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Full text of "The Ottawa directory, 1875, and dominion guide [microform] : containing street, alphabetical, business and miscellaneous lists, to which is added a directory of the city of Hull : also, directories of New Edinburgh, Rochesterville, Aylmer, Buckingham, Chelsea, Gatineau Mills and Ironside"

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WIBSrn.N.Y. 14SS0 






Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical IMIicroreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notas/Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which msy be bibliogrephically unique, 
which may alter any of the images in the ' 

reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checked below. 







Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

I I Covers damaged/ 

Couverture endommag6e 

Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaurAe et/ou pellicula 

I I Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 

Coloured maps/ 

Cartes g^ographlques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I I Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 

Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
Relii avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La re liure serr6e peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distortion le long de la marge inttrieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
11 se peut que certaines pages blanches ajout6es 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela Atait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas 6t6 filmtes. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires supplAmentaires; 

L'institut a microfilm* le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a <lt6 possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sent peut-Atre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la methods normale de filmage 
sont indiqute ci-dessous. 





Coloured pages/ 
Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommag^es 

Pages restored and/or laminated/ .. 
Pages restauries et/ou peiliculAes ' 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pages dAcolor^es, tacheties ou piqudes 

Pages detached/ 
Pages d6tach6es 


Quality of print varies/ 
Qualiti inigale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary material/ 
Comprend du materiel supplAmentaire 

Only adition available/ 
Seule Edition disponible 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc.. have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obSAurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont M film6es A nouveau de fapon A 
obtenir la mailleure image possible. 










rhis item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est film* au taux de reduction indiquA ci-dessous 

10X 14X 18X 22X 











• du 
r une 

The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

National Library of Canada 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in Iceeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

L'exempiaire filmA fut reproduit grflce it la 
g4n6rosltA de: 

BibliothAque nationale du Canada 

Les Images sulvantes ont At6 reprodultes avec le 
plus grand soln, compte tenu de ia condition et 
de ia nettetA de l'exempiaire f Iim6, et en 
conformity avec les conditions du contrat de 


Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated Impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. Ail 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
f!rst page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or Illustrated impression. 

Les exemplaires originaux dont ia couverture en 
papier est ImprimAe sont fllmto en commenpant 
par le premier plat et en termlnant solt par la 
dernlAre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'Impression ou d'lliustratlon, solt par le second 
plat, salon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont fiimte en commenpant par ia 
premiere page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'Impression ou d'illustration et en termlnant par 
ia dernlAre page qui comporte une telle 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol ^»> (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol ▼ (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Un des symboles suivants apparaftra sur la 
derniire image de cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symboie — ► signlfie "A SUIVRE", le 
symboie V signlfie "FIN". 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposurs are filmed 
beginning In the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent Atre 
filmte A des taux de reduction dWfdrents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour Atre 
reproduit en un seui clich6, II est fllm6 d partir 
de Tangle supArieur gauche, de gauche A droite, 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images nAcessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la m6thode. 


n i 

12 3 



1 ■ t 



:-:-..^.. .. 

: ■ f; 





'*:;^n' .-■■■■- 





■i " lO -.;" 

iV«l?(fa»<; The Hon. JAMBS 8KEAD. 

rfc^iVwcfen^; R. BLACKBURN, Esq., Jt.p: 
Hon. DAVID L ATM), (Minirter of the Interior.) 
W. H. BROUSB, Esq., M J)., M.P., Preacott. 
ALBllRT HAGAR, Esq., M.P., Plantagenet. 
G. W. BATOlf , Enq.^ (Director City Of Ottawa AgricuUuTal Society.) 
IRAHOEGAN, Esq., (WardeftCo-ofCarleton.) 
JAMBS F^aiGirSON, Eaq., M J), Cumberland. 
J. H. MOIXOT, Esq., Blantag- . t. 
Hoii. JL R. CHURCH, (Attorney General, Quebec.) 
tirji. GIBS<>N, Esq., M.P., Morrisburgh. 
JOHN ROCHESTER, Esq., M.P., Carleton. 

A. S. WOODBURN, Esq,, (SeoT«Ury City of Ottawa Agriottltuna 900*7) 
B.D, PULTON, Baq., Winchester. ^ 

Jt WHOLRHAN, Esq., Ottiwa. ,/ 

BAliQQta: ^t0 Bank of OtUw^; JA8. BLA^ZS9BK, Sios^taaT 

:"960,000 Q^ 

DiBposiTED wrra gofernmbnt for protection op 




TUs Company iararefi lk4|[^^g more hMwrtlovui thui Fttriii PM^riy 
sod FHvatto.B«|ide^O30. . ;: 

lofluns i^ks* loia or d«mii^ by lire ^MkU^i^f^ Fariti Property. 
Priyfttei|BiJNndmc(»; <^iu^ 
. Ho Iaaui»iM»e lifl^ ^1f anufiiMluHQg or GbmiiMvefal W^* thus 

JPiinierB wUitiod it toti^ OtMiqpAia)-. 

1%e Pir^eUmHiiA the ooafldMoe «B4^HM«pini^ of tli^^S^nUDBtt^ity Wakt 
them JA ihi^ aadeArooir to Hoi^iit thia et^otly CiHMd^ Opiit^ 




^« >/ 

''■■":: -'t- 





-^r. ".<ti 










:'^^ ■ w*? 


■'■' \y aP: 


:i5oin of OttQRQi^'' , ^ ' 

*» »"'. ' ■ -M ' 

M0UI M^en^^ to ^uppfy, 

^aU Imn^^^J^^^ HH^^k, $;e<iJts and 

wpii$ fom sue^ wmemal^ saikfacUon ai 





filof <f(tofc 

' '" I'l "I I i' l I I ' I •'^'" 'J 11 i-Mfeiin"--' ■*TY^ | '^, ■.,■-■■;..■ ^ "",:]"'.,''' 







,! !!• 


I « 










t, ! 

I J 


f I 

f I 

T •( 

jtWMny'^ fi<'m>:>''tAJ. 


■4 'i-', 








■i ' 


THIS HOTEL is the largest and dnly first-class House 
in the city. It is fitted, furnished and kept as an 


:m L^jr^: 

fiMgT"€LM8 ii0TEL, 

.-;«'M J^J'm ':t'B^m f J*4?i^^c 
— coMi»Bi8raa— % :s''' - 

'flfc^'Av; £-?*^ :-<fcW>'t^-''^r' :1^-' ^- ' 

Modern IIigUGe, Comfort and Zeo&omy, 




T -^ ^nrf /» Delightfully and Centrally Situated, 




: ■•■ .■:-4„/' \^'A V' ''^ 



■ I 

■i . 

• .' « 

ill ■•? 


\ m 

mti- ^. 

i. ,?.^ 


' -) 


Thm L^at^st Styles of 

For Ladies, Oents, Uisses and Children, 


'w *'■**, 




The Finest BOOTS and SHOES imported direct from 
London. Paris and Philadelphia. 




f ., 

kfvei^^ ^IIMiMef ^, 


6ilt,floselGilt, and Walnut Mouldings, 


Cornices, Looking Glasses and Show Cases... 

A large and -well selected Stock of ROOM PAPERS, 

^vt^;-l'C':; always on hand. 







■' '.y- ' 





^ ^ 

HB\> ' 






■-■'*■' '' 


*■ , 


1 » 



l\. ■ 

I'f ■. 













—v-''^*^S^P''""" ■■■■ 


/ ^ ■.'<?*■.. '■ ■. • '-■■■■>■■■ 

n 4rtK<*fl» ♦«» l»««o«ii«iip> it 

p, ^ ■•»:;;. ■ '' 

ei8 75^ 



„ - ' .,< .'■..' tf 


%imi, itp!(ab(titcal, j|u»iites^ ^ Wtoccttaneou^ Tvak, 





n u 

f 1 • . 





— • ALSO — 

Directories of New Edinburgh, Boohesterville, Aylmer, Bucking- 
, ham, Chelsea, GMttineau Mills and Ironside. 

' SPiitfcP null SuUtg^cPt 

-A.. S- "WOOIDBTJI=^]Sr, 




>i / 


■ '5| 



I .1 . 

!V' II 



F 5rf f^f 


Citizens Insurance Company. 


i^ii^e, I<ife, Sddidei\t iii\d G[uki'ki\tee. 

OAPITAI., - "T^ . $2,000,000. 

GOVERNMENT DEPOSItT" - - $103,000. 


xDII=lE10T0I=l.S : , , 

SIR HUGH ALLAN, rresidmt. 

JOHN PRATT, Vicc-lVesUent. 


N. B. C0R8K, 

■ I- 

FIRE RISKS taken at equitable terms, 

LOSSES promptly and liberally settled, 
LIFE PREMIUMS lower than any other Company, 

GENERAL ACCIDENT Folioies on most liberal terms. 

The firet Company ever offering a bonus to Accidental Policyholders! 
and the only one now giving twenty-five per cent, of itn profits to those 
insured in that branch, and therefore cluiins the must liberal support of the 


Issued in favour of Bank Oflicinls, Corporation Employees, Railroad Agents, 
Bookkeepers and Cashiers, Secretaries ol' Building Societies, &c., at lowest 
rates of premium. ., 

Special advantages in this Department are offered to Government and 
Bank ofllicials. 


Managkr> Hakaoeb, 

■ ^ Fire Depariment. Li/Ct Accident and Guarantee Dq>arimentt. 

All information may be obtained from , -.. . 


Qeiieral Agait. 

OFFICE : 3 York Street, Ottawa, Ont. 

■« tll> < 

*> 7 'i 

f. f ,..■<, 


* ^. 


' *,* 

( f 

III proHcntin^ a new edition of the Ottawa City Dirgotory to the 
Public, the Publiaber dcHirpa to apologize for tlic late date of its appearand*. 
The fact that there were formerly Heveral Streets of the fame name, and 
that the houses had nut been numbered, made it a very dilKctilt matter to 
arrive at that maximum of correctnoHS at all times to be detiired ; and when 
the .City Engineer had liotermined upon having the work of numbering 
carried out, no effort wbh spared on the part of the Publinhcr to urge on so 
necessary an cnterprize. That work having been completed, the publication 
of the Directory ban fulluwed uh speedily as ]>OHHiblo. Its convenience as a 
^I'ork of reference is tiiuH greatly enhanced, and the Public will be thereby 
fully compensated for the delay which it has cauned. 


r, f , 'II 







The book contains, besides a Street, an Alphabetical, Business and 
Miscellaneoufl Directory, and has also appended, much valuable informa- 
tion relating to this Fiection of the Province. A Directory of the City of 
Hull, and uf the more important of the neighboring VillageH, is also given 
— the information for the former having been given by a gentleman resident 
in and fully acquainted with the inhabitants of that new and rising City, the 
census of which has been prepared especially for this work, and is the first 
taken since 1872. 

,> ' 

The Street List will be found the most complete yet issued, containing 
as it does, all the new names, with the former ones below, and also the num- 
ber of every houMe in I lie City inhabited at the time of the canvas — each 
street being meaaured from one end to the other as the names were being 

Difficulty is still experienced in some parts of the city, in obtaining the 
necessary information, many persons believing that the names were required 
for either military enrolment, or the addition of some local, or obnoxious 
water rate. Omissions may have been occasioned in this way; and as 
changes are constantly taking place by removals and otherwise, between the 
time of canvas and publication, absolute accuracy cannot be expected. No 
trouble, however, has been spared to make the Directory as complete as 

With regard to Population, it will be observed from the following table 
that there is a slight falling off since last year. This decrease is doubtless 
due to the depressed state of trade, and the removal to the neighboring 
villages and to the country of not a few of last year's citizens. A glance at 
the returns for the last eight years will, however, shew an addition to our 
})opulation of over one thousand a year — a ratio of increase certainly 

,m ' 

It .( 



'I I 


V: .1 
1 /■ 

■; • 



f II 



■■■; i 







■'j: ;:.. 

sufficiently encouraging, even for the Capital, 
compiled from the Assessment Bolls :•— 

The following figures are 



Victoria Ward 2,316 

Wellington" 2,827 

8t. George's" 2,838 

By " 4,256 

Ottawa « 3,976 












The AflHessment of the City exhibits a still greater proportionate in- 
crease. For comparison the returns of three years will be here sufficient : — 

ASSESSMENT. " '■■■'-' '' ' ■ ■ 

1869. 1874. 

Victoria Ward $ 965,675 1 ,608,975 


Wellington " ....=... 1,641,285 3,849,222 4,663,925 

St.George's" 1,103,166 1,956,676 2,313,626 

By « 873,640 1,3.11,776 1,646,070 


«« 608,013 

Totals $6,081,679 




1873. 1874. 

Victoria Ward 402 668 

Wellington" 716 1,263 

St,George*s« 676 890 

By «« 667 878 

Ottawa «* , 653 904 

Totals 3,002 4,493 


The increase in the list of voters is partly attributable to the addition to 
their numbers of those voting on income alone. 

Ottawa, October, 1876. 


, Publisher. 




B& Sau^^ tli0 Set 4»ior Q^ml £a Coiindl 

WHBBBAS it ig i^t\m by tlie 68th 8e<Mioi^ 
CiMpter 6, iDtiltt)«d} "An I^ retpedUiig 
in)|iort«r of any cattt« ot «ir% tMpr slUaghtU* ftod 
in bonU, uttder >o6lr'Risgttl)»tioK« ftad MwtrbtioiMM 
may from iime to time malu % tlu« ^a$0M ; 

A4)d wheamn it hM be«il ftund- ex{i«dteat to 
SeeUoa 5$, t« so Imt m r«g«r(l« the imt>MUt!oi» of 
Wm' of (be 8^Kttl*Uoaa <or tkW piu^wac, 'a<iopt«d 
Stad day olifay^ 1868, 

Hta BwtallMMyvM the ^toMatuaodation of t&a BoiM»able the Miiifatcr 
of CttatouM, and no^ tba pmfMoMi of tli* c««d Aet hvft been idaaaed (o 
, Older, and it la ^teliy otd9c«d«tt|at.0ia aaid xmkf in ConaoU of t^ iBtid of 
May, 1868. and Ui* Bcgalationt IkaMbj' Mi^HalHKl.h* and tlie aama ara 
h«wby ffimM* aad thft tM folWiag B«fulatioa« be awl ate hereby 
ado|)«iMf and «et<Mi»)i«Min lieu tlieteof^tbat is to aay. 

1. Upon the iinportation of awtiie fbr the pttvpott of «laiMghter, tho 
'Importer ^hall eotir the eame for W^an^hottte, «po» ^ ueual form of aaqh 
entiiefl, atftlfog upott ite faoe, the ami»her and valae of the heid, and also 
' the 4itiat>tkgf c ' pork, baoMM h»me and laid* which the auailMr ataled am- 
produce whea alaughtend iM.^^«iidv«t; 113 pottiidB iraig^ for eaok live 
hog »o imported, and tht; aoiottnt of ^Mj ^ Whioh eaoh pro^MM la or may 
he Uable oodi^fhi iiMe ^teerihed bf the t*rirta fbr«e at the tim* beiagaa 
the pro^r duty <M> AIMS df that kiad. Soak Import^e ahidl ^bea eseeate • 

of the Act W Vic|Qwa, 

the Cuetome," ftat the 

9ure and pack the eame 

the OovM'nor ia Cotiacil 

give eflbet to the aaid 
"awioe, aad to alter the 
hy Order in Council of 

wm^.'^h.' '• '"""4 



■J -'J. 

y '4, 




■■'> . "XO 


?''■%.,'«",* '^ v^ 


-r 'W 





ti N i 






■ S^i^-t 


'ifroiwisw*- f .■ 










a.*. J' 

y if ^ 





«<((( Cor. of Daly f^ Nicholas Sts., )))>- 

-<|g Bstfittollelied., - 1839. ^|»- 



Offers every accommodation to the 


■■':■•'■'" ^,'' ^'" ■■ —BEING IN A— ' ■ ''"'^" 

^Aad hKving int<laM llMpiii^ Diaiag aad Icapla BoMBi. 

',■ -■• ■-■■ ■ ■." "'L''''"?i''' -' ' • • •■■- 

: Omnibus to and firom every Train and Boat. 



> v^v*-^' ''' ^" '■*^'''^''^'-' "' 



). "f '^ i> , ' 

•I, i 


I.: ' 













■' -i ••■.-p.- 'v^v 



^i:- 188 I=^lcl.ea.\i Street. 



j^ahittet-e^ahers' and jjJttitfhqrs* ^arhks. 

.<\ i"^ >5,..s;'"' V !;.:'>! [•■■■J . 




In Marble, Scotch Granite, or Samhioiie. 

}j*fi' " «5c 


Fencing for Cemetery Lots and Private Residences, 
from the celebrated Makers 

•.<r ■■;,>;. 

/a^dlOStLJmm A A^ 

y -fffii. 

,J:' : :■ 


^jff'^^A hVi^-^^i 'ViVi 

M# %m #!• 

',■■ f. 


r'^MOKTRfiAL'^S''^^ - 

Or m Posts, Bars, and Chains. "*: 

Ordern by mail or agents promptly attended to. f- - .;.; 

,:^^_-^iV.^**.:^-^ Tt^j;>e*WM. M. 8OMMERVILLE9 ' 



. ■ , ■. .1*- ' . » . ■ ■, . f^ ;. : 


;ii ^^^il ^^.T-t^J: >■: ,r- --^ ■ . -, •,- • ^^ 

Alphabetic*! Directory 83 

Aylmer " 188 

Buukingkam " 191 

BusiDesB OlMsifled Directory 149 

Chelsea Directory , 192 

City of Hull Directory 166 

Dominion Ouide 217 

Oatineau Mills Directory 193 

Index to Adrertisers 10 

Index to Classifled Businees Directory 13 

Index to Streets 11 and 12 

Ironside Directory 194 

Miscellaneous Directory 196 

NewEdinburgh «' , 182 

Preface 6 

Roohesterrille Directory 186 

Street " 17 

■' ■ '■ ;,-';; ■ ''■'.:'.. * • • . ■ '•• 

TIm le e mtl y appointed OfBoen of the Supreme Court of tte Dominion. 

Offie» Ai StaoAt Side of Parliament Buildinga. 

. MX.;' 


i, Hon. Wm. BcfiLL RicHABDs, Chief Justice. 

fr Hon. Wii. Johnston Bitohik. v '% 
[' *' Saw.. Hbnrt Stboko. . f^it 
« T. Fourkhr. ^^' 


«« Wm. Albx. Hbvbt. . 

Segiairar. ^^ ^ 

. Bobbbt Cabbsls, Jb., Barrister-at-Law. 

;..'/.'*'- '■■^.:\'i4^mi 



), Mf 

ly. ,] 

■S ■iM^'^:^'^^^':^^-- ¥ ' m% . 

iV.iJwiJ. '. 

.' w 


I -I 







Abbott, WiUiaiu fating 88 

Ackroyd, E. 14 

Albion Hotel T 

Anderson, Broa ftwing 49 

Baldwin, AH ' Auing 38 

Barton, John 82 

Battle, Bros 164 

Beland, L J fiuing 49 

Blrkett, Thos faeing 88 

Blyth ti Kerr fitelng 128 

Borbridg^ Wm 14 

Borthwiok, W & T Jitcing 137 

Boyden, Joseph 164 

British Lion Hotel fiteing 25 

Bryson, Charles Uutjly Itaf 

Campbell, Miss faeing 97 

Cartier, Angnate 164 

Chapleaa, G .facing 158 

Christie, A ft Co 95 

Citizens' Insurance Co 4 

Clarendon House, ftrftjiy leaf 

CUrke, T M facing 48 and 148 

Congregation de Notre Dame 15 

Customs Circular. faeing 6 and 7 

De Guise, A faeing 67 

D« Oulse & Lapointe faeing 57 

Deqjardins, Charles , 4 

Dominion Lands fiieing 153 

Esmonde, Bros htad linu 

Free Press facing 100 

Putvoye, Geo faeing 96 

Gibson, JHP fiudng 128 

Giles, Abner R Uutfly Uava 

Hodf^s, H 187 

Immigration facing 161 

Jacobs, 8 81 

Johnston, Robi facing 66 

Johnstone, William faeiTig 96 

Kavanagh, M 14 

Keaough * Strang facing 48 

Kenny, T W ft Sons head lines 

Lambert JT faeing 1*7 

Lapolnte, Hoses fitoing 57 

Leguult, F faeing 89 

London Restaurant 194 

Marier, Pierre ft Co. facing 187 

May, Geo f^ing 1» 


Miles, K. facing 186 

Mills, AK lait fly leaves and 315 

Morgan, H J fluting 113 

Mortimer, Alex headlines and 16 

Mortimer, Geo flteing 168 

O'Connor ft Hogg feeing 66 

O'Connor ft Waller .head lints . 

Ottawa Agricultural Ins Co . .inside first cover 

Ottawa l.aJles' College taelng 34 

Pateison ft Law faeing 97 

Patterson, Thos faeing 48 

Post Office Savings Bank . .facing 104 ami 105 

Preston ft Sun 2 

Private Bills. faeing 82 

Qulnn, John fiieing 49 

RelB^nstein, Q C head lines and 147 

Richard, J L faeing 88 

Robertson, Peter faeing 96 

Russell House 1 

Scott, Stewart ft OormuUy Jbeing 68 

Shaver, WH 232 

Bhoolbred ft Co fiead lines 

Bomervllle, W M JMng 136 and 8 

Statutes of Canada 316 

Stitt J R, ft Co. facing 2 and .1 

St Lawrence Hotel 148 

Taylor ft Heddle 148 

Titus, Alonzo inside last cover 

Walker, Caasels ft Pennock 194 

Wilson ft Orr $ 

Windsor House fheiug 89 

Woodbum, A 8 faeing 118 ond 181 

Woodbum, Thoa M faeing 128 

Woodland Richard facing 97 

Workman, A ft Co 282 

Tottug, Bronson ft Co facing 56 

Toung, Jas ft G faeing 25 


Albion Hotel first fiy leems 

Bishop, Geo ft Co faotng 168 

Canada Paper Co fining 176 

Cramer, Felix. faeing 169 

Dominion Type Founding C& fiieing I'il 

Walker ft Wiseman. fitoing 170 

PRESCOTT vv-'?"' 
Daaleli' Hotel fiaetng 120 

iJ't'-S ■'■■ 


^ :i;- 




ALBBRT AVENUE, fhtm Maria soath to PortUmd Avenue north 17 

ALBERT ISLAND, (Chawdiekk) IT 

ALBERT, from Canal west to Maria .'....17-1»-1» 

ALICE, from Canal weat, south-weeterly 1> 


ARTHUR, from Maria aouth, to city limita 1» 

AUGUSTA, ftrom St Patrick south to Theodore l»-aO 

BAIRU, ffom Dalhousie (ft it to Rideau River .' a»-81 

BANK, from Vlttori* aoutli to city Umlts 21-29 

BARRETT, beoni Murray aouth to Clarence 22 

BAT, from Ottawa River aouth to Someraet 22 

BELL, from Somerset to city limits 22 

BE88ERER, from Rideau to Nicholas 22-28 

BOLTON, from Ottawa River to Rideau River 28-24 

BOTBLIER, from Sussex to Rideau River 24 

BRIDGE, (Lk Bretom Flatb,) from the river south to WelUngton 24-25 

BRITANNIA TERRACE, (Li Bsbton Flan,) from Montreal south to Foole/s Bridge 25 

BROAD, ^-Li B«rroN Flats,) from Ottawa River south to Wellington « 

BT-WARD MARKET, StaUs eaatside 26 

do do west side 26 

BY-WARD MARKET SQUARE, west side 26 

CAMBRIDGE, from Marl* to city limito 26 

CANAL BAST, ftt)m foot of locks to city limit 26 

CANAL WEST, from foot of look* to city limit 26-2T 

CATHCART SQUARE. (Ottawa Wabd) 27 

CATHCART, trom Ottawa river to Rideau river S7-28 

CATHCART WEST, (Le Briton Flats,) 2« 

CHAPEL, from St Patrick to Theodore 28 

CHARLES, from Bank, easterly 28 

CHARLOTTE, from St Patrick to Theodore 28-29 

CHAUDIBRE, (Cracdikrb Island) 20 

CHURCH, fh>m Sussex to Rose 29-30 

CLARENCE, from Sussex to Rideau river 86-81-82-83 

COBOURG, flrom St Patrick south to Theodore 88 

CONCESSION, from Otttawa river to city llmlU 83-84 

COOPER, from Elgin to Concesaion 84 

COURT, ftom Canal cast to Nicholaa 84 

CaMBBRLAND, fh>m Rideau river to Theodore 84-85 

CURRIER, from Sussex easterly 85 

DALHOUSIE, fh)mMackayto Ridead 86-86-87 

DALT, fhmi NichoUs rast to Rideau river 37-88 

DIVISION, fh)m Maria to city limits 38 

DUKE, fh>m Queen west to Bridge 88 

ECCLES, from Bell to Division 88 

ELQIN.from Wellington south to southern limita 89 

PRANK, from Bank easterly 89 

PBIEL, from St Andrew south to Theodore , 40-41 

GEORGE, from Sussex east to Cumberland 41 

GLOUCESTER, from Elgin to Concession 41-42 

GROVE, from Canal west south westerly 49 

HEAD, (CuADDiERK Island) 49 

HENEY, from Cobourg to Wurteuibuig 49 

HILL, from Wellington to Albert , 42 

KENT, fr»m Rear to Somerset 42-48 

i I 

!| ■ 





f . <■' 

ill; ^ 









KINO, horn Ridaan river to Thoodore 

LB BRITON, tnm Portbnd aveitvu to city llmlti 

LBWIS, (h>ia CaiuI west to Bell 46 

LIBO AB, firam Canal weit to Oonoeeaion M 

^ TiOTD, (Lb Bbctoh PLAT8,)from Duke to Wellington 46 

hiACKAT. from Ottawa rtTcr to Rldean 46 

MARIA, from Canal west to WeUington 4«-47 

MoOBB, from at Andrews to at Patrick 4< 

MoTAQOART,fr«m Ottawa tlver east to Rideaa river 48 

MBTOALPB 8QUARB, (Ottawa Ward) 46 

MITCALFB, fr«m Wellingten to aomerset 46-40 

MIDDLE, (Victoria Iblaxd) 40 

MILL LANK, from StPanl to Court 40 

MILL, (Bee Middle Bt, Vietoria Iiland) 40 

MONTRBAL, (Lb Briton Flats) 49 

MOSGROVB, from Oeorge to Canal east 40 

MURRAY, ftvm Bussex to King ,,..; 40-60-61 

NBL80M, from St Patrick south to Theodore 61 

NBPBAK, from BIgIn to Concession 61-61 

NICH0LA8, tnm Rideaa south to suutlieru limits 62-68 

NOTRE DAME, from St Andrew to St Patrick 68 

i/'CONNOR, frxtm Wellington to Somerset 64 

OREGON, (IiE Bmton Flats,) from Bridge west to Ottawa river 64 

OTTAWA, (Lb Brbton Flats,) from Cathcart west to Broad 64^1) 

PAPINEAU, from Anglesea square to Cobourg 66 

PARLIAMBjrT, from St Andrew's to St Patrick 86 

PBRCT, ttonx Maria to Somerset 66 

PETER, from Canal west, south-westerly 68 

PORTLAND AVENUE, from Bell to Division 66 

PRIMROSE AVENUE, from ConoeRsicn to Division 66 

QUEEN, from Canal west to Concession 66-68 

QUEEN WEST, (Lb Breton FLATB,)frontWeUlngtcn to Broad 66-67 

REAR, (ViOTOBi A Ward) 67 

RBDPATH, frtmi Daihonsie to Ridean river 67<.68 

RIDEAU, (from Sappers' bridge to Rideau river 68-60-80 

ROSE, from St Andrew's to St Patrick , 60 

St ANDREW, from Sussex to Ridean rl irer 6041-82 

8t JOSEPH, from St Andrew to St Patrick 68 

St PATRICK, from Ottawa river east, to Rideaa river 63-84-86-86 

8t PAUL, from Canal east to Rideau river 86-87 

SALLY, from Ottawa river to Somerset 87-88 

SHAMROCK, from King easterly , 88 

SHERWOOD, (Le Breton Flats,) from Oregon south to Aqueduct 88-89 

SLATER. fh>m Canal west to Coucesslon' : 80 

SOMERSET, from Canal west to Bell 89-70 

SPARKS, from Canal wes<, to WelUngton 70-71-72 

STEWART, flrom Besserer east to Rideaa river 72-78 

SUSSEX, from Rideau river to Canal basin 78-74 

THEODORE, from Canal east to Rideau river TI-76 

VICTORIA AVBNUE, fkom Maria to Portland Avenue 76 

VITTORIA, from Bank to Sally 76 

WATER, from Sussex east to Rideau river 76-76-77 

WBLLINQTON, from Canal west to City limit 77-78-70 

WILBROD, from Canal east to Rideau river 79-80 

WILLIAM, fh<m Clarence to Rideaa 80 

WURTBMBURO, from Rideaa river south to Daly 80 

YORK, from Sussex east to King 8M1 




• ' 






AeoonnUnta (PvbUe) IM 

JBnted Water Maaufeotnren U9 

Agenta, Alea and Fortar 140 

" Building Materiala 140 

" Commiuion 140 

" Land 140 

" Railway Ticket and Freight 140 

" ThreadMlUa 149 

" Agrioultural Implementa -140 

Aiehitaete 149 

ArtUta 149 

AuotUmeen 140 

Bakera 149 

Barriataraand Attomajra ISO 

Blaokamitha ISO 

Boat Bttildera....... ISO 

Bookblndera .ISO 

BookaeDera and Btatio&era ISO 

Boota and Shoea 151 

Breweia . .ISl 

Brickmakera. 161 

Broom llakera 161 

Bnuh Maker 161 

BtiUden, Oaipentara and Contractora 161 

BatAera 168 

OUtinet Itakera and Fnmitnre Dealer*. ... 163 

Carpet Warehouse 168 

Oariiaga Hakara 168 

Carvera and Oildera 164 

Ohentlata and Dmggiata 164 

Chiaa and Crockerr Dealers .164 

OoalOealen '....164 

ConfiBetlaBarB awl Fmit Doatora 164 

Coopers 166 

Corset and Hoop4klrt Mannikctarer. ... .166 

af&tiata 166 

Diy Oooda and Clothing 166 

Dyian and Scooreis 166 

XagiaTen 166 

Eiohange Broken 166 

Express 166 

Fancy Oooda 160 

Fidi Merchanta 16« 

Flow and Feed ....156 

Flour MiUs 168 

Forwaiders its 


Fmiterera 166 

Oenta' Fumlshing 160 

Oreen Orocers 160 

Grocers 160 

Ounamiths 168 

Hair Dreasers 161 

Batten and Furriers 16t 

Hat Manufoctturer , 168 

Hardware 168 

Hide Dealers 160 

Hotels, Restanrants, and Saloona^ 160 

Ice Dealer .' 400 

Ironfounders and Machinists llO 

Lamps, Oila, Faints, kc 100 

Leather and Shoe Findings 100 

Lithographer 160 

Liver' Stobles 100 

Lumber Merchants 100 

Marble Works 161 

Merchant Tailora 101 

Millinen and Drsaamakers 101 

Music and Moaieal Instruments 101 

Music Stores )01 

Mews Agents ..101 

Painters Ml 

Patenf) BoUoitors 101 

Photographers 101 

Flumbera 161 

Physicians and Surgeons lOS 

Piotnrea and Picture Frames 103 

Printer* and Pnbliahers 168 

Professors of Music and Singitag 163 

Saddlers ., 16t 

Saah Factories 103 

Sewing Machine Agents i .163 

Soap Makera lOS 

Btoncontters 103 

Surveyora 168 

Tattors 108 

Tanners and CorrierB 168 

Tobaocouiata 108 

Undertaken ...108 

Veterinary Snigeon. > 108 

Waahiog Machine Mannfaetoren ......... 108 

Watchmakers, Jewellen, kc 168 

Wood Xerchanti 164 



'. lU. 

Qiie0ii M®iiiiiiiPiiiiiii 


72 to 78 Wellington Street, 



tf: '.y.i''^r-'"'Krj 






181 Sipfiirlsis Street, 






|! . A C S R O 7 D , 



^^a/ and Imitation Hair Switches, 

I ,"• '■ 'J ... 



M^Eair tnd Co&bings Breued in Xint Claaa Style. 



i-.f '^' i\ -'i n. 


ragMgfttlOB de ir«tM BlMMy 

A Branch of Villa Maria or Monhlandt, 

Gloucester 8treet« Centre Town, - - - OTTiL^CCT^ 

— « 

la point of nituation and salubrity, thiH InstituUon olfers many 

Eneliei) and French being the languages ol the House, the course is 
thorough and entire, affording in f'aniihar uonvernation ample fhcilities for 
the perfect acquiHition of both. 

The course of studies comprises the usual Elementary branches of an 
English and French Education with Ancient and Modern History, 
J literature, Botany, use of Qlobes and Astronomy, Natural History, 
Ghemistrv, Arithmetic, Book keeping, Algebra and Geometry. 

The Scholastic Year begins on 1st September and finishes on 1st July. 
Pupils are admitted at any time during tne year. 

T B 1=1. l>.<t S : 

Payable half-yearly— on entrance, and daring the first week of iiecond acHioB. 

Drawing and PalntliuL per anauB tM 

BoAHD AND TumoM, per annum $100 

M«8ic— Piano " 80 

—Harp " 60 

—Guitar " 20 

—Organ " 40 


Embroidery and WooiWork, " 10 

Laundress " SO 

Bed and Bedding " g 

Entrance fee, use of Libtarjr " 4 

Vocal Music, charge of the Professor, as also, Oerman, Italian, Spanish and Lathi and the 
oonrae of Calisthenics. 

Costume— Besides the Uniform, which consists of a Black Drass, each pupil should be pro* 
vided with a sufficient supply of Llneu and Clothing, Towels, Napkins and everything aeoeesaiy 
for the Toilet. No particular dress Is usually worn. 

There Is an extra oharae of #10 for a particular conrse in Plain Sewing, Dreia Cutting, 
Dressmaking and Culinary Art 

ID^^-ST SOI3:03Li.A-I^S., 16th Nov., ist Feb., and 16th April, (quarterly paid in advance.) 

Elenieiitary, imr quarter St 00 

Music— Piano " 7 50 

Senior Course— per quarter |T 00 

Intermediate, " 00 

Junior, " 6 50 

If day scholars take dinner in the Establishment an extra charge of tl per month. 

JI^Fir hrther putiealin apply to the Uother Soperior of fte bUMiskBaL' 

ll . 








'I . 




• ! ' r 

! < 




■)■ ii.i 



I • 

;,i > 



■I ' i 
■' i Li 

















(^ 198 Sparks Street, ))) - ((< Wert of O'Oonnor Strnt ))) 


lookbiato and Aoaoiuitlook ||aooiaoliinr, 

Wholesale and Retail Stationery Warehouse. 

1 • -■ 'fVA >^.-i ,«.- 

•":.,,,, . 8X.AX7S 

<y «/^^ description made to order on the shortest notice from tht best 
" ii'k papers and of superior workmanship, , .; , .(^ 


.■ *■ 'It 

^l** :■ f -.«*^. 'x- 

Speoial Attention given to MuBic> 


«»* \i *»-■ 'I 

■"! .'(i .. I 

■ *.-tf' 

^ARTIES reciuinng ^ooks bound will find it to 
t^eir advantage to give tlfis Ustablisffmeni a call. 

ij? ^;y« assortment of Taney 'Goods consisting 
.', of a superior class of Plfotograplf o^lbums, Scrap 
~Books, Music Folios, . tadies* and 'Gentlemen's "Card 
'Casec, 'Opera 'Glasses, Programme 'Cards, Purses^ 
Wallets, Pocket Memorandums, J^ote ~Books, and 
every description of 'Counting Mouse Stationery. 


J? call is respectfully scUcited, 


i^'J' r OTTAWA tnniT MBMTOItr. 


BMBitUag' Bo«AiW> Ttamkli^b Mm tn^^ aad OBtm st UMuWlMV. 




i 'i'l! 

Tbi Strieti are numbeir! «« follows -.—All odd numbcrt on th« north aud 
eMt tide of «acH 6^■?et ; all er«n numbers on the south and nrest. Htreets 
running uui:\ and south to number from the north ( those running "%Mi 
and wMt to number fVom the Ganal respsotively. -, .^ . r r •> ;^ t 

Each Lot of 66fl. fVontage is to receire four numbers, or One nttnibef fbr 
every 16^ feet. 

Albert ATOnne, Eaat ride, 
(formerly Edward' Street,) 

from Maria at, aouth eide, to P"*'t- 
kmd avenue, north aide. 

13 Herbert Jesse, felt roofer 

17 Heppenstall Geo, oa>'v>«nter 
21 MoPbail Rev. I aniel 

SI Brown Peter, car pen Ux 
S3 Porter John, culler 
37 Fewks Thoiiias, laborer 

Albtrt i^veane, Weal aide. 
12 Doyle Peter, bookkeeper 

14 MatthewA John, carpenter 

18 Carey Jas, carpenter 
26 Cox Mrs, widow 

80 McKane Thomas, millwright 
32 Sauve Francis, laborer 
40 Burns Robert, carpenter 
42 Ross James, foreman 
44 Kelly Patrick, millwright 
50 Shaw Mrs George, widow 

Albert Idand. 

Booth J R, lumber manufactr 
Donaldson Benjamin, cashier 
Montreal Telegraph Company 
Steam Fire Engine House. 
Fournier Pierre, laborer 
Poulin Guillaume, teamster 
Hopple John, laborer 
Williams Win, laborer 
Beauchamp Joseph, teamster 

/' Jbin+. i^' eet. North aide. 
jFVe-ij* *AnM'l meat to l'<- '-^at. 
r^yi-;' 'urt 
lifsre ELgin at interaeeta. 
67 Mason James T, plumber 
69 Mill I A, insurance agent 
73 May Geo, merchant 
77 McLean Alex, Timea Office 

79 Pa riea Rev P W 

''I Mcintosh C H, Ottawa Oititen 

17 'fodffson Wm, arciiitect 

.1 '<a«nley Mrs Francis, widow 

93 >'.n8sell Alex, merchant 

Here Metca\fe at interaeeta, 
117 Young Wm, chief fire brigade 
119 Close Thomasj commission agt 
123 Campbell Colin. C S clerk 
135 MoKenzie J B, boarding house 
139 Conley M A» do ,■ 

141 McOilton Robt J ■ t 

143 Gowan J H 
145 Grant George, C S clerk 

Here O'Connor at i, ".eraecta. 

183 O'Connor J, chief doorkeeper of 

House of Commons 
187 Gail A B 
196 Oouldthrite Samuel 
199 MoFarlane Robert, machinist 
201 Logan Dr, homoepathic « 
205 Bell D C, portrait painter ■ 
211 McCrea KW 

213 Mutton Francis, cabinet maker 
219 Fisher Mrs George, widow 
Here Bank at interaeeta. 

249 Brown James, carpenter 

263 Rodden R J 

256 Jacobs Saml, manufacturer 

259 Moore John, collector 

261 Atkinson Neil, boarding house 

269 Bryson J A, bookkeeper 

271 Taylor Thomas 

273 Grant Alexander, carpenter 

277 Webster George, leather cutter 

279 Hall Ed, fbrwarder 

281 Storr Ed ward, messenger House 

of Commons. 
283 McMullen Henry, marble cutter 
nai i ^'- '^^ ^^ Francis, widow 
^^^ tSvow A bert 

0«t jma CMrpets at MKWIAKSD * CMMI 



h \. 



'I ■! 


• h 

• , I.! i . ! 

', \.\ 

'I'll (t . 








J • 


i* ■ 


.; ^ 

'' I < 


■.-ft- . ■ 




The only place to get Jaoqnee and Kay's Fomitnn ia at flBOOUSKD ft OO.'S 

291 MacCuaigRC W, insurance agt 
295 Williams Edward, agent 
litre Kent at intersects. 

.^27 Wallis J D, photographer 
S53 Barber Earle Isaac 
S56 Mills Mrs Joseph, widow 
869 Coburn Emanuel, bookbinder 

Here Sally st intersects. 

887 Thompson Philip N 

Here Bay st intersects. 
44.^ Ma^ee Charles, merchant 
446 Robertson Patrick, manager 

Bank of Ottawa 
4G5 Mara E A, architect 
467 Blackburn Wm, bookkeeoer 
469 Blackburn R, foreman Perley 

and Pattee 
473 McGarity Thomas, merchant 
479 Moir John, lumberman 
483 Godd Rev Francis 
499 Chepmell Hy, sec. U F & R co 

Here Concession st intersects. 

521 Watchorn John, jr, cooperage 

623 Richmond Mrs widow 

625 Watchorn J, sr, cabinetmaker 

631 Curtis Nathan, clerk P O 

633 Wilson John, lumber shipper 

635 Bellharrie James 

635 Kelly Mrs W widow 

537 Jamieson Wm, baker 

641 Burgess Charles, carpenter * 

643 Boyd Hugh, inspector water 

545 Stapleton Mrs Thomas, widow 
551 Witney James, carpenter 
555 MoKnight Mrs Wiuiam, widow 
559 Bennett H 

Here Hill st intersects. 
Albert Street, South side, 
from Canal west to Maria st. 
20 McLennan Mrs Duncan, widow, 

boarding house 
'22 Christie Christina, boarding hse 
30 Bro\yn Jos, messenger, board- 
ing house 
34 Bell John G 
Enox Chuech 

Here Elgin st intersects. 


56 A 58 Orphans' Home, protestant 

68 Steacy Mr, messenger 

66 Bennett H W 

94 Duff Alexander 

98 Button Mrs Geo, widow, board- 
ing honae 

Here Metcalfe at intersect... 
132 to 138 Gowai'a Opera House. 
Here O'Connor st intersects. 

18. Wilson David 

|Q^ f Mills Alex, cabinet-maker 

\ Byrnes John, printer 
196 Rowe Amos, alderman 
198 Lanigan Mrs 
204 Barton Daniel 
208 Shepard F W, bookkeeper 
212 Shore Thomas 
218 Mathieson W M, barrister 
220 Grant Henry, grocer 
226 Gibson John, printer 
228 Raymond Truman, dyer, &c 
236 Smith Mrs W, milliner 

Here Bank st intersects. 
240 Inch John, mason 
248 Fitzsimons James, watchman 

House of Commons 
252 Gilbert Frederick, messenger 

254 Lattimer James, policeman 
258 Young Mrs widow 
260 Robinson D M, stonecutter 
262 Hume G B, assurance agent 
264 Stock win Charles, carpenter 
272 Lang James, contractor 
276 Watson Robt, of Russell & 

Watson, merchant 
284 Parker Mrs widow 
286 Gunn Alexander, mason 
288 MacNamara Mrs 
292 Kerr Miss 

296 uraden Samuel, millwright 
298 Prichard J, laborer 
302 Lafricain Mrs, widow 
304 Williams E T, upholsterer 
306 Mitchell, Jas P, policemau 

Here Kent st intersects. 


O'Connor Wm, planing mills 
Coon & O'Connor, sprmg mat- 
trass makers 
328 Sandham Frederick, builder 
332 Brown Thos, inspector of pork 
338 Steen James, carpenter 
340 Campbell W H, traveller 
344 Pratt William 
346 Pratt Isaiah 
352 Whyte Robert, carpenter 
356 Livmg Henry, c'erk 
.368 Neeland William, clerk " 
360 Rea William, prii, , and local 
agent for London Masonic 
Mutual Benefit Association. 
Cathoi-io Apostolic Church 
Here Sally st intersects. 

Paper RiiUd at ALBX. MOnTKBIBR*f| Sparlu Street. 

■ '^>r^^e 



A. WXBTIMEB, Bookbinder and Stationer, Sparks Street 

382 Brownlee Mrs Thomas, widow 
384 Holditch Mrs Wm, widow 
388 Sparks George, laborer 
3% Whitehead Wm, sh. maker 
Here Bay at intersetts. 

Ottawa Ladies' College 
E P Jackson, MA, Principal 
470 Horetzky Charles G 
478 Scott Thos, architect P W D 
494 Remon B P, barrister 
604 Todd Alpheus, librarian parlia- 
Here Concession tt inUrsecta. 
506 Houghton Albert, blacksmith 
512 Forester James 
614 Watchorn John, jr, cooper 
516 Taylor Mrs widow 
626 Gilchrist Vfrn, millwrigiit 
528 Allen Wm, cabinetmaker 
530 Roberts Henrv, blacksmith 
532 Sergent Wm, laborer 
534 Payne Abraham, shoemaker 
636 McPherson Saml, blacksmith 
638 Street Mrs, widow 
550 Mason Donald 
666 Pitzpatrick Mrs widow 
670 Lyons Robinson 
672 Fowler 8, of Henderson & Co 

Fowler Mrs widow 
576 Atwood Wni, foreman water 

678 Smith E T, crown timber office 
582 Dunning D H, clerk 
584 Dick George, foreman, Perley 

& Pat tee 
586 O'Donell John, engineer 
688 Higgins E S, civil service 
592 Finch Henry 
696 Dunlevie Horace G, C 8 clerk 
598 Tanney Robert, moulder 
GOO Clark Thomas 
S06 Prodfick Mrs, groceries etc 

Alice Street, {North side,) 
from Canal st west, south-westerly. 
1 Roos John, tobacconist 
17 Lynch Patrick, messenger 
29 Quernzney — , laborer 

Alice Street, {South side.) 
6 Conn Hugh, assistant to City 

20 Mc Arthur Wm, agent for Ohio 
sandstone, McDermott & Co 

Anglesea Square, (North side.) 

1 Gareau Leon, grocer 
Presbytery of St. Ann's Church 

1 7 Alleau Rev J B, curate 

23 Deslaurier Glasfois, laborer 
29 Desormeau Felix, laborer 
31 Govareau Albert, carpenter 

35 Bertrand Andrew, stonecutter 
37 Bovier Charles, saddler 

39 Sauriol Damien, painter 
45 Desormeau Baptiste, mason 
47 Desormeau Theophile,c'rp'nter 

Anglesea Square, (South side.) 
6 PipTis George, plasterer 
12 Brown Donald, carpenter 
14 Conway Mrs John 
16 Kavanagh James, tailor 

18 Jackson John, Govt police 

24 Eagleson Wm, clerk 

36 Godwin Mrs Jeremiah 

Arthur Street, (East side,) 

(formerly George st, Ashburnham 


from Maria st, south side, to city 
Here Primrose Avenue intersects. 
85 Peterkin John, jr, bricklayer 
95 Edey Moses C, carpenter 
119 Brown James, carpenter 
121 Walker James, stonecutter 

123 Imlach Andrew, pattern maker 
125 Kerr Gavin E, stonecutter 

127 Ryan Jas, merchant 

Here Somerset st intersects. 
145 Sutton Mrs H B, groceries &a 
147 Booth Leandre, millwright 
163 Wilkins Francis, foreman 
159 Welsh James, laborer 
175 Garvey James, laborer 

Arthur Street, ( West side.) 
Here Primrose avenue intersects. 
108 Walker Thomas, blacksmith 

124 Leggatt F H W, bookkeeper 

128 Huikett Jas B, C 8 clerk 
136 Cummings Robert, laborer 
138 Dunlop James, laborer 

Here Somerset st intersects. 

182 Garrett Wm, laborer 
184 Boyd John, stonecutter 
206 Edge Nicholas, carpenter 

Augusta Street, (East side,) 
Jrom St. Patrick, south, to Theodore 

15 Dorion Alexander, painter 

17 T ream blea Mat, laborer 

26 Rucheon John, laborer 

3H Russell David, carpenter 

37 Boily Joseph, messenger 

Polar Hefi'lg«rator keeps Meat and Vtsli In hot weather. BSBIONDii.8<, 

'.\ ,^' 


'mi ill I 


i ' 

: :/!?« 

i \ 

' ' (■ 















A BMVtfftil Um of Bortie Ohidn, SettN^t, *o,, at aSMOHIHES'. 

39 Boily Napoleon, mesMnger 
41 Gauvreau J«an, cabinet maker 

Here Pa^iiMau at interaecU. 
49 Gauvreau Louia, joiner 
65 Goodall James, grocer 

Here Clarenee at interaeeta. 
67 Dowling David, grocer 
69 Price Wm, bricklajer 
71 8avag[e Benjamin, carpenter 
73 Lecroix John, messenger 
79 Gordon Benjamin, surveyor 

83 Nitwell J, clerk 
87 Norris Mathew, tanner 
91 Lamb Jas T, salesman 
95 White Wm, carpenter 
107 Carroll P T, painter 
113 Howell Wm, clerk 
115 Rafter Aarop, carter 
117 Yeoman Joseph, clerk 
119 Hawkins A Gf, bookkeeper 
123 Gallagher Jno, laborer 

126 Wilson Henry, painter 

127 Sharp Jno, stonemason 
129 Connor Jno, Gov police 

, o, jr Stewart Robt, contractor 
^**' \ Rogers Frederick ,bookbinder 
141 Toy Charlee, laborer 
145 Connor Wm, carpenter 
151 Randells Richard, laborer 
165 Russell Geo, cabinet warehouse 
157 Steers Thomas 
159 Hartwell Alex, insurance agent 
161 Grant Mrs Alpine 
163 MoNaughton Michael, door- 
keeper privy council 
Here Bideau at interaeeta. 
181 Throop A W, C 8 clerk 
183 Sheppard P B, C 8 clerk 

Here St Paul at interaeeta. 
191 Smith Fredk, clerk 

196 Powell Charles, clerk 

197 Laurin Al'red, cook R house 
213 McArthur James, bricklayer 

Here Daly at interaeeta. 
229 Walsh Michael, messenger 
Here Stewart at intersects. 
243 Jones Rev T B Canon, LLD 
253 Meredith Edmund A, LLD dop 
min of tlie Int 
Here Wilbrod at intersects. 

Angusta Street, ( West side.) 

20 Courvill Michael, laborer 
24 Hant Gregory, laborer 

Here Angleaea «2 initrawta. 

84 Shannon Thomas, grocer 
86 Leamy Mrs James, widow 
88 Robertson Alex, coachman 
90 Simpson S, clerk 
92 Larouche Joseph, coachman 
94 Pirrie Hueh, snoemaker 
96 McQueen William, shoemaker 
98 Besserer Louis, messenger 
100 Dernally C R, riding master 
102 StaceyMrs Henry 
104 Crookshanks Miss Margaret 
106 Wrisht John, painter 
108 Pender John, messenger 
112 Pender Patrick, messenger 
114 Quiry Elie, French translator 
na / Owens Mr Ann, widow , 
"** l Owens Thos, James k Geo 
122 McDonald Alex, tailor 
124 Peck James, carter 
142 McKeever Patrick, butcher 
146 Gallagher Hugh, painter 
148 Peden Arch'd, telegraph opertr 
150 Marier Arthur, stonecutter 
156 Floyd Arthur, laborer 
168 Darcy Wm, grocer 

Here Rideau at interaeeta. 

i^Q j Hick Mrs R, widow 
'■'^ \Hick Robert, barrister 

Here St. Paul at interaeeta. 
" Daly at « 

230 Gamester Fred, carpenter 
Here Stewart at interaeeta, 
" Wilbrod at « 

Baird Street, North aide, 

from Dalhouaie at Eaat to Bideau 


36 White John, laborer 

53 Mahoney Mrs 

55 Dale Jamef^, laborer 

67 Dunford Mrs Patrick 

59 McGauvron Thomas, laborer 

63 Gill Charles, painter 

66 Vean Jos, painter 

67 Paradis Eaward, carpenter 
71 Whalen Mrs Michael 
79 Runhain David, laborer 

Baird Street, South aide. 

4 McLaughlin Patrick, laborer 
10 Nunn John, painter 
12 Mison William, laborer 
22 Bineham Thomas, laborer 
28 Burke John, laborer 
30 Mahoney John, laborer 
36^Jugiani John, bricklayer 

0«« yo«r Fi*or Oil Ctotli* at 8HOOI.BRBD A> CO.*S 


if. I i.l.i 




Ibfi MoonM at AUCL lIOBIIiCEB'8, tpuks MiMt 

42 Johnston Christian, carpenter 
44 Sullivan Svlvester Jj carpenter 

46 Flood Mark, laborer 

52 Flood Michael, teamster 
66 Demerse Moiae, laborer 
60 Coursoll Jacob, teamster 
€8 Burritt J, carpenter 
70 Burritt Edgar, carpenter 

80 McDonald Philip, laborer 

84 Scrimgeor Geo, dancing master 
88 Fanning John, cabinet maker 

Banl^ Street, East aide, 

from Vittoria st South to City 


Government Workshops. 

Here Wellington st intersects. 

41 Johnstone Wm, plumber 

47 Shepherd & Lothian, dressmkrs 
69 Parker G H, painter 

73 McLaren Mrs 
75&77 Bishoprick Mark, carriage 

79 Bailey Thomas, carpenter 

81 Leuzon A, dry goods 

83 Crawford James, shoe store 

Here Queen st intersects. 
** Albert *• 

109 Smith Mrs, milliner 
115 ik 117 McFarlane J, iron founder 
119 Brown Alexander, cooper 
125 Wilson John, carpenter 

Here Slater st intersects. 

153 Auclair Charles, butcher 

161 Beauvais Gideon 

163 Tremblay & Beauvais, grocers 

Here Maria st intersects. 
165 Sparrow Charles, butcher 
169 Palmer W H, barber 
173 Perkins AJibert, laborer 
181 Stewart Wni, stonecutter 

Here Oloucester st intersects. 
187 West David, Sailor 
189 Lortie P, bookbinder 
191 Mattice John E, saddler 
193 Holstead Wm, laborer 
195 Johnston Robt, builder 
199 Beckett Wm John, carpenter 
201 Popham Wni, carpenter 
203 Reid Robert, carpenter 
205 Gibson William, blacksmith 

Hei'e Nepean st intersects. 
219 Malloy William, laborer 
000 / Graham John, carpenter 
^^^ I Coulthard Wm, bricklayer 

Here Lisgar st intersects. 
236 Humphreys Beauchamp. clerk 
239 Barber E G, C S clerk 
266 Green James, laborer 
285 Ryan Martin, laborer 

Here Cooper st intersects. 
377 Gallagher Michael, laborer 
Here Somerset st intersects. 
413 Spellman Michael, stonemason 

Here Lewis st intersects. 
429 Ryan Mrs, widow 

Here Frank st intersects. 

Bank Street, West side. 

12 Cunningham Jas, bookkeeper 
22 Gilmour & Co, lumber mrcnnts 

Here Wellington st intersects. 

50 Houghton Albert A, blacksmith 
56 Brown Alfred, sewing machine 

Here Sparks st intersects. 
62 Stephens B W 
64 Swanston G N, machinist 
66 Welsh David, Gov police 
68 Taylor Andrew, stonemason 
70 Mellefont Mrs Richard 
72 Sales William, plumber 
74 Clarke Charles, teamster 
76 Borland Wm John, laborer 

Here Queen st intersects. 

Bryson Charles, merchant 
Kingston — , clerk 
Elliott Miss Sarah, dressmaker 
Graves Mrs, widow 
Atchison Mrs Elizabeth 
McBae — , confectioner 
Here Albert at intersects, 
McKenzie Louis, erocer 
Watson Mrs H D, boarding hse 
Lawson A J, photographer 
Stewart Alex, stonecutter 
Presbyterian Church 

Here Slater st intersects, 

{Rogers John, boarding house 
Binks Wm, printer 
Brown — , traveller 
Hall William, laborer 
Laweon William, grocer 
Nicholson J S, grocer 

Here Maria st intersects. 
Coghlan James S, grocer 
Mather James, architect 
Warden Abraham, contractor 






J fl, ■ * it I 

;/y Ijjj f /ji^; 

'i^ -H 

mu II- 1 

* .ii 



K Lf 


i' '.• 


I (, 

BiMilK Beolu 

st AltliZ. BEORTiaiBR»St fpalu Street. 




Oo to BHOOLBBBD ft 00. for Ctrptti, Oartaias, Oiklotha, Hattiiigi, fto. 




198 -f •'^'"^''P ^'''*' widow 

\ Squibb Mrs, boarding house 
202 Gardner Wm, builder 
2U4 Healy John, laborer 

Here Nepean at intersects. 


f Haiz Hamlet, laborer 

\r ■ ' - - - 




. Haig James S, clerk 
f Barrv Jos, laborer 
\ Black David, stonecutter 
Booker Thomas, mason 
222 Sinclair Donald, surveyor 

Barrett Street, West side, 
from Murray st South to Clarence st. 

2 Champaigne Jos, grocer 

4 Renaud Alex, hotel 

6 Perar Benj, laborer 
18 Murphy Bros, ale vaults 
20 Starrs Michael, market lessee 

Bay Street, East side, 
(formerly Water st, Upper Toton,) 

from Ottawa River south to Somerset 

1 Kennedy James, clerk 

Hare Wellington st intersects. 
« Sparks " 

« Queen ♦* 

Albert « 

Slater " 

189 Ritchie Jas, elk. C timber office 
191 Parlow Edwin D, principal cen- 
tral school west 

195 -f '^''"'^ ^' contractor 
* \ Toms Wm, mason 

Here Maria st intersects. 

227 Cowan John, grocer 

229 Richards Ehzabeth, dressmkr 

231 Lothian Adam, plumber 

233 Hinds Josiah, ginger ale mnfctr 

237 Lambert Georgo, boiler maker 

239 McEenna & Fmn, grocers 

Here Gloucester st intersects. 
249 Mclsaac Neil, laborer 
251 Abbott Richard, accountant 
269 Ryan Owen, labourer 

Here Nqpean st intersects. 

269 Mullin Patrick, grocer 
271 Stewart Thomas, machinist 
273 Enright John, tinsmith 
277 Smith John, clerk 

Bay Street, West side. 
Here Wellington st intersects. 
106 Sims Richard A, carriage mkr 
Here Sparks st intersects. 

1 ifi / Wicksteed G W, barrister 
*'*'' \ Wicksteed R J, barrister 

Here Queen st intersects. 

140 Braun F, aecty. of public works 
160 O'Connor Daniel, barrister 

Here Albert st intersects. 
« Slatar " 

206 O'Brien James, Gov. police 
214 Richardson Robert, butcher 

Here Maria st intersects. 
220 McGraw John, plasterer 
230 Moss Henry, butcher 
232 / Kennedy* Daniel, carpenter 
\ Reids Misses, dressmakers 
234 Jamieson J H, wood turner 
Here Gloucester st intersects. 
246 King Chas, dry goods merchant 
252 Schofield William 

Here Nepeam st intersects. 

288 Gauly John, cutter 

f Murphy John, bookkeeper 
290 \ UF&RRCo 

(. Murphy Edmund J 

Bell Street, East side. 

from Somerset st to City limits. 

147 Murray John, grocer 

Bell Street, West side, 

10 Skead Wm, lumber merchant 
20 Howe George, painter 

24 Day Samuel, bible society 
56 Sennet James, laborer 

64 Huson Wm, waiter 

84 Fitzgerald Thos, laborer 

96 Edwards Evan, pattern maker 

Besserer Street, (East side) 

(Formerly Ottawa Street.) 

from Rideau Street, to Nicholas. 

here St. Paul st interescts. 

25 Burns Mrs widow 

35 Pooley George, plasterer 

here Daly street intersects 
61 Gatineau stage office 

Here Stewart st intersects, 
73 Foisy J Z, grocer 
77 Ryall John C, storeman 
81 Cross Win, blacksmith 
83 Burke Misses, dress makers 

85 Adams W H, clerk 

87 Martin Patrick, laborer 

89 Litle Alex 

91 Parry John W, saddler 

Bbmee lUac* Bze«iilor Cook Store* BBMONDB BROS.* AgenU. 

•■■•y |'|;;"•,■w 



Aooonnt Booki made to Older at AUZ. MOllllMKB'B, Bpuk> BtrMt 

.1 ' 

93 Thompson Mark, harness makr 
here WHbrod street intersects 

99 Henlon Miss Margaret, grocer 

101 McCuUum R, laborer 

103 O'Donnell John, laborer 

105 Brody Richard, grocer 
107 Roman Catholic School 
137 Woods William, laborer 

Besserer Street, west side 
from Rideau st. 
4 Somerville AVm M dealer in 
marble &o. 
here St Paul street intersects. 
28 Ronald Thos, laborer 
40 Litle John, market constable 

here Daly street intersects. 

58 Birkett Jas, hardware morcht. 
68 Abbott Wni, China shop keeper 
72 Preston George, tailor 
74 Dunn Edward, millwright 
76 Carroll Henry, porter 
78 Russell Peter, carpenter 
80 Williams Luke, waiter 
82 Williams William, printer 
84 Peeke Chas Edmund, tailor 
86 Munro Lester, sewing machine 

90 Sullivan Denis, carpenter 
92 Jones Thos, laborer 
98 Walls Misses, dressmakers 

here Wilbrod st intersects. 

100 Graham Mrs Sarah, grocer 

102 Richard Thomas, engme driver 

104 Dixon George, cutter 

106 Grant Archu, hardware mercht 
.108 Topley John, photographer 
ilO Stethem T 8, msurance agent 
118 St. George's Ward primary 

here Theodore st intersects. 
160 Grant Donald M, supt Dawson 

154 Pennock Wm, insurance agent 
160 Dickson Wm Henry, salesman 

Bolton Street, North side, 

Jrom Ottawa river to Rideau river. 

Here Sussex st intersects. 

33 Cocraft Thomas, laborer 
37 Hudson Richard, cabinet mkr 
39 Trudeau Pierre, " 

43 Lindsay C W, insurance agent 
47 Campbell T (of Harris * Camp- 

63 Harris Robert P, (of Harris * 
I Campbell 

67 Pruneau Thomas, foreman 

59 MofFette J Bte, joiner 

65 Gravel Louis, butcher 

69 Hotte Stanislaus, carter 

71 Letourney Alfred, engineer 

77 Forcier Jean, joiner 

79 Gharlebois Andr6, joiner 

85 Cass Thomas, mason 

87 Asselin Mrs Joseph 

93 Vezina Th6ophile, clerk 

96 Sullivan Michael, laborer 

Here Dalhousie st intersects. 

127 Davis Wm, gardener 
161 Thibodeau Moise, laborer 
163 Jordan James, raftsman 
171 Dyson Samuel, laborer 
173 McEaon James, " 
179 Ruthven James, bookbinder 
186 Ray Patrick, laborer 
189 Black William, pilot 
191 Esdale William, laborer 
196 McCormick V/illiam, driver 
211 Sloane James, clerk 

Here Cumberland st intersects. 

241 Miles Charles, laborer 
243 Ling Charles, steward 
246 Kehoe Michael, laborer 
263 Tompkins John, laborer 
255 Stirling Wm, " 

Here King st intersects. 

269 McLean Mrs Mary Ann 
281 Maloney John, plasterer 

Bolton Street, South side, 
6 Ratte Antoine, boat-house 
Here Sussex st intersects. 

32 Prevost Toussaint, painter 

34 Inglis Robert, steward 

36 O'Keil John, carter 

38 Dacv James, laborer 

42 Butler Thos 0. mail agent 

44 Taylor David, express agent 

56 Pruneau Hector, joiner 

60 Pruneau Thilespnore, painter 

66 Latr£mouille 0, dry goods mcht 

72 Auger J Bte, carter 

74 Stopellben F T, printer 

76 Burns Patrick, laborer 

98 Villeneuve Honor§, carter 

100 Moreau BarthSl^my, messenger 
department of agriculture 

102 Villeneuve Joseph, carter 

Here Dalhousie at intersects. 
170 Donavan Alex, blacksmith 

/ ! 


'' W; 

!• t 

0«t your Famltnre at 8HOOLBRKD * CO,'S 


"% • 

:; 1 



.BHODXJBXD It 00. Nil XaoqiiH sod Sa,f» Forniton at l0W jtiitm. 

182 Vaudette Isidore, carter 
210 Mcintosh Kenneth, carpenter 
Here Cumberland at intersects. 
248 Foley John, laborer 
266 Duncan Alexander, agent 
Here King st intersects, 
278 Manancon Antoine, laborer 
286 McGuigan Mrs Arthur 
290 Amiotte Francois, shoemaker 
294 Prudhomme Benj, laborer 

Botelier Street, North aide, 
from Sttssex at to Bideau river. 

45 Reynolds T, managing director 

of tlie St. Lawrence A Ottawa 
B R, stable and coach house 

Here DaViouaie at inieraecta. 
116 Kane Mrs Wm 
121 Riel Philip, clerk 

165 Clancy Jonn, bookkeeper 
157 McGlau^lin John, contractor 
161 Whelaii John, laborer 

163 Larone John, dyer 

166 St. George Wm 0, bailiff 
Here Cumberland st intersects. 

187 Enright Thomas, laborer 

196 Ebbs George, gentleman 

223 LaweoQ Christian, blacksmith 

Botelier Street, South side. 
10 Lalibert6 J Bte, carter 
16 Taylor F, painter 
18 McElrov Thomas, engineer 
22 Morel Victor, printer 
24 Morel Elzdar, carpenter 
26 Chaquette Cyrille, pilot 
30 Cvr Antoine, contractor 
32 White Joseph, " 
36 Ariel J Bte, painter 
40 McDougall John, carpenter 
42 St. Laurent J Bte, caoinet mkr 

46 Julien Romuald, " 

50 Laflamme Magloire, messenger 
66 Fanning James, shoemaker 
58 Robitaine Jacques, painter 
60 Couvrette Horace. Dom. police 
62 O'Brien Mrs, widow 
62^Manning John, laborer 

Here Dalhousie at intersects. 

124 Bingham Henry, laborer 
128 Mulroney Mrs William 
130 Murphy Michael, laborer 
132 Richardson John, watchman 
166 Jubinville Gr^goire, mason 
174 Macstravick James, tailor 
176 Williamson John, engineer 
178 Scott, Mrs Wm 

180 McDonald Hugh, mason 

Here Cwnberlomd at inieraecta. 
196 Alexander Wm, printer 
198 Goodchild Geol-ge, civil service 
200 Bicknell Wm, plumber 
200 iHoldenWG, printer 
202 O'Connor Wm, carpenter 
204 Truman W R, carpenter 
206 O'Reilly John, laborer 
210 Blaney John, " 
212 Stalley Geo, 
214 Hall Wm, 
216 O'Neil Edward, « 
220 Bicknell James, gardene/ 
226 O'Connor Lawrence, carpenter 

Here King at intersects. 
238 Burke Mrs Ann 

Bridge Street, (Li Breton Flats) 

Jikiat side, 
from the river south to Wellington at. 
121 YouHfT. 3ronBon*Go, flour mill 
Here Montreal at commences. 

135 Coombs John, driver 

139 Blais Honor^, laborer 

145 Armstrong J & P, horse-shoers 

151 Ahearn W & M, blacksmiths 

159 Dourley John 

Here Duke at commences. 
229 Dunce Wm, laborer 
231 Wieewell Lucius, carriage mkr 
235 Watt Jas, blacksmith 
Here Queen at West intersects. 

256 McKinstry Robert, carpenter 

257 Riddell James, foreman 
263 Smith Mrs, widow 

266 Hutton Gapt John 

267 Saleur John, culler 

269 Omelay John, shoemaker 
271 L&uzon Andrl, cooper 
273 Laurin Joseph, laborer 
279 Magee Alex, gardener 
283 Graves James, foreman 

St. Louis de Gonzague School 
291 Bourguignon Mrs Joseph 
Here Ottawa st intersects. 
Bridge Street, (Le Breton Fiats) 

West aide. 
12 Quain John, toll-keeper 
Here Oregon st commences. 

68 Valiquette F H, hotel keeper 

82 Booth J Rj millowner 
164 * 166 Fraser D. hardware 
192 Williams E P, bookkeeper 
198 Maloney Thos, culler 

TItc MBoM Oo«l itoT«i8» «o lM foviut ohIf *t BSMONDC2*8* 

1;! ! 


; B 

coNSSRrAS^ORy qf music 

4 \l ■*. •SWri*IOII JW, BIICMLI«», 
iiimtor '• •,,;,,...., '■"."■*, 

iBHMediHte,.:,„...,...,"...^*^','"y_V.y.V.V..,7."!!!iV ' 

S ' • • ' • • ■ • • • • r . .^» ^ Juntw . . ........ 

JWttluff. ^ .;...,..;.... ttM JfuWor..,.: 

..*j«iij«r,,...,...,,„,.^,..,.,,.,;^^ j^^ ^Uuifcw,.... 

^*«^-.--- a^T'^wtog. . .. 

OnuMiMMttl iMwai«w«»6 . 

Wmt Fruit wid Kli{W«w. , ..""*""" * ,' " " " ' ' * ' '"■ ' '"■' 

^•^^ w«8||l||^^|)ef,<i^;a(9i' . ..Yi; .■.■;,■,. .,,.,""■". 






Ml * 




mta Iff 


liUl.i .i'i,.l|.'lil"1f*"1 


. ■'■- ."■"1" * -■ " "'""" 'iLH.<iiji,:»iLii.'i''Mi.' ...I 

« • '- 

JAI5. ^ 0. YOU •, ^» 

iyQpi#lif« <^ fiN iNNtft £/ifi90«(Mif igiiifiift, : .illptitir » 

4Mt nMivj«9» ISO vnuiviB* 



' .1 l O ' r 


»„ • 



i'l r* 

Qnwuj BaM Bonier, tope the nuurktt m a bMUr, only at EUCOHDEV. 

204 Baldwin Willian- 
212 Richards William, foreiii«n 
220 PrikU Waidon, oontractor 
224 Linton Moaes W, lumber agert 
230 Booth Robert B 
234 Soper Albert W, lumber mroht 
Episcopal Mgtqodist Cuurob 

Here Queen at Weat intersecta. 
268 Seauvie Edwd, carter 
264 Shannon iam^n, laborer 
268 Wood* Jae, ooiicotoT 
278 Roxborough Thos, clerk 
282 White Henry, cattle dealer 
284 Harrison Charles, laborer 
286 Dupuis Alex, laborer 
326 Doolan Mrs, widow 
328 Levoyne Peter, laborer ' 
334 Hamilton Wm, laborer 
336 Shirley Wm, labr:<;r ..^ 

Britannia Terrao^ 

(le bbbtok flats.) 

East aide, 

from Montreal at aotUh to Pooley'a 
37 RoUin Francois, laborer 

43 Duchemin Olivier " 
63 Purtill John, " 
66 Say6 Fabien " 

61 Say6 Emmanuel " ; 
63 Dorion Jeremiah " 

66 Garon Mrs Michel, trader 
69 Lacaase Moise, laborer 
76 Bigras Joachim *• 

79 Bellefeuille P, « 
81 Siguian Henry, " 
93 Queenville A, " 

97 Perrault Alfred, joiner 
109 Quoenville Hyaomth6, joiner 
111 Deelorme Angustin, laborer 
131 GouletJean, " 

136 Marshall Jos, " 

137 Legislain David, " ' 
Here Queen at Weat commences. 

Britannia Terraoe, 
(lb bbbtom flats.) 
Weat side, 
42 Mix Samuel, foreman 

44 Perkison — , laborer 
46 Bertrand Felix, « 

60 Geneau Henry, founder 

62 Ashfleld John, laborer 
66 Shea Thos, laborer 

68 Ladouceur Mrs, widow 

80 King Joseph P, laborer 
84 Lacasse John '* 
86 Goulet Alexis <• 

88 Lafrance Olivier, laborer 

90 Coudou — , laborer 

92 Olivier George, millwright 
96 Howe Michael, laborer 

98 Colvin George, waggon maker 
110 Larchamb Louis, carter 

116 O'Reilly Owen, foreman water 

120 Poubert Auguste, laborer 
122 Copeland William 

Broad Street, 
(le brgtok flats.) 
East aide, 
From Ottawa river sotith to Welling- 
ton street. 

47 Kenville Cyrille, laborer 
63 Groulx Louis, " 

65 Larue Eugene, clerk 
69 Miller Frs, carter 

66 Miller Andrew, laborer 

67 Lafleur Andre, " 
69 Onease John, " 
71 Ladusier Alex, " 
76 Ducet Mrs, widow 

83 Bingha? ^ames, laborer 
86 ProulxL jy, " 

91 Dorion Albert, shoemaker 

93 Petrie Mrs, widow 

96 Duxtaler Henry, laborer 

97 RenaudJohn, " 

99 Cote Louis, " 
107 Albert John, foreman 
109 Savageau Louis, laborer 
113 Loyer Mrs, widow 

116 Plunkett, Thos, laborer 
116^ Meadows Jos, blacksmitii 

117 Martineau John, laborer 
117 J Levecque Febien, " 

1 37 Seguin J, hotel keeper 
143 Levine Jos, " 

146 Deserdie Alex, grocer 

147 Labrie Thomas, laborer 
163 Gilbert Adoiphe, mason 
169 Chatreau Jos, laborer 
l&9jj|Pre8ton, Jas, cabinet-maker 
161 Lasharita Jas, 

176 Malette Trefl6, laborer 

177 King Louis, " 
179 King Joseph, " 
181 Bennett John 


Broad Street, 


Weat aide 
Rochester John, saw mill 
Canada Central Railway. 

The largest etoek and beat value tn Iia . 


Cwtalus at SHOOLBRBD * CO*S. 


; I 

■r it 


1 , 5 









' !il 

0«t ymr OomioM at 8B00IBBSD ft 00/8, the huigeit stook la th« City. 

By-Ward Karket 

StalU East aide. 
Edwards William, No. 2 
Smith John, er *< 
Kimpton ThoB « 
Thorbahn H «' 

Boyle M " 

Lowery Phil «' 

Kennedy Con " 

Stalls West side 
Terrance John, No. 1 




Satchell Bros 
Kennedy John 
Connelly Jaa 
Richer Edward 
Lachance S 
Potvin & Richer 
Gravel Louis 
Stacy Tho8 
Bellehumeur — , 

3, 5&7 




Slattery William, outside 
Borbridge John " 

Lepointe M " 

By-Ward Market Square, 

( West side.) 
2 Macdonell H, grocer 
4 Moreland Aix, fruit 
6 McDonald John, auction rooms 
8 O'Donovan M, temperance hotel 
10 Wright J N & Co, sew machs 
12 Rowe & Erratt, boot and shoe 

14-16 James Bros, com merchts 
18 Martel E, barber 
20-22 McCaifrey Wm, hotel 
here York st intersects. 
34 Gautier J, boarding house 
62-62 Abbott Wm, agrictl warhse 

Cambridge Street, East side, 
(formerly Percy st.) 

from Maria st to city limits. 
29 Williams Mrs, widow 
33 Richardson R, butcher 
37 Dunlop Adam, contractor 
39 Campbell Rev H, M Church 
41 Link H, bookkeeper 
47 Maguire Terrence, laborer 
61 Wallace Brown, clerk 
65 Thompson Mrs, widow 

here Edward st intersects. 

75 Egar John, stonecutter 
79 Keally Mrs, widow 
85 Pollin Wm, teamster 
93 Wilkins Jas, contractor 

97 McBride John, carpenter 

here Isabella at intersects. 

167 Waterson Andrew, foreman 

Cambridge Street, Weat side. 
64 Bruce Geo, engineer 

here Edward st intersects. 

76 Shattrick Bernard, millwright 
80 Colton Tiberius, com agent 
92 Nolan Peter, laborer 

98 Smith Henry, millwright 
106 Kavanngh Michael, laoorer 

116 Serier Nicholas, " 

132 Cuthbcrtson David, contractor 

here Isabella st intersects. 

166 Doyle Jas, carpenter 

168 McNully Josepl), plasterer 
160 Brown Jas, moulder 

166 Whitton John, blacksmith 
178 Gierney Henry, laborer 
180 Jones Everett, steward 
182 Towers John, teamster 

Canal Street East 

East side. 
From foot of locks to city limit. 

61 Coffin Lieut-Col, William F, 

com. ord. lands 
(Addison William, lockmaster, on 

Major's Hill.) 
186 Easton S 'J', forwarder and 

com. agent 
201 Dev Joseph, boat-builder 
251 O'Gorman M, boat-builder 
267 & 269 Harris Geo A, forwarder 

and wood merchant 

Canal Street East, 

West side. 

150 to 160 Dufresne & McGarity, 
wholesale grocers &c 

176 to 180 D W Coward & Co, 
coal sheds 

Canal Street West. 

East side. 
From foot of locka to city limit 

63 Militia stores, J Lamb, keeper 

117 Lock-house 

123 Canal office, Carmen G R 
165 Heney John, office 
171 Curran Peter, laborer 
186 to 197 Bate & Co, wholesale 

201 Montreal & Ottawa forwarding 
Co'y, D Mnrphy, agent 

Perftoimtiug and Numbering done «t AliBX* MORTXBIBK'S, Spark* SI. 



A. MOBmOEB'B Oenenl Stationery WurthouM, Bparln BtrMt 

Canal Street Weit, 

Went aide. 
148 H M Customs House 
158 Steers Alph J Ac Co, grocers 
and COP) merulits 

184 Christie 8, beer cellar 

Cathoart Square, east aide. 

1 Banning John, policeman 

7 Halfpenny Geo, trader 
11 Bellehumeur G, butcher 
21 Burk Wm, laborer 

Cathoart Street, north aide, 
from Ottawa rioer to Rideau river, 
9 Hodgson Win, architect 
13 Menard Gabriel, agent 
16 Mowat Daniel, clothier 

here Suasex atreet interaectt. 
39 Lacey Thomas, butcher 
47 Leveaque Auguste, clerk dept 

49 Forticr Octave, clerk, P Odept 
56 Gilbra;'.i'.i..en Andr6, messenger 
69 McCatfrey Frank, messenger 
67 Torm;y Mia William 
71 Lidingtoii Robt, bookkeeper 
73 CuUen Matthew, laborer 
79 Cassault Elie, laborer 
81 Mooney Edward, laborer 
87 Boulet Napoleon, clerk, senate 
89 Brunet Luc, laborer 
91 Taylor Mrs widow 
93 Gifroy Terrance, farmer 
97 Willment Edward, agent 
103 Mclsaac Michael, clerk 

106 Archer William, agent 

107 Keeley Michael, cab drive/ 
109 Kelt Mrs John 

here Dalhousie at interaecta 
161 Ranger J D, manufacturer 
171 DeGuise Auguste, ice dealer 
177 West George, laborer 
179 Dwinnell Napoleon, laborer 

185 Mulrooney James, laborer 
187 McFarlane James, grocer 
189 Villeneuve Emery, laborer 
191 McGuire Lewis, laborer 

here Cumberland at interaecta 
247 Laurin Fran9ois, laborer 
257 White Patrick, laborer 
259 Baine Thomas, machinist 
261 True James, engineer 
265 Cailey Patrick 

here King atreet interaecta. 
281 Rochon M, grocer 

287 Larose Jean, laborer 
293 Cave George, watchman 
309 B^land Napoleon, joiner 
311 L^v6ille Jos, repairer ofmodels 

316 Vannier Ba/ile, baker 

317 Lapierre Hcraphin, joiner 
319 Dalaire Pierre, clerk 

321 Dalaire Charles, blacksmith 

Cathoart Street, aouth aide 

30 St. Joseph's Orphan Asyluni, 
Sister Thibodeau suiyirioresa 
84 Cassault L J, mesHenger 
88 Cassault Francois, inessenger 
92 Gernmiii G (ofOernmin& Son) 
9fi Cnssault Napoleon, messenger 
98 Civrroll James, carpenter 
100 Hardick Mrs, milliner 
104 Coghlnn Thoniufl, laborer 
106 MilU r William, laborer 
108 Tnylor George, painter 
110 Mason John, carpenter 
112 Horswell Elisha,mrr soda water 
120 Riopel Edouard, cab driver 
122 Bureau Isidore, printer 
126 Lefebvre Louis, clerk P Wdepr 
180 O'Donoghue Maurice, plumbet 
132 McGee John, boatman 
134 Pigeon Thomas, contractor 
144 Kipp Wm, ginger beer maker 
146 Lenioine Jas, clerk P dept 
htrre Dalhousie st intersects. 

166 Blais Joseph, carter 

168 Bitton David, bricklayer 

174 Pinard Joseph, laborer 

180 Daly John, carter 

198 Bastien David, laborer 

200 Casey Michael, laborer 

202 Ouellette Gabriel, cab diiver 

204 Plante Xavier, laborer 

206 Smith James, driver 

208 Lasalle Michel, foreman 

210 Roy Moise, carter 

212 Leger Charles, pilot "Peerless" 

216 Cameron Donald, driver 

218 Gervais Pierre, laborer 

220 Carter Edward, gardener 

226 Dawson Jas, laborer 

here Chtmberland st interaects. * 
242 Rice Thos, laborer 
246 Philion Joseph, laborer 
248 Gauvreau Jean, laborer 
250 Chalifour Guillame, carter 
252 Cote Joseph, laborer 
254 Kelly James, laborer 
258 St Jacques Fran9ois, joiner 
262 Gunn John, laborer 




. j[ 


.■T.,1 , 



■■-.;; ■ 1l 

:.-r :^v^f 



Polar. Kaflrlgemtor luepi MmK mkI FUb In bot weathertj ]BSSIOIfDii.S<^ 

V- J ■ 





Ott yonr Owpcti from IHOOUBED * OO.'f, tha UrgMt and ohMpMt itook is the dty 


266 Pin»rd Celeatin, policemaa 
268 Harvey William, miner 

here King »t interaecta 
296 Torrence John, butober 
310 Paquet Mrs Elie, milliner 
312 Paqnct William, laborer 
314 Olouticr S6vdre, joiner 
316 Hivet Louin, Btonecutter 
318 Sauvageau Arthur, abo«maker 
320 Gloutier Toussaint, ioinAr 
328 Regimbal Piei-re, balcer 

Cathoart Street Weit. 
{Le Breton Flata) 
West aide, 
14 Woo<lland lliclianl, butcher 

20 Fraser Mrs widow 

22 McAllister Jamen, machinist 
24 Downie John, laltorer 

26 Lufontaine Oliver, laborer 

28 Burrows Mrs widovr 

30 Munson Jerrit, bookkeeper 
36 Oliver John, cabinetmaker 
38 Allan Qeorge, cabinetmaker 
40 Waters Henry, blacksmith 
42 Weldon James, laborer 

46 Fareau Fehvie, laborer 

Chapel S/reet, East Side, 
from St. Patricie to Theodore. 

7 Langlois Gedfion, laborer 
9 Cbartrand Pierre, pointer 
11 Duzas Nazaire, millwright 
13 Robert Charles laborer 
17 Larabie Dosith^.', cooper 

21 Boiviu Odilon, iwborer 

23 Sauvageau Napoleon, carpenter 

26 Gharbounier Charles, " 
25iPellant Mrs, Marie 

27 Roberge Ferdinand, laborer 
27iliirette Olivier, " 

29 Perrault Francois " 

31 Goulet Edouard " 
31^Gareau L6on, grocer 

here Angleaea Square intersects 

89 Westwick Thomas, waiter 
91 Ferguson Wm, mess. civ. ser. 
93 Sutherland John, plasterer 
95 Kneel Mathew, blacksmith 
103 Northwood Wm, book-keeper 
107 Winsley Thomasj civil service 
113 Wiltshire John, clerk 
116 Lapierre Ernest, agent 
135 Moore Andrew, shoemaker 
137 Dionne J Fereol, civil ser clerk 
139 Lindsay Thomas, farmer 

Sere Rideau si iniersecta. 
** St. Paul " 

213 Fleming Sanford, civil engineer 

Sere Daly at interaecta. 
243 McOee Wm, civil service clerk 
246 Brophy John " 

Here Wilbrod at inUraeota. 

" Theodore '« 

Chapel Street* Weat aide. 

24 Laliberte Francis, carter 
26 Bigouin Antoine, laborer 
26)Lap1ante Joseph, '* 
28 Portueais Edouard '< 
30 Desohdne Louis " 
32 Bourque Alex " 

42 MasHoii Michel, stonecutter 
44 Maheu Mofse, laborer 

Here Clarence at interaecta. 
68 Gibson Robt Wm, grocer 
60 Aughley Joseph, civil service 
64 Norman Francis, laborer 
66 Elliott James, messenger 
68 Ring Edward, laborer 
70 Connors Mrs, widow 
72 Folev Mrs " 

74 Wotley Henry, cooper 
76 Clarke Peter, laborer 
78 Desnoyers Joseph, laborer 
88 Hilton John, civil service 
90 Turcotte Joseph, laborer 
92 Prudhomme J T 
94 Gilbert John, crocer 
104 Raney Robert, laborer 
108 Robertson Thomas, laborer 
Here Rideau at interaecta. 
194 cHgleson Jas, It.-col., O.B.O.A. 

Here St. Paul si interaecta. 
216 Bate H. N, (of C T Bate ft Co) 
Here Daly at interaecta. 
" Stewart " 
'* Wilbrod •« 
284 Ryan Carroll, reporter 
Here Theodore at interaecta. 

Charles Street, north aide, 
from Bank street, easterly. 
31 Ranee George, c s clerk 

Charles Street, aouth aide. 
30 Shendlow Wm, stonemason 
84 Duffill H H 

Charlotte Street, East side. 
From St Patrick st to Theodore. 
39 Daoust Joseph, laborer 
46 Swallwell Thos, carpenter 

Here Clarence at interaecta 

Fancy GoiMU fbr Pi-eMnts at A. MORTIMBR'S) Store* Sparks Bt« 

ofTiWA rrniiT brRtOTORt. 


A BMQttftil Un« of 

C^dn, Bmnfu, *e., at ESKOlTDlv. 

Charlotte Street, Wtat tide. 
28 Alexander Tholna^', cnrter 

60 Proulx CelcHtin, lalK)rcr 

here Clarence $t inta-tiectn. 

Chaudiere Street, North fide. 

61 Merrill H, blacksmith ahop 
106 Perley h Pattee otHoe 

Booth J R, saw iiiiil 
Porley A Puttee, saw mill 

Chaudiere Street, South aide. 

108 Mason Wm, bo&t-builder 
110 Mason Philip, boat-builder 
116 Grant A, millwright 
118 Mason Ogo, millwright 
124 Morgan Wm, clerk 
126 Pilkio Geo, teamster 
128 McCloy Thoa, culler 
130 Malone Wm, culler 

Choroh Street, North tide, 
Jrom Sussex to Rose. 

17 Demerfl JoHeph, laborer 

19 Dufresne Francis, carter 

23 Martel George, boarding honne 

26 House of Ketuge — Morgan Jas, 


27 Do. do — McCaffrey?, 

33 Boucher Andr6, hotel keeper 
39 Lapierre Xavier, " 
41 Gravelle Fabien, carter 
43 Kehoe Mrs John 

46 Brisebois Edwd, laborer 

47 Latour Emery, " 

49 Morin Joseph, shoemaker 

51 Vaudette Mrs, widow 

63 Vermette J Bte, laborer 

65 Kehce Tho8, blacksmith 

67 Rivet Joseph, carter 

69 Potvin Honor6, ioiner 

61 LuHsier Mrs, widow 

63 Ethier Angustin, laborer 

65 St. Lonis Louis, hotel keeper 

73 St. Louis E, laborer 

75 Brunei le Mrs D, widow 

77 Lincourt Alexis, laborer 

81 Goulet Joseph, laborer 

83 Gauthier Edmond, blacksmith 

86 Dube Damase, grocer 

87 Turcotte Honore, laliorer 
89 Chart rand Joseph, grocer 
91 Longtim Mrs L, seamstress 
93 Arial Gabriel, painter 

96 St. Aniand Onezime, laborer 
103 Fournier Thelesphore, clerk 
lOSJBichard Leon, carpenter 

105 Paul Oli% ier, flour A feed utorc 
109 Dorion Olivifr, painter 
111 McFlwan Mr- Kcwaiie 
115 Foiiliert Aninmc, lh)//;)'er 
117 Ladurantnv .lot^epii, laborffT 

Here Dalhousie »t interaectt. 
135 Sullivan Jolui, lnl»orer 
137 Berthiauine Felix, nhoemaker 
139 Lellance Mth Frunfois 
141 Dufresne 'acqiies, printer 
143 Bedani Pierre, joiner 
145 Lafontaiue Ijuuih N, clerk 
147 Tanibeau Paul 
Itl Charl>onneau Vincent, clerk 
163 Labreche J B, nausage maker 
157 Jacr|ues Geo, laliorer 
169 Lavigne Edwatd, carpenter 
161 Math6 F^lix, laborer 

166 Lavigne J Bte, " 

167 Limoges Edmond, joiner 
169 Joly Antoine, laborer 

171 Dufresne Charles, railsman 
173 Ghampoux J B, shoemaker 
175 Belanger Maxime, agent 
179 Kealy Patrick, blacksmith 
181 Roy Uaniel, carter 
183 Rathier Antoine, laborer 
185 Lahaise Aimd, joiner 
189 Chevricr Alphonse, lamp mcht 
195 Boileau Augustin, laborer 
197 Lapierre Cyriac, carter 
199 St. Jeau Joseph, laborer 
201 Marenger Mrs, widow 
201iMonty L, grocer 

Here Outnberhmd at interaeeti. 
20'* Hichard A D, dry goods mrcht, 
211 Tasse Joseph, translator house 

of commons 
211^Marier OneBime, joiner 
213 Lacroix Louis, " 
21 3^ Bertrand Paul, laborer 
215 Periard Bet^amin, *• 
217 Beaushamp Isidore, *♦ 
219 Lapoint« Octave, fish dealer 
221 Colgin Mrs John 
225 Turgeon Narcisse, mesaeDger 

house of commons 
231 Lauthier Charles, clerk 
233 Richard Joseph, joiner 
237 Groulx Calixte, stonemason 
239 Lemaitre George H, messenger 

department of agriculture 
241 Dompierre Basile, balier 
245 Groulx Joseph, carter 
247 ly Amour EUfi, blacksmith 
249 LaDeroute Damas. grocer 

Here King at interaectt. 

BxaaUa* aiMwHrnd * Go*»«lo«k 

pvrelUMlng GafpaM or VWKltan* 




Vj rilh '!r 

'■' • i! 



Bookbinding in all Styles, at ALEX. MOBTDOEB'S Sparks Street. 


I ' 




I •■'. 



! . 


257 Lafrance Francis, joiner 

269 Gibout Lucien, mason 

263 Deschamps Alex, carpenter 

267 Singleton Ed N, bookkeeper 

269 Descarmier Jas, carriage mkr 

271 Bush Mrs Minnie 

277 Archambeault Deneri, carriage 

279 Philibert George, painter 
286 Cliagnon Alfred, clerk 
289 B6rer Pierre, mocassin maker 
293 Mennier Francis, stonecutter 
295 Cote Isidorfi, printer 
297 Gharbonneau Joseph, stonecttr 
299 Ouellet Xavier, tinsmith 
301 Verdon Isaie, carter 
309 Goulet Joseph, grocer 

Here Church st ends and Rose st 

Choroh Street, South side. 

From Sussex at io Rose. 

70 Denault Eustache, plasterer 
74 Groulx Xavier, dry goods 
76 Parent J B, hotel-keeper 
78 Myers, Mrs John 
90 Beliveau Joseph, hotel-keeper 

108 Sarazin Joseph, laborer 

110 Couvrette M, saddler 

112 O'Connor Hugh, trader 

114 Jean Pierre, carpenter 

116 Larocque F, laborer 

118 Costier Paul, restaurant 

126 Koy Joseph, grocer 

Here Dalhousie st intersects. 
136 L6veill6 Cyprien, laborer 
138 Rennick Wm, stonemason 
142 Dorion Zephirin, clerk 
144 Cameron W m A, mercht tailor 
146 Fournier Mrs C,boarding house 
148 O'Reilly Robt, clerk 
158 Desormeau N, stonemason 
160 Reill^ James, carter 
164 Fortier Mrs B, laundress 
166 Bfirichon Napoleon, Dom police 
178 Potvin Honore, messenger 
182 Roy Mrs Henri, widow 
184 Voligny L L, M D 
186 Cassidy Patrick, mason 
196 Smith Jamee, butcher 
198 Senecal Joseph, undertaker 

Here Oumberlat%d st interesects 

206 St Jacques Michael, carpenter 
210 Taillefer Joseph, citrter 
312 Delorme Isaie, carter 
216 Guenette Louis, brush-maker 
220 St Jacques Xavier, aenr, carter 

226 Monette Paul, laborer 
232 McEvela Wm, mason 
238 Chenet Pierre, dry goods mcht 
240 Falardau Theophile, asst post- 
master H of Commons 
244 Julien Gilbert, ioiner 
244^ Drapeau David, shoemaker 
246 Fairbanks Edward, clerk 
248 Dunn J B C, grocer 

Here King st intersects 
262 Dolan Chas, carter 
268 Archambeault C^saire, carter 
276 Dery Francois, plasterer 
278 Leraieux Jules, painter 
280 Tessier Geo, laborer 
282 Lemieux Alfred, carpenter 
286 Gu6rard Francis, stonecutter 
288 Duclos Pierre, « 

290 Cardinal Felix, laborer 
296 Goderre Pierre, laborer 
298 Cousineau Moise, carter 
300 RoyBapt, laborer 
308 Roy Daniel, carter 

Here Rose street interesects and 
Church ends 

Clarence Street, North side, 
from Sussex street to Rideau River. 
13 Post, Henry, hairdresser 
17 Hupe B, carriage maker 
23 D'Amour Elie, blacksmith 
25 Hogan Patrick, hotel keeper 
29 McDermott P " 

33 Doyle Mrs M, trader 
35 O'Callighan Pntk, board, house 
37 Ross A, law office 
39 Fox D, boarding house 
41 Gafney Dennis, Imirdresser 
43 McGara Mrs Margaret, trader 
45 O'Donnell Dominick, H keeper 
49 Kearns J C, hotel 
61 Beaucaire, Chas, hairdresser 
53 Quinii M, hotel 
57 Duckelow Chas, hotel 
61 McCaul Neil, groceries, &c 
Here Barrett st intersects. 

65 Christian Chas, hotel keeper 

69 Bonin E D, " 

73 Story George, general store 

77 Peltier Herrick, tinsmith 

81 Godwin Miss Charlotte, second 

hand stor; 
85 Slattery Miles, grocer 
87 Nolan F N, clerk House Com- 
89 Dub6 pavid, trader 
91 Sinclair Joseph, laborer 

BbcM lUac* Buelfllor Oook Storcf BBMONDB BaO»,f Agents* 



Oo to BHOOLBBED * 00. for Carpet*, Ourtaixu, OildothB, MattiBga, fto. 

93 Park Fergus, trader 
95 O'Brien Dennis, shoemaker 
97 Brown Harvey C, green grocer 
99 Brokenshir J, grocer 
101 Maloney Wm, green grocer 
107 Donavan Alex, carriage luaknr 
113 Lemonidr Antoiue, umbrella 

117 Long John, lunch room 
119 Legault F, general store 

Here Dalhousie st intersects. 
125 Casey John, grocer 
129 O'Leaiy IMward, culler 
135 Hagarty Francis, laborer 
137 Hurloy'John, green grocer 
139 Lawrence Wm, bricklayer 
147 Gallagher Michael, huckster 
149 Gleason James, laborer 
155 Reardon John " 
161 Colin Philippe, clerk 
163 Lunny Hugh " 
165 Miskoll John, laborer 
167 Brown John " 

169 Jones Mrs William 
171 Quinn John, Peddlar 
173 Palmer John, carpenter 
175 Burns Gregory " 
177 Burns Patrick, cooper 
183 Kelly Michael, laborer 
185 Stcenson Chas " 
187 Lyfins Patrick, carpenter 
189 Lyons John « 

197 Whillens Wm, dry goods mer. 
Here Cumberland it intersects. 
199 Rowan Jas F, groc. & liquors 
201 Rowan Chas, gentleman 
205 Peachy Salem, clerk 
211 Lefebvre, F X, joiner 
213 Morin Jules, mess mar dept 

216 Gravelle Audre, joiner 

217 Gosselin Andre Mrs 
219 Nagle P W, gentleman 
221 Chandler Robert, printer 
223 McNeil Malcolm, mason 
227 Ravell Matthew, " 
229 Conway Mrs John 

231 McDowell John, " 
233 Casey Michael, cab driver 
235 Garneau Mrs Josephine, dreBB« 

f Thibault Geo, laborer 
239 i McKenzie, Wm, " 

I Robichon E, « 

241 MalloyJohn, " , 

243 Hinds Edward, stonemason 
245 Murphy Jamee, blacksmith 
247 St. Amand L6on, grocer 

here King at interaectt. 
257 Cherry Samuel, contractor 
261 Anderson Wm, « 
267 Anderson & Cherry, carpenters 

and builders 
269 Dobier J W, boot * shoe mrcht 
279 Latremouille Denis, cab driver 
285 Scott Richard, plasterer 
287 Benjamin Arthur, bricklayer 
289 Couturier Mrs Augustin 
291 Gr6gnon Alex, carpenter 
293 Marmeau G4d4on, baker 
299 Beatty Thos, groceries and dry 


here Nelson si intersects. 
301 Charlebois J O, jgroceries 
303 Tasse Napoleon, mborer 
305 Miron Alex, laborer 
307 Nichols John, brickmaker 
309 Deschene Eusebe, carter 
311 Bourguignon Mrs M, laundress 
313 Dubois J Bte, carpenter 
315 Renaud Eli6, laborer 
317 Sauriol Alfred, carriage painter 
325 Coombs John, baker 
329 Grenier J Bte, messenger 
337 Germain E, tanner & currier 
here Oloueester st intersects. 
349 Dalaire Abraham, meat market 
355 Laframboise J Bte, laborer 
357 Gauvreau, J Bte, " 
363 Rochon David, « 

367 Hupe B, carriage maker 
369 Sauriol Francois, carriage mkr 
371 Guthry Richard, laborer 
373 Grant Mrs Isabella 
375 Nash Richard, laborer 
379 Ryan Mrs Nicholas 

Naguy Mrs, widow 
"ill - ■ • ■ 

Hall John, laborer 
Bernard Mcise, laborer 

. _ Paquet J Bte, joiner 

389 Burns Daniel, laborer 

391 Ross John, " 

393 McDonald Hamilton; grocer 

395 Goneau Louis, masca 

397 Lavigne Joseph, laborer 
here Chapel st intersects. 
" Anglesea sq " 

399 Goodall J, groceries A liquors 

406 firisebois Michael, join«r 

407 Curtis Jos, brickmaker 
409 Payne John, laborer 

413 Therieu Napoleon, cabinet-mkr 
416 Laroque Pierre, laborer 
421 O'Dell Wm Thos, carter 
427 Brooks John, carpenter 

CaaU Books, Ledger! A JonriutU, always In 8tock at A. Hortlmcr'a, Sparks St. 


' is 

- Mi'- ■ 
ii ft 

■•/■■ i'^ 





Tinamithing, Booflng, Plvinbiag, Eavea Troughs and OuUers at XSHONSES*. 



i\ ,' 


429 McKenella John, brickmaker 
435 Bernier Frederick, joiner 

here Cobourg st intersects. 
437 Doran Wm, laborer 
481 Proulx Celestin, laborer 

here Charlotte st intersects. 
487 L^ger Alexandre, carpenter 
Clarence Street, South side. 


Daniels Jas, pro Revere House 

Brennan Mrs William 
28 Read H Y, labour intelligence 


30 Russell Wm, shoemaker 
32 Gleen George, laborer 
34 Maypotter Edward, bookbinder 
36 O'Keilly Peter, shoemaker 
42 Dorney J F, prop City Hotel 
68 Macdonell H, grocer 
Here By Ward market intersects. 

Here William st intersects. 

86 Gravel Alex, general trader 
92 Murphy John, carpenter 

102 Maloney Jas, day and evening 

108 Maloney Jas, (private house) 

116 Hamilton R, bailiff 

118 Cloren Mies Jane, day school 

124 Burgess Thomas, hotel 

Here Dalhousie st intersects. 
130 Ayotte Alexis, laborer 
132 O'Boyle John, wheelwright 
134 Falardeau Louis, laborer 
138 St Jean Narcisse, joiner 
140 St Jean Xavier " 
142 Lunny Patrick, culler 
144 Fraser Donald, blacksmith 
146 O'Conner Daniel, board house 
148 Truesdell Mary Mrs " 
160 Valois, Pierre, telegph repairer 
162 O'Connor David, traveller 
164 Brennan Patrick, blacksmith 
158 Devlin Edward, cattle dealer 
162 Andrews Henry, butcher 
166 Madsen Christian, tailor 
168 Littlefield J W, Aeent 
170 O'Keefe Wm, civil service 
172 Fuik Charles, clerk 
178 Kelly Mary Ann Mrs, widow 
180 Whitty Lawrence, stcnemason 
184 Brown Jeremiah, carter 
184iCallighan Mrs Patrick 
186 Fobb Mrs John, washerwoman 
188 Francis William, laborer 
190 Kennedy Cornelius, butcher 
192 Beardsley Wm, shoemaker 

198 Stevenson Chas, fish dealer 

Here Cumberland st intersects, 
200 Moxley James, grocer 
204 Park John, joiner 
206 Medlow William, clerk 
210 Oleson Ole, cab driver 
214 Childs Hugh, laborer 
216 Laudry Guillaume, laborer 
218 Sullivan John, apple dealer 
220 Cayea Ed, laborer 
222 Quilishi Stephen; moulder 
224 Whelan Mathew, blacksmith 
226 Hackes Nelson, agent 
228 Stratton George, saddler 
240 Lane Mrs James 

Here King st intersects. 

250 L'Heureux Fran9oi8, contractor 
252 L'Heureux F X H joiner 
254 Sarault Narcisse, laborer 
256 St Denis Calixte, joiner 
258 Boucher Joseph, barber 
258iLebeau Joseph, laborer 
260 Lalonde Simeon, " 
266 Cuddie James, carter 
268 Doyle Andrew, laborer 
270 Thompson James, carter 
272 McCann Francis, driver 
Fraser Alex, civil service 
Toomey James, laborer 
Laverdure Denis, plasterer 
Bush Delia Mrs 
f Jordan John, laborer 
\ Labadie Louis, joiner 

Here Nelson st intersects. 
302 Casey John, grocer 
310 Davis Thomas, messenger 
312 Valiquette Mrs Joachim 
314 Tasse J Bte, saddler 
316 Tasse Celestin. " 
318 Barrette Onesime, blacksmith 

320 Rossignol Charles, laborer 

321 Lalonde Alex, joiner 
324 Simard MoiHe, " 

326 Carriere Moi-^e, currier 
328 Archambeault J, carriage-inkr 
330 Archambeault, J B, blacksmith 
334 Proulx Hyacinthe, plasterer 
3344Laudry Theotlule, expressman 
338 Laframlioise Guillaume, currier 
340 Gauvreau Pierre, joiner 

here Gloucester st intersects 
350 Langlois Joseph, grocer 
352 MeilieurGodoon, tanner 
354 Bleau Michel, carter 
354^ Irwin William, " 
356 Lafranc Jas, ginger beer mfr 
358 Beiflvenu Mrs widow Joseph 




BlMik Books lUBde mt ALBX. MORTIBIBR'S, Sparks Street. 




Ir.r i"* 


PARTIES8 inteading to ni»ke application to Parliatnteiit for Private Billn, 
either for granting exoiueive privil^a, or conferring corporate 'powers, 
ior coinmereial or other purpoeeB of profit, or for doing anything leiraing to 
affect the rights or property of other partien, are herebjr notified tha^ tney 
are required by the Rules of the two Houses of Parliament, Ovhioh are 
published in fall in the Canada Gazette), to give TWO MONTaS' NOTIQf: 
of the application (clearly and distinctly specitying its natare and dibieetft 
ill the Oottoda Oaxette, and also in a newspaper published in the County or 
Union of Counties aflRected, sending copies of the Papers containing the fir^t 
and last of suoh notices to the Private Bill Qllice «f each House. 

All PMitions for Private Bills must be presented within tlie first three 
tceeka of the Bescion. '^ 


> : ' Clerk of the Senate. 


-.*■; ":^;,, \ Cha-k of the Home of ^Commons, 


i V- 

■•• ^ l^-'w .-TT . -r V!>* 


LBS penonnea qui, dam let Provinoes de Quebec et de Itanitoba, se pro- 
poMttt de s'adresMr "au PARLBMENT pour obt«nfr la pasMtion de 
BILLS PKIYES portaat concession de privileges excluisifs ou de pouvoirs de 
corporatioD poor dea fins commeroialee ou autres, ou ayant pour but de 
iaiw tottto atttr«! chow <}ui anrait l'efl[^t de oompromettre les droits d'autres 
parties, s{Mit par lea {MrMentes notifi^ quepar tea r^les dea deux Chamlms 
du Parlwnent, leaquellM rtelM sont pubMS au long dans la Qtauite dtk 
Omaia, eties sont requiaea d!eu donner DEUX MOlS lyAyiS (sp^ifiant 
clailremeot et ^stmotcnient la nature et Tobjet de la detnande), daas la 
Ottuitt du CoMda, en ei^lais et en franfais, et auasi daaa un journal 
englais «i dans nn jonmal flran^ais. publics dans la diatriot concern^. Le 
prem*ftre «t le dernier nnmirof* d«e journaux oonteuant eea avis devront Stre 
envoyft an Bureau dee Bills Priv^ de chacune dea detu Chanbres. 

Totttes petitions pour Bills Privfis doivent dtre prtsent^s dans les trtda 
premiiret f «M^^^ 1* Wmioq. 


Cfr^ffim-du Simt. 


^« Qr^erdelaCka»nbre 

4e$ Oommttneftt 



'"'' ".tiki- -I 

■ ,1 i 




t 'J 

.1' ' 


't • ■ 3' 1*5 '1 ■■/, 



i:v Hr. 




' , 

imnm$^ mmum a j^mbhicaii 

\4i^;i£^ Ipaints, Oils, Brushes, 1S5^ 


WH^X^lS#9;a 4K3^ #IBf^|« 

, OP^JCE :— VIetoria 1^4 

9iiM^ Anil fttj^rig^ Gut t|> Opd««> 


494 Thorn G 





Childrea'a Oarriagei, tha hudaoniArt, beit and oheapait vuiety at miOHDEff. 

360 Bfilair Amable, joiner 

;^(i6 Toye John, mason 

370 English Geo, laborer 

372 Moreau David, " 

37t) B^dard Octave, clerk 

376^ Mathieu Alfred, carriage-mkr 

378 Leduc Joseph, baker 

380 Dionne Prime, carpenter 

380^ Denault P, carriage-maker 

382 Traves John, laborer 

384 Bullman Jos, " 

386 Sharp Richard, laborer 

388 Cole Henry, painter 

390 Wilson C H, painter 

392 Burns Thos, laborer 

392J Dehdtre Barney, laborer 

394 Ennis Patrick, " 

39(5 Smith Thos, agent 

398 Gibson Robt W, grocer 

hei-e Chapel st d; Angelsea Square 

416 Paquet J B, contractor 

418 Champonx D, school-teacher 

418i Haley Wm, laborer 

420 Nai'.lt Geo, " 

420i iownsend Wm, laborer 

422 Doyle Jas, carter 

430 Reardon Timothy, carter 

432 Law Mrs Jas 

434 Rodden Robt, gardener 

436 Bennett Mrs R, grocer 

here Cobourg st intersects 
446 O'Brien Patrick, tailor 
454 Desnoyer Jerome, carpenter 
458 Desnoyer Damas, joiner 

H Charbonneau, barber 
462 Ad^ms John, laborer 
464 Doyle Michael, carter 
466 McDonald Patrick, laborer 
470 Bray Thomas, " 

478 Belfefeuille Francis, laborer 

here Charlotte st intersects 
494 Thorn Geo, shoemaker 

Cobourg Stxeet, East side, 
from St Patrick south to Theodore. 
11 Dupois John, grocer 
13 Beliefeuille Joseph plasterer 
19 Rochon Joseph, laborer 
35 Levque Oliver, " 
37 Gravelle William 
39 Sullivan Dennis, " 
43 Higgins Wm " 

45 Barnyer Fred, carpenter 
55 Doran William, laoorer 

Here Clarence st intersects. 
61 Dillisson Ren, laborer 

67 Roy Joseph, laborer t'' 
69 Collins Thos " 

71 Burgees George, bricklayer 
73 Potter Harry, laborer 

75 Dickinson Robt, blacksmith 
77 Miles John, mason 

135 Miller L, cabdriver 
141 Bassett Edward, laborer 
146 Moxly John, laborer 

here Rideau st intersects. } 

173 Connoly Mr, carpenter 
here St. Paul st intersects. 
Coboarg Street, West side. 

26 Tremblay Dob, carpenter 
28 Owen Michael, laborer 
36 Hayes Michael, porter 
44 Loyer Dames, grocer 
50 Dumoulin Pierre, laborer 
64 Dagenis Wm, carpenter 

here Clarence st intersects. 
56 & 68 Bennet R Mrs, grocery 
64 Stanley John, laborer 
66 James Anthony, carpenter 

72 Curry James, expressman 

76 Curry Patrick, laborer 

94 Patton Robert, shoemaker 
lv/2 Highland John, painter 
124 Smith George, carter 
132 Elridge Wm, bricklayer 
140 Bartram Jos T, clerk 

here Rideau st intersects. 

174 Deinpsey James, clerk 
Conoesnon Street, East side. 

Jr»m Ottawa River to City Limits. 

here Wellington st intersects. 
Sparks " 

Albert «• 

Slater " 

Maria " 

Gloucester " 

Nepean " 

221 Christie Alex, barrister 

here Lisgar st intersects. 
359 Crooks James, laborer 
361 Carsh Peter " 

Conoession Street, West side. , 
here Wellington st intersects. 
" Sparks " 

72 Bronson E H, mill owner 
84 McNab Cha' ^o. clerk Carlton 

here Albert ..L intersects. 
118 O'Brien Michael, laborer 

here Slater st intersects. 
" Maria « 

',i' '.1 : li » 'L!! ' ft 

'?' f 




i tn. 


v.i| M 

Paper Rnlcd at ALDZ. ATOROMnBR'SIf SparlMi Street, 


J. b 

^ r > 

* I : 

-\ \ r^xt I 


:>? " 



a«t you C«rp«to ft«m 8H00LBBBD ft (».'8, tlie lugMrt imd ohMpett stodK in t^ 


ft 5 cv ... 



>' ' ' f: 

' 4 

176 Cheney Joaiah, foreman 
198 Forgie John, merchant 

litTi Primrose Avenue intersects, 
240 Auclair P C, merchant tailor 
244 firennan — , laborer 
248 Egan James, carpenter 
260 Goodwin Michael, blacksmith 
262 Egan Denis, 
268 Young Michael, carter 
292 McLachlin John, laborer 

here Somerset st intersects. 
324 Smith John, carpenter 
360 Pilson William, saddler 
376 Johnson H P, grocer 
380 Hal penny Mrs, widow 

Cooper Street, North side. 

from Elgin to Concession st. 
55 Adamson Jas, clerk C S 
63 Dennis Col, J S 

85 Gowan Hunter 

here Metcalfe st intersects, 
here O'Connor st intersects, 
here Bank st intersects. 
" Kent " 

" Sally " 

319 Marel E, carpenter 

here Bay st intersects 

" Concession " 

Cooper Street, South side, 

here Metcalfe st intersects, 

10 Montgomery Wm, gov police 

86 Murphy Jonn, bank messenger 

here O'Connor st intersects. 
« Bank •' 

Court Street, South side. 

from Canal st East to Nicholas st. 

Currier T W,& Co, Sash Factory «&c 

Cumberland Street, East side, 

from liideau River to Theodore st. 
here Baird street intersects. 
*• Bedpath « 

73 Roy P A, grocer 

87 Goodwin Jas, contractor 

here McTaggart st intersects 
97 Donohue John laborer 
101 Howe Henry, " 
103 Sena August, German minister 
107 Cull James, laborer 
111 Enright " 

here Botelier st intersects 
121 O'Connor Thos, grocer 
123 O'Connor Jas, carpenter 

125 Masse Mrs widow 

127 Hill Ralph, ticket agent 

129 White Jas, laborer 

133 McConnell Michael, laborer 

135 Lumsden Henry, engineer 

here Bolton street intersects 
" Cathcart " 

169 Champagne 8, grocer 

171 Huburtus , painter 

177 Champagne Louis, laborer 

181 Pleuflfe Peter, grocer 

183 Arwaigh John, painter 

187 Groulx Z, mason 

189 Philion Miss H, dressmaker 

195 Rathier A, grocer 

here Water st intersects 

205 Archambeault Bte, blacksmith 
221 Dubuie Ferdinand, grocer 

here St. Andrew st intersects 
223 Larocq^ue Amede, grocer 
225 Gilchrist J H, carpenter 
227 Rouleau Raphael, stonecutter 
229 Dufour Napoleon, upholsterer 
231 Guery Edward, culler 
233 Dean Jos, carpenter 
245 Richard A D, grocer 
247 Beland L J. " 
249 Andre Antoine, laborer 
271 Hudon P A, dry goods merchl 

here St Patrick st intersects 

279 Redolph Joseph, laborer 
281 Germain Louis " 

283 Galarneaux A, laborer 
here Murray st intersects. 

307 No. 4 Fire Station— W. Walsh, 

321 Rowan J F, grocer 

here Clarence st intersects 

333 Moxley Mrs E, widow 

here York st intersects, 

355 Reome Napoleon, engineer 
361 Connolly James, butcher 
365 Fowler Miss, tailoress 
367 Cantwell Mrs, widow 
369 Woods Alfred, laborer 
373 Laverdure E, tinsmith 
375 Smith Gustav, organist 
385 Leprohon J P, speaker's secy 
393 Howe W, painter 
401 Seattle Edouard, laborer 
413 Blanchfield Mrs Julia, dress- 
421 Moss Henry, grocer 

here Ridea/u st intersects. 
431 Huchingame John, clerk 

Tbe BMt HooM-Ftiralskiiiff Stock In Ottawit kept at BSMONDBS'. 




Aooonnt Boob made ta Older at AUX. M0BTI1ISV8, Spukt Street 

435 Smith Wm, wood-turner 
here St Paul at intersects. 

447 Robinson John, grocer 
455 Walker Mrs, widow 
457 McDonnell Dr. 

here Daly st intersects. 

481 Mclntyre Mrs, widow 
483 Huckell Jos, painter 
489 Codd Jas, grocer 

here Stewart st intersects. 
499 Irvine Geo, cab driver 
603 Aumond Wm, clerk C 8 
509 Auvuond Jos, gentleman 

here Wilbrod st intersects, 

St. Joseph's Church 
Gomberland Street, West side. 
18 Josey Joseph, laborer 
22 Cusick James, " 
26 Hagie Jonas, foreman 
28 Thompson Samuel, policeman 
30 Bam brick Edward, laborer 
32 Bambrick Thos, " 

34 Hunt Simon, " 

46 Braiiigan Joseph " 

here Baird st intersects 

54 Edmonds John, messenger 
56 Johnston James, fireman 
68 Boyle John, foreman 

here Redpath st intersects 
80 McElroy Jae, laborer 
90 Burgess John, " 

here McTaggart st interseett, 

102 Beauchamp Jos, blacksmith 

114 Moody Mrs widow 
118 Murray John, grocer 

here Botelier street intersects. 
« Bolton st « 

<■' Cathcart " 

168 Lahaise Thomas, carpenter 

176 Bosignol T, laborer 

180 McAllister Thos, laborer 

184 Hart , blacksmith 

186 Clare Albert, painter 

here Water st intersects. 
198 Wall John, grocer 
202 Dalaire & Leveille, butchers 
204 Foubert Solomon, teamster 
206 Parent Joseph, laborer 

Here St. Andrew st intersects. 
« Church « 

260 Duhamel F, butcher 
262 Boyer Charles, saddler 
Here St. Patrick st intersects. 

276^Beaufcrt John, painter 

278 Desjardin Barnabe, stonecutter 

280 Bourgeois Victor, carter 

280^Salmon James, laborer 

282 Guardipe Thos, lather 

284 Johnston John, collector 

290 Conroy 8 P, tailor 

308 Lahais Octave, baker 

310 McPherson John, filer 

312 Winters Wm, broommaker 

314 Mullen Peter, tailor 

314iClark Charles, " 

316 Burns James, cooper 

318 McKae Stephen, carpenter 

318iO'Connor John, « 

Here Clarence st intersects. 
330 Howlet Thos, laborer 
332 Shea Mrs, widow 
334 Lcgister Lovell, teamster 
338 Leskey John, laborer 

Here York st intersects. 
348 Brown John, soap manufacturer 
350 Dougherty Wm, painter 

Here George st intersects. 
" Eideau " 

412 Baker Jos, cabinet-maker 
416 Higman Geo, painter 
420 Robertson Mrs, widow 
426 McDon(>'l Peter, foreman 
432 Powers jirs, grocer 
4'rO Dolen Mrs, widow 
444 Ackroyd Jas, hoop-skirt facty. 
446 Larocque Wm 
446iGilli8 John, stonecutter 
448 Doyle Andrew, schoolmast'rSS 

Here Daly st intersects. 
468 Canty Patrick, stonecutter 
470 Short Samuel, shantyman 
Here Stewart st intersects. 
480 Morse John, grocei- 
488 Woodburn GeoH, insura'ceagt 
Here Wilbrod st intersects. 
Corr.ler street, South side, 
from Sussex st easterly, 
8 Bone James, laborer 
10 Doyle Denis, laborer 
12 O'Neil Andrew, marker 
14 Clancy Martin, gasiitter 

Dalhonsie Street, east side. 

from Mackay st to Eideau. 
o5 Ray John, grocer 
67 O'Leary Michael, blacksmith 
63 Havelon Jas, laborer 
65 Cox Jas, " 

67 Rea Jas, " 

69 McCarroll Jas, carpenter 

i fi 


v-l "i: 


i i 


. r.: 



'J; I 


r " 

y I 

. I 

Mil >H''( ' 'i'W.I 

i ,«! 

^'11 I t 


:.:-^- 1! 


0«t yonr Flew Oil Cloths at SHOOItBRBD A CO.*S 



.■t. ' 




Hot Air foniMM and Hotel Bugoa a Specialty at XSMOITDBV, 

i ■■■': 


.' i 


77 Hamilton Mrs R 

here McTaggart st inltrsects. 
79 Bourque D, grocer 
83 Nile Michael, messenger 
85 Harrington Michael, laborer 
87 Stringer Patrick, tailor 
89 Dillon Michael, laborer 
91 Laviollette Pierre, " 
95 Besgaard John *' 
111 Edwards John, « 
121 Kealey Pit, contractor 
123 Wagener Sam L, fruit dealer 

here Bolton at intersects, 
133 Cardwell W, painter 
139 Bingham Sam, carter 
141 Trudeau Geo, clerk 

heire Cathcart st intersects. 
143 O'Connor John, laborer 
161 Jesson Fred, carpenter 
163 Robitaille Geo, clerk 

Here Water si intersects 

171 Berub6 J 0, grocer 

185 Leniay Oct, carriage factory 

Bere St. Andrew st intersects. 
199 Costello Thos, hotel 
201 Lasalle A, barber 
203 Roy Andre, laborer 
205 Trapey Louis, " 
207 Gregory H, " 
211 Gariepy J, flour and feed store 
221 Potvin Louis, grocer 

Here Church st intersects. 
223 Richard Jos, grocer 
229 Valliquette Matt, carpenter 
231 Gauthier Addel, clerk 
237 Cantin Ogele M 
239 Cantm J B, carpenter 
247 Charlebois J O, grocer 

Here St. Patrick st intersects. 
249 Richard J S, dry goods 
255 Whyte D, laborer 

257 Towzer , trader 

259 Flynn Wm, laborer 

261 Rocque Pierre, contractor 

265 Rocque O A, alderman 

Here Murray st intersects. 
273 Philips Edwin, ieweller 
275 McKenna Frank, carter 
277 <3urrier Louis, laborer 
279 McHugh Murtagh, tailor 
281 Whyte D, groom 
283 Hartnedy Timothy, waiter 
289 Lecour J, blacksmith 
295 Casey John, grocer 

Here Clarence st interseets. 

307 Laberge Peter, shoemaker 
309 Desnoeaves Chas, " 
313 Ghoquette B 8, farrier 
321 Latremouille D, furniture 
here York st intersects 
325 Episcopal Methodist Gburoh. 
329 Pope Rev M 
331 Mallette Miss A, dressmaker 
349 Jervis Thos, wheelwright 
355 Burnes Pat, cooper shop 

Here George st intersects. 
361 Loveday John, pfinter 
363 Currell John, sa rfller 
379 Foley Miss Kate dressmaker 
391 McKenna & Fin i, grocers 

Dalhottigie Street West side. 
10 Heney John, wood merchant 
12 Lett Wm P, city clerk 

here Sussex st intersects. 
" Redpath " 

" McTaggart '* 

120 Miles M A, steward R N C 

here Cathcart st intersecto. 

144 Plutr Pete, fruiterer 

162 Pinard Mrs H 

154 Lafiamme Napoleon, joiner 

156 Pussira Hilaire, " 

162 BeHedeau Pierre, laborer 

170 Calligan John, grocer 

here Water st intersects. 
172 Beaupre G, bootmaker 
178 Stewart Thomas, trader 
196 Lessard L A, giocer 
198 Leclaire T, grocer 
212 Iliffe Thomas, baker 
222 Doucette John, hotel 

Here Church si intersects. 

224 Roy John, grocer 

226 Drapeau D, shoemaker 

228 Harbour Jos, " 

230 J oanette Hubert, grain 

232 Girard Pierre, cabinetmaker 

236 Foisy Henry, tinsmith 

238 Robertson J G 

246 ^tratton & McFarland 

here St. Patrick st intersects 
248 Hallaire Alp, grocer 

Desjardin Charles 
254 Lemay — , cabinetmaker 
258 Robert O, butcher 
262 Lloyd Mrs, grocer 
266 Brunette Elie, barber 
274 Conway Pat, grocer 
280 Gusson Edmond, blacksmith 
286 Charbonneau Alp, b^fber 

Cash Booka) Iicdgei-s A. Joumataif alvraya In Stock at A* llIortliner*a, Spark* St> 



The only place t/* «(ct Jftoqnee aiul Hay*! Farnitare ii at SHOOLBBED * OO.'B 

288 Teekey 8, shoe ahop 
290 Biseno A, plaster works 
296 Legault Fran5oi«, dry goods 
Here Clarence st intersects. 

298 Burgess T, hotel 
300 Hough M, laborer 
302 McBride Joe, car|)enter 
304 Hogan Con, laborer 
306 McNainara — , trader 
308 Beaudry Nap, turner 
310 Beaudry V, ice-cream shop 
322 Douglas Thomas, hotel 
Here York st intersects. 

238 Palmer H A, expressman 
360 Cudsens H, confectionery 

here George st intersects. 
362 Buchanan Mrs B, grocer 
364 Currell J, saw sharpener 
366 Connolly Din, carpenter 
368 Low Thos, blacksmith 
370 Stackpole John, laborer 
372 Hall Charlep, laborer 
374 Gleaeon Mrs K 
376 Pelton Andrew, printer 
378 Elliott Miss £, dressmaker 
380 Karnev Walter, laborer 
382 Mills Saml, shoemaker 
392 Bott G, greengrocer 

Daly Street, North side, 
from Nicholas, east to Eideaii lUver 
1 Albion Hotel, R Graham, pro 
23 Findljf Alexander, mason 
25 Fleming James, stone cutter 
27 Hogan ThomaB, laborer 
33 Spittle Mrs, widow 
37 James Samuel, carter 
39 Bank Joseph, mason 
41 Glanister Henry, sexton C of E 

here Besserer st intersects. 
47 Heron Wm, civil service 
49 Harmon Miss, ladies school 
53 Pollard Rev Hy, ch of eng 
55 Carl — , cabinet maker 
67 Mann Michael, laborer 
71 Lang Robert, surveyor 
V5 Howell S, merchant 
81 Hedlam W H, bookkeeper 
83 McLean Albert, fireman 

hef3 Cmnhei'land st intersects, 
87 McDonell Dr 
89 Mortimer Geo, druggist 
91 Jarvis Geo, civil service 
97 Lemoine Davis, " 
99 Mackay Wm, lumber mercht 
109 Bradbury Wm, agent 

121 Powell Grant, civil service 
123 Himsworth Wm, " 

(ST. alban's ohurob.) 

here King ,'t intersects. 

143 Batson BeiiJ, lumber merchant 

161 Lewis Rt lie r J Travers, D D, 

Bishop of Ontario 
169 Gibbs H, solicitor of pai .^.d 
171 Fingland Wm, merchant 
here Nelson U inttrsects. 
199 Toller Freder'ck civil service 
201 Taylor A G D, civil service 
205 Garneau Alf.ed, civil service 
209 Clayton J H, civil service 
211 Thorburn John, prin gram shl 
219 Macpherson Col, militia dept 
231 Kirkpatrick Thos, F S, C S 
237 Tobin Seymour, civil service 

here Friel st intersects. 
285 Bate H N, merchant 

here Chapel st intersects. 
295 Fleming Sanford, engineer 
315 Graham Duncan, gentleman 

here Augusta st intersects. 

363 Moore Isaac, lumber merchant 

365 Cotton H, gentleman 

369 Geddies W fl, civil service 

371 Gour^eauF, «« 

375 Parent Mrs, v/idow 

381 Johnson J, civil service 

383 Magee John " 

Daly Street, south side. 

County Court House and offices. 
County Reqistby Offiok, 

[£ Sherwood, Registrar 
32 Newton Cbas, tinsmith 
34 Murray John, laborer 
36 Slack Richard, messenger 
38 Guignard John A teacher 
42 Wingfleld J, messenger 
here Besserer st intersects. 

46 Johnson Mrs widow 

48 Ghenet P, merchant 

62 Wily Col Thos, civil service 

54 Tilton John « 

56 Humphries, Geo 

58 Thomson S D) carriage factory 

78 Hopkirk John, civil service 

here Cumberland st intersects. 
Knox Chubos 
106 Audy J R, civil service 
108 Lemoine R, clerk, senate 
110 French T P, P Inspector 
112 Germain N, tinsmith 
122 Fraser Jas, elk Surrogate cowrt 

Magee Ranc* Bxoela aU Cook BtOTu* B8M01IDB BIlOS*« AsenU* 

t .: 



">[ I 



■"■■■ 'n 



,1 : 

,i 1 

• li 

M n 



A. MOBTIHXB, BookUndflr aad SUtioMr, Sparki Street 

138 Powell Col, Adjutant General 

here King st interticta. 

154 Moylan J G, director of peni- 
160 Patrick A, elk H of ConunonH 
162 Smith Wm, dy minister M * F 
168 Prieiir F X, director ol" peni- 
176 Farrer Mrs widow 
li)2 Sarney Thos J, machinist 

here Nelson st intersects. 

200 Irvine Jas, Union Bank 

204 Horsey H H, architect 

200 Patterson Jas, finance dept 

208 Bu;na Denis, baker 

210 Baxter Denis, stonecutter 

212 McMann John, stonecutter 

214 Disbean Joseph, laborer 

222 Gemmill J J, barrister 

230 Sinclair Robert, civil service 

232 Barry Jas, civil service 

236 Pennock J T, insurance ugeat 

here Gloucester at intersects. 
250 Dewe John, P inopector 
252 Cartwright Hon R J,min finance 
256 Tracy James 
274 Scott Hon R W, secy of state 
286 Tims T D, civil service 
288 Plumber J H, manager bank of 

292 King J W, dirctr penitentiaries 

here Chapel st intersects 
336 Patterson Thos, merchant 
here Augusta st intersects. 
348 Goddard Norris, civil service 
362 O'flanly J L P, P L S 
here Cobourg st intersects 

390 fiucke P E, civil service 
428 Keys Archibald 

Division Street, east side, 
from Maria st to city limits. 
9 Allan James, carpenter 
13 Mathews John Hy, laborer 
15 Mathews James, carpenter 
19 Hamilton David 
23 Mulligan Henry, carpenter 
27 Church Thos, filer 
83 Subvier Bte, laborer 
87 Allis James, stonecutter 
41 Fotu Baptiste, laborer 
43 Bannum John, blacksmith 

46 Harrison John, engineer 

47 Sauvie Casimir, teamster 
61 Legarre Geo, laborer 

Jure Jhrimrose twenue intersects. 

117 M'Clellan Wm, teamster 

here Portland avenue intersects. 
149 Albert Henry, laborer 
163 Alexander VVni, clerk 
155 Marinon Michael, laborer 
here Kccles st intersects. 

199 Heusion Adam, laborer 
201 Kebs Thomas, carpenter 

here Sophia st intersects. 
361 Serizan Jos, laborer 

Duke Street, cast side, 
from Queen st west ti> Bridge st. 
3 Kent Alex & Bro, hardware 
9 Ahearn Wm, blacksmith 
19 Kipp Wilfrid, tinsmith 

27 Hay James, confectionery 
31 Bisaillon A, hairdresser 
35 Ashfleld Jas, china, &g 
39 Remon S H, grocery 
39iBevin Richard, confectionery 
41 Neville P, shoemaker 

43 Smith C A, chemist 

46 Lee S, boot and shoe store 

here Lane intersects. 

49 Jamieson W H, druggist 
51 O'Connor Mrs J R, widow 
53 Johnson John, hotel keeper 
57 Valiquette Emille, " 
61 Larue Napoleon, shoemaker 

63 O'Lone James, tobacconist 

G7 Martineau Guillaume, merchnt 
69 Patterson Miss, dressmaker 

71 Carpenter Thomas, grocer 

73 David Leon, grocer 

75 Gregson Saml, bricklayer 

87 Perkins Bros, founders 
89 Baskerville Bros, grocers 

91 Fraser Mrs, confectionery 

97 Ciappy John, grocer 

Duke Street, west side. 

28 Merrill H, engineer 
34 Merrill M, engineer 

64 Goulien — , flour store 

60 Lailamme T, cabinetmaker 

72 Hudy John, laborer 

74 Ahearn Morris, blacksmith 
82 Joyce's waggon shop 

86 Corbett Dr. 

88 Henderson Dr. 

92 Pellier John, millwright 

98 Nerboil Julie, laborer 
100 Demerse Jos, " 

SoBOOL House 

Ecoles Street, South side, 
from Bell st to Division st. 
18 O'Meara Thomas, laborer 



Go*! ttov«NiM to IM tumaA only mt BSaiOnDfi>S. 

OTTAWA btbut dirkotobt. 


Go to SHOOLBBID * 00. for Oupcti, OarUlaa, OUolothi, Matttngi, to. 

Elgin Street, Knut side. 

from Wdlingtrm mnth to nouthcni 

limit a. 

3 Cliabv Houho, L K Clifiby 

6 T S Stethain, iiiHuraiice agent 

7 Meindel F, tailor 

9 Cooper W H,connni88ion asent 
11 Canadian Express Co, C C Ray, 

,Q /Commercial Uefltaurant and 
^•^ I Billiard Hall, L K Clisl.y 

16 Roclie H J, plumber 
ISJCox Gt'orge, i ; : aver 

17 Dominion Telegraph Office, 

Jos Aitchieson, agent 
IQ (Bradley & Bell, law office 
^^ iNellisl'hoHF. li.irrister 
21 T M Clarki, insurance agent 
25 Holbrook O .'^ mercht tailor 

here Sparks si 'nterscets, 
27-31 Russel House, J A Gouin, 

47 Magee & Russell, wh'sale mer 

here Queen st intersects. 
" Albert " 
" Slater " 

97 Kerr Mrs A, boarding house 
99 Neelin Mrs A, •< 

103 Maynard Albert G, bookkeeper 
105 Wright Fred, conveyancer 
109 Miles Edmund, hairdresser 
111 Adams Samuel, builder 
113 Conroy Chas, messenger 
117 Game George, salesman 
119 Bond Robert, salesman 
121 Carrier Wm 
125 Bance Edmond 
127 Daly M E, painter 

Here Maiia st intersects. 
Normal School 
227 McCallion John, carter • 
253 Chilton Benjamin, waiter 
255 Sims George, Clerk 

Elgin Street. West side. 

6 Free Press Office, Chas W 
Mitchell, proprietor 

8 Post Office, Godfrey P Baker, 


10 Free Press Office 

16 Pinhey, Christie & Hill, bar- 
20-26 Hope Jas & C a, st'ioners &c 

Here Sparks st intersects. 
28 Michaels H, tobacconist 

' Birmingham Jas, auctioneer 
Mather Jas, architect 
Walker, CasseU & Pennock, 

.34 i barristers 

St Andrew's Society Rooiuh 
Catholic Young Men's Society 

36 Canada Central and Brockville 
and Ottawa Railway,. W S 
Eaton, agent 

38 Canada Lite Assurance Co, 
R H Haycock, agent 

40 McDonald'& Co, dvors & scour 
Inland Rovenue collector's office 
Martin Battle, collector 

42 Woodburn A S, printer, and 
publisher of the Ottawa Di- 

48 McLaugnlin G C, ins agent 
Routh. C T. agent 

50 Gas Company's Office, C T 

Bate, president 
62 Scott, Stewart & GormuUy, 
Sparks & Hick, barristers 
O^Connor & O'Doherty, barristers 

Here Queen st intersects. 

54-G8 Union House, Jno Graham, 

70 Gouin J A, prop Russell House 
72 Smithson W H, P dept 

74 CMristie S, commission mercht 

.Here Albert tt intersects. 

« Slater " 

98 Thompson W H, city treasurer 
120 Thompson T W, asst " 

Here Maria st intersects. 
" Oloucester " 

Emmanuel Church 
172 Burpee Hon Isaac, minister of 

180 Lemieux Francis 

ha'e Kepean st intersects 

254 Palen Sc Adams, workshops 
286 Anderson Herbert, carter 
376 Elmitt Thos, gardener 

Frank Street, north side, 

From Bank st easterly. . 

49 Martin Dugald, stonecutter 

75 Bennett Morris, messenger 

Frank Street, south aide. 

14 Matthewman Arthur, painter 
48 Wilkee John, laborer 




t f 


Blaiilc Baolu ummIo at AIjSZ. MO&TXSIBR'if Sparlu Straet. 

I P 1 

■ •' ml' 




FlwnUiiff, lavM Ttoog hs and OntUn at HMONDU'. 

i'li. . 



'il ':■<:■. 



Friel Street, mat aide, 
from St. Andrew at aouth to 

Theodore at, 
7 Beaudoin Medore, painter 
9 Oroulx J Bte, laborer 

11 Groulx JBte.jr., 
13 Groulx Jos, 

16 Oroulx A, 

17 BemaW Norbert, « 
19 Merion Louis, 
21 Gervais Raphael, 
23 Lalonde Felix, 
25 C6t6 Isidore, olork 

29 Fouvrette ChaH, plasterer 
37 Bone Isidore, laborer 
39 Oiroux Edouard, " 
43 Cdt6 Nicholas, carpenter 
47 Bedard Louis, joiner 
fil Bevin Jean, shoemaker 

Here St Patrick at interaecta. 
8fi Spenard E, blacksmith 
Here a lane commencea. 

93 Peltier Joseph, baker 
96 Maloney Bartholomew, laborer 
116 DalaiBe Abraham, butcher 

Here Clarence at intes'secta. 
143 Rainsville Mrs widow 
146 Walker Thos, laborer 
149 Proctor Geo, clerk 
161 Mott John, carpenter 
163 Ronan Charles, painter 

166 Silcox Francis C, book-keeper 

167 McDougall Hy, shoe store 
169 Angus Geo, book-keepe: 
167 McGullough Frs, ftird/esser 
175 Mason Mrs John 

177 Topley Horatio, photographer 
179 McClaren John, tailor 
181 Lapierre Romuald, tailor 
191 Hartney Mrs widow 
193 Smith Jeremiah, carpenter 

196 Tomlinson T H, lithographer 

197 Crockett James, stonecutter 
269 Doucet Chas, clerk 

263 Ritchie David, c s elk 
Here Rideau at interaecta. 
" St Paul « 

« Daly " 

«« Stewart " 
333 Prinderville John, butcher 
Here Wilbrod at interaecta. 
363 GrisOD L A, printer 

Here Theodore at interaecta. 

Friel Streeti weat aide. 

12 Gaulet Jean Bte, painter 

16 Robillard Mrs widow 
IH Bouvretto Joseph, laborer 
20 Cotfi Nicholas, joiner 
22 Hpvuly Mrs wiciow 
24 Kirkb'ride Wm, carpenter 
26 Downie Alphonse, butcher 
28 CourHolle C, draughtsman 
32 Maheux Joseph, laborer 
34 Larocque Xavier, •* 
36 Larocque Oliver, " 
40 '■•ibHon Thos, " 

44 Paquelte Felix, plasterer 
46 Joubarne A Iphonfle, joiner 

Here St Patrick st interaecta. 

70 Garneau Adolph, butcher 
74 Valade Louis, laborer 
76 Valade Pierre, " 
78 Cassidy Patrick, bricklayer 
here Clarence at interacctn. 

118 Spencer Edward, laborer 

120 Laurin Jos, laborer 

124 Bissonni Odilon, blacksmith 

126 Labie Chus, laborer 

128 Montreuil Mrs Felix 

130 Schwitzer Stephen, laborer 

132 Cot6 Paul, •' 

134 Shanon Francis, •« 

162 Ami Rev Mark 

154 Raymond D^sirfi, clockmakor 

162 Fmch Wm, bricklayer 

164 Naylor, , clerk 

166 Moxley Richard, planer 

176 Bly til Thomas, painter 

178 Hull Wm, printer 

180 Mills James, stonecutter 

184 Moxley Robt, carpenter 

186 Thompson Charles, printer 

188 Sproule Miss L M, pte school 

198 Boulger John, laborer 

200 Murpljy John, carpenter 

206 Coulson Allan, pork-packer 

208 Dewar Hugh, gardener 

214 Murphy Mrs Daniel 

218 Holhngton James, carter 

220 Mahara Mrs widow 

222 Quinny John, bricklayer 

222 Heney Robt, niasoi. 

224 Hater B( j, laborer 

226 Stewart Alex. « 

228 Manson John, |>)a8terer 

230 Barrel 1 J-ob*. c»rpe»t«r 

H&re Ri/ieau at mtersecta. 
" St F'ttul " 
280 Higj;ins Connell, civil service 
Hire Daly at interaect,^ 
" Stewart •« 

Oot yonr Viumltiur* At SHOOIiBKBD * CO.'t 


A. MOBniHB, lookbindn tai. tUMaux, •pMflB 

:i;tO Hudflon John, carpenter 
litre Wilbrod st intersects, 
" Thettdore •' 

George Street, norh aide, 
from iiustex east to Cumberland, 
.13 Oagiin Mrs, widow 
:)7 Garvin M J, blackHinith 
:{9 Kehoe Win, blacksmith 
15 Baskervllle P & BroB, grocers 

51 Abbott Wm, agricultural ware- 
Qroroe Street Fire Station, 

Joseph A Smith, engineer 
IJere nilliam st intersects. 
71 Starnier Mra JanicH 
77 Hussell Geo H, upholsterer 
85 Jones T J, naaster str Alice 
Hi) Brennan Mrs, widow 
HI Sutton Jaa, umbrella repairer 
95 Chabot P H, draper 
!I9 Marshall Mrs Michael 
.07 Ethier Anne 
115 Cussans Henry, confectioner 

Here Dalhousie st intersects. 
125 Low George, blacksmith 
127 Walsh John, plasterer 

r Chase James 
131 < lieardon Robt, broom mfr 

(Kcardon Wm, " 

141 Bcattie W M <& Co, coal and hay 

IGl Millar A T, agricultural agent 
Ckntrai, Sciiooi, East, 
Principal, Archibald Sinirl 
181 Gavin Jereiiiiah, janitor C S E 
Here Cumberland at intersects. 

Qeorge Street, south side. 

14 Stevens A W & H, Stevens hse 

20 O'Meara Pat, prop, merchants' 

exchange and sample room^ 

here Mosgrove st commences. 

58 McNaugnton Duncan, builder 

O'Connell Bros, cabinetmakers 

Here William st intersects. 
82 Turcotle Pierre, laborer 
84 Parrington Wm, stonemason 

Here Dalhousie st intersects. 

114 Loveday J, printer & booksllr 
122 Low George, blacksmith 

( Harper , bookkeeper 

\ Mulligan Samuel, boatowner 
Davis Joseph, carpenter 
Foley Mose^, porter 
Charon V, barber 
Boncorps — , architect 
178 O'Leary Jas, civil service 




180 Cusner Wm, reporter Oititm 
182 Sparrow Martin, grocer 
Here Cumberland at intersects. 

Qlouoeeter Street, North side, 

from E gin to Concession at. 

16 Zollikofl'er Mrs 
Arnold! King, architect 

17 McUillivray Farquhar, civ ser 
21 Pope R, civil service 

29 Robins P M. " 

31 Chalmers Wm^ prop fc^ bazaar 

35 Lane Alfred, civil service 

41 St. Hill P, eentleman 

45 McKinnon Neil^ insurance agt 

49 Bangs John, mill owner 

61 Chepley — , civil service 

Here Metcalfe st intersects. 
77-79 Nagle Robt, lumber mercUt 

r Green Wm, boarding house 
95 \ Harington — 

(.Christie J N E, teller ont bk 
97 Campbell Thomas, grocer 
99 Cummins Mrs, widow 
103 Birkett Wm, stonemason 

Here (y Connor st intersects. 
107 McKay William, builder 
Here Bank st interaects. 
189 Brocker James 
191 Calbert John 
231 Sharp Chas, carriage maker 

236 Hannan George, bricklayer 

237 Sleeman Wm, plasterer 
239 Brisben Wm, culler 
245 Reid Wm, stonecutter 
247 Allan James, carpenter 

Here Kent st intersects, 
281 Walsh John, civil service 
297 Fellowee H, contractor 
299 Auber JameSj briiklayer 

Here Sally st tntt^secis. 
340 Drake John lahc»rer 
342 McMahon Mv«» ., laborer 
345 Rock Mrs, widc^- 
.345^BrennMi fthnu-d, laborer 
348 Down J a— ah , upholsterer 
348iBarry &, clerk 
350 McCoomick John, laborer 

here Bay st intersects. 
379 Grattou E, upholsterer 
381 Lee .Vrchibald, school teacher 
385 Wai»ih John, laborer 
405 Baines Misses, 
407 OharbonneaH T, laborer 
409 Egan Mrs, widow 

Qloucester Street, south side. 
18 Michaud C E, civil service 
20 Brousseau Elz6r, " 
22 Burritt A, registrar city Ottawa 

., "t 

. HI fi 

Th« iMrgest stock and bMt ▼•hM In t4Me Onrtalua «t eHOOIiBRBD * 00*8, 







>, tops fka 9Ui^»t M « imtm, only at BMONBSP. 

26 Lee Wm H, gentleman 

34 Sbmimabt Notrb Dame. 

62 Beament Thos, merchant 
Here Metcalfe st interaecta. 

64 Bubidge F r. civil engineer 

82 Blyth G J, plumber 

84 Robertson Nathaniel 

92 Johnson L E, clerk 

96 Robertson Alex, tobacconist 
102 Durie J S, stationer 
104 Neeve J B H, civil service 
108 Garrett H J " 

110 McCarthy Michael 
118 McCuaie W H, civil service 
120 Linton Wm, commission agent 

Here O'Connor st intersects. 
132 I jckett A A spell, carpenters 
146 Evans Charles, carpenter 
158 Woodburn Thos M,alr in grn &o 
164 Cooper W H, official assignee 
168 Falls W H, auctioneer 

Here Bank st intersects. 
202 Beatty James, shoemaker 
212 Moxley John T, contractor 
218 Butterworth & Co., plumbers 
220 Smith John, merchant 
222 Gowan Hunter, music dealer 
224 Smith W H, stationer 
236 Karl Mrs, widow 
238 McLean Hugh, clerk 
240 Irvine John, carpenter 
244 Back Thos, teamster 
Here Kent st intersects. 
St. Pathiok's Cucboh (R C) 
298 Johnston W B, laborer 

Here Sally st intersects. 
323 Brennan Patrick, bookkeeper 

326 Macpherson Peter, bricklayer 

327 Ferguson Wm, carpenter 
329 Gowan Robt, carpenter 
362 Terry J, painter 

364 Stoppelben Mrs Jos, widow 
368 Mo88 Henry, butcher 

Here Bay st intersects, 
376 Taylor — , civil service 
384 Mather John, carpenter 
389 Fenney — , laborer 
394 Heney C, foreman of corporatn 
396 Waters James, grocer 
402 BuUen W, gineer ale maker 
408 Craig Alex, laborer 
410 Ryan John, blacksmith 
418 D Arcy Mrs, widow 
420 O'Meara Michael, blacksmith 
422 Ball James, laborer 

Here Percy st intersects. 
442 McCurley Mrs, widow 
462 Sinnett James, laborer 

here Percy st intersects. 

Qrove Street, West side. 

from Canal st West South Westerly 

6 Wolf Ab, laborer 

10 Streamer Rudolph, laborer 

12 Barr Charles, " 
18 Kirk A « 

20 Kirk Frederick « 

Head Street, South side. 
Chaudiere Island. 
39 to 41 Baldwin A H, saw mill 
92 McKay & Co, millers 
94 Baldwin A H, saw mill 

132 Carruthers Aaron, foreman 
15)4 Potter Edward, foreman 
136 Traveller Thos, foreman 

Heney Street, 

from Cobourg st to Wurtembwrg st. 
3 Miles John, mason 
Here Charlotte st intersects, 
59 Thorn George, shoemaker 
61 Sharp John, laborer 
69 Duffy Wm, laborer 
73 Hall James, carter 
89 Joyce John 

Hill Street, east side, 
from Wellington to Albert st, 

7 Smith Mrs widow 

9 Feeley John, laborer 

11 Whalen James, machinist 
17 Parris Wm, brewer 

21 Mercer John, organist 
26 Holmes Henry, grocer 

Kent Street, east side, 
from Rear to Somerset st. 
3 Kavanagh T, contractor 

13 Drysdale John, civil service 

Here Vittoria tt intersects. 

39 Watt Mrs widow 

41 Grace Pierce 

49 Dunlop Jas, Govt police 

63 Johnston Geo R, custom house 

55 Bell Henry, bricklayer 

Here Wellington st intersects. 
" Sparks " 

99 King Edward (C King & Go) 
109 Cluf Isaac, carpenter 

Here Queen st intersects. 
Ill Reddick Alex, grocer 
127 Hartley Philip, trader 
129 Watson S E, carpenter 
131 Fullerton Jas, grocer 

Here Albert st intersects. 

133 Carleton John, confectioner 
141 Powell Robt, teacher 

PwUMraUBg Mid M«mb«iinc 




A. MOBTIHBE'8 Qtauinl Btatiooarj Wunlumn, Spaila Street 

Dean James, laborer 
McDonald John, carpenter 
O'Neil Dennis, carpenter 
Kerr John, « 

Albert , bricklayer 

1^5 Anderson Hugh, painter 

149 Bradley Mrs widow 

151 Thomas George, builder 

Thomas Ghas, stonecutter 
153 Shouldice Jos, cleric 

Here Slater st intersects. 
Central School West, 

Edwin D Parlow, principal 
Here Maria »t intersects. 
" Gloucester •' 
221 Jepps Thos, carpenter 
223 Hudson W D, slater 
231 Batterson Mrs widow 

Here Nepean st intersects. 

233 Spittal Alex, clerk 
235 McEinnon John, policeman 
237 MoRea John, carpenter 
239 Quinn Patrick, laoorer 

here Lisgar st intersects. 
" Cooper " 

" iSomerset " 
Kent Street, west side. 
14 Forrest Lt-Col 
18 Ford Mrs, widow 
20 Morris A, laborer 
„. f Johnston John, laborer 

' Johnston Wm, blacksmith 
36 Dukin Mrs, widow 
[ 38 Traveller Mrs, widow 
42 Johnston Geo, carter 
50 Stitt J R, dry goods merchant 

hei'e Wellington st intersects. 
•* Sparks " 

88 Burrows Mrs, widow 

Here Queen st intersects. 
114 Bussell A J, supt crown timber 

here Albert st intersects. 
" Slater " 

170 Stewart J C, civil service 
172 Russell Andrew, " 

here Maria st intersects. 
" Kepean " 

248 Mfthoney John, carter 

here Lisgar st intersects, 
" Cooper *• 

*• Somerset *' 
King Street, east side, 
from Rideau river to Theodore st. 

41 Bambrick Mrs Michael 

Here McTaggart st interseeia. 
53 Londrigan Richard 
67 Murphy John, saddler 
here Botelier st intersects. 

71 Thorbahn Herman, butcher 
77 Schwitzer W, policeman 
89 Cook Ralph James, Clerk 
91 Hanley Herbert, tailor 

here Bolton st intersects. 

101 O'Leary Cornelius, conductor 

St L & R R 
115 Rochon M, grocer 

here Cathcart st intersects. 

119 Valiquette Charles, carpenter 
121 Richer Moses, laborer 
123 Paquet Henry, shoemaker 
127 Duchesne Nap, butcher 
129 Venas Alexis, laborer 
131 Fox Charles, shoemaker 
133 Mayer Emerie, laborer 
135 Duchesne Theo, " 
137 Morin A, printer 
141 Hotte Thadee, laborer 
143 Clift Jos, laborer 
145 Brunette Francis, carriage mkr 
147 Rodrique Charles, grocer 
here Water st intersects. 
159 St. George Edouard, contractor 
163 Hotte Max, cab driver 
165 Girard Basile, painter 
173 Paradis Alp, snoemaker 

here St. Andrew st intersects. 

175*177 Pinard L A, groceries 
181 Leclair John, blacksmith 
183 Chevrier Alfred, farrier 
185 Pres'.au Henri, eook 

here Church st intersects, 
193 Archanibault Jean, grocer 
199 Potier Henri, barber 

ha'e Shamrock st intersects. 
201 Bowen Albert, pipelayer 
203 Craig Wm, carpenter 
207 Dufour Alfred, blacksmith 

here St. Patrick at intersects. 
227 /Joleau Adl, cabinetmaker 

\ Pinard A J, dry goods mrcht 
233 Pinard H A, wood yard office 
243 Mathe Pierre, laborer 
246 McAndrews James, plumber 
263 Kimber John A, baker 
269 Fitzgerald Jeremiah, laborer 
261 Cnrran Timothy 
263 Kerswell John, painter 
266 Rosignol Eus^be, laborer 










i '. 

>. ■! 

,> I 

>-" I 


Polar R«fHs«mtar keep* Mm* aiiA ruHik la bot WMtttur. BSBIOMDi(.8«. 



■ )>il 



t'l :. 







' 1 




' n- 

Get yonr Ctrpeti flNMB SSKKNUBISID ft OO.'t, the lufMt and dteapaat itoek in the dty 

267 McQaire James, laborer 
269 Simond John, atonecutter 
271 Cherry Mrs widow 
273 Bealer John, mason 
275 Gprniel Mrs Wm, widow 

Sere Clcer&we at intersects, 
287 L'Heureux J X, contractor 
291 Boucher Aldoph, messenger 
293 Bobletier Michael, baker 
297 Coles Mrs widow 
301 Blais Benjamin, laborer 
303 Thomas Mrs Alph 
316 Lambkin Thos, caretaker 
319 Hassan Hugh, policeman 
321 Clark Thos, laborer 
323 Belanger Micliael, cab-driver 

326 Carbonneau Alfred, carpenter 

327 Dumaise Jos, cab-driver 
329 Julien Napoleon, printer 
331 Goodwin John, laborer 
333 Parsons Jas, painter 

335 Robertson Rooert, painter 

337 Marier Pierre, marble cutter 

339 Fermaville Wm, painter 

355 Bonneville Jean, clerk p w dpt 

357 Cardinal Jos, carter 

359 Bartier Frank, laborer 

369 Laflamme Cyprien, carpenter 

361 Quinn Mrs, grocer 

363 Perkins Samuel, sasfitter 

365 Lanzon Samuel, carter 

371 Mahon M, blacksmith shop 

375 Mahon Mrs M, Young Ladies' 

379 Parks Jos, stonecutter 
361 Cadieux Louis, printer 
387 Jackson J B, clerk civil service 
391 Aitlill John, plasterer 

Here Rideau at intersects. 
427 Reynolds & Dickinson, black- 
Here St. Paul st intersects. 

449 Batson Benjamin (Batson & 

Here Daly at intersects. 
" Stewart " 

495 O'Connor R E, broker 

Here Wilbrod at intersects 
503 Bermingham Jan, auctioneer 
607 Coward U W, commission agt 
621 Main Andrew 

King Street, teeat side, 
4 Emigrant sheds 

Jiere Bain st intersects. 
18 Hume Thos, laborer 

here Me Taapart st interaecta. 
" Bottelier at interaecta. 

74 Belanger J A, civil service 
84 Giles A R, washing mchne mfr 

here Bolton st interaecta. 
98 Green Patrick, laborer 
100 DriscoU Timothy, saddler 
108 Finnester Daniel 

here OatJieart at interaecta. 
132 Nadon Pierre, laborer 
142 Pothier Mrs widow 

here Water at intersects. 
144 Carbonneau Pranc's, grocer 
162 Leblanc Severe, millwright 
168 Boyer P, grocer 

here St Andrew at interaecta 

174 Auger Joseph, printer 
176 Boyer Benj, laborer 
182 Boucher Julien, laborer 
184 Bolduc Jos, carpenter 
192 Laderoute Damase, grocer 

here Church st interaecta. 
204 McEwan John, laborer 
206 Mellare Emme 
222 Quinn Mrs, grocer 

here St Patrick at interaecta. 

224 Harris Abel, grocer 
234 Hugg Jos, stonecutter 

here Murray at interaecta. 
250 Hay Thomas, laborer 
256 Cassidy Daniel, stonecutter 
274 St Auiond Leon, grocer 

here Clarence at interaecta. 
noQ f Shaw Richard, tailor 

\ Shaw Jas bricklayer 
340 Gas works, John Holt, supt 
370 Forbes Thomas 
3'!B Joyce Patrick, baker 
376 McKinnon Richard, laborer 
380 Cuddle Andrew, carter 
382 Harvie Colin, gasfitter 

here Rideau at interaecta. 
406 Cunningham George, grocer 

here St Paul st interaect^. 
here Daly at intersects. 
466 Powell Col, dy adjt general 

Here Stewart st intersects. 
« Wilbrod " 

512 Moise John, carpenter 
514 Jordan Robt, carpenter 
516 Paine Wm, storeraan 
520 Bradshaw W J, carpenter 
522 Blanchet Ludger, clerk 

Puirjr Oooda fbr PrM«nfs mt A, MORTlMBR'Sf Store* Sparks St. 


A BeantiM line of Sutie Chata, Bcttotfi, *o., at EBlIOinUBr. 

I':ii'ii '^' 

Le Breton Street, East aide, 

from PortUiiul avenue to City limits. 
3 Warwicker Pred, civil eervice 
6 Warwicker Thos, saddler 
13 Abbott Fts, blacksmith 
37 Harris Thos, grocer 

here EccUa at intersects, 

11 Travere Peter, laborer 
97 Bissett Alex, plasterer 

Here Sophia at intersects. 

Le Breton Street, Weat side 

12 Henricks Peter, millwright 
36 Rivington Patrick, laborer 
€2 Keaa Wm, meseeneer 

132 McGrath Michael^ laborer 

Lewis Street, North aide, 

(FoRHeRLY By and Hsnry,) 

from Canal at West to Bell at. 

399 Martin James, storeman 

Lewis Street, South side, 

410 McQuarry L, contractor 
412 Crabtree John, stonecutter 
428 Orme J L, music dealer 
452 Gillie James, carpenter 
462 Davidson Mrs, widow 
476 Black John, stonemason 
478 McDowell J W, school teacher 
480 Beveridge Thos, carpenter 
482 Scott Thos 8, " 

492 McDernott E S, P dept 

Lisgar Street, Nm-ih side, 
from Caitial West to Concession at. 
Collegiate Institute 
here Elgin at interaects. 
« Metcalfe « 
235 Campbell Jas, bookkeeper 
251 Silcox Wm, bailiflF 
251 Silcox Mrs Mary Ann 
255 Cooper Robt, elk in B G office 
257 Black Wm, carpenter, of Arm of 

White & Black 
261 Brown Ja^, stonemason 

here O'Connor at interaects. 
283 Swanson Wm, stonemason 
285 Dancy Alex, laborer 
291 Gamble Alex " 
293 Lightfoot Geo, printer 
297 Garter Jas, bandmaster 
299 Hounsell John, carpenter 
303 Bell Robt, formn Times office 
307 Proler Edward, clerk 
309 Mutchmor T W, carpenter 
here Bmtk at intersecta. 

347 Wall Jas F, post office dept 
357 Jones Robt, plasterer 
363 Palen John, carpenter 
367 Mathews Beavcn, carpenter 

Mathews Alex *< 

371 Bussell John, laborer 
375 Lawrence Reuben, laborer 
383 Purdy John, grocer 
387 McDonald Francis, elk P O 
389 Huckell Benj, bailiff 
399 Tierney Miss Ann, schl toher 

ha-e Kent st intersects. 
405 Calvin Joseph, laborer 
409 Juneau Philip, carpenter 
411 Macher John, " 

416 McLenne T, saddler 
419 Gallagher Anthony, butcher 
421 Suittell Wm, laborer 
423 Wilson Wm, shoemaker 
427 Fraser Richd, mason 
429 Kirsop John, " 
431 Moore Jas, shoemaker 
435 Linton Wm, butcher 
437 Sullivan Michael, carpenter 
457 Dancy Thos, laborer 
471 Toohey Daniel, laborer 
476 Shae Patrick, laborer 
483 Smith Wm, teamster 
485 Jacques James, printer 
^7 Bunnell John,washing machine 
<: 'ohneton John, teamster 
' 'rosser Samuel, blacksmith 
here Bay st iniergecte, 

503 Albert Samuel, laborer 

533 Purcill George, « 

541 Kehoe Mathew, carpenter 

553 Blake Michael, laborer 

583 O'Neill Edward, sup domn pel 

Lisgar Street, South aide, 

24 McDermott Mrs, widow 

48 McCann — , tailor 

78 Dunn James, laborer 

88 Hodgins Mrs, widow 

98 Murphy John^ laborer 
118 Little Jas, painter 
122 Skinner Thos, teamster 
126 Eraser John, laborer 
144 Prinderville Richd, laborer 
152 McCallum John, carter 

here Elgin at inieraectt, 
•« Metcalfe " 
280 Little Isaac, laborer 
292 Snow — , P L S 
310 McGillivrey Dunoan, carpentfr 
470 MoSweeney Mrs, widow 
634 Bysh F, carpenter 
562 O'Donnell Patrick, farmer 

' < u 



'(i;!i •. 



U '! 

SUaatIn* «l»«*ll>i«d A> C«*e atocli keftr* pur«luuiliH( Owpate o» Fwmltnre. 


i|' <..; 



TkMirWniHiig in aU StylM, at ALBL XORniCEB'S Sparks Street 


? > 


IJoyd Street, ea«< side, 
(LeBreton Flats,) 

/fOMi Ouifce street to Welliiigton. 
35 Ahearn MrH John, widow 
69 Barry Mrs, widow 

61 Hawkins Edward, laborer 
66 Katina John, butcher 

69 Fahey Edward, laborer 
73 Kennedy William, " 
89 Millan Alex, stonecutter 

91 Nesbitt John, laborer 

Lloyd Street, toest side, 
(LeBreton Flats.) 

g f Young Levi, lumber mercht 
I Young Levi, jr 
22 Young Kobert, P, manager for 

Levi Young 
32 Carmen Martin 
38 Janiieson W H, druggist 

here Queen st west intet sects. 
68 Goody.'in John, culler 
60 Cunningham Patrick, tailor 

62 Toye Stephen, l&borer 

64 Fraser James, pattern maker 
66 Kean Patrick, laborer 
68 Masson Octave, stone cutter 
76 Annable William A, furniture 

82 Watson William, laborer 
88 McGinnit James, ,. 

92 Fleming Simpson, millwright 
94 Chouinard Win, clerk 

Haokay Street, north side. 

/Vom Ottawa river to Rideaa. 

21 Reynolds T, managing director 
St. L & R 

here Sussex intersects. 
McKay at ends at Rideau river and Cumber- 
land intenects. 

Maokay Street, south side. 
104 Taylor Jao, millrign:; 
106 Taylor Wm, stonemason 

hero McKay st ends and ( amberlaiul intersects. 

Maria Street, north side, 
from Canal stwest to Wellington st. 

27 to 39 Coward D W & Go's coal 

101 Rink Music Hall 
109 Griffith Franklin, expressman 
113 Palen William, contractor 

here Elgin at intersects. 
127 Woodburn A S, printer 
129 Cassels Robert, barrister 
, ,, f Brennan J C, grocer 
^*^ t Brennan, H H7 „ 

149 Murphy Dennis, agent M & O F 

153 Irvine Wm, upholsterer 

157 Crozier T J, printer 

163 Hutchison Mrs Wm 

165 Wood C, M D, pro cancer cure 

169 Wood Dr, Infirmary 

here Metcalfe st intersects. 

201 McLaughlin S, civil service 
205 Cruice, R W, com merchant 
213 Ryan Roderick, lumber merch't 
219 Gallagher Thos, contractor 
227 Bangs C W, alderman 

here O'Connor st intersects. 

257 Graham Archd, clerk 

261 Adamson Jas, clerk, civil se/ 

263 Pennock P, barrister 

267 Stiff, P 8, photographer 

269 Stiff, T P, „ 

271 Wilson Mrs, widow . 

273 Bell George, piano tuner 

275 Hutchison W M, clerk of works 

279 Groom Wm, messenger 

281 Sanester Ghas, clerk, civil ser 

283 Thoburn Daniel, printer 

285 Potts Joseph, book-keeper 

289 Mitchell C W, Fiee Press 

309 Tremblay & Beauvais, grocer** 

Here Dank st intersects. 
311 Nicholson J S, grocer 
313 Garrett A, mineralogist 
323 Honeywell Rice 
327 Kinkade Alex, laborer 
329 Ferris E G, laundry 
335 Parley James, book-keeper 
339 Rauscher R E, o e and surveyor 
343 Hogg M, barrister 

Ifere Kent st intersects. 

37£ Swinbourne Christopher 

381 Duff Robert, carpenter 

383 Taylor F, butcher 

385 Fraaer Alex, laborer 

387 Anderson T A, printer 

389 Taylor James, mason 

391 Weston Henry, laborer 

393 Reevil Arthur, accountant 

401 Anderson G J, clerk, finance 

403 Denmark Henry, laborer 
407 Smith George, messenger 
411 Fowler S H 
415 Holbrook Thos, bricklayer 
417 McMullin Richd, blacksmith 
419 Locke George, laborer 
441 Howe H H, yard man 
443 Jackson J, grocer 

Here Sally st Inttrseets. 
453 Fanning Wm, laborer 

]f«g«« Rmge BzMii «U Cook S(OT«h BSHONDIS BROS.) Agmta, 




Go to bHOOLBBED Ic CO. for Carpdta, Onrtaino, OUdoths, Matting *o> 

461 Shaw Henry, blacksmith 
463 Kibby Wm, porter 
467 Gibson George, laborer 
481 Thornton Wm, contractor 

Here Bay it intersects. 

501 Kelly Andrew, laborer 

603 Campbell Wm, boiler maker 

TiO? Shaw Thos, carpenter 

609 M'iBride W H, boiler maker 

611 Currell Timothy, laborer 

519 Cockburn Kichd, l)Ookbinder 

521 McLaiigMan, Thos, constable 

523 Ritchers John, bricklayer 

529 Rogers Win, collector 

631 Hamilton P S, detective 

533 Butterworth Enoch, tinsmith 

635 Stoddav' Thon, patt maker 

537 Cooper Thos, mason 

647 Laughlin W J, stonecutter 

551 Stevens Isaac, mason 

676 Clemow F, official aesigm 3 

Here ConcessidH st intersects. 

593 Lewif* Mrs J B, widow 
683 Kennedy- Mich, laborer 

Here Albtrt st intersects. 
Here Wellington st intersects. 

Maria Street, sotith aide 

8 Tupper E A, Mrs widow 
22 Tupper T M, painter 

Here Elgin st intersects, 

162 Link Nicholas, bookkeeper 
172 Powell SheritF, stables 
194 Kirby T H, city collector 
196 Cox George, engraver 
208 Thomson James jr, clerk 
212 Corcoran Richard, bookseller 
216 Shaw J F, clerk civil service 
218 Tackaberry J B, auctioneer 
224 Hardie John, clerk civil service 
234 Pratt James, shoe store 
236 Graham Alex, clerk c s 
238 McBrien Jas, contractor 

Here O'Connor si intersects 
256 Shaw Mrs widow 
258 Bowles Wm C, clerk 
266 Bishoprick Maria widow 
274 Bishoprick Henry, drug store 
278 Marshall W H, upholsterer 
300 Rucbon Eustace, carpenter 
310 Sparrow Chas, butcher 
Here Sank st intersects, 

312 Coghlan Jas S, grocer 
316 Duncan Andrew, agent 
324 Bradshaw John S, carpenter 
336 Saunderson Mrs widow 
342 Ross John L B, civil service 

OAA /Bradley HA, „ 
"*** I Chubbuck Chas, „ 
346 McGaw Alex, contractor 
354 McAgv W A, custom house 
36S Scott Chas, clerk p o 
360 May Rev John 
362 Lee Selby, boot A shoe store 
364 Bate Newel, mercht 
368 Sparks Alex, contractor 
370 Edwards John, grocer 
372 Lamb J B, clerk c s 
376 Stacey Lewis, bookkeeper 
378 Roger John, prop Times 

Here Kent st intersects. 

380 to 394 St Patrick's Asylum 
414 Philion John, mercht 
482 Campbell & McBride, boiler- 

Here Bay st intersects. 

494 McGraw John, plasterer 
608 McKillop Archibald, laborer 
522 Brighton Robert, janitor 
548 Smith Robert, foreman 
584 Bate C T, merchant 

Here CoiuxsHon st intersects. 
„ Cambridge st „ 
„ Arthur st „ 

654 Cowan Alex, packer 

656 Keef John 

660 Gagne Cele8tin,'tailor 

664 Heyden E C 

666 Townsend Chas, wheelwright 

670 Wallace Edward, shoemaker 

672 Peacock John, clerk 

678 Symes P B, civil service 

680 Lindsay Arthur, „ 

Here VictarUi Avenue Intertects. 
686 Wardenly H A, laborer 
688 Matthews Richard, mason 
690 L)e wan Arthur, laborer 
69!' Bayneton Chas, carpenter 
694 Wheeler Thos, mason 
696 Church John, carpenter 
Here Perktns st intersects. 

698 Johnston Robt, millwright 
702 Monk J B, book-keeper 
706 Radford J W, p w dept 
708 ri>ratton Jas, plasterer 

Here Albert Avenve interseett. 

710 Townsend John, grocer 
712 Page Wm, engine driver 
716 Hyde Thos, carter 
720 Smith L, laborer 
724 McLenty Dougald, grocer 
728 Hill Wm, blacksmith 
730 Gauthier Jas, clerk 

OMh BookS) I««dg«n * aonnwUf aHvajra in Stock at A« BIortlm«r>a, Sf arha 8t« 




i i ■ 


ml 'Kiii' 






■<*/ : 

.IT ■ ' 
■■u-4 -IK H 


if " t '■ 








^ m 

I' ! 






TtBwnithfan^ looAaffi VlamUag, lavw ftvoghs nd fjutton at BHCONDSff. 

MoGee Street, east side, 

from St Andre w$ t» St Patrick »t. 

1 P»quette Thomas, grocer 
3 Hamel Pierre, carpenter 
7^MiIler Joseph, laborer 
9 LafontaineNarnissejbl'cksniith 

11 Green Adam, plasterer 
13 Paquet Jean, saddler 
17 Brown Jas A, carpenter 

21 Todd Samuel, laborer 

27 Smith Edward, storeman 

29 McEwen Wm, marble polisher 

31 Arbour Joseph, shoemaker 

33 Spenard Emery, blacksmith 
Of i Boucher Benjamin, laborer 
**' l Belanger Zotique, « 

39 Craig Mrs Samuel 

43 Gleeson Thomap, « 

MoGee Street, weat side, 
10 Tremblay Hubert, laborer 

12 Carridre Joseph, « 

22 Guertin Adolphe, *' 
26 Lacroise J Bte, joiner 

32 Jobin Edouard, shoemakev 

34 Tessier Mrs Antoine, widow 
38 Portier Pierre, laborer 

40 Comfort Steven, clothier 
42 Perras Leon, shoemaker 

44 Laurin Pierre, laborer. 

McTaggart Street, North side. 

jftrom Ottawa River Eait to Rideau River. 

12ft /I^pointe Edouard, joiner 

\ Joiy L, shoemaker 
137 Landreville Charles, carter 
139 Lagiroflee Angel ique 
145 Hotte Xavier, laborer 

153 Gorman Richard, laborer 
165 Street Wm, laborer 

161 McFarlane John, school tchr 
187 Burgess Hugh, tailor 

here Cumberland st intersects. 

here King st intersects. 
MoXnggart Street, south side. 
80 St L Jb O R B DEpdx 

Here DaVumaie at intertect*. 

154 Morrison John, laborer 
here Cumberland st intersects. 

, here King st intersects. 
M^toaUb Sqoare, north side. 
15 Fellowes G B L, barrister 

35 McCraken Jas, insurance agt 

MMoalfe Square, south side. 

20 Nash J R, reoeiver-genl's dept 
22 Scott John, bookkeeper 

32 Ottawa Hay House 
David Taylor, proprietor 

UetoaUb Street, east side, 

from Wellington st to Somerset. 
1 A 3 Kavanagh M, Queen's hotel 

15 Ottawa Iron & Steel Manufac- 

turing Co, Lim — D West, sec 

here Sparks st intersects. 

25 Mann G, hardware 

27 Cotton Arthur, land surreyor 

31 Mann G (house) 

35 McKay W, painter * papr-hngr 

' ' 'Vindsor House — S Uaniels, pro 

here Queen st intersects. 

. • keasam F, clerk C S 

56 Porter John, engireer 

61 Lambert F X, clerk C S 

63 Catellier Ludger H, dep rgistrar 

67 Adams Geo, bookkeeper 
69 Carroll Mrs, widow 

■here Albert st intersects. 

77 k 79 Buckley P, livery stable kpr 

here Slater st intersects. 

97 * 99 Gallwther Thos, builder 

111 Birkett Thos, hardware 

113 Pace H, watchmaker 

117 Jones Ralph, Intercolonial R R 
121 Mortimer Alex, bookbinder 
125 Bernard Col H, deputy minister 

of justice 
127 Powell W F, sheriff 

Metcalf Street, west side. 
14 Arnoldi King, architect 

16 Montreal, Tslegraph Co 

22 Merchants' Bank of Canada 

here Sparks st intersects. 

Wesley AN Meth Churoh 

here Queen st intersects. 

48 Angus & Co, undertakers 
58 Deeroches Etienne, clerk C S 
60 Goodwin Mrs Mary, widow 
66 Bell Robert, bailiff 

68 Nicholson John, Dept Sheriff 

Aer« Albert st intersects. 
74 Russell J W (Magee & Russell) 
76 Gordon Jas 
92 Brunei Alfred, com inland rev 

here Slatei* st intersects. 
104 Tupper Hon Chas, M D 
108 Jenkins Chas, clerk P O dept 

112 Wicksteed H A, acct P O dept 

114 Hunton Mrs Thomas 

Here Maria st intersects, 
here Gloucester " 

WMtk m«JHi m»<i« at AJUBX, aiORTIBIBRiSt Spatflus au«et. 







r»- ' 

•■,4- •v't^J: 

. ti;-f . 




i ;. V;., *.>■■.„-, 



■HOOUBID 4 00. mU !S»iqjtm and Haj's TonitoM tA low pxioM. 


170 Steers W M 
172 Burnee L, & S E 
li4 Cock burn, Hon^Jas 

Middle Street, North side. 
Victoria Islind. 

135 Graham David, foreman B & B 

137 Pease Alplieus, „ „ 
Bronson's saw mill 

here Mill at intersects, 

J Levi Young's Office 
Gordon J as, chief clerk 
Dewar Colin, clerk 
ictoria Foundry 
Levi Young's saw mill 

Middle Street, South side. 
YiOTORiA Island. 
122 McTavish Robt, culler B & W 
121 Long Henry E, „ 

130 Vanausen Jas, foreman 
132 Fortier Francis, laborer 
134 Dory Henry, „ 

136 McKenzie Robt, forwarder 

138 Lourie Wm, teamster 
140 Proulx iHrael, laborer 

here Mill st intersects. 
Bronson & Westoa's Office 
Crannell Levi, chief clerk 
Robertson E Duncan, clerk 

[ Loux Chas, shipper 
170 Rogers Mrs John 

Dewar Colin, book-keeper 
McArthur Mrs D 8, bd house 
Eastman John, carpenter 
Wright Chris, millwright 
Seuney Wm, laborer 
Irvine Robert, „ 
McGregor Wm, culler 
Parr Alfred, „ 

Dunlop Peter, saw-tiler 
Dunlop Matthew, teamster 
Kennedy Thos, miller 
Baldwin A H, office 
Parr J A, book-keeper 
Baldwin William 
Porter Thos, clerk 
Fleck A W 

f Blasdell N S & Co, office, 
Victoria Foundry 
Merrill H B, manager 

• Ottawa River Works' Office 
Brophy J P, supt 
Scott David, clerk and act 
Kain Wm, messenger 
Price Geo H, U a Consular 

r Ottawa Improvement 
o's office 
Greene Godfrey B, secretary 





204 • 


Mill Lane, 

Jrom St Paul st to Court st. 


Mill Street, east side. 

(See Middhs st, Victoria Island. 

13 Lafliiohe Isaiah, laborer 

15 McDonald John, slide ma8t«r 

Mill Street, toest side. 

14 Soulier John, ^st slide master 
Montreal Street, nmth side, 

(LeBbeton Flats.) 
69 Young, Bronson & Co, flour ml 
— Martin J, foreman grist ml 
71 Bronson & Weston, saw mill 
77 Cook G G N, manager for B * Co 
Dennison Geo, night foreman 
saw mill 

Montreal Street, south side. 
96 McKillican JaB,foremn saw mill 

Moigrove Street, east side. 

from Georae st to Canal st, east. 

here Btdeau st intersects. 

13 McGilton Thos, boots & shoes 

15 Latimer Thos, cooper 
17 Tourgeon F, laborer 

19 Dunbar Heniy, shoemaker 

here St Paul st intersects. 

21 Dudy John, laborer 
25 Turner Thomas W, laborer 
29 Latimer James, trader 
39 Wood Henry, hotel keeper 
47 McGillea A, foreman 
49 Turgeon Jos, inspctr of lumber 
69, 61, 63 Harris G A, wood mrcht 

Moflgrove Street, west side. 

heiv Rtdeau it intersects. 
". St. Paul " 

32 Latimer Wm, carter 

36 Finlayson Mrs J N 

Murray Street, north side, 

From Sussex st to Kitvg. 

13 Bellefeuille A, merchant 

15 Cameron W A, mercht tailor 

17 Leteau Geo, grocer 

19 Daviean J B, hair dresser 

21 Beaucaire Benj, hotel 

25 Landrian F X, « 

33 Pigeon 'J', « 

37 Laviolette Doc, " 

39 Noel Damas, shoemaker 
41 St Pierre Mrs Adolphe, hotel 
45 Bonier Joseph, " 

47 Desjardin Edward, " 

51 Larocque Alphonse, ** 


.' , 

•S '! 

■if I'- 

ll .' 

Paper Rnl«d at ALHX. MORVIMKR^St ISparlu Street.] 

r ,1 



OhlUiw't Oarriagot, tk« 

bMt and ohMipart Tuirty at IIHOiniir. 




66 Gravelle Cbaa, " 

61 TbibertJean, " 

66 Deamarais Leonard, ulioemaker 
67i Br6ard Napoleon, " 
71 Lafontaine OeO| bair-dresser 
73 Lafontaine P, tnoooasin-maker 
76 Ghevrier Edward, botel 
81 Thibodeau J Bte, " 

86 Ouellette Joaephine Mrs widow 

87 St Amour Mrs Louis, laundress 
96 Billiard Mrs Jobn 

109 Duhamel L, carriage fbotory 
113 Guerin C/rille, blacksmith 
117 Carisse Louis, blacksmith 
119 Dussault Edouard, foreman 
121 MoKonna Mrs Neil 

hf,r» Dalhouiie rt inUrteets, 
131 Merritt Benjamin, laborer 
133 Handy Peter, shoemaker 

136 Duokett J P, bookkeeper 

137 Bergeron Moise, carpenter 
141 Lacnarite Naeaire, laborer 
143 Martel Mrs Pierre 

161 Roy Pierre, carpenter 
163 Picard Joseph, « 
163 Dorion Noel, huckster 
166 Shea John, driver 
173 Raitt Mrs John 
179 Duffy Peter, laborer 
181 Bemu Jean, mason 
183 Proulx B61onie, stonecutter 
187 O'Neil Patrick, carter 
189 Sumontier Edouard, joiner 
191 Cantwell John, tailor 
195 Morris Andrew, laborer 
197 Urquhart Cha- , dry goods 
Acre Cumberland »t intersectt. 

207 Germain J G, M D 
209 Valiquette Mrs Louis 
211 Barbeau J Bte, roofer 
213 Ricard Guetave, carter 
219 Tailon Thomas, laborer 
221 RenAud Jules, baker 
223 Sevigny Norbert, laborer 
227 Ayotte Joseph, " 

231 Keough Chas, * " 

hen King st interteeU, 

Mmay Street, south aide, 
from Sussex at to King. 

2 Leblanc & Lemay, clothiers, 

fancy goods, &c. 
8 Potior Cyrille, hair dresser 
10 C6rat & Beaudry, collecting 

and general agency 
12 B^langer Louis, tobacconist and 

16 Bennett, Benson & Co, lumber 
merchants, C L Goi'in, agent 

18 McKay W O, hotel keeper 

24 Maiitha Joseph, hotel keeper 

32 Guibault David, tailor 

34 Davi^au Pierre, hotel keeper 

38 CouvretteF « 

42 Laberge «« 

46 Land nan Joseph " 

60 Morris Michael, tailor 

62 Beaupr6 Victor, grocer 

66 Fournier Damase, hotel keeper 

68 Boyer Joseph " 

60 Renaud Alexi « 

64 Champagne Basile, grocer 

ktre Barrttt $t inttriecta. 

82 Carisse F X, laborer 
84 Duseault Olivier, carpenter 
86 Lonchttiiip Magarick, laborer 
92 Whittv James, hotel keeper 
94 Martel & Brazean, hse painter 
102 Nolan Moses, boarding house 
106 Duhamel Louis, blacksmith 
112 Kelly & Doyle, plumbers, gas 

fitters, &c. 
116 Cross Mrs Andrew, widow 
118 Hobillard Adolphus, M.D 
124 Groulx Stanislas, blacksmith 

hen Dalhousis «( intersects. 
136 Castello Thomas, shoemaker 
138 Lamothe Denis « 

140 Maloney Lawrerice, printer 
142 Butterworth James ** 
144 Seacom Wm, cloth cutter 
146 O'Brien Mrs Stephen 
148 Deslaurier H, Dominion police 
162 Courcelle Alphonse, baker 
154 Jett6 Pierre, stone cutter 
156 McDonald Hugh, laborer 
168 Clark L G, advocate 
160 Caill6 Marcel, laborer 
162 Thibault Louis " 
164 Dunning Bernard, foreman 
172 Goody Mrs Rose, widow 
174 Langevin Magloii-e, shoemaker 
176 Kinsella Thomas, foreman 
178 Westwick Mrs Samuel 
180 Mulroney John, laborer 
182 O'Dey Thomas « 
184 Edwards Benjamin, butcher 
186 Edwards Bros, Meat market 
188 Allusignan David, ornamental 
O'Keefe J C, groceries and 

here Cvmberland H intersecte. 
Bjrdwood Mrs Margaret, widow 
Vezina Lazare, carpenter 
212 Fabien Cleophas « 
214 Slattery Mr, fruit dealer 



Clot yrmur rw»lt«r« at SHOOUIBBD * CO.*« 

1 , ) ) 1 ) ■ 


■•pa MoubM at A£DL WUnMiara, tpMrki Itmt. 

216 Tobin Richard, joiner 

'1\H Chambers Willium, waiter 

i20 CampWIl William, laborer 

'J22 Fanning Robert, carpenter 

224 Michel Moine, carriage maker 

22() Guitar Maxim6, baker 

230 Moffatt Tho8, Donunion Police 

232 B>-ennan Micliael, laborer 

234 Gary James " 

236 Monaghan Edward " 

238 Carroll John " 

240 Hughes Terrance •♦ 

242 Boyer Pierre, 

kert Ki)tg tt interseetji. 

Nelmn Street, ecut side, 

from St Patrick smUh to Throdor*. 

33 Bourdeau Garrett, laborer 
35 Garreau Pierre, •♦ 
37 Rusael Mrs Ellen 

39 Pittaway George, " 

41 Brown Mrs Kate 

46 Owens Mrs May 

47 Stevens Mrs Elizabeth 
49 Sargent Wm, laborer 
65 Charlebois J 0, grocer 

hem Clarence «t interaeclt. 

63 Brown John, laborer 

65 Codd Edward, laborer 

69 Sherwin John, laborer 

71 Norris Geo, tailor 

73 Jinks Wm. painter 

83 Winters L 

89 Horton S, laborer 

91 Cox Mrs Wm, 

93 Willmott John, laborer 

97 Quick James, " 

99 Bull Alfred, " 

101 McGibney Andrew, mason 
107 Bone Firmin, laborer 
109 Deaux Henri, " 
111 LeBargeJos, ** 
117 Hamilton Mrs Alex 
119 Hennessy Thos, laborer 
125 Kelly Miss Mary 
127 Nolan Mrs Ann 
139 Henigan Mrs Patrick 
141 Tye J^e, laborer 
143 Le Belle Gregory, laborer 
145 Ganavan Edward 
149 Little Wm 

here Rideau st interKoU. 

Nelwn Street, west side. 
18 Cousineau Prospere, carpenter 
20 Dwight Wm, shoemaker 
22 McCarthy John, laborer 
24 Ouimette H, shoemaker 

34 Landry Louis, laborer 

36 Young Henry, mason 
38 Spencer John, bricklayer 
40 Keesan Johanna 
42 Gallagher H, laborer 
44 Cozenaii Siris, laborer 
52 Beatty T, grocer 

Aere OUtrente $t interiuti. 

58 Brown Cbas, laborer 

60 Wilkie Wm, printer 

62 Hinds Geo, laborer 

64 EnKfy Albert, mason 

66 Farrland Francis, laborer 

68 Kelly James, eardener 

68iPerry John, laborer 

70 llobinsoii Thomas, carpenter 

72 Kidd , . « 

74 Burke , «• 

76 Picher Xavier, laborer 

78 Buckley Thomas, tinsmith 

80 Robinson Steve, laborer 

82 Harvey Thos, «« 

84 Ei.?li(.hTho8, " 

86 Owpiison John " 

88 LaBarge A, " 

90 Eneftu Alex, " 

96 Preulx Mrs Y 
loo Robertson John " 
106 Cawest Alfred, tailor 
108 Perry James, contractor 
118 Fowler Sidney, plasterer 
124 Charbonneau Henry, carter 
126 Prevost Octave, carpenter 
128 Quevillon Jean Baptiste, carter 
132 Hurtubise Ant, carpenter 
134 Champaigne Louis, carter 

136 Farley 

144 Townsend D*vid, tinaniith 
150 Edwards Wm, butcher 
166 Wilkinson John, laborer 

here 8t. Paul st inter»eots. 
" Daly " 

236 Dion C, messenger C S 

here Stewart it interaects. 

260 Chateaubert E, clerk 

here Wilbrod it intersects. 

274 Duplessis Thos 0, civil service 

276 Tilley W J, civil service 

280 Gordon Rev J A 

286 Wise F, 8upt Rideau canal 

288 Lindsay J, bookkeeper 

292 Borradaile R, inspctr inlnd rev 

Nepeaa Street, north side. 

From Elgin stuet to Cimetision strut. 

11 Haycock R H, barrister 
13 Bradley R A, „ 

17 Derbyshire,' Mrs, widow 
19 Haycock Edward, contractor 

Here Metcalfe street dnterseets. 

Th» BMt UoaM-Fwmlahlaff tlMk tft Ottawa k«pt at BSMONDBS*. 


I' ''1 i 




I ■' t , ' 

, ii 



i r ( 

f '■; 

1 s 




, ( 

I; I >'j 


Mi '»^ 

y iis ■ 



Oct jmx 0»rp«ti Aran IKOOLIIID * 00.'% th* laigwt ud eheaptst ttook in the city 

89 Bronnkill Henry J, reporter 
91 DawHon Geo, Hewinji; mac agt 
95 Bwitzer Robert, HalcHinan 
Here (/Connor ttreet IntrriMti. 

143 ChcHterton Walter, architect 
177 EaHtcott Jameo, iiiaaon 

Here Bank tlrul inUrrecU. 

195 KilduffMrH, widow 

197 Hayes Michael, carpenter 

201 McElnea William, laborer 

203 McLaren John, civil service 

221 Moody Robt, jnuiio agent 
255 Batterton Mrs Ellen, grocer 

Here Kent itrrel intertectn. 

309 Oarrow James, stonecutter 

Here Sully iititet inkr$iiets. 
333 * 335 Hardy Mrs, y'ng women's 

temperance home 
337 Collins Rev J J, St Patrick's 

343 Cummings Jos, civil service 
361 McKay William, millwright 

357 Sims Rol)crt, contractor 
359 McVeigh Tlios, laborer 

Here Say utrut inUretcts. 

413 Morrison William, plasterer 

Here Ptirii Htreft interiects. 

427 Kennedy John, driver 

Nepean Street, aouth side. 
20 Bearman Thos, merchant 
34 Crain Levi, builder 

Here Metcal/e itrtet inttrnects, 

104 Munroe John, stone cutter 
106 McLellan John, „ 
108 Tweed John, bill-sticker 

Here O'Cotmor strut intenKts. 

148 Bure Etig6ne, carpenter 
156 Roofe Edward, laborer 
176 Maloney Donald «* 

Here Bank atreet intersects 

204 McHerg Nathaniel, laborer 
208 Parker Alex, plasterer 
214 O'Brien James, laborer 
218 Minore Andrew, slioemaker 
220 Cheney Henry, tinsmith 
220i Carter John,' pensioner 

222 Munroe John, carr^^nter 
224 Moring Richard, foreman 
226 Herl Wm, carter 

234 Munroe Jessie, carpenter 
236 Gauthier William, stonecutter 
238 Mahony John, laborer 
246 Farrell Mrs, widow 

Here Kent n intersecte. 
" SaUy 

358 McLean Mrs, widow 

360 O'Grady Henry, carpenter 

362 Oull William, laborer 

364 McKinnon Peter, policeman 

Her* Bay »t iiUerMot*. 
394 Slattery Ralph, school-tcachor 
396 Dolan Michael, laborer 
398 do do 

414 Finlay John, laltorer 
406 Faghan Michael, laborer 

Here Percy it internetii, 
426 Holland James, grocer 
432 Kennedy James, laborer 
438 Hickey Mrs John 
444 Casey John, miller 
446 Edge George, carpenter 
460 Enwrijiht Percy, tinsmith 
452 Dunn James, plasterer 

Here Coiweiiitin »t interteeta. 

454 Laiigford Samuel, carpenter 

Nicholas Street, east aide, 

Jrom Kideau at aouth to aouthem 

1-5 St. Lawrence hotel, proprietor 
F Champnesa 
7 Turnbull Jas, Hour & feed store 
9 Borthwick W & T, grocers 
1 1 Deacon J', boot and shoe store 
13 Cambell Miss Jane, dressmak&r 

16 Rogers Samuel, undertaker 

17 Parsons Albert, attorney-at-law 
19 Mantou Wm, gunsmith 

here SI. I'aul it inter aeet$, 

25 Baldwin Bros, grocers 
29 Sparks R, surveyor 
31 McQuarrie Mrs Jas, milliner 
41 Gharboneau Alfonse, barber 
3^-47 Albion hotel, R Graham prop 
Daly it commences. 

County Court Housi: 
William McEwen, custodian 
County ok Carleton Gaol 
Alex. W Powell, governor 

Aero Wilbrml it intersects. 

103 Barrett Samuel W, grocer 
105 Dey Joseph, boat builder 
107 Davis Fred, truant pfficer 
109 McLean Hector, hide dealer 
119 Coy John, ma.'son 
121 Doyle John, brewer 
1 25 ■[ "^l™ond John 

\ Kellie Miss J, boarding hse 
129 Delenay James, laborer 
131 Johnson Joseph " 
133 Graham Jas, blacksmith 
135 Good John, bricklayer 
137 Clay John, laborer 

here Thendore tt intersects. 

VtM M Btu C«al ■(OT«)«» to be tonmi only at BSBEOHTDa'S. 


Est Air FnnuuM uU Hotel 












Crack Harry, tinnmith 

here. HtMerrr tl rtult. 

Cowan Win, County TroftMirer 
Jaoknon Livu, deputy city clerk 
Wiilior Win H, coininiMMiDn agt 
Kyaii P E, tirv goodn 
Orcen Wm, printer 
to 261 Welcn David, brewer 
Bourget James 
Palmer ChaH, accountant 
Kealy ThoniaM, contractor 
McKenna TIkw, grocer 
Crillev Hugh, laborer 
Carutnera James, printer 
Frieiierick T, brasHfounder 
Spencer — , clerk civil eervice 
OHltorn John, printer 
tiovill Wm, carpenter 
Sparkfl Alex, brick nmfV 
OibbenH Heney, laborer 
to 377 SparkH brick yard 
Kane TIioh, Government police 
O'Donell Patrick, milkman 
Black Mrs Agnes 

f Hopp Fred, laborer 

iKutke Wm " 

Niohoias Street, west side. 

2 Wall Wm, grocer 
10 Doran Jas, carpenter 
,,, f Wilson Joseph, laborer 
" iHeadlv James " 
U Lynch Thos " 

16 Lefrance — , bookbimler 
18 Mooney Robt, tinshop 
20 Whelan M J, jeweller 
22-24 Keaough & Strang, painters, 
paper hangers, &c. 
here St. Paul st intersects, 
26-28 St. Nicholas hotel, W B 

Howes, proprietor 
34 Dawson Chas, laborer 
36 Ross Matthew, carter 
66-60 Drill Shed, RWheatly, care- 
f City Registry Office 
66 ■< Alex Burritt, registrar 

( K Graburn, dpty registrar 
34 Blinco Moses, laborer 
86 Wellington Paul « 
88 Clirtbrd John, shoemaker 
90 Goff George, laborer 
92 LaRosc — , stonecutter 
94 O'Leary John, contractor 
96 Kennedy Patrick 
98 McStravick Thos, tailor 
100 Bond Rachel Mrs 
102 Mullens Michael, laborer 

• fpMUitr ftt nMOirDiv. 

lure IKUbrod d InUrmU. 
106 Flink Wm, groom 
108 Campbell Peter, laborer 
110 Adam Norton, carpenter 
112 McCulloch HughCapt 
114 Ash — , laborer 
124 Finley Wm, Clerk 
126 / G}'">ore R P, jr, bookkeeper 

\ Gilniore R, sr, suryeyor 
128 Angel Thos, lather 
130 Cole Chan, agent 
134 Henderson Alex, laborer 
136 Halligan Wm '< 

144 Irvine James, cabinet maker 

here TheiHlott M interiecla. 

158 Odell H C, brick manufacturer 

164 Masson DonRld, builder 

170 Vankonghnett L'vvr'nce, cvlaer 

174 Kehoe Wm, blacksmith 

182 Cunningham Mrs M 

190 Rajotte Timothy, dry goods 

196 Groulx Alphonse, dry goods 

200 Currier L 1), engineer 

202 Stewart Thos, printer 

208 Trowse George, harness maker 

210 Bedson W J, culler 

212 Kane James 

214 Kerr James, tailor 

216 Burns Michael, blacksmith 

236 O'Connor Dudly, laborer 

240 Browne Ebenezar, grocer 

244 Singleton John, box nmfr 

248 Gorman James, laborer 

260 Moore John, painter 

262 Walls John, messenger 

266 Barrett John Mrs, poultry dlr 

314 Slack Agnes Mrs 

Notre Dame Street, East aide, 
from St. Andrew st to St. Patrick. 
51 TassS Louie, school bouse 

here St. Patrick »t interiectii. 

Notre Dame Street, West side. 

14 Boivin Felix, laborer 

16 Desjardines Beuj, carpenter 

20 Lauzon J fite « 

24 Graval Damas, laborer 

26 Millette Joseph " 

28 Millette Louis, plasterer 

30 Millette JerSmie, shoemaker 

34 Derouin Pierre, plasterer 

36 Ausang Frangois, laborer 

40 Valade J Bte " 

44 Lamontsgne Frangois, laborer 

46 Bisson Henri <* 

60 Lalonde Fulgence, grocer 

here St. Patriek it inttrieett. 

FuMjr ChMMa Atr Pnamta «t A. MOIiTIlIHII,*a, fltaN, Spwlu St. 


ill ill' 'I 

^9 1 


5 • .1 

'mn . 

If V 

'- >' . If* 




<IJ ,■>!<■' 





Aoooimt Booki mad* to (kder at MIX. MOBmiSVII, Sparks Mraat 

CyOoimor Street, Ecat side, 

fi-om Wellington to Somerset «t, 

f Gibbs & Coursolle, aol of pat 
5 ■< Cookburn, Wright &Ciemow> 
(. barristers 

7 OriBt Henry, patent solicitor 
13 Garrett — , mineral land office 
16 Nicholls & Go, com agt 

19 Independent Order of Odd Fel- 
lows (up stairs) 

here Sparks st iiUertects. 
" Queen 

49 Marks N, jeweller 
61 Noonan Donald, hotel keeper 
66 Lewis Mrs R P, boarding house 
' McKiel — , civil service 

Roily — , Merchants bank 

Fairweatber J S, civil service 
65 ■{ Stitt — , cierk 

Heney A, " 

Gale — , gentleman 

Beck — , clerk 
61 Moyneo J G, merchant 
63 Brennan John B, merchant 
69 McCormick H, flour merchant 

here Albert st interieeti, 
71 Himewortb F H, clerk C S 
73 Gilmour John 
77 Bate H, jrrocer 
79 Baker GP, postmaster 
83 Weatherly a. S, civil service 
86 Stanton IB, '* 

91 Cameron Rev A A 

here Slater st ivtereecte. 

107 Hardy Robt 

111 f Doran Miss, boarding house 

"* t Laird Hon David 

iiR /Grant Mrs, widow 

*^° \ Hardy He»ry, clerk 

119 O'Brien R D, civil service 

here Maria it intersects. 

143 Ray C G, agt can exp com 
146 Blyth Wm Geo, manager 
149 Shea Charles, clerk 
151 Crosbv C A, ( A J Stephens &Co 
153 Ruasell Geo H, upholsterer 

here OUnujteter st intersects. 
" Nepean " 

189 McRea Alex, mason 

here lAsgar it intetmote. 

O'Ooimor Strejt, West aide. 

8 Robertson — , accountant bank 

here Sparks at intersects, 
30 Young Men's Chi:3tian Asso- 
ciation Rooms 

Sere Quem st intsraects. 
48 Orange Lodge Rooms 

68 Ottawa Business College, 

D McArthur, prin and prop 
60 Musgrove J M 
64 Tayk)r J P, elk agri dept 
gg f Phinney Miss E 

\ McCuller Miss A tele oper 
68 Taylor J H, grocer 

Here Albert st intersects. 
72 Lynn James, M D 
76 McDonald John, auctioneer 
78 Seybold Ed of Sey bold & Moynee 
80 Chalmers Aj merchant 
84 Tiepke Prof, teacher of music 
90 Larose T C, clerk 
92 Huband Mrs, widow 

Here Slater st intersects. 


/ Patterson Mrs Geo 
\ Dufty Isaac S, foreman 
96 Bethune N W, manager M T Cy 
100 Orme Geo L, music dealer 
104 Skinner Sam jr, upboldsterer 
106 Goodeve Wm M, civil service 
108 Bonner John C, elk P O dept 
110 Goyer David, jev^ Her 
116 Pope Mrs Charleb 
118 Merrill Bernard, stwd rus hou 
120 Wilson Jaa, stonemason 

f Brown Mrs, wid, board house 
Burwash Ormer, clerk 
122 •( Williams C, bank of com 

I McDonald — , civil service 

I McGillis Alex, " 
126 Metcalfie Jos, dry goods tnercht 

Here Maria st intersects. 

138 Johnson W H, civil service 

here Oloucester st intersects 

Oregon Street, south side. 
(LeBreton Flats,) 

Jrom Bridge st west to Ottatoa 

22 Robertson Peter, blacksmith 
34 Megar Henry, laborer 

here Sherwood st commences. 

36 Mallette Joseph, laborer 
38 Peltier Augustin « 
40 Aubrey Alfred « 

42 Aubrey Moise, carpenter 
Ottawa Street, north side. 
(LeBreton Flats,) 
from Cathcart st west to Broad. 

9 Oliver Jamea, cabinet maker 
13 Mather Robt « 
16 Boland L, painter 
here Lloyd st intersects. 




l-i... ; 


CM you CondcM at tHOOXSBID ft cot's, tha lugMt itoak fa Mm cMy. 

37 Dubois Angus, laborer 
41 EstayEliae '* 

her9 Bridge at intersects, 
53^Picard Louis, laborer 
57 Goodwin William, blacksmith 

59 Burns Michael, laborer 

61 Shannon Patrick " 

here Sherwood at intersects. 
81 Levin Alphonse, laborer 
83 Connors John " 

87 McGibney Snmuel, stonecutter 

91 Hunter SannicI, laborer 
93 Le/oux Thomas " 

here Broad at intersects. 

Ottawa Street, south side. 

(LeBreton Flats.) 

30 Ryan Mrs, widow 

32 Reid Mrs, widow 

36 Maheux Louis, laborer 

here Bridge at intersects. 

62 Dennison Mrs John 

54 Collins Thos, carpenter 

60 Blais Israel, laborer 
62 Menard Pierre " 
64 Goulet Alfred " 
72 Merner Jas " 

here Sherwood st intersects. 
74 Allard Jean Bte, laborer 
76 Billaire Joseph « 
78 Maheux Antoine " 

92 Butler Patrick " 

Here Broad st intersects. 

Fapinean Street, north aide. 

from Anglesea square to Cobourg. 

15 Dumoulin Wm, shoemaker 

17 Kavanaeh Calixte, carter 
23 Gascon L6on, joiner 

25 Buehell Andrew, laborer 
29 Snay Franpois, carter 

31 Paquet Joseph, joiner 

33 Ouellet Ligefroi, laborer 

35 Lacroix Felix, cabinet maker 

37 Adams Edouard, laborer 
39 Loyer Damas, shoemaker 

here Cobourg st intersects. 

Pnpineaa Street, south side. 

16 St Onge Abraham, laborer 

18 Paquet Louis, carter 

here Cobourg st intersects. 

Parliament Street, west side. 

from St. Andrew's st to St. Patrick. 

8 Ayotte Samuel, laborer 

here St. Patrick st intersects 

Percy Street, east side, 
Jrom Maria st to Somerset st. 
33 Purcell John, policeman 

45 Stevenson Daniel, laborer 

Percy Street, west aide. 

12 Hughes James, laborer 
14 Aust Thos, painter 

22 Egan D, hotel keeper 

here Glmumter st intersect*. 

56 Russell Wm, clerk 
58 Robertson James, engineer 
62 Lennan James, bricklayer 
64 Kelly James, plumber 

Peter Street, north side. 
Jrom Canal St West, southwesterly. 
5 Lattle Timothy, canal officer 
jg /MorriseyPatk, laborer 

\ Morrisey Thos, stonecutter 
21 Moxley Wm, carriage-maker 

Portland Avenue, north side. 

Jrom Bell st to Division st 


Primrose Avenue, north side, 
Jrom Concession st to Division st, 

13 Kelly John, laborer 

Here Arthur st intersects. 

46 Hillman Geo S, soap mfr 
Primrocfe Avenue, south tide. 

here Cambridge st intersects. 

38 Peterkin J, carpenter 

Here Arthur st intersects. 

Queen Street, north side, 

fron Canal west to Concession St. 

3 TordiffFr6d6rick 

Here Elgin st intersects. 

37 McCarthv John, tailor 

39 Lewis T E, printer 

43 Harvey Mrs C widow John 
■ Inces, G«o V 
Campbell Andrew, grocer 
Blakeney A C, civil service 
[ O'Brien Sam'i, excise officer 
73 Quinn John, ale vaults 

Here Metcalje st intersocts. 

Wesletak Methodist Chcroh 
104 Hunter Rev W J, pastor 

Here O'Connor st interaeett. 

176 Titus Alonzo, carriage-factory 
203 Malikie Chas, contractor 
205 Evans M A, dressmaker 

Here JBemk tt intersects. 

217 Farrell Jos, laborer 

219 Cowan Wm, express driver 

231 Mills A K, marble cutter 


Perfloratlag Mud Mnntbntimg 

•t AliBX. MORTIMBR**, Spwrka St, 


* .^ 




CKunay Baae Buntr, topi the market m a heater, only at BSMOKSES^. 

hi J 



' BewBon TLos, boarding house 

Valentine , clerk C S 

Bobs J, merchant 
LeSueur Chas, clerk G S 
Bell ■^— , barrister 

. Ghisholm , clerk C 8 

267 drier Wm, wholesale mercht 
Here Kent »t inUrseets. 

Queen Street, south side. 

Here Elgin st intersects, 

36 Union Hotel. 

First Baptist Church 
76 McKay Wm, painter 
80 Porter William, carpenter 
82 Selwyn E S 
88 Notman's photo gal 

Here MetaH/e st interseett 

{Ottawa Coffin Store, 
AneuB Jk Co, proprietors 
R Williams, manager 
98 Brown Alfred, sewing machines 
102 Reefer Augustus, gov't clerk 
104 Steele Henry E, " 

106 Pennock J C (Pennock & Co) 
112 Gibson W A, blacksmith 

Devlin Mrs C, boardinp ' 

Brennan — , mason 

Sutherland J, " 

Guppy — , carpen' 

Artnurs Wm, bo 

Cinvard — , barb 

Arthurs Wm hook 

Henderson James, n. - 

Robinson Alex, 

Robinson Wm, •' 

122 Potvin John, teamster 
130 Brown T D 
136 Shaw R J, civil service 

Here O'Connor it iMt*r$$et$, 
162 Fleming AIax, carter 
176 Fleming Andrew, carter 
186 Robson Mrs widow 
18S Lambert J T, lumber mercht 
192 Lyons W C, civil service 
202 Raganold Stephen, laborer 

Fitzsimmons Jas, laborer 

McKay John, carpenter 

Davis John, plumber 
226 ■ Gane W L, civil service 

Davis — , carpenter 

Nelson Thos, laborer 

McReary John, " 
■ Foster Mrs widow 

Fraser — , boiler- maker 
228 • Cole — , " 

Taylor Alex, engineer 

Weathera Henry, finiaher 


230 Mason John, plasterer 

234 McFarlane John 

244 Teakles B H, civil service 
King Wm, printer 

246 -j Ardley — , laborer 
. Ardley — , « 
Taylor S I, millwright 
Henry Chaa, carpenter 
McCloy Wm, engmeer 
Phillips John, stonecutter 

248 -I Perry Geo, laborer 

Boyd David, carpenter 
Kearna J, sew machine agt 
Edwards Wm, laborer 
(. Buchanan John, carpenter 

250 Anderson D, fruit dealer 

252 StorrAuBon, teamster 

254 Storr I W, civil service 

260 Matthewman A H, painter 

264 Hay Jan, carpenter 

268 Gibson Palmer, blacksmith 
Here Kent st intersects. 

304 Russell David, clerk 

306 Chesley Mrs Edward 

326 Smith John, Uilor 

328 Coleman Patrick, trader 
Coleman Miss, dressmaker 
Here Sally at intersects. 
" Bay " 

; ' '^••'■ght Wm H, civil service 
ison Wm, miller 

' r- r ^.breet West, north side, 
(LeBreton U'lats), 
. Wellington st to Broad st. 
here Duke at ends. 
^ennan James, bookkeeper 
> "i enn George, shipper 
. iotoria Market — 
Stall No. 1 Woodland Rd, butcher 
"2*3 Gibson Wm, " 
"3*4 Newbegin J, " 

" 5 Kenna, John " 
here Lloyd st intersects. 
95 Stewart Robt, dry goods 
101 Compain Toussamt, shoemaker 
103 White Martin, blacksmith 
107 Robertson Peter, blacksmitli 

109 Diverge Peter, laborer 
11' Wilson Wm, machinist 

110 Gost Louis, organist 
117 Low Thofl, blacksmith 

here Bridge st intersects. 
131 Whitney P W, millwright 
141 School kept by Grey Nuns 

here Sherwood st intersects. 
146 Rourke Thos, laborer 

h\^ ,i 



!'■ 'i 

The largMt atock aud 1»Mt raliu In Laoe CnrtaliM at SHOOLBRBD * CO'S, 



CKiney Bate Maxun, topi the suurket m a heatar, only at B8H0NDE9. 








?^ii -w 


Bewson Tlios, boarding house 

Valentine , clerk C S 

Bobs J, merchant 
LeSaeur Chas, clerk C 8 

Bell , barrister 

Ghisholm , clerk C 8 

267 (Jrier Wm, wholesale mercht 
Here Kent »t iiUersects. 

Queen Street, south side. 

Here Elgin tt intereects. 

36 Union Hotel. 

First Baptist Church 
76 McKay Wm, painter 
80 Porter William, carpenter 
82 Selwyn E 8 
88 Notman's photo gal 

Here iletocHfe st intersects 

(Ottawa Coffin Store, 
Angus & Co, proprietors 
R Williams, manager 
98 Brown Alfred, sewing machines 
102 Keefer Augustus, gov't clerk 
104 Steele Henry E, « 

106 Pennock J C (Pennock & Co) 
112 Oibson W A, blacksmith 

Devlin Mrs C, boardinp ' 

Brennan — , mason 

Sutherland J, «' 

Guppy — , carpen* 

Artnura Wm, bo 

Cinvard — , barb 

Arthurs Wm hook 

Henderson James, n. • 

Robinson Alex, 

Robinson Wm, *» 

Potvin John, teamster 
130 Brown T D 
136 Shaw R J, civil service 

Here O'Connor et intemtet*. 
162 Fleming AIax, carter 
176 Fleming Andrew, carter 
186 Robson Mrs widow 
ISS Lambert J T, lumber mercht 
192 Lyons W C, civil service 
202 Raganold Stephen, laborer 

Fitzsimmons Jas, laborer 

McKay John, carpenter 

Davis John, plumber 
226 • Gane W L, civil service 

Davis — , carpenter 

Nelson Thos, laborer 

McReary John, " 
■ Foster Mrs widow 

Fraser — , boiler-maker 
228 ■ Cole — , " 

Taylor Alex, engineer 

Weathers Henry, finisher 




248 • 


230 Mason John, plasterer 
234 McFarlane John 

Teakles B H, civil service 
■ King Wm, printer 
Ardley — , laborer 
L Ardley — , " 
Taylor S I, millwright 
Henry Chas, carpenter 
McCloy Wm, engineer 
Phillips John, stonecutter 
Perry Geo, laborer 
Boyd David, carpenter 
Kearns J, sew machine agt 
Edwards Wm, laborer 
Buchanan John, carpenter 
Anderson D, fruit dealer 
Storr Anson, teamster 
Storr I W, civil service 
Matthewman A H, painter 
264 Hay Jas, carpenter 
268 Gibson Palmer, blacksmith 

Here Kent it intersects. 

304 Russell David, clerk 
306 Chesley Mrs Edward 
326 Smith ^ohn, Uilor 
328 Coleman Patrick, trader 
Coleman Miss, dressmaker 
Here Sally st intersects. 
" Bay " 

r. ' ^^5ght Wm H, civil service 
iaou Wm, miller 

';.5 f Street Weat, north side, 
(LkBreton Flats), 
Wellington st to Broad st. 
here Duke st ends. 
■ Cennan James, bookkeeper 
V enn George, shipper 
. lOTORiA Market — 
Stall No. 1 Woodland Rd, butcher 
"2*3 Gibson Wm, " 
"3*4 Newbegin J, « 

*« 6 Kenna, John " 

here Lloyd st intersects. 

95 Stewart Robt, dry goods 
101 Compain Toussamt, shoemaker 
103 White Martin, blacksmith 
107 Robertson Peter, blacksmith 
109 Diverge Peter, laborer 
ir Wilson Wm, machinist 
lib Gost Louis, organist 
117 Low Thos, blacksmith 

here Bridge st intersects. 
131 Whitney P W, millwright 
141 School kept by Gbky Nuns 

here Sherwood st intersects. 
145 Rourke Thos, laborer 

■ it • ;', i':\ 

Vho largvat stock und 1»Mt Talm in Laoe Cwtaiiu at SHOOliBRlSD «p CO>8. 





■t M I ),'c 



If i 














,/f .( 


iiri i! 





A. maenMnafB Ocnacid mtOmwf WavAooM, SpAiks ftKMt 

149 Trombley — — , cab driver 
163 Gilbert Benrj, blacksmith 
157 Proulx Moiee, laborer 
169 Oilbeau Adolphe, laborer 
161 Hay Lawrencet ** 

16UQuoi Louis, " 

here Broad st intersects. 

Queen Street West, touth side, 

(LeBreton Flats.) 

40 No. 1 FiBC Station— Mills J, 

42 Lucy John, stationer & bkbndr 
46 Fotberingham John, inspector 

48 TouDg Bev Jos 
60 Smith Geo, messenger 
52 Venn Mrs, milliner 
84 Brown W T, machinist 
68 Barber John, blacksmith 
62 Manoheater David, tailor 

here Oathcart at vest eommences. 
74 Dalgliah G, grocer 
74lWh?ttier Alfkd 8, millwright 
78 Pelland Peter, blacksmith 
80 Jalland John, culler 
82 Lemoine Mrs, widow 
86 Keenan James, grocer 
92 Clary M, Anglo American hotel 

here Lloyd st intersects. 

96 Stitt S, grocer 
100 Hawkins Edward, clerk 
108 Fitspatrick John, laborer 
112 Germain Dr 
114 Barker John, laborer 
116 Auclair Miss £, dressmaker 
120 Steele James, grociv 

here Bridge st intersects. 

122 W^me Michael, grocer 

128 Mix J J, millwrieht 

130 Gorman Wm, laborer 

134 Donnelly Jos, grocer 

138 O'Connor John, culler 

140 Acton John,. laborer •-..,<: 

142 Masson Alex, ** . (^'< v 

144 York Wm, grocer ^ 

here Sherwood st intersects. 
162 Noonan Denis, laborer 

KoHAv Catholic (French) Cu 
168 Brewers B, grocer 

here Broad st intersects. 
Rmu: Street, North side. 
3 Graham Wm, messenger 
9 Fortier Octave, civil service 
26 Holbrook, G M, mercht tailor 

Bear Street. South side. 
4 Stansfleld J, asBtacct Commons 

12 Green Mrs C, boarding house 
Harington T D, Deputy Re* 

ceiver General 
Harington W H 
8u*.herland E D, civil service 

16 Dore Frederick, civil service 

30 Patterson J H, clerk 

Bedpath Street, North side, 
from Dallumsie to Bideau River, 

13 Hickey Patrick, carter 
IS^O'Connell Michael, laborer 
15 Mathews Sylvester, " 

17 Jenkins Wm, spinner 
19 Smith Maxwell, laborer 
27 Smith Wm, engineer 
29 Heddle Thomas, carder 

31 Mowat George, " . 
35 Biagi Francis, painter 

39 St. Denis Chas, shoemaker 
45 Conroy John, laborer 
45iSetaskey Martin, laborer 
47 Rustch Michael " 
49 White John " 

51 Waller Thomas, mason ' 
g, 1 / Wallis Chas, laborer 

'\ Corrowaskey Martin, laborer 
53 Miller Anthony, laborer 
63 Ray Lawrence, " 
65 Sheldon Wm, " 

67 O'Meara John " 
69 Frampkey Henry " 
71 Murphy Mrs John, widow 

76 O'Neil Terrance, laborer 

77 Madarin Leon " 

hsre Cumberland st intersects. 

Bedpath Street, south side. 
4 Corbett John, laborer 
12 Sharp James, baker 
14 Brown Lawrence, laborer 
16 O'Connell Denis •« 
16iWaIker Thos, cabinet maker 
18 Drisker August, laborer 
20 McCormick J, " 
22 BeegsJohn, " 

24 Ballands Mrs Jacob, widow 
24iMcCarthy S, laborer 
26 Murray P J, carpenter 
30 Young Samuel, laborer 
32 Conroy Michael " 
38 Nntt Daniel, watchman 
40 McKenzie Wm, laborer 
44 Brennan John, carter 
60 Watson Robt, laborer 
70 Green James " 
80 Malone Michael ** 




,, Vi! 




i4 i 

■iMVltana * Oo*« alack 

parcluMing GMrpata or FmrnMwre, 




<"■• J 





ml '- 

mm ■ 




TlM only plare U? gut Stuxawm ud K«j . i vmitiin is «t IBOOLIBID * 00*8. 

82 Bobill Thos, siioemakor 
84 Studford Wm, laborer 
here Cumberland at interaecta 

96 Brown Jae, grocer 

102 Mullin Chas, laborer 
106 Mullin John •< 

BideauStrMt, North aide. 
43^Charon Venance, hairdresser 
.^ j Battle Bros, stationers 

\ Branch Montreal Telegph Co 
47 Bruce McDougall, boots &, shoes 
49-61 Kearns & tlyan, dry goods 
63 Fitzsiinons & Browne, grocers 
67 Tasse E, dry goods 
69 Brennan HE, grocer 
61 Chisholm <£ Brannan, dr^ gds 
63 Gelhaueen P J, tobacconist 
67 Birkett Thos, bai-dwhre 
69 Patterson Thos, grocer 
73 Whyte J G, stationery 
79-81-83 Workman & Co, hdware 

Here Moagrove ct iniciiteis. 

89-91 Baskervllle P Ji Broa.grcers 
93-95 Bartlett Geo, confectiuiiary 

97 Hauser A, fancy goods 

99 Neelin Bros, gents clothing 
101 Russell G R, furniture 

103 Featherston J P, chem & dru^' 
103iCarmichael Dr D A 

here William a! enda, 

J17*119 HillJohn, grocer 
121 MicL.'ielson J B, crockery 
123-125 iU^rr Hubert, hotel 
129 Bohl H F, pilverplating 
131 Bourquc E, tinsmith 
135 Dochorty ;» R, spring bed mlr 
141 Grant Dr J A 
143 Charles H, cabinet maker 
.145 King P M, boot.^^ and shoes 
147 LaRose Chas, ccT;tectionery 
149 Chivrier E, mill & dress mkg 
151 Shepherd T T, druggist 
167 Eagleson Mrsi, iaoies under- 
169 Bott G, frui^ dealer 

here Dalhouaie at commences. 
167 McKenna & Finn, grocers 
171 Martin T, flour store 
173 Rusk Miss, dressmaker 
179 Joyce E F, picture framing 
181 Forde Geo, grocer 
185 Church Dr C 
187 Leggo DrC 

191 St. Georges Hotel, W Peat, pro 
Sweetland Dr J 
r Williams F, tailor 
I Normand W, tobacconist 


205 Page MiriH Emma, hairdresser 

21)9 Satch'Jl Bros, butcIierB 

211 Duff G J, hatter 

213 Aspinall V/, confectioner 

215 Dagg Thos., flour store 

229 English R'?Etaurant, W Cox, pro 

233-235 Slocombe & Stevens, groc 

here Cumberland it interaecta, 
2.iT Moss Henry, grocer 
241 Kelly Wm Henry, barber 
243 Moffatt Mrv"? Jesse, dress mkr 
245-7-9 Dufoui' P D, carriage mkr 
251 La?>orte Victor, ffrocer 
253-5 farmers' Hotel, Z LapoA te 
2G5 Favreau P, dpty clue; tire Dept 
267-9 Buurque P]d, tinsmith 
271 Laporte Peier, hairdresae** 
273 Cuunei Geo, laborer 
281 Davies Hudi, carpenter 
283 Williams F, tailor 
287 Ralph Jos, flour store 

here King at interaecta 

307 Dowslev Thoii. Innd agent 
309 Perry £ A, newp agent 
i'^oran Johiv, p)lic«'man 
forsyth Mrs Mary, widow 


iVtitoii ThoR W, bookbinder 
^V' 'ij.ick Mrs Nancy, 
liV, McKeni Patrick, laborci" 
343 Hagerty John, fruit dealer 

here Nelaon at interaecta. 
351 Coombs Mrs Jos 
353 Hagerty John, fruit dealer 
359 H<>arn Wm, druggist 
361 Bliss Mrs A 
365 Pannet Chas civil service 
367 Miller Peter, «' " 
369 Fripp H R, civil service 
,]~. j McCauley Wm, carpenter 

\ Brooks Andrew, laborer 
377 Postlethwaite Thos, clerk 
379 Potts Mrs, widow 
381 Barry Robt, plasterer 
387 Thompson Hv, bookkeeper 
389 Routhier Ancfrew, civil service 
391 Quinn Hugh, grocer 

here Friel at interaecta. 

397 Boese Jos, dyer and scourer 
399 Ogilvie Wm, surveyor 
401 Mills Wm, civil service 
403 Waddle Mrs Thos, widow 
409 Dunnet Jas, insurance agent 
411 Watters Alex, carpenter 
413 Watters Henry, druggist 

416 Brethour Wm, engineer 

417 Beniamin E H, civil service 
425 Docnerty Geo R, furniture dlr 

TlM Best UouM-FanktshliMC M*«k la Ottawa iMpt »t BSHONDBr. 

■ •' i •' 

" f III I 

'' > 



OhiUm'i OarrUgM, th» haadaomait, bwt ud ohMpMt ymtittj at BSMONDIV. 

429 Nettle Richard, civil service 
Here Chapel at intersecta.^ 
453 CliBpleau Dr, civil service 
455 Mongenais Adolphe, merchant 
469 Tetu N, civil service 
467 Radford Jas, ieweller 
473 Gouin Chae, lumber merchant 
483 Daroy Wm, grocer 

A&-8 AvyuaUt at mteraects, 
ibl Marehiili Thos,, '.:alor 
;)01 Ttj/rlis H«nrj 
i'jOP 'pj lor Alex, tickvt agent 
Sift Vi'hillans Wm, <)h:\ 
,■'17 G'-ai t M-: , wido.v 
521 Si'jvens F, c!k ■>•. .titoms dept 

Joynt Jas, sr 
523 Joynt Jas, elk at Bute & Go's 

here Cubourg at intersects. 
531 Coflfey Thos, wu.te works com. 
535 McDorne'.l £ , cler'. 
541. Ennie Francis H, clerk civ ser 
65i Brown J F, accountant 
o55 Davis "'haei, contractor 
659 if '\mel ii^rp, widow 
565 Ik^vis Wm, contractor 

here Charlotte at intersects. 
689-605 Protestant Hosfital, 
Geo Saddler, steward 
Mrs Spicer, head nurse 
Bideau Street, aouth side, 
from Sappera Bridge eaat to Rideau 
18 Neelin Bros, hosiers, glovers 
20 Neelin J & G, boot * shoe store 
r Linton W, boot and shoe 
I (wholesale) 
20i \ Chesterton Walter, architect 
I By-town Division Sons of 
\ Temperance Booms 
22 Uallaire Alph, restaurant 
24 Hearn Wm, druggist 
26 Annable W A, furniture dealer 
Ottawa Watbr Works 
G R Gunningham, secret'ry 
Pennock John,col water rates 
Metropolitan Building Socie- 
ty, G R, Cunningham, sec 
Dowsley Thomas, real estate 

and commission agent 
Odd Fellows Hall 
, Ottawa City Temple Rooms 
Rowe k Erratt, auction rooms 
Fooks F, London restaurant 
34 Russell W F, furniture dealer 
36 Parker A J, china * crockery 
38 Devlin R J, hatter * furrier 
40 Cote Olivier, furrier * hatter 




r Union Bank ofLower Canada 
L D S Eastwood, manager 
here Sussex st inta-aecta. 
44 Fest Wm, confectioner 
46 Tracy W H, watchmaker 
48 Dobier J W H, boots * shoes 
60 Evans Samuel, pork store 
52-54 Elliot & Hamilton, dry gds 
56 BIyth & Kerr, plumbers, &c 
62 Thompson John, grocer 
66 Dimbleby J, tailor 
68-70 Taylor I B, printing office 

( Peacock J, sr, hatter k furrier 
74 ■< Peacock J, jr 
i Peacock Geo 
76 Roberts John, druggint 
80 Laurin Louis, huir Sresser 
82 Munro L, sewing machine agnt 
82iHaniilton J J, blacksmith 
here Mosgrove at inter aects. 
88-90 Borbndge S & H, harness k 

92 Carniichael D A, druggist 
94 Hewson John, furniture 

( Frost k Wood, agrl implement 
96 \ warehouse 

(Millar AT, agent 
96iTaillon & Chrysler, barristers 
98 Westgate T, tailor 
100 McDougall's Dr office 
102-4 Argue Thos, grocer 
106 Earl Thos, boarding house 
108 Dwinnell H 0, plumber, &c 
110 Gauthier G, hair dresser 
112 Montgomery R 8, saddler 
114 Tupper A G, confectionery 
116 Friedrick T, brass founder 
118 Cockburn & Matheson, pictures 
120 Johnson R, flour store 
122 Turner — , photographer 
124 Stott Thos, fruit dealer 
124^Anctil Jos, weaver 
126 Burns & O'Donell, confctnery 
128 Kelly W H, hair dresser 
132 Wall W, grocer 

here Nicholas st commences. 
138 St. Lawrence hotel, Fred 

Champness proprietor 
142 Blais Jonn, hair dresser 
146 McCormick Mrs M, milliner 
148 Sutherland G S, watchmaker 
150 Robert S, butcher 
iKni/ Volunteer Review 
io"4 \ D J Kerr, editor * prop 
152 Tyrrell Mrs, dressmaker 
162iMcFarland Mrs, dressmaker 
154 Singleton Miss, ladies clothing 
156 Rogers F, confectioner 
158 Moore A, boots k shoes 

Oct yoor CMpeta at SHOObBRBD * CO.*S 

I-*. , . ' t V; If " 


K'm\m* ■ % 




,.ir. I 


Iv '[\\ 1| 

N »' 

i ll,' 




Sot Air ronMM and Hotal 

ft fpedaltj ftt UMOHSir. 

« '■ 



■■; ,1^;: 


I * 

I 9 



' I 


-V '\ 

462 Featherston John P, Mavor 
468 Bailiff James, assessor of water 

Here Augusta ai inUrttoH* '■'< 
486 Sparks & Co, grocers ^u, ... 
516 Gtizner Luice, collector 
522 Gilmour Hugh, contractor 
here Cobourg »t inUraeei*. 
644 Tawker U, clerk Finance dpi 
680 Bryce Peter, gardener 

here Charlotte st interaeett. 
584 DesIogeH Francis, clerk 
690 Lynch Michael, laborer 
608 Pilnon James 

here Wurtembwg st irUaratets. 
626 Dwyer 8, laborer 
638 MuPherson Jas, Finance dpt 
644 Regan John, contractor 

Bose Street, east aide, 
From St Andrew to 8t Patrick at 
9 Gagnon Joseph, laborer 
11 Cloutier Priuque, blacksmith 
13 Desloges Geo, carpenter 

17 Ouellet Cfisaire, cooper 
19 Aubrey Lon.'S, painter 

21 Leblanc Jules.^ millwright 
23 Jolicoeur Michel, joiner 

27 Ceusineau Alexandre, laborer 
29 LaviolietioMazime, joiner 
31 Galibois Gee, laborer 
33 Pilon Edouari, joiner • ; 
35 Michaud Maxime^, «* 
37 Rh^aume Isidore, carter 
49 Emond Cl^ophas, stonecutter 
65 Voignier Gamille, grocer 

//«»•« St Patrick it intenects, 

BoBOiStreet, west tide, 
2 Fraser Michael, grocer 

Her* Church tt inteneett, 

18 Roy Daniel, carter 

22 Sarazin GSlestin, cab driver 

26 Lewer Frank, laborer 

28 Rivet J. Premie, messenger 
31 Sauvaze Louie, laborer 
3t Charlebois Ulderic, laborer 
60 .Buckey Richard, grocer 

Hat St Ptitrkk H intentcli. 

St. Andrew Street, north side 
from SV'Saex st to RidcoM river 
1 Latreniouille A, hot^lkeeper 

13 Ricard L^andre, cibinet maker 

16 Donnelly Rcbt; blacksmith 

17 Larivicire Auguste, ** 

27 Foubert Pierre, laborer 
29 Conway John, ** 

Oaah BooIUf IjcdgcN it, JournafCy always Im Stock at A* ai«»ilia«r*s, Spwrkt Bi, 

160 Btockdale W, carriage factory 
162 Mever Louis^ watchmaker 
164 Ridfyard J, tinshop 
166 Stevenson Chas, nsh store 
168 Brown Moaed, tobacco store 
170 Caron N, boot t ehoe store 
172 Murphy J P, plumber 
174 Brown & Rice, livery stables 
178 Naughten P, book store 
180 Maxwell Mrs J H, milliner 
182 Watta Ruscel, plumber 
184 Coleman AGP, vet Hurgeon 
186-188 Somerville W M, marble 

190 Pritchanl & Mingard, engravers 
here Bessei'er ai commences. 

198-208 Young Ladies' Lit Institute 
210-212 Shepherd John, painter 
216 Dancy Miss J, fruit dealer 
226 Qamnian MisH £, dree^tmaker 
228 Gamman Thos, plasterer 

Here Cumberland st intersects. 
238 Taylor Alex, flour store 
242 Pnnderville John, butcher 
248 Bor bridge S W, saddler 
262 Highman John 
266 Stewart John, builder 
274 Taylor J M, a^t St. L & O R R 
276 Mahon John, oricklayer 
286 Stephens A J, boot a shoe mkr 
290 Cunningham G, grocer 

Here King st intersects. 
304 Hinds Hugh, tinsmith 
306 ArmstrongWm, engine driver 
308 Anderson Donald, painter 
312 McGrath L, plasterer 
338 Blatch Fred, civil service 
340 Sutherland Mrs W, widow 

here Nelson si intersects. 
348 Erratt Jacob, insurance agent 
350 McPhee Miss R, dress maker 
372 Stockand Geo, carpenter shop 
376 Stockand Geo, builder 
378 Robertson J P, alderman 
380 Hawkin James, carpenter 
382 Steacy MrH S 

386 Mcintosh Duncan,mari)]e cuttr 
388 Smirl Archd, principal Central 

390 McFarland Win, grocer 

here Frid st intersects. 
392 McCall Thomas, purk store 
396 Clay Wm, laborer 
398 Campbell James, laborer 
408 Steers Thomas, 
412 Robertson A, editor 

here Chapel st intersects. 




lookbtadiBf in aU ttjlm, at Am. MOBTUfXRV Sputa ttrMt 

31 Tonin Mrs Marceliue, widow 

36 Varallo Jean, laborer 

37 Piskey Henry, " 
39 Gingraa David, " 

55 McOillivray John, hotelkeeper 

61 Maloney Alichael, '* 

63 Paradis Calixte, cab driver 

65 L«duo Olivier, laborer 

67 Lefebvre Xavier, tel repairer 

69 Ballous Lindsford, millwright 

71 Battle Martits col of in revenue 

76 Watteraon VI '^lliara, carpenter 

79 Tessier Geo, laborer 

89 Dupont Moise, « 

91 Dupont Alex, " 

95 Olivier Emile, millwright 

103 Boivin Antoine, laborer 

125 LcBsard L A, grocer 

Htrt DaUioHiie ft UU«r$ects. 

127 Lemay Octave, carriage maker 

137 Ouellet Joachim, carter 

139 Tass6 Jir6mie, „ 

141 Yelle Pierre, laborer 

143 Qauthier Baptiate, laborer 

146 Tink James, carter 

147 Grenier J Bte, messenger 
161 Morris William, laborer 
153 Lacelle Ferdinand, " 
153J||Golligau Mighael, laborer 

166 Fooks Geo, bricklayer 

167 Noel Jean, shoemaker 
159 Aubichon Alexis, carter 
161 Leslie Henry, pressman 
163 Davy Robt, luborer - 
167 Gafuey Bernard, tailor 

171 Lemieux Edmond, carpenter 
173 Dubuc Louis, plasterer 

176 Gagn6 Luc N, painter 

177 Cardinal Calixte, laborer 
179 Morin Pierre, " 

fPaucher P, laborer 
179i I Messaire X, " 

V Caille widow Angdle 
181 Cardinal Regis, laborer 
183 Laneuvillc Benjamin, laborer 
185 Hogue Paul, carter 
187 Hotte Louis, laborer 
189 Villeneuve 0, carter 
191 B^ard Joseph, watch-maker 
193 Guertin Mrs F X, groceries 

Hers CwnherUind li inUrnecU, 

203 Wallace Martin, laborer 
207 Ijandre David, " 
211 Lacelle J Bte, carpenter 
213 Piloa Paul, laborer 
217 Richl^rd Jean, laborer 
219 St Denis Napoleon, carter 
221 Archambeault O, messenger 

223 B61anger Phileas, laborer 
227 Merineau Emerie, carter 
229 Burns James, " 

231 Merineau Edouard, « 
233 Leclaire Noel, laborer 
239 Denis Chas, clerk 
241 Smith Wm, liiborer 

here King st interaecis. 

246 Paradis Elzear, shoemaker 

247 Turgeon Pierre, carpenter 
265 Morm Thos, capt steamboat 
267 Morin Fran9ois, carpenter 
269 Gratton Jules, blacksmith 
261 Charon Trefle, laborer 

263 Costello Jan, « 

267 Cascagnipr Benj, stonecutter 

269 Jolicoeur Mederie, shoemaker 

271 Paquette Baptiste, laborer 

273 Leblanc Felix, plasterer 

276 Beuchamp Amable, blacksmith 

283 Gathers Hamuel, clerk 

287 Rochon Moise, sr, stonecutter 

180 Foisy Pierre " 

291 i Piquette Regis, laborer 

I Dufresne Fr, stonecutter 
i93 Berthiaume Olivier, joiner 
21)5 Delorme Louis, stonecutter 
29/ Loyer Frangois, laborer 
307 Devlin Richard, civil service 
317 Dub6 Alfred, butcher 
319 Gosselin Honore, stonecutter 
321 Gauvreau Xavier, laborer 
329 McTaggart John, carpenter 
331 Potvin Frangois, buicher 

346 Carbonneau Joseph, joiner 

347 Speinard Alex, tinsmith 
349 Ouellet Felix, butcher 

351 Charbonneau Yin, jr, butler 

366 Charbonneau Louis, laborer 

367 Charbonneau Vin, sr, " 
359 Desroche Joseph, laborer 
361 D^sormeau Damas " 
363 Labelle Michael, " 
369 Boyle Michael, butcher 

■ Sisters of Good Shepherd of 

Mother Mary of 8t Alphonse 
411-1 de Liquori, Superioress 

Sister Mary of St Jerome, sub 

Sister Mary Angfile EconomC 

St. Andrew Street, south side, 

from Stissex at to BideoM SiDef. 

26 Johnson Hiram, furrier 
32 Lacelle Xavier, laborer 
34 Ambroise A, marble cutter 
38 Fortin Louis, laborer 

VJk* InrgMt etofsk mmI but TabM in IiM« Ciirt«ta> «t SHOOUBRBD * 00»B. 




\, i 


'^'•- 'iu- it 

■A i 

: w ■ ■^^ji 






0«t yvor OtnitM at nHMLBUD * 00.'!, tka Uif«rt itotk ia tb* dty. 


f 'it 


40 Grecqne Rnphael, muaician 
46 Oleason Henry, waiter 
48 Redmond Edward, laborer 
64 Cot6 George, plasterer 
66 Maurice Doritnefe, joiner 
62 McGowan Wm, engineer 
72 Corneyer Paul, carter 
74 TreniClay Francoia, laborer 
76 Nadon L6on, carter 
QQ f Qroulx F X^oiner 

\ Aubricljon Xavier, carter 
82 Laroque JoHcph, laborer 
84 Angleheart MrH Mary, widow 
86 Lacnapelle Edonard, carter 
88 P^riard Joseph, laborer 
90 Rollin Arseae " 

92 O'Brien Denis •* 

98 Lyonfl Thomas *• 

102 Gleason John " 

102^Monet Paul, shoemaker 
104 Richard Eu2en6, laborer 
106 Valiquette Joseph, carpenter 
110 Bonnm Pierre, laborer 
112 Gurry Ed " 

114 O'Neil Mrs Michael 
118 Gilchrist John, laborer 
126 Leclair J O, groceries * liquors 
hera Dalhousie at intersects. 

128 Costello Thos, hotel 
132 Pnv'e Dan, contractor 
134 Baker George, painter 
136 Clermont Chas, carter 
138 Carisse Joseph " 
140 Titiy Michael, laborer 
142 Paquette J Bte " 
144 Casey John " 

146 Gravel Napoleon " 
148 Fanning Michael " 
166 Desroche George, ioiner 
166 Papillon Samuel, laborer 
168 Bordeleau Mrs Antoine 
174 Raicville Edouard, laborer 
182 Li^arche Mrs Chas 
184 Laudry Pierre, laborer 
188 Foisy Alexis, tinsmith 
198 Young John, grocer 

htre OumberUmd si intereecia. 

206 Riopel Pierr6, carter 

208 Lamarchc Mrs Luce, widow 

210 Rftinville David, joiner 

212 Couvreile Jeremie 

214 Fortier Leonard, laborer 

316 Hotte Louis '« 

218 Lacelle Louis, carter 

222 Lacelle J Bte " 

230 D6(iiUets Andr6, laborer 

232 Beland Honor6, joiner 

236 Layer Magloire, laborer 

Acre King at interacQia 

248 Pinard Fi A, grocer 

252 Benoit Iwidore, joiner 

254 Berthelot Stanisluu8,nuntraoti>r 

256 Roy Moisu, laborer 

258 PiclH'tte J Bte, carter 

262 Dnbe Loiiia, carpenter 

264 Poitras Auguste, shoemaker 

268 Ricbe Ed, butcher 

278 Bcdard Antoine, carpenter 

280 Burrowa Wm, tikilor 

?.84 Lachance Louis, flton<)cutt«r 

^92 Hotte Simon, carter 

294 C'loutier Alfred, laboi-er 

296 GrattoD Gudeon, maiiioa 

298 Duclos J Bt«; Dtoneoutter 

300 Dagctmifl Fiavicn, painter 

304 Frofier Michael, grocer 

Hfr€ Ro$e st inicrteoU. 

308 Delorme J Bte, laborer 

312 Taillefer leaic, carter 

314 Tftilk-fer F X, " 

316 Descli^ne A, carriage-maker 

320 Rathicr Emmanuel, carpenter 

Here McGu tt internftcts. 

328 Paquet Thoa, grocer 
330 Desjardius Onesime, plasterer 
332 Desjardins Sdv^re.joiner 
334 Burgesra Alfred, laborer 
336 Wataou James, carpenter 
342 McCuliough James, tanner 

Htr* I'riel *t inUrtieti. 

344 Kobillard Odillon, grocer 
346 Labont6 Francis, lahorer 
348 Duquet Joseph, carter 
350 St Aubin Vincent, laborer 
358 Danis Zotique, blacksmith 
360 Savard Thomas, laborer 
366 Proulx Joseph, " 

368 Martel Edwill. barber 

Here St. Joseph li irtUr$eets. 

378 Belanger Erisbe, laborer 
380 Lebeau Pierre, " 

382 Dunning David, " 
384 McMill<»n John, « 
386 Bourasaa August*', tanner 
388 DucloB Pierre, stonecutter 
392 Desjardins FranQois, laborer 
398 Denaud Octave, « 

398iSt Onge J6rome, « 

400 Proulx Isidore, " 

Here Notre Dmne -^i in'f.rtects. 

436 Kelly J, gardener tor the Sisters 

F«lar R«ftlff«)tmt«r k««p« Mfl»t fuid Flah In hot weAtber. B89IONDii.8*. 

M^l, ]§ 



S»gtMU7 StMmbMt X^ of StoMuan. O'OOKlffOl k WAXJiU» ifiiiti. 

St. JoMph Street, eaat tide, 
from fit Andrew tt to St Patrick. 

9 Fink J J, plasterer 
IT) Martha Pierre, laborer 
li? Bouiflt Gilbert, painter 

21 Groulx J BtCj laborer 

25 Galarneau Joseph, baker 
V)9 Poirier TouHsaint, lalmrer 

31 Loyer Eustttche, jeiner 
33 Gifigras Wm, laliorer 

36 Jobun Elz^ar, Hhoeinaker 

37 Filiatrault .J Hfo, niaflon 

39 LabeDe Venance, " 
53 Charleboia O H, grocer 

here fit. Patrick »t intersects 

St Joseph Street, west side. 
4 Martol Joseph, niaRon 
8 Lepage Miohel, laborer 
10 Deslaurier F^lix, '* 

14 Datiifl Joseph, carpenter 
13 Lortie Moioe, mason 

20 Denault Emeric, joiner 

22 Malouin JoHepli, slioeniaker 
28 Lafontaine JoNeph, plasterer 
28 CorbeilleMraPauliCnarwoman 

32 Garneau Nazaire, fitoneoutter 

40 Brisbois fHidore, " 

64 Pinard Mrs Adolphe, groceries 
Here St. Patrick at intersects. 

St. Patrick Street, iVbr<A side. 

from Ottawa lUvir Satt l» RUlmu River. 

15 Leblauo Joseph, laborer 
97 Lepino Harry, carpenter 

103 St. Pat hick's Hall. 

W H Waller, president 
here Sussex st intersects. 
' Bishop's Chafkl. 

Bight Rev. Thos. Duhamel, 

bishop of Ottawa 
143 \ Rev D F Foley, sec to bishop 

Rev Mr Bouillon, econonie 

Berni^r Chas, doorkeeper 
163 Robert Pierre, eexton 
167 Larose Jos, supt ot pub works 
169 Bate Jamee. laborer 
171 Duseault Edouard, raftsman 
177 Langlois Ed, boarding house 
181 Moreau Israel, bt St siioe deal 
185 Uouee of Refuge, Mies Mary 

Clare, Buperiorcss 

193 Dupuia Mrs Chas, hotel 

197 Briant Pierre, restaurant 

199 Vincent Olivier, grocer 

201 Talbot Auguste, cooper 

203 Shouldice Mrs Henry 

205 Gingraa David Mrs. 



207 Chevrier, Ln, betel keeper 
317 Piirnier Bdward, laborer 
221 Moreau, Thontas grocer 
•v,'} r Therien Francis, laborer 
" \ Rattey F. carpenter 
236 Welch Robert, stone cutter 
229 Riopel Louis, carter 
233 Chevrier A. junr, hotel keeper 

236 Levesque Joseph, clerk 

237 Benoit Olivier, Mrs. widow 

246 Stratton A McFarlane, grocers 
litre Drlhousie st Intersects 

247 CharleboisJ 0,grucerieiii liqa 
251 Luporriere Mph Hector, 

263 Gautin Chas, laborer 
255 Campbell J B, contractor 
257 Whelan Michael, carter 
259 f Nash Geo, laborer 

\ Harrighan Michael, laborer 
Turnbull David, baker 
O'Connor Joseph, joiner 
McNaughton Chas P, joiner 
269 Martineau Joseph, policeman 
273 Brunette Louis, ciuriage mkr 
275 Hannev Steven, laborer 
277 Allard J Bte, carpenter 
279 Keating Mrs Patrick 
285 Mahoney Florence, laborer 
287 Driscoll William, 
2H9 Callognan Peter, " 
293 McClory John, 
296 Murphy John, plasterer 
299 O'Connor Chas, laborer 
301 Kennedy John, butcher 
305 Bechamp Jacques, carter 
307 Tessi^r Antoine, carpenter 
309 Rattey Pierre, messenger at the 

311 B6daid Jacques, shoemaker 
313 Piche Norbert, blacksmith 
315 Gorin Joseph, M. D. 
317 Migneron Joseph, grocer 
Here Cumberland st intersects 

319 Hudon P A, dry goods mercht 
323 Gleason John, trader 
325 Smiler David, engineer 
337 Boisseau Maurice, moulder 
331 Cuddy McGillie, pensioner 
333 Keaough Thos, painter 

336 Larkin Mrs Ellen 

337 Dalton Maurice, laborer 
339 Stokes Henry, « 
341 Ouellette Thos, joiner 
343 Blanchet Louis, laborer 
345 Stokes Wm, bricklayer 
347 Murphy Mrs Michael 
351 Pigeon Francois, tailor 
353 Shank Fran<^is, clerk 

EiohiUta and Ontario BotiI Mall Use of StoMMn. O'dOSHOB ft WALLES, Agwla. 

• ---il 


i 'S 



1. 1! 

m\ ■ " 

I- ■■ 





Bndm Utw StMmtMt Um O'OOmrOB * WAXdUUk Afwta. 


' ij 

. ( 

* :i 



36t Quinn Hugh, grocor 

Her* King it iniersecU. ' 

363 Beaudin JoHepli, joiner 
366 Oronin Corneliui*, laborer 
371 t*ndry Henry, •« 

373 Landry Francois, «' 
375 O'Brien Henry, Htonecutter 
377 Pouliot Oeo, civil Hervice 
379 MuManuH Bernard, laborer 
383 Lepage Chat), puinier 
gg, r Gravel Napoleon, carver 

(.B^aulkner Alex, joiner 
387 Corboille BaHJie, grocer 
389 O'Neil DeniH, nhip carpenter 
391 OlcHon Steven, Htonecutter 
397 EdnnondHon Ja^, bricklaver 
401 SScard Pierre jr, tinHniitn 
403 86c8rd Pierre i«r, joiner 
40A Baron Jean, painter 
407 Chabot Louin, civil neivice 
411 Fois^ Xavier, clerk 
413 Dobier <Ta8, gilder 
41ft Paquet AlphonBe, Hhoemaker 
417 O'Connor Janien, penNioner 
419 Bookay Richard, grocer 
Hei'e Rose st intersects. 

421 Voinier Cainille, grocer 
423 Dugal Th6uphilo, tanner 
425 Monette Aninble, bricklayer 
425iDube Mdnie Victoria 
427 Lefebvre Marcil, joiner 
429 Meunier Beui, laborer 
433 Carling Hugh, carter 

Htre MeGee st intersects. 
447 Dumoulin StaniHlae, laltorcr 
449 Daly Jeremiah, " 

453 Ricard Wnt, expressman 
467 Layeux John, stonecutter 
459 Lachanohe Alex, meat market 
Here Friel st intersects. 

461 Harpe Lnc, grocer 

463 Oodbout V E, tailor 

469 Baulne L^on, laborer 

476 Malouin Joseph, shoemaker 

485 Pinard Mrs Adolphe, grocer 

Here St Joseph st intersects. 
487 Cbarlebois B, grocer 
489 Baulne Antoine, Taltorer 
g. f Venance Gilbert, laborer 
I Larose David, tinsmith 
493 Labelle Evangelist, laborer 
497 Qauthjer Pierre, " 

499 Leblanc Wm, " 

601 Genest Francois, tanner 
603 Robert Mrs Philip, laundress 
605 Roberge Sim6on, currier 
607 Constantineau Adolphe, printer 

509 Goneau Louis, stonecutter 
511 B^land Felix, joiner 
513 Robert Chas, « 
517 Lalunde Fulgence, grocer 
619 Morin David, grocer 

Here Notre Dame st interteett 
626 Champoux Dainas, teacher 
629 /^^'- Anne's School, Marie 

\ du Crucifix, superioress 
633 Dufresne Ed, stonecutter 
537 Sauvi Joseph, watchmaker 
539 Ha^es Michael, laborer 
655 Bariu'tte Jos, " 

667 O'Keefe Martin, saddler 
669 Marion Solomon, carriage-mkr 
661 Gauthier Alex, letter-carrier 
661^Ayotte Mrs Hubert 
569 Aubichon Alex, laborer 
571 Carroll Jas, " 

677 Brown John, health inspector 

Here Pinard st intersects. 
635 Lowe Henry, clerk h of com. 
St. Fatriok Street, south side, 
from Ottawa river to Itideau riuer. 
16 Stirling Oeo, dominion brewery 
106 Hudson T B, agent 

Here Sussex st interseeta. 

122 Latremouille Jk A, drygoods 

126 Leblanc Mrs, milliner 

128 Perth Jos, boarding house 

188 Ruchon Flavien, undertaker 

142 Valade F X, M D 

144 Potvin Auguste, ciril service 

148 Valiquette Joseph, shoemaker 

160 Pichet T, hoarding house 

164 Latremouille Joseph, hotel 

158 Leag P, hotel 

164 Perrauit B, boarding house 

166 Moore John, painter 

.go f Hornier Mrs J B 

\ Lamouche Maxime, priater 
170 Beaudoin Joseph, hotel 
174 St Jean Pierre, M D, M P 
178 Orison Mrs C L 
182 Chr6ti6n Sivdre, joiner 
184 Fortier Joseph, carter 
186 Barrette Pierre, joiner 
190 Chevrier Joseph, laborer 
192 B<Mec Edmona, photographer 
198 Villeneuve Thos, hotel-keeper 
202 S^.orel Michel, carter 
208 Roy Augustin, hotel-keeper 
212 Lt.veiil6 Solomon, " 
216 Jean veau Mrs Antoine 
222 Chevrier Adrien, hotel 
224 Chevner Alexander, hotel 
230 Thorpe J W, baker 

OQUUfwptaad Lake BnpwinBojalMiU Use. (KJOIIOB 4 WALLEB, Afwrts. 

;'.!< 'L' 



mm WmM ttt AXJDL MOnXMIBf, Iparki ItrNt. 

238 V*'1A Pinrrfj pointer 
2ACi AHai.'w Alphonoo, .t^rooer 
A' r«r Da^^'utie at interaeeU. 

248 h ' n»i .i J L. dry gouda mrohnt 

254 Soucy Geo, Inborer 

256 Dftz6 Vincent, letter carrier 

258 Lepage ChaR, engineer 

260 Millotte Ed, cooper 

264 Potvin L Z, grocer 

2t)6 Bfilinge J B, grocer 

270 Ou6nard Antoine, laborer 

272 Consineau Alex, baker 

274 Proulx Cyprien. civil service 

276 Cbarlebois Arniand, clerk 

280 Lupine Maxitne, policeman 

2H2 Briinett'i Louis, carter 

28ti Ayotte Pierre, laborer 

288 Moreau J Bte, clerk 

290 Qareau Calixte, carter 

294 Chabot Adolphe, carriage mkr 

296 Landry Alex, laborer 

298 Reilly James, laborer 

300 Fehr K M, musician 

302 Johnson Edward, carter 

304 Payettf Joseph, painter 

306 Dessert Octave, stonemason 

310 Maddon Thomas, laborer 

318 Therien & Carter, grocers 

Hare Cumberland at interaeeta. 
320 Arsenault Jos, trader 
324 Germain Th^odule, laborer 
326 Minehan Pat, " 

328 Baulne Olivier, " 

330 Boutin J Bte, carter 
332 Whalen Laurence, laborer 
334 Kinsella James, " 

338 L6pine J Bte, " 

33diRandall John, painter 
340 O'Qrady Wm, laborer 
342 Traversay F61ix, marble cutter 
344 Lavigne George, shoemaker 
348 Lefebvre Pierre, laborer 
360 Connelly Patrick, " 
362 Garon P, millwright 
366 Enrieht Patrick, carpenter 
360 Faulkner Mrs Edward, widow 
362 Harris Abel, grocer 

here King tt intersects. 

368 Macaulay Geo, blacksmith 
372 Ghevrier Z6phirin, clerk 
374 Goupile Chas N, clerk 
376 Scanlon Michael, laborer 
380 Ward Jopeph, laborer ' 
382 O'Brien Pat, painter 
384 Lacasse Telesphore, drghtsmn 
386 Theriault A P, clerk 
388Robitaille Eugdno, watchmaker 

390 Uicho MfN P, l)oarding-houM 
392 Gcndreuu A E, hairdresser 
396 Lemieux J E, messenger d«pt 

of agriculture 
402 Tass^ Louis, school teacher 
406 Hornsby l^awrence, laborer 
410 Breen John, tailor 

ffern NiUoii $1 iiUeneelii. 

416 Caldwell Robt, trader 
424 Chartrand Fran9ois, joiner 
428 Gravel Pierre, «« 

430 Beaucaire Jean, tailor 
432 Julien Napol6on. printer 
436 Peltier H, tinHinith 
442 Durocher Paul, laborer 
444 Langloin L6on, joiner 
446 Labelle Mrs Joseph 
460 C16roux Rocque, blacksmith 
452 Cdt6 Louis, joiner 
458 Carisse Gilbert, laltorer 
460 Leblanc Peter, groct'rieH 

here Friel at interaeeta. 
462 Gagnon Charles, mason 
464 Gagnon Xavier, " 
466 BeauHoleil On6aime, butcher 
468 Griflon Louis, tinsmith 
470 Mantha Chas, laborer 
472 Groulx Onetime, policeman 
476 Leduc Maxinie, laborer 
478 Laroque Auguste, " 
480 Loyer Noe, Baker 
482 Loyer Alfred, baker 
484 Loyer Antoine, baker 
488 Dcfilaurior Felix, laborer 
490 Charbonneau Honors, blkamth 
492 Vian Joseph, lalwrer 
494 Traversay Ephraim, shoemkr 
488 Sans-Cartier J Bte, laborer 
49d^Charbonneau Mrs Betsy, wid 

here Chapel at interaeeta, 
620 Gignac Geo, laborer 
622 Desjardins 86vdre, laborer 
624 Danis, Elie, baker 
528 St Ann's Institdte— Father 

AUeau, director 
636 St Ann's Church— Rev Th B 

644 Philion Philibert, clerk 
646 Dagenais Edouard, laborer 
548 Mercier Thf'ilesphore, laborer 
664 Loyer Felix, « 

here Auguata at interaectt. 
678 DupuiafAdolphe, grocer 
SSO^O'Meara Micnael, carter 
682 Ladebeauche Miss L, dressmkr 
588 Desrochers C^lestin; carter 
692 Lemieux Louis, shoemaker 

Oct your Floor oud Oil OMttlM at •HOOI.BRBO * GO,*S 

> '! S 


I .' 



^ r' -'i" 



Centnl Vfrmont IWlroftd. O'OOKNOS ft WALLII^ Ageati. 



ft *I ■ 


H^'* 'I 

tSi ■ 



J ;s 




-^ lilt'' 

I 1 'O 

' '^i 

594 Thomas Louis, baker 
696 Carroll Mrs Michael, widow 
604 Brown John, jr, laborer 
606 Day Joseph, plumber 

here Cobourg at intersecta. 
630 Thibault Baptiste, laborer 
632 Richer Joseph, « 

634 Burns John, " 

636 Broker Chas, butcher 
640 Boucher Eilaire, laborer 
642 Kitts James, stonecutter 
650 McEv^oy William, laborer 
660 Charon John, " 

662 Mill^tte Felix, « 

664 Hawea Edward, « 
664)Turner Samuel, plasterer 

here Charlotte st intersects. 
696 Henry John M B, excise officer 

St. Paul Street, North aide, 
from GancU east to Bideau River. 
5 Aumond Jos, lumber office 

7 G G F Guards Armory 

Keating James, caretaker 

here Stissex st intersects. 

15 Gilpin Robert, hotel 
35 Atkins Miss 

Here Mosgrove st intersects. 
59 McCoy Jas, laborer 
61 McGann Gregory, billposter 
63 Briggs Wm, laborer 
65 Fogartv Bernard, laborer 
€7 Duny Chas, laborer 
69 Ambrose Thos, carpenter 
73 McDougall Peter A, M D 
95 Keho^ John, blacksmith 
99 Shou»er Mrs Peter, widow 
Here Nicholas st intersects. 
117 Kehoe Wm, blacksmith 
119 Percy Andrew, painter 
123 Wood Mrs E, wid, board house 
126 Curamine Robt, shoemaker 
169 Cairns Aire, wid, board house 

176 Kerr D, Volunteer Review 

177 Patterson Mrs, widow 

179 Smith John, elk (Ball & Co) 

181 Strang John, painter 

183 Standford Wm, clerk 

185 Raine W H, saw sharpener 

187 Ingram John, salesman 

189 Stewart Jas C, accouhtant 

here Cumberland st ititersecta. 
197 Smith Wm, turner 
211 Stewart John, carpenter shop 
217 Davis J G, collector 

onq f Dow Mrs, widow 

I Alcaa Felix, architect 
q„. r Morton H, bookkeeper 
^^* tNichollsP 
227 St John Pat, mason 
229 Stacey John, elk customs house 
231 Hawley Alex, carpenter 
233 Gillies James cutter 
Eastern W M Church 

here King at interaecta, 

255 Keays Mrs, widow 
261 Mooney Daniel, carter 
271 McMartin D, salesman 
283 Fraser Alex, carpenter 
291 Taylor Alex 
' 297 Dyde Sam, U F & R Co 
299 Blanchet Frangoise, civil serv 

here Nelson at interaecta 
305 Langrell Thos, chief of police 
319 Bruce John, boots and sooss 
323 McDougall Mrs, widow 
Jiere Friel at interaecta. 

here Chapel at interaecta 
416 Carter Wm, civil service 
419 Gibson B, contractor 

here Augusta at interaecta. 
.,, J Teta Eugene, civil service 
^^1 iTetuJM 
466 Beattie W M, coal merchant 

here Cobourg at intersects. 
6(11 Gliddon Wm, civil service 
613 Buchanan W 
515 Grist John, patent agent 
Usre Charlotte st intersects. 
'■* Wurtemburg " 

( Yielding Mrs, widow 
699 < Yielding F, issuer marriage 
( licenses 

St Faal Street, south aide. 

8 Carlton Christopher, clerk cus- 
tom house 
here Sussex st intersects. 

22 Harris George 
24 Woodland R jr, tanner, &c 
36 Woodland James, er 
38 Woo«lland R, leather store 
54-56 Mel n tyre Mrs, pro Victoria 

here Mosgrove st intersects. 
68 Ambridge John, laborer 
60 Buckwhistic R << 
62 Goslin Cyril 
76 Mosgrove Robt 


ITpjw Ottawa Ui(loB Vonrwdlng Btc jaboat * BaUrowl do. COOHHOB 4 WALLER, Afti, 





a house 


y'\\ serv 


•f police 

I ^oss 













• marriage 

clerk cu8- 


ler, &c 

r store 
ro Victoria 


LLEB, Agti. 



Qnebeo ud Qvlf Pwta Steamihlp OompanT. O'OONNNB & WALLEB, Agenti. 

80 Neelin J, merchant 
82 Cooper Wm, engraver 
84 Brown M, livery stable 
86 Wall Wm, grocer 
88 Clements T T, waiter 
90 Stewart Peter, painter 
102 Howes W B, pro Nicholas hotel 
here Nicholas st intersects. 

104 Baldwin Bros, grocers 

106 Gray Wm, clerk Sheriff's office 

112 Boss Alex, lawyer 

,-,„ j Baldwin S W*^ H, grocer 

^^*' t Baldwin John « 

120 Caron B J, desk factory 

124 i ^^^^ Station, No 3 

\ Graham Fr ois, guardian 
128 Loverings John,carriage painter 
130 Cleary John, carter 
134 Daly Tim, laborer 
136 Pack John « 
140 Orr John, carver * gilder 
140iSpencer Thomas, bricklayer 
142 Higman Thomas, plumber 
142iPloyd ThoB, carpenter 
144 Thomas John S, printer 

lfi2 J I^i^y ^^^9 OMce 

\ Andrew Wilson, proprietor 
164 Pollock Jas, gardener 
168 Bvrne Wm, waggon maker 
170 ELamilton Jas J, hlacksmith 
178 Armstrong Mrs, widow 
186 Beaudry E, carpenter 
190 Binks Geo, clerk P O Dpt 

here Cumberland st intersects. 
194 Robertson John, bricklayer 
196 Campbell Alex, carpenter 
204 Higgms M, clerk civil service 
206 Anderson C E " « 

210 Conway Mrs, widow 
212 Ferguson Miss, knitter 
nig f Robertson Jas, mason 

\ Fletcher John, carpenter 
218 Jamieson Robert, baker 
228 Andrews Wm, teamster 
230 Turnbull Jas, flour store 
244 Burpee T R, civil service 
here King st intersects. 

312 Crain Robt, contractor 

320 Baskerville Geo, grocer 

322 Blais A, clerk 

326 Rathwell Samuel 

328 Farquhar Wm, contractor 

?iere Friel at intersects. 
368 Cameron Hon Malcolm, M.P 
378 Esmonde Joseph, hardware 

here Chapel st intersects. 

426 Deslaurier J, office keeper 
430 Johnson E, civil service 

here Axigusta st intersects. 
464 Ewart David, architect 

here Cobourg st intersects. 
602 Sutherland G S, watchmaker 
hae Cliarlotte st intersects, 
here Wurtemburg st intersects. 
608 Moss Mrs, widow 

Sally Street, East side, 
(Formerly John st) 

From Ottawa River to Somerset »t. 

9 Macnutt Charles S, clerk 
Here Vittoria st inttr sects. 
41 Richardson C, civil service 

Here Welliiigiotitt intersect*. 

99 Latimer Robert, coachman 
here Sparks st intersects. 
New Market House, 
123 Fire Station No 2 

Stanford Thomas, guardian 
here Queen street intersects. 
137 Ross Miss, confectioner 
145 Veale Philip, carpenter 

here Albert street intersects. 
189 O'Brien, W D, clerk 

here Slater st intersects 
191 Lefebvre Alfred, merchant 
193 Moxley Mrs William 

here Maria st intersects. 

213 Cowieson Robert, stonecutter 

Here Gloucester st intersects. 

241 Robinaou Donald, stonecutter 

here Nepean st intersects. 

251 Henderson William, clerk 

Here Lisgar st inta'sects. 
here Cooper st intersects, 

Sally Stxeet, West side, 
14 Langdon Thomas, laborer 
20 Henderson Abr, tailor 
18 Lefleure Louis, laborer 
34 Langford Abraham, tailor 

here Vittoria st intersects 
42 Glover ThOB, blacksmith 
44 Swail Wm, tinsmith 
46 Ferguson J, plumber 
50 Lewis Francis, gentleman 
here Wellington st intersects, 

Wellington Market 
88 Williams Edward, accountant 

Here Sparks st intersects. 

Dominioii BtMMhip Oo- leaves Qaeleo Thutflay fti Liverpool O'OONHOB 4 WALLEB, Agt 


.14 •■}fb 

j ; 


I'-l , ! 

|l. ■. .'• 






Qnxaaif Baie Bnrnsr, topt the markvt m • hMtar, Only st EnfOHBBV. 

118 Ottawa Boot a Shoe Company, 
Erskioe & Thurston, prop^s 
here Queen tt intersects. 

124 Torrance John A, civil service 
126 McCarthy Henry F, Jruggist 
132 Hector Thomas, civil service 
134 Patrick Thadeus, civil service 

here Albert st intersects 
j^ f Hasty Mrs Thomas 

\ Hasty Thomas, bookbinder 
156 O'Eeefe Patrick, saddler 
160 Living Henry (of Hunton and 

Here Slater st interaects. 
184 Eeir S C, landing waiter 

her$ Maria st intersects. 

" Gloucester « 
here Neipean st intersects. 
244 Corridan Edward, grocer 

Here Lisgar st intersects. 
** Cooper " 

298 Clan James, teamster 

here Somerset st intersects 

Shamrock Street, north side, 

{formerhf Carri&re Lane) 
from King at. easterly. 

1 Poitier Honore, hair-dresaer 
Shamrock Street, south side. 
10 Lyonnais Honore, plioemaker 
12 Potvin Chas, tinsmith 
14 Laurin Narcisse, hiborer 
18 Gariepy Damage, plasterer 
22 Labrechc Pierre, musician 
24 St George Joseph, mason 
28 Champagne M, laborer 

32 Delorn\e Francois, carter 

34 Meyner Napoleon, " 
36 Turcotte Joseph, laborer 
38 Lepine Moiee, carter 

40 Danis Pierre, joiner 
42 Charron Arsdne, laborer 
44 Langlois Louis, joiner 

Sherwood St, East side. 
(Le Brkton Flats) 
Jrom Oi-egon south to Aqueduct. 
21 Keely James, laborer 
27 Nevin Michael, „ 
31 Lalonde, Pierre ,, 

33 Brethwick Geo, carter 

35 Beauchamn Joe, laborer 
fil Crawford James „ 

53 Carrutlers John, miller 

66 Johnston Mrs, widow 

67 Whelen Peter, clerk 

69 Davis John, laborer 

here Queen at west interaecta. 
83 York William, grocer 

89 Rubie Wm, laborer 

91 Gotier Julien, „ 

99 Grison J L, book-keeper 

103 Webb Geo, painter 
109 Ager Thomas 

111 Grey J, pattern-maker 
115 Dowdell Jas, culler 
117 Belanger Jos, laborer 
119 Loyer Joseph 
121 Roy Abraham, laborer 
125 Laclaire Sml, grocer 

Sherwood Street, west side. 
(LkBrktoi^ Flats.) 

Kilbride J, laborer, bd house 
Kilbride Michael, laborer 
Goukie Patvick, „ 
[ O'Hara Richard, ,. 
4 PuUin Thomas, „ 

6i Brown George, „ 

16 Dale Robt, carpenter 
20 Plett Nelson, „ 
22 MoLardy John, laborer 
24 Kirby Victor, culler 
26 Harkin Wm^ clerk 
32 Acton John, laborer 
34 Kennedy Henry, millwright 
' Way Mrs, widow, bd house 
Burns Patrick, laborer 
Marks Elias, „ 

McKay Henry, millwright 
Daly t, brakesman, COR 
[ Fraser Wallace, blacksmith 
42 Turner Geo, blacksmith 

O'Neil Michael, millwright, 

boarding house 
McBride John, miller 
Stitt Robert, „ 
[ Paqiiet Thos, millwright 
54 Atkinson John, flour merchant 
66 Robertson Joseph, laborer 
66 Larocque Alexander 

70 Atkinson P, grocer & tlour iner 
here Queen st west intersects. 

90 Turner Louis, laborer 

92 Allan William, turner 
94 Ryan Michael, laboier 
96 Hanrahan Mrs, grocer 
98 Hanrahan Jos, butcher 

102 Spearman Wm, laborer 

104 Blttis, William, „ 
Rondeau B, „ 
Madden Wm, farmer 
Costello James, laborer 


48 i 


124 BiIleau;Simon, 

Paper Ruled at ALBX. JIIORTIMBR*8, Sparka Street. 



(huutfd Boyal Mail Steamship Oompaaj. O'OONNOB & WALLEB, Aginta. 

126 Glavin Peter, laborer 

here Ottawa st intersects. 
138 Parent Michael, laborer 
140 Dixon William, „ 

Slater Street, North side, 

from Canal strut west to Concesrion ttret^- 

19 Hannum James M T, manager 

E B Eddy 
31 'Hope Jas, stationer 
37 Agnew Andrew, confectioner 
39 Tucker P N, clerk 
41 Boyce Ghas, printer 
43 Bowles F J, contractor 

here Elgin st intersects. 

89 Lusisnan Alphonse, civil ser 
93 Moreland Harbrick, clerk 
Here Metcalfe st interaecta. 

109 Ottawa Curling Club 

10;; / W(/>d8 Mrs, widow, bd house 

^^ \ Sinden Mr 

127 Angus Robt, ins agent 
131 Nicholson J 

133 Carriere Ghas, pro Citizen 
here O'Connor st intersects. 

171 Ross Wm B, civil service 

175 Arnaud Elias, clerk 

177 Tybayne David, machinist 

179 Gibson John 

181 Kenly Robt, watchmaker 

191 Carr J B, law writer 

193 Helnier Nathaniel, ins agent 

197 Offord Mrs Jqnathan 

199 Forfar T F, seedsman 

203 Skinner Joseph, druggist 

205 Dalglish James, grocer 

209 Henry James 

211 Waddell Wm D 

Here Bank st intersects. 
247 Skead J S, clerk 
249 Allan Catharine 
251 Allan Hu^h 
257 Cambie H J, engineer 
259 Moore Rev W, pastor Bank st 

269 Simpson Hon J, assis auditor 
277 Allan David, carpenter 
279 Mackel J, agt of The Standard 

Here Kent st intersects. 
343 Morrison E B, grocer 

Her* Sally «( inttrtects. 
867 Blyth John, merchant 
369 Bunnell Geo, carpenter 
376 Elliott Edwin, jnoulder 
379 Hornidge R L, Sergt of Police 
Here Bay st intersects. 

Slater Street, South side. 
34 Graburn Marmaduke 
36 Dowler John, millwright 

Here Elgin it intersects. 
60 Lee W Horace, civil service 
62 Morgan H J, civil service 
68 Grain Geo, contractor 
74 Botterell Edw, govt clerk 
76 Evanturel Edward, civil service 
78 Topley W J, Notman Studio 
80 Rice Wm, clerk 
88 McEdwards G 
90 McDougall M, lumber mer 
Here Metcalfe st intersects. 
108 Brock I H, editor Free Press 
114 Cluff W H, insurance agent 
122 Williams David P, book-keeper 
124 Williams Hugh J 
138 Buckingham Wm 
144 Hay Henry, civil service 
146 Gardner David, clerk 
162 Hill Wm, cabinet-maker 

Ae~e O'Connor st intersects. 

174 Dwyre John H 

178 Adamson Mrs, widow 

ion / Cousens William 

^^^ I Cousens Wm C, clerk 

184 Bowin Peter 

188 Snow Wm B, civil engineer 

192 Workman W G, music teacher 

here Bank st intersects. 
238 Childers — , carver 
244 Burns W H, sculptor 
nie j Burns John, messenger 

\ Byrne Samuel, clerk 
262 Holland George C, reporter 
qcA f Holland Andrew, pub Citizen 
^*'" t Holland William 

Here Kent st intersects, 

308 Eaton W S 

322 Mills F W, professor of music 

356 Queale Wm, lumber dealer 

Here Sally st intersects. 
386 Mulva Mrs, widow 
392 McVietty W, license inspector 

here Bay st intersects. 
408 Forgie A G, merchant 
410 Dunlevie G G, civil service 

Somerset Street, North side. 

from Canal st west to Bell sU 

(formerly Isabella and Centre st.) 

Here Bank st intersects. 
477 Armstrong Wm, laborer 

Lmu Boyal Mail Line, saiie from Vew York <m Bataidav O'OOVNOB & WALL£B, Agts. 

■ : r 

' t II • ; » ; ; 

.1 ' i' 




0«t jwu Omrpeti from SHOOUBZD ft CO.'S, the lufMft aad oheapeit itodc in the city 



499 Crawford Ambrose laborer 
645 Mann Patrick « 

661 Henneeey Patrick " 

695 Leonard Patrick, mason 

607 McDonnell Michael, laborer 
641 Shea John G, millwright 

here Concession st intersects. 
735 Templeton Jos, carpenter 

Somerset Street, south side. 
464 Bufton Alfred, butcher 
476 Halpeiiny Michael, shoc^maker 
484 Nevin Darby, laborer 
492 Mo.Arthur Mrs, widow 
600 Parcel! Michael, laborer 

608 Murphy Patrick " 
620 Allan Edward " 
638 Mann John « 

662 Dooley Patrick *' 

696 Berry Mrs, widow 
626 Bernard Wm, maaon 
662 Tobin Jae, laborer 

Here Coiuxssion st inttrsects. 

Bj^]s» Street] North side. 

Nkw Post Office. 
29 Pace H, watchmaker, 
31 Orme, J L & Son, music store 
33 Buchanan W F, ins agent 

36 Durie & Son, stationers 

37 Banes C W & Co, hatters 
39 Smith & Stewart, stationers 

41 Holbrook G M, tailor at clothier 

Here Elgin st intersects. 

45-47 Hope Jas & Co 

49-51 Vincent T, fancy goods &c 

53-^5 Allan, McKinnon & McMor- 

nan, dry goods merchants 

ill & ~ • • ■ 


'67-69 8 Howell & Co, wholesale 

61 Wallis J D, photographer 
63 Chalmers & Co, bazaar 

66 McLean H, auction rooms 

67 Nordheimer A & S, 
39 Boos John, tooacconist 

71 Preston's shoe store 
73 Stitt J B & Co, dry gds mchts ■ 
75 Kilt & Brophy, tailors &c 
„ rN;'e,Llf 

\ Wholehan M, ins agent 
79 Cochenthaler S. tobacconist 
81 Cail A B, fniit store 

Canada Agricultural Ins Co, 
Cluflf& Mill, agents 
83 • Royal Insurance Co, Robert 
Angus, agent 
(Custom House 
85 Marks N- jeweller 
87 Christie A A Co, druggists 

89-91 Ontario Bank 

He' ' Metcalfe at intersects 

93 Merchants' Bakk 
97 Perry E A, book store 
101 Martin Alex, dentist 
103 Morrison A M, Italian ware- 
105 O'Meara & Co, clothing store 
107 Martin C A, dentist 
109-111 Bate & Co, grocers ' 
113-115 Gowan H * J, music store 

and hall 
,,- f Lawson A J, photographer 
\ Hodges H, hatter * furrier 
119 Pratt Jas & Co, shoe store 
121 McKinnon Neil, ins agent 
123 Wilson & Orr, carvers and 

125 Shaver W H, confectioner &c 
127 Fruit Depot, Arless, agent 
129 Dawson Geo, sewing machine 

131 Borbridge Wm, saddler 
133 Scott Cayley & Cayley, manu- 
facturers agents 
135 Forfar T F, seeds, flowers and 

139 Lawrence T, tailor 

f Stiff Bros, photographic gall 
141 j D S McKinnon & Co, Music 

( Warerooms 
145 Harrison T H, auctioneer 
147 Stalker H, dry goods merchant 
149 Kenny T W|& Sons, tailors and 

151-153 Lang A W, hardware raer 

Here O'Connor st intersects. 

156-157 Garland, Mutchmor & Co, 
wholesale dry goods 

Forgif John, bd house 
O'Connor Hon John, 
201-203 barrister 

Cotton Jas, Times office 
[ Heron W L, clerk 
■ Cowan Thos, Florence Hotel 
Wall Wm, stonecutter 
Hedee Robt, laborer 
Wallace John, bricklayer 
McDonald K, telegrapK oprtr 
205 \ Quinn James, laborer 
Curtis John, barber 
Colier John, stonecutter 
Bradine Jacob, forsman 
BarratB, «« 

Staekuole J, 
209-11 MornsonBB 

Here Bank st intersects, 
213 Brown Alfred, sew machine aji 

Tk* •< Bms Oo»1 ■(«▼€«*» i» 1**> fenad only «t SSSMONDK'S. 

«phic gall 

1- *' 



New Twk and Btrmnda Btesaihip Line. O'OONIOR & WALLER. Aganti. 

215 Brown's auction * fiona sale yd 
219 Johnso . & Reid, builders 



Fripp ''"S, widow 
Evans Jeremiah, 

Here Kent st intersects. 
Gordon Rev D M, Presbyterian 
Foster J, sextn Presbyterian ch 
Bain James, civil service 
Erskine Dr 
305 Perkins Ed (private residence) 
307 Perkins' machine «!l;op 
Here Sally c* intersects. 
Wfci.-:^"""c^ Ward Market — 
Bichardciou R, butcher, stall 1 
Bufton A, pork stall " 2 

Woods Mrs Jas, butcher " 3 
Bufton A, " " 4 

353 Sparks estate office — Clark J, 

357 Hesketh Capt paymaster 
377 Drummond Geo, insurance agt 
Here Say street intersects. 

Sims R A, carriage maker 
Sweetman John, dyer 
Leyden P G, clerk 
Ingram Jos, laborer 
Cameron Alex, " 
Skelton Chas, " 
McMahon Simon, wheelwrt 
Brown Richard, laborer 
King Samuel, " 

Hinchey Anna, laundress 
^ Greg6ire Louis, laborer 
Here nelUngton st intersects. 
Sparki Street, south side. 
20 Henderson & Co, stationers 
22 Ottawa shirt store 
24 Cole A T, 
26 O'Connor & waller, ins-ogents 
30 G T R ticket office, Alex Taylor 

32 Christie S, commission agent 
34 Miles E, hair dresser 
36 Sutton J 'J , insurance agent 
38 McCuaig R C W, ins agent 
40-42 Russell house, Gouin Jas A, 
Here Elgin st intersects. 
Michaels il, tobacconist 
Gibson J H P, confectioner 
Photographic gallery. Miss 

Lock wood 
Eeiffenstein G, com agent 
Mosgrove W, barrister 
\ Buchanan, Ware & Co 
Coward D W & Co, ina agents 
48-60 Ottawa Mills Supply Agency 

Caldwell &. Go, managers 
52 Citizen office 











Hay Geo, hardware merchants 
I Wood Dr 

. Hutchison Geo, dentist 
' Fellowes O'Gara, Laperrie & 

Remon, barristers 
Tackaberry I B, auctioneer 
Ottawa Loan Investment Co> 
Frederic Wright, secretary 
" " ins agent 

[ Cruice R W, commission agt 
_ Beament T, gents outfitting str 
62-64 Leslie Jolin. jeweller, &c 
6C-68 Russell St Watson, dry goods 
70 Pennock & Co, ins & exchange 

72 Kenly R, jo weiler, &c 
74 Drummond & Waddell, ins agts 
76 Barton John, undertaker 
f Brown W Godbee, sewing 
•i machine agent 
( Brown W W, 
C C Bruce, music store 
Bird R J, shoe store 
84 Graves Bros, tinsmiths 
86 E Ackroyd Hoop, skirt factory 
88 Esmonde Bros, tinsmiths 
92 Mann G, hardware 

here Metcalfe st intersects. 

94-96 T Hunton Son ife Larmonth, 

dry goods merchants 
98-100 Shoolbred & Co, Ottawa 

carpet warehouse 
102 Stevens A J & Co, sh6e store 
104 McPhee W, L.D.S dentist 
106-108 Metcalfe J, clothier 
110 Bryson C, dry goods merchant 
112 Maclaren & Chalmers " 
116 Borbridge Thos « 

118 Smith J & Co, clothiers 
120-124 British Lion hotel, Weldon 

Champness, proprietor 
126-128 Bishop & Son, grocers 
130-132 McCormick &ISon, flour 
134 Elwell, G T O, Medical hall 
138 Jollicour M, boot & shoe store 
140 ■[ ^obortson Alex, tobacconist 

I Jarvis Saml, photo gallery 
142 Davidson F R, cuemist & drugst 
144 Johnston & Ross, bankrpt stock 
146 Dorion C P, tinsmith 
148 Angus & Co, furniture store 
160 Campbell & Almas, grocers 
162-154 Gner Wm, wholesale dry 


Here O'Conv/'r street interttcts. 

158 Harris '& Campbell, cabinet 
makers and upholsterers 

Some, Watertown and Ogdensbturg Bailread. O'OOSNOK f, WALLEB, AgmU, 


:' "lid" ' 



m ^: '■ 

T h 'i 

■'1 ;? 

!') i' 


Va. • 


Xi-- : 

• ■^^^:vi||!|lr Iff 

,■ ! ^^ 

F '■■■ 

;, . I.f sn,-. 







Orsftt ¥eit«m Ballioad of Oanada. O'OOVHOB k WALLEB, Agent*. 

160 Sejbold & Moynes, dealers in 

small wares, stationery, etc. 
162 / Mechanics institute 

iNoonan's restaurant 
164 O'Meara Sc Co, boots k shoes 
166 Union forwarding and railway 
co's office — R S Cassels, pres 
168 Stephen Bros, paint store 
170 Bush J, sewing machine agent 
172 / Titus A, Ontario carriage fcty 

\ Oliver &, Son, cabinet makrs 
196 Lee Selby, shoe store 
198 Mortimer A, bookbinder 
200 Bureau Jos, printing office 
202 Shore Tlios & Go, saddlers 
204 Cbi] A B, fruit store 
206 Guruey Jas, « 
208 Patchell J, butcher 

Htre Bank street Interaeets. 
214 Horsey Dr 

222 Edwards So"' - ir, fruit store 
224 Ferguson P ii, plumber, gas 

and steam fitter 
234 Mills A K, .nb>.'.ne cutter 
266 Old Ff C C'n .i>EL 
264 Tioi]f: "■'.•r^, widow 
266 Shearei' ."ira, dressmaker 

Ai. ,!, t'ent St intersect-^. 

278 F,eaiJon Ti- ^. builder 

282 Skead, Rol t. ^.^.^.•e) 

288 Skead, Robt, lumber merchant, 

300 Griffin W H, dep postmaster-gl 

308 Perkins' boiler shop 

320 Lamb John, engineer 

Here Sally street inter etott. 
342 Ralph Alex, jeweller 
374 Ford Mrs, widow 
390 Hartney Henry, clerk C S 
^QQ fButtlerWm, shoemaker 
I Lawrence Wra, machinist 
416 Fee Saml, bookkeeper 
418 Sparks Mrs Frederick, widow 

Chbist Church 
436 Lauder Rev J S, Archdeacon 

hire Wellington st intersects. 

Stewart Straet, north bide, 
from Besserer street east to Rideau 
„,( Peachy J W, C 8 clerk 
**^\ Peachy J RN 
30 Allen Wm, hatter 

Here Cumberland si intersects 
49 Codd James, grocer 
63 Canty John, carter 
69 Pretter Herman, clerk of votea 
83 Currier T W, lumljer manuf 

Here King at intersects 

119 Peachy Nere, coachman 
127 Ogilvy James 

133 Morrison N 

Here Nelson st intersects. 

155 Larmonth Peter, merchant 
Here Friel st intersects 

215 Reitfenstein G C, commerohant 

217 Bliss Chas, G 8 

221 Tracy Wm, watchmaker 

229 Dyke Mrs Jameo 

Here Chapul st intersects. 
283 Juvet Henry C S clerk 
Here Augusta st intersects. 
Stewart Street, south side, 
18 Burns Felix, clerk 
20 Clark Patrick, C S clerk 
22 McDougall Aug, surveyor 
' 24 Somerville W M, marble works 
26 Borthwick Wm, grocer 
30 LungtonjJohn, auditor general 
36 Long John, engineer 
38 Casey Mrs M A 
44 Morse John, plasterer 

Here Cumberland st intersects, 
54 Oswald William, coachman 
56 Geliespie A, laborer 
66 Trudeau T, dep min of p wdep 
76 Jarvis James, clerk 
80 Warne Win, l&borer 
82 Brook H J, S mess 
84 Garlick Mrs Thos 
86 McClack >Vm, laborer 
92 Cooner Thomas, plasterer 
94 Phaien John, Carp 'i^.p: 

Here King si intersects 
122 Dacier C O, druggist 

134 Burns John, C S clerk 
154 Driscoll James, bottler 

here Nelson st intersects. 

158 Taylor John Fennijjgs, gen'man 

172 Craig Jas, agent 

176 Tremble Wm, stoker 

188 Ross Thos, Col Q G F G, civil 

198 Walker W H barrister 
Here Friel st intersects. 

206 r ;rson ' E, merchant 
220 Keunv T W, 

230 Donaluson John, bin ksmith 
232 James John, grocer 

Here Chapel st intersects. 
248 Whyte R B, stationer 
250 Brewer James, C S mess 
262 O'Keefe Thos, " " 

it. LftimaM 4 Ottiwa Sallway Oompaay. 0*OOHHOB 4 WlLLEl^ kgnia, 



0«t your OomioM at 8H00LBBED At 00/8, the burf«rt ttoek in th* dty. 

254 Duncan Thos, agent 
256 GowJohn sr 

264 Graham John, laborer 
Rtrt Augtutaat intersectt. 

Soawz Street, East side. 

from Rideau River to Canal Basin. 

Here Mackay »t intersects. 
Here DaViousie st intersects. 

75 Bingham Samuel, laborer 

Here Metcalfe SquQire intersects 
161-163 Immigration OfSce, W J, 
Wills agent 

Here Molaggert St intersects. 

197 Bursess A G, general news agt 
223 Faulkn<3r N, merchant 
225 Fooks Frederick, hotel-keeper. 
Here Botelier st intersects. 

237 O'Reilly Jas, driver 

241 Halamphy Willett Mrs 

247 BSUemare Theophile, boot and 

shoe merchant 
251-253 Bellei'ive Louis, prop of the 

Peerless Hotel 
263 Keayo John, painter, groceries 

liquors &c 

Here Bolton st intersects. 

265 Collins Peter, grocer 
279 Lariviere Peter, grocer. 

287 Lariviere Peter.carriage builder 

Here Cathcart st intersects. 

Here Water st intersects. 

327 Brennan J D, prop DufFerin 

333 Lortie J B, harness maker 
335 Morgan John, green grocer 
347 Latremouille A, prop Manitoba 


Here St. Andrew st intersects. 

365 Brigham Thos C, lumber mert 
373 Christian Brothers school, 

Bro. Andrew, Superior. 
Here Church st intersects. 

Roman Catholic Cathedral of 
Notre Dame 

Here St Patrick si intersects. 
411 Latr^rnouiUe Geo, mr.^ht tailor 
415 Moreau OoJfroi, hotel 
41" Lover AH, hotel 
423 Dux,heg-)? Jos, hotel 
427 Freuderiherg E, je-veller and 

429 Baakerviile Bros, grocers &c 
Here Murray st intersects. 

446 Leblano & Lemay, clothing. 
449 Ghevrier Alph, clothing 
461 Robitaille Bros, jewellers Ao 
453 Desrosiers Ant, Hotel du;Ca8tor 

466 IS haw C S, watchmaker 

467 Duroeher O, boots and shoes 
469 Marks N, jeweller & watohmk 
463 Bellemare Th^o boots & shoes 
465 Martineau Eug, dry goods 

here Clarence si intersects. 
476 Daniels Jas^prop Revere House 
479 Parsons W T, watchmaker and 

481 Talger C, tolacconist 
483 Rice Dan, cigar store 
486 Brock G, fruit dealer 
489 Seaton T J, watchmaker and 

491 Thompson Jas, grocer dry 

gooas &o 
493 Renihan J, merchant tailor 
495 Ward J W W, Barrister. 
497 Young Bronson & Go, flour dlra 

Here York st intersects. 
611 Leavens Parsons & Ghevrier 
wholesale lamp glaas and coal 
oil dealers 
613 Ghenet P, dry goods 
4>17 Piicier G 0, chemist & druggist 
519 Oeare Wm N, fruit store 
621 Germain and Mongenais dry 

goods merchants 
523 McDonald A fi & Go, agents 

auctioneers and valuators etc 

526 Meadows & Go, hardware merts 

527 Hawkins E, gents furnishings 
629 Heney & Co saddlers &c 
531 McDougal & Go^ hardware 
633 Mortimer Q, chemist & druggl 
535 Brobery Aler. hatter & furrier 
637 Germain N i Son, tinsmiths 
547 Mills W, prop Clarendon Eouae 

here George st intersects. 

651 Pin art*. J A, dry goods <ic 
555 Browne W E, boots * shoes 
557 Buchanan J, gener grocer 
561 Fingland & Drapoi, dry goods 
58," Bgleaon P A, merchant tailor 
565 Bruce <fe McDougal, boot store 
567 Huiiey D J, green grocer 
569 Grant' Davi 1, h*ir-dre8ser 
671 Dutiy J W, tobacconist 

here Rideau st interaeets. 
595 Gilpin Robt, hotel 

here St Paul si intersects. 
" Currier *' 

611 Toohey Mrs John, hotel 

The n. it House^^urnUhlnK Stook In ^tt»^T« kept «t KSMOBmBS*, 




>.,iiit ' ' '^ 

I < 

•ik I ■v!:.r i 


'■\ i 



". !!■•! 

! . 

'11^^ ii ■ i ■ 

';i| -.11 .?'■.{,' 1 ' J 

■"'{IP: I 



! I } 



' S 

ill K^^'h''-' 

' ft .'i I f ■> ft^ V ^ • ■ 

i i 


r^« . 

i. .,.. ■ 




'' i« i 

1 , 

,' HS . 1 


!•( ' 




lMl»t> BUk Rw Int. 0». «f Omad*. Otpltol. t600,000. O'OOHIOB 4 WAILEB, Agfa. 

Sussex Street, we«< tide, 
6 MacLaren J & Co, luntl)«rera 

here MaeKay at interaecit, 
« Dalhouait » 

172 Bingham Samuel jr, contractor 
184 Bowie Capt Alex 

here McTaggart at interaeeta. 

264 Ottawa River Nav Coy's office 

Bolton at interaeeta. 
266 Harris * Campbell, cab't-mkrR 
274 Hurley Dennis, artist 
276 Chisholm D, dry goods mercht 
278 Fisher Geo, agent 
284 Marti neau Eug, merchant 
286 Smith J, lumber merchant 
366 Hamilton Bros, lumber merchts 
Hiram Kobinson, mangr 
374 Lapierre Horace, barrister 
376 Shaw C S, general merchant 
384 Oliver Robert, clerk p o dept 
386 Mailleue Geo, clerk custom dpt 
390 French St Vincent de Paul socV 
Ed Millotte, president 
392 Irish St Vincent de Paul soc'y 
Pat O'Meara, president 
396 lastitut Canodien Fran9aiR, 
Joseph TassS, president 
here St Patrick at interaeeta. 
412 Hudson T B, foreman Thomas 
McKay's flour mills 
414 Whitehead Joseph, clerk 
416 McK y, Thos * Co, millers 
420 Steward Jaa, hotel 
424 McDonell Rory, hotel 
426 Qalarneau J B, « 
428 Larocque Joa, coufectiouer 
432 Laurin S, shoemaker 
434 OeGuise a Lapointe, aerated 

water manufacturers 
442 Moreau Aug, hair-dresser 
444 Lapointe M, trader, 

Roy Ad, clerk 
446 Champagne Ant, prop Jacques 

Cartier hotel 
456 Graham's hotel — McRae D, 

468 WilliamH J C, green grocer 
4<50 FrMOr J A, photographer 
462 l*tremoui!le Oct, dry goods 
468 Goulden J M,dry gds * cl'thng 
470 Groulx X & A, '" " 

476 Cameron WA, merchant te''or 
478 Nevill & Quinn, gents' frnsl .gs 
482 Boiviu G, whlesle boots & shoes 
484 Moreau I, boot aTtd shoe dealer 
486 Kennedy MrsWm 
488 Mowat A, sr, tailor 
490 Laporte 8, watchmkr * jeweller 

492 Warnock James, baker 

AQo j 2nd Mutual Building Society 

\ Mutual " " 

500 Egleson P A & Son, grocers 
502 Martin <fe Scott, whlesle grocers 
506 Story Thos, merchant tailor 
608 Caldwell J F A Co, dry goo^ln 
610 Valiquetto P R & Co, dry goods 
612 McDonell D, family grocer 
514 Egleson P A, clothier 
516 McFee & Hunter, dentists 
518 Chabot P H, clothier 
524 Chevrier N, rdy-mude clothiug 
526 Mowat A & Son, whlesle ** 
530 Birkett James, hardware 
534 Boyden J, Variety Hall 
536 Murphy Geo, boots and shoes 
538 Faulkner Nap, dry goods, etc 
540 Prodrick & Co, contectioners 
544 McComb M, fancy repository 
548 Poulin P, wines and spirits 
552 May Geo, leather a shoe fladgs 
556 Grant A, hardware 
658 Lamb W A, boots and shoes 

Bishop's Chapel, Ch of Engld 

here Rideau at interaeeta. 
584 O'Connor & Hogg, barristers 
Masomo Hall 

here St. Paul at interaeeta. 
594 Carleton Chris, customs officer 

Theodore Street, north aide, 
from Canal east to Rideau River 
25 Pretty Oliver, laborer 
29 Corrigan Wni, teamster 
33 Joyce W J, plasterer 

here Nioholaa at interaeeta. 
" Beaserer " 

«• Cumberland at " 

179 Casgrain Herm6negilde, c s 

here King at interaeeta. 
195 Graham B, cab-driver 
221 Tomilson Joseph, civil service 
229 Rosaiter Wm M, civil service 
239 Gough Mrs Thos 

Aire Nelson at interaeeta. 
245 Courtenay J M, civil service 
251 Grist H, solicitor of patents 
281 Bauset S P, civil service 

here Friel at intersects. 

299 Chevrier Noah, merchant 
305 Fisher A, clerk civil service 
311 Gr.\ham R H, stonecutter 
323 Matthews Mrs Robt 
325 Grant Geo W, customs depart 

StodMo&a Firo 4 Life Ins Oa of Qnsbeo. Oapitsl, $600,000. O'OOVNOB 4 WALLER, igti. 




XleUgaft OwtMl BaUiwA. O'OOKITOB * WALUB, Agmte. 

327 B»rret — , civil Berrioe 
.129 Cox Francis „ 

here Chapel st Interteets 
397 Cameron John A 
Theodore Street, aouih aide. 

18 Qoodman Joa, bricklayer 

,„ f Watcreton ChaH pr, laborer 
^ \ Waterston C jr, marble cutter 
24 O'Brien Wm, laborer 
34 Larwell Edward, civil service 

htre Nicholas st intersects. 
48 McCarthy Chaa, civil service 
62 Brophy (} P, eupt O R works 
6G Plunkett Jas, civil service 
68 Lyon Judge Robert 
f4 Taylor Fenningfl,as«t elk senate 

here Bes^erer st intersects. 
102 Fitzsimmons John, inrmer 

here Oumherland st intersects. 
152 Rogers Chas, laborer 

here Nelson at intersects. 

Victoria Avenue, east side, 

(formerly Nelson st) 

from Maria st toPortland Avenue. 

13 Lane «fohn, stone cutter 

19 Roberts C E, P L 8 

26 Darby John, clerk 

27 Patrick G M, clerk civil service 
102 Lawson Thoa, moulder 

120 Hilliard John, laborer 
Viotoria Avenue, west side. 
2 Parker Mrs John, dressmaker 
10 Dyer Miss, school teacher 
12 Herbert J jr, roofer 
16 Ross Hugh, clerk 
18 Clarke Geo, contractor 
22 Hall \ S, contractor 
26 Dunlop John, teamster 

28 Cowan Geo, mason 
38 Powers Con, stoker 

Vittoria Street,*no»</t side 
from Bank st to Sally. 
47 Kidd John, civil service 
67 Wilson G J, carpenter 
69 Blyth John 

Here Kent st intersects. 

69 Langford John, contractor 
73 Elliott Geo, drye goods mcht 
75 Wilson Geo, carpenter 
85 Hamilton Wm, dry goods mcht 
107 Seymour Grant, civil service 
109 O'Meara Herbert, civil service 
111 Arncldi J R, civil service 
117 Baldwin A H, lumber mercht 
125 Cleave William, boat-builder 

Vittoria Street, south side. 
14 Gamble A J, elk civil service 
22 Cassels K S, prest U F A R Go 
36 Gilmour Allan, lumberer 

here Kent st intersects. 

70 Chapman John, furniture 

72 Hall Mrs, dressmaker 
74 Brereton W H, painter 
80 Murphy Mrs E 

83 Swan Mrs Ellen 

84 Smith J R, clerk civil service 
86 McCabe Thos, 

88 Kavanagh Joa, grocer 
94 Niohol Robt, laborer 
96 McKenzie Alfred, laborer 

102 Perkins N H, machinist 

10(5 Levis Mr« Edward 

108 Mercer John, laborer 

112, AdeMrsM A 

118 Pardie Mrs E, boarding house 

120 McGillivray E, merchant 

Water Street, North side, 
(formerly Bolton street) 
from Sussex si east to Itideau river, 
9 Ottawa Convent & Mother house 
of Grey Nuns — Superioress, 
Sister Elizabeth crenyere, 
Sister Demers Ecomome. 
43 Hospital General, Sister Sauve 

53 Thompson John, pri iter 
65 Bourque Frs, laborer 
57 Larivtere Jos, „ 
61 Desjardins Chs, insurance agt 
63 Burns Mrs Michael 
65 Fitzsimons Patrick, grocer 
67 McEvoy }^\, agent 
69 Summers Wm, carpenter 

71 Redmar Mrs John, widow 

73 Middleton John, laborer 
73i ColHeM Jaa, „ 

73 McMullin Wm, „ 
79 Murphy Pat, alioemakcr 
Hi Boiieau Moise, carter 
85 Boissonnault N F, broker 
91 Protain Nazaire, carpenter 
93 Groulx J Bte, laborer 
97 Gardien Louis, „ 
99 Peltier Ed P O Hou.,e of Corns 
101 Stars Mrs James, widow 
111 Gallagher Philip, tailor 
113 Lapoiute Eugene, joiner 
115 Lane tot Mra P A, widow 
119 Cunningham John, grocer 

Here Dalhriusie st intersects. 
127 Bedard Ch as. joiner 

fitat3 raomi lecini oa all ow Ubm iu adruM wfthont oharg*. O'OOHNOB & WALLEB. 


■], It 





11 ■ 

X V I 



A. MOSTDCIB, BookUndar unA Stattoaer, Bpuks MvMt 

131 Lemieux Autime, painter 
139 Hitchingham Thos, laborer 
143 O'Meara Patrick, „ 
145 Tole Michael, „ 

159 Asylum of St. Gbarleo, Misa E 

Lavoie Sujperioress 
171 O'Connor Tnomaf, laborer 

176 O'Counnr Luke, „ 

177 Lavoid Abraham, laborer 
179 Shea John, carter 

185 Lamothe MrM Edward, widow 
189 Cousincau Scraphin, steward 
191 Kaapckp Rev. (5 J 
193 Finn T H, grocer 

Here Cumberland at into'seota. 

196 Jubenville Cyrille, groc§r 

206 Cameron Mrs D, 

207 Monette H, blacksmith 
209 Kelly Mrs Elizabeth 

211 Desormeaux Theorlore, maoon 
213 Auclair Odilon, stone cutter 

216 Boileau Moise, laborer 

217 Desormeaux Victor, laborer 
226 Desl&ee Frs, painter 

229 Nicholl Christopher, laborer 
231 DallairS Jos, butcher 
241 Lemieux Miss Delphine, 

Here Kr:g at mteraects. 
245 Rixirigue Chas, gi xer 
267 St. Denis Alfred, carter 
269 St. Denis Fereol, „ 
261 Paquet Adolphe, „ 
267 Hotte J Bte, laborer 
269 Deschampe Amable, clerk 
273 Jolicoeur On68ime, carter 
277 Ford Mrs Geo 
279 L§v6illd Olivier, laborer 
279iTe88i6r Edmond „ 
283 Rivht Alfred, bricklayer 
287 Kelly Michael, laborer 
289 Fildatrault Aubert, shoeniaker 
'96 Lacbanche Samuel, butcher 

Water Street, south sid.., 
16 Tachfe J C, dv min agriculture 
20 Drapeau S, clerk dpt ** 
22 Coureolles T G, translator 
30 Randolph H W, agent 
32 Shaw Chas, clerk post ofHce 
.n f Quinlan James, laborer 
*'* \ Quinlan Michael, « 
46 Dunn Edward, plasterer 
48 Rocque Louis A , joiner 
60 Bernard James, laborer 
58 O'Brien Lawrence, laborer 
56 Conway Pat, culler 
60 Lortie Olivier, laborer 
f2 Kane John, '♦ 

64 Hotte Fabien, carter 
66 Dupuis Max, clerk 
68 Gl^nao Xavier, mason 
70 Behan Dennis, broom-maker 
72 Lauzou Elie, agent 
76 Pr6vo8t David, carter 
80 I may T, dry goods merchant 
82 C rmain E, tailor 
84 McDonald Capt, ' Qa Victoria' 
86 Charron Mrs LeodiS, widow 
88 Moran Patrick, laborer 
94 Pinard Leon, carpenter 
96 O'DonoghueDJ.MPP, printer 
98 licbianc Etienne, clothier 
100 Laporte Saul, watchmaker 
102 O'Connor E J, clerk 
106 Berichon Isidore, plasterer 
110 Couaineau Toussamt, pilot 
114 Pinard Jovidc, carpenter 
116 Shilton Wm, laborer 

here Dalhotuie st interaeeta. 

126 B6rub6 J 0* jgrocer 
130 Lapointe A, joiner 
ISO^Leconipte J, latKtrer 
132 Lessard Dnvid, grocer 
134 Foul>ert Norbert, laborer 
136 Delaroude Chas, " 
140 Meunier Chas, " 

142 Fancher Xavier, cook 
144 Belanser Fre, laborer 
146 Gaut David, hair-dresser 
148 Brown Jeremiah, stone-cutter 
160 Stafford Michael, laborer 
l!^'i Bourgeois Mrs Naroisee widow 
L>l Hodees Jas, foreman 
IW> Day Francis 
.15*< O'Connor John, shoemaker 
ISO West Michael, laborc* 
170 Lapointe Chris j contractor 
I .4 Cooney Mrs James 
176 Forrest Patrick, laborer 
178 Gauld Wm, stonemason 
180 Morin Magloire, laborer 
182 Fury Patrick, " 
184 Diethelm, L, « 

188 Chapman James, ** 

here Cumberland st intersects. 

204 Bertrand Mrs 

206 Daoust Casi/V u-, carter 

208 Lalonde Mrs Mary, widow 

210 Lefebvre Mrs Fraei , widow 

212 Dumais Max, carter 

214 Nadon Michael, « 

222 Labelle Pierre, messenger 

224 Landry Joseph, laborer 

232 Thompson John, carpenter 

240 Smith Jas, butcher 

Get jroor Funiltnrc »t SHOOIiBRKO * CO.*S 



Bt. L>W TBnce A Ottawa Railway Oompmy. O'OOHIOl 4 WALLER, Agsnti. 

242 Carbonneau Fn.nciB, xrocer 

hete King at Mrrnecla. 
248 Dompierre Bar j*, bnker 
260 Hamel Tli^oph K-, kborer 

252 V6zina UI<i6ri'A, joiner 
268 Brennan M ohael, laborer 

264 Baron Hoi. jte6, ship carpenter 

270 Prorost Pierre, carter 

i74: Kcama James, planterer 

2'« Ch*ne Doeith*, carter 

278 Lecourt leidore, blaclcBmith 

280 MiroB Francois, laborer 
282 MiroD Maxiine. shoemaker 
284 B61eck Joseph, " 

286 Peltier Mrs EuB^b6; widow 

288 D- -t Ed, carpenter 

290 A( o Robt A, tinsvuith 

292 Be veau Chas, mesfsenger 

294 Ba. '^aii Cyrille, carter 

296 Bush Mrs Melinsa, widow 

298 Leret Olivier, laborer 

300 Gauthier Ed, •' 

302 Sabonrin Chas, carriage-nikr 

302iaere J Bte, laborer 

304 Poirier Michael, laborer 

308 Deslaurie-s Louis, blacksmith 

316 Brennan Wm, laborer 

Wellington Street, north tide, 
from Canal west to Citu limit. 


Here Bank st intersects. 
203 Henry Edward, Dnfferin House 
209 Letch Henry, pro the royal oak 
213 Gaulin L E, carriage proprietor 
217 Hayes Geo, clothes dealer 
219 Russell Mrs J, milliner 
227 Victoria livery etablea Mrs E. 
Brownlee owner, H H Brown- 
lee manager 

Bakk of British North Amsb- 
lOA J Kobertfion manager 
Wright H P, M D 
r Blasdell Mrs N 3 widow 
\ Banes Louie, printer 

253 Petrie Miss, flTuit store 

Here Kent »t intersects. 

277 Qroulx X & A, merchants 

281 Ottawa Boot & Shoe Company, 

retail store 
Craig J &.R, merchant tailors 
McAmmonds Hotel, David 

McAmniond proprietor 
Work. nan Alex & Co,hardware 
h 307 McCarthy John shoe etre 
*311 Blyth J, dry goods 
Hallandale F, Britannia Inn 





326 Wit'more Jessie, expressman 

327 * 329 Kinff C A Co, dry goods 
3JI Bnwright Mrs, stoves Atmware 
333 * 335 McGiltivray E, wholesale 


Here Sally at intersects 

343 -f Hiegins Chas, laborer 

\ Colhns Mrs widow 
345 McDowell J R, shoemaker 
363 Skiiiner Jop, druggist 
356 Crawley Miss confectioner 
367 Stephens G, boot & shoemaker 
369 Blyth Geo, merchant 
360 Auclair P C, merchant tailor 
363 Mannon H, flour and feed 
367 Grant James F, hardware mert 
376 Blafidell T M, 

Here Bay st intersects 

386 Abbott W grocer 

387 Abl)cjtt J B, <'&rriage builder 
389 McDonnell D R, hotel keeper 
391 GrantF A J, jewellers 

393 Mai loch Dr, 
397 * 399 Clarke James, clerk 
401 * 403 Mullin B, clothing store 
413 * 415 Pcrley Wm J, lumberer 
425 { ^e'ly Jae> boarding house 

\ Dewan John, stone cutter 
431 Booth G B, gunsmith 
436 Carson R, boot an 1 shoe maktr 
449 Purcell Jaa, foreman 
461 Shields J, painter and glajiier 
461 Brading H F & Co Union Brery 
467 Keir T W, hotel keeper 
469 Hoy Chas, fancy l»kery 
^i^j ( Soanfclebury J, confectioner 

\ Chapman Wm, hairdresser 
.,.- ( Iiconard C W, painter 

" \ lurtreon J B, boots & shoes 
475 O'Nfcill Grt'-'Jon, hairdresser 
477 White P L, tailor 
479 Auclair J B, restaurant 
481 Cayea O, jeweller »c 
483 Underwood Alfred, tobacconist 
487 Gordon John grocery 

Here Qv-een st west intersects, 

S23 Gorman Gerald, assistant to 


Ottawa Water Works, pump 

Kennedy Wm jr, superintdt 

Higgins Ed, foreman 

Brown Wm, " 

Kerr John, asst" 
{ George Robt, Oiler 
641 Cox Saml, culler 

Ouada Oenteal BaUvay Oonpaajr. (KI0S901 4 WALLEB. AgmUb 

'WW i' .1 

1^ I IIHIi: ! ■-, 






^ >S 

</ .*V^ 



|5o *^~ HMHI 

■U iU 12.2 

St! 126 

1.1 l.'^KS 
















Qumh Fin 4 Lift Im. Oo. of Eaghad. Qapltal, $1,000,000. O'OOHNOS k WALLEB,Aete. 


I ■' ■ 





Wesletan Methodist Churoh. 
547 Brogan John, carpenter 
649 Berwick Jss, dyer &c, 
661 James Henry, laborer 
691 Fianklin Geo, contractor 
693 Reardon Jas, stone cutter 
699 Lee Francis, machinist 
601 Gallop Mrs, dress and mantle 

Bere Gatheart at vaett intersects' 

617 Stewart Mrs, widow 

619 Marks Miss, musical academy 

619 Collins Geo, millwright 

621 Storey Dnl, turner 

62.S Alexander Wm, stone cutter 

627 Cunningham C R, secy O W W 

637 Johnston Michl tinsmith 

Sere Lloyd at intersects. 

Priuabt School West 

669 Beabien John, grocer 

HereShenvood stinterseeta. 

681 HillHamnett, barrister 
721 Hill H, M D 

Sere Broad si into'aecta. 

BsAKOH or St Lawrence Bt Depot 
861 Malloch Mrs Edward 

Wellington Street, south aide 

New Post Office 
26 Garleton Club 
32 Ottawa & Bideau forwarding Co 

J W McBae, agent 
48 Dion E, accountant & collector 
60 Lambert J T. lumberman's bkr 
62 Gendreau A E, hair-dresser 
68 Thompson W H, city treasurer 
60 Topley W J, photograper 
64 Nye L N, tobacconist 
74 RiDSAU Glttb 
78 The Queen Restaurant, 

M Kavanagh, proprietor 

here Mfitcalfe si intersects. 

84 New Rioeau Glcb House 
98 St Lawrence & Ottawa By Offi 
Thos Reynolds, manager 

106 LaBanqite Nationals, 

Sam'l Benoit, manager 

122 k 124 QosBEO Bank, 

H V Noel, manager 

134 Canadian Bank op Commerce, 
J H Plummer, manager 
188 Ottawa Agricultural Ins Co 

140 k 142 Bank of Ottawa, 

Patk Robertson, manager 
144 * 146 Bank of Montreal, 

Andrew Drummond manager 
154 k 156 The Times Newspaper, 

McLean, Roger & Co, proprH 
170 RiDEAV Canal Office, 

P Wise, superintendent 
172 McGillivrar Donald, M D 
180 Matthews Thos, boarding-house 
184 Boissoneault L T, broker 
186 k 188 Slater Jas D 
190 McKenzie Hon Alex, minister 

of Public Works 
192 Limn John, fruit store 
194 McCulIough Jas, shoemaker 
196 Stubbs Wm, lumber mercbnnt 
198 Johnstone Wm, gas-fitter 

Sere Bank st intersects. 
214 Hall E, confectioner 
218 Montgomery Jas, hotel-keeper 
220 Mitins Mrs, milliner 
222 Allen Jas, pork store 
224 Taylor W H, clothing store 
230 Carletor. House, Geo Acres, 

232 Cowan John, grocer .'i - 
236 Daughtry Jas, fruit store 
238 Foster J C, joiner 
242 Taylor Benj, carpenter 
252 Roval Exchange Hotel, Geo 

Acres, proprietor 
262 Skead Hon Jas 

here Kent st intersects 
Presbtterian Church 

282 Dalglish Jas, grocer 

284 Lyon Wm, boots and shoes 

288 Brough Jas 

290 MacCartby H F, druggist 

296 Perkins L 

300 Ryan J W, dry goods 

302 k 304 Butterworth * Co,tin8miths 

306 k 308 Blyth G R, merchant 

310 Gagn6 & Co, merchant tailors 

31 2 A 314 Langford W J & Co, drggit^ts 

316 * 318 Jackson Jas, grocer 

320 Langford J H, bookseller and 

322 Bissain & Odet, hair dressers 
326 Lron John, grocer 
328 Tupper A C, confectioner 
330 Lauzon a Duhamel, merchants 
332 Haney & Forgie, dry eoods 
334 Hunton & Living, hardware 
336 Kayanagh Jos, grocer 

here Sally st intersects. 

FkaBiiIiiftIna.Oe.ofHutbrd. (tefital, |l,000b00a O'OOIIOK 4 WAIiLEB, Agts. 

IS, minister 

lair dreeaers 



A BMQtiiU lint of Butio Chain, •ettee'a, te., at ESMONDSV. 




346 Warvricker F S, saddler 

35t St. Mart's Academy 
376 Wright Philemon, saddler 

here Bay at interaects. 
Price Mrs widow, boarding h 
Patterson Jas, plasterer 
Quill Ghas, clerk 
O'Brien Samuel, laborer 
Young Arthur, gardener 
' VanGortlandt Walter, clerk 
VanCortlandt Mrs widow 
412 McCarthy Jas, merchant 

fOorman Frs, boarding house 
Garvell John, laborer 
Garrell Daniel, " 
O'Hara John, « 
O'Rourke Jas, " 
Bree Patrick, " 
Smith John, founder 
418 Fleck A, founder 
424 to 428 Vulcan Iron Works 
466 Abbott J B, carriage builder 
602 Venn J, confectioner 
508 Chapman John, furniture store 
612 Hanrahan Bros, butchers 
616 McGuire Lawrence, laborer 
618 Parsons Robt, laborer 
534 Jamieson R E * J G, merchts 
638 Howe J G, boots and ahoes 
642 Kennedy Thos, hotel-keeper 
648 Latohford James, grocer 
652 ^enwell U, saddler 
654 McNulty Daniel, plasterer 
668 Percivai Mrs widow 
570 Clayton F, civil service 
572 Porter Ghas, engineer 

{Perkins Geo W, machinist 
Perkins Albert, <• 

Raitt Jas, tailor 
Cox Thos, confectioner 
584 Newbegin John, butcher 
586 Johnston James, grocer 
here Hill at interaecta. 

694 Gruice Thos, clerk civil service 

598 Grant D A, civil service 

602 Pinhey John, elk Quebec Bank 

610 Pattee G B (Perley & Pattee) 

630 Pinhev Ghas, barrister 

650 Cook Thos, machinist 

664 Coulter Alex, millwright 

664 Eastwood D S, mgr Union bank 

670 Kenny T, agt Perley * Patt«e 

672 Whalen Capt Jas 

674 Fleck A W; clerk 

678 LeeUG, agei-^ 

680 Burgess A M, editor of Timea 

684 Jones H A, civil service 



Wilbrod Street, north aide, 

Jrom Canal at eaat to Bideau river. 

63 Saul Thos, mason 
65 Holly Gon, laborer 

here Nicholas at interaecta. 

129 Shea Murtah, carter 

131 Shea John, " 

135 Gdte Thomas, painter 

137 Connolly Peter, messenger G 8 

f Kearns Peter, dry gds mrcbt 
157 \ Ryan David 

(. Ryan Patrick, clerk G S 

here Cimberlawl it iiiterieets. 

^ »n ( McRea John, forwarding co 
*'^ \ McRea Hector, clerk 
213 Gdt6 J, clerk Privy Council 

Mere King «( intersects. 

229 Duval Geo, clerk 

here Nelaon at interaecta. 

289 Smyth Gen Solby 

317 Gampeau F R E, civil service 

Here IHel at interaecta. 

321 Hanlon Miss Mary, grocery 
323 Smith Joe, steward 
325 Cairns John, plumber 
337 Greenaway John, plumber 
339 Pierrepont Saml, brass finisher 
343 Naah John, carpenter 
345 Jordan Robt, '* 

347 Evans Wm, laborer 
349 O'Hare John " 

here Chapel at interaecta. 

371 Street G T, civil service 
381 Fosbery H T, clerk G S 

Wilbrod Street, aouth aide. 

100 Wood Robt, tailor 

Thk Unitersitt of Ottawa. 

Here Cumberland at interaecta. 

St Joseph's Ghuroh 

194 Kingsford Wm, o E, P W'dept 

196 O'Neil Mrs A M 

German Lutheran Chvroh . 

here King at interaects. 

234 Rourke P J, bookkeeper 
238 Mighton Wm, clerk 
244 Small H B, clerk 
264 Webster John, contractor 

Here Ndaon at interaecta. 

Jfmwusf Goods Ibr Presents «t A« MORTIMBR'S* Btoret Spmrk* %U 

'r .'\ ji)') 


p If "M 







Bij yon BaOiMd Tlokato ktO'dOKIOB 4 WAUiBB'8 B.B Oflw ud MTtyranolf teoiblt 

7,i_ t '». !! 

■ ''. !.'■ 

! 'i I 



! !! 

■I I ^'' 

f M; J' 


278 FissSauU Adolphe, clerk G S 
290 Laperriere Augustin " 
294 Rivet Pierre, " 

SOO L^oie A O, " 

304 Boucher A A, clerk in senate 

Here IHel at miersects. 

330 Rogers G G, civil service 
■ Young Wm, bricklayer 
Young John 

338 • Young Thos, contractor 

Young Jas, lime & stone dlr 
I Young Robt, bricklayer 

342 Greyburn G, bookkeeper 

348 McLeod D. clerk 

360 Blyth Wm, storeman 

354 Nichols Wm, acot M co 

368 Ross Wm, contractor 

406 Jones Geo, carter 

622 Ryan Michael, messenger G S 

William Street, east side, 
from Clarence to Bidean. 

1 Graven A, second hand store 

9 Lowery Mrs Mary 
11 Lowery Philip, butcher 
19 Barell Mrs Mary, hotel 
23 Market Scales, Michael Starrs, 

here York at interaecta. 

33 Feathers Hotel, Ben Hacketl 
; 43 Newbanks William, trader 
' 46 Taillon George, barrister 
63 Ghoquette G A, clerk 
61 The Gem Hotel, Mrs Starmer 

Here Oeorge at interaeota 

63 RusBell W F, cabinet shop 

71 Brown Thos, hotel 

76 La verdure E G, plumber 

Wnrtsmburg Street, eaat aide 

from Sidea9 Biter aouth to DaHy. 

186 White William, P dept 

199 Witcher W F, commissioner of 

231 Craig Hugh, plasterer 
233 Dillaoough Samuel carpenter 

York Street, North aide, 
from Suaaex at euat to King 

(Dominion Telezraph Co, and 
Citizen's Ins Co, Deajardins 
Ghas, agent 

6 Ottawa Building Society, Ger- 
main N, pres ; Matte R, sec 
11 Lamontagne J B, watchmaker 

16 Kilby Frs T, pro Ontario Hotel 

17 Chapeton C J, grain store 
19 Lowden A Haigg, '< « 
21 Stethem Chs, grocer 

23 Cartier Aug, watchmakdr 

26 Stratton S a, chemist * druggst 

27 McDougall W A & Co, groceries 

and liquors 
29 Pruneau T, painter 
31 Anderson Bros, com merchants 
47 Barrett Mrs, pro Market Hotel 
49 Hylliard Mrs, green grocer 
61 McCaffrey Wm, hotel keeper 

Here Market aguare interaeeia. 

69 Heavy Mrs Catherine, fruit dler 
61 Farrell Mrs, hotel keeper 

66 Finan Francis, fruit dealer 

67 Toomey Wm, trader 

71 Elliot tt, pro Commeroial Hotel 

77 Sullivan Patrick, truier 

79 Brady Philip, fbruiture dealer 

86 McDonell Donald, grocer 

89 Gibson Jas, contractor 

97 Douglas Mrs Thos, hotel 

here Dalhouaie at interaeeia 

116 Kehoe John, blacksmith 
119 McCuire Mrs Ann 
123 Beaudrv Phil, cabinetmaker 
127 McCauI Neil, general store 
129 Salmon Henry, clerk 
131 Moran Mrs Ellen, 

136 i ^^^^ ^^^ Romuald 

\ Kiel Joseph, tinsmith 

137 Traversv IsiacMre J P, Assessor 

for City of Otta^r* 
141 Beaubien J T G, M D 
149 Laurin Sunislas, boots & shoes 
163 Weir Thomas, laborer 
167 Ellison Samuel, 
169 Villtoeu ve Mrs Margaret widO'» 
163 McMillan Adrien, ageot , 
169 Murphy John, grocer 

here Cumberland at interaeeia. 

171 O'Conner Michael, laborer 

173 TnibrUge John, carter 

177 Cawdron Henry, savr flier 

179 Bnwright Timothy, tailor 

181 Leblanc Thomas, " 

183 Richard Adolphe sr, stoaecatter 

186 Condel Geo, mason 

189 Condel Thos, brieklayer 

193 White Wm, carpenter 

ThMigh TUk««s to Mimtresl, Quebee, Toioato, Ae., at on oloti O'OOIIOB ft WALLEB. 

Biety, Oer- 
tte R, Bee 
tario Hotel 


St * drug^^t 

!o, groceries 


I merchanta 

arket Hotel 


bel keeper 


ne, fruit dler 
t dealer 


leroial Hotel 


liture dealer 



, hotel 



ral store 




P, AiaesBor 



KWts & shoes 




inter Hcis. 


r.T filer 
r, tailor 





T hrongk Tlototi to Hew York, Boston, etc., oaa b e had >t enr offlee. O'OOIIOBdtWALLBB. 
197 Kilby Joseph, clerk f Huot F X, civ ser clerk 

197 Kilby Joseph, clerk 
201 Laroque NoeK laborer 
203 MoCulloueh H, laborer 
205 Slinn Stephen, baker 
213 Donavaa Mrs, John, Widow 

Kere King at intm-aecta 

York Street, South aide, 

10 Soci6t6 de Coastruction Gana- 
dienne d'Ottawa, Pinard J A, 
pres, Olivier J L, sec treas 
12 Shanl^ J H, fruit dealer 
16 Washmgton Geo, Restaurant 

and lunch room 
18 St. Jean Xavi6r,iOabinetmaker 
24 McDonald A B a Co, auctioneers 
26 Chabot Adolphe, carriage mkr 
34 Gleason J, hotel 
Salmon James, hotel 
Stuart John, barrister 
Gold F, clerk Div. Court office 
Nellis Thos F, barrister 
Ferguson H A, civ ser eleA 
62 ^ Bennett F, " " 

Knfret A R, clerk B Nationale 
Haokett James, law clerk 
Gordon J M, civil service clerk 
Dumoulin P M, clerk B N 
McDougall John, civ ser clerk 

Huot F X, 
Anderson W P, 
52 -{ HuttonP, clerk 

Turner B W, civil engineer 
[ Bruce H B D, lumber merchant 
64 Roy Damase, " 

here Market aquare interaeeia. 
here WiUiam at interseets. 
64 Morrison & Bennett, bakers 
66 Brady Philip, furniture dealer 
68 Eplett Mrs M, trader 
70 Swalwell Anthony, 
74 Evans Miss Leona, milliner 
76 Reynolds Mrs Wm H, widow 
78 Lecompte ArsSne, trader 
82 Cawthray Binns, dealer in ^ 

horses cattle etc 
88 Buchanan James, grocer 

Jiere DaVumaie ai interaeeU. 
108 Duff James, carter 
110 Stratton Jos, painter glacier &0 
126 Hughes J, architect 
128 Duff John, laborer 
138 Reardon W a R, broom manfctn 
164 Brown John, soap manfacturer 

Here Cumberland at interaeeia. 

190 Holt John, foreman gfts house 

here King at intaraecta. 



laanlastonr of |onnsi and |ai |l|a^ 

In Buckram, Rhe Nett, Mechlin and illuaion. 



0/ my own Manufacture^ conata/ntly on hmd. 



H^^Stnw ud Felt HiU side mx ii ike Litnt St|l8i.*'^|r 










•1*1. 'Bi' I uh 


.If 'B ' 

# ill If!- 




■:.% ■ 

■; I 

.' .* 





{it • 






V ,■ 

* :» 

(SacoeiBor to A. SWALW^LL.) 


7ft 5/'i4/?/r5 Sr/?f£7; 07T/)M'/». 



, Country Orders promptly attended to. 

\. ' 0- ■ 

earses ^nt at Hoderate Sates. 

..?> ? 


Coffins or Caskets iflfooll, Coffii TriniDp, Crajes, Hat Baills, 

&c., can have them sent on receipt of order or telegram. 

Metallic Coffins and Gaskets 

KEPT IN STOCK, "^'v ^ *' v 

1 '.-:■. >■ 

R99idoaoo ; 804 Albert Street 


Thnmg h Tlokets to Ohloago, Sanfi-aacigoo. ato. , at ow offio*. O'OOINOE k WALLEB. 



■ «t, V «»>f-v 


;■• ! 


Principal ABBaEvuTioNg uueo in tuk Alphabetical Dirkctoby.— bdii hoard$; cor eorntr) 
h AouM! ; 8(1 square : wid widow. 

Abbott Prfl, clerk, 13 Le Breton 
Abbott J B, carriage builder, 387 

Wellington, shop 466 Wellinstton 
Abbott Bichard, accountnt, 261 Bay 
ABBOTT WILLIAM, Agricultural 

Warehouse, 61 George 
Abbott Wm, china shop, 386 Well- 
ington, house 68 Besserer 
Ackroyd E, hoop skirt factory 86 

Ackroyd Jas, hoop ekirt factory, 444 

Acton John, laborer, 32 Sherwood 
Acton John, laborer, 140 Queen Wst 
Adam James, com agent, bds at Mrs 

Christies 22 Albert 
Adam John, com agent, bds at Mrs 

Christies 22 Albert 
Adam Robt A, tinsmith, 290 Water 
Adams Edward, labrer, 37 Papineau 
Adams Geo, bk-keeper, 67 Metcalfe 
Adams John, laborer, 462 Clarence 
Adams Norton, crpter, 110 Nicholas 
Adams L T, leader I C Band 
Adams Samuel, builder, 111 Elgin 
Adams W H, clerk, 86 Besserer 
Adamson James, civ ser, 261 Maria 
Adamson Mrs, widow, 178 Slater 
Addison Wm, lockmaster, on Major 

Ade Mrs M A, 112 Vittoria 
Agar Thos, 109 Sherwood 
Agnew Andrew, confectioner, 37 

Ahearn — , blacksmith, 9 Duke 
Ahearn Mrs John, widow, 35 Llovd 
Ahearn Morris, blcksmth, 74 Duke 
Ahearn W & M, blacksmiths, 161 

Albert Henry, laborer, 149 Division 
Albert John, foreman, 107 Broad 
Albert Samuel, laborer, 603 Lisgar 
Albert, bricklayer, 143 Kent 
ALBION HOT^L, R Graham prop 

corner of Daly and Nicholas 
Alcan Felix, architect, 223 Si. Paul 

Alexander P J, draughtsman, dept 

Public Works 
Alexander Henry, clerk, Privy 

Council Office 
Alexander Thos, carter, 28 Char- 
Alexander Wm, clerk, 153 Division 
Alexander Wm, printer, 196 Botelier 
Alexander AVilliam, stonecutter, 623 

Alexander W H, clerk, Department 

Marine and Fisheries 
Atkinson John, flour merchant, 64 

Allaire Alphonse, grocer, 246 Saint 

RAN, dry goods merchants, 63 A 
66 Sparks 
Allan Catherine, 249 Slater 
Allan David, carpenter, 277 Slater 
Allan Edward, laborer, 520 Somer- 
Allan Geo, cabinetmaker, 38 Cath* 

cart west 
Allan Hugh, 261 Slater 
Allan James, carpenter, 9 Division 
Allan James, carpenter, 247, Glou- 
Allan Wm, merchant, 39 Stewart 
Allan Wm, turner, 92 Sherwood 
Allard J Bte, carpenter, 277 Saint 

Allard Jean Bte, laborer, 74 Ottawa 
Alleau RevJB,curate, 17 Anglesea 

Allen Jas, pork store, 222 Welling- 
Allen T H, clerk P O dept 
Allen W, cabinetmaker, 528 Albert 
Allis Jas, stonecutter, 37 Division 
AUusignan D, ornamental plasterer 

188 Murray 
Ambridge- J, laborer, 68 St Paul 
Ambroise A, marble cutter, 34 St 

Cfold, (hNubaoka and Ameriou BUtw bonght at onr oi&ot. O'OOKIOB dc WALLES. 

m Pi I 


1 -fc ■■■ 9 

mi m 

- 4m ^ 











* i » m ^M 'viii^..4**»* *i i>l*. i i< * v f'»' *■** 

,n - 

<„i ) 


!■ . 1 







O'OOVHOB 4 WALLBB, Bukan ud Biokm' OAm, No. 4, BumU Bona* Biook. 

Ambrose T, carpenter^ 69 St Paul 
Ami Rev Mark, 162 Friel 
Amiotte F, shoemaker, 290 Bolton 
Anctil Jos, weaver, 124^ Bideau 
Anderson C E, dk C 8, 206 St Paul 
Anderson C J, clerk Finance Dept, 

401 Maria 
Anderson D, fruit dlr, 250 Queen 
Anderson Dnld, painter, 308 Bideau 
Anderson Hrbrt, carter, 286 Elgin 
Anderson Hugh, painter, 146 Kent 
Anderson T A, printer. 387 Maria 
Anderson William. 261 Clarence 
Anderson W P, elk C 8, 26 York 
Anderson Bros, commission mrchs, 

31 York 
Anderson & Cherry, carpenters and 

builders, 267 Clarence 
Andre Antoine, 249 Cumberland 
Andrews Henry, Butcher, 162 Clar- 
Andrews W, teamster, 228 St Paul 
Angel Thos, lather, 128 Nicholas 
Angleheart Mrs Mary, widow, 84 

Jft Andrews 
Angus Geo, book-keeper, 169 Friel 
Angus Bobt, ins agt, 127 Slater 
Angus Wm, 148 Sparks 
ANGUS & Co, undertakers, 48 

ANGUS & Co, furniture store, 148 

Annable W A, furniture dealer, 26 

Annable Wm A,fUrniture dealer, 76 

Arbour Joseph, shoemaker, 31 Mc- 

Archambault Bte, blacksmith, 206 

Archambault Cesaire, carter, 268 

Archambault Deneri, carriage mkr, 

277 Church 
Archambault J, blacksmith, 328 

Archambault Jean, gr'er, 193 King 
Archambault J B, blacksmith, 330 

Archambault O, messenger, 221 St 

Archambault R, messenger depart 

Inland Revenue 
Archer Wm, agt, 106 Cathcart 
Ardill John, plasterer, 391 King 
Ardley -> laborer, 246 Queen 
Argue Thos, grocer, 102-4 Rideau 
Anel Gabriel, painter, 93 Church 
Ariel J Bte, painter, 36 Botelier 

Armstrong Miss, bds Mrs Christie's 

22 Albert 
Armstrong M<>s, widow, 178 St Paul 
Armstrong J * P, h-shrs 146 Bridge 
Armstrong Wm, laborer, 477 Slater 
Armstronjr Wm, turner, 306 Rideau 
Arnaud Elias, clerk, 176 Slater 
Arnoldi J R, meo engineer, dep pub 

works, h 111 yitt»ria 
Arnoldi King, architect, 14 Metcalfe 

h 16 Gloucester 
Arsenault Joseph, 320 St Patrick 
Arthurs Wm, bkbinder 118 Queen 
Arwaigh Jno, pantr, 183 Cumb'land 
Ash -« laborer, 114 Nicholas 
Ashfleld Jas, china &c, 36 Duke 
Ashfield Jno, labr, 62 Britannia ter 
Ashworth J, cashier, p o dept 
Aspinall W, cnfctionr, 213 Rideau 
Asselin Mrs Joseph, 87 Bolton 
Asselin J E, messengei House Com 
Asylum of St. Charles, — Miss £ 

Levoy, superioress, 169 Water 
Atchison Mrs Elizabeth, 102 Bank 
Atkins Miss, 36 St Paul 
Atkinson Neil, brdg hse, 261 Albert 
Atkinson P, grocer and flour mcht, 

70 Sherwotxl 
Atwood Wm, foreman Water Works, 

676 Albert 
Auber Jas, brcklyr, 299 Gloucester 
Aubichon A, laborer, 669 St Patrick 
Aubichon A, carter, 169 St Andrew 
Aubichon X, carter, 80 St Andrew 
Auclair Ghas, butcher, 163 Bank 
Auclair Miss E, drssmkr, 116 Queen 

Auclair J B, restaurant, 479 Wel- 
Auclair 0, stonecutter, 213 Water 
Auclair P C, merchant tailor, 360 

Wellington, h 240 Concession 
Audy Arthur, clerk Finance Dept 
Audy J R, elk C 8,106 Daly 
Auger J Bte, carter, 98 Bolton 
Auger Jos, printer, 174 Kins 
Aughley Jos, civ service, 60 Chapel 
Aumond Geo, clerk Finance Dept 
Aumond J, lumber office, 6 St Paul, 

h 609 Cumberland 
Aumond W, civ ser, 603 Cumberland 
Ausane F, laborer, 36 Notre Dame 
Aust Thos, painter, 14 Percy 
Austin F P, clerk Dept of Interior 
Austin W A, engineer. Can Pac By 
Awbrey Alfred, laborer, 40 Oregon 
Awbrey Louis, painter, 19 Rose 
Awbrey Moise, carpentr, 42 Oregon 
Ayotte A, laborer, 130 Clarence 

QtauU Osntral BaUway Oompaay. O'OOBVOB & WALLBB. Ag«Lti> 


Water Workfl, 


Hot Air tviauoea and Hotel Baagot a Spedalty at EBKOHDEV. 

Ayotte Mrs Hubert, 661A 8t Patrick 
Ayotto Joeeph, laborer, 227 Murray 
Ayotte P, laborer, 286 St Patrick 
Ayotte S, laborer, 8 Parliamfint 
Back Tho8, tmstr, 244 Olouccster 
Baillarg6 G F, aeat eng dp pub wks 
fiailey ThoH, carpenter, 79 Bank 
Bailiff J, assr wtr rates, 468 Rideau 
Bain J as civ service, 289 Sparks 
Baine Thos, maohinet, 269 Cathcart 
Baines Misses, 406 Gloucester 
Baker G P, pstmeter, 79 O'Connor 
Baker Geo, painter, 134 St Andrew 
Baker Jos, cbt inkr, 412 Cumb'land 
Baker W C, clerk r^ustoms dept 
Baker, W R, priv aec to Gov Genel 
Baldwin AH,lun)b mt 117 Vittoria 
Baldwin A H, office, 194 Middle 
Baldwin A H, saw mill, 94 Head 
Baldwin Henry grocer, 116 St Paul 
Baldwin John, grocer, 116 St Paul 
BaHwin, Robt, elk dept of Interior 
Baldwin, Wm, 194 Middle 
Baldwin Win, 204 Bridge 
Baldwin Bros, grocers, 26 Nicholas 
Ball Jas, labr, 422 Gloucester 
Ballands Mrs J, widow, 24 Redpath 
Ballantyne, C, elk dep sec of - tate 
Bambriok Ed, labr. 30 Cumberland 
Bambrick Mrs Michael, 41 King 
Bambriok Thos, Ibr, 32 CumVland 
Bance Edmund, 126 Elgin 
Bangs G W, alderman, 227 Maria 
Bangs G W & Go, hatters, 37 Sparks 
Bangs John, mill owner, 49 Gloucstr 
Bangs Lewis, 249 Welligton 
Bank of British North America, 
J Robertson, manager, 241 Well- 
Drummond, manager, 144 * 146 
BANK of OTTAWA, Patrick Rob- 
ertson, manager, 140 a 142 Well- 
Bank Joseph, mason, 39 Daly 
Banning Jno« policeman^ 1 Cathcart 

Bannum John, blacksmith 43 Div- 
Barbeau Cyrille, carter, 294 Water 
Barbeau J Bte, roofer, 211 Murray 
Barber E G, clerk C S, 239 Bank 
Barber Earle Isaac, 363 Albert 
Barber John, blcksmth, 68 Queen w 
Barker John, laborer, 114 Queen w 
Barnyer Fred, carpenter, 46 Coburg 
Baron Jean, painter^ 406 St Patrick 
Barr Charles, laborer, 12 Grove 

Barratt B, foreman, 2t)6 Sparks 
Barrett John, carpenter, 230 Friel 
Barrett W J, clerk P O dept, house 

327 Theodore 
Barrett Mrs, prop Market Hotel 47 

Barrett Mrs John, poultry dealer, 

266 Nicholas 
Barrett Samuel W, grocer, 103 Nic- 
Bnrrette Onisime, blacksmith 318 

Barrettt^ Pierre, ioiner, 186StPatck 
Baron Honore, ship crptr, 264 Water 
Barry E, clerk, 348^ Gloucester 
Barry Jas, C S, 232 Daly 
Barry Jos, laborer, 214 Bank 
Barry Robert, plasterer, 381 Rideau 
Barry Mr?, wiodw, 59 Lloyd 
Bartier Frank, laborer, 359 King 
Bartlett Geo, conftry, 93-95 Rideau 
Bartlette Jos, Ibr, 656 St Patrick 
Barton Jno, undertaker, 76 Sparks, 

h 204 Albert 
Bartram J T, elk, 140 Cobourg 
Baskerville G, grocer, 320 St Paul 
Baskerville Bros, grocers, 89 Duke 
Bakerville Bros, grocers, 429 Sussex 
Baskerville P* brs, grs 89-91 Rideau 
Baskerville P & broe, grs, 45 George 
Bassett Edward, Ibr, 141 Cobourg 
Bastien David, Ibr, 198 Cathcart 
Bate C T, merchant, 684 Maria 
Bate H, grocer, 77 O'Connor 
Bate H N, merchant, 285 Daly 
Bate Jas, laborer, 169 St Patrick 
Bate Newel, merchant, 364 Maria 
Bate & Co, grocevs, 109-111 Sparks 
Bate C T & Co, wholesale grocers, 

186 to 197, Canal west 
Batson Benjmn, lumbr mt, 143 Daly 
Batterson Mrs, widow, 231 Kent 
Batterton Mrs Ellen, gr, 256 Nepean 
Battle Bros, stationers, 46 Rideau 
Battle Martin, col of in revenue, 71 

St Andrew 
Battle Timothy, canal officer 6 Peter 
Baulne Antoine, laborer, 489' St 

Baulne Olivier, laborer 328 St Patk 
Baulne L^on, laborer, 469 St Patrk 
Bauset S P, civ ser, 281 Theodore 
Baxter Denis, stone cutter, 210 Daly 
Baxter B W, clerk Finance Dept 
Bayneton Chas, carp'nter, 692 Maria 
Beabien John, grocer, 669 Wellingtn 
Beadry Napoleon, turner, 308 Dal- 

Bealer John, mason, 273 King 

a«« yoar Carpets at BHOOLBRBO A 0O.)8 






■>.■ f*. 


i . 

0' If 


'•■ 'i 



' f 



iifOOIiM> * CN>. Mil JaeqvM ani Kkj*! ranAtan at Urn pdMi. 

BeamentT, gents outfltting store, 00 

SparkH, houHe 62 Olouoester 
Beardfllej Wm, shoemaker, 192 Cla- 
Bearman Thoa, meroht, 20 Nepean 
Beattie Edward, laborer, 401 Cum- 
Beattie W M & Go, ooal & haf dirs 

141 George, houne 466 8t Paul 
Beaty James, shoemaker, 202 Glou- 
Beaty Thomas, groceries & dry gds 

299 Clarence 
Beaubien J T C, M D, 141 York 
Beancaire Benj, hotel, 21 Murray 
Beaucaire Charles, hairdresser 61 

Beaucaire Jean, tailor, 430 St Patk 
Beauchamp Amable, blacksmith, 

276 8t Andrews 
Beauchamp Isidore, Ibr, 217 Church 
Beauchamp Jos, labr, 36 Sherwood 
Beauchamp Jos, blacksmith, 102 

Beauchamp Joseph, teamster, Al- 
bert Island. 
Beaudin Jos, joiner, 863 St Patrick 
Beaudin Jos, hotel, 170 St Patrick 
Beaudin M, painter, 7 Friel 
Beaudry E, carpenter, 186 St Paul 
Beaudry ?, cabinet-mkr, 123 York 
Beaudry V, ice-cream shop, 310 

Beaufort J, pntr, 276A Cumberland 
Beaupre G, bootmkr, 172 Dalhousie 
Beauprd V, grocer, 62 Murray 
BeauBoleil On^sime, butcher, 466 St 

Beauvais Gideon, 161 Bank 
Bechamp J, carter, 305 St Patrick 

Beck , clerk, 66 O'Connor 

Beckett W J, carpenter, 199 Bank 
Beckett & Aspell, carpenters, 132 

Bedud Antoine, carpenter, 278 St 

Bed«rd Chas, joiner, 127 Water 
Bedard J, shoemkr, 311 St Patrick 
Bedard J, watchmkr, 191 St Andrew 
Bedard Louis, joiner, 47 Friel 
Bedard Octave, clerk, 376 Clarence 
Bedard Pierre, joiner, 143 Church 
Bedson W J, culler, 210 Nicholas 
Beggs John, laborer, 22 Redpath 
Beban D, broom-maker, 70 Water 
Beisvenu Mrs J, wid, 368 Glarer ce 
Belair Amable, joiner, 360 Clare ce 
Bfiland Felix, jomer, 611 St Pptj ck 
Belaud Honore, joinr, 232 St A iorew 

Beland L J, grocer, 247 Cnmberlaiul 
Beland N, iuiner, 309 Cathcart 
Belaager E, laborer, 878 St Andrew 
Belanger Frs, lal)orer, 144 Water 
Belanger Fred, clerk, boards at N 

Atkinson's, 261 Albert 
Belanger J A, civil service, 74 King 
Belanger J, laborer, 117 Sherwood 
Belanger Louis, tobacconist and 
'photographer, 12 Murrav 
Belanger Maxime, agt, 176 Church 
Belanger Michael, cab dr, 323 King 
BManger Phileas Ibr 223 Si Andrew 
Belanger Totique, Ibr, 37 McGee 
B61ec Ed, plioto, 192, St Patrick 
Beleok Jos, shoemkr, 284 Water 
B^linge J B, crocer. 266 St Patrick 
Beliveau Jos, ootel kpr, 90 Church 
Bell D C, portrait ptr, 206 Albert 
Bell E B, clerk p o dept 
Bell Geo, piano tuner, 273 Maria 
Bell Henry, bricklayer, 66 Kent 
Bell H P engineer C P Railway 
Bell J messenger p o dept 
Bell John G. 34 Albert 
Bell Jon fl,barrister,bds 263 Queen 
Bell L G, engineer C P railway 
Bell Robt, foreman, 303 Liegar 
Bell Robt, bailiff, 66 Metcalfe 
Bell W A, elk Customs dept 
Belledeau P, Ibr, 162 Dalhousie 
Beliefeuille A, mrt, 13 Murray 
Bellefeuille Frs, Ibr, 478 Clarence 
Beliefeuille Jos, plastr, 13 Cobonrg 
Bellefeuille P, Ibr, 79 Britannia ter 
Bellehumeaur G. butcher, 23 By 

Ward market, nil Cathcart sq 
Bellemare Theophile, boot & shoe 

dealer, 247 Sussex 
Bellemare Theophile, boots & shoes, 

463 Sussex 
Bellerive Louis, pro Peerless hotel, 

261-263 Sussex 
Bellharrie James, 636 Albert 
Benjamin A, bricklyr, 287 Clarence 
Benjamin E H, C S, 417 Rideau 
Bennett F, clerk C S. 26 York 
Bennett F, clerk custom dept 
Bennett H, 669 Albert 
Bennett H W, 66 Albert 
Bennett John, 181 Broad 
Bennett Morris, messeng'r, 76 Frank 
Bennett Mrt B, gcr, 436 Clarence 
Bennett Benson & Co, lumber iner 

chts, C L Gouin ag^ 16 Murra)r 
Bennetts F C, olerk, Privy Council 

Benoit A G, dept Militia A Defence 
Benoitlsidorct joiner, 262 St Andrew 


«ime at AUBX. JUWrUIURtSt BfrnxJu St. 


SafUBijItMaiboilZiMofStMiaMf. O'OOirVOE k WALLM> AjmU 

Benoii Mrs Olivitr, widow, 237 St 

Benoit Sanl, managr Bk Nfttionale 
Benson Martin, clerk dep of Interior 
Benw^ll U, saddler, fi62 Wellington 
Borer Pierre« mocasin niaker, 289 

Bergeron Moise, carptr, 137 Murray 
Beriohon Isidore, plasterer, 106 

Borichon Napoleon, dom police 166 

Bermingham James, auctioneer, 34 

Elgin, li 503 Kine 
Bernard Hewitt, Q C, C M Q, depty 

uiin of justice, dep of justice, house 

126 Metcalfe 
Bernard James, laborer, 60 Water 
Bernard Moise, laborer, 386 Clarence 
Bornard Wm, mason, 620 Somerset 
Bernier Chas, doorkeeper, 143 St 

Bernier Fredk,joiner, 436 Clarence 
Bernu Jean, masun, 181 Murray 
Berry J, clerk P O dept 
Berry Mrs, widow, 696 Somerset 
Bertnelot Stanislaus, contractor, 264 

St Andrew 
Berthiaume Felix, shoemaker, 137 

Berthiaume Olivier, joiner, 293 St 

Bertrand Andrew, stone cutter, 36 

Anglesea eq 
Bertrand F, laborer, 46 Britannia ter 
Bertrande Mrs, 204 Water 
Bertrand Paul, laborer, 2131 Church 
Berube J 0, grocer, 171 Dalhousie 
Berube Norbert, laborer, 17 Friel 
Berwick James, dyer etc, 649 Well- 
Besgard J, laborer, 96 Dalhousie 
Besserer Louis, mssngr, 98 Augusta 
Betbune N W, manager M T Co, 96 

Beveridge Thomas, oarpenter, 480 

Bevin Jean, shoemaker, 61 Friel 
Bevin Richard, confectioner, 39^ 

Bewson Thos, boarding house 263 

Bir "i ^mncis, painter, 36 Redpath 
fii. tuxi'i Jas, gardener, 220 Botelier 
Bicknell Wm, plumber, 200 Botelier 
Bieras J, laborer, 76 Britannia ter 
BiUaire Joseph, laborer, 76 Ottawa 
Billeau Simon, labr, 124 Sherwood 

Billings W R, draughtsman, dept 

Publio Works 
Bingham Henry, labr, 124 Botelier 
Bingham James, laborer, 83 Broad 
Bingham Sam, carter, 139 Dalhousie 
Bingham Samuel, laborer 76 Sussex 
Bingham Samuel jr, contractor, 172 

Bingham Thomas, laborer, 22 Baird 
Binks Geo, elk P den, 190 St Paul 
Binks Wm, printer, 142 Bank 
Bird R J, shoe store, 82 Sparks 
Birdwood Mrs Margaret, widow, 208 

Birkett James, hardware, 630 Sussex 

house 68 Besserer 
Birkett Thos, hardware, 67 Rideau, 

house 111 Metcalf 
Birkett William, stonemason, 103 

Bisaillon A, hairdresser, 31 Duke 
Biseno A, plastr wks, 290 Dalhousie 
Bishop* Son, grocers 126-28 Sparks 
Bishoprick Henry, drug store, 274 

Bishoprick Maria, widow, 266 Maria 
Bishoprick Mark, carriage maker, 

73-f7 Bank 
Bishop's Chapel, Church of Eng- 
land, Sussex 
Bissain a Odel, hairdressers, 322 

Bisset Alex, plastr, 97 Le Breton 
Bisson Henri, 46 Notre Dame 
Bissonni Odilon, blk smth 124 Friel 
Bitton David brk layr 168 Cathcart 
Black Mrs Agnes, 461 Nicholas 
Black David, stne cutr 214 Bank 
Black John stne masn 476 Lewis 
Black Mrs Nancy, 327 Rideau 
Black Wm, carpntr, 267 Lisgar 
Black Wm, pilot, 189 Bolton 
Blackburn Robt foremn, 469 Albert 
Blackburn Wm, bk-kpr, 467 Albert 
Blackmore W A minister's seoretry 

Finance dept 
Blair W L clerk p ,o dept 
Blais A clerk, 322 St Paul 
Blais Benjamin,lbr, 301 Kins 
Blais Honors, laborer, 139 Bridge 
Blais Israel, laborer, 60 Ottawa 
Blais John, hair dresr, 142 Ridean 
Blais Joseph, carter, 166 Cathcart 
Blais J H T, asst French journal 

clerk. House of Commons 
Blaia Witi, laborer, 104 Sherwood 
Blake Hon E, minister of justice 

dept of justice 
Blake Michael, Ibr, 563 Lisgar 

laiiMalifilXiait^AMflifrMiIevToiktTCijBaftudaT- 0>00inr0&4WALI.BB,Acts. 







HodMa Utw ltMiBk*t Zdu. O'OOIWOB M WAUM, ifnU. 



Bl»ken«y A C| oiv a«r, 4S Queen 
BUnchard W, clerk P Dcpt 
Blunchet F, civ ser, 299 8t Paul 
Blanchet Ludgcr, olerk, fi22 King 
Blanchette L. labr, 343 St PatriiHc 
BUnchfield Mrs J, dreaaniuker, 413 

Bluney John, laborer, 210 Botelier 
Blaedeli MrH N S, wid, 249 WelinKtn 
Blaadell N S <& Co, otlioo, Viuiuna 

foundry, 204 Middle 
Blaedeli T M, 376 Wdlington 
Blatch Fred, civil eer, 33S Rideau 
Bleakney A C, clerk CuHtoinH Dept 
Blean M^ carter, 364 Clarence 
Blinco Moses, laborer, 84 Nicholas 
Blifls Mrs A, 361 Rideau 
Bli^s Chas, civ service, 217 Stewart 
Bliss O P, temp elk Finance Dept 
BIyth Geo, mercht, 369 Wellington 
Blyth G J, plumber, 82 Gloucester 
Blyth G R, mcht, 30(i-8 Wellington 
Blyth J, dry gds, 309-11 Wellington 
Blyth John, 69 Vittoria 
Blyth John, merchant, 367 Slater 
Blyth Thomas, painter, 176 Friel 
Blyth Wm, storeman, 360 Wilbrod 
Blyth W G, manager, 146 O'Connor 
Blyth & Kerr, plumbers, 66 Rideau 
Bobill ThoB, shoemkr, 82 Redpath 
Boese Jos, doer, 397 Rideau 
Bohl H F, silver pi ting, 129 Rideau 
Boileau Angustin, Ibr, 196 Church 
Boileau Moise, ca;ter, 81 Water 
Boileau Moise, Ibr. 216 Water 
Boily Jos, messenger, 37 Augusta 
Boiiy Napoleon, mesgr, 39 Augusta 
Boisseau Mauric6 mldr 337 St Patk 
Boissonnault N F, broker, 184 Wel- 
lington, h 86 Water 
Boivin Antoine, Ibr, 103 St Andrew 
Boivin, Felix, Ibr, 14 Notre Dame 
Boivin G, wblsle boots* shoes, 482 

Boland L, painter, 16 Ottawa 
Bolduc Joseph, carpenter, 184 King 
Boncorps F, draughtsman, dept pub 

works, h 156 George 
Bond Mrs Rachel, 100 Nicholas 
Bond Bobt, salesman, 119 Elgin 
Bone Firmin, laborer, 107 Nelson 
Bone Isidore, laborer, 37 Friel 
Bone James, laborer, 8 Currier 
Bonier Joseph, hotel, 46 Murray 
Bonin E D, hotel kpr, 69 Clarence 
Bonner John C, clerk P dept 108 

Benneville Jean, clerk P W dept, 
366 King 

Bonnin Pierre, laborer, 110 St And w 
Bookay Richd, grocer, 419 8t Patck 
Booker Thomas, mason, 220 Bank 
Booth O B, gnsmith. 431 Wellington 
Booth J R, saw roill, Chaudiere 
Booth J R, lumber manufacturer 82 

Bridge Albert Island 
Booth Lcandre, millwrgt 147 Arthur 
Booth Robert R, 230 Bridge 
Bor bridge John, By Ward Market 
Borbridge S & H, har and trunk* 8H 

Borbridge S W, saddler, 248 Rideau 
Borbridge Thoe, dry gds mcht, 116 

Borbridge Wm, saddler, 131 Sparlca 
Bordeleau Mrs Antoine, 168 St And 
Borland Wm John, laborer, 76 Bank 
Borradaile R, inup in revenue, 292 

Borthwick Wm, gocer, 26 Stewart 
Borthwick W A T, grocers, 9 NihiH 
Boswell A J, clerk P dcpt 
Bott G< fruit dealer, 169 Rideau 
BottercU E jr.dist of printed papcra 

House of Commons, bouse 74»ltr 
Botterell E 0, mess parit prtg dept 

House of Commons 
Boucher Andw, hotel keeper, 33 Ch 
Boucher Adolphe, mens, 291 King 
Boucher A A, chief irench trans A 

olerk, 304 Wilbiod 
Boucher Beni, laborer, 37 MoGee 
Boucher Hilaire, laborer, 640 St 

Boucher Joseph, barber, 268 CIrnce 
Boucher Julien, laborer, 182 King 
fioudreau Chas, mess, 292 Water 
Bouillon Rev Mr, eoonome, 143 St 

Boulet Gilbert, painter, 19 St Josph 
Boulet Nap, elk Senate, 87 Cathcart 
Boulet P, clerk Dept Public Works 
Boulger Mrs John, wid, 198 Friel 
Bourassa A, tanner, 386 Bt Andrew 
Bourdeaa G, laborer, 33 Nelson 
Bourgeois Mrs N, widow, 162 Water 
Bourgeois V, crtr, 280 Cumberland 
Bourget James, 263 Nicholas 
Bourguignon Mrs Jo8,^91 Bridge 
Bo'jrgnignon MrsM, laundresfl,311 

Bourinot John G, second clerk asst, 

House of Commons 
Bourque Alex, laborer. Si Chapel 
Bourque D, g^rocer, 79 Dalhousie 
Bourque E, tinsmith, 131 Rideau 
Bourque Ed, tinsmith, 267 Rideau 
Bourque Francis, laborer, 66 Water 

QaMB Firs ft Life Ini. Oo. of Englaad. Oapltal, $1,000,000. OWHKOl * VALIiBB,ig(i 



-,?' A. 

II > 



■■i I" 


^ ' ■ H* jg 

1 >r. 


1 ih 






Ill: ili 






pi£ -Jm Fjt- 

Iff { 

' I ^11' 

n '^ 

/ m nff- 

! if ' ' 

i ij'jYI' 

i ,^' .l;i 

I ?.■»: 

»■ i 



' i. H 



Thnifb Tloketa to Ohloigo, Bufrurlioo. etOi, it ou offioe. O'OONNOB & WALLEB. 

Boutin J B, carter, 330 St Patrick 
Bouvrette J, laborer, 18 Friel 
Bovier C, saddler, 37 Anglesea eq. 
Borill Won, carpenter, 293 Nicholas 
Bovin Odilon, laborer, 21 Chapel 
Bowen Albert, pipelayer "^01 King 
Bowie Capt Alex, 184 Sussex 
Bowin Peter, 184 Slater 
Bowles F J, contractor, 43 Slater 
Bowles W G, secretary to Clerk ot 

House of Commons, 268 Maria 
Boyce Chits, printer, 41 Slater 
Boyd David, carpenter, 248 Queen 
Boyd Hugh, inspector Water Wks, 

543 Albert 
Boyd John, stonecutter, 184 Arthur 
Boyden J, Variety liall, 634 Sussex 
Boyer C, saddler, 262 Cumberland 
Boyer Jos, hotel-keeper, 68 Murray 
Boyer P, grocer, 168 King 
Boyer Benjamin, laborer, 176 King 
Boyer Pierre, laborer, 242 Murray 
Boyle Jno, foreman, 68 Cumberland 
Boyle Michael, butcher, 14 By Ward 

Market, 369 St Andrew st 
Bradbury Wm, agent, 109 Daly 
Braden oamuel mlwrgtji296 Albert 
Brading H F & Co, 461 Wellington 
Brading Jacob, freran, 205 Sparks 
Bradley A P, acct dept pub works 
Bradley H A, civ service, 344 Maria 
Bradley Mrs, widow, 149 Kent 
Bradley R A, 13 Nepean 
Bradley & Bell law off, 19 Elein 
Bradshaw John, crpter, 324 Maria 
Bradshaw W J, crpntr, 620 King 
Brady Philip, frnituru dlr, 79 York 
Brady Philip, frniture dlr, 66 York 
Bfady Richard, gcr, 106 Besserer 
Bramley T C, chf elk Bee Oenl's dp 

h Ricnmond Road 
Branigan Jos, Ibr, 46 Cumberland 
Braun F, sec pub wks, 140 Bay 
Bray Thos, Ibr, 470 Clarence 
BrMrd Napol6on shmkr 67^ Murray 
Bree Patk, Ibr, 416 Wellington 
Breen John, tailor, 410 St Patrick 
Brennan — Ibr, Mi Concession 
Brennan, Ed, Ibr, 345^ Gloucester 
Brennau H H, grocer, 69 Ridern, h 

141 Maria 
Brennan John, cs ter, 44 Redpath 
Brennan J B, mrt, 63 O'Connor 
Brennan J C, grocer, 141 Maria 
Brennan J, pro Dufferin h 327 Sussx 
Brennan Michael, Ibr, 232 Murray 
Brennan — mason, 118 Queen 
Brennan Patk, bk-kpr, 323 Qloucstr 
Breunan Ptk, blksmh, 164 Clarence 

Brennan Mrs, widow, 89 Oeor^ 
Brennan Michael, Ibr, 268 Water 
Brennan Mrs Wm, wid, 26 Clarence 
Brennan Wm, laborer, 316 Water 
Brereton W H, painter, 74 Vittori* 
Brethour Wm, engineer, 416 Rideau 
Brethwick G, carter, 33 Sherwood 
BreWer J, mess, cu;:toras dpt 
Brewer J, messenger, 260 Stewart 
Brewer Robt, asst clerk, parliamen- 
tary printing department 
Brewers R, grocery, 168 Queen w 
Briant P, restaurant 197 St Patrick 
Briges Wm, laborer, 63 St Paul 
Brigham T C, lum mer, 366 Sussex 
Brighton Robt, janitor, 622 Maria 
Brisben Wm, culler, 239 Gloucester 
Brisebois I, stonecutter,40 St Joseph 
Brisebois Edwd, laborer, 45 Church 
Brisebois Mich, joiner, 604 Clarence 
Briston W, clerk, P dpt 
British Lion hotel, W Champness, 

proprietor, 120-124 Sparks 
Broberv Alex, hatter and fumer> 

636 Sussex 
Brock G, fruit dealer, 486 Sussex 
Brock I H, editor Free Preaa, 108 

Brocker Jas, 189 Gloucester 
Brodie C B, c s clerk, 20 Albert 
Brozan J, carpenter, 547 Wellington 
Brokenshir J, grocer, 99 Clarence 
Broker C, butcher, 636 St Patrick 
Bronskill H J, reporter, 89 Nepean 
Bronsou E H, mill owner, 72 Con- 

Bronson & Weston's office, 154 

Bronson & Weston, saw mill, 71 

Montreal st 
Brook H J, c s mes'ger, 82 Stewart 
Brooks Andrew, 375 Rideau 
Brooks J, carpenter, 427 Clarence 
Brophy G P, supt R Works, 62 

Brophy J, c s clerk, 245 Chapel 
Brophy Wm, clerk, P dept 
Brough Jae, 288 Wellington 
Brousseau Elzer, c s, 20 Gloucester 
Brown A, sewing machine agt, 213 

Sparks, house 98 Queen 
Brown Alex, cooper, 119 Bank 
Brown — , traveller, 160 Bank 
Brown Chas, laborer, 58 Nelson 
Brown D, carpenter, 12 Anglesea Sq 
Brown G, laborer, 6^ Sherwood 
Brown Harvey C, green grocer, 97 

Brown J, health ins, 677 St Patrick 

Qold, Gteesbaoks tad Amtrioan BilTu bn|^t at ou offloe. COONNOS h WALUsH, 




O'OOHHOB A WALLSB, Bankan and Brokm' Offloe, Vo. 4, Bnmll Honae Blook. 

t \ h' 


I 11' tl 







Brown John, laborer, 167 Clarence 
Brown Jno, soap manuf, 164 Yo?k, 

house 348 Cumberland 
Brown John, mail clerk, 30 Albert 
Brown John, laborer, 63 Nelson 
Brown Jer, stone cutter, 148 Water 
Brown Jas, moulder, 160 Cambridge 
Brown Jeremiah, carter, 184 Glrence 
Brown James, stnemson, 261 Lisgar 
Brown James, carpenter, 249 All^rt 
Brown James, grocer, 96 Bedpath 
Brown James, carpenter, 119 Arthr 
Brown John jr, laborer, 604 St Ptk 
Brown Jos, mess, boarding house, 

30 Albert 
Brown James A, carp'nter 17 M'Gee 
Brown J F, accountant, 551 Rideau 
Brown Mrs Kate, 41 Nelson 
Brown LawrencI, laborer, 14 Bdpth 
Brown Moses, tobacco store, 168 

Blown M, livery stables, 84 St Paul 
Brown Peter, carpenter, 31 Albert 
Brown Richard, laborer, 406 Sparks 
Brown Thos, hotel, 71 William 
Brown Thos, insp of pork 332 Albrt 
Brown T D, 130 Qneen 
Brown Wm, foreman, Ottawa Water 

Works pump house Wellington 
Brown WE, boots and shoes, 566 

Brown W Godbee, sewing machine 

agent, 78 Sparks 
Brown W T, machinist, 84 Queen w 
Brown W W, 78 Sparks 
Brown Mrs, widow, board house 122 

Brown & Bice, liverv stables, 174 

Browne Ebenezar, 240 Nicholas 
Brownlee Mrs Thomas, widow, 382 

Bruce C G, music store, 80 Sparks 
Bruce George, engineer, 64 Cambge 
Bruce H B D, lumber merchant, 25 

Bruce John, boots and shoes, 319 
P St Paul 
Bruce & McDou^al, boot store, 665 

Sussex & 47 Rideau 
Brunei Alfred, com inland revenue, 

92 Metcalfe 
Brunei John, dept inland revenue 
Brunell Mrs D, widow, 76 Church 
Brunet Luc, laborer, 89 Cathcart 
Brunette Elie, barber, 266 Dalhousie 
Brunette Francis, crrriage maker, 

146 King 
Brunette Louis, carter, 282 St Ptrk 

Brunette Louis, carriage maker273 

St Patrick 
Bryce Peter, gardener, 680 Rideau 
Brymner D, clerk dept Agriculture 
Brymner W, draughtsman, depmt 

Public Works 
Bryson J A, bookkeeper, 269 Albert 
BRYSON C, dry goodt merchant, 

110 Sparks, house 84 Bank 
Buchanan Mrs B, gro, 362 Dalhou- 
Buchanan J, carpenter, 248 Queen 
Buchanan J, general grocer, 567 

Sussex, house 88 York 
Buchanan W, 613 St Paul 
Buchanan W F, in agt, 33 Sparks 
Buchanan, Ware & Co, 44 Sparks 
Bucke P E, civ ser, 390 Daly 
Buckey Richard, j^o, 60 Rose 
Buckingham W, Minister's seoret'y 

dpt public works, 138 Slater 
Buckle\' P, livery stable keeper, 

77-79, Metcalfe street 
Buckley Thos, tinsmith, 78 Nelson 
Buckwhistle R, laborer, 60 St Paul 
Bufton A, butcher, 464 Somerset st 
Buflon A, stalls 2*4 Wellington 

Bull Alfred, laborer 99 Nelson 
Bullen W, ginger ale maker, 402 

Bullman Jos, laborer, 384 Clarence 
Bullous L, millwright, 69 St Andrew 
Bunnell Geo, carpenter, 369 Slater 
Bunnell John, washing machine, 

487 Lisgar 
Bure Eugene, carpenter, 148 Nepean 
Bureau 1, printer, 122 Cathcart 
Bureau J, printing office, 200 Spark 
Burgess A, laborer, 334 St Andrew 
Burgess A C, general news agent, 

197 Sussex 
Burgess A M, editor of Tm€8, 680 

Burgess C, carpenter 641 Albert 
Burgess Geo, bricklayer 71 Cobourg 
Burgess H, tailor, 187 McTaggart 
Burgess J, laborer 90 Cumberland 
Burgess Thos, hotel, 124 Clarence 
Bursess T, hotel, 298 Dalhousie 
Burke John, laborer, 28 Baird 
Burke — , carpenter, 74 Nelson 
Burke Misses, dressmaker 83 Bes- 

Burke Wm, laborer, 21 Cathcart 
Burns Daniel, laborer, 389 Clarence 
Burns Denis, baker, 208 Daly 
Burns Felix, clerk, 18 Stewart 
Burns G, carpenter, 176 Clarence 

Thiosgh Tioketa lo Hew Tork, Boston, etc, cw b* had at ou ofloe. O'OOIVOB A WALLEB. 



lEOOUBED ft 00. mQ Jaoqaei aid Etef* Fnraltura »t low piioet. 

Burns J as, carter, 229 3t Andrew 
Burns Jas, cooper, 316 Cumberland 
Burns John, c s clerk, 134 Stewart 
Burns John, laborer, 634 St Patrick 
Bums John, messenger, 246 Slater 
Burns J, clerk, dept of sec of state 
Burns M, blacksmith, 216 Nicholas 
Burnp M, laborer, 69 Ottawa 
Burns Mrs Michael, 63 Water 
Burns Mrs, widow, 25 Besserer 
Burns Patk, cooper, 177 Clarence 
Burns Patrick, cooper's shop, 355 

Bums Patk, laborer, 36 Sherwood 
Burns R, carp'tr, 40 Albert Avenue 
Burns Thos, laborer, 392 Clarence 
Burns W fl. sculptor, 244 Slater 
Burns & O'Donnell, confectionery, 

126 Rideau 
Burpee Hon I, minister of customs, 

172 Elgin 
Burpee I^wis J, clerk, privy coun- 
cil office, house 172 Metcalfe 
Burpee T R, sec C P R, 244 St Paul 
Burritt Alex, registrar city Otttawa 
66 Nicholas, house 22 Gloucester 
Burritt Edw, carpenter, 70 Baird 
Burritt J, carpenter, 68 Baird 
Burrows Mrs, widow, 88 Kent 
Burrows Mrs, widow, 28 CathcartW 
Barrows Wm, tailor, 280 St Andrew 
Burwash 0, clerk, 122 O'Connor 
Bush Mrs Delia, 284 Clarence 
Bueh J, sewg mchn agt, 170 Sparks 
Bush Mrs Mnnie, 271 Church 
Bushell Andrew, labr, 25 Papineau 
Butland W, repairing staff, Parlia- 
ment Buildings 
Butler J B, clerk Dept of Interior 
Butler Patrick, laborer, 92 Ottawa 
Butler Thos 0, mail agt, 42 Bolton 
Butler Wm, shoemkr, 400 Sparks 
Butterworth E, tinsmith, 533 Maria 
Butterworth J, printer, 142 Murray 
Butterworth & Co, plumbers, 218 

Butterworth & Co, tinsmiths, 302 

and 304 Wellington 
Byrne Saml, clerk, 246 Slater 
Byrne W, waggon mkr, 168 St Paul 
Bysh F, carpenter, 534 Lisgar 
Bttowv Division Sons of Tbmper- 

ANOE Rooms, 20 ) Rideau 
Cable — , clerk, 98 Albert 
Cadieux Louis, printer, 381 King 
Cail A B, 187 Albert 
Cail A B, fruit store, 204 Sparks 
Cail A B, fruit store, 81 Sparks 
Cailey Patrick, 265 Cathcart 

Caill6 A, widow, 179^ St Andrew 
Caillfi M, labore- 160 Murray 
Cairns Johu. p' oer, 325 Wilbrod 
Cairns Mrs t\ i >7idow, bd house, 

169 St Paul 
Calbert John, ISl Gloucester 
Caldwell J F & Co, dry goods, 508 

Caldwell Rt, trader, 416 St Patrick 
Calligan J, grocer, 170 Dalhousie 
Callighan Mrs P, 184i Clarence 
Calloghan P, laborer, 289 St Patrick 
Calvin Jos, laborer, 405 Lisgar 
Cambie A J, c s clerk, 14 Vittoritt 
Cambie H J, engineer, 257 Slater 
Cameron Alex, laborer, 405 Sparks 
Cameron Rev A A, 91 O'Connor 
Cameron D, driver, 216 Cathcart 
Cameron Mrs D, 205 Watar 
Cameron John A, 397 Theodore 
Cameron Hon Malcolm, M P, 868 

St Paul 
Cameron W A, tailor, 476 Suosex 
Cameron W A, tailor 15 Murray 
Cameron Wm A, tailor, 144 Church 
Campbell A, carpenter, 196 St Paul 
Campbell Andrew, grocer, 45 Queen 
Campbell Colin, C S elk, 123 Albert 
Campbell Rev. H, M Church, 39 

Campbell James bkkpr, 236 Lisgar 
Campbell Jas, laborer, 398 Rideau 
Campbell J B, contractor, 256 St 

Campbell Miss Jane, dressmaker, 13 

Campbell Pr, laborer, 108 Nicholas 
Campbell Ths, grocer, 97 Gloucester 
Campbell T (of Harris & Campbell) 

47 Bolton 
Campbell Wm, clerk Governor Gen- 
eral's office 
Campbell Wm, boiler maker, 503 

Campbell W H, traveller, 340 Albert 
Campbell & Almas, grocers, 150 

Campbell &,McBride, boiler makers 

482 Maria 
Canada Agricultural Ins Co, Cluff 

& Mill agents, 83 Sparks 
Canada Central Railwav, Broad 
Canada Central * Broclcville t Ott- 
awa Railway, W S Eaton, agent> 

36 Elgin 
Canada Life Assurance Co, B H 

Haycock, agent, 38 Elgin 
~Canaaiai^ Bank of Commerce, H 

Plummer, man, 134 Wellington 

Bookbiiidiog in aU itylai, at^AUEX. XOBiqiZB'S Spaxki StiMt 


), , 








Oo&tnl7«»ontBBl]roid. O'OOMOB * WAX£UMintii 

Canadian express Co, C C Ray, agt, 

11 Elgin 
Canavan Edward, 146 Nelson 
Gannell George, laborer, 273 Bideaa 
Cantin J B, carp'tr, 239 Dalhousie 
Cantin Ogele M, 237 Dalhousie 
Cantwell John, tailor, 191 Murray 
Cantwell Mrs, wid, 367 Cumberland 
Canty John, carter, 53 Stewart 
Canty Patrick, stonecutter, 4bo 

Cardwell W, painter, 133 Dalhousie 
Carey Jas, carpenter, 18 Albert 
Carisse F X, laborer, 82 Murray 
Carisse G, laborer, 458 St Patrick 
Carisse Job, carter, 138 St Andrew 
Carisse L, blacksmith, 117 Murray 
Carl — , cabinet-maker, 55 Dalv 
Carlton C, cus hse clerk, 8 St t^aul 
Carleton J, confectioner, 133 Kent 
Carleton W B, clerk, dept M & P 
Carleton Club, 26 Wellington 
Carleton House, Geo Acres, propt, 

230 Wellington 
Carling H, carter, 433 St Patrick 
Carmen G B, canal of, 123 Canal, W 
Carmen Martin, 32 Lloyd 
Carmiohael D A, M D, 92 Rideau, 

house 103^ Bideau 
Caron N, boot and shoe store, 170 

Carpenter Thos, grocer, 71 Duke 
Carr J B, law writer, 191 Slater 
Carr Henry, engineer, C P R 
Carrier Wm, 121 Elgin 
CarriSre Chas, prop'tr CiUzm, 133 

Carridre Jos, laborer, 12 McGee 
Carri^re M, joiner, 326 Clarence 
Carroll Henry, porter, 76 Besserer 
Carbonneau Alfred, carpenter, 325 

Carbonneau F, grocer, 144 King 
Carbon»eau F, grocer, 242 Water 
Carbonneau Jos, joiner, 345 St 

Cardinal C, laborer, 177 St .Andrew 
Cardinal F, laborer, 290 Church 
Cardinal Jos, carter, 357 King 
Cardinal B, laborer, 181 St Andrew 
Carroll J, carpenter, 98 Cathcart 
Carroll Jas, laborer, 571 St Patrick 
Carroll John, laborer, 238 Murray 
Carroll Mrs, wid, 69 Metcalfe 
Carroll Mrs. Michael, wid, 59e St 

Carroll T P, painter, 107 Augusta 
Carron R J, diesk fac, 120 St Paul 
Carrutliers A, foreman, 132 Head 

Carruthers J, printer, 286 NicholM 
Carruthers J, miller, 63 Sherwood 
Carsh Peter, laborer 361 Concesciou 
Carson R, boot and shoe maker, 
435 Wellington 

Carter E, gardener, 220 Cathcart 
Carter J, bandmaster, 297 Lisgar 
Carter J, pensioner, 220^ Nepean 
Carter Wm, civil eer, 416 St Paul 
Cartier A, watchmaker, 23 York 
Cartwright Hon R J, mia finance, 
252 Daly 

Carrell J, laborer, 416 Wellington 
Carvel] D, laborer, 416 Wellington 
Cascagnier B, stonecutter, 2o7 St 

Casey John, laborer, 144 St Andrew 
Casey John, grocer, 295 Dalhousie 
Casey John, grocer, 126 Clarence 
Casey John, grocer ^ 302 Clarence 
Casey John, miller, 444 Nepean 
Casey Michael, laborer 200 Cathcart 
Casey Michael, cab driver; 233 Clar- 
Casey Mrs M A, 38 Stewart 
Casgrain Heriaen^lde, G S 179 

Casgrain L C A, clerk P O dept 
Cass Thomas, mason, 86 Bolton 
Cassault Elie, laborer, 79 Cathcart 
Crssault Francois, mess, 88 Catlieart 
Cassanit L J, mesa, 84 Cathcart 
Cassault Napoleon, mess, 96 Cath- 
Cassels Robert, barrister, 129 Maria 
Gaosels B S, piesd U F & R Co, 22 

Cassidy Dnl, stone cutter, 256 Kins 
Cassidy Patrick, brklayer, 78 Friel 
Casaidv Patrick, m'eon, 186 Church 
Castelfo M, fireman, departmental 

buildings staff 
Catellier Ludger H, dep restrar 63 

Cathers Saml, clerk, 283 St Andrew 
Catholic Apostolic Church, Albert 
Catholic Young Mens Society rooms 

34 Elgin 
Cautin Chs, laborer, 253 St Patrick 
Cave Geo, watchman, 293 Cathcart 
Cawdron Henry, sawfiler, 177 York 
Cawest Alfred, tailor, 106 Nelson 
Cawthray Binns, dealer in hor«es& 

cattle etc, 82 York 
Gayea Ed, laborer, 220 Clarence 
Cayea O, jeweller, 481 Wellington 
Central School East — ^Archibald 
Smirl, principal 

Boy Tonr Sailroad Tioketi atO'OOHHOS * WALLER'S B.S Office aad aaveyouMlf tronlle 

1 1 

*. % 




KUUfin OeDinl Bailmd. aOOKNu.. * WALZSB» Afiat& 

Cbvtiui. School West — Edwin D 

Parlow, principal 
G^rat & Beaudry, oolleoting and 

general agency, 10 Murray 
Chabot A<u>lphe, carriage-maker, 

294 St Patrick 
Chabot Adolphe, carriage-maker, 

U York 
Chabot L, ciyil ser, 407 St Patrick 
Chabot P H, clothier, 618 Sussex 
Chabot P H, draper, 95 George 
Ghaanon Alfred, clerk, 286 Church 
Ghalifour G, carter, 260 Cathcart 
Ghalkley John, orderly sergeant, 

Governor General's see's office 
Chalmers A, merchant, 80 O'Connor 
Chalmers W, pro fancy bazaar, 31 

Chalmers & Go, bazaar, 63 Sparks 
Chambers Wm, laborer, 220 Murray 
Chambers Wm, waiter, 218 Murray 
Chamberlain Lient-Col Brown, G 

M G, Queen's printer, Dept of 

Secretary of State 
Champagne Ant, pro Jacques Gar- 

tier note], 446 Sussex . 
Champagne fi, grocer, 64 Murray 
Champagne J, grocer, 2 Barretk' 
Champagne L, carter, 134 Nela>n 
Champagne L, Ibr, 177 Cumberland 
Champagne M, laborer, 28 Sham- 
Champagne S. gr'r, 169 Cumberland 
Champeau FRE, G S, 317 Wilbrod 
Champoux Damas, teacher, 626 St 

Champoux D, teacher, 418 Clarence 
Champoux J B, shoemaker, 173 

Chandler R, printer, 221 Clarence 
Chapleau J K E, clerk Department 

of Militia and Defence, 463 Rideau 
Chapleau L E StO, Dept Pub Wks 
Chapman Jas, laborer, 188 Water 
Chapman J, furniture, 70 Vittoria 
Chapman John, furniture store, 6(^ 

Chapman Wm, hairdresser, 471 

Chapston G J, grain store, 17 York 
Ghaquette G, puot, 26 Botelier 
Charbonneau A, barber, 286 Dal- 

Charbonneau A, barber ,41 Nicholas 
Charbonneau Mrs B, widow, 498^ 

St Patrick 
Charbonneau H, blacksmith, 490 

8t Patrick 
Charbonneau H, carter, 124 Nelson 

Charbonneau H, br, 468 Clarence 
Charbonneau Jos, stone cutter, 297 

Charbonneau L, Ibr, 366 St Andrew 
Charbonneau T, Ibr, 407 Gloucester 
Charbonneau Vin, dr, laborer, 367 

St Andrew 
Charbonneau V, clerk, 161 Church 
Charbonneau Vin, jr, butler, 361 

St Andrew 
Oharbonnier G, carptr, 26 Chapel 
Charlebois A, joiner, 79 Bolton 
Charlebois A, clerk, 276 St Patrick 
Charlebois J 0, grcr,247 St Patrick 
Charlebois J 0, grocer, 66 NelAon 
Charlebois J 0, grcr, 247 Dalhousie 
Charlebois B, grcr, 487 St Patrick 
Charlebois O B, grcr, 63 St Joseph 
Charlebois U, laM>rer, 36 Rose 
Charles H, cabinet-mkr, 143 Rideau 
Charon John, labr, 660 St Patrick 
Charon Ty labr, 261 St Andrew 
Charon V, barber, 138 George 
Charon V, hair-dresser, 43^ Rideau 
Charron A, laborer, 42 Shamrock 
Gharron Mrs L, widow, 86 Water 
Chartrand F, joiner, 424 St Patrick 
Chartrand J, grocer, 89 Church 
Ghartra*>d P, painter, 9 Chapel 
Chase James, 131 George 
Chateaubert E, clerk, 260 Nelson 
Chatreau Jos, laborer, 169 Broad 
Gheckley Frank, G S clerk, bds at 

Mrs Brown's, 30 Albert 
Ghene D, carter, 276 Water 
Ghenet P, merchant, 48 Daly 
Ghenet Pierre, dry goods merohant, 

238 Church 
Ghenet P, dry goods, 613 Sussex 
Cheney Hy, tinsmith, 220 Nepean 
Cheney Josiah, 176 Concession 
Chepmell Henry, sec U F & R Co, 

499 Albert 
Cherriman J B, Finance Dept 
Cherry S, contractor, 257 Clarenc* 
Cherry Mrs widow, 271 King 
Chesley — , civil ser, 61 Gloucester 
Chesley Mrs Edward, 306 Queen 
Chester Charles, C S clerk, bds at 

Mrs McLennan's, 20 Albert 
Chesterton Walter, architect, 20^ 

Rideau, h 143 Nepean 
Chevrier A. hotel, 222 St Patrick 
Chevrier Alex, hotel, 224 St Patrick 
Chevrier Alf, farrier, 183 King 
Chevrier Alph, clothier, 449 Sussex 
Chevrier A, lamp mcht, 189 Church 
Chevrier A, junr, hotel keeper, 233 

St Patrick 

it. Lawiwoe * OtUwa Bailway Oompaor. O'OONIOE & WALLER, Ag«Bta. 

I -A 

:i -I 

' iM 


t k 

.!!■: = 






,• 'J t' I') 


^'^! I 

I f! 







OltAWA AtPttAMOtOAt DIiaOtt)B¥. 

Itoyi Ifamfd U iMMK, WWfmfWWHy-iB 




Ohevrier Bdwd. hotel. 75 Murray 
OheTfier E, milliner a dreBsmaker, 

149 Rideau 
Chevrier J, laborer, IM StPatriek 
CheTfier L, hotel, 207 Bt Patrick 
Chevrier N, ready-made ololhtng, 

624 Sussex 
Oherrier N, meroht, 299 Theodore 
Gherrier Z, clerk, 372 St Patrick 
Ohildera -~,oarver, 238 Sinter 
Childs Hugh, laborer, 214 Clarence 
Chilton Be^j, waiter, 263 Kl^pn 
Chisholm A,clerk,dept Marme and 

Chisholm D, dry goods mercht, 276 

Chisholm A Brannan, dry goods 61 

Chqquette B S, ^r. ai3 Dalhouaie 
Choqaette G A, clerk, 63 William 
Chouinard Ww, clerk, 94 Lloyd 
Chrdtito Sivdre, joiner, 182 St 

Cbkist Chxtbob Rev. J 8 Lauder, 

Archdeacen 436 Sparks 
Christian Chas, hotel keeper 66 

Christian Bros School, brother An- 
drew Superior, 373 Sussex 
Christie Alex, barrister, 221 Con- 
Christie Christina, boarding home 

22 Albert 
Christie J N E, teller Ontario Bank 

96 Gloucester 
Christie Peter, contractor 22 Albert 
Chrirtie 8, oomis'n agent, 82 Sparks 

house 74 Elgin 
Christie S, beer cellar, 184 Canal w 
Christie A ft Go, druggist, 87 Sparks 
Chubbuck Chas, civ ser, 344 Maria 
Church Dr C, 185 Rideau 
Church John, carpenter, 696 Maria 
Church ThoB, filer, 27 Division 
Oi^ppgr John, grocer, 97 Duke 
Cinyud — , barber, 118 Qneen 
CniXBir Orrioi, 62 Sparks 
City Registry Office, 66 Nicholas 
Clan J,laamster, 298 Sally 
Clancy J, bo^-keeper, 166 Botelier 
Clancy Martin, gasntter, 14 Currier 
Clancy M, repairing staff, par build 
Clare A, painter, 186 CumDeriand 
Clark C, tailor, 314} Cumberland 
Clark L G, advocate, 158 Murray 
Clark P, c s okrk, ?0 Stewart 
Ckurk Thoe, labo'^, 321 Sing 
Clark Thomas, 6vC Albert 
Clark Chas, teamster, 74 Bank 

Clarke G, watchman. 

Clarke J, clerk, 397-399 Wellington 
Clarke Peter^ laborMV V6 Chapel 
CLARKE T M, ins agV 21 Elgin 
Clary M, Anglo-AiMrican Hotel, 

92 Queen 
Clay John, laborer, 137 Nicholas 
Clay Wm, laborer, 396 Rideau 
Clayton F, civil service, 67ft Wel- 
Clayton J A, civil service, 209 Daly 
Clearmont G, carter, 136 St Andrew 
deary J, carter, 130 St Paul 
Gleave William, boatrbuilder, 125 

Clements T T, waiter, 88 St Paul 
Clemow Fjofficial assignee, 60 Elgin 

house 576 If aria 
Gleroux Rocque, blacksmithj 450 

St Patrick 
Clifford J, shoemaker, 88 Nicholas 
Olifl Jos, laborer, 143 King 
Clisby House, LK Cliebv, 3 Elgin 
Cloren Miss Jane, 118 Clarence 
Close Thos, com agt, 119 Albert 
Gloutier A, laborer, 294 St Andrew 
Gloutier P, blacksmith, 11 Rose 
Gloutier S, joiner, 314 Gathcart 
Gloutier T, joiner, 320 Gathcart 
Gluff Isaac, carpenter, 109 Kent 
Gluff W H, ins agent, 114 Slater 
Goad Thos, messenger, finance dep 
Cobum E, book-bindec, 369 Albert 
Cochenthaler S.tobacnisij 79 Sparks 
Gockbnrn Hon Jas, 174 Metcalfe 
Gookbnni B, bookbinder, 619 Maria 
Cockburn & Matheson, pio-framen 

118 Rideau 
Cockburn, Wright & Gkmow, bar 

risters, 6 O'Connor 
Cocrafl T, laborer, 33 Bolton 
Codd Edwd, laborer, 66 Nelson 
Codd Rev F, 483 Albert 
Codd Jae, grooer, 489 Cumberland 
Coffey T, waterworks commissioner 

631 Rideau 
Coffield Jas, laborer. 73^ Water 
G<^n Hon Thos, receiver general, 

Receiver General's Dept 
Coffin Lieut-Col Wm F, com ord 

lands, 61 Canal east 
Coghlan J S, grooer, 166 Bank 
G<^lan T, laborer, 104 Gathcart 
Cole •~, boiler-maker, 228 Queen 
Cole A F. fancy store, 24 Spvks 
Cole Chas, agent, 180 Nich<daB 
Cole Henry, painter, 388 Clarence 
Coleman A O F, vet sur, 184 Ridetn 

(WphMll 5?lffl>ti%tiw 

>■■> aai rt wa p w t ▼aitoty at IHBgnaBr. 


fA. v>*V''f ^x ■*-"^(. /*r'^* Wf '^nf : ■ 

"ii J 1 . I A».i.^ K *'f -< 

c -'■ ►■"■ 



87 Sparks Street, 

rW ■j;:'f 

jf. .. , 



<Vi^wl!hl^Uw':;ir PHOPWBTORS OP THE 

,> t''f'.i-^ ■■;,. „; ! . < .-.«.,. ,t .,,'•■■. 

^frated Water Faotoryp 

.^jaC¥ :c ^ 164 SPARKS STREET, 


Belfut Qingw Ale, ?^'f Bigliili Soda Water, 


Champagne GMar, 

'1* ' 

E^partding Beltarir, 

leidlite Water, te., 



Factory, 164 Sparks St., Office, 87 Sparks St 

■V r 

Thea« goods are sold at retail by the greater number 
of respectable Grocers in Otta^iva City, and our Express 
drivers deliver supplies regularly to ^eaters in the city 
and in surrounding villages within a radius of 20 miles. 

Orders for Shipment Solicited firom all parts of 
Central Canada. 

j|s^^K!^>,-'^:j|;CV;v:,:%^ A-'C S6 CO.'^' 






<7 I 

!i i 


? 'H 

Hi ' 



lii A-^iif 


i'' i 

■ : ■ 





r*i !j 





IwUte lUk Plw Int. Oo. of Oanaila. Oapltol, 1600,000. O'OOHHOB A WALLBK, Agti 

Goleman P, trader, 328 Queen 
Coleman Miss, dreHsmkr, 328 Queen 
Coles Mrs, widow, 297 King 
Colgin Mrs John, 221 Church 
Golier Jno^ stonecutter, 206 Sparks 
Colin Philippe, clerk, 161 Clarence 
Colins Thomas, laborer, 69 Cobourg 
GoLLEOlATE Ikstitute, Lisgar 
Colligan Michael, laborer, 163^ St 

Collins Geo, clerk, dep of Secretary 

of State 
ColliDS Geo, millwright, 619 Wel- 
Collins Rev J J, St Patricks Church 

33t Nejpean 
Collins Peter, grocer, 265 Sussex 
Collins Thos, carpenter, 64 Ottawa 
Collins Mrs, widow, 343 Wellington 
Colvin George, waggon maker, 98 

Britannia Terrace 
Comfort Steven, clothier, 40 McGee 
Commercial Restaurant and billiard 

Hall, LKCliflby, 13 Elgin 
Compain Toussaint, shoemaker, 101 

Condel George, mason, 186 York 
Condell Thos, bricklayer, 189 York 
Condon — , Ibr, 90 Britannia Terr:;ce 
Congregational Church, Albert 
Conley M A, boarding h, 139 Albert 
Conn Hugh, asst to city enginneer, 

6 Alice 
Connelly Din, carpenter, 366 Dal- 

Connelly James, butcher, 361 Cum- 
Connellv Jas, 11 By Ward Market 
Connelly Patrick, laborer, 360 St 

Connelly Peter, messenger C S, 137 

Connelly Mr, carp'ter, 173 Cobourg 
Connor Jno, gvt police, 129 Augusta 
Connor Wm, carp'nter, 146 Augusta 
Counore John, laborer, 83 Ottawa 
Connors Mrs, widow, 70 Chapel 
Conroy Chas, mess, 113 Elgin 
Conroy John, laborer, 46 R^dpath 
Conroy Michl, laborer, 32 Redpath 
Conroy S P, tailor, 290 Cumberland 
Constactineau Adolphe, 607 St 

Patrick • 

Conway Mrs, widow, 210 St Paul 
Conway John, laborer, 29 St Andrew 
Conway Mrs John, 14 Anglesea Sqr 
Conway Mrs John, 229 Clarence 
Conway Pat, grocer, 274 Dalhoiisie 
Conway Pat; culler, 66 Water 

Cook G G N, manager for B ft Co, 

77 Montreal 
Cook Thos, machst, 660 Wellineton 
Cook Ralph James, clerk, 89 King 
Coombs John driver, 136 Bridge 
Coonis John, baker, 326 Clarence 
Coon & O'Connor, spring mattrasa 

makei-fl^ 310 Albert 
Cooney Mrs James 174 Water 
Cooper Robt, clerk in B C office, 255 

Cooper Thos, plasterer, 92 Stewart 
Cooper Thomas, mason, 637 Maria 
Cooper Wm, engraver, 82 St Paul 
Cooper W H, com agent, \) Elgin 

h 164 Gloucester 
Copeland William, 122 Britannia 

Corbeille B, grocer, 387 Ht Patrick 
Corbeille Mrs Paul, charwoman. 28 

St Joseph 
Corbett Dr, 86 Duke 
Corbett John, laborer, 4 Redpath 
Corcoran R, bookseller, 212 Maria 
Corneyer P, carter, 72 St Andrew 
Corniel Mrs W, widow, 276 King 
Corridan £, grocer, 244 Sally 
Corrigan W, teamster, 29 Theodore 
Corrowaskey Martin, laborer, 16^ 

Redpath I 

Costello Jas, laborer, ISiO Sherwood 
Costello J, laborer, 263 St Andrew 
Costello T, hotel, 199 Dalhousie 
Costello T, Ihoemaker, 136 Murray 
Costello T, hotel, 128 St Andrew 
Costier P, resturant, 118 Church 
Cote Geo, plasterer, 54 St Andrew 
Cote Isidore, printer, 296 Church 
Cote Isidore, clerk, 26 Freil 
Cote J, laborer, 252 Cathcart 
Cote J O, assis clerk privy council, 

house 213 Wilbrod 
Cote L, joiner, 462 St Patrick 
Cote Louis, laborer, 99 Broad 
Cote N, carpenter, 43 Pifejl 
Cote Nicholas, Joiner, 20 Freil 
Cote Oliviere,.rnrrier and hatter, 40 

Cote Paul, laborer, 132 Fhil 
Cot< Thos, painter, 136 Wilbrod 
Cotton A, land surveyor, 27 Metcalfe 
Cotton H, gentleman, 366 Daly 
Cotton James, Timea office, nouse 

201-203 Sparks 
Cotton T, comn agt, 80 Cambridge 
Coulet Jos, grocer, 309 Church 
Couleon A, pork packer, 206 Friel 
Coulter Alex, millwrigbt, 664 Wei- 


PhontizLifelu. Oo.ofHartfbrd. Capital, $1*000,000. OHX>NHOB ft WAUJSB, Agti. 






for B A Co, 

rk, 89 King 
S Bridge 
) Clarence 
ag mattrass 


C office, 25S 

, 92 Stewart 
I, 537 Maria 
32 St Paul 
snt, 'J Elgin 

2 Britannia 

r ti Patrick 
irwoman. 28 

fi) x 





4 Redpath 

, 212 Maria 
St Andrew 
276 King 
I Sallv 
29 Theodore 
laborer, 16jl 

20 Sherwood 
( St Andrew 
, 136 Murray 
it Andrew 
18 Church 
St Andrew 
96 Church 
rivy council, 

» Broad 
20 Freil 
iui hatter, 40 


5 Wilbrod 

>r, 27 Metcalfe 
366 Daly 
office, house 

) Cambridge 
9 Church 
er, 206 Friel 
jht, 654 Wet 









.1 .,1 

■■'•>, }' 

;^ ;? 

I i :''-. 


■ n 


ci^AWA ALnunxnAL onsovoRT. 

ItadMtmft ^\ . . Llfb bt Oo of Q«*bM. 0>|tul, tMO.O<K>. O'OOIIOB * WAILBB, Agta. 

CouUbArd W, briokUyer, 229 fiank 
OoUMTT or Oarlitom Gaol. Alex 

W Powell, govr, Nicholas Bt 
County Gouri House a»d Offloes, 

Daly st 
County Registry Offlce, Daly street, 

B Sherwood, regintrar 
Couroelle Alph, baker, 162 Murray 
CoursoUe 0, draughtBinan, 28 Friel 
Coursolle Jacob, teamster, 60 Baird 
Cooreollee T O, translator House of 

Oommons, 22 Water 
Courtenay J M, civ 8cr,245 Theoilore 
Coarrille M, laborer, 20 Augusta 
Cousens W G, clerk. 180 Slater 
Cousens Wm. 180 Slater 
GooaiMMi Alex, laborer, 27 Rone 
Cousineau A, baker, 272 St Patrick 
Oousineau Moise, carter, 298 C h urch 
Cousineau P, carpenter, 18 Nelson 
Cousineau S. steward, 189 Water 
Cousineau T, pilot. 110 Water 
Coutlie M, clerk, bds at Mrs But- 
tons, 98 Albert 
Couturier Mrs A, 289 Clarence 
Couvrette F, hotel-kpr, 38 Murray 
CottrretteHJ)oinpolice, 60 Botelier 
Couvrette J, 212 St Andrew 
Couvrette M, saddler, 110 Church 
Cowan Alex, packer, 6S4 Maria 
Cowan Geo, mason, 28 Victoria 

Cowan John, grocer, 227 Bay 
Cowan Jno, grocer, 2.32 Wellington 
Cowan Thos, Florence Hotel, 205 

Cowan Wni, express driver, 219 

Cowan Win. county treaaurcr, 219 

Coward D W, com agent, 46 Sparks 

507 King 
Cowieson Kobt, stne-cuttet, 213 Sally 
Cox F H G, clerk, dept of Interior, 

329 Theodore 
Cox Geo, engraver, 15A Elgin, house 

m M»ria 
Cox Jamea, laborer, 66 Dalhousie 
Cox Saml, ouUer, 641 Wellington 
Cox Thofl^onftner, 682 Wellington 
Cox Mrs Wm, 91 Nelson 
Oox Mrs, widow, 26 Albert Avenue 
Coy John, mason, 119 Nicholas 
Cozenau Siris, laborer, 44 Nelson 
Crabtree John, stne-ctter 4I2 Lewis 
Crack Harry, tmsmth, 173 Nicholas 
Craig Alex, laborer, 408 Gloucester 
Craig Hugh, plasterer, 231 Wui^ 


Graig James, agent. 172 Bttwart 
Oraig JAR, merchant tailors, 283 

Wellington , ,. , 

Graig S. clerk P dept ' 

Graig Mrs Samuel, 39 MoGee ^\ 
Oraig Wm, carpenter, 203 King 
Grain Geo^ contractor, 68 Slater 
Grain Levi, builder, 34 Nenean 
Grain Robt, contractor, 312 St Paul 
Grannell Levi, chf elk. 154 Kiddle 
Crawford Ambrose. laborer, 499 


Grawfortl Jas, laborer, 61 Sherwood 
Crawford James, shoe stre, 83 Bank 
Grawley Miss, confectnr, 365 Well* 

Grilley Hugh, laborer, 275 Nioholaa 
Crockett James, stone-cutter 191 


Gronin Cornelius, laborer, 366 8t 

Crooks Jas. laborer, 359 GonoeMion 
Grookshank G Y, clerk, Finance 

GrooKshanka Miss Margaret, 104 

Grosby C A, (A J Stephens & Oo,) 

161 O'Connor 

Gross Mrs Andrew, wid,ll6 Murray 
Gross Thos, olerk. Finance Dept 
Gross Wm, blacksmith, 81 Besaerer 
Groxier T J, printer, 167 Maria 
Gruice R W, commission agent, 58 

Sparks, h 205 Maria 
Gruice Thomas, civil aervio^ 094 

Caddie Andrew, carter, 380 King 
Guddie James, carter, 266 Clarence 
Oudiiy McGillie, pensioner, 931 St 

Gull Jas, laborer, 107 Cumberland 
GuUen Mathew, laborer, 73 Gathoart 
Cummins Mrs, widow, 99 Gloucester 
Cummings Joseph, civil service, 343 

Gumming Robt, shoemaker, 125 8t 

Gumniings, Rob, laborer, 136 Arthur 
Gunninzham C R, secretary o w w, 

627 Wellington 
Cunningham G, grocer, 290 Rideau 
Cunningham Geo, grocer, 480 King 
CunHingbam J, book-kpr, 12 Bank 
Cunningham J, grocer, 119 Water 
Cunningham Mrs M, 182 Nicholas 
Cunningham M C, clerk Depart* 

ment of Secretary of State 
Cunningham P, tailor, €0 Lloyd 



A- I 

>ii: VI 


V -l. 

tkmgk Tiokets to ll«|to«al, Qnobeo, Xnentj, &o., at ou vAtm (KQOiniOB 4 VAUEl 




HkMiM qmwiiiflwia. yoowwoB > waxim, jftBt^ 


"' ! 



OumQ F, meaflcngtr Department 

of Justice 
Oumn P, Uborcr, 171 Canal West 
Gurran Timothy, 161 King 
Ourran W, draughteman Depart- 
ment of Public workn 
Gurrell J. lawfller, 363 Dalhousie 
Gurretl T, laborer, 611 Maria 
Currier L, laborer, 277 Dalhousie 
Carrier L D, engineer, 200 Nioholai 
Currier T W, lumbr rolV, 83 Stewart 
Currier T W A Go, sash flfustory, &g, 

Curry J, expressman, 72 Cobonrg 
Curry P, laborer, 76 Oobourg 
Curtis Jno, barber, Florence hotel, 

Curtis J, briokmaker, 407 Clarence 
Curtis Nathan, elk P O, 631 Albert 
Cusio James, labr, 22 Cumberland 
Cussens H, oonfctnr, 360 Dalhousie 
- Gusaon E. biksmitb, 280 Dalhousie 
OosTOii House, 83 Sparks 
Cuthbertson D, contractor ,182 Cam- 

Cuzner L, collector, 616 Rideau 
Cuiner Wm, reporter Citi$m, 180 

Cyr A, contractor, 30 Botelier 
Daoier G Oi chemist and druggist, 

617 Sussex, house 122 Stewart 
Dacy James, laborer, 38 Bolton 
Das^nais Edouard, laborer, 646 St 

Dagenais Flavien, painter, 300 St 

Dagenais Wm, carpenter, 64 Cobourg 
Daffg Thos, flour store, 216 Rideau 
Dauy News Office, Andrew Wilson, 

proprietor, 162 St Paul 
Dalaire Abraham, meat market, 

349 Clarence 
Dalaire Charles, blacksmith, 321 

Dalaire A Lerielle. Ibntohere, 202 

Dalaiee Abraham, btchr, 116 i'^iiel 
Dale James, laborer, 65 Baird 
Dale Ilobt, carpenter, 16 Sherwood 
Dalglish G, grocer, 74 Queen 
Dalglish Jas^rocer, 282 Wellington 

house 206 GHater 
Dallaire Jos, butcher, 231 Water 
Dalton Maurice, laborer, 837 St 

Daly Jeremiah, laborer, 449 ^t 

Daly John, carter, 180 Cathcart 
Daly M E, painter, 127 Elgin 

Daly Tim, laborer, 134 St Paul 
Daly M, brakesman C Rt^Se 

D'Amour EHe, blaeksmith, 2a 

D* Amour Elie, blacksmith, 247 

Dancy^Alex, laborer, 386 Lisgar 
DanoT Miss J, f^uit dealer, 216 

Dancy Thoe, laborer, 467 Lisnr 
Daniels Jas, prop Revere House, 

476 Sussex 
DANIELS SAML. prop Windsor 

House, 46 Metcalfe 
Danie Elie, baker, 624 St Patrick 
Danis Joe, carpenter, 14 St Joseph 
Danis Pierre, joiner, 40 Shamrock 
Danis Zotique, blacksmith, 868 8t 

Daoust Casimir. carter. 206 Water 
Daoust Joseph, laborer, 39 Charlotte 
Darby John, clerk, 26 Victoria Av 
Darcy Wm, grocer, 483 Rideau 
D'Arcy Mrs, widow, 418 Gloucester 
Dftughtry E, messenger P O dept 
Daughtry Jas, fhiit store, 236 Well- 
ington '"* 
Dauray L, clerk, census office *' 
D'Auteuil E, clerk, dept agricnlture 
David Leon, grocer, 73 Duke 
Davidson Mrs, widow, 462 Lewis 
Davidson F R, chemist A druirgigt 

142 Sparks 
Davie&n J B, hairdresser, 19 Mnrray 
Davieau Pierre, hotel k." ,/.r, m 

Davis Fred, truant officer, 107 Nic- 
Davis Hugh, carpenter, 281 Rideau 
Davie Joe, carpenter, 130 George 
Davis Johnr, plumber, 226 Queen 
Davis John, laborer, 69 Sherwood 
Davis J G, collector, 217 St Paul 
Davis Mchl, contractor, 666 Rideau 
Davis Thos, mess, 310 Clarence 
Davis Wm, contractor, 666 Rideau 
Davis Wm, gardener, 127 Bolton 
Davis — . carpenter, 226 Queen 
Davy Root, laborer, 168 St Andrew 
^aweon Ghas, laboier, 34 ..h cholae 
Dawson G',8ew mac agt, 129 Sparks 

house, 91 Nepean 
Dawson Jas, laborer, 226 Cafhcart 
Day Frank, 166 Water 
D^r Jos, plumber, 6C6 St Patrick 
Day Saml, Bible society, 24 Bell 
T>rze Vincent, letter carrier, 256 8t 

r atric>^ 

BtalJiMiu Moued en all ov Hues hi adTM«» tritbeot -..•^j, COflJOB 4 WAUEB. 



toOitect AUBL 

!)eacon J» bout aud mIkm «tort>, U 

Uean Jamta, laborer, 141 Kent 
D«an J^ar|>entor, 283 Guinbcrland 
Deauz Henri, laborer, 109 Nelnon 
l)«Bouol;torvill« J V, clerk, d'-pt of 

DE0UI8B A, Icc.rr, 1 '1 Cathcart 
DE0UI8B A LAPOiNlil, nrated 

water mtn, 434 Sunaex 
D«b«tr« B, laborer, 392A Clnreiio« 
Delatre Pierre, cUrk, 319 Cathcart 
DelarouaeChaa. laborer, 136 Water 
Delcnay Jas, laborer, ia9Nichola8 
Delorroe A, laborer. 111 Britannia 

Delorme F, carter, 32 Shamrock 
Delorme laaie, carter, 212 Church 
Delorme J Bte, labr, 308 St And. w 
Delorme L, Btonectr,295 St Andrrtv 
Demere Jos, laborer, 17 Cb' rch 
Demerae Jofl^ laborer 100 vVo 
Demerse Moiee, laborei , ..'d 

Dompaey Jas. clerk, 1.'4 c mju ug 
Denaud 0, laborer 398 8t Andrew 
Denault E, joiner, 20 St Joseph 
Deaault E, plu <terer, 70 Church 
Denault P, carriage maker, 380 J 

Denecbaad E, chief Fr nngroeeing 

clerk. House of Comuioiij 
Denis Cbai, clerk, 239 St Andrew 
Denis LieutrCol J S, surreror-genl, 

Dept of Interior, house 63 Cooper 
Denmark Henry, laborer, 403 Maria 
Dennison Geo, night foreman, saw 

mills, Montreal st 
Dennison Mrs John. 62 Ottawa 
Derbyshire Mrs, n^idow, 17 Nepean 
Dernally B, riding master, 100 

Deroum P, plasterer, 34 Notre Dame 
Dery Francois, plasterer,276 Church 
Descarmier Jas, carriage maker, 

369 Church 
Descbamp Alez,carp'r, 268 Church 
Deeohampe A, clerk, 269 Water 
Desohene A, carriage maker, 316 

Desc! 1. ?■ ^r'.a., 809 Clareno« 
Descbrr«i ' '7 borer, T' *pel 

Desr "'., /cer, 146 i>i-oad 
Desi. . _ laborer, 230 St Andrew 
Deqardio Barnabi, Btone*cutter, 278 

Deegardia Charles, 248 Dalhousie 
De»ardin Edward, hotel, 47 Murray 
Denardines Bei^amin, carpenter, 

16 Notre Dame 

■yMki ItBsct. 


house 61 Water 
Dcuardins F, labo'r, 892 St kmrfw 
Dealardins 0, plst'r, 330 St Andrew 
Deslardins S, laborer, 622 St l >atri<-k 
Denjardins Severe, joiner, sJ2 > 

Denlage Frs, painter, 226 Wiili r 
I)«Hlaurier Felix, ibr, 10 St Jq>' h 
Deslaiirier Felix, Ibr, 488 St Patrick 
Dealaurier OlanfoiH, Ibr, 29 Angletiea 

DcHlaurier Q dom police 148 Murray 
Defilaurier J, otHce kpr, 420 Paul 
DeslnurierH Louia, blaokHmith, 308 

W er 
/) ,lo v's Francifl, elk, 684 Bideau 

'Ir . Geo, carpntr, 13 RoHe 
Deb I., rais Leonard, shoemaker, 66 

Mur uy 
Desnoeavea Charles, shoemaker, 309 

Desnoyer Damasjoinr, 468 Clarence 
I'esnoyers Joseph^ ibr, 78 Chapel 
Desormeau Baptistc, manon, 45 

Anglesea Square 
Desormeau Dam's, lbr,361 St Andrew 
DeBormeau Felix, Ibr, 29 Anglesea 

Desormeau N, stneinsn, 168 Church 
Desormeau Tbeo, msn.^il Water 
Desormeau Theophile, carpenter, 47 

Anglesea Square 
DeBormeauz Victor, Ibr, 217 Water 
Desroche Geo, joiner, 166 StAndrew 
Desroche Joseph, laborer, 369 St 

Desroches Etienne, civil service 68 

Desrochers G^leotin, carter, 688 St 

Desrosiers Ant, hotel du Castor 463 

Dessert Octave, stonemason, 306 St 

Devlin Mrs C, boarding house, 118 

Devlin Edward, cattle dealer, 158 

Devlin Bichd, c v ser, 307 StAndrew 
Devlin R J, hair k furrier 38 Bideau 
Dewan Arthur, laborer, 690 Maria 
Dewan John, r tone-cutter, 426 Well* 

Dewar Colin, book-kpr, 174 Middle 
Dewar Cot* 9, clerk, 208 Middle 
Dewar Huib, xa-^Jener. 208 Fricl 
Dewe John, P O inn), 260 Daly 
DSwitt J A, clerk, House of Com 

Tto «d9! ytosa to get JasfOM aaA B^^i TBiaitnif is at OBOIjnD * Wr. 




•I' : , 






■'1; ■■ il 


' ! 

'.' fi- 

« ; 

iH^ \''\> 




:\' :■■■■■ v.- ■::■-( 






\ ■' 




Oiwi WNten Bftilroad of Oanadiu O'OOVKOB ft WALXAB, Afinti. 

Dey Joseph, boat bailder, 201 Canal 

East, 106 Nicholas 
Dick Qeo, foreman Perley & Pattee, 

684 Albert 
Dickieson Oeo, Minister's secy dept 

of Interior 
Dickinson Bobt> blacksmith, 75 

Dickson Alex, clerk, bds at Mrs 

Buttons 98 Albert 
Dickson Samuel, clerk, bds at Mrs 

Suttons 98 Albert 
Diethelm L, laborer, 184 Water 
Dillabogh Sami, carpenter, 233 

Dillisson Ben, laborer, 61 Gobourg 
Dillon Mich), laborer, 89 Dalhousie 
Dimbleby J, tailor, 66 Rideau 
Dion C, messenger, 236 Nelson 
Dion E, accountant and collector, 

48 Wellington 
Dion L D, clerk, dept pub works 
Dionne J F, civil ser, 137 Chapel 
Dionne 0, assistant acct, dept P W 
Dionne P, carpenter, 380 Clarence 
Dishearn Jos, laborer, 214 Daly 
Diverge Peter, laborer, 109 Queen 
Dixon George, cutter, 104 Besserer 
Dixon Wm, laborer, 140 Sherwood 
Dixon W H, salesman, 160 Besserer 
Dobier Jas, gilder, 413 St Patrick 
Dobier J W H, boot and shoe store, 

48 Rideau, house 269 Clarence 
Dochert^ Q R, spring bed manuf, 

135 Rideau, house 425 Rideau 
Doherty J, messenger, senate 
Dolan Chaa, carter, 262 Church 
Dolan Michael, laborer, 396 Nepean 
Dolan Michael, laborer, 398 Nepean 
Dolan Mrs, widow, 440 Cumberland 
Dominion Telegraph Office, Joseph 

Atchison, manager, 17 Elgin 
Dompierre B, baker, 241 Church 
Dompierre B, baker, 248 Water 
Donaldson B, cashier, Albert Island 
Donaldson D, clerk, 261 Albert 
Donaldson John, blacksmith, 230 

Donnelly J, grocer, 134 Queen west 
Donnelly R, blkemith, 15 8t Andrew 
Donohue J, laborer, 97 Cumberland 
Donovan Alex, carriage-maker, 107 

Donovan A, blacksmith, 170 Bolton 
Doolan Mrs, widow, 326 Bridge 
Dooley P, laborer, 552 Somerset 
Doran Jas, carpenter, 10 Nicholas 
Doran Mins, bdg-hse, 111 O'Connor 
Poran Wm, laborer. 437 Clarence 

Doran Wm, laborer, 66 Gobourg 
Dore F, civil service, 16 Bear 
Dorion Alex, painter, 16 Augusta 
Dorion Ami, clerk C S, bds at J B 

McKenzie's, 136 Albert 
Dorion A, shoemaker, 91 Broad 
Dorion A, clerk Finance Dept 
Dorion A A, clerk P O Dept 
Dorion G P, tinsmith, 146 Sparks 
Dorion J, laborer, 63 Britannia ter 
Dorion Noel, huckster, 163 Murray 
Dorion 0, painter, 109 Church 
Dorion Z, clerk, 142 Church 
Domey J F, p city hotel, 42 Clarence 
Dory Henry, laborer, 134 Middle 
Doucet Mrs, widow, 75 Broad 
Doucette Chas, clerk, 259 Friel 
Doucette John, hotel, 222 Dalhousie 
Dougherty William, painter, 350 

Douglas Brown, c s clerk, bds at 

Mrs Brown's, 30 Albert 
Douglas P B, clerk, Dept of Interior 
Douglass Mrs Thos, hotel, 97 York 
Dourley John, 169 Bridge 
Dow Mrs, widow, 223 St Paul 
Dowdell Jas, culler, 116 Sherwood 
Dowler John, millwright, 36 Slater 
Ddwij Jos, upholst'r, m8 Gloucester 
Downie Alphonse, butcher, 26 Friel 
Downie Jonn, laborer, 24 Cathoart 
Doweley Thos, real estate 4 com ag't, 

28 Rideau, h 307 Ridet\u 
Doyle Andrew, school master s i, 

448 Oumberland 
Doyle Andrew, labo'r, 26i) Clarence 
Doyle D, contractor, 132 St Andrew 
Doyle Denis, laborer, 10 Currier 
Doyle James, carter, 422 Clarence 
Doyle J, carpenter, 156 Cambridge 
Doyle Johq, brewer, 121 Nicholas 
Doyle Michael, carter, 464 Clarence 
Doyle Mrs M, trader, 33 Clarence 
Doyle P, bookkeeper, 12 Albert ave 
Drake J, laborer, 340 Gloucester 
Drapeau D, shoemkr, 226 Dalhousie 
Drapeau D, shoemkr, 244^ Church 
Drapeau S, clerk, dept agriculture, 

20 Water 
Drill Shed, 56-60 Nicholas street, 

R Wlieatley, caretaker 
Driscoll Jas, bottler, 164 Stewart 
DriscoU Timothy, saddler, 100 Kinz 
Driscoll W, laborer, 287 St Patrick 
Drinker A, laborer, 18 Redpath 
DrummondGeo P, 377 Sparks 
Drumniond & Waiidell, ins agts, 74 

Drysdale John, civ ser, 13 Kent 

St. LawienM and OUawa Stilwsy Coopuj. O'OONNOB & WALLEB, Agtnta. 




A. KOmiMlSB'S General Stationery WarehouM, Bpsrin Stzeet 

Dube Alf, butcher, 317 St Andrew 
Dube David, trader, 89 Clarence 
Dube Dftinaae, grocer, 85 Church 
Dube L, chief mes house <f com 
Dube L, carpenter, 262 St Andrew 
Dube Hdme V, 426^ St Patrick 
Dubois Aneus, laborer, 37 Ottawa 
Dubois J Bte, carptr, 313 Clarence 
Dubuc L, plasterer, 173- St Andrew 
Dubuie F, grocer, 221 Cumberland 
Duchemin 0, laborer, 43 Britannia 

Duchesnay E J, elk of fin- journals, 

and deputy eergt of arms, senate 
Duchesne Theo, laborer, 136 King 
Duchesne Nap, butcher, 127 King 
Duckelow Chas, hotel, 57 Clarence 
Duckett J P, book-kpr, 136 Murray 
Duclos J Bte, stonecutter, 298 St 

DuoloB F, stonecutter, 288 Church 
Duclos P, stonecttr, 388 St Andrew 
Dudy John, laborer, 21 Mosgrove 
Duff Alex, 94 Albert 
DuffO J, hatter, 211 Bideau 
Duff James, carter, 108 York 
Duff J, laborer, 128 York 
Duff Bobt, carpenter, 361 Maria 
DuffiU H H, 84 Charles 
Dnffv A J, clerk, Dept Pub Works 
Dufiy Isaac S, foreman, 94 O'Connor 
Dumr Peter, laborer, 179 Murray 
Duffy Wm, laborer, 69 Heney 
Dufort Ed, carpenter, 288 Water 
Dufour Alf, blacksmith, 207 King 
Dufour N, uphlstr, 229 Cumberland 
Dufoar P D, carriage-maker, 245-9 

Dufresne, craftsman, 171 Church 
Dufresne E, stnecttr, 633 St Patrick 
Dufresne F, stnecttr, 291 St Andrew 
DnfVesDe F, carter, 19 Church 
Dufresne J, printer, 141 Church 
DuiVesne L F, clerk, Beo General's 

Dufresne & McGarity, wh grocers, 

160 to 160 Canal east 
Dugal T, tanner, 423 St Patrick 
Diizas M, millwright, 11 Chapel 
Dubamel F, butcher, 260 Cumber- 
Dnhamel L, blksmith, 106 Murray 
Duhamel L, carriage factory, 109 

Duhamel BtEev Thos, B C, bishop 

of Ottawa, 143 St Patrick 
Dukin Mrs, widow, 36 Kent 
Dumais Max, carter, 212 Water 
Dumaise Joh, cab-driver, 327 King 

Dumoulin S, laborer, 447 St Patrick 
Dumoulin P M, clerk, 25 York 
Dumoulin P, laborer, o'J Cobourg 
Dumoulin W,Bhoem'r, 16 Papineau 
Dumoutier E, joiner, 189 Murray 
Dunbar H, shoemaker, 19 Mosgrove 
Duncan Alex, agent, 256 Bolton 
Duncan Andrew, agent, 316 Maria 
Duncan Thos, agent, 264 Stewart 
Dunce Wm, laborer, 229 Bridge 
Dunford Mrs Patrick, 57 Baird 
Dunlevie G G, civ ser, 410 Slater 
Dunlevie H G, civil eer, 596 Albert 
Dunlevie M K, clerk, P dept 
Dunlop A, contractor, 37 Camoridge 
Dunlop Jame.-, laborer, 138 Arthur 
Dunlop John, teamster, 26 Victoria 

Dunlop Jas, gov police, 49 Kent 
Dunlop M, teamster, 186 Middle 
Dunlop Peter, saw filer, 186 Middle 
Dunlop Stewart, printer, 98 Albert 
Dunn Chas, laborer, 67 St Paul 
Dunn Ed, millwright, 74 Besserer 
Dunn Ed, plasterer, 46 Water 
Dunn Jas, plasterer, 452 Nepean 
Dunn James, laborer, 78 Lisgar 
Dunn J B C, grocer, 248 Church 
Dunne J, sessional mess Senate 
Dunne Peter, housekeeper. Senate 
Dunnett Jas, ins agent, 409 Bideau 
Dunning Bernard, foreman, 164 

Dunning David, laborer, 382 St 

Dunning D H, clerk, 582 Albert 
Dunnovan Mrs John, widow, 213 

Du Plessis Thos C, accountant, In- 
colonial By, h 274 Nelson 
Dupois John, grocer, 11 Cobourg 
Dupont Alex, laborer, 91 St Andrew 
Dupont Moise, lab'r, 89 St Andrew 
Dupuis Adolphe, grocer, 678 St 

Dupuis Alex, laborer, 386 Bridge 
Dupuis Mrs Chas, hotel, 193 St 

Dupuis Max, clerk, 66 Water 
Duquette Joseph, carter, 348 St 

Durie J S, stationer, 102 Gloucester 
Durie & Son, stationers, 35 Sparks 
Durocher 01, boots and shoes, 457 

Durocher P, laborer, 442 St Patrick 
DuseaultE, raftsman, 171 St Patrick 
Dushesne Jos, hotel, 423 Sussex 
Dussault E, foreman, 119 Murray 

BuiBilac BlMMllircd A> do's stock belbre pucchaalng C»rp«ti or FumltUM. 


'v n?^ 

mm 1 

1! ■;>' ! 


•fj till 

it ' ' 



n? ' hi 





I i 







Blolieliw and Ontario Boy*} Hail Line of Stoameni O'OOSHOB 4 W1|JJBB, Agti. 

Dussault O, carpenter, 84 Murray. 
Duval George, clerk dfipt of Justice 
Duval George, clerk, 229 Wiibrod 
Dnxtaler Henry, laborer, 95 Broad 
Dwight Wm, shoemaker, 20 Nelson 
Dwinnell H O, plumber, 108 Rideau 
Dwinnell N, laborer, 179 Cathcart 
Dwyer S, laborer, 626 Rideau 
Dyde Sml, U F & R Co, 297 St Paul 
Dyer Miss, school teacher, 10 Vic- 
toria avenue 
Dyke Mrs James, 229 Stewart 
Dyson S, laborer, 171 Bolton 
Ba^leson Mrs, ladies under-clothing 

157 Rideau 
Eagleson Wm, elk, 24 Anglesea sq 
Earle T, boarding-hse, 106 Rideau 
Eastcott Jas, mason, 177 Nepeaa 
Eastern W M Church, St Paul 
Eastman J, carpenter, 186 Middle 
Easton S T. forwarder and com agt, 

186 Canal east 
Eastwood D S, manager Union Bk, 

664 Wellington 
Eastwood D 8, official assignee* 46 

Eaton W S, 308 Slater 
Ebbs George, 195 Botelier 
Edey M C, carpenter, 96 Arthur 
Edge Geo, carpenter, 446 Nepean 
Edge Nich, carpenter, 206 Arthur 
Edmonds J, msengr, 64 Cumberland 
Edmondson Jas, bricklayer, 397 St 

Edwards B, butcher, 184 Murray 
Edwards E, pattern maker, 96 Bell 
Edwards J, grocer, 370 Maria 
Edwards Jotin, labr. 111 Dalhousie 
Edwards Solomon, fruit store, 222 

Edwards William, No 2 By-ward 

Edwards Wm, butcher, 150 Nelson 
Edwards William, labr, 248 Queen 
Edwards Bros, meat market, 186 

Egan Dennis, 162 Concession 
Bgan D, hotel-keeper, 22 Percy 
Egan James, carpenter, 248 Con- 
Egan Mrs, widow, 409 Gloucester 
Egar John, stne cutr, 75 Cambridge 
Egleson James, Lt Col B G A, 

194 Chapel 
Egleson P A, merchant tailor, 663 

Egleson P J, clothier, 614 Sussex 
Egleson P A & Son, grocers, 500 


Elliott Edwin, moulder, 375 Slater 
Elliott Miss E, dressmaker, 378 

Elliott George, dry-goods merchant, 

73 Vittoria 
Elliott James, mesgr, 66 Chapel 
Elliott R, pro com hotel, 71 York 
Elliott Miss Sarah, dressmaker, 90 

Elliott & Hamilton, dry-goods, 52- 

64, Rideau 
Ellison Samuel, lumber foreman, 

157 York 
Ehnitt Thomas, gardnr, 376 Elgin 
Elridge Wm, bcklyr, 132 Cobourg 
Elwefl G T O, med hall, 134 Sparks 
Emery Albert, mason, 64 Nelson 
Emigrant Sheds, 4 King 
Emmanuel Church, Elgin 
Emond Clfiophas, st'nectter 49 Rose 
Eneau Alex, laborer, 90 Nelson 
English Geo, laborer, 370 Clarence 
English Tbos, laborer, 84 Nelson 
English Restaurant, W Cox pro, 229 

Ennis Francis H, clerk C S, 641 

Ennis Patrick, labrer, 394 Clarence 
Enwright John, tinsmith, 273 Bay 
Enwri^ht Patrick, carpenter, 356 St 

Enwright Percy, tinsmith, 460 

Enright Thos, laborer, 187 Botelier 
EnrightMrs, stoves ana tinware, 331 

Enright, — -, lab'r, 111 Cumberland 
Enwright Timothy, tailor, 179 York 
Eplett Mrs M, trader, 68 York 
Erratt Jacob, ins agent, 348 Rideau 
Erskine Dr, 291 Sparks 
Esdale Wm, laborer, 191 Boltoo 
Esmonde Jowph, hardware, 378 St 

Esmonde Brs, tinsmths, 88 Sparks 
Estay Elias, laborer, 41 Ottawa 
Ethier Anne, 107 George 
Ethier Augustin, lab'r, 63 Church 
Evans C, carpenter, 146 Gloucester 
Evans Jeremiah, 227 Sparks 
Evans Miss L, milliner, 74 York 
Evans M A, dressmaker, 206 Queen 
Evans Saml, pork store, 60 Ridean 
Evans Wm, laborer, 347 Wiibrod 
Evanturel A E, 'clerk, dept P W 
Evanturel Edw, civ ser, 76 Slater 
Ewart D, architect, 464 St Paul 
Fabien C, carpenter, 212 Murray 
Faghan Mich, laborer, 406 Nepean 

Upptr Ottawa Unloa Forwarding StoamlKiat and B. B. Ooi O'OOVIOB ft WALLEB. Agti, 

erk C S, 541 



TfaumitkiBg, BaoADg, FhuaUng, EaTM Tronghi and Ghitton at ESMONDIB'. 

Fahey Edward, laborer, 69 Lloyd 
Fairbanks Edw, clerk, 246 Church 
Fairweather J S, c 8, 65 O'Connor 
Falardeau L, laborer, 134 Clarence 
Falaideau T, asnis post master} hae 

of commons, 240 Church 
Falconer C O, clerk, P O dept 
Falding F J, clerk, dept of justice 
Falls W H, auctioneer, 168 Glou- 
Fanning J, shoemaker, 66 Botelier 
Fanning John, cabl nikr, 88 Baird 
Fanning Michael, laborer, 148 St 

Fanning Bobt, carptr, 222 Murray 
Fanning William, clerk, House of 

Fanning William, labr, 463 Maria 
Fareau Tebvie, labr, 46 Cathcart W 
Farley James, bk keepr, 336 Maria 

Farley , 136 Nelson 

Farmer Eciward, laborer, 317 St 

Farmers' Hotel, Z Laporte, 263-5 

Farquhar William, contr, 328 St 

Farrar Mrs, widow, 176 Daly 
Farrell Joseph, laborer, 21 1 Queen 
Farrell Mrs, widow, 246 Nepean 
Farrell Mrs, hotel keeper, 61 York 
Farrland Francis, labr, 66 Nelson 
Farries Rev F W, 79 Albert 
Faucher P, labr, 179A St Andrew 
Fauchier Xavier, cook, 142 Water 
Faulkner Alex, joiner, 386 St Pat- 
Faulkner Nap, dry-goods Ac, 638 

Faulkner N, merchant, 223 Sussex 
Faulkner Mrs Edward, widow, 360 

St Patrick 
Favreau P, deputy chief fire dept, 

66 Bideau 
Fawcett H, clerk, customs dept 
Feathers Hotel — Benj Huckell, pro, 

33 William 
Featherston J P, chem a druggist, 

103 Bideau, house 462 Bideau 
Fee S, book-keeper, 416 Sparks 
Feeley John, laborer, 9 Hill 
Fehr K M, musician, 300 St Patrick 
Fellowes G B L, barris, 16 Metcalfe 

Fellowes H, contractor, 297 Glou- 
Fellows, O'Gara, Lapierre & Bemon 

barristers, 68 Sparks 
Fenney — , laborer, 389 Gloucester 

Ferguson H A, civ ser, 26 York 
Ferguson J, plumber, 46 Sally 
Ferguson J, repairing staf}, par bids 
Ferguson Miss, knitter, 212 St Paul 
Ferguson P B, plumber, 224 Sparks • 
Ferguson W, carp'tr, 327 Gloucester 
Ferguson W, mes civ ser, 91 Chapel 
Fernaville Wm, painter, 339 King 
Ferris E C, laundry, 329 Maria 
Fest Wm, confectioner, 44 Bideau , 
Fewks T, lab'r, 37 Albert Avenue 
Filiatrault A, shoemkr, 289 Water 
Filiatrault J Bte. mason, 37 St 

Filteau L N, clerk, dept pub works 
Finan P, fruit dealer, 65 York 
Finch Heury, 692 Albert 
Finch Wm, bricklayer, 162 Priel 
Findlay Alex, mason, 23 Daly 
Fingland Wm, merchant, 171 Daly 
Fingland W, official assignee, 68 

Fingland & Draper, dry goods, 661 

Fink J J. plasterer, 9 St Joseph 
Finlay John, laborer, 414 Nepean 
Finlayson Mrs J N, 36 Mosgrove 
Finley Wm, clerk, 124 Nicholas 
Finn T H, grocer, 193 Water 
Finnester Daniel, 108 King 
First Baptist Church, Queen 
Fisher A, clerk c s, 306 Theodore 
Fisher Geo, agent, 278 Sussex 
Fisher Mrs Geo, widow, 219 Albert 
Fiekey Hy, laborer, 37 St Andrew 
Fiss^ault A, civil ser, 278 Wilbrod 
Fitzgerald J, laborer, 269 King 
Fitzgerald Thos, laborer, 84 Bell 
Fitzpatrick J, laborer, 108 Queen w 
Fitzpatrick Mrs, widow, 566 Albert 
Fitzsimmons J, laborer, 226 Queen 
Fitzsimmons J, farmr, 102 Theodore 
Fitzsimons P, grocer, 65 Water 
Fitzsimons & Browne, grocers, 63 

Fitzsimons J, watchman, 248 Albert 
Fleck A, founder, 418 Wellington 
Fleck A W, clerk, 674 Wellington 
Fleming Alex, carter, 162 Queen 
Fleming Andrew, carter, 176 Queen 
Fleming Sandford, chief engineer 

C P By, h 295 Daly 
Flemming J, stonecutter, 26 Daly 
Flemming Simpson, millwright, 92 

Fletcher John, carpenter, 216 St 

Flint William, groom 106 Nicholas 
Flood Mark, laborer, 46 Baird 


• iir 

' W : 

1 'J 

t' i 

' ^ •'■In 



- '^ { .'n I ii . 1 . ' J 1 Si 

;l '• 

■i \ 

• li 


Oct ymr Floor and Oil Cloths at SHOOLBRBD A. CO*S. 



:'\ , 

^uj, m^^^' 

Kill '.'.M 


'if 'Hi;' '' 


. ■« J ^ ," ; H 



Qet your ComioM »t 8H00LBBBD ft 00.fl, the lugeat lUwk in ths dty. 

Flood Michael, teamster, 62 Baird 
Floyd Thos, carp'nter, 142^81 Paul 
Flynn Wm, laborer, 2611 DalhouHie 
Fobb Mr« John, washerwoman, 186 

Fo^artv Bernard, iab'rer, 66 St Paul 
Foiey Alxia, tnemth, 1888t Andr«w 
Foisy H'nry, tnsmth, 236 Dalhousie 
Foisy J Z, grocer, 73 HeSBerer 
Foisy Pierre, stone-cutter, 289 St 

Foisy Xavier, clerk, 411 St Patrick 
Foley Rev D F, sec to Bishop, 143 

St Patrick 
Foley John, laborer, 248 Bolton 
Foley Miss Kate, dressmaker, 879 

Foley Mrs, widow, 72 Chapel 
Foley Moses, porter, 136 George 
Fooks F, London Restaurant, 32 

Rideau, h 225 Sussex 
Fooke Geo, brcklyr, 155 St Andrew 
Foran John, policeman, 315 Ridea" 
Forbes Thomas, 370 King 
Forcier Jean, joiner, 79 Holton 
Ford Mrs George, 277 Water 
Ford Mrs, widow, 374 Sparks 
Ford Mrs, widow, 18 Kent 
Forde George, grocer, 181 Rideau 
Forfar T F, seed, flowers and impls 

135 Sparks, h 199 Slater 
Forgie A G, mercht, 408 Slater 
Forgie John, boarding-house, 201-3 

Forgie John, mer, 198 Concession 
Fornier John, printer, bils Mrs Sut- 
ton's, 98 Albert 
Forrest Lt Col, 14 Kent 
Forrest Patrick, labr, 176 Water 
Forrester James, 512 All>ert 
Forsyth Mrs Mary, wid, 323 Rideau 
Forsyth W F, private sec to Presi- 
dent of Council 
Fortier Mrs B, laundr, 164 Church 
Fortier Francis, laborer, 132 Middle 
Fortier Jos, carter, 184 St Patrick 
Fortier J G, clerk, P O dept 
Fortier Leonard, laborer, 214 St An- 
Fortier L N, clerk, dept public wks 
Fortier Octave, clerk, P O dept, 49 

Fortier Octave, civ ser, 9 Rear 
Fortier P, laborer, 38 McGee 
Fortin Louis, laborer, 38 St Andrew 
Foster J, sexton Presbyterian Ch, 

285 Sparks 
FosterJC, joiner, 238 Wellington 
Foster Mrs, widow, 228 Queen 

Fosbery H T,clk C S, 381 Wilbrod 
Fotheringham J, inspector Wator 

Works, 46 Queen, West 
Fotu !P, laborer, 41 Division 
Foubert Ant, laborer, 116 Church 
Foubert A,, 120 Britannia ter 
Foubert Norbert, laborer, 134Water 
Foubert P, laborer, 27 St Andrew 
Fournier Mrs C, boardiog-hse, 146 

Fournier Damase, hotel keeper, 66 

Fournier P, laborer, Albert Island 
Fournier Hon T, postmastor-^pnri 
Fournier T, clerk, 103 ChuroU 
Fouvrette C, plasterer, 29 Friel 
Fowler Geo, messenger Department 

ot Inland Revenue 
Fowler J no. messenger Department 

of Inland Revenue. 
Fowler Sidney ,plasterer, 118 Nelson 
Fowler S, of Henderson & Co, 572 

Fowler SH, 411 Maria 
Fowler Miss, tailoress, 366 Cum- 
Fowler Mrs, widow, 572 Albert 
Fox Chas, shoemaker, 131 King 
Fox D, boarding house, 39 Clarence 
Frampkev Henry, labr, 69 Redpath 
Francis Wm, laborer, 188 Clareoce 
Franklin Geo, contractor, 691 Well- 
Fraser Alex, laborer, 385 Maria 
Fraser Alex, carpenter, 283 St Paul 
Fraser A.lex, civ ser, 274 Clarence 
Fraser D, hardware, 164-166 Bridee 
Fraser Donald, blacksmith, 144 

Fraser James, pattern maker, 64 

Fraser James, clrk Surrogate court, 

122 Daly 
Fraser Jonn, laborer, 126 Lisgar 
Fraser John, C S clerk, bds at J B 

McKenzie's, 135 Albert 
Fraser, J A, photograpr 460 Sussfx 
Fraser J A, C S clerk, bds at Mies 

Christies, 22 Albert 
Fraser Mchl, grocer, 304 St Andrew 
Fraser Michael, grocer, 2 Rose 
Fraser Richard, mason, 427 Liagar 
Fraser Wallace, blacksmith, 36 


Fraser , boiler-mkr, 228 Queen 

Fraser Mrs, widow, 20 Cathcart W 
Fraser Mrs, widow, confectionery, 

91 Duke 
Frichette Wm, clerk, P dept 

Paper Ruled at ALBX. AIOaTIMBa>8t Spwrlu Btreot. 


(ioi. to ' 
Qtniral , 
Ma»//r Gt 
Hiitil kt 1 

any buiu i 

irn maker, 64 
urrogate court, 

::>. Hi 

Post Office Sa;mgs Bank, Caaadar ! 1' |i r! ,^^^ 

WHf HMHM*tHH|aNt.nt.ntaHMf Htf«MlH4«m*> *l'«H**W*Hi*ttilH|#Hif» 


>; The following Post Office SftvlngH BanlcA In Ontarin nnd Quebec are ojicn «Uily for th« 
r't'eiyt an<l repayment of.Ueiioaltfi, (hirliig the ordinary hours of Pout Offlr brntinem. i 

2. The direct aemirity of the DoiDinion ia given by the Mtatnte for all dejioaltH made. 

*;> ■ 

.'). Any parson may have « deposit account, and may 'deposit yearly any number of dollars, 
frmn tl up to |300, or more with the permission of the Postmaster Oeueral. 

4. Deposits may b« made by married women, ami deposits no made, or made by women 
who shall afterwards marry, will be rei<aid tu any mich Avoman. 

5. Ah reaiiects children under ten years of nge, money may be deposited— 

KiasTLY -By a |>arent or friend a« Trustee for the oliild, in which case the dnpo-ilts can lie 
willidrawn by the Trustee imtll the child shall -ittain the nge of ten yearK, after which time rejiay- 
ment will be made only on tiie joint receipt of bii'tli Tnistee and child. 

Sbcondlv— In the child's own name--and, if ho (le])osited, repayment will not he. made nri'ill 
the child sliaU attain the age of ten yearn. 

6. A depositor in any of the itavings Bank Post Offices may continue his deposits at any 
otiwr of such offl(!eB, without notice or change of Pass Book, and can withdraw money a', that 
Havings Bank Office which is most convenient to him. For instance, If he makes his tirst Ueposit 
at the Sayings Bank at Cobimrg, he may make furth.'^r tieposits at, or withdraw his money through, 
tlie Poat Ofhce Bank at Colllngwood or Qitebec, Harnia, Brockville or any place which may be 
ronvenlent to him, whethfer he continue to reside at Cobou^g or remove to wmie other place. 

7. Each depositor is supplied with a Pass Jinok, which is to be produced to tlie Postmaster 
every time the de|iosltor jHiys in or withdraws money, - ami the sumM }«ld In or withdrawn are 
enteretl therein by the Postmaster receiving or piiyiiig tlie sHme. 

a Sach depositoi-'s account is kept in tlic roHtinnstvr OcnerarH ( >fflc4>, in Ottawa, and iu oddi' 
iini. to tts Postmaster's receipt in 'Ute Pass Rook, n tliirii rusktunfledttttunt fivm the PottmaiAtr 
(hn<m{ for each turn pnUi in is sent to the deiHisitor, If this a(^knowle<lgmeut does not reach the 
(leiMWitor within ten days fhmi the <iate (>f his deitosit, '^s vultU apply ImatdUitely to tht Ptit- 
maskr General, by Utter, heAng niv'fnl tn tfirr hin tiMtvun, nwl, if n^fftmo-y, itntw hU apjfilmtion 
■HiilU he receive* a $atitfadtoi-y rqt/y. 

9. When a depositor wishes to witlulraw iiimiey, he can do so by applying to the Postmaster 
(leiieral, who wttl sewl him by return mail a chetiue for the amount, iiayable at whatever flyings 
Bimk Post Office the depositor may have nameil in his application. 

10. Interest at the rate of 4 per' cent, per annum is aUowe<l «u deposits, and the interest Is 
Hildov. to the principal on the 80th June in cadi year. 

11. Postmasters are forbidden by law to disclose the name of any depositor, or tJie amouiit of 
any sum ileposited or withdiawn. 

12. Ko charge is made to depositors on paying in or drawing out money, nor for Pasa Books, 
nnr for postage on eoramunioatlons with the Postmaster General in relation to their deiwaits. 

18. Tlie Postmaster Oeiien>I is always ready to receive and attend to all iqiplications, com- 
plaints, or other coramunic.itions addressed to him by depositors or others, relative to Post Office 
Huviiigg Bank biisSuess. 

-^■L v-r^ 

'#'( !^ I 

■■■' •i'ili 

J: {> 

.': ■:\: 



r.V.i''-.VV';:-J!P>."iW9i ,• 



" iili! Ili. 




J mi 


14. A full lUtmient of the reguUtions of the l'u«t Offlcc Having* lUiik may Ite imii at uiv uf 
the Po«t OfficvR named in the foUowlng liat: 

Acton Vale 




Aleundria ' 











Atqani ,■, -jj? ii^. 

FsntHiU j^ 
fJtt IMe '"T' 

• &^- 

»:^:l ^'^ 






Qeotgetown , 

















Bond Head 













Bridge water 















■ Knowltou 



CaHetou PUce 


Chanibly Canton 



Cliathain, Weat 







Lennoxville . 





Clinton • 






Colberne * 









Cornwall . 



- Meaford 





DruraraondvlUe, W 



Wille Roohea 


Milton, Weal 








Muuut Brydges 

Meant Fonst 


Murray Bay 




Newbury ' 


New Rltlintiurgli I 

New Uaraburg 



North flower 





Oil Springs 









Owen Sound 











Point bt diaries 

Portag« du Fort 

Port Burwell 

Port Collwrne 

Port Dalhouaie 

Port Dover < 

Port P:*« 

Port Hooinaon 

Port Rowan 

Port Stanley 

Port Elgin 



Prince Albert 




Hiehmond, East 

Riuhmondt West 

Richmond Hill 


Riviere du Lonpenbas 




St Andrews, Bast 

St Catharines, West 

St Cearrire 

StByaelnthe ■ 

St Jaeoba 

St Jeronw) 

St John's, Bast 

St Mary's, Blanohuni 

St PauTs Bay 

St Roehe de QuhIhi 

Smith's Falls 

Sonth Qne'tcu 
Three Rivera 
Vankleek HiU 
Waterloo, East 
Weterlori, West 
Wellington Square 
West Fvrnham 

West Winchester 
. Woodstock 

, , Further Office* will be added from time to time. 

Post Officb Departmbnt, 

Ottawa, 8eptenibi»r, 187^ 

■Mn nt uiv of 

VI •■■■ • ■';.ii'' ■ "■ V, ,1 ' , "' f ■".' '■ 



A. UOBTIIEER, Bookbinder sad Stationer, Sparks Street. 

Frkk Prbbs OrrioE, Ghas W Mit- 
chell, proprietor, 6 Elgin 
French T P, P O inspector, 110 Daly 
French T B, clerk, uept pnb works 
French St Vincent de Puul Society, 
Ed Millotte, president, 390 Sussex 
Freudenberg E, jeweller & watch- 
maker, 427 Sussex 
Friedrick T, brasefounder, 116 Rid- 

eau, h 287 Nicholas 
Fripp H R, civ eerv'ce, 3<]9 Rideau 
Fripp Mrs, widow, 225 Sparks 
Frost & Wood, agri implements, 

Miller A T, agent, 96 Rideau 
Fruit Depot, Aness agt, 127 Spark 
Fink Chae, clerk, 172 Clarence 
Fullerton James, grocer, 131 Kent 
Fullin Thomas, laborer, 4 Sherwood 
Fury Patrick, laborer, 182 Water 
Gafney B, tailor, 167 St Andrew 
Gafney D, hair-dresser, 41 Clarence 
Gagn6 C, tailor, 660 Maria 
Gagn4 L N, painter, 175 St Andrew 
Gagn6 & Co, tailors, 310 Wellington 
Gagnoo C, mason, 462 St Patrick 
Gagnon Joseph, laborer, 9 Rose 
OagDon X, mason, 264 St Patrick 
Galarnean J, baker, 25 St Joseph 
Galarneau J B, hotel, 426 Sussex 
Gale — , 66 O'Connor 
Galerneaux A, Ibr, 283 Cumberland 
Galibois Geo, laborer, 31 Rose 
Gall Wm, laborer, 362 Nepean 
Gallagher A, butcher, 419 Lisgar 
Gallagher H, laborer, 42 Nelson 
Gallagher H, printer, 146 Augusta 
Gallagher J, laborer, 123 AuguKta 
Gallagher Mich, laborer, 377 Bank 
Gallagher M, huckster, 147 Clarence 
Gallagher P, tailor. 111 Water 
Gallagher T, builder, 97-99 Metcalfe 
Gallagher T, contractor, 219 Maria 
Gallagher M,firetnau, departmental 

buildings staflP 
Gallop Mrs, dress * mantle maker, 

601 Wellington 
Gamble Alex, laborer, 291 Lisgar 
Gamester F, carp'ter, 230 Augusta 
Gamman Miss E, dreusinaker, 226 

Gamman Thos, plast'r, 223 Rideau 
Qamsby C H, engineer, C P R 
Gane W L, civ ser, 226 Queen 
Garden E O, engineer, C P Railway 
Gardien L, laborer, 97 Water 
Gardner David, clerk, 146 Slater 
Gardner Wm, builder, 202 Bank 
Gareau C, carter, 290 St Patrick 
Gareau Leon, grocer, 31 jt Chapel 

Qariepy J, flour and feed store, 211 

Garipey D, plasterer, 18 Shamrock 
Garland N, clerk P dcpt 
Garland, Mutchinor & Co, wholesale 

dry goods, 155 a 157 Sparks 
Garlick Mrs Thos, 84 Stewart 
Garneau Alfred, civ ser, 205 Daly 
Garneau A, butcher, 70 Friel 
Garneau Mrs Josephine, drtssmkr, 

235 Clavence 
Garneau N, stonecttr, 32 St Joseph 
Garno J G, cutter, 117 El^fiii 
Garon H, clerk, Dep of Agriculture 
Garon Mrs M, trader, 65 JJritiinnia 

Giiron P, millwright, 352 St Patrick 
Garroau P, laborer, 35 Nt'lsoii 
Garrett A, mineralogist, 13 O'Con- 
nor, 313 Maria 
Garrett H J, civ ser, 108 Gloucester 
Garrett Wm, laborer, 182 Arthur 
Garrow Jas, stonecutter, .^09 Nepean 
Garvcy Jainep, laboriT, 175 Arthur 
Garvin M J, blac kcriuth. 37 George 
Gary JamcH, laborer, 234 Murray 
Gascon Leon, joiner, 23 Papinea'u 
Gas Co office, C T Bate presdt, 50 

Gas Works, John Holt supnt, 340 

Gatiueau Stage oftioe, 61 Besserer ■ 
GauUl Wm, ^tne mason, 178 Water 
Gaulet Jean Bte, painter, 12 Friel 
Gaulin L E, cari'iage pro, 213 Well- 
GauTy John, cutter, 288 Bay 
Gout David, hairdresser. 146 Water 
Gauthier Addel, elk, 231 Dalhoasie 
Gauthier Alex, letter-carrier, 561 

St Patrick .^ .^ 

Gauthier Baptiste, laborer, 143 St 

Gauthier Edmonde, blacksmith, 83 

Gauthier Ed, laborer, 300 Water 
Gauthier G, hairdresser, 110 Rideau 
Gauthier Jas, clerk, 730 Maria 
Gautliier Pierre, laborer, 497 St 

Gauthier Wm, etnecttr, 236 Nepean 
Gautier J, boarding house, 34 By 

Ward Market Square 
Gautier F E A, clerk, dept Marine 

and Fisheries 
Gauvreau Jean, cabinet maker, 41 

Gauvreau Jean, lab'r. 248 Cathcart 
Gauvreau J Bte, labr, 367 Clarence 

PoUir Reflrlgerator keeps Moat 

Mid Fish lu hot weatlier. KSMONO'X.S* 

■S ' I 


.. ■ ■■ •■ I 





? I 


4 :m 






■ •■ 'I'ai' . 

il ■ 

' I." II 


!' ! 

f J 



Oolllnfwood A Lake Superior Boytl Mali Llm of Sttameri. 0*OOIHOB A WILLEB, Igti 

Gauvreau Louis, joiuer, 49 Augusta 
Oauvreau Pre, joiner, 340 Clarence 
Gauvreau Xavior, laborer, 321 St 

Gavin Jeremiah, janitor QBE, 181 

Gavin Peter, laborer, 126 Sherwood 
Geare Wm N, fruit 8t're,519 Sussex 
Geddes W A, clerk C S, 369 Oaly 
Gelhausen P J, tcbaoconist, 63 

Gemmell J J, barrister, 222 Dalj 
Genaud J A, assistant French trans- 
lator, House of Commons 
Gendreau A E, hairdreaser, 62 Wel- 
lington, h 392 St Patrick 
Geneau Henry, founder, 50 Britan- 
nia terrace 
Genest Francois, tanner, 501 St 

Geoffrion Hon Felix, min of inland 
revenue, Dept of Inlund Bevenue 
George Robt, oiler, Ottawa water 

works pump house, Wellington 
George St Fire Station, Jos A Smith, 

Germain Dr, 112 Queen west 
Germain E, tailor, 82 Water 
Germain Edmond, tanner A currier, 

337 Clarence 
Germain G, merchant, 92 Cathcart 
Germain J G, M D, 207 Murrav 
Germain Louis, laborer, 281 Cum- 
Germain N, merchant, 112 Daly 
German Th^odule, laborer, 324 St 

Germain N & Sou,' tinsmiths, 637 

Germain & Mongenais, dry-goods 

merchants, 521 Sussex 
German Lutheran Church, Wilbrod 
Gervaifl Pierre, labr, 218 Cathcart 
Gervais Raphael, labr, 21 Friel 
G G F Guards' Armory, Keating 

Jas, caretaker, 7 St Paul 
Gibbons Henry, labr, 325 Nicholas 
Gibbs H, solr of patents, 169 Daly 
Gibbs & CoursoUe, eolrs of patents, 

5 O'Connor 
Gibout Lucien, mason, 269 Church 
Gibson B, contractor, 419 St Paul 
Gibson Geo, laborer, 467 Maria 
Gibson Jas, contractor, 89 York 
Gibson John, 179 Slater 
Gibson John, printer, 226 Albert 
Gibson J H P, confectnr, 44 Sparks 
Gibson P, blacksmith, 268 Queen 
Gibson B W, grocer, 398 Clarence 

Gibson Thofl, laborer, 40 Friel 
Gibson Wm, blacksmith, 206 Bank 
Gibson Wm, butcher, 2*3, Victoria 

market, Queen west 
Gibson W A, blacksmith, 112 Queea 
Giemey H, laborer, 178 Cambridge 
Gignac Geo, laborer, 620 St Patriclc 
Gignac X, mason, 68 Water 
Gilbat Hy, blacksmith, 163 Queen 
Gilbeau A, laborer, 169 Queen 
Gilbert A, mason, 163 Broad 
Gilbert Fred, messenger Senate, 252 

GiU)ert John, grocer, 94 Chapel 
Gilbreadsen Andr6, messenger, 65 

Gilchrist J H, carpenter, 226 Cum- 
GILES A R, washing mach mflr, 84 

Gill Cnas, painter, 63 Baird 
Oillchrist J, labr, 118 St Andrew 
Oillchrist W, millwriebt, 626 Albert 
Gillespie A, laborer, 66 Stewart 
Gillie Jas, carpenter, 462 Lewis 
Gillies Jas, cutter, 233 St Paul 
Gillies J, stnecttr, 4463 Cumberland 
Gilmour A, lumberer, 36 Vittoria 
Gilmour H, contractor, 622 Rideau 
Gilmour John, 73 O'Connor 
Gilmore R, sr, surveyor, 126 Nic- 
Gilmore R P jr, book-keeper, 126 

Gilmour & Co, lum mer, 22 Bank 
Oilpin R, hotel, i>9C> Sussex 
Gilroy T, farmer, 93 Cathcart 
Gingras D, laborer, 39 St Andrew 
Giogras Mro David, 206 St Patrick 
Gingras J F, asst Fr translator. 

House of Commons 
Gingras Wm, laborer, 33 St Joseph 
Girard B, painter^ 165 King 
Girard Pierre, cabinet-maker, 232 

Giroux E, laborer, 39 Friel 
Glanister H, sexton C of E, 41 Daly 
Gleason Jas, laborer, 149 Clarence 
Oleason J, hotel, 34 York 
Gleason Jno, trader, 323 St Patrick 
Gleason J, laborer, 102 St Andrew 
Gleason H, waiter, 46 St Andrew 
Gleason Mrs K, 374 Dalhousie 
Gleason Thos, laborer, 43 McGee 
Gleen Geo, laborer, 32 Clarence 
Gliddon Wm, civ ser, 601 St Paul 
Gliddon W 8, clerk, dept sec state 
Glover T, laborer, 42 Sally 
Gobiel A, clerk, dept public works 

Doninion B. S. Oo. leave Qaebeo every ThuidaT for Liverpool. (HJONIOB ft WALLBB, Agts 




Onraay Bate Bnmer, topa the market m a heater. Only at ESMONDBV. 

Godbtout y E, tailo;'. 463 St Patrick 
Goddard N, chief clerk fiDaoce dpt, 
house H48 Daly 

Godwin Miss Charlotte; second ht ad 

atore, 81 Clarence 
Goff Geo, laborer, 90 Nicholas 
Goneau Louis, maeon, SO*) Clarence 
Qoneau L, stonectr, 609 St Patrick 
Good Jno, bricklayer, 136 Nicholas 
Goodall Jamea, grocer, 66 Augusta 
Goodchild Geo, ci> acr. 198 Botelier 
Oooderre Pierre^ lab'r, 296 Church 
Goodeve W M, civ ser, 106 O'Connor 
Goodman Joa, brcklyr. 18 Theodore 
Goodwin James, contractor, 87 


Goodwin Mrs Jr'miah, 36 Anglesea 

Goodwin John, labo'-or. 331 King 
Goodwin John, cuiler, 68 Lloyd 
Goodwin Mrs Mary, widow, 60 Met- 
Goodwin Michael, blacksmith, 260 

Goodwin Wm, blcksrath, 87 Ottawa 
Goody Mrs Rose, wid'w, 172 Murray 
Gordon Benj, surveyor H M C, 79 

Gordon Rev D M, Presbyterian, 277 

Gordon Jameo, 76 Metcalfe 
Gordon Jas, clerk, 203 Middle 
Gordon John, grocery, 487 Well- 
Gordon J M, C S elk, 25 York 
Gorman Frs, bd house, 416 Well- 
Gorman Gerald, aast engineer, 623 

Gorman Jas, laborer, 248 Nicholas 
Gorman Richard, laborer, 163 Mc- 

Gorman Wm, labr, 130 Queen west 
Gorin Joseph, 316 St Patrick 
Goslin Cyril, laborer, 62 St Paul 
GoBselin Mrs Andre, 217 Clarence 
Qosselin Honar^, stonecutter, 319 
St Andrew 

Gost Louis, organist, 113 Queen w 
Gotier Julien, labr, 91 Sherwood 
Gough G> clerk. Receiver General's 

Gough Mrs Thoa, 239 Theodore 
Goum Chas, Imbr mer, 473 Rideau 
GUUIN J A, prop Russell House, 

cor Sparks and Elgin 
Goukie Patrick, labr, 2 Sherwood 
Gould F, clerk div court, 26 York 

The lursMt stock and best Tahte In Lace 

Goulden J M, dry-goods * clothing, 

468 Sussex 
Gouldthrite Samuel, 196 Albert 
Goulet Alexia, labr, 86 Britannia ter 
Goulet Alfred, laborer, v>4 Ottawa 
Goulet Edouard, labr, 31 Chapel 
Goulet Jean, labr, 131 Britannia ter 
Goulet Joseph, labr, 81 Church 
Gorpile Chas N, elk, 374 St Patrick 
Gourdeau F, civ eer, 371 Daly 

Goulien , flour store, 64 Duke 

Govareau Albert, cptr, 31 Anglesea 

Oow John senr, 266 Stewart 
Gow J W, magr, dept Militia * Def 
Gowan Hunter, rnxmo dealer, 222 

Gowau Hunter, 8o Cooper 
Gowan J H, 143 Gilbert 
Gowan Robert, cptr, 329 Gloucester 
Gowan H <& J, music etore & hall, 

113* 116 Sparks 
Gowan's Opera House, 132 to 138 

Goyer David, jew'lr, 110 O'Connor 
Graburn C, »^ook-kpr, 342 Wilbrod 
Graburn L ieputy registrar, 66 

Graburn, Mannaduke, civil service, 

34 Slater 
Grace Pierce, 41 Kent 
Grafton E, uph'lstr, 379 Gloucester 
Graham Alex, civil Her, 236 Maria 
Graham A, clerk, 267 Maria 
Graham B, cab-driver, IDSTheodore 
Graham D, foreman, 135 Middle 
Graham D, gentleman, 316 Daly 
Graham J, blacks'th, 133 Nicholas 
Graham J, clerk, P dept 

GRAHAM JOHN, proprietor Union 
House, Elgin 

Graham John, laborer, 264 Stewart 
Gral^am John, carpenter, 229 Bank 
GRAHAM ROBERT, pro Albion 

Hotel, Daly & Nicholas 
Graham R H, stonecutter, .311 


Graham Mis Sarah, grocer, 100 

Graham W, draughtsman, dept 

public works 
Graham Wm, messenger, 3 Rear 
Graham W, gentleman, 42Clfcrence 
Graham's Hotel — D McRae, man, 

466 Sussex 
G T R Ticket Office— Alexr Taylor, 

agt, 30 Sparks 
Grant A, millwright, 116 Chaudiere 

Cnrtalna at SHOOLBRBD «tt CO>8^ 

i ,(-' 

<' ,' 


* ■',: I 







Qntbeo Bnd Onlf Ports StoamBhlp Oompuyi O'CONNOR 4 WALLER, Agti. 

I 1 



Grant A, hardware, 65G Sutiaex, h 

106 liesHerer 
Grant Alex, carpenter, 273 Albert 
Grant Mrs Alpine, IGl Au|ruHta 
Grant D, haii'-dreBser, 569 SuHsex 
Grant l> A, civ eer, 598 Wellington 
Grant D M, nian'gr Daw«uii Route, 

150 Besaercr 
Grant F & J, jewellers, 391 Wel- 
Grant G, cus dept, 326 Theodore 
Grant Geo, civ eer, 145 Albert 
Grant Hennr, clerk, 220 Albert 
Grant Mrs I, 373 Clarence 
Grant Dr J A, 141 Kideau 
Grant J F, hardware mer, 367 Wel- 
Grant Mrs widow, 115 O'Connor 
Grant Mrs, widow, 617 Bideuii 
Gratton G, mason, 296 St Andrew 
Gratton J, blksmith, 259 St Andrew 
Gravel A, trader, 86 Clarence 
Gravel D, laborer, 24 Notre Dame 
Gravel Louis, 19 By Ward market, 

h 65 Bolton 
Gravel N, carver, 385 St Patrick 
Gravel Nap, laborer, 146 St Andrew 
Gravel P, joiner. 428 St Patrick 
Gravell A, second-hand store, 1 

Gravelle Andre, joiner, 215 Clarence 
Gravelle Cha^, hotel, 55 Murray 
GraveJie Fabie-i, carter, 41 Church 
Gravelle Wm, laborer, 37 Cobourg 
Graves James, t'oremaii, 283 Bridge 
Graves Mrs, widow, 94 Bank 
Graves Bros, tiusnuths, 84 Sparks 
Gray -Wm, clerk Sheriire olHce, 106 

St Paul 
Grecque R, musician, 40 St Andrew 
Green Adam, plasterer, 11 McGee 
Green Mrs C, Loarding-hKe, 12 Rear 
Green Jas, laborer, 265 Bank 
Green James, laborer, 70 Redpath 
Green Patrick, laborer, 98 King 
Green W, brding-hfe, 95 Gloucester 
Green Wm, printer, 245 Nichola;* 
Greenaway J, plumber, 337 Wilbrod 
Greene G B, secretary, 206 iliddle 
Gregnon A, carj>enter, 291 Clarence 
Gregoire L, laborer, 406 Sparks 
Gregory H, laborer, 207 Dalhousie 
Gregson S, bricklayer, 75 Duke 
Grenier J Bte, meHsenger, 147 St 

Grenier J Bte, mees, 329 Clarence 
Grey Harry H, clerk, finance dept 
Grey J, pattern-maker. 111 Sher- 

Grier Wm, wholesale drT goode, 

162-164 Sparks, house 267 Queen 

Griffin W H, dcpy postmMter gnl 

300 Sparks 
Griftm H W, clerk P dept 
Griffith Franklin, expresstnao, 109 

Grison Mrs C L. 178 St Patrick 
Grison J L, bookkepr, 99 Sherwood 
Orison L, tinsmith, 468 St Patrick 
Grison L A, printer, 363 Friel 
Grist H, sol citr of pats, 7 COonnor 

251 Theodore 
Grist John, pat agent, 616 St Paul 
Groome Wm. meas, 279 Maria 
(jroulx A, laborer, 16 Friel 
Groulx Alphonse, dry gooda 196 

Groulx Calixte, atone maaon 237 

Groulx F X, joiner, 80 St Andrew 
Gioulx Joseph, carter, 246 Church 
Groulx Jos, laborer, 13 Friel 
Groulx J Bte, lab'rer, 21 St Joseph 
Groulx J Bte, laborer, 93 Water 
Groulx J Bte, laborer, 9 Friel 
Groulx J Bte junr, laborer, 11 Friel 
Groulx Louiu, laborer, 63 Broad 
Groulx Ondsime, policeman, 472 St 

Groulx Stanislas, blacksmith, 124 

Groulx Xavier, dry gds, 74 Church 
Groulx X & A, dry gds A clothing 

470 Sussex 
Groulx X & A, merchta, 277 Well- 
Groulx Z, mason, 187 Cumberland 
Guard ipc Thos, lather, 282 Cum- 
Gurnard Antoine, laborer, 270 8t 

Guenctte Louis, brush maker, 216 

Guerarde Frs, stnecttr, 286 Church 
Guerin Cyrillc, blacksmith, 113 

Guertin Adolphe, lab'rer, 22 McGee 
Guertin Mrs F X, grocer, 193 St 

Guery Ed, culler, 231 Cumberland 
Guibalt David, tailor, 32 Murray 
Guitar Maxinie, baker, 226 Murray 
Gunn Alex, mason, 286 Albert 
Gunn John, laborer, 262 Cathcart 
Guppy n, carpenter, 118 Queen 
Guignard John A, teacher, 38 Daly 
Gurney Jas, fruit store, 206 Sparks 
Gurrv Ed, laborer, 112 St Andrew 

Some, Watertown and OgdenBbnrg Bailroad' O'CONBOS 4 WALLl^i Affnti. 



0«t jear Oarp«ti from IHOOLBBED * OO.'I, the lufMt tad ohMpMt itook in tlM city 

Outhry RichJ, laborer, 371 Clarence 
Hackea N, agent, 226 Clarence 
Hacket Janien, law clerk, 2S York 
Hagarty F, laborc, 135 Clarence 
Huggerty J, I'ruit aeoler, 353 Rideau 
liable J, foreman, 26 Cuniberlaud 
Haig Hamlet, laborer, 212 Bank 
Hiiig James S, clerk, 212 Bank 

galey Wm, laborer, 418* Clarence 
alfp^nny Q, trader, 7 Cathcart 
Halfpenny — , ehoemkr, 476 Somer- 

Halfpenny Mrs, widow, 380 Con- 

Halkett J B, civ Her, 128 Arthur 
Hall A 8, contractor, 22 Victoria 

Hall C, laborer, 372 Dalhouaie 
Hail E, confect'r, 214 Wellington 
Hall E, forwarder, 279 Albert 
Hall Jas, carter, 73 Henev 
Hall John, liiborer, 383 Clarence 
Hall Tohn R. cl rk, dept of justice 
Hall Wm, laborer, 152 Bank 
Hall Wm, laboret,214 Hotelier 
Hall Mrs, dresevnaker, 72 Vittoria 
Hallaire A, grocer^ 248 Dalhouaie 
Hallaire A, restaurant, 22 Rideau 
Hallandale F, Britannia Inn, 319 

Halligan William, lbr,136 Nicholas 
Hamel, Pierre, carp'tr, 3 McGee 
Hfvniel Theophile, labr, 250 Water 
L'",mel Mrs, widow, 669 Rideau 
Hiauiilton MfrsAlexander, 117 Nelson 
Haiuilton David, 19 Division 
Hamilton Lieut F, 9th B'oot, aide- 
de-camp to the Oov Gen 

Hamilton Jaa J, blacksmith, 170 

8t Paul, h 821 Rideau 
Hamilton P S, detective, 531 Maria 
Hamilton R, bailiff, 116 Clarence 
Hamilton Mrs R, 77 Dalhousie 
Hamilton William, labr, 334 Bridge 
Hamilton Wm, dry-goods merchant, 

85 Vittoria 
Hamilton Bros, I'br mer — Hiram 

Robinson, man, 356 Sussex 
Handy Peter, shoem'kr, 133 Murray 
Haney & Forgie, dry-goods, 332 

Hanley Herbert, tailor, 91 King 
Hanlcn Miss Mary, grocery, 321 

Hannan George, bricklayer, 235 

Hanney Steven, labr, 276 St Patrick 

Hannum Jas M T, man E B Eddy, 

19 Slater 
Hanrahan Jos, btch'r, 98 Sherwood 
Hanrahan Mrs, grocer, 96 Sherwood 
Hanrahan Bros, butchers, 512 Well- 

Hant Gregory, laborer, 24 Augusta 
Harbour Joseph, shoemaker 228 

Hardiok Mrs, millinr, 100 Cathcart 
Hardie John, civ sor, 224 Maria 
Hardinge C, C S clerk, bds at Mrs 

McLennau's, 20 Albert 
Hardy Henry, clerk, 116 O'Connor 
Hardy Robt, 107 O'Connor 
Hardy Mrs, young women's homOf 

333 k 335 Nepean 
Har^rave G H, clerk P O dept 
Hanngton £ H, clerk, finance dept 

12 Rear 
Harington T D, Depty Receiver Onl 

12 Rear 
Harkin, Wm, clerk, 26 Sherwood 
Harmon Miss, ladies schl, 49 Daly 
Harpe Luc, grocer, 461 8t PatricK 
Harper J W, puymstr, dept Public 

Harper — , lioukkocpr, 124 George 
Hurrighuu Michael, laborer, 269 St 

Harrington M, laborer, 85 Dalhousie 
Harrington W H, clerk P O dept 
Harris Abel, grocer, 362 St Patrick 
Harris Abel, grocer, 224 King 
Harris George, 22 St Paul 
Harris Geo A, forwarder and wood 

merchant, 267 * 269 Canal east 
Harris R P, upholsterer, 53 Bolton 
Harris T, grocer, 37 Le Breton 
Harris & Campbell, cabinet makers 

and upholsterers, 158 Sparks and 

266 Sussex 
Harrison C, laborer, 284 Bridge 
Harrison Jno, engineer, 45 Division 
Harrison T H, auctionr, 145 Sparks 
Hart — , blksmith, 184 Cumberland 
Hartley P, trader, 127 Kent 
Hartney E P, clerk H of Commons 
Hartney H, deputy clerk. House of 

Commons, 390 Sparks 
Hartney T, waiter, 283 Dalhousie 
Hartney Mrs, widow, 191 Friel 
Hartwell Alex, ins agt, 169 Augusta 
Harvey Mrs C J, widow, 43 Queen 
Harvey T, laborer, 82 Nelson 
Harvey Wm, miner, 268 Cathcart 
Harvie Colin, gasfitter, 382 King 
Hassan Hut'h, policeman, 319 King 
Hasty T, bookbinder, 164 Sally 

Blank B«olui uuulc at AI<BX. MORTIMBR'St Bparlu Street. 


'Hi ^ •. ,| 


' :-,'•;«■..'■• !' ) 

,: ''I . 

'■■I'-- " t 





i lii: 

: i 


- 'I'j 





, I 

Vi ' 1 


A BMUitifta liM of Bwtlo Chain, UttmfM, *o., tX 

HafltvMrt 7,154 88117 
Baton W, clerk, Finance Dept 
Hater Betij, lal>orcr, 221 Friel 
HauH«r A, fancy goods, 97 Ilideaii 
Havelon Jat, laborer, 63 DalliouHio 
Hawes E, laborer, CG4 St Patrick 
Hawken J, carpenter, 3H0 Uideau 
Hawkins A G. Lk-knr, 119 Augusta 
Hawkins E, clerk, 100 Queen went 
Hawkins £ E, gents furniahings, 

027 Sussex 
Hawkins Edwd, laborer, Gl Lluyd 
Hawkins W, clerk, bds at N Atkin- 
son's, 261 Albert 
Hawley A, cttri)eiiter, 231 St Paul 
Hay G, hardware mercht, 64 Smrkn 
Hay Henry, civil service, 144 Slater 
Hay Jas, carpenter, 2G4 Queen 
Hay Jan, confectioner, 27 Duke 
Hay Lawrence, laborer, 161 Queen 
Hay Thos, laborer, 260 Kinj' 
Haycock Ed, contractor, l9Nepean 
Haycock R H, barrister, 1 1 Ncpean 
Hayes F, a^Nt English translator, 

House of Coniniona 
Hayes G, clothes dlr, 217 Wellington 
Hayes M, laborer, 639 8t PatricK 
Hayeo M, carpenter, 197 Nepean 
Hayes M, porter, 36 Cobourg 
Headly J, lal)orer, 12 Nicholas 
Healy John, labcer, 204 Bank 
Hearn Vf, druggist, ?4 Kideau, h 

369 Rideau 
Heavy Mrs Cath'° iue, fruit dealer, 

69 York 
Hector T, civil ae, vice, 132 Sally 
Heddle T, carder, 2i> Hedpath 
Hedge R, laborer, 206 SparkH 
Hedlam W H, bookkeeper, 81 Daly 
Helmer N, agt, 193 Slater 
Henderflon A, tailor 2o Sally 
Henderson A, laborer, 134 Nicholas 
Henderson Dr, 88 Duke 
Henderson Jas, ma^on, 118 Queen 
Henderson W, clerk, 251 Sally 
Henderson & Go, statnrs, 20 Sparkn 
Hene> A, clerk, 66 O'Connor 
Heney C, foreman of Corporation, 

394 Gloucester 
Heney Jno, cflice, 166 Canal, house 

10 Dalhousie 
Heney Robt, mason, 222 Friel 
Heney & Co, saddlers, 629 Sussex 
Henigan Mrs P, 137 Nelson 
Henlon Miss M, grocer, 99 Besserer 
Hennessy P, laborer, 661 Somerset 
Hennessy Thos, laborer, 119 Nelson 
Henricks Peter, millwright, 12 Le 


Henry Chan, carpenter, 248 Queen 
Henry Edwd, Duffcrin House, :^03 

Henry Jniiic^*, 209 Slater 
Henry John M B, excise office, *;% 

St Patrick 
Henry K J, clerk, dept of interior 
Heppeiir^tall George, carpenter, 17 

Albert avenue 
Herbert A St L, clerk, Gov GcdI's 

secretory's office 
Herliert Jesse, felt roofer, 13 All)<>rt 

Herbert J, junr, roofer, 12 Victoria 

Hcrl Win, carter, 226 Nepean 
Heron W L, civil service, bouse 201 

Herun Mrs, 47 Daly 
Hesketh Capt,paym8tr, 3S7 Sparks 
Heuston Adam, labr, 199 DiviHion 
Hewson John, furniture, 94 Rideau 
Heyden U C, 664 Maria 
Hick Robt, barrister, 178 AuguHta 
Hick Mrs R, widow, 178 > ugueta 
Hickey Mrs John, 438 Nepean 
Hickey P, carter, 13 Redpath 
Higgins Chae, labr, 343 Wellin^^ton 
HiggiuH C J, civ ser, 280 Friel 
Higgin!) Ed, foreman water works, 

Higgins E S, civil eng, 688 Albert 
Higgins Moore A, clerk, fin dept, 

house 204 St Paul 
Higgins Wm, laborer, 43 Cobourz 
Highland John, painter, 102 Co- 

Higman Geo, painter, 416i Cumber 

Higman John, 252 Rideau 
Higman Thomas, plumber, 142 St 

Hill Uamnett,MD, 721 Wellington 
Hill Hamnett. P, barrister, 681 

Hill John, grocer, 117-19 Rideau 
Hill Ralph, ticket agent, 127 Cum- 

Hill William, blacksmith, 728M8ri» 
Hill Wm, cabinet mkr, 162 Slater 
Hilliard John, labr, 120 Victoria av 
Hilliard Mrs John, 96 Murray 
Hillr.ian Geo S, soap mauuf'r, 45 

Primrose avenue 
Hilton John, civ ser, 88 Chapel 
Him 8 worth F H, elk civ ser, 71 

Himsworth William A, clerk ^rivy 

Council, 123 Daly 

0«t jronr FwnUtnre at 8HOOI<BRKD * 0O.*S 


117-19 Rideau 
agent, 127 Cum- 

-smith, 728 Maria 
nkr, 162 Slater 
■,120 Victoria av 

, 95 Murray 
oap mauuf'r, 46 

n A, clerk ?rivy 



Onn yd Boyal M all 1. 8- Oo. lalllag 'torn ]|o«to 

niiiiiworth W jr. elk dep inland rev 
Hiiicbar Anna, I'dreHH, 40fi Sparkn 
Hindi Kdwd.Ht'e ni'Hn,243 ClHrcnce 
Hiiidn Qeo, laborer, 62 NcIhom 
Hinds Hu^h. tinnniith, 304 Uideaii 
HindM Joaian, ginger ale manufac- 
turer, 233 Biav 
Hitchinffham flion, labr, 139 Water 
H()dj{e8H, hat'r * I'ur'r, 117 Sparks 
H'idj{t'H James, foreman, 154 Water 
H'Hlnins Mrs, widow, 88 Linear 
Hii<l'4»on Wm, architect, 87 Albert 
II(i(l;;8on Wm, architect, 9 Cathcart 
Ho;i;un Con, laborer, 304 Dalhousie 
ilii<;un Patrick, hotel keeper, 26 

Hoj,'an Thomas, laborer, 27 Daljr 
Hugg M, barrister, 343 Maria 
Hojrue Paul, carter, 186 St Andrew 
Hollirook G M, tailor and clothier, 

41 Sparko, h 25 Uear 
Holbrook Th8,'brckl'ycT, 416 Maria 
Holden W O, printer, 200* Hotelier 
Holditch Mrs Will'm, widow, 384 

Holland Andrew, pub Citizen, 2G0 

Holland Oeo, reporter, 252 Islater 
Holland Jas, grocer, 426 Nepeaii 
Holland William, 260 Slater 
Holliiigton James, carter, 218 Friel 
Holly Con, laborer, G*) Wilbrod 
Holmes A L, bookseller & stationer 

83 Sparks 
Hohaes Henry, grocer, 26 Hill 
Holstead Wm, laborer, 193 Bank 
Holt John, foreman gaa house, 190 

Honeywell Rice, 323 Maria 
Hope Jas & Co, stationers &o 46-47 

Hopkirk H G, sec to postmaster gnl 
Hopkirk Jas, elk finance dept 
Hopkirk J E, elk P O dpt, 78 Daly 
Hopp Fred, laborer, 459 Nicholas 
Hopple John, lab'rer, Albert Island 
Horetzky Charles G, 470 Albert 
Hornidge K L, sergt of police, 379 

Hornier Mrs J B, 168 St Patrick 
Hornsbey Lawrence, laborer, 406 St 

Horsey Dr. 214 Sparks 
Horsey H H, architect, 204 Daly 
Horswell Elisha, manflr soda water 

112 Cathcart 
Horton S, laborer, 89 Nelson 
Hospital Gsnebal, Sister Sauv6, 

superioress, 43 Water 

nAM»w Twk. 0*00 11014 WiLLEK^Afts 

HotUj Fabion, carter, 64 Water 
Hotte J Bio, laln^ri r, 267 Water 
Ilotte LouIm, jabtirer, 21# Pt Andrew 
Hotte LuuIh, lalH>r* r, 1H7 M Andrew 
Hotte Mux, ciil) driver, 163 Kin^ 
Hotte S, carter, 292 St Andrew 
Hotte StanislatiH, <:arter, 69 Bolton 
Hotte Thadee, laborer, 141 King 
Hotte X, laUirer, 146 McTa^gart 
Hough M, lahun , 300 Dalhousie 
Houghton A A, i.lkHmith, 60 Bank 
HousK UP Ukfuok, James Morgan, 

manager, 25 Church 
House ov Kkkuob, P McCaflrey, 

siib-nmnapr, 27 Church 
House or UKPUdK, Miss M. Clare, 

superioress, 186 St Patrick 
Howe Geo, painter, 20 Bell 
Howe Hy, lal)orer, 101 Cumberland 
Howe H H, yardman, 441 Maria 
Howe J C, boots and shoes, 638 

Howe M, laborer, 96 Britannia ter 
Howe W, painter, 393 Cuml)erland 
Howe Wm, clerk, Dept of Interior 
Howell S, merchant, 76 Daly 
Howell Wm, clerk, 113 Augusta 
Howell S «& Co, wholesale grocers, 

67 and 69 Sparks 
Howes W B, pro Nicholas hotel, 

corner Nicholas and St Paul 
Howlet T, laborer, 330 Cumberland 
Hownsell J, carpenter, 299 Lisgar 
Hoy C, fancy bkery, 469 Wellington 
Hoy, J amen, messenger, Hou^e of 

Com' ions 
Huband Mrn, widow, 92 O'Connor 
Huburtus , painter, 171 Cum- 
Huchingamc John, clerk, 431 Cum* 

Huokell Benj, bailiff, 389 Lisgar 
Huckell Jo?< painter, 483 Cumber- 
Hudon P A, dry goods merchant, 

271 Cumberland 
Hudon P A, dry goods merchant, 

319 St Patrick 
Hudson John, carpenter, 330 Friel 
Hudson Richard, cabinet maker, 37 

Hudson T B, agent, 1D6 St Patrick 
Hudson T B, foreman Thos McKay's 

flour mills, 412 Sussex 
Hudson W D, slater, 223 Kent 
Hudy John, laborer, 72 Duke 
Hugg Joseph, stonecutter, 234 King 
Hughes James, laborer, 12 Percy 
Hughes J, architect, 126 York 

Mapi Koutad at ALU. MOBTDQl'S, Bparka Street 








I' i ■ . f -i" * "■ 

ii'Ullii^' ifij 

if ■ 'i 

•'I ■ I ^'\^W 




BMkUndiiieliB aU ttylei, a'i ALEF. KOBTIIISR'I tparka StrMt 

Hughes, J, mcsB'gr, dept of Sec of 

Hughes Terence, labr, 240 Murray 
Hughes , constable, Dominion 

Hull Wm, printer, 178 Friel' 
Hume G B, assur agt, 262 Albert 
Hume ThoH, laborer, 18 King 
Humphreys Beaucliamp, clerk, 235 

Humphries Geo, 56 Daly 
Hunter F, clerk, rec gen'I's dept 
Hunter Samuel, labr, 91 Ottawa 
Hunter Rev W J, 104 Queen 
Huntingdon Hon L S, president of 

the council 
Hunton Mrs Thos, 114 Metcalfe 
Hunton & Living, hardware, 334 

Hunton Son & Larmonth, dry goods 

merchants, 94-6 Sparks 
Huot F X, C S clerk, 25 York 
Huot Simon, lab'r, 34 Cumberland 
Hupe B. car'ge mkr, 367 Clarence 
Hupe B, car'ge mkr, 17 Clarence 
Hurley D J, grn gro, 567 Sussex 
Hurley Dennis, artist, 274 Sussex 
Hurley John, grgro, 137 Clarence 
Hurtubise Ant, carptr, 132 Nelson 
Huson Wm, waiter, 64 Bell 
Hutchison Geo, dentist, 56 Sparks 
Hutchison Mrs Wm, 163 Maria 
Hutchison W M, carpntr, 275 Maria 
Hutchison Wm, miller, 434 Queen 
Hutton Capt John, 265 Bridge 
Hutton P, clerk, 25 York 
Hyde Thomas, carter, 716 Maria 
Hylliard Mrs, grn gro, 49 York 
lliffe Thos, baker, 212 Dalhousie 
Immigration Office — W J Wills, agt, 

161-163 Sussex 
Ince George V, brdg-hse, 46 Queen 
Inch John, mason, 240 Albert 
Independent Order of Odd Fellows, 

19 O'Connor 
Inglis Henry, 501 Rideau 
Inglis Robert, steward, 34 Bolton 
Ingram Jno, salesman, 187 St Paul 
Ingram Jos, laborer, 405 Sparks 
Inland Revenue Collector's Office, 

40 Elgin 
Institut Ganadien Fran^ais — Joseph 

T»ss6, pres, 396 Sussex 
Irish St Vincent de Paul Society, 

Pat O'Meara, pres, 392 Sussex 
Irvine G, cab-dvr, 499 Cumberland 
Irvine Jas, Union Bank, 200 Daly 
Irvine J, cabinet-mkr, 144 Nicholas 
Irvine John, carptr, 240 Gloucester 

Irvine Robt, laborer, 186 Middle 
Irvine Wm, upholsterer, 153 Maria 
Irwin Wm, carter, 354^ Clarence 
Jackson H, deputy city clerk, 229 

Jackson J, grocer, 443 Maria 
Jackson J, grocer, 316-318 Wel- 
Jackson J, gov pol, 18 Anglesea sq 
Jackson J B, civ ser, 387 King 
Jacobs SI, manufactory, 83 Sparks, 

house 265 Albert 
Jacques Alex, printer,163Gloncester 
Jacques J, printer, 485 Lisgiu' 
Jalland John, culler, 80 Queen, W 
James A, carpenter, 66 Cobourg 
James H, assis architect, dept P W 
James H, laborer, 551 Wellington 
James John, grocer, 232 Stewart 
James Samuel, carter, 37 Daly 
James Bros, com merchants, 14-16 

By-Ward Market Square 
Jamieson J H, woodturner, 234 Bay 
Jamieson Robt, baker, 218 St Paul 
Jamieson Wm, baker, 537 Albert 
Jamieson W H, druggist, 49 Duke, 

house 38 Lloyd 
Jamieson R E & J C, merchants, 

634 Wellington 
Jaques Geo, laborer, 157 Church 
Jarvis E W, engineer, Can Pcific Ry 
Jarvis Geo M, civil service, 91 Daly 
Jarvis H M, elk Post Office dept 
Jarvis James, clerk, 76 Stewart 
Jarvis Saml, photo glry, 140 Sparks 
Jean Pierre, carpenter, 114 Church 
Jeanveau Mrs Ant'e, 216 St Patrick 
Jenkins Chs, P dep, 108 Metcalfe 
Jenkins Wm, spinner, 17 Redpath 
Jepps Thos, carpenter, 221 Kent 
Jervis Thos, wheelwright, 349 Dal- 
Jesson Fred, carpntr, 161 Dalhousie 
Jessop R, mess dept of Interior 
Jessop Mrs, widow, 198 Bank 
Jett6 rierr^, stnecttr, 154 Murray 
Jinks Wm, painter, 73 Nelson 
Jounette Hubert, grain, 230 Dal- 
Joban Ek^ar, shoemaker, 35 St 

Jobin Ed, shoemaker, 32 McGee 
Johnson Ed, carter, 302 St Patrick 
Johnson E, C 8, 430 St Paul 
Johnson Hiram, fr'r, 26 St Andrew 
Johnson James, comisr of customs, 

h 381 Daly 
Johnson John, elk, dept of Interior 
Johnson John, hotel kepr, 53 Duke 

Tb« w Bom Coal 8toTf«>» to Im IbiuMi oaly at BSMOUDB'S* 

er, 218 St Paul 
>r, 537 Albert 

r C, merchantB, 

loemaker, 35 St 

Parliamentary Companion 


j*^* i'^i' 

'W:i J^:i. 

IT 10 the intention of the undersigned, hereafter, to publinh the Parlia- 
HKKTART GoHFANioK in a new and enlarged form. It is warceJy 
necessary to inform old-iinte supporters of the work that all data, whether 
ui^ regards the personnel oi Parliament or its statistics, (Election Returiis luid 
otherwise) will be as full and as perfectlj^ accurate in the New Series as they 
have lieeu in the Old. It is proposed to introduce two or three new features, 
which it is hoped may tend to increase the popularity and success of the 
Companion. Oneof tfiese will be a Record of Election Trials, while another 
will be the publication in the Appendix of every political 8i)eech, election 
addresses, party •' platform," or other form of political declaration which 
has appesreil during the previous twelve months, and which may be found 
to be of sufficient importauce to warrant its being placed on record for per- 
manent, reference. In short, the editor will leave nothing undone to make 
the work a perfect political vade mecvm, invaluable, not alone to the states- 
man and ofncial, but to every one taking the slightest interest in the p\iblic 
affairs of Canada. Annual subscribers will receive the work for One Dollar ; 
aon-sub«criber8 will be charged One Dollar and Fifty Cents. 


Editor and Proprietor, OTTAWA. 



"The ii;w edition of the Parliamextarv Coupanion, edited by Mri Morgan, i», like iU 
lircdeoesRorrt, A.wdrlc of great value to the student of Canadian pulitius. It is not meiel]^ valuable 
tor it« skettlies of tlie niembera a^d nItlcerB of the leveral Le|{iRlative bodtes in the Dominion, but 
its aocceasive editioua are now becoming 'uiiiortant as historical records of the Oovemttteut and 
liolitioal changes. The present one tells of Uovernment changes in two Provinces— Qnebeo and 
Mauituba ; and general elections in four — Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, an<l Manitoba. 
Tlie changes in the ver$onnel of the niembtn-Hliip show the current of political thought The 
workings of the Eleotiuu Law leave their truces in the fact that since the general eleotlon of 1874 
lip to tlie time of tlie issue of this e<litiou no less, than thirtjc three seats had been vacated by 
judicial decision. That the Companwk that reconis all these changes in political life is annually 
gn)wiiig more ]>opular, both in and outside the Dominion, is a natural and deserved testimony to 
the ciire and correctneas with wliich it is prepared."— TorotUo Liberal. 

"Mr. H. .T. MoKun's Pai(u.<imektary Companion f6r 1875 comes to us materUUy enlarged 
in size and scope, and more than ever valuable as a book of reference It abounds with informa- 
tion lievlng nuerence to the Dominion and Pitivincial Goveriiiiieuts and Legislatures. Every 
(lossible detail is given of the Covemor-Oeneral and h's tiitalf ; of the members of the Senate ; of 
Parliamentary teriiig and ]>roceediugs ; of members of the House of Commons ; uf the total vote 
polled for each candidate at the last gener«l election, with the {topnlation and number of voters in 
each County ; of the jjocal Oovemmwts and Legislatures ; of the deputy heads and chief offlcent of 
the Civil Service of Canada ; political addresses and party platforms of political societies and 
organizations ; of tables. of precedence for the Dominion. Added to these are to be found extracts 
from the most Important of the orders issued by the different departments. No other work in 
Canada covers the same ground, aid it is a matter of congratulation that the compiler is so 
tliorongh and exact in working up a fteld of labor which has liecomo peculiarly his own. Mr. 
Mortttn has exceptional advantages in obtaining the information which Is required for his work, 
and we b«ar hearty witness to the admfrable manner in which he has utilized them fM."—MmitrnU 


Applicable to th$ whole Dominion. Edited by Hxnrt 
J. MoRQAN and Oharlks y. F. Blisb. 






i ■'■i' 






■ .»?■ '■■•¥■1 

r^i^^ ' 






V.I' .:: . 




'J , 








i :! 


) '^: 



'« I: 






!■ ti 

< ■ : •)i 



Hot Air FonuMM and Hotel Bangw a Specialty at E8M0NDBV. 

Johnson Joseph, Ibr, 131 Nicholas 
Johnson L H, clerk, 92 Gloucester 
Johnson W H, civ ser, 138 O'Connor 
Johnson Mrs, widow, 46 Daly 
Johnson & Reid, bldrs, 219 'Sparks 
Johnston Rev Canon, chaplain 

Johnston Christian, carpenter, 42 

Johnston Oeo, carter, 42 Kent 
.JnhnatAn Oort IJ. o.iintom hoiine. 53 

Jones Rev T B, Canon LLD, 243 

Jones T J, capt str Alice, 85 George 
Jones W A, clerk P Dept 
Jones W H, clerk. Department of 

Secretary of State 
Jones Mrs Wm, 169 Clarence 
Jones — , Dominion police 
Jordan Jas, raftsman, 163 Bolton 
Jordan Robt, carpenter, 514 Kine 
Jordaji R, carpenter, 343 Wilbroa 



■■ ;i 





! v*;^ : 

Muslo Farnished for Ezoursions, Pic-Nics, 

Parties, Balls, Theatres, &o., upon 

Reasonable Terms. 

J. O. BBTOB, TvMsnNr. 

£f0 r. ^StmrnMSm 




^■'.■■:i »i 


•wy "111 BUUUUiUKer, 1 as mc i aggarx 
Jones E J, clerk, Governor Gen'rla 

see's office 
Jones E, steward, 180 Cambridge 
Jones BAD, clerk, P O Dept 
Jones Fred L, clerk. Department of 

Militifi. and Defence 
Jones Geo, carter, 406 Wilbrod 
Joues H, C S clerk, boards at Mrs 

Brown's, 30 Albert 
Joues H A, civ ser, 684 Wellington 
Jones Ralph, sec Intercolonial R R, 

117 Metcalfe 
Jones Robt, plasterer, 357 Lisgar 
Jones S I, assistant housekeeper «& 

news room. Senate 
Jones T, laborer, 92 Besserer 

noucnir - _- . . • 

Kavanagh Calixte, carter, 17 Pap- 

Kavanagh J, tailor, 16 Anglesea sq 
Kavanagh Jos, grocer, 336 Well- 
ington, h 88 Vittoria 
Kavanagh MichI, laborer, 106 Cam- 
Kavanagh M, Queen's Hotel, corner 

Wellington and Metcalfe 
Kavanagh T, contractor, 3 Kent 
Kealey P, contractor, 121 Dalliousie 
Keally Mrs, widow, 79 Cambridge 
Kealy P, blacksmith, 179 Church 
Kealy T, contractor, 2G7 Nicholas 
Kean W, messenger, 62 Le Breton 
Kean Patrick, laborer, 66 Lloyd 

Btboook Fire Apparatus, 0. 0. SEIFFENSTEIIir, OeneralAjtBt. 


\ '\ 

M'> i 




<'!£>« i 








I'vil" ! 




Hot Air FnnuoM and Hotd BaagM a Specialty at EflMORDlV. 

Johnson Joseph, Ibr, 131 Nicholas 
Johnson L H. clerk, 92 Gloucester 
Johnson W H, civ eer, 138 O'Connor 
Johnson Mrs, widow, 46 Daly 
Johnson & Reid, bldrs, 219 Sparks 
Johnston Rev Canon, chaplain 

Johnston Christian, carpenter, 42 

Johnston Geo, carter, 42 Kent 
Johnston Oeo B, custom house, 63 

Johnston H ?, grocer, 376 Con- 
Johnston James, grocer, 586 Well- 
Johnston James, fireman, 66 Cum- 
Johnston John, laborer, 34 Kent 
Johnston John, teamster, 491 Lisgar 
Johnston John, collector, 284 Cum- 
Johnston Miclil, tinsmith, 637 Well- 
JOHNSTON R, flr str, 120 Rideau 
Johruton Robt, builder, 196 Bank 
Johnston Robt, milwrght, 698 Maria 
Johnston Wm, blacksmith, 34 Kent 
Johnston W B, lbrer,298 Gloucester 
Johnston Mrs, widow, 65 Sherwood 
Johnston & Ross, bankrupt stock 

144 Sparks 
Johnstone Wm J, Dept Inland Rev 
Johnstone William, gasfitter, 198 

Joleau A, cabinetmaker, 227 King 
Jolicoeur M6d6ric, shoemaker, 269 

St Andrew 
Jolicoeur Michel, joiner, 23 Rose 
JoUicoeur O, carter, 273 Water 
JoUicoeur^M, bots * she, 138 Sparks 
Joly Autome, laborer, 169 Church 
Joly L, shoemaker, 125 McTaggart 
Jones E J, clerk. Governor Gen'ria 

see's o£5ce 
Jones E, steward, 180 Cambridge 
Jones E A D, clerk, P O Dept 
Jones Fred L, clerk, Department of 

Militi& and Defence 
Jones Geo, carter, 406 Wilbrod 
Joues H, C S clerk, boards at Mrs 

Brown's, 30 Albert 
Jones H A, civ ser, 684 Wellington 
Jones Ralph, sec Intercolonial R R, 

117 Metcalfe 
Jones Robt, plasterer, 357 Lisgar 
Jones S I, assistant housekeeper & 

news room. Senate 
Jones T, laborer, 92 Beeserer 

Jones Rev T B, Canon LLD, 243 

Jones T J, capt str Alice, 85 George 
Jones W A, clerk P O Dept 
Jones W H, clerk. Department of 

Secretary of State 
Jones Mrs Wm, 169 Clarence 
Jones — , Dominion police 
Jordan Jas, raftsman, 163 Bolton 
Jordan Robt, carpenter, 514 King 
Jordan R, carpenter, 343 Wilbrod 
Jordan John, laborer, 288 Clarence 
Josey Jos, laborer, 18 Cumberland 
J'oubarne Alphonse,joiner, 46 Friel 
Joyce E P, picture frmr, 179 Rideau 
Joyce John, 89 Heney 
Joyce Patrick, baker, 372 King 
Joyce W J, plasterer, 33 Theodore 
Joyce J & Son,waggon shop, 82 Duke 
Joynt Jas, senr, 523 Rideau 
Joynt Jas, clerk, 523 Rideau 
Juhinville Cyrille, grocer,196 Water 
Jubinville Gregoire, mason, 156 

Jugiani John, bricklayer, 364 Baird 
Julien Gilbert, joiner) 244 Church 
Julien Napoleon, printer, 329 King 
Julien Napoleon, printer, 432 St 

Julien Romuald, cabinet maker, 46 

Juneau Philip, carpnter, 409 Lisgar 
Junot C, elk, dept Militia & Defence 
Juvet Henry, elk C S, 283 Stewart 
Kaapcke Rev C J, 191 Water 
Kain Wm, messenger, 206 Middle 
Kane James, 212 Nicholas 
Kane John, laborer, 62 Water 
Kane Thos^ov pice, 381 Nicholas 
Kane Mrs Win, 116 Botelier 
Karl Mrs, widow, 236 Gloucester 
Karney Walter, laborer, 380 Dal- 

Kavanagh Calixte, carter, 17 Pap- 

Kavanagh J, tailor, 16 Anglesea sq 
Kavanagh Jos, grocer, 336 Well- 
ington, h 88 Vittoria 
Kavanagh MichI, laborer, 106 Cam- 
Kavanagh M, Queen's Hotel, corner 

Wellington and Metcalfe 
Kavanagh T, con^ i :; :t,or, 3 Kent 
Kealey P, contractor, 121 Dalhousie 
Keallv Mrs, widow, 79 Cambridge 
Kealy P, blacksmith, 179 Church 
Kealy T, contractor, 267 Nicholaa 
Kean W, messenger, 62 Le Breton 
Kean Patrick, laborer, 66 Lloyd 

Baltoook Fire ApparatiiB. &. 0. BEIFFEllBTEnr, Qeneral Agent 

.'J.l m 






a !?IH: 


>' m 












Go to BHOOLBBED * 00. for Oarpeti, Owrtaini, OilelotIi% Matttngi, *b. 

Keaough T, painter, 333 >t Patrick 
Eeaough & Strang, painters, 22-24 

Eearns J, sew mac agt, 248 Queen 
Eearns Jas, plasterer, 274 Water 
Eearns J C, notel, 49 Clarence 
Eearns Peter, dry goods merchant, 

167 Wilbrod 
Eearns Jk Ryan, dry^ goods, ^49-61 


Eeating Mrs P, 279 St Patrick 
Eeays John, grocer, (fee, 263 Sussex 
Eeays Mrs, widow, 256 St Paul 
Eebs Thos, carpenter, 201 Division 
Eeef John, 656 Maria 
Eeefer Augustus, civ ser, 102 Queen 
Eeeley M, cab-driver, 107 Cathcart 
Eeely Jas, laborer, 21 Sherwood 
Eeenan James, grocer, 86 Queen 
Eehoe J, blacksmith, 95 St Paul, 

house 115 York 
Eehoe Mrs John, 43 Church 
Eehoe Wra, blacksmith, 39 George, 

h 174 Nicholas 

Eehoe Michael, labr, 245 Bolton 
Eehoe Mathew, carptr, 541 Lisgar 
Eehoe Thomas, b'suiith, 55 Church 
Eehoe Wm, blksmith, 117 St Paul 
Eeir S C, landing waiter, 184 Sally 
Eeir T W, hotel kpr, 467 Wellington 
Eellie Mios J, boarding house, 125 

Eelly Andrew, laborer, 601 Maria 
Eelly Mrs Elizabeth, 209 Water 
Eelly J, gardener for the Sisters, 

436 St Andrew 
Eelly J, engineer, dep'l b'lding staff 
Eelly James, plumber, 64 Percy 
Eelly James, Ibr, 254 Cathcart 
Eelly Jas, b'dine h, 425 Wellington 
Eelly John, laborer, 13 Primrose 

Eelly Miss Mary, 125 Nelson 
Eelly Mrs Mary Anne, widow, 178 

Eelly Michael, labr, 183 Clarence 
Eelly Michael, labr, 2S7 Water 
Eelly Patrick, millw'ght, 44 Albert 

Eelly W H, hairdrefe^^er, 128 Bideau 
Eelly Wm Henry, barber, 241 Bi- 
Eelly Mrs W, widow, 535 Albert 
Eelly & Doyle, plumbers, gas fit- 
ters, &c, 112 Murray 
Eenly B, jeweller, &c, 72 Sparks, h 

181 Slater 
Eenna John, butcher, 65 Lloyd 

Eenna John, butcher, stall 6, Vic- 
toria market. Queen west 
Eennan Jana-s, bk-kpr, 83 Queen 

Eennedy Con, By-ward market, 22, 

24, h 190 Clarence 
Eennedy Daniel, carpenter, 232 Bay 
Eennedy Henry, millwright, 34 

Eennedy Jas, laborer, 432 Nepean 
Kennedy Jn, By Ward Market, No 9 

301 St Patrick 
Kennedy John, driver, 427 Nepean 
Kennedy Michl, laborer, 683 Alaria 
Kennedy Patrick, 96 Nicholas 
Kennedy Thos, hotel keeper, 642 

Kennedy Thos, miller, 186 Middle 
Kennedy Wm, laborer, 73 Lloyd 
Kennedy Wm jr, sup Ottawa Water 

Works, pump house Wellington 
Kennedy Mrs Wm, 486 Sussex 
Kenny T, agent Perlee & Pattee, 

670 Wellington 
Kenny T W, merchant 220 Stewart 
Kenny T W & Sons, tailors and out- 
fitters, 149 Sparks 
Kent Alex & Bro, hrdware, 3 Duke 
Kenville Cyrille, laborer, 47 Broad 
Keough Chas, laborer, 231 Murray 
Kerr Mrs A, brding house, 97 Elgin 
Kerr D J, Volunteer Review, ISOi 

Bideau, 176 St Paul 
Kerr Hubert, hotel, 123-126 Rideau 
Kerr James, tailor, 214 Nicholas 
Kerr John, carpenter, 143 Kent 
Kerr John, asst foreman, Ottawa 
Water works pmp hee Wellington 
Kerr Miss, 292 Albert 
Kerr W, of Blyth & Kerr, 31 Slater 
Kerowell John, painter, 263 King 
Keys Archibald, 428 Daly 
Kibby Wm, porter, 463 Maria 
Kidd John, chief elk Gov Gnl's sec 

oflice 47 Vittoria 
Kidd — , carpenter, 72 Nelson 
Kilbride J, laborer, 2 Sherwood 
Kilbride M, laborer, 2 Sherwood 
Kilby F T, prop'r Ontario Hotel, 16 

KilbyJos, clerk, 197 York 
Kilduff Mrs, widow, 196 Nepean 
Kilt Mrs John, 109 Cathcart 
Eilt & Brophy, tailors, 76 Sparks 
Eimber J A, baker, 263 Eing 
Kimber B, gentleman nsheT of the 

black roid. Senate 
Kimpton Thos, 6 By- Ward Market 
King B, clerk, P dept 

1 Ossli Boaksy Itcdgcrs * JTour jutU) alwajo In Stock at A* MorttaBcr**, Spwrkt SU 



ArohttKinral Iron Works Oompaa7, N.7. 0. 0. BEIFFENSTKIIT, Agent 

hee Wellington 

King C, dry eoods mer, 246 Bay 
King Edward, merchant, 99 Kent 
King Job, laborer, 80 Britannia ter 
King Jos, laborer, 179 Broad 
King J W, director of penitentiaries, 

292 Daly 
King Louis, laborer, 177 Broad 
King P M, boots * shoes, 145 Kideau 
King Samuel, laborer, 406 Sparks 
King Wm, printer, 246 Queen 
King C & Co, dry goods, 327-329 

Kingsford Wm, o e, P W dept 
Kingston A G, clerk, dept sec state 
Kingston W, clerk, census office 
Kingston — , clerk, 88 Bank 
Kinkade A, laborer, 327 Maria 
Kinsella Jas, lab'r, 334 St Patrick 
Kinsella T, foreman, 176 Murray 
Kipp W, tinsmith, 19 Duke 
Kipp Wm, ginger beer maker, 144 


Kirby T H, city col' tor, 194 Maria 
Kirby V, culler, 24 Sherwood 
Kirk A, laborer, 1 8 Grove 
Kirk F, laborer, 20 Grove 
Kirkbride Wm, carpenter, 24 Priel 
Kirkpatrick T F S, cv 8er,231 Daly 
Kirkpatrick W W, enpneer, C P R 
Kirsop John, mason, 429 Lisgar 
Kitts Jas. stonectter, 642 St Patrick 
Kneel Mat, blacksmith, 95 Chapel 
Knox Church, Albert 
Knox Chuboh, Daly 
Kreps W H, clerk, P O Dept 
Kutlte W, laborer, 469 Nicholas 
Labadie Louis, joiner, 288 Clarence 
La Banque Nationals, S Benoit, 

manager, 106 Wellington 
LeBarge A, laborer, 88 Nelson 
Labelle E, laborer, 493 St Patrick 
Labelle G, laborer, 143 Nelson 
Laklle Mrs Joseph^ 446 St Patrick 
Labelle Michl, labr, 363 St Andrew 
Labelle Pierre, rassnger, 222 Water 
Labelle V, mason, 39 St Joseph 
Laberge C , hotel keeper, 42 Murray 
Labie Chas, laborer, 126 Friel 
Laboute Francis, laborer, 346 St 

Labreche J B, sausage maker, 153 

Labreche P, musician, 22 Shamrock 
Labrie Thos, laborer, 147 Broad 
Lacasae J, laborer, 84 Britannia ter 
Lacasse L F, clerk, dept of interior 
Lacasse M, laborer, 69 Britannia 


Lacasse T, draughtsman, 384 St 

Lacelle F, laborer, 163 St Andrew 
Lacelle J Bte, carter, 222 St Andrew 
Lacelle J Bte,carp'r, 211 St Andrew 
Lacelle X, laborer, 32 St Andrew 
Lachancc Alex, meat market, 459 

St Patrick 
Lachance Louis, stonecutter, 384 

St Andrew 
Lachance S, 15 By-Ward Market 
Lachance S> butcher, 295 Water 
Lachapelle E, carter, 86 St Andrew 
Lacharite N, laborer, 141 Murray 
Laclair S grocer, 125 Sherwood 
Lacroix F, cab't mkr, 36 Papinaau 
Lacroix J B, mess dept of agricltr 
Lacroix L, joiner, 213 Church 
Lacroix J Bte, joiner, 26 McGee 
Lacy Thos, butcher, 39 Cathcart 
Ladebeauche Miss L, dressmaker, 

582 St Patrick 
Laderoute D, grocer, 249 Church 
Ladouceur Mrs, widow, 58 Britan* 

nia Terrace 
Ladurantaye J, laborer, 117 Church 
Ladusier A, laborer, 71 Broad 
Laflamrae C, carpenter, 369 King 
Lartamme N oiner, 154 Dalhousie 
Laflamme M, messenger, 50 Botelier 
Laflamme T, cabinet-maker, 66 

Lafleur Andre, laborer, 67 Bro^d 
Latiiche I, laborer, 13 Mill 
Lafontaine George, hair-dresser, 71 

Lafontaine Joseph, plasterer, 26 

St Joseph 
Lafontaine L, clerk, 146 '.''■hurch 
Lafontaine N, blacksmith, 9 McGee 
Lafontaine O, lab'r, 26 Cathcart, W 
Lafontaine P, mocassin maker, 73 

Laframboiiie Guillaume, currier, 

338 Clarence 
Laframboise J Bte, laborer, 365 

Lafrance Frs, joiner, 257 Church 
Lalrance Olivier, laborer, 88 Brit- 
annia Terrace 
Lafricaiii Mrs, widow, 302 Albert 
La^Irofled Ang61ic[ue, 139M'TagKart 
Lahaise Aime. joiner, 185 Churcn 
Lahaiae Octave, baker, 308 Cum- 
Lahaise Thos, carpenter, 168 Cum- 
Laird Hon David, Minister of the 
Interior, 111 O'Connor 





fri ' 

J»: 1^' 

The B««( Hoiuwguna>hlMK etaek l» Ottawa kept at JDSMOMDIQB'. 

'■y ,' 

H ' I 



:iH tvvHi:'!" 



i L IHt - 



AHOOUBBBD * CM). Mil JtoquM and Brnft Fnnitnrt «t low piioei. 

Lsioie A G, civ eer, 300 Wilbrod 
Laliberte Francoia, carte>-, 24Ghapel 
Laliberlie J Bte, carter, 10 Botelier 
Lalonde Alex, joiner, 321 Clarence 
Lalonde Felix, laborer, 23 Friel 
Lalonde Fulgence, grocer, 617 St 

Lalonde Fulgence, grocer, 60 Notre 

Lalonde Pierre, laborer, 31 Sham- 
Lalonde Simeon, labr, 260 Clarence 
Lamarche Mrs Chs, 182 St Andrcw 
Lamarche Mrs Luce, widow, 208 

St Andrew 
Lamb John, keeper militia stores 63 

Canal West 
iofiiah John, engineer, 320 Spatks 
Lamb J B, civ ser, 372 Maria 
Lamb Jas T, salesman, 91 Augusta 
Lamb W A, boots and shoes^ 668 

Laml^ert Oeo, boiler mker, 237 Bay 
Lambert F X, civ eer, 61 Metcalfe 
Lambert J T, lunibermena bkr, 60 

Wellington, 188 Queen 
Lambkin Thos, caretaker, 316 Kine 
Lamontagne Francois, laborer, 44 

Notre Dame 
Lamontague J B, watchmaker 11 

Lamothe Denis, shoemaker, 138 

Lamothi Mrs Ed, widow 186 Water 
LamouchA Maxime, printer, 168 St 

Lanotot Mrs P A, widow, 115 Water 
LandrS David, labr, 207 St Andrew 
Landreville Chas, carter, 137 Mc- 

Landnan F X, hotel, 25 Murray 
Landrian Joseph, hotel keeper, 46 

Landry, Alex, labr, 296 St Patrick 
Landry Francois, labr, 373 St Pat- 

Landry Henry, labr, 371 St Patrick 
Landry Joseph, labr, 224 Water 
LandrV Louis, laborer, 34 Nelson 
Lane Alfred, civ ser, 36 Gloucester 
Lane H D J, clerk, dept militia * 

Lane Mrs James, 240 Clarence 
Lane John, stne-cuttdr, 13 Victoria 

Laneuville Benj,lbr, 183 St Andrew 
Lang A W, hdwre mer, 161-3 Sparks 
Lang James, contractor, 272 Albert 

Lang Robert, surveyor, 71 Daly 
Langdon Tliomas, laborer, 14 Sally 
Langevin E J, under seo of state, 

dept of sec of state 
Langevin Magloire, shoemaker, 174 

Langford Abraham, tailor, 34 Sally 
Langfnrd John, contractor, 69 Vit- 

Langford John, bookseller & sta- 
tioner, 320 Wellington 
Langford Samuel, carp, 464 Nepean 
Langford W J & Cc, druggists, 312- 

14, Wellingt'^:, 
Langlois F:I, b'ding house, 177 St 

Langlois Gideon, labr, 7 Chapel 
Langlois Joseph, gro, 350 Clarence 
Langlois L^on, joiner, 444 StPatrick 
Langlois Louis,joiner, 44 Shamrock 
Langrell Thomas, chief of police, 

306 St Paul 
Langton John, auditor general 30 

Lanigan D, clerk, dept agriculiure 
Lanigan Mrs, 198 Aloert 
Laperriere Augustin, civil service, 

290 Wilbrod 

Laperriere Mrs H, 261 St Patrick 
Lapierre Cvriac, carter, 197 Church 
Lapicrre Ernest, agent, 116 Chapel 
Lapierre H, barrister, 374 Sussex 
Lapierre Romuald, tailor, 181 Friel 
Lapierre 8, joiner, 317 Cathcart 
Lapierre A, hotel keeper, 39 Churcli 
Laplante Jos, laborer, 26^ Chapel 
Lapointe A, joiner, 130 Water 
Lapointe G, contractor, 170 Water 
Lapointe E, joiner, 126 MoTaegart 
Lapointe Eugene, joiner, 113 Water 
Lapointe M, flsh dealer, By- Ward 
Market outside, 444 Sussex 

Lapointe 0, fish dealer, 219 Church 
Laporte George, lawver, 261 Rideau 
Laporte Peter, hair <(r'8r, 271 Rideau 
Laporte S, watchm'kr, 100 Water 
Laporte S, watchmaker * jeweller, 
490 Sussex 

Laporte Victor, grocer, 251 Rideau 
Laporte Z, hotel, 253 Rideau 
Larabie Dosithee, cooper, 17 Chapel 
Larch am b Louis, carter, 110 

Britannia Terrace 
Larivi^re Auguste, blacksmith, 17 

St Andrew 
Lariviere Joseph, laborer, 57 Water 
Lariviere O, repairing staff parlia- 
ment buildings 

JPenflMmUas muI Numbering done at AUEBX. HORTinBIifS, Bjftaetu 8t. 

'V^v^!.^i^^r r.v'v^ 


-i vt; 

' ll 



Goal Oil OooUng Stovee. 0. 0. BSIFFS1T8TEI1T, Gftneril Agent 

Lariviere Peter, carriage builder, 

287 Sussex 
Lfti'kin MrB Ellen, 335 St Patrick 
Larkin H J, clerk, p o department 
Larkin J, messenger, department of 

secretary of state 

Larmonth Peter, mcht, 155 Stewart 
Larocque Alexander, 66 Sherwood 
Larocque Alphousc, hotel,51 Murray 
Larocque A, grocer, 223 Cumberland 
Larocque P, laborer, 116 Churcli 
Larocque Jos, confect'r, 428 Sussex 
Larocque Oliver, laborer, 36 Priel 
Larocque Wm, 446 Cumberland 
Larocque Xavier, laborer, 34 Friel 
Larone John, dyer, 163 Hotelier 
Laroque A, laborer, 478 St Patrick ' 
Laroque Jos, laborer, 82 St Andrew 
Laroque Noel, laborer, 201 York 
Laroque Pierre, labo'r,415 Clarence 
JjaRose C, confect'ry, 147 Rideau 
Larose D, tinsmith, 491 St Patrick 
Larose Jean, laborer, 287 Cathcart 
Larose Jos, au.t of public works, 
167 St Patrick 

Larose T C, clerk C S, 90 O'Connor 
LaRose — , stonecutter, 92 NicholaH 
Larouche J, coachman, 92 Augusta 
Larue Eugene, clerk, 55 Broad 
Larue Napoleon, shoemkr, 61 Duke 
Larwill Edwin, civ ser, 34 Theodore 
Lasalle M, foreman, 208 Cathcart 
Lascelle L, carder, 218 St Andrew 
Lasharlta James, 161 Broad 
LaHsalle A, barber, 201 Dalhousie 
Latchford J, grocer, 648 Wellington 
Latimer Jas, trader, 29 Mosgrove 
Latimer Robt, coachman, 99 Sally 
Latimer Thos, cooper, 15 Mosgrovc 
Latimer Wm, carter, 32 Mosgrove 
Latour E, laborer, 47 Church 
Latourney A, repairing staff, Par- 
liament Buildings 

Latremouille A, hotel, 1 St Andrew 
Latremouille A, pro Manitoba Hse, 
347 Sussex 

Latveniouille Denis, cab driver, 279 

Latremouille D, furniture dir, 321 

Latremr uille Geo, merchant tailor, 

411 Sussex 
Latremouille Jos, hotel keeper, 164 

St Patrick 
Latremouille Oct, dry goods, 462 

Latremouille O, dry goods mercht, 

66 Bolton 

Latremouille O & A, dry goods, 122 

St Patrick 
Lattimer Jas, polii eman,264 Albert 
Lauder Rev J S, Archdeacon, 436 

Laudry O, laborer, 216 ClarencT 
Laudry Pierre, lab.", 184 St Ai' ' ew 
Laudry T, cxprssmn, 3344 Clurence 
Laughlin W J, stonecttr, 647 Maria 
Laurin A, cook R hse, 197 Augusta 
Laurin F, laborer, 1A7 Cathcart 
Laurin J, laborer, 273 Bridge 
Laurin J, laborer, 120 Friel 
Laurin L, liairdresser, 80 Rideau 
Laurin N, laborer, 14 Shamrock 
Ijaurin P, laborer, 44 McGee 
Laurin S, shoemaker, 432 Sussex 
Laurin S, boots & shoes, 149 York 
Lauthicr Chas, clerk, 231 Church 
Lauzon A, cooper, 271 Bridge 
Lauzon Elie, agent, 72 Water 
Lauzon J B, crpntr, 20 Notre Dame 
Lauzon S, carter, 365 King 
Lauzon & Duhamel, merchants, 330 

Laverdure D, plast'r, 282 Clarence 
Laverdure E, tinsmith, 373 Cum- 
Laverdure EG, plumbr, 75 William 
Lavigne E, carpenter, 159 Church 
Lavigne G, shoemkr, 344 St Patrick 
Lavigne J B, laborer, 165 Church 
Lavigne J, laborer, 397 Clarence 
Laviolette Doc, hotel, 37 Murray 
Laviolette Maxime, joiner, 29 Rose 
Laviolette P, laborer, 91 Dalhousie 
Lavoi Abraham, laborer, 177 Water 
Law Mrs James, 432 Clarence 
Lawrence Ruben, labo'r, 376 Lisgar 
Lawrence T, tailor, 139 Sparks 
Lawrence W, brick'r, 139 Clarence 
Lawrence W, machinist, 400 Sparks 
Lawson A J, photog'r, 117 Sparks k 

116 Bank 
Lawson C, blacksmith, 223 Botelier 
Lawson Thos,mldr, 102 Victoria ave 
Lawson Wm, grocer, 156 Bank 
Layeux J, stonect'r, 467 Si Patrick 
Layton, J G G, chf ck census office 
Leag P, hotel, 458 St Patrick 
Leahy P T, clerk p o dept 
Leamy Mrs Jas, widow, 86 Augusta 
Leamy — , cab't mkr, 264 Dalhousie 
Learoyd A G, clerk dept of sec'y of 

Leavens, Parsons & CheTrier> 

wholesale dealers, 511 Sussex 
Lebarge Jos, laborer, 111 Nelson 
Lebeau Joe, laborer, 268^ Clarence 



■"' I' >'' '• K "1 


aUcM Range Kxc«l« »U Cook Stores* BBMONDB BaOS^ AgeiKs. 

;rT(;%:-fS««tC;[-r' -^ 




i ';!'' 

. 15 


;i J 

Aaooant Bocks aud* to Order ot AXXL WOXSIMMBfU, Ipoiki Btroot 

Lebeau Pierre, lab'r, 380 8t Andrew 
LebergA P, flhoemkr, 307 Dalbousie 
Leblano Etienne, clothier, 98 Water 
Leblano F, plaste'r, '273 Bt Andrew 
Leblano Jon, laborer, 15 St Patrick 
Leblano JuleH, niillwrisht, 21 Hoac 
Leblano Peter, groc'H, 460 St Patrick 
Leblano Sev6re, millwg't, 162 King 
Leblano Thomaa, tailor, 181 York 
Leblano W, laborer, 499 8t Patrick 
Leblano Mrs, niil'nr,126 St Patrick 
Leblano & Lemay, clothing utore, 
446 Sussex 

Lebonte — , flreman, dent bull staff 
Leolair J, blacksmith, lol King 
Leclair J 0, grocer, 126 St Andfew 
Leclair N, laborer, 233 St Andrew 
Leclair T, grocer, 198 Dalbousie 
Lecompte A, trader, 78 York 
Lecompte J, laborer, 130^ Water 
Lecour J, black'th, 289 Dalbousie 
Lecourt I, blackenuth, 278 Water 
Lecroiz John, mes'ger, 73 Augusta 
Leduc Jos, baker, 378 Clarence 
Leduo M, laborer, 476 St Patrick 
Leduc O, laborer, 65 St Andrew 
Lee Arch, teacher, 381 Gloucester 
Lee F, machinist, 599 Wellington 
Lee S, boot * shoe store, 45 Duke 
Lee 8, shoe store, 196 Sparks, hse 
362 Maria 

Lee W H, gentleman, 26 Gloucester 
lice W H, clerk civ ser, 60 Slater 
Lee U C, agent, 678 Wellington 
Lefebvre F X, joiner, 211 CHarence 
Lefebvre Louis, clerk, P W dept, 

house 126 Gathcart 
Lefebvre M, Joiner, 427 St Patrick 
Lefebvre Alf, merchant, 191 Sally 
Lefebvre Mrs F, widow, 210 Water 
Lefebvre P, laborer, 348 St Patribk 
Lefebvre X, telegraph repairer, 67 

St Andrew 

Lefleure Louis, laborer, 18 Sally 
Jiefranc Jas, ginger beer manufac'r, 

366 Clarence 
Lefranc— , bookbinder, 16 Nicholas 
!jegarre G, laborer, 61 Division 
Legault F, gen'l store, 119 Clarence 
Legault F, dry goods, 296 Dalbousie 
Leger Alex, carpenter, 487 Clarence 
lieger Chas, pilot, 212 Cathcart 
JiCger Frank, laborer, 26 Rose 
Leggatt F H W, book-keeper, 124 

Leggo Dr 0, 187 Rideau 
Legislain David, laborer, 137 Brit- 
annia Terrace 

Legistcr Lovell, teamster, 334 Cunt- 

Lellanoe Mrs Francois, 139 Church 
Lemaitre Geo H, mess, 239 Churcli 
Lemaitre Geo, ulurk census oiiicu 
Lemav Octave, carriage maker, 127 

St Andrew 

Lemay Oct, carriage maker, 186 

Lemay T, dry goods mrt, 80 Water 
Lcniieux Antime, painter, 131 Water 
Lemieux MinH Delphine, 241 Water 
Lemieux Edntona, carpenter, 171 

St Andrew 

Lemieux Francis, 180 Elgin 
Lemieux Jules, painter, 2'''8 Church 
Lemieux J E, mess, 396 St Pfttrick 
Lemieux Louis, shoemaker, 592 St 

Lemoine Jas, clejk P O dept, 146 

Lemoine R, elk of the Sen, 108 Daly 
Lemoine J-de-St-D, elk and sergeant 

at arms Senate, 91 Daly 

Lemoine Mrs, widow, 82 Queen wey^ 
Lemon. Mark, clerk, Finance dept 
Lemonde Joseph, mess House of 

Lemonier Antoine, umbrlla rep'rer, 

113 Clarence 
L'Etoile J, clerk, dept of Interior 
Lennan James, brickl'yer, 62 Percy 
Leonard C W, painter, 473 Well* 

Ijeonard Patrick, mason, 696 Somer* 

Lepage Chas, engnr, 268 St Patrick 
Lepage Chas, p'nter, 383 St Patrick 
Lepage Michael, labr, 8 St Joseph 
Lepine Harry, carpr, 97 St Patrick 
Lepine J Bte, labr, 338 St Patrick 
Lepine Maxime, pol, 280 St Patrick 
Lepine Moise, carter, 38 Shamrock 
Leprohon J P, Speaker's scc) 386 

Lerette Olivier, laborer, 298 Water 
Leroux Thomas, laborer, 93 Ottawa 
Leskey John, labr, 338 Cumberland 
Leslie Henry, pressman, 161 St 

Leslie John, clerk, dept of justice 
Leslie John, jewel'r, &c, 62-1 Sparks 
Lessaid David, grocer, 132 Water 
Lessard L A, grocer. 126 St Andrew 
Le Sueur Chas, clerk civil ser, 263 

Le Sueur P, supt P U dept 
Le Sueur W D, clerk P dept 

ftlMsllnreil * Co*« alock bolteo parehMins Owrpcta or Fonaltwe* 



e, 241 Water 

mbrlla rep'rer, 



I.Maum'ilScn'i' ^ Bipdlloi" g. a EIII7I2TSTEIN, Snml Agmt. 

Letch Henry, pro Royal Oak, 209 

Leteau Geo, grocer, 17 Murray 
Letourney Alfred, engr, 71 Bolton 
Utt Wm P, city clerk, 12 DalhoiiRie 
Leuzon A, dry goodn, 81 Bank 
LevecQue Fabien, 117^ Broad 
Leveille Gyprien, labr, 136 Church 
Loveille Joseph, repairer of niodelH, 

311 Gathcart 
Lcveille Olivier, laborer, 279 water 
ii«'>veill6 Solomon, hotel keei)t)r, 212 

St Patrick 
Lev^ue A, clerk, dept.of agricul- 
ture, 47 Gathcart 
Leveque Olivier, labr, 35 Cobourg 
Levesque J, clerk, 236 St Patrick 
Levin Alph, laborer, 81 Ottawa 
Levine Joh, hotel kpr, 143 Broad 
Levis Mrs Edwd. 106 Vittoria 
Levoyne Peter, laborer, 328 Bridge 
Lewis F, clerk C 8, 60 Sally 
Lewis Mrs J B, widow, 693 Maria 
Lewis RtRav J Travers, DD, Bishop 

of Ontario, 161 Daly 
Lewis T E, printer, 39 Queen 
Lewis Mrs R P, boarding-house, 65 

Lewis W H, clerk, Dept Pub Wks, 

593 Maria 
Leyden P G, clerk, 406 Sparks 
L'Heureux F, cntrctr, 260 Clarence 
L'Heureux P X H, joiner, 262 Gath- 
L'Heureux J X, cntrctor, 287 King 
Lidington R, bookkper, 71 Gathcart 
Lighttbot Geo, printer, 293 Lisgar 
Limoges Edmd, joiner, 167 Church 
Lincourt A, laborer, 77 Church 
Lindsay Arthur, civ ser, 680 Maria 
Lindsay G W, ins agt, 43 Bolton 
Lindsay Hy, clerk, House of Com 
Lindsay J, [K>okkeeper, 288 Nelson 
Lindsay T, farmer, 139 Chauel 
Ling Cnarles, steward, 243 Bolton 
Link H, bookkeeper, 41 Cambridge 
Link N, bookkeeper, 162 Maria 
Linton M W, lumbr agt, 224 Bridge 
Linton W, butcher, 435 Lisgar 
Linton W, com agt, 120 Gloucester 
Linton W, wholesale boot and shoe 

dealer, 20A Rideau 
Lirette O, laoorer, 27} Chapol 
LiBsard L A, grocer, 106 Dalhousie 
Little Alex, 89 Besserer 
Little IsafM:, laborer, 280 Lisgar 
Little Jas, painter, 118 Lisgar 
Little John, market constable, 


Little Wm, 149 Nelson 
Littlefield J W, agent, 168 Clarence 
Living Henry, merchant, 160 Sally 
Living Henry, clerk, 366 Albert 
Lloyd Mrs, grocer, 262 Dalhousie 
Locke Geo, laborer. 419 Miiria 
Lockwood MisH, photographic gal- 
lery, 44 Sparks 
Logan Dr, homoepathic, 201 Albert 
Logan P, mess dept of secy of state 
Lonchainp M, laborer, 86 Murray 
Londrigan Richard, 63 King 
Long D, assistant engineer parlia- 
ment building staff 
Long H E, culler, B * W, 124 Middle 
Long J, lunch room, 117 Clarence 
Long John, engineer, 36 Stewart 
Lonetini Mrs L, seamstress, 91 

Lorimer J G, mess House of Com 
Lortie J B, harness mkr, 333 Sussex 
Lortie Moise, mason, 18 St Joseph 
Lortie Oliver, laborer, 60 Water 
Lortie P, bookbinder, 189 Bank 
Lothian Adam, plumber, 231 Bay 
Lourie Wm, teamster, 138 Middle 
Loux ChaH, shipper, 164 Middle 
Loveday J, printer, 361 Dalhousie 
Lovering J, carr painter, 128 St Paul 
Lovett, mail clerk, boards at Mias 

Ghri8t=3's, 22 Albert 
Low Geoj blacksmith, 126 George 
Low Geo, blacksmith, 122 George 
Low T, blacksmith, 368 Dalhousie 
Low ThoH. blacksmith, 17 Queen 
Lowden A Haig^, grain store, 19York 
Lowe Geo, clerk, finance dept 
Lowe Henry, clerk, House of Com 

635 St Patrick 
Lowe John, secy dept of agriculture 
Lowery Mrs Mary, 9 William 
Lowery Philip, butcher, 11 William 
Lowers Philip, No 16 ByWard Mkt 
Loyer Alfred, hotel, 419 Sussex 
Loyer Alfred, baker, 482 St Patrick 
Loyer Antoine, bkr, 484 St Patrick 
Loyer Damas, grocer, 44 Cobourg 
Loyer Damas, snoemkr,39 Papineau 
Loyer Eustache, joiner, 31 St Joseph 
Loyer Felix, laborer, 654 St Patrick 
Loyer F, laborer, 297 St Andrew 
Loyer Joseph, 119 Sherwood 
Loyer M, laborer, 236 St Andrew 
Loyer Noe, baker, 480 St Patrick 
Loyer Mrs, widow, 113 Broad 
Lubvier Bte, laborer, 33 Division 
Lucy John, stationer, 42 Queen W 
Lumsden Henry, engineer, 136 


Cumberlan d 

t" Street Lampi. Qt, 0. BEIFFEIIBIEIH, Qmtnl Agent 






■f' wv 





' a 

TlM duly piMf to ftt jMqnM aad Hfty*! Vanltwrf • li %\ SHOOLBID 9t fXfT , 

i i:: 

' fill.. 



Lunn J. fruit ntore, 1!)2 Welliii^tun 
Lunny Hugh, clerk, IG.'t ClariMice 
Lunny Patrick, culler, 142 Clarence 
Lniiignan A, civil Hervice, 89 Hlatur 
^ Luasier Mra, widow, 61 Churcit 
' Lynch Michael, lal)orer, 590 Rideau 
Lynch Patrick, ineRsenffei, 17 Alice 
Lynch ThoH, laborer, 14 NioholaH 
Lynch W J, clerk, dept agriculture 
Lynn Janiefi, M D, 72 O'Connor 
Lynton Thos W, bookbinder, 325 

Lyon John, grocer, 32o Wellington 
Lyon Judge Robert, 58 Theodore 
Lyon Win, bootH «& HhocH, 281 Well- 
Lyonnais Honors, shoemaker, 10 

Lyons John, carpenter, 189 Clarence 
Lyons Patrick, carp'tr, 187 Clarence 
Lyons Robinson, 570 Albert 
Lyons Thomas, labr, 98 St Andrew 
Lyons W C, Dom police, 192 Queen 
Macaulav Oeo, blacksmith, 3G8 St 

Macdonald D A, clerk dept militia 

and defence 
Macher John, carpenter, 411 Lisgar 
Macbel J, agent of The Standard, 

279 Slater 
Mackay R, mess'ger, dept of justice 
Maclaren A Chalmers, dry goods 

merchants, 112 Sparks 
Maopherson Lieut-Col J, clerk civil 

service, 219 Daly 
Macpherson J P, elk financr dept, 

638 Rideau 
Macpherson Peter, bricklayer, 325 

Macstravick James, tailor, 174 Bo- 

Madarin Leon, labr, 77 Redpath 
Madden Wm, farmer, 110 Sherwood 
Maddon Thos, labr, 310 St Patrick 
Madsen Christn, tailor, 166 Clarence 
Magee Charles, mer, 443 Albert 
Magee W L, elk dept mar * fisheries 
Magee & Russell, wholesale mrchts, 

47 Elgin 
Mftguire Terence, Ibr, 47 Cambridge 
Mahara Mrs, widow, 220 BViel 
Maheu Moise, laborer, 44 Chapel 
Mabeux Antoine, Ibr, 78 Ottawa 
Maheux Jo8ej)b, laborer, 32 Friel 
Maheux Louis, laborer, 36 Ottawa 
Mahon John, brickl'yer, 276 Rideau 
Mahon M, blacksmith, 371 King 
Mahon Mrs M, young ladies aca- 

demy, 375 Kiwg 

Miihoney Mr<4, 53 Haird 

Mahiiney Florence, laborer, 285 8t 

Mahotiey John, laborer, 30 Baird 
Mahunuy John, carter, 248 Kent 
Muhony John, lnl)orur, 238 Ncpeuii 
Mailleuu Geo, clerk, customs deni, 

3HG SuHsex 
Main Andrew, 621 King 
Major G R, clerk, P O dept 
Malcinson J, dep Marine * Fisheries 
Malaniphy Mrs Willett, 241 Sussex 
Malikie Chs, contractor, 203 Queen 
ivi>*''!.tte Miss A, dressnuL..^!', 331 

Mallettc Joseph, laborer, 36 Oregon 
Miilletto Trifle, laborer, 175 Broad 
Mailoch Dr, 393 Wellington 
Malloch MrH Ed, 861 WellinBton 
Malloney Barth, laborer, 96 Friel 
Malioy Joiin, laborer, 241 Clarence 
Malluy Win, laborer, 219 Bank 
Malone Michael, 80 Redpath 
Malone Wm, culler, 130 Chaudiere 
Maloney Donald, 176 Nepean 
Maloney James, day school, 102 

Clarence, h 108 Clarence 
Maloney John, plasterer, 281 Bolton 
Maloney Thomas, culler, 198 Bridge 
Mulonoy L, printer, 140 Murray 
Maloney M, notel kpr, 61 St Andrew 
Maloney William, green grocer, 101 

Muluuin Jos, shoemkr, 22 St Joseph 
Malouin J, shoemkr, 475 St Patrick 
Manancon A, laborer, 278 Bolton 
Manchester David, t'lor, 62 Queen vr 
Mann G, hardware merchant, 92 

Sparks, h 31 Metcalfe 
Mann John, laborer, 538 Somerset 
Mann Michael, laborer, 67 Daly 
Mann Patrick, labo'r, 545 Somerset 
Manning John, laborer, 62^ Botelier 
Manson John, plasterer, 22^ Friel 
Mantha Chas, labo'r, 470 St I'atrick 
Mantha Jos, hotel kpr, 24 Murray 
Manton Wm, gunsmith, 19 Nicholas 
Mara E A, architect, 465 Albert 
Marel E, carpi., /er, 319 Cooper 
Marenger Mrs, widow. JOl Church 
Marier A, stonecku.&«r, l&O Aiiguata 
Marier Pierre, Oiw aM oa, »1 King 
Marineau Gid«Ottj, bkr, 293 Clarence 
Marinon Michael, Ibr, 155 Division 
Marion .S*ilomaa, car'ge-inkr, 559 

St Patr c-k 
Marks Elias, labor«r, 36 S'.erwood 
Marks N, jewelle'". 86 Spark < 

Faony Oooda <br Premtata »t A. IfORTllIf Bil'g, »Uuct IpM-ka M. 



'BMlth Lift " 0»B|i&7 of Ktw York. A a UHTUTSTinr, Qtawtl Agrat 

Marki N, jeweller, 49 O'Connor 
M;irk« N, j'wller, Ac, 4fi9 Susfiex 
MarkH MIhh, iiiuh ncad, 619 Well- 
Martliall Jofl, ll)r, 135 Rritnnni* ter 
Murfiliall MrH Michael, 99 George 
Uarflhnll Thon, tailor, 497 Itidouu 
Miirflhall W H, iipli'lntr, 27H Maria 
Martell E, barber, 18 Bywanl, Mar 

ket Hcmarc 
Martel E.lwill, b'ber, 368 St Andrew 
Miirtell George, iKlg.lific, 23 (Miurch 
Martell /oHenh, niaflon, 4 St Jonepli 
Martel MrH Pierre 143 Murray 
Martel & Brazeau, houao-painterfl, 

'Ji Murray 
Murth6 Pierre, Ibr, 16 St JoHeph 
Martin Alex, dentist, 101 SparKH 
Martin C A, dentist, 107 Sparkn 
Martin Dugald, ntneotr, 49 Frank 
Martin Jaroen, Htoreman, 399 Lewis 
Martin J, foreman griat mill, 69 

Martin Patiick, laborer, 87 BeHserer 
Martin T, flour store, 171 Rideau 
Martin & Scott, wholesale grocerH, 

602 Sussex 
Martineau E, C 8 clerk, 136 Albert 
MartineauCug, dry goods inerchnt, 

465 Sussex, n 284 Sussex 
Martineau Guilliaume met, 67 Duke 
Martineau Jolin, laliorer, 117 Broad 
Martineau Jos, policeman, 269 St 

Mason Alex, laborer, 142 Queen w 
Mason Donald, 650 Albert 
Mason Geo, mllw'ht, 118 Chnndiere 
Mason John, carpntr, 110 Cathcart 
Mason Jolui, plasterer, 230 Queen 
Mason Mrs John, 175 Friel 
Mason James T, plumber, 57 Albert 
Mason Philip> boat buildr, 110 

Mason W, boat bldr, 108 Cliaudiere 
Masokic Hall, 584 Sussex 
Masse Mrs, widow, 125 Cumberland 
MasBon Donald, buldr, 164 Nicholas 
Masson H, flour and feed, 363 Well- 
Masson Michi, stne-cuttr, 42 Chapel 
Masson Octave, stone-cttr, 68 Lloyd 
Mathe Felix, laborer, 161 Church 
Mathe Pierre, laborer, 243 King 
Mather Jamen, architect, 34 Elgin & 

170 Bank 
Mather John, carpenter, 384 Glou- 
Mather R, cabinet mkr, 13 Ottawa 
Matheson D, clerk, P dept 

Mathewman A H, painter, 14 Frank 
Mathewman A II, painter, 260 

Mathews Alex, carptr, 367 Lisgar 
Mathews B. car|M*nter, 367 Lisgar 
Mathews Jas, carp'ter, 15 Divinion 
Mathews John, carp'ter, 14 Albert 


Mathews J H, laborer, 13 Division 
Mathews Svl, laborer, 15 Kedpath 
Mathews Thos, boarding house, 180 

Mathieson W, barrister, 218 Albert 
Mathieu Alfred, carriage- maker, 

376) Clarence 
Matthew Mrs R, 323 Theodore 
Matthews R, mason, 688 Marin 
Mattice John E, saddler, 191 Bank 
Maurice D, joiner, 66 St Andrew 
Maxwell Mrs J H, milliner, 180 


May G, leather mercht, 662 Sussex, 

house 73 Albert 
May Rev John, 360 Maria 
Mayer Em6rie, laborer, 133 King 
Maynard AG, book-kpr, 108 Elgin 
Maypotter E, bookb'r, 34 Clarence 
McAgy W A, cus hse, 364 Maria 
McAllister James, machinist, 22 

Cathcart west 
McAllister Thos, laborer, 180 Cum- 
McAmraond's Hotel — David Mc- 

Ammond, prop, 289 Wellington 
McAndrews Jas, pl'mber, 246 King 
McArthur Jas, bklyr, 213 AuKusta 
McArthur Mrs D S, boardinii hi)ut?e, 

186 Middle 
McArthur Wm, agp"t, .^» Alice 
McArthur Mth, \vi " ^nmerf^t 
McBride John,cpi " umbridge 
McBride John, n > '■■ 48 Sherwood 
McBride Jos, ei-^r , .>i*2 Dalhousie 
McBride W H, bn«r-mkr, 509 Maria 
McBrien Jas, tcontrpctor, 238 Maria 
McCabe Thots 86 Vittoria 
McCaffrey Fraak, mess, 59 Cathcart 
McCaflVeV .T»»i, mess, rec genl'sdept 
McCaffrey Wm, hotel-kpr, 61 York 
McCail Thos, pork stre, 392 Rideau 
McCallion John, carter, 227 Elgin 
McCallam John, carter, 152 Lisgar 
McCallum R, laborer, 101 Besserer 
McCauley Wm, carpntr, 375 Rideau 
McCann — , tailor, 48 Lisgar 
McCann Frs, driver, 272 Clarence 
McCarroll Jas, carpenter, 69 Dal- 


Paper Rnled at \I.KX. HORTlAtSR'S) Sparlu Street. 

!i 'i 




• !'!' 


. 'It 



I '1 




) e 

Id-'! I 


t s 



^; V 

■ m 

; il 



CMldren'g Oarriaget, the haadBomett, beit and oheapMt variety at SSHONDSS'. 

McCarthy Chs, civ ser, 48 Theodore 
McCarthy D F, clerk P O dept 
McCarthy H F, druggist, 290 Well- 
ington, 126 Sally 
McCarthy Jas, ract, 412 Wellington 
McCarthy John, laborer, 22 Nelson 
McCarthy John, tailor, 37 Queen 
McCarthy John, shoe store, 305-307 

McCarthy Michael, 110 Gloucester 
McCarthy S, laborer, 24^ Redpath 
McCaul Neil, gnrl store, 127 York 
McCaul Neil, groceries, 01 Clarence 
McClack Wra, laborer, 86 Stewart 
McClaren John, tailor, 179 Friel 
McClaUi^hlin John, contractor, 157 

McClellan Wni, t'mstr, 117 Division 
McClory John, labr, 293 St Patrick 
McCloy Wm, engineer, 248 Queen 
McCloy — , culler, 128 Chaudiere 
McComb M, fancy repository, 644 

McConnell, M, Ibr, 133 Cumberland 
McCormick H, flour merchant, 69 

McCormick Alex, 69 O'Connor 
McCormick J, Ibr, 20 Redpath 
McCormick J, Ibr, 360 Gloucester 
McCormick Mrs M, mil, 146 Rideau 
McCormick Wm, driver, 195 Bolton 
McCormick & Son, flour-dealers, 

130-132 Soarks 
McCoy Jas, laborer, 59 St Paul 
McOrae E W, 211 Albert 
McCrae S, carptr, 318 Cumberland 
McCraken J, ins agt, 35 Metcalfe sq 
McCuaig R C W, ins agt, 38 Sparks, 

house 291 Albert 
McCuaig W H, civil service, 118 

McCuller Miss A, telgrph operator, 

66 O'Connor 
McCuUoch Capt H, 112 Nicholas 
McCullough F.fur dres'r, 167 Friel 
McCuUough H, laborer, 203 York 
McCullough James, tanner, 342 St 

McCullough Jas, shoemaker, 194 

McCurley Mrs, wid, 442 Gloucester 
McDermid A J, elk P dept 
McDermott Mrs, widow, 24 Lisgar 
McDermott P, htl-kpr, 29 Clarence 
McDermott E S, P dept, 492 Lewis 
McDonald Alex, tailor, 122 Augusta 
McDonald Capt, 84 Water 
McDonald D, clerk P O dept 
McDonald F, clerk P O, 387 Lisgar 

McDonald Geo, supt fire alarm tel 
McDonald Hamilton, grocer, 393 

McDonald H, gro, 2 By-wd Market 
McDonald Hugh, m'son, 180 Botelier 
McDonald Hugh, Ibr, 166 Murray 
McDonald John^, alde-mstr, 16 Mill 
McDonald John, carptr, 143 Kent 
McDonald John, auction rooinfl, 6 

By-ward, Market square 
McDonald K, tel oper, 206 Sparks 
McDonald Patk, Ibr, 466 Clarence 
McDonald Peter, foreman, 426 Cum- 
McDonald Philip, laborer, 80 Baird 
McDonald — , civ ser, 122 O'Connor 
McDonald A B «fe Co, agts, auct'nrs 
k valuators, 523 Sussex & 24 York 
McDonald Jk Co, dyrs * scrs, 40 Elgin 
McDonell Dr, 87 Daly 
McDonell D, fam gro, 512 Sussex 
McDonell Donald, grocer, 86 York 
McDonell Donald W, serg-at-arnis, 

House of Commons 
McDonell John, bds Miss Christie's 

22 Albert 
McDonnell A, clerk, 535 Rideau 
McDonnell D R, hotel keeper, 389 

McDonnell J A, clerk P O dept 
McDonnell Micl, labr, 607 Somerset 
McDonnell Rory, hotel, 424 Sussex 
McDougsl & Co, brdwre, 631 Sussex 
McDougall Aug, srveyr, 22 Stewart 
McDougall Hy, shoe stre, 157 Friel 
McDougall J, clerk, P dept 
McDougall Jhn, crpntr, 40 Kotelier 
McDougall Mrs, widow, 323 St Paul 
McDougall M, Imber met, 90 Slater 
McDougall Ptr A, M D, 100 Rideau 

73 St Paul 
McDougall W A & Co, groceries & 

liquors, 27 York 
McDowell John, m'sn, 231 Clarence 
McDowell J R, shoemkr, 346 Well- 
McDowell J W, school teacher, 478 

McEdwards G, 88 Slater 
McElnea Wm, laborer, 201 Nepean 
McElroy Jas, lebrr, 80 Cumberland 
McElroy Thos, engin'r, 18 Botelier 
McEvela Wm, mason, 232 Church 
McEvoy Ed, agent, 67 Water 
McEvoy, Wm, Ibr, 650 St Patrick 
McEwan John, laborer, 204 King 
McEwan Mrs R, 111 Church 
McEwen Wm, marble polisher, 29 

Oet your Gar|i«(a at SHOOIiBRBO * CO.'S 

,w ,!•" 


}y-wd Market 


, 156 Murray 

i-instr, 15 Mill 

)tr, 143 Keot 

ction rooinfl, 6 


r, 205 Sparks 

, 466 Clarence 


•o, 512 Sussex 

rocer, 85 York 

r, serg-at-arms, 


i Miss Christie's 

:, 535 Rideau 
otel keeper, 389 

'sn, 231 Clarence 
emkr, 346 Well- 

hool teacher, 478 



A. MOBinCEB'S General Stationery Warehouse, Sparln Street 

McFarland Wm, grocer, 390 Rideau 
McFarlane J, grocer, 187 Cathcart 
McFarlane J, iron founder, 116-117 

McFarlane R, machinist, 199 Albert 
McFarlane John, 234 Queen 
McFarlane John, school teacher, 

161 McTaggart 
McFee & Hunter, dent's, 516 Sussex 
McGann G, bill-poster, 01 St Paul 
McGara M, trader, 43 Clarence 
McGarity Thos, mer,473 All)ert 
McGauvron T, laborer, 69 Baird 
McGaw A, contractor, 346 Maria 
McCree Alex, gardener, 279 Brid^^c 
McUee Jno, boatman, 132 Cathcart 
McGee John, civ ser, 3S3 Daly 
McGee Wm, civ ser, 243 Chapel 
McGibney A, mason, 101 Nelwon 
McGibney 8, stonecutter, 870tta\va 
MoGiffin John, clerk, 261 Albert 
McGilliB A, clerk, P dept 
McGillis A, foreman, 47 Mosgrove 
McGillis A, civ ser, 122 O'Connor 
McGillivray D, M D, 172 Wellington 
McGillivray D, carp'tcr, 310 Lisgar 
McGillivray B, merchant, 333-335 

Wellington, house 120 Vittoria 
McGillivray F, c s, 17 Gloucester 
McGillivray J, hotel-keeper, 55 S 

McGilton Robt J, 141 Albert 
McGilton riios, boots and shoes, 13 


MeGiunis James, laborer, 88 Lloyd 
McGowan W, enginr, 62 St Andrew 
McGrathL, plasterer, 312 Rideau 
McGrath Michl, labr, 132 Le Breton 
McGraw John, plasterer, 220 Bay 
McGregor Wm, culler, 186 Middle 
McGuigan Mrs Arthur, 286 Bolton 
McGuire Mrs Anne, 119 York 
McGuire Jas, laborer, 267 Kmg 
McGuire Lawrence, laborer, 616 

McGuire Louis, lab'r, 191 Cathcart 
McHerg Nathl, lab'rer, 204 Nepean 
McHugli Murtagh, tailor, 279 Dal- 

Mcintosh G H, Ottawa Citizen, 81 

Mcintosh Duncan, marble cutter, 

386 Rideau 
Mcintosh Kenneth, carpenter, 210 

Mclntyre P D, clerk P dept 
Mclntyre Mrs, pro Victoria Hotel, 

64-56 St Paul 

Mclntyre Mrs, widow, 481 Cumber- 
Mclsaac Michl, clerk, 103 Cathcart 
Mclsaac Neil, laborer, 249 Bay 
McKane Thos, uiilhvright, 30 Al- 
bert avenue 
McKaon James, lab'rer, 173 Bolton 
McKay Hy, mllwrght, 36 Sherwood 
McKay John, carpenter, 226 Queen 
McKay Wm, hnnber merct, 99 Daly 
McKay Wm, blder, 107 Gloucester 
McKay Wm, mllwrght, 351 Nepean 
McKay W, painter & papcr-hngr, 

35 Metcalfe, 76 Queen 
McKay W 0, hotl-kpr, 18 Murrray 
McKav Th8& Co, mllrs, 416 Sussex 
McKay Thori & Co, iiiillrs, 92 Head 
McKeal Patrick, lab'rer, 331 Rideau 
McKeever Patrick, butcher, 142 

McKenella John, brickmaker, 429 

McKenna Fk, carter, 275 Dalhousie 
McKenna Mr>s Neil, 121 Murray 
McKenna T, grocer, 271 Nicholas 
McKenna & Finn, grocers, 167 

Rideau, and 239 Bay 
McKenstry R, carptrj 255 Bridge 
McKenzie Hon A, min pub works, 

190 Wellington 
McKenzie A, laborer, 96 Vittoria 
McKenzie J B, bd house, 135 Albert 
McKenzie L, grocer, 108 Bank 
McKenzie R, forwarder, 136 Middle 
McKenzie Wm, labr, 40 Redpath 
McKenzie Wn), labr, 239 Clarence 
McKiel C E, civ ser, 65 O'Connor 
McKillican J, '"oreman, 96 Montreal 
McKillop A, laborer, 508 Maria 
McKinnon J, policeman, 235 Kent 
McKinnon Neil, ins agt, 121 Sparks, 

house 45 Gloucester 
McKinnon P, police'n, 364 Nepean 
McKinnon Riclid, laborer, 376 King 
McKinnon D S & Co, music ware- 
rooms, 141 Sparks 
McKnightMrs William, widow, 555 

McLardy John, lab'r, 22 Sherwood 
McLaren Mrs, 73 Bank 
McLaren John, civ ser, 203 Nepean 
MacLaren J & Co, lumb'rs, 6 Sussex 
McLaughlan Thos, c'stblc,621 Maria 
McLaughlin, G C, ins agt, 48 Elgin 
McLaughlin John, Ibr, 292 Conces- 
McLaughlin Patrick, Ibr, 4 Baird 
McLaughlin S, civ ser, 201 Maria 
McLauriu J A, clerk P O dept 

utfM ;^fTil '1.',' 

T i 

'■)■ 'ill 


a ;, ^;;( '■ 

iJ .'•;' 

' ' I i 



'if:':".' iJ:" 

m f 

Oct jronr Floor und Oil Olotlu at 8HOOLBRBD * CO'S. 

if y j^..a ,- 

I"! I'll' 

.:r -''vil!! 



Coal Oil Lamps, &o. a. C. BEIFFENSTEIN, Agent. 

McLean Albert, fireman, 83 Daly 
McLean Alexander, Times Offlce, 

77 Albert 
McLean H, auct rooms, 65 Sparks 
McLean Hec, hide dlr,109 Nicholas 
McLean Hugh, elk, 238 Gloucester 
McLean Mrs Mary Anne, 269 Bolton 
McLean Neil W, clerk Senate 
McLean Mrs, widow, 358 Nepean 
McLennan A H, civ ser elk, 135 

McLennan Mrs Duncan, widow, 20 

McLennan John, stonecutter, IOC 

McLenne T, saddler, 416 Lisgar 
McLenty Dougald, gro, 724 Maria 
McLeod D, clerk, 348 Wilbrod 
McLeod H A F, eng Can Pac Rail 
McMahon Michl, Ibr, 342 Gloucester 
McMahon Simon, wheelwright, 405 

McMahon John, stne-cutr, 212 Daly 
McManus Bernard, Ibr, 379 St Pat- 
McMartin D, salesman, 271 St Paul 
McMillan Adrien, agent, 163 York 
McMiilen John, Ibr, 384 St Andrew 
McMullen Henry, marble-cutr, 283 

McMullen Wm, laborer, 75 Water 
McMullin Rd, blckamth, 417 Maria 
McNab C, county clerk Carleton 84 

McNabb Js, bds at Mrs McLennan 's, 

20 Albert 
McNallf W H, elk Intercolonial Ry 
McNamara — , trader, 306 Dalhoueie 
McNamara Mrs, 288 Albert 
McNaughton Chas P, joiner, 267 St 

McNaughton Dncn, bldr, 58 George 
McNaughton Michael, door keeper 

privy council, 163 Augusta 
McNeil Mlclm, m'son, 223 Clarence 
McNeill A, clerk, dept of Interior 
McNulty Dl, plstrr, 664 Wellington 
McNulty Jos, plstr, 158 Cambridge 
McNutt Charles S, clerk, 9 Sally 
McParland Mrs, dressmaker, 152^ 

McPhail Rev Daniel, 21 Albert av 
McPhee Miss R, dressmaker, 350 

McPhee W, L D S d. iitist. 104 

Sparks, 135 Albert 
McPherson D D, clerk, P O dept 
McPherson John, filer, 310 Cumber- 

McPherson Saml, blacksmith, 636 

McQuarrie Mrs Jas, milliner, 31 


McQuarry L, contractor, 410 Lewis 
McQueen W, shoemkr, 69 Augusta 
McRae — , confectioner, 106 Bank 
McRea Alex, mason, 189 O'Connor 
McRea Hector, clerk, 179 Wilbrod 
McRea John, Forwarding Go, 179 

McRea John, carpenter, 237 Kent 
McReary John, laborer, 226 Queen 
MeStravick Ths, tailor, 98 Nicholas 
McSweeney Mrs, widow, 470 Lisgar 
McTaggart John, carpenter, 329 St 

McTavish Robt, culler B & W,122 


McVeigh Thos, lab'rer, 359 Nepean 
McVietty W, license insp, 392 Slater 
Meadows Joseph, b'sth, IISJ Broad 
Meadows & Co, hard-ware met- 

chants, 525 Sussex 
Measam F, civ ser, 53 Metcalfe 
Mechanics' Institute, 162 Sparks 
Medlow Chas, clerk, 206 Clarence 
Megar Henrv, laborer, 34 Oregon 
Menleur Gideon, tan'r, 352 Clarence 
Meindel F, tailor, 7 Elgin 
Mellare Emme, 206 King 
Mellefont Mrs Richard, 70 Bank 
M6nard Pierre, laborer, 62 Ottawa 
Mercer John, Organist, 21 Hill 
Mercer John, laborer, 108 Vittoria 
Merchants' Bank — Thomas Kirby, 

manager, 93 Sparks 

Mercier Thfilesphore, labr, 648 St 

Meredith Edmund A, dept min of 

interior, 253 Augusta 
Merineau Edouard, carter, 231 St 

Merineau Emerie, carter, 227 St 

Merion Lewis, laborer, 19 Friel 
Merner Jas, laborer, 72 Ottawa 
Merrill Bernard, steward Russell 

House, 118 O'Connor 
Merrill Horace, engineer, 28 Duke 
Merrill H, bl'ksmith, 51 Chaudiere 
Merrill H B, manager, 204 Middle 
Merrill M, engineer, 34 Duke 
Merritt Benj, laborer, 131 Murray 
Messaire X, labr, 179^ St Andrew 
Metcalfe Jos, dry-goods merchant, 

126 O'Connor 
Metcalfe J, w'sle c'thr, 106-8 Sparks 

Tlt« •• Bom Co«I 8t«rvM** to be tonuA oaiy at BSMONDB'S* 

!r B& W,122 

53 Metcalfe 
, 162 Sparks 

-Thomas Kirby, 

[hr, 106-8 Sparks 



U. S. Beflector CiomiAny. O. C. BEU'FENSTEIN, Agent. 

lletropolitan Building Society, C 

B Cunningham sec, 28 Rideau 
Meunier Benj, labr, 429 St Patrick 
Meunier Chas, laborer, 140 Water 
Meunier Frs, stne-cttr, 293 Church 
Meyer Louis, watchmkr, 162 Rideau 
Meyers Mrs John, 78 Church 
Meynard Gabriel, agnt, 13 Cathcart 
Meyner Napln, carter, 34 Shamrock 
Miall E jr, asst com of in revenue 
Michaels H, tobacconist, 28 Elgin 
Michaelson J B,crckry, 121 Rideau 
Michaud C E, civ ser, 18 Gloucester 
Michaud Maxime, joiner, 35 Rose 
Michel Moise, crrgmkr, 224 Murray 
Middleton John, laborer, 73 Water' 
Mighton Wm, clerk, 238 Wilbrod 
Migueron Joseph, grocer, 317 St 

Miles Charles, laborer, 241 Bolton 
MILES E, hairdresser, 34 Sparks, 

h 109 Elgin 
Miles John, mason, 77 Oobourg 
Miles John, mason, 3 Heney 
Miles M A, steward O R N C, 120 

Milissia Mrs, widow, 296 Water 
Mill I A, ins agent, 69 Albert 
Millan Alex, stone-cutter, 89 Lloyd 
Millar A T, agtrl agent, 96 Rideau 

h 161 George 
Miller Andrew, laborer, 65 Broad 
Miller Anth'ny, laborer, 53 Redpath 
Miller Francis, carter, 59 Broad 
Miller Jos, laborer, 7^ McGee 
Miller L, cab driver, 135 Cobourg 
Miller Peter, clerk Senate, 367 

Miller Wm, laborer, 106 Cathcart 
Millette F, laborer, 662 St Patrick 
Millette J, shoemkr, 30 Notre Dame 
Millette Jos, labr, 26 Notre Dame 
Millette L, plast'r, 28 Notre Dame 
Millotte Ed, cooper, 260 St Patrick 
Mills Alex, cab't mkr, 186 Albert 
Mills A K, marble cutter, 234 Sparks 

house 231 Queen 
Mills F W, professor of music, 322 

Mills Jas, stonecutter, 180 Friel 
Mills Mrs Jos, widow, 355 Albert 
Mills S, shoemaker, 382 Dalhousie 
Mills Wm, civ ser, 401 Rideau 
MILLS Wm, pro Clarendon House, 

647 Sussex corner of George 
Minehan Pat, lab'r, 326 St Patrick 
Minns Mrs, milliner, 220 Wellington 
Minore A, shoemaker, 218 Nepean 
Miron Alex, laborer, 305 Clarence 

Miron Francois, lab'r, 280 Water 
Miron M, shoemaker, 282 Water 
Miskoll Jno, lab'r, 165 Clarence 
Mison Wm, laborer, 12 Eiird 
Mitchell C W, Free Press, house 

289 Maria 
Mitchell J P, policeman, 306 Albert 
Mix J J, millwright, 128 Queen west 
Mix S, foreman, 42 Britannia ter 
Moflfatt Mrs Jessie, dressmaker, 243 

Moffatt R M G, clerk, House of Com 
Moffatt T, dom police, 230 Murray 
MofFette J Bte, joiner, 77 Bolton 
Moir John, lumberman, 479 Albert 
Moise John, carpenter, 612 King 
Monaghan Ed, laborer, 236 Murray 
Monet Paul, shoemaker, 102^ St 

Monette Amable, bricklayer, 426 St 

Monette H, blacksmith, 207 Water 
Monette Paul, laborer, 226 Church 
Mongenais Adlphe, met, 455 Rideau 
Monk J B, bookkeeper, 702 Maria 
Montgomery Jas, hotel keeper, 218 

Montgomery R S, sddlr, 112 Rideau 
!^; ■ >mery Wm, govt police, 10 
■ ■ er 
, -al & Ottawa forwarding Co 

D Murphy agt, 201 Canal west 

Montreal Telegraph Co 16 Met- 

Mentreiul Mrs Felix, 128 Friel 
Monty L, grocer, 201 i Church 
Moody Harry. Governor's sec. Gov 
ernor Genl's see's office 

Moody Robt, piano agt, 221 Nepean 
Moody Mrs, wdow, 114 Cumberland 
Mooney Daniel, carter, 261 St Paul 
Mooney Ed, laborer, 81 Cathcart 
Mooney Robt, tinshop, 18 Nicholag 
Moore A, boots & shoes, 158 Rideau 
Moore Adw, shoemaker, 136 Chapel 
Moore Isaac, lumber mer, 363 Daly 
Moore John, collector, 259 Albert 
Moore Jas, shoemaker, 431 Lisear 
Moore John, painter, 260 Nicholas 
Moore John, painter, 166 St Patrick 
Moore Rev W, pastor of Bank street 
church, 259 Slater 

Moran Mrs Ellen, 131 York 
Moran P, laborer, 88 Water 
Moreau A, hair-dresser, 442 Sussex 
Moreau B, messenger, 100 Bolton 
Moreau David, lair r, 372 Clarence 
Moreau Godfroi, hotel, 416'Sussex 

Oct your Furniture at 8HOOI<BRBD St CO.*8 



y ■M ■fill* i *, 




'■ i,' 't' 5 

. r 1 , 






.1 fe 

t J,: ( ', 1 V' ■ 




Babcock Fire Apparatus. G. C BEEFFENSTEIN, Agent. 

Moreau J, boot and shoe dealer, 484 

Moreau Israel, boot * shoe dealer, 

181 St Patrick 
Moreau J Bte, clerk, 288 St Patrick 
Moreau Thos, grocer, 221 St Patrick 
Morel Elzear, cap't, 24 Botelier 
Morel M, carter, 202 St Patrick 
Morel Victor, printer, 22 Hotelier 
Moreland A, fruit dealer, 4 By- Ward 

Market Square 
Moreland H, clerk, 93 Slater 
Morgan H J, civ set, 62 Slater 
Morgan Jno, green gro, 335 Sussex 
Morgan Wm, clerk, 124 Chaudiere 
Morin A, printer, 137 King 
Morin David, grocer, 519 St Patrick 
Morin F, carpenter, 267 St Andrew 
Morin Joseph, shoemkr, 49 Church 
Morin Jules, me8s'ger,^213 Clarence 
Morin Magloire, laborc!-, 180 Water 
Morin Pievre, labr, 179 St Andre^v 
Morin Thos, capt steamboat, 255 

St Andrew 
Moring Bichd, foreman, 224 Nepean 
Morris A, laborer, 20 Kent 
Morris Andrew, laborer, 195 Murray 
Morris Michael, tailor, 50 Murray 
Morris Win, laborer, 161 St Andrew 
Morrisey Patrick, Ibr, 15 Peter 
Morrisey Thos, stne-cutr, 16 Peter 
Morison A M, Ital whse, 103 Sparks 
Morrison E B, grocer, 211 Sparks * 

343 Slater 
Morrison John, Ibr, 164 McTaggart 
Morrison N, 133 Stewart 
Morrison Wm, pl'terer, 413 Nepean 
Morrison & Bennett, bkrs, 64 York 
Morse John, gio, 480 Cumberland 
Morse John, plasterer, 4* Stewart 
Mortimer A, okbinder, 198 Sparks, 

h 121 Metcalfe 
Mortimer, Gr, chemist k druggist, 

633 Sussex, h 89 Daly 
Morton H, bookkeeper, 225 St Paul 
Mosgrove Robt, 76 St Paul 
Mosgrove W, barrister, 44 Sparks 
Moss Henry, b'tcher, 358 Gloucester 
Moss Henry, butcher, 230 Bay 
Moss Henry, grocer, 237 Rideau 
Moss Mrs, widow, 608 St Paul 
Mott John, carpenter, 151 Friel 
Mowat A, sr, tailor, 488 Sussex 
Mowat Daniel, clothier, 16 Cathcart 
Mowat George, carder, 31 Redpath 
Mowatt A <Ic Son, w'sale clothihg, 

626 Sussex 
Moxley Mrs E, wid, 333 Cumberland 
Moxley James, gro, 200 Clarence 

Moxley John, laborer, 146 Cobour] 
Moxley John T, contractor, 21 

Moxley Richd, planer, i66 Friel 
Moxley Robt, carpenter, 184 Friel 
Moxley Wm, car'ge-m'ker, 21 Peter 
Moylan J G, director of penitentia- 
ries, 154 Daly 
Moynes J C, merchant, 61 O'Connor 
Muir A C, ■ \rk, P O dept 
MuUins M' ael, labr, 102 Nicholas 
Mulligan iuenry, carptr, 23 Division 
Mulligan Saml, boat-owner, 124 

Mullin B, clothing store, 401-3 Well- 
Mullin Chas, laborer, 102 Redpath 
Mullin John, laborer, 106 Redpath 
Mullin Patrick, grocer, 269 Bay 
Mullin Peter, t'lor,314 Cumberland 
Mulrooney Jas, labr, 186 Cathcart 
Mulrooney John, labr, 180 Murray 
Mulrooney Mrs Wm, 128 Botelier 
Mulva Mrs, widow, 386 Slater 
Munroe Jessie, carp' ter, 234 Nepean 
Munroe J, stonecutter, 104 Nepean 
Munroe J, carpenter, 222 Nepean 
Munroe Li, sew mac agt, 82 Rideau, 

house 86 Besserer 
Munson J, book-keeper 30 Cathcart 
Murdoch Wm, engineer, C P R 
Murphy Mrs Daniel, 214 Friel 
Murphy Dennis, agt M & F Co. 
Murphy Edmund J, 290 Bay 
Murphy Geo, boots and shoes, 636 

Murphy Mrs E, 80 Vittoria 
Murphy J, blacks' th, 246 Clarence 
Murphy John, bank mess, 86 Cooper 
Murphy J, book-keeper, U F & RB 

Co, 290 Bay 
Murphy John, laborer, 98 Lisgar 
Murphy John, saddler, 67 King 
Murphy John, carp, 92 Clarence 
Murphy John, carpenter, 200 Friel 
Murphy J, plasterer, 296 St Patrick 
Murphy John, grocer, 169 York 
Murphy Mrs John, widow, 71 Red- 
Murphy J P, plumber, 172 Rideau 
Murphy M, laborer, 130 Botelier 
Murphy Mrs M, 347 St Patrick 
Murphy P, laborer, 508 Somerset 
Murphy P, shoemaker, 79 Water 
Murphy Bros, ale vaults, 18 Barrett 
Murray John, laborer, 34 Daly 
Murray John, grocer, 147 Bell 
Mnrray Jn, grocer, 118 Cumberland 
Murray P J, carpenter, 26 Redpath 

BUuk BMtka mmde at ALBX. MORTIMHR'S) Spwlui Street, 




"Bortlett" Street Lamps. G. C. BEIFFENSTEIN, Agent. 

Muegrove J M, 60 O'Connor 
Mutciimoor T W, crpter, 309 Lisgar 
Mutton Francis cabt-mkr,2l3 Albert 
Mntual Building S'ciety, 498 Sussex 
Myrand J B, postmaster Senate 
Nadon Leon, carter, 76 St Andrew 
Nadon MichI, carter, 214 Water 
Nadon Pierre, laborer, 132 King 
Nagle P W, 219 Clarence 
Nagle Robert, lumber merchant, 77- 

79 Gloucester 
Naguy *Ir8, widow, 381 Clarence 
Nash Geo, laborer, 259 St Patrick 
Nash John, carpente;, 343 Wilbrod 
Nash J R, Receiver Gnl's dept. 20 

Metcalfe square 
Nash Rich, laborer, 376 Clarence 
Naughton Michl, doorkpr and mess 

privy council office, 163 Augusta 
Nanghten P, book stre, 178 Rtdeau 
Nault Geo, laborer, 420 Clarence 
Naylor — , clerk, 164 Fricl 
Neeland Wm, clerk, 358 Albert 
Neelin Mrs A, boarding house, 99 

Neelm Joseph, mercht, 80 St Paul 
Neelin Bros, hosiers and glovers, 18 

Rideau & 99 Rideau 
Neelin J & G, boot and shoe store, 

20 Rideau 
Neeve J B H, civ ser, 104 Glou- 

Nellis Thos P, barrister, 19 Elgin 

bds at 52 York 
Nelson Thos, laborer, 226 Queen 
Narboil Julie, laborer, 98 Duke 
Nesbitt John, laborer, 91 Lloyd 
Nettle Richard, C S, 429 Rideau 
Neville C C, clerk, dep Agriculture 
Neville P, shoemaker, 41 Duke 
Nevill & Qumn, gents furnishings, 

478 Sussex 
Nevin Darby, laborer, 484 Somerset 
Nevin Michl, laborer, 27 Sherwood 
Newbanks Wm, trader, 43 William 
Newbegin J, butcher. Stall 3*4 

Victoria Market Queen west 
Newbegin John, butcher, 684 Well 

Newby F, elk. Privy Council O.Tice' 
Newton Chas, tinsmith, 32 Daly 
Nichol C, laborer, 229 Water 
Nicliol Robt, laborer, 94 Vittoria 
Nichols F, bookkpr, 225 St Paul 
Nichols J, brick mkr, 307 Clarence 
Nichols \?7illiam, acct, 354 Wilbrod 
NichollF. Jk Co, commission agents, 

16 O'Connor 
Nicholson J. 131 Slater 

Nicholson J, dep sheriff, 68 Metcalfe 
Nicholson J S, grocer, 164 Bank 
Nile M, messenger, 83 Dalhousie 
Nitwell J, clerk, 83 Augusta 
Noel D, shoemaker, 39 Murray 
Noel J, shoemaker, 157 St Andrew 
Nolan F N, clerk, 87 Clarence 
Nolan M, bdg-house, 102 Murray 
Nolan Mrs Ann, 127 Nelson 
Nolan Peter, laborer, 92 Cambridge 
Noonan D, laborer, 152 Queen wes; 
Noonan Donald, hotel keeper, 162 
Sparks, 61 O'Connor 

Nordheimer A & S, music store, 67 

Normal School, Elgin 
Norman F, laborer, 64 Chapel 
Normand W, tobaccnst, 203 Rideau 
Norris Geo, tailor, 71 Nelson 
In orris M, tanner, 87 Augusta 
Norris — , elk, bds 98 Albert 
Northwood W, bookkpr, 103 Chapel 
Notman photo gallery, 88 Queen 
Nunn John, painter, 10 Baird 
Nutt D, watchman, 38 Redpath 
Nye L N, tobacconist, 64 Welling- 
ton, h 77 Sparks 

Oaglin Mrs, widow, 33 George 
O'Boyle J, whlwright,132 Clarence 
O'Brien D, shoemaker, 96 Clarence 
O'Brien D, laborer, 92 St Andrew 
O'Brien H, stnecttr, 375 St Patrick 
O'Brien Jas, Gov police, 206 Bay 
O'Brien Jas, laborer, 214 Nepean 
O'Brien Lawrence, labr, 58 Water 
O'Brien Mrs, widow, 62 Botelier 
O'Brien M, laborer, 118 Concession 
O'Brien P, pa' iter, 382 St Patrick 
O'Brien P, tailor, 446 Clarence 
O'Brien R E , civ ser, 119 O'Connor 
O'Brien S G, excise officer, 46 Queen 
O'Brien S, laborer, 386 Wellington 
O'Brien Mrs S, 146 Murray 
O'Brien W, laborer, 24 Theodore 
O'Brien W D, clerk, 189 Sally 
O'Callighan P, bdg-hse, 36 Clarence 
O'Connell D, i .borer, 16 Redpath 
O'Connell M, laborer, 13} Redpath 
O'Connor D, traveller, 162 Clarence 
O'Connor C, laborer, 299 St Patrick 
O'Coanor D, bdg-hse, 146 Clarence 
O'Connor D, barrister, 160 Bay 
O'Connor D, laborer, 236 Nicfiolas 
O'Connor E J, clerk, 102 Water 
O'Connor H, trader, 112 Church 
O'Connor James, pensioner, 417 St 

O'Connor J,crp'tr, 123 Cd mberland 

The largest itaek and beat Talae In I«c« Cnrtalna at BHOOLBRBD * CO.»S 

m i! 

'• If 



-■ m Pj 

M : 



m'i' -i 


. I If ■■ 






Architectural Iron Works Coxnpaay, K.7. Q. G. SEIFFENSTEIN, Agent. 

'::' : I ',; 

I'i'^ lii#tiv^ 

'y .1 

W: % 


if ' / :*^' '' '' 

O'Connor Hon J, barrister, 201-203 

O'Connor John, slioeniaker, 158 

O'Connor /T, carp, 31 8^ Cumberland 
O'Connor J, chief door keeper of 

House of Commons, 183 Aloert 
O'Connor J, culler, 138 Queen, W 
O'Connor J, laborer, 143 Dalhousie 
O'Connor Joseph, joiner, 2(15 iit 

O'Connor Mrs J R, widow, 51 Duke 
O'Connor L, carp'ter, 226 Botelier 
O'Connor Luke, lab'r, 175 Water 
O'Connor M, laborer, 171 York 
O'Connor R E, broker, 495 King 
O'Connor Thos, grocer, 121 Cum- 
O'Connor Thos, laborer, 171 Water 
O'Connor Wm, planing mills, 308 

O'Connor W, carp'ter, 204 Botelier 
O'Connor <fe Hogg, barristers, 584 

O'Connor & 0' Dougherty, barris- 
ters, 62 Ekin 
O'Connor & Waller, ins agents, 26 

Odcf Fellows' Hall, 28 Rideau 
Odell H C, brick manufacturer, 158 

Odell Wm T, carter, 421 Clarence 
O'Dey Thos, laborer, 182 Murray 
0'l.>onell John, engineer, 586 Albert 
0,Donell Pitrick, milkman, 409 

O'Donnell Domerick, hotel keeper, 

46 Clarence 
O'Donnell John, lab'r, 103 Besserer 
O'Donnell Ptrk, i'armer, 562 Lisgar 
O'Donoghue D J, M P P, printer, 

96 Water 
O'Donoghue Maurice, plumber, 130 

O'Donovan M, tempnce hotel, 8 By 

Ward Market square 
Offord Mrs Jonathan, 197 Slater 
Ogilvfey James, 127 Stewart 
Ogilvie Wm, surveyor, 399 Rideau 
O Gorman M, boat builder, 251 

O'Grady Henry, crpter, 360 Nepean 
O'Grady Wm, lab'r, 340 St Patrick 
O'Hanly J L P, P L S, 352 Daly 
O'Hara John, lab'r, 416 Wellington 
O'Hara Richard, lab'r, 2 Sherwood 
O'Hare John, laborer, 349 Wilbrod 
O'Keefe J C, groceries and liquors, 

190 Murray 

O'Keefe Martin, saddler, 667 St 

O.Keefe Patrick, saddler, 166 Sally 
O^Keefe Ths, C S mess, 262 Stewart 
O'Keefe Wm, civ ser, 170 Clarence 
O'Learv Cornelius, condr St A R 

R, 101 King 
O'Leary Ed, culler, 129 Clarence 
O'Leary Jas, civ ser, 178 George 
O'Leary John, contractor, 94 Nich- 
O'Leary Michl, b'sth, 57 Dalhousie 
Oleson'Ole, c»%b-'lri'r, 210 Liarence 
Oleson Stevtf one-cutter, 391 St 

Oliver Jan^es iaot-mkr, 9 Ottawa 
Oliver John, cabinet-mkr, 36 Cath- 
Oliver Robt, clerk P dept, 384 

Oliver & Son, cht-mkrs, 172 Sparks 
Olivier Emile, millwright, 95 St 

Olivier Geo, m'wrght, 92 Britannia 

O'Lone Jas, tobac'st, 63 Duke 
O'Meara Herbert, C S, 109 Vittoria 
O'Meara John, laborer, 67 Redpath 
O'Meara Michael, carter, 5805 St 

O'Meara Michael, blacksmith, 420 

O'Meara Pat, pro Merchants' Ex- 
change & S'mple Rooms, 20 George 
O'Meara Patrick, labr, 143 Water 
O'Meara Thomas, labr, 18 Eccles 
O'Meara & Co, clthgstre, 105 Sparks 
O'Meara & Co, boots t. shoes, 164 

O'Melay John, shoemkr, 269 Bridge 
Onease John, laborer, 69 Broad 
O'Neil Andrew, marker, 12 Currier 
O'Neil Mrs A M, 196 Wilbrod 
O'Neil Dennis, carpenter, 143 Kent 
O'Neil Dennis, ship carptr, 389 St 

O'Neil Edward, supt Dom police, 

583 Lisgar 
O'Neil Edward, 216 Botelier 
O'Neil Gordon, haird'ser, 475 Well- 
O'Neil John, arter, 36 Bolton 
O'Neil Michl, m'w'ght, 48 Sherwood 
O'Neil Mrs Michael, 114 St Andrew 
O'Neal Patrick, carter, 187 Murray 
O'Neil Terence, labr, 76 Redpath 

manager, 89-91 Sparks 
Orange Lodge Rooms, 48 O'Connor 

Blagce Range Bxcela all Cook Stove*) BSBIONDB BROS.} Agents. 

)7 Dalhousie 
SIO Liarence 
utter, 391 St 

92 Britannia 

ickamith, 420 


Jio. 66 Bideau Street, 




ttrnishing iiardware, &c. 

Ofllvaaiiiid Bobflzig, OonioM, Qnttsn, and Oondnoton, 


jjtihUr imd StmU gmldittjus, tUmntrvniamM, fiturhg, 

Wftra)#4 ,1^ ^tewn, Hot Water or Wann Air, on the latest and moat im- 

, , o), . tj^f^, ». ,',' proved principles. 

TH08. M. WOODBUff.., 


\ .TTAWA. ! ■'■■ 

SMdir I& Sft7, Qftti and other Grain, Floor, Pork, Ao., fto. 

Bakmgi Confectionery and Fruit Store, 


The ^eai and Freshest always on hand. 


Hot Tto and CoffM, Bot ICtLtton ^s and Oyater Patties. 

Oy«t«t mum9 At • Mtomant'f Notio*. 



'■•I ■■hi;. 





■ i'Mt -' liM 


IIP i^^ 


■«**;!' ■•■■■■ 


r.s c 

^li .' 



^1 1' ilf 

^t»^S' %0j. 

^^ PRIttOOTT, Opif. 



IK AU ITS Appownms. 

ii'^u^tii^ ■ 

Mrbmnibusas moot all Trains aiid( Sttfam^rs. 



•>1»SALSR IV— 




Oak Taimwi LmUmt 


Agency Jw' Boston Rubber S^ii^ Go., 



Si ICorgiaa' floaa " Sapolio." Q; 0. BlIlTEll&Tlliy, OtMnl Agni 

Orde W L, clfci'k finance dept 
O'Reilv James, driver, 237 Sussex 
O'Rielly John, laborer, 206 Botelier 
O'Beily Robt, clerk C S, 148 Church 
O'Reily Owen, foreman, water wks, 

116 Britannia ter 
O'Reilly P, shoemaker, 36 Clarence 
O'Rourke J, labr, 416 Welliiicton 
Orme GL, music dlr, 100 O'Connor 
Orrae J L, music dlr, 428 Lewis 
Orme J L & Son, music store, 31 

Orfhan Home (Protestant), 66 * 58 

Orr John, carver and gilder, 140 St 

Ofiborn John, printer, 291 Nicholas 
Oswald Wm, coachman, 54 Stewart 
Ottawa Aorioclturul Insuranob 

Co, 138 Wellington 
Ottawa Boot & Shoe Co, Erskine 

& Thurston, prop's, 118 Sally 
Ottawa Building Society, Ger- 
main N, pres ; Mate R, sec, 5 York 
Ottawa Business Collroe, Mc- 

Arthur D, prin * pro, 58 O'Connor 
Ottawa City Tkmplk Rooms, 

Rowe's block, 28 Rideau 
Ottawa Convent a Mother House 

or Grey Nuns — Superioress, 

Sister Elizabeth Bruyere ; Sister 

Demers, Ecomonne, 9 Water 
Ottawa Curling Club, 109 Slater 
Ottawa Hay House, 32 Metcalfe 
Ottawa Iron and Steel Manufac- 

TtmiNQ Co (Lim)— D West, sec, 

16 Metcalfe 
Ottawa Ladies College — E P 

Jackson, M A, principal, Albert 
Ottawa Loan Investment Co — Jas 

Eraser, Court House 
OrTAWA Mills Supply Agency — 

Caldwell & Co., managers, 48 & 

50 Sparks 
Ottawa & Rideau Forwarding Co 

—J W McRae, agt, 32 Wellington 
Ottawa River Nav Coy's Office, 264 

Ottawa River Works Office, 206 

Ottawa Water Works— C R Cun- 
ningham, sec i. accnt, 28 Rideau 
Ouellet Cesaire, cooper, 17 Rose 
Ouellet F, butcher, 349 St Andrew 
Ouellet J, carter, 137 St Andrew 
Ouellette G, cab-dvr, 202 Cathcart 

Ouelette Mrs J, widow, 85 Murray 
Ouelette Ligefroi, Ihr, 33 Papineau 
Ouelette T, joiner, 341 St Patrick 
Ouellet X, tinsmith, 291^ Church 
Ouimette H, shoemaker, 24 Nelson 
Qwen M, laborer, 28 Cobourg 
Owens Mrs A, widow, 118 Augusta 
Owens Mrs May, 46 Nelson 
Owens Thos, Jas and George, 1 18 

Owenson John, laborer, 86 Nelson 
Owne C, mess. Dept of Interior 
Pace H, watchmaker, 29 Sparks 

113 Metcalfe 
Page Miss E, hair dres'r, 206 Rideau 
Page John, chief eng'r, dept P W 
Page Wm, engine driver, 712 Maria 
Pame Wm, storeman, 516 King 
Palen John, carpenter, 363 Lisgar 
Palen Wm, contractor, 113 Maria 
Palen & Adams, work shopi^, 254 

Palmer Chas, accntnt, 266 Nicholas 
Palmer Chas 0, accountant Cana- 
dian Pacific Ry 
Palmer H A, expressman 238 Dal- 

Palmer John, crp'nte, 173 Clarence 
Palmer W H, barber, 169 Bank 
Pannet Chas, C S, 366 Rideau 
Panet Lieut Col C Eugene, deptv 
min Mil and Defence, dept Mili- 
tia and Defence 
Papillon Saml, labr, 166 St Andrew 
Paquet Alphonse, shoeraakr, 415 St 

Paquet Mrs Elie, mllner, 310 Cath- 
Paquet Henry, shoemakr, 123 King 
Paquet Jean, saddler, 13 McGee 
Paqnet Joseph, joiner, 31 Papineau 
Paquet J Bte, joiner, 387 Clarence 
Paquet Louis, carter, 18 Papineau 
Paquet J B, contrctor, 416 Clarence 
Paquet Thos, mllwrgt, 48 Shwwood 
Paquet Thos, grcer, 328 St Andrew 
Paquette Baptiste, laborer, 271 St 

Paquette Thos, grocer, 1 McGee 
Paradis Alp, shoemaker, 173 King 
Paradis Calixte, cab driver, 63 St 

Paradis Ed, carpenter, 67 Baird 
Paradis Elzear, shoemaker, 246 St 

Pardie Mrs E, bdg-hse, 118 Vittoria 

T. W. KEHNT & SONS, Merohaut Tailora, Ontfitters and dirett Importer! of Engliih and 
Seotoh Olothi and Twtedi, and Irigh Frieiei, 140 Spark* Street, Ottawa* 








'•'' ]' 




f ' 

ft V 




■ •"■•", '■■•■.•I''-- ■ »■ f.' j,'i5 .' 




T. W.'BMWtttman, M«NkutTdIoi% OiMtton ui diiMt Impattcn eflnglith 
tad iMtsh Olotlu and TvMdi, and Iriih VritMi, Itf Ipailn ItrMt, Ottawa. 


■ .' 


,< ■;■' 

Parent JoUt l&br, 206 Cumberland 
Parent J B, hotel k'ner, 76 Church 
Parent Michi, labr, 138 Sherwood 
Parent Mrs, widow, 376 Daly 
Park Fergus, trader, 93 Clarence 
Park John, joiner, 204 Clarence 
Parker Alex, plasterer, 208 Nepean 
Parker A J, crockery, Ac, 36 Kicleau 
Parker C H, painter, 69 Bank 
Parker Mrs John, dressmaker, 

2 Victoria avenue 
Parker Mrs, widow, 284 Albert 
Parks Jofieph, stne-cutr, 379 King 
Parlow Edwin D, principal of cen- 
tral school west, 191 Bay 
Parr Alfred, culler, 186 Middle 
Parr J A, book-keeper, 194 Middle 
Parrington Wm, stonemason, 84 

Parris William, brewer, 17 Hill 
Parry John, saddler, 91 Besserer 
Parsons A, atty-at-law, 17 Nicholas 
Parsons C E, nier, 206 Stewart 
Parsons James, painter, 333 King 
Parsons Robt, labr, 518 Wellington 
Parsons W T, watchmaker and 

jeweller, 479 Sussex 
Patrick A, clerk of the House of 

Commons, 160 Daly 
Patrick G M, elk civ ser, 27 Vic- 
toria avenue 
Patrick Thaddeus, elk House of 

Commons, 134 Sally 
Pattee G B, I'r mer, 610 Wellington 
Patterson Mrs Geo, 94 O'Connor 
Patterson Jas, elk fin dept, 206 Daly 
Patterson Jae, plstr, 386 Wellington 
Patterson J H, clerk, 30 Rear 
Patterson Mro, widow, 177 St Paul 
Patterson Miss, d'mkr, 69 Duke 
Patterson Thos, grocer, 69 Rideau, 

h 336 Daly 
Patton Robt, shoemkr, 94 Cobourg 
Paul Olivier, flour a feed store, 105 

Pauquette Adolphe, crtr, 261 Water 
Pauquette Felix, plasterer, 44 Friel 
Pauquette J Bte, laborer, 142 St 

Payette Jos, painter, 304 St Patrick 
Payne A, shoemaker, 534 Albert 
Payne John, laborer, 409 Clarence 
Peachy J RN. 36 Stewart 
Peachy J W, civ ser, 36 Stewart 
Peachy N, coachman, 119 Stewart 
Peachy Salem, clerk, 205 Clarence 

Peacock J, sr, hatter and furrier, 

74 Rideau 
Peacock John, clerk, 672 Maria 
Pearce — , constable, dom police 
Peu«e A, fore'n, B & B, 137 Middle 
Peck J, repairing stai)', par bidnga 
Peck Jas, carter, 124 Augusta 
Peck John, laborer, 136 St Paul 
Peden A, tel oper, 148 Augusta 
Peeke C E, tailor, 84 Besserer 
Pelland Peter, blacks'th, 78 Queen 
PellantMrHM,25i Chapel 
Pelletier E, asH't postm'r, House of 

Coiunionrt, house 99 Water 

Pelletier J H, sessional messenger, 

Peltier Augustin, lab'r, 38 Oregon 
Peltier Mrs E, widow, 286 Water 
Peltier H, tinsmith, 436 St Patrick 
Peltier H, tinsmith, 77 Clarence 
Peltier John, millwright, 92 Duke 
Peltier Jos, baker, 93 Friel 
Pelton A, printer, 376 Dalhousie 
Pender J, messenger, 108 Augusta 
Pender P, messenger, 112 Augusta 
Penner John, clerk, Dept of Irit 
Pennock John, collector of water 
rates, 28 Rideau 

Pennock J C, ins agt, 106 Queen 
Pennock J T, ins agt, 236 Daly 
Pennock P, barrister, 26S Maria 
Pennock Wni, ins agt, 154 Besserer 
Pennock & Go, ins and exchange 

brokers, 70 Sparks 
Perar Beniamin, laborer, 6 Barrett 
Percival Mrs, wdow, 568 Wellington 
Percy Andrew, painter, 1 1 9 St Paul 
Periard Benj, laoorer, 215 Church 
Periard Jos, laborer, 88 St Andrew 
Perkins Albert, laborer, 173 Bank 
Perkins Albert, machinist, 57fi 

Perkins boiler shop, 308 Sparks 
Perkins Ed, (private residence) 305 

PerKins Geo W, machinist, 67fi 

Perkins L, 296 Wellington 
Perkins machine shop, 307 Spark? 
Perkins N H, mehnst, 102 Vittoria 
Perkins Saml, gas-fitter, 363 King 
Perkins Bros, founders, 87 Duke 
PerkisoD — , labr, 44 Britannia ter 
Perley Wm J, lumberer, 413-416 


ISaboook Fir* Apparatu. 0. 0, BBIF7EN8TEIH, QrasralAgnfc 

vnd farrier, 

I'V, House of 

kl meeeenger, 

inachiniHt, 576 



"BtAltb lift " Oompaay of Ktw York. CL 0. BE22TS1T8TSIK, Qnnil Agent 

Perley A Pattee, office, 105 Chau- 

Perley & Pattee, 8a\v-inill, Cliau- 

Perrae L^^on, Bhoeinakr, 42 McOee 
Perrault Alfred, joiner, 97 Britannia 

ForrauUB, bd h'ee, 164 St Patrick 
Ferrault Francoiw, lab'r, 29 Chapel 
Ptrry E A, book store, 97 Sjiarks 

309 Rideau 
Porry Geo, laborer, 248 Queen 
Perry Jumes, contraotr, 108 Nelson 
Perry JaH 11, clerk finance dept 
Perry Jobn, laborer, 68 i Nelson 
Perth Jos, bd house, 128 St Patrick 
Peterkin J, crpter, 38 PrimroHeavu 
Peterkin John jr, brklyr,85 Arthur 
Petrie Miss, fr't 8tre,253 Wellington 
Petrie Mrs, widow, 93 Broad 
Pettegrew W S, elk, dept mar fish 
Phalen John, carptr, 94 Stewart 
Philibert Geo, uainter, 279 Church 
Philion Miss H, dressmaker, 189 

Philion Jehn, merchant, 414 Maria 
Philion Joseph, labr, 246 Cathcart 
Philion Philibert, elk, 544 St Patrick 
Phillips Edwin, jwlr, 273 Dalhousie 
Phillips John, stne-cutr, 248 Queen 
Phinney Miss E, 66 O'Connor 
Picard Joseph, corptr, 133 Murray 
Picurd Louis, labr, 63^ Ottawa 
Piche Eugene W, first oik assistant, 

House of Commons 
Pich6 Norbert, bl'flth,313 St Patrick 
Picher Xavier, labr, 76 Nelson 
Pichet T, Itdg-house, 150 St Patrick 
Pichette J Bte,c'ter,260 St Andrew 
Pierrepont Saml, braes finisher, 339 

Pigeon Francis, t'lor ,351 St Patrick 
Pigeon T, contractor, 134 Cathcart 
Pigeon T, hotel, 33 Murray 
Pilkie Geo, teamster, 126 Chaudiere 
Pilon Edouard, joiuer, 33 Rose 
Pilon Paul, laborer, 213 St Andrew 
Pilson James, 608 Rideau 
PilHOn Wm, saddir, 360 Concession 
Pinard Mrs A, grcr, 485 St Patrick 
Pinard G, policeman, 266 Cathcart 
Pinard H A, wood yd office, 233 King 
Pinard Mrs H, 152 Dalhousie 
Pinard J, laborer, 174 Cathcart 
Pinard J, carpenter, 114 Water 

Pinard J A, dry goods, 551 Sussex 

and 227 King 
Pinard Won, carpenter, 94 Water 
Pinard L A, grocer, 175 * 177 King 
Pinhey C H, barrister, 630 Welgton 
Pinhey John, clerk, Quebec , bank, 

602 Wellinj^ton 
Pinhey, Christie & Hill, barristeis, 

16 Elgin 
Pipus Geo, plasterer, Anglesea sq 
Piquette U, laborer, 291 St Andrew 
Pirrie Hugh, shoemkr, 94 Augusta 
Pittaway Geo, laborer, 39 Nelson 
Plante X, laborer, 204 Cathcart 
Plett Nelson, carp'r, Sherwood 
Pleuft'e P, grocer, 181 Cumberland 
Plutt'Pete, fruiterer, 144 Dalhousie 
Plumber J H, iiiau'r Bank of Com, 

288 Daly 
Plunkett G L, clerk, P O dept 
Plunkett JaH, civ se-, 56 Theodore 
Plunkett Thos, laborer, 1 15 Broad 
Poetter H, clerk House of Com, 

59 Stewart 
Poirier Mich, laborer, 304 Water 
Poirier T, laborer, 29 St Joseph 
Poitier Honore, hair dresser, 1 

Poitras A, shoem'r, 264 St Andrew 
Pole W, dptv registrar, 285 Albert 
Pollard Rev'H, ch of Ene, 63 Daly 
Pollin Wm, teamster, 85 Cambvidge 
Pollock Jas, gardener, 164 St Paul 
Pooley Geo, plasterer, 35 Besserer 
Pope Mrs Chas, 116 O'Connor 
Pope Rev M, 329 Dalhousie 
Pope R, civ ser, 21 Gloucester 
Pophem Wm, carpenter, 201 Bank 
Porricr F, ixjstniaster, Hse of Com 
Porter C, engineer, 672 Wellington 
Porter John, culler, 33 Albert avnc 
Porter John, engineer, 55 Metcalfe 
Porter Thos, clerk, 194 Middle 
Porter Wm, carpenter, 80 Queen 
Portugais Ed, laborer, 28 Chapel 
Post Henry, hairdrssr, 13 Clarence 
Post Office, Godfrey P Baker, post- 
master, 8 Elgin 
Postleth waits Thos, elk, 377 Rideau 
Pothier Mrs, widow, 142 Kinj 

Potior Cyrille, hairdrssr, 8 Murray 
Potier Henri, barber, 199 King 
Potter Ed, foreman, 134 Head 
Potter Harry, laborer, 73 Cobourg 
Potts Joseph, bkkeeper, 286 Maria 
Potts Mrs, widow, 379 Rideau 

T. W. KENNT A SONS, Mtrohant Tailori, Ontfitteri and dlreot Importan of Engliili end 
Bootok Olotlu and IwMdi, aid Iriib Fiifiti, 148 Bparki Street, Ottawa. 

' Hhl 


" 'rill'^ 

• f , 

m- ■', li 

h ■ 


m »ii' 

'i IS 




f . W. KEHFT * MVI, Maraluuit Tftilon, Oatfltten and dinot Importon of Inf ll«h 
and 8eot«lt Olothi ud Twends, and Iriah Frieiet, 149 Sparki BtrMt, Ottawa. 


lit'i ' 


^ X '. 

:" • ?. 




'! ife: 


Potvin AiigUNte, civil nervice, Hi St 

Potvin Clinn, tinninith, 12 Shamrock 
Potviii Francois, butchor, :{3l St 


Potvin Henri, mesB don Public wks 
Potvin Honore, iiiesn, 178 Church 
Potvin Honore, joiner, 59 Church 
Potvin John, teamster, 122 Queen 
Potvin Louiv grocer, 221 Dftlhousio 
Potvin L Z, .^ ocer, 2G4 St Patrick 
Potvin & Richer, By-wanl Markti 

Ponlin Guillunrne, tmstr, Albert I 
Poulin P, wiiicM Ac, 648 Susnex 
I ouliot Geo, civ ner, 377 St Patrick 
Ponliott L H, elk civ aer, Ixls 135 

Powell Alex W, gov of jail, Nicholas 
Powell A W, ledger keeper, Ontario 

Powell Charlee, elk, 195 AuguHta 
Powell Grant, civ ser, 121 Daly 
Powell Robert, teacher, 141 Kent 
Powell Col Walker, adj-gen militia, 

138 Daly 
Powell W*F, Hherift' county of Carlo- 
ton, 127 Metcalfe 
Powers Con, stoker, 38 Victoria av 
PowerH Mrs gro, 432 Cumberland 
Pratt Isaiah, 34« Albert 
Pratt James, shoo store, 234 Maria 
Pratt Waldon, contr, 220 Brid<,'e 
Pratt William, 344 Albert 
Pratt Jas & Co, shoe ste, 119 Sparks 
Prbsbytkry of St Ann's Church, 
Anglesea square 

Preseau Henri, cook, 185 King 
Preston Geo, tailor, 72 Resnerer 
Preston Jas, cab't-mkr, 159^ Broad 
Preston's shoe Ktore, 71 Sparkf 
Pretty Oliver, laborer, 26 Theodore 
Preulx Mrs T, 96 Nelson 
Prevost David, carter, 7G Water 
Prevost O, carpenter, 126 Nelson 
PrevoHt T, painter, 32 Bolton 
Price G^o H, U S consular iigcncy, 

206 Middle • 

Price Wm, bricklayer, 59 Augusta 
Price Mrs, widow, boarding-house, 

386 W'-Uington 
Prieur F X, dirctr of penitentiaries, 

168 Daly 
Primary School, eant, Besserer, 

cor Theotlore 

Primary School, west, Wellington, 

cor Lloyd 
Prinderville J, butcher, 242 Rideuti, 

333 Friel 
Prinderville R, laborer, 1 14 Lisgar, 
Pritchard J, laborer, 298 Albert 
Pritchard & Mingard, engravers, 

190 Rideau 
Proctor Geo, clerk, 149 Friel 
Prodrick Mrs, grocer, 606 Albert 
Prodrick it, Co, confectioners, 510 

Proler Edward, clerk, 307 Lisgar 
Prosser S, blacksmith, 491 Lisgar 
Protain N, cariwnter, 91 Water 
Photkstant IloBPiTAL — G Sadler, 

steward ; Mrs Spioer, head nurse, 

689-606 Rideait 
Proulx Baby, laborer, 86 Broad 
Proulx B, stonecutter, 183 Murray 
Proulx C, laborer, 60 Charlotte 
Proulx C, laliorer, 481 Clarence 
Proulx C, civ ser, 274 St Andrew 
Proulx H, plasterer, 334 Clarence 
Proulx I, lalx)rer, 400 St Andrew 
Proulx I, laborer, 140 Middle 
Proulx J, laborer, 366 St Andrew 
Proulx Moise, laborer, 167 Queen 
Provost P, carter, 270 Water 
Prudhomme B, laborer, 294 Boltoti 
Prudhomme J T, 92 Chapel 
Pruneau H, joiner, 66 Bolton 
Pruneau T, painter, 60 Bolton 
Pruneau T, painter, 29 York 
Pruneau Thos, foreman, 67 Bolton 
Purcell.lfl, foreman, 449 Wellington 
Purcell John, policeman, 33 Percy 
Purcell M, laltorer, 500 Somerset 
Purcell Geo, laborer, 633 Lisgar 
Purdy John, grocer, 383 Liegar 
Purtill John, lab'r, 63 Britannia ter 
Pussim H, joiner, 166 Dalhousie 
Quain John, toll keeper, 12 Bridge 
QuebtK! Bank — H V Noel, manager, 

122-124 Wellington 
Queen's Restaurant — M Eavunagh, 

proptr, 78 Wellington 
Queenville A, lab'r, 93 Britannia 

Queenville H, joiner, 109 Britannia 

Quernzney — , laborer, 29 Alice 
Quevillon J Bte, carter, 128 Nelson 
Quick Jas, laborer, 97 Nelson 
Quilishi S, moulder, 222 Clarence 
Quill Chas, clerk, 386 Wellington 

" Bartlett" Btieet Lampi. 0. 0. BEIFfEHBIEIH, eeneral Agent 

J ll 

Ht, Wellington, 

er, 242RideK<i, 

er, 1 14 Lingar, 
298 Albert 
rd, eiigraveru, 

c, 307 Li«gar 
th, 4»1 LiHgar 

109 Britannia 



Ooftl Oil Cooking Storei. 0. a BSUTENSTXIK, Oonor*! Agont. 

Quinlan JaM, lat>or('r, 42 Water 
Quitilan Mich, lal>'r, 42 Watrr 
Quinn Ilugli, gi'ocer, 'Mil Ht t'atrick 
Quiun Hugli, grocer, 391 Hidoau 
Quinn Jan, laborer, 2U5 SnurkH 
Ijuinn Jobn, f)edlar, 171 Glarenco 
Quinn John, ale vaultr<, 73 Queen 
Quinn Mrn, grocer, 222 King 
Quinn M, hotel, 63 Clarence 
Quinn Patrick, laborer, 239 Kent 
Quinny J, bricklayer, 222 Friel 
Quiry Elie, French trannlaior, 114 

Quui liouis, laborer, 161 A Queen 
Hodtbrd Jos, jeweller, 467 Hideau 
RaiKord J W, elk civ ser, 706 Maria 
Kac James, laborer, 67 DulbouHic 
Halter Aaron, carter, 116 AuguHta 
Uaganold Stephen, lubr, 202 Queen 
Haine W H, f«aw sharpener, 186 St 

Kainville Dvd, j'ner, 210 St Andrew 
Rainville Ed, labr, 174 St Andrew 
Kainsvillc Mrs, widow, 143 Friel 
Kaitt Jaa, tailor, 680 Wellington 
Kaitt Mrs John, 173 Murray 
Raiotte Timothy, 190 Nicholas 
Ralph Alex, jeweller, 342 Sparks 
Ralph Jos, Hour store, 287 uideuu 
Ranee George, C 8 clrk, 31 Charles 
Randall Jhn, p'ntr, 338i St Patrick 
Randells Hichd, labr, 151 Aii<;;usta 
Randolph H W, agent, 30 Water 
Raney Kol>ert, laborer, 104 Chapel 
Hanger J D, nianuitr, IGl Cathcart 
Rathier Ante, gro, 196 Cumberland 
Rathier Antoine, labr, 183 Church 
Rathier Einmanuelj carpenter 
Rathwell Samuel, 326 St Paul 
Rathwell Thos, bk-kpr, 326 St Paul 
Ratte Antoine, boat nousc, 6 Bolton 
Rattey F, carpenter, 223 St Patrick 
Rattey J N, sessional page. Senate 
[iattcy Pierre, mess Senate, 309 St 

Rauscher K E, C E & sur, 339 Maria 
Ravelle Mathevtr, man, 227 Clarence 
Ray C C, agt Canada Expreaa Co, 
. 143 O'Connor 
Ray John, grocer, 65 Dalhouaie 
Ray Lawrence, labr, 63 Redpath 
Ray Patrick, laborer, 185 Bolton 
Raymond Desire, clook-mkr, 154 

Raymond Truman, dyer, &c, 228 


Rea William, printer — local agt for 
London Manotiic Mutual Uenetit 
AuMocirttioii, 337 Slater 
Read Hy Y, labor iiitolli^ Dceoilioe, 

28 Clarnict' 
Heads MisHeM, dressmakers, 232 Bay 
Reardon Jas, stonecutter, 693 Wel- 
Reardon J, laborer, 165 Clarence 
Rctirdoii R, liniom iiit'r, 131 George 
Reanlon T, carter, 430 Clarence 
Reardon T S, buihler, 278 Sparks 
Reardon W, broom mfr, 131 George 
Reardon W & R, broom mlrs, 13H 

Reildick Alex, grocer. 111 Kent 
Redman Mrs J, widow, 71 Water 
Redmonil Ed, laborer, 48 St Andrew 
Redmond John, 125 Nicholas 
Redolph .loH, Inb'r, 279 Cumberland 
Reegan Jolianna, 40 Nelson 
Reevil Ar, accountant, 393 Maria 
Regan John, contractor, 644 Rideau 
Reginibal P, iiaker, 328 Cathcart 
Reid Mrs, widow, 32 Ottawa 
Reid Robt, cnrp<'nter, 203 Bank 
Reid W, stonecutter, 245 Gloucester 

chant, 44 Sparks, h 216 Stewart 
Reil Philip, clerk, 121 Hotelier 
Reilly Jas, laborer, 298 St Patrick 
Reilly Jas, carter, 160 Cliurch 
Remou E P, barrister, 494 Albert 
Remon S H, grocer, 39 Uuke 
Renaud A, bott'l-keeper, 60 Murray 
Renaud Elie, laborer, 316 Clarence 
Renaud Jules, baker, 221 Murray 
Beneaud Alex, hotel, 4 Barrett 
Reneaud Jean, laborer, 97 Broad 
Renihan J, mer tailor, 493 Sussex 
Rennrick W, stonem'n, 138 Church 
Reome N, engin'r, 365 Cun)l)erland 
Reverly Mrs, widow, 22 Friel 
Reynolds T, man'g director St L & 
R, 21 Maokay 

Reynolds William, messenger, Privy 

Council office 
Reynolds Mrs W H, widow, 76 York 
Reynolds * Dickinson, blacksmiths, 

427 King 

Rheaume Isidore, carter, 37 Rose 
Rhodes J, clerk, Dept of Secretary 

of State 
Ricard G, carter, 213 Murray 
Ricard L, cbinetmkr, 13 St Andrew 

T. W. KBHHT k SONI, Merohant Tailon, Ontfitten and direct Importers of Engliih and 
lootok Olotha and Iweada, and Iilili TtiMnt, 148 Sparks Street. Ottawa. 


H^' . 

,.l ' 



, \ 








■•:►,.', J J,»^ «.^;V, 'V ' 'Jo., 

7 '; 

' ■ 3 " sJ !' ■'■■ 1 'f ^ 



T. W. KENinr * Mm, Herdiuit Tailon, Jatfltton and direct Importer! of Bnglish 
and Sooteh OlotLs and Tweedi, and Irieh Trieiei, 148 Spailu Street, Ottawa. 

Bicard Wni, expreasman, 453 St 

Rice Dan, cigar atore, 483 Sua sex 
Bice T, laborer, 242 Cathcart 
Rice William, clerk, 80 Slater 
Richard A, ar, atonecutter, 183 York 
Bichard A D, grocr, 246 Cumberland 
Richard A D, dry goods, 207 Church 
Bichard E, laborer, 104 St Andretv 
Bichard J, laborer, 217 St Andrew 
Bichard J, grocer, 223 Dalhousie 
Bichard J, joiner, 233 Church 
Bichard J L, dry gooda merchant, 

248 St Patrick 

Bichard J S, dry goods merchant, 

249 Dalhouaie 

Bichard L, carpenter, 103^ Ohurch 
Bichard Thomae, engine driver, 102 

Bichards E, dreaamaker, 229 Bay 
Bicharda W, foreman, 212 Bridge 
Bichardaon C, civ aer, 41 Sally 
Bichardeon Hugh, chief elk, dept of 

Bichardaon John, watchman, 132 

Bichardaon B, b'tchr, 1 Wellington 

Market, 214 Bay 
Bichardaon B, b'tchr, 33 Cambridge 
Bichardaon W B, clerk dept of Intr 
Biche Ed, butcher, 268 St Andrew 
Biche Mrs P, brding house, 390 8t 

Richer Ed, By Ward Market Nol3 
Richer Jos, labr, 632 St Patrick 
Richer Moace, laborer, 121 King 
Richmond Mrs, widow, 623 Albert 
Riddell Jamea, foreman, 267 Bridge 
Bideau Canal Office, F Wise supdt, 

170 Wellington 
Bideau Club, 74 Wellington 
Bidvard J, tinshop, 164 Bideau 
Biel Joseph, tinsmith, 135 York 
Biel Mrs Uomuald, 135 York 
BinfVet A B, elk B Nationale, 52 

Bing Ed, laborer, 68 Chapel 
Rink Music Hall, Albert 
Riopel Edr'd, cab driver, 120 Crth- 

Riopel Louis, carter, 229 St Patrick 
Riopel Pierre, crter, 206 St Andrew 
Ritchert John, bricklyr, 623 Maria 
Ritchie David, clerk (5 S, 263 Friei 
Ritchie James, elk C timber office, 

189 Bay 

Rivet Alfred, brklyr, 283 Water 
Rivet J^reme, messenger, 28 Rose 
Rivet Joseph, carter, 67 Church 
Rivet Louis, atnectr, 316 Cathcart 
Rivet Pierre, civ aer, 294 Wilbrod 
Rivington Patk, labr, 36 Le Breton 
Roberge Ferdinand, labr, 27 Chapel 
Roberge 0, mess Hse of Commons 
Roberge Simeon, currier, 605 St 

Robert Chas, joiner, 513 St Patrick 
Robert Charles, laborer, 13 Chapel 
Robert 0, butcher, 258 Dalhonaie 
Robert Mrs Philip, laundress, 503 St 

Robert Pierre, sexton, 163 St Patrick 
Robert S, butcher, 150 Rideau 
Roberts C E, P L 8, 19 Victoria av 
Roberts Henry, blksth, 530 Albert 
Roberts John, druggist, 76 Rideau 
Robertson A, editor, 412 Rideau 
RobertaoD Aiex, chman, 88 Augusta 
Robertsou Alex, tobacconist, 140 

Sparks, h 96 Gloucester 
Robertson E D, elk, 154 Middle 
Rob'^rteon J, manager Bank B N A, 

241 Wellington 
Robertson Jam(>., meas, dept marine 

and flaheriea 
Robertson Jas, mason, 216 St Paul 
Robertson James, engineer, 68 Percy 
Robertson John, bklyr, 194 St Paul 
Robertson John, labr, 100 Nelson 
Robertson Jos, labr, 56 Sherwood 
Robertson J G, 238 Dalhouaie 
Robertson J P, alderman ,378 Rideau 
Robertson Mrs, wid,420 Cumberland 
Robertson Nathaniel, 84 Gloucester 
Robertson Patrick, manager Bank 
of Ottawa, house 446 Albert 

Robertson Peter, bksth, 22 Oregon 
Robertson Peter, bksth, 107 Queen v 
Robertson Robert, painter, 335 King 
Robertson T, elk dept of sec of state 
Robertson Thomas, Ibr, 108 Chapel 
Robenaon — — -, acct Bank of Mon- 
treal, 8 O'Connor 
Robichon E, laborer, 239 Clarence 
Robillard Adolph M D, 118 Murray 
Robillard Mrs, widow, 16 Friel 
Robillard O, grocer, 344 St Andrew 
Robins PM, civ eer, 29 Gloucester 
Robinson Alex, mason, 118 Queen 
Robinaon D, stonecutter, 241 Sally 
Robinson D, atonecutter, 213 Sally 

Ooal OU Lamps, kt. Qt. 0. BSnTEIBTBTf , Ckanral Agrat 



porten of Bnglish 
treet, Ottawa. 

r, 283 Water 
leneer, 28 Rose 
r, 57 Church 
r, 316 Cathcart 
sr, 294 Wilbrod 
br, 36 Le Breton 
, labr, 27 Chapel 
[ae of GominoDB 
currier> 605 St 

r, 613 St Patrick 
borer, 13 Chapel 
, 258 Dalhonsie 
laundress, fa03 St 

on, 163 St Patrick 
, 160 Rideau 
8, 19 Victoria av 
kath, 530 Albert 
ggist, 76 Rideau 
)r, 412 Rideau 
hman, 88 AuguRta 
tobacooniet, 140 
k, 154 Middle 
ager Bank B N A, 

ineea,dept marine 

^son, 216 St Paul 
engineer, 68 Percy 
jklyr, 194 St Paul 
[abr, 100 Nelson 
)r, 56 Sherwood 

|6m)an,378 Rideau 
J,420 Cumberland 
liel, 84 Gloucester 
){, manager Bank 
luae 445 Albert 

jkath, 22 Oregon 

Ikath, 107 Queen w 

1 painter, 336 King 

lept of sec of state 

a, Ibr, 108 Chapel 

^ct Bank of Mon- 


er. 239 Clarence 

|M D, 118 Murray 

low, 16 Friel 

tr, 344 St Andrew 

jr, 29 Gloucester 

)n, 118 Queen 

jutter, 241 Sally 

jutter, 213 Sally 




Arohitectml Iron Works Oosptnj, 17.7. d. 0, BEHTEITSTEIN, Agent 

Robinson D M, stonecutter, 260 

Robinson J, grocer 447 Cumberland 
Robinson S, laborer, 80 Nelson 
Robinaon Ths, carpenter, 70 Nelson 
Robinson Wm, mason, 118 Queen 
Robitaille E, watchmaker, 388 St 

Robitaille Geo, clerk, 163 Dalhousie 
Robitaille J, painter, 58 Botelier 
Robitaille L, sessional messenger. 

Robitaille Bros, jewell'a,461 Sussex 
Robletier M, baker, 293 King 
Uobson Mrs, widow, 186 Queen 
Roche H G, plumber, 16 Elgin 
Rochester John, saw mill, Broad 
Rochester — > telegraph operator, 

98 Albert 
Rochon B, fireman, par build'g staff 
Rochon David, lab'/, 363 Clarence 
Roolkon Flavien, undertaker, 138 St 

Rochon Jos, laborer, 19 Cobourg 
Rochon M, grocer, 281 Cathcart 
Rochon M, grocer, 116 King 
Elochon Moise, sr^ stonecutter, 287 

St Andrew 
Rock Mrs, widow, 346 Gloucester 
Rocque L 0, joiner, 48 Water 
Rocque O A, alder'n, 265 Dalhousie 
Rocque P, cont'r, 261 Dalhousie 
Rodaen Rt, gardener, 434 Clarence 
RoddenRJ, 253 Albert 
Rodgers F,'6onfectioner, 156 Rideau 
R(xlrique Chas, grocer, 147 King 
Rodrique Chas, grocer, 245 Water 
Roger John, prop Timet, 378 Maria 
Rogers Chas, laWer, 152 Theodore 
Rogers C C, civil ser, 330 Wilbrod 
Rogers Fred bookb'dr, 137 Augusta 
Rogers John, bding house 142 Bank 
Rogers Mrs John, 170 Middle 
Kogera Saml, undertaker, 15 Nich- 


Rogers Wm, collector, 529 Maria 
RoHin Arsene, labr, 90 St Andrew 
Rollin F, labr, 37 Britannia terrace 
Roily — , clerk. Merchants' Bank, 

bds 65 O'Connor 
Roman Catholic Gathbdbal or 

NoTRB Dame, Sussex 
Roman Catholic Schl, 107 Besaerer 
Ronald Thoa, laborer, 28 Beaserer 
Ronan Chas, painter, 163 Friel 
Rondeau B, laborer, 108 Sherwood 

Roofe Ed, laborer, 156 Nepean 
Roos John, tobacconiat, 69 Sparks, 

1 Alice 
Rose John, clerk, bds 22 Albert 
Rosignol Eus^be, labr, 265 King 
Rosignol T, labr, 176 Cumberland 
Ross A, Law Office, 37 Clarence 
Roaa Alex, lawyer, 1 12 St Paul 
Ross Hugh, clerk, 16 Victoria avne 
Ross J, merchant, 263 Queen 
Boss Jas, foreman, 42 Albert av 
Ross John, laborer, 391 Clarence 
Ross John L B, civ ser, 342 Maria 
Ross J M, auctioneer, bds 261 Albert 
Ross J R, schoolmast«r, 261 Albert 
Ross M, carter, 36 Nicholas 
Roes Misa, confectioner, 137 Sally 
Ross Thos, Col G G F G, civil ser, 

188 Stewart 
Roes Wm, contractor, 368 Wilbrod 
RosQ W B, civ ser. 171 Slater 
Roflsignol Chas, Ibr, 320 Clarence 
Rossiter W M, civ ser, 229 Theodore 
Rouleau R, stonecutter, 227 Cum- 
Rourke P J, book-keeper, 234 

Rourke Thos, laborer, 145 Queen ' 
Routb CT, aeent, 48 Elein 
Routhier Andrew, c s, 389 Rideau 
Routhier D, clerk, Dept of Agricul' 
Rowan C, gentleman, 201 Clarence 
Rowan J F, grocer, 199 Clarence 
Rowan J U, assis engineer, C P R 
Rowe Amos, alderman, 196 Albert 
Rowe & Erratt, auctioneers, 30 
Rideau, and 12 By- Ward Market 
Roxboroueh T, civ ser, 278 Bridge 
Roy Abraham, Ibr, 121 8herwo<xl 
Roy Andre, Ibr, 203 Dalhousie 
Roy Augustin, hotel-keeper, 208 

St Patrick 
Roy Baptiste, lab'r, 300 Church 
Roy Damase, Imbr mer, 64 York 
Roy Daniel, carter, 18 Rose 
Roy Daniel, carter, 181 Church 
Roy Daniel, carter, 308 Church 
Roy Mrs Henri, widow, 182 Church 
Roy John, grocer, 224 Dalhousie 
Roy Joseph, laborer, 67 Cobourg 
Roy Joseph, erocer, 126 Church 
Roy Moise, laborer, 256 St Andrew 
Roy Moise, carter, 210 Cathcart 
Roy Pierre, carpenter, 151 Murray 
Roy P A, grocer, 73 Cumberland 

T. W. lESWI k SONS, Merohut Tallon, Ontflttwi and direct Importm of EagUih aai 
Sootok 01oth« and TwMdi, ud Iriih Frlem, 148 Bpuks Stewt, OttaTra. 




ii,".}? ii 

I! I'i* 
t |f' 

ws .■ 



Jit ill? 

i ' ■ ■ 1 ll 


'!1 * ? 



T. W. KSmrr * SOKS, Merohaat Tailon, Oatfltton and direet Importers of English 
and Booteh niotlu and Tweoda, and Tnah TriexM, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

Roval Exchange Hotel— George 

Acres proprietor, 252 Wellington 
Royal Insurance Co — Robt Angus 

agent, 83 Sparks 
Rubidee F P, civ eng, 64 Gloucester 
Ruble Wni, laborer, 89 Shern'ood 
Ruchon Eustace, carptr, 300 Maria 
Ruchon John, laborer, 17 Augusta 
Runham David, laborer, 79 Buird 
Rusk Miss, dressmaker, 173 Rideau 
Russell Alexander, iner, 93 Albert 
Russell Andrew, civ aer, 172 Kent 
Russell A J, supt Crown timber 

office, 114 Kent 
Russell David, clerk, 304 Queen 
Russell David, carptr, 33 Augusta 
Russell Mrs Ellen, 37 Nelson 
Russell F W cabt nikr, 63 William 
Russell W F, rtre dealer, 34 Rideau 
Russell Geo, cabt whse, 155 Augusta 
Russell Geo H, upholsterer, 153 

Russell Geo H, uphlstr, 77 George 
Russell G R, furniture, 101 Rideau 
Russell Mrs J,nilnr, 219 Wellington 
Russell John, laborer, 371 Lisgar 
Russell J W, merchant, 74 Metcalfe 
Russell Peter, carptr, 78 Besserer 
Russell Wm, clerk, 66 Percj' 
Russell Wm, shoenikr, 30 Clarence 
RcssEM- HousK — J A Gouin, pro- 

priMor, corner Sparks and Elgin 
Russell & Watson, dry goods, 66-8 

Rustch Michael, labr, 47 Redpath 
Ruthven James, bkbndr, 179 Bolton 
RutUn J F, clerk P dept 
Ryall John, storeuian, 77 Besserer 
Ryan Carroll, reporter, 284 Chapel 
Ryan David, 157 Wilbrod 
Ryan James, merchant, 127 Arthur 
Rvan John, biksth, 410 Gloucester 
Ryan J W, dry gds, 300 Wellington 
Ryan Martin, laborer, 285 Bank 
Ryan Michael, messgr civ ser, 622 

Ryan Michael, labr, 94 Sherwood 
Ryan Mrs, widow, 30 Ottawa 
Ryan Mrs, widow, 429 Bank 
Ryan Mrs Nicholas, 379 Clarence 
Ryan Owen, laborer, 269 Bay 
Ryan Patrick, civ ser, 157 Wilbrod 
Ryan P C, clerk customs dept 
Ryan P E, dry goods, 241 Nicholas 
Rvan Roderick, Imbr mer, 213 Maria 
Sabourin Chas. c'ge-mkr, 302 Water 

Sales, William, plumber, 72 Bank 
Saleur John, culler, 267 Bridge 
Salmon Henry, clerk, 129 York 
Salmon James, hotel, 52 York 
Salmon James, laborer, 280^ Cum- 
Sandham Fredk, bldr, 328 Albert 
Sangster Chas, civ ser, 281 Maria 
Sans-Cartier, J Bte, laborer, 498 ^St 

Sarault Narcisse, labr, 254 Clarence 
Sarazin Celestin, cab-drvi, i:2 Rose 
Sarazin Joseph, labr, 108 Church 
Sargent Wm, laborer, 49 Nelson 
Sarnev Thos S, machinist, 192 Daly 
Satchell J, butcher, 208 Sparks 
Satchell Bros, By-ward Market Noa 

3, 5 and 7 
Satchell Bros, butchers, 209 Rideau 
Saul Thos, mason, 63 Wilbrod 
Saunderson Mrs, widow, 336 Marfa 

Sauriol Alfred, carriage-painier,317 

Sauriol Damien, pntr, 39 Anglesea 

Sauriol Fras, cge-mkr, 369 Clarence 
Sauvage Louis, laborer, 34 Rose 
Sauvugeaii Arthur, shoemaker, 318 

Savagean Louis, laborer, 109 Broad 
Sauvajfean Nap, carptr, 23 Chapel 
Sauve Francis, lab'r, 32 Albert av 
Sauve Jos, wtchmkr, 537 St Patrick 
Sauvie Caaimer, tmstr, 47 Division 
Savage Benjamin, cptr, 71 Augusta 
Savard Thos, labr, 360 St Andrew 
Saye Fabien, 55 Britannia terrace 
Saye Manuell, 61 Britannia terrace 
Scanlon M, tireman Par bdgs staff 
Scanlon Michl, labr, 376 St Patrick 
Scantlebury J, coufr, 471 Wellington 
Schofield William, 252 Bay 
Schoolbred & Co, Ottawa carpet 

warehouse, 98-100 Sparks 
Schrieber CoUingwood, assistant en- 
gineer, Intercolonial Railway 
Schwitzer Stephen, labr, 130 Friel 
Schwitzer W, polineman, 77 King 
Scott Chas, clerk i' O, 356 Maria 
Scott David, elk k acctnt, 206 Middle 
Scott Mrs Francis, wid, 287 Albert 
Scott John, bk-kpr, 22 Metcafe sq 
Scott Richard, plstr, 286 Clarence 
Scott Hon R W, sec of state, 274 

U. 8. Befleotor Oompany, 0. 0. B£IITENBT£IN. Oenend Agsai 

■• ■ •■— *^.,i.r****ja,„>,i6vf i*«.i,-rf»t 

lers, 209 Rideau 
13 Wilbrod 
iow, 336 Maria 

,tr, 39 Angksea 

kr, 369 Clarence 
)rer, 34 Rose 
shoemaker, 318 

,orer, 109 Broad 
•ptr, 23 Chapel 
r, 32 Albert av 
p,537 St Patrick 
istr, 47 Division 
ptr, 71 Augusta 
B60 St Andrew 



— FOR — 



Dawson's Uadune Shop, 

The Principca Dry Oeods Storett 

jar OK FBOM 

W • II* 0OlIliliTIIiI«]i 


PariUweHt Hair Dressing Saloon, 


El. lsaJiJJJE}&^ - - :F>roiDrletor. 


Hair DrtMr kj A^intMiit to their KiMileum Sari uA CMsttss tf Diftrii tid Sdti, ui fomnl} 
to Ids Muck 111 Lispr, lite GtreiMn GNcnL 

The IiMBift and CRim^ Stock of Btaxua Bair in tlif SeDinkn. 

WIO XUUCIKWt in bH Hs bnnohM a tpeolal^, and •uperintended by th« Proprtetor in 
|)«non.-^wlMn loniBt raperiwiee In tlM bigett eities in the world, and preMUt CMilltiM eubl^ him 
to oVAitAnwMXMfPtJEni BATBFAonoM tn evwy oaM, and to d«(y dateetioB by tin moat eritlea| 
eye hi ooavaifaMit'betinMi tlie raid aad artiioiaL ORKAMBHTAIi DBT1C99 of averr 
descripttoi, aiao, Hate UtmmtHmft Watch OmunU, Ptogar Btamt, Ac, BMnnractnred 
ou Um ahortatt noUae. A gimit ipantitT of KAIRaWORK of avety variaty for Ladiea, on 
luad, and will ba forwatdad to aU parte of tha Dominion Oidara aoUvitad. HAping to be 
txrored WlUi your patronage, I bag to anbaeribe myself. 

Yoan^ moat reapeotftilly, ^3, TsjTTT i TTHa: ^ 

Diplomu awarded at Ottawa SieMbUioiu for Wigs nMl Oeiteral Hair Work, 1871, and for luatriwUy 
<tf Wig Making and DMfae Work, Wi; aim, at fr9»inoi4d OAibUion t^ 1871, at Kingdom. 

•■■-SI f ■ ■ '■■■' '' ■' f 
■« I dri 1 ^ I? 





r mm 







■' ill ''i'lki?fc 

, ill ..rllvi I 

'I f'lr 


. : i •, 

l-.f... . .«**,.K 

■»■ '■. 

,=■ . Sif 


#f '■' 

5; ■'/'.■. 

■ 5 

J-.\ ; 

[!' t, : 


A i\ 



IK';.!*'"; Ti 

t' ■ 1 

Berthwiek'8 Mineral Water Depot. 

"A ' b 



.- ■ 9 Kicholfts Street, Ottflpii^v ■ .f* 

, j|9r!Fh« Mineral Water delivered to all parts of ^ oitjr at 1.' ^t'^ per 
gdiloiik in tbr^ gaHott jars. Liberal reddctioiv 4*^« *<> partiet < llr^;*^ it by 
tlie barrel. Orders flx>m a dietanee promptly attendidt0. 

&r.,A<^lUi.'':M.m.'wn , ly-'Hr^fe' 

J. IP. leAMBliRlP, 


< ■■■ ,'i? ; 

OFFfCE : No 50, W^ttln^ton Street, 



'. Q. firaif 





I'l"!.'" rV ill 1)11 Ja 

Ottawa Marble Works. 

. n I I I I ■ I ' I " W .JI, - 

— DBALSBfl I]H~ 

Mimhi %QR) Seoicb Gtc^te^ f ivpirae, 

J4ia«MU>tie, Iteliafit AmtfHcftti arrd ArnpHer MarUe> MoAuiflmatf* Tombs, 
Headstones, Table Tops, 41ec. Works, do t&« iJtobtjse^Bonl^ 
Ordbvs can be taken at No. dSi King Bt. 





AvcMteetnral Iron Works Coippan7, IT.7. 9. C. SEIFFENSTEIIT, Agent. 

Scott Tho8, architect P W D, 478 

Scott Thos S, carpenter, 482 Lewis 
Scott Mrs Wm, 178 Hotelier 
Scott Cayley & Cayley, raanufact- 

turers agents, 133 Sparks 
Scott Stewart & Gormully, barris- 
ters, 62 Elgin 
Scrimgeor Geo, dancing master, 84 

Seacom Wm, clth-cttr, 144 Murray 
Seaton T J, "watchmaker & jeweller, 

489 Sussex 
Seauvie Ed, cartel, 258 Bridge 
Second Mutual Building Society, 

498 Sussex 
Secard Pierre sr, jnr, 403 St Patick 
Secard Pierre jr, tinsmith, 401 St 

Sigouin Antoine, laborer, 26 Chapel 
Seguin J, hotel keeper, 137 Broad 
Sefwyn E S, 82 Queen 
Seminary Nutrk Dame, 34 Glou- 
Sena August, German Minister, 103 

Senecal Jos, undertakr, 198 Church 
Stennet James, laborer, 66 Bell 
Sere Jean Bte, laborer, 302 J Water 
Sergent Wm, laborer, 632 Albert 
Serier Nchlas, labr, 116 Cambridge 
Serizan Jos, laborer, 361 Division 
Senney Wm, laborer, 186 Middle 
Sevigny Norbert, labr, 223 Murray 
Seybold Ed, merchant, 78 O'Connor 
Seybold & Moynes, wholesale dealers 

in small wares &c, 160 Sparks 
Seymour Grant, C S, 107 Vittoria 
Shank Francois, elk, 363 St Patrick 
Shanley Mrs Frs, widow, 91 Albert 
Shanly J H, fruit dealer, 12 York 
Shannon Francis, laborer, 134 Friel 
Shannon James, laborer, 264 Bridge 
Shannon Patrick, labr, 61 Ottawa 
Shannon Thos, grocer, 84 Augusta 
Sharp Charles, carriage maker, 231 

Sharp James, baker, 12 Redpath 
Sharp Jno, st'nemasn, 127 Augusta 
Sharp John, laborer, 61 Heney 
Sharp Richd, laborer, 386 Clarence 
Shftttrick Bernard, millwright, 76 

S'laver W H, confect'r, 125 Sparks 
Shaw Chas, clerk P 0, 32 Water 
Shaw C S, watchm'r, 465 Sussex 

Shaw C S, gen mer, 376 Sussex 
Shaw Hy, blacksmith, 461 Maria 
Shaw Jas, bricklayer, 290 King 
Shaw J F, civ ser, 216 Maria 
Shaw Mrs Geo, widow, 60 Albert 
Shaw Mrs, widow, 256 Maria 
Shaw Richd, tailor, 290 King 
Shaw R J, civ ser, 130 Queen 
Shaw Thos, carp'r, 507 Maria 
Shay C W , clerk, Rec Gen'ls dept 
Shea Chas, clerk, 149 O'Connor 
Shea John, carter, 131 Wilbrod 
Shea John, carter, 179 Water 
Shea John, driver, 165 Murray 
Shea J C, millwright, 641 SomersfC 
Shea Murtah, carter, 129 Wilbrod 
Shea Patrick, lab'r, 475 Lisgar 
Shea Thos, lab'r, 56 Britannia ter 
Shea Mrs, widow, 332 Cumberland 
"■■ learer Miss, dressmkr, 266 Sparks 
Sheldon Wm, laborer, 66 Redpath 
Shendlow W, stonemsn, 30 Charles 
Shephard F W, bk-kpr, 208 Albert 
Shepherd John, pamter, 210-212 

Shepherd TT, druggist, 151 Rideau 
Shepherd & Lothian, dressmakers, 

47 Bank 
Sheppard P E, civ ser, 183 Augusta 
Sherwin John, laborer, 69 Nelson 
Sherwood G C M, clerk, Dept Mil * 

Shields J, painter, 451 Wellington 
Shilton Wm, laborer, 116 Water 
Shirley Wm, laborer, 336 Bridge 
Shodier Mrs P, widow, 99 St Paul 
Shore Thos, 212 Albert 
Shore Thomas 4 Co, saddlers, 202 

Short Saml, shantyman, 470 Cum- 
Shouldice Mrs Hy, 203 St Patrick 
Shouldice Jos, clerk. 153 Kent 
Sigman Hy, Ibr, 81 Britannia ter 
Silcox F C, book-keeper, 166 Friel 
Silcox Mrs Mary Ann, 261 Lisgar 
Silcox Wm, bailifl', 251 Lisgar 
Simard M, joiner, 321 Clarence 
Simond J, stonecutter, 269 King 
Simpson Hon J, assis auditor, 269 

Simpson J B, clerk, Finance dept 
Simpson S, clerk, 90 Augusta 
Sims Geo, clerk, 255 Elgin 
Sims R A, carr-mkr, 106 Bay, house 

385 Sparks 

T. W, EENNT & SONS, Merohaut Tailors, Outfitters and direct Tmporteri of Englifh and 
Eootoh Oloths and 1 weedi. and IiUli FiiMOSi 149 Bpaika Biifteti Ottawa. 




T. W. XEHNT ft SOm, Xenhant f'tOon, Oatfittora wd £. dct laporten of lagliBh 
and Sootoh CloUu and Tweedi, arid Irish Fri«e% 149 Spairki Btreet, Ottawa. 


i 'r' 'I 



I if i? a 

'' i^H ' fl'R * ' ' III 

■'•■■ ■• 

Sims Robt, contractor, 357 Nepean 
Sinclair D, surveyor, 222 Bank 
Sinclair J, house carpenter, House 

of Commons 
Sinclair Jos, lal>orer, 91 Clarenc« 
Sinclair Robt, civ ser, 230 Daly 
Sinden Mr, 125 Slater 
Singleton E N, bk-kpr, 267 Church 
Singleton John, box manufacturer, 

244 Niciiolas 
Singleton Mias, ladies' undercloth- 
ing, 164 Rideau 
Sinnett Jas, laborer, 452 Gloucester 
Sisters of Good Shepherd, 411 St 

Skead Hon Jas, 262 Wellir.gton 
Skead J S, clerk, 247 Slater 
Skead Robt, lum mer, 288 Sparks 
Skead Robt, office, 282 Sparks 
Skead Wm, lum mer, 10 Bell 
Skeltou Chas, laborer, 405 Sparks 
rikinner J,druggi8t,.353 Wellington 

houpv 20'A Slater 
Skinner Saml, jr, upholsterer, 104 

Skii>ner Thos, teamster, 122 Lisgar 
Slack Mif! Agnes, 314 Nicholas 
Slack Richii, messenger, 36 Dalv 
Slater Jas D, 1P6~188 Wellington 
Slattery Milt?*-:, grocer, 85 Clarence 
Slattery Wm, (outside) By-Ward 

Slattery Ralph, school feacher, 394 

Slattery'Mr, fruit dler, 21': Murray 
Sleeman Wm, plasterer, 2o'i Glou- 
Slinn Stephen, baker, 205 York 
Sloan James G, clerk ciril ser, 2n 

Slocombe & Steven8,grocers, 233 * 

235 Rideau 
Small H B, elk civ ser, 244 Wilbrod 
Smiler David, engnr, 325 St Patrick 
Smillie, engineer Parliament water 

works staff 
Smirl Arch, principal central school 

388 Rideau 
Smith Hon Albert J, Min of marine 

and fisheries 
Smith C A, chemist, 43 Duke 
Smith Ed, storeman, 27 MoGee 
Smith C T, Crown timber office, 

578 Albert 
Smith P, clerk, dept of Interior 
Smith Fred} clerk, 191 Augusta 

Smith Geoij^e, .jartcr, iii-i U .dwurg 
Smith Geo, mess, 407 Muria 
Smith Geo, mess, 50 Queen west 
Smith Gustav, organist, 375 Cum- 
Smith Hy, miliwght, 98 Cambridge 
Smith Henry R, depy sergt at arm- 
House of Connions 
Smith J, lumber merct, 386 Sussex 
Smitli James, butcher, 240 V7ater 
Smith James, driver, 206 Cadjcart' 
Smith Jas, C S elk, bis 30 Albert ' 
Smith James, butcher, 196 Cliurch 
Smith Jer, carpenter, 193 Pritl 
Smith John, clerk, 179 St Paul 
Smith John, fnder, 416 Wellington 
Smith John sr, No 4 By-wf\rd Mki. 
Sniith.John, clerk, 277 Bay 
Smith John, carptr, 324 Concession 
Smith John, tailor, 326 Queen 
Smith John, mercJit, 2?.0 Gloucester 
Smith Jo' . fteward, 323 Wilbrod 
Smith J A Co. alothier;?, 118 Sparks 
Smith J ii, ; Ik civ ser, 84 Vittoria 
Smith L, K'ix>rer, 'IW Maria 
Smith Maxvveii, labr. 19 R^'ilpiith 
Smith Marcu;:., ;it-» st eup Canadian 

Pacific. riViiM'ii;, 
Smith Mrs, wi;-ow, 7 HiT. 
Smith Mrs, widow, 263 Bridge 
Smith Robt, foreman, 548 Maria 
Smith S jr, clerk P O dept 
Smith T, repairing staff, Par bdgs 
Smith Thomas, a^t, 396 Clarence 
Smith W, eng dep buildings staff 
Smith Wm, teamster, 483 Lisgar 
Smith Wm, laborer, 241 St Andrew 
Smith Wm, wood -turner, 435 Cum- 
berland, h 197 St Paul 
Smith Wm, engineer, 27 R«dpatli 
Smith Wm,dep min mar * flsneriee, 

162 Daly 
Smith Mrs W, milliner, 236 Albert 
Smith W H, statnr, 224 Gloucester 
Smith & Stewart, statnrs, 39 Sparks 
Smithson W H, elk P dept, 72 

Smytn Major-Gen E Selby, com- 
manding militia, 289 Wilbrod 
Snay Francois, carter, 29 Papineau 
Snow W B, clerk P dept 
Snow Wm B, civil engr, 188 Slater 

Snow , P L S, 292 Lisgar 

SociETE DE Construction Canadi- 
ENNE n'OTTAWA-Pinard J A, pree, 
— Olivier J L, sec-treas, 10 York 

Coal OU lamja, Ao. ft. 0. IBIFFBISTBIH, Orawal Agnit 



Z. Vorgans' Sons " Sapolio." 9. 0. BEOTSITSTSIIT, Gfenaral Agont. 

SOMERVILLB W M, marble works, 

186-8 Rideaii. h 24 Stewart 
Soper Albert W, lumber mer, 234 

Soucy Geo, laborer, 254 St Patrick 
Soulier John, asst slide ma8,14 Mill 
Soutter Alexander, jun elk Senate 
Sparks Alex, ouutiHclor, ."168 Maria 
Sparks A, brick mfr, 2i)i> !<rich >'s3 
Sparks E.^tuX! 03y',e -J Oiark- ;i;;t, 

353 Spark '1 
Sparks MrK F>'-w, 41d Spt. k, 
Spuvks Ge(', liioroj, 3&e - Iber; 
Spirks R, curveyur, 21i Niciio)t.s 
Spai'ksi & Co, .rrocers, 486 Rideau 
Spark.s & Hick, barristers, 52 Elgin 
Sparrow C'has, butcher, 165 Bank 
Sparrow Chas^ grocer, 58 Clarenc( 
Sparrow Martin, grocer, lH2(-eorg« 
Spoai'miin V/m, labr, 102 SJicrwood 
Epeiiiard Alex, tinatD'th, Ml St 

Spei!!i)an Mich, w'anem'ti, 413 Bank 
Spenard E, blacks th, 33 McGee 
Spenard B, blacksmith, 85 Friel 
Spence H T, lireman parbuil staff 
Spencer Edw, laborer, 118 Friel 
Spencer John, brickl'r, 38 Nelson 
Spencer J H, civ ser, 289 Nicholas 
Spencer TKop, brickl'r, 140^ St Paul 
Spittal A' '^x, clerk, 233 Kent 
Spittle Mrs, widow, 33 Daly 
Sproule Miss school, 188 Friel 
Squibb Mrs, bd house, 198 Bank 
St Amand L, grocer, 247 Clarence 
St Amand 0, laborer, 95 Church 
St Amour Mrs L, laundress, 87 

St Andrew's Soo'ty Rooms, 34 Elgin 
St Anne's Church-Rev fl B Alleau, 

P P, 636 St Patrick 
St Anne's institute — Father Alleau, 

director, 528 St Patrick 
Ste Anne's School— Marie du Cru- 
cifix, superioress, 529 St Patrick 
St Aubin V, lab'r, 350 St Andrew 
St Denis Alfred, carter, 257 Water 
St Denis C, joiner, 256 Clarence 
St Denis C, shoemaker, 39 Redpath 
St Denis B H, clerk, dept ol'agri 
St Denis F, carter, 269 Water 
St Qeorge Edouard, contractor, 159 

St George Jos, ra'son, 24 Shamrock 
St George Wm 0, bliff, 165 Botelier 

St Georges Hotel, W Peat prop, 191 

St Georges Ward primary school, 

118 Beaserer 
St Hill P, gentleman, 41 Gloucester 
St Jaques Francois, joiner, 258 

ST JACQUES J X. mangr. Russell 

St Jaques Michl, crptr, 206 Church 
St Jaques Xavier senr, carter, 220 

St Jean Joseph, labrer, 199 Church 
St Jean Narcisse, joiner, 138 Clar- 
St Jean Pierre, M D, M P, I?l St 

St Jean Xavier, j'ner, 140 Clarence 
St Jean Xavier, cbnet mkr 18 York 
St John Pat, mason, 227 St Paul 
St Joseph's Church R C, Wilbrod 
St Joseph's Orphan Asylum, Sister 

Thibodean supr'ess, 30 Cathcart 
St Denis Napoleon, carter, 219 St 

St Just Hon Luc, Letellier de, Mintr 

of Agriculture, dept Agriculture 
St Laurent J Bte, cabinet maker, 42 


Champness, 1 to 6 Nicholas 
St Lawrence & Ottawa Ry Office, 

Ths Reynolds man, 98 Wellington 
St L & R R Depot, McTaggart 
St Louis E, laborer, 73 Church 
St Louis, Ls, hotel kper, 65 Clmrch 
St Marys Academy, 354 Wellington 
St Nicholas Hotel, W B Howes pro 

26-28 Nicholas 
St Onge Abrham, labr, 16 Papineau 
St Onge Jerome, laborer, 398 i St 

St Patrick's Asylum, 380 to 394 

St Patrick's Church (R C) Kent 
St Patrick's Hall, W H Waller pre, 

103 St Patrick 
St Pierre Mrs Adolphe, hotel, 41 

Stacey Mrs Henry, 102 Augusta 
Stacey Lewis, bookkpr, 376 Maria 
Stacy Thos, 21 By- Ward Market 
StacKpoIe J, 205 Sparks 
Stackpole John, labr, 370 Dalhousie 
Stafford Mich, lab'r, 150 Water 
Stalker H, dry gds mer, 147 Sparks 



k d ' • ' 

T, W. XBlfNT & 80IS, Herohant Tailors, Oatfitters anddireot Impoitera of English uai. 
Bootoh Oloths and Tweeds i and Irish Frieies, 149 Spoihs Street. Ottawa. 




T. W. XEVNT A SOirS, Kerehant Tailon, Oatfltten and direct Importon of Bnglli h 
and 8eot«li Olotht and Tweedi, and Irish FiiesM, 148 Sparki StrMt, Ottawa. 



I it ■ . ■ » *' 

;':i- '■'. 



:§; ! i-iU 

Stalley Geo, lab'r, 212 Hotelier 
Standford Wm, clerk, 183 St Paul 
Stanlcj^ John, lab'r, 64 Cobourg 
Stansheld J, aaet acct. Commons, 

4 Rear 
Stanton I B, civ ser, 86 O'Connor 
Staplcton Mrs T, widow, 645 Albert 
Starmer Mrs JameR, 71 George 
Starrs M, market leasee, 20 Barrett 
Starrs Mrs J, widow, 101 Water 
Sieacy E, mess, House of Commons 
Steaoy J B, clerk, customs house, 

229 St Paul 
Steacy Mrs 8, 382 Ridcau 
Steele Henry E, civ ser, 104 Queen 
Steele Jap, grocer, 120 Queen 
Steers Jas, carpenter, 338 Albert 
Steers Thos, 408 Rideau 
Steers W M, 170 Metcalfe 
Steers Alph J & Co, grocers a com 

merchants, 168 Canal west 
StephenBros, paint Btore,lfl8 Sparks 
Stephens A J, shoe mkr, 286 Rideau 
Stejphens A J & Co, shoe store, 102 

Stethem Chas, grocer, 21 York 
Stethem T S, ins agt, 5 Elgin, house 

110 Beseerer 
Stevens C F, clerk, customs dept, 

621 Rideau 
Stevens G, shoe maker, 367 Wel- 
Stevens R W, cir ser, 62 Bank 
Stevens A W & H, Steven's House, 

14 George 
Stevens Mrs Elizabeth, 47 Nelson 
Stevens Isaac, mason, 661 Maria 
Stevenson Chas, fish dealer, 166 

Rideau, 198 Clarence 
Stevenson Chas, labr, 186 Clarence 
Stevenson Daniel, labr, 46 Percy 
Steward Jas, hotel, 420 Sussex 
Stewart Alex, laborer, 224 Friel 
Stewart Alex, laborer, 226 Friel 
Stewart Alex, stone-ctr, 118 Bank 
Stewart Archibald, (Scott, Stewart 

& Qorraully's office,) 52 Elgin 
Stewart Jas C, acctnt, 189 St Paul 
Stewart J C, civ eer, 170 Kent 
Stewart J C, clerk dept of interior 
Stewart John, manager Stewart es- 
tate, 52 Elgin 
Stewart John, builder, 266 Rideau 
Stewart John, carptr, 211 St Paul 
Stewart Mrs, widow, 617 Wellington 
Stewart Neil, elk dept inland rev 

Stewart Peter, painter, 90 St Paul 
Stewart Rob\jrt, contcr, 137 AueusUi 
Stewart Robt, dry -goods, 96 Queeu 

Stewart Thos, trader, 178 Dalhousio 
Stewart Thos, printer, 202 Nicholas 
Stewart Thomas, machnst, 271 B^y 
Stewart W;.., stonc-cutr, 181 Bank 
Stiff P 8, photographer, 267 Maria 
Stiff T P, phoU)grapher, 269 Maria 
Stiff Bros, photog gall, 141 Sparki^ 
Stirling Geo, Dom brewery, 16 St 


Stirling Wm, laborer, 256 Bolton 
Stitt Robert, miller, 48 Sherwood 
Stitt 8, grocer, 96 Qtieen west 

Stitt , clerk, 66 O'Connor 

Stitt J R, dry-goods mer. 60 Kent 
Stitt J R & Co, dry-goods mer, 73 

Stockand Geo, carptr, 372 Rideau, 

h 376 Rideau 
Stockdale W,crge facty, 160 -iideau 
Stoddart Thos, patt-mltr, 635 Maria 
Stokes Henry, labr, 339 St Patrick 
Stokes Wm, brcklyr, 346 St Patrick 
Stopellben P T, printer, 74 Bolton 
Stopellben Mrs Jos, widow, 345 


Storr Anson, teamster, 262 Queen 
Storr Ed, mess House of Come, 281 

Storr J W, civ ser, 264 Qr.een 
Storey Daniel, turner, S21 Well- 
Story Geo, general stre, 73 Clarence 
Storey Thos, met tailor, 606 Sussex 
Stott Thos, fruit dealer, 124 Rideau 
Strang John, painter, 181 St Paul 
Stratton Geo, saddlir, 228 Clivrence 
Stratton Jas, plaateier, 708 Maria 
Stratton Jos, painter & glazijr &c, 

110 York 
Stratton S S, chemist and druggist 

25 York 
Stratton & McFarlai d, 246 Dal- 

Streamer Rudolph, labr, 10 Grove 
Street C P, civ ser, 3V1 Wilhrod 
Street Mrs, widow, 538 Altiert 
Street Wm, laborer, 156 McTag^art 
Stringer Pat, tailor, 87 Dalhounie 
Stringer — , constable, Doniin'o nice 
Stroulger Chaw, orderly sergt, uov 
ernor General's hcc otBco 

Ui 8. Befleotor Company. G 0. BEIFFENSl'riN. Qeneial Agent- 

78 Dalhousio 
202 Nichola.-i 

jr, 269 Maria 

;er, 2f)2 Queen 
se of Com8, 281 

:ner, S21 Well- 

Btre, 73 Clarence 
»ilor, 506 Sussex 
aler, 124Rideau 
?r, 181 2t. Paul 
cr, 228 Clivrence 
ner, T08 Maria 
,er & glazi.jr &c, 

list and druggist 

Eirlard, 246 Dal- 



"Btttlth Lift " Comp«&7 of New York. 9. 0. BSUTINSTSIN, Qeneral Agent] 

Stuart Lieut Col C,clk dept Militia 

and Defence 
Stuart Henry B, chief Enalieh En- 
grossing elk, House of Commons 
Stuart John, barrister, bds 52 York 
Stubbs Wm, lumber met, 196 Well- 
Stuoford Wm, laborer, 84 Redpath 
Suittell Wm, laborer, 421 Lisgar 
Sullivan D, laborer, 39 Cobourg 
Sullivan D, carp'r, 90 Beseeror 
Sullivan John, apple dealei 218 

Sullivan John, lab'r, 135 Church 
Sullivan Mich, laborer, 95 Bolton 
Sullivan Mich, carp'r, 437 Lisgar 
Sullivan Patrick, trader, 77 York 
Sullivan S J, carpenter, 44 Baird 
Suite Benj, clerk, dpt mil * defence 
Summers Wm, carpenter, 69 Walter 
Sutherland E D, civ ser, 12 Rear 
Sutherland G S, watchmaker, 148 

Rideau, house 502 St Paul 
Sutherland J, mason, 118 Queen 
Sutherland Jno, plast'r, 93 Chapel 
Sutherland Mrs W, wui, 340 Rideau 
Sutton Mrs Geo, widow, bd house, 

98 Albert 
Sutton Mrs H B, groceries, &c, 145 

Sutton Joe, umbrella rep, 91 George 
Sutton J T, ins agt, 36 Sparks, bds 

98 Albert 
Swail Wm, tinsmith, 44 Sally 
Swalwell Anthony, 70 York 
Swalwell T, carp'ter, 45 Charlotte 
Swan Mrs Ellen, 82 Vittoria 
Swanson Wm, stonemsn, 283 Lisgar 
Swanston G N, m&chinist, 64 Bank 
Sweetland Dr J, 19Y Rideau 
Sweetman John, dyer, 397 Sparks 
Swinbourno Chris, ?i79 Maria 
Swinbourne A, iiirsa, Dept ot Int 
Switzer Bobt, s&Ieeman, 95 Nepean 
Symes P B, civ ser, 678 Maria 
Tache J C, Dy Min Agriculture, 16 

Taclie J C jr, elk dept Public Wrks 
Tackaberry I B, act:on'r, 68 Sparks 

218 Maria 
Taillefer F X, crter, 314 St Andrew 
T !efer Isaie, crter, 312 St Andrew 
TaiUefer Joseph, crter, 210 Church 
Taillon Geo, Iwirrister, 45 William 
Taillon & Chrysler, barristers, 96^ 

Talbot Auguste, cooper, 201 St 

Taeger C, tobacconift, 481 Sussex 
Tallon Thos, laborer, 219 Murray 
Tambeau Paul, 147 Church 
Taneuay Rev C, attach^ dept Agri- 

Tanney Robert, moulder, 698 Alliert 
Tasker C J, clerk. Finance dept, 544 

Tassc E, fancy andstaple dry goods, 
57 Rideau 

Tasse J Bte, saddler, 314 Clarence 
Tassd Jeremie, carter, 139 St An- 
Tosse Joseph, translator House of 

Commons, 211 Church 
Tasse Louis, school teacher, 402 St 

Tasse Louis, school house, 51 Notre 

Tasse Napoleon, labr, 306 Clarence 
Taylor Alex, ticket agnt, 30 Sparks 

h 509 Rideau 
Taylor Alex, flour store, 238 Rideau 
Taylor Alex, engineer, 228 Queen 
Taylor A Arevf, stne-msn, 68 Bank 
Taylor .v G D, elk civ ser, 201 Daly 
Taylor Berij, carptr, 242 Wellington 
Taylor David, exp agent, 44 Bolton 
Taylor Fennings, aest elk Senate, 

64 Theodore 
Taylor F, butcher, 383 Maria 
Taylor F, painter, 16 Botelier 
Taylor George, paintr, 108 Cathcart 
Taylor I B, printing office, 66-70 

Taylor Jas, roillwghl, 104 Maokay 
Taylor James, mason, 389 Maria 
Taylor John Fennings, gentn, 158 

Taylor J H, grocer, 68 O'Connor 
Taylor J M, agt St L & R R, 274 

Taylor J P, elk agricltrl dept, 64 

Taylor Mrs, widow, 616 Albert 
Taylor Mrs, widow, 91 Cathcart 

Taylor , civ ser, 376 Gloucester 

Taylor 8 J, millwglit, 248 Queen 
Taylor Thomas, 271 Albert 
Taylor Wra, stne-msn, 106 Mackav 
Taylor W E, clothing store, 22'4 

Teakles B H, civ ser, 244 Queen 

T, W. KBinrr & sours, Herohant Tailors, Ontltters >■ 
Sootoh Olotha and Tveedi, and Iiigh Frlem, 

"-* dirsct Impoitara of English and 
.d Sparks Stieeti Ottawa. 



■ mm 


■Ml %''S , -Pm 



t. W. OHirT * acnrs, KenhMt T«ilun, Outflttcn aai dirtet Importtn of Aigliah 
•ad loot«h Olotbt «ad TwMdi, and Irish TrieMi, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawn,. 

Tempeat ,cik Ont fiank, Ixls 20 

TeinpletOD Joe, carptr, 735 Somerset 
Terrance John, No 1 By-ward Mkt 
Terry C P H, with Caldwell & Co, 

48 Sparks 
Terry J, painter, 352 Gloucester 
Teskey S, shoe shop, 288 Dailiouaie 
Teseier Mrs Antoine, wid,34 McQee 
Teasifir Ante, carptr, 307 Ht Patrick 
Tessier Edmond, labr, 279^ Water 
Teasier Oeo, labr, 79 St Andrew 
Tetaeky Martin, labr, 46^ Redpath 
Teta Eugene, civ eer, 415 St Paul 
T6ta J M, civ ser, 415 St Paul 
Tetu N, elk oiv ser, 459 Bideau 
Theriault A P, elk, 386 St Ps trick 
Therien Francis, Ibr, 223 St Patrick 
Therien Napoleon, cabinet-maker, 

413 Clarence 
Therien & Carter, grocers, 318 St 

The Times Newspaper, McLean 

Roger & Co, proprietors, 154-156 

Thb Universitv Of Ottawa, Wil- 

brod street 
Thibault Baptiste, laborer, 630 St 

Thibault Geo,.lab'r, 239 Clarence 
Tbibauh L, laborer, 162 Murray 
Thibert Jean, 51 Murray 
Thibodeau J Bte, hotel, 81 Murray 
Thibodeau M,, laborer, IGl Bolton 
Th^burn D, pvinter, 283 Maria 
Thorn Oeo, shoemkr, 494 Clarence 
Thoniaa Mrs Alph, 303 King 
Thomas Chas, stonectr, 151 Kent 
Thomas Geo, builder, 151 Kbnt 
Thomas J S, printer, 144 St Paul 
Thomas Louis, baker, 594 St Patrick 
Thompson Chas, printer, ISd Priel 
Thompson Geo, corn-merchant 46 

ThompaoD H, book-kpr, SS*) Bideau 
Thompson Jas, grocerieo, dry goods 

&o, 491 SusEiex 
Thompson Jas, carter, 270 Clarence 
Thompson John, elk Bk of Com- 
Thompson John, printer, 53 Water 
Thompson John, grocer, 62 Bideau 
Thompson John, carp'r, 232 Water 
Thompson Mark, harness maker, 

93 Besserer 
Thompson Mrs, wid, 55 Cambridge 


ThonipHori Philip N, 387 Albert 
Thonipnon S, policeman, 28 Cum- 
Thonipaon S D, carr'ge fac, 68 DhI 
Thompson ThoH J, engineer, C P ft 
ThotnpHon T W, ussia city treaHurti-, 

120 Elgin 
Thompson W H, city treaBurev, 58 

Wellington, house '98 Elgin 
Thomson Jas,Jr, cltrk, 208 Muria 
Thorbahn H, 10 A 13 By-Ward ink', 

house 71 King 
Thorburn Jno, principal, grarniiiar 

school, 211 Uflly 
Thorn Oeo, tihot* maker, 59 Hency 
Thornton W, contractor, 481 Maria 
Thorpe J W, baker, 230 8t Patrick 
Throop A W, clerk, 181 AiiguHtu 
Tiepke Prof, teacher of music, 8-1 

Tierney Miss Ann, school teaciier, 

399 Lifgar 
Tifty Mich, laborer, 14C St Andrew 
Tilley W,I, rAy ser, 276 Nelaoii 
Til ton John,, civil aer, 54 Daly 
Tink Jas, caner, 146 St A.ndre\T 
Tims T D, civ aer, 286 Daly 
Tiona Mrs, widow, 264 Sparks 
TitUH A, Ontario Carriage Factory, 

172 8 parka, factory 176 Queen ' 
Tobin Jas, laborer, 662 Somerset 
Tobin Richard, joiner, 216 Murray 
Tobin Seymour, C S, 237 Daly 
Todd Aiplieua, librarian Parliament 

504 Albert 
Todd A Hiinilyi:, elk Parliaraeiu 

Todd Saml, laborer, 21 McGee 
Tole Miohael, laborer, 145 Water 
Toller Fredk, C S, 199 Daly 
Tomkina John, laborer, 253 Bolton 
Tomlinaon Joseph, dept Maiiue and 

Fisheries, 221 Theodore 
Tomlinson Joseph jr, clerk civ ger 
Tomlinson T H, lithographer, 195 

Toms P, contractor, 195 Bay 
Toms Wm, ma«on, 195 Bay 
Tonin Mrs Marceliue, widow, 31 St 

Toohey Daniel, laborer, 471 Lisgar 
Toohey Mrs Jhn, hotel, 611 Sussex 
Toomey Jamea, labr, 280 Clarence 
Toomey Wm, trader, 67 York 
Tqpley Honvtio, photographer, IIT 


Bftboook lite Appoiatu. 0. 0. BSIFFENSIEINii QeawalAgtst. 

er, 69 Henoy 
tor, 481 Maria 
230 8t Patrick 
181 AuguHtu 
r of music, 84 

johool teachei, 

elk Parliament 

jr, clerk civ ger 

orer, 471 Lisgar 
otel, 611 Sussex 
)r, 280 Clfttence 
ir, 67 York 
lotographer, UT 

•t f .-( 



Ooal OU Cooldag Stoves. 0. 0. BXIFTZVSTEIir, OeaariU AgtBt. 

Topley John, photographei , 108 

Toplfy W J, photographer, 60 Well- 
ington, h 78 Slater 
Torilirt'Frdddrick, 3 Quoon 
Tdiiney Mrs William, 67 Cathcart 
i'ovronce John, butcher, 296 Catli- 

Torrance John A, ci*' ser, 124 Sally 
Tourgeon F, lalwrcr, 17 Mofigrove 
TowcTH John, teamster, 182 Cam- 

Townsend Chas, wheelwright, 666 

Townsend David, tinsmith, 144 

Townsend John, grocer, 710 Maria 
Townsend T B, engin'r, dept Public 

Townsend Wm, labr, 420i Clarence 
Towzer — , trader, 257 Dulhoueie 
Toy CharU'8, laborer, 141 Aiigusta 
ioye John, mason, 366 Clarence 
Tore Stephen, laborer, 62 Lloyd 
Tracy James, 256 Daly 
Tracy T K, watchnikr, 221 Stewart 
Tracy W H, watchmkr, 46 Rideau 
Triipey Louis, labr'r, 205 Dalhousie 
"rravetler Mrs, widow, 38 Kent 
Traveller Thos, foreman, 136 Head 
Travers Peter, labr, 77 Le Brecon 
Traversay Ephraim, shoemaker, 

404 St Patrick 
Traversay F^lix, itiarblf outter, 342 

St Patrick 
Traversay Isidore, J P, assasaor for 

City Ottawa, 137 York 
Travis John, laborer, 382 Clarence 
Travis L W, clerk P dept 
Treadwell M S, clerk P dept 
Treaniblea Mat, labr, 17 Augusta 
Trernblay & Beau vais, gro, 1()3 Bank 
Treinblay Dob, carptr, 26 Cobourg 
Trernblay Hubert, labr, 10 McGee 
Tremble Wm, stoker, 176 Stewart 
Trembly Francois, laborer, 74 St 

Trombley , cab-drvr, 149 Queen 

Trouse George, harness-maker, 208 

True James, engineer, 261 Cathcart 
Trubridge John, carter, 173 York 
Trudeau Geo, elk, 141 Dalhousie 
Trudeau G jr, elk, dept mar & fish 
Tmdeau Pierre, cabt-mkr, 39 Bolton 

Trudeau T, dept min of P W dept 

66 Stewart 
Truesdell Mrs Mary, boarding-hse, 

148 Clarence 
Truman W R, carptr, 204 Botelier 
Tucker P N, elk. 39 Slater 
Tupper A C, cunl'ctr,328 WelHneton 
Tupper A C, contectnry, 1 14 Rideau 
Tupper Hon C, M D, 104 Metcalfe 
Tupper Mrs E A, widow, 8 Maria 
Tupper T M, painter, 22 Maria 
Turcotte Honore, labr, 87 Church. 
Turcotte Joseph . labr, 36 Shamrock 
Turcotte Joseph, labr, 90 Chapel 
Turcotte Pierre, laborer, 82 George 
Turgeon C E, elk rec genl's dept 
Turgeon George, 49 Mosgrove 
Turgeon Jos, inspector of lumber, 

49 Mosgrove 
Turgeon J B, boots * shoes, 473 

Turgeon Narciase, mess House of 

Commons, 225 Church 
Turgeon Pierre, crptr,247 St Andrew 
Turnbnll David, bkr, 2G1 St Patrick 
Turubull Jas, flour * feed store, 7 

Nicholas, h 230 St Paul 
Turner Geo, blksth, 42 Sherwood 
Turner Louis, laborer, 90 Sherwood 
Turner Thos W, labr, 25 Mosgrove 
Turner Saml, plstr, 664i St Patrick 

Turner , pliotogr, 122 Rideau 

Tweed John, bill-stkr, 108 Nej)ean 
Tybavne David, machst, 177 Slater 
Tye Jas, laborer, 141 Nelson 
Tvrell Mrs, dressmaker, 162 Rideau 
tTnderwood Alfred, tobacconist, 483 

Ukion Bank op Lower Canada — 

D S Eastwood, man, 42 Rideau 
Union Forwarding and Railway Co'a 

Office — R S Caseels, president, 

166 Sparks 
Union House — Jno Graham, propr, 

54-68 Elgin 
Upper Ottawa Improvement Co*8 

Office, 206 Middle 
Urquhart Charles, dry goods, 197 

Vail Hon W B, min militia and def, 

Dept Mil and Def 
Valade F X, M D, 142 St Patrick 
Valade J Bte, labr, 40 Notre Dame 
Valade Louis, labr, 74 Friel 
Valade Pierre, labr, 76 Friel 
Valentine — , civil ser, 263 Queen 

T. W. XENNT & sons; Kerohan:; Tailois, Oatfitters and direct Importers of EngUah and 
Bootoh Olotki and IwMds, and Irlih Frians, 149 Sparka Btiaet, OtUwa. 



i \ ! 




4 ^ 1-, 







! 1 

\. .' 









T. W. XmT * son, MMrdUnt IftUan, OutfltUn and diiMt Xmportan of KngUih 
Md Icotoh Olothi and Twaeds, and Iriah FtImm, 140 Iparki Itratt, OtUwa. 

Valin J E, clerk, Dept Inland Hov 
Valiqiu>rte CbaN, carp'r, 119 King 
Valiqiiette E, hotel-kr, 67 Duke 
ValiquetteF H, hotel-kr, ft8 Bridge 
Valkiuetto Mra J, 312 Clarence 
Valiquette Jos, shoeniuker, 148 St 

Valiquette Job, carpenter, 106 St 

Valiquette Mrn Louis, 209 Murray 
Vatiquetto P R <& Co, dry goouH, 

610 Sussex 
Vall6 P, painter, 238 St Patrick 
Valliquette M, carp'r, 229 Dalhuunie 
Valoia P, tel rep'r, 160 Clarence 
VanCortlandt Mrs, widow, 304 Wel- 
VanCortlandt Walter, clerk, 394 

Vandusen Jas, foreman, 130 Middle 
Vankoughnett Lawrence, civil ser, 

170 Nicholas 
Vanniel B, baker, 316 Cathcart 
Varallo Jean, Ibr, 35 St Andrew 
Vaudette Isidore, carter, 182 Bolton 
Vaudette Mrs, widow, 51 Church 
Veale Philip, carp'r, 146 Sally 
Vean Jae, painter, 63 Baird 
Venance G, laborer, 491 St Patrick 
Venas Alexis, laborer, 129 King 
Venn Geo, shipper, 83 Queen West 
Venn J, confect r, 502 Wellington 
Venn Mrs, milliner, 62 Queen West 
Venning R N, clerk, Dept Mar * Fis 
Verdon Isaie, carter, 301 Church 
Vermette J Bte, lab'r, 53 CJiurch 
Vdziaa Lazare, carp'r, 210 Murray 
Vezina Theophile, clerk, 93 Bolton 
Vezina Ulderick, joiner, 262 Water 
Vian Job, laborer, 492 St Patrick 
Victoria Foundry— H Merrill, pro. 

Victoria Livery Stables, 227 Wel- 
lington. Mra E Brown, owner, 
H H Brownlee, manager 
Victoria Market, Queen, W 
Villeneuve C, carter, 189 St Andrew 
Villeneuve E, laborer, 189 Cathcart 
Villeneuve Jos, carter, 102 Bolton 
Villeneuve MrsM, widow, 169 York 
Villeneuve Thoe, hotel-keeper, 193 

St Patrick 
Vincent Olivier, grocer, 199 St 

Vincent T, fancy goods, 49 * 51, 

Voignier C, grocer, 65 Rose 
V'oinier C, grocer, 421 St Patrick 
Voligny L L, 1H4 Church 
Vulcan Irun Workf, 424 to -128 

Wuddell Wn. D, 211 Slater 
Waddle MrH TIjs, widow, 403 Uid. an 
Wagi'ner Sam L, fruit doaler, 123 

Walkcm Charles, clerk di'pt Militia 

and Defence 
Walkir Janu'fl, K'onecuttor, 121 

Walker Thos, laborer, 145 Priel 
Walker Thon, cabinet maker, IGJ 

Red path 
Walker Ths, blacksmth, 108 Arthur 
Walker W H, barrister, 198 Stowurt 
Walker, orinter, bde 98 Albert 
Walker Mrs, widow, 466 Cunilwr- 

Walkflr CasHels <fe Pennock, bar- 
risters, 34 Elgin 
Wall A W, clerk, P O dept 
Wall Jas F, P dept, 347 Lisgnr 
Wall John, grocer, 198 Cumberlmid 
Wall W, grocer, 132 Rideau, h 80 St 


Wall Wm, stonecutter, 206 Sparks 
Wallace Brown, elk, 51 CambriiJire 
Wallace Ed, shoemaker, 670 Maria 
Wallace John, bricklyr, 205 Sparks 
Wallace Martin, laborer, 2Qi St 

Waller Thos, mason, 61 Redpath 
Waller W H, com agt, 233 Nieliolafl 
Wallis Cas, laborer, 51.^ Redpath 
Wallis J D, photogr'phr, 61 Sparks 
Walls John, mess, 262 Nicholas 
Walls Misses, dressmakers, 98 

Walsh — , constable, Dominion pice 
Walsh John, plasterer. 127 George 
Walsh John, civ aer, 281 Gloucester 
Walsh John, labr, 385 Gloucester 
Walsh Michl, mess, 229 Augusta 
Ward Lieut Fred RN, aide-de-camp 

to the Governor General 
Ward Joseph, lab.-, 380 St Patrick 
Ward J W W, barrister, 496 Sussex 
Wardell Abrahacj, contractoi, 172 

Wardenlv H A, labortr, 686 Maria 
Warne Wm, laborer, 80 Stewart 
Warwicker Frd, civ ser, 3 Le Breton 


" Bartlett" Street Lamps. 0. 0. REIFFEBBTEIfi, Qenvral Agent 

Mk !i:..|; , i^H 



Mia of Xngliah 
it, Otuwft. 


St Patrick 
424 to m 


lit doaler, 123 

rk <U>pt Militia 

mccuttor, I'il 

r, 145 Friel 
let maker, 10) 

fith,108 Artlmr 
[er, 198Stewurt 
I 98 Albert 
r, 466 CumU-r- 

Pennock, bar- 

' <lept 
pt, 347 Lisgar 
198 Cumberliiud 
SRideau, hHGSt 

:tcr, 206 Sparks 
{, 51 Cambridge 
ttker, 670 Maria 
klyr, 205 Sparks 
laborer, 203 St 

n, 51 Red path 
kgt, 233 Nicliolafl 
., 51 i Redpath 
-r'phr, 61 Sparks 
'262 Nicholaa 
reasmakers, 98 

le, Dominion pice 
jerev 127 George 
Er, 281 Gloucester 
|386 Gloucester 
Is, 229 Augusta 
UN, aide-de-camp 

h, 380 St Patrick 
Irister, 495 Sussex 
contractor, 172 

Ibortr, 686 Maria 
ler, 80 Stewart 
Iv eer, 3 Le Breton 

I Ag«at 

Ooil OQ CooUng BtoTti. Q. 0. UHTIVSTIIN, Oratral Agtnt 

Warwioker F 8, nado'er, 346 Well- 
WarwickorThH, H^'.'i ', 5^ ■'Breton 
Warnock Jamcn, L.!' .', ^'92 8\iHflex 
Wafihington Geo, rojtaurant and 

lunch rooniM, Ui York 
Wutchorn J sr, cabinet maker, 626 

Wattihorn John, cooperage 521 

Watchorn Jhn jr, cooper, 514 Albert 
Waters Henry, blacksniitii, 40 

Cathcart west 
Waters James, grocer, 396 Glcm- 

Waterson Ghas jr, marble cntter, 22 

WatHon JamcH, carpenter, 33G 8t 

Watson MrH H D, bnling house, 1 10 

Watson Robt merchant, 276 Albert 
Watson Robt, laborer, 60 Redj)ath 
Watson S E, carpenter, 129 Kent 
Watson Wm, laborer, 82 Lloyd 
Watt Jae, blacksmith, 235 Bridee 
Watt J W H, draughtsman, aept 

Public works 
Watt Mrs, widow, 39 Kent 
Watts RusseJ, pluniber, 182 Rideau 
Watters Alex, carpenter, 411 Rideau 
Wattcra Hy drugsist, 413 Rideau 
Watters T J, clerk, customs dept 
Watterson Andrew, foreman, 167 

Watterson Chs «r, labr, 22 Theodore 
Watterson Wra, carpenter, 75 St 

Wav Mr."*, widow, boarding house 36 

Wcatherly H S, P office dept 83 

Weathers Hry, finisher, 228 Queen 
Webb Geo, painter, 103 Sherwood 
WehlKsr C, clerk Finance dept 
Webster Geo, leather cutter, 277 

Webster John, contractor, 254 Wil- 

Webster — , constable, Dom police 
Weir Thomas, laborer, 153 York 
Welch David, brewer, 247 to 251 

Welch Robert, stonecutter, 235 St 

Weldon Jas, laborer, 42 Cathcart w 

Wellington Paul labr, 86 Nicholas 
Wellington Ward Market, Sparks 
Welsh David, Govt jwlice, 66 Bank 
Welsh James, laborer, 159 Arthur 
Wvnsley T, repfi, staff, Pur bdgs 
Wkslkyan MkthodihtUhl'uch, King 
Wesi.kvan Mkthouiht Cucrch, 

Wksleyan Mkthodist GiiDnoB, 

West David, 187 Bank 
West George, lal)orer, 177 Cathcart 
West Michael, laborer, 160 Water 
WestgateT, mer tailor, 98 Rideau 
Weston Henry, laborer, 391 Maria 
Westwick Mrs Samuel, 178 Murray 
Westwick Thos, waiter, 89 Chapel 
Whalen Capt Jas, 672 VVellington 
Whnlen James, machinist, U'Hill 
Whalen John, lalwrer, 161 Botclicr 
Whalen Latir'co, lbr,332 St Patrick 
Wheeler Thos, mason, 694 Maria 
Whelan M J, jeweller, 20 Nicholas 
Whelan Mrs Michael, 71 Baird 
Whelan Math, blksth, 224 Clarence 
Whelan Mich I, cter, 257 St Patrick 
Whelan M, repg start" Par bdgs 
Whelan Peter, clerk, 67 Sherwood 
Whillans, Wm, clerk, 515 Rideau 
Whillena Wm, dry-goods merchant, 

197 Clarence 
Whitcher V.' i<, com of fisheries, 199 

White D, groom, 281 Dalhousie 
White D, laborer, 255 Dalhousie 
White Fredk, clerk dept of justice 
White G R, clerk P dept 
White Henry, cattle dlr, 282 Bridge 
White James, Ibr, 129 Cumberland 
V/hite John, laborer, 35 Baird 
White John, laborer, 49 Redpath 
White Joseph, contrctr, 32 Botelicr 
White J G, stationery, 73 Rideau ' 
White Martin, blksth, 103 Queen w 
White Patrick, labr, 257 Cathcart 
White P L, tailor, 477 Wellington 
White Robert, carpenter, 362 Albert 
White R B, stationer, 248 Stewart 
White Wm, carpenter, 96 Augusta 
White Wm, P dept, 185 Wurtera- 

White Wm, carpenter, 193 York 
Whitehead Jos, clerk, 414 Sussex 
Whitehead Wm, shoemaker, 396 

Whitney Jas, carp'r, 651 Albert 

T, W. KEVHY & 80H8, Merchant Tailon, Outfitters and dbeot Importers of English and 
Bootoh (Qoths rad Tweedi, and Irish lUnn, 149 Sparks Street. Ottawa. 
1 T 

I».f? .Hi . ,^4 : 



„ ,, ».i., ;,,. 

■.i-.. I','; - '-.'l-; ' - 




T. W. KENITT ft S0V8, Menhaat TailorB, Oatfltten and direet Importers of EngL.ii 
and Sootoh Cloths and Tweeds, aad Irish Friezes, I-IS Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

Whitney P W, ni'wght, 131 Queen w 
Whitter Alfred S, millwright, 74^ 

Queen, W 
Whitton John, blacksmith, 166 

W bitty Jas, hotel-kr, 92 Murray 
Whitty L, stonemsn, IHO Clarence 
Wholehan M, ins agt, 77 Sparks 
Wicksteed G W, chief law clerk. 

House of Com, house 136 Bay 
Wicksteed H A, acct P O dept, 112 

Wicksteed R J, barrister, 136 Bay 
Wigmore J, expresHman, 325 Wel- 
Wilkie Wm, printer, 60 Nelson 
Wilkins F, foreman, 153 Arthur 
Wilkins Jas, contractor, 93 Cam- 
Wilkinson Jno, laborer, 166 Nelson 
Wilks John, laborer, 48 Frank 
Williams C, Bank of Commerce, 

122 O'Connor 
Williams David P, book-kr, 122 

Williams Edwd, agent, 295 Albert 
Williams Edw, accnt, 88 Sally 
Williams E P, book-kr, 192 Bridge 
Williams E T, nphols'r, 304 Albert 
Williams F, tailor, 203 Rideau 
Williams F, tailor, 283 Rideau 
Williams Hugh J, 124 Slater 
Williams J C, green grocer, 458 

Williams Jjuke, waiter, 80 Be^serer 
Williams Mrs, wid, 29 Cambridge 
Williams R, manager, 94 Queen 
Williams Wm, printer, 82 Besserer 
Williams Wm, labr, Albert Island 
Williamson John, engineer, 176 

Willment Ed, agent, 97 Cathcart 
Willmott John, laborer. 93 Nelson 
Wills J A, engineer Parliament 

Buildings staff 
Wilson C H, pamter, 390 Clarence 
Wilson David, 184 Albert 
Wilnon Geo, carpenter, 75 Vittoria 
Wilson G J, carpenter, 57 Vittoria 
Wilson Henry, printer, 125 Augusta 
Wilson Jas, stnenirfn, 120 O'Connor 
Wilson Joseph, laborer, 12 Nicholas 
Wilson John, lumber shipper, 533 

Wilson John, carpenter, 125 Bank 
Wilson Mrs, widow, 271 Maria 


Wilson Wm, shoemaker, 423 Lisgar 
Wilson Wm, asst law clerk House 

of Cojnmons 
Wilson Wm, machnst. 111 Queen w 
Wilson & Orr, carvers and gilders 

123 Sparks 
Wiltshire John, clerk, 113 Chapel 
Wily Lieut Col Ths, diret'r of storcH 

dept Militia and Defence 
WINDSOR HO USE, S Daniels prop 

45 Metcalfe 
Wingfield J, messenger, 42 Daly 
Winslev Thos, civ ser, 107 Char 
Winters L, 83 Nelson 
Winters Wm, broom maker, 312 

Wise F, supdt Rideau Canal, 286 

VVisewell Lucius, carriage maker, 

231 Bridge 
Wolf Ab, laborer, 6 Grove 
Wolfe H II, clerk P O dept 
Wolff J P, clerk Census Office 
Wood Mrs E, widow, bd house, 123 

St Paul 
Wood Heniy, htel-kpr,39 Mosgrovc 
Wood Dr C, pro cancer cure, 5G 

Sparks, h 165 Maria 
Wo'jd Robt, tailor, 100 Wilbrod 

PUBLISHER, of the Ottawa Di- 
rectory, 42 Elgin, h 127 Maria 
W00D6URN GEO H, insurance 

agent, 488 Cumberland 
WOODBURN THOS M, dealer in 

grain, &c, 153 Gloucester 
Woodland Jas sr, 36 St Paul 
Woodland Richd, htchr, stall No 1 

Victoria Mkt, Queen wes^t 
Woodland R, btchr, 14 Cathcart w 
Woodland R jr, tanr, &c, 24 St Paul 
Woodland R, tan a leather store, H8 

St Paul 
Woods Alfred, labr, 369 Cumberland 
Woods Mrs Jas, btchr, 3 Wellington 

Woods James, collector, 208 Bridge 
Woods Mrs, will, bdg-hse, 125 Slater 
Woods William, labr, 137 Bes.serer 
Workman Alex & Co, hardware, 

301 Wellington 
Workniiiii A <k Co, hardware, 79-81- 

83 Rideau 
Workman W G, mustchr. 192 Slater 
Wotlev Ilenrv, cooper, 74 Clifipel 
Wriglit Chris, miliwght, 186 Middle 

Baboook ii'ire Apparatr.8. d. C. BEIFFENSTEIN, Ocnoral Ageut. 

f M fi .i!™,).V ■ ■ 

i.u'X»4 Ji.«.4«.w.« 

carriage maker, 

r, 369 Cumberland 
jtchr, 3 Wellington 

0, hardware, 79-81- 
„ustchr,T.)2 Slater 



Architectural Iron Works Company, tT.7. Q. C. BEIFFENSTEXN, Agent. 

Wright Fred, conveyancer, 105 Elgin 
Wright John, painter, 106 Augusta 
Wright J N & Co, sewing machines, 

10 Bv-ward Market egiinre 
Wright H P, M D, 247 Wellingfon 
Wright Pliilemon, saddlr, 376 Well- 
Wright William R, chief elk militia 

(lept, 424 Queen 
Wyms Michael, grocer, 122 Queen w 
Wynu John A, clerk, bds 135 Albert 
Yeile Pierre, laborer, 141 St Andrew 
Yeoman Jos, elk C S, 117 Augusta 
Yielding F, issuer marriage license. 

599 St Paul 
Yielding Mrs, widow, 59!) St Paul 
York w m, grocer, 144 Queen west 
York \Vm, grocer, 83 Sherwood 
Young Arthur, gardener, 386 Well- 
Young Che, messenger, Se?iate 
Young Henry, mason, 36 Nelson 
Young J, supt stationery ofKce, dep 

ot Secretary of State 
Young Jas, lime and stone dealer, 

338 Wilbrod 
Young John, grocer, 198 St Andrew 

Young John, 338 Wilbrod 
Young Rev Jos, 48 Queen west 
Young Levi jr, 8 Lloyd 
Young Levi, lumber met, 8 Lloyd 
Young Levi, office, 203 Middle 
Young Levi, saw mill, Middle 
Young Micl, carter, 268 Concession 
Young Robt, bricklyr, 338 Wilbrod 
Youn^ Robt P, man fur Levi Young 

22 Lloyd 
Young Saml, laborer, 30 Redpatli 
Yonng Thos, contrctr, 338 Wilbrod 
Young Mrs, widow, 258 Albert 
Young Wm, bricklyr, 338 Wilbrod 
Young Wm, chief fire brigade, 117 

Young Bronson & Co, flour dealers 

497 Sussex 
Young Bronson & Co, flour mercts 

69 Montreal 
Young Bronson & Co, flour mill 121 

Young Ladies Literarv Institute, 

198-208 Rideau 
Young Men's Christian Association 

Rooms, 30 O'Connor 
Zollikotl'er Mrs, 15 Gloucester 


Corner of Elgin Street, 


Babeock's Fire Apparatus, 

Architectural Iron Works Co., N.Y., 

E. Morgans Sons ^'Stjpolio," 

Coal Oil Cooking Stoves, 
"Bartlett's" Street Lamps, 

U. S, Reflector Co, Lamps, 

Coal Oil Lamps, Slc, 
"Health Lift" Co. of New York. 

* 'ill" ^iM 

4.- mm. 


■•* :| til ' 

■ • ', v'^v,, ;, , . vr 


kt a loiMaMe |ois iF^ iXn |Qtel 


$1 per diem. 



Agent Royal Insurance Company of England, 

Manofaetorer's Agent for Water and Qas Pipes and Hydrants, 


OPFICIl: Corner Sparks and Elgin Streets, Ottawa. 

■^ _ ' — — ■ — ■! ■— ■■■ ■-.— ■ I. - i ■ i I. . . y I I — ■- . - — - ^ I... ».. II ■ I... ^ I III I. ■■- . . . 


The Subscribers are now prepared to DELIVER 
GOODS arriving by RAIL or BOAT on short notice and 
at reasonable rates. 

OFFICE: Bowo'8 Auction fiooms, 30 Bidean St., Ottawa. 

Datid Tavlob, T. J. Heddie. 

••.«■. *i4*U«t^Wi..A^I 





notice end 

T. W. KSKV7 ft SOWS, Merchant Tulort, Oatfltten and diraot Importers of Englidi 
and Scotch Cloths and Tweeds, and Irish Frieses, 148 Sparks Street, Ottawa, 



.'^ ; .1 

Accountants (Public). 
Abbott Riclmrd, 261 Bay 
iirown J F, 551 Rideau 
Davis J G, 217 St Paul 
Dion E, 48 Wellington 
WillianiH Edward H , 88 Sally 
iGrated Water Manufacturers. 
Christie A &' Co, 87 Sparks 
Davidrtoii & Hinds, 142 Sparks 
I)ejfuiBe & Lapointe, 4:>4 SuBaex 
Durion & Kipp, Chaudi«re 


Alkh and Pokticr. 
rhristie Samuel, 32 Sparks— Dawes 
D^/wsley Thos, 28 Ri<leau— Cosgrave 

Murphy Bros, 18 Barrett 
Quinn Jno, 73 Queen — Dows 

BriLDiXG Materials. 
Soiuerville W M, cor Rideau and 


Anderson Bros, 31 York 
Ciiristie Sanuiel, 32 Sparks 
Close Thomas, 119 Albert 
Colton Tiberius, 80 Cambridge 
Cooper W H, 5) Elgin 
Cowan D W & Co, 507 King 
Cruice R W, 58 Sparks 
James Brothers, 14 & 10 By-ward, 

Market Square 
Linton Wm, 120 Gloucester — Boots 

and Shoes 
Nicholls & Co, 15 O'Connor 
Reiffenstein G, 44 Sparks 

Insurance (see Miscellaneous 


Bermin2hain Jas, 34 Elj/in 
Brown Jas F, C51 Rideau 
Uowsley Thos, 307 Rideau 
Falls W H, 44 Sparks 
McDonald A B & Co, 523 Sussex 
McLean liector, 65 Sparks 

Rowe Amos, 30 Rideau 

Railway Tickrt and Freiqht. 
Eaton W S, C C Railway, .36 Elgin 
O'Connor & Waller, 26 Sparks 
Taylor A H, 30 Sparks 

Thread Mills (Govanhaugh.) 
Somerville W M, 186, 188 Rideau 

Agricultural Lmpleuents. 
Abbott Wm, 61 George 
Bradbun- Wm, 109 Daly 
Forfar TF, 135 Sparks 
Frost & Wood— Millar A T, agent. 

96 Rideau 
Johnston Robert, 120 Rideau 


Alcan Felix, 223 St Paul 
Arnoldi King, 14 Metcalfe 

Boncrops , 156 (ieoree 

Chesterton Walter, 20J Rideau, h 

143 Nepean 
Ewart David, 464 St Paul 
Grist Hy, 7 O'Connor 
Hodgson Wm, 87 Albert 
Hodgson Win, 9 Cathcart 
Horsey H H, 204 Daly 
Hughes J 126 York 
Mara E A, 465 Albert 
Mather James, .34 Elgin, h 170 Bank 
Scott Thos, 478 Albert 


Bell D C, 206 Albert 
Hurley Dennis, 274 Sussex 


Berminghain, J, 34 Elgin 
Falls VVH, 44 Sparks 
Harrison T H, 145 Sparks 
Macdonald A B & Co, 523 Sussex 
McLean Hector, 65 Sparks 
Rowe & Erratt, 30 Rideau 
Tackaberry I B, 58 Sparks 


Aspinall Wm, 213 Rideau 
Bartlett Geo, 93-95 Rideau 
Coomba John, 326 Clarence 


* . ;! I H 



Ooal Oil Lampi, &o. CI. 0. BEIFrENSTEIN, General Agent 






t i 





E. Xorgaas' Sons "Sapolia" 9. 0. BEIFFEKSTEIN, General Agent. 

Courcelle Alphonse, 152 Murray 
Cousineau Alex, 272 St Patrick 
Dompierre Basile, 241 Church 
Galarneau Jos, 26 St Joseph 
Guitar Maxime, 226 Murray 
Haniy Thomas, ilideau 
Iliffe Thomas, 212 Dalhoupie 
Jamieson Robert, 218 St Paul 
JamiesonRE&J C, 534 Wellington 
Joyce Patrick, 372 King 
Jules Renauch, 221 Murray 
Kimber John A, 253 Kinj; 
Lahais Octave, 308 Cumberhind 
Leduc Josepli, 378 Clarence 
Loyer Noe, 480 St Patrick 
Marineau Gedeon, 293 Clarence 
Morrison & Bennett, 64 York 
Peltier Joseph, 93 Fricl 
Regimbol Pierre, 328 Cathcart 
Robletier Michael, 293 King 
Rogers Francin, 156 Rideau 
Slinn Stephen, 205 York 
Thorpe J W, 230 St Patrick 
Turnl.ull Daniel, 261 St Patrick 
V'annier fiazile, 315 Catiicart 
Warnock James, 492 Sussex 


(.See Miscellaneous Director}/.) 

Barristers and Attorneys, 

Bradley & Bell, 19 El.t:in 
Cockburn Wright tt Cleniow, 5 

Fellowes G B L, 15 Metcalfe Square 
Haycock R H, 11 Nepean 
Gibb Alex, 533 Sussex 
Laporte George, 251 Rideau 
Lees & Geunnell, Court House, 

Mathieson W M, 218 Albert 
Mosgrove Win, 44 Sparks 
NellisThosF, 19 Elgin 
O'Connor & O'Doherty, 62 Elgin 
O'Connor & Hogg, 684 Sussex 
O'Gara, Lapie .e & Remon, 68 

O'Keefe Geo, 190 Murray 
Parsons Alberi, 17 Nicholas 
Pinhey Christie & Hill, !6 Elgin 
Ross Alex, 37 Clarence 
Scott Stewart & Gormuliy, 52 Elgin 
Sparks & Hick, 52 Elgin 
Taillon & Chrysler, 90.i Rideau 
Walker Cassels & Ponnock, 34 Elgin 
Ward J W W, 495 Sussex 
Wicksteed G W, 136 Bay 


Abbott Eras, 13 Le Breton 
Ahearn Morrix, 74 Duke 
Abeam Wm, 9 Duke 
Ahearn W & M, 151 Bridge 
Archambeault Bte, 205 Cumberland 
Armntron^ J P, 145 Bridge 
Barber John, 58 Queen West 
BeauchanipJos, 102 Cumberlaml 
Biwsonne Odilon, 124 Friel 
Brennan Patrick, 154 Clarence 
Cloutier Prisque, 11 Rose 
Cusson Edniond, 280 Dalhoi;.s!e 
Dalaire Charles, 321 Cathcart 
D'Arniour Elie, 247 Church 
Dickinson Robert, 75 Cobourg 
Donnelly Robert, 15 St Andrew 
Garvin. M J, 37 George 
Gauthier Edn>ond, 83 Church 
Gibson William, 205 Bank 
Goodwin Michael, 260 Concession 
Groulx Stanislaus, 124 Murray 
Hamilton J J, 170 rit Paul 
Houghton Albert, 506 Albert 
Kehoe John, 95 St Paul 
Kehoe Thos, 65 Church 
Kehoe Wm, 39 George 
Kehoe Wm, 117 St Paul 
Kneel Mathew, 95 Chapel 
Lariviere P A, 287 Sussex 
Leclair John, 181 King 
Low George, 122 George 
McPherson Samuel, 536 Albert 
O'Leary Michael, 67 Dalhousio 
Reynolds & Dickinson, 427 King 
Roberts Henrj, 630 Albert 
Robertson Peter, 22 Oregon 
Spenard Emerv, 33McGee 
Spenard E, 85'Friel 
Walker Thomas, 108 Arthur 
Waters Henry, 40 Cathcart We-t 

Boat Builders. 

Cleave William, 125 Vittoria 
Dey Joseph, 105 Nicholas 


Hope Jas ife Co, 45 i 47 cor Sparks 

and Elgin 
Lucy John, 42 Queen West 
Mortimer Alex, 198 Sparks 
Smith & Stewart, 39 Sparks 
Times Printing & Publishing Co, 

154 A 166 Werington 
Woodburn AS, 42 Elgin 

Booksellers and Stationery 
Batt''j Bros, 45 Rideau 

T. W. KBHHT 4 SONS, Merchant Tailors, OntfittwB and diieot Importers of English and 
Sootob Olotbs and Tweeds, and Irish Friszes, 149 Spwka Street, Ottawa4 





W. KENNT ft SONS, Herohant Tailort, Oatfltten and diroet Importmrs of English 
and Sootoh Cloths and Tweeds, and Irish Frieiss, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

Durie John & Son 35 Spa'ks 
HauHcr A, 97 Bideau 
Henii( rflon & Co, 20 Spa.».8 
Holmes A L, 83 Sparks 
Hope Jas & Co, cor Sparks * Elgin 
Langford John H, 320 Wellington 
Loveday Joe, Dalhousie, cor George 
Lucy John, 42 Queen West 
Naughton Philip, (new and eecood- 

liand), 178 Rideau 
Ferry E A, 97 Soarks 
Smith & Stew-art, ^0 Sparks 
Whyte J G, 73 Rideau 

Boots and Shoes. 

Beardsley Wnn, 192 Clarence 
Beatty James, 202 Gloucester 
Pcaupre G, 173 Dalhousie 
Hellemaire Theo, 463 Sussex 
Bellemuire Theophille, 247 Sussex 
Rerthiaunje Felix, 137 Church 
Bird R J, 82 Sparks 
Bobill Thomas, 82 Redpath 
Boivin G, 482 Sussex 
Browne W E, 555 Sussex 
Bruce John, 319 St Paul 
Bruce & McDougall, 47 Rideau 
Bruce & McDougall, 565 Sussex 
Caron F N, 170 Rideau 
Carson R, 435 Wellington 
CliflFord Jolin, 88 Nicholas 
Costelio Thomas, 136 Murray 
Crawford James, 83 Bank 
Deacon J, U Nicholas 
Uesmarais Leonard, 65 Murray 
DeHnoeaves Chas, 309 Dalhousie 
Dobier J W H, 48 Rideau 
Drapeau D, 226 Dalhousie 
Dunbar Henry, 19 Mosgrove 
Durocher 0, 467 Sussex 
Dwight Wm, 20 Nelson 
Fox Charles, 131 King 
Handj Peter, 133 Murray 
Harbour Jos, 228 Dalhousie 
Howe J G, 538 Wellington 
Jobin Edouard, 32 McGee 
Jollicour M, 138 Sparks 
King P M, 145 Rideau 
Laberge Peter, 307 Dalhousie 
Lamb \V A, 558 Sussex 
Laniothe Denis, 138 Murray 
Larue Napoleon, 61 Duke 
Laurin S, 432 Sussex 
Lee Selby. 196 Sparks 
Lee S, 45 Duke 
Linton W, 20 Rideau 

Lyon Wm, 284 Wellington 
McCarthy John, 305-7 Wellington 
McCulloch Jas, 194 Wellington 
McDowell J R, 345 Wellington 
McGilton Thos, 13 Mosgi-ove 
Minore Andrew, 218 Nepean 
Iloore A, 15H Uideau 
Moore Andrew, 135 Chapel 
Moreau J 484 Sussex 
Murphy Geo, 536 Sussex 
NeeHn J & G, 20 Rideau 
Neville P, 41 Duke 
Noel Damas, 39 Murray 
O'Brien Dennis, 95 Clarence 
O'Meara & Co, 164 Sparks 
O'Reilly Peter, 36 Clarence 
Ottawa Boot& Shoe Co — Erskine A 

Thurston prop, 118 Sally 
Paquet Henry, 123 King 
Paradis Alph, 173 King 
Payne Abraham, 634 Albert 
Pratt James & Co, 119 Sparks 
Preston's shoe store, 71 Sparks 
Russell William, 30 Clarence 
Sauvageau Arthur, 318 Cathcart 
Stephens G, 357 Wellington 
Stevens A J «& Co, 102 Sparks 
Turgeon J B, 473 Wellington 
Thorn Ge»rge, 494 Clarence 
Valiquette J^oseph, 148 St Patrick 
Wilson Wm, 423 Lisgar 


Brading H F & Co, 461 Wellington 
Rochester Ja? A, Richmond Road 
Stirling George, 16 St Patrick 
Welsh David, 247 to 252 Nicholas 

Graham & Co, Nepean Brick Works 
Odell H C, 158 Nicholas 
Sparks Alex, 295 Nicholas 

Broom Makers. 

Reardon W & R, 138 York 
Brush Maker. 
Gnenette Louis, 216 Chrrch 
Builders, Carpenters and 
Adams Saml, 111 Elgin 
Allan James, 9 Division 
Allan James, 247 Gloucester 
Anderson & Cherry, 267 Clarence 
Anderson Wm, 261 Clarence 
Aubrey Mo'Se, 42 Oregon 
Barrel! John, 230 Friei 



■ i A 




"Bartlett" Street Lamps, a. 0. B.EIPFEN8TEIN, General Agent, 

■T-y^rryi*' •* fv^fn^i'tv^'^ *rr^ ■r—-^-r 


i ■. 

'■%'. ^; 

'«'1i: I: 

d-si ■'■■ 

.. ■ 'Ill':; 




"fialtli Lift " CompaB7 of New York, g. 0. BEIFFENSTEIN, Saneral Ag ent. 

Hurtubise Ant, 132 NelBon 
Irvine John, 240 Gloucester 
Kavanagh F, 3 Kent 
Johni^o 1 & lieid, 219 SpnrkH 
Johnston Robt, 195 Bank ' 
Jordon Robert, 514 King 
Kehoe Mathew, 641 Lisgar 
Lahaise Thoman, 168 Cumberland 
Langford John, 69 Vittoria 
Lang James, 272 Albert 
Lauzon J Bte, 20 Notre Dame 
Lyons John, 189 Clarence 
Lyons Patrick, 187 Clarence 
Malikie Charles, 203 Queen 
Masson Donald, 164 Nicholas 
Mathew John, 384 Gloucester 
Mathews Beaven, 367 Lisgar 
Moxiey Robert, 184 Friel 
Moxley John T, 212 Gloucester 
Mutchmor T W, 309 Lisgar 
McBrien James, 238 Maria 
McBride John, 97 Cambridge 
McBride Joseph, 302 Dalhousie 
McGaw Alexander, 346 Maria 
Mcintosh Kenneth, 210 Beseerer 
McKay William, 107 Gloucester 
McKiiistry Robert, 255 Bridge 
McNaughton Duncan, 58 George 
McQuarry L, 410 Lewis 
McRae Stephen, 318 Cumberland 
McRay John, 226 Queen 
McRea Jo'^n, 237 Kent 
Norton Adam, 110 Nicholas 
O'Connor John, 318^ Cumberland 
O'Connor Lawrence, 226 Botelier 
O'Connor William, 202 Botelier 
Palen John, 363 Lisgar 
Palen William, 113 Maria 
Peterkin J, 38 Primrose Avenue 
Pigeon Thomas, 134 Cathcart 
Popham William, 201 Bank 
Porter William, 80 Queen 
Pratt Waldon, 220 Bridge 
Reid Robert, 203 Bank 
Richards Leon, 103A Church 
Bocque Pierre, 261 Dalhousie 
Ross William, 368 Wilbrod 
Kachon Eustace, 300 Maria 
Sandham Frederick, 3!i8 Albert 
Sims Robert, 357 Nepeaii 
Sparks Alexander, 368 Maria 
Stewart John, 256 P leau 
Stewart Robert, 137 ^^ igusta 
Stockand George, 376 Rideau 
Stockand Geo, 372 Rideau 
Thornton Wm, 481 Maria 

Beckett & Appell, 132 Gloucester 
Beckett Wm John, 199 Bank 
Black Wm, 257 Lisgar 
Bowles F J, 43 Slater 
Boyd David, 248 Queen 
Bradshaw John S, 324 Maria 
Bradahaw W J, 520 King 
Brown Donald, 12 Anglesea Square 
Brown Jas A, 17 McGee ' 

Brown Jam'is, 119 Arthur 
Brown James, 249 Albert 
Brown Peter, 31 Albert avenue 
Burritt Edgar, 70 Baird 
Burritt J, 68 Baird 
Cantin J B, 239 Dalhousie 
Carbonneau Alfred, 325 King 
Charbonner Charles, 25 Chapel 
Cherry Saml, 257 Clarerce 
Church John, 696 Maria 
Clr.rko Geo, 18 Victoria Av nue 
Clutflsaac, 109 Kent 
Collins Thomas, 54 Ottawa 
Connolly Din, 366 Dalhousi. 
Connor William, 145 Augusta 
Crain Levi, 34 Nepean 
Crain George, 68 Slater 
Crain Robert, 312 St Pa ... 
CuthbertsoB David, 13/i ' .. 
Dagenis William, 54 Co' 
Davis Michael, 555 Lidebu 
Davis Wm, 565 Rid.;au • 
Doran Jau)es, 10 Nicholas 
Duff Robeit, 381 Marii 
Dunlop Adam, 37 Cambridge 
Eastman John, 186 Middle 
Edey Moses C, 195 Arthur 
Edge George, 446 Nepean 
Edge Nicholas, 206 Arthur 
Egan James, 248 Concession 
Evans Charles, 146 Gloucester 
Farquhar Wm, 328 St Paul 
Fellowes H, 297 Gloucester 
Ferguson Wm, 327 Gloucester 
Franklin Geo 591 Wellington 
Gallagher Thos, 97-99Metcalfe 
Gallagher Thou, 219 Maria 
Gardner William, 202 Bank 
Gibson B 419 St Paul 
Gibson James, 89 York 
Gillie James, 452 Lewis 
Gilmour Hugh, 522 Rideau 
Goodwin James, 87 Cumberland 
HawkiDS James, 380 Rideau 
Haycock Edward, 19 Nepean 
Henry Chas, 248 Queen 
Hudson John, 330 Friel 


\-T, KEnir? dc SDKS, Kcrohoiit Tailors, Oatfitters and direct Impoiten of English 
and Sootoli Cloths and Tweeds, and Irish Friezes, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 


feneral Agent, 




! Cumberland 

)tre Dame 
5 Queen 
17 Lisgar 

J Liegar 

1 Maria 

2 Dalhousie 
346 Maria 
210 Beeeerer 

l7 Gloucester 

255 Bridge 

an, 68 George 


8 Cumberland 



3i Cumberland 
J, 226 Botelier 

202 Botelier 


irobe Avemie 

4 Cathcart 

JOl Bft.<k 




li Church 



00 Maria 

c, 328 Albert 


368 Maria 

76 Rideau 


ipMtMi of English 
tareet, OtUwa. 


I ■ 



Eirmar-Friiof Safes aiOire aid Barnlar-Froof Safes ConliEl 

The recent iinprovpiiu'nts made in my Safes guarantee thoni superior in 
Pirc-resisting and Burglar-proof (iualitiew to those of any other make of 
Sate in the Dominion. ■ .■ ■ /^' >^';.5(M'*i>s■~■**^f7 ^■v;^?f'•' ■'/'!<;. 

Also, Iron Vault Linings, Burglar-Proof Vault Doors, Fire-Proof 

Doors, Iron Shutters, Iron Doors for Public Buildings, 

Messengers' Chests and Deed Boxes, Cell Doors and 

Gratings, Jail, Safe, Bank and Store 
■^ Door Looks, .'..■.:-%-.. ,:--.k.V. 



of different makers, al..«iysoM hand, \vhich will be sold cheap. 


office:- 3a0 S*. 'Lm.-mr<iuf^ streot, 

FACTOHY Corner OuUirio aiid St. Cher]<>« Bonomee StreeUit 


' . I!' '. 1 , (i I ' 1 






it J 







1 1 ^ 


u f 



li ■ 



t • / 


Tbme landa are Mituated in Manitoba and the Korth West Territories. 

Tlie H^Btein of survey in rectangular, the townahip being six niileH 
nqtiare, divided into tbirU-eix aectiouH of one niile square each, which 
latter ure sulHlivideil on tnc ground into quarter aectionH of 160 acres each. 

Sections 11 and 29, amounting to 1280 acre^, in each township, are 
dedicated to the purposeH of public sonool«i. 

Sections 8 and 26 in each township represent the one-twentieth reeervt'il 
thr6u,;hout the " fertile belt," to the Hudson Bay Company, under the Deed 
of Surrelider. 

Dominion lands open for sale or settlement ma^' be purchased for caah 
at one dollar per acre, nmy be entered by Military Bounty Warrant, or may 
be entered as homesteads for actual settlement. 

Homestead settlers pay a fee of $10.00 at the time of entry for the 
land, and are required to reside upon atid cnltivate the quarter-section 
entered as a homestead, for three years, upon which they get a patent free. 

^ The hon)estead settler has also the privilege uf entering for an adjoining 
(juarter-section of land as a homes tea<l reserve-, of which he is admitted into 
immediatt^ possession and cultivation, and fur which, on the completion of 
liiN homestead coudivions, he may acquire the full title on the payment ot 
one dollar per acre. 

Coal lands arc nut subject to the operation of the Homestead provisions 
of the Dominion Lands Act. 

Persons desiring to carry on Coal mining in unsurveyed territory, may 
apply to )))irchar<e, sending* !b ward the description by a Dominion Lan^ 
Surveyor, setting forth generally the situation and dimensions of the land, 
and accompanying the same bv the price thereof, estip^ating the number of 
acrei', which shall not exceed 640, at the rate of one dollar per acre. 

The Minister of tiie [nterior> with the view of preventing undue monopiih- 
in Coal lands, mav, in his dincrCicn, on a township being surveyed, exempt 
from sale and settlement the lands in such tuwnHhip containing Coal, excep- 
ting those on which mining mcy have been carried on under the above regu- 
lation, and mav subsequently sell or othtiwise deal with the same in mich 
manner as mav be deemed expedient by the Governor in Council. 

The Dominion Lands Act is not intended to apply to territory over which 
the Indian title may not at the titne have been extinguished. 

The al)ove if laert ly a synopsis of the law embracing the policy connfctcd 
with ;he Admiui8tri»tton of th»' Dominion Lands. Percons wishing more full 
and cowf4*t< nformatiort are referretl to the Dominion Lands Act. 

AH communicatioiks nutating generally to the Dominion Lands to lie 
atidre«Mt) U> the Mkiister o* the Interior, at Ottawa. 

All upeciflo applMsaiions to enter Surveyed Lands should be addrespied to 
the Agent of Donnnjon Lands, Winnipeg, Canada. 

By order. 

f>ouiinion Lands 0«<>e, 
March, 1875. 

Sh rmyor- Gen end. 

\lt U 



C. W. KSNNY * 80H8, Merchant TaUon, Ontfitters and direct Importers of EngUih 
and Scotch Olotha and Tweeds, and Irish Frieaei, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

» each, which 

i60 acres each. 

townshipi are 

ntteth reserved 
inder the Deed 

sbased for cash 
arnnt, or may 

lor an adjoining 

is admitted into 

e completion of 

the payment ot 

stead provisions 

sd territory, may 
Dominion Land 
ions of the land, 
g the number of 
•r acr«. 

undue monopoh- 
iirveyed, exempt 
ling Coal, exce|v 
the above regu- 
,he same in mucIi 
ritory over which 

d be »ddressed to 

Toms F, 195 Bay 
Wardel Abraham, 172 Bank 
Webster John, 254 Wilhrod 
White William, 95 Augusta 
Whitney James, 551 Alijert 
Why to Kobert, 352 All.ert 


Allen Jamefl, 222 Wellington 
Andrews Henry, 162 Chirence 
Aiiclair ChnrleH, 158 Bank 
Beauaoleil One«ime, 4GG St Patrick 
Beliehiimeur (}, 23 By Ward Mar- 
ket and 11 Catliciirt eq 
Boylo M, 14 By Ward Market 
Broker Charlew, 036 St Patri.'k 
Button A, 2 & 4 Wellington Market 
Connolly Jamew, 11 By Ward Mar- 

kei and 361 Ciimlierland 
Coulson Allan, 206 Frie!. 
Dalaine Abraham, 11^ Priel 
Dalaise & Leveille,'J02 Cumberland 
Downie Alphonse, 2() Friel 
Duchesne Napoleon, 127 King 
Duhamel F, 260 Cuiiiborland 
Edwards Benjamin, 1H4 Murray 
Edwards Wm, 2 Bv-Ward Market, 

Edwards , 229 Kideau 

Evans Samuel, 60 Kideau 

and 150 Nelson 
Gallagher Anthony, 419 Lisgar 
Garnean Adolph, 70 Friol 
Gilwon Wm, 2*3 Victoria Market, 

Queen, Went 
Gravel Louis, 19 By- Ward Market, 

and 65 Beeserer 
Hanrahan Joseph, 98 Sherwood 
Huiirahan Brotliers, 512 Wellington 
Kenna John, stall No 5, Victoria 

Market, Queen West 
Kennedy C, 22 ft 24 By- Ward Mar- 
ket, and 190 Clarence 
Kennedy John, 9 By-Ward Market 
Kinipton Thos, 6 By-Ward Market 
Lacv Thomas, 39 Cathcart 
Lacnance S, 15 By-Ward Market 
Linton William, 435 Lisgar 
Luwery P, 16 By- Ward Market 
McCall Thomas, 392 Rideati 
McKeever Patrick, 142 Augusta 
Moss Henry, 230 Bay 
Newbegin John, 584 Wellington 
Newbegin J, 3, 4 Victoria Market, 

yueen west 
Potvin & Richer, 17 By-Ward Mar- 

Prinderville John, 242 Kideau 
KichanlHon H, 1 Wellington Market 
Richer Ed, 13 By-Ward Market 
Robert 0, 258 Dalhou.-ie 
Robert S, 150 Ridenu 
SatcheH J, 208 Sparks 
Satchel 1 Bros, 3 5 7 By Ward Mar- 
ket, & 209 Kideau 
Slattery Wm outside By- Ward 

Smith James, 190 Church 
Smith John sr, 4 By- Ward Market 
S[)arrow Charle^^, 165 Bank 
vStacy Thos, 21 By-Ward Market 
Tnylor F, 383 Maria 
Terranco John, 1 By- Ward Market 
Thorbahn Herman, 'lO 12 By-Ward 

Market, 71 King 
Torrence John, 296 Cathcart 
Woodland Richard, 14 Cathcart w 
Woodland Richard, stall No I Vic- 
toria Market, & Queen west 
Woods Mrs Ann, Wv-llington Ward 

Woods Mrs James, No 3 stall Well- 
ington Market 

Cabinet Makers and Furniture 

Allan George, 3S Cathcart West 
Allen William, 528 Albert 
Angus & Co, 148 Sparks 
Annable W A, 26 Rideaii 
Boyden Jos, 534 Sussex 
Brady Philip, 00 York 
Chapman John, 508 Wellington 
Charles Henry, 143 Ruleau 
(liirard Pierre, 232 Dalhousie 
Harris & Campbell, 260 Sussex 
Hewson John, 94 Rideau 
Hill Wm, 152 Slater 
Lacroix Felix, 35 Papineau 
Laflamme T, <)6 Duke 
Mills Alexander, 180 Albert 
Oliver & Son, 172 Sparks 
Preston James, 159a Broad 
Russell G F, 03 William 
Russell G R, 101 Rideau 
Russell W F, 34 Rideau 
Shoolbred & Co, 98 & 100 Sparks 

Carpet Wai >;liouse. 

Shoolbred & Co, 100 Sparks 

Carriage Makers. 

Abbott J B, 400 Wellington 
Abbott J B, 387 Wellington 



U. S. Beflector Company, d 0, EEIFrENBTEIN. General Agent 



8. llorganfl' Sons " SapoUo." 0, C. R2II71IKSTEIN, Qvneral Agent. 



■■, '■'! 

Arohanibeault Deneri, 277 Church 
Archambeault J & J B, 328 * 330 

Bishoprick Mark, 7S * 77 Bank 
Brunette Francic, 145 King 
Brunette Louis, 273 St Patrick 
Byrne Wnj, 108 St Paul 
Chabot Adolphe, 294 St Patrick 
Denault P, 380i Clarence 
Descarnuer James, 209 Church 
Deschene A, 316 St Andrew 
Donovan Alexander, 107 Clarence 
Dufour P D, 245 7*9 liideau 
Duhamel L, 109 Murray 
Hupe B, 17 Clarence 
Jervis Thomas, 349 Dalhousie 
Joyce John & Son, 82 Duke 
Lariviere Peter, 287 Sussex 
Lemay Oct, 183 Dalhousie 
Marion Solomon, 559 St Patrick 
Mathew Alfred, 376A Clarence 
Michel Moise, 224 Jfurray 
O'Boyle John, 132 Clarence 
Stockdale Wni, 160 Rideau 
Sauriol Francis, 369 Clarence 
Sharp Charles, 231 Gloucester 
Sims Richard A, 100 Bay 
Thomson S D, 58 Daly 
Titus A, 172 Sparks 
Titus Alonzo, 175 Qu< on 
Townsend Chas, 660 Maria 

Carvers and Qilders. 

liowan H & J, 113 4 115 Sparks 
Wilson & Orr, 123 Sparks 

Chemists and Druggist):;. 

Biehoprick Henry, 274 Maria 
Cannichael D A, 92 Uideau 
Christie A & Co, 87 Sparks 
DacierC) '"^Sussex 
Davidson i '2 Sparks 
Elwell G T ..J4 Sparks 
Featherston J P, 103 Rideau 
Hearn Wm, 24 Rideau 
Jamieson, W A, 49 Duke . 
Langford W J & Co, 312 & 314 Well- 
Mortimer George, 533 Sussex 
McCarthy H F, 290 Wellington 
Roberts John, 76 Rideau 
Shepherd T T, 151 Rideau 
Skinner Jos, 353 Wellington 
Smith C A, 43 Duke 
Stratton S S, 25 York 

China and Crockery Dealers. 

Abbott Wni, 385 Wellington 
Anhtleld JamcH, 35 Duko 
Boyden Josepli, 634 Sussex 
Leavens Parsons & Chevrier 6U 

Michaelson J 6, 121 'deau 
Parker A J, 30 Kideu 

Coal Dealers. 
Beattie W M &, Co, 141 George 
Clemow ¥, 50 E'gin 
Coward D W ,fe Co, 46 Sparks 
McRae Juo W, 32 Wrllington 

Commission Merchants and 
Agents, (See Agents.) 

Confectioners and Fruit 

Arless J W, agent, fruit depijt, 127 

Aspinall W, 213 Rideau 
Bartlett Geo, 93 & 95 Rideau 
Bevin Richard, 39^ Duko 
Bott G, 159 Rideau 
Brook G, 485 Sussex 
Burns & O'Donnell, 125 Rideau 
Cail A B, 81 Sparks 
Call A B, 204 Sparks 
Carleton John, 133 Kent 
Cox Thon)as, 582 Wellington 
Crawley Miss, 355 Wellington 
Cussena H, .360 Dalhousie 
Edwards Sol, 222 Sparks ' 
Fest Wm, 44 ■lukan 
Fraser Mrs., 3) i'lske 
Geare Wn> N , r>l ^ Sussex 
Gibson J Vi ?, 4-i Sparks 
Gi'^rney Jh?iu-.s, !i06 Sparks 
Hall E, 214 VV,.iii„j;ton 
Hivgerty John, ^;43 Rideau 
Hay James, 27 Duke 
Hoy Charles, 409 Wellington 
LaKose Chas, 147 Rideau , 
Larocque Jos, 428 Sussex 
Limn John, 192 Wellington 
Moreland Alex, 4 By Ward Market 

Morrison & Bennett, 64 York 
McRae — , 106 Bank 
Petrie Miss, 253 Wellington 
Prodrick & Co, 540 Sussex 
Rogers F, 156 Rideau 
Ross Miss, 137 Sally 
Scantlebury J, 471 Wellington 
Shaver W H, 125 Sparks 

T. W. KENNT & SONS, Merohtnt Tailors, Ootfitt«r8 and direot Importera of Englisii and 
gootoh Oloth^ and Tweeds, and Irish I^ieiei, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

it • 

fruit dpp<*)t, 127 

126 Rideau 



T. W. VOk'^ A JOHB, Morehant Tailori, Oatattan and direct Importen of Kngliih 
and l«utk)h Uoths and Twe«ds, and Lrifh FrieiM, 149 Sparki Street, Ottawa. 

Htott Thomas, 124 Uideau 
Tupper A C, 114 Riflonu 
Tupper A C, H28 Wellington 
Vorn J, fi02 Wollintfton 
Wagner Hainucl L, 123 Dalho'iaie 

Contractors. (See Jhtilderi' Con' 
Iractiyfs and Cnrpentera.) 

Brown Alex...\H,(T, 119 Bank 
Uiirnee Patrick, .355 Dalboaflie 
Milotte Edouard, 2G0 St Patrick 
Watchorn John jr, .')21 Albert 

Corset and Hoop-Skirt Manu» 

Acroyd E, 86 Spftrk. 


Hulchinson George, . Sparkfl 
Martin Alexander, 101 Sparks 
Martin C A, 107 Sparks 
McFee & HutiU-r, o\(\ Sussex 
McPhee W, L D 8, 104 Sparks 

Dressmakers. (.See MilUnei's, d;c.) 

Dry Goods and Clothing. 

Allaji, McKinnons&McMoran, 63-5 

Bellefeuillc A, l'{ Miu-ray 
BIyth Geo, .359 Wellington 
Blyth G R, .306-308 Welling,x>n 
Blyth J, 309-311 Wellington 
Borbridge Thomas, 116 Sparks 
Brennan John B, 63 O'Connor 
Bryeon Charles, 110 Sparks 
Caldwell J F & Co, 508 Sussex 
Chabot P H, 95 George 
Chenet P, 513 Sussex 
Chenet Pierre, 238 Church 
Chisholai & Brannan, 61 Rideau 
Chisholin D, 276 Sussex 
Elliott & Hamilton, 52-4 Rideau 
Faulkner Nap, 538 Sussex 
Fingland & Draper, 561 Sussex 
Forgie John, 198 Concession 
Gagne & Co, 310 Wellington 
Garland, Muichmor & Co, 155-157 

Germain & Mongenais, 521 Sussex 
Goulden J M, 468 Sussex 
Grier Wm, 152-164 Sparks 
Groulx X & A, 470 Sussex 
Groulx X A, 277 Wellington 
Hndon P A, 271 Cumb* rland 
Hudon P A, 319 St Pa rick 
Ilunton, Son & Larmontb, 94-96 



.iamie.-on R EA J C, 531 Wellington 
Johnston & Ro-i, 144 Sparks 
Kearns & Ryan, 49 a 51 Rideau 
King C & C), 327 * ;129 Weilingtou 
Lafremouille i. A, 122 St Patrick 
ijatreiiiouillc 0, 462 Sussex 
Lauzon & Dulmmel, .330 Weilingtou 
Legfvult Francois, 296 Dalhousie 
licuzud A, m Bank 
Magei' Si RuHsell, 47 Elgin 
Marline iiu Eugene, 465 Sussex 
Martineriu G, 6Y Duke 
Metcalfe Joseph, 126 O'Connor 
Mowat A & Son, 52iJ Sussex 
McLaren & Chalmers, 112 Sparks 
Pinard J A, 551 Sussex 
Renihan J, 493 Sussex 
Richard A D, 207 Chnreli 
Richard J L, 248 St Patrick 
Richard J S, 249 Dalhousie 
Russell Aloxr & Co, 66 * 68 
Ryan J W, 300 Wellington 
Smith John & Co, 118 Sparks 
Stalker H, 147 Sparks 
Stewart Robert, 95 Queen 
Stitt J R & Co, 73 Smirks 
Story Thomas, 506 Sussex 
Tasse E, 57 Rideau 
Urquluii't Charles, 197 Murray 
Vali(iuette P R & Co, 510 Sussex 
Whillens Wm, 197 Clarence 

Dyers and Scourers. 

Berwick .lames, 549 Wellington 
Boese Joseph, 397 Rideau 
McDonald & Co, 40 Elgin 
Sweetman John, 397 Sparks 

Engrave !rs. 

Cox George, 15^ Elgin 
Pritchard'& Mingard, 190 P.ids^u 

Exchange Brokers. 

Boissonnault N F, 184 Wellington 
O'Connor & Waller, 26 Sparks 
Peunock & Co, 70 Sparks 


Canadian Express Co, C C Ray, 

agent, 11 Elgin 
Cuddie Andrew, 380 King 
Cuddle James, 266 Clarence 
Currie James, 72 Cobourg 
Nye L iT. 64 Wellington 
Palmer H A, 338 Dalhousie 
Wigmore Jesse, 325 Wellington 

Goal Oil Lamps, 4 d, 0. BEIFI'BIISTEIN, General Ageat 

M '1- 


'if 'I 


J i « 



• 1 ■ 

•J ■■! 

': .t 






■ 50 •^^ 

■ 22 


1.25 1 ,.4 u^ 









'V V-** 









» >( 



^«/SMltli Uft " Company of 27fw Torlc 0. a BBSTE1TST1I2T, Oeaoial Agmt 

Eancy Qoods. 

Ashfield Jamee, 35 Duke 
Boyden Joseph, 634 Sussex 
Chalmers & Co, 63 Sparks 
Hauser A, 97 Rideau 
JoyceEP, 179Rideau 
Langford Jolin H, 320 Wellington 
McComb M, 544 Sussex 
Maxwell Mrs J fi, 180 Rideau 
Seybold & Moynes, 160 Sparks 
Vincent Thos, 49 & 51 Sparks 

Fish Merchants. 

Lapointe Moise, By-ward Market 
Lapointe Octave, 219 Church 
Shaver W H, 125 Sparks 
Stevenson Chas, 166 Rideau 

Flour and Feed. 

Atkinson John, 54 Sherwood 
Atkinson Peter, 70 Sherwood 
Chapston C J, 17 York 
Gariepy J, 211 Dalhousie 
Joanette Hubert, 230 Dalhousie 
Johnston Robert, 120 Rideau 
Lowden & Haigg, 19 York 
McConnick & Son, 130 k 132 Sparks 
McKay Thomas & Co, 416 Sussex 
Martin Thos, 171 Rideau 
Masson H, 363 Wellington 
Olivier Paul, 105 Church 
Ralph Joseph, 287 Rideau 
Ranger J D, 161 Cathcart 
Taylor Alexr, 238 Rideau 
Young. Bronson & Co, 497 Sussex 

Flour Mills. 

McClymont & Co, New Edinburgh 
McCormick H & Son, Hull 
McKay Thos & Co, 92 Head 
Young Bronson & Co, 121 Bridge 


Dufresne & McGarity, 150 to 160 

Canal East 
Harris Geo A, 267 & 269 Canal East 
McNaughton M, 201 Canal West 
Montieal & Ottav^* Co, D Murphy 

agent, 201 Can;.! West 
Ottawa & Rideau Co, J W McRae 

agent, 32 Wellington 
Ottawa River Navigation Co, 264 

Union Forwarding & R R Co, R Cas- 

sels president, 166 Sparks , 
Arless J W, agent, 127 Sparks 

Bott G, 159 Rideau 
Brock G, 485 Sussex 
Finan Francis, 66 York 
Geare W N, 619 Sussex 
Gibson J HP, 44 Sparks 
Hurley * Co, 667 Sussex 
Nye L N, 64 Wellington 
Shaver W H, 125 Sparks 

Furniture Dealers. {See Cabinet- 
makers, <fcc.) 

Furriers. {See Hatters & Furriers.) 

Gents' Furnishing. 

Beament Thos, 60 Sparks 
Hawkins £, 527 Sussex 
Holbrook G M,41 Sparks 
Kilt k Br>.phy, 76 Sparks 
Neelin Bros, 18 Rideau 
Nevill & Quinn, 478 Sussex 

Green Grocers. 

Edwards Solomon, 222 Sparks 
Hurley D J, 567 Sussex 
Hurley John, 137 Clarence 
Maloney Wm, 101 Clarence 
Morgan, John, o35 Sussex 


Abbott Wm, 386 Wellington 
Allaire Alphonse, 246 St Patrick 
Archambault Jean, 193 King 
Arffue Thomas, 102-104 Rideau 
Atkinson P, 70 Sherwood 
Baldwin Bros, 26 Nicholas 
Barrett Samuel W, 103 Nicholas 
Baskcrville Bros, 89 Duke 
Baskervillc P & Bros, 46 George 
Baskerville P & Bros, 89-91 Rideau 
Baskerville Bros, 429 Sussex 
Bate & Co, 109 HI Sparks 
Bate C T & Co, 186 to 197 Canal w 
Batterton Mrs Ellen, 266 Nepean 
Beatty Thos, 299 Clarence 
Beaupre Victor, 62 Murrav 
Beland L J, 247 Cumberland 
Belinge J B, 266 St Patrick 
Bennett Mrs O R, 436 Clarence 
Berube J 0, 171 Dalhousie 
Bishop & Sons, 126-128 Sparks 
Borthwick W & T, 9 Nicholas 
Bourque D, 79 Dalhousie - , 
Boyer P, 168 King ' r*j> 

Brady Richard, 106 Besserer -»• 
Breunan H H, 69 Rideau >-< i. 
Brewers R, 168 Queen «-*': 

Brokenshir J, 99 Clarence v i.' 
Brown James, 96 Redpath ■*"' 

T. W. 

KENBT & SONS, Merohant T«ll0i-8, Oatfittan and direct Impoiten of Engliih aad 
Scotch Cloths and Tweedi, and Iriah Frieies, 148 Sparka Street. Ottawa. 

».'kv*»■nt'<w^ML«dMI;*»KX-'^ -* 

it.^^UU91U-,il£VTX^ V 




T. W. nVHT * BOKS, Mereliuit Tailon, Oitfltten and direet Importm of Sn^iah 
and Sfioteh Olotha and Tweadi, and Iziah Fiieiaa, 149 Sparkt Street, Ottawa. 

Buchanan Mrs B, 362 Dalhousie 
Buchanan Jas, 657 Sussex 
Bucklt^y Richard, 50 Rose 
Calligan John, 170 Dalhousie 
Carbonneau Francis, 144 King 
Carpenter Thoinac, 71 Duke 
Casey John, 295 Dalhousie 
Champagne Basile, 64 Murray 
Champagne Joseph, 2 Barrett 
Champagne S, 169 Cumberland 
Charlebois J O, 66 Nelnon 
Charlebois J O, 247 Dalhousie 
Charlebois J 0, 301 Clarence 
Charlebois O B, 53 St Joseph 
Charlebois O B, 487 St Patrick 
Chartrand Joseph, 89 Church 
Giappy John, 97 Duke 
Coda James, 489 Cumberland 
Cozhlan J S, 166 Bank 
Collins Peter, 266 Sussex 
CoDway Pat, 274 Dalhousie 
Gorbeille Basile, 387 St Patrick 
Corridan Edwd, 244 Sally 
Coulet Joseph, 309 Church 
Cowan John, 232 Wellington 
Cowan John, 227 Bay 
Cunningham George, 290 Rideau 
Dalglish George, 74 Queen west 
Dalglish James, 282 Wellington 
D'Arcy Wm, 483 Rideau 
David Leon, 73 Duke 
Deserdie Alex, 145 Broad 
Donnelly Jos, 134 Queen west 
Dowling David, 67 Augusta 
Dube Damase, 86 Church 
Dubrue Ferdinand, 221 Cumberland 
Dui'resne & McGarity, 150 to 160 

Canal East 
Dunn J B C, 248 Church 
Dupuis Adolphe, 678 St Patrick 
Dupois John, 11 Cobourg 
Egleson P A & Son, 600 Sussex 
Fitzsimons & Browne, 63 Rideau 
Foisy J Z, 73 Besserer 
Forde George, 181 Rideau 
Fraser Michael, 304 St Andrew 
Fullerton James, 131 Kent 
Gareau Leon, 31^ Chapel 
Gibson Robt Wm, 398 Clarence 
Gilbert John, 94 Chapel 
Goodall Jamea, 399 Clarence 
Gordon John, 487 Wellington 
Graham Mrs Sarah, 100 Besserer 
Grant Henry, 220 Albert 
Hillaire Alp, 248 Dalhousie 
Hanrahan Mrs, 96 Sherwood 

Harpe Luce, 461 St Patrick 
Harris Abel, 362 St Patrick 
Harris Thoe, 37 Le Breton 
Henry Moss, 237 Rideau 
Henlon Miss Margaret, 99 Besserer 
Hill John, 117 & 119 Rideau 
Holland James, 426 Nepean 
Holmes Henry, 25 Hill 
Howell S & Co, 67 ,k 69 Sparks 
Jackson Jas, 316 * 318 Wellington 
Jackson J, 443 Maria 
Jamieson R E & J G, 634 Wellington 
Johnson H P, 376 Concession 
Johnston James, 686 Wellington 
Kavanagh Joseph, 336 Welhngton 
Keenan James, 86 Queen west 
Keays John, 263 Sussex 
Laclaire Smi, 125 Sherwood 
Laderoute Damas, 247 Church 
Lalonde Fulgence, 517 St Patrick 
Langlois Joseph, 360 Clarence 
Laporte Victor, 251 Rideau , 

Lariviere Peter, 279 Sussex 
Larocque Amede, 223 Cumberland 
Latchtbrd James, 548 Wellington 
Lawson William, 116 Bank 
Leblanc Peter, 460 St Patrick 
Leclair J 0, 126 St Andrew 
Leclaire T, 198 Dalhousie 
Lessard L A, 196 Dalhousie 
Letean Geo, 17 Murltiy 
Lloyd Mrs, 262 Dalhousie 
Loyer Dames, 44 Cobourg 
Martin & Sc<>tt (w'sale), 602 Sussex 
Migncron Jo&eph, 317 St Patrick 
Monty L, 201i Church 
Moreau Thomas, 221 St Patrick 
Morin David, 619 St Patrick 
Morrison A M, 103 Sparka 
Morrison E B, 209-211 Sparks 
Morse John, 480 Cumberland 
Moss Henry, 421 Cumberland 
Moxley James, 200 Clarence 
MuUin Patrick, 269 Bay 
Murphy John, 169 York 
Murray John, 118 Cumberland 
Murray John, 147 Bell 
McCaul Neil, 127 York 
McCaul Neil, 61 Clarence 
McDonell H, 2 By Ward Market sq 
McDonell Donald, 86 York 
McDonell D, 612 Sussex 
McDonell H, 68 Clarence 
McDonald Hamilton, 393 Clarence 
McDougall W A & Co, 27 York 
McFarlane James, 187 Cathcart 

^ « 


V '« 



.■ ; H 

Baboook Fire Apparatu. Q, 0» BEIFF£NBI£IK, QtiwnJAgeofa 



i m !'■ 

i ! 

5 V. 

mm ''mf\ 

mm 'miy' 


168 oivr or Ottawa businbss oLAssirncD dirsotost. 
f^»<m < Goal Oil OooUng Stof7»a; OF. C BIOTXKSTSIN, Of«unl Agnt*:^' 

McFarland Wm, 390 Rideau 
McGillivrav Ed, 333-336 Wellington 
McKenna & Finn, 167 Rideau 
McKenna & Finn, 239 Bay 
McKenna Thos, 271 Nicholas 
McKenzic Louis, 108 Bank 
Nicholson J S, 164 Bank 
O'Connor Thos, 121 Cumberland 
O'Keefe J C, 190 Murray 
Paquette Thos, 328 St Andrew 
Patterson Thomas, 69 Rideau 
Pinard Mrs Adolphe, 486 St Patrick 
Pinard L A, 176 * 177 King 
Pleuffe Peter, 181 Cumberland 
Potvin Louis, 221 Dalhousie 
Potvin L Z, 264 St Patrick 
Powers Mrs, 432 Cumberland 
Proderick Mrs, 606 Albert 
Purdy John, 383 Lisgar 
Quinn Hugh, 391 Rideau 
Quinn Mrs, 222 King 
Rathier A, 196 Cumoerland 
Ray John, 65 Dalhousie 
Reddick Alex, 111 Kent 
Remon S H, 39 Duke 
Richard A D. 245 Cumberland 
Richard Job, ^?,3 Dalhousie 
Robillard Odiilion, 344 St Andrew 
Robinson John, 447 Cumberland 
Rochon M, 116 King 
Rodrique Charles, 147 King 
Rookay Richard, 419 St Patrick 
Rowan J F, 321 Cumberland 
Rowan Jas F, 199 Clarence 
Boy John, 224 Dalhousie 
Roy Joseph, 126 Church 
Roy P A. 73 Cumberland 
Slattery Miles, 86 Clarence 
Slocorobe& Stevens, 233-236 Rideau 
Sparks & Co, 486 Riileau 
Sparrow Martin, 182 George 
Steele James, 120 Queen west 
Steers Alf J & Co, 158 Canal West 
Stitt S, 96 Queen west 
Stetham Charles, 21 York 
Stratton k McFarland, 246 Dalhousie 
Sutton Mrs H B, 146 Arthur 
St Amand Leon, 247 Clarence 
Taylor J H, 68 O'Connor 
Therien A Garter, 318 St Patrick 
Thompson Jas, 491 Sussex 
Thompson John, 62 Rideau 
Townsend John, 719 Maria 
Tretnblay & Beauvais, 163 Bank 
Vincent Olivier, St Patrick 
Voinier Camille, 421 St Patrick 

Wall John, 198 Cumberland 
Wall William, 132 Rideau 
Waters James, 396 Gloucester 
Williams, J C, 468 Sussex 
Wyms Michael, 122 Queen west 
York William, 144 Queen west 
Young John, 198 St Andrew 


Booth G B, 431 Wellington 
Manton Wm, 19 Nicholas 


Beaucaire Charles, 61 Clarence 
Bisaillon A, 31 Duke 
Bissain a Odet, 322 Wellington 
Blais John, 142 Rideau 
Boucher Joseph, 268 Clarence 
Brunette Elie, 266 Dalhousie 
Chapman Wm, 471 Wellington 
Charbonneau Alfonse, 41 I^icholas 
Charbonneau H, 460 Clarence 
Cliaron Venance, 43^ Rideau 
Davieau J B, 19 Murray 
Gafney Dennis, 41 Clarence 
Gauthier G, 110 Rideau 
Gendreau A E, 62 Wellington 
Grant David, 569 Sussex 
Kelly W H, 128 Rideau 
Kelly Wm Henry, 241 Rideau 
Lafontaine Geo, 71 Murray 
Laporte Peter, 271 Rideau 
Laurin Lewis, 80 Rideau 
Lasalle A, 201 Dalhousie 
Martel Edwin, 18 By- Ward Market 

Miles Edmund, 34 Sparks 
Moreau Aug, 442 Sussex 
Page Miss Emma, 206 F'-^eau 
Post Henry, 13 Clarer 
Potier Cyrille, 8 Mum 
Rice Dan,, 483 Sussox 

Hatters and Farriers. 

Bangs C W L Co, 37 Sparks 
Bro&pry Alexander, 635 Sussex 
Cote Olivier, iO Rideau 
Devlin R J, 38 Rideau 
Duff O J, 211 Rideau 
Hodges H, 117 Sparks 
Peacock James senr, 74 Rideau 

Hat Manufltotorer. 

Jacobs Samuel, 83 Sparks 

Birkett James, 630 Sussex 

Xi W. UH5T & 80HB, Mareliant Tailors, Oitfitten and direct Impovteri of Engllch and 
BoBloh Olothi and Tweedii and Iilili'FriMM, 149 Bparkt Street, Ottawa. 

61 Clarence 

ipovten of Englith aai 
teet, Ottavki 

'*■''•'■'•*?! ' 



T. W. JUHHY ft son, Msrehut Tidlon, OotAtton aad direat ImportMn of Xnglidi 
and flootoh Cloths and Tw««da, and Iriah Fii«wt, 149 Bparki ttnet, Ottawa. 

Birkett ThoB, 67 Bideau 
Blyth & Kerr, 56 Bideau 
Butterworth & Co, 302-304 Well- 

Dorion C P, 146 Sparks 
Fraser A D, 164-166 Bridge 
Germain N & Son, 537 Sussex 
Grant A, 556 Sussex 
Grant Jas F, 367 Wellington 
Hay George, 64 Sparks 
Hunton St Living, 334 Wellington 
Kent Alex Si Bros, 3 Duke 
Lang A W, 151-153 Sparks 
Mann G, 92 Sparks 
McDougal & Co, 531 Sussex 
Meadows & Co, 525 Sussex 
Workman Alex & Co, 79, 81 and 83, 

Kideau, and 301 Wellington 

Hide Dealers. 

Cawthray Binns, 82 York 
Shaver W H, 126 Sparks 

Hotels, Bestaurants, and 

Acres Geo, Carleton, 230 Wellington 
Acres Geo, Boyal Exchange 252 

Auclair J B, 479 Wellington 
Barrett Mrs, Market, 47 York 
Beaucaire Benj, 21 Murray 
Beauuoin Joseph, 170 St Patrick 
Beliveau Joseph, 90 Church 
Bellerive Louis, Peerless, 251 k 253 

Bonin B D, 69 Clarence 
Bonier Joseph, 45 Murray 
Boucher Andre 33 Church 
Boyer Joseph, 58 Murray 
Brennan J D, Dufferin, 327 Sussex 
Briant Pierre, 197 St Patrick 
Brown Thos, 71 Williana 
Burgess Thomas, 124 Clarence 
Champagne Ant, Jacques Cartier, 

446 Sussex 
Champness F, St Lawrence, 1 to 6 

Champness Weldon, British Lion 

Hotel, 120-124 Sparks 
Chevrier A jun, 233 St Patrick 
Chevrier, Edward, 75 Murray 
Chevrier Lu, 207 St Patrick 
Christian Charles, 65 Clarence 
Clisby L K, Clisby House, 3 Elgin 
Clisby L K, Commercial Restaurant 

& Billiard Room, 13 Elgin 
Costello Thos, 199 Dalhousie 

Costier Paul, 118 Church 
Cowan Thomas, Florence Hotel, 205 

Daniels Jas, pro Revere House, 475 

Daniels S, Windsor House, 45 Met- 
Davieau Pierre, 34 Murray 
Desjardine Edward, 47 Murray 
Def^rosiers Ant, Hotel du Castor, 
453 Sussex 

Doucette John 222 Dalhousie 
Douglas Thos, 97 York 
Douglas Thomas, 322 DMhousie 
Dorney J F, City Hotel, 42 Clarence 
Duchesne Jos, 423 Sussex 
Dukelow Charles, 57 Clarence 
Dupuis Mrs Charles, 193 St Patrick 
Edward Henry, Dufferin, 203 Well- 

Eean Dennis, 22 Percy 

Eniot R, Commercial, 71 York 

Farrell Mrs, 61 York 

Fooks F, London, 32 Rideau 

Fournier Damase, 66 Murray 

Galarneau J B, 426 Sussex , 

Gilpin Robert, 595 Sussex 

Gouin J A, Russell House, 27 to 31 

Elgin, corner of Sparks 
Graham John, Union,64 to 68 Elgin, 

corner of Queen 
Graham R, Albion,39 to 47 N'cholas, 

corner of Daly 
Gravelle Charles, 55 Murray 
Hallaire Alpli, 22 Rideau 
Hallandale Francis, Britannialnn, 

319 Wellington 

Hogan Patrick, 25 Clarence 
Howes W B, St Nicholas, 26 * 28 

Huckell Benj, Feathers, 33 William 
Johnston Jno, Johnston House, 63 

KavanaghM, Queen's Restaurant., 

78 Wellington, corner of Metcalfe 
Keir T W, 467 Wellington 
Kennedy Thos, 542 Wellington i- 
Kerr Hubert, 123 * 125 Rideau 
Kilby Fras T, Ontario, 16 York ' 
Laberge 0, 42 Murray 
Laudnan F X, 25 Murray 
Landrian Joseph, 46 Murray 
Laporte Z, Farmers', 268 * 265 Bi* 

Larocque, Alphonse, 51 Murray 

.. ," Sartlett" Street Lunpi. CI. 0. SEIFFSBSIZIIN, Qeneral Agent- 





\m f 





''I 'i' I : 




M if 



i i 






■I : ; . r > 

II \] 







:t^ ^iNbfUtivil IroB Woitai Conpsaf, HT. 9. a SIHITXUtfi'JillN, A|i&t 

tiatremouiile A, Manitoba Houee, 

347 Sussex 
Latremouille Joseph, 164 8t Patrick 
Laviolette Doc, 37 Murray 
Leae P, ISe St Patrick 
Letcli Henry, Royal Oak, 209 Well- 

Levtille Solomon, 212 St Pntrkik 
Levine Jos, 143 Broad 
Loyer Alf, 419 Sussex 
Hantha Joseph, 24 Murray 
Milla W, Clarendon, 549 Sussex 
Montgomery Jas, 218 Wellington 
Moreau Qoafroi, 416 Sussex 
McAmmond David, 289 Wellington 
McCaffrey Wm, 61 York 
MoDermott P, 29 Clarence 
McDonnell D R, 389 Wellington 
MoDonell Rory, 424 Sussex 
McGillivray John, 65 St Andrew 
Mclntyre Mrs, Victoria, 64 & 66 St 

McKay W 0, 18 Murray 
MoRae D, man Graham, 466 Sussex 
Noonan Donald, 162 Sparks 
O'Donovan M, 8 By-Ward Market 

O'Meara Pat, Merchants & Ex- 
change sample Rooms, 20 George 
Parent J B, 76 Church 
Peat W, St Georges, 191 Rideau 
Pigeon P, 33 Murray _ 
Poulin P, 648 Sussex 
Quinn M, 63 Clarence 
R.:'nand Alex, 60 Murray 
Eov Augustm, 208 St Patrick 
Salmon James, 62 York 
Seguin J, 137 Broad 
Starmer Mrs, 61 William 
Stevens A W 4; H, 14 George 
Stewart James, 420 Sussex 
St Louis Louis, 66 Church 
8t Pierre Mrs Adolphe, 41 Murray 
Thibert Jean, 61 Murray 
Thibodeau J Bte, 81 Murray 
Toohey Mrs John, 611 Sussex 
Yaliquette F, 68 Bridge 
Villeneuve Tbomas, 198 St Patrick 
Whitty James, 92 Murray 
Wood Henry, 39 Mosgrove r' :^ ' 

Ice Dealer. * m- 
De Ouise Auguste, 171 Gathcart 

Insuranoe Cos and Agents. 

{See Miscellcmeout Direciory.) 

Ironfbiuidera and Machinists. 

Blusdell N S & Co, 203 Middle, Vic- 
toria Island 

Fleck Alex, Vulcan Iron Works, 
418, 424*428 Wellington 

Lamb John, 320 Sparks 

Macfarlane, Harvie Sc Co» corner 
Albert and Kent 

McFarlane John, 116 * 117 Bank 

McParlnne Robert, 199 Albert 

Paterson & Law, New Edinburgh, 
near McLaren's Mills 

Perkins Bros, 87 Duke 

Perkins Edwd L, 307 Spraks 

Swanston G N, 64 Bank 

Jewellers. (See Watchtnahera and 

Lamps, Oils, Paints &c. 

{See also Hardwire.) 

Aahfield James, 35 Duke 
Esmonde Bros,, 88 Sparks 
Leavens, Parsons & Chevrisr, 511 

Shaw C S, 456 Sussex 
Stephen Bros, 168 Sparks 

Iteather and Shoe Findings. 

May Geo, 652 Sussex 
Woodland Richard, 24 St Paul 


Cox Geo, 16i Elgin 

Livery Stables. 
Brown & Rice, 174 Rideau 
Buckley P, 77 * 79 Metcalfe 
Champness W, 120 * 124 Sf^rks 
Sims R A, Sparks corner of Bay 
Victoria StaTbles, Jas H Brownlee 
I'.dnagor, 227 Wellington 

I ^ I Lumber Merchants. 
Aumond Joseph, 6 St Paul 
Baldwin A H, office, 194 Middle 
Batson & Currier, Hull 
Bennett, Benson & Co — Gouin C L, 

agent, 16 Murray 
Booth J R, office, Albert Island 
Brigham Thomas C, 366 Sparks 
Bronsons & Weston, off. 164 Middle 
Brucs H B D, bds 62 York 
Currier T W & Co, Court s side 
Gilmour & Co, 22 Bank 
Hall G B, 412 Sussex 
Hamilton Bros — Robinson Hiram, 

manager, 366 Sussex 

T. W. lEHNT & 80HB, Herohut Tailon, Oitfittwi and dlntt Importan of English and 
Eootoh OlothR and TwMdi, aad Iriah Frieiti, 140 Sparks Stre«t, Ottaw«> 

5 .*! 

D, off. IWMicldle 

LailMt OirraUtion. 


Bui AdTMrtUag 2Cidiiun 




• * 

^ i««S ittt Sttnf 


Fost Olfio« Slook, 

IBlsla Street, 

.TERMS— $e.OO per annum in advance. 

This i« the acknowledged leading Paper iii the Ottawa Valley, having 
a hom fdt Ofronhition of OTM 8,500 Daily, this beins more than 
double tt» c&NmlatiOB of anr other Paper in the Ottawa ViUley, it is 

^^1^(9 Ittt li«t«» 

Is publiffhed EVERY TQUBSDAY MORNING, and mailed to subf-criberH 
by the earliest maiis. It containa 10^ 64 Columns of Reading Matter, and 
is the Largest pfper in Oanada» with but one exception, and comprises a 
larm i|Haatity orreading matter, embracing the News of the Day, interesting 
Tales, Poetry^ EditorialB on popular subjects, Articles oa Agnonlture, the 
Markets, kcJkfi. 

Terms— TWO DOLLARS per annum in advance. 

Any person sendii^ fiv? subscribers, with the cash, will receive one 
copy FitRK. 

In the yelar each subscriber reoeiven for TWO DOLLARS the reading 
matter contained in 3,838 Oolunms. 

This p*per, nnaided by any of the extraneous exert^ions made use of by 
the Proprietors of more pretentious sheetf), in the shape of fabulous mrises, 
has obtained a circulation in the Ottawa region alone ezoeodiog 8,000 
CkifliMt *nd its increase is 'steady. 

' .MB WMSSfWX^* . 

The Jobbin g, Department is supplied with All ^at is HSW AND 
BEAUTIVUI*' m DBIklGWt from the Englkli and American Type 
Foundries ; and 

OBiTAiiEirTAL FRiimira nr qold « colors 

, I«B Taex»x3L€> a. Sapooia-lty- 

ffiBOW ^^TtXnC— Agents of Companies will mMie note of the fact, 
that this is «h« « CANADOtifSHOW PMH TING H O USS," a n d the only 
one th«t im in m o^t.a MlJffMQTH ICMUUBUfL' VCttSsBr 

AIQ) Wf$j9 WSOSSfi 


II f 

■J i i 

I ' 

.*i>:i^ ^ 


n I 


'U >'< 

'ft U'l^ f 








1 i' ' 

f; y t'T 

- I 



i'^ i 





m9^9tm%matto of 180 Aom of m&IttlB MJKD u* oflbnd to aetnol 
BiMm in fbft Pitvinoe of MAHmmik. 
DoBiiiiiim Lttidf «dd Mr 91 per aort. 

IVit Qnpto of 100 to 200 AoiM of WOOD ItiKD «« tHHsnA to 
•otaal Sottlon in otter puto of Oauda. 
Partial^ eltiure^ Hhntu <tnd Buitcthtyt may he bougM mi recmw^l* pi'iieii. 

\A-ssisteca. IF^a/SSje^©®- 

>"''V ■i.',\ ■ ■ 0- 

IK '.KtnsequQaeie of the great demtmii fur Funu and otlaer L^bourero in 
CahadA, the Oomitlion Governmeht ianueH through it« Ageuta, Passenger 
Warrante, whereby Approved Emigrants in tlie United Kiiigdqtn Wfgr obtain 
paseageiB to Canada at tjbie following rates .-- ' 

Adults £4 5b } children under eight years £2 60 6d ; and infiAuts lender 
one iwarUs 3d. 

The above vrarraqts are available for th« powerful BteatnBhips of the 
Allaot the Domioion, the Temoerley and the Anchidr lines. 

A, yery liti^ited number efSpeeHkl Faaaenger WarrantH, ou special forniH 
of application, which will be made known by duly atithoriiedlMmitiikm Gor- 
ernment Agentf, will be issued to Famiijih oir Fa9i1| Laboubbbs, uiul 
Fkmalr DoMsaTio Skutahts, whereby they can obtaiti passages to Oanatla 
at the following rates i 

AduHs £2^h; children undt^r eight years £l 28 fidj and iniilnte under 
one year 78 6d. 

MirTbese Special Warrants are only available from t/ja ports (rflfivcr- 
poolTbondon ana Belfast. 

jHlrThe ab9v«aVraugemeHts remain valid until ftirther notice. 

Ifi^All 4ufor|iMitioii relating to Pasnenger Warmnte, in the United 
Kingdom, may be obtained either personally or by letter, from the Agkvt 
GwBRAt of Oamaua, Cavada GoTSBNiujrT Bvt&Diiros, K»o BraiiUT, 
WifttiiiirWgli.'Si W., LoiTDbs, Bnglamd. 

Kmignwii v^Jt^vA in Cmadit wijil fliid Agents of the QpTeranunt at the fonowln«; 
uImws: / i^-ii- -J ^ i; , ■'" ■• ,'■■!■'.' 

JrM*rMl.-4olio J. Paler, if OMiflwf. OM. —iMHiSttitt, 

OikUML (M^-ir J. WfflB, Sket'brooke, Qiiebto^ Bnm Hi^bbwd, 

KittgdtH, ihi^—% UeVhemm, LotidoH,,ihU.-^A.(kmiufm. 

In flw Uuteitam fhifineee ib*K art the fuHowiuf OOTwnHHMit Qtl i i e m T ' 1 

JSr«flUb%jr.i«--E,Caa|r. «. Ji**, Jir.K-R, 8Wir«k '• 

And to Manitoba :-IFiMN|iy,«*W. ««QMlar. . t 

Tiww tXtkim oC- the .ebrarsl^Qtit ndU jneet ev«iy, KMiM^iKjkiOaf VeMel, fnd Train 
bringing Immignuita, nujr wULalbid to M ^o apply to them tha laubwmvlo^ umI luroiectioii, 
aM all omupbutiU tlkmi bft iudtwdiaialy itddiwaea to them on ^miy^ TlUff will wbo fonieli 
information aa to landi opuh for aettlement in the napective PjMtiluiM and Siatrieta, fkrnki fur 
sale, (*anu«ndfi>r en^^ffi]WM^('*ti»B of vagea, rotitea or tiravel, dlatanqe% «i^«Aae of o<ni(ve]rance, 
and will r^tve atia fwt«idT«tt«n jui# romlitHUie* for fmmi(i^ant% 4Hh / " 

All InfonaaikMi wniiBh ipmlgnnfta obtain finm the Agrasa ol Hm Shmiiniob th^ nay aooeiit 
aaqriialila. f- ■ •. ^, • , .^^, ^ ■ ^ 

* '^ ^' ' _ ' iUkt^ofAgrieuHme, 

Department of A^vQltniv. 

Ott«wa, Septtaiber, 1876. 

md to Mta&l 
u# ofltavd to 

I iiifckmta lender 
Mn»hii)8 of the 

II (bjPw!a1 forniH 
Dbminkm Gov- 


ftgM to Oanwla 

1 infinite under. 

pi^ti of I4vcr- 


in the UuHtni 
ront the Aggkt 
KlHO Btaekt, 

. <V«itiBl, f nd Train 
vlci6 and nroiection, 
Wy wiU «uo forateU 
IHttricte, tuiui for 
of conveyance, 



T. w. onnr * Mnn, 

and Stetoh Obtlui Mid 

TUlon, OvMlMiMddfaMkXmpwtanrfB^liak 
TwMd% tmA Xridi rIiMall^ Idt fputa ItiMt, Olteva. 

Lambert J T, 60 Welliiigtoa 
(iinton Moseii W, agt, 2U Bridge 
Maok«j Wm, 99 Daly 
Maclaran J A Co, 6 SuHsaz'i^ i 
McDoueall M, 90 Slater 
Moir John, 479 Albert 
Moore Iiiaao, 363 Daly 
Nasle Robert, 77 * 7d Glouceater 
I'erley k Pattee, off. 105 Gbaudiere 
Kvan Roderick, 213 Maria 
Sicead Robert, 288 Sparki -" ' ' 
Skead Hon James, 262 Wellington 
Hkead William, 10 Bell 
Smith Joseph, 286 Suaeex 
Soper Albert W, 234 Bridge 
Stnbbe Wm, 196 Wellington 
Young Levi, 8 Lloyd 

Marble Works. 

Marier Pierre, 361 King 
Mills A K, 234 Sparks 
Somerville W M, 186 A 188 Rideau 
Waterston Charles, 22 Theodore 

Merohant Tailors. 

Auclair P G, 360 Wellington. 
Cameron W A, 476 Sussex. 
Craig J a B, 283 Wellington. 
Eglt^Bon P A, 563 Sussex 
Eglesou P J, 614 Sussex 
Holbrook G M, 41 Sparks. 
Kenny T W & Sons, 149 Sparks. 
Latremouille Geo, 411 Sussex. 
Lawrence Thomas, 139 Sparks. 
McCarthy John, 37 Queen. 
Mullin fiernard,401 * 403 Wellington 
Raitt James, 580 Wellington. 
Renihan John, 493 Sussex. 
Story Thomas, 606 Sussex. 
Westgate T» 98 Rideau 
Williams Francis, 283 Rideau. 

Milliners ft Dressmakers. 

Egleson Mrs C, 157 Rideau. 
Elliott Miss Sarah, 90 Bank. - 
Evans M A, 205 Queen. 
Gammon Miss S, 226 Rideau 
LucT Miss Ann, 42 Queen West. 
Mallette Miss A, 331 Dalhousie. 
Maxwell Mrs J H, 180 Rideau. 
Minns Mrs G, 220 Wellington. 
Moffatt Mrs Jessie, 243 RTdean 
Shearer Miss Ellen, 266 Sparks. 
Singleton Mimes &. * P, 154 Bideau 
Smith Mrs W, 336 Albert 
Venn Mrs J, 52 Queen west 


Musio it Mnsioal Instruments. 
Dawson Geo, 129 Sparks . 
Gowan li a J, TS * 116 Sparks 
McKinnon D S A Go, 141 dpav;;. 
Nordheimer A A 8, 67 Spark« 
Orme J L ft Son, 81 Sparks 

Mosio Stores. 
Bruce C C, 80 Sparks 
Gowaa H ft J, 113 a 115 Sparks 
McKinnon D S ft Co, 141 iSparks 
Nordheimer A ft 8, 67 Sparks 
Orme J L ft Son, SI Sparks 

ITews iKents. 

Battle Bros, 46 Rideau 

Burgess A G* Russell House, h 197 

Langford J H, 320 Wellington 
Perry E A, 97 Sparks, h 309 Rideau 

Newspapers. (Sm PtinUn, 

Notaries Pnblio. (<Sm BarritUn, 

Ac.j Jhe, 
Oils, Faints, fto. (8u Lampt, 

■'"' Painters. -.■-ttv > 
Gardwell W, 133 Dalhousie < ' ' 
Howe Wm, 393 Gumberland 
Keough ft Strang,, 22 a 24 Nicholas 
McKay W, 36 Hfetoalfe 
Mattbewman Arthur H, 14 Frank 
Pruneau Theleephore,, 60 Bolton 
Sauriole AliVed, 817 Clarence 
Shepherd John, 210 * 212 Rideau 
Shields J, 461 Wellington 

Patent SolioitQni. 

Gibbs ft CoursoUe, 5 O'Connor 
Grist Henry, 7 O'Connor 


Belanger Louie, 12 Morraj 
Belec Edmond, 192 St Patrick 
Fraser J A, 460 Suseez 
Jarvis SamI, 140 Sparks 
Lawson A J, 117 Sparks 
Lockwood Miss, 44 Sparks * 

Stiff Bros. 141 Sparks ^ 

TopleyW J, 60 Wellington . , 

Turner — , 122 Rideau » 

Wallis J D, 61 Sparks ,;,;:*, .;:^ ; 

Plumberf. i \ p- • '-./ 
Blyth ft Kerr, 66 Rideau ^ "' 
Bourque E, 131 Ridean 
Bourque Ei, 267 a 269 Ridean - 
Butterworth ft Co^ 302 a 804 Well- 

•■1 1 

U. I. BiAsotor Ooafsay. 0. UBiniWIBiT. Q«bm1 Ageai 












4 ' ■' I s ' • 

' ii 






!(■ 'y- 

■\ 'J-' 


w s 

.. f 


orrr of Ottawa dusinmi oLAinniD diriotort. 



ifblitMlnnaiNBWirkiOoB|M7,ir.T. ». a IMil f iMWlW , Afwi 



Dorion P, 146 Sparka 
Dwinnell H 0, 108 Rideau 
Enright Mra, 331 Wellington 
Eainoode BroH, 88 Sparks 
FerguaOQ P B, 224 Sp«rka , , 
Foiflv fleorr, 236 Dalbouaie 
Friedriok Hieodore, 116 Rideau 
Oermain N Jk Son. 637 Suaaex 
Greavea Broa, 84 Sparka 
Higman Tlioa, Oanal eaat 
Hinda Hugfh. 304 Rideau 
Johnatone Wm, 198 Wellington 
Kelly & Doyle, 112 Murray 
Kipp Wilfred, 19 Duke fe*^» 

Laverdure E O, 70 Wmiam 
Mooney Robert, 18 Niobolas 
Peltier Herriek, 77 Clarence 
Perkina Samuel, 363 King 
Roche H J, 16 Elgin 
Watts Ruaaell, 182 Rideau 

Phyirioiaiis and BurgMiui. 

Beaubien J T C, 141 York r i 
Garmichael D A, 92 Rideau 
Church Clarence, 186 Rideau 
Corbett H T, 86 Duke 
Germain J A, 112 Queen Weat 
Germain J G, 207 Murray ^ .^ 
Grant J A, 141 Rideau 
Henderson Alex A, 88 Duke 
Hill Hamnett. 721 Wellington 
Horsey Alfted, Sparka cor of Bank 
Leggo Chriatopber, 187 Rideau 
Logan Dr, Homoepatbic, 201 Albert 
Lvnn Jamea, 72 O'Connor 
MacDonell JBueas, 87 Daly 
McDoujgall P A, 100 Rideau 
McGilhvray Donald, 172 Wellington 
Mallook Dr, 393 Wellington 
Robillard Adolphua, 24 Rideau 
St Jean Pierre, 174 St Patrick 
Sweetland John. Id7 Rideau 
Valade F X, 142 St Patiick 
Voligny L L, 184 Church 
Wood Dr, 66 Sparks, Infirmary 169 

Maria • 

Wright H F, 247 Wellington 

Fioturei A Picture 'Ftubm, 
Oowan H A J, 113 & 116 Sparks 
Joyce E F, 179 Rideau 
Lucy John, 42 Queen, west 
Wilson & Orr, 1S8 Sparks 

Frinten it PubUshensk 
Burea« Joseph, 200 Sparks 
Citizen Printing Office, 62 Sparks. 

Kerr Dawaon, Volunteer Review, 

160i Rideau. 
Lnveday Joaenb, 361 Dalhouaic 
The Tunes Newspaper, McLean, 

Rogera A; Co, props, 164 * 156 

Mitchell C W, Free Preaa, 10 Elgin 
Taylor I B, 68 and 70 Kideau 
Wilson A ASon, Daily Newa, 152 

St Paul 
Woodburn A 8, Ottawa Directory, 

42 Elgin 
ProflBaKMni of Mvuio (k Singing. 

Dorini Madame, Bank, cor Nepean 
Tiepke H G, 84 O'Connor 
Workman William G, 192 Slater 
BeBtRunmtS (See Hotels d;c,) 
Saddlers (See Hamettmdkera &c.) 

Benwell U, 662 Wellington 
Borbridge S A H, 88 * 90 Rideau 
Borbridge Wm, 131 Sparks 
Boyer Chas, 262 Cumberland 
Couvrette M, 110 Church 
Heney a C(^ 629 Suasex 
Loriie J B, 333 Suasex 
May Geo, dealer, 662 Buaaex 
Mattice John E, 191 Bank ■'(' 
Montgomery R 8, 112 Rideau 
Shore Thomas, 202 Sparka 
Stratton George, 228 Clarence 
Warwicker PS, 346 Wellington 
Wright Philemon, 376 Wellington 

Sash Faotoriet. 
Currier T W *Co, Court, South aide 
Eddy E B, Hull. P Q 
MacLaren J * Co, 6 Suasez 

Sewing Machine Agento. 
Brown, Alfred, 213 Sparka 
Brown W Godbee, 78 Sparks 
Bruce W C, 80 Sparks 
Bush John, 1 70 Sparks . : ; ■}■ 

Dawaon Geonce, 129 Sparks 
Munro L, 82 Rideau 
Swanston G N, dealer and repairer, 

64 Bank 
Wright a Co, 10 By Ward mtirketaq 

Boap Makers. 
Brown John, 164 York 
Hillman Geo, 46 Primrose Avenue 

StoiMouttef%i^ ■ %'■ 

AlHs James, 37 Division' '- tf*-',- 

Baxter Dennis, 210 Daly ^^'■^'' ' 
Black David, 214 Bank 

T. W. KEIHT 4 SOHB. Hwolunt Tailon, Oatflttais and dirant laportan of Bagliah and 
fcoat«kOi0yiasadT««0daiaaA]MArdai«a, 14»%arks Steaat, Ottawa. 

ateer Review, 

>reB8, 10 Elgin 
aiy Newa, 152 

iwa Directory, 

er »nd repairer, 



W. UVIT * Knri. Merehant Tallen, OstlUm uU Aireet Importon of lagliih 
ud leotoh Olothi and Tweodt, and Irfik YrieMa, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

Hoyd John, 184 Arthur 
Canty Patrick, 468 Cumberland 
Charoonncau JoHepli, 21)7 Church 
Orabtree John, 41'/ Lewie 
Crockett JamcH, 197 Friel 
Dedjardin Barncbe, 278 Cumberland 
])uclo8 Pierre, 288 Church 
Fleming JamcH, 25 Duly 
Oarrow Janien, 30'J Nopcnii 
Oauthier William, 2M Nc|)can 
QilliH John, 446 Cumberland 
Ouerard Francin, 286 Church 
Uugg Jofl«pli. 234 King 
Kerr Gavin E, 126 Artliur 
LaRoee — ^,92 Nicholaa 
Lau^blin W J, 647 Maria 
Marier Arthur, 150 Augusta 
Martin Diigald, 49 Frank 
Maason Michael, 42 Chapel 
MasBon Octave, 68 Llovd 
Mennier Francis, 293 Church 
Millan Alexander, 89 Lluyd 
Mills Jamee, 180 Friel 
Morrisey Thoe, 15 Peter 
Munro John, 104 Ncpean 
McOibney Samuel, 87 Ottawa 
McLellan John, 106 Nepean 
McMann John, 212 Daly 
Parks Jos, 379 King 
Phillips John, 248 Queen 
Proulx Belonie, 183 Murray 
Reid W, 246 Gloucester 
Rivet Louis, 316 Cathcart 
Robinson D M, 260 Albert 
Roaleau Raphael, 227 Cumberland 
Htewart Alexander, 118 Bank 
Stewart William, 181 Bank 
Simond John, 269 King 
Thomas Chas, 161 Kent 
Walker James, 121 Arthur 


Cotton Arthur, 92 Sparks 
Forrest A G, 14 Kent 
Ogilvie Wm, 399 Rideau 
Patrick A P„ 29 Nicholas 
Sinclair Donald, 222 Bank 
Sparks Robert, 29 Nicholas 
Wolff Chas E, 29 Nicholas 


* f' (See Merchant Tailors.) 
Auclair P C, 360 Wellington 
Cameron W A, 476 Sussex 
Chabot P H, 618 Sussex 
Chevrier Alph, 449 Sussex 

;i Ki 


Chevrier N, 624 Sussex 
Chinhulm D, 276 Suhhox 
Craig J & 11, 283 Wellington 
Groulx X & A, 470 Sussex 
Hayes George, 217 Wellington 
Kenny T W& Souh, 1 tl) Sparka 
Lawrence Thor), 139 Sparks 
Latremouille Geo, 411 Sussex 
lieblanc & Loniuy, 446 Sussex 
Mowiit A Henr, 488 Sussex 
Mnllin B, 401 * 403 Wellmgton 
O'Mearn & Co, 105 Sparks 
Stnith John & Co, llH Sparks 
Taylor W H, 224 Wellington 

Tanners 8t Curriers. ''\ 

Germain Edmlind, 337 Clarence ' 
McCullough James, 342 St Andrew 
May * Foster, ottice 652 Sussex 
Woodland Richard, 24 St Paul 


Belanger Louis, 12 Murray 
Cochenthaler S, 79 Sparks .' 
GelhauHen Peter, 63 liideau 
Horowitz Bros, cor Sunsex * Rideau 
Michaels, H, 44 Sparks ., ^' 

Normand W, 203 Rideau 
Nve L N, 64 Wellington 
Lone James, 63 Duke » 
Poulin P, 548 Sussex ,. », ; • 

Rice Dan, 483 Sussex 
Robertson, Alex, 140 Sparks 
Roos John, 69 Sparks ^ 
Tae^r C, 481 Sussex " "; ■' 
Underwood Alfred, 483 Wellington 


Angus 4 Co, 48 Metcalfe 
Barton John, 76 Sparks 
Rochon Flavien, 138 Sussex 
Rogers Samuel, 16 Nicholas 
Senecal Joseph, 198 Church 

Veterinary Surgeon. 

Coleman A F, 184 Rideau 

Washing Machine Manuflaotrs 

Bunnell W T, 487 Liagar 
Giles Abner R, 84 King 

Watohmakers, Jewellers, eto. 

Bohl H F, 129 Rideau 
Cartier Aug, 23 York 
Cayea O, 481 Wellington ''! 
Frudenburg £, 427 Sussex 
Goyer David, 110 O'Connor 
Grant P & J, 391 Wellington 

fi ((.It'*'. 

Baboook Fire Appuatvi, 0. 0. IXOTESVSWS, aeneral Agent. 

. it 111 



I .! I 

1 "' 


'3, Iki 





'II 1. 1 


i V, 






I * 


.' * 




'fl'l: • 



m 1 ! .. 






"BMltliZdft"OoapttjofirfwTork. ft a liU TO Wf IW, Ctomi Agmi 

Kenly K, 72 SparicH 
Lttinuntagne J B,!! Yurk 
Laporte a, 4!)0 Hushox 
LeHlic John, 02 & 64 Hparka 
Murks N, H5 Sparkn 
MarkH N, 45!) Siimsox 
Meyer Louin, 102 Ridoau 
Pare H, 29 Sx»\ ka 
ParHons W T, 479 Husbox 
PItilips Edwin, 273 DivllioiiHie 
ItiKiibrd Janicfn, 467 Kideau 

Riilph Alexander, 342 Sparks 
iU)l)itaillo DroH. 451 Suhhcx 
Heaton T J 489 Huhhcx > 
Shaw C S, 465 Suhbox 
Sutherland (I 8, 148 Hideau 
Tracy W H, 40 Ridoau 
Whelan M J, 20 NichoIaH 

Wood Merchants 

HarriH G A, 207 * 209 Canal, cast 
Heney John, 166 Canal, west 
Neville John, Canal, west 


Optician, Watchma]£er | Jeweller 

Dealer in Fancy Clocks, Watches, 


liepairing Telegraphing Apparatus, Mathematical Instruments, Murie Boxes* 
■;, Mamioniums, and alt Kinds oj Musical Instruments ; alio Coating 
j , ''-. ill Gold and Silver, all Brass Instruments, Washes, and ail 
\^,f,^.. utensils /'or House Ware, all at very low charges 

Large Stock of Tobacco and Cigars of the best quality always on hand. 


^ - 46 Bidean St., Ottawa, and 21 Bleury Si, Montreal. 


:i inos. 6 iiioH. 12 ino«. 

For one Book at a time $1.60 2.50 4.60 

Two do 1.75 3.00 6.00 

Three do 3.50 3.50 6.00 

and so on in ])roportiun to tiic amount paid. 
Non-Snbaoribers, 2 Oents a Day. A deposit will be required from Hon-Bubiorlben. 


•V _ Iiupoi'tor aud General Deiilur iu all kliuU of 

China, G-lass and Earthenware, 

Mirrors, Toilet and other Looking Glasses, Stove.s; Furniture, Hair awl 
Straw Mattrasses, and a General Stock oJ House Furnishing Goods. 




r.W.onnr *•<»■, >M«hMtT«Uon,0««llmtB4 4ii«ftIflipOTt«iaf&ifU*h 
■ad iMtoh Olotki and twrnia, ud Irlih Mmm, 141 IpMki Mmt, Ottowik 



Im the chief town in the township of Hull, in the County and Diatriot 
of Ottawa, Province oi' Quebec. It ie the ntoet important place in that 
province went of Montreal, and is noted for itM very extanaive lumber trade. 
It poa8on(*cn unrivalled water power, which in utilized by a number of milla 
and factoriea. Prominent among the latter are E. B. Eddy'^ large buildings, 
in which sashes, doora, blinds, mouUlinga, pails, tube, /.ino washboards and 
matches are manufactured. Other important manufacturing establishments 
are Batson & Currier's steam saw mills; Qilmour & Co's steam snw 
mill, (lately destroyed by fire) now in course of re-erection ; Crandall A Co's 
sawmiilH; C. fi. Wright's Oensent and Lime manufactory ; H. McGormickA 
Son's flour mills, &o. The City is connected with the Capital of the Dominion 
by means of a handsome Suspension Bridge, which spans the Ottawa River, 
immediately below the Chaudi6re Palls, and from which a magniflceut 
view is to be had of this second Niagara. Distant from Ottawa Post Office, 
one mile; from Aylmer, the county town, eight miles; from Montreal, by 
water, 130 miles — by rail, 167 miles. Is classed with the City of Ottawa 
under the Exceptional Postage rates, and has ample Mail and Telegraphic 
accommodation, and a population of about 11,000. 


Allan Georse. joiner, Eddy ville 

Anger. Xavier, laborer, Wellington 
Aliard AlOed, shoemkr, " 
Andrew John, millwright, " 
Audon Ludger, mason, Chaudi6re 
Auger Onesime, lab'r, *' 
Auger Camile, sr, lab'r. Autumn 
Al^rt Henri, laborer, Wellington 
Arbique J Bte, lab'r, Upper Wright 
Allan! Honore, laborer, " 
Auger Thomas, laborer, Philomon 
Amiotte Augustin, lab'r, " 
Auger Elzear, laborer, " 

Allard Joseph, laborer, Charles 
Archambault Jos, lab'r, « 
Archanbault J Bte, laborer, Lake 
Archambault J 0,Notary,h Church 

office, Block Marston, Main 
Adams James, laborer, Church 
Amiotte Pierre, laborer, " ' 
Auger Chas, laborer, Bridge 
Aubry Stanislas, joiner. Mam 
Allard Belonie, shoe-mkr, Albert 
Arbique Camile, laborer, Inkerman 
Auclaire Bobt, dealer in furniture 

and grocery, Victoria 
Auclaire C, dealer in furniture and 

grocery, Victoria 

Anderson William, flreman at E B 

Eddy's, Eddyville 
Angus John, filer, Eddyville 
Arctiibald J, gardener, Chelsea rd 
Aubry Geo, laborer, Albion 
Auger Jos, lab'r, Gilmour-Mills 
Archambault B, joiner, Victoria 
Allan Dalhousie, Ibr, Lower Wright 
Aylwin Thos, foreman, " 
Benedict Samuel, grocer, Brewery 
Benoit Maxime, butcher, " 
Bisson Moise, carding mill, ** 
Bisson Felix, carter, 
Boucher Octave, miller, 
Bersevin Joseph, grocer, 
Barbean Charles, carter. 
Burns James, laborer, 
Bonin Joseph, *' 
Berubie Jos, ** 
Boudria Seraphim, Ibr, WelliagtOB 
Boyer Narcisse, tamer, *' 
Barette Ferdinand, |i^rocer, *' 
Bessette Jos, dealer in ioe« '* 
Barette L, widow, ** 

Bergeron Joseph, laborer, " 
Beaudin Julien, " Chaudi^re 




'" < 



; I 


" Baittott" Btresi Lamps. 0. 0, BBQTEVSTSnr, Qsaeral Agent 

V - • 


S>?i 'S; 




* ■ *i 

$»^... S.lCorga&s'SonB"Sap61ia" 9. C. BXIFFEUSTfiXK; QtBtral Aga&i 

Boudrias Pierre, laborer, Ghaudiere 
Bonneville Etienne, lab'r, " 
Beaudin Noe, laborer, ,, 

Beaudin Napoleon, laborer, Head 
Bessette J Bte, laborer, " 

Bonneville Nazaire, foreman " 
Beaudin Michel, flier, " 

Bessette Etienne, turner, " 

Boutolle Jean, laborer. Autumn 
Brown William, " Main 
Beaudin Jos, M D, dealer :i drugs, 

paint, oil, &c. Main * 

Belanger F, dry goods,crockery, Ac, 

Binfiis Jas, cabinet-maker, Main ' 
Boyd M B, elk at E B Eddy's, Main 
Brault N, butcher, Wellington 
Branchaud J Bte, Ibr, " 
Bircleau August! n^ laborer, Charles 
Brault Narcisse, carter, " 

Boudrias Michel, laborer, « 
BoulS Nazaire, carter, Wellington 
Bertrand Narcisse, lab'r, " 
Bellefeuille Joachim, Ibr, " 
Brisbois Nap, lab'r. Upper Wright 
Brisbois — , widow, " 

Belliveau Alex, hotel-kpr, Brewery 
Belliveau Aug, Ibr, Upper Wright 
Brousseau Francois, Ibr, " 
Beaumont Pierre, widow, *' 
Beau Seraphin, laborer, " 
Brunette Charles, laborer, " 
Beaudoin Pierre, jr, lab'r, " 
Boucher Eus^be, laborer, ** 
Beaudoin Pierre, sr, lab'r, " 
Bertrand Joseph, erocer. Central 
Bazinet Hercule, laborer, " 
Blondin Paul, " " 

Boul6 Theophile, «• " 

Boyer JeanBapt, •' " 

Brisbois Moise, " " 

Belanger Alphonse, butcher " 
Barette Denis, laborer, " 

Bussidre Denis, „ " 

Boule Joseph, laborer, Philomon 
Blanchette Jos, laborer, " 
Belanger Chas, " " 

Boucher Frangois, waggon-maker, 

Bleau E, blacksmith, Philomon 
Brabant Alex, laborer, *' 
Blondin Wni, ♦' « 

Boucher Noel, « « 

Belanger N, « « 

Beaudry Leon, laborer, Charles 
Bertrand Antoine, grocer. 

Bastien Francois, laborer, Duke 
Berlinquette Louis, " <• 

Brennan Henry, bdg-house. Main 
fioul6 Joseph, laborer, Charles 
Bastien Lewis, " " 

Barbeau Gabriel, miller, Chaudiere 
Barnhart, J W, fruit dealer. Bridge 
Blais Alexandre, laborer, « 
B6dard Jeremie, " " 

Brunette Joseph, " 

Baj:terson James, saloon-keeper and 

livery stable, Bridee 
Bourgeois Eugene, laborer. Bridge 
Boisvert Widow Louis, " 

Black Alfred, laborer, " 

Benoit Xavier, laborer, " 

Bertrand Edmond, harness-maker. 

Bleau Marcelin, laborer. Bridge 
Bernier B, " " 

Berube Paul, " « 

Berthiaume Adolphe, j'ner, Church 
Berthiaume Dolphin " <« 
Bloudin William, laborer, Church 
Barrett James, tailor, '< 

Boisvert Albert, laborer " 

Blais Thomas, carter. Church 
Blais Gabriel, laborer, " 
Barbeau Emile, " " 

Barrette Louis, '* " 

Berndche Pierre, " *• 

Berton Simon, " " 

Berubee Ferdinand, labr, Church 




" Wellington 
« « 

Belanger Moise, 

Blais Alexis, 

Beaucband Olivier, 

Bernier Godfroid, 

Blais Felix, 

Bertrand Theophile 

Beaulne George, 

Belfln Xavier 

Bastien Joseph 

Bougie Xavier, 

Blais Charles, " 

Brazeau Xavier, ♦* 

Brazeau Francis, plasterer, " 

Brifire Emery, laborer, ** 

Bigras Elie, " « 

Bloom William, carpenter, " 

Benoit Chas, laborer. Currier Lane 

Basterache Desire, barber, " 

Belanger Thomas, laborer, " 

Broadliead V> H, cabinet-maker, 

Broadhead J W, carptr, Eddyville 
Butler, Nathan, maohinist, " 



Ti W. XEIHT k SONS, Uerohaat Tailors, (htfitterB and diieot Importers of English and 
Beatok Oltths and Twteds, aid Irish Friezes, 149 Bpuks Bttset, OtUwa. 


;.V .;' 


torer, Duke 
<( (( 

-house, Maia 
;r, Charles 

Her, (Jhaudiere 
, dealer, Bridge 


loon-keeper and 


aborer, Bridge 




harness- maker, 


orer, Bridge 



le, j'ner, Church 

n « 

aborer, Church 

or, " 

borer " 

ter, Church 

rer, " 




labr, Church 
i< II 
II It 

« Duke 
(I i< 

11 (( 

*« Wellington 
II i< 

« Duke 
« ic 

« Lake 






er, Currier Lane 
barber, ** 
laborer, " 

arptr, Bddyville 
Kachinist, " 

■orten of EngliBh and 

Bt, OtUWki 



T. W. KXNinr ft flOm, Xerohut Tailon, Oatfltten and direct Importeii of English 
and Icoteh Cloths and Tvoeds, and Irish Friwes, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

Buck T J, foreman, Eddyville 
Bradley John, laborer, " 

Bene<^ict Jos, farmer, Chelsea Road 
Batt..30n Wm, hotel-kpr, " 
Bullis T R, millwright, " 
Bullis H 8, " " 

Brigham C C, farmer, alderman for 

the city of Hull, Chelsea Road 
Bloom Isaac, laborer, " 
Barrett Michael, tailor. Main 
Black Miss, dressmkr, " 
Bordeleau Cuthbert, ahoemkr. Main 
Bordeleau Geo, painter, M,ain 
Benoit H J, watch-mkr, " 
Boucher Antoine, bksth, " 
Belanger Alp, butcher, Albert 
Belhumeur Narcisse, labr,Britunnia 
Bernard Janvier, " ** 

Bcrtrand Hyacinte, " " 

Boult J F, grocer, Albert 
Boult Capt J A, contractor, 
Bergeron Aime, hotel-kpr, Albert 
Blais Gascien, laborer, Inkerman 
Blais, Odilon, " " 

Berthiaume A T, grocer, corner of 

Inkerman and Victoria 
Berndche Ormidas, labr^ Britannia 
Bedard Ans^lme, laborer. Alma 
Beauchaud J Bte " " 

Belanger Gaspard " Inkerman 
Beyer Dominique, " Brewery 
Blondin Ovide, cajft stmr "Jane," 

Blais Vincent, labr, Gilmour's Mills 
Bertrand Damien, laborer, Albion 
Belanger Charles, " " 

Blondin Joseph, " " 

Beauchaud Olivier, »* Kent 
Bertrand Bte, " " 

Breault Francois, hotel-kpr, " 
Bourdian Gilbert, laborer, " 
Br y ire Louis, '• " 

Brazeau Camille, " Britannia 
Berthrand John, " « 

Bernesche Hormidas, msn, " 
Be<lard Joseph, laborer, \ " 
Bedard Anselme, jnr. Lower Wright 
Butler Patrick, laborer, Britannia 
Bowers, " Gilmour Mill 

Briere Pierre, filer, " 

Bolland J W, bdg-hse, "• 
Beaudoin M6dor, laborer, " 
Bernier Joseph, " " 

Beaudoin, Joseph, " " 
Branno Fran9oiB, " " 
Blais Gatien, " « 

Bis.son David, laborer, ^Inkerman 
Bernais Alexis " " 

Bourassa Antoine, " Ottawa 
Belanger Gregoire, laborer, '* 
Blais Cyril laborer, Inkerman 
3ertrand Hyacinte labr, Inkerman 
Berard DoRithe, painter. Alma 
Boucher J Bt, joiner, " 

Benoit Eusebe, laborer, " 
Beauchamp J Bt, labr, " 
Bourgeau Theoflle, labr, '* 
Bergeron Geo, laborer, Albert 
Bisson Dvd, shanty man Inkerman 
Bertrand Joseph, laborer, " 
Bertrand Julien, " " 

Belfin Xavier, labrer, Small Farm 
Berlinguette Zotique, laborer, Small 

Beaulir; Louis, shoemkr, Gilmour's 

Beauded Godfroid, carptr, do 
Belanger Napoleon, school master, 

Gilmour's Mills 
Beaubien Thos, Ibr, Gilmour's Mills 
Beauchand Noe, laborer, do 
Bowers Wm Francis, Ibr, do 
Bolan Wm, fireman, do 

Blais John, jobber, do 

Bernier Joseph, laborer, do 
Beaudoin Miuard, do do ' 

Brenot Francois, joiner, do 
Cushman S S, cashier, Eddyville 
Cooper Henry, gardnr, Chelsea Rd 
Cassidy James, farmer, Brewery 
Curran Mrs, " 

Chambers David, mchnst, *♦ 
Charbonneau Frs, carter, *' 
Chartrand J ovine, laborer, " 
Clavel Paschal, " " 
Charbonneau Jos, joiner, " 
Corbeuil Louis, blksmth, " 
Caron Norbert, " ** 

Cadienn Auguste, laborer, ** 
Cadienn Elie, carter, " 

Cadienn Olivier, labr, •« 
Courraure Octave, joiner, *• . 

Courraure Marcel, labr, " 
Cornou Andrd, " Chaudiere 

Clouthier Parchal, carter. Ravine 
Couture Joseph, laborer, Autumn 
Cameron Allan, *' Main 
Chevrier Gustave, h'tel kpr " 
Church L R, advocate, Bridge 
Conray R H « «« 

Caiden John, hotel keeper. Main ''> 
Cootne S S P, M D, " 

HI .-All 

\k :. 


' > 

,. !■. 

Ooal Oil Lampa, &o, G, 0. SEOTEISTEIir, Qenoxal Agoai 






Coal OQ OodUng StoTH. 0. 0, BUf IBMUTiM, Oenenl Agnt 



Champagne G L, advocate, Main 
Champagne J A, ** « 

Coutlee Louis, W P, « " 

GoarBolles Alphonsejtnsmth ** 
Caoey Denis, foreman, *< 

Comminsa Alfired, millwr^^ht " 
Garron Chas, carter, Welhngton 
Charette Eustache, labr, " 
Caurville Joseph, « " 
Carriere Baeille, clerk, •* 
Cayer Godfroie, laborer, N Wright 
Goallier Ml, carter. Upper Wright 
Colbome Geo, labr, •" « 

Courvalle Ls, " " ♦ 

Cedras Jacob, " « " 

Cadieure Gilbert, widow, " 
Chartier Oyrille, laborer. Central 
Cyr Xavier, « « 

Carriere Amfilli, " « 

Couval Peter, " 
Champagne Peter, " 
Ghoinard Michel, " 
Champagne Jos, yeoman " 
Champagne Geo, laborer, '* 
Clermont J B, widow, ** 

Ghalifoure J B, widow, " 
Campeau Moise, laborer, « 
Charette, widow « 

Courvalle Onesime, filer, " 
Chevre Andr^, laborer, Philemon 
Clairmont Dlphs, " " 

Connigan Martin, engnr, *' 
Cusson Toussaint, labr, '* • 
Champagne Joseph, " ** 
ObsnUle Moise, « « 
Campeau Francis, " « 

Charoonneaa Jos, *• " 
Charron Joseph, " •• 

Champagne J B, " « 

Carri6re Thomas, " •« 

Collins Magloire, " Charles 
Cousineau Felix, carter, «« 
Charron Martin, joiner, " 
Cabanas Ferdinand^ labr, *' 
Champagne Charles, " " 
Ghenier L, widow. Bridge 
CarriAre Isidore, laborer. Bridge 
Carridre Francis, •« «« 

Carry Blie, fruit ptore, ** 
Charrette Antoine, freman» " 
Champagne Thos, laborer, " 
Charron Francois, •* «* 
Cusson Toussaint, « Church 
Gharbonneau Jos, carter, *' 
Charron Felix, laborer, « 
Gayen Joseph, " " 

CusBou Zotique, laborer, Churcli 
Chartrand Nrcsse, yeoman, " 
Chatigny John, laborer, „ lane 
Chartrand Edmoud, laborer, Duke 
Gumming George, " " 

Campeau Louis, " ♦« 

Chenier Charles, « " 

Cote Peter, « " 

Coldfield Edward, machinist, „ 
Cadienn Felix, laborer. Lake 
Colden Michl, " « 

Corbeau Olr S, " «* 

Connings James, " «* 

Charette Moise, " " 

Carriere Antoine, grocer " 
Couvalle Francois, labr, " 
Carriere Magloire, " " 
Caron Olivier, joiner, " 
Carriere Joseph, labr, " 
Gharbonneau Onesime, labr, Lake 
Cnsson Joseph, laborer, •* 

Campagnas Louis, •' " 

Charette Louis, ** " 

Carrier P M, gntlmn, Carriers lane 
CourviUe Louis, labr, do do 
Gharbonneau J B, carter. Main 
Cote Alfred, painter, do 

Carpentier Narcisse, laborer. Main 
Croohetiere Louis, joiner, do 
Carriere Antoine, saln-kpr, Albert 
Cot« Pierre, laborer, Britannia 
Cer6 J Bt, do Inkermau 
Champagne Pierre, laborer. Alma 
Clement Onesime, htl-kpr, Albert 
Charron J Bt, joiner, Inkerman 
Chapman G, shoemaker, Britannia] 
Campeau Widow G, do 

Charrette Christophe sen, carter, 

Charrette Christopher, jun, laborer, 

Ghenier P D, grocer, Albert 
Convent of the Gret Nuns — Sister 

Moreau sup'ees. Lower Wright 
Cardinal Widow G, Inkerman 
Chenier Gj'rille, laborer, Victoria 
Charron Treffl6, joiner, Inkerman 
Ghantillon, Severe, hotel-keeper, 

Gilmour Mill 

Ghantillon , 

Court House, Main 
Clerouse DositS, clerk, Kent 
Courville Peter, labr, do 
Ch6vrier Julien, carter, Albion 
Cabanas Seraphin, labr, do ' 
Gharbonneau Octave, laborer, Kent 

T. W. XSnJ * SONS, Hnohant Tallon, Ontfltttn and direct Importers of Engliili ud 
IMA (noths Mid Tweedt, and Uib Frieni, 148 8p«ks Stmt, OtUwa. 


1 •'■ 

M plV 


^Sk \';m 

'■ 3 

m II 



,',» Ij'" 

' i 





T. W. KBmrr * sons, Mwclumt Tailon, Ovtfltten and direct Importen of Englidi 
ud Seoteh Cloths and Tweedt, and Iriah Ttimm, 149 Spuka Btreot, Ottawa. 

Cabanaa Theophile, laborer, Kent 
Chfivrier Noll, do do 

CheDier¥ran9oi8, do do 

Cheni«r, Jacque, do do 

Charon Michel, laborer, Britannia 
Cbevrier Julien, carter, do 
Oarriere Edouard, laborer, do 
Charbonneau W E, do 

Chapman G W, sboemaker, do 
Carr Patrick, carter, Gilmour Mill 
Chantillon S^v6rd, htl-kpr, do 
Chantillon Jean Bte, filer, do 
Charon Charlee, blksmith, do 
Constantineau Jos, laborer, do 
Cardinal Widow Joseph, Inkerman 
CM Bte, laborer, do 

Cliche B^lonie, laborer, Britaania 
Clement Antoine, do do 

Cardinal Thomas, do Albert 
Charbonneau, Noe do do 

Chautauvert Hector sen, blksmith, 

Chautauvert Hector jr, blksmith, 

Chittey C D, foreman, Albert 
Chenet Ludger, policeman, Albert 
CSre Eloi, laborer. Alma 
Caillouette J Eli, cabt-mkr. Alma 
Charest Isidore, do Inkerman 
Charette Joseph, laborer, Victoria 
Charon Keeistre, labr. Small Ferme 
Chauvais George, do dc 

Charon Hilaire, do do 

CaroU Patrick, labr,Gilraour'8 Mills 
Charon Norbert, do do 

Charon Calixte, do do 

Desjardina Ante, labr. Small Ferme 
Dubois Gregoire, do do 

Dault Alex, joiner, Gilmour's Mills 
Damour Octave, labr, do 

Duval Paul, joiner, do 

Dalpee Ovila, grocer, do 

Duquette Jose^, laborer, do 
Diotte Leon, grocer, do 

Diamond Hugh, laborer, do 
Degagner R6ne, do do 

Dega^er Pierre, do do 

Dubois Charles, do do 

DriscoU Michael, labr, Gatineau Rd 
Davies, Joseph, do Chelsea Road 
Desormeaux Jos, farmer, do 
Desormeaux Eusebe, do do 
Deajardins Xavier, painter. Brewery 
Duguay George, laborer, do 
Duguav Edouard, do do 

Donaldson Robert, miller, Brewery 

Damontier Honore, blacksmith and 

waggon maker, Brewery 
D^igle Pierre, laborer. Brewery 
Duranceau Daniel, do do 
Duguay Alfred, painter, do 
Duquette Joseph, labr. do 
Daigneault Moise, grocer, grain and 

flour niei chant, Brewery 
Dorion Etieiiue, laborer, firewery 
Deriger L, widow, do 

Delorme Dieudonne, labr, do 
Dumontier X, widow, Wellington 
Delude Charles, alderman, do 
Desormeaux Lambert, laborer, 

Duford Simon, laborer, Chaudiere 
Desormeaux Foelix, labr, do 
Dalpe Hypolite, gentleman. Head 
Dumontier Magloire, turner, do 
Dusseault Narcisse, do do 
Duncan John, laborer, do 

Durocher Bernard, laborer, do 
Dore Eusebe, do do 

David Etienne, do do 

Daoust Foelix, do Ravine 

Dupuis Charles, do do 

Demers Isaac, do Guy 

Decourcil Leon do do 

Duncan John, agent. Church 
Dorsonens E D'Odet, notary. Main 
Dumoulin J Bte, grocer, do 

Duncan Mrs John, millinery and 

fancy dry goods, Main 
Dorion E of Dorion & Courcell, tin- 
smith, Main 
Dorion Emmanuel, cabinet maker, 

Des Jardins Michel, student. Main 
Dorion J Bt, photographer, do 
Derouin Adolpbe, barber, do 

Derouin Nere, barber, Wellington 
Daoust Andre, watchman, do 
Dubuo Octave, laborer, do 
Dicaire Joseph, do do 

Dupuis Alfred, do do 

Davis James, do do 

Durand Edouard,do do 

Dupuis Vincent, do do 

Desormeaux F, do do 

Desormeaux E, do do 

Desmarais Louis, blksmth, do ,;. 
Desloge Xavier, laborer, do ; 
Dumont Honore jr, do do 

Dupuis Jin, widow. Upper Wright 
Deschene Jos, labr, do do 

Daigle Elzear, do do do 

Baboook Fire Apparataa. 

0. 0. SEIFFEHBTEIN, OeneralAgwt. 



' 5 »1 

'■ .y ■ •! 


1,1 1 


I- ■■'t-iS 



,' < 


"Baftltli lift " Company of New 7ork. 9. a SEITFEKSTSIIT, Ctonval Agent. 

I ' '<■■- 




ill if-' 
I'M ilia : 



Daoust Moise, joiner. do 

Daoust Jeremy, laborer, do 

Duhatnel Pierre, gentleman, do 
DaouBt Joseph, butcher, do 

Dion Prudent, laborer, Anna 
Danis A D, asst Conimisuaire dn 

Cadastre, Lake 
Demers Onesime, grocer, Lake 
Duhamel Piere, bvitcher, Lake 
Durocher Gilbert, labr, do 
Dube Andre, do do 

Dessaint Pierre, grocer, do 
Durocher Pierre, laborer, do 
Danis Octave, do do 

Duniont Louis, lab'r, Upper Wright 
Duinont Honore sr, do do 

Danjoux Joseph, do do 

Desjardins Olympe, blacksmith. 

Upper Wright 
Dagenaifl Ml, carter, Upper Wright 
Deslaurier John, laborer. Central 
Dessaint H, do do 

Derouin Thomas, do do 

Deschamps Hans, do do 

Derouin Louis, do do 

Dewloge Antoine, carter, do 
Dubois Jean Bte, laborer, Philemon 
Dnpuis Andre, do do 

Desjardins Louis, joiner, do 
Desjardins Paul, do do 

Duquette Francois," laborer, Charles 
Demers Pierre. do do 

Dupuis Belley, do Chaudiere 

Dussault Louis, do do 

Desneub Alexander, do 
Dowherty Thomas, do 
Deschene Charles, do 
Dugal Narcisse, carter, Church 
Dumontief Alphd, painter, do 
Dicaire Michl sr, carter. 
Dams Andre, filer, 
Danis Felix, do 
Dionne Xavier, laborer, 
Dupule Alexandre, do 
Denis Julien, do 

Daoust, Toussaint, do 
Dupuis Edouard, do 
Dubois Plaside, do 
Desjardins Flrmnd, contr, 
Dicaire Magloire, laborer, 
Duquette Edouard, iremn, 
Dubois Estore, carpenter, 
Desabrais Elie, cai ter, 
Duval Louis, laborer. Church lane 
Dalpe Ovide, grocer. Duke 
Daigneault Olivier, grocer, Duke 

Duchene Maurice, lab'r. Lake 
Deschamps Francis, labr, do 
DesabMis Augustin jr, labr, Lake 
Dube Joseph, do Main 

Dumontier L G A, grocer, do 
Dube Andre, laborer, do 

Derouin J Bte, hotel-keeper, do 
Durocher J Bte, laborer, do 

Durocher Pierre, auctioneer, dealer 

in drv-goo(lH and crockery, Main 
Desjardins Damas, bailiff, do 

Dupuis Pierre, laborer, Inkerman 
Derouin J Bte, do Alma 
Derouin Jos, undertaker, Inkerman 
Dubois Benjamin, laborer, do 
Deslaurier Alphonse, photographer, 

Dumontier M S, carpenter, Victoria 
Delisle John, advocate, recorder for 

the city of Hull, Main 
Dupuis Luc, contractor, Inkerman 
Desabrais Augustin jr, crtr, Albion 
Dalpe & Dalpe, grocers, Gilmour's 

Dupuis Gabriel, laborer, Albion 
Desabrais Michel, do do 
Desormeau Augustin, labr, Albion 
Ditour Pierre, do Kent 

Deloges Francois, do do 

Dupont Frangois, do do 

Doucet Jules, do do 

Dupuis Pierre, laborer, Britannia 
Dupuis Napoleon, do do 

Dunning Lucher. iilrjGilmour'sMill 
Darling Thomas, engiueer, do 
Darling George, do do 

Duval Paul, carpenter, do 

Diamond Hugh, laborer, do 
Dubois Charles, do do 

Desgagner, Joseph, laborer, do 
Dorion Dolphus, cabinet-mkr, Main 
Deziel Honore, grocer, Inkerman 
Dorion Alexandre, labr, do 
Desjardins Joseph, do Britannia 
Dumoulin Charles, do Victoria 
Desjardins Andse, do do 

Denis Duche, do do 

Demers Alex, farmer, do 

Dubois Benjamin, labr, Inkerman 
Delaurier Joseph, do do 

Dupuis Alexandre, foremn, do 
Demers Joseph, engineer, Alma 
Dumais J M, laborer, do 

Diotte Charles, do do 

'Dechaine Peter, laborer, do 
Dechaii.e Louis, do do 

n !*, 

T. W. KENNT & SONS, Merchant TailoTS, Ontfitters and direct Importers of English and 
Scotch Olcths and Xweeda, and Irish Friezes, 149 Sparks street. Ottawa. 

rters of English and 
A> Ottawki 



T. W. KENNY * 80NS, Xerohant Tailon, Oat&tten and direet Importer! of Ent^lish 
and Soutoii Olotlu and Tweeds, and Irish Frieaee, 148 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

Denomie Antoine, laborer, Alma 
Duchene Joneph, plasieror, Victoria 
Decoureie J B, chief of police, Bridge 
Eddy E B, Inmbertnan, Main 
Elborn Geo, laborer, Eddyville 
Elliot Robert, foreman, do 
Englieh Church Rev J Johnson 

Evans John, laborer, Kent 
P^nwright P A, laborer, Inkernian 
Emor Desire, do do 

Feeley Thomas, carter, Eddyville 
Parrar H, agent do 

Feeley Wm, foreman, Alderman for 

the City of Hull, Main 
Foubert J Bte, laborer, Eiewery 
Fauteux Nazaire, " do ' 

Frechette J Bte, turner, do 
Fillion Geo, cabinet mkr, do 
Foubert Pierre, pedler, Head 
Frechette Narcisse ar, laborer, Head 
Frechette Narcisse jr, blltHmth, do 
Finlay David, blacksmith, Main 
Fleeming J R, advocate. Bridge 
Ferland C V H, do Main 
Feely Mrs Wm, millinery and fancy 

dry goods. Main 
Feely George, shoemaker, Main 
Faulkner E J, dry goods merchant 

and Alderman wr the City of Hull 

Fesback Lazare, labrer, Wellington 
Foucault Geddon, do do 

Filteau Remy, joiner, do 

Filiatreault Jeremy, labrer, do 
Fournier Seraphin, do do 
FiUion Felix, laborer, Central 
Fflbre Ged^on, do do 

Fabien Damas, do dp 

Fabien Isidore, do do 

Fillion Jean Bt do Philemon 
Fournier Hono,r6, labr, do 
Franche J Bte, do do 
Fournel Chas, do Charles 
Forest Mrs, widow, Philemon 
Falardeau Charles, laborer, Charles 
Fabien J Bte, carter, do 

Falardeau Charles, baker, do 
Frechette Arthur, clerk, Bridge 
Frechette A V, widow, do 
Frechette William, clerk, do 
Frechette Napoleon, do . do 
Fournier Joseph, labr, Church lane 
Fournier Charles, do Duke 
Fairbanks Louis, clerk, Albert 
Fortin Charles, tinsmith, Britannia 

Fortier Narcisse, grocer, corner of 

Inkerman and Victoria 
Fortier Dolphus, labr, Inkerman 
Farley James, do Britannia 
Farley Robert, Crown land agent for 

Province of Quebec, Albert 
Fairfield Geo, millwght, Inkerman 
Fleury Isaie, plasterer, do 

Filteau Xavier. photographer, Main 
Fortin Hypolite, blackemth, Gil- 

mour's Mills 
ForrcHt J B, yeoman, Gilmour'e 

Fournier Francois, laborer Kent 
Fournelle Narcisse. do do 
Farley James, clerk Britannia 
Fournier Pierre, labr, Inkerman 
Foucault Leonard, tanner, Britannia 
Frechette One.sime, labr, Inkerman 
Forest Magloire, do do 

Forest J B, do do 

Frigaud Paul, do Albert 

Gascon Moise, do Small Farm 
GautliierEdmond, do do 

Gervais Louis, labr, Gilmour's Mills 
Gilmette Nazaire, labr, do 
Gendreau Joseph, do do 

Gravel Cisaire, grocer, do 
Goudie John, sr, laborer, Eddyville 
Goudie'John, jr, do do 

Garrioch Wm, clerk, do 

Garrioch Telford, clerk, do 
Graliani C E, M D, Brewery 
Guilbeault E, mason, do 
Gervais L, hotel-ltpr, do 
Graham R D, M D, do 
Grouchy F, painter, do 
Gravelle H, blacks'th, do 
Guerin C, do do 

Grandmaitre F, lab'r, do 
Gagnon D, laborer, do 
Gagner M, Jo do 

Gervais E, do do 

GuavremontL, laborer, do 
Gormand P, laborer, Wellington 
Gagnon S, laborer, do 

Girard Firmin, joiner. Head 
Gagnon Octave, lab'r, do 
Gagner D, §r, laborer, Autumn 
Gagner D,ir, do do 

Goyette J, notel-knr. Main 
Gervais Arcenne, Ibr, Wellington 
Geaudreau M, Ibr, do 

Gagner Gilbert, Ibr, do 
Girard Napoleon, Ibr, do 
Guy Louis, laborer, do 

Ooal Oil Lamps, &c, Q, 0. SEnTENBTEIN, Qsneral Agent 

^ ( 

1 J ,.' 







m. ! 



m ' 


'i 'M I 

I h I'' '■ 

Hi ^fl Ki. 'I 



B. Morgans' Sou " Sapolia" (K 0. VESITSSttlUlS, 9muti Agni 

Gravelle Moise, laborer, Wellington 
Go^ette Alexia, grocer, do 
Grignoii 6, er, laborer, do 
Grignonti,jr, do do 

Guavrcmont C, do Upper Wright 
Grayson John, do do 

Gagnon 0, widow, Philotnon 
Gauthier T, laborer, do 
Gauthior Jos, do do 
Groulx Frs, do do 
Gauthier Joseph, baker, OharleB 
Grignon Alphonne, laborer, Cliurch 
Grattoii Churlt'H, do Charles 
Girouanl Mrs Kichd, widow, do 
Grines John, hotel keeper, Bridge 
Gagner Dauias, plasterer, do 
Goudie Wiiiiant, laborer, do 
Gnerin Dolphuc, shoemaker, do 
Gosselin Jt)r<oph, laborer, do 
Guerotte Joseph, do Church 
Gerard Napoleon, do do 

Gerard Napol6on grocor, do 
GroeleauZephirin, do do 
Gagner Janvier, laborer, do 
Gauthier Paul, do do 

Germain Octave, shoenikr, do 
Groulx Ferdinand, laborerj do 
Guertin H, Jat>orcr, Churcli lane 
Guertin Edouard, labr, do do 
Gagnon Joseph, do Duke 
OaumoDt Ls, painter, 
Grignon Mrs Sophie, 
Gagnou Jos, laborer, 
Gouin Noel, do 
Gerard G, do 

Galarneau P, do 
Goyer J Bte, do 
Goulet Saml, do 
Gaudry Wni, grocer, 
Guerette Michl, labr, 
Gauthier F X E, dry goods niercht, 

Alderiuan lor the City of Hull, 

Giroux Pierre, laborer, Victoria 
Gagner Mrs Felix, Britannia 
Gauthier Jean Bte, bdg-bse, Albert 
Grondin P C, bailiff, do 

Gendron John, foreman, LwrWriglu 
Gendron Frank, foreman, do 
Glenn Alexander, grocer. Alma 
Goyette Jean Bte, laborer, do 
Giroux Jean Bte, hotel-kpr, Victoria 
Gratz Wm, butcher, do 

Gratton Octave, laborer, Inkerman 
Qihnour & Co, lumber merchants, 

Gilmour's Mills 







Guilmette Nazaire, labr, Gilmour's 

Guillaume Paul, etationer, Albert 
Galland Pierre, laborer, Albion 
Gagnon Fabien, do do 
GaTiand Francoie, do do 
Galland Napoleon, carter, Kent 
Girard Jean laborer, do 

Guilbenult Albert, blksth, Britannia 
Guilbeault Alphonse, labr, do 
Gravelle Cesaire sr, grocer, do 
Gravelle Cfisare jr, clerk, do 
Gaudreau Joseph, laborer, do 
Gr^goire Franvois, do Inkerman 
Grondin Tilesphore do do 
Gagner BVan^ois, do do 
Gau-'reau Francois, bailiff, do 
Guerette J B, laborer, Ottawa 
Gingras Alex, do Inkerman 
Gervais Samuel do Albert 
Gregoire Francois, labr, Inkerman 
Graton Octave, do do 

Gibeau Jacques, yeoman, Victoria 
Gagnon David, laboret, do 

Gagnon Danias, do Alma 

Grimes Michael, do do 

Goyette Charles, blksth, do 
Hanielin Xavier, labr. Small Farm 
Hamel Joseph, do do 

Uupe Jules, labr, Gilmour's Mills 
Hanson John D, foreman, Eddy vi He 
Hamilton Wm, machinist, do 
Harper Thomas, clerk. Brewery 
Hebert & Isabel le, carriage-makers, 

Hebert Charles, gentleman, Brewery 
Hebert Jean Bte, joiner, do 

Hebert I Bte (of Hebert & Isabelle), 

carriage-maker. Brewery 
Hebert Joseph, laborer. Brewery 
Hide Henry, foreman, do 

Hebert Charles, carge-mkr, do 
Hull Benjamin, laborer, do 
Hubert Paul, do Head 

Hebert Pierre, do do 

Hebert Maxime, do Ravine 
Hinds Charles, do Mam 
Hillman E W, hotel-kpr, do 
Hannum JAB, carpter, Wellington 
Hannum Thomas, do do 

Harper John, laborer, do 

Hacker Alfred, do Upper Wright 
Hill William, do Central 
Hatnelin Thomas, laborer, Charles 
Hogan Edouard, shoe-mkr, Church 
Hughes John, laborer. Lake 

Ti W. K£NNT ft 80NB, Merchant TailoTi, Ontfitters and direct Importers of English and 
Sootoh Cloths and Tweeds, aad Irish Frieses, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

labr, Gilmour's 

srteiB of EngUsli ud 
It, Ottawa. 



r. W. KDHT * Wm, .v.; hut Tailan, Outtttm uid dinet Importm of BngUa'u 
•Bd Sootoh Olothi tnd TwMdi, ud Iriili fiiMM, 148 Sparka Btrett, Ottawt. 

Hewson J D, flier, Inkerman 
HeminKwav Joseph, flier, Inkerman 
Hartrick Peter, lor, Gilmour's Mills 
Hup^ Jules, laborer, do 
Harrison James, clerk. Main 
Hubert Xavier, laborer, firitannia 
Hamlin Uonor6, do Ottawa 
Hardie George, do Alma 
Hubert Maxime, do Victoria 
Hamel Napoleon, do do 
Isabelle Joseph^ carriage maker. 

Imbeault Augustin, lab, Wellington 
Imbeault Joseph, do Charles 
Jerome Joseph, labr. Small Farm 
Jerome Moise, do do 

Jolicoeur Honor^, labr, Gilmour's 

Johnston Rev. J, canon, Church of 

England, Main 
Jamieson J Wm, saddler, do 
Joly Marcien, labr. Upper Wright 
Jauron Alphse, do Philemon 
Jarie Israel, do Charles 
Jette Thomas, do Church 
Joanisse Vincent, Duke 
Jollette Francis, mill wright, Lake 
Jodoin Joseph, bailiff, Main 
Jolineau Mrs, widow, do 
Joubert Edouard, carpenter, Gil- 
mour's Mills 
Jodoin Clement, laborer, Britannia 
Jones Alfred, do Gilmour's 

Joliecoeur Honore, laborer, Gil- 
mour's Mills 
Jodoin Isidore, do Alma 

Jacques Felix, do do 

Kelfey John, laborer. Central 
Kellej B W, hotel keeper, Bridge 
Kelley Thomas, joiner, Lake 
Kerwin James, policemanj Main 
Kempley Walter, foreman, Britannia 
Earn James, do Inkerman 

Laeasse Antoine, labr. Small Farm 
Laneur Pierre, do Gilmour's Mills 
L4v^ue Joseph, do do 

Lemieux Michel, do do 

Leamy John, do do 

LefebTreAmable,do do 

Lanctot MMeric, adv, Aylmer Road 
Lough William, clerk, Eddyville 
Lafranchize Michl, Ibr, Gatmeau Bd 
Leamy Mrs A, do 

Leamy Andrew, advocate, do 
Leamy Walter, farmer, do 

Leamy John, farmer, Gatineau R'd 
Larose F H, carter. Brewery 
Larose Joseph, grocer, do 
Lavoie Louis, laor, do 
Leeer Damas, painter, do 
Leduc Charles, commissairr du ca- 
dastre. Brewery 
Lafontaine J Bte, laborer, Brewery 
Lacasse CVrile, blacksmith, do 
Lev^ue Victor, laborer, do 
Laliberte Fran9oi8, do do 

Lafond Maxime, do Wellington 
Lapolice Adolphe, miller, do 
Leveque Joseph E, carter, do 
Lanctot George, joiner, do 

Lyons W H, grocer, do 

Laurin Celestm, laborer, Chaudiere 
Leblanc Xavier, " Ravine 
Lecuyer Jean Marie, bakr. Autumn 
Lord C W (of Sherman, Lord & Co) 
L'Echo de Hull, M Lanctot, ^itor. 

Block Richer 
Leger H, shoemaker, Main 
Lewis R L, druggist * chemist, Main 
Lewis Edgar, do do 

Loucks Collins, clerk, (b 

Loucks W J, yeoman, do 

Lecompte Joseph, filer, do 

Latour Louis, laborer, do 

L'Ecuyer Joseph, btchr, Wellington 
Lanctot J B, laborer, do 

Latreille Godfroie, carter, do 
Leonard Jacque, laborer, do 
LabriS Veuve Ursule, labor, do 
Lanouette Joseph, do do 
Lapierre Joseph, grocer, do 
Laferiere J O, insnr agent, do 
Laberge Joseph, laborer, do 
Leveque Octave, do do 

Lane Alfred, shoemaker, do 
L'Hussier Joseph, blksmith, do 
Laferiere Olivier, Ibr, Upper Wright 
Lafrance Isidore, do do 

Lalonde J B, do do 

Labelle Fabien, do Central 
Lebuis J B, do do 

Loyer G^ddon, do do 

Loyer Calix, do do 

Leduc Joseph, do do 

Laderoute Moise, do do 

Lapense J B, do do 

Lapiere Evangiliste, labr, do 
Leclair OvidO; laborer, Philemon 
Leclair Louis, do do 

Latour Hyacinthe, do do 

Langlois Alexis, do do 

' Bartlett" Street Lampi. Qt, 0. VEIFFEI8TEIN, Otuml Afont 




t . ■' '. 





\0 i'H 


' -hi 

A-- I Hi 




>; ill 



1 ' 




il . 





: ::■■'.' 




I •''.I' ^ 


: mil 

'■^i'i III 

. f. 

'i-'l '. 


Ir'.; " 


I) I 



■-■■ » 



Ooil Oil OooUng StoTN. 9. 0. SII171N8TEI2T, OmMral Ageat 

Leblanc LouIh, laborer, i'liilpinon 
Lemieux Louie, butcher, do 
Lesault, Felix, Uborer, do 
Lefort Timothy, do Charlefl 


Legrand Hy polite, do 
Learand Hermae, do 
Lebrun Paul, do 
Landry Edward, grocer, 
Laurin Onesiiiie, labr, 
Laurin Albert, do 
Landry Magloire, grocer, 
Labelle Louis, laborer, Charlen 
Lilley William, tiler, Chaudiere 
Lanouettc Juiien, mlder, do 
La[K>inte Gharlen, labr, do 
Lariviere Michel, hotel-kpr, firidge 
Laroche Naztiire, carpenter, do 
Laframboise Hormidaa, labr, do 
Lebel J G, notary, do 

Laframboide J-oseph, laliorer, do 
Ijabelle J B, do do 

Leblanc Louis, carpenter, do 

Legrand Remie, lalmrer, do 

Leclair J B, do do 

Leclair Tb6ophile, do do 

Leclair Joseph, do do 

Loucks H L, gro k h'dware mercht, 
postmstr, agt for Dom Tel Go, Main 
Lalonde Nazaire, shoemkr, Church 
Labelle Honory, butcher, do 
Lambert Sophie, do do 

Lariviere Galix, painter, do 

Leblanc Napol6on, baker, do 
Laviollette Napoleon, labr, do 
Laviollette Evariate, do do 
Laurin Th6ophile, do do 
Laurin Xavier, do do 

Lamarche Charles, do do 
Latour Octave, hotel-keeper, do 
Legendre Remie, grocer, do 

Lafond Louis, laborer, do 

Lacrois Joseph, do do 

Labonte Joseph, do do 

Legrand Touesaint, laborer, do 
Lauflon Elie, do do 

L'ltalien Octave, labr. Church Lane 
Larose Elie, do Duke 

Levacque Theophile, joiner, Duke 
Levacque Xavier, laborer, do 
Lavictoire Amable, do do 

Letourneau Peter, do do 

Leduc Procul, clerk, do 

Lord Peter, laborer, do 

Labrade Alexis, do do 

Leduc Amable, carter, do 

Latour Jeremie, laborer, do 

Lafrance IIonor{>, labor' r, Anna 
Lefrivru Samuel, do do 

Lambert L^on, do do 

Lavictoire Antoine, laborer. Lake 
Leduo Widow J U, do 

Lacaswt' J B, laborer, do 

Lavij^ne L6on, do do 

Lynot P, butcher, do 

Latour Olivier, lumberman, do 
Lauhaine Elie, laborer, do 

Lewis T D, book-keeper. Main 
Lepage Gharlenj tiiilor, do 
Landry Andre, tmrber, do 
Lebuc J B, Leduc'fi garden, do 
Lapanee David, laborer, do 
Lawson Widow Jules, do 
Lemieux Joseph senr, blksth, Main 
Lamieux Joseph junr, turner, do 
Loughran Michael, grocer, Albert 
Laverdure Jules O, do do 
Lonsdale John, laborer, do 
]jafrance Francois, joiner, do 
Lalonde Alex, bailiit', Britannia 
Levis Alex, laborer, do 

Lemieux Amable, btchr, do 
Labelle F^elix, joiner, do 
Letouneau Felix, tinsth, Britanniu 
Laflanune J B, jobber, do 
Lapointe Hecitor, joiner, do 
Lemaire Widow L, Inkermun 
Legrand Hypolite, labr, do 
Labrache Qonar6, grocer, do 
Latourelle Desire, htl-kpr, do 
Lalonde Joseph, laborer, Britannia 
Lefaivre Joseph, wagon-mkr, Alma 
Larose Joseph, laborer, • do 

Larose Augustin, do do 

Loranger J, joiner, Victoria 
Leblanc Alex, blacksmith, Victoria 
Labe Augustin, jobber, do 

Lachaine Lewis, laborer, Tnkerman 
Le Courrier d'Outawais, Mederic 
Lanctot edtr, Main, Richer's blck 
Lalonde Napoleon, joiner, Inkerman 
Lauson Alderic, carter, Albion 
Lejeune John, laborer, do 
Lcolanc Alfred, do do 

Lapensee Andre, do do 

Leclaire Gilbert, carter, do 
]jafontaine Magloire, laborer, Kent 
Lalonde Antoine, do do 

Latour Felix, laborer, Britannia 
Laforet Mrs Olivier, do 

Leblanc Michel, tanner, do 
Laviolette Damien, labr, do 
Levacque Joseph, do do 

T. W. IXNNT & SONS, Merohant Tailoii, Outfitters and direot Importcrc of English and 
Sootoh Oloths and T«e«di, and Iri*li Frieiev, 149 Sparki Street, Ottawa. 



T. W. KXHITT * WKS, Mtrohiut Tailon, OntStton and dirMt Importon of lB(Uah 
and lootoh Olotlu and Tweedi, and Iiiah Fil«Mt, 149 Sparks Btreet, Ottawa. 

liainoureiix Moine, liili'r, Hritnnnirv 
fieniieux Unphnel, do Qilmour'n 

Leumy JarncH, bk-kpr, do 

Lnpointo Edoimnl, carter, do 
Lolfivre Aiiiablc, luliorcr, do 
Lavi()l(*ttp Eiintudio, do Britannia 
Leulaire Piorro, liilMjnr, Britannia 
Lambert Renjnin, carptr, rnkernian 
Ld'Ahvrc Felix, laborer, do 
Legaiitt Augunte, Jo do 

Laroflo Felix, do do 

Jjachancc Xavior, do do 

Lcmaire Felix, do do 

Ijebnifl Andre, do Main 

J^ahaise Tlioinan, do Albert 

Lafrance •foachiiii, joiner do 
Lalonde Edmund laborer, Victoria 
Lalonde JoHepIi, do do 

Lamoiiche Adrien, clerk do 
Leblanc Ed, contractor Inkerman 
Iiafranltoifie Henry, Ibr do 
LacasHe Antoine, laborer, Victoria 
Legault .lobn, do do 

Laroae Joseph, do do 

L'Abbe AnguHtin, carpenter do 
L'Abbe Alfred, clerk do 

Lavalle Ilomain, laborer. Alma 
Limogef! Fraiicoin, do do 

iiacoinbe Charlefl, do Victoria 
Laf)oiiite Jean Bte do do 

McDonald Arch, do Small Farm 
Monette Dontail, do do 

Meullieur Pierre, do do 

Mailler Edouard,do do 

McPike Michael, do Gilmour's Mills 
Malelte Joseph, do do 

Malette Glaude, do do 

Martin Narciase, engr, do 

Marcotte Arcade, labr, do 

McElroy Jamen, do do 

Moore David lumbr mrt Aylmer Rd 
McGuire John, laborer, do 

McGuire Patrick, milkman, do 
Millan Hiram, millwrt, Eddyville 
Mitchel Wm, laborer, do 
McKay John, do do 

Millan G, frmn, E B Eddy, do 
McDonald Wm, do * do 
McCallum Angus, labr, do 
McCalluni Alex D, book-keeper for 

E B Eddy, Eddyville 
McCallum Duncan, culler 
Martin Stephen, Gardener, Qati- 

neau Road 
Meiuilleur Alex, baker, Brewery 

Martin Olivier, Irborer, Brewery 
Moiiettc Emilien carriage inalceri 

Mullen JarviH, lal>orer, Hrewerj 
Morean Narcittse, do do 

Mitchell Janien, baker, do 
Menard Hypoiite nhoemkr do 
Major Michel, laborer do 
Mt'nmrd Jean, carter do . 

Marleau Francois, Ibr, do 
McGuire Jamen, Ibr, Wellington 
Monette Louin shoemkr, do 
Marleau Franc sr, carter do 
Mire Beriial)^, laborer do 
Mire Jacqiic do do 

Maheux Aavier do Head 
Marchildon Joseph, blksmth Guy 
Murray Samuel, policeman. Main 
McGarr Hugh, hotel kpr, do 
Mousseau EkI, millwright, do 
Mousseau Widow F, bd house do 
Malhoney Andrew painter, do 
Morel Francois, joineV, do 

McGregor Richard, Ibr, Wel1inj;ton 
Matliias Treffle, do Victoria 
McCallum Angus, grcr Wellington 
McEwen Wm, laborer, do 

McLean Hugh boardng house, Main 
Mitron Andre, lal)orer, Wellington 
Malette Franc, do do 

Moquin Franc, do do 

Martel Pierre, baker, do 

Muinville Chs, Ibr, Upper Wright 
Martin Franc Veterinary, do 
Moreau Edonard, laborer. Central 
Martel Joseph, do do 

Montreuil Joseph, do do 
Morin Louis, grocer do 

Mauceau Francois, laborer do 
Moreau Ludger do do 

Michaud Omer do do 

Moreau Pierre do do 

Morin Thomas, Ibr, Philemon 
Morin Hilaire do do 

Menard Charles do do 

Menard Theophile Ibr do 
Miron Francois do do 
Marleau J Bte, laborer, Charles 
Mathiae Hilaire do do 

Malette Vital, barber. Bridge 
Malette Franc, laborer do 
Morin Charles do do 
Majeau Solomon wid, do 
Mnjeau Eugene laborer, do 
Majeau Fabien do do 
Maisonneuve Michel, Ibr, Bridge 

U. B. Sefleotor Oompany. Qt, 0. SEIFFENBTEIN, Qeneral Agent. 



h: Anil I 

• til!" 





I 'I 












■3 1- 'I 

'*>'' ill- ''1 1 




Arehitactvtl Iron Worki Oomji&j, V.l. 9, 0. BUnTBfSTBQT, Agnt 

'I / 

1 bt 


il 'm 

'11 'I F'' 

i : 

Bte, juiner 




Malbo«iif J uus Jul 
M»rle»it Pierre, laborer 
Mahey Jaiuea do 

Morin Fran9oia do 
Mariiiier Joseph do 
Murin Michel do 

Morin Alexandre, grocer 
Moreaii Na[>oleon do 
Manilla Pierre, liil>orer 
Marion Alexandre do 
Massicotte Napoleon, Ibr, 
Marleau Franyoia, joiner, Duke 
Montreuil J Bte, laoorer do 
Morin Joseph do 

Monfit Norhert, joiner 
Mantha Joseph, laltorer 
Marcil Paul do 

Majeau Henri, grocer, Duke 
Martin S6raphin, laborer, Duke 
Marinier Francois do do 
Montreuil Cyril do do 

Menard Pierre do do 

Marion Joseph do Anna 

Marcotte Francois do do 
McDonald John do Lake 
Malette Camil do do 

Major Pierre do oo 

Montreuil Ferdinand, labr, Duke 
Malord Etienne, fruit dealer. Main 
Madore J T, agt for L'^cho de Hull 

and Le Cuurrierd'Outawaie, Main 
Madore Alphonse, clerk do 
Madore E £ do do 

Maheux Joseph, laborer, Main 
Marcil Charles, advocate, Albert 
Monflls Aim6, joiner, Britannia 
Marion Joseph, agt for Batson, Cur* 

rier tt. Co, Victoria 
Mcintosh Alexander mgr for Bataon 

Currier & Co, Lower Wright 
Mointosh Isaac, shipr, do 
Morin Joseph, laborer, Inkerman 
McMuUin John do Victoria 
McDonald John filer, Inkerman 
Menard Jea^ Bte, labr, do 
Marston J G, sr, mayor for the City 

of Hull, Qilmour's Mills 
Marston J G jr, agt, Gilmour's Mills 
McEwen James, laborer. Main 
Malette Aus^uste, do 
Matte Nazaire, baker, Albion 
Michon Joseph, laborer, Kent 
Martel Modiste, do do 
McLaren Jam^n, ,io do 
Marcotte Josepn, eh )en.aker, Kent 
Marie Augustm, lal/Crer, do 

Massie Jules, laborer, Kcot 
Miron Godfroid, carter, Britannia 
McQready Mr, shipper, do 
Menard Widow M, do 

Mansion J H, foreman, do 
Morin Jauque senr, hotel-keeper, 

Gilmour'H Mills 
Morin J acque jr, joiner, Gilmour'a 

Mallette Claude, laborer, do 
Martin Frank, do do 

Mclnroy, JiimeH, do do 

Morin Pierre, do Inkerman 
Mandeville CliMuent, labr, do 
Major Bte, trader, do 

Morin David, laborer, do 

McDonald T W, watchman, do 
Massie Inaio, laborer, Britannia 
Massie Gilbert, do do 

McLean W, millwght. Lower Wright 
Menard Einilien, laborer. Alma 
McLoad Henry, do Victoria 
Menard Basille, carter, Inkerman 
Morin Peter, laborer, do 

Menard Francois, laborer, Victoria 
Moreau Th61esphore, do Main 
Neault Philippe, do Chaudiere 
Nolan Jeremiah, do Main 
Newell George, cabt-mkr, do 
Nesbitl Robert, joiner, Wellington 
Normand Fabien, laborer, Charles 
Neault L6on, 
Navion Udger, 
Nonrrji Joseph, 
Nador) Isaie, 
Nadon Hector, 
N( .1 Wnij asHt enenr, Lower Wright 
Notre Dame ok Graob R C CauaoH, 
Rev P^re Auguate Charpeney, 
Rev P6re Reboul, Rev P6re 
Marion, Rev P6re Mourrier 
Normand Bazile, laborer, Kent 











Normand Honorfi, 



Normand France, 



Neault David, 



Neville Richard, 



Noel, Francis, 



O'Gilvie John, blacksmith. F " i cv 
Ouelle'ti"> Pierre, labr, Wellip'^t^ v 
Ouellette Henri, do f j 

Ouellette Paschal, do «io 

Ouellette Etienne, joiner. Bridge 
Ouellette Z6phirin, do Charles 
Oddette Xavier, laborer. Church 
Ouellette Charles sr, laborer, Duke 
Ouellette Charles, jr, do do 

T. ¥• XENNT k SOFfl, V tr.Haiit '^allon, Ortfitten and direct Importer! of Engliih and 
Bootoh Olot&i at d Iw««' . u^d Iilsli l 'eioi, 149 Bparka Btreot, Ottawa- 

oiner, Oilmour'a 


^ 1% 


u H 

[ 1 ! 









■ i 


: 5l,( 




z* H 





1 , . ;. 

\' li 

•■ -'1 1 ■ 


■: ■ il 1 '• u 


' 1 



; ^ " '■> 



T. W. XZNinr 1 80H8, Merehant Tailon, Oatflttera and direct Importer! of EnglM 
aad Scotch Clothi uid Tweeda, and Iriih Friezei, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

Ouel' tte Moise, laborer, Duke 
Oueliette Ferdinand, do do 
O'Neil Charles, laborer Eddjrville 
Ouimette Damas, grocer. Main 
Oueliette Clovie, laborer, Gilniour'e 

O'Connor William, culler, do 
Pelcbat Jooepb, labr. Small Farm 
Portelance Micliel, labr, Gilmour's 

Peltier Auguste, baker, do 
J'eltier Joseph, uiessgr, do 
Peltier Edouani, laborer, do 
Paquette Franfois, do do 

Prud'homme Be^onie, labr, do 
Pithie James, millwright, do 
Perrier Noe, laborer, do 

Puris Joseph, joiner, do 

Pruwley William, foreman, do 
Phillips John, laborer, Avhner Rd 
Plaxton Wm, foreman, E^dyville 
Porteous Wm, laborer, do 
Pilette Nelson, do Gatineau Rd 
Pacquette B'ranfois, Ibr, Chelsea Rd 
Primeau Paul, do Brewery 

Pinard Oliver, millwright, do 
Perras Joseph, clerk, do 

Patenaude Francois, labr, do 
Patenaude Gabriel, do do 
Patenaude Xavier, painter, do 
Perkins Rubens, contractor, do 
Pitt John, laborer, Wellington 
Peltier J Bte, joiner, do 
Poirier Jules, tanner, do 
Perras Alexis, milkman. Head 
Pepin Augustin, turner. Ravine 
PiliOD Magloire, laborer, do 
Pinard Peter, shoemaker, Guy 
Proud'honime Etienne, tinsmith. 

Main, house Albert 
Parry Olivier, laborer, Wellington 
Pinsouneau Amable, labr, do 
Paupore Peter, do do 

Perron Fabien, do do 

Pritchard Abraham, do do 
Prude Isaac, butcher, do 

Parent Dosithe, laborer, do 
Pinsonneau Alphonse, grocer ,Upper 

Patri Antoine, labr, Upper Wright 
Parisien Severe, do do 

Parry J B senr, do do 

Parry J B junr, do do 

Proulx Xavier, do do 

Paquette Joseph, laborer. Central 
Pillon Felix, do do 

Pillon Candide, laborer. Central 

Potvin M, do 

Perillard Pierre, do 
Pineault Omique, do 
Plante Honorfi, do 
Pelerin Celestin, do 
Pieher Samuel, do 
Police Station, No 1, 
Poirier Clovis, laborer, 
Parent Joseph sr, do 
Parent Joseph jr, do 
Proulx Israel, do 
Plante Isaac, do 
Paquin David, do 
Paradis Marck, do 
Prevost Alex, joiner. 




Paquette Francis, laborer, do 

Prevost Louis, 

Pelland Onesime, 

Pitre Hormidas, 

Paquette Joseph, 

Paquette Elie, 

Pinard Xavier, 

Pillon Fran9oi8, 

Parent Rome, 

Parent Louis, 








do Church Lane 
do Duke 

Prud'homme Adelard, labr, Duke 

Poulin J N, joiner, 
Peltier Antoine, laborer, 


Prevoat FerioUe, do 
Parisien Joseph, do 
Parisien Misael, do 
Poitras Ambroiee, do 
Pitre Peter, do 

Paquette Antoine, grocer, 
Plante Norbert, laLK>rer, Lake 
Pepin Joseph do do 

Poirier Felix do do 

Portelance Louis do do 

Paradis Jules do do 

Pink Hugh, carter do 

Prainen J, blksmth. Carrier's Lane 
Pieher C B F, bailiff, saloon keeper, 

Prud'homme Joseph, turner. Main 
Pillon Philibert, laborer, Britannia 
Prevost widow J B, do 

Perras F M, M D, do 

Proulx Pierre, watchman do 
Peltier Alfred, laborer do 

Pillon Philibert do do- 

Poulin Louis, laborer, Inkermnn 
Pinard Hercule, grocer, Victoria 
Pepin Augustin, sexton. Alma 
Potvin Pierre, laborer, Inkernian 
Perillard Felix, do do 

Baboook Fire Apparatng. Q. 0, SEIFFENSTBIN, Qeneial Aj^eut. 



11 .'' 

I'l^i* i 

- ■•■;'•(■.'; 



'. fii ■ 



ii "IF 'J 

V ■ I 

1 (.■ 





Coal OU CooUng Stom a. a SEIFFSKSTEm, Gfenenl Ag«&i 

Parent Antoine, painter, Victoria 
Parent Napoleon do do 

Paquette 0, shoemaker do 
Poliquin Joseph, laborer, Inkerinan 
Perrin E & T, gen store, Gilmour'n 

Proulx Emmanuel, elk, Gilmour's 
Pepin Joseph, laborer, Kent 
Polvin Ephenj, do Inkerniaii 
PelerinSaniu"?! do Albion 
Patenaude wid Joseph, Kent 
Pichetle Aiphonse, laborer, Kent 
Pichette Honore do do 

Prevost Jules do d6 

Proulx P, laborer, Britannia 
Paradis Joseph, carter, do 
Perras J Bte, joiner do 
Pilon Xavier, laborer, Inkerniaii 
Peltier Alfred, do Ottawa 
Potvin Ephrem, laborer, Inkerman 
Provencal Jean do Britannia 
Potvin Telesphore, do Inkerman 
Pool William, miller, Ottawa 
Poirier Xavier, laborer, Victoria 
Perrault Joseph do Alma 
Poitras widow P, Inkerinan 
Pillon Olivier, laborer, Inkerman 
Parisien Charles do Albert 
Quickley Mrs, widow, Wellington 
Quesnel A, collector, do 
Quevillon Nazaire, laborer, Bridge 
Quesnel Andre, grocer, Inkerman 
Rathier Elie, laborer, Eddvville 
Kenaud E, tinsmith, Ao 
Rathier Raphael, lab'r, do . 
Racine Pierre, joiner. Brewery 
Roy Alphonse, laborer, do 
Roussefle C, blacks'th, do 
Riendeau O, butcher, do 
Rabidoux E, laborer, do 
Richard A, carter, do 

Raymond J Bte, lab'r, do 
Robinson T C, gentle'n, Wellington 
Remillard Moise, laborer, do 
Rivard Israel, do do 

Relle Emery, turner, Chaudiere 
Roy Moise, widow. Head 
Roy Ambroise, painter, Guy 
Richer Isaie H, dry goods iiier, and 

alderman for city of Hull, Main 
Reid John, laborer. Main 
Richer D, dealer in boots and shoes, 

and alderman for the city of Hull, 

Richer's Block, Main 
Roy C M, saloon keeper, Richer's 

Block, Main 

Rochon A, advocate. Main 
Ricard Louis, laborer, do 
Raymond J Bte, do do 
Rochon Eustache, laborer. Main 
Rouleau Xavier, Ibr, Upper Wriglit 
Richer Xavier, Ibr, Central 
Roy Hyacinthe, laborer, Philemon 
Roy Antoine, do do 

Riban Auguste, do do 

Rochette Simon, do do 

Ilousson Jean, do do 

. Kenaud Hilaire, baker, Charles 
Richer Xavier, laborer, do 
Roy Ferdinand, do do 

Rabidoux Edouard, turner, Bridge 
Richer Stephen, laborer, do 
Roy Joseph, laborer. Church 
Roy Timothe, do do 

Ranger P, shoe-maker, do 
Robert Jean Bte, Ibr, do 
Robert Jos, laborer. Church Lane . 
Richer Cvrille, lab'r, do 
llossignol J Bte, laborer, Duke 
Richer Emille, tanner, do 
Rochon Amede, laborer. Lake 
Rouleaux C, cabman, do 
Raymond Amede, lab'r, do 
Roy Edouard, laborer. Main 
Rochon Pierre, do Inkerman 
Richard Joseph, joiner, Albert 
Roberge M, hotel-keeper, do 
Rochon N, carpenter, Victoria 
Rochon T, clerk, do 

Rochon A, millwright, do 
Richer J Bte, grocer, do 
Richardson A, butcher, do 
Rienaud I, joiner, Gilmour's Mills 
Reinhart Jos, joiner, do 
Richard Louis, laborer, Britannia 
Reneur A, widow, dress-maker, 

Rajotte Olivier, laborer, Britannia 
Richer Celestin, do do 

Richard Severe, blacks'th, do 
Riendeau W, lab'r, Gilmour's Mills 
Kidgewav Tlios, lab'r, do 
Renaud E, turner, do 

Roy Chas, carpenter, do 
Rainville J, carpenter, do 
Roy Firmin, laborer, Britannia 
Rochon Bts, dd Inkerman 
Rochon Pierre, do 
Roll in Joseph, do 
Rocheford Ls, do 
Rochon Jos, do 
Rochon Chas, do 






T. W> KEHNT it SONS, Horohant Tailors, Oatfitters and direct Importers of English and 
Sootoh Olotbs and Tweeds, and IrU^ Frleses, 149 Bparks Street, Ottawa- 

er, Ohnrch Lane 



r. W. KEanrr & sons, Herohant Tailon, Ontfltten aad direot Importon of English 
and Sootoh Clothi and Tweeds, and Irish Friexes, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

Keniillard J B, do lukerinan 
Kichard Auguste, joiner, Albert 
Robillard Predk, laborer, Gilmour's 

Ridgway Thomas, do do 

Renaud iiormidas, joiner, do 
Kiendon Guillaunie, filer, do 
Rainville Joseph, carptr, do 
Renaud Edouard, laborer, do 
Roy Charles, do do 

Sarazin Charles, doSmall Fiiiin 
St Louie M, lab'r, Gilmour's Mills 
Servant Louis, blacksmith, do 
Sabourin Hilaire, laborer do 
Sauriole Narcisse, do do 
Sabourin Alphonse, do do 
St Louis Joseph do do 

Sarasin Xavier, laborer. Brewery 
Sevin Henry, shoemaker, do 
Simpson Benj, laborer, do 

Simon Andre, do do 

St Piere Remie, carter, do 

Soucisse Alfred, laborer, do 
St Pierre Peter, carter, do 

St Germain Camille, labr, do 
Sarasin Xavier sr, labr, Wellington 
Sabourin Amede, carter, do 
St Marie Josejph, do Head 
Sabourin Amed6, labr, Wellington 
Sullivan Archie, turner, Head 
Sabourin Felix, laborer, Guy 
Simon D G, assignee. Main 
St Julien J T, advocate, secy of the 

Recorder, Main 
Scott Mrs, widow, Main 
Simon Bust, grocer, Wellington 
Sullivan Wni, contractr, Eddyville 
Steel Thomas, laborer, do do 
Scott Hon R W, sec of state Chelsea 

Seguin Jos, foreman, Wellington 
St Marie Louis, laborer, do 
Seguin Chas, do Upper Wright 
Sebourin Pierre, do do do 
Sabourin Moise, do do do 
Smith Albert, carpenter, Central 
Simon Treffle, laborer, do 

Seguin H, 
St Jacque Jos, 
Scott William, 
Simard Nap, 
Simon George, 



St Martin Peter, do 
Simon Bernard, bntcher, Philemon 
Sauvageau Narcisse, labr, Charles 
St Amour Charles, do do 

Scanlon Richd, sJiipper, Chaudiere 
Sabourin Barnabe, cabman, Bridge 
Sabourin Timothe, sohl tchr, do 
Sayer Emille, grocer, do 

Saiictuaire Ambrse, labr. Church 
Savoie Edouard, do do 
Soulliere Fabien, foreman, do 
Sabourin Mrs B, widow, do 
St Amour Ambroise, labr, do 
Sabourin Atanasse, do do 
Sj)encer Peter, do do 

Sarasin Charles, do Duke 

S^gnin Joseph, do do 

Seguin Noel, do do 

Simard Masse, do do 

St Denis Seraphim, carter do 
Siibourin Herinidas, laljorer, Ahna 
St Jules J B, do do 

St Jules Gilbert, do Lake 

St Jules Stanislas, do do 

St Denis Cyrille, grocer, do 

St Pierre Joseph, laborer, do 
Seguin Napoleon, pilot, do 

St Pierre Mrs, hotel keeper, Albert 
St Jean T, shoemaker. Main 
Seguin Francois, laborer, Inkerman 
Seguin J B sen, do do 

Seguin Alex, do Britannia 

Simon Stanislas, clerk, Albert 
Smith J W, engineer, L Wright 
Seguin Joseph, laborer, Inkermati 
St Denis Alex, do do 

Seguin T, do do 

Seguin D, grocer, do 

Sauvageau T, grocer Victoria 
Smith Joseph, lumber dealer, prop 

of ths steamer Jane 
Symay Edouard, alderman for the 

City ot Hull near the R C Cemetry 
Seguin J B jSn, grocer, Victoria 
Seguin Honors, joiner, Inkerman 
St Amand Arsene, laborer, Kent 
Sp,uv6 Amable, carter, do 

St Amand Julien, laborer, do 
Sauriole Francois, 
St Martin Xavier, 
St Louie Felix, 
Sapazin Mathias, 
Sauve Thomas, 
Sabourin Hilaire, 


Sauriole P, labr, Gilmour's Mills 
St Louis J, do do do 

St Jean Sylvain, labr, lukermaa 
St Denis Antoine,do do 

Seguin Francois, do do 














U. 8. Bsfleotor Oomptny. Qt. 0. BEIFFENBIBIN, Qenwal Agent, 

.. I'U 





i I 


.:■<■. Mr I 





1:1 'f 




E. Uorga&s' Sons " S&polio." Q. C. BBSTENOTBIN, General Agrai 

iiid 'h, T 



I" \ . 




Seguin David, grocer, Inkernian 
Spratt James, machinist do 
Senior William, contrctr, do 
Sanv6 Ner^, farmer, do 

Story David, laborer, Albert 
St Picre Jos, hotel kpr, do 
Sariollee Pierre, barber, Victoria 
Savary Edouard, laborer. Alma 
Thomas George jr, agent, Eddyville 
Thomas George er, lal»orer, do 
Taylor Samuel, iiiillwght, Gatineau 

Taylor Alexander, mason, Brewery 
Triuiel Edmond, baker, do 

Trudel N A, alderman for the City 

of Hull, Brewery 
Taylor George, laborer. Brewery 
Trudeau Maxime, do do 
Trembluy Elzeard,do Chaudiere 
TriKj Edouard, (!abinet-mkr. Head 
Trepanier Pierre jr, laborer. Ravine 
Trepaiiier Pierre sr, do do 
Taylor Charles, painter. Main 
Trudel Moise, turner, do 
Thibeault Narcisae, htl-kpr, Main 
Turpin David, laborer, Wellington 
Trudel J B, grocer, do 

Therien Joseph, labr. Upper Wright 
Trudeau Zotique, do Central 
Therien Israel, do do 
Thibeau Abraham, labr, Philemon 
Therien Jules, do do 

Therien Charles, do Charles 
Thibeau Charles, do Bridge 
Tremblav Louis, do Church 
Therien Jules, do do 

Therien Alpboiisc, do Duke 
Thibeau Joseph, peddler, do 
Tellier Honore, laborer, do 
Thibeau Narcisse, joiner. Lake 
Thibeau Magloire, do do 
Thibodeau Bartlielemy, laborer. 

Currier's Lane 
Theriault Louis, fish-dealer. Main 
Turcotte B, widow, Britannia 
Tetreault N6ree, notary, and clerk 

of magistrates' court. Alma 
Trudelle Pierre jr, stone-cutter, 

Inkerman ^ 

Trudelle Pierre sr, b]k8th,Inkernian 
Tappe Hubert, laborer, Albion 
Thibault Arvias, joiner, Kent 
Tremblav Albert, laborer, Britannia 
Trudel Toussaint, do do 

Tiiidell Wm, millwright, Giimour's 


Turpin Hyacinte, laborer, Victoria 
Turpin Israel, joiner, do 

Thibodault Laurent, laborer, Small 

fessier Basile, labr, Giimour's Mills 
Turgeon Louis, carptr, do 
Valley J B, laborer, Brewery 
Veronneau P H, laborer, Guy 
Vanasse Joseph, do Wellington 
Veillotte D, lab'r. Upper Wright 
Vall6 Jos, millwright, do 
Villeneuve A, laborer, Philemon 
Villeneuve B, joiner, do 

Viau Hilaire, laborer, Chaudiere 
Vincent Jos, do do 

Villeneuve Leon, do do 

Vermette Victor, joiner, Bridge 
Vermette A, do do 

Vermette PD, do Church 
Vilneuve F H, laborer, Duke 
Vandette Augustin, Ibr, do 
Viau Alexis, laborer, Lake 
Valliere B, do do 
Vaillancont J, painter, do 
Villemaire J B, bntcher. Lake 
Viau Theophile, bailiff. Main 
Vermette T, joiner, Britannia 
Vachon Nere, hotel-keeper, Albert 
Villeneuve J, sen, lab'r, Britannia 
Villeneuve J, jun, do do 

Vincent Joseph, do do 

Varin Alexis, baker, do 

Vachon Moise, barber, do 
Verboncoeur Joseph, lab'r. Alma 
Verboncoeur H, plasterer, do 
Vachon P X, baker, Victoria 
Villeneuve A, laborer, Albion 
Vermette T, joiner, Britannia 
Vincent M, laborer, do 
Villeneuve A, do Giimour's Mills 
Vallie Andre, do Inkerman 
Verboncoeur A, lab'r, Victoria 
Vilneuve Ml, labr, Giimour's Mills 
Varin Edouard, filer, do 

Vaudrin Alexis, laborer, do 
Vaudry Gideon, do Small Farm 
Vachon Charles, do do 

Washburn 8, axe manufacturer. 

White John, cabinet-mkr, Brewery 
Warren Andrew, foreman, Ravine 
Wright C B, manufacturer of lime 
and cement. Brewery 

Washburn Wm, registrar— -h 
Brewery, office Bridge 

I. W. K£Nir7 & SONS, Hsrohant Tailora, Ontfitters and direct Importers of English and 
Scotch Oloths and Tweeds, and Irish Friesas, 149 Spuks Street, Ottawa. 



T. W. JUCIHy * 80HS, MtrchMt Tailon, Ontfitten and direct Impoiten of English 
and leotoh Clothi ud Twwds, and Irish FrieiM, 149 Bparin Street, Ottawa. 

Waters Abel, merchant, at E B 

Eddy's, Maih 
Waters M S, clerk. Main 
Waddle James, laborer. Bridge 
Waddle George, do do 

Welflh Napoleon, do Church 
Wright Mrs T, widow, Main 
White Geo, foreman. 
Walker John, farmer, Chelsea rd 
Wright T C, gardener, do 

Whitcomb S B, laborer, do 
Wright C, farmer, do 

Wright Philomon, yeoman, Albert 
Webb C, minister, Gilmour's Mills 
Wadeworth T W, yeoman, do 
Whissell Geo, sr, carter, do 
Whissell Geo, jr, do do 
Whisell John, labr, Gilmour's Mills 
Wh.isell Honore, do do 

Youngstreem A, cooper. Main 


City Cocnoil.— Q. J. Marston, senr, mayor; E. J. Faulkner, N. A- 
Trudel, C. C. Brigam, Wm. Feely, H. J. Richer, Chas. Delude, Damien 
Richer, F. X. E. Uauthier, Edward Simays, aldermen. 

Recorder's Court. — John Delisle, judge ; J. J. St Julien, clerk. 

Union St. Pierre. — M. S. Dumontier, president ; Ant. Parent, Ist vice- 
presidents Wm. Scott, 2nd vice president; J. F. Boult, secretary; Chas. 
Roussel, treasurer; R. Lemieux, collector; F. M. Perras, M.D., and Jos. 
Beaudin, M.D., for the Society. 

Union St, Joseph. — B. Carri6re, president; R Lemieux, Ist vice- 
president; Olivier Crron, 2nd vice-president; T. P Sabourin, secretary; 
H. Jjapointe, treasurer: Pierre Meuilleur, collector; loa. Beaudin, M.D. 

Merchant Sooiete. — H. J. Richer,, president; 'Jhas. Delude, 1st vice- 
president; E. J. Faulkner, 2nd vice-president; J. O. Laferriere, secretary; 
D. Richer, treasurer; F. M. Perras, M.D. 

Post Office, corner of Main and Church. — H. L. Loucke, postmaster. 

A. S. T7700DBT7XlXr, 


i=>i=ti3sra?Eir^ -A.3sriD ipxjibxjIsheipi.. 

Legal and Mercantile Forms on hand. 



For Grocers, Milliners, and Others. 
An Inspection Invited. 




\ , 



ArohitMtiml bon Works Compftny, !T.7. 9. C BSIITSlTSTIlIir, Agi&i 



N : 

•' ^ I'M il 

The incorporated Village of New Edinburgh adjoins the City of Ottawa, 
to the north-east, being situated in the Township of Gloucester, and County 
of Carleton. The Rideau River forming its south-west boundary. It in ii 
place of considerable importance, embracing within its limits the Vice-Regal 
residence, the beautiful falls of the Rideau Ri>er, and several extensive 
mills for the manufacture of woollen cloths, bre^d stuffs, and sawed lumber. 
It i» almost surrounded by the fine estate of the late Hon. Thomas McKay, 
affording every facility for the erection of private residences to the businesH 
men of Ottawa, The City Passenger Railway Company have their head 
OiHce, depot, and stables here, from whence they run every few minutes to 
the Suspension Bridge and Ohiiudiere Falls. It is classed with the City 
under the Exceptional Postage rates, and has all necessary Postal and Tele' 
graphic accommodation and a population estimated at about nine hundred 
sou Is. 

iTEw sshtbuugh alphabetical DIEECTOBT, ' 




BAL, Rideau Hall. 

Aird Charles, laborer, n s Rideau st 

Alexander Henry, civil service, 

s 8 Creighton 
Allen Henry, carpenter, n s Creigh- 
Allen James, general meroht, e a 

Ardle Wm, laborer, s s Creighton 
Armstrong Mrs, boarding house, 

n 8 Creighton 
Asplen Chaa, miller, s s Creighton 
Avery Henry, carpenter, n s Rideau 
Baldwin Root, s s McKay 
Bambrick Jas, labr, n s Creighton 
Barbeau Mrs wid R, n s Alexander 
Barry Wm, labr, n s John 
Bfeaty James, mason, n s Creighton 
Beck John, laborer, w s Union 
Beer Chas, laborer, n s Rideau 
Beddia Alex, mason, n s Creighton 
Bell John, civ service, n s Creighton 

Bell Robert, carpenter, n s'Rideau 
Bell W R, M I) & C M; office, 

s 8 Rideau, h liindenlea 
Bentley T B, M D, s side Mackay 
Blackburn & Co^ woollen mills, 

west side Ottawa 
Blackburn James, secy Ottawa Ag 

Insurance Co, w s Ottawa 
Blackburn Robert, 'M P, mercht, 

w 8 Ottawa 
Bliss Chaa, elk civ iiCr, e s Union 
Bowman Archd, plasterer, s side 

Bray John, blksmith, n 8 Rideau 
Bremer A, laborer, s s Creighton 
Brennan Michael, carter, s s Creigh- 
Brymner D, civil service, s s Rideau 
Buchan D C, mercliant, e s Ottawa 
Burpee A, e s Ottawa st 
Caldwell R B, private residence, e 

side Charles st 
Campbell Wm, stenographer to 

Gov Genl 
Carberry Patk, teamstr, n e'.Thomas 

T, W. XESHT * SONS, Merohut Tallora, Ootfitters and diieot Importers of English and 
Sootoh OlotiM and '.waedi, and Irith FriMet, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa, 

ith, n B Rideau 
, 8 8 Creighton 
sarter, s s Creigh- 

ervice, s 8 Rideau 
liant, e s Ottawa 
ttawa st 
vate residence, e 




T. W. KEHNT ft SONS, Xerehant Tailon, Ontfltten and dirMt Importon «f SnglUh 
and Scotch Cloths and Tweedi, and Iriah Frierci, 146 Sparlu StiMt, Ottawa. 

Carre Henry, s h McKay 

Carroll Martin, ferryman, n s John 

Chamberlain Col Brown, C M G, 

Queen'H printer, n s Alexander 
Cherry John, lahorer, \\ h Creighton 
Church of St Bartholomew, s side 

McKay St 
Clarke Robert, plasterer, 8 a Rideau 
Clarke T M, New Edinburgh Brick 

Works, bec'chwood 
ClementH Robert, n s Rideau 
Cockburn David, wood carver, s 8 

Courtney Denis, gard'nr, n a Ottawa 
Couvrette Cyprian, teamster, n f 

Curran Morris, labr, n b Crei<;hton 
Cnrran Mrs Margaret, widow, e side 

Ottawa st 
Currie Roliert gardener, Rideau 

Terrace Road 
Currier J M, MP, private resi- 
dence, w 8 Ottawa 
Currier James E W, w s Ottawa 
Curtis Wni, miller, s s Creighton 
Daly Robert, carpenter, n s Alex- 
Davis James, carpenter, s s Creigh- 
Davis Thomas, laborer, n s John 
Dawson F, miliar, s s Creighton 
Dorion — , M », s s Rideau 
Douglab J, n 8 Creighton 
Dubeau Jos, carpenter, e s Charles 
Duggan Henry, driver, s s Creigh- 
DunnirigA G, laborer, e s Union 
Egert Ernest, laborer, n s Creigh- 
Esdaile Mathew, contractor, n side 

Evans Thomas er, weaver, s side 

Evans Thomas jr, carpenter, s side 

Falding P J, C S clerk, s s Mackay 
Farmer Thomas, captain, s b Rideau 
Ferguson John, foreman planing 

mills, w s Charles 
Foot L, carpenter, s side Mackay 
Frn«<er J D, telegraph operator, e 8 

French Albert, private residence, 

Rideau Terrace Road 
French George, miller, Rideau Ter- 
race Road 

Oalway Mrs wid, s side Rideaa 
Garvey Ale.v, mason, n s Creighton 
Garvey Mrs widow, s s Creighton 
Gatineau Ferry, w side Ottawa 
Giles Lucius, clerk, e 8 Victoria 
Glenn Alex, s s Mackay 
Graham William, "book-keeper, 

Rideau Terr;ice Road 
Graham John, civil Bervice,'e side 


Graham Mrs wid, Rideau Terrace 

Green John, n s^Alexander 
Hagan John, teanistei', n 8 Alexa'der 
Hagan Jos, teamster, n s Thomas 
Hiimilton Lieut. F, aide-de-camp, 
. Rideau Hall 

Hart Fred, laborer, s s Creighton 
Hawken Joseph, blacksmith, e side 

Henderson John, manager' -Cof 

MacMaren's Mills, n 9 Alexander 
Higginson Rev G N, rector Church 

of England, » s Mackay^l 
Hillman L H, prop saw mills, e a 
* kUnion 

Holmes Henry, e side Ottawa 
Holmes William, builder, n side 

Hope James, merchant, Duflferin 

Howe William, civil service, n side 

Irvin George, cab driver, n side 

Ingley ;Frs, match '^factory, n s 

Johnston John, civil service, e side 

Johnston Thomas, [laborer, n side 

Jones John, watchman, e s Charles 
Kalf Fredk, laborer, s s Creighton 
Reefer Thos^C, o, e, Birkenfels 
Kerk August, laborer, s s Creighton 
Knapp Hiram, grocer and butcher, 

n side Rideau 
Knapp Stephen, carpenter, s side 

Knapp — , carpenter, e s Victoria 
Laing James, clerk, n side Bideau 
Larivere Alex,_black8inith, &c, w 

side Ottawa 
Law John, ns Ottawa 






Cow Oil Lampa, &o. 0. 0. BEJFFENSTEIN, Qeneral Agent 



',■*,» Air 

r L' 

F' '. ! 

I: ■^; *.'i- 


15' i 

H ^ 


111 ' f_- 

fei' ; 



"Batlth Lift ' Oompaoy of N«r Torbi 9. a JXtnWXBTSDSt, Qmml ifant 

liayton JOG, civil service, e side 
Leach Thomas, dyer, ii s Ridcau 
Leroue John, boarding house n s 

Lisgar Temple, e side Rideau 
Lowe ThoinaH, laborer, w s Union 
Lumsden Mrs John wid, n s Rideau 
Mackay Estate Office, e a Ottawa 
Mackav MrM, widow of the late 

Hon Thos Mackay, Bockcliffe 
Maingy Le BVuvre, civil service, 

n side Rideau 
Maingv Philip AW W, civil service, 

e sicle Charles 
Maingy W A, civil servi'e, n s Rideau 
Maingy W McLeod, civil service, s 

side Mackay 
Maloney Michael, blacksmith, h b 

Mansfield Pierce, hotel keeper, e s 

Mathieson David, civil service, on 

Mackay estate 
Marque Maxime, carter, s s Alex- 
Maxwell Mrs James, widow, n side 

McCandlish William, private resi- 
dence, 8 8 Mackay 
McCarthy James, laborer, n side 

McClennan William, laborer, n side 

McCleod D, miller, w s Union 
McClymont Wm & Co, flour and 

saw mills, w s Ottawa 
McConnell H, millwright, n side 

McCracken J xmes, carpenter, n s 

McCracken Robert, carpenter, s s 

McGregor Robert, clerk, n side 

McGinnis Alex, laboaer, e side Vic- 
Mcintosh W, s aide Alexander 
McKenna James, contractor, n side 

Mackinnon W A, manager OOP 

Railway, s s Mackay 
McLatchie John, P L S, n s Rideau 
McLean Mrs, widow, n s Rideau 
McNaughton M, forwarder, w side 


McNeill Allanj civil service clerk, 

s 8 Creighton 
McTaggart Mrs Isaac, widow, n h 

Melon John, pound keeper, n side 

Meyer Mrs William, wkiow, s side 

Miller Joseph, ship carpenter, s s 

Moffat McG, civil service, s side 
Montreal Telegraph Office, J D 

Eraser, operator, w s Ottawa 
Moodie Harry, Governor's' Secv. 

Rideau Hall 
Music Hall, n s Ottawa 
Neville C C, civil service, e siue 

O'Reilly John, private residence, 

Rideau Terrace Road 
Osc^ood Jeremiah, salesman, e eide 

Ottawa City Passenger Railway Co 

Office, e s Ottawa 
Paterson M, private residence, n s 

PATERSON & LAW, foundry and 

machine shops, w s Ottawa. See 

Patterson John, tailor, w s Thomas 
Peden A G, Sec SfL & O Railway, 

B 8 Mackay 
Petrie William, pointer, e a Union 
Phillips Rev T D, Church of Eng, 

8 8 Mackay 
Picotte Joseph, carpenter, s side 

Post Office, J W Proctor, post- 
master, e 6 Ottawa 
Preston Geo H, private residence, 

Dutferin road 
Proctor Wm, driver, w s Charles 
Proctor J W & Co, general mer- 
chants, e s Ottawa 
Ralston Robert, carpenter, n side 

Rankin Thomas, contractor, s side 

Redmond Martin, laborer, s side 

Re^an James, watchman, w side 

Riley William, laborer, n s Rideau 
Ritchie Andrew, carpenter, s side 


T. W. ZENNT k SONS, Merchant Tailon, Outfitters and direct Importer! ofEngliih and 
Scotch Cloths and Tweeds, and Irish Frieses, 149 Sparks Street. Ottawai 

enger Railway Co 


ate residence, n b 

l^inter, e b Union 
Church of Eng, 

[private residence, 

rer, w s Charles 
^o, general raer- 


I carpenter, n side 

contractor, s side 

|, laborer, s side 

[atchman, w side 

Iborer, n b Rideau 
1 carpenter, s side 

Lrtenof Engllih and 
'eeti Ottawa. 

I" ■■; • Mf'fi. 

■, V. 



T. W. nonrr a Rom, Xwehant Tallon, Oat&ttm aid direst Impertmrs of lagUih 
and Beoteh Olothi and Twaodt, and Irish Friem, 140 Sparln Street, Ottawa. 

Roes Georee, baker, n n Ottawa 
SahJerson Kev J O, w s Rideau 
Saul David, n b Victoria 
Saul John, mason, n s Greighton 
Savage Sautucl, clerk, e e Union 
Savigny Albert, carpenter, s s 

School House, e s Charles 
Schultz Louis, e f Creiehton 
iSevinne George, w a do 
Shepherd H, painter, n a Greighton 
Sherwood Joseph, sawyer, s s 


Short ThomaS; laborer, e s Union 
Shouldice David, s s Union 
Simms Henry, gardener, e B Ottawa 
Gieaman George, watchman, w s 

Sorley John, gardener, e s Thomas 
Stapley B, painter, w s Union 
Stevenson James, gardener, n s 


Strouleer Charles, gov genls order'"' 

n s Greighton 
Surtecs Robert, architect and civ . 

engineer, e s Ottawa, hue Rideau 

Svm Rev Mr, e s Rideau 
Tans well George, contractor, s s 

Tavlor Isaac B, printer and pub- 
lliher, e s Ottawa 

The Bell Orange Lodge, n Hide 

The Bell Temple, n s Greighton 
Tmk Robert, laborer, e s Thomas 
Tubman Thos, clerk of council, 
8 H Greighton 

Tubman Wm, carter, e s Victoria 
Union Presbyterian Church, s a 

Urie Wm, clerk, n s Greighton 
Wallace John, laborer, e h Victoria 
Webber Charles, civil service, s s 

Whitcombe Joseph 8, private resi- 
dence, 8 8 Mackay 

White Michael, private residence, 
on Mackay estate 

White Wm, clerk, n s Greighton 
Williamson James, lal)orer, w s 

Wilson John, printer, n s Greighton 
Wilson Miss, w s Victoria 
Wilson Wm, M D, w s Victoria 
Woodburn William, s s Mackay 
Wright Weatherall, residence, 

Edgewood, s s Pine 


Corporation. — Robert Surtees, reeve ; Wni. Woodburn, M. Henderson, 
Jas. McKinnon, Fred. Dawson, council; Tliomas Tubman, clerk; Wm. 
Graham, treasurer. 

School], Trustees. — John Henderson, chairman; Robert Clark, sec. 
Alex. McGinnis, John Ferguson, Peter Macdonald, Robert Surtees, trustees ; 
Jos. Martin and Miss Espey, teachers. 

Church of St Bartholomew.— Rector, Rev. G. N. Higginson, M. A,. 
J. Burritt and Dr. Wra. Wilson, wardens. 




■ i! 







k I 'J 


■Mi 1 




5 'il/,.' 


' .'■;/■.}■ 



'! •■. t. 

M ill s \ V ' r 

,!. ill f 1; 

IP .it if':,.. 




Arohlt«ottu«l IroB Works Ooapuij, VX ff. 0. SBZffUlfnDf, AfiBt. 


JOS , ' • • ■■-> ■■ ' 

The rising village of Roohesterville, in the Township of Nepean and 
County of Garleton, adioins the City of Ottawa to tlie southwest, and will, 
no doubt, within a few years be incorporated with it for municipal purposes. 
It already contains some handsome buildings, erected by leading meroliants 
of this city, and is admirably adapted for Huburban residences. It is classed 
with the city under the Exceptional Postage rates, and has every convenience 
for postal service. Its population at present amoupts to about eight 


Anderpon Mrs, widow, (./edar 
Arran Samuel, carpenter. Elm 
Aylen Mrs, Cedar 
Baar Hv, night watchman, Spruce 
Barr Euward, bottler. Spruce 
Bal^n Patrick, laborer, Pine 
Beattie William, do do 
Bigraa John, carpenter, Preston 
Booth James, laborer, Elm 
Booth J B, lumber mer, Richmond 

Bonsall Mr, Division 
Bouchette Leon, laborer, Preston 
Brown Hugh, laborer, Spruce 
Cayea F, laborer, Preston 
Cuaig Angus, butcher, Preston 
Chamberlain A, laborer, Division 
Cook Thos, saw filer, Preston 
Cook 6 O, mill foreman, Preston 
Cowan Wm, agent for E B Eddy, 

Crannell Levi, book-kpr, Preston 
Desrivieres Henry, Spruce 
Dufour Octave, grocer, Preston 
Dunse John, larorer. Spruce 
Dixon John, carpenter, Sprnce 
Dorion E, blacksmitli, Proton 
IBdmonson John, bricklayer. Spruce 
Evans Jos, general store, Rochester 
Farmer Wm, tanner. Cedar 
Featherston W J, lumber merchant, 


Fisher B, lumber merchant. Elm 
Fleming James, machinist. Elm 
Flannery John, carter. Elm 

Fraser Robt, millwright. Spruce 

Grant Mrs Wm, Preston 

Grant A A, Division 

Gray William, water works pipe 

man, Preston 
Halfpenny Thos, carpenter, Preston 
Henderson Gordon, ste-msn, Spruce 
Higman Richard, drnggiflt, Spruce 
Hunton Mrs W, widow, Maria 
James B L, Maria 
Johnstone Jos, Cedar 
Jennings John, drugeist, Cedar 
Jamieson John, butcner, llochester 
Joyce John jr, cargi--mkr, I'^aple 
Jones Mrs John, widow, Rochester 
King George, Elm 
Lateray John, Preston 
Leclair Charles, laborer, Preston 
Leister R, contractor * bldr, Maple 
Lesuer W D, clerk civ ser, Maria 
Lee Isaac, grocer, Rochester 
Lough Robert, carpenter, Rochester 
Marks Thos, Rochester 
Mav & Foster, tannery. Cedar 
Malcolm Alex, stone- cutter. Cedar 
Mitchell George, filer. Elm 
Munson J amen, tanner, Preston 
Martin D A, agent, Preston 
Murphy Sam, carpenter. Pine 
McCleghan Wm, carter, Division 
Macdonnell James, labr, Rochester 
MoGillivray Wm, shipping clerk, 

McKechney Mrs, grocer, Preston 
McLachlin Wm, Prestcn 

T. W. EENNT « SONS, Heroluuit Tiilon, Oatfitteri and direct Importers of English and 
Scotoh Cloths and TwMds, and Irish Frieiei, U9 Sparks Stnet, Ottawa. 





of Nepean and 
liwest, and will, 
icipal purposes, 
ding merohants 
ea. It is classed 
lery convenience 
to about flight 


right, Spruce 



ter works pipe- 

irpenter, Preston 
, ste-msri, Spruce 
ruggirtt, Spruce 
dow, Maria 


igeist, Cedar 
toner, Tlochester 
ji-nikr, l.^aple 
idow, hochee^er 

iton "^A.-k'-i 
)orer, PreitOik 
ar * bldr, Maple 
civ ser, Maria 
(enter, Rochester 

ery, Cedar 
le- cutter, Cedar 
er. Elm 
ner, Preston 
nter, Pine 
,rter, Division 
labr, Rooheater 
shipping clerk, 

pocer, Preston 

rters of English sad 
, Ottawa. 

T. W. mirT * wan, Marehaat Tailori, Ostflttnt aad direst Importera of lagUJi 
aad Beoteh Cloths and Tweeds, and Irish FrieMS, 148 Sparks Strett, Ottawa. 

McOuat Thomas, pattern maker, 

McRae John, moulder, Spruce 
Norris James, proof-reader, Cedar 
McQuallie Amali, laborer. Maple 
Nepean Hotel, Proulx Cyrial, pro'r, 

Patterson E, grocer, dry goods, and 

poet office, Preston 
Paul Wm John, carpenter, Cedar 
Parr James, clerk. Elm 
Pennock John, collector of water 

rates, Rochest«r 
Porter Thomas, bookkeeper, Elm 
Porter Wm, carpenter, Maple 
Pratt J L, lumber agent fur Booth, 

Proulx A.rchd, painter, Preston 
Proulx J Bto, teamster, Preston 
Raostead William, laborer, Elm 
Riopelle Francis, laborer, Rochester 
Rocnesterville Hotel, Dorion E, 

pro, Preston 
Rochester James, brewer, Maria 

RocheHter John, MP, lumber mer, 

Richmond road 
Rochester William, Preston 
Rochon Octave, grocer, Rochester 
Saulter Thomas Joh, blackainith, 


Scott David, Itook keeper. Elm 
Scott David, blacksmith, Ceiiur 
Scott Thomas, miller, Spruce 
Seager Jas, carpenter. Maple 
Stcaiids Alex, carpenter, rreston 
Spencer Charles, conductor C R & 

B & O R, Preston 
Timbers W H, machinist, Spruce 
Timmins Jamea, teaniHter, Preston 
Todd Walter, clerk civil service, 

Richmond Road 

Victoria Brewery, Rochester JaineH, 

Whelan John A, grocer, Cedar 
Woodland Thos, butcher. Maple 
Woodland Stewart, carpenter, Cedar 
Young Truman, contractor. Elm 


^ 117 Sparto Streak y 

Opposii« till British Lion Hotel, 


i- 1 

' 1 1 

! ■ 


>f ■ C S 









fii ,; i l; )t.,. , , 


•I 'v M 

ir S 'lit : .1 


..;/'.)„ . 



I. MMPg»iui'8oDi"SftpeUo." 0. 0. BIDTlinTSZV, OiMnl A^Mit 


Tlic coiiMly town ol* the county of OUawa, ami chief placp of the diHtriot ol' 
Uttttwu, conipriiing the counticfl of Ottawa ami I'ontiac, for legal purpuNo^^. 
Aylhier Ih one of tlie nioBt healthy townn in Canada, pictureHonely ftituated 
on thi' uhore of J^ske Deaohdnea, on the Ottawa river. It has many fine 
miLlie, huiliiings, and ail branCliuH of indufitrv fleem well reprcHente<l. The 
Northern Colonization Railway Co are to build their road atonoe. Commu- 
nication with Aylnier Is \>y stage 3 tinioH a day from Ottawa City, a diiitancc 
of 8 niilcH. It 18 the starting point of the Union Forwiirding (Jo's Hteamern 
for the Upper Ottawa; huH three mailN during Hummer and two durn'; 
winter from Ottawa back and forward Montreal and Dominion Telcgrapli 
Cob have otHcce here. Population about 3,000. 


Allen Wi Ilium .1, boot and shoe- 
maker, Main h h 
Archambault (teorge, carpenter, 

Broad w nide 
Ayleii Jamef), m d, physician and 

Hur^^eon, Eanlley road 
Aylen John, advocate, Eardley road 
Aylen Peter, advocate, Bancroft 

cor Thomas 
Aylmer Tannery, J & W MoLean, 

Aylmer Times, (weekly) M T IlaF- 

dane«fc Co, publishers, s nideMain 
Bai'ilie James, cabinetmaker, Main 

n side 

Builier Wm, cabinetmaker. Main n s 
Beaudry Amable sr, carpenter 
i>eaudrv Amable jr, carpenter, e s 

Blewett Richard, blacksmith, n a 


Bouoner Frank, mei chant, Main 
Bourgeau Alexandre, official as- 
signee, agent Upper Ottawa 
Steamboat Co, clerK of commis- 
sionere' court, market square e s 
British America Hotel, Ritchie, 

Brown Jauiee, merchant, Main 
Brown John C, clerk U Forwarding 
Co, Main s side 

Brunet Rev, parish priest 

Christ Church, Church of England, 
Charles n side 

Christian Brothers' School, Broad 
e side 

Church C M, physician and sur- 
geon. Main 

Church Hon L Uugglep, attv-genl, 

(Fleming, Church A Kenny,) 

ClauKon John, bailit!', Eardley n s 
Cole E A, merchant. Main 
Cole Henrv, clerk, Charles 
Cormier Nascisse E, storekeeper, 

Market Square, n s 
Coutlee L M, sheriff of the district 

of Ottawa 
Cuzner Murk, tinsmith, Bancroft 

w side 
Darraody William, trader. Main s s 
Davis James, butcher. Front w side 
Denault Ferrier, wheelwright. Main 

s side 
Devlin Charles, mayor, merchant, 

Bancrofl w side 
Dominion Hotel, Patrick Riley, 

prop, cor Main and fiancroA 
Dominion Telegraph Comp'y, Mian 

Hodges, operator 
Dorion Edouard,chairinaker, Front 
Driscoll Alfred, clerk of the peace 

and circuit court, prothonotary 

superior court, office court house, 

h Main s side 
Dumouchel Geo L, notary public, 

cor Main and Bancrofl 
Estate Robert Conroy, J T Lambert, 

agent. Main n siae i 
Fincfiay Captain Robert, Front 
Flatters J T, bailiff, Main 
Fleming Church & Kenny, advo* 

cates. Main n side 
Fleming John R (Fleming, Church 

& Kenny) Main 
Fogarty Richard, dry goods. Court 

w sii^e 

jr. W. KEHHT & SONS, Merobaut Tailors, OntfiUers and direct Importers of English and 
Scotoh dlotiis and Tweeds, and Irish Frieies, 149 Sparks Street. Ottawa. 



iismith, Bancroft 
, trader, Main n »< 

mayor, mercbaat, 


\airinaker, Front 

erk of the peace 

urt, prothonotary 

office court house, 

dry goods, Court 

orterB of English and 
Mt. Ottawa. 

T. W. KHVT * Miri, Ibmuuit Tallon, Outflttan and dirMt Impwtan sf IngUtk 
•ai leot«h Olothi and TwMdi, and Inah Fi*m«i, 146 •parki Itnet, OtUwa. 

Godwin JuHeph J, liarnesHiiiaker, 

Qordon Asa, advocate, Court w side 

Qravel Edouard, tinninith, Main s s 

Gravel Franuois, tinsmith, Front 

Greenleene Stephen (Grecnieese & 
Dewar), cor Court ami Charles 

Qreenleese & Dewar, dry soods and 
groceries;, cor Court and CharloH 

Guertin George & Nelson, hotel- 
keepern. Square 

Ouimon'l Epnrini, prop'r Ayhner 
Hotel, Hiver Hliore cor Main 

Haldane Maik, jailor, Court ilouse 

Howard T, druggint, Main 

HodgeH Williuni K, i>ateiit medi- 
cines and Htationery, Main 

Holt Moses Alfred, propr Ottawa 
Hotel, Main n side 

Irish Henry, hotelkeeper. Main 

Kenny Rowrt, dealer in thorough- 
bred stock, Thomas 

Kenny William, wheelwright. Front 

Kenny Wm K, (Fleming, Church 
& Kenny) Main h side 

Klock Hobert H, lumberer, Ban- 
croft w side 

Lafontaine Hon A, judge of sup- 
erior court 

LauzoD Emery, merchant. Main s s 

Lindsay Archd, axe maker, shingle 
and lumber manufacturer, at the 
Jjkke, b Front 

Lucas Samuel B, PLS, MJ" st 

Locbnan Wm, grocer 

McArtliur James, provincial land 
surveyor, Front 

McLean John (of J & W McLean), 
Main s side 

McLean J & W, groceries and dry 

McLeod Malcolm, district magintr'te 

Martin John, shoemaker, main s s 

Martin William, shoemaker, corner 
Court and Charles 

Meech Charles G, lumberman, 
Main st 

Marchand L, carpenter and painter, 
Broad st 

Millarky Patrick, plasterer, market 
square e side 

Montreal Telegraph Co'y, John R 
WoodS) operator, post office, Main 
n side 

Mulligan James, baker, butcher 
and livery stable keeper. Main n s 

Mur|/hx John M, millwright. Main 

H Ptde 
Newman Jolm, provincial land sur* 

veyor and fiirnier, Eardley road 
Ottawa Hotel, Alired Mones Holt, 

prop, n H Main 
PalnitT Wallace L, saddler and 

harness maker, Main s side 
Parker Harvey, farmer j Eardley rd 
Perrault Jean j blaekHmith, Thomas 

n side 
Post Otfice, John R Wcxxls, post- 
master, Main n nide 
PrentinH Thou. as B, gen'l hardware 

Main n nide 
Rajotte Alexis, captain steamboat 

Oregon, Main w Hide 
Ranger Andre, grocer and earthen- 

ware dealer, Eardley road . 
Riley Patrick, pro Dominion Hotel 

cor Main and Bancroft 
Ritchie Matthew, hotelkeeper. Main 

n side 
Ritchie Robert, butcher. Main a a 
Rivet LouIh, joiner, Thomas n side 
Roney Mrs J J, general dealer, 

cor Bancroft and Thomas 
Rouleau Charles B (Wright k Rou- 

leau^ Main 
Roy Wm, carpenter. Court 
Roy Fran9oi8, carpenter. Court e s 
Sayer Robert H, baker, cor Charles 

and Bancroft 
Slater John, grocer. Front 
Smith Rev Percy W, ch of England 

Charles n side 
Smith Thonmrt, black and white- 
smith. Main s side 
Sparling Rev W J, Wes M minister 

SymmeH Tiberius W, ooUec'r inland 

revenue. Main n s, h Charles n 8 
Symmes Thomas, Florist, Broad st 
Symmes E A Mrs, ;private school. 

Broad st 
Thicke W H, confectioner. Main 
Thistle Wm, lumberer. Main n side 

Union Forwarding Com'v, machme 
shop and ship yard, John 
Brown, agent 

Whalen J T, stonemason and plas' 

terer. Main st 
Woods John R, postmaster, Main n s 
Wright & Rouleau, advocates, 

barristers, &c. Main 
Woods E, MD, Eardly st 

U, B, Sefleotor Oompany. Q, 0, SEIFFENBIEIH, Q«B«ral Agmt. 






.'I' I k 







>• ' 

■^! V*:- 


V ■'■ 

^'k k 


• h 

iMf ; <i 


\. I 




,\V, .■'■,' 



deal OU OooklBg Stoves. 0. 0. BSIFFXmTEQT, Gtenenl Agent 


Charles Devlin, mayor; councillors, Alfred Driscoll, Wm Kenny, 
James Mulligan, Alexr Bourgeau, Thomas Symmes, James McArthur; 
Secretary-Treasurer, W R Kenny. 


Chri'it Church of Englatid.—Rev P W Smith, Rector. 

Preabytaian Church. — Rev , minister 

Roman Catholic Church. — Rev Father Brunet, P P 
Wealeyan Methodist Church. — Rev W J Sparling, minister 


Steamboats. — "Ann Siseon," "Jessie Caseele," " Chaudiere," "Em- 


Steama:—" Monitor.'* 

Superior Court. — Hon Aime La Fontaine, judge ; H Driscoll, prothon- 
otary ; L M Coutlee, sheriff 

Circuit Court. — H Driscoll, clerk 


Ottawa District. 

Aylmer Circuit Court 7th to 12th February, June and November. 

" Superior Court :. 13th to 19th " " " 

Papincauville Circuit Court.... 7th to 10th January, May and September. 
Buckingham " " 17th to 20th " " " 

Portage du Port " " 2nd to 7th March, 20 to 25 June, 3 to 8 No* . 

Cbapeau Village " " 8th to 11th March, 26 to 29 June, and Oct. 

LaChute " " 12th to 16th Jan, 26 to 29 May, 12 to 16 Sept 

Appeal side, 11th to 21st (inclusive) March, June, September and December. 
Magistrate's Court. — Malcolm McLcod, Esq, district magistrate for the 
district of Ottawa. 


District of Ottawa. 

In Hull, from 20th to 25th of January, March, April, July, September and 

November, inclusive. 
In Papineauville, from 2[2nd to 26th of February, May, Jane, August, 

October and December, inclusive. 
In Countv of Pontiac, at Portage du Fort, from 10th to 13th January, 

March, May, July, September and November, inclusive. 

Commissioners^ Oowt. — Alex Bourgeau, clerk. 


Alonzo Wright, M P, president ; Robt Kenny, vice-president i T W 
Bymmesj, secretarytreasurer ; directors, Robt H Klock, Harvey Parker, 
CTeorjge Kadmore, Andrew Prichard, Luther Eldey, John Mather, JameH 
Cassidy, E B Eddy, David Moore, George Lynk, Hiram Robinson, F X 
Bovier, Joshua li^llard, William Allen. 

Z. W. K£innr t BOHB, Merohut Tailora, Ontfltters and direct Importen of Engliib osd 
Sootoh Olothi tad IvMdi, and Iiiih Frieies, 148 Sparka Btmtt, Ottftwa. 

DriacolU prothon- 

ne and November. 



T. W. KXRIT * SONS, Kerohant Tailors, Outfltten and dinot Importan of Bnglith 
and Booteh Clothi and Tweedt, and Irish Frinet, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 


Is a Village of about 800 inhabitants, situate in the Township of Buckiughain, 
County ot Ottawa. It is Tour miles distant from the Ottawa River, and has 
two large lumbering establishments— those of James McLaren & Co. and 
Messrs. Ross Bros. — which give employment to most of its inhabitants. 
The Buckingham Manufacturmg Company's mills are situated at the Basin 
on the River du Lievre, (which divides the Village of Buckingham,) about one 
mile from the Ottawa, where quite a village is now rising, there being at 
pre&ent a post office, telegraph ottice, two hotels and several stores at that 
point. The line r.f the Northern Colonization Railway passes through the 
village. The water-power is extensive, and is likely, at no distant date, to 
make it a place of importance. The Dominion of Canada Plumbago Co.'s 
property is situated in the Township of Buckingham, about six miles from 
the village, and eighteen miles from Ottawa. It consists of 1,250 acres of 
land and an unfainng water-power. Judging from the assay of the ore, 
the extent of the lode or vein, and the proportions of the Company now form- 
ing, this enterprise promises an extensive business for that part of the 

Principal Streets and Merchants, dee. 

Streets. — Main, Charles, Pine, East, running north and south ; Joseph, 
Denis, Church, Water, West, running east and west. 

Saw Mitts. — James McLaren & Co., Water power; Ross Bros., water 
power ; Cameron, Martin & Scott, steam power. 

Merchants.— -J amee McLaren & Co., Ross Bros., James Wilson, Emanuel 

Merehants,vnth Liquors, d;c. — Isodore Bernardin, James Martin, William 
O'Neil, James Mc Andrews, Rose McCabe, Patrick Kelly. 

Shoemakers.-— "M. H Palmer, John Bernardin, Jno McLennan, E Lalonde. 

Blacksmiths. — John Gelino, Michael Moran. 

Tinsmith. — Charles Canipeau. 

Whedwrights. — Joseph Filliatrault, John Jollineau. ■ 

Saddlers. — James Davis, Thomas Julien. 

Stage Proprietor and Livery Stables. — J W Lynch. 


Ottawa House. — ^Michael Bush. 

Buckingham House. — Alfred Hewson, L Labouglie. 

Montreal House. — James H Lynch 

Quebec House. — Joseph Cloutier. 

LeUmde House. — V Lelonde. 

Mnnidpal Connoillors. 
John Cosgrove, mayor, J. P.; John Higginson, John Gelineau, George 
Carrier, J F McAndrew, Dr. H H Sauve, Charles Gompeau. 

Queen Fire Ciompany. i .n 

J F McAndrew, captain ; James Martin, lieuteDant ; Michael Morone, 

Conunissionen' Conrt 
M H Palmer, H H Sauve, Thomas Spooner, M Leraouche. 

Oirouit Gonrt 
Judge Lafontaine, president ; E W Murray, clerk. 

Goal Oil Lamps, 4co. 0. 0. BEIFFEHBTEIN, General Agent 



': h I 
■'. h. 1 






,!s 1.1.1 


■••tifll 'H 





? V 



i ! 

^" .ft 



"SmIUi Zdft " Oompany of ITew 7ork. 9. C. BEIFFElTSTEIir, Gfeaeral Agtai 


Blondin L O, notary public 
Boileau M, m d 
Boadin J B A, notary public 
Backingbam Convent, Sister Fitz- 

patrick, superioress 
Gharbonneau Adolph, bailiff 
Christian Brothers, P Robeure, 

Penner Charles, photographer 
Home Predk, Presbyterian minister 
Lanagan Patrick, Montreal t«legrph 

LeBougler L P 

Lehaie J, contractor and builder 
McLaren Jas W, saw niill supt, 

J McLaren & Co 
McCabe James, saw mill and raw 


McCoy Peter, bailiff 
Michel F, R C P P 
Monsoon £, artist 
Murphy B, contractor and builder 
Murray Edmund W, auctioneer 
Parker J L, saw mill sunt, Ross Bros 
Parker & McDermott, Pioneer mill, 

planing, shingle, sash and door 

and moulding 
RoUiotte John, incumbent, Church 

of Endand 
Sauve H H, M D 
Wallace J W, m d 
Wilson Fred, Dominion telegrapji 

Wilson James, postmaster 

■,^X'^ r-^ 


A small village situated on the west side of the Gatineau river, in the 
township of Hull, and countv and district of Ottawa. That part of Chelsea 
called "Old Chelsea" is aoout a mile distant from the village proper, 
which is situated about half a mile from "Gatineau Mills," The scenery 
in this vicinity is very fine, and the lakes adjacent are becoming a favorite 
resort of the citizens of Ottawa, a number of whom are now building 
summer residences around the nearest lake — in an admirable location ; 
being salubrious, contiguous to village, post office, telegraph, &c.,and, at the 
same time, as retired and secluded as can be desired. There are three 
churches — Roman Catholic, in Old Chelsea, and Presbyterian and Wesleyan 
Methodist, in New Chelsea; a fine Town Hall, and a very creditable model 
school house. Distant from Ottawa, 8 miles. Daily stage from Ottawa; 
fare, 50 cents. Population 250. 


Aitcheson William, foreman 
Ardies Robert, shoemaker 
Barnes William, millwright 
Boland John, peddlar 
Brooks John, farmer 
Burrows A Beaucage, butchers 
Burke Miss, school teacher 
Burke James, tavern 
Burrows Henry, tavern 
Chamberlin C W, contractor and 

Chamberlin John, carpenter and 

Chamberlain Joeiah junr, saw mill 

Church Gardener junr, saw mill 
Church Gardener, farmer 
Church Selden, tanner 
Church & Dewar (Horace A Church 

Charles A Dewar) general store 
Conley Miss E, asst school teacher 
Corrigan Austin, store 
Day Ciharles, tailor 
Dean Edward, tavern 
Derby Richard, shoemaker 
Grogan James, blacksmith 
Foley John, R C priest 
Herbert Henry, shoemaker 
Hudson John, farmer 

T. W. XEVNT & BONB, Merohant Tdlois, OatfitterB and direot Importari of Engllih and 
Scotch OIoUm and Tweedi, and Irlih FrlMei, 149 Sparks Strwt, OtUwa- 



Q«&eral Agent. 


tor and builder 
r, auctioneer 
11 supt, Robs Bros 
ott, Pioneer mill, 
, sash and door 

iumbeut, Church 

ninion telegraph 

neau river, in the 

at part of Chelsea 

16 village proper, 

8," The scenery 

coining a favorite 

are now building 

mirable location ; 

1, &c.,and, atthe 

There are three 

ian and Wealeyan 

_r creditable model 

ige from Ottawa; 

junr, saw mill 

Horace A Church 
ir) general store 
St school teacher 



ort«n of Eagliili and 
t, Ottawa- 

T. W. BXNITT ft SOirS, Merehant Tailora, Outfttten aud direct Importers of English 
and Scotch Cloths and Tweeds, and Irish Frieies, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

Kingsburv Charles, tavern 
Leppard Philip, blacksmith 
Link George, farmer 
McAdam Thomas H, .shoemaker 
McDonald Peter, tailor 
Mcljeod Peter, foreman 
McLeod William, blacksmith 
McMullen James, tavern 
McPhail D G, clerk 
Moore Thos, tavern 
Neve Reginald, clerk 
Prentiss H B, poist office, general 

Reynolds Patrick, plasterer 
Smiley Jonathan, school teacher 
Smith Rev F, Episcopal Anglican 

Steele William, farmer 
Strachan Thomas, farmer 
Struthera James, temperance house 
Sparling Rev W H, Wesleyan 

Trowse Philip, shoemaker 
Wales N B, M D 
Welch Martin, farmer 
Wright C C, farmer 

There is a lodge of T. 0. G. T. No. 106 here, which meets every Tuesday 
evening; and L. O. L. No. 32, which meets on first Wednesday of each 

The Municipal Council for west part of Township of Hull, holds 'ts 
f-ensions here on first Monday of each month. 

Names of Councillors. — Timothy MofFatt, mayor; Henry Crilly, 
Michael Burke, junr, Martin Fleming, James McClelland, Joseph Nadon, 
Luther Edey; Fl-eau de Coeli, secretary-treasurer. 


A flourishing Village, situated on the western bank of the Gatineau River, 
in the Township of Hull, County and District of Ottawa. The extensivf 
laaw mills of Messrs Gilmour & Co, iire situated here, which give employ- 
ment to a large number of people. The scenery in the vicinity is much 
admired. Montreal Telegnipii Company have an ofHce here. Distant from 
Ottawa 8^ miles. Mail daily ; fare 50 cents by stage. Population, 500. 

Armstrong Robert, blacksmith 

Barnes Jonn, millwright 

Chitty George L, book-keeper and 

operator, M T Co 
Clarke John, clerk and operator 
Evans David, clerk 
Edmonds George^ cook 
Di'smarais Eusebe, foreman 
Gilmour & Co, saw mills, store 
Gardner Benjamin, culler 
Greig John, clerk 
Hamilton James H, clerk 
Hall James, millwright 
Hall Richard, millwright 
I' Hall William, foreman 
Jones John A, carpenter 

Link Crawford, watchman 
Maguire Patrick, foreman 
Mather John, manager for Gilmour 

Mather D L, clerk 
Montreal Telegraph Company, G L 

Chittv, operator 
Milne Peter, foreman and culler 
McCaul John, foreman 
Smith Rev Alexander, presbyterian 

Steele James, gardener 
Smith Elijah, blacksmith 
Urquhart Andrew, saw trimmer 
Sleeman Richard, foreman 

n. S. Beflsotor Company. 0, 0. BEEETEHSTEIN. Oensial Agent 





'.- I i ■ 5 1 '■: 

1' ' ' 

'. '^^T': "^"'. " ' j^' J ..v*v"' . * 


i''t^ ■;.|r'*'"v 


Architecttiral Iron Worlu Company, 1T.7. G. C. EEIFFENSTEIIT, Agnii 


A Hinall Village on the west side of the (Jatineaii River, in the Titwnship of 
Hull and County and District of Ottawa. The celebrated Hull iron m'uw* 
ore about a mile distant Iruni this villaire, ami the lumber yard of Mesfr.-. 
Gilmour lit Co, of Gutincau Milln, is situaied iit're. Distant from Ottawa, 
three miles. Mail daily ; fare 25 cents by stage, i'upulation, l^00. 

Higiiland Tlionias, blacksmith 
Hi<:lilaiid James, farmer 
Lesage Joseph, pilot 

Bates Henry, store k?eper 
Boucher George, laborer 
Corrigan Austm, tavern, postmaster 
Cole h J, clerk 
Chitry C D, clerk 
Cameron Hugh, farmer 
Curtiss John, blacksmith 
Desmarais Tliomas, general store 
Donnelly Horace W, clerk 
Fenton John W , culler 
Freeuian Wm, tanner 
Gallipeau Moise, jobber 

McGoey Thos J P, sup't Gatineau 

Murtauifh John, farmer 
Nadon Josi-pli, jobber, store keeper 
O'Brien John, farmer 
O'Brien Thomas, farmer 
Read H, tavern 
Thorpe C, baker 
Wright Alonzo.M P. 



Opposite Bnssell Honse, Ottawa. 
W. H. Walker. R Cassbls, Jr. P. Pennook, Jr. 


RIDEAIT STREET, Near Sappen' Bridge, 




THE above popular Restaurant has been enlarged by tlieaddition of several 
I spacious and well furnisbed rooms on the .leeond story . 
The finest Luncheon and Dining Rooms in the city. 


Gentlemen honoring this Establishment with their patronage may rely. 
strict attention being paid to their orders. 

Liquors, Wines and C'lrars of the best brands, 
LunoUepu served at all lioure. 

lElS, ii^^i 

I the Township of 
I Hull iron niiiu- 
T yard of Mesur.-. 
ant from Ottawa, 
iuii, :500. 

,s, blackHniith 
P, aup't Gatineau 


obber, store keeper 
9. farmer 




p. Pennook, Jr. 



lie addition of several 

Ijationage may rely. 

«v ■ " 



Arohitectnral Iron ¥orl(s 'jompsay, 1T.7. Qt, C< SEIFFBNSTEIN, Agent. 


dTT OFFICIALS, (OtriCES City Hall.) 

J. P. Feathsrston, Mayor, 


VicTOBU Ward.— .\. Pratt, E. H. Bronson, iicon David. 

Wellington W.vku.— C. \V . Bangs, Amos Howe, A. J. Christie. 

St. Oeorge's Ward. — W. H . Waller, Tlioa. Birkett, John P. Robertson 

Br Ward John Honey, b\ McDougai, P. H. Chabot. 

Ottawa Ward. — 0. A. Kocque, Jaa. O'Connor, F. X. Groulx. 

Offloen of the Corporatioii. 

W. P. Lett, city clerk j Henry Jackson, asat. clerk ; W. P. Lett, junior 
clerk; W. H., Thonipsoii, city cliamberlain ; Thos. W. Thompson, aest. 
chamberlain ; Thos. H. Kirby, city collector ; Robert Surtees, city engineer ; 
Hugh Conn, foreman Board of works; and J. C. Grant, clerk; William 
McViety, license inspector ; John Little, market constable ; Michael Nile, 
messenger; Wm. Cousens, Robert Stewart, Tisidore Traversy, assessors; 
W. P. Lett, registrar of births, marriages and deaths; R. O'Reilly, James 
Lindsay, auditors. 

Folioe Ck)art, 

The ^fayor, Judge of County Court, and Police Magistrate, Commis- 
sioners; Martin O'Gaia, police magistrate; W. P.Xett, clerk, Thos. Lang- 
rell, chief Qfpolicei P. S.^Hamilton, detective; R. L. Hornidge, D. O'Keefe, 
sergeants; Peter McKeuna, John McKenna, Ja*. Mitchell, Thos. Mc- 
Laughlin, On^sime Groulx, Celestin Pinard, Maxime Lepine, John Foran, 
■lames Raine, Wni. Schwitzer (St. Lawrence and Ottawa R. R.) Thomaa 
Graves (Canada Central R. R.) John Banning, Jas. Latimer, Wm. Vizard, 
D. O'Leary, Wm. Mitchell, Thos. O'Neill, Hugh Hassard, Samuel 
Thompson, constables. 

Health Inipecton, 

John Brown, N. Atkinson. 

Tariff of Chai^ies 

For Licensed Carriages for the Conveyance of Passengers for hire loithin the 

City of Ottawa. 

XIIL That the following rates are hereby established as the proper and 
legal rates and charges for the conveyance of passengers within the City of 
Ottawa, between the hours of five o'clock m the forenoon, and eleven 
o'clock in the afternoon, — and at all other hours double rates shall be 
proper and le^al, and may be exacted where no agreement for a less sum has 
Deen entered into between the parties. 

Two Horse Vehicle, 
1. For the conveyance or carriage of any niimber of passengers not tx* 
ceeding four, in a carriage, sleigh, or other vehicle drawn by two horses^ 
when hired by the hour, or when the time occupied amounts to or EXOBEDd 
ONE hour — 

For the first hour $1 00 

And for each subsequent quarter of an hour 15 

Bach additional passenger for the first hour 20 

And for each subsequent quarter of an hour 05 

T, W. KBNNY tL SOHS, Herohut Triors, Ontfittertt and direct Importers of Engliill and 
Bcotch Clothe and Tweedt' and Irish Friezes^ 149 Bparise Street, OttawSi 

II '(,' 

,1 1 












'> i' 

If ' k: 


i : i 


(,: %i: '_ 



T. W. KENNT ft 80H8, Merehant TaUon, Ontfitten uid dinot Importm of English 
and Booteh Cloths and Tweedi, and Iiiah Frieiea, 149 Sparlj Street, Ottawa. 

One Horse Vehicle. 

2. For U»e conveyance or carriage of any nuinlior of paaeongers not ex- 
ceeding THREE, in a carriage, sleieli, or other vehicle drawn by one horse, 
when hired by the hour, or when tne time occnpied amounts to or kxckkds 


For the first hour |0 75 

And for each subafequent quarter of an hour 10 

And for eacli additional passenger for the first liour 20 

And for each subsequent quarter of an hour 05 

3. For the conveyance of one passenger from any of the Carter's Stand, 
or from one part of the city to one or more places consecutively, in said city, 
provided the time occupiea in conveying and waiting for such passenger 

Do not exceed fifteen minutes f 25 

And for each additional passenger 10 

If time occupied exceeds 15 minutes but not 30 minutes 40 

And for each additional passenger 15 

And lor each subsequent 10 minutes after first 30 minutes 10 

And for each additional passenger 05 

But if the time occupied continuously whilst any such vehick shall beintiie 
employ' of the same person or persons amounts to or exceeds one hotir, then 
the rates by the Lour as aforesaid shall only be proper and legal, and no 
higher rate's shall be legal. 

4. That each passenger shall be entitled to take with him or her one 
trunk and other baggage to a reasonable extent, tree of charge, and it shall 
lie the duty of the person in charge of any such vehicle to load and unloaJ 
the same free of charge. 

5. That children under five years of age shall not be charged for as ad- 
ditional passengers, and children over five years and under twelve years of 
age shall not be charged for as additional passengers more than half rates. 

Fire Department. 

Wm. Young, Chief Superint&uleni ; Paul Favukau, Asst.-Supefintendenf. 
G. F. Maodonald, Superintendent Fire Alarm. 

Joseph A. Smith, engineer of st«amer "Conqueror." 

Alex. Peacock, stoker " '• . 

James Reilly, driver, " *• 

C. Taylor, driver hose reel. • 

— Johnston, " " 

Ottawa Capt. W. McCaffrey, and 30 members. 

Chaudibre Capt. Thos. Keanc, and 30 members. 

Central Hook &, Laddkr Capt. D. Robertson, and 25 members. 

Sappiurs Capt. W. O. McKay, and 26 members. 

Union Steamer, Chaudiere, Capt. John Albert, and 30 Inembers. 

Conqueror Hose Company Capt. G. Peacock, and 30 members. 

How CompaniM. 

For Fire Station Victoria Ward.—Sos. Mills, Guardian ; F. McCawley, 
Patrick Murphy. 

Wellington Ward. — Thomas Stansford, Guardian ; Hugh Latimei', 
F. McNight. 

St. Georgia Ward. — F. Graham, Guardian; Joseph Manners; Albert 
McLean . 

By Ward. — Win. Walsh, Guardian; Juhn Corbett; Elzear Favreau. 

Ooal OU Lamps, di,o, a. 0. ECUTEIIBTEIN, G«ner»l Agent. 

)' ■ 

', and 30 lueuibei's. 
, and 30 memberr'. 

and 25 members. 

,and 26 members. 

and 30 Ineinbcrf'. 

and 30 menibtrs. 

in 5 F. McCawleyj 

; Hugh Latiiuci', 

Manners; Albert 

ilzear Favrean. 
A Agent 



S. Morgaiuf' Sons " Sapolia" 9. 0. KSIFFZITSTEIIT, Qtnenl Agnt. 

lire Signali. 

Victoria Ward, No. 1; Wellington Ward, No, 2; St. George's Ward, 
No. 3 ; By Ward, No. 4 ; Ottawa Waril, No. 5. 

last of Signal Boxes, Fire Alarm Telegraph. 











Cor. KtiMwll Hoimo. 

" 8narkN and O'Connor 8ts. 

" Elgin nnd (tloiicester 8t8. 

' t)'C(innor and (Jlointestor Hts 

' M.irJH nnd Hank Hin. 

" Wellington nud KcntStn. 
U. T. Engine Uonse, Sally St. 
Coi\ Vittoria and Sally St». 

" Bay and Maria Sl.s. 

•• I'1(!t'k'M FDimdry, Welling- 
ton Street. 

" Nei)€an and ConccsHion, 
AHliburnhani Hill. 

" Maria & Cambridge Sts. 

" Duke and Queen 8tH.,we8t 

" Wellington and Broad 8ta. 

" Broad and Q\icen Sts., west 

" Broad nnd Oregon StH. 

" Booth'H Office, Vic. Island. 

' ' BrouBon and Weston's, Vic. I. 

" Sussex nnd RIdeau Sts. 

26 Cor. Ridcan nnd Besserer Sts. 

9t» " Wilbrod and Cuinbcrla'dSti. 

27 " Nicliolas and Theodore Sts. 

28 Fire Ation, St. Paul Street 
HI " Rmeau and King Sts. 

;t2 " Rideau and FrieT Streets. 
34 '• Daly and Chaiiel Sts. 
as *• Wilbrotl and Nelson Sts. 

3« Protestjint Hosptta!, Uideuu St. 

87 Currier's Mill, Canal Bnsin. 

41 Fire Station, Oeoive St. 

42 Fire Station, Cumberland St. 

43 Coi. Clarence and Sussex Stti. 
43 " Sussex and York Sts. 

51 " Sussex and Water Sts. 

52 " Ualhousie and Church Sts. 
6;( " Cumlierl'dandCathoartSts. 
04 " Dalhousie andRailw'yI>ei>ot 
(Jl McLaren's Mills. 

(i2 Cor. St. Patrick and Nelson Sts. 
as " Chapel and Clarence Sts. 

Water Works, (Offick, Rideau Street.) 

Francin Cletnow, chairman; JTC Beaubien, M D, Thomas Coffey, 
James Cunningham, John Sweetland, M D, commissioners; C R Cunning- 
ham, secretary ; T C Keefer, engineer ; F A Wise, resident engineer ; C H 
Keefer, W L Scott, ansistant enp'neers; W Kennedy, mechanical engineer; 
James Kennedy, draughtsman . John Penuock, collector of water rates ; W 
G Williams, porter. 

Post Office, (eloin street.) 

OfKce hours, 8 a. m. to 7 p. m. 

G P Baker, pu^>tll)u^<ter; Frank Hawken, assistant postmaster ; Fleming 
French, Chas S Scc-tt, E B Bates, E S McDcrmott, E J O'Connor, Charles 
Shaw, Geo W Baker, Philip A Maingy, Daniel B Gordon, James Smith, 
Wm O Mercer, Henry S Shaw, Albert A Smith, C Pope, E BWood, H O'Neil, 
Isidore Traversey, jr., J F O'Connor, lievi McCullough, clerks; Frank 
McDonald, Moses Whitty, temporary clerks. Supt. ofCan-iera — Jno Brown. 
Collectors of Letters — William Darcy, W Goodwin. Letter Carriert — Vincent 
Daze, P LaBue, James Holland, T S Warwicker, E Daze, A Qauthier, 
H Poole. Messenyer—Remy Du^gan. 

Rates of Postage. 

Canada Post Card, one cent. Canada Post Card for U. S., one cent. 

Exceptional Postage — Postage on letters under one-half ounce to Hull, 
New Edinburgh, Rochesterville and Mount Sherwood, one cent if prepaid, 
if unpaid two cents. 


Canada, includintr Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, Vancouvsr's 
Island and Red River, 3 cents — must be prepaid. 
Newfoundland, 6 cents — must be prepaid. 
United States, 3 cents — nmst be prepaid. 
United Kingdom, by Canadian or New York Pack ^ts, 5 cents. 

T. W. EENNT & SONS, Merchant Tallori, Outfitters and direct Importers of EiglUll ud 
Sootoh Cloths »nd Tweeds, and Irish Fiieies, 140 Sparks Street, Ottawa> 


X. li;!. 


ll If 

!!; '.> 1 


' lii 

-;. f'lil 




lA 1 v 


,■' ■'■u 


. : 

1 ^-^ 



l^ ■ I 


I ':'';; 

II i,:i^li 

(id « 







^«^^l III 


■■■' -■•■ ^ ■■-'■■'■■._. ^ ;■ ' ■'- ''V • ■»■ 4^ - 


T. W. Xmnrr * SOXI, Menhant TaUon, Oatfltten and dimt Iqiporton of SnglUh 
v^ Sootoh Cloths ftod Tweeda, and Irish Frieies, 140 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 


Printed and publiHlicd in Canada, and posted from utfico of piihlicatioD. 
1 cent per pound weight — must be prepaid. 

Onr ■'iiigle Newppaper weighing;; lesn than one muice may he eent for 
\ cent, prepaid. 


Otlier newspapcrs.^eriodicttlH, hooka, paniphleii^, o^canionul la'hlica- 
tioii", circnlarr', and gemral miscellaneous matter, to any part of Canada, 
Newloundla'-d, or the United States, 1 cent per 4 ozm., prepaid. To United 
Kingdom, if Canadian publications, per Canadian packet, 2 cents each 
prepaid . 


To any place in Canada.. Newfoundland, or the U S, 1 cent per 2 OJ!,, 
prepaid . 

Book-packets to the United Kingdom, '2 ozs 4cte, 4 ozb 6 cts, 8 ozs 12 cts, 
12ozs 18 cts, 16 ozs 24 cts, and so on. 


Not to exceed 4 lb to any part of Canada, 8 ozs 12.^ ct«, 1 Ih 26ct8, and 
BO on, 12^ cts per 8 ozs. 

Packets containing sampleii and patterns addressed to the United States 
are to he prepaid a uniform rate often cents each packet, and are subject to 
a special limit in weight of eight ounces. 


Can be obtained on all offices in the Dominion, Newfoundland, Great Britain, 
India and the United States. 


On orders up to , $ 4 2 cents 

Over $ 4 and up. to 10 5 •* 

" 10 " 20 10 " 

" 20. " 40 20 " 

« 40 " 60 30 « 

" 60 " 80 40 " 

", 80 " 100 50 " 

Jfi^No single Order to be granted for more than $100 and no half cents 
to be introduced in the Orders. 


Dramn in Sterling Motiey. 

On Orders up to £ 5.... 25 cents 

Over jC 6 and up to 10 50 " 

" 10 " 16 76 « 

" 15 " 20 1.00 " 


On Orders up to £ 2 25 cents. 

Over £2 and up to 5 60 " 

« 5 " 7 75 « 

"7 •' 10 1.00 " 


On Orders up to $20 26 ceiitH. 

" " " 40 50 " 

U. 8. Refleotot Oompsny. 0. 0. BETITEIfeTEIir, Oenersl Agent. 

■',■ ' ^ ■ 


I, 1 II) 25ct8,and 

d, Great Britain, 



80*1 Oil Cooking Storvi. a. 0. MOTEMTIIS, 0«n«r»l Agent. 

ii^»No single Order for over jClO to he granted on tlie United Kingdom, 
or for more than £20 on the Lower Province nai>ied, and no hail' pence to he 
introduced in the Orders. 

No Ordoi'H lo be {^ivi-ii on credit, und Bankable Money to bo exacted Vor 
the Order>. 

CuBtom Hotue. 

Offlcp liouvH, !> u. m. to 4 ;i. in. 

Z VVIIhom, ('ollector; Benjamin f Jo/don, 8iirveyor ; Christopher Carle- 
ton, chiel Liiidinu; waiter, searcher und clerk ; if T i'artram, lamling waiter, 
Hearcher an(! clerk ; W A MacAgy, nppraJHer ; Alex Hener, J B Staeey, and 
8 Cochrane Keir, landing waiters iin<l lockers; Hugh' MeLean, (temp) 
clerk; G J Ho;;! ;, (temp) asst apprulHer; 'VV M Somerville, meanurer and 
Hurveyor of shipping; G 11 Johnston, messenger. 

Inland Revenue DiTision of Ottawa and Pontiac, (Elgin Street.) 
Comprising the connties ol Carleton, Hiirieell, Ottawa and PonUac. 

Martin Buttle, collector; John M B Henry, depiitycollector; JamenM 
Brough, G S O'Brien, excise olticers. 

Crown Timber Office, (Cornkr ov Queen and Kent.) 

A J Ilussell, 3rov,n timber agent, inspector of crown timber agencies, 
and collector of slide ducH; C H MacNntt, asnistant; James Ritchie, senior 
clerk; A J Kuft.sell jnn. draughttsman; E T Smith, Simeon LaRose, clerkH, 
John Jackson, messenger; John Macdonald, deputy slide master and timber 
counter ; James 8lt;en, timber counter. 

Rideau Canal Office. 

Fred A Wise, superintendent engineer; Francis Abbott, bookkeeper ; 
James Carroll, foreman ; Robert W Cooper, clerk. 

City Registry Office, (Nicholas Street.) 

Alexander Burritt, registrar; Kingsforth Graburn, deputy registrar} 
Office hours from 10 a m to 3 p m. 

Board of Trade. 

Hon Jas Skead, president; E McGillivray, vice-president; James Cun 
ingham, treasurer; W M Somerville, secretary; Board Room Victoria 
Chambers, Wellington Street. 

Cottnc»7.— Thomas Patterson, W Pennock, Alex Workman, W M Somer- 
ville, F Clemow, Thos McGarity, J A Pinard, J W Russell, J F Caldwell, 
J C Brennan, R W Cruice, P.Baskerville. , 

Francis Clemow 
W Fingland 
D S Eastwood 

F Yielding 

Official Aasigiieet. 

Imer of Marriage Idoenaec. 


50 Elgin Street 
58 Sparks Street 
46 Sparks Street 

593 8t Paul Street 

J T C Beaubien, M D; Abraham Pratt ; H T Corbett, M D; J P Lynn, 

T. W. KSNNY & BONB, Merohant Tailors, Oatfitteis and direct Importers of English and 
gootoh Oloths and Tweedi, and Irish Friezes, 149 Sparks Street, Ottaw^. 

' -'^ >1 ! >\ 

it ;• 

. ■«, f'i. 


•i Ml' 


',fi>, *'. 



! ^ 

• ■ I '! .• 

U ! 


ii ■ ''I I 


T. W. KDIinr * MVI, Marohut Tailon, Ootflttort tad diraet ImporUn of Ingliah 
and 8«otdi Olotlu ud Tweedi, and Iriih FriesM, 148 8p«r]n Street, Ottawa. 


Board of Pablio Sobmd Tmiteet. 

Wellington fForrf.— Eilward C Burltcr iiml W Voiing, 

Viclorxa H'ord. — P LeSueur and E H BrmiHon. 

8t Otorge'K Ward. — .1 P Robertson and Jolili Grahnni. 

Bn JFord.— ThoH H Kirl.y and W Bclard. 

Ottawa Ward. — Hiram Robinson and 'J'lioniaN IlifFe. 

Chairman, Uirain Robinson; City Innpector of Public scbouli', Rev H 
J Borthwick, M A; Secretary to the Board, J Joyut; Mi-Hsenjier, Jolm 

Board of fJxaminera of Public School Teachers. — Rev H J Borthwick, 
M A, Chairman, Rev T D Phillipps, M A, A Pratt, Samuel Rathwell, John 
McMillan, B A, Secretary. 

Wellington Ward Ventral School West, ffmfh Streci.—E D Parlow, 
master, 6th class ; Maria E Butterworth, asst do, ith clasn ; J W McDowall, 
teacher, 4th clasn ; Eliza Living, asst do, 4tb clasH )C Campbell, teaclter, .3r(l 
class ; Maria G Toms, Ist asMt do, 3rrl clann ; Marv A Brown, 2nd aHHtdo, 3r(i 
class; Agnen W Fleming, teacher, 2nd clasn; Mary L Borthwick, teacher, 
1st class (prinmry) ; Sarch Clark, Int asst do, Ist rlasH (primary); Mary 
Patterson, 2nd asst do, 1st class (primary); Annie Dewart, ;^r<l asst do, ist 
class (primary). 

By Ward Central School East, Oeorge Street. — A Smirle, master, 6tli 
class; Mary Shapley, asst do, 6th clasri; J Munroe, teacher, 4th class; C 
Rathwell, asnt do, 4th class; D McArrdle, teacher, 3rd class; Annie Steacy, 
asst do, 3rd class; Isabella McMaster, teacher, 2nd class ; Catherine 
Pilson, teacher, Ist class (primary); Mary Hnntey, anst do, Ist clasH 

St George's Ward Primary School, Besserer Street. — W A Duncan, 
teacher, 3rd clans; Sarah Walsh, asst do, 3rd clans ; Agnes Forgie, teacher, 
2nd class ; Pauline Stoacy, asst do, Ist class. 

Ottawa Ward Pri\nary School, Bolton Street. — Thos Tubman, teacher. 

Victoria Wm-d Primary School, Duke Street. — A Lee, teacher, 3rd class ; 
Sarah Stewart, asst do, 3rd class; D Robertson, teacher, 2nd class; Florence 
Monteith, asst do, 2nd class; Elizabeth Stewart, teacher, 1st class; Margaret 
Shaw, asst do, 1st class. . ,,.. , , ., 

Roman Catfaolic Separate School Board, 

J W Peachy, Chairman ; Louis Tasse, Secretary ; Patrick O'Meara, 

2V»«/ee».--J Larose, E A Lapierre, W Pinley, J O'Connor, J Kelly, G 
Chouinard, R A Sims, T G Coursolles. 

SuperiiUendent. — Robert O'Reilly 

Cbriftian Brotbras Sobool, (Cornrr Sussex anr Church Streets.) 
Director. — Brother Andrew. 

Ckninty and Jndioial Offloen. 

County OJicers. r-County Town, Ottawa ; Ira Morgan, Warden ; William 
Cowan, Treasurer; Charles McNab, Clerk ; Rev John May, M A, Inspector 
of Public Schools; G B L Fellowes, Solicitor; Jas Cunningham ana Wm 
Corbett, County Auditors and Auditors of S'«hool Moneys; Dr Church, Sur- 
geon of the Gaol; R Sparks, P ii S, Cy Engineer; William Gordon, Cy 
Constable and License Inspector; Wm McEwen, Custodian. 

Babeook Fire Apparatna. 0. 0. BEIFFENBTEIN, Oeneral Aj^nt. 



Co«l Oil OoeklBg StoTti. Qt, 0. BSIFFENSTEIN, Gkntnl Agt&t. 

Judicial Officert. — W A Rose, County Judge; Robert L3'on, Junior 
County Judge; W M MatheHun, Master and Deputy RoKi^trar in Chancer^y ; 
Robert Leee, County Attorney and Clerk of the Peace; W P Pnwell, Hherilf, 
County of Carleion ; John' Niciiolnon, Deputy Sherill'; JunieH Fraaer, 
Deputy Clerk of f^own, Clerk of COunty Court, and Registrar of Surrogate; 
Alex "W Powell, Uaoler; H Nicholwon, Turnkey. 

Diviaioii Conrti. 

The Diviaion Courts, County of Carlcton, open at Noon in each Division, a» 


No. 2. Richmond, Wednesday, Feb;uary 3, April 14, June 16, August 
25, October 13, December 8. 

No. 3. Carp, Thursday, February 4, April 15, June 17, August 26, 
October 14, December 9. 

No. 4. Mohr's Corners, Friday, February 5, April 16, june 18, August 

27, October 15, Decennber 10. 

No. fi. North Oower, Tuesday, February 2, April 13, June 15, August 
24, October 12, December 7. 

No. 6. Metcalfe, Monday, February 1st, April 12, June 14, August 23, 
October 11, December 6. 

No. 7. Bell's Corners, Saturday, February 6, April 17, June 19, August 

28, October 16, December 11. 

First Division, Ottawa, held last Monday of each month. 
Appeals Jrom Courts of Revision, Tuesday, 20<A July, at Court House, 

County Court and General Sessions, 8th June, lith December. 
County Court without Jury, 5th April and 4<A October. 

County and Surrogate Terms, Ath January, Hth April, 5th July and 
ith October. 

County of Carlcton Registry Office. — Edward Sherwood, Registrar; 
Office hours from 10 a m to 3'p m. 

Justices of the Peace for the County of Carleton resident in the City 
of Ottawa.— Qeoree Hay, William H Thompson, Alexander Workman, 
Thomas Ungrell, W P Lett, Douald M Grant, Qeo King, M O'Gara, P. M. 


Bank of British North America.— :0<<a«>a Branch — Office, Welline- 
ton street. J Robertson, manager; E H Taylor, accountant; JC Welch, 
teller ; £ Hallamore, G A Robinson, J Fletcher, J G Taylor, clerka ; Jas 
Larden, porter. 

Canadian Bank of Comiierce. — Ottawa Branch — Office, Victoria 
Hotel Block, Wellington street. J H Pluinmer, manager ; W H Fitzgerald, 
accountant; R S Williams, teller; J H Thompaon, clerk. 

Merohants' Bank. — Ottawa Branch — Office, corner Sparks and Metcalfe 
streets. Thos Kirby, manager ; J C More, accountant; W^H Rowley, teller; 
C A Pipon, ledger-keeper ; John Edmonds, messen^ter. 

Bank of Montreal. — Ottawa Branch — Office, Wellington street. 
Andrew Drummond, manager; G S Robertson, accountant ; W S Smith, 
teller; 7 Hunter, H G Forsyth, R McLean, S E H Lane, J Maitland, 
F A Fleming, clerks; J C Kearns, messenger. 

i ix Banquk Nationals and SAyiNGS Bi.yiK..-^OHawa Branch — Office« 

; ; 



T. W. KENNT A. 80N8, Merohant Tailors, Ontfittni and direct Importsra of EttglUkaad 
Sootoh Olothfl and Iweedi, and Iiiili Frieies, U9 Sfsarks Stnet, OttowSi 


' ^li 

^. \^' %, i 

4 A 


I !- .]• 

I f; 


i- !;■}■ 


A-,' , 

•f ' 


T. W. mnnr * MKI, Menhuit Tailors, OutfltUn and dlnet Importen of Engliih 
and Sooteh Olotha and Twoeda, and Iriih FrieiM, 149 Sparks Streat, Ottawa. 

Wellington ntreot. 8 Benoit. Munux'T ; A I' A Uinlrot, nccountHnt ; A J S». 
Pierre, ledgir-kceper j V Drupiuu, V li I)iinioulin, cliTk«( A Martin, 

Ontario Bank and Savinos ^a-hk.— Ottawa Bnt/icA— OfRoe, north- 
east corner uf SpurkH und Metcalfe HtrcctH. J U VVooiloian, niatia^cr; (l K 
Bartlett, accountutit | J N K Christio, t«'llcr; J li MuiHlonald, tell«'r Htwinxx 
bank branch ; A W Powell, Icdger-kcejieri G L Teinpesit, clerk*, Patrick 
Fitzgerald, messenger. 

Bank of Ottawa and SAvixod Bank.— Office, Wellington street, woiith 
■idt», corner of O'Connor. P Bohertson, in(iiiuj!;er j EI) Arnaud, accountant; 
ABurwaph, teller; ^V J Christie, ledgiT-keiper ; Jus Martin, inesHenger. 

QuEBKO Bank anu Savixos Bank. — Ottawa Uranch — Oflice, Wellinglou 
street, opposite the Hoiihch ot Parliament. H V Noel, man iijicr j Juniin H 
Andernon, accountant; C V Noel, payinj; teller ; J M JohtiHton, receiving,' 
teller; C V Wurtele, deposit led-^er-lieeper ; J 11 Pinliey, diHcount clerk"; 
C A Moore, clerk ; John Civrletoii, ine:«pien<;er. 

Union Bank or L. C, and Savincis Bank. — Ottawa Branch — OHicr, 
corner of Ridoau and SuH.^icx Htreetn. 1) 8 EaHtwood, nmnager ; K 11 
Maguire, accountant; James Irvine, tirHt teller; E E Webb, fecond toller; 
C K ArniBtrong, ledger-keeper; J B Monk, clerk ; John Martin, tnesnenger. 


Civil Service BrauiNo and Savinos Socikty. — 8ubHcril)ed capital, 
$11.3,250; paid-up capital, $9'2,500 ; organized 18G6. President, J Langton ; 
vice-president, W H (Irittin ; (lirector.M, O W Wicksteed, E A Meredith, 
J F Taylor, Henrv Hiirtnoy ; n.iinagini; director, John Anhworth; seoretaiy- 
treasurer, Robert 5iinciiur;'Nolioitor, W McKay Wright; bankers, the Union 
Bank of Lower Canada ; C W Jenkin.s and R W Baxter, auditors. 

Metropolitan Buildino and Savinos Sociktv. — Office, Rideau street. 
Subscribed capital, $350,000; paid-up capital, $270,000; organized 18T0. 
H V Noel, preaident ; James Cunningham, vice-president; directors, .iolin 
Roberts, Roliert Blac/<burn, LI P, James Hope, J T Pennock, H N Bate, 
James Rochester; C H Pinhey, solicitor; C R Cunningham, secretary- 
treasurer; bankers, Quebec Bank. 

Mutual Building Society of Ottawa. — Subscribed capital, $234,200; 

g aid-up capital, $160,000. Office, 408 Sussex street. Established Mav, 1867. 
I McCormick, president; P A Ea:le,son, senr, vice-president ; John Stewart, 
H F McCarthy, A S Woodburn, G McEdwaru, and W H ClnlY, directors; 
R Lees, solicitor; J Egleson, secretary-treasurer; Bank ot British Nortli 
America, bankers. Annual meeting first Thursday in May 

Skoond Mptcal Building Sooikty or OTTAWA.—Meetings the third 
Thursday of each month. Otli' . 4!)8 Sussex street. .Sibscnbed capital, 
$720,000 ; paid-up capital, $ll5,0u<!. Prei^ident, P A F^ieson, senr. ; vice- 

£ resident, John Stewart; directors, H McCormick, H F McCarthy, G 
[cEdward, Chas Bryson; solictor. RobtLe«»; bankers. Merchants Bank 
of Canada; secretary-treasurer, i »n»ee Elg(eso«. 

La SociETE de CoNSTRroTi'/jr Canadievne D'Ottawa. — Incornorated 

27th April, 1874, under Cap ;')3 of rjie C S for U C. Directors— J A Pinard, 

president; TG Coursolles, vice- president; Samuel Benoit, Dr St Jean, Jos 

Ta8s6, A Rocque, Leon Dtivid ; N S BeuotI, 8Po-treas, H Lapierre, 8oli( i- 

; tor ; Pierre Mar;, r, inspector. 

U. 8. Be9eot» Company. G. C, RBTETBItTKIN, General Agent. 

»t, clerk ; Putrick 

ingliani, Hecretan- 



AnhltNittMl Iron Worlu Company, N.Y. d, 0. BEZI7EKSTZIN, Agtnt. 




Accidental of Canada Montreal .... W F Miiclianan, age 

ilitna ot Hurt ford, Fire Anu'iican .... I'cnnuck A Ci> 

Atlantic Mutual, Life American J (J Davin 

|{«Hver and Toronto Mutual, Fire Toronto .lacol) Krratt 

Briti»<li America, Fire do Geo ThompHon 

Canada Agricultural Montreal W EI Clull 

Canada Jjite Hamilton .. . .R II Haycock Age 

Citizen's Fire Life Guarantee & AccidentMontreal C DeHJHrdinB 

Comniercial Union, Firo Knu'liftli Geo 'I liompson 

Confederation Life Aosociation of CanadaToronto Neil McKinnon 

Connecticut Mutual, Life American .. . .JaN McCrncken 

Farmers' Mutual, Fire Hamilton C W Lindnav 

Harttord of Hartford, Fire A merican .... I'ennock & Go 

Lsolated ItiHk, Fire Toronto O'Connor AWaller 

Life AHuociation of Scotland Scottinli Pennock & Co 

Liverpool, London* Globe, Fire * LifcEndiBh GeoThompHon" 

London Fire A >flurance <lo do 

London and LancaHliire, Life do M Wliolehan 

Metropolitan, Life American. .. .1 A Mill 

New York, Life do .. .. VV MSomerville 

Niagara District, Fire 8t CatliarineH T 8 Stetliam 

North British and Mercantile, Fire English .... Pennock & Co 

Nortliern Life Assurance Hcottirth VVni White 

North-Western Life American ... .TSStetham 

Ottawa Aericultnral Ottawa Geo H Woodburn 

Phainix, Fire English J Durie«& Hon 

Phoenix Mutual, Life American O'Connor iWaller 

Provincial, Fire and Marine Toronto M Wholehan 

Queen, Fire and Life English O'Connor *Waller 

Roval Canadian, Fire, Life and Marine.. .Montreal . . . , R Angus, jun 

Royal, Fire and Life English T M Clark 

Scottish Amicable, Life Scottish T 8 Stetham 

Scottish Commercial, Fire and Life do RAneus,jun 

Scottish Imperial, Fire do Neil McKinnon 

^'•■""'^.lif • 'o ■• (iJji^n'irwVii 

Sun Mutual, Life McMtreal . ...G O Ritchie 

Toronto, Life Toronto G C McLaughlin 

Travelers' of Hill I lord, Accident* Life ^i*^ rican....RC W McCuaip 

Victoria, Fire Hamilton ....T S Stetham 

Western Assurance, Fire and MarinK- . .Toronto G P Druramond 

Quebec Fire Assurance Quebec do 

Tele grmfi Companies. 

. "- MoNTRiKAi. TELEOkAPH Go- 

Main Office, Metcalfe street . Branch offices — Parliament House, during 
pesaion; Russell House, Union House, Albion Hotel, Clarendon House, 
Battle Bros, Rideau street; Hamilton Bros, Sussex street; Queen's Wharf, 
St L and O R R denots, C C R station and Bridge street, Chaudiere ; C G R 
Ticket office, opp Kuseell House 

N W Bethune, district superintendent ) G F Macdonald, local manager; 
Higman, chief operator. Lewis Steacy, George Berry, C B Steacv, T W 
Mills, E T Steacy, receiving clerks; Wm Nichols, accountant; T Ahearn, 
N Boyd, H B Spencer, W Y Soper, J Hurley, J I^ockwood, A McCullough, 

T. W. KENNT 4c SONS, Merchant Tailors, Outfitters and diredt Importers of Bngliah and 
Scotch Olothi and Tweedsi and Irish Friezes, 149 Spaiks Street, Ottawa. 



' fit 


! t 

« 1 






1 h \ 



■ ! If h 

3i', I- 


'it " 



' 3 '>■- \ ■ 



1 , T •■' ■ 

1 «■ 

I % . k. -i:. * 


I; th 

T. W. KERHT * 80VB, XeNhMtt Tidlon, Outfltten ud diiMt Importm of English 
and leotoh Clotha and Twaedi, and Iridi Fxiam, 148 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

L M Fortier, H fiott, B Drew, operators; Kenneth Macdonald, batterynian; 
X Lefebvre and E Picard, line repairers. 

Dominion TsLEGBAPa Co. 

Main office, Elgin street. Branch offices — Parliament building, daring 
session, Russell House, E McGillivray's, Wellington street and York street. 

Joseph Atchison, manager; A F Boisoeau, receiving clerk; R Atchison, 
book-keeper; W Maber, T Hurley, J McMuliin, A Feaen, C Deejardins, A 
Dowdall, operators ; P Valois, repairer. • i 


Stiff Officer of Pensioners. — Capt Jamea Hesketh, 357 Sparks St. 
Pensioners paid on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd day of each quarter at the British 
Lion Hotel, Sparks Street. 

Voloutecr Kilitia Force. 

District Staff. — District No 4, Lieut-Col W H Jackson, DAG; 
Major Gregor Mattice, Brigade Major; Major David Wylie, Distiict Pay- 

Ottawa Field ^Battery — John Stewart, Captain Commanding; 
A 8 Woodburn, Paymaster ; Thos B Bentley, M D, Surgeon ; W McKay 
Wright and B Billings, Ist Lieut's ; B Savage, 2d Lieut; Jas Harris, Veter- 
inary Surgeon. 

Ottawa Brigade of Garrison Artit.ler?. — Lieut-Col James Egleson, 
Commanding, Arch'd Graham, W H Cluff, A P Patrick, Robert Cummings, 
Thos Evans, B S Tobin, Captains; W G Bedard, W L Heron, Le F A 
Maingv, Ist Lieuts ; C Kvan, James Grant, T Walker, E A Mara, A J 

Russell, Jas 8 Broueh, 2nd Lieuts ; , Paymaster; John Peacock, 

Quartermaster ; H T Corbett, Surgeon ; Duncan A Carmichael, Assistant 
Surgeon . 

1st Battalion Governor General's Foot Guards. — Thomas Ross, 
Colonel ; William White, Major ; J P Macpherson, John Tilton, H S 
Weatherley, W H Lee, G M Patrick, A H Todd, Captains; McLeod Stewart, 
F W Mills, H G Dunlevie, Telniont Aumond, Lieutenants ; G H Bate, H W 
Griffin, F A Fleming, G Major, Fred Toller, C Graburn, Ensigns; Major 
H A Wicksteed, Paymaster; Captain John Walsh, Adjutant; Captain 
George Grant, (late of 100th regt,) Quartermaster; E C Malloch, M D, Sur- 
geon ; W R Bell, M D, Assistant Surgeon. 

43rd "Carliton" Batallion of Infantry. — Head Quarters, Ottawa, 
John F Besrman, Lieut-Colonel ; William Corbett, W H Falls, Majors ; W 
Garvin, I Morgan, G Cook, R McGregor, J Kemp, Captains ; Henry Mc- 
Dougall, R Grant, J Carson, W Henderson, D Latimer, Lieutenants; R E 
Lyon, Paymaster; W H Cooper, Adjutant; J R Hanna, Quartermaster; 
D Beatty, M D, Surgeon ; P A McDougall, M D, Assistant Surgeon. 

Dominion of Canada Rifle Association. — Lieut-Col C S Gzowski, 
President; Allan Gilmour, Lieut-Col C J Brydges, Lieut-Col A E Botsford, 
Lieut-Col A K McKinlay, Vice-Presidents; John Langton, T D Harrington, 
Auditors; Lieut-Col Macpherson, Treasurer; LieutColSluart, Secretary. 

Fablic Companies. 

The Ottawa Agricultural Insurance Co. — Head Office, Wellington street. 
Hon Jas Skead, president; R. Blackburn, M P, vice-president; Hon. D 
Laird, W H Brouee, M P, Albert Hagar, M P, G W Eaton, Ira Morgan, 
Jamea Ferguson, G H Molloy, Hon L R Church, William Gibson, 

Goal Oil Lamps, &o, 0. 0. BEIFFENBTEIV, General Agent 



Id) batterynian ; 

Z. ICotvms' Sobs "Sapolio." 0, C. SEIFFENSTSHT, Qeneral Agent 

M P, J RochePter, M P, A S Woodburn, R D Fulton, M Wholehan, direc- 
tors 5 James Blackburn, secretary. 

Ottawa Gas Company. — Office, Elgin street. C T Bate, president ; E 
McGillivray, Francis Clemow, Jiu Currier, Thos Patterson, Hon Jas Skead, 
and S Howell, directors ; Francis Gletnow, managing director ; John Spittal, 

Beechwood Cemetery Co. — J M Currier, Esq., M P, president. Directors, 
John Durie, secretary; CT Bate, treasurer; H N Bate, vice-president; 
William Conner, assistant-secretary ; B Batson, J T Pennock, Joan Sweet- 
land, M D; B Gordon, superintendent. 

The Ottawa Loan and Investment Co, — ^Provisional directors — W R Bell, 
M D, Win White, Jas Praser, W Pennock, A S Woodburn ; Provisional 
Solicitor, T F Nellis; Bankers, Ontario Bank. 

Ottawa City Passenger Railway Go. — General office, New Edinburgh ; 
Thomas C Keefer, president ; Thos Reynolds, vice-iresident ; J M Currier, 
M P, W G Perley, Robert Blackburn, M P, H Merrill, M McNaughton, 
directors ; Robert Surtees, secretary ; D S Eastwood, treasurer ; William A 
Maokinnon, superintendent. 

St Lawrence and Ottawa Railway Co. — Managing Director's office, 
Wellington street. Thomas Reynolds, managinj? director ; A G Peden, sec- 
treasurer and general passenger agent; J M Taylor, general freight agent, 
Ottawa and Prescott; Calvin Dame, locomotive superintendent, Prescott; 
J G Macklin, resident engineer, Ottawa; E K Clare, station agent, Sussex 
Street; J A Houston, station agent, Chaudiere, ( ttawa. 

Canada Central Railway Co. — Offices, Elgin street, opposite the Russell 
House ; Depot, LeBreton Fiats. President, HL Redhead; Managing Direc- 
tor, Hon A a Poster ; secretary and trea, A B Chafi'ee; local superintendent, 
T A McKinnon ; mechanical superintendent, H A Alden ; accountant. Archer 
Baker ; general freight and passenger agent, W S Eaton ; operator, E G 

Union Forwarding and Railway Co, — R S Casaels, president; C O Kelly, 
vice-president ; Henry McKay, Gilbert Scott, T H Thomson, D K Cowley, 
W R Thistle and H K Egan, directors ; Henry Chepmell, sec-treas ; John 
Murphy, book-keeper ; Samuel Dyde, freight agent ; F. Percival, clerk. 

The Ottawa Iron and Steel Manv/acturing Company, (limited). — 
Directors — President, Hon James Skead, vice-president Dominion Board of 
Trade ; Vice-President, R S Cassels, president Union Forwarding Co ; 
J H Woodman, Manager Ontario Bank, Ottawa ; G B Bnrland, President 
Bank Note Company, Montreal ; Edward Haycock ; Secretary, D. West. 

The Dominion of Canada Plumbam Co {Limited,) Capital £100,000 Stg. 
In 10,000 Shares of £10 eacA.— Directors : England— J D Fletcher, 
London; G Allhusen, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; J N Sears, London. 
Hon R W Scott, W H Walker, J T PennocL Ottawa. 
Chairman: J D Fletcher; Canadian Chairman: Hon R 
London Secretary: R S Archbold. Canadian Secretary and Managing 
Director: W H Walker. Office, London— 2 New Broad Street, K C. 
Office, Ottawa — Elgin and Sgarks Street. Bankers, London — The Union 
Bank ; Ottawa — The Quebec Bank. 


Canada — 
W Scott. 

Bytown and Nmean Macadamized Road Cbmwany.— George Arnold, 
President; Charles H Pinhey, Sec-Treas ; James D Slater, George Arnold, 
Thomas Graham, William Graham, and Reeve for time being for Nepean, 

T. Wi KENNT & SONS) Kerohant Tailors, Oatfltt«rs and direct Importers of English and 
Scotch Olothi aad Tweeds, and Irish Ftieses, 140 Sparks Street, Ottawa- 

Ir I 







.r :• 

■ p 


'f. i,- 

r i .H- 

!• H 

T. W. KBIVT ft S0H8, Mnokant Tulon, Oat&ttert and tUreet Importen of Engliih 
and Sootoh Clotha and Tweeds, and Irish Frie>e«, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

Ottawa and Gloucester Road Company. — C T Bate, President; A Mann, 
Sec-Treas; E McGillivray, C 'I' Bate, John Graham, F Cleniow, John 
Roberts, Directors; — , Solicitor; Quebec Bank, Bankers. 

Ottawa Montreal and Russell Consolidated Road Co. — William Wilson, 
President; James Wadsworth, R Lees, John Roberts, Z Wilson, Directors; 
K Leea, Solicitor ; Merchants' Bank, Bankers ; H Chepmell, Sec-Treas. 


Montreal and Ottawa Forwarding Co. — Canal Basin — Malcolm Mc- 
Naughton, C T Bate, directors ; Dennis Murphy, agent in Ottawa; W Durie, 
B Hall, A Gushing, clerks; A O'Neil, storeman. 

Sincennes and McNaughton Line. — Canal Basin- — M McNanghtoii, agent. 

Ottawa River Navigation Co. — Queen's Wharf, foot of Sussex — R W 
Shepherd, president, Montreal ; E Scott, secretary, Montreal; H W Randolph, 
agent ; J T Sutton, ticket agent, Russell House Block . Stea»)er " Peerless," 
Capt Bowie, leaves the above wharf every morning at 7 o'clock, Sundays 
excepted; the steamer " Queen^ Victoria," leaves the above wharf eyery 
afternoon at 5 o'clock, Saturdays and Sundays excepted. 


Ottawa and Aylmer Mail Line. — Moses Holt, proprietor ; leaves the 
Union House, Elgin Street, at 6 a m daily, (Sundays excepted.) 

Ottawa and Aylmer Stage. — Moses Holt, proprietor ; leaves the Revere 
House, Sussex street, at 6 a m ; and J P Dorney s. City Hotel at 6 10 am, 
daily, (Sundays excepted.) On Saturdays, at 6 p m. 

Ottawa and Aylmer Stage. — R H Klock, proprietor ; leaves daily, (Sun- 
days excepted.) 

Ottawa and Carillon Stage.— LetLvea the Chicago House, Clarence Street, 
daily, in winter, at 6 30 p m, (Saturdays excepted.) 

Hastey'a Gatineau Mail Stage Line. — Leaves the Albion Hotel, Nicholas 
Street, at 5 30 a m, daily, (Sundays excepted) for Ironside, Chelsea, Kirk's 
Ferry, North Wakefield, Aylwin, &c, to River Desert. 

Ottatca and Richtmid Stage. — Leaves the British Lion Hotel, Sparks 
Street, daily. 

Ottawa and Billing's Bridge Stage. — Leaves the British Lion Hotel, 
Sparks Street, four times each day. 

Ottawa and BockviUe Stage.— Le&veB the Sappers' Bridge, four times 
each day. 


Baptist CAMrcA.— Queen street, south side, near Elgin. Rev A A 
Cameron, nuiniater. Hours of service, 11 am and 7 pm; Sunday school, 
3 pm. 

St Andrew's (7AMrcA.— Wellington street, south, side. Rev D M Gordon, 
B D, minister, Hours of service, 11 a m and 7 pm, Sabbath school, at 3 p 
m; prayer meeting and lecture, on Wednesday, at 7 30 p m. 

Preshyttrimi Church, — Bank street, west aide. Rev Wm Moore, minister. 
Hotirs ot service, 11 a m and 7 pm; Wednesday at 7^ p m, 

Presbyterian Church. — Daly street, south side. Rev W Armstrong, 
minister. Hours of service, 11am and 6^ p m ; Wednesday at 7 p m. 

Ui B. Bvfleotor Oompany. 0. SEUTENBTEIK, 0«neral Agent 


Moore, mipieter. 



AroUtMtiml Iron Works Company, N.7. . Q. 0. BBHTENSTEIN, Ageni 

Presbyterian Church (Knox Church). — City Hall square. Rev W J 
Parries, minister. Hours of service, 11 a ui and 7 p in ; vVedncroday at 7^ p m. 

Cathedral Notre Dame. — Sussex street, east aide. The Bishop. Rev D 
Daiidurand, Rev John Molloy, POM I, Rev John O'Connor, D D^ Revs 
Isidore Champagne, and Geo Bouillon, priests. Hours of service, C a m, 3 a 
m, 10 a m, and 3 p m. 

Oatho^-f" Apoatolie Church . — Albert street, south side. Rev Frs Codd, 
minister. Hours of service, 10 a m and 6 p ni ; week days at 6 a m and 5 p 
m. Eucharist service every Sunday and every fourth Tuesday at 10 a xxv . 

Christ Church (Church of England). — Sparks street, south side. Rev J 
S Lauder, Archdeacon of Ottawa, M A, rector; Rev John May, M A, asst 
minister. Hours of service. Ham an,d 7 pm. (Free seats in the evening.) 

Church of St Alban the Martyr — Free Seat (Church of England) . — Daly 
street, north side. Rev Canon T B Jones, M A, L L D, rector. Hours of 
service, 8 a m, II a in and 7pm; Sunday school, 8 p m. Holy Communion 
every Sunday and on the Church festivals. Daily service at 9 a m and 6 p m. 

Congregational Church.-^CoTner of Albert and Elgin streets. Rev J G 
Sanderson, pastor. Hours of service, 11 a m and 7 p m. Sabbath school, 10 
a m and 3 pm; bible class, Monday, 8 pm; lecture and prayer meeting, 
Wednesday, 8pm. 

Emmanuel Church {Reformed Episcopal), — Corner of Elgin and Glou- 
cester streets. Rev H M Collison, rector. Hours'of service, eleven a m and 
seven p m. . ' 

Episcopal Methodist Church. — Bridge street, west side. Rev Joseph 
Young, minu^ter. Hours of service, 11 a m atvd 6^ p m. 

Episcopal Methodist Church. — Dalhousie street, east side. Rev R M 
Pope, minister. 1" """ of service, 11 a m and 6^ p m. 

St Anne's On, ', -'Jttawa street, south side. Rev J B Alleaw, P P. 
Hours of service, J a m, 10 a m and 7 p m. 

St Jean Baptiste CVmrcA.— LeBreton Flats. Rev E A Porcile, P P. 
Hours of service, 8 a m and 10 a m. 

St John the Evangelist (Church of England). — Sussex street, west side. 
The Right Rev J Travers Lewis, D D, L L D, Bishop of the Diocese of 
Ontario, rector; residence Daly st. Rev H Pollard, MA, asst minister. 
Hours of service, 11 am and 7 pm. 

St Joseph Church.— WUhrod street. Rev M Pallier, P P. Hours of 
service — Sundays and holidays. Mass at 6, 8, and 10 a m. Vespers, 7 p m 

St Patrick's Church. — Corner Hugh and Gloucester streets. Rev John 
Collins, P P. Hours of service, 8 a m, 10 a m, and 7 pm. 

Methodist Church. — Besserer street, north side. Rev Mr Sparling, 
minister. Hours of service, I2i a, m and 7 p m; Wednesday, at 7 o m. 

Methodist Church. — Metcalfe street. Rev William J Hunter, minister. 
Hours of service, Ham and 7 p m. Wednesday lecture, at 8 pm. 

Methodist Church. — Richmond Road. Rev Mr Cantpbell, minister. 
Hours of service, 11 a m and 7 p m. 

German Lutheran Church, Wilbrod Street.— ^es Sena August, minister. 


Ottawa Auxiliary Bible Society. — Patron, His Excellency the Governor 
General ; President, Geo Hay ; Vice-Presidents, the lion Malcolm Cameron, 

T. W. KENNT * 80V8, Merohuit Tailors, Outfittert and direct Importer! of EngUah 
and Seotoh Olotlui and Tweeds, and Irish Frieies, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 


, t' 












V IT- 1 " 

• m 






I'Wi I i I H|!,: i 

T. W. KENHT ft SOire, Iterohut TaUora, Ontfltten and iinet Lnporton of Inglish 
and Sootoh Cflioths and Tweeda, and Irish TrieieK, 149 Bparki Street, Ottawa. 

Wm Cleeg, Wm Goubens, Wm Elamilton, James Henry, P LeSueur, Qeorge 
May, W A McAgy, John Thorburn, Thomas Vaux ; Cor-Sec, the Rev 
D M Gordon, B D ; Rec-Secretary, Rev R Gavin ; Treasurer, C.W Jenkins ; 
Depositary, John Durie, senior. 

County of Carleton General Pi'otestant Hospital. — Foot of Rideau street. 
George Hay, president; J P Featherston, vicerpresident; Wm Oousens, sec- 
retary; Alexander Workman, treasurer; Geo^adler, steward; Consulting 
Physicians, Drs Hill, Grant and Sweetland ; attending physicians, Drs 
McGillivray, McDoagall, Churcli, Wright and Leggo. Directors — Geo Hay, 
John Durie, TOP nley, James Peacock, Z Wilson, Thomas Patterson, 
John Roberts, G Mr ..mer, W Pennock, W. Cousens. Life Directors — Alex. 
Workman, James ivIcCracken, Richard Bishop, A M Dole, Jaa k ("a^nond, 
John Heney, Edw McGillivray, A Mann, J P Featherston, Hon M C^mdron, 
H V Noel, Geo May, Wm Mills, Ira Morgan, W H Butler, John Graham, 
Alex Fraser, William Cherry, R Cumminga, Amos Rowe, B Batson, Isaac 
Moore, Philip Thompson, James McLaren, Samuel Howell, Robert Surtees, 
James Egleson, Thomas McGarity, I B Taylor, Wm H Walker, William R 
Thistle,! W Kenny, H F Bronson, B B Eddy, C B Wright. Jas Clarke, 
R Blackburn, Sandford Fleming, Thcs Reynolds, J M Currier. The Board 
meets first Tuesday in every month, at the hospital at 4 p m. 

General Hospital. — Bolton strvet. Under the superintendeKCe of the 
Sisters of Charity Sister Sauve, directress ; Sister St Jean, economist ; Dr 
Hill, consulting pliysiciitn ; Drs Beaubien, St Jean, Robillard and Lynn, 

Protestant Orphans' Home. — Albert street. Mrs H F Bronson, Ist 
directress; Mrs E B Eddy, 2nd directress; Mrs Alexander Christie, 3rd 
directress ; Mrs. J Thorburn, recording-secretary ; Mrs A Scott, correspond- 
ing-secretary ; Mrs. T Ross, treasurer ; S C Malloch, M D, attending phy- 
sician; Hamnett Hill, M D, and J A Grant, M D, consulting physicians; 
Mrs Fraser, matron and general superintendent; Miss Simms, teacher. 
About thirty orphans in the home. 

St Patrick^ s Orphan Asylum. — D O'Connor, president; Wm McCaffrey, 
vice-president; Wm V/all, treasurer; Richard Devlin, secretary; Rev Dr 
O'Connor, spiritual director; Sisters Fitzmaurice and St George, matrons. 

St Joseph's Orphan Asylum. — Cor Cathcart and Sussex streets. Sister 
£ Thibaudeau, superioress; Sister St Cecilia, directress. Establisheil in 
1860, under the care of tlie Grey nuns. Number of orphans and aged per- 
sons admitted since its foundation, 300. 

Si Charles Asylum for Aged People, — Under the care of the Sisters of 
Charity. Sister Lavoie, directress. 

Society of St Vincent de Paul. — Established for the relief of the poor. 

Particular Council of Ottawa. — P O'Meara, president ; Romuald La- 
pierre, vice-president; F X Disloge, secretary; C Carleton, treasurer. 

There are four conferences in Ottawa of this society, composed as 
follows : 

Ist. Conference of Our Lady, of Ottawa. — John O'Reilly, president ; 
J F Caldwell, vice-president ; G O'Keefe, secretary ; Neil McCaul, treasurer. 
The conference meets every Sunday at 2 o'clock, p m, in St Vincent's Hall, 
Sussex Street. 

2nd. Conference de Notre Dame. — Edouard Miio^te, president; Romuald 
Lapierre, Is^t vice-president; Hilaire Pinard, 2nd vice-president; L J 
Casault, secretary; rierre Rivet and F Rochon, treasurers. The conference 
meets every Sunday at two o'clock, p m, in St Vincent's Hall, Sussex street. 

Baboook Fire Apparatu. Q. 0. BEIFFBHSTBIN, QnetalAgeat. 


I of the Sisters of 



Coal Oil GooUsg Stores. 0, C. BSSTEKSTEIN, Qwanl Agent 

3rd. Conference of St Joseph. — William Kehoe, president; E T^tu, 
vice-president; Francois Desloge, secretary; C Carlton, treasurer. The 
conference meets every Sunday at noon, in the vesteryof St Joseph's Church. 

4th. Conference of St Patrick. — Charles McCarthy, president; John 
Quain, vice-president; P G Leyden, secretary ; Denis Eean, treasurer. The 
conference meets every Sunday at noon, in the vestry of St Patrick's church. 

United Protestant Benefit Society. — Incorporated by act of Parliament. 
Thomas H Kirby, president ; W Porter, Ist vice-president; H Hinds, 2nd 
vice-president; M Lyons, secretary; William Hill, dnancial secretary; H 
Davis, treasurer; Dr Sweetland, physician; H Pollard, chaplain; Dr 
Sweetlaud, J Morse and H Fellows, trustees; Savings Department of the 
Ontario Bank, bankers. An efficient committee and stewards. Society 
meets in Rowe's Hall, liideau street, lirst Monday in every month, at eight 
o'clock, p m. 

Youmj Men's Christian Association. — Organized 1867. Kooms, 30 
0'Connor"it;treet. George May, president; W J Topley and P W Radford, 
vice-presidents; B H Teakles,' treasurer ; R G Bovill, general secretary; 
E D Parlo'v, recording secretary; C K Chubbuck, librarian; H Robinson, 
W A Larnb, C Ross, G W Grant, M Orme, S F Cox and R Porgic, directors. 
Strangers CMoing to the city are invited to attend the weekly meetings held 
on Tuesday and Saturday evenings at 8 o'clock, at their rooms as above. 
Free reaiiing room open daily. 


St George's Society. — Hon Ja| Skead, president; Henry Meadows, 1st 
ice-president; Samuel Rogers, 2nd vice-president; James Slocombe, 
treasurer ; Ralph J Cook, secretary ; W R Truman, Wm Mills, L K Clisby, 
T Huckell, R Stevens, B Huckell, and C H H Nicholls, committee of man- 
agement; F Satchell, A Bufton, F Evans, and E Hawkins, stewards; Rev 
if Pollard, and Rev T D Phillips, chaplains . J Sweetlaud, physician ; 
T Kirby and J F Brown, auditors. 

St Andrew's Society — J A Grant, president; J P Robertson, ist vice- 

t)resideni; R Cassels, jr, 2nd vice-president; A Mann, treasurer; D C 
lobertson, recording secretary; Wm Johnston, corresponding secretary ; 
F H Chrysler, solicitor ; Rev f) M Gordon, B D, chaplain ; Drs ItfcGillivray 
and.fHenderson. Managers — J Peacock, convener; J W Russell, John 
Smith, James Harris, Henry Tnglis, Geo Stockand, Geo McFarlane, Hugh 
Stalker, A H Taylor. Auuitors-^ Peacock, Alex Taylor. 

St Patrick's Lttei'urfi Association. — W H Waller, president; William 
Kehoe, 1st vice-president; P A Egleson, treasurer ; J M Goulden, corres- 
ponding secretary; John Casey, recording secretary; Thomas O'Connor, 
assistant; John McStravick, librarittn ; Michaol Starrs, grand marshal ; 
Trustees— W Kehoe, Wm White, W H Waller, T O'Connor, John Heney, 
J M Goulden, S Bingham, P A Ryan, W Wall, John Quain, P A Egleson, 
W Slattery, J Casey, J McStravick, M Starrs. Meets first Tuesday in every 
month at their half, in Sussex street. 

St Jean Baptiste Society. — Joseph Tasse, president ; J G Coursolle.-^, 
1st vice-president; H Pinard, 2nd vice-president; J V De Boucherville, 
recording secretary ; F R A Carapeau, corresponding secretary ; J W 
Peachy, trep.f.urer. Marshal — C Drapeau. 

Inatiiut Canadien Irancais. — Joseph Tasse, president ; Dr St Jean, 1st 

vice-president ; Durocher, 2nd vice-president ; , corresponding 

secretary; L J Casault, librarian. 

T. W. K£NHT ft SONS, Herohant Tailors, Outfitters and direct Importers of English and 
Sootoh Olotlu and Tweeds, and Irish Friezes, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

I,- i' 


V ! 



■'/''{■''■ |V.ili 



■ ' s 




1 ." 



■-hi ;,> ;'■ 

■ , ^v :•■ I ! ' 

■ Mli 
: ■. > ?! 

• ft H' 

■^ 'm 

■I !',!>'■ f- 

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> .* 1 i 

' f' i if 

i 1'-f 

'111) * 

• ,( f ( 

f :; ; f 1^ I: 


^ \ 



T. W. XSnnr ft sons, Kerohant Tailon, OatAtten and direet Importon of Xngliah 
•nd Sootoh Cloths and Tweeda, and Irish Friezes, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

Union St Joteph d'Ottawa. — P G Godbout, president; Jules Lemieux, 
ler vice-president ; J J Fink, 2eine vice-president ; J B Lamontagne, secre- 
taire ; Damas Desnoyers, assistant secretaire ; Jules Leblanc, secretaire 
correspondant; L A Grieon, tresorier; A A Rocque, ler collecteur ; Emery 
Richard, 2eme collecteur; A Potvin, assistant collecteur; Vincent Daze, 
2eme assistant collecteur ; Alfred Lemieux, bibiiothecaire ; Charles Goulet, 
assistant bibiiothecaire; Gilbert Julien, Offlcier Ordonateur. 

Sociiti St Pierre. — L Z Ghabot, President; Thos Pruneau, ler Vice do; 
Louis Goneau, 2eme Vice do ; Charles Dugal, Secretaire ; L N Boily, Aset do ; 
Loni4 Gratton, Secretarie Correspondant; Jean Champagne, Treworier; P 
R Valiquette, Collecteur ; A Eschembach, Asst do ; Janvier Massie, 
Bibiiothecaire; Jean Jj .'au, Asst do ; Basile Champagne, Charles Potvin, 
Commissaires Ordonar i. 

Ottawa Literary a .d Scientific Society. — Rooms, Sparks near O'Connor. 
Incorporated by act of Parliament, 24th December, 1809. John Thorburn, 
President; Thos Kirby, Ist Vice-President; E A Meredith, 2nd VicePreei- 
dent; H P Hill, Secretary; James G White, Treasurer; W D LeSueur, 
B A, Librarian; William White, curator; G Wicksteed, Thos Hector, P H 
Chrysler, Members of Council ; John Jackson, Custodian. 


Ottawa Turf Club. — Joseph Aumond, president; E Sherwood, vice- 

? resident. Committee — Alonzo Wright, M P, A H Baldwin, M McNaiighton 
7 McKay Wriglit, M P, R S Casseis, p McLachlin, T H Thomson, Weldon 
Champness ; E C Barber, sec-treas. 

Ottawa Cricket Club.— Q P Baker, president; W McKay Wright, M P, 
JM Currier, M P, vice-presidents; P H Chrysler, treasurer; A W Powell, 
secretary. Committee — Revd. T D Phillips, chairman; C H Brodie, 
J Brunei, W R Baker, W H Fitzgerald, T B Bentley, M D. 

Ottawa Curling Club. — Rink, Slater street, north side ; organized 1862 ; 
affiliated with the Royal Caledonia Club of Scotland, His Excellency the 
Earl of Dufferin, patron; Allan Gilmour, president; T McKay, Ist vice- 
president; Henry Inglis, 2nd vice-president; John Thorburn, 3rd vice- 
? resident; G Hutchison, secretary-treasurer. Committee of management, 
' Gallagher, J Birkett, T M Blasdell. Representative members, Alex 
C Hutchison', A W Ogilvie. 

Rideau Club. — Wellington near Metcalfe; incorporated under the Act 
of the Legislature of Canada, 29th Vic, cap 98, 1865. Executive Committee. 
J M Currier, M P, president; Hon J H Cameron, M P, Hon P Mitchell, M 
P, Hon G W Allan, Alonzo Wright, M P, Hon R J Cartwright, M P, H V 
Noel, J Tilton, Lieut-Col W Powell, R S Cassels. Auditors, A J Cambie, 
B Bataon; bankers, Quebec Bank; H V Noel, treasurer; Robert Sinclair, 
hon sec'y; Jas Carter, secretary; E P Jones, steward. 


City of Ottawa Ap^-icultwral Society. — Hon J Skead, president; J M 
Currier, let vice-presid nt ; G W Eaton, 2nd vice-president; W Cowan and 
A Burritt, auditors ; A S Woodburn, secretary-treasurer. Directors— J P 
Featherston, mayor, Alonzo Wright, M P, W McKay Wrijght, M P, N 
Robertson, Ira Morgan, A McKellar, R Surtces, R Cummings, JMather, find 
R Kenny. 

County of Carleton Agricultural Society. —John Dawson, president; 

v. 8. Befleotor Company. 0. 0. BEIFFENSTEIN, Qmwal Agent, 

iporton of Ingliih 
ItTMt, Ottawa. 

; Jules Lemieux, 
imontagne, B^cre- 
sblanc, secretaire 
lollecteur ; Emery 
rj Vincent Daze, 
; Charles Goulet, 

[leau, ler Vice do; 
gne, TrcHorier ; P 
Janvier Massie, 
e, Charles Potvin, 

rka near O'Connor. 
, John Thorburn, 
Lh, 2nd Vice-Preei- 
(r ; W D LeSueur, 
ThoB Hector, F H 

E Sherwood, vice- 
rin, M McNaughton 
[ Thomson, Weldon 

cKay Wright, M P, 
lurer; A W Powell, 
an; C H Brodie, 
; organized 1 862 ; 
is Excellency the 
McKay, let vice- 
lorburn, 3rd vice- 
ee of management, 
ive members, Alex 

ated under the Act 

ecutive Committee. 

Hon P Mitchell, M 

rtwright, M P, H V 

itors, A J Cambie, 

r; Robert Sinclair, 

,d, president; J M 
ent ; W Cowan and 
Br. Directors — J P 
Wright, M P, N 
,ng8, J Mather, and 

)awson, president; 
twral Agwt. 



irehltoetval Iron Works Compuy, 2T.7. 9. 0. BEIFTENSTEIN, Agent 

M K Dickinson, Nepean, let vice-president ; W Kidd, Burritt's Rapids, 2nd 
vice-president; A Abbott and W Arnold, auditors; W Corbett, Bell's Cor- 
ners, secretary-treasurer. Directors — Thomas Clark, Hugh Davidson, 
Jas Janiieson, W Thomson, Allan Grant, G W Eaton, John Hodgins, 
James Hodgins, D McDougall, H Oourlay, A S Woodburn. 

County of Russell Agricultural Society. — John Kennedy, Osgoode, 
president; Alex Stuart, Osgoode, Ist vice-president; Jas Severight, Glou- 
cester, 2nd vice-president: Ira Morgan, Metcalfe, secretary-treasurer. 
Directors — John Canipl)ell, Osgoode; John Mclnnis, Osgoode; James 
Johnston, Gloucester; William Fenton, Gloucester; P McDonald, Oseoode; 
W Eadie, Russell ; J McNab, Osgoode ; Duncan Cummings, Rust'sU ; George 
Lang, Gloucester. 


Young Ladies Literary Institute. — Conducted by the Grey Nuns, Notre 
Dame du Sacre Coeur, Rideau st, Ottawa. Sister Therese de Jesus, supe- 
rioress ; assisted by thirty one teachers. Present number of pupils — 
boarders, 10\, ; daily, 180. 

Church of England Ladies School. — Wellington st, Ottawa. — Estab- 
lished 1869. Incorporated 1871. Visitors— The Right Rev the Lord Bishop 
of Ontario, the Ven Archdeacon of Kingston, and the Vcn Archdeacon of 
Ottawa. Council — The Ven Archdeacon Lauder, chairman ; J D Slater, 
Judge Lvons, W R Wright, J A Torrance, G W Wicksteed, G P Baker, 
Francis Clemow, G May; W R Wright, treasurer; Rev H Pollard, secretary. 
Lady Principal — Miss Mann, assieted by an efficient staff of teachers. 

Ottawa Ladies College — Incorporated by Act of Parliament, Dec. 17th, 
1869. H F Bronsnn, president; John Sweetland, MD 1st vice-president J 
Rev W Moore, 2nd vice-president. Board of management — Hon James 
Skead, R Blackburn, M P, E B Eddy, Rev D M Gordon, B D, John 
M Garland, John R Booth, James Rochester, Alex Mutchmor, Edward 
McGilliyray, J Cunningham, A S Woodburn, Thos McKay. £ P Jackson, 
y A, principal ; John Dickie, bursar. 

Convent arid Mother House of the Grey Nuns, with Novitiate and 
Academy — Corner Sussex and Bolton sts — Rev mother E Bruyere, superior 

feneral. 185 professed nuns; 80 novices and postulants; 160 day pupils, 
his community directs 24 establishments, comprising educational and 
charitable institutions; 20 of which are in the diocese of Ottawa, 3 in the 
Ciocese of Albany, and 1 in the diocese of Buffalo. 

City of Ottawa Collegiate histitute. — Nepean street. — John Thorburn, 
M A, rector; John McMillan, B A, 1st assistant; Rev T D Phillips, 
M A, 2nd assistant; Thos Hislop, 3ri assistant; Rev Marc Ami, French 
teacher. Trustees — E McGillivray, chairman; J P Featherston, G Hay, 
Wm Pennock, A Rowe, Jas Warnock, Rev D M Gordon, B D, F Clemow ; 
John Pennock; secretary and treasurer; M Nile, messenger. 

Seminary for Young Ladies, a branch of "^' ilia Maria" establishrrient 
of Montreal; Gloucester, bet Elgin and Metcalfe sts — Conducted by the ladies 
of the congregation of Notre Dame. Sister St Gabriel, superioress. Present 
number of pupils, 154. 

St Mary's Academy, Wellington street. Sister Mary of the Immaculate 
Conception, directress. Present number of pupils, 100. 

St FamiUe House. — LeBreton Flats. Sister St Charles, directress. 
Present number of pupils, 120; 2 teachers. 

The University of Ottawa. — Wilbrod Street. Very Rev A Pailler, 

I. W. KENNT k SONS, Merchant Tailors, Outfitters and direct Importers of EnglUh and 
Sootob Olctiu and Tweeds, and Irish Irieses, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa, 






r I 






■'V "11. 

!•' ' n 

■' ""■' ^v■i,i: i. 

hW' Iff 

■i I i' 

9:' i! 

H ;4 

' hi 

i' h 

>„,,;; '.: f. 



T. W. XHnrr * sons, Merchant Tailon, Oatfitten and dirc/et Importers of SngUih 
and Bootoh Olotlu and Tweedi, and Iriah Frieaei, 140 Bparka Btreat, Ottawa. 

superior. Profensors — Rev J H Tabaret, zoology, etc ; Rev J Foumier, 
moral theology; Rev J Filiutre, dogmatical theology; Rev J Nolain, mental 

{thilosophy; Rev L Bennett, Greek Tiingunge; Rev R Barrett, Latin language; 
lev G ot Liiwrence, English language; — Lagier, French language ; Rev P 
Paquin, mathematicH ; M E Harnois, burnar. 

Notre Dame School. — Murray street. In charge of the Grey Nuns. 740 
pupils, U teachers. 

Si Ann's School. In charge of the Grey Nuns. 130 pupils, 2 teachers. 


District Dqmty Grand Master for the Ottawa District. — R W Wra R 
White, Pembroke. 

Gedcliah Council It and S Manons of Canada, No. 8 — 111 comp W Kerr, 
Thr ill M ; ill comp \V M Somciville, R ill M ; ill comp E Butterworth, ill 
M of W ! ill comp Dr Mostyn, chaplain ; ill comp W H Tracey, treasurer 
ill comp C S Scott, rec; ill comp T P Stiff, M of C; ill comp J D Wallis, 
Cap of G; ill comp W Johnson, cond ; ill comp A Irving, jr, steward; J 
Sweetman, sentinel. Meets the third Monday in e'^ch month. 

Carletm R A Chapter, No U 6 R C— V Ex comp Wm Kerr, Z; P Ex 
comp W M Somerville, Past Z; Ex comp C S Scott, H; Ex comp B B 
Butterworth, J; comp W H Bennett, scribe E ; comp John Orr, scribe N ; 
comp J D Wallis, prin S, comp W M Somerville, trcas; J Sweetman, 
janitor Meets second Monday of every month. 

Dalhousie Lodge, A F and A M, No 52, G R C— Wor bro C 8 Scott, 
W M ; wor bro Jas Egleson, P M; bro Jas I) Wallis, 8 W; bro Wm Ander- 
son, J W; bro D Scott, treas; bro W C MacAgy, sec; bro Thos McKein, 
SD; bro G B Green, J D; rev bro H J Borthwick, chap; bros A J Kerr 
and H J Hellard, stewards; bro Wm Reynolds, I G; bro John Sweetmanj 

Doric Lodge, No 58, A F and A M, G R C— Wor bro William Kerr, 
W M; wor bro Amos Rowe, P M; bro John J Smith, 8 W ; bro H W 
Williams, J W ; bro John Graham, treasurer ; bro D P Williams, secretary; 
John McCarthy, tyler. Meets first Wednesday of every month. 

Corinthian I^odge, No 59, A F and A M, G R C. — Wor bro Robt Watson, 
W M ; wor bro Geo L Orme, P M ; bro Fred H Hunton, S W ; bro G S Shaw, 
J W ; bro Thos Patterson, treas , bro Joseph Potts, secy ; bro John Sweet- 
man, tyler. Meets third Thursday of every month at the Masonic Hall, 
Sussex street. 

(Hvil Service Lodge, F and A M, No 148, G R C. — Wor bro Jolin Walsh, 
master; wor bro Neil McLean, past mastar; bro J W Harper, treasurer; 
bro J Sweetman, tyler. Meets second Tuesday of every month at the 
Masonic hall, Sussex street. 

Builders Lodge, No 177, Fcind A M, G R C.—W broS Rogers, W M; 
wor bro E B Butterworth, P M; bro T Kean, S W; bro Wm Mills, J W; 
wor bro D Wilson, treaa ; wor bro Wm Rea, secy ; bro Wm Borthwick, S D ; 
bro A D McGregor, J D ; bro J Robertson, M C ; bros J F Gooch and J W 
Turley, stewards ; bro R J Cook, I G ; bro J McCarthy, tyler. Meets second 
Friday of every month at the Masonic Hall. 

Lodge of Fidelity, No 231, A Fand A M, G R C— Wor bro Wm Rea, 
W M; wor bro H Michaels, P M; bro A G McCormick, S W; bro I S 

WILLIAM BEA, Local Agent for London Masonic Blutaa). Benefit Association, 

337 Slater Street, Ottawa. 



ict.—R W Win R 

teneflt Amooiation, 

Amount «f Seierve Fund of London Maionio Mutual Xonelit AMooUtion ilSfOOO.' 
Amount paid to XopreMmtativea cf Deceased Memben, $79,ftM.OO. 

Duffy, J W; bro Jas Birkett, trpas ; bro Alex Taylor, secy; broJO Oarno, 
8 D; bro AV II Turner, J D; bro J A Caiiipliell, M C; bro8 W A Gibson 
and J Wileoii, ntewartls; brc J Carruthern, I G; bio J IdcCarthy, tyler. 
Meets second Wednesday oCeacb month. 

Chaudiere Lodge, F and A M, No 264, G E C— Meets first Monday in 
each month. 

London Masonk; Mutual Bknbfit Association. — Eetabliehed Decem- 
ber 27, 1870 ; incorporated 2nd March, 1874. Nuiubor of deaths in 4 years 
and 7 months, 46. Amount paid their reprosentativcH, $79,65.3. Amount 
deposited towards reserve fund, $12,000. The oliject of tiiis Anscciation is 
to provide for the Widows and Orphans of Dt'ceased Members, and also for 
members who may become bodily uiHabled, from loss of wight, hand, arm or 
leg, or from severe spinal injury. The Tariff oj Fees for Admissimi isa$ 
follotes: — For applicants between 21 and .30 yeurs of age, $3 ; 30 and .35, $5; 
35 and 40, $8 ; 40 and 45, $12 ; 45 and 50, $20 ; 50 and GO, $30. William 
Rea, Local Agent, 337 Slater Street, Ottawa. 

FoRESTGRa' Lodge.— Court Pioneer, No 6607, Ancient Order of 
Foresters, held at the Foresters' Hall, William Street, Ottawa, every alter- 
nate Tuesday. Ed Price, C R G; John P Higman, SCR; Amos Marshall, 
8 W ; Chas Miles, .1 W; John White, SB; Geo Stalley, J B; Chas Medlow, 
secretary ; Fredk Champness, treafiurev. 

Metropolitan Lodoe Canadian Order op Odd Fellows. — R J Cook, 
N G ; C G Clarke, V G; C Aird, sec; William McComb, asrt sec; William 
Berry, warden ; S Dilts, conductor; George Mowat, inside guard; Charles 
Qracey, outside guard; Jas Slocombe, lee master: P Mowat, PGM; Jos 
Yeoman, R S N G ; D Taylor, L S N G ; T Rhodes, li S V G ; H Veales, 
L 8 V G. Lodge meets first and tliird Friday each month at Odd Fellows' 
Hall, Rideau Street. 

Capital Lodge, I F, No 141.— F Gallagher, N G ; H K Smith, 
V G J R Conley, treas ; A Snuggs, rec sec ; T A Beckett, cor sec ; — Mc- 
Gregor, warden ; W J Neelin, conductor ; G D Thomson, R S N G ; W H 
Cooper, L S N G ; W Page, R S V G ; — Rutledge, L S V G ; H Kilt, RSS j 
George Sims, LSS; W Brown, G; Thos Beeson, J G; Jas McGaw, 
chaplain ; W Filiatrault, JPG. Lodge meets every Thursday night, in 
their Hall, in Heney's Block, on the corner of Sparks and O'Connor Streets. 
Visiting Brethren in the city are cordially invited to attend. 

Unity Loige, No 67, C F, M U.— Jonas Hagey, N G ; Richard 
Uglou, V G; Edward S Pooler, secretary ; Daniel Mowat, treasurer; George 
Loean, M D, surgeon. Meets every alternate Monday in Odd Fellows Hall, 
Riacau Street, at 7 30 p m. 


The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of B. A. — ^The Most Worship- 
ful Grand Master and Sovereign, Mackenzie Bowell, M P, Belleville; Deputy 
Grand Master, Thos Deacon, M P P, Pembroke; Grand Secretary, Thos 
KeycH, St Catharines. 

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Lodge of Ontario East. — ^Right 
Worshipful Grand Master, John White, M P, Roshn ; Deputy Grand Master, 

T. W< KENNT & 80]?S, Merohant TailoTs, Oatfitters and direct Importers of Engliih and 
Sobtoh Cloths and Tweeds, and Irish Friezes, 149 Bpuks Street, Ottawa* 


, I 

i(. . 






, ifi) 

-.V * '.■ 


■4/;. -'M 


- ^ ■ ■'</, 'V J' 'vJ 




;T i' 

I ; 



I* ^1 

T. W. JXKKY k BOMt, Ibrehant T»ilort, OntfltUn and direct Imrertan of SagUih 
Mid Swtoh Olothi wd Twaadi, and Irish FriMM, 148 Bparkt RtrMt, Ottawa. 

David Mui'Nhall, Port Hope; Deputy Grand MaNter, (J Fletcher, Brock* 
ville; Grand Secretary, A J Van Ingen, Kcene. 

County Lodge, Carleton. — Wor County Master, Franoia Clemow ; County 
Deputy Master, John Dawson ; County Secretary, Thomas Sproule. Meets 
half-yearly . 

Diairict Lodae No 4, Ottawa City, — District Master, Bio Jas Clarke, 
No 47; District Deputy Master, Wm Porter, No 119; District Secretary, 
John H Langford, No 227 . Meets quarterly 

Private Lodges in the City of Ottawa. 

LodqeNo^l. — W M, Bro Francis Cleraow; D M, Bro James Clark* ; 
Secretary, Bro Robt W Cooper. Meets in Orange Hall, first Monday. 

Lodae No. 119.--W M, William Porter; D M, E Storr; Secretary. 
Samuel Uathwcli. Meets in Orange Hall, first Tuesday. 

Lodge No 126.— W M, Edward Botterell, ir; D M, Thomas Taylor; 
Secretary, John McElroy. Meets in Orange Hall, second Monday. 

Lodge No 221.— W M, William Cherry; D M, George McAllister; 
Secretary, Harry Grant. Meets in Orange Hall, second Tuesday. 

Lodge No 227— W M, J H Langford; D M, Peter Atkinson; Secretary, 
. Meets in Orange Mall, second Wednesday. 

Lodge No L341. — W M, Amos Rowe; D M, Nicholas Garland; Secre- 
tary, J Brratt, Meets in Orange Hall on last Friday. 

Royal Scarlet Chapter, meets in Orange Hall, Ottawa, on the 14th of 
each month. Wornhipful Conm in Command, Companion James Clark; 
Excellent Comp in Command, Companion John H Langford; Comp Scribe, 
Companion Wm Cherry. _, 


Orand Black Chapter of British America. — Grand Master, Sir E T Scott; 
Deputy Grand Master, Mackenzie Bowell, M P ; Grand Registrar, J T JoQies, 
box 833, Toronto, Ont. 

Grand Black Chapter of Eastern Canada. — Grand Master, Sir E T 
Scott; Deputy Grand Masters, Sir J Ciauson and Sir G W Monk, M P P ; 
Grand Registrar, Edward Botterell^ jr, Ottawa. 

Orand Chapter, City of Ottawa.— Qr&ad Master, Sir Edward Botterell, 
jr; Deputy Grand Master, Sir James Brown; Grand Registrar, Sir R Q 

The "Scott" Preceptory, No 227.— Meets in Orange Hall, Ottawa, 
first Friday. Wor Master, Edward Botterell, jr; Deputy Master, James 
Brown ; Registrar, R G Nesbitt. 

Covniy Orand Chapter, Car Ze<on.— Grand Master, Sir George Forde; 
Deputy Grand Master, Sir Albert Bradley ; Grand Registrar, Sir John H 

The Star Precmtory, No 269.— Meets in Rowe'e Hall, Ottawa, second 
Friday . Master, D G Buchan , Deputy Master, Amos Rowe ; Registrar; 
George Forde. 

Ut 8. Sefleotor Oompany. a G. KEHTEBSIEIN. Otnwal Agrat 

letcher, Brock- 

Oarland; Secrc- 



Arehitaettml Iron Worki Oompuy, IT.7. 9. 0. BBUTXNSTXZK, Agmt. 


Irish Cathomo Tkmpkrance Sooiktt.— Founded 1846. Rev P Malloy, 

J resident; John Heney, IhI vice-president; Joim O'Heilly, '2nd vice-presi- 
ent; P Brady, treasurer ; P O Leyden, secretary ; Martin Battle, asHJHtaut- 

"Bytowm Division," No 224 Sons op Tkmprranoe. — H McFiean, 
D D a W P ; Jolin Fraser, W P ; Sister Aitchison, A 8 R 8 ; John Humph- 
reys, F 8 ; Charles Shaw, treasurer; Robert Wlieatley, chaplain. Meets in 
Temperance Hall every Mond. / evening. 

Ghaudikrk 8on8 or Tkmpgranok. — MeetN in Temperance Hall, Pooley's 
Bridge, every Friday evening. 

Cameron Tkmplb, 10 T. — Meets in Musgrove's Hall, O'Connor St, 
every Friday evening. 

Elliott Temple, I G T.— Meets in Engine House, Sally Street, every 
Tu'!sday evening. 

Enterprizk TeMPLB, I G T. — Meets in Morrison's Hall, York Street, 
every Monday evening. 

Ottawa City Temple, I O G T, No 40.3.— Meets in Rowe's Hall, Rideau 
Street, every Thursday even' ig. William Rea, W CT; Percy Andrews, 
W V T ; D Donaldson, W 8 ; bT Williams, W C ; W Fest, W T ; Jno Kearns, 
W F 8 ; Edward Ash, W M ; Lizzie Young, W I G ; R Young, W O G ; M J 
Walker, WAS; Maggie Harvie, WRHS; M Mul -ir' WLH8;M 
Hamilton, W D M ; T R Davie.4, P W C T ; Maud Andrv' , organist; Robt 
Crain, W L D. 

Ottawa Cold Water Temple, I G T. — Meets in Morrison's Hall, 
York Street, every Saturday evening. 

Ottawa United Abstinence SocifiTV. — Meets in Bell's Block, every 
Sunday afternoon, at 4 p m. 



liiMi I liiMiliii Elite 

Uantle Pieces, Monuments, &c. 



Enamelled Grating, 

Cemetery Fencing, 

and Garden Flower Vases, 

Fire Brick Drain Pipes, 

and Vent Linings. 


234r Sparks Street, 


! I! 










i f 


f) 1 i^ 


f . . 1 

I! ■' ? 

y-< , 1 


!5' " 

THE following volumes of Statutes, &c., may bo procured from tho 
Queen's rrinlcr for Canada, Ottawa, viz.; — 

<^E Province of Uim'ER Canada— Consolidated Statutes, 

The Province of Lower Canada — Consolidated Statutes, 
1860; " Kdits et Ordinances," Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure. 

The Province of Canada — The volumes for the sessions of 
1851, 1854-5 (Ist Part), 1854-5 (2nd Part), 1S5G, 1857, 1858, 1869, 
1860, 1861, 1862, 18G3 (1st Part), 1863 (2nd Part), 1864, 1805. (Ist 
sess.), 1865 (2nd sess.), and 1866. 

Dominion of Canada — All the volumes since Coiifederation, 
viz. : — 

31 Vic, Part 1, 1867 $1 00 

31 « " 2, 1868 1 00 

32&33 " 1869.. 160 

33 " 1870 80 

34 " 1871 80 

36 « 1872 2 00 

36 « 1873..' 1 60 

37 " 1874 1 60 

38 « 1875 (Vol. 1) 1.50 

Criminal Laws 1 25 

Orders in Council having form of Law.... 1 25 

t&'A (liscmmt granted to the trade. 

* f > 


Queen's Printer. 
Ottawa, August, 1875. 



jurod from tho 

ated Statutos, 

atod Statutes, 
ivil Proce<iure. 

the sessions of 

<57, 1858, 1859, 

1864, 1865. (Ist 


$1 00 

1 00 

1 50 



2 00 

1 60 

1 60 

1 50 

1 25 

1 25 


sen's Peintbb. 



T. W. DNiry A SOMB, MerohMit Tailon, Ontfltton and dlreet Importen of Eng Uah 
•nd Seotoh Olotha and Twoedi, and Iriah FriMM, 149 Sparka StrMt, Ottawa. 


Seat (if Oov0fiment, Otttiwa. 


His Excellency tlio Right Honoriihle Sir Frederick Temple Ilunuitnn- 
BlackwocHl, Earl ok Duffbrix, ViHooiint aiul Ituroti Clainleboye. ofClande- 
boye, ill the County Hown, in the Feerftjre of tho United Kinploni, and a 
Baronet, K. P., K. C. IJ., one of the meinliors of Ilei MajeHty's Mo5't Honor- 
able Privy Council. 

Harry Moody, Governor's Secretary. 
Lieut F Hau'iilton, 'Jth Foot, Aide-de-cuinp. 

" Frederick Ward, it N, •' 

Lieut-Col Hewitt Bernard, ) .^ . ... i„ „_. „ 
" F. Cuniherlaud, \ ''''"'■* Aidoe-dc-camp. 
W R Baker, PrivHtc Se'iretary. 


William A Himsworth, Clerk of the I'rivy Council. 
K A Meredith L L l>, Deputy Mininter of the Interior. 


The Hon Alex McKenzie Mini.«ter of Public Works. 

" E Bliike Minister of .lu,stice. 

" A J Smith Minister of Marine and Finhericn. 

" U J Cartwright Mininter of Finance. 

" L Letellier oe St J\ist Mini.~iter of A).'riculture. 

•' David Laird Mininter of the Interior. 

" L8 Huntington President ot the Council . 

" Isaac Burpee Milliliter of Cnstome. 

" Thomas Coffin Ueceivcr General. 

" T Fournier Postmaster (.eneral. 

" ' H W Scott Secretary «if State. 

" Felix GeoflTrion Minister of inland itevenne. 

" W B Vail Minister of Militia. 


The Right Hon Sir John A Macdonald, K C B. 
The Hon S L Tilley, C B, Lieut-Governor of New Brunswick. 
Sir AT Gait, ICC MG. 

" William McDougall, C B. 

" WPHowland, CB. 

,* AG Archibald, Lieut-Governor of Nova Scotia. 

« Peter Mitchell. 

" Alex Campbell. 

« J C Chapais. 

Baboook Fire Apparatnt. 0. 0, BEIFFENSTEIK, General Agent 


'f ' 

i III" 






I 1 





If ;''f U 

h: %'■■• 

Coal Oil CooUng StoTM 0. 0. BSHTEHSTEIIT, Qeneral Agent. 

The Hon H L Langevin. 

" Sir Edward Kennv, Kt. 

« Sir John Rose, K'C MG. 

" Sir Francis Hincks, K C M G . 

'* Chriptoplier Dunk in. 

" Alexander Morris, Lieut-Govenmr of MaiiitobR. 

" James C Aikens. 

" Charles Tapper, C B, 

" John Henry rope. ' 

« John O'Connor. 

" Theodore Robitaille. 

« Thomas N Gibb. 

« Hugh McDonald. 

" A A Dorion. 

" David Chiistie. 

" Wm Ross. 

" DA Macdonald, Lieut-Governor of Ontario. 


Offioeks, Clekks and Servants. 

William A. Himsworth Clerk of the Privy Council. 

Joseph O Cot6 AsMistant Clerk of the Privv Council. 

F H Himsworth Ciork 

Henry Alexander " 

William Horace Lee " 

Lewis J Burpee . '* 

Frank Newby " 

FK Bennetts " 

W F Forsyth.. .- Private Secretary to President. 

Michael Naughton Doorkeeper and JJesaenger. 

Joseph Grenier Messenger. 

William Groomo " 

Wm Reynolds " 

Commissioner i'er DEDisira Potestatem. 

William A Himsworth Clerk of the Privy Council. 

The Railway Committee of the Privy Coukcil, 

Hon A Mackenzie Minister of Public Works. 

** A J Smith " Marine and Fisiieries. 

" L Leiellier de St Just " Agriculture. 

" R W Scott Secretary of State. 

/* T Fournier Postmaster-General. 

The CoMMissioNEhs for the Ixri:::>fAL Economy or the House of Commons. 

Hon A Mackenzie Minister of Public Works. 

"T Fournier " Justice. 

♦' Isaac Burpee ■ " Customs. 

" Thomas Coffin Receiver General., 

The Treasury Board and Sub-Committee of Council on Civil Service. 

Hon R J Cartwright Minister of Finance. 

" Isaac Burpee " Customs. 

*' Felix Geotfrion " Inland Revenue, 

" Thomas Coffin Receiver General. 

T. W. KGNNT & SONS, MoTohant Tailors, Ontfitters and direct Importers of English and 
Scotch Olotha and TirMdt, and Irish Frieies, 149 Sparks Street, OtUva. 




Civil Srrvicb. 

T. W. KEN NT & 80KS, Kerehant Tailon, Oatfltten ud direct Importon of Engluh 
and Scotch Cloths and Tweeds, and Irish Frieses, 148 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 


(Has 77 members, being 24 each tor Ontario and Quebec, 10 each for 
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, 4 for Prince Edward Island, 3 for British 
Columbia, and 2 for Manitoba.) 

The Hon. 1)avm> Christie, Spkaker. 

Robert LeMoime, Clerk of the Parliamekts. 

Senators. P O Address. 

Hon Joint Hamilton Kingston. 

" Benjamin Sey n)our Port Hope. 

•' Walter H Dickson Niagara. 

" James Shaw Smith's Falls. 

" Alexander Campbell Toronto. 

" David Christie Paris. 

" James C Aikins Toronto. 

" David Reesor Markham. 

" Elijah Lenard London. 

'* William McMaster Toronto. 

" John Simp.son Bowmauville. 

" James Skead Ottawa. 

" David L Macpherson Toronto. 

" Donald McDonald Toronto. 

" Billa Flint Belleville. 

" George W Allan Toronto. 

" James Rea Benson St Catharine?*. 

" Ebenezer Perry Cobourg. 

" Frank Smith .'. Toronto. 

«' Robert Read Belleville. 

" Alexander Vidal ... » Sarnia. 

" George Alexander Woodstock. 

" Geo Brown Toronto. 

" Richard W Scott Ottawa. 


Hon Jacques O Bureau Montreal. 

" Luc-Letellier de St Just Riviere-Ouelle. 

" John Hamilton ^ Hawkesbur}'. 

" Charles Cormier Plessisville. 

" David E Price Quebec. 

" Leandre Dumouchel Longueuil. 

" Louis Lacoste , Boucherville. 

♦* Joseph P Armand Rivi^re-dcs-Prairies. , 

" Charles Wilson Montreal, 

" William H Chaffers St C6saire. 

" Jean B Guevremont Sorel. 

♦• James Ferrier Montreal. 

" Thomas Ryan Montreal . 

" Jean Charles Chapais St Denis, Kamouraska. 

«' Alex Rene C De Lerv Quebec. 

'• Matthew Henry Cochrane Compton 

" Eugdiie Chenic Quewc. 

" Joseph H Bellerose St Vincent de Paul . 

« FXATrudel Montreal. 

U, S, Reflector Company. Ot. 0. BBIPPBN8TEIN, General Agent, 






' ::^-^ (I'll 







i : 

(,- 1 t ; 

ii % 

' ,' f. 'i 

' ti 


Areliiteetnrtl Iron Works Oompaaj, N.Y. 9. C- BEQTSKSTEIIT, Agtnt. 

Senator. P. 0. Address. 

Hon Edward Goff Penny Montreal. 

" Pierre Baillargeon Quebec. 

" Hector Fabre Quebec. 

" Anselme Homere Paquet St Cuthbert-Berthier. 


Hon Sir Edward Kenn v Halifax. 

" Thomas D Archibald Sydney, C B. 

" Robert B Dickey Amherst. 

" John Holmes..'. Fictou. 

" John Bourinot Sydney. 

" William Miller Arichat. 

" Archibald W McLean Londonderry. 

" A Mact'arlane Wallace. 

" Jeremiah Northnp Halifax. 

" Henry A N Kaulback Lunenburg. 


Hon Amos E Botsford Westcock, Westmoreland. 

" John Robertson St John, 

" William H Odell Fredericton. 

" David VVark Fredericton . 

" John Ferguson Bathurst. 

" Robert D Wilmot Be'mont, Sunbury. 

" Abner Reid McClelan Hopewell, Albert County. 

" John Glasier Sunbury. 

" James Dever St John. 

" William Miiirhead Chatham. 


Hon Donald Montgomery Park Corner. 

" Robert Poore Haythorn Charlottetowo. 

*' Thomas Heath naviland CharlottetowL'. 

" George W Howlan Alberton. 


Hon Robert W W Carrall Barkerville. 

" Clement F Cornwall Ashcroft. 

" William John Macdonald Victoria. 


Hon Marc Amable Girard St Boniface. 

" John Sutherland Kildonan. 

THE SENATE OiTICES (East Half Centrb Block). 

Okfic!:r3, Ci-erks, and Servants. 

Robert LeMoine, Clerk, master in chancery, cashier and accountant. 
Fennings Taylor, Deputy cl< k, clerk assistant and master in chancery. 
E L Montizainbert, Law clerk, clerk of committees and English translator. 
Rev Canon Johnston, Chaplain. 

James Adamson, First English clerk and clerk of English journals. 
Peter Miller, Second Enylieh clerk and clerk of routine and proceedings. 
Neil W McLean, Third English clerk and clerk of private bills. 

T. W. KENNY & SONS, Merchant Tailors, Outfitters and direct Importers of English and 
Scotch CloiliB and Tweeds, aud IriEh>rrie2es, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 


,■!!' .,!m;,'"',i.-:...,ii: ,1 

m, Ag«nt. 





, Westmoreland. 


, Albert County. 


tOWL' . 




n chancery, 
ish translator, 




era of Eaglieh and 

i ■ < 



T. W. KXHNY A SONS, Kerohant Tailors, Outfitters and direct Importers of English 
and Sootch Cloths and Tweeds, and Irish Frieses, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

A A Bo'icher, Chief Frencli translator and clerk. 

Alfred Garneau, First French translator and clerk. 

J dp St De LeMoine, Clerk of Frencli journals, second French translator 

and sergeunt-at-arnis. 
Ivanhoe Tache, Assistant clerk of French journals and deputy sergeant-at- 

R W Stephen, Assistant accountant and clerk. 
Alexander Soutter, Junior clerk. 
R Edward Kimber, Qentleman usher of the black rod. 
J B Myrand, Postmaster. 
Peter Dunne, Housekeeper. 
S I Jones, news-room keeper. 
Pierre Rattey, Doorkeeper. 

, Speaker's messenger. 

James Doherty, Wardrobe, etc. 

P Gilbert, Bank messenger. 

Charles Young, Permanent messenger. 

Thomas Wheeler, " " 

Sessional Messengers — L Robitaille, J Dunne, J Wingfield, Archambault, 

J H Pelletier. 
Sessional Pages — J N Rattey,, Thomas Davis, Alpine F Grant W H Bucke. 

Commissioners for Administkrinq thk Oath to Members. 

Robert LeMoine Clerk of the Senate. 

Fennings Taylor Deputy Clerk of the Senate. 


(Has 206 members, bein^ 88 for Ontario, 65 for Quebec, 21 for Nova 
Scotia, 16 for New Brunswick, 6 lor Prince Edward Island, 6 for British 
Columbia, and 4 for Manitoba.) 

The Hon. T. W. Akolin, Speaker. 

Alfred Patrick, Clerk of the House. 




P. O. Addrest. 

Addington Schuyler Shibley Napanee 

Algoma ..» E B Barron Sault St Marie 

Both well David Mills Clearville 

Brant N Gavin Fleniing Glen Morris 

do S William Patereon Brantford 

Brockville Jacob D Buell Brockville 

Bruce N John Gillies Paisley 

. do S HonEBlake Toronto 

Cardwell Hon J H Cameron do 

Carleton John Rochester Ottawft 

Cornwall A F Macdonald Cornwall 

Dundas William Gibson Morrisburgh 

Durham £ Lewis Ross Port Hope 

do W H W Burke Bowmanville 

Elffin E Colin Macdougall St Thomas 

do W George E Casey Fingal 

Essex W McGregor Windsor 

Frontenac G A Kirkpatrick Kingston 

Glengarry Archibald McNab Lochiel 

Grenville William H Brouse , Preacott 

Goal Oil Lamps, bo. Q. 0. BEIFFENSTEIM, Oaneral Ageat 


■V ;;;■ 

^;.- t 


•■■■ !vt 

'1' I 




y i 



'l V ,!r 

V'.f I 



l' ,'i I 

l' 1 i I 



i i'ti 

'?f ii 

* ■ ^ :- t^ 

ii ,*' 


r *( 




Architectural Iron Works Company, N.Y. a. C. SEIPTENSTEIN, Agrat 



P. (). AJch-ess. 


do E.... 

do S..., 




do ... 
Hastings N . 






Lanark N 

do S 

Leeds N 

do S 




Middlesex N 

do E 

do W 




Norfolk N 

do S 

Northumberland E. 
do W. 

Ontario N 

do S 

Ottawa City 



do S 


Perth N 

do S 

Peterboro' E 

do W 


Prince Edward . . . . 

Renfrew N 

do S 


Simcoe N . . . 

do S 


Toronto E 

do C 

do W 

. George Snider Owen Sound 

. William K Flesher Flesherton 

, George Landerkin Hanover 

. David Thompson Indiana 

.William McCraucy Oakville 

.iEniiliuH Irving. .'. Hamilton 

. Andrew T Wood do 

. Mivckciizio Bowell Belleville 

.John White.. •. Roslin 

. Jai.ics Brown Belleville '" 

. Thomas Fivr. ow Bluevjile 

. Horace Hoi u>n Goderich \ 

.Thomas Centralia 

, liui'uH St»'j henpoa Chatham 

. RtHon Sir ■ A aiacdonald . Toronto 

. Hon. A Mackenzie Ottawa 

. Daniel Galbraith Almonte 

.John G Haggart Perth 

. Charles F Ferguson Kemptville 

. David Ford Jone.s Gananoque 

. Hon R J Cartwright .... .Kingston 

. James Norris St Catharines 

. James H Fraser London 

. Thomas Scatcherd do 

. Duncan MacMillan do 

. George W Ross Strathroy 

.Lachlin McCallum Stromness 

. A P Cockbnrn Toronto 

. Josiah B Plumb Niagara 

.John Charlton Lvnedoch 

. Wm Wallace Simcoe 

. James L Biggar Murray 

. William Kerr Cobourg 

.Adam Gordon Manchester 

.Hon Malcolm Cameron. .Ottawa 

.JM Currier do 

.Pierre St Jean do 

• Thomas Oliver Woodstock • 

.James A Skinner do 

. Robert Smith Brampton 

. Andrew Monteith Stratford 

.James Trow Shakeepeare 

, James Hall Peterboro' 

. John Bertram do 

. Albert Hagar Plantagenet 

.Walter Rosa Picton 

. W Murray .i Renfrew 

. John L M^Dougall do ' 

.Robert Blackburn New Edinbur«5h 

. Herman H Cook Barrie 

. William C Little AUandall 

.Cyril Archibald Dickinson's Landing 

. Samuel Piatt Toronto 

. John MacDonald do 

.Thomas Moss do 

T. W. KENNY & 80NS, Merohant TalloTi, Oatfitters and direct Importers of English and 
Scotch OlothB and Tweeds, and Irish iriezes, 14S Sparks Street, Ottawa- 



T. W. KEKKY ft B0R8, Merchant Tailora, Outfitters and direct Importen of English 
and Scotch Clotha and Tweeds, and Irish Frieaes, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 



P. O. Arldrens. 

Victoria N . . , . , Hector Cameron Toronto 

do 8 '. Arthur McQuade Gnieinee 

Waterloo N Isaac E Bowman St Jacobn 

do S lanieB Yoim" Gait 

Welland William A Thomson .... Clillon 

Wellington N N Higginbothain ' ■ uelph 

^ do C GTOrton Fergun 

do S David Stirton Guelph 

Wontworth N Thomas Bain Strabane 

Co 8 Joseph Ry mal Barton 

York N Alfred H Dy niond Toronto 

do E James Metcalfe do 

do W DavidBIain do 


Argenteuil L Gushin<; ..Montreal 

Baji^ot foseph A M o\iHsean do 

Beaiice Chrintian H Pozer St George 

Beauharnois lIliHse J llobillard Beanharnois 

KellechaHse Hon T Fournier Qnebec 

Berth ier Edonard O Cuthbert ....Herthier 

Bonaventure Hon T Robitaille New Curliale 

Brome Nathaniel Pettef Knowlton 

Chambly Amable Jodoin, junr . . . .Longueil 

Ghamplain H Montplal^ir Cap de la MagdaHine 

Charlevoix P A Tromblay Chicoutimi 

Chateauguay Hon L H Holton Montreal 

Chicoutimi, &c Erne^'t Cimoii Mnirav Bay 

Comptou Hon John H Pope Cooksliire 


Drnmmond, <tc Wilfred Laurier Arthabiskaville 

Gaspe John Short Gaspe 

Hocnelaga A Desjardins Montreal 

Huntingdon Julins Scri ver Hemmingford 

Iberville Francois Bechard Mount Johnson 

Jacques Cartier R Lallamnie Montreal 

Joliette Jjouis F G Baby Joli* tte 

Kamouraska CAP Pelletier Qnebec 

Lapraire A I'insonneault Montreal 

L'Assomption Hilaire Hurteau St Lin 

Laval J Alderic Ouimet Montreal 

Levis Louis H Frechette l^evis 

L'Islet P B Casgrain Quebec 

Lotbiiiiere Henry Bernier .Lotbiniere 

Maekinonge Louie A Boyer Montreal 

Megantic E E Richard Arthabaskaville 

Missisquoi Williau) Donoghuo West Parnham 

Montcalm Firman Dugas Montcalm 

Montmagny H T Tachereau Quebec 

Montmorency J ean Langlois do 

Montreal E .* Louis A Jette Montreal 

do C 

do W 

Napierville Sixte Coupal dit Lareinc.i^t Cyprien 







U> S> Befleotor Company. G 0. SEIFFENSTEIN. General Ageni 

• Mx> 







t ! 


y If 


i ■> 

t m 

T. W. KMNY ft SONS Y^rehant Tailon, Ontfltten and direot : iporton of Engliih 
and SooMli Clotha ana IVeedi, and IrUh Fri«ses, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 



P. O. Address. 

Nicolet '. ...,,, Joseph Gaudet Gentilly 

Ottawa County. Alonzo Wright , Ironside, Hull 

Pontiac W McKay Wrijjht Ottawa 

Portneuf E A De St Georges Cape Sente 

Quebec E Hon J 'rhibeaudeau Quebec 

do C Hon J E Cauchon do 

do W Hon Thoe McGreevj .... do 

Quebec County F Adolphe C»ron do 

Richlieu George J Bart^e Sorel 

Richmond, Ac Hon Henry Ay!mer,juur. Melbourne 

Rimouski JBR Fieet. KiinouRki 

Rouville Guilla! !ie Cheval St Hilaire 

St Hyacinthe Louis Delorme St Hyacinthe 

8t John's FraiiQoia Boura^sa Stot?i« ville 

S*. Maurice Chales Lajoie YatiiHchiche 

ShefTord Hon L S Huntingdon .... MoiiU-al 

Sherbrooke E T Brooks Shertrooke 

SoulangPi? Jacques P Laulhier St rolycarpe 

Stantit^ad Charles C Colby Stanetcad 

Temistoaata Jean B Poiiliot . . Riyierc-du-Loup 

Tcrrsbonite L F R Masson Terrebone 

Three Rners William McDougall Three Riverj 

Two Mountains ..... .Wilfred Provost. , , St Scholastique 

Vaudreuil Hon Robert Harwood .... Vaudreuil 

Vercheres Hon F-. fix GeoftVion Vercheree 

Tamaska ,(;iir.,'-ie'8 Q'.W Sorel 

Annapolis . .. 
Antigoniwh .. 
Cape Breton. 


Colchester. . 


Ouvsboro.. . 
Eftiifax . . . . , 


William H liay Clementsport 

Angus Mclsaac Antigonish 

Newton L McKay Sydney 

. William McDonald Little Glace Bay 

.ThosMcKav Tiuro 

.Hon Chns Tupper, CB.. Ottawa 

.Hon WB Vail Halifax 

.John A Kirk Glenelg 

, Alfred G Jones Halifax 

. Patrick Power *• 

. Monson H Goudge Windsor 

S'McDonell Port Hood 

Frederick W Borden Canning 

, Charles E Church Chester 

James W Carmichael .... New Glasgow 

.John A Dawson Pictou 

. James F Forbes Liverpool 

Edmund P Flynn Arichat 

, Hon Thomas Coffin Barrington 

Charles J Campbell....... 

, Frank Killam Yarmouth 


Albert John Wallace.. Hillsborough 

Carleton 8 B Appleby Woodstock 

Charlotte Arthur H Gilmour St George 

B. ICorgaos' Sons "Sapolia" Q, Q. IZUfSMSEW, Qeiieral Agent. 


Invern(>?-=* . 

Kings , 


Richmond . 
Shelburne . 
Victoria. . . 
Yarmouth . 

>rtori ttf Engliah 
Mt, Ottawa. 








;e Bay 



iial Agent. 



T. W. XBNITT ft SONS, Mnohant Tailors, Ontflttert and direot Importers of English 
and Sootoh Cloths and TwMds, and Irish Friems, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawa. 

ConstUvenries. Members. P. 0. Aihhesn. 

Gloucenter Hon T W Anglin St John 

Kent (Jeor;^'? MoLeod " 

KingH IjiineH Donivilli' " 

Northumberland Hon Peter Mitcliell Montreal 

Queens John Ferris Cambridge 

Restigouche George Mortal DalhouHie 

St John (county) J S Boies dc Vebcr St John 

it t John (city) Hoi» Isaac Burpee " 

" Acalufl L Pahner '' 

Hcij bury Charles Burpee Sheffield 

V ) 1 v"ia lohn Costigan Grand Falls 

vVo ; moreland Hon A .1 Smith Dorchenter 

York John Pickard Frederickton 


Kin)i County Hon Daniel Davis Charlottetown 

•' ' Peter A Mcfntyre Soiiris 

Priace County lames Yeo Port Hill 

"■ -StanislaH F Perrv Tigonisli 

Queen's County Hon Dayid Laird Charlottetown 

" Peter Sinclair Spriii,u;iit!'l 


Cariboo J S Thompson Barkerville 

New WestminHter James Cunningham New Westminster 

Vancouver Artiiur Bunster Victoria 

Victoria Amor de CoHmoH " 

do Francis J Roscoe " 

Yale Edward Dewdney " 


Ijisgar John C Schultz Winnipe,;]; 

Manpiette Joseph Ryan ' 

I'rovciu'her A G B Bannatyne Winnipeg 

Selkirk Donald A Smith Montreal 

HOUSE OP COMMONS OFFICES, (Wkst Hai-k ok Ckstbk Block.) 


Alfred Patrick, Clerk of the House. 

Henry Hartnev, Deputy clerk, clerk assistant and Accountant. 

Eugene IT Fiche, First clerk assistant. 

John G Bourinot, Secoml clerk assistant. 

GnstavuR AV Wicksteed, Chief law clerk. 

Williiun Wilson, Assistant law clerk, and chief English translator. 

'J' G Conrsolles, Assistant law clerk, and chief French translator- 

William Fanning, Chief translator of vote.s, proceedings and journals. 

F Hayes, Assistant English translator. 

R J Wicksteed, Assistant English translator. 

J F Gin<'ra8, Assistant Frencli translator. 

Joseph Tasso, Assistant Prsnch translator. 

J A Genaud, Assistant French translator. 

Joshua Stansfield, Assistant accountant. 

F McGillivray, Clerk of routine and recorde. 

Henry B Stuart, English engrossing clerk. 


: I 




:■ ' h 





. ; 


T. W. XEHUT * van, Xenhant Tailon, Oatfttten and dimt Importon of Inglidi 
and Seotoh Olothi and Twaeda, and Iriih Triezot, 140 fiparka Itraet, OtUrn«. 

Edouard Denechnud, French engroHsing clerk. 

Jamea G Sloane, Proofreader and clerk of stationery. 

R McG Moffatt Indexing clerk. 

Thaddeus Patrick, Chief clerk of Btandingconunitteos on raihvajHt Banking 

and Public accounts. 
£ P Hartney, Assistant do. do 

Charles Panet, Chief clerk of standing coniniittees on Private Bills and 

standing orderH 
Walter Todd, Assistant do. do 

Jean P Leprohon, Chief clerk of committees, and Speaker's secretary. 
F X Blanchet, Assistant clerk of committees. 
Herman Poetter, Chief clerk of votes and proceedings. 
W C Bowles, Assistant do., and secretary to the Clerk of the House. 
W B Ross, Chief EngliHh journal clerk. 

A (} D Taylor, Assistant English journal clerk, and clerk of petitions. 
Henry Lindsav, Clerk of se.sHional papers. * 

Pierre Rivet, Chief French journal clerk. 
J H T Blais, assistant French journal clerk. 
W liowe, extra clerk. 
F Porrier, Postmaster. 
T Falardeau, Assistant postmaster. 
E Pelletier, Assistant postmaster. 

Dkpartment or Ser .jant-at-Arms. 

Donald W MacDonell, Sergcant-at-arms. i 

Henry R Smith, Deputy sergeants-at-arms. 

Lucien Dubd, Chief me.s8enger. 

John O'Connor, Chief door-Keeper. 

Edward Storr, Assistant door-keeper. 

Joseph Lemonde, N Turi^eon, .Joseph Brown, William Graham, James Koy, 

E Steacy, O Roberge, M Laf^amme. J E Asselin, Vaughn Bryce, messenger.-!. 

James Fitzsimmons, George Smithj, Night watchmen. 

James Sinclair, House carpenter. 

Depabtmknt Pp.ixtino of Paruament. 

Henry Hartney, Clerk; Robert Brewer, Assistant clerk; E Botterell, jr, 
Distributor of printeil papers; N Boulet, Assistant; J Rivet, E O Botterell, 

Commissioners for Adminictering the Oath to Members. 

Alfred Patrick Clerk of the House. 

Donald W Macdonell 8eargeart-at-Arms. 

Gustavus W Wicksteed Chief Law Clerk . 

Eugen^ Urgel Piche First Assistant Clerk. 

Henry Hartney Deputy Clerk. 



The Library was constituted a separate department of the public service, 
by the Act 34 Vict, ch 21. The officers are appointed by the Crown, and are 
responsible to the Speakers of the Senate and House of Ct mons ; assisted 
by a Joint Committee of both Houses, seasionally appointed. 

Alpheus Todd Librarian of Parliament. 

A Gerin Lajoie Assistant Librarian of Parliament. 

AugUHtin Laperriere First Library Clerk. 

A Hanilya Todd Second do do 

Meseeugere — L J Casault, A Boucher. 

Dominion auibs. 


orttn of InglUh 

T. W. KENinr ii Mnra, Menhaat Tailon, Ontiitton and direot Impor,jn of Engliali 
•nd Sooteh Cflothi ud Tweedi, and Iriah Friesea, 149 Bparka Btreat, Ottawa. 

wayHj Banking 

ivate Bills anJ 


i House, 



lani, James Kuy, 
vce, na'ssenger.-!. 

; E Botterell, .ir, 
t, E O Botterell, 


the House. 
w Clerk. 
»iHtant Clerk, 

he public service, 
e Crown, ami are 
mens; aseisted 


of Parliament. 

I)ei'aktmext,u. Blii.dinc (K.vht Block). 


Harry Moody, (iovernor'H secretary; tlohn Kidd, ch' clerk; A St L 
Herhert/C J Jones, William Campbell, clerkH; George oinith, messenger ; 
Charles Strouiger, John Chalklcy, orderly Hcrgeantfi. 


Hon E Blake Minititer of Justice. 

Hewitt Bernard, Q C, C M G Deputy Minister of Justice. 

Hugh Richardson, chief clt-rk ; Frederick White, Augustus Keeter, Joiin 
R Hall, John Leslie, F J Falding, clerks; George Duval, minister's secre 
tary ; Patrick Lynch, F Curran, R Mackay, messengers. 


Hon Robert J Cartvright Minister of Finance. 

John Langton Auditor-General and Deputy Minister. 

Audit Offir' —Hon John Simpson, aHsiatant auditor ; Moore A Higgins, 
warrant clerk ; .lamer. PatterHon, E C Barber, J B Simpson, Thomas Hector, 
Thomas Cross, clerks. 

Accountanfs Branch — Norris Godard, chief clerk and Dominion book- 
keeper; Thomas Cruce, G M Jarvis, R W Baxter, J A Torrance, W A 
Gwddes, R O'Reilly, J A Clayton, George Aumond, G Y Crookshank, Geo 
Lowe, J P Macpherson, clerks. 

Contingencies. — Thomas Rosp, accountant; W L Orde, clerk. 

Financial Inspector's Branch, — T D Tims, inspector ; F Toller, H A 
Jones, C Webber, Walter Hatch, clerks. 

Dominion Savings' Banks, — C J Anderson, chief clerk ; H R Fripp, C J 
Tasker, H T Fosbery, clerks. 

Minister's Secretary. — W A Blackmore. 

Temporary Clerks. — Harry H Grey, Mark Lemon, James R Perry, Jaa- 
Hopkirk, Geo P Bliss, E H Harington,'John Fraser, Arthur Dorion, Arthur 
O Audy. 

Messengers.-^Vatrick Pender, John Pender, Thos Coad, P Connolly. 
Treasury Board. — John Langton, secretary ; J M Courtney, accouutant. 
Insurance Branch. — J B Cherriman, C E Anderson. 


Hon Isaac Burpee..... Minister of Customs. 

James Johnson i Commissioner of Gustom-s. 

J W Peachy, chief clerk , J R Audy, G A Mailleue, P B Sheppard, G W 
Grant, G H Fawcett, W C Baker, clerks. 

Accountants' Branch. — John Drysdale, accountant; P C Ryan, T J 
Walters, clerks. 

Statistical Branch. — W A Bell, H C Hay, James Barry, C F Stevens, 



r _ 

C '1 



''.\. <■ f <■■ 


« r 


228 DOMINION <(lli>K. 

T. W. KEVHT * SONS, Morohuit Xailon, Ontfltten and Untot Importers of Engllih 
and BMtoh OloUu wd Tw6«d% and Irish Fr^Met, 140 Sparka Street, OtUwa. 

J 8 Fairweather, C H Hardin}?, F Bennett, A Bloakney, C E McKie), 

Minister's tiecretary. — C V F Bliss. 

Messengers. — John AVulis uinl J Brewer. 


Hon Felix GeoftVion WiniHtec of Inlauit Revenue. 

A Brunei ....CdniiniflHionor of Inlnvid Revenue. 

KMiallJunr Asst " •« " 

Accountants' Branch. — 1' M Rollins, ucriountanf ; F R E Cainpciiii, 
J E Valiii, clerks. 

Statistical Branch. — F Measani, Htiktistical clerk ; W L Heron, R Nettle, 
A Graham, B H Teaklc-', Neil Stewart, .Ioidch 1'' Shaw, E Ohuobuck, 

Correspondence Brain. 'i. — W Uiui^worth, Juur, W. Curler, 

Blank Forms.— F K Blatch. 

Weifjhts and Measures. — W J JohuHtone, J(.ihii Biusicl. 

Minister's Secretary, — A Luaignan. 

Temporary Clerk. — R Devlin. 

Metsengers. — .John Fowler, George Fowler, R Archunioault. 


Hon Thomas Coffin Receivor Geucral. 

T D Harington .- Deputy- Receiver (Jeneral. 

T C Brainlev, chieJ" clerk ; F Lewis, varraiit «;lerk ; [saao B Stanton, L 
F Dufreene, C W Shay, F Hmiter, J BH Neeve, J R Naf'h, Horace Dunlevie, 
C E Turgeon, C Goujih, E I) Suthorlaml, clerks. 

Messengers. — F Cassault, F McCattrey, James McCsittrey. 


Hon R W Scott Secvetury of State. 

E J Langevin, N P Under Secretary of State. 

Correspondence Branch. — Grant Powell, Richard Pope (clerk of the 
CiOwn in Chancery) chief clerks ; \V H Jonea H E Steele, J M Tetu, clerks. 

Keepen' of the Records. — Henry J Morgan. 

Registry Branch. — L A Caftelier, deputy registrar; J A Belanger, E 
Broudseau, J Burni^ C Ballantyne, A G la-aruyd, Geo Collin«, clerks. 

Stationery Office — J Young, superintendent ; J Rli'jtfes, T Roxborough, 
T Robertson, W S Gliddon, M C Cunningham, clerks. 

Queen's Printers Branch. — Lient-Col Browu Chuniherlain, C M G, 
Queen's Printer ; W Gliddun, A G Kingston, A Potvin, clerks. 

Minister's Secretary. — Seymour Tobin. 

Messengers. — P IjOgan, T O'Keele, J Hughes, J Larkin. 


Hon David Laird.... Minister of the Interior, 

E A Meredith, J^ L D Deputy Minister of the Interior 

William Howe, Clerk, 
/twii'ott 5roncA.-—L Vaukougli net, deputy si;perintendent; Robert Sin- 
clair, accountant J J V De Bcuchcrvilk, A McNdll, J B Butler, F Shiith, 



i E Campcun, 

i)OMiNioN auit>k. 


T. W. XEinrY * Wm, Mnrohant Tailors, Oatfltten and (tireot Importen of Ingllih 
and flooteh Clo^lu and Twnedi, and Iriah Frines, 149 Sparks Street, Ottawu 

ThoH FiJ Kirkpatricli , Joliii Penner, J A Frivwr, clorkui J C Stewart, .1 
li'Etoilc, Martin HeiiHun, h>Mi[N)rnry clerkn. 

Ordnance Land Hranch. — W F Coffin, nrilimi.« . lUiid agent; Wm MiIIh, 
accuiintAnt i F I' Austin, C (> Roofers, clerkH. 

Onminiim Jjundu Branch. — Ijiont-Col J S Denis, Hurvoyoi-jjencral ; 
AntlroNf RnHAfll, John Johnson, P B Douglan, F Clayton, W M Oootleve, N 
Tetn, K J Henry, L F LacaHse, F H C Cox, F S Clieckley, P ti SymCH, 
W B Riclmrdflon, Holicrt Baldwin, RoImti Ijang, clerkn. 

Minister'' a Seer darn . — George Diekieson. 

Messengers. — C Ownc, H J Brook, R .TeMHop, Artlmr Swinburne. 

AI£0 IN THIS BUILDINQ {Ka.t ni<y'k.) 

Library or thk Ptinuio DEfARTMKNTH. 

Joseph O Cot^, HHHiMtant clerk of tlie Privy Council, lilirarian. 

Directors op Pknitentiabies Ofviok. 

Jai W King (ot Windsor, N S) chnirnian ; F X Prieur, J G Moylan, directors. 

Dominion Poi-ick Office. 

C J Coursol, (of Montreal) ooniinirtHioner; E J O'Neil!, superintendent; 
John Jackson, John Connor, Hergeants ; and constables Kiino, Brock, Pearce, 
Web.ster, Lyons, Dunlop, Stringer, Deslaurier, liuglieH, Convretto, Pnrcell, 
Moffat, O'JJrinc, Berichon, Jones, Montgomery, Walsh, Morrin. 


• ■r 


rlain, C M G> 


Depurlniental Building, {West Block). 


Hon T Fournier Postmaster General . 

W H Griffin Deputy Postmaster General . 

J Ashworth, Casliier. 
Secrelan/'s Branch. — W White, ueoretary; W D Le Sueur, H S Weatli- 
('.-ley, B King, G H Ilargrnve, H W Griffin, J Plunkett, J Walsh, J Graham, 

W B Snow, S Smith, jr, J F Ruttan, A W Throon, G R White, J M O'Leary, 
C B Brodie, W L Blair, J Ijcmoine, O Fortier, D McDonald, A J MacDermid, 
A W McLennan, W A Jones, P D Mclntyre, J A McLuurin, G Sinks, L C A 
Casgrain, J A. McDonnell, W Frechette, A A Dorion, S Craig, L H Poulioti 
G Ranee, dorks. 

H (t Hopkirk Secretary to Postmaster General. 

C Sangster Secretary to Deputy Postmaster General. 

Accountant'.^ Branch. — H A Wicksteed, accountant; W H Smithson, 
P E Bucke, R Oliver, E H Benjamin, H J Garrett, A Lindsay, L Blanch^t, 
G M Patrick, W Blanchard, T H Allen, R J Oliver, D P McCarthy, J E 
Hopkirk, C G Falconer, J G Fortier, BAD Jones, H M Jarvis, H A Fer- 
guson, W Brophy, P T Leahy, A Muir, clerks. 

Money Orda- Branch. — P IjC Sueur, «ui>erintendent; C W Jenkins, 
.1 Brophy, J McDougall, R J Shaw, C J Higgms, M K Dunlevie, J F Wall, 
W J Barrett, J C Bonner, A W Wall, J H Spencer, F W Mills, L W Travis, 
A McGillis, C P Lc Sueur, D D McPherton, W Bristow, clerks. 


■i; * -. ^ ' ■'! 



ir i 


T. W. KENNT 4 SONS, Merchant Ttllon, (htflttari and dlraot ImporUn of Eofliih and 
Bcoteh Olothi and TwMdi, and Irish Frieiti) 148 Bparki Strnt, Ottawa' 

Saviuija Bank Branch. — J C Stewart, Mnpcrintciidcnt ; I) JlatlieKon, 
J R Htiiitli, A J BoHwell, N Garland, B B Bell, W H Kre(M, VV iTEgloHon. 
W H H»rrington, W U MuCuHig, G ii Major, G L riitiikutt, U J Lsrkli . 
J Berry, clerltH, 

Temporary C/«/fc«.— B W«llii-, M Trtfulwell, B Biickc, H H Wolfe. 

MettengerM. — M Bennett, B D*iightry, J Bell. 


Hon Altx Mnckenzio MinJHter ot I'uhlic Workfl. 

T Trmieau Deputy MiniHter of Fiiblio Work>«. 

Evginterintf Brunch. — John Page, cliief eneineer t G F BaillArgS, rbnIh- 
tant engineer J ThoH 8 Hcott, chief architect; Charles McCarthy, John LeB 
Uo<*8, (IraughtHnien ; S McLauglin, photograpiicr. 

Hecretary^a Braneh. — F Brann, necretarvi J W Harper, pavmaflteri H A 
FiHsiault, L E 8t Chaplean, F FI KnniH, T B French, J P N Bonneville, 
W J Tillcv, C F Street, A E Evanturel, Louis Lefeltvre, L D Dion, A J 
Duffy, L N Fortier, L N Filteau, A Fisher, clerks. 

Accountant's Braneh. — James Baine,. accountant; A P Bradley, 
Dionne, aflsistant accountantn. 

Minister's Secretary. — W Buckingham. 

Temporarily Employed, — William Kingnford, T B Townsend, engineers; 
H James, nsnintant architect; D Ewart, F J Alexander, W R Billingn, 
W Brymner, F Boncorps, J B Lamb, W Curran, J W H Watt, draughtsmen ; 
J C l*ache, jr, A Gobiel, P Boulet, clerks. 

MeMtengern, — J Deslauriers, Michael Walnh, Henri Potvin. 


Hon Luc Letellicr de 8t Just Minister of Agriculture. 

J C Tach6 Deputy Minister of Agriculture. 

Secretary'* Branch. — John Lowe, secretary ; F J Dore, accountant; Rev 
G Tanguay, attache ; 8 Drapaau, D Brymner, W H Johnson, H B Small, 
D Lanigan, clerks. 

Patent Branch. — A J Cambie, patent and chief clerk ; C C Neville, H 
CaHgrain, N F Boissonault, D Routhier, E D'Anteuil,J B Jackson, J ¥ 
Dionne, W J Lynch, T McCabe, clerks ; J L^ville, model repairer. 

Minister's Secretary.— E T6tu. 
» Temporary Clerks, — E Juvet, E Martincau, A Lev^que, H Garon, E H 
St Dennis. 

Messengers. — J E Lemieux, J Boily, B Moreau, J B Lacroiz. 


Hon Albert J Smith Minister of Marine and Fisheries. 

William Smith Deputy ♦« «» 

W F Whitcher, commissioner of Fisheries ; John Hardie, chief clerkj 
John Tilton, accountant ; 8 P Bauset, W L Magee, W S Pettegrew, P F 
Qourdeau, W H Alexander, F, N Venning, G Trudeau, jr, A Chisholm, W B 
Carleton, James Halket, PEA Gautier, J. Makinson, M Graburn, clerks. 

Engineer's Branch.— ^osbph Tomlinson, general superintendent of 
lights and constructive engineer ; W P Anderson and Joseph Tomlinson, jr, 
Msistants and draughtsmen. 

Messengers.'— J vlt Morin and James Robertson. 



T, W. UVIT k SONS, Mwohant Tkllori, OuUtUri and dhrtot Impertwi of Gufliik and 
Sooteb Oloth i and Tw>«di , and Iriah Frltm, 149 Bparki Stmt, Ottawa. 


Hon W B Vail Mini«l«r ofMilitiii and Defonro. 

liieut-Col C Eujiene Panet De^mly MiiiiHterot Militia and Defence. 

Maior-Gen R Selby Smyth Ma^ur-Oen Coinniandinff Militia. 

Culonel Walker Powell Adjutant-General of Militia. 

Corresponding Jirancli. — Bcnjaniiu Hulte, li I) J Lane, J UK Chapleaui 
clerkfl. * 

AeeountanCi linmc'h. — LieutrCol J MacpherHon, chief clerk and accouti* 
tanti C U O'Meara, F X Huot, W £1 Auniond, AG Benoit, P Clark, clerkn. 

Adjutant- General'* Office.— W U Wright, chief clerk j LieutCol (3 
Ktiiart, Grant Seytnour, I) A Muudonald, F X Lambert, G E M Sherwood, 
C Junot, T C liarpafi, Colin Campbell, clcrkn. 

Store Jirancfi. — Lieut-Col Thomafl Wily, director of storcHj Ciiarlen 
Walkem, GeorKe Grant, Frederick L Jonen, Joseph Yeoinanfl, clerkn. 

Minister's Secretary. — Colin Campbell. 

Messengers, — Chrysologne Dion, M Ryan, J W Qow, Napoleon Ca^atilt. 

e, H Garon, E H 

>:.' ALSO IN THIS BUHDINO, ( West Block.) 

Canadian Pacific Railway. 

Sandtbrd Fleming Chief Engineer. 

JumcH H Rowan, (east div) Manitoba district AwHt. *' 

MarcuM Smith, (weet div)ilritiHh Columbia di»)trict " " 

S Hazlewood,IM-ince Arthur district , " " 

William Mi'-'och, H P Bell, E W Jarvie, Charles Uoretzky, Henry 
Carre, C H Oamwby, W A Austin, W W Kirkpatrick, E G Garden, Henry 
J Cambie, U AF MoLeod, Thomas J Thompson, LG Bell, engincern in 
charge of parties ; E V JohnBon, chief drauglitHman ; Ciiarlen O Palmer, 
accountant; T R Burp^, secretary. 

Messenger. — Louis Bewserer. 


Sandford Fleming Chief Engineer. 

CollJngwood Schreiber A est. " 

T R Burpd Private Secretary . 

Ralph Jones, secretary { Thos C Du Plessis, accountant ; W H McNally, 

Official Abbitratobh. 

James Cowm '.. .Gait. 

Charles Taylor Sarnia. 

Isidore Hurteau Montreal. 

Henry Elliott Halifax. 

F H Ennis, secretary. Public Works Department, Ottawa. 

Dominion Public Buildinos, ENGiNEKn\s OrFiCK. 

J R Arnoldi ... Mechanical Engineer Dept Public Works. 

WHLewis Clerk. 

W Graham Draughtsman. 

■ t 

-' i*.;i^l'.. 





t ' 

T, W. KENHT & SONS, Merchant Tailors, Outfitters and direct Importers of Eogliih and 
Scotch Oloths and Tweeds, and IrishlFrieaes, 149 Sparlis Street, Ottawa. 

Departmental Buildings Staf^. — VV Sniifli, engineer; J Kelly, asst. en- 
gineer : M Gallagher, F Leboute," Proulx, M Custelio, firemen. 

Parliament limldings' Staff.-- J A Wills, enjjfinccr; 1) iiong, Hsst. 
engineer; M Scanlon, HT Spenci', B Uoclion, firemen. 

Water Works Staff. — D Sniillif, engineer. 

Repairing Staff,- -bl Clancy, T Wensley, steam litters; M Wlielnn, 
smith ; W Butland, electric bells; T iSmith, .1 Ferguson,.) Peck, Lariviere, 
A hntourney, helpers. 

CkNHIS ()F>'I( k. 

.T (1 G iiiivton, chief clerk; Guatave Smith, L Daurav, W KingHton, 
J F Wolff, A Uouthior, G(?<iru:e Le Muitre, W Kos.-iter, clerks. 



12S Sx)etr]s.s Street, 

Opposite McCormkk's Flonr Store. 

^/V. H. SHAVER, 


Hides, Calf SMns and Sheep Felts. 


Genefal Hardware Merchaots & Manufacturers' Agents. 

Offices AND Wabkhousks; 



in of Engliih and 

Kelly, asst. en- 


D Long, Hs.'St. 

<; M Wlielnn, 

, W KingHton, 



) Felts. 


erV Agents. 





Marble and MarUeized Slate 

Uantle Pieces, IConumeiits, &c., 

:;," .v/. ,.;;;::,'■;!;:;■;', -^. DEALER IK 

Enamelled Grates, 

Cemetery Fencing, '^ ' 

and Garden Flower Vases, 

* Fire Brick Drain Pipes, 

'h, and Vent Linings. 

'M::-r- — — - 

AH kinds of Tire-Clay and Terra CoUa Goods. 


Near Old CaihoUe Ckapel, Four Doors West of Bank Street, 



WUm ^mmmMmm Wmmikev. 


84 King Street, 


/^ , 

Inventor and Sole Manufacturer of 



Royal Canadiiui W^in|^w. 

N.B.— If the Vi^asher Is not found to v^'-ork satisfao- 
torlly it will b« taken back flree of charge. 

) i 



IF nv 



i,' f^i 


% t 

( Ufi:l 


, ^ 

7^ '-^ ., ui 






iDE-A.ijEin. insr 



t.* "t" 


4 f e'«. 

I ill I rt1i> itih-<i^f«* 






Cutters smd Sl©iglis, 


X '^t rish^: 

i >:^._ Manu^ctory : 178 Queen Street, 

'■'•.':":''' OTTAWA. 

' , si-} 




L.. ' , ■ 

J ' 1 




I I 

11 i 

- — </7i 

J. B. Brannen; 





«-^=» AND '=3>J 









e^0. #/ MlOE^V SFfRMMFp 


■'-'' ■'■-' 0TTAWA^'':4 

SpecMties-HILLINEBY and TAILORING. ;- ; «» U ! 






TRADE ?= '' 

pj MIRK. 






Manufactured oniy by 

,V. D. McLAR 

^' ,^ 55 College Street, MONTRSA^ 






M : 

k \i 


,. i 



I > 

V \ 









Agents for R. II A V it CVs (Late JACQUES & \Xh 
Colftbrati;*! Fui'niture. A full '«»ck always on view in onr exttu 
sive Show Rooras. 

'^TA call lespeo; ''wily invited. 


98 and lOO Sparks St. 

* s 

> i -- 1 




—- — » .. » «■ • — — 
lUulway, Insurance and Bank Work a Specialty 


•Mts* i;iii»rtliiB •t«mp«> it«a«tramt» Qvmpinl**' 8mI«, SUmII rttt*«. 4« 


Saves half the labor ot waehinjr, preserves the Clothes and saves i>oap. 


Samples sent free by the Fropriotovh to ihoeo vvishing to try '^J^ 


243 $f* JiMS^-Syij' MOKT 

' Agf^i* wanted eo^n^i^Hf/rii Wininoduci; t^-i»^e, and fifty oi^ 
atUeUi. Seita Stamp for GircHlnr.'' 



& HA 
oiir exUu 

". ;^ '1 ' '*' 
parks St.'f|;;.;-/ 




es 80ai