kseh'p. 

-M. The strokes of the wiiip, Slziz. 

I, ASH, /•. t. les-lzini. 







211^ LAU 

- T.ASSO, .>i. i^ij^ii])uston. ' 

liASSO, r. t. los-fgupuHcni. 
LAST, ((. iHt. Tlio Olio closing » sories, Kz-ent. The last <Iay, Kz-tiu 

sgulgalt, Aziiutaskat. Its opposite is Sliiit. 
2d. Next bef'»ro the present, iiie, Z'ne. 

8(1. The Imt in a horizontal line, Cheinagiiii. See Kxtreme. 
4th. Utmost, greatest, Es-nshiizin. 
5th. The most imMke, Tarn ezageil ; or hy Tarn and the final — liteut 

affixed to the verb, meaning that he is ineapalile ot'd(»ing. 
<)th. The meanest, lowest, Ez-eut. 
7th. At last, finally, Siz, Hoi. 
8th. Last supper, Seut'zin. 
LAST, V. i. 1st. This verb has no literal correspondent in this 

language, but must be rendered by the continuate verl). The 

rain lasted three days," Cbuiaskat es-tipeis." 
'2d. To last a long time, Chines-kaspmi. It lasts too l(»ng, " Mil 

LATCH, ». Of a door, Kolinehkaligutin. See Kalgum. 
f ATCH, i". /. A door, Chines-kofinehkalgut^pi. 
LATE, a. 1st. To come utter others, too late, after the usual time. 

Chines-guz^pi. See Go^z. 
'Jd. I^ate in the morning, Tie kasip u gali[». Late in the evening. 

Tie kasij) u chlug. Late in the nighl. Tie kasip u kukuez. 
;>d. I^ate, existing not long ago, but not now, Z'ne. The late 

president, "Lu z'ne iliniigum." 
LATELY, adv. Z'ne. 

N. B. — Siz means the thing done immediately after, the next 

in the past or future. Z'ne means a little while before or after. 

I ate, and immediately after I w'ent away, " Chin-ilen u si/. 

chin-guist." After eating I will go away immediately, " Ne 

ehin-iien, ni-siz m-ehin-guist." i ate a while ago, " I-z'ne \i 

chin-ikMi." I will eat after a while, later, '" Xe i-z'ne ni-ehin- 

liATKH, after a while, Ne i-z'ne. A while ago, " I-z'ni'." Later. 

wait a moment, " Ne kuene." 
LATTICK, «. Es-eimelis. 
LATTICE, r. t. L^s-eimelisem. 
LAUDANUM, n. It'shten. 

L.VUtrIL '"• '• (-'hines-oinzuti ; ///. Kaes-goagoeimi. 
LAUGH, /i. Soinzut. 



c last day, Kz-iut 

) Extreme. 

1 the final— i\tcMu 
lilo ui'doiii}!;. 

spondent in this 
luat'^ vt'fl). The 

« too lonj^, " Mil 


r the usual tinie. 

i in the eveniii};-. 
»si]) u knkiiez. 
Z'lie. The late 

■Iv after, the next 
e belbre or alter. 
' Chin-ilen ii si/, 
imiediatelv, " Xc 
ago, " 1-7/ ne \i 
I'e i-z'ne n)-ehiii- 

I-/.'iu'." Later. 

LAUGHABLE, n. Nchoioitin, Nchgoageitin. 

LAUG1IIN(; FELLOW, a. Xehoioizin, Oinzttmcn. . 

liAW, n. Snchzogoepilfeten. T 

liAWFLIL, a. Tas chgaenepile ; lit., Not forbidden. '''■'^''' 

li.\W-G I V'Ell, law-maker, n. ( 'hzogocpilenzuten, Iliinignm. 

IjAY, r. t. iHt. To place down flat, leH-tk6ra, pi. les-kaminem. 

2d. To CistabiiHh in a fixed manner. See Foundation. 

:M. To lay hrieks, planks side by side, les-shnim. See Shin. ■ ' 

4th. To lay a wager, deposit, IeH-tk6m. .' >' ' " * 

;')th. To lay eggs, (Miines-uussei. .;.';, 

•ith. To impose, les-tkoni, les-ehtkueusem. ' ''• /■,■ 

7th. To lay aside, to put away, Ies-go61cm, les-hoiem. ' ] / 

*!th. To lay away from thieves, les-l^kum. ' 

9th. To lay hare. See Uncover. ' ' ' ' ; ' 

10th. To lay before, les-miltkuelsem. ' " '" ' ' 

11th. To lay b}', preserve, les-elkom. 

rith. To lay down as a pledge, les-tk6m. ' 

18th. To lay open, les-lakomim. 

14th. To lay to the (jharge, les-tkaim, les-tkailtem, les-tkaishiteJn. 

15th. To la3- up. See Accumulate, Lie, Place, Put, Set. 

LAZY, r(. Disinclined to work, Nuilsemen. See Xueils. 

LEAD, n. Balls, Milmilko. Small shot, Szizmele. Lead in bars, 

K4-niilinilko. . . . 

LEAD, r. t. 1st. To conduct, j'nide, Tes-guiusem. See Bring. 
*J(1. To go ahead, guiding, les-golishitiisem. See Shiit. 
-id. To lead by the hand, les-ch(^hinepilem. See Chin. 
4th, To lead straight, les-tgomusen. 
nil. To lead astray, Ics-ostusem. 
ilth. To lead the way, Ohincs-nniiaksi. 
LEAD, r. i. Int. To go before and show the way, Chines-golshitusi, 

Chines-shiitemi, Chines-nmiaksi. 
LEADEIJ, H. 1st. A (Juide, Xgolshituseii, Sgushiit. 2(1. ("hief, 

lliniigum. 8d. Ringleader, Sgushiit. 
LEADIX(t, a. principal, Es-nshiizin. 
LEAF, /). 1st. Large leaf, of cabbages or other plants, Piz'chl. Of 

carrots, etc.. Sups. (^f])ine and like, ('heme. 
2(1. Leaves ai-e budding out, Es-chknalelp. See Kual. 
•id. Leaves are drying out, Es-chkoelelp. See Koel. 
Itli. Dry pi)ie leaves, I'hcme. 





.220 LEA 

LEAGUE, n. Alliivnct', Snti'minonut<<;ut(;'n, Sihemfueirntcn, Siim- 

a?nilshtcn, Sjikouilshton. 
fiEAGUE, r. i. To uiiile in ulliurifc,, Kacs- 

-iikouilwh. ; 

fjEAK, V. i. Es-sigui, Es-aupmi. ( 

hEAX, a. l-chitiis. Grown loan Uy Hioknt'H.s, etc., hn\). 

TO GROW LEAN, Chines-liipmi." , 

F>F)AX, t\ i. 1st. To be out ot pcrpeiHlicular, E8-koz(hemi. 

2(1. To incline to, Cliincs-titagolusi, ('liin-i'p s'thgululei 

3d. To depend for support. See Depend. 

LKAN, V. t. Ies-ch}eem. See (Mi Fee. 

liEAP, 17. /. Ghines-telkapeiiziiti. See Jump. 

LK.AHN, V. t. 1st. To learn hy heart, ies-ionnuneni. 

2d. To eonie to know, lesmipenuneni. 

3d. To learn by information received, Ics-disnmiepem. 

4th. To teach, les-meiem. 

.5th. To learn to do something by seeing others at work, Chincs- 

LKARNEI) MAN, Pagpagt, Es-misziit, Miimiit. 
LEARNING, n. Smiimiit. 
LEASE. See Hire, Rent. 

LKAST, a. Jst, Kiikuimne tel , Ez-eut tol 

2d. At least once a year, Ne ks-Fuet, ni-nko I'nko spenlich. At leasl 

four, No ks4uet, m-mus, for future. They were at least ten. 

Lu ne ks-Het, she 6pen. 
8d. He is at least as big as you, Lu ne ks-kukoiume, .she ezag/ilskii- 

tunt iu tanui. 
4th. He went at least as far as your house, .Lu ne ks-chichet, she 

kolchizsh Li I'an-zitgu. 
LKAST. <u/v. (it'\. 

LKATIIKR,«. Ketite, Sipi, Srzooliguten. Harness leather, richlgii. 
LE.WK, n. permission, 1st. To ask ])erinission, Chines-suplemisti. 
2d. To ask leave from him, les-chseuj>ilem, Ies-chsu]ileniistem. 
3d. To grant leave, Chines-zuti shei, Chines-shielsi. 
4th. To grant that leave, les-sheieni, les-chshiepilem, les -nshielseni. 
fiH.\ VE, V. i. To desist, Chines-hoimi. 
LK.W'E, r. /. 1st. To (piit company, ottice, Chines-ozkaei. 
2(1. To de])art from, les-goelem, Chin-guisl, Cliines-imslii, C'hin- 


ntiiejfnton, Snia- 
illign^UHi, Kaos- 





it work, Chiiit's- 

penlicli. ilt least 
ere at least ten, 

le, she ezagi'iUkii- 

ks-ehiehet, slie 

eather, PichliiO. 

u, les-n.shielseiii. 

les-mislii, L'l\in- 

LES 221 

3(1. To abandon, les-goeleni. 

4tli. To suffer to. remain there, not to take or remove, les-lziini. 

See Zii. 
fjth. To suffer to remain here, Tes-lziim, Ics-lelem. See Ke. 
6th. To bequeath. See Be(jueath. 

7th. To eonimit to the care of, les-tkom, les-ehiteleiii. 
8th. To ])ermit, allow, refer. She. I leave that to your jud<^ment, 

" M-she ne tak-szntels." 
nth. To leave oft', Chines-hoimi. 
lOth. To be left to himself, not to be eared for, I-ehin-ehilinaks,/*/. 

l-kae ehiesel ; Z/f., I am a j)oor little fellow, left by myself; 

we are two poor little forlorn fellows. 
11th. To leave one alone, not to \>ry into his affairs, les-hoiem. 

Leave me alone, " Ko-hoisku." 
liEAV^EN, «. Nmetlemen. Yea.'^t powder, Npeiileguten. 
LEAVKN, V. t. les-peulfeguni. 

LHCTURE, ?■. t. 1st. To instruet, preaeli, les-zogzogom. 2d. To 
reproach, les-'hilikonem. 

f.EFT, n. hand, vS'ehizikue. Left-handed, n. (,'hizikue. 
liKG, 71. Lst. Szooshin. See Foot. Long-legged, Chin-chusshin- 
akst'shin. Siiort-legged, Chin-chlguiguesshin. 

2d.»To walk with one leg, (.'hines-kaneushin. 

yd. To have both legs retracted, (..'hines-kanelshin. 

4th. To withdraw, contract the leg, Chities-kazshinmi. 

.'ith. To have a leg swelling, Chines-chskushinmi. 

fitii. To break one's leg purjiosely, Chines-kaoshinnii. 

7th. To break one's log accidentally, Chines-l«aopshinmi. 

LE(;ACY. See Bequeath. 

LKG(iIN, legging, n. 1st. Sgetlishin. 

'2d. To wear leggings, Chines-getlishinnii. 

M. To jinll oft'one's leggings, Cliines-ptlptlakst'shinmi. 

LECaSLATOK, n. Chzogoei)ileiizuten. 

LK(JISLATE, r. L Chines-ehxogoeplltumshi. 

LKNl), V. t. Ies-k61inetii. 

fiKXD, V. i. Chines-kolinshi. 

fjKNT, «. Suisshen. 

LKPIIJJ, Ks-p6koti, Es-pokok«elgui. 

(iESS,i/. 1st. Lu kukuiiime, iiH ez-eut, 

-M. i.ess than, Kukuiunic tel , Ez-eut tel , Tain ezagal sku- 

tunt t 



222 ., LID 

8(1. LesH i'ooci than, Tarn ezai'al sifcst t 

4th. FiCHH niimoroiis than, Tani <.y/Aigii\ sj^uoit t 

FiESSEN, V. i. Chinos-topmi. See Diminish. > 

LK.SSKX, i\ t. les-toinim, les-topniinoni. 

r.EST, fidiK Gei. 

LET, r. t. 1st., To grant permission, Ii's-slu'-iem. 

2d. Not to restrain, les-lziim. Let it he, " Lzii. " See Zii. , Let 

him there, " Lziisku." 
3(L To let ah>ne, Ies-h«)iem. 
4tli. To let hlood. See Bleed. 
5th. To lot <ijo, les-ptlechsteni. 
(ith. To let in, Ies-M('>lj>um. 
7th. To let loose, lea-lalim. 
Sth. To let out, les-nozUaem, les-tnlim. 
nth. To let fall, les-tipeminem. 

10th. To let ott", discharginif gun, arrows, (.'hin-lifopiiieh. 
Uth. Let us fijo, let us do, etc., are rendered hy the suhjunctive 

mood, Kaeks-gui, Kacks-Uoli. 
LET, lease. Sec Rent. 
LETTER, n. epistle, 1st. Kaimin. I got a letter. Ko-zcliizis t'kai- 

2d. My letter received or sent, I-szkaishish. See Kai. 

ii(\. I write, send a letter to , les-kaishitem. 

4th. 1 write letters, Chines-kaishishi. 

LEVEL, .(. I-tol, I-shith 

liEVEL, c. t. les-shitlmim. 

LEVEJi, n. Kulgoecminten. See (!oee. 

LEVIUATE. See Smooth, Plane. 

LIABLE, r/. Rendered l)y the ]iotential passive form in — utem. 

Liahle to die, " Telliitem." 
FjIA B, /'. Ikoistemen. 
LlBElJAFi, (1. Pepeet. 
LIBERATE. See Deliver. Redeem. 
LIBERTIXE, n. Kuaukot, Uakaukt. 
FjICK, r. f. 1st. With the tongue, les-tsikom. 
2d. See Beat, Whij), Strike. 
LICTOR, /). Sgulehim, Sgukunem. 
\AD, n. 1st. As it serves to covei'and is upset on the olijcet roveri'd. 

Ivualchkan. See Ivueleh. 

vu\ ill — uti'iii. 

Iiliit'ft I'ovi'i't'd. 

LIG 228 

F.ID, 2(1. Ah it is on and to bo pulled out, Chagkui<t'in. See Cheek. 
[jIE, r. i. To U'il lies, ChineH-iokoisti, Chinos-iokoi. ^ , 

LIE, r. 1. To be in a recunibi'nt poHiticn more or lens horizontal, 

1st. Of living boings, Chinot'-toko, pi. Kaos-kuniinitiit, We lie 

d(»wn sparsely- 
2(1. To lie lace down, ('hines-lkailslii. 
;^d. To lie on his back, Ohines-zkalluti. 
4tb. To lie (of solids in general), Es-t6ko ; /;/. Ks-kainim. 
■ith. Of clothes, hay, straw, and like soft matters, Es-tak. 
6th. Of a single ytiece ot wood, Es-chize. 
7th. Of several pieces of wood, Ks-pin. 
8th. Of a boat, kettle, jiail, dishes, Es-zak ; pi. Ee-sil. 
9th. To lie by one, on, below, over, etc. See all the above verbs. 
lOth. To lie in, to be confined, Chines-tkukuelti. 
LIFE, 71. 1st. The being alive, SgiilguiK, Sgalgalt, SgusteluiB. 
2(1. The life giving principle or cause, Ngulguilten. See Guil. 
8(1. Manners, Ziiut. 
4th. History of, Siniiniii. 
5th. To save one's life, Jes-gulgniltein. 

fitli. Our life is short, (tuiguez lu kaes-gusteluis, J-juet lu kae-sgal- 

LKiHT, v.t. 1st. As it throws light, Spaaka. See Paaka, Peegu. 
2(1. As it is illuminated, Sgal. See Ual. 
3d. For day, Sgalgalt. 
4tli. For candle, Z^ikushin. 

■')tb. The light of the people, Sgupeegus hi skeligu. 
lith. It is daylight, (xalip. 

MGITT, a. 1st. \ot heavy, Jipepesh, Peesh, Tas genit. 
2d. Nimble, active, KoiHcott. 
3(1. Slight, unimportant, Kiikuiunie. 

4th. Unsteady vain, l-no6l. Light-head, I-no6l hi splkei.s. 
5tli. Wanting in dignity, id. 
<ith. Fiight character, frivolous, 1-tenemus. 
M(;ilT, V. t. 1st. To set fire, to kindle, les-oliisem. 
2d. To give light, to illuminate, Icsjiaakain. 
3d. To accom]tany Avith a light, Ics-zukun*. 
4th. To light a match, (yhines-pagai. 

LKtIIT, r. i. 1st. To fall upon, to meet by chance, les-chizineni. 
2(1. To stop from flight, to rest, ('hines-tk(d<omi, Chines-zkakami, 
Cbines-emuti, Cbines-teshilshi, according to the case. 




224 LIM 

8il, To li!j;lit froMi u liorse, i ai'ri;im% ( 'liiiu's-ti|)oi)ziiti. 

liKillTKN, V. L To burst rorlh with iiistiintaiioous light, Chiiics- 

liKiirTKN, r. i. To make less lioavy, Ii>s-])i'i'shim. » 

LKJIIT-IIHAirrKI), a. I}-|H'|)(Vsh lu spuus. 
IiI(rHTNIN(i, 71. Soueohcmt. Tht; lightning is flashing, Souoohom. 

I urn HtrucU by lightning, Ko-zkanti'in. Tli«> lightning fell, 

Zkeni. It lalls, Ivs-zkami. 
lilKK, a. I'erfoctly oqnal to, I-ezageil t They arc pcr- 

leetly like, I-p6tu ezageil. See A gal. 

2d. Nearly e(|nal, resonihling, E/.ageil t 

'M. F'robable, Goa. It is not like to id- so, (ioi> tani Ishei u ezageil. 

4th. Probable, interrogative, Uz. Is it like that I should die?' V/. 
m-chin-tlil 'i 

MKK, H. Snkulozagi'il. My like, " h\\ i-snkuK>zagt'ii." 

riflvF], adr. Kzageil. See As. 

lilKK, r. t. In-gani(^neh, les-gestetninoni ; but ii?siially an In- 
dian will only say that sueh an object is good, to sigjiity liis 
liking. Do you like your husband 'i " .\ gest In asgelui ;"' 
lie is good but I don't like him, " Ue gest, u tas gestemin." 

2d. From the habit of intereourse, ete., Ies-(;hkoeniminem. .See 
Ges, Ivoeiji, Pond, Long. 

8il. Xot to like, Tarn in-gamench. See Hate, ('lies. 

4th. I like t(» go, Chines-ngnielsi. See 

iith, I like, am attaehcd to a thing already' in my possession, les- 

()th. I like a thing in)t in my )»ossi>ssion, les-kagumineni. 

LIKK, c. /. 1st. If I like, No i-spiius, Ne ehin-ntels. 

2d. I don't like, Tarn i-spnus, Ta iej)-s>intels. 

od. As you lik(>, Xe tak-spiu'is. As I like, Ne tik-spuiis. 

LI KKIiV, 'k/!'. \';0!i. It is likely so. (ioa Isliei u e/.ageii. Not 

likely to arrive, (ioa taks-zkolchiz'sh. 

LIKK-MrXDKl), like-hearted, ,(. My i-snkulezaguls])niis. 

LIKKN, r. f. 1st. To think owe similar to , les-iiagalelsem t.... 

2d. To eotnpare. See compiire. 

LIKKNh]SS, portrait, n. Skolkaii. 

LIKHWISL, (idr. Also, so, Negii, Xegu ezageil. 

LIMB, //. There is no general name; eacli limb, though, has its 

name. See Branoh. 





light, Chincs- 

liu;litniiiii; I'ell, 
Thoy iiro jxm-- 

Isluii u ezageil. 
ihould (lie? Va 


usually an in- 
to siij;iiit'y his 
St In asii'eliii ';"' 
lis irosti'iniii." 
.Muniineiu. Sot; 






ii't-il. Not 

liii'aU''iii t. 

Ilioiiirli, lias it> 

LIT 225 

UMBER. See Rub. 1st. My logs aro getting limber, Chities- 

2d. My arm is getting limber, Chines-giip'pomagan. See Pcesh. 
iid. In general : ('hinesgnp'pemilsh. 
4th. T<» limber a rope, etc., Ie.s-iutem. 
lilMBO. n. I-ehim. 

LIMIT, n. Sni)tVemus, Snthi])akH. See End. * 

LIMIT, V. t. Ics-lpim, les-lpiilogum, Ics-kaiulegiim. 
LIMITLESS, <K Ta ep snptkunus, Ta ep Nntlap.^k8. 
LIMP, V. L To walk lame, Chincs-tilgiienzr.ti. 
LIMPID, n. I-ngal, l-nsish. 

LIN E, ». 1st. Small eord, J-iSis'|)i. f ; 

2d. As used for measuring, I'ipulegntcn. 
vid. [low, one line, one row, Nkoip. Throe rows of cabbages, 

CheR'p pizchil. 
4th. To be in a straight line, as soldiers marching one afler the 

other, I-Ipint. 
oth. To form ourselves in a straight line, as above, Kaes-lpemcn' 


♦3th. To be in a straight front line, as soldiers all fronting their 
captain, or people sitting on the same bench, I-shitL 

7th. To form In straight front line, Kaes-shitlemenzuti. 

LINE, V, f. 1st. les-kaim, Ies-I])im. 

2d. To line a garment, les-gapim, les-ngajieHscm. See Gap. 

LINEN, M. Spt'zen. Linen cloth, I-selgn, The linens, Snaxlkeit, 

LINtrEH, V. L Ist. To wait long, Chincs-ch6nchcnti. 

2d. To be undecided, ('hincs-icmmi, 

3d. To be long time in the same state, Chines-kaspmi. 

LINLMENT, n, Minemen. 

LINK, n, Kaliguelis. 

LINK, r. f. les-kalgueiisom. les-kalguelisom. 

LIP, «. S])elitnon7/Ji. See Mouth. Small lip, Lkukiiimaposkan. 
To open the li])s, Chines-imaiiskani. 

LIQUEFY. See Melt. 

LIQUID, (». Not coagulated, 1-sal. 

LK^UOH, /(. Intoxicating drink, Nkoeutcn, Scmo s»'ulk«, Seulku. 

LISTEN, r. /. t'hines-sonumti. 

LISTEN, V. t. lessonumtem, les-si-unem. 

LITTLE, a. 1st. Small, Lkukuiume. 


226 r.OA 

2d. Sluji'l time, Izciir, l/islti-. 

N.I5. — Fiiltic, wlicii not iiscil jiltsolutcly or i>iii|)liatictilly, Ih 
rciidoiTd Ity tlio dimimilivc vcrl* or iionii, whicli n-ully in 
Ibrnii'd Hiiii|ily liy ih iliipliciitin;;- tin' tirwt syllabk' ofthc word 
oinitliiij; tlu- )!(•( c'lilcd vowel in tlic stcond pmtot'tlK' n>dii|ili 
ciition. Soiiu'liiiKs " ii " is |»ri'ti\<'(| t() tlio word so lonm-d 
('.(/., I{o|io, Si)>i ; A little rope, " hsiM'pi." Jleurt, SjniuM 
Little heart, " S))ii|iiius." I ant loneKonie, ('hiiH'«-(lH)ji6lsi ; 
I am a little lonesonie, " Cliines-jelioeliopelsi. " 

8d. Too small, (Jeil KiiUiiiume. 

4tii. Small in niimi.ers, 4iiiel. A little money, "Luet idulirii." 

LFVE, V. i. 1st. To have life, not dead, ('hines-gnlf,'iiil»i. See (Jiiil. 

2d. To pass one's time well or had, happily or misoruMy, use the 
simpUi form, I am well, ha|ipy, etc. 

.'{(l. To he home, to make his home, Chines-emuti, Cliinos-hikshilshi. 

4lh. To eoDtinuv in existen(e, even ol' inanimalo objeets, (^'hiiios- 

fitli. To be f;'oin<^ about, ('liines-j>ustoliiis. 

Gtii. To be hap])y, esjx'ciall}- in heaven, ( 'hin-j;-nlfj;nilt, 

Ttb. To obtain a livelihood, Chines-tiynziiii. 

8th. To live on a eertain food, les-ilinem, I-siUcn hi John 

lived on jfrasslio])]H'rs, " T'taze \\\ siilis John." 

9th. Hnl it' the food is jiirnislied by others, 1-senimin. We live on 
bread alone, '• Snkidpo hi kae-semmin." See Eenit. 

lOth. To live with, ies-chemulem. 

lltl). To live totfether, Kaesaitiiti. 

LIVK, ^^ 1st. Not dead, Es-gulnuilt. 

2<l. Full of lite, never been siek, 1-guiI, KoilUoH. 

3d. Wide awake, (Just-iiist. 

LIVKK, «. Penineh. 

LI VIXG, (/. 1st. Not dead, Es-jrnl,umlt. 

2(1. Tjife ,u•ivin^•, as : I aiu the living 

LIZARD, v. S'ehilsheieheiis. 

LO ! >:v(l. Ma ! She ! ie ! See Behold. 

LOAI), V. f. 1st. To load a man or animal, U's-kotlteni. 

2d. To load one on his baek, les kolehenem. 

8d. To load a horse, Chines-k(d(hiskagaei. 

4th. To load with a bale ot meat, loH-koltilzem. 

broad, " Ko-ngiilgniUon 

r)th. To 
<)th. To 

7th. To 
Kth. To 


I'inpliaticully, is 
wliicli really is 
l»!o of the woi'il. 
t of the ro<ln|)li- 
onl so t'oi'ino<l ; 
Jleiii-t, SpuuM; 
'liinfM-tlioyii'lsi ; 

uet uliilini." 
;iiil*i. See (Juil. 
weri.bly, use the 

objeetH, Chines- 




in. We live on 


teni . 

TiON 227 

511). To loiul the vvai^oii with wood, les-ehilpeniieriem higolko. 
<)th. To load the wood in ,1 wa^^on, Ics (hilpiiiiii hi liikn, /. c, I put 

the wood on. 
7th. To load the waijon wltli straw, hay, les chiltaKeiiom \\\ <;olko, 
8th. To load the straw, put the straw, ric, on the wa^on, les-ehil- 


S.\\. — The four loreijoin^ phrasi>s siip|K»se no waj^on liox. 
?)th. To load a wanon with stones, potatoes, or other roundish 

things, les-npkiwn. 
10th. fo tiirow anything in tlie wagon-hox or boat, les nkaniineni. 
11th. To load a a ^iin, Chines-ncheinehi. 

12lh. To loatl one heavy on the hack, h^s sjfainechnen), gainetl'Hten. 
i,(),M), /(. Skoelt, Skolteize, S'ehiljtin, Snpuku, etc, 
l;()AX. See I>end. 
iiOATlIK, r. /. le,s-koeshcnwnen». 
LOliSTK!}, /(. Zoi^'c. 
L()(Mv, /(. Kolin/.ninapten. 
li()(JK, r. f. 1st. A door, les-kolinznniapem. 
2d. To tasten, to lock a wlieel, les/.aneni. 
3d. To lock in jail, les rdooui, les-ntki'jni. 
I.OCL'ST, /(. T'taze. 

iiOJXJK, /*. Ist.Ziti;!!. Skin l(i(life^Spiel<'a. (Canvas lodge, Spznelj^u. 
2(1. liodu;e top, ('hinikaiu'l^u, 
yd. Fjodije-pole, Skeinien. 
4th. To ])Ut up the lodn'c, (Miines-kaeilfjjui. 
5th. To ))ack uj) the lodj^e in a hiindle, Chinos-cheelgni. 
()|h. To trade a lodu;e, Chines-teidgui. 
liOlXJK, r. t. 1st. Ilarl)or, les-nolguni. 
2d. To Iodide an arrow, etc., les-tajiinu 
IjOIXJK, r. I. Isl. To reside perinanei tly, Chines-eniuli. 
2(1. To reside at soniel»ody's tor a nis;ht or so, ('hiiies-n/.il'shilshi. 
li()l)(ilN(i, /(. The residinii, S(Mnut ; the place ol residence, Sne- 

tni'iten ; the lodifini; lor a night, Snz'tshilsh. 
lAH], n. liuku, P'lhilko. 
Ii( )IX. //. S'chemeiis 
LONI*], ''. I-chinish, I-chirmaks. 
LoXKSOMhl, <i. ("hineschopelsi, ( 'hincs shalli. 
I.ONtJ, (/. 1st. Uissiicn. 
2(1. L(»ng time, Kasip. Long <lays, UsshiniiskaV. ll is dayliyht 




228 LOO 

loiif^ iif^i), hut the (luy is not spent, it is a loiij; dn}', "Tfo kaHi|» 
u .i>;itli|)« |H'i) tttK ii])tl(MiiuH )ii s^aluiult, iisshinaskat. 

3(1. Vtw away, distant, liUot. 

4tli. Far rt'acliinjj, r. r/. [ioni^-Hi^ltti-ti, (Mtiuiiius. Soo Kot>n. ■ 

5||i. Tali, Kuti>iiall<(>.' 

LONG, n/lv. Kasij). 

LONtJ A({(), Skasi|». It will bo l(»nf>; Imfbrc lit' dios, " No Uasip, 
ni-tlil." How Ion;; it lastod ? " fjclion ii ozas^alskasip ?" JIow 
Ioiijl; will it last ? " Ficlion ni-o/,a}j;alsl<asi|i ?" 

HOW LON(i AtiO? No j.isleu)? How \ou^ hotoro ? No 

pistuni '( 

IiON(J, J', i. Alter, los-cliopolsoni, los-ka^iiininoni, JeH-l<anis/.ineni, 

LON(JANIMITV, n. Sniani(»ls, SnimilstcMi. 

LONd'-SKHITKI), a. (Mniiiiis. 

LOOK, V. i. Ist. To look at, Io«-a/,^ani. 

2d. To look lor, aCtor, los-tliitliiusoni, Jos-tloiin. 

3d. To wait lor, los-tnointonsoni, los-chtltithiusoni. 

4th. To lo(d< tliron<i;h (a spy ^lass), los-u/i^aniononi. 

5th. To look about, t'lnnos-shitlusi. 

6th. To look into, o.xaniino, los-koenoni, lon-kidpiit^eni. 

7th. To look baok, Chinos-kolazj^arnisti. 

8th, To look out, Chinos-siolitomisti, Chinos-kohiz^anusti. 

9th. To look lip, ('hinos-iizirai oh nuist, Cliinos-nzkusi. 

10th. To look tor, to sook, roiidorod by i/i protixod to the objoct 
looked tor. What are yon lookinj; for ? " Kn-ohstt'm ?" I am 
lookinj^ I'or (lowers, " Cliiiies-oh/.eekoi." I am looking tor 
money, " <'liii!os-ohiiIiilinii," 1 am looking lor dotsr, " ('hines- 
-ohszooligui." It moans, I want to have flowers, mono}-, door, 

llth. I look fixedly at him, los-ehinoisem. 

1 2th. I look lonii; lime at him, Tos-ehkaspusom. 

13th. I look back at him through my hands, Chinos-iiazgasinzuti. 

I4th. I look at him glaneing, without turning the hoad, los-ohalim. 

irnh. The house looks south, etc. See Front, Turn. 

l(>th. I looi: at him for the last time, Chiiies-ohagalusi, los-ohaga- 

17th. I look at him from behind, Ics-nazgaepom. 

ISth. I look at my stock, take care of it, ('liinos-ohit'skiigaoi. 

UMh. T( 

My fact 


I look f 
I lo(d< w 
I look h 
I lo(d< H 
I look t 
I look HI 
I look u 
1 look 1 
I lo<d{ i 
I look sa 
I lo<d< di 
I look gr 
I look qii 
I lo(dv sti 
1 look d( 
I look Ii 

I look Ilk 

I look lik 


I look ma 



I look wo 

I look be\ 
L()(JSK, ( 
2(1. To re I 
2(1. Not c< 


00 Kci'ii. 

iU'H, " No UaHip. 
Iir*ku»ip ?" How 

oforo t No 




to tlie objoct 

islem ?" I Hill 

in looking lor 

dt(or, " (■hiiioH- 

rs, inonoy, door, 

jail, lo»-<;lialiiu. 

usi, Io8-oliaga- 


LOO 229 

lOtli. To huvo tlio appcaruiico : Il'Iroiii tlio (aco, add vs or s to iho 

noun or vorit ; il Irnni tlio vycn, jmlix i/i 1o tlio noun or vorb, 

roduplicato tiro radical, and add us. 
My fiico lo«d<M ill liuniorod, I-cliin-f«pas. My oyoH , I-chin- 

-HpfcipiH. ^ 

I lo(»k froli<-kHon)o ((iico), l-cliin-oinis ; (oyo») l-('liin-<-1u)ioi6H. i 

I lo(d< woll (liH-e), I-cliin-gcHus ; (oyos) iMliin-cligosgiNUH. 
I look happy (lacoj, I-cliin-piiis ; (cyos) J-(hin-j»ipiiK. 
I lo(d< a liar (oyoH), I-diin-chikoikoistus. 
I look truthlul (oyoH), I-(liiii-( hnnuiigus. i 

I lo(d< snuirt, l-<-hin-clipapagtuH. 
I look a tool, l-('hiii-(lipspsiuus, ('liin-('li]iNpaH'H. 
I look lascivious, I-oiiin-cliuiuigus. 
I look liko, Chin-uxagalus. 
I lo<d< sad, I-cliin-oliuguigus. Sco Iiigt. 
I lo<»k drunk, l-cliin-olikoukueus. 

I look gravo (Caoo), J-cliiii-ssis j (*yis), I-chin-cliscsicH. 
I lo(d{ quiot (oyoH), l-t']iin-cid\an\kc'nis, C'iiin-chkandtuiinB. 
I lo(dc still (oyos), I-cliiu <litoltli!s. Soo I-Uil. 
I look doad (I'aco), I-<liin-toHus ; (oycs), l-chin-chtcltoUus. 
I look liko a woman ((acoj, I-cliiu-nu inu» ; (oyos), l-tljinchnio- 

I look liko a rnan (flioo), I-chin-kaitonigiis j (eyos), 1-ohin-clikalkal- 

1 look liko an Indian (faoo), I-cliin-kaliguH ; fcyos), l-ohm-chkal- 

1 look mad, I-cliin-ol»aiaipus, I-cliin-(lianmnitu8. — All thoso and a tliou:nind others aro niado vorbs, but 

thon tlio}' drop the rodiiplication, hooauxo, though looking 

with b<)th oyos, it is ono a(;tioii. 
I look woll at him, los-chgofsufeom. I look at him with dying eyes, 

1 look bowildorod, Chin-jjVpos, I-chin-chp'sjios. Sco Spos. 
L()()KIN(;-(;LA.SS, «. Azgaslnzuten. 
LOOP, «. Zushino. 

LOOSE, r. t. iMt. To unbind, los-talim. 

2d. To relax, to make not .so tight, Ics-baum. See Detach. 
LOOSE, a. Lsf. Untied, relaxed, EvS-taal, Es-liau. 
2(1. Not eostive, Ta is-kagupeneh. 





230 IMV 

To /^(M looNO, C'llilM's t;|l|)llll. ! 

To l»n»iiU loi>si>. (Miiims lc||<(»iiii, < 'liincs f^Mil|nnl. 

To h'l looHc, Ifspflrflislt'iii, liw liiiiiiii. 

To ciir liimscll" Imomo IVom one, Ics ^•||^|JllillZlJ^(>ln. Sec Tul. 

liOOSKN. S.'." fioos... 

liOl*, r. t. los kiilM;oiiiii. Ii-s kiiliiii-lioiii. 

ri()(^[I,\C|()|IS. ,/. KollvuhiU. 

liOUl), /) Isl. f)nilil\ll^, ('lis||i^|.il,., Ilillliiriiin. '^ 

LM. // /-'/s Cli^ltirh. K:i.p nIi^. 

3i|. <rtil, Koliii/.i'it.'ii. I mil my ,»\vii |(»ril, inaslcr, ('liiiit's(li(.|ii- 

«-li«*/iiti, CliiiH's-i-lisliit'^ ilt's/.iili. 
FiOIJI), r I. (Miii(-iliiiii_'iiiM, Ko-clisliM^pili', Ko-clirllicli. 
LOSK, i\ t. Isl. Not lo see any mon* Ics onsjiu'in. 
2i|. To los' ill a i'(mli^-.i. lJiiih', Fch tI('j;iiiK'im>m, FfMiiI|»mlii(Mii, Ii'n- 

3il. To lose tlii> way, (Miiiiiiisis.iks, ( 'liiii-o»'>s|. 
4tli. To fail to olitain, Ta i»'s iiii-licm ; Not to lose, IcsiiIcIumh. He 

will not los(> his rcwanl, " Ncin uicliis In Us^MkaliJi, Ncin .'j. 

NiCakaka.", To losti coiiraLrc, Chiiu's cmslikaiu'iiiisti. 
6tli. To losi> oiic^iclt; (MiiiH's-osti'lsciiiisli, 
liOSK, i\ i. (/liiiicsllcnjiipi, Cjiiiu's al|>iiii, ( Miiiii's shitlpiiii. 
LOSKIl (in ijjanihliiiir), Aialpi'iK Losor ofj^ocxb, Oslsztonicn. 
liOSS, /(. 1st. Tlic h.'iiiii: l<»>^<. S(M'»st. 
2(1. Tlu' losiiiiT sonu'lliiui^, Soosln. 
3il. 'IMic tliiiiijj lost, S/.oosiii, S/,lU'Hn|). 
4lli. Wliat (MiisiM loss, till" loss, act, Noostrn. 
^tli. Why out- is lost, Clioustcn. 
fiOST, ii. 1st. What is htsi, S/,o6siii. My lost money, Uliilim hi 

2(1. In a contest, Szllcirfip. 
3(1. Iiiiincd, wastt'il, S/,koiu;o('!. 
4tli. Fjost to shanio, ('ho ta opt nzccshtin. 

liOUD, 'I. 1st. Spoak, siui;, cry loud, (Miincis-nllugzini. See Tluj^t. 
2(1. I spi'ak clear, t'liincs lakozlni. 
FiOlTSE, /(. (',,tta-,'()c. Small ones, ChchcMiiu.. 
I am lousy, (Miin-koltiiii-oc, 
LOVK, /(. 1st. Tho act of loviiiiX, Sgamt'iicli : mutnally, S(ram(>ii' 








. Tl 


. W 


. Sc 


. w 











V 1.' 1 



S.M. Till. 

r, ("liiiu's clu'lli- 

, Irs iiiclit'iii. Ilf 


/ini. StH' 'riant. 

iliially, SijranHMi- 

■Jtl. 'Vhv nl(jt(( lovtd, ((Uiiii IK li. Noil iii'c my lovr, Kii iiipmiriK'h. 
;iil. 'I'lic l<iv«> «>l rtci^lilmiN, |Mo|iU', iS^itiiU'iiclilluiiiHli, S^unuiifli- 

till, 'rill' lov«' III oiu'n iliiMit h, S;j!,iiim Ik III II. ; • ■ 

."itli. Wlial iiiiliins to I<pv« i<( i|iiiii ally, Ngaiiitiii'liMiHlcii. . 
tilli. Si'll' lovf, Sluijjli iiKii/i'il, SI<iili,H/.iit, Sj»hII<(iiiu'Ii/uI. 
Till. Wliat I li'V«' ill inrlrniK c, I ^y,|pall<<l^alll^■ll(•ll. 
l,t »V I'l, c. /. IhI. Ich f^aiiK ikIiciii. 

'lt\. 'I'o li'V«' a thin;; not |i<is,stHh((l, lis ^iiiiiiiH'lii, Ioh kugiiiiiiikoiii. 
:{il. To liiv«> a lliini; nv jk ihou iilrcaiiy in our ]ioHsi<NHioii, iiul to 

wish to jiai't willi it, Us kii^li in, Irs-^^aiikincliuiu. 
Itli. To III' iiUiiM'il willi, Its iipit Im III, l« N t lijj;«'i'>-('lHiin. Sec Gch. 
iilli. To low in |ir< r« It IK «• oi, Ich |>all<oniiiu'iii. 

H-alpiniiHMii, Ii'H- I |j(>\'l')liY, //. (u'sl, (JaiiK'iiclK liiitcii 

liOVKU, fi. 1st. (I'anniuliinziUcii. 

'Jil. ir till! allrctioii i.s ncij roiatt'd, l-s^anuMicli^UH. 

LOW, >i. Isl. Isliul. 

2il. Not iTuiliin^ llic iiMial lK'l<:;lit, Kiilxiiiiiiiilako. 

8<l. Near tlio liori/.on, sdiisrt, Ks-<-liiitakciii. 

4lli. liow jii-oniid, Ks-koltoko. 

fitli. IjOW |ii-i('i', etc., Ms iilkiikiiiniak^cin. 

(illi. fjow voici' (speak willi), ('liiiK's-lkiikiiii/iiii. 

Ttli. Waiiliii<; stron^tli, ol<., 4-ikiikiiiuiiii). JjOW spirited, <Lkukuim-- 

Stii. how coiKiitioii, Koiikoiiit. 
!Mli. Mean, al'ject, Tas 16. 
KMIi. I,ow water, J^<i;aiiii|i, Nfiainjiiile^ii. 
\A)\\\ tnlr. li'ishut. See Low, </. 
)iu!V Uliiliin hi I liOWKIJ, ('. ^ ls(. From a lii^li place, le.s-tijiini, leK-tonkuniini, les- 




2il. To liriii^' down, Imnible, les-isliilslieni, les-tkiiui, les-ehitui- 

ka lie III, Ies-( liisliilsliusem. 
LoWFi.ANI), /I. Ivskolikoulej^Mi. 
fjOWIJ NK.'^S, /(. Skoiikoiiit, SnkonkoTitelsoinist. 
LOWLV. a. 1st. Not lii-'li, Ishut. 



;:(i. IliiiiiMe, Koiikoint, Konkoint lu ispuus, EH-koiikcutelHcniiBti. 

See llnnible, Konkoint. 
I,UC;il). See liiigl.t. 




282 MAG 

LUCK, n. iHt. in s^enonil. I have good luck, Koos-gestHhltom, 
Ohin-lominszdt. Sec Goh, ('he?. 

2(1. [ have bad hide, Ko-es-eheslsliitem, (Jhiii-giitoinszut. 

8d. [n particuhvr cases, is rendered by the final — eh I have good 
hiclc hunting, " Ohin-ehsiilkaneK" I had luck in guessing, 
*' Chin-kutAneF, Ohiii-kulziiicl." I had the luck to escape, 
" Chin-lgop«iK" 1 had ba<l luck, I could not succeed, " Ohin- 
telguet." I was unhutky, bein^ too late, " Oliin-guspel." 1 
was lucky to catch him (horse), " Chin-ax'z^lo." I had the 
luck to meet liitn, " ('liin-chiz'neK" I had the luck to win, 
" Chin tlegupciK" 1 had the luck to hit the mark, " Cliiri- 
-ehite;!." I had the luck to hit with an arrow, " Chin-ilpet.'' 
I had the luck to get a husband, " Chin-galuiieK" I had the 
luck to get a wife, " (/hin-iiogonogo6K" I had the luck to 
arrive at meal time, •' Chin-rjpenezin." 

LUKEWARM, a. 1st. That has not been warmed much, I inal. 
Lukewarm water, I-nmal. See Meel. 

2d. Not too wai'm, I-zeh See Zait. 

3d. That cooled down, Nmeli'p. 

LUMINARY, «. Zckomen, Sgupeegu, Spakani. 

LUNGS, n. Sptupu. See Pen. 

LUSTRE, o. I-i)ich. 
•LUXATE, V. t. les -malkum. 

LYNX, n. Skuil. 


MAD, a. 1st. Crazy, Ikokiieu. 

2d. Angry, Chines-aimti, ('liines-chgut'tfeisi, 

MADE, (I. 1st. Not unmade, Es-kol. 

2d. What has been made, Szkol. 

MADDEN, /;. t. les-koeum, [ec-chgut'telsom, les-aimtetH. 

MAGAZINE, store, n. Snlkomiiiten, Sntakelszuteji. 

MAGPIE, w. An'n. 

MAGI, w. Sgnkulpagciu. The three Magi, Lti checheles ililimiguin. 

2d. To pi 
2.1. Mail f 
:U. Mail < 

MAIM, r. 

2d. To del 
8d. To suj 
4th. To Mi: 
2d. To pre 
3<1. To gai 
4tli. To be 

•ith. To thi 

, I 

•Ith. To bee 
7th. To niti 
Sth. To nui 
t»tli. It mal 
10th. It ma 
llth. I do 1 

See ITi 
»2lh. To ni 
MAKE, r. 
MAKE, «. 
MAEK, n. ; 


\. I have good 
ck in gucHsing, 
lucU to escape, 
sucfoed, " Chin- 
Miiii-giispci." 1 
\c" I had the 
10 lucU to win, 
e mark, " Chin- 
w, " Chin-ilpid." 
eK" I had the 
»ad the luck to 

'd much, l-jual. 




MAGNAMIMITY, n. hn skiitispiiuH, hvi skutfants tu spuua. 

MA(INAXIMt>U8/.«. Kiitispiiiis, Kutiint hi Hpuiis. 

MACrNIKY, V. t. Ist. To make big, les-kutunem, les-kiitunstem. 

2il. To praise. See praise. 

.MAGNILOQUENT, a. Chines-kiitizinemisti. 

MAGNITUDE, H. Skutiint. .j 

MAIDEN, «. Skomtlten. 

MAIDEN-SPEECH, Chincs-shiitzini. 

MAIL, 1st. Coat of , Sololimulks. 

2(1. Mail for letters, Kaimin. 

:^(1. Mail carrier, Sguukulkaimin. 

MAIMKD, a. Chgotups, lit. Tail cut off (from the idea that a bob- 
tailed horse is not good). 

MAIM, V. t. les-chgotupsem. 

MAINTAIN, V. t. 1st. To keep possession, rendered by the con- 
tinuate verb. 

2(1. To defend, los-kolkeigum. 

.3d. To support, les-efcmtem. 

4th. To maintain an assertion, Chines-ziiti shii. 

MAKE, V. t. I " ''.lem. 

2(1. To produce, les-kolicm. 

8(1. To gain. See Gain. 

4th. To be the result of^ as : Two and two are four, '' Esel u esel, 

•)th. To think, to treat, as to make a fool of himself, of him, etc., 
, use the verb Kol — prefixed to the adjective. See Kol. 

tlth. To become. See Become. 

7th. To make light of, les-kolitenemusem. 

8th. To make much of, leskiitenclsem. 

itth. It makes no differenci- to me, Ta is-miechstenu 

lOtli. It makes no ditlcrence. Tarn tigiilem. 

lltii. I d(t not know what to make of it, I am puzzled, los-nulb'lseni. 
See Uil. 

rJtli. To make up one's mind, Chin-uis-nlels, Chin-uis-kulpagcui. 

MAKE, r. i. Chines-gui, Chines tagolusi. 

MAKE, /(. The structure, Nkolemen. 

MAKER, ». Kolinziiten. 

MALK, /(. Skaltemigu. 

M \LEV()LE.VT. 'i. Ncliesjnuis, Ti-ic hi s).tiiis. Ks-ncluselsi. 






fSi * MAX 

MAMCK, H.S(6io. 

MAFiLAUD, H. Hi'Htlijrum. 
MALLKT, «. Tot^nuntoTi. 

MAN,/i. Iwt. A person *A' \he Iiuninii nuc, '^*<^'''J!."• 
2^^. A male, Skrtltvniii;u. 
3(1. A?i atUilt, SknlU'ini^'ii, Kiitonilko. 
Uh. Tlu> liiimim raw, SU»Mi}!;n. 

5tij. A man of ability, or.sniK'rior talent, Skaltemit^ii- 
6th. A servant, SnjukoU'm. 

"til. My man, my I»nsl>a:ui, I-sfj;t'hii, i-skaUi'mij>;M. 
8th. No mtnv a hoy, already at the ajj;<' ol virility, -^i!.■*)nlCI.. 
MANATIiK. See llandcufl". 
MANA(iK, r. /. To direct ad'airs, ('hini's-afj;eili. 
MANACJK, r. i. Int. Ies-a}>;i>ilem. 2a. To treat kindly, lew-to 
MANACJKAHfiP], (/. AgajraUUem. 
MANM, w. Ki'iinkaii. 

MAN(JKI{, «. SnamenskiigatHen. See Konit. 
MANIFKST, t\ i. 1st. To make elear, les-hikoniim. 
2(1. \\\ teachinu-, les-nW-iem. 
3(1. Hy exhibiting, nneovering, les-koenem. 
4th. l?y reporting, les-mimiim. 
fttli. By a<'('U8ing, Jes-nmi('])em. 
.MANIFEST, 0. l-liikot, 1-ninuingn, I-m»i. 
.MANIFOLD, (I. (Joeit, Ks-ngoeiiksem. 
MANlvIJS'D, w. Ist. The Iniman race, Skflign. 
2(1. As distinguished Irom Avoman-kind, Skulkailemigjf. 
M AN-IilKE, (f. ("hkalkaigi'is, /(7. Looking like a man. See f.ook. 
MANNER, n. Nk(')lemen, JS'cliageilten, Zniit. See How. 
MANSION, /(. Snl/-iiten,ZitgH. 
.MANSLAUtJHTEn, «. Spelskiligu. 
MANTLF, «. Sizem. 2d. It clasped at the l.reasl, Sna/.eUi 

See Az. 
MANTKE, r.t. les-liitem. 
NLVNY, 1st. fwjxrs. (Joeit ; I'l/s. ('lig<iegoeit. 
2(1, Several, Knitlt. 

;hl. .\s many as , Mzagalsgoeit t 

-tth. So many, I^slui u ezagalsgoeit. 
')th. Too many, Mil goeit. 


(I. To pi 

••♦ih. Not 
Till. Let 

StIl. JloM 

MAP, ». 

M VRIv, / 

2d. lesM^I 
•M. To II. 
nil. Tog 
•)lli. To II 
«;tli. To M 
MAHK, « 
2d. A tra( 
:{d. To mi 

Mil. The I 
olli. Hadg 

'•111. T(» in 
MAKK, r 
2(1. Active 

2d. K.xpre 

■)d. Kxpro 

Mil. Tlu>y 

•")11.. Tliey 

<>tli. I am 

Till. I am i 



•II V, los-lutvimi. 



s(, Siia/A'U'lisU'ii. 


•■•lliv Not Ro mail}', Tain IsIhM ii o/-!i«;iilHji;(>i>it, 

Till. Iit'1 tl-.cin not Tk'; ho many, Tam JnIjo! ii kiioza}^iils<;oeit. * • 

Sill. How rniuiy y KniiiNli !* 
MAI*, //. SUolkdiis hi sl<'»li<>n, 
MAI'I.K TKKK, ii. SfjoMoii, 

MAIJCll, r. i. \hU (Mjin-iMH*. • ' 

iii. To )»roc(MMl, (yhiiH's-taa;ohlsi, 
MAWK, n. SmAmshin. 
MA IK J IN, H. Ofrivors, lakos, Sf,Mziii. 

MARK, i\f. Ist. (in ijcrionil), los-kuiin. Soo liraud, Imprint. 
2il, h's-dhtiicluin. 

'U\. To noli(*ci, Ics-iiichctm, h-.H-^izi^ain. 
Mil. To i^ivo attention, rcs-Noniimtoin. 
Mil. To mark out, los-kulkaiin. 
tllli. To mark with lines, les l|>im. 

MAIfK, «. 1st. A visilile sif^n, Kaimin, S'chittM'hieli, Chtc(4iininleii. 
2(1. A trace, Ks-kol-zuii. See Zim. 
-M. To make his mark on a doeiimont l»y holding the pen, fea- 

\[\\. The n>ark at which they fire, S'chkaiiilko, lit. A board marked, 
.>11i. Badijfe, siijn of distinction for anything, Chmiiteti, (.'hsuguten, 

('hHiiguskcligiilen. See Mii, Siigu. 
«»tli. To make mark on the road for a signal, (/hines-taksi. 
MAKK, r. i. imp. Mark ! Jle ! Ma ! 

.MA|{IMA(i!K, n. 1st. The marrying, j)asNiveIy, Sngongoeus. 
2(1. Actively, marrying such a man or woman, Sngongo6iisten, 
MAIMUKI), a. 1st. Xot single, of a man, ( ■hin-opl nogonog ; of a 

woman, ('liin-ep sgelni. 
2(1. lO.xpreHsing the .stute of being united with a mate, Chineh-ngon- 

■>(l. K.\j)ressing the idea of liaving been rightly married, Ohines- 

Mil. They are a married cou[de, Ks-ngongoeiis, Ks-ntgueiis, Es- 

-ntkoineiis, Es-koole, Es-nkulkolein. 
•")tli. They are (of s(;v(M"al couples) marric(|, Hs-iigiMigot'lis, lOs- 

-ntgiii'lis, riS-ntkoiiielis, 
•)tli. I am married to TtM-cse, Ko-pn-Tclt-s. I am 'iinrried to Paul 

Ko-pii-L*aiil. With whom an thou married;' Kii-pu-Huet I' 
Till. I am legally married to , l-snknlkol In Sor Kol, 


Co ^ 

236 MA8 

8tli. A nuiri'ied couple, Jjii eK-ngoiif^ocus. Hovcral married couples, 
h\i e.s-n^onogoelis. 

{Mil. Wedded together, tied, Es-uzeus. * 

lOth. A woman married, T^tsh. ^ 

Jltli. My dangliter is married, ('hin-UH.sholt. 

MAKKOW, «. StoH, Stus. 

MAliKY, r. i. Ist. A man says : Cliiiies-kol'lnogonogoi. 

2d. A woman saj-s : ChineH-korisgclui. 

3d. Both mui' say: Chines-ntgusenziiti, I join myself to 

4th. Both nmy say : ("hines-ngonogiieusi. 

nth. I wish to marry, nhiks-ntgnsinzuti. A man says, Chines- 

-ngongoelsi ; a woman says, Chines-ngaluielsi. 
MARRY, V. t. 1st. A man uniting himself to a woman, b}' sexual 

it)tercourse, Tes-nogonom, nogonomen ; les-kollnogonoin. 
'Jd. A woman unitijig herself to a man says : Ies-gcluiem,gcliiimen ; 

.'M. I marry her, or him, rightly, les-nkulkol'lem, Nkutkol'lemen. 
4th. I (clergyman, or chief, or parent) marr\- them, les-ngonogoi- 

usem, ngonogo6usten ; les-a/ensem, azeusten ; les-ntkomeu- 

sem, ntkomeusten, 
5th. 1 (clergyman, etc.) marry several couples, Ics-ngonogoeliseni. 
(Jth. I (clergyman, etc.) marry him to liUcy, les-ukulkol'lem {past. 

nku+kol'len) I Lucy. 
7th. I (woman) marry him, les-nucssiiem. 
Hth. I make her marry, les-uesshtem. 
9th. I go to marry, to be married, Chines-kuiskolinziiti. 
MAIJSir, n. Es-neI6tem ; if there be timber, Es-nkalii. 
M/XUSirAL, r. f. les-shithMnMii, shitlemistiai. 
.MAirrKN, n. ()16, Ololkolt. 
MAHTYH, n. Skeligu shei \\i es-ntels tie gest m-goF-nchaumen 

m-ko-p6lstem ; \u es-lakomenzuti unigu sgusigults Uolinyaiten, 

II es-n)istes nem polstem. 
MAItVEL. See Wonder. 
MAHVELOUS, ,i. Kuskust. 
MASK, /*. Skolch listen. 
I wear a mask, Chines-kolchusi. 
MASS, n. The sacrifice of Kutunt s'chau, Sainte Mess.% \uei- 

inen. See Nuei. 
MASTEK. See Lord. School-nuister, Sgumeiem, Mienzuteti, /og- 


MAT, n. 

2d. lie ii 

3d. He i 

4th. I an 

f)th. My 

(Jth. The 


les ;• 

2<l. To p 

3d. To HI 




MATE, u 

2d. One s 

in ev 

one i 


(sj id 



MATE, c. 

2d. To m{ 



men 1 


had n 


to it). 

2d. Imjior 



2d. Aitair. 

3(1. What 

4tii. Pus, i1 

nurried (.'(niplcs, 



n says, Chiries- 

iiiiiii, by sexual 
iiit'm,g(;luiinen ; 

1, les-ng()ii()g(ti- 
; ; Ics-iilUoiruni- 


I /Alii. 


iiltH kolinzutcMi, 

ti' MosH.', Nuei- 
Mionzulon, Zog- 

MAT 237 

MASTEIJ, u. f. leH-chiliiTiguepilcm. 

MAT, n. Sifei, Es-iei. To make niatw, icH-ieiom. I ' 

MATCHES, fl.^'amcn. Sec Psigai, SolHhi. 

MATCJI, n. An equal, 1st. in gtMieral, Snkulezagtil. 

2d. He is my match in strenf^tli, FsnkuJezagalpioiot. 

3d. He is my match in wisdom, IsnkulcKagalspajj^pagt. ' i 

4th. 1 am your match to fight you, Ko-asnkulpelHtu{;gumon. 

5th. My match, Isiiku4whenientusten. See Shemtn. 

Gth. They ;ire a matdi, Es-shiimeus, Es-shemeneus. 

MAT{yH, »'. t. 1st. To be a match to, an equal to, IcB-shiimeusem, 

2d. To place one against another, as a match, les-chsliiim^usem. 

3d. To unite them in a matcli or marriage, Jes-ntgoluseni, les- 
-nuluscm, les-azeusem, Jes-ntkomeusem. 

MATCH, 17. /. To tally, Kacs-shiimeusi, Kaes-shemcneusi. 

MAT(;HT.'':SS, a. Ta ka6p^ ezagcil, Ta epl shemtn. 

MATE, M. 1st. Companion, Selagt, Sgazut. 

2d. One suitable companion, in general, Snkulezag^ii. But must 
in every case be accorded with the jiarticular business in which 
one is companion to another. Aly mate (said by a wife), iiU 
isnkuhjgonogueus. My bed-mate, hu isnkuletitsh. My mate 
(si id of an ox or horse in a team), Isnkubiz^us. My mate in 
buttle, Isnkulpelstucgu. My room-mate, Isnkulemut. See 
Nko, Follow. 

MATE, V. t. 1st. See Match. 

2d. To match oneself against, Ics-kolnhemenem. les-shemeneusem. 

MATKHIAL, «. Kolemen. The material of a boat, iju k6lemen 
rtlice." My nujterial, what I use to do a thing, " iiu ink61e- 
nien tee-1-stem." What material did God use to make the 
world 'i " Stem \i\ kolemis Kolinzuten lu I'stoligu ?" He used, 
had no material, " Ta epl kolemen." 

MATEKIAL, a. 1st. Not spiritual, Malt (there is no name nearer 
to it). Immaterial, not corporal, Tan> malt. 

2d. Importiiiit. See Ini])or(ant. 

MaTHIMONY, Ngoiiogoeusten. 

MATTE l{, ti. 1st. The materials, Kolemen. 

2(1. Atfair. See AHair, Uusiness, Tee-stem. 

3d. What is the matters' Stem ? No matter, Ta, Tarn tee-stem. 

4th. Pus, Mzolt. 


1 1 iiiat- 




238 MKA 

MA'ITKI?, r. /. WImt nmtliM-H i( (' KzV.-lirii 'f Soo CIhm. 
l«>rM no(, Ttun loo-i'/,'s'('li(''iu'ii). 

MAT'riiKSS, n. Snllwhiton. 

MA'ni|{K. Sco \{\\w. , 

MAY, V. iiii.v. liondorod only by (ho Hul^jmu'livo. 

MK, /»r<>H. Koit!. Sno (lu» «M)iiji|tru(,iini ot'ilio relative verb. 

MKADOW, H. KH-lumlfilof^ii. 

\fKA(jli.K, (I. Ist. Ijottii, l-clii(iiH. 2<l. Poor, ItiirnMi, Koiikoiiit. 

MKAIi, n. lli«|mHt, Siilon. 

To arrive loo lalo lor luoals, Chiii-uixozp/in. 

To arriv«' just at nuial liiuo, (MiiD-npeiu'/iii. 

MKAIiY,./. iicliciu'^p. 

MKAN,»j. KonUoiiit, IUmumuus, Tt-io. 

MKAX, II. Isl.. AltsiMico oToxlrtMnos, Lu pulii sliei, I-loij. 

2(1. Mi>aiis, i>l. Koloineii. Sco IiisiriiiiuMil. 

JM. My moans of , usually reiulcnMl by tlio instrmiHMttal v. rb, 

or absoliilely by /. Soe CbitiH-homiHti. 
4lli. Means, resoureos, Tee-alem. 
Atli. My all means, Taks (am. 
(5(b. Hy no means, Ta, 
MRAN, r. ^ ls(. To wish. VVl»a( »lo yon mean y " Slem In as/.n- 

(V'ls '/ Slem In aspuiis !* Knos-ehstemi ? Kiie/.'sCheni ;"' 
2(1. To (lesii^ii, les-nlelsem. I mean llial lor your i^ood, " NW'lsc- 

men akl-ni>;eslin. 
.'M. I mean iJjood, evil, (JesI In isjuu'is, Icie In ispnns. 
4(,h. I mean ;j;ood lo him, 1 mean evil |o him, ies-eh<;espnuseni, 

ehf>i'spuiisemen, Ics-chclusspnnsom. 
0th. To sijiMiily, les-kolsumimem, Ies-(hsu<ifiiinem, lit. I make it 

nnderslood. See Suujnmem. 
()th. Whal you mean, say i* Ku «>//inl '/ 
MKANI\(i, «. Isl. The si<fnityii>i!;, siirniliciition, type, Kolsuiiii- 

me(t>n, or by (he serb. 
2(1. Till' intendon, Szniels, Spuns. 
MKASf;KS, n. S'ehilozkae, Spzpo/t. 
MKASUirVHLK, ,i. Sui^niirnmutem. 
.MKASrivl'], n. Suiinmelen. 

MK.\sri{K, r.t. 1st. In i;(>neral, les-si'ioiimiMn. 

2d. Mi';isnre land, Ies-l()i'ilei'Mim, les Ipim, les-Uaim, Ics-sii^-iinicni. 
MKASrivl'l, /•. /. .\ol rendered al nil. It ine:isiires thre*' ieet, 

'' '. Mlele^< snunmeteii (it is three niciisiirov 


2d. Fles 


Chi I 





2d. Sueh 

;{(!. Any 




(lb. I am 

Art I 



Aih. I pni 


litb. I hav 

7 th. I wai 


St; tip 


MKKK, .7 

2d. Forbe 

MKKT, r. 


MKKT, r. 


2d. See A 

'1)1111. It inat- 

i> vcrl). 

, Ktiiikoiiit. 

H- • 

I'liiiH'iital v» rl>, 

' Sicm 111 Mszii- 
rhei.i •/" 
iroo.l, " NU-ls.'- 


///. 1 mal<»' it 

\\\H\ Kolsnuii- 

, Irs-si'iLiMiini'iii. 

MKK 289 

MKAT, V. 1h1. Food in gotioral, SiUoii. 
lM. KIcsIi, SIvMU'^Ii.^ KrcNii iiitiiit, KuIMzo. Driod, Hinokod mo»t, 

Skiii«'lzf, S/,l|i(lz((. Hard moat, Tlizlzc. Boiled meat, SxiiipiiH. 

iioaNtcd moat, SUttUI/o. 
MKDAIi, n. li'il. Ak worn at tlu* iiixk, SixaUpH. 
MHI)|>I,K, ?\ /. 'J'o mix oiuscil in an^body'n aflaii'H iinne<t'h'Hnnly, 

('liincK-kiil|ia^aMii, Cliiiu'N-kulpa^alldmHhi, CliincH-nHlii^liiii, 

CliinoH-nHirultfuiiHlii, I<>H-kiil|ia/{^'m hi iNnkuKkt-iif^n, Jos-nnhi- 

shit'lscm hi iHiikiisk^^li^n. 
MKil)l>liKlt, nu!(ldl(>s(im(>, n. Kiil|ia|)a^aiMut, NHliiHliielN^nion. 
MKI)IAT()I{, n. Sii<liitc'<limiNt«ii. Sec (Miiteclimi. Is.H,— I-hu- 

('lit(>climi.ston, My mediator, advocate. I-Hiu-iiteehniiHKutoii, 

My elieiit, the one I am mediating for, 
Mi^iDICATK, J'. ^ IcH-mali^in. I medicate myself, Chines-malifc- 

MKI)1('INK, V. In f^cneral, «h f^iven, Muliemcn. 
'id. SiM^h as one takes lor himsell', Mali^niHten. 
;{d. An}' niysteriouH iiffent, cliarm, etc., Soni^Hli. (So arc called the 

Indian medicines, as tliey nn' 8iij)eiKtition8. TJie true Indian 

medicinal r«>ot>s or herbs are called hy th« usual name, 

tth. I am a medicine-man, ('hin-e]> somcKh, (JhineN-tlekuilshzut. 

Art thou a me<licine-maii 1" "A ku-e]t somcHh ?" No, I am a 

common man, " Ta, taiiia eliin-k<Mikoinl." Jieeaiisc their 

medicii e-men are held in hif^h esteem, 
.""ith 1 j)ractiee medicine to tind out the jfame, stolen horses, ('hincB- 

•m«»ij:;ai. If lor sick iieojtle blowinj^, Chines-puj^ui. 
(Itli. I have a philt<'r-medicine, (Hiin-epl ])lagt, Cl-iii-e|il pkiimin. 
Tth. I want medicine, (Jhines-chilmaliimi. 
MKIUCINK DOCTOR, h. .Sgumalie. Indian doctor for sick, 

MMdItATK. See Think. 

MKKK, ,1. 1st. (^uiet, Ks-nkanikamols, Kamk^mt, SenHiiiit. 
2d. forbearing, ^latient, Nii'iuiols. See Ham, San, lo. 
MI'iKT, r. t. 1st. les-chizinem. <«o to moot, Ics-tehizinem, los- 

MHKT, r. i. 1st. Kaes-eh/.nuegni, lit. We come together hy mutual 

id. See .\ssemble, Agree. 




240 V MKIi 

M KI'l'TI N<i, n. Is(. 'rii«« coining tofrcthor l>y iniiliml u|)|ii'i>U('li, 

2tl. Am iisH(Miil»ly, SiiiainnilNli, SniaiiinlWiinsli. ' y 

5M. 'I'lu»si( \vli<» in'i> !i-*stMnl»l(Ml, (ill t's iiMi, ht\i I'H-iiiiiu. 

4lli. Tho |>likco of. , SiiiiiMliii, SniiiinhJiinsiiltMi. 

.">(li. Worsliip, Ks-cliiiiii. WorHliiplioiHo, SiicliiinnuMi. 

MKKTINMMIOITSK, h. SiikiimkamilsltiUMi. 

MKLAN<'II()hI(\ <i. Ini. I<is-|m|)iis6iicli, KH-nij^ii|M'lH, Ks-topHpin^H. 

2<l. ('uiisiii:^ molaiirlioly, f-iiiiiiiint. 

MKLIA)VV, -f. iiUitiiin. 

MKriODIons, a. KH-nirusUMiii. 

M KliON, w. ('l»lc<)iikoiii/.»\ ( Miihiijii^^zc ; (lio former is ^hmm), the 

latter is riMu'il. 
MKfiT, r. /. InI. lioad, oroH am* inoltvil, Ksooini. 
2»l. To unt'n'(>/o, Ks-oiiiii. 
JM. To conHiiiDo l)v nu'ltinsjj 'iway, or by any oIIum- proi-css, Cliiru's- 

4th. Snow, KH-oimi. 
ftth. To be soll»*in>(l, {-ittMinuiilsli. 
MKliT, r. (.. 1st. lioail oros, Ich-nooiii. 
2(1. To iiut'riM'zo, los-oimi>in. 
3(1. To coiisiinu', los-ainituni'in. 
MKMOUY, II. Xpostln. 

MKjNI), r. t Isl. \\y putcltiiiu; tlio lu)U>s, loH-nshiiiiiscin. 
2(1. To put ill order, los-shitltMiu'iscni. 
3(1. To i'orri'ct, Ics-tixomiin. 

4th. To clianiifo one's life, les-tijijiiUMii In il\Kziii\t. 
.5th. To re-sew, l»>l«'s-tkoeiiseni. 
»)th. To improve, leles-<j;e»tnilsliem. 
MEND, r. i. Chineh's-jreslnilshi, Ohineles-tironieii/.iiti. 
MKNSKS, /). Snileineli^nten. 
MKNSTHUATH, r. /. 1st,. To have the eatamenia lor ihetirsi time, 

l-'hiiies-ljjf^mshi, and from that epoch one is Sliiehm'ish. 
2d. For (he seeond time, Chines-lkeiisi. 
3d. .Vfterwards, ( •hines-o/.o6/,Uuei, Ks-oo/,6. 
MKNTiON. r.f. les-aum. 
MKUCHANDISI-;, /). StaUelsziit. 
MKIUMIANT, II. .Sntomisten. 
MKHt'lPl'L, .1. Fls-nkonUonels, Ks-Uonnltunish. 

lal approacl), 

, Ks-topsjtiiriH. 

is urotMi, tlu' 

(HTSS, rililU'H- 


I lie tii'sl liiiic, 

MIL . 241 

MKIK'Y, n. 1m|,. Tho liaviii)^ piVy oI'oIIum'h, SnUoiinHfjiuHli. 
'J<l. 'P)i(> iM^ini; mcrcitnlly iiicliiMwl, Snkotikonn^lHtoii, Snkoiniltbm- 


:{<l. Morcy ! Ko-iilumiu'iniiit. StM^ .NUiMincmiiii. J' MIf/ 




■'. i ?• 

! I 

/ >)/ 

MKIfK, <J. l-rhiuisli. >■: ;.'^ 

MKIH'P, r. t. loH-inclUoiWinem. S<m> Hosorvo. 
MKIHT, n. \h\. TIic tiling' mci-itoii, Sxmcllukii. 

lid. 'I'lu' iiMtritin^, what mak«is one dcsorvin^ of , .Mclkotiii. 

:{<!. Tlu' rcaHon why oiii' deHcrvnH, ('hiiiulkoliii. I > •! /'I/^ 

MKIM{Y, (*. Ks-ii|.ii>i/!lH. - : , ,i..\' i, 7/ 1,, 

.MKSS;\(;K, /(. Kaiinhi. 

.M KSSKN*! Kill, H. iHt. As In' lurricf* th«' inosHaj^o, .S^ninimiiin. 

2(1. As ho is sent, S^ukiiMiimsh. 

."M. OiH' that is soul <»m orraiifl, SkiilstMl. 'Plu' mcsscimrrs oIMmmI. 

4ii<j;oIm, " iiii HknlknlHttlts KoiinKiiton." . ;].( One thai toot's mIumkI, (Jolshitustt^ii, Stj;iishiil. 
."(ih. To simkI a incsson^^cr, ChincH-kiiltunishi. 
tWh. To n'cc'ivi' a luv^wij^c, (Uiin-tii^iil Uaiiniii. 
MhjTAIi, ill fj;»>iu'ral, llliiliiii. - < 

MKW, Ks-lkaiiKiit. 
MIASMA. Sw Kffliivia. ^ -i ■ 

M I AU li, iiunv, of cats, Ks-iioiiAulshi. . ' ' ' ' ' 

MID-DAY, «. Nto^rk6iii. ; . i 

MIDDfiKi, n. IIW'iiHCMn; iiHuaily rorKloivd hy thotopuhitivo n--^ii.*r»i. 

Soc Motwocii. 
MIDDLK, n. Siht-usom. " r 

MID-NlfrllT, n. SihriistMii sUiikiU'Z, Ntj^oeiisciu skiikiii-/.. i ' 

MID-VVIFK, H. S^ukuiifem loH-tkiuiti. ' ' ' ^ '' 

MKillT, «. Sioi(H. ' 

MKJMTV^ (I. loi«tt, Sisius, Kiitunl. Sco Siriis. ' 

MKrHATE, r. / UhincH-iniHlii. Sec IJinl. 
M I lil), iK 1st. Tender, litetiini. 

2il. Not iiK'liiHM) to st'Vt'rily, (icst. Soc Heart, li(tok. ' i- 

.'{d. Mild weather, l-koii. > 

MlliK, H. Mail, SiifriimtMen. 

MIliK, n. Skaiin. ' ' ; ■ ' 

MlliK, r. ^. les-koiiko('mt''iiiii. See Koee. JJt., I s(HU'e/.e tlie 

MILK, r. I. ('hines-koakoemi^iii. 



to • 




242 MIS 

MIM\KI{, /(. S^iiUi)ul<o{>iii^tirii. 

Mllili, II. Sn^oiiUoiiuMi. Siiw-iuill, Hnpiclu'iiu'ii, iSiislu'lihU'li. S»'«' 

SuU.SIu'in. ' 

M I lili, r. /. ('liiiM'M-jfoaUoi. w i 

Mllili S'I'ONK. ». Snptiklvoincii. i 

MIMIC, r. t. \M. My vvordH, l«>H-ii/.ii/.iiKiiit>iii. 
2(1. liv fi<'Nlm'<'s, l(«M-n/.ii/.mW'liHn»i. 
MINCK. r. t. Ii'N->i;(ii/,»<in. 
MIM>, II. InI. Nkiilpiimiiininton. 
'Jil. Will. SziiIvIn, SpuiiH. 

3(1. Mi'iimry, N|iiistiii. i • 

MIND, r. /. 1st. lt'M-(lilxiuls<«iii. 
2(1. To lu'iirkcii. li'H-Hoiiumlom. 
MINK. /./•.-/(. K..i.\ 
.MINK, r. t. Ics-ii/.iktiin lu iiluliiii. 
MIN(JliK, r.f. Sof Mix. 
lid. 'To assnciiiti!, KuoH-lciiiliKMilW-^lli. 
MINIS'l'Klf, II. S'i'lniHfiuii (iinii), NkoKcii, SknlHlfU. 
MINIS'l'Klv, r. i. ('liiiH's-sguiijialiiisi, ('iiirn'H-njialiiisi. See Servo. 
MINI I'M, II. lii/.i'MM'ii. 
M INK, II. Zajiiilr/.iii. 
MI NT, II. (i:)M,u;iiii«<l|i. 
MINl'TK, <f. iikukuiiimc. Sco Kim-. 
.MII{.\('LK, /I. I'as'chstiMultiMnsliU'ii. Sn|)'s|»tiMi<«'ii. Sri- I'lis, I'kii|i, 

MIWK. II. Tliinclu'ilof^ni. 
MIUY, .f. l-lliUiili. 

MIUKh, it. Int. To lu' stuck ill llio iiiiir, l-( liiii-nkoclikii. 
iM. To 1)1' soiled with luirt', l-cliin-tlaiicli. 
MIUKOK, /). 1st. .\y,^'iisinzuton. 
2d. Tl\f im:iuo rotlt'ctcd in tlu- mirror, SjizgHsiiiziit. 
:5d. f,itjl»l ivtli'ctod Itv a mirror movod, l-fialiii>};;alu|t. 
4tli. .\ patlcni, Ni'izsrutcn, N/.iioi'ltcii. 
MIS, a pivtix \o donoto I'rror, wroiifi;, mulcivd liy Scl, Sil, com 

biiH'd with tlio aiiaNt^'oiis vorbs. Soi" Sil. 
MISHKII.VVK, r. i. 1st. Cliinos-ti-ioi ; Tas u;csi lu inzuut. 
2d. Towards anotlu-r. losttioslitoin ; Tas yost u (hzuti-flistcni. 
MIS('.\l{|{l.\(iK, miscarry, r. i. 1st. To liriiig forth hcloiT due 

time, (MiiiK's-<>;i''i\ti. 

I , 

ki'lihtoti. ScM' 

I I 

i. ,Sct' S« rvo. 

Svr I'lis, rH«|i, 


Sfl, Sil, oniu- 



•til licloro <1"'' 





Vf » ,' 

' 1-. 

'Jii. liy iiccitltMitiil li'Hioii, ('liiii-l^np. \'< > ' 

\\i\. VVIhmi tlio hiiho Im NtilllMini, 4'tiiii-iitcU'lt. I 


MISCIIIKK, /». hii Hie, iiU lu, f-ii Ins >r«-Ml. 

MISroNSTUlK. r. ^ I.^H-rliit^iM, I»m-ii>iiim. * *-■ 

MISKK, ((. I(>i{il<iit>, IkoiiW'innii. S(>t> Ick. 

MISKKAItlJO, (>. 1st. l\(MikoiM(. 

2<l. ( 'iiiiHiii^ iiiiH«>ry, Nkoitkoint*'!). 


MIS<{IMI>K, r. ^ l.'H(.Hlf.M»Mn. 

MISINFOUM, ('. r l«'H-mkiikiiiiiin.Mi». 

MISrilCAl), r. ^ Int. To l»rinj< n>«lruy, IcM-oNtiiHom. 

2<l. I iimkc iiiiii j^o l»y flic wroiii; way, lo.s-iist'U'pciii, iiM»'lrpHt««n. 

MISIMfONOUNCK, r. /. n,ii,-iiNol|)/,lii. 

MISS, r. i. 1h1. To liiil liitliii^, n;iirl»iiij^, it^s-Hirhotii. ' ' ' 

2(1. T(» Id oNciipf hy luiliii>j to hit, l«'H-l)j:o|i(MiiUM>ir>. > 

.'M. To <|4) witlioiit, \{> tor«yo, IcN-nhiiW^lHitrii. 

llli. To he Norry l'<»r llic ]i>)Ni;ii(t> of, lt>s-clio|i(!l.soiii. 

MISS, r. u 1st. To liiil to liit, (/'liinns-siclii. > -* 

2(1. Not to hii('C(mm1. S«m' Fail. ' ', 

:J(I. To tiiil, to inistako. Sco iMislak*!. , > 

MISSIN(J, a. l-flio, KH-o(.Ht. • 

MISSPIvAK, r. /. <"hinoH-iirtolp/<ini. 

MIST, «. S'Iminip, S'clK^homip. It grown misty, Ks-luMJipini, Ks- 

MISTAKE, r. i. 1st. (Jhinossolpmi, Cl.inos-H.OUMiii. 
2(1. Mistake in JiKl^iiuHit, ('hincM-ris'ip^ilNi. 
•'t(l. Mistake, in sixiakiiig, ('liiiios-nselKini, riiinoH-nsoijtiitiskani. 
Itli. Mistake in lioariiig, ('lliru^s-('llsoll;ir.i. 
.")tli. Mistak*^ in doinj^, ('hincH-cliselpcclisti. 
•Jtli. Mistake in seoinfj;, ( •liinoH-cliscKiHi. 
7th. Mistak*' the road, (MiineH-nselepi. 
MISTAKE, r. f. Ic^s-soilcni'iiuMn, les ns'lpelsoni, lcH-nsi'l|)aiiskaiu'»n, 

Ios-('hselt:neni, Ii's-ciisciprchKtcMn, Ii'H-ch«oiu«eni, Ii'.s-chsflejK-iii. 
MISTAKE, M. Seli'ip. 

MISTAKEN, (/. I-sil. I am i\ot mistaken, I-chin sil. 
MISTUUST, I'. T. les-idm'n\, les-iaaminenj. 
MISTHUSTFIIL, (f. laiasnuK- 
MITKJATK, r t. les t6peni. 


to t 
Co I. 

►-a >• 

1 1'' 

244 MON 

MITTKN, //. SpfcliNf. ' ! -•• 

MIX, r. t. \M. I»'M-iiH'lh'iii. 

2»l. To iissociatf, l(» iinito in ((iiiipiiiiN , Ka*'s-ti'imiu'iiiU'j;;(ii, Kiii'w- 

:M. To unite witlxxit coiifiiHioii, Iet«-iiulit»4t>iit. i ,■ 

MOAN, r. t. Ics-chzooUim. . .- ' . '. 

MOAN, r. i. ('liiiM>H-/,<)6ti. . r i I 

MOCASSIN, «. Ktu'sliiii. ... ! 

M0(;K, r. /. U\. Si'f Miiiiir. i i ll 

2il. Tk tiH'iit with (Mtiitfiiiitt, It's-elHiifiKiitoni, Ii'H-ohoiiii, loh-choioini. 
:{(l. To spniU, laiif^li in ('onti-inpt oC, Ii'M-cli|M»n/,iiii('iii. 
MOCK, /•• '. CliinoN-diiizuti, (!l»iiM's-cln)i(tilt(iMislii, ('liiiK'N-poszuiii, 

CliiiH«H-(;li«»i(»iKini. Sot' limiiit. 
MOCK, </. I'Vi^Mu'd. Soc Koi^n. . ! 

MOCKKI{, //. Ch<»iii/-(»nu'ii, Nclioioizin. 
MODH, How, Way. 

MODKfi, /(. Nazf^uti'ii, N(lisiimiiii6tori, N/.jr<>i'ltt'ii. . 

MODKIIATK, a. F6tiiblui. 
MOl>K!{N, <». I-wi/,. 

MODKST KYKS, CliiiK's-tlK-inli' 
MOIST, ,f. I-tim. 

MOISTKN, r. ^ 1st. loH-tmiiTi. Soe Tim. 1os-4u/a'Iii. 
2<l. By putting in tlio water, low-ntkoetiUuni. 
8(1. liy NprinUlini? warm water on a hide or skin, Ies-heinel<<uni. 
4tii. I am moistened hy (U'w, etc., Chin-eiiilhempeno. Sei' Hemip. 
MOIjASSKS, «. Nsuttekn. See Sut, Molass. 
MOULD, «. Snkolemen, Snko"!. , i 

BALL-MOULD, Siik6lil, Snk6lmilmilk(»ten. 
MOULDY (it i.H), Es-puckai. 
MOLK, ti. Polie. 

MOLEST, i\ t. Lst. les-meehHtem. 
2d. Hy words, Ics-nmezinem. 

3d. les-heetim. . 

.MOLLIVY. .See Soften. 
.MOM KXT. Sec While, Time, Now. 
MONARCH, H. Ilimigum. 
MONDAY, n. ChjrotV.t, Chptltus. Next .Monday. Ne ehf>de/,t. 

liasl Monthly, h\\ s'chgoi'zt, Nkoaskat. 
MONEY, «. Uiulim, lit. Metal ; Skalen, lit. Heaver, as heaver skin> 

iiuc'-mii, KacH- 

II, loh-choioini. 



SiH' lll'UU|t. 

as lu'tivi-r skiii> 

MON 24f) 

wcr*' till' \)hh\h III tlifir rorincr trade with tlit* IIiuIhoii Hay 
('utii|iiiiiy. ('oiii, Skoinoiii- ; 1'ii|k-!- money, Kaiiiiutic. ,"r. 

MONKKV, «. Monkey. , ,, , , , ,. , 

MONSTUors, TiiH till. 

Month, n. Simkani, lit. Sun, Moon. Tlu' lollowiiiij arc llie nanu-w 
ot tlic Indian iiionllis, corroHpondin^ to the inoohH and the 
ditlerent thin^M that usually (h> occur that moon, he^inniii^ 
with the moon ol .laniiary : Int. SkussUn; lid. S'cliiichel^nc ; 
Hd. KuNNi^u ; U\\. S'cliialmin ; ■'')th. Spftlem ; (>th. It^oe; 7th. 
Sliik(»; ><lh. Koh'i^; JMli. S|»kcin kx-piakjimi ; 10th. S'chut ch- 
•checi, s'cliut iintka ; Illh. S'che^^i ; 12th. ('helHm<'kocl. Soiim- 
Irihes i^ive ditlercnt nanicH from their local occurrences. . :. 

M( )()!>, /(. InI. To \h' in had , (JliineH-ncheHulHi. [■• 

2d. To he in jiood , Chincs-ngeseini. ■ ' ' 

MOO.V, //. IhI. Spakani (the Maine of Hun). 2d. Spakani I'Mkukii- 
kucz (when in contradiction with the sun). 3d. Sok^m, by 
western Indians. 

4th, .Moon-shine (wdicii full), KH-okanii, Hok6in. ■ ' ' ', ' 

iith. New moon, Kl-ztcshilsh. 

(Ith. When firHt ai>pcarinfi with a small crcHceiil, F]l-lk6ko. ' 

Till. First <|uarter, half-moon, S'chchchi\t't. 

Mh. Ftdl moon, lalcn/.ut ; ncli tas kolchilgu ; ne Ikatilsh u lokini ; 
hecause it has iiothiiif; dark, when it grows large and shines. 

Ittli. Hetween full moon and third (puirtcr, KI-tk6ko. 

loth. The third quarter, Kl-s'chchfjt't. ^' 

lltli. Half-mooji, EI-ntgo^Mis. • ; 

12th. Knd of the moon, Chilgticponi, Ai'int. 

13th. .Man of the moon, Snakokoane ; ChiskalKit snakokoane. Toad 
on his back ; Snkazak*?, Shrunk-iioscd. 

14tli. Halo around the moon, Ks-paki'uli. 

I5tli. Star close to the moon, Es-kolaz'zinzuti. 

MOOSK l>HHH, H. Sgasalks. 

MOI'K, r. i. C/hines-pupusenchi, ('hiiies-topspuus. 

MOH.VLS, /). Zuut, Nk6lemen. 

M()IU<:, o. ((hs. 1st. (Joelt. 

2d. roinpar. Tolzi. 

Md. More than, Telzi tel. 

4th. For a fraction, Ep4 es-mau. Ten days and more, Open chy- 
taskat, u opi es-maum. 



246 ^ MOS 

5th. More and more, Telzi tclzi. 

6th. Remnant, Che. Are there any more Indians ? " A che ep 

sheligu ?" There are few more, few left, " Che iiiiet." There 

is one more, " Che nko." 

7th, No more, H6i, Tie, Tie goeit. ' ' 

8th. To be no more, I-ehin-cho, [-chin-h6i, Chin-z'sip. 

9th. There is no more bread, or any other solid, Z'sip, Ks-z'spmi. 

10th. There is no more water, or any liquid, it has been used up, 

MOREOVER, a^/v. Kufemt. 
MORMONS, ft. Molmon. 

MORNING, n. Ist. At day break, Sgallp, S'chgalpene. > 

2d. Early in the morning, Hkuekust. See Kuez. 
3d. Very early in the morning (in the past), I-kuekust ; (in the 
futui'e), Ne kuekust. 

4th. In the morning (past), ha I'skuekust; (future), Ne kuekust. 
5th. From morning to night, Tel chil-galp6ne u chilehlguene. 
6th. I arrive to the morning, I live until morning, Chines-chilgal- 

7th. Morning meal, breakfast, Chines-kuekusli. 

'^Sth. Morning prayer, Chines-kuztemlchaui. 

9th, Morning star, Ks-kohiz'zinziiti, 

lOth. Before daylight, in the dark yet, Zinkolkan. lie died in the 

morning before daybreak, " I-potu zinkolkaneiii, u telil." 
11th. To-morrow morning, Ne galip. To-morrow, Ne galip. 
MORTAL, (I, 1st. Liable to die, TeHutum. 
2d. That inrtiets, brings death, Nteliltin. 
3d. MortJil sin, Ntetiltin teie. 
MORTA]{, ft. 1st. Snteeminten. 
2d. Mortar for plastering, Teteinen. 
MORTIFICATION, Es-tetlelze. 
MOSQUITO, >i. SlaUs. 
MOS(^UlTOHAVVK, ft. Spas. 

MOSS, ft. 1st. Pino moss, Shiiuteinkan, St'tt-h'j, Skolapkan, Skol- 
kein. The two last words refer to tiie iisi' made of it in 
roasting canias. 

2d. Yellow moss of (•e<lar, jioisonons, Skualios. 

MOST, a. (loeit, KuiUt. 

MOST, iii/i\ Isl. Making tlu' superlative without comparison, Ks- 
-nsliiiziii. Most high, '• Ksiisliiiziii nuist." 

2(1. Wh(| 


3d, WIk 




2d. Said 
3d. Said 
4th. Ita 
2d. To g( 
3(1. To gt 
4tli. To 8 



2(1. High 
3d. Foot ( 
4th. The 1 
•''nil. One 
(5tli. To g< 
7tl.. To rt 
Sth. To g( 
!»th. To CI 
10th. To( 
1 1th. Bey 
12th. On" 
ing o 


He is the most liigh of all, 

:• " A che cp 
biiet." There 

J, Es-z'spmi. 
been ii»ocl up, 


eknst ; (in the 

Ne kiiekust. 

Ile (licil in the 
.1, u teHl." 
iNe galip. 

|)lapkiiii, SUol- 
iiiii'le of it in 

Miipari'<oii, hs- 



= MOU 

2(1. When making comparison, Tel. 
•'Niiist tel eHi4." 

8(1, When indicating a quality posseHwed in high degree, use the 
poHitive, or prefix i to it. He is most wise, " Pagpagt, or 
I-]mgpagt." ^ 

MOTE, //. as in the eye, S'chiitipus. 
MOTHER, n. 1st. 8aid by a male, Sk6i. 
2(1. Said hy a female, Tom. ■. «•> ' 

3d. Said by both, Pog6t. 
4tlt. 1 take her for my mother (man), ]es-k6iem, sk<5iemcn ; (woman) 

les-tom'm ; (both) les-pogotem. 
MOTHETMN-LAW, «. Lzezeh. > 

STEP-MOTHER, H. ijuesten. 
MOTHER-LAND, n. Istbligu. 

MOTIVE, n. is rendered WMth the prep. eh. prefixed to the thing 
done by such motive. See For. The motive of my sorrow, 
" iiU in-chpupus6nchten." You are the motive of my joy, 
" Anui ku in-chnpielsten." I rejoice for that motive, " Shei 4u 
les-chnpielsem." See End. 
MOUNT, }'. i. Ist. To go on high, Chines-nuisselshi. 
2(1. To go on horseback, Chines-chlkalsheusi, Ohines-chemtfeusi. 
1:5(1. To go up a hill, etc., Chines-shalluti. 
4th. To stand on a chair, table, Chines-chilt^shilshi. 

MOUNT, V. t. To ride that horse, Jes-chemteuseni, les-chfkal- 

MOUNTAIN, n. 1st. Es-moko, pi. Es-mkom6ko. In comp., — kan. 

2d. High mountain, Chkutonkan, Ohtguichene. 

3d. Foot of , Kolchchemulegu. 

4th. The top of. , Skakalt, Chtogktin. 

5tli. One mountain, Nkoktin. * 

»Uh. To go up a mountain, Chines-shalluti. 

7th. To reach the top of , Chin-kakalt. 

Sih. To go down a , Chines-uelkupi. 

9th. To cross a mountain going, Chines-gozuzicheni. 

10th. To cross a mountain coming, Chines-zgozuzicheni. 

11th. Beyond the mountain, on the other side, Chtelchichcn. 

12th. Oti this side of the mountain, Ztclehichen. 

MOUHN, V. i. 1st. For wearing a neglected dress in sign of mourn- 

ing over a husbatid or wife, (Jhincs-luelemli ; as long as they 

renuiin confined home, (.'hines-nlulemt^pi. 



, i7/ 


^ . 

1-3 I. 



- I 1 ■' 


248 ' MOW 

2(1. To cry, noise, ospoeially ovor the dead, (Jhines-zooti. 

3d. To be sorry, (Jliinea-piipiistnchi. 

.\fOURN, V. i. Ist. A deiid consort, ros-hifelem, los-iitulointepom. 

2d. To cry ovor the doud, Io8-ohzo6U'm. " ,■,<.,, 

MOURN KR, n. (widow), Es-^u61emt." 

MOUSK, n. Kuekutone. ; 

MOUTH, n. Ist. Spelimenzin, , , 

2d. Moutli ofa river, S'chiilip. , » 

8d. Small mouth, iikiikuimap6skan. 

4th. To shut one's mouth purposely, Chines-imauskani. 

ftth. To shut it not purposely, Chines-imaposkani. 

6th. To open one's mouth, Chines-sakazini, See Sak. 

-hmkuauskani ; this means to detach the lips, and is from 

Agku, Cheek. See Detach. The former means to s))lit the 

7th. Sore mouth, (■hin-zalap6skani. . . • 
8th. Swelled mouth, Chin-skuaposkan. 
9th. To stick in the mouth, as a cigar, Chinos-nzelepine. 
10th. One mouthful, Nkoepine; two , Nesolepinej three 

MOVABLE, a. lat'tutcm, luutem. . . i 

MOVE, r. i. 1st. To change position, Uhines-iumi. 
2d, To advance, from pluce to place, not walking, as the heavenly 

bodies, locomotives, etc., Chiiies-koapmi. 
3d. To be shaking, as leaves, Chincs-iat'ti. 
4th. To move from one place to another, (Miines-sipshilshi. 
')th. To remove faraway, ('hines-chueiishilshi. 
Hth. To get out of the way, (Jhines-tlekui. 

7th. To feel moved by enticements, ('hines-zUnkumi. Se*' Ziik. 
Sth. To be pushed, (n»in-kup'p. 
nth. To be shaken. Chin-))kuku. 
MOVE, r. t 1st. les-ium, les-koapnunem, les-iat'teni, les si|)silslicm, 

les-chiiciishiishem, les-tlekum, les-zkukununem, Icskupem, 

2d. 1 move my hand, stretching it, C'hiiies-gualchsli. 
3d. I move my leg. (!hines-giialsliini. See dual. 
Mow, c. /. (.'hines-goizlcgui. 
MOW, r. >. les goizem, les goizlcgun). 
MOWKH, II. Sgugoi/.legnm. Mowing inncliine, Sgoizli'-gMti-n. 


2d: [n (ji 

.MUD, w. 

2d. Mud, 

3d. For J 

4th. I mi 


2d. (,%>ve 

MULK, ; 

MULT 1 1 


2d. Peop 












2d. Emphj 
2d. To disi 
2(1. To rev 
.MV, pron. J 
is iniiH 



? Sak. Chincs- 
>8, am) is from 
uiH to split tlu- 

pino; three. 

as t!u' lunvvouly 


ni. See Ziik. 

1, los sipsilshi'in, 
'in, Ics-UiipiMn, 



he, •!! 

MIN ' 24tl 

MUCH, (/. adv. 1st. in niiinhor, (ioeit. 

2<l: In (pnintity, Kuliint. loot. Too nuK^li moric; , " Mi^gocit liin- 
Hm." I fluffer'nuun, " Kuti'int \\\ isinij iiscnfK." I love him 
much, " Kntunt injjfumincli, sissius iii<j;arri( ncli," ■ 

MUD, /(. 1st. Moist earth. Malt. > - .M I ' ' 

2«1. Mud, asatU'raheav}- rain, l-tlaui!hK^i;u,Tloch6lei;ii. vSof Tianoh. 

:{(l. For phisterinjj;, bricU-niaiviiiji, Teicnion. >\ 

4th. I mix the mud tor a(lol)o, Ics-ntlu/uscm hi inall. 

MUDDY, f/, Ist. (Iround, Nthuu-liologu. 

2d. (Covered with mud, I-L-hin-nial, l-chiii-tliuith. 

MULK, H. Stoizo, />/. St'ltolKo. '//7/). SHot'lze. 

MULTIIMiY, v.t. Chino8-fr,K'("tiishi, (^hin(^s-^(>c'('lnu. 

MUfiTITUDK, n. 1st. Good numv, Sgooit. 

■Jd. People at large, SUt-ligu. 

MUi\IFF(;KNT,fl. F'epeet. 

MURDER, n. Spelskeligu. 

MUHDER, r. i. Chines-polskeliiiu 

MURDER, r. t. les-pAlstem. . " ' 

MURDERED, a. Es-p6lsem, Es-p6istem, Szpols. ' '' 

MURDERER,/*. 1st. Sfrupeiskeiiiru. 2d. Or a dctiriit.; 

MURMUU. SeeCoMiplain, (;ro\vl,(Jriiinhlo. ' 

MUSHROOM, n. Patlkiin. . 1m' : 

MUSK-R.AT, «. Uhthitgu. .: . 

MUS(^U[T(), n. Slaks. - 

.MUST, r. atix. 1st. Rendered with llie siiljjiinctive. '' 

2d. Emj)hatically, Taks-tam. //Y. Lt't there be no no. 

MUSTARD, n. Tagt. '■ •' 

MUSTY. See Mouldy. - "'' ' ' 

MUTABLE. See Uhanir. 

MUTIUATE, r. ^ 1st. les-kolootim. ' 'i 

2d. To distif^ure, les-kolgoel'leni, les-nu-hucU-listem. ' ' ' 

.MUTINY, X'. i. 1st. To he dissatisfied am! j;i-()\vl, riiiues iiaiaiepi. 

2d. To revolt, les-chsuichkaiiem. ' 

.MUTUAL, always rendered hy the reriproidl \ iM'h or umimi. ' 

.MUZZLE, ?(. Ot animals, Spelinuii/.m. 

.MUZZLE, r. ^ les-nlgiipusem. 

yW , pron. pi'rft. In, or I — it iuiiowed hy ,^. 

.MINE, Koiee. This is my hook, " ."^hc hi iii-kaiiriiii." This l«.i<^ik 
is mine, " Koiee ie Ivaimiii, Koieti < hikiupl kjiiMim." 

(. .I'.'- 

' ( ' i 



/ * 

250 '■ NAM ^ , ^^ ir>'j!/ 

MYSELF, Koi6e, l-koi6e, I-<!hin-koifeo. ' ,' 

MYSTERY, n. 1st. hu tas nsugugunCitein, ftV. What cannot be un- 

derstocd. • ^ i.t . ; '^m! ' 

2d. A thirg that puzzles, Ifemiomt, laiat, Selsilt, Uiluilt. . < 1 1 1 
3d. It is a mystery to me, Nuilelseraen, Ifemmen. inii' : 



to I 

Co t 

►~i ■ 

•^ •- 

S r. 


NAIL, n. Ist. Iron nails, etc., Pitkumon, Lpgomir.ten. 

2d. F'inger-naiis, Kogk6inc'hst. 

3d. To liit a nail on the head, Chines-ntakeini. See Tocm. 

NAIL, V. t. On a board, log, etc., les-olilpgominalkoni, les-ehptko- 

minalkom. See Pitkii. 
NAILED, rt. E8-chi)tptkpminalk(). ., 

NAKED, a. 1st. With no covering on, C'hitcmtlgu. 
Zd. Entirely naked, I-chitemeign. f ' 

3d. Naked hills, no grass on, I-l6ko. 
4th. Naked limb, without hair on, I-l6ko ; without cover, I-chite- 

5th. That has been 8tri])ped of his garments, Es-cbiz'sfelignm. 
6th. That has been stripped of his hair, grass, Lkop. See Loko. 
7th. Open to view, Lakot. 

8th. Pure, not disguised, I-chmish, 1-sish. See Uncover, Bare. 
9th. Naked head, no hat on, Patlkan ; No hair on, Lokokan. 
NAKEDNESS, n. Chechet, Mechep. 
NAME, «. 1st. Skuest. What is your name ? " SuOst hi askuest ?" 

What is its name ? " Stem hi skuests V 
2(1. I have the name of Mary, Kuestenien \u Maly. 
3d. I give him a name, les-kolskuest'shteni, kolskuest'shtcn. 
1th. I call hi.m by his name, les-auttem hi skuests, los-aum. 
f»th. I toll my own name, Chines-aunzuti. 
NAMK, r. t. 1st. To impose a name, les-kdlskiicst'slitein. 
2d. Simj)ly to call one by his name, les-auin. 
3d. To name to an oilice, les-aum. les-t^shilshem. 

■I '•' 
can lint be un- 

uilt. <; !f 

■■ . ,r hit)' 1 


I ' ) 


e Teem. 

oni, les-chptko- 

cover, I-cliitt!- 

See iioUo. 

•over, Bare. 

;t hi askiiost If" 





NAMKLY, a</y. Es-chsziinom, i«Y. On j9ar/^ (/f 

NAETIATE, v. t I'st. Ic8-mimiim. ' 1 ' 

2d. Narrate to , les-inimishitem. 

XAKRATION, n. Sinihnii. 

NAIMIOW, rt. iHt. Not wide, iikakiiiet. See Largo. . 

2d. Not extcnsivo, Jikukuifanie. ii 

.3d. Straightened, P6e. 

4th. Narrow trull between abrupt hilla, Npaiks. See Pee, Nka- 

5th. Narrow sleeves, shirt, l-chtinze. See Tin. 

()th. Narrow-miud, stingy, leiukue. 

7th. Keen. See Keen. 

7th. Narrow pants, Chinos-ehkakaakst'shin. See Kae. 

0th. Narrow hat, Nkaakein. 

NARROWS, n. Es-npeosous, Es-zmeus. 

XAltROVVLY, scarcely, adv. Kukuiume, Chichot, Geii-n^u ; but 
they must be united with the opposite verb. I narrowly es- 
caped death, " G6if-nfeu chin-tHl," lit. I have been nearl}' dead. 

NASTY, a. See Filthy. 

NATION, H. 1st. Nkoeligu. 

2d. Of what nation is he ? Stemfeligu ? 

3d. Of ray own nation, Isnkutnko^ligu. 

4th. Of another nation, Tigul6ligu, Nkoeligu. 

5th. Of the same nation, I-nkoeligu. 

0th. All nations, Esialigu. 

NATIVE, a. Ist. Contracted from the birth, Snkulkolil. 

2d. Native country, Snkolilten. 

NATIVITY, n. c'hk61ilten, (Jhkolilz^ten. 

XAUSEA, n 1st. I feel a nausea, (Jhin-chchel'lis (I tool like vom- 

2d. I find nothing good, Ta iep s'chzoh6m. 

NAUSEATE, c. t. 1st. To provoke vomit, les-chellim. See Chel. 

2d. To find a thing nauseating, les-chelleminom. 

NAUSKOUS, rj. Chclchilt; liquids, Nchelku. ■ 

NAVEL, H. T6mu. 

NAVIGATE, r. t. Chincs-laapmi. 

NAY, adv. Ta, Ku tam, l-chmish shei. Tolzi. 

NKAH, a., ndr. 1st. Not very distant but not dose by, not udjaceiit, 
rhichet. See Chiit. 






,Y.i;i!// / 


I '(• 

(I : . 
1 ," 

This HiVnifios only the 

)1" th 

2(1. Togo iioai-, iH.t fur, riiineH-chchiitemi. 

;}<!. To coim^ iiciir, nol Iht-, ( !Iiinos-chcliiiU>in'i. 

NKAli, a., (iilr. ('lose by. .I'ljucoiit, depends wlielher it is in front, 

by the side, or ut lin^ bjick, ut the feet. 
1st. By my .-.jdc, r/is'chisu^.iin. In comp. I'h — . He is Jiear nie, 
" Ko-tis-c-hlziiius.", 11.' stuiids by me, " Ko-es-ehteshilshem." 

2d. In front of me, l/i.smilcliomels. See Face. 

3(J. At my back. L'i>!ichiiiii( hen. See Bsu'k. ' 

NE.AR, ,i<lr. Xeurl\, (icii-nrii. 

NKAII, '•. t. \s[. To ud near, not far, les-ehehiiteniineni. 

2d. To j.«;o close, tr. rcacii, les-ehit'shilshem. 

8d. 'i'o <;'o by the side, les-chisagani. 

4th. To ,ii,o close by his biuk, Tes-nchiznichineni. 

XKAT, It. fsi. I- !■','»' I'iMiii what soils, I-guku. 

2d. Nice, tasty, (iest. 

NECKSSAI^Y, -7.1st. Tak-.-tani. See Tarn. "' . .'' ' 

2d, rnavoidabb', Tas-ii;ii|icl. ' 

ISTECK, n. 1st. (^hes|)ii. ; in C()nij». — eips. 
back ]iart ot the neck ; lor (lu" whole 
— us. 

2(i. Tiiick-necked, ('iiiuiii,.-;. 

.■-id. Slendci'-iieckod, Ohik'ka61ps. ' '' 

4lh N(M:'k-.k('r<l;ii'1, aiiythini., suspended at tlie neck, Skalfeps. 

;>th. To bi(;ik one's neck, ( 'hines-ntelpusi, Chines-kaopikai. 

'iiii. To bleak a lellovv 'ji nociv, les-ntelusem, lesdtaoiisem. '"'' 

Till. 'i"o tlislocale one's neck, Chines-maiki'isi. '' ' 

Sth. To dislocate ahother's neck, les-niaikuseni. 

'.H\\. I iiave a soie neck'. Cliiii-nzalus. ■ ■ ' . 

NTRiCl), r. i.. (.'liiiies-iap/.ini. 

NKi'll), /•. /. Isl. To be siioit of. not to have, les-iapzineni. 

2d. To hav use oJ', le,--(em'n,. 

oil. 'fo have need, to he ]to!.r without it, les-chiapzineni. 

Ith. 1 am in <lisl ress for want of that, les-chinikonienzuten. (rod 
has no lu'cd of us, can make no use of us, " Ta kaes-ten)Hls 
I Kolin/.ulen." dod has no need of us, '' Ta kaes-iapzineniHIs 
t Kolinzuti-n." (iod lias no need of us, is not in need on our 
aecoiiiu, " Ta. kaeschiapzineniHls t Kolinziiten." (Jod is not 
pool- without us, "T Kolinzuteii ta kaes-chinkonienzi\tenilils." 

XI':KDl,r:. /,. Cid^oepii... ,Soe ^.ou-. 

e neck, in comp. 

Ill \( 

To brea 
To thro 

2d. To o 
3d. To o 


4th. Not 

ftth. To s 




2d. To tr. 




2d. Thai 1 


3d. Fellow 






2d. My sist' 


11— Of a w 

son's 8( 

-M. My 8ist( 



death, I 

■VHKVE, «. 

•VKST, ». Sr 


•VHT, n. l8t. 

-<i. To fish v\ 

>''KTTLE, n. 

The punctun 


> ,Y 

!;ii// •'■ 

'-I '^• 

/ \jt-) ) / 

it is 

in front, 

, .1.1.- ^ 

! is 

neur mo, 



! '■ '■ 

:,■,•' it'* 


' 1. j, . 


• ,/ .it' 

■ ' 

/''.!::/ '■ 

nifics only the 
ook, ill oomp., 

.1! |l 

, Skiilfeps. 



1 :■/ 



[enzutcn. TrOfi 
h\ kaos-teniHls 
\\ need on our 
I" (ioii is not 

■t< ) WW 

• .'//■i:it;i: 

,1 ,v. 

.iKf /a/ 

({•■' i- . 

,!•;',/ .•:■ 

! ! .1 tl \ / 



■!' ..'■ 


To break a needle,* Ie8-ehtelp6pilcni. 

To thread a needle, les-tikupfaseuj, Chines-tikui. 

NEEDY, a. Japzin6men, Es-iapzini, Konkoint. 

N^BIGLECT, t\ t. Ist. To omit through laziness, les-kolnutilsem. 

2d. To omit through tiresomeness, les-kolshdllem. 

3d. To omit through .stubborness or lightheadedness, Chines-gal- 

4th. Not to treat with due respect, Ta ies-azgam. 
5th. To slight, to disregard, les-pauminem. 
NEGLIGENT, <i. Nuilseinen, Shellimen, Piiupot, Galgalemist^- 

NEGOTIATE, r. /. 1st. To trade, Chines-tomisti. ' ' ' " '"'' ' ' 

"id. To treat, talk for a trade or treaty, Chines-kamkamilshi. 
NEGRO, n. Koais, Koi68. 
NEIGII, c. /. Es-kolkuelti. 

XKIGHBOR, a. 1st. That lives close to me, S'chisagam. 
2(1. That lives in the next house, if that be the last in the row, 

S'chemdgan. ' ' '' ' ''' "• '" ' ' ' "' •'"■■■'■• ■■■'[ 

3d. Fellow-man, Snkuskfeligu, Snkulchinaks. 
NKITHER, conj. If in the first part of the sentence, Ta; if in the 

second, Negu ta. 
NEPHEW, /(. I.— Of a man, Fst. My brother's son, Ismfeel. My 

brother's son's son, Isgtpe. My brother's daughter's son, 

2(1. My sister's son, Intonsh. My sister's son's son, Isg6pe. My 

sister's dauglitor's son, Issile. 
11. — Of a woman, 1st. Mj- brother's son, Isk{ikui. My brother's 

son's son, Ink6ne. My brother's daughter's son, fnchichi^. 
2(1. M}' sister's son, Iskus^lt. My sister's son's son, Ink^ne. My 

sister's daughter's .sion, Inchichit. My brother's son after his 

father's death, Isluelt. My brother's son's son after his father's 

death, lnchi6lt. 

-VKRVE, «. Tinsh. 

XKST, «. Snii listen. lie makes his nest, Rs-kolsnuus6teni. 
XESTLE, r. i. Ks-ntk6ii. 

.\KT, n. Ist. Mulcmen. ; ' '' 

|2(1. To fish with net, Chines-mul'li. 

XKTTLE, n. Sz'zagelp. ' i' . 

The puncture of the nettle, I-zik. 






254 NIG ' 

NETWORK for the head, Es-dikusaiakun. • 

NEVER, adv. let. absol. (past), Tu pistfem; (future), Ta g{ii. 

2(1. With a verb, better rendered by the negative verb in the con- 
tinuate. 1 never got mad, " Ta is-ainit." I will never get 
mad, " Ta ikaos-aimti." You must never steal, " Ta kaes- 
ndko." Or with zifi, or with pum. 

NEVERTHELESS, conj. Ku, Pen. ,,..„,' 

NEW, a. Iflt. Siz. 

2d. Another in succession of a defunct chief, etc. A new chief, El 
tilimigum. A new month, Elt.nko spakani. New year, Nko 
sp6ntich. , 

3d. Now to the plough, to the books, Tasmistfes \u tel616gHten, hi 
kaimin. . , . ; i 

4th. Fresh. See Fresh. 

NEWS, «. Ist. Smimii. 

2d. To give the news, Chines-mimishishi. 

3d. To give him the news, les-mimishitem. 

4th. We give the news to one another, Kaes-mimishitufcgui. 

NEWSPAPER, n. Smiimii, MimimW kaimin. 

NEXT, a. 1st. The nearest, S'chisigam. , 

2d. Next day (past), hn ne galip ; (future), Ne galip. 

3d. Next adjoining in a series, hu nko. In the next room, "L nko 
zitgu, L nkofelze." 

NEXT, m/y. Kuemt, Siz. 

NICE, a. Gest. u 

NICHE, n. Es-ntgo6nch. Sec iiOg. 

NIECE, a. 1st. Of a man. My brother's daughter, Ismfeel. My 
brother's son's daughter, lsg6pe. My brother's daiighter'n 
daughter, Issile. My sister's daughter, Intdnsh. My sister's 
son's daughter, Isgepe. My sister's daughter's daughter, 

2(1. Of a woman. My brother's daughter, Intikul. My brother's 
son's daughter, Inketie; after her lather's death, inchielt. My 
My brother's daughter's daughter, Inchichife j after her lather's 
death, Inchi61t. My sister's daughter, Istomch^elt. 

NIGHT, n. 1st. Skukufez. 

2d. To-night, Ne kukuez. 

3d. Last night, Skukuez. 

4th. Midnight, Niheusem sknknez, Itgotuseii! skukuez. 

5th. Nil 
6th. I a 
7th. To 
2d. Nine 
3d. Nine 
4th. Nin 
5th. It b 
ViP, V. t. 
NO, af/v. 
to hii 
2d. Of nol 
2d. I am n 
NOD, V. i. 
2d. Drows 
NOISE, w. 
NONE, a. 
of the 
none, ' 
I gave 
iep szk 
" Ta op 
2<l. None, a 
•VOON, «. 1 
2<l. It hocani 
•^'1. At noon 
4th. Before 

.. ... ,',.'1 

Ta gW- 
t) in the con- 
'\\\ never get 
^1^ tiTa Uaes- 

, new chief, VA 
:ew year, Nko 

teliilet?"^*^"' *" 

, ,, ii -•!"'• 


ler, Ismtel. My 
thcr'fl daughter's 
HBh. My HisterV 
Irhtev's (laughter, 

il. My brother's 
Cath, Inchielt. My 
Latter her father's 





■ .■•;_■ !' 
' I /. I V/ H 


5th. Nightfall, iik^ikal. '•'•''"'=! .- u.;.-::^ r-.. .,'> • 

6th. T am benighted, arrived at the night, Chin-chiikuzfene. 

7th. To paHH the night at some one'», Chinos-nz'zilshi. 

NIMBLE, a. Tlagt, Koimkomt. 

NINE, num. Ist. Ganut; pers. Chganut. 

2d. Nine times, Ganilt. 

3d. Nine days, Gantdskat. 

4th. Nino pipes, Ngantdks. 

5th. It beeame nine, Gantuilsh. ■ 

NINETEEN, 6pen e* ganut, Et ganut. ' - ' ! ■" 

NINETY. GatitI6pen.^ ^ ' '. ■ . i - .. .( 

NINTH, n. JiU ksganut. The ninth day (past), h\i gantaskatilsh ; 
(future), Ne gantaskatilsh. 

NIP, V. t. les-koigotini, les-kolniehem. ' 

NIPPLE, H. Ska6m, S'ehka^niten. ' ' 

NO, adv. ahsol. Ta. I say no, f 'hin-zftti ta, Chines-tami. 1 say no 
to liim, Tcs-tam'm. 


Ilimiguni hi 

XOBLP], a. 1st. Good, Gesl, Hissius. '■ 

2(1. Of noble extraction, Kaclilimigum, llinigunielt, 
ledus, lit. The son of a chief. , 

NOBODY, a. 1st. Ta suet, Ta chinaks. 

2(1. I am nobody, I-chin-tencnius. ' . . • ' 

XOI), I', i. 1st. The head, Chines-ohiloikaiii. • / i , ^ > 

2d. Drowsy, Chines-chesit'shi. " i '!'' / 

NOISE, n. Snniemczin. ;, ■/ ' 

NOISE, I'. /. Chinesnmezinmisti. ,• , 

NOISOME, rt. Es-nmemezin. . . ' 

NONE, a. 1st. Ta ; it is combined with tlie verb EpL I have none 

of them, " Ta iep} ezageil." I have seen none, " Ta iep 

szuieh." I have killed none, " Ta ifep szpols." I concealed 

none, " Ta icj) sznekum." I gave him none, • Ta ejd guizHen." 

I gave away none, " Ta epl giiizshemen." I took none, " Ta 

iep szkuen." None came, " Ta ep szgui." None are missing, 


2(1. None, absolute, Ta sui-t, Tas nko, Ta. 

.V(K)N, H. 1st. Ntogkein. 


became noon, Ntog'gkein. 


\i noon (past), Lu ntogkein ; (iulure), Ne iit(jgkein. 
4tli. Before noon (past), Lu Iskuekust, Tas ntogkein; (future), Ne 
kui'kust, Taks ntogkein. 





, . .t .1-! 

s .11 i> ,. . 

,1.. . ! ><•: 

Mil/ .,! 


!:i •' ; 
» JTA/: 

! 1 \ y I 



2f)6 ' NOT 

5tli. Attonioon, Siiiukukt-in. In tluMiittti-nooii (pUNt), (iU iiiiiUok^'in; 

(i'litiirc), Ni! niukokl'in. 
NOON, w. (". Chinos-nt<)jj;kdini. _,,, ,, , ,, 
NOOSK, w. Zu8hin6ie. ,.| u 

Noli, I'oiij. Nc^u ta. 

NOItTH, H. (^hiH'shtHhatkii, SifjiimaH, Zjilt. 
NORTH WIND, Ks-rhiH'HhJHhatkai. 
NOSK, n. Ist. S|»Haks. 

2(1. CrookiMl nomi, btuit to om* nide, Es-tiskiiak's 
3d. HtMit down, KH-alko^kH. 
4tl). Small noHo, NfjjUKi^kH. 
ftth. Lonjij noHo, NuHHliiiiakM. ,, . ,:[ | 
fith. Swollen iioho, Skuaks. 
7tli. I'ieroecl moho, KH-t^oaks. 
Sth. Sore nose, KH-nzaldkn. 
!>th. To ('loan one's noMO, ChincH-n6B8i. 
10th. Turned up nose, Ks-npelkdks. '- ■- 

NOSTIIILS, n. SnpsakH. 
Not, iidv. Ta, (future) A ta, if the atiswcr expected in ne;j;alive; 

Tama, if the answer expected is positive. 
2d. I am not in, I-ehin-eho. 
8d. Not yet, ('he ta, Zii\. 
NOTE. See Mark; 

NOTHING, n. 1st. Ta teeslcnj, Ta stem, Ta. 
2d. Non existenoe, nihility, Ta ep^ kolemeii, lit. There was nothirifj 

to make it with. . ■ 

3d. There is nothing; in, I-no6l. . ' 

4th. Trifle, I-tenemus. 
5th. T do nothinj; but play, Milkomst^n sinenisziitcii. They dit 

nothing but suffer, Milkomstees snguzfrnziutMs. Tliey do notli- 

injj but mischief, Milkomsttes In ttie. . 

t>th. Not at all, Ta, Tam kukuidme. 
NOTIdE, P. t 1st. Observe, les-ulthem. 


d. To pa}' attention, Fes-iKfifam. 

" Tas azfijantem.' 

He was nut taken notice of, 
To jjive notice, Fes-nii- 

NOTK'K, n. Ist. News as given, Smimii 

2d. News as re(*ivcd, S'chsnmi^'p. To receive notice o 



•id. To I 

2(1. To n 

NOW. „ 

-M. Mnt I 


•Id. Now 

Mil. NoM 





SVDK, n 

vriji, ,/ 

M'.MH, n 


M N, n. f. 


-M. To nil) 

< >A R, yi. Tl 
"AT, /^ At 
OATH, n. 
-M. To Mas) 

;,,.,.i H>(i^l -il)'' 

• ., ,! Uli' ■' 

.1 .V, .;.i^. 

' ■ ' ' ' ' " 

,. ,, ^ ■'■■■■' ^'' 

, „[l I nil / .'i ■' 

,„..'. I 'i .'^ 

pi 111"/'; 


0(1 iH ne;<;« 

ilive ; 

: ( i' • ' 





OMK ^(7 

:M. To tiik»« notice, JI'liiiu'M-ko|ini|)('iiuiill. 

NOTTKY, i\ t. loN-/,um"m. ' ' 

N()TWITIIS'rANI>IN(;, .«./('. IT,., KmiU'. 

NOlTinsH, r. ^ 1st. SiH- IVt'.l. 

•Jil. 'I'o irmUl' f^row, It«s-kiiiiliiii, lt's-|)(»<j;tilslii'm. ^ ' 

NOW, (/(//'. \M. Ill tliis time, h'tcl^^oii. 

111. Mm (Lilt. </'/^7/(), V. \o\v HunililiiiN was a lliiot, " (' iiivkot- 
iiuMi ill |{artililiiiH." 

:!(!. Now and tlu'ii, 'Wi, 'l\'i' iiUo iiko, 'W^v kiiiiisli. 

Mil. \()\v — now, Slu'i, Kii6iiit or Siz, Slu'i iiko — Slioi iiko. I!o is 
MOW well, now lu' is sick ; now j^lad, now sad, " Sli«'i iiko i-jccs 
kiieinl siit'i cs-clii/alcis ; Slu'-i iiUo njiicls, nko niniipels. 

NOWAYS, Xowisc, r/(/r. Ta pist^iii. 

NOXIOUS, ./. To he to one. See lliwl. ■ ,' , , u 

NUDK, <i. I-cliitemelj'ii. ! . 

.NlJIiFj, '/. I-tenenius. 

NlLMIi, '/. KiNMii cold, ('liines-lemteii)li'i, ('hines-^uziiieclist. See 

NT. MB Kit, r. h le-.-sieneiii. 
NOMKI'tOMS, ,/. (i(K'it. 



NUN, n. Smtem koiiilks, />/. I'elpilkiii koailk;- 
NURSK, n. Nkaetin, Nkakaetin. 

NUKSK, r. t. Isl. les-kaenii 


I nurse his cliiid, h's-kaeiiicHein. 

luM'c was no 


2d. To nurse an invalid, etc., les-cliili 


Uteii. They <l" 
Tliev <h) not\\- 


Itakon notice of, 


e, Ies-n\i- 

It ice o 

|- les-chsn- 

OAR, n. Tleinoten. 
OAT, //. AHiieniski'^ae. liavoi'ii. 

OATH, n. 1st. To take an oalii, leaaiiin hi Kolinziiteii. 
I'd. To Idasjihenie, ( 'liinesdvoJkoeIti testisrjilein. 
OHDUUATK, i(. Tlizt, T'sap. 

t)HKI)IKNT, «. Ks-nsugune, Ks-scune, Siisiiiitil, Ks-sonunitj K 



OMKY, r. /. iHt. CliiiiOH-iisftiiiiiH-i, ('liincN-sj-mn'i, Cliiiu's-soinWiiti, 
Cliiiu's-iilkiikiitiu'i, CliiiifN-clikiu'lHi, ('liiiK'H-ujjjeili \\i tku-t"*- 

2<J. To Hiibmit, ('liiiifH-koliifiiiU-iiiiHti, ('hiiu's-ki>lik"ii/,(iii. 

3<l. Tn follow, Ii'H-chHi'.iiiim. 

OliKY, r. t. Ii'H-iiHiimitu'iii, h'M-Ht'iiiifiu, Ii'M-s(»ii«iiil«'iii. I«'s-iitku- 

kiU'iK'iii, Icw-chkui-lHeiii, Cluiu's-agtili lu tko-i-s-/-ulU'iii«. 
OIUKCT, «. 1st. Stio. 
2<l. What is (li'siroil, Sziilols. 
OlUKirr, r. /. Cliiiu'H-tuini. 
OliliirjR, r. f. Isl. K's-lclu'iniiii, Ks ziirKMii. 
2(1. To fiivor. St'*.' Favor, link'l>U'<l. 
OhfiK^UK, .1. Ks-tiHkn. 

OlUilTKIfATK, r.t. Ii's-niuiiin. Ii-s iz;iikrim. It's-j>;u|)ni'nu'iii. 
OBLIVIOUS. Sco Forficlliil. 
OHSCKNK, (». I'lii'ilHt. 
OBSCUIJK, (1. Ut. Seo Dark. 
2(1. Dim si^htt'd, Ikois, IkoHeut hi ntliitliiustoii. 
ad. Not easily midorstdod, It^mitMut. 
OHSKRVK, r. t. 1st. To look at willi carv, K's-az^Min. 
2d. To oltsorvi' a toast, los-jx'jtc'cm. 
3d. To muki' a remark, CMiini's-ziUi. 
4tli. To comjjly with tlio ruk•^<, k's-clisliiiiim. 
OHSTIX.XTE, <i. 1st Aiziizt. 
2d. I act obstinately, Cliiin's-ai/.iiii. 
OUSTHUCT, c. t. To close, Ies-lUc|K-iii, les-tkapim. 
OBTAIN. See Gel, Accjuire. 

OBUMBKATK, v. t. Isl. From helow, Ies-k<.lclieiem. 
2d. From above, les-cliilcheiciiein. Se(> ("l»ei. 
OBVIATK, r. t. rendered l>y / pretixed to the aiialoj?oiis verh. 
OBVIOUS, <i. 1st. Clear, I-mii, hiiuiiint.i;ii. 
2d. Kxposed, Mahle. See Can. 
OCCASION, /(. (theologically), Zkiinzi'iten chteie, //7. What drasj;> 

to sill. 
OCCUPY, r.t. 1st. To h(dd aii<l keejt tor use, rendered liy the in- 

i^triimeiital t'orm ot the ohject occii]iicd. I occupy that huii-^c, 

*' les-zitgum, Kitgiinien." See Zitgii. Use. 
2d. To cover all over, rendered hy inserniig tin- analogous veil' 

hetween chil — cue. The waters (tccupied the earth, " Cliil- 

mel]»-6ne." See Chil. 

.'M. To . 


2<l. To I 


OF. /*/</ 

•M. I>eiin 
or ti 



tth. I>en< 


■~)th. DeiH 


•illi. Oil a 

III isii 
7th. Detio 
^th. neii.i 
Dth. DiMio 
OFF, </. 1 
OFF, ,„lr. 
-d. Sepan 

the v» 

with ! 
•M. From i 
Uh. Togo 

•"'th. To tal 

tem t' 
-M. To hiM 

t'ili \\i tUo-i'H- 


tciii, I«'s-ntUu- 





• irotlS Vt'l'll. 

lit. Wliat ili';i,u> 

leri'd liy llu- in- 
•ii)>y tliat l\oi\sc, 

aiialoj^fms vorl« 
u- carlli, " 



:{il. '!'(» occupy otic'Mj'lriiltoiil, Ii'H-clil<ii«''lMcru, IcH-chkoiinnKMii. 

OCCrU, i\ t. 1n1. To iiU|)|M>ii lu«|-o uimI tlu'iv, Ti'O. 

-<l. To c((nic to the iitiinl, il occurs to ini', TUoko I ispii^jN. 

OCKAN, «. S'chiljttlcmcliUii. See Sfu. ' |; 

0|)(M{, H. Spii;;i»iill<, Spn^. Sop I'lijr, 

<)F, jinii. \h\. |)t'ii()tiii^ tlic origin, Tel. The mercy oCdod, '• Siiko- 
iiiii tcl Koliii/i'itcit." 

■_M. I'osscHHJoii, rciidci't'il liy possessive pi'oiioim. The house of 
I'eler, " Zil^nis Piel." \.H — The tiiuil s is applied K. tin' oh- 
i«>ct possessed, not to the possessor; which is literally, thoiij;h 
not uraiiunatically, retidered l»y tlie < 'ai.adiiiii halChreeds, who 
say : I'ii'rrr sv/ imnsnn ; (Jaii/.iis iskiise, Mnn tjtirron sow rhrriil. 

;M. Denotiim the inateriui, is not remlered at all ; hut «'ither the 
material and llie com|)oiiiid of it are uiiited in a HiiiirJe word, 
or the mntei'ial is altaclied without any chaiiji;*'. House of 
woo(|, " SHikid^u." House of stoiu', '• SsheMsh-zittcu," as iu 
Kiifjlisli. a stoue-ldiildiiif;. 

Ith. l)eiiotiii>; a portion ot anythini;, rendered hy ^ SvO Some, T. 
(live n>e 8<»nie of your liread, '* Ivo-fj;ui/<Mht t-asenkolpo." 

•")th. l>enotin{f that I»y wliich a person or thin^ is uctuated, 1. lie 
went <»f his own will, " I-t-spuns/, \\ <;iii," or " Spui'is/." 

'ilh. On ac<()unt, eh. I am proud of my dress, " les-chkutiszntem 
hi isna/.lkeit." 

7th. Denoting di.stanee, Tel. 

■^th. Denotinj^ tlie ajfent, t oi' til. Se«' By, From, About. 

IMh. Denoting (|nality, rendered hy tiie simple adjective. 

OFF, i(. The tiirthest of two or more, (M)mi]<;an. 

OFF, ivlr. 1st. Distance. One mile off, " .\ko suj^umeten hi slkotj" 

2il. Sei»aration, to cut. ott", etc., rendered hy Kul or Kol prefixed to 
the verh. Cut it off with an axe, " Kiilshilint." Cut it off 
with a saw, '* Kuhiichent " It fell off, " Kiiltiip." 

:{d. From off, Tel. 

hh. To jj;et oft", to ijro oft", to escape, ('liines-kulnutpmi, Chines-kuh 
nkomisti. To no otf(a ixun), iiu;o|iinch. , 

•")th. T(» take ott" a handame, etc., les-nunmi. 

OFF-CL'T, /I. Szkuh.ichi Szkulshil. 

Oj-'FKN'I), r. f. 1st. To ott'er an atlront, Ics choin/.ntem, le.s-k(')lsh- 
tem t'spiipnsench. Ies-)iii|)useiichstcni. 

I'd. To liurt. See Hurl. Harm. '' ' ' 

Hi ir 

Co CL 


260 ■ OMN 

3d. To iscaiidalize, cMitioo. See these words. 

4tyi. To oft'eiid agiiinst the Inw, les-inaimi hi HiichzogoepiJeteii. 

OFFENCE, n. Int. To give offence. See Offend. », 

2d Sin. See Sin. 

3d. The beinjjf offended. See Offend, and make it passive. 

OFFEK, r. t. 1st. To bring tbrtli, obrUtin few, les-t-giiizHeni, les- 

2d. A suerifiee, Ies-t-gui/-heiii. les-tiuit'iein, les-t'koni. 
3d. Offer a jtrice, insult, violenee, being the first so to do, rendered 

by the analogous verb prefixed witli t. 
4th. To attempt,- t'hines-koeni. 
OFFICE,/). Sec Business, House. 
OFFICER, /?. Ilimigum. 

OFFSPHIXCJ, /(. Sgusigult ; kael- in comp. Tiie offspring of Da- 
vid, " Kael Dabit," " Sgusigults Dabit." 
OFTKN, .n/r. Goeit. 
Oil! cxcl. 16 1 Oil, liow good is (i(td I "16 lu sgest's lu Koliu- 

OIL, n. Skozt. 

Oifi, r.t. les-giiizltem skozt, Ies-p6tlein. 
OLD, a. Ist. Not new, fresh, young, Kasip. 
2d. That passed the average duration of lliat kiii<l, ['ogpog6t. I 

am an old man, " Kasip u chin-skeligii." I am an (dd man. 

on the decline', " Chin-pogpog6t." He is an old horse of mine. 

" Kasip u ingatlzin." He is an old liorse, past his middle age, 

" Pogt'skagae." 
3d. When simpiv meaning tlie duration, age, long or short. See 

4tli. To grow old. I. — To inerease in age, < 'hines-pogtilshi, Ciiiiies- 

-knalcmi. 2. — To be superannuated, Chines-eheidshi. Chines- 

5th. An old man, Pogpogot. 

Hth. The old man, Die paterfamilias, hu iliinigiim. 
O.MFN. //. Gagce. See Sign. 
()MIT, '•. t. 1st. Not to do or say, rendered by Ta, Tas aum, Ta> 

kolein, ele. 
'Jd. See .\eglect. 

(►MNII'OTFNT, <i. Ksia u es-k6lsts. 
O.MMSCIIvNT, (I. Ksia u es-mistes. 

ON", i,n 

1st. Wh 

2d. If til 


all \ 



2d. In eo 


3d. Atta( 


ONCE, a 

2<l. .\t so 

3d. In th( 

ONK, n>n 

2d. Impel 

3d. Some 

4tli. One 

" Nei 


one ii 


red II J 1 

get he 

" EnO 

liy on 

time I 

" Cell 

;">th. To be 

•illi. To 111: 



truizHoiii, k's- 

do, rondcnnl 

ffspriiiij; o\' l>ii- 

■.st's lu Koliii- 

i\n old man. 

lorso of iniiK', 

lis middle aiio, 

11- sliorl. Soi- 

<i;tilsl\i, i'liiiu's- 
li'iilshi, ChiiK's- 

Tas cium, Ta> 


on a 


ON, i>refi. N.B. — Not to mix on with over. We put a Hliirt 

child, and a blanket over hihi j on means a contact and does 
not include the whole ; over may be without immediate con- 
tact, and it covei-H the whole part mentioned. 

Ist. When locative, / preiixed to the object on which the action is 
nerfornied, and ch r.retixed to tlie verb, it lavs on tlie book, 

Es-chitoko \n Ikaimin. 

id. If tlie place is on high, the verb must be inserted between 
ch — eus. It is placed on high, " Es-chtkneus. " 

Hut it is an impossibility to tell all the shades of affixes 
taken by the verb according to the ditferenc of place on which 
the acti(»n is made. See Spim, Tkoni, 'fkem, Ilim, and nearly 
all verbs in the rirst part. See Ch, Chis, (Jhil. 

^^\. When it is not locative, as to have pit\- on one, etc. See each 



OX, <i/lr. 1st. 




iro on. 



d. In continuation ; sleeji on, sing on, rendered bj' each verb in 

the continuate mood. Sing on, " Es-nkuncish." 
d. Attached to the bodv, as to put on one's clothes. See each 


ONCE, <i(lv.. 1st. Nko. Only once, l-nko. Scarcely once, I4nko 
■Jd. At some indetinito time, Lnkoaskat ; (Lot.), olitii. 

Hi\. in the old time, 



OiVK, /((///(. ist. pers. Chinaksi. 

2d. Impers. Nko. 

3d. Some one, an}' one. See Some and Any, Ejt. 

4tli. One bv 



I Kami Ks. 



II judge us one by one 

" Xem kae-chinl:anaksemlils, m-kae-chzogoej»ile}ils." 

N.B.— 1. Often the verb is red})licated, r. ij. They went off 
one by one, " (iuigui, ozilzkae." 2. When it means all in one 
lump, in one nsass, at once, the vei'b takes the i)lural form ot 
reduplicating only the accented vowel. They went all to- 

gethei', " She giiui, she oozkac 




ev ifo one 

They go ail together, 

bv one, " Knents. 


H^v work oiH 

by one, separately, " Es-kolkoli.' They work together, at one 
time or ])laee, '• I-ls-kooli." I liav» seen them one Ity one. 



I havt' se( n them all tiii>ethev, " I'iichten, 

">tli. Tit bi-conie one, Chinos-nkc.nlshi. 


To make them Itecome one. les-nkouilsheni, nkouilshten. 

So LT' 

Co vj. 

>-i - 

h^ I-.. 

•^ I- 



262 . ^ OPE 

7th. To become one with him, les-nlvoiiilshoin, iil<oiiil8hemon. The 

unifit'iition, SrikouilshtiMi. Sec Unite. 
Hth. The one, Shei. It is not the one, Tain shfei. ' 

9th. The same one, -Linhfei. It is not the same one, Tani Hshei. 
ONION, n. Kol^uie, Sthecli. 
ONLY, (/. , a^/r. [s'chmish ; in ooinp. ;". I have only the mother, 

"(3he i.s'(^hmiiHh tu isl\6i." I ani the onl^' one,"I-chin-';hmiish." 

We are only ourselves children, " Kaes-chiimish kaezizemelt." 
OOZE, ('. /. Es-chsFijfomusi, chstgomusom. 
OPEN, (I. lat. Of doors, or metaphorically, Ea-kofinmaiip. 
2d. If it ho opened with a key, Es-kolinchegkuej). 
3d. If hy pullinj:; off the curtain, b}' which the Indian doors are 

shut, Es-koHncheh6i». 
4th. Open bottle, Tas kolinkaep, Es-koHnkutlep. 
•ith. Open country, Chilcheum, (Micum. 
f)th. Open sea, (Jhih-hom6tiku, Chilchcuni. 
7th. Exposed t(» view, Laako, iiiikol, Uinuingu. 
Hth. Open tumor, Tkup. 
9th. Evident, Imii. 

OPEN, r. f. 1st. In jjjeneral, les-nuuim. 
2d. A d(K)r with the key, Chines-koHnchegkuepi. 
8d. The door of an Indian lodge, Chines-koHnchohepi. 
4th. By breaking the door, Chines-kolinmauj)i. 
^th. Open a sack, (-hines-koHntelapi. 
(Uh. Open a hale, ('hines-chtalizei. 
7th. Open a bottle, les-koHnkutlepem. See Kutlin), Chines-koliii- 

Xth. To open his mouth, ('hiiies-sakazini, Chiiies-gujionauskaiii. 

'.•th. To open his eyes, Chiiies-cligalgalsi ; wide, Chines-chgup- 


lOtli. To open a window, Ics-nchegkusoi'.i. 

lltl). To open a tumor, fes-lkuin. 

Pith. To open the hand, Chiiics-gupmechsli. Tn close the hiUid. 

OP EX, r. i. 1st. The same as above. 
2d. To begin to appear, Chines-laakoMii. ( 'hiii-huiko. 
:{d. .V tumor bn^aks open, Es-tkn]imi. 
Mil. Tlu> cirrli opMis, splits, E-i-iisk;ipciisi, Ks-iitt-lpciisi. See Tal, 




2d. Pas, 






2d. The 

3d. Faci 

4th. Fac 

5th. Opi 

6th. Ad\ 

7th. Mut 


2d. To p 

3d. To o 

4th. To J 

iith. To t 


2d. Act in 

3(1. Viole 

OR, (■(tnj 



2(1. To ish 

3d. I havi 

4th. In g( 




To })lay «j 


2d. That 

3(1. The u 


2d. ( 'omin 

shcMnen. The 


()so tlu" lunnl- 

OBI 263 

OPENING, n. 1st. A door wane tor a lodge, Kol^iiilgoep ; for a 

house, KoHnt4iemep. ^ *■ 

2d, Passnge, Nguiteii. ; 

OPENLY, ailr. Laakot, Uiruiiiigu. 

OPINION, n. Szntels, Spuus. ' ., 

OPPONENT, «. Shemeii. i, 

OPPOSE, 0. t. les-shement'usem, les-cheutusem. 
OPPOSITE, a. Ist. Placed over against, Siiemeneus. 
2d. The iarthest one, S'ehcmagan. See Chein. 
3d. Facing to. See Face. 
4th. Facing each other, Es-togtogstMis. 
5th. Opposite to nie, L is-togtogt. 
6th. Adversary, Eiitus, Slienien. 
7th. Mutually antagonist, Shenishemeiifeus. 
OPPHIOSS, V. t. 1st. To overpower, Ics-pizcni. 
2d. To press down, Ies-chilznnianen». See Zan. 
3(1. To overburden, les-chilganiinenein. See Genit. 
4tli. To act strongly on, le-ssiechstem. See Sissiiis. 
.5tli. To throw down, Jes-tkom. 
OPPRESSIVE, a. 1st. Burdensome, Genii. 
2(1. Acting jiowerfully on, Pizpizt, loi6t. 
3d. Violent, Lchl'ichet. 
Oik, ninj. Goa. 
ORDAIN, Ics-koleni. 

OliDKR, n. ls>. To set in order, Ics-shitletnim. 
2(1. To issue an order, Ghin-kolkoelt. 

3d. I have an order, a written commission from, Chin-epl kaimin. 
4th. In good order, I-shiitl. 
OlSDUl^KS, n. Smencch, Sliul. 

ORKGON GI^\PES, /(. Szals ; the bush, SzalstJemel.s. 
()R(<.\N, .Musical insti-unu'nt, Cligoukonchten. 
To j)lay on the organ, tUiines-cligoukonclii. 
ORIGIN, /(. 1st. The birth of anything, Skolil. 

2(1. That from which anything proceeds, Nkolilten, Snkoiiltcn, 
Nchkolilten, Snchk«ii"ilten. 

3d. Ti)e root, real or metajihorical, Sogoep, Nkualtin. Sec oi'igin- 

ORI(iIX.\L, II. 1st. The primitive, Ks-shiit, Kasip. 
2(1. ( 'ommunicated by birth, Snkulkoiil ; if coMimuiiicatcd, con- 
tracted from the very c()ncc|)tion, Snkulnkolii. 



W b 
So I's 

Co c» 



264 OUT 

M. lIcMUie orii^iiiiil sin, hn Uio kacH-nkiifnkol'lenientom (lit. Tlio 
si:i \vc liiivo born with iis). Tin; sin taken, conitnittod for its, 
" J-iii tcie Uae-kiit-MliHlt." Yon have born with sin, " Nkul- 
korieiner.tgii tu tele." Von liad the malice, wiekedness hnr\\ 
with yon, " NknlkolMementifn hi steie." See Contraet, Com)- 
munieate, Miiko, Moop. 

OKKtINATB, r. >. (Miines-kolili. Cliines-knalini, Chines-melko- 
komi, (Jhinesmooprni ; these two hist ones moan the proroga- 
tion rather than the origin. 

ORKaXATP], V. t. Ies-k6l'leni, res-kiialini, Fes-chkiialeciistem. 

ORXAMEXT. See Adorn. 

ORPHAN,/*. Chiteiniipiie ; pi. Cliitomniapile. 

To heeomo an orpiian, (^hin-chitcniplaiialsh, ('hin-chitemplaszot. 

OSTEXTATIOUS, n. Ohines-azgaszi'iti, ( 'hines-azgamsziiti, ("hin- 

O'lMIKR, 1st. pr. and a. Nko, ("hinaks. 

2d. Ditterenl in kind, Es-tlgniem. 

Hd. Tlie opposite side of a river, Xiskot.. 

Uh. The opposite side of a nioiinttiin. (' hteiich«Mi. 

.")th. The otiier side of a valley, Ohiiteiielze. 

(itii. Thn otlu>r side ot a jjerson, farther on, 8'ehitel/ii. 

7ti>. The oth(M's, Cliinkanaks, Knittt. See Some. 

OTIIKRWISK, u./r. hn ne ta, hf. If not. 

OTTKR, /(. I.tko. 

OLTdllT. r. imp. rendered by the conditionate siibjnnetive, 

OUR, //,'•. />'7'N. Kae — . Onr dea<l, " Kae-sgnthI," and so on when 

iiur apjilies to an adjoelive used substantively. 
OURS, ;*/•. ;),v.s'. J^iii kaenipile, kiiempilt- (it is ours, he is ont 



OUIJSKLVES, //r. y/rr.v. 1st. Kaempile. 

2(1. Kmpiiatically, I-kaetnpilc. 

:{d. R- ourselves, I-tkaempile. 

OUST, r. t. Ii's-ozkjieni, les-meeniuiem. 

OUT, ivlr. 1st. To b.^ out, abroad, i-chin-clio. 

2d. To be out, disc(>vei'(.'(l. They found \\\v out. K'o-niiix'iiuutcni. 

;M. Kxtinguished, Ks-leps. 

4tli. Consumed, See Consume. 

:")tli. Out of, Tel. 

lith. < )ul of tt'mper, out of oi'di")', eti-.. must b.- reiidt-ri'd bv : \i 
more in !XO(m| tem|)er, or in bad I'^mper. I'tc 

7th. To 

Sth. To i 

!)th. To t 

10th. To 

1 1th. To 


the J 




2d. The V 



^{d. Outsic 

the V 


U. Outsid 

" les- 

4th. All ai 


" Chii 


oth. The fa 



OVHN" (for 

OVKR, pr,'^ 

2d. Over tli 

tent, el 


" les-ie 


Jot I OVt 

over h 
speak, 1 
" le.s-eh 

om (I't. The 
littod tor us, 
sill, " Nkul'- 
vcdnoss horn 
iitract, < "oin- 

the propoii;:!- 



iiisziiti. (Miin- 

so on wlii'M 

Lii- is oiii' of 



I'd liv : Ni 



7th. To go (Hit, Chine8-6zkaei. '■ ■■■'•"'■■ ■' >- ■ i '• 
Mh. To send out, dispatch, les-kulstem. ' 

t)th. To take out of a drawer, etc., lea-nkuittem. ' 

lOtli. To pull out, I(iH-Kook6m. it 

llth. To come out, ('hiues-tlochml. Sec Tlech. ' 

OUT-BID, ()UT-1)0, etc., Jes-ehgozim, Ics-chgoznuuem, adding 
the particular matter iu which I surpass others ; or by Telzi, 
Tel, More than. 
()UTIl.\aK, r t. leschoinzutem. ' 

OUTSIDE, *u/j;. 1st. Lcholzke, Chchol/dve. ' .• i. 

2d. The whole ot the outside is rendered by inserting the verb be- 
tween ch — ize. (/lean outside, " Ch-gukup-ize." See Around, 
3d. Outside oj'a house, in front, or around, — chinelgu, affixed to 
the verb. I stand outside, " (Miines-cheintechinelgu." I lay 
outside, out of doors, " Chines-chtkochinelgu." I walk out- 
side, " Chines-gtistchin6lgu." 
;M. Outside of a house, at the door, — ep. I Ia3' him at the door, 

" Ies-k(dintk('fepein." See Teshilsh, Echsuish. 
tth. All around outside, ch — ize. All around outside, " Es-chmil- 
koinize." Clean outside, " Ks-chgukupize." Torn all outsidej 

" Chitilze, 

overod outside al 



VVhi])pe(l all outside, " Es-ehspize 

."ith. The farthest limit, the extreme ])oint, Ohcin. See (Micm. 

OUTWARD, '(. 'the superficial part, external, (Miilkeltich. 

X.H. — (/likeltich means up the river, opposite ot Utemchi. 


OVHX (for baking), n. Snkolepten. 

OVKR, pn'p. 1st. See Above, On. 

2d. Over the surtiute, or the whole surface, through the whole ex- 
tent, chil — prefixed to the verb, or its particijtle or nouns 
originating from the verb, r.//., I spread a blanket, covering, 
" les-iclgum," lit. I s|»read it over. I sjwead the blanket over, 
"ies-cl.ilielgum hi sizem." Hut if meanirvg the person or ob- 
jcci over which it is spread, atiix rne to the verb. I spread 
over him, " Ii-s-chil-ilgu-eneem, chililgii6neen." And if the 
person or object over which the action takes place should 
s)jeak, they will say : I am covered over with that blanket, 
" les-ehiHIgueneem, chiHlgii^iiemen (9) lu sizem," using the 






266 . ^ OVE 

instruinontal form of the vcrh. Sco (-hil — . Ovcm- the hike, 

seiv, wuter, " (.'hil-cheum." Wind hlowinj^ over the hike, ete., 

" ChiF-nt-nku." Calm nil over, '■ Chil-koiku." 
3d. Over the head, above, Snif^ouuHkuii. v i .,,;,,,, ,,'l ,ht.: 
4th. To f^o over to the opposiio side or party, ('hities-niekoshilwhi. 
; I go over to the protestaiitH, " Irs ehniekoshilshem In Htii^pi." 

To come over to this side or party, •' ChiiieH-ziiiokoshilshi." 
5th. To put ain' kind of garment over, across, not meaning the 

eh^thing oneself with it, les-tkom. . -j ,/ ;| ; } 

6tli. To sun)assj See Surpass, Exceed. i ; i ■ ' r !< 

OVER AND ABOV^E, 1st. Es-iigo/,tus. 

2d. 1 pay tlnit over and above, les-nchgoztiisctn. See Goez. 
3d. Tliere are four over and above, Mus ^u ksngoztus. ,i 

OVER-ALLS, n. S'chgappusakst'shin. < ; • 

OVER-ANXIOUS, n Mit-ciiines-koltkapelsi. 
0\^ER-BEA1^, r. t. les-ketein, les-elkom, les-chitoikanem. 
0VER(;AST skies, Lchtokskat, I-chtknpaskat. See T(d<. 
OVERCOME, (,". ^ les-eikom, Ics-llegupem. See Win. ., 
OVERCOAT, V. 1st. Chitkaitichalks (Jit. Outward dress). 
2d. Hutfalo robe overcoat, Chupt'st-lks. 
3d. White blanket, Takaialks. 
4th. Black — , Koaialks. 
5th. Stripped — , Kaialks. 
OVER-KLOW, c. /. Es-techti, Es inelpmi. "SAL—TtU/ut refers t(. 

the water flowing out of its natural course ; AfcUp refers to the 

land overflowed. See Flood. 
OVEIMLVNt;, r. /. Oliiiies t'shalteus. 
OVEiaiKAIf, r. 1. les-ieshinem. 

OVERIiOOK, r. t. 1st. To look over from on high, les chilazgarn. 
2tl. To inspect, review, les-shitiim. 
3(1. To jinss unnotieed, Ta ies-azgani. 
4lh. To look over the shoulder, ('hines-nazgachnziiti, Cliines-kohiz- 

•Mil. See Foi'gct, Pardon. 

OVERPOWER, /•• I. Ics-pizeii!, les-leciien), les-elkoni. 
OVER-REACH, r. (. 1st. les chg(»zim. 
2d. I over reach my own self, my own iuithority, jiower, Chines- 

OVER-Rl'N, f. t. 1st. To run all round, L's-siklictninem. 

2d. All o 

3d. A wa 

4th. Rui 











2d. To ru 
2(1. Hy an 
3d. By wj 
OWE, r. 
2d. To ha 
3d. To be 

1th. To be 

See T 
OWL, «. 1 
2d. Screec 
OWN, «. ] 

2d. Ifem]> 
OWN, v.t 


2(1. To acl< 


•M. To con 


jver the luko, 
!• Iho luko, etc., 

'• >i ;l I. I -l-l_ r.i' 

lem +u Hiiiapi." 
I inuiinin^ the 

:<' !■ I '!' 

"?eo Goez. 

Soe Tok. 

Trrlitt refers U* 
'lifi refers to the 

T(.'s chiJazguiii. 

i, ("l-.iiies-kohi/.- 


]io\ver, ChitK's- 




See Milko. 

r. ■■ . ■■.,(( (.1 


I 111 7/' > -US 1 II! i; i 
1 1 li ,\ 



2d. All over, loH-chifinilkomeneni, fhiJniilkoineiieen 

3(1. A waj^on rnnniflfj; over one, Es-chil^olko^neni 

4th. Klin taster, les-ehjjozini. 

OVKHSKK, r. f. les-chitim, les-azgam. 

()VEI{SEKH, ». Sfrii-fhitlm, Sj^ii-azyam. 

OVEH-SHADOW, r.t. les-ehilcheienem. 

OVKll SIIOKS, /). (.'hnjiapfrapeiishin. 

OVKU-SPRKAD, r. t. les-ehititis^nni (meaning? the artielo spread 

over), les-('hiHls<;iieiieeni (altecting the ()V)ieft over which it is 

s])read). See Klood, tor water over-spreading, and other 

OVEIMWKK, r. i. les lu-hizniehem (lit. To reaeh at his baek). 
OVEltTIIHOW, V. t. 1st. To upset, les-kiulehem, les-uel'iern, les- 


2(1. To ruin, les-manm. les-hoiem. 
()VET?WKrair, r.t. les-ktlem. 

OVEHWIlKLMEl), a. Ist. By a weiirht, Chin-chilgainene. See 

2(1. Hy anythini; spread over, t'hin-ehiHl<i;uene. 
8d. By waves, or the like, Chin-ehihnelpene. ■'■ »t • 

OVVK, V. f. 1st. To have a deht to , Cliin-ept-guilguilt 1 

2d. To have that deht to , Inguiignilt I ^ I owe yon ten 

dollars, "Open ululini In ingnilgiiilt lu lanui." 

3d. To be indebted to one Ibr favors received from others, les- 

1th. To be obliged to ascribe to (»ne a misfortune, les-chtlecipilem. 
See TIeeni. ^ , 

OWL, /(. 1st. Snine. 

2d. Screeching owl, Xchichgue. 

OWN, (/. 1st My own, thy own, etc., rendered by the simple per- 
sonal pronoun, Koie, Anni, etc. 

2d. If em})liasized, I-koie, I-anui, etc. 

OWN, 11. t. 1st. To be the ))roprictur ot, ('bikae]>-stei, les-kolste- 
menu les-tcinnieni. God owns us, " Koliiizutcn Uaeji-steJils, 
Kaep-ste \\\ kaem|)ilc." 

2(1. To acknowledge the right to, Ics-kol (with the object 

owned attixed). 1 own you for my husband, " Kuies-kolsgc- 
luim." I own you for my son, *' Kuics-kolsgusiguistem." 

o(i. To confess the lesponsibiiity ot'. as : I own tliat tiiult, Jes-nmi- 






(-, -. 


2«8 ^ ■ PAI 

OWN-KU, n. hii kft«p«t6, h\\ kuepi Ho is Iho owner of the 

liorHc, " Slit'i lu kuopf-gatJzin, Slifci lu i-hillichin t j^nU/in." 

Sou Mastor, Lord. 
I am tho owner of my ho If, Chincis-ciiolticliHKuti, <!hineH-chHhiepile8- 

>5uti. ., , . , , -i. . ,,, 

()X, ». Szulen), Szolom. i. i ff •<; I' Vh 

OX-FLY, w. Chatnlk. , ' ,. ,| Vt 

OYSTER, «. Skokollane. !,./, 


I / 

PACE, I'. «. Ofljorsos, Es-m'nmil.shi, Soe Step. ' > 

PACIFIER, «. NmeriHeiizuton. , , 

PACIFY, v./. Ics-kampim, lew iimolelsom. See Calm, Appease, 

IlvK'oneile, Mcel. ^ 
PAC/K, I', t. 1st. To pack up goods in packs (in general), ChinoH- 

-gaznienzuti. J- 

2d. To place a load on a man or Iioi-hoh, leH-koeltem. 
3d. To carry a load, les-koettem. See Ko61t, Koeh, Carry, Load. 
4th. To pack a horse, les-kolch^nem, ("liines-koichiskagaei. 
5th. To pack moat on a horse, Chines-koltel/oi. 
6th. To Ho tho pack on an animal, Chines-chuzmi. i " > 

7th. To stow, press things in a small compass, ies-zanom. 
PACK, n. 1st. A loud, Skoelt. 
2d. Tho carrying it, Skoelt. 

PACKKR, n. Sguko61t,"Skolchi8kagao, iSgiu-hazazim. 
PACK-HORSE, n. Sgukoeh. 
PACK-SADDLE, n. Chkoelten. 
[>ADDLE, H. Tlemoten. 
PADDLP', V. i. Chinos-tlomoti. 
PADLOCK, n, Kt)Hnchetpcni. 
PADLOCK, r. t. ios-koHncheepem. 
DOUBLE PACR, Es-gapmciis. 
PAIL, H. 1st. in general, Lchop. 
2d. For pouring water in, Nniulten. 

PAIN, n 
2d. Monti 
3d. To do 
4th. To g 
•ith. Shar 
I'AIN, V. 
2d. Moral 
2d. Ko(jiii 
I' A INT, I 
(if vvi 
2d. With ( 
'M. To dra 
4th. To nu 
•ith. To pai 
PAIR, w. 1 
2<1. Ofsbo< 
2d. The h>^ 
PALE, a. ' 
I'ALM, n. 
I'AN, n. 48 
2(1. Frying 
3<l. Wash p 

owner of the 
liH t giiUstin." 


I / 

uliii, Appease, 
ncral), Chiiiew- 


t, Carry, Load. 



PAIN, «. iHt. Szaal. I feel a pain in the head, *' leH-zahmineni 4u 

iMplkfcini," and -mo on for every part of the body, 
"id. Mental pain, Spupnuench j metaphorieaiiy, Sxaui. I feel a 

])ain, affliotion, " (MiineH-pupUben( hi," or '• Zal \\x i8pn6».'' 
3d. To do a thing witli pain, ieH-ehag6iieni. See kgo.\. .»• 

4th. To give pain to one, leH-giiizshteni t-»pupnHen(h, les-pupu- 

.ith. Sharp pain outside, Es-zigai ; inside, Pls-goikoi, KN-pitkiini. 
PAIN, J', t. 1st. IeH-ngii/,guzn»6isein, lcH-guzguzm6ehstem. 
'2d. Moral, les pupusiinthoni, les-gu'iZHhtem t-spupnstnch, les-k^l- 

shtem t-Hpnj)UKi^ii('h. 
PAINFUIi </. 1st. Causing pain, Zalzilt; causing mental pain, 

2d. Ke(juiring jMiin, labor, Chagagalutem. " 

PAINT, V. t. 1st. To color, t'.f/., painting a house, etc., white, les- 

-poom. To paint all round, Ies-ch|)6izeni. To paint ineido 

(if with vermilion), Ics-npoalsem ; (ii' with any other material) 

2d. With oil, les-minem. 
;M. To draw lines, streaks, Tes-}pim. I paint my forehead, Chines- 

4tli. To make marks, les-kaim. 

5th. To paint a figure, portraying, les-kulkaim. See Kai. ' 

PAINTKJl, ?». Kurieinzuten, Sgukulkelm. 

PAINTINOi, «. Skulkaii, Skulkei. ; ' 

PAIl?, n. 1st. Nkoaksus. 
2d. Of shoes, gloves, Chnkoske. 
PALACE, H. Zitgu. 

PALATE, n. 1st. The upper jialate, Snshalt'skamelten. 
2d. The lower palate, Snishtulkoe. 
PALE, (/. To grow pale, C'hines-tgulemus. 
I'ALM, n. 1st. Of the haid, Smliinuhincchst. 
PALM SUNDAY, (by Klatheads) Piinelp; (by others) Koelzen. 
PALPABLE, </. Ching'gutem, 

PALPITATE, /;. i. 1-mukuniuku, I-mkiimukuls lu spuiis. 
PAN, n. ist. Ka])elze. 
2(1. Frying ))an, Snziigamen. 
8(1. Wash pan, Nzeinnen. 
PANTALOONS, n, 1st. As used by whites, SnoHips. See Oil. 





S Si 

Do Lnc 

Co Cr 

»-^ - 

Hj ... 


270 PAR 

2(1. An iihcmI by )>rimitiv(» IiidhiMN, a h(<] urat*' covfii* for onch log, 

8tl. T<i woar paiitH, ('l)iiH>s-f;<>tliHhini. "" ... r.i/K i 

4tli. T(t ]uill off one's paiitM, (MiiiR'n-fliptfptJalvHtshini. "'^-'I 
otii. As iisimI simply t(» coviM* tho osHontial jjartfl, Iiitl\u6 ("perhaps 

liilkiu'pil). Sec hkotw. 
PAXTIFKI}, «. Skiitissimie. -' ^.,. i.-\ 

PAPKR. n. KaimiiitoM. ' • , , ; - >; 

PAI*KI{, r. t. I((s-nii;iip<;iii'peiu'hem. See (iiioj). 
PAKAHIiK, n. Ist. Nchsiimimezinten, Nztco<'lten,as they eall their 

'M. To tell a parable to one, reH-ehsiigiiinezineni, chsiiginnezinenieti, 

les-Uoenein, ' 

PARADK, c. ^ les-lakoinim, Tes-koeneni. i '' 

PAHA DISK, «. S'chehemiiskat, Snpitlsten. . ■ ' 

PAI{, They are at par, ShiiintiiH. See Sh6i. 
PARALLkL, «. Kza.^alslkoteiiH. 
PARALYTK!, a. (Entirely), Ks-t'llelze (^7. l)ea<l body, unable to 

2(1, Partially paralytic, of ll)e arms, Ks-komkompa^ati. 
■id. ()t the lei^s, Ks-komkonipshin. 

4th. Attracted in the arms, Es-kaneehst. ' 

PARAMOtTR, ►,. Sjramenehens. 
PARAS(Hi, «. Chih-h6ieneten. 
PARCH, r. f. les-chnlim. 
PARDON. Sec For^nve. 

PARE, p. t. 1st. For the fiti,<i;er nails, les-koVinchiiichem. 
2d. Fruit, potatoes, by cutting rour.d, les-chilkaizeni, les-chilkal- 

3d. By pulling off the skin alone, les-cheuizem. 
4th. By rasping away the skin, as is done with carrots, les-cham- 

PARENT,/). Vo^6\,pl. Pogpogot. 
PARLOR, /). Snkamkamelisten. 
PARSNIP, n. Melalpe. 
PART, n. 1st. A traction, S'chut. 
2d. Some ones, Kuitlt. 
3d. More trecjiiently rendered by the possessive verb, Epl. Part 

of it he put on high, part he left on earth, " Kpl tkontes I 

4th. I'ort 
5th. Shar 
()lh. To u 
7th. To p 
Mth. For I 
yth. To tji 
10th. T(. 1 
11th. To I 
PA RT, r. 
2(1. To di\ 
3(1. To (lis 
4th. To m 
j)th. To j.;i 
PART, r. 
2(1. To be( 
3(1. To tak 
" Ta i 
2(1. To tak 
3d. To hav 
He pa 
u ep 
2.1. The on 

^h l-a 
in reli 

sten I 
I'ARTV, «. 

PA It 






H<ii6 (porlmpN 

III 1 m I' » 

they cull thoir 


odv, uimbie to 


'm, li's-(hiH<al- 

iTots, los-clitiin- 

rl), EpI. Part 
" Epl tkontes 1 

nuiMt, v\}\ IzliHtH il' 1 8»«)li);u." I j^nvo him part ol it, " Hpl 



I I 

4th. I'ortion, sharo in a diviHioii. My part, " hi\ ikwlo," (lit. What 
Itflonj^H (<> nuO. 

5th. ShuiT in a work. My part, " I-ju ikHzkol" (what I inunt do), 

r>th. To take tiiu part <»t , luH-chNhiniin, Ics-n^ra/tit^toni. I ;.(l: 

7th. To phiy the part of. — , ics-nKu^.n^ciiHoni. i i i, II 

XlU. For my part, Koio. 

!)th. To take in j^ood part, C'hineH-ngcst'l«i, ChiiK's-niiuiloi. 

lOtii. To take in had part, ChincN-nohelHi. 

llth. To take part in a job, los-chnHhiechsti'm. Snn Shci. 

I'AHT, r. ^ Int. To .separate, los-jfokomim. 

2d. To divide in .shan>H, Ieis-pj;()mim. i 

Hd. To disunite, le.s-t^okiit'iisum. ... 

4th. 'Vo make thorn HOjmratc, les-f^okojtc'nHem, goko])i'UHten. 

.")th. To pari with one, les-^okopeii.sem, gokopeii^emen. 

i'ART, c. ('. To he hi'okcn in pieces, ('hines-teipmi. 8oe Break. 

2d. To heconie sej)arjite, CliineH-talpousi, ChineK-gokojieusi. 

:5d. To take leave, to start, t'hines-<;»iHti ; /)/. Kae-tkoot. 

I'A inW KK, |)artiei|)ate, r. i. Ist. To take a wiiaro in property, Chi- 
-kaej) ste, Chi-kaep — . I will not participate in his murder, 
" Ta i-kaep Ntlumcehst t sni^uls." 

2d. To take a share in an action, le.s-eiiiisiichstem. 

8(1. To have sometlnnj^ of the properties, itature, Inko u chin-cp. . . 
lie partici]iated in our hh)od and Hesh, " Inko cp un^ul, inko 
n ej) sktitieh I kaeinpiie," or, " Nkuln^fulemis hi kaesngul, 
nkiiskeitichemis 4u kaesk«';itich/' or," Koistemmis hi kaesngul, 
kolsteminis lu kaeskeltich." See Communicate. 

I'AUTISAX, «. Nchshinten. See Follower. 

i'AIM'XKU, i)artaker, «. 1st. Sehigl. 

2d. The one that has anything in common with me, lenku^p — . 
.My jjurtner in marriage, " Isnkuhigonogoeus." My partner 
in religion, " Isnkueplnchiuimen, lid\o u e})l nehaumen i 
kciee." I'artner of my jo^'s, " Jsnkulnpiels, Inko u epi npitl- 
sten 1 koiee." My partner in a tight, " Jsukuljielstuegu." 


ner in a dance, 




See Fellow, Com- 


I'.Viri'HIlXiK, quail, /(. SUokolko, Kalkalze. Ol Woods, Skuiskus. 
I'AUTV, «. 1st. See Partner. 





U£|2^ 12.5 


1.25 III 1.4 1 1.6 
i=^= 1111= II =^ 

.4 6" 










WEBSTER, NY. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 


















272 ' PAS 

2d. The two opposite parties, Es-Hheinen6u8. '. 

3d. The opposite party, hn neutds. 

4th. Both parties, Bs-ehesfelem. • ' ' ' '■ ' 

5th. I am one of the party, Chines-nshfei. • "' ■ • ' *" ' 

PASS, V. i. Ist. Chines-shidsti. ' 

2d. To pass from one state or condition into another. (?liincH-k61ili. 

He passed from riches to poverty, " K61il Itonkoint." Or by 

the inchoative verb ending in (l.s/i. See Become, Change. 
8d. To pass from one nature to another, Chines-neigiifetisi, ('hines- 

-koleisi. The bread passes into fliesh. " Lu snkolp6 es-kolfei- 

sem t sk^ltich." 
4th. To be ac^cepted and given, as coin passes, Es-neisteni. ' ' ' 
5th. To bo reputed, Es-naguleisem. You will pass for a big man, 

" Nem nagalfelseme>xizt t ilimigum." ...... .i., , 

6th. To pass over, to let pass, Tes-chgozim. He never passes a 

Sunday without getting angry, " Tas nko chgozstts s'chaK^us, 
•' • u tas aimt." 
7th. To surpass, les-chgoz'znAnem. ' ' " "' ' 

8th. A day passes, Bs-chgo6zti. •' 

9th. To disappear, f-chin-cho. •' ' 

10th. Let it pass, Lzii. i . ■ r. 

1 1th. To pass a line, transgress, Chines-nguzaksi. ' 

12th. To pass through a narrow hole, door, etc., Chinos-chiekomi. 

The thread passed through the needle's eye, " Chifeko." 
13th. To pass through and through, les-chiz6usem. If by making 

a hole, les-tgo^usem. 
14th. To pass through an affliction, etc., Chin-tefeko. 
15th. To pass through a stream, Chin-nieko. 
16th. To pass a mountain, Chin-chgozusichen. 
17th. To pass in front of a house, Chines-chshiustchinelgui. 
18tli. To pass by, not to stop, Chiwes-ngozusi. 
PASS, ]>a3sago, n. 1st. Ngiiten, Nguiluisten, Nshiiisten. 
2d. To pass a trail, road, Shushufel. 
PASSIBFjE, a. Nguzguzmelzuten. 
PASSION, n. Ist. The act of suffering, Snguzguzmels. 
2d. What gives pain, Nguzguztnelslen. 
3d. The reason why one suffers, Chnguzguzmelstcn. 
4th. See Anger, Incliivition, Bent, Love. 
PAST, a. Ohgotzl. 






























( A I i •■ I. / ' 




I !•; ■::. ,-.i'>'t ■ i 

, . ..I :.,tV. • ;{li" 

jr. (.-hincs-kdlili. 
koint." Or by 
lie, Change, 
igiifetisi, i'hines- 
ikolp6 oa-kol6i- 

for a big man, 

never paswes s\ 
)ZStfe8 8'cha//feu8, 

,..,■- •! '• r 1 :. 

,V ' 

( /I / 1 -11 


If by making 




PASTE, n. Ist. For pasting, Zpakaminten, Telten. ■,.■ , 

2d. Dough prepared for bread, pies, StiK ,' . ,,; 

PASTE, V. t. l8t. Chines-zpakami, les-apkem. . i 

2d. One thing on another, Ics-ehzpk6m. 

8d. Two things togeth'^r, Chines-nzpkaseusi. , tf^*, ; 

PASTED, glued, a. Es-zapk ; part. Zp4ka. ., , , :, ' 

PATCH, n. Nshinasten. i 

PATCH, V. t Ist. les-shinusem, les-Hhinshinusem. 

2d. Patch a gOA^n, shirt, Chincs-iishenMalkasi, Chines-nshinshen- 

3d. Patch a shoe, les-nshinfisshinem. , : '■ ; 

PATEN, n. Kualchkais sinsustis koailks {lit. The cover of the cuj) 
of the priest). , ^ ,, ,, . , 

PATH, n. Shushu^i, Sguiten. ., ;., . 

PATIENCE, n. Ist. The act of it, Szniuals, Szniaula. 

2d. The being patient, Sniduiols. ;, ■ -/ r 

'M. The virtue of patience, Sniauisten. 

4th. To have patience, Chin-niauls. ! 

PATIENT, rt. NiAuiols, Sioa'chint. 

PATIENT, n. Sick. Ed-chzalfels. 

PATROL, n. Sguchgalfem. 

PATROL, V. i. Chines-chgaiemi. 

PATRON, w. Chitenzaten. 

PATRONIZE, ?'. t. les-chitim, les-nkonnemineni. 

i'ATTERN, n. Ndzgatcn, Nzgo61ton. 

I»AUNCH, n. Stgench. 

I^AITNCH, r. t. les-chtekeusem. 

PAUSE, V. I. Chinos-tlpemi. 

PAW, n. 1st. Stegtegshin, Es-ntagtigshin. 

2d. The hind talon of birds, Zelzfeipshin. 

PA WN, y. ^ rendered 80 : 1 lay at his feet that object, and tiie 
verb to lay must be in conformity with the object pawned. 

Itst. Money, rings, etc., Ie8-chtUu<^pein, chtkufepen. See Tkom. It 
is pawned, " Es-chtkuep." I have that pawned to me, " Ie»- 
-chtku6pem, chtkuepemen." I pawn that to him, " les-chtkue- 

pHeni." I have his pawned to me," les-chtkuejiemltom." 

N.B — Though this word moans pledge and pawn at large, 
yet usually it means pledges for sinful acts. 

2d. Horses, cattle, res-chesush6pem. See Chechsushepem, Ech- 



to a 
to c/ 


'• I 


274r ^ ; PEA ) 

siiifih. The horse is pawned, " E8-ohe(*hsunh6p." 1 have the 
horse pawned to ine, " Jes-eheehsushfepem, chechsushtpeinen." 
I pawn him that horse, '' les-ehechsushfepltem." I have his 
horse pawned to me, " Jes-ehechsiish^pemehem." This word 
usually answers for nresents made in view of marriage. 

3d. Robes, bhmkcts, clothes, les-chtakfepem, chitakfepen. See Tak. 
The robe is pawned, " Ks-ehitak6p." I have the robe pawned 
to me, " Ies-chitak6pem, ehitakepemen." I i)awn him the 

■' robe, " Tes-ehitak^pttem." I have his robe pawned to me, 
" Ies-chit!ikL])niHom.'' 

4th. Guns, articles of wood, les-chchizepem, chchiztpcn. See Chiz. 
The gun is pawned, " E8-chchiz6p." I pawn him the gun^ 
" les-chchizepHem." I have a gun pawned to me, " les-ohchi- 
zepom, chchizepemen." I have his gun pawned to me, " les- 
-chchizepcmHem. " 

PAVVISrEE, n. Es-ehtkuep, Es-chechsushfep, Ks-chitak6p, Es-chchi- 

PAY, V. t. 1st. For property bought, les-neeisem. '>■ ' ' 

2d. For services, work received, les-gakam. 

3d. For debts, by giving the equivalent, les-nguzshuscm. 

4tb. For debts or crimes, by suffering the penalty in any way, les- 

.5th. Rent in general, les-chtkuepilem ; of a house, les-chtkupe- 
lelgurn. , > . . 

Gth. Tax(^s, Ics-chgakapilem. 

7tli. One's fare at the hotel, or for stage, Chines-chgakapelemisti. 
Chines-chtkupelemisti. N.B. — The western tribes use les- 
-gtikam for all, but the Flatheads arc more particular. 

8th. I pay for it, I have to suiter for my own deeds, les-uichemeni. 
les-cbspakakem, Chin-pakaka. 

9th. I pay a criminal, punishing him, les-lzim, les-nguzguzmeiseiu. 

lOth. I pay myself for things due to me, (^hi?ie8-gakanzi\ti. 

PAY", n. 1st. As given, Gakaltumshlen, Xeeisten, Nkolisusten. 

2d. As received, Sgakaka. 

3d. To ask payment of a debt, Chines nstupi. See -Sen. 

PAYMASTER, n. Sgugakam. 

PAYING, n. Szgika, Szneeis. " • t 

PEA, n. Li])oa. 

PEACK, V. 1st. Sgos. 1 am at ponce, [-chin-ges. 

p." 1 have the 
n." I have his 
m." This word 
<6pen. .Sec Tak. 
the rohe pawned 
pawn him the 
pawned to me, 

z6pcn. Sec Chiz. 
1 him the gunj 
) me, " IcH-chchi- 
led to me, " les- 

itai<6p, Es-chohi- 

husem. ' ' ' 
in any way, les- 

i8e, les-ihtkupe- 

tribes use les- 
<, les-uieliemeni. 



PKK 27 f) 

2d. Quietness, calm, I-ehin-keim, Chines iikeim61si, Chines-'nka- 

m^Isi. . , 

yd. We live at peace together, Kaes-gespieuti. ... i- )'.fi 

4th. The peace is broken, the pipe (emblem of peace) is broken, 

Tellp hi snmeniguten. 
5th. We broke the pipe, the peace, Kaes-zgupusenm6niguten. 
(Uh. We make peace, smoking together after hostilities, Kaes- 

-ntpzenutgui, KacH-ntpkenufegui. , .', .-...urA ., /j'j 

7th. I smoke witii him, les-ntepziiiem, ntepzin. ; 

!Sth. I make peace with him, les-nkuHheintuegum, nkutihemtue- 

9th. We make peace together, Kaes-ihemtuegui. ■ ".• 

10th. I make them make peace, les-iiiemtiiegiim, ihemtufegun. 
11th. Peace, after a tight, Sihemtu6gu. 
12th. To make peace with enemies of the same tribe, Kaes-geat'shi- 

tu6gui, Gest u kaes-azganu6giii, Kaes-chguimnu6gui. 
13th. Peace with you I Pnkamelsem, Pg^stem lempil6. I , . ,. 
14th. Peace to you ! I-p-ges. iru\ i, / IM 

loth. Two nations making })eace, i'raternizing, Kaes-nkoligufeusi. 
PKACPLVBLE, a. Kamkemt, Es-nkamfebs. 
PEACK-MAKEll, n. (jleeiizuten, but it means only the one that 

prevents hostilities. " ,'.;.,• > i,,'.; » j ■ .!•> , i:> .i ii'; 

PEAK, «. Ichihlimkan. ,,. .,, 

PEAL, c. i. Es-ntlagzini. . ,i , ;. , j, ; , 
PEAT;, c. ^. les-liiim. , . (..i.,, \, ,;,,/ 

I'KAR, n. Slak. 
PEAH TKKE, «. SilUelp. 

PECK, r. t. 1st. See Pick. ;. 

2d. To peck on the trees, Es-(rhililalkoi. .,.; 

PEDKJHKE, n. Golcheinmu!,hin. 
PEEL, c. /. les-eum ; all round, les-cheuizem. 

be used, see Pare. 
PEEL, 0. /. Ks-eumi. . . . , i! 

PEEL, /I. Chchemize. ; 

PEELINGS, n. Eumin. 

PEEP, (\ i. 1st. To begin to appear, (Miines-tlechclimi. 
2d. To look in slyly, Chines-ntiechsi. See TIech. 
PEEK. See Match,' Mate. 
PEEVISH, ,;. Es-nel.cls, Es-u.-bgut'tcls. 

'I »; I /I.'! 

•y !;; 

.'i ■;; 11/ !M 

! -•< < »•!■;■/;•!'[ 

) I . .. Ill,- 

If the knite he 






JO St 
to c/- 
t-« ■-•■ 

•s •- 
»^ tat 



276 > PER • ■ " 

PEG, w. Ijpgomln. . i' ' i. 

PELICAN, n. Chaphaplkolt. "' 

PELT, ?;. i. Chines-task^ligui. 
PELT, V. t. les-teftnunem. The rain pelts mo, " Kotipdisentem." 

The hail pelts me, '* Koshaliksenteni." 
PELTRY, n. Spurn. ' ' ■ 

PELVLS BONE, n. Tkalem6p. 
PEN, n. Kaimintcn. 
PEN, r. t. Ist. I write, Chines-kaimi. 
2d. To enclose, les-ndlgum, les-npilsliom. ''■ 

PENANCE, n. Ist. Sorrow, Spupus^nch. 
2(1. Satisfaction, repentance, Snkols. 

3d. To do penance, Chines-nk6l8i, Chines-nkoliwi. ■ ' 

4th. I do penance for my sin, Ie8-nk61isem \u t6ie is."?ku6n. 
5th. 1 do penance for his sins, Ies-nk61ikom \n t6ie szkucis. 
6th. To do penance, Chines-nkolisdsi, i.e. To pay the condign »nt- 

PENCIL, n. 1st. For painting brush, Minemen. m '! .<>i. 

2d. Lead pencil, Kaiminten, Pensil. • ;'■ 

PENDULUM, «. Es-itiatilshi. ' 

PENETRATE, v. t. Ist. To enter in, Ioa-n6fgum. * 

2d. To go in deep, (.'hines-nishilshi. See Ishiit. 
3d. To go in against opposition, obstruction, Chiuos-kaemuszuti. 
4th. To touch, affect the feelings, les-chngOm. 
5th. To penetrate with the mind, Ies-ns*igunem. ' ' ' 

PENIS, «. Spalk. 
PENITENT, rt. Es-pupust^nchi. 
PEN-KNIFE, n. ChlolopAlko. 
PENTECOST, H. Sent Spagpigt sgalgalts. 

PEOPLE, n. Skfeligu. ■ ' ' 

PEPPER, n. I-tagtdgt. 
PEPPERMINT, n. Ganganelp. 
PERAMBULATE, r. r les-silchemim. 
PERCEIVE, V. t. ChirM's-uchnuinti, Chines-kulmipeniiinti. 
PERCEPTIBLE, a. Uchchutem, Chi.gugutem. 
PER('1I, V. i. CMiinos-chamutalkoi, Kaes-chaintalkoi. Sec Emut. 
PERCOLATE, i\i. Es-chslgomiis. 
PERDITION, «. 1st. The being lost, So6st. 
2(1. The cause of one's perdition, Noosten. 


.,■'.•.!.-'' ,1- 

issku6i). ' ' 

I »Kkuei8. 

;he ooiidign wit- 



See Eiiiul. 

I.'...' I 

M.?4> ,? TA'l 



FfiS r 277 

8d. The reason why one is lost, Chobsten. 
PERFECT, <^. Ist. I-p6tu8hii, I-tog, I. 
2d. That has no defect, Ta aptesuiluilt. ' ' ' ' 
PERFECT, V. t les-uim, Ie8'k6lem, I-ks p6tush6i. 
PERFIDIOUS, a, Tktikat, Ntaktakzin. 
PERFUME, y. Mes-sinem. ' ' 

PERFUME, n. Ist. in general, Sinsten. 
2d. (It liquid), Sinku. 
PERHAPS, rtrfv. Goa, Uz. " '" 

PERISH, V. i. Chine8-h6i, Chincs-a^mti, I-chin-cho, Chines-tHlcmi. 
PERISHABLE, a. ToUdtem. 

PERMANENT, a. Iku6mtem. '""' ' *' ' ' '"' ■' '' ^'" 
PERMISSION, n. Ist. To ask permission, Chines-chsupilemisti. 

See S6um. 
2d. To grant permission, Cliines-shifelsi, les-shifelsein, les-shfeieni, 

Chln-zuti sh6i. 
PERPENDICULAR, a. (if hanging), Es-chshalt^us. *^ ' ' " ' 
PERPETUAL, ri. Ta kaeps'hbi. .-...•!» >> U 

PERPLEXj V. t. Ie8-i6mem, les-nmezinem. 
PERPLEXED, V. i. Chines-ifemmi, Chines-selemini. See Doubt. 
PERPLEXING, a. Ifemiemt. 
PERSECUTS3, v. t. ies-chtk^m, les-mfechstem, le^-feichstem, les- 

-p6l8tem. • ' ' '■ ■ ' ' ; ' 

PERSEVERE, v. i. 1st. To remain in the same state", Ikudmtem. 
2d. To go on steadily, Chines-ptlocHstemisti, Chines-ikumtemisti, 

3d. To go on, Chines-tagolusi. !.••>, ,i ' i \ 

4th. Not to back out, Ta ispelchusi, Ta isenufeupi. ' '' '' 

PERSON, fl. Skfeligu, Pelson. 

PERSONATE, v. t. les-nzuzufechsem. Sec Disguise, Dissemble. 
PERSPICUOUS, a. I-gal, I-mii. 

PERSPIRE, r. «. Chines-chiskuilti. ' ' i " 

PERSUADE, V. t. Ist. les-kfeilefn. - ' ' 
2d. To persuade to start, Ies-g61em. ' . ' s > 

3d. Persuade to evil, Ics-chiam. ' ' 

PERTAIN. See Belong. ' " 

PERVERT, t'. f. les-nisiikam, les-ostdsem. ■ ' '^'''' 

PESTIFEROUS, pestilential, a. Chinilemen. . ' ' 
PESTLE, ». Teeminten, Kauiskan. 






278 < PIL ... 

I*KT, r. f. (By smoofliiii^ tlio hiiir), Ieis4^/A!m, Tos-fu/ikuiiem. 
PKT, n. (Jarafciuh. , ,,, j >j in it 

I'KTUIiANT, rt. Es-iimemczin, KH-gim8z6n. . ; . ,, j- ,^,/|- ^> 

••.1 A .-i .i'lM'ilK'i' 

IMIRASANT, n. Skuiskus. 



') ■ ■ 
:r/. 1 

Pick Toot I, 

PFIILTEIl, /J. Phif?t, l*kuMiint«u. ., . i > i, .i,i ; .|<i;.i< 

F*1IILTKR, r. t. Ist. los-pkiim (I Hcattorod tho powders). |;i;i. 

2d. I pliilter him, Ios-|)h6gtcm (I'roin SelAgt, Lat^teiis). .^, , i;!|( 

PirOTOGRAPH, //. Skutkaii. ..,i;( i- 

PHOTOGRAPH, V. t. les-kulkaim. ,' ,, ,; ,.'.) ( livi^j. 

PHRKNZY, «. I-diin-kutlH. . , ;• , ,.,i .,. ji? U 

l»HYSTC, n. Maliemston. 

PHYSIC, r. /. lew-maliiin 1 kspzina 

PHYSICIAN, n. Sfruinaiiim. 

PICK, n. Spiialka. ' 

PICK, V. t. Ist. Of birds on the wood, Ks-c^hiiiiiilkoi 

Ks-ohemssini, EH-ililulogui. . , 

2d. To pick li'nitH, Chines-kol6ni, Ict<-chmiium. Sec Kniit. >\',\[\ 

3d. Sec ChooHO. ;1 ;i 'I 

4th. To pick up, Ics-ncs'ehenom. . i . ' . / i.i'i',!!! 

5th. To pick up refuso, at^ticles, rags, IcH-chcmchcmini. j |i;j;i 

•ith. To pick up sticks of wood, Chiiics-chincslkupi. 

PICKET, n. E8-nshit61ogui, Ks-zelzelulcgui. 

PICTURE, n. Kaimin, Skulkaii. 

PIE(!E, Ist. Absolute, Sm^u. Of wood, S'cinnjjuaks. 

2d. A little piece, rendered by tlie diminutive. liittic piece of to- 
bacco, " Shiicmnigu." .,..M. .... I 

PIECK, V. t. les-tpim. - , . j' ; 

PIERCE, i' t. Ist. les-Igom. 

2d. To pierce transversely, les-Igoeusem, les-chizeuseni. , ;^ ., 

3d. To pierce lengthwise, les-nlgoelzem. 

4th. To pierce the hand, les-lgochiiicchseni. 

oth. To pierce the foot, les-tgoshinim. 

6th. Of a piercing pain, les-goikom. 

PIG, n. Npelkaks, /)/. Npelpelkaks, Cosh6n. 

PIGEON, n. 1st. Dove, Gozgozem. 

2d. Turtle, Hcmishemis. 

PILE. See Heap. 

PILES. See Hemorrhage. 

I' ILLS, n. Milmilko. 

. ' i '■: ; I . ! ' 

See Mau. 

1 ! / 

2d. To 
8d. To 






I 'IN, w. 

2d. Com 

PIN, r. 



2d. To s( 

3d. To oj 


2d. For t 

PINE, «. 


i>INE, V. 

2d. To pii 




I'lOIJS, n 

I'IPK, n 

2d. We sn 
3.1. The p 
4th. I ope 
Mb. The I 
'!th. I fill 1 
7th. The I 
Sth. Pipe ( 
!Hh. Pipe , 
I'ISS, c. /. 
IMSS, ». S 


loi-h). |;m' 

. ,.>1 il; ,!'' 

. .n;-!:i;)' 

l.ili ' li'-UIH- 

i. IMcU <'oo«l, 


je Fruit.i'i;i:i>;f 

1/ i'l;!'!'.!'!'! 

niiu. .' I !'i',iil": 


. . . r 1 ' i 

;h. Hou Mail. 

ItU' pitH'l' of ti>- 

/'!/■! ^1^ 


PIS 279 

IMLLACJK, r. /. IhI. A house, ChinoH-chz'H^ljjui. *' '''"'"*^<; ^' 
'Ju. To pillano tho (K'afJ, (MimeH-cli^uKufelz«i. '^ •. - , 

8*1. To pillaj^c right in the owner's tooth, Chinos-nehomiigui, 

Chines-nehom^^lkui. , ^ .„ ,, ,, , 

I'lliliOW, /*. N(he6ne. , / ,.\,.. \,.L. 

IMFiliOW, r. f. Ies-n(hoi;nem, nchcenon. ,,^^ 

I'lLOT, «. ({olshitiisten, Sgushiit, SgunmiAksoni. '^ "^ • ^' ^.i, 

r»IMIM;KS, ». SVhil6zkc. > . . • ' i^Vi 

PIN, n. 1st. ()1 wood, Lpgotnln. ' i > \ ,. 

2d. (/'oniinon brass pins, Chohetpile. Soc Chee.' '^ ' ' '^" " 
PIN, J". /. los-ntchcloni. To pin together, Jes-utchleusein, les- 

-otchtMom. ^ '',..,.,. 

PINCH, r. /. To squeeze hard between the fingers, les-zipein, 
2d. To s(jueeze between any two hard bodies, Tes-ka6m, Ich nka^ni. 
3d. To oppress, [es-])izein, ies-siiciistom. See Foree. 
I'INOHKRS, n. Ist. As used to draw nails, Zookandnten 
2d. For twisting wire, tweezers, Koemminten 
PINE, «. Sdfkolp, pi. Satat'kolp. 
PINE-APPLE, wild, n. Sz'ziehe. " " * ' 

PINE, r. /. 1st. To pine aw»y, Chines-aamti, ('hiiies-liipmi. 
2d. To pine for, (Jhines-chopfelsi. " ' ' ' "' • ""V) 

PINNACLE, n. Nshitakan^lgu. 
PIONEEI?, n. Sgushiit. 
PIONEER, V. f. les-gushiitem. ' 
PIOUS, a, prayerful, Chochomul. 
PIPF, n 1st. For smoking, Snmeniguten, Sntpdpten (this last 

properly means the stem. See Tpim). 
2(1. We smoke the pipe together, passing it from mouth to mouth, 
Kaes-ntpzenuegui. See Peace. 

8d. The pipe is ehoked, I-tuk, Es-ntol6lze. ■• "' - ■■■^ 

4th. I open the pipe with a wire, les-ntchaksem. See Teehinu 

'Mh. The ]»ipe is open, Es-ntch^kb. 

tJth. I till the pipe, Chincs-ntkami. See Tak. 

7lh. The pipe is tilled, Es-ntak. " " 

Sth. Pipe (nuisieal instrument), n. Chitgoalko. ' 

!Uh. Pipe (of India rubber lor conducting water), Spechelgu. 

PISS, V. i. Chines-tchei, Chines-pzmd. See Paz. 

PISS, n. Stchei, Spaz. ^ ' ' ' ;' 

PISTOL, n. 1st. One barrel pistol, Chilgogotako. ' '' ' 

.;,■■•■'' • 

,■ ■! 1 -.!!>< i 

Ui .,-... 

■ • 1. :■ ,ii»ii/ 

Ill;.\ ,.^ 

' . ' 'I:-. 

J t » •;; 1 ' I , 

i I ...1. 

I .»/ 





/ I If 

! .CV .1. 

' t I 


280 IMiA 

2d. Hix-Hhooter, Tukunchstelze. 

PIT, n. KH-nt6^(). 

Vi'nm,n. T6Hen. 

PITCH, V. t. l«H-t6KMii. Soo Throw. 

PITCH-WOOD, n. Stotldkuo. , , , / 

PITCII-hX)RK, rt. NkoikeiuH. ,1 

PITH, «. Snstch'cmtlzo, 

PITY, n. Ist. Tho fbcling for ijiisory ot'otliorn, SnkonnUuinHh. 

2(1. To feel pity for, les-nkoiiiieminem. /,< 

3(1. VVlmt cxciteH pity, the misery, Skonkoint, Nkonkoinlen. 

PITY, 1". ^ iHt. The simple feeling of sadnesH over miseries, les- 

2d. When united with tlio will of relieving them, les-nkoiinennnem. 

PIVOT, rt. Ks-nehizki'in. , . , i . 

PIX, /». Snkaniintis snkaezin. 

PLA('E, H. Ist. Any j)laee, Snlziiten. IJut any purtieular place if 
rendered according to the use it serves ; so, a place to sleep is, 
Snitshten ; a place to eat, Snilonten ; a place for travelling, 
Snguiluisten. In comp., — 6legu. Good place, Gesolegu ; bad 
place, Ches6legu ; dark place, I-chimltgu ; drained place, 
Gamp6legu ; level plaice, I-shiillegu ; smooth place, l-ol ; miry 
place, l-ntlauchlegu ; deserted place, Lcholegu ; destroyed 
place, Nhoilegu; frozen place, I-sullfegu; incumbered place, 
I-zupl6gu ; cold place, Zaltolegu ; snowy place, Mkotolegu ; 
small place, -Lkkukuimolegii ; big place, Kuten()legu ; distant 
place, likotolegu. 

2d. To change place, transport, (Jhines-sipshilshi. 

8d. To hold the place of another, les-nlkalshelpem, les-tnemtel- 

4th. The olfice, KtMemen. 

PLACE, V. t. les-Tkom. See Put, Lay, Set, Uest, Pose. 

PL ACE XT A, n. Ntigusfelten. 

PLACiUE, i\ t. Ist. To vex, les-nmezinem, les-mfechstem, les- 
-hoetim, les-chposachsteni. 

2d. To give the plague, les-chinjlem 

PLAIN, rt. Ist. Level, I-06I. 

2d. Prairie, I-gasiilegu. 

8d. Clear place, unobstructed, E.s-kag. 

4th. Evident, 1-mii. 



em, los-tneinlel 

8-irtfech8toin, loH- 

5th. Simple, inindiilteratod. I-chmiHli, I-Hirtli. 
PLAINS, H. Int. I -K'»«>^ •<•«'«. 
2d. Open Held, out of the woodH, ('hih'h6iun. 
M. To tro to tl»e phiiim, Chiii-ehiJchinslillshem. 



^.tl j oT .ill" 
ill 7».!«( tyJ .<!»«? 

Uh. To iHHue in the phiin out of the woodn, Chiri-p6pthim. 
I»LA1T (the hair), v. t. leH-sitchem. - •.- t ■ 

*f /.:•!. ri 

I'LANE, n. Gutfminten. 

PLANK, r. /. CliineH-ehf^iitlmi, (Miines-ehgiitl61koi, CI»inc8-o6li, 

I'liANK TRKE, ii. Z6l<7.konelp. -.'" '.«' 1 »" '" '" • »•••': '/-* ■ 
PliANK, n. Ist. See lloiird. _ •"'|> , 

2d. IMaiiU over a stream, etc., Es-nchiz.tus. '"" ^' ■*' "'''I ""' ■''••' 
PLANK, r. t. TeH-jralim. '^ ""'' ' ' 

PLANT, H. Ks-Hhite, /)^ Ks-zil ; rM, Es-zelzil. One plant, Nko- 

alko. Two plants, AslAlk(». Ton plants, Oponchstiilko.' " " 
N.B. — Flueh ])lant is known (miy bj* its name. 
PLANT, i\ t. Ist. To put in and cover with ground, as potatoes, 

etc., les-lukam, les-nlkadlegum, les-nzkamnfalegum, 
2d. To sot in ^he ground, les-shitim ; for more than one plant, L's- 

-zelim, les-nshiKilegum, les-nzelulegum. 

Md. To stick anything like a stick in any place, les-nzakom. 

PLASTER, fl. TeJmin. 





iu'l I I 

i - ; 1- 1 ■ f ■ ■ 

' Jl'l 

PLASTER, P. t, les-teHra. 


PLASTERER, n. Sgutetim 

PLATE, rt. Kap6lze. ' '! = " ' 

PLAY, r. i. 1st. To amuse oneself, Chines-memszuti. ■ '■ ' • 

2d. For money, laying wagers, Ohines-gazgazmi. See (Iambic 

:5d. Plaj' at wheels (Indian game), Chines-golgol6gui. t ■ • • 

4th. Play at sticks, C.'hines-zlAlkoi. 

5th. Play at cards, Chines-momszuti. 

6th. Play at chess, (Jhines-chilkoakoami. 

7th. Play the flute, on all mouth instruments, t-hines-chlgoalkoi. 

'<th. Play on the organ, (Miines-chgoakonchi. 

PLAY, i\ t 1st. To re])rcsent another, Ii's-nzuzu6chsem 

2d. To pla\' the fool, deaf, Chines-paganzuti. 

8d. To play the sick, Chines-zaz.alfeiei. 

4th. To play the Indian, Chines-kaliguszuti. 

.)th. To play the white man, < 'hines-soipsziiti. 


■I ' j:i, 

,..l 1 







I 1. I' iV. 

•1 V / ,! 

Hi I'l.K 

6th. To play tho l>ij^, Chiiu'H-kutiHzuli. I usu' 

7th. To play th«> imui, (-l»iii«>.s-Mkiilti'iii;(iiHz(jti, \ ,1 

Htli. To pluy the chii'T, ()him'H-iliin^iiH/.»ili. -,, , 

9th. To phiy tricUH, los-i'lipoHit'hMttdii. ,^ w: ) (1 

10th. I pluy hill) out, I(>H-^iil6cliNt(>iii. ij ,,, 

11th. Ilo JH phiyttd out, Kol^utip, (iutoiiuiiN/.{it. ... 

I'LA V-FKfiIi()VV, phix-iiiuCc, /J. ImI. lie thut phiyn on my mmIo, tin- 

IIU% iM^IIIIIUriU'HZut. > ^ , 'l/./ l'( 

2(1. Ilu tliat plays on the opposite sich', Iii-(>u(6n. 

IMiAY, «. 1st. Tho att ol playing, .Snieiiiszut, Sz'lulUo, .S^H/.(^a/aiii. 

'2»I. Tho play itself, SiiuMnsxuteii, (Ja/.^azminton. 

IMiK.XD, r. /. 1st. To deny a cluir^i-, ChiiHs-Jtiieinti. 

2d. To ht*j{ for iiiercy, Chinos-U-onkoiis/.iiu'misti. 

8d. To plead for nu'i'iy, hiM-konkoiisnuyiu. 

PLKAHAXT, a. I-gos. , , 

I'LKASANTKY, H. SposzAii. , „ , |, 

IMiKASK, I", t. Ist. k's-ngc'sidsom, nj;os«ils(oii ; los-iipitdstMn, iipiel- 
sten } or, Koes-ii^osi^lsonis, koii^xes^isi'iuis (ho is ploasod with 
mo). Soo (fos, Pii. 

2d. I plcttHo his oyos, K<> ohgosusemis. ., > ,, , ., ,,ii. ,. c 1 

.Hd. It pleases liis taste, fMif^osukseinis. 

PLKASK, I am pleased, r. /. 1st. (Miines-Umti, (Miities-niauisi, 

2d. Please, do it for me, Mi. Kokolelt. • - ■■ > , r\'r < \ 

Sd. Ilyou please, hu ne aspuus, hii no asziilels, Mi. , 1 1 , 

4th. As you jdease. No takspiius, Xo aspuiis, uspuiis. 

.5th. I am ])lea8ed to see him, les-eiiiresusoiu, ch^^osusomeii. 

6th. 1 am pleased to hour him, les-n^oseneem, i»>{esenemeii. 

7th. Please for a favor. Mi. mi / 

PLEASANT, a. fJost. Seo (ios, I'ipiit. 

PLKASUHK, «. 1st. Sni)itMs, Slomt, Siij-'esels, Xpielsteii, Xjresel- 

2d. Will, Spuus, Szntols. " v. 

3d. Favor, Snkonin. . , 

PLKIXtK. .See Pawn, I pledi;e my word, (.'hiiies-zuti. ,1 , 

PLKOdK, pawn, r. t. 1st. If eatlle are given in pledge of a prom- 
ise, les-ciieehsnshepem. Ii is given in pledge, " Ks-eheehsii- 
sh^p." (have that in pledge, " les-eliociisnsliopom, (diechsii- 

HI' . il'(iiti'" 

■li ; M-; n-J .|,| 

,, .. - 'I" .»«! V-l(l 

«»n mv «ido, for 

: I >i/./.r 

!/ / .1'! 

-iipit'lsoin, ii|»ii'l- 
Ls pleased with 

, Chiiios-niauUi, 

.. IT- I A\ 

;.' , M • ■ ' 

si'in'mcii. 1 

!■ I 

I i 

>it«lHttMi, K)!;eKt'l- 

( , I 

-/Alt I. 

nl^e of a proiii- 
;o, " Es-c'lioclisii- 
^lepoiii, (•lioclisii- 




HlW'ponuMi (0)." I have liiw Ikm'uo in plo«lj^e, " loH-clici-h- 

HUHii«Np(Mi»Hp»i (Irt)." I ^i'^v^.^ llmt to him an piiHlm-, '< lim-choch- 
Hiislil'phom (10)." 
2(1. If rohi'H, hhinl<otM arc pawiHMl, h's-cliita'K<'poin. Tho Manket 
\H pawned, jrivcui in phvijjro, '• KH-cliital{^-p." I havo hinhlanket 

in plcdj(o, " I(>N-chitak6p(Mn, chitak^tponu'ii (0) 


Tho j^nn Ik pto'dj^od 


;^d. If a \t\\\\ he |)UMlj^«'d, Tes ehchix6]>en). 

" Ks-ehcliizep." I liave the j;nii in plc<ljjce, " les-chelii/.ej 
ehchiz^ponien (!>)." I give that gun to him in ph)dge, '* les- 
ehehizl'pHem (16)." ",'" ' " ■'•'■":':. 

4th. If nioney, ringH, the like, he given as pledge, Tes-ohlkiW'pem. 
It in given in pledge, or, he haw heen given something in 
pledge, " Ks-chtkuep." I have that given to me in pledge, 
" IcH-chtkiU'pem, ehtkiW!|)emen (0)." I give him that in ]iledgc, 
" leN-chtkuephem." We give pledge to one another, r. nr., 
" KueH-ehtkupeniW'gui." This verh, though used indifferently 
for any pledge, yet hecause it is used for i>reHent8 for bad pur- 
poses, ran senreely he used. 

I'liKNTY, if. Goeit. See Aik. 

ITiKUiaSY, «. i have pleurisy, (^hines-pltkn. 

I'MAHliK, ii. I-Kol, I-poz'z. Not pliahle, Tas pAz'zi 

I'LOUail, n. Teiaieguten. 

PLOUrrll, f\ t. 1st. Chines-teiaiegui 




1 .(!:^ 

IT i'" 


2d. The waters, Chines-teU^tikui. "■^ 

l'IiOU(IIIM.\N, n. Sgutelulegum. 

ITiOTKJH-TAIL, handle, Snehehimin. 

IMilJCK, r. t. les-zooktm, Ies-fk6m, 

l»TiU(1KRD, a. Sz'zauka. 

IMiU(J OF TOBACCO, Nko sui6iiigu, Xko IteHemutie smfenigu. 

PliUM, /(. ChtettUH. Plum tree, Chtatasalko. 

MLUMK, n. Chlkoakolten, Chlk'Uolpelston. See Feather. ' ' ' 

I'liUME, r. /. Ies4k6m. '"' ' 

PLUNDEH, r. /. and c. ^ 1st. Plunder enemies, Chines-ehguku61zi. 

See (iuku. 
2(1. Plunder the dead, Chiiies-kolchemnu, les-kolehemmim. 
:{d. Plunder right in the face of the owner, (Miines-nehemelgui, 

4th. Stripping naked, (Miines-ch/.'selgui. See Z'sim. 
I'LUXGE, r. /. Chines-usti, Chines-iitipetikumisti. ' '' 









to ac 


M '" ' '"' ^^ POL ■■'; " - - '■^^■* ''. 

PLUNGE, «\ ^ Ie8-r.tk6tikuin. 

PhYfV.t.atidv.i. To keep busy at, Chines'Stgatchmi, los-agat- 

POCKET, n. Niagine. ,^^^^„^ ^.., ^, ,^;;,,^ ,,,,,^,,;; 

POCK-MARKED, «. Es-guAgos. ^^^ ., ,.^., .j,,,^^ ,^,- 

POH ! «■««<??> Piiiii ! ' " ' 

POINT, n. 1st. If acc'uminatcd objeetH. Snchamkan j if sharp on 

the edge {v.g. a nizor), Snohinaks. 
2d. At the point of dyirg, etc., past, Lii chiks-tlilemi ; pre/i. Chiks- 
tlilemi ; fut. No chikstlilomi, and so others, using the. parti- 
POINT, i\ i. lat. To point a musket, etc., to , les-chtgbin, les- 

2d, To point out with the finger, Tes-z6kom. ,,.„,,,().!•!' 
POINTED, «. Ntlilimak«. ' ' ■''"",, f. i ■ 

POISON, n. Chinilemen, ChiHnnigu, Innigu. ' . -.i . 

POISON, V. t. Ist. Also with venereal diseases, les-chiniletn. 
2d. Poison a wonnan through jealousy, poisoning her food, les- 

3d. Poison wolves, Chines-chilinnigui. -^ ■ /.••;■,''; 

4th. Poison myself, Chines-chinliszuti. , ",. , , in , ) | 

5th. Poison myself accidentally eating wild carrots, Chines-chzo- 

gu61si. ^, 

6th. I am poisoned, Chines-chinili. 
POKE, V t. 1st. To thrust, les-goikom. 
2d. The fire, fes-chk61sem. • , 

3d. To ])lace, stick in, les-kaetn. 
POLE, n. 1st. liuk. 
2d. Long pole, Usshinalgo. 
3d. Planted pole, Es-nshitolegu. 
4tli. Lodge poles, Skcimen. 
POLICEMAN, /(. Sgulchim, Sgukuncin. 
POLKCAT, n. Li summer, Lchini j i)> winter, PapkHlzi'(on ;iccoiint 

of his turning white in winter). 
POLISHED, rt. 1-zich. ,,, , i 

POLLUTE, r. ^ 1st. in general, les-kolgoel'lcm. ,,| 

2d. A umn, Ies-j)elpelkem. 
3(1. Oneself, Chines-chspelpelkanziiti, Chines-checliemszuti. This 

latter can be used without impropriety. 

i 1-r- '1. 

/! i 

;..,■.. ■•IT . 

^ / f^ f! 


' ■> I,' 
■•i ( > . > ' i J 
•li/ '■ 

POOR, t 
2d. Ema 
3d. Wor 
4th. I m] 
PORK, ) 
is mi 
2d. To be 
3d. To CO 
got h 
4th. To c( 
of thi 
edst 1 


The ] 

•1) n'>i'i'>q"-iif 

tchmi, les-agat- 

. 'tV'. » ••• i!(l 

in ; if sharp on 

mi ; pres. Chiks- 
using the purti- 

Ie8-chtg6in, les- 


r her food, les- 

)ts, Cliincs-clizo- 

,;,; ..,.'!1 .1. 
I' f'L' !o.!M 
! )l,t ]'■> i'i 

• ■ . ' ' i M • 1 

, ' i M , i > • . ) ■ i 
nizo (on account 

lu'niHz6ti. This 




POMMEL (of a saddle), w. SpelkfciH ntkochskigae. 
POND, n. Es-nlgodliku. j 

PONDER, w. A Chines-kofeni. - ,,i • ' "' 
PONDER, y. t le8-ko6nem. 
PONY, n. Snehilzaskdgae. 
POOH ! Pum ! 

POOR, a. l8t. Destitute of goods, Konkoint, ft/',!i iKil\^»ni 
2d. Emaciated, I-chitas. ;/<!'./«' n>.*5« ) oi-M 

3d. Worthless, I-tenemus. ijv.l) jHt .,i .irahV/: .hi siK^l «>..>! ' 
4th. I madtj myself poor through laziness, gambling, Chimkomen- 
zutemen hi isgopt, Ju isgazgazim. ,.,.,,,„- .,,,■: ,ai...* 

POPE, n. LipAp. ; |.„,^,.;..„„j „.,.„! .^/hi! I • 

PORCH, n. Ohilakeisten. ,^;,i^j „,,,,(! I ;nifv,U)oy^ ,un,i 
PORCUPINE, n. Skuil. ,,,,.,,>,^..,<j >/•,., r mi. ! c .tu'.xlH.i-.'KjV^ 
PORK, n. Coshon, NpelpelkSks.;,..,,,,,,^ „;s; l .xvn,)-.\^Mu^'>y, 
PORRIDGE, n. Szniepus. .,,-r<«jt ..•(-,({ Auunvi < ? um hk'^ ' 
PORTION, u. ^ los-pgomim. , '- ' ■ ! , , ,,inu nn.;i '.vir 
PORTRAIT, n. Skutkaii, Sk6lil. See Kaim. , ,„ lii .M.inmi^o'; 
PORTRAY, V. t. les-kuikaim. 

POSSESS, V. t. l8t. To own. Soo Own, Have. It is rendered (1), 
when the object is determined by the post.ossive pronoun, it 
is mine, it is j-ours, etc. I possess this house, it is mine, " In- 
-zitgu." (2.) When the object is not individually determined, 
rendered by (Uiin-epl — , or, ep — if followed by -s. I possess 
horses, wagons, " Chin-ept gatlzin, Chin-epl- g61ko." Sea Ep. 
2d. To be in possession simply, not implying the right to the ar- 
ticles, as a sheriff is in possession of sequestrated goods, is 
rendered by inverting the phrase j v.<j., Your horse is by me, 
with nio, " Ijkoie lu angatizin u echisuish," your horse stands 
with me. 

3d. To come in possession of an indefinite object, Chintigul 1 

got horses, I came to possess myself with horses, " Chin-tigul 
4th. To come in possession of an indefinite object, is rendered by 
making a verb ot the possessive pronoun. 1 possessed myself 
of that horse, " Koieloinen zi snchilzaskagae." Thou pnssoss- 
edst thyself of that house, "Anuilementgu zi zitgu." See each 
.')tli. The possession of a definite object is also rendered by making 







so t5= 

to cr, 




a verb of the substnntive possessed. I made my house of this 
house, ** Zitgnmen i6 zlt^^u.'' I make my horse of thy horse, 
" Gatizinementgu hi angattzin." '«'•"•-■''" ' •> ' .''-<»' ' r 

6th. Possessed by the devil, i.e. The devil took possession of him, 
N6tgulzeentem t sgo^lemen, lit. Entered into by the devil. If 
by several devils, Npilshelzefentem t sgofelemen. But if mean- 
ing .that the devil is alreadj' in possession of him, ITemtelzefen- 
tom t sgotlemen ; if several devils be in hira, Naintelzeentem. 
See Emut, N6Jgu. So the devil would say ; I possessed mj^- 
" self of him, I entered in him, N61gnlzo6n. We took possession 
of him, Kaes-naiuttlzeem. The person possessed would say : 
I have been possessed, entered into by one devil, Nolgnfelze- 
men sgo^lemin. I have been possessed, entered, by many, 
Npilshfelzemen. I am now possessed, indwelled by a .devil, 
Nemttlzemen. I am possessed by several, JJ^iaut^lzemen. 
Fail not to remark hero the important difference of the primi- 
tive form of the verb and of the form called instnitnenfal, ' "' ' 

POSSIBLE, a. in general, Lkokoutem, Kol'lutem. Not possible, 
Tas Ikokoiitem, Tas kol'liitem. But every verb has this final, 

• indicating the ijossibility of its action, which could be called 
the passive potential form. It c*an be sawed, it is possible to 

" saw it, " Nichchdtem." In general this form is made by re- 

■' duplicating the last consonant of the radical and affixing 

-' — utem to it, as it (^n be seen in nearly all the verbs in the 

M ' first part of the Dictionary. But if we wish to express the 

" possibility, power of doing anything (not of being done), then 

"' only affix — mutem to the radical, without any reduplication. 

• It is possible to see me, Chin-nchchfatein. It is possible for 
■' me to see him, Uchemutemsten. It is possible to touch me, 

Chin-chingugutem. I can touch it, Chingumutemsten. 
POST, n. 1st. A piece of timber, metal planted in the ground, Es- 

2d. Post-boy, mail-carrier, Sguukulkaimin. 
3d. Post-master, Sguchitim I kaimin. 
4th. Po^t-offlce, Snkamintis kaimin. 

POSTPONE, V. t. 1st. les-koltkfem, koltkaiiten. See Tak. 
2d. Ne kuenfe, promised to a verb, it being an adverb. 
POT, n. rendered b}' the instrumental substantive of each verh 

thai gives the difi'orent use of the pot. 

Ist. A 
2d. FirtI 

3d. Cha 

POUR, 1 

2d. Whei 
3d. The A 
4th. The 
5th. To p 

use, ( 

The 1 





2d. When 


3(1. To po 

4th. To p( 


2(1. Ill-hui 

3d. Ill-hui 


2(1. Other 

mini : 



ly house of this 
3 of thy horse, 

, •' 1 'i iJ.'iL'l '■ 

jsesston of nim, 
y the devil. If 
I. Butifnican- 
m, Nemlelzefen- 

possessed mj^- 
took possession 
}sed would say : 
evil, Nolgnelze- 
ered, by many, 
led by a .devil, 
ice of the primi- 
I. Not possible, 
rbhas this final, 

could be called 
it is possible to 

is made by re- 

cal and affixing 

he verbs in the 

to express the 

leing done), then 

y reduplication. 
is possible for 

e to touch me, 


|the ground, Ks- 

see Tak. 

of each verb 


,i>, jij-r^ 

• /.H'J 


pow m 

Ist. A pot to drjnk with, Snsusten. See Sust. 

2d. Fire-pot, cpifee-pot, tea-pot, as used to set by the fire, Snss- 
kausten. See Zak. 

3d. Chamber-pot, Sntchfeiton, or, Snmen^chten. 

POTASSA, n. In the impure state, found near several lakes, Mgoid- 
legu, from Migu, or Mgop. 

POT-LID, n. See Lid. luvMinini ,t#'rvio-f,, 

POTATO, n. Pdt6k. ,,;/ l^i 'i, .j ) ULJ V/t> i 

POTATO PATCH, cellar, Snpatikten. ,',o;i, - ,.*'>^ ,..{(m •) iil .Ut 

WILD POTATO, Skakauzini. „..«| • ,, ',',('. i ; 

POUCH, n. in general, Nlagfene. , 


POULTICE, V. t. les-ptim, ptntan. 

POUNCE, V. t. les-chgutpminem. 

POUND, n. Weight, Sgemt, Sugumeten. 

POUND, V. i. les-teism. 4; '.iu^.L I .i- 

POUR, v. i. Ist. When expressing only where the liquid is pour- 
ing on, Lakoko. See Ldkom. 

2d. When expressing the pouring out of any vessel, Sigugu. 

3d. The waves are pouring into a boat, Nilikoko lu tli6e. 

4th. The liquid is pouring into a vessel, Nsigugu. See Flow. 51' i 

.5th. To pour water in any vessel for drinking purposes, for family 
use, Chines-nmuli. See Muli. 

♦ith. The issuing, metaphorically, of grains from a sack, etc., Pk6ko. 
7th. The issuiiig of water, grains, drop by drop, grain by grain, 
Chshishin. See Shin. 

POUR, r. t. 1st. When the idea is conveyed of wetting, irrigating 

something, and not of the issuing of the water from any 

place; to throw water, Ies-1 a kom. 

2d. When the idea of the vessel where the liquid issues is con- 
nected ; to throw water, les-sigum. 

3d. To pour in, to serve, as a waiter, butler does, les-nniulem. 

4th. To pour out, as in n. 3d, Chines-kulmuli. 

POUT, V. i. Ist. Ill-humored face, I-chin-spas 

2(1. Ill-humored looking eyes, Chin-sp^ipis. 

3d. Ill-humored heart, Chines-chgut't^lsi, Chines-neh^lsi. 

POWDER, w. 1st. Gunpowder, Npokomin. 

2(1. Other powders, PoUomin. - ' '" 

POWDER, r. t, Ist. To reduce to fine powder by rubbing, les-pko- 
mun ; by pounding, les-tfeem. 

^ ■ ■ I i 

> / > 1 

Ullll ' 

, if ii : 






Oj era 

H ►-a 


288 PRE 

2d. To scatter tho powder on, les-pokominem. Sec P6ko, Pfako. 

POWDER, V. i. To bo reduced in powders, Es-pkokomi. 

POWER, n. Ist. Tho being powerful, able, Sioi6t, Siopi6ut. 

2d. As it refers to tho object to which the power refers, Niopifeutcn. 

i' He has a great power, " Kutunt \\\ sioidts." He has power 
for that, " Ept niopieutcn." . 

8d. The powers, rulers, Ililimiguin. 

POWERFUL, a. Ist in general, Ioi6t, Sisius, Jopieut. 

2d. In comp., S'm — (trom S{;ine). I am a powerful man, " Chin- 
-s'miskfeligu." Powerful chiefs, *' 8'mililimigum." Powerful 
woman, " S'mismefem." See Worthy. ^ " 

I'OX, «. Spzpozt, S'chitozke. . ^ ' ' '^ ' ''• V' ^' ' "^* 'i 

POX-MARKED, a. Es-gudgos. '.titi-^ .u-r.^ff ..-.i .\ v,.l )i'.. .s H)'". 

PRACTICE, ('. t. Must be rendered by tho continuate mood of tlu' 
corresponding verb. 

PRAIRIE, n. 1st. I-gesulegu, Pislfegu, I-shiittegu. 

2d. To arrive in the prairie out of woods, Chin-p6ptlem. " 

8d. To go to the prairie, in the open country, Chin-cheushilshi. 

4th. To be in the prairrfe, Lch6um u chin-lzii. '''■'''""'.*"' 

5th. Bottom prairie, Kolchemdlogu. 

PRAIRIE-DOG, n. Heuheuemul ; so called from his way of bark- 
ing; Es-heuemi. 

PRAIRIE-HEN, n. Sk6kolko, Skogoliiu. "" ^ " " ' •';;:•' 

PRAISE, V. t. Ist. To think much of him, les-kutenclsem, Tes-kol- 
kutuntem, les-nshiizinem. 

2d. To speak highly of him, les-sisiiszinem, les-kutunzincni, Ick- 

3d. To sing his praises, Ies-nku6shtem, Jes-nkucnzinem. . ; 

PRANK, To cut pranks, Chines-ukaukaszuti, Chines-salkonjeii- 

PRAY, r. /. 1st. Chincs-chdui. 

2d. 1 pray for myself to God, les-chaunzutcm hi Kolinzuten. 

PRAYER, n. 1st. Tho act of praying, S'chau, Szchau. T ' 

2d. The words or book or place used in praying, Nchiumon. 

PRAYERFUL, a. (JhochomuL 

PREACH, r. i. Chines-ufeulshi, Chines-naukailtumshi, Chines-zou;- 

zogitumshi, Chines-zgozgomi. 
I*REACII, V. t. 1st. To him, les-naukanem, Ies-zogzog6ni, Ies-ki»l- 

kuclstcm. les-mtioshtem. . v, • .> , 

2d. To ] 


3d. To I 





2d. To e 






. Precipiti 





2d. The 1 







2(1. To ch 


2d. The c 



2(1. To ac 




2(1. Prepa 


'M. For a 

4th. Provi 

.')th. The t 

eo P6ko, P(ika. 

okomi. 'l!^;^ :' 

sfers, Niopifeutcn. 
Ho has power 


till man, " Chiii- 

'iim." Powerful 

. . < >' !/.Ht>'i 
mate mood of tln' 

.•.,-•:, it: 


m >-7iiV/ ./ii i .i' 
1 luH way of bark- 

tenelsem, les-kol- 
kutunzincm, les- 





' ; ,1 

mshi, Chines-zou;- 
,of<;zog6m, [eft-kol- 

PRB u • 289 

2d. To preach it, about that, les-chufeulshem, les-fhstiAukanem, 

les-chskoljcofeltem, rcs-rneiem, Ie8-miiniim. 
3d. To preach him about that, Ics-chsiiaukaillern, leH-chsniiieHem. 
F*REAf'HER, n. Sguu6ulsh, Sgunaukailtiimsh, Sgumfeiem, Sgu- 

kolkueltem, Zogzogonzuten, Kolkocltszuten, Mienziiten, Sgu- 

PRECEDE, f. t. iHt. To go before, les-tgiiiem, les-golshitusem. 
2d. To exceed in rank, (Jhines-nshiizin tel , Chin-shiit tel 

See Antecessor. i • ' -sr,-^ ..•>': 

PRECIOUS, rt. Es-nkutenaksem. -^'l 

PRECIPICE, H. ShelshAlt, SnpapaAshin, Es-chskfeus. See Sak. 
PRECIPITATE, V. /. les-tiipim, les-tipmim. 
PRECIPITATE, V. L Chines-tiipemi, Chines-tipemenzdti. ' '' ' 
Precipitate headforemost, Chines-nauiikani, Chinee-nilulegui. 
PRECISELY, rt<^r. I-p6tu sh6i. 

PRECONCEIVE, r. ^ les-kuHpagem. ' ' 

PRECURSOR, n. GolshituHten. ' ,:•;>•! 

PREDECESSOR, «. 1st. Sgushiit. See Antecessor. r ' 

2d. The last before this, hn izene. See Last, Late. 
PREDESTINATE, r. ^ les-tnt6lsem. ''-^ 

PREDICT, r. ^ les-tmeiem. ■'■ ' 

PRE-RMINENT, a. Es-nshiizin. 
PREFECT, ». CliitenziUen, Ilimigum. 
PREFER, v. t. 1st. To like better, les-palkoinim, les-palkogamfen- 

2(1. To choose, les-nkoenein, les-ntelsem. 

PREGNANCY, n. Ist. The being with chihl, Siiim. ' = 

2d. The cause of it, Siiimten. ' : - '■ 

J'REGNANT, a. Chines-iumi, Chines-epsntdko, Chines-ntkufelti. 
PREMEDITATE, r. t. Isl. les-zogom. 
2(1. T(> act premeditatedly, les-chzgoechsem. See Zog. 
PREMIUM. See Re wan! . 
PREP.\RATION, /). X-azelsten. 
I'REPARE, r. t. le.s-gazmim, Ics-lkolom. 
2(1. Prepare oneself, ' 'hines-gaznu>nziiti, Chines-tkolemisti, t-'hines- 

-kolhiiszuti, Cliines-ngazelsonnsti, Chines-ngaz6lsi. 
H(l. For a trip, l^hines-gazmenzuti. 
4th. Provisions for a trip, Chines-koistticheli. 
■")tli. The table, by .'letting the dishes, etc., Ies-zki>m (if only one 




290 V PRE 

iirtic'Io is served); les-sellim, ChirioH-ehUHhelleini (if several). 
I prepare the table for him, loH-zkashitoin, les-solshitoin, les- 
-chitshelshitem. i, 

6th. Food cooking, Chines-kolsinssuti. 

7th. For a sermon, a talk, Chinos-ngaz'aini. See (laz. 

1*REPA11KF), a. Ist. I am prepared, (^hiiies-ngaztlsi (in the fon- 
tinuate mood). Thou must bo always prepared for death, 
" Kukaes-ngazfclsi laksztlil." j' * .ji r », i-i-:. ./•. .;;?' M 

2d. The table \h prepared, Ks-zak, Es-Hil. •.■.[./ ' 

PRESENCK, H. Ist. The being present, Nshiiten. 

2d. The presence of a person, the front part, Smilchomils, SUolche- 

mfels. f 'S\'. ■■ . .uii^.i',. ,(,, V J : - ! ; ;• ^'AW- 

3d. What is face to face to persons, Stogtdgt. 

4th. In the presence of God, Jjti Ismilchemfelsz Kolinzuten ; wc 

could scarcely say, hu lstogt6gts Kolinzuten, because trod is 

everywhere. • t,'.';!' 

PRESENT, a. 1st. I am present, Chines-nsh6i. See Sh^i. J KUi- 
2d. The present, now, hn ietelgoa. The present year, letelgo^ 

spfentich. The present day, letelgoii sgalgalt. See Now, 
PRESENT, V. t. Ist. To present one, to introduce him, Ie8-n6lgunt. 

les-nolgisem, les-tcshllshem, Tes-ukum. 
2d. To present oneself to , Chines-tfeshilshi, (Miines-hikomeM- 

ziiti 1 , Ies4akomeniiiutem, les-milt(>shilshelscm. , ,1 

3d. To exhibit to view, les-koenem, kotin. 

4th. To give as a present, in general, Chincs-guizshl. 

PRESERVE, V. t. les-chitlm. r ■ > 

PRESIDENT, n. Ilimigum, Suiiipi iliniiguni. 
PRESS, V. t. Ist. To make tight, les-zanem. '. . 

2d. To press down with the hands, les-chilzenmaneem. 
3d. To squeeze out. See Squeeze. 

4th. To make a persistent pressure, les-plzeni, los-sicchsteni. 
Sth. To crowd, les-chtuuin, les-pnim. 
fith. To press on, lean on, les-chlecm. 
7th. To urge, Konnchstein, les-koilchsteni. 
Sth. To press in the hands to extract juice, Ics-iipcin. 
0th. To jtinch between the fingers or pincers, les-zi|>eni. 
10th. To take him by the neck, les-nchelshusem. 
Ilth. To pres.s hin> with the feet, Ies-kahi6tem. 

See Gift. 


ni (if aovoral). 
i-solshltoin, les- 


HI (in the con- 
ire(i lor (ieuUi, 

lemfclN, SkoU'he- 

Koliiizuton ; we 
bocaurto God is 

loo Shfei. 

t year, lotolgo^ 

Soc Now. 
him, IoH-n6lgnn>. 


izslii. Soo Gilt. 

/ .' .' i I ' i i ■• 

;'. ' '■ 
■■ ' / . ' ' - ' 
jeom. :> 


• Ml . 


PRO 291 

F*RF]SUME, ?\ «. Ist. To bo proHumptuons, Chin-ioiospuAs, Ohin-. 

2(1. To have the jn-eaiimption to do it, Jes-chioioHpudaem. 
PRETEND. See Feign. 

PREVAIL, V. t. les-elkdm. ' ; 

PllRVARICATE, v. i. Chines-nguzaksi. ' 

PRKVENT, V. t. Ist. A person, les-geenim, les-m&kam. 
2d. A thing, les-ehsgeonim. 
PRICE, n. Ist. MuHt bo rendered by saying what is paid for it. 

What is the price ? " Kuinsh u es-nfeistem ?" That is the 

price, " Tshe u ezagalskuinsh u os-neistom." 
2d. Ijow price, Es-ntkukuimfiksem. * ii*!:*? 

3d. High prico, Es-nkutenAksem. . < ■ v_:; ■ ! ■!'; 

4th. Reward, pay, SgAkaka. 
PRICK, J', t Ist. ro8-tu(ini. los-ptkum. The former is used for 

sharp tools, thorns ; the second for nails. 
2d. To spur on, les-telkfem. ■''■'' "»<'•'' 

PRICKLE. See Prick. , ! . j ■ T ^ 

PRICKLY PEARS, n. Sguifene. 
PRIDE, n. The act of pride, SnshiizinmiszCit, Snshiizizdt, Sku- 

tiszut, Skegumiszilt. 
PR(3BABLK, probability, GoA sh6i, Goa un6. 
PROBE, V. t. les-kofenomem. ' 

PROCEED, y. J. Ist. To go on, Chines-tagoICisi. 
2d. To originate Irom, Chine8-k6lili, Chine8-6zkaei, Chinos-kua- 

PROCKSSION, n. To go in procession, Kaes-tkboti kaes-shitte- 

mcnzuti (lit. We go together in a lino.) We go two abreast, 

PROCLAIM, r. t. les-mimifm, les-l^akomim. ■•■'' 

PROCLIVITY, w. See Bend, Inclination. ^ '. ' • 
PROCRASTINATE, v. L Chines-kuHkami. i ' 

PROCRASTINATR, (5. Mcs-kuHkfem. See Tak. ' 

I'ROCRPUTR, V. i. Chinos-kolsguslgulti. 

PROCURE, u. t. Ist. les-tigum, IeH-k61em. ' ' 

2d. For another, Ie8-k6l8hitem, les-tigushtem. »• • . ' 

PROPANE, V. t. les-melm^lchslem. 
PROFPjSS, v. t. Chincs-nmipemisti, Chines-Iakomiszuti, les-lako- 









202 V > .\ V 

IMIOFFKR. See Om>r. 4.' v.^j * - i, i, . 

PIIOFIT. Soo Gain, DcHorvo. 

PIUXtENY, n. Sogoep. 1 Imvo no progeny, " Tu it|» «ogo6p." 

IMiOMiHE, V. «. ChiiioH-zogHluHhi. 

PROMISE, V. t. Ist. A thing, IfH-zogHhiwhoiii. 1 1 A VitH*^ 

2d. To him, IcH-zogshitom. 

i'RONK, a. Isl. To be prone, ('hineM-iihtuieni, ('hii-e|) s'chgiiluten. 

2d. To bo lying face downward, ('hines-lUuilshi. 

PHONOUNCK, i;. ^ Ist. loH-iiiun. , ; , I'MW* 

2d. To (leclare, (-hinos-zuti. t -^i^jn; . , ; . h \ ;f> ; 

PROOF, «. Chiniiten, (Misaguten, 

PHOP, V, 1, les-golzivozinein, los-ehittkonem. This latter In pro- 
perly to lay one's hands upon an object for holding it. 

PROPA(JATK, V. f. Ist. To multiply in number by generation, 

2d. To cause to spread, extend, as a firo, les-milkomini. See Com- 

3d. To scatter the knowledge of, les-mimiim, les-milkomim. 

4th. To proereate, prodnee, Ies-k61ilem. i AM'- >[. 

PROPAGATE, V. i. 1st. To increase in number, Chines-goetnllshi. 

2d. To scatter, spread, extend around, C'hines-milkokomi, Chin- 
-mollukuku. See Milko. 

PROPKNSF, ^J. Fs-chtiiiem, Kp s'chgulutem. % . irt,.' 

PROPKR, a. Gest, 16, Shei, P6tu shfei. • . A; i. n 

PROPERTY, n. St6. My property, " I-st6." 

PROPHESY, r. t. 1st. To know the future, Es-tmist6n lu lsh6i u 

ozag^il. I prophesy the death of , " Ks-tmiltfcn lu nto- 

liltiis " , , 

2d. To fortell the future, Ics-tmeiem tu Isbei u ezagfcil. I prophesy 
his death, " les-tmeienj in nteliltiis."' 

3d. Indian prophecies, les-nuMgam. If by dreams, les-k<'isem. 

PROPHET, H. Ist. Indian juggler, Sgumoiga, Sgukl'isem. 

2d. Real prophet, Sgutuichem, Sgutmisziit, Sgutnuiem. 

PIIOPITIATK. See Appease. 

PROPITIOUS. See Favorable. 

PROPORTION, w. In proportion, Hzagcil. In proportion to your 
sins, you will suiter, " Ezugalsgoeit lu askuil ttie, t-she mezagal- 
skutunt \\\ aksnguzguzeniels," (///. As many as your sins arc. 
so many will be your punishments.) Have mercy on mo in 

milkomim. c;) ; 

PUL M 298 

proportion to your morcy, " Konkonnumiiit, cKUg^il tannkon- 

iMnH6mHliton." I 

IMIOSTITIJTK, V. t. los-tonilHtem (lit. I trade the perHon). 
IMtOSTITUTK, n. Uiiiigune, Tletloin6t, Nzkichin, ChHusenu*- 

guteii. ' 

PIIOSTKATE, a. JikailHh,/)/. Kamin, Kanikamin. ."|! 

FMIOSTKATK, ?;. ^ IcH-tkom. * ,-.:,'* 

IMtOTECT, j\ ^ Ic8-kotk6iguni. . . -■ -l 

PROTPXrrOU, n. Kotkoigunzaten. . i i ; . - /. ' •' ui '*"i 

PKOTKSTANT, w. (.'hep Suiapi. ;<. .* . t * ,. ; ' ,. . ' t 


PROU l>, a. Ist. (JhineM-nchahiiziHzdti, Chino8-imhiizinetniHti,C'hinc8- 

-kutiszfiti, Chin-kagukigut. See Kag. 
lid. I am proud on account of , leH-chkutiHzdtem, Ic8-chkogu- 

miHzdtom ..■:.,, .-'^.-ft^.,/ -i; ;..■%{ >^y ,< r ,*"'-( /l,^;*'' 

3d. I speak proud, CniineH-kaguzinnuBti. 

PRQVIDK, ?'. t. Ist. To think beforehand, les-kuttpageni, les- 

2d. To provide for one, lea-chitim, IcH-azgam. ....:. ^ * 

PIIOVISIONS, n. at home, Ist. Of eatables, Stkutne, Stkukuine. 
2d. Of any other articles, Stukelsziit. 
3d. For a trip, Stichel. 
PROVOKING, a. 1 find him provoking, les-gut'teminein. See 

Gut't. ^ ■-. . .. .' . - • ■ '■'- ■;! )•■ 

2d, Provoking talker, Ngut'gutzin. i. i . : ; . r>;r > 

.3d. In general, Ngutgut'tsniig. 

PROVOKE, I', t. To anger, les-chzgofechstem, les-tlsemnichstem. 
PROW, n. Shitiks. 
PUBES, n. (the hair). Spurn. 
PUBERTY, n. To arrive at the age of puberty, Ist. For males, 

2d. For females, Chine8-lg6mi8h. 
PUBLIC, fl. Open to view, Uinuingu, iiukot. 
PUBLISH, »'. ^ Ies-min»iim. 

PUKE, V. t. Ios-k6lem ks-nozkaezini, les-chellini. -,.< 

PULL, I', t. 1st. IcH-zkum. 

2d. To pull out weeds and the like, les-lkfem, Chines-Jkaulegui. 
3d. To pull out a sword, etc., what has no roots, les-zookem. 
4th. To pull out o{ a drawer, les-nkutHm. ? 






j ' f'. 

A I' 

•I'l I '!1' 

I : ("';(• 

I !i")U' 

:: .' 

Hi. I t 

204 PUS 

5th To pull off clothes, les-ptlim. ' . 

6th. To pull down, doinolish, los-m^um. i . . 

7th. To pull edible roots, ('hinea-gizti. ' 

8th. To pull hair ono by one, Chinea-chHgapktin. 

9th. ] puil hlH hair, IcB-chMgapk^inom. 

10th. I pull tho hair of his tail, loH-chsgadpMm. • ' 

PULLRT, n. Kaolskuiskus. * '■ 

PULLEY, n. Es-Hilchomi. m ., K* 

PULPIT, n. SnufeulHhten. > , ! 1 

pulse; n. Ist. The boating of—, l-mikkumi\kumiiku. 

2d. Tho pulso, Kakald. 

PULVERIZE. See Powder. ' 

PUMP, n. Snsfeulkuten {lit. Place of water). ' ■: 

PUNCH, n. LgolgomintoD. 

PUNESII, V. t. les-l^zim, los-nguzguzmfelsem. 

PUPIL, a. Ist. Orphan, Chitem6pilo, Szchiito, S'ehitfel. • "i 

2d. Scholar, Snniim^ie. '/ 

PURBLIND, a. I-kois, I-ko96ut lu ntlutluuslen, Es-k()8(iaem»t«n 

Ju skfeligu. ' . , , 

PURCHASE, V. t. les-ne^isem, les-tiguni; les-kotiem. 1 •' ' ' ' 

PURE, a. I-88i8h, I-chmiish, l-gest, I. ^ 

PURGE, w. ^ Ist. To cleanse, Io8-gukum. , , 

2d. To physic. See Physic. ' ' 

PURGATORY, n. Chtkukuimdse esulip. 

PURITY, n. Lu Bgukuapuus. .. , . 

PURPLE, «. I-kuillgu. • ■ ■; 

PURPOSE, V. i. Chines-ntfelsi, Chin-uis-ntels. 
PURPOSELY, adv. Szchz6go. See Zog. 
PURSE, n. in general, Tlakanc. For money, Snololim. 
PURSUE, V. t. Ist. les-ngiiiera, les-nshidstem, les-thtktin. 
2d. To seek, les-tltuluusoin. See Follow, Imitate. 
PUS, n. Mzolt. 1 : 

PUSH, V. t. l8t. in general, les-kikpem. 
2(1. With the top of a stick, etc., les-techim. ' 

3d. Morally, les-kupem, les-ndukanem. ^ ■ ' 

-tth. To evil, les-chiam. ' ■ 

5th. See Press, Force, Besiege, Strike. 
6th. With the horns, 
PUSILLANIMOUS, <». Lkukuimspuiifl. 

PUT, V. 
2d. (Jf w 
8d. Of r< 
4th. Of fj 
5th. On t 
6th. Any 
the i 
7th. Any 
Hth. Tho 
Dth. The 1 
10th. To ( 
nth. IIa> 
12th. To 
13th. To ij 
by pr 
" Et-z 
Uth. To p 
(0 To 
15tli. To pi 
Chin en 
pose, ] 
16th. To pi 

. '..} ■ 1 1 

■: .•-.■{ 


• tur' 


•[■•I 1 

1 <■> 


1 ' , 


■ 1 ' M 

i ■ ■ ;■ 

I ' 


- •!'* 



' i ' ' 

1 '.: .! 

! - 


i ; .1 



ni. ;' 


■ ' '_ 

I o lira, 

' PUT M 296 

PUSTULE, n. S'chi»6Bko. 

PUT, V. t. 1st, in f^eneral, les-tkora ; of Heveral objefts, lee-kami- 

2<.l. Of wood, Io8-chzim ; of several pieces, les-pnim. See Pin. 

3(1. Of round objects, stones, grain, flour, potatoes, les-chetm j of 
several, Ies-pk6m. See P6ko. 

4tli. Of plants, poles set in the ground, or upright, les-shitim; of 
several, les-zlim. 

")tli. On the bottom, to set, lug, dishes, kettfes, Ics-zk^m j of several, 
les-selUm. ■ ■■ ' ■'" ••'*' '■ ' I'l'' 

»)th. Any solid, straight object in any place (v g. To put a pen in 
the inkstand, a sword in the scabbard), les-nz&kom. See Z^ko. 

7th. Any liquids. See Pour. 

8th. The hand on, les-tkl-m. See Tkami. ' ' ' '"" ' 

Dth. The fingers in, le8-lo6m (see Loo) ; les-nlodchstem, les-nlu- 

10th. To stick, as with an effort, Ies-ka6ni. ' ' 

Uth. Hay, clothes, soft things, les-tkfem. See Tak. 

12th. To put away, (a) To expel, les-meeminem, Ie8-go61em, 
Ic8-6zkaem. (6) To divorce, Ics-gokopfeusem, Ies-talp6usem, 

13th. To put back. («) To restore to the original place, rendered 
by prefixing " el " to the respective verbs, v.g. 1 put back my 
sword, " leles-nzfikom lu in-spusten." I put back that kettle, 
" Kl-zkant6n lu Ichep." I put it back at the fire, " El-nzkau- 
sen." (A) To delay, les-koltkfem. (r;) To pull back, les-enu- 
Uth. To put down, {a) See Deposit, {b) To lay a wager, les- 
-tkom. (c) To lay down as a present. See Gift, {d) To de- 
grade, les-ozkaeni, les-tkom, les-ishilshilshem. See [shut. 
(p) To extinguish, les-lei^sem. (/) In general, les-tkom, les- 
-chzim, as above. (</) To lay to one's account, les-tkaishitem, 
les-tkailtem. See Kai. 
loth. To put forth, (a) To extend the hands, feet, les-gualiin, 
C'hines-gualchsti. See Gual. (c) To put forth leaves, branches, 
Es-kual^chstem. See Kuaal. (c) To cause to come out (y.^. The 
tongue), les-tlechcm. (</) To show, les-ko6nem. (e) To pro- 
pose, les-aum, Ics-zuneni. 
IGth, To put in. (a) les-ntkoni. (A) In a dish, as fruits, etc., les- 



"1 CO 



2W^ ^ miT 

-iinHchdnom. (r) (rrtiins, round ohjot'tH, leH-npkbin ; of utio 

n object, IeH-riolu)6rn. (</) To plant, loH-iiHhitim. (c) T«> Htick, 

IcH-nzii-kom. (/) Tii li holo, luH-nlo6in. (j/) To itiNort, Ich- 

-nkudiii. (A) To put the hand in, IoH-ntn6ch»tonj. («) In tin' 

water, Chines-nfo('liist6tlkui. (j) In tho tiro, ('liincM-nKxihis- 


17th. To put in the lir«, leH-ntk{iHom, IoH-nh>{iHom. ^ < ' •'i' 

iMth. To |mt in the water, leH-ntku6tikuin, IoH4ofetiku?n, IeH-n(!he«'- 
tikum, leH-npko^tikuni. 

19th. To nut ot!". (a) A j^armont, len-ptHin. (h) To delay, Ic 
-koitkini. (/.') To f^et rid, IeH-fj;ak6m. 

20th. To put on, upon, (a) To take any (dothes upon, tor drcHning 

purposes, loH-fj^upini. See iiij^iip. {!>) Simply to put on any 

garment, or anything eKse, acroMM the arm, on the head, etc., 

les-lkom. (c) One's hat, ChineH-koiiKkani. (d) A nhirt, Chi- 

nes-nazlk6iti. (<') Shoes, (/hines-kakaesliinmi. (/) Leggings, 

pnnts, (^^hinos-gtHHshini. (g) Necktie, (/hines-kal^psi. (/<) 

Gloves, Chines-spechsti. («) A blanket, ("hines-si/j. {j) On 

any place, use the original verb prefixed with c/i ; les-chtkoni, 

los-ehchefem, Tes-chchizim, les-chshitim. (A) On horHeback. 

les-chtku^usem. {I) On the water. Soo Float, (m) On the 

fire, hanging, les-nshaliisem ; laying, Io8-ntk68em, les-nkani- 

niisem, les-nzkausem. (n) To put wood on the fire, Chinos- 

-chkamini ; one piece, les-chchiziisem j several pieces, les- 


21st. To put on high, rendered by inserting the verb between cA — 
euficin. See On, Ch. 

22d. To put on the air of See B'eign, Play. 

23d. To put on another the blame, Kaes-cligiizshtii6gui. 

24th. To put out. («) To expel, Ies-6zkaem, reszkamenchinelguin. 
(h) See Put forth, (c) To disconcert, les-psachstcm, les-itin- 
shtem. {il) I am considerably put out, Chin-i6m'm, Chin-psaj). 
{(■) To put out the hand, (Munes-gualcliBti. (/) To ]tut out the 
hand from the window, etc., to , les-koluachsom. 

2.'nh. To put over, render»'d by C\\\\, prefixed to the respective 
verbs ; les-chiitkom, les-chik-hizim, les-chilcheiim, les-cliil- 
pkum, los-chilzUem, les-chiholim. See Chit, Over. 

2t)tli. ((/) To put to, together, les-tgum, Ics-chtgum, les-ntgnni, 
les-ntgueusem. (h) To put one's hand to, to catch, les chinini, 

27th. T 

2d. Of 
pyx, p 


2d. To I( 






2d. To fit 


2d. Twon 





2d. Soo D 

ninvK, c 

2d. Lively 
•'{d. fn woi 

ipkfam ; of otH> 
(e) T«» Htick, 
To inHort, loH- 
oin. (0 In tli«' 

kuin, loH-iHihiM'- 

T«> <«ehiy, Iom- 

lon, for (IrcHHinn 
y to put on any 

the hoaii, «tc., 
,/) A Khirt, Chi- 
. (/) Leg>,'inf,'s. 
lOH-Uultpwi. (/*) 
iioH-Hizi. (j) On 

ch ; IcH-('htk6ni, 
On liorBebuek, 
at. (m) On the 
(iHom, lo8-nkam- 
ho tiro, Chinos- 
oral picc'os, les- 

■ rh hot woo n <7i — 



Ichstem, lo8-i6iu- 

iui'm, Chin-psait. 

) To jtiU out tho 

\) the rospoftivf 
lcht'«ini, les-cliiJ- 

l^iim, Io8-nt}j;iini. 
fatch, loH chinini, 

QUI 297 

27th. To put np. (a) InjarioR, ot(;., los-iominom, I«H-niuAlHORi. S«)« 
lo. (h) To lay up proviHionB, Htoro away, Chino«-kol»tku6nel. 
(c) Heo Incite, loH-nchitoehniistom. 8oo CMiiit. 

PUTRKFY, V. t. Int. Of flesh, OhinoH-nkumi, oikka. 

2d. Ot wood, Ka-tkumi. 

PUTIUD, (I. I-n&ka, I-tuk. „it , n n.Uuv/i ;»«,! 

PUTTY, n. TAtomon. 

PUZZLK, t'. ^ Tes-iaaEhiem. , „ 

I'UZZLKI), a. Chlnes-ifcmmi. 

PUZZLING, n. liiniemt, Selsilt. 

PYX, pyxiti, n. Snkamintis \u snkaesin. 



'/ i.i. 

: . ,„■ -^ . :. ..T.r.n 

I") ,)l't.rMp <>y oT • tijt 
> .W'litip ,(<i<rt{#i oirpfili* 

4 -^ ^ ,xa/i'»i />• 

' riv 

r Iv- 
an VTH* 

QUADRANGLE, n. Miislko. jUi;?!!!- ,• . 

QUADRUPED, n. GuigueiW, Chmuwjhin. 

QUAIL, r. {'. iBt. To cower down.. ChineB-kotagalemiati. 

2d. To lose spirit, Chin-topHpu(iH. 

QUAIL, n. Seo Partridge. 

QUAKE, V. i. Chine8-gualpmi, OhineH-iat'ti. 

QUAKING, a. I-ehin-gualii, Itiat't. 

QUARREL, r. t. l»t. To dispute angrily, leB-cheszinera, Kae«- 

-ohesenicnRdti, Kaes-kolkolstu6gui. 
id. To find fault with, Chinos -ohiHkoni. 

QUARTER, n. Ist. Lodging, Zitgu, Snlaiiten. " ■ !!:iH/:, 

2d. Twont3'-five cents, KuAtcr. . .i .,i|i;!/,l\ 

QUASH, V. t. Ie8-l6/,ini. H .uoilii'.nrx.* -MT ,vf,.n ,'['yf V 

<HJEEN, w. llimigum, Kmtfep. h,,uu;1..,i- . . un -11 i' 

QUENCH, r. «. les-tfepsem. /! n! • ifi •/' 

QUESTION, r. r Ist. les-suBium. See Stum. . - ,,, { iv 
2d. Sec Doubt. ! .•..■! i »: ; ■• 

QUK^K, a. Ist. Alive, Gulguilt. I -vl '..v i.i .,if >:| ^ ., ., )..,,) ,.mi 
■_M. Livel}' in running, Koitkott, Tlagt. ■ ■ - A '■< '-Wk'U ;^ i/>. 
•Jd. In working, Koimkomt, GuagoAat. i ' -.i';.''- i A' ' /'• 





to CO 


See Koim. 

It ' 

I ' . 


298 '• RAC 

4th. Not slow, Tlagt. 

5th. Quick with child, Es-iumi. 

6th. I speak quick, Chines-koimzini. 

7th. J eat quick, Chinos-komm^ksi. 

8th. I work quick, Chines-koimchsti. 

QUICK, adv. Ist. Not slowly, Tlagt. 

2d. Without delay, I-goetl6. 

3d. To do quick, Chines-goetlfechsti. 

4th. To go quick, Chines-uami. 

5th. To speak quick, Chines-ntlagzini. "•"' 

QUICKEN, V. t. Ist. To give life, les gulguiltem, guiguilt'sten 

2d. To accelerate, les-uamistem, les-goetlechseni. 

QUIET, a. I-tlil, 1-kfeim. 

QUIET, V. t. les-tlelem, les-kainpim, les-talpim. 

QUILL, n. Skapusol. 

QUIT, V. t. let. See Forgive. 

2d. To give up, relinquish, les-hdiein. 

3d. To quit a place, Chines-imshi, Chin-komepem. 

<iUIT, a. Chin-hoi, Chin*-paag. 

QUIVER, n. Snkoltfelisten, Sntapmin. 

QUIVER, V. i. With cold, Ohines-chH-iguinusi, Chines-chszieiiii 




R.ABBIT, «. Uiuselsh'chin. 

RABID, a. Es-aimt, I-kuils. 

UACE, n. 1st. The ^.Gmpetition, S'clioznuegu. 

2d. Horse race, Skokotlesh. 

UACK, r. i. 1st. Kaes-chgozruiegui. 

2d. To race horses, Chines-kokotloshi, ('liines-koik6tle»li. 

3»\ Trot race, F]s-//ilshilshi, Es-koikotleshi. 

4th. Foot race, Es-tkotiilegu, Es-koikotleshi. 

RACE-HORSE, n. Koilkolt, Thigt^kagae. 

UACK, f. t. To torment, Ics-nkuseltichem. 

7 th. 


11th. To 




,-i ^.1 ..i!^;' 

( ' 1 

■ ... II » ■-'■' 





See Chee, be- 


RACK, «. Hay-rack, Sinchiltaktakaminten. : ,,]} .„u,in ♦rj ,! 'jf 
RADIATE, v- «'. Ist. To iesue from a center, Bs-tigam.,,.., . j> „'tJ)V 
2d. To emit light, Chpak6iae. 
RADIANT, <i. I-chpak6ize, Tigam tu spaaka, a^ proceeding all 

from a center. i « ,; .. i ,» , 

RADISH, ». Milmilko. 

RAFT, n. 1st. Wooden raft, Sk-hdul. See Elch. 
2d. Skin I'aft, made of a skin lodge, S'chitchdtiku. 

cause it in round and floating on water. 
8d. To make a wooden rati, Chine8-tch6uli. 
4th. To make a skin raft, ('hines-chilchttikui. , 
oth. To raft down stream, leH-n6.gotem. . ,;,,. 
fith. To raft up sfream, les-nziilshem. 
RAFTER, 15. t. A roof, Chines-zal'lgui. See Zil. 
RAFTER, n. Es-zal'lgu, Es-zelmi I zitgu. 
RA(t, n. Chkonkonize. 
RAGED, a. I-chin-kuiis, Chines-nku^lsi. 
RAIL, n. Kofogominten, Chogoizeten. See Fence. 
RAILROAD, n. Solshi shushu^l. . , , . 
R.\IN, V. i. Ist. Rs-tipeisi. * i, 

2d. Heavy rain, Es-goeeisi. 
3d. Light rain, Es-lueiai. See Tip. 

RAIN, H. Stij)^i8, Sgoei'is, SKieis. 
RAINBOW, n. Zkomiuzchin. 
RAISE, V. t. Ist. From a lower to a higher position, to lift, Ics- 

kolgoeem. See Goefem. 
2d. To raise to a perpendicular position, les-shitemim, les-shitim. 
3d. To make rise, les-tishilshem, les-gutilshem. 
4th. To promote to an office, les ttshilshcm, les-kolliliinigum. 
•ith. To raise the voice, Chiiics-aitzini, (Jhines-nthigziiii. 
»)th. To raise the courage, Ies-koilz,inem, les-koinjzinein, Ie8-nai\- 

7th. To raise the dead from tho grave, los eHclskcligum, leles-gui- 

Xth To raise out of sleep. See Awake. 
!)th. To raise a house, Chines-kollgiii. 
10th. To raise money, etc., Chin-tigulululim. 
llth. To raise wheat or the like, Chines-kolkai. See Grow. 

It rained tire, " Tipfeis sol- 




So sa 

Co CO 

*n CO 

12t.h. To raise the dough, as yeast does, Es-pfeums. 

13th. To raise a lid, les-cheogkdm, les-chehokum, les-chugkukfeini. 

RAKE, n. Ist. Horse hay-rake, Ushulfeguten. 

2d. Common hand rake, laaminten. ->:ri.i. i-''/l;i/.H 

RAKE, V. t. Ist. Chines-ushuldgui, 

2d. To rake hay by hand, Chines-iaianii. • • *' .i! :! ' 'i 

RAM, «. iiumne. '< '■ '^ i - . S ii 

RAMROD, n. Ngoikomen. '^ •• ; - ■■■ ' -• s '^ i i: 

RANIOR, n. Saaime, S'chgut'tfels. ^ ii > . ; > .. 

RANDOM, 1 do, apeak at random, Tarn iszkiilp^g, Ta ies-kulpa- 

g6m, I-tenemus. 
RANGE, V. f. les-shitliin, les-shitlemim. . ; .; i ti 

R.\NK, n. Ist. bVont rank, Es-ehilemenzfiti. =' ' ''"■ 

2d. One after another, turnini; the head to the back of the next, 

RANK, t'. f. To place in order. See Range. 
RANSOM, V. t. Ist, To ransom a person, les-koltkbm. I ransom 

his person, " les-koltkoHtm." i / • 

2d. 1 ransom with that pay, I pay a ransom, les-koltkomineni, 

koltkominemen, J, C. paid a ransom with his blood, gave 

his blood, " .T, K. koltkominemis tu singul," 
3d. I ransom him with that, les-chskoltkomiHem, You gave your 

blood for ni}'' ransom, " Ko-chskoitkomiltgu l^u asngiil." 
4th. I ransom him from that pei^^on, I pay him the ransom of that 

person, les-kollkohem. I pay thee my daughter, f pay you 

the ransom for my daughter, I ransom my daughter from you, 

" Koltkolzin \n istomchtit," See Redeem. 
5th. I ransom myself, Chines-koltkonzuti. • 

6th. 1 ransom mygelf in advance, Ohinos-tkoltkonzuti. • ' 
7th. 1 ransom him in advance, les-tkoltkoiu. ' 

8th. I succeed in ransoming him, los-Uoltkokoniinem. 
RANSOM, n, lat. As paid by a person, Koltkomin, i^oltkominten. 
2d. As said by the ransomed, Koltkonzuten. The blood of J. (.'. 

is my ransom, ".I. K. singiils hi inkoltkonzuten." My bloo<i 

is the ransom I give for thy ransom, " 1 singul hi inkoltko- 

min aklkoltkonzuten." 
RANSOMED, a. Es-koltoko. 

R.iXSOM KD, 1st. part. pren. Ks-koltk6m ; ixtrf. past. Koltkont^ni. 
2d. Ransomed by nie, lsz-kolt6k(>. 

3d, It ^ 
4th. It 
5th. I c 
RAP, ,; 
2d, To 
3d. To ] 
4th. To 
RARE, < 
2d. Not 1 








«th, Unuj 

7tli, Rare 


2d. Tricks 

RASir, a. 

2d. Daring 

;^d. Inconf 

RASP, n. 

'{ASP, p. i 


2d. The sh 

'UT, n. SI 



2d. Perhap 


2(J, Its rati! 

/ V 

.1 ■ 1 / «:< 


1 .' ? 'w/.M 


Ta ies-kulprt- 

k of tl»e next. 

' ■ ■ .''f '•' 
:6m. 1 ransom 

his blood, gave 

You gave your 

a asiigiil." 

ransom of that 
Iter, I pay you 
ighter from you, 



H, iioltkominten. 

Viloo(i of J. ('■ 
jiMi." My blooil 
Iriil hi inkoltUo- Koltkonl^ni. 


; I A r •. ■ 1 ' 1 1 : 1 1 r n / 


Vl(»\f .1 


RA* . 801 

3d. It got ransomed, Koltk6ko. .^^AU^ui v; „i. < ' ' i ;; 

4th. It cannotibo ransomed, Tas koltkokcutem. ^*' ' ' *'^ ' ' ' ^ '^ 
6th. I can ransom him, les-koltkomdtem, koltkomiitemsten. ^ 
RANSOMER, n. Koltkonziiten. 
RAP, V. t. Ist. With the fist, les-zuiim. J' .' 

2d. To rap with the hand flat, les-tkdm. -!'H 

3d. To rap at the door with the fist, Chines-ko}in«uzu6pi. 
4th. To rap at the door with the hand, Chines-koHntkufepi. 
RAPACIOUS, n. Nakofcmen. 

RAPE, n. A root, Milmilko. ' ,•.,.,., ^ ; ;/> 

RAPE, V. t. To commit a rape, les-choinzutem j properly, les-kol- 

gotriem, les-n^kom. 
RAPID, a. Tlagt. 
RAPIDS, n. Stlagetiku. 

RARE, a. Ist. Thinly scattered, laiaat. "'■ '■ ' 
2d. Not frequent, iuet ; its opposite is Goeit, Plenty. 
3d. Prom time to time, some few, Tefe; its opposite is Pfentich, 

4th. Rare timber, clear forest, I-ngasAlko ; its opposite is I-nzan, 

Thick forest. 
5th. Rare cloth, of loose texture, I-sisem j its opposite is I-tal, 

>)th. Unusually excellent, Es-nshiizin. ' ' ' ' '" ' '' 

7th. Rare beef, not much done, Tam mil piik. i . 

RASCAL, a. Ist. Iko6u, Koiukot. 

2d. Tricky, Ntaktakzin. ' ' ' ' ' 

RASTI, a. Ist. Quick, Tlagt. 
2d. Daring, Kutispuus. 
8d. Inconsiderate, Tlagt, Tas kutpagtm. 
RASP, n. Goakomen, L luku. ; . 

RASP, V. t. Ie8-go6kom. 
RASPBKRRY, n. Ist. Llaz. 
2d. The shrub, Llakaize, Telakelze. 
UAT, n. Slfcut. 
RATITKR, adv. Ist. Better so than otherwise, Ku pen gest. I wish 

rather, Chines-ntfelsi. 
2(1. Perhaps, Goa. • , ' • 

UATTLE-SNAKE, n. Ist. Gcillegu. 
IM. Its rattle, Z6ssemen. 



is !» 
Co on 

Mu; • 

'[. .l!f 

1 hi:- 

> .,\\:: 

■• \fi 

-..' / w 


1 ' '.'■ 

I 1 . 1',. 

3d. Coiled, Es-niAlko. .(!,c. 

RATTLE, V. i. Of the snake, I-z68, Es-aiwi. . ' 

RAVAGE, u. «. I©8-kolgo6riem. :.. , , ;,: 

RAVEL. See Unravel. " ,„ . 

RAVEN, n. MelAkalks. . , u. // 

RAVINE, n. P^s-tloko, Toko61egu. ; , •, 

RAVLSII, u. <. fcH-nakoin. 

RAW. a. Ist. Unripe, uncooked, Es-g6iu. •), , : i i .1.; 

2d. Not done, Tas piAk. 

RAY, n. Ist. One of the common lines proceeding from a center, 

2d. Having rays, Es-tigam. ■ ', 

RAZOR, n. Gamzusten, Aratigiisenziitcn. T shave, " Chinea-amu- 

gusenzdti, les-amgum," (T scrape awuy). , : , ■ , 

RE, as a prefix to verbs, FA. To return, " El-gui." i . :i 

REACH, r. «. Ist. To extend. See Stretch. ' • 

2d. To deliver by stretching forth the hand, les-zkunem. 

me your knife, " Zku6nt anninchemen." 
Hd. To obtain by stretching forth the hand, les-kunem. 

should reach the fruit, " Gfeil ku<iis hi spiikAlk." 
4th. To arrive object with a cane, etc., les-chchizinom. 

letter reached me, " Ko-zchizis tankaimin." oo 

oth. To succeed in. See Succeed, les-konnunem. I reach it, take 

it with the hands, . , 

Hth. To reach the goal, Chines-gutpmi. 
REACH, V. i, Ist. To arrive as far as, Cliines-kolchiz'shi, Chines- 

2d. Not to reach, to fall short of, Chines-kultuin. See Tuin. 
READ, IK t. les azgani kaimin, les-Aum. 
READY, a. 1st. To be prepared, Chines-ngaz6lsi. ' 
2d. Already made, as : The shirt is ready, the dinner is ready on 

the tJible, Tie, /. e. It is already made. i i 

8d. Disposed, not reluctant, Chin-uisntfels. 
4th. Not slow. See Quick, 
oth. On the point of, Geilneu, Tie ks He was ready to cry, 

" Geilneu zkoako. Tie kszkoakoi." 
(5th. To make ready. Sec Prepare. 
REAFFIRM, ('./. Chineles-zuti. 
REAL, a. Actually existing, not fictitious, Oni-gu, I-niii. 

Lest he 



2d. To 


3d. To 




2d. To ^ 


2d. A m 



REAR, , 

2d. Of a 






" -FiU 





" In-( 


my g( 


-M. To del 


2(1. Goven 









,,-| > !•; 


J ; •''< ' 

-..' 1 '-< 

' *i 

'. ' /.ii 

■, i'l.'' 

,'!■ ,i''. 

from a 


! " Chines-amu- 

oinem. l^est ho 


hchizinem. Thy 

I reach it, take 

Ichiz'shi, Chines- 

See Tuin. 

uier is ready on 

[as ready to ery, 


' REB ' 808 

IDEALIZE, I', t. lat. To make real, to bring actually into exiHtonce, 

Ie8-k6lcm, les-kolndnom. •;' ^ *-J '" ':"^'' ' :^: •»'••' •* *' 
2d. To acquire an adequate idea of, IeB-ch»6gam, les-chchiitemi- 

nem, leH-mipenunen), les-iminem, imisten. 
8d. To gain actually, les-tigum, leH-uichcm. ^''' ' ^ 

REALLY, «f/u. Onfcgu, Imii, Itomi. '■ ? •' \ . : •• ' '■ 'i' 

REANIMATE, v. t. leles-gulguiltcm, letes-kfeiltom. '■• 

RKAP, V. t. iHt. To cut the harvest, Chines-goizlfegui. 
2d. To gather, gain, acquire. See Gain. . 

REAPER, n. Ist. Machine, Goizl6guten. i .'» -^ 

2d. A man reaping, Sguguizl6gum. "' • • ' ■ ' ' ' ' ' 

RKAPPEAR, V. i. ChincleH-la6ko, ( 'hineles-takomenzuti, Chinetes- 

RKAR, n. Ist. Of a house, Chcmp61egu (from Chemcp, Chem.) 
2d. Of a person, back, behind, L'snchemichen, but mostly with the 

particle e/) atfixed to the verb. See Behind. ' ' ' 

REAR, V. t. les-pogtilshem, pogtiishten. 

RKASON, ft. Ist. The faculty of reasoning, Nkulpagaminten, Nsu- 

gunfeten, Spagpagt. 
2d. Motive, the reason why, hu gol. This is the reason I suiter, 

" Lu golHhei u chin-nguzguzmels." But better rendered by 

prefixing eh to the verb, or to the nouns derived from the 

verb. You are the reason why I suffer, " Ku ies-chnguzguz- 

mfelsem." 1 suffer on your account. " Anui lu ku inchguzguz- 

mfelsten." See Account, Por. The reason of my perdition, 

" Iti-chfjoston." rhe reason of m)' joy, " In-chnpielsten." 

The reason of my destruction, " Jn-ch6iten." The reason of 

my going, " In-chguiten." 

UKASON, c. /. 1st. Chines-kulpagami. 

2(1. To debate, Chines-kolkotlti, Kaes-kamkamilshi. - 

REASONABLE, a. 1st. That can reason, Kulpagamutem. 

2(1. Governed by reason, Kulpapagamul, (Miines-kuipagamiiti. 

UEASSEMBLK, v. t. letes-iamim. 

UKASSURK, r. t. lo+es-tlpim, leies-tlelem. 

i{KBEL, revolt, #;. /. Chines-chsuichkeini. I rebel against him, 
les-chsuichkanem. He rebelled against me, " Ko-chsuich- 
keis. Ue rebelled against us, " Kae-chsuichkeiiils." See Ui- 

iJKHEL, (/. ('hin-chsukhkanalka. 


So as 

Co CO 

hi.* --J 



804 BEC 

REBOUND, »;. i. Ist. As a ball, Es-JnpmA, e+n6p 

2d. It rebounded towards this place, ZotnAp. 

,3d. It rebounded towards me, Ko-chtnpmAi8. 

4th. It rebounds towards that, Es-ohtnpmAnem, chtnpmin 

REBUKE, V. t. Ist. To reproach, les-chitikonem. See Lecture. 
2d. To scold, les-temlomlshem. M} 

3d To impose silence, les-tlpim. >...,,« ^.u i„.. ..\ li-l ' n /l/./p!" 
RECALdlTRATE, v. L Chines-telkami, Chines-telkaluisi. of M 
RECALL, V. t. Ist. To call back, Mes-galitem. ,..,- .,, ..,, 
2d, To take back. See Recant. 
3d. To annul, leles-m^um. '>h.,n(:ii i 

4th. To call to mind, les-nlkokominem. 
RECANT, V. t. letes-tam, ettaraen. . . „.<.,( 
RECANT, V. i. Et-tam. 
RECEDE, u. /. Chines-enuiupi, Ohines-tlfekui. 
RECEIVE, V. t. Ist. To accept what is offered, not to refuse, les- 


ri I 

!. ; ., ■!/.;-ui 

/ i: 

/ ! t '-: 

-tkunem. ,, u i >* -t ' : ,. - 
2d. To take, Les-kunfem.; '^in^' 

3d. To take into the mind by assent, les-kun^m. 
4th. To give admittance to one, les-ncitgum. 
5th. To embrace religion, etc., Ies-kun6m iu nchaumen. '" ] 
6th. To have capacity for holding. See Hold. ' ♦ » ''''<: 
RECEIVER, n. Sgukunfem, Kunenzfaten. ;. . -1*'^ 

RECENT, n. Siz. 

RECENTLY, arfjj. I-siz, Zen6. ■'' ^ < . i- ^ 

RECIPROCAL, a. See Grammar, and nearly all the verbs. 
RECITE, i>. ^ les-Aum, letes-aum, les-auAum. ■ ■ 

RECKLESS, rt. Tas-kutpagami, Ta epspuis. /«>,./.! 

RECKON. See Number, Think. . : . i.u ; 

RECLAIM, V. t. A person, les-pelchusem, pelvh»isten. * ■ ' > 
RECLINE, V. i. Ist. To lay one's head on, Chines-chilak^ini, Ie»- 

-chilak6incm. He reclined his head on .fesus Christ, " Chila- 

kfeinemis lu Jesus Kli." See Chileem. 
2d. To recline on a pillow, Chines-ncheenei. ' ■ 

3d. To recline on a couch, Chines-nlemi. 
4th. To recline on one's hand, Chines-nzkunakanz&ti. 
RECOGNIZE, V. t. Ist. To know again, leles-siiguin. 
2d. To avow knowledge of, les-nmipemistem. ■ 

3d. To a 






2d. To g 



2d. As tu 


2d. To b( 


3d. To ad 

4th. To b 

oth. To b 






2d. The a, 






to tho^ 



2d. To win 


M. To mul 

4th. To res 

■nh. To re 


•ith. To ran 

'Ml ill el ( 


linpmin. See 
See Lecture. 

11/ t' » ■'. ''..-it! 

kaluisi. :'■' 5 ' 

,j,, .; ,,.;f,l A .''■'■■ 

t to refuae, le«- 



Ithe verbs. ' 

/» t<y A:'. 


^R-chitakfcini, les- 
Christ, " Chila- 


REC - \'. 805 

3(1. To admit with a formal itnowlodge, les-kunfera, les-chsgumfe- 

pilem. , 
RKCOIL, r. /. Chinos-cmifeupi ; if'by surprise, Chines-knssfas. 
RECOLLECT. See Remember. I do not recollect, " Ta, e*es- 
. -mlHttn. , , , "■•-•"'!' • •■ •ii^''>:A 

RECOMMEND, r. t. Ist. To commend. See Commend. ■''^•V>^''| 
2d. To give in churgo, les-chit^lcm. • • ' ' ' f' 

RECOMPENSE, *;. t See Pay, Reward. "'' ^' ' "' ^' ' ' '' ' ''' 
RECOMPENSE, n. Ist. As given, (falvaltiimshten, Nkoliai\sten. 
2d. As taken, Zsgukaka. ..,■,.,.- ,^,M.'♦:.i.l 

!?ECONCILE, V. t. 1st. Ies-ihemtu6gum, ihemtiifegun, Ics-geenim. 

2d. To be reconciled with anotl)er, Chines-ihemtutgui 1 , les- 


3d. To adjutrt, los-tgomim. -"■ ' .,,.!.i. 'i M.i 

4th. To be reconciled with one's lot, Chines-niualsi. 

oth. To be reconciled with one, to be on good terms, Ie8-ih6tn. 
N.B. — Practically this word is used both for reconciliation of 
national hostilities and of private feuds ; yet the wiseacres 
want it ap]>lied only to national enmities. See Peace. ' '' 

RECONCILIATION, n. 1st. The act of being reconciled, Sihem- 

2d. The act of reconciling, Sihemtu(iguten. t ^ t , 

RECONSIDER, v. t. leles-koenem, leles-chkonmfcpilem. '' 

RECORD, V. t. les-kalm, les-tkaim. "; ' ' 

RECOUNT, (5. t. Ics-mimiim. 
RKCOURSE, «. To have recourse to a person, les-chtelkomincm, 

Chines-chitechmi 1 , los-nchitechmistem. 1 have recourse 

to thee, " Nchitcchmistemenzin, Chitelemcnzin, Chtelkomine- 

menzin, Chines-chitechmi lanui." 
RECOVER, r. t. Ist. To obtain again what was lost, lelos-uichem. 
2d. To win back what was lost in gambling, or otiicrwise, leles- 

3d. To make up for, lelos-nkolisusem. 
4th. To restore from sickness, leles-i)aagcm. 
.')th. To recover oi\e's health, Chinoles-]»aaganii, Chiiiel-gest, 

Chinel-gestuilsli, Chinel-meel. S«>o Me61, PAag. 
t)th. To reform oneself, Chinelos-tgonienzuti, C'hineles-gcstuilshi, 

"hinelcs-pelchusi. See Recliiim. 
itECREATION, h. Hs-kamkamilslii, Es-meme8z6ti. 



to S9 
e^ CO 


•j' j !,' ( l' ]'■{ 

806 V RED • ■ 

RECRIMINATE, v. t. Ist. To aconHo in return, luies-tnini^peui, 
eUninitpen. .v,t>li.. 

2d. To throw on him the fault charged to me, f eH-chsguizltem. 

8d. Rocriminntc reciprocally, Kaes-chsguzshtudgui. See Guizsh. 

RECTANGIiB, «. MuHlko. .,,;,,.. ' . .{| 

RECTIFY, r. <. les-tgomim. ; .' 

RECTILINKAI?, rt. l-tog. , ■ .; 

RECTITUDE, w. Stog. .. i . j,, 

RECTOK, n. llimigiim. ,. :, 

RED, rt. 1st. I-kuil. 

2d. lilood red, 1-tlum. , ,;,, , ■ ,,; ; 

8d. Red hot, Iziiku, Es-tiikii. 

RED, «. Red-skill, Indian, I-chknilze, I-kuilsk^ligu ; pi. The reds, 
F-chkulkuilze, I-kulknilskfeligu. 

REDDEN, v. i. 1st. Chines-kuil'lemi. kuil'l. , , „| . j i 

2d. Redden in the face, Chines-kuil'lshi. ,i) w, 

3d. Redden by rage, Chines-kuils'shizti. ; ,; . , 

REDEEM, r. t. Ist. To buy buck, leles-nteisem. 

2d. To redeem from captivity, death, Ie8-koltk6m. See Ransom. 

3d. To rescue, leles-gulginltein. ^ ' . .;< 

4th. To give satisfaction, les-nkolisusem. 

5th. Theologically : To redeem mankind. (1) Jesu Kli kael^-neilils, 
inasmuch as he bought us back. (2) Kae-koltkotulils, inas- 
much as he redeemed us from the slavery of hell and sin. (3) 
Kael-gulguiltlils, inasmuch as he saved us. (4) Kao-nkolisu- 
shlils, by giving satisfaction in our place. (5) Kao-telilshilils. 
inasmuch as he died for us. (6) Kae-nzkulils (zkum), because 
ho snatched us from ihe tire. (7) Kae-kulku-tluHls, by taking 
us from under the fire (kuitl6ra). (8) To redeem oneself, 
Chines-gakanzuti, Chines-koltkonzuti, (^hinos-nkidisus. 

UKDEEMARLE, a. Koltkokoutem. 

RKDEEMER, //. 1st. As he delivered us from slavery, Koltkon- 
zutcn. ^ r 

2d. As he saved us, Gulguill'szuteii, Ngulguilten. 

3d. As it is through him that we receive all good, Nchehemteri. 

RED HAND (with blood), Tlumchst, Epstlumcchst. 

RED HAIR, I-chkuilkan. 

REDOLENT,*/. I-pug. 


2d. See ( 
3d. To ti 
REED, n 
2d. For o 
REEL, 0. 
2d. To rei 
2d. To CO I 
3d. To ref 
2d. To ref 
2d. A place 
•2(\. To dedi 
•id. To decli 
^Ih. To dec 



I. See Guiissl). 

dV ' i/. l/,vt. '.,. 

! ■;-'■'! 'I!/ I? /!•' 
'ri^/i'I •■'' '■^:' 

-:■■: , 'i — ' .• 

■i ' • 1 1' • ■ . 
u J pi. The re(i«, 

, , ., kI ,.r '•• 

. See Ransom. 

Kli kaet-neiiils, 

loltkoliilils, inas- 

lell and sin. (3) 

(4) Kao-nkoliau- 

) Kao-telilshitils. 

(zkiim), because 
tluHl8, by taking 
) redeem oneself, 

luvery, KoltUon- 

5t. I 

. ; 


i.i . 1 ! I ., i.'i :i 

• * -• .» 

'!'• ' - i.. .'..I-;,! 


.I.i-. .:r.M'. 




' REF 80t 

REDOUND, V. i. Ist. Waves recoiling on themselves, Ek-hiM6ko- 

koku, lit. Water pouring back on the water. See LAko, Echo.' 
2d. See Over and Above, Go6zt. 
.'{d. To turn, Es-kolil. It redounded to my good, " K6lil tiki- 

REDRESS, r. /. leVos-tgomim. l'^ ' .'<vruj.^w.r.ii i . :.i^sii.,j| 

REDTJOE, diminish, v. t. Ie8-t6mem. See Top, Diminish 

REED, n. 1st. Plant, Fasten, Gnuiaten. 

2d. For organs, ChlgoAlko. '^'"' 

REEL, 0. i. Chines pelpili. '' ' -- 

RE-ENTER, (7. /. Chineles-no^gui. " i^' ' 

REFECTORY, n. SniHnten. i 

REFLECT, V. t. 1st. See Echo, Rebound. 

2d. To reflect light, I-galiip, galilkp. See Gal, (Jalup 

REFLECT, V. t. Ist. To consider what to do, Chincs-kutpagami. 

2d. To consider something past, or not what one is to do, Chinca- 

-pusemini, Chines-nlkolkotsinz6ti. 
3d. To reflect at, les-kul^pagdm, les-puseminem 
REFORM, V. t. Ist. To re-make, letes-kOlem. 
2d. To reform anybody's life, leles-pelchusenii. ' ./n.,! lU 

R?]FORM, V. i. Chinclea-gestilshi, Chinetes-tgomonzuti, ('hinetes- 

REFRACTORY, a. Aizazt. ' ' • • ' '^ ' ^ ,-..,-!..,- 
REFRAIN, V. t. To hold in check by the bit, les-ntenmuscm, les- 

-tgomusem. '•"'' ..... .m.; 

REFRAIN, i\ i. Chines-tdmi, chin-tam, Chines-geenzuti. 
REFRESH, V. t. lea-zefe^om, les-nzeR'lsem, nzeUdsten, Ics-iimee- 

lelsem. See Meel, ('ool. 
REFUGE, n. 1st. A person whom to call upon, Snchitolemisten, 

2d. A place of safety, Gumkanulogit. .' ' • *' 

REFUGEP], «. Es-chitelemist, Szchittl. . '. 

REFULGENT. Sec Bright. ' '' . 

UFjFUNI), r. t. To return money, les-nkolisusem. 
REFUSE, V. t. 1st. To deny Ji reipiost, les tamein. ( 'hines-ziiti la, 

2d. To decline to do, les-galgalcinistem. 
3d. To decline to grant, los-iekomincm. 
Ith. To decline to accc}>t, Ics-tatuem, Ta is-kuii6m. 

■ )»" 


p5 w 


99 BO 



808 ' RKJ • 

6th. To tloclino to look, los-ininxtMn. , ( \ , »ii^"!i; 

6tll. To liecliltO to HpUUk, loht-DtUIUKUIICIII. 

7th. To rctiiMo the conjugal duty, icH-icUoiiultciu In iskt-Uifli, Ioh- 
mcininom. , . ,. ' ., j , , \ \. 

8tli. To voi'iiMO a mati for huMlnmd, Ics-chornclit'rn. 

IlKFUSK, r. i. (."Iiiiios-tdmi, (!l)iiu'H-gulgak'iiii.Hti, Chim's-iokoiiiini, 

IlKFl'SK, /(. l«t. Sgoi'U'inoii. . ,,,•.; , i t , 

2(1. Rof'iisc cf lood, SgoiakH. , . 

3(1. Hol'iiHo ot'clotlu's, Sgoliilks .; 

4th. Hot'iiMc of'lilaiikc't, Sgolizo. , j., 

5th. To pick U]) the rot'iiHals, low-thcinchominein. ■ ,. i .; r 

REFUTE (a charge), Chines-ltiiointi. . , \ , 

KEUAUD, V. /. les-iizgain, les-chkai'lsem. i 

REGENEHATE, i\ f. Icles-kolilein. , i i 

REGENEKATK, a. Et-k61i!. 

REGENERATION, «. Et-k61ilten, FK-hkoIilten. , , 

REGENT, n. iHt. Rector, Iliniigum. . i 

2d. Substitute, viceregeyt, Es-koliliniigum. , ;, 

REGION, H. St(illgu. ' 1 

REGISTER, t'. /. les-kaiin, les-tkahn. 

REGRET, V. t. let. To be sorry or repent, Ie8-pupus^iicheni, pupu- 
senchemen, les-chpupuscncheni. ',: >! ' i^ 

2d. Not to be willing to lose, to give, IcH-keigtem. 

3d. To lament the loss of an object, ]tersoii, leles-keigteni. I regret 
my sins, T hate them, " les-chpuj)usenchem." I regret my 
sins, my stealing, I do not like to give it up, '• les-keigtera \\i 
teic iszkutn, hi isznako.-" I regret my sins, 1 an^. sorry thai 
1 have quilted sinning, I wish back my sins, " leles-kdigtom 
hi teie iszkuen." 

4th. To be sorry for the absiiu-e of a person or object loved, les- 
-chopelsem. t 

J{E(iRET, /). Sorrow, Spupusench, S'chopels, Siiigiipcls. : 

REGULAR,./. I-tog. 

REGULATE, r. t. les-tgomim, Ks-tgoniuseni. 

REIGX, r. i. See Chief. 

REIN, r. t. les-ntgomusem, lit. To direct the face. 

RHJHCT, r. t. 1st. To throw away, Ies-go6lem. 

2d. To refuse to receive, les-tamem. 

8d. To r 
2d. To b 
8(1. To b 
4th. To 


2d. CuuH 


2d. To fa 

2d. Near 
3d. I mak 




2d. To giA 
3(1. To he 
4th. To ta 

5th. To re 


, ,\y'ii^*\^^^ 

II iHkt-lticli, lox- 


' I . 'I.i ii 


• i i . ! 

t I 


iiistiiu'htjin, pupii- 

cc'igtein. I refj;ri't 

' I regret my 

• los-keigtera l\i 

air. fsorry that 

" lek'H-k^igtoni 

)J0(t loVtMl, li'S- 



llKIi 809 

8«i. To rof'iim' to grant. Hce lUMnHe. • -i .. | jI.' •. H-'hi.wU 
REJOICE, ('. {. iHt. To be eonteiit, glad, Chines-I^mti. 1'.;" • {] 

2d. To he huppy, (Jhiiics-npielsi. See Pii. "' '- 

8d. To he quiet, lit peace, ('hincrt-nkeimtdHi. See K am. ' ' ' '"' 
4th. To like an object or person by frequent UHe o\', or intercourse 

with, Chines-nkoemfclsi. See Koeni. ' ' , 

IIEJOK'F], }'. t. Ie8-nj)ielHeni, njjifclsten, lew-npi^lNhtein, les-npiech- 

stom, leH-lemm^chstem, les-lenizineni. 
REJOICINd, n. Int. Act, SnpiilH, Slemt. '' ' ..,- . 
2d. CiiUHing joy, Npii'Islen. ' ■ '•'' •■'''■ 

KEJOICING,^*. Causing joy, Pipiit. - • 

REJOINDER. See Answer. • i ; i t vt 

RE-JOINT, r. t. letos-ntpsiliHem. 

RE-KINDLE, i\ t. leles-oiiiHcin. 

)?K-LAND, V. t. leies-ntishilshein. 

K»^:iiAPSE, ('. i\ Ist. To full backward, Chincs-zkakalilshi, Chincs- 

2d. To fall into tho same bad state, Chineles-agtili, Chineles-tko- 

RELATE, r. t. Ics-mimiim, Ies-m6ieni. ' ' • 

RELATION, relative, n. 1st. Stiutlis, Sukusig". See Stem. ' 
2d. Near relation, Stiualt'shalgu. 
3d. I make myself relative to him, I take him lor my relative, Jes- 

-kolHtomelisem. ' •' ' ' '■ 

RELAX, I". ^ les-haum. 

RELEASE, i: t. To let loose, i'rw, lelcs-talim. .; i• 

RELENT, c. /. Chines-sheptuilshi. ' ' ' 

RELIARLE, a. M'solshutem. See Muselsh. 
HELICT, n. Es-lu6lemt. ' ' 

RELIEVE, r. t. Ist. To alleviate, les-melim, L>s-haum. 
2d. To give ease, comfort, L's-nlemelsem. 
lid. To help, Ies-j)uushiiem. See Help. 
4th. To take the place of another, les-nlkalshelpem, Ies-nemt6l- 

."^th. To remove from a place or station by substituting another, 

les-hoiem, les-ozkaem. 
KELIGION, H. Nchaumen. 
HKLKJIOUS, ^f. Chochomul. 
HELTNgULSII, r. ^ les-hoiem, 





tin CO 

^ lb 

.810 V KKN 

UKTilSlI, r. ^ Int. To tUHto, Mmull, out witti plouHuru, luH-chguHilik- 

H(<iii, loH ciikouinihi'ikHoin. 
2»l. Ill ^oiioral, K's-j^cHtiiilncm, lt>M-ch//hotn. Soo Zoliom. ' 

HKIAM'TAXT, .1. To ho roluctant, l-HZ-(;li6in, Turn iHpu6H. 
ItKMAIN, r. t. Int. To Htiiy horo, not to go uway, Chiiics-elti. S«e 

2(1, To rosidi'. ('Iiincs winuti, ('hinos-lzii. '. , \ . .< -''I'tl.M 
'M. T(» bo loft al'lor otliors Imvo pnHHcd, or died, etc., (^ho-t-. Only 

(MIC romaiiiH, " ('lio-t-nk6." I rornaiiiod all alone of mine, " I- 

-cliiii-cliiUnuks." Tliere nMnain tliree weeks before ('l»rint- 

mas, " ('Iie-t-eliel<i8 K'cliaz^UH, m-tapHkeligii." 
4th. To eontiniie in the Haine, rendered by the oontinuate mood, 

as: K(>rnaiii awake," Rs-keiltui." Remain silent, " K»-ch6i>ui." 
KKMAINDKIi, M. (Jhe. The remainder of the money, " i^iU cho 

iiliiHin." Tiie remaiinler of your debt, " hu die angul/^uiit." 
IlKMANI), (•. t. loKis-kulstem. 
KKMKDY, n. .Vfaliemsten. 
IlKMKMBKIt, IK t. 1st. Not to forgot, Blos-mistfcn, los-nlkokomi- 

2d. After having foiyotten, les-nlkolkotominom. • ' 

8d. To think of, r38-i)ii:-'eminem. ' : 

REMfNJ), t'. ^ les-nlkokomim. . ,. • * 

KEMI.SS, a. Shept, (Jopt. t • . ' !' 

KKMIT. See Pardon. 

UKMN A NT. See Remainder, what is left. . . V/ ' 

REMONSTRATE, r. r les-ehiHkonom. 
REMORSE, 'i. S'liehesels, SVhiHion/ait ; though these words fall 

very short of our i<lea of remorse. 
REMOTE. Sco Far, Distant. 

REM(JVE, ?'. t. lat. To remove from, les-u^ushilshem. 
2d. To remove to, les-ehiieushilshem. 
M. To remove from an oHice, les-ozkaem. 
4th. To take out of the way, les-tlekum. 
REMOVE, r. i. 1st. (-hines-ueushilshi. 
2d. To change place, Chiiies-sipshilshi. 
REMUNERATE, reward, r. t. les-giikam. See Pay. 
RENDER, r. t. 1st. To return, lelos-gni/.Uem. 
2d. To infliet as rolribiitioii, • 'liines-tiichsti, Chines-feizini. '. 

:{d. To render a service, justice. See Serve, Judge, etc. 

, -I 

4th. To 
2(1. To 
3d. To r 
4th. To 


2d. To p 

2d. To til 


2d. To gi 


2d. To pa 
3d. To nil 
2d. To coi 
;{d. To an 
4th. To d< 


2d. To bri 

I '• 


•e, IoM-('l>goH4k- 
Uhinos-olti. S«e 

.., Chi'-t: Only 
Dtio of inino, " I- 
i boforo (Mirirtt- 

mtiniiuto mood, 
It, " Ks-chopui." 
noncy, " hii che 
lio tingulguilt." 

1, Io8-iilUukumi- 

'■ i 1 . 

/ r 

hoBO words fall 



, etc. 



4th. To render tallow, Icb-ho6iii. 

KKNKW, r. ^ Jehm-k6lom. 

UKNNFyr, n. HpuiiiH. ' 

UKNOUN(.'K, r. t. iHt. To reject, leH-goi-lem. 

2d. To ret'iiHe to ueknowledge hh our own, leH-tumom. 

3d. To renounce rij^ht to, loH-go^loni, IeM-h6ioin, leH-ptliehntoin. 

4tli. T(» renounce ouo'h religion, ('liineH-gokouHz{iti, ChincH-goko- 

ini \q tul Hinch6unten, leH-goMein. 
IlKNT, n. iHt. ConipeiiHation for leawing out money, etc., iSg6kakn, 

2d. To pay rent, leH-chgapllem. 

IlKNT, V. t. Ist. To grant the poHHCHHion of an object for a remu- 
neration, IoH-k6lincm. See Hire, Lend. 
2d. To take the u»e of an object, paying for it, los-chgiikapilem, 

UK PAIR, 17. t. Imt. To roHtore to a sound state after decay, etc., 

2d. To give indemnity, to indemnify, lea-nkoliHikHem. •'' '' " ' 
IIKPAIU, »^. i. To resort to, Ics-chgfiiom, los-chgutpminem, les- 

-chtelkominom. See Shelter, Koi. 
RKl'AIli, «. See Shelter. 
IJKPAUATION, n. Nkolisasten. .. .in i 

IlKPASS, ('. /. Chinek>H-HhiiiHti. ■ ■ t J ■ 
HKPAY, I', t. Ist. To pay back, leJcs-guIzhem 
2d. To pay anew, leles-nreiHem. 

3d. To make one suffer ft r his deeds, Ic8-pakakem, les-uicheom 
UKPKNT, V. i. Ist. To bo sorry, Chines-pupusinchi. 
2d. To condemn oneself, C'hines-chilkonziiti. ' 

;](!. To amend, Chinole8-tgomenz6ti. • 

4lli. To dt> penance, Chines-nk6lisi. 
IIKPENTANCE, n. Spupusench, Npupusenchten, Snkolis, Snko 

IlKPINK, «•. i. Chines-nigupt'lsi, Chines-nchfeseisi, Chines-ieiezin 

misti, Chincs-nuiinelsi. 
UKPIiACK. Sec Place. 
UHPIiKTK. See Fill, Kull. 
KEPLY, '•. i. Chines-kolku6iiguzini, 
RKPOIIT, r. t. 1st. To relate, les-mimiim. 
■Jd. To bring buck an answer, kdes-mimishitem. 

I ! / ;!t>M i 




39 BO 


312 • RES 

REPOS K. Sco Rest. . . , ". " »•: 

RKL'RKIIENI), ('. Mos-chilikonein. 

REPRESENT, r. f. Ist. To proHent ai;ain, loJes-teshilMhem, lefes- 

2<l. To exhibit the image of, Ezagoil t , Si<olkaii. It represents 

our Lord, " Skotkaiis Kolinzuton," lit. It is the portrait of. 
3d. To portray, les-kttlkaim. ., • ■ - ' « 

4th. To represent by mimicry, or on the stage, les-nzuzu^chsem. 
ftth. To take the place of, los-nl^kalsh^lpem, los-nzuzuechsem. 
fith. To represent, as an ambassador represents his principal, les- 

nmizinem, Ko-nmizinzutis t — . 
7th. To be a sign, figure of, les-kolsugumem. See Figure. Abel 

represented the crucified one, " Abel hi kolsugumetis +u es- 

REPRP]SENTATIVE, n. 1st. Ivmizinzuten. 
2d. As an heir represents the testator, Nlkalsbelpeiizuteu. ■ 
RFlPltESS, V. t. Ist. les-tlpim, les-hoiem, les-ifepsem, les-lechem. 
2d. To restrain, les-iommim. 

3d. To repress oneself, Chines-iommenzuti. ' 

REPROBATE, v. t. les-gotlem. 
REPROBATE, n. Sgoelemen. 

REPROVE, r. ^ les-chiHkonem, les-temlomelshem. 
REPTILE, n. Es-titishulegn. See Tiesh. ' 

REPUDIATE, 0. t. 1st. To cast away, les-goelem. 
2d. See Renounce. 

3d. To divorce, [e8-go61em, Ics-goko] euseni, les-talpeusem. 
REQUEST. See Ask, Desire. 
RESEMBLE, v. t. Chin-czageil t— . 
RESEXT, V. r. Ta is niualsem, les-ncheselsem. 
RESERVATION, n. Lkukuimdlegu, Es4paiegu, Skeligu stoligus. 
RESERVE, w, ^ 1st. To put away for future use, les-elkoin, les- 

2d. To keep for oneself, [es-kuestem ikKkoiee, les-cliitim ikl- 

RESERVED, .i. 1st. Timid, Zeesbemoii. 
2d. Cautious, KiiIpapagamuK 

3d. I am reserved with him, not free, les-iaamineni. 
4th. Inspiring reserve, laiasniig. 
RESIDE. See, Dwell. 

jshilHhem^ leJres- 

lii. It represents 
»e porti'iiit of. 

8 principal, 1 es- 
se Figure. Abel 
iugumetis ^'U es- 


em, les-let'hoin. 



Slveligu st6lii;iis. 
los-elkoni, les- 

les-C'hitim ikl- 

RKS 313 

RKSIDENCE, n. 1st. Ilo.use, Zitgu, Snemuton, Snlziiten. , ,,,: 
2d. The act ofn-esidiiig, Roniut, ///. Saifeiit, SIzii. '. 

3d. To take up his residence in anyplace, Chines-lashilshi, Cliincs- 

RKSIDUE. See Remainder. ', V. ,, hp ' 

RESICtN, «;. t. Ist. les-ptlecliHtem. k ,.., , ' . ' j 

2d. To resign oneself, (^hines-ptlechstemisti, Chincs-niolsemisti. 
RESIST, c. t. 1st. To strive against, Ics-cheutusem. See Eutns. 
2d. To stand, endure, les-niaulsen). 
3d. To last a long time, as wood that resists the water, ioiot, 

RESISTLESS, rt. Tas Ikokouten, Tas zkakautem! 
RESOLUTE, a. KoilkoH, loiospuus, Kutispuiis. 
RESOLVE, r. /. To form a resolution, Chin-uis-ntels, Chin-uis kul:- 

pagem. , , 

RESOET. See Repair. 

RESPECT, ?'. ^ les-hefem, les i>6teem, les-azgam. j .^ 
RESPECTABLE, a. Hehesnug, Npotfeten. 
REST, V. i. 1st. To rest oneself after being tired, Chines4egu6s'- 

chiti. * ,, . : 

2d. To bo taking a rest, Chines-miltegufelsi. 

3d. To be rested, Ohiti-el-lcgu61s, Chin-el--}egue8'chit. See Legu. 
4th. To recline, lean on, Chines-chleemi. 
.5th. To sleep, Chines-itshi 
<Uh. To be still, 1-chin-tlil. 
7th. To be dead, Chines-tlil. 
8th. To rely on, Chines-nmuselsi. 
iHh. To sot itself down, as a pail, kettle, boat, resting themselves, 

going to lay, Akaka. See Zak. 
10th. To be lying at rest, as a boat resting ashore, Es-zak. 
1 1th. To rest on the head of a ])erson, les-nzkauskanem, nzkau- 

12th. 1 have it resting on my head, les-nzkauskanem, nzkauskane- 

REST, IK t. 1st. To sot at rest, to make repose, les-millguelsem, 

2d. To place as on a support, los-clitkoni, les-zkem. 
3il. To place a sword at rest in the scabhoiMl, les-nzukom. Sec 


} y 


Bo ao 

Co CO 



314 - RP^T 

REST, M. 1st, A .state of quiet and reposo, Sto|i;iiel8, NmuUugnl- 

steii, NmoUugiistcn, Nm61i9ten. 
2d. The others, Lu Kuit+t. ' 

IlESTITUTION, n. To make roHtitiUion, Ist. By returning what 

has been stolen, lelos-guizltem. ; i 

2(1. By giving other articles equivalent, los-nguz'shusem. 
3d. By working, suffering, les-nkoliHusem. ' 

RESTIVE, a. Taks-guisti, Es-galgalemisti. ' '' ' 

RESTLESS, a. 1st. Never resting, Tas-zkakauteni, Ta epi nniell- 

gu^lston. ' 

2d. Uneasy, Chines-koitkap^lsi. 
3d. Sleepless, Chines-gusnii. 
4th. Throwing oneself every way as a restless patient, Chines-lala- 

raisti. See Ilimlaminem. 
5th. Writhing, Chines-pazkoi. 
6th. Ineaiiable of being still, as wild boys, Chines-mezinniisti, Me- 

meet, Ta i-stlil. 
RESTORE. See Restitution, Repair. 

RESTRAIN, r. t. 1st. TA control oneself, Chines-iomenzuti. 
2d. To abridge, les-topeni. 
3d. To control, cheek, les-geenini. 
RESULT, i\ i. Chine8-k6lili. ' 

RESURRECTION, n. Selteleskeligu. 
RESUSCITATE, r.i. Chin-elteleskeligu, Chin-elgulguilt. 
RESUSCITATE, c. /. leles-gulguiltem, les-eltelo^sktliguni. 
RKTAIN, c. t. les-kutstem, les-niakain. 
RETAKE, V. t. 1st. In general, leles-kunem. 
2d. Things lost by gambling. Chines-nku6nipi, Chines-nkuenpi. 
3d. What has been liarguined, Chines-nelkucnsi. 
RETARD. See Late. 

RETIRE, V. >. 1st. To retire to, Chincs-chuclIs|,ii^hi. 
2(1. To retire Ironi, Chines-uiiishiishi. 
3d. To hide oneself, Chines-nkoniisti. 

RETRACT, r. t. le'les-tanieni, leles-enueupeni. Sec Hack. 
IJETRKAT, n. 1st. Spiritual mission, Spote, Npoteten. 
2d. To make one's retreat, Cliines-jx'itei. 
[JETRKNCII, r. t. los-topem. 
ItKTFilBl'TlON, II. 1st. T(. receive a retribution, to suffer. Chin 


2d. To ^ 

2d. To J 
3d. To 
4th. To 
5th. To 
r>th. To 

7th. To 
Sth. To 
9th. To 


all I 



2d. To rt 







2d. The 



2d. I rev( 

to so 

I infli 


I rev 

I rev 

t)th. I rev 




2(1. The b 




lels, Nmeliugul- 

roturning what 

1, Ta ep^ iiniell- 

ient, Chinos-lala- 
-meziiiinisti, Mo- 





hlH' I)iulv. 


to Slltt'tT, ("liiii- 

REV 315 

2d. To give a retribution, los-p^kakam, les-gakain. 

RETURN, V. i. 1st. "fo turn back from any place oractitju, CfiinpJ- 

-polchus. ' 
2d. To go to the sftme place, Chin-ol-gui. . , j i .. 

3d. To come to the same phice, ChineJ-zgui. i 

4th. To return home from an absence, Chin-el-ztelc. See Be. 
5th. To return home from the town, Chinel-gui. 
6th. To appear again, as the moon, at sot intervals, Et-teshilsh, 

El-laako. j ,• j / , . j 

7th. To return home from a long trip, Chin-el^es-imshi. , , ^ , , 

8th. To return to prayer, to church, Chinei-chaum. 
9th. To return together (of married people separated), Ivfteles- 

-ai6uti. , . ; . , 

[In fact the particle VA prefixed to the vcj'b will answer to 

all possibilities of returns.] 
RETURN, V. t. 1st. To repay. See Pay, Repay, affixing El^ t,o Ithe 

verb. , . 

2d. To refer, report, letes-ukuHcm hi szkolko^lts, les-chsguiiiltem, 

liEUNION, n. An assembly of friends, Skamkamilsh, Siaamilsh. 
REUNITE, V. t. letes-ulusem. 
REVEAL, V. t. les-hikomim, les-meiem, les-kofenem, les-mimiim, 

les-nemitpem. l 

REVELATION, n. Ist. The act of revealing, Szmeie. ,,,,_ .. 
2d. Q^he objects revealed, Szincie. 
REVENGE, V. t. Ist. To revenge the wrong received, les-chfcich- 

atem, chfeichstemen (lit. I revenge myself for that). 
2d. I revenge the person wronged, Tes-eichs'shtem (lit. I do harm 

to some one for him). Revenge me, " Koeichs'shit." 
3d. I inflict punishment on him, 1 revenge him for doing wrong, 

4th. I revenge myself for the wrong I i-eceived, Chines-eichsti. 
;')th. 1 revenge on myself the sins 1 committed, Chines-eichsenzuti. 
t)th. I revenge on myself that sin, Jes-eichsenzutem. See Ei. 
REVENGE, n. Seichst, Seizin. 

REVERBERATE, v. i. Es-lnpn»a, hiap. See Echo. 
IIEVKI?ENCE, n. 1st. The act of reverencing, Spote. j, 

2il. The being deserving of reverence, Npotcten. 
REVERENCE, v. t. Ies-p6teem, lesdieem. , , . 


2 9- 

ao so 
to ca 

3 . 

316 " HID • 

UEVERKND, a. >(pot^ten, Hehesnug. ' '' 

IlEVEKSE, V. t, Ist. To make back, lelos-pelchusom. ' ' 

2d. To overthrow. See Overthrow. "' i, 

3d. To put in each other's phvco, les-neigusenn^gum. 

4th. We reverse our position, Kae8-neigueenu6gui. 

5'th. To turn end for end, les-silchemim. 

REVERSE. See Opposite, Wrong. ^ 

REVIEW, V. t. les-whitliisem. See Shiiti. 

REVIVE (after fainting), C'hin-el-guiguilt. 

REVOKE (an order, law), leles-t^mem, lelcs-in^um. 

REVOLT. See Rebel. 

REVOLVE, V. i. Ist. Bs-g61koi, Es-golkonzuti. 

2d. To revolve as planets, Es-koapnii. Revolving around the sun, 

Es-chkoapizoi, Es-chsilchemize. 
REVOLVER, six-shooter, n. Takanchst^lze. See Gun. 
REWARD, i\ t. les-gikam. 
REWARD, n. Sgakaka, Szuich. 
RHEUMATISM, n. Szal ; in the loins, Chin-zal^us ; in the knees, 

Chin-zalk6insliin ; in the hip, Chin-ohzalsei. See Ache, Zal. 
RIB, n. Sgutip, pi. Sg't'sgutip. 

RICE, n. Sgikguie. . 

RICH, a. Ist. A person, Koi6legu, Goeels'zdt. 
2d. Excellent, Gest. 

3d. Abounding in , Goeit 

4th. Dear, Es-nkutenaksem. 

RICHES, n. Skoiolegu, N'koi6leguteri, Sgoeelszut, Ululiin. 

RID, V. t. Ist. los-gaktm. 

2d. To rid oneself, Chines-chgakasinzuti, les-chgakasinzutem. 

3d. To rid all over, Ips-chilgakl'iieni. 

RIDE, (7. t. 1st. On horseback, Chines-chenit^usi, ("hines-chilkal- 

sh^usi, />^ Kaes-chaiutousi, Ivacs-chlkak^usi. 
2d. In a carriage, Chinos-lAkshilshi lg6lko. 
3d. A horse rides the man, Es-chemteusems, chemteusoniis hi skal- 

tenicgu (Jit. He has the man riding him). 
4tli. A man riding the horse, Es-chemtensems, chenittusis lusnchil- 

zaskagae (lit. He sits on top of the animal). 
RIDICULE, n. Ncligoagoaitin, Nchoioitin. 
IHDICULE, /•. t. Tes-choinzutem, /</. Kaes-chgoagoainiinem. 
RIDING HORSE, n. Xchemtcusten. The one actually ridden. 





1' .. 

' ' ' •' I . 


g ai'ound the sun, 
e Gun. 

US ; in the knees, 
See Ache, Zal. 

, Ululiin. 


, Chincs-chilkal- 

itt'iiscniis }u skal- 
nittusis lu snc'hil- 

actually ridden 

KK-chemteuBcm. My riding horse, JjU inchemt^UHten. The 

one I ride uetuully, hn is'ehemtfeus. 
IJIFLE. See Gun. , : 

lUCr, riggings, n. Chazenzikten. ■ ■ . > ' 

RKIIIT, a. Ist. Not crooked, I-tog. ' ... 

2d. Just, I-tog. ' ,^ 

3d. True, 1-tog, Onfegu. ' ' ii 

4th. Fit, becoming, 16. 

Sth. Right hand, Sz-chz'h6ohst. See Zeem. 
RIGHT, V. f. les-tgomim. 

RIGHTEOUS, a. 1-tog. ' '• ' 

RIGHTEOUSNESS, n. I-8tog. J i - 

f{IGHT-HEARTEI), a. I-tog lu spuus. ■ ^ 

RIM. See Rrink, Brim. 
RIND, n. The external part of fruits, nuts, S'chchemize. See Pare, 

RING, n. Ist. liil. ^ ■ 

2d. Ear-ring, Snazene, jo^ Snazazine. See Az. 
8d. Arm-ring, Skolialkozntchst. See lalk. 
4th. Finger-ring, S'chmpkdinchst. See Chemip. ' 

RING, V. t. A bell, les-lium. . : 

RING, V.J. Es-liui. 

RING-LEA DER, a. Sgushiit, Ilimigum. 
RINSE, V. t. les-ngukiim. 
RIOT, n. Stiakot. 
RIOT, V. i. Chinos-tiakoti. 
RIOTKR, n. Tikotemen. 
RIP, ('. t. los-telim, les-teleusem. 

RIPF, a, Piak ; grass, Es-koeel, P]s-koeliip8 ; roots, Es-koeleshin. 
RIPEN, r. i. Of fruits, Es-piakami ; (>f grass, Es-koelupai ; of roots, 

RIPPliE, «. Es chilkapttiku, 
RISE, r. i. 1st. To move from a lower position to a higher. Chines- 

2d. To go u]) by walking, Chines-shaluti. 
Hil. Hy flying, Chines-tugti. 
4th. In the water, Chines-nttshilslii. 

5th. From sitting to standing, (^hines-tfcshilshi, (-hines-echsuishi. 
•!th. From being recumbent, Ghines-gutilshi. 


«• , RIV 

7th. Of animalB rising from lying down, Es-kii()gomi. , , , j' 
8th, The river risos, Nitucst, T6ehet. i ^ ; ■. , ; .,,; 

9th. To get up from bod, ChinoH-k6iHi. f > !^j 

10th. To swell up, as dough fermenting, Es-peuti. . . , i of . 
11th. The sun rises, E8-tl6('h'chemi. i in .m 

12th. The moon rises, El-teshiish. 
13th. To increase in bulk, power, heat, rendered by the inchoative 

verb in — ilshi. 
14th. A chief rises, Teshilsh lu ilimigum. , ,, 

15th. To rise from the grave, Chin-ettelsk^ligu. , ,;•)•; 

16th. To rise early, Chines-kuztemlktilt. I' • ; ' '; i 

lilSK. See Danger, . , ' ' '' • J ', i! . il 

RITE, n. Nkolemon. 
RIVAL, n. Euttis, Shem6n. My rival, Isnkulshemeneus, Inshe- 

men^us. .- ; r , ,• \ 

RIVAL, V. t. les-outusem. : .'• 

RIVET, w. Zanemen. 

RIVER, n. 1st. Nshifetiku, Seulku. ,, ' ; 

2d. Confluent, tributary, Ntgu^tiku. See Tgura. ,, , , , ,, .. 

3<1. River mouth, S'chiilitp, Snchilptin. • i 

4th. River head, Snleepzin. , ,( • 

5th. Big river, Nkuten6tiku, Kutunt s6ulku. ,.,, ; ,/ ; 

fith. The river flows, Es-moop6tiku. . ,. ■ ; i i 

7th. The river is high, Nkufest. , ' 

8th. The river is overflowing, Techet. 
9th. The river is falling, Es-suumi. 
10th. The river is dried up (even with little water), Ngarnip, Ngam- 

llth. The junction of two rivers, Chgutpe, Chgutp^tiku. 
12th. The junction of several rivers, Chgut'tpe. 
13th. Down the river, Ut6mchi. 
14th. Up the river, Chk61tich. 
15th. To go down a river by land, Ohines-nagoti. 
16th. To go up the river by land, (Jhinos-nziilshi. 
17th. To quit the river side, going to the open country, Cliines- 

18th. To strike the river, to reach water, Chines-ulkui. 
i9th. To cross the river, Chines-niokomi. ■ i , 

20th. On the other side of the river, Niskot. 

2l8t. On 
2d. Hig 
3d. Smal 
4th. Stri 
5th. Cro 
6th. Dus 
7th. One 
8th. Croi 
9th. Rou 
lOth. P 
llth. We 
12th. To 
13th. To 
14th. To 
15th. To 
16th. To 
17th. Wa 
18th. To 
19th. To 
2d. Roast 
" Ko 
3d. I roat 
4th. Und 
5th. To r 
6th. To r 
ROB, r. 
2d. My vi 
3<1. My r 
ROBE, n 
2d. In th 
3d. Skin 

/ V 

mi. . 

, ' ■ - (^ . 

]' ■ • ■ 

' "'('my.. 

. .- . 

: II .'iii 

I . 

: r!I..^H 

)y the inchofi^ive 

.■ I' • ! '•;; ''.,] 

lemeni'us, Inshe- 

' • -.Mil./..'' 

■'I ; • 
.}. . •-, ..'"': '; 

... 1 1 / t ' 


Ngainip, Ngiim- 

•uiintry, CliiueH- 


.'•' ..''i 


(}|( -.1, 

■'■'» 1 

,■1 'O'i/^ 


','.'■ lit: 



. • 

^ , 

■■< , t-' 


H|l, ■',! 

li" 1V( 

EOB 319 

ill t ^ ■ 

2l8t. On this side of the river, Lzntel^. ' 

ROAD, n. 1st. fehnflhu61 (from Shidst ?) ; in comp. N — aks. 

2d. Big road, Nkutenaks. 

3d. Small road, Nlkiikuim^ks. 

4th. Straight road, Ntg6k8, Ntogks. ' •'" 

5th. Crooked road, Es-nin])6ks. 

6th. Dusly road, NkoHcs. 

7th. One road, Nkoaksj two roads, Naslaks ; three roads, Nche- 

8tli. Cross road, Naimusaks. ' 

9th. Rough road, NIogks. See Log. • 

lOth. Plenty roads, NgoeAks. 
11th. Well traced road, Es-kag. 

12th. To walk in the road, Chines-nguaksi. 

13th. To lose the road, Chines-nisaksi, nisisaks. 
.14th. To show the road, ies-nnii^ksem. '^ 

15th. To come down hill by the road, Chines-nulkupAksi. 

I6th. To go out (►f the road, transgress, Chines-nguzAksi. 

17th. Wagon road, Ngolkoaks. 

18th. To step out of the road, Chines-peluti. 

I9th. To fall in the road, Chines-nlkal8h6,k8i. 

I{OAM, V. i. Chines-gusteluisi. '"' ' 

ROAN HORSE, Sguamkan. " h' - ,.' ^ :.,! 

ROAR, I'. «. Chines-ntlagzini. ■ ' ■ . * .! h 

ROAST, V. i. Ist. Chines-6zkui, les-azkum. ' ' • '. 

2d. Itoast by the fire on a stick, ('hines-kolemi. The beef is roasted, 
" Kolil tu skeltieh." .... 

3d. 1 roast beef on a stick, Chines-kolfelzei. -■' 

4lh. Underground, in an oven, Chines-kol^pi. • • • M ; :, 

5th. To roast long narrow slices by the fire, Chines-iipei. '' ' 

Bth. To roast coifee, les-nuleusem. 

ROB, c. t. les-niikom, les-nchemelkum. See Plunder. ' ' 

ROBBEit, n. Ist. Nako6men. 

2d. My robber, he that robbed mr, In-nakonzuten. • < . 

3d. M}' robber, r. r/. My son that went to steal, I-sgunako. '' 

ROBE, n. 1st. In the shape of a blanket, shawl, cloak, Sizeni. 

2(1. In the shape of a gown, shirt, tied on the person, Snazlkeit. 

3d. Skin of buffalo, etc., Ketite, Spum, in comp. See Blanket, 

I .1!'.' l! I't 

i) •'' 


. -I- ". 







Co CO 


320 s . \ . ROO 

4th. I have no robo, Chin-choaukui, Chin-np'Ualks. 

ROBE, V. t. Ist. To cover one with h blanketor the like, los-Hizeni, 

2(1. To dross one with n gown, les-nazlktitem. See Az. ,, 

ROBUST, a. Sisi{j8, loiot, I-guil. , 

ROCK, n. Ist. In general, S'shensh. ' ; . . 

2d. On the hills, rapes, Sz6sei. ., i\ 

ROCK (the baby), ('. ^ les-itiatein. . ,i . 

ROCKY, a. S'shensh ulogu. 
ROD, n. Ist. A twig, Kulat61p. 

2d. Staff, Nzku^chst. See Zkum. ,, ,, 

3d. As used to whip, iizininten. ... ; 

4th. Fishing rod, Chkakam6ieton. , ' t. 

RODOMONT, n. Es-guaszani. . 

ROGUE, n. Koaukot, Psaie. . , 

ROLL, V. t. Ist. Ie8-g6lkom. !,; 

2d. To inwrap, as a bundle, les-chpolkoizem. 
3d. To roll a field, los-chilgolkoenom, chitgolko6nen. 
4th. To roll over, turn, Jes-plchmim. i 

5th. To roll up, v. g. a curtain, les-p^lkoin. 
6th. To roll down, to spread, les-ifelgum. 
7th. To roll in the form of a ball, les-che^m. i 

8th. To roll oneself, Chines-golkonzuti. 
ROLL, V. i. 1st. By turning on an axis, Chines-g6lkoi. 
2d. To be tossed, us a ship, from one side to the other, Es-uelmi. 
ROLLER (of a field), n. Chitgolko6neten. 
ROOF, n. 1st. The upper extremity of the house, Nchomkanelgii. 

See Chem. 
2d. The cover of a house, Galkfeintcn. 
8d. The roof is on fire, Nulpakanelgu. 
ROOP", V. t. Chines-galkcini. 
ROOM, n. Zitgu, Snlziiten. The other room, Lu nkoelze. Many 

rooms, (roeelze. 
ROOST, V. i. Chines-chamutalkoi, pi. Kaes-chaiut^lkoi. 
ROOSTER, n. Cock, Skaltemigu skuiskus. 
ROOT, n. Ist. Sogu6pe. 
2d. Edible mols dug, Sz-gezt. N.B. — The roots more used by 

these Ii.dians are : a. Itgoe (camas root) ; b. Spetlem (bitter 

root); <\ Stiukum (wild carrot); '/. M><auie (tobacco root); c 

/ ' 

to HUe, li)8-8izcin, 

f ■ , 

}eo Az. I 

' - 

' 1 : -. 


lei', Es-uelmi. 


nkoelzo. Many 


s more usoil l)y 
Spetlein (bitter 
LobaccM> root) ; <■■ 

* . ' ,. 

'■ ii •;! 

) i< .' 


> . , • 

. u\y.\ 

\ >■ , 

^ MVA 

.Ml J ( r: 

.! ;.'; 


,1 \u 
1 ■! 


• 1 ■ 

I ■.!.•: 1 

r jiJi 

■' ' 1 

• 1 -,(■■; 


■ 1 dj" 

ROU 821 

Skonkoin'nem ( Indian potatoes) ; /. Pugpu^j; (an^^elica, ho 
called b}' ibe CauudianH) ; 7. Skakauzin (a kind oi' potato j h. 
Siuikan (reed root, poisonous) ; «'. Sposipi (Hax weed root) ; 3. 
Kol6uie (wild onion»); k. Seecli (a kind of onions); /. Sizsht, 
3d. To dig tor roots, Obines-gt'zti. ' ' .; 'I 

ItOOT, r. «. Of trees, vegetables, growing roots, Tigusoguep. !•, •,; 
ROOT, V. t. As swine do, Ies-;sikani. .u .a - i 

ROPE, n. 1st. Of bemp or wild flax, Spezen. : j 

2d. Of skin, Si]:i. . ,i 

3d. Of borse bair, Zikep. ••! y-rn'. ill;. 1 -.ii 1 
4tb. Plaited flat, fiz-k^z. ,,. . ,! 

5tb. Plaited square, Kalemutie. ,. , ! . ; ,t: ,1 

6tb. Of buffalo bair, Es-sitcbe. '. .,■.,. 

7tb. As for bobbling, Cbazentin. ;i < 1 , ,,: 

8tb. For catcbing borses, Azminten. •: .: ...-4 
9tb. To put round the neck, Cbazelpsten. i! - ,, | />: i 
10th. To bridle the horse in the mouth, Kolazepston. 
1 1th. To wind around the nozzle, Agaiksten. 
12th. Feeble rope, Ltetim6p. " 

13th. One rope, Xkoep ; two ropes, Aselip ; three ropes, Ohetep ; 
four ropes, Musp ; five ropes, Ziicbstep; six ropes, Takanch- 
step ; seven ropes, Spelebep ; eight ropes, IIenm6p ; nine 
ropes, Gant^p ; ten ropes, Openchstep ; few ropes, -Lu^p ; 
many ropes, Goefep. 
14th. Wide rope, ns a belt, Lktp. ,:, r^,; ! , 

1.5th. Tlie rope breaks, unmakes, Likat, Es-toukami. See Touak. 
ROSARY, n. Skalepstes-hko, Es-liko. . , 

To say the rosary, Chines-ehAui les-liko. ; ' j : ; 

ROSE, 7t. 1st. Flower, SguiApalk. .,! I . ,, . 

2d. The shrub, Gui^pelp. . ^ i 1 ni 

ROSIN, n. Telten. , , ,i ., . .>, ,n.i 

ROSTRUM, n. Spsaks. 

ROT, i\ i. 1st. Of animal or stinking mutters, rhines-nukami. 
2d. Of vegetables, wood, I-tuk, I-tkumi. .' . 1 / ;;< 

ROTTEN, a. l-njika, I-tuk. /, , 

ROTTKNNESS, n. Mzolt. - ■ „ 1 , 

ROTUND, a I-milko. > ,: 

ROUGH, a. Uneven, Zuj.. .. - • 


■ a 




Co CO 


a . 


d22 HIT I 

ROUGH ROAD, I-n/.iipakH. 

ROUND, ./. iHt. SpluM-ioul, I-iniIko,///. l-niilnUlko. ' ' ! 'i-il 
2(1. It' not sphrncal, UH a dollar, 1^1, /'/. liiiil. .t. :.. 

3<l. To become round, circular, lalll. lalonzdti. 1 ii •' ■.. ii '/I 
ROUND, n. One round of ammunition, Nkokanfcl ; two roundH, 

Nasalkanfcl. Seo Shot. 
ROUND, prep. See Around. 
ROUSE, V. t. loH-k6iltem, los-koilohstom, los-koimchstom. 


A',' ..I 
■j., I,' 

:o I.! 

■ '■ 1 1 ; ! 

ROW, n. Sec Lino. | 

ROW, V. i. Chinos-dzoli. 

RUU, V. t. Ist. To niovo with friction, IoH-ii]kum. 

2d. To wipe, les-ofcpom. 

3d. To polish, to make smooth, IeH-6lom. -' - 

4th. To break into small particles, as to rub the weed and tobacco 

in the hand prior to filling the pipe, (^hines-uumi, les-dumem. 
5th. To grate, Ies-go6kom. 

6th. To rub into powder, les-pkomim. ' ' i.m|. i ,!• 

7th. To rub a rope, etc., to limber it, les-iiktem. i "M 

8th. To rub two sticks together to make fire with them, Chines- 

9th. To rub a match, Chinos-pagai. • i ' ''J' 

RUBBISH, n. 1-zuplfegu. < 

RUDDER. See Helm. : , 

RUE, r. f. Ie8-chpupus6nchem, Ie8-chnigup6lsein. • 
RUGGED, a. Ist. A mountain, Sz^sol. "i." 

2d. A road, I-nz6pk8. . .' ) . 

3d. A bark, Chiz6plko. ■ > ^ , l ■ I;.: 

RUIN, V. i. 1st. To damage, waste, les-kolgofel'lem. /! / • ■ 

2d. To destroy, los-mium. 
3d. To put an end to, Ics-hoiem. 
4th. To bring to ruin, perdition, les-gutfechstem, les-tlemim, les- 

-chtl6pilom, los-ostiiMeni, • . l ' '.' 

5th. To bo ruined, Chin-goeit, Chin-kolgotip, Chin-alip, Chin-gu- 

(Hh. A house ruins, Mzak. See Zak. ' ' 

RUIN, n. 1st. The being damaged, Skolgoel'l. i 

2d. The carrying to ruin, Nkolgoel'lten. 
3(1. The reason why one is ruined, (/hkolgo^l'llen. ' '■ 
4th. S'h(^i, Nhoiten, Chh6iten. 


5th. S^ 
2d. To 
RUN, » 
2d. II ui 
3d. To 
4th. To 
.')th. To 
«Jth. To 
7th. To 
10th. To 
15th. Th( 
16th. To 
17th. To 
IHth. To 
. of an 
19th. To 
20th. To 1 
RUT, V. L 
RYE, n. I 


i1 /•! l"^ll(,/» 
II III. 111.. 

L'l ; two roundt*, 

. -J' .n. 

chstem. 1 ' ' '■ 

. . . . .!■-•:( 
, ,.. n.l. >• !■• 

I , ,-, ; K > ,(.} 

. ■■ ' ., . •' .i;l 

oed and tobacco 
umi, le8-{iuin«n». 

' ,.i,| .1 .1'- 
;h them. Chinei*- 


les-tleinim, los- 
lin-alii), ('liin-gu- 



ll YK 828 

5th. S^lltlMIIHKUt. 

ItllliK, n. Ntj^otin, N^('h/,(»j;()(!|)iUt«^n. 

lUILK, r. t. In't. To inurU with lines, IcH-lpint. 

2d. To govern, decide, Ics-ch/ojj;ot'|»ileiu. 

IMHiKH, n. Ilimi^um, ('hzoguopilonziiteii, Sj^uchzofjucpilc. 

ULMINATK, r. i. ChiiicH-nKgo61kolti. ^ ... ■ . 

ItUMOIt, H. Talc, report, Sniiiinii. -i ifii.l'l 

KlJ\fP, n. TkahMni'pl. •• /. >, ,, , ,, ., , „. 

RUN," «. Iwt. To Hteji <nnck, CHiiiieH-iiatniHti. ! ,,, . ,, ; ..|,, T I,:; 
"id. Hurriedly, CliinoH-aipmi, ChinoH-inentuilMhi. . .| : , 

;{d. To move easy and rapid, (!hin-tlagt. 
4th. To run away, (^hincs-telkomi, ChiiieH-gutpmi, l.'hineH-gutepen- 

/lUi. •!r';-iv .:ui ■ t..(!/ -. : 

.')th. To run round about, (^hinoH-ktzelHhi, /*<. KaeH-k6tlHhi. i/ - 
«)th. To hurry away, ('hines-f^utjimi. ,; > 

7th. To run after, pursue, Ich chtk^m (UHod in bad eeime). ,, • i,«j 
Sth. To run races, CJhineH-k6kotlu8lii. 
l»th. To run awtiy stealthily, Chinos-nkomisti, Chines-koHnko- 

misti. . ., . , If. 

lOth. To creep, Chincs-tidshi. 
llth. The rivor runs, Ks-moopfctiku. i. r 
12th. The spring runs, Ks-o/.ka^tikn. • , 

13th. To spread as water, Ks-melpmi. : ■ , 

14th. As fire, FiS-paup)i)i, Ks-milkokomi, Mellukuku. : > - 

15th. The mill is running, Es-go4koi. 

16th. To go ill the direction of south, north, etc., K8-ntagolusi. 
17th. To run away with, les-gutpusem, les-telkbsom. 
IHth. To run out (of liquids drunk), N/o6p; of streams, Xganup ; 

of any other supply, Z'sip. 
19th. To run over (of liquids running over a vessel), Sigugu ; of 

water running over a field, etc., Bs-chilmelptnem. 
20th. To run over a child, etc., with wheels, les-chgolkoeiicm ; on 

horseback ov running, les-kalufeteni. 
RUNNER, .7. Koilkolt, TIagt. 
RUSTY, a. Ks-kualii. 
RUT, I'. <■. (of animals), Es-sellemi. 

lUJTARAGA, n. Milmilko. i 

RYE, «. I-paa. 




! I n 

^1 > 

SvVCK, n. \h{. Ill ^oiioral, 'riiUcaiio (hy KnliM|)olH), CligokiUMiH (hy 

I'MuIIhmuIh). . t ' 1 ,IM,; i ■ 

2(1. OlClotli ol'iuiy kiiitl, Mp^/,(Mi. 
itti. To ()|K>n a sat'k, (*liin(<H-kofint(>la|)i. It jh o]Mtii, KH-koliiiti<l6p. 

itli. To |)iit in a wacU S«>c I'nt. 

SACK, i\ t. St'o I'liindor. • ■ '■ 

SACHAMKNT, 'i. HaclaimMil, Malifc. I ' ' 

SA(M{KI>, «r. N|>ot(t(M>. S(««« ('oiiHiM-rato. 

SACKIKK'K, r. ^ ri>H-nu6i«Mii, h-H-trimMom. . i » 

SACKinrK. II. Ih(. TIu> act orNacHlicinn, Snnii. 

2(1. 'rii(> (tbjtM't ottiM'ivl, NiuMmcn. 

JM. Ah an oflVrinf^, .NmiZHlicniinU'ii. Sim* (iui/.hIi. i I 

4tli. For Nin. NU6liH(«Mi, NkoliH^NU'n fii I t^'io. 

S.UMM LK( J K, to coniniit a sacrih'f^i', l(>H-nu'linrl<'liHt(MH hi, Icm- 

-('lioin/.i\l(Mn. Yon SwiuW a Hacrilo^iouH coinnninioii, you pro 

laiUMl tlic Coinnxinion, Uu> Cliurcli, " MoltnMcltstcnuint^u In 

snkao/ii). In snclu'i union." 
S.\|), ii. \h{. 'rii(> Ix'iiif; sad, (^hiti(iH-niji^up6lMi, OhinttH-pnpiisi'iKtIii. 
2d. Cansinjj: sadnoHH, l^iiiui:;!. Soo I^ii. 
SAI)I>IjK, H. iHt. For a man to rido, NtUochiska^ai'ton, lit. Wliul 

is placed on Iho back of the Iiothc. 
2(i. For wonicn, NcliJijocliiski'mactcn. 
M. For packinj^, ('lik(»Wteii, .\inaniti'tks. Sec Koelt. 
SADDIiF-HIiANKKT, (M'Hkin, if placed niider tho saddle, Nkii- 

pops ; if jdaced on the saddle, (Mikapeus. Soo Kap. ' 
SADDIiFi, r. t. 1st. To ])lace a man's ridiim saddU' on a horse. 

2d. I saddle that horse, les-ntkochinetn. 
IM. I saddle that horse for him, les-ntkochillem. 
4th. To place a woman's saddle on u horse, ('hiiios-iitko(Iiiskau;aei. 
.')th. T(» |)la('e a pack-saddle on a horse, Chines-nlkoehiskaf^uei. 
fitli. To idace saddle-blankets on a horse, les-nkaponsem, les-nkii- 


'ih. To ])la('o saddlo-blatd<ets on the saddle, les-chkapeiise 




2d. I fix 

:\i\. Sav. 

lib. I'la 



2d. The 

HAtJ. .S( 


SA(iF, ; 


SAIL, « 

SAIL, (-. 



SALF, n 

2d. The . 


2d. To H\ 

'M. het n 



2d. VVhiti 

•M. A spc 

4th. Salni 


sAi/r, «. 

SA I/r, r. 
/.em t 
2d. T(. sal 
2d. By sp< 
.'{(i. Hy shi 
4th. |{y Hi 
;")th. Hy eii 
•ith. Hy ki 
71 h. Hy ki 

■ ■ Wl 
t'l I 'J 

<M)^<)kiU>UH (by 
n, KH-kolinti'lAp. 

,1 < ' > 


■ ! ' '' 

i'lcliHtcm hi, I«'H- 
nimioii, you pro 
(•IcIjHtcmoiitfiU III 


j^iii'ton, lit. Wliut 

HI Niiddlc, Nka- 
w Kap. 
(llo oil ft horsr. 

ipupsiMii, lert-nUii- 


SADNKSS, n. SpiipiiNi^iicli, Sni«up<!lM. 

SAKK, <i. Out ot'<liitii;t<r, AiT^/n/N, Ut. I iim Hiito, < 'lihiitH-^iiiiik^ini. 

'Jil. I (c«'l Halt','('l)iti«m-^iiinkHn/.(iti. 

!M. Siivo<|, *<»/»'««, I -j<nll, (Jiilf^nHl. • ' I- ' 

4tli. IMucr ot'HiU'oty, (iuinkiin(fli>KU. ' i <" 

S,\l''l']. w. A pliicc to Mlor« uwiiy (»hj«M'l», Snlkomlnton. 

SAKK'I'Y, «. iNt. Tli(( hciii^ trrc Ihaii diuiK^T or f't'iir, iS^iiinkutiK^t. 

2)1. TIh* hoiriK Niivcd, S^ul^uiit. 

SA(i. Si'ii liOHii. *i>'>'i I'll 

sAdAciors, ri. ivtAk*- 

SAiJK, n. WiHo, Hnukiilpa^^tm. 

SA(II';-Hlirsil,«. ScMw\I.Hynth. 

SAIIj, ». NlnkiidlK^n, Ntk^^iltun, NHhit6iiltoii, NHliito Hp«^xen. 

SAIL, r. ('. < 'hinoH-laupiiii. (. ' 

SAINT, (/. Sent, I'li^pi'i^t, (ichI, S^hhI^iiIIh Kolin/dton. ' 

SAKK, lor my Hiikt', <«ol. Sco ()wi% ln«l»ihte<l. / •' 

SAliK, n. iHt. 'V\ni lui ofmdlifi^, StorniHt, SiU-in. > . i i ! / / 

2(i. Tho opp«>rUinity offiellinf^, Nl'imtoii. •' ' !■ ' "1 > 

SAI/IV'A, H. IhI. Spitti^if^o. . , ' . 

2<l. To Hwullovv tin; Niilivii, ('iiinoH-kaniKiiii. 

'M. lit^t my siiliva droj) i'roin tliu iiioiilh, ('hiiiuH-naupziiii. Sue Au, 

SAFiMON, n. IhI. Smiich. 
2(1. VVIiito nhIimoii, S'cliiliW;}'.. 
.'I<l. .\ Mpt'ciiil kind ot'Halmon, (ionW;tit>. 
4tl). Salmon iroiit, AizcliHtoin. i ' 

SA liOON, M. For drinking, SnHt'ulkuton. • ■! 'i i 

SALT, i>. Clit^u/.hitcn, Zoll, \A»i}\. 
SAI/r, /'. t. 1st. Suit ho«*f l»y Hcattoriiij^ salt all aroimd, IcH-clijikoi- 

/A'ln t-clitifu/.inton, loH-cliz^lKom. 
2d. To salt a disli, loH-nzoliisom. ' - i I ' 1'I7 - 

SALUTK, r. t. 1st. Hy bowing,', los-koit'scm. .' ' ' ' I , 

2d. Hy speakirifij, liw-chuiim, ('bines-cbdiii I 

:>d. \\\ sliakin^ hands, [cs-cliiiieclisom, Ics-kiii'ltum III chMsbis 

Itli. Hy riniif^ f?iins, Cbinus tapHk6li^tii, Ics-chtapskeli^um. 

ath. By «Mnbracin^, los-n(ihols(isi>m. 

•ith. By kiwsin^, [os-ntamzaripm. < '• 

Ttli. By kiu'cdiii^ bclbro a person, los-chkoislieiii'in. 

SALV.VTION, n. The saving one, Ngiilguilton. S(M( Kedoeni, 

1 / / 

•I - 

1826 ■■■'-V- SAV '■-• ' ■ -^^ . 

SALVER, n. Snes'ehfenten, Kap6lBe.>{ ,<f)H^r»c{oqH .« ,>^.><3Vi(l4,>'. 

SAME, a. iBt. Identical in kind, Ezagfeil. > i ' : ' IIA*! 

2d. Identical in individuality, Sh6i, I-Rhd, Li-flh^i, I-p6tn-8b6i. ', 

3d. I think the same, Lsh^i u chines-nagal^lsi. See Agal. 

4th. I say the same, ijsh^i u chinez-egukdni. Vi ,il)! 

5th. I do the same, lish^i u chinez-ag^ili. i>l rv;idff tx >^i>iM:>\\h 

6th. I think the same as you do, L-anui n chines-nagal^Isi.r'^lM k 

7th. 1 say the same as he does, Lznilz u chinez-oguk^ini. 

8th. I think, I say, 1 do the same as Peter, Chin-nagal^ls t-Pi61, 

Chin-egukdnem t-Pi61, Chin-ag6ilem t-Pi6l. ' (li' >/ i> Ar 

9th. I think the same as you do, Ko-nkuinagal6l8ementgu. You 
think as 1 do, Nkuinagalelsemenzin. And so all verbs can be 
compounded, with the attention of inverting the phrase and 
placing the agent in the English phrase as patient in the In- 
dian version. nA H.'^ J«^»t> ..iijt<ii.K'f ,m-<>! .\i ,'r'/T/;: 
10th. At the same hour, time, Lag^l mnug. H A 1. 

SANCTIFY, V. t. Ist. To consecrate, bless, les-chch^upilem.' 
2d. To make saint, by cleansing from sin, les-gukupnunem, les- 
-koIgofelHem \\x t6ie, les-koltgfestem. 

N.B. — As there is* no proper name for sanctity, one must 
render these phrases by periphrases. n.u. .s*i,u,' (..i >-n\ ,o. 
SAND, n. Sk'pkep6ne. See Skem. .luvh'l 

SANE, a. Ist. I-guil. -,i-^,uu<^ -t^i^^i-, .VitM/^i A* 

2d. Of mind, Es-misz6t. ,.v-)»!i!{. • --jitld- ,ii((7/ .h 

SAP, n. Stikulko, Stadlkan. ik* uiiy n. i iiiVI Ic f.ifh^/. .b 

SAP, V. t. Jes-kuHelira, les-kutzikam. tsj-rri .<"^':i:.--'. ;ir 

SASH, n. Ist. As worn like belts. See Belt. . /m • ] / . 

2d. As hanging from the shoulders. See Haversack, i ..» , i J ; 
SASH (of windows), Nshins61guten.'.-Ml lij- i.J i.t.l'.r/. 
SATAN, n. Sgofelemen. MiiM-Sin .'»(•> ) ki •> 

SATIATE, V. t. les-mk^inchom. See M6ku. ' ,i«ih r '■U,- >■ ( h 

SATISFACTION (contentment), n. SniuAIs. ' 

SATISFY, v. t. Ist. To make content, les-niuAlsein, niuAlsten ; les- 

-npifelsom, les-ngesfelsem. >ti.:.| i "-4 ,-:l-ii(!t| _;i;>li;ii^ ^.'I i 
2d. To comply with the rightful demands, les-nkolisusem. ;l ..;• 
SAVAGE, a. Uakaukt. 
SAVE, i\ ^. Ist. To protect from injury, destruction, .les-gulguil- 

tem. See Guil. ' > >( ..i ■■^'■i-.-u,^\ ,M 

2d. To keep from being spent, les-ncmem, les-chitim. J /,7 

3d. To 

4th. To 

5th. To 


t nt 


6th. See 

SAVE, t 

SAVE, / 




SAW, n. 


SAW, w. 

S.'VW, y. 

2d. The 

3d. To sa 

4th. To Si 



SAY, V. i. 

2d. I say 1 

3d. I say ( 


To sa 

See E 


7th. To no 

l^th. r hav< 

9lh. What 

10th. Whai 

11th. How 

12tli. I say 

SCAB, n. i- 



SCALE, n. 



■ ' » » • 

) Agal. 

kgalfel8l.!"'lM ly 
kdni. '1' ^ 
nagal^ls t-Pifel, 
,?i • J t.H' »/■..'■ 
leinentgu. You 
all verbs can be 
the pbrase and 
lient in the In- 
n-v< .w .i y.ii-'^' 

ch^upilem. ' ' ' 
ikupnunem, les- 

ictity, one must 

......... i-- ,-''■■ 

. . ,1^ .,i(.(7/ .!>'. 

1(1/1 i|M-»il(>^W-. '-W-- 

,ck. n.!J^^ 

|n, niuAlsten ; les- 

>li8usem. I i 

•! ■ 
lion, .les-guls«!l- 

:.,MM,i /M ./- 
Itim. I / ■/ 

SCA 82T 

3d. To save the trouble, etc., G6i. To save you pain, I shall not 

go, " Ta iks-guisti, g6i ku-pupus^nch." 
4th. To save oneself by running away, Chines-elgopmi. -ul .cJ)f 

5th. To save oneself from , Ko-es-lgopn^nems, lit. He let« mo 

escape. I save myself from death, " Ko-es-lgopnillnems Iti 
t nteliltin," lit. Death lots me escape. You cannot save your- 
self from death, <* Ta ks-lgopndnts lu t nteliltin." ''y^'- 
6th. See Redeem, Bansom. i vrKV!n>i<>X .v\h\\ ,vK-i'ut/J)H 
SAVE, V. i. Chines-n6rai, Chin-n6mnemt. f)a oT i^f it' .r7:<l7A^>P^ 
SAVE, />re/). Lu ne ta. • ^ -'id omus-y t S\\/ 
SAVING, a. Parsimonious, N^mnemt, leiiikue. ^^ f''^ "^miM I A't 
SAVIOUR, n. Ngulgnllten, Gulguilt'szUten, Koltkonzdten. J^ T ii>ii 
SAVOR, V. i. Es-pgupmi, pgup. See Pug. n nuii/Ml'.ifjt 
SAW, n. Nichemen. <-.h-w^t 
SAW-MILL, «. Snnichemen, Snpichemen, Snsk^listen. 'i»*^> I 
SAW, V. t. les-nichem. -vrv; I 
SAW, V. i. 1st. Ohines-nichi. iiiifdAirJx-i'.-A Mii- *>? {iiiH ^'jni* I 
2d. The timber, the saw saws, Es-nicKohi. iib ftt mui finuq I 
3d. To saw standing trees, Chines-nichepi. '".fmcji- ^ifii ^-T 
4th. To saw off, les-kul'nichem. I " ,!^*>*>!i ijijnrn!*.'! 
SAWDUST, n. Chnlchemen. .mf«l<{»...!-v.i.>T .'ntirt vM.ifnt 1 aitOf 

SAWYER, n. Sgunichem. ^-H'a /»1. ['>-v,inb '!!■.*'•/ f-; !'»;.? I ^hll 

SAY, V. i. Ist. Chines-ziiti. rf>n.j<. .rtit^> .?>.f :^' .<;' iu.T /.t ! ^ /' •> 
2d. I say to him, les-zunem. " ■-' ''t I i; 'ilMVtisV^ ,.'••!! 

3d. I say of him, about hira, les-chszdnem. •^'- ' •• w ,!></ '>^ 
4th. To recite a lesson, prayer, to pronounce, les-^um. .*\ .'A t. ir 
5tli. To say so, Cbines-zikti u, Chines-ziiti 6u, Chines-zdti shfei. 

See EU. :,-;:■.: ,: .,,J.V; ... . ; -,. 

6th. To say no, Chines-ziiti ta. ' ' ''iv> .>);.••• -i / iff ?<' .^ '•'■ 

7th. To not refuse to speak, les-shufelzcnem. *'•' '->• .T.I.I'iJ* /', «-•' 
8th. I have nothing to say, Ta i6p} nshu^leten. ' il .' , .M)i / <■■' 
9lh. What do I say to him ? Ezinsten ? i .■ m..) .ti-.! ' '■■•i(!i^ ;• ; i 
lOth. What do I say? Chin-ezinti ? .'! ,, .'151/'*- 

11th. How do I say ? Lchen u chinez-egukuni '/ ■ .'/fr-rrT/ ' > - 

12th. I say so, in this way, Lsh^i u chin-egukuneni. i.'S'l'T/.' •>• 
S('AB, n. Skatim. See Katim. •.!r(->->| .fccsv H'i>"--i' 'viiut-^^ I ^" 
SCABBARD, «. Sn'ninchementen. m/I - .i,.),,., .*?*,- 7/ ' 
SCALD, r. t. les-lkfem. ' " j- •iisiK-'^ .it.i4 

SCALE, n. Ist. Balance, K6temen, Snsugumeten. (|}i5-j' i 1/ '- 


32» .' SCA 

2d. Of flsh, lUsh. a8 «>M; ,ta# ,.>l!) ,')f<!ntnj ori) oviw o1* ;»! 

3d. It has Hcales ull round, scaly, E»-ohAih8ini2e.ii7i-ri-/! .a'V. '; ,(»si 
4th. Ladder, Sncbiulsbteu. .imMui wwm oT d^i 

SCALE, w. 8. See Climb. !<'* I >^-«H ' "MV{i"ll?»ir ..<<» ^r/its oT .(Ijjt. 
SCALP, n. Ist. As on the head, Komkan. < ovjtM I .'Kfcm 
2d. As taken off, Sz6kokan. See Zkum. >i|>{->}fi t 

SCALP, V. t. leH-chsku&iikanem, les-ku^ltem in k6mkan; tloM "^i 
SC^ALPBD, part. Z6kokan, Bs-chzku^iakan. . '* ft,' 

SCANDAL, n. Ist. To give scandal to oae, les-chtleApilem 1 t6lo, 

(lit. I cause him harm). jst *ut ocfc .*\3;5<\',u'i /#,K 

2d. I lead him to sin,, los-cbohinepilem iu 1 tfeie, 1 .\y .U^AW A'r 
3d. I give him bad example, les-zuzu^sem in 1 tiie. ' ' ■ ' ^ 
4th. 1 exhort my children to sin, 1 give them bad example by 

words, les-nzuzuzinem lu tiie tu lisgusigult. 'xIm/ .n .V t 
5th. I cause him to commit sin, Ies-k6l8hitem ks-kun^ms ia t6ic. 
6th. 1 give him example in evil, les-guizHem nzgo6lten 1 t^ie. 

7th. I drag him to sin, los-zkukuniknem ch teie. i , /. , 

8th. 1 push him to sin. les-kdpem oh t6ie. •■'! ■••'((■fit <,f|T : 

9th. To take scandal, le^-nzuzu^ehsem lu iselagt. I do my 

comrade does, " les-iizuzu^chHem J-u skols lu i8el6gt."<>i i: 
10th. I follow him, les-cbshinim. > jd/// 

11th. I teel myself dragged by , les-zkuknminem. ' "■' ' '' ' 

SCANDALOUS, a. Ist. Chtleepilonzuten 1 t6ie, Zogzogonziiten I 

teie, Nzgofelten 1 teie, Zkunz6ten 1 t6ie.M "'i '■'-'iA vi .'\ - \ 
SCANT, scanty. Sec Top, Tuin. ■ ....... niu.fis ..lhiI i<> vi.. I . 

SCAR, n. Skatim. See Katim. 

SCARCE, a. Ist. Not plentiful, mre, laiit. See la. 

2d. Below what is wanted, KuHuin. See Tuin. 

3d. Money is scarce with me, laia.sten iu ululiin. ' 

SCARCELY, rtrfy. Gfeil neu ta. i .- - .; 'i 

S(^ARB, V. t. lesngalgelem. ' '.; ^^t- •' 

I got scared, Chin-ngel, Ko-szngalg61. ■"" '-t -.. 1 

SCARF, n. For the neck, Kolkofez'senten. "1 

SCATTER, V. i. Chines-pgomi, Chines-pgomilshi. 

SCATTER, i\ t. 1st. les-pgomim. 

2d. Scatter stones, grain, les-pkom. See Poko. 

3d. We scatter ourselves, Kaes-pgomenzuti. 

4th. .Scatter, spread what is piled, les-pilem. 

S(.\\TTBRED, a. Of people, animals (it standing), Kaes-t'pt'piruti; 

.1 I. .<!"// 






^ I 

h: :•-■ .u , i /.' 

i . ': U 

2d. Of ( 
3d. Of r 
4lh. To 
2d. The 
2d. L) th 


2d. To CI 
2d. To sc 
3d. To sc 
4th. To s( 
.^th. Scor( 
2d. To de 
2d. To scr 
3d. To scr 
4th. To HO 


.i: •-.(>» , . 

I .'K{i5'>H» 

6mkan. tl'>M 
itleispilem 1 tfeio, 

Dad example by 

:unem8 tu tMc, 
ofelten I t^ie. 

! I 

I do wh»t roy 

1 iseliigt." 'iJ' 

Zogzogonxuten 1 

<l iii 71. I i" 

lit !•■ ; I! ! .|}'i 

li. ,...■: ■'[■ .!'. 

iiH ■.■•''. 
,i i,\y. i-T '' • 

.. I. ; ;.T .<.' 

i -nui \ ■■ 
..;: ii;!iV/ ii 

.,i. ,-/..U ilil 

t;.K< .'\ .' '■' ' 

! I t I 
1 '.,»'. 

), Kaes-t'pt'pi'Miti; 

SCR 329 

(if lying down), Kao8-karnkamini6uti. • ^ ■• 

SCENT, V. t. 'let. Of dogs trying to scent the game, Es-nsdmsheni. 

See Suum. 
2d. Of dogs finding out the game by scenting, Es-chcheli, Es-ehehfe- 

lems. He scents a bear, " Es-chch61i t'smgfeichen." He scents 

the bear, " Bs-chchfelems tu smgfeichen." '' 

.3d. Of men, Ies-pugpni\nem. >.; , i;/ ', • w'' 

4th. To scent, perfume anything, les-sinem. ■• ' 

SCENT, n. 1st. The power of smelling, if keen, Niuiuaks. 
2d. The emitting a smell, Spugpalka. .jj/, 

SCEPTRE, n. Chilimigunten. , ., > .ji 

SCHISM, I commit schism, Chines-kolchilemenzfat, Chines-nlkous- 

zfati, Chines-gokousziiti, Chinet-gokbm 1 snehaumen, Chines- 

SCHOOL, n. Snazgalkaiminton. 
SCHOOL-TEACHER, n. Sgumimeiem. 
SCIMITAR, sabre, n. Nspiisten. 
SCIRRHAS, n. Ist. Under the jaws, Es-k6lkolti. 
2d. In the breast, Es-kufeingui. 
SCISSORS, n. Ist. Chalminten, Chilchalmlnten. 
2d. To cHt with scissors, Chines-chalmi, Jes-chalim. 
SCOFF, V. t. les-choinzutein. 
S(!OLD, V. t. les-lomelsem, les-ibmlshten, les-lemlomeisem, les- 

-chilikonem, Ie8-zogzog6m, Ies-kolku6lstem. 
SCORCH, V. t. Ist. A part of the body, los-lmk^m. 
2d. To scorch anything having hair, les-paam. ' 

8d. To scorch posts, les-chulAlkom. 
4th. To scorch a blanket, les-kageizem. 
5th. Scorched by the sun, in the face, Ulpus, Chin-ulpus. 
SCORN, n. 1st. See Laugh, Ridicule, Scoff. 
2d. To despise, les-tmalsem. 
SCORPION, n. Zoige. 
SCOUR, i\ t. les-efepem. 

SCOURGE, I.', t, les-lzim, les-kusfeltichcm, les-plm, les-chspizeni. 
SCOWL. See Frown. 

SCRAPE, V. t. 1st. Ics-gamzim, les-amgdm. See Amg. 
2d, To scrape skins to dress them, les-pshim. 
;{d. To scrape the hair off a hide with a bone, Chines-akai. 
4th. To scrape the hair with a knife, Chines-chgoizepi. 





830 Ji \ SCU 

5th. To ccrape off grease spots, etc., Ie8-kutanng6iii. .; :.! \' 

6th. To scrape a hog, Ies-ehamgu6pein. 'i 

SCRAPER, n. Pshemin, Gamzinten. 

SCRATCH, V. t Ist. With the finger nails, les-telg^uni. 

2d. The face with the finger nails, les-telg^usom. .h- ; 

3(1. The back with the finger nails, les-ntelgauichinem. 

4th. To scratch with the fingers, not with the nails, les-ksifn, 

5th. To scratch oneself against anything, as cattle will do, Es-ka- 

6th. To sci-atch in order to clean the ground from shoav, rubbish, 

7th. To scratch by leaving an indenture, v. g. With a nail on a 

plank, plate, skin, les-emkilm. See Bruise. I have a t*ci"atch, 

" Chin-emdku." 
SCREAM, V. i. Chines-nzelzalkepi) Chines-ufesi. ( 

SCREECH-OWL, n. Nchchigue. 
SCREW, n. Zanemen. 
SCREW, V. t. les-zanem.i 
SCREEN, V. t. 1st. To protect, fes-kolk6igUm. 
2d. To sift, les goku^usem, les-nz'sfeusem. • •• 

3d. To hide away. See Hide. 
4th. To spread a curtain between, les-iligufeusein. 
SCREEN, n. Ist. As it separates, Goku^usten. 
2d. As it prevents the sight of one another, Chetus. 
3d. What is spread between to prevent the siglit, Iiigiieustcn. 
SCRIBE, n. Sgukaim. 
SCRIPTURE, n. Kainiin. Holy Scripture, Kaimintis Kolinzutcn. 

PagpAgt kaimin. 
SCROTUM, n. Mechep. 

SCRUB. V. t. Ist. To wash u floor, Chines-chilzeuipi. 
2d. To wipe it with a mop, Chines-chik'ejtolsi. 
SCRUPLE, V. i. Chines-i6mmi. 
SCRUPULOUS, a. I6miemt. fem6men. 

SCUFFLE, V. L In order to throw one's mate, Kao»-komyiiu«igiii. 
S(!ULPTURE, n. The same a« painting, having regard only to tln' 

features expressed out of the original, or in fhe wood. 
SCULPTURE, i: t. Ist. To carve the wood, les-kaim. 
2d. To express the i'ealures of the object intended to lie repivsciitcil, 



, i 
■. 1 • ■ 


1 : ^ - •' ' 



will do, Es-ka- 

snow, rubbish, 

^ith a nail on a 
I have a weititch, 


intis K«)lin7,uteii, 


ignrd only to tlu' 
le wood, 
) lie ri'presi'ntvd, 


SEO 881 

les-kutkaira. He sculptured the wood, and sculptured out 

Mary, " Kaint6s lu tdku, u kutkaintfis Maly." 
SCUM, n. UV See Froth, Foam. 
2d. For refuse, Sgofelemen. ■-.;-. >■- 

SCYTHE, n. GoizlAguten. 
SEA, n. Ist. S'chitptlem6tiku. See Potlem. 

2d. At sea, on the high seas, Ch^ura, Chiichfcum, Chiichem6tiku.l) 
3d. To be on the open sea, Chin-chefeu. 

4th. To go to the the open sea, Chines-chfeushilshi. See Chfeum. 
oth. Sea shore (not bank;, Silchzin. 

SEAL, V. t. 1st. To mark with a stamp, les-kaim, les-ehitchim. '- 
2d. To seal a letter, to fasten, les-zAnem. .uv. ;. , i 1 ,1/. 

SEA-MAN, n. Sguladp. ;■ I'i :> 

SEAMLESS, a. Goun, Skak6italks. i ")< 

SEARCH, r. t See Seek, Exn mine. Look. ■ • 

SEASON, n. Ist. Of the year. See each one, not being a general 

2d. The season of sowing, reaping, etc., is rendered by prefixing 

the preposition ch to the noun. The season of sowing, Chpkt- 

Ifeguten. The harvesting season, Chgoizlfeguten. 
SEASON, V. t. Food, les-c itguzinem. 
SEASONING, n. Of foci, Chtguzin, Chtguzinten (?t7. What is 

added to food). 
SEAT, n. Ist. On the ground, Nemdten, Ntakshilshten. 
2d. On a chair, or anything on which to sit, Snchitemfiten. For 

several persons, Naifeuten, Snchilaieuten. 
3d. Place, Snlziiten. 
SEAT, V. t. lat. To cause one to sit on the floor, les-lakshilshem, 

2d, On any stool, los-chitiAkshilshem, les-chitemutem. For several 

j)er8on8, see Emut, Lakshilsh. 
SECEDE, V. i. Chines-gokomi, Chinos-nelkufeusi, Chines-nlkous- 

zuti, Chines-gokouszdti. 
SECLUDE, r. f. les-gokom, les-kul^gokom. . 

SECOND, a. Ist. Next alter the first, impers. Lu ks-esel ; /xr.s. Lu 

2d. The next. See Next. 
SECOND, r. t. les-nshidlsem (lit, I have the same thought.) 




382 \ SEE , • 

SECRET, a^ E8-u6knm. In secret, Los-utkum. ' < i ' ^ 

SECRETARY, n. Sgukaim. < • - - U. 

SECRETE, w.f. Ies-61koni, les-lkum. « . i -Urr 

SECOND INE, n. See Afterbirth. 

SECURE, a. Ist. Free from anxiety, safe, Chines-gumkanzuti. 

2d. Certain, I-niii. \ ' 

SECURITY, n. Freadom from anxiety, Sgumkanziit. ' 

SEDATE, o. Snap, I-ssesh. See San. 

SEDUCE, V. t. Ist. les-chidm, les-choinzutem, Ie8-kolgo61em, les- 
-n^kom. ■ . '' 

2d. To entice, les-zkukununem. See Charm. ■• 

3d. les-kiilem. " •'':, 

SEDUCER, n. Chianzulen, Nakomenzuten, Zkunzuten. . 

SEDUCTIVE, a. Zkuz6kut, Zkunzuten. 

SEE, r. J. Chines-uichi, Chines-Hohsk^ligui. 

SEE, ??. f. Ist. les-uichein. 

2d. To understand, les-nsugunem. . 

3d. To discriminate, les-sugum. 

4th. To h>ok at. See Look. 

5th. To make a call, visit, 'les-uichem, les-chguiem. 

6th. To make acquaintance with, les-mipeniinem. ) 

7th. See, look, imper., Ma. 

8th. To see about a matter, les-kulpagem. , 

9th. I see him for the last time, les-chagalusem. See Agai. 

SEED, n. Ist. In general, Sk61ka. 

2d. Garden seeds, Sakfein, Zizinie skolka. 

3d. Stone seeds in fruits, Snchitlte. 

4th. Animal seed, Skolka, Sngul, Skueesh, Guimen. 

5th. Fish spawn, Ekum. 

6th. Progeny, offspring, Sogoeji, Sngul, Kael. J have no seed, no 
offspring, " Ta iep Sogoep." Of the seed of David, " Kael 
Dabit, Sogo6ps Dabit." 

SEED, r. (■. To produce seed, Es-tigu skdlka, Es-tigu sakein. 

SEED, V. t. les-k(ilkam. 

SEEING, twy. m4i. 

SEEK, r. t. Ist. Tt> go in search of, les-tloem, Ics-tlutluuseni, 

2d. Usually rendered by making a verb of the substantive, prefix- 
ing c/i to it. What do I seek ? " (.'hines-chstemi ?" I seek for 
fruits, for flowers, " Chines-chspiikulkai, Chines-chszeekoi." 

3d. To I 

2d. It 86 

3d. It se 
4th. It 81 

5th. It w 
6th. It 8< 
SEER, n 
2d. Seren 

2d. One s 

3d. One li 



2d. To be 

3d. To sei 

4th. It sei 

the nf 



See I 


parti ( 

in shi 

I'd. I am I 

3d. I serv 

4th. I ser 



. •; . i ■ J, i 1 

' . / . ; if. 

''1 ^ 




i / 

, 1 ■ 

-', .. i 





ee Agal. 

ive no seed, no 
David, " Kael 



antive, pretix- 
?" I seek for 

SER 888 

8d. To ask, les-galitem. See Ask, Look after. 

SEEK, V. i. Chines-tleemi, ChineB-tlutlu6si. 

SEEM, V. i. Is^. To bave the appearance, to look, Chin-ezag6il 

t See Appear, Look. ~ ,i 

2d. It beeras, it is likely to be so, Go6 un6. . '' 

3d. It seems, it appears so, Ezagt^il. 

4th. It soems, it is nearly so, G6ii. He seems good enough, " G6il 

5th. It would seem, Go6. 
6th. It seems to me, Chin-ntels. 

SEEMLY, rt. Fit, 16. ,, 

SEER, n. Sguuichem, Sgutuichem, Sgukeisem. 
SEE-SAW, to play at it, Cbines-chkakatAlkoi. 
SEPARATOR, w. Gokueusten. 
SEPULCHRE, n. Sntkotin, Sntemtemndten. 
SERENE, a. Ist. Sky, Ohgesaskat. > ■■ 

2d. Serene aspect, Chkamk6ms. 
SERIOUS, a. S6e, Snap. 
SERMON, n. Skolku61t, Sueuish. 
SERPENT, n. Goulegu, S'cheuile (lit. Es-titishulegu, He crawls). 

SERVANT, n. Ist. One working for another, Sgukblein, Sguaga- 

2d. One sent on errands, Skuistfelt, jo^ Skulkulst^lt. 

3d. One living in the same house, dependant, S'chemtfep, pi. S'chai- 

SERVE, V. i. Ist. Chines-kdlshi, Ko-sguagaluis. 

2d. To be a slave. See Slave. 

3d. To serve in the army, in the navy, Chin-s61ti8, Chincs-laaprai. 

4th. It serves to , Is rendered by the instrumental substantive, 

the meaning of which is : It is used for, v.g. It serves to saw, 
" Nichomen " {lit. It is used to saw). It serves to chop, " She- 
lemin " {jit. It is used to chop). It serves to write, "Kaimin." 
See Use. 

SKRVE, I". ^ Ist. To work for one, les-kolshitem ; and in any 
particular work the serving is rendered by the verb relative 
in shit em. 

2(1. I am his sei'vant, Ko-sguagaluisls. 

3d. I serve him, les-sguagaluisem. 

4th. I serve him as an errand boy, whom he sends where he 
pleases, Ko-skulstfelts. 



884 \ SEN 

oth. I servo him by remaining with him as an inferior, les-chem- 

tepem. ' '-_ -i i .1 

6th. To be subservient to one, submissive to^ les-kulagalemistem, 

7th. To serve one at table (if I set down one dish), les-tlfashltem ; 

(if 1 set down several articles), les-solshitem. 1 

Hth. To serve meat, food at the table, les-tkfem, les-selim, les-kn- 

Oth. To servo one by giving him to drink, Ics-ko^mfalshtem. 
lOth. To deal out. See Deal. < 

1 1th. To attend, to take care, les-chitim. I serve two nations, 

" Eselfeligu u ies-chitim." 
12th. Ho serves mo as a secretary, I-sgukaim. He serves me as u 

farmer, l-8guk61ka. 
13th. It serves me to cut, to write, In-nichemen, In-kaiminten. 
14th. It servos me right, Chin-p6kaka. 
15th. I served him right, les-pakakem, les-uicheem. 
SEGREGATE. See Separate, Divide. ' ; 

SEIZE, V. t. les-kunfem, les-chinim, les-konniknem. 
SELDOM, rtdfr. Tas goeit, Tefe kuinsh. ' 

SELF, n. 1st. With pronouns, I, Myself, I-koi6. , 

2d. With verbs, rendered by the reflexive verb. 
SEJjL, v. t. les-guizshem. See Trade, Buy, Pay. 
SELL, V. i. Es-neisem, Es-nfeistem. Furs do not sell now, "letelgoa 

tas nfeislem lu spum." 
SENATE, n. Snkamkameliston, Snchzogoepil^ten. 
SENATOR, n. Sguchzogo6pile, Sgukulpagfem, Sgukolkoelt. 
SEND, V, t. 1st. To dispatch, les-kiilstem. 
2d. To make go, les-guiem. 
3d. To send forth, to emit, Ies-chk61ilem. 
4th. To send forth branches, Es-chkualtchsti. 
ith. To send an affliction, phigue, rendered by les-k6lshitem sngnz- 

guzm^ls, or the like. 
Hth. To send a ball, arrow, les-tapminem hi tapmin, les-tapiin. 
7th. To send with authority, to commission, les-chkulstfepilem. 
xih. Many other meanings of this verb must be construed .accord- 
ing to the following noun. To send a fragrance, E8-ges6lkivi, 

Oth. To send an express, Chines-kultumshi. 




ferior, les-chem- 
), les-tkashitem ; 
[us-aelim, les-kn- 
rve two nations, 
Le servos me as u 
^m. ' .. 

ell now, "letelgoa 



in, les-tapiin. 
■onstrued .act-ord- 
ince, Es-gesalkai, 

HET 88ft 

10th. To send word to Andrew, Chin-kolkodlt (;h-Antel6. 

SENIOR, n. My senior, l-sgushiit, Tel koie u shiit. : 

SENSELESS, a. Es-tlilemi, Tas misz6t. 

SENTENCE, n. Ist. Opinion, Szntels. 

2d. Decision, as formed in the mind, Chin-uis-ntils. 

8d. Decision, as expressed, Nchzogoepil6ten. ;j 

4th. To pass a sentence, Chines-chzogo6pilei, Chin-nis-kolkofclt. 

I SENTENCE, v. t. les-chzogofepilem. 

SENTINEL, n. Sguazgara, Sguchgal6m, Sguchitim, Sguchshitim. 

SEPARABLE, a. Gokokodtem. ' 

SEPARATE, V. i. Ist. Jes-gokomim, les-gokofeusem. 

2d. To take away from the main bulk, not to hide away, les-kol- 

8d. To detach. See Detach. ' "' ■ ■ -• ■ ' *'■' 

4th. To lie between, to intervene, is rendered by the dual or copu- 
lative form in ins. A street separates them, " Es-ngaktus " 
(Jit. There is an empty, clear place between). 

ftth. To separate oneself from one's wife or husband, les-gokopfeu- 
sem, Io8-i>oIku6uscm, les-golstuigum. 

SEPARATE, V. i. Chines-gokopmi, Chines-gokopfeusi, (/hines-nel- 
ku6usi, Chines-golstu^gui. 

SEPARATELY, rtrfv. 1st. «rti/)/?rs. Nko nko. 

2d. pers. Chinkanaks. 

3d. Usually the verb affecting objects separately, not collectively, 
is reduplicated. 1 make them separately', one by one, " les- 
-kolkblem." i kill them separately, some hert- some there, 
" les-komkomim." 

SET, V. t. Ist. To seat. See Seat. 

2d. To put, place, lay. See Put. . 

3d. To fix firmly, les-zanem. 

4th. To stop, les-tlpim. ' 

oth. To fix in the ground, les-shitim, ^/. les-zelim. 

(Uli. To plant See Plant. 

7th. To determine, to set a price, a day, los-aum. 

^th. To set in good order, to arrange, les-tgomini. 

Dth. To set apart. See Separate. 
10th. To set free, les-ozkaeni. See Deliver. 

11th. To show. See Show. And innumerable other phrases, which 
must he looked tor under their equivalents. 




886 V SHA ' • 

SET, i». I. Tho 8iin, stars, etc., set, Ks-chiso^skani. 

SETTLE, P. t. Ist. To place in a pormanont position, los-tk6m. 

2(i. To cause to settle, to bo fixed, Ies-znpn(inom, les-z^nem. 

3d. To cause to be quiet, les-kampim, los-tlplm. '■'" 1 , 

4th. To determine, decide, les-tgomim, les-chzogo^pilem. 

SBTTTiE, r. i. Ist. To take up a home, Chines-kolstoligu, Chines- 

2d. To become fixed, steady, Oliines-znpma. See Zan. 
8d. To become quiet, Chines-kampmi, ('hines-tlpmi. 
4th. To adjust differences, ('hines-tgomi. 
5th. To become settled, straight, gentle, Chines-tgogomi. 
Hth. The coffee, tea, etc., is settling, Es-npt'taizo, Es-npt't^ku. 
7th. The coffee is settled, Nptilzc, Xptdtiku. 
SEVEN, Ist. impers. Sispel. 
2d. pers. Chslspel. 
3d. Seven days, Spelch^skat. 
SEVENTEEN, 6pen et sispel, FA sispel. 
SEVENTH, a. 1st. impers. hu ks-sispel. 
2d. pers. JiU ks-sispel. > 
SEVENTY, SpelchJ6pen. 

SEVER, V. t. 1st. To separate, les-gokbm, les-gokn^usem. 
2d. To sever a piece by cutting it off from a whole : if by the axe, 

los-kotshi'lim, and so on, the idea of severing is expressed by 

the preposition " kot " or " kul^ " prefixed to the verb. 
SEVERED, a. Es-goku6us, Es-kolshil, Es-kofnich. • 
SEVERAL, a. 1st. A goodly number, but not very great, Kuith. 
2d. See Some. 
SEVER.\LLY, ath'. Rendered bj* the verb or noun reduplicated. 

They go severally, " Es-guigui, Enen6s." They go jointly, 

" Es-guui, Es-en6eH." 
SEW, V. t. Ie8-tk6m, les-tpitu, les-nshinusem. 
SEW, V I. Ist. Chines-lkomi. 
2d. Ry adding a piece, Chines-tpmi. 
3d. By patching holes, Chines-iishinusi. 
SHACKLE, V. t. les-lchim. 
SHADE, ». 1st. S'chfei. See Oh^i. 
2d. To put to shade, under shade, [os-kuk-heieni. 
SHADE, i\ t. Ist. To throw a shade over an object by intoi'c('])ting 

the rays of light coming from above, los-chilcheiem. 

■ . - M' 

ion, lo8-tk6m. 

tistuligu, Chines- 



e ; if by the axe, 
f is expressed by 
the verb. 
y great, KuitH. 

nil reduplicated, 
hey go jointly, 

by intercepting 

SUA 387 

2d. To intercept tho rays of light from below, Ios-ku)chdiem. 

3d. To shade oneself, to make a shade for oneself, Chines-knk'hei' 

4tb. To put under shade, Iea-kuk'h6iem. 

SHADOW, n. Ist. Of any object, man, tree, or animal, inasmuch 

as it has the configuration of the object, Smelmelkoi. 
2d. Inasmuch as it intercepts the rays of light and makes a shady 

spot, S'cheilfegu. 
SHADOW, V. t. 1st. To throw shade on an object, Jes-chiich^iem. 
2d. To put under shade, Io8-kuich6iem. , ^ ..i ,., ,», ,..<.. r,ir. 

3d. To intercept the raj's of light, les-kuichfeiem. .uyid^-i 

4th. To represent typically, les-kolsbgumeu. i A : > / 'I .'A \f A H^, 

SHADY, a. Cheil6gu. ..uf.i;- ,.</ ,<.. j jlllU I fl.- 

SHAFT, n. Ist. Arrow, Tapmin. <-\SA' 

2d. Tho shafts of a single horse carriage, P'np'ntniuten. 
SHAKE, V. t. Ist. To make an object to and fro, as wind does 

with a tree, les-iAt'tem. 
2d. To make an object to move, les-ium. .: {v.'l »j>; H'A I \\< 

3d. To agitato forcibly, los-pkum. See Puk. > .tJ{ ,\. Ahj il-^ 
4th. To shake off dust, snow, les-pkum. hi: 

5th. To toss, Ie8-u6lem, les-ulu^lem. ^ t,)'. 

6th. To shake hands with one, les-chinfechsem. fiiiii ,»-«>;. i>' >(ir^ 

7th. To shake hands with one another, Kae8-chinchsemenu6gui. 

SHAKE, V. i. Ist. To move, Chines-iui. 

2d. A vacillating motion, Chines-idt'ti. 

3d. To be jolting, tossing, Chines-ueli. 

4th. To bo shaken off, Chines-puk. \,v}r,(\ y,i\i>>\ 

5th. To be tottering, Chinos-iat'ti. ,X ,-•.,! n 

6th. With cold, Chines-chiszlfeini. (jq:.:/'.M .< ■ . 
7th. See Tremble. ■ ! • 

8th. Of a tree, etc., out of perpendicular, falling, Es-kuzichorai. 
SHAKY, shaking, a. I-tiSt, I-gualii. .ilM'li! ,« >: j;i / H- 

SHALL, V. aux. Nem. Shall and Will are rendered by the same, 
only by making the emphasis on Nem when it is for Shall. 

SHALLOW, a. Of water, Ngampulegu {lit. Dry land with water) ; 
Tas nkofest. , 

SH.iM, a. Ist. Good for nothing, Itenemus. . - 

2d. Deceiving, Ikoistfemon. 

3d. In composition for useless, is nicely rendered by Skaiii pretixod 
to the verb cr noun. See Skam. 

' ' ' * ' 


888 ^ SHA 

4th. For (loceitful, affix 6iei, reduplicating tite flrnt Hyllablo. See 

SHAM, V. t. Chinoa-paganzilti. See Feign. » 

HHAMJl, n. Ist. Tiie net of being ashamed, Sss^sh, Sz^^ht. Set* 

2d. What causes shame, Nzoshtin. 

8d. The shame, pudenda, Nzeshtin. ; J? ^ 

4th. To feel, to have shame, Chines-zoeshmi. ,.'.;*• urS't'; ,••!'' 
5th. To have shame of one, les-zesheminem. 
SHAME, V. t. To put to shame, to cause to feel ashamed, les-zoe- 

SHAME-FACED, a. Zeeshfemen. i • '■ v ;| > ...;..j ., -T .^r 
SHAMEFUL, a. Nzeshlin. - .li.J'i •...Yav 

SHAMELESS, a. Ta epl nzeshtin, Tas ze^sh. 
SHANK, n. 1st. The part of the leg from knee to foot, S'chchem- 

^Icst'shin, and it is properly the front part of the log. 
2d. The two sides, parts of the leg, Snkbmshin. ' • '/ -■ ^'i^' 
SHARE See Part. :>.,, -w,. ,,.,..,^ . . ■ .i . -i^ »,4jiif- 

SHARP, a. 1st. Goigoiit.j 
2d. Acuminated, Es-nchmdks. 
3d. Sharp taste or smell, I-tagt, TagtAgt. 1 -h * . . ',! -i<,; if .,ll 
4th. Sharp language, Gut'tzin. To speak sharp to one, les-gut'tsci- 

5th. Of keen perception, keen sight, Chiuiuds. See Keen, lo. 
6th. Very trying, Pizpizt. 

7th. Sharp fire, Uiluilt. i?- ' .., j i, i ,i ,.| r : 

8th. Sharp pain by being burnt, UUuilpt. See Ulini. ' •/? iU 
9th. Sharp pain by soreness, Zalzilt. 
10th. Intelligent, clever, Pagp^gt. 
SHARPEN", V. t. By filing, les-gofekusom, les-pctlisem. Sharpen 

it for me, " Ko-go6kuH, Ko-p6tiilt." • . m • . 

SHARP-SIGHTED, a. Chiuius. 
SHATTER, V. t. To break in small pieces, les-telim. See Break, 

SHAVE, V. t. Ist. To cut away the hair, beard, with a razor or 

other sharp tool, les-amgum, Ies-chihvmg61gum, les-chamgue- 

pem. N.B. — (a) The Flathead will say, les-gamzim. See Razor, 

Scrape, Pare, (h) If the hair, beard is not cut off close to the 

skin, as we do shaving, see Ail. 

.ill, if i<> j -;' ; 
. . . 1 ... 


'. •■< ,t v.n,.i:';(iM'r A< 

•-t» 1. 

2d. To 




3d. Ind 

4th. To 


2d. Ifii 

3d. If 11 



2d. 1 w( 

3d. I pu 

SHE, p) 

2d. Wh( 









2d. To ui 

SHED, v 

2d. To si 


3d. To sh 

4th. To 8 

5th. To si 

6th. To si 




2d. The h 

3d. The f« 

4th. Serp( 

SHED, n. 


Hyllablo. See 

'•' ■ • ; ' 

•tl- ''I, 



•. • ill tJ! /{•]'' 

liumed, los-zee- 

'<•=■' ' - ".■■ 

foot, S'chchem- 
,ho log. 

,:, ..;■:,., I i»!: 

. - i.iiU- '.T ..III 
one, les-gnt'tKi- 
se Keen, lo. 


T ;iil 

>; t' 1 I il i 

inem. Khnrpeii 

.'■' •' .',. ^' 
im. See Bixiak. 

■itli a razor or 

im, les-chaingui- 

izim. SeeEazor, 

off dose 10 the 

2d. To ihave oneHolf, ChineH-gainzbHi, ('hines-ehilfttnguolgunzbti, 
rhine8-amuguBonz6ti. Thin latter moans literally, 1 scrape 
the hair off my own faro ; the next meann, I Hi>rape my own 

3d. Indian style, pulling the hair, Chines-tkopenzCiti. 

4th. To shave a tree, plank, Ies-ohgutl4lkom. ''^ 

SHAVED, a. Ist. I-t6ko (if the hair is all out fVom the roots). 

2d. If it bo cut close to the skin, Amdg. 

3d. If it be cut with the scissors, not so close to the root, Ail. *^ 

SHAVINGS, n. Chgutlmlnten. jH^*. 

SHAWL, n. 1st. Snazfelchst. See Az. Skolz6ize. ^r 

2d. 1 wear a shawl, Chine8-kotz6izei. '^• 

3d. I put a shawl around her, I give her a shawl, Ics-ko)z6izeni. 

SHE, pron. 1st. Znilz. 

2d. When used for denoting the female, Sme6m, Sm6mshin. 

SHEAF, n. Bs-lchdus, pi. Es-lch*lis. Piles of sheaves, Es-lch- 

SHEAR, V. t. Sheep, los-chitgolzelgum, les-chiigoizilgum. See 

SHEARS, n. Chalminten, ('hil'goizelguten (as used for sheep 
shearing.) ' ■• " ' • ■•<*■ 

SHEATH, n. Scabbard, Snnichemen. ' 

SHEATHE, V. t. 1st. To put into the sheath, les-nzakom. ' iM" 

2d. To unsheathe a sword, Ies-nzok6m, nzokant^n. '^OI 

SHPiD, V. t. Ist. To cause to emanate from oneself, Ies-chk6lilem. 

2d. To shed blood, les-sigum sing6l. Jesus Christ Hhed his blood, 
" Jesu Kli sigumis hi singfal.'' 

3d. To shed tears, Chines-chauaupusi (lit. My eyes are dropping). 

4th. To shed light, Es-paakami. "'-"■■■ 

.5th. To shed heat (of the sun), Es-kukulemi. 

6th. To shod heat (of a stove, fire), Es-tlaakami. 

SHED, V. t. To throw off, to let fall a natural covering, Ist. To 
shed the hair, Es-chiHokfelgui. The hair shedding, Es-kut- 
lepmi. - r^i' • ,--} .■■ M.n 

2d. The horns. Es-pelkisi. Tho horns sliedding, Es-tiipmi. ' ■' 
3d. Tho feathers, Es-tkanzuti. ' * < 

4th. Serpents shed their skins, Es-nauszuti. See Eum. ' ' 
SHED, n. Chik'h6i8ten. - '' '• ' ! 

SHEEP, n. 1st. Limot6n, Sip. •'■ • • ' .' '"' 

\ I " 


840 SHI 

2d. Tho female, GolgoAl. , ', j ;.; 

3d. The male mountain sheep, Lomenels'chin. .,, ,, . ; ,, /c 

SHEET, n. Ist. For bedding, Sizem. r ' 

2d. Of paper, Kaimin. 

SHELF, n. For dishes, Snkap61ze. 

SHELL, n. Ist. Of eggs, or any other thing covering another all 

around, Chchemize. See Chem. 
2d. The shell of oysters, fish, etc., Skokollane. , . 

SHELL COEN, v. t. les-chtomim. 

SHELL, V. i. Ist. The wheat shells, Es-pkokomi, Es-toukami. 
2d. The hair shells off, Es-kutlepmi. 
SHELTER, V. t. Ist. To furnish a shelter for, les-kulcheieshtem. 

See Chfei. 
2d. To cover from harm, les-kolkfeigum. f if 

3d. To screen from notice, les-u^kum. 
4th. To shelter oneself from the sun, Chines-kulcheimisti, Chines- 

5th. To shelter anything from the sun, les-kutchfeiem. t ; 

6th. To shelter oneself fi'om the wind, Chine8-k6imi. 
7th. To shelter anything from the wind, les-koim. 
8th. To shelter oneself from rain under a rock or tree, Chines-kul- 

9th. To shelter himself in a cavern, Chines-ntlikumisti. See Tlfeku. 
10th. See Disguise. 
11th. To shelter oneself under somebody's protection, Chines-chi- 

telemisti, Chines-chiteehmisti, les-chitclemistem. 
SHELTER, n. 1st. What covers from the sun, Chilcheisten. 
2d. From the wind, Nkoimisten. 
3d. From enemies, Kolkeigunzuten, Snchitelemisten, Nchiteche- 

misten. God is my shelter, " KoUnziiten tu in-chitelemisten, 

in-ehitoehemisten." See Chitechemi, Chitel. 
SHEPHEKD, n. Sguchitim I goigoal, Sguchit'skagae. 
SHEiUFF, n. Sgulchim, Sgukun6m. 
SHIELD, n. Ist. S'chitlechst. 
2d. To wear a shield, Chines-chitl^chsti. 
SHIFT, V. f. les-sipshilshem. ' 

SHIFT, V. i. Chines-s'ipshilshi. See Change. 
SHIN, n. S'ciiohemakst'shin. 
SHINE, V. i. 1st. Of the sun, Fs-kukulemi. 

ng another all 

■ !i; 
icimisti, Chines- 

tree, Chines-kut- 

(listi. SeoTlfeku. 

on, Chines-chi- 




jten, Nchiteche- 


.ii : 

SHO 341 

2d. Of the moon, I-pa^ka, Es-okfem. • li^ .'.in.i' ■ I'l;.; (. , .../, 

3d. Of stars, «l-ziku. ,.. , » . .i- i ' 

4th. Of candles, I-pa^ka. ' i >f <; • - • ■ ■: ' 

5th. To throw light, Es-paakami. ;i--i .iKi- .-.lii' •,. . ■ 

6th. What throws a brilliant, fair light, I-p6gu, Es-pegumi. 

7th. What throws a dazzling light, I-pich. 

8th. To shine, to be polished like tin, light reflecting, Es-siich, 

9th. To shine by being illuminated, as a room lighted, the earth at 

sunrise, Es-gulpmi, I-gal. :i'- , • 

10th. To shine, to make light to anyone, les-zefekom. t 

11th. To shine all around, Chpakaize, Chipeguize, Chzichize. ' 
SHINGLES, n. Ist. Chilzize, Chilzemin. 

2d. To make shingles, Chines-chilzemi, les-s^gom ikt-chilzminten. 
SHINGLE, V. t. les-chilzim. I shingle his house, " les-chilzilt^m 

lu zitgus." 
SHINING, a. Ist. As water, clear room, I-gal. See Bright. 
2d. Throwing light, I-padka. • ' 

3d. Brilliantly, I-p6gu. - . • .'i >' 

4th. Dazzling, I-pich. • •' 

5th. Keflecting light, I-ziich. 

SHIP, n. Stilem. See Boat. • 

SHIPWRECK, V. i. Chines-miuli, Chines-ntellfetikui. 
SHIRT, n. Ist. Snaztkfeit ; in comp. — alks. •' 

2d. I have a shirt on, Chines-naztk^it. 

3d. I put on a shirt, Chines-nazikfeiti. ! . i .li- 

4th. I put a shirt on him, les-naztkfeiten, nazlkditen. 
5th. I wear that shirt, Ies-nazlk6item, nazl^k^itemen. ' i' ''' 

6th. 1 have no shirt, Chin-nptlalks. 

7th. I pull off my shirt, Chines-nptlalksi. • 

SHOCK (of wheat, oats), n. Es-keikei. 
I shock wheat, les-keik^iem. 
SHOE, n. Ist. In general, Kaeshin (lit. What the foot is stuck in), 

pi. Kakaeshin. . 

2d. Leather shoes, I-t'stisshin. 
3d. Snow-shoes, Szeufechshin. 
4th. To make hlioes, Chines-tkoshinmi, 
5th. To put on a pair of shoes, Chines-kakaeshinmi. 
6th. To wear a pair of shoes, Chin-kakaeshin. 


Co CO 


842 SHO 

7th. To pull off one's shoes, Chinos-pttptl-shinmi. ' / ■■'•: 

8th. To bo without shoes, Chin-pUptlshin. 

9th. To put shoes on a follow, los-kakaoshinim. ^ 

10th. To wear that shoo, les-kaeshinminom. 

11th. To wear another's shoes, les-kakaeshinmiUem. 

12th. To wear double shoes, overshoes, Chines-chgap^ushini. 

18th. To walk on snow-shoos, (^hines-zoufechshini. 

14th. Horse-shoes, Ululini kaeshin, Kashiskagao. 

16th. To make embroidery on the shoes, les-ehilkolchinshlnim, 

les-chitkaichinshinim (the tinal chinshin rot'ers to the upper 

part of the foot). 
SHOE, y. f. les-kaeshinim. 

SHOOT, V. t. 1st. A person, animal, or anything, les-tapim. 
2d. An arrow, ball, les-tapminem. 

3d. To shoot at pereons, animals, indefinite, (yhinos-tAp61zei. 
4th. To shoot arrows, balls, guns, indefinite, Chin-tapskfeligui, 

oth. To shoot arrows by the hand, not by the bow, Chines-ilmi. 
6th. To shoot branches, l^javos, roots, los-kualim. See Kual. 
SHOP, n. Work house, Snk61emon. 
SHORE, n. 1st. Properly the ground surrounding a lake, stream, 

2d. The bank of a rivor or lake, Sgazin ; in comp. — zn6tiku. 
3d. To walk on the shore, Chinos-gusgue8zn6tikui. See Gui. 
4th. To stand on the shore, Chines-nechsushznetikui. See Eehsuish. 
5th. To pull ashore, les-nzkuzin6tikum. See Zkum. 
6th. To go ashore, to land, Chinos-nttshilshi. 
SHORT, a. 1st. Not long, Goigooz. 
2d. To cut short, los-goizem. 
3d. Short time, ijishe, Izenfe. A short time ago, Izene. After a 

shoi't time (fut.). No izen6. See Later, No Geitne. 
4th. vShort in quantity, failing, KuHuin. See Tuin. 
5th. Short in provisions, Chin-ntunfep. 
6th. Short of cloth, Chin-ntunize. 
7th. Very near in time, Goetle. 
8th. Very near in space, ('hichef. 
9th. Sharp. Sec Sharp. 

10th. Short man, fjkukuimdlko, /)/. lizizinu'ilko. 
SHORT, SHORTS, n. Izich. 

2d. On 
3d. Sm 
2d. Th< 
3d. Tht 
4th. To 
5th. To 
6th. A 1( 
7th. Sho 
2d. Of w 
3d. For 1 
2d. Snow 
2d. Porj 
3d. Over 
4th. ]iy 

5th. For. 
6th. In pi 
7th. To SI 

•''' To mj 


3d. To tot 
4th. To ui 



i to tho upper 



, Chines-ilmi. 
See Kual. 

a hike, stream, 

Sec (Jni. 
li. See Echsuish, 

Izene. After a 

/. ' ' 




Three shotH, 

■ I H 

SHORTEN, V. t. loH-jroizem, los-gotim. ' ' v 
SHORTNESiJ, n. Sgolji. t . v ,i 

SHORTLY, adv. Izon6 ; (fut.) Ne izenfe. 
SHOT, n. Ist. Lead shot, I-milmklko. 
2d. One shot, Nkokan61. Two shots, Nasalkandl. 

Chalalkan^l. . ' 

3d. Small shots, Sz'zim61c. 
SHOULDER, n. Ist. The top of it, SnchmUkfeit. 
2d. The right shoulder, S'ehzehilonchst. 
3d. The left, S'clnneh61onch8t. , . - .I 

4th. To put on his shoulder, Ohines-ntkotk^iti, les-ntkotkiiteni, 
ntkotkditomon. 1 have that, carry that on my shoulder, " les- 
-ntkotk«^item, ntkolkfeiten." 
5th. To carry a log, a piece of wood on the shoulder, Chines-nchzi- 
k6iti. I carry that on my shoulder, " les-nchztkfeitera, nchzl- 
k6itomen." 1 load him on tho shoulder, " les-nchzlk^item, 
nchztk6iten." In comp., — Jk6it. 
6th. A leg of an animal, Szoshin. i 

7th. Shoulder-blade, Sgutlinchst. 
SHOVE, V. t. imp. Zku6nt. 
SHOVEL, n. 1st. NkalcJUkfeit. 
2d. Of wood for shoveling the snow, Agom^chst. 
3d. For flour, wheat. Lumen. 
SHOVEL, u. <• let. Dirt, grain, les-npkura. 
2d. Snow, les-Agom. 

SHOUT, V. i. Ist. To excite soldiers in an onset, Chiiies-chilemi, 
les-chilemom, chil6men. (It is done by uttering a cry and 
striking one's mouth at the same time.) 
2d. For joy alter battle, Chines-iiili. ■ > 

3d. Over the dead, Chine8-zo6ti. 
4tli. By night calling women, Chines-npugpugulzei, Chinos- 

5th. For Joy in a dance, not of war, Chines-ufenshi. 
()th. In prayers to the sun, or otherwise, Chines-otini. 
Ttli. To 8urj)rise anyone, Chines-iagaize, les-iigam. 
SHOW, V. t. 1st. To exhibit an object to view, les-koeneui. ' 
2(1. To manifest, uncover, reveal, les-lakomim. 
3tl. To teach, explain, Ies-m6iem. 
4th. To usher in, to guide, les-iikum, Io8-gui>i»em, les-nolgum. 

/ ' 





3] 20 

tn CO 

3 . 

: i . ■ ! IV- 
I'nl! • 


5th. To point out with tho finger, Io8-z6l<oin. * ' ' 

SHOWER, n. KH-tflhomchiini. ■'■ ^■- 

SHRED, n. Es-tmiigjin. / - ' i 

SHRINK, ('. /. iHt. Chinos-kazpnu. " 

2(1. My hand is Hhrunk, Chinos-kanfcohst. See Kan. ' 
3d. To ro(!oil, Chinos-onutupi. 

SHRUB. So Bush. i 

SHUFFLE, r. <. Cards, les-nlca^fusom. i! i 

SHUN, y. t. Ist. Ie8-goUu6nem, les-nhinelsem, Ic8-chhi6ncm. Seo 

2d. To shun tho sight of a person, les-m^nzem. 
SHUT, V. t. Ist. A door (not locking) of our houses, les-kotinshe- 

2d. An Indian's lodge door, Ie9-koHnk61epotn. See Lock, Door, 

3d. A drawer (not locking), Ie8-no680in, nobsemon. 
4th. A hole, a ditch, les-tkepem. 
5th. An eye, Chinos-nzipsi. 
6th. Tho mouth, Ohinos-imduskuni. 
7th. The hand, Chinci- kaz^chsti. 

8th. One's oars with tho fingers, Chinos-ntkenenzuti. Seo Deaf. 
9th. To shut out, les-koHnzenniApem. 
SHY, a. Zoo8h6nien, Ngal6mon (if for fear). 
SICK, a. Ist. Of persons, Chinos-zalmi, Chino8-(;hzal6lHi. 
2d. Of animals (rarely of people), Chines-ufeiti. 
3d. Sick at heart, displeased, Zal lu ispuus. ' > l! 

4th. To be sick of a ])er8on or thing, to be disgusted, los-chostoml- 

nom, los-nchcsolsom. 
5th. Of any part of the body feeling sore, Zilzilt. 
SICKEN, V. t. les-zalim. 

SICKENING, rt. Ist. Provoking to vomit, Chfelchilt. 
2d. Painful, sore, Zdlzilt. 
SICKLE, n. Goizl6guten. 

SICKLY, a. Chzalz6mon, Uit^mon, Ks-tkutkAli, Hlc-chsuluilkan. 
SK^KNESS, n. Ist. The being sick, Szal, S'chzalils. 
2d. Tho cause of sickness, Nzaltin. 
SIDE, n. Ist. Tho part of the body about tho ribs, S'chit61zo (from 

S'chut, and it moans one side only, one part of tho body). 

The extremity of tho side, S'chomltiiut. See Chom. Both 

2d. !n c. 

3d. Tho 
4th. 1 w 



I p. 




I Stl 

I stl 




!)th. I sit 

10th. I 8 



11th. Fr( 


12th. To 


13th. On 

"L 1 

" To 

14th. Thi 

To j 


15th. Thi 

16th. Th( 

17th. Tht 

18th. Thi 

19(h. On 

20th. On 
lo i\ 

2lMt. Tho 

22(1. To ti 

23d. To U 


• , ■ 1 : 1 • ' 1 i M 
/. \ :;.•■'■' 

, . ! 1 : i ' ■ ! !^-' 

.1 .M'O .!''■ 

chhi6ncm, Sei' 

if ^ ' ( 

SB, les-kotinshfi- 
ne Lock, Door, 

iti. Soo Doiit. 

U6lHi. ' 

, Io8-chcstomi- 



S'chit^lKc (from 
L of the body). 
ie Chom. Hotli 



Hido8, S'cheirn'licmVni6t. 
'2(1. 5n composition, the side ot a perHon, or of a road, etc., in ren- 

dorod by tlio affix — Iniiit. 
8d. Tho wound, hole in the Hide, iS+golniut. - i ^ ' ' ' '! '-''' 

4th. 1 wound his side, loH-JgoVniutcm, or, les-lf^ocuHom \\\ %\'\\\- 

tdlzcH. I pasH liiH Hide through and through, Ics-chiz6uH»»ni, 

or, Io8-chiz6uHom \\x s'chitfelzcs. 
oth. I put my finger in hiu side, leu-ulochiistusem, or, Io«-nlochiH- 

tuHem hi s'chitolzoH. I put my finger in the wound in his 

side, IoH-nlochiHt6kem lu sl-golniuts. 
Hth. I place my hand in his wide, les-ntkauHem, les-nhiachsem \\\ 

stgotniuts, or, ios-ntkauHem tu s^gohiiuts. 
7th. I Htrike him on the Hide, leu-Hphiiutem. 

Sth. I stand by his side, by him, res-chechHuishem. See Kchsuish. 
Dth. I sit by liis iside, close to him, Ics-chlaksliilsheni. 
10th. I Htay, I dwell by bin side, res-chenidtem. In general the 

preposition di prefixed to the verb gives it tho meaning by the 

side, near by, not of tho material rib side. 
11th. From side to side, through and through, rendered by the 

copulative verb in — cus. 
12th. To lav things down side by side, as flooring, les-ntkomfeu- 

Hom. See Abreast. 
13th. On the other side of a river, sea, Niskot. On that side, 

" L niskit." To that side, " Ch ni8k6t." From that side, 

« Tel niskot." 
14th. This side of a river, Znteleele. On this nide, " L xnteleelo." 

To this side, " Ch zntelc6lc." From this side, " Tel zutel- 

l.^tb. This side of a mountain, Ztelehichen. 
16th. Tho other side of a mounUiin, Chtelehlchem. 
17th. The other side of a valley, coulee, ('hntelielze. 
18th. This side of a valley, Znteliilze. 
19th. On the other side of you, livrther, Zi ch astch/.ii. 
20th. On this side ol'you. She I as-chiteiee!e. More toward^ hero, 

le t's'chchet^ 

2l8t. The right side, the lell. See Right, Left. 

22d. To take sides, to support, les-ngaatusem, leschshiniin, I«^h- 

23d. To take sides against, ti> oppose, Jes-cheutfasem. See Kutus. 
les-8henuMi6usem . 






. ' I. .i.i;, 

' 'II ' ? 
.' 1 1 . i . , 

.1 I 

346 ^ SIG 

24tli. The side ofu river, lake. See Shore. '.,1. 

SIEVK, n. Gokutiistoii, Nz'seusten, (• 

SIFT, V. (. leH-gokuetiMcm, Ios-nz'N6u8ein. ,7: 

SlCrll, ;•. /. Chines-poix'ulshi, Ohine8-|iii|>U86nc-lii. 

SIGHT, n. Ut. Tlutluiiston. The faculty of seeing, Nuchskili- 

2(1. At my sight, under my eyes, Ij is-chkutkutlusten, L is-mil- 

8d. In tlie siglit of (lod, hu I s'ehkutkutlustis Kolinziitcn, -Lu I 
smilchemelsz Kolinzutcn. 

4th. Long sighted, Cliiuiuus. 

5th. Clear sighled, Chlkokolakos. See Lako. 

6th. Short sighted, I-chin-ehkastul. 

7th. To lose the sight of an eye, Chines-ehguep'psi (lit. One of my 
eyes is covered, spread on with cataract j. 

8th. To lose the sight of both eyes, Chines-chgupguep'ps. 

9th. To recover sight, Chines-papagiisi {lit. My eyes are cured). 

lOth. To lose sight of anything, les-oosiiieni. 

1 1th. To avoid the sight of a person, to turn away one's eyes froyi 
any object, Fes-mfenzt^m. 

SIGN, n. 1st. Inasmuch as it makes anything known, Chmiiteu. 

See Mii. It refers promiscuously to the object signilied, and 

to the person for whom it is intended. This will be your sign, 

by which yon will know, or be known, '' Shei lu akl-chmii- 

ten." ' . ' 

2d. Inasmuch as it makes anything recognizable, Chsuguten. Se*- 

8d. The distinctive of persons, Chsugusk61iguten. ''.' 

4th. The distinctive of persons from one another, Chsugunueguten. 
Our respective names are the signs b}- which we are distin- 
guished from one another, " Lu kae-skuskuest shei lu kaekl- 

iUh. The distinctive of a chief, Chilimigumten. 

<)th. As an outward sign to mai'k, Chtechminteu. See Chtechini. 

7th. As emblem, figure, resemblance, Kulsugumeten. See Figure. 

Sth. To make signs, in general, Chines-kaimi. 

9th. To make signs with the hands, Chines-takai. 

10th. To make signs in any way representing what one means, 

.ir' '■ ■■••>:■, -^ 

■ - 1 1 

1 *■ 

ng, Nuchaktli- 
isteii, L is-mil- 
• liiizutcn, hu I 

.■•I. ■ • ::.! I . 't:- 

) , 'iliiii l'i;j.'-, , 

(lit. One of my 

' i' ■ ■ 

8 are cured). 

one's eyes from 

:)wn, Chmiiteu. 
t signified, and 
ill be your sign, 
i lu aW-chniii- 

hsuguten. Se*- 

we are distin- 
dit'i In UaeUl- 

uH' f'htcchim. 
See Figure. 

It one means, 

SIL 11 347 

11th. 1 make signs to luni, les-kolsugnmfeshtem. '■' '"' .' 'I'^^'p 
12th. Wo make signs to eaeh other (ffr good or bad ends), Kaes* 

13th. I put a sign on him, les-ka»m, les-chtechim. See Mark, 

Hrand. i \ . ' '< 

14th. To make signs with the eyes, (/'hines-t6lsi. n,ii?rn.' ' 'A -s- 

SKIN OF TILK CROSS, 1st. As it represents the cross, Kolsngu^ 

m6tis eseimi'us. 1 make the sign of the cross, I represent the 

cross, " les-kolMugumem tu eseim^us." Tlie cross is the sign 

of'('hrist, his flag, " Eseimeus tu chimiitis Jesu Kli." ; ' ' '' 

2d. As an image, figure taken from the cross, Sknl^kaiis hi eseimeus. 

I point, express the cross, " les-ku^kaim hi eseimtus." 
i{d. By placing the hand on ourselves. Chines taktakenziiti I esei- 
4th. To bless oneself in the shape of the cross, Chines-chchaupilen- 

zuti I eseimeus. 
oth. To make the sign of the cross on anyone, les-chchaupilem I 
eseimtus, (1 bless it with the cross.) 

These two last seem to answer best the general meaning of 
the sign of the cross. ■ . 

SIGN, v. ^ les-kaim. "' •' ' ; '' 

SIGN (his own name), Chines-kainzuti. - ' '•' '■ ' " ■^' 

SIGNATURE, n. 1st. Kaiminten. ^^ • '' • ' - 

2d. To affix his own signature, Chines-kaimi. ' • 
8d. To affix his signature by touching the top of the pen, as In- 
dians do, Chines-ntakfeini (from les-tak^ni, I lay my hand on). 
SIGNIFY, V. t. 1st. By words, les-shiziinem. Peter signifies rock, 

" Piel es-shizunems sshensh." 
2(1. By actions or objects, les-kulsugumem. The rock signifies 

Christ, " T'sshensh es-kulsugumems Jesu Kli." 
•5d. To express, manifest, lesmeiein, les-hikomiin. ' ' 

SILENCE, n. Szchoop, Szh6i/.in. )/!< 

SILENCE, y. ^ les-chopim. • " 

SIIjEN(!E, V >.. 1st. Not to speak, Chines-choojnni. 
2d. To cease, quit s))eaking, (/hines-h(iizini. 
SIL1:NCE! 1st. Speak not, Choopsli, /;/. Choopui. 
2d. Quit talking, H6izinsh, /y?. llbizinui. 

8d. To be still, l-tlilsh, />/. I-tlilui. The difference, tliongh small, 
sometimes is evident. .\ dumb man es-clioopmi, docs iioi 

99 99 


848 ^ SIN 

Hpuiik ; H tiilkor vH-hbisitii, when Iid quitM Ihh talk ; and the 
tiilkor ON-olio(>])mi, bucaiiHO he docH not actimlly tiilk. Yet we 
etiniiot Huy of a (innih man that fniizin, iio quiitud talking;. 

SILENT, (f. I-('ho6|), ll^izin. ., • .i.. 

SlIjKNTIiY, adv. IhI. With low voice, ('hines-znsuilHhi. mii i 

2d. Not Hpeakin^, ChineH-ehoopiui. , n I ill > 

8d. Secretly, fi eHui'kuin. t ^>* >ri' > Hfr *1 • t '/ i >IV 

4th. To approaci) one silently, an a cat, Ie.s-(!neteni. ,i hi- 

SILK, n. Lasod. ,■ .. m . . ' . - 

SlFiljY, </. PsAie, I-koko6u. ; ' ^ • 

SILVER, n. I-pik ululim. ;, 

SIMILAR. See Alike, Like, Same, Am ,,i - i , 

SIMILITUDE, n. \h\. Parable am told, ('hsf^ume/.inten. 

2d. As the Hiniilitiide of the object intended,^iiin^-ten. The 
parable of (MiriHt is the parable of heaven, " ('liHgumezintis 
Jesii KM kolsii<;iunetiH hi t's'chcluMn6skat, or, es-kolsikguuieins 
hi s'chcheniiHkat." I' ii- 

8d. For image. See Lnage, Portrait. 

SIMPLE, </.I-chmish, I-8|8h. 

SIMULATE. See Feign. 

SIMULTANEOUS. See Together. With. ' 

SIN, n. Ist. Lu tiie. 

2d. My actual ain, Lu tcie it^zkut'n, Lu iskuil teie. Thy sin, hu 
t6ie nMzku6n, Lu askuil t^ie. His sin, Lu tfcie s»kiU-i», Ln 
skuiH6ie. Lii nchestin. 

SIN, v. i. Isl. Ies-kuii6tn h> t^ie, Ics-kojem hi t6ie, ('hinesknil- 
t6iei, les-kuncm hi tichestin. 

2d. I sin against him, Ics-kolshitem hi t'ltie, les-guixshtem t'teic. 

3d. See Fault. 

SINNER, H. h\x c8 kiiil ttie, Lii konkon«Miiul I teie. 

SIN(M^:, (hir. h\\ teUhei. ,,i 

SINCE, />/•(/;. Lu tel, ijii tel shei ii. 

SINCE, .v,/y.NtUi. ,,. I 

SINCERE, (I. On6gu. 

SINFUL, a. Ist. Tainted vvitii sin, Eples-chitoko ft ie, Es-chingu 
t'teic. i ■ • 1 . 

2d. Forbidden, S'chgaen6pile, Tas gest, T^ie, TasiO. 

SING, r. i. Ist. Chino8-nkun6i (the old Indian prayerful songs, 

2d. I Hin 


2d. To 8 



2d. Unni 



2d. To pi 

3d. To p( 

4th. To d 



SINK, r. 


2d. To sir 

3d. To en 

4th. I Hun 

.'ith. I lot 


<Jth. To b( 


7th. To tui 

Nth. The r 

9th. The b 

10th. The 

like tl 

SINK, V. t 

2d. In wat( 

3d. .So as t( 

4th. To sin 


.'ith. To sin 

t)th. To hri 

7th. To red 

Sth. To fon 



Tas chi 

tnlU ; iiTid the 
talk. Yet wo 
xl talking. 

.■Ai:.u o'l' .lilt i 

I iri I) •/i.iV', 

iiumttcii. Tlif 
' (ImgumoKiiitit* 

0. Thy sin, hu 
io sakiWis, h\\ 

[io, ('hincHUiiil- 

lil',^*htl'>^ t'ttio. 

It ii', Ks-cirui<rii 

rayorl'ul songs, 

SIN 849 

2d. I Hing for him, Ios-nku68htoin. - i-l IIMI' i 

SING,?), t. IhI., los-nkun^in, IoM-nku6n2itiom. I' • I'.jIk. 

2(1. To sing the pruiHOH of. Sco Praise. " ' " 

SINOKK, n. Sgunkunfcm,NkukunomW. Tho singer of. Nkun- 

isiiixdton 11 

SINXiLK, n. Ist. Only one, alono, impers. Ink6; pers. I-chiniks. 

2d. llnniarricd (I am), l-chin-ohimiali, l-dliin-tituit, Ta i6p s'chis- 

SINGLE, »?. f. Ist. To choose, ('hino8-nko6ni. nit.ii '/ i' 

2d. To pick up one, Ohinc8-kun6i. , ,, ^ / .,- 

3d. To point out, Tes-zbkom. i/ ' . 

4th. To distinguish from, les-siigum. , :, 

SINGT/K TREE, n. (JhzAikolt. 
SINISTER, a. See Loft, Unlavorahle. 

SINK, r. i. Int. To fall through the law of gravity, Chincs-ka^- 
tenii, kafcte. See K6te. 

2d. To sink in water, Chines-nkafetemi. , , 

3d. To enter deeply, Chines-nishilshi. See Ishfit. 

4th. I sunk in my heart, Tk6ko hi ispu^s. 

.'>th. I let it sink in my ear, Ie8-ntkuku6nom (lit. I listen atten- 

()th. To bo overwhelmed, depressed, Tk6ko hi ispuds, M^ut }u is- 

puOs, Psap hi ispu^s, Chin-topspuds. 
7th. To fail in strength, Chines-zgupml, Chin-zgup. 
8th. The river sinks, Es-uumi. 
9th. The bucket sinks under water, E8-ch8o6. 
10th. The thorns went and sank in the head of our Lord, and the 

like that go in out of sight, Es-no68i. 
SINK, w. t. 1st. To weigh down anything, les-k^tem. 
2d. In water, les-nka^tem. 
3d. .So as to be out of sight, Ie8-no68em, 

4th. To sink a pole in water, or the like, les-nzakom, les-nza- 

.'ith. To sink a well, a shait, les-nzikam. i . . ■ i 

t)th. To bring low, les-ishilshem. 
7th. To reduce the quantity, les-topem. 
Sth. To force upon, press, les-pizeni. 
SINLESS, (/. Ta cjit c8-chit6ko hi t'tiie, Ta cpt esuiluilt, Ta epl 

esuelenisziit, Tas chinOgugu \\x t't^ie, Tas chingunttm t'tcic. 

Tas chitkontem t'ttiie. 

i I 


1 1 1 


II 1 • 1 Ih i 

1 ^ 

1 , 

1 1 

I 1 1 

m) SKI 

SISTKK, /(. ImI. Mv siMtcr (Niiiil l»y ii mnn), iHHiiHiiirfm, /'.'. I-n^ii- 

|icl(>ilUiii. 'riiiH upplioH l<i II yoiiiifttM- or «>l<l<>r HiHtor. 
'.'i|. My (mini or woiiiint's) oltirr NJHlor, Iiilcliit'Mlu'. ' , •' "' ' 
!{(l. My (iimn'M) y<)uiim*r NiMt«'f. Iii-/.ii{i|>n. 
llli. My (womiiii'H) yoimjfcr HiKtcr, lii-i/.u/iiupH. 
.")ili. VVt> lu'c MiHl»M"H, Km>-xiipHMiH. 
iWh. My (niari'H) HJMti'fN, lN>iii|MM|»ilUiii. « h, i 
Till. My (womuii'H) MiHtoi'M, |ii/,ii|»sMis. 
^\\\. Mv fnmii'H or womHii'N) Histcr, l-snUiiHli^ii. 
!Mli. M V (mtiii'H or woiimu'M) sislcrM, iHinlxiiskiiHij^ii. 
lOlli. My wH'o'h .siNt»»r, l-st'N(rin. ' 

Iltli. My liiiMlmml'M MiHt(»r, In-iH'clW'U (sist(ir-in-lu\v). 
I'Jtli. My (miiii'H) l»r()lli»«r'H wilo, Histi'i'-iii-liiw, I-.scHtriii. 
l.'tlli. My (womun'M) lirotlu>r'H \vit(\ Iii-iH'cli^'ii. 
\\\\\. SisUM", ol" iiutiH, Koi'uIUn Hm»'<'m. Sistor, L/.'/.iii'i|is. 
srr, /•. I. \h\. Oil (lit* Moor (^liuliiin «lyl*')» <'liiiM'Hl«l<MliilHl>i, fil. 

'_M. To si( on a cliair, honcli, or auylliiii^, (!liiin'.s-cliill<iilHliriu'i, /'/. 

Kin's-t'l>ilUak6iu>i. , 
:>il. To sit in a canor, ( 'liincs-nliikHliilHlii. 

till. To sit l)y H |)i'rNon, at liin .side, Ins-i'lilakHliilHlioni. • ; , 
i'lth. To sit ill piiKv olanolJuT, lcH-nlkalslnM|n'in. . , ,. 

SIX, mini, jirrs. Clitt'ikan ; /w/^Ts. Ti'ikan. , i ' ■ ! 

SIX-SIIOOTKU, «. TakanchslM/,*'. ,■ 

SIXTKKN, num. (')poii-el-tiikaii ; prrs. ('Iiop«<ii-ol-(ttkan. 
SIXTH, a. iiii kH-liikaiii. 
SIXTY, num. Ti'ikancliKipoii. 

SIZK, /I. Skiitunt. lliMH ol Iho si/.i' of Kzaffii! skill iint I 

SK KIN, spool, ('hiiiiii stopaks. 

SKATK, r. /. (Miiiu>s-(hli»^kupi. 

SKKIiHTON, n. Sk6li,nu. 

SKKI'TK^Mi, It. Ju>ikoiiis^miMi. 

SKKTCIl, n. Skulkaii. t 

SKKTCII, r. t. los-kiilkalni. 

SKII>, /(. lvnliit('li6ltMnoii. To jiiiUH) a skill iiink-r, U's-kiihitflu-- 

Umh, kulntclu'U'n. ' 

SKIIil'TIi, It. hn os-inist6s. 
SKIM, r. t. .los-cl»iU>in(iUMii. See Mul. 
SKIMMKK, «. (MulomuUMnon. 


2(1. Ah Ii 
M. WHIi 
»tli. Skit 
filli. Soli 
(l«h. To ( 
SKIN, r 





SKY, n. 

LM. Sky-r- 
;M. ('I«">ar 
Itli. (MoiK 
SI /AM, //. 


-||. Ifcinisi 
:m. To Im- 


■M. To 1.0 


;i.l. To sine 

• ill. Sw A I 






Sl.\\\r. t. 

Si>ATI<;, n. 


SLAV 10, //. 

-'I. I am a ," 



SI-KI), sled; 

nn'iit, /'.'. I •«><»»• 

,. , I X 

i . I ; I ■■; 

1 1. I 
I I, I /, 

' 'I 


■• I 

cltilkalHlnnri, /'/. 



,1 '. 


nil wkuluiH I. 



SLK 8A1 

SKIN, N. IhI. Ah uii iho uriinml, K6«Mo. . «. '.i i , 

2(1. As (iiUcii olt' iiikI IhiiimmI, Sipi, im 'tn > ' ' '• ! i 

M. Willi liiiir, wool oti, Sjniin, Hpiiniy.o, S|i<iiiu'l^ii. 

Mil. Skill of I'niit, I'guiH, potutooH, H'riiclionii/.it. > ■' 

filli. So('|-<ln«HN(M|, l-lko6|i. " ' 

till). 'To (ln>MH II Hkin, lii<l*>. StuMJiiikniii, Koopiin, |>Nliiiii. ' 

SKIN. ('. t. KtH-^ii/.iin, h(M-('lilHii6lmiiii. Si'o I'liiv, INm'I. t 

SKUIjK, r. i. ('liincH-kiiliikoiiiiHti. 

SK IM/h, '1. Ilniiiuii Hkiill, Ski'ili^iikiin. HiiII'h Hkiili, S/«')loinkiiti. 

II<miv(M''h Nkiill, Skivliiiikuii. 
SKl'NK, II. (JuhUMo. 1 ' I 

SKY. /I. IhI. H'cliflifniikNkal. S.-c Clifin, CliiiuiHl. ' i' 

2(1. Sky-rolor, (Miii^ali'iHkiil. 

;ttl. Cloar sky, (!li^iiHi'iHkul. <■> 

Kli. (Moiidy Nky, Kh-Ii('Iii1|», ( "li'haiiiiii'iNkul. ' ' ' • 

Sh.\ H, /(. 'riio oiiIhIiIc pioci! ol'u lo^ HJiwod inio IiiiiiImt, SpiclH'- 

iiM'ii, ClilkMlicli. Cliili'lifiiii/.c. 
SLACK, </. }h\. Not toiiHf, I hiiii. -i 

2(1. Kt'MiiHH, weak, Tiih ioi/il, (Jo]»t. ' > • ' 

11(1. To lie nIow ill walkiiij:;, Slmpt. ' ' ' 

SLACK KN, r. i, ]h{. To Iiocoiiio Ikhm Ioiiho, (Miiii(!N-liiiiiiiii. 
2(1. To lie rciiiiHH, Cliiii-;^op(, CliiiuiH-jfoiM, Ciiin-Hliali, Cliiii-^oplii- 

ltd. To Nluckttii tiu^ pact', Cliiii-NlioptiiilHlii, 

Itli. Soo Abllt«^ Full. 

SLACK MN, /'. t. To iiiak(( Iohh Uhihc, h'tH-lii'iniii. ' 

SLA N |)KI?, r. ^ Ics-cliiukoin, Ics-cliii'tko/jiicni. ' 

SLANDKK, H. S'l-hikohaiiiMli. 

SLANDKIiKH, n. Cliikon/i^tcn. 

SLANDKKOUS, a. CliikonWincii. 

SLAP, r. f. los-tkiiiii. I Hlap liis liicc, ii>s-tkoilsotii. Src Tkiiiii. 

SLATK, /I. SNiioimli. 

SLAIKJIITKU, r. t. Sm- IhUrlicr, Kill. 
1 SLA \' l<i, //. 1st. Skiii'iiijfan, S/,iiiMt. Sen CiMt, Kuaiij;iiii. 

1. I am a slave of whisky, los-zukiiiiu'iii hi sriilku (it 1 have it 

ilrcMidy); (il' I have it not) los-zkiikiiiniiu'iii In siiilk 



SLKD, slcdn't', slcitfli, //. Znlcj;!!, I'tnipciiiiU 









ShKKI', r. /. IhI. Chinos itHlii, />/. K»o»-i»tHHlii. / -' < 

lid. SK'i'|t with one, Ii'M-iikuKaltMhoni. • . • ■ '■ ' 

.'M. Sliu'p hy hiH Hide, loH-rhi'titHhrrn. .'•''• 

\\\i. Sit'cp witl I'uctMlowii, ('hiiH'H-">lkot6Hi. ■ '" 

;*»tli. SI<>o|t with .'hco up, ChiimH-t'Jkulturti. ' ' 

<)th. I ciuinot nli^op, (Mtint>H-jL(uiiHHini. 

Tfh. T<» lio down to Hloop (though not Hicoping), (UnntwIkoilHhl. 

SLKKI*, n. SilHh. 

ShKKI'KU, «. Kt'Hiitriien, ChBct'Hhi'meii. 

SI.KHPY, a. KH-chi'Mlt'shi. ;• i 

I tool wlccpy, ChinoH-cheMitshi. ' 

SI.KKT, «. Sku^'it. " ' - 

SI.KKVK, «. Spcl>Htiij,'iin. > ' 

S|,KI(;1I. Soo Slodj,'o. 

SLKKIIl-BKIiliS, «. (MupaHiiuio. ; ^ i > • 

SLKNDKH, a. ImL iikuk6iot. Soe [mv^v. ' " ' 

'Jd. Di'liciito, woak, l-ko6to. ' 

:{(!. I'oor, Konkolnt. ' ^ . ' ' 

4th. Small, -Lkukuiumc. - ■ ' ■ • ' ■' 

SMCK, «. iHt. St6Io, S/.tol. Soo ToUm. , '■■"<■ ' ' 

2d. To rut in Mli(;o8, loH-teltolim. i,l •/ 

SlilDK, i\ i. C'hinoH-koapmi, ChinoH-koarnon/.fiti. 

Sfilli irr, y. <. los-tmalsoni, loN-choinzuteni, Tn ies-iizj^um, Jos 

-giinitlsoin. Seo Guem, Tarn, Oiin. 
SMMK, n. Malt. 
SliIX(r, n. Ist. For an arm, Skalph^htdsh. I wear tho arm in tin 

.1 i I 
, ;! 
/I/, I 

- . ( 

.1- > 


\)^, " Chines-kalpl^ch^lHh. 

2d. To put a stono on tho flin|^, los-nohofeusom \\\ HHhensh I sipi 





SlilNli (a colt, a calf) v. t. Ks-gtnti. 

SIjII*, r. i. Ist. InaHmueh aa the 1o(>t dota(OioH itNoll' Irom the 

ji;round, Chinos-ehihigkopHhinmi. See Dotacli. ("hii-chxccli- 

pshin. Soo Tocli. 
•_M. To tiiU, Chines-tkokomi. ' 

.'>d. To orr, mintako, ('hinos-solpmi, Chin-solip. Soo Sol, Si I. 
SLIP, r. t. To lot go, Io8-haum, loH-ptR'ciistom. 
SLlPI'lilRY, a. 1-061, Lhako, I-fhak6logu, (Mih)koieu. 
SLOPK, n. Sholshalt. 
SLOT II, n. Sgopt, SnuilscMnon. 

2d. Not 
:Jd. Thai 
4th. Hoi 
Tith. To , 
Hth. To I 




2.1. Trivi 

.-Jd. Not I 

4th. Shoi 

51 h. Slon 


2.1. Vigoi 

3d. W.)rk 

kh. Shro 


S MAS If, 

2.1. To or 



2d. To pe 



2d. As iti 
'M. Ilavii 
4th. VVato 
2.1. To sm 
;^d. To loo 
SMITir, 1 

/ . I u ./l/l'- 

.,,.?..' fi. ,1'. 

.; !., , ■t'-'. .1*1 


It 'I.I?* 

•; .1 t 1/ 

I .....;! 

■ r > .1 . 

,1 ; :iMr > .1 

'.. .(,1 •/ ; 

, ies-iiz^ilin, los- 

tlio ivrm in tl»' 

II sHhonHh I Hipi, 

itHi'lr iVom tlu' 

!ri' Sol, Sil. 


8 MO 363 

SLOTH KUL, rr. (iopt, NiiilNcmoii. 

SLOW, u. InI. tiMoviii^ II Niimll (liHtuncu in u ^ivi'ii tiiiu^ Slu'pt. '. 
2(1. Not hiiHty, thoii^littui, Kni|)a|iuguiii(it, KH-Uiilpu^ami. 
:i(l. Tliut ro(|uii-()s u long tiiiu*, KHHip. 
4tli. livliiiid tinus (iu/.6|). Sou (ioitzt. 

r)(h. To ^f) hIow, ('himjH-H<ukiii«'t(>i, (MiinoH-Jj^iiigiiNti. '. 

((til. To spunk hIow, ChiiiuH-IUiikui^'xiiii. 
SLUICK, n. Tkt],ttjii. 
SLUSIL Soo Mud, Miro. 
SMAIili, a. IhI. Not lur^c in (imiiitily or ilo^j^roi', J-ikiikuiiiinc, />/. 

S//xiino. llH oppoHito \H Kiititnl. 
2»l. Trivial, unimportant, I-toiuMii(iH. 
'.hi. Not lopfij, (}oi^o(i7it. ItH oppowito is IUshIumi. 
4tli. Short in (iiirution, ijisli^, IavhO. Its oppositt^ is Kasip. 
5tli. Slundor, J-ikak^iut. Its opposite is -fj^kat. 
SMART, ri. 1st. I'ainfiil, Ziilzilt, IMzpizt. 
2(1. Vij^ctrous, Ioi/)t, 1-koiK 
'}{l. Worker, (ruaguAat. 
Uh. Shnnv'l, Pagpugt. 

SMART, v. i. (/liinos-zalcnii, ('liinos-pAzkoi, Ko-cs-pi/instcin. 
SMASir, r. t. 1st. To hreak in jiiocos, Ii-s-teliin. 
2(1. To crusli, Iu8-l('izcMii. 
SMKAll, V. t. See Besmear. 

SMKLL, V. (. Ist. To try to smell {Fr. Jlairvr), (Jliines-suuiui. 
2d. To perceive by the nose, Chines-pgupniielni, Ies-pguj)niielen(, 

SMELL, V. i. To att'ect tlie olfactory organs, Ks-pgiipini, l-pi'ig. 
SMKLL, rt. Isl. Tlie odor emanating from any object, S|)gui). 
2d. As it affects the nasal organs, Spugjialk. 
.'{(1. Having good smell, fJesilka; bad smell, (Mies61ka. 
4th. Water smelling, Liuku. 
SMELL-LKSS, o. l-sish. 
SMELT. See Melt. 

SMIliE, t'. /. Ist. (-'hines-ntrtmsi. See Tom. Chines-loinzuti. 
2d. To smile at one, Ies-nt6insc'm, ntomsemeii. 
8d. To look ihvorably, les-azgam. 
SMITK. See Strike. 
SMITir, blacksmith, n. Sgutelololim. 
SMOKE, i\ i. 1st. Es-moilti. 







« . 


354 SNE 

2d. To smoke tobueco, Chines-mfenigui. See Pipe. . 

3d. To smoke cigars, Chines-nshitfepenei. _ > 

4th. Smoke house, Snmotemen. , 

SMOKE, V. t. Ist. Skins, les-pnm, Chines-pumelgui. 

2d. To smoke beef (Indian style, cut in slices and placed on sticks^ 

Chines-tpfelzei. v, 

3d. To smoke beef, pork, Chines-mo6tlzei. 
4th. To smoke the horses, for the purpose of driving the mosfiui- 

toes away, Chines-mot'skigaei. 
SMOKER, V. Menigu6men. 
SMOOTH, a. Ist. Not rough, l-ool. 
2d. Evenly spread, as smooth hair, 
3d. Smooth lake, sea, water, I-k6i. 
4th. Smooth temper, Kamk6mt. 
5th. Smooth talker, Chines-kotegucgukuni. 
6th. Smooth hair, i^azkan 

7th. Smooth bed, pillow. Lchchep, iichchepilegu. 
SMOOTH, I', t Ist. Luipber and the like;, Jes-olem. See Plane. 
2d. To calm, les-kampiin. 
3d. To calm a pain, les-melim. See Me^l^. 
4th. To smooth the hair, les-iezem. 
5th. To smooth an article with the smoothing iron, Ies-])azem. 

SMOTHER, V. t. 1st. Fire, les-tfepsem. By throwing ashes on, 

2d. vSmother with blankets, Ies-tka])aksem. Smothered, Tkapaks. 

3d. See Suffocate. 

SMUTTY, a. let. Xkodius. 

2d. Smutty wheat, Nkoaius spk^in. 

3d. Smutty ) mguage, S'chechezinmist. 

SNAIL, n. Tami6i, SkokoUane, Tlakan. 

SNAKE, n. Scheuilc. See Rattle. 

SNAP, V. i. 1st. To break ut once, Chines-toukami. See lireaU. 

2d. See Bite. 

.3d. Snap of a whip, Talaku. 

SNARE, n. Azmin. 

SNARL, I', i. Es-aimi. 

SNEAK, );. I. Chines-kuHnkomisti. 

SNEEZE, V. i. Chines-t'sooi. 


placed on sticks) 

V • 

iiiU the mosqni- 


. See Plane. 

n, Ies-))as5eiii. 
owiiiii; ashes on, 

thercd, TUapaUs. 

11. See Break. 

SO 355 

SNIPE, n. Gauitgauit. 

SNORE, v. i. Chines-gokolksi. 

SNOUT, n. Spsaks. ' 

SNOW, n. Ist. Smfekot. Soft snow, I4kokoil. Wet snow, Sp'tt^is. 

2d. To eat snow, Chines-gaukui. 

8d. Snow-shoes, Szeuechshin. 

4th. Snow-dritt. See Drift. ^ 

oth. Srow bird, Lmekomkut. 

SNOW, V. i. 1st. Es-mgopmi. Of wet snow, Bs-p'ttAisi. 

SNUFF, n. Of tobacco, Npokopokosinzdten. See P6ko. 

SNUFF, V. i. To use snuff, Chines-npokopokosinz6ti. 

SNUFF, n. Of candle, Nchaak6in. 

SNUFF, V. t. A candle with scissors, les-gotim ; if by hands, les- 

-telim, Chines-l-gouikeini. 
SNUFF-BOX, n. Snpokopokosinzuten. 
SO, adv. Ist. Absolute and expletive, Shei. So he went off, She 

2d. In that way, Lshei u ezag6il. 
3d. In like manner, following an (the Latin sic, following siciif), 

Lsh6i u ezagfeil. 
4ih. To such degree, Lsh6i u ezagfeil ; but usually compounded with 

the adjective or verb following. He is so big, '' Lsh^i u eza- 

galskutunt," He loved me so, " Lshfei u ko-ezagalsgamen- 

.^th. In a high degree, v. ;/. He is so good, he is so very clever, is 

rendered by the substantive, Lu sgest, hu spagpigt. 
•>th. In the same manner. I think so, Lshti u chines-nagalfelsi. 

So 1 speak, Lshei u chinez-egukuni. So I do, Lsh6i u chin- 

7th. It is so, Lshti u ezag^il. May it be so, so be it, Lsh6i u kaeza- 

geili, Komi ezageil. 
Stli. Let it be so, Lzii. 
l>th. Therefore, Gol shei, T'shfei. He was struck, and so he died, 

" P6lstem u gol she! u tlil." 
10th. It is good. If he gives it Id mo, so ; if not, I'll take it, " hw 

ue ko-giiizlts, she gest; in ne ta, m-kuen." 
11th. So much as, as much as, Lshoi u ezageil. He loved me so 

much as to die for me, " Lshei u ezageil ko-gamenchis, tlil gol 



at) 19 

to CO 



356 V SOM 

SOAK, V. t. 1st. Clothes, Ies-ntk6tikum. 

2d. To drench, Jes-ndsem. 

SOAK, V. i. To sink, Es-nishilshi. 

SOAP, n. In general, Zfeumen. For the face, toilet, Z6u8ten. 

SOCIETY, n. Association, Ntemmenu6guten. See Common. 

SOCK, n. For the foot, Nkolishin. 

SODOMY, to practice, (man) Chines-kocumisti 1 isnkuskaltemigu ; 
(woman) Chin-ntalaus, Chines-koeumisti 1 isnkusmc^m. 

SOFT, a. Ist. iit^tim. 

2d. Soft skin, I-ko6p, l-Ikok6p. See Koopim, 

3d. Soft hair, velvet, I-che6p, I-Ichchefep. See Cheepmi, Gentle, 

SOFT-HEARTED, a. Sitetim hi spuiis, Gest iu spuus. 

SOFTEN, V. i. Chines-Hetimiiilshi, Es-koopmi, ko6p, Es-cheepnii, 

SOIL, V. t. 1st. See Dirty, Stain, Defile, Mud. 

2d. Soil with blood, les-tliimem. See Tlum. 

3d. Soil with oi'dures, les-pzam, pz'ntiin. 

4th. Ies-melm61ch8tem. 

SOILED CLOTHES, I-koai snazlk^it. 

SOIL, n. land. Malt. 

SOLDER, n. Metlemen. 

SOLDER, V. t. les-metlemem. 

SOLDIER, n. Ist. Sgupfelstu^gu, Sguilnuegu, Sgiitapenufegu, Soltiis. 

2d. As sheriff, Sgulchim, Sgukun6m. 

3d. Infantry, S6ltis es-tkin6legii. 

4th. Cavalry, S6ltis es-chaiutfeus. 

SOLE (of the foot), Snchcniichnshin. 

SOLEMN, a. Kuturit. 

SOLEMNIZE, V. t. Kutunt ies-p6teem. 

SOLICIT, V. t. 1st. To evil, les-chiani. 

2d. Solicit to start, Ies-gt4om. 

SOLID, a. Firm, Zenzant, Ioi6t. 

SOLILOQUIZE, V. i. Chines-zuunziiti. 

SOLITARY, a. I-chiHnaks. 

SOLITUDE, n. Cho6ut, Chol6gu. 

SOME, a. 1st. A number or quantity greater or less, when follow- 
ing the verb to have, is rendered simply by prefixing ep to tlu- 
substantive if expressed ; or ezageil, if the noun is expressed. 

I hi 

2d. Wh( 
to t 
ite ( 
3d. Whei 
in w 
. A nil 
A cei 
are g( 
7th. Not r 
2d. In ans 
3d. Some 1 
SON, n. In 
2d. Son, ill 





, Zfeusten. 

ikusUaltemigu ; 

heepmi, Gentle, 


5p, Es-chcepnii, 

ipenuegu, Soltis. 

iH, when f'ullow- 
jfixing ep to \\n- 
\n is expres8otl. 

SON B57 

1 have some money, " Chin-ept ululim." Have you any cows ? 
'* A ku-ep «tomilton ?" I have some, " Chin-epl- ezagfeil." 

2d. When S07ne follows an active vorb it is rendered by t prefixed 
to the noun, if expressed, and then the verb is active indefin- 
ite (6, 7) ; if the noun is not expressed, prefix " ept " to the 
verb, which then must be definite transitive (8, 9). 1 make 
some shoes, " Chines-koli t kaeshfn." I have made some 
(shoes), " Ept kolen." I make some shoes for him, " Ies-k61- 
shitem t kHiaeshiis." I made some (shoes) for him, ** Epi kol- 
shiten." Have you killed any buffalo ? " A ku-p6l8em t'sto- 
ma ?" I killed some, " Chin-epsp6l8, Ept-p61sten." 

3d. When it follows a verb which is not expressed use the same t 
prefixed to the substantive. For instance, an Indian coming 
in will say abruptly : T'smenigu, Some tobacco, i.e. Give me 
some tobacco ; T'chpagamen, Some matches, i.e. Give me some 
matches. It is understood, Ko-guizsht t'smenigu, etc. 

4th. A number or quantity greater or less when preceding the verb. 
Some are dead, " Epi till." Some are living yet, " Che cpi 

5th. A certain individual not mentioned or not known, ChinAks (if 
personal), Nko (if impersonal). Sec A, One. 

6th. Certain, those of this part, and those of that part, Ep. Some 
are good, some are bad, " Ep} gest, ep^' t6ie." 

7th. Not many more or less, about that. Tee. Some one, some one 
time, not much more, " Te6 nko." Some two more or less, 
" Tefe es^l." Sometimes, some, " Tee kuinsh." Some one, 
" Te6 8u6t." See Tee. 

SOMEBODY, n. Te6 suet. 

SOMETHING, n. Te6 stem. 

SOMETIME, adv. Ist. From time to time, Tee. I will go some- 
time, " Te6 m-chin-gui." 

2d. In answer, I do not know how many. Tee kninsh. 

3d. Some time ago, I do not know when, Te6 pist6m. 

SOMEWHERE, rt(/i\ Te6 chchen. 

SOMNAMBULIST, a. Es-k6isi. 

SOMNILOQUIST, a. Es-n'spsu. 

SON, n. Ist. Skuskuselt (until the age of puberty),. Skusee (after 

Son, in general 


See Child. 


858 St)K 

3(1. The tirst-lu)rn, S'shitomisht'lt. 

4th. The middle one, S'Ucust-U. ^ 

.^th. The yoiiiigOHt, Steutfelt. 

6th. Whose son is he / Kael-sufct ? The son of Mary, Kuei-Malie. 

See Kiiel. 
SON(r, «. 1st. Kotiom, Snkufcnssinten. 
2d. The sini>;ing, Snknfen/.in. 

SOON, ,iih\ 1st. In a short time, Ne-izenfe, Xo-lislie You must 
come soon, " No-izent\ m-ku-e^zgili." Jle came soon, " Ne- 
-i/.en^ she eJzgui. N.B.— In this second phrase the expression 
Hf'-izcn^ is future, and refers to another past action, to which 
the coming was subseciuent or future. 
2d. Shortly after. See As soon as. 
3d. Without delay, (loctle. 
4tli. Early. See Karly. 

5th. r would sooner, 1 will soon, Ku pen gesl. I will soon die 
tiiiin ott'end God, " Ku pen gest chin-llil, u ta iks-choin/.iiteni 
tUh. As soon as, immedii^tely, (in the i)ast) 1—, (in the future) No 
i— . As soon as I saw him I recognized him, " I-uichten, u 
clsugun." I will recognize him as soon as I sec him, " Ne i- 
uiclUen, m-elsugun " (lit. 1 have only seen him and knew 
SOOT, H. NkokMze. 
SOOTY, a. Nkoielze. 

SOOTIIK, r. /. 1st. By blandishments, les-koleguegukiinem. 
2d. To soften, assuage, les-nmeeHdsem. 
:M. To calm, Ies-kan\i)h6m \n spuusz. 
SOOTII-SAY, r. i. Chines-moigai. 

SOPilANO, n. Nlkakakcine (lit. He sings with a slender voice). 
SOHCKKKH, /(. Es-tlekuilszuti. 

SOWK, (/. 1st. Keeling pnin, ('hines-zalemi, chin-zal. 
2d. (living pain, Zalzilt. 
3d. Violent, oppressive, I'lzpizt. 
1th. Sore eyes, Chin-chzazaliis. See ZaI. 

SOUK. H. 1st. A place on an animal where the skin is bruised, as 
by a hard saddle, tight shoes, Sptak. I have a sore, Chin- 

li\. \ bi)il, a running sore, Spozt. SvC I'oz. 

ary, Kuel-Malic 

islu! You must 
nine soon, " No- 
se the expression 
action, to which 

1 will soon liie 
a iks-choinzutem 

in the future) No 
lini, " I-uichten, ii 
I sec him, " Ne i- 
n hin» uiul knew 


slender voice). 


kin is bruised, as 
ive a sore, Chiii- 

SOIT 3.% 

N.H. — I urn sore, I-chin-zal. I hare a sore, (Miinespozt (it 

there l>e matter f'oriniiij^). I have a sore, ('liin-)ttaka (iT only 

the sIMn is hruised and pains). 1 am sore at heart, sorry. 

(Miin-pupus(^nc)i, Zal hi i-s]>iius. 
SORRKL llOJtSK, I-pej,Mi. 
SOltfiOVV, n. 1st. The boin<4 sorry, .>Spupus6nch, Snij^upels. Sci- 

2(1. What gives sorrow, N])jipus6nchteii. The sorrow oftlic i?. \' ., 

"-till npu|)usenclitis Mali." 
3d. What one iw soi-ry tor, Chpupusim-hten. 

vSORJlOW, ('. /. Chines-jnipuHcnchi, Zal \u ispuus. See IJepent. 
.SOHIIOWKUL, (/. 1st. Full of pain, Rs-pupusenchi. 
2d. (livinu; sorrow, Npu])uscncliten, Iguiugt. 
S(JRUy, a. 1st. (irieved, (Miines-pupusenchi, ('hines-ni;iupclsi. 
2d. Poor nuxn, Konkoint. 
SOliT, kind, n. N — aksein. One sort, P]s-nkoakseni. Two sorts, 

Ks-naslakseni. All sorts, Ks-niakseni. Kvery soct, lOs-nagal- 

SOlIFi, n. 1st. .Snga])uus. See (Jap. 
2d. Spirit, Spagjjagt, Nkulpai^aniinten. 
3d. What makes one alive, Ngulfjjuilten. 
4th. A human being, Sktiign. 
SOULLKSS, (1. Ta ep si)uas. 
SOUND, a. 1st. Whole, healthy, I-guil, (Julil. 
2d. Nothing was left sound, Ta che ept cs-gak. St'f (Jak. 
3d. Perfect, Gest. 
4th. Heavy, loiot. 
r>th. Sound doctrine, Onega. 
0th. Right, I -tog. 
SOUND, n. The perception j)erceived by the ear, 1st. Ot a bell. 

2d. As (>t striking (he foot on the floor, I-pau. 
3(1. A harder one than the j)revious, 1-chahu. 
Itli. Of a clock, I-chauchaM. 
.')th. Of rubbing the feet on a floor, I-ah"ich. 
()th. Of a chair rubbing on a floor, I-ika. 
7th. Of rubbing dry i)aj)er in the hand, 1-iog. 
sth. Of iron falling on a floor in tiie house, I-lui. 
Oth. Of iron falling outside, I-16ko. 

/ ' 



So so 

03 01 

360 ^ SPE 

10th. Of wot rags, etc., falling on tho ground, I-laUii. 
SOUND, V. t. To examine, les-koenem'in. , 

SOUP, n. Ist. Broad soup, E8-nteltel6tiku {lit. Cut in the water). 
2d. Sgasfetiku. , 

SOUR, a. Ist. Acid, I-z6ol. , , , . 

2d. Hard temper, Cljiiies-chgut'telsi. See Gut't. , , 

3d. Unripe, E9-g6iu. 

SOUTH, n. l8t. SzhAlk. / 

2d. South wind, Es-zhalkai. 
SOVEREIGN, n. Ilimigum. 
SOVEREIGN, a. Es-nshiizin. 
SOW, n. Smumshin npelpolkaks. 
SOW, V. t. lew-pkom, Ie8-chiipl<6ra (I sow the grain). 
2d. To sow the field, Ies-pk61egum, Chines-pk61egui. 
3d. To cultivate a farm, les-kolkam. 
SOW, V. i. Ist. Chine8-pk61egui. 
2d. The grain is sowing, Pk6ko. 
SPACIOUS, a. 1st. Land, Kutenulegu. 
2d. Room, Kuten61gu. i 
SPADE, n. Nkalotlk6in. 
SPAN, w. Of horses, Zkumin. 
SPAN, V. t. 1st. To measure, les-sugumom. 
2d. To span over, les-ngaleusem, los-nchiz^usem, les-pneuseni. 
SPANISH, a. Spay6. 
SPANK, V. t. les-tkutku^pilem. 
•SPARE, V. t. Ist. To hold as scarce and valuable, not to consume 

it, les-ndraom. 
2d. To part with reluctantly, les-kfeigtem. 
3d. To save from danger, les-gulguiltem. 
4th. To forbear to inflict punishment, les-nkonneminein. 
SPARING, a. Nemnemt. See Saving. 
SPARK, n. I-ziku, pi. Ziziiku. 
SPARKLE, V. i. Es-guulemi. 
SPATTER. See Bespatter. 
SPAWN, n. Ekum. 
SPEAK, V. i. Ist. To utter words, Chine.s-ueulshi, Chines-kol- 

2d. To address, Chines-kolkofelti. 
3d. To converse, Chines-kamkamilshi. 

I<U. J 

in the water). 

■ ( 



not to (•onsunie 


shi, Chine8-I<()l- 



4tli. To mention, pronounre soinetliing, les-aum. 

.nth. To rtiiy, CljineH-zuti. ' • , 

Hth. I speak to liini, les-kolkueltem, kolko^lsten. » ; 

7th. I Hpeak of him, los-chskolkoeltem, ehskolkofeltemen. 

Xth. I say to him, les-zunem. I spoke to him and said," Kolko61- 

sten u zim." I spoke to you and said to you, " Kolkoelste- 

men u KuuKin." 
l>th. I s] eak low, C'hines-ikukuifezini. > / 

10th. I speak loud, Chines-ntlagzini, Chines-ait'zini. 
11th. 1 speak well, Chines-ngeszini. 
12th. I speak had, Chines-cheszini. 
13th. I 8])eak immodestly, ('hines-chechezinmisti. 
14th. To speak wisely, Chines-npagpagzini. 
15th. To speak in anger, (^hincs-namtemtzini. See Aimt. 
16th. I speak to him in anger, les-namtzinem, Jes-naimtkanem. 

[es-naii)keinem, les-aipzinem. 
I7th. To speak quiet!}', Chines-nkamkamziui. 
18th. To speak troublesome, Chines-nmezinemisti. 
19th. To speak lying, ( 'hines-nikoikozini. 
"iOth. I speak Hlnglish, like the Americans, Chines-nsuipzini. 
21st. I speak the ('row language, Chines-ntfemchishzini. 
22d. T speak the Blaektbot, Chines-nchkueishzini. 
28d. I speak serious, Chines-nsesezini. 
24th. I speak in tun, Chines-np6spszini, Ohines-poszani. 
25th. 1 stop speaking, Chines-hoizini. 
26th. I do not speak, Chines-ohopmi. 
27th. I speak one word, Chines-nkozini. 
28tli. i speak tli' last word, Chines-zeutzini. 
29th. To speak clear, Chines-nlakozini, Chines-ngalzini. 
80th. 1 cannot speak, Ta chis-niozin. 

SPEAK, r. t. 1st. To a i>crson, les-kolkoeltem, kolkoelsten. 
2(1. Speak this or that, les-kolkueltem, kolkoj^ltemen. 
8(1. To pronounce, les-aum. 
4th. To ])roclaim, les-lakomim. 
otli. To jirodaiin aloud, les-hikozinem. 
t>th. To speak b}' signs, Chines-takai, Chines-tkalsechsti. 
7th. To sjieak to him, les-nshuldzinem. 
SPEAKEK, n. 1st. Capable of speaking, not dumb, Ks-koiUo^lti. 



362 V SPI 

2d. Tlio OIK- who Iiu8 th<j office of harunf>;nin{;, Sj^iikolkotdt, Sf^u- 

2<1. Sou 


:M. Spii 

3d. TlKMiiouth piece oi'otliorH, Sf^ukolkoelt. ...i, i i.i ,;.^| 1 '» 

4th. (Jh 

4th. A tulker, Kolkollfah ;., ! .-i 

oth. Li\ 

5th. .The one that addreHMen, lectures ine, lii-kolkolszutcii. ' << 

6th. Spi 

SPEAR, n. Smulemen. 


SPKAR, i\ t. Ic8-ilim. To wpear tish in the buck, le.s-nililichiiieni. 

to J 

SPECIFY, V. t. les-auni. ; .:' 


SPECTACLE, «. 1st. Ohject to be looked at, Xaziraten. 

SPIT, n 

2d. .Spectacles, p!. Nshinshinusten, Chwhinshinusten (lit. What i> 

SPIT, r 

pat(!hed over the eyes). 

2d. To . 

SPECTATOR, n. Si,'uaz,iram, Az#rHnz{jtcn. 

SPIT, n 


SPEECH, n. 1st. The faculty ol' speakiui,', Nueulshten, Xkolko- 




2d. To t 


2d. The act of speaking, what is spoken, Suenlsh, Skoikoelt, Szii- 

to 1 


6ulsh, Szolkoelt, Sznihika. 



3d. A particular languuge, Tiguzch, Nkolkudlten. 

2d. To ^ 


SP?]ED, t'. /. To make haste, Chines-goetlechsti, Chines-uuinisti, 

::Jd. To t 




SPEED, V. t. See Hurry. 




SPEED, n. Stlagt. 


SPELL, (". t. les-auaum. 


SPEND, V. t. 1st. To give money, los-guizsheni. 


2d. To consume, to waste, les-amnuneni. Sec Aani. 

2(1. To 1 

SPERM. See Seed, Spawn. 

3d. To c 

SPHERE, n. 1st. Globe, 1-milko. 



2d. Sjthere of action, Xkdiemen. 

2d. Spli 

SPIDER, n. S'chciten, Tupen. 

3d. To f 

SIMKE, 71. Pitkunieii, Lpgotniti. 

4th. To 

SPILL, 17. t. les-siguin, sigumen. 


SPILL, V. I. To go spilled, Sigugu. 


3 . 

SPJX, c. (■. Chines-topi, (,'hines kcili. Chincs-migoi. 


SPIXE, n. 1st. The dorsal spine. .Vsgani. 

2(1. To \ 

2d. At the loins, S'chenieus. 

3d. To 1 

3d. Sore sjtine, Chincs-zulasgami. 


4th. Dislocated spine at the loins, Chin-malkucus. 


5th. See Thorn. 


SP1R.\L, ,(. Es-ilueis. 


SPIRIT, H. 1st. The breath, Xpopciilshtin. 


;iik()ll«)6lt, Sf;ii- 

I ; ■ • 

• luziiteii. 




iMi (lit. What is 

Ishtei), Xkolko- 

Skollvoelt, Szii- 



< r 

SPO 36a 

2(1. Soul, Siigapt'iis. ■'■ i>'/ 1 

:{(!, Spii'it;!al siiljHtunci', Spugpagt. > v,,,,l 

4tli. (JhoHtH, TomtcMTiiifei. ; ' 

oth. Lively, Koilkolt. > i: ■•>• 

6tli. Spirituous liipjor, Nko6uten, Sfemo s^ulku. 

SPIRITUAL, (I. Pagpdgt J yd no word of this language is knt)\vn 

to answer it. 
SPIT, )". t. To roast on a spit, Chines-koltlzei. i 
SPIT, n. Nkoielzoten. i r ■ .' 

SPIT, r. L Ist. ('hines-|)ttag()i, 
2(1. To spit upon one, Ics-pttagoni, pttagon. 
SPIT, n. Spttago. 
SPITE, r. t. Ist. To hate one, les-aaimem. 
2(1. To treat him spitefully, foi- spite, les-ehzgo6chseni {hi. I do it 

to him purposely). 
SPLASH, ('. /. 1st. The water, les-lakom. 
2d. To splash water m, les-nilakom. 
od. To throw water on, les-chilakoni. 
SPLKEN, n. Ilelipe. 
SPLKJ^DOR, «. Siieigu. 
SPLICE, ;;. t. ies-nazeusein. 
SPLINTER, n. For a leg, Chgalshintin. 
SPLINT, )'. f. 1st. les-sagom, les-sktm, les-nskeusem. 
2d. To break violently, les-tolim. See Rend, lireak. 
3d. To divide the hearts, Ies-gok(jeusera, les-gokoin. 
SPLIT, i\ i. 1st. Es-kapmi, Es-telpmi. 

2(1. Split in two, asunder, Chines-nskapeusi, Chines-nteljteusi. 
8(1. To sepai'ate, Chines gokopeusi. 
4th. To crack by shrinkage, Es-uigti. See Crack. 
SPLlTTh]lv, wood-splitter, «. Sgusagom. 
SPOIL, v.t. 1st. To despoil of his goods, les-nakom, les-ehz'sel- 

2d. To waste, Ics kolgot'j'lem. 
3d. To hurt. See Hurt. 

SPOKES (ol a wagot«), Chzelalkoten, Chshtalkoten. 
SPOKESMAN, H.Sgukolkoelt. 
SPONdE, n. Snkuskiispulegu. 
SPONTANKOlJSLY. uiir. I ijo it >pontaneousiy, I-spuiis, 1-sz- 

chzogo, l-szntels. 


Pi oj 



884 SPli • . 

SI'OOL (oi thread), (;hilial-Ht6|(akM. " 

SPOON, H. •fjfjmon. Siiuill spoon, j-jdhuuii. 

One tea Hpoont'ul, NkueHulomon. » 

SPOUT, t\ i. ChinoH-inomszuti, (if by wohIn) ()hinos-])oszuiii. 

SPOT, n. Ist. A stain, EpJ eH-chitbko, Ks-ohinj^n 

2(1. Spot on a person's eliaracter, Siiiluilt, Siilenu-nKul. See Uil. 

8(1. Small part of'ditt'erent color, Ks-kai«il^u. 

4th. A Hniull place, I-nk6lej^u. 

SPOT, V. t. 1st. To make visihlc marks with f'ori'if^ii niattor, les- 

2d. To stain, les-chtkom, ies-chnguni. 

SPOTLKSS, a. I-gukn, Ta ep» e9-chit6ko, Ta e].! cs-uiliiilt. 
SPOTTED, a. Es-kaitlgu. 

Sl'Ol'SK, n. Snkulkol, Snkiilk6lil. This second is more c(»rrcct. 
SPOUSE, /•. t. les-nkn^kol'lom, nkidkol'lemen. I spouse thet- 

(said reciprocally- by man or woman), " Xknlkol' " 

(lit. I have thee made, sacramentni, with me)! 
SPOUT See Spirt. 
SPRAWL. See Crawl. 

SPREAD, r. t. 1st. To extend, expand, Jos-guepem. 
2d. To spread an article in order to cover, to spread down, to 

spread over, los-ielgiim. See Cover. 
3d. To spread ont branches (of the tree), Es-chkualcchsti. 
4th. To divulge, les-mimiim, les-mimishitueifum. 
5th. To propagate, les-milkomim, les-milkoniineni. 
6th. To spread wheat, fish, les-pi+em. 
7th. To spread manure, Chines-liuti. 
8th. To spread the table-cloth, Ie8-chi4gu6])em. 
9th. To spread a table with viands, les-zkem, les-selim, Ics-chil- 

zk^m, Ics-chilselini. See Zak, Selini. He spread me a nice 

table, "T gest u ko-chilsel.shitem " (if several dishes arc 

served); " T gest u ko-chilzkashitem " (it only one dish i> 

SPREAD, V. /. Ist. To get extended, ex))anded, Gnep'p. 
2d. To spread out as branches, Es-kualeciisti. 
3d. To be made known as news, Mimishituegumenteni. 
4th. To be propagated us fire, Ks-melkomi, melli'tku. S(.'t' Coinnni- 

SPHIXG, V. i. 1st. To Jump, Chines telkapenzuti. 


iKul. Soo Uil. 
'igii inattor, les- 


is more (•((iTfct. 

1 spoii«i> tlu'f 
ulkorionu'iiziii '' 


JplViul »U)\VII, to 


■i-seliin, Ic's-oliij- 
)rt'ii(l nie a nice 
(M'al (licilH'is arc 
Illy OIK' ilisli i> 



11. Si'c (Nmiimi- 


2.1. T(» issuf 

See Ihmuc. .•.,., ■., • I 

3(1. T(» shdut up, EK-tlicirclii. . ^ i 

4th. To orifjiiiatc, CliiiH'H-kiialeiiii, Cliiiies-U6lil, ' ' 

5lli. To Mprinjj; Jit, k'H-clif^iilpniiiu'iii. .Ii . i 

SPRINCf, H. l.'it. Till' HoaMuii, Skcpz, Tiiin61egn. ' . 1^ -■ • 

2d. To j^o to Hpring luiiitiiig, ('liiiK'H-uiUalz,t'i. ,r«- , 

SPRIN(i, n. Fountain, KH-ozketikui. ' ■> ' 

SPRING, >i. Sec CauMe. * , 

SI'RINKLE, r. ^ Isl. To tlirow hoiiu' drops ol' water, los-iiilin. 

Sue iiiii. 
2d. To wt't and Hofton the ground with water, Its-ti'Uiini. 
3d. To water by sprinkling, or s])lashiiig, les-lakom. 
4th. T(» sprinkle water on a floor, les-chillukoin. : i 

fjth. Among plants, les-nlakouseni. 
(ith. Ashes, les-jjkoin. 
7th. To sprinkle aslu's on the head, ("hines-ehpkokeini ; on oneHult', 

( 'hiiies-eh|)kokanzuti. 
SPI{()UT, c. /. 1st. From one seed, to stool, Ks-tkops. 
2d. Sprout from one plant, Es-elishtenkein (said of several ears). 
3d. Sprouting of cabbages, Fs-ncheelis, 
SPRUC^E, n. Kofclzen, Maniiilp. 
SPUIJ, «. 1st. Koltelkanchskagaeten. 
2d. Spur of a cock, ZelAjieshin. 

sprit, I', t. 1st. I spur his iiorse, les-koltelkanchiskagaeni. 
2d. 1 8])ur that horse, Ics-koltelUenohcm. 
3d. I spur a horse, Chines-koltelkanchiskagaei {lit. I kick the Iiorse 

ill the bell}'). Usually in the iterative, Chines-kolteltelkan- 

chiskagaei. See Telkem. 
4th. To urge, les-koilchsleni, les-koimchsteni. 
SPURIOUS. See Bastard. 

SPURN, r. t. To reject with contempt, les-tmalsem, les-tamem. 
SPURT, sjiirt, r. t. les-jizam. See Pzam, Paz, Piz, S(|iieezc. 
SPY, v. t. 1st. To gain sight of, les-tuichem. 

2d. To discover after seaj'ching for, les-uchniineiii, h's-niipeiiu- 

3d. To see, les-uicheni. 
4tli. To look at, explore, les-iizgam. 
oth. To examine b}' curiosity or office, les-kotnniem. 
SPY, /*. 1st. One who keeps ii constant watch on others, Konkon'- 
niemiil I skeligii, Sgukoeiieni. 






Ui|2^ 112.5 
Ao 12.0 


1.25 |U ||.6 

^= 11^5 nil— 










WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 873-4503 

"^ i^^ 


366 ' V '\ SQU 

2d. One spying what people talk, Nkon'mezisk^ligu. '"^'^t ♦' ' 
3d. M}'^ spy, one that spies uiy actions, In-koenmcnzfiten. ** '>1^-"'«^ 
4th. One who looks at something, Sgiidzgani. ' "'? '^'^ 

.'Sth. My spy, ho that I appointed to look. I-sguazgam. , ?tv{.'..iiM 
6th. My spy, he that looks at me, In-azganz6ten. •' ,l>/f'<l'f>? 

7th. Spy ill tinio of war, to prevent surpi'iscs by ejiemies, Sguch- 

gul6m. ' '"* i'^ 

Hth. Spy as sent to the enemy's camp to observe, Sguazgam. '-HS'l 
9th. Spy as reporter of people's doings, Mimim6h ^^''^t" 

SQUALLY, a. Neutulegu. ' .<:uVr'>>L 

SQUANDER, I', t. les-z'spnunem, Fes-gnizshem i-ltenemus, los- 

-gnikundnem. .; 

SQUARE, n. Four sides, Mfas'lko. 
SQUARE, n. For carpenters, Sngnmfeten. -'^ .r.i.M;Iq ;;u.fUi/ iht 
SQUARE, fl. 1st. Honest, I-tog. ->V!-^^ '-^ "''':';'** 

2d. Exact, l-potn shfei. ; ""'^''^ ,, . 

SQUARE, V. t Ist. Logs, Chines-chshlalkoi. j"'" • -'"i; i-j.j 

2d. To compare with, Tes-chs6gumem. «■■ • ' • 

.3d. To adjust, les-tgomim, fes-shitHm, res-shittpnunem. 
SQUASH, n. Skaligukan. ' 
SQUASH, V. t. les-luzem. 

SQUAT, V. i. To sit on one's heels, Chines-lAkshilshi. 
SQUAW, n. Skeligu smefera. Squaw man, Puskeligu 









SQUEEZE, V. f. 1st. To wring, Ies-ko6m. 

2d. To pinch. See Pinch. 

.3d. To squeeze juice out of fruits in the hands, les-ipem.- ' 

4th. To smash, les-lozem. 

5th. To press between two bodies, to stick it in, Ies-nka6m. 

6th. To press, embrace closely, les-zanem. 

7th. To oppress, to press down, les-chilzenmAnem. 

Sth. To squeeze out liquids. les-pizkum. See Piz. 

9th. To squeeze out water from the mouth on the hands, Chines- 

10th. To S(ineoze the hand in friendship, les-chinechsom. Sec 

S(^UEEZE, r. /. 1st. Oneself through a crowd, Chines-nkaemus- 

zuti, (-hincH-nkaem^usi. 
2d. I am squeezed between, Chines-nkat'us. ^ , ,_ , , | 

SQUfNTEYKO, rK Es-chpelpelchus. ... ^,^\\[^ •,,,,.. 

I,. ■ ol .i.-J. 

iz(>ten. <>X.-''^ 
eiieinieH, Sguch- 


Iguiizgam. 1*''^ 

i-ltenemus, los- 

}'■ /)»!'11|.^ o'i' .lilt 

■■■1 ■■ ^i'i 
mem. . . 



1,1 , 


landH, Cliiiie.s- 
int'chsom. S*h' 

;, STA 867 

SQUIRKEL, n. Ist. Ground squirrel, Kukuzn^ge, Zishclie. 
2d. Wood squirrel, Iszcbe, Is'chche. 
SQUIRT. See Spirt. 

STAB, V. t. 1st. With an iron weapon, les-hium, Chines-hi^lzei 
2d. With u wooden pointed tool, les-ilim. 
STABLE, a. See Firm. !,.:,;.; '' 

STABLE, n. 1st. Sntepieutskagafeten. '>/M a'' J'-i^mI 


2d. For cattle, Zitgus 8tom6. 

STABLE, V. t. Ie8-n61gum. 

STACK, n. Es-tak. 

STACK, V. t. les-takem. 

STAFF, n. cane, Nzkuechsten. 

STAG, n. 1st. Male doer, Sgole. 

2d. Male elk, T'sliez, ijLJim/MO 

STAGE, n. let. coach, G6lko. 

2d. To pay for one's passage in the slage, Chines-chtkiiplemisti, 

STAGGER, V. i. Es-pelpilem. t-mdo '..|fi ko ?l-uim li !<M/^fiO' o| .t'f; 
STAGNANT-WATER, a. I-k6iku. 

STAIN, V. t. 1st. To make foul, les-chengura t't6ie, i-t'ko^i ; les- 
-chtk6m t'teie, i-t'koai. See Cheng, Tkom. 

2d. I am stained, Chin-epl es-chitoko t't6ie, i-t'koai ; Chines-chingu 




3d. I And myself stained, les chenguminem lu ttie. 

4th. I got stained, Chin-chinugugu lu t'teie. 

ftth. I stain my soul, les-chengiini lu i-sengap^us t'teie, les-chtk6m 

hi i-sengap6us t'teie. 
6th. 1 stain his soul, les-chengult^m lu scngapeusz t'teie, les-cht- 

koltfem lu sengapeusz t'teie. 
7th. The conception of Mary was not stained by sin, -Lu szntkokos 

Mali tas chtkolteni t'teie, Lu sznlkoi'.os Mali ta epl es-chitoko 

8th. To color. See Color, Dye, Paint, Blacken, Soil, jua }(> .4il 

9th. To stain with blood. See Tlum. -*' • - 

STAIN, n. 1st. S'chit6ko, .S'chingu t'teie, t'koai. I have a stain, 

" Chin-epl es-chitoUo i-t'koai." ,. , . ... ,. 


mT ..I 


2d. (-ause of reproach, Teie, Nzeshtin. 
3d. See Fault. 

STAINLESS, a. Ta epl es-chitoko t'teie, Tas chingu t'teie, Tas 
chinu!.;ugu t't6ie. 

368 ^ STA 

STAIKCASK, «. Snchiiilshten. 

STAKE, n. Ist. Pole planted in the ground, E3-n8hit6legii, pi. Es- 
-nzelfalegu. ' ' ^V^ 

2d. Wagers, Gezgcz, (Jnzgazminteii. •ii, ,■! / 

3d. Danger. See Danger. 
STAKE, V. t. 1st. To prop up. See Prop. 

2d. To stake a horse on the prairie, les-azdlegum. • >^^lii l-TH.. 

3d. To stai^e a horse in a field, enclosure, les-nazi^leguin.>*^ '' ■■* '- 



\1 .n\-_ 

IV > ..t-.TU..T> 



4th. To wager, les-gazgazrninein. 
5th. To stake out land, les-kaim, Chinus-kaiiklegui. 
STALK, I', t. leseufetem. 
STALT, V. i. Ir the mire, Chines-nkaelmi. 
STALLION, n. See Horse. ,uj-.b i,,);fA 

STAMMER, n. Chines-ntiligulzcenziiti. 
STAMP, r. t. 1st. To stamp the ground, Ohincs-telkami. ' ' " " 
2d. To impress an object with a mark, les-kaim. See Brand, 
Mark. / ,-!.'v;i!-- -'jMii!' > 

3d. To impress a mark on the object, les-kulkaim. > ,i'-'l^''^-= » '' 

4th.Toprint. See Print., ' , . . . l . ■ -?1^ / A i W. I> 

5th. To stamp a letter, les-shnim. ' ' ' . ./.l/Zt-' 

STAMP, «. 1st. As it is on the object stamped, Kaimin 

2d. As it stamps, Kaiminten. ■>t'i^:« >;="' "i 

3d. As it represents something, Skul^kaii. 

4th. The impression left on an object, Es-zuziiu. '\ 

5th. The object represented in the impression, Es-kulzuu. 

6th. Postage stamp, etc., Kaiminten. 

7th. An instrument for stamping, Kaiminten. 

STAND, V i. 1st. To be standing, on his feet, Chines-echsuishi, pi 

Kaes-tpifeuti, pi. red. Kaes-tptpieuti. 
2d. To rise up to a standing position, Chines-teshilshi, pi. Kaes 

'•' -tpipmi. See Rise. " '• ' 

3d. Of animals sparsely standing, Kodgo, Kogo^ut. 

4th. Of animals rising up to stand, Es-koagome. 

5th. To stop, t'hines-tlpmi. 

Hth. To stand against, les-chns'chtusem. See Against 

7th. To stand by the side of, les-chechsuishem. 

Hth. To stand by. to take the part ot, les-ngaztusum. 

STAND, ('. t. Ist. Endure, resist, les-niu^lsoin 

2d. To offer resistance, les-cheutdsem. 


I !;' 

i /. r - 

jT i 

- -.-1 

hitokigu, pJ. Er- 

-f-'^ ,1, ,ii 


i- ■fl 


1 ff I 





; ;•>/■, 


,.-,.,' .ff ' . 



. li'U'.'l A\ 

'•t'! I. 


fl .Jr*; .1 



■r\^i- . 




Am. Sec 


. ,ivH 



, 7/-ir^/ 



>, ; 



II mill. 

' c_ '■ 

Mi-, i 


- 1 !('■ 




. 1- 


i ;i '■ 



hilshi, ;*/. Kaes- 


r > 



lil I -I 

• v. .'i 

STANDARD, n. 1st. Flag with colors, S'chazfeus. 
2(1. Ruling, Sugum6ten. 
3d. Model, NAzgaton. 
STAR, n. Ist. Kukdsem. 
2d. Big star, Cbkutenus. 

3d. Small star, Chtkukuimiis. J 

4th. Polar star, SmgeichinAskat. 
nth. Morning star, Es-koltiz'zinz6t. 
6th. Shooting stars, Es-chsipshilshi lu kuk{isem. 
STARE, V. t. les-chkaspfisem. 
STARLING, blackbird, w. THchtlAch. 
START, V. i. 1st. To be surprised, Chin-kussds. 
2d. To back, Chines-enu6tlpi. 

3d. The guns start, Lgopinch, ^gop tu sololomiiicb. 
4th. To start on a journey, Chines-imshi. 
oth. To be going, filing away, as an Indian carap, Kom6peiri. 
6th. To go away, Chines-guisti. 
7th. To start after, Ies-ng6iem. 

8th. To start up. See Rise. '^'^■'^* . ^ 

START, V. t. 1st. To startle, to excite by siii'prise, les-kasstisehi, 

2d. To make go, les-guiem, les-guistem^ les-imBhem. 

3d. To startle a man by an unexpected cry^ Ies-i6gafti; fri .».i 

STARVATION, n. Skamfelten. ^ - .m .j»a 

STARVE, V. i. Chines-chiskataAlteni. ' ' ■■')t«^f: '«'^"" '^^'^ ** 

STARVE, V. t. 1st. les-chskameltenem. ':*"^'' V "' wMHTH 

2d. Starve oneself purposely, Chines-chskamentenzbti. '* .'^^'f M 

STATE, V. t. To relate the particulars, Ies-4um, les-miraishiteihJ-' 

STATION, n. Place of residence, Snlziiten, Snom6ten, Sntkotitt; ' 

STATION, V. t. les-tAkshilshem, les-tkom. 

STATUE, n. Skolkaii, Sk6lil. '^^ 'f-'* ' ' i'^- ^ "^^^ ' ^ ^ 

STAY, I', i. 1st. See Remain, Dwell, Rest. * ' 

2d. 1 stay at home, Chines-emikti, Chines-nemt^lgui. 

3d. I stay here, Iel6e u chin-iel6e, I-ehin-elfee. 

4th I stay there, Chines-lzii. '"I ^• 

5th. Wo stay together, Kaes-aifeuti. '• ''! 

6th. I stay with him, by him, les-chemi^tem, les-chlziim. f <■•/"' • 

7th. I stay with him in the same place, les-nkul-lziim, les-nkuie- 
miitem (lit. I have him remaining with me, he remains with 




i '■■ 

870 V sn 

STAY, V. t. Ist. To hold from proceeding. les-ku^sieyu 

2d. To stop, les-tlpim. '^.mv^t^ ,^,iiU 

3d. To hinder, les-geonim.^.«B/. ,M..v ' 

4th. To delay, les-koltkfem. .mv<.i>fo>l .J«f .A .i 

STAY, n. Semdt, StAkshilshi, Slzii. ,ifi,M ) -f^tK v 

STEAD, See Instead, Substitute, Succeed. : ■'■) .^,,j^, {j^j,!,, . 

STEADFAST, a. Zen»6nt. See Constant, Finn. ..lj:..„i„.;f '^. 

STEAL, V. t. Ist. les-nAkora. See Plunder. 

2d. To steal away oneself, Chines-nkonaisti, Chines-kulnkomisti, 

Chines-gutpnn, Chines-telkomi. 
STEAL, u. 8. Chines-nakoi. >i .>'M D/J liJ-it T 

STEALTHILY, adv. Losu^kura. ,,,^„„^,,, „,, ^,j l^ ' ,; t^, /(^ 
STEAM (of boiling water), n. Sp'ug, Sguul, See Evaporate. |t |,*. 
STEAM-BOAT, Solshi tlide. • , ^> ', J. 

STEEL, V. t. To make hard, ies-tlizim, les-t'sapnunem. .,'i' ^^^ 
STEEL TRAP, n. Azminten. \;„ ..„iiit »-,mo^. M ^v\h<- 

FIRE STEEL, Zichten. •, ;,,..« .v oT ,W^ 

STEEP. V. t. Ies-nku6lem, les-ntko^tikum. ^,j_ ^ [j,. j^^.^^ ;,rp ^j^- 
STEEP, fl. Shlshdlt. -' . - .^ . . . 

STEEPLE, n. Snloliul8hteii.,,j,.,.., 
STEER, n. SzWem. ' '' 

STEER, V. t. Ist. les-tgomim. 
2d. Steer a horse, les-ntgomdseni, 
3d. Steer a boat. See Boat. 
4th. Steer onesolf, Chines-tgomenziti. ^ui .-^mtid'} .\ . . ,',\'t;] ; |v 
STEM, n. The body of a tree, SkaltchAlko, S16kolko. , ' !':}; T- 
STEM, y. f. To oppose, check, les-tlplm. , ...^ .,.,,( • uf" ii'. 
STEP, w. t. Chines-chguilshini. i ', , , ;<1 / j> 

STEP, n. One step, Nko6pustchen, Nkucpust'shin.! ;v ,/<.»rt7,'lV 
STEP CHILD, n. Sl-uelt. t >;>! .„. 4;,;(jh,i oi-^'if •■ .ZoiT/iF' 
STEP FATHER, step mother, n. Lufesteii. .tcvUo-,!- > i Vli' i> 
STERILE, a. Chstm61t. . ;/ / r 

STERN, n. The hind part of a boat, Szfepstgu. See Boat,-;t< I .'<'": 
STERN, rt. See Serious. .,..i .,;'♦!•., I--,) , iiii nit-} 1>-' 

STICK, n. Ist. A piece of wood. Luku. t,?. > ..idi! /«i-. i h' 

2d. A cane, Nzkn^chsten. 

3d. Anything like a stick, wood or iron, or candy, rendered by 
the final — 41ko. One stick, " Nkoilko." Two .sticks, " Asl- 

alkO." .>'■ , i| .'";.' ;;:!n!UilHT' i * ■ , iiViUi u 

<.-■,- - • , 

l(i''> /(«i^ flflrrtrt .)>■ 

te ■•lair-Hjtn't "^'t 

....... , .;.... ,M 


- ;. r ^ T-: 
e Evaporate. 

"""«»"• :i> ..'{'. (Kii 

, ^^,, ..; ;>.{*)T.ufr 
) ,/jr'/ij i>v (I'l iff 
."(■:.;* liJiif^ *•'!' -lit 

I; t^r .\ ' .TU/iT 

!iii 1; -li ti , i-" I.I i' 1 ' 

.(../■(!! r;-,/vi/ 'r• 
oiko. ,:i/^!y. r 

in.' >v ,/o) t A'! 
See Boat. :(> I .. 

,!- • i 
' ilU .'Kt-. i ■' 

ndy, rendered by 
Two sticks, " Asl- 

STt 871 

4th. To pick up sticks of wood, Chines-chmchmislkupi. 

STICK, V. t. Ist. To place anything like a stick in any object, les-' 

2d. To plant in the ground, les-shitim, /){. les-zelim. 
3d. To slick in by poking with some violence, Ies-ka6m, les- 

-nka6m. ''I 

4th. To stick a ]:in, to fasten with a pin, les-utch^Iem. 
5th. To pierce. See Pierce. 
6th. To attach with glue, Ies-zpak6ni, les-zpakdusem. See Attach, 

Tie. !^"*f*'*- • ■ 

STICK, V. L Ist. Es-zpakami. '^^^^- ''"' 

2d. It sticks on, Es-chzpakanii. "" ^* 

3d. They stick together, Es-nzpak^usi. 
4th. To stick to anything, les-kufestein ; or with the continuate 

analogous verb. Stick to prayer, " Es-ku6ska iu nehAumeri," 

or, " Es chAuish." 
.5th. To be stopped, to stick in the mud, Chin-nkafete. 
6th. To be firmly stuck in a hole, Chines-nkafe. See Kafe. 
7th. To be attached to one until death, les-kapim. '" 

8th. To be atta(^hed to an object, les-kfeigtem. i 

9th. To stick at, hesitate, les-iaaminem. 
10th. To stick by, '.'liines-cha&z 1 , les-shinim, Chines-shinin- 

zfiti 1 , les-kapim. '"«^^'>'^ n■■^^^^*sTr:^^nv^^yf.dAxy^rr. 

STIFF, a. Ist. 1-tlag. "^"**f^ ''^'^':" Hf^ 

2di Stiff by hard work, Chines-tuehemi, Chin-ttiich 

3d. Hard, unbending, Tlizt. 

4th. Not liquid, not too thick, as the paste is stiff, I-zupe 

5th. My legs are stiff by hard work, Cliines-azazlshinml. "''^'^*^ ' 

STIFFEN, V. I. Chines-tlagpmi, Chines-tuchmi, Chines-tKzmi, Chi- 


STIGMA, n. Mark made with a red hot iron, Spiga. See Piga. 

' ' ■ ~ ' . i5ul>. 


STILL. See Quiet. 

STILL, adv. Ist. Che6. 

2d. Notwithstanding, Ku, U. 

STILL-BORN, a. Ntell^lt. See Tlilemi 

STILTS, «. pi. Ngusguisten. I walk on stilts, Chines-ngusguisti. 

STIMULATE, »'. t. le.t-koUzinem, les-koilchstem, les-koimch- 

STING, V. t. les-hiiim, les-ptkinn, Chines-lu61zei, Chines-ptku6lzoi. 


872 ^ STO 

The former inet^ns to penetrate by a sharp iriHtrument, XUv 



..'I M 

• r.r 


latter does not include the perforation. 

STINGY, a. leiukue. See l6ko. 

STINK, V. i. 1-pug, I-nAka, l-chsAlka. 


STIPEND, n. Ist. As received, Sgakaka. 

2d. As given, Gakaltdinshten. 

stipulate:, v. /. Kaes-kamkamilshi. 

STIR, V. i. Chines-iunii. . ,^, , . 

STIR, V. t. 1st. les-ium. 

2d. To stir oneself, Chines-koiiemisti, Cbines-iumi. ■("' - 

STIRRUPS, n. Ist. Snchkalueten. See Kalii6i. 

2d. To remain caught in the stirrups, falling from on horseback, 
Chipes-chazpfni. See Az. 

STITCH, V. f. les-tkodusem. 

STOCKADE, n. Kotogominten. 

STOCK n. Ist. Of a tree, Sl6kolko, SkaltchAlko. ., ; .• 

2d. A pillar, Es-n8hit(ilegui. 

3d. Stocks, Lchlchshintin. 

STOCKING, n. Snk6^H8hin, I wear stockings, " Chines-nkotH- 
shini." r j ,♦, 

STOLE, n. Deacon's' stole, Es-nshalagan. ■■ ,,.; 

STOLEN, partic. SenAko. It got stolen, " Nakoko." 

STOMACH, n. 1st. The inside, Spuius. ' , . 

2d. The outside. See Breast. ; > ' 

STONE, n. Ist. Sshensh. 

2d. Stone, crystal like and hard, I-galsshensh. 

3d. Bright and brittle, Uitul. See Rock. 

4th. Stone of fruits, Snchithe. 

STONE, V. t. les-teem, les-teenunem. To throw stoned at ran- 
dom, Chines-teeskfeligui. , , • | i 

STOOL, «. 1st. Snchiiemuten. 

2d. Evacuation, Smen6ch. To go to stool, Chiks-mon6chi, Chiks- 
-6zkaei. 1 have no stool, Ta ismen^ch, Chin-kagup6nch. 

STOOL, V. i. The grain stools. See Sprout. 

STOOP, V. i. Ist. Chincs-npnusenzuti, C'hines-chtoikani. it 

2d. To 3'ield, Chine8-cht6ikani, Chines-kofagalemisti. , 

STOP, V. t. 1st. To close an aperture, les-tktpem. 

2d. To hindA" the progress, les-tlpim. 

p itiHtvumont, the 

I ' ■ <■ •■All 

'r< . ., ,'•( ..'! .1,1 

' '■■ ,; >,i-, ^'" •' :'. 

I I j! ..•..■ mT i^:,i 

li ;■ .1 T.r ■'!' '\:;' 

ni. ..,|;> 

nn oil horseback, 

}, " Chines-nkoUi- 


\v sloues ut raii- 

-moiiichi, Cliikn- 

oikaiii. M 

isti. j 


r'l V 





M:n>^/ '! i '' 

,.;;*. v.wai, hi; 


8d. To reHtrain, los-geonlm. 

4th. To put an end to, Ie9-h6iom. Stop that, " llbisku." 

6th. To stop talking, Chines-hoizini. . . ,,,.... - a> n'l' 

6th. To stop a bottle, les-koHnkafepem. |r{ ^t'] 

STOP, V. i. Ist. To cease to go forward, Chines-llpnii. ,,.,, 
2d. To stop at, to take up his lodging, Chines-nz'zilshi. - ; i 
8d. To stop in a work, to. cease, Chines-hbiini. 
STOPPER, n. Kofinkafepten (because it sticks in the opening). See 

STORE, n. 1st. Sntemisten. . ,'•!.;.,»> 

2d. What is stored, Stakelziit, Skamnelszdl. .,,.^ ,, , 
8d. A magazine, warehouse, Snkainnelsziiten. j i, 
STORE, V. t. Ist. To collect a reserved supply, les-elkoni. / 
2d. To accumulate, les-iaamim. i i m » 

STORE-KEEPER, n. Sntomist. . , ,,, // ;,j ^ 
STORK, n. Sm6koo. 

STORM, n. Ist. The storm begins, Es-chesaskati. 
2d. It is stormy, Ches&skat. 

3d. The storm is over, Et uiaskat, Ui6, FA gesaskat. 8oe Tem- 
STORY, n. 1st. Smiimil. ., , M' , , 

2d. Fabulous siory, Skollumt. •. .i> • I ' V/ W s 

8d. I tell a story, Chines-mimimi. I tell him a story, les-mimishi- 

tem. 1 tell that story, les-miraiim. 
4th. I tell a fabulous story, Chines-kolldmti. • .' ; ' ! i 

STORY, n. A lie, Si6koist. . /I/ ;;;;. 

STORY-TELLER, n. Ist. MimimW. , , ,; u .'/W, 

2d. Fabulous story-teller, Kollurat6men. , , ( ) , i 

3d. Liar, Ikoistemen. :.- ,. .^ . i i'T!'! 

STOUT, a. Ist. Robust, Sisius. • ■ ' • ;, - 

2d. Bold, Kutispuus, Sisius, Pizchstutem (that cah pitch into)* 
3d. Big in stature, Kutenalko. ... . . .,,• t , ,ji..,;,, ,»>: • 

STOVE, n. Snolshizten ululim. ., ,, | ^ , !,,, , m. 

STRAIGHT, a. 1-tog. ^ ,/,.(,,/ : 

STRAIGHT. See Nat-row. , . 

STRAIGHTEN, v. t. Ist. To make straight, les-tgomim. . ; . 
2d. To reduce to distress, les-siechstem. See Si. les-pizem. 
3d, To be straightened, forced upon, Chin-chsiipelguc. .i ; ■- 

STRAIN, V. t. Ist. A rope, wire, les-tnim. See Tin. , ' ■ 


874 V STR 

2(1. To Hprain, les-malkum. ' «<;r»H«vt itl 

8d. To make lighter, les-zAnem. ' '"•'♦ "" J" < "^^ 

4th. To force upon, oppress, les-plzom. '' ' r'-i'''^'".' 1^'^' '/ » 
5th. To filter, strain milk, les-chslgomOsom, Tes-k6l8o6m, kolsoon- 

STRAIN, V. i. Milk straining, Es-chslaioinfasi, Es-kolsoomi, Ks-kol- 

8e6mi. ; '""' ■" '" '!""« ^'^ '» 

STRAINER, n. Kolsoominten. ' ''" ' 1 • ""'l'/^ '^ .MaMUc 
STRAIT. See Narrow. ^*^^ 

STRANGE, a. Ist. Foreign, Tigulem. "• 't-'m.!..-^,!.! .« .-IJlOT^ 
2d. Not betore known, I-siz. ''**■''" 'I '«•*'' 

8d. Wonderful, Kdskiist. ../lusz/vi ii /. u..- 

STItANGER, n. Ist. Tignltlign, Tfgiilem sk^Iigu.^' *uu ;ilLi.i> 
2d. A visitor, S'ehiz'zin. '. ' '» "'' ^'^ 

STRANGLE, v. t. 1st. With a rope, los-kolaz'zinem.''**'' ''^'^ ''"*'' 
2d. Hanging, les-chazfeusem. See Aaz. - »'»«»hm>^ ;. /15loj> 

3d. By hand, les-kotzipzinem. See Zip. '»''''• '"' ^ ''"it*^ ' 

STRANGURY, n. Es-kagupHch^it. 
STRAW, n. 1st. K6skoi8t„Supiilegu. ' *' 
2d. As thrashed, Chspkfeinten j as thrashed with horses, Chkalu6 

temen, ChkahiAtkan. .^■'. ..i , . i.u . 

STRAW-COLOR, a. I-paa. •^'''"' n ;.)>■.:«>.[.'» ' 

STRAWBERRY, n. K^itkam. 
STRAY, ?;. i. Chines-odsti. See Lose. 
STRAY, a. Es-osk^gae.'""^;' '' '; ' 
STREAK, V. f. les-lpim. 
STREAM, n. 1st. See River. 
2d. Current, Es-moopmi, Es-aupmi 
STREET, n. Es-ngaktus, Shushufel 
STRENGTH, n. Ist. The being strong, Sioi6t. 
2d. As a power to do anything, Niopieuten. 
3d. Strength of fire, Lu suiluilt. 
4th. Strength of light, Lu sgalgdlt. 
STRENGTHEN, v. t. Ist. To make strong, TeH-ioi6tcm 
2d. To make become strong, les-ioiotiiilshem 
3d. To fasten, les-z^iiem. 


■ '.in: ,1.1 

'(oil. K-l <iti<%rM ''iiT 

''1 JiJfil U'fi i M, j! 
;■•;•.!■ ni-t. . ,M.:ip^; •! .1,1. 

M'>U(J* ••>'! t ■! •;• i ''O 

A . ■ :» t::\r J( !;lM '<■<';. 
niii -. '.rs. I .< ..-.-..I >r .•:,■;!'! .' i i IVl- 


4th. To encourage, les-koilzinem, los-n^ukanem. ' 

STRENUOUS, a. Sisi6s. .; :.:H' • ' .■ ' .-^h; 

STRETCH, V. t. Ist. In length, to stretch a rope, les-ogomini, 

)lso6ni, kolsoon- 

ol9o6tn!, Rs-kol- 


■u'f' -i njfi// .j.*;: 

iiiiiift^ - lit <iT )»{i 

kji iiri'>ri', "iiT .' 
lorses, Chkalu6- 

■ ...-»■. ;u.?k"< \'t'. 

|i M' i -lit jf 

■ ' i; -;:M j ..III- 

. . rrr^v^. 

Ll ,1 T-Y-,!-.'-! • 
,M.;.M';''i .1.1: 

;l I ' .;•. i I '6 
■;■« ,'!.^M .!<$ 

I- .11 i-iH !.<; 
:. *;.:■(■/ v>r^ 

.Hi ',1 i r 

tinM/.. :!!:■• 

)e, les-ogomini, 


STR ' 876 

ogom8t(;n. Ktroteh the ropu, pull it, " Ogomittkii lu ttipi, 8(it«- 

2d. In breadth, los-giifepom, IcH-gupira, 
8d. Stretch the arm, Chines-gupni^gani. 
4th. To reacli out, to put forth the hand, C'hineH-gu&lchHti. 
5th. To reach out, stretch out the feet, OhineH-gualnhini. , 

6th. To stretch pulling, les-silttem. t t 

7th. To make it teuHe, us a wire, string, Jes-tnim. See Tin. 

8th. To stretch one's arm over to , les-chgupmiiganein. 

9th. To reach out one's arm towards , les chgualfechstera. See 

10th. To stretch out, to make appear the tongue, Chines-tl6chzini, 

Ics-tlfechem lu in-tiguzch. \\{^\ 

11th. To stretch oneself when tired, Chines-t6li, Chines-telt6listi. 
12lh. To stretch oneself down, Ghines-tkonz6ti. 
13th. To stretch oneself too much, to overdo one's power, ChiueH^ 

-chgozenzdti. See Goez. it>^ '.||)hi''4 M" 

14th. To stretch one's leg, Chines-gupshinmi. fiP* d)!^ 

15th. If only to step out, Chines-gu^Ishini. >H .j|j<; 

16th. To stretch one's leg towards , les-chgudlshinem. i^ ,JjtM 

17th. I stretch the palm of my hand, Chines-intogchin^chsi^^T .*(iT 
STRETCH, V. L Es-gu6p'pi, Es-sfit'ti, Es-tlechchi. . nvKUriS'. 

STREW, v.t. Ist. Of sand, grains, stones, les-pkdni. mux. oT .\)t 
2d. Of flowers, clothes, los-tkem. . .,, ■{ jift 

8d. Of carpets or like, Ies-gu6pem. ,.,.... . , , . .- f .'ft} 

STRIDE, v.i. Chines-chgudlshini. ...:<■» ....» .i...i ,,'1" (f^r. 

STRIFE, n. Ist. By words, S'chezin, S'chezinemenuegu. • MUIT'' 

2d. By deeds, Stiakot, Stikotemenutgu. j /, .l,i; 

3d. Between married folks, Stlako, Stlkonutgu. See Tlako. ' I !; 

4th. In battle, Stiakot, Spelstufegu. •".'> 

5th. The cause of strife, Chti^koten, Chtlakoten, Chpelstudguten. 

STRIKE, V. t. 1st. To give a blow, to hit, lespim, Chines-spfelzei. 

2d. Strike with a rod, stick, sword, les-spira. .,.,., 

3d. With a whip of cords, Jes-tzim. f,, 

4th. With a whip for driving, les-keigum. Kt i:" 

5th. With fists, les-zuum, Chines-zufelzei. 

6th. With the open hand, les-tkum. 

7th. With arrows, arms, les-tapim. 

8th. With the point of a sharp wooden stick, lesiiim. 

.-1.1 *( I*' * »*ii> ► 

' ' oT .I'i: 

■,.t ,\'i A'z 

rlt.,1 .t-. 


I. ■>,» 

I I 

876 ^ STR 

t)tli. With an iron pointed inntrumont, knil'v, etc., loH-tuiim, <.*hinuH 

10th. With an axe, IcH-HheUin. ' "i ■ ' ' ' 

11th. With a haniint^r or the like, Ies-te6m. 

12th. To strike u match, a light, ("hines-ehpAKai. 

ISth. To Htrike a light by the steel or flint, ChineK-2iehetei»l.| ''.' 

14th. Struck by lightning, Es-akfem, »kantfcm. 'I " ' " ' ' '^ 

15th, The light strikeH a mountain, Es-chMhinHtim, Rs-shltOKlnem. 

Iflth. To Mtriko with terror, see Terror. With surprise, see Sur- 

17th. With the foot, les-telkfem. 

18th. The clock strikes, Es-kolkofelti. 

19th. To strike out, to erase, los-m&um. " ' ' 

STRIKE, V. i. Chinos-sp^lzei, Chines-zu^lzei. ' ' 

STRING, n. Ist. Small rope, SJpi, Sispi. 

2(1. Bow-string, Chazinchsten. ' 

8d. Fiddle-string, 

4th. Shoe-string, Aznfeneshin. See Az. 

.Oth. For a blanket to tie at the breast, Aznelechsten. 

Hth. String of beads, Es-Iiku. 

7th. To cut strings, les-ehalim. ' ' " ' 

STRING, V. t. Ist. Beads, les-hkum, Ics-tiku^usem. 

2d. To string a shoe, Chines-kolazn^neshi. 

3d. For another, Chines-kotazshinfenoshini. 

4th. 1 string both his shoes, les-kotaz'zshinfeneshineni 

.5th. To string a bow, Chines-chazlnchi. 

STRIP, V. t. ist. A fellow of his clothes, les-chz'sfelgum. 

2d. A tree. See Bark, Peel. 

3d. Oneself, Chines-chz'selgunzdti. 

STRIPE, V. t. les-Jpim, les-knim. 

STRIPES, n. Stzize. 

STRIVE, V. i. Ist. To make efforts, Chine8-koilornisti,C'hiiies-ioib8- 
zuti, Chines-ait'chsti, Chines-felisti. 

2<1. To struggle in opposition, strive against, les-chkoil-emisteni, 
les-chioioszutem. •■ 

STROKE, V. t. Ies-t6zem. 

STROLL, V. J. Iteneinus chincs-gusteluisi. 

STRONG, n. Ist. loiot, Sisius. 

2d. Enduring patiently, Es-ni^uiols. 

. 'I 

See A 


1 1 

rt-tndm, ChinoM- 

,|;v . . ". Ill .l4 

.. .1 .If'-. <•'!' .'i'k' 
jiichotoni. '^'.^ 


rpriHo, Hoo Sur- 

,,••. I ...1 --l 

i '-'J I 



lem. Heo Az. 



i ' ; I,,. I 

■ I f/;i ■■] 

HtB 877 

8<i. Tlnpid, Tln<,'t. • 1; . .(' -t 

4th. VioltMit, IMzpir.t. ^ 

fttl). Hco Powerful, Kfcn, Sharp, Able, Hard, Brave. 
HTKUCiCfLK, V. i. lut. Making coritortionB ut' the body, OhinoH- 

•pAxkoi. ' ■ ■' . 

2d. See Strive. ,^ } 

8d. To be in aj^ony, ('hinoH-mlgoti, Chines-ntollfclsi. ' ■ 

STUBBLE, w. Sngoizl6j<ijton. " 

STUBBORN, (1. Aiziizt, Tlizpuds, Tlizt \n splktin, THzt \u ten- 

t6no, Tlizkan, ('hiuiu61p9. See lo, ChioioAne. ' •• ,; 
STUD, Htallion. See Horse. 

STUDENT, n. EH-iizgams h> kaimin. ' i 

STUDY, r. (. Ie8-4zgani hv kaimin. 
STUFF, n. iHt. Materials, K6lomon. 
2d. Cloth, Sipi. 
STUFF, V. t. See Fill. 

STUMBLE, V. i. 1st. To fall, Chines-tkokomi. 
2d. To stumble ut, on, Chines-ehteeshinml. 
STUMP, n. Int. Ot a tree, Nj^ogozfa, Ngogozus. i ' . 

2d. Of a limb, flnger, Got^chst. ' i 

3d. Of logH, Chgot'shin. • 

STUN, V. t. les-polsem. * •! 

STUPKFY, V. t. les-p'spAm, Ics-psAehstom, les-kussfaseni. ' ' 

STUPENDOUS, a. Gest, Es-nshiizin gest, Kdskust, Tastil gost. 
STUPID, Ps^ie, I-kokofeu. 

STURGEON, n. Ezemtds. ' 

STUTTER. See Stammer. 
STYLE, n. Ist. Of speaking, Nkolku^lton. 
2d. Of doiifg, Nkolemen. 

SUBDUE, V. t. Ist. Overpower, les-elkbm, Ics-klnunem. 
2d. To get control of a diHeaso, los-meHm. 
3d. To gain c^Mitrol of a refractory person or animal, les-tgogoni- 

■tth. To gain over the affections, les-tleg6pHom in spuds. ' 

5th. To persuade into, fcs-kfeilem. See Draw, Drag. 
6th. To coax into, les-koleguegukiinem. 

SUBJECT, (I. Ist. Situated under, Es-koH6ko. ' ' > 

2d. Under the dominion. See Belong. 
3d. Liable to, disposed to, is rendered by the affix — 4men affixed 

378 i - SUB : 

to the verb. Subject to break, " Kaopfemen." Subject to lie, 
" Ikoistemen." Or bj' affixing — titem. Liable to die, " Tei- 
1 litem." 

SUBJECT, n. \st. A person placed under the authority of a per- 
.. son, Sgutsigult (lit. A child, us the parental and filial rolationn 
are the spring of all other subjection and authority.) See Sub- 

2d. The object of a discourse, inquiry, etc., must be rendered bj* 
the preposition ch prefixed to the verb used as a vorh, or in 
the form of a substantive. Money is the subject of our con- 
versation, " Ululim l-n kaoschkamkam^liscm, Ululim lu kae- 
-chkamkamelisten." See About. 

SUBJECT, r. t. To put under, Ies-koHk6m. 

SUBLIME, a. 1st. Physically high, Nuist. Es-nshiizin nuist. 

2d. Morally high, Es-nshiizin. 

SUBMISSION, n, Skola^alemist. 

SUBMISSIVE, a. Es-kolagalemist, Es-sonumt. 

SUBMIT, V. L Ist. To yield to the superior power, Chines-kola- 
galemisti, Chines-koVfkonzuti. 

2d. To resign oneself to, Chines-ptlechstendsti, Chines kolguzshe- 

3d. To obe}', Chines-sonumti. 

SUBOBN, V. t. les-chiam, les-koleguegukunem. 

SUBSCRIBE. See Sign, Signature. 

SUBSEQUENT, a. Lu siz. 


SUBSIDE, V I. 1st. To fall to the bottom, Es-snpma, Es-npt'talzc, 
Nplatiku. Said of coffee, tea settling; when subsided, Npt- 
alze, Nptdtiku. ♦ 

2d. To become calm, Es-kampmi. 

3d. The wind subsides, E8-k6imi, I-ks-koi. See Abate. 

4th. The disease subsides, Es-melemi. 

SUBSIST, V. i. To be maintained, Chines-iloni. 

SUBSIST, r. t. See Feed. 

SUBSTANCE, n. Cannot be rendered but by Skelticli ; body, ma- 
terial substance. Malt Skeltich. 

SUBSTITUTE, n. 1st. Successor, heir, vice-geivnt, Nlkalshelpen- 
zuten, Nemtelpenzuten. See Li>ksliilsh, Kiniit (lit. He that 
sits in my place). 


Subject to lie, 
le to die, " Tel- 

lority of a per- 
d filial I'olatioiiH 
lority.) See Sub- 
he rendered by 
8 a vorb, or in 
jeet of our eon- 
Ululim +u Uae- 

iizin nuist. ' 

^er, Chines-kolii- 
Jhines kolguzabe- 

)ma, Es-npt'talzt', 
n subsided, Npt- 


elticb ; body, ma- 
lt, NlUulsbelpeii- 
inul (lit. He that 

I. sue , , 879 

2d. For particular objects prefix sgu — to the verb, sometimes also 
to the adjective. My substitute for work (though he may not 
work for me), " I-8guk6lem." My substitute in teaching, 
preaching, reporting, one of mine who is teaching, " I-sgumi- 
miim." The apostles of J. C, inasmuch as they were charged 
to teach by him, " iiU sgumimiimi Jesu Kli." My substitute 
in speaking, he through whom I speak, " I-sgukolkofelt." 

3d. As ambassador, who knowb the language, the words, the doc- 
trine of another, Nmizinziiten. The substitute of J. C, inas- 
much as he knows the words, doctrine of our Lord, " hu nmiz- 
inziltis Jesu Kli." 

SUBSTITUTE, v. t. 1st. I set him in my place, les-ntkalshfelpem, 

2d. I make him do what I do, Ies-nzuzu6chhem. ' •i>^' 

3d. I name him for my substitute, les-aum ikl^-ntkalshelpenzuten. 
Our Lord named Peter for his vicar, " T Jesu Kli auis ia Piil 

■4th. To change. See Change. ' "• '.>;' -i'-' 

SUBVERT, V. t. Ist. To ruin utterly, les-kolgo^l'lem, les-maum. 

2d. To pervert, leskolgofel'lem. 

3d. To suborn, les-koteguegukunem. 

SUCCEED, V. i. Ist. In general, Chines-lkonzdti, les-elkom, Jes- 

2d. I cannot succeed, les-tlligum. 

3d. Usually rendered by affixing — ndnem to the verb in question. 

4th. I succeed in catching that horse, les-azpndnem. 

5th. I succeed in doing it, les-kolndnem. 

6th. I succeed in taking it, I reach it, les-konniknem. 

7th. Not to succeed, fail, by simply premitting the adverb Ta. 

8th. To succeed by chance. See Luck. 

9th. It don't succeed, it won't do, Ta8i6. 

SUCCEED, V. t. 1st. To take the place of. See Place, Substitute. 
Leo succeeds Pius, " T'Leo u es-nlkalshelpems lu Pi»\s, Es- 
-nzuzufechsems hi Pius." The former means to succeed in the 
place ; tho latter, in the office, 

2(1. To follow ill order, Siz, /. e., Is the next. Pius died and Leo 
succeeds him, is the next Pope, '' Tlil hi Pi6s u Le6 siz Lpap." 

3d. SeeEIt. 

4th. To follow, les-chshinim. See Shin. 


880 ^ SUF 

SUCCESSFUL, a. Often rendered by the affix — uK reduplicating 

the radical. Succtssful in losing games^ " Alalpul." Success- 
.■*^.jt ful in winning, *• Tieg'tleguput." Siu-cessful hunter, " Cht- 

chitput." See Luck. . , ■ . ■ 

SUCCESSIVELY, in succession, one after another, rendered by 

the reduplication of the verb. I carry them in succession, 
■,}i " ies-ukukum." Hence mail-carrier, because carrying the 

mail one day after another, Sguukukutkaimin. 
SUCCESSOR. See Substitute, Heir, Place, Antecos.sor. 
SUCCUMB, y. J. Chin-h6i,Chiii-ntlapaUN. 
SUCH, a. Of that kind, like that, E/.ageil t'shei. • 

SUCK, V. i. Ist. Chine8-t6mi, Chines-kaemmi, Chines-kakaemmi. 
2d. Chines-i6pi. See Taste. 

SUCK, V. t. To draw milk with the mouth, les t6mem. 
SUCKLE, V. t. Ist. One's child, Chines-kaemelti, Chines-kakac- 

2d. Any child, Ics-kaemim, kaemstfen. 
3d. His child, les-kaemtltem, lee-kaemfeltem iu pgusigults. 
SUDDEN, a. SUDDENlV, adv. Ist. Sudden death, Nzkuelkup 

ntclitin. ,- , • . i 

2d. I die a sudden death, naturally, Chin-zkuulpup chin-tlil. 
3d. I die a sudden violent death, Ko-zku6tkupstem ko-p6lstem, 
4th. He was well and died, I-ges u tlil. Ho died being well, I-lsges 

u tlil. I died suddenly, I-chin-ges u chin-tlil. 
5th. He was healthy and died, l-guil u tlil. I will die healthy, 

without sickness, I-lisguil m-chiu-tlil. 
6th. For other phrases, render it by I or Tel snkanikamtin. He 

spoke and started on a sudden, " I-kolkoelt ii guisl," or, " Tel 

snkanikamtin u guist (///. Only he spoke and lelt, from the 

quietness he left). 
SUE, V. t. For debt, les-nsfeupem. 
SUET, n. Olikul, S'chtkucus. 
SUFFER, V. i. 1st. To have pain bodily, Chines-nguzguzmelsi. See 

Sick, Sore, Ache. 
2d. To have mental pain, Chincs-puptisenchi, Chines-nguzguzmtlsi. 
8d. To endure, Chines-niaulsi. See 16. 
4th. To undergo. See Let. 
5th. To permit, allow, Lzii (lit. May it be, be it). 

}, reduplicating 

Ipul." Sueoess- 

hnnter, " CW- 

sr, rendered by 
I in succession, 
e carrying the 




i, Chines-kakao- 


sath, Nzkuelkiip 

-) c-hin-tlil. 
II ko-p6lstem. 
sing well, l-lsges 

vill die healthy. 

tainkanitin. He 
gwist," or, " Tel 
left, from the 

i-uzixuzm^isi. 800 




6th. For our misdeed, Chin-p61<aka, Chines-liz, Ko-es-lzim. 

7th. To suiter much, to writhe under the pain, Cliin-zazaza. 

SUFFER, V. t. Ist. To endure it, to put up with it, les-niiulsem. 

2d. To permit it, les-lziim. ' "■••■ '■ •• ' 

SUFFERING, n. Ist. The act of suffering, Snguzguzmfels, Spupu- 
sfench. > ■ 1 

2d. The cause, Npupusenchten, Nguzguzmeisten. ' ' ' '^ '>• 

3d. The having patience, Sniauls. < .i'" ' 

4th. The virtue of patience, Ni^ulshten. ' !" • •'■ " '■ 

SUFFICIENT, a. Pot, Potu sh^i. Tie, TIfc goriit. '' ' ! ' 

SUFFKMENTLY, adv. 1st. Really so, P6tu shei. 

2d. Nearly so, passably, Geil. 1 am sufficiently good, tolerably 
good, " Geil chin-gcst." 

SUFFOCATE,!;, t. Ist. Not by strangling, les-takupim. See Tkep, 

2d. To sti'angle. See Strangle. ' ' ' ' ,' v^' 

3d. To extinguish. See Extinguish. ' ' i; ■ i - 

SUFFOCATE, V. i. Chines-takupmi (for want of breath, for an- 

SUFFRAGATE the dead, v. t. les-puushitem iu temtemn^i, Jes- 
-chinshitem, les-chAushitem, les-olkshitem, les-zelim. 

SUGAR, n. I-tish. ' ^ 

SUGAR, r. ^ (coffee, tea, liquids), les-ntishkum 

SUICIDF, w. Es-pelszut, Es tapersuti. ; 

SUGGEST, V. t. les-Aushtem. 

SUIT, n. Company, followers, Nchshintin. 1 have no suit, '' Ta 
i^))!- nchshintin." 

SUIT, r. ^ Sec Fit, Agree, Taste, Zeh^m. 

SULLEN, fi. 1st. Cliines-nclijrut't6Isi. ' 

2d. Gl 






SUMMER, n. Saanlka. Seo Anlka. 

SUMMIT, n. Ist. Skakalt. 

2d. To reach the summit, (^hin-kAkalt. 

3d. The summit of a mountain, Chtgoiclian. 

SUMMON, v. t. les-gulitcm. 

SL^N, n. 1st. Spakani. See Spaaka. 

2d. The sun rises, Es-tleechmi, E8-kutlj>mi. 

3d. The sun is up. Tie tlccch. Tie kutlip. 

4th. Sunrise, Stlccch, SUutlip. 




882 \ SUP 

5th. The place where the sun rises, Snkutlptiis hi spakaiii. 

6th. Sunburn, Spa^ka, Skukulil. 

7th. Sunlif^ht, Sgalip. / . ' ^ .\ 

8th. Sunburnt, Chin-ulp6s t'skukulil. 

SUNDAY, n. Ist. S'chaz6u8, Sgalgalts Kolinzuten. ' .' 

2d. Next Sunday, No chaz^us. 

.3d. Last Sunday, Zi 1 s'chaz^us. • , ^ ^ 

SUNDER. See Sever, Separate, Part. 

SUN DOGS, n. SoIoIAgani. The sun is between the sun dogs, " Es- 

-nkal6nchi tu spakani t'sololAgani." 
SUNDOWN, sunset, n. S'chlug, S'chso^skan. 
SUNDRY, a. KuitH. 
SUNDRIES, n. Te6-8t6m8tem. 
SUPEREROGATB, v. t. Ips-nchgoztdsem. 
SUPEREROGATrON, n. Es-ngoztiis. See Goez. 
SUPERFICIAL, a. On the surface, Chii-keltich. 
SUPERFLUOUS, a. 1st. Mil goeit. 
2d. Not needed, I-tenenii^s. 
SUPER-IMPOSE, V. t. 1st. To place upon, les-chtkonu See Put, 

2d. Of a building, les-chk^iem. 
SUPERINTEND, v. t. les-azgam, les-chitiin. 

SUPERIOR, a. 1st. More high than , Nuist \\x tel 

2d. In office, Es-nshiizin tel ' 

3d. In greatness, goodness, etc., Kutdnt tel , Gest tel 

4th. In general, Chgofezt tel 

5th. Excellent. See Excellent. 

SUPERIOR, n. Iliraigum. 

SUPERSCRIBE, v. t. les-chkaim. 

SUPERSEDE, V. t. To displace from office, los-ozkaeni. 

SUPERVISE. See Superintend. 

SUPINE, o. Eszkallot (lying on the back). 

SUPPER, c. /. Ist. To take supper, rhincs-chlugui, Chincs-eut'- 

2(1. The last supper of our Lord, Lu seut'ziis .lesu Kii. 
SUPPLE. See Flexible. 
SrPPLK'ATE, V. i. Chines-chomisti, Cliinos konnoiiszini, Cliines- 

SrPPLICATE, V. t. 1st. To one, les-choniistom, les-konkonszi- 




lie sun dogs, " Es- 

htkom. See Put, 

u tel. 

Gest tel. 


iigiii, Chincs-eut'- 
u Kli. 

luionszini, (Miines- 
in, Ies-U(»iikonszi- 



2d. To ask that favor, les-ehkonkonzinem. ' ■ '" 

SUPPLY, n. Ist. Of eatables, Stku6ne, Stkukuene. See Tkom. ' 

2d. Of clothes, etc., Stakelszfit. 

3d. 1 have no supply of eatables, Chn-chstemfene. 

SUPPLY, V. t. Ist. That food, les-kolstkueneni. 

2d. I supply him with food, les-kolstkueneshtem. ' ' '< 

3d. I supply him with clothes, etc., les-kolstakelsziitshtem. 

SUPPORT, V. t. 1st. To bear a thing by being under, rendered by: 
I have it placed upon me, les-chiltkenem, chihk6nemen (9). 

2d. I am supported by, being placed upon it, les-chiltkeneni, chil- 
tk6nemen (I am placed over it). 

3d. To bear, sustain a thing from itilling by having it leaning up- 
on, les-chleeminem. See C'hle6, Lean. 

4th. Su|>port by placing a prop, les-golzkozinem. 

5th. To endure without being overcome, les-niaulshem. 

6th. To furnish with means of living, les-e^mtem. 

7th. To lake the parts, les-ngaztiisem. 

8th. To support, lean oneselt to. See Lean, Suspend. 

SUPPORT, n. 1st. What keeps up, ChiHkenfeten, Golzkozinten. 

2d. What is given to me for my food, is-emin. 

vSUPPOSE, V. t. Ist. If, in the supposition, in case of, must be ren- 
dered by the conditional mood. 

2d. To imagine, les-nt^lsem, Chines-ntelsi. 

SUPPRESS, V. t. 1st. To crush down, les-maum, Ies-h6iem. 

2d. To repress, les-geenim. 

l3d To conceal, les-uekum. 

SUPPURATE, V. t. Es-p6zti. 

SUPREME, a. Es-nshiizin. 

SURE, it. 1st. I am positive, I know it well, I-mistem, Imistgu. 

2d. It is certainly so, I-mii. 

3d. Certain to acquire or retain, Ohines-nmui^elsi, Chines-mus'- 

4th. Reliable (of persons), Mselsuten. 

5th. Absolutely, Ta-ks-tam (in i'ut.). 

SURE, surely, <u/r. 1st. I-mii, I-tmi, Xcli. This latter is used 

olliplically. Will you die ? Surely, " A iiem ku-tlil ? N6H." 
2d. Surely not, Pum. See Pshaw. 
SURFACE, M. Lu chilk61tich. 
SURMOUNT, surpass, v. t. les-cligozim. Sec (ioez. Pass. 

384 -- . ^, SUS 

SURPLUS, n. Chce. Seo Lett. 

SURPRISE. Sec Sudden. 

SURPRISE, i\ t. Ist. To stviUe with wonder, les-Uususom, les- 

-psp^in. See Paw. 
2d. To make lose consciousneHs, les-seiim, selemstdn, les-sulem. 

See Sil. 
SURPRISING, (7. Kuskust, Ta-stiil, Selsilt. ~ V 

SURRENDER, v. t. 1st. leH-ptlfechstem, les-guizshem. 
2d. Surrendered oneself, Chines-ptlechstemisti, Chines-Uotagale- 

mistl, Chincs-kolifuzshemisti. 
SURROUND, V. t. 1st. To go all over, les-siiehemim. 
2d. To surround a house, les-chifelgum. 
3d. To surround in the prairie, les-chi^lem. 
4th. In the wood, les-nifelem. 
5th. To crowd upon, Ics-chtuum, Ics-chiaaminem. 
6th. As a fence, les-chgoizem. See Ogo. 
7th. For the other particular ways of surrounding, see Around, 

8th. To place, go all rounds les-chsilehizeem. 
9th. See Besiege. 

SURROUNDED, a. 1st. In general, Es-chslchize. 
2d. Pressed, besieged, Chin-chsiipelgu6. 
SURVEY, 0. t. 1st. Land, les-lpim, Chines-Jpulegui, les-kaim, 

Chines-kaiiilegni, les-sugumem, Chines-8uguin6legui. 
2d. To take a view of, ies-azgam. 
3d. To examine, Ies-ko6ncm'm. 
SURVEY, n. Sipdlegu, Skaiulegu, etc. 
SURVEYOR, n. Sgutpulegu, Sgukaiuiegu, Sguazgam. 
SURVIVE, v. i. Chec chin-gulguilt. 
SUSPECT, r. t. 1st. To imagine, Chines-nt^lsi. 
2d. To think one guilt}-, upon sufficient evidence, les-chitfemem. 
3d. To hold as uncertain, les-seleminem. 
4th. To hold as mistrustful, leskeiiisem. 

5th. To suspect people, to think ot their affairs, Chines-kul-pagami. 
6th. See Jealous. 
SUSPEND, V. t. 1st. To hang it above, meaning the tying it, les- 

2d. Meaning to let it hang from above, from on high, les-ehsaleu- 


/ •^' 

8-Uu8usom, ICH- 
8t6n, les-sulem. 



ig, see Around, 

legui, les-kaim, 



ic lying it, les- 
gh, Ics-chsaleu- 




3d. Meaning to raise it on high, Ics-chgoMisem. • 

4th. To tie it hanging down, les-tazAusem. ' ' I ( 

ftth. To let it hang down, les-t'shalt^usera. 

6th. To hook it on high, les-chkalgufeusem. 

7th. To place it across on high, les-chtkofeusem. 

8th. To place it loose across anything, les-lkom. '"^ . • 

9th. To cease for a time, Ie8-h6iem, Ie8-lh6iem, Ne kuenfe. ' 

10th. See Aaz, Shalim, Kalgum, Lkom, Gofee. 

SUSPENDERS, n. 1st. Nlkotkotk6iten {lit. What is put across 

both shoulders ; if only over one shoulder, Ntkoikfeiten). See 

ijkom, hok. . 

2d. I wear suspenders, Chines-ntkoJkolkfeiti. 

3d. I give, place on him a pair of suspenders, les-ntkotkoikfeitom. 
SUSPICIOUS, a. Given to suspect unreasonably, Chitemtemiit. 
SUSTAIN. See Support. - . 

SWALLOW, V. t. Ist. Chines-kamrai, les-kamim. • ': 

2d. Swallow eagerly as dogs, les-shipim. 
SWAMP, n. Sntlauchl^gu, B8-nel6otcn, Es-nkalii. 
SWAN, n. Spakami. 
SWATHE, u. «. les-chpelkoizem. 

SWAY, V. i. Es-kozchemi. See Bend. * 

SWEAR, V. t. 1st. les-aum iu Kolinziiten, Ies-4uitem \u skuists 

2d. By pointing the finger on high, Ie8-z6kom iu Kolinztiten. 
3d. To blaspheme, Chines-kolkoeiti t'tigulem. 
SWEAT, n. S'chskuilt. 
SWEAT, v'. i. Chines-chskuilti. 
SWEAT HOUSE, n. Ist. S'lakai. 
2d. To go in the sweat house and take a Russian bath, Chines-l^k- 

SWEEP, V. t. 1st. To sweep a room or floor, Chines-zeslegufepi, 

Chines-chilz'slegudpi, Chines-z'sulfegui. 
2d. To sweep a yard, Chines-z'sulegui, (if by scraping) Chines-agoi, 

3d. To sweep off the dirt, les-chil^z'sim lu malt. 
4th. To sweep off the snow, les-agom }u smtkot. 
SWEET, a. I-tish ; dim. I-H'tish. 
SWEETEN, r. t los-ntishkum. 
SWEETHEART, n. Selagt, Sgamoncheus. 


Seo K6ig. Chino8-np6ui. v^ 
See Chlgnni. n. ' 

886 SYR 

SWEETNESS, n. Stish. 

SWELL, V. i. Ist. By uny morbid process, Chines-sukuti. 

2d. By simple dilatation, as of a bladder, Chinop-p6ui. 

8d. By inflammation of the belly, Chines-kagupfenehi. 

4th. By inflammation of the bladder, Chines-kagupHuheiti. 

6th. To protuberate, Es-mkokomi. Seo Moko, Bruise. 

6th. By pride, Chines-keguniiszuti 

7th. The number swells, Chtgugu. 

8th. The river swells. Sec Rise. 

9th. To swell down, Es-p'ss'mii. 

SWELLING, n. Szsakut, Sp6u, Es-moko. 

SWERVE, V. i. Chines-nguzaksi. 

.SWIM, V. i. Ist. Chines-nehalpmi. See Float. 

2d. To be dizzy, Chines-nselselemHumshi. 

SWIM, V. t. Ist. To make swim, les-nchalpim, lesiichalpnunem. 

2d. To swim up the river, Chines-nziilshilHi t. 

3d. To swim across, Chines-nlekomi, Chines-nehalpmi. 

4th. To swim down the river, Chines-nagottisi. 

SWIMMER, n. Sgunchalip. 

SWINDLE, V. t. les-koilem. 

SWINDLER, n. Kolkolemul. 

SWINE, n. Kosh6n, Npelpelk^ks. 

SWING, V. i. Ist. As boys do on a pole, Chines-kakatalkoi. 

2d. On a rope, Chines-keituegui. 

3d. As a pendulum, Es-iti^t'ti. 

SWOON, V. i. Chines-oospuus, (::hin-tlil. 

SWORD, n. Ist. Nspusteii, Chololelgu, Kutunt iiiiichemen. Sec 

Lance, Spear. 
2d. To unsheath the sword, Ies-nz6okem. 
3d. To place it back in the scabbard, les-nzakoui. 
SWORD-FIGHT, n. Chines-nspusi. 
SYPHILIS, n. Es-lchichfe. 
SYRINGE, n. Npzekomi-iten. 

SYRINGE, (". /. Ist. les-npz^kom, Ics-npzekupsem. See Inject. 
2d. Syringe the ear, les-npzkuenem. 









niiiohemen. Sec 

■111. See Inject. 





ii ,{. ■ ■*< 

TABIiE, n. l8t. Foi* writing on, Snkaimintcn. >' 

2d. For oating, Snitenten ; if raised from the ground, Snchititen- 

3d. The food itself, Siilen. 

TACKLE, weapons, w. Ist. Fishing tackle, Kakam^ieten. I » 
2d. Hunting tackle, Chilptin. ' 

TAIL, n. Sups. See Ups. * il ■ 

TAILOR, w. Sgutk6m. ^ » 

TAINT. See Stain, Spoil. 

Take, v. t. Ist. (If one object) les-kunfem, Chines-kunei. 
2d. (If more than one object) Ies-k6mem, Chines-kiimi. 
3d. To grasp, catch, les-chinim. . ' v 

4th. To captivate the affections, les-zkukundnem. • ' 

5th. To choose, Chines-nkn^ni. 

6th. To form the likeness of. , les-kutkaim 

7th. To accept, les-tkunem. 

8th. To accept a drink, to taste it, les-nkoenkum. 

9th. To take in good part, les-niaulsera. 

lOth. To take in bad part, les-nch^selsem. 

11th. To admit, to take it for granted, Chines-nshifelsi, Shfei. 

12th. To take, treat, think one as a fool, les-kolspsAiem. See Kol. 

13th. To take one as father, Io8-kollpog6tem. 

14th. To take one for child, les-kolsgusigultem. 

15th. To take a wife, Chine8-koUn6gonogoi. 

16th. To take a husband, Chines-kolsgelui. 

17th. To take vn object on high, ies-chkunem. 

18th. To take one by the hair, les-cht^mkanem. 

19th. To take aim. See Aim. 

20th. To take along, les-nkulguicm, les-guiusem. 

2l8t. To take away, les-kuneni, les-guiom, Ies-ch6om. 

22d. To take down (a), les-xkunem, les-chkun^m. (/;) To reduce, 

les-topem. (c) To write, Ics-tkaim. (^/) To swallow, leskam- 

mim. (e) To demolish, les-mauni. 
23d. To take firp, (a) Hairy substance, PaAp. (6) Wood, etc., 

Ulip. {(•) To beg fire, Chines chkiienshi. 

See Teemltem. 

See Along. 

888 - TAN 

24th. To take back, (a) To retake, leles-kuntm. (/>) To bring 
back, leios-guiusem. (c) To return, loles-guizelteni. (t/) To 
recant, Jelos-tam'ni. (e) To take back what one lost in gam- 
bling, Chine8-nku6mpi. And a number of others to be looked 
for under the different prepositions or adverbs, or under the 

26th. To take out (a) Of a drawer, etc., Ics-nkutlim. See Kuitl. 
(6) To take off. See Off. i 

TALE, n. 1st. Report, Smimii. 

2d. Fable, Skolliinit. 

3d. Lie, 8i6koist. 

TALE-BEARER, tale-teller, n. Miniini6». 

TALENT, n. Ist. Intellectuality, Spagpagt, Nkulpagamintcn. 

2d. A weight of money, Ululim. 

TALLSMAN, n. Som^sh. 

TALK, V. i. Ist. To converse familiarly, Chines-kamkamilshi. 

2d. To speak, Chines-kolkofelti. 

3d. To prate, Chines-ueulshi. 

4th. I tivlk him into awe, subjection, les-iaazinem. See Ja. 

TALK (French, English, etc.), v. t. See Speak. 

TALK, n. 1st. Skamkaniilsh, SkolUoelt, .Sueulsh. 

2d. The rumor, Sniiimii. 

3d. The subject of conversation, Smiimii, S'chkamkamilsli, Mimi- 

4th. Indian council, Skamkaniilsh. 

TALKER, n. KolkoltuI, Uemimen, Ueuemuf, Ueuezin, Sguueem, 

TALL, a. Int. pers. Kntenalko. 

2d. Impers. Usshinalko. 

TALLOW, n. Olikul. See Suet. 

TALON. See Claw. 

TAMARAC, n. Zakolsh 

TAME, a. Sensant, Es-tgog, Tas uakauUt. 

TAME, I', t. 1st. By catching with a rope and taming, les-azazini. 

2d. By training, lestgogonniinem. See Tog. 

TAMPON, n. Tkepten." 

TAN (hides, Indian way), i\ t. 1st. To rub a stone on the hidcw, 

2d. To scratch away the inside of the hide, les-pshim. 

. (/>) To bring 
izeltom. (t/) To 
•no luHt in guni- 
jers to be looi<o(l 
18, or under the 

Mm. See Kuitl. 



See la. 

nkiimilsli, Mimi- 
iiezi", Sguueeni, 

ng, (es-Hzaziiii. 
L' on the hides*, 




3d. To scratch away the iiair, les-chpHhtpeni. 

4th. To pound the 8l<in, Ie8-tl<U(!lguin. ' , 

5th. To pound the hairy side, Ie8-chtku6pem. 

6th. To make it soil, les-koopim. 

TAN, V. i. E«-koopmi. 

TANGIBLK, palpable, a. (Miguguutem. r -^ > 

TANGLK. See Entangle. . ' 

TAP, V. t. To open a tumor, les-tkupini. 

TAP, n. plug, Tktpten. 

TAPE-LINE, n. Sipi. 

TARANTULA, n. Tfapen. 

TARRY, IK i. Ist. To stay behind, to stay, lel6e u chineH-elce (1 

tarry here). 
2d. To i-emain in arrear, Chines-ezeiti. 
3d. To be long going or coming, Chine8-ka8pmi,Chine8-chenchfenti, 

Chines-chenchenmisti, Chines-kamkamenzuti. 
4th. To put off, les-koltkem. 
5th. To remain behind through laziness, Chincs-autpalka. See 

TARRY, V. t. To be waiting for, les-tnemtfeusem. See Emut. 
TART, a. Tagt. 

TASK, n. past, hu iszkbl j present, hu ikszkol. 
TASTE, i\ t. Ist. In general, To feel, les-enuenem. See Smell. 
2d. To feel the taste of food, etc., les-pugpniinem. 
3d. To try what taste it ims, les-nkofenem. 
4th. To try the taste of beverages, les-nkotnkum. 
5th. By sucking the finger alter dipping it in a mess, Ie8-I6pem. 
6th. By placing some of the food in the mouth, Chines-nkaezini. 
7th. To eat some little, (.hines-lifeni, Chines-nkaezini. 
TASTE, i\ i. Ist. To try to feel what taste it has, Oliines-pgupnu- 

2d. To trj- food with the mouth, Chines-nkofeni, ('hines-nkoenkui. 
3d. To eat a little of it, Chines-nkaezini. 
4th. To have a smu<'k, to excite the sensation of taste (said of the 

food or drink itself), Es-pgupmi, pgiip, l-piig. 
TASTE, n. Ist. The gustation, Skoen, Skoenku. 
2d. The sensation of taste experienced in the palate, Spgupnudlen. 
3d. The Havor, as of the food, Spgup. Spugpalkn. 
4th. It tastes good, Gesalka. 

890 TEA 

oth. It liiHlcs had, CliosAlka. . 

<Uh. T(» liavo a tawto tor, It's-^arn6nclM«ni. ' " 

7tli. I havo no taHtu tor UDytliing, nothing goi'N mo, Ta i^pH-chzC' 

8th. 1 find it to my taHtc, Ii'H-chzoliiVn, chzohi'mon, h's-g»i«tcmlnon». 
9th. I find it against my tasto, Ii>H-fhchsi'm, i-hchH^nu'n, loH-choHt- 

miiiom. Si'c Gi'st, ('hoH, ZohcMii. 
10th. It iH to my taHtu, Isz-ohzohi'm. It is against my taste, Isz- 

11th. Wator witli had taste, It)ukii. 
12th. Tasteless water, I-nsishku. 
13th. TasteiesH, pure article, I-sish. 
TATTOO, ('. t. Ics-kaim. 

TAUNT, )". f. 1st. By words, les-gnazAncm. See Mnily, (rims. 
2d. By actions, los-guasdehstem. 

TAX, n. 1st. What is paid for taxes, t'hgakapileten. See Gaka. 
2d. The act of paying taxes, S'chgakaplhiimsh. See Rent. Tlie 

Imlians use the same word for tax, rent, fare, ] assage, reward, 

pay, hoard. , 

TAX-COLFiECTOR, n. Sgngakam. 
TEA, n. Liti. See Settle. 
TEA-POT, n. Nzkausten in I liti. 
TEACH, V. t. Ist. To report, tell, les-mimiim, 
2d. To impart knowledge to, les-mfeicm, les-miniishitem. 
.Sd. To admonish, Ies-zogzog6m, les-kolkoeltem. 
4th. To accustom, Tes-koakoemim. See Koem. 
TEACHER, n. Ist. One who teaches, Sgumimiim, Sgtimfeiem, Sgii- 

kolko6lt, Sguzogzog6m. 
2(1. He that teaches me, In-mienz»\ten, In-zogzogonzuten, In-kol- 

TEAM, w. ZUnmin. 

TEAR, n. S'chaupuH, pi. S'chanaupiis. See Aup. 
TEAR, r. t. 1st. To lacerate, les-telim. 
2d. In strips, shreds, les-chaiim. 
3d. To tear the hair, les-chtamkanem. 
4th. To use up, wear out, les-temnalshem. 
.5th. To tear in shreds, les-tmgam. 
6th. To tear off, les-kuHelim, les-kuhnauui. 
7th. To tear iiimselfoff, Chines-kulteinzuti. 

nii'n, loschcMt- 

mv tUNt*', Imz- 

iiilly, (iiius. 

. See GAka. 
Soo llont. Tlio 
u«8age, rewanl, 


>giuntioni, Sgii- 
zijtt'i), Fu-kol- 

TKM 891 

Hth. To tuui' down, IvH-iniiuin. ' 

OtI). To tour up, loH-kolniiiuiu. ; 

TKASK, r. t. l»t. By wohIh, leH-umozinoiu. 

2(1. By nclioiiH, loH-in^elistem. 

3(1. Oiiu'h oai'M, IuH-nmumu6tium, nmomo^neii. 

4tli. Fooling, loH-clipoHUchHtuni, h>HchpoM2uniMn. ' ' j 

fttli. To act piirpost^ly to vox, IcH-chzgofcchHtom. 

<)tli. To not poeviMlily, IoH-tiiie»hton». 

7th. To importune by constant aj)plieatioM, to prcsM, Ii'»-Hi6eh- 

TKASINd, botluTHome, a. Momfcot, Nmome/.ln. 
TEAT, «. Ska6m. 

TKDDEIi, V. i. loH-azikloguin ; in an oncloHuro, ioH-uazdloguui. 
TEDIOUS, a. Shulsholl. See Shdlli. 
TELESCOPE, n. izgamon. 

TELL, V. t. Iwt, To mention one by one, los-Aum, Ie»-auaum. 
2(J. To narrate, leM-mimiim. 
3(1. To make known, loH-m^iom. 
4tb. To tell one, to speak to one, los-ziinem. 
5th. I tell it to you, Ku-ies-zdttom. 
6th. I tell of him, loM-chsziinem. 
7th. I tell him of that, les-chzfaltem. 
8th. To (liHcorn. leB-miim, Ie«-8ugum. 
9th. To tell Htories. See Story. 
lOth. To tell the truth, ChineH-ondgui. 
11th. 1 tell you the truth, Ku-ies-onegum. 
12th. I go to tell him, Ics-tlezunom 
TEMPEST, btorm, n. Ist. Of wind, Sneut. 
2d. Of hail, Salusse. 
3d. Of snow, Es-mgopmi. 
4th. On sea, lake, oi- rivei*, S'chihifeuku. 
TEMPERATE, a. I-p6tu shei, I-tog ; but it must be adjusted with 

the meaning. 
TKMPLE, n. Ist. Snchaumon. 
2d. The house of (jrod, Kolinz\iten zitgus, Kolinziiteii snilziitis, 

Kolinzuten snemutis. 
TEMPORAL, (/. Ist. Concerning this world, 16 Istoligu. 
2d. Concerning our body, Lnialt kae-sktltich. 
3d. Of short duration, Lishe, Izenc, (xoigoezt, TIagt. 




392 ' TEN . 

TEMPT, V. t. l8t. To try, les-koenem. See Koen. 

2(1. To endeavor to persuade, les-kolko^ltem, les-zogzogom, les- 
-naukanem ch t6ie. '• ' tf 

3d. To coax into mischief, Ies-kotegueguk{inem. 

4th To push to evil, morall}' or physically, les-kupem eh teie. 

.'ith. To drug, entice bj'- moral or physical influence into sin, les- 
-kukununem ch t6ie. 

6th. I feel tempted, enticed, allured by, les-zkukuminem h\ tfeie, 

7th. To try to draw to oneself, to one's wishes, les-chiem (the 
word most used for seduction). 

Hth. Put to trial, les-kofenemem. 

9th. By giving bad example, les-nzuzu^chsem 1 t6ie. See Ex- 

10th. To tempt God, to be unreasonable with him, les-koltenemu- 
sein lu Kolinzuten. 

11th. To fool with God, les-chsposzanem lu Kolinzuten, les-choin- 
zutem lu Kolinzuten. 

N.B. — To tempt, (a) as far as the proposition goes, use les- 
-nciukanem, lt,s-kupem. les-chiam. (ft) For delectation ensu- 
ing, les-zkukuminem. (<;) For the etFectually bringing to sin, 
les-kup'pniinom, or les-zkukununem, les-chiannunem. 

12th. My heart tempts me, T i-spuiis u ko-kdpis, Ko-naukais. 

TEMPTER, n. 1st. An^-thing that carries to sin, Zkunzuten ch 

2d. One that tries by talking to bring to sin, Koleguegukunzuten. 

3d. One that tempts, especially to impurity, Chianzuten. 

TEMPTING, a. enticing, Zkuziikut, Zkuzkukualk. 

TEMPTABLB, a. Easily yielding to temptation, Zknzkukumenut. 

TEN, a. 1st. impers. Open ; pers. Chopen. 

2d. In comp., Openchst — . Ten daj-s, " OpenchstAskat." 

TENACIOUS, a. To be tenacious of , les-keigtem, les-ziiku- 


TEND. See Incline. 

TENDER, a. 1st. Delicate, easily pained, iit^tiiui. See Soft. 

2d. Dear, loved, In-gamench. 

3d. Careful to save, Nemnen-.t, les-keigtem. 

4th. Careful not to cause pain, Jbtfetiim. 

.5th. Tender hearted, iitttiim in spuus. 

Hth. You arc very tender (to a sick person), Kues-nzknzkues'chiiti. 

-zogzogom, les- 

pem ch t6ie. 
e into sin, les- 

Tiinem hi tfeie. 
les-chi^in (the 

t6ie. See Ex- 

, les-koltenemii- 

siiten, les-C'hoin- 

n goes, Jise les- 
leleetation enau- 
bringing lo sin, 
Zkunzuten ch 




^tem, ies-zuku- 

See Soft. 



TENDERNESS, n. SHetiim. 

TENOR, n. In singing, ChiuAlkot. See lo. j 

TENSE, a. Ist. I-tin. 

2d. Firm, I-zan. 

TENT, n. 1st. Spifelgu. 

2d. Of sticks, willows, Sogo^lgu. ; ' J 

TENTH, a. hu ks'bpen ; per,s. hu k8'ch6pcn. 

TEPID (water), I-ninal. 

TERRIBLE, terrific, a. Ngallutem, Kdskust, Tas-tul. 

TERRIBLENESS, n. Skdskus. 

TERRIFY, V. t. los-ngalgelera, les-kus'cheem. 

TERRITORY, n. St61igu. 

TERROR, n. ist. The act of fearing, Szngel, Skussus. 

2d. See Terrific. 

TEST, V. t. Ies-ko6nmeni. 

TESTAMENT, n. Ist. Skolko^lts iu ks-tlilemi, Sufeulshsz lu ks-tli- 
lenii (lit. The words of the dying, because the Indians make 
their testaments only by words). 

2d. Written testament, Kaiminten. 

3d. Old Testament, Kasip kaimintis Kolinzuten. 

4th. New Testament, Siz kaimintis Kolinzuten. 

oth. To bequeath by testament. See Bequeath, Bequest. 

TESTICLES, n. Mech6p. 

TESTIFY, V. t. les-nmifepem, les-mimiim, les-meiem. 

THAN, ronj. Tel-zi-tel. 

THANK, V. t. 1st; Ies-16ratem, les-tlenitom. Thank you, L6m- 

2d. I express my thanks to him bj' words, les-leml^nizineni. 

THANKFUL, o. Lfemlemt. 

THANKSGIVING, n. Nlcmtcn, Szlemt. 

THAT, Ist. pmn. (/em. As pointing out a person or object pre- 
viously mentioned, Lu sh6i. I do like that, " In-gamench hi 
shi:i." It is that, " Shei." in that day, " Lu Ishei Isgalgilt." 

2d. As opposite to this, the former, Lizi. This I like, that I hate, 
" Ife \a in-gaiiiench, hzi lu i-szchem." 

3d. As a relative pronoun {Ilk qui), he that, the one that, Lu shci u. 
N.B. — (a) In this sense it differs not from the first meaning 
above given. (/>) When it governs a transitive verb the parti- 
cle t, that characterizes the agent, is prefixed to s/iei, and not 

894 THE 

to u ; v.g., I killed the man that insulted me, " Pdlsfen \x\ 
t'sh6i u ko-ehoitizutemia." Ov make of the whole phrase an 
orticial substantive : I pitj- the one that pities his i'ellow men, 
" les-nkonneminein tu nkoniiemenzitis hi snkuskdligu." He 
that loves thee loves me, " hu t'shei u kii-gamenehems, t'sher 
u ko-ganifcnc'his," or," In-gamenehzuten hian-gamenehzuten."" 

4th. That, conj., after a verb, is suppressed entirely in this lan- 
guage. I heard that you backbite me, " Chin-Ieshinem ko-as- 
-u6kuzinem." f said that you are a liar, "Chin-ziiti, ku-ikois- 

5th. In order that, Gol. Ho died that we might bo saved, " Tlil 
gol kaeks-gulguilt." 

6th. In that, because of that, Neli. 

7th. That far, Lshei u ezagalslkot. See So. 

THATCH, V. t. To cover with straw, los-chilzkenoni. See Zak. 

THAW, V. i. 1st. Ice, snow, Es-oimi. 

2d. It is thawing, Kukulil, I-tlaka. 

THE, 1st. Defnite article, h\\. 

2d. Conj. The more, the Iqnger, the better, rendered by h\\ t-eza- 
gal — . The more you drink, the more you are drj-," fju t-cza- 
galgoeit ku-sust, t'shei u ezagalkutiint u ku-ngampzin." 

THEE, pr. pers. hu ar.ui. To thee, hn lanui. 

THEFT, n. Sznako. 

THEIR, pron. rendered hy affixing — ,< to the substantive. Their 
father, " Pogoots." 

N.B. — Pogoot here is plural, not because there be several 
fathers, but because one is the father of several. 

THEIRS, ;>ro«, abs. Zniilz. 

THEM, pron. is never oxjtrossed in the Indian in the objoctivo 
case. See the conjugations. It. is always understood when 
the verb is transitive. 

THEMSELVES, pron. pi. Zniilz. 

THP]N, adv. 1st. At that time (past), Lshei u, Sliei ; (fut.) .M-lshei. 

2d. Soon afterwards (past), Siz ; (tut.) ^f-siz. 1 whipped him, and 
then he minded nie, " Lzinten, u siz ko-seunemis." I will 
whip him, and then 1 will let him go loose, '' Xom Izinteii, 
m-siz m-talinten." 

Hd. Immediately. See Liimo(liatolv. 




me, " P6l8fen hi 
v^hole phrase aiu 
his i'ellow men, 
kuskdligu." He 
mfenehems, t'shei 
•ely in this lan- 
i-leehinem ko-as- 
lin-zuti, ku-ikois- 

be saved, "Till 

lem. See Zak. 

•ed by hn l-eza- 
re diy," hn t-cza- 

bstantive. Theii- 

there be several 

ill the objeetivi- 
inderstoo(t when 

■i ; ;f'iit.) M-lsliei. 

hipped him, and 
unoinis." I will 
•' Xeni Izinteii, 

i, Till , ' 395 

4th. For this reason, Gol sh^i. ) 

•oth. Now and then, Tee. 

".rHEN, conj, Ktiemt. If it be so, then it does not pay to get mar- 
ried, " hn ne shti u kaczag6il, ku6mt ta koks-ngonogu^usi." 
Then it will be all over, " ku6mt h6i." 

THENCE, a(h\ From that place or time, TeJ sh^L / I 

THENCEFORTH, adi: Tel shei, Ku6mt. 

THERE, adv. Ist. In that place, Lshei, Ch sh^i (if thei-e is move- 
ment towards that place). 

"id. As in opposition to here, Lzki. Here I am safe, there I will 
be in danger, " lel^e chin-^umkanzut, Izii nem chin-chin- 

3d. There ! Ma 3 

4th. Look there (voih)), Shei. Look there, not here, Zioe, 

oth. Here and there, Tee-lchen. 

Oth. Down there, yonder, hu chlu, Lu ilii. 

7th. To stay, go there. See Zki. 

THERBABOLTT, adv. Ist. Near that place, L s'chisagam. 

2d. Near that number, degree, or quantity, Te6. I stole ten dol- 
lars or thereabout, " Tee 6pen lu i-sznako," i.e. Some ten is 
what I stole. 

THEREBY, adv. By that, T'sh^i, 

THEREFROM, adv. Tel shei. 

THEREIN, adv. Lshfei. 

THEY, pers. pron. pi. 1st. Commonly is suppressed, and only ex- 
pressed by the pi unil of the fbllo'ving verb. They are mad, 
" Aiimt." 

2d. Those who, Lu, Lu shei u. 

THICK, a. 1st. Of gruel, mud, not liquid, I-zup ; its opposite is 

2d. Distinguished trom the length and l)readth, as a thick cloth, 
PHH ; its opposite is Lkakeiet. See Pil. 

3d. Distinguished only from the length, as a thick log, li'ilt 5 its op- 
posite is I-l'lak. 

+tli. Thick woods, forest, Xlvui'st, l-iitiiku; its opposite is 1-neu- 

.'ifli. Thick crop, the plants ci'owding one another, I-tuu; its oppo- 
site is I-zili^iit (planted thin, sparsely) j pL l-/.ilzih7Mit (plarted 
thin, here and there). 

896 • \ THI 

6th. Thick crowd of people, I-pin ; its opposite is Aiaieut (sitting 
hero and there). 

7th. Abundant, as thick rain, thick fire, Tas-tul. See Tul. ^" t; 

8th. The fish is thick, abundant, Npennfetiku iu su6ul ; its oppo- 
site is Npelpelutfetiku. 

THICKEN, V. i. Of gruel, etc., Es-zupmi. 

THICKNESS, n. Szup, Siult, SpHH. - : i ^v 

THIEF, n. Ist. One that likes to steal, Nakofemon. , ' 

2d. One that steals, Sgunako. We have u thief, " Kaep sgunAko." 

8d. The one that stole that article, Nkomenzuten. 

THIGH, n. Ist. The whole thigh, Snchemusshin. 

2d. The upper part, the lap, S'chchemfelpstshin. 

3d. The sacrum, Spelkufeuy. 

THIMBLE, n. Lgopfechsten. 1 use the thimble, " Chines-lgope- 

THIMBLEBERRY, n. P61polkan. 

THIN, a. Ist. As a sheet of paper, cloth, I-Wak. 

2d. Not dense, as gruel, paste, 1-s^l. 

3d. Thin log, Lkakfeiet. 

4th. Thin woods, etc. See Thick. 

5th. Thin by disease, iiiip. See Poor. 

THING, n. 1st. In general, Teestem. My thing, Ted i-stem. See 
Tee, Stem. 

2d. What thing is it ? Stem ? 

3d. Nothing, Tarn stem. 

4th. Things, pi'ovisions, supplies for food, Stkuene. 

5th. Things, provisions of clothes, Stakelszut. 

6th. Something, Tc6 stem. 

7th. But when connected with an adjective, or number, is not ex- 
pressed, but the adjective or number implies it. One thing, 
another thing, a good thing, Nk6, Gdst, etc. 

N.B. — It appears from these examples that he stem is an in- 
definite thing, properly a t/iimj, not the t/iiny ; even tee i-stem 
means only a thing of mine, not my thing, the thing which is 

THINK, v. i. 1st. I have a mind, I judge, 1 suppose, I have an idea. 

2(1. To exercise the mind, to meditate, to ponder, Cliines-]tusemini. 

3d. T<i deliberate about tilings to be done, CliineH-lvul])agami. 


/ • 

8 Aiaifeut (sitting 

See Tul. ^ ';, 
; 8u6ul ; its oppo- 


" Kaep sgundko." 

, " Chines-lgope- 

Ted i-stem. See 


mber, in not ex- 
^ it. One thing, 

t Ice stem is an iii- 

; even tet^ i-stem 

Ki thing whicii is 

se, I have an idea, 


THO 897 

4th. To tliink anxiously, Chines-pupusinchi. 

5th. To be fretting, Chines-nen'ntelsi. 

6th. To propose, resolve, design, intend, Chines-ntfelsi, Chin-iiisi- 

-nt61s. /;v-'i L'iJ >. , - '-.-'■ ■'''-". ■ '■-■■'', 

7th. To think much of, les-kuten^Isem. . ; '-: 

8th. To think much of himself, Chines-kutenelsemisti.^,^' 
9th. To think himself good, Chines-gestelsemisti, etc. ;' • j 

10th. I think nothing of him, les-tmalsem. 
llth. I think nothing of myself, I despise myself, Chincs-temmel- 

12th. I think so, the same, Lshdi u chines-nagal^lsi. j; 

13th. I think it is so, Chin-nt6ls sh6i. ' . ,)': 

I4th. I do not think it is so, Chin-nt^ tarn Ishei u ezageil. ' 
15th. I think not, Chin-nt6 ta. 
16th. I do not think so. Tarn lsh6i u chin-nagalfels. 
17th. 1 think of that (forget it not), Pusemint iu sh6i, Es-puse- 

18th. Think of that (consult, deliberate about it), Kutpagent lu 

19th. Think 30U that I will do it? The idea that I should do it! 

Pum chin-ageilem t'shei. 
20th. I do not think of that, I have no idea of that I Pum ! See 

THINK, V. i. 1st. To imagine, les-nt^lsem. 
2d. To conceive, les-nsugunem. 
3d. To plan, les-kuJpagem. 
4th. To consider, les-puseminem. 
THIRD, a. hu ks-cheles ; ptrs. h\i ks-checheles, 
THIRST, n Sngampzin. 
THIRSTY, a. Ist. I am thirsty, Chines-ngampzini. See (ram. 

2d. I am thirsty of. , les-ngampzinem, ngampzinemen. 

THIRTEEN, a. Open ot-chel6s ; pers. Chopen el-checheles. 
THIRTY, a. Cheiopen : pers. Chechei6pen. 

THIS, pron., i>l. These, 1st. Lie, See Ee. 

2d. When indefinite, Shei. 

yd. These two montiis I have been sick, Shee s'esel sjnikani u 

4lh. I did nut eat those three days. She s'chataskiit u ta isilen. 
THORN, «. 1st. EpHnlueize. 



398 \ THR 

2(1. VVliito thorn tree, Sgoegoenchfelp. 

THOU, /iron. Aniii. And it is addressed to anybody, from the last 
fhild up to God ; even addressing a crowd the Indian speak- 
ei's scarcely ever say you, but always thou, and connect it with 
a plural verb or noun. 

THOUGH, (N/r. IT6, Emue; /M^ Eun6. 

THOIKIHT. n. 1st. The act of thinking, or the object thought, 
Sntt'ls, Szntels, Skulpag, Szkulpag. See Think. 

2d. Mind, intention, wish, Spufis. 

THOUGHTFUL, a Kutpapagama*. See Careful. 

THRASH, r. t. 1st. With flails, Chines-chispkeini. 

2d. With horses, les-kaluatkanem. 

3d. With a thresher, Chines-chspktini, Chines-chspmi, !es-chs- 

THRASHING-FLOOR, n. Snkaluatkanten. 

THRASHING-MACHINE, n. Snspktinten. 

THREAD, «. Stopaks. Sec Top. 

THREAD, V. t. To thread a needle, les-iiknpuseni. 

THREADBARE, a. I-}6ko, Likat. 

THREATEN, v. t. Ist. fes-sJmzonnzinein, les-ngalgeleni. 

2d. To have the appearance, to be like, Goa ; or with the subjunc- 
tive. It threatens nvin, "Goa neni tipeis," " Ks-tiptis.'* 

THREE, <t. impers. Cheien ; pers. Chechel^s. All three, iiuficr^. 
Es-chel^esem ; pers. Bs-chechet6sem. 

THREE-FOLD, a. Ist. Chetes es-ngoztus. 

2(1. Three-ply. in ropes, tressed, Es-sitch. 

THREE-SIDED, triangular, a. Es-chalalko. 

THRICE, adv. Ist. (^hei6legu. 

2d. Superlative, I. 

THRIVE, r. /. 1st. To increase in bulk, Chines-pogtilfshi. 

2d. .All other different matters in which one thrives are rendered 
by the verb inchoative. See Grow. 

THROAT, n. Ist. Skam6lten. 

2(1. Sore throat, Chines-nzalskamelteni. 
THROB. See Ili^iirt. I-o6z tu i-spuus. 

THRONE, 71. Siichilemuten. Roj'ul thing. Chilimigumlen. 

THRONG. See Crowd, Thick. 

THROTTLE. See Choke, Strangle. 

T HRO UGH, /^/v/)., (/(/r. 1st. From side to side, rendered by the 









2(1. 'I 

3d. 1 



(ith. ' 
8th. • 
9th. ' 

ly, from the la«t 

Jndiun speak- 

eoimect it with 

object ihonjrlit, 

•hspmi, !es-chs- 


^ith the subjuiic- 


1 three, /;/7«'r^'. 


are remlereil 


luioretl l>v tilt' 

THR , 39ft 

copulative verb in — feus. I bore it throuj^h, " les chizeusem." 
See ('hiss, hog. 
2d. Between, among. Use tlie same copulative — eu8, prefixing ti 
to the radical. I pass through a city, " les-nshisteuiieni, les- 
-ngUHteusem." See Shiiist, G{ii. .. '- iji' 

3d. By means of; Tel, T. _ ' i^'^U ' ' ' * 'f 

4th. For the sake of, Gol. See Sake. 
5th. To go through, to the end, ('hiiies-h6imi, Chin-nthtpaks, ("hin- 

-nptfemiis. See End. 
6th. Ail round. See Around. 

7th. All over. See Over. "' 

8th. Sec Strain, Pass, Filter, Cross. 

9th. The thread passes through the eye of the needle, (.'hieko. 
THROW, V. t. 1st. away, les-iskolem, les-goilem. ' i ■ • . 

2d. To fling, hurl, les-zkaminem, ies-kaminem. 
3d. To throw sticks of wood, les-laminem. j / 

4th. To throw arrows with the hand, Chines-ilmi. 
ftth. To throw grains, stones, sand, and the like roundish objects, 

les-pkum. ' ' ■ 

0th. To throw in stones, etc., les-npkum. ' . 

7th. To throw in anything, les-ntkoni. 
8th. To throw in several things, les-nkaminem. 
9th. To throw in a hole or hollow, les-nloom. 
10th. In the water, les-ntkofetikuni, lesneskolfetikum, les-nloeti- 

llth. In the fire, les-nzkamnusem, [es-neskolusem, les-nlouseni. 
12th. On the water. See Float. 
13th. On the fire, les-chtkusem (one object), les-chkaminusem (of 

several things). 
14th. To throw stones at, Chines-taskeligui. See Teem, 
loth. To throw, splash watir, les-lakom. 
16th. To pull out. See Pull. 

17th. To throw down, les-lkom, les-tkokom, les-tkomini. 
18-th. See Cast, Piil, Place, Expel, Resign, Vomit. 
19th. T(» throw out of doors, ios-zkamenchinelgum. 
20th. To throw an enemy, les-kozdielsem. 
THRUST, V. t. 1st. By force, les-loom. 
2il. ro thrust in, les-nloom. 
8(1. To squeeze in. See Squeeze, Stick, S(|uirt. 




400 TKf 

THIU'ST, r. i. To ftttnrk with ft pointed woftpon, ChiiutH-ht^lzei. 

THUMB, n. StomchHt. 

THUMP. Soc Sound. "' \ 

TIIUNUKR, n. Stoltell6am. 

THUNDKU, r. e. E»-tol(olldmi, toltolldiim. 

THUNDEH-STIIUCK, part. Zk6m ; /«(,sv,. Zkivntc-m. 

TIIUUIBLK, «. Snm6tomon. - \ 

TIIUUSDAY, «. Tiku^m6Hkttt. 

THUS, ti(fv. 1st. In tliis miumor, Shoi, liHlu'-i n ('zaij;^!!. 

2(1. In that def^roe. See So. 

THWART. Soo Oppose. 

THY, />/•()«. An—, A— (if followed by .s). Thy father, "An-le6u." 

Thy mother, " A-skoi." 
THYSRLK, />ro«. Anui, Ku-unui. 
TK'K, «. Snit'shiten. 
TICKKT, n. Kaimin. 
TICKLE, r. t. Tes-ksim, Chines-ks'nii. 
TICKLED, a. Keskeskeskfes. 
TIDINGS, n. Smiimii. Sep News. 
TIE, r. t. 1st. To tie to by fastening tlie person or animal to some 

post or rope soeurely {Fr amarrer, attacker), les-nzini. Se«j 

2d. To bind ropes or the like around, without fastening to any 

post or other object {Fr. Iter) les-lehim. See Elchini. I bind, 

tie up a thief by binding his feet or hands together, les-lehini 

\\i nako^men. I tie up the tliief by securing the ropes to some 

post, les-azim hi nakodmen. 
3d. To tie hides, by stretching them on pins, or otherwise, les- 

-agfeni. See .Vg. 
4th. To tie a kn(»t, Ies-naz6useni. 
.^th. To unite, as in marriage, les-nulusem. 
6th. To oblige, les-lchemim. 
7th. To restrain, les-geenim. 
8th. To tie, fasten the two hems with a stick, a pin, ('hin-otehe- 

TIED, rt. Ist. Es-aaz. 
2d. I got tied, Chin-azip. 
:^d. I got tied at, <'hin-chazip (as a man, thrown tVoni his horse, 

remains tie<l to the stirrups). 


thor, "An-leeu." 

• animal to some 
I, les-azim. Seo 

awteiiing to any 
Elehini. I bind, 
pother, les-lcluin 
ho ropes to some 

otherwise, les- 

yiii, ('iiin-oteiu'- 

I'roni his iiorsi-, 

TIM 401 

TKIKR, n. Skntisimi^. '. ' '' ' ' 

TKJIIT, a. r-zan. ' " i, 1 ' , 

TKIIITKN, r. r. les-Kinem. ' • " ' ^ 

TILL, a(fi\ (past) V, (Jut.) M shfe. He «lranl< until ho died, " Ks- 

-Hiist u till." I will seek it till I see it, " Nem es-tloesttn, m 

she m-uk'hon." ,,- 

TITili, V. t. [es-k6lkam. J 

TILLER, n. farmer, Sguk61kam, E8-k6lkam. , 
TIMBPnt, w. L^ku. ' 

TIME, n. Ist. In the abstraft sonso oannot bo properly rendered. 
2d. Season, proper time for ari action, rendered by prefixing ch — 

to the active verbal substantive. Time of delivery, rh-k6lil- 

ten. Time of harvest, ('h-goiKlfeguton. Time of dying, Ch- 

-teliltin. Time of ploughing, Ch-tol(ileguton. Time of fruits, 

3d. The whole duration of one's life, SgalgAlt. Your time is short, 

Goigoozt hi asgalg&lt (the same as the Biblical day). 
4th. In that time, Lu Ishfei IsgalgAlt. 
5th. In the old times, Lu t'skasip. 

6th. One time, two times, three times, Nko, Esfel, Choids. 
7t,h. To come after time. See Late. 
8th. To arrive in proper time. See Arrive. 
9th. Many other phrases relating to time must be changed to suit 

this language. See When, Then. 
10th. At what time, hour? Chinnug? Chinemnug ? Chenemnug 

hi spakani ? 
llth. At what time, day? Chinnaskat? Chinmaskat? 
12th. At what time (not interrogative), TeechinnAskat, Teechinnug, 

Taachinniaskat, Tees'chinemnug hi spakani. 
13th. That time, day, Shidskat. 
14th. That lime, hour, Shiimniig. 
15th. The same time, hour, Agalmnug. 
16th. What time is it now, what o'clock ? P6tu es'chonemnug hi 

spakani? or, Kuinsh hi s'llichch hi sp'pakani ? It is seven 

o'clock, P6tu sispcl hi s'llichch hi sp'pakani. 
17th. It is time for prayer. Tic kaeks-chaui. 
18th. It is not yet time for prayer, Ziu kaeks-chaui. 
19th. The time of prayer is over. Tie hoi, Tie chgoezt. 
20th. Just ill time, Potu. 



401 , TOG 

TIMEPIEOR, n. Sp'pakani. • ,i 

TIMID, a. Nj^nl6inen, Taura6mon, Zocshfemcn. 

TIMrDITY, n. Sngftl6mon. r 

TIN, n. Stoptehen. ' * 

TINDER, n. ('htgufctkupton., 

TIP, n. S'chmapkan. Seo Chom, Extrome. 

TIKE, n. Ist. Of a wlioel, Chchompiz6ttMi, Ohlchiz6ten. 

2d. To set a tire to, leH-clieheinpizcom, los-ehlchizeem. See Chom, 

TIRE, r. t. los-aigotcrn, digot'sten, les-pizgo^clisom. 

TIRED, a. 1st. Xigot. 

2d. Tirod out, Chin-rithipaks chin-iigot. 

8d. I am tired of that, of him, les-digotem, aigotomon. 

4th. I am tired on his account, les-chiiigotem. 

ftth. I am tired, Chin-pizgot. 

TITTER, V. i. Chincs-toinziti. 

TO, prep. Ist. When denoting the tendency, motion, eh prefixed to 
the substantive. 

2d. When denoting the arrival, I. 

3d. When denoting the infinitive, prefix s to the third person ot 
the past, or use the substantive. See the paradigmata of con- 
jugations. All other applications of fo are more easily leai'nod 
than described. 

TOAD, n. Snakokodno. 

TOBACCO, n. 1st. Smenigu. See Smoke. 

2d. One, two plugs of tobacco, Nko sm^-nigu, Es^l smenigu. 

3d. Indian herb, Kinnikinik, Skulst. 

4th. Tobacco pouch, Snchesemen. 

5th. To chew tobacco, Chines-ntgokolti. 

6th. To rub the tobacco, prior to filling the pipe, les-uumem. 

7th. To fill the pipe by putting the extremity of the finger on the 
tobacco, Chines-ntkami ; imp. Ntaktish. 

TOE, n. Stumshin. See Thumb 

TOGETHER, a(h'. N.B.— Do not confound toijcthrr, an adverb, 
with the preposition with ; together answers the Latin simul ; 
with ir. the equivalent oi' eum. See With, Companion, Fellow. 

TOGETHER, adv. 1st. In the same place, rendered by the affix 
— eiit. AVe live together, " Kae-aieut." We stand togethei", 
" Kae-tpitut." We lay down together, " Kae-kaminieut." 


zeem. Sec Chom, 



ion, ch prefixed to 

3 third person ol 
iradigmata ofcon- 
lore easily learned 


the finger on the 

rt/wr, an adverb, 
the Latin simul ; 

mpanion, Fellow, 
red by the atfix 

3 stand together, 

TOti 408 

Thoy (cattle) stand together grazing, " Kogoint." The trees 
are planted together in the same forest, " Zilifeut." See Zil. '• 
They are scattered together, " Ptfent." See Pit. 

2d. In the same time, contemporaneously, I-nko, I-lnko sgalgdit, 
I-lnko »p6ntich. Peter and Paul died together, " I-lnko Hgal- 
galt u komip Piel u hi Paul." Or prefixing nko to the verb 
used in the instrumental form. Peter had Paul for his com- 
panion in death, " NkuUellemiis t Piel \u Paul." In this 
pliraso together, an adverb, is changed into with, a proposition. 

3d. In company, unitedly, rendered with the reduplicative verb. 
We eat together, " Kaes-eliteni." Wo sleep together, '' Kaes- 
-etitshi." We go together, " Kaes-giligui, Kaes-shishfei." Wo 
quarrel together, " Kaes-litiAkoti." Also rendered by with, 
preposition. I eat with, I sleep with. See With. 

4th. Into union, into conjunction, by the affix — ^wsfif one couple), 
— 4lis (if more couples are united). I tie them together, " les- 
az6u8em." Thoy are tied together, " Es-azfeus." They are 
married together, " Es-ngonogu6u8 ;" (of several couples) "Es- 
-ngonogufelis." I place them together, " les-tkomfeusem." I 
join them together, " les-ntgusfcusem." I bind them together, 
" les-lchfeusom." 1 paste them together, " les-zpakdusom." I 
sew them together, " les-tkoeusem." I join them (joints) to- 
gether, " Ies-tps6usem." They quarrel together, '* Es-out's^usi, 
Es-ut'sfeusi." See Eutus. 

.5th. Together reciprocally, rendered by the reciprocal form in 
— ti6gui. We fight together as enemies, " Kaes-pelstufegui." I 
fight with him, in his company, " les-nkulpelstufegum." 

6th. Together with. See With. 

TOIL, fatigue, i'. i. Ist. Chines-aigoti, Chines-chskuilti, Chine8-k(ili 
t gemt. 

2d. With diflficulty, Chines-chagtMli, les-chagfeilem. See Agal. 

TOILET, n. To make the toilet, Chines-tezisti. 

TOKEN, n. sign See Sign. 

TOLEKABLE, a. 1st. That can be supported, TulteH. Intoler- 
able, Tas tut. 

2d. Nearly, sufficiently good or bad, G^\i gest, GkH t6ie, etc. Are 
you well ? Tolerably, " A i-ku ges ? GciK" 

TOLERATE, v. t. Not to prevent, les-lziim ; usually made ellip- 
tical, Lzii, let it be so. See Suffer, Resist. 





404 ^, TOO 

TOLL, n. To pay toll, Chines-chgAkupilorn. Soe Thx, Rent. 

TOLL-GATHKRER, n. SgugAkum. ^. 

TOMAHAWK, n. Snmi-niguton. 

TOMATO, n. SguniA, Uccuuho alike to a wild berry ho called. 

TOMB, n. Ist. If the dead per8on be in, Siitomtemn6iteii. 

2d. Simply the place to lay down a dead or any body else, Sntkotin. 

Repository, Ntkol6guten. 
TO-MOHFIOVV, (n/v. Nc gallp. 

TONGS, n. (Jlilpeinen, Zookaniinten (if UHod to pull out). 
TONGUE, n. iHt. Of fleHh, Tiguzch. 
2d. As inHtrunient of spooeh, Nkolkoilten, Spelinienziii. 
8d. Language, tbe way of wpoaking, Nkolko6lten. 
4th. A whole language, Nkolkofelten. 

5th. As opposed to deeds and thoughts, Speliinenzin (lips). 
6th. To show out the tongue, Chinos-tl6chzini. 
7th. To hold one's tongue, to keep silent, Chinos-choopmi. 
8th. To hold one's tongue, to stop talking, Chines-h6izini. 
TONGUE AND GROOVE, v. t. les-nloseusem. See Groove. 
TO-NJGHT, adv. Ne kukuez. 
TONSURE., n. E8-nail68kan. See Ail. 
TOO, ttuw. Ist. Denoting excess, Mit. Too much, " Mii kutunt." 

Too many, " Mit go6it." Too few, " Mit tuet." 
2d. Likewise, also, in addition, Negu. I, too, shall die, " Ni'gu 

koi6 m chin-till." 
TOOL, n. In general, K61emen. See Instrument. 
TOOTH, n. Ist. Gal6gu. 
2d. In composition, — feis. 
3d. Canine teeth, Nusshinfeis. 
4th. Short teeth, Ntguguzfeis. 
5th. Old teeth, Nkasp6is, Ntetefeis. 
6th. White teeth, Ngalfeis, Npikapikaeis. 
7th. Hollow teeth, Ntgogoeis. 
8th. Tooth-ache, Nzal6is. 
9th. Tooth lost, NooMois. 
10th. All teeth lost, Nzspcis. 
11th. Broken tooth, Nkau|>6i8. 
12th, Tooth sot in the gums, Nshit, Nzil. ^ 
I3th. Shaking tooth, Ni^t. 
14th. To pull teeth, les-nzookeisem. 

e Tttx, Uont. 

rry ho calleti. 


lody oIho, Sntkotin. 

pull uut). 


nzin (lips). 

Soe Groove. 

ch, "Mit kutiint." 
shall die, " N6gu 


TOU , 406 

16th. Eye tooth, Koomiiiten. ,. . ,, ,,< 

TOP, «. iHt. .V ihild'H toy, Chihott'. " ' ^ ,. j 

2d. ItH iron steiu on top, Nlpogk6inlen. f . 

3d. ItH iron pinion tit the lower end, Nkollp6gHhiii. 

4th. To wind it, Chines-ehialnil ; iinper. Chiallitth. 

6th. To throw it, leH-zkanunom, (Uun-eldUetfe. // "* ^ J i 

6th. Spinning, p}H-k6liIi. 

TOP, n. Int. The liigheHt part ofa njountain, Skukalt. 

2d. To reach the to|> oi'a mountain, ChineH-hk^kalti. : i ■ i 

8d. To pasH the top, leH-cljgozuBicheneni. . . 

4th. Top ofa tree, knife, etc., Snchuinkan. See Chem. ' 

5th. Top of a nian'H head, 8ntgui!iUHkan. ' 

6th. Top of a houHe, Chenikan6lgu. See ('hem. • 

TOP, y. ^ Ist. To cover the top of. See Cover. , 

2d. To rise above, nurpass, Chgoizt lu tel. 

3d. To cut the tops, les-gotim. 

4th. To top oli'a stiick, les-chinkok^ineni. ,i 

TORCH, w. Ulusten; pi. UluluHten. 

TORMENT, torture, v. t. les-nkus^ltichoni. See Tease. 

TORTOrSK, n. SplkuAks. 

TOSS, V. t. Ist. With the hand, les-golzkazkaminzinem. 

2d. To move to and fro, up and down, as in a tempest, les-ufelem, 

TOSS, V. i. Chines-ulufcli. 
TOSSING, a. Uiluilt. 

TOTTER, V. .. Chines-itiiit'ti, Chines-uludli. 
TOUCH, V. t. Ist. To come in contact with, either with the hand 

or otherwise, les-chngum. 
2d. To be in contact, to be touched by, les-chngumlnein. 
3d. To hit or strike an object, les-ilpnunem, les-teendnem. See 

Ilim, Te6. 
4th. To perceive by the sense of touching (palpare), les-chngiim. 

A body can be touched, " Chngugutem iu malt." God cannot 

be touched, " Tas chngugutem hi Kolinzdteii." 
5th. To touch by the hand, to lay one's hand upon, les-tktm. See 

6th. To reach, attain. . See Reach, Attain. 
7th. To speak of, les-chkolkoeltem, les-aum. 
8th. To att'ect the sensibility, internal or external, les-chengum. 




406 ^ TRA 

9th. To infect, as contagious diseases, sin, les-chengum, los-chin- 

lOtli. To afflict, insult, Tee le? chdltem, les choinzutem, les-chen- 

11th. Feel. See Feel. 
TOUCH, V. i. Ist. To be in contact, Chines-chengunii, C'hines-chen- 

2d. To lay one's hands on, Chines-tkami. 
TOUCHABLE, a. Chengugutem. 
TOUCHED, a. Infected, etc., Es-chingu. 
TOUGH, a. Tlizt. See Stiff, Hard. 
TOUR, n. To make a tour, Chines-shitleligui. 
TOW, V. t. los-zkum. 
TOWARDS, j7re;),, Ch— . 
TOWER (as bastion), Sinito. 

TOWN, n. Es-keikdi, Es-k6i, Sniapk6in, Sniapk6inten. 
TOY, n. Kaikazle. 

TRACE, n. Ist. Foot track, Sguiten. 
2d. Of anything that left its print, inasmuch as it refers to the place 

where the prints remain^ Zuzupi^ut. 
3d. Trace, as referring to the object that lefl its own print im- 
pressed, KoJzupieut. 
TRACK, n. 1st. See Trace. 
2d. Beaten I'oad or trail, Nguiten, Shushuel. 
TRACK, V. t. Ist. To follow the tracks of, les-nguieni, les-nshius- 

tem. See Scent. 
TRACTABLE, a. Agagalutem, Kol'lutem. 
TRADE, V. i. Chines-tomisti. 
TRADE, V. t. 1st. les-tomistem. 
2d. To trade togethei', Kaes-tomistemenuegui. 
3d. I trade for him, les-tomi.stemshtem. 
4th. I ti'ade his , or, it for him, Ics-tomistemltem. See Buy, 

TRADE, 71. 1st. Stomist. 
2d. Occupation, Nk61emen. 
TRADER, n. Sntomist, Sgutomist. 

TRADINd PLACE, store, ?i. Sntomisten, Siitomistemenueguteii. 
TRADUCR, r. t. 1st. To ex])08e, les-mimiim, les-nemifepem. 
2d. To communicate by generation. See Communicate. 

engum, les-chin- 
sutem, los-chen- 

nii, Chines-cheii- 


ofers to the place 

own print ini- 

lieni, Ie!s-nsliiu8- 

tein. See Buy, 




TRA 407 


TKAIL, n. Shushiiel. See Road. 

TRAIL, V. i. To trail on the ground, Chines-zUulukualksi. 

TRAIN", V. t. Ist. A horse, les-tgogonunem. 

2d. A child, leH-pogtilshem. 

3d. To accustom, les-koenimim. 

TRAIX, w. Ist. Of a gown, Zkulakualks. 

2d. Attendants, S«razut, Sgazgaziit, Nchshintin. ' 

TRAITOR, n. Guz'sheincnzuten. See Guizsh. And it is exactly 

the Latin Traditor. 
TRAMP, n. Es-gust61egui. 
TRAMPLE, V. t. Ist. Ie.s-kalu6tem. 
2d. On his neck, les-chkalu-telpsem. 
3d. To trample grain for threshing, Chines-kaluatkani. 
4th. To trample grain in the field, as wild animals do, wasting it, 

TRANQUIL, «. 1st. J-chin-keim. 

2d. Still, 1 -chin-till. See Calm. 

TRANSATLANTIC, a. L chni8k6ts lu s'chilptlem^tiku. 

TRANSCEND. See Surpass. 

TRANSCRIBE, v. t. les-kuHtaim. 

TRANSFER, v. t. les-sipshilshem. 

TRANSFIGURE, i\ t. (niines-tgulemusi. 

TRANSFIX, V. t. les-lgoeusem, les-chizeusem. See Thi'ough. 

TRANSFORM, v. t. Ist. The form' only, les-tigulera. See Dis- 

2d. The substance, Ies-kol6isem t See Change, Transubstan- 

TRANSFORM, r. i. Chincs-kolili. 

TRANSGRESS, v. i. Chines-nguzaksi. See Goez. 

TRANSGRESS, v. t. les-nguzaksem.^ 

TRANSITORY, fleet, o. Tlagt. 

TRANSLATE, v. t. Ist. les-iimizinem. 

2d. See Transier, Transport. 

TliANSMIGRATE, i\ l. Chines-imshi. See Birds, Migrate. 

TRANSMIT, V. t. les-kulstem, les-guiem. 

TRANSPARENT, a. I-gal. See Diaphanous. 

TRANSPIRE, V. L Ist. To sweat, Chines-chskuilti. 

2d. To leak out, to come to light, Miip. 

TRANSPLANT, v. t. les-sipshilshem. 



408 THE 

TKANSPORT, o. t. les-ukiim. 

TRANSUBSTANTIATE, r. t. les-koleisem I I tmnsnhstan- 

tiate the bread into the body ot Jesus Christ, and the wine 

into his blood, " les-iiolfeisem hi snkoi|»6 tkskeltichs Jesu Kli, 

u }u nkiiilku t ksnjijuls." 
TRANSVERSE, a. (as a deacon's stole, haversack), Snshalagau. 
TRAP, n. 1st. For beavers, etc., when it grasps the animals, Az- 

2d. Wooden trap that tails u])on the animals, ("hinein. 
3d. I make him tall in the trap, les-azpnunem. 
TRAP, v. t. 1st. Beavers, with iron traps, les-azim. 
2d. Martins, with wooden traps, les-chintinem. 
TRAP, (". (. Chines-azmi, Ohines-chin6ini. 
TRAPPINGS, n. 1st. Ornaments, Chazenzuten. 
2d. Goods, traps, Stakelszut. 

TRAVEL, V. i. 1st. Chines-inisheliusi, C'hines-giisteinisi. 
2d. On foot, Chines-gnstolegui. 
Sd. On horseback, Chiiies-chemt^usi. 
4th. By night, Chines-iz'ti. 
5th. Down stream in a boat, Chines-agoti. 
6th. Down stream by land, Chines-niigoti. 
7th. Down stream in the stream, as fishes, Chines-agotusi. 
8th. Down stream on high, as bir<ls, Chines-nagotusi. 
9th. Up stream by land, ('hines-nzillshi. 
10th. Up stream by boats, ' 'hines-ziilshi. 
llth. Up stream as fishes, Chines-ziilshusi. 
12th. Up stream in the air, Chines-nziilshusi. 
13th. Travel by water, in general, Chines-laapmi. 
TRAVKRSE, v. t. 1st. To cross at right angles, les-eimeu.sem. 
2d. To cross by way of opposition, les-eiitusem. 
•3(1. To wander over, les-silchemim. 
4th. To cross ovei" to the othei" side, Ies-niek6m. 
.5th. To pa <s through a needle's eye, or the like, les-chickom. 
6th. To pass throngli an oi-deal, to come out all right, Cliin-teeko. 
7th. To traverse a mountain, Chin-goziisichen. 
8th. See Transfix, Through, t'ross. 
THAY, n. Snes'chenlen. 
TREACn[<:r?OUS, u. Ntaktakzln, Tktakat. 
TREAD, r. i. Chines-kalueti. 

I lmn8ul)stan- 

and the wine 

Itic'hs Jesu Kli, 

I, SiiHliala^ati. 
10 animals, Az- 






it, Cliiii-U'eUo. 

TRE 409 

TREAD, V. t. Ist. Io8-kaIufetein, les-chkalufetem. See Trample. 

2d. To print with the foot, les-zuzuum. 

TREASURE, n. Stakelszftt, Koi6leguten. ' 

TREASURER, n. Sgugakam. 

TREAT, V. t. Ist. To use, les-ag^ilem, les-chzut^chHtem. 

2d. To discourse on, les-chkolkofeltom, Ie8-chu6ulshem. - 

3d. To negotiate, les-chkamkamilshem. ' 

4th. To treat a patient, les-malifemem. 

5th. In the sense n. 1st., usually a compound verb is made with 
kol — . 1 treat him as a man, *' les-agfeilem t-skfeligu, Fes-kol- 
skiligum." I treat him as a woman, " les-agfeilem t-smefem, 
les-kolsmefemem." I treat him as a fool, " les-ag^ilem l-ps^ie, 
les-kolspsaiem." See Kol. I treat him as a dog, " les-kol- 
inkokosmfechshinom, los-ageilem t-nkokosmfe." I treat him 
a« a father, " les-koltpogotem, les-ageilem t-pog6t." 

6th. I treat him well, Gest u les-^zgam. 

TREATY, n. Ist. As a talk for a treaty, Skamkamilsh. 

2d. As written, Kaimin. 

TREE, n. 1st. sing. Es-shite ; pi. Zelzilt. N.B. — In comp., — alko. 

2d. Tall tree, Usshin^lko. 

.3d. Short tree, Lguzalko. 

4th. Thick tree, pH61ko. 

iith. To cut trees with the axe, Chines-shelalkoi, Chines-shlipi. 

6th. To cut trees with the saw, Chines-nichpi. 

7th. The tree shakes, Es-iat'ti. 

8th. The tree is inclining, ready to fall, Es-koz'chemi, kozich. 

9th. The tree lays on the ground, Bs-chize. The trees , I-pin. 

10th. To peel a tree round, fes-chaumalkom. See Eum. 

11th. One tree, Nkoilko. Two trees, Aslalko. 

TREMBLE, i\ i. Ist. Chines-gualpmi, l-chin-gualgual. 

2d. Tremble ot cold, Chines-chzleini. 

TREMENDOUS, a. 1st. terrible, Ngallutem, Kuskust. 

2d. Excessive, Tas-tul. 

TRENCH, V. t. Ist. To dig as a ditch for water, Chines-teletikui. 

2d. To cut a ditch, not for water, les-telulegum. 

3d. Abusively, to make a trench in the river for catching fish, 
(^hiiics-koiogoi. Soe Duni, Barrior. 

TREPHINE, r. f. the skull, les-nlgoc^nskaiicm. 

TRESPASS, r. i. ( 'hincs-ngiizaksi,'(;hiiic.s-iiissakai. 


410 . TRU 

TRIAL. See Koen. 

TRIANGLE, n. Chalalko. 

TRIBE, w. Nkoeligu. ' ;^ 

TRIBUNAL, n. Snchzogoepileten. 

TRIBUTARY (stream), Ntgoetiku. See Tguni. 

TRICK, n. Ist. To play tricks, to joke,*Chine8-poszani, les-pooaa- 

2d. In trade, les-koilein. 

3d. To play a trick to a fellow, les-ehposzaneni. 
TRICKY, a. Ist. Hinart, Pagpagt. 
2d. Joking, Nposp'szin. See Cheat. 
TRIFLE, V. i. Cliines-poszani, Chines-memszuti. 
TRIM, V. t. Ist. To set in order, les-shitHm. 
2d. See Adorn. 

3d. Trim the lamp. See Snuff. 
TRIP. See Travel. 
TRIPLE, Es-sitch. 

TRIUMPH, V. i. 1st. To rejoice, Chines-nj)ielsi. 
2d. To triumph over an enemy, to beat him, Ics-tlegiipem, Ie;<- 

-k'^anganem, Ies-ui61tem. These two last mean to make 

3d. To be stronger, Ies-elk6m. 
4th. To trample down, les-kaluetem. 
TROT, V. i. Chines-zilshilshi. 
TROUBLE, V. 1. 1st. To put into confused motion watei-, etc., les- 

2d. To disturb, les-mechstem, les-nmezineni. Sec Mcc. 
TROUBLE, n. To be in, I-chin-m6e. 
TROUBLESOME, a. Nmemezin, Mem^ot. 
TROUT, n. 1st. PisK 
2d. Salmon trout, Aizchst. 
3d. Salmon trout creek, Snaizchst. 
4th. Small salmon trout, Sntai, Snlaizchst. 
TROWEL, n. Telemen. 
TRUANT, n. I-chin-cho, Chin-chounzut. 
TRUCK, n. Zkuminten. 

TRUE, a. On^gu, and it answers all the meuiiing of the Knglish. 
TRUMPET, /I. 1st. Npugulzeten. 

)i:>Kani, Jes-poosa- 

es-tlegupein, la:*- 
meau to make 

I water, etc., les- 

• Mue. 

of the Hiio-lisli. 



2(1. To blow the trnnipet, Ies-np(igum h\ npugulzeten. 

TRUMP KTER, n. Sgunpiigulze. ' , 

TRUNK, n. Ist. Of animals, Sk^ltieh. . 

2d. Of a tree, Skaltchdlko, S16kolko. 

3d. Valise. See Box. 

TRUST, n. 1st. Confidence, Snmusels, Nm6selsten, : '■ , 

2d. To buy in trust, Chines-koH-gulguilti. ' 

3d. What is given in care, S'chitfcl, Szchiite. 

4th. The ground of confidence, Nmiiselsten, Chnmusolsten. 

TRUST, V. t. 1st. To place confidence in, les-nmuselsem, les-tku- 

elsemistem, les-noninguenem, les-kutenfelsem. 
2d. To believe, to credit, les-noninguenem. ' 

3d. To commit the care of, les-chit6lem. 
4th. To commit oneself to the care of, les-chitelemistem. 
oth. To sell on credit, les-koHnera. 

TRUST, V. i. 1st. To be credulous, Chin-nononinguenui. 
2d. I think, Chines-ntelsi. 
TRUSTEE, n. Sguchitim. 

TRUSTFUL, a. Worthy of confidence, Mselsutem. 
TRUTH, n. 1st. The being true, Sonfegu, On6gn. 
2d. The practice of telling the truth, veracity, Non^guten. 
TRUTHFUL, a. On6gu. 
TRY, V. t. 1st. les-koenem. 

2d. Judicially, les-chkonmipilem, les-ehzogoi^pilem. 
3d. To try hard, Chines-ioioszuti, Chines-koilemisti.' 
TUB, n. For washing, Ntku6tikunte»i. 
TUESDAY, Tikulaselaskat. 
TUMOR. See Boil, Swell. 
TURBID, a. Ntiku. 
TURKEY, n.Xshelshaltal J. ■ 
TURN", V. t. 1st. To to move in a centre, as a wheel, to roll, 

2d. To turn a log, box, etc., making it show another side, les-pel- 

3(1. To turn end for end, les-silcheniim. 

4th. To make one face otherwise, les-ntagolusem, ntagolusen. 
oth. To turn one's face to, les-^'hntagolusem, chntagoiusemen. 
Oth. To turn one's face, Chincs-ntagolusi. 
7th. To turn one's back, Chinos-nmenchini. 


412 TWE 

8th. To turn another's back, los-nmenchinem, nmonohin. 

9th. To turn one's back to, leB-chnrnenchinem, chnmenchinemen. 

10th. To turn the eyes around, Chines-shitlusi. 

11th, To turn the eyes upward, Chines-nzkiisi. 

12th. To turn down the eyes, Chines-chemlemtdsi. 

13th. To turn a horse from the road, les-pelutem. 

14th. To change, convert, transform, les-kolfeisem, les-kdlilem. 
See Change. 

15th. To turn away, Ic8-6zkaem, les-meeminem. 

16th. To turn coat, Chines-niekoshilshi (lit. To cross over to the 
other side). 

17th. To turn out, les-zkamenchin^lgum, Ies-6zkaem. 

18th. To turn over, to transfer, convey, les-guizshem. See Over- 

19th, To turn the back, Chin-pelchus. 

TURN, V. i. Ist. To move round, as a hand of a watch, les-sil- 

2d, To turn a wheel on its cwn axis, E8-g61komi. 

3rd. To turn as a log, to change side, Es-pelchmi, pellichch. 

4th. To hang, depend, Es-c'hleemi. 

5th. To result, terminate, E8-k6lili. All turns for the good of the 
good, " ha gol gesgest sk^ligu esia nem k6lil t-klngestiis." 

6th. To take a different course, to deflect, Chines-ntagolusi. 

7th. To be changed, Es-k61ili, Es-koliisi (^o). 

8th. To charge oneself, Chines-kolisti (fio, me facio). To be turned 
bad, " Kolist t6ie." It turned into a serpent, " K61il t s'che- 
uile," He turned into a devil, " Kolist t sgoelemin," 

9th. My head turns, Chin-selsclemhumshi. 

lOlh, My stomach turned, Chin-chchfel'lis. See Chelim. 

11th. To turn back, Chines-pelchusi'. See Back. 

12th. To turn around oneself, Chines-selchemenziiti. 

13th. To take a sharp turn, as a boat on a sudden, Jnip'p. 

14th. To be tossed, to turn one way and the other way, Es-uei'li. 

TURNIP, n. Milmilko. 

TURTLEDOVE, n. Hemishemis. 

TURTLE, tortoise, n. Spelkuaks. 

TUTOR, n, Ist, guardian, Chitenziiten, Nchitelemisten. 

2d, Teacher, Micnzuten, 

TWEEZERS, See Pincers, Tongs. 


em, Ie8-k6Iilem. 

ross over to the 


liem. See Over- 

a watch, les-sil- 


■ the good of the 

)). To be turned 
"K61il t 8'che- 



way, Es-iiel'li. 



TWELVE, num. 6pen e\ eafel ; pers. Ch6pen et ehes^I. 

TWENTY, num. Eselcipen ; pers. Cheseldpen. 

TWICE, adv. Esfel. 

TWIG, n. Kulatfelp. Green twig, Chkuilp. 

TWINS, n. E8-ne8861iI. 

TWINE, n. St6pak8, Sispi. 

TWIST, V. t. let. Into thread, Ie8-t6pem. 

2d. To 8queeze, les-kofem. 

3d. To twi8t a green bough, twig, Ie8-i6lem. 

TWO, let. num. E861 ; pers. Ches^l. In oomp. Asl — . 

2d. Two lines, as in a procession, Kaes-asiksusti, Kaes-aselusi. 

TYPE, n. Ist. See Mark, Print, Stamp. 

2d. A figure, sign, Tkolsugumfeten. 

3d. For printing, Kaiminten 

TYPOGRAPHY, n. SnkoUkaiminten. 

TYRANT, w. Kulguzguzm^chst. 



UDDER, n. Skafem. 

UGLY, a. Tas gest, Teie, Chechet. 

ULCER, Spozt. See Poz, Sore. 

UMBRELLA, n. Chitch^isten. 

UNABLE, a. let. Tas iopieut, Tas io. 

2d. Unable to do it, Tas Ikontfes, Es-tiligum. 

UNANIMOUS, a. I-nko lu spuusz, I-nko spuus. 

UNBELIEVER, n. Kaikaius^men. 

UNBECOMING, unbeseeming, a. Tas io. 

UNBRAID, V. t. les-migom. 

UNCERTAIN, a. 1st. Not certain, Ta i-smii. 

2d. LTnreliable, Tarn mselsdtem. 

3d. See Doubtful. 

UNCLE, n. 1st. My (man's or woman's) father's brother, Is-sile. 

2d. My father's father's brother, I-sgept. 

414 (TNJ) 

3cl. My tathor's fiithor's thllior's brother, Iii-topie. 

4tli. My (man's or wonmn'n) mother's brother, Is-sii. 

fith. My mother's father's brother, Is-sile. ' 

Hth. My mother's tiather's father's brother, In-t6pie. 

7th. My wife's fatlicr's brother, I-sgagee. 

Xth. M}- husband's father's brother, l-sj^aujfee. 

(TNCLEAN, n. Ta i-sguku. 

UNCONDITIONA I., «. Ta kaepJ tam. 

UNCONSCIOUS, n. Tas miszut, Tas mistts, I-slup. 

UNCOUPLK, r. ^ Ies-taI6usem, les-talpenwem. 

UNCOUTH See Coarse. 

UNCOVER, V. t. Ist. To take oft" what covers and hvy an object 

bare, Ies-cheh6m. Said esjieeiall}- of any part of the body. 
2d. To uncover it all round, [es-chch'heizem. 
3d. To uncover another's face, les-ch'heusem. 
4th. To uncover one's face, Chines-th'heusi. 

ith. I uncover my head, Chines-ch'chakeini. See Chines-] tlkeini. 
♦Hh. I uncover my breast, Chines-chptigozchi. 
7th. To expose a thing to view, to show, Ie8-bikomim. Uncovered, 

Hth. To expose a thing to inspection, les-kofenem, kofen. 
nth. To strip. See Strip. 
10th. To take oft* the lid of a kettle, etc., Chines-chagkukeini, les- 

-chagkuk^inem. See (.hehek. 
UNCOVERED, a. 1st. Open to the sight, as hills when the snow 

is gone, Laako. 
2d, With no cover on, Chch'heize. 
3(1. With no clothes, I-chitem6lgu. 
4th. Stripped of his clothes, Chzsdlgu. 
UNDRR, underneath, /j/v/>. 1st. Beneath, in a place lower than, 

L-kolishut. Under us there is hell, " Ukae-kolishut n Izii lu 

sgo61emen." Its opposite is L-s'chnuist. Above us there is 

heaven, " Lkae s'«hnnist Izii hi schcheniaskat." 
2(1. Immediately under, so that the object above rests on the 

lower, preftx kol — to the verb that governs this pre])osi- 


N.B.--Tlie Spokans would use Cliif instead of Kof. Also, 

some s(.'em to pronounce Kol, and some KuK Even in this 

dictionary both spellings are pi'omiscuously used. Its oj)])0- 


I lay an object 
t of the body. 

Chines-] ttUeini. 

lim. Uneovered, 


lagUukeini, les- 
when the snow 

it'O lower than, 
liwhut u Izii hi 
rtvo lis there is 

e rests <in the 
IS this pre))osi- 

of Kol. Also, 
Even in this 
ised. Its opi)o- 

UND 415 


site would be ChiV or Ch, On top. 1 place it under , " les- 

-kuhkom hi 1 " Place it under thy feet, " Kukk6nt hi 

laNZOuhin." It is jjlaced under stone, " Ks-kuH6ko hi 1 
Hshtnsh." See Tkoni. I stick it in my bosom," les-ku^ka^m 
hi 1 iska^m." 1 lay that log under the house, as a foundation, 
" Ies-ku}ehzim lu Izitgu." See Foundation. I pull it out from 
under my bosom, " les-kuikutffeiichem." 
UNDER, adv. Ist. below, lower, L skoHshut, Ishiit. See Down, 

2d. Immediately undei', Kol — , Kul — , without the preposition /. 
It is under, " Es-knhoko." It is on top, " Es-chih6ko." See 
3d. The pail goes under (the water), sinks, Chsou. See Oos. {Lit. 
It goes out of sight.) If we would mean that the jtail is under 
the water, the water being on top of it, Es-kulzak hi I seulku: 
If meaning that the water is above, the pail below, Es-zak hi 
Iskolishuts hi seulku. 

4th. To push it under, to place it out of sight, Ies-no6sem. See 

5th. The sun goes under, sets, Chsooskan. 

UNDER, a. See Substitute. • 

UNDERGO, I'. /. Ist. To bear sustain, suffer, les-niualsem. 

2d. In other senses it is omitted and the phrase altered. I undergo 
the amputati'Mi of my arm, Chin-gotagan, Kogotagantem (lit. 
I had my arm am))utatedj. 

UNDER-GOVVN, under-dothes, under- wear, Skolishtalks (from 

UNDER-GROUND, L nishtolegu. 

UNDERLIE, c. i. Chineskuhkomi, Chin-kulchize, according to 
the object placed under. See Place, Put. 

UNDERMINE, v. t. les kuhelim, les-kulzikam. 

UNDERPIN. See Foundation. 

UNDERSKiN. r. t. les kaim. See Sign. 

I'NDERSTAND, r. t. 1st. To apprehend the meaning of, to com- 
prehend, les-nsiigunem. 

2d. I understand bj- hearing, les-chmiinem. See Mii. 

3d. B}' seeing it, les-chmiisem. 

4th. I understand, know how to do it, C-hines-miechsii. 

5th. To be apprised, to hear the rejtort, les-lcshinem. 

4l(J UNK 

(iti). I niidcrrttunti it to l)*> so, I Jiid^c, I siippoHo to mean, CliiiioH- 

7tli. I undi't'Htuiui liJM lan^iiu^o, intorpivt liiin, I(>N-iMni/.iiioni. 
I'NDIOUSTAND, r. i. IhI. To ('ompri'lMMid, ('hiiit'N-nH6Kiiiioi, (Mii- 

2d. To 1)0 coMscioiiH, ot'a^o, Tie cliin-nHu/^iiiu*, Tic chiii-pa^pii^t. 
;M. To ho coiiscioiis, to know what happtMiH, ChiiioH-iniHKtiti. 
4th. To 1)0 iiit'orMi«>d, to loarii, ChinoH-U'Nliini, (Miin-Ni^unc, Chin- 

UNnKKSTAND.MUiK, <i. Miputom, Nsujrn^runoi'itom. 
ITNDKKSTANDINii, n. Spaj^ptlgt, NUnlpa^'ainintoii, Nhiij<ihU- 

I'NDKRTAKK. r. t. To taUo upon onosoH", Iiw-kunfem. 
2d. To onj^ago onoHolf, ('liinoH-ntt'lhi noni, ( 'hinoN-/(tti niMu, los- 

rNDKHTAKKH, «. SjrulAkam. 
nNDKR-VVARK, n. SkoliNhtalUs. Soo I.shtit. 
UNDKTEHMINKI), undin-idod, ,t. ChincH-ii'inmi, Itiniomt, ChinoN- 

ITNDKVOrT, .f. 1-diin-piMl, I-chiu-paiipot. 
UNIX), r. t. los-niiimn. • 
UXDRKSS, V. t. 1st. To take ott' the divss, I.e8-(h/,'H»\|jr,nn. See 

2d. UndrcHs a handai!;e, les-taliin. 
UNDULATE, Ks-ulueli, Uiluilt, Itialt. 
UNKAItTH, r. t. 1st. To take out of the earth, leM-zikani, leH-nku- 

2<1. To hrini; (Mit (trcouct'alinv'iit, les-MiipenuiieM). 
UXKASY, <J. 1st. To ho uneasy, ('hines-koltka|>elsi, ('hines-uen'- 

2d. nitlieult. See Diilieult, Hard. 
3d. Tronhled, Mee. 
4th. Ooeasionin^ tronhlo, Menii'et. 
UNKQUA !.,<;. Tani imtu shei. 
UNEI{I{IX(i.<j. TasseJIip'p. 
UXKVKN. See Koii-li. 
UXEX(^EPTr()XAlU,K, ./. Ta opl esinliiilt. 
rXFAIIJ. .(. Tms if), Tas ijrst. Tain potii shei. 
rXFAITUKUL, .1. lUoistenien, TUtuUal. 

menu, (Miinc«- 

■iiNd^iiiiei, CMii- 

iM-s6iin(>, Chin- 


iitiM), NNiifjcmW'- 


i-'Aiii'i noin, los- 


i/,'H»>lj^inn. Sec 

',ikain, loH-nkn- 
i, CliiMOs-non'- 


nN,i 417 

rNKAVOUAULK fto nn>), ,t. loH-tli.licH{'in. Sff CIich, Zelu', 

Kiivor. . 

UNKKTTKIJ, r. t. los-talim. 
UNFIT, (». Tas io, Tiini j.rttii hM\. 
HNFOM), r. f. iMt. To opori tho JoMh, lnH-miiiini. 
2(1. To nmiiitost, loN-hiUomini. Soo Unoovor. 
UNFOltTlTNATK. Sm* hiuk. 
UNroiINDKI), /(. IU>noni(iH. 
JINrUKKZK, i\ i. CliincH-oimi. 
|TNFIl()(M<, V. t. IcH-6/,kaom. 
TNiJODIiY, a. Kohnkol, PhAIo. 
UNGOVKUNAHLK, a. Uukaukt, TaH tj,'ogoiUom. 
UNIIANDV, awkward, </. TaH iniHtcH. 
TNHAPPy, ff. Konkoiiii. 

IINIIAIINKSS, V. t. leH-inAiim in fi'ffliagHkdjjraelon. 
rNniN(rK, V. t. loH-lipmiin \n tol nohointtuHton. 
I'M FORM, r». i-nko. 
I'NION, n. iiii i-Hnk('»o, I-Hiikoiilli-h, NkouilHhthon, Snul{jH, Niilii- 

stcii, Na/A'UHlon, NtpH^iislcH, NtpsfcliHton, otc.aH from the next 

vorl). S«!o ('ommiiiiion. 
TNITK, V. t. 1h1. So as to mako one whole, IeH-nk6om, nk6om- 

2(1. To join intimately, Ies-ii{ilu8cm. May (ro<l unite you, " Pkn- 

-niiiusem t Kolinzuten." 
.'{(I. To join them toj^ethijr, so that they componelrate one another, 

Ies-nhiHfeuH(Mn, nluHiusen. 

4th. To attach it to , leH-cha/am I 

:")tii. To attacli thi-m together, leH-azi'UHem, a/.6iiHon. 

«ith. To hind it to , les-chleijim I 

7th. To hind them together, Ie8-lel>6usem, lch6u,sen. 

J^tii. To cause to adhere to , les-chzpaki^m I 

0th. To make them adiiere together, leH-chzpaktusem. 

HMh. To couple, as a span of horses, also of married couples, les- 

11th. To put them together, horizontally, les-tkomeusem ; as of 

hoards of a floor laid side by side, grooved, les-nluseusem. 
12th. To j)ut them togetlier si<le hy side, vertically-, les-nshit'seu 

sem, as the lining in a room, picket fence. 
13th. To connect them, Ies-az6usem, 




418 . V IINL 

14tli. To conrKH't in marriuf?o bond, IcH-ngonof^iU'iiHoni. 

15th. To joirt tluMn, IfH-ntitsi^nscm. , 

lOtli. Hy Howinj^ tlioni togotlier, Ii'w-tkoi'nMotrt. '^ 

I7th. To nmko ono ])ieco, as two hHiidkoi-cliiutN, IuH-iioi6iiMein. 

UNITE, V. i. Ist. To bocomo one, ('liineN-nk<')oi, Cliinos-nkouilHhi. 

2(1. To julbcro to, f'hinoH-chzpiikami, (!hin-( lizpiik. 

8d. To bo attachi'd, ChinoH azinl, Cliin-aAz. " ' V. 

4th. To bo attached to, Chin-cliau/.. ' ' 

5th. To bo f^raftod, jointotl to^etlior, E8-nt|ts6iis. 

6th. To join in act, to concur, Ics-shtiom, CiunoM-UHhielsi. 

7th. To join a i)ajty, ChinoH-DHbt-i. 

8th. To f^athor to<?ofbcr, Kaos-iaunil, KaoH-ii^a. 

UNITED, a. Iwt. I-nk6o, I-nkoiiilsh, EH-chzpktMiH, EH-a/ous, Eh- 
-nptH^uH, Es-tkoens, 7<jH-n<^onof?ociis, EH-noltuH, Es-nHbitlMiH. 

2d. I am united with him, I-nkoomstcn, I-nkouilshomen, (Hiz^ktu- 
somon, Azc'UHomen, NtpHdn.somon, Nnonogoenscmon. 

I unite mysolf'to him, 1st. I havo it attached on mc by myself, les- 
-ehazenzutem, chazonzutemon. 

2d. I have it intimately united with mo, oompenetratinuj me, les- 
-nulnsenzutom, nulnsonzutemon. 

3d. I have it joined to me, added to me, Ies-ntgU8onzutem, ntgii- 

4th. I have it put on me, as a dress, les-ntguponzutem, nfgupenzu- 
[All these forms may exjircss the hypostatic union.] 

5th. Our hearts are united, one, I-nkoo \n kae-spnus. Your heai'ts 
must be united, I-ks-nk<ioi hi spuusemp. Their hearts must 
unite, become ono, I-ks-nk6oi lu spuiisz. Our hearts must 
grow into ono, get united, I-ks nkouilslii \n s])Uii.semp. Unite 
your hearts, I-nk6()mskui \n spuusemp. Thou must have one 
heart with thy fellow chief, I-kuUs-iikospuusi hi I asnkuHli- 
migum. You must unite, gather together your hearts, f-pks- 

UNITY'', n. 1st. The being one, hii snko. 

2d. Unity of heart. -Lu snkospuus. 

UNIVERSAL, a. 1st. For all time or space, L esmilko. 

2d. For all persons, L esia. 

UNIVERSE, ;?. Lu stoligu. 

UNLAWFUL, a. Es-chgaenepile. 



' '', 


iH, Es-azi'iis, Kh- 

H, KH-l)HhillMlH. 

homen, (/'hzpkin- 

110 bv inysolf, Ics- 

etratiiii^ inc, Ics- 

UHcnzutein, iitgii- 

I'ltem, nlguponzu- 


iius. Your liCiii'ts 
eir lic'Ui'ts must 
Our lu'iirts must 
)UuHCinj). Unite 
u must luivf Olio 
i h» I asiikutili- 
ur liourts, I-pks- 



- U'NY ,, 411) 

UNLKSS, roHJ. fill ne ta. <,'>:• i 

UNF.IKHLY, m/i\ (;()A ta. " | 

(INMMITKI), ^r. TaopH'h/)!. Seo Knd, KikIIohh. 

UNLOCK, i\ t. IoH-koHnmdu|)oin, IoH-koMtu-liogku6|>em. 

UNLOAD, I', t. IcH-chtaHm ; loH-touktin (to take down). 

UNLU(;KY. Sco Luok. . i 

UNMAHUIKD, rt. iHt. man, Tituit. . ,, 

2(1. Woman, KtiichmiHh. ; -j .• u :. <\*-^> 

UN1*A(>K, V. t. Int. u liorHC, ros-ntalishinom. ' .^ , 

2(1. Unpack floods, luH-chtalizom (il tlioy are in baios). ' 

UNUAVKL, r. MolcH-miium, '' 

UNUIPF^:, n. iHt. Immaturo, Ks-giiu. . -< ;* i . ' 

2(1. Sour, I-z6ol. % ' i 

3(1. Not ripe, of grains, Taa koo«il. ,. ; , i 

4th. Of fruits not yet ripe, Tas ])iiik. , 

UNRULY, a. Uukaukt. , ' 'f'^ v 

UNSAY, 17. f. See Kotraet. 

UNSEAL, unscrew, v. t. leVos-miuni. • . ' . 

UNSHACKLE, v. t. les-talim. , ., 

UNSHEATHE, r. <. les-n/.okem. i . . 

UNSKILFUL, rt. Tas mistfes. ;. ■ . 

UNTIE, V. t. los-tallm. 

UNTIL. See Till. . .,.,.. 

UNTIRINCJ, rt. Tas aigotutem. . 

UNTKAVKLED, a. Tasguiiitem. .^ > /.•. < 

UNVEIL, V. t. l8t. IeH-clich6m. 

2d. To remove the veil from all round, les-chchheizem. 

3d. To remove the veil from on top, as to unveil the chalice, les- 

-chik'hhecnem. See Uncover. 
UNWELL, a. Not in good health, Ta is-ges. ' : . • 

UNYOKE, V. t. les-maum hi chzapkanten. 

Note. — All the words beginning with un, meaning undoing, 

can safely be rendered by les-maum. 
UP, a<1v, (exactl}' the Italian »S'h'), 1st. In a high, L nuist, L ch 

I am up, from bed, Chin-gutilsh. Up, boys, " Gutelilshui 

I am uj», from sitting, (vhin-teshilsh, Chin-echsuish. Up, boys, 





420 USA 

4th. I am up, on top, Chin-kdkalt. 

5th. I go up a hill, Chines-shallfiti. 

6th. I go up a ladder, or perpendicularly up, Chines-nuisselshi. 

7th. The sun is up, Tie galip, T16ohch lu spakani. 

8th. I am up, either in high office, or ready for a flight or duly, 

9th. I am up, I am high, Chin-nuist. \ 

10th. 1 am up to it, Es-mistfen, Lkontdn. 
nth. Up. See Until. 

12th. I am up, done up. Chin-hoi, Chin-ntlapaks. 
13th. To come up with one, les-nchiznichem. 
UP, prep. Ist. See Go. 
2d. Up the stream, up the country, in a direction opposite to the 

current of the main gtream. See Sti'eam, River, Travel. 
UPBRAID, V. t. les-chilikonem. See Reproach. 
UPHEAVE, V. t. To lift up, Its-kolgoem. 
UPHEAVAL, n. Es-moko, Es-mkokomi. 
UPLIFT, V. t. Ist. From below, les-kolgofem. 
2d. Lift up the arm, Chint|s-gualchst. 
UPON, prep. Ch— , Chis— , Chii— . See On, Over. 
UPRIGHT, a. Ist. Echsuishi ; pi. Tpieut, Tpip. 
2d. Of trees, columns, etc., Es-shite j pi. Es-zelzil. 
3d. Honest, I-tog. 
UPROOT, v. t. les-zook^m. 
UPSET, V. t. Ist. les-kuelchem 
2d. To toss prior to upset, les-udl'lem. 
UPSIDE DOWN, a. Es-kufelch. 
UPSTAIRS, adv. L nuist. 
UPWARD, adv. Ch nuist. 
URETHRA, n. Sntcheiten. 

URGE, V. t. 1st. To push, les-kupem, les-aitzem. 
2d. Morally, les-koinizinem, les-koi+zinem, los-koimchstem, les- 

3d. ]eH-si6c'hstom, les-pizem, les-pizchstem. See Piz. 
URINATE, V. i. Cliines-tchei. 
URINE, n. Stchei. 
URSA MAJOR, n. Smgeichinaskat. 
US, pr. pers. Kaempile. See the relative verbs. 
USAGE, n. 1st. The mode of using, Nkoienien. See I'se. 


I fight or duly, 

opposite to the 
or, Travel. 

ioimchstein, les- 

*iee I'se. 

U!^E 421 

2d. Custom, Sko6m, Zuut. 

USB, V. t. Ist. To make use of, to convert to one's use, rendered 
by making an instrumental verb of the substantive expressing 
the object used. This instrumental form of the verb is made 
by affixing — menem or — minem to the substantive and con- 
jugating it after paradigma (9), (11). I use that blanket, 
" les-sizem, sizemen zi sizem." I use that house, " les-zitgum, 
zitgumen zi zitgu." 1 use that shoe, " les-kaeshinminem, 
kaeshinminemen zi kaeshin," I use that horse, " les-gattzi- 
nem, gatlzinemen zi gattzin." I use that boat, " les-laapti- 
nem, laaptinemen zi tli6e." I use that wagon, " Golkomen zi 
g61ko." I use that pen, paper, " Kaiminemen zi kaimin." 
This pen, paper has not j'et been used, " Ziu es-kaiminem ie 
kaimin." I use that trap, " Azminemen zi azminten." 

2d. When the object used is an indefinite one, i.e. preceded bj- a, 
an, some, any, the indefinite verb will answer. I use a plough, 
" Chines-telulegui." 1 use a shoe, '• Chines-kaeshinmi." In 
the first sense afoi'esaid it is noticed that the object is always 
definite, this or that, '''s. etc. 

3d. To behave towards, to treui, ' " -chzut6chatem. See Treat. 

4th. To accustom, to render familiar, pleasing, les-koemminem, 
les-chkoemminem. I am used to hard labor, " Chkoemmin \n 

ftth. To use up. See Consume, Tire. 

6th. Other phrases must bo made conformable to this language, r.i/. 
I use no sugar, " Tas iten lu tish." Use kindness to all, 
" Kuks-gesti I esia." 

7th. To make use of anyone to carry out our wishes, les-nchitech- 
mistem. See Chiteeh. 

8th. To make something with it, les-kolstemmem, Tee-ies-kolstfem- 
mem, les-temmem. I wish you could use my heart, do some- 
thing with it I " Komi ko-kolstcmmettgu \u i-spuus. See 
Stem, Tee. 

9tl). To use it for such purpose, or in such manner, Ies-ag6ilem. 
See Agal. 

USE, t". /. 1st. Chin-ep sko6m. See Koem. 1 use to pray, " I-sko- 
em lu nchaumen,"fifmeaningthatl grew into liking prayer). 

2d. I do it continually, rendered by the coiitinuate tense. I am 
used to pray, " Chines-chaum." See Accustom, 

422 VXO 

irSK, n. IhI. 'Plu' act of iisinsjj jiny iirliflo \h lis rnuhitiidinouH us the 
()l)jo('ts thoinsolvcs, uiid must bo formed from tlie vcii-l) abovo- 
mentioned, and from tlu^ like. In general wo may say Nko- 
lomon, i.e. Tiio way of workiiiji;. 

2d. Occasion, need to (employ. I Iwivo use of tluit, los ia|)/-inom. 
1 have no use of it, Ta is-ia])/.inom. 

3<l. Advantajre derived, utility, of use, Io])i6til, (Jest. No use, I- 
-tonenius. See Iisoful. 

4th. Ot' what use is it to me ':* lkl-iit6mti'n "l* It is of some use, Tee- 

USEKUFj, (I. 1st. In {j;enoral, Io])ieut. Sec Powerful. 

2d. In com])., S'mis — , S'mil — . My knowledge is usoliil, " ("hines- 
-s'mis-miszuti." Mar^- is a useful, worthy mother, " S'mil- 
-|)ou;6t Maly." I think Mary is a valiiahle mother, " les-kol- 
-s'mis-pot>;6tem Maly," and so on. This particle S'mis is the 
opjtosite of I-teneniuH (useless). 

3d. Nothing can he done with it, Tam tee kt-ntt^mten. 

nSELIOSS, «. 1h(. I-lenemus. 

2d. In comp., Skaml, Skams. lie is a useless fellow, '' Skami- 
chini'iks." Thou art a useless chief, " Ku-skamtilimigum." 
You have a worthless horse, " Ku-skamtgatlzin." Or, I-tcne- 
mus sktMigu ; I-ku-toiK^mus ku-ilimigum ; I-tenemus hi an- 
-gutlzin. Nothing can he done with it, " Tam tee kintemten." 

l'8HHI{, r. t. To introduce, les-nolgum. 

rSFHP, V. t. les-iuikom. You usurped the chiettanship, the presi- 
dency, the throne, " Nakomentgu hi silimigum." 

IITKNSILS. See Instrument. 

UTERUS, n. Sngusigulten. 

UTMOST, ((. 1st. extreme, the last. See Extreme, Last. 

2d. The greatest, highest, Ks-nshii/<in. 

3(1. Utmost, the most that can be, Ne ks. 

UTTKR, r. t. les-aum. 

UTTKHLY, <ulr. I. Utterly tired, l-chin-aigot. 

UVULA, /(. Snshalt'skamelten. 

UXOIJICIDK, n. Pupelszut. 

titudinoiiH uh the 

llic v(!rl> abovo- 

i limy Huy Nku- 

it, IcH iiipzinom. 

iHi. No IIHI', J- 

»fH(»mc ime, Tci'- 


iisi'tnl, " (^hincH- 
mollior, " S'niil- 
lotlior, " IcH-kol- 
clo S'miH is tlio 


follow, " Skaml- 
in." Or, i-tono- 
-tonomuH til uii- 
too UlnteiiUoii." 

iislii]), tlio prosi- 

', h'AHi, 

VA^ 428 


VA(!ANC;Y, vacant, IhI. Hiuply, I-1106I. 

2(1. Uiio('cii])io(l, Oliiloiiii'ipilo, KH-<fak. / ■' ; 

3(1. S])aco IkUwooii bodios, Kw-ifak, Nf^aktii.s. 

4tli. Vacant ])()>ssoNsi()n, Ta op^ clishicpili!. 

VACATK, r. t. To inako vacant, dear, Io.s-gak6ni. Soo ("loar. 

VACHMNATK, v. t. Ios-ptkiiai<aiioiii. 

VA(U'INATKI), (.'liinoH-i)tkua/,Mn. 

VAtniiliATK. r. /. Int. CliincH-iu'l'li, (MiinoH-iat'ti. 

2(1. To rtiictiiato ill mind, CliinoM-i6ninii. 

VACUOUS, vacuum, n. I-no61. 

VAdAHOXI), (/. 1st. Kloatiiiji; about without diroclioii, Pilpilt, 

2d. Moviii;^ from place to j)lacc, witiiout sottlod habitation, Ua- 
kaukt, Koilkolt, l']s-gusgust(')li,!^u. 

vac; UK, <t. Uiluilt. 

VAUINA, n. Sgut. 

VAIN, (/. 1st. Worthless, i-tciiomus, l-no6l. 

2(1. Concoilod, KaguUcffut. 

VALKT, n. S'chomtip. 

VALIANT, a. Sisius. 

VATiil), '/. loi(')t, \(), Oiiogu, l-|)()tu slui, (lost. 

VALLEY, n. Ks-tc.Uo, Es tkoiilogu. Soo Side. 

VAI>UK, «. Soo Worth. 

VALUE, r. ^ 1st. To rate al a certain |)i'i(e, to ostiniato, Chin- 
•ntcls. I value it at a liuiidr»>(l dollars, " Chin-ntcls nkoki'in 

2d. To state the price, les-uiim 1 11 t shci 11 ezagalsUiiinsh 11 ks-nci- 

.'M. To value hit>;h, !es-knten(''lsom.' los-nkulenaksem, les-koliikii- 

V.WISn, /". /. Chines clx'toi, t'hines-( hooiiziiti. 

VA.NITV, /(. 1st nnrealness, l-ti'iiemus, h\\ stenenu.s. 

2d. Itiflalioii ot mind, Skeutemist, Skau'iiki'ifut. 

VAN(^U1SII, V. t. 1st. To del'eal, to jfet the best of, les tlogupem. 

2il. To put down, les tkoni, les tkomini. 

424 VEIl 

3d. To conquer and Hnbjngate, to nmko ciiptivf, los-koangar.oni, 

4th. To reduce to silence, lea-cliopim. > 

V.APOR, n. Spuuu;. See Stenm, Evaporate. 
VARIABLE]. SiU) Clmnjri.ablo. 
VARIANCE, disagreement, n. I jun at variance, Tij^ulein lu 


2d. I am against him, les-eutusem. 

3d. We are at variance, we disagree, we are against each other, 

VARIP]TV\ See Kinds. 
VARIOUS, of several Icinds, Es-ngoe^ksem. 
VARNISH, n. Minemen. 
VARNISH, V. t. les-minem. 
VEGETATE, i'. L Es-kualemi. 
VEHEMENT, a. Ioi6t, Pizpiat. See Sharp. 
VEHICLE, n. Zkumin, G61ko, Nguiluisten. 
V^EIL, r. t. 1st. One's face, Chines-iligusi. See Cover, Conceal. 
2d. A'^eil one's head, Chines-chialkani. See lal. 
VEIL, n. Ist. For the face, Niligusten. See Screen, Curtain. 
2d. For the head, Chialkukan. 
VEIN, n. Kakalu. 
VENERABLE, n. Npot6ten. 
VENERATE, v. t. Ies-p6teein, les-heem. 
VENEREAL, rt. (Miechfet. Sec Sj])hili8. 
VENGEAN(^E. See Avenge, Revenge. 
VENIAL, r/. 1st. Capable of being forgiven, Kolgoriutem ; and 

thus every sin is venial. 
2d. Not mortal, Tarn nteleltin, 

3d. Accidentally venial, by want ef attention, S'lluj). 
VENOM. See Poison. 
VENTILATE, /•. t. les-gaam. 
VERANDA, /(. Kolchtisten. 
VERBOSE, (1. Ngoeezin. 
VERGE, n See Brink. 
VERMILLION, «. 1st. luzemen. 

2(1. To paint one's face with vermillion. Chines giiemsi. 
3d. To paint with vermillion, in general, Chines-gucmi. 
VERMIN, /(. Kottagoe. See Louse., 

(>o, Tii^uloin 111 
list oach otluT, 

vci', Coiiceiil, 
1, Ciirttiin. 

jfol'li'iteiu ; ami 






Very clever, 

'■r '.If 

VERSATILK, a. Itiat. 

VERY, a. Ist. true, Ondgu. 

2d. Also, Nfegu. 

3d. The sumo one, the very one, 2:ii8h6i. 

VERY, adv. IhI. really, I. It is very cold, I-zalt. 
I-pagpagt. Very bad, I-t6ie. , , 

2d. Much, Kutunt. . 

VESICATK, 15. ^ Ist. To raise blisters. See Blister. 

2d. To apply a blister, los-shjnim, . it ' 

VKSSEL, n. Ist. In general, Nes'chtnten. See Es'chen. 

2d. For boat, ship, Tlifce. . . > 

3d. All vessels have a particular name. ; > 

VEST, n. Skukrhmchmpugan {lit. What is on both extremities un- 
der the arms). 

VESTIGE, /I. 1st. Of persons, animals, Sgiiiten. 

2d, Prints left in any manner in regard to the one that loft the 
prints, Es-kolzuti. In regard to the place where the vestiges 
I'omain, Es-zupieut. See Zuu. 

VEX. See Trouble, Tease. . , • . 

VEXATIOCS, a. Mem^el. 

VIATICUM, 71. 1st. Provisions for a journey, St^chel. , , 

2d. Holy viatienn', St^chel, Snkaezin. 

VICAR, n. Ntka •ihelponzuton. See Substitute, Antecessor. 1 am 
the vicar of Jesus Christ, " Ko-ntkalshelpenzutis t-Jesu Kli," 
" Sgushiitcmon hi Josu Kli," " I-sgushiit tu Josu Kli." 

VICE. See Fault. , , 

VICE, n. carpenter's tool, Zanemen. 

VICIOUS, a. 1st. T6ie, Koaukot. 

2d. Vicious horNc, UAkaukt. 

VICTIM, n. 1st. In general, Nueimen. See Sacrifice. 

2d. Victim for my sins, Nguz'shomistcn lii I iskuilteie, Nkolisusten 
hi I iskuilt^ie. 

VICTUALS, «. Siilfen. See Provision. 

VIE, V. i. Chines-chgoznuegui. 

VIEW, V. t. los-azgam, Ics-k(){;nnuMn. 

VKilL, n. 1st. Sleeplesness, Sguds. 

2(1. Eve, S'chlee. 

VILE, a. Koiikoint, Tcie, Chochet. 

VILIFY, V. t. Ics-tmalKem. 

426 VIS 

VILLAGE. SooTown. 

VINCIBLE, a. Lkotutem. 

VINDICTI E, a.. EichHt6inon. 

V^INE, n. Ist. What climbs around, Chilialko. 

2d. Vines of potatoes, tomatoes, 8 dps. 

VINEGAK, n. I-nz6lku, I-nzelz6lku. 

VIOLATE, V. t. les-kolgotl'lem, lesMjhoinzutera, les-nakom, les- 

VIOLENCE, «. Ist. 1 offer violence to, Chines-lfechi, les-lkhem. 

2d. I urge him, press him by deeds, les-siechstem, les-pizehstem. 
3d I urge him by words, les-sizinem, les-piz'zinem. 
4th. I do violence to myself, constraining myself from impatience, 

or other sin, Chines-iommenzuti, les-iommim fu i-spu6s, les- 

-geenim iu i-spuds. 
.5th. I do violence to myself, foi'cing myself to do something, 

Chines-felisti, Chines-siichstemisti, Chines-ioioszuti, Chines- 

6th. To outrage, violate. See Outrage. 
VIOLENT, a. Ist. Inclined lo offer violence, Lchlichet. 
2d. Vehement, Pizpizt. See Sharp. 
3d. In actions, Pizchstutem. 
4th. Effected by violence, Lchlichet. 
VIOLIN. See Fiddle. 
VIRAGO, n. Smisme^m. 
VIRGIN, n. Stiicbmish, Skom6lt. 
VIRGIN, a. I-8ish, I-chmish, I-guku. 

VIRTUE, n. 1st. The being virtuous, Siopieut, Sgest, Stog. 
2d. The excellence, power of doing good, Niopieuten. 

[Each of the few virtues known to Indians has a name, but 
virtue in abstract, as a habit inclining to good, seems not 
likel}'^ to be found in their language.] 

VIRTUOUS, a. Iopi6ut, I-tog, I-gest. 

VISIBLE, a. 1st. That can be seen, Uchchutem. 

2d. Open to view, Laakot, Uinuingu. 

VISIONARY, a. Es-k^isi. 

VISIT, V. t. 1st. To go and sec, les-chguieni. 

2d. To visit people at large, Chines-chguimskeligu. 

3d. To visit for respect, as a chief, etc., les-kolskeliguni, kolskeli- 

les-nakoin, les- 

•h'l, Ie8-l6oheiu, 



■om impatience, 

in i-8pu68, les- 

(lo something, 
oszuti, Chines- 


t, Stog. 

a8 a name, but 
t)d, seems not 

i^um, koLskeli- 


VOL 427 

4th. To inspect, les-azgam, Chines-kuisAzgam. 
VISITANT, visitor, n. Jst. A friendly visitor, S'chgiii. I have a 

visitor, " Chin-ep s'chgdi." See Arrival. 
2d. An official inspector, Sguazgam. 
VITAL, a. Ist. Contributing to life, Ngulguilten. 
2d. Capable of living, Gul'liitem. See Guil. / -"," , 

3d. Very important, Kutfint. ' 

VITIATE, V. t. les-kolgoel'lem. 
VITRIOL, blue stone, n. I-koin. 
VITUPERATE, i'. t. les-temlbmlsem, les-cheszinem, les-chiiiko- 

VOCIFRRATE, v. i. Chines-iitulshi, Chines-iitlagzini. 
V01(!E, n. Ist. An audible sound spoken by the tongue, Sp6uzin 

("used only by Spokans and lower Pen d'Oreilles); Spelimen- 

2d. Power of speech, Nkolkufelten. 
3d. The voice of God, Nkolkoeltis Kolinzuten. 
4th. What has been spoken by God, Szkolkofelts Kolinzuten. 
Sth. The speaking of God, Skoikofelts Kolinzuten. 
6th. Hoarse-voiced, Chines-nsekumi, Chin-ns^ko, Chinos-chsakual- 

7th. Soprano voice, Chin-nlkakak6ine. 
8th. Tenor voice, Chin-chiualkolt. 
9th. Basso voice, Chin-ni61kan. 
V^OID, a. Ist. empty, I-no6l. 
2d. Vacant. See Vacant. 
3d. Destitute, Chines-iapzini. 
4th. Having no legal validitj-, I-tenomus. 
VOLUBILITY, n. Stlagt. 

VOLUBLE, a. Tlagt. See Changeable, Pickle. 
VOLUME, n. 1st. Of books, Kaimin. 
2d. Bulk, Skutunt. 
VOLUNTARY, a. Ist. As iigreeable to our inclination, liking, 

(;omplaccncy, Spuus. It is voluntary, agreeable to mo, of my 

own liking, I-apuus. Its opposite is Tarn i-spuus, I-szchem 

{i.e. It is not my heart, I hate it). 
2d. As premeditated, deliberated upon, designed, Szchzogo. It is 

of my will, purposely, not inadvertcMtiy or by surprise, 

I-8Zchz6go. Its opposite is Tarn i-szchz6go, I-selluj) (i.e. It 

428 VVAl 

JH not of my will, it is a blunder, inadvertence. 
3d. Ah willed, determined, out of choice, Szntels. It is my mind, 

choice, I-8znt61s. Its opposite is Tarn i-wzntels, Chines-ii'mmi. 
4th. Subject to our will, Szchshitpile. 
5th, Endowed with tho power of the will, Rp sKnt61s, Rpt nkulpa- 

gaminten (lit. He has a will, he has judgment). 
VOMIT, V. i. 1st. Chines-noz'zkaezini. See Ozke. ^ 

2d. To feel nausea prior to vomiting, CJhin-chchfel'lis. See Chcl. 
3d. Vomit blood, Chines-nlgomti. 
VOMIT, r. t. les-noz'zUaezinom, noz'zkaozlnemon {lit. I feci it 

coming out of my mouth). 
VOTE, V. t. les-^um. 
VOYAGE, ('. /. by water, Chines-laapmi. See Stream. 



WADE, v. i. In the water, Chines-niekomi, Chines-ngust^tikui. 

WADE, V. t. a stream, through, Chines-niekomi, Chin-ehieko. 

WAFT, V. t. les-pelim. 

WAFT, r. /. Chincs-pelpmi. See Float. 

WAG (the tail), v. t. Chines-chielpsi. 

WAGEK, n. 1st. A stake, Gezgez. 

2d. That on which bets are made, Chgazgazminten. 

WAGER, V. i. Chines-gazgazmi. 

WAGER, V. t. To bet, les-tkom. See Bet. 

WAGON, n. Golko, Go]g6lko. 

WAIL (over the dead), r. t. Ies-cl)Z()6tem. 

WAIL, V. i. Chines-zo6ti, Chines-zelzalkfepi. 

WAIST, n. Shcmeus. 

WAIT, V. i. Ist. To stay in expectation, Chines-nemteusi. 

2d. To stop, Chines-tlpmi. 

3d. To rest in patience, Chines-nianlsi. 

4th. Xot to depart, I-chines-lzii. 

5th. To wait, imptr. Knene, Xe kuene. 

It is my mind, 
H, ChineH-i6mmi. 

jls, Epf nkut]>a- 

ifi. Sco Chel, 

n (//f. I feci it 




W.,\N 429 

6th. To wait at homo, ChinoH-nomlelgui. 

7th. To wait upon, los-chemt^pem, ohemtopcn. 

8th. To go to pay a visit, IeH-chg(jicm, Ics-koisktiigum. ' ' 

9th. To hvy in wait, in ambush, IcH-chgalem, les-tncmt^usom. 

10th. To expect, IoN-tnemt6uHom, loH-ehtlutluuHcm. 

WAITEFl, n. tst. On general business, S'ehemtl-p, /)/. S'chaiutfep. 

2d. VVaitoi' at the table serving drinks, Sgunmulem. 

3d. Serving dihhes, Sguselim. * 

WAIVFi), V. t. To give up, Ie8-h6iem, Ics-gofclem. 

WAKE, V. L 1st. Not to sleep, to watch, Chines-guusi. 

2d. To wake for a dead, Chines-chitmi. 

3d. To be aroused from sleep, (-liines-k6iHi. 

4th. To rise from bed or from a dormant ])osition, C'hin-gutilsh. 

WAKE, V. t. Ist. To rouse from sleep, indolence, les-keittem. 

2d. To rise from a dormant position, also from the grave, les-gu- 

3d. To I'eturn to life, Iele8-telcsk{digum, leles-gulguiltem. 
4th. Wake the dead, or sick one, les-chitim. 
5th. To disturb a fellow's sleep with noise, les-chilgusgushfenem. 

See Guus. 
WAKEFUL, vigilant, a. Gusgust. 
WALK, V. i. 1st. Chines-gusteluisi. 
2d. To behave. See Behave. 
3d. To walk in, Chines-n^l^gui. 
4th. To walk after, Chincs-chshinmi. 
5th. To v-alk alter the flesh, les-dishinim hi i-sk6ltich. 
6th. Inasmuch as one tramples on the ground, places his feet on, 

7th. To walk on the water, Chines-chiigustttikui, Chines-chitkalu- 

WALK, n. 1st. The act of walking, Sgusteluis. 
2d. The place in which one walks, Sngusteluisten. 
3d. The manner of walking, Gusteluisten. 

4th. Conduct, behavior, as the Biblical way, walk, Shushufel, Zuut. 
WALKING-STICK, n. Nzkuechsten. 
WALLOW, V. L Chines-golkonziiti. 
WAN. See Pallid. 
WANDER, V. i. Ist. Chines-gusteluisi. 
2d. To go astray, Chincs-ostoluisi. 




480 VVAK 

3(1. To be (lelii'ioiic^, ChinuH-kokoeulHhi, I-tonoindH chin-kolko^lt, 

Ta iH-misziiti. 
WANE, r. i. Ist. To diminish, Chinos-topmi. 8ce DiminiHh. » 

2d. Wane of the moon, Es-a^mti. 
WANT, V. t. Ist. To be destitute of, to be without, les-iapzineni, 

Ta i6pt, or Chin-chstem — (from Tarn). I want ehihlren, I am 

without children, " Ta ifep sgusigult,'" " (Jhin-uhstomdit." 
2d. To bo in need of, to retjuire, (^hikaepV — , the subjunctive of <;;>, 

or Chincs-iapzini. In winter we want wood ; man wants 

clothes, " L sistche kaka6pt luku j lu sk^ligu kaept gazniini- 

ten," or " Kaes-iapzini t luku ; lu skfcligu es-iapzini t M gaz- 

3d. To feel need of, to suffer for having it, les-ehiapzinem. 
4th. To fail short, fail. See Fail, Short. 
5th. I wish to have, to do, rendered by the simple subjunctive, 

either of the verb or ot the noun. 1 want to confess, " (!hiks- 

-nmipemisti." I do not want to eonfess, " Ta iks-nmipemisti." 

I want a knife, '' T-ikt-ninchemon." I want tobacco, " T-iks- 

N.B. — The t prefixed in these phrases indicates .so/zif. I want 

her for my wife, " Ikt-n6gonog." Here there is no t prefixed, 

the person being definite. 
6th. They do not want us, have no use of us, Tam tu kaes-te6iils. 

See Use. 
7th. What do you want? Kues-chstem '/ I want food, Chines- 

WANT, ?'. /. 1st. To be wanting, short, insufficient, Kultuin. 
2d. To be absent, I-chin-cho. His brother was wanting, " I-cho hi 

WAR, «. 1st. State of op]:osition enmity, Sont'seus, Samisti'us. 
2d. The fighting with arms, Spelstufegu, Npelstu^guten. 
3d. The quarreling with hands, Stiakot. 
4th. To be at war, ( ■hin-ept shcnien, Chines-pelstuegui, Chines-tia- 

ith. To be at war with that one, In-shem^n, I-saaime, In-cutiis, 

T-sn k utpestu^gum . 
«kb. To go to war (Indian style, stealing horses\ (Miines-geilshi. 
WAR, v i. 1st. To be in opposition, C'hincs-eutusi. 
2(1. To contend, Chines-tiiikoti. 

I dan 
2d. T 
8d. T 

8 chin-kolko^lt, 

DiminiHh. , 

t, ]i>s-iapzineni, 
it children, I am 
ibjunctivo oi' ep, 
od ; man wnntn 
kai-pf gaznum- 
iupzini t M gaz- 


pie subjunctive, 
onfess, " Ohiks- 
obacco, " T-iks- 

te8 .some. I wan t 
is no t prefixed, 

tu kaes-tettils. 

t food, ChineH- 

iting, " I-cho hi 


i^ui, ChineM-tia- 

limc, In-cutu.s, 


WAR 481 

3d. To kill one another, Kaes-pelHtu6gui. 

WAR-DANCE, n. Siaii. 

I danco the war-dance, Chines-ibli. 

WARD, V. t. let. To keep in Hafety, les-chitini, Ie»-chHhitim. 

2d. To defend, len-kutkfeigum. ' * 

8d. To repel, Ica-kupem. 

WARBIIOUSP:, n. Snstakelszdton. 

WAR- FRIEND, n. Sz6koi (friend made by doing together a great 

feat in war). 
WARFARE, n. Spelstuegu, Npelstu^guten. 
WARLIKE, a. Tikottmen. 
WARM, a. Ist. Pleasantly warm, I-kofez. 
2d. A little warmer than pleasant, I-zish. 
3d. Very warm, l-tldka. 

N.B. — Others say that I-kofez means naturally warm ; I-zish, 

by the sun ; I-tlaka, by the fire. Yet the usage contradicts 

this theor}' ; it may be traced to the practice of different 

4th. Warm water, pleasantly, I-nkoez, Nkoezfetiku. 
5th. Water little warm, I-nzish, Nzishku. 
6th. Water very warm, I-ntldlka. 

7th. Water warm to the boiling point, warm springs, Naiaiku. 
8th. There is scalding warm water, NJamakaku, See Lemkanii. 
9th. A person comfftrtably warm, not cold, I-chin-ko6z. 
10th. A person warm, by the sun or fire, moderately, 1-chin-zish. 
11th. Very warm, I-chin-tlaka. 
12th. Warm room, I-nkofez, I-nzish, I-ntlaka. See Heat. Note. — All 

these words can be used figuratively. 
WARM, ('. t. Ist. Pleasantly, les-koezm. 
2d. Little more, les-zishem. 
3d. Very much, les-tlaikam. 
4th. To warm water, I'oom, les-nkoezem, les-nzishem, les-ntlii- 

WARM, c. L 1st. I warm up to a pleasant warmth, Chines-ko6zti. 
2d. A little more, Chines-zishemi, Chin-ziish. 
3d. Very warm, Chinos-tlakami, Chin-tlaaka. 
4th. The sun is warming up, Es-kuknlenii (it i« shining), Ks-ko6zti, 

Es-zishemi, Es-tlakami. 
WARMTH, /(. Skoez, Szish, Stlaka, Skukulil (of the sun shining). 




48? WAT 

WARMING PAN, n. Kofezomon, Zitihcmon, Tldkamon. 
WARN, »'. t. IoH-z6nom, les-tzuiuMn, IcH-ktUkuii/inom. 
WARFIIOK, n. IhI. Holdior, S^upolHtu6gu, Sguilonntgu, Hgutapen- 

ut'gii, S6ltiH. 
2(1. Indian -.vurrior, on Htouling liorHow, SgugoilHli, Geilsli^nion. 
WAR SONG, n. Sidli. This seems more used for tho song than 

for tho <liu)ce which ac;compunies the song. M>ti;i'.l / 

WAR- WHOOP, n. S'chil^mi. I whoop to excite the boys to fight, 

WASH, y. ^ 1st. les-zeuni. • s ^ n :-..(>. i iWi I'lA// 

2d. To diish water against, 1 08-!dkom. ,...„...,. i.r ^«:!I^:;'// 
3d. To wash clothes, Ies-ntk6tikiim. See Tak, Tkein, To place in 

water. , „,,,., „ , . , 

4th. To wash away the banks, los-nknigfiieni. t > n^. •. . . / 
WASH, y. i. Chines-ztui, Chine8-ntk6tikui. ,, ,,;, _ ; / 
WASP,n. Sko6h , :.,Y .,1 • ..'.., ■ ^ • - '-.I 
WASTE, V. t. 1st. To ruin, devastate, les-koUgodriem. 
2d. To wear away by degrees, lesamnCinem. ,,,, . 

3d. To use up, wear out, Ics-teinualsliem. ,, ., ,,.// 

4th. To consume by drinkihg, Ies-nzopn{inom. ..7/ ,1. 

5th. To eat away, les-uizinom. , /' 

6th. To spread carolossly, to use prodigally, abuse, les-melmfech- 

7th. To spend fooliahl;', l-ltcnemiis u ios-guizshem. 
WASTE, V. L Ist. Chinosaunui, Chines-zspmi, (/hines-topmi. See 

Diminish, Consume, Dwindle. ,,,..; , . / i.i 

2d. To get lean, Chines-Hipmi. , ,v ? ■ ! • • : i. .1 

3d. fo get spoiled, Es-koUgot'l'li. 

WATCH, V. i. 1st. To be awake, Chines-k^ih, (Jhin-guus, 
2d. To be vigilant, Chines-gunsemisti, Chin-gusgust. , j ^ 

3d. To be attentive, Chines-cliiitemi. See Chiit. ; 

4th. To be on the look out, Chines-chiiteraisti. 
5th. To act as sentinel, Chines-chiitemi (inasmuch as he guards). 
6th. To be on tho watch lor enemies, Chine8-chgal6mi. See Gel. 
7th. To seek an opportunity, Chine8-tnomt6usi. 
8th. To watch on a sick person, Chines-chiitemi. 
WATCH, c. t. 1st. To heed, les-chitim, ies-chit^neom, chilenemen. 
2il. To observe tho actions or motions of, for any purpose, les az- 

gam, les-tazgam. 



iii^gu, Sgutupeii-- 


r the Hoiig than 

he boys to fight, 

;. . . .■I5N''IU.A^'' 
:cin, To place in 

■■'''- •,./,, 

le, les-melm^ch- 

, > ' >:' i , r ;• ' 

iries-topmi. See 

n-giiu8. ], , . 
t. 1 

18 he guards), 
emi. See Gel. 

3m, chitenemen. 
purpose, les az- 

W^T 488 

.'M. To watch an enemy, leH-chgal6m. 

4th. To guard, leH-ehitiu), leH-chHhitim. 

Ath. To wateh other people'H huHineHH, 1(«N-Uulpagem, leri-chit(()- 

WAT(!II, H. l«t. The act of wat<hiiig, S'chiit, Suzga, Hgu(i«. 
2d. One who watches, Sguchitlm, SguA/.gam, Sguchgaldm. 
8d. One who wutclieN (Ml him, Chitenzdton, Azganzikten, ('hgale- 

4th. Tiinepio(!e, S|i'|mkatii. 

WATCirFUL,<J. iHt. vigilant, (liisgust. , », 

2d. (Jpon oncHolf, ('hineH-chiitenilHti. ;,» ,i.v: 

VVATtniMAN, n. Sguchitim, Sguchgalfem. > ;■*•■• 

WATER, «. Ist. Siuiku; in conip., — etiku, — ku. :'.' ' ' ' fi 

2d. (/Umr water, 1-ngal. . - ■ 

;{d. Pure water, I-nsinh, Nsinhku. 

4th. Troubled water, l-ntiku, I-nnuil, Nmilku, ' ' *- f f- 

oth. Dead water, calm, I-koiku. • . •- 

Hth. Running water, Es-nioopttiku. ' * 

7th. Rapid water, Stlag^tiku. ' . r ^ i- i ji< 

Hth. (-old water, Nzlatiku. •! 

J>th. Tepid water, I-nmulkn. « ■ ., , j 

10th. Warm water. See Warm. ' . ' > tf i ' 

11th. White colored water, I-npikaku. . ■• i ■. > 

12th. Re»l water, l-nkuilku. • •' I : /' ' 

13th. To arrive at the water, to utrike water, Chinew-Alkoi. 
14th To look tor water, ('hines-chH^uilkui. 

loth. To have water, Chin-seulkiitem. ' *' '■" 

16th. To draw water out of the river, keg, etc., Chines-kuimuli. 
17th. To pour water in, Chines-nmuli. ■ i 

18th. To spill water, les-sigutn. ' ■ "■ 

19th. To throw water, Hplashing, les-likom. 
20th. To fall in the water, Chines-ntip6tikui. See Fall. 
2l8t. To travel by water, ('hines-laapmi. 
22d. To put in the water, les-ntkottikuin ; of clothes, les-ntketi- 

23(1. High water, Nkot^st. 
24th. Low water, Nganiip, E+ siiu. 
25th. To dip, soak in water, les-nku^lem. 
26th. To dip the finger in water, Chines-nlochistt^tikui. 


484 WAV 

27tli. Holy water, (rest stulku, Npoteten seulku, S^ulku es-clicliail- 

28th. To |)ut coffee, rice, powders, etc., in the water, Chines-npkoe- 

29th. To add more water, IeH-ntgii6tikiini. 
30th. To go under water, Chines-nobsi. 
3l8t. To sink in, ("hines-nkaetikui. 
32d. To walk in the water, Chines-ngustetikui. 
33d. To walk on the water, Chines-chiJgiistfetikui. 
34th. To come f»ut of the water, Clnn-teeko. 
35th. To come to the surface, Chin-chiHeeko. 
36th. To come out across the water, Chin-nicko. 
WATER, V. t. 1st. To irrigate. See Irrigate. 
2d. To water animals, Chines-tamskagaei, Fes-ukum ch seulku. Sec 

WAVE, n. Ist. Spalt, Szpalt. See Pel. 
2d. The waves are floating, Es-palti. 

3d. The waves are floating all over, covering, fils-chUpalne. 
4th. The waves are splashing into, Nila.kaku. 
5th. The waves are splashing on the boat, etc., Es-lakoms lu tliee. 
6th. White, frothy waves, ChU^pak, ;>?. Chiipkapak. 
WAVE, V. i. Ist.Bs-palti. 

2d. To he moving to and fro, unsettled, Es-uci'li, Es-itiat'ti. 
WAVE, r. t. 1st. The hand, to send away, Chines-takaselchsti, Ie»- 

2d. To wave the hand, to call attention, Chines-taksi. 
WAVER, V. i. 1st. To move one way and the other way, to be 

tossed, as a boat in a storm, Chines-uel'li. 
2d. To move to and fro, as a flag, leaves, unsettled, (Jhines-iat'ti. 

Both are used metaphorically. 
WAY, n. 1st. A moving, passing, transit, Guitem, Sgui. 
2d. The place by which one passes, Xguiten, Snguiten, Xguihiis- 

31. Road or path, Shushuel. 
4th. The course or direcii(,n of motion, Chguiten. Your way will 

bring you to hell, " Sgoelemen lu an-chguiteii." 
5th. My way of thinking, hu in-zuut61a. See Zuu. 
6th. My way of speaking, -Lu iti-zuuz'ui. 
7th. My way of acting, Lu in-/uut6chst. 

, Chities-npkoe- 

ch H^ulku. See 

akom8 ill tliee. 

8-itiat ti. 

ikaselchsti, Ics- 


or wiiy, to be 

, (JhineH-iat'ti. 


liteii, Xiiuiliiis- ' 

Voui- way will 


WKA 435 

Sth. My wa}-, practice, manner, the Biblical way of the just, the 
way of the sinner, in-zuftt, In-Hhushu^l, Jn-ageilten, l-nk6le- 
men. ! 

9th. The wa}' f am treated, In-chzutechst. ■ > 

10th. The way I am spoken to, In-chzuuzin. ' 

llth.'The way I am thought of, In-chzuut6l8. 

12th. This is the way 1 think of him, Lsh^i u ies-chziuitfelsem. ; 

13th. This is the way I speak of him, Lsh^i u ies-chzuuzinem. 

14th This is the way I treat him, Lshei u ies-chzuutechstem. 

l.ith. This is the way ; walk in it, Shei \n aki shushu6l ; nshii- 

I6th. I act in this way, Lshei u (ihin-ageilem. 

17th. I speak in this way, Lshei u chines-egukiini. 

18th. r think in this way, Lshei u chines-nagaleisi. ' 

19th. Let him have his own way, Lzii ue t-ks-spuus. 

20th. You must not always have your own way, Ta kaes-chshistegu 
in a-spuu8. 

2lst. This way, hither, le-chchee. 

22d. That way, tliither, Zi-chchzi. 

23d. To go out ot the waj', to remove aside, Chines-tlekui. 

24th. To go out of the way, to lose one's way, Chines-nisisakai, 

25th. To go out of the way, to transgress, Chines-nguzaksi. 

26th. To walk in the way, Chines-nshiistaksi. See Shiust. 

27th. To be in the liiniily way, ('hines-iumi. 

28th. Way down, Lu ilii, Lu chlu. 

WAYLAY, V. t. les-tnemtfeusem. 

WAY WISE, Chines-nmiaksi. 

WE, jrron. pcrs. Kaempilc. See the conjugations. 

WEAK, a. 1st. In general, Lt^tiim. 

2(1. From sickness, Icliin-zug. See Zgupmi. 

WEALTH, «. 1st. The being wealthy, Skoiulegu. 

2d. The materials of wealth, Koiuleguten. See Koei, Koiuiegu. 

WEALTHY, («. Koiuiegu. 

WEAN, V. t. 1st. A bill y, Ies-h(iiHem lu skaem. 

2d. To wean oneself from , leskulmaum lu i-spuus tel , 

les-kultalim lu i-spius tcl , Ics-chmauni hi i-spuus tel 

WEAPON, «. 1st. Skiiciol, Skuenelst, Ngazelsteii. 

2d. Plenty weapons, (TOi'^oeinoh, (loeincli. 

Si St 


486 WEA 

WEAR, V. t. Ist. To have on any kind of clothes, len-lgupini, or 
, Chines-nligup t — . He does not wear his shirt, " Tas Igiipen- 

t68 iu snazlkfeit." He has no shirt on, he wears no shirt, "Tas 

nJigup t-snazlk6it." 
2d. 1 wear that, I have it on, I use that garment, res-nlgupminetn, 

ntgupininemen. ■;' „ 

3d. But all the diiferent articles of dress have a name of their own, 

v.g. I wear a hat, " Chines-koazkan." I wear u necktie, 

" Chines-kaleps.'* 
4th. To use up, lo consume by wearing, les-lemualsheni, les-kol- 

5th. To consume, les-amn&nem. See Aam. 
WP]AR, V. i. Ist. To last under employment, Kasip. This shirt 

will wear long, *' Nem kasip ak-szniiJk^iten." 
2d. To be wasted, diminished, Es-aamti, Es-zspmi. 
WEARY, a. Ist. Worn out in strength, by fatigue, Chin-aigot. 

2d. The fatiguing, Aigotutem. 

WEARY, V. t. Ist. oneself, Chines-aigoti, Chines-aigot'szuti. 
2d. Weary another, les-Aigotem, aigot'sten. 
WEASEL, n. Lpapkalze. Note. — In summer it isSichim, on account 

of changing color. 
WEATHRR, n. It is only found in composition. 1st. What kind 

of weather is it ? Bs-chischinaskat ? or, C'hiiniig ? 
2d. [t is good weather, bad weather, (Jesaskat or Gesnug, Chesas- 

kat or (^hesnug. 
3d. Sunny weather, Kulkulnug, Kaekul'lnug. 
4th. Cold weather, Zaltemnug. 
5th. Warm weather, Tlakanug. 
6th. Cool weather, breeze blowing, Gapriug. 
7th. Dark with rainy clouds, Chempnug. 
8th. Cloudy, covered, C'hilkolkoaskat, J-cht6kuskat. 
9th. It clears, Epi gakagkagt. See Gak, Time. We have bad 

weather, cold weather, " Kae-ehesaskat, kae-zaltmniig," and 

so of the others. 
WEATHEU-COCni, ti. 1st. Chmiitis lu sneut. Skuiskus. 
2d. It turns, Es-pelpelchemonzuti. 
3d. It turns to the north, Ch zalt u tntagolus. 
4tli. It turns to the west, Ch dilgutin u tntagolus. 

les-lgupim, or 
, " Tas tgnpen- 
» no ehirt, "Tas 


le of their own, 
ear a necUtic, 

Isheni, loH-kol- 

ip. This shirt 

le, Chin-aigot. 

loot's/, uli. 

him, oil acoouii( 

St. What Uiml 


t'siiiig-, Chesas- 

W'o have ha<i 
ttltninug," uihI 




5th. To the east, Ch xtlechtin ii tntagolus. 'i^' • •■ " 

6th. To the south, Ch skokoeez u tntagolfas. - • 

WEATHBK-WISE, «. I am weather-wise, Chiri-miaskat. , 

WEAVE, V. t. les-ohkazizei (see Kazim), Chines-ifei. ' ' ' 

WEB-FOOTED, «. Oloishin. See Oil. .. • 

WEDGE, «. Nzkfeusteii, S6g«nnen, Kaminteii. '' , • 

WEDGE, c. t. Ist. To force in, les-nkacm. ' r^^ j ' 

2d, To split, les-nskeusem. - 'v ; , .:s 

WEDNESDAY, n. Tikulclialiskat. "r .■ 

WEEDS, «. Nchestnk^in. 

WEED, V. t. let. By pulling, les-ntkeusem, Chines-ntkaolegui. 

2d. By hoeing, Chines-shclulegui. 

WEEK, »i. Spelchaskat. One week, Nko s'ehazeus (that is, one 

W^BEP, y. (. Chineszkodkoi. See Zkunu 
WEEPING, H. Szkoako. 
WEIGH, V. t. 1st. To raise, les-kulgoeem. 
2d. To examine by the balance, les-suguniem. 
3d. To weigh down, les-ketem, les-ehilgamni^nem. This means 

to be heavy on ; the other means to overbalance. 
4th, It weighs much, Gemt. It weighs two pounds, '■ Esel sugu- 

m6ten," and the verb " weigh " is omitted. 
5th. To weigh in the mind, ponder, les-kulpagem. 
WEIGH, V. L Ist. To be heavy, to have a weight, Gemt. You do 

not weigh, " Tarn ku-gemt." 
2d. To be considered as important, P]»-nkutenAksem, Kutunt. 
3d. T() press hard upon, les-chilgamm^nem, chiigammeneen. It 

weighs hard upon me, " Ko-cMlgammtneis." I find it heavy 

upon me, " Chitgammenemcii." 
4th. To press hard, not on top, les-pizem. See Press. 
WEIGHT, «. 1st. Sgcmt. 

2d. The weights of metal for weighing, K^temen. 
WEKtIIT, r. t. To load down, heavy, leM-chilgammeneem. 
WEIGHTY, (/. Ist. Gemt. 
2(1. Important, Kutunt, 

WELCOME, V. f. Gest ies-t/Jzgans, (Jest ies-tkiinem, 
WELD, ('. t. les-nuliisem, 
WELFARE, /(. 1st. The being well, I-diin-ges. 


^38 WHE • 

2d. What (tauHCH well-bein^, Ngentin. For my welfare, " Ikt-ngos- 
tin." i ■ 

VVRLL, ». SIgoseulkn. See iiog. 

WELL, (X. Ist. In gootj health, I-ciiin-ges (J am well). ^ • 

2d. Good, Crest. It is well for us to see friends, " Gest u kaes- 
-iiichem hi kae-sellagalslgt." , , 

WELL, (»//»,'. 1st. In a good way, Gest. 

2d. iVbundantly, adequately, P6tn-sli6i. 

M. (Considerably, in a very advanced, tiir gone con<lition, G6iL 
He is pretty well abused, " Geil choinzuteinentem." 

4tli. Well, as expletive, Shei. Well, let us go, " Sh6i ko-elgiii." 

5th. Very well, Sh6i. 

WEST, «. Snch+gutin. See Chelug. 

WET, «. 1st. I-nas. ' 

2d. Of blood, l-chtlum. 

3d. Of deM% ete., Ghhemip. See Hemip. 

WET, (\ t. Ist. To make wet, les-i iisem. 

2d. See Sprir.kle, Soak. Moisten. 

WET-NURSE, n. Nkakaemtin, Nkaemiin. See Kaeni. 

WHAT. 1st. ]>ron. inter r. Stem ? 

2d. What art tbou after ? Kues-chstem ? 

;{d. What do I say ? Chin-ezint ? 

4th. What do I ? Chin-ez'sVhen 'i 

Ath. What is that? What kind of thing is it? Stem ? 

(Uh. What is that? What happens ? Ez'sVhtn ? 

[The same are all used in answer to a question What is it ? 
"Stem?" Nothing, " Ta stem." What do you say, " Ku 
ezint ?" I said nothing, " Ta iezint."] 

7th. As an exclamation, Ma \u ! Lu ! What a man ! " Ma +u skal- 
temigu!" What a fool! "Ma hi spsai(> !" VV'hat i. talent, 
what a talented man he is ! " Lu sj)agpaot !" (N. H. — The 
adjective in this phrase is maile substantive.) Oh what good, 
sweet heart has Jesus Christ ! " [oh hi sgests, In stishz hi 
spuusz Jesu Kli !" [lit. Oh, the sweetness, the goodness ot his 
heart !) 

Hth. That which, Lu. I know what you say, " Ks -niilzin hi as-kol- 

WHATEVER, t,ron. Esia hi. 

WHEAT, n. 1st. Spk6in. 



ire, " Ikl--ngeH- 

' Geat u Uao8- 

DViiUtion, ixiiW. 


fei ko-eVs^iii." 


)n What if* it I'' 
•oil say, " Kii 

" Ma \\\ skal- 

VVliat !. talent, 

{i<i. B. -The 

Oh what gtxxi, 

I, hi Htishz Hi 

joodiu'ss ot Ills 

ulziii III llN-Uol- 



2d. Seven-headed wheat, Splchaiakan spkfein. i 

3d. Fall wheat, S'chaiAlkan. .; ' ' ^ 

WHEEL, n. Ist. Gblko. 
2d. To play at wheels, Chine8-golk61ef;iii. 
3d. Playing wheel, Chgolk6legiiten. 

WHEEL, V. t. Ist. To make revolve, Ie8-g6lkom. • r-^. i 

2d. To carry on wheels, les-ukum 1 g6lko. 
WHEEL, V. i. Ist. To revolve on its axis, Chines-golkoi. 
2d. To turn to another direction, Chines-ntagoldSi. 
WHELP, n. Stitichime. 

WHEN ? adv. inten: Ist. past. Pistfem ? Sho spistim '/ 
2d./M^ Ne pist^ni ? 

3d. When (not interrogative), p(ii<t. hu, <Lu Ish^i u. 
4th. The same, fnt. Ne hi. 
WHENCE ? 1st. interr. Tel chcn ? 

2d. Not interrogative, Lu tel chen (if in a formal or implied an- 
3d. With no moaning of interrogation, hu tel sh^i. 

WHERE? Ist. Interrogative and not of motioii, Lchen ? 
2d. If interrogative of motion, ('hech6n ? 

8d. If no interrogative meaning, Lii Ish^i (if there is no motion), 
ha ch shfei (if there is motion). 

WHEREAS, eonj. Neh. 

\VHEREBY ? 1st. interr. T'stem ? 
2d. Not interrogative, Lu t'shei. 

WHEREFORR, Ist. interr. Golst6m ? 

2d. If not interrogative at all, hn golshei, 

WHERKUPON, ',uJv. Knemt. 

WHET, r. t. les-petlesem. See Sharpen. 


WHETHER, adv. S-chmapkan. 

WHICH? 1st. mem. Chen ? Suet? 

2d. Which of the two ? Chen lu tel esel ? 

3d. Which of these two ? Chen i6 tel es^i ? 

4tli. Which of those two ? ('hen zi tel esel ? 

5tli. Not interrogative, nor in answer to anything like a question, 

<)th. The one who, those who, Lu sh^i n. 

WHILE, n. 1st. time. See Time. 



440 WHI 

2d. Worth a while, rendered by the subjunctive. 

M. Not worth a while. Tain potii shei hi {lit. It is not exactly the 

kind that ). 

4t.h. A little while, h'xahi: ; fut. Ne Hshe. 

nth. A little while ago, It'sheni'i; (if past) Gtii ne. 

tJth. After a little while, Ne i.l'shene. No Hshfe, Ne g^it ne. ^ 

7th. Wait a while, Kiiene, Ne kuend. 

WHILE, a</i). Isi. During the time, Tfeu. While he was on the 

cross thou fltoodst by him, " T6u Izi hi leseim^us, es-chlzi- 

2d. Although, under which circumstances, though, Emue. Thoti 

followedst him, while the others deserted him, " Chshintegu 

emufe goelstem \u t knit^t." 
8d. When, in the time, iju Ishei u. 
WHIP, V. t. Ist. To strike with lashes, les-lzim. 
2d. With rods, clubs, les-spim. 
3d. To drive with the whip, les-keigum. 
4th. To punish, to cut with the tongue, scolding, sarcasm, les- 

-Izim. ' 

")th. To win, beat, les tlegftpem. 
WHIE', H. Ist. Keigumen, iizminten. 
2d. Whip, that has a crack, Talaku. 

WHIRLPOOL. See Eddy. ^ 

WHIRLAVIND, n. Sgalfeku. 

WHISKY, n. Seme seulku, Nko^uten, Nkoeumisten, Uiski. 
WHISPER, V. i. (Jhines4kukui6zini, Chines-znzuilshi. 
WHISTLE, V. i. Ist. Of the wind. Suaulk. See Ufee. 
'2d. Of the Americans, Chines-chmH^skeini. 
8d. To call a woman, (Jhines-sikulzei, (/hines zikuzini. 
WHITE, a. I-pik. See Pik, Paaka, Pale. 

WHITE, n. An American, not an Indian, PlU.r'kcligu, Chpikazc. 
WHITEWASH, r. t. les-podm. 

WHITHKR? iidr. 1st. ('hechen 'f f if interrogative, even if the in- 
terrogation is only implied, or an answer to a (piestion.) 
2d. Without any interrogative sense, Lu clishei. Whither I go 

thou cannot go, " Lu chshei m-chin-gui, taks-lkontegu kuks- 

WHIT-SUNDAY, «. Sen Spagpagt Sgalgalt. 
WHITTLE, V. i. Chines-gutlemi, (^lines-cligntiiilkoi. 

not exactly the 

fb\i ne. ^ 

he was on the 
imfeus, os-chlzi- 

, Em lie. Thou 
n, " Chnhintef^u 


g, sairasm, les- 


n, Uiski. 



|ou, Chpikazo. 

even if the iii- 

Whillier I j?o 
l-lUoiitei^-u kiiUs- 


WHO 441 

WHITTLE, y. f. los-gntlim, les-chgiitl^lkom. 

WHO, pron. Ist. Interrogative, or in answer to a (juestion, either 
explicit or implied, Su6t ? Who died? " Sufet u tlil ?" (lit. 
Who is that died ?) Who art thou ? " Ku suet ?" Who might 
he be, who knows who he is ? " Goa sufet ?" For whom, to 
whom it belongs ? " Kl^-suet ?" Who made thee ? " T'su6t u 
k61enz ?" (lit. WHio is he that made thee ?) In this way Sufet 
is the Latin quis, not qui. 

2d. Who, not interrogative, before the verb to be, or any intransi- 
tive verb, is not rendered at all, but the following verb is 
made a participle, present, past or future accoi-ding to the 
case ; or (not to question about theories), is rendered by hn. 
Those who are good shall be happy, " iiU gest nem lemt," 
(lit. The good ones shall rejoice). I like those who obey, 
" In-gamench +u epl- tent^ne." Those who obey shall be re- 
warded, " Nem gikantem hi es-nsugune. " 

3d. Who, not interrogative, governing a transitive verb, m. It is 
I who killed him, " Tkoi6 u polsten." 

Note. — (a) Not to mistake the pure icho (Lat. qtii) with he 
who (Lat. ille qin). He who, is rendered by hu sh^i u, and hn 
shfei stands for he (Lat. ille), and u stands for who. (b) When 
governing a transitive verb, the t characteristic of the agent 
is prefixed to sh^i, and not to u, which remains unaltered all 
time. J know who killed my father, I know him, the one 
who killed my father, " Es-siigusten lu t-shei u polstem iu in- 
-lefeu." 1 know that Peter is he who killed my father, " Es- 
-mist^n hi t-Pi6l u polstem hi in-le6u." (e) Not to dispute 
about words one may say that our tcho, not interrogative, can- 
not be found in Indian, but it is rendered by repeating the one, 
he, with u after, which u is in reality the conjunction and. I 
know who struck me, " Es-mist6n \u t-suet u ko-spent^m," 
(Scio quis me perciis.'<it.) (</) Who, governing a transitive verb, 
is oftener rendered by making a substantive of the verb. He 
prayed for those who killed him, '* Chaushits hi t-sh6i u pol- 
stem ;" or, He prayed for his murderers, " Chaushits lu pels- 
zutis." Be merciful to those that slander you, " Nkonne- 
niint hi t'shei u kiics-chiokom," or, " Nkonnemint hi aii-chi- 

WHOEVKR, whos*>ever, /^ro«. Hsia hi shti u (lit. All those who), 

442 ' WHO 

or, hn sh6i ii ; or, if there is any implied interrogation or du- 
bitation, hu nuid u. N.B. — It' it governs a transitive verb the 
charaeti ristic t is prefixed to shei or sufet. I will \vhi]» 
whoever whips nie, " Esiu hi t'sh6i ii Uoks-spims, neni spen- 

WHOLE, (/. Ist. total, entire, Es-niilko. I lost the whole of that 
house, " Es-niilko hi in-zitgu u t!cgu])einen." • \ 

2d. All that, every one, Ksia. I lost the whole of my money, 
" Esii hi in-uliilini u tlegupomeu." 

3d. One piece, I-oil. 

4th. In good health, I-giiil. 

WHOLESOME, a. (Jest, Ngulgiiilten. Used also in a spiritual 

WHOM, pron. 1st. inferr. Suet hi Whom did you call ? " Suet 

hi as-galitem ?" It answers the Latin quern, from quis, not 
from qui. 

2d. Not interrogative, Lu. I know him wiiom you killed, " Es- 
-siigusten hi as-p61stem." But better by the participle pas- 
sive in the past, " Siigusten hi a-szpols." N.B. — In both 
these senses Lu makes a participle of both piirases. See Who. 

3d. To whom, of whom, interr. Suet lu ? If followed by a 

transitive verb, L suet u '/ Of whom do you speak '!* 

>' Suet lu as-zunem ?" To whom you gave it? "L suet u 
guizHgu ?" 

4th. To whom, of whom, not interrogative, Lu. He to whom you 
speak is the ])resident, " Ilimigum lu as-kolkoeltem." It is 
the chief, he to whom you speak, •' Ilimigum hi Ishei u kues- 
-kolkoelti." It is the president of whom yon speak, " Ilimi- 
gum hi as-chkolkoeltem,' or, " Ilimigum hi ch shei u ku kol- 
ko6lt." The former phrase is made participial j in the latter, 
tlif one to whom is expressed. 

WIIOOP, r. /. Chines-ueei. See Shout. 

WIIOHE, //. riuigune, Xzkechin, Njicnueguteii. See Uil. 

W^HOSE, y^/'o/i. 1st. intor. Sufet ? It is accompanied by the verb 
to lie or to liiiri'. Whose horse did you steal ? " Suet u ept 
gatlzin hi a-sznako ?" oi', " Suet u iiakomeltgu hi gatlziii V 
Whose son art thou ? " Ku-kaoisuet ? T'suet n ku-skussees 'f 
Ku-skussees t'suet?'* 

2d. ^^ot interrogative, He of whom, Lu shei u. See Who. Peter 


ogation or du- 

iitivc verb the 

I will whip 

m», nem spen- 

whole of that 

>f my monoy, 

ill a spiritual 

on call ? " SiUt 
from qiiis, not 

11 killed, " Es- 
participle pais- 
N.B.— In both 
18US. Sec Who. 
followed by a 
() you speak i" 
it? " h suet II 

e to whom you 

Deltem." It is 

Ishoi u kues- 

speak, " llimi- 

lei u ku kol- 

in the latter. 

ee Uil. 
b}- the verb 
" Suet u epl 
hi gatl/in T' 
ku-t*kuHsees 'f 

Who. Peter 


Wlli 443 

is whoso son died, " Pitl shei u tell61t," or " SUnssfecs Pi6l hi 

es-tlilemi," (the dead is the sou of Peter). It "is noticeable 

that this ease eaniiot be literally translated, but the phrase 

must be altered. 
WH()BVP]|{, whosoever, pron. 1st. interr. Suet ? 
2d. Not interrogative. If meaning no matter who, any one (Lai. 

«/uisi/iiis), Teo'Hiiit ; in the past, hu su^t. Whosoever went 

there, " hu su6t u gui eh shti." Whosoever goes in is killed, 

" Lu ne tee'su6t m-ii6fgu m-polstein.'' 
3d. All those that, Ksia hi sli6i (Lat. qnicumquc). 
WHY, adv. 1st. (interrogative), (iol-stem ? 
2d. (Not interrogative), im golshei. 
3d. Expletive, Sh6i. 

WICK, H. 1st. .Vs to be used, Nogomelzeten. 
2d. The aetual wiek of a candle, Snogoinelze. 
3d. To place a wick in the candle-mould, les-nogom^lzeem. 
WICKEJ), a. T6ie, Koaukot, I-koeu. 
WICKEDNESS, n. St^ie, Skoaukot. 
WIDE, a. 1st. *jakat. See Large. 
2d. Remote, Lkot. 
WIDE- A W A K E, a . (.\ lisgust . 
WIDEN, V. i. Es-tkailshi. 
WIDOW, WIDOWER, n. 1st. As long as they mourn the lost 

consort, Sluelemt. See fjufelem. 
2d. After the mourning, when they dress again stj'lishly, Nzi- 

WIDTH, n. Slakat. 
WIFE, n. Ist. N6gonog. 

2d. To take a wife, CMiincs-koUinogonogoi, Chin-tigulnogonog. 
3d. In comp., Pu. Whose wife art thou? " Ku-pu-suet ?" I am 

the wife of an American, " Chin-pu-Suiapi." See Pu. 
WIG, n. Skoliskomkaii (ht. Horrowed hair). 
WILD, </. Ill all the sense of this word, LTakaiikt. 
WILDERNESS, n. 1st. Lchocnt, Lcholegu. 
2d. Woods, Lnku^zt, Lzlzil. 
3d. In the jirairie, I-lg(!sulegu. 
WILDNESS, H. Suiikaukt. 
WILES, n. Takakhumsliteii. 
WILL, n. 1st. Spiius. Szntels, Szclizugo. See Voluntary. 


444 ' WIN 

2(J. See ToHtJimont, BtHjuontli. 

WILL, V. i. Ist. To bo plejVHod, to \k' incliiu'd to, I-sj)iiu», los- 

2(J. To (leliberato tonsidcruttdy, I-H/Al)z6;jfo, Ii'H-(liz6goni. 
3d. To cliooMo, to docido, to Imvo nuido up one's mind to, Chinos- 

WILFUL, o. Set) Obstinate, Stubborn. 
WILFULLY, iKlv. 1st. I liked to do it, I-spuus, In-gam6neii, 
2d, J did it jtnrposely, I-«z(hz6go. 

3d. I did it freely, my elioiee, I-szntfcls. See Voluntary. 
WlLLINfiLY, adv. clieert'ully, witb pleasure, Cbin-lemt. You 

work willingly, "Kues-lfemti u kues-k61i." 
WILLOW, ft. J St. Kolsalko, P^gponolp, P6g|)ogl. 
2d. To twist willowp, les-sitlum. 
3d. Willow basket, Es-sielu. 
4th. Willow creek, Np6, Np6gponelp. 
WIN, V. t. 1st. To obtain a victory over a competitor, les-tlegu- 

2d. To win a prize, les-tlegupom. 

3d. To win by kir.dness, to bring to compliance, les-tlegiipem. 
4th. To win one game, Chines-sliitfpnii. 

5th. To win a game from him, les-shitlpndnem, les-shttij nunem. 
6th. To win all, les-guikununcm. 
WIND, n. 1st. Sn6ut. 
2d. The wind blows, Es-niuti. See N6ut. 
3d. Strong wind, Es-pizalke. 
4th. The wind blows oii me, Ko-es-neum 
5th. The wind is cool, Uaa. It cools me, Ko-es-gapniinems. 
6tti. The wind falls down, I-k6i. 
7th. To break wind, Chines-puumi. 
8th. Breath, Npopeulshlen. 

WIND, ('. t. To expose to the wind, les-gupnuncm. 
WIND, V. t. 1st. To turn completely, les-silchmim. 
2d. To wind a watch, les-zanem \\\ sp'pakani. 
3d. To wind around, as to wind a top, spool, les-chialim. See lal. 
WIND, 11. i. 1st. To turn around, as a hand of a clock, C'hines-sil- 

2d. Wind around, Es-chialize. 
3d. As vines winding up a tree, Es-chilialko. 

l-s|)ii{is, los- 

d to, ChiiK's- 



iii-lonit. You 

iter, les-llejjcu- 

(htti) nunem. 


lim. See lul. 
Ick, Chines-sil- 



4th. Running crooked, as o windinj; Htroani, KM-inpiui, ii»>p. 
5th. Winding Htream, KH-ininkuiaiku. 

6th. Winding road, IninpAks. • ."w 

WINDLASS, «. Snehiiilmin. 

WINDOW, n. iHt. The hole, Ks-tog. 

2d. The sash, N»liinH6lguten. See Shinini. Henee, Shinuseni, to 

cover a hole ; and les-nHhilstlgum, I cover the hole of the 

WINDOW CURTAIN, n. Ah a screen, Niiigasten ; as it covers 

some part of the house, Ngufepslon. 
WINDOW GLASS, n. I-gal. M ' ' 

WINDY, a. Neutdlegu (place ot winds). >' 'i ' 

WINE, n. Nkuilku, Seme s^uiku. 
WING, n, S'chuagan, Skapusel. 
WINGKD, a. Kp Skapkapfjsel. The winged servants of God,"-fiU 

skulkulstelts Koiinzikten ep skapkapusel," i.e. Angels. 

WINNOW', V. f. T(» fan wheat by the wind, les-gaiiin. 

WINTER, n. 1st. Siistch. Next winter. No istch. See Istch. 

2d. Year, Spfentich, Smgop. 

3d. To be surprised by the winter, Chines-chitistohfenei. i' -i 

WINTER, V. i. Chines-istchi, (Mun-istchem. ^ s 

WIPE, r, ^ Ist. les-eepem. !• t 

2d. To wipe clean, Ies-gukupn(jnein. 

3d. To wipe away one's tears, Ghincs-nepep'senziiti {lit. I wipe my 

4th. To wipe one's nose, Chine8-no68i. i ! 

5th. To wipe a child who soils himself, les-epfepilem. 
WISDOM, n. Spagpagt, Smimiit. 

WISE, */. Pagpagt, Minnit. ,,, ..,, 

WISH, V. t. Ist. To have a desire, Chines-pusmi. 
2d. Mostly rendered b}' the optivtive, Komi ! I wish to die, " Komi 

3d. Or by the volitive verb. J wish to drink, to go, Chines-nsus- 
t6lsi, Chines-nguielsi. 

4th. See Desire. 

WISH, V. t. 1st. To have the heart on, les-pudsem ; mostly by the 

infinite. It is ni}' wish, " I-spuus." 
2d. To wish good to one, les-puushitem, les chaushitem. " • 
3d. To wish, to long for an object not possessed, les-kaguminem, 

les-gumminom, les-kamszinem. See Gum, Kag. 


4M • WIT 

WISH, n. 1st. SpiiiiK. ' '^ 

IM. Will, S/,nl^'lM. Xoto lioro tlio <liftorcii(»' oftlu- volitivo forrnH, 
Chiru'M-rii^niH'Isi iiiid ( 'liil<s-j,'6i ; tlio foniuT uwhuh tlic wisli, 
{\w s«'c<.n(l llu' will. I wiwli tr) yo Ixit I will not ^n, " (MiiiiOM- 
-iifiii'Msi, II ta iks-jrui." I Imvc no wisli to ^o, hut I will go. 
" Tn iH-nj;uitMH, u jhmi chiks-gui." 

Wrrif, imp. 1st. Dtmotinir instniincntalitv, ^ KilU'd witli ii cluh, 
" IV)lst(Mn t-l6kii." 

2<l. Dcncttintt association to , I,, L kac— I live with my Ihim- 

banil, " Chinc's-fniati 111 I i-sg<«liii." I will s]ti'ak witli you, 
" Chiks-kolkutlti I anul," or, " L kaoanui." S(h> Toj^otlier. 

H(|. Who!i (lonotinii company with a siihonliriation, distunce, wit/i 
is rtMidcrcd l»y tlic preposition eh prefixed to tlio verb. I stay 
with him, " les-chem(item." I stay with the chief, my resi- 
dence is by the side othim,'' Chemutemen hi ilimi«,nim." Who 
romains with (by> Jesu.s Ohrist in the Eucharist ?" T'sm't u 
es-chl/.iims lii .I(>hu Kli I Stikaozin ?" The angels stay with 
him, *' .\nge hi s'chlziis." The apostles sal down with Jesus 
(Jlirist, " Lii apotres chinkshilsheiniH hi .lesii Kli." 

4th. VVhen denoting i<ientity of place, etc., prefix nko to the verb. 
I remain with m^- husband, in the same j)laee, " les-tdtuhsmu- 
lein hj i-sgi'lui." I remain in the same place with him, " les- 
-nkulziim." Who remains with Jesus Christ in the Kucharist i* 
"T'suet u e.H-nkufziims hi Jesii Kli hi I'Sukaezin ■"' The 
Father and the Holy Ghost remain with him, in the same 
place, " T'Loeus ii t'Son Spagpagt u es-nkufziim,s." We could 
never -ay that " T'Leeus cs-chlziims hi Jesii Kli." 

otli. With, indicating superiority, extended so far as to make the 
person do what we do, is remicred by — iix a<fix(>d to the verb. 
I came with my son, I brought him along with me, " les-giii- 
I'lsem hi i-skus^e." I run awav with her, I carrN' her aloii"- 
with me, " lesgutpusem." I enter with him, (ai-rying him 
with me, " les-nojgusem." I go out with him, carrying hiiu 
out with me, " les-ozkaiisem." I cross the river with him, 
carrying him across with me. " lesniekousem." N<>te these 
three last forms : rii-n61gumen, I went in with him, to sit 
with him, to see him ; Xkuhiolgnmen, 1 wtMit in with him, in 
his company, at the same timi' j Nolgiisen, I went in with 
him, I carried, brought him in. 


olitivo forms, 

iriH tl\<' \vi«h, 

jr<), " (MiiiiCH- 

lut I will j?o, 

(d with u clnl), 

will) my liiiH- 
'iil< with yon, 

(listuiu'e, with 
vorb. I stuy 
liic'f, my rcsi- 
mi;>;iim." VVhc 
ist ? " T'siu't 11 
L^eis stay with 
,vii with Jesus 



[■() to the verb. 

' Ic's-iiUulomu- 

ith him, " los- 

thc Kiu'lmrist ? 

ktu'zin r The 

, in the Mume 

IS." We could 


to make llie 

I'd to the verb. 

Mil', " les-<fui- 

ri'v lier along 

carryinj^ liim 

carrvinji; him 

■cr witli liim, 

' N"te these 

h him, to sit 

I with him, in 

wont in witli 

WIT 447 

(itii. I ^o with , (Miiii-^di I I have him coming with me, 

les nkiilguiem, nUul^iiimen. I carry him uhtri^ witli me, ies- 
-^iiinscm. I ^o with him, uh uttuciiin^ myNelt'lo his party, Ich- 
•chshinim. I accom|)aiiy him, uh a trieiid and protector to 
him, les^axutem. We >^o together, we keep company, Kae- 
-shislici. We go togetlier, Kaes-Hhemeniu-giii. 

WITllDIJAW, r. t. Int. To lake away, back what has boeii given, 
Ick's-kiiiiem. .- i- . jii.c. ■,; 

2d. Ot'gamblei's taking back what they have paid, leH-nkiicmpem. 

8d. To draw back, les-enueiipem. 

4th. To drive t)iil, into distant country, to take away, les-ciiiicu- 

iith. To draw from the fire, les-nzkusem, loH-nusshelnhascm. 

r»tb. To retract, leles-tam'm, les-eniieupem. 

WITH I) HAW, r. i. 1st. T(» retire Ironi a place, comjiany, Chines- 

2d. To back out, ChineH-emitupi. ' ' «'*' 

WITIlKIt, r. /. Es-gampmi, KH-koeimi, K«-anipmi, Ks-kazpmi. Sci 

WITHHOLD, r. /. 1st. To bold back, les-kutstem. i »., , 

2d. Not to grant. Tarn ieH-Kbi'iem. ■• 

WITHIN, (uli\ Lst. Of the bouse, L zitgu. ■ i . 

2d. See Inside. ' : . n -m , v 

:^d. To bo within, ChineH-emuti. 

WITHOUT, />/•(7^ 1st. outside (Lat. I'.rtra), not inside of the door, 

2d. In front of the house, Lchemehinelgu. See Chen), Toko, Kch- 

3d. Not with (Lai. uhsijut), rendered by Ku ta, U ta. I went 
without seeing him, "Chin-giii ku tas uiehtun." He died 
without baptism, " Tas Ibatem u tlil." Vou talk without 
thinking, '• Tarn ku-skulpag u ku-ueulsh." ■ :'< ' 

4th. Having not, destitute of, (.<)(Iiat. .siwc) Ta i6p. I am without 
food, " Ta iep siileii," or " Chin-chskamelten." Or, Stem. I 
am without horses, " Chiii-stemskagae." (/>) If the article is 
consumed, Z'sip. I am without children, " Z\si]» lu i-sgusi- 
gult," or " Che ta iep sgusigult, Chin-cbsteintlt." 
r)ih. Without a shirt or cover of any kind, Cliinchoiiukan. See 

■ :\' 





Id 91 

448 WOM 

6th. Without hut, Chines-pttkein. See Ptiirn. 

7th. VV'ithoiit shoos, Chines-ptlptlshin. r 

8th. Without pantjUooiis, CJhinos-chptlptlakstshin. 

0th. Unless, except, hu ne in. Without tUith we cannot ho saved, 

" hu ne ta kaep-snoninguenetcn ta kakafepi- nguiguilten." 
lOth. Out of reach, bojond the limits, must be altered to mean : F 

cannot reach, he is without my reach, Taks-konnunem, Tas 

konmutomstem. In general, Tas Ikomutomstem. See Can, 

WITHOUT, a./r. Lcholzke. 

WITHSTAND, I', t. To stand opposite, to oppose, les-eutusem. 
WITNESS, n. 1st. The attestation of a fact, Smimii. 
2d. What furnishes evidence or proof, Chniiiten. This stone is my 

witness, " le sshfensh lu iki-chmiiten." 
3d. An eye-witness, Chines-chmiisi. See Mii. 
4th. An ear-witness, Chines-chmiinc. 
.'ith. Witness in a court for others. Mishzuten. One th.-it knows 

about him, Sguclimi^pile, Sgunmiepem. 
WITNESS, f. t. 1st. To know by eyesight, les-chmiiseiu, les-chmi- 

2d. To know by hearing, les-chmiinem, les-chmipenem. 
:](!. To attest, Ics-ncmiepem, les-chmiepilem. 
4th. To sign an instrument. See Sign. 
WOE, n. 1st. Ileav}' calamity, Sgutemszut. 
2d. To cause woe to, les-gntcchstem, les-chtletleepileni, ics-tlee- 

8d. Woe to me! Chin-gutenjszut I Mil chin-konkoint. 
WOLF, n. 1st. NIamkae, Nshiizin. 
2d. Small wolf, the hero of all Indian fables, Snchelep. 
3d. Prairie wolf, cayote, Snkazos. See Kaz. 
WOMAN, n. 1st. A female, Smeem. 
2(1. .Vdnlt woman, married, Smoem. 
3d. Wife, NogoMog. 

4th. Female attendant, S'chemtcp smeem. 
■')th. Repudiated, Sz'em. 
Hth. Woman, timid, Smeem. 
7th. Old woman, Pipog(it, pL Ppiipogot. 
WOMEN FOLKS, woman kinci «. Pelpilkui. 
WOMB, n. 1st. properly, Sngusigulten. 


not 1)0 saved, 
d to mean : I 
nnunenti, Tas 
n. See Can, 

lis stone is my 

p ihiit knows 
seal, I es-ch mi- 

em, I es-t lee- 

woo 449 

2d. All the inside of a person's (male or female) body, iSnisht^lze. 

See Ish6t. 
WONDER, V. i. Ist. To be amazed, Chines-psm^, Chin-psAp, Chin- 

2d. To wonder at, I admire it, les-pspmanem, les-kusstsem. 
3d. Not to understand, les-nuilfelsem. See Uil. ' 

4th. I wonder whether he will ever recover, Uz m-eipaag. 

N.B. — This particle uz means: Who knows that? Some 

pronounce h oz. • 

WONDER, n. Ist. The act of wondering, Spsap. 
2d. Cause of wonder, Kuskust, Snpsptinten. See Pas, Kus. 
WONDERFUL, a. Kuskust, Tastuf. 
WONT, a. ariustomed, Ep sko^m. See Kofem. 
WOOD, n. 1st. forest, Nko6zt, Zlzil. See Thick, Thin. 
2d. Timber, Luku ; in comp., — alko. 
3d. Hard wood, Tliz'lko. 
4th. Short wood, Lguzalalko. 
5th. Long wood^ Usshinalko (not standing). 
6th. Green wood, Kalalko. 
7th. Dry wood, dccaj'ed, ('heie. 
8th. Dry wood, sound, Garnalko. 
9th. High wood, Kutenalko. 
10th. Pitch wood, Stotluku. 
1 1th. Wood chopped, Szshil. 

12th. To cut wood with the axe, les-shelim, Chines-shelalko. 
13th. To cut wood for splitting, Chines-sagoi. 
14th. To go to make firewood, Chinen-ps^shi. 
15th. The wood (one piece) is on the ground, Es-chizc. 
16th. Of several pieces together, Ks-pin. 
I7th. Of several piles, Es-penpin. 
18th. To carry one stick of wood on the shoulder, Chines-nchizl- 

19th. To throw wood on the fire for fire, Chines-chkamini. 
20th. To throw wood in the fire, les-nzkamnusem. 
21st. To go out of the woods, (^hines-gutpsalkoi. 
22d. To go out of the wood in the ()pen country, Chin-p6ptlem. 
23d. See Drift, Float, Chop, Tree, Saw. 
24th. Straight wood, I-togolko. 
25tl). Crooked wood, Ks-a!ko61ko. 




450 WOR 

WOODPPX'KER, n. let. Stelg6m. 

2d. Black woodpecker, Ziuzen. 

3d. Red woodpecker, Kolkoliclie. v 

WOOL, n. Spurn. See Shear, 

WORD, n. Ist. As uttered, Szkolkofelt 

2d. As written, Kaimin. 

3d. One word, Nkozin. I say one word only, " I-chines-nkozini." 

I say one word to , " les-nkozinem." See Say. 

4th. J send word to , Chines-kolkoelti ch 

WORK, V. i. Ist. Chines-koli, C'hines-agaluisi. 

2d. I work for others, not for myself, C'hincs-kolshi. 

3d. I work for him, les-kiilshitem. 

4th. To put oneself at work, to commence, Chines-chtagolechsti. 

5th. To iinish work, Chines-uifechsti. 

6th. T am at work, Chines-agatchmi. 

WORK, V. t. Ist. Ies-k61cm. 

2d. To work upon, to be busy, to strain oneself upon, Icschag^i- 

lem, les-chkolem. • 

3d. I keep on working it, les-agatchim. 

WORK, n. 1st. What has been worked, made, and making it, Skol, 
Szkol, Szagaluis. 

2d. What one has been working upon, toiling upon, Szchageil. 

3d. Materials of work, K61emen. 

4th. The way of doing a job, Nkolemen. 

WORKABLE, a. Koiiiitem. 

WORK -HOUSE, work-shop, n. Snkolemen. But each special 
work has a name of its own. 

WORKER, n. Guaguaat, Koilkolt, Koimkomt, Kolkolmul. 

WORKMAN, n. Sgukolem. 

WORLD, n. 1st. The earth, Stoligu. 

2d. People, Skcligu. 

3d. This world, Ic stoligu. 

4th. The next world, Cluiko stoligu. 

5th. The old world, Lu stoligu 1 chiiiskot. 

6th. Soil, earthly substance. Mall. 

7th. As opposite to heaven, heavenly goods, Malt. 

8th. The pleasures of the world, le Istoligu npielsten. 

9th. The end of the world. Sec End. 

10th. The worldlings, Lu psiiie, Es-Ueigtcms hi snpielstcii ie i sto- 



)on, les fhug^i- 

naking it, Skol, 
I, Szchageil. 

It oacli MpcH-ia! 


)it'lstoii ie 1 sto- 

WOR 451 

WOJIM, n. Ist. Gam^lteni. 

2d. Worms of wood, Sgnaialko. , 

3d. Worms of dry meat or salmon, Chechiu. 

4th. Gun worm, Cligolkomen. 

oth. Spiral, Es-ilu^is. 

WORM, 1-. ^ To wind it as spun yarn, a coil, les-chialmim, les- 

WORM-EATEN, a. Chin-gamAlteni. 

WORN-OUT, <■/. Ist. Consumed by wear and tear, TemuAlsh. 
2d. Of ropes, clothes torn, Likat. 
3d. A person worn out b}' fatigue, Chin-aigot. 
4th. By age, (-hin-aamt, ('hin-z'sip, Chin-h6i. 
5th. That can go no further, Chin-nJapaks. 
6th. Worn out field, Aigot. 
WORRY. See Tease, Vex. 
WOTi^E, a. compar. Ist. Ez^ut lu tel You are worse than a 

dog, " Ku-ezeut tu tel nkokosm6." 
2d. Telzi teie hi tel Judas was worse than Pilate, " Judas 

telzi teie lu tel Pilate." 
3d. To grow worse and worse, Chines-tietuilshi. 
WORSHIP, /•. t. Ies-p6teem, les-he^m, les-chaum. 
WORST, a. supeti. hn t6le, Lu mil t^ie, Tel esia u teie. The worst 

of all, Ks-nshiizin teie. 
WORST, v. t. See Beat, Gain, Defeat, Win. 
WORTH, n. 1st. See Price, Value. 
2d. Moral worth, Siopicut, Niopieuten. See 16. 

WORTH, a, 1st. Equal in value to , Es-nagalaksem 1 

2d. See Desei've. 

WORTHLESS, <i. 1-tonemus, Tas neistem. 

WORTHY, a. 1st. excellent, virtuous, lopieut. In composition, 

S'mi — , S'mis — , S'mil — . You are a worthy man, " Ku-s'mis- 

kaltcmigu." See Seme S'mi, Powertnl. 
2d. Worthy of, well suited, well (luaiified for, l-p6tu shei. I am 

not worthy that you should come in to see me, " Tarn i-p6tu 

chin-shi'i lu koks-ehnolgumentgii." 
3d. Worthy of hatred, etc., rendered by afflxitig — snug to the verb. 

He is worthy of hatred, " ("hcmclionismig." It deserves my 

hatred, " I-s'clu'mclieinsnug." 1 deserve to b«' hated, " Chin- 

-chemciiomsnug." 1 think it worthy of hatred, " Chemchem- 


452 WRB 

snugumen." Exciting anger, worthy of anger, " AinamHiiug." 

See A aim. I think j'oii worthy of my anger, " Amamsnugn- 

merizin." See Lem, Gamfench, Gel, Deserve, and remark that 

the radical is reduplicated. 
WOUND, n. Ist. Made by an iron acuminated tool, Sluiis. 
2d. By gun-shot, or arrows, Silip. 
3d. By a whip, Sliz's. 
4th. An injury, hurt, Stgup. 

5th. The wounds all around the body of our liord, S'chtilze. 
6th. The wound, hole in his hand, Stgochinichs. In both hands, 

7th. The wound in his foot, Slgoshin. In both feet, Stgoigoshin. 
8th. The wound in his side, SIgotniut. 

Note. — All these wt)rds refer only to the person wounded, 

and not to the one who inflicts the wound. 
WOUND, V. f. 1st. With a pointed iron tool, les-tuum. 
2d. With a gun or arrow, les-ilpnunem. 
3d. With a whip, les-lzim. 
4th. To hurt accidentally, les-lgupniinem. 
5th. I wound his hand (by boring it through), les-tgochinechsem. 

Both hands, les-tgotgochincchsom. 
6th. 1 wound his foot, les-lgoshinim. Both feet, les-lgolgoshinim. 
7th. I wound his side, Ies4golniutem. 
8th. I wound him all around, les-chitilzeem. 
9th. In general, les-polsem. You wounded my heart, " Ko-p61hgu 

lu i-spuus." 
10th. I am wounded b}' running against a snag, Chin-chilkukup. 

See Luk. 
WRANGLE, t*. *'. Chines-cheszini, Chines-gut'tzini, 
WRAP, V. t. 1st. To fold together, as a sheet, les-npneusem. 
2d. To wrap with a coverall round, Ics-chpolkoizem. 
3d. To wrap up in tho I'orm of u ball, les polUom. 
WRAP, ». Chpolkoizdten. 

WRATH, n. Nchgut'telsten, Snchgut'tels. Sec Gut't. 
WRATIIKUL, a. (^hines-nchgut'telsi. 
WREATH, 71. 1st. Inasmuch as it is interlaced, Es-nazelis, Es-lclie- 

lis, Es-lkoelis. 
2d. Inasmuch as it covers the head, Koiizkan. See Hat, Crown. 
WREATHK, i\ f. To tie together, les-nazelisem. 

[i remark that 


both hands, 


on wounded, 



" Ko-p6Ulj>;ii 


lelis, Es-lche- 

at, Crown. 

WRO 468 

WRECK, V. 1. 1st. To destroy, Ics-mAum, les-koH^iroel'lem. 
2d. To sink, Chincs-nkoetmi. 
8d. To drown, ("hinos-ntelletikui. 

VVRENC^H, n. Ist. Inasmuch as it is used to twist, Koeeminton. 
2d. As it is used to fasten on a nut or screw, Zanenien. 
WRETCH, a. Konkoint. 
WRIGGLE, );. i. Chines-laUimisti. 
WRING, V. t. To twist, les-koera. See Pinch. 
WRINKLES, n. Ist. Spuiii. 
2d. In the tiicc, Spuuius. 
3d. To grow wrinkled, ('hines-puiumi. 
4th. Roughness, I-zup. 
WRIST, n. Ist. Skokhemznechst. 
2d. Sore wrist, (Uiines-kolzalznechst. 
3d. Lu.xated wrist, Chincs-kolmalkuznechst. 
WRIST-BANI), arm-ring, n. Skolialkoznechst. 
WRITE, V. t. 1st. les-kaim. 
2d. To write to, les-kaishitem. 

3d. To write with, v.(j. pen, ink, paper, ies-kaiminem. 
4th. To copy, les-kulkaim. 
.5th. To write down, les-kutkaim. 
WRITE, V. i. 1st. Chines-kaimi. 

2d. To compose or send letters, Chines-kaishishi, Chines-chkaiini. 
WRITER, n, 1st. (Jne who writes tor himself or for others, Sgu- 

2d. One who writes or wrote this or that, Kainzuten. 
WRITHE, r. i. To make contortions, Chines-pAzkoi. 
WRITIN(^, fl. Kaimin. 
WRITIN(M)ESK, n. Snkaiminien. 
WRITING-SCHOOL, «. Snkaiminten. 
WRON(J, a. 1st. I-chiii-sil (I am mistaken). See Sil, Sel. 
2d. Not according to rule, Tas io, Tu i-stog, Tam sh6i, T'ani i-p6tu 



I put on my blankot by the wrong side, Chines-chizezimozi. I 
put on my s! 'vt by the wrong side, (Uiines-chpelkasalks. I 
|)ut on my pantaloons wro^gside out,(^hines-ch])elkasakst'shin. 
For towels, etc., Chpelkaiis. 

4th. I am wi'ong, Chin-oost. 

WRONG, r. t. See Harm, Hurt. 

WRONtcLY, adv. I-t'tenemus, I-gol-tenemiis. 








YARI>, n. Ist, Sngum^tcn (.measure). 

2d. Yard in front of a house, Chemehinfelgu. \ 

3d. Inclosure for cattle, Kologoskdgaeten. 

YAWN, r. i. Cliines-heiilshi. 

YKAR, w. Ist. Sp^ntich, Smog6p. 

2d. V/e arc at the end of the year, Kaes-nptlennisem ie spfentich. 

3d. We are at the beginning of the year, Kae8-n('hizinu8em \u nko 

YEARLING COLT, n. Lkoliomeus. 
YEARN, I'. I. Chines-ehop^lsi. 
YEAST, n. Snmfetlemen, Npeuleguten. 
YELIj. See Shout, Cry. 
YELLOW, a. I-knaiiit. 

YKS, adv. 1st. Ell (I know, it, I willed it alread}-, a plain consent). 
2d. A (I conij)l3' with your order, request, though perhaps I had 

no mind for it). 
3d. Is it so ! Ah ! 

4th. Very well, be it so, I have no objection, Shei. 
.5th. To be sure ! Most certuiidy ! NeH ! 
(Uh. I will, I shall do so without iiviling, Nem. 
7th. I said yes, it is my opinion, my will, Chin-zuti ^u. 
Sth. I said yea to his request, all right, Chin-zuti a. 
9th. 1 said yes, is it so ! Chin-zuti ah ! 

10th. I said yes, why not ? To be sure, ("hin-ziiti, nidi. 

11th. I said I will do so, Chin-zuti, nem. 

12th. I said yes, hu it go, let it pass, Chin-zuti shei. 

13th. I said yos, it is so, just as you say, it is true, Chin-zuti une. 

YESTERDAY. «. 1st. Spize, Spizelt. 

2d. The day before yesterday. Zi-ziikoaskal. 

YET, adv. Ist. In addition, more (Lat. a<lliti<-), Che6. There is one 
yet, " Chee nko." He is yet out, " Cluie i-cho." (Jive me yet 
out', " Chee nko." 

2d. Still, Chcc, Pot. 

YET, t'onj. Pen, Ku. Yet he said : 1 will not go, '• Ku zuti : T:i 

n ie spfentich. 

plain consent), 
perhaps I had 



lun-zuti line. 

'rinM'c is OIU' 
" (live me vet 

'• l\ii y.ixU : 'Yn 

YOV 45ft 

iks-g^i." Yet I say to you : Love your enemy, " Pen kuies- 
-zuneni : Aki-ganieneh lu an-shein6n. 
NOT YKT, adv. Ziuzi, Che ta. 

YlELl), r. t. Ist. It is not expressed in tlie Indian language but 
by Kufemt, Consequently. One bushel yielded ten, " Nk6 chi- 
lui/ie lu i-skoika, ku6nit open thiluize " (lit. One bushel was 
mj' seed, then were ten bushels), 

2d. See Surrender, Agree, Grant, Swell. 

YOKE, n. 1st. (Kalispel), Penpniipkanten. See Pin. 

2d. (Flathead, more correct), Chizapkanten. See Chize. 

YOKE, V. t. 1st. To place the yoke on bulls, les-chizapkanen), chi- 

2d. To yoke them together, les-aztuseni. If more couples, los- 

Jid. They are yoked (have the yoke on), Es-ehizaj)kan. 

4th. They are yoked together, Es-azeus. 

f)(h. We carry that yoke, we are ^oked with that, les-ehizapka- 
nem, chizapkaiiemen zi chizapkanten. 

YOKE-FELLOW, yoke-mate, n. Snkulazeus. 

YOLK, «. Snkullap. 

YONDER, adv. 1st. If no motion, Lu ilu. 

2d. Of motion, hu chlu. 

YOV, pers. pro. Empile, Empiiepstemp ; but usuall}- Anui, thou. 
So do the chiefs speak to their tolks, parents to their child- 
ren. Then the verb is sometimes used in the plural, some- 
times in the singular <;f/ i<y«YHm; yet when they have a par- 
ticular verb for the plural, they use this plural verb with the 
singular pronoun. You dwell together, " Kues-aieuti " {lit. 
Thou dwellest together). 

YOUNG, a. 1st. Of persons, Skukuimelt ; pi. Sz'zimelt. 

2d. Of animals, Lkukuimskagae. 

3d. Young man, Tituil. When they are bigger, Suinumti. 

4th. Young woman, Stiichmlsh, Gest smeem. 

5th. Young, foolish, Psaie. 

()th. When 1 was young, small, Potu lu 1 is-kukuiume. 

7th. When I was young, not knowing what I was doing, Potu lu 
1 is-psaie. 

YOUNG, ?i. 1st. Of animals, Kael— . The young of chickens, 


45« ZIG 

2d. Ot beaver, Hz'np{i. 

3d. Of sheep, Kueigolf;o61. 

4tli. Of duck, St't6me. 

YOUR, pers. pron. — emp, — mp, aiflxod to the substantive, but 

very often the pronoun this is used in its stead. Your father, 

"Le6ump." Your mother, '* SI<6iomp." 
YOURS, pers. ;)ron. Empil^. . • ~ \ 

YOURSELF, pers. pron. Bmpilfe, I-empil6. 
YOUTH, n. 1st. My youth, hu i-skukui{imo, hu i-spsbie. See 

2d. A youth, Tituit, Suiniirat (of males). .r 

3d. The young folks, Suiuini\mt (of males). ]\ * 


ZEAL, n. I feel zeal, a burning zeal for. les-ehulpspuusem, les- 
-gamfenehem. He had a burning zeal, loving his neighbors, 
" Chulpspuusemis, gam^nchis in snkuskfeligu," or " Ulip ia 
spuOksz " (lit. His heart burnt). 

ZIGZAG, a. Es-iinp. See linp. Turn, Whirlpool. 

ubHtantlve, but 
Your father, 

i-Hp86ie. See 

1' .. T. 

3 I ',i'^ 

)spuii8em, les- 
hiH neighbors, 
' or " Ulip lu