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Full text of "The Ottawa city directory, 1897-98 [microform] : embracing an alphabetical list of all business firms and private citizens, a classified business directory and a miscellaneous directory, containing a large amount of valuable information : also a complete street guide, to which is added an alphabetical and street directory of Hull, Que., ."

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uj 12^ 


■ 2.2 

■u .3. Mil 

^ 1^ i2.0 

IL25 mil 1.4 













Collection de 

Canadian Inatituta for Hiatorical Microraproductiona / Inatitut Canadian da microraproductiona hiatoriquaa 

Technical and Bibliographic Notea/Notet techniquaa at bibliographiquas 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibliographically unique, 
which may alter any of the images in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the us^ial method of filming, are checked below. 





Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

Covers damaged/ 
Couverture endommagie 

Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaurie et/ou pellicula 

Cover title missing/ 

Le titre de couverture manque 

I I Coloured maps/ 

Cartes g^ographiques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I I Coloured plates and/or iJlustrations/ 

Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
Relii avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La re liure serr6e peut causei de I'ombre ou de la 
distortion le long de la marge intArieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches ajouttes 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela itait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas 4t6 filmdes. 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a 6X6 possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-Atre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la mithode normale de filmage 
sont indiquAs ci-dessous. 

Coloured pages/ 
Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommagdes 

r~7\ Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
UlJ Pages restauries et/ou pellicul6es 

r~^ Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 


Pages dicoiordes, tachetdes ou piqu^es 

Pages detached/ 
Pages ditachies 

r~7| Showthrough/ 





Quality of print varies/ 
Qualiti inAgale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary material/ 
Comprencf du materiel suppl^mentaire 

Only edition available/ 
Seule Mition disponible 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont At A filmies A nouveau de fa^on A 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires supplAmentaires; 

Pages 37 & 38 ars mining. 

Irregular pagination: [1] - 473, [471] • 642 p. 


This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est film* au taux de reduction indiquA ci-dessout. 

10X 14X 18X 22X 











•s du 
er une 

The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanics 
to the generosity of: 

National Library of Canada 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

L'exjomplaire fiim6 fut reproduit grdce d la 
g4n6rosit6 de: 

Bibliothdque nationaie du Canada 

Les images suivantes ont 6t6 reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition et 
de la netteti de I'exemplaire film6, et en 
conformity avec les conditions du contrat de 


Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
papier est imprimis sont fiim6s en commen9ant 
par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
dernidre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration. soit par le second 
plat, selon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont film6s en commengant par la 
premiere page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la dernlAre page qui comporte une telle 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol -^ (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol y (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Un des symboles suivants apparattra sur la 
dernlAre image de cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbols --»' signifie "A SUIVRE", le 
symbols V signifie "FIN". 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as m my frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc.. peuvent dtre 
film6s A des taux de reduction diff^rents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtre 
reproduit en un seul clichA, il est film6 d partir 
de i'angle supArleur gauche, de gauche h droite. 
et de haut en bns, en prenant le nombre 
d'images ntcessai. 9. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la mithodb. 


B pelure. 
on A 








- 4 




l60taWl0bc& 1825 * **^ '" 


SaiMiattiiffAmnnuioe, • $114.8OaoO0 

iBTMtea nmda, • - 4i,floaooo 

AnaoBl F«v<Miii*, • - 8.480,000 
■-^SaV-^*^ 18.000.000 • 

***'lSa'S:^*"^-- 88.900.000 

■ondrlas, .... 880.000 

niitMorftlraCM. . - 4.880.000 
BMaaMMw. - • . glD.O0O 

ibmhauu May Hat. tm. tlMjaOHJOflO 



t»t«ly on Proof or OMlh 
. . nlahod ■attateatonr to tlM« . 


W. M. HAMSAV, MiMgw, 


QIRCULAR8 Addressed. Folded awl MaHed 


W«wlllMQdCimiIan,C«telo«aM, PriooUati^eruf UndotaavwtUHt 

my PrateMtOB, BoaiiieM or Tnde in the otvUlaad wwU. 
AddiWMafimdalwd, 80 olo. por HtHMlrMi, 

Beat fa<fi/itfe$. 

iimkipet ami Siamiu 

uhh: m hht niKinT n.. of innn (ud 

It. n « K toeumt sr. e/mr. mmro, an. 



y //, 

HUllaFrioC. . MOMtlllAL, 

MID tfH OAHTAL. . . . 

A.D.IHJIlWIOIlO./«„«rt«.. H.LOorZ^ 




HI; ' 









i.r Ni 



iM' f 


' a 

i 4 r 

111 '(' = 
if ' ' 



OttHHal call pmM up) 
RMWPv* Ftontf 
UntflvM«tf Proflta - 


Sodfd of lNvectot0: 


NON* 4k A* _ 

A. T. ^ATKRaON. l!«i. HUOH MoLKVNANTr B114.' W.'o. MoboNAX^ HN- 

R. B. AM0U8. Bmi. ' A. P. OAUIA*. ■■«, W. W.OMliVIi; mt^ 


CaCIiOUSTON. (toBflrmllfAiiiicar. 

A. MA0KI12&R. CUtf In««ot«r Md iMifk. at BNUiekM. 

. . . Jk.KBVCBASA^.HmmetMi^ikmaiktiBtnm.- 

do iS2Si?*tet^s^ 

CrrTAWA* W. J. AadffMn, 

JNw». •/ Owfarto 




» mmoNDUilft 
,^_ nfnMOUnwftntist 

lUiiKHB m^nurMMmm t 





2s Bank of Ottawa. 


itoMm OF oimmortmmi 

'CttAlL MAOKm>>Mirlail. OBOIUW HAT. Fte>i>M«iiMt. 


mmMtctHmm : 
poHmsc to rmM*. tanylwiai. attfflfctti*. 

MiMMitTNlMM iMkStmi. OtUWIL 

010. Bi»V, Om«nU HB)u««r. D. ■. rnnm. Ibinagw. 

''^ *" ^**!iL^ •* Mortwtf ; J«inti la K«w Y««i. BMk «( M«*I ; 
MMIoiMtBMifc : i^Mti tai Irfwdm. Sac^ Pwi't Buk. UmiM. 

«* I ipiltilM 


Rmrm fund • 



% Ik Ik'MWiUiVWIt' 

^ma^iff^m^ ^iiiuMntiMi. 4ua,mTiMo.»^ 



«c«k»air M iNw rwk. Md Aiiwta oc 


Hit AD orrieK. 

BOST. • 

098 XILlIoN POLIiAiS. 


MM* ■9> Ai WK( MNMlPi PfNMMN* MMRT UMHi H[|ii 

oaaTATiXHUK^V. W.B.{[A!lttUfOir,ft«, JAa.OEAniBll,]k«. 

«r. jr. M.vMmnM, - . . 

Qtneial Bankioff BuiaNt. latcNrt alloirvd oo DvptMilta. 
OoaBMraW Cradita for Um of luportart ; Attt 

Timrellm' Lattwo of 0»«dit lor Um la «1I fiMlvof 

ottawt ofiM, 106 wELUiieni fimr. 

OMnollir Opposite PtrtiwDMnt Bqnan.) 



York County 


um QfflOE, CONfEDBMiTIIN UR MtllM, llMiil. 

SUBmmEl) CAPITAL, $1000,000. 

aOmBPB FUtMJjb'B, F'rttttidmmt, 


/ . 

Don't Believe 


»irt tU Bm <rf Ttoid Al»l»btt. u» liit^ HT6. lor 

I thoM of BOB^biteiQWn, yoo ilMwU 



Omlijlmr •WB iofeiNali^b^ i«patirj 

in n* ToiiMniiM and CimmU 


97 oNoaa mam. 



•, I' 


i H 




i . 






(f ! 


1, ,!l^ii 

^■^^ ■!: 


11/ 1i 

I H 

M '/ 


■\ ' ■ i; 

i! r :r 


! ! 

if a 


■■ I 




L C. LAVEi^UlK <( CO; 



* > • • « 

.•vrpuii rdft. 

- - CM^ IJib S11AH FITT^ 


, n I II II r I I I i| U ii ; i i m rij i M ii aM i 

•• to 75 WIIXIAM •TfWiT, 



r//f CAPITAL M/mmm/tm co. 


BmiES, 0tE8,t00U RiiiNOmillB 

fioui ASAMni ftfttniiL' ' 

mMtmmrHB, wfp. 

188 BmoJk B^ki»0tm 



aad IjQwn) d^Btettui^ aboai • Um ' 
ForaigB C^iiifl^ S«4«i, «I4 l>nr«e< 

ill' iHHtHIL llliriMi;!.. 

. - • - -.T^'^S&^' ^'^iL.. ...^1. .^.i. 

Entered aceording t 

' .iX'.v 




■ ■«. V/ i-'^^: 











':!; ■'.■■■■ ," CONTAINING 

A Large Amount of Valuable Information ; 





ALSO ' ^> ' : •" .-' 

Suburban Directories ' 

OB* ■■'■^ ^'''- ':■'•'■-- 




Vol. XXIV. 

Rrlce 33.50. 



J. M. MIOHT. Preaident and Managing Director. E. R. C. CLARKSON. Vict-PrtaidenL 

H. WADDIKOTON, atcretary-Trtaawrcr. 


Entered aceordiog to Act of Parliament of Canada, In the year One Thoueand Eight Hundred and 
Ninetr-^even. by the Proprietors, In the Office of the Minister of Agriculture. 



^' 1 



mi In 




■ feF^ 






ip^ ■ 


1 ' 

TTAWA is still increasing in its population and putting up new and 

improved buildings, improving its roadways and sidewalks. 

We are glad to be able to state that our patronage has materially 
increased this year both in the Circulation ci the Ottawa Directory and in its 
advertising matter. 

This is satisfactory to us, as it shows the public are beginning to apprec- 
iate our efforts in giving them an up-to-date and superior Directory of Ottawa 
City and ics suburbs, as well as the City of Hull. 

Although our book is smaller than usual this year, it contains more names 
and pages than last, but we have used a lighter but better quality of 

The number of names commencing with the different letters of the 
alphabet are as follows : 

















U .. 



































Total 21,160 

■ You will notice that this total is not much larger than last year's, but 
we have omitted at least one thousand names that were in the last edition, 
being names of young ladies who ' live with their parents, domestics who do 
not remain more than one month in a place, and the names of mill hands who 
are only in Ottawa for a short time during the summer. ^ 

As we have in the past been accused of over-estimating the population of 
Ottawa we will still use the multiple of three to the number of individual 
names given in the Directory, and although we know that the increase during 
the last year has been over 3,000, we will call Ottawa's population 63,480, 
but will not take off another one, as we are fully satisfied that this is under 
the correct number. 

Thanking all our patrons and those who so kindly assisted us in securing 
the necessary information, 

. . We remain, yours truly, ^ ' 

' The MIGHT DIRECTORY CO. of Toronto, timited, 

''^ J. M. MIOHT, Prtaident. 

1« Atf«iai«l« St. Baet, Twonto, and M •parlw M., OHawa. 

KUKHAV .PRturma oo., 

aiob* BnlUlHf, Tortitt; 

V« -:■■ 


,.,ij... .lAt*.' 

U ' 





Abbreviations 41 

Addenda 6 

Advertisements, Colored Pages in 

Front and Bacic of Boole 

Alphabetical list of names 139 to 420 

Business Classification 421 to 474 

Hull Business Directory 683 

Hull Alphabetical Directory 503 

Hull Street Directory 481 

Index to Advertisers 4 

Index to Miscellaneous 8 

Introductory 2 

Miscellaneous Directory 9 to 40 

Street Directory 41 to 137 

Stibur1;»an Villagres 471 to 480 

Ward Boundaries 188 



Billings' Bridge 471 

Clarkston Village 472 

Hintonburg (including Bays water 

and Manchestervillle) 473 

Janeville 476 


Mechanicsvllle w . > 477 

Ottawa East 478 

Rideauville 480 

Rockclifte Park 480 


: >i. 

' I 

■ 'i- '■ t 


■'■ ••')?■' , 


. .; . i'.-^ , 



Banks 29 

Board of Trade 27 

Cab Tariff 22 

Cabinet The 10 

Cemeteries 23 

Churches 30 

City Government 20 

Clubs W 

Colleges 28 

Commissioners 10 and 20 

Consuls at Ottawa 19 

Convents 31 

Coroners 28 

Corporation Officers 20 

County and Municipal Officers 19 

Custom House 27 

Customs Department 16 

Dept of Agriculture 17 

Dept of Indian Affairs 15 

Dept of Inland Revenue 16 

Dept of The Interior 17 

Dept of Justice 16 

Dept of Militia and Defence 16 

Dept of Public Printing and Sta- 
tionery 18 

Dept of Public Works 16 

Dept of Railways and Canala II 

Dept of Secretary of State 14 

Dept of Trade and Commerce 16 

Departmental Buildings 13 

Division Court Sittings 20 

Dominion Qovernment 9 

Dominion Judiciary 10 

Dominion Police 16 

Educational 27 

Exchequer Court 10 

Finance Department 14 

Fire Department 21 

Geological Survey Department .... 18 

Governor-General 8 


Governor-General's Secretary's Of- 
fice 14 

Health Officers 21 

Hospitals, Asylums, etc 32 

House of Commons U 

House of Commons — Officers of 18 

Hull City Council 603 

Inland Revenue 27 

Justices of Peace 19 

Library of Parliament 14 

License ' Commissioners 21 

Marine and Fisheries Department.. 16 

Military 18 

Office of Auditor-General 16 

Ottawa River Works Office 28 

Parks and Squares 2ft 

Parochial Schools 28 

Police Department 20 

Post Office — City 23 

Post Office Department 17 

Privy Council 14 

Public Buildings, Halls, etc SO 

Public Schools 2T 

Queen and Royal Family 9 

Queen's Printer's Office 18 

Registry Office— City 88 

Registry Office— County 19 

Religious 80 

Rinks 80 

Senate, The 11 

Senate Officers 18 

Separate Schools 28 

Societies 82 

Stage Lines, Mall 27 

Supreme Court 10 

Tariff for Coaches, etc 22 

Temperance Societies 3B 

Univemltles M 


.•,1! ': 

Waterworks Officers 




■■ 8 

:r, !; ^ :r';il 


■i ' 

■V k 

1 , 


ICE CREAM I iMit 8t 

/6 THE BEST I ' ^.i— i.*!... 


V ! 

















Anderson Robert 142 

Aahbury House School 434 

Auld John (Montreal) 437 

Babln Edward 147 

Bailey George 456 

Bank of Montreal iv 

Bank of Ottawa v 

Bayly G M 151 

Bazlji Pierre I 151 

Beament & Johnson 151 

Blatch George L 421 

Boyer Nap 463 

Bristow M George 169 and 470 

British American Dyeing Co 

Right side lines 

Brophy Lewis L 170 

Bryson, Graham & Co opp 172 

Burke John P 171 

Calderon A M front cover 

Canadian Bank of Commerce vi 

Canadian Cork Cutting Co (Mon- 
treal) 437 

Capital City Business College.. opp 179 

Capital Mfg Co viil 

Capital Transfer Co Left top lines 

Capital Warehousing Co 

Right side lines 

Chandler & Co 184 

Chrysler & Bethune 188 

Church of England Day School 434 

Citizen The 18S 

Citizens Exchange and Loan 

Agency Right bottom lines 

Confederation Life Asrociation.... 

Right side lines 

Conley R H Right top lines 

Cote Francis A 195 

Cote Joseph 196 

Crain Rolla L opp 199 

Cuddle W H & Co 200 

Culbert John & Son.. Left side lines 

Cunningham & Co Front cover 

Dackus Alex 464 

Daniels & Secord Back cover 

Dominion Hall Hotel.. Opp inside 

back cover 

Edey Moses C — Top line front cover 
Edwards W C & Co (Limited) 

Front cover 

Equitable Savings and Building As- 
sociation Bankbone of book 

Fensom Elevator Works 442 

Fetherstonhaugh & Co.. Top line 

back cover 

Fltzsimmons Hugh 22S 

Oeddes J W 445 

Gilmour The Back cover 

Gould & Harley Book hanger 

Grimes A M opp 179 

Guy John 443 

Harmon Home and Day School 434 

Harvey B 462 

Helntzman Gerhard Co, The 

Embossed line front cover 

Heney John & Son.... Left bottom lines 

Herbert J St Son 467 

Hewlett Joseph C 266 


Hillyard Joseph W 431 

Hope James & Sons — Right top lines 

Howe Wm 438. 

Hunter S * Co 262 

Jamteson R E Right bottom Unea 

Jarvis J A 471 

Jarvls S J Right top lines 

Jullen Gil 464 

Ketchum & Co 273 

Kldd Geo E 27». 

Kidd & Forward 273 

King Charles 274 

Laverdure E G & Co vill 

Lewis J B 291 

Lewis Rice & Sons (Limited), To- 
ronto Inside back cover 

Ligget Thomas 292 

Liverpool and London and Globe 

Ins Co Front cover 

Low J A C 294 

McClenaghan Stewart opp 173 

McDougall J M (Hull) 621 

Mcintosh John opp page 17& 

McLaughlin John Embossed line 

•■•... ■ l^&ck cover 

McNeil J R Ribbon bookmark 

Macdonald J F 464 

MacKey Stained Glass Co 469' 

Macs Tailoring Co, The Two.. Opp 

— page 173 and back cover 

Major C B (Hull) 621 

Manchester David Left side lines 

Mann & Co 313 

Mason Wm & Sons.. Right top lines 

May Geo & Sons 318 

Metropolitan Business College 

Right bottom lines 

Might Directory Co of Toronto 

(Limited) Pages 137, 642 and 643 

Molsons Bank HI 

Mooney Henry 824 

O'Connor Daniel Jr 336 

O'Keefe Brewery Co of Toronto 

(Limited) 336: 

O'Reilly & Murphy 338 

Olver & Morris Right side lines 

Ontario Bank v 

Orme J L & Son Opp page 340 

Ottawa Auer Light So (Limited). 340 
Ottawa City Directory.. 137, 642 and 543 

Ottawa City Rag Store 461 

Ottawa Electric Stair Works 

Embossed line back cover 

Otttawa Evening Journal 841 

Otttawa Free Press 841 

Pease J F Furnace Co (Toronto). 847 

Pennock & Masson 848 

Phrenoline Medicine Co (Limited) 

Right bottom lines 

Pratt & Pratt 35S 

Pritchard & Andrews '. 443 

Qualn P R 858 

Reid John R Left top lines 

Rice Lewis & Son (Limited), To> 

ronto Inside back cover 

Ridgway J H 448 

Rogers S ft Son 368 




B«st Quality. Lew««t Prle««. 

Rogers & Hub! 
Rondeau Athai 
Rosenthal Aarc 
Russell The .. 
St Jacques F 
Shepherd H R. 
Shore T A . . . 
Spittal Alex A 
Spittal Chas D 
Standard Life 
Star Laundry 
Stewart Peter. 
Stewart Robert 
Stewart & Co 
Stimpson A W 
Storr A M.... 
Story Wm I.. 
Sun Life Assur 


Alexander John 

1 137 Cht 
Ander Gustaf I 

106 Besse 
Arnold Joseoh, 
Baskerville Ell< 

Bell Alexander 

guson, 1 
Berlchon Napol 

Wks. h ; 
Biggs Mary J ( 

76 Bank 
Bi-Ungual Modi 

prin, 873 
Black Agnes (w 
Botvln Hermene 
Bone Peter, stm 

from 45 
Bott Mrs Maza 

Burke Miss Jul 

from 684 
Cameron Hugh 

Third av 

ton burg 
Camc-ron & Co 

2 w of 
Campbell Guy 

h 26 Jam* 
Carroll Mary A 
Cedar Street S( 

rloha prii 

Charter David, ( 
Clemetttf Wm G 

Coughlin Qeorg 

Cundell George, 

1 n of O 


iTARVIS Guarantees ^" 





Rogers & Hubbell vii 

Ron<leau Athanase 432 

Rosenthal Aaron 370 

Russell The Opp page 178 

St Jacques F X Opp page 17g 

Shepherd H R Right bottom lines 

Shore T A 436 

Spittal Alex & Co 389 

Spittal Chas D 389 

Standard Life Assurance Co ii 

Star Laundry Co 391 

Stewart Peter Right inside lines 

Stewart Robert 392 

Stewart & Co 446 

Stimpson A W H 470 

Storr A M Edge of book 

Story Wm I Left side lines 

Sun Life Assurance Co.. Left top lines 


Taggart C B & Son.. Left bottom lines 

Taylor's Ottawa Gold Cure 393 

Temperance and General Life As- 
surance Co.. Backbone and page vii 

Thompson J A 400 

Trop Steam Laundry.. Right side lines 
Two Macs Tailoring Co The... Opp 173 

Walton J L 434 

Watson Wm Left top lines 

Welch C 466 

Wenzel Alfred & Son 460 

White S A K 413 

Woodbum George H 417 

Wood's Studio 417 

Woollcombe Geo P 434 

Wright T Howard 418 

York County Loan and Savings Co vii 



Alexander John, coachman H A Bate, 

1 137 Chapel 
Ander Gustaf H. mach George Low, b 

106 Besserer 
Arnold Joseoh, mill hd, 1 124 Balsam 
Baskerville Ellen (wid John J), 1 236 

Bell Alexander N, bkpr O'Neill & Fer- 
guson. 1 339 Maclaren 
Berichon Napoleon, flreman Dept Pub 

Wks, h 265 St Patrick 
Biggs Mary J (wid Benjamin), drsmkr 

75 Bank 
Bi-Ungual Model School, M J O'Connor 

prin. 873 Susssex 
Black Agnes (wid John), 1 178 Besserer 
Bolvln Hermenegilde, lab, 1 18 Day 
Bone Peter, stm ftr CPR, h 69 Divisioi. 

from 46 Division 
Bott Mrs Maigaret, drnmkr 267 Bes- 

Burke Miss Julia, drsmkr 224 Sparks, 

from 684 Sussex 
Cameron Hugh O, shingle mnfr w s 

Third av (Bayswater), res riin- 

Camc-ron & Co (Wm A and Robert G 

Cameron), lumber s s Catharine, 
2 w of Kent 
Campbell Guy (O'Neill & Campbell), 

h 26 James 
Carroll Mary A (wid John). 1 2 Peter 
Cedar Street School, Isaac 8 Hem- 

rlcha prln, Somerset, nr First 

Charter David, culler, 119 Turner, dead 
Clement* Wm Q, rest and bdg hse 216 

weUlngton, from 54 Besserer 
Coughlin George, moto O B Ry, res 

Cundell George, pntr, h w s Dufferin, 

1 n of Osgoode, from 120 Bes- 


de la Ronde Stuart E, mnfg confr 393 
Wellington, h 319 Daly av 

Ferguson George B (O'Neill & Fergu- 
son), res Renfrew, Ont 

Finn Franois R, Superinten- 
dent Metropolitan Life Insur- 
ance Co, b The Gilmour 

Fish Hatchery The Ottawa, John Wal- 
ker In charge, O'Connor, s w 
cor Queen 

Fitzgerald Margaret (wid Jeremiah), h 
259 King, dead 

Flanagan Francis, culler Webster ft Co, 
1 8 CJurrier 

Hallaire Alphonse, prtr, h 211 Water, 

Hayes Miss Mary A, prtr Ptg Bureau, 
1 530 Albert, dead 

Hill Mary (wid John), 1 203 Division, 

Kenny Wm J, elk Lang ft Kemp, b 206 
Slater, from 111 Elgin 

Loyer Patrice, lab, h 327 St Patrick, 

Metropolitan Life Insnranoe 

Co; Francis R Finn Superinten- 
dent, 49 Metcalfe 

Mica Mannfactnrinff Co (Ltd), 
of London, England, Thomas J 
Watten Managing Director 
Room 7, 49 Metcalfe 

Otttawa Investment Co (Limited), 
Peter Whelan pres, J S CJham- 
berlln sec-treas, 64 Sparks 

Pooler Miss Hester E, tchr Capital 
City Business College, 1 16 Wur- 

Rogers Ernest E, elk Parker ft Lar- 
month, 1 845 Stewart 


Am U>i«QMiM.L«0. 



•: 1 1 

,! '4 

ii ■ 





■ '*.'■- 

i r 


I. 1 

'•It '.V • ■ : 

.>■'■> m ■ ., 

.,.!' .' RP h] 





TUa OIIII I ;X#% |LawRatoi,LargtPrafHftMltiwlM 
I 116 OU ll LITU I Ubaral Policy in the World. 





J so 


A 8ur« Pir»v«ntativ« Against Loalns . 
Your Dirsctory. 



is -*■ 

Price, 75 Cents. 


The Might Directory Co'y of Toronto, Ltd., 

11 to 15 ADKLAIDE STREET EAST. Tolophono 2329. 

QIRCULARS Addressed. Folded and Malted 


We IffllMiidOtroiibkn, Catalogues, Price Lists, or any Und of advarCtaiiw 

•ny Profession, Buslnflss or Trade in the otriliied world. 
Addresseataniiabed, SO eta. pa 

PerfBOt System, 
Beat Faoilittea. 
Lou/eit RatB8. 

Oinuianand Gatatogvu 
. Printed. . 

Cnue/opea and 8tamp9 
. Supplied. • 




a B. TA66ABT & SON 

■troKoro, HOMOOo tor saio mm «o tmt 
Omr. BANK MMl WW IINqnTDW gfjfc 




Her Majesty 
of the United 
Ireland. Queei 

Srese of Ind.'i 
tay 2*th, 18 
June a>th, 18: 
King Wllliad 
and married 1 
Boyal HIghni 
Oharlefl £mai 
Saxony, Prlnc 
MaJ«8ty ig th( 
Highness Bdv 
King' George 
lestT are :— 

Her In] perl 
Mary Loulwi, 
erlck of Oern 
married Feb. 
Prince of Pri 
man Emperor, 
has Issue four 
present Oermi 


His Royal H 
of Wales, bon 
10, 1863. Alej 
•f Wales), boi 
Albert Victor, 
dale, born Jai 
George Fredei 
York, born Jn 
1888, Princess 
and has issnt 
June 23, 18M, 
14, 1890, and a 
Victoria Alexa 
1867, married 
Victoria Alexa 
ISae, Maud 
No. 26. 180B, ID 
Charles, secon 
Denmark; and 
died AiDTtl 7. : 

Her Hoyal 
bom April 25, 


Give % H. CONLET of Wellinjuton Street A TRIAL 


Ottawa City Directory 




Queen and Royal Family 

Her Majesty Victoria, by the Grace of God, 
of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 
Ireland. Queen, Defender of the Faith, Em- 
press of Ind.'-i (in India Kaiaar-I-Hind), Ikorn 
May IMth, 1819; succeeded to the throne 
June autb, 1637, on the death of her uncle. 
King William IV.; crowned June 26, lSi«; 
and married February 10, 1840, to his late 
Boyal Highness, Francis Albert Augustus 
Charles Emanuel, Prince Consort, Duke of 
Saxony, Princ«' of Cobourg and Ootha. Her 
Majesty is the only child of his late Royal 
Highness E<dward, Duke of Kent, son of 
King George III. The children of her Mla- 
lestv are :— 

Her Imperial Majesty Victoria Adelaide 
Mary lioulsa, Princess Royal. Empress Fred- 
erick of Germany, born Nov. 21, 1840, and 
married Feb. 25, 1866, to Frederick, Grown 
Prince of Prussia, afterwards second Ger- 
man Emperor, who died June 15, 1888, and 
has istiue four sons, the eldest, William, ths 
present German Emperor, and four dauch- 

His Royal Highness Albert EMward Prince 
of Wales, bom Nov. 9, 1841; married March 
10, 1863, Alexandra of Denmark (PrtncMS 
of Wales), bom Dec. 1, 1844, and has Issv* 
Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avon- 
dale, born Jan. 8, 1864. died Jan. 14, 1882: 
George Frederick Emettt Albert, Duke of 
York, born Jun« 3, 1866. married July 6tb, 
189B, Princess Victoria Mary (May) of Teek, 
and has Issue Bdward A.O.G.A.P.D., born 
June 23, 18M, Albert r. A. O., bom Dee. 
14, 1800^ and a daughter bora in 1607; Louisa 
Victoria Alexandra Dagmar. bom Feb. 20, 
1867, married Duke of Fife. July 27, 188C; 
Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary, bora Jaly 6, 
1866, Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria, bom 
No. 26, 1866, married July 22, 1896. to Prince 
Charles, second son of tlie Crown Prince of 
Denmark; and Alexander, bora April 6, 1871, 
died Aiorll 7. Um. 

Her Royal Hlfhnees Alice Maud Mary, 
bora April 26, 18*5; married to Prince Fred- 

erick Louis of Hesse. July 1, 1862, died 
Dec. 14, 1878, having har*. Issue Ave daugh- 
ters, one the present GtnpresM of Russia, 
and two sons; second son killed by accident 
May, 1873. died Dec. 14. 1878. 

His Royal Highness Alfred Ernest Albert, 
Duke of Edinburgh and of Kaxe-t.'obourg- 
Gotha, born Aug. 6, 1844; married the Grand 
Duchess Marie of Russia, Jan. 22, 1874, and 
has issue two sons and three daughters. 

Her Royal Highness Helena Augusta Vic- 
toria, born May 26, 1846 ; married to Prince 
Frederick Christian Charles Augustus of 
Schleswig-Holstein - Sonderburg - Augofltcn- 
burtc July 6. 1866. and has issue three anns 
and two daughters. 

Her Royal Highness Louise' Carolina Al- 
berta, born March 18, 1848; married to the 
Marquis of Lome, eldest son of the Duke 
of Argyle, March 21, 1871. 

His Royal Higbnees Arthur William Pat- 
rick Albert, Duke of Connau4chit, bora May 
1, 1850; married March 13, 1870, to PrineeM 
Louise Margaret, daughter of the late Prinea 
rrederick Charles of Pruseia, and has laaue 
one aon and two daujrhtera. 

■la Boyal Highness Leopold George Dun- 
can Albert, Duke of Albany, bom April 7, 
1806; married April 27, 1882, to PrineeM 
laelen of Waldeck. died March 28, 1864, 
having had issue one son, now Duke of Al- 
bany, and one daugtater. 

Her Royal Highness Beatrice Mary Vic- 
toria Feodora, bora April 14. 1667: married 
July 28, 1886, to Prince Henry of Batten- 
bnrg, who died Jan. 20, 1806, in the Asbantee 
campaign, and has leave three aona tud one 

Dominion Goi^ernment 


Hla Dxcellency, the Bight Honorable Sir 
John Campbell Hamilton Gordon, P.O.. 
LL.D. (Ban of Aberdeen), GoTeraor-Oenarai 
of Canada. 


i Biscirrrs are satisfactory 

All Qr«e«r«or IHion* loat. 


V .1 

f ; :n I! 

I \y 


1 (i 


\ I 

:' <i il ' 



11 ' 


■ ( 

2 I? 






Th« Polioies 
of the 

O II 11 11 FP I <u« ibMlntolvl JMN R. lEID, 
^Up ■■■rt I UBoondltfonar./ Ungr., Eutorn 




Staff— David Erskln^, OoT«rnor-Generar8 
Secretary; Capt. H. W. Wilb«rforce, Qaeen's 
Bays. A.D.C; I/leut. Ed. John Neve, Royal 
Berkablre Regiment, A.D.C; Personal Pri- 
vate Secretary, W. T. Sfl Hewitt, BJsq., ttar- 


(AceordiDK to Precedence.) 

Hon. Wilfrid Laurler, Q.C.. B.C.L., Presi- 

dent of tlie Queen's Privy Council for 

Canada. First Mlnlater. 
Hon. Sir Richard Jolin Cartwrlght, K.C.M. 

O., Minister of Trade and Commerce. 
Hon. Richard WUliam Scott. Q.C., LL-D., 

S«cretarr of State. 
Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat, K.C.M.G.. Q.C., 

Lit. D.. Minister of Justice. 

Hon. Douis He'ury Davles, Q.C., Minister 
of Marine and Plaheriea. 

Hon. Frederick William Borden. B.A., M.D., 
Minister of Militai and Defence. 

Hon. William Mulock, Q.C., M.A.. LL.D.. 
Postmaster General. 

Hon. Sydney Arthur Fl»her, B.A., Minister 
of Agriculture. 

Hon. Joseph Israel Tarte, Minister of Pub- 
lic Works. 

Hon. Richard Reld Dobell (without port- 

Hon. William Stevens Fielding Minister of 

Hon. Andrew George Blair, Minister of 
Railwa.vs and Canals. 

Hon. Ohrlstophe Alphonse Geoffrlon, Q. C, 

D.C.L. (without portfolio). 
Hon. Clifford Slfton, Q.C., Minister of the 

Hon. William Paterson, Minister of Customs. 
Hon. Sir Henri Gustave Joly de Lotbln- 

iere, K.O.M.G., Minister of Inland Rev- 


(The Above Form the C5ablnet.) 

Hon. Charle* Fitzpatrick, Q. C. Sollcitor- 


Hon. Sir Donald Alexander Smith, G.C. 
M.O., LL. D. (Cantab). 

Dominion Judiciary 

Courts and Offices, Bank «t. n. of WelllngtOB 

Tlie Hon. Sir Henry Strong, Kt., CbM 
Justice; Hon. Henri Eli^ar Taschereau, 
Hon. John Wellington Owyunt:, Hon. Robert 
■c1«wtck, Hon. George Edwin King, Hon. 
Dealre Oirouard. Justices. 

Robert Cassels, Q.a, Registrar; C. H. 
ICastets, Barrister Reporter; L. W. C3outle«, 
Barrister, AMtetant Reporter; H. H. Bllgh, 

8. Cm Ubrarlau; James Lawson, (TIerk; H. 
. Stewart, Clerk; P. Curran, Senior Mes- 

senger and U«taer; F. Morel, Joseph Iiyncli, 


Harris H. Bllgh, Q.C.. Librarian; Jamea 
O'Regan, Assistant. 


One commences third Tuesday in Febru- 
ary, one first Tuesday in May, one first 
Tuesday in October. 


Judge— Hon. George Wheelock Burbidge. 
OfHcers— LouIb Arthur Audette, Registrar; 
Reporter, Charles Morse; Clerks, John Mc- 
Donald, Duncan Clark; Messenger, Wilfrid 
Labelle. Sits at Ottawa every Monday at 
11 a.m.. except during vacation or the ab- 
sence of the Judge, for hearing demurrers, 
etc., and for the trial of causes at «iucta 
places and times asi are fixed by the Judgo 
by general or special orders. 

Admiralty Jurisdiction is vested in the Ez- 
clieqner Court of (Canada under 63-54 Vie. 
(Imperial), cli. 27. and S4-55 Vlo. (Oanadlan), 
eh. 29. 


Quebec District (Ttcant); Nova Scotia Dis- 
trict, the Hon. James McDonald, C.X.8.C., 
Halifax; New Brunswick District, the Hon. 
Wm. Henry Tuck, J.S.C, St. John; Prince 
Edward Island District, the (Hon. Wm. 
W. Sullivan, C. J.S.C, Chariottetown; 
British Columbia District, the Hon. T. 
Davie, CJ.S.C., Victoria; Toronto. His Hon- 
or Judge McDongall, Judge York County 
Court. l\>ronto 


Quebec District, James Dunbar, Q.C, Que- 
bec; Novn Scotia District, L. W. Desbarres. 
Halifax; New Brunswick District, Robert 
O. Stockton. St. John; Prince Edward Is- 
land District, John A. Longworth, Char- 
iottetown; British Columbia District, B. W. 
T. Drake, Victoria; Toronto District, Jemes 
Bruce, Toronto. 


Winslow Arren, Boston, U.S.A.; Louis Ar- 
thur Andette, Ottawa, Ont. ; Charles Morse, 
Ottawa, Ont.; Robert Tuthe' Litton, Mel- 
bourne, Australia; Prank John Ije«4le, Llver- 
gool, England; Frederick Elliott Grant, Mei- 
ourne, Australia; Jotin Proffett. Westmins- 
ter. England. 

James Dunbar, Qaebec, Que.; Lewis W. 
Desbarres, Halifax, N.8.; Robert O. Stock- 
ton, St. John, N.B.; John A. Longwortb, 
Chariottetown, P.B.I. ; John Bruce, Toronto, 
Out.: Louis Henry Collard, Montreal, Que.; 
G. H. Walker, Winnipeg, Man.; Dixie Wat- 
son, Reglna, N.W.T. ; H. A. L. Diindas, Cat- 

f! B TARRART A- SflN auctioneers, valuators, etc. 

^^ ^» 1 AUOAniOOUll ^^^ jQg^ Cor, Bank A Wetlingion 8t8. 

C. A. P. Pelle 

Robert B. Dt 

WM. MA SON & S0NS|^'3!»:ir:sr.;ir!4£^^^ 



g»7. N.W.T.; 0. Gardner Johnson^ Tan- 
eooTer, B.C.; W. B, Peters, Sydney, N.8.; 
H. F. Gourlay, Melbonrae, Colony of Vic- 
toria; Frederick W. Walker, Sydney, New 
Bontli Walea. 

The Senate 

Bast Wing of the Central Block. 

Thp Dominion Senate Is compoeed of 61 
Senator8'-24 for Ontario, 24 for Quebec, 10 
for Nova Scotia, 10 for New Brunswick, 4 
for Prince Edward Island, 3 for British 
Columbia, 4 for Manitoba, and 2 for the 
Northwast Territories. 

Speaker— The Hon. C. A. Pelletler, C.M.G. 

Following Is a list of the Senators by 
Provinces, with their post office addresses:— 


DaTid Reesor TorkvUle 

Qeorge William AUen Toronto 

Sir Frank Smith Kt Toronto 

Alexander Vldal Sarnla 

Richard William Scott Ottawa 

Donald Mclnnes Hamilton 

John O'Donohoe Toronto 

Donald McMillan Alexandria 

George C McKlndaey Milton 

James Robert Gowan, C.M.G Barrle 

Michael Sullivan Kingston 

Francis Clemow Ottawa 

Samuel Merner New Hamburg 

Charlcfi Eusebe Gasgraln Windsor 

Lachlan McCallnm Stromness 

William E. Sanford Hamilton 

Peter Mcl^aren Perth 

John Dobson Lindsay 

Sir Mackenzie Bowell, K.C.M.G... .Ottawa 

James Cox Alkens Torcmto 

Sir John Carllng,K.C.M.G London 

Sir Oliver Mowat, K.C.M.G OtUwa 

David Mills London 

George A. Ooz Toronto 


Joseph F. Armand Riviere des Prairies 

Matthew Henry Cochrane Compton 

Joaeph Hyadnthe Bellerose 

St. Vincent de PauJ 

C. A. P. Pelletler, G.M.G. (Speaker).... 


Joseph Rosaire Thibaudean Montreal 

C. K. Boncher de Boncherville. C.M.G. . . 


Alexander W. Ogllvie Montreal 

P. A. De Blols Maetal 

Joseph Bolduc Trlng 

Theodore RobltalUe New Carlisle 

John Jones Ross. .Ste Anne de la Ferade 

Bvan John Price Quebec 

George A. Drummond Montreal 

Louis Francois Rodrlque Masson. Terrebonne 
Hipplorttae Montplalslr.Cap de la Medelelne 

A. C. P. Landry Mastal 

Sir William H. HIngston, Kt. .. .Montreal 

James O'Brien Montreal 

Jo*epli O. VUleneuve Montreal 

William Owens Montreal 

George B. Baker Sweetsburg 

Louis J. Forget Montreal 

Alfred A. Olilbaudeau Montreal 

(De Lorlmler Dl vison Vacant) 

Robert B. 


William Miller Arlchat 

Alexander MaoFarlane Wallace 

Laurence Geoffrey Power Halifax 

William J. Almon Halifax 

Thomas McKay Truro 

William McDonald Little Glace Bay 

Clarence Primrose Plctou 

David Mackeen Halifax 

John Lovitt Tarmoutta 


David Wark t redserietoo 

James Dever St. John 

James D. Lewin St. John 

Pascal Polrler Shedlac 

Jabez B. Snowball Chatham 

George T. Baird Perth Centre 

Joslah Wood Sackvllla 

Michael Adams Newcastla 

Ttiomas Temple Frederlcton 

(Jeorge Gerald King Chlpman 


Samnel Prowse Murray Haifbour 

Andrew A. Macdonald Oharlottetown 

Donald Ferguson (Tbarlottetown 

Joseph Octave Aiaenault Abrafn's VUla^ 


William John Macdonald Victoria 

Thomas R. Mclnnes Victoria 

James Reld Quesnella 


John Sutherland Winnipeg 

(Thariea Arkel Boulton Shellmouth 

Thomas Alfred Bernler St. Boniface 

John Ne«Wtt Klrchhoffer Brandon 


William Dell Perley Wolseley 

James Alexander Lougheed Calgary 

House of Commons 

West Wing of Central Block. 

The Dominion House of OHnmons has 21S 
members, being 92 for Ontario, 6& for Que- 
bec, 19 for Nova Scotia, 16 for New Bruns- 
wick, 6 for Prince Edward Island, 6 for Brlt- 
iah Columbia, 7 for Manitoba and 4 for the 
Northwest Territories. 

Speaker--Hon. James David Edgar; Dep- 
uty Speaker, Louis Philippe Brodeur. 

Following is an alphabetical list of the 
members of the House, witb their post of- 
fice addre«s«B:— 


Angers, Louis Charles A... Murray Bay, 

Bain, Thomas Dundaa, 

Basinet, Charles St. Jean de Matha, 

Seattle, Thomas London, 

Beauaoleil, Cleophas Montreal, 

Belth, Robert Bov/^manville, 

Belcourt, Napoleon A Ottawa, 

Bell, Adam Ciirr N«w Glasgow, N 

Bell, John W Desmond, 

Bennett, Wm. H Midland, 

Bergeron, Joseph G. H Montreal, 

Bernler, Michel E St. Hyaclnthe, 

Bethune, John L Baddeck, <N 

Blair, Hon. Andrew George Ottawa, 

Blanchard, Theotlme Caraquet, N. 

Bolsvert, Fablen Nlcolet, 




Metropolitan Business College 1 iS.'fir^'S;^^ 

8. T. WILLIS, PriMlpBl. 185 8FAilK8 

8T. I 

Of th« Capital. 








m . 


till ili.'l ■ 

'. ' 

1 ! 




! i 


': 6' 




't 'hi 



- LUNGH - 




i ( 


! -. 



t ; 





Borden, Hon. Frederick W Ottawa. O. 

Borden, Robert L Halifax, N'.S. 

Bofltock, Hewitt 

Monte Creek Ranch, Ducks, B.C. 

Bouraaaa, J. Henri N PaplneauviUe. Q. 

Bonrt>onnalR. AuguRttn. .Coteau Landing, Q. 

Brttton, Bjrron Moffat Kingston, O. 

Broder, Andrew Morrlsburg, O. 

Brodeur, Louis Philippe Montreal, Q. 

Brown, James Pollock.. St. Chrysostome, Q. 

Brnneau, Arthur Alme Sorel. Q. 

Burnett, Lieonard Oreenbank, O, 

OalTcrt, William Samuel Napier. O. 

Oameron, Maleolm Colin Godertch, O. 

Oampbell. Archibald Toronto Junction. O. 

CarglU, H«'nry Carglll, O. 

Oaron, Hon. Sir Adolphe. K.C.M.G 

Ottawa, O. 

Carroll, Henry George Quebec. Q. 

Oarscallen. Alexander W Marmora. O. 

Cartwrlght. Hon. Sir Richard. K.C.M.G. 

Ottawa, O. 

Case.v, George Elliott Flngal, O. 

Oasgraln. Thomas Chase Q'Jebec, Q. 

Champagne. Louis N Hull, Q. 

Charlton. John Lynedoch. O. 

Ohanrln. Leon Adolphe Montreal, Q. 

Ohoquette, Philippe Auguete.Montmagny. Q. 

Ohrlsde. Thoma« Lachute. Q. 

Clancy. James... Wallaceburg O. 

Clarke, E/dward Frederick Toronto, O. 

Cochrane. Eklward Bdvllle. O. 

Copp. Albert J. S Dlgby, N.S. 

Copby, Henry Belleville. O. 

Costlgan, Hon. John Grand Falls, N.B. 

Cowan. Mahlon K Windsor. O. 

Craig. Thomas' Dixon Port Hope. O. 

Davles, Hon. Louis Henry Ottawa, O. 

f>av'n, Nicholas Flood Reglna. N.W.T. 

Dnyls, Thomas Osborne 

Prince Albert, N.W.T. 

Dechene. Arthur Mlville 

Vlllaee des Aulnalea, Q. 

Desmarals. Odllon Montreal, Q. 

Dobell, Hon. Richard Reld Quebec, Q. 

Domvllle, Barnes Rotbsay, N. B. 

Douglas, Jas. Moffat, Dougola 

Moosomln. N.W.T. 

Dugas. r»ul» E Montcalm, Q. 

Dupont, Flavlen 9t. Llbolre. Q. 

Dupre. Hercule Montreal, Q. 

Dyment Albert Edward Thessalon. O. 

Emrle, Thomas Victoria. B.C. 

lEdgar, Hon. James David Toronto, O. 

Edwards. William Cameron. . .Rockland. O. 

Bills. John Valentine St. John. N.B. 

Brb, Dllman KInsey Seabrlngvllle, O. 

Ethler. Joseph Arthur C 

St. ScholaPtlque, Q. 

Peatherston. Joseph— Streetsvllle. O. 

Ferguson, John Admaaton, Q. 

Fielding, Hon. William Stevens. .Ottawa. O. 

Fleet. J. B. Romuald Rimouski, Q. 

Fisher. Hon. Sidney Arthur. .. .Ottawa. O. 

Fltupatrlck. Hon. Charles Ottawa. O. 

Flint. Thomas Barnard Yarmouth, N.B. 

Fortln. Thomas Ste Rose, Q. 

Foster. Hon. George Eulaa Ottawa. O. 

Praser. Duncan C New Glasgow. N.S. 

Fraser, John Petrolea. O. 

Frost. Frfncls Theodore. .Smith's Falls. O. 

Ganong. Gilbert W St. Step'hen. N.B. 

Gauthler. Joseph Laurentldes. Q. 

Geoffrian, Hon. Chrlstophe A Montreal, Q. 

Gibson, William Beamsvllle. O. 

Oilltes, Joseph A Sydney, N.fl. 

Ollmour. James Nllestown, O. 

Oodbont, Joseph St. Francois, Beauce, Q. 

Graham, Duncan Gamebrldge, O. 

Guay, Pierre Malcolm EJtcbemln, Q. 

Gulllet. George ColxHirg, O. 

Guite, Jean Francois Maria, Q. 

Haggart, Hon. John Graham Perth, O. 

Hale, Frederick Harding. . .Woodstock. N.B. 

Haley, Alien Windsor, N.S. 

Harwood Henry 8 ... .Vaudreull, Q. 

Henderson. David Acton, O. 

Heyd, Charles Bemhard Brantford, O. 

Hodgins, William T Haaeldean, O. 

Hughes, Samuel Lindsay, O. 

Hurley. Jeremiah M Belleville, O. 

Hutchison, William Ottawa, O. 

Ingram. Andrew B St. Thomas, Q. 

Ives, Hon. William Bullock. .Sherbrooke, Q. 
Joly de Lotblnlere, Hon. Sir Henri, K. 

C.M.G Ottawa. O. 

Jameson, R. W Winnipeg, M. 

Kaulbach. Charles Edwin. .Lunenburg. N.S. 

Kendry. James Peterl)oro', O. 

Klock. James B Klock's Mills, O. 

Kloepfer. Christian Guelph, O. 

Landerkin. George Hanover, O. 

Lang, John Jermy n, O. 

IJangeller. Francois Quebec, Q. 

IiaRlvlere, Alphonse A.C. ..St. Boniface. M. 

Laurier. Hon. Wilfrid Ottawa, O. 

Lavergne, Joseph Arthalmakaville, 

Legris, Josep'h Hormisdas. . . .Loulsevllie, 

Lemleux. Rodolphe Montreal, 

lyewls. William J Hillsborough, N.B. 

Lister, James Frederick Sarnia, O. 

Livingston, James Baden, O. 

Logan. Hance J Amherst. N.S. 

Ix>unt, William Toronto, O. 

Macdonald, Augustine Colin 

Mohtague Bridge. P.E.I. 

Macdonald. Peter Wlngham, O. 

Macdonell. John Aleiander. .Winnipeg, M. 

Mackie, Thomas Pembroke, O. 

MacLaren, Alexandw Ferguson 

Stratford, O. 

Maclean. Wlliam Pinlay Toronto. O. 

MacPherson. Thomas Henry.. .Hamilton. O. 

McAlister, John CambcHton, N.B. 

McCarthy, Daiton Toronto, O. 

McCleary, William Thorold, O. 

M?Clure. Firman Tru-o. N.S. 

McOormlck. George Orlliia, O. 

McDougall, Hector F 

Christmas Island, N.S. 

McGregor, William Windsor, O. 

MoGngan, Malcolm Mount Brydes, O. 

McHugh. George Lindsay. O. 

Mclnerney, George V R'chibucto, N.B. 

Mclnnea, William Wallace Burns 

Nanaimo, B.C. 

Mclsaac. Colin F Antlgonlsh. N.S. 

McLennan. Roderick R Cornwall. O. 

McLennan^ Angus Margaree. N.S. 

McMillan. 'John Constance. O. 

McMullen. James Mount Forest, O. 

McNeil, Alexander Wlarton, O. 

Madore, J. Alexander Gamliie 

Montreal. Q. 

Marcotte. F. A Ste Ann de la Perade 

Martin. Alexander VaHeyfleld, P.B.I. 

Maxwell. George Ritchie Vancouver, B.C. 

Meigs, Daniel Bishop Famham. Q. 

Migneault, Roch Molse Samuel 

St Michel d'Yamaska, Q. 

Mills. John B Annapolis, N.S. 

Monet, Dominique St. Reml. Q. 

Monk, Frederick D Montreal, Q. 

Montague, Hon. Walter H DunvlUe, O. 

Moore, Aivin Head Magog, Q. 


JOHN NENEr & SON - Tdeplioiit 41l». 

mm Guarantees r ""^ 

bt uimmrnn. 



Morin, Jean Baptlste 

Ste. Henedlne, Dorohester. Q. 

Morrison, Aulay. . . .New Westminster, B.(;. 

MiUock, Hon. WUIiani Ottawa. O. 

Oliver, Frank Edmonton, N.W.T. 

Oaler, Edmund Boyd Toronto, O. 

Parmalee. ttiarles Henry Waterloo, Q. 

Paterson, Hon. William Ottawa, O. 

Penny, Edward OofT Montreal, Q. 

Perry, S. F Tl^iisli. P.E.I. 

Pettet. William Varney West Lake, Q. 

Pope, Rufiw Henry Oookshire. Q. 

Poullot, Charles Eugene 

Klviere du Loup («rn bas), Q. 

Poupore, William Joseph. .. .Morrlitburg, O. 

Powell, Henry A SnokvlUf, N.B. 

Prefontalne, Raymond Montreal, Q. 

Prior. Hon. Edward O Victoria, B.C. 

Proulx, Isidore I'lantagenet, O. 

Suinn, Mlchaol Joseph Frauds. Montreal, Q. 
atz, Valentine Mount C«rniel, O. 

Brid. John Dowaiey Cardinal, 0- 

Rlchard«ou, Robert Lome Winnipeg. M. 

Rlnfret, Come Isale »te. Croix, Q. 

Bolbertaon, John Rosft Toronto, O. 

Robinson. James Mtllerton, N.B. 

Roche, William James Mlnuedosa, M. 

Roddick. Thoma« U Montreal, Q. 

Rof^ers, David IMckson Kingston, O. 

Rosamond, Bennett Almonte, O. 

Uussell, Benjamin Dartmouth, N.S. 

Rntherford, J. G Portage la Prairie, M. 

Savard, Paul Vilmond Ohicoutinii. Q. 

Serlver, Julius Memmingford, Q. 

Seagram, Joseph B Waterloo, O. 

Semple, Andrew Fergivs, O. 

»ifton. Hon. Clifford Ottawa, O. 

Hnetslnser, John Ooddall Moulinette, O. 

Somervllle, Junies Dundas, O. 

Sproule, Thomas S Mnrkdale, O. 

fttenson, Michael Thomas Wottou, Q. 

Btnb'bs, WlMlam Caledon. O. 

Sutherland, James Woodstock, O. 

Talbot, Oneslphore Ernest 

St. Michel de Belleohasse, Q. 

Tarte, Hon. Joseph Israel Ottawa. O. 

Taylor, George Ganauoque, O. 

Tlsdale, Hon. David Slmcoe, O. 

Tolmie, John Kincardine, O. 

Tucker, Joseph John St. John, N.B. 

Tupper, Hon. Sir Charles, Bart. .Ottawa. O. 
Tupper, Hon. Sir Charles HIbbert, K. C. 

M. G Halifax. N.S. 

Turcot, George Ste. Julie, Somerset, Q. 

Tyrwhitt, Richard Bradford, O. 

Wallace, N. Clarke Woodbrldge, O. 

Wilson, Uriah Napa nee. O. 

Wood, Hon. John Fisher Brockvillc, O. 

"Wood, Andrew Trew Hamilton, O. 

Departmental Buildingrs 

0«ntr« Bleeli, P«rllam*nt Hill 


Bdouard J. Langevln, C4erk; Ma»ter-tn- 
Ohancery, Cashier and Accountant; A. A. 
Boucher, Clerk, Assistant Master-in-Ohan- 
<;ery aad Chief French Translator: J. O. 
Aylwin Crelghton, Law Clerk, Ma8ter-in- 
Chaneery, Clerk of Coinmittees and Engli«h 
Translator; Venerable Archdeacon Lauder. 
Ohaplain: R. W. Stephen, First English 
Clerk and Clerk of Er-glisih Journals; Alex. 
Souttpr, Second English Clerk and Clerk of 
Private Bills; John Charles Young, Third 
Bnfliih Clerk and Clerk of Routine and 


Proceedings; Alfred Gameau, Firtt VVench 
Translator: J. B. Trudel, Second French 
Translator: J. De St. Denis Lemoine, S«r- 
geant-at-Arms and Clerk of French Jour- 
iiala; C. T. Gibb«, Asitistaut Accountant; 
Agar S. A. M. Adamson, Clerk of the Files; 
A. L. Gameau. Assistant Clerk of French 
Journals; R. Edward Kimber, Gentleman 
Usher of the Black Rod ; J. B. Myrand, 
Postmafltep; John C*rleton, iHou^^keeper 
and Chief Messenger: Pierre Rattey, Door- 
keeper: Joseph Larose. Speak<>r's Mesaen- 
ger: Wm. L. Lambkin. Newsroom Keeper; 
J. H. Pelletler. Wardrobe and Assistant 
Doorkeeper; John Dunne, Bank Messenger; 
Andre Gravelle. House Carpenter; Joseph 
Whitmore, Aeslstant Carpenter. 

Permanent Messengers— John Carleton, 
chief: E. Ashe. Wllllnm I.4»mbkln, Theo- 
dule Paquette, J. A. Choqnette. and Arthur 
Ralph, and Ernest E. Berube. 

Sessional Messengers— Molse Gagnon, Wil- 
liam Tubman. John Whitmore, William 
O'Neill, Homere Vezlna and Frederick 

Sessional Pnges^J. A. RIdout, RoKt. 
0'I>eary, Alphonse Roy. and Charles Routh. 

Official Reporters— Andrew and George C. 

Pre-*9 Reporter— Wm. Smith. 


John George Bourlnot, C.M.u., D.C.L., 
LL.D.. D.L., Clerk of the House; Ueut.- 
Col. .3enry R. Smith, Sergeant-at-Arms; 
Jean Baptlste RenI Laplante. Clerk Assist- 
ant; H. W. Powie. Deputy Sergeant-at- 

Chief Branch 
William C. Bowles, Clerk of Votes and 
Proceedings and Secretary to the Clerk of 
the House; I. B. Taylor, Assistant Clerk 
of Votes and Proceedings : F. MacGIIUvray, 
Clerk of Routine and Records; A. G. D. 
Taylor, Clerk of English Journals; J. Dal- 
ton, Asnistant Clerk of English Journals 
and Clerk of Petitions; J. R. E. Chapleau, 
lYanslator of Votes aad Procet^dlrga and 
Journals; T. Oulmet, Clerk of French Jour- 
I nal«; J. A. Polklnghorne, Clerk of Sessional 
Papers, E. Tasse. Assistant French Journal 
Clerk; E. P. Hartney. Examiner of Private 
Bills end Clerk of Standing Conimlttee on 
Public Accounts; R. McG. MofTat, (^erk of 
Railways and Banking and Commerce Com- 
mittees; Walter Todd, Clerk of Standing 
Committees on Privileges and Elections, 
Private Bills and Standing Orders; TjOuIs 
Oharlea Panet. Assistant Clerk of Standing 
Committees on Private Bill« and Standing 
Orders, and Clerk Debates Committee; J. 
H. MacLeod, Clerk of Standing Committee 
on Agriculture and Coloniiation ; R. P. 
Kln<. Second Class Clerk. 

Law and Translation Branch. 
F. A. McC/ord, Law Clerk; A. H. O'Brien. 
Assistant Law Clerk; T. G. Coursolles. Chief 
French Translator; F. B. Hayes, Chief Eag- 
ll«h Translator; J. A. Genand. A. Frechette, 
D. L. Desaulniers. L. Lieiramboi«e, B. 
Query, Remi Tremblay, E. Perrin. Assistant 
Frennch Translators ; H. H. Loucks. As- 
sistant Ehigllota Translator. 




? . ! 

• i> 

■ .(! J 

':!; ■! 

n ' 







i). .Ill 







The SUN Uh 

Law Rates, Urft MHi a^'j - > km^ 
Liberal Nioy ie the World. 









Mlscallaocons Branch. 

D. C. Chamberlain, Accountant; D. W. 
Oameron, AMlstant Accountant; Charle* B. 
Clarke, Clerk of Stationery and Superln- 
teodent of tb« Printing of Seaslonal Papers 
of Parliament; L. B. Scott, AaaUtant Herk 
of 8tattoiMr7 and Kngllah Proofreader; N. 
Robidean and H. Macdonell, Second Claaa 
Clerks; W. Dube, Junior Clerk; Wm. Calms, 
Junior Clerk; J. Stansfeld, Postmaster; F. 
X. Lemlenx, Assistant Postmaster; J. L. 
Deacon, Curator of Reading Room. 

Sergeant-at-Arms Branch. 

Col. H. R. Smith, SergPunt-at-Arms; La- 
den Dube, Housekeeper and Chief Messen- 
ger; N. Turgeon, Assistant Meaaenger; 
George Smith. Bank Messenger; J. E. A»- 
■elln, R. Craig, L. Lafranchlse. Thomas 
Stewart, Claire Hugg and Charles George, 
Ifeflsengers; G. A. Bondreanlt, Clerk's Mes- 
senger; O. R. Stewart. Doorkeeper; George 
W. Holder and J. Boyce. Night Watchmen; 
James Sinclair, House Carpenter. 

Offlclal Reporting Staff. 

Chief Reporter— George B. Bradley. 

Reporters— Stephen A. Abbott, B. J. Dug- 
gan. Albert Horton. J. O. Marceau, "Phos. 
P. Owen, Alpbonse Desjardlus, H. C. Camp- 

Assistant to Chief Reporter-John Ohas. 


French Translation Office (S Clarence st.)— 
Napoleon H. Beaulleu, Chief Translator. 

Parliamentary Distribution Office. 
B. Botterell, Distributor of Printed Pa- 
pers; R. B. Davidson, Assistant; T. Ward- 
rope Alexander, Clerk; John Wiltshire, Mes- 

Commissioners for Administering the Oath 
to Members. 
John G. Bourlnot. C.M.G.. D.C.L., LL.D., 
D.L., Clerk of the House; Lt.-Col. Henry 
"po?."^ Smith, Sergeant-at-Arms; Law 
Clerk. F A. McCord. 


The Library was constituted a separate 
Oepartment of the public service by the Act 
M Vic, chap. 21. The officers are appointed 
by the Crown, and are re^onslble to the 
Speakers of the Senate and House of Com- 
mons, assisted by a joint committee of both 
Houses, sessionally appointed. 

A. D. DeC*lles and Martin J. Griffin, Joint 
Ubrarians; A. Hamlyn Todd, L. P. Sylvain, 
Wrst-Oiafie CJerks; M. C. MacCormac. John 
railth, Second Class Clerks; C. A. Martin, 
TOios. C. GUmour, Harold McDougall, Third 
Class Clerks; L. J. Casault, .Tnraes H. Dnn- 
!SP' ^"''«''t Beaudry, MesBengers; Thos. C. 
W. Linton, Bookbinder. 


Parliament Hill. 


David Brsklne, Governor-General's Secre- 
tary; Charles J. Jones, Chief Clerk; Wm. 

Campbell, W. H. Walker, A. P. SUden, 
Olerka; George Smith, Messenger; Sergeant 
RogeriL^ Orderly; Extra Orderlies, Sergeant 
Oodd, Sergeant Anderson. 

PRIVT oatJNOIL. i -.:■"' 

Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laarier, Q.O., B.C.L.. 
President of the Council; Rodolphe Boudre- 
ault. Private Secretary. 

John J. M. McGee. Clerk of the Privy 
Council and Custodian of the State Papers; 
H. G. La Mothe, Assistant Clerk; Samuel 
B. St. Onge Chapleau, Clerk Crown In 
Chancery; W. Horace Lee, F. K. BennetU, 
James G. Foley, Deputy Clerks of the Crown 
In Chancery; R. W. Baldwin, S. Lelievre, D. 
Burke. Dr. Wm. Loux. C T. de Lan«ndiere, 
E. B. Wood. W. Wilfred Campbell, H. A. 
May, James McBlroy. C. J. Keating, J. 
M. J. Lefebvre, G. G. Keear, J. M. PInnkett.. 
H. A. Bliss. W. C. DeBrisey, J. R. Praser, 
Francis Cliadwick, H. W. Lothrop, E. J^ 
Lemaire, Clerks. 


Hon. R. W. Scott, Q.C., I/L.D., Secretary 
of State; A. A. Brophy, Private Secretary; 
Joseph Pope, Under Secretary of State and 
Deputy Registrar General. 

Correspondence Branch— P. Pelletl^ Chief 
Clerk, F. Oolson (accountant), O. Bmond, 
J. F. Waters, H. Roy, Major Edward Har- 
rison, B. T. Steele, W. O. Gordon, Wm. 
Foran, L. J. A. Dube, B. Paradls, V. O. 

Registry Branch— I. W. Storr, A. G. Lea- 
royd, P. T. KIrwan, A. Drouin, A. O. Mat- 
ton, Arthur Arcand, D. D. McDonald, L. F. 
M. Globensky, F. M. Baker. 

Records Branch— Col. AJphouse Audet, 
Keeper of the Records; F. J. Andet, A. 
P Archambault. 

Meeeengers— J. A. Robertson, chief: A. C. 
Elle, Urgel Ricard, W. B. de Grosbols. 

Public Printing and Stationery— <See under 
"Govrrnment Printing Bureau," 76 St. Pat- 
rick St.). 

Board of Civil Service Bxamtners. 

John Thorburn, LL.D., Chairman; A. D. 
DeCelles, J. O. Glashan, Elxamlners; J. 
Francis Waters, M.A.. Secretary. 


Hou. Wm. S. Fielding, Minister of Fi- 
nance; C. B. Burns, Private Secretary. 

J. M. Courtney, Deputy of the Minister of 
Finance; O. B. Bume, Mlntster'a Private 
Secretary; F. Toller, Comptroller of Do- 
minion Currency; C. J. Anderson, Chief 
Clerk Stiviiigs Bank Branch; M. O. DicUe- 
sou. Dominion Bookkeeper; C. W. Tread well. 
Secretary; W. H. Hayes, Accountant of 
Contingencies; George Lowe, C. A. Gtough, 
John McNIcol, John Fraser, N. S. Garland, 
J. B. H. Neeve, C. E. Turgeon, C. F. Street, 
J. A. Clayton. E. S. Winlns, J<din Bel- 
four, W. L. Blair, T. O. Bovllle, E. Cap- 
bert. B. A. Black, F. A. Coffin, C. S. Scott, 
B. L. Brlttaln, A. B. Foster, J. C. Saun- 
ders. C. J. Tasker, Thos. Gllmour, Clerks; 


if •■ 

Brokers, Houses fior Sale Mi fo Leit. 



p. OsDBolly, W. 
W. N. Ostroa, M 

Inanrance Bran 
pwrintendent; A. 
McMlnn, A. J. 


Controller- B. 
Ardouln. F. K. 
Carson. Clerks. 


JAMES HOPS A SONS, I Copying Ptms ind Books 

Mitf Ustol •to. I INN-ALL BUT MAKM. 



P. Oonnollj, W. H. Oatrom, F. A. Bran*. 
W. N. OstroB, liI«Mengera. 

Iiwnrance Branch— Wm. Pltsg«rald, Su- 
p«rliit«ndent ; A. K. Blackadar, W. J. R. 
facMlnn, A. J. O'Reilly, R. Henderaon, 


Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat, K.C.M.a.,Q.C., 
Minister of Justice; L. J. Burpee, Private 

Ildmund liesUe N^wcombe, Q.C., Deputy 
of tbe Minister of Justice; A. Power, Q.C., 

0. L. B. Fraser, Oblef Olerka; John Leslie, 

F. H. GIsbome, W. B. Hodglns, John CbU- 
holm, P. M. Oote, W. H. Blackadar, J. B. 
Narraway, J. Mullln, Robt. Frederick Har- 
ris, derks; F. A. Morse and Thomas Flok- 
en, Measenmrs. 

Solicitor General's Offlce— Hon. Charles 
Fltapatrlck, Q.C., Solicitor General. J. 
Mnllln, Ferdinand Roy, Private Secretaries. 

Penitentiary Branch— Douxlas Stewart, 
Inspector; H. B. S. Lane, Clerk. 


Superintendent-General, Hon. Clifford 
Slfton, Q.C.; Private Secretary, J. A. J. 

Deputy Snperlnteudent-GeneraJ— James A. 

Secretary's Branch— J. D. McLean, Sec- 
retary; A. N. McNeill, S. Stewart, John 
McGJrr, M. Benson, H. C. Rosa, J. J. Camp- 
bell, J. Dellflle. Miss Fannie Yielding, Miss 

1. H. Wilson, G. M.Matheson, Miss A. O. 
Vaylor, R. B. E. Moffat, MIm L. E. Dale, F. 
R. Bysbe, James Guthrie, T. P. Moffatt, 
Miss A. M. 8. Graham. Chae. A. Cooke, Mlse 
it. Branaan. 

Accountant's Branch«-D. C. Scott, Ac- 
oonntant: R. G. Dalton, F. W. Smith. E. 
Rochester, H. McKay, H. J. Brooke. J. W. 
8bor», F. H. Bysbe. Mlssee C. Relffcn- 
steln. L. D. McMeekin. M. D. Maxwell. F. 
K. Mamcle. 

Land and Timber Branoh— W. A. Orr, In 

charse; S. Bray, D.US.. A. E. Kemp, L. 

A. Dorval, Misses E. H. Lyon, H. G. 

OKlIvy. B S. Martin. 
Packer— Benjamin Hayter. -■ -i ■ 
Messentrers— Wm. Seale, James Kearns. 

Ovtalde OiHoers stationed at Ottawa— James 

A. Macrae. Inspector of Indian Agencies: 

G. L. Chltty, Inspector of Timber. 


(Branch of Po»t Offlce Department.) 

Controller— B. M. Armstrong; G. G. V. 
Ardouln, P. K. Rochester, W. A. Code, G. 
Caraon. Clerks. 


J. L. McDongall. Auditor-' icneral; E. D. 
Sotherland, F. Hayter, John Gorman, Chief 
Olerka; John B. Simpson, A. B. Hudson, J. 
W. Reld, Wm. Kearns, L. A. Blssonette, E. 
O. Hayes, J. S. Stevenson. H. Gross, J. 
H. P. Gibson, J. C. Macdonald, B. W. Sher- 
wood, Miss H. A. Baldwin. Miss Ethel Bel- 
ford, Walter Tucker, B. B. Stockton, Miss 

B. M. O'Connell, D. J. Wagner. 8. S. AIImi, 

H. A. Folklns, W. C. Steeves, E. B. Johns- 
ton, Third Class; John Pender, P. T. Gon- 
noily, Mcasencers. 


Major A. P. Sherwood, CommlsslonAr of 
Police; Daniel O'Leary, Inspector of Police; 
Jas. Hughes, T. C. Slade, L. P. Godln, Ser- 
mants; N. Morrison, A. McCualg, Jas. D. 
Barber, Samuel Shore, W. W. Watters, E. 
Spenard, R. G. Chamberlln, W. J. Jackson, 
Jeremle Charon, D. Mlnnock, James Par- 
kinson, B. T. Car«y, H. Glroux, E. Foster, 
R. M. Argue, F. Uttlefleld, Wm. H. Tre- 
panler, M. Heron, J. L. Vanasse, A. Niuln- 
ger, J. Gibson, W. J. H. Ross, A. J. Oavan, 
ThoB. Oharlebois, Wm. Hood, A. Mareonz, 
Samuel T. MoBvoy, Constables; R. W. Po- 
well, Surgeon; A. J. Cawdron, Clerk. 


Parliamant BUI. 
Hon. Joseph Israel Tarte, Minister of 
Public Works; Fred'k Gellnas and Henri 
Halns, Private Secretaries. 
Antolne Oobell, Depnty Minister. 
E. F. E. Roy, Secretary of Department. 
Correspondence Branch— A. E. Belleau, T. 
Fortler, R. C. Dearochers, J. A. Therlault, 

B. J. Smith, A. Ronlean, Mrs. J. F. Hynd- 
man, H. J. Guppy, Thos. Oostlgan, W. C. 

Accountant's Branch— O. Dlonne, Account- 
ant, Chief Clerk; A. G. Kingston, Dmest 
Dlonne, I. Cote, J. E. Marion, Clerks. 

Technical Branch— Louis Ooste, Chief En- 
gineer; D. E2wart, Acting Chief ArcAiltect; 
R. Steckel, Chief Clerk: J. C. Tache. Joseph 
Vincent, S. O'Brien, Geo. Hennessy, 
R. J. KoDlllard, J. C. Blais, T. J. Mac- 

Messengers— E. McG. DesRIvleres, Victor 

Gk>llector of Public Worta* Revenue— B. T. 
Smith; Clerk, James Slater. 


Hon. Andrew George Blair, Minister of 
Railways and Canals; J. E. W. Onrrler, Pri- 
vate Sacretarv. 

C. Schrelber, Depnty Minister and Chief 
Bnglneer of Railways and Canals; L. K. 
Jones Secretary; S. L. Shannon, Accountant: 
Joseph Vincent, 8. O'Brien, Geo. Hennessy, 
M. W. Maynard, P. A. Dixon, Nell Stewart, 
L. H. Fllteau, O. B. D. Chubbuck, J. W. 
Pngsley, A. V. Almon, R. Devlin, 
W. B. Almon Hill, H. LeB. Ross, 

C. W. Ross, W. 8. DouU (Law 
Clerk), L. N. Fortler, L. D. Dion, 
A. W. (3ameroo, W. C. Little, F. Beard, G. 
A. Bell, J. H. J. Gleason, S. R. Loftns, 
>r. L. Ryan. J. P. Wright, Clerks: I. Des- 
lauri.ers, Thos. Ide, Messengers. 

Quebec Oantils- Ernest Marceao, Superin- 
tending Engineer, Montreal, Que. 

OartUon and Grenvllle Canalfl— G. H. Simp- 
son, Snperlntendent, Carillon, Que. 

RIdeau Canal— A. T. Phillips. Acting A»- 
siatant Superintending Engineer, Ottawa. 









m. O. AKNOUOI, Aummr. 'Phonm ll4a 


I i 

<: ' 

:1 m i ;r ■ 








M: :i 

* '"i 



r !' 


i ' 







Ml flFNn hiM^uy MtwMM T#> 


•PMomm m, w. «. 




Hon. Sir RIchnrd J. CHrtwrliclit, K.C.M.G., 
MlntMtvr of Trade and fV>mm*roe; W. Q. 
•Pamwlpe. Upputy Mliili«tpr of Trade and 
Oommercf; V. C. T. O'Hara, Prlvat* 8ec- 
rptar; to th«> MlniHtfr: J. I*. Nutting, Mliia 
M. Shaw. MlH8 A. M. RobertHon, Clerks; 
Alex. Robertson. I". J. Connolly. Me«iten- 


Hon. Wni. Paterson, Minister of Customs; 
John Bain. Private Secretary. 

John MfltouKiild. ConinilHslonor and Chair- 
man of Board of Customs; R. R. Farrow, 
Accountant; Q. W. Jcsson, Dominion Ap- 
praiser; Fred Bennct. R. W. Breadner, lyt.- 
Col. O. V. Incp. C. E. McKlel. A. C. Bleak- 
ney, O. H. Fawcett, W. C. Baker, James J. 
Campbell, W. Russell, E. L. Sanders, John 
Ackers, T. A. D. Bllse. Sidney Dunlevte, 
John Courtney, T. J. Code, A. Morln, A. M. 
Lafontalne, J. A. Watson. S. (\ D. Roper, 
H. V. Rorke. Miss Jessie Chrl«tle. J. R. K. 
Bristol, A. Liicerte. W. H. Grafton. S. L. 
T. Frost. R. H. Molr, W. F. Wilson. Clerks; 
H. f5arleton. Packer; John Oow, W. D. 
P. Rales, Messengers; Miss J. O. M. Low, 
Miss H. E. Scott, Sugar Testers. 


Hon. .Sir. Henri Gustave Joly de Lotbln- 
lere, K.C.M.G.. Minister of Inland Revenue. 
Alexandre Clement, Private Secretary. 

E. Mlall. Deputy Minister and Commis- 
sioner: W. J. Gerald. Assistant Commis- 

Secretary's Branch— Secretary and Chief 
Clerk, Wm. HImswoi'th; Assistant Secre- 
tary, Wm. Carter; Clerks, F. Newby,A. Mc- 
CuUough, Chaa. F. Wlnttr, J. A. W. Le Bel: 
Printing, F. K. Blatch. ^ tamps and instru- 
ment«», George Fowler. 

Accountant's Branch— Accountant nnd 
Chief Clerk, F. R. E. Campeau; A«slsrniit 
Accountant, C. R. Hall; Clerk«, J. E. VuUn, 
J. Byrnes, R. Quain; statistics, W. L Her- 
on, J. F. Shaw, G. Brunei, W. A. Halll- 
day, J. A. Doyon, J. P. Dunne, John Burns. 

Messengers— N. Potvln. R. P. Yetts. 

Electrical Branch— Chief Electrical En- 
gineer, O. Higman. 

Analyst's Branch— Chief Analyst, Thomas 
Macfarlane, F.B.S.C.; Assistant Analysts, 
A. Mcrni, B.A.. B.S.C.; P. W. Bablngton. 
A. L I'burcliot; Laboratory Clerk, James 

Inspectors of Inland Revenue— Chief In- 
spector, W. J. Gerald, Ottawa; Windsor 
District, James Gow, Windsor; Toronto 
District, John Morrow, Toronto; Kingston 
District, W. L. 7amllton. Belleville; Mont- 
real ."Ustrict. J. L. Vincent. Montreal; Que- 
bec Dtetrict, Sir J. M. Lemoine, K.C.M.G., 
Quebjc; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and 
Prince ESdwnrd '«land, T. Burke, St. John, 
N.B.; Manltc';« District. J. K. Barrett. 
Winnipeg Bri.ish Columbia, Wm. Gill, Vic- 


ii ;"iNT. 

Hon. Louis H?i ry Df je^ Q.C.. ^l.aister 

of Marine atid F.^heriea; E. B. Williams. 
Private S«cretarv 

Major F. Qourdeau, Deputy Minister of 
Marine and Fisheries; John Hardie, Chief 
Clerk; A. W. Owen, Chief Clerk and Ac- 
countant; Col. Wm. P. Anderson. Ehigineer; 
R. N. Venning and Wni. L. Magee. Chief 
CJlerks; Prof. E. E. I'rince. Commlsflon. • 
of Fisheries, etc.; M. P. McBlhimirr. y.^c- 
tical Adviser; E. Adams, Ohalrma'j Board 
of Steamboat Inspectors. 

Accountant's Branch— F. H. Conningliaiu. 
Assistant Accountant; V. U. Steele, B. W. 
Gilbert. J. M. Lalonde, W. J. Qirinn. 

Corespondence — W. H. Alexander, C. 
Stanton. J. B. Halkett. A. H. Bellireau. 
W. W. Stumbles, J. E. McOlenaghan, J. 

A. Murray. I). C. Campbell, M. Doyle, R. 
Roy, B. F. Burnet, A. H. Ouion, John Me- 
dia rlas. 

Offlcera in Charge of Licenses— J. 8. Web- 
ster. A. H. Belli veau, C. W. White and R. 

B. Beaullsu. 

Tidal Survey Branch— W. B. Dawson. 

Officers in Charge of Hydrographic 'Pur- 
vey. Surveyors. Engineers ond DraUKuts- 
men, W. J. Stewart. F. Amderson. J. ■'" 
PraAer and B. H. Fraaer. 

Pishing Bounty— S. B. Kent, T. Aoanond. 

Messengenj— .T. Morln, R. Arrhambault, D. 


Hon. Frederick William Borden, B.A., 
M.D., Minister of Militia and Defence; H. 
W. Brown, Private Secretary. 

Col. Hon. C. Eugene Panet, Deputy Min- 
ister: Bnijamin Suite, Chief Clerk; Capt, 
\. Benolt, Secretary of the Department; 
H. D. J. Lane, E. E. I.iemleux, C. L. Panet, 
Clerks: J. Courtman, N. Casauit, B. Verre- 
nnlt, A. E. Watterson, Messengers; C. Her- 
bert O'Meara, Chief Clerk, Accountant; F. 
X. Lanibert, W. H. Aumond, E. B. Holt, P. 
B. P. Aldrlch. L. Foley, Lt.-C/ol. George 
Guy, L. G. Roy, G. W. Young, Clerks; 
Liuet.-Ooi. J. Macpherson, Chief Clerk, 
Director of Stores; Lleut.-Ool. D. A. Mac- 
donald. Major J. B. Donaldson, P. Clarke, 
F. E. Knight, Clerks; Lieut. P. W. White, 

Military Branch. 

Major-General Wm. J. Gaecoigne. Com- 
manding the Militia; Captain A. MacLeau. 
A. D. C. 

Col. The Hon. Matt'.' v. ,\yi. »«r Adjutant- 
General; Col. P. H. N. L*!ff >iMrtpr-Mnster 
General ; la O.Tl'">ir ,igt.AdJt 
-General for Artiller. ; .ii>1-r ;> . f. Bliss, 
Deputy Assistant A ' serai. Lieut.-Col. 
Thomas Bacon. T. C. Larose. B. P. Jarvis, 
W. J. Davidson, Frank Beard. Clerks. 


Fred. White, Comptroller; L. Portescue, 
A. Pislier, R. M. Gallwey, L. J. T. R. da 
Plemis, R. S. Bishop, Clerks; E. H. 
Hlnchey, Meaeenger. 





l>8T OPFl 

Hou. Wni. Mu 
I'rlvate Secretary 

Wllllam White, 

Secretary's Brai 
Chief Clerk, Sec 
Pope, First <',las« 
(i. Moon, J. H. 1 
Lampman, B.A., 
Clerkfl; Mies K. 
noa. Miss J. Scyn 
K. T Wr 'del;, \ 
BeaM) Mi < E. T 
" h. ■^tattlvowmi 
».'c.t: ■,. C V V. 
rtil, A. ' t'ayn( 
Beiin -tt, J. DtMlil. 
S. i~: feenflela, Wu 

Ai c'ountant's 1 
Chief Cltrk, Ac<m 
J. Graham, G. 
Cl*vk4; E. H. Bei 
M'-Uinan, D. F. 
N. «. D'Auteuil, 
D. A. Barrett, ' 
ievie, C. W. Lally 
Sicond C^a«s CU 
Oliver, P. X. L 
J. M. Conroy, 
J. Glover, G. 
Howard, J. G. 
Mlact N. M. H. ( 
MisA E. H. Tayl 
We-bb, H. C. F« 
Mlfls A. Simpson 
Cherry, Messengc 

Money Order E 
perlntendent ; S. 
Clerk; J. F. Wi 
Class Clerks; A. 
H. Scott, P. M. S 
P. B. 8. Grout. 
«ou, J. B. Meth< 
Jones, T. Ainsbi 
Short, P. O. O. 
Brenot, H. McGv 
Inean, Miss A. ) 
W. M. Brophy, 
Clarke, A. M. Ml 

Savings Bank I 
Olerk. Superlnter 
First Class (3.ler 
Bagleson, J. H. I 
H. Kreips, W. K 
<^'.erk»; J. H. Bol 
layior, H. N. P 
W. C. B. Stewi 
Jackson, P. Reg( 
Hunt. A. W. C 
M. Collins, L. C. 
Jamleson, P. J. 
Obariehoia, J . ( 
Clerks; S. nr«hi 
». A. Olivet y*! 

Postal Stor*^ e 
Clerk, Controllei 
O'Brien, Second 
«eld. W. Perguw 
J. H. Lewis, J 1 


special Selection of this Season's Goods in Stock. 

R. N. OONLBY, 91S A ^LUtlOrrON •TRUT (nMur BankV 



Langevin Block 

Wellington, corner EUgln. 


ilou. Wm. Mulo<'k. Q.C., M.A.. i,I>.I> 
roMtuiaster-Oeiieral; E. H. LaiM-hlngci . 
rrlvate Secretary. 

Wllllnm White, Deputy rostniaater 'leu- 

Secretary's Branch— W. D. Lft^ueur. B.A.. 
Chief Clerk, Secretary; A. W. Throop. C. 
Pope, First <MasB Clerks; J. M. O'l-eary, F. 
(;. Moon, J. H. Brown, B. M. Northrop, A. 
Lampman, B.A., E. BuneJ, Second Cla«s 
(Merks; MIsh K. Merrick. MIsh I.. Uoblu- 
!ion. Miss J, Seymour, F. C. Anderson, Miss 
K. T. Wp 'del;. Miss H. S. Stewart. W. J. 
Bba^4> M< .4 E. Tncbe. Ml8« .M. T. Duhamel, 
v.. h. ^latt '.vpwman, J. McNeely, MIks L. L. 
*<"M-rv , < y V. Bernard, Miss F. M. Fur- 
rtiil, A. -' layne. Third Class Clerks; M. 
Beiin.'tt, J. Dodd, D. Courtney, Messengers; 
S i^feenflel.i, Wm. Taylor, Packers. 

ill coimtaiit's Branch— W. J. Barrett, 
Chief Cltrk, Awountant; W. J. Johnstone. 
J. Graham, O. C. Anderson, First Class 
Cl^i'k.4; E. H. Benjamin, L.. Blaucbet, A. H. 
M'-trf' man. D. F. McC«rthy. L. H. I'oullot. 
N. Cr. D'Auteull, W. Greaves. W. Kowan, 
D. A. Barrett, T. McGrall, M. K. Dun- 
levle, C. W. Lally, H. S. Shaw, C. O. Doucet. 
S<cond Class Clerk*,: J. C. Beatty, T. M. 
Oliver, F. X. I./emleux. H. S. C«mpbell, 
J. M. Conroy, C. R. Robertson, W 
J. Glover, G. L. Plunkett, J. P. 
Howard, J. G. Fortler, T C. Martin. 
Miss N. M. H. Gibson, Miss M. C. Buell, 
Miss B. H. Taylor, Mrs. M. D. Gray. V. 
W«>bb, H. C. FergusHon, E. T. Lambert, 
Mlm A. Simpson. Third Class Clerks; W. 
Cherry, Measenxer. 

Money Order Branch— G. F. F>\-erett, Su- 
perintendent; S. 8. Thome, First Class 
Clerk; J. F. Wall, J. C. Bonner, Second 
Claw Clerks; A. W. Wall, J. H. Spencer, J. 
H. Scott, P. M. S. Jenkins. F. H. F. Mercer. 
P. B. 8. Grout. W. B. Hanley. W. T. Wll- 
«ou, J. E. Methot. E. L. Learoyd. W. A. 
Jones, T. AInsbomugh. G. H. Hnyes, S. 
Short. P. O. O. Seguin, J. 8. Hale, H. 
Brenot, H. MoGnire, J. Buckley, E. J. Cous- 
Inean, Miss A. M. Hicks, Miss A. M. Bell, 
W. M. Brophy, Third Class Clerks; C. A. 
Clarke, A. M. Milne. Packers. 

Savings Bank Branch— D. Matheson. Chief 
Olerk, Superintendent ; W. H. Harrlngtoit. 
First Class Clerk: 1. Rose Snalth. W. H. 
Eagleson, J. H. Palrweather, E. B. Bell. W. 
H. Kreps, W. H. McCualg, Second VAms 
T?!erk»; J. H. Bolls rd, P. B. Taylor, E. E. P. 
laylor, H. N. P (ihesley, A. E. Hcmlng. 
W. C. E. Stewart. H. McGllllvray. J. A. 
Jackson, P. Regan, W. J. H. Adams. G. A. 
Hunt. A. W. Campbell, A. P. Campbell, 
M. Collins, L. C, Fraser, Miss A. I^andor. P. 
Jamleson, P. J. Lislly. 8. Webber. L. P. 
Oharlebols, J. O. T. LeMny. Third Class 
Clerks; S. nr«««ni. Messenger: W. J. Bell, 
I". A. Oliver 1*l««fcei». 

Postal Store* Bn» «h-^-Sldney iSmitto, Chief 
Clerk, Controller nt Pnatal Stores; W. I>. 
O'Brien, Second CIhiih (U»rk: R. Green- 
■eld. W. Ferguson. J. Brlggw M. J. Mahon, 
J. H. Lewis. 3. L. Hneiice. J Barrett. C. P. 

Dontlgny and J. Murphy, Third Class Clerks; 
W. Coo«h, G. Elbourne. J. Elliott, J. B. 
r^iurle, J. Marler, J. Bell, W. H. Cheney, 
V Kehoe, W. H. P-arce, E. T. Eidwanis, 
T J. Nolan, L. l)ur<.cher, Alex. Watson, 
T. (• Kihoe, W. H. JefTery. <'. A. IVevlIn 
and C. S HIrtch. Packers. 

iJead l.*.rtt*r Branch— J. Walsh, t'.hlef 
f |er> HujHTliii ..fent: Geo. U. Whltf. I'Mrst 
CJa^ I'i'k; <. J. Blnks. Hecoud 'ass 
Clerk; .J A M. 'donald. H. H. Mori J. 
Carter. H. Knaiif G. A. I). Mailleut T. 
Roy. J. FrenderguMi, M''w A. HamueU. '' 
M. Walker. T. I. D. .M,f ■ MUs I. M. Mi 
Miss E. Ballnntlne. J. t cmniur. Ml«»t» .\i 
A. G. Clark, ^tts^ B. ("oreorau. Miss M. A. 
Williams, Till ("lass Cli '•ka. 

Mali Service nuich— A Lindsay. Chief 
Olerk. Superint. lent; H. W. Griffln, W. 
"^nith. B.A.. P. Brennan. Second Class 
Clerks; Miss M. Sinclair. Miss A. Mar- 

tin, Miss I. Armsi .iig, Dennis Courtney, Jr. 
Third-Claas Clerk.>* 

Railway Mall Service branch (See under 
"Eastern Block.") 

Postage Stamp Brant -E. 1' Stanton. 
Chief Clerk, 8u|>erliitei "nt; K Daubney, 
First Class Clerk; A. U> > Ine, .Second Class 
Olerk; P. B. Powell. K. L. Taylor. W. Al- 
ford. G. H. Patlsh. P. I>. 'leiitley. P. A. 
Heney, Third Class Clerkm; I". A. CafTaratl. 
J. Bradley. Patrick S. Drxl^ Packers. 


Hon. Sldu«'y A Fisher. B..\ . Minister of 
Agriculture and Comml>*9ionei of Patents; 
T. K. Doherty. Private i^^-creU> y. 

W. B. Scarth. Deputy Minis; r and Dep- 
uty Commissioner of Patents; L. Jarivs, 
Secretary; P. Chlttlck, Acting ccouutant. 

James W. Robertson, Comn ^loner of 
Agriculture and Dairying. 

General Correspondence, Quara itlne, etc. 
—Louis D'Auray, Charles W. C. nte. Miss 

C. Steacy, A. E. Powell. L. M Bonne^ 
viile. E. R. D«whur8t. Miss G. Graham, 
Clerks; P. Davleau. J. P. Bcaud in. Mes- 

Historical Archives— Douglas .rymner, 
LL. D., Archivist; A. Duff, Clerk. 

Copyrights, Trade Marks, et( .— Joslas 
Barnwall Jackson, Registrar of Coprrights, 
eitc. ; L. E. Copping, Miss M. l^eyden. 

Patents— W. B. Scarth, Deputy C mmls- 
•loner of Patents; Wm. J. Lynch, James W. 

D. Verner. John G. B. Copping, John Henry 
Lyster. Wm. Hanrlght, W. O. Tremblay, 
W. J Walsh. David A. Routhler, Arthur 
0. Tache, Alfred D. Deajardlns. J. RvifTen- 
•teln, M. J. Morison. Clerks; Thomas Mc- 
Cabe, Horace H. Bailey, Albert E. (wron. 

Statistics and Census— George Johnson. 
Statistician; Emery H. St. Denis. N. Gra- 
velle. J. Skead, J. Willilns. Clerks. 


Hon. CIlfTord Stfton. Q.C., Minister of 
the Interior; A. P. Collier, Private Secre- 

James A. Smart, Deputy Minister of the 


( i 

:Jm : 




532 to 540 WelUnffton St 

'. <:n^ 






The SUN Life 

oJiSan pet, «HINH BWk 
OamrmnrA 24 SPARKS ST. 




¥ CO 





Secretary's Branch— John B. Hall, Secre- 
tary; L. C. Fereira, Aaslstant Secretary; K. 
J. Henry, F. S. Checkley, C C. Roger», P. 
Q. Keyes, George Bell, G. A. Sparks, H. 

E. Hume, F. Nelson, G. H. Xewcomb, C. C. 
Pelletler, J. A. Oote, J. de L'EJtolle, E. 
Genest, F. C. Capreol, O. H. Lambart, 
Eugene Belleau, B. L. York, Mrs. M. P. 
Lee, J. S. Eagleson, Joseph P. Dunne, R. 
H. Campbell, Mrs. J. Rlcard, Miss A. B. 
Yelldlng, F. C. Macdonald, Mrs. C. Ridley, 
Miss M. May, Mrs. M. B. Bell, E. Connelly, 
Miss L. Coleman. G. P. Perelrn, Bobt. Dun- 
lop, Mi«g B. Barber, Miss M . Shaw, J. Cur- 
ley, Mim R. G. Ellis, D Maouamara, R. A. 

Law Clerk— T. G. Rothwell. 

Topographical Surveys Branch (114 Wel- 
lington street)- B. Deville, Surveyor General, 
Ghleif Olerk; W. F. King, Chief Astronomer; 
J. S. Dennle, Chief Inspector of Surveya; 

F. Clayton, Chief Survey Records; A. H. 
Whitcher, P. B. Symes, M. Brady, B. 
Banscher, H. N. Topley. T. W. E. Sowt'^r, 
C. J. Steers. 

International Boundary Commission (28 
Wellington st.)— W. F. King, Commissioner. 

Geological Survey Branch— (See under 
Geological Museum Building). 

Land Patents Branch— W. M. Goodeve, 
Chief Olerk; N. O. Cote, Brown Wallis, W. 
S. Gllddon, H. Sherwood. G. W. Pnterson. 
P. V. Low, F. W. C. Cuming, G. Lemieux. 

Timber and Mines Branch— George U. Ry- 
ley, Frs, lAtyer, S. M. Genest. A. A. Plnard, 
Eugene Belleau, J. R. Relffeufitein, H. H. 

Accountant's Branch— J. A. Plnard, Ac- 
countant, Chief Clerk; C. H. Beddoe, As- 
sistant Accountant; J. S. Brougb, H. H. 
Turner, L«'dger Keeper; Geo. D. Pope. P. 
Robertson, A. F. Grant, S. J. Wllloughby, 
Jinaea Dunnet. 

Immigration Branch— L. M. Fortier, W. 
F. Boardmnn, C. W. Bacljjloy, C. A. L. Ak- 
erllndh. J. D. Bollard. 

Geographer — John Johnston, Central 
Chambers, 46 Elgin St., rm 47. 

Messengers— A. Swinburn, A. Pegg. J. 
Boaudoln, E. B. Turton, Henry Ackland. B. 
H. WriKht. 

Geological Musoum Building: 

Sussex, corner George. 


George Mercer Dawson, C.M.G., D.S., 
LL.D., F.R.S., Deputy Head and Director ; 
Robert Bell, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S.C.. As- 
sistant Director; Josepu Frederick White- 
aves. F.G.S., F.R.8.C.. Assistant Director, 
Paleontologist and Zoologist; George Chris- 
tian Hoffmann, LL.D.. F.I.C., F.R.S.C., 
Assistant Director, Chemist and Mineral- 
ogist : John Miiooun. K.L.S., F.K.S.C.. 
AMistant Director, Botanist and Nnturaiist; 
Robert Wheelock Ells, LL.D., F.R.B.C, 
M.A., Hugh Fletcher, B.A., Richard George 
McConnell, B.A.. Joseph H\irr Trrrell, M.A., 
B.S., P.O. 8., Geologists; BIfrIc Drew 
Ingall, Mining Engineer; Albert Peter Ijow, 

C A.Sc, Geologist; Lawrence Morri« 
Lamoe, F.G.S., Artist and Assistant Pale- 
ontologist; Robert Chalmers, Geologist ■ 
Walter Frederick Ferrier, B.A.Sc., F.G.S.,' 
Lithologlst; Eugene Bodolphe Faribault! 
Geologist; Henry Marc Ami, D.Sc, M.A 
F.G.S. , Assistant Paleontologist; Wliliani 
Mdnnes, B.A., Alfred Ernest Barlow, M.A. 
E«(rlnald W. Brock. Geologists; James 
White, Geographer; C. Omer Senecal, As- 
iBtant Topographer; John Marstiail, Ac- 
countant, First Class Clerk; Donaldson B. 
Dowling, B.A.Sc., James McVvoj, B.A.Sc., 
Field Geologists; Charles William Willi- 
mott. Assistant Curator; Ralph Lawton, 
Broadbent, Second Class Museum Assistant; 
Frank Goodell Walt, M.A., F.O.S.. Robert 
A. A. Johnston. Assistant Chemists and 
Mineralogists; Louis Napoleon Richard, B. 
A.Sc, Draughtsman; John Thorburn, M.A.. 
LL. D., Librarian; Thomas Burke, Residence 
Housekeeper; Allan T. McKlnnon, Messeu- 

Government Printingr Bureau 

75 St. Patrick straat. 


Under supervision of the Honorable the 
Secretary of State. 

S. E. Dawson. Ut. D., Deputy Minister, 
Queen's Printer and Comptroller of Sta- 
tionery: E. Eniond, Corresfiondlng Clerk; 
Louis A. Grison, Advertising Clerk; F. J. 
Farrell. Clerk; H. Allan, Messenger. 

Accountant's Branch— Wm. Gllddon, Chief 
Clerk, Accountant; Joseph G. Barrette, 
George Andrews, J. A. Frlgon, Fred. G. 
Broni»klIl. Clerks. 

Printing Branch— Wm. C. McMahon, Chief 
Clerk, Superintendent; Auguste Potvln, A. 
T. Snow. M. Lefebvre, Clerks; John Foran, 

Stationery Branch— Thomas Roxboroagb, 
Superintendent of Stationery; Norbert La- 
rochelle. Wm. Wnlrh, Frank Gouldthrite, 
John Hughes. Isidore Proulx, Dents Bea- 
hen, A. H. Beaulieu, Joseiph O. Patenande, 
Clerks; George P. Andrews, MeMenger. 

Outside Distribution of Parliament Branch 
— Wm. Boger, Edouard Grattou, Jeremie 
Blvat. , , 


(For Headquarters Staff see under Depart- 
ment of Militia and Defence, Western 

Active MtUtla 

Military District No. 4-»Llettt.-Col. W. H. 
Cotton. D.O.C., Military District No. 8, 

Princess Louise Dragoon Guards— Bobert 
Brown, captain; Charles A. Bitot, A. H. H. 
Powell, lieutenants: H. Boyd Edwards, 2nd 

No. 2 Field Battery— W. O. Hurdman, Ma- 
jor; Lt.-Col. C^otitlee, supernumerary cap- 
tain; H. Anson Bliss, lieutenant; H. J. 

C. B. TABfiABT & SON, J^^ 

lAiWMt and Most Cwaptote IM 
ofPropePtiaa lur Sal«, Exc)iiiilc« 

aff. %i"7ra! C«r. Rank A Wdiinfttii Sdu 

Blfle and Ar 

WM. MAS8N & soNS i"'..'!:^.^ KS-'SSLr' 



Hackie and Ohas. C. Cnmmln'ffs, 2nd Ueu- 
teaant*; A. B. Woodburn, hon. major and 
puymaater; W. R. Bell, M. D., surgeon- 
llcut.-colonel; A. W. Harris, veterinary 

43rd . Batt. Ottawa and Carletou Riflea, 
Headquarters, Ottawa— Joshua Wright, lieu- 
tenant-colonel; A. P. Sherwood and B. H. 
Bell, majors; 8. M. Rogers, captain and ad- 
jutant; E. D. Sutherland, captain and pajr- 
uinster; W. A. Jamlesuu, ihonorary captain 
aad quartermaater; Robt. W. Powell, sur- 
gL'on-Iientenant-colonel; W. F. Scott, M.D., 
«iirgeon-maJor. A Co.— T. C. Borllle. cap- 
tiiiii : Ade M. Bell, Ist lieut. ; J. F. Onrrow, 
2nd lieutenant; B Co— B. A. Helmer.captain; 
A K. Matthews, 1st lieutenant. C. Co.— 
H. Wa titers, captain: D. W. Cameron, 1st 
lieutenant; J. H. Dewar, 2nd lieutenant. 
1) Co,— W. M. McKay, captain; Alex. Mc- 
L«<an, Ist lieutenant: Jos. Bollard, 2nd lieu- 
tenant. B Co.— J. B. Hutcb(>«on. captain; 
A. P. Low, Ist lieutenant: H. Y. Con*- 
plln. 2nd lieutenant. F Co.— Wm. Savage, 
Ist lieutenant. 

The Governor-General's Foot Guards— 
W. E. Hodglns, lieutenant-colonel; A. L. 
Jarivs and P. B. Taylor, majors; Chas. F. 
Winter, captain and adjutant; W. L. Heron, 
hon. major and quartermaster; A. J. Hor- 
sey, M.D., surgeon; J. A. Grant, Jun., M.D., 
assistant surgeon; S. C. D. Roper, H. P. 
H. Brummell, B. E. F. Taylor. J. B. Tyrell, 
H. A. Bate, D. R. Street, captains; W. T. 
Lawless, D. H. McLean, A. F. Matheson, 
A. S. Adamson, A. L. Forbesi, lieutenants; 
L. Bate, F. A. Magee, J. L. Garland, G. D. 
Graham, 2nd lieutenants. 

Rifle and Artillery Assoolntlons. 

The Qovernot -General's Foot GuardA Rifle 
Association— President, Lieut -Col. W. E. 
Hodglns; Vice-President, Major A. L. Jar- 
vis; Treasurer. Capt. D. R. Street; Secre- 
tary, Pte. C C. Rogers, 46 Stewart street. 

Dominion of Canada Rifle Association- 
Lient.-Ool. Hon. J. M. Gibson, M.PP., Presi- 
dent; Samuel Hughes, M.P., Lindsay, Out.: 
Robert Hamilton, Quebec; Lieut. -Col. E. B. 
Beer, Sussex, N.B. ; Lleut.-€ol. C. J. Mac- 
donald, Halifax, N.S.; Vt'. R. Scartb, Otta- 
wa, Ont.; Ueut.-Ool. B. G. Prior. M.P., Vic- 
toria, B. C; Hon. A. A. Macdonald, Obar- 
lottetown, P.B.I., Vice-Presidents; C. H. 
O'Meara, Militia Department, Ottawa, and 
Major WIcliwteed, Ottawa, Auditors; Lleu- 
tenant-Col. John Macpherson, Militia D«- 

Sartment, Ottawa, Treasurer; Lieut. -Col. W. 
I. Hodgins. G. G. Foot Guards. Ottawa, 

Executive Committee of Oounell. D.R.A.— 
Lieut.-Ool. Tllton. Ottawa, Chairman; Col. 
Panet, Deputy Minister of Militia, Ottawa; 
Major H. Perlcy, Ottawa; Lleut.-Ool. D. A. 
Macdonald, Militia Department, Ottawa; 
Major J. M. Delamere, Toronto; Lleut.-Ool. 
Anderson, Ottawa; Major Blallclock, Mont- 
real: Lt.-Col. Burland. Montreal ; Lt.-Col. 
Hood. P.W.R.. Montreal; Major J. J. Ma- 
aon, Hamilton; Lieut-Col. Geo. R. 8tark«, 
8rd Victoria Rifles, MontrMi; Lieot.-Col. 
S. Hnghea. M.P., 4ftth Battalion, Lindsay; 
Major B>. B. Ibbotron, 6tib> Royal Scots, 
Montreal; Capt. B. D. Sutherland, 48rd Bat- 
talion. Ottawa. 

Dominion Artillery Association. 

Presldrnt, Lleut.-Col. F. M. Cole, Mont- 
real; Vice-Presidents, Lieut.-Col. Frank 
King, St. Catharines; Lleut.-Col. T. Amy- 
rauld, Sweetsburg. Que.; Lieut.-Col. Long- 
worth, Charlottetown; Lieut.-Cdl. L. W. 
Cootloe, Ottawa. 

President of Council— Lieut.-Col. D. T. 
Irwin, A.A.G.A., Ottawa; Vlce-Pre«ldeat», 
H. P. Van Wagner, Stoney Creek, Ont.; 
Major Maxwell, Halifax, N.S.; Captain 
Machlan, Cobonrg, Ont.; Major Hurdmao, 
Ottawa. Ont. 

Executive Committee— Ueut.-Col. Irwin, 
Ottawa; Lleut.-Col. Montlzambert, Quebec; 
Lieut -Col. Cotton, Kingston; Lleut.-Col. 
Macdonald, Guelph; Lleut.-Col. Bliss, Otta- 
wa; Major HIbbard, Montreal; Capt. Mac- 
Machlan, Oobourg. 

Auditors— Lleut.<k>l. Macphersou, Ottawa; 
F. E. Knigbt, Esq., Ottawa. 

SecretaT> -Treasurer— Major J. B. Donald- 
son. Ottawa. 

Consuls at Ottawa 

United States, 26 Wellington— Ohariea T. 
Turner, Conaul-General; T. T. Smytbe, Vlce- 
Consul Oenaral. 

Belgium— Jules de Bernard de Fauconvnl, 
251 Metcalfe, Consul-General; H. A. Bate, 
185 Canal west. Vlce-Cousul. 

Sweedeu and Norway— Capt. R. C. W 
MacQualg, Vice-Consul, 172 Wellington. 

Denmark— Charles C. Meyer, VIce-Conaul, 
28 Florenca. 

County of Carleton 

County Officer*— County Town, Ottawa- 
A. P. McDonald, Warden; Wm. Cowan, 
Treaaurer; Charles Macnab, Clerk; A. Smlr- 
le. Inspector of Public Schools; L. A. 
Smith, County Police Magtatrate; John 
Kemp and John Argue, County auditors 
and auditors of school money; John Falls, 
High Constable; Wm. Kehoe, Governor of 
Gaol; Clarence Church, M.D., Surgeon of 
Gaol; John Dawson, custodian of (3ourt 

Judicial Officers— W. A. Ross, Senior Coun- 
ty Jodge; Wm. Moagrore, Junior County 
Judge; W. L. Scott, local Master of the 
Supreme Court of Judicature for Ontario 
and Deputy Registrar of the High Court 
of Justice: J. A. Ritchie. County <.*rown 
Attorney and Clerk of the Peace; John 
Sweetland. M.D., Slierlff; John McLachlan, 
Deputy Sheriff; J. P. Featherston. Deputy 
Clerk of the High Court of Justice, (Merk 
of the County and Regltrar of Surrogate 

Justice* of the Peace for the County of 
Carleton, resident In the City of Ottawa- 
Francis Clemow, David Scott, Samuel Bing- 
ham, Edward Wallace, M. O'Oara, P.M., 
J. A. Pinard, John Culibert, J. R. Bsmoiide, 
Henry Grlat, James O'Connor, Hamnet 
Hill. M.D.. Robert Cummlngs, Cnmmlnga 
Brldfe; James HIckey, Stewarton; IJenten- 
ant-Colonel William White, Wm. Cowan, 
J. R. Armatrong. Clarence Church, M.D., 
James Clarke, Levi Crannell. John Heney, 
Geo. Hay, Gharlea Macnab, Robert Snrteea,' 

PHRENOUNE kidney & imi pills 



i ir 


i( I 

1^ ' 


i ! 










^o"ff ^f- I Jarvis' 





^ « 


Adam Harvey, T. H. Kirby, V. W. Mltplu-U, 
Georgp O'Keefe, L. C. Provost, M.D., John 
H«ii(U'rson, Frederick A. Heney, .Tohn C. 
Bowers. JoiM'ph Riopelle, L. A. Smith. 


Goulburn— A. Abbott, Hazeldcan. 

North Gower— Jiis. E. Craig, North Gower. 

Huntle.v-r-John Argue, Carp. 

Nepeaii— F. W. Hariuer. Skead'e Mills or 
Blrchton or Mosgrave. 

Osgoode— F. Ivesoii. Buefi'alfe. 

Ottawa East— W. N. Darry, Ottaw ' Bast. 

Richmond— John Rellly, Richmond. 

South March— Thomas Richardson, South 

Fltzroy— Alex. Murphy. Antrim. 

Ttorbolton— D. B. McLaren, Fltzroy 

Marlborough— Thos. Wiggins, Malakofl. 

Gloucester— Chas. Billings, Billing's 

Hlntonbuiig— Wm. A. Mawn. Hlntonburg. 


S s Daly av, 2 east of NlcholtiB. 

P. J. Coffey, Registrar; J. B. Harklii. 
I>eputy. Office hours from 10a.m. to 4 


W. A. Ross. Judge; Wni. Mosgrove, Jun- 
ior Judge: John Sweetland, Sheriff; John 
P. Feathcrston. Clerk of County Court: J. 
A. Ritchie, Acting Olerk o* Peace and 
Crown Attorney. 

County Court Sittings for Trials, etc., and 
General Sessions with Jury — Second Tuesday 
in June and Dcceiuber. 

County Court Sittings for Trials without 
Jury— First Tuesday In April a>id October. 

Surrogate Court Sittings for Hearings, 
♦"tc— Second Monday In January and first 
Monday in Aiprll, July and October of each 


Commissioners in Ottawa, empowered to 
take In Ontario affidavits to be use In Que- 
bec— Hon. R. W. Scott, Q.C., H. J. Morgan, 
R.iibprt Cassel«, R. W. M. WIcksteed, J. J. 
Gormully, N. S. Garland, L. A. Audette, M. 
J. Gorman. F.A. McCord. J. E. O'Meara, 
N. A. Belcourt. 


Op^n at the hour of 10 o'clock a.m. for 
adjourned cases and regular list, and at 2 
p.m. for judifment summons. 

Carleton,' No. 1., Ottawa— August ."iOth; 
September 1st. 27th, 2»th; October 25th, 
27th; November 24th, 2»th; December 20th, 


No. 2. Richmond— July .5th, Seii)t. «th, 
Nov. 1st. 

No. .% Carp— July 9th, 84'pt. 10th, Nov. 5th. 

No. 4, Galetta— July 10th, S<»pt. 11th, Nov 

No. 5. North Gower— July Otb. Sept. 7th 
Nov. 2nd. 

No. 6, Metcalfe— Oct. 21»t. 

No. 7, Hlntonburg— Sept. 17th, Oct. 1.5th 
Nov. 19th. Dec. 24th. 


(1) John R. Armstrong, Ottawa; (2) Wm 
Henderson. Fallowfleld: Ci) H. W. McDoug- 
all, Cai-p; (4) vacant; (5) John Kerr, North 
Gower; (6) Daniel McLaurln, Metcalfe; (7> 
F. W. Harmer, Mosgrove. 


(1) John Whltton, Ottawa; E. A. Laplerre 
Ottawa; (2) William Hamilton, Richmond; 
(S) William Falls, Carp; (4) Edward W. 
Owtns, Antrim: (.5) Wcslev Hicks, Mano- 
tlck; (6) John Watt, Metcalfe; (7) Alex. 
Wilson, Hlntonburg. 

City Government 


e s BJgln. bet. Queen and Altoert. 
Samuel Biogham. Mayor. 


No. 1 Victoria Ward— Donald T. Masson, 
Thomas Butler, J. C. Eoright. 

No. 2. Dalhousie Ward— Robert J. David- 
son. Terence MeGulre. Joseph Poster. 

No. .S. Wellington Ward— William J. Camp- 
bell. Robert Stewart, Wm. G. Black. 

No. 4. Central Ward— Edward Wallace, C. 
B. Powell. Fred. Cook. 

No. 5, St. George's Ward— Robert Hastey, 
John C. Grant, S. M. Rogers. 

No. 6. By Ward— Joseph D. Garean, 
Thomas Payment, Dr. St. Jean. 

No. 7, Ottawa Ward— Edmond Gautfaier, 
Olivier Durooher. James White. 

No. 8, Rideau Ward— Major J. B. Donald- 
son, J. C. Roger, J. D. Praser. 


John Henderson. City Clerk; N. H. H. 
Lett. Assistant City Clerk; Thomas A. An- 
gel, Clerk; Geo. Diamond. Messenger; T. 
H. Kirby, City Treasurer; James Undsay, 
City Accountant; T. W. Thompson, City 
Collector; F. M. Hannum, James H. St. 
George, Clerks: Hugh McClelland, Bailiff; 
Robert Sturtees, City Engineer; E. B. Per- 
reault. Assistant City Engineer; Thos. J. 
Bangs, Clerk; George Roger, Inspector of 
Drains; Wm. Blrkett, Foreman; A. Pratt, 
Aswssment Commissioner; P. H. Veale, 
Clerk: Wm. Stewart, Ambrose Dniffy, As- 
Hcssors: John Henderson. Registrar of 
Blrth». Marriages, and Deaths; G. L. Blatch, 
J. N. Ratte, Auditors. 


Police Headquarters, 2 Queen nt. 

The Mayor. Judge of the <>)uirty Court, 
and Police Magistrate, CommlMioners; M. 



'MiMit 421. SuiHily tli« Best. 


OGara, Q.C., Police 
Lett. Clerk. 

Wm. P. Powell, Ol 
O'Keefe, Inspector; 
Major; W. Vizard, P 
hooly, Walter Dicks, I 
gan and Noe RobiUar 
Hanrahan, Peter Ell 
Hidwlg Blume, W. 1 
Ewen, Thomas Ryan, 
Bcrlgen, Benj. McCi 
Thomas Graham, Jo 
Ilumphrey, Rolwrt B 
Laughlln, John McJ 
homme, Wm. Murphy 
Flvnn, Joseph Dolan 
Davidson, Patrick M 
ton. Alexander Ross, 
Morln, ArchlbaJd Can 

A. Roblllard, M.D., 
Geo. MdNelll. Sanltl 
Proulx. Prank Rabb; 


R. ES. Jamieson, 
Qutnn, Etienne I.^bl 
ftpectors; G. E. St. 
Bpector; John C. Gra 

Robert Surtees, M 
lector of Water Rat 
ant CoUeotor; John 
Oolln Dewar. G. O. 
J. FJnley. W. H. i 
WIHIamB, Inapector 
crt St. Gaorge. Bail 

Peter Provost, C 
Senior Assistant Ch 
sistant Chief; G. I 
tenAent Fire Alarm 

No. 1, 103 Duke— , 
W. R. McCullough, 

No. 2, 123 Lyon- 
taln and Senior Ai 
O'RelHy, Robt. Bur 

No. 3, 124 Beww 
Oaptaln; OvUa Lac 
Ij»wla A. Ourrler. 

No. 4, 14 York— 
and Asst. Chief; 1 
Kay, John Long, 
nor, John Marphy. 

No. 6. 30(7 Ountb 
Captain; Joseph B 
«ler. Oharlaa Dolai 

No. «, 37-39 Sum 
CJaptaiu; Thos. C 
Daley, Herman Sen 

• .4» • 

Jarvis' Photos are the Best 



OfJara, Q.C., Police Magistrate; W. P. 
U'tt. Clerk. 

Wm. F. Powell, Ohlef of Police; Dennis 
O'Keefe, Inspector; D. Hogau, Sergeant- 
Mnjor; W. Vlssard, P. Moylan. Joseph Gll- 
h(H)ly, Walter Dicks, Sergeants; .lohn Flanl- 
giin and Noe RoblUard, Detectives'; Patrick 
Unnrahan, Peter Ellis, Edward t'assldy, 
Ludiwlg Blunie, W. M. Mills, Robert Mc- 
Ewen, Thomas Ryan, Wm. Sorlvens, Jerh. 
Bcrlgen, BenJ. McCarthy, Jumes Moore, 
Thomas Graham, Joseph O'Meara, James 
Humphrey, Robert Bradley, Patrick T. Mc- 
Laughlin, John McMulUn, Eugene Prud- 
homme, Wm. Murphy, Emile JoUat, Michael 
Flynn, Joseph Dolan, George Brooks, Wm. 
Davidson, Patrick Maloney, E<lwln Hamil- 
ton. Alexander Ross, John White, Alfred 
Morln, ArchlbnJd Campbell, Michel Lalonde,' 


Office, City Hall. 

A. Roblllard, M.D., Medical Health Officer: 
(ipo. Mc'Nelll. Sanitary Inspector; Israel 
Proulx. Frank Rabhy, Assistant Inspectors. 


R. B. Jamleson, Chairman; James M. 
Quinn, Etienne I^eblnrc. .Tohn O'Reilly, In- 
spectors; O. E. St. George. Assistant In- 
spector; John C. Grant, Solicitor. 

Office City Hall. 

Robert Surtees. Manager; E. Plnard, Col- 
lp<'tor of Water Rates; G. R. Blyth, Assist- 
ant Collector; John A. McDougal, Cashier; 
Oolln Dewar, G. O. Mann. Jas Porter, W. 
J. Flnley, W. H. Ohalker, Clerks; W. G. 
Williams, In»pector: John Vallquette, Rot)- 
crt St. Georire. Bailiffs. 


Office. Cltjr Hall. 

Peter Provost, Chief; Thomas Stanford, 
Senior AssUitant Chief; James Ijatlmer, A»- 
8l«tant Chief; G. F. Macdonald, Superin- 
tendent Fire Alarm; Ehnlle Turcott, Assist- 

Stations and Staffs. 

No. 1, 1(« Duke-Joseph S. Mills. Captain; 
W. R. McCuUougta, Patrick Creegan, John 
Wataon. ^ 

No. 2, 123 Lyon— Thomaa Stanford, Can- 
tain and Senior Afwlstant Chief; Chaa. E. 
O'RelWy, Robt. Burnett, Thomas Green. ■ 

No. 3, 124 Benaerer— Jotan iW. Graham, 
Oaptain; Ovlla Lacbanoe, Joaepta Goodman, 
Ij»w1s a. Ourrler. 

No. 4, 14 York— James Latimer, Oaptain 
and Asst. Ohlef; Urgel Grignon, Wm. Mc- 
Kay, John Long, EInglneer; James O'Con- 
nor, John Mnrohy. 

No. 6, .SOT Cumiberland- Jo». B. Favreau, 
Captain; Joaeph B. Lemlenx, O. laaar Tea- 
Mcr, Obarlos Dolan. 

No. 6, 37-30 AufMex st n— Oharlea Taylor, 
Captain; Thoa. C. Darldaon, Patrick J. 
Daley, Herman Seaman. 

No. 7, cor Somerset and Bell— HIchard B. 
Jacques, Cuptnln; Alex. Potvlu, John Pow- 
ers, Hugh Thomson. 

No. 8, City Hall Square— Thomas Cluff, 
Captain; Geo. Brady, James Gillespie, Har- 
ry Walters, Urgel Ousson, Eugene Beau- 
sejour, Reuben E. EJllott; Alptoonse Tessler, 
Foreman hook and ladder truck. 

List of Signal Boxes. 

Box Locality 

2 Russell House. 

3 Sparks and O'Connor sts. 

4 (SiDeclnl call). 

5 O'Connor and Glouceeter sts. 

6 Marin and Bank sts 

7 Wellington and Kent sts. 

8 No. 2 Fire Hall, Lyon st. 
V Vlttoria and Lyon sts. 

10 Bank and Queen sts. 

12 Bay and Maria sts. 

I.S Fleck's Foundry, 426 Wellington st. 

14 Nepean and Concession ate 

15 Albert and Victoria av. 

16 No. 1 Fire Hall, Duke and Queen sts. 

17 Richmond road and Queen st. 

18 Broad and Queen sts. 

19 Broad and Sherwood sts. 

21 Union Fire Station, Bridge St., Chau- 

23 Bronsons & Weston's Office, Victoria Is- 


24 Suflsex and Rldeau sts. 
26 Rldeau and Waller sts. 

26 Wllbrod and Cumberland sta. 

27 Nicholas and Theodore sts. 

28 No. 3 Fire Hall. Besserer St. 

29 King and Osgoode sts. 
.^1 Rldeau and King sts. 
32 Rldeau and Friel st«i. 

84 Daly av and Chapel st. 

85 Wllbrod and Nelson ata 

36 Protestant Hospital, Rideau st. 

37 Granite Works. Canal Basin. 
88 Theodore and Chapel sts. 

41 No. 4 Fire Hall, York st. 

42 No. 5 Fire Hall, Cumberland st. 

43 St. Patrick and Sussex sts. 

45 Clarence and Dalhousle sts 

46 Albert and Metcalfe ata. 

47 Frank and Metcalfe »t8. 

51 Sussex and Water sts. 

52 Dalhousle and Church sta. 

63 Cumberland and Cathcart sts. 

64 Dalhousle and McTaggart sta. 
66 St. Joseph's Orphans' Home. 

61 Mcliappn's Mill, Sussex st. 

62 St. Patrick and Nelson sts. 
68 Chapel and Clarence sta 

64 St. Andrew and St. Joseph sts. 

65 Catholic Hospital, Water at. 

71 St. Patrick and Cobourg sts. 

72 Elirln and I^ewls sts 

73 Nicholas st (southern end). 

74 Chapel and Ann sts. 

75 Elgin and Gloucester sta. 

81 Kent and Liagar sts 

82 No 7 Fire Hall. Somerset st 

83 Bank and Waverley ats. 

84 Maclaren and O'Connor sta. 

85 St Patrick's Orphans' Home. 

91 Cooper and Metcalfe sta. 

92 Canal and Peter sta. 

93 Protestant Orphans' Home. 

122 Bank and Cooper ata. 

123 Snaaex north. New "Idlnburgh, 

124 Orelghton and Keefer ata. 






n , n.,i 


\-','i i 

' i>3 

>! ',> .' .: 

■ : 

: «; H 




|i 't 







A ' 



mQIIU I ICC|MidM«r«WINHJII^WI0eitliliMhMtti|i1hwil. I lADIfl* 
gUll LirE|jjHM B. rero, i«M^, bittern ftilirio. | UHIltl^ 



! Box. Looality. 

i 12S Klntrand St. Andrew sts. 
I 126 Murray and Barrett sts. 
I 127 William and George Bts. 
' 131 Cartler and Somerset sts. 
182 Bar and Florence sts. 

133 PerCT and Maclaren sta. 

134 EJlgln and Argyle av., Stewarton. 

135 Bronson's piling ground, Stewarton. 

136 Ontharlne and Bank sts. 

137 Opposite ETxhIbltlon Building, Bank at 

141 Martin & Waniork's Mill, Richmond rd. 

142 Cedar and First av. 

143 Rochester and Anderson sts. 
14C Division and Pine sts. 

146 Sherwood and Eiiily »ts. 

1B2 Ellca'beth and Bell ata. 

153 Preston and William sts. 

IM Dufferln rd and MacKay st, N. B. 

156 Rldean Hall. N. E. 

162 Stewart and Cobourg sts. 

163 Bank and Mut«hmor sts. 

164 Somerset and Lyon sts. 
172 Albert and Coneeaslon sts. 
221 Bell Telephone, Queen St. 
231 Electric Railway Go's Office. 
233 Booth's yard, Dow'a Lak». 
2.S5 Concession and Wallace sts. 
241 Boteller and King sts. 

243 Second a v. and O'Connor st. 
245 Mason's Mill, Richmond rd. 

It is very Important that citizens should 
make themselves acquainted with the near- 
est Are alarm box to their residence. The 
key will be found over the door of each box, 
with full Instructions. 


A key for the ordinary or locked box will 
be found under a glass cover at each box. 
Break the glass and unlock the door; pull 
book down once only. 

No key is required for the keyless door 
boxes. Turn the handle to the right, open 
the door, pull hook and let go. Then close 
the doo4 

N. B.- Complaints concerning the work- 
ing of thi Fire Telegraph, Irregular strik- 
ing of bells, broken glasses, wires, etc., 
should In all cases be made at the Fire 
Alarm Office, City Hall. 

Telephone, No. 265. 

O. F. MAOCONALID, Superintendent. 


The following rates are established as 
the proper and legal rates and charges for 
th(> convey ince of passengers In cabs and 
omnlbusses within the City of Ottawa, be- 
tween the hours of 7 o'clock in the forenoon 
and 11 o'clock in the afternoon, and at all 
other hourii double rates shall be proper and 
legal, and may be enacted where no agree- 
ment for a less sum has been entered into- 
between the parties:— 

(1) Two-horse Vehicle — For the conveyance 
or carriage of any number of passengers, 
not exceeding four, in a carriage, sleigh or 
other vehicle, drawn by two horaes, when 
hired by tne hour, or when the time occu- 
pied amounts to or exceeds an hour:— 

for the first hour |1 00 

And for each subsequent quarter of 

hour 20 

Bach additional passenger, In excess of 
four, for the first hour 20 

And for each subsequent quarter of an 

hour 5 

(2) One-horse Vehicle— For the conTeyance 
or carriage of any number of passengers 
not exceeding four, In a carriage, alelgh or 
other vehicle, drawn by one horse, when 
hired by the hour, or when the time oc- 
cupied amounts to or exceeds an hour:— 

For the first hour 75^ 

And for each subsequent quarter of an 

hour 15,, 

Btach additional passenger, In excess of 

four, for the first hour 20c 

And for each subsequent quarter of an 

hour Hf, 

(3) For the conveyance of one passenger 
from any of the carter's stands, or from 
one part of the city to one or mote places 
consecutively, In said city, or consecutively 
to one or more places not more than three 
miles beyond the limits of said city, and 
vice versa, provided the time occupied In 
conveying and waiting for such passenger:— 

Does not exceed fifteen minutes 25c 

And for each additional passenger lOc 

If the time occupied exceeds 15, bnt not 

30 minutes 40G 

And for each additional passenger 10c 

Bach subsequent ten minutes after the 

first 30 minutes 15c 

And for each additional passenger 5c 

But If the time occupied continuously while 
any such vehicle shall be In the employ of 
the same person or persons, amounts to or 
exweds one hour, then the rates by the hour, 
as aforesaid, shall only be proper and legal, 
and no higher rates shall be legal. 

(4 That each passenger shall be allowed to 
take with him or her one trunk or other 
baggage to a reasonable extent, free of 
charge; and It shall t>e the duty of the per- 
son in charge of any such vehicle to load 
and unload the same free of charge. 

(5) For the conveyance of any person In a 
hotel omnibus from any tavern or hotel to 
any steamboat lending ur railway station, or 
from any steamboat landing or railway sta- 
tion to any hotel or tavern, 25 cents; and 
for the conveyance of any person In any 
other omnibus from any place to any place 
on its route within the City of Ottawa, five 
cents: and from any place within the city 
to any place ontc4de tbo limits thereof, and 
▼Ice versa, ten cents. 

(6) Th%t children under eight -years of age. 
In charge of an adult, shall not be charged 
for as additional passengers and children 
over eight and nnder ♦welve years of age. 
In charge of an adult, shall not be charged 
for as additional passengers, mora than half 
rates, whether conveyed In a cab or omnl- 


The following scale of charges Is estab- 
llsded for the loading, unloading and cart- 
ing of goods, wares, merchandise, firewood 
and all other loading by licensed carters, 
within the City of Ottawa, and from any 
place within the city to any other place 
not more than three miles beyond the city 
limits, and vice versa:— 

C. B. TA&6ABT & SON 

Real bkate AgBnii, Aiiot io i m% fUb 
Tel. 709 Cor. $anA A Wellmf^Un 9U, 

Office, City Po 

Dr. RobUlard, Dr. 

JARVIS Ouarantees r ""^ 

i» sATiiFJumunr. 



(1) For any distance not over one mile, 
forty cents, and for every distance In ex- 
cess of one mdle, an additional sum of fif- 
teen centa for each additional mile. 

(2) And the sum of ten cent* for each 
(juarter of an hour any such licensed carter 
may, during his engagement, loae by the 
fault of the person engaging him, either 
In not' having a load ready for him at the 
time agreed upon, or in otherwise detaining 
or delaying him during the carriage or the 

(3) That the loading referred to In this 
section shall consist of twelve hundred 
]iounds, or six barrels of flour, or four bar- 
rels of pork, or half a cord of wood. 

Ottiwa Rivei; Works 

CNfflce, City Post Office Building. 

Geo. P. Brophy, Superintending Engineer; 
David Scott, Accountant; Joseph Kent. 
OI«k; John C. Scott, Draughtsman and 
Measurer; William Cain, Messenger. 


Dr. Roblllard, Dr. BMwards and Dr. Free- 


Beechwood Cemetery, e 'end Beechwood 

av., ofDce 3B Sparks, J. 8. Durle, Sec.-Treas. 

Notre Dame Cemetery, n s Montread Road. 

City Regristry Office 

06 Nicholas st. 

Alexander Burrltt, Registrar; Mrs. Lissle 

A. Mackenile and James T. Moxley, Dep- 
uties; Office hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Post Office 

Office bonrs, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Money orders and savings bank, 9 a.m. to 
4 D.m. 

Postmaster— J. A. Gtouln. 

Assistant Postmaster— B. B. Bates. 

Superintendent of Letter Oarrlers— P. 3. 
Wnr wicker. 

Cljerks— F. French, E. J. O'Connor, W. 
H. Pennock, W. O. Mercer, J. H. Bartlett, 

B. L. Ohevrler, N. B. Lisndrlau, H. Poole, H. 
O'Neill. A. York, Q. R. MacQueen, A. H. 
Gallup, W. Q. Ketchum, J. T. Blnks, F. 
G. AUen, E. H. Bell, G. W. Wills, V. Par- 
cnt, L. D. Cbevrter, M. uarcey, M. Patrick, 
W. A. Bangs, M. A. Coughlln, 8. A. W«b- 
ber, A. H. H. Powell, W. 8. Warwicker, 
M. P. Archambanlt, E. M. Webber, M. 
L. M. St. Denis, F. W. P. Etngllsh, 0. P 
Dontlgny, 8. Duhamel, B. Faulkner, J. P, 
Ohllton, J. R. Olewes, W. H. Murphy, L 
8t. Denis, J. Murnl^, H. W. Mix, J. O. 
Lough, J. O. Bell, I.E. Farrell, L. €orbell 
W. B. B. Mann, Q. B. Dorlon, O. F. War- 
wicker, M. J. Farrell, P. Carrlere, O. H 
Knanf, R. Obsvrler, F. Honde. 

Letter Oarrlers— P. Robert, A. Dunolt, F. 
J. Oeorgs, T. Cuddle, W. Lamb, M. J. Bgan, 
J. N. Larus, M. Fa^an, R. W. Fair, F. X. 

Olroux, J. O. Noel, J. J. Fair, €. Gooob, 
H. Ohamberlaln, F. W. Roeske, i. Hayes, 
W. J. Usher, I. H. Woodlsnd, J. W. Rosi, 
J. A. Wilson, J. A. McCallum, H. Ketche- 
meo„ J. Bgan, A. Williams, C. S. Blrtcb, 
M. A. Demers, J. S. J. Belaud, B. Oorbeil, 
O. Legault, W. H. J^eftery, A. B. Spenard, 
W. J. KlsBlck, T. B. Macdonald, W. Lang< 
ford, W. H. Carwardlne, W. Brock, O. A. 

Collectors— W. Darcey, W. Goodwin, 1. 

Messengers— T. A. Pirrle, P. McBIIlgott. 

Porters— P. H. Marks, C. A. Devlin. 

Laborers— W. Potter, O. Fabrlcim, J 
Kurs, O. B. Traversy, H, W. G. Mallleue, 
F, p. Gordon, P. Leclalr, P. Leclair, Juu., 
A. J. Doyle, B. L. Fairbanks. 

Inspector's Office— F. Hawken, Inspector; 
O. P. LeSueur, Aesistant Inspector; John 
Ohamard, Assistant Inspector; J. F. O'Con- 
nor, M. J. Whltty, Hy Carroll, P. B. Dunne, 
W. C. Cochran, J. J. McNulty, Theodore 
Pope, Miss M. C. Oi-eene, Miss A. L. Rob- 
inson, Clerks; C. Duggan, Messeuger. 

Railway Mall Clerk»— E. Gordon, Chief 
Railway Mall Clerk; W. F. Burnham, B, 
Peden, J. A. Ch*' rier, D. J. Skelly, J. B. 
Z. Legendre, A. Leclalr. P. A. Maingy, J. B. 
Ollllssle, C. Plumb, H. M. Macdonald, 8. 
Houston, J. Griffith, W. H. Gass, J. Eagle- 
son, J. J. Lally, J. J. Nevlns, A. H. J. Co- 
bum, J. B. Hetherlngton, J. Corcoran, Rob- 
ert McLaren. J. Purcell, Henry Inkermnn 
Kenny, D. York, Wm. Annable, J. D. C. 
McFarlane, C. D. Rochester, 8. Evauson, 
T. T. Hawkins, R. Montgomery, C. W. 
Martin, W. 8. Booth, H. S. Ferguson, G. 
M. Gorrell, H. M. Macdonnell, D. N. Dor- 
Ion, H. O. Ketchum, J. O. Armstrong, J. B. 
Pelton, A. C. Moore, W. H. 8. Simpson, 
Horace W. Jackson. 


Harbord, n s River rd, H w of C.P R. 
eroMlng^Wm. McAdoo, P.M. 
King St.— A. L. Plnard, P.M. 
Mt. Sherwood, 2 Mnnroe— Mrs. Jane Hope, 


New Edinburgh— T. TT Hoare, P.M. 
Boohestervlll'e, 90 Rochester— Mrs. Ellia- 
befik Dtxon. P.M. 
Stewarton— 443 Bank— J. B. Scott. P.M. 

Postal Regrulations 

1st ciasa Matter 


Register all valuable letters. 

In addressing letters add the name of the 
County In which the Postofllce addressed Is 
■Itnated; If to a city add street and nam- 

Lsttsm for the United States should bear 
the name of the State as well as that of 
tbe PostoOcs. 

A letter once posted becomes the property 
of tbe person to whom It Is addressed, and 
must be forwarded according to Its dlree- 

Letters containing gold or silver money, 
Jewels or anytbln* Hable to Custom dntlss, 



n and •> JyO C HUK m ST* lnH W Ii K i i 





\i ¥■ 

!■■■!. I I 

,1. ,1 


;i ji 

' m 

( 1 



•^' H^ 



! f. 

Capital Transfer Co. 



' i 













'PMOMa St. 

W. a. BELL, MAMAamm. 





cannot be forwarded to any country beyond 
the Dominion, except to the United States. 

Letters addressed to Initials, or fictitious 
names, will not be delivered unless addressed 
In care of a resident or some named per- 
eon, firm or Institution or special P.O. box. 

Letters bearing rautlUated stamps, or 
stamps so soiled and defaced as to make It 
Impossible for the sorting clerks to decide 
whether they have been used before or not, 
will be sent to the Dead Letter Office. 


Letters addressed to places In Canada and 
United States and Newfoundland, 3 cents 
p*r ounce or fraction thereof. 

Great Britain and all European countries, 
6 cents per % ounce or fraction therof. 

Letters to Ottawa East, Cunimlngs' 
Bridge, Hull, Harbord and Hlntonburg, 1 
cent per ounce or fraction thereof. 

The ratc! on letters postetl at tht^se places 
for delivery In Ottawa Is 2 cents per ounce. 

City, or drop letter for city delivery, 2c 
p«r ounce or fraction thereof. 

Letters addressed to jNuces In \he United 
States must be prepaid at least one full rate 
(3 cents), otherwise they will be sent to 
tha Dead Letter Office. 

Partly prepaid letters addressed to places 
In Canada will be forwarded to destination 
subject on delivery to double the amount 
of postage remaining uupald, and letters on 
which no postage has been prepaid will be 
TOnt to the Dead Letter Office. 


Letters re-dlrected to places In Canada and 
the United States are not liable to any ad- 
ditional postage, except letters for delivery 
at the place where posted and paid 1 or 2 
cents each, as the case may require. These 
will be forwarded subject to double the de- 
fliclent postage, excepting when re-dlrected 
td the United States, when they must be 
preoald 3 cents. 


Letters for places ;n Canada, the United 
States and Newfoundland, sent In envelopes 
having printed theruon, on the address side, 
a request that the letters be returned to the 
■ender If not delivered within a certah. 
gpeclfted time, will be returned as requested 
If not delivered in the time stated. 


The postage on Legal and Commercial 
Papers for the United States, Great Britain 
and all European countries Is when left open 
to Inspection, 5 cents for the first lo ounces, 
and 1 cent for every additional 2 ounces. 
Ttoese papers, when posted for delivery In 
Canada, must be prepaid at Letter or Parcel 
Post rates— but Deeds and Insurance Poll- 
cle« may be sent If prepaid 1 cent per 2 


Foi: Canada ann the United States, 1 cent 
each. For Grei.t Britain and all Postal 

Union Countries, 2 cents each. Reply 
cards, for Canada only, 2 cents each. Notli- 
ing must be attached to a post card, nor 
must the card be cut or defaced in any 


2nd OlAsa Matter 

Newspapers and Periodicals published not 
less frequently than once a month and port- 
ed from the office of publication for trans- 
mission to regular subscribers in Canadti, 
the United States and Newfoundland arn 
sent free cf postage. All specimen copks 
and all copies of publications published '.ess 
frequently than once a month must be pro- 
paid 1 cent for each pound or fraction of a 

Srd ci«M Matter 

Matter of this class must be so packed or 
put up as to be easily opened for examina- 
tion and there must be no correBpondeuce 


All Drop Newspapers and Periodicals' (for 
delivery where pasted) and transient news- 
papers and periodicals posted for transmis- 
sion to places in Canada and the United 
States, must be prepaid 1 cent per 4 oa., or 
fraction of 4 oz. — weighing not more than 1 
oa. each, they must be posted singly if pre- 
paid lA cent each. 


The Postage on Books, Pamphlets, Print- 
ed Circulars, Occasional Publications, etc., 
addressed to Canada is 1 cent <per 4 oe.— to 
the United States, Great Britain and all 
Buropean countries, 1 cent per 2 oz. The 
Postage on Printens' Proof Sheets, Maps, 
Prints, Drawings, Engravings, Lithographs, 
Photographs, Sheet Music, etc., addressed to 
Canada, the United States, Great Britain or 
Buy European Country is' 1 cent per 2 oz. 
Printed Stationery, School or College Exam- 
ination Papers, distinctively marked as such. 
Municipal Assessment Rolls, and Statute 
Labor Returns may pass In Canada et the 
rate of 1 cent per 2 oz. No package must 
exceed 2 feet in length by 1 foot In width 
or depth. The limit of weight for Canada, 
United Scates and Great Britain II 5 lbs., 
for other Postal Union countries, 4 lbs. 

Seeds, Cuttings, Bulbs, Roots and Scions 
or Grafts can only be sent to the United 
States as 5th Class Matter; when posted for 
delivery In Canada, the postage is 1 cent 
per 4 08., and the limit of weight 6 lbs. 


Actual Tatterns and SamplcH of Merchan- 
dise, no( exce«>dlng 24 ounces in weight, ex- 
cept samples of tea, which must not exceed 
8 ounces, may be sent to any place in Can- 
ada for 1 cent per 4 oz. Goods sent in ex- 
ecution of an order, however small the 
quantity may be, or articles sent by one 
private Individual to another, not being 
actually Trade Patterns or Samples, are not 
admlssable as such. Postage, etc., for Brit- 
ish and foreign countries is 2 cents for the 
first 4 oz., and 1 cent for every additional 
2 oz. Limits of weight and size: United 

Dj^ Conftderationijle 

iMdefflo*; TORONTO 

..,...'• "-.-.KaSRSV ■ 

TRY R. H. CON LEY'S $6.00 ntNTtNG. 




Kingdom, 5 lbs., aud 2 feet in length by 
1 !u breadth or depth; Austria-Hungary, 
i'.elglum, Kgypt, France, Hawaii, Italy, 
i'ortngal, Ronmanla and Switzerland, 12 oz., 
uud 1 foot In length by 8 Inches In width 
iind 4 inches in depth; other Postal Union 
countries, 8 oz., and 1 foot In length by 8 
inches in width, and 4 inches in depth. 

4th Class IMatter 


i'nrceU should be plainly addressed, and 
mus<t be no correspondence enclosed. 

I'arcels for Canada must be prepaid 6 
cents per 4 oz. They must not exceed 5 lbs. 
in weight nor 2 feet in length by 1 foot in 
width or depth, and the sender's name 
should be written on, the lower left hand 

Parcels not exceeding 2 feet in length by 
1 foot in width or depth, may be sent to the 
countriies marlced "A" or "B" in the Foieign 
Postage I'able, and to a number of other 
place not there mentioned. For full par- 
ticulars apply at Postofflce, or see Canada 
Official Postal Unlde. The postage on par- 
cels for the United Kingdom is 16 oeutB for 
the first ib.. andi 12 cents for each additiouai 
lb.; limit of weight, 11 lbs. A Customs De- 
i-lardtlon of the contents and value of each 
parcel must be filled up at the Postoffice 
by the eendf r. These parcels are forward- 
f'l by Canadian contract steamers only. 

8th Oi*«« Mattsr 

Comprises such articles of general mer- 
chandise as are not entitled to any lower 
rate of postage. Postage, 1 cent per oz., or 
fraction of an oz. Limit of weight, 6 lbs.; 
of size, two feet in length by one foot in 
width or depth. Matter claiming to be 6th 
Class must be open to inspection, and there 
most be no correspondience enclosed. Pack- 
ages of 6th Class nutter may be sent to the 
United States for the same prepayment as 
is required within the Dominion, but the 
contents will be liable to Customs Inspection 
and collection of duty In the United States. 
Sealed tins containing fish, lobster, vege- 
tablee, meats, etc., if put up In a solid man 
ner and labelled in such a way as to fully 
Indicate the nature of their contents ma^ 
be sent as 6tb Claw Matter within the 
Dominion, but no sealed matter can be for- 
warded to the United Btaies nnder this bead. 
Liquids, oils and fatty substances may be 
sent to places in Canada and the United 
States as Rtii Glass If pat up In accordance 
with the rnllnjr referring to snch articles In 
the Canada Postal Guide for 189T, page 


All classes of matter addressed to places 
tn Canada, the United States, Newround- 
land. Great Britain, or any Postal Unlpn 
country may be registered for a fee of 6 
cents for each article In addition to the post- 
age, and letters may t>e registered to most 
of iJie countries not Included in the Union. 

BTery article intended for refdstratton 
must be handed In at the wicket, and a re- 
ceipt obtained therefor; on no account must 
It be dropped In a letter box. 

Tbe sender of a registered article address- 
ed to any Postal Union Country may entitle 

himself to a certificate as to the disposal of 
said article by the Postmaster at the office 
addressed, - prepayment of an additional 
fee of 5 cen.s. Registered articles cannot 
be forwarded unless the postage and regis- 
tration fee are paid in full. 


One cent post bands for newspaper or 
book packet wrappers, aud one. two aud 
three cent stamped envelopes are issued by 
the Department, and may be had at the 
stamp vendors. 

Letters are collected from the letter boxes, 
excepting thosi^ In the outlying parts of the 
•ity, three times daily, the collections begin- 
ning at 7:46 a.m. , 1.30 p.m. and S p.m.. and 
at 8 p.m. only on Sundays. Collections are 
made from the other boxes twice daily, ex- 
cept Sundays, when no collection is mad^. 
For time, see tlme-carde in boxes. 

Deliveries commence between 7..10 and 8 
a.m., between 1.30 and 2 p.m.. and at 4.30 
p.m. in all parts of the city within the old 
limits, and special deliveries at lO.-'ft) a.m. 
and p.m. in the central business parts. 
Outside the old limits deliveries are made at 
8 a.m. and 3.15 p.m., except In the outlying 
thinly settled parts, wh^-re one only, at 3.15 
p.m.. Is made. 

Any explosive, dangerous or destructive 
substance, or anything likely to injure the 
malls or the person of any officer or servant 
of the Postoffice. 

Deposits from |1 upwards, on which !V^ 
per cent. Intirent is allowed, will be re- 
ceived for transmission to the Central Office 
of the Postoffice Savings Bank. Passbooks 
and every information to be had on appllca- 


In sending money by mail U is always best 
to transmit by Money Order if possible. If 
sent by letter, !t should always be register 

Money orders issued end paid from G a.m. 
to 4 p.m. 

Commission on Money Orders. 
On Money Orders drawn by any Money 
OrAer Office In Canada on any ether Money 
Order Office In the Dominion, Is as follows:— 

Per orders not exceeding |2.C0 3c. 

" oyer $2.50 but not over |& 4c. 













Mio single nMmsy order, payable In the 
Dominion of Canada, can be Issued for more 

■ a ■ii-ireftii»o i Biscprra are sati8factory 







1 'PI 

.1: .tj 



^ '\ 







i • 



,' 1 








M |f;l 



r ' 
: I 




I 'If; 

ePMioiM Ollll I ICC I art AbMhitohrl .iailll R. HID, 
of the ^WP fairC , UBwndrtkMitf./ |«,«r., Mm^ i 






than 1100; but a* man; for $100 each uay 
be given as tbe remitter requlret, but only 
one order for a Ie«8 sum than flUO may be 
obtained by the same remitter lu the same 
4Iay for the same payee. 

The o^ber countries and British coionles 
upon which money orders are granted arc 
dtetingulAhed by an asterlsic (*) In the sub- 
joined ti\ble; the rates of Commission in all 
cases be;nK as follows:— 

If not exceeding $10 10c. 

Over |10 " •' 20 20c. 

" 20 " " 30 30c. 

" 30 " " 40 40c. 

" 40 " " 60 60c. 

postage; t\ble. 

CountrIe« not Included in the postal union 
are marlced c. 

i T 6 

each 2oz. 

i oz, 

a * Aden (In Arabia) 

India Postal Agency.. 5 2 

a • Algeria 5 2 

a Argentina 5 2 

Australia, South 5 2 

a *. " via Brindlsl. . 5 2 
a • " West, via Brin- 

dlsi only 5 2 

a * Austria-Hungary ..5 2 

a * Bahamas 5 2 

a • Belgium 6 2 

a * Bermuda 5 2 

a • Borneo, North (Bri- 
tish) 5 2 

Brazil 5 2 

a • Cape Colony 5 2 

a • Ceylon 5 2 

a Ohili 5 2 

c China 5 2 

a • Hong Koug and 
agencies of Hong 
Kon«. P. O. at Amoy, 
Canton, Foochow, 

Hanliow, Hoihow, 

Ntngpo, Shanghai and 

Swatow 5 2 

a Otflombla 5 2 

• Panama (British Pos- 
tal Agency) 

a • Cyprus 5 2 

a • De'^marlt 5 2 

• Bast Indies (Dutch), 

etc 5 2 

b Java 

a • Egypt 6 2 

a * Fallcland Islanda... 5 2 

Farop^ Islands 5 2 

a Fiji Islands 5 2 

a • France 5 2 

a • Gambia 6 2 

a • Germany 5 2 

a * Gibraltar 6 2 

a * Gold Coast 5 2 

a * Great Britain and 

Ireland 5 2 

b Greece 6 2 

a • Guadur (in Beloo- 

chl»tan) 5 2 

a • Guiana, British 5 2 

" Dutch and 

Pr»>iich 6 2 









ioz. each 

3 oa. 2 oz. 

a Honduras 6 

• BriUsh (Bal- 
ize) 6 

Icelaud 5 

India, British 6 

• Italy 6 

* Japan 6 

* Lagos 5 

Lruxemfoourg 6 

• Malta 5 

• Mauritius 5 

a Mexico 5 

a * Muscat (in Arabia) 

India Postal Agency. . S 

a • Natal 5 

a * Netherlands 5 

a • Newfoundland 6 

New South Wales 5 

a • '• via BrindisI 5 

New Zealand 6 

a * " via BrindisI 5 

a • Norway 5 

Persia 6 

a * Bandar Aba*. Bn- 
shlre Jask and Ltnga 
(India Postal Ajwn- 


Peru S 

a * Portugal, Inclndliis 
Aaorea and Madeira 

Islands i 

Qneensland (Australia). 5 
a • " via BrindisI. 5 

a * Houmanla 5 

Russia, inoiadln« Fin- 
land 5 

• c St. Helena 5 

Sandwich Island 5 

a * Seychelles Islands. . 5 

* Sierra Leone S 

a Spain 6 

a * Straits Settlements 

(Singapore, etc.) 5 

a • Sweden 5 

a * Switzerland 5 

Tasmania 5 

a • " via BrindisI. 5 
b Turkey, European and 

Asiatic 5 

a * Constantinople and 
Smyrna (British Pos- 
tal Agencies) 

a * Bagdad and Basrah 
(India Postal Agen- 

• United State* of Am- 
erica 5 

Venezuela 5 

Victoria (Australia .... B 
a • " via BrindisI 5 
a * Zanzibar (India Post- 

tal Agency 5 

West India Islands, via 

N. y 

a * British : Bahamas, 
Turiu Island. Antigua, 
Barbadoes, Dominica 
Grenada, Jamaica, 
Montserat, Nevis, St. 
Kitts, St. Lucia, St. 
Vincent, Trinidad and 
Tobago 5 














c. B. nmm & son 

Tel. 708. Cor. Bank 4 Wellfngton Sts. 

a * Danish : St. Cr 
St. John and 

Spanish ; Cuba 

Porto Rico , 

Bayti, and San D( 

*Money orders may 


a Parcels may be » 
b Parcels may be 
places or porta in th< 
d Only letters can t 

Mail Staj 

Cyrvllle and Hurdm 
at 10.30 a.m. dally. 

Hawthorne and Ra 
the P. O. Monday, V 
at 1 p.m. 

Jockvllle, Merivale 
leaves the Brunswicl 
and ^Saturday at 7 a.i 

Metcalf Mail Line, 
prietor ; stage leaves 
and Metcalfe at 7 a.n 

Ottawa and Orleans 
p.m. dailv. 

Richmond Mall Lin 
prietor ; stage leaves 
Sparks street, dally, 
Richmond, 7 a.m. ; fa 


Post Offlc( 

Office honns, 9 a.m. t 

p.m. Sa 

J. T. Bartram, Sur^ 
Appraiser; J. B. Stea( 
Hinds, Robert A. Oli 
Clerks; Stephen H. 
Waiter; Robert Spitta 
Govern, Weldon Cha 
Hood, P. E. Ryan, i 
Officers; R. 0. W. Mo< 
veyor of Shipping; Ot 
vey of the Ports of Ot 
frew, Almonte, Carle 
Amprior. Preventiv 
A. Prnd'hommc. OtfBc4 

Inland Reveni 

Poet Offlot 

Comprising the City 
and Russell, In Ontai 
Ottawa and Pontiac < 
Ince of Quebec. Mai 
J. B. E'-'nonde, Depu 
Lett, Aov-mtant: Joh 
tery and J. E . H. Doj 


m. MASON & SOHS rsteiggssyaaagr 



•■.- ' • ^« A ti -s- 

3- 15 *e, oo 
^s £i3 z& iS, 

i ot. each 2 ot. 3 oz. 

a * Danish : St. Crolz, 
St. John and St. 
Thomas 5 2 1 1 

Spanish ; Cuba 5 2 1 1 

Porto Rico 6 2 1 1 

Bnytl, and San Dom- 
ingo B 2 1 1 

•Money orders may be had on these coun- 

A Parcels may be sent to these countries, 
b Parcels may be sent to the principal 

plHCes or ports In these countries, 
d Only letters can be registered. 

Mail Stagre Rout«)S 

Cyrvllle and Hurdman's Bridge leave P.O. 
at 10.30 a.m. dally. 

Hawthorne and Ramsay's Corners leaves 
the P. O. Monday, Wednesday and Friday 
at 1 p.m. 

Jockvllle, Merlvale and City View stage 
loaves the Brunswick Tuesday, Thursday 
and iSaturday at 7 a.m.; fare |1.2S. 

M<^tcalf Mall Line, Ch ''s Oarrow. pro- 
prietor : stage leaves P. ' at 2 n.m. dally, 
and Metcalfe at 7 a.m. } ^re I1.2&. 

Ottawa and Orleans leaves P. O. at 1.4S 
p.m. dailv. 

Richmond Mall Line, Hugh Rellly. Pro- 
prietor ; stage leaves Brunswick House. 
Sparks street, dally, 2.30 p.m. ; leaves 
Richmond, 7 a.m. ; fare, $1.26. 

Custom House 

Post Offlce Building. 

Office honra, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; 9 a.m. to 1 

p.m. Saturday. 

J. T. Bartram, Surveyor; A. H. Taylor, 
Appraiser; J. B. Steacy, Colin Russel, Hugh 
Hinds, Robert A. Clarke, Bdward Payne, 
Clerks; Stephen H. Waggoner, Landing 
Walter; Robert Splttal, Locker; John J. Mc- 
Oovern, Weldon Champness, Thomas A. 
Hood, P. E. Ryan, C. Gagne, Preventive 
Officers; R. C. W. McCualg, Measuring Sur- 
veyor of Shipping; Outports under the Sur- 
vey of the Ports of Ottawa, Pembroke, Ren- 
frew, Almonte, Carleton Place, Perth and 
Amprlor. Preventive Station, Grenvllle. 
A. Prnd'homme, Officer. 

Inland Revenue Division of 

•'• Poet Office Buildlns;. 

Comprising the City of Ottawa, Carleton 
and Russell, in Ontario, and City of Hull, 
Ottawa and Pontlac Countlew. In the Prov- 
ince of Quebec. Martin Battle, Collector; 
J. R. E-'nonde, Deputy Collector; F. P. A. 
Lett, Ac.y.'intant: John Waller, Ralph Slat- 
tery and J. B. H. Doyle, Excisemen. 

Ottawa Board of Trade 

46 Elgin St. 

C. Ross, President; A. W. Fleci irst 
Vice-Prasident; O. F. Henderson, bvcond 
Vlce-Prevldent; C. A. Douglas, Treasurer; 
N. S. Garland, Secretary. Oonncll— Tbomaa 
Workman,' Wm. T. Mason, P. D. Rose, Geo. 
S. May, J. W. McRae, Peter Whelan, Geo. 
Burn, R. M. McMorran, Wm. Scott, C. J. 
Booth, Joseph Kavanagh, Thoe. Birkett. 
Board of Arbitration— H. K. Bfe^n, P. Lar- 
month, Fred Cook. Wm. Northwood, W. B. 
Stroud. A. Pratt. D. O'Connor, lun., O. 
Berkley Powell, John Sweetland, M.D., P. 
1. Bazln. J. Roberts Allen, Wm. Strachan. 


(For other Educational Institutions see Bust* 
ness Directory.) 


Office, City Hall Boiidliu. 

Public School Board Trustees. 

By Ward— Thos. Wensley and George Low, 

Cential Ward— W. C. Bowles and Jamea 

Dalhonale Ward— F. G. Bennett and Jamea 
A. Panr. 

Ottawa Ward— J. A. Armstrong and R. O. 
W. L<»tt. 

Rldean Ward— E. B. Holt and G. J. Wilson. 

St. George's Ward— Geo. S. May and W. 
O. Hurdman. 

Victoria Ward— W. Y. Soper and G. B. 

Wellington Ward— T. A. Shore and W- 
J. Kldd. 

James A. Parr, Chairman; J. C. Glashan, 
City Inspector of Public Schools; Wm. Rea, 
Secretary of the Board. 

Archibald St. (s e cor Kent)— James 
Thorne, prln, John H. Hill, Christina Allan, 
Hettie F. Bennett, Jennie Hllllard. 

Bell St. <» w cor Henry)— Minnie E. Liv- 
ing, prin, Isabella Beveridge. 

Bolton St.— E. C. Wight, prin, Annie 

Oedar St. (Somerset cor First av)— Isaac 
S. Helnrichs, prin, Hettie B. Freel, Jane M. 
Sntherland. Carrie E. Church. 

Crelgkton St. (No. 102)— John C. Spence, 
prin, Kate MacDonald, Margaret C. Mac- 
Gregor, Mpry Rankin. 

Elgin St.— John T. Bowerman, prin, Fred. 
Pearen, Jean V. Lovlck, Annie M. Cham- 
bers. Ellubeth G. Taylor. Isabella A. 
Steacy, Jean 8. Maclaren, A. Constance 
Kerr. Victoria Strachan, Georglna Lovlck, 
Jennie S. Demps*^. 

George St. (No. 171)— Chas. E. Living, 
prin, Edith E. Fripp. Annie E. Kerr. Ina O. 
Elliott, Isabella G. Alexander. 

Kent St. (bet Slater and Mhrla)-iJohn 
Mnnro, prln, Kate Pllson, John E. Miller, 
Luclnda Buvllle, Cephas Rose, Christina 
Campbell, Joseph McNabb, Mary Browne. 

Mfltnipolitan Business College l^il^UiSlSJI^^iSSSSiSS 

IM •MUMS ST, a T. WILLIS. Prineipd. I CtVtt Swrviee, Bngliih. 

WATSON'S '«= S".Sf?*i i!!!!L& I Jarvis 








Maria St (near Kent)— Sara Stewart, prin. 
Je«sie A. Fleming, Sarah A. Bollard, E. J. 
Morris, Fanny B. Han»(ord. 

Mntchmor St.— Peter D. McDonald, prIn, 
Jessie (J. Dewar, Florence Taylor, Margaret 

Oagoode St.— OasaluB Campbell, prlo., 
Fanny uIcKeever, Maud Lyon, Ldlllan O. 

Percy St.— Thos. Mc. Janet, prIn., J. Cle- 
ment welch, Bessie M. Pettlt, Henrietta A. 
Helnrlcbs, Mary E. B. Allan, A. L. Mcnell- 
ley, Kate L. McFarlane, Winnie Hanna. 

Robinson Primary School— Lillian Ostrom, 
prin, Clara Graham. 

Slater St (near Kent)— LIna Rothwell, prIn. 
M. G. Chadwlck, Blrkett. G. M. 

Waller St. (No. 118)— A. E. Attwood. 

grin, Wm. Jandrew, P. S. Southard, Uuby 
othwell, Henrietta H. Steacy. Maude Hau- 
nlngtcn, Annie E. Tolton, Mary (). McEweu. 

Wellington St.-^ohn McJauet, prin, E. 
Geo. Brown, Elizabeth J. Preston, Minnie 
Yonngr, M. UgLtbody, Elele Rankin. Lila 

Mission Hall School— Helen V. Grant, 
prin. Elffle Frost. 

Protestant Orphans' Home School— Nellie 


Board of R. 0. 8. School Trnsteps— Euclide 
Lavole, Chairman; J. C. Bnrlght, Terrence 
McGalre, Leon Boileau, P. Latour, Alex- 
ander Dtiff, Flavien Moffet. Dennis Burke. 
P. H. Chnbot, Patrick Brankin, J. C. Brown, 
Eev. Canon Campeau. J. Patry, A. E. Prov- 
ost, E. T. Smith, Wm. Piniey. SecrHary- 
Treasurer to Board, 194 Nicholas street. 
B. T. Smith, Chairman of EnKli«b Com- 
mittee; J. Patry, Chairman of French Com- 
mittee; N. LaRochelle, Secretary to French 

- A Schools and Teachers. 

Bl-Ilngual Model School, La Snile School 
Building— M. J. O'Connor, B.A., LL.B.. prin. 

Breboeuf, 32 Anglesea Sq.— r.*vl M. Swuin, 
prin. Miss Aggie Biondin. MUs Albina R. 
Aubrey, Miss Ida Franche, Miss Annie 

Catholic Lyceum, 301 Nepean— J. F. Sulll- 
Tan, Mis« A. M, Delaney, Mies L. M. O'Cou- 

Garneau, 613 Cumberland— Mrs. Eugenic 
Lorens and Sisters. 

Onlgues, ISl-lftl Murray— Sisters. 

Holy Angels, diaries s e cor Cartler— 

La Salle, cor. Church and Sussex— Joseph 
Lornns, prin. Miss Cellna Duperre. Miss 
Llezie Biondin and six Sisters. Anguste 
St. Amand, Caretaker. 

Notre Dame du Ste. Rosaire, n w cor 
Primrose and Victoria av.— Sisters. 

Our Lady, cor Cumberland and Murray— 

Rldeau. New Edinburgh— Sisters. 

St. Agnes, 18 Louisa— Sisters. 

St. Ann's, 525 Patrick— Sisters^ 

St. Bridget'8,Klng, n w cor Murray— Wm 
Burke, prin. Miss M. B. Caasidy, Mi«s M 
E. O'Meara, Miss Bella MacCallum. 

Ste. Famine, 113-117 Sherwood— Sistr-s. 

St. Jean Baptiste, Victoria av., n w cor 
Somerset— J. M. Briand, Miss Delia Biondin 
and four Siatani. 

St. Joseph's, 50 College av.— W. J. Lee. 
prin. Miss Mary Hisbon, Mis» Mabel Hart 

St. Patrick's, w of 276 Nepean— Miss K. 
M. O'Connell. prin. Miss A. M. Naeh, MIks 
Gbristina Gallagher, Miss A. M. Craugh. 

St. Roch's. s 8 Ellen. 4 w Division— Sis- 

Youville High School. 9 Water (Ottawa 
Convent)— Grey Nuns teachers. 


St. Paul's (German Lutheran), basement 
St. Paul's Church, King, s w cor Wllbrod— 
Otto Dupernell, teacher. 

St. Paul's (German Lutheran) 100 Dut- 
ferln rd.— George Hartwlck, teacher. 


Elgin, n e cor rUscai 

Normal School— John A. Mac<'ftJM», LL.D.. 
Principal; 8. B. Sinclair. M.A., \k'.', Princi- 
pal; Thos. H. McOulTl, B.A., 'reaeher of 
Drawing; Wm. G. Workman, Mraic Teach- 
er; Rev. H. M. McMeekln. Teacher of Elo- 
cution; J. Fieury, teacher of French; Miss 
Eliza Bolton. DIrectrese of Kindergarten; 
E. B. Cop^. Secretary; Oliver K. Mac- 
donaid. Caretaker. 

Girls' Model School- Adeline Shenick, 
Head Mistress; Mary G. Joyce, M. B. But- 
terworth, Florence Hanington, Teachers; 
Napoleon Lablanc. Janitor. 

Boys' Model f'iooi— 'Edwin D. Pariow, 
Head Matter; W>xi. Brick, J. H. Putman, H. 
S. Williams. Teacherb; Jamea Urqubart, 

N. S. LIsgar, bet. Canal and Elgin. 

Board of TrusteeB— Hon. F. Clemow. 
Chairman; G. B. Greene. John Thorburn. 
LL.D., James Warnock. Hiram Roblusou, 
Henry Roblllard, J. S. MacCraken, >D. 
Murphy. Wm. Pennock, iSecretary-Treasurer. 

Teachers— J. A. MacMlllan, B.A.. Held 
Mastpr: O. J. Jollffe. M.A.. Olamical Mas- 
ter; A. H. McDougall, B.A.. Mathematical 
Master; R. H. Cowley. M.A., Science Maater; 
W. J. Sykes, English Master; W. L. Al»xan- 
der. Teacher Modern Languages; W. A. 
Graham. Aaeistant Modern Languages; D. 
A. Campbell, B.A., Assistant English Mas- 
ter; J. E. Wallace, Assistant Matbematical 
Master: Robert Strothers.nistory and Geog- 
raphy Master; J. D. Coiiklln. Commercial 
Master: Miss B. M. Scott, Junior Bnglisfa, 
Rich. W. Nolan, Janitor. 



(Pormerly Collgny Ladles' College). 
Albert, a e cor. Bay. 

Stuff— Mlia J. M. 
MiHS Bella Christie 
qii.'t. Miss Ella Bill 
Ml-s Lliile Davidi 
Mi^s Margaret Kee. 
MIrts Ella Currr. T« 


S 1 Wllbrod, bet \^ 

Board of Trustees, 
G'ickin, O.M.I., prei 
Ion. O.M.L; Rev. 
Bt'V. H. A. Consta 
tary; Rev. A. Mar 
B'v. N. Nines, O.! 
-\I I. 

Apostolic Chancell 

B* V. J. T. Duhamel, 

.Vdmlniatrative Co 

Giii'kin, O.M.I., D.I 

Fallon. O.M.L, D.D 

Mangln. O.M.I.. D 

loslans; Rev. H. A. 

M.A., secretary; Re> 

I. M.A., prefect of * 

O.M.I., M.A.. pref( 

A. Martin, O.M.I.. tr( 

Faculty of Tbeolog 

Faculty of Law— 1 

barristers and lectui 

Faculty of Phllosor 

Faculty of Arts— T< 

Collegiate Course—] 

Commercial Course 


W s Cumberland, bet 

A seminary of lea 
piratory school con 

Rev. M. E. Rarnoi) 
Jeannotte, prefect ; 
L. Beanpre, R^v. P. 
Cornell. profoMora. 

Bank of British ^ 
Branch— Office, 241 \ 
E. Phlllpotts, Mana 
Accountant: Fred. G 
er Lindsay, Clerk; J 

Bank of Montreal- 
144-146 Wellington a 
Manager; W. R. " 
Orerar, Aaelstant 
mer,T*ller; P, J. C. 
Herlot, Predwerlck 
A. W. Appleton, J. 
White, A. I. Wal 
Clerks; J. O. Kearns, 

Bank of Ottawa— I 
ton street. Charles 
Hoy, Vice-Preaiden 
Manager; David M. 
J. Cbrlstle, Accounte 
ant Accountant; Q. 
Teller; F. Hopklrk, 1_ 
Robertson, O. R. Pe< 
Hay, jun., B. A. __ 
B. L. ft. Legge, Cler 

V^V^/-\L.|JONN HENEY & SON - TeldphniM 4M. 

Jarvis' Photbs are the i^est 



Stnff— Mlu J. M. McBratnoy, Prlnolpal; 
MiH8 Bella Cbrtatle, Ming Marguerite Fan- 
qii.t, MiM Ella Elliott, Minn Jexale Hardle, 
MIm* LIsile Davldiion, MUs Jean Hnme, 
iliaa Margaret Kee. MIsa Fannie Melntosb, 
Ml«8 Ella Currr. Teachers. 


g < Wllbrod, bet Waller and Cumberland. 

Board of Truatees, 1887-S— Rev. J. M. Mc- 
Gnckln, O.M.I., president; Rev. M. F. Fal- 
lon, O.M.I. ; Rev. J. Mangln, O.M.I. ; 
B.v. H. A. Constantlneau. O.M.I.. secre- 
tary; Rev. A. Martin. O.M.I.. treasurer: 
Bcv. N. Nines, O.M.I. ; Rev. A. Antolne. 


Apostolic Chancellor— Hl« Orac^ the Mont 
B* V. J. T. Duhamel, Archbishop of Ottawa. 

AdmlnlBtratlve Councll-'Bev. J. M. Mc- 
GiK'ltln. O.M.I., D.D., rector; Rev. M. F. 
Fallon, O.M.I., D.D., vice-rector; Rev. T. 
Mangln. O.M.I., D.D.. director of theo- 
loijlans; Rev. H. A. Constantlnau. O.M.I., 
M.A., secretary; Rev. W. J. Murphy, O.M. 

1 M.A., prefect of studies; Rev. E. David, 
O M.I., M.A., prefect "' discipline; Rev. 

A. Martin, O.M. I., treasurer. 
Faculty of Theology— Six professors. 

Faculty of Law— Twelve Justices, Judges, 
barristers and Lecturers. 
Faculty of Philosophy— Seven professors. 
Faculty of Arts— Ten professors. 
Collegiate Course— Eighteen professors. 
Commercial Course— Fifteen professors. 


W s Cumberland, bet Theodore and Osgoode. 

A aemlnary of learning and college pre- 
iratory school conducted by the Oblate 

Rev. M. E. Harnols. superior: Rev. Father 
Jeannotte, prefect; Rev. L. LeJeune, Rev. 
L. Beanpre, R"v. P. Cfaaborel and Rev. E. 
Cornell, profeMora. 


Bank of British North America— Ottawa 
Branch— Office, 241 Wellington street. Wm. 

B. Phlllpotts, Manager; Arthur C. Rowe, 
Accountant; Fred. G. Lang,Teller: S. Reef- 
er Undaay, Clerk; J, H. Nunn, Messenger. 

Bank of Montreal— Ottawa Branch- Office 
144-146 Wellington street. W. J. Anderson, 
Manager; W. R. Bog, Accountant; J. P. 
<7rerar, Aaalstant Accountant; D. M. Far- 
mer,T«ner; P, J. G. Macdonnell, F. G. J. 
Herlot, Predwerlck Merrett, Percy Allbutt, 
A. W. Appleton, J. G. Anderson. Stanley C. 
White, A. I. Watson. P. M. Burbldge, 
Olerks; J. C. Kearns, Messenger. 

Bank of Ottawa— Head office, 116 Welling- 
t<Mi street. Charles Magee, President; Geo. 
Hay, Vice-President; Geo. Burn, General 
Manager: David M. Flnnle, Mannger; Wm. 
J. Gtarlstle, Accountant; U. O. Owen, Assist- 
ant Accountant; G. C. Walnrlght, Paying 
Teller; F. Hopklrk, Receiving Teller; David 
Robertson, O. B. Peden, R. W. Paterson, G. 
H«y, Inn., B. A. Herring, H. S. Walker, 
S. L. K. Legge, Clerks; Arthur Maynard, T. 


A. Newman, A. E. McEweu, V QkrlstOB. 
Messenger. Branches— 186 Bank ttf>«et, H. 
Y. Complin, Manager; 127 Rldeau street. F. 
C. Mulklns. Manacer. 

Canadian Bank of Commerce — Ottawa 
Branch— Office, 106-106 Wellington street. 
Robert GUI, Manager; J. O. Jemmett Ac- 
countant; T. S. Burwell, Teller; W. J. 
Boyd, Discount Olerk; Dalton Davlea, G. V. 
W. Howard. P. H, Jory, Olerks; C. O. 
Folkes, Messenger. 

La Banque Nationale and Savings Bank 
—Ottawa, Brandi— 142 Wellington street. 
A. A. Talllou, Manager; L. A. E. St. Pierre, 
Accountant; A. Charbonneau, Discount 
Olerk: B. A. Dugal, Teller; Paul Garneau, 
J. E. M. Robert, Clerks; Joseph Richard, 

Merchants' Bank of (Canada— Ottawa 
Branch Office. 2 Metcalfe street. W. Lake, 
Marler, Manager: H. Blakeney, Assistant 
Manager; A. F. Matheson, Teller; C. A. 
Lewis, Ledger Keeper; Harry Sneyd, Dis- 
count Olerk; S. McDougall, Henry B. Orde, 
Clerks: V. McCullough. Messenger. 

Molsona Bank— 14 Metcalfe. A. B. Bro- 
derlck. Manager; D. B. Llghtbourn, Account- 
ant: 8. E. Robinson, Teller; «. R. Low, P. 
A. Tasker, P. C. Harrison, (^lerks; Samuel 
Thompson, Messenger. 

Ontario Bank and Savings Bank— Ottawa 
Branch Office, cor. Wellington and Metcalfe 
streets. A. Simpson, Manager: J. Morris, 
Accountant: E. J. Glenney, Teller; C. M. 
Wiggins, Ivedger Keeper; W. W. Bruce, 
Clerk; Thomas Jones, Messenger. 

Quebec Bank and Savings Bank— Ottawa 
Branch Office, 122-124 Wellington street. H. 
V. Noel, Manager; Samuel Piddlngton, Ac- 
countant: D. D. Y. Hossack, Teller; C. T. 
Klrby, B. C. Parlow, V. N. Malloch, Clerks; 
M. O'Connell, Messenger. 

Untoo Bank of Canada and Savings De- 
partment—Ottawa Branch Office, 126 Wel- 
lington street. Montague A. Anderson, 
Manager; F. W. Strathy, Accountant; Fred. 
Woollcombe, Teller; F. C. Clayton, Ledger 
Keeper; G. H. G. Boulton, Discount Clerk: 
F. B. Neeve. Clerk; John Martin, Meseen- 

Parks and Squares 

(In OtUwa and Vicinity). 
Anglesea >Square, Clarence, bet Chapel and 

Bingham Square, Junction Sussex and Dal- 

Cartler Square, cor Elgin and Maria. 

Oathcart Square, Cumberland, bet Bolton 
and Oathcart. 

Electric Park, 635 Bank. 

I^nsdowne Park, south end of Bank and 

Major's HIII Park, cor Mackenzie av. and 

Mutchmor Driving Park, w s Bank, near 

Queen's Park, two miles west of Aylmer. 

Rockcllffe Park, 1% miles n e of city 

Victoria Park, s w of Hlntonburg. 

Victoria Park, Main st., Hull. 






! 'i 

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ni' i 


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' J 

I ! ill; 

•r 'Phon* l«Mi; 



The SUH Life 

Uw RaiM, Urg» PrdHt Mil tiM Most 
UlMT&l M;ey in tkt World. 





. < I 



Public Buildingrs. Halls, ete. 

Aberdeen Hall, 224^^ 8park». 

Albert Hall. 147 Stanley av. 

Art Gallery. National, O'Connor, a w cor 

Bank Street Gbambera, 102 Bank. 

Bodetra Chamber*, 36 Wellln^on. 

Borbldge Hall, 96% Bldeau. 

Browe Buildln«, 181 Sparks. 

BcrgesB Hall. Frank, 8 e cor Bank. 

Carh ion Cbambers, 74 Sparka. 

C. M. B. A. Hall, 526 SiMiBex. 

Central Block (Par bide *), Parliament HJH. 

Oentral Chambers, 46 Ulgln. 

Cnty Hall, e a Elgin, bet Queen and Al- 

Court Houae. Daly av., » e cor. iNlcholaa. 

Collegiate Institute, n a LIsgar. bet. Elgin 
and Canal. 

Cnatom House, over P. O. Building. 

Dominion Fishery Exhibit, O'Connor, s w 
cor. Queen. 

Drill Hall, Cartler Square and Canal, 1 s 
of Maria. 

Durle's Chambers, 33 Sparks. 

Eastern Block (Govt, bldgs), e s Parlia- 
ment HUi 

Ekran Block. 26 Sparka. ' 

Evan's Hall, 118 Rocbeater. 

Exhibition Buildings, south end of Elgin. 

Fish Hatchery, The Ottawa. O'Connor, a 
w cor. Queen. 

Foresters' Hall, 4 Maple. 

Foresters' Hall (Catholic), 474% Sussex. 

French Canadian Institute, Sa6 Sussex. 

Geological Mueeun., 547 Sussex. 

Government Prlnf Ing Bureau, n s St. Pat- 
rick, w of Suaanx. 

Grand Opera House, 132-8 Albert. 

Grant's Concert Hall, 54 Bank. 

Harmony Hall. 140 Albert. 

Institute Canadlen Francals, 526 Sussex. 

Kennedy's Hall, 546 Wellington. 

Langevln Block (Govt, bldg), s s Welling- 
ton, bet. Elgin and Metcalfe. 

Leslie's Chambers, 64 Sparks. 

Manchester Hall, 441 Wellington. 

Masonic Hall, 140 Albert. 

Molsons Bank Chambers, 14 Metcalfe. 

Moreland'a Hall, Bank, cor. Fourth av. 

National Art Gallery, O'Connor, s w cor. 


Normal and Model Schools, Elgin, n e oor. 

Oddfellows' Hall (old), e w cor. Bank and 
Sparks; new hall, gi e cor. same. 

Orange Hall, 188 Albert. 

Ottawa CbamberE, 55 Metcalfe. 

Ottawa (Turllng Rink, 96 Vittorla. 

Parliament Buildings, n s Wellington, bet. 
Canal and Bank. 

Perley Bnlldlnga, 51 Sparks. , 

Peterkln Ball, 802 Concession. 

Police Headquarters, s w cor. Albert and 


Post Office, Junction of Sparks and Wel- 

.Bldeau Hall, east end of Plne< St., Rldeau 

Bussell Theatre, n s Queen, e of Elgin. 

fit. Andrew's Hall, 34% Elgin. 

St. Anne's Hall, 628 St. Patrick. 

St. James' Hall, 115 Sparks. 

St. Jean Baptlate Hall, 160 Queen w. 

St. John's e. S. Hall, reo Sussex. 

St. Joseph's Hall, 326 Dalhousle. 

Bit. Patrick's Hall, 474 Sussex. 

Salvation Army Barracks, s s Queen, e of 

Scottish Rite Chambers, 106% Sparks. 

Slater Building, 177 Sparks. 

Slater-Sherwood Bldg, 108 <Sparks. 

Stephens Block, Bank, s w cor Sparks. 

Supreme Court Buildings, n e cor. Bank 
and Wellington. 

Trafalgar Place, 126-138 Slater. 
Trust Building, 48 Sparks. 
Union St. Joseph's Hall, 326 Dalhousie. 
Victoria Chambers, 138-140 Wellington. 
Victoria Ball, 193 Albert. 
Wellington Hall, 211 Wellington. 
Western Block (Govt, bldg), west side Par- 
liament Hill. 
Workman's Hall, 181 Sparks. 


Dey's, Ann, n w cor. Bay (covered). 

Ottawa Curling, 96 Vittorla (covered). 

Rldeau Curling, Waller, s w cor. Theodore 

Rldeau Skating, Theodore, s w cor Wal- 
Ipt (covAred). 

Victoria Skating, n s Nepean, e of Bank 

White Star Skating, Cktncesslon, s e cor. 
Ckioper (oi>en). 


AN6UOAN. ' ^ 

Diocese of Ottawa, Bt. Rev. Oharles 
Hamilton, Lord Bishop. Synod offices, 74 
Spark«: Rev. Oanon E. A. W. Hantngton, 
clerlcnl spfretary; C. A. EHlot, treasurer. 

Christ Church Cathedral— s s Sparks street, 
between Lyon and Bay. Very Key. John S. 
Lander, D.C.L., Dean, residence 410 Albert; 
Ven. J. J. Bogert, archdeacon; Mr. W. B. 
Rowley, treasurer-seneschel of cathedral 

(Thurch of St. Alban the Martyr— a w cor. 
of Daly av and King. Ven. Archdeacon 
J. J. Bogert, M.A., rector, 329 Wllbrod. 

Grace— 8 e cor. Somerset and BUgln, Bev^ 
J. F. Gorman, rector. 

C. B. TA&&ABT & SON 

Brokers, Hou««a ftor 8«l»Md to Mt 



Holy Trinity— Bll 

St. Barnabas— cor 
T Bailey. B.A., 121 

St. Bartholomew'! 
Ward. Rev. Oanoi 
U!S MackaT. 

St. George's— Mete 
Rev. J. M. Snowdon 

St. Jolui the Eva 
poslte George. Re 
rector; Rev. A. W. 
zle ay.. 1 n of Bi( 

St. Lake's— Bell, 
Thomas Garrett, 10 

St. Margaret's, Ja 

St. Mathlas, HI 


Bell Street— e s I 
J. Wood. 

Dominion — Metcal 
Rev. J. B. 'Saunder; 

Eastern— 236 Bei 
Foster McAnunond. 

McLeotI Street— B 
ElUott. B.A. 

Western— Welling 
Rev. Daria Wlntei 


Bank Street— n vt 
Moore, D.D., 27i 
Bible Class, Sunday 

Egllse Evangellqi 
660 WelllnKton at. 

Ersklne Ohurct 
Elm (Rocbff^terville 
bell. 464 Sc^-rset 

Knox (City Hall 
Ramsay, 140 Frank 

New Edlnburgh- 
ferin Road. Rev. 

St. Andrew's— s v 
ton. Rev. T. W. 1 

St. Marc— Wellln 
Bey las, Cttelsea rd. 

St. Paul's— 100 Di 
Rev. W. D. Arms 
DalT aT. 

Stewarton— cor. A 
R. B. Knowles. B.. 


Barillica of Otta 
Patrick. Rt. Rev. . 
D.D., Archbishop 
J. O. Routhler, VI 
Beanctiamp, Bursa 
Bev Geo. Bouillon, 
W. IXegulre, Rev. j 

Church of the St 
and Theodore. R« 

St. Aiine's-636 { 
Stanislas Morean, 






Holy Trinltjr— Bllllug«' Bridge, Rer. Qeo. 

St. Barnabaa— cor. Kent luul Janii»8. Rev. 
T Bailey, B.A., 128 Metcn 

St. Bartbolomew'»— Mackay street, Rideau 
Ward. Rev. Oanon E. A. W. HaDnln«ton, 
i^ Mackay. 

St. Oeorge'i*— Metcalfe, n w cor. Gloucester. 
Rev. J. M. Snowdon, 66 Llsgar. 

St. John the Bvaugell»tr— w a Sussex, op- 
posite George. Rev. di aon Henry Pollard, 
rector; Rev. A. W. Mackay, cnntte, Macken- 
zie 07., 1 n of Bldean. 

St. Lnke'a— Bell, a w cor. Somerset, Rev. 
Thomaa Garrett, 102 Cambridge. 

St. Margaret's, Jauevllle— Ven. Arcbihacou 

St. Mathlaa, Htntonburg— Rev. W. H. 


Bell Street— e 8 Bell, n of 231. Rev. W. 
J. Wood. 

Dominion— Metcalfe, n w cor. Queen. 
Rev. J. B. Saunders, M.D., D.D.. 243 Llsgar. 

Baatem— 236 Beaserer, cor. King. Rev. 
Foerter McAnunond. 

McLeotl Street—* e cor. Bank. Rev. J. 
BlUott. B.A. 

Weatern— Wellington at., near Queen. 
Eev. David Winter. T06 Albert. 


BaAk Street— n w cor. Slater. Rev. Wm. 
Moore, D.D., 278 O'Connor. Chinamen's 
Bible Clasa. Sundays, at 8.1CV p.m. 

Bgllse Bvangellque Francalse St. Mare— 
660 WelllnKton at. 

Btsklne Church— Preston, s e cor. 
Blm (Rocher^tervllle). Rev. Dr. Isaac Camp- 
bell. 454 Sc^.raet. 

Knox (City Hall Square)— Rev. David M. 
Ramaay, 149 Prank. 

New Edinburgh— oor. Maokay and Duf- 
ferln Road. Rev. J. A. Macfarlane, 251 

St. Andrew's— s w cor. Kent and Welling- 
ton. Rev. T. W. Herrld«e, B.A., B.D., 283 

St. Marc— Wellington at.. Rev. E. F. 
Seyiaz, Chelsea rd., near Hull. 

St. Paul's— 100 Daly ay., cor Cumberland. 
Rev. W. D. Armstrong, M.A., Ph.D., 317 
Daly ay. 

Stewarton— cor. Argyle av., and Bank Rev. 
R. B. Knowles, B.A., 375 Ollmour. 


Basillica of Ottawa— Sussex, n e cor. St. 
Patrick. Rt. Rev. Joseph Thomas Duhamel. 
D.D., Archbishop of Ottawa; Monselgneur 
J. O. Routtder, Vicar-Oeneral : Rev. F. P. 
Beanchamp, Bursar; Rev. L. N. Csmpean, 
Eev Geo. Bouillon, Rev. J. A. Plantln, Rev. 
W. Deguire, Rev. A. Groulx, Priests. 

Church of the Sacred Heart— C-umtoerland 
and Theodore. Rev. A. N. T. Vallquette. 

St. Anne's— 636 St. Patrick street. Rev. 
Stanislas Moreao, 17 Anglesea sq. 

St. Bridget's— At Patrick, h w cor. Cum- 
berland. Very Rrv Oanon McCairthy. 179 

St. Francola d'Asslse — s !> Richmond rd., 
Hintouburg. Capuclus. 

St. Jean Bapttate Church— Victoria a> , 
s w cor Primrose. The Domlukan Fathers. 

St. Joseph's-^Wllbrod, s e cor. Cumberland. 
Rev. H. A. Constantlnean, O.M.I., P.P., and 
Rev. J. Howe, O.M.I., Aasistant; reia^, 
Ottawa Unlveraltv. 

St. Patrick's— w s Kent, bet. Gloucester 
and Nepean. Rev. M. J. Whelan, 281 


Baptist (First)- Maria street, cor. of Sl- 
ain, pastor. 

Baptist (McPhall- Memorial)— cor. Con- 
cession and Llsgar. Rev. A. N. Frith, 
pastor. 596 Maclaren. 

OathoUc Apostolic Church— a e cor. Albert 
arid Lyon. Rev. Joseph Blackstock, rector, 
61 Prlmroae. 

&>ngrefratlonal Church (First)— cor. of Al 
bert anit Elgin. Rev. Wm. Mcintosh, 88 

Oongregatlonal (Weloome Zion)— 96 Fourth 
ay. (Glebe). Rev. H. I. Horsey. 

Homerites— 478 Bank. Rev. R. C. Horner, 
leader, 482 Bank. 

Jewish Synagogue— 264 Murray. Rev. 
Jacob Camen, rabbi; Samuel Snlensky, 
caretaker, 264 Murray. 

Jewish Synafjogue. 421 Sussex— Rev. Jacob 
MIrsky, rabbi. 413 St. Patrick. 

Lutheran (St. John's)— n a Creighton, near 
Dnfferin rd. Rev. G. de Zocher, pastor, 
307 Mackflv. 

Lutheran Church (St. Paul's Evangelical) 
—cor. WHbrod and King. Rev. J. C. Borth, 
pastor. ffi29 King. 

Reformed Episcopal (Emmanuel)— cor. of 
Elgin and Gloucester. Rev. O. J. Miller, 19 
Nepean. rector. 

Reformed Episcopal (St. David's Ohurch)— 
cor. Oharles and Greighton. 

Salvation Army Headquarters, 138 Queen. 

Scientists (Church of Chrlwt— Orange Hall, 
Albert St., bet. O'Connor and Bank. 


Capuchin Monastery, Hlntonbnrg. 

Oongr«gaUon de Notre Dame, 34-38 Glou- 

Dominican Concent, w a Victoria av, 1 s 
of Primrose. 

Good Shepherds (Monastery of Our Lady 
of Charity), 419 St. Andrew. 

Grey Nuns (mother house), Sussex, cor. 
Water; Sacred Heart, 198-224 Rideau. 

Our Lady of Rosary, Primrose, n w cor 
Victoria ay 

Precious Blood, Monastery of, 166-75 St. 
I Pn trick. 



L C. ARNOLDI, Agent, 91 SPARKS. 

t ' ' 18?' ? ■ 












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■t.i I 


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MC6AGE BEUViItt to nrt hma 
•N Trains BMriSMMl 

AfMito MMt all TraiM. 


•^Homrn at. 

w. 9. UMLL^ itjuntmmn. 





Hospitals, Asylums, ete. 

Aslle de Bethlehem, n s Rideau Terrace, 1 
w Springfield rd. Conducted by the Grey 

Catholic Oontagloiig Diseases Hospital, e a 
Oobourg, l)et. Heney and Tormey. 

Children's Hospital, 199 Wurtemberg. Mrs. 
Hamilton, president; Mrs. Arnoldi, treas- 
urer; Mtes Seymour, secretary, 107 Vlttoria 
street; Miss H. J. R. Green-Army tage, super- 

County of Carleton General Protestant 
Hospital, 580 Rideau. J. R. Armstrong, 
president, Charles Workman, treasurer; 
Oharles Macnab, secretary; C. J. H. Chip- 
man, M.D., resident surgeon; Mrs. B. S. 
Clarke, matron. 

Gold Cure Institute, The Murphy (Ottawa 
br), 219 Maria. John Taylor, manager. 

Hospital for Contagious Diseasies (in con- 
nection with the County of Carleton General 
Protestant Hospital), 605 Rideau. Dr. A. 
Itoblllard, physician; Miss Nancy Wilson, 
matron. Unfinished hospital for contagious 
diseases on Porter'e Island, Rideau River. 

Home for Friendless Women— 412 Welling- 
ton. Mrs. H. Falconer, superintendent; Mrs. 
N. B. Empey, matron. 

House of Mercy Lying-tn Hospital, 790 
Wellington— Under charge of the Sisters of 

Lady Stanley Institute (for Trained 
Nurses), RUdeau, n e cor. Wurtemberg— 
John Sweetland, M.D., president; F. P. 
Bronson, vice-president; Geo. Burn, treas- 
urer; R. G. Code, secretary; lady super- 
intendent. Miss G. W. Moore; assistant su- 
perintendent, Miss Ida J. Craig. 

New Orpington Lodge, Richmond rd. Hin- 
tonburg— A receiving home for Roman Cath- 
olic children. 

Orphans' Home, w s Elgin, bet. Liegar and 
Cooper— Mrs. H. P. Bronson, president; Mrs. 
J. Thorburn, recording secretary; Mrs. H. K. 
Bgan, corresponding secretary; Mrs. A. 
Scott, treasurer; Miss S. Home, matron. 

Ottawa General (R.C.) Hospital, 4.1 Water 
etreet— Und<>^r care of the Grey Nuns; Sister 
Marie de la Redemption, superioress. 

Ottawa Maternity Hospital, n s Rideau, e 
of Wurtemberg— Founded In 189(5; Mr j. B. H. 
Bronson. president; Mrs. B. Hutchison, sec- 
retary; Miss O. W. Moore, superintendent. 

Protestant Home for the Aged. ft!M Bank 
— BJdward Seybold, president; A. S. Wood- 
burn, secretary; Henry Grist, treasurer: W. 
B. De Bln«y, steward; Mrs. W. E. De 
Rlnzy, matron. 

Protestant Contagious Disease Hospital 
(see "Hospital for," etc.) 

Protestant Hospital (see "County of Carle- 
ton General Protectant Hosplta' ") 

St. Oharlea Home for the Aged, 168 Water 
— Srteter St. Joseph, superioress. 

St. Joae^ >/s Orphan Asylum, 30 Cathcart, 
cor, Sussex— Under care of the Grev Nuns. 
Rev. Sister St. Oclle, directress; O. Duro- 
cher, prewldent of council; J. A. Plnard 
(Dept. Interior), secretary; T. Lemay, treas- 

St. Patrick's Asylum (for Aged and Or- 
phans), Maria, « w cor. Kent— Patron, the 
Most Rev. Joseph Thomas Duhamel, Ak'ch- 
blshop of Ottawa; Rev. M. J. Whelan, spirit- 
ual director; A. Freeland, M.D., medical ad- 
viser; J. R. McKenna, president of council; 
Wm. Flnley, vlc^^resldent; J. C. Bnright, 
treasurer; Jame« O'Connor, secretary. 

Benevolent, Fraternal and 
National Societies 


D.D.G.M.W.— W. R. Siroud, 10© Rideau 


Ottawa Lodges. 

Canadian, No. 373— Meets 2nd and 4th Wed- 
nesday at 181 Sparks. 

Dalhousle, No. 311— Meets 2nd and 4th 
Monday at Booth's Hall. 

Keystone, No. 337— Meets 2nd and 4th 
Thu^8day at Borbidge's Hail. 

Ottawa, No. 170— Me«ts 2nd and 4th Mon- 
day at 181 Sparks. 

Progress, No. 234— Meets 2nd and 4tb Fri- 
day at cor. Sparks and Bank, O. B. Pother- 
Ingham, 42 Queen west, recorder. 

RlTerslde, No. 326— Meets 2nd and 4th 
Monday at Albert Hall. 

Stewarton, No. 2,%— Meets 2nd and 4th 
Thursday in Bui-gess' Hall, cor Bank and 

Prince Albert, No. .148, H'ntonburg— Meets 
and and 4th Friday. 


District Deputies for Ottawa District— 
J. A. Doyon and A. T. Gow. 

Advisory Council for Ottawa— President, 
Major A. R. Parent (Dept. Pub. Wks.); 
Adjutor Bedard, 91 Cathcart, secretary; R. 
Devlin, treasurer. 

Ottawa Branches. 

No. 28 (St. Patrick)— Meets Ist and 3rd 

No. 29 (Sacred Heart)— Meets 1st and 3rd 

No. 58 (St. Jean Baptlste)— Moets Ist and 
.'Ird Tuesday. 

No. 68 (Hull)— Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday. 
B. Carrlere, president; L. Genest, secretary. 

No. 94 (St. Bridget)— Mee^ts lat and 3rd 

No. 159 (St. Joseph)- Meets 2nd and 4th 

No. 176 (St. Anne)— Meets 2nd and 4th 


Sarsfleld Branch, No. 28— Meets 2nd and 
4th Tuesday at Forrester's Hall, 474U Sus- 
seqc St. B. A. Mara, president; Alfred 
Pegg, 54 Bmily St., recording secretary; D. 
J. Harris, treasurer. 


Hm tMi 

218 I 


D.C R.— Edward Tho 


Court Pioneer, No. I 
4th Wednesday. 

Court Progressive, I 
and 4th Wednesday 1 
Wellington st. 

Court W. J. Payne, 
Meets 2nd Wednesday 1 


D.D.H.O.R.- W. H. Bei 

Ottawa ( 

Britannia, No. 234— S 
Thursday in Victoria H 

La Oanadlenne, No. 
2ud Wednesday at 474>4 

E>mplre, No. 145— Mut 
day at 181 Sparks. 

Hull— Meets 2ud an 
'basement Presbyterian 

Imperial, No. 595—5 
Thursday in Burgess' 1 

Royal Albert, No. 41! 
Friday in Borbridge's 1 

Somerset, No. SS.'V— 1 
Monday in Booth's Ha 

Vigilant— Meets Ist a 
19* Albert 


Provincial Chief Ran 
24 Adelaide st east, 
V.C.R., C. 8. O. Boud 
8ec„ A. Morel, 79 Mu( 
Prov. Treasurer, G. W 

Ottawa < 

Oapltal; No. 203— M* 
street 2nd and 4th Thi 

E)merald, No. 213— M 
ceum, Nepeau street, 2i 

Sacre Coeur, No. 35*. 
Wednesday In baeen 
Sacre Ooenr. Theodore 

St. Ann's, No. 348- 
Wednesday In St. Am 

St, Bridget's, No. 37< 
Wednesday at 474% 8i 

St. Dominique, No. 
4th Monday at 546 We 

St. George's, No. 317- 
HaU. Hull. 

St. Jean Bte., No. 30' 
Tuesday at 474% iSusse 

St. Mary's, No. 344-1 
ton, lat and 8rd Prlda 

St. Patrick's. No. 4 
zon's Hall. Hull. 


Past Supreme Chief 
terell, Ottawa; P.S.V. 
Walter Rowan, D.D.H 
Hlffh Councillor, A. W. 


SeeGONLEY*8 Scotch Suitins*. 





D.C R.— Kdward Thomson, 163 Clarence 


CJourt Pioneer, No. 5607— Meets 2nd and 
4th Wedneadaj. 

Court Progre«8lve. No. 8404— Meets 2nd 
and 4th Wednesday In Johnston's Hall, 
Wellinirton at. 

Court W. J. Payne, No. 49 (JuvenlUe)— 
Meets 2nd Wednesday iu Victoria Hall. 


D.D.H.C.R.— W. H. Beattle (P. O. Dept.). 

Ottawa Courts. 

Britannia. No. 234— Meets 2nd and 4th 
Thursday in Victoria Hall. 

La Oanadlenne, No. 431— Meets let and 
2ud Wednesday at 474J^ Sussex. 

EJmpire, No. 145— Meets 1st and 3rd Mon- 
day at 181 Sparlcs. 

Hull— Meets 2ud and 4th Tuesdays in 
'basement Presbyterian C'huroh, EddyvlUe. 

Imperial, No. .59&— Meets 1st and 3rd 
Thursday in Burgess' Hall. 

Royal Albert, No. 418— Meets Ist and 3rd 
Friday in Eorbridge's Hall, Rideau st. 

Somerset, No. 585— Meets lat ".nd 3rd 
Monday in Booth's Hall. 

Vigilant— Meets 1st and 3rd Thursday at 
19^ Albart 


Provincial Chief Ranger, Wm. J. T. Lee, 
24 Adelaide st east, Toronto; ProTlncial 
V.C.R., C. 8. O. Boudreau. Ottawa; Pror. 
See., A. Morel, 79 Maokay street, Ottawa; 
Prov. Treasurer, O. W. Seguin, Ottawa. 

Ottawa Courts. 

Capital, No. 203— Meets at 474Mi Susses 
street 2nd and 4th Thursday. 

Ehnerald, No. 213— Meets at Catholic Ly- 
ceum, Nepeau street, 2nd and 4th Thursday. 

Sacre Coeur, No. .?52— Meets 1st and 3rd 
Wednesday in basement of E>gll«e du 
Sacra Ooeor. Theodore st. 

St. Ann's, No. 348— Meets Ist and 3rd 
Wednesday in St. Ann's Hall, St. Patrick 

St. Bridget's, No. 376-Meets lat and 3rd 
Wednesday at 474% Sussex street. 

St. Dominique, No. 284— Meets 2nd and 
4th Monday at 546 WelUngton. 

St. George's, No. 317— Meets at Charrlan's 
Hall. Hull. 

St. Jean Bte., No. 304— Meets 2nd and 4tb 
Tuesday at 474% iSussex. 

St. Mary's. No. 344— Meets at 546 Welling- 
ton, Ist and 3rd Friday. 

St. Patrick'*, No. 441— Meeta at Char- 
ron's Hall. Hull. 


Past Supreme Chief Ranger. Bdward Bot- 
terell. Ottawa; P.S.V.C.R.. J. B. Hnlkett; 
Walter Rowan, D.D.H.C.R., (P. O. Dept.); 
High Councillor. A. W. Eraser. 

OttaTt^ Courts. 

Atlantic. No. 362— Meeta Ist and 3rd 
Thursday of each month In BurgpMs' Hull. 

Billings' Bridge. No. 670— Meets Temper- 
ance Hall. 3rd Thursday of each mouth. 

Capital. No. l.U.'}— Meets 2nd and 4th Fri- 
day in Victoria Hall. 

Diamond Jubilee— Meets at Janeville. 8rd 

Ouigues. No. 1..515— Meets 1st and 3rd 
Tuesday at 181 Siparfcs. 

Hull. No. 1.444— Meets at {"barron's Hnll. 

Laurentian. No. 229— Meets ^nd and 3rd 
Tuesday at 181 Sparks. 

McOe*. No. 685— Meets 1st and 3rd Mon- 
day at Borbridge's Hall. 

Mt. Sherwood. No. 32— Meets 2nd and 4th 
Friday at Burgess' Hall. 

Ottawa, No. 41— Meets 2nd and 4th Thurs- 
dfly In Victoria Hall, 193 Albert, 

Ottawa We«t, No. 702— Meet* lust Mon- 
day at Forreater's Hall, Hlntouburg. 

Rideau. No. 31— Meets last Tuesday at 
Albert Hall, Stanley av. 


District Deputy Master for Ottawa Dis- 
trict, Rt. Wor. Bro. E. D. Parlow, 70 I'ol- 
lese av., Ottawa. 

Builders' Lodge, No. 177— Meets 2nd Fri- 
day at 140 Albert. 

Oarleton Royal Arch OLapter, No. 16. (J. 
R.C.— Meets 3rd Friday In each month In 
Masonic Hall. 140 Albert st. 

Chaudlere Lodge. No. 264— M<ets 4th Tups- 
day at 140 Albert. 

Oivll Service Lodge. No. 148— Meets 2nd 
Tuesday at 140 Albert. 

Dalbousle Lodge. No. 52— Meets 1st Tues- 
day at 140 Albert. 

Doric Lodge. No. 58— Meets Ist Friday at 
140 Albert. 

Eddy Lodge. No. 41— Meets 2nd Tliursday 
In Masonic Hall. Hull. 

Lodge of Fldellty.No. 231— Meets 3rd Tues- 
day at 140 Albert. 

Ottawa Lodge of Perfection. A. & A.H.R.— 
Meets 2nd Monday at 106 Apai'l'**- 

Ottawa Preceptory of Knights Templars- 
Meets on 3rd Wednesday at 140 AllMTt. 

Prince of Wales Lodge. No, 371— Meets 
4th Friday at 140 Albert. 

Murray Sovereign Chapter. Row ('rolx— 
Meets 4th Monday iu A. & A.S. Rooms. 106 
Sparks street. 

Masonic Board of Relief— Dal housle [iOtlge. 
Wm. O. 8. Reynolds,; Doric I/odge, A. Pratt, 
Civil Service Lodge, Rev. T. W. Oarrett; 
Builders' Lodge, j. C. Kearna, Hecretary- 
Treasurer; Lodge of Fidelity. F. ('. Light- 
foot; Chaudlere Lodge. Thomas T. 8tod- 
dart; Prince of Wales Lodge. W. Nortbwood. 

Masonic Hall Committee— E. D. Parlow, 
Chairman: Wm. Rea (City Hall), Hwri'tnry- 




The SUN Lifes:^::;! 

fOIHee, RimmN Home Mook 


If I, 




Capital Tent, No. 158— Meets evory 4th 
Friday at Victoria Hall. H. H. Turner, 
record keeiter. 

Ottawa Tent— Meets 4th Monday at 193 
Albert. H. H. Bailey (Agrl. Dept.), record 


Ottawa District L. O. t,.. No. 4— Mee^g 
quarterly in the Orange Hall, 191 Albert 
St. Wellington H. Rellly. recording secre- 

Ottawa Lodee«. 

Bowell L. O. L.. No. 25— Meets 2nd Friday 
In Orange Hall, 191 Albert. 

Olarke L. O. L., No. 47— Meet* Ist Mon- 
day at 191 Albert. 

Maple' Leafe L. O. U, No. 119— Meets Ist 
Tuesday at 191 Albert. 

Cherrv L O. L.. No. 221— Meets second 
Monday at 191 Albert. 

Clemow L. O. L., No. 227— Meets UrA Mon- 
day at 191 Albert. 

Royal Black Preceptory. No. 227— Meets 
first Friday at 191 Albert. 
Royal Scarlet Chapter— Meets the 14th of 
M each month at 191 Albert, 
m Turner Lodge, No. 8!?, Orange Yonng Brit- 

S H ons— Meets 3rd Friday at 191 Albert. Wm. 
2 J- Klfisick, recording secretary. 

■■■ ■■ Ladies Orange Benevolent Association. Ot- 
y. . tawa Lodge. No. 12— Meets 4th Friday In 

Victoria Hall. 193 Albert. 

0^^^ No Surrender Lodge. L.O.B.A.— Meets 2nd 
C^^ Tuesday at 191 Albert. 


Ottawa District Committee. No. .19— nis- 
trlct Deputy Grand Maeter, R. Gamble, P. 
G., Ottawa; District Secretary, Charles A. 
Abott, 48 RIdeau St., Ottawa. 

Carleton Lodge, No. 240— Meets every 
Thursday Oddfellow's Hall, Bank and 

Earnsclitre Lodge, No. 238— Meets every 
Wednesday at Riverside Hall, Oimmlngs' 

Ottawa Ix)dge. No. 224.— Meeri« every 
Tuesday at Oddfellows' Hall, Bank and 

Rockcllffe Lodge. No. 278— Meets every 
Tuesday at Borbrldge's Hall. RIdeau st. 

Victoria Decree Lodge — Meets in Oddfel- 
lows' Hall 3rd Monday. 

Canton Outaouals, No. 9— Armory at Odd- 
fellows' Hall, Bank, s e cor. Spark« st. 

George B. Encampment, No. 81— Meets .Ird 
Friday at Oddfello.w«' Hall. 

OutAouals Encampment, No. 5.S— Meets Ist 
Friday at Oddfellows' Hall. 

Colla Lodge, Daughters of Rebecca— Meets 
2nd and 4th Thnmday at Riverside Hall, 
Cummlngs' Bridge. 

Basel Lodge, Daughters of Rebecca, No. 
40— Meets 2nd and 4th Monday at cor. 
Sparks and Bank. 


Meets Ist and 3rd Wednesday at 18i 


Meets quarterly, the Ist Thursday of 
February. May, August and November. .T 
C. Glashan. president; H. H. Rowan 
(Dept. Intenlor), recording secretary; John 
McLachlan, corresponding secretary. 


Meets quarterly, Ist Tuesday of January, 
March. April. July, October, at St. John's 
Hall. MacKenzle ave.; C, F. Winter, mo- 
i«tary, Dept. of Inland Revenue. 


Dr. B. Ohevrier, president; Jean Bte. 
Ohamard and P. H. Chabot, vice-president g; 
Malor A. A. Parent and O Albert Licotte, 
secretaries ; Joseph Cote, treasurer. 


O. Durocher. president; F. X. Talbot, sec- 
treas.; Rev. J. O. Ronthler, chaplain; meets 
twice a Tear. 


Particular Council of Ottawa (English 
speaking)— John Gorman, president: John 
O'Reilly, vice-president; B. L. Sanders 
(Custom* Dept.), secretary; W. L. Scott. 

Conferences meet Sundays after High 
Mass at the churcbea whose names they 

Conference of our Lady of Mercy and St. 
Conference of 8t. Patrick. 
Junior Conference of St. Patrick. 
Conference of St. Joseph. 
Conference of St. Mary. 

French Council and Conferences. 

Particular Council of St. Louts (French)— 
F. R. B. Campean. preaideiit; A. Benolt 
(Militia Dept.), secretary; Joseph Vincent, 

School Patronage— A. Potvin, president. 
(Conference of Notre Dame. 
Confarence of St. Ann. 
Conference of St. Jean Baptiatc. 
Conferance of the Sacred Heart. 


Capital Legion. No. .XI— Meets 1st and 8rd 
Wednesday in Victoria Hall. IftS Albert. 
W. J. Falrbalm. 80 McTagfart street, re- 

Lewl« Legion, No. W^-Meets Borbrldge's 
Hall, RIdeau, 1st and 3rd Thursday. 


District Ommlttee— 6. J. Dav4s, Diatricl 
Deputy, chairman; Joseph Bftrry, leore*- 

ta nr. 


Billing's Bridge, N 
Hall, Billings' Brldg 


Cameron, No. 338- 
evening In Wellln^o 

Cameron JGvenllle, 
Tuesday evening in l 

I«m«, No. 311— M 
(N B) every Thursday 

No Surrender. No. 
neaday in Moreland'i 
Foarth st. 

Riverside, No. 241- 
evenlng at JanevUlo, 

Itlveralde Temple 
Janeville every Hon< 

Victoria JuMlee, 
Thursday eT«nliig in 
gat St. 

Welcome Tftmpl* ( 
Wednesday at 4.16 p. 
cor. Bank and Fourtt 


Father Mathew 
Me«4B and and 4th f 
In bassment of St I 
Oanon MoOkrthy, prei 
John 0'R«iIly, Tlc»-p 


c31™Il^^S"JSSf I Phpent 

WM. MASON & SONS!*" •^«"*i'<"'" ^"^ *^ 



Ottawa Lodses. 

Bowood, No. 44— Meets first and third 
Friday at 211 Wellington. 

Derby, No. 30— Meets second and fourth 
Tui«day at 193 Albert. 

i^ueen's Own— Meet« In Moreland's Hall, 
coi Bank tnd Fourth av., 2ud and 4th 

Russell, No. 66— M««ts let and 3rd Tues- 
dav at Orange Hall, New Edinburgh. 

Stanley. No. 55— Meets 2nd and 4th Thurs- 
day at 211 WalUnston. 

Tennyson, No. 166— Meets Ist and 3rd 
Wo'lneeday In Sons of England Hall, Main 
«t . Hull. 

Lion No. 9, Boys of England- Meet« In 
Biirjfess Hall 4th Wednesday. 

ivy, No. 30, Daughters and Maids of 
England— Meets 4th Wednesday In Burgess 
H:)il. Miss Minnie Williams, I<ewlat St., 


Camp Argyle — Meets the second and fourth 
Friday in each month at Workman's Hall, 
SiLirks St Duncan Bell, chief; Duncan 
MucMartIn, recording recretary, 201 Kent »t. 

Temperance Societies 


District Lodge, No. 1— District C. T.. Bro. 
B. J. Bird whistle, 14 Currier; Ddstrlct Sec- 
retary, W. N. Ostromi (Finance Dept.) ; treas- 
urer, B. H. Calms; superintendent of Juven- 
lUe lodges. Miss R. M. Storr. 

Ottawa Lodces. 

BllUng's Bridge, No. 148— Meets at Town 
Hall, Bllllnga' Bridge, every Tuesday eve- 

Oameron, No. 338~Meet« every Tuesday 
evening in Wellington Hall. 

Cameron Jav«nllle, No. IIJ— Meets every 
Tuesday eT«nlng In Wellington Hall. 

Iiom«, No. 811— Meets at Orange Hall, 
(N B^ every Thursday morning. 

No Surrender, No. 20.— Meets every Wed 
Dt>«dkjr In Moreland'a Hall, cor. Bank and 
Fonrth »r. 

Riverside, No. 241— Meets every Monday 
evening at Janevlllo, 

Uiveraide Temple (Juvenllle)— Meets at 
Jdnerille every Monday evening. 

Victoria Jubilee, No. 86.— Meets every 
Thursday evening in Booth's Hall, Somer- 
gat at. 

Welcome Temple (J<ivenllle)— 3f<ietR every 
Wedneaday at 4.16 p.m. at Moreleni'a Halt, 
«or. Bank and Fourth av. 


Father Mathew Temperance Society— 
Me«tB and and 4th Sunday of each month 
In basement of St Bridget'* Ohnrch. Bt'v. 
Oanon McCarthy, president; John He::77 and 
John O'Reiily, vice-prealdents. 


Ohaudlere Division- Meets every Friday 
evening In Wellington Hall. Wm. Stewart, 
W.P. ; B. B. Stockton, recording scribe. 

W. C. T. U. 

Women's Obrlstlan Temperance Union— 
Meets at T. W. C. A. parlor on 1st and 3rd 
Monday of each month at 3.30 p.m.; Mrs. 
Asa Oordon, Daly av.. president; Mrs. C. 

A. Douglas, 190 Llsgar st., corresponding 
secretary; Mrs. Borbrldge, recording secre- 
tary; Mrs. Walter Odell, treasurer. 

Y. W. C. T. U. 

Young Women's Chrltlan Temperance 
Union— Preeldent, Mrs. C. S. Donaldson, 26 
Albert: secretary. Miss Lizzie ClufT, B.A.; 
recording secretary. Miss Askwith; treas- 
urer. Miss Mabel Stalker. Meetings 2nd 
and 4th Tuesdays at 4 p.m., in the Y. W. 
C. A. Building, cor. Metcalfe and Maria ets. 

Miscellaneous Societies 

Aberdeen Aesrwiatlon (for the distribution 
of good iiteratu.r to settlers In Canada)- 
Her Excellency the Countess of Aberdeen, 
president; Mrs. W. B. Scott, Ottawa, hon. 
secretary; Miss Klngsford, Ottawa, hon. 

Canadian Mining Institute, The Federated, 

B, T. A. Bell, 177 Sparks, secretary-treas- 

CnthoHc Truth Society— His Grace the 
Archbishop of Ottowa, Patron ; Joseph Pope, 
president; Wm. C. De Brlsay, secretary, 
88 Vlttoria; John A. MacCal>e, LI/.D., trea's- 
nrer, 433 Somerset. Meets second Tuesday 
of each month. 

Contractors' Association of Ottawa, 61 
Sparks— E. B. Butterworth, secreatry-treas- 

Good Citizenship Society of Ottawa- 
James Latimer, president; W. J. Orr. .%0 
Wellington, secretary. Meets in Y.M.C.A. 
Buildings 2nd and 4<th Thursday. 

Institute Canadlen-Fraucals, 526 Sussex— 
A. A. Talllon, president; P. Prud'homme, 
secretary; A. Cnarbonneau, treasurer; F. J. 
Audet, librarian; J. A. Bernard, caretaker. 

Liberal Conservative Association of Ot- 
tawa— T. W. Currier, president; L. L. Bro- 
phy, secretary; J. P. Fisher, treasurer. 

Locomotive Engineers', Broithorhood of— 
Meet at 441 Wellington Sunday afternoons. 

Mining Association of the Province of 
Qaebec, General— Meets in January and 
July of each year. B. T. A. Bell, 177 
Sparks, secretry. 

Ontario Mining Institute— Meets in March 
and September of each year. B. T. A. Bell, 
177 Sparira, secretary. 

Ottawa Auxiliary of the British and For- 
eign Bible Society— Meets second Tuesday 
of each month In Y.M.O.A. Bldg. George 
Hay, president; Rev. J. C. Campbell, secre- 
tary; Thomas Kenney, treasurer; James 
Hope, depositary. 

Ottawa Clinical Society (organleed 189(2)— 
W H. Klock, M.I>.. president; G. Baptie, 
M.D., eecretary; R. P. Robinson, M.D., 

Phreno!mfi Gyres "heumatism 

'■ ( 

i: \, 


'« i'. 

' 1 1 

K. i' 

IV '■ 




WATSON'S I ''•"t^lS^r^' I JAR VII 


















Ott..wn Lat«Tary and Sclentlllc Sm-lety. f> 
Sparks 8t.-Otto J. Klotz. pieeiUent; O. J. 
Jollffe, 80cr«.tary: W. J. Barrett, treasnrer; 
H. B. Stuall, librarian; Miss N. Stroulger. 

Ottawa Mfillcal S-K-lt'ty (orgaiiUfd mm— 
C. J. H. <.'lilpinan. M. 1).. secretary. Mee<s 
at 25 Spark« second and fourth Friday of 
eanh .-noDtb 

Ottawa Trades and Ijibor Couiuil— Meets 
every 3nd and 4th Friday at 474Mi Sussex. 
M. J. C'eary, president; Rlohard Drlseoll. 
wcretary; J. P. Walsh, trea-surer. 

Ottawa Reform Association. IS) Elgln-I^vl 
Orannell, president; H. A. Bate. Hon. see. 

Ottawa Unity I'roteetant Benefit Society- 
Meets It and 3rd .Monday in Victoria Hall. 
Albert st. Daniel Storey, president; Rev. 
Mr. Knowles, chaplain; John McFarlane, 
treasurer; J. A. Murphy. 404 McLeod. R. C. ; 
James McL. Ross. F. C. 

«aered Heart Soclity— 24 Anglesea sq. 

Soolete des Artisans ("nuadlens Frnncals de 
la Cite de Moreal— Ottawa Branch— Meet« 
at St. Joseph's Hnll every Monday even- 
ing. John Chnmard. president; .!>. A. Tre- 
panler. secretary; C. J. Bettez. treasurer. 

Soclete Xni'iismntlque d'Ottawa— Meets 
monthlv at members' houses. F. R. K. f'am- 
peau. president; L. J. Casault. vice-presi- 
dent; F. X. Paquet, secretary-trsMisurer and 
acting superintendent of exchange. 

St. Patrick's Literary and Scientific Asso- 
ciation. 474 Sussex— P. A. Kglesou. Presi- 
dent; YhL-'enr McCiilloiigh. vice-president; 
Qeorge P. Leyien. secretary; J. J. Finch, 
treasurer; T. 7toblnson. cnstodlnn. 

T'nlon St. Joseph, 5125 Dalhousie. 

Young Men's Christlt.n Association, cor of 
O'Connor and Queen sts.- Rooms open every 
day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; free reading 
room, supplied with over 00 newspapers and 
periodicals; members' parlor, with ohess. 
checkers, etc.; library of over .'^.OOO volumes 
and all the leading weekly and jnonthly 
magaclne«; gymnap.lum, fully e<iulpi>ed with 
most recent and approve<l apparatus and 
with Instruction; shower and tub bath«, 
with hot and cold water. Annual member- 
.ihlp fee; limited. $2; gymnusiuni and baths, 
$!i extra. Weekly meetings— Saturday. 8 p. 
m., young men's mee<ting; Sunday, 0.45 a.m., 
Bible class, S. S. lesson; 3 p.m.. evangelistic 
BtMe ela«s; 8..S0 p.m.. Gospel and song 
servlco. All j jung men are cortllally in- 
vited to these meetings. Junior depart- 
ment for boys 12 to 16 years of age ojien 
till 6 p.m. Reading and game« room and 
library for members. Meeting, 7 p.m., F>1- 
day, open to all boys. Officers of the Asso- 
ciation for the year beginning May 1st, 1807; 
—President. John 8. Ragleson; Vice-Presi- 
dent, H. S. Campbell; Treasurer, P. P. Bron- 
son; General Secretary, F. J. Fedarb; As- 
sistant Secretary. Robt. J. Farrell; Physical 
Director. C. Emery. 

Young Women's ChrSilan Association, 
Metcalfe, s e cor Maria— Airs. O. C. Edwards, 
president; Miss Fannie Wright, general aec- 
retary; Mrs. F. C. Gilbert, treasurer. 


Algonquin Fishing Club (Inc.)— Aid t 
Grant, president; B. J. Sims, secrwirv' 
treasurer, Ontario Chambers, 48 Sparks. 

Bankers' Bicycle Club— W. L. Maiior 
president; G. C. Waluright, 116 Weliiuel 
ton. s«'cretary-tre8«urer. 

Benard Ftohing Club (Inc.)— Aid. J. Ga 

president; E. Edmond Lemleus (Deiii "„f 
Mllltln). secretary; Alfred Morin, treasurer 

Black Bay Fish and Game Clui)— E j 
Ohamberlaln. president; Etlward Waldii si 
Wellington at., secretary-treasurer. 

Capital Amateur Athletic Asaoclatlon lo-j 
Sparks— James DaAidson, president- Dr' t 
L. Chabot, vice-president; EMwarti H iiln 
chey. secretary-treasurer. 

Capital Cycliists Touring Club— Majoi w 
G. Hurdman. president; G. R. White iP 
O. Dept), secretary-treasurer. 

Capital Lacrosse Ciul)— Hon. patrons His 
Excellency the Governor-General and Sir i 
P. Caron. K.C.M.G.; hon. president, li„„ 
Wm. Mulock; presldenit. C. Berkley Pow,.) i 
hon. secretary-treasurer. John P IMihiip 
(Dept. Inland Rev.); captain. Thomas Cniwn 

Carlcton Club. ."500% Susses— T. C. Leffmit 
82 Water, secretary. '^«''"lt, 

Club National. 10 EIrin— E. Leblano, nre<ii 
dent; P. Mnrchand, secretary. 

('•plumblan Club— Meets at mi Nepenii t 
J. McKenna. president; John Kllgalllu {70 
Maria, secretar.v. • ■ 1 » 

43d Batt., A Co., 15 O'Connor. 

Frontenac Snow Shoe Club— Re«l« R„v 
president; E. Edmond T^emleux, vlce-iiresl 
dent; L. Bunel (P. O. Dept.), secroiirv" 
I. Proulx. captain; C. A. Tardlf, treasiir/r! 

Gardeners' and Florists' Club— Jaiu,., 
Hlckey. president; Daniel MeOun, Ke< rt^ 
t«rv-trea surer. 

Gatlneau Fish and Game Club— Alex Mac 
laren. president: E. S. L.eetham, Becrfiiirv- 
treaenrer, 110 Welllntrton. 

Laurentlan Pish and Game OInb— P. R r. 
Campean. president; R. Tobin, ^ice-prt-jti- 
dent; John Byrnes, secretary-treasurer. 

Ottawa Amateur Athletic Olub— n w cur 
Klg\n and Maria. A. P. Sherwood, presi- 
dent: A. P. liow, vice-president; P. B, Tay- 
lor. secretary-treaanrer. 

Ottawa Bicycle Club. iH8 Bank— Andrew 
Holland, president: Wm. Savage, captnln- 
Dr. V. H. Lyon, mn Maria, aecretary. 

Ottawa Camera Club— Meets nt Brousp-j, 
Hall 2nd and 4th Thnrsdays from October 
to May. James Wilson. 121 Sparks, presi- 
dent; W. Ide, secretary-treasurar. 

Ottawa Canoe 01«t>— Patron. Hla Bxcc). 
lency. Tbe Governor-Qeneral; David Mac- 
laren. commodore; W. Y. Soper, vice-com- 
modore; W. J. Jobnston, captain; R. K 
Watts, secretary: E. B. HoW, treasurer; 
club house on Ottawa River, RockclirTe 

Ottawa Chess and Checker Club. Til 
Sparkf»~H. O. Hewlt, S8 iStiarks, aecn'tnry- 

Ottawa Cricket Club— His E^xcellency. tbf 
Governor-Genernl, patron; Dr. R. W. Powell. 


'PhM|i42l. •upulyth* 

Ottawa Golf Club— I 
A. / Palmer, preald 
«on (Ontario Bank). 
Bnidrlck, treasurer; 

Pay no money 
are not authorized 
our name ThA M 
is on all orders 
itinerant Directory 
and leading the pul 






prcfi'Ient; D. C Campbell, captain; E. J. 
gmitii, secretary; B. C. Araoldl, 91 SpaNca, 
treasurer; gronnds at Rideau Hall. 

Otiawa Ourllny Club— Rink s 8 Vlttorla— 
John Mannel, president; Jas. H. Thompson, 
136 Oloucestei- St.. secretary. 

Ottawa Field Naturalists' Club— Patron, 
His Kxcelletcy the Governor-General; Prof. 
Edw.'ird A. Prince, B.A., F.L.S.. president; 
^dr»^w Halkett (Marine and Fisheries 
j)ep ). secretary. 

Ottawa Golf Clul>— Lord Aberdeen, patron; 

j^ /. Palmer, president; Alexander Simp- 

gon (Ontario Bank), hou. secretary; A. B. 

Bro'lrlck, treasurer; ground*, Chelsea rd.. 

Ottawa Lawn Tennis Club — w a Canal w, 

2 H tf Maria; the Hon. Mr. Justice Tascher- 

ean. president; Wm. H. Walker, secretary; 

A. F Sladen. Traaaurer. 

O'tawa Rowing Club— John Manuel, presl- 
flen'; IVArcy 8cott, captain; Fred. Colson, 
treasurer; 8. Keefer Lindsay, 241 Welling- 
ton, secretarr. 

Ottawa Wheelmen's Council— G. A. 

MothersUl, president; Dr. Mark O. Mo- 
Slhlnney, secretary-treasurer. 

Primrose Bicycle Club, 10 Bell— C. B. 
Blrtch, president; Wm. J. Calms. 6S Third 
av., secretary; L. Whitney, treasurer. 

Reform Club, 19 EMgln— Rockllff Ronan, 
aecretary treasurer. 

RIdeau Club— «4 Wellington, cor. Met- 
calfe. Geo. H. Perley, ipreMdent; B. Wal- 
do, secretarv-treciaurer. 

RIdeau Curling Club — Cor. Theodore and 
Waller streets. 

RIdeau Skating and Curling Co— (^or. Theo- 
dore and Waller streetc. Lt.-Col. J. Mac- 
pherson, president; Capt. Plunkett Taylor, 

Trl-Color Bicycle Club— Isidore Proulx 
(Dept. Pub. Ptg.), president; Georve Brunei 
(Dept. Inland Rev.), secretary. 

West End Club— 193 Sparks. Wra. Hutch- 
ison, president; George Tormey, se<-retury- 

Young Liberal Club, 19 Blgln~J. J, 
O'Meera, president; F. M. Hannuui, iM>cre- 


OTTAWA BiANCN, 88 C^arks Simei 'Phoiw 1367. 

•iv.,i^.,.tw. -■..■: -■* 


MJL^moomnm cm 'phonb iom. 



Pay no money IN ADVANCE to Directory CanvasHers. Our Caiivaasors 
are not authorized to collect in advance of publication of our books. 8ee ^.hat 

our name Th« MIffht Directory Oo. of Toronto (LImitocS), 

is on all orders before signing. We are led to thus caution the public, aa 
itinerant Directory PubliNhers procure orders by misrepresenting their works, 
and leading the public to believe they are our publications. . . ' j, ^ 

The Might Directory Co. of Toronto (Limited), hIA 

^ U y^ ' 11-16 Adelaide Street East. Toronto, Ont. P 


1 =s 


:lfli ,i, -4 1> i'-i 




i'- It 

(1 , 1 

.'i ? 

f ' i 

l\- ll'h 

I i 

.' H.I 

, :H- 

Mnf''-i ill 




f ■ 









■ ' ' ■ 1 



MielM arc WORLO-WIOE m «e RmMmim ai|d Travel. 
JOHN R. REID, Manager, Eastern Ontario. 




A Sure Preventative Against Loains 
Your Directory. 


Price, 75 Cents. 


The Might Directory Co'y of Toronto^ Ltd., 

11 to IB ADELAIDE STREET EAST. Tolophono 2229. 

niRCULARS Addressed. Folded and Wabled 


W«lHnMadClioii]ax«,CataIOflraea, Price Lists, or an^ kind of adTertiatngOMtteta 

Kxj Profession, Business or Trade in the civilized woriik\. 

AddreewB Aunisbed. ao eta. p«r Hundrad. 

Perfect System, 
Beat Faoilitiee. 
Lowest Rates. 

Circulars and Catatoguet 
. Printed. . 

Envelopes and Stampt 
. Supplied. • 



fi. TA6&AHT & SON 

RmI Estate Agants, Auotioneeri, etc. 
Tel. 708 Cor. Bank A Wellington Sts 

m R. H. ( 

gcci. i:i!coViftl&nt. 

(Ujt. rtt^ont. 

^rl. i!"PtS' ngrlcultural 

appr iipprentico and api 
i^g\,. ;is.-iociation. 
g.^st. .isslatant. 
nv. ii.enue. 
burr, iiarrister, 
b. l)n;u-(ls. 
bdg. Ijoarding. 
bet. lietween. 
bkpi book-keeper. 
bldK'. buildiliK. 
blrir. builder, 
btclu. bul«her. 
C.A.ii. Canada Atlanti< 
Can. Kx. Canadian Expi 
C.l' It. Canadian Pacifl 
carl'- ctarpenter. 
civ. scr. civil service, 
elk. clerk, 
coll. collector. 
coiiip. conipoHltor. 
coiix'. commissioner. 
corid. conductor. 
conf'r. oonfecrioner. 
coMf'y. confectionery. 
colli r. contractor, 
cor. <'orner. 
CO. county, 
crt'.-i. crescent. 
dopt. department. 
dcpv. deputy. 
diiiii. (loniOHtie. 
dr'^iiikr. dretimnaker. 
e. cast. 

e. -. (tide. 
eim'. engineer. 
eiitfr. engraver, 
ft. foot of. 
F. X . F'rancois Xavier. 
(((liir. gardener. 

urThe profession, 
their respecvii 
holders, refer 


AliiI5r>AIDB, mns 
from MutClimrr 
wi'St of BMglP, 

Kuflt Side 

Vacant lot 
7 Christie Louis 
!> McOee Wm J 
Ward George 

West Bide 

Private grounda 
10 Sohroeder Frederi 
12 Anderson Samuel 


liive I H. CONLEY of Wellington Street A TBIAl 


gcci. iiccoVinlftnt. 

oirt. nt;oiit. 

^rl. i:iipt!^- nKricultural imple- 

sppi' apprentice and appraiser, 
jjjsii. iissociation. 
j^gat. .issistant. 
dV. a.eiiue. 
barr. Iiarrister. 

b. t)ii:inln. 

bdg. Ijoarding. 

bet. ))otwoen. 

bUpi book-keeper. 

biilK. biiildinK. 

bidr. builuor. 

btcli I- butcher. 

C A. it. Canada Atlantic Ry. 

ciiM. Kx. Canadian ExpreHH. 

C.lMt. Canadian Pacific Ry. 

<!ar|'. carpenter. 

civ. -ier. civil service. 

elk. clurk. 

coll. collector. 

com. mer.comiAission merchant 


coiiir. commissioner. 

com!, coiuiuctor. 

cont'r. confectioner. 

eonl'y- confectionery. 

colli r. contractor. 

cor. corner. 

CO. county. 

cri's. crescent. 

dopt. department. 

doiy. deputy. 

doiii. (loinosUc. 

drsinkr. dressmaker. 

e. oivst. 

e. s. cast side. "" ■" ' 

en If. ouKineer. 

eiiKr. engraver. 

ft. foot of. 

F. X . Krancois Xavler. 

gdiir. gardener. 


genl. general. 

Grand Trunk Ry. 
gro. grocer, 
h. house. 

In. Rev. Inlan.1 Revenue, 
insp. inspector. 
II. of C. House of Commous. 
Jean Bto. Jean Baptiste. 
iwlr. leweller or watchmaker, 
lab. laborer, 

Idg. wtr. landing waiter. 
In. lane. 
Indrs, laundress. 
Ltd. limited, 
lith. lithographer. 
1. lives. 

mach. ntaoliinist. ,, • ' 
nikr. milker, 
messr. n'c.sMiingor. 
mlstr. malUftcr. 
mkt. gdnr. market gardener, 
mlnr. milliner, 
mldr. moulder, 
mnfr. man uf lecturer. 
mngr. manager, 
mus. tclir. music teacher, 
n. north, 
n.-e. north-east, 
n. s. north side, 
n.-w. north-west, 
nr. near, 
opp. opposite, 
opr. operator. 

O. K. Co. Ottawa Electric Co. 
O.K. Ry. Ottawa Electric Rail- 
way Co. 
pntr. painter, 
pdlr. peddler, 
photo, photographer, 
phy. physician, 
plstr. plasterer, 
plnibr. plumber. 
P. O. Post 0«ic«\ 

prin. principal. 

prop, proprietor. , ," 

prtr. printer. 

pro. med. proprietary medicine 

provs. provisions. 

publr. publisher. 

res. resides. 

Ry.M.S. Railway Mail Service. 

ret. retail. 

Rev. Reverend, 

rnis. rooms 

S. A. Salvation Army. 

sdlr. sadilcr or harness maker. 

slsldy. saleslady. 

slsmn. salesman. 

s. e. side entrance 

s.-e. south-east. 

s. s. south side. 

s.-w. south-west. 

sec.hd.gds.second hand goods 

sec. secretary. 

sew. mach. sewing machlnes.- 

sq. square. 

Htn. stiition. 

stenog. stenographer. 

supt. superintendent. 

tlr. tailor. 

tirs. tailoress, 

tchr. teacher. 

tmstr. teamster. 

tel. telegraph or telephone. 

ter. terrace. 

tinner, tinsmith. 

tp. township. 

trans, transportation. 

treas. treasurer. 

uphol. upholsterer. 

vet.surg. vcleHnary surgeon. 

w. west. 

w. s. west side. 

whol. wholesale. 

wid. widdw. 

\Vm. William. 

wd wkr. wood w:orkor. 

word "street" is always understood. 



i^The profession, business, etc., of individuals and firms is only given at 
tlieir respective places of business ; to find the occupation of house 
holders, refer to the Alphabetical lA.»t of Names. 





AIi*BI>AII>E, runs south 
from Mutc'hmor second 
west of fi>lgli>, Central 

Kaat Side 

Vacant lot 
7 Christie Louis 
l» McOee Wm J 
Ward Oeorg© J' ^f^ 
West Side 

Private grouQda 
10 iSohroeder Frederiek K 
12 Anderson Samuel 

Firth Joseph 
l^lvate grounds 
89 I<yell Alexander 
Private grounds 

4DIJIN, runs west from 
548 Rochestt first north 
of River rd, Dalbonsie 

North 81de..........i 

l40 St Louis Gilbert 

Jodoln Jean 
MoMu'ien Alexander 

South Side 

Not built on 

ALBB3RT, runs wast from 
Canal, to foot of Rochem 
ter, second south of 
Sparks, Central, Welling- 
ton and Dalhousle Wards. 



All Oro«ers or 'Phon* lOSM. , 

I I. 

., ; 









\ ■ 

Th.Ni.i«sUH LIFElS^l^atgiri'^'i^u..! m. MASON 

of the * ' ^M ^ ^ ■— ■ 

^ '. .. sTRRKTS. Albert. ^H •- ^ ,, 

42 Albert. 


•f* to 

Co Co 


North Side 

Central Fire Station 
dty Hall, » e 

Elgin St Intersects 



3: «^ 



z It 




House, a e 


A lane 

Grand f nlon Hotel, r e 

iStables „ , ,^, 

T3 SnelUng Mlfs E L m^nr 
77 Klnunlns Miss M, bdg 
79 Scanlon Mrs Ellen 
81 Maclvor Hugh A 
87 Allison Maria 
91 Davis Miss Sara'h, bdg 
93 Cawest Miss H A, drsmkr 
House, » e 

Metcalfe st intersects. 
Vacant lot* 
117 Vacant 
119 Vacant 

123 Vacant „ „ ^^. 
126 Smyth Mrs C E, bdg 
131 Ferguson John 
136 Thomas George 
139 Aylen Mrs Isabella, bag 
141 Perkins Alfred 
143 Judge Mrs Jsnct 
145 Green Miss MaHa, bdg 

Vacant lots 
168-187 Mills A K & Son 
marble works 
House, s e 
O'Connor st Interspcts 

Store, s e 
18S Otrmen George A 
187 Vacant 
189 Orange Hall 
193 Victoria HaU 
195 Vacant 
199 Plrle Thomas A 
201 Brown Alfred 
206 Oouldttarlte Frank 8 
ail Vacant 
sua 'Robinson Samuel 

Forgle Mrs Helen 
Brown Olaudlus, contr 
319-221 Templeman John, 

iStore, s e 

Bank st Interaects 

Store, 9 e 
947 Ketcbum & Ck>., r e 
240 Boyle TOiomas, exp 
963 Grant James E 
366 McKenrle Mrs Mary 
960 Cole John F 
901 Kelly Edward W 

908 Douras Peter 

909 Lanthier Joseph H 
9T1 Mclntyre Patrick 
973 Marcll Tbomas 

277 Vacant 
270 Sullivan John 

281 Murphy Tho>maa 

983 Mills Samuel 

987 Hicks Henry 

280 Scott Mrs Mary A 

99a Mulr Miss Lilly 

906 Mulhall Mrs Hannah 

808 fitore, s e 

Kent st InteraectB 

Store, s e 

Vacant lots , ^ 

827 Aheam & Sopcr, elect 
337-41 Ottawa Blec By Co 

863 Burke Wm 
356 Wilson David 
350 May Frederick W 

Private grounds 

Lyon st Intersect* 

Private grounds 
887 Moore Oharlea A 
401 Lauder Very Rev J S 
408 Dewar Ooltn P, phy 

Bay st Intersect* 

House, » e 
437 Klotz Otto J 

Private grounds 
443 Vacant 
446 Vacant 
461 Fraser James D 

Private grounds 
467 Fleck Alexander 
461 Bottrell Richard 
463 Lee Wm F 
4«6 Davis Crosble 
467 Read Miss Eva 
469 Blatdh George L 

Rldont Mla A, nar8« 
A lane 
473 Martin Alexander 
479 Molr John 
483 Allan JoOin TJ 
485 Borisrldge Wm 

Private grrounda 

Concession at Intersects 

Wood piles 
Oommiflsloner st Interaecta 
681 Watchorn James 
623 Wood Alexander 
635 Stewart Charles 

Sheds and bakery 
631 O'Keefe Mrs Cathertne 
683 Tessler Cyprten 
535 Dlnetle Elzear 
637 Jamleeon Wm 
.^1 Anderson James 
648 More Henry R 
54S Whltmore T W 
ISOl Anderson Mrs Lizile 
t)66 Hornldge Robert L 
IS59 Mott John 
t61 Soper Mrs Mary 
663 Vacant 

665 Townsend Stephen 
867 Ketchum Henry O 

Vacant lot 


Store, 8 e 

Hill street ends 
607 Cooke Thomas W 
590 Cooke Albert A 

Private grounds 
68' MeLapby John W 

Private grounds 
T03 Benolt Joseph 

Private grounds 
707 Arter All>ert 

Rear entrances 

Bridge st ends 
737 House, s e 

Sonth Side. 

A lan« 

18 Kf— ^agtl Thomas 
20 McLennan Mrs A, bdg 
22 Domey Mrs A V, bdg 
26 Scott Mrs Alison 
Woman's Journal, The 

80 Fldo Mrs Elizabeth 
84 Bell Mrs Rachel A 
Knox Church 

Elgin st lnt.;rsect« 
Congregational Church 
66 Olarke Mrs Annie 
68 Roibb Mrs Ann 
00 Landrevllle M, livery 
68 Wlmperl* B R, nius tOu 
Wim(>«rls Mrs E E, mn. 

Vacant lots 
78 Ottawa Transfer Co, ltd 

94 Duff Alexander 
96 Vacant 

Private grounds 

Medcalfe st Intersects 
116 Cafe PKrlslen, sample 

126 Logan George, phy 
182 Grand Opera House 
140 Harmony Hall 

Macdonald A K, daccing 
144 CnrllDg Brewing; » 
Malting Co 
Vacant lota 
House, B e 

O'Connor st lutersects 

House, a e 
184 Wilson Mrs Ellen 
186-188 Mills Alex, cabtmkr 

Private grounds 
192-4 Oaddle W H & Co 

cartage agent« 
196 Cuddle Wm H 
198 EVeeman 49amuel L 

Private grounds 
904 Dugfan Cornelias 
906 Gordon John 
106 Hardy Thomas W 
212 Dean Mrs Annie 
214 Pblnney Mrs Ethelinda 

Private grounds 
318 Logan Miss L, drsmkr 

Logan Mrs C, nurse 
220 St Louis Ferdinand 
222 McFarlane John 
226 Augliey iMrs Eliza 
226 Lamb Mrs Margaret 

Store, ■ e 

Bank st Intersects 

Store, a e 
248 Pltxslnions Mrs Esther 
262 Osbourn Mrs Ellen 
264 Dflwaou John 
268 Dwyor Mrs C, drsmkr 

Dwyer EJdmuud B 
260 Yonnjj John C 
262 Mlltoii Mrs Kate 
264 Flnuerty Miss Mary, bdg 
272 Vacant 
276 Massou John 
278 Je«r ey (Uiarles 
280 Johnston Jame.4 
282 Thompson Win G 
264 Mulligan Martin J 
286 McDermott John 
268 Johnston Samuel 
202 Scott Jobn J 
296 WiiKner Mrs Mary 
208 Mcintosh Mrs Jessie 

Cully Miss Carrie, nurse 
302 Slmes Mrs Mary 
304 Nichol Daniel 
306 Ross Mrs Mary J 

U. D. lAUUiini a OUil | j^^ jq^^ Q^r, Bank & Wellington. 


Kent 8t InteraectB 

Vaciiiit lots 
Mfi Fowors George, blksm 
M( BIdnut Mrs Mary G 
wa stei'ii James 
jjo Falls George 
u4 Vacauf 
346 Mniiie George 
j5 Toil'l Mrs Catharine 
m2 (;.i:i;iiid Nicholas S 
«fi Til' imrge Thomas 
Mg croD Charles B 
ago Lol'tiis Sidney R 

Catholic Ajwsatllc Ohui 

Lyou st Intersects 

House, s e 
1(2 O'Brien Mrs Elizabeth 
3J4 Viio.iut 

3Sg itpiirka Abraham, bldr 
3*; Luichford Jamos 
y.iil Wliitehead Wm 
in Graiit James 
404 NIdd James T 
414 Henderson A A, phys 

Senper James, phys 

Bay at Intarsects 

liidles' College of Ottawa 
470 Brysoa Charles 
478 Soutt Mrs Mary 
48B Bell Benjamin T A 
488 Speiice James B 
4M Billion Mrs M Evelyn 
Donaldson Morley 
Private grounds 
[ 5tH Jenkins Francis M S 
Concession st Intersects 
Vacant grounds 
I Cuuinilssloner st Intersects 
B6 Cobb Albert H 
Put ton John P 
Hayes Mrs Mary 
IsC Valllllee Georse 
S4 McKay Wm 
.liW Hewton Frederick C 
538 Laurendeau Flavlen 
IH8SfiO Howe J G, painter 
|^'>2 Marks John, wood 
Wood yard 
Holmes Daniel 
Ij'O MoKllllcan Mrs Eunice 
\^ Desjardius Antolne 
SIfi Attwood Wm 
ISTS Cameron Mrs Mary 
[S62 Drum Wm A 
■591 Vacant 

■Kfl Ferguson Herbert 
ItiS Bnnnerman Alex 
IS'.' Fniiiklln George 
|siti Crawford AVallace 

Grabum Holland E 
Ifim Brown John W 
Im Brownlee Robert 
ItlK! Diiliols I'eter. shoemkr 

Maria st ends 
1178 Dowler Joseph 
|«0 Hltubard John A 

Victoria st Intersects 

House, s e 
S-wale Wm 
Its MK'ourtlce Andrew 
Andrews John 
Thompson Isaac 
Dooley George 

letropolitan Bi 

1. T. WILU9, PrlMipi 






Keut St InteraectB 

Vaciiiit lots 
MS Powers George, blksmltt 
M Ridnut Mrs Mary O 
Mg stei'u James 
540 Falls George 
u4 Vacant 
346 Maliif George 
j^ Toil'l Mrs Catharine 
«2 (;,ii>:iiid Nicholas S 
m; Th. barge Thomas 
<gg croU Charles B 
ago Loft US Sidney R 

CatUollc Aiwsatllc Ohur 

Lyon St Intersects 

House, s e 
gg2 O'Bt'leu Mrs Elizabeth 
3J4 Viioaut 

3Sg Spiirka Abraham, bidr 
3*; Luiehford Jamos 
y.ii) Wliitehead Wm 
4(8 Griint James 
4,H NIdfl James T 
414 Henderson A A, phys 

Seaper James, phys 

Bay at Intariccto 

Ladles' College of Ottawa 
1 470 Brysoa Charles 

478 Soutt Mrs Mary 

48B Bell Benjamin T A 
i 488 Spcnce James B 

4iH Rciiion Mrs M Evelyn 
Donaldson Morley 
Private grounds 
1 5(H Jenkins Francis M S 
Concession st Intersects 
Vacant grounds 
I Cuumils.sloner st Intersects 
I K!6 Cobb Albert H 
1 Pat ton John F 
, ,„J Hayes Mrs Mary 
|S2 Valllllee Georse 
1 534 McKay Wm 
I.WHewton Frederick C 
1 1^ Laurendeau Flavlen 
1(18 560 Howe J G. painter 
|^■i2 Marks John, wood 

Wood yard 
,.J Holmes Daniel 
|j;o McKllllcan Mrs Eunice 
1572 Desjardlus Autolne 
J57« Attwood Wm 
[}78 Cameron Mrs Mary 
1162 Drum Wm A 
IM Vacant 

liW Ferguson Herbert 
|K8 Bannerman Alex 
\T. Franklin George 
Idli Crawford Wallace 
lies Grabum Holland E 
\%\) Brown John W 
Im Brownlee Robert 
|tlKt Dniiols Peter, shoemkr 

Maria st ends 
||78 Dowler Joseph 
||80 Httubard John A 

Victoria st Intersects 

House, s e 
t^wale Wm 
|I88 MK'ourtlce Andrew 
Andrews John 
Tliompson Isaac 
Dooley George 

886 Ohurch John 

.?erklns st commences 
698 I'legg Job a R 
702 Murphy John 
706 V Inter Rev Do -Id 
708 Strachan Jaro. 'jidr 

Stracban Mlbs Margaret, 
music tchr 

Lome av commences 

710 C ippenter Robert, gro 

712 Ford John R 

716 McG-regor Mrs Barbara 

McGregor Miss B.drsmkr 
720 Forrostal Patrick 
724 Clark Thomas 
728 Seaver George 
730 Sills George P 

Division st Intersects 

734 Imlach Andrew 

736 McKoe Robert H 

738 MaHoch Edward C, phy 

740 Anderson Miss Susannah 

ALBERT ISLAND, situated 
west of Chaudlere Slide 
Bridge on Bridge st and 
surrounded by Ottawa Riv- 
er, Chaudlere Slide and 
Bronson Pond. Victoria 
Ward. For occupants see 
Bridge st at Nos 82 and 82% 
and rear of 82 and 82%. 

AiLEXANDER, runs east 
from 69 Sussex N. to 
Charles, third north of 
the bridge, RIdeau Ward. 

North side 

Store, s e 
8 Ingram Mrs Julia 
10 liocke Judson 

12 ataa!?? m>^ Jane 

14 Wilson Mrs Esther, drs 

16 FIngland Mrs B 
18 Barnes EJgbert 

24 Askwith John E, contr 
28 Oonrtney Dennis 
Private grounds 

Thomas st Intersects 

34 Hend'>.son John 
Private grounds 
02 Tyrrell J B 

South side 

Private girounds 

13 Marcoulller Mazime 

17 Vacant 

23 TInk Wm R 
27 Evans Thomas 
20 Veitch A B 

Thomas st Intersects 
36 Ilnwken Joseph 
41 Sherwood Thomas 
43 Street John 
63 Sherwood Joscfih 

Charles st 

south from Centre to? 
Lansdowne av, second 
west of Elgin, Central 

Not built on 

ALI'CE, runs west from. Em- 
m«tt, first south of Somer- 
set, Central Ward. 

North Side 

1 Roos John 
Private grounds 

17 Vacant 
Private grounds 

26 Monaban Mrs Mary J 

Soutii Side 

2 Lemolne James 
6 Chalker Wm H 

10 (.'ampbell John 
16 Dickson Robert 

18 KIrby David 
20 Vacant 

22 Fraser Wm McA 

▲LONSX), runs northeast 
from Little Chaudlere road, 
first north of Wellington, 
Victoria Ward. 

North Side 

16 Owens Thomas E 
Vajant lots 

South Side 

14 Cralgle John 
Vacant lots 

AMBROSE, runs south from 
Olemow to Carleton, third 
west of Rank, Welllnittou 

Not built on 

ANDERSON, runs /-est from 
Division to Preston, sixth 
south of Albert, Dalhousie 

North Side 

House, s e 
9 Wlstaff Cvrus 
11 Proulx Adelard 
13 Proulx Louis 
17 Ulsson Maxime, cabs 

Vacant lot 
23 Barlieau Mrs. Rosalie 
27 Gautbler Felix 

Vacant lot 

House, B e 

Rocsbester st Intersects 

House, s e 

Vacant lot 
69 Mulligan I'obert 
ffiS McKnIght Frederick B 
73 Laurin C?allxre 
76 Vacant 
81 Sborey James 

Vacant lot 

letropolitan Business Coilegv'lS.'ll^e.r&'iS^.S;' 

%, T. WILUt, PrkMipd. 1«s •PARKS ST. | of the Capital. 










- LUNCH - 



^ o 










Siiuth Sill" 

House, s »■ 
12 IllHWPii r.ouls, cab owner 
18 I'll try Louis 
'J2 Rrunettf I'^ilU- 
24 Sanizin Josouli 
Stori' s e 
Rodii'stcr St intersects 

StorB. s e 

I'rivate Krounds 
M Ulie Asa 
f)(i Kiivldson Al'bprt 
fill .Mullifinn Onvld 
tu; . en I tic .laiufs 
72 Kal)le Wjn 
84 Kock Josepli 

Vnonnt lot 

ANfil-ERiRA ScjT'AnE.north 
1111(1 soutli sidfs of Clar- 
encp, bet AuRUSta and 
Chapel, n.v Ward. 

N(,.tli Side 

1 UelaiiKer Arthur, bis- 
cuit tiiufr 
Prlviitc crouiids 
17 rrcslijtcry of St Ann's 

2.'! Iicsluiirlers Mrs SnlonM 
2!» St Auioiir Miss Helen 
,*!I (iareau I. eon 
.'/o Ncveuux Jiilin A 
37 Dubuc Arlliur 
8i» Saurlol Uanileii 
45 I'.lsson IMilIippe 
4oU, Noel Clifiphas 
47 Ouellette John 
40 Devarennes Louis, bldr 

South Side 

2 Lanslols Leon 
4 Vanasse Ennnnnuel 
6 Ilyland Alexander 
12 Finn II Ufvbort J 
14 Sarazln Noe 
16 Kavanagh .Tames 
18 Esiuonde John P 
24 Koouifi of the Sacred 
Heart So<>lety 
Lacroix Jean lUe 
32 Brelioeuf Sep School 
36 Smith Edward 

A lane 
Store, 8 e 

Boutb side Clarence, bet 
Augusta and Chapel, By 

1 Beancase & Robllllard, 


2 Boyle John F, btchr 

AN'N, runs west from Rldeau 
river to Hunlman's BrIdjre 
road and again from Unbert 
to Concession, Interscctlii)? 
Elgin, bet Xos. 37<1 .iiid 
410, St. George, Central 
and Welllni?ton Ward*. 



North Side 

Chapel »t ends 
Regan Tatrlek 

Russell av ends 
Vacant lots 

Hunlnian's Bridge rd 
Nr)t open to Robert 
Lumber yard 

Macdouald st ends 
Vacant lots 

Oartler st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Elgin St Intersects 
Vacant lots 
191 Audet Col Alphonse 
U>5 MH'aiidllsh J. blksmltli 
;mH Mc(!II1 Anthony 
207 Shore Samuel 
211 ISIackbiirn Mrs Sarah 
Va<'ant lots 
Metcalfe St Interwcts 

I'rlvate grounds 

Rear en trances 

V.icant lo»s 
;?<« M<-Mlllan Mrs Mary 
.lOS Kcllv Charles, cnb owner 
;«I7 Vllleneuve Arthur B 

Rear iMitrances 

Vacant lots 

Bank st Intersects 
Store, s e 
373 Ma<'I>ou>ral N P. bdg hse 
Elliott C (J, livery 

A lane 

Private grounds 
aS7 Holt^iy Wni 
XO Lett John 
301 Doyle Mrs Marcella 
3i)5 Slack Wm, bldr 

Private grounds 
403 Martin James 
405 Harvpv fJeorge H 
411 Tucker W.Tlter 
417 Sanders Wni 
423 MacDonnlrt Mrs Fyllen 
427 Bo wen Albert S 
4.^1 Lyon Huliert n 
437 Davidson James 

Kent st Intersects 
443 Pnrrlngfon Fred H 
44.'i Manson John B 
440 Read James K 

Private grounds 
4W> Anderson Jas, wood 
4.50 Ardley Jaines 

Private grounds 
463 Doyle James 
4flB Bracey Win 
471 Vacant 

47T5 Alexander Wm, bldr 
477 Wntklns John 
481 Orr Robert 
4S3 Pnrrlngton Jaines 
487 Shtibrlnck Henry 
480 Craig Thomas 
401 Tnggart Win J 
403 nnk C.eorgp J 
407 McKenna John 

Lyon st Intersects 
.101 Byrne John 
!Wn Watt man Wm H 
507 Taylor George 


600 Lyon Albert A 

511 Fegan Daniel 

615 McI)onald AUxniii,.!' 

621 Paleii Robert 

523 Brown Wm 

627 McGurran Janie>c 


Vacant lots 

Bay st Inter^pptg 
Vacant lots 

Percy st Intc 
South Side 

Vacant lots 
Lumber yard 

Oartler st Intr.MPcts 
Vacant lots 
180 Hastey Thomas 
182 «crlm Wm H 
184 Baird Joihn 
186 Chilton James V 

KIgIn st IntiTsccts 

Vacant lots 

204 Charbonneau r,.iiiia 
212 BoIs.4onneau Pin-,. 
2in Goodwin E Ben I ' 
222 Ellis .John H 
224 Barrett James 

Private grounds 
230 Vacant 
238 Mohaiian Michael 

Metcalfe at Intrr.sects 

House, s e 

Private grounds 
2f>6 Hector Isaac J 
258 Bateman George n 
200 McMillan Jom.pi, 
2«4 Rhea Mrs Marv 
268 Dewar Alexan'di r 
270 Ferguson Prederi, k 
274 Anderson George >^ 
280 Jackson John A 
286 JIacDermId AiP)fus J 

Private grounds 

House, 8 e 

O'Connor st Intersects 
Doherty P, Mhoemkr 

A lane 
Tinney Wm 
Wilson Robert 

Ponimervllle Octave 
Powell Tlionias 
Daniels Win G 
Prhate grounds 
Ardley Alfred 
Cooper Joseph, bldr 

Johnson George 
Hawkins George A 
Scott Alexander 
Stow, s e 

Bank st Inters* ;tgj 
Oarrow Charles, htehr 
Gregory George 
Kyle RnHiert J 
Joyce Mrs Amelia A 
Montg()mery Win J 
Darragh James, coal oil 
Engl I sill Thomas 
Walker James 
Rasdale Mrs Barbnr 
Kennedy Saimiel B, teil 








Best Quality. Lowest Prlei 

'for up to dal 

117 8PARKC 


prl>';te grounds 

Ncnt st Intersects 
j^B„j I'lillt ,. 
! uj Her'st Harry, pntr 
I ^^ itrou n Thomas G 
fcO .Sntciiell John 

I'rIvJte grounds 
i16 BeiN Mrs Susan 
llWKnri' .Moses 
hfli)0>l>i'ftt .Mrs Henrietta 
J rrlv::ie grounds 
I ^ Sali'-> Wm 
408 Bl.'<li "brick Mark 
(flLcin'T James 
I "vaciiiit lots 
Ijjlg .Mi-1'oiiald Miss Emily 

I'rlv.ite grounds 
|(pe liiiilic John T 

Lyon st Intersect* 
jOl) (iU>siio Will 
1 5(6 BIdiardson Roland 
|sM Qiiiiii'ey John 

1 506 Qui' .v Timothy 

J 5Jn Stewart Peter 

I, ^fi Cowan .Mrs Eliza A 

Bay st Intersects 
IjllO BIciiiit Austin E 
Iyi2 H.vile Frederick T 
|iM Vacant 

I JM fee \ Brooks, heiulocl 

Vac.'iiit lot* 
Lw Wilkes .Mrs Jane 
ll>ft lillliooly Joseph 
|,W Fe.itherston John W 

Vacant lotM 

Percy at Intersect* i 
Vacant lots I 

\m Bannister CJeo, bldr 

Concession st 


|A.VN' (Stewartoiu, rii 
»uiiili from .Miitclimor 
fourth west of Elgin, Cteu 
tral Ward. 

[East Side 

1 Bush John 

2 Morcland Wm J 
il Hill John H 
4Tplfer Mrs Martha 
5 Miller George J 

Private fcroiinds 

lUfst Side 

Not built on 

lARrillMALD, runs wes 

" friai Rldeau Canal to Con 

ces8i(rM, third south of AnL 

Central and Welllngto 

Wards. " ' 

I: >' 

Jiortli Side 

Hoime, & e 

Cartler st 

Private grounds 
113 Piircell John 
l25 Peiietler Henry 
in Gray Wm 

Vacant lots 

Elgin st Intersect'- 
Street not open 


^r.-.V^?K*r.?r.?T*^ Co to J ABVIS 





I>rlv.:te grounds 

Kent St intersects 

ju B„y rlllli .. 

2 Her'st Harry, pntr 
i Jjj Bro"ii Thomas G 
I rj satciK'll John 

I'rl\Ml<' ifrounds 
Ljj pett-i Mrs Susan 

S Fnri' Moses 

J{) cituHtt Mrs Henrietta 
t iTlviiif grounds 
i M Sali'-> Wni 

|M Blsli'lTlck Mark 

jSi.ein'T Jnnies 
' Vaciiiit lots 
g Mclioiinld MIhh Btnlly 
ITlvaif liroundH 
\^ Ballii' John T 

I.j-oti St Intersects 

I M (illismi Wni 
ui2 Kli'liiircliAin Roland 
Ut Qnliiiiey John 

1 Qiiiiiiii'V Timothy 
^1 Sti'Wiirt I'eter 
laJCowiiii Mrs Eliza A 

Rny St Intersects 

I WO niix'Kt Austin R 
'yi2 Hvilf Frederick T 
JM Varniit 

|i(4 F('<' ^ nrnoks, heiuloirk 
Vaciiiit lot* 
I'M Wllkis Mrs Jane 
\(ff, (Jlllicioly Joseph 
IliSii FciiflKTstou John W 
Vacant !ot« 

Tcrcy St Intersect* 
Vacant lots 
i BaiiTilster fieo, bldr 

(V>ncesslon st 

^JaNN' (Stewnrton). runs 
^1 nuutli from Mutchmor, 
!■ fourth west of Elgin. Oen- 
^M ,fai Ward. 

|Ea!t Side 

1 1 Bush John 
2 Mcrcland Wm J 
S Hill John H 

4 Telfer Mrs Martha 

5 Miller lieorge J 
Priviitc j^ronnds 

|«P5t Side 

Not built on 

|iI!f'HIHAr,I). runs west 
from KIdeau Canal to Con- 
cession. thlnl south of Ann, 
Central and Wellington 

iKorlli Side 

HuiiKC, 6 e 

Cartler st 

Private grounds 
13 Piiroell John 
al olH^ Pelletler Henry 
"S Gray Win 
Vacant lota 

Klgtn »t Intersects 
Street not open 

Bank st Intersecta 
15 Chltty George L 
17 Mackey Kobt, coutr 

40 Held Joseph, roofer 
DO Allen Frederick 
Vacant lots 

Kent st Intersects 

South fMde 

Private grounds 
CAR round house, r e 
Private grounds 

Elgin st Intersects 
Street not (vpen 

Bank st Intersecta 

Vacant lots 

Archibald St I'lvb Sch 
Kent st intersects 
Not opened to Concesalou 

AlMiYIJI'". AV. runs west 
from Elgin to Hank, second 
south of Ann, Central 

North Side 

Private grounds 
67 Stewart Mrs Catherine 
Private grounds 

O'Connor st Intel sects 
Private grounds 
Ifft*! Bray Samuel 
101 Strong Hon Sir Henry 

175 Stephen Wui W 
I'rivate grounds 
House, u e 

South Side 

Vacant lot 
2<) .Macdonald George F 
'M Bethune Norman W 

Private grounds 
34 Verner James 
40 RolA George W 

Vacant lot 
46 Va<'ant 

Vacant lot 

Metcalfe st intersect* 
70 Skead Edward S 

Private in'ounds 
84 Vacant 

Private grounds 
10« Stewart Mrs Mary 

Private grounds 
122 S<4ireiber ("olllngwood 
O'Connor st Intersect* 
Private grounds 
i;«J Stewart MoLeod 

I'rivate grounds 
172 Scrim Cliaries 

176 Durle John S 
Private grounds 
Vacant lots 

ARTHIR. runs south from 
opp 4.''> i*rl>iiros4'. second 
west of Csncesii.ion. Dal- 
housle Ward 

Bast .Side 

7> Baker Miss Catherine 
Curtis Nnthnsi W 

IB York Wm H 

York Miss N. drsmkr 
17 Eraser Alexander, Jr 
21 Uetiilliick John S S 
25 Creegiiii Patrick 
31 Smith HUhard 
Xi McEwen Mrs Ann 
37 l>avls Robert 

41 Vacant 

4.'» Dmvson Robert 
47 Brown James 
.51 Vacant 

Private grounds 
01 WInttndale John 
63 TTumau Wm T 
fri Bradley Wm B 

Private grounds 

Somerset st intersects 
81 Bootli iV Garrow. gros 
83 (Jarrow James F 

Booth Herbert W 
W Jacques Richard 
(Kt G(Hxlwln Michael 

Private grounds 
1(« .Mather Wm 
1(« Buri! Frederick W 
107 Gnrvey Jus, cab owner 
111 Lavleiie John 
113 McDonald Michael 
115 Martin Hugh 
110 McDonald Martin 

Vacant lots 
137 Daiton Michael • 

Vactnt lot 
145 Vacant 

147 Morgan Mrs Mary 
14» Nelllgan Mrs .Mary 

('bristle st Intersect? 

Vacant lots 
161 Malmburg (Charles A 
1«W Dufour (ieorge 
175 Kiel! .Maxlmlllai, 
170 Halg ThonuiM 

Vacant lots * 

West Side 

4 House s e 

A lane 
H) OrjHMie Mrs Mary J 

Private grounds 
12 r.4iwHon Tliomas 

Lawson Cliaries T, rear 

Private grounds 
28 I>jivls Sinijison 

Private grounds 
40 0'Hr;en «harles , 

42 Nevliig Daniel R 
42Mi .Serim John 

46 Lawson Alexander 
50 .McDonald Daniel 
54 Wilkinson Saninel 
.•W MKUilre Terreuce 
«2 Vacant 
Store, s e 

Somerset st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
U2 Booth Leander 
no Donabison Peter 
102 <;arrett Mrs Mary A 
104 Dunlop James A *. , , 

Private grounds i- i- ., 
110 O'RIeily Michael '{ ■» 

112 Coxon John .; > 

118 Edge NIcliolas N 
Private grotinds 
126 Dunn James 



or 'PhMM %om. 

I • I 


' ■ r 



■ ,i 

:■ m 

i . 



,i I ru 

iv • 

* §'-■<" ill !} 

in lis, I h' 


' HI 

The SUN Life 

Low Ratei, Large Profits and the Moit 
Uberal Poiioy in the Worid. 





128 Dancey Alexander 

130 Wilson Mr* A, drsmJir 

O'Dounell Joseph 
186 Murphy William J 

ObrUtle Bt Intersects 

Vacant lots 
176 Arnistronjf George 
178 Unfinished house 
180 Cote Ml»s M'lry. tlrs 
184 Stulford Wm J 
186 Johnston Hugh 
190 Rowe James 
192 Deevy Isaac 

Emily 8t 

ASH. runs east from First 
av. first south of Somerset, 
Dalhousle Ward. 

Not open 

AUGUSTA, runs south from 
674 St Patrick to Theodort, 
fourth east of King, By 
and St George Wards. 

Bast Side 

Store, ■ e 
U Leblauc Pierre 
1« I.abbo Charles 
21 Laframbolse Mrs Clara 
28 RualB Napoleon, pntr 
25 Langevin Jean Bte 

Private grounds 
iiS Hussell David 
9T Gravelle Molse 
o» Amyot David 
41 Gravelle Tbomaa 

Store, 3 e 
Paplueau st commencea 

48 Burki) Wm 

47 Rheaume Edouard 

40 Thornton Arthur 

51 Vacant 

BS-M Store, s e 

Clarence st Intersects 

57 GoulPt Joseph 

59 Choulnnrd Andrew 

61 Kennedy Robert W 

«.T Garlepy Alphonse 

fi" Hardcastle Robert 

tt!) Doyle Patrick 

71 Doyle James 

73 Hughes James 

T.") Smith Terrancp 

K! Hood Thomas A 

87 Fxiugh James 

91 Trudfl Kugenp 

9r« <^urry James 1*. exp 

SKI Cotineil James 
^oa Bothwdl Miss Sadie 
107 Gleason Thos 
111 Valentine L 1>\ uius -.-ch 
lis I^jndry Henry 
11.^ Br«cela»« Patrick 
117 Vacant 
119 Vacant 
12;i Doyle James J 
125 Nagle Mrs Murv 
127 O'Brien James 
12J» McCulien Wm P 
181 Fltzsluions Janix K 
l.'J7 Stewnrt > « . le 

Prlvato gr mil 
14.'; Connor Wu. 

Connor MUs L, mua 

Connor Mlas N, mua 
151 Connor Wni H 
1,55 Vacant 
157 Query Elle 
159 Roblflard Bruno 
1«1 Vacant „ 

16.1 Edmondson J H, contr 
165 Cameron Kenneth P 

Stables, etc 

Private grounds 

RIdeaa at Interaecti 

Store a e 
171 Schwitzer Wm 

Private xronnda 
181 Lemolne John J 
183 Tubman Mrs .Tennla 

Private grounds 

Besserer st luteraecta 

191 Dunnat Jamei 
195 Chevrfer Rodolptat 
197 Strachan Mrs Jennia 
199 Leturmy Alfred 
201 Dnmala Maxime 
PrIvatH grounds 
213 Batteraon Charles 

Duly av Intersecfa 

House, a e 
Private grounds 
229 Wllkins Stephen, carpet 

Stewart st Interseeta 

Private grounds 
243 Talllon Alphonse A 

I'rIvatM grounds 
253 Read Charles E 

Private grounds 

Wllbrod st Interseeta 

Vacant lots 

West Side 

Private grounds 
1,*< Laplante Auguste 
20 Leger Auguste 
22 Bouniue Mrs Marie 
24 Deary Frjiiicls 

Store, s f 

Anglesea s<i 

Clarence st Interseeta 

Anglesea si] • 
84 Belaiit'T Mrs P, gro 
Hfl Aniirv chiirles 
-«*il Quiiiii Mrs Catherine 
U»i IVrljIns Samuel C 
«S Sa^-ve John V 
\H \M-ant 

9* l»e«sjii-!lii« ncrre 
iM Brf>'>k» J«uieg 
>*>* Feriiustin tiilbert 
Vn Warren Wm 

lt>4 < I'^W'tl AV III 

UJfl Hi. liter i'litrlck 

KM IVniler Joht< 

lia FVnder Mr^ > ntherine 

114 l.wlair P'-trK^ 

lli t^iioiw .'llvter 

12f< McClellan |i«vid 

Private jrn— da 
i:M Johnston J<«kn H 

Private gromnda 
140 Blondin Jacoiiiea 
14a Prlaipiiu JiiK^-tih 
1441 Vn< ant 

148 raw :hray Jubn. hide dir 
150 Va«-H!it 

15« Potter Wm 
Biker Charles 
Private grounds 
House, s e 

RIdeau st intcr.soctg 
Private grounds 
178 Hick Robert 
Private grounds 
Besserer st IntePMPtg 
Private grounds 

Daly av lnters<'»t» 
House, 8 e 
Private grounds 
House, 8 e 

Stewart st Intersects 
House, 8 e 
Prlvato grounds 

Wllbrod st Intersocfg 
Vacant lots 

AVON LANE.rnns from 
School Lane to Dufferin rd 
third north of .Stanlcv sp 
RIdeau Ward. ^ '^ 

North Side 


Prlvato grounds 

Union st InterKcots 
Honse. s e 
4 Davidson Andrew 

Victoria sr liiterspcti 

Keefer st Infersecti 

South Side 

Vacant lot 
House, 8 e 

Union st Interspot* 
House, 8 e 
3 Short Thomas, dairv 

9 Nolan Bernard 
House, 8 e 

Victoria st Intersccvtg 
House, s e 

Keefer st Intersects 

BAIRD, runs east from 29 
Dalhousie to Itldeau River, 
2nd n of CPU track, Otta- 
wa Ward. 

North Side 

House, H e 

Unflniahed boHding 

I'rivate grounds 
an Whyte John 

Vacant lots 
5.1 Staelton Wm 
55 Larocque Noe! 
57 Rraseau Ernest 
Mt Lacroix Luuls 
6.1 Gill Charles 
65 Vlau Joseph 
67 Gl.l Robert 

c. 6. mum k SON 


Brolcvra, Houa«« ftor •»!• Md to Lsf ; 

BJSffTS COLliBCTKD. 'Phon« 703 




H Kmii> Joseph 
s pfvliii' John 

prlv:it« grounds 
ig piiiniond Mrs Mary 
Cgmbfi'land st interseeta 


Stori'. 8 e 
10 Honl.' Bernabe 
jj snrili'P John 
2 nlnv'HBm Thomas 

I'rIVMte yard 
jj.lpnkiiis Wm Q 
M Brnu II Patrick 
jj (Vr.i ■Illy Thomas 
u Sriitr John 
SKIlt Patrick 

43 St (ii'orge H V 

44 Ranis James 
40 Jenkins James 
5) Ml»'>"<'k David 
5g rhtirrh George 

B it>n\M-\7.e Rmlllen 
K Ijirnrqne Francois 

Priviito grounds 
ff Vacnnt 
jl Pevlne John 

Prlv.'ite grounds 
yi Tnlrirr Alexandre 
g4 Pellnclle Pierre 
(I rnolc Richard 
(g MHlllllcuddy Edward 

PrlvHt« grounds 

Cnnibcrlanil st Intersects 
Rtdeau River 

l|AI*''.\M. runs west fror 

DIvlsliiii to city 
loiith lit Albert, 


IJoriti .'^Idc 

1 WINon George 

Vacnnt lots 
j) rnmnlicll Miss Emilia 
13 Irnin Wni F 

Vfl'-iiiii lilts 
it I'nniL- 'I'lionias 
Store, s e 

Rochester st Intersects 

Store, s e 
Vni'iint lots 
J 4t Ud.nucur Mrs Delphli 
n Oautblcr Joseph 
5,1 Reimnd Jean Rte 
17 Labrle Thomas 
(6 Ron tin Athanase 
<S liabreche Felix 
I 4$ Rorhbrun Joseph 
Vacant b t 

Preston st IntentectB 

House, 8 e 
lll.'i Uavden Patrick J 
111' K'Tiiirc Jean Bte 
|121 I'hiiiman Altjert 

V.ii.iiit lot 
|127 I'lcfWf John 
lis Bnlvln Patrick 

I'harniid Eroer.y 
) Gules Thofas 
t Jones Daniel 

Vacnnt lots 

I' A II crosalnic 
Lumber yards 




l|ad« to Order. 





rpjvlii.' John 

prIvMtH grouuds 
« piiiiiiond Mrs Mary 
Cjmberlflnd 8t Intersects 


Siorr. g e 

10 Honl'' Bernabe 

:<, snTili'f John 

g Illni-'liflni Thomas 
I'rtviite yard 

M ipnkiMS Wm G 

MBrn«ii Patrick 

M or, I Illy ThoniaH 
I ti (iriitt John 
f S Kilt, I'ntrlck 

^t (!''or>te H F 

44 Bnriis James 

III Jenkins James 

n Mlmu'Ok Havlrt 

ig Chiirf'h fJeorRO 

a LonUolzo EmIIIen 

M Liirocaue Francois 
Prlviito grounds 

n Vacnnt 

n Pevliie John 
Private grounds 

fl Pnlrjpr Alexandre 

u ppllncMc TMerre 

en ['noli- Richard 

fj Vi'f!llllc"<1d.v Kdward 
PrlvfltH (tronnds 

fumtitTliind St Intersects 
RIdean River 

llAWAM runs west from 

Division to city limits. Oth 

louth iif Albert, Dalhonsle 


Ijnrth Side 

1 WINon Oeorge 

Vacnnt lots 

9 1'AnnilM'll Miss Emilia 

13 Irwin Will F 

Vbchiii Itils 

I •; ('nniL: 'riinmas 

Store, s e 

Itfichenter st Intersects 

Store, a e 

Vni'unt lots 
1 41 Uilotu'i'tir Mrs Delphlax 
jl Oaiithler Joseph 
f/t Rpimnd Jean Bte 
J7 Labrle Thomas 
H) Roiitln Athanase 
(S Ubreche Felix 
I Ci Rnrhbnin Joseph 

Vdpant 1< t 

Preston »t Intemecta 

House, 8 e 
111." Iffivil.Mi r;i trick J 
|il7 K'TMire Jean Bte 
Id ('lunninn Albert 

Var:iiit lot 
|l27 Clcdve John 

Bnlvin Patrick 
jir I'harniul Emery 
||N Gales Thor><aa 
|H^ Junes Daniel 

Vacant lots 

I' A It crosainx 
Lumber yards 

South Mlile 

Vacaut lots 
22 Fortuna John 
24 McDarby Edward 
26 Whitcomb Samuel B 

House, ■ a 

Rochester st Intersects 

House, s a 

Vacant lota 
60 Vacnnt 
62 lieroux Aiiuuste 
64 Vallee Napoleon 
68 Barbe Valniire 

Vacant lots 

Prcaton «t Intereact* 

House, s e 

Vacant lota 
1.10 McWIIllams Maurice 
186 Ladouceur Jean Bte Jr 
140 Chapman i'hrlstopher 
144 (iroiilx Muthlas 

Vacant lota 

CAR crossing 

Lunvber yard 
Olty limits 

BANK, runs south from 
Vlttorla to Olty limits In- 
tersecting Sparks at No. 
ail, Victoria, Wellington 
and Central Warda. 

Ea«t aide 

Supreme Court buildings 

Supreme Court, Robert 
Caasela, QG, Beglsitrar 

Suprente Court library, 
Harris H Bllgli li- 

Exchequer Court, Loali 
A Audette, Registrar 

Wellington st Intersects 
41 Tagga c B & Son, real 

48 ''•ttawa Auer Llriit Co 
4A i^Dt; Charles, pooto 

..«w*< .J Edward 
*< Poiltttiier Jean, barber 
BMel, 8 e 

Sparks st Intersects 
TTnflnistid building 
TS-'TV BrouL:e Joton A, fruit 
77 Vacant 

79 Roiph Alfred, confy 
81 Letch Mrs Rose, minr 
88 Boyce Wm J, Jwlr 

Queen st Intersects 
8t> Creamery Blacult Works 

Private grounds 
09 Gould ft Harley, Mrs 
101 Vacant HV 

103 Jarman Frank, picture 

106 T/Iving Henry, hardware 

Albert st Intersects 
109 Rogers Francis, confr 

Wiilte Miss J'ulla. drmnkr 
111 Marriott E & Co, real 

Macdonald John W 
111% O'Neill & Steele, bar- 
118 Taylor Frank, frnlt 

115 McFarluue Urns, Iron 

117 Ottawa Tribune, James 

W Patterson niugr 
119 T^ndall Mrs Hannah 
123 Troy Stenm Laundry 

Brit Am Dyeing Co 

Patton John 
12S Wilson Mrs Mary 
127 Kyle James J 

Slater st intersecta 
129 Klmpton T & Co, btchrs 
131 Brown Mies Harriet 
181% Vacant 
133 McLeod Donald, gro 
186 McCracken Bros, tlrs 

McCracken Joseph 
137 Gemimell Wm B 

Goode Daniel G 
189 Ashflald James, crockery 
141-143 McElroy L & F H. 

14^-41) Williams R S & Sons. 

Co, pianos 
151 Wooding W H, fruit 
163 Mc<.;oll Hush, brass gds 
166 Bloomfleld Frank, barber 
157 Jarvls Alfred H, staty 

C P B Co's Telegraph 
159 Holt F, dry goods 

Graham Joseph B 
161 Slattery & Terrancs, 

168 Sllnn Mrs A E, bkr 

Maria st Intersects 

166 RoWnson R B W, drug- 


167 Cook Cbarles. uphol 

169 Robinson S G, barber 
171 Firth John P, bllllarda 

Vacant flats 
178 KeHT Wm 
177 Robinson R P 
181 Stuart Wm, contr 
181V4 Liow J & C, contrs 

FltBslmmons Hugh, real 
183 Ciirrle W A & Co, pntrs 

186 Graham Wm, hardware 

Cjiuucester st Intersecta 

187 Alello Mrs E. fruit 
Alello Joseph 

189 Davidson Mrs S W, 

fancy goods 
191 fitorr Ansou M. express 
196 Stevens Louis R, Jwlr 
Stevens Mrs Ella, dress 
106 Campbell James J 

Oinnpibell Mrs S, dress 

199 Plrle Miss Eu.Hebla 
201 Larmondra Felix 
208 Watson Wm, confr 

206 Vacant 

207 Vacant 

200 Fj»8tcott Wm J, gro 

Nepean st Intersects 

211 Musgrove J A, drugs 
213 Mattlce Alvln L, grn 
215 Ohrlstafara Charles, 

Powers Wm , 

210 Malloy Wm 

Private grounds 
229 Graham >Irs Margaret 






E. C. ARNOLDI, Agent, 91 SPARKS. 


". '. 



f <■' i 

>■ ( 

H \ i ^ ' ;i' 


1 .1 

' ( 

' ^ 

f Jt 

li • 

? ' m 

i ■ >i. 

I ■■ 


it" J 



All Ordara Profflptly Attended To. . 


166 Queen St 

'Phomm 2tt 

w. 8. msLL, MAHAamm, 

Special Sole 

R. H. OON 




I;' .» 

■i' "I 













a. 1 1 


231-233 Bishop R N, btchr 
Llsgar St intersects 

235-241 Vacant 

243 Montgomery Thomas 

245 Mills Samuel, shoemlir 

251 Samuels Jos, tinsmith 

2S3 Wright Mrs Elizabeth 

257 Hay James 

250 Patterson O T D. confr 

Cooper St Intersects 

2tl Brethour A E, drugs 
273-275 Stewart J G, gro 
277 Belaud .Mrs A, ladie»' 

*■ Belaud Hector 
279 Stuart Wm, builder 
281 Gorrell C W F, phy 
283 Walker Gilbert M, shoes 
285 Bourne Samuel, staty 
287 Agret Mrs S A, mlnry 
281* McAllen Robert, stoves 
Somerset st intersects 
Lumber yard 
Maelaren st intersects 
303 Burljp John L. gro 
305 Cormaok J H, phy 
Harris Arohtbald 
Lumber yard 
Vacant lots 
Gllmour st intersects 
3fi6 Rii'key Jos A. drugs 
!i(fT Chandler & Co, plmbrs 
mo Dewls & Dore. ttour 

rhanibers Adam 
iVlX Edgar John, gro 
.373 Powers Bros, btchrs 

Powers Mrs Snrali 
.375 Mooney Wni, gro 

Lewis st ends 

Private grounds 
3!>1 Courtman John 
303 Gaebei Henry 
395 Parker Robert 

Waverley st ends 
403 Storey Dnniel, wdturner 

Private grounds 

House, s e 

Frank st ends 
425 nieu Lee, Indry 
427 Mullen Samuel A, trjlts 
420 Mcintosh Jolin, p!n>br 
431 Cunvmlng Robert, shoe- 
Ronleaf Charles F 
433 MeAlllster A J, flour 
435 Herbert Bros, btchrs 
437 Herbert P I), Rro 
441 Story E D, drugs 

Ann st Intersects 
437 Stewarton P O 
Scott Bros, gros 
Scott John E 
Vacant lots 

McLcod st intersects 
Church, s e 
483 AfopgBu Henry J 

Canadian Men and Wo- 
men of the Time 

Argyle av ends 
Vacant lots 

Stewarton Pres Oburch 
Vacant lot 
(52t Xlchol John 

Vacant lot 

Catherine st intersects 

Capital Planing Mill' Co 
530 MeHarry Alexander 
Ml Gagnou Joseph, gro 

Vacant lot 
647 Gagnon Joseph 
640 Vacant 

OAR crossing 
555 Queen City Oil Oo, 

sheds and branch office 
Isabella st Intersects 

Private grounds 

Vacant lots 

Jane st ends 

Vacant lots 
.503 Casey Edward P 

Market gardens 
«19 Rolfe Edw, shoemkr 
623 Rees (nirlstopher 
Pattei-son's creek crosses 
asi Capital Boat & Canoe 

633 Iverson Lewrence 

Brown P- ter 
fi35 Ottawa Electric Park 
687 Lodge Wm F 

Vacant lots 

1st av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

2nd av intersects 
Private grounds 

3rd av intersects 
navies Hugh T, gro 
797 Dewar Robert 
Vacant lots 
Kinkald .John, btchr 
Helmer Ablwt': D, gro 

4th nv intersects 
Moreland C, gro 
Vacant lots 

Mutchiiior st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

C^Mitre st Intersects 
OB? Gibson Mrs niana 

I'rlvnte grounds 
077 I>awson Richard J 

Lanwlowne Park 

RIdeau Oanal 

West Side 

HoUflP, 8 e 

Private grounds 
12 Cunningham Mrs M 
__ I'rivate grounds 
22 Vacant 

Wellington at Intersects 
42 ThIoke Wra H, engr 
44 Canadlai; Col of Music 
.^ ■?, E«lgar BIrcli, mus dlr 
40 Vacant 

48 Landreville Charlew, bil- 
50 Lafrenlere Nap, rest 
.52 Kam D W & Co, pianos, 

R P Langforrt mngr 
54 Grant's Concert Hall 
Greene W R. dentist 
50 Grant Bros, hardware 
Sparks st Intersects 
Tlie Two Macs, tlrs 

Stephen's Block 
Oddfellows' Hall 
Pearson Alfred T, den- 

84 Wing On, Indry 
66 York County Loan &■ 
Savings Co * 

68 Paynter & AWbott, nrtrs 

Drenge AJbert, clgak 
TO Cote F A, electric,,,, 
72 Falrweather Wesley 

Porter John G 
74 Wilson Wm, shoemkr 
„„ Snort Mrs A B, drsmk,- 
76 Owen Samuel, tlr 
76^4 Vacant 

78 Henry W J, taxldoriiii„t 
80 Moth Wm St T, r,'"t 

Queen st Intersects 
84 Dourus Miss Kate, bdi: 

Gilchrist James. cnui,> 
88 McQuestloii Wm A 
00 O'Brien Mls« E. bd ' 
Kelly Miss Mary, "irt 
needle work 
04 Halg John, bdg 
96 Cornish Mrs S. ndniy 
98 Horwood H & Sou, «t,i n- 
ed glase 

{^ 'Jf"'"* ^'"- '»"'''• dresser 
108 Bank Street dhamUr. 
Munsie Mltw M. (Irsiiikr 
Horwood F L, archlioc t 
Heai^lip Mrs A H 

china decorator 
McEIhlnney M G, dentist 
King W C, conim um 
Mann _■:• Salmon, assignee 
The PUrenollne Medlclue 

Co (LlujltedJ 
Connor M F, analyst 
Cooke Sidney P. phy 
Capital City Busi„es8 

Kennedy T W 
1(M Ketcbuni & Co, bieveUs 

lOO^d Model Creamery ("o 

Albert street Intewects 

BB Mondle & Woodburn 

110 Sinclair Robt, Indry 
112 Bance E D & Co, cliiurs 

Biince Edmond 
114 Wing Chung, laundry 
110 Klnneeu Wm 

Hnnn Miss Ellle, drsmkp 
11* Brown & Cflrlie, rest 

Presbyterian church 

Slater st Intersects 
128 Rogers G H, undertaker 
130 Force Thomas. »ho«s 
1.32 Hunt Edward, dairy 
1.34 Bproule & O'l^oiiiior 

Alexander Mrt» Jane 
13« Wfldsworth &McWhlimlo 

1.38 Bl«ickbnrn Mrs. bdg 

Capital Mnfg Co, bicycles 
140 Vacant 
i4fl Vacant 

1.50 Gentile Donienico, fruits 
152 Frnser Allan H. Jwlr 

Ottawa Buslnass Coll 


Fleming Miss May 

Prill! Mrs Heleu W 
164 CniS Jo««'Pb, sew i 
l^V, Vai'iint 
136 Bysli" H & Co. mi 
160 Won;: Sing, Indry 

164 Bunnell Bros, conf 
Marin st Interc 

lUli Vi,cul)t 

165 C'mirvllle Alfred, ba 
170 Bnike .Mrs Kate 
17^-174 I nival A J W, 

170 Ai-li'.*i J W, artist 
178 (iuy Mrs Frances 

Moore Mrs Annie, n 
l,sO Hoi,g You, Indry 
1((2 fiii.v Geo F. flour 

Gi,r John, express 

Vacant lots 

(il.iiicester st inter» 
m Itaiik of Ottawa, br 
l!i(> WiiiK Sing, Indry 
11>2 I.iu-ue Xflpoleou 

Vallee Ml.*8 C. drsmi 
I'M Knrlirht Jeremiah 
Walters J R, corsetl 
urn Maedonaid John A 
Ifts Davis .Mrs Annie, dl 
202 MarshiiH A J 
2(4 Keld James, shoeml 
Private sruunds 
Nepean st Inters* 
212 Crabb Mrs M E. in 
214 'IVrrance Mrs Mary 

21 <! Vacant 

2IH Hlllynrd J W, cjibti 
220 \'acant 
*22-l"J« Fournler E T, di 

Fournler Mrs Eliza 
228-r.-' O'Connor 1', gi 

Llsgar st inters* 
ZU Clufr F H, gro 
Zin n.vde (} W, btchr 
ias Presley H V. baPbt 
240 M(I>»nnan J R, plml 

Kamiin G A 

242 \Va tiers Frank 

242!/:, White Joseph 

2-W .Stanley .Mrs Marga 


Luiuiber vard 

Coo|ier st Inters 
270 Diinlels F C, gro 
272 Jarnwin F A. iilctui 

Vacant lots 
27s Edison Jiinies 
2S0 Porter .Mrs Mary 
2H-2 Sullivan (Jreg 
2«4 Hong Wah. Indrv 
2S«i-2HS MfLiiughlin J, 


2!»0 LaruioiHlr,! Tlieoph 
2!)2 Vacant 

Somerset Mt Inters 
2!M Craiii Robert H 
21W-.100 O'Connor Dun 

conirs s\iini!Ies 
au2 Vncaiit 
.104 Patti rson Mrs M^rj 



Special Selection of this Season's Goods m Stock. 

R. H. OONLIY, 218 WKLLINQTON STRUT (near Bank). 





FU'niing Miss May 

prico Mrs Heleu W 
154 Crnijr Joseph, ww mach 
iMV> Vaviint 

156 Bvsli" H & Co. luachs 
160 W'"ii- i^'"*' '"•''■y 
164 Biniiit'll Bros, coiify 

Marin st Intersects 

lUU Viicuiit 

m ('(Hirville Alfred, barber 
170 Biiilvf Mrs Kate 
17"-174 iMivnl A J W, 

17C Ai'le*i J W. artl»t 
178 Gii.v Mrs Frances 

Miinri' Mrs Annie, nurse 
1W1 II"ii(f You. Imlry 
l(j2 <!iiv Geo F. flour 

(jiiy .lohn. express 

Viu-aiit Jots 

(llniictster St Intersects 
18(; Hunk of Ottawa, branch 
li)t> WiiiK Slnu. Indry 
Ut2 L.'H'ue Nflpoli'on 

Vi\llt't' Mls« ('. tlrsnikr 
11(4 KnriL'bt Jeremiah 

Walters J R. corsetnikr 
190 Mnctlonnld John A 
]<xs |);ivls .Mrs Annie, drsnikr 
202 MMrshnll A J 
W Kt'ld James, nhoeinkr 

I'llvate grounds 

Nepean st Internects 
212 Crabb Mr« M E, mlnr 

214 'IVrranoe Mrs Mary 

2ir. Vacant 

215 Hlllyard J W. enbtmkr 
220 ViU-ant 

EJ-rj^l Fournler K T. drygds 

FoiirnttT Mrs Eliza 
228-2.T2 O'Connor 1', uro 

lyisgar st intersects 

ZH (luff F H, gro 
2;<« H.vdf (i \V, btchr 
2.S8 Presley H V. barber 
24U Mclennan J U, plnibr 

Eauutn G A 

242 Walters Frank 

242iy^ White Josj-ph 

24*< Stanley Mrs Margaret 


Luiuiber vard 

Cooper st intersects 
270 Diinlt'ls F C. gro 
272 .larnwiii F A, iilctures 

Vacant lots 
27s Edison Jjiines 
2so Porter Mrs Mary 
2H2 Sullivan (}reg 
2«1 Hong Wnh. Indry 
2M;-2NN McLaughlin J, stair 

2(Ni I^rnioiidrii TlU'ophlle 
2}f.' Vacant 

Homersi't st intersects 
2m Craui Ilobert H 
2!ts-30O O'Connor rtiin Jr, 

conlrs sni»l>'-lL's 
ao2 Vacant 

am Patti r^on Mrs Mflry, drs- 

306 Sandberg O H, shoemkr 
308 War Lung, indry 
31U Martin John S, flour 

Maclarcn st Intfirsects 

Vacant lot 
362 Cluft Francis H, gro 

Vacant store 
364 Daniels Fred, newsdir 
366 McVeigh Peter, newsdir 
358 Gllmour The 
360 Bush Wm H. barber 
.T62 Clult H R, r«tfrlgerator8 

Morrison & Co, bicycles 
364 Sulder W H. drugs 

Ollmour st Intersects 

Vacant lots . 
376 Moodde Thomas 
378 Waller JMward 

Vacant lots 

James street commences 

Vacant lots 
404 Storr John, pntr 

Glbsf)n R M, harnes»mkr 
40ftVii Lawyer Annie, phy 
406 Blrkett Thomas, hdware 
Florince st commences 

V«c«nt lots 
4^ Bnfton Mrs M A, btchr 
426-8 Bate & Co. gros 
430' Elliott C (i, livery 
432 Rh'key I B. barber 
434 Vacant 

Ann st Intersectsi 

Private grounds 
442 Pratt W F. phy 

Rlckev Isaac 
444 Morln Agnus 

Vacant lots 

Mcljeod st Intersects 

Vacant lot 
478-80 Horner Rev B O 

Holiness Era 
482 Vacant store 

Flora st commencea 

Vacant lots 
498 Truman Wm R 
602 Elliott Rev James 
CM Fisher Alexander 

Archtttald st commences 

518 Burftou Mrs Mary A 
530 Watt K W. coal oil 

524 Vacant 

525 Ki-hoe Wm 

5;<0 Kehoe Mrs Rose A 

Catherine st lnters(;ets 
538 HUilth Ma reus 

Private grounils 
650 Mlson Frederick 
662 Viiennt 

C A It crossing 
666 OtI sheds 

570 HIckey JnnieM. mkt gdnr 
Ulckey Thonuis. mkt 

gdnr. rear 
Market gardens 
612 Satchell Charles F 
014 Vn<'nnt 

Patterson's ere«'k crosses 
Vacant lots 

Mutcbmor Driving Park 
8rd Avenue Intersects 

Vacant lots 

4th Avenue Intersects 
834 Nicholson Tliomas 

Vacant lots 

Mutchmor st Intersect* 
Vacant lots 
904 Dalgllsh James A 
910 Ma<-Lean Alexander 
Private grounds 

Centre st lnters«.'cts 

964 Protestant Home fur tb« 
Aged. W E De Rlncy, 
Private grounds 
1010 O'Leary Henry 
1012 Vacant 

Tacka'l)erry av commence* 
1018 Dawson Walton 
1020 Hennessey George F 
1022 Tapi) Attdrcw P 

lUd^'au canut 

BARRETT, runs south from 
tt4 Murray to Clarence, first 
east of Sussex, By W«rd 

Bast Side 

Yard and stables 
Hotel, s e 

West Side 

2 Shop, a e 

■- Hotel, bar entrance 

6 Vacant 

Yard and sheds 
20 Starrs Michael 
Store, s e 

BAY, runs south from Ot- 
tawa River to Isabella, In- 
tersecting Welllngiou at 
385, VlcKirla and Welling, 
ton Wards, 

East Side 

L>uu>lM>r vard 

Wellington st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Sparks st Intersecls 
Vacant lots 

Queen st lnterse<>t« 
130 Vacant 

Private- grounds 
146 Kennedy Henry, I'ontr 
House, s e 

Albi>rt st Intersecls 
House, s e 
170 Dunbar John II ■, , 
181 Currle Jhiocs 
IK'l McKeilar Neil 

186 Siiroule Mrs Emily 

187 Fowler George A 

Slater st Intersecls 
180 Cherry Mrs A K 
101 Vai>(int 




682 to 640 WeUington St. 

The SUN Lifes:^::;^! 

[Offlee, Russell House Block 
24. 8PARK8 8T. 

■V '. 


fc ;.;? 




ae M 

lA ^«i 

J 15 

.'J •£ 

il;:^ «« 

'Is |5 

H o« 

b (t 













Beech wood Av 

Private grounds 
106 Stanford Thomas 

Private grounds 
203 Kt-nley Mrs Bertha 
206 BreiiDiiii John R 

Vacant lot 

Mnrln st Intersects 
Unfinished houses (3) 
227 Cowan John 

A laue 
288 DAOust Joseph 
231 L<ane John 

Lane Miss N, drsmkr 
293 Vacant 
286 Vacant 

237 Durniid Alexander 

238 Cbong Long, Indry 

Gloucester st Intersects 

Private erounds 
249 Laughrcn Wm 
26t O'Connor James 

258 Starrs Mrs Mary 

Starrs E^dward, express 

Vacant lots 

Nepean st Intersects 
269 Gladu J CaniJIle, btchr 
271 Whlttj John P 
273 Ferrlman Wm J 
277 Gould Mrs Annie 
279 Wopsley John, putr 
Vacant lots 

Llsgur 8t Intersects 
293 Shea John C, sro 

290 Hoollhnn Harrleon D 
801 Murray John A 
803 Gardner Wm 
3U5 MncEwiiM Mrs B 
307 Robb John 
sue Lyon Joseph 

Cooper st Intersects 
811 House, a e 
813 Grimes Thomas J 
815 nalgllsh John C 
Vacant lot« 

Somerset s Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Maclaren »t Intersects 
Unflnlahed house 
Vacant lots 

Gllmour si Intersects 
Vacant lots 

James st Intersects 
House, 8 e 
Private grounds 
House, « e 

Florence st Intersects 
Factory, s e 

Ann st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
J5IV7 Lester Albert 
609 Stewart Mrs C R 

Stewart Miss L, mu«tchr 
618 Blnkw George 
Vacant lots 

McLeod st Intersects 
Not open tu Isabella 

West Side 

Lumber vard 

A lane 
Factory. » e 
Wellington st Intersects 

House, s e 
106 Smyth Wm J 
108 Mead Frederick 
110 Emend Jean Bte 

Private grounds 

Sparks st Intersect 

Private grounds 
136 Wlckstced G W 

Queen st Intersects 
140 Borwley Wm H, 
162 Booth Robert R 
O'Connor Charles 
160 O'Connor Daniel 

Albert st Intersects 
Private grounds 

Slater st Intersects 
House, s e 
206 Caseldy Patrick 
Private grounds 
214 Curmn James 

Maria st Intersects ' 
220 Store, s e 

Private erounds 
230 Sedvall Eric 
232 Blood Robert, contr 
234 Cannon John 
2.S6-8 St Aniand Iveon, gro 

Gloucester st Intersects 

Private erounds 
246 Bovllle Thomas C 
262 Bruce John, contr 

Private erounds 

Xepean st Intersects 
House, « e 
Private grounds 
278 Drake John 
280 Perreault Alfred 

Perreault Miss A, dress- 
262 Morgan James 
284 Kllleen Mrs Ellzaibetb 
Orange Miss E & M, 
drsmkrs 9 

288 Taylor Roibert 
290 Monette Oslas 

LIsgar st Intersects 

Store, » e 
206 Agar George 
298 Bishop Wtn H 
300 Hnyden Joseph 

Hayden Mrs Mary A, 
302 Kgan Mrs B, nurse 

Flowelling Thomas O, 
mus tchr 
304 Talbot Mrs 8 A 
306 l/eslle George H 
308 McAdam James S 

Cooper st Intersects 

310 Evans Frederick A 
ai2 Rnhertfton David 
314 Brennau John 
316 Atklufion Thoipas B 

820 G'Bellly Tlios E, briek 

Vacant lot 
344 Lannan Michael J 

Private grounds 

Somerset st Intersects 
880 Molloy Michael 

Private grounds 
9S6 Oarwardlne Wm. H 
800 Stearns James H 

Vacant lots 
870 Foster Albert B 
872 At<buckle Mrs S E 

Maclaren st Intersects 
400 Ferguson Miss C, gro 
402 Ferguson Duncan M 

Private grounds 
406 Sipence Henry T 

Private grounds 
Gllmour st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
486 McGrall Thomas 
486 Black Wm G 

James st Intersects 
442 Phlllon Alphonse N 
444 Goold Ocll C, elec 
446 €(almon J Henry 
448 Curran Wm 
450 MacOraken J S, lumber 
House, s e 

Florence st Intersects 
House, s e 
Dey's Skating Rink 
Dey Edwin P 

Ann st Intersects 

512 Hollister Nelson, bidr 
Vacant 'ots 

McLeon st Intersects 
Not open to Isabella 

south from Gllmour to 
Lewis, first west of EUgIn, 
Gentral Ward. 

Not built on 

northeast from St Pat- 
rick's Bridge to city limits, 
nideau Ward. 

Bast Side 

Olarkston Village 

West Side 

C P R crossing 

Creighton st ends 
Vacant lots 

MacKay st ends 
Vacant lots 
Springfield rd commences 

Moreau Mrs E, gro 
Martel Joseph 
Vacant lots 
Barnabe F X 
Douglas av commences 
Landry David 

C. B, f AbljAnl & bUJ?l, ^rtfu°.f;th« ^^ ,„,, ^ ^,„i„^ g^, 

LarffMt and Most Compltt* Uit 
of ProptPtlet for S«l«, BxolHUic* 


Cepchwdod Av 

I^ngevln av commence 
Dulblen Alphonse 
Faulkner George 
Poirler Pierre 
Denault BTistacne 

Latii'icr av commence 
Giroux Pierre 
V;ir,int lots 

Chap'eau av commence 
Vacant lots 
Butternut Ter commenc* 
Vacant lots 

rbLL. runs south from S 
ertet first east of Dlvlrt 
frclty limits, thlrdjj 
of Concession, Dalhoi 

{list Side 

Vacant lots „ ^ i 
jB Edge James H, shoei 
83 Mabeu Henri 

Private grounds 
SO White C*arleB 

Private grounds 
49 McLaughlin James 

A la: 
K) Huson George B 
59 Booth James 
63 Vacant 

Vacant lo's 
TS Perran!* George 
Prlva'. ^ » ■ 8 

81 Walsh 

< ; U en 

96 Briseboiis Jean Bte 

97 Hyndman Robert 
99 Orange John 

Vacant lot 
113 Vllleneuve Henri 

Vacant lot 
123 Charter Wm H 
127 8t Germain Arthur 

Vacant lots 
1,S3 Lemlen: David 
135 Brooks Joseph N 
U9 Burke D&nlel 

Store a e 

E>mlly st en 
161 Mc^Blroy Edwin 
166 Lee Mrs Mary 

Private grounds 
17B Windsor George B 

Private grounds 
189 Martin Patridi 
IflS O'Leary Oornellus 
197 Evanson George A 

Private grounds 
20(t Mendles Bernard 
206 Obambers Thomas J 
SU Alexander Thomas 

Private grounds 
219 Hand Edward 
221 Glover >Bdw, btchr 
22fi tramman Wm, woo<: 

Private grounds 
231 Olauson Robert T 

Mi Sherwood Metti 

IMvate grounds 
269 Bayly Archer 

Private grounds 
27.') Johnston Roibert J 
277 Glover Edward 


lirM. MASON & SONS ^'"•~'"" ^'"*^' ^"^^'^ ^^ 

null IlinwviV «» WVIIW Shinvlam. DmibmI Lumlmr. »4n. 

Shingles, Dretsad Lumber, Etc. 

Dt'pchwiiod Av. 




I^ngevln av commences 

Dublen Alpbon«e 
Faulkner George 
polrler Pierre 
Decault EuBtacbe 

Laui'i^'* av commences 
Giroux Pierre 
\;ir„nt lots 

Cbap'eau av commences 
Vacant lots 
Butternut Ter commences 
Vacant lots 

rBIjL, runs south from Som- 
erset, first east of Division, 
to cltT limits, third west 
of ConcesAion, Dalhoosle 

{|B9t Side 

Vacant lots 
2!) Ed»;e Jam«6 H, shoemkr 
8;t Maheu Henri 

Private grounds 

80 Wlilte Charles 
Private grounds 

40 MeLaughlln James 

A lane 
K) Huson George B 
5ft Booth James 
63 Vacant 

Vacant lo's 
73 Perrau!' "eor^e 

Privav ^ .v» 

81 Walsh . 

C ; : I U ends 
S6 Brtseboiri ^ean Bte 
07 Hjrndman Robert 
00 Orango John 

Vacant lot 
113 Vllleneuve Henri 

Vacant lot 
123 Charter Wm H 
m St Germain Arthur 

Vacant lots 
i;S Lemleus David 
135 Brooks Joseph N 
m Burke D&niel 
Store B e 

E>mlly St ends 
161 Md^lroy Bdwln 
166 Lee Mrs Mary 

Private grounds 
179 Windsor George B 

Private grounds 
18» MarUn Patrick 
m O'Leary ODrnellus 
107 Evansou George A 

Private grounds 
20(t Mendles Bernard 
205 Ohambers Thomas J 
ill Alexander Thomas 

Private grounds 
210 Hand Edward 
221 Glover >Bdw, btchr 
22fi ITamman Wm, wood 

Private grounds 
231 01au«on Robert T 

Mt Sherwood Meth Gb 

Private grounds 
260 Bayly Archer 

Private grounds 
275 Johnston Roibert J 
277 Glover Edward 

Vacant lot 

CAB crosslns 

201 Vacant 

Tresidder G O R, artist, r 
Vacant, rear 

288 Prltchard Mrs Marg 
a06 Donovan Dennis 
287 Sole W Henry 

209 Haryett Mrs Bnisabeth 
271 Oleary Tbomas, bldr 

278 McCallan Mrs Martha 
275 Johoston Roibert J 
27S% Murvhy Wm A 

279 Murphy Mrs Bridget 
Private grounds 

286 Gowan John 

289 Fowler Fred, gro 
298 Gemmlll Archibald 
286 Moodle Robert 
806 Byrnes Jame« 

809 Gulgnard John A 

Private grounds 
316 McDonald Donald 
819 Russell Nathaniel 

Private grounds 
827 Larden Alfred J 

Private grounds 
835 Smith Sidney J 
837 Latham George 
839 Gauthlcr Frank 

I'liflnlHhed house 
848 Wilson Juhu 
846 I^afleur Alexandre 

Vacant lot 

Ernest st ends 

377 Olarey Wta R. plstr 

Privntp grounds 
386 Cbuudler Samuel R 

Vacant lot 

McLean st ends 
Vacant lots 

West Side 

10 Primrose Bicycle Clufb 

St Lnke'« Church 
20 Howe George 
28 Bvoy Wm 
28 O'Halloran John 
82 Garden John 
M Bothwell Mrs Mary 
88 Vacant 
40 Horan John 
tf-44 Barr Mrs Annie, gro 

Secies st c'vnMuences 
46 liltohell John, gro 
48 Hall Wm 
64 Jones Wm 

Private grounds 
00 Sitearns Braatns 
84 Huson Miss Jennie 

Private grounds 
82 Woods Henry 
84 Heatherton Mrs A 
80 Powers John 

Private grounds 
90 BMwardis Mrs Ann 

Private grounds 
104 Edwards EMward T 
Vacant lots 
6oi>hta st commences 
Store, 8 e 
146 Jarris Louis 
160 McLennan Duncan 

Private i^rounds 
1B8 Scott David 
100 Burnside Thomas 

Private grounds 
174 Vacant 

180 Blshopbrick E T, black- 
smith . 
184 Aldridge Alfred 

Private grounds 
Loulst st commences 
204 Oowan Alfred 
210 Gordon Janiea 
214 Rielly George 
218 Caiopbell Jataes 
2S0 Vacanit 

Vacant lot 

Munroe st commt^uces 

Store, s e 

I'rivate grounds 
248 Arkley James 

Raymond st co)iiiuences 
260 McOnnn Thos B. gro 
264 Leslie Mrs Sanih 

OAR crossing 
Elisabeth st commences 
Vacant lots 
Henry st commences 
Bell at school 
Hill Wm J 
Bllodeau Philippe 
Giirran James 
Smith Wm 

City llnUts 

BESSSRER, runs east from 
the Central Station to Ri- 
deau River, first south of 
Rideau, St. George's Ward. 

North Side 

Central Station (C A R) 
3 Gov't stores 
Clarke Patrick 
John Savage, agt 
Burgess J A, rest 
Ottawa Transfer Co, br 

Canal st ends 
Bear entrances 

Sussex st intersects 

Hotel, s e 

Rear entrances 
86 Stethem Mrs Phoebe 

Rear entrances 
4S Wright ft Co, cement 

Mosgrove st intersects 

Rear entrances 
07 Heaphey Michael J 
69 dark John McD 

A lane 
78 Jolicoeur Mederic 
75 Wilson Herbert W 
77 Hall James H 

88 McNulty John J 
86 Montgomery Robt S 

Rear entrance 

Store, s e 

Nicholas st Intersects 

100 Desloges Napoleon 

118 Bhiger Alexander 

116 Blanchfleld Wm 
Blanchfleld Mrs A, bdg 

117 Bellemare Antolne 




PHRENOLINE kidney & oyer pills 




1 i n 

iii i 

■^6 A I ,*' ir i ^ ^ Mr 

■ i tl^ 1. hM\ 

■.»^-!- ft* 




I II ll 



1 Fii 


S ' til 


'i : 


..■i * 




* !, 






Bank St 


B-s le 



IIQ Cooney Edward 
123 iRuasell KobPit 
125 BurnH Jnia s 
127 Grand Edward 
12fl MfKar John 
131 ORellly Janw-s H 

Rear entrances 
145 Hoherty Daniel, pntr 

Lumber yard 

Waller st Intersects 
Convent, r e 
169 Bott George 

Convent grounds 

Cumberland ?• lersects 

Private gro. lids 
197 Roy Oliarlej 
201-205 Hoggard George 
soda water 

Rear entiancfJ* 
217 D'AnteuU Xoi'bert G 
228 Fott8 Joseph 
225 Downle John 
22'* Slater Mrs Bridget 
220 Iliff Samuel 
2Sl PIttaway Henry 
233 Fraser George 

Eastern Metb Church 

King St Intersects 

Shop, s e 

251 N-ldivltch Solomon 

25.1 Vacant 

Private grounds 

263 FItzs'mmons VVni 

2<;" Bott Charles J 

271 Ward George V 

273 Lestor Rlclinrd 

.^7T> Howard Jiihn C 

281 Paynter Mrs Mary A 

2S3 Snow Alfred T 

287 Plnster Henry J 

201 Lyons John, contr 
Private gionnds 
Dallev Mleliael E 
X gh!l;;gale Mrs Eliz 

XeNon st Intersects 
TuTley James* W 
Private grounds 
Hin Keimy T Wm 
.119 Irvine Wm J 
.^2."? MoDoiigal Mrs Mary 
325 Hay Miss f.onlsa 
377 Hackliind Mrs Ellen 
329 llevlln Charles A 
338 Devlin Ricliiinl M 

Frld st Intersects 

Priviite grounds 
361 Pope Josi ph 
,mi Baron Lieut-Oil Thomas 
365 Gi av( I'e Ol vie r 
3«7 Hackett Mrs M J E F 


House, s 

Ohapel st lniersect» 

Private grounds 
41fi Ogilvy James 
419 Caddy J St V. survyr 

Privnte grounds 
427 Toy' r Wm 

Private grounds 

Anirusta st Intersects 
I'ri\ate grounds 
461 Cote Isidore 
40{) Maloney Joseph 
450 Oeddes Mrs Jane 



461 Campbell & Sutherland, 

469 Langley James 
473 Amibridge George, Dlar 
477 Macdonald (Charles A 
4S1 DoyJe Michael H 

Oobourg 9t intersect* 

Private grounds 
493 Duval Mrs Isabelle 

Private grounds 
601 Gliddon Wm 
505 Gallagher Frederick 

Private grounds 
513 WooUcombe Frederick 
615 Grist John 

Private grounds 
Charlotte st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
Wurtemberg st IntrTsects 
5f^ Sutherland Andrew 
587 MacLaren IWbert 

Vacant lots 
593 Sutherland A M, broker 

Vacant lots 
.599 Regan Miss Jane 

Private grounds 
603 Unflnlshtd bnllding 

South Side 

Central Station yard 
8-10 Nlcolet House 

Sussex st Intersects 

Private grounds 
22 La vole Jean M 
ai Cardinal Eugene 
26-28 Woodland Richard 

Luinher yard 
38 Woo<lland R, leather 

Government Dry Dock 
.'H-.56 Vi<'forla House 

Mosgrove st Intersects 
.58 Rose Frederick 
60 Clarke Rev. J W 
62 Amiable Wm J 

64 Striinur John 

06 Manii Mrs Emily 

65 Pnyne Edward 
70 Dial Wni G 

72 OHr'e!" Michael 
74 Baldwin S Win H 

Mill lane coninieucee 
80 .Small John 
82 Crooks Samuel 
84 Hand Thomas 
86 Bergniiin Erik 
R8 Brown Alexander 
!K» Cliiipni.'in Wm H 
Hotel, s e 

Xlcliolns st Intersects 

Store, s e 
106 Thomson Allan 
112 liiini'to Frederick 
116 Baldwin John X 

A lane 
120 Cundell George 
124 Fire Station No .'1 
126 Alexander Mrs Martha 
Alexander Miss Martha 
128 Sloan Tliomas 
130 Thomson John 

A lane 
134 Harvey Hhadrach 

136 Vacant 

138 C«ulfleld Mrs CatherlnA 
140 Price Georae 
14»*M[ Hughes Mrs Maiy 
142 Anblchon Napoleon 
144 Cloutler Eugene 
House. 8 e 

Waller st Intersects 

House, s e 

Private Krounds 
164 Clancv John 
166 St John Francis 

St John Misses A \ T 
168 Mlllalre Napoleon 
170 Halllday Geo, blksnith 

Halltday Sam, wgnniUr 

178 Armstrong Mn, Caro!ln<> 

Private irrounds 
184 Armstrong George C 
186 Smith John 
190 Ingram John 
1112 Beiitty Miss Kate 

Cumberland st Intersects 

Store. 8 e 
196 Lennox Georare 
198 McLean Archibald 

A lane 
20t Cote Alfred 
206 Traversy Mrs Amanda 
aos Fletcher John 
210 Way Mrs Jemima 
212 Westwick Thomas 

A lane 
216 Robertson John, contr 
218 Jnmleson Robert, bkr 

Private grounds 
228 McCoy Wm J 
2.30 Maloney James 

Private grounds 
242 BIyth Alexander 
244 Currier Thomas W 

King st Intersects 

House, s e 
254 Cunnlnghum James 
256 McMillan Alexander 

Private erounds 

Nelson st Intersects 

Richard Alfred H 
Latimer James 

Private grounds 
McDougal (' K. ry coutp 
Powell Arthur 
Farmer Douglas McL 

Welch Cl'arU'K. i-oofer 
Wnodlmrn A S 
Ki>rr T)awson 

A lane 
Housi". !< u 

Friel st Intersects 
House, 8 e 
White Frederick 
Private grounds 
King Robert P 
Private grounds '»' 

Chapel st Intersects 
Private grounds 






jAfl prslaurlers Isidore 1 
Jm poll Alfred A 
S2 Pislaurlera Isidore 1 
^ L:iiul»ert James T 
Augusta st Intersec 

H "Use, 8 e 
45c ciiarbonneau Louia 
iai Morse Charles 
Ju c.lnian Mrs Mary C 
^ ^ aennt 

Vacant lots 

Cobourg st Interset 
i(4 riillUps Arthur T 

I'rlvate grounds 
Uf^ Vacant 
504-00 Webster & Co, ml 

( harlotte st Interse4 
'.a cant lots 
V.nitcmberg st intersci 
Vacuut lots 
JOS. \ acaut 

i; NcaiAM SQ, (foru 
V icalfe 8(1), Juuctio 
Sussex and Dalhi 
tjli-.ets, Ottawa Ward. 

^•„rtll side 

Vacant lots 
15 Kecifer Mrs Grace 
;io .MacCraken John I 

Private grounds 

gouili Side 

Piling ground 
20 Vacant 
22 Glroux Joseph 
I'iling ground 

south from upposit 
'I'lieoilore to Ann E. 
(ieorge's Ward. 

East Side 

Nut built on 

West Side 

Vacant lots 

Kealy Mrs Mary 

Vacuut lota 

Osgoode st Inters 

Vacant lots 

Somerset st e Interst 

Vacant lots 

Templeton st Inters 

Vacant lots 

Krltch Ferdinand 

Vacant lots 
Ann st (city llmlt8)lntei 

BOIiTON, runs east 
the Ottawa River 1 
Uldeau River, cr^ssJn 
sex at a65. fifth nortl 
Patrick. Ottawa Wi 

North SIrle 

River bank 

{'• iv T 




iMt Quality, WheltMi* and l(»tail. gPtMllkS. 



Jarvis' Photos are the Best. 





irtfl prsliiurlers Isidore N 
TS) li:n!i Alfred A 
22 l)i'slnurlt!-ra Isidore T 
J34 L:iiul>Hrt .Inmes T 

Augusta St Intersects 

H ■ns*'. 8 e 
4,10 (iiiu'bonneau Loula 
4(j(i Morse Charles 
KU Colnian Mrs Mary O 
KK) A a<;nut 

Vacant lots 

Coboiirg 8t Intersects 

4(4 riillUps Arthur T 

I'rlvate ttrouuds 
5(y Vacant 
5(14.30 Webster & Co, mica 

Charlotte st intersects 
".ncaut lots 
V.'iiitcmberg st Intersects 
^'acaut lots 
eOti' \ acaut 

£iN(ilIAM SQ, (formerly 
M' icalfe m>> Junction of 
Susses and Dalhousle 
BiD'ets, Ottawa Ward. 

Ncirtli Side 

Vacant lots 
15 Kectfer Mrs Grace 
;fo .MticCrakeu John I 

Private srounds 

Souili Side 

rillnK firouud 
20 Vacant 
22 Giroux Joseph 

ruinic Kruund 

BLACKBrUN AV., runs 
south from opposite 385 
'llifodore to Ann E. St 
(HMirtfc's Ward. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

Vacant lot« 

Kciily .Mrs Mary 

Vacuut lots 

Osg<H)de *it lutcrsecta 

Vacant lot* 

Somerset st e Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Templeton st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Krltch Ferdinand 

Vacant lots 
Ann st (city Ilmlts)lnter8ect8 

ItOLTON, run« east from 
tho Ottawa River to the 
Uldeau Hlver, cr6a«lng Sus- 
Bcx nt Wn, fifth north of St 
I'airick, Otta\N-fl Ward. 

North Skh» 

Elver bank 

3 Hatte Antoine, boats 
Private crounds 

Susse.^ Ht Intersects' 
Store, 8 e 
Private grounds 
33 Henderson Jpseph 
37 Raneer Alfred 
30 Gossellu Zc'pherlu 
41 Latour Joseph O B 
43 Trudeau I'lerre A 
47 Campbell Thomu'S 
53 Harris Rober'- u 
67 GaKuoii Eusebe 
50 Martlneau Mm Julie 
W St I'lerre Eueene 
(JO Lalonde A Napoleon 
71 Merder Alfred 
73 I^!roc(iue Alphonse 
77 Forder Jeau lUe 
70 niarlebols Andre, bldr 
85 Charlebols Wilfrid 
87 r^'vetjue Mrs Isabel 
03 I>eplne Joseph 
Oo Gorman Thomas M 
97 Laird Mrs M, drsmkr 
90 Stringer Thomas 

lOJ Maloney I'atrlck 
Piling ground 

127 McCann James 

120 Monaghan .Mrs Mary 

135 Cameron Donald 
Store, s e 

I>alhouslc st Intersects 
145 House, is e 

Private jtrouuds 

Vacant lot 
108 O'Brien Thomas 
166 Jordan Mrs Sarah 

Private grounds 
171 Vallquette Frank 
l~li MeFwen Jniiies 

Private trrounds 
170 Arlal .Mrs Adeline 
185 S»ilth John 
l«t> Stirling Wm 
1»1 Rwlale Wni 
H» I.ittlctleld Frauds 
107 Prnd'homme Eu^eue 
190 Joly Emlle 
20;< Mc(}()vern Mrs Mary 
211 Belanger Napoleon 

Ottawa Ward Primary 

Cumberland at Intersects 

H')uiM). a e 
241 Mullln Patrick 
243 Jublnvllle Napoleon 
245 Kal:.vHlo Jos<*pb 

Private irroujids 
253 Beriibu Ernest C 
267 Cotteu Mrs Ellsa 

Cottee Nathan, carpet 

King st IntersectB 
House, « e 9 

281 Maroney John 
Private xronnds 

South Bide 

River bank 
6 Ratte Antoine 

Sussex Bt Intersects 
Hotel, 8 e 
82 Leifet)vre Jean Bte 
34 Malloy James 

36 Smith James 
38 Bedard niarles 
42 Mat ton Oiies'ime 
44 Auger Joseph , 

46 Polrler I-.erre 
S2 Ivcwls F I'atrU'k 
54 Lepage Jean Bte 
56 Prunean Mrs Melvjna 
60 nion Albert 
66 Fortler Luclen N 
70 Rlcard TTrgel 
72 Archambiult J Bte 
74 Dutpiet Joseiph 
76 Peterson Benjamin 
78 Lafrancc Horace 
80 Barry Albert 
82 Alain Cyrlllc 
84 Gauthlet Rrn st 
86 Dugal n Arthur 
90 Stringer Mrs Mary 
06 Camipeau Joseph 
08 Deschamps J Bte. gro 
100 Desjardlns Molse 

Vacant lots 

Dalhousle st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
160 Richard Alfred D 
168 Robinson f^oiils, bldr 
170 Laflamme Napoleon 
172 Lnpage Cbarlec 
174 Boldnc Mrs Delimn 
176 Roy Joseph 

Private ground* 
210 Jubiiivllle Oregoire 

Vacant lots 

Cumberland st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Cat heart sq 
House, 8 e 
250 Turpln Jean Bte 
262 Turpln Hllalre 
254 Denis Zotlnuc 
256 Ethler Ovilo ' 

Private ground* 

King st Intersects 

Private grounds 
278 Lacrolx Oharles 

Private srouiid* 
280 Mourler Slarlus 
290 kellcraare TlieoDhlle 

Vacant lots 

RIdeaii River 

BOTRLIER, runs east from 
2.'{7 SusKtx to Uldeau River, 
sixth north of St Patrick. 
Ottawa WmiiI. 

North Side •. 

House, H e 
Vacant lots 
45 f'uwcns John 
Vacant lots 
Railway grounds 
WelfTh 8<'ales 
Lumto'^r piles 

Dalhousle st lntsrs«cts 

Store, 8 e 
115 Mereler Atiguwtln 
121 Gau+reau Pierre 

Oauvreau Mis* A, dress- 
maker , 

Lumber yard . :^ 

135 Ollmm Stephen 
137 Wallln Johan A 



menu I ICC I Po'ioiM are WORLD-WIDE M to iMidMMtaqdTraML 
0U|1 HrC[jQ|n| B, n£|p^ Manager, Eaiteni Ont ario; 

i* J Tl.l.l^^— amw%trvtrwijf ^^i^i^iVA 







139 Brown Jprcinlah 

143 Bedard Antolne 

^ 149 Vallquette F X 

>» . In 165 Lamontaerne J Bte 




1 1. 

f 1 




lOT Menlsh George 

150 Lefelbvre Joeepb 

161 Stapley Benjamin 

163 De la Durantaye Henri 

165 Smith Jo6«ph 

leS) Whyte John T G 

167 Hickey Patrick 

Private srouiida 

Store, » e 
Ci:m'berland »t Interract* 
187 Richer Joseph r-'> 
195 Gauvreau Jeai' i 
199 Klender Cha 1 
206 HoeftmaiiR H- a 
227 Ward Joseph 

King St Intersects 
Honse, s e 
229 Telller Charles 

Vacant lots 

South Side 

House, 8 e 
10 Damphousse F V, cahB 
16 Ambrose John 
16% Le\'llaln Mrs Margaret 
18 McElroy Thomas 
22 McEIroy \Vm 
24 Mulroney Thomaa 
26 Cboquette Charles 
30 Kane John 

32 McGilUcuddy J, mus tcAir 
38 Pruneau Telesphore 
40 Doris John 
42 Watters Wm W 
46 Smith George 
60 Laflamm« Mlas M J 
S6 Galbralth John 
58 Valin Zeiphrein 
60 Couvrette Horace 
62 Usher John 
Lum>ber yard 

Dalsousle st intersects 

Vacant lots 

Unfinished house 

Vacant house 
124 Bingham Henry 
128 O'Malley Mrs Catherine 
130 Klloran James 
132 O'Brien Mrs Mary 
134-136 Lortle Mrs Marie 
142 Vacant 

144 McGiUicuddy John 
162 JubinTllie Gregoire, exp 
166 Mayette Felix 

Private grounds 
198 St George James H 
174 MoStravick John 
176 Murray John 
178 Murray Francis 
180 McDonald Philip 

Vacant lots 

Onmiberland st iv ersecta 
188-100 Store, s e 
106 Landriau Alexandra 
198 Wells Daniel 
200 Roger John 
9MM Gmralean David 
202 Banlne Joaepb 
204 Beauvais Octave 
206 Thibeau Pierre 
210 Hotte Simon 

213 Gronlz Napoleon 

214 Tumbrldge Joseph H 

216 Evans Mrs Jane 

220 Oyr Joseph 

226 Lacroix 'Sustache 

King fit Intersects 
House, B e 
Vacant lots 

Rideau River 

BRIDGE (Lo Breton Plata), 
runs south fr'vm the Un- 
ion Bridge tc Albert, Vic- 
toria and Dalhousle Wards. 

Bast Side 

Booth stables 
Lumber yard 
47 Parr J A, pinning mill 
G N W Tel Co (branch) 
Head st intersects 
89 O P R Go's Tel (branch) 
01 McKay Milling Co, mil- 

McKay flour mill 
O E Ry Oo's power hse, 

Chaudlere Slide Bridge 
Middle st ends 
Lumber yarde 

Montreal st ends 
CAB lumber traclra 
OAR freight office 
(Chaudlere Diviaion) 

Britannia st intersects 
161 American House 
Private ground* 

Duke st commences 

107 Armstrong J & P, carri- 
age mkrs 

Private gromida 
200 Lapensee Charles 
211 Dempsey Wm 

Harvey Wm P 
213 Walker Mrs Mlia.bdf hs 
217 Stratton James, bog 
210 Graves Mrs Jane, gro 
223 Laderoute Antolne 
226 Gauthler Honore 

Sproule George 
281 Mason Alexander 
236 Vacant 

Store, s e 

Queen st intersects 

263 Store, a e 

266 Beauchamp Honore 

287 Banks Wm 

Ma.v James 

Private grounds 
263 Cote Pierre 

Page Albert 

266 Enriirht Joseph 
Bourgeois Joaeiph 

267 Birch Josepli 
260 Dolau Philip 
271 Sonliere Joseph 

273 Oloutier Mrs Henriette 
275 Howard Wni 
277 Kennedy John 

279 Lemoine Mrs Sllzabetta 
281 McLennan James 

283 Eastman Dennis 
28R Tremblay Loola 
287 Sauve Oneslme 

Sauve Misa A, dramkr 

280 Clement Joseph 

Clement Mrs A, frnlta 

201 Jean Charles ^ 
Jean Mrs- A, fruits 

Ottawa st intersects 
296 Souliere Janvier 
Private grounds 
Water works baalu 

CAR crossing 
Vacant iota 
House, B e 

West Side 

Booth J B, saw miii 

Chaudlere st commences 

Lumber waggon yard 

Head st Intersects 
Store houses 
82 Booth J R, lumber 
Mlchou Joseph, rear 
Beau«hamp David, rear 
Booth harness shop, rear 
Fournler Pierre, rear 
Booth wagon shop, rcHr 
82% Vacant 

Union Steam Plre Engine 

House, rear 
Booth blksmltb shop, r 
Chaudlere Slide Brick'e 
Lumber yards 

Oregon st commences 

Luml)er yards 
102 Murphy Henry 

Private grounds 
196 Lough Alexander 
200 Souliere Jean Bte 

202 Vacant 

204 Taylor David 

Dom Transport Co 

Private grounds 
212 Rlcihards Wm 
200 Gratton Gedeon 
224 Vacant 

Private grounds 
280 Strachan Wm 
294 McCormick John S 

Pratt Mies A L,mus tobr 
286 Fraser Andrew D 
288 Strachan Wm, hardware 

Queen st w Intersects 

Store, s e 
266 Desruiseeau Achllle 
260 Nichol David, bdg 
262 Shannon James 
264 Vacant 
268 Wood Mrs Ann, wood 

Wilson David 
274 Dewart John 
274% Dewart Joseph 
278 Marsan Godfrey 
282 Foster Robert 
284 Guertin P X 
286 Ladouceur Urgele 
290 Sickman Heniy 

SIckman Mrs R, frui.'a 

Ottawa st intersects 
Store, B e 
Water works basin 

OAR crossing 

Vacant lota 
.S26 Hayes Thomas 
828 O'Neil Alexander 
330 Birch John 
883 Tempi* Mr* BIIes 

Temple Mrs AJzlre 

C. B. TA&&ABT & SON 

Real Estate Agents, Auotioneers, etc. 
Tet. 703 Cor. Bank A Weltington Sts 



«i Briiwn Thomaa 
M« Miller Maurice 

Vai-ant lota 

Store, 8 e 

Wellington s 

hBITAN'NIA, runs soul 
egst from 159 Bridge 
Queen street w, Vlctoi 


Bast Side 

OAR offices, sea 

lumber tracks 
1'/ Go's power hse, ; 

3 (steam station) rea 

West Side 

Hotel, B e 

Aliearn Wm, blksmith 


Private grounds 

4;' Taverna James 
il uoudie Thomas 
46 Craig Thomas 
48 pnid'homme Francis 

PiMid'homme Molse 
BO BollefeuiUe Xavier 
62 Beuaud Narcisse 
M (liidolu Molse 
Sg Aube Mathlas 

Idol lane commence 

84 Vacant 

SB Leger Joseph 

88 MIron Augustln 

90 Dube Antolne 

92 VadnalB Thomas 
Ro8s James 

M liny Mrs Deilma 

9(i Vacant 

98 Vacant 

Konndry, r e 
106 l»nrund Joseph 
108 Hudson John 
110 Mayer Joseph 
112 Fortin Alderic 

Vatant buildings (2) 

BROAD (La Breton Pla 
nnis south from K 
gon to 721 Wellington, 
toria Ward. 

East Side 







St I^uis Henri 
I'otvln Louis 
O'Meara John 
Cope Wni 

iMiford Jean Bte, bd 
Desjardlns Wilfrid, 
Watters Edward 
RouKsel Charles 
Boneiilant Wm 
Joauissv'' CjTiUe 
Lnpointt Leon 
Joanlsse Jean Bte 
Doucet Jenn 
Stafford Patrick 
McWilliame John 
Private grouids 
Hudson Jo&eph 
Raymond PhlHppe 
Vacs at, rear 
notion Alljcrt 

S" Paintings, y 


OR . . 
INB . . 




By Ward Mkt. Sq. 65 

M^ Browu Thomas 
M MlIltT Maurice 

Vacant lot* 

Store, 8 e 

Wellington at 

RglTAXNrA, runs soutli- 
(gjt from 159 Brldgre to 
Queeu street w, Victoria 


Bast Slile 

OAR offices, s e and 

lumber trades 
1/ Go's power hse, No 

3 (steam station) rear 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 

Alieurn Wm, blksmitb 


Private grounds 

i;' Taverna James 
il onudie Tbomas 
46 Craig Thomas 
48 priid'homme Francis 

rnid'homme Molse 
50 BellefeuUle Xavler 
52 lieuaud Narclsse 
Ui (JihIoIu Molse 
58 Aiibe Matblas 

Idol laue commencea 

84 Vacant 

gB Leger Joseph 

gg Miron AuKUStln 

90 Dube Antolne 

92 Viidnals Thomas 
Ross James 

M lio.v Mrs Oellma 

9e \aennt 

98 Vacant 

Konndry, r e 
106 IMirand Joseph 
108 Hudson John 
no Mayer Joseph 
112 Fortln Alderlc 

Vacant buildings (2) 

BROAD (La Breton Plats). 
runs south from 82 Ore- 
gon to 721 Wellington, Vic- 
toria Ward. 

East Side. 





St IjOuIs Henri 
Potvln Louis 
O'Meara John 
Cope Wni 

i>uford Jean Bte, bd» 
Hesjardlns Wilfrid, bag 
VVatters Kdward 
BouKsel Oharlea 
Boneiilant Wm 
Joanlssa Oyrllle 
Lapolnte Leon 
Joanlsse Jean Bte 
Doucet Jenn 
Stafford Patrick 
McWUllame John 
Private grounds 
Hudson Joseph 
Raynioiid Phlllpipe 
Vacant, rear 
r»ofion Alljert 

ftl Morrlssette David 
Gellneau Joseph, r 

98 Vacant 

96 Doford Vital 

97 Vacant 

RoUand Jean Bte, rear 

99 Onellet Brano 
Larlvtere Proapere 

107 An>ert Mra Mary A. 

Private grounds 
113 Mahoney John 
116-119 Vacant (4) 

House, s e 

Queen st w Intersects 

Hotel, a e 
196 ViUeneuve Jos, barber 
137-1S9 Vacant 
141-143 Provost D, liquors 
145 Lavlfne Joseph, rest 
147 Messier S D, baker 

Messier Miss I, mus tchr 
1S3-1S5 Larlgne Leandre, 

Vacant lot 
101-3 Lagassee Zephir, hotel 
165 OhatlUon Arthur, barber 

Labonte Fatolen 
167 Normand M. eating hse 
169 Palace Hotel 

Ottawa St ends 

171-177 Beauchamp Joseph, 

179 EiSclse warehouse 
1791,^ Archambanlt Romnald 

West Side 

C P R grounds 

C P R car sho>ps 

O P R freight sheds 

C P R Depot 

C P B Restaurant 

Warehouse, Rddv 

Corporation weigh scales, 

Henry Brown weigb 

Foss Fredk, weigh elk J 

Butterworth & Oo 

CAR crossing 

BRYSCN, changed to Nor- 
man, Dalhousle Ward. 

runs north from Beech- 
wood av, second east of 
Springfield road, RJde«u 

Not i^dilt ou 

(NEW), runs south from 
York, opposite Ola By 
Ward Market to George on 
the west side of William, 
By Ward. 


1-2 Satchell C F, btchr 
8 Vacant 
4 Orouch H W, cattle dir 

5-6 Robert Edouard, btchr 

7 Oravelle F X & Oo, 


8 Langelois Joseph, fralts 

9 Levinoff H M, btchr 
Corp weigh scales, Geo 

O'Reilly weighntaster 

West Side 

1-2 Lapolnte Molse. fish 

3 Vacant 

4 Vacant 

5 Rofbert 'Edouard, dairy 

6 Pinau Errands, fmlts 

7 Gallagher Bllchael, 


8 Cullen Wm M, fruits 

9 Asber Mrs I, crockery 
Oity Market Inspector's 

Office, R L Hornldge, 

rons north from York to 
Clarence on the west side 
of William, By Ward. 

Sast Side 

B Slattery & Terrance, 

2 Manolson Jacob, btchr 
4-6 Piatt Nathaniel, 

8-12 Tborbahn Herman, 

14-16 Beaucage & RoObillard, 


18-20 Matthews George Oo 

(Limited), ipork btchrs 

22-24 Ouelette Felix, btcbr 

C Bouchard & Bedard, 


West Side 

Al-3-5 Blattery & Ter- 
rance, butchers 
7 Arsenault Jos, btchr 
91II Lachance Napoleon, 

13 Gravelle Molse, btchr 
17 Gravelle Jos, btchr 
19 Gravelle Louis, btchr 
21 Jollcoeur Gleophas, btchr 
23 and D Leclalr Oscar, 

runs south from nS 
Clarence to George, By 

Hast Side 

Old By Ward Market 
York St Intersects 

New By Ward Market 
West Side 

2-8 Wall A CJo, gros 
10-12 Bambrlck John, gro 
14 Kelly Tbos, Stove* 
Hotel, B e 

York St Intersects 
Hotel, s e 
30-32 Ashfield Wm, prodoce 
34 Cottom h Warner, Itar- 

Palntlnff. H« R. SHEPHERD 


87 &nd BO O'CONNOR ST. 










,,.,,,1 s ! i ' i tilB 

N U *K tr n u lit i i^ '' , ■" * ■ 1 / ' .T 

' •; 'i ■ i fc! 1 


. i^• 

f I i 

y- Mil Si : m 

i ■ : 


%i |;l !*f 


Capital Transfer Co. 




'PMOMB ah 

5G E ^ Ward Mkt. Sq. 

NmuI INIse and Stabiii, 


TRY R. H. 



Cniinl Wc-t 

n-lVj BolU'ini Mrs P. barber 
.T<i Hals Mark. i)roauce 
Mno.MasHT Duncan 
38 Dovle imiilel, produce 
SSVi LVinleux Jos. fruits 
40-42 Hraiiklii Tat, i)roduce 
44-4«l McDonald Kenneth, 

axrl Iniplts 
50 Doyle Daniel 
52 Hunter S & Co, produce 
M Hughes John W. produce 
m Hrock Mrs (', fruits 
02 Mt-Donald Kenneth, store 


CAMBRIDOE, runs south 
from Maria to Emily, first 
west of Concession, Dal- 
housle Ward. 

East Side 

A'acant lots 

House, s e 
21 Xiiubert Oneslphore B 
'£< CraiB Wui J 
25 Cheney Joslah V 
27 Olivier Ceor^'e 
29 Brain Thomas, pntr 
33 Hertfolder Henry 
.37 Carvey Martin 
3!» lA'KKett Henry 
41 (lionlnard <iulllanme 
47 Cook Mrs Mary A 
.51 Thomson >li"s Jessie 
Twt Brown Hasty 

House, s e 
I'rimrose st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
75 Siclteaii John 
77 Leplne Nathaniel G 

79 Kiely James 
85 Pownall Wui 

80 Larochelle Norbert L 
91 Thomson John 

flii^ Fulford John 
i>7 Chamberlain Howard 
1(>3 Lynch James 

ITlvate grounds 
111 Booth Mrs Martha 

Private grounds 
110 Charest Autolne 
121 McLaughlin Thos, bldr 
123 Walsh Frederick W 
127 Fitzgerald Edward T 

Vacant lots 
143-145 Shouldls G W, ibkr 

Somerset st Intersects 

Private grounds 
155 Macfarlane Mrs Sarah 

Private grounds 
101 Barr Aaron J 
167 Drake Edwarjl F 

I'rivate grounds 
177 McGee Daniel 

Private grounds 
179 Kells Thomas 
181 Day Samuel 
188 Sinclair James 
185 McQuarrle Wm 
195 MalToy Richard 
197 Hughes Wm 

Private grounds 
213 Page George 
215 Martin Edward 
217 O'Grady Daniel 
2Ca Doyle Martin 

ClirlBti« st IntersectB 

Vacant lots 
2.37 Johnston (leorge A 
230 Hood Robert 
241 <}rant Daniel 
245 Stewart Mrs Margaret 

Vacant lots 
aVJ Shannon Robert C 
205 Pnrtell Mrs Alice 
207 StOHte James K 

Vacant lots 

West Side 

Vacant hits 

04 Bruce George 

Bruce & Fleck, machin- 
ists, rear 

Private trronnds 

I'rimrose st Intersects 
72 Hall Mrs Cath. gro 

Wilson Hugh 
70 Vacant 

7S Shnttuck ^Irs Alice 
SO I'elletler Einrene 
!tO Flatters John H 
02 Phelan John T 
IM Archer Win A 

05 Wright Charles A 
102 Garrett Rev Thomas 
no Sally Wui 

114 Vacant 

110 IJenbow Thomas F 

I'rivate crcmnds 
1.32 Ashfleld James 

A'acant lots 

Somerset st intersects 
152 Dnyle James 
154 Vacant 
156 Petta piece James 
1.5S Welch Charles 
160 Rogers Elllah 
164 Whitton John 
100 Viiffan John 

Private grounds 
17S Hnyner Herman J 
l.SO Langdon George W 
1S2 Jones Mrs H. nurse 
180 .lardlne David 

Vacant lota 
20S Sheahan Peter 
210 Bralthwalte Wm H 

Vacant lots 

Christie st intersects 

Vacant lots 
240 Dunse John 
242 C/oIe Mrs Jessie 

Vacant lots 

OAXAT. EAvST. runs sonth- 
eaut from foot of locks to 
Dufferln Bridge, St George 

East Side 

Vacant ground 
51 Northwest Mounted Po- 
lice stores 
Deslaurlers Louis F 
Vacant ground 

West Side 

Ridean Canal 

O^Sfkli ROAD, rung west 
■from Bank to Concession 
at southerly city limits, 
Wellington waTd. 

North Side 

Rogers Francis 
McCloy Robert. i„kt 
Lacelle F X 

South Side 

Not built on 

OAXAL WEST, runs ^outh- 
east from foot of ('anal 
locks. Victoria .tihI Cpq. 
tral Wards. 


Bast side 

Ottawa Rowlufc' ''lub 
Mllltia storehouNf 
53 Smallwood Samuel 

Auclair Francis 
Caiuil Toll OlHce 
Farley James K. lollec- 


Wellington st and Sii|)|icrs 

105 Vacant 
171 Curran Wm 

Curran Miss 1., mu, 

Vacant lot 
1S5 Bate H X & Sons, whole- 
sale gros 

Lake of the Wo(i(l> Mm. 
Ing Co 
Capital Freight Llm. 
Ottawa Forwarding Co 
Harris (J A. coal 
Government .wood yurd 
Coal sheds 

West Side 

Government LU'otrlo 

Light Station 
Wellington st comracncPs 
Siparks st com me hops 
158 .\nderson Robert, elect 
160 ReifTenstein Geo C, ins 

Piuhey & Co, brokers 
162 Chltty & Thompson, com 

Russell House, s e 
168 Freehold Assn of Ottawa 
Bristol Iron Co, The 
Magee Charles, real est 
170 Vacant 

Unfinished 'buildings 

Queen st coimnenceg 
Police Court, s e 
Fire Hall, s e 

Albert st commences 


Slater st commences 

Corporation weigh scales 

Coal sheds 

Maria st commences 

Cartler square 

House. B e 

Drill Hall. T J Benbow, 

Ottawa Lawn Tennis 

Collegiate Inctltuti' 


Llsgar st commences 
Canal Reserve 



runs • T 
'tram i-aTt ergon's Cree 
c2S?es»!on. Intersac 
^"^ „Mr 687, third St 
?<• Patterson's Creek, < 
•^r Hud Welllnj 

jlot built on 

rABLIN''' AV., runs ^ 
from Concession to T\ 
„ semnd south of O 
trai-'k. Palhousle Ward. 

Uortli Side 

Store. 8 e 
13 Sclnirf John 
15 Bennett John MeK 
23 Pavniiam Alfred 
81 Ford Mrs Annie 

ftrnth side 

30 O'Connor Mrs Alice 

OABTTER. runs south t 
I/lwrar to city limits, 
past of Elgin, Centi 

Bast Side 

House, s e 
Private grounds 
House, » e 

Cooper st interset 
Sweetland John, ph 
Seybold Edward 

Somerset st interse 
51 Shaw Charles S 

Private RTonndfl 
65 Hughaon Ward 

Maelaren st Interaet 

67 Whyte James Q 

68 Johnson Bnward V 
Johnson 8 B, artist 

73 Orout FVancts 
75 Grounds Collier H 
77 Pangs Channcey W 
70 Morrison Joseob S 
81 OIbb Mrs Sophia H 
83 Fripp Alfred B 

Gllmonr st interse 
87 Watson .Tamee B 
89 Mb^son Oharles J 
Lewis st tnterae 
Vacant lots 

Oharleft at ei 
School, s e 
Vacant lots 

Lochlel st Interse 

Vacant lots 

Ann st interse 

Vacant hulldlnffs 
Lumilser piles 

MdLeod st Interse 
Vacant lots 

Flora 8t Interse 
Little George 


f% Confederation Life | '"'"^-'■^SgS'^^*^! J AMIF? 







<'^„ ratiprson's Creek to 

ffi nrnr 687. third Mutfi 
ff PatterRon'8 Creek, Oen- 
«^1 Hiid Wellington 


jfot built on 

TABMN'} AV., runs we«t 
from ffinresslon to Tam- 
,. oeriind south of O A R 
traek Palhousle Ward. 

jfortl) Side 

Storr, 8 e 
13 Scliarf John 
16 Bennett John McK 
23 Bavnliam Alfred 
31 Ford Mrs Annie- 

flonth Side 

go O'Connor Mrs Alice 

(MRTIKR. runs eonth from 
I/Isfrar to city limlta, first 
east nf Elgin, Central 


Bast Side 

Hmise, s e 
Prlvnte (jroundB 
House, » e 

fooper 8t Intersects 
Swoetland John, phy 
Spybold Edward 

Somerset st Intersects 
81 Shaw Otaarles S 

Private RTonndfl 
65 Hiiffhson Ward O 

Mnclaren st Intersects 
67 Whyte James G 
69 Johnson Rnward V 
Johnson 8 B, artist 

78 Orout Francis 

75 Grounds Collier H 
77 BHnjfs Ctianncey W 

79 Morrison Joseoh S 
81 GIbb Mm Sophia H 
83 Fripp Alfred B 

Ollmour st Intersects 
87 Watson James B 
89 ML^son Oharles J 

Lewis st interaeots 
Vacant lots 

Charles st ends 
Sohool, s e 
Vacant lots 

Lochlel st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Ann st Intersects 

Vacant building* 
Lumber plies 

MciLeod st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Flora st Intersects 
Little George 

Archibald st 

West Side 

House, 8 e 
Private grounds 
House, 9 e 

Cooper st Intersects 
80 Bgan Henry K 
PrlTSte grounds 
Somerset st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
e4 Mowat Sir Oliver 

Haclaren st Intersects 
08 Mackey Walter O 
Vacant lots 

Ollmonr st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Lewis st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Lochlel st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Ann st intersects 
Vacant lots 

McLeod st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Flora st intersects 
186 Teskey Sylvester 

City Limits 

OAiRTIEBi SQ., Is ibonnd- 
ed by Elgin, Maria and 
Emmett streets, Central 

OATHARrSlE, runs west 
from Ridean canal to Con- 
cession, fourth south of 
Ann, Centraland Welling^ 
ton Wards. 

North Side 

OAR medtanlcal Office 

Elgin st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
O A B Office* 

Vacant lots 

Metcalfe st intersects 

Private gronnds 
AT Obrysler Francis H 

Vacant lots 
106 Shearer John 

Private groandt 

O'Connor st intersect* 

Private grounds 
IffT Scrim Chns, florist 

Vacant lots 

Bank »t Intersects 

House, 8 e 

Prlvnte crounds 
233 Foster Henry 
23S Uttle Mrs Nlargaret 
239 Booker Wm B 
241 Marsh Wm 

Private grounds 
247 Barker Henry O 

Private grounds 

Kent st intersects 

Vacant lots 

Clarke James 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

CAR workshops 
Elgin st intersects 
OAR workshops 

Metealfi at Intersects 

CAR freight sheds 
118 Arts James 
122 Polrier Philippe 
124 Rof*s Robert, stone and 

O'Oonaor st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
140 Burt>Idge Charles 

Capttaf Plaining Mill 
Co's yard 

Bank st intersects 
House, s e 
Story Wm I, Inmber 

Kent st intersects 
Vacant lots 

CATHCART. runs east from 
Ottawa River to Ridean 
Elver, crossing Sussex at 
285. fourth north of St. 
Patrick, Ottawa Ward. 

North Side 

Vacant lot 
5 Vacant 

9 Hodgson Wm, architect 
13 O'Brien Joseph 
15 Cote Louis 
House, 8 e 

Sussex st Intersects 
Honse, s e 
Private grounds 
39 Proderick P. whol confr 

Private grounds 
47 Davis Thomas 
49 Robinson Josejdi 
53 Beland Mrs Marie 
66 Oaron Pierre 
60 Choquette Joseph 
e6 Barll Bllsee 
87 Beaudry Heremenegllde 
71 Ladair Damase 
73 Beandry Albert 
75 Richard Joseph 
77 Fortler Rodoiphe 
81 Monty Txiuls 
87 Boulet Mrs Fortunes 
80 Vezlna Mrs Rosalie 
91 Bedard Aiutard 
03 Bernard Jacaues A 
96 Beilemare Eugene 

I^vlguenr F x 
90 Seed Wm E 
103 Fellows Wllbert 
105 Roblllard Ellc 
107 Normand Simeon 
100 Keeley Michael, cabs 
Vacant lots 
Dalhonsle st Intersects 

livr-iee OToole Patrick 

Private grounds 
ITl Auger Oleophas, wood 
177 Ferris Wm 

Private grounds 
186 Jullen Albert 



All Qroocrs or 'Phon« 1099. 

a ! 

r « 

t 'I 

' r 


The Nicies O II U I | P E I 'i^ abiolutelvl JOHN R. REID, ■ uiu M ASflN 
of the O U P ■■ I r C I unoondrtionaf.; Mngr.. EMtem inurf. ■ WW. iViHOUIl 

5 C9 



•* CO 






187 Monotti' Hormlsdas 
189 Riiube Hobert 
191 Soli'.iltz Hiury 
196 UUirtlere nieophlle 

CatUcart Market, s e 
Cuniberlanil st liUtTHects 
Cathcart sq 
2*1 PlnarU CclHstIn 

Private grouuJs 
257 Lauglols Wilfrid 
259 Lynott Win 
281 Boudreault Mrs Zoe 
266 Delaport Natalie 

Private grounds 

King St Intersects 
281 Folsy ZepUlrln 
283 Roy George 
287 Larose Jean Bte 

Private grounds 
293 Johnson Alphonse 

Private grounds 
300 Rlcbard Samuel 
311 Sevlgny Eilmoud 
3ir. Lallbertl Pascal 
317 Deslaurlers Felix 
319 Dalnire Joseph 
321 Dalalre Mrs Marie 

Vacant lots 

South Side 

Vacant lot 

Susses St intersects 

30 St Joseph's Orphans' 

84 Charron Jeremle 
88 Oasault Mrs Margaret 
92 Bureau Isidore 
96 Casault Napoleon 
!^ Hogan James 
100 O'Connor John 
IW Drlscoli Patrick 
106 Murphy Mrs Mary 
110 Mason John 
112 Fltzslmmons Wm P 
114 Belec Louis 
116 Laurencelle GulUaume 
120 Rlcvpelle Oneslme 
122 Soulard Joseph 
126 Fulford Frederick 
130 Ijaplerre Cbarles A 
132 Lafontalne Jean Bt« 
134 Ryan James 
134% Dugal Arthur 
136 Page Mrs Sophie 
142 Halllman John J 
144 Plnard Edouard 
146 Saurlol Alfred 
Private grounds 

Dalhonsie st Intersects 

House, s e 
IW Lapolntp Michel 
108 Bouthllller Tancrede 
170 Oharbonneau Mrs L 
174 Noel Zephlrln 
186 O'Nell Mrs Mary A 

Private grounds 
aOO Plante F X 
202 Valhjuette Augustin 
204 Paquet Jean B 
aoe Lasalle Mrs Anna 
212 Boudreault George A 
216 Tnidel Honore A 

Private grounds 

Store, s e 

Onmberland st Intersects 
234 Vllleneuve David 

236 Vcndette Isidore 
238 Jerome Miss I^ulsa 
240 Con 1 In Wm 
246 Belleau Alexander 
at.s (Jarlepy Nap, plmbr 
260 Jeanvlenne Qedeon 
262 Bolvln Joseph 
264 Faucher Xavler 
258 Jollcoeur Jean 
262 Mousseau Telesphore 
266 Blanchet Mrs Olive 
288 Annand Gordon 
Bouse, s e 

King st Intersects 

Store, 8 e 
■J >6 Belllveau Joseph 

I'rivato grounds 
304 Swalwell Mrs (Jeorglna 
310 Leteng George 
312 Lapolnte Joseph 
314 Laplante Prospere 
316 Proulx Alexandre 
318 Ltteng Fablen 
320 Lapolnte Joseph 

Vacant lot 
324 McCullough Franols 

328 Vacant 

Vacant lots 

RIdeau River 

OATHCABT SQ., east and 
west sides of Cumberland, 
between Bolton and Cath-. 
cart, Ottnwn Ward. 

East Side , 

1 Vacant 

7 O'Grady Mrs Hannah 
11 Slade Thomas O 
Private grounds 
21 Whit-- James, bldr 
House, s e 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
Cathcart Market 

1 Gleeson John, btchr 

2 Slattery & Lawrence, 


OEOAR. now a continuation 
of Somerset, from Division 
to Fourth av (Olty limits). 

CTJNTRE, runs west from 
'E^gln to Concession, nor'.a 
of Lansdowne Park, Cen- 
tral and Wellington 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

Mary st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Adelaide st ends 
Private grounds 
McKay Hiram 
MacMIIlan John A 
Vacant lots 

Hank st Intersects 
Private sronnds 

Monk st intorsms 
Vacant lots 

B"lph st cndii 
Marshall Wm n 
147 Lynch John 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

Private groumls 

Mary »t intersecrs 
82 Vacaut 

44 Donaldson John B 
48 St Dennis Zone 
60 Cheney Samuel T 
62 Yetts Robert P 
60 McWhInnle John 

Vacant Iota 

Alexandria lane conimcncf) 
Vacant lota 
House, 8 e 

Bank st Intcrseots 
Private grounds 

Monk st intersects 

Private grounds 

Mutchraore Mrs Eliza 

Clarke Charles S 

Private grounds 

Brown Wm E 

Private grounds 
160 Oastleman Samuel 

Private grounds 
160 Brown Robert A 

Brown's Inlet crosses 
Swamp and bush 
Deserve Lumina, mljt 

Market gardens 

Ooncesslou gt 

OHAPKL. runs south from 
618 St. Patrick, third east 
of King to city limits, By 
and St. George Wards. 

Bast Side. 

House, s e 
9 Larlvlere Mrs Marie 
11 Tessler Alphonse 
13 Boyne Mrs Mary 

Private grounds 

House, 8 e 

Anglesea square 
Clarence st Intersects 
Anglesea square 
House, a e 
80 Sawyer Edward 
91 Glllam Mrs Catherine 
93 Deveralne John 
96 S'witzer Isaac 
103 Jones Henry 
107 Wensley Thomas 
113 Ohevrler Jos A jr 

116 Ourson Benjamin 

117 Carson James 
119 Pamplin Wm 
121 Dlonne Joseph F 

Private grounds 
136 Granger isale, wood 
197 Alexander Samuel 
130 Shepherd Jolin A 
143 Wilson Henry B 


,iT fYflS'T ' Rodolphe 
'*'Boblii8"" Primary Sch 
BlJr-au st Intersecta 
private grounds 
Bessercr st Intersects 
prlvau' grounds 
«iq FleniiiiB Sanford, OM< 
" livll tiiglneer 

Daly av intersects 
I Toller Col Frederlca 
private grounds 
1 ffT Shaw .lames P 
So VeniiiiKf Robert N 
^ Brucf Miss Georgia 
jS ShniiiMii S Leonard 
Stewnrt st Intersecta 
House, a e 

A lane 
House, s e 

Wllbrod st Intersects 
House, s e 
Prlvu'e grounds 
Hou.s«'. d e 

ThC'HJore at Intersects 
Vacant lots 
Osgoode st Intersects 
Vacant lota 

Somerset st e Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Templt'tou 8t Intersects 
Vacant lots 
03 Griliau August 
61J Beams Albert 
617 Bebnke Henry 
Duviil Albert 
1 621 Frobel Ernest 
I C3 Kritch August 
I fi5 SonJer Henry 
I J27 Xovcky Charles 
Haali (Charles 
I Ktl Uruuilsh Henry 

Ann st Intersecti 
City limits 

Uct side 

Store., s e 
I'l'lvate grounds 
t: .M' or Paul 
H Bond Arthui, gro 

Murray st ends 
;« Lcfcbvre Mrs Stazle 

tl Miisson Michael 
J4 Miner Noe 
4> .Idlinson Thomas 

St John's Ch Mlssl 


Cliireiife st Intersecti 
.Vi GIlt.Mon Robert W 
i SI Hcli-h Wm 
Si Itose Jacob 
64 lliirwatr. Marc 
K Smith Wm 
68 Vacant 
Tit Ailf Wni 
72 Spi'Ctor Reuben 

74 Klukelsteln Solomon 
U¥i Harry Robert F 
76 Viinasse Joseph 

75 Gordon Joseph 
8U liaulne Flrmln 

82 McCann Edward 



Tel. 703. Cor. Bank A Wellington Sta. 



WM MASON & SONS "*"*•"•'•" ^"^^'^ ^""^^ ^*^' 






}{iilr>au 8t Interaecta 
Private mrounUs 
Be»ser(>r 8t Intersect! 
prlvau' ground* 
««Fleuilas Sanford, OMO, 
^ ^.ivii tiiglneer 

Paly ar lutersects 
^ ToIKt Col FrederlcK 

rrivatf grounds 
•tf Shaw James P 
Sa Veiiiiliil? Robert N 
jS BrucH \I1»8 Oeorfla 
jJS Shniiri.m S Leonard 
Stewart 8t Intersectfl 
House, s e 

A lane 
Hoiisf. s e 
Wilbmd St Intersects 

Housi', s G 
Private grounds 
House, n e 

Theodore st Intorsocts 
Vacant lots 
Osguode St Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Somerset at e Interaecta 
Vacant lots 

Templetou St Intersects 
Vacant lota 
03 Grihau August 
61j Bemus Albert 
617 Bebnke Henry 
1910 Duval Albert 
1 821 Frobel Ernest 
Kriteb August 
I B5 Sender Henry 
I tm Xovcky Cbarlea 
Ige^Haak Charles 
|i«l GrouiUb Henry 

Ann at lutersects 
C!lt.v limits 

I Wtiit Side , 

Store,,, s c 

ri'ivat(> grounds 
:': .M' er Paul 
H Blind Artbut, Kro 

Murray at ends 
,'tf Lefebvre Mrs Stazle 

ti Miissoii Miebnol 
U Miner Noe 
*• .IciluiSDii Tbouin.s 

St John's Ch MIsaion 

Clarence »t Intersects 
,">s Gibson Robert W 
, SI Hcleh Wni 
(E Uiise Jacob 
M HiirwHtr. Marc 
fifi Smith Wm 
68 Vacant 

70 .\ile Will 

72 Spector Reuben 

71 KInkelstelii Solomon 
74Vj Harry Ilobprt P 
76 Vaiiasse Joseph 

I 7S fiordon Joacpn 
80 liaulne Flrinln 
82 McCann Edward 

84 Dubois Mrs Morgaret 
86 Tbibnnlt Maglofre 

Private vrounds 
104 St UeruiHin Alpbonse 
KMl ThoniH Wni 
1(18 Massle Nupoleou 
110 Allan Wm 

Private ifruuuds 
120 Doucet J Edouard 
128 St Laurent Jean Bte 
130 Dlonne Octave 
134 Laplerre Ernest 

Vacant lots 
150 Callahan John 

Private xrounds 

Itldeau at Intersects 

Private grounds 
194 Pleuilug Haiidford H 

Besserer at Intersects 

Private grounda 

210 Bate Henry N 
Private srouiids 

Daly av Intersects 
House, s e 

XM Dek-orde Arthur 
Private grounds 
Stewart at Intersects 

House, 8 e 
Private grounds 
Wllbrod St Intersects 

House, s e 
282 Duguay Michael 
284 Cote Pierre M 
2811 Oatroni Wm H 
21)8 Xortbwood Wm 
300 Davison George 

House, s e 

Theodore at Intersects 
310 Klngsford Wm, LLD 
312 Lallv John J 

Vacant lots 
324 Woods James W 

Private grounds 
328 Brown Robert 

Vacant lot 
346 Joynt James D 

Vacant lots 

Oagoode st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
Somerset st e Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Templetou st lutersects 

Vacant lots 

Ann at Intersects 
City limits 

CHAPLEAU AV. runs north 
from Beechwood av, fourth 
east of Sprliiirtleld rd. Rid- 
enu Ward. 

Not built on 

OHAULES. runs west from 
Robert to Cartler, second 
north of Ann. Central 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
Brown James 
Vacant lots 

Macdonald st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
1«M) Meseck Albert 
111 Parrell James H 

113 Macintosh Mrs M A 
115 Ferris Wm 

117 Lowry Thomas . 
123 McCann Patrick 
126 Goodway Charles 

Vacant lots 

South Side 

2 Holts Herman 

4 Qeffe Charles 

Vacant lots 

50 Bradley Wm P 

54 Bradley Samuel 

Macdonald at Interaecta 
Vacant lota 

114 Weston George 
110 Sawyer Smiley D 

118 Menzlea Peter ' 
Holy Angela' Separate 


CHAIILES (N B),runs north- 
east from Stanley av to 
MacKay, second east of 
Sussex, Rldeuu Ward. 

Bast Side 

House, s e 
5 McCarthy P J 

II Morel Francis 

13 Andrewa Mrs Annie 
IS Chlvers Samuel 

Chivera Mrs Emma, dra- 
17 Vincent G B 

III Jones John 

21 Sharpe Richard 

23 Garvock Wm B 
Private grouuds 
St David's R E Church 
Crelgbton st commences 

Vacant lot 

36 Clark Allan ]r 

37 Woolaey John V 

38 Strouiger Charles 
House, a e 

West Side 

House, 8 e 
Private grounds 

John at ends 
Private grounds 
34 Ferguson John 
88 F'rench (Jeorge A 
Private groundi) 
House, s e 

AlexaiKlor st ends 
Private grounda 

OHAi'.LOTTE, runs south 
from fl«7 at Patrlck.second 
west of Rideau River to 
Theodore. Bi- and St. 
George's Wards. 

East Bide 

Vacant lots 

Clarence st Intrrsecta 
Vacant lots 

Heney st Interaecta 
Old Proteatant Cemetery 

Metropolitan Business College 

I 186 SPARKS ST. S. T. WILLIS. Principal. 

COURSES : Business, Shorthand 

and Typewriting, Penmanship, 

Civil Ser/ice, English. 


' ■ -it 




" i- 


iM f 

UJ ^ 









WATSON'S '®f^.S?!'*L^!L8!:lJARV|SJ 





Toniify hi liittTHi'cti* 
I'rott'stiiiit Hnnpltal, 8 e 
UI(U'iiii St InttTHccts 
IBS Shoolbred llfiiiy J 
Vacant lutH 
Besscri'i- «t Intersects 
Viicnnt lots 

l>nly uv Intersects 
Vdcnnt lots 
Stewurt Ht Intersects 
Vucnnt lots 

WUbroU St Intersects 
Vni'imt lotM 
West Side 

Vacant lot« 
28 Ak'xauder surg 
Vacant lot 
House, s e 

("larence st Intersects 
Private grounds 

Heiiey st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Torniey st Intersects 
Privato grounds 

Uldean st intersects 
Hoiisf, s e 
I'rlvattt t'i'o\ni(ls 
Besserer st intersects 
Private grounds 

Daly av intersects 
House, s e 
153 Morgan Kdward, plmbr 
Stewart st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

VVllbrod st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Theodore street 

CHAT'DIBRE (Chaudlere Is- 
land), runs west from 
Bridge, first south of the 
Uulon Bridge, Victoria 

North Side 

Booth J K, sawmills 
South Side 

Lumber waggon yard 

ated in Ottawa River, bet 
Chaudlere Slide Bridge 
and Union Bridge. For 
naues see Chaudlere and 
Head sts, and Bridge st 
from 64 north and from 
©1 north, Victoria Ward. 

CHRISTIB, rnns west from 
370 Concession to Bell, first 
■OQtiy of Somerset, Dal- 
bousie Ward. 

North Side 

1 Johnson A P. a e 

Vacant :<)t 
House, s e 
Cumbrldge st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Arthur st Intersects 
Vat'iint lots 
,Vt O'Ciuiuor Patricli 
House, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 

Cambridge st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Arthur st Intersects 

OHI'KOH, runs east from 
3T3 Sussex to Rose, first 
north of St Patrick, Ot- 
tawa Ward. 

North Side 

School, e » 
17 Roliin Mrs O, fruits 
10 Lacelle EUnioud 
23 Pelleticr Joseph H 
25 Kreeraan Mrs Catherine 
27 Lacelle Ferdinand 
29 Lacelle Ellas 
31 Wall Mrs Susan 
33 Potvin Mrs Hedwldg« 
35 Presley Wm 
37 Lacourse Ferdinand 
39 Labelle Joseph 
41 Ulgras Henri 
. 47 Brlsebols Edouard 

Brlsebois Miss J, drsmkr 

49 Aubry Ovlla 

51 Desmarals Adelard 
S3 Legault Jean B 
55 Kehoe Thomas 
57 Dube Mrs Olotilde 

50 Bourgeau Arthur 
59U Bolleau Maxlme 
61 Nadon Eusebe 

(Si Belaud Adelard 

65 Plcotte Charles, gro 

67 Brazeau Antolne 

71 Beaucage Louis 

73 Plffard Francois 

75 Fortin Achllle 

77 Brennan James 

79 Archambault 'Eugene 

81 Oauthler Arthur V 

83 Patry Joseph 

85 Morneau George 

87 Morneau Mrs E<melle 

88 Gaumojd Alfred 

91 Daee Mrs Hernuintine 
03 Ste Marie Samuel 
05 Bolleau Noi^bert 
00-101 Trepanler Jean Bte 

108 Gravelle Fabien 

103V, Gaudette GulUaume 

105 Menard Mrs Rosalie 

111 Caron Joseph 

113 Archambault Alfred P 

115 McKay Hayter 

127 Hotel, 8 e 

Dalbousle st Interaeots 
12© Store, « e 

137 Proulx Isidore 
139 Ctiabot Fablen 
141 Cote Henri J 
148 Plant Joseph B 
145 Lafontalne Ludger 

Lafontaliie Mrs m (r,,i,. 
147 Sarasin TUccmIh,,. * 
151 St Jean Josipti 
l.V? Labrechp Jcitn i;ic am 
157 Bertrand Joncpi; ' *■ ™ 
150 Laniarolie AclilUe 
181 Lapninte Knicr.v 
167 r)eUrnn<lnioni\ f! 
160 Boucher 
171 Lapicrn' (_'yrliii|ii(. 
173 Oharbonneau Timothee 
175 Llzntte Fabi.n 

179 Wilson Rlchar.l 
181 Ralthler Honulsihis 
183 Ralthler Antnliw 
185 Charrler Mederh 

180 Lussler Louis 
103 Vacant 

105 McBride Francb 
107 Dagenals Mrs Marie 
100 Bedard Pierre 

201 St Jean Joseph, gro 

Cumberland st Inti-rsectg 
207 Store, s e 
211 Samson Jean Btp 
2117 Renand Hennlnle. bltr 
221 CalUfran Mrs Ann 

Mc-Derby Win 
225 Valliiuette Pierre 
227 Dery P X 
231 Potvin Eiulore 
23:5 Oauvreau Alfred 
23.5 Bols Joseph 
237 Cloutler Octave 
239 Seguln Edmond 
241 Gibson James 
247 Dorval (Jeorge 8 

249 Groulx Joseph 

King 8t Intersects 
House, 8 e 
257 Lafleur Jean Bte 

250 Marchand Pierre 
261-65 Guerarrt Joseph, car- 
riage painter 

267 Oulmet Leon 
260 Gagnon Hllaire 
271 Dalalre Oharlea 
273 Mlgnault Alfred 
277 Guerard Louis 
270 Frederic Arthur 
281 St George Wm 
285 Valiquette Mathias 
287 Valiquette Mathias 

planing mill 
280 Levasseur Mrs EUsabeti | 
203 Cantin Cliarles 

296 Beauregard George 

297 Aubry F X 
200 Therien Gedeon 
301 St George Edouard 
.308 Reams Mrs Mary 

306 Burns Jobn 

307 Glaude Alexandre 

South Side 

Basilica Notre Dame, b • I 
02 Perras Mrs Olive, bdf 
68 Charbonneau Wilfrid 
70 Ratte Pierre 
72 EJmond Emery 
74 Morency Joseph 
76 Mathe Felix 1 
78 Myers C Harry 

Private grounds 
00 Tanguay Cyprien 

Private grouuda 

106 Gacnon AmbroiM, bldr 
108 Beaudry Joseph L 
110 GraTelle Famen 




B«8t Quality. Lowest Prices. | 


.rtBociiic Ferdinand 

lu rliarlciMils J Hermand 

I 'j Bureau Pierre 
fL Lefclivre Hector 
"l;ouMvric Magloire, rear 

IllsGronlx Hector 
■iiPilon Antolne 

' ^ Hon-"'- « *-' 

PiiHkhisIc St Intersects 

House, s e 

ni Brlsci">ls Mrs Joseph 
« [.ani'iiitiiKnP Jean Bte 

SwiN'iii Mrs Ellen 

42 Diivifi Wni 
Im iK'sJiirillns Auguste 
I lifi Vacant 
I |V lar.hc I.ouls C 
I MO Hunter Alexander 
I wGronlx .Mrs Dellmase 
1 161 FraiK'oeur Fablen 
1 158 Bmnlicr JuUen 
ImOBi'anihamp Exilus 
IS Bouilr.'ault C S O 
liM Vincent (Jeorge 
I vinient Miss F.mns tchr 
lis Se I'cnls Ferreol 
|]j3 Mariim Solomon 
ll$Kii.v Joseph H 
Jm Pntvin .Napoleon 
ll»i Boyle J Michael 
■192 CasNiily Pa' rick, contr 
|]96 Vtzinii Tlieophlle 
ll,* Belank'cr Pierre 
Tasse Arthur, cabs 

Cunilierland st intersects 

%fA4 Store, s e 

IjdK pavid Plilleas 

IjOSi;. Ouellette Arlstlde 

Up jjarbe Francois 

Ijt iuieaum* Leandre 

Ijlfi (iullbault Pierre 

ISS I»yer F X 

I Lumlber yard 

IjK PesRIveres J Arthur 

■{18 Samson Adjutor 

l|ia Parent Alfred 

Iti4 Lanzon Nelson 

lii^V' Kinond Edmond 

li)(! I.eraleux Alfred 

Ijis Manolson Jacob 

|S(i Madore Magloire, carp 

King st intersects 

.,j.2.'i4 Store, s e 
pa I.atendresse O Medard 
&S Helaiid Joseph 
m Oulmet Mrs Josephine 
Jrt; Dolan Charles 
Ifis lienolt Isidore 
I Dellnelle Victor 
J RDurdon Zephir 
KI-2.SS Guerard Joseph, 

carriage paint«r 
I Dufresne (Tharle. 
I Bolly Napoleon 
) Paquette Houore 
1 Roy Daniel 

LARRXCE. runs east from 
1 465 Sussex to Rideau River, 
[third north of Rideau, 

By Ward. 

forth Side 

Store, s e 
1 3 French Translator's Of- 
fice. H of C 

Slinard Adelard 


lA RVIS Guarantees ^:-::J:iS^X . 





.rtBoc.1'1'' Kprdliinnd 
iu rliiirl.'iM.U J H.Tii 


iiiisic flt Intersects 

iL Lffi'livrc Hector 
Couvivrie Maglotre, rear 

ilsGroiilx Hector 

«iPlli>" Aiitolne 
I ^ Ho^l■^«^ « '-' 

, Housi'. s e 
lU BrlsciiKl" Mrt JofKT)h 

5 Lani'iiitiiune Jean Bte 
I,mWINoii Mrs Elleu 
I ioPiivi^i Win 
1 1(4 PfrtjiirillnH Auguste 
1 1« r.anlii' I.ouls C 
ItJCHuntiT Alexander 
I MGronlx .Mrs Dellmase 
llH Fraii'-oeiir Fablen 
llMBouclitT Jnllen 
lt«)BPfl"ilinmp Ejtllus 
I SlBouilrcault C S O 

I Vlnci'iit (Jeorge 
VlniiMit Miss F.raui tclir 

la Jlariim Solomon 
lljiRii.v Joseph H 
Iw Fiitviii .Napoleon 
\m B'O''' •' Michael 
■192 CasNiily Pa'rU-k, contr 
|]96 Vtzlnii Tlieophlle 
II,* Belli iiifcr Pierre 
Tii^'Sf Arthur, cabs 

CumherlttiKl St Intersects 

llM-6 Stcire, s e 
Ijtti Piivid Phlleas 
Ijjtu, Oiu'llette Arlstld© 
Ip ]\t\rbo Francois 
IjU lUii'iinute Leandre 
Ijlfi (iullbaiilt Pierre 
ISS I-oyer F X 
I Lumlber yard 
Ije r>esR!veres J Arthur 
■{18 Saiimon Adjutor 
||K) Parent Alfred 
mi l.nnr.on Nelson 
IjkVj Kniond Kdniond 
■iw lifraleux Alfred 
l|ts Mnnolson Jacob 
ISO Madore Maglolre, carp 
King St Intersects 

hH-'lTA Store, s e 
pa I.iitendresse O Medard 
M Rclaiid Joseph 
Ki Oulniet Mrs Josephine 
Bfi Dolan Charles 
I lloiioit Isidore 
I Dellnelle Victor 
J Rourdoo Zephlr 
j(l-2sS Ouernrd Joseph, 

carriage palnt«r 
I Dufresne ("harle. 
I Bolly Napoleon 
1 Paquette Honore 
i Roy Daniel 

LARRNCE. runs east from 
1 465 Sussex to Rideau River, 
Irhlrd north of Rideau, 

By Ward. 

forth aide 

Store, s e 
1 3 French Translator's Of- 
fice. H of C 

Siinard Adelard 


16 Thlbert B, carrlagemkr 

17 Ohabot A, carrlagemkr 
21 D'Amour U blkstnlth 
28 Leduc Oaniille 

2B Lecompte Anselme 
20 Tagne John, bdg bse 
31 Tagne Auguste, cigars 
X\ Fox Mrs Margaret 
3B Corrlgan Mrs Maggie 
37 Gravelle CTias, bdg 
39 Leathranie Jeremiah 
4«i-47 I.eblanc P X, bdg hse 
49 Brennan Mrs Margaret 
Brennan Miss Jane 
61 Maiouln Lucler, rest 
61% Brennan P J, black- 
B3-S5 Wood John W, bdg 
67 Boucher Napoleon, hotel 
&» Starrs Michael 
«1-«1 Starrs & Va, gros 

Barrett st ends 
66-07 Perron Cleophas, 

flB-71 St Amour Andre, sec- 
ond hand goods 
73 Johnston Cleorge S & Co, 

genl store 
77 Prot Leon, flour & feed 
81 St Anionr Francis, sdlr 
83 Dumoulln H, furn 
83 Slattery Miles, gro 

87 (Jnlarneau Wm, second 

hand goods 

88 St Amour Alfred, second 

hand goods 
Seguin Damase 
91 0"Brlen Dennis 
98 Quong Sing, Indry 
05 Miller George 
97-90 Phlltoert Geo, paints 
101-lOB St Amour Andre Jr, 
second hand goods 

106 Bmond David 
Talllefer Mli^s I>. drsmkr 

107 (Jodbout Victor El, tlr 
109 Olrard Pierre, cabtmkr 
111 Robltallle Ludger, cigars 
113-11.") Peters Thos, fmjts 
117-121 Oasey John, grocer 

and liquors 

Dalhousle st Intersects 

Store, s e 
1.35 Onlllen I.orls N 
137 Legnre Pierre 
IXi Vccni't 
141 Te»isler Iwile 
14:^ Mnlouln Mrs Phllomene 
147 (talliigher Michael 
149 Obnru Ertounrd 
l.W Vn!l<;Mette John V 
1«1 Mnthlen Mrs Delphlne 
163 Thompson Edward 
lfl.T (Jfroux F X 
173 Sullivan John 
175 Burns Bernard 
177 Leveque Joseph 
179 Henolt T''rlc 
18;; >Tesi'nrd Dnvld 

Sarnsln Miss A, drsmkr 
185 Lunnv IIu"h 
1S7 rnrroll Thonins 
189 Kortier Jo-eph R 
191 I.vons Pntrlck b!dr 
195 D'Aonst I'hrre 

ItMVVd .Murphy Dennis 

107 Vacant 

Cumberlnud st Intersects 
190 Store, a v 

IBOV^ TlMTlault Felix 
'.111 iHvlgne Joseph 

206 Perrler Albert 

207 Traversy Osvynld B 
?<«» Twomcy Mrs Bridget 
211 Mongenals Napoleon, phy 
213 Rlret Edounrd 

216 Leclerc Adolphe 

217 Beaulleii Raphael 
219 I..evellle Jules 
221 Marciuis Napoleon 
22.H Brennan Michael 
227 NoUn Mrs Ann 
229 Whelan Michael 
233 Dufour Isaac 

236 Rodler Antolne 
2;i9 Rnbbey Arthur 
241 Leraleux Ellsee J 
243 Lemleux Jules 

246 Landry Joseph 

247 Itose James 

249 Itose Mrs Fanny, gro 

King st Intersects 

Prl'-.te grounds 
25.1 BoIh Jean Btp 
257 Vallquette Alpbonse 
261 Silver Benjamin, genl 

Vacan* lot 
269 Boneni. nt Josep' 

Vacant lot 
277 Groulx Mrs Vltallne 
279 Lecourt Alexandre 

Vacant lots 
291 Law Wni U, bldr 
2t)3 Thomas Fredc .. k 
2}\3V4 Frigon J Ar hu.^ 
297-290 rarlsse l.rals. (;ro 

Nelson st Intersects 
301-.303 C'harlebols Mrs R & 

Co, jtrocers 
.305 Storehouse 
307 Buckey .Mrs M A, fruits 
.300 Marquis Joseph 
311 Vacant 

.313 Goulet Mrs Henrietta 
315 Planioiidon Hi mire 
317 Malnvllle George 

Vacant lot 
■323 Deroches Joseph 
326 Renuud Elle 
.327 Duncan Fred 
.329 ("onnell John 
.337 Chenler Alexandre 
.339 Gleeson John 

Private grounds 

Trlel st Intersects 

34i» • nand Elle, gro 
349% Hena nd Thomas 
.3.51 Paquette Joseph 
.3.V3 Tasse Honore 
365 Oote Alfred 
.3.W Renaud Thomas 
363 Scantan Mrs Appollne 
.367 St Germain Joseph 
369 D'Aonst ("aslmlr 
.371 Miller Llpman 
.373 Houle Antolne. fruits 
.377 Marler Onestme 
381 Barton Joseph 
,383 Boyer Mrs Sophie 
.38314 Carrlere Joseph 
385 Lacrolx Eustacue 







or 'Phon* 10M. 

H ! 



I i. 


1 i; 

i VY ! ' 

I > 





The SUN Life 

Low Rates, Large Proflti and the Moit 
Uberal Policy in tlie World. 

M I 















387 VaiiiiHst' Joi»ei)li 

Cburch, 8 e 

Chapel 8t Intellects 
Anglesea sq 
Augusta St intersects 
390-401 Gareau Mrs E, gro 

Gareau Joseph D 
406 Vacant 

413 Armstrong Wm H B 
410 PrlndlvDIp John 
421 Hubert Alexandre 
42.1 Sullivan James 
42r> Larkln Joseph 
427 Charbonneau Joseph 
429 Lamarcbe Joseph 
433 Curley Wm 
435 Moore Wm 
435M! Dlgari Paul 

Cobourjj; st Intersects 
437 Lefebvre Oneslme 

Coombs Alfred 

Private urounds 
447 Ford Alfred G 
440 Carvell John, cabs 

Vacant lots 
4S1-48:} Vacant 

Charlotte st intersects 
487 Vacant 

Vacant lots 

Wurteniber;r st commences 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

Hotel, B e 

26 Uolleau Philibeii 
28 Holleau U «; Co, car- 
30 Chouiuard Pioire 
32 Uarbeau Louis 
34 L)oyle Mrs Mary 
Sti Ityan Andrew 
38-40 Uiopelle Joseph 
42-44 Gravelle Mrs E bdg 
40-48 City Hotel 

Store, 8 e 

Market Square 

By Ward Market ends 

William st commences 

86-88 Lacroix Joseph, furn 

i)2 Murphy James 

102 Vacant 

108 Maloney Lawrence 
lOSVi Sullivan Patrick 
110 Hamilton Mrs Sarah 
112 Rubenstein Isaac 
IKt May J Hartford 
118 Cote Joseph 
122-124 Payment Thomas 

DalsouBie st interBccta 

Store, 8 o 
130 Pageau A Elaear 
136 Broudseau Antoine 
13« Grecco Oscar 
140 Martlneau Mrs A B 
142 Howell Henry 
144 Boileau Udgere 
^146 Goldstein Moses 
146 Auger Jean Bte 
IRO Hagan Mrs Helen 
152 Lynch Matthew 
154 LaberKe Theodore 
168 Orowle Mrs Julia 
182 Devlin Kdw, cattle dlr 

IWi Daly Timothy 
108 Portuguais Wm 
170 Faulkner Isidore 
172 Perrault Mrs Ehullie 
178 Murphy Edward 
184 Kennedy Joseph O 
184% Forbes Mrs Honora 
188 Oharron Mrs Edesse 
100 Robertson John 
108 Proderlck Francis 
Cumberland st intersects 

Store, 8 e 
200 Robillard Jean Bte, gro 
204 Oleeson James 
206 O'Toole James 
212 Murphy 'Hiomaa 
214 Parke John O 
216 I<eblanc Theodule 
218 Vacant 
220 Vacant 
222 Sullivan John 
224 Valinsky Samuel 
226 M'ichaud Edmond 
228 Paquette Pierre 
230 Dover Wm 
232 Pilon Tousaalnt 
238 St'guin Zephir 
240 Lamb John 

Private grounds 

King st intersects 
%2 Aublchon Alexandre 
254 Sevigny Napoleon 
25414 Chartrand Mrs Mar- 
256 Grecco Mrs Sopbie 
258 Morln Samuel 
25SVj I^ebeau Joseph 
260 Lefebvre Antoine 
262 Hartley George 
264 Ooppleman Samuel 

Private Krounds 
274 Denis Jean Bte 
276 Lemieax Jules B 
280 Harrison Daniel 
282 Rocbon Elie 
284 Faulkner George 
288 Marlneau Gedeon 
200 Marineau Gedeoo, bkr 

House, s e 

Nelson st intersects 
302 Store, s e 
304 Code George 
310 Landry Etaierie 
312 Landry Victor 
314 I'Hsse Jean Bte 
318 Barette Ouesime 
320 Denault Adelard 
322 Roy Josephat 
324 DanlR Ailelnrd 
326 Giroux Honore 
328 Cr.rriere Molse 
880 Arohanibault Joseph 
S34 Brown Cburles 
336 Leduc Benjamin 
388 Prevost Bile 
340 Cardinal Joseph, cabs 
346 Boulet Gilbert, gro 

Kriel st Intersects 

Vacant lot» 
364 Gravelle Jnlien 
354Vj Slgouln Mrs Rosalie 
356 Marion Joseph 

Wood yard 
308 Leclerc Oscar 
370 I<eclerc Joseph 
376 Lavergne Louis 
378 Johnson Gustave 

380 Matbieu Adolph, p.. 

880^ Blals Miss Sophie 
882 Marler Joseph 
884 Cloutier Jean Bte 
388 Plche Arthur 
388 Macra Charles 
see Beaudry Michel 
802 Larabie Bile 
302^ Leblanc Louis 
304 Morris IQiomas 
306 Gibson R W. liiiuors 
808 Gibson R W, grocer 
Chapel st Interfects 
Anglesi-a sq 

Augusta st inteisects 

Store, B e 
412 Paquet Jean Bte 
414 Burns Robert 
416 T>abelle Wilfrid 
418 Curry Patrick 
418W Lepage Louis 
420 Teasler Antoine 
420V4 Poirier Jean Bte 
422 Layeux Hormisdas 

Private grounds 
430 Potter Henry 
4.S2 Robertson Wm 
434-486 Favreau Mrs R D, gro 

Baxter Allan 

Cobonrg st Intersocts 

Private grounds 
446 Kerr Thomas 

Private grounds 
446 Clarke FTed C 
456 Tessler Edouard 
458-460 Vacant (2) 
4«12-4<U Doylr' Thomas 

Doyle Michael, contr 

Private grounds 
478 Henry John M B 

Vacant lots 

Charlotte st Intersectg 

Vacant lots 
4M Davis John, wood 
408 Sbnrp Jol»n 
600 Duffy Wm 
608 Richardson Wm 
610 Donaldson Samuel 
514 He(bb Mrs Margaret 
518 Vacant 
620 Hall Wm T 
Wurtemberg st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Rideau river 

OI/DMOW, mna west (lom 
Bank to Concession, first 
south of Patterson's ''reek, 
Wrflington Ward. 
Not built on 

OLIFF, runs west from foot 
of Kent to the Ottawa 
River, second north of 
Wellington, Victoria Ward. 

North Side 

3 Graham Mrs Sarah 

Private grounds 

21 Lake Col Percy H N 

Private grounds 

C. B. TA6&ART & SON 

MroM«ra, Hou««« tor Mil* ana to k«t| 

n^NTS COLLBOTMD. 'Pltonm 708 



Oor. Sparks 


26 Holbro ili George 1 

Prlvare grounds 
41 DevlM: Robert J 

Sonth SWe 

4 Todd V Hamlyn 
8 Moriiuier Alexand 
12 Whitp Mrs Susan : 
16 Ivegiirlt Mrs B H 
Vaea.'U lota 

go Larson A M 
Rear entrances 

OOBOruG, runs soutJb 
62(! Si. I'atrick to 
dore, lifth east of 
By and St Ge'jrge V 

IWt SI>1o 

Stoi'i'. s e 
19 Belicfi'ullle Franco 
21 Mni'loux Louis 
23 Fofiks Frederick 
27 Laclmnce Elie O 

Vacant lot 
85 Stable 

gr Fill;itrnult J B, gro 
87% Kaiivel Hyaclnthe 
89 M<'illenr Gedeon 
41 Dnchpsne Benjamin 
45 Cotf Angustin 

Private grounds 

House, 8 e 

Clarence st Interae 

Piivate grounds 
61 Ti)ii|>ln Joseph 

Private grounds 
87 Gn'ft.sley Thomas 
89 rharbonneau Franci 
71 .'J.otleld Charles 

Schnfleld Miss M, , 
T8 Olermont Jean Bte 
75 Nt'vln Mrs Ann 

House, 8 c 

Heney st common 

rathoHc Contagious 

Torniey st commen 
135 Cowan Wm 
Private grounds 
[ 145 Laporte Josepi-i 
Private grounds 
House, s e 

nideau st Interse 

171 White Wm 
173 Conley Robert 
Private grounds 
Besserer st Interse 
Private grounds 

Daly av interse 
House, s e 

Steiwart st Interse 

House, s e 

Private grounds 

Wllbrod st Interse 

Vacant lot 

\Weat Side 

Private grounds 
16 Cardinal Adelard 


JAMES HOPE & SONS, JPrinters, 

Oor. Sparks and E^n Ate. BookbindeVS* 



CommiMioner. 63 

25 Holbro >U Gforge M 
^ Prlvart' groundB 
^ Devli'. Ro'bert J 

Soatb SIJp 

4 Todd V Hamirn 
a Moriluifr Alexander 
19 Whit" Mrs Susan H 
{^ r^gsrlt Mrs B H 
Vacant lots 

A lane 

go Larson A M 
Beur entrances 

flrtROntfr, nins south from 

"mJj Si. rntrick to Tlieo- 

dore. fifth east of King, 

By and St Ge'jrge Wards. 

|((t SM" 

Stort'. s e 
19 Beli'l'k'uHle rrancols 
21 Mni'loux Louis 
28 Fooks Frederick 
27 Lachance Elle Q 

VaonTit lot 
ffi Stable _ 

g7 Fili.itrnult J B. gro 
^% Fauvcl Hyaclnthe 
j9 Mi'illeur Gedeon 
41 Puchpsne Benjamin 
43 Vniant 
45 Coto Angustin 

Private grounds 

House, 8 e 

Clarence st Intersects 

Private grounds 
81 Toiipln Joseph 

Private grounds 
fl Gi'i'asle.v Thomas 
0i Charboiinf au Francis 
71 S<'()fleld Oharleg 

Schotleld Miss M, nurse 
73 Olermont Jean Bte 
75 Novin Blrs Ann 

House, s e 

Heney st commences 
ratholic Contagious 
Torniey st commences 

1S5 Cowan Wm 

Private grounds 
146 Laporte Josepft 
Private grounds 
House, « e 

Rideau st intersects 
Private grounds 
171 White Wm 
I 173 Conley Robert 
Private grounds 
Besserer st intersects 
Private grounds 

Daly av Intersects 
House, B e 

Stefwart st intersects 
Iloiise. s e 
Private grounds 
Wilbrod st intersects 
Vacant lot 

I West Side 

Private grounds 
16 Cardinal Adelard 

IS L'Heureux George 

20 Gale John 

26 Leger Hllaire 

28 Burke Mrs Catherine 

Private grounds 
36 Ayotte Napoleon 
42-44 Beaudry Leon, gro 

Paplneau st ends 
50 Kilby Thomas 

House, 8 e 

Clarence st intersects 
58 Shop, s e 
62 Downle John 
64 Vacant 
66 IRafter Louis T 

Private grounds 
72 Sculthorp Richard 
74 Sauve Joseph 
76 Boivin Joseph 

Vacant lots 
94 Fooks Mrs Elizabeth 
98 <"urrau Francis 
102 Hull Wm 

Vacant lots 
124 Carroll John 

Private grounds 
132 Legge Wm 
186 Graham John 

House, s e 

Rideau st intereects 

Vacant lots 
174 Vacant 
176 Hoy Mrs Mary A 

House, s e 

Besxer'T st intersects 
Vacant lots 
House, a e 

Daly av intersects 
Vacant lots* 

Stewart st intersects 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Wilbrod st intersects 
House, 8 e 
Private grounds 
House, s e 

COOKBII'BN. runs south 
from Olemow to Carleton, 
first west of Bank, Wei- 
llngton Ward. 

Not built on 

OOLUEGE AV., runs south 
from Theodore, first east 
of Cumberland, St. George 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
10 Brady Martin 
21 O'Connor Michael J 
26 Johnston John 

Vacant lot 
37 Kirwan Philip T 
43 Jacques Alex, bill poster 
60 St Jorieph's Separate 

School grounds 
67 O'Leary Diiiilel 

Osgoode st Intersects 

House, M V 
71 Doran Wm 
73 McNeely Thomas 

76 Marion Joseph E 

77 Lackey James 
70 Lungford James 
SI Emery Albert 
8S Shore Wm 

05 Saunders Mrs Jane 

06 Dolan Michael A 

07 Olancy Martin 

00 Reeves A D, cab owner 
101 Stethem Wm G J 
103 Morgan l^omas 

106 Barbeau George B 

107 Richards Mrs Agues 
100 Lavlolette Mrs Bridget 

Vacant lot 

West Side 

Church Sacred Heart, s e 
30 I/dverdne B J 
34 Winter Charles F 
38 McDonald Donald D 
42 Copping John G E 
40 St Laurent J Alfred 
48 Simard Olivier 
50 Moxley James T 
52 Stratton Stephen 8 
54 Cundell Mrs Ann J 
68 Dunne Peter B 
G8 Bole* Thomas 
70 Parlow Edwin D 

Osgoode st intersects 

Vacant lots 
72 Chalmers Robert 
74 Farrell Francis J 
76 Taylor Robert 
78 Irvine Johnston 
80 McCulloiiRh Henry 
M Perrott Frederick Q 
86 Parkinmn James 
06 Lowham Mrs Maria D 
100 Keane John 
102 Curbett Harold L 
104 Barber Jaems D 
106 Graham Thomas A 
108 McCann Thomas J 

TTnflnlslhed house 
112 Vacant 

Vacant lota 


southeast from 524 Wei- 
Ihiirton. to Coitcesslon, 
Dalhonsie Ward, 

Bast Side 

Wood piles 

Albert st InlersectH 

House, a e 
Vacant lots 

West Side. 

Store, s e 
4 Vacant 
n Hodgins Caleb 

Albert st intersects 

Private grounds 
12 Vacant 
14 Gilchrist Wm 




B. O. AKNOLDI. Ammmr. 'PHons 1140. 


all Traln% Boat* and RMldenoai. 
Agmti MMt all Traini. 


I 'PMOMs au IV. a. ^LL, MMiMmm. I w6 Queen 8^ 

See COI 

213 1 

(': ::p 






64 Coucession. 



CO.VOESSIOX. runs wnth 
from junction cf Sparks 
and Wellington to city 
limits, fourth west of 
Bank, Wplllngtcn and Dal- 
housilo Wards. 

East Side 

71 Hutchison AVm 

Queen st Intersects 

?;> Bronson Ersklne H 
Private grounds 
House, s e 
Albert st Intersects 

House, s 
Vacant lots 

Slater st ends 
Private grounds 

Maria st Intersects 
Private grounds 

Gloucester st ends 

18!> Orde John F 

191 O'lionnell Thos, contr 

19:^ Kell.v David 

Private grounds 

Nepean st ends 
205 Monk Mrs Madeline A 

Private grounds 
211 Christie John 

Llsgar st ends 

McPhall Memorial Bap- 
tist Church 

Private grounds 
257 Shouldlce John F 

Private grounds 

Cooper st ends 

White Star Skating Rink 
2!>3 Bills Herbert C, gro 

Somerset st Intersects 
207 Whelan Mrs Maria 
301 Mclntyre Wm 
308 Booth Wni 
307 Smith Sidney 
300 Bradwhaw George 
813 Purcell Kdward 

Maclaren st ends 
Mission Hall 
Vacant lots 

Gllmour st ends 
Vacant lots 

James st ends 
Vacant lots 
41lt Barnes Knink 
421 Kelly Michael J 
423 Rutledge John A 

Florence st ends 
Vacant lots 

Ann '^t ends 
House, 8 e 
Vacant lots 

MoLeod st enda 

Vacant ground 
BOl Dowler James 
BOB Goulet Napoleon 
B06 Gralg Charles 
fW Beattle Alexander 

Flora st ends 
M5 McVelty Wm, 
517 Beattle George 

Vacant lot 

Archibald st ends 

Vacant lot 
B71 Brennan Paul 
B73 Tessler Charles 

Catharine st ends 
Vacant lot 

CAR crossing 
Isabella st ends 

Private grounds 
Smith Duncan, gdnr 
849 Gray John 

Mutchmor st ends 

Vacant lots 

Cameron Mrs Mary 

McDonald James 
065 Sims James 
960 Desormeaux Napoleon 
971 Radmore John 

Vacant lots 

Centre st ends 

Vacant lots 
Lacelle Xavler 

West Side 

Private grounds 
72 Bronsim Mrs EMltba P 

Private grounds 
84 MacNab Charles 

Private grounds 

Albert st Intersects 

Commissioner st ends 

Private grounds 

Maria st Intersects 

Private grounds 
176 Blyth Wm « 

Private grounds 
190 Davidson Robert J 
102 Robertson Wm 

Private grounds 
196 Vacant 

198 Loucks Rev W M 
200 Kenny Thomas 
208 Oliver James 

Primrose st commences 
212 Perkins (Jeorge W 

Private ground* 
240 Gerard Adam 

Powell V H, phy 
244 Oliver Wm A 
248 ICgan Mrs Annie 
250 Black Wm 
2.'»8 Vacant 
200 Ward Hugh 
202 Slnnott John 
2M Young Michael 
208 Young Thomas 
270 Ross Wm C 

Ross Miss J, drsmkr 

Private grounds 
290 Thomson Mrs Susan 
21)2 Proulx Baslle 
294 McLaughlin Mrs M 
290 Vacant 

Somerset st Intersects 
298 Pflgeau J B Blzear, 

dry goods 
.300 Peterkin James 
302 Peterkin Hiill 
,'JOO Peterkin James, flour 
•SIO Vacant 
318 Chapman Thomas 
324 IJrqubart Andrew 

328 McCarthy Mrs Mary 
360 Vacunt ' 

364-366 Vacant 
368-370 Johnson A P, yro 

Christie st comnn-nceB 
376 Fltchell Mrs A (J.drsmkr 
37TB Vacant 
380 Lanphler Mrs Marv 

Vacant lots 
390 Dooley Thomas 
3l>2 Mllner El Ins 

Vacant lots 
420 Clark John 
422 Taylor Wm J 

Vacant lota 
444 Kllleen Frai.K 

Vacant lots 
456 Usher James 
460 Duncan ITiomas 
463 O'Oonnell Thos, itto 
Ehnlly st commenceR 

House, 8 e 
474 RiKlnev John 
476 Neville Andrew 
492 Ackland Joseph B 

I'rivate grounds 
502 Morlson M James 
504 Starklngs Wm 
606 a^emblay Napoleon 
508 Seguln Frank 
510 Jones Joseph H 
520 McDonald George 
624 Sproule Mrs Rebecca 

gjronle Miss J. mus tchr 
530 Holmes Wm A 
636 Meehan James 
544 O'Reilly Michael 
550 W«ldron Thomas P 
854 Carvlll Daniel 
566 Sleroslawskl Roman P 

Private grounds 
572 Cbchrane Wm H 

Vacant lots 
5T6 'Samson Mis Ellen 
682 Keenehan John 
590 Hoilglns John W 

Private grounds 

CAR crossing 
602 Collier Henrv 
696 Boone Francis 
602 MciDonald Mrs Edith 
622 Sherwood Mrs I p 

Private grounds 
<M2 Craln Hiram A 
652 Purcell James 
654 Penfold Alfred 
668 Allen Frederick 

Private grounds 
664 Dawber Thomas 

Private grounds 
670 Desntarals Joseph 

Private grounds 
674 Marshall Joseph 
678 Dancey Mrs Ulary 

Vacant lota 
682 Talt Mrs Catherine 
Crawford »t commenn'.s 

Vacant lots 
690 Moreau IVter 
694 Wllkle Mrs Julia 

'River rd conmiences 

Vacant lots 
734 McI»onald Donald 

Carling av commences 

Private grounds 
772 Craig Mrs Mnry 


Kai SsaOOO.OOO of In* 


776 Sliet'linu Patrick 
m Mhui'in Albert B 
Mg pauly I^uls 

Vacant lots 
826 Maciltiiiald Henry 

W.illace st comimei 

Miiiili'T yard 

Private grounds 
9^ Hall" John 

Prlvnte grounds 
994 Foster Joseph 

May * Koster. tann( 
iWs Pier Wiillace A 

Private grounds 
101)0 Couturier Alfred 
City lln 

COOrK'T?. runs west 
E>nuin'tt to Concession 
south "f Maria. Oe 
ami Wellington Wardi 

iVorth i^ide 

7 Maiisrteld Thomas 
11 Vacant 
20 Smifli Tliomas 
27 Stnitli Frederick 
2!t .Neville James J 
3;i Forbes Wm. mnfrs i 
S) f'oile Abraham 
41 Clarke Robi>rt 
47 Johnstone Mrs Anna 
4I> Haycock Miss M E 
111 Ami Henry M 
113 Ciillnck \\ni C 
117 Heney Miss Frances 
no Lanibkln Mrs M A 
I'il Tupper Hon Sir f;ha 
Cartler st interse 
12!) Pobell Hon Richard 

Private grounds 
HI Dourinot John G 
Prlvnte gmunds 
17.1 Bate Newell 

Private grounds 
M Mai key Wm. whol 

Elgin st Interse* 

Prot Orphans' Home 
24fi .««inlth Chnries J 
aril .Sedgewick Hon Rob 
^M McMahon Hon D'Ar 

Private grounds 

House, 8 e 

Metcalfe st Intense 
277 Dawson S E 

Prlvnte grounds 
aCi Dennis Mr?i Snrah 
2117 Pyke .Matthew M 

Private grounds 
m\ Steckel Rene L J 
m Stewart Mrs Kllzab 
Sll Hrownlee James N 
31S (inmble Rubert 
317 Mercer Wm O 
325 Graham Frederick J 
331 Armstrong Alva S 
33,1 House, s e 

O'Connor st Interse 
.Ci,l Hou4<e, s e 
.iri'i Wnddell Mrs It C 
rilt Codvllle John J 

Private grounds 
:i7.'! Ferguson Wm T 

Private grounds 


see CONLEY'8 Scotch Suitinsrs. 




Cooper. <i5 

Td Slieelinu Patrick 
iS Mbm-m Albert B 
JS pauly Muls 

Vacai't lots 
gjg M8P'lii'i»'<l Henry 

W'nlliU'O St commences 

Lmiii"'!" yard 

prlvatt' ttrounds 
MU Half Jolm 

Private grounds 
Ml s'Dstcr Joseph 

Mii^ * I'"i>»ter, tanners, r 
W DIeV WHllaoe A 
' Private grounds 
1030 Couturier Alfred 

City limits 

COOPK'Tl. runs west from 
BnuiK'ff to Coneesslon, 4th 
Routli "f Maria, Central 
jnil Wi'lllngtou Wards. 

North Side 

T Mansfielil Tbomas 

11 Vacant 

jfi Smitli Tliomas 

27 Smitli B'rederlck 

["it Neville James J 

's\ Furlies Wm. nmfrs agt 

35 f'oile Atorahnni 

41 Clarke Robert 

47 Jolmstone Mrs Anna 

4!) Havcock Miss M E 
111 Anil Henry M 
113 (iiilinek \N ni <" 
117 Heney Miss Kranoes 
119 Lanibkln Mrs. M A 
Iffl Tupi'pr Hon Sir Charles 
Cartler st Intersects 

12!) Pobell Hon Richard R 
rrtvate grounds 

m Bourinot John G 
Private jtrmuuls 

17.1 n»te Newell 
Private Bronnils 

201 Mackey Wm. who! lum- 

Blgln St Intersects 

Prot Orjphans' Home, s e 
24R Smith Charles J 
lITil Sedttewlck Hon Robert 
2.",". McMahon Hon D'Arcy H 

Private grounds 

House, 8 e 

Metcalfe St Intersects 

277 Dnwson S R 

Private grounds 
2!».' Itciinls Mr^ Snrah M 
2!i7 Pyke Matthew M 

Private grounds 
311:', Steckel Rene L J 
3()0 Stewart Mrs Kllzabetb 
SU Itrowulee James N 
31.5 (ianible Robert 
317 Mercer Wm O 
i'St Orabara Frederick J 
3.11 Armstronir Alva S 
335 House, s e 

O'Connor st Intersects 
,tfi.'l House, s e 
;to Waddell Mrs U C 
:rai Codvllle John J 

Private griuiiids 
;t7.'i I'Vrguson Win T 

Private grounds 

370 Gibson James 

Private grounds 
389 Anderson Frederick O 
3»1 Allan Hugh 
308 Green James 

A lane 

House, B e 

Bank st Intersects 
4)11 Shore Thomas A, bldr 

Private grounds 
423 'Smith Mrs Mary 
425 Addison t'harles 
427 Howard Thomas F 
429 Taylor Mrs Mary H 
431 Lyon John G 
433 Blals Louis 
437 Dalton Robert G 
441 Popham Wm E 
443 Hlckson Mrs Mary 
447 Foley Patrick 
449 lirenuau Patrick 
4S1 Hawkins Joseph 

Hawkins Miss M, mus 

Vacant lots 

Kent st intersects 
467 Morton Henry H 
469 Meagher John F, coutr 
471 Rrlghtou Mrs Jessie 
473 Pennock <}eorge P3 
475 Payne Abraham 
477 Sherwood Harry W 
479 Hall John R 
487 Ashe Edward 
4i8e Macdonell Harry P 
480U| Stewart Joiiu G 
401 Bills Peter 
408 Turner Albert G 
405 York Dunbar 

I'rivate grounds 
499 Macifarlane David 
608 Mooney Henry 
'KKi Cameron Alexander M 
607 Boureler Edouard 

Lyon st Intersects 

House, s e 
511 Graham Miss Eliza 

Vacant lot 
911 Morel Blzear, cabtmkr 
ai3 Young Arthur W 
015 Richards Henry 

Richards Miss E, drsm'kr 
617 Motratt John H 
619 Watts Edward 

House, s e 

Bay st intersects 

House, s e 
<lfl7 Tobln Thomas J, contr 

Tobin Miss 8, drsmkr 
669 Butler John 
671 Eagle Mrs Rosauna 

Bagle Miss liOulsa, dress- 
673 Curran John 
975 Costello 'Ibonuis 
077 YouuK Adam S 
679 Duford Alphouse 

Grant Miss Ror.e 
681 Robertson Rlrliard 
fl.S3 Campbell Clinton A 
085 Guthrie Mrs Sarah 
687 Walsh Wm 
701 Low ThomiiN 


Vacant lot 

Percy st intersects 

Ice house, s e 
Vacant lots 
House, 8 e 

South Side 

4 Neeve John B H 
8 Checkley Francis S 
12 Vacant 
16 Soutter Alexander R 

Vacant lots 
52 Odell Mortimer C 
54 Cooke Sidney P, phy 
56 Forest Oscar, mnirs' agt 
58 Robertson Wm 
60 Cuzner Mrs Mary 
64 Anderson Lt-Col Wm P 
68 O'Connor E J 
130 House, s e 

Cartler st Intersects 
136 House, s e 
150 Sparks N fniarles 
160 Palmer A Z 

Private grounds 
170 Irwin Lt-Col de la CT 

Vacant lots 
180 Powell R W, phy 
184 Vacant 
186 Vacant 

188 Heron Major Wm 1/ 
190 Vacant 
192 Rogers Dr A F 

Elgin st intersects 

Private grounds 
216 Skead Mrs Roslna 

Private grounds 
2^4 Stratton Cniristopher 

Private grounds 
232 Maxwell George R 

I'rivate grounds 
260 Ix>wls Travers 

Private grounds 
200 Hutton John, cab owner 
264 Vacant 

Private grounds 
270 Oamble Mrs Elizabeth 

Metcalfe st Intersects 
200 House, 8 e 
204 Perkins Henry W 
296 Hanley Henry 
298 MoMeekln Abel 
300 Oook Benjamin 
302 Smith (Jeorife 
804 Lloyd Mrs Martha 
."WW Barr Wm J 

Private grounds 
310 Slxamlth Wm H 
812 Byshe Frederick H 
316 Bo<irne Charles H 
naa Butterworth Enoch B 

Private grounds 
."WO Kavanagh Jo8ei)h 

Private grounds 
340 McLeod Henry A F 

()'(k)nnor st Intersects 

House, H e 
354 Stanton <^ameron 
356 Eagleson James W 
.'{."W Hunt Henry J 
300 Mi-Ksy Wm 

Frlpp C Downing 
304 Drummond Andrew 
.fZO Brouse Henry A 
.176 Rowan Walter 
;<78 RIddIck John 
.■«0 Brown James, bldr 
386 Bwitty Wm J 
388 Smith Wm H 












582 to 640 WelUnrton St 


•: 1? m 




f ; .' 


l! ? 


V 1 

'}'; ; ' , ;. 


■ it i; 



U \ \ [ I 





h i,T 

■*' .' 



The SUN Life 


^ f Offlot, RimmH Htuse Blotk 
'. I a* SPARKS ST, 





«« M 

860 Store, s e 

Bunk st intersecte 

Wood yard 
428 Belaiiper Mr» JiiXllda 
432 Livingstone Herman H 
436 Brook Harry J 
438 Hutton Mrs Mary 
442 Turner Georjje 

aiiruer Miss M, drsmkr 
446 MiciXauRhton Findlay 
448 Taylor Thomas 1) 

House, s e 

Kent 8t Intersects 

House, s e 

Vacant lots 
464 Llgiitbourn Donald 
468 Perrler I>*on 

UnflnlHlied house* (2) 

Vacant lots 
500 Oalderon Alfred M 
502 McLaughlin John 
504 Stevenson James S 

Vacant lots 

Lyon St Intersects 

Private grounds 
606 Barlow Alfred G 

Vacant lots 
662 Cox James 
664 Wallace James 

Bfj St Intersects 

House, s e 
666 Atkinson Wni 
668 Spaldal Frederick M 
670 r^ecour Miss Mary, shirt 

874 Borthwlck John R 
676 Mann John 
678 Campbell Wm R 

Campbell .Ulss E. mlnr 
682 Lewis Tlinnins W 
688 Raganold Stephen 
690 Lee John 

Private grounds 
706 Gray Jnnies B 
6M Shore Wni 
608-700 NesWtt Rf>bt A, gro 

Percy st intersects 

708 I'awcett Joseph J 
710 luge Frederick 
712 Held George 
714 Walker James P 
720 McMnrtln Thomas 
724 Brown Wm 
T38 Taylor Wni 
728 Douras Daniel 

Vacant lots 
742 lyynoh John, woo<l dlr 

Vacant lots 

OOT'RT. runs east from 
Mosgrove to 06 Nicholas, 
second south of RIdeau, St. 
(Jporge WTd. 

North Side 

Warehouse, s e 
foal sheds, s e 
Corporation Weigh 
Coal sheds, s e 
City Registry Office, s e 

South Side 

12-34 Canadian Granite Co 

south from 32 Daly av to 
Wilbrod. St. George Ward. 

Not tullt on 

ORAIG. runs south from 
282 Mutchmor, fourth west 
wf Bank, Wellington Ward. 

Bast Side 

House, a e 
Vacant lots 

Centre st Intersects 
Vacant lot 

\7e»f Side 

Vflcant lots 

Ella st commences 
Hartlett Samuel H 
Private grounds 

Percy st commences 
Private grounds 

Centre st Intersects 
Vacant lot 

CIRAWPOB.D. runs weat 
from Concession to Turner, 
first south of C A R, 
DalhoHsle Ward. 

North Side 

15 Hari»er Noble 

Private grounds 
23 Vacant 
27 Cleary John 

Private grounds 
35 Murphy William 

South Side 

Vacant lots 

22 Hunter Thomas 

Vacant lots 

ORDK3HTON, runs east 
from Charles to Beech wood 
av. second north of RIdeau 
River, RIdeau Ward. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
12 Arthey Frederick J 

14 Ingram Robert 

School lane Intersects 

16 Brewer Mrs Emily 

15 Smith Thns. shnemkr 
VlcUers Henry H 

20 Heasman John 

22 Craig Wra 

24 Vacant 

26 Street James 

28 Davidson Thomaii C 

Private grounds 
34 niomas F Thomas 

Private grounds 
.IS Pushman John 
40-42 Tubman Wm, grj 

ITnloii st Intersects 

44 McHonald Mrs Janet 

IVivnte gmund'- 
48 Oleeson Job';, btchr 
52 Armstrong Thos A 

84 Butler Charles W 
86 <Uhort Wm 

62 Hlggins Rev Jonn 
Rear entrances 

63 McElroy Mrs Marv 3 
70 EJsdale Jobn 

72 Rankin Thomas, coiitr 
Private grounds 
Victoria st intersects 
M Askwlth Frank 
06 Howard Irvine L 
98 Olark Capt Allan 

102 Rennle James 

104 Bisdale George 

108 Reld George 

Reld Miss Louisa J, mn, 

114 Stewart John 

120 Bambrick Jas, contr 

126 Burns Edward 

128 Esdale Mrs Annie 

Keefer st interseots 

180-132 McClelland Wm 

140 Curran Morris 

148 Burke Charles 

152 Krantrush Albert 

104 SchultiS Frank S 

156 Pearson Andrew, nntp 

160 Nettbohm Paul 

KM Scheonherr John 

lao Vacant 

1«8 Barnes Wm A 

170 Olcen Christian 

176 Cherry John 

178 Hart Freedriek 

182 Moore Wm L 

184 Ralston Robert 

200 Creighton St Pub Sch 

Dufferin rd Intersects 

Vacant lots 

S» John's German Lu- 
theran Chnrch 
200 Boehmer Herman 
394 Boeboier Wilhclm 

Private fronnda 

Electric st commences 
Private grounds 
am Mender Charles 
am Hupp Albert 
.112 Hnrp John 
314 Cornelius Frederick 
316 Cornelius Oharlea 
320 Dunning Wellington "R 
.324 Hupp Emil 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

Church, s e 
5 Nuttall Wm 
Vacant lots 
25 Ashdown R<lward 
27 Tiiylor Cliarlea 
31 Robinson Aaron 
35 Vacant 
ro Ryan John, contr 

I'nion st Intersects 

Private grounds 
.M Tubman Robt J 
TiH T^ibman Mrs Mary 
50 Dawson Frederlclt W 

Private grounds 
flB Duggan Henry 

Private grounds 
60 Itamiige Archibald 

Private gr<iunds 
70 Curtis Wm 



fll Smif'i aTiomas B 
" aalth Misa 6, di 
g3 Faills Wm 

Victoria st Intel 

87 Hon.^e. s e 

privRte grounds 
M Graham' Wm 
or. ADton Ronald 
101 Maiiigy Philip A 
Private grounds 
m') Holt E<lmunA B 
Private grounds 
111 Dnvifs Thomas J 
113 Scliwei-dfeger Jaa 
115 Builowskl Chas B 
117 Daley Michael J 

Vacint lot 
127 Wallenshlager Aui 
private grounds 
Keefer st Inter 
135 Vacant 

Private grounds 
189 Mf-Cnrthy Callagh 
141 Million Denis J 
Private grounds 
If Scti;-oeder Frederii 
14V Saiirlol F X . 
14!) Barndt Otto 
161 LT'ombe Dolore 
153 C<ilf Frederick 
IM Kffxert Albert 
157 E;.';rert Brneat 

Private grounds 
Ifil Hupp Charles 
165 S'-nnian Herman 
169 Desens Herman 
171 Sililttkaker Wm 
177 Sliiin Breary, bkr 

Vacant lots 
m Unfinished bnlldini 
105 Kritsch August 
W7 Sylvester Frederic] 
Sylvster Miss J. 
160 Schincel Bdward 
Jachman Wm, r 
aoi Boehmer Albert 
Private grounds 

Dufferin rd Interi 
House, ■ e 
Vacant Iota 

Olty II 

CrMBEiRTvAiND. rung 
from RIdeau River, 
west of King, to Soi 
eiif. Intersecting I 
tt 226, Ottawa, By a 
George Ward. 

East Side 

Lumber yards 
Redpath st inters 
73 Brown James C 
75 Vacant 

79 Mullen Mr* Ann 
83 Bambrick BXlward 
Private grounds 
McTB»gtirt st Infers 
t: P R ero>i 
IHt Howell Henry 
lt)l Grotenu Cyrlile 
10.1 Koffman Arthur 
liXi r.ih>anskl Vincent 
1(17 .\btonof»ky Charles 


d B TAG&ABT & SON *«*»*«• sssssisifiarisiiis ■ Dk.»«.* 

WW. MASON & SONS r*""' 'SJfS'"^™; 



Gumberlsad. 67 

fii amid' TlJonias B 

* ^Ith Ml9» G, drsmir 

g3 Fallls Wm 

Victoria at Intersect* 

87 BonfO- B e 

privRte grounds 
93 GrahaiU' Win 
96 Anton Ronald 
101 Maiiig.v Philip A 
' Private grounds 
1(15 Holt Edmwnd B 
' Private grounds 
111 Davifs Thomas J 
113 Selnve.-dfeger Ja« B 
m BiidowRkl Cha» B 
m Daley Mlclinel J 

Vacant lot 
127 Wall^'ishlager August 
Prl>ate grounds 
Kcefer st intersects 

185 Vacant 

Private grounds 
189 M(<'arthy Callagttan 
ui Miitilon Denis J 

Private grounds 
;r SctKoeder Frederick 
14', Saiirlol F X 
149 Barndt Otto 
1B1 i,n combe Dolore 
153 Col f Frederick 
1RJ Dnisert Altoert 
157 15;:;rert Brnest 

Private grounds 
16t Hiipp Charles 
16S S<-anian Herman 
169 IHsens Herman 
171 Scblttkaker Wm 
177 Silnn Breary, bkr 

Vat-ant lots 
IW Unfinished building 
IDS Kritcch August 
107 Sylvester Frederick 

SylvHter Miss J, dress- 
19!) Srhlnrel Edward 

Jnobman Wm, r 
2D1 Boehmer Altoert 

Private grounds 

Puffcrin rd intersects 

House, 8 e 
Vacant lots 

Olty limits 

Ct3rB15iR:T>A>N.D. runs south 
from Rideau River, first 
weflt of King, to Somerset 
east, Intersecting Bldeau 
tt 226. Ottawa, By and St. 
George Ward. 

East Side 

Lumber yards 
'Redpath st intersects 
78 Brown Jamet; C 
n Vacant 

TO Mullen Mr<* Ann 
ffi Dambrlck EMward 
Private grounds 
McTatigRrt st Intersects 
c p R crossing 
m Howell Henry 
101 Oroleau (*yrillc 
m Koflman Arthur 
KXi Ltpsnskl Vincent 
1(17 .ibionofsk) tharles 

111 ProtzfcwoBky Florlan 
113 Prud'homme Benjamin 

116 O'Brien Michael 

117 Cbarron Alexis 
Store, a e 

Boteller st Intersects 

lai Klnselia T P, gro 

128 Vacant 

125 T^ndrlau Napoleon 
127 Plante Oeorge 

129 Jotoin Bdouard 

133 Campbell Archibald 

13S Behan Jobn 

141 Oaffney Bernard 

Bolton st intersects 
Cathcart ^uar» 
Oathcart st Intersect* 

lee Regimfoal Omer. bart>er 

171 Hurt utoise A L. mus tehr 

181-183 tJntennatable houses 

187 kalnrllle Louis 

186 Oravelle Mrs Leontlne 

tOl Vllieneuve Napoleon 

108 Vacant 

198% Beggi Jacob 

196 Corrlveau Bdouard, gro 
Water st Intersects 

199 Briard Napoleon 

aOfl-2(K5 Mon. tte H. biksmith 

221 Horau Kdwanl U 

fit Andrew at intersects 
203 Messier Mrs M, gro 
225 Demers Henry 
227 Leger Frederic 
229 Ssrrls David 
231 Oiirry M'r (^Htherlne 
233 Leteiller Edouard 
Private grounds 
243 Valiquette B. barber 

246 roisy Jean Bte, pool 

Church st lnteri>ects 

247 St Laurent Anthime, gro 
Patvin Mrs H, reai 
Lafontalne A, rear 

255-277 Storehouse 
Store, B e 

iSt Patrick st Intersects 

House, s e 
279 Rennud Louis, flour 
281 Rattc Michel 
288 Brunette Mrs Amellne 

Notre Dante School 

Murray st intersects 
Private grounds 
807 Fire Station No 6 
311 IMoran Miss B J, mus 

313 Mcnugti Mot-timer 
816 Leduc Mrs Marie 
821 Desrochers Benjamin 

Clarence st intersects 
323 'Store, s e 

Private grounds 
383 Lunny James 
386 L<eblanc Cyprien 
337 Ftehr Kari M, mus tchr 

House, s e 

Yoik st Intersects 

M9 Htewnrt Alexander 
3.W Hayes Henry M 
3C1 DeBeauraont Robert 
:<A3 Redmond Msmuel 
306 Littleton Mrs Margaret 

367 Dery Mrs Oedulle 
308 Lyncli Matthew 
373 Roy John B H 
876 Oyr Napoleon 

377 Pease Wm 

378 McOuire Mrs Mary ▲ 
SSa Boyle Oeorge, exp 
366 St Denis Octave, bldr 
387 Buchanan Mrs Agnss 
398 Vacant 

395 Howe Wm 

401 Hiekman Tlios B 

408 Bennett Mrs Louisa 
407 Mason Wm T 

409 L4imoucbe Mrs Mary 
411 EKleson Thomfls J 

Store, 8 e 

Rideau st intersects 
Store, s e 
431 Oagnon Alphonse 

485 Smith Wm A D. cabtmkr 
Private grounds 
Besserer st intersi'i-ts 

447 Bower Mrs Kate, irru 

466 Vick George 

A lane 
House, s e 

Daly av Intersects 
Church, » e 
477 Gerard John 
481 Kilt John O 

486 Hayes Mictiael 
House, s e 

Stewart st intersects 
496 Wilson Mrs Sarah 
499 Beaupre Honore, cobs 
603 Nelligan Patrick 
607 Vacant 
609 Lussier Alfred E 

Wllbrod st Intersects 

Church, s e 

Church ground) 
Theodore st intersects 

Church of the Hscred 

Vacant lots 
606 BisBon Henri 
809 Fahey Mrs Mary 

Vacant lot 
818 Garneau Separole kK'h 
616 Brew Mrs Margaret 
«17 Bais Felix 
C19 Seguln Georgt W 
621 Jordan Mrs Mt>ry 
628 Ounnlnghnra Ji.bu, bkr 

Osgoode st InierHCcts 

Vacant lots 
633 Pasch August 
635 Paquette Alfred 

Vacant lots 
639 Alarie Joseph 

Vacant lots ' ■. 

1663 i"iohen Jacf>b 

Vacant lots 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
22 Banvbrick J.ihn . • ,• 
20 BInghnm Jolin ' 

28 Bainbrlok Thomas 
30 Keenohan Wm J 
82 Brunet MaxI ne 
I 34 I'elland Adolphe 

Phrenoline Cures ""eumatism 









h i 

b . t : i 



i ■ 



i ii' 

! i 

■ ■.■ 



■ u 


jf! h^ 'i ! 



^r^l . 




• li ' ' 

'ATSON'S I '^•"•SaJf: »JS»«tiT'^ 

68 CumV)erland, 



■Jnflnlsted houses (2) 
Vacant lot 

Baird at ends 

Private irroun<irt 
54 Rossl^iol Joseph 
56 ISurkp John 

I'Dfiulsihed hou^e 
68 Boyle John 

Redpath at interretts 

74 Brown James C, gro 
76 Kendall James A 
80 Bell Thomas 

Vacant lot 
90 Maass Charles 

Vacant lot 

McTaggart st Intersects 

C r R crossing 

Lumber yard 
102 Ofonin Mrs Mary 
104 Vixant 
106 Vacant 

HO Htfrtrand Ferdinand 
Ijy Munro Jesse 
lis 1."^ MeEvoy E J, gro 

lJotttll<».r St inters;eeta 
iicbool iniundx 

Bolton St li.;r>r»ectf; 
Oathcart Squai- 
Oathcart Market 

Cntljcart st tnter«if -ty 

1«8 Boutin Jean Bte, g.o 
176 Rosslgiiol Mm Ellr 

Vaicant lots 
IW Gronlx Arthur 

Store, s e 

Water st Intefsects 

Store, a e 
200 Sawdowt^ky Martin 

Private grounds 
220 Guertln Mrr- Sophie, gro 

St Andrew s" Intersects 

SB Young John F 


House. 8 e 
Church 9t Interaecta 

tat l.uMler Louis J 
2M Vacant 

House, 8 e 

at Patrick st Intersects 
Church, 8 e 
Murray st Intersect* 

Store, 8 e 
300 Provost Alpbonse, liquors 
a02 Provost Francis, tir 
son Leveque EMouard A 
310 iThampagne F X 
312-318U^ Vacant (6) 

Store, 8 e 
Clarenoe st Intersecta 

Hou«e, B e 
83S Turcot Mrs Marie 
.H34 Beanchamp Mrs LouiM 
338 Parent Victor 
338 Haiel Wm 

8tore, • • 

York st Intersects 

348 Brown Mrs Bllsa 
800 Desrocbes Joseph 

Private grounds 
360 BiACle Oeorge 
3G2 C^.^^hl^g IM'vard 
366 Pl'taway Mrs Jane 
."WW RoDlllard Alexander 
370 E -aiis John E 
372 Moreau Jean 
374 liCcnurt Eugene 
376 Parent I' »-ederick 
378 Anbe Joseph 
3W) 5^a!r)uey Mrs Bridget 
38B Jrequeg James A M 

Provost Cbas, school 

George «t ends 

House, s »• 
Manndrell Charles 
Storri, 8 e 

P.idenn st Interppcts 

Vacant lot 
412 Dalley Michael F>, phte 

Vacant l<'.: 
420 Unttuantable house 

Convent grounds 



House, s e 
440 Robinson Alexander 
414 Coombs Wm H 
4-W Kellv Mrs Anastasla 
■HS OIlP! A U, cabtmkr 

PrIvtUe grounds 

Duly av Intersects 
Hiiiise, 8 e 

A lane 

468 Robert Joseph 
470 O'Connell Mrs Delwrah 
Vacant lots 

Stewart st InterseotB 
480 Brown Mrs .M A, gro 

488 Neville Michael 

Private grounds 

Wllbrod st Intersects 

Ottawa Unlv grounds 
Theodore st intersects 

Junlorate of the Sacred 
608 Leahy Miss Margaret 
610 Hughes James 
612 Kearns Mrs Mary 

Vacant lots 
016 McGregor Mrs Mary 

House, 8 e 

Osgoode st Intersects 
022 AInsborough Mrs M, gro 
02« Vacant 
630 Gorman James Jr 
632 Fahey James 
634 Robert F X 

Vacant lot 

McDougal ar commences 
638 McCfarthv Dennis P 
640 Peachy Jnles C 
642 McDonald John 
044 Cunningham John 
646 Roy Regis 
046V^ Clements Thomas P 
648 Belanger Jean A 
680 Paquet F X 

Vacant lot 
6M Carroll John J 
6C6 Llston Michael 

OTTRRIDR, runs eiist from 
60O Sussex, St. (j.-a^ 


North Side 

Rear entrances 

South JSIde 

Hotel, s e 
6 Storehf-USf 
8 Flanauxn Mrs 'Mvnh 
10 WllbiiiJ Gc«rge 
12 Duitbar H'Qrv 
14 BlrdwMstu '^-.lehard 

OALHOl flffi, rn,i ,, , V 
from r>,'cKay to rtuieau 
stret't, Intersecting St Pat- 
vli'k, first nst of Su^^x 
Ottawa. By and St Georcc'I 
IVfi rds. 

Bast Side 

ViiCBTit lots 
Piwt'ei; at interstctj 
Baird st < irr.'oncris 
';W SsVLaughlin Jas, ^. . 
."1 BS.-inchet f.-.>ul8 
.Tl Tlilrlcrire .To'eph 
S.' Gltisi^oW Moises 
Vacant lots 
Kodpath st commences 
66-57 Oorbett Mrs Ellen 
63 Mf»ran Mrs Catherine 

66 I^.moureux Louis 

67 I)Mfr»«sne Mrs Llllie 
69 FlHisted Mrs Johannah 

Pihate grounds 
75-7T r*e Mrs Ellen 

McT; ggart st Intersects 
C P R crossing 
71V81 O < onnor Thomas 
83 Ardilt John 

86 Junter Johann 

87 Duval Autolne 
8» Perrault Wilfrid 
01 Richard Bmlle 

9rt Vlllenmve Alexander 

05 lUiy Walter 

117 liflndrluu Paul 

90 Vaugban Mrs M, gro 

Boteller st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
111 C^rlssi' Joseph 
113 Mc<iulre Hugh 
115 McCormlck Mrs Bridget 
121 Robltallie Jacques 
123 Mulrooney James 

Mulrooney Mrs S, gro 

Bolton st Intersects 

Vncant lots 
131 Roy Theophlle 
\3a Bureau Pierre N 
13S Fink George L 
1.17 Desjurdlus Isaac 
139 Cote Isidore 
141 An»tls«( Wm 

■^tore, 8 e " ' 

Cathcart st intersects 
148 Charbonneau Onier 
146-159 Ice house 
161 Segnin Joseph 




BMt Quality, WhoiMal* and i»9Uiil. 208>ARK8. 

for up to d 

1 17 8PARI 


16,3 F:it> iix Jeremiah 
Ftiti iix Miss Jennie 

185 loyy -Mrs Jobephli 

167 Bi>iii'(|iie Stanislas, ( 

168 Hot; I' Kablen, gro 
Wit for st Intersi 

171 Gnrl'py Joseph, gr 
17;i Lo\' !• Edmond, roof 
175 B('iii'll*'U Joseph 
177 M:inMUx Andre 
179 St liicques Frederic 
181 Li ii';iy Octave 

Lfiiiiy Miss D, drsfi 
185-lSf' Lfway Octave, 

St Andrew st intersf 
1P9 Pii|>oiit Joseph C, g 
201 Roy Adolphe 

205 Aniistrong Francis . 

206 Til iiiipson Clark 

200 M(aisseau T P, h 

211-2111 Levelile Solo 

pinning mill 
221 ViU'.int 

(Minrcli 8t tnterse 
223-2'.'r. Folsy Honore, 

229 Ta«so Felix 
2.'<1 Hreton Joseph 
2:)7 C'lntln Mrs Angele 
2."9 Spencer Frederick ^ 
241 Cmisinoan Maxime 
245 Vacant 

247 riiiii TImothee, sho« 
249 <'|[iirlebol8 J Q, gro 
Si Patrick st inters^ 
2.^'^-5i' Richard J L, dry i 
2.71 I'liineau T, painter 
2U1 Mark Wah, Indry 
233-265 Jullen Alphonse. 

287-2fift -Mojor 8 J, gro 


Murray st intersei 
271 Morris Thomas J 
273 Belleck Napoleon 
277 Kousquet Jean Bte 

279 Raymond Leon 
281 Vacant 
283 Berlchon Maxime, s 

285 Dumontler Alfred G 
Dumontier Mrs L, a 
287 Breen Miss Etta, i 

280 Niiubert L P, sew m« 
291-:W Thereault Mrs B, 

29(5-2fl7 Folsy P L, gro 

Clarence st Interset 
290-301 I^halse S Pag 

dry goods 
303 C^iarron J Vital 
30S^ Charron Mrs 0, mli 
SOS MiUetts Jeremie.sboe 
!tri7 Laberge Mrs Josephli 
800 Beaucage Louis 
.'iU UumonU«r Altnd 3 

Dumontler Mrs O, 
313 Glngras Qeorg» 
;U6-S17 MItron Aiulre 

Mttron Mrs S, sec hd 



for up to date PHOTOS 

117 8PARK8 8TREET. 






163 Fiiii'i'x Jeremiah 

Fiiti iix Miss Jenule, drs- 

165 Lovii' Mrs Jo&ephlne 
167 Boiiniiie Stanislas, confr 
189 Hoiii' Knblen, gro 

Wiitor st intersects 
171 Gnr!' p.v Joseph, gro 
ITS Lo>''' Eduioud, roofer 
175 Bc^!i'li''U Jo8ci>h 
177 JlM'.i'tiux Andre 
179 St liii'ques Frederick 
181 LniM.v Ootove 

LiMiiiy Miss D, drumkr 
185-lSV' Lvniay Octave, car- 

St Andrew st Intersects 
1P9 piipont Joseph C, gro 
201 Rov Adolphe 
203 Armstrong Francis J 
206 Til inipson Clark 
209 Ml usseiiu T P, borse- 

2ii-l'i;» Levellle -Solomon, 

iilaning mill 
221 Viu'ant 

Ctiurc'h st Intersect'S 

223-2'.>.' Folsy Honore, tln- 

229 T;i<so Felix 
2.'fl Href on Joseph 
2.'!7 ('Mntln Mrs Angele 
2;i9 Spi'iioer Frederick W 
241 Ciiusinean Maxlme 
245 Vacant 

247 rioii TIniothee, shoemkr 
249 ( liarlcbols J O, gro 

St Patrick st Intersect* 
2S3-5:' Richard J Ls dry gds 
2rp9 rrnneau T, painter 
2U1 Mark Wail, Indry 
238-2<>5 Jullen Alphonse, nn- 

267-2<)0 Major 8 J, gro and 

Murray st Interseeta 
271 Morris Thomas J 
273 Bflleck Napoleon 
277 KouHQUet Jean Bte 

279 Raymond Leon 
281 Vacant 

283 Berlchon Maxlme, shoe- 
285 Pumontler Alfred G 

Pumontler Mrs Li, m4nr 
287 nreen MIm Btta, mlnr 

280 N'anbert L P, new mach 
29ia(« Thereault Mrs B, fey 

295-21)7 FoUy P L, gro 
Clarence st Intentecta 

299-301 T^halse S Pagean, 

dry goods 
303 C^arron J Vital 
,%0^ Charron Mrs 0, mlnr 
SflO MlUetta Jeremte.flhOMnkr 
m T.aberge Mrs Joaephln* 
300 Beaucage Loola 
m UumoaUcr Alfred J 

Dumontler Mrs O, dra- 
313 Olngras Georg» 
m^n Mitron Audre 

MItron Mrs 8, wc bd fda 

York st Intersects 
32B St Joseiph's Hall 
820 Inilay Mrs Kllen 
331 Lefebvre F X 
337 ChUholm Mrs Mary B 
Private grounds 

347 Low George 

348 Low F & G. machinists 
361 Proulx Jos. blksmlth 
366 O'Connor Michael, horse- 


George »t Intersects! 
361 Vacant 

368 Pease Wm, gunsmith 

369 O'Mahony Miss C, drs- 

371 Oloutler Severe 
373 DuImjIs Mrs M, mlnry 

Dubois Israel 
375 Joyce w F. pictures 
377 Ripley A Edward 

370 O'Meara Mrs EMza 
381 Slfeuian Joseph 

383 Murttn Mr6 Isabella 
Store. H e 

West Side 

Private grounds 
10 Vacant 
12 Lett F P Austin 
20 Rabby Frank W 

Private grounds 

Sessex st Intersects 

BIngliam sq 

PIl'Dg ground 

McTaggart st Intersects 

C P a crossing 

Piling ground 

Hotelier st Intersects 
Piling ground 
118 Collins Samuel 
120 Weston George 
122 Cameron Donald, gro 

Bolton st Intersects 

Vacunt lots 

onthoart st Intersects 
144 Siervant ii-ne. y 

Servant Mr^ i\ confy 
160 J^frambolsL Callxte 
1S2 Alarle ntseat 
164 Gooden Mrs Mary 
166 Bolaseau Albert 
162 Menard Pierre 

168-170 T^urln Mrs S, fruits 

Laortn Jean Bte 
Water at Intersects 
172-174 Vacant 
176 Malloy Mrs Margaret 

Mallojr Mlsa M A, dra- 
178 Vacant 

180 Tberlault Paul, shoe- 
182 Leduc Jean Bte 
184 Rogers Anthony 
190 Beaudet Mrs A, liquors 

193 Boucher Benjamin 

194 Beaudet Desire L 

196 Beaudet Mrs A, dry gds 

St Andrew st interaecta 
196 Berube Jos O. gro 

200 Berabe & Co, fruits * 

202 Pugeau Narclsse 

Pageau Narclsse, jr 
204 Murphy &. Green, btchre 

Lefebvre Louis 
206 Vacant 
208 Vacant 

210-214 Lee David, bkr 
216 Lessard A, plmbr 
218-222 Boston -House 

Church st intersects 
224 Desm^lers Mrs C, yro 

Desroslors Autoln" 
226 Hlng Kee. Indry -;: 

230-232 Vacant 
234 Sevlgny J B. barber 
236 Labbe & Co. btchrs 
2U8 Uoblnson John G 

244-246 Malette Leon, dry gds 

St Patrick st Intersects 
248 Desjardlns Molse. cigars 
250 Mathe David, barber 
262 Vacant 
2.54 Claude Kile 
258 King Sing, Indry 
260 Loughran J B. baker 

266 Beauohanip Albert, exp 

Beauchamp Mrs P, 
266 Miller James 
270 GiiUmont Mrs P. confy 
270^ Goyette Henri, shoe- 

Murray st intersects 

272-274 Bedard Arthur, dry 

276 Cote J I, jwlr 
278 Vacant 

280 Sabourln Oscar, confr 
202 Felton Louis, tlr 
284 Lafrauchisu Louis 

Lafranchlse Mrs B, 

266-288 Teskey S L, shoes 
290 Cantln Napoleon, shoes 
292 Telton Louis, tlr 
294-296 Casey John, gro 

Clarence st intereeo'a 
298-300 Payment Thos, drugs 
SOe St George laale 
804 Prtmean Cneslme 
306 Cote Herbert 
308 Laberge Alexandre 
310 Groulx Moiae, tlr 

322 House, s e .. - r. 

York st Intersects 

Yard and sheds 
388 Kelly Thomas 

aao store, s e 

George st intersects 

Vacant lot 
870 Muveetj Robert H 
372 Gagnnn Bile, herbalist 

Gagnon Joseph, herbalist 

Oagnon Mrs P, drsmkr 
374 Belanger Mrs A, drsmkr 
376 O'Meara Mrs Mary 

O'Meara Mlsa T, drs- 







) ..' 






1 i ;' 

!. t 


■• ■> 

I f 


■'i - 







I ■' 





1 1 ■ 'i-'f 

•■;, i.^.'- 

■r i 

U ''f.i,> 

MiolM art WOMLO-HnOE •■ fjo RmMmim uni Travai, 

TUC Oil II I ICr MlolM«rtWUWJi-wwwM^.Pii«wiwiot«naTraw^ 

I tic OUJl LirL JOHN R. REIO, Manager, EattMn Ontario. 



• store, a e 
Vacant Iota 

Ridean st 











DALY AV, runs east from 
45 Vlcholas, secona south 
of Bldeau st to RIdpau Riv- 
er, St. Gecrpc's '.Vard. 

North Side 

1 Vacant 
3-11 Storehouse 
25 C?leary John 

Private grounds 
33 Vacant 

m Clarke Mrs Johanna 
41 Irvine Wm 
Vacant lot 

Waller st Intersects 

47 Vacant 
49 Vacant 
63 Reiffensteln James H 

Vacant lot 
87 Vacant 
69 McNeill Allan N 
71 Aumond Wni H 
76 Howell Mrs Annie 
81 Giles Abner R 

Private grounds 
Cumberland st Intersects 

87 McDougall P A, phy 
80 McGllton Robert J 
01-89 Vacant (3) 

Private grounds 
110 Gourdeau Major Francis 
121 Inglls Mrs Henrietta 
123 Wall Patrick H 
Church of St Alban 

King st intersects 

House, u e 

Private grounds 
161 Evaus Samuel 

Private grounds 
169 Wise Mrs FannJe M 
171 De Celles Alfred D 
173 Isbester Jas, ry contr 

Private grounds 
186 McGee John J 

Nelson st Intersects 
199 Poullot Capt Louis H 
201 Pelletier C Oaron 
206 Hill W B Almon 
20© Vacant 
211 Thort)urn John 
218 Macpherson Lt-Col J 
225 Roy Elzebcrt F E 
227 Gobell Antome 
231 Cameron. A, ry contr 
237 Weston Thomas C 
241 Taylor Mrs Georgina R 
243 Horsey H H, architect 
Prlel st Intersects 
251 Caron Hon Sir A P 

I'rlvate jrronndg 

Hou8«, a e 

Chapel st Intersects 

Honse. a « 

316 McKlel Cbarleg B 

317 Annstrong Rev W D 
310 De la Ronde Stuart B 

Private grounds 


Daly Av. 

Augusta st Interfects 

House, 8 e 
Private grounds 
361 Jarvia Arthur L 

A lane 

365 Mathcson George M 

366 Vacant 
860 Vacant 

371 Thompson John W 
87T5 Magrath Mrs Lauru 
877 Vacant 
383 Robillard Honore 

Cobourg st intersects 

Private grounds 

Rear entrances 

Charlotte st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
Wurtemberg st Intersects 
Moss Cbas B, artist 
Vacant lots 

Rideau River 

South Side 

Court House, County of 

County Clerk's offlca 

Obarles MolNab, clerk 
County Grown Attor- 

aey's office, J A Ritchie, 

Clerk of the Peace ofHce, 

J A Ritchie clerk 
Oonnty Treasurer's office 

Wm Cowan, treas 
Oonnty Court 

J P Featherstone. clerk 
High Oonrt of Justice 

J P Featherstone, dep 

elk of the Crown 
Surrogate Court, J P 

Featherstone, registrar 
Master In Chancery's 

office, W L Scott. 

Sberiff's office John 

Swpptland, MD. sberiff 
nrst Division Court, J R 

Armstrong, clerk 
County of Oarieton Ivaw 

Library, Miss Isalwlle 

Kcaly, librarian 
Oonnty of Oarieton Pub 

Sch Inspector's office, 

Arch'd Smirle, Inawr 
Dawson John, custodian 
Reglstrv office, Oounty of 

Oarieton, P J Coffey, reg- 
Ritchie Owen, bair 

Court House av . ommences 
a2 Vacant 
34 Eastnn Wm H 
m Morris Alfred S 
iVi Thomson Jobn 
40 Vacant , 

42 Vacant 

Waller st Intersects 
46 Levy Louis 
48 Levy L & Co, cigars 
52 Chi^vrier Mrs Louise D 
Ohevrler Miss B, mns 
64 Berllnguctte Edg«r 
50 Methan Joseph 
6H Grant Malcolm 

66^^Shea James W 
60 Grant Archie T 
eti Lambert Etullc M, nh. 
06 Heney John ^ ' 

68 Bigger C A, surveyor 
72 Ohabot J L, phy 
74 Treadwell Clarence W 
78 Brorterlck Arthur B 
80 Greaves Walter 
82 Kennedy Robt A, phy 
Cumberland st Intersects 
St Paul's Pres Church 
108 Stewart Wm C K 
108 Panet Mrs Enphrnle 
110 Bleakney Arthur r 
112 Howe George 

Private grounds 
122 Mercer F H P 
Private grounds 
1.12 Prevost L Coyteux, nh» 
1.38 Gomiuliy Joseph J ' 

King st IntersoctR 
146 Gordon Asa 
164 Moylan James G 
100 Contloe L W 
162 Sntlth Mrs Jane C 
168 Ohevrier Rodolptae, pjiy 

Private grounds 
176 Farrer Mrs Eunice 

Private grounds 
102 Allan J Roberts 

Nelson «t Intersects 
200 D'Anray Louis 
204 Loux AVm 
206 Vacant 

208 Thorne Geo. shocmkr 
210 May Patrick 
212 Montgomery Mrs BmllT 
214 Allen John ' 

Private grounds 
222 Pen nock James T 
226 Vacant 
230 Vacant 

282 Conrsol Mrs Georgina 
206 Vacant 
240 Bitot Charles A 

Friel st Intersects 
260 Raphael Thomas 
262 Vacant 
268 White E P M 
260 Bliss Major D O F 
274 Scott Hon R W 

Private grounds 
286 Haye< VTm H 

Snow Miss L, nurse 
288 Humphrys Miss C, sch 
202 Hawkeu Frank 

Chapel st Intersects 

HoQse^ » e 
S12 Vacant 
ai6 Edwards G C 

Private grounds 
836 Wolff Mrs A R 

Augusta st IntersectK 
S46 Heney J J 
.148 Smith F W 
362 O'Hanly J L P. dv ens 
Private* grounds 

Cobourg st Intersect!' 
300 RothwPlI T O 

Private gronnds 
400 Sladen Arthvir F 

Vacant lots 
42S Graham John W 

Charlotte st intersects 

C. fi. TACf&ART & SON 

Real Estate Agents, Auctioneers, eto. 
Tel. 70S Cor. Bank & WelUngton SU 

Daly Av. 

Variint lot 
ffurtenil)'''S "f luteri 
jifot ijiillt on to B 


DAT, runs south fror 
Margai'it to Ellen, 
hoiislo NVard. 

East Side 

Vii'iiiit lots 
17 Bniyire Callxte 

Viuiiiit lots 

West SI.'" 

Vii'.iiit lots 
IS Raymond Alesand^ 

Viii'.Tnt lots 

yBBB\. runs south 
bet .'!•:<> and 370 Ollmc 
Lewis, first east of ] 
Ontnil Ward. 

Noi built on 

DIVISHW. runs south 
60) Wellington, opi 
Briil-i' street, to city 
Its, Kalhcnisle Ward. 

East Side 

Hoiisi s e 
.\ibert st inters^ 

Hoii.«e, s e 
f* Hi'iixhtby Mrs Ann 
13 Iliiknp Mrs Margar 
15 M.'itthews John 
17 Hi'luier James 
lit .McLarty Douglas 
23 Mulligan Henry 
27 Pt'slniirlers Alfred 
2il (h). Ill win Wm 
33 .SoiiiilltTP Jean 
35 (ii)iilet Amable 
37 .'tiililier Jean Bte 
41 Lafranee Joseph, w 
43 Dnpont Joseph 
45 liiiiic Peter 
47 Iliidon .Magloire 

Iludon Miss M L, dr 
49 Ailard Geo E 
H I.auzon Alphonse 
MM, Monahan Peter 
"i3 Vozoaii John 

Primrose st ei 
W Couiville F X, gro 
ffl> C^ite Peter 
"I Kddy George 
7! liiiriiott Donald 
711 < inwitw John 
St Vacant 
JCi Hartnett Maurice 

Vacant lots 
113 M<><^len«ghan James 
117 McClenaghan Sirs St 
121 Oariepy Uomuald 
1'.'3 nixon Walter J 
House, s e 

Somerset st Interae 
MS Albert Samuel H 
14P Albert Henrv 
153 O'Malley Mrs Margj 
IW Johnston James 


Jarvis' Photos are the Best 

Daly Av. 




Vaciiiit lot 


jj'ot i>i>llt on to Rldeau 

* BlViT 

niv runs south from 146 
Margar-t to Ellen, Dal- 
hoiislo Ward. 

East SUle 

Viciiiit lots 

17 Bni.vre Callxte 
Viiciiiit lots 

WMt SI.''' 

Vllr.llit lots 

18 Bflvniond Alexander 
Viii'.Tit lots 

I)EJBB\. runs south from 
bet .'!)><> !•">' '^70 Oilmour to 
Lewis, tirst east of Bank, 
Centnil Ward. 

Xoi built on 

DIVISION, runs south from 
^ Wellington, opposite 
Bridal' street, to city lim- 
its, l>allii>usle Ward. 

East sidi' 

Hons> s e 
A Ibert St Intersects 

House, s e 
f* HnUKlitby Mrs Annie 
13 Biiliop Mrs Margaret 
15 M.'tfttipws John 
17 Hfliiier James 
1!» Mcliarty Douglas 
23 Mulligan Henry 
27 Peslaurlers Alfred 
2it Cooilwlii Wm 
Xi ,Sii\i1)llt'rp Jean 
,15 (Joulet An)able 
,17 Siililler Jean Bte 
41 Lafrauce Joseph, wood 
43 Dnpont Joseph 
45 Bone Peter 
47 ITudon Maglolre 

Hudon Miss M L, dr»mkr 
49 Allard Geo E 
51 Lauzon Alphonse 
,1]% Monahan Peter 
M Vezean John 

Primrose at ends 
M Courvllle F X, gro 
«!» Oite Peter 
71 Eildy Oeorge 
7.1 HiMuett Donald 
?.i Crnvvley John 
•ti Vacant 
x'l Hartnett Maurice 

Vnrant lots 
m MH^lenughan James B 
117 McOlenaghaD airs Sarah 
;21 fJarlepy Bomuald 
12,'! nixon Walter J 
House, 9 e 

Somerset st intersects 
115 Albert Samuel H 
W Albert Henry 
153 O'Malley Mrs Margaret 
l.'hi Johnston James 


157 Manning Michael, confy 

Kccles Bt Intersects 

Ttcant lots 
lOB Dooley Lawrence 
197 Timbers Wm H 
100 Davies Richard 
201 Miller Frank 
20.S Hin Thomns 

207 Moxley Jas T, wood 

200 Belauger Andre 
215 Belauger Aurellen 
219 Oroteau Thomas Jr 
225 I>egault Joseph 
227 GuTlbauIt Adolphe 
291 Kearney Michael 
238 Crozer George 

237 Hawley John 
'Ml Vacant 
24a Fournier F X 
24S Lauzon Elle, tinner 

Sophia st ends 
247 Betournay J, gro 
249 Whissell George 

. Vacant lots 
203 McMillan Daniel 
265 Oblnle Ovlde 
280 Lawlor George 
275 Snrazin Alfred 
2S1 Brennaii Patrick 
283 McGrath James 
2B7 Roy Lewis 

201 Lafrauce EMouard 

208 St>earman Wm 
301 McKnlght James 
307 Vllleneuve Alphonse 
313 Merryfleld Alfred 
317 Rogers Samuel 

310 Lang George 
32S MelTin John 
325 Hatch Tbos, gro 

Louisa st enas 
House, R e 
3B3 Rlopelle Francis J 
387 Rlopelle John 
.S45 Mercer John 
.147-340 Mllletie T, confy 

Munroe st ends 

.V»l Mllaire Joseph, confy 

353 Maheu Peter 

.'^55 SauTe E^-ariste 

8B7 Hon Wm 

am Ladoueear Oamin* 

3flB Rookbnine Wm, barber 

371 (Jnuthler Mrs Vlrglnle 

Raymond at ends 

3T3 Kerr Andreiw 
^tSl Barton Daniel 

OAR crosfllng 

Elisabeth st ends 

SSn Hawley Roderick 
307 Purran Hngh 
401 Tiuvergne Maxime 

Dolly Varden st ends 
Private grniinds 

Henry at ends 
Lamber yards 

West Side 

House, 8 e 
Private grounds 

Albert st Intersects 
24 Lapensee David 
30 Nlchol Wm R, coal oH 
3S Rmslle Alexander 

36 Hurley Patrick 
38 Cardiff John 
40 Switaer James E 
42 Kennedy Joseph 
44 Scharff George 
46 Lalonde Theophlle 
46 Borne James 
52 Delaney John 
54 Ratclltre Mrs Amelia,nat 

Maple st commences 
66 Lapworth Wm, btchr 
58 Sauve I B, tinsmith 

Vacant lot 
68 Boucher Sidney 
88 Page Henry 
72 House, s e 

Elm st commences 
Vacant lots 
Spruce st commences 
110 Moss Oharleo, b1k«mlth 

Somerset st Intersects 

House, s e 

Private grounds 
138 Scott David 
140 Kelly Bernard 

Redes st Intersects 

House, 8 e 
154 Bonrgulgnon Alfred 
156 PIche Maglolre 
158 Quiiin Michael 
IflO Hunnl Francis 

Anderson st conunences 
164 Laurln Jean Bte, gro 
166 Lacaose Joseph 
172 Mason Charles 
178 Crepin Cyrllle 
184 Gullbault Jean Bte 

Poplar st commences 
188 Vacant 
190 Lalonde Oharles 
192 Oouslnean Louis 
108 Monahan Daniel 
Ftnnlgan Daniel 
200 Lackev Wm 
204 Vacant 

Willow st commences 
214 Stanley John R, gro 
222 Ohiiron EJrie 
224 Sayer Alberlc v 

Vacant lots 
Balaam st commences 

Vacant lots 
2B2 McGllHvray MrsOlarlSBS 

Private grounds 

line st commences 
268 Mnrin Joseph, shoemkr 
270 Lartouceur Wm 

Vacant lots 
Margaret st conmiei>ceB 

House, 8 e 
90i Dunning Walter, furs 
.'J12 Hobbs Sirs Elizabeth 
.^4 Gagnon Joseph 
318 Gougeon Anfhlmc Jr. gro 

Ellen st commences 
324 Bigras Jean 
SX Bochbrun Pierre 

Rochbrun BMouard, rear 
3.^ Rochbrun Adolphls 
."^Sfl Brennan Mrs Mary 
342 Burn Rlehsrd 



/f7 and 39 0*CONNOR ST. 

Painting, Etc. 

;* % 



.■,',! f 


i ! 

f: V 

:-! "■ 


■ if) ■ * 

I ' 

'•r: i'v I 

I'll i!' I 

t I 




t ?l 

>! *■! 


f I;-, 


■' *, 


,W '': 












FURNITURE VANS. I 'pmohm ai. 

w. a. aeuL, in»m»nmnt 


66 Queen St 





Kenny st conimenops 
CAB crossing 

3M Hogan MlcUaol 
302-3WJ Jo!y Felix, carriaye- 
Joly Miss R .1, mlnr 
Lydla St i'<}nimonce8 
308 Lnflcnr Toussnlnt 
Lumiber yards 
Xornian st commences 
Viwaiit lots 
Pamllla st commences 
Vacant lots 

City limits 

POr^LV VARDRX. runs 
west from Le Breton to 
Division, first south i>f 
I-niiabeth, DalhousSe 


North Side 

House, .s e 
Private grounds 
21 Potvln John 
27 Brltt Michael 
Private grounds 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
14 fJnnthlcr Edraond 
2f> PItZKerald Thomas 
24 Curren Andrew 
26 Plunkett John 

DOt'OLAS AV.. runs north 
from Heeehwood av, flrst 
east of Rprln)fti'?iil rd, RI- 
dean Ward. 

Not built on 

DT'FPBRIN. runs soutli 
from Theodore to Os- 
jfoode, bet Waller and 
Cumberland. St Oeorge 

East Side 

Oollepre gronndfl 
Vacant lots 
House, a e 

West Side 

Skating rink, s e 
Vacant lots 
Unflnlstacd bou«e 
House, s e 

38 HaacU Juh'i 
40 Borks Henry 
44 Fellman Herman 

Private trronnds 
B2 (irahlm.-iU Kichard 

MacKay st intersects 

fA Vacant 

Private gronndg 
fti Schlnzer Henry 
66 Bolduun Frederick 

Vacant lots 
10(> St Paul's School 
106 Wiillcti^ichlnger Chas 
112 WwUenschiager B'red 

Private grou u1« 
11^ Erdmanu Henry 
124 Schleaska Michael 
162 Waileri8chlaK»r Wm 
168 Shreroan Pnni 

Vacant lots 
174 Hop" Jfiines 

Private t;roand» 

RIdeaii Ter commencMi 

Wi-sl Side 

O P R croaslo? 
Private grounds 
Crelghton st Intersects 
Scliooi {Tiounds 

Avoi; lane Intersects 
I'resbytHrlaii Church, »e 
MacKay st Intersects 
RIdeau Hal! grounds 

DUKK, runs southeast from 
ll>7 Hrldge ti> Queen we»t, 
Victoria Ward. 

EJust aide 

north from RIdeau River, 
seventh east of Sussex, 
RIdeau Ward. 

Bast Side 

O P R crossing 
Vacant lots 
12 Nolan Moses 

Crelghton st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
96 Scbroeder Albert 

3-5 & Cuasner, 
9 Ahearn Wm 
13 Vacant 
15 Cnrraii James 
17-lJ) KIpii Wilfrid, plmbr 

Vacant lot 
25 Rochon A A, plmbr 
27 Robert Fableu 
29 Carrlere Thomae 

Carrlere Mrs M, fruits 
SI IjBfleur TImtbee 

Slarouin Eaie 

Heekett CJcurge 

Pulrier Misei Angele 

Mlllette Pblleas 

Couslueuu James 
35 Vezeau .Mrs D, drsmkr 
37 SIgonlu Pierre, bdg 

L-icell^" Jimes 
39 Nahl)an JoHcph, fruits 

R(H>ncy Jofejih 
ilOVi I^egnre Albert 

Logare Mrs L, fruits 
41 Karveen A, drv goods 
43-45 Hall R P. harnessmkr 

Id(»l lane ends 
49-M Occld.iitiJl Hotel 
6S Venture <!F.'!rsre 
67 D'Amour laale 

D'Amonr Isale, Jr, cfibs 

r»' Amour Mrs A. frr.lts 

Paonln Ovila 
61-e3 PrlmeHU J H, gro 

Synotte PamphUe, r 

68-«7 Ottawa Sp,.,h,|,.. .,, 
Co (Ltd.t ' ^"i' 

60 I'auliu RoiiiRin, i|,.n,i,i 
00% Parent Eu.lW],' '"'"' 

71 Chnrlebols Honiir,, 

73 Vacant 

7.% Hwdon Mnrcciili 


7."^ Hwdon Mnrcciiii, ,.,,,,,„ 
77 Desforges Mrs \\ ^ , 
7» DeOhaniplnlu A ,,i,,, 
86^ Cbaiidiere Ma'ch ne ^ 
FV)ni)dry Oo a.tcl) * 
8» Crimes A: 01lvl,.r to. 
89% Robillard Olivh'r 

E.^ ^^'^^:n\ * ^"^""- ""--« 

96 Galarneau Phllcn.; hn, 

ber ' "^" 

97 Lang* Keiup, .irv ini. 
W-101 r..ull!anl Hoiw,? 

1(B Fire Station .\o 1 

West Side 

Shop, re 
28 Armstrong John 

Armstrong Pntrlik 
32 t'liency Charles V 
34 Miles John 
36 McCloy Thomas 

Vacant lots 

Uoyrt st commonceii 
64 Joly r»ul» O. f,H',\ 
6« Pallalrc FrnncoN 
68 Tetreau Justinlcn 
70 T.,iipen»e<> Charles 
72 RIfon Lmlirer 

Cbarbonneau Victor r 
74 Sinclair Joseph 
78 Savage Albert 

Portler MIPS M. drsnikr 
S0-S2 Stanley.! »V. ciirrlage- 

8ft«8 oilv.T & Son. furnl. 

turn niufra 
92 Klely Wm 
08 Jones Wm M 
OR-lOO A.istin Wm E 
106 Hotel, s e 

DUNCAN, see Turner street. 
south of River Road. 

DUNNINO. ebange<1 to Elc. 
trie, RIdeau Ward. 

EJOOLES, runs west from 
Bell to Pre.ston, flrst south 
of Soraerset. Dalhounie 

North Side 

3 Coxon George 
7 Sabourln N P D, pntr 
9 Powern Patrick 
15 Kelly Edward J 
19 Kelly Mrs Margaret 
Honae. • • 
Le Breton st Intersect* 
House, a e 
87 Foster John 
80 Canbam Wm B 

ra Confederation Ufe I "«'"5?!.to?o«to 

m H' H. u 


a uf route Adolphs 
« pjormo Jesn Bte 
tjTrepai'ier F X, cabs ' 

■goase. a e 

Divl.sioii st Intersect 
t] MeKccuuie Arcbl^bsld 
70 Belluwy Cbsries 
ii i>€lH«u Plerrs 
« Laoduii Franklin 

Btore. 8 e 

Bocbe^iter it Intersect 

Bear entrances 

l»atli Side 

i gousf, H e 
lOD'Aouu Mrs Marie 
14 Eillug worth John 
Vacant lota 

j;^ Breton st lutersecti 

VacBiK lots 
^^ O'Mcara Thomas 
54 Uuri'iiy Patrick 

Vacant lots 

Division st Intersecti 
8(1 Evidlre Wilfrid 
70 CV)lll.'<.iu W Taylor 
Ii McMahon Robert 
76 Vacaiit 
^ Botliou Victor, rag ca 


82 Leljcuu Jost'pb 
g4.Pri>uix Olivier 

Vacant lot 
tt Coudic Edward 
IH E(lw.:rJ8 Kdward 

8tort-. i • 

B(>ciic8cer st Intersects 

Store, s e 
JUO Hollington Wm, furrier 
1 124 Pull Robert 
|lM Hazel Henrjr 
{1311 Fuw til Uicbard 
1 194 Wallace Thomas 
ljS8 O'Meara Wm 
|]40 Wbltelaw Darld 
■ 144 Davidson Walter 
1148 Boche Emlle 

House, s s 

IlLBCTRIC (formerly Dui 
ulag), runs nortb from 8(J 
I'Klgbton to MacKvt An 
wMt of Beechwood arenut 
Btdeau Ward. 

IWest Side 

1 U Vacant 

I IV Sylvester Herman 
Honse. « e 

|IiitSi(le , 

House, s e 
Bouse, 8 e 

„OIN, runs aontb from _ 
, (7elllDgton to Lansdown 

P«rk, Victoria and Centra 


lilt Side 

I Bestanrant. • • 



dive R. H. CONLEY of WeHington Street A TRIAL 





is utT&i\f^e Adolphe 
S Dtlorii"! Jean Bie 
lilrepai'ier F X, cabs 

Boost'. « e 

pivl.-^'X' "t interaecto 
« jicKecttule Archibald 
]L BfUiiiuy Oharlea 
1, ubfgu rierr* 
MLamluii Franklin 
' Store, a e 

Boche 'it^r at InteraecU 

Bear iiitrancea 


lOD'Aon-i Mra Marie 
14 Eillug worth John 

Vaceot lota 

K Breton at Intersecta 

Vacfl " •■ ''*t* 
44 o'Mtiira Thomaa 
54 Murpliy Patrick 

Vacant lota 

Dlvliiioa at Interaects 
(igEvralre WUfrW 
70 Culll--<J" W Taylor 
j4 McMiiiion Robert 
76 Vaciiiit 
{lOBotUoii Victor, rag car- 


«2 Lebi-'iiu Joat'pb 
^ Priiuix Olivier 

Vacant lot 
u Couil't Edward 
IM Ed>v::rdg Edward 

Storf. a a 

Bwlifster at Interaecta 

, Store, I e 

I iJO Holiiiigton Wm, furrier 
\xii Full Kobcrt 
IU6 Hazel Henry 
I IJi) Powell Ulchard 
\]H Wallace Thomaa 
IjaiO'Moara Wm 
1140 Wbltelaw David 
1144 Oavldsou Walter 
|l4S BocUe Emile 
Hou!»e. a e 

KLBCTBIC (formerly Dun- 
iilng). runs north from 804 
CKlgbton to MacKay. flnt 
vsHt of Bewhwood aTenue. 
Bldeau Ward. 

IWMt Side 

I !) Vacant 

St heater Herm«n 
BoQse. n • 


Houae, a e 
Bouae, a e 

.J}IN. runa aontb from 43 

J ^VelllDston to Lanadowna 

Park. Victoria and Central 

1 Warda. 

■it SluA (••■•••••»flaa*a«a< 

I i Restaurant, a • 

I Patheratonbauc^ Co, 

Kltcheman Edwanl 
7 Audette Napoleon, barber 
9 Bodesa, a a 
11 Canadian Bxp Co, J S 

Allen aft 
18 Baidn P I. bnAer 
15 McBvojr Patrick, com 

17 The Bldean Lumber Co 

18 Dom Sxp Co, W A Clark, 

axent * 

McLanrIn & Millar, barra 
Latchford & McDouffall, 

Dom Life Asaur Co 
Ronan R, Ina agt 
Marphy (^iharles, barr 
Reform Clnb 
Banga C W. acct 
Store, ■ e 

Bparka at InteraecU 
Store, a e 
46A Calderon A M, archt 

46 Vacant 

47 Ottawa Free Preaa 

Queen at Inleraeota 
City Hall 
Cl^ Clerk'a office, John 

Hend»raon elk 
Olty Treaaurer'a office, 

Tlioa H Klrby, treaa 
City CoUector'a office, T 

W Thomi>aou, coll 
Aaaeaament Commlaaaicm- 

er'a office. Abraham 

Pratt commr 
Bnlldlng Inapector'a of- 
fice, Abraham Pratt, 

Olty Engineer 'a office, 

Robt Surteea, engineer 
Waterworka office, Robt 

Surteea mngr, Sd Pln- 

ard, coll 
Street Sprinkling and 

Snow Cleaning oflClce, 

Jamea Porter, coll 
Public School Board of- 

lice, Wm Bea aecy 
Public Sch Inapector'a 

office, John C Olaahan, 

Oommittee Room used by 

the Board of Separate 

Bohooia, Wm FInley, 


If' f I 

Pire Alarm office, O F 
Maedonald, aupt 

Health Office, A RoblN 
lard, MD, med aupt 

Fire Department office, 
Pierre Frovoat, chief, 
John WUllamaon, care- 

• taker 

Albert at Interaects 
Knox Ctanroh. a e 

A lane 

Bona*, a e 

Slater at Interaeet* 

87-118 Vacant (7) 
lU Oowan Mra Bmlly. bdg 
117 Vacant 

119 Vaeant 

121 Bradley Robert 

iaB-12T Vacant (2) 

128 Lee Sidney W, frulta 

181 WllM>n Mn L/dta A 

Townaend 8, druga 
Maria at Interaecta 

Oa'^ler Square 

Normal and Model Sch 

Llsgar at Interaecta 
Private nounda 
MacKey wm, lumber, ae 

Cooper at Interaecta 
Rogera A F, ptgr 
Vacant lots 

Bomeraet at Interaecta 
Grace Church 
School, a e 

Maclaren at Interaecta 
Houae. a e 
Vacant ta 
Ollmonr at Interaecta 
Vaeant lota 

Lewla at interaects 
Vacant lota 

Ann at Intersects 
887 Chilton Benjamin 
400 Gorman Rev Jamea F 

McLeod at Interaecta 
Vacant lota 

Flora at enda 
Vacant lota 
Vacant office 
Vacant lot 

Archibald at aids 
OAR yards 
Corporation Weigh 

Scalea, Jamea Oampbell, 

CAB train hands' office 

and sheds 

CAR crosainc 
685 Baxter Richard W 
Vacant lots 

Creek c*osaa8 
Little Wm, wood 
Agricultural Fair Onda 

West Side 

Langevtn Block, a e 
16 Vacant 
IS-ae Store, s r 

Bparka st in !:«??. rtets 

Ontario Ob>imt>%ra, a • 
80 OtUwa TxTfst- Atid D*> 
poait Oo (iC'imlied) 


S4 Journal Fvt Oo (Ud) 
Ottawa Birenlnf and 
Beml- Weekly Joomal 
84%_et Andrew's Ball 
66 Tliobum tt Oo, prtra 
B«r>Lock l^pewflter 
Wrtten' Supply Oo 
Bristow & Btlnpwm, 
copytag prooeaa 
Bristow MO, typewiltan 



All Qroo«r«or *Phen« 102S. 





f \ 


.»* i; 

; I 


A , i;: 

i,< IP .1 

: f 

»': ^ 

•. k 



.:\ f iJ 

'i.'i i^.; 




<B> I 

if ' . 

J ii" 



" ! if ; 


;*: i. : 






art abMlvMj MH i. KID, 
UncondWoiiar./ Mbtm JMbm OrteHi 





8M0 Penuock & Msmmo, 
Ina act* 

ScottlM Union and Na- 
tloDal EMre Ina Go 
Hartford Ina Oo 
Aetna Ina Co of Hartford 
42 Perley O H, lumber 
44 Brlffbam T O, coal 

Inter-Provlndal Farry 
4e Central Cbambera 

1-8 Bear entrances 
8 Otuwa Lninber Oo 

10 Wnrtele J W ft Oo, 

mnfra' ayta 

11 MacGraoken, Hender- 

son ft McKay, barra 

12 Weatem Assurance uo 
Equitable Sarinsa 

Loan and Bolldlng 

Lancashire Pire Ina Co 
Moore David.Lnmber Oo 
St Andrew's Chnrcb 

Olebe Tmsteea' olllce 
LarmoDth Peter, acct 
Larmonth Wm D, acct 
18-14 Dzport Lumber Co 
IS-ie Sbepard ft Morae 

Lumber Co 

17 Moore B D, lumber 

18 Blancbet CAB, barr 
19-20 Chrysler ft Bethune, 


21 Bradley ft Wyld, barra 

22 Sinclair Robt V. barr 
Ollllott Frank, Ina act 
Colonial Mutual Life 

Assn, The 
Montreal Loan ft Inrt 


Maclean D H, barr 
28-24 Belconrt ft Ritchie. 

2B Dun R O ft Co, mer 

28 Vacant 

27 McVelty T, barr 

28 Vacant 

28-30-81-32 Ottawa ft O 
Ry Oo. Pontiac Pa- 
cific Junction Ry Oo 

88-84 Harrey Bruno, pat 
Hanrer Adam, pat sol 

8S-43 O A R seneral offlv">8 

44 London Life, J T Nib- 
lock, Bupt 

46 Ottawa Board of Trade 

46 O A R general offices 

47 Dept of Interior (br) 

Johnston John, geogr 
Laughton Robt.caretkr 
48 Vacant 

SO Manufacturers' Life, A 
B Bradbury, agt 
Manufacturers' Ouaran- 
tee and Acctdenl Oo 
08 Confederation Ll/e, V 

A Lamb, agt 
M Stewart Robert, Ina 
Federal Life Aasce Soc 
Atlaa Fire Asace Oo 
National Fire Assce Oo 
Blrkbeck Inr, Security 
ft Savings Co 
Boiler Inspection and 
Ina Oo of Canada 
Ocean Accident and 
Qnarantee Corporation 

Ballantyne J ft T. coal 
Queen at Interaecta 
68 Oloutier J B, barber 
6048 Grand Union Hotal. a • 
70 Johnston Robert A A 
72 Smithaon Wm H 
74 Christie flamnel 

Christie Miss B, mua tchr 

Albert st intenwota 
Cong CXinndi, a e 
88 Mclntoah Rer Wm 
McDougali Mlaa Jennta 
0, narae 
Slater at interaecta 
96 Thompson Mlaa S 8 
PrlTate grounda 

A lane 
110 Watson JanMs 
112 Barry Mrs Bridget 
114 Roney Mrs Catherine 
A lane 
Athletic Aaan a e 
Maria st interaecta 

First Bapt C%urcb, a e 
ISO Grant Sir J A, phy 

Gloucester st commencea 

Bmmanuei Cbnrch 
172 McRae John W 
180 Ray Caaalus O 

Nepean at commeneea 
196 Wright Henry P, ptay 
202 Church O R, phy 

Llsgar st interaecta 

Orphans' Home 
Cooper st lateraeeta 
264 O'Reilly Philip 
2B6 Walton L J. school 

Private groanda 

Someraet at interaecta 

Vacant lots 
280 Fraser George L B 
282 Loucks Henry H 

Maciaren st Intersects 

Vacant lot 

Hooper Bros ft Cnrrle, 

Gilmour st intersects 
Blgln St PubUc School 
Lewis st Interaecta 
826 828 Byrnea Mrs M, confr 

Byrnes Misa K, drsmkr 
332 Carey Benjamin T 
334 O'Neill Edward J 
336 Argue Robert M 
338 Stanley H O, gro 

Macdougall st oommeaeea 

340 Carr John, grocer 

342 Weaver Melvin B 

348 Vacant 

350 Elliott Misa E, dramkr 

3S2 Bngg Mra Annie S 

354 Vacant 

356 Porter Mra Josepha 

Lochlel st ends 
376 Bennetts Franoia K 
Vacant lota 

Ann at Interaecta 

Vacant Iota 
410 McKenale John B 

Vaeani. .>ts 
Argyle av commeR«w 
468 Bannermaa John 
Oatberlne at Intcrwou 
OAR depot (old) 

OAR cro»»ia, 
laabella at commence 
Boiler works, a e 
Vacant lot 
0B8 Orlmea Michael B 

Jane st oommencet 

Vacant lot 

George at coiuu«;uc'«s 

Vacant Iota 
lakennan at comn.enc«» 
Patterson's creek croue, 
First av commencet 

Vacant lots 

Second av commences 

Vacant lota 

Third av commencsi 

Bobertaon Alex S 

Davia Mra Annie, gn 

Fourth av commeacft 
Mutchmor st commencei 

Vacant lota 
Centre st commeooet 

Lansdowne Park 

Agrlcultaral groundi 

■LIZABBTH, runs wm 
fHtm BeiL fltat soath S 
OAR, Dalhoosie Wart. 

North Side 

South Side 

Private grounds 
84 Patterson Mra Bllzabeth 

Paien Wealey, bldr 

Le Breton st intersect! 
Private grounda 
Honae, a e 

ELLA, runa west froa 
CralC(flret aouth of Motelti 
Bior, Wellington Ward. 

North Bide 

Rockbum Frederick 
O'Neill Mldiael 
O'Neill Bdw H, contr 
Private grounds 
17 Olifton Amoa 
Vacant lota 

South Bide 

Private grounda 
SnltJi Joan 
Bnrgeae Albert H 
Hambrook Wm 
Davis Alfred B 
BambrotA JoaepU 
Vacant Iota 

G. B. TA6&AHT & SON 

Tel. 708. Gor, Bank d Wellington StA 

ffM. MA8Q 


ar,LB.N' (formerly Bdwi 
f^X^i ".'*t from Dlvii 

icond "orth of O A 

^Ibonsie W'.O. 


I Coupon Anthlme 
ij Laplnute Ernest 
15 Lar<>''<i>ie Alexandre 
tfl niompson Robert 
M pe»J'>rdln« Paul 
Scsrr.ere Philippe 
gou;*^. 8 e 
Bochester st lnterse< 

Private grounds 
(B provost Peter 
n Coulter John Y 
IS Brown Henry 
il LaroBe Joseph 

Day st en 
M Vaciint 
Bouse, s e 
Preston at interaei: 
Vacant lot 

CAB croaaii 
Lumber pllea 

Flrat av lnterse< 
Vacant lota 

gooth filile 

Vacant Iota 
12 Hill Robinson 
14 i.arocque Alphonae 
20 cbpotham John B 

St it'X^h's Separate ft 
g Fortune Thomaa 
8S Vacant 

40 Rov.'c ti'redenck 
Bocbeater at tnterae< 

Store, a e 

K MeEiWen George 
54 Beialre Denla 
H Vacant 

gg VHCIlUt 

ao Sauve Emery 
78 Girvnls Olivier 
81' Service Walter 
84 La rose Joseph, gro 

Uoulet Isidore 

A la 
92 Pbaron Henri 
9S Potvln Pierre 
100 Vacant 

House, a e 

Preston st latersec 
Lumber yards 

CAR croaal 

First av Intersec 
Vaeunt lots 

BLM, rune west from 
ristuii to 2nd av, 8e< 
wntb of Albert, Dalho 

North Side 

8 Malone Wm P 
Private grounda 

18 Stlmson Thomas 

19 Mason Ddward 
28 Walker Gordon 

2S Mclsaac James R 


8. T. WiLUt, Prin 

m. MASON & soNSi'sasag^'ftffi-ss- 


■LI>BN (formerly Mward). 
V'^" nrsit from OlyMon. 

!?coDd "o't" of O A B, 



a Goupeon Anthlme 
ijLaplnute Ernest 
S Laroiuue Alexandre 
.yTtonipson Robert 

S c«rr.ere Philippe 

HouHf. » e 

Rochester et Inteiaects 

private grounde 
/>) Provost Peter 
flCouUrirJohnY . 
li Bro^vn Henry 
M Larose Josepn 

Day at «nda 

«• VacrtDt • >'o. 

HouBe, t e 

Preston at Interaeota 
VBcaut lot 

A B croaainr 
Lumber pllea 

First ar Interaeota 
Vacant lota 

gouth tilile 

Vacant lota 
U Hll! Roblnaon 
u Larocque Alpno&se 
Oft ohct'tham John B 
*^ 8t H'-)ch'« separata 8cb 
g Fortune Thomas 
38 Vacant ... 
40 Rov/e rreuenca 
Bocbester at Interaeota 

Store, a e 

62 McEiWen George 
54 Belalre Denis 
56 Vacant 
5g VHOiiut 
^ Sauve Emery 
78 Gervals Olivier 
82 Service Walter 
84 Larose Joseph, gro 

Goulet Isidore 

A lane 

92 Pbaron Henri 
$g Potvln Pierre 
lOO Vacant 
House, a e 

Preston st Intersects 
Lumber yards 

CAB croaatns 
rirsst av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

BLM, runs west from Dl- 
Tlsluu to 2nd aT, second 
MutU of Albert, Dalhouaie 

North Side 

8 Malone Wm P 

Private gronnds 
IS Stlmson Thomaa 
19 Mason BMward 

25 Walker Gordon 

26 Mclseac James R 


First Av. 


Vacant lot 
Bocheater st Intersects 

House, 8 e 
60 Venn Oeorae F 
T7 Fleming Miss Jasale 

79 Banstead Wm 
House, a e 

Preaton at Interaeota 

111 Mason George 

119 Heron Mra Margaret 

126 Allan Gilbert 

Private grounds 
146 Mltdiell George W 
Lumber piles 

First aV tnteraecta 
Lumber pllea 

South Side 

8 Keith John 
28 Downey John 
M Btapleton Btchard 
26 Forsyth James 
88 Lockyer Herman 
40 Taggart Wm S ^ 
42 Taggart Bev Ctaas 

Bochester at Intersacta 
46 Frazer & Hamlltcn, 

a&wb, doors, etc 
64 Banatead Wm Jr 
70 Vacant 
74 McKay Jamea 
76 Young Truman, bldr 

80 Hamilton Wm 
86 Evana Mra Mary 
86 Woodland Samuel F 

Vacant lot 

B)rsklne Pres C?burch, a e 

Preston st Intersects 

Housei, B a 

Vacant lot 
128 Thorn Thomaa 
lae Vacant 

Vacant lots 
144 Woodland Stewart 

Lumber pllea 

First av Intersects 

Lumber pllaa 

BMILT (a continuation at 
Ann), runa west from 
Ooncesslon to Bell, second 
south of Somerset, Dal- 
honsle Ward. 

North Side 

House, a e 

Oaoriorldge st ends 
Vacant lots 
47 Douglaa Alexander 
49 JemlUald Alphonae 
SI McLatchle Samuel 

65 Boyd Alexander 

Arthnr at anda 
Private grounds 

66 Burke Peter J 
77 Vacant store 

South Side 

Store, s e 
44 Mitchell Fredk, btchr 
10 Neville A, shoemkr 
12 Vacant 
14 Maclean Wm H 

Vacant lots 

44 Smith A 0, flour 
Turner st comm«;ace8 

46 Smith George, gro 
02 Lynn Jeremiah 
M Pegg Alfred 
68 Duncan Alexander 

A Una 
64 PotTtn Alexandre 
Honae, a » 

BMBiBTT, runs southeast 
from Llsgar, first west 
of the Canal, Central 

Bast Side 

Ohnal reserra .■ 

West Side 

12 Stewart Douglaa 
14 Lc Sueur Mra Bertha 
10 Clarke Mrs alary 
House, 8 e 

Cooper st commences 
House, s e 
46 Steers Connell J 
46 McLachlan John 

Somerset st conunences 
Honae, a e 

Alice st commences 
House, s e 
Private gronnds 

Peter st conunences 
House, s e 
Grove st commences 

Private grounds 
114 Codd Jamea 
124 Baper Edward W 
126 PrindivUle Mra Mary A 

George Almond at com- 

U6 Dunn Mrs Julia 
Canal by-wash 

EBNiEST, runs wemat from 
Turner to Bell, first 
south of C A B, Dalhouaie 








'AoTth Sld« 

Private grounds 
47 Sylvaln John 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

36 Murphy Matthe<w 

Vacant lots 

FIRST AV. (Bayawater), 
runs south from Welling- 
ton to city limits, second 
west of Bochester, Dal- 
honsle Ward. 

Stest Side 

Lumber plies 

West Side 

Dalgllsta George, s a 
mm It Interaects 


m ■ 


Metropolitan Business College 1 

8. T. WiLUt, Priiwipai. 1S8 SPARKS ST. | 

The Popular Commereial and 

Shoruand Traininer Sohool 

of the Capital. 







• . 1.3 ■• ■ 'i.b 

;, r 


1^^ '1' M 

::, -It"', 

;. /i ■ ■ 



\\: if!: 



First Av. 



Lumber pllea 
Vacant house 
Somerset st Intersects 
Lumber plies 






PTBiST AV (Glebe property), 
runs west from Elgin to 
Concession, flrst south of 
Patterson's creek, inter- 
secting Bank street be- 
tween 687 and 718, Cen- 
tral and Wellington 

North Side 

Vacant lot 
9 Armstrong Robt E 
Vacant lots 
i7 Oole Richard J 
Vacant lots 
Monk GMward A 
Vacant lots 
O'Connor st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Bank st 
Not open further 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
Vacant bouse 
18 George Frederick J 
20 Barrett Donald 

Vacant lots 
42 Cliamberlln H Walter 
44 Russell Mrs H E 
46 Russell Mrs Esther 
Vacant lots 
O'Connor st Intersectf 
60 Martin Thomas 
62 Heron .Tohn B 
94 Johnson Charles 
Heney Frederlok 
72 White Robert J 
80 McOulIoch Alexander 
82 UnflnlEhed building 

Vacant lots 
00 McGregor Donald 
fl6 Wood Wm 
108 Unfinished building 
106 Ushor Wm J 
lOev^MlIes Wm 
110 Wilson Arthur 
112 Sweet Joseph 
114 Loncka Wm J 
lie McDonald Peter D 
118 Vacant 
120 Megloughlln Geo H 

Bank st 
Not open further 

FLORA, runs wost from Rld- 
eau Canal to Concesvloj, 
<ec«r.(l south of Ann, Oen- 
tpal Ward. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

Cartler st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
21 Cnnnlp^ham Francis H 

Vaoant lots 
1T9 McKeler DonaJJ 
181 McVlcar Du«ald 

183 NesMtt Hugh 

186 Young Wm 

187 O'Donnell Louis 
House, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 

Cartler st Intersects 
Vacant lota 
40 McKonele Thomas 
42 Toung Mrs Annie E 
Vacant lots 
Not open to Bank 
Vacant lots 
2 Greenfield Arthur 
4 McBrlde John 
6 Sharp Frederick 
8 Jones Wm D 
10 Vacant 

12 Hnmilton Edwin B 
14 Ward Charles 
16 Reynolds John R 
18 FItzsimmons James 
20 McNaughton Mrs C 
22 Low George 
Vacant lots 
182 Seyhau Hugh H 
184 Ardley Alfred 
186 Desrl^ieres Henri 
188 Davis Daniel 
Vacant lots 

FLORENOE, runs west from 
408 Bank to Concession. 4th 
south of Somerset, Wel- 
lington Ward. 

North Side 

Store, 8 e 
6 Rankin Wm A 

A lane 
18 Willcox Henry M 
15 Campbell Alexander 
17 Holmes Herbe>rt 
21 Heron Matthew J 
28 Moodle Wm^ 
28 Ferguson Joseph 
81 Litle James 
41 OBilen Wm D 
4.S Stouhouse Thomas F 
06 Patterson James, pistr 
B8 Kent George H 
House, a « 

Kent at Intersects 

78 Birkett Cecil, mus tchr 
7C Quppy Harry J 

77 PIfott Mrs EllM 

79 McAllister Wm B 
81 Clarke Charles E 
88 Wllaon Wm O 

8R Watson John F 
87 GroM Harrison 

80 Lowe Archibald 

91 Jenkins Mrs BIIe G 

03 Vacant 

05 Thompson Samuel G 

97 Riley Richard 

00 Ashfleld John 
101 Pelton James E 
108 Rosa Wm L B 
106 Beamian Mrs Mary J 
1U7 Miller Miss Margaret A 
loe McOlftIn Richard 
111 Campbell John 

118 Loudon Allan 

Lyon st lnters«ctg 
Store, s e 
166-157 Wilson Archor P r 
161 Praaer Lucius C 
163 Whitman J Harrv n 

166 Whitley Charles > 

167 Wagner David J 
160 Roger Frederick 
171 Gibson John H p 
173 Nuun James H 

176 Guthrie James 

177 Bowden Wm 

Bay st intersoots 
183 Teague Wni C 

187 Blyth John 

188 Carruthers John 

i Carruthers Migs c ' \, 

181 Vacant < 
193 Vacant 

196 Cooper Robert W 

197 We«t Andrew B 

199 Palen Wm 
Vacant lota 

Percy st Intersoots 
201 Anderson Sidney H 

206 McAllister Robert 

207 Larson Peter 

200 Benson Wm 
213 Hall Ade E 

219 Sloroslaokl Bralnslau 

Vacant lots 
227 Howarth Joseph 

Unfinished house 

House, a <> 

South Side 

Vacant lot 

A iane 
14 Aitchlson Mr» Mary 
18 Harvey James T 
20 Savage John 
22 Wallace John J, bldr 
26 Vacant 

28 Meyer Charles C 
ae Brown Daniel W 
42 Maklnton Wm A 
48 Cooke Charles A 
64 Martin Mrs Sarah 
06 Daly Wm P 
64 Holtby Albert R 
66 Ersklne Herbert R 
68 Angel Angelo 
70 Hume Herbert E 

Kent at interspota 
74 Oatea & Hodgson, gro 
76 Alnwick Thos J G 
78 Fro»t Wm 
80 Hyland Ephralm E 
82 Scrlbner John F 
84 T^mplourb Thos R 
86 Tjegate Mrs Jessie 
88 Morrison James 
92 Tomllnson Arch, bldr 
100 Clarke Richard 
106 Claffy Thomar L 
100 Marsh John 
110 O'Neill Terrance 
116 Matthews Owen 
118 Cleland Oeorge R 
120 McOoon Arch W 
134 Scanlan John 
138 Jam John M 


JOHN HENfY A SON • Tttqihent 428. 


|M Frasi '• Alexander 

ifi FItMinimons Wm 1 

S* Olarko Reuben, gi 

Lyon at Inter 

U8 Vacant 

iM rierncy Mrs. Jull 

Uo Wadsfvorth Edwai 

112 Bllloit Edwin 

ige Mnuce Wm 

154 Cowlo Robert J 

IBS Lyon Thomas V 

M Stevpnson Frederic 

170 Frootl Alexander I 

Lumber yard 



& 0>, pi 

Bay at inter: 
Dey Ediwaxd P 

ivrcy st Inters 
Vacant lota 


rons south from We 
ton to Somerset, si 
west of C P B cro( 
Dalhousle Ward. 

Butt SMe 

Vacant lots 
Jouos E C, planing 
Vat.Mit lots 
08 Stalnor Thomas 

West Side 


FOURTH A^• (Glebe pr 
ty). runs west from 1 
to Concession, sev 
south nt Irabella, Inter 
log Bank street betwee; 
and Mutchmor street, 
tnil and Wellington Wi 

iJorth Side 

House, a • 
Vacant lota 
Kelly James 
Vacant Iota 
O'Connor st Intersex 
Vacant lot 
13 MoKinnoi Allan T 

Vacant lot 
111 Pen TCP Wm J K 

Varant lots 
87 Broiise Samuel 
80 Hooper Wm 
tl Hooper Richard 
Wplconie ZIon C*iirc 
Vacant lots 
Dewar Wm G 
Vacant lots 
Store, a e 

Bank at intersec 
Vacant lota 

iloDtli Side 

Vacant Ictp 
It Foote L* hoy 

JAB VIS Guarantees ^^^^HIS^SSS. 





•ff mtisinimong Wm H 
M Olarke Reuben, gro 

Lyon St Intersects 

<M Vacant 

iMTleriuy Mrs. Julia 
ilo Wadsworth Edward J 
iSBllloit Edwin 
1(2 Mnuce Wm 
}5 cowlo Robert J 
tS Lyon Thomas V 
M Stevpnson Frederick 
170 FroiHi Alexander L 
Lumber yard 
ShpJa _ 

million & Oo, planing 

Bay St interse<!ts 
Dey Edwaj-d P 

ivroy St Intersects 
Vacant lot* 

Ooncessloa «t 

POURI" AV (Bayswater), 
mns south from Welling- 
ton to Somerset, second 
irest of C P B crossing, 
Dalhowsle Ward. 

BKlt SMe 

Va?uiit lots 

Jouos E C, planing mill 
Vnc.iiit lots 
(g Stiilner Thomas 

West Side 


FOUKTH AV (Qlebe proper- 
ty), mns west from Blgln 
to Concession, seventh 
gouth of Isabella, Intcrsect- 
In; Bank straet between 787 
and Miitchmor street. On- 
trn! nnd Wellington Wards. 

Jforth Side 

House, s • 
Vncant lots 
Kelly James 
Vncant lots 

0'CV>nnor si Intersects 

Viicnnt lot 
43 McKinnni Allan T 

Vncant lot 
SI Pea TCP Wm J K 

Vncant lots 
87 Bronse Samuel 
gg Hooper Wm 
M Hooper Richard 

Wcleonie Klon Cburch 

Vacant lots 

Dewar Wm Q 

Vacant lots 

Store, s e 

Bnult St Intersects 
Vncant lots 

I lonth Side 

Vacant Ictp 
11 Foote L* Roy 

Johnston Alexander 

Vacant lots 
24 Lester Wm H 
28 McBwan John 

O'Connor st Intersects 

Vacant house 

Vacant lot 
84 Desens August 

Unflnlifdied house 

Vacant lots 

Maunder J F, contr 
76 Smith Wm H 
78 Taylor Ernest L 
80 Campbell James J 

Skead James 

Rose Alexander O 

Vacant lots 

Store, s e 

Bank st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
Mengher Thomas 
Vacant lots 

E^ANK, runs west from 
east of 336 Metcalfe, to 
Bank, fifth south of Som- 
erset, Central Ward. 

Nortb Side 

House, s e 
68 Robertson John 
66 N«lson Francis H 

Vacant lots 
68 MscLaugblln Thos J 
71 Hay Wm H 
78 Hay George Jr 
78 Macoun Wm T 

Vacant lot 
88 Bennett Maurlcs 

O'Connor st Intersects 

87 Newell Samuel D 
101 Porter Wm 
111 Hogan Robert 
118 Halfpenny Pavld J 

117 Desjardlns Etugene 

118 Cameron Angus 
125 Vacant 

181 Pannelee Chas D 
laS Wlllonghby Sttmuel J 
141 Taggart Gbrlstopher B 
148 Ramsay Rev Darld M 
168 Parmelee Wm Q 
167 Frlel Henry J 
Private grounds 

South Side 

Vacant lota 
62 MacLaren David 
06 May George S 
68 MacTavish Duncan B 

Vacant lots 
06 MacMInn Wm J P 
86 Holtby Alfred 

O'Connor st Intersects 

lot Darragb John, bldr 
116 Craig Joseph 
118 Dean James W 
128 Matthewman a H 
188 Bell Thomas O 
IM Oooper Henry 
Burgess' Hall 

FRIISL, runs south from 8i4 
St Andrew to Tbsodors, 
Intersecting Rldeau at 
381, sscond east of Klnf, 
Ottawa By and 8t 
George Wards. 

Bast Side 

1 Roblllard Odilon, gro 

6 Huot Louis 

7 Beandoln Medard 
11 Groulx Jean Bte 
18 Groulx Joseph 

Private grounds 
21 Montslon F X 
'JS Flnkelsteln Bernard 
25 Dase Jean 
27 Pagneault Andre 
20 Bouvrette Charlss 
88 Groulx Stanislas 

Vacant lot 
88 GIroux BMouard 
48 Bettez Charles J 

46 Merlnger Xavler 

47 Major Hennsnegtide 

48 Sunrman Bile 
66-67 Hotel, s e 

St Patrick st Intersects 

Store, s e 
71 Noel Oyrtl 

Vacant lots 

Murray st Intersects 
88 Vanier Felix 
86 Gervais Joseph 

Vacant lot 
116-117 Store, s e 

Clarencs st Interssoti 

128 Ring Edward 
181 Leahy Patrick T 
138 Anderson Alexaiitier 

Merrick Wm S. k:!luds, r 
136 LatrcmoiHIle Wm 

187 Belaire Joseph 
141 TlKbe John 
141% Olark Andrew 
148 Laurler Joseph 
148 Gauthler Mrs M B 
148 Guilbault Mrs May 
161 Troughton Mrs Leah 
168 Bellemare Albert 
16S Foley James 

167 Belsnger Victor 
16© Ford Frederick W 
167 McGullongb Francis 

176 Gill John 

177 Jacques Frederick 

178 Plche Pierre { 
181 Proulx Hyacinths 

Vacant lots 
181 Larose Bugene 
181V^ HennesHv Mrs Maria 

188 Nolan Jeflnrey 
108% Murray Doniinick 
106 Vacant 

187 FIndlay Alexander 
Vacant lots 

Rldeau st Intersects 

Store, s e 
251 Desjardlns Josspb 
280 Rea Wm 
268 PInard Alphoui^e 

Besserer st Intersects 
2T6 Powell Col Walker 

House, 8 e 

Daly av Intersects 

House, s s 



ALL ttllOOlM 





'J ii i 

i f: 

(I ), > 

t ■ » ' 

iiu : ij 

■ I ; ' • i 

1 ■• t 







The SUN Life 









Low Rates, LargeProflts and the Most 
Uberal Polioy in tke Worid. 





Building, B e 
Stewart at Intersects 
House, 8 e 
383 Turton B BrneBt 
335 Cullen MlBS Mary 
387 Store, s e 

Wllbrod St Intersects 
House, Be 
86S Grieves James N 

356 WrlRhtson J Reynoias 

357 Parson George W 

West Side 

House, B e 
12 Larocque F X 
16 Giroux Josf-ph 
18 Gervals Pierre 
20 Robert Mrs Elsie 
22 Groiilx Hermenegllae 
24 Rout bier Oslns 
2R Rurel Napoleon 
32 Maheux Joseph 
34 Eve Aubo 
36 Larocque F X 
40 qVepnnl.T Louis, bldr 
44 Paquet Felix 
46 Joulbnnie Oiner 
Store, 8 e 
St Patrick st Intersects 

60 Store, s e 

62 Trembla.v Albert 

70 Goueau Louis 

74 Shea Edward 

76 Groulx Felix 

78 Duncan Albert J. oil 

Murray st Intersects 
DesRlvleres & Pellssler, 
pinning mill 
House, s e 

Clarence st Intersects 

116 Store, 8 e 
118 Larocque Zotlque 
120 Bonln Mrs Adeline 
124 Bdlly Joseph 
126 Lc(ompte Kdouard 
128 Lnloude Eugene 
130 PlKott Albert 
184 Boule Joseph 

Wood yard 
144 Ami Samuel T 
144V. Vacant 
152 ?^JravelIe Malrlna 
164 Adamson David 

Private grounds 
162 Mercure Georjfe 
196 Raymond CJharles D 
172 Blyth 'Hiomas 
176 Carroll Stephen 
178 Landers James 
ISO Dorle Andrew J 
184 Moxlcy Robert 
18iJ Mulligan John 

Private grounds 
108 O'Reilly Charles 
aOO 8kue<' TliomaH 
200 LuDiley James 
208 Vacant 
214 Norma nd Wilfrid 
218 Oudille Andrew 
220 Sutherland Mn Kate 

Vacant lot 
232 Mooney Daniel 
240 Sander Jame* 

Store, 8 e 
itideau st Infersfcts 

Store, ■ e 

248 Reardon Robert 
House, s e 
Besserer st Intersects 
274 McEJvllla Wm, bldr 
278 Blyth Albert 
280 Vacant 

House, 8 e 

Daly av Intersects 

House, 8 e 
Private grounds 
Stewart st Interject* 

House, 8 e 
330 Stevenson Henry 
House, s e 
Wllbrod st Intersects 

House, • e 
Private grounds 

GEORGE, runs east from 
647 Sussex to Oni»>berland 
arst north of Rldeao, By 
and St George's Ward. 

North Side 

Geological Museum, s e 
.33 Vacant 

37 Sevlgny N J, horseshoer 
43-4.') Baskervllle P & Bros, 

whol gros 
By Ward Market sq ends 
By Ward Market (new) 
William st Intersects 

71 73 Store, 8 e 

75 TalUon Mrs Jeanne 

77 Lock wood Thos. sec hd 

85 Anstl8.« Franda 
Thompson Walter 

89 Lnbelle Gregolre 

J)l Laurent Mrs Josephine 
9fi Jullen Gilbert, plmbr 

90 Palen John 

101 Ethler Miss Anne 

103 Doran James 

107 Tourangeau Octave 

100 Untenantable house 
116 OuBsans Henry, gro 

Dalhousle st Intersects 

Shop, 8 e 

Vacant lot 
128 Brook James 
127 Bums Patrick J, contr 
131 Schwarte Wm P 
1,37 Roblllard Noe 
130 Gavin Richard 
141 I^iperrlere Augustln 
143 McKenzle Donald J 
148 Treniblay Mrs F^ea 
147 Fleury Jos, B<'hool 
140 Tueger Christian 
161 Duncan James 
158 Oushlng Arthur 

166 McDIarmId Duncan K 

167 Walsh Oharles 

101 Connor Jamen H 

171 George St School 
House, s e 

12-14 International Hotfi 
22-26 Fanning The J j fv> 
grocers' sundries ' 
26 Storehouse 
.SO Dllard W J, blks.iiith 

Mosgrove st comiiKtioes 

BO Parker & Laimontl;. whol 

66 Taylor & Oo, con; mer 
68 Labelle Leon, spo m 

62 Crawford John, ngrll 

64-«6 Harris Alex Vv. yet 

68-70 Gray Wm.agrll ;iiiplt» 
Weib«t*r Chas, Ijarnesg 


William st Intprsccts 

72-76 McMorrow rhas hotel 
82 Mascotte Augustin 
90 M'Oulre Hugh, llvory 
M BrowD D, horsesbofr' 
04 Brown Robt, marii •■ wk» 

A laae 

Vacant lot 

Dalhousle st Interseeti 

114 Vacant 

122 Low George Jr 

124 Low Frank 

128 GrIfHn John 

180 Burgess Mrs Bllzabcth 

136 Folev Moses, cabs 

1.38 Lalonde MIche! 

142 Gagnon Hormlsdii^ 

166 Vacant 
168 Hunter Samuel 
160 Clarke Clias E 
162 Vacant 
164 Halpenuy John 
166 Lalonde Jullen M 
174 McRat Mnrdock 

Rear entrances 
178 Burns Wm 
180 Vacant 
182 Foley Lawrence 
184 Bernler Zephlrtn 

OnmlMrlaDd gt 

OBOROB fRocLeitervlUe), 
runs west from 360 Pres- 
ton to city limits, second 
south of C A B crossing, 
Dalhonde Ward. 

South Side... 
Store, s e 

A Une 

North tilAe 

House, a e 

Vacant lots 

21 Davey iSamuel 

Vacant lots 

41 Cu minings Wm J 

South Bide , 

Vacant lots 
26 Oameron Donald J 
28 Nolan James 
88 Vacant 

42 Chapman Simon 

44 Ladouceur "nieophlle 
48 Ladouceur Jean Bte 


Brokcm, l{«u««« ftor 8al« Md to ut j 

HBNTS iJOLhKCTttn. 'Phmiut >«.? 



Cor. Sparki 


/iwrniGK (Stewarton 

« from B|^|' , 
gontli of C A B, < 

Hot huUt on 

"Swt from 126 B 

fonrtli south of Soi 

Central Ward. 

North Side 

House, s e 

15 Snilth Lewis W 
17 Burns Mrs Bllen 

gODtb Side 

10 Murphy Edward 
Private grounds 
20 Bergan Mrs Hlllen 

OILMOUR, runs wes 
Orove to Concasslo 

ond south of Soi 
Central and Wrt 

Korth Side 

Vacant lots 
49 Ade Leonhard 
6fi Gu iderson Oeorg< 
87 Free Patrick 

ViM-ant lots 
73 Heath Mrs A B 'V 
Macdonald st Inte^ 

Vacant lots 
go Little William O 
A'acant lots , 

113 Ingersoll Nelson I 
Vacant lots 
House, a e 

Cartler st Inter 
Vacant lots 

160 Nobles John W 

161 Jnrvis Samuel J 
167 Garvock Alezand 
179 Lewis Joseph H 
181 Jenkins Samuel ■ 

Vacant lots 

E^gln at Intel 

Stone yard, a e 
231 Beddoe Oliarles I 
233 HIsbop John 
241 Newcombe Bdmni 

House, s e 

Metcalfe st Intel 
275 House, s e 
281 Matthews Wm 
206 Harrington Wm I 
307 Lambe Lawrence 

House, 8 e 

O'Connor st Intei 

House, s e 
M7 McRae Hector 
866 Leetham Bdwin ! 
m Arnoldl B>mest C 
JTl Ooodeve (Tharles 
170 Knowles Rev Ro) 
STO Hurdman Wm H 

185 Corry James A, < 


186 Blllott James 
Kl Edgar Andraw J 


JAMES HOPE & SONS, Copying Press and Books 

cor. Sparks and nsln Ate. INK-ALL BBST MAKIS. 





/intfYRGE (Stewarton), ruM 
^2Srt from BlB»n. second 

^^^ot CAB. Central 

Hot built on 

^SSgt from 128 Bmmett, 
fnnrtli south of Someraet, 
central Ward. 

North Side 

House, • e 
15 gnilth Lewis W 
17 Burns Mra BUen 

gontb SKle 

10 Murphy Bdward 
Private grounds 
20 Bergan Mra Bllen 

niLMOUB, nina weat from 
Grove to Concaaelon, sec- 
ond south of SomeraAt) 
Central and WelllDgton 


North Side 

Vncunt lots 
49 Arte Leonbard 

66 Gu iileraon George 

67 Frw Patrick 
ViM-nnt lots 

73 Heath Mrs A B V, dairy 
Maodonald st Intersects 

Vaeant lots 
90 Little Winiam O 

Vai-ant lots 
113 Ingersoll Nelson F 

Vacant lota 

House, s e 

Cartler st Interescts 

Vacant lots 

169 Nobles John W 
161 Jarvts Samuel 3 
167 Garvock Alexander 
179 Lewis Joseph H 
181 J( nklns Samue) J 

Vacant lots 

Blgln at Intersects 

Stone yart*., a e 
231 Heddoe Charles H 
23i? rtlshop John 
241 Ncwcombe EMmnnd L 

House, a e 

Metcalfe st Intersects 

275 House, s e 
2S1 Matthews Wm E 
296 Harrington Wm H 
SOT Lamb* Lawrence 
House, 8 e 

O'Connor st Interseots 

House, • e 
847 McRae Hector 
866 Leetham Bdwin S 
toe Arnoldl Bmest C 
yri Ooodeve Gharles 
ire Knowles Rev Robt B 

170 Hnrdman Vflaa H )r 
US Corry James A, ooutr 

A Itn* 

88S BIHott Jamet 
nr Edgar Andrew J 

389 Jackson Horace W 

Bank at Interaecta 

Hotel, a e 
416 Vacant 
4121 Hannum Mrs Blliabeth 

Hannum Mlsa M B, Toice 
427 Bllgta Harris H 
481 Fowler Zaccbena J 
437 Wright Edward V 
44S Bradbury Wm M 
449 Walt Frank Q 
4SS Wataon Robert 
40e Stothers Robert 
467 Orain Mrs Martba A 

Craln Geo A, bldr * 

Kent at intersects 

471 Cairns Wm 

473 Day Frederick W 

476 McLean Daniel L 

477 McCracken Wm 
488 Fraser Robert O 

486 Gervan Harry H 

487 Flett Thomas H 
481 McOann Jobn A 
496 Lamplough Fred L 
499 May Henry A 

Vacant lot 
B07 Veale Philip H 
Bll Fellows H A, bldr 
513 Brown Duncan 
517 Walker John 

519 Farrow Robinson R 
523 PInhey Godfrey O 
527 PInhey Mrs Catherine 

520 Fotherlnnham John T 
Vacant lots 

Lyon st Intersects 
Vacant lota 

Bay st intersects 

Vacant lota 
696 Dooley Mrs Mary J 
609 Bowman Archibald 
601 Jackson Mrs Margaret 
007 Firth Wm B 
«U MoWhlnney Mrs Kate 
618 Firth John P 
615 Craig Rol»ert 

Vacant lot 

School grounds 

Percy st Interaecta 

Store, s • 
Vacant lots 
606 Ellis James 
Vacant lot 

South Bide 

28 MItcbell Cobban 
34 Wight Edward 
Vacant lot 

Salisbury pi commences 
House, 8 e 
Macdonald st Intersects 

Vacant lot 
100 Paynter Wm H 
Hartlngton pi commencbs 
Vacant lot 

Oartier st interaecta 
Vacant lota 
OrenVIlle pX commences 
Vacant lot 

E;lgln st intersects 
School, a e 
Bcaoonafleld pi commences 

House, a e 

Metcalfe at Intersects 
. House, s e 
286 Merrick Mn Mary J 
^ McLaughlin Daniel a, 
292 Leslie John 
204 Ross Miss Charlotte 
206 Vacant 

Vacant lot 
806 Armstrong Jobn R 
816 Barrett Wm J 
822 Duhamel Jean Bte 
880 Scott Wm 

O'Connor st Interaecta 
332 Davis Ssnford 8 
836 Keeley David H 
310 Lamb James B . 
344 Brophy John B 
348 Gilmour Thomas 
352 Duulevie Michael K 
366 I^amb Wm A 
360 Ross H LeBreton 

Derby st commencea 
370 Hall Charles R 
372 Vacant 

374 Valleau Mrs Jane 
876 Kerr John 
378 Valleau George B 
380 Madge Herbert 
382 Carruthers John P 
384 Cluff H R. refrlgeratora 

Meyer O O, publr 

Der Kanadlsche Kolonlat 

The Danebrog 

Store, 8 e 

Bank st Interaecta 
Vacant lot 
406 Mettam Mra Emma 
410 Hilllard Mrs Jeasle 
414 JamlPBon Percy 
416 Krc^ia Wm H 
♦18 Hunter Richard H 
420 Lane Mrs Harriet 
422 We.bber Mrs Mary F 
4.'M abarpe Mn Ann H 
428 MoArthur James J 
480 PMffy Ambrose 
46 1 .» wson Wm B 
441' ' jaman Wm C, phy 
446 iTbarron Louia 
464 Stark James 
460 MivOi^nnell Arthur 
466 Morria Wm D 

Kent st intersects 

Vacant lot 
476 Vaccnt 

Vacant lot 
484 Corry John 

Vacant lot 
.'\fW Allen JoBcpb S 
HM Sykes Wm J 
!W« Northror> Bradbury M 
MO Conklln James T) 
MS Thome Stephen 
624 Thompson Wni G jr 
,')28 Skinner John 

Vacant lot 

Lyon 8t intersects 

Vacant lots 

Bay Ht Interaecta 
Vacant lots 
000 Coocti Charles 
604 Cooch ■'Vm 
614 Tapp C eorjje 





m. O. AmNOLDI, A9mmT. 'Phon* 1140. 



.•) !l 

'■ f 

l\ « 

I '5 





v\\ >'■ 




'.'. ? 'i 


■ i 


Ii! < 








Alt Ordflfs Promptly Attwwed To. 


'FHOMM 81. 

w. 9- meuL, MMHAmmm. 

••■AD OPPioi 




624 Firth Henry 
628 Puuii Win 
Vacant lota 

Percy st lutersecta 
Vacant lots 

Coneesslon st 

GLADSTONE, runs south 
from 296 Gilmour to 
Lewis, flrst west ot Met- 
calfe, Central Ward. 

Not built on 

GLOUOEfWTiER, runs weat 
froiii 150 Uleiu to Oo«- 
cisslon, tlrat south of 
Maria, Central und Wel- 
Uugcou Wnrds. 




House, a a 
15 Norton Mrs LUUe 
17 Arnoldl KluK McC 
21 Vellls Thomas V 
29 Browne John <J 
;n Moffat Itobert McG 

36 Kirb.v T Sidney 

37 Tilton Lt-Col John 
41 St Hill Mrs Harriet 
46 MeCabe I'eter 

Sturroek A U, mus tchr 

McCullongh Miss C. 
49 Vacflnt 
51 Pelton Mrs Mary 

House, B t> 
Metcalfe st intersects 

Church, 8 e 
77 Vacant 

79 O'Leary Kdwanl 
81 Provost Pierre 
88 Hare Samuel W 
91 Leunieru FMwnrd 

96 Dlsher Asahel D 

97 Kills Wni A 

99 Steacv Joliii B 
10.1 Birkett Wm 
J09 Kowler Mrs Christina 

House, s e 

O'(^onnor st Intersects 

127 Klnsr Wm F 

1.3.1 Wlllisnis Henry H 

i:«> Allen Miss KtlziibPth 

141 Sidttnl Robert 

14.! Throop Arthur W 

1.51 Miiv Mrs Marlann 

157 Uei.l James 

161 Kauiflas Josi'iih K 

166 Bantle (;(M)rKt'. phy 

167 Koblllard Jean Bte 
179 Ciirrle Win A 

Store, s e 

Bank st Inler»ect9 

Private grounds 
1«9 Hopper Henrj 

(iobell >'irts K. drsmk" 
liil i'olllci; .ioiieiih 
;»3 Fripp ii:t M.irv 

196 SkliiiTi- >Irs MaiKt 

197 MftdWe Mrs Jane 
203 HIal.l) K 
20fi r,..f,.|ivrc A'freJ 
218 Harwood ^Icorge P 
217 Vainnt 



223 Batterton Mrs Ellen 

227 Barber Mrs C V 

231 Otton Henry 

233 Dunn John 

235 McCallum D moan 

237 Woods Chf .ds 

239 Hutchison Mrs Agues 

241 I^ng Mrs Mary J 

243 Dolan Miss Florence 

245 StDenls Emery H 

247 McKenzle Wm 

Kent at Intersects 

St Patrick's Asylum, a e 
281 Dunne Mrs Muritaret 
295 Shnnahan Brian A 
297 Lawrence Wm 
299 McMuUeu Mrs Maria 
301 O'Neill Gordon 

House, 8 e 

Lyon st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

.323 Walsh Thomas 
326 EnrlKht Thomas J 
329 Vacant 

Vacant lota 
.341 Oeddes J W, foundry 
345 McGregor James 
.34.5Mi Jones Mrs Christina 
347 Duval Olivier 
347>4 King Thomas 
349 Carpenter John 

A lane 

Store, s e 

Bay st Intersects 

Store, s e 
375 Bond Mrs Bert'e 
379 Gillespie John 

Delaney Michael 
881 Dewar Duncan 
.3R3 Klne Wm 
887 Healey John F 
898 Vacant 
393 Heuoy Wm G 
397 O'Donnell John 
40r» Stlnson Mrs Annie 
405 Vacant 

407 Stanley Mrs BUzabeth 
400 Connolly Patrick J 
411 Uyan Patrick W 

Percy st intersects 

Store, 8 e 
Private grounds 

Concession st 

South Side 

Church, s e 
18 Grant Wm 

Laberge Miss C, drsmkr 
20 Mahon Miss Maria 
22 Whiteaves Jos P 
20 Marks Nuthnn 
.44-38 Convent de Notre 

(>>ngregatl«n d«» iXotre 
52 Ronan Rockcliff 
.56 HurdniHii B F W . phy 
Metcalfe st Intersects 
04 HlgBlnson Mrn Martha 
70 Kavauneh Timothy 
SO Pcrrlval Will 
lil GeKgle Miss Agnes 
S4 floberlsoii NiUhanlel 
86 Mfltlier (Jporge 
WZ Sohrver AInnson K 
i>4 MliiocU .John T 
06 Freemni! Miss Esther 

102 Watford Charles :• 
104 Stf'acy Mrs Sarah 
108 Doctor Elmer o 
110 Leveque CyrlUe 
114 Allen Itlchard I' 
118 OloM Charles W 
120 Graham John C 

O'Connor it Inti-rseotg 

Hoi"-, s e 
134 Harrison John ' 
136 Thompson J^'tiph h 
138 Plunkett George I. 
140 Kent Silas B 
l.V) Spencer J Hervey 
162 PerclvBl Mrs Aim q 
168 Ross Mrs Janet 
164 Scott Norman B 
168 St George George V, 


Store, 8 e 

Bank st Intetaects 
188 Carleton Wm 
190 Hewlett Joseph C 
194 Gervan J H. bleyoie 

196 Bgan John 
108 Hopper James 
202 Vacant 

206 Sanderson Albert K 
210 Rowan James 
212 McOprr Mrs Mary 
214 Kerr Miss Agnes 
218 Oervan James H 
220 Lane Arthur W 
282 MoB^rlane Tbos D 
224 Morgan Thomas H It* 
226 Howard Wm A 
228 Aspinall Mrs Jane 
230 McKeever Mrs Fanny 
2.36 Wheatley Richard 
2.38 Thomas Wm C 
240 Cole Benjamin V 
244 Burke Edward J 
Vacant lot 

Kent st Intersects 

Cbufch, a a 
208 Wllkle Alexander 
302 W.ilBh Peter 

Cole Mrs Mary, nurse 
.304 Way Mrs Jane 
30(1 Dunn Mrs Sarnb 
!'08 Leahy John 

Leahy Mrs B L, drsiiur 
310 McGuIre Joseph R 
312 Chadwlck Mrs Eliza 
314 Raker Jnmes 
316 Harlpv Herbert 

Lyon st Intersects 

Prh/ate grounds 
.324 Mumford Charles 
326 Thoburn Adol(!he 
:f2*' Homes Itlchard, wood 
.342 McMahon Mrs E.. dairy 
346 HrdiIuou George 
348 Akerlindta Carl A L 
.350 Cotyj, T Mrs Rllwibith 
.^'»2 McHariy John 
354 Dunbar Henry 

Bay at Intersects 
374 An»jle Vinr-eiit 
.'i76 Ball OeorKe H 
:IS4 Peters John, shoeuikr 
386 Kla« Wm H 
392 Cainpbt>ll James : 
304 Onnann Jkhh-h 

Tye Charles, r 
.396 McKelvy James f. 

Private jroonds 


,000 of In- 
Jak, fend hat 


many MUIIms of Oolt&Ts. 

Special Seiet 

'^ R. H. OONI 


^Bo"e Stephen 
^Cutt-ui Charles 
7m, Blown Miss Sus 
«»^.onro.v ChW.Uophe 
roicy st Inters 

418 Ne'ilf'in Theodore 
iM Vacant 
^WHfc'lit Ernest 
Jot Faiiikiier Mark 
% S^ei.s Thomas B 
!m Do.x^''e Jesse H 
^ Glnnx- Antolne, o 

*" V«l-<i"t lot 


GORDON, runs south 
Mutihiuor to Centre 
oud (list of Couce 
Welll'iKio" Ward. 

Kot built jn 

OOIL'" «>"" AV runa 
from ^^to Theodore, 
tlte .vngusta to An 
Oeor^." Ward. 

Bist Slilo 

Private grounds 
25 Kitiler Walter F 

VaiMiit lots 
gS Gani Wm 

Vaouut lots 

West Side 

House. 8 e 
Vflcaut lots 
60 Williams Alfred 

Usgoode st Inters 

Not open further 

aoutli from Gllmoi 
Lewis, first east of 
Centrwl Ward. 

Not built on 

from (.'lemow to Car 
flr«t east of Concei 
Wellington Ward. 

Not built on 

GROVE, rune southwei 
from 114 Bmmett to 
mour, third south of 
ersei. Central Ward. 

North Side 

1 Roeske F Wm 
6 iioeske August 
9 McLeod Roderick 

U Denulson John 

15 O'Neill Andrew 
Private grounds 

21 Liiinb George 

Vi Reyuoids Kdwin i 

R. E. Ji 

Special Selection of this Season's Goods In Stock. 

'^ R. H. OONLKY, 213 WBLUNQTON STRBKT <nMur Bjuik). 





.WHO"*' Stephen 

^Con.-.v Christopher 

ivicy St Intersects 

J}« I^I^orf Theodore H 
i9rt Vacant 
IfflAVrlt'lit Ernest 
M Kaiiiki"'"'" Mark 
»| 5weiis Thoma* E 
S Doxsfe Jesse H 
^ Gir>iix Antolue. cubs 
*" V«t"i>t lot 

Concession st 

OOBDON, runs south from 
Muti'liiiior to Centre, sec- 
ond ,;ist of Concession, 
V\'elll'i»fiou Ward. 
Xot built m 

QQlLi^liO^ AV .runs south 
from i<^^ Theodore, oppo- 
site Augusta to Ann. St 
Georu ■ Ward. 

g(st Siih' 

Private grounds 
25 Kiirler Walter F 

Vaoiiiit lots 
eS Gaul Wni 

Vacaut lots 

ffMt Side 

House, s e 
Vacaut lots 
66 Williams Alfred 

Osgoode st Intersects 

Not open further 

south from Ullmour to 
Lewis, ttrst east of Elgin 
Central Ward. 

Not buUt ou 

^ ',t' 

OROSVKNOR, runs soutu 
from (.'leiiiow to Carletou, 
flrnt cast of Concession, 
Wellington Ward. 

Not built ou 

QROVE, runs southwesterly 
from 114 Emmett to Oil- 
mour, third south of Som- 
erset, Centrnl Ward. 

Nortb Side 

1 Roeske W Wm 
S iioeike August 
t) McLeod Uodsrick 

tl Deiiulitoii John 

16 O'Nflll Andrew 
Private grounds 

21 Liiinb George 

% R«f aolds Edwin i 

South Side 

House, s e 
10 Readtns Fraud. 
12 Dreske Henry 

south from Gllmcur to 
Lewis, tlrst east of Car- 
tier, Central Ward. 

Not built on 

HEAD, (Cbaudlere Island), 
runs west from Ottaw . 
River, second soutlt of 
Union Bridge. Victoria 

North Side. 
O B Co. 



106 Booth J 



machine shop 

st Intersects 
waggon yard 
R, culler's office 
waggon yard 

South Side 

Lumber piles 
44 O E Co's power house 

No 2 
48 O E Co's work shop 
O B Co's power house 
No 4. rear 
n2-56 Vacant 

5S Parr J A, planing mill 
60 Oliver & Son, factory 
66-94 McKay Milling Co, 

UcKay storehouse 
Bridge at inten<ecta 
104-8 McKay storehouse 

124 Whitehead Joseph 
126 Ingram Joseph 
128 Lafleur Jean Bte 
190 White John 
132 Moreau Molse 
1.14 Roy Maurice 
i;i6 Gallpeau Isale 
Lumber piles 

south from 190 Theodore 
to Templeton, St George's 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
25 Perrin Bmerv 
27 Brisbois Eprjtnand 
29 Nagle Micl.nel G 
20% STmoneou Joseph 
.11 Bishop Thomas 
3« Lortie MoUe 
36 I.ebianc Wm 

Vacant lot 
63 Murphy Thomas jr 

Vacant lot 

Osgoode st Intersects 

Houae. a e 

A laoQ 
83 Davidson Robt 
85 Conncll Edward 


87 Ward Jamea 
03 Holz Henry 
97 Baker Chariti 
Vacant lots 

127 Staples James 

129 Hague John 
131 Merritt Richard 

Vacant lot 

Somera^^ at e (nterveeta 
Vacant lot<4 
Jacqueis IT R R 
Coldrjy JTdward 
Vacant lot 
Vacant hoiise 
Bou'*reav;t Simeon 
Vacaut bouse 
McPherson Alexander 
Vacant lots 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
12 Vacant 
14 Emo John 

Vacant lots 
24 Dubois Clias O 
28 Robnrtson Thomas 

Unfinished bouse 

Vacant lot 
60 Dunn Albert 

Shop, B e 

Osgoode st intersects 

Vacant lots 
116 Larose Joseph 
118 Hyland Wiii 
12a Sylvester Albert 
124 Consitt Harry 

Unflnisbeu house 

128 Maloney Patrick 

130 Jacaues James H 
134 Staples Wm 

Vacant lots 
Someraet st e Intenwots 

Vacant lota 

T'ntlnlHhpd lioufe 
146 O'Meara Jchn ' 

148 Connell John 

Vacant lots 

HENEY. runs esat from 7B 
Cobourg to Wurteruberg, 
second north of Uldeau, 
By Ward. 

North Side 

3 McManus James 

Vacaut lot 
17 Head Harry 
Vacant lota 

Charlotte »t Intersects 
Vacant lot 
ej Hunt Benjamin .' 
Private groands 

76 Hall James, eap 

77 Joyce John 

86 Thomas George 
House, ■ e 

South Bide 

Not built on 

HENRY, runs west from 
Bell, Sfcoiid south of 
A R to I>lviv\on, Dalhousle 

Not built on 



castoc^ W«mnrU>n5t. 






' III , ■' !■ ( 

M iMW 

i{ J'fi J< I 


'•; M ') 


': I 


i 1 

'. f! 

' , 16 . 

: ftiF I 

ii* ■ 


i, r 

• t 

'^!i ':ii 



?i i 


. i 1 


: 9 


' j§ 

;, 1 ' 


;'' Ail 







The SUHLife^TS^S;? I mm 



5 «? 











HILI<, runs sonth from 
686 WeU'ngtou to Albert. 
Dalbousie Ward. 

S^aat Side 

House. 8 e 
7 Colb'oriu' Hamlet 
9 Dorlon Mrs Marin 
11 Durkin Mrs Eliziibetb 
15 Roe George G 
17 Beatty Thomas 
21 Hodges James C 
23-26 Dun lop Peter, gro 

West Side 

Not built on 






T:0I< lane, runs we«t 
from 06 Britannia to 46 
Dnke, Victoria Ward. 

'ttrtb Side 

Vacant lots 


Lamonreux Molse, r 

Qagnon Oharles, rear 

A lane 

Ohnrcb John 
Martlnelll Antonio 
Raymond Mrs M 
Laucon Hllalrc 

South Side 

Piling grounds 
Hotel, B e 

INICERMAN, runs west 
from Elgin to Metcalfe, 
flrtt north of Patterson's 
Greek, Oentral Ward. 

Not built on 

IBABBIjIjA, runs west from 
Elgin to ConcessIoD, first 
south of GAR, Central 
and Wellington Wards. 

North Side , 

OAR yards and sheds 
Metcalfe st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
O'Connor st tnteraeots 
Vacant lots 

Bark st Intersects 
Vacant iots 

Kent st Intersects 
Vacant hjix 
Oil warehouse 

Lyon st rods 
Vacant lots 

Bay st (Uds 
Vacant lots 

Percy st ends 
Vacant lots 
lonth INde 

Otta"<ra Porcelain k Car- 
bon Oo 

Metcalfe st Intersects 

Vacant lot 
152 Campbell Archi'bald 
166 Golf Wm 
160 Usher Andrew 
164 Lucy Wm 

Brown Samuel J 

Orosn Henry 

Donaghue Henry 

Mars August 

O'Connor st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Knox Harry 

Latour JBMward H 
166 Letch Harry O 
170 Yach Charles 
174 Oarfoote George 
176 Baker Wm 
178 Copping Mrs Sarah J 
160 Clark John 
182 Belot Thomas W 
lai Monson Walter Q 
186 Hunt Walter 
188 Kyte Mrs Mary 
188% Brown George H 
100 Bnrkp John P 
192 Cox Wm 
191 Heron Allan 
196 Wilson Arthur W 

Vacant lots 

Bank st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

JAMBS, runs west from 
394 Bank to Concession, 
third south of Somerset, 
Wellington Ward. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
13 Scott Mrs Edith 
l.-i McCormlck Robt W 
17 Armstrong James L 
19 Duval Joseph E 
21 Dale Richard H 
23 O'Meara John J 

26 Wilson Fredk B 

27 Kellv Joan C 
Bayne Miss A M, elocnt 

29 Bailey Walter 

Vacant lots 
47 Payne John L 
SI Stephens Alfred J 
56 Lamothe Henri O 

Private grounds 
66 Gallup Mrs Ellen J 

Vacant lots 

Kent st Intersects 

71 Wheeler Mrs J sephlne 
73 Morgan Wm F 

Morf;:)n MIsk b .M. nurse 

76 Hniklrk Mrs Prances 

77 Wilson Wm J 
79 Christie Rev Wm M 
81 Parker Wm 
83 Warne Wini \ 

86 Martin Oliver 

87 McMahon Edward 
91 I'ennlngtor, Wm 
98 PnU-n Etlwsrd, bldr 

96 Ijarmonth Wm D 

97 Arthurs Samuel 
«) Plnkfiti M T 
Ot»'/j LawicHs John P 

101 Rocheater Daniel 
lOR Cormeck John 
106-100 Vacani (3) 

Lyon st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
14S Carter James 
Vacant lots 

Bay st intersects 
House, » e 

188 Jordan Joslah 
187 MoLamon Robert 

189 Buchanan Wm 
lOe Dolan Michael 
107 Smith Andrew 

Percy st Intersiuots 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

Vacant lot 

A lane 

12 O'Connor Daniel ir 

T-) Craig Robert 

tS Porter John < 

20 Seaner Wm 

26 Campbell Ouy, contr 

SO MoAllen Robert 

38 Hodgerm Thos R, ooatr 

40 ArmetBo.jff Walter 

46 Oallwej Mrs O E 

60 Orr Ollyer, contr 

94 John son Daniel E 

r»8 Sulli'-an John F 

60 McMurchy John 

62 Vacant 

04 Vacant 

66 Helmer Nathaniel 

Kent st Intersects 
St Barnabas Church 

80 Dewhurst Edward K 

82 Campbell Herbert S 

84 Bliss T Alder D 

86 Vacant 

88 Plumb Chas 

00 Stewart Robt 

92 Eagleaon Wm H * 

94 Roes Ohas W 

96 Bailey Horace H 

9R Macoun John 
100 Topley Horatio N 
102 Todd Walter 

Lyon st interst'cts 
138 Powers Wm J 
140 Rellly Wm 
1«2 White Charles 
144 Bitten Walter 
146 Mutchmor A Percy 
148 Vacant 
166 Pell Alfred 
leo Langford Hobt '=' 
170 O'Hara John 
172 Ivearif James 
178 Powers Patrick J 

Bay st in*er«ect8 
Vacant lots 
HoQse, s « 

Percy k Interiecti 

House, s e 
296 H.vme .iDHepb 
29fi Swpft Uobprt P 
800 Matheson Honald 
302 Banda?' Thnc. B 
SO* Woorto ru IT 

Vncan ots 
826 BroTjnioe Mrs Theresa 
328 Blakiney Samu«l T 
382 Byrne EdTt-urd J 
3S4 Bonell J^hn 

Xar^^i und Host Complete list { 

I! B TARfiABT k SflN ^fi^°*®- SK.?s;sr*£r»aS 



_- smith Wm a 
'"Vacni'i lots 

IAMBS, runs ^south 
'Mutchmor, third we 
Elgin, central Ward. 

Bjst Side grounds 
Vnciint lots 
Laflamme Magloirc 

VlK lilt lots 

West Side 

jtot ijullt on 

]ANE. ""uns west 
Metcalfe to Bank, s 
Bouth of C A R, 0< 

North Side 

Viu'.uit lots 
29 Hoi f by nOmnnd 
gl Holtby George 

Vmant lot 

O'Cunnor st inters 

7S Mc p?ted Edward I 
77 Brownlee Jaiaea A 
75) .Mitchell Alvan 
gS Vacant 
87 Uavis Samuel J 

Viiiiiiit lots 
01 Bray George Et 

\;H'H!lt lots 

97 Howell Henry P 
101 Holtby & Stoearer 
1(11 Satiinlcra Wm 
163 Flrby John 
1(17 Ciistle Joseph 
inp Convcr.v Hufch E 
u! ivarson Charles J 
113 I! idmore Philip 

Viioant lot 

Bottomley Watfwn 

Snutti Side 

-Metropolitan Athl< 
Viicatu lots 
Vacant hoots 

\llrilin hits 

M Fulton Duncan J 
100 I'nfliilshed house 

86 Lowrey John 

WA Karrell Win 

Vacant Kits 
J02 Grimes A M 
1(M Hr.vmor Oporge 
l,>i Vacant 

](* Taggart Charles IS 
110 Vacant 

112 Xltrshall Kaston A 
Vacant lots 

JOHN', runs east fro 
fawn Hlver to C 
gccoiul north of 
bridge, Rld«>au Won] 

North Side 

Lumber yard 
Store, a e 

Sussex st n inter 


WM. MASON & SONS *" '^ "^ ■"■"'"" ^■■'■^' »" 





^ Smltl' Win a 
'^Vat'iuii lots 

..:tiv9. runs •outh from 
^Shtnor. third west of 
Bigln. f'entral Ward. 

B«6t Side • 

Private grounds 
Va<"iint lots 
Lafliiimne Maglolre 

ViK lat lots 

West Sl>i« 

j,'ot built on 

JANE '■wns west from 

vietoiilfo to Bank, aecond 

gouth of CAR. Oentral 


North Side - 

Vai'Mtit lots 
29 Holtby uamund 
81 Holtby Oeorge 

Vat ant lot 

O'Connor st Intcrsecta 
75 Ml psted Edward I 
77 Brownlee Ja:3M A 
79 jllrcUell Alvan 
88 Vacant 
gj Davis Samnel J 

Viiiiiiit lots 
M Rrny Georne R 

V;|. -11111 lots 

97 Howell Henry P 

101 Holtby & atoearer.contra 
Ifll Sniindcrs Wni 

163 Flrby John 
\m rustle Jo«epta 
jnO Cniivcry Hufch B 

111 ivarson Charles J 
113 Radmore Philip 

Vacant lot 
Bottomley Watson O 

ionll) Side 

Metropolitan Athletic 
Vnraiu lots 
Vacant hont« 

VllCHlll lOtH 

9ft Pulton Duncan J 
106 rn(liilsh«»<l house 
06 Lowrey John 
flSA Karrt'll Wvu 
Vacant Jots 

102 OrlmcH A M 
W Kryin<^r Otforgc 
m Vacant 

ion TagKHTt Charles S 
no Vacant 

112 M«ir«hall Ksstou M 
Vacant lots 

JOHN, runs cast from Ot- 
tawa River to Gharipn, 
gccoiid north of ¥ue 
brldsro, Uidpati Word. 

North Side 

Iiumber yard 
Store, • e 

Sussex Mt n Intpraeota 

House, a e 
82 Henny T H 
04 VlUenenve Joseph 
06 Wendt John 
68 Mills Mrs Ann 
70 Blakely R B> 
72 Mitchell David 

Thomas at intersects 

74 Heaven Hert>ert F 
70 Ackland Wm 

78 Bayley Wllloughby J 

South Side 

Sawmill, ■ e 

Bnaaex at n Interaeots 

Hotel, a e 

O B Ry Oo'a ataeda 

79 Remo LouIb 
81 Benolt Urgele 
SS Lajoie Joseph 
86 WhlUauB Roheirt 

Thomas nt tnterseota 
House, a e 
I'rlvntH irrounds 
House, 8 e 

JOHN, runs wt»t from 
Moiil: to Ralph, second 
lufh of Mutchmor, Wel- 
ington Ward. 

North 81de 

OMidwell Qeorge B 

Vacant lot« 

Vacant house 

AVhIte Alexander 

Vacant lots 
21 Paradis Kugene 
2S Dnnlop Daniel R 

Vacfunt lots 
Ti r>uiine .Inseph 

Vacant lots 

Vacant house 

Vacant lots* 

South Side 

Not built on 

KB>KPKH N E.), rune nortb 
from Riileau River, sixth 
east of Sussex, Rldeau 

Baat f?lde 

Lrnmber yard 

Stanley av intereecta 

House, s e 
Vacant loim 

River lane Intersects 

Vacant lots 
Houe«, B e 

Crel|i|rhton si Intrr8<*<;ta 
Houst!, s e 
Vacant lots 

Avon lane Intereecta 
Prlvnto grounds 
Honne, s e 

*Ve»t Side 

Lumber yard 

Stanley av Intersects 
Private grounds 

River lane Intersects 

Private erounds 
26 Schik Charles 
Private Kromids 
Orelgtaton st Intersects 

House, s e 

127 Vacant 

Avon lane Intersects 

128 Stalker Mrs Clara 
House, s e 

KENNBTT, (formerly Sidney 
noi th), runs west from 
Division to Rochester, first 
north of C A R, DaJhousle 

North Side 

House, B e 

i'riviiti' jtroundH 
13 Rivera John 
17 Vacant 
23 Floyd Nathaniel 

Private srouuds 

House, s e 

South Sile 

Not built on 

KENT, runs south from 
Cllft to IsaVlla. intersect- 
ing Wellington at 289. 
first west of Bank, Victoria 
and Wellington Wards. 

Bast Side 

3 O'Meara Cornwall H 

Private groniiils 
13 McCattB Tlionws 

Vlttorla st Intersects 

Private t'riMiiids 

Vacant lots 
37 Mac<7arthy Henry F 
39 Piper Wm 
41 Burke Mrs Mary O 

Pi'lvuli" i;ro\!iids 
49 Olemence Thomas 

A lane 
B8-66 Store, s e 
Wellington st Interwcta 
Batik Note Co, s e 
83 Myrand Jean Bte 
sn Burland Roibert 
87 Vacant 

Sparka st Intersects 
Livery stabi*. a e 
97 Morgan J 1 tioreesijoer 
99 Kyle Sanwi*; L 
iflfi Abbott AU.nso A 

Queen st intt^rsects 
111 O'Malley J, shoemkr 
lis Ma»on Charles J 

Vacant lot»» 
123 KannlHter George 
lUB Vacant 
127 Smyth James T 
129 Walhy Wni 
181 rJmnonde Mrs C» gro 
Bismonde James w 
Albert st intersects 
188 Coldereno RmlHo, confy 
.A lane 









PHRENOLINE kidney & myeb pills 




» s 




ill- • ' 

'*H 1 1 



11 1 

* !f Ml 

liV •-' I 





I ' 




Bank 8t 

in .-'' t 


I f 

^ il 
** « 

- (0 




^ o 


%,l o 

f ^ CO 








141 Wagener Wm 
143 Johnston J Duncan 

146 McKane Mrs Mary 

147 Burns Wm, contr 
149 Lamouclie Robert 
161 Beaupre Alexander 
163 Munro Miss Jesrte 
156 Gorman Mrs Margaret 

Slater st intersects 
Kent St School 

Maria st Intersects 

House, s e 
Private grounds 
169 Allan Wm C 
House, s e 
Gloucester st intersects 

Vacant lot 
221 Stewart Wm 
223 Cooper David G 

226 Hearla James S 

227 Reardon ratriek 
229 Little Wm 

231 Smeaton James, gro 

Nepean st Intersects 

238 Tapp Feter B 

236 Perrault John 

237 Toohey John 

239 Quiun Richard 
241 Hood Robert 

House, s e 

Llsgar st intersects 
266 Store, s e 

Vacant lots 

263 Desiauriers Wm 

Vacant lots 

La'batt J, bottler, M S 
Armstrong, agt 

Cooper st Intersects 
'JSl Barrie Mcbolas J 
283 Todd Robert J 

286 Dunu Guy C 

287 McGlffln Robert 

290 Vacant 

291 MacMartin Duncan 
806 Hou«">. s e 

Somerset st iutersects 
311 Mill I.^aac A 
813 Shaw Henry S 
829 House, s e 

Maclaren st intersects 

House, s e 

I'HvHto gruuiidM 

House, » e 

Gllmour st intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant house 

I'rlvntf {{rounds 

James at Intersects 
House, B e 
897 Slack B&bort 
397% King Rabi'Tt 
380 VfcWilliams ^;atthew H 
Florence st intersects 
Houye, s e 
Private grounds 
House, s e 

Ann st Intersects 
487 McKlilop Alexandet 
443 Campbell l>onald M 
447 Bollard John D 
Vacant lot 

MoLeod st Interaeots 

Vacant lots 

Flora st intersects 
Vacant lots 
Archibald st Intersects 

Public School, B e 
Vacant lots 
Oatharlne st Intersects 
Vacant lot» 

West Side 

House, s e 
PrIvntM "rounds 
14 Gordon Thomas C 

Vlttoria st intersects 

Vacant lot 
22 Gorman Gerald 
24 Montreull Felix 
28 Nevens John J 
80 Wanless George A 
82 Christie S Henry 
84 Hntchisoti Oharleg 
36 Lindsay Thomas 

Vacant lots 
42 Bishop Richard N 
60 Vacant 

A lane 
64 Vacant 

56 Kennedy & Co, wines 
Wellington st intersects 
Church, a e 

Sparks st '^'erseots 
88 Henderson Wm, lumber 
100 Grant Wm 
106 Ross Cl-awford 
108 Marlln Miss Nancy 

Queen st Intersects 

114 Ont Crown Timber Office 

I'rlvnto sromids 
12? ronng George W 
130 Harvle Peter, flour 

Albert st intersects 
Ottawa Car Co (Ltd) 
Slater st Intersects 
106 Adame Arthur 
168 Watson James W 
170 "oruey Robert 6 
172 ^irtln Obarlts A 
Private grounds 

A lane 
House, s e 

Maris st intersects 
St Patrick's Asylum, s e 
Gloucester st Intersects 
St Patrick's Church 

.Vet)ean st intersects 
House, a e 
248 Mahoney John, contr 
I'rIviitM grounds 

Llsgar st Intersects 
Factory, s e 
House, s e 

Oooper st Intersects 
2fi2 Butler Perdval 
286 McDougall Alex H 
286 Neelln Gregg 
292 Vacant 
298 House, s e 

Somerset st intersects 
House, 8 e 


I'rivaio irrouiKis 
880 Church of Enir 
for GIris 

Maclaren st Intersectj 
332 House, s e 

I'rlvntc ifrounds 
House, s e 

Ollmour st Intfr^eots 
Vacant lot 
House, s e 

James st intersects 
Church, B e 
House, s e 

Florence st Intensects 
424-6 Gates A Hodi^sou, Bro, 
House, s e 

Ann st Intersects 

House, s e 
446 Bero Peter 
4<(8 Rondeau Alexandre 

House, s e 

McLeod 8t lnters(>oti 
House, B e 
Vacant lots 

Flora st Inter* ,-t» 
Vacant lots 
506 Riddle John 
508 Reynolds Samuel J 
510 Law Geo H. bldr 

Archibald st Intersects 

610^ Bullen Thomas 
512 McOhan Wm 
M4 Burnett Robt 
516 Belot Christopher Q 
SIS Dewar John 
520 Bradley Warner 
6ta2 Byshe Frederick R 

Catharine st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Isabella st 

KING, runs south from 
Rideau River, north of St 
L & O br P R. to 
Templeton, Intersecting Rl. 
dean at 286. Ottawa, By 
and St George Wards. 

East Side 

41 Barobrick Wm M 
MoTaggart st Intersects 
O P B crossing 
49 Mulligan John 
68 Joust Oharlea 
67 Wltterberg Albert 

Botelier Ht Intersects 

71 Thorbahn UerDoan 

77 Ellard Wm J 

91 Simard Joseph, gro 

Bolton st intersects 
Prirpte grounds 
101 Koffman Charles 
108 Hendrick Andrew ^ 
Vacant grounds * 
111 House, R e 

Oatheart st Intersects 
117 Vallqoette Mrs O, gro 
119 SsTSrit Napoleon 
121 Raymond Mrs Fellelte 


M nnDoi!! Alexis 

gg^^-, Arthur _, 
^ syKwsse Mrs Margj^ 

lotte Miss G, muB t< 
.- gov r.iilsolphe 
^ Robert Francos 
^ Folrler Oviloa 
'*° Store. 8 e 

Wflter st Intersec 

(10 firoulx Blaear 
^W^lard Alfred 

% Uir.o«-'» Edouard 
« Laroiifbe Joseph 
^ AtiSHr h A, coBtr 
*3 Martel George 

St Andrew St Intersec 
,«vl77 rsiiard A L, gro 
; ffl Plqii^'tte Allred 
5I LMiglols Alex^ 
I Brunette Alfred 
j« Totirfliigeau Joseirn t 
189CV)tP George 

Church st Intersec 

193 Grnulx F X, gro 

196 Newton Mrs Almoe 

Slertlneau st Intersec 
M Bol^ Francois L 
-M Grciilx Noe 
. 5o7 BHh!;iard tease 
Wood yard 
Store, s e 

St Patrick Bt Intersec 

Store, 8 e 
, 22(1 VnHauptte A, barbe 

2J7 Gravelle Napoleon 

233 La tour Samuel 

225 Bollard Joseph 

243 St Denis Mrs Adela 
1 246 Dlguer Josepti 

Murray st Intersec 
I we Fltkgerald Mrs M 
I Batte Mrs Mary 
Dlguer Arthur, rear 
366 Auger Victor 

289 Dufour Joseph 
271 Brunette Zot1gn« 
713 Boese Mrs Bridget 
215 I'aquet Alphonse 

BolH Jean B, eating 
Olnrence st intersec 
1 2>i6-7 Aubichon Alex, grc 
2B1 Ofldleux Isaac 
263 Nash Mrs Oatherlne 
as I/Heureux Henri 
297 St Amand Napoleon 

290 L'Heureux Mrs Adel 
1 901 Dicks Thomas 

JOB Vacant 

1 306 Smy Thomas 
8U Pnokus Alex, Junk 
316 riibson Mrs Bridget 
316K. tleld Thomas 
S17 Pt'nder JaniBs 

J 519 Vacant 

1821 Connor Mrs Sarah 

1 323 Lnoombe Oharies 
326 Gamaohe Gabriel 

! 327 Vacant . 
' Daly Mm Julia 



?hof|s 428. 8upply tho B«8t. 

n ITRY Ji 

Jarvis' Photos are the Best 





.M Dflpols Alexis 

S savarie Jean Bte - 

}« fit Denis Arthur 
w tI Brass* Mrs Margsret 

15^ gotte Mlsf G, muB tcbr 
,ii Bov r-ulgolphe 

tf Boberr Francolfc 

S ^IritT Ovlloa 
'" Store, a e 

Wflter »t Intersects 

lift Grouix BlsscBr 
1 w?l!afcl Alfred . 

f^ r'^ogoB Bdouard 

« Laro-iche Jo«»Ph 

« AiiK^'r L A, con/tr 

73 Msrtel George 

St Andrew «t Intersect* 
1TV177 I'iiiard A L, gro 
■M Plq"'-tte Alfred 
,« uugiois Alexis 

« Brunette Alft-ed 
ifl Tcurangeau Josep-h HI 
189 Cote George 

Church Bt Intersects 

193 Gi-oulx P X, gro and 

199 Newton Mrs Almee 

Marti neau st Intersects 
201 BolB Francois L 
jM Grotilx Noe 
St BnblUard Bxase 
Wood yard 
Store, s e 

St Patrick St Intersects 
Store, » e 
226 Vallquette A, bar1)er 
a? Gravelle Napoleon 
1 233 Latour Samuel 
1 235 BiHlard Joseph 
24S St Denis Mrs Adelaide 
I 246 Dlguer Josepti 

Mnrray st Intersects 

I F1t;^gerald Mrs M 
I Bntte Mrs Mary 
Dlguer Arthur, rear 
3» Auger Victor 
269 Dufonr Joseph 
271 Brunette Zotlgue 
273 Boese Mrs Bridget 
278 Paquet Alphonse 

Bols Jean B, eating hse 
Clarence st Intersect* 

1 2«5-7 Aublchon Alex, gro 
1 291 Oftdlenx Isaac 

263 Nash Mrs Oatherlne 

aw L'Heureux Henri 

297 St Amand Napoleon 
|2W L'Heureux Mrs Adeline 

Stit nio-kg Thomas 
I JOB Vacant 
130(1 .''mr Thomas 
[311 Pnokns Alex, Junk 

SIS Olbson Mrs Bridget 

m<i_ tleld Thomas 

S17 Pt>nder Janies 
1 819 Vacant 

1 321 O'Connor Mrs Sarah 
1323 I.noombe Otaarles 
1325 (inmache Gabriel 
1 327 Vacant . 
1 329 Daly Mn Julia 

331 Graham Mrs Annie 
333 H 11 1 Thomas 
336 Brown John 
837 McOovern John J 
3S1 CUpbert B>mlle 

866 Ijecourt Isidore 

867 ^unols George 
8S9 Morgantl S«rapbln 
301 Naah John 

368 Desjardlns Molse 
306 Berthlauine F X, wood 
876 Vacant 

377 Bouchard Mrs Fhllomeue 
381 lilnehan John 
38T Marter Pierre 
8&1 Berry Harry 
Vacant lot 

Rideau st Intersects 
401-410 Hinds Hugh, Junk 
4!26 Vacant 
427 Vacant shop 

Besserer st Intersects 
420 Grtson Alphonae L 
481 Durham Wm H 
4'«) Wetw^tisr Charles 
451 Marler W Lake 

Daly av Intersects 
Private grounds 
Stewart st Intersects 

471 Bonneville Mrs Marie L 

l'rlvnt(< •'loumls 
466 Brophy JKrs Mary T 
Wllbrod st Intersects 

508 Oharleson John B 
807 Cbanlean J K 2>phreni 
610 Burke Dennis 
621 Fraser Mrn .* on 
House, s e 

Theodore st Intersects 

House, s e 
(SSI McKlnley John 
660 Brough James S 
6T5 I^yon Mrs Mary A 
677 Hutobeil firmest W 
679 McGovern Francis P 
681 SltllUngton Rabt T 
683 Hughes John W 
6«6 Wirson Wm T 

667 Vacant 

669 Bowerman John T 
tmri Lennox Robert 
0OB Lappe Ferdinand B 
(K)7 Bedard Mrs BHlea 

Ofigoode st Intersects 

Unflulshed houses (2) 

Vacant lot 
620 Berth Rev John O 
687 Lewis Odward 
«41 McNulty Hugh 
648 Ferguaon John 
d47 Schilling Frauds 
601 flattery Ralph 
687 Waller John 

668 Foley Lawrence 
6nB Skelly Dennis J 

Vacant lots 

eomerset st e Interasota 
686 Nicholson W, dairy 

Vacant' lots 

Fortler Narclsse 

MoOanley Wm 
606 Fobs August 

Vacant house 

SpearB Wtn 
Vacant lots 
717 Zlhke Otto 

West Side ., 

18 Dooley James 

40 Juneau Pierre 

MciTaggHrt st Intersects 
O P R crossing 
Vacant lots 
54 Beaucaamp Henri 
68 Callcghan John 
House, 8 « 

Botelier st Intersects 
74 ArtKuault Maxime 
74% Deault Joseph 
84 Renaud Aiarlc 
86 Cottee N, carpet clean- 
Shop, s e 

Bolton st Intersects 

98 Beauchamp TL- ophlle 
100 Garlepy Alexis 
lOS Bordeleau Napoleon 
Vacant lot 

Cathcart st intersects 
118 Mayne Richard 
120 Lepointe Frederic 
122 Ohateauvert Edouard 

Vacant lots 

Water st Intersects 
144 Store, s e 
166 Alain Jean Bte 
Prhntt" "rroumls 
162 Oayer Parcel 
166 Pronix John 
168 Shop, a e 

St Andrew st Intersects 
174 Ors'^elle Josc'ph 
176 Beiand Joseph S J 
184 Roy Mrs Phllomene 
Store, s e 

Church st Intersects 

Store, 8 e 
198 Madore Magioire 
204 Scnineh John 
203 Hylaud John 

220 Mundy James, liauors 
222 Store, s e 

St Patrick Bt Intersects 
Store, s e 
224 Trenanlcr Louie A 

284 Asselln Joscfili B 

St Bridget's 'Separate 

Murray st Intersects 
260 Perrior 'Btlenne 
266 Tall'efer Angustin 

Talllefer Joseph, cabs 

Store, s e 

Clarence st Intersects 

Vacant Jot 
290 Nagle Patrick : s 

I'rivato grounds 

York st ends 

Ottawa gas works 
864 Sbca John 
866 Shea John C 
370 Davis Joseph 
872 Joyce John 










ItS IS i ' •:{ < ; 't ML- 


|. I. t|. IB' ■ : i 

. iFi 



I i ''i'lr' 

if '1 1 ir it 



I ;ioi!i! 


if M • 


I \ 

J ^!i 


! * 
I- I 


i I 


PoiioiM «re WORLO-WIK m ^ KMldMiM aqd Trmi 
JOHN R. REIO, Maii%«f, kutttrn Oniirii. 





382 Cuddle Andrew 
884 Brown Mrs Mary 
388 Burart'Ba Wm H 
390 Davles H"gh 

Store, 8 e 

Rldeau St Intenect^ 

Store, s e 

Obnrch, • e 
Bemerer st Intersects 

PrIvHti* grouudi 
Ohurch, s • 

Daly ar Intersects 
Private urouuds 
Stewart at intersects 

Store, s e 

Prlvnto grounds 

House, s e 
Wllbrod St Intersects 

Church, a e 
512 May Henry 
514 Pain Wmi 3 
516 Parker Thomas 
520 Rochon I^nts T 
522 Hamel Miss BUda 
526 de I'Etolle Joseph 
528 Neyille CornellBS 

House, s e 

Theodore »t Intersects 

House, s e 

Vacant lot 
642 Steele VU-lan H 
644 Mackay Rev Alfred W 
546 B'jlanfrer Phldlme R A 
548 Short Samuel 
650 O'Connell Mtehael 
554 Marlneau Romuald 
556 Dawson George W 
558 Lyons John J lik'r 

Vacant lot 
506 JalHs Predex'iC 
508 Desrochers K'jtlrfijttK O 

School groMioj 
608 Thtmas i-htUj), j»w»;ag» 
OsKOode St u^^cr^^^atK 

Vacant lots 

630 Gaul Luke 
636 Byrnes John 
644 Sheedy Mrs Margaret 
662 Manners Joaeph 
056 JF\)!ey John, bldr 
660 Forai' John 
670 McCarthy Wm 
S7'£ Vacant 

674 Betltveau Alme H 
676 Buckley Jamse 
678 Vacant 

Somerset st e Intersects 
Athletic grounds 




KING (Hochestervllle), runs 
west from Rochester, first 
south of railway tracks, 
Dalhousie Ward. 

Not bnllt oai 

LANGBVIN AV, runs north 
from Beech wood av, first 
east of Springfield road, 
Rldeau Ward. 

East Side 

House, s e 
Richer Victor 
Larose Francis 
Vacant lots 

West iSlde 

4 Vanasse Gilbert 
6 Larabte Jean Bte 
8 Oleeson Henry. 
10 Mayer Moise 
Vacant lots 

Departmental BuUdinn), s 
s Wellington, bet ffilgln 
and Metcalfe. 

west from Mary to Alex- 
andria lane, first soath of 
Oentre, Ontral Ward. 

North Side 

Vacant taonse 
Stoddart Thomas T 

South Side 

Vacant house 
Barrett Mrs Mary 

see 167 MacKay 

LAURIBR AV, runs north 
from Reecbwood av, third 
east of Springfield rd, Bi- 
deau Ward. 

Not built an 

LAWKBNOE, runs west 
from Preston, second north 
of River road, Dalhonsie 

Not built on 

LeBRESTON, mnK aoDth 
from 779 Somersot, first 
east of Division, Dalhonsie 

East Side 

3 Keir Tlb«rin<! W 
5 Warw!cker Wm 8 

13 You -.^i-t Alexander 

21 Ralpi.. Wm 

31 Munson James 

37 Paulln Joseph 

41 Harris Thomas 

Bccles st intersects 
Vacant lots 

61 Cody Maurice 

63 Welch James O 

65 Vacant 

67 Whlssell Wm ; 

60 Belanger Paul O 

71 Towers 'Samoel 

79 Patry Napoleon :U>" 

83 Pritchard Henry 

87 Hewlett Harry 

80 Dunn Mlcha«I 

90 Hewlett ThomaH 
lOe Vllleneuve Olivier 
1<W Smith Ohas, coal cot r 
Sophia st lu terse, , 
128 Valols Pierre 
148 BfTinst Frederick a 
168 /sk.'mn Martin 
161 Ma«; wa Mrs /eiia 

160 Httfi'is John 
171 Rutledee John 
173 CTnflnlfmed housi^ 
177 Kerr John B 

161 Kerr Wm H 
Store, s e 

Louisa n* intenieoti 
aoi Lafontair . gro 
217 Lcmay L< 
221 Smith MK 1 J 

Munroe . intertectt 
228 AUbert Andre 
227 Oratton Joseph 
231 Rouleau Jean Bte 
3SS Duiikley James 
237 Welsh Patrick 
243 Lavole Bucllde 

Rayntond st Intersects 

House, a e 
268 Hodglns John 

OAR crofHrfug 
Blisabeth st Intersects 
House, a'e 
Private grouuda 

Henry st InterL.cts 
Private gronnds 
West Side 

House, 8 e 
12 Helnrichs Peter P 
22 Argue Mills 

Privntt* ;rro«Mds 
40 Reddington Patrick 

Eiccles st Inters^ctB 

88 Godard Albert 
60 Oain John 
80 L^tourneau Joseph 
84 Lrftcoste ISdooard 

Vacant lots 
06 C«ln Michael 

Vacant lots 

92 Caran Ignace 

d4 Oharron Denis 

100 Sayer Napoleon 

102 Barbe Alberlc 

104 Oharlebois Wm 

Vacant lot 
110 Patry Jean 
112 Cyr Wm 

Vacant lot 
118 Page Felix, gro 

Sophia st Intersects 
120-122 Bigras Joachim 

Vacant lots 
124 Martin Nelson 
136 Betournay J' sep^b 
140 Marshall Wi 
146 Mitchell Saline! 
160 Deelaurier;^ Israel 
166 Tremible Wta 
160 MHchell Sa-^nel 
164 Murphy Mrs Elizabeth 
174 Merlfleld Wm J 
178 Merlfield Wm F 

Meech Miss B M, tchr 
180 Orane Bay Bdward W 

C. B. TAa&ART k SON 

Real Estate Agents, Auctioneers, etc. 
Tel. 703 Gor. Banff & Wellington SU I 


,« Bick Wesley 
go Currt'i Joseph 

Louisa st ioterse 
MM xompi'lnson Frank 

08 81a.k Alfred 
ggUoy/l Mark 

Mil lue st Interie 
Honso, 8 • 
iM Masson Oeoive 
Si par)cingon Win 
jM Youiiff Miss Margari 
So DuniilRan Oharles 
M4 Dua'ilKOii Charles ji 
Bflvmond st Interse 
y^ Frazer Wm F 

OAR c^ossi 
BUziibeth st Interse 

«} Porftty John 
yO Wiokens Richard 
Polly V irden st eommem 
304 Eiiiiicott Wm 
jOBJarvls Joseph 

Lumber yards 

Henry st interse< 

Lunil)er yards 

Ordnance reserre 

[IJTT. runs south fron 
Qupen w, to Welllns 
Victoria Ward. 

lut Side. 

23 H umphrey James 
•g, McMulien James 

27 Lewis John 

2S Lnvlgne TrefBe 
31 '.l.-€nllOBKh Wm Ft 
.•ffl Moffltt Wellington 
Unfinished houses C 

West Side 

10 n.i'.glish George M 

Wood yard 
14 Cowau Mrs Oathertn 

20 Marshall Mrs Dora 
22 Lewis Jjhn 

21 NIcholl James 
» Miller Henry 

28 de Giaudmaison Pie 
SO Munson Mrs Bllsa 
36 Oliver Albert B, bd; 
38 Tessler Oyprlen 

Bourgeois Napoleon 
40 Mullen John 
12 Harkness Wm B 

Ouitbault Pierre 
46 Edwards John 

Ottawa st oommenc 
OAR croflsl 
Canal crosses 
48 Powers Nicholas ■ ■ 

LFJWIS, runs west i 
Robert to Bank, Inters 
Ing Elgin, third sontl 
Somerset, Central War 

North g'.de 

.' Stewcrt John 




JARVIS Guarantees f.'jit^MreMCTMY 





« Wck Wesley 

Lc\l!!^a 8t Interaeoti 
MM TompV-tnsoo Fwnk L 

fl8 Slaok Alfred 
ggyoyi) Mark 

Mn roe St intersect! 

Hooe", fl e 
igO Maasoa Oeorm . , 

S MIbb Margaret 
So l)u3'.;l!?an Oharlee 
)(4 Duanlgan Charles Jr 

Bayraond at Interaects 
2Jt« Frazer Wm F 

OAR c^Mlns 
BHzttbetii tt Interaecta 

Mg poraty John 
go Wiokena Richard 
Qglly Viirden at commeneea 
M Bndlcott Wm 
joeiarvls Joseph 

Lumber yarda 

Henry at Intemeeta 

Lumber yards 
OrdDsnce reierre 

I -DTI', runs south from 72 
Qupcn w, to WeUlnffton, 
Victoria Ward. 

lut Side. 

J8 Humphrey Jamea 
26 McMullen James 
J7 Lewis John 
29 Ltivlgne Treffle 
SI T»l,<;nllouBh Ww U 
38 Moffltt Wellington 
L'nflnlshod houaes (2) 

West Side 

10 ita'.gllsh George M 

Wood yard 
U C<)\vflu Mrs Oathertna 

20 Mnrsball Mra Dora 
22 lv«wl.« J An 

21 NlehoU James 
» Miller Henry 

28 de Oraudmalson Pierre 
80 Munson Mrs Bllaa 
36 Oliver Albert B, bdg 
38 Tessler Oyprlen 

Bourgeois Napoleon 
40 Mullen John 
a Harknesa Wm B 

Ouirbault Pierre 
46 Bdwards John 

Ottawa at oonunences 
OAR crossing 

Canal crosses 
48 Powers Nicholas 

LRWIS, runs west from 
Bobett to Bank, Intersect- 
Ing Klgln, third south of 
Somerset, Central Ward. 


.' Stewcrt John 

B Hlfgerty Charles 

Sallabury pi ends 

Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Macdonald at intersects 

Vacant lots 

Hartlngton pi ends 

Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Ctrtler st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Qranrll^e pi ends 

Vacant lots 

Blgin St Intersects 

School, s e 
Vacant lots 

Beaconsfleld pi endr 
Vacant lota 
Metcalfe st InterHeui 
Honae, s e 

Oladstone at eno 
Vacant lots 

O'Connor st 
Vacant lots 

Derby st ends 
Store, a » 
South Side 

Vacant lots 
90 Mooney James 
IS Boyle Doralnlck 
86 Oharlee loaeph 

Vacant jla 
82 McPherson Samuel 
64 MeBwen Wm H 
88 Carney Walter 

Vacant 'ots 
8S Bromfleld Charles 
ae Wager John 
88 Neville H^nry 

Vacant lots 

Oartler st Intersects 

Vacant lota 

EI{rln st Intersects 

Store, z o 
808 Peterson Pete. 
810 Crosier ^ra boadlca 

Prlvnto grounds 
820 Swlaburn Arthur R 
826 Costello Michael 
832 Slater James 

Vacant lots 

House, a e 

Metcalfe st Intersocta 

HouB«, e e 
870 Code Thomas J 
872 Allan Harry 
874 Hubaud Alfred W 
879 Low ChATles A 
37S Buell Mls« Susan 
8aO Vacant 
382 WUlla George B 
410 Mlron Bngene 
412 DawB Walter 
414 Macdonald Alex W 
416 Best Wm J 

Vacant lots 
428 Mitchell Ctaas W 
438 Duftey Wm K 

Vacant lots 
452 Henderson James 

462 Barle Itasmue 
472 KIssIck Wm J 
474 Williams Luke 
478 Hill Harry B 
48(> Beverldge Thomas 
4*;_' Baldwin Robt W 
484 Ashe Wm. bldr 
486 Klchards Arch, bldr 
486 Gallagher Michael 

LBWIS (N B), rans north 
from MacKay, first east of 
Dnflirin Road, Rldeeo 

Bast aide 

.Mot built on 

°at Side 

H'lnae, s t: 

nfo grounds 
rab Otto 
int lota 

LtlSfAB. runs west tnm 
Bmmett to Concession, 
third m>nth of Maria, Cen- 
tral and Wellington 

North Side 

I'rlvnf" ifr'>niids 

Collegiate Institute 
68 Nolan Richard W 

Normal and Model 

BIgin st Intersects 

House, a e 
160 Parker Charles W 
171 HIbberd Francis A 
178 Oonroy Charles 

178 Blasdell TbooMs M 

179 Hodglna Thoma W 
181 Dunlop James H 
187 Root George I 
191 Lalii;r James A 
198 Wlikius Joseph 
lOf, ^!u^phy J m; bldr 
20a Murphy Dennli 

Metcalfe 9t Intersects 
PrIvatH stduiniis 
229 0*r.*«ry James M 
231 Vacant 

233 Tleruey Mrs Jane B 
23.''> Beatty George 
287 Baker John 
239 T.e«anx Peter 
2W Saunders Rev Jabes B 
249 Smith Mrs E Vernon 
253 Vacant 

255 Hughes Barnabas N 
257 Holmen Rc-'oert 8 

nolmt»ft Mrs A, drsmkr 

256 Vacant 
261 House, s e 

O'Connor st Interdicts 
281 Hutchison Dr O, dentist 

Hutchison I)r O H, dent 
283 Martin Wentworth H 
2«7 Lynch Mrs Delia 
201 I'anoey Mrs Maria 
■208 Vacant 
207 Vacant 
290 Haugbton Josoph 
308 Oockburn Bdward J 










57 and 99 O^ONNOR ST. 

Alt Kinds. 





"§m ■ 




l^y^ 125 

TJO "^~ 


■ 4 


1*25 1 1.4 mil 1.6 

=^ 11^5 iiiii^ 







^^^'^ -V^* /; 






(716) •72-4503 





.V^i^y^A^^.^iftt^V'V'^'-'--"*** ' "? ' '^**'''''^'" 

'f h\- 


'^ .f 

'' ( . ■',1 , 












capital Traii«f*r pa I^TSkSI^. 

'PMOHm 21, 

w. s. mmUL, MAMMoam. 





307 Perchard Frederick 
aoe MoGMrnvray Duncan 
811 Bcwles William O 
Store, ■ e 

Bank st Intenwcts 

885 Store, s e 

Ml MlUette Artbor 
847 Wall James P 

887 Potherlngham Jonn 

865 Mnrphy Ja™ei P 

866 Murphy Michael 

867 Kennedy Patrick, Wdr 
871 Buseell John 

876 Joyce P W, wood *lr 

877 Young Bdward 
879 Smith WUchael P 
881-8S3 Lynch Wm* carter 
867 Paro Antonio 

888 Purdy Jowh 

881 Beament Hennan J 
888 Jame« Alfred B 

886 PerriB James 

Kent >t Intenects 

406 Powell Percy B 
400 DeRalnvllle Mrs A 
411 Donald8<Mi Predk W 

416 Snider Frederick G 

417 Green Adam, pUtr 
421 Oreen Tbomas 

428 Torney Mrs Isaibella 
427 Bnrke John J 

486 Byrne Roderick 

487 <%ltty Wm M 

448 Mcintosh James N 

Mcintosh Miss J, drsnAr 
461 Robinson Benjamin 
466 McMahon Mrs Mary 

407 Vacant 

488 Mcintosh John 
461 WhiUans Albert A 

408 Rowe Arthur O 

Lyon st Intersects 

Private grounds 
477 McOarthT Mrs M A 
481 Healy Thoma* M 
48B Harris Mrs Lettia A 

486 Lackey Alex D 
Hogg Miss M, drsrakr 

487 Cotter John 

488 Oameron Hua^b 
481 Healey James 
498 Whalen Matthew 
406 Brown Oeorg* 
48T Bamett Robert 
808 Dale Samuel 

Date MIM B, drsmkr 

Vacant lots 

Bay st Intennots 

House, s e 
681 Hlckey Michael 
888 Welsh Joseph 
636 Mulvlhlll Wm B 
648 Ayotte Francis X 

646 O'Meara Mrs Catherine 
Donovan Miss O, nurse 
Danooy David, rear 

647 Brown Wm J 
Peters John, rear 
Foster BdwaM 
Walsh Jamea 

an f wala Mrs Manant 
606 Laufdon Mrs Bllan, rto 

Psrex at Interaeota 
Vacant lota 

M^Velgli Thomas 

87T Skinner Itaoinaa 
678 Dagg J(An 
663 Vacant 

687 Hartney Mrs IHlcabetb 
Private grounds 

South Side >••• 

12 Stewart Douglas 
24 White Jamea 
28 MtfDermott IDmmett S 
48 Devlin Jos H, cattle dlr 
66 Stewart Wm J ^ 
00 DeWlle Ctuat B O 
66 Snowdon Ber J M 
78 Magee Gharlea 

Cartler st commenoaa 

102 Vacant 
lOS Scott Duncan 
110 Cox George 
112 Oassells Robert. Q O 
114 Monk Henrr C 
116 Larmonth Peter 

sngln st Intersects 
Orphans' Honie, a e 
188 Stalker Hugh 
180 Robertson Mrs Rata a 
186 Douglas Clifton A 
200 Kavauagh Michael 

Metcalfe at Interaeots 
aiO House, B e 
280 OgUvT Gharlea 
382 Dowling Donaldson B 
284 Ohlsholm Arthur 
286 McNaughton Arch, contr 
850 Martin John 
262 MdSlhlnncy Mark P 
264 Tarr Nicholas 8 
2S« Blackadar Alfred K 
262 Ogllvle Shirley 
286 MoNlcol Mrs Anna 

O'Connor st Intersceta 

House. 8 e 
364 Rowau'Legg IMward 
368 Byrne John T 
388 Snow Wm B 
804 Bristow Henry, oabs 
806 Mountford CBiariea B 
806 Phllbin' Thomas H 
810 Thomas Mrs Nancy 

Private grounds 
816 Anderson Charles J 
818 Vacant 

Store, s a 

Bank st Interseeta 

Store, s e • 

842 Storehouse 
844 Famwr Icrael 

Wood piles 
868 Low Jamas 

Low J & 0, bldm. r 
880 Pratt Oeorg» W 
868 Bennett Daniel 

Bennett Mra M J.dnmkr 
806 Girling Arthur 
870 McMnrtry D Henry 
874 Pearson Dr Alfred T 
876 Boyd Mrs BHlsabaUk 
8S3 Qneale 'Ufa Jana 
864 Holder George W 
880 AsMield Wm 
880 Vacant 
896 Vacant 

Kent at intarsaota 

Lumber yard 
4ia Hahar John 

414 RnsseU Mrs Bllzabeth 
416 Brooks Wm 
418 Oorbett Wm 

Unfinished bnimins 

Vacant lota 
484 Burgess Harry 
488 Woodburn George H 

Vacant lets 
448 O'Connor Matthew n 
400 Loreday Bdmnnd t 
464 MdOready Francis j 
466 Mulhall Mrs Mar; a 
406 MoOarOiy Benjamin 

Lyon st Intersectt 
470 Graham Wm H 
472 Purcell John 
474 Hann Mrs Isabella 

Lumber piles 
478 D'Arcy Bfichael, wood 

Wood yard 
404 McPherson Silas 
406 Rndd Joseph 
486 Smtth Samuel 
600 Peacock Mra Harriet 
610 Store, s e 

Bay at Intersects 
612^14 Agar George, cto 
S16 Stapledon Wm J 

Vacant lot 
884 (Nlninnr James V 
888 Ohamberialn James B 
840 Weekes Henry, bldr 
_ Vacant lots 
646 Bnright Mrs Ann 
662 O'Donnell Mrs Oathertn* 
Percy st Intersects 

Shop, s e 

Vacant lots 

Church, a e 

OonoeaaloD it 

runs north from Wei- 
Ungtcn, flnt west of 
P B tnuska, Victoria 

Bast Side 

Store, a e 

Private fronnds 
M Foster lUlla O 
84 Latrdlle Oaqdlle 

Alonro at commenoes 
88 Bpobllera Heort 
40 Bnrka Wn 
42 Staarna Albert 
44 Vacant 

46 Brennan Thomas O 
48 Vacant 
60 Hemphill Botiert 

Vacant lots 

O P B eroaalng 
Mill st commences 
Vacant lot 
Maaon st oommanoes 

Weat (Mda 


DLOTD (La Bra: >d flats), 
mns •onthfnai 80 Duke 
to WelHngtOB, Victoria 

jJPJg Confederation life 


d.M. m 

THY R. ^ 


.^ —I '■ ■- lll'^ 


PriTSto grounds _ 
M AhearD Miss Nora! 

Store, 8 e 

Queen »t w Inten 

Montreal House, s 
tt Bradley Mrs Sosai 
flDewsoirJohn W 

1 Coyle^ Hugh 

2 Armstrong John 

n Kennedy Mrs Mar 
«Nlcli<il John 
wTraversler Honort 
«H6are John 
S McLarty Daniel 
ai Bvron Jacob 
fl Cowan Mrs Marth 
Ottawa st Inten 
Tacant lots 

O A B oroi 

Vacant lots 
Honse, s e 

fwt Side 

Vacant lots 
SDourley MwMarg 
19 Graham Bolwrt 
Sbom Georse 
21 McKlnstry Robert 
«l(cKlnst»_B B, 
Baldwin Wm H 
jg Klnmond Jdin 
M Itob«rge Modesto : 

Qaeeit st w intar 

Store, f ^ 
eS Goodwin John 
ODVachon Joaeph 
42 Aeber Joseph 
M Pldbie Paul 
IS Ll- "d 'Odouard 
68 Or jt Mrs Sophia 
76 Fogarty Andiww 
63 Wateon Mrs Brfdf 
66 McGlnnls Jamea 
a Shorter Arthur I 
M Thompson Wm R 
Ottawa at Intai 

KB Tiaflenr Albert 
IM Hartley Wm 

O A 8 ord 

WCBIVL, rune was 
Bobert to Metcalfe, 
foath of Ann, i 

iRorth aida ., 

Not open for 1llra# 
Blgln at total 
House, a a 


11 Clendinncn Mra i 
IS Patterson V%o» i 
ai Fann Jamea 
27 MoFarl«M Wm 
ae Pepper Ohaa O 
Si Grafton Wm H 
83 Roas John 
8S Baker Byron , 

Private grounds 
43 Smith John W 

Honse, s a 

*. 4 

tRr R. H. CONLEY'8 96.06 PANTIIIfi. 







PrlTBto groiinoB 
M AbeafD mm Norah 

Store, 8 e 
Qneen »t w intersect* 

Montreal Hooae, » e 
tt Bradley Mrs dasan, Mf 
S Dawson Jffhn W 

1 Coyle^ Hugh 

2 Armstrong Joinn 

n Kennedy Mrs Mtifaret 
«Nlcl)<'l John 
wTraversJer Honore 
«H6are John 
S MtfLarty Daniel 
« Byron Jacob 
fl Cowan Mm Martba 
Ottawa at Interaeota 

Tacant lota 

O A B orosaloff 

Vacant Iftt* 

Bonae, a • 

fwt Side 

Vacant lots 

8 Dourley Mn Margaret 
10 Graliain Bolwrt 
SBobs Oeorge 
21 McKlnetry Bobert » 
MMcKlna^B B, IlTev^ 
Baldwin Wm H 
M KlniBOiid Jolin 
U Roberge Kodeata 

Qaeeit at w Intaraecta 

Store, a • 
g8 Qoodwln John 
ODVacbon Jowph 
ta Aflber JoaaOh 
U Fl(^ Pant 
IS LI' "4 Bttoaara 
08 Or jr Mn Seplito 
76 ffogarty Andiww 
8S Wateon Mrs Bridget 

SMcOlnnia James 
Shorter Arthur A 
M Thompaon Wm B 

Ottaiwa at latanaeta 

KB Laflenr Albart 
KM Hartley Wm 

O A B ordaalng 
^alltngtoa at 

LOCHIKi. mna weat trom 
Bobert to Metcalfe. w«t 
fouth of Ann, Oentral 

Korth EHda 

Not open for IferaaltlodM 
Blgin at iBtarseeta 
Hoaae, a • 

A lane 

11 CleDdinncn Mrs Hannab 
IS Patterson 'S%ob B 
ai Fann jamea 
2T MoFarlSM Wm 
99 Pepper Onaa Q 
SI Orafton Wm H 
83 Roas John 
SS Baker Byron , 

Prtrate gronnds 
43 Smith John W 

Hoaae, a a 

Bontb Side 

Not open for three Uocka 

Elgin at Intersects 

12 Vacant 
16 Norton John 
ao Macdonald Ollrer K 
24 King John . 
28 Bennett Mra O M 
28 MctCormick Dvncan 
82 Athlnson Daniel O 
Private grounds 

TjOHNB AV. Tuna aonth 
from 706 Albert to Som- 
erset, fifth west of Con- 
cession, Dalhonde Ward. 

K8t Mde. 

House, a e 
18 Perkins Orenirl O 

17 Vacant 
21 Booth Joaeph 

Vacant let 
28 CMiTmoat F X 
81 McBride Wm 
33 Gaynor Errands M 
85 Fewkes TliomAa, jao 

Fe^kes Mlas i. mus 
tc(hr ^ 

87 Donley Mrs Mary 
89 Fletaier Wm 

Ice bonae 

Primreae st Interseets 

Oburcb, rear entrance 
UB Brunette Joseph 
I» Leroux Michael 
181 Barsfleld Jolia 
Itt L-acaase Uh'Ic 

House, a e 

Weat Side , 

House, a e 
12 Oaynor Patridi 
14 Vacant 

Bear entraneea 

18 Vacant 

M (yNelll lUfward 
80 Dnfbols loeag^ . 
n Blake Mra llarr 
40 MeDonell Mrs Ann J 
it Bums Bobert 
44 Doherty Onaoad O 
dS Kelly Mra BMbetla 
M lAgOonnell Oeegrge S 
n Lanouette Ovlde 
M Paradls Jos«pli 

Vacant lota i 

House, a e ' 

Primrose st Interwctfc 

House, s e 
86 Proulz Ifolse 
80 Hall Jaawa 
OB Vacant ^ • 

li GaotUer LoqIb B 

SOnlnette Tbeophlle 
Gaynor John 
18B Duotaeaoin Mrs Caroltae 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

IX)BNB AV (N B), runs oMt i 
from Union, between Bl- 
deau Blver. and Stanley 
av, Bideau Ward. 

Nortb Side 

Vacant lota 
Vlttoria at lateraeots 

Bell A Bell, Ink mnfrs 
South Side i,.i 

Kot built on 

IXHUSQA, runa weat from 
Bell, third aouth of Som- 
Mset, to Division, Dal- 
bousie Ward. 

NorOi Bide 

Private grounds 

18 Beamlsb Jobn A 

17 Backs John 

19 Fowler Oeoige 
Private grounds 

27 Hanley Wm B 

81 Kllpatrick Mrs H A, gro 

Le Breton st Intersesta 

Honae, a e 

47 iBalpta Wealey B 
88 Foaa Oeorge 

Store, s e 

■outh Side 

House, a e 

18 St Agnea E^^wate B<A 
M Hudon Augusts 

88 Lafontaine Btlenne 

Store, a e 

liO Breton st Interaecta 

House, s e 
40 Fragin Frederick W 

48 Uttb John 
Vacant lota 

M Preaton Bobert 
08 Slack John H 
66 McMillan Hu<h 

LTPiA, mna west tram 
DIvlaton to Eotfiester, 
flnit sootb <ri! A B, Dal- 
honale Ward. 

North Side '.....••. 

Carilige woAa, i b 
11 Baafe JObn 

O A HcrosaUv 

Vsoant lilts. 
81 Damas :.{ftrc«i 

House, a e 
South Side ., 

Hoaae, s s 

O A B croaslng 
16 Buraside James 
20 McDonnell Michael J 
22 Baafe ^MC 
40 Patrin flnmaa 

U^roN. runs south frsM 
Ottawa Blver to i8a«el»- 
mor^orosstng WeHfiOftra 
at MB, second west ? 
Bank, Victoria sad Wsl- 
Hngtoa Wards. 



W'^mmtt i^aik' 

^jt^ sujmFE I ZSSSS&} ZX^lM^ mas 

■I ■lit. t,r';V 


111 11 







I rif ]'-■■■ • 

met Side 

> Lumiber yards 

} 9 Douglas Robt O 
) Yard 

■ House, a e 

; Vlttoria st ends 

^ 41 Kearns J 0, bdg tase 
) A lane 


• 60 Wlgmore Jas, livery 

• A lane 
I 71 Store, s e 

• Wellington st Intersects 

• Store, B e 
I Storehouse 

I 90 Stratton Obrls. gro 

i Sparks st intersects 

Wellington Ward Alkt 
Queen st Intersecta 
U8-8 Plre Station No 2 
▼acant lots 

Albert st intersects 
Ofaurcli, s e 
IBS Patrick Mrs Ractacel 

Vacant lots 

Slater st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
ISO McOlinn Wm J 
191 Dunning H F, pntr 
193 Sweeney Miss E, dramkr 

Store, 8 e 

Matla st intersects 
House, s e 

A lane 
311 Grant Mrs SHlsabeth 
311^_McPhee Daniel 
213 Sharp Otiarles 
210 Knox A Milton 

Private grounds 
221 Dunne John 

aioncester st intersects 
House, s e 

A lane 

241 Fournter Mrs BSfaa 

947 Currie Frauds, gto 

Kepean st intersects 
240 Vacant 
2B8 Oheiry James 

266 Vacant 

267 Wright Philemon H 
House, s e 

LIsgar st intersects 
375-277 House, s e 

House, s s 
Cooper st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
S16 Smith Bdward T 
817 Brewder Roderick, contr 

Vacant lot 

Sonerset st Interseet* 
Hoiws, • t 

A lane 

886 CSiesley Hen^ N P 

887 Black Mrs Kate O 
880 Black I!>meBt A 
•41 flteele Bvvhrn X 
848 rraser Batfl H 

846 Popham George H 
Maclaren st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Gllinour st intersects 
Vacant lots 

A lane 
House, s e 

James st Intersects 
House, s e 

A lane 
House, s e 
Florence st Intersects 
Store, s e 
House, s e 

Ann st intersect* 

Vacant lots 

Unflnisbed house, s e 
M«Iieod st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Flora st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Archibald st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Oatnerlne at intersects 
Vacant lots 

O A B tracks 
Isabella st intersects 
Not open for six blocks 
Fourth av intersects 
Vacant lots 

West Side 

Lumber yards and roaA- 
14 Plouf JosefA 
18 Faucault Napoleon 
20 Poirier DoAor 
28 Lang Heman H 

Vacant lots 
46 Joiner Walter L 
00 Lindsay Arthur 

A lans 

Lumber yard 

Oarrfage shop, s e 
Wellington st inteneets 

Store, s e 
84 Orr Bobert 
86 Oeymour Patrick 
88 Butler House 
88Vk Butler ft Oc, usraess 
80-94 Butler Hor.M 

Butler llMmriH 

Sparks st Intersects 

Store, s e 
100 Blngrriu- Thos, staoemkr 
loa Arter John 
104 Millet Mrs B D, coatf 
108 Wood 3obn O 
108 McOarry Mrs M, confy 
110 Wlnf LAn>8, Indiy 
116-122 Cawson TlioSb tatl 
Qosea st Imtszsssts 
124 Thoiapson George W 
128 Vacant 
128 Bollard Jossplt H 
180 Vacant 

Private gnmnd* 

Albert st IntntM. 
160 Shuttleworth Vm aZ. 
168 Bead Miw MlluSnt^ 

164 Mercer Wm *"• 

108 Faisghan Matthew 
180 Living Henry a 
Private grounds 

,-.„ Slater st intersects 
188 House, s e 

184 Oosurove Richard 

Ice nouse 

Private grounds 
Maria st Intergecti 

Vacant lots 
Gloucester st Interwcts 

Private grounds 
286 Ogan Dsnls 

Vacant lot 
942 Beaulne Joseph 
244 Pnrdy Jobn B 

Nepean st Interjects 
260 Abeam Mrs Mary 

Private grounds 
Usgar st intersects 

House, s e 
286 Bearman Fredk W 


Cooper st interreots 
Private grounds 
8M Henderson Oniomas 
820 Casey Maurice W 
882 Sadcf W Harvey 

Vacant lot 
838 Symes Peter B 

Somerset st intersects 
Vacant lots 
Maclaren st Intersseis 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

Ollmonr st Intcrwoti 

Vacant lots 

Jaowl st Intersects 

House, B e 

Vacant 1st 
<i60 Fltssimmons Charles 
862 Bice Mrs Martha J 
889^ Doctor Wm R 
804 Doctor Wm B, gR> 

Florence st interseeti 
House, s e 
House, s e 

Ann Bt Intersects 
House, s e 
Paint shop 
Vacant lot 
800 Vatmnt 

Unflnisbed booss 
Vacant lot 

MctLeoA st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Flora at tnterseels 
Vacant lots 
Archibald st teterseets 

C. B. TA&CiABT & SONlf ^^^^.!^iSi: 


Yicaot lots 
(jltberlne st 
VaOitt lots 

O A R ti 

Isabella st Inten 
iflDt open for six bl< 

Pourtb av Inter 

ricsDt lots 
School house grooi 

llfcOOUOAli AV, runs 
I ftom 638 Oamberla 

;^r of 2S6 Nlchdai 

Qtatte'a Ward. 


Vacant lots 
1 Vacant 
J Vicsnt 

Dnflnls^hed bouse 
T Beeves John J 
IMtcmaster Dugald 

[mtii side 

HoQse, s e 

jOottom Ridiard 
i Douglas Jamea T 
ePelton James A 
i Brown George A 

IVoOBE;, runs sootb 
m 6t Andrew, first 
tt King, to St Pai 
Ottawa Ward. 


l^S Store, s e 
9 Oagnon Nelson 
11 Vanasse Dalpblns 
13 Vacant 

IT Brown Janes A 
1 21 Vacant 
V Bradley Wtai 
9» lijols Naidsss 
U Dnbe Damase 
HBolvln Alfred 
I IS 8t Aubin DolpUs 
iff Albert! Mrs Delimai 
Alberti Mlsa J, drsa 
IK Segnin Alexandre 
[tf Ubelle Plene 
Houfle, s e 

Hilt side 

House, 8 e 
llO Ubelle Plerrs 
I Tsrds 

IB Boyle WlUred 
in Beausejoar Arsens 
iBHurtubiss Oamflle 
IN Oareau Fsrtaaat 
|40 9penard Aaery 
144 Belec Bdmond 
I Yard 
In store, s e 

■ Ottawa iRlTer to tbs 
deau River, flrst sout 
BIdeau Bridge. Qtl 

I ward. 



wi. MASON & soHSi-ssaag^'ftggair 





V»C«Dt lotB 

Ojtlierlne "t Interaeeta 
Vacant lots 

O A B tneln 

Ifabella >t Intenects 
•Not open for slz blocks 

Fourth av Intertecto 

Vacant lot» 

gcbool house gnmiMS 

' Sm 638 Ottii*epland to 
2? of 255 Nloh<rfa». 8t 
gS^ge's Ward. 


Vacant lots 
1 Vacant 
J Vacant 

Unflnlslied bouse 
T Beeves Jobn J 
iMacmaster Dngald D 

{iDQtb side 

HoDse, s 8 


jOottom Biclhart 
i Douglas Jsmes T 
(Pelton James A 
t Browu George A 

IHoGBB, runs soutb fn»n 
OB et Andrew, first oaafe 
«( King, to at Patrick, 
Ottawa Ward. 

W store, s e 

9 Oagnon Nelson 

11 Vanasse Dalpblno 

13 Vacant 
J 17 Brown James A 
I s Vacant 
I jr Bradley Wtai 
I ]) ujols Nantasa 
I u Dobe Damaae 
I B BolYln Alfred 
I B St Aubin Dolpbla 
In Albertl Mrs DelioMse 
I AlberU Mlsa J, drsmkr 
IttSeguln Alexandrs 
TtfUbelle Fleris 
House, s e 

reit Side 

House, • e 
1 10 Labelle Pierr* 
, Yards 
Is Boyle WUfNd 
In Beausejonr ArseiM 
iBHurtnlbIss Oamllle 
Iti Oarean F«rtiuat 
iMepenard SttMnr 
|M Belec BdmoBd 

In store, B e 

JlcKAY, runs east from 
[Ottawa 'Blyer to the Bt- 
I dean Rlyer, first south of 
Sideau Brldfe, Ottawa 

North Side 

Private fronnds 

21 Oliver Frederick A 

Prtvate grounds 
Sussex St Inttrseets 

VacMBt lots 
Onmberland st interseots 

Soutb Side 

Private grounds 
Dalbousle st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
Sussex st intenects 

Taeant lots 
IM TBTlor James 
108 Baloombe Frank Q 

Vacant lots 
Onmberland st Intenects 

Lumber yard 

lleUDAN, runs west from 
Turner to Bell, first north 
•C BlTsr Bosd, Dslhouaie 
Ward. % 

Not built on 

MoLiBOD, runs west from 
the Oanal to Oonoesslon, 
first south of Ann. Oen- 
tral and Wellington wards. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
Cartler st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
188 Davis Qeorge A 
141 ir.drldge John 
1« King Wm T 

Vacs At lot 
166 Hamilton Bobt If 


House, s e 

Blgln st Intersects 
House, s e 
IflT Poole Harry 
a06 MacKeniie Boderick D 
aoo Smith JObn 
aiS Williams Wm O 
21B Binks James T 
Sn Orr Wm A 
381 Higmsn Onnond 

Metcalfte st Intcneots 
Mil Smith 'Bum T, bldr 
MS Otevens Oeorgs 
369 Rolph Alfnd B. bldr 
aeo Bottsrell Sdward 
9T6 (^alre Bobert K 
281 AntUff John H 

Vacant lots 

OX>onnor st intsrssets 
Private grounds 
aoo Wilson lln Mary I 

▲ lane 

818 Smith laaao 

Private nounds 
888 Sinclair James 

Sinclair BCiss O, lAy 
880 Holnos Iflss IsuMlla 

847 Bobertson Alex, bldr 

BObertaon Mrs M, dress- 

Vacant lots 

Bank st intenects 

Vacant lots 
881 Jackson John 6 
888 Gourley Duncan 
886 Wilson John A 
SOB Broiwn Mn Bvphemla 
805 Bobltallle Stephen 
807 Leblano Oharles 
800 Bicbard Mra ^Bose 
4M. Onwley Thomas 
408 Hants John 
410 Bell Donean 
410 Oow Mn Bllsn 

Vacant lots 

Kent st intersects 
447 Gyles James 
408 Grant Wm G 
466 M«n«fleld Gbaries 
475 Stewart 'Riomas W O 
470 LynesB Thomas 
481 Tapf> George A 
488 Vacant 
408 Fahey John 
406 McBwen Wm D J 
400 teencley Albert 
601 Taylor ffldney B 
80S Blnkf George J 

Lyon st Interseeta 
611 Vacant 

618 Vacant 

US Moore Alexander 
617 Suffron Wm 

619 Altkenbead George J 
Vacant lots 

Bay st interseets 
Mansfield Wm 
Sanderson J D. roofer 
628 Burton Amos O 
626 Wtlson Joseph D 
827 White James 
Vacant lots 

Percy st intersects 
Vacant lots 

South Side , 

Vacant lots ' 
Cartler st Intenects 

Vacant lots 
lOe Chambers Wm 

Vacant lots 

Elgin st Intenects 

Private grounds 

MetcaMO st intersects 

Private- grounds 

OXTonnor st Intenects 

Vacant lots 
828 Stewart Mn Isabel 
880 Gsrrow James 
8M Fawcett Guilford H 
898 Aylmer U-Col Matthew 

Sunday School 

MoLeod et Meth Oh 

Bank st' Intersects 

Private grounds 
BSO'MoIntyn Alexander 

Vacant lots 
402 Dewar John H 
404 Hood George 
408 Cbamberlin Bnfus O 



letropolitan Business College [SSS^S^^iSlSI^S:^,; 

|IS5 tPAIIKS ST. •.T. WILLIS. MMtpaT I Qvll Ssnriet. BngUsh. 




*\ I ■ 

^' .: 



1 ' )v 1 'f If 1 



m '''i 

;! Iti 

mi ',.{1 K !^t '.( 



. i 

t '!•■'' 


'V n 





Bank St 






Chamberiin MliS M I/, 
410 Mowry JobH 
412 Murphy John A 
Lumber yard 

Kent 8t Intersects 
442 McDonald Mrs Ann 
446 McCreadle Andrew 

Vacant lots 
450 Reynolds Rldiard 

Lyon St Interspcta 
Vacant lots 

Bay St intersects 
Vacant lots 

Percy st Intersecta 
Vacant lots 

Mcl^AOGART, mns east 
from 197 Snssex to Rldean 
Wver, Ottawa Ward, O P 
R runs down centre. 

North Side 

O P R yards 

Piling ground 

Dalhousle st Intersects 
116 House, s e . 

Sheds and yards 
125 Legara Denis 
127 Oonnell Michael 

Vacant lot 
137 LandreviUe Charles 
189 Hosslgnol P X 

146 Hotte Celestln 

147 Oarroll Patrick 
149 Whelan Tbomas 
ISl Bureau Joseph 
158 Jenkins Wm 
166 Bmnell Joseph 
16i Paquet Wm 

Vacant lots 
183 Untenantable 
187 Planchet Daniel 

Private ground* , 

Cumberland st tatersecta 
Private ground* 

King st Intersects 
House, • e 
Private ground* 

Sontli Sid*. 

C P R depot, WJi^lr 
twira, station agt 
Dalhousle at Intenects 
Store, B e 
Piling ground 
Oomberland st Intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

King st inteneeti 
PriTate ground* 
Qideaa Blrer 

MAODONIAILDD, ran* south 
from Somerset, second 
west of the canal, Oentral 
Ward. • %^ 

ll«tt Side 

Unfinished bonse 
Vacant lot 

House, s e 

Madaren st intersect* 
Vacant lots 
Store, s e 
Ollmour st intersects 

Vacant lots 
37 Brethour Wm 
39 Fluker Thomas 
Vacant lots 

Lewis st intersects 
Vacant lots 
Loctalel st Intersects 

West Side 

6 Hdggerty Henry 
8 Oodd Mrs Maiy, gro 

PHvate grounds 
House, s e 

Maclaren st Intersects 
House, • e 
Vacant lots 

Gllmour st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Lewis st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Locblel st intersects 
Vacant lots 

If'AODOTTOALL, runs west 
from 388 ragin to Met- 
calfe, fourth sontb of Som- 
erset, Central Ward. 

North 91de 

Store, B e 

▲ lane 
218 GascT Michael 
210 MacKell John 
206 Kelly Andrew 

281 MacKell Robt 
286 Morris John A 
237 McLean Mrs John 

Vacant lot 
House, B e 

South Side 

Store, 8 e 

A lane 
212 Kelly Jamea H 
2EiO McDonald Daniel B 

Private groand* 
226 Medlow Gtaarle* 
288 Ferris George 

282 WilHams Lenton 
Vacant lot* 

SlacKAT, runs east fr«m 
79 Sussex N, to Seecb< 
wood av, Bldean Ward. 

North Sl<^. 

Private grounds 
Private ground* 

OlionM* *t intsrseet* 
RMeau HaJl- ground* 
Dufferln rd Intersects 
House, s • 
2M Wolff Bmest 

296 Rody Francis Jr 
296 Wolff Oharlp;^ 
300 Pollux Henry 
SM Scbroeder August 
800 Knsky Henrv 
808 Boehmer A/contr 
I'S'wls st commence. 
Vacant lots 
South Side 


Vacant lot 

27 Daly Robert 
81 Cassidy Daniel 

Tbomas st intersects 
36 Preston Georgo E 
Private grounds 

Oharles st ends 
61 Vacant 
S3 Vacant 
67 McOonnell Hush 
69 Vacant 

^ Itot 
73 Woodbum Mrs AHce 

76 Breadner Rotcit W 

77 Wills George 
T9 Morel Robert F 
81 Benjamin Robert P 

Private wounds 
87 Stewart John 

Union st ends 
House, B e 
119 Vacant 

lai Gordon Mrs Jesrie 
123 St Bartholomew's 

day ediool 
126 Hftnlngton Rev E W a 
St Bartholomew's cb 

Victoria st ends] 
House, B e 
Lansdowne Terrace 

167 Llvock Jamea 
use Smith George 
161 Gavin Wm Q 

Beynold* Alfred, onti 

168 Vacant 

165 AMratt Mrs Mary A 
16T BriBtow Mrs Roslu 

Vacant lota 
189 Vacajtt 
191 Andrew* Mlas Louin 

166 Oulbert John 

Keefer st eadi ] 
19T DonaI<toon Major J B 

Private grounds 
311 Bell Jolm 

Private grounds 
228 Glarke Benr^ G 
227 Cterry R John 
281 Pollux Almon 
288 BelBberg Peter 
280 Schreeder Obarles 
Ml Bggert Haiman 
MS Oaisk* August 
2B1 Maofarlane Rev J A 

Presl^tertan Obunjh 

Duffertn rd lnters«eti| 

House, B • 
28B l%ylor Boiwrt P 

vacant lot 
806 (Rabbi Wm 
wm de Zodier Rev Gn 
809 Wentdiff Herman 


JOmi NENEY & SOM - Ul^^kmB 42 


Mac Kay. 

iRolduan Adolnh* 

Slromoll August 

i WMk August 

• Kollesh Mrs Hannah 

.fill Jul' "8 . 
Svick Christian 
SpJiinxMrs Auguate 
'vacant l'Jt„^ 
■ Scliroedtr B5rne»t 
iBnake Ferdinand 
priTSte ground* 

Klectric st mi 

I Kirk Charles 
VMant lots 

Olty IlmH 

B.KDX7JK AV, rnuB soi 
1^ 106 St Patrick 
ISleau, bft Sussex « 
Iac canoi, By and 
forge's Wards. 


Store, s e 
Cuener John 
_ Rear entrances 
IgHalkctt Andrew 
iGllllBsle Joseph B 
/Baldtiic Mark T 
jWalah ^Vm„ ^ 
I ll4>Doi<6'al Frank 
lOirlstiuii Mrs K, bdf 
Bear {jremlses 
I Wills Mrs Jane A 
JBowe Samuel 
fBoyden Grant E 
I Boydeo Joseph 
iGUrdlnal Regis, bdf 
j Vacant 
f Vacant 
St John's S 8 Hall 
Pollsrd Rev Henry 
8t John's Church 
Vacant lota 

Ireit Side 

)iiiofa Hill Park 

JteUA'RE'S, runs west fn 
|iut of Macdonald toOc 

IgMnerset. Central a 
IWtllington WardB. 

Ibrth Side 

Vacant lot 
1 UoOtelland Jame* 
IJandrew Wm O 
[ Bower Jplin C 
ICaprt'ol Fredk O 

Macdonald st Interesti 
I Rocbon Pierre 
I Scott A D 
1 Perley Henrr F 
[HcCormick Alex O 
I Davidson Wm J 
i ]Annb Mrs M 
rSnthprland Edward D 
House, s e 

Cartler st Intenwoti 
House, s e 
I Burgess Alez If 
I Oulbert John L 



Sljarvis' Photos are the Best 

Mac Kay. 




KoIle«h ?1" Haiin.H 
[Six Jullns 
lick Christian 

• acWdir Brne»t 

iBnike Ferdinand 

private (rronnd* 

Klectrfc at ends 

iK'rk Charli* 
vicant iota 

City UnttB 

.-irBN'ZIK AV, runa aoutii 
ri^^ioe St j»atrlck to 
IMMD. bet Stiaaez and 

iGwrge's Warda. 


Store, s e 

Cuiner Jonn 

■ ilear eatrancea 
■•Halkctt Andrew 
■jGllllaale Joaei* B 
;Hald«iie Mark T 

Wslab AVm 
lJWDoi.s'al Shrank 
iCarlstUiii Mrs B, bdg 

Bear promlaea 
I Wills Mrs Jane A 
I Howe Samael 
fBoydeii Grant B 
I Boyden Joaepta 
Idrdlnal B«fl8, bdf 
I Vacant 
r Vacant 

St John's 8 S Hall 

Pollard Rev Henry 

8t John's Ohurcli 

Vacant lota 

leit Side ' 

Major's Hill Park 

jiBE'N', mna west from 
IJut of Macdonald toOon- 
leMtlon, flrst aonth of 
■Itiaersot. Central and 
IWdllnston Warda. 

Itth Side 

Vacant lot 
I MoOtelland Jamea 
IJandrew Wm O 
1 Bowor John C 
ICaprcol E*rPdk O 

I Macdonald at Intereata 

)Bochon Pierre 

I Scott A D 

1 PerU-y Henrr F 

; McCormIck Alex a 

I Davidson Wm J 

I I/A ml) Mrs M 

r Sutherland EMward D 

House. 8 e 
Cartler at tnteraeeta 

Hoa90, 8 e 
IBurgesB Alex M 
lOulbert John L 

149 Lafflenr Basene D 
ItIB Le Snear wm D 
171 Harmon Home and Day 

Harmon Mlaa A M 
Dlgln at Interaecta 

Honae, a e 
aoi dmbtnidc Cbaxle* D 
206 DloUeaon Matthew O 
317 Bdwardfl Jolin C 

PrtTftte grounds 
926 Butterwwtb Jobn O 

Bonae, a • 

Hatcalfe at Intersects 

Hooae, a e 
9» Barils W Dale 

Private cronnda 
27B Perley Mra Oeorglns M 
288 Ooodere Wm M 
287 MUcbell George W 

Honae, a e 

O'Connor at Intersects 
House, a e 
ass Surteea Robert 

887 Gordon James 

888 Bell E)dw«rd B 
8ti, Lyon George B 
»» Hill Wm 

Lumber yard 

Rank at intersects 

Store, a e 

A. lane 
808 Storey Daniel 
800 Halkett James B 
408 McKtnnon Alex, bidr 
407 O'Meara James 
411 Wilson Jobn 
417 Abbott abephen A 
428 Ctbaw Mrs Ann J 
488 fkMTley Joeepb H 
485 Sanders Sdwln L 
448 Trudeau Mra CJorlnne 
Kent at Intersscta 

Honae, a e 
488 Gmnnan John 
406 Fuller Thomaa 
471 Black John 
47B Everett George F 
488 Greene George U 
488 Dirk George 
608 McVelty 'Aylor 
S07 Corcoran John 

Honae, a e 

Lyon St intersects 
Vacant lots 

Bay at Intersecta 
House, a e 

676 Mayo Warren 8 
Mayo Misa B, Mns tcbr 

677 Connelly Edward 
ero Sims Wm J 

S61 Morgan Jacob I 

Vfcant Iota 

Percy at intersecta 

Honae, a e 
on Doherty Thomas 
086 Stiider George 8 
088 Oooper Henry W 

Vacant lot 
M8 Hamilton Wm 
<M0 Bowman Ttiomea 
640 TImmon* Mra Bmily 
661 Carnocbau Ohaa M 
653 Glroux Mra Margaret 

666 Thomas E^ederlck B 
061 Smdth John 
006 Ooakley Tboa J 
009 Thylor Albrabam A 
9)8 Jo&nston Jamea 
Vacant lota 

Sontb Side. . . • 

44 Vacant 
Vacant lota 

Macdonald at intersects 
80 Fraaer Jobn B 
64 Bropby Wm M 
68 Wali^ James B 
72 Vacant 

84 Gemmell BoM B 
88 Gooln James A 
02 Houston Stewart 
96 Bowie Henry W 
102 lliorburii Charles H 
House, a e 
Gartler at intersects 

HouBs, s e 
186 Bell Robert 
142 Feden Adam O 
180 Robinson Hlrftm 

Vacant lot 
172 Sinclair Robert T 

Vacant lot 
176 Allan J Hamlet 

Elgin at Intersects 
192 Booth John F 
200 Aylen Henry 
218 Wood James 
2B0 Wallace Edward 
222 McMorran Ralph M 
226 Oliver Ttaomaa M 
House, a e 

Metcalfe st Inteneots 
' House, a e 
900 Fltagerald Wm 
a08 Ohambera Mrs A Q 

Vacant lot 

Houae, s e 

O'Connor st intersects 

House, B e 

Vacant lots 
340 Glllelan lliomas J 
842 Dalton Jamea 
862 Powell Frederick W 
866 Vacant 

BfulHgan l%omaa 

Bank at Interseotf 

Lumber yard 
384 Drew James W 
800 Oluff ThoDHW 
806 Campbell Oaaalna 
400 Carrlere Ghas H 
40i4 JFlllon Joseph 
408 Vacant 
412 Baufleld Joae A 
422 Stewart Samuel 
480 Graves Fred T 
436 Smart James A 
444 Glaahan John G 

Kent st intersects 
460 Mutchmor Mrs Dorlndft 
4SS McGlltlTray W H, bldr 
466 Bennett Wm B 
4T2 Toung Wm 
Vacant lots 

Lyon at Intersects 

684 Martin F N, wood 
Martin Mrs A, .^^ro 
McGoll Mlaa B A, narse 



•r INioaM i<na 





im ,. 




•if, (^ 



V : - 


The S UN Life 


Low Bates, Ui^ Praiti and the Nut 
Liberal Policy in tlia Worid. 





Vacant lota 
660 Rose Wm A 
082 RIchardBon Rev Oeoree 
604 Routb Mrs Harriet M 
606 Metcalfe Archibald H 
66S flJnlth Andrew F 
ffTO Fraser Harry J 

Vacant lot 


Bay St intersects 

Store, B e 
878 Hunt Frank 
680 Flndlater Wm 
C62 McDouald Duncan 
586 O'Connor Mrs Margaret 

Vacant lots 
596 Frith Rev Alex N 
OM Kelly Mrs Sarab 

School grounda 

Percy st Intenects 

Store, ■ e 
OBO Fagan Michael H 
•M Oooke A Gordon O 
038 Tapp reter 

Vacant lot 
060 Egan Micliael J 
664 Anderson Wm , ' 

Vacant lots 
•74 Orton Wm 

Hall, • e 

OoneeMloa at 

HA'PIilB, runs west from 
Division, first south of 
Albert, Dalhousle Ward. 

North atde 

Honae, s e 
S Ounnlngham Midiiel 
T Page Felix 
9 Francoeur Joseph 
U Carrlere Anthlme 

Private grounda 
21 Cross John W 

Begg Arthur, 17 contr 
as Obok Mrs Amelia F 
20 Oattermole Alfted H 
91 Luby John E 
etoz% a e 

Rochester st fnteraeota 

House, a e 

Preaton st Inteneoto 

Hoaae, a e 
128 CMsnall Tbomaa W 

PMvate ground* 
143 Bochette Simeon 

House of Mercy, r e 

South Side 

Store, a e 
2 Sauve Israel B 
4 Foresters' Hall 
10 'Latimer James 

Private grounda 
18 McOregor James 
20 Hawkina Bdward 
22 Hlgglnson S Boyd 
24 Saunders Caleb 
26 Vacant 

28 WllUanw Frederick 
80 Stewart John F 
82 Baxter Jamee 

Bocheater at Inteneetf 
House, a e 
Private grounda 
70 Chapman Albert V 

72 Bolsvert Victor 
82 Baldwin Mrs Melissa 
House, s e 

Preaton st Interaeota 
House, 8 e 
1M Vacant 

Private grounds 
142 Lester Kchard, bldr 
House of Mercy, r e 

MAIFtLE LAINVl, mna eaat 
from Princess av to But- 
ternut terrace, Interaeot- 
Ing Springfield road, aeo> 
ond north of Beechwood 
av, Rideau Ward. 

Not built on 

MARChARKT, rana weat 
from Division, third north 
of C A B track, Dalhouale 

North Side 

Vacant lota. 
73 Harbour Jacob 
75 Vacant 
77 Fosa Frederick 
79 NorrlB Alfred 
81 Fobs Joshua 
86 H»lard Mrs Mary A 

Vacant lot 
93 Eh-wln Henry 

Houae, a » 

Rochester at Interseeta 
,^ Vacant lota 
119 Burke James 
121 Wllmot John 
12s Smith EMward 
127 Duhamei Joaeph 
ISl Oodoln James 

136 La Rocque Napoleon 

137 Tblbault Nap<Heon 
Vacant lota 

lSl-163 Leclair Charles 
Houae, a • 

Preston st Interaecta 

Houae, a • 

Vacant Iota 
183 Kennedy Mrs Marg 
187 Fitzgerald Thomaa 

Vacant lota 
aoi Vacant 
203 Vacant 

Lumber yarda 

South Side 

70 O'Donnell John 

VaetJt lota 
9i Llnttell Wm 

House, a e 

Rochester at Intersects 

Vacant lota 
116 Diimont Cyprleo 

Vacant lota 
126 Proulx Antolue 
130 Belaire Qyprien ]r 
182 Gautbier Alphonse 

Day at commence* 
146 Mondoux Adolphe 
148 Francoeur Etieone 
160 Charette Souveraln 

vacant lota 


Bow*, ■ * 

Preeton at commence 
Store, a e 

JI9 |F"»"*^ Daniel 
184 Scharff Wm T 
J9? J^tagerald Thomas B 
104 Labroaae Louis ^ 
198 Larocque John 
200 Leplne Alphonse 
202 Oollina John 

OAR croselnj 

MABIA, runs wc<it fM_ 
Mdaaii Ctnal to AttSt 
fourtb aouth of iotrS 
Central, Wellington JS 
Dalhouale Wards '"* 

North Side. 

21 Tiough Mra Maria 

Goal yard 
81 S&erwood Arthur p 
88 Oilmour John 
87 McDermott T W 
80 Mann Grlfldus 

Vacant lot 
100 Pe«g Mrs Ann 
lis Macdonald Charles 

Store, a • 

Eilgin at Interseeta 

Ottawa Amateur Athl«t. I 
MS dub 
127 Ouertln Wm H 
120 Cummlng Bobert 
181 Olarton^rank 
188 MciAreki D O, phy 
141 Holland Andrew 
140 Bethune Charles J ft 
1S8 Davia Cyrus F 
167 Hind Francia 
16S Hutchiaon Mlsa H H 
186 Shore Mrs Bllz, Me 
160 Wadaworth John 

A lane 

House, • • 

Metcalfe at intersects 

Private f rounds 
201 Urquhart James 
206 McCaffrey Francis 
aiS Byan Roger D 
210 Taylor'a Ottawa Qold I 
Cure Inat 

Taylor John 

Wllllama John, cabs 
227 Bangs Mrs Bllz W 

Vacant lota 
287 Preatjon Mr* Jane 

280 Clarke Perclval J 
241 Hanna Jamea E, phy 
241%Groves Wm B 

348 Ba^na Jamea E 

O'Connor st intersects 

House, a * 
287 Graham Mrs EHlen 
261 Aillaon Mlaa Mary 
268 Fraaer Mrs Mary 

287 Vacant 

260 SteveuMMi Isaiah 
271 Morris Peter 
273 Booth Joseph H 
276 Hutchison Wm M 
279 Walker James 

281 Meek Robert 

288 MoBlery Samuel 


BrofcMW, HOU3MI ftor taM and to I 
Oor. BANK antf WKU4NOrON 81 


Ml CIinbbiK k Miaa San 
f^ Mcleod Mlsa K, dri 

«j Kendal Wm H 

SMcKenzle Mrs Hai; Mar&baH 4c Ft 
I nphols 

MiDronJn FeUx 

SrManball H B, vet 1 
" Sbedi 
Store, f e 

Bank st interae 

, Store, s e 

I m Pillar Arvld D 

IllT Vacant 

ISs Honeywell IMiaa B 

8*"^McGlillvrE:; Mlaa Sf, 
Travellt'v Mrs Annl 
IM Farley Tamea F 
|«0'Harii aeorae 
Ins Range l!er Rudolph 
Maria St School 
K.'Dt st interaet 
1(9 Brown Alexander 
IKI Ueyers Samuel H 
IM Betta John 
Im Burrows Mra Annie 
IHT Me^uire Miaa Roae 
I Kelly Mise M, drnu: 
Im Barani Robert 
In Crawford Alfred B 
Im GllioKly Joseph 
11)1 LafrnnibolBe Louis 
Ids Denmark Mra M A 
\W Smith George 
Ifll HoCormlck 8 Jr, pli 

I MeCV.rinlck Samuel 
1415 Clark James 

1417 ColHngs Mrs M O 
14111 BuniN Mrs Margare 
I Wood yard 
1441 Boyoe J<riin 
14434 McGuire Mra A, gi 
Lyon at Intersec 

Vacant lota 
|4B Thorpe John W 
|4t6 Talt John 
1411 Vaeniit 
140 Currell John 
Ism Doody Patrick 
MMcBrine Mrs Mary 
Vm ^niliama George 
TScharf Frederick 
Vacant lots 
Villeneuve Pbllamon 
\ UcGee Alexander 

Bay at Interact 
House, a • 
Kavanagh Michael 
\ McDonneil Edward 
Fleweiiyn John 
I Beech Alfred 

II Ualligan Richard 
U McVeigh JoaeUh 
b5 Carrlgan Mra M A 
"'' Vacant 

Watters Wm 
Johnson Mra Jane, n« 
• Killeen Jamea 
Wbaleu Thomaa. 
I Murphy Patrick 
Taggart Jamea 
Bdward* Wm 
Cowan James 
O'Connor B J 
Mooney Mrs Julia 
|(7 Loughran W J, coni 

>T RUCmiRi 


Ijames hope & SONS I gas. 





•« nhnbbiK k MIm Sarab 
* Ifcleod Ml8> K, dnmkr 

I «f Kendal Wm H 
'SMcKenJile Mr» Mtiy 

S[.2S6 Mar&haH ft Fadfe, 
^ ophols 
«Drouln FeUx 
S Hanball H B, Tet rar« 
' abedi 
8tore, f e 

Bank St iBte/MTto 

, Store, s e 
llUPlIlar Arrld D 
IbT Vacant 
iMHonevwclI BUM B 

8'" McOllUvra:.' Mlaa U. bdf 
Travelltv: Mrs Annie 
IM) Farley rames F 
RoHari. -Seoife 
lug RaniK-lier Radolpn 
'Maria St School 

K.'nt at Interaeeta 
1st Brown Alexander 
I Si Meyers Samnel H 
\m Bern John 
Im Burrows Mrs Annie 
llnMegruIre Miss Roae 
I Kelly MiM M, drHnkr 
In Harani Robert 
Im Crawford Alfred B 
Ihr Glllogly Joseph 
llil Ufnimbo4se Lionta 
ImB Denmark Mrs H A 
\m Smith George 
Im McCcrmlck S Jr, pimbr 
I M(<V':'">lck Samuel 
Im Clark James 
1417 Ceilings Mrs M O 
10 BornH Mrs Margaret 
I Wood yard 
Itf Boyoe John 
14134 McGulre Mrs A, gro 
Lyon st intersects 

Vacant lots 
|4B lliorpe John W 
|4B Tah John 
lin Vacant 
140 Currell John 
— \ Dwdy Patrick 
ifcBrlne Mrs Mary 
wnniams George 
"Scharf Frederick 
Vacant lots 
Vllleneuve Pbllamon 
I McGee Alexander 

Bay St Intersects 
House, a e 
Kavanagh MIehael 
I McDoiinetl Edward 
Flewellyu John 
I Beech Alfred 

II Mnlllgan Richard 
ttSMcVHgh Jose^ 
bS Carrlgan Mrs M A 
'"I Vacant 

Waiters Wm 

lohnson Mrs Jane, mme 

KlUeen James 
I Whalen Thomas, 
f Murphy Patrick 

Tatrgart James 
; EMward* Wm 

Cowan James 

O'Connor B J 

Mooney Mrs Jnlla 

Loughnn W J, contr 

651 Broker George H 
868 Whlttier Wm T 
... Vacant lots 
9n demow Hon Francis 

Oonoeaalon at intersects 
008 Lewla Mrs Elisa 

Bontk Side 

Drill Hall 
3 BentMnr Tlios J 

Oartler sq 
Blgln St intersects 

First Baptist Otanrch 

Corporation lumber yard 
160 Small H B, pby 

Vacant lot 
1«2 Unk Nicholas 
173 Nicholson Samuel 

Vacant sUMe, rear 
178 House, s e 

Metcalfe st Intersects 
168 Beeson Mrs J, bdr 

Robinson R P, pby 
IM KIrby Thoa H 
186 Lane Henry D J 
^ Privats f rounds 
308 Mosgrore Mrs Alice 
212 Fraaer John 
216 FltsGerald Mrs Laura 
218 Lynn Mcs Mary H 
204 Hardle John 
2S8 Brawn Mrs Janet 
282 Pratt James 
284 Stewart Thomas 
288 Jollvet Mrs M O 
288 Ooughlin D McAdrm 
340 Ohampneas Weldon 

O'Connor st Intersects 

^ Vacant lots 

306 Vacant 

208 Corning John L 

264 Clayton Loula S 

286 Vacant 

288 Graham Obrls D 

270 MacMillan Alexander J 

3r2 apence John C 

274 O'Nell Michael 

276 Vacant 

276 Turner Miss M, drsmkr 

280 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
2Bt Jess(M> George W 
286 McOlIllTray G, blksmitb 

Vacant lots 
802 Lyon V H, dentist 

Store, s e 

Bank st lnter»c«ta 
816 Vacant 
824 Boon Wm 
828 Houde Mrs Catherine 
882 Crabtree Mrs Bits, bdg 
884 Welsh Thomas 
886 Morris James T 
SS8 Hopper Mrs Margaret 
842 Deymond H O, shirt 

844 Wright Mrs Caroline 
M6 Stumbles Wd\ W 
8S0 Legendre J B Z 
862 Briggs John 
864 Scott <Clias 8 

A lane 

ano Hudson Mrs Margaret 
aOQ Vacant 

•St Oracy John 

Marcif Tbomaa H 
868 FlUgerald Wm 
870 Ballantlne Mrs Rose 
872 Thobum Daniel 
876 Vacant 

878 McFarlane Mra B M 
mns tchr 

McFarlane Mrs H, nurse 

McFarlane Miss Llssle. 

Oarswell Mrs H, nunis 

Kent st Intersects 

880 St Patrick's Asylum 

Private grounda 
414 Hume Mra Jessie 
418 Dunne John P 
422 Allen James 

Kelly Nicholas 
424 Vavant 
426 Morria Joseph 
428 Thompson James H 
480 Bdridge Harry 
482 Vacant 
484 Kerrigan John 
486 Wylle Miss Rachael 

Kemp Eilaab, pro med 

Lyon st intersects 

Vacant lots 
466 Smith Henry T 
468 Taylor Isaac B 
460 Verge Joseph A 

Vacant lots 
474 Prodrick Francia W 
4TB Robinson John 
478 Campbell Wm J 
482 Campbell W J bir mkr 
Qeddes J W, fndry, r 

Unflnlshed house 

Bay st Intersects 

494 McGrath Mrs S, gro 

000 Ryan Mrs Ellen 

602 Lightbody Mrs Isabella 

Cooper Wm, rear 
604 Milks Mrs Sarah 

Milks Miss A. drsmkr 
606 Deno Joseph 
510 McKlllop Archibald 
S12 Ackland Wta T 
616 Copping Louis E 
620 McLaughlin Thomas 
622 Heeney Arthur 
624 McCabe Patrl v 

Vacant lots 
648 Snaith Robert 

Percy st commences 
666 Clemow Francis C 
676 Barrltt Alexander 
684 Aheam Thos 

Concession st Intersects 

Private grounds 
604 Fortler Loftus M 

Cambridge st commences 
Vacant ground 
664 Hayes Wm 
66 McPhee Mrs Maria 
668 Travers Peter 
060 Mulligan David 

A lane 
664 Morton Thos 
606 Townsend Chaa 
668 Bennett Alfred A 
6IP Dixon Frederick 
672 Homell Wm 

Albert st 


domj:sion jbridqb co, 
E. C. ARNOLDI, Agtnt, 01 SPARKS. 

^ : 


;l iii 

' . !:': 






HI : 1' Sr : i; 

V In 

f '1 


■ ■ I fl I 

Fit! IH,! 

n >.H 


:■( :l 



S?S,Sl?3£J£r CAPITAL TRAJISfEB 00.1^.^ 


J ;! .MS 

: ill- 


96 Marlborough Av. 



■ontb from Theodore to 
city llmlti. third west of 
Rlde« River. St. Oeorge'i 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
Cawdron Henry G 
Pasture lands 

West Side ■ 

Honse. a e 
Private grounds 
Vacant lots 
58 Bradd Alfred 

Vacant lot 
«2 Wlnvate Jonathan 
Pasture land* 

MARTINEAU, runs east for 
one block from 198 King, 
first north of St. Patrlcfc, 
Ottawa Ward. 

North Side 

House, s e 
Yards and sheds 

South Side 

House, 8 e 
10 Brennan John S 
12 Servant Louis 
14 Laurin Narclsse 
18 Fardals Pierre 
22 Sarazin Joseph 
24 St George Mrs Dellmaa 
28 Champagne Marcel 
32 Vlllenenve Theodnle 
84 Richer Joseph 
36 Labelle Joseph 
38 Labrecque Mrs Dellma 
40 Bastlen Jolnala 
42 Labelle Hormlsdas 
44 Leonard Antolne, exp 

MARY, runs south from 
Mutchmor. first west of 
Biffin, Central Ward. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side ^ 

House. B e 
LltlA John F 
Unfinished house 

Centre st Intersects 

Vflcant lots 
Wadsworth John 
Vacant lots 
Lansdowne ar commences 
Richard Louis M 

MASON. runs northeast 
from Little Ohandlere 
Road to Ottawa River, 
third north of Wellington, 

. Victoria Ward. 

North Side 

Maaon Wm & Sons, 
lumber, ata 

South Side 

Lumber piles 

MinXlALFB, runs sooth 
from 82 Wellington, oppo> 
site Central ParllaoMUt 
Buildings, Vlctorlfi «0d 
Central Warda. 

Bast Side 

Langevln Block, a e 
IB Hlllman A F, saloon 
Store, a • 

Sparks st Interaecta 

Store, s • 
88 Cox George, engraver 
87-46 Windsor The 

St LonU J F, barber 

Queen st Intersects 
40 Metropolitan Life Ins Oo 

Joyce Miss 8, mlnr 

Burrill Wm 

Dom of Can Rifle Assn 

Stlmpson A W H, stenog 
OS Martin Alex, dentist 
K Ottawa Ohamfeers 

Barrett Mlaa & J, art 
needle work 

King Charles . 

Taylor A G D 

Allan W C, Janitor 
61 ShlUlngton J W, phy 
63 Currell W James 
67 Carroll Mrs Margaret 
60 Martin C A, dentlat 
Albert st Intersects 

77-79 Buckley P, Mvery 
Private grounds 

Slater st Intersects 
97 DowUne J F, phy 
107 Perry James 

Perry Mrs M, bdg hse 
100 Rosenthal Aaron 
111 BIrt Mrs B, bdg hse 
113 Nye Lewis N 
117 Lyon Mrs M, bdg hae 
121 McDonell Mrs M, bdg hae 
12S Bailey Rev Tom 
127 Edwards Oliver C, phy 

Maria st Intersects 
Y W O Association 
School of Domestic Sci- 

Lane Miss E J, mus tohr 
1S3 McGregor Prof O H, 
dancing school 
Olouceater st Intersects 

House, s e 
1TB Soper Warren Y 

Nepean st intersects 

181 Vacant 

188 Nicholson Vernon O 
House, 8 e 

LIsgar st Intersects 

House, a e 
21S Slfton Hoii ClifTord 
Cooper st intersects 

House, • • 
288 Perley Gkorge H 

Somerset st Intersects 

Btouse, s • 

aSl d« Fauconval Juie, j. 
Bernard, Belgian Cm, 
sul-Oensral ^^• 

Madaren st Interacts 
205 Barn George 
„ PrlTSts grounds 
288 Powell O Berkeley 

Gllmour st intersects 
285 Ritchie Lady O V 

PrlTttt grounds 

Lewis st Intersects 
205 Ross Crawford 
801 Bnrmner Douglau 

PiiTSte grounds 

Macdongall st ends 

Vaoant lots 
320 Jollfte Orion J 
881 Birkett Thomas M 

Vacant lots 

Lochiel st ends 
888 Ohamberlin Edson j 
Prlrate grounds 

Ann st intersects 
Bouse, B e 
877 Leamy Francis A 
Bouse, B s 

McLeod st inters.'cts 
Not open for one block 

Argyle ar intersects 
Vacant lots 
4B7 McCualg .Wm H 
Vacant lots 

Oatbarine st intersects 
OAR yards 

Isabella st Intertsects 

George st end* 
Vacant lots 

Inkermai) st ends 
Vacant lots 

West Side 

10 Merchants' Bank of Oaa 

Haggart Hon J G 

Chandler Thomas 
14 Molsons Bank Ohamben 

Molsons Bank 


1-0 O'Gara, MacTavUli 

4b Gemmell, liarrs 
6 Stewart McLeod, barr 

8 Aiezaader F J, arch 

9 Vacant 

18 Stewart Arch, contr 
Oanadlan Antbradtt I 
Goal Co (Limited) 
14-17 Vacant 

Thompson Sam. mewl 
22 Nei'lis Monk & Matbe- 1 
son, barrs 

Ottawa Brick Mnfg Oo 
Vavasour Mining Assn 
Ottawa, Montreal and | 
Russell Road Oo 
Barly Gkorge M, area 
Umon Assurance Socle- 1 
ty, C H Carrlere, agt 
G N W Tel opr room 
Sparks st intersects 
Store, s e 

ponil"lo° Metb € 

Queen st inter 

Ottawa Times P 

4 lub Co (Lli 


m Vscaut 

M46 lif ader Hot«l 
"^alsU Dave 
M Devaux B D, resi 
M w'«ish Mrs Ellial 
Macdonald J F, i 
Albert st inter 
Ti4 Heller C L, rest 

Private grounds 
(2 Buchanan James 
Courtenay J D, pi 
Slater st inter 
100 Mcl'hee Wm, den 
IM Sullivan John J 
iM Gibson Wm 
112 M«H're Mrs Susan 
114 Carrlgan Mrs EMa 
Private grounds 

Maria st inter 
House, 8 e 
St George's Churcl 
Qloucester at inter 
House, s e 

170 Vacant 
172 Vacant 
174 Vacant 
1T6 Vucaut 

Kepean st inter 

180 Fraser Alexander 

lis G Wynne Hon J W 

Lisgar st inter 

IM Bronson Frank P 
House, B e 

Oo<ver st inter 
King Hon Geo E 
282 Vacant 

Somerset st inter 
236 Pltldlng Hon Wm 

Private grounds 
252 Maynard Martin ' 

Maclaren st Interi 
Moore Bd'ward D 
278 Ferguson Alexand 
JgO Liee Miss Rosamoj 

Gllmour st inter 
288 Borbridge Henry J 
Lewis st Interi 
296 Borbridge Samuel 
a06 Birkett Thomas 

Waverley st comm( 
820 Reld John R 
824 Samueia Miss Am 
826 MoKeunn James i 

880 Rothschild Manlel 
886 Gerald Wm J 

Frank st oomm( 
Privats grounds 
Ann st Interi 
876 Lowe George 
378 Rldgway Mrs Frai 

881 McCann P George 



Baa ftaiNIOiOOO of In 


see CONLEY'8 Scoteh QMltinyt. 

913 WELLXirOTON aTBMBWt {N^ar Bmnk). 





Doml'ilon Meth Ohnrcb 
Queen at Intersects 
Ottawa Times Prfntinff 
A lab Ck) (Limited), 
m vacaut 
Z^ Leader Hotel 

VV'alsU D«ve 
M Devaux B D, rest 
Z yftlifh Mrs Sllssbetb 
Macdonald J F. siuibt 
Albert St Intersects 
T14 Beller C U rest 

Private groonds 
03 Buchanan James 
Coiirtenay J D, phy 

Slater at Intersect* . 
100 Mcl'hee Wm, dentlat 
104 Sullivan John J 
lOe Olbaon Wm 
112 Miix>re Mrs Susan 
114 carrion Mrs ESIb, bdff 
Private groands 

Maria at Interaects 
Bouse, s e 
St George's Charch 
Gloucester at Intersects 
Hooae, s e 

A lane 
170 Vacant 
172 Vacant 
174 Vacant 
176 Vacant 

Kepean at Interaects 
180 Fraser Alexander 
lis G Wynne Hon J W 

Llagar st Intersects 
IM Bronson Frank P 
House, a e 

Cooper st Interaects 
Kiug Hon Geo B 
2S2 Vacant 

Somerset st Interaects 
236 Fitldlng Hon Wm 8 

Private groands 
252 Maynard Martin W 

Mnclaren at Intersects 
Moore Ed'ward D 
278 Fergnson Alexander 
JgO Lee Miss Rosamond 

Gllmour at Intersects 
2B8 Borbrldge Henry J 

Lewis at Interaects 
286 Borbrldge Samuel W 
a06 BIrkett Thomas 

Waverley st commences 
320 Reld John R 
324 Samuela Miss Annie 
326 MoKeunn James A J 

880 Rothschild Manlel 
886 Qerald Wm J 

Frank st oommenesa 
Prlvats grounds 

Ann st Intersects 
876 Lowe George 
378 Rldgway Mrs Frances 

881 McC^nn P George 

888 Wright B A 
House, s s 

McLeod st Intersects 
,Not open for one block 
Aigyle av Intersects 
Honss. s e 

Oatbarlno at Intsrasota 
OAR yards 

Isabella st Intersects 
House, s s 
Vacant lot 

Jane st commences 

UarrOALFlD SQ. changed to 
Bingham sq. 

MIDDLB (Victoria Island). 

runs west from Ottawa 
. River to Cbandiere sHde 

brtdge. Victoria Ward. 

North Bide...... 

Lumber piles 
123 Beauchamp Joseph 

Piling ground 
136 Ring David 
1S7 Ohurch Thomas 

Mill st Intersects 

Rronaons & Weston, mill 

Piling ground 
206 Ont Graphite Co (Limited 
2U7-2UO Victoria Foundry 

O B Ry power hae, ■ e 

Sonth Bide 

Lumber piles 

122 Groulx Joseph 

124 Hill Samuel 

Pelletler Arthur, r 
Lalonde Antolne, t 
Lemay Telesphore, r 

180 Mahon Martin J 
Dempaey Hugh, r 

182 Fortln Francois 

184 Groulx Stanislas 
Segutn Alphonse 

186 Macdonald Mrs Louisa 

186 McOllllvray Warren 

140 Stevena CShas H, bldr 
Mill st Intersects 

180*166 Bronsons ft Weston 
Lumber Co 
McKay *t<trebcnse 

ITO Ledair Vm T 

174 Deniao'u HoI>ert 

ITS Gagnon Bugene 

ITSM Rlvard Mrs Bmerance 
Ouellet J Francois, r 
Dalalre Isale, r 
Oourville Joseph, r 
Ouellet Antolne, r 

A lane 
166 Blala H<Miore 

Blals Mrs ^ bdg hse 
104 Upper Ottawa Improve- 
ment .Company 
Madawaska Improve- 
ment 'Oompany 
aOS Vacant 
a06 Ottawa Saw Worka Go 

206 Victoria Foundry Oo 
O B Ry storehouse 
Ohandlere Slide Bridge 

MILL, runs east from Lit- 
tle Chaudlere road to OPR 
track, aecond north of 
Wellington, Victoria WarO. 

Not built on 

MILL (Victoria laland), runa 
aouth from Ottawa River, 
lateraectin« Middle, flrat 
eaat of Obaudiere Slide 
Bridge. Victoria Ward. 

Baat Side 

Houae, a e 

Middle at interaects 
Honss. ■ • 
13 Berube Joseph 

Lemlenx Phlleas 
16 McDonail Jobs 
Lumber Piles 
Chaudlere slide 
Bronaons & Weston's 

West Side 


Middle at Intersecta 
2 Bronaoivs & Weston, a e 
4 Bronaons & Weston, up 
river office 
Sheda and piling ground 
Chaudlere allde 

O B Go's power hse No 1 
Mill pond 

Montreal st 

MILL LANE, runa south 
from 80 Besfierer to Court, 
St GeorKe Ward. 

Not built on 

see 14 Metcalfe street 

MONK, runs south from 
Mutchmor. first west of 
Bank, Wellington Ward. 

Not built on 

MONTBBAL (Le Breton 
Flats), runa west from Ot- 
tawa River to 139 Bridge, 
Victoria Ward. 

North Side 

Vacant bnlldlng 
Bronaona A Weaton's 

Mill st ends 
60-76 Storehouse 
Mill pond 




' ■( 

i s' ', 




?!' :^ 


The SUN Life 


^ rOffltt, RmMll House Biwh 

.1 24 SPARKS 8T. 

98 Montreal. 



Iiumber piles 
Nlchol Wm 
JklUl pond 
Liumber pile* 

Soutfa Side 

Lumber plies 
96 PcnlsoD George 

Lumber piles 
CAR lumber 

Bridge it 

MOSOROVEw runs loutta 
from 00 Oeorgie to the 
Cnnal basin, flrat east of 
Sussex, St. George Ward. 

Bast Side 

Store, R e 
1 Public ball 
3 Chevrler Louis B^ pict 

a Ottawa Printing Co 
T-7>AUanad« Ptg Co Le 

Canada Le (dally) 
9 Parnell J H. dentist 
Store, ■ e 

Rldeau st Intersects 
Side entrances' 
Besserer st intersects 
House, s e 

. A lane 

89 Vacant 

43-6.3 Harris G A. coal 

67-0 Vacant storehouses 

Conrt st ends 

West Side 

Store, 8 e 

Rideau at Intersects 

Private grounds 
40H O'RIelly Edward 
42 Niles Richard 


Besserer st Intersects 
Hotel, s e 
60^ Canon W James, pnt 
Jones A W. boats 

MUMROB, runs west from 
Bell to Division, second 
north of C A R. Dalhousle 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
11 Moff Charles 
15 ThnmpRon Robert 
17 Telland Wm 

House. 8 e 

Le Breton st Intersects 

House, s a 
45 Campbell Francis 

Vacant lot 
57 Cameron Peter 

House, s e 

South Side 

2 Mount Sherwood, P O 

Hope Mrs Jane, pm and 

4 Moore Wjman 
10 Bvans Wm 
12 Yellsnd Mrs Kats 

14 Yelland James A 

15 Atkinson George 
Vacant lots 

Le Breton st intersects 
88 Tracy Alban, bldr 
48 Hayes James 
62 Stubbs Charles J 
58 Crepin Aucnstln 
House, s e 

MURIEL, runs south from 
Mutchmor to Centre, first 
eftst of Concession, Wel- 
lington Ward. 

Bast Side 

Vacant lot 
Brlmer John 
Vacant lota 

West Side 

Not built on 

MURRAY, runs east from 
446 Sussex, flrst south of 
St. Patrick. By Ward. 

North Side 

House. ■ • 
19 Pothler Cyrille. barber 

16 Turgeon Joseph ^ 

17 Letean Mrs M L.confy 
19 Me4lleur Joseph, shoemkr 
21-23 Ranger Mrs V, bdg 
25-27 Clarence Hotel 

31 LavQllee Jules, gro 
33-5 Labonte Leon, bdg 
37 Choquette Doris, bdg 
89 Noel Damase, shoemkr 
41-3 Perth Joe, bdg 
46 Blais Urbain 
45^ Phlllon Philbert 
4T-9 Laframbolse F X, bdg 
51-3 Lepine Samuel, hotel 
65-7 Rrtsson Dolphls. bdg 
61-8 Normand Francois, Mg 
66-7 Desmarais Leonard, 

69 Bronsseau Joseph O 
71 Caron Mrs Emma, gro 

Caron Robt 
73 Montmorency Alfred, bd 
75 Dorfon Miss ' OH viae. 

77 Foubert Louis 

A lane 
81 Ladouceur Zotiqne, cab0 
83 Ladoncenr Noel, cabs 

86 Lambert Bernard 

87 Veillenx T. cabs 

89 Duhamel Teleaphore 
91 Bonrque Francois 
93-5 Ralnvtlle Mrs Julie, 
Vacant lots 
107-11 Duhamel Lotds 

118 Duhamel Alphonse 
117 Patrv Alfred 

119 St Amand Julles 
121 Reld Honore 

Dalhousle st intersects 

125-181 Btors. s e 

148 Major Sylvlnl j 
145 Congregation de n„*,. 
Dame ""'" 

Belaud Napoleon, rear 
161-166 Grey Nun's iejL 
School oppin 

167 O'Fari eli Michael J 
171 Lemle'nx S Bdmond 
178 Oarroll ilartln 
176 McCarthy Rev P y 

8t Bridget's Church, i 
Cnmberlsnd st lnter«ecti' 
Separate School, a <> 
207 Faabcrt Pierre 

Faubert Miss c. drHmkr 
209 Daly James " 

211 Shea Patrick 

218 Saucier F X R 

ai7 Tallon Mrs Elisabeth 

219 Dorval PhlHppe 
221 Weston Benjamin 
223 Sevlgny Norbert J 
227 Ayofte Mrs Cleophe 
231 Cote Joseph 

St Bridget's Sep Sch, g. 
King st Interseott 

Vacant lots 
276 Archambault Zephlrin 

Vacant lots 
281 Smith Bernard 

Nelaon st Intersects 

806 L'Henreux F X H & Co 

■ Junk 
887 Oanlln Bdouard 

Rivet Jeremie 
880 Oalflnkel Max 

Olroux Antoina, r 
841 Lemleux Oscar J 
848 Lallberte Francis 

846 Campbell Mrs Alice 

847 Banlne Joseph 

Fitet st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
386 Charbonneaa Napoleon 
887 Vacant 

South Side 

2-8 Leblanc & Lemay. 

10-12 Vacant 
16 Vacant 
18-24 Chevrier ft Limoges. 

20-8 Landrevllle ft Venant, 

Landrevllle Venant 
80 Lacoste Napoleon 
32 Lnssler Edmond 
34-40 Ottawa Hotel 
42-4 Raymond Desll. bdg 
46-8 Blais Alexandre, bdg 
60 Tangnay Nazaire 

Tan^nay Mrs B, fruits 
62 Brown Lonis 
64-66 Davieau Ernest, barbs 

Davleau Pierre 
6e^<MB Canada Hotel 

Rennnd Nelson 
64 Marler Thomas, barber 

Barrett st commences 

Hotel, r e 
76 St Denis Oliver, bdg 
7« Thihert BenonI 
80 Martlneau Sasanne 
8% Leclerc Oslas 

M Norniand Basils 
S(i««cun Phlloron 
S Dion Joseph 
M DorloQ Mrs VIci 
SBerK-ron Alphoi 
S xboiiiP'on Charl 
ijw pariiir>t Adolphe 
iM Devcreaux 'Thos 
lOiNolnn Moses 
iM Duhnmel L, i 
' m-iker 
11« Am lair 95»on 
118 Ki'ie Patrick 
Jjj.a6 store, a e 

Dalbouite st lnt( 

House, s e 
IM Quinn John 
i^Tatllon Francis 
142 Hnr(l.v Hector 
144 O'Neill Allan J 
IM Crcteau Mrs Ma 
ItfO'Nell Bngh T 
140Amyot Blaear 
182 Loplne M<rfM 
IM Boauvals Mrs 1 
IjO Skeeley Mrs Jull 
158 D'Aonst Oharlss 
160 Vacant 
182 Boyer Joseph 
164 Lflbelle Paul, eoi 
168 Plante Joashh 
166 Butler Aatdkony 
172 Kllby Mrs M . 
174 Proulx Simeon 
176 Moffatt Tltomas 
178 Bixirque Alexan^ 
180 Lednc Mrs Cell 
182 Wellington Paul 
184 Gravelle F X 

ISe Boucher Thooiai 
104 Connor Daniel 
106 St Jean Stosipe 
196 Provost Bros, gr 

Cumberland st inV 

Vacant lots 
906 Vosberg Enoch 
910 Bronse Walter 
212 Beaudoin Joseph 
314 Crowe Mrs Mar 
216 McGovern Jam* 
218 Qnlnn Martin 
220 Wheeler Charlei 
S22 Larose David 
224 Frederic Hector 
226 Belanger Bdouar 
2S0 Jublnvllle Cyrill 
284 Jette Wilfrid 
386 Jette Alphee 
388 Jette Eugene 
240 Larkin Michael 
S43 La«nc Ollvlar 

Bourqne Mrs H. 

House, s e 

King st int( 
Private grounds 
480412 Bois LoQis, ea 
/S64 Jewish Synagogi 
^Snlensky Samae 
266 Belanger Otlberl 
468 Thlbaolt Lonis 
272 Rov Jean B 
Unfinished honsf 
Private grounds 
House, 8 e 

Nelson st Inte 
Vacant lots 

cjjAft6ABT&m,r4^^^K^^Sf I Phren 


Ml sorts of MILOING TIMKI aad 

LUMUI. B0tli|Mi(faMdOrwMd. 





M Norniand BasU* 
nOts'^un Phllorom* 
S Dion JoMph 
S Dorloa Mm Vietorin* 
SgerRron AlphonM 
S Tb('!"P*on ChariM 

iM) Paoofit Adolph* 

loiDeverMax Thoinu 

104 Nolan Mo«m 

108 Duhxnael L. earrtag* 

' ui-iker 

U« AtH lair OdHon 

118 Ki'ie Patrick 

Jjl-ae store, • e 

Dalhooate at Intaraaeta 

House, a e 
IM Quinn John 
l^Tatllon Vranelt 
142 Hnrdy Hector 
144 Nelll Allan J 
iM Crcteau Mra Mart* 
iSo'Nell Bnck T 
140 Amyot Elaear 
152 Loplne Molaa 
164 BcauvaU Mra D 
ISO Skeeley Mra Julia 
158 D'Aonat Oharlaa 
lOa Vacant 
182 Royer Joaepb 
104 Lflbelle Paul, eoalf 
180 Plante Joaahb 
186 Butler AatdBony 
172 Kllby Mra M A 
174 Proulx Slnaon 
170 Moffatt TiMmaa 
178 Bonrqne Alexandre 
180 Lcdnc Mra Cellna, fro 
182 Wellington Paul 
184 Ora Telle F X 

IdS Boneber Thooiaa 
194 Connor Daniel 
106 St Jean Btoalpo 
ise ProToat Bros, groa 

Cumberland at Intoraeets 

Vacant lota 
106 Voaberg Knock 
tlO Bronae Walter 
212 Beaudoln Joaepb 
314 Crowe Mra Marfcaret 
210 McGovern Jamaa 
218 Qninn Martin 
220 Wbeeler Cbarlaa 
222 Laroae David 
224 Frederic Hector 
226 Belanger Bdouard T 
280 Jublnrllle Cyrille 
284 Jette Wilfrid 
286 Jette Alpbee 
288 Jette Bunne 
24t) Larkin MIcbael 
943 Ladnc Olivlor 

Bourqoe Mra H. confy 

Honse, a e 

King St Interaecta 
Private grounds 
980412 Bola Lonia, eating 
/Se4 Jewlab Synagogue 
^Bnlenaky Samuel 
260 Belanger Gilbert 
968 Tbibault Lonia 
272 Rov Jaan B 
Unflnlabed honae 
Private grounds 
House, 8 e 

Nelson at Interaecta 
Vacant lots 

816 8t Anrant Bmerlo 
818 Vacant 

Factory, a e 

Frlel at interaecta 

Vacant lota 
800 Gravelle Antolne 

Vacant lots 
aSO-S Raymond Mlaa TtUey 
872 Deaormeaux Xavler 
874 Trudel Mlaa Btmlre 
876 Paauet Fabien 
878 Martin Alpbonae 

884 Bellveau David 
888 Oulmet Joaepb 
882 Latebvre F X 

IIIXUJU'M'OR, runa weat 
from 'Blgln to Oonoeaaton, 
fifth aonth of Patteraoa'a 
Oreok, Central and Wel> 
lington Warda. 

North Side 

Unflnltked bouse 

Private grounda 
15 Roedlng John 
IT Btndon Ftederiek 

Vacant lota 

O'Connor at ends 

Vacant lota 

47 Pool Rofbert 

48 Mawllle Alfircd 
81 Roedlng MarHn 

Vacant lota 
68 Mllla Wm J 
67 MUls Andrew K 

Vacant lota 
81 O'Nell Richard 
88 Kenny Robt H 

86 Bauer August 

87 Moulds Jamea H 

Bank at Interaecta 
Private grounda 

167 Oamoehan John 
Peter John F 
Merera Mra H. gr» 

Lyon at Interaecta 
Mutchmor St 9oh 

South Side 

Vacant lota 
80 UUe Henry 

83 Auat Bdwin D 

84 Howoe Btdward 

Adelaide at commences 

Nitake Henry 
Vacant houae 

Jamea at commences 
Houae, a e 

Ann St commences 
Vacant lots 

Bank at Intersects 
Vacant lota 

tioak at commencea 
Vacant lots 
160 Vacant 

104 iRadm:ore Mra Jessie 
Vacant lot 

168 Allan Wm B 

172 O'Oonnell Tliomas, gro 

178 Sklllen Wm 

182 Wflbb Frederick H 

184 Webb Henrv F 
188 Alexander Frederick J 
178 Prealand Bdward 
180 Burnett Jobn 
184 McLennan John R 

Vacant lota 
Ralph at commences 

Rns'.ell Wm 

T' 6 cunt lota 

Aokroyd Bdward 

Private grounda 

William at commencea 
968 Bothwell Mrs Blisa 
270 Ricbelaon Nlcholaa 

Vacant lot 
278 Roaa Alexander 

Private grounda 
282 Llgbtfoot Francis O 

Oralg at commences 

Vacant lots 
806 Mattery Samuel 
810 Albert. Henry 
812 eherman Wm T 

Vacant lota 

Albert John 

Vacant lots 

Garrett Glenholme 

Vacant lota 
Muriel St commences 

Vacant lota 

Oonceaslon at 

NBEiSON, runs south from 
410 St Patrick to Temple- 
t(m, first eaat of King, 
By and St George Warda^ 

Baat Side ••• 

Store, a e 
18 Millette Ferdinand 
Store, s e 

Murray at Interaeets 

85 Lalonde Shneon 

87 Vasina David 

86 Daalaurlera Mr» Delima 
«1 LeUerre Albert 

46 Larocque Joaepb • 

45 Oravelle Marcll , , 

47 Dafreane Joaeph 

40 Rivet Ohltxte ;' 

61 Store, a o 

Clarence at lu^ersects 
67-60 Winters Leonard, gro 

Vacant lota 
77 Robertson Alexander 
79 Fair Robert 

88 Wlntera Mra Alicia 

87 Wilaon Arthur J 
01 Devaney Jamea 
98 Wotley Henry 
96 Paquet Olivltt 

Paquet Tbeoptaile, wood 
101 Morin Jules 

106 French Alfred J 
t06 Lemalre Bmest 

107 Oarrtere Alderic, wood 
lOTU Liverman Thomaa 
100 Oouvlllon Octave 

lis Dalgnault Joseph 

Vacant lots 
110 D'Aoust Joseph 
121 Gleeaon Wm 
128 Couvlllon Wilbrod 
127 Claremont Joseph 

Phrenoline Cures ""^umatism 









i M '■■ w :r" III 



i .1, 

WATSOII'SI''^'S2^1l!fea>iT'^ I JARV 





139 Tliompgon James A, ezp 
143 Leclalro Arthur 
145 TalUefer Louis 
149 Dag«nals Mrs Marie L 
Vacant lota 

Rldeau at Intersects 

House, s e 
Private in'ounds 

Besserer st Intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lot 
House, s e 

Daly av Intersects 
House, 8 e 
Private grounds 
House, s e 

Stewart st Intersects 
House, s e 
Private grounds 
Wllbrod 8t Intersects 

Private grounds 


Private grounds 

Tbeodore st Intersects 

House, 8 e 

Vacant lots 

Unflnished house 
309 Murphy Thomas 
311 Gulllet Modeste 

Vacant lot 
Osgoode st Intersects 

Vacant lot 
Somerset st e Intersects 

Vacant lots 
West Side 

House, 8 e 
18 Gho<iuette Jean A 
20 Baulne Leon 
22 Paquette Oneslmc 
24 Garrlere Holse 

Murray st Intersects 

88 Symms Satnuel 
Private grounds 

B2 Store, s e 

Clarence st intersects 

06 Wblttey Mrs Mary 

60 Barber Paul 

62 Belts Edward S 

04 Daly Mrs Adele 

e4^ Lackey Patrick 

68 Vacant 

66 Pllon Alexandre 

68^1>anla Henri 

70 Davis ThonsHS 

72 I^blanc Francis 

74 Whlttey Patrick 

78 Kellv Joseph 

78 Leatnrame Jeremiah 

80 Percy John 

82 Olosson Joseph 

84 Carrlere Napoleon 

86 C!ote David 

88 Dalbec Wm 

90 Glroux Alfred 

96 Proulx Hyacinthe 
100 Olroux Louis 
106 Topley Mrs Ann D 
108 Perry James, hldr 
116 Berry Tliomas 
120 Hollington James 
IM Hinds Robert 
190 Renaud Joseph 
128 Obarron Adoiphus 

132 Desjardins Israel 
134 Cote Mdore 

Donnl Joseph, r ' 
136 Leplne Henry 
138 Wel(A David A 
144 Phillips James F 
146 HarknesB George A 
160 Brlen John 

Private grounds 

House, s e 
Rldeau st Intersects 

Private grounds 

House, 8 e 
Besserer st ifttersects 

Private grounds 

Daly av Intersects 

House, fl e 

Private grounds 

Stewart st Intersects 

Store, s e 
260 Douglas John W . 
262 Danls A, btchr ;* ' 
266-8 Oundell Mrs A I, gn 

Wilbrod st Intersects 
274 Keyes Mrs Mary 
276 Arnold John P 
280 !9alter Richard A 
286 Tmdel Joseph B 
288 Xioxborough Thomas 
292^ Arnold Wm 

House, 8 e 

Theodore st intersects 

House, 8 e 

Vacant lots 
304 Leprohon Btlenne A 
306 Chalifour Joseph V 

Vacant lots 

Osgoode st Intersects 

House, 8 e 
344 Corbell Victor 
.^46 McOahey John 
348 Malone Michael H 
360 Matthews George 
352 T^mb Francis 

Vacant lots 

Somerset st e Intersects 
Unflnished house 
Vacant lots 

NEPEAN, runs west from 
180 Elgin, to Concession, 
second south of Maria. Cen- 
tral and Wellington Wards. 

North Side 

House, s e 
11 Harris Mrs Louisa 
13 Ross Henry C 
17 Simpson John B 
10 O'Reilly Mrs Eliza 
27 Blllott Mrs Louisa 

Convent, r e 

House. 8 A 

Metcalfe st Intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
85 McLennan Andrew 

87 Youog Mrs Kate 

88 Brooks Hiai W 
91 Merrill Arthur L 

96 MuUeu John 

97 Webster George R 

101 Robertson Ales 
103 Henderson Robert 

106 Harrison Luke 

107 Coartney John 
121 Adameon A S A M 

Private crounds 
125 Walsh Major John 

O'Connor st intersects 

Vacant lot 
137 Dewar George I 
143 Black Wm 

Vacant lot 
177 Bastcott James 

Store, s e 

A lane 

Bank st Intersects 

Prlvato cronnds 
195 Seale Wm 
197 Troy Joseph 
2U1 MarHn Mrs Alice 
203 Blyth Walter 8 
211 Shaw Wm 

213 Ciutr Joseph i 

215 O'Regan James 
217 Flood Wm J 
219 Vacan shop 
221 MiUer John 
223 Sullivan Mrs BUiza 
227 Bradley Wm G 
237 Mover Isaac W 

Vacant lot 
245 Kllleen Bernard 
247 Stubbs James A 
249 Gooden Frank 
261 Mcllhlaney Alex 

A lane 
256 Store, s e 

K«nt st Intersects 

Church, s e 
281 Whelan Rev M J, P P 
301 Catholic Lyceum 

Peters John E, oartaker 
907 Blnks Wm J 
309 Roes James Mcb 
313 McParland Michael 3 
316 Store, s e 

Lyon st Intersects 
326 Corrldan Edward 

333 Mclean Jas L 
.S35 Elbonrne George 
387 Vacant 
MS Pratt Horace 
847 Vacant 
361 McKay Wm 
357 Lafranchlse Loais 
380 Collins Michael 

Vacant lots 

Bay st Intsrsects 

Private grouuds 
368 Hnnrahnn Joseph V 
886 Knox John A, lumber 
387 McFwen John 
391 Smith Wm 
397 Dickson Wm F 
390 Dllement Patrick, contr 

405 Leafloor Frank 

406 Wallace James 
411 Roger George 
413 O'Meara Joseph 

Vacant lots 

Percy «t intersects 
House, B e 



'9hw\9 428. Supply the Best. 

427 Keunedy John 
438 Oaiiley James 
^a, Malette Jos, jt 

Miiictte Josepl 
444 Molt George 
401 Baclne Patrick 
403 Bi'cine Peter 

Vacant lots 

Uouae, s e 
84 McDonald Mrs 
86 corrigan Wm 
91 Hodgins John 
98 Jackson Josias ] 
trar of copyrij 

100 Hudson Arthur 

101 Cooney John O 
106 Thompson L H 
106 Simpson Miss I 

116 Klock W H, pJ 
O'Connor st Inl 

Vacant lot 
142 Drummond Mrs. 
144 Johnstone Wcsii 
146 Owen AUred W 
148 Bourdlon Mrs Z^ 

Scboles Richard, 
152 Keenan David E 
166 Hogan Wm 
164 Vacant 
168 Milne John 

Milne Miss S^ < 
170 Oockburn Blcuai 
174 McKensle Aleza 
176 Foster James, c 

Dawar Miss M. : 
180 Store, s,s 

Bank »t Int 

aoi SalMwry Alezai 

Garlsad Miss M, 

'Sattobury Mrs Ctt 


206 Betts Thomas 

208 Quinn Bernard 
210 Russell Charles 
212 IDnrlght Jeremla 
214 McMeekln Mrs \ 
210 Kelly Andrew J 
216% Franklin Arthti 
218 Brannen Patrick 
220 Balne James 
222 iToater Mrs -1 

224 Oalvert Wm S 
228 Hearl Wm 
Vacant lot 
234 Byan Martin 
286 Hlgglnson James 
238 Craig Mrs Carrie 

242 Calvert John 
246 Farreli James 








427 Kounedy John 
438 Oakley James 
441 Malette Jos, jr. cab* 

MiiUttb Josepb 
444 Mi'U George 
451 Racine Patrlcli 
453 Bi'clne Peter 

Vdcant lot* 

flooth Side 

Houae, ■ e 
20 Ncwcomb George H 
26 Vacant 

28 Sflwyn Alfred R , 
34 Kheaume Louis H 
36 Dufresne J I 
40 Giirland John M 
Houae, s e 

Metcalfe «t Intersects 
House, B e 
84 McDonald Mrs EUs 
86 Corrigan Wm 
91 Hodipns John 
96 Jackson Josias B, regl»- 

trar of oopyrlguts 
100 Hudson Arthur B 
lOi Cooney John O 
106 Thompson L H 
106 Simpson Miss A M 

A Ua« 
116 Klock W H, pby 

O'Connor st Intsrsscts 

Vacant lot 
142 Drummond Mrs. B 
144 Johnstone Wttshinfton 
146 Owen Alfred W 
148 BourdkKi Mrs Zepherlae 

Scholes Blchard, r 
152 Keenan David B 
166 Hogan Wm 
164 Vacant 
168 Milne John 

Milne Miss E^ drsmkr 
170 Oockburn Blchard B 
174 McKensle Alexander 
176 Foster James, contf 

Dawar Miss M. nurse 
180 Store, s,* 

Bank »t Intersects 

SM SalMwry Alexander 
Garland Miss M, dmnkr 
iSalisbury Mrs Oharlotte, 
a06 Betts Thomas 

A lane 

2C« Quinn Bernard 
t210 Russell Charle* . 
212 Bnright Jeremiah 
214 McMeekin Mrs M A 
210 Kelly Andrew J 
216^ Franklin Arthur A 
218 Brannen Patrick 8 
220 Balne James 
222 foster Mrs Matilda, 

224 Oalvert Wm B 
226 Heart Wm 
Vacant lot 
234 Byan Martin 
236 Hininson James A 
238 Oraig Mrs Oarrle 

A lane 

242 Calvert John 
246 Farrell James 

House, 8 e 

Kent St intersects 
282 Burk John 
268 Bryns Martin 
270 McQelland Hugh 
274 Sawer Frederick L 
276 Jalland John, Icksmth 

at Patrick's School 
aoa Vacant 
804 McCanley Daniel 
808 Douglas Mrs Ann 

House, 8 e 

Lyon St Intersects 
S24 Hutcheson James B 
828 Quain Redmond 
888 Doherty John H 
342 Barrett John 
sea Qnlnn Patrick, contr 
308 McVeigh Wm 
806 Dunning Raymond B 
360 Oash Peter 
882 Farrell Wm 
864 Mathers Mrs Bllen 
868 Foley Dennis 
Store, s • 

Bay st Intersects 
374 Gourloy Rev John 
376 Morphy Mrs Zenobla 
878 Vacant 
380 McLean James D 
88B MacAulay Rev Bran 
800 Donovan Thomas B 
882 Vacant 
384 ^>encer Stanley 
806 Kelly J<une« H 
398 Helman George ; 
808^4 Vacant 
404 Bowen James B 
404% Patterson Robert 
406 Delayer Herbert 

Delayer Mrs M.dramkr 
406^Peter Charles 

vacant lot 
410412 FInlav John F 

Vacant lot 

Percy «t intersects 
4S» Holland Mrs Ilieresa 
482 McCuaig Flndley 
482% Hickson John 
434 Hickson Robert J 
488 Donahue James 
444 Oawy John 
446 Burke George F 
400 MoOormick Wm 
402 Smith Harry 
454 Smith Alexander B 

Private srounds 

House, s e 

NBOPBAN POINT, on right 
bank of Ottawa River, 
north of St Patrick 
street, Ottawa Ward. 

Thompson O O caretkr 

NBVILLB, runs west from 
the deep cut bend of the 
Canal to Robert, Central 

North Side 

1 Hoillnsworth Major O H 

5 Neville John 
Private jtrounds 

20 Vacant 

88 Waller John J 
Private grounds 

41 Neville Wm 

South Side 

Jjtumber yard 
SO Brown Hiram 
82 Heasman George 
84 Wright Mn» Sarah 

42 Oraham John 
Suave Henri, rear 

NICHOLAS, runs south 
from 138 Rideau, second 
east of Sussex to city lim- 
its, St. George Ward. 

Bast Side 

Store, 8 « 
7-11 St. Lawrence Hall 

18-23 Rogers S & Son, un- 

Besserer st Intersects 
20-27 Baldwin Bros, gros 
20 Vacant 
20% Oloet Prospers 
81 Mahon Edward, barr 

88 Cardinal Pierre, livery 

89 Boston Wm H, coal 
43 Tobin R & Son, real 

estate \ 

45 Vacant 

Daly av commences 
Court house, s e 
Co of Carleton Jail 
70 Kehoe Wm 

Wllbrod st Intersects 

106 Oleary Patrick J, gro 
100 DesiJardins Charles 
lOT Turner Wm 

109 Nolan Thomas J 
111 Hlckey Mrs Mary 

118 Killeen Martin 
Kllleen Miss J A, dress- 

110 Malion M Jomph 
Mahon Miss B J, mos 

Mahon Miss Martina, mns 
117 McVeigh Mrs Bmma 
McVeigh Miss A, drsmkr 

119 O'TooIe Mrs Catherine 
121 Brooks John, ]r 

A lane 
laD Redmond John 
127 Marchand Ameble 

120 Quesnel George A 
181 Vacant 

188 Otaiond iBlhu 
180 Gallagher Philip 
13T Oraham Henry 
180 Hudon Mrs Mary B 
141 Watentou Ohae. sro 

Theo<tore st Intersects 
House, s e 

A lane 

107 Fortler Mrs Jennie O 


4LI. ttllOdmt Oft *PHONI lots. 














I ' 





MieiM are WORLO-WWI at Is l uM muu ai|d Trtvi(, 

JOHN R. REID, Managtr, EMtorn Ontario 






Private groundg 
178 Brown James F 

Private itrounds 
187 Bureau Alfred 
ie» Oenest Samuel M 
191 Des Rivieres J F Mo 

OIU. civ ens 
196 Odell Clarence H 

Waller st ends 
216 MacCormac Michael O 
219 Oywan Wm 

Osgoode St commeoceB 
ass Wall«r Mr» Jane 
241 Kingston Alfred O 
aiS Wall Mrs Mary A 
261 Vacant 
288 Macdonald Albert B 

266 Vacant 
Vacant lots 

267 Morse Prank A 
271 Oasey John 

• 276 Davy John, cab owner 
281 Brennan Mm BUi 
288 Devlin Wm 
286 Teskey Henqf 

Teague Mrs SMlen. r 

Jomdan Jolm, r 
286% Vacant 
28rr Hicks Peter 
288 Keating Mrs Sarah 

Bryant Thorn**, mna 
291 ntzslmmona 'Mra Mary 
293 Vacant 
286 Taylor Wm ' 

297 Scoble Wm 

Somerset st e intersect* 
Vacant lots 
861 Ness Wm 
Vacant lots 

A lane 

881 Kane Mrs Margaret 
aSl^Doran John 

Vacant lots 
409 O'Donnell James 

West Side 

Store, fl e 
10 McOUton Thos, shoemkr 
lO^Oooper Mrs N, mlnry 

vacant lots 
18 Sing Lnng, Indrr 
20 Luden Angelo, fruits 
22 Strange John, pntr 
24 Keboe Charles, flour 

Besserer st intersects 

26-8 Osgoode Hall Hotel 

Hotel yard 
40 Roblson Thos, shoemkr 

Wood yard 
66 Olty Registry Office, A 
Bnrrltt, registrar 

Court st commences 
Marble yard 
90 Allen mTn Mary 
98 Hanratty \itlip J 
94 Hawkins Wm 

A lane 

08 Lacbance Ovlla 
08 Tressider Charles L 
100 Heals Wm • 
1Q3 Mostyn Sdwln T Q 

Wllbrod st Intersects 
104 Delaney Jas, c<»itr 

106 Wood Hurh 
106 McStravick Thos 
110 MoOilton Allan 
112 Duncan Jobu 
114 Kelly Mrs Louisa 
116 Dase Gilbert 
118 Unfinished house 

St James st commenoes 
124 Mulligan Mrs Marr 
126 Stevenson Mrs J, odg 
128 Bnllis Bdmond 
ISO Doran Michael 
182 Oallagtaer Francis 
134 McVeTfrti Barnest J 
136 iShea Bert>ert 

Private grounds 
144 O'Leary Michael, contr 

Theodore st ' aersects 
148 Bollard M 8. drags 
160 Babtn Edouard 
162 Rooney Bdmund F B 
1S4 Snowball Wm 
166 Robltaille George 
168 Odell Mrs Adeline 
164 Noiln L Hubert 
170 Ooffey Patrick J 
174 0"Leary John, contr 

O'Leary Matthew, contr 

O'lieary Patrick, contr 

Private grounds 
180 Baker Frederick M! 
162 Oasey Mrs Bridget 
184 Gamble Samuel 
190 Holcomb Mrs Marg B 
194 Plnley Wta 
200 Ourrier Lewis D 
202 Harvey Adam 
208 Finnerty Oapt J IC 
210 Hayter Benjamin 
212 Kane James 
214 Beaman Thcnnaai 
216 Trrell Henry W 
e20 liuCann Patrick 
222 Untenantable house 

A lane 

Private grounds 
286 Henderson Alex 
238 Kane Mrs Mary A 
240 Starrs Robt A 
244 Harrington Midiael 
248-280 Gorman James 
282 Wall Jotan P 

264 Heron Thos, gro 
266 Barrett Mrs Mar 
266 Vacant 

260 Harris George A 

Vacant lots 
282 Dawson James 

Somerset st e Intersects 

Vacant lot 
314 Doran John 
Vacant lots 

Canada Atlantic By 

NORiMAN, runs west tromi 
Division, second south of 
CAR crossing, Dalhonsle 


81 Hlmes James 
38 Parton Mrs Mary J 
36 Desrosiers Achllle 
S7 Belleville Maglotre 
Vacant lota 

Hotise, s e 
Rochester st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
40-61 Jones John 
66 Flenrent Simeon 
m Mulligan Samuel 
61 Bellenalile Oyprlen 

66 Bellefeuilie Olivier 

67 Dnmonehel Oslas 

71 Labelle Vrands 
Oirouard Henri 
LumlMr yards 
Vacant lots 

Preston st Intersect* 
133 Dawson Thomas 
186 I.,eblond Wm 
130 'Mullen George 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

House, s e 

Rochester st intersects 
64 (BlopeDe Damose 
60 Fregin Bmile 
64 Ftegin John 

72 Beattle Wm 
Lumber yards 

Preston st intersects 
Vacant lots 
122 Renaud Jacques 
180 dairmont Amedee 

NOTRIB DAIM>B, runs south 
from 498 St Andrew to St 
Patrick, fifth east of King, 
Ottawa Ward. ^ 

B*st Side 

46 Dufour Joseph 
51 St Ann's School 

West Side 

House, s e 
10 Rot>ert Joseph 
12 Gagne Napoleon 
14 Bofvin Mrs Biisabeth 
16 Labonte Alphonse 
24 Watson Matthew 
28 Millette Louis 
26 Robertson James A 

Belot Simon, rear 
30 Vesina Alfred 
32 Dumoulln Wm 
M Faucher Pierre 
86 Aussant F X 
36 Robert Charles 
40 Blals Bdmond 
44 Vacant ' 

46 Vacant 
60 Laroche John 

Store, s e 

0*CX>NNOR, runs south 
from Wellington, opposite 
Western Departmental 
Building,_ to Hutchmor, 
Central Ward. 

Oast Side 

6 White B P M, mnfrs' 

7 Gnst Henry, pat sol 
Grist John, architect 

Bureau A ft Frere*,prtrs 

C. B. TA&6AHT & SON 

Real Estate Agtnts, Auetionaeri, eto. 
Tei. 708 Cor. Bank <ft Wellington 8ts 


,1 ooruian Bros, hot 
" Gerald 
IS Marlon J, barber 
g f (.,. 43rd Batt 

Store, s e 
Sparki . Inten 
M.36 Bryson, Grahan 
"^jo, grocers 

H Y M O A, F J Fe< 
' secretary 

Outton Robt, caret 
Queen st Inten 
45 silna Breary, bak 
Jf Gilbert Wm A 
40 Vacant 
81 iUgman John, plm 
S Yupn Long, Indry 
jM8 Shepherd H «, 
WMc^Bride Patrick J 
63 Bourke John 
«I Finn Miss M, drsi 
(940^ Greene Paul, d 

Albert st inten 
n Boss Mrs Bllsabel 
n Lochead Daniel O 
1Q Almon Mrs Ellen i 
17 Woodrow Mrs J, 1 
79 MacLean Donald < 
83 Bennett Mrs MatI 
BK Bennett Wm 

Bennett Mrs M, 1 
91 Corbett Wm 

Slater st inters 

Vacant lots 
97 Bronse John A 
99 Gellnas Frederick 
101 Neelln Mrs Bllsa 
lOS Scott Mri» Janet 


lOT Fnnnell R VjPhy 

Sanatorium l%e 
111 Vacant 

' A 
115 Wheeler Miss >Bllzi 
110 Vacant 

House, B e 

Maria st tnteri 
131 BIchardeon Miss 
Ei, bdg hse 


143 Deacon Miss N M, 
145 Brenot Honore 
149 Brick Wm N 
151 Corcoran Mrs Cliro 
153 MacDonald W B, i 

Gloucester st inten 
House, s e 
176 House, • e 

Nepean st Inten 

180 Klock Wm H, phj 
191 Mountain George . 
198 Obamberlin Jamea 
196 Vacant 
190 Adams Bdward 
201 Avery Frederiek 'V 
Lisgar st Inten 
House, s e 


J ARVIS Guarantees ViHSSSS. 





11 Ooruian Bros, hotel Gerald 
« Marlon J, toarber 
g" O'. -i^'d Batt Cadb 

Store, B e 
Sparki . Intersect* 
Bryson, Graham 3t 
"Co, grocers 

A lane 

IT T M A, F J Fedarb, 

Outton Robt, caretkr 
Qneen st intersects 

46 gilna Breary, toaker 

47 Gilbert Wm A 
49 Vacant 

61 Hlgman John, plmbr 
63 Yuen Long. Indry 
8M9 Shepherd H «, pn'tr 
SM(?Brid« Patrick J 
63 Bourke John 
anna Miss M, drsmkr 
gD^aO^ Greene PanI, dairy 
Albert St intersects 

n Boss Mrs Sllsabeth 

78 Lochead Daniel O 
16 Almon Mrs Ellen S 

77 Woodrow Mrs J, bdgi 

79 Macliean Donald O 
83 Bennett Mrs Matilda 
85 Bennett Wm 

Bennett Mrs M, bdg 
91 Corbett Wm 

Slater st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
97 Broase John A 
99 Gelinas Frederick 
101 Neelin Mrs Dliaa J 
KB Scott Mrs Janet 

A lane 

lOT Fnnnell B YiPhy 

Sanatorium lite 
111 Vacant 

' A lan« 

115 Wheeler Miss >BllBabeth 
119 Vacant 

A lane 
House, s e 

Maria st Intersects 
tSl Richardson Miss Blary 
EJ, bdg hse 

A lane 

143 Deacon Miss N M, bdg 
146 Brenot Honore 
149 Brick Wm N 
151 Oorcoran Mrs Caroline 
163 MacDonald W B, dental 

Gloucester st Intersects 
House, s e 
176 House, • e 

Nepean st Intersects 

189 Klock Wm H, phy 
ISl Monntsln George A 
103 Obamiberlln James S 
196 Vacant 

190 Adams Bdward 

201 Avery Frederick W 

Lisgar st intersects 
House, s e 

PrlTSte grounds ' 
221 Kldd John F, MD 

Oooper st Intersects 

House, s e 

Private grounds 

House, s e 

Somerset st Intersects 

Honse, s e 

366 Hurdman Robt 

Madsren st Intersects 
aerr Ohapleau S B 9t O 
271 Clarke James 
281 Thistle Miss Louise 
Gilmour st intersects 
House, s e 
Private grounds 

Lewis st Intersects 
Street not ofpen 

Ann st Intenects 
an MoOoy Wm 

Private grounds 
381 Macanlay Miss Marg 
368 Oralg John 
Vacant lots 
MoLeod st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Argyle av intersects 
House, B e 
Private grounds 
Catharine st Intersects 
Private grounds 
OAR crossing 

Isabella st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Jane st intersects 
MetropolitSD AthleMo 


Not open to Patterson's 

Carleton st Intsrsects 
Vacant lots 

First av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Second av intersects 
Vacant lots 
Store, s e 

Third av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Fourth av intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

Muttihmor st 

West Side 

Bank, s e 
SSmdth Six Donald A 
12 Seybold J A ft Co, s • 
Sparks st Intersects 
Poulln Louis N, s e 
82^4 "The Avondale" 
36-40 Garland J M. whol 

dry goods 
42-44 Harris & Campbell, 
furniture mnfrs 

Qneen st intenects 
National Art Gallerv 
Dom FisherieB Stehiblt 

Ottawa Fiab Hatchery 
Private grounds 
66 Brown & Bruce, bkrs 
60 Anderson James 
04 Adams Mrs A, mus tdta 
66 Dixon Wm J 
68 Brouse & Millar, gros 
Albert st intersects 
72 Byan Miss M A, bdg 
Ryan Miss B, drsmkr 
76 fipearman Mrs M, bdg 
78 Phillips John A 

Phillips' Mrs J A, bdg 
80 BobI Henry F 
84 McCallum Mrs Fanny 

Private grounds 
90 Turner Mrs Mary 
92 Cousens Wm O. phy 
Wotley Frederick 
Slater st intersects 
94 Bucksey Miss M P, drs- 

96 Baker Alexander 
100 Dwyre John H 
104 Sharp Miss B L, drsmkr 
106 Cole Henry 

A lans 
108 Bollander Alfired 
110 Watchom John, cooper 
114 Steams Henry F 
116 Reardon Hugh J 
118 O'Keefe Mrs E»ien 
120 Brouse John 
122 Nash Richard 

NaSh Mrs Richard, bdg 
126 Dalton Mrs Susan, bdg 

Maria st intersects 

Private grounds 
136 Brown William W 

A lane 
House, s e 

Gloucester st intersects 
154 May Thomas 

Private crounds 
16ft4 Kennedy James, bd^ 
Vacanf lots 

Nepean st IntersectB 
Vacant lots 
106 Martin Clarence W 
196 Gairdner Mrs Christina 
200 Hutchison Geo, dentist 
Lisgar st intersects 
204 Blis Robert W 
206 Prince Prof Bdward B 
210 Thompson John H 
212 Cook Frederick 
Private grounds 
22B Pratt Abraham 

Cooper at intersects ' 
226 Stackhouse Charles G 
284 Keams Wm 
298 Ollddon Wm S 
House, 8 e 

Somerset st Intersects 
240 Russell Mrs Helen 
248 Sptttal Alexander 

Private (rounds 
2M Mothenrill G«orge A 
Maclaren st Intersects 

274 Blair Hon Andrew G 
276 May Wm C 




tf 7 aiMl S9 iyCOHNOB ST, 


1 1 . 














'ittomm 21. 

W. 9. mMLL, MMNMVJt. 

66 Queen tt! 



ZiS Moore Rev Wm 
280 Perley George B 
282 Kldd W John 

Gllmour st Intersects 
House, 8 e 

Lewis 6t Intersects 
Street not open 

Ann st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
382 Maxwell John J ' 
834 Vacant 

886 Botterell Mrs Annie 
888 Vacant 
Honse, s e 

McLeod st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Ancyle ar Intersects 
Private grounds 
Oatharlne st intersects 
Stone yard 

OAR crossing 
Isabella st intersects 

Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Jane st intersects 

Metro]>o41tan Athletic 

Not open to Patterson's 


Carlton st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

First av Intersects 
House, 8 e 
Private grounds 
House, s e 

Second av Intersects 
Woodbum Clinton M 
Vacant lots 

Third av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Fourth av' tntcrsects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

Mutchmor at 

OAK, runs east from First 
av, second south of 'Bom- 
«Tset, Dalhousie Ward. 

Not open 

OKEKiON, runs west from 
l?c Bridge, opposite 
Dnke, to the river, Vic- 
toria Ward 

North Side 

Lumber piles 

South Side 

Lumber piles 
fiberwood st commences 

▲ l«a« 



42 Cooke Jeremiah B 
44 Derraueh John 
48 Leland Charles 

Oakes Frederick 
48 Walker Jacob 
60 OummlnsB David 
62 Toole Mrs Ann 

Broad st commences 
C P B tracks end 

OSGOODB, runs east from 
219 Nicholas to the Rid- 
ean River, first south of 
Theodore, St George's 

North Side 

House, s e 
Vacant lots 

16 TIemey Andrew 

17 Bruyere Charles A 
19 Hartley Norman A 
ai Smith Frederick B 

Vacant lots 

26 Gllleepie P, artist 

27 McCann James 
Vacant lots 

68 Belanger Maurice A 

Private grounds 
67 Seguin Francis O 

Cumberland st ends 

House, s e 
71 Christian Mrs MatUda 

Private grounds 

House, s e 

College av Intersects 
House, s e 
House, 8 e 

K]inff ' at Jnterseots 
Honse, s « 
Private ground* 
118 Langford Wm H 
Peterkln Miss 8, gro 
Henderson av intersects 

Vacant lot 
Unflnished building 
Vccant lot 

Nelson st intersects 

Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Sweetland av intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

Ru88«ll av intersects 
Bouse, s • 

A Ian* 
Vacant lot 

Cbapel st Intersects 

Vseant lot 

Blackburn av Intersects 

Vacant lot 
Honse, s • 

Oonlbom av Intsrscots 

Vacant lot 

Marlborough av Intersects 

Vacant lots 

Salisbury av intersects 

Vacant lots 
ftlverslde av intersects 
Vacant lots 

Bldeau Rive, 
South Side 

House, 8 e ' 

14 Beers Mrs Mary j 
16 Hawkins Prank 

Vacant lot 
ao Ma-Naughten Michael 

Vacant lots 
28 Krltch Charles 
28 Ornson Jacob 
82 James Jacob W 
86 Baker Wm C 

Store, s e 

Cumberland st Intersect! 

Vacant lots 
College av Intcraecti 
,25 li'^^tte George A 
}55 £«»lo«ee Francis 
102 I>omn Wm, jr 
J5II 0'<5onnelI Philip 
106 Bracken Thomas 
106 Merritt James 

Vacant lots 

Kintr st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
Henderson av Intersecti 
128 Vacant 
lao Leiievre Simeon 
182 Faribault B Rodolphe 
184 Nutting James P 
186 Ohasse J Alfred 
188 Bellean Bugene 
140 mms Mrs Louisa P 
142 Vacant 
144 Vacant 

Nelson st intersects 
Vacant lots 
Sweetland av intersects 
160 Caron Albert E 
Vacant lot 

Ottawa Golf Club Hse 
Russell av intersects 
Not built on to Rldean 

OTTAWA (Le Breton 
Flats), runs west from' 
46 Lett, first south of 
Queen west, to BrotdL 
Victoria Ward. 

North Side 

8 Roblllard Phileas 
18 McOuIre Patrick 

Lloyd st intersects 
16 PepIn Augustin 
S7 Money Alexander 
41 Dunn Robert 

Bridge st Intersects 
49 Fauteux Napoleon 
61 Guenette Mrs Rose 
68 Ross Mrs S L, fruits 
68W Oacnon Francis 
67 Dionne F X, cabs 
86 Brisebols Francis 
61 Taylor George 

anS Confederation Life I «»'"!*! j:25a*^i 

Ire R. H. GO] 


abe'r^vpod 9t ends 
i f« prod'bnmme Alexandre 
1 B Sayer Fablen 
M gt Louis Joseph 
rMcOlbney Samuel, bldr 
JiMcGlbiiey Mrs M, gro 
' Hotel, B e 


Vacsut lots 

Lloyd st Intersects 

[jSFlemlug George 

IBByan John 

I S Murphy Edward 

House, s e 

Bridge st intersects 
I |i>^ Boileau Leon, wines 
] 16 Fields James 
iMBabeu Patrick 
1 10 Boy Michel 
i|tPmd'homme Maurice 
In Pare Israel 
I Vacant lots 
I d) Gravt'lle Leon 
I te Biaucbette Napoleon 
IMSaraisiu Joseph 

Hotel, s e 

IrAMII'LA, runs west from 
1 [Hrision to city limits, 
(onrtb south of O A B 
track, intersecting Roch- 
Hter at 636. Dalhousie 

jbttli aide 

Vacant l^ts 

Rochester st intersects 

House, s e 

VacnQt lota 
■CPloulTe Pierre 
lOI/alaude Felix 

Lumber plies 

Preston st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
|17 6irouard Jean Bt« 
Vacant lots 

■th Side 

lUKiog Louts 

Private grounds 

Vacant lot 
I MIchaud Michel 

Honse, B e 

Rochester st intersects 

Bouse, a e 
IMiirahall Joseph 
) Belleville Samuel 
I Belleville Olivier 
IBeuaud Andre 

Lumber pUes 

Preston st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
Connors Frederick 

,J>INBAU, runs east fmin 

|C Augusta to Oobounr, 

1nt north of Olarenoa, By 



m I H. GONLEY of Wellington Street A TBIAL 





aberwpod mt •mis 
[ « pmd'bnuime Alexandre 

S St Louis Joseph 
rUcOlbney Samuel, Wdr 
SjlcGlbiiey Mrs M, gro 
' Hotel, 8 e 

lnotli Side 

Ttctot lota 

Lloyd Bt Intersects 
[llFleiQlug George 

] S Murphy Edward 

Bouse- 8 e 

Bridge St Intersects 
1 1){2 Bolleau Leon, wines 
iMFIelds James 
iBBilieu Patrick 
IgEoy Michel 
lljpmd'iiomme Maorlce 
IfiPare Israel 
I Vacant lots 
IwGravtMle Leon 
I te Blaucliette Napoleon 
itlSarazlu Joseph 

Hotel, s e 

VAHIIyLA, runs west from 

[Dirlsion to city limits, 

{onrtti south of O A R 

tnek, luterseoting Roch- 

Hter at 636. Dalhousle 

I Ward. 

lutb Side 

Vacant l»ts 

Rocbester st intersects 

House, 8 e 
Vacnot lota 

SPlouffe Pierre 
Ulaude Felix 
Lumber piles 

Preston st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
|i;6lrouard Jean fits 
Vacant lots 

■th Side 

lUKlDg Louts 
Private grounds 
Vacant lot 
I Micbaud Michel 
House, s e 

Euchester st Intersects 

Bouae. « e 
I Marshall Joseph 
I Bellerllle Samuel 
I Belleville Olivier 
IBenaud Andre 

Lumber piles 

Preston st intersects 
Vacant lota 
Connors Frederick 

PINBAU, runs cast tmn 

Augusta to OotMugt, 

t north of OlarsDos, uy 


North Side 

11 Baxter John 

16 Rocbon Fablen 
Undnlshed house 

17 Laorolx Jean B 

19 Element Mrs Marg 
26 Fields Charles 
29 Olaro'x Joseph 
81 Ftiillon Augnstln 
88 Labbe Athanase 
86 Bouthler Mrs Bosa 
37 Morrisette Adolphus 
Store, s e 

South Slle 

House, s e 
16 Deslauriers Joseph 

28 Larable John 


PBBOT, rung south from 
648 Maria to Isabella, first 
west of Bay, Wellington 

Bast Side 

House, s e 

A lane ' 
House. 8 e 

Gloucester st intersects 
House, s e 

A lane 
88 Smith James 
Vacant lots 

Nepean st intersects 
Vacant lots 
46 Breckenbury T O 
S» Smith James 
Btore, s e 

Lisgar st Intersects 
Private grounds 
111 Benson A J. paper 

118 Doyle Bdward J. wood 
Vacant lots 

Oooper st intersects 
Btore, s e 
127 Blnns John 
129 Ross James W 
181 Walker James 
Vacant lot 

Somerset st Intersects 
Private grounds 
141 Oassidy John 

Gassidy Miss B A. fea- 
ther cvrier 
Vacant lots 
Maclaren st Intersects 
Percy flt Pub Boh 
Oilmonr st Intenwots 
Vacant lots 

JaBMs st interseots 
Itn Smith John 

Private grounds 
167 Worsley John 8 

Florence at interseots 
Vacant lots 

Ann st Intersects 
Vacant lots- 

West Side 

12 Llttlejohn Henry 
14 Duffleld Edward 
20 McGrath Bdward 
22 Egan Denis, gro 
Gloucester st Intersects 

26-?t Hartnett Timothy 

40 Lash Wm 
4Q Charbonneau O 
44 Store, s e 

Nepean st Intersect* 
. Store, s e 
48 Kennedy Thomas 

Private grounds 
66 Byce Timothy 
68 Doyle Thomas 
62 Gordon Nicholas 
64 Reardon James 
Vacant lots 

Lisgar st intersects 
Duford AJphonse, black- 
Oapltal Ice Oo's sheds 
Oooper st intersects 

House, s e 
110 Nobes George 
112 Baycrof t Joseph 
114 Smith Joseph H 
116 Moreland Charles Q 

House, s e 

Somerset st Intersects 

Store, 8 e 

124 Snider Allan J 
128 Morgan Cfholar O 

Vacant lots 
128 Gordon Wm 

Maclaren st Intersects 
ISO Manor Joseph 

Manor Mrs SeUna, gro 
134 Lvnch Henrv 
188 Rivers Oharles A 

Vacant house 

Morrow Mrs O, gro 

Gllmour at Interseots 

Vacant lots 
144 Scott Wm 
146 Raitt James 

Unfinished house 
160 Bird Charles 

James st Intersects 
16S Heath Frederick J 

Heath Mrs P, knitting 
104 Hemming Edwin 

. Florence st Intersects 
Vacant lotp 

Ann Bt intersects 
Vacant lots 

PSiROY (Stewarton), runs 
west from Oralg, second 
south of Mutchmor, Wel- 
lington Ward. 

North Side 

Private n-ounds 
O'Brien Wm 
Vacant lots 
Bhaw David 
Vacant lots 



Ormomm or *Photi« loss. 

i l: :| 


•» CO 











Tii.j^{w- SUy LIFE 

art abMlirtdfl JONN R. REID, 
Uncoilditloma.J Mwy., Eutern Oirtwk 



South Side 

Vacant lots 
Patterson Wm H 
Vacant lots 
Peart Wm 
Vacant lots 
Stracban David 

PERKINS, runs south from 
096 Albert, fourth west of 
Concession, Dalhouale 


Bast Side 

House, s e 

11 BellefeulUe Jean Bte 

Vacant buildings 

30 Hutchlngame John 

West Side 

House, 8 e 

20 Vacant 
24 Ooulet Jean 
34 Norrls John W 

Ice bouse 

PEirrBfR, runs from Bmmett 
aouthwesterly.second south 
of Somerset, Central Ward. 

North Side 

& Anderson Robert 
Asher Mrs Isabelle 

13 L<ewlB Bdward 
IS Fleury Joseph H 
17 Radt>orne Tinomas 
19 Whitmore T Wm S 
21 Moxley Wm M 

Moxley Mrs A, gro 
28 Manners George 
26 James Mrs Mzabeth 

South Side 

2 McNeill John 
6 Clewes John R 
8 Law Henry 
Prlyate grounds 

14 Suddaby Jamea 
24 Vacant 

PINA'RD, runs north from 
e09 St Patrick to Rldeau 
River, sixth east of King, 
Ottawa Ward. 

Ba«t aide 

House, 8 e 

8 Lapolnte Odllon 

9 Clermont BMward 

11 'Martin George 
18 Plcotte Joseph 
IS Danls Ambroae 

Weat Side 

House, • e 
6 Lafontalne Mrs Marg 
8 Hoard Jean Bte 
8M^ Lafontalne Lonto 
10 Belanger Zotique 

12 OlDgraa Davltf 
14 Boucher F X 



PINB (N B), runs east from 
Sussex n, fifth north of 
Rldeau River, Rldeau 

North Side 

Rldeau Hall ground* 
Aberdeen The Barl of 
Rldeau Hall 
Rogers Ttiomaa 

South Side 

S Powell Mrs Lola M 

7 Lambart Hon O H 

Private grounda 

Thomas st 

P7NK (Rocheatervllle), runs 
west from Division to cltT 
limits, tenth south of Ai> 
bert, Dalhousle Ward. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

15 Peterson Pranola 
Vacant lot 

2S Mulligan Andrew 
27 Mulligan Alexander 
20 Phllion Albert 
Store, s e 

Rochester st Intersects 

House, s e 

Vacant lot 
61 Smith Richard B 

Vacant Iota 
78 Piion Thomai 

Vacant lots 

Store, a e 

Preston at Interseoto 
House, s e 
Vacant lota 

123 Kennedy Wm 

127 Kennedy Robert 
131 Lyons James 

139 Dumouchel Prancoia 
143 Leger Charles 
Lumber yards 

CAR cToartng 
Lumber yarda 

South Side 

Store, a e 
6 Desormeaux Adolphe 
12 Holloway Mrs Sarah 

IDeasy Alfred 
14 Tnrpln F X 

16 Turpln Boatache 
Vacant lot 

■ 26 Morin Mn Domithtlde 
32 Cayer Brnest 
House, a e 

Rochester st Interaeota 
Vacant lota 
72 McPhllllpa Mtchaal 
Vacant lota 

Preston st Intarseeta 

House, a a 

Vacant lota 
114 Oobey Oeorge 
118 Delorme Wna 
122 Merder Henri 

124 Arnold Wm 

128 MalUonz Joseph 
180 Aibry Alfred 

Lumber yard 

CAR crossing 
Lumber piles 

POPLAR, runs w(st r«-. 
DlylBlon to Presou Zv 
enth aouth of aid. "t d,V 
housle Ward. ' "*'" 

North Side 

House, B e 

9 Lawless Wm 

Vacant lot 

Al Hlscox Samuel 

23 Blais Wm 

Store, 8 e 

Rochester st InteraecU 

House, s e 
6S Farrell Daniel 
60 Brltt Bdward 
63 Paquette Antoine 

Vacant lots 
69 Ramsay Hugh 
71 Monahan John 
78 Finn John 
76 Beer Fred C 
98 Outhbert Thomas 

Smith Walter, rear 

House, 8 e 

South Side 

House, a e 
14 Cardlll Lawrence 

Vacant lota 
22 Morin Olivier 
26 Oharron Siusebe 

Vacant lota 

Store, a a 

Bodteater st intersects 

64 Blala Mrs Zoe 

Vacant lota 
02 Lafrance Joseph 
00 Borgeau Pierre 
70 Larkin Patrick D 
76 Oyr Alphonse 

Vacant lota 

House, a e 

ed on the Rldeau River, 
about ISO yards north of 
ftt Patrick's bridge, be- 
tween Ottawa and Ri. 
deau Wards. 

Contagious Disease Hos- 
pital (unflnlabed) 
Brady John 

PORTLAND (formerly so- 
called), west from Bell 
to Division, now a continu- 
ation of Somerset, which 
see for namea. 

POWBLL, runs west from 
Patterson's Greek to Con- 
cession, Interaectlng Bank, 
near 688, Oentral and Wel- 
lington wards. 

Not bollt on 


Tel. 708. Cor, Bank A WelUngton 8U. 



flfst ^■P*'* of Ro 
Dalbonsi'' Ward. 

Hist Sldo 

House, 8 e 

Maple st Inte 

A1 Parr James A 

prlViite grounds 
57 Crai:u'!ll Levi 

Elm St inte 
Erskiue Pres Chi 
79 Mi'l'''«''l*°® Peter 
01 Finli'V James 
g9 SpeiKST Charlea 
Spruce st inte 
95 M^rrlam Charles 
private grounds 
lOD Rochester Wm T 
SoniiTset st inte 

116 House, s e 

117 VfiCiiiit 
119 Vacant 
121 Leduc Joseph 

Bccles st 

131 Jodoln Alexandre 
133 Butler Michael 
143 Mci.ean Thomas 

Va<ant lots 

Anderson st 
161 fiounerlUe Jules 
163 Normand Baslle 

Private grounds 
177 Benuchamp Jos 

Vacant, rear 

Poplar st 

181 Farmer Wm 
187 Farmer & Barret 
Vacant lots 

Willow st 
Vacant lots 
Balsam st Inter 
246 Carrlere Fableu Jr 
id Carrlere Fablen 
249 Farmer Robert 

Pine st inter 
289 Burke Charles^ co 
2T1 Gougeon Anthlme 
279 IVtterley Hiram 
281 Kldbrlde Richard 
283 Green«hleld8 Mrs 

-Margaret st inter 
287 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
297 Vacant 
299 Latreille Alexand 

Vacant lot 

BUen st Inter 
311 r.adouceur Wm 

OAR croi 
Lumber yards 

Norman st Inter 
Lumber yards 

Pamilla st Inten 
Vacant lots 


8. T. WILUa, Pi 

WM. MASON & SONSI^"^ "o'SI'w"2SS"?'^ 





__««>nvi\' runs south from 
f&i:,n\ city .limits 

r,«t west of 


I)albon«i« Ward. 

of Rochester, 

8iBt Sid-? 

House, 8 e 

Miiple at Intersects 
,- Parr .lames A 
* PrlViiie srrounds 
»T crauuoU Levi 

Elm St Intersects 
Erslviue Pres Church 
79 McKir'an^ Peter 
01 Flnli'V James 
^ Spencer Charles 

Sinuce St Intersects 
M Merrinm Charles 
Private grounds 
106 Rochester Wm T 
Souiirset st Intersects 

118 House, s e 
117 Vacant 

119 Vacant 

121 Lertuc Joseph 

Bccles St ends 
131 JoQoia Alexandre 
133 Butler Michael 
143 McLean Thomas 
Va<ant lots 

Anderson st ends 

161 Bounevllle Jules 
1$3 Niirmand BasUe 
Private grounds 
177 Benuchamp Jos 
Vacant, rear 

Poplar st ends 
181 Farmer Wm 
187 Farmer & Barrett, tan- 
Vncant lots 

Willow st ends 
Vacant lots 
Balsam st Intersects 
J46 Carrlere Fablen Jr 
247 Carrlere Pablen 
J49 Farmer Robert 

Pine st intersects 
269 Burke Cbarles^ confy 
271 Goiigeon Anthlme 
279 Fetterley Hiram 
281 Kldbride Richard 
283 Greensblelds Mrs Mary 
Margaret st Intersects 

287 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
2W Vacant 
299 LatrelUe Alexandre 

Vacant lot 

ntlnn- ^m 

Ellen st Intersects 

whldi ■ 

811 I.adouceur Wm 


OAR crossing 


Lumiber yards 

from ■ 

Xormau st Intersects 

Con* ■ 
Bank, ■ 

Lumber yards 

1 Wei- B 

Pamilla st Intersects 


Vacant lots 


River road 

West Side 

8 Pleck Andrew W 

Private grounds 
32 Pratt John L> 
40 Merrill Milton W 

Maple st Intersects 
48 Martin Daniel A 
House, s e 

Elm st Intersects 

70 Seager James 
72 Ha worth John W 
88 Dixon John 
90 Rochestervllle P O, Mrs 
B Dixon, P M 
Hawkins John, flour 
Spruce st Intersects 

96 Cumming Donald 

Gumming Mrs Margaret, 
100 Albright Lester 
1<M Kennedy Wm 
110 Thorne John 
114 'McKechnie Mrs J C, gro 
Somerset st Intersects 

Lumber yards 

Vacant lots 
226 Salter Thomas J 

Balsam st intersects 
280 Wilson Alexander 
2,%-234 Blals Joseph 
238 McPall Wm A 

Vacant lots ' \-^'- 

250 Bivans George 

Pine st Intersects 
282 Boston Samuel 
286 Morln Frederick 
270 Liatrellle Qcdeou 
272 BIgras Bdouard 
274 Marks John U 
280 Latreille Jean Bte 

Margaret st Intersects 
282 McGuire John 
286 Parent Michael 
288 Bijras Mrs Delphloc 
2M Ltflcur John 
300 Laaouceur Molse 
302 Philippe Alexandre 

Ellen st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

CAR crossing 
Young st commeucea 
830 Saurlol Theophlle 
340 BlHson Philippe, gro 
344 Mullen J, herbalist 
348 Vacant 
880 Davey George 

George st commences 
Vacant lots 
400 Dawson Patrick 
Vacant lots 

Norman st Intersects 
480 Ttowers Patrick 
484 Oervals E>mellen 
Vacant lots 

Pamilla st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
482 McKnIght Patrick 
Vncant lots 

Lawrence st commences 
466 Sloan Bernard 
500 Aubry Jos A. blksmith 

Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Sidney st commences 

Experimental Farm 
River road, city limits 

PRIMROSE, runs west from 
Concession to Division, 
linking Llsgar and Maple, 
Dalhousle Ward. 

North Side 

House, s e 
13 McKenna Thos, coal oil 

Cambridge st Intersects 

Private grounds 
85 Plttaway Alfred G 
43 Nash John B 
45 Geddes John W 

Vacant lots 
61 BlRckstock Rev Joseph 

Vacant lota 

Victoria av Intersects 

Convent of Our Lady of 
Vacant lots 

Lome av Intersects 
Vacant lots 
100 Gulmont Benjamin 
111 Cantin John 
117-121 Provcst Alfred, car- 
riage mnfr 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

House, s e 
Vacant lots 

Canxbridge »t Intersects 
Store, s e 
98 Cameron Douglas W 

Arthur st commences 
54 Phelps George D 
58 Greene Godfrey B 
Vacant lots 
Victoria av intersects 
Church, s e 
Vacant lot 

Ijorne av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
114 Hamel F X 
lie Brock Wm 
118 Sauve Isaac 
122 Sauve Edouard 

Store, 8 e 

PUINCE?SS AV., runs east 
from foot of Sussex, be- 
ing the northern boundary 
of Rideau Hall grounds, 
Rldeau Ward. 

Not built on 










QUEEN, runs west from 
Oanal W to Concession, 
first south of Sparks, 
Central and Wellington 


Metropolitan Business Golioge i ISoXi^^'SS^^' 

8. T. WILUt, PrlRolpti. 18B tPARKS ST. f of tho Capital. 





:4 ; 





J .'J. ill 

:, I 





^ 11:; 

t' I 

''■ i''i'» 


!, . 

!i ■ifii' I -t (ST i 






- LUNOH - 







North Side 

8-9 Unflntsbed bulldlnn 
House, 8 e 

Mgln at iDteraecte 
Oentral Cbambers, « e 
8S Rathbun Co, lumber 
8T McCarthy John, tir 
80 Hatch Walter, broker 
48-46 Harvey Mrs Catherine 

Bear entrances 
71-78 OlUeen The 

Ottawa Citizen Co (lim- 
75 Hodgvon Sumner & Co, 
whol drr Kds 
.Alaska li'esther and 
' Down Co 

Woods J W, lumberman's 

Oglivle Mining Co 
MoKlnnon S F & Co, who 

Macdooald John &■ Co. 

whol dry fcds 
Hotel, 8 e 

Metcalfe st intersects 
Dom Meth Ch 
Dom Meth S Scb 
111-13 Whit« David, livery 
McGllUcuddy Frank, mus 

Rear entrances 
188 Butterworth & Co, 

187 Vacant 

13ft^ Mellon Bernard, hotel 
7 M C A bldg, s e 
O'Connor Intersects 

Btoro. a e 

Private grounds 
17S Allen John, carp 
181 Moran John A, bottler 
166 Nichols Mrs P O, bdg 
A lane 
18B Vacant 

Bear entrances 
208 dark Chas A 
a09 Honse, s e 

Bank at intersects 

Store, B e 
217 Stephen Robert W 
227 Mahon John 
231 Jenkins Robert 

Vacant lots 

Factory, r e 
268 Stringer Wm, bdg 
266 Vacant 
278 House, s e 

Kent st intersects 

House, « e 
881 Johnstone Wm 
296 McDonald Mrs S A, bdg 
.206 MorHs W K 
207 Vacant 
200 Cunningham Michael 

Foundry, r e 

Market so ends 
Market, r e 

Ljron Bit intersects 
Foundry, a e 
McVeigh Ttaos, blkKnith 
Vacant lot« 

Vacant house 
Vacant lota 

Bay st Intersects 

Houa«, s e 
407 Plnliey Horace 

Unfinished houses (2f 

Church. * « 

448 dendenning Henry 

House, a e 

Booth Side 

2 Police Court 
Police Headquarters 
Olty Hall, s e 

BMgln st 4nteraects 
86 Grand Union Hotel 

Wilkins J J, billiards 
46-48 Bcllpse Office Furi- 
ture Co, of Ottawa 
Seybcrid & Gibson 
Star Laundry 
64 Graham C D, livery 
66 Cluff Wm H 

McVeigh Peter 
68 Ottawa Land Aaa'n (3o 
Kootenay & Columbia 
Proapecting & Mining 
Co (limited) 
Ont Graphite Co (limited) 
Ottawa Powder Co 
Frendi J F, bapr 
60 Lyon & Hurdman, mnfrs 
Bell Telephone Co 
66 Capital "Transfer Co 

Bell Wm^ vet surg 
68 Wrlffht V J, uvery 

78 Bonth Mrs Blisabeth 
80 CSroshaw Mrs Margaret 
82 Dominion Memorial and 
Photo Enlarging and 
Picture Framing Co 
Kiag Georse W 
Honae, s e 

Metcalfe st intersects 
94 Olfflce, s e 
06 Boulger George, rest 
1(B Palmer Thomas 
104 O'Nell Timothy S 
O'Neil Mrs L J, bdg 
Lyon Miss .Helen, mus 
106 Currall D C 

Currell Mrs 0, bdc 
112 McAdam J M^lksmlth 
Anderson T W, carriage 
118 Halg Mark 
120 Vaceut 
122 RoMllard Patrick 
130 McBride Joseph, bdg and 

186 Grant Miss Annie, bdg 

Salvation Army Barrack* 
144 Ottawa Fruit Auction 
Co (llmltsd) 
Lewis W H, auctioneer 
Hnnt G W, com mer 
O'Connor st Intersects 

BuildiUK. B e 
168 Sutherland John 

170 TbooMon Mrs M E 

184 Aakwith Thomas 
S vS^ant" *'"■'• ^''^ 

208 Nichola Daniel • '"''" 

204 Templeton & Button 

livery ' 

Bank at lnteP6«'Pt8 
Honse, a e 

A lane 
226 Parker Mrs Margaret 
228 Magulre j V 
280 Baljantyne Miss E. minr 

284 McBvoy Mrs Mary A 

Wood yard 
244 Iffby Miss M M drsnikr 
246 McMullen Walter 
248-60 BMwerda Mrs A, bda 

«-« £*''■"*" "^ B, cartage 

262. Vacant 

264 Latour Peter 

260 Matthewman B H 

264 Pratt Horace B 

206 McBlllgott John W 

268 Vacant 

A lan& 
Store, s e 

Kent at intersects 
288 Russell Mlsa Mary 

Vacant lot 
294 Royce Thomas J 
Bear entrances 
S20 Thlbault George 
822-24 W«Ilincton Hotel 
826-826 Huckels A & Co, 
Oirk^ Fred, mining eng 
Market Weigh House, 
ThoDuut O'Toole, 
Fire atatlon, s e 

Lyon at Intersects 

House, a • 

Vacant lota 

380 Bobert Olivier 

Hooae, a e 

Bay at intersects 

Honae, s e 
404 Fieck James O 

Private grounda 
422 Auderson Wm 
424 Fee Samuel 
484 Spencer Henry B 

Unflnlahed bona* 

House, a e 

Conceasion st 

QUSBN (Rochester vine), 
runs south from King, 
first we«t of Rochester, 
Dalhouste Ward. 
Not built oh 



B«st Quality. Low««t Prlc«t. 

North .SiJe 

Luuiber yards 
C AR< 
Waterworks Pi 
Duke I 

63 .Atlantic House 
Vacant lot 

«9-7S Bcdlngfleld < 
kwr, produce 
Vr.cant lot 

83 Courcelle Alph< 
Victoria ward i 

86 C( iircelle Alpho 

98 P.ob«rt Fab'.en, i 

Lloyd st in 

95-87'ii Fraser A E 
iJry goods 

99 Post Wm H, ba 
101 White Martin 
103 Mbiiuier Andre 
107 Codd George B 
lUO Dlckla David ^ 
HI Anderson Wm 
113 I-yon Robert Y 
116-7 ^auvageau Oil 

Bridge st Int 
Store, « e 
131 Whitney Philip 
183 Whitney L W, 
135 AicCord James 
137 Vacant 
139-41 Devine B M 

Sheiwood st Int 
145 Rourke Miss He 
149 Morln Mrs Marie 
161 Dormody Jamea 
1S3 Glrouz Jean Bt( 
157 Legendre Reml, 
169 L«gendre B R, b 

Albert Pierre, r 
161 Stalford Laorenc 
161^ Bolvln Joseph 

Charlebols D, n 
163-5 Vacant 

South Side 

Pumping house, 

CAR crosi 

40-2 Fotberingbam < 

B, staty 

McGulre Lawren 

46 Fortier Theophilc 

48 Wfckid A J, frul 

50 Fltzpatrick Bdwi 

82 Orr George, Jwlr 

54 Bevan Richard, c 

58-eo Johnston Sami 

62 Wood Robert, tal 

Lett st oomn 
72-74 DalglSsh G M, 
74U GUchrist Jamea 
78 Payne Thomas 

for up to date PHOTOS 



Queen West 


Bedpatb. 109 

OUEE.V V.' ' (Le Breton 
FUts). ru-'i' we»t from 
BOfi AVelllogiun to west of 
BToa.l. Victoria Ward. 

North SiJe 

Lumber yards 

Britannia at ends 

CAR crossing 

Waterworks Pre«B Hse 

Duke St ends 

63 Atluntlo House 

Vucaut lot 
«9-7S Bcdlngfleld & McCus- 
kwr, produce 

Vr.cant lot 
83 L'uiircelle Alpbonse 

\ iotoria ward mkt 
S6 C' iircelle Alphonse.btchr 
SB F.ub«rt Fab'.en, btclir 

Lloyd St Intersects 

95-87'2 Fraser A D, gio and 
dry goods 

99 Post Wm H, barber 
101 Wblte Martin 
1U3 Mtiiiuler Andre 
107 (.odd George B 
109 Dlckia David W 
Ul Anderson Wm 
113 l.yon Kobert Y 
lUy-T Sauvageau Olirier, gro 

Bridge st Intersects 
Store, • e 
131 VVliltney Philip 
133 Whitney L W, gro 
135 MeCord James 
137 Vacant 
189^41 Devine B M 

Sherwood st Intersects 
145 Rourke Miss Helen 
149 Morin Mrs Marie L 
161 Dormody James D 
153 Girouz Jean Bte, cabs 
157 Legendre Bemi, gro 

160 L«gendre B B, barber 
Albert Pierre, r 

161 StalTord Laurence 
161^ BolTln Jostipb A 

Charlebols D, rest 
16S-5 Vacant 

Broad st Intersects 
GAR crossing 
O P R car shops olBce 

South Side 

Pumping house, s e 
CAR cro8stn«r 
40-2 Fothertngbam George 
B, staty 
McOuIre Lawrence, r 
46 Fortler Tbeophtle, brbr 
48 Wackid A J, fruits 
50 Fltzpatrlck Edward 
62 Orr George, Jwlr 
54 Bevau Richard, oonfy 
58-60 Johnston Saml, black- 
62 Wood Robert, tailor 

Lett st commences 
72-74 Dalglish G M, gro 
74^ Gilchrist James 
78 Payne Thomas 

80 Arthurs John, bdg 

82 Fitspatrlck Hugh, cigans 

Downle Mrs Bill, nurse 

Bacott John 


92^ Montreal House 

Lloyd st intersects 
9ft< Deslaurlers JBlie, barber 
Declaurlers Mrs M, 
100 HaU Albert 

105 Preston Robert 

106 Romalne Adam A 

108 Delorme Michel, saloon 
112 Brqpby Mitchell 
114 McKlnistry Robert 
116 Wing Soon, Indry 
120 Pllon Felix, fruits 
Onellet Francis 
Bridge st intepsects 

122 York Wm, gro 

124 Feeley George, shoemkr 

128 Mix Joshua J 

180 Gorman Wm 

134-186 Paquette Alpbonse. 

138 Legendre Mrs M, gro 
140 Lcntbler Henri 

Lanthler Miss Josephine, 
142 Cuir George 

Cuff Mrs E, bdg 
144 Madden Wm, gro 

Sherwood st intersects 

Vacant lots 
use Noonan Denis 
l«0-4 St. Jean Baptiste Hall 
166-70-Ooulet Alexis, hotel 
Broad st Intersects 

P R tracks 
208 Vacant 

RALPH, runs south from 
Mutchmor to Centre, sec- 
ond west of Bank, Wel- 
lington Ward. 

E)ast Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

House, a ft 
Back James 
Vacant lots 
Hooae, s « 

Genire st 

RAYMOND, runs west from 
Bell to DiTirion, first 
north of C A R, Dalhousle 

North Side 

House, s e 
11 Henderson Leander 
28 Lockyer Daniel 
Housti, B e 

Le Breton st ihtersects 

House, e e 
49 Blake PblllD 
B3 Johnson Mrs Annie 

House, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 

Private arounda 
20 Marriott Edward 
24 Vacant 
26 Carter Alfrrd 
34 Hodglns Francis 

iue Breton st Intersects 

House, s • 
48 Stacey Joseph 
RO Broadftaead Albert, bkr 
64 BaH Frank 
06 McMillan Hugh 

House, s e 

RGn>PATH, runfl east from 
5S Dalhousle to Ridean 
River, first north of C P R, 
Ottawa Ward. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

15 Larocque F X 
18% Vacant 

16 Ryan Daniel 

17 Tully Thomas 

10 Barrett John, muk tchr 

27 Smith Wm 

20 Jenkins Charles 

81 Morendeau Mrs Sarah 
86 Smith Robert B 

30 Lavlgne Napoleon 

Vacant lots 
68 Kane Wm 
66 Seguin Albert 
07 O'Meara John 
68 Bunel Bdmond L 
71 Baulne Alpbonse 

76 Koftman Otto 

77 Ray Lawrence 
Cumberland st Intersects 

Vacant lots 

King st intersects 
Piling ground 

South Side 

Store, s e 
8 LavlKue Orphlle 
12 LIndta Leon 
14 Brown Mrs Cecelia 
16 Brennan Lawrence 
16% Kanvaiski John 

18 Vacant 

20 Burton Henry J 
22 Aheam Thomas 
24 Lavigne Alexandre 
24% Lamy Michael 
26 Vacant 

28 Malmsberg Magnus 
30 Hanstrom Franc 
32 Cyr Robert 

Vacant lots 
38 Maxwell George 
40 Pel lend Adelard 
44 Brennan Mrs Ann 

Vacant lots 
80 Ray Patrick 
70 Ray Michael 

Private grounds 

82 Banning Charles 
84 Jones James 

Store, s e 

Cumberland at intersects 

House, s e 
102 Mullln Mrs Oatberine 



Akk OROOBin 

'. !: 

? {■" /: 




;.■! -:'' ? ? 

The SUN Life 

Uw latsi, Uift MHt aid the '^ it 
Utertl Polioy in tkt W^/H. 

36. — 

110 Redpalli. 


k^ »«'■'■ 


106 MulUn Mrs Margaret 

Mullln Miss Mary A,' 
Bouw, 8 e 

King St Intersects 
PIlInK ground 

RII>BAU, runs east from 
Sappers Bridge to RIdeau 
River, first north of Bes- 
serer. St George's Ward. 


North Bide 

Mackenzie av ends 
Vacant lots 

Sussex St Intersects 

41-43 Beckett Mrs A B. 
minr « 

46 Oalderone Geo, fruits 

47 Parent Nap, rest ■ 
40-97 Larose & Co, dry gds 
69 American Wringer Co, 

hse frngs 
61 Brown, Baker k. Co,«hoes 
63 Patry J A, books 
63^Taeger Joseph, billiards 

Taeger Cbrlstlan, clears 
e7-6B Beardsley Wm. snoes 
73 Whyte J G & Son, whol 

79-83 Workman Alex & Co, 


Mosgrove st Intersects 

89-91 EMmonaon S J, shoes 
98 OofTey Mrs Bridget « 
• 86 Goldstein Moses, fancy 
97 Faulkner Mark, bank- 
rupt stocks 
Bollander Alfred, auc- 
00-101 Prledrlck Theo & Co, 
fancy goods 
Friedrlck Theo, 
103 Uoyd Wm A, drugs 
108% Freeland Anthony, pby 
100 Stroud Bros, tefts 
111 Vacant 
113-6 Blrkett Thos,hardware 

William St ends 
117 Graham Dr K D, drugs 

119 Donovan O W & Co, 

121 Slattery & Lawrence, 
Gagne Mrs Delphtne 

126 Trembiay J B, Jwlr 

127 Bank of Ottawa (br) 

120 Macdonald A B, auc- 

tioneer, etc 
131 Bourque Arthur,tlnware 
133 Oarson H L, harness 
13S-130 Mercantile Syndicate 

Co, general store 
141 Grant Jas A, jr, phy 
143 Goyette Antolne, shoe- 
145 McNlcoll Thos, barber 
147 Kobillard Odllon, tinner 

Handy Charles E 
140 Vacant 

161 Mavaut Mrs Helen, fncy 

Mavaut Rene 
Fehr Miss E, drsmkr 

163 Jollcoeur T, tinsmith 
166-7 Mayerhoff Henry.Jwlr 
•too Sbleaeow O H, cigars 

Dalhousie st end* 
167 Martin Mrs I, gro 
167% Major Arthur, winet 
160-71 Martin Mrs I. flour 
173 Reynolds Mrs Sniza 
175 Bedard l/ouis, tobacco 
177 Ladouceur Bdward 

Ladoueeur Mrs B, drs- 

170-81 Finch J J, furn 
163-186 Abrams Mrs J, dry 

Aibrams Harris 
187-0 Forde George, gro 
101-5 Foresters Hotel 

197-0 Echlin B B, phy 
201 Ralph Joseph, flour 
208-206 Ornvteln Osias.fancy 

207 Caplan Oasper, shoes 
200 Bova Frank, fruits 
211 Luong Hop, Indry 
213 Trudel George, confr 

216 Jessop J A, fey gds 

217 Savarle Eugene, barber 
Savarle John 

Savarle Miss J, mns tcbr 
219 Preston G B, tailor 

Lrfttlmer A E 
221 Kasouf Kali] St, Bros, 
Kasouf Kalll 
Kasouf George 
223 Vacant store 

Sbepherd James 
«226 Bernstein Bros, dry 

227 Shepherd & Go, pntrs 

229 Easton Bros, btchrs 
Easton George 
Easton Frank 

231 LeBel George, liquors 
231% Watkins Mrs Mary 

Watkins Miss M.drmnkr 
233-5 Onlbert C G, drugs 

Cumberland st intersects 
237 Dowdall J M, gro 

230 Ottawa Medicine Syndi- 


Warwick James W 
241 Vacant 

243 Bassio Dominlco, fruits 
246-0 Dnfour Jos, carriage 

261 Hudon JoBcmh, gro 
268 Vacant 

Lttporte Mrs C«iina 
266 Vacant 

267-0 r>elorme Jos, hotel 
268 Cavallerl Blaise, plater 
266-7 Onellet Solomon, shoe- 

Therlen Paul 

Therlen Miss V, drsmkr 
260 Dion Jean Bte 
271 Turnbull David 
275-81 Hill Thomas, livery 
283 O'Connor John 

Gougeon Mrs A, dress- 
28S% Lung Qnon, Indry 

286 Vacant 

287 Davles T R, gro 

King st Intersects 
Private gronndg 

806 Cunningham Walti-r 

807 Landry Theo<1or<' t>xB 
aOO Higman George 

Private ground« 
816 Burton Horace, tr.ncr 

Private grounds 
823 Forsyth MIsr Matv 

326 Mahoney Simon 

327 McKaie Patrick 

.S31 Harrington D J, pimbr 
388 DeRIniy M T, flnrlgt 

Private grounds 
848 Paquette Oneslme. shoe- 

Nelson at intersocti 
361 Coombs Miss Marr F 
368 Vacant 

350 Holt John, carter 
S61 Oauttaler Mrs J, drsmkr 
366 Poisr F X 
807 Gilpin Wm Q 
860 Ashenhurst John 
379 Cottce Mrs Ann 
381 Nesbltt James H 
387 King Mrs Margaret 
980- Canty John 
301 Qulnn Hugh, gro 

Priel irt Intersocts 

Vacant lot 
307 McQnade John A 
300 Pudney Mrs Elizabeth 
401 Biehler John 

Letherland Mrs Ann, 
408 Kennedy Wm 

406 Dacey Mrs Mary 
400 Calms Hugh H 

Smith Edw J, coal oil 
4)13 Mahoney Mrs Nora 
417 Workman Prof W G 4 

Sons, mus tchrs 
425 Plnard Hllaire A 
420 GIngras Frederick A 

Vacant lot 

Ohapel st Intersects 

School groumls 
461 Chevrler Eiigene L 
468 Vacant 
455 Oain];>belI Miss Cnther- 

Ine. drsmkr 
467 Murry Francis W 
460 WUson Mrs Levina 

Wilson Miss, drsmkr 
467 Keyes Perley G 
473 Doncet Charles O 
483 Darcey Wm 

Augusta st intersects 

Private grounds 

407 Wright John B 
601 Murray James 

600 Taylor Alexander H 

613 Coleman Miss Matilda 

615 Whlllans Wm A 

617 Stack Richard 

610 Noble Robert 

621 Rensell Mrs Annie 

428 Vacant 

Cobourg st intersects 
681 Bronsklll Henry J 
686 Rusael Colin 
64!l Ceseelman Miss H J 
647 Herring Samuel 
6S1 Holt John 

666 Oraig David J 

667 Robinson Charles 

(M<6 Davis Michael P, coutr 

& B. TA&6ART & SON 

I isroN«rs, Hous*s ror ttaie ami t « Let 

KESTH fOLLECTSD. 'f'tone 70S 



Charl'jife st ln< 

fjA Co "'' Oarieton 
'^ pror.'stant Ho 
MS protf'<tant Cortt 
" Plhiiist' Hosiri 
Wnrtenili.rg st Int 

Lady Stanley In 
g3g ottH\>a Matern 

Vaoaiit lots 
J47 Turirtv)!! Oharlei 
946 Beii'oii Martin 

gotith .'l'I« 

18 Koc'it'ster H B, 

O'C .nnell J J, 
20-22 Il'Jwe Wm, i 

Conxulldated Pli 


24 Vi'.rriHt 

26 CoMpan T, cigar 

MtiHcr A A, bi 
28 BflMii Edouard, 

O'lCcefe George, 
m SO Bllsky Moses, J 
42 Sat.-hell P H, sa 
84 Stewart & Co, fu 
S6 Vncant 
S8 Ehinnnde J P & 

house fnrnlshini 

E.'-.inonde Frank 
40 Nolan Thos, batt 
42 Lnvole Jean M, > 

Bureau Joseph, b 

Sussex st Inte: 

44 Vncant 

46 Traoy .Tames, Jw 
48 I'nynter & Abbot 
M Kenley Bros, com 
62-W Richard A D , 

dry goods 
66-8 McKinley St 

wood, pimbrs 
90-4 Brennan H H J 

whol gros 

86 Hurley Bros, a 

68 Xeelln Gregg, ahc 
70 I>iiford J B, pain 
74 May George & I 


76 Allan J R, drnggli 

78 Durocher A, mnfri 

Lees WAD. b«r 

S2 Morin J A, barbi 

Mosrrove st Inter 

8800 Borbrldge g 

harness, etc 
M-4 Ogllvjr Chas. dry 
96 Howe Wm, gnnsm 
96% Borbrldge Hall 

Fanvel Molse 
98 Vacant 
100 Importers Tea Oo 

McArthar James 
102 Degliets P. tlr 
104 Kehoe Frands, m 
•104% Bllsky Moses, 
106 Lavlolette Dosltbe 
108 Sam Hop. Indry 
110 Plctae F X, bartMi 
112 Montgomery R S A 





AMfiiHT Mm 

nwwif I wwnw 



Rid«iiu. Ill 

Cbarl'^ttc St InterMCU 
,00 To '"' Onrleton Oeneral 
«* Prot.stant HoBpltal 
^ Protf Htant CorttaarloM 

^arteoii.rg »t InteraecU 
rgdv stanlej Inotltnte 
gjg Ott'n^•ll Maternity Ho«- 

Vaoiint lot* 
«47 Tur..'t''ni (Tharlea B « 

«49 Beii-"ji> Martin » , , 

gotitb .^1'''' ••••• 

18 Roolii'xter H B, nwsdlr 
O'Cnnell J J, real e«t 
20.22 Howe Wm. paints, -tc 
Consolidated Plate Olaaa 

24 Vi'.r;iut 

26 CoMpan T, cigars 
Mci'cler A A, barber 

25 Bnbin Edouard, Ins 
O'Koefe Oeorge, Ina 

m 80 Bllsky Moses. Jwlr 
82 Sat '■hell P H, saloon 
j4 stf wnrt & Co, furn 
JW Vacant 

88 Esinonde J P & F W, 
house furnishing 

Ef.monde Frank W 
40 Ni'lun Thos, batter 
42 Lnvole Jean M, cigars 

Bureau Josepb, barber 

Sussex st Intersects 

44 Vacant 

46 Tracy .Tames, Jwlr 

48 I'nynter & Abbott, prtra 

50 Kenley Bros, confrs 

62-^4 Richard A D & Son, 

dry goods 
56-8 McKlnley & North- 
wood, plmbrs 
flO-4 Rrennan H H & Co, 
wbol gros 

A lane 

66 Hurley Bros, genta' 

68 Xeelln Oregg, shoes 
70 Duford J B, paints 
74 May George & Sons, 

76 Allan J R, draggist 
78 T>urocb«r A, mnfrs' agt 

Lees WAD, b«rr 
82 Morln J A, barber 

Mosgrove st Intersects 

88-00 Boiibrldge 8 & H, 

harness, etc 
92-4 Ogllvy Chas, dry gds 
96 Howe wm, gnnsmltn 
96^Borbrldge Hall 

Fanvel Molse 
9S Vacant 
100 Importers Tea Oo 

McArthnr Jamea O 
102 Destlets P, tir 
104 Kehoe Francis, newadlr 
•101^ Bilsky Moses, pawn- 

106 LaTlolette Doslthee, rest 
108 Sam Hop, Indry 
110 Pictae F X, barber 
112 Montgomery R S ft Bon, 

Montgomery Francis B 
114 Cote * Co. hatters 

Cote Joseph, Ins agt 
116 Vacant 

118 Rochon * Co, gros 
120 BorthwIck Wm, f raits 
122 Trudel A L, confy 
124 Chabot & Co, tailors 

Ohabot Pierre H 
136-128 Belanger Mrs M, 

180 Ootaen Peter, tinsmith 
182 Granger B W, gro 

Nicholas st commences 
138 Belanger M A, drags 
140 St Lawrence Hall, s e 
142 Major NassIm, fruits 
144 Cote Atbanase, tlr 
146 McCormick Mrs J, mlor 
148 Wing Foong, Indry 
100 Farah K, fancy gds 
102 Vacant 

102% Phelan Mrs J J, drs- 

Phelan John 
104 Reymond C D, Jwlr 
106-8 Rogers Francis, bkr 
162 Lajole Francois, barber 
164 O'Donnell John, vege- 
166 James Harry, tlr 
168 Bedard Antolne, shoemkr 

Bedard Wilfrid A J 
no Illtf A W & W J, bkrs 

Ilifr Thomas sr 
172 KImpton & Co, btchrs 
176-8 Graham & Matte, 

160 Mnrphy John J, tinware 

O'Reilly ft Murphy.eiect 
188 Lafleur Napoleon, tlr 
164 Laplerre C A. Jwlr 
184% Coarsolles O H, coal 
18S Grison Bros, tirs 
186-190 Currier T W ft Oo, 

Waller st commences 
198-224 Convent of the Sa- 
cred Heart 
226 Berigan John, floor 
Robillard Bonore, lime 
Robiilard Alex, lime 
Vacant lot 

Cumiberland st Intersects 

236-40 Edwards J B, gro and 

246 Patterson Mrs Marg 
260 Dorion J Bte 
2S6 Stewart Mrs Jean 
262 Douglas Archibald, bkr 
204 Jordan Mrs A, fncy gds 
274 Kimpton Thomas 
276 Vacant 
286 Cary George T 
288-90 Ounnlgham Walter, 
Ounnini^am George 

King st intersects 
2966-8 Junk yard 
800 Qelineau Rodolphe 
8024 Hinds Hugh, Junk dlr 
806 Ward J W Wellington 
810 Jones Robert M 
802 Jones Oapt Thomas J 

^ACADt lots 

882 Ambrose Miss Bttie, drs- 

884 Alexander Wm, bldr 
836 Staughton Henry 
840 Bailey John W 

Nelson st intersects 

348 Murphy Thomas 
800 Oamwith Wm D 
864 Lynton Thos C W 

Vacant lots 
364 Stansfeld Joshua 
366 Farrell Mrs Louisa M 

Private Yards 
376 Stockand Geo, bldr 
378 Knaaf Henry 
880 Beahan Dennis 
882 Needham Charies S 
384 Vacaut 

386 Lockwood Miss A, artist 
388 Berry Joseph 
800 Reardon Robert, gro 

Friei st Intersects 

892 Qnlnn Hugh, liquors 
896 Morel Mrs BmlUne 
306 Jolly Frederick 

Private K'ounds 
408 Carbonneau Alf, cabs 
406 Quinn Hugh 
412 McHugh Bernard 

Vacant lots 

Chapel st Intersects 

462 Featherston John P 

468 Vacant 

476 Lacerte Allde 

Augugita tit Intersects 

486-8 Schwitzer Wm, gro 

Vacant lots 
608 Low Philip de V 
606 Hawley Alex, bldr 
610 Sutherland John, bldr 
616 Brown Robert 
622 Oillmor Hugh, contr 

Vacant lots 

Cobourg st Intersects 
644 Ohipman C J H, pby 
046 Ruthven Mrs Bmma J 
064 DionX Jules 
668 Laroae Tclesphore 
660 Haye« Jeremiah 

Vacant lots 
660 Bryce Peter, gdnr 

Charlotte st Intersects 
684 Vacant 
688 Smith Wm, pistr 
662 Marchand P B,elec eng 
606 Crawley Alfred 
606 Randall Jacob 
606 Bray John H 

Vacant lots 
Wartemberg st intersects 

Private grounds 
634 Drolet Mies Blizabeth 
688 McDoHsald John 
044 Relffensteln Georae O 
646 Gorman Michael J 
648 Glbbs Charles T 
660 Gibson George R 
662 Kov Henri 
664 Snider George A 
666 Campbell W Wilfred 
688 Vacant 
660 White George A 
662 Brownell P F, artist 



L C. ARNOLDI, Agent, 91 SPARKS. 

J; if 

:Mi V' 

v.. 4 ■ 

'1 ! 

i > 






All Ordcn PnwipMlf Uttif^Hm Tt. 


'pMornrn m» 

w, •• a«<i&* M 


112 Riflaau Terrace. 



e.sti r. 

Mst froni the Junction of 
Dnfferin rood lud Prln- 
ceia aveuue, Rldeau Ward. 

North Side 

Privatft around* 
▲•lie de Bethlehem 
Private grounds 

Springfield rd Interiecta 
Vacant lots 
Private itroundt 

South SJde 

Private ffi-ounds 

Currle Robert, market 

O'Reilly John 
Prlvata KroundB 
Sprlnfffleld rd Intersect* 

Graham John, florl»t 
Private grounds 
Oberrv Wm 
Private grounds 

RINO, runs south from 196 
WUbrod, between Cumber- 
land and King to Theo- 
dore, St. George's Ward 

East Side 

Church, a e 
8 Duperuell Otto P 

West Side 

House, 8 e 
Boar entrances 
House, « e 
Private grounds 

RIVBR LANE, runs from 
Charfea to Dufferin Rd, 
first north of Stanley 
av Bldeau Ward. 

Not built on 

RIVBR ROAD, runs west 
from end of Le Breton 
to Merivale Road, Dal- 
housie Ward. 

North ide 


Turner st end« 
Vacant lots 

Division Bt ends 
Vacant lot 

A lana 
Vacant lot 

Roehcstor at ends 

Pros ton ot end* 
BTxperlmei'.".! Farm 

.V f «.rosslc;g 
Nottanage'. iier!, 't 

Gilbert Alexander O 
Harbord P O, Wm Me- 

Adoo. P M 
Experimental Farm of- 
Ride«u bj-waab 
Anderson Samuel 
Experimental Farm 

O P B croaaing 
Farm grounds 

RIVBR8IDB AV., runa south 
from Theodore to Temple* 
ton, first west of the ftld- 
«an River, St. George's 

Not open 

ROBERT, runs south from 
Ollmonr, first west of the 
Canal. Central Ward. 

East Side 

30 Tesaler Dolphls 

West Side 

Not built on 

ROCHESTTER, runs south 
from Junction of Albert 
and Wellington streets to 
River Road, Dalhousle 

East Side 

Private grounds 
20 Vacant 
37 Nicol John 
89 Todd Wm, produce 
41 Grimard D< ' 're 
47 Matthewd r.imes, gro 

M&i>!-^ st Intersects 
08 Doberty Mlr'.iael J 
Vacuat lots 

Blm st Intersects 
House, a e 
Vacant lots 
91 Johnston Thos W. rest 
101-108 Schlaveur J, shoemkr 

Spruce st intersects 
111 Robson James 

A lane 
117 MoCnalg Daniel 

McOuaig Miss O, drsmkr 
121 Robert Moise, rest 
12B Poulln Wm 
127 VlUeneuve Mrs D, hotel 
Somerset ^.i Intersects 
129 Smith Alfred J, btchr 
188 Iieung Kee, Indry 
148 Vacant 

146 Johnson Charles R 

A lane 

147 Johnston R, shoes 

Bccies st intersects 
166 Landon Mrs A A, confy 

Vacant lots 
166 Baxter Mrs Mary 

1<» Walker HerbiTt 
17^ Cook James 

Hurtubise & (iar.thl.r 
harasssmkrg '"• 

Anderson st lni..r,ecu 
177 Oayer Albert hn^K 
Ig Latrellle Nap'oi'^o^**" 

1«B Mason Wm 
190 Sarasln Wm 
208 Rondeau J B, co.,ry 

Poplar st IntPrsecti 
206 Bernard Molse 

Si \*1^?^ ^e"e 
216 OadbolB Napoleon 
DnfliHstaed house 
MB Ouellet Mrs Mntlirta 
»T Barbe Hormi«itt.s 
M9 Lafleur Joseph 
MS Poulin Jean Bte 

288 Poulln Alex L, barber 

Willow st intersects 
287 Howard Henry 
Ml Leafloor John B 
248 Rock Thomas R 
247 O'Neill Thomas 
240 Johnston Mrs Ellen 

Private rrounds 
260-01 Allard Louis, gro 

Balsam st Inte dct* 

206 Legass* Raonl 
267 Larose Adolphe 
271 Plouffe ft Co, liduor* 
273 Plonffe Moise ' * 
277 Blais Nelson 
281 Blais Joseph 

289 Goulet Cyrllle, gro 

Pine st Interaecti 
291 Dionne Arthur, btchr 
808 Pureell Samuel 
307 Bonle Mrs Christina 
311 McHugo Dennis R 
318 Scharf James 
316 Balharrie James S 

Margaret st intersects 
821 Gagnon Ulrlc 
326 Renaud David 
827 Waddell Tliomas 
829 Taylor Mrs Julia, gro 
381 Lalonde Mrs Arellne 
841 Leclerc F X 

Ellen st intersects 
347 House, s e 
367 Toung Albert 
869 Cochrane Wm J 
808 Bourgon Jean Bte 
871 Olmsted Solomon S 

K'-r'nedy st ends 
o A H crossing 

876 L'. <i« Vv 


st ends 

386 r 


House, s e 

Vacant lots 
607 Ladonceur Henri 

Norman st intersects 
813 PelleHer Joseph 

616 OueUet Alfred 

617 Leml«ux Nelson, gro 
621 MoToain Jean Bte 

{peoial Sell 



A BoTlll'- James 
S ijlcbo' Joseph 
Pimllla at inten 

m ROM ''•eorK.e 
SiCrelgli' ^'olse 

Vicsn I 
^KJmuu. John 
Ml B<IlefoulUe George 
ll^ untblcr Honors 

fNt Side 

Honso, fl e 
36 Smltb John J 
38 Anderson Arthur 

rrlrate srounds 
Maple st Inters 
IM Rocbvster Edwin 
jBIerklns Wm C 
M MeOllllvrar W'n 
Elm i.t L.'ers 

Plai • ' lall' • ■! 
V'X'a: ' ) . . 

•■pruoe at liiijrs 
HoM»i' • e 
UOjI''' 'yman B 

16 Walsh Jobn 
ii8 Evans Hall 
■in Vacant 
126 Dav 8C1 Mm 
128 Kvnns Jos, genl stoi 
Somerset st intersi 
IJO Tweed V Mrs Sellna, 
138 L'juttI* Wm 

Gccles st inters 
IM Stitt S, gro and coi 
IN Chnuiberlaln Addis( 
154 DcH'ksteader George 
IW Stewart Thomas 
170 Luvallee Joseph 
Anderson st intern 

1T« Hewlett W H, bte 
184 McLean Mrs J, drs: 

Vacant lots 
20O Blgras Jean B 
m Eltts John B 

Poplar st inters) 

Vacant lots 
210 O'Orady Michael 
212 McSorley John 
218 Plcbe Louis 
228 Poulin Jean Bte 
232 Poulin Mrs Elmire 
Willow st Interw 

Private ground* 
244 Sblrley Wm 
246 Rock Patrick 
2tO Brennan Toblaa 
'M We^h'^'ill Mrs Mari 
2ti6 Va-a: 

Balsam st intersf 
2«e Rock Michael J 

284 Blais Clecmhas 

285 Lanthier Isldors 
no R«naud Andre 
2T4 Beaucbamp Leon 
380 Larocque Louis 
282-6 Goulet Jean Bte 

Pine st Interw 
Vacant lots 
t08 MeCord Robert 


t f 


Ipeoial SeleotlM of this Season's Goods in ttoclc 



Ranell Av. 113 

M BOTH"- J««n«i 
gKlcbol Joieph 

Pimliia *i Intcneeti 
I0ROW f'^orgt 



1^ Untblcr Honora 

Honso, s « 
36 Smith John J 
38 Ander'<on Arthur 

private KrouoA* 

Maple Bt lnten«ctr 
54 Rocbi-gter Edwin 
to Perkins Wm 
M McGllUvray Wm 

ElDi it L.tenects 

Plai ■ ' 1 "" • ■ 

fpru*^!. It Iti irwott 
House, • e 
llOiii'v. Tyman B, blk- 

;j Walsh JoLn 
ill Evans Hall 
]}i Vacant 
126 Da*^' sc-i V'm 
128 Kriins Jos, genl atore 

Srimcraet at Interaecta 
IJO Twpo'lv Mr» S«llna, gpo 
U8 Louttl* Wm 

Gcclea at Interaecta 
m Stitt S, gro and eoel 
IJO Chamberlain Addlaon P 
154 DcK'ksteader George 
M Stewart Thomas 
170 Lava I lee Joaeph 

Aiideraon at Interaecta 
174^ Hewlett W H. btchr 
184 McLean Mra J, dramkr 

Vacant Iota 
20O BIgraa Jean B 
202 Eltta John B 

Poplar at Interaecta 

Vacant lota 
210 O'Grady Michael 
212 MoSorlejr John 
216 Picbe Loolia 
226 Poulln Jean Bte 
232 Poulln Mrs EMmlre 
Willow at Interaects 

Private srouDd* 
244 Shirley wm 
246 Rock Patrick 
250 Brennan Tobias 
'M We^horiu Mrs Marg 
m Va''a; 

Balsam at Interaecta 
. 262 Rock Michael J 
264 Blaia Cleophaa 
208 Lanthler laidors 
270 R«naud Andre 
2T4 Beancbamp Leon 
960 LarocQoe Loula 
382-6 Gonlet Jean Bte t»tebr 
Pine at Intaraacw 

Vacant lota 
> 906 McOord Robert 

Vacant lot 
MarKar«>r nt Interaects 

Private arou-ids 
826 Poulln Cbarhi 
882 Martin Octare 
888 Mark JaioAa 

PtlTate gKMDtfa 

Bllan at lDt( aects 
848 Laroae Alexandre, ar' 
862 McKnigbt '▼m 
806 Maboney Conieliua F 
872 O'Oonnell John 
874 McNamara Michael 

OAR crosaing 
Vacant lota 

Norman at Intersects 
008 Vacant 
012 Rosa Pater 
014 Rot Louia 
016 Oolador Santle 
026 Kenrllie Hradntbe 
082 Mahonay John 

Pamllla at intersects 
084 Pftlletler Alexandre 
542 Beancbamp Oliver 
044 Pelletler Alexandre, Jr 
048 Crelgbt Franda 

▲dlln at commencea 

002 Glronard Henri 
Vacant lota 

River road 

mile .orth east of city 
limits, for names see sub- 
urbs of Ottawa. 

ROSE, runs south from 304 
St. Andrew to St. Patrick, 
flrat eaat of King. Ottawa 

Eaat Side 

House, a e 
7 Sorault Moiae 
9 Baulac Louis 

Veslna Laurent 
11 Baulne Antolne 

18 Lanson Emmanuel, caba 

17 Oauvreau Mrs Dorotbee 

19 Emend Mrs Josephine 

21 St Amand Zepbirin 
27 Btbler Mra Oneslme 

20 Boy Ferdinand, cabs 
88 Veslna F X 

85 Konn Samuel 
87 Kramph Abel 
49 Store, a e 

Weat Side 

Store, a e 
2 Oauvreau 

Ohurch at ends 

18 House, s e 

22 Geuthler Jean B 
M I>ubola Alexandre 

86 I><>eolgeA George, Jr 
82 DesoUtea Fcancis X 


84 Milotte Bdonard 
SOM Store, a e 

nV9SBfidj AV, runs soutb 
from 202 TUtiodore to city 
limits, St George's Ward. 

lOak. RMe , 

Va .at lots 
27 Va> iBt 
» Car >r William 
31 Run 'U Henry 

Vacau lot 
88 WhlUock ^ H 
46 Foley Jame.- ) 

Vacant lot 
05 T/ 'Ixnan Mm Malvlna 
00 F< <er Jamei G 

Coi rn A H J 
61 Dub. Wilfrid 

Oag ' ^e at intersects 
Tacan lota 
Someraet at e Intersects 
Vacant Iota 
Vacant boaa<> 
Vacant bouF 
Vacant lots 
688 Scbnlts Aug; t 
600 Kritch Angu^rt 

Templeton at lnt< -sects 

Vacant lots 

604 Blume LuAwIg 

Vaccnt lots 

Ann at Intc ects 

City limits 

Weat Side 

House, s a 
20 Wood Bbln B 
22 du Plessia L T J I 

Vacant lota 
00 O'Keefe J C. contr 

Unflniahed bouse 

Vacant lot 
00 St George Robert 
6S Nettle Richard 
64 Mathe Napoleon M 
06 O'Connor Jaines 

Vacant lot 
Osgoode at intersecta 

Ottilwa Golf Club, a e 

Vacant lota 
80 Seguln Jean Bte 
82 PhlUlppe Antolne 

Vacant lot 

Somerset at e interaects 

Vacant lota 
Templeton at intersects 
Vacant lots 
SOI Oeack Frederick 
608 Schultz Robert 

006 Debauit August 

007 Becker Henry 
800 Kritch Frane 
601 Oriban Jobann 
606 Oriban August 

606 Vacant 
600^Jordan Frans 

607 Ohlemann Frans 
600 Kritch Charles 
611 Ness Theodore 

Ann St Intersects 
City Umlts 



S82 to 640 WeUlnffton St 

• 1 tr'f^ 

Ml if 

M.J !^j 

,i I Piii: 

0, I I 





l, lip 








The SUN Ufe^br5^:^sTl!!!J!^ 

114 St. Andrew, 


St. Andrew. 

8T. ANDREW, runs east 
from 349 Sussex to Rldeau 
River, second north of St 
Patrick, Ottawa Ward. 

North Side 

House, 8 e 
3-5 Faubert Pierre 
Vacant lots 

IS Goulden Robert A 

17 Cyr F X 

19 Bondy Albert D 

21 Leplne Maxlme, cabs 

27 Ambrose Antoiue 

29 Decoeur Jean, confy 

31 Baizana Alfred 

83 Rheaume Auguste, confy 

85 Oharbonneau Gilbert 

37 Demers Eugene 

39 Hurtublse Flrmln 

45 Vacant 

47 Charbonneau Francis 

49 Duchesne Mrs O, bdg 

61 Demers M Alphonse 

53 Coursolle J«cob 

55 Hurtaau Leon 

59 Lnohapelle Edouard 

61 Grazladel Racco A 

63 I/aohapelle Benjamin 

65 Boldiic George R 

67 Paquet Gfdeon 

69 Dusslaume EUe 

71 Lepage Victor 

75 Blake Wm 

79 Summers James 

81 Bolleau Atiauste 

89 Routhlor Albert 

91 Dupont Alexandre 

!)5 Olivier >IIsh Josephine 

97 Olivier Elle 
103 De GrosboU Wm B 
1(KS Hudon Jean 
113 Xaubert Eugene 
115 Johnston James A 
117 Archanibault Jos. pntr 
123-25 Store, s e 

Dalhousle st Intersects 

Store s e 
133 rtables 
137 Dostnler Alfred 
139 Robert Pierre, Jr 
,143 Vechsler Moses 
145 Vacant 
147 llrlsripols Isidore 
149 Chateanvert Hector 
l.'W Beiiiivnls Mrs M.ttlillde 
15316 Vacant 
135 Carlsso Charles 
157 Brunette Edmond 
169 Tnrgeon Amede 
161 I.«france Mrs C, confr 
163 Lamnrche F X, cabs 
167 MoBean Emerle 
171 Lenileux Mrs Adele 
175 Gauthier EvangelUte 
177 Berlohon Isidore 
179 Lanouc Joseph 

Charron Mrs Marie, r 

Beland Simeon, r 
181 I^andry Alphonse 
183 Fortler Antolne 
18R-7 Hotte Mrs Phllomene 

Hottc Paul 
189 Morln Pierre 
191 Bellefeullle Joseph 
193-6 Store, « e 

Cumberland 8t intersects 
Stora. 8 a 
208 Wallace Martin 
207 Carlsae Charles 
211 Turcotte Mrs Adeline 
213 Naubert Richard H 
217 Dube Joseph 
219 Bordeleau Omer 
221 St Louis Wilfrid 
223 Raclcot Mrs Alphonslne 
227 Marlneau Mrs Buphemle 

229 Burns Mrs Honora 
231 Bonnier Joseph 
223 Lefebvre Emile 

230 Couslneaux Alexandre 
•241 Gareau Joseph 

Oareau Miss O, drsmkr 
243 Store, s e 

K<ng 8t Intersects 
24fi Store, s e 
247 Martel George 

'255 Chenevert EmIle 
267 Morln Maxlme 
259 Lauzon Mrs Angelina 
261 Proulx Israel 
263 Major Arthur 
267 Perrln Arthur 
269 MIchaud Napoleon 
260% MIchaud Philippe 
273 I^blanc Mra Octavie 
275 Qiilrouet Francis 
277 Champagne Denis 
■283 Dover John 
287 Deslojjes Alexandre 
2S9 Maotha Severe 
201 Bordeleau Henri 
298 Doucet Joseph 
295 Bordeleau Cleophas 
297 Barette Mrs Roxina 
.SOI Paquette Theodule 
307 Cant we? I John 
313 Boyer Anthlme 
317 Ouellet P X 
319 Ouellet Felix 
.'521 Gauvrean Emery 
325 Albertl Joseph 
SSti\i Duprat Alexandre 
S2" Fp!n Michael 
S20 iCnrdlnal Dolphls 
331 Lacelle Andre 


348 Tremblay Hubert 
.H45 Nadon Lion 

347 Ouellet Felix 

349 Dufour Ernest 
.151 ("hnrhonneai! Wm 
.Wri rhnrljonneiiii Louis 
asr Robert Alfred 

«59 Monette Elle 

Wa Roblllard Edmond 

Private grounds 
411 Monn8ter.v of Our 
Lady of Charity 
(Good Shepherd's Con- 
Dtip tis Alexandre, rear 

South Side 

20 Chnbot J Alfred 
22 Blondin Mrs Annie 
26 Gibson Sydney 
28 Gauvreau Wilfrid 
.S2 Postlnghel Mrs Flavie 
;u Lacalle EvarUte 
38 Ambrose James 
40 Bavbeau George 

4ft48 Larocque Amedee 
80 Waismann Lui^wie m,^ 
teacher ^' °"» 

62 Hanratty John 
54 McOoun Wm 
06 BotKher Joseiih 
68 Allard Albert 
60 Bedard Honors- 
62 Dube Octave 
64 Lafleche Eugono R 
66 Benard Jean lite 
68 Motard Joseph 
78 Sauve Samuel 
80 Lachapelle KdonMrd 
82 Dube Perdlnaua 
84 Dubuo Etleniic L 
86 Langlois Oswald 
88 Laberice Francois 
90 Dufresne Joseph 
02 O'Brien Deunig 
94 Olalroux Ferdinand 
98 Armstrong Mrs Cath 
102 O'Meara Wm 
102% Ouellet Mrs Kloke 
106 Monette Georce 
110 Arblquo Georgw 
112 Lemay Telesphore 
114 Couslneau Alexiinare 
116 Storehouse 
Store, ti e 

Dalhousle st Intiiwcts 
128 Store, s e 

138 Monstttt Paul 
140 Teefey Mrs Ellen 
142 Gauthier Jean 
148 Fanning Mrs Brklzet 
166 Ror Adolphe 
166 Ouellet Joseph 
166 Plouffc Joseph 
172 Legare P X 
174 Belhumenr Nnpolpon 
176 reveille Mrs Sophie 
178 Fltzer Frederick 
180 Gosselln Arthur 
182 Lnjole Joseph 
184 Landry Pierre 
188 Richard Emery 
108 House a e 

Cumberland st Intersects 
202 Store, a e 
206 Levellle Alfred 
206 Belanger Joseph 
210 Lapolnte Cleophns 
212 Desormeoux Sirs M 
214 Roy Evnngellste 
216 Charron E<1mond 
218 Grotilx Napoleon 
220 Richard Frederick 
222 Jollooour Cleophas 
230 Dosllets Andre 
232 Gngne P X 
288 DestlPts Molae 
Vacant lot 

KlnK st InterstTts 
248-252 PInard A L, UquoM 
254 Ouellet Emery 
266 Folsy Joseph 
256V' fTharretier Maxlme 
258 Marlneau Sevlgny 
260 Parent Maxlme 
262 Desormeaux F X 
264 Qulrouet Mrs Rosnlle 
268 Hudon Elle 
278 St Marie Joseph 
280 Burrows Wm 

St. Andrew. 

ui Sttgarniii" Simon 
iSwonne Prime 
laAnbln Norbert 
MK iSlet Morris 
hwAdl«;o,mn Samu 
SsCbateauvort Bdoui 
S§ pipury Eugene 
»^F'',;\!?;au feonnlsi 
' ^ grocer 

Rose st comma 
fwjpelornie Jean Bte 
ERoWlInnl Joseph 

ffi TalUefei, I«a«e 
JW Carter Kdward 

SoBcuoir Edmond 
gMawon Alfred 
Mi^lee st comme 
,p.8'paO"ft Thos. gr< 
«n St Germain Mrs J 
i 5w Desjarillns Victor 
I «J Morln Kdouard 
I MB Shaffer Simon 
|g Mct:ullough Alexai 
Frlel st comme 

I M Store, s e 
IjMjKnrrell James 
I So Dili"' l-'erdlnand 
• aLwMorlu Joseph 
^ MacFiirlane John 
St Joseph st comme; 
PrivBte ground* 
.jfiLaii/.on Mrs Marie 
iSruuclior Evangells 
Im Palmer Miss Emm 
I J90 Monette Alfred 
1 392 Renand Joseph 
liM Fauclior Pierre 
tm Lauzon Alderlc 
IjilgBonclier Miss Rose 
1^ BclnnKer Cyrlllc 
|i2 Gosselln Etienne 
I Notre Dame st commei 
|i36 Dupuis Alexis 

Rldeau r 

|8T JAMES, runs east 
C A Ry, between Wl 
and Theodore, to NIcl 
St George Ward. 

IXorth Side , 

Coal shed 
Vacant lots ' 
House, s e 

ISoiith Side , 

2 Dey Edgar F 
4-8 liey Bros, boat 
and wood yard 

Vacant lots 

House, B e 

1ST JOSEPH, runs 
from ,S68 St An 
fourth east of Kin 
St Piitrlek. Ottawa W 

'm side 

Vacant lot 
7 Spector Isaac 

C. B. TA6&ABT & SON, ^i^I^^^Sj^f r^lPHREHI 


HI MASON & SONS ^"^^^* ^™*^^ ^^^^' ^^^ 

Willi mfivvw 1* wiPiiw shlngK DrMMd UinbM>, Eio. 

8t. Andrew. 


St. Patrick. 115 

LuSBgannii" Simon 
LS^onne Prime 

?. iHipr Morris 

' ^ grocer 

gose St commanceB 
t «« neloriiic Jean Bte 
JJSpoWllnnl Joseph 

^ TallH'fer, laale 

S3 carter Kdward 
Hi6l,abelle Eyangellste 

SMn8«on Alfred 
I MeGei' st commences 

S26^"paO'ift ThoB. gro 
J ^ SI Germain Mrs Julie 
^pesjardins Victor 

ttiMorin Kdouard 

Ssiiaffer Simon 
[^Mc€ull'iu&h Alexander 
Frlel 8t commences 

I m store, s e 
lugFnrrell James 
IqMDube Ferdinand 
Im Morlu Joseph 
I^MacFiirlane John 

St Josepli St commences 
Private grounds 
m Lau/.on Mrs Marie 
,jj6Fauclior Evangellste 
I M Palmer Miss Emma 
IjSOMoiuMte Alfred 
l;^' Renniul Joseph 
IjMFauclK'r Pierre 
Im Lauzon Alderlc 
\tH BoiK'Uer Miss Rosee 
IjOOBelnncer CyrlUe 
\lk Gos«eliu Btlenne 
iKotre Dame st commences 
I DnpulH Alexis 

Rldeau river 

IgT JAMES, runs east from 

■ C A R.V, between Wllbrod 
and Tlieodore. to Nicholas, 
St George Ward. 

IXorth Side 

Con I shed 
Vaennt lots 
House, s e 

IScuth Side 

2 Pey Edgar F 
4-8 Dey Bros, boat bldrs 
and wood yard 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

1st JOSEPH, runs south 
frniii .108 St Andrew, 
fourth east of King, to 
St Patrick, Ottawa Ward. 

■East Side 

Vacant lot 
7 Spector Isaac 

9 Spector Abraham B 
16 Oauvreau Alexandre 
19 Perras Leon 
21 Dubuc Louis 
25 Roy Wm 
29 Polrler Toussalnt 
31 Perrier Leon 
38-39 Pelletler Alfred, gro 
39 Oareau CaUste 
43 Labelle Mrs Amedee 
46 LauEon Jean Bte 
61 Rehanme Augusts 
Store, 8 e 

West Side 

4 Daze Napoleon 

8 Vacant 
12 Mathe David 
14 Lacrolx Joseph 
16 Morln Arthur 
20 Seguln Joseph A, bkr 
22 Mitchell Molse 
28 Taylor Napoleon 
28 Cbarette Joseph 
32 Tessler Edmond 
38 Landry Narclsse 
40 Beaudry Michael 

62-04 Store, s e 

ST PATRICK, runs east 
from Ottawa River to St 
Patrick's Bridge, Rldeau 
iRlver, Intersecting Sussex 
at No 214, Ottawa and By 

North Side 

18 Gendron Ferdinand A 
Nepean Point 
Thompson G G, caretkr 
76 Govt Printing Bureau 
A lane 
Vacant lots 

Sussex st Intersects 

Basilica grounds 

143 Archbishop's Palace 
Duhamel Rt Rev J 
Thos, DD, Archbishop 
of Ottawa 
Routhler Mons J O, Vlc- 

Oampeau Rev Louis N 
Bouillon Rev George 
Plantln Rev Jean A 
Degulre Rev J C W 
Beauchamp Rev P H 
Groulx Rev Albert 
Olbeau Arlstide.doorkpr 

163 Robert Pierre 

166-175 Monastery of the 
Precious Blood 

177 Morel Michael 
Morel Mrs G, bdg 

181 Vllleneuvp Amedee 
Vacant lots 

191 St Jean Jean Louis 

196 Gervals Adolphe 

196-7 Jollette Hotel 

A lane 

109 d'Rellly Mrs Jane, gro 

199% Vallquette Mrs Hortens 

201 EnrlRht Mrs DoNlthee 

205 St Jacques Vltallne 
Pnqnette J B 

207-9 Victoria Hotel 

216 D' Amour Alberlc : ' 

217 AsseUn Olivier 
210 Beauvais Joseph 
221 Ferland J Gaudlose 

Ferland Mrs E, gro 
223 D'Amour Louis 

226 Decoeur Honore 

227 Levlnoff Hiram M 
^27V^ Brunette Louis, car- 
riage mnfr 

229 Vacant 

231 Tasse Wilfrid, cabs 
Vllleneuve Godfroy 
Villeneuve Mrs V,arsmkr 

233 Franche Teleephore 

236 Benoit Elie 

237 Lalonde Et)hrem 
248-6 Store, s e 

Dalhousle st intersects 

261-53 Store, s e 

266 Turgeon Pierre 

267 Morel Oleophas 

259 Gauthler E & Son, un- 
Gautbler Edmond 
261 Dufbe Mrs E 

266 Berictaon Napoleon 

267 Mercler Henri 
289 Vezina Melcblor 

273 Laperrlere J F Hector 
275 Paris Zephlr 
277 Kerouac Loul& 
270 Onllaghan Mrs Mary 
285 Mahoney Jeremiah 
287 DrlscoU Wm 
280 Bourgulgnon Isidore 
Bourguignou Mrs An- 
gellne, slipper mnfr 
291 Lafontalne Mrs Phlloment 
208 Richard Telesphore 
295 McClory Mrs Sl A 
301 Brunette Joseph 

308 Cote Isidore 

306 Johnson Mrs Sophie 

307 Drapenu Arthur 

309 Lepage Napoleon 
311 Naubert Mrs Sophie 
313 Llzotte Mrs Olive 
315 Therlault Adelard D 
317 Labelle Patrice 

Labelle Mrs A, drsmkr 
Cumberland st Intersects 
319 Schlugh Francis, gro 
323 Lefe.bvre Pierre 

Lefebvre Miss A, drsmkr 

326 Roy Theodule 

327 Meunler Patrice 

329 Tessler Alphonse 

831 McCmilouddy Mrs Oath 
333 Keaoutfh Mrs Catherine 
335 Bllodeau Pierre 
.387 Lavlgne Arsene 

330 Belaud Joseph 
341 Mlllette Paul 
343 Charette Phlleas 

Chnrette Mrs M, drsmkr 

346 Deslauilers Napoleon 

347 Murphy Mrs B, gro 
SiVl Cntelller E A 

363 Dolan Charles Jr 
350-61 Muiidy James, gro 

King st Intersects 

363 Ohnrron Adolphe, gro 
.365 rioutler J B, shoemkr 
887 Groulx Mrs Elmlre 
.371 Callaghau Michael 
873 Pooley Henry 
876 St Germain Theodule 


'HRENOUNE kidney & liver pills 







X ■ 






• :■ I 

Mi " 'i 



,'■ ■If 

,i\l (fit 'i* 

\ I 



\l : i 

I'l i 

t. ; 

1 1, 


'■ lit m- ^ 

' '! it '- > 

I i 










116 St. Patrick. 


St. Patrick. 

St Germain MUs A, drs- 

377 OueUette Cliarlea 
379 Oaulin Joseph 

Gaulln Mrs M, cl^rars 
383 Laframbolse Mrs Oath 

Leduc Honor© 

386 Parlseau Philippe 
Vallquette Mrs Adeline 

387 Wecsler Charles 
Aubry Jeau Bte 

389 Daly Patrick 
391 rx)ngpre Joseph 
393 Vanasse Joseph 
395 Beaudry Oscar 
397 Meunler Napoleon 
401 St Jacques Henri 

406 Boyle JO(bn F 

407 D'Aoust Andrt- 

409 D'Aoust M J Andre 
411 Leslie Mrs Caroline 
413 Mlrsky Rev Jacob 
415 Lemleux Jos, fruits 
417 Klnsella Mrs Mary 
419 Latonde Blzear, gro 

Rose St ends 
421 Belanger Charles, gro 
423 Cabour Sldor 
42S Blron Xavler 
425% Groulx Alexandre 
427 BlKras Ellc 
433 Carllng Hugh 
435 Letourneau Elln 
'487 PUon E, barber 

MoGee st ends 

441 Reerdon John 

443 Fltzpatrlck Miss Marg 

415 Crochotlero Jean Bte 

Vacant lota 
463 Blcard Wm 
457 Joubarne Alpbonse 
457V^ Joubarne Honore, tlr 
4i59 Bolvln Venance 

BolTln Mrs E. sro 
Frlel St Intersects 
461-403^ Benaud Jean Bte 

467 Beauchamp Victor 
469 Calve Ovlla 

476 Arblque Cleophas 

477 Coualueau John P 
479 Vacant 

481 Vacant 

486 Wing Lung, laundry 

St Joseph st ends 

487-9 Hudon P A ero 
491 Deslaurlers Joseph 
493 Marlneau Napoleon 
497 Sugarmnn Abraham, gro 
501 Lai>lautf> Joseph 
606 Bourdage Joseph 
507 Nault George, gro 
609 Labelle Oscar 
611 Dfsjardlns Alpbonse 
613 Dageuals Eugene 

616 Constantlneau Louis A 

617 Thomas Ferdinand 
619 Morln David, gro 

Notre Dame at ends 
625-7 St Anne'H Sep Scb 
629 Gaicnon Thomas 
683 Jeanveau Mrs R 
687-9 Laliberte V X, gen 

643 Rocque Victor, shoemkr 
646-7 Tlghe Richard 

Gamache Gaudols, r 
Ooderre EMouard, r 
Cote Loul*. r 
640 Brown Joseib 
661 Guenette Ferdinand 
553 Soulre Nathaniel J 
555 Martin BUln 
657 Richer Doalthae 
669 Desjardlns Phlleas 
561 Pomluvlllp Mrs E, fruits 
661^-63 Pepin Israel 

668 Hornsby Chas D 
571 Carroll Jauie^ 
677 Paquette Wm 
579 Ouelletto Cvrlas 
586 Walah l^rs Lizzie 
6S7 Carrlere Phlleis 
589 Cameron Phlleas A 
691 Morln David 

PInard st commences 
609 Rochon Jean Bte 
611 Bolly Alfred 
616 Lecavaller F X 
619 Proulx Napoleon 

Private grounds 
636 Lecourt Joseph P M 

Vacant lots 
643 D«8jardln8 Severe 

646 St Denis Hormlsdas 

647 Giroux Mlch«l 

Bridge to Porter's Is- 
fifll Sevlcny Xorbert 
663 Proulx Omer 
666 Desorches Joseph 

Desorches Miss Victoria, 

Gaicne Pierre 
067 Larose Marcellln, Kro 

669 Dublen Thomas 
671 Graham Michael J 

Vacant lota 
681 Schlnck Alexandre 
683 Legault Olerie 
686 Lafontalne Napoleon 
689 Mayer Joseph 

South Side 

Hull Ferrv Landlnsr 

Brigham Thos O, prop 
Hull Farrv 

Cecil Aniedee 
16 Ethlar Cesalre 
18 Poitras Joseph 

Major's Hill Park 

Mackenzie av commences 
104 Dunn R & J, btlrs 
106 Small Wui R 

Bart Alfred 
108 Store, s e 

Sussex st Intersects 
122 Store, s a 
126 Morgan Mrs Susan 

Durlrlns Mrs Ceollia 

Boulet F X 

Charron HUatre '" 

Villeneuve Octave 
126 Brazeau Joseph 

McLaushlln Patrick 

Lavole Jean B 

Drolet CbarlPS 

Vacant lot 
188 Bochou Flavleu 
142 Valade F X, phy 
146 O'Keefa Wm 
148 Vallquette Napoleon 

Vallquette Mks vt » 
maker '^'* ^' d'eu. 

160 Rochon AlDiiouse 
154 Arohambault (has n 
168 ForUer LeoLu.rd ^ 
Cbampoux Jean n 

168 Larose Jo«vpii 
170 Theriault A .I'rosnop. 
172 Beaudoln Joseph " * 
1T4 St Jean Plerr.;. nh, 
178 Lefebvre Marcel 
180 Moquln Amedce 
182 Tatse Charles d 
\^ Potvln L Zephlrin 
186 Normand H. phnbr 
188 Limoges B E pntr 
190 Dofresne J Thomas 
192 Cantln Wilfrid c 

Cantin Mrs E, drsmkr 
196 Vailiancourt i'lerw 5 
198 Robiuette J (j. fruits 

A lane 
200 Provost Mrs Ellsa 
204 Blanchet Tel.sphorc 
208-10 Capital Hol«l 
212 Brlsbois Godfioy 
214 Olaude Pierre 
216 Dnprat Damase 
218 Cyr Mlas Angeliuu 
220-22 Gratton Josi-uh 
224 Massle Miss Clotllde 
226 Juneau Patrice, hit 
1236 ModsrlA Octave 
230 Franchp Xavler 
282 Leblanc Etlenne 
288 Duprat Ephrem 
244-246 Btore, s e 

Dfllhousie st intersects 
248-260 Store s e 
252 Coursolle Mrs Valed* 
264 Regimbal Prociile 

Regim'bal Miss E, drsmki 
256 Cuason Mrs Li'ucadle 
266 Malouin Joseph 
264 Frederic Mrs Cathetlae I 
2«t) Rloard Gustavc, cubs 

M«louln Orezoire 
270 Belief eullle Fells 
272 Orlgnon Urgele 
274 Labaile Venanoe 
276 Lavigne Jean Bte 
280 Menard Charles 
282 Vacant 

286 Lafortune Fldele. carp 
286 Paquette Adolphe 

Lover J Bte 
290 Robltallle Mrs I'lorlda 
292 OravAlle Henri 

Normandeau Joseph 
284 Llncourt Mrs Zoraide 
286 Vnlln Ferdinand 

St Laurent Joseph 

Julien Theophlle 

Holvin Charh'H. i'»>nr 
298 Wbelan Joseph 
800 Grenier Mrs Mnrguerltel 
802 DamphouBse N, gro 

St Bridget's (R.0.| 

Cumberland st InterAectt 
820 Reneud Louis, flour 
824 Mlneban Patrick 
328 Dugal Teiesphore 
380 Roy Mrs Flavrip M 




iMt QuaHiy, WhoiM«i« ami Rttail. 208PARK 

St. Patricl 

nor Mlw Fvn. mu« 
,u«rln Alfred 

ffllle«n George 
i Booth Mr. Gather 
rueunler Alircd 
Ycummt Isidore 
ipaddonMrs Ann 

Morphy M" Mary. 

Meunler Francis 

Martin Mr* D.drsi 
» nemers Jean Bte 
J rpgPt Honore 
2 LeBttlfc George H 
J^atreme Emery 
iPanls Alpbonse, bt< 
Klnfi st Intersc 
iTallquetto A, barbe 
I Leblanc Severe 
J Connolly Mrs Maria 

phrner Alfred 
_jOa<>llettf Solomon 
Eonllette Joseph 
Csoanlan Mrs Mary 

"k Belan?. r Mrs Vict 
jLaurenoclle Joseph 
?Sinltli Jnmes 
jpoullot tJeoree 
m, pabe liosario 
J Segnin Honore 

Chevrlpv Ulric 
gQDcaoel Louis 
(Oherrler Miss M L, 
iChevrltr Miss Auxll 
OPorlon C A, bikmnit 
(Talbot Aususte 
OOhoquette Gilbert A 

Nelson st commei 

J Ganvin & Co, blksmil 

Qmvln Joseph 
KLaneuville Benjamin 
jChnrboniienu Arthur 

Vacant lot 
OBahen Wm 

1 Menard Mrs P, gro 
I< Harris Aaron 

j*i Aniyot F X. shoei 
(Dnmoulln Joseph 
jphllbort Joseph 
jcialronx Rocn 
Claironx Miss Hectoi 
maslc teacher 

Deslaurlers Henri 

i Boucher Mrs Shnelle 

1 Charbnnneau Oleophi 
I Charbonneau Cleopbi 
\ Dumoulln Venance, 

OTremblay Albert, bte 
Frlel st Intersec 

tDesjnrdlns O, barber 
I Spenard Alexandre 
ISoott Michael, gro 
jLanoue Mrs R, frul 
Huionde Simeon Jr 
i Vacant 

ISarreau Napoleon 
J OueUette Alexandre 
fi Domplerre A J, bk 
lOauvrt-au P, tlnemit 

I Groulx Jean B 

|Uj Charbonneau Miss 
dry goods and drsi 

II Cliart)onnean Honore 
tXleholson Mrs Mary 
I Warner Charles 




larvis' Photos are the Best 

8c. Patrick. 


Second A'v. 


8or M1« E"^"' "*"■ **='" 

nieoni" Alfred 

ipaddonMrs Ann 

? «.iinler Francis 

incroers Jean Bte 

; iftft Hoiiore 

• Lemnltre George H 

Jijimllle Kmery 

DanU Alphonae, btchr 

Klne St Intersects 

jValique"'' A, barber 

iLeblanc .Sovere 

J Connolly Mrs Maria 

nijrner Alfred 
jOacllettt' Solomon 
iiO'illettc Joseph 
BgoanlaD Mrs Mary 
tasivviT lloniee 
li Belan?. r Mrs Victoria 
Aaurenoplle Joseph 
i Smith Jnmas „ , , 
jPoullot Lieorsre . ' 
u, Diibo Itosarlo 
ig<>gnlii Iloiiore •- • 
j| CTevrlpf Ulrlc 
iOwaD9\ Louis 
(Chevrler Miss M L, gro 
jChevrltT Miss AuzUe • 
jjDorion C A, blksmlth 
(Talbot Aususte 
dOhoqucttf Gilbert A 
.V(>UoD 8t commences 

j Gaovin & Co, blksmlths 
Qanvln Joseph 

Laneiivllle Benjamin 
jCh.irliiiiiiienu Arthur 

Vacant lot 
OBahen Wm 
! Menard Mrs P, gro 
i« Harris Aaron 
f j(i Aiiiyiit F X. shoemkr 
i Diimoiilln Joseph 
) phllbert Joseph 
icifllroux Rocb 

Ciaironx Miss Hectorlne, 
music teacher 
OPeslaurlers Henri 
j Boncher Mrs Hhnelle 
Ktiarbnnneau Cleophas 

1 Cbarboiineau Cleophas 
jDumoulIn Venance, llq- 

It tremblay Albert, btchr 

Friel St Intersects 

BDesJardins O, barber 
i gpenard Alexandre 
ISoott Michael, gro 
BLanotie Mrs R, fruits 
Halonde Simeon }r 
j Vacant 

ISarreau Napoleon 
iOupllette Alexandre 
U Dompierre A J, bkr 
IP.Auvrfau P, tinsmith 
IGroulx Jean B 
jfii Oliarbonneau Miss E^ 
dry goods and drsmkr 
tCbai^nneau Honore 
jxichiilson Mrs Mary A 
I Warner Charles 

466 Packwood Peter 
488V4 Bemabe Joseph 
466 Racette F X 
49eU^ Lapolnte Edouard 
SOO Osmond Nelson B 
602-4 Bolvln Augnstln, pool 
Qhapel st commences 
618 Desjardlnn Alfred 
622 Desjardlns Ovila 
6iM Desjardlns Mrs Blolse 
626^ fit An^e's Hall 
666 Bt Anne'v (RO) Church 
544 Desjardlns Mrs A 
646 Dagenals Bdouard 
648 Trepanler Honore 
660 Dtsiaurters Alphonse L 
664 Oonneau Adolphe 
664 Vacant 
Vacant lot 

Augusta St commences 
674 Sarrasln Oelestlu, gro 
678 Lackey Wm 
660 Cabana Mrs Octavie 
660V^LaJole John, contr 
682 Bourque Joseph 
B64 Boyle Peter 
686 Franche Jean Bte 
686 Lalonde Mrs P, gro 
602 ChauTin Joseph 
6M LaUberte F X 
600 Oreen Michael 
604 Cbartrand Maxlme 
606 Lemleux Louis, gro 

Cobourg St commences 
626 Dupuls Mrs H, gro 

Dupuis Adolphe 
628 Couturier Marclen 
660 Rodler Isidore 
632 Hudon F X 
6S4 Levesque Joseph, cabs 
686 Bernler Stanislas 
688 Brazeau Mrs Mellna 
640 Holmes Frederick 
642 Burroughs Joseph 
644 Henry Robert 
660 MciBvoy Wm 
6S4 McSvoy Mrs Julia 
668 Harton Joseph 
600 Paquette Jean Bte 
668 Larose F X 
664 Cfaartrand Mrs Delpblne 

Paquet Mrs Josephine 
666 Turpln Paul 

Vacant lots 

Charlotte st commences 

Vacant lots 
696 Vacant 
608 Marsolals Edmond 

Wnrtemberg st commences 
Vacant lot 

RIdeau River 

south from Theodore to 
city limits, second west 
of Rideau River, St George 

Not apt/a 

south from Ollmonr to 
Lewis, first east of Mac- 
donald, Central Ward. 

East Side 

Vacant lot 
Turner Frank 

West Side 

4 Hardy Henry F 
6 Kelly Wm H 

see 86 Florence. 

SCHOOL LANE, runs north 
from Stanley av to Mac- 
kay, tfaird east of Sussex n, 
RIdeau Ward. 

Not built on 

SECOND AV (Bayswater), 
runs south from Welling- 
ton to city limits, between 
CAR and O P R tracks, 
Dalhonsle Ward. 

Bast Side 

Lumber piles 

West Side 

Groulx Francis 
Lumber piles 

SECOND AV fGlebe prop- 
erty), runs west from El- 
gin to Concession, second 
south of Patterson's Creek, 
Intersecting Bank st be- 
tween 687 and 797, Cen- 
tral and Wellington 

North Side 

15 Roy Phllis 

16 Bull Enoch 

26 Shaver Elsie, contr 
28 Howe Arthur 
81 Howe Wm 

Vacant lots 
41 Saunders Tliomas 
43 Stark John 

O'Connor st Intersects 
63 Holmden Hensley R 

66 Vacant 

67 Grant Douglas 

59 de Bouchervllle J V 
61 Kesar George 

68 Brown James 

65 Mallleue Harry W G 
67 Haband Charles 8 

69 Russell Alex H 
71 Moreland Alfred 

78 Stephenson Wm 
76 Ohlsholm John 

79 Lester George ' 
Vacant lots 

Bank st Intersects 
Not open further 

South »Me 

4 Pelton Andrew 
6 Letdi Mrs Rose 
12 Lyon Mrs Edith 
22 Bannister James, contr 




if' :■ 

' il' 


■I ' ^1 ^ 



' fci t 


I I 

!■! r 


a ft J''!'!' 


< nil 

i\ n 

!■■ -J i'. '■A 



I I 


^ iVJ' 

t ■ 




If ^'''- 



inC OUJl LirCljQHH r, reiq, Uamg^r, Eastern OntariT 


Second Av. 



24 Wells Sandford O 
26 Wfttson John A 
28 Russell John 
30 Brinvu Chrtstopher 
84 Wilson John 
36 Unfinished building 
38 Hayes James B 
42 Armstrong Wm 
Vacant lot 

O'Connor st Intersectn 

Vacant lots 
60 Wlckham Mrs Esther 
76 Reynolds James 
82 Klngsland Walter P 
118 Lester Wm H, eontr 
Vacant lots 

Bank st Intersects 
Not open further 

SHERWOOD (Le Breton 
Plats), runs south from 
Oregon, between Bridge 
and Broad, to 72 Ottawa, 
Victoria Ward. 

EJast Side 

Lath piles 

21 Kealey James 

23 Ouellette Jacques 

27 Nevlns Michael 

31 Bralthwalte George 

33 Buck Jeremiah W 

36 Agen Thomas 

43 Dom Trans Go's stables 

51 Rolland Henri, cabs 

38 Dunn William 

57 Sally Edward 

65 Johnston Mrs M, bdg 

67 O'Connor John 

60 Roy Joseph 

Fournler Octave 

House, 8 e 

Queen st w Intersects 

Store, 8 e 

80 McPherson John 

dl Flynn James 

95 McS>wen John, bdg bse 

90 Wood James Jr 

Ford George 
109 O'Nell Patrick 
111 Madden Wm 
113-117 Ste Famine Sep Sob 
119 McFall Albert 
121 Longpre Joseph 
123 Shannon Mrs Bridget 
12S Gay Napoleon, gro 

Ottawa st Intersects 
House, s e 
West Side 

2 Soubllere Moiee 
4 O'Meara Mrs Marg 
8 Proulx Francois X • 
6>A Bllodeau Napoleon 

Gagne Arthur 
8 Glroux Alexis 

10 Skelton John 

12 Cook Herbert A 

14 Larooque Alexandre 
Allard Joseph 

20 Dale Robert 

22 Feeley George 
24 Bradley John 
26 Parent Moise 

30 Led air Wm 

32 St Amant Adolphe 
St Amant Victor 

34 Nichol Robert, bdg 

36 Cssher James, bdg 

42 Larocque Pierre 
Renaud Felix 

46 Johnston John 

48 Atkinson John ' <' 

64 Santa Jean B 
Lumber plies 

70 Revellon Etlenne, cabs 
Sayer Hormisdas, cabs 
Queen st w intersects 
Vacant lot 

90 Lauzon Hllaire 

92 Dwyer Mallock 

94 Bouchard Miss A.drsmkr 

96 Mahen Antolne 

96 Sloan Mrs Ellen J 
102 Fagan Michael 
lOei^. Holland Henri, cahs 
104 Roberge Ferdinand 
108 Lacey Patrick J 
110 Farrell John, wood 
112 Dubois Henry 
114 Cherry Benson, Ixlg 
120 Hunter John 
124 Clement Callxte 
126 Bourgeon Pierre 

SIDNEY, runs west from 
Preston to city limits, first 
north of River Road, Dai- 
housle Ward. 

North Side 

2 Belanger Jean, gro 
8 O'Oonnell John 

Vacant lot 
16 Vacant 

20 O'Oonnell Thomas 
24 Vollrath Carl 

Private grounds 
38 Joudwa Charles 
60 Turner Wm 

C P R crossing 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

Ezperi Farm lands 

O P R crossing 

SLATEH, runs west from 
Canal w, third sonth of 
Sparks to Concession, in- 
tersecting Elgin at 97, Cen- 
tral and Wellington 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

Storehouse and stables 
19 Clarke Nicholas W 

Private grouud« 
31 McLaughlin Geo, photo 
33 Rice John 

36 Guy Ool Oeo 

37 Grant Miss Bilsaibetta 
m Newman Charles J 

«1 Farrell Miss M O, drs- 

48 Bertschinger ▲ H 

Blgln st lnt«r«ects 
46 Franklin John 

47 Langerin BMonard J 

Private groniKls 

vacant lots 
89 Donas^y Mrs 1iob*i.f 
98 Lants fiiss L, bdl'* 

Private ground! 

Metcalfe st lutersecti 

House, s e 

Private grounils 
128 GoQlson Mrs M A, bdg 

Trafalgar pi cowmencei 

126 Stanford Wm 

127 Williams Miss .S o hd. 
181 Button Mrs L L ' ^ 
138 Dobier Mrs Grace 

136 Blair Wm L 

137 Blyth George R 

A lane 
Vacant lots 
House, 8 e 

O'Connor st Iniersect* 
House, B e 

177 Gee Clement S 
179 Boyce John O 
183 Graves Mrs Sarah 
167 Bowen Hlel 
191 Wilson B 8 

198 Laifrenlere Napoleon 
197 Kent Joseph 

199 Imlay John O 
203 Bower Albert 

206 Edwards Joseph E 

Bacon Mrs C, nurse 
209 Keeling Samuel A 
211 Power Mrs B, bdg 

A lane 
215 Laughton George 
217 House, s e 

Bank st Intersects 

Cburch, 8 e 
247 Scott Lockburn B 
240 Stephens Wm iN 
2C1 Firth George E 

Walsh James 
267 Porter Nelson D 

200 Porter Mrs Sarah V 
263 McOormick Andrew 
280 Cole Alexander O 
273 Reld Mrs Margaret 

276 Teaklefi Mrs Jennie 

277 Alexander Hugh 
279 MoLeish Darid 

Vacant lot 
House, 8 e 

Kent st lutersecti 

I jctory, s e 

Vacant lots 
337-39 Vacant (2) 
34S Ourrie John L 

Vacant lots 

Lyon st intersects 
Private grounds 
387 Living Henry H 
367^4^ Wrigfht Ernest 
360 Bonell Amos 
376 Scbarf John J 

379 Brown Miss Mary 
888 Vacant 

386 Watson Edmund A 

387 Hlnton Wm P 

380 Vacant 

301 Ault Arthur W 


Honse, f> e 

Bay st Intel 
Private j;rounds 
College, !• e 
Private grounds 

i' Mi 

G. B. nmm & son 

RmI EiUte AgMtt, AwtionMn, etoJ 
Tel. 708 Cor. Bank A Wellington 8U\ 

J stables 

I iia Murk Mrs Jane 

I *^ont Mui^i^al Oollei 

I ui Vacant 

• Vacant lots 

Soalb Side 

Coal sbods 

Vacant lots 
34.36 Vacant (2) 

House, s e 

Blgln st inter 

« Honse, s e 
jOAddlsou Miss Isa 
g> Peck James W 
M St Dialer Wm 
16 C'dsrlebols Thomai 
M Peden Airs Flora 

McBwen Miss A, 
1i Jackson Wm J 
78 Two.T Stephen 
78 Peck Mrs Bridget 
MGirlini; Bridges 
^ Williamson Jobn 
g4 Abbott Robert B 
^ BuelB Frank, tchi 

M Casey Mrs Mary 
(0 McGilllvray Mrs Bfj 

House, a • 

Metcalfe st Inters 
I Bouse, s e 
114 Link George, broki 

I A 

1 116 Coulson Wm ▲ 


|l2M Mead Charles, In 
I tS Gardner David 

__, Mc.Mahon Wm O 
1 136 Todd John, exp 
IJ8 Hlllyard Robt w 
1 144 Taylor John W 
146 Gray Mrs Marg D 
1 152 Hill Wm 

Johnson Mrs M, dn 
Vacant lots 

O'Connor st Interi 
House, ■ e 
1 174 Morris James 
1 178 Fllgg Wm H 
' Cousens Mrs BUlu 


]1S4 Stimpson Arthur V 
llffi Parks Wm 

Parks Miss B, idus 
1192 Gritrith Franklin 1 
1196 Brown H T, pro 

Vacant lots 

Store, s e 

Bank st interi 
Store, s 6 
liM Vacant 

|88 Leyden Miss Marg! 
1344 Burns Wm H 








Honse, fc e 

Pay St Intenecti 

private grounds 

College, !• e 

private trounda 

i<a vurk M'S Jane 
'^"on? Musical College 
1 M Vacant 
**^Vacaut lots 

Scnth Side 

Coal shoda 

Vacant lota 
31^ Vacuut (2) 
^ouse, 8 e 

Elgin at intersects 

48 HoDse, a e 

MAddisou Wm Isabella 
% Peck James W 
MSt Dialer Wm 
M Cliarlebols Thomas 
ffi Pedeu Mrs Flora 
McBwcn Mlas A, nurse 
A lane 
74 Jackson Wm J 
JS Twoy Stephen 
78 Peck Mrs Bridget B 
SOGlrllni! Bridgea 
M Williamson Jobn 
84 Abbott Robert B 
jgBuelB Franic, tchr sing- 
88 Casey Mrs Mary 
90 McGilllTray Mrs M, bdg 

A lane 

House, a e 

Metcalfe at intersects 
I Bouse, s e 
1 114 Link Oeorge, broker 

A lane 
1 116 Coulson Wm A 

A lane 

1 1224 Mead Obarlea. bdc 
1 128 Gardner David 

A lana 

1 182 McMahon Wm O 
136 Todd John, exp 
138 HUlyard Hobt w 
144 Taylor John W 
IMOiay Mrs Marg D 
152 Hill Wm 

Jolmaon Mrs M, dramkr 
Vacant lota 
O'Connor st intersects 
House, s e 
1 174 Morris James 
llTSnigg Wm H 
Cousens Mrs EUlia 

A lane 
1 184 Stlmpaon Arthur W H 
1 186 Parks Wm 

Parka MIsa B, bus tctar 
,„ Griffith Franklin M 
1 106 Brown H T, pro med 

Vacant lota 

Store, s 6 

Bank st Intersects 

Store, s e 
IIM Vacant 

Ian Leyden Miss Margaret 
1244 Burns Wm H 

246 Webster Bdward 
250 Beaven Nathan W 
26(2 Olmeted Oharles A 

Private grounds 
260 Mara Bdward A 

Slater 8t Scho<ri 

School grounds 

Kent at Intersects 
270 MoBratnev Robert 
272 Durrell Mra Kate 
274 Hutctilson Wm J 
276 Bo^en Peter 
2rr6 iRouth Jaami B 
280 McfOready Bernard 

McOready Mlas M B, 
2S2 Blndon Richard 
284 Adams Henry H 
306 Qrant Jamea M 
812 Wylle Wm W 
318 Macara John 
382 Oraburn Mrs Florence 
324 Smith Geo W, wood 

Wood yard 

Vacant lots 

Lyon st Intersects 

868 Fagan Mrs Margaret 

860 McCarthy Henry 

864 Ralph Joseph 

868 Pratt Isalali 

870 Yetlding Mlas F, mar- 
riage ucenaes 

374 Vacant 

376 Meadows Mrs S J 

878 Wiltahlre Jobn 

380 Wright Rnggles 

884 Vacant . 

886 Kane John 

888 Vacant 

802 Kent Thomas F 

A lane 
House, s e 

Bay st Intersects 

406 Smith John 

406 Mills Joseph S 

4d0 Dalgiish James 

412 Stewart Robt B 

414 Walllfl Brown 

416 Oarrutbera Aaron 
Private grounds 
Wood yard 
Vacant lots 

462 Jarvis Mrs H M 

456 Drolet Melohlor 

468 Ice bouse 

Private grounds 

S0MBR9BT, runs west from 
BSmmett to Fourth av 
(dty limits), nlntb south 
of Sparks, Intersecting Bi- 
gin at No 886, Central, 
Wellington and Dalhousle 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
11 Sbeppard Nugent B 
Onilott Friink 

27 Adams Samuel 

28 Vacant 

38 Otaerry Samuel 

Vacant lots 
80 Allen Francis O 

Private grounds 
46 Dunlevie Jobn F 

Vacant lots 
76 Matheson David 
81 Himaworth Wm 
House, s e 

Cartier st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
126 Macdougall Hon Wm 

Private grounds 
131 Brencan Patrick J 

Private grounds 
149 Pattee Gordon B 
Vacant lots 

Elgin st intersects 
166 French Fleming 

Private grounds 
216 Vacant 
221 Hogg Wm D 

House, s e 

Metcalfe at Intersects 

House, s e 

Private grounds 
261 Bott Harry 
265 Carleton Wm H 

Private grounds 
271 Vacant 
273 DeLis.e Joseph 
283 MaoLaren Mrs Oeorglna 
298 Herrtdge Rev Wm T 
298 Orme Oeorge L 

O'Connor st interseota 
806 Ousner Wm J 
316 McLean Jobn D 
828 Workman Tbonuia 
327 Street Douglaa R 
881 Cope Bdward B 
337 Graham Wm 
848 Sbore J Wlllougbby 
84© Sbore Thomas A 
861 Wbelan Patrick 
8B7 Hayes George H 
369 George Gharlea 

Ttvey Miss EVa, mus 

Norman Frank H. 
dancing academy 

Bank at intersects 

House, a e 
379 Parker James B 
886 Sparka Ai 'j^taam, contr 

Vacant lot 

406 Rdwards Oharles F 

407 Nichols Wm 
Private grounds 

411 Braden Samuel 

421 Moran Jotin A 

426 Holbrook Charles, contr 

430 Masson Donald T 

Kent st intersects 
443 Kiote Max O. phy 
4fr Garland John L 
449 Thaokrny Wm 
4.5.1 nin'ook Frank W 
406 Darldson Samuel S 
471 Wood Henry L 
475 Bdey Moses C 

Vacant lots 
489 Andrew Wm 
491 Vinanrd Wm 
486 Putnam John H 

Vacant lot 

Lyon st Intersects 

Houae. * a 
617 DeaRlvieres Mrs L McG 
519 Lucy John 
621 Scott MarshaU O 
525 Babington Fredk W 











i> 1*. 



■5 1 «. ■ 



{'. i 

t i 

! hi:? I 

H >> 


\i A 


'II I'll 


','. I 





Capital Transfer Oo. 


if 11 'I ■ 


' ] 


^i: ..' 

fii.Ni' I 


■I M ! <■ 4 ■ 









W. a. BKLL, MANAmmm. 

Ntad OIIm and Stabi«^ 

66 QUEEN 8T. 



627 Hlnchey B H 
529 Hlnchey Mrs Ann 

Wood yard 
6S9 Brownlee James 
547 MacDlarmld D, wood 
Bay St intersects 

House, s e 
561 Stewart Wnv 
666 Beroard Charles P V 
B71 Lough Robert 

Lough Miss B, drsmkr 

676 McColl Neli, wood 

677 Coffblan James S 

SSI Snath Walter _ ^ 

686 McFarlane Jam«e J> O 

A lane 

589 Moore Wm H C ■" 
596 Graham John, bidr 
697 Snider ATbert 
601 Parish O Herbert 
Vacant )at 

Percy st Interseota 
609 Chambers David 

616 McBlllgott Patrick 

617 Link Henry 

621 Brewder Richard 
625 Wriiiht Albert EJ 

Private grounds 
631 Buck Jeremiah B 
633 Vllleneuve Pierre 
637 RIoux Jean Bte 
641 Ganham Geo 8, wood 
645 Pownall George A 
647 Hickson John P 
661 Burn Fredk W, tlr 
668 Snider Joseph 

Adams John J 
665 Kells F A. shoes 

Merritt Mrs Catherine 

Vacant lots 
665 Bills Edward T 

Store, s e 
Concession st Intersects 

House, a e 


Store, 8 e 

Cambridge st intersects 

Vacant lots 
703 Templeton Mrs M A 
Vacant lots 

Arthur st intersocta 

718 Kirby Bros, drugs 
Klrby Richmond H 

719 Kelly Mrs Margaret 
Fire Station No 7 
Vacant lot 

Honse, s e 

Victoria ay ends 

Private grounds 
763 Patrice Napoleon 
767 Brlsbols Olivier 

776 Smith Wm 

Lome av ends 

777 Pronlx Ovlla 
783 Moore James 
789 Hollyoak John 
791 Tweedy James 
793 Dummert George 
766 Stewart Charles A 
797 Grant Bros, hardware 

Division st inte^secti 

801 Stackpole Tlios, gro 

808 Delaney Frank 

809 Cochrane Wm, wood 
818 Oarcn Atel 



815 Stanley James 
819 Chatterton John 
823 Hunau Henri 

827 Hughes Robert 

828 O'Grady Patrick 
831 Vllleneuve N.apoleon 

Hotel, s e 
Rochester st intersects 

Store, s e 
851 Store, r e 
806-61 Ledword Chas, bkr 
863 Hopkins David 
867 Wbite James W 
871 Jackson Joeph 
875 Angus Mrs Jane 
879 Daly John 
883 McDonnell 

Vacant lot 
887 Vacant 

House, B e 
Preston st Interaecta 

Store, 8 e 
919 Ruddlck Mrs Loulaa 
921 Hall Joseph 
927 McGuinnesB Fredk A 
988 Briggs Edward 
936 Grant Mrs Catherine 
943 Lewis James 
961 St Louis Henry 

Private gronndiB 
069 EMmondson Smith 
971 Sklffington Frank 
978 Aubry Joseph 
076 Goings Amborse 

Lumber piles 

First av intersects 
Vacant lots 
Second av Intersects 
Lumber piles 

Third av intersects 
Hunt Mrs Euphemle 
Cole Mrs Christina 
1065 McKaln Tbomas 

South Side 

Honse, s e 

Vacant lot 

Private gronnda ; 
34 Torcotte Ehnlle 

Vacant lot 

Unfinished honse 
Maodonaid st commences 

Private groands 
54 Ronan Mrs Mary A 

'Ronan Mias A H, dra- 
66 Bmy David 

Vacant lota 
74 Lees Miss Victoria 

Private grounds 
82 King Wm 
00 Odell Walter S 

House, 8 e 

Cartler st interaecta 

Vacant lots 
126 Patterson Mrs Almarine 
138 Macfarlane niomas 
144 Orme Matthew 
16S Blancbet Ludger 

Gbnrch, s e 

Bngln .st Intersect! 

Vacant lot 
190 Henderson George F 
106 Ryley George u 

Private grounds 

210 Brennan Herbert H 

Private grounds 
222 Lee W Horace 
240 Burbidge Hon G \\ 

Metcalfe st Inteisects 

Honse, s e 
258 Whellen Peter 
272 Unfinished house 
382 Gorman Robert 
292 Johnston Georee, cahi 
294 Gordon John M * 
300 Carilng Fredk W 

O'Connor st Intersects 
House, 8 e 
328 Chamberlain David C 
384 Butterworth Charles A 
832 RIdout Thomas 
338 Moreland Hard\vlok 
346 Benolt Lucien Z J 
880 Vacant 

Lumber yard 

Bank st Intersects 

Honse, s e 
378 Harding Mrs Catherine 
388 Shlllington A T, pnv 
396 Vacant * 

412 McGlffln Robert 
416 Wall Arthur W 
416 Bonner John G 
424 Urquhart Robinson 

Honse, s e 

Kent Bt intersects 
442 Rainsford Benl C 
460 Lally Conrad O W 
462 Borbridge Charles S 
464 Campbell Rev Dr Isaac 
466 McGregor John D 
460 Caldwell John Y 
404 May Archie F 
470 McJanet Thomas 
472 Langdon Thomas 
474 Lane Albert B V 

Vacant lot 
480 Dloks Walter 
494 Hubbell Bdward F 
486 Stewart Miss Sarab 
496 Smith Miss Margaret J 
600 Andrews John B 
B02 Dodd John W 

Kenny Miss M F, elocn- 

Lyon st Intersects 

Vacant lota 

Bay st intersects 

Honse, s e 
662 Allan Misa Catherine 
604 Hill James 

Unfinished house 

Vacant lots 
602 Shaw Mrs Mary 

Percy st Intersects 
610 Balrd Robt, gro 
012 Groves Frederick 8 
014 Price Thomas 
618 Smith BUJah 
622 Higgerty James 

Higgerty Miss M, drs- 
600 Shea Thomas 
690 Bergin Jeremlab 

Private grounds 
042 Murplhy James 
046 Pnmple John 
046 McVeen Henry 
680 Benson Bdward 

; i 

ilnnffi Confederation 



east from OAR, 
Nicholas, second 
Theodore, to the 
Klver, St George's 

South Side 

House, s e 
Nicholas st ln( 
Vacant lots 







«u White John 
Mg PAi^K Tbomas. wood 
House. 8 e 

pppcesslon st Intersects 
fH Robiii-un BenJ, barber 
«K) ViH'aiit 

^l,lx\n<' Peter 
^ Liiiftcll Wm. btchr 
Cambridge st intersects ' 
flousi', 8 e 
Store, s e 

Arthur st intersects 
WC"il yard 

Bell St commences 

Club. 8 e 
744 Armstrong Mrs L*- 

Shell ./ . . 

House, s e 

Le Breton st intersects 

ng B«"tli Washington E 
f!S Wliittler Angus C , 
780 Lefalore Frauds 
7H4 Hii'varrt David A 

rMvislon 8t Intersects 
Sfl2 Sparu'o George 
806 Barnes Sidney T 
812 (Viiliorue Wm H 
816 Coi'lirane Mathew, wood 

Vacant lots 

Store, s e 

Roi-hester st Intersects 

Store, s e 
8M Vnoant 

856 Ht'tiey Mrs Rosalie 
8,W Ml larthr Michael 
860 f'.iwell Wm J 
862 ArN Alexander 
86( Ciisseiman Mr» Victoria 
866 (lark JoHeph 
ses Dnlfrllsh George 
8T0 McCiialg Angus 
«t76 Vai'flnt 
878 Vninnt 

Varflnt lots 
m M.'icDonald Mrs Marg 

Preston st Intersects 
[.umber piles 
C A R tracks 
Somerset St School 

First av Intersects 
I/umber piles 
Hartnett Michael 
Mahoney Robert F 
Fiiwler Wm 

Fourth av 

east from OAR, near 314 
Nicholas, second south of 
Theodore, to the Rideau 
River. St Oeorge'a Ward. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

House, s e 

Ntoholas st intersects 

Vacant lots 

College Athletic grounds 
King st Intersects 

Store, s e 
Jones Thomas 
Bouneyllle Louis 
Rogers Charles O 
Henderson av intersects 
Vacant lots 

SOPHIA, runs west from 
Bell to Divlsiou, second 
south of Somerset, Dal- 
lionsle Ward. 

North Side 

Vacant lot 
7 Walters James 

Vacant lot 
21 Jarvis Johu 
23 Oook Simon 

26 Johnston EMward 

27 Symmes John 

Le Breton st Intersects 

Store, 8 e 
87-.S9 Castongiiay Ohnrlea 
43 Rath well John D 
61 McLennan John A 
63 StJonce Wm 
67 Sullivan Daniel 

Store, 8 e 

South Side 

2 Burns Lawrence 

Vacant lets 
18 Ainsley Joseph N G 
20 Brennan Michael 
22 Graham Ralph H 
House, 8 e 
Le Breton st intersecta 

Store, a e 
40 Levert Leonard 
4Ct Aubry Joseoh A 
46 Chapman Alexander 
02 Visseau^ Louis 
64 LotimleY Eidouard 
66 KIngabury Anthoi^y 
62 Joinette Josep*! 

SPARKS, runs west fron 
8app<'r8 Bridge, second 
south of Parliament Hill, 
to 446 Wellington, Central 
and Wellington Wards. 

North Side 

Post Office 

Lawson Miss G, stamps 
P O Inspector's Office 
Custom House 
Inland Revenue Office 
Ottawa River Works 

21 Customs Dxamining 

23 Ottawa Gas Oo 

26 Code u. Beament, barrs 
Gagnon J O, broker 
Leggo John, dentlut 
Legro Wm A, dentist 
Mnifln B, news agcy 
Barry Wm H, barr 
E!gan & Gorman, Ins 
Browne John C, broker 
Pattee G B. office 

. ttawa LIterar: and 
Scientific Society 
Fisher Jos P, barr 
Smith John J, barr 
Dowlin John L, barr 
27 King Bdward, agt Liver- 
pool and London and 
Globe Ins Co 
Hawkins G J, Ins 
39 Graham Bros, florists 
81 Irvine Wm J, tobacco 
Lancto F N, barber 

38 Durie's Chambers 

1 Durle John S 

2-5-6 Gormully & Orde, 

3-4 Moxley Robt, ins 
Hick Robert, barr 
Brennan J C, real 
7-12 Vacant 
33-6 Durle J & Son, book- 

Beachwood Cemetery Co 
87 Fllgg W H, bicycles 

39 Ottawa Despatch and 

Agency Co 
41 Shllllngton & Co, drugs 

Elgin st intersects 
46-7 Hope James & Sons, 
mnfr statrs 

Ottawa Auxiliary of the 
British and Foreign Bi- 
ble Society 

40 McGitnn R, gents' frng 
Swiss Steam Laundry 

61 Perley Buildings 

1 and 4 Smith & Mc- 

Dougall, barrs 
2-3 McLean D L, barr 
6 Tackaberry I B, auc- 
Great West Life Assce 

8 Wright T H, ins 
Crouch R A, rubber 

7-8 Vacant 

9-10-10^ Ireland Mme, 
toilet soap 
11-12 Vacant 
13-17 Ottawa Chess and 

CSiecker Club 
14 Contractors' Assn of 

16-16 Edey Moses C, ar- 

17a Vacafct 
63 Ray C C & Co, coal 
Poster T K, ins 
Brophy L L, auctioneer 
Standard Life Assce Co 
66 Culbert John & Son, ina 

Gnrrloch, Godard &. Co. 
67-50 Nolln L H & Co. dry 

(A Wood's Studio, photos 

Lanoeflekl O R 
63 Retallack J S S, shoes 

66 Rooney & Cooper, tirs 

67 Olmsted & Hnrdmanjew- 

60 Armstrong Miss Emily 

71 Wilson H W & Co, dry 




All Qroo«r« or *Ph«n« 1028. 

f^ 1 

■«; i 

; ti. 

i|:i| ::T' 


I I CC I art tbMtitelvl JOHN R. REID. 












Samuel, op- 




78 Walker Wm O, confr 
75 McOormiek R A, drngs 
77 AmMtronK J A. dentist 

79 Tarr N S, fey gAu 
I1iomp8on O F, coal 

81-3 Kavanagb Bros, gros 
83^ O'Connor, Hogg & Ma- 
gee, barrs 

O'Connor Daniel, barr 
'^<*<iB66-7 Rosenthal Aaron, wtch 
<M. milker 

1 Rosentbal Adolpb, 

C^ tlclan 

^ Rosenthal 

^ tician 

89 Robertson & Martln,dcn- ' 

91 Nye L N. cigars 

Citizens' Ehcchange and 
Loan Co 

Arnoldl E>rne8t C, broker 

Doni Brldj?e Co 

E>uropean Exporters' As- 

Lnxfer Prism Co, glass 

North American Life 
Assoe Co, A H Fair, 

Metcalfe st Intersects 
98 G N W Tel Co 
97 Rogers & Hubbell, ins 
Hubbell Primary Battery 

Co of Ottawa (ltd) 
Temperance & General 

Life Assce Co 
Keystone Fire Ins Co 
Forty Third Mining and 

Milling Co 
Quain P R, coal 

90 Pyke M M, men's fngs 
Pyke's Steam Laundry 
Pyke'8 Shirt and Collar 

101-3 Browne Eb, grocer and 

106 Craig J & R, tirs 

107 Vacant 

100-111 Bate & Co, gro 
113 Vacant 
115 St James' Hall 
117 Jarvis 8 J, photos 

Addition Ctias, wtcbmkr 
119 Vacait 

121-3 Wilson Jas & Co, car- 
125 Nixon Walter, confr 
127 Smith Wm H, staty 
129-181 Vacant 
133 MarUn W H, tir 
135 Vacant 

137 Pratt Jas & Sons, shoes 
139 Ashfield Miss Mira, crkry 
141 Neweombe O & Co, pianos 
143 Walker Miss J, minry 
145 Shaw C & Co, crockery 
147 Lyon John G, tlr 
149 Singer Mfg Co The 

Scrim Charles, florist 
161 Ottawa Truss and Sur- 
gical Mnfg Co 

O'Connor st intersects 

166-9 Seybold J A & Co, 

whol dry goods 
101 Splttal Alex & Co, coal 
Lloyd's Plate Glass Ins 


Ontario Accident Ins Co 

HuTonlan MIninir Co 
Ottawa ana Gloucester 
Macadamized Road Co 
Splttal Alex, ins 

168 Splttal O D, bicycles 
165 Graham Mrs E, minry 
167 CharlH>nneau W, barlner 

169 De Crosse Miss Mary, 

171 Selwyn Edwin A, ins 
and loans 
Insurance Co of North 

Furness Steamship Line 
Metropolitan Plate Glass 
Ins Co 

Dominion Fire Bxt'n- 
guisher Co (ltd) 
White S A K. Ins and 
Northern Assce Co 
Dominion BIdg & Loan 
Cole Wm A, assignee 
and balllft 

Burke J P, auctioneer 
173-6 I'ritchard & Andrews, 

177 Slater Building 
1-2 Brownlee W J. 
3-4 KlQgsbnry Miss L 

O, dressmkr 
5^ Vacant 

7-8 Ontario Mutuol Life 
AB«*>e Co, Henry 
Mooney, agt 
Blatch O L. acct 
and assisnee 
9-10 Vacant 

11 Canadian Mining Re- 

Can Mlninff Manual 
General Mining Assu 

of the Prov of 

Out Mining Inst 
Oan Mlnlns Inst 
B T A BcU. publr 

12 Taggart S W, artist 
13-14 Vacant 

179 Ligget Thomas, carpets 
181 Brou«e Building 
1-4 Vacant 
5 Hiidson Albert, Ins 

and loans 
Goldie & MoOuIloch 
Co (limited) safes 
F W BIndon. njtt 
183 Macdonald Bros, mens 

183% Brouse H A, fruits 

TutH-Frutti Vending Co 
166 Bower Davidson & 
Bower, dentists 
Metropolitan Business 
187 Stephens A J & 'Son, 

189 Orme J L & Son, pianos 

191 Vacant 

103 Slater-Sherwood Building 

Metropolitan Publishing 

North American Weekly 

Wanael Alfred i »„» 
opticians ^ *"•• 
Capital Amateur Athlo. 
Ic Association *'■ 
.„ „ ^"* End Club 
19C Young Bros, blcvc',.. 
197 Watters H^nrv.i, ,','', 

W9-201 Howe G«o, i.nTr 
203 McNeil J R, Ur 
206-11 Dominion Hull Hotel 


St Inters, 

213 Stora, s « 

219-221 Shepherd E G, .u.^h 

A lane 
as Kennedy Robert, hotel 
227 Evans Jeremiah W 

229 ^TA'lTtZ''' 

233 Vacant 

Rear entrance 
Lumber vard 

A lane 

^ McElligott J W, schoemkr 
267 Hudson J H, livery 


HoiMD. a e 

Kent St Intersects 

Church. • e 
289 Brougb Miss M A 
281 Sheldon Mrs I, bdi; 

Weekes W J, phy 

Rear entrances 

a06 Perkins Edward L 
307 Perkins A E. fndrj- 
317-319 Rondeau A, carriage 

Vacant lots 

Store, s e 

Lyon St Intersects 

84S^ Butler House, 8 c 

Rear entrances 
847-9 Masoey-Harrls Co. agr 

863 Vacant 
367 Hartuey Edward P 

Private grounds 
877 Vacant 

Bay St Intersects 

886 Sims Richard A. coutr 

Vacant lots 
397 Swet>tn)au John 
401 Landrevllle Jos, livery 

Laroeque Alexandre 
408-5 Viioaut 

Raar entrances 

South Side 

20 Black W^ui G, Ins 

Heney John & Son, coal 

22 London & ParlR Hair 

24 Sun life Assce Co 

28 Central Can Ex Ass 
McMahon Edward, Ins 
Taylor W R, steuuislilp 

Dominion Steamship Co 

G. B. TA6&ART & SON 



Tel. 703. Cor. Bank A Wellington Sts. 

KMa at lnt< 

m. MA80H & SONS 

Dimtmioii Timbtr, Uinibtr, Utlis» 
ShiiiflM, OrtMtd Liunbtr, Eit. 





mussel! Houae olgar 


Roiscll The 

Ro^si'il Wine Vaults The 
M Kluif >.'harlee, Ins 
So^t^lly Frank, coal 

O'Bellly & Murphy, elect 

preuclj Albert. horUt 
ifl Wck»o>i H B Ac Co, gents' 

ML Mf<;'.illough O W, coal 
•p A ity Ticket office 

Otta^«a Electric Co. The 

KlKln St Intersects 

rt c i> 11 City Ticket office 
or i' Go's Telegraph 

u (' }' K City Freight office 

JJ^J cbarbonneau Pierre, 

i$ Haycock R H, Ins 
Cauada Ute Assce Co 
HHVCoc'k B B, civ eng 

WA Vac-ant 

48 Trusts Bulldlug 

7 Leuis & SmelUe, 

8 Vacant 

9 Kidd Oeorge B, barr 
10 Vacant 

U-12 Hodgins & Graham, 

13-14 Bishop & Smith, 

15 oMeara J J, barr 
15^ Ferclval H A, Imrr 
16-7 Grant & Sims, barrs 
18-1» P B Go's Tel 
20-1 Standard Agency Co 

22 Kyan Hugh & Co, 

23 Vacant 

21 Casey P A & Co, 

25 License Commission- 
er's Office. John 
OKellly, Inspr 

26 Vacant 
TffVi Vacant 

27-8 O P K Go's Tel 
29-30 Vacant 

31 Henderson Oordon, 

32 Luke Bro« & Co. 

33 Weaver M E.lns 
London & Lancashire 
I,lfp In« Co 

M-aS Vacant 

36 Goodwin Oeorge, 

37 Vacant 
39-40 Vacant 

Hill Gilbert, caretkr 
SO Roos John, tobacco 
62 Douglas O A & Oo, 
Cottage Building Asen 
Home Bulld*.ng & Sav- 

iuKs Assn 
Ottawa Roal Estate Co 
Ottawa Specialty Mfg Co 
M Hay Nathaniel, hdware 
M Ahearn & Soper, elec 

56^ Pnlkln^ orne J A 
5R I'lttaway .^ O, photo 

Cronyn C B & Co. 
60 Beament & Johnston, 
gents' fumlBhlugs 
Parisian Steam Laundry 
62 Leslie John, Jwlr 

01 Perkins ft Fraser, barrs 
McLellan Miss J, dress- 

00-8 Murphy John & Co, 
dry goods 

Lapollce Mrs C, dramkr 
72 Masson Robt, shoes 
74 Carleton Chambers 


3-1 Vacant 

S-6 Code ft Burrltt, 

7-10 Prorldent Savings 

Life Assce So 
11-14 Oemmlll ft May, 

Macfarlane A, barr 
Kidd ft Forward, 
17-10 Ferguson Alez.barr 
21-2 Cunningham ft Co, 

28-4 Harris Hebron, con- 

aS-8 Scott ft Scott,bftrrs 
20-32 Amoldl ft Bwart, 
Grand Hotel Go 
33-4 CMeara ft O'Me- 

ara, barrs 
36-6 Gorman Mlcbael J 
30-40 Stimpson A W H, 

McGlverln H B, barr 
41-2 Wilson John, 

mnfrt' agt 
43-4 Smith F E, type- 
45-6 Hamel F M, cI 

47-48 Dawson Simon J 
40-50 Rochester W O, 

61-2 Diocese of Ottawa 

08-4 Fripp A E, barr 
Morton T P, barr 
Oook George, care- 
76 Devlin R J. hats 
78 Burns Thos, confy 
80 Thort>um C H, books 
82 McMillan Ales, Jwlr 
84 Kenny Bros, tlrs 
86 Butterworth J G ft Oo, 

Woodburn G H. Ins agt 
Crown Pressed Brick 

Leveque Oyrllle, auc- 
88 Latour Pellx, barber 
People's Bldg & Loan 
Assn, H O Hewit dis- 
trict naingr 
Heney Fredh A, office 
Might Directory Co of 
Toronto (ltd) 
McOready J J, barr 
Mott Wm. barr 
00 Miller & Kennedy, drugs 

02 Grayes Bros, liardware 

Metcalfe st Intersects 

Unfinished buildings 
Boss Co, dry gds 
102 Holbrook G M. tlr 
101 Masonic Chambers 

Pratt ft Pratt, bar 

Jar\'ls L, dental sp. 
106 Vacant 
106^ Vacant 
106 Vacant 

110 Butterworth ft Co. hd- 
112 Vacant store 
114-116 Megloughlin G H.dry 

118 Steacy G W, cigars 

Beeson Geo, barber 
lao Smith Jos H,typewrlter« 

McDermott Thomas W, 
12B-ia6 Brunswick Tbe 

Lewis J B. surveyor 
las O Ross Co, dry gds 
128^Dewar J H, ins agt 

Donnelly W L. coal 

Drum W A ft Co. comm 
130 Stackhouse C G, dentist 
132 Topley Wm J, photos 
132^ Ackroyd E, corsets 
134 Locfaead Wm, shoes 
136 Goyer David, jwlr 

McKay John, pntr, r 
i;,^ Mason Arch, cigars 
140 Parker Ohas W, photos 

Matthewman G P, dentist 
142-04 Bryson, Graham ft 
Oo, dry goods 

O'Connor st Intersects 

1S6 PouUn L N, dry gds 
108 Bnsfa, Bonbrtght ft Co, 

Martel Alfred, mns tcfar 
160 Coles National Mfg Co, 

162 Mutchmor A P, real est 
Armstrong W A.real est 
Globe Savings & Loan Co 
Oameron H B ft Co, 
mining brokers 
lG2H^Sproule J P A 
104 Stephen Bros, paints 
166 Cowan ft Son, gro 
166^ Anderson Miss M A, 

166 Campbell Miss J. mlnr 
170 O'Reilly E, clothing 
172 Stroud Bros, teas 
Crown Thomas A 
174 Mills Bros, hats 
176 Mackay ft Co, tlrs 
178 Sullivan John, staty 
180 McGregor Robt, provs 

Ottawa Dairy 
182 Fotheringbani ft Pop- 
bam, stationers 
184 Moreland C, fruit 

C P B Co's Tel (br) 
186 Borbrldge S & H. har- 
188 Vacant 
190 BIssonnette Mrs A, mlnr 

Bissonnette Francis 
102 Boston Tailoring House, 

P O'Reilly prop 
104-108 Mortimer ft Co, 

196U Bradley Richard A 
200 Grabb Mrs M E, mlnr 
902 Bridgman Mrs Maggie, 













Metropolitan Business College 

IS5 SPARKtt ST. S.T. WILLIS. MRoipal. 

COURSES : Business. Shortliana 

and Typ«wHtliig, Penmanship. 

Civil Service, English. 







1st !w 



■ji fit ! 

lu ma t ■ 

i; t r 

■' i'iit 


%mn % 


I . 

/ 1 

1 lit 

I i 





f; -I 

? 'rill 1 I 

' 1 I , - '■ ■ f ■ ■ ■ ' 

i; ; 

P u. 

Iw f J 





3 1 fill 


■A v\ • •\\ ■ ■'. 
III ' ►<■?' f'' 'K S '! 

I, . j : 

WATSON'S '*r5,S".S?riJ!!!!Lii 











Stanley Av. 



3 1 

CO * 

S O 



204 Barer A Macdoufall, 

206 Ballej Walter, tobacco 
208 Taylor & Gilbert, prtrs 
O E Ry receiving 

210 Stanmeyer & Adams, 

212-214 Unflnlshed building 

Banl( »t intersects 

216-218 Side entrances 

220 Vacant 

2201^ Robertson J C S.dentlst 

Armi^trong J L, trusses 

Boulay Mrs Katherlne 

Swift Tbomas 
222 Robertson Alex, real est 

Robertson R N, cigars 
224 Vacant 
224^ Aberdeen Hall 
226 Vacant store 

Petitclerc John B 

Petitclerc Mrs M, dress- 
228 McEwaii Joti;i. harness 
234 Storehouse 
236-8 Stewart Peter, pntr 
240 Grain RoIIk L, prtr 

RIdgway J H, designer 
242 Racine & McOoun, 

Neving T D, tinsmitta 
260 Thaclcray Robt, planing 


Lum<ber yard 
280 Parker Robt, dyer 
264 MacDonald Mrs Margaret 
206 Morris Aug, cane wrkr 
270 James A E, vet surg 
272-4 Morgan J M, livery 

Kent St intersects 

278 Jarvis Jas A, tents 
282 Carriage bouse 
288 Matthewman G P 
300 Bflgan Wm, hotel 
304-6 MeMurtry D H, vet 

808 Latour Pierre, blksmith 

Vacant shop, r 
314 Perkins A E, foundry 
S16 Vacant 

318 MancuBo Frank, fruit 
320 Parry W J, harness 

Wellington Ward Mkt 

Lyon St intersects 

S38 Larklns Patrick, flour 
340 Craig Wm, shoemkr 
340%Proulx Carrlce. barber 
842 Cunningham Mrs M, drs- 

Cunningham George 


Private grounds 
370 Abbott A A, livery 
874 O'Reilly T E & J B, 

Vacant lot 

Bay St Intersects 

Private grounds 
890 Brigham T G 

Private grounds 
412 Slater Robert N 

Christ's Church (Epls) 
436 Hamilton Rt Rev Ghas 

Private grounds 

north from Beechwood av, 
first east of MacKay, Rl- 
deau Ward. 

Bast Side 

Store, s e 
Oharbonneau Louis 
Gauthler Isale 
Grenon Josepih 
Vacant lots 
Rideau Terrace interaecta 
Vacant lot 
Private grounds 

Pasture fields 
Short Samuel 
Vacant Iota 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
French Albert, florist 
French Albert 

BIdeau Terrace inteneets 
Vacant lots 

StPRTTOE, runs west from 
Division to First av, third 
Boatli of Albert, Daitaousie 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
23 Halpin John 

26 Burke Hugh 

27 Ctalgle Peter M 
Vacant lots 

87 EMelds Wto 
Hemphill Charles 

41 Bernlquer Maurice 
House, 8 e 

Rochester st Intersects 
Vacant lot 
63 Ring Frank O 
67 Brading Harry 
60 WhJIlans J A. bldr 
83 Bunnan Richard W 

89 Handyside Hngh 
House, 8 e 

Preston st intersects 

Store, 8 e 
117 Hawkins John 
121 Laldlaw Joihn 
123 Yule Robert F 
129 Sylvaln Jean 
131 Fraser Robert 
135 Foster Wm 
137 Jardlne James H 
141 Grant R Webster 

Lumber piles 

South Side , 

26 Pickering George 

28 Beer Mrs Margaret 
Vacant lots 

Rochester st intersects 

42 Shaver L E>, carrlagemkr 
48 Ryan Michael, cabs 

60 Hawkins James 
94 Senn George 
76 Brownlee Thomas 
78 Paul John O 

88 Thebarge Charles 

90 Sims Charles 

02 Richard Bugcn.' 
100 Mattman FraiK ', v 
102 Bnrman Mrs .Marv\ 
Bouse, s e • * 

Preston st Into ecti 

House, s e 

Vacant lot 
13* Crepin Alexnndr.' 
138 Sugreau John 

LnmJI>er pile.s 

STANLEY AV. runs en., 
ftom Sussex, first north „' 
Eideau River. Hirt»" 
Ward. "'''e«'i 

North Side 

Store, s e 

2 Lament Geo D 

12 O E Rya paint shop 

Private grounds 
28 Lumsden Miss Isabellii 

Private grounds 

Thomas st commence* 
,„ private grounds 
42 Lumsden Alexander 

Private gromda 

Charles <!t coinmencei 
66 Procter Mr. Sarah 
68 Hatton Wm 
60 Cowan Ri-jhuil W 
82 Prud'homme Lt-(^ol J u 
64 Fortler The^/phile 

/^ laoe 
T2 Roger John C 
74 Roger Charles 
76 Ralph Robert A 
Private grounds 
92 Buras Thomas 

Union st Intersects 
08 Johnston James, gro 
ICx'i Latimer Homer 
1^2 Shinzei August 
IU4 Roy Joseph 
106 Schlnaen Wm 
108 Nolan Charles 
110 Avery Henry C 
114 Avery Henry, contr 

Private grounds 
120 Maxwell Miss Sarah 
124 Davidson Wm 
126 Living Charles E 

Private grounds 
132 Oampbell Mrs Moray 
134 May BJdward G 

Victoria st intersect;; 

136 Clements Robert 

Private grounds 
146 Erlckson Blrlc 
148 May Charles 
150 Rlsgard John 
182 Wlberg August 

Vacant lots 
160 Sherw(X)d Sidney, carter 
IdZ Montgomery James 
164 Wendt Wm 
166 Smith John 
172 Snelling Wm H 

Rideau Ward Sep Sch 
Keefer st intersects 
188 Sherwood Joseph D 

Private grounds 
192 Kraufman Herman 




Bttst Quality. Lowest Pricot. 

STEWART, runs ess 
opp. 72 Waller to 
Blver. third south 
«au. St. George's W 

17-19 Smith J R, fro 

Rear entrances 
33 Lt Rose Arlstide 
55 Trcmblay Wencei 
38 Story Thomas 

Story Miss E, mo 

Private grounds 
Cumberland st Intei 
;9 Starrs Steohen 
m Kllt Wm. bulld( 
53 Miller Mrs Mary 
5R Slpouln Eustache 
5fi Brady Richard 

en Hunches Rev Silai 

Private grounds 
S3 Vacant 


King flt Intel 
11.1 Garneau Alfred 
115 Knrgess John A 
117 Haycock R H 

Hiiypock R L F 
119 Bannister Oharlei 
121 Tnrcotte Baslle, ( 

Private grounds 
127 Montgomery Mrs 
13.3 Morrison Nell 

Private grounds 
139 MnodonnTd Mrs L( 


Nelson st intei 
15S Gordon Edward 
Private growds 

[t 1 JA BVIS Guarantees ^"^^ ^ 


Stanley Av. 





.ftlAbest Cliarle; 
SGutbaus Frederick 

' C P B croMing 

Vicatit lots 
jootb Sid' 

Offlco. 9 e 

River bank 

Vacii"' lots 

t'l'ion >t Intersects 
M Geranl Wm 
ifll-lOfi (.Taliam David 
Iff: polio k Wm 

Private gronndt 

119 B<"' "•'•f 

127 Tliorr.' Geo, shoemkr 

,35 Ellis lames A 

13J SlPi'ii>:<n George '■ 

VIotorIa St Intersects 
117 AlbfT Hall 
149-161 I>il Wm R, phy 

155 Bell cS: Bell, Inks 

156 Hell \V n M, phj 
171 MnMu' George 

ITS Car.llff Nlcbolas, contr 
Kiofer St intersects 
Lnmber piles 
Vai'flut lots 

C P R crossing 

Vacnnt lots 

gTBWART. runs east from 
opp. T2 Waller to Rldean 
River, third south of Hid- 
«an. St. GeopKe's Ward. 

North Side 

17-10 Smith J R, Iron wka 

Rear entrances 
33 Li Rose Arlstlde 
V Tremblay Wenceslas O 
38 Story Thomas 

Story Miss E, mns tchr 

Private grounds 

Cumberland st Intersects 
ii Starrs Steotaen 
49^ Kilt Wm, bnllder 
SR Miller Mrs Mary 
isn SIpouin Eustacbe 
5fi Brady Richard 

A lane 
6!! Hnghes Rev Silas J 

Private cronnds 
83 Vacant 


King St Intersects 
113 Garnean Alfred 
115 Hurgess John A ^^ 
117 Haycock R H • - V 

naypock K L F 
119 Bannister Charles 
121 Tiircotte Baslle, cabs 

Private grounds 
127 Montgomery Mrs Mary 
133 Morrison Neil 

Privntc grounds 
139 .Mflodonald Mrs Lena 


Nelson st Intersects 
155 Gordon Bdward 
Private groiutds 

175 Pennock Wm H 
177 Gray Wm 

Bear entrances 

Frlel st Intstvccts 
211 Mstheson R B 
215 Vacant 
217 Godard Alured J 
221 Tracy Mrs Catherine 

Private cronnds 
229 Roblllard Adoiphe, phy 

Private srounds 
Chapel st Intersects 

Bousa s e 
2B6 Matthews Wm, bldr 

Vacsnt lots 
288 Btnwart Alexander 

Private grounds 
291 Johnston George 

AuKUSta st intersects 

Factory, s e 

Private srounds 

Oobourx st Intersects 

Private srounds 
841 Badtrley C W 
345 Rogers Christopher C 
847 Jarvis Ernest F 
849-851 Unfinished buildings 

House. • • 

Charlotte st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
Wurtemberg st Intersects 
888 Playter Edward, phy 
Canada Health journal 

South Side 

Store, s e 
Private grounds 
16 Pigeon Hormlsdas H 
A Isne 

18 Rogers Charles 
20 McMahon Mr» Catherine 
22 McCuiloush Vincent 
24 Kelly Mrs Bridget 
26 McCarthy James 

A lane 

80 Tormey George M 

Private ground* 
40 Sfhlelds Michael 
44 Brown John 
Cumberland st Intersects 

Hease, s e 
54 Bush Henrv 
58 Vacant 
58 O'Leary John 

Vacant lot 
66 Goodwin Qe<uEge 

Private grounds 
76 Jarvis James 

Private grounds 
84 Duggan Hugh H 
88 Cuddle Thomas 
88 Stacey Mrs Ann 
90 Ingall Blfrlc D 
82 Dnfresne Mr* M A 
94 Gulou A H 

A lane 

96 Hampshire. Chas C 
96 MoKensle John, cabs 
100 Boyle John F, btchr 

King st Intersects 
House, s e 

122 Merkley Leuiuc 

Merkley Miss N. i>uiikr 

Private grounds 
128 raiot Mrs Sarah O 

183 t«Blanc Jean O 

184 Burns John 

A lane 
138 Hurdman Wm G 

Private grounds 
146 Gorman R Bernard 
148 Wright Mrs Mary 
150 Bobler Mrs Elisabeth 
IBS Drlscoil James 
164 Merritt Mrs M, gro 

M»>rrltt Henrv 

Nelson st Intersects 
158 Taylor Albert G 

Private grounds 
172 Gallagher John 

Private srounds 
188 Ross Lt-Col Thomas 

Private srounds 
198 Walker Wm H 

Frlel st Intersects 

206 Parson Chas E 

Vacant lots 
220 Duford Mrs C M 

Private Krounds 
280 Howard John P 
282 Burke Mies Margaret 
286 Baskervllle Patrick 

Ohapel st Intersects 
248 O'Reilly Mrs Bllzabetb 
250 Mahon Edward 
262 Eaton A J 
264 Tremblay Isadore 
266 Oow Alfred T 

Private grounds 
264 Andrews Wm 
288 Wilson Alexander 
272 Shlpman John C 

Vacant lots 
286 Simpson Alexander 

Augusta st Intersects 

Private grounds 
818 Vacant 
828 Code Wm J 

Vacant lots 

Cobourg st Intersects 
840 Coste J Louis N 
842 Wuptple J W 
844 Oeddes Mrs Sarah M 
A lane 
848 Parker Charles A 
Vacant lots 

Charlotte st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
Wnrtembers st Intersects 
Vacant lot 

Rideau River 

SUSSEX, runs south west 
and south from Rideau 
Bridge (at Green Island), 
to the canal basin, Ottawa, 
By and St George's Wards. 

East Side 

Lumber yards 
Cumberland st Intersects 




«r 'Phon* 109«. 





1 1i 


!i ' 


1 1 


llf' 1 

i •' 

'■> i 

i i 

f I 

'1 » 

it' ■ ') .' lii J 

S; t';i ^l 



: ::^f 






1 " 

S> i - 



it » , 



i I 

■I! .! 

The SUK Ufe 

Unr latw, Ui^gt PrvltttMl thi, Mati 
Ubml Miqr lo Dm World. 











Lnmber yard* 

McKay at Interaecta 
Lamber yard 
Prlvata xrounda 
75 Vacant 

Private grounda 
80 Blngtaaiu 8am), contr 
Baird at commencea 
Datbonale at Interiecta 
Bingham aq 

161 Keaya John 

O P R xrounda 
McTaggart at commeucea 

O P R abeda and ground ' 
223 Babourln Charlea 
226 Savage Samuel 

Boteller at commencea 

2S7 Fair Jamea J 

241 Melampby Mra Huuora 

245 Rathwell Robert 

247 Qulnn Jamea M 

251 O'Qrady Wm 

253 Noel Octave 

261-3 PhlUon Hormladas, gro 

Bolton at commence* 
265 Routhler J A, vet aurg 
267 Routhlfr Andre, hotel 

Vacant lota 
281 Nevln Ura Annia 
283 Goghill Robert 
285 Labelle Paul 

Cathcart at Interaecta 

Orphanage, a e 

Convent, « e 
Water at commencea 
327 Ooulden Mrs Roaanna 
329 Gouldan J P. contr 
383 Vacant 

335 Ooulden Daniel H 
347-40 Na\ion Hormladaa. 
St Andrew at commencea 

Private xrounda 
363-6 Latour OUv'er, forwdr 
373 La Salle Sept.rate Scb 

Caron Charlea O 

Gascon Wilfrid 

St Amand Auguste 

Church St commencea 
Basilica Notre Dame 
St Patrick st Intersects 

411 Coulllard Theopblle 

413 Tlemey Miss M A 

415 Morneau Bruno 

415 Powell & Clemow, mica 

421 Boutet Antolne 

423 Vacant 

426 Vacant 

4S7 Joanette Callste 

Joanette Mrs Hermlne, 

427% Milaire Mrs C, confy 
MUalro Joseph 

428 Vacant 

431-438 Oilmour R P, bottler 

436 Saratoga House 

Murray st commencea 

445-7 Leblanc & Lemay, tlra 
446-53 Castor Hotel 

466 FoDl>ert Eugene 
457-9 Valade & Co, drugs 
461 Dufour Napoleon 
463 Slmard Adelard, shoes 
465 Ranger David V, bottler 

Clarence at commencea 
475-0 Revere Bouae 
481 Onellet V X. tobacco and 

483 McDougall Mls« M, 

48nu Bernardln Louis 
487 Bellemare Tbeophlle, 

48n Leporte Saul, Jwlr 
491 Moacardlnl Stephen, 

493 Durocber O, ahoe mnfr 
493^ Vacant 

495-7 Quillaume P C, atatr 
Q N W TV: «^ (br) 

York at commences 
511-15 Parson & Co, crockery 
517 Vacant store 
610 Morris Miss B R, mlnry 
621 McDonald Mlaa Annie 

533 Vacant 
526 Connor J H & Son, wash- 

Inx machln»s 
827-0 Vacattt 
631 McDougal & Cuaner, 

63114 Jobnaon Frederick O 
538-6 Johneon F G & Co. 

637-9 Vacant 
647 Government Geological 

Dept of Geological Sur- 
vey, Thomaa Burke, 


George at commences 

661-63 Buchanan T E, 
genta' furnxs 

666 Buchanan John, ahoea 

667 Vacant 

568 O'Donoboe Mlaa M, mlnr 
660% Flsalault J A, dentlat 
661 Queen City Oil Co, oila 
563 Keeley T & Co. tlra 
606 Buma Thos A, ataty 

O P R Co's Tel (br) 

G N W Tel Co C»*rj 

Bell Telephone Co (br) 
667 Canadian Coal Co 
660 Dorlon Jean Bte, photoa 

Conatantineau & Lawlor, 

Lussler Alfred B, barr 

Store, s e 

Ridean st Intersects 

Store, 8 e 

601 Gilpin Wm G, vet anrg 
503-7 oTlpln Houae 

Besserer st Intersects 
Private grounds 
Currier st con»mencea 
600-11 Parry Sound Hotel 
Storehouse, s e 

West Side 

6 Edwards W & Co, 
lumber, etc 

Lumber yard 

McKay at Inicr-^ecti 
Piling groundH 
Dalhousle st Intcr-ecti 

Blugliiiui m 

160 Ogllvle Charles 

Private groumls 
172 Blyth Alexauder A 
174 Armatronx John A 
180 Anderaon Thos W 
184 Bowie Capt AU>x 

Vacabt lots 

Sueen'a Wharf 
ttawa River Nav Co 
264 Moffet Flavlen 

Bolton at Intcrsectg 
266-8 Vacant 
274 Shea Thos R 
276 Gaerin Ctrllle 
278 Pinard Oliver L 
284 Law Mrs Sarah J 
286 Nolan Mrs M A, bd; 

Cathcart at lnter?ecti 

Vacant lots 
834 Olivier Camllle 

Vacant lots 
MO Dion Louis D 
342 Renaud Wm B 

Vacant lot 
360 Laverdure Bllsee G 
354 Hayea Flntoar B 
358 Hawkesbury Lumber Co 

Private grounds 
374 Olobensky L F M 
876 Duhamel Mrs D, bdg 

Tremblay Amedee, muslo 
884 Audet F X 
386 Blanchet Loula 
380 Bedard Pierre 
302 Dufresne Mrs Delpblue 

Marcotte Mlaa A, mug 

Vacant lota 

St Patrick at intersects 
414 McAlinden Miss Annie, 

416 LatremoulUe & Co, 

416-420 Fournler J A, cabt 

424 Drolet & Co, aerated 

water mnfra 
424% Landry Mrs Matilda 
426 Lefebvre Mra Rillle 

King Mrs Mary 
426% Prunean Loula 
428 Ghoque Nicholas 
430 Lavlgne Geo, sboemkr 
Simpson Charlea, r 
Brady Mrs Philip, r 
Vacant lots 
446-8 Richelieu Hotel 
460 Beahport Lager Agency, 
J K Samson, agent, 
454-6 Leger Mrs Deslrce 
Leger Ulrlch, photo 
468 Vacant 

460 Chnrron Wm, photo 
462 Kgelson B F, mach 
404 St Amand Mra Z - 
466 Balzana A, sculptor 
408 Vacant 

470-2 Noel. Seed & Oo, tirt 
474 St Patrick's Hall 
474% Forestera' Hall (Catb) 

C. B. TA6&ART & SON 

aroHmrm, Houa«« n>r ■»■• smI to Mt | 



Qc 8p«r 


476 I-frnny J P V 
4TS-IT8^ I.einny \ 

4Si) WlnjT Mow. li 
482 r,avli»U'tte Cyt 
Punlevle Edgi 
4g4 Vacant 
4M BeiHidry Joaep 
488 Charron Wm 
490 Cbiut'ouneau , 

492-1 Warnock J G, 
4(lg^i Vacant 
5001^ f'nrleton CIul 
5((2 I'rniilx Oslaa 
Pr«>ulx Mra A, 
!/(» Gervals Adolph 

(106 Eil"nrd8 W 
(limited), eni 

nfaldwell Thoi 
arocque Mrs I 
jflS-SlO^. McMorran 
M, dry goods 
Nolan Mlas B, 

512 Vacant 

512% Vacant 

514 ViKsnt 

510 Joanette Mrs Oi 

518 Ottawa Boot am 

casln Co 
520-22 Rowan Jamea, 
624 Boyden, Son 

526 liittltute Canadli 
Hernard, careta 
C M B A Hall 
528-34 Boyden, Son 
houae furnlahlni 
5»B «^iinn J M, tlr 
538 Vacant 
540 Vacant 

M4 Vacant 

MS Hub Hotel, The 

560 Vacant 

552 I.e Temps (dally 

5W Stratton T E & C 

St John's S S H 

St John's Oh (Ep 
568-".72 Vacant 
574 Vacant 

576 Boyer Napoleon, 
578 Inlted Canada (w 
^ Dosormeaux Mrs i 
m-Ki Lock Moses, 

ing machines 

Vacant Ipts 

Rldeau at inter 

Store, a e 
M6 Bureau J H, bar: 

Vacant flats 
600 Cardinal Bugone, 

Saurln Adelard 


Besserer st Inter 

504 Nlcolet House, a c 
Wood yard 


JAIM£S HOPE A SONS, Printers, 

Oc' Sparks and Klsln Sta. Bookhiu IgTS* 




M um«v J P V, picture* 


A lan« 

lai Wlni: Mow. Indry 

S ravloU'tte Crrllle. rest 

Punlfvie Edgar, muuli- 
ig4 Vaoant 

ug BpiKulry Josepn 
ii« Charron Wm 
490 chii'l>ouneau J Ovlla, 

4924 WafDOck J G, baker 
498,Vl"t Vacant 
rrtiu, farleton Club . 
^f< rrmilx Oslas 

Fr<iulx Mr« A, drimkr 
501 Gervula Adolpbe, Indry 

A lane 

m KilwnrdB W C 4 Oo 
(limlteti), engagement 
5O614 ruldwell Ttaomaa 

Liirocque Mrs D, bdg 
jOg^lOU, McMorran Ralph 
M. dry goods 
Ndlan Miss B, drsmkr 

A iane 

512 Vacant 

512% Vacant 

514 Vncant 

510 Joanette Mrs Octavie 

618 Ottawa Boot and Moc- 

ciisln Co 
52fi-22 Rowan James, hotel 
52-1 F.ov(len, Son dc Oo, 

526 Institute Canadien, } A 

iitrnard. caretaker 
C M B A Hall 
628-34 Boyden, Son & Co, 

hiiuae furnishings 
5M *<ulnn J M, tlr 
538 Vacant 
510 Vacant 

A lan» 

544 Vacant ' 
M8 Hub Hotel, The 
550 Vacant 

W2 I.e Temps (dally) 
5M Stratton T E & Co, gro 
St John's S S Hall 
St John's Oh (Epls) 
568-.'i72 Vacant 
574 Vacant 

576 Boyer Napoleon, roofer 
5T8 United Canada (weekly) 
580 Desormeaux Mrs J,conTy 
582-58* Lock Moses, sew- 
ing machines 
Vacant Ipts 

Rldeau St Intersect! 

Store, s e 
596 Bureau J H, barber 

Vacant flats 
600 Cardinal Bhigene, livery 

Saurln Adelard 


Besserer st Intersects 

504 Nicolet House, s e 
Wood yard 

Si SSk'X NOBTH, nin> 
aortb from the Rldeau 
Bridge (at Green Island), 
to city limits, Rldeau 

Rast Si4e 

Green Island 
Edwards W C & Co,blk- 

Lumber yard 
Rldeau RlTer 
10 Woodhus Archibald 

Stanley aT commence* 
21 Uonaghy Wm, drugs 
23 Vacant 

25 McCaffrey James, bar- 
ber and billiard* 
S3-35 Ncate Charle* J, gro 

and confy 
37-9 Fire Station No 6 
41-3 Mansfield Pierce, hotel 

John at intersect* 
4fi Aumond Capt Telmont 
47 McLeurln George 

Private grounds 
01 McNeill George 

Alexander st commences 
67-71 Hoare T H, gen store 

New Edinborough P O 
73 Ray Wm 

TR McCarthy Mrs Mary 
A lane 

79 Sims Henry F 
MacKay st commence* 
Private ground* 

Pine at commence* 
Weat Side 

Green Island 
Lumber yard 
Caledonia Foundry 
Dittmann Charles 
Rldeau Fall* 
Edward* W C ft Go's mill 
McKay Milling Co The 
John st intersects 

40 Vacant store 

62 Blackburn Mr* Mary 

72 Vacant 

78 Maloney James G 

80 Currier Mrs Hannah 

south from 280 Theodore, 
St George's Ward. 

Elaat Side 

House, s e 
17 Grftnt John C 
19 Gauthler Louis 
21 Ccar^olle Mrs L G 
27 Pope George D 
29 Esdale Thomas 
31 Belanger Saxton 

Private grounds 
89 Beaulleu Arthur H 
41 Moeser Mrs Johanna 
48 Halliday George 
47 O'Oonuell Mr* Kate 

Private grounds 
63 Ambridge Thomas 
SB Bennett James 
S7 Fisher Samuel 

Private froun4» 
#T Burns Off gory 
Private grounds 

Osgoode st Interseot* 

House, s • 

Vacant lots 
75 Irvine Joseph 

Vacant lots 
Somerset *t e lnter*ect* 

Vacant lots 
West Side 

House. * • 

Private ground* 
16 Dligh Peter 

Vacant lots 
88 Doherty T Kevllle 
40 Roblllard Rodrlqne 
42 Chaloner Charles F 
44 Woodhurn Thos M, 
46 St Laurent Arthur 
48 Lett Wm P 
60 Larose Telesphore O 
52 Emond Gustave 

Vacant lot 
62 Routhler David A 

Vacant lot 

Osgoode st intersects 

Vacant lot* 
Somerset st e Intersect* 

Vacant lots 

west from lOlS Bank to 
the Canal, second north of 
Rldeau Canal, Wellington 

North Side 

Vacant lot 
11 Moulds Wm 

Monk st ends 
13 Freuan Robert A 
15 Unflnlgbed house 
17 Samson L E. boat 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

Hoube, s » 
Vacant house 
Vacant lots 
De La Porte Gabriel 

TEMPLBITON. runs eaat 
from south end of King to 
Rldeau River, St George's 

Not built on 

THEODORE. runs eaat 
from the Maria Street 
Bridge on the canal, to Rld- 
eau River, Intersecting 
Nicholas at 141, St George's 

North Side 

17 McMuIlen Thomas 
19 Bnrnett Mrs Susanna 

Vacant lota 
29 Hurtubise Wm 



K. O. ARNOLDI. Aammr. 'Mmm 1140. 


all Trains Boats and RoiidoiiooiL 
Ageiita Moot all Tralm. 



i '". 











'PMomm 21. 

w. 8. BCix, MAmMomit. 

M«AD Orpiot 
• •TAaujp 



128 Theodore. 


Third Av. 

33 McCourt Ml88 Mary 
48 O'Leary Michael, contr 
Housa. s e 

Nicholas St intersects 

ShoD. 8 e 

65 Harty Patrick 

67 Richardson Mrs Adelaide 
69 Roser Wm 
61 Hay Nathaniel 
63 Valin Joseph B 

66 Bissonnette Louis A 

Waller st intersects 
Colleire gronuds 
Cumberland st intersects 
Church grounds 
161 Campeau Fabten R E 
Private grounds 

Ring st ends 

170 Grant Hugh 

181 Peiletier Philippe 

King st intersects 

1S9 Panet €ol C Eugene 

Private grounds 
196 Mantell James 
199 Graham Bernard 

Private grounds 
217 Lflndsay James 
221 Rogers S Maynard 

Private erounds 
229 O'Connor John, contr 
231 Lyons Wm L, contr 

Private grounds 
289 Gough diaries A 

Nelson st intersects 
24S Benolt Capt Alphonse 

Private sroiinds 
261 Grist Henry 

Private grounds 
266 Taschereau Hon H B 

Private grounds 
281 Bauset Samuel P 

Friei st ends 

House, s e 
301 Abbott Francis, Jr 
306 Godard Mrs Kilzabetb 
807 Bile A^fred C 
311 Kondali Isaac N 

Private grounds 
323 Leprohon John D 
326 Lawson James 
827 Vacant 
329 Matthews Robert 

Chapel st intersects 
836 Laurier Hon Wilfrid 

Private grounds 
886 MoOuilough George W 

Private grounds 
396 Cameron John A 
413 Christie Mrs Margaret 

416 Belcourt Napoleon A 

417 Andette Txiuis A 
421 Robertson James W 

Private around* 
468 Mather John 
Vacant lota 

Charlotte st ends 
Vacant K>',» 

South Side 

18 Goodman Joseph 
22 Temple Henry 
24 Webber John 

26, Casey Peter 
28 Blrkett Miles 

A lane 

34 McCulIough Felix, contr 
Stort!. 8 e 

Nicholas st Intersects 
48 Barry Mrs May 
52 Brophy George P 
66 Bbbs Simon 
68 Blanchet Mrs Emma R 
94 Perreault Edward B 

Waller st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
Rldeau Skating Rink 
Turton Joseph P, cartkr 
Dnfferln st commences 
College, 8 e 
Cumberland st intersects 
Cfaurcb of the Sacred 
Heart, s e 

College av commences 
Vacant lots 
182 Tobin Richard 

King st Intersects 
190 Bradley Alexander P 
192 Slattcrv Patrick 
Vacant lots 
Henderson av commences 
Vacant lots 
238 Stanton Edmund P 

Nelson st Intersects 
246 O'Connor JaB,canal contr 
280 Chadwick Francis 
262 Knight Francis E 

Vacant lots 
262 Coursolles Toussaint O 

Sweetland av commences 
280 Wamock James 
282 Bajrette Joseph O 
286 Battle "nmothv 
Private grounds 
282 Watters Henry 

But! ^11 av commences 

Vacant lots 

A lane 

House, B a 

Chapel st Intersects 
Vacant lots 
Blackburn av commences 
400 Cnmniings Charles C 
Goulburn av commences 

404 Davis Wm H, contr 
Marlborough av commences 

Vacant lots 

Salisbury av commences 

Rifle Range, Hy G Oaw- 
dron, caretaker 

Riverside av commences 

Vacant lot 

Rldeau River 

THIRD AV (Bavswatprt 
runs south from " wIim"] 
ton to Somerset, first 3 
of C P R croisin' n " 
housle Ward. 


Bbi ■ Side 

acant lots 
Jtu Lachance Jean Eio 

West Side 

18 Foster Robert 
22 McCorkell John 
22%, Harris Francis 
24 Simpson Oliver 

THIRD AV (Glebe pror.Prtv* 
runs west from Elt'in to 
Concession, third so' th nt 
Patterson's Creek, inter 
secting Bank bet ftsT and 
TOT.Central and Wellington 

North Side 

Barrett Donald a 
Vacant lots 
Unfinished house 

23 Low BU J 

26 Waiters James 

27 Weston Albert E 
29 Janes T C 

31 Bortbwick Hugh 
Unfinished house 
37 Obeney Wm H 
39 Wilson George H 
41 Martin Thomas, gro 

O'Connor st intersfcts 

Bt Andrew Oh Mission 
Vacant lots 
76 Tobin Jfoshna, water- 
proof covers 

81 Parker Alex, contr 

86 Stevenson John, coal oli 

87 Chase Edward 
Vacant lot 

96 Sck-ivens Wm 
99 Picken John B 

101 Hagan James Jr 

108 DBvi» Bdwln 

109 Whiting Alfred H 

Bank it Intersects 
Vacant lots 
Unfinished house 
Vacant lots 

Soatb eide 

22 Delary Wm 

24 Olddlngs Thos J 

O'Connor st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
64 McPhee Hugh 
86 Copping J H. contr 
as Oalrne George R 

Vacant lot 
72 Bradshaw W H 
74 Mclaaac Donald 

82 Coyls Mrs Ellen, gro 
86 Bennett Jobn H 
SSViOralg John 

00 Ritchie James 
92 Vacant 
94 Vacant 

102 McOadan John 
104 Walker George 

Tliird A 

Vacant lots 
Biiiik st 
Not open furtl 

THOMAS, runs 1 
28 Stanlc.r av to 
east of Sussex 

Bast Side 

Private- groun< 

50 Tlnki' Mrs Ma 

John st li 

Hou.'se, 8 e 

I'rlviitc" grounC 

House, s e 

ilexaiider st it 

House, s e 
71 Sfratton Thorn 

Mnckay st in 
Sorley Jamea 
I'rivi'te ground 

ffest .Side 

HouHe, s « 

John st in 

House, 8 e 

Private ground 

Bouse, s e 

Alexander st in 

Private groundi 

TOWaiors Bldwel 

Mackay st Ini 

Private groundi 

THOR-NTON. runs v 
.UoDk to Ralph, fl 
of Miitchmor, W 

North Side 

Not built on 

S«ath Side 

2 Finley Jamea G 
4 Adams Wm 
6 Ballantyne Rob( 
8 Glb.son Edward 
Vacant lots 
Taylor Walter 
:4 Pearee John K 
16 Thomas Frederk 
18 Vacant 
20 Hay Robert G 
22 O'Connor Dennli 
W-32 Vacant (6) 
Vacant lots 


TORMEY, runs east i 
Cobourg to Wurt 
first north of Rid( 
George Ward. 

North Side 

Private grounds 
Charlotte st Intei 
Old Prot Oemet< 

South Side 

Honse, s e 


SeeCONLEY'8 Scotch Suitings. 


Third Av. 




Vacant lots 

Bnnlf it Interiecti 
Mot open further 

ipflOMAS. runs north from 

^ «anlc.v av to Pine, first 

jjj, of Sussex n, Rldeau 


Bast SKlf 

private grounds 
50 Tlnki' Mrs Mary J 

John St Intersects 

House, 8 e 
rriviitp grounds 
House, 8 e 
Alexander st Intersects 

House, 8 e 
71 Stratton Thomas 

Maekny at intersects 
gorlev James 
Privi'te grounds 

West Skle 

House, a e 

John St Intersects 

House, 8 e 
Private grounds 
House, » e 
Alexander st intersects 

Private grounds 
70 Waters BIdwell A 

Ma<'ka.T st intersects 

Private grounds 

THORN'rON, runs west from 
Monk to Ralph, first south 
of Mutchmor, Wellincrton 


Korth Side 

Not built on 

Sonth Side 

2 FlTile.v James C 
4 Adams Wm 
e Ballantyne Robert R 
g Gibson Edward 
Vacant lots 
Taylor Walter 
14 Pearoe John K 
16 Thomas Frederlclt H T 
18 Vacant 
20 Ha.T Robert O 
22 O'Connor Dennis 
24-32 Vacant (B) 
Vacant lots 

Ralph st 

TORMEY, runs east from 185 
Cobourg to Wurtemberg. 
first north of Rldeau, St 
George Ward. 

Nortb Side 

Private grounds 
Charlotte st intersects 
Old Prot Cemetery 

Bouth Side 

House, s e 

8 Maxwell James 

Private grounds 
Charlotte st intersects 
Private grounds 

TURNER, runs south from 
Emily. first west of Conces- 
sion, Dalhousie Ward. 

East Side 

7 Smith A C 

Private grounds 
13 Purdy Robert 
21 Aust Edwin 
23 Langdon Edwin T 
83 Carrigan Dennis 

Vacant lots 
65 BIshopbrIck Edwin T 
fSi McDonald Duncan 

Vacant lots 
83 Gervin John 
93 Ralph Robert 
95 Aitltenhead David 

Vacant lots 
lis Smith Alfred 
110% Harrison Edward 
119 Charter David 
121 Gardner Wm 

CAR crossing 
lae Corrigan Mrs Elis 
138 Benjamin Robert, pntr 

Private grounds 
185 Mason "rhomas 
189 Johnston Mrs Annie 
196 iSpence Joihn L 
201 Jardine Enoe 
205 Cyr Alexandre 

Crr Wm 
211 Watson Charles 

216 Vacant 

217 Fltzpatriclc Timothy 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Crawford st ends 
Vacant lots 

River rd intersects 

Vacant lots 
327 Mullen Thomas 
886 Vacant 

Wallace st intersects 

Lumber yards 

West Side 

Store, B e 
14 Dadejr Michael 
18 Walsh Thomas 
20 Dunlop Miss Sarah 
22 Cameron Alexander 
26 Bnllis Erastus A 
80 Scott Alex K 
3fl Meyer Jnnies C 
40 Couvrette Jerry 
43 Devlin Charles J 

Devlin Miss E, mus tchr 
60 Baynham Charles 

Vacant lot 
70 Vacant 
72 Hennessey John 
74 Meaicins Robert 
76 Davies Holiert 
78 Dnrragh James 
80 Parlcinson George 

Vacant lots 
106 Wright Charles 

106 Porteous Wm 
114 McFarlane Wm 

Baines Miss Emma, 

music teacher 

CAR crossing 
124 Whiten George A 
128 Bertrand Louis 
132 Dupuls Mrs Emmeline 
136 Hiscox Mrs Elisabeth 
136 Mills Thomas 
140 Hiscox Thomas 
142 Ralph Wm 
144 Cyr Alexander 
146 Keenan Daniel 
150 French Thomas 
152 Murch Frederick ' 

154 Btnks Thomas C 
166 Mitchell Wm 
182 McMeekin Rev Henry 
188 Mason John 
200 Ford James 
206 Tomkluson Thomas W 
210 Whelan James 
212 Tlerney Mrs Julia 
222 Fitzgerald Mrs P 
238 Murphy John 

Private grounds 

River st intersects 

Vacant lots 
Ernest st commences 

House, s e 

Private grounds 

McLean st commences 

Vacant lot 
334 McDonald Allan 

McDonald Hugh, r 
336 McDonald Archibald 

Lumber yards 

Wallace st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

UNION, runs north from 
Rldeau River, fourth east 
of Sussex n, Rldeau Ward. 

East Side 

House, s e 

Stanley av intersects 
Store, s e 
43 McCreery John, dairy 
River lane Intersects 

47 Dodd Clement 
Private grounds 

Creighton st intersects 

House, s e . . 

09 Butler Joseph 
71 Erskine George 
77 Davidson Wm 

Avon lane intersects 
88 Vacant 

Private grounds 

Dawson Ctiaries 

West Side. 

Vacant lots 

Stanley av intersects 
House, s e 
84 Lamont George D 

Private grounds 
40 Mc<Leod Mrs Jane 

River lane Intersects 
Private grounds 



582 to 640 WeUlngton St 








1. ' '- 

iff 1(1,! ' 

i s' 

f ' - 

if { ;''f 

'•■I u .« 

■( '■■ 



«i,i , ■ 




ft I! 



' V'kt V 

The SUN Life£-syr^X:rs ^ | SJi 





00 Co 

;$ Co 


House, 8 e 

Crelgbton st Intersects 

Store, s e 
76 Gauthler Francis J 
78 Roy John N 

Avon lane Intersects 

Private, grounds 
House, 8 e 

VICTORIA, runs nortb from 
Rldeau River to Mackay, 
Oftb east of Sussex n, 
Bideau Ward 



East Side 

Vacant lots 

Lome av intersects 
Private grounds 
Albert Hall, s e 
Stanley av intersects 

House, s e 
Private erounds 

51 WiUon Gfo J. contr 

River lane intersects 
55 Oaulke Hugo 
57 Munroe Wni D 
61 Maginnes Alexander 
63 Pritchard Wm 
60 Moore Wm, gro 

Crelxbton at intersects 

House. 8 e 
88 Wooff Isaac 
91 Bradley John 

Avon lane intersects 

96 Wallace John 

97 Ivowen George 
105 Stremer Albert 

West Side 

Vacant lots 

Lome av intersects 

Private erounds 
House, 8 e 

Stanley av intersect* 
House, 8 e 
Private srounds 
60 Wimperis Robert R 

52 Daley Patrick 

River lane intersects 
54 EuKlisb Frederick 
Private jirounds 
House, 8 e 

Creighton st intersects 
Private irrounds 
Private grounds 
86 Turner George 

Avon lane Intersects 
88 Burpee Mrs Alice 
00 Elliott Oeorse 
Church, a o 

VICTORIA AV, runs south 
from 680 Albert to Somer- 
set, Dalhousie Ward. 

Baat Side 


a e 

Private grounds 
13 Atkinson Henrv 

15 Vacant 
10 Vacant 

25 Stratford Edwin 

27 Jones John G 

20 Patrick Mrs Mary 
41 Jaraieson Robert E 
Vacant lots 
Primrose st intersects 
Vacant lota 
94 Trudel Aime, phy 
96 Hopewell Chas, contr 
98 Rattey Joseph N 
100 DIonne Ernest 
102 Vacant 
104 Vacant 
110 Rouleau Benoit 
118 Drouin Alphonse 
126 Walters Henry 

West Side 

2 Robillard Francis 

10 Vacant 
12 Vallillee Archibald J 

16 Vanalstine Isaac 
18 Edwards Wra L 
22 Dunlop John R 

26 Green Wm E 

28 Kingsbury Horace 
38 Powers Cornelius 

Convent, s e 

Primrose st intersects 

St Jean Baptlste (RC) 

Dominican Convent 
Private grounds 
St Jean Baptlste Separ- 
ate School 

ed east of Chaudiere 
Slide bridge, on Bridge st, 
and surrounded by Ottawa 
River, Chaudiere Slide and 
Bronson Pond. 

For occupants 'see Mid- 
dle and Mill streets 

VITTORIA, rans west from 
foot of Bank to Lyon, first 
north of Wellington, Vic- 
toria Ward. 

North Side 

Private grounds 
47 Crawford Waiter 
67 Miles John, jr 
60 Blyth Robert 

House. R • 

Kent st Intersects 
House. 8 e 

69 Jackson James 

7.T Drenge Albert 

75 Giles Mrs Eliza, drsmkr 

77 Boucher Wm W 

79 Sherwood Mrs Grace i" 

81 McColl Mrs Annie 

S!\ Matthews Mrg M A, bdg 

86 Vacant 

89 Belleau Antoine B 

96 Poulln Louis N 
101 Kennedy Wm J 
106 Pratt Wm 

A lane 

J5I Seymour Miss Jan. 
100 Lineger Mrs Marl» 
111 Annable Wm \ ' 
115 Arnoldl John U 
117 Gascoigne Maj Oen w j 

A lane 
125 Cleave W T. boat bldr 
South Side 

14 Gemmill John A 

Private grounds 
22 Oilmour Allan 

Private arounas 
36 Manuel John 

Private grounds 

Vacant lots 

Kent 8t intersect* 
Sheds * 

70 Macdonald George 
72_McLeod Miss Auule 
74 Balne Mrs Acnos 
76 Macbain Mrs Jean 
84 Parris Wm 
86 Vacant 
as Vocant 

A lane 
06 Ottawa Curling Rink 
102 Perkins Nelson H 

Private trrounds 
118 Esmonde Joseph U 
120 Macpherson Li-Col j p 

WALLACE, runs west from 
Concession, between Car- 

y??,. "^ ■"<! Miitchmor 
Dalhousie Ward. ' 

Not open 

WAIAjXR, rana south from 
opp 197 Rldeau to Nicho- 
las, St George's Ward. 

Bast Bide 

Convent, s e 
Besserer st intersects 
26 Oharbonneau Felix 
20 Campbell J A, c ntr 
Private grounds 
Bouse, 8 e 

Daly av intersects 

House, 8 o 
61 Foley John, contr 

Bate & Go's gtableg 

Stewart st commences 
78-6 Hlckey Mrs A, gro 
77 Cross Wm 
ai Fogarty Mrs Nora . 

Fogarty Misses, drsmkrs < 
83 Saldenberg Albert 

86 Cross Samuel 

87 Richard Frederick 
80 Lacelle Arsene 
01 Joly Joseph 

08 Barrett Henry C 
Wood yard 

Wiibrod st Intersects 
University, s e 
Theodore Bt intersects ' i 
Private ground« 
Rldeau Curling Rink 
Vacant lots 
181 Basin Pierre I 

V, D, AAffllAfll tt IJ»"» 8f.y i^i"^ Oor. Ink a W 

-- CkMBDlateLUt 
• Sale, Izebang* 

Wtllington att 

«o n'plr Wni 
* Well- J 1'. l>ottl 
eoHinvis IMvid 
Z KobUloux Narcli 
MBnttli' Martin 
oeHnsti'.v Robe t , 
j^jIeEv'iy Mrs Mi 
" MeKvoy Miss 

H, dressmaker 
74 BoutliitT J S J 
76 Carroll Henry 
78 siii["i>un Reubei 
«() Mi'Klroy James 
82 Conk Kol)ert E 
84 Pepper Mrs Sara 
^ Stevens Mrs All 
88 Mn»on James H 
90 Peacock Miss Je; 
92 McBvoy Samuel 
94 Corcoran Miss E 
96 Crimes Philip I^ 
98 Reynolds Wm O 
Wiibrod st inte 

lOO Scott Mrs Ann 
102 Moore James 
104 Piatt Robert M 
106 Rymi Thomas 
108 Wilson Joseph J 
1 110 Walls Miss Ann 
Walls Misses A 
118 Waller St Scboo 

House, s e 
Theodore st Inte 

Private grounds 
150 Orant Mrs Blisa 
IM Pennock Wm 
160 Olasmacher Mrs 
162 nicksou Wm H 

Private ground! 


House, 8 e 

I WAIAIT. runs eas 
First uv, third sot 
Somerset, Dalhousii 
Not open 

I >rATF:R, runs east fi 
Sussi \, third north 
Patrick, to the 
River, Ottawa War 

I North Side 

Ottawa Convent « 
tber House of 



WM. MASON & SONS ™"?C'?';.!!SII)d"?'™: 


8T1 KTB. 

Water. 131 

». Miilllii Jeremiah 
&lny Michael J 

S Vaciint 
1^ vacant 
ffeet Side 

Store, •< e 
Lumbor yard 
gesst'iiT 8t Intersects 
^ „avi( s VVm H. livery 

* Vacant lot 

I>nly av Incersects 

S""^*^'"'" A lane 
M Weir Wni 
"^ Weir J l\ Dottier 
flOHawis Uavld 
«Bobliloux Narclsse 
WBaltlo Martin 

S^ycEvy Mrs Mary 
MeEvoy MUs Bridget 
H. dressmaker 
74 BoUtliltT J S J 
76 Carroll Henry 
78 Ship"""' Renben 
a) MoKlroy James 
^Co'ik Uoljert E 
u Pepper Mrs Sarah 
^ Stevens Mrs Alicia 
m Mason James H 
90 peaeock Miss Jean 
92 McEvoy Samuel T 
U Corcoran Miss Oltz 
96 Crimea Philip M 
98 Reynolds Wm Q S 

Wilbrod st intersects 
100 Scott Mrs Ann 
102 Moore James 
lOt riatt 'Robert M 
106 Rvan Thomas 
108 Wilson Joseph J 
110 Walls Miss Ann 

Walls Misses A & 0, 

118 Waller St School 

A lane 

House, s e 

Theodore st Intersect* 

Private grounds 
1 150 Grant Mrs Bllsa J 
IM Pennock Wm 
160 Glasmacher Mrs Mary 
162 Dickson Wm H 

Private grounds 


House, 8 e 

WALNIT, runs east from 
First nv, third south of 
Somerset, Dalhousie Ward. 
Sot open 

I flTATRH, runs east from 827 
Sussex, third north of St 
Patrick, to the Rtdeau 
River, Ottawa Ward. 

I North Side 

9 Ottawa Oonyent and Mo- 
ther House of Grey 

43 Ottawa Oeni Hospital 

Vacant lot 
SO Earl John 
61 D'Amour Arthur 
63 Burne Mrs Mary 
66 Handy Joseph 
68 Loyer Isidore 
71 Sevlgny Alfred 
73 Somer Wm 
77 Vincent Joseph 

Vacant lots 
85 Blals Joseph 

87 VeiUeux Leon C J 

88 Pavreau Joseph B 
81 Favreau Masenod 

96 r,<eplne Maxime, cabs 

07 Champagne Seraphin 

97>^ Vacant 

98%^SoaIlere Emmanuel 
101 Breton Francois 
106 Lemieux F X 
lOe Roberge Olivier 
111 Cantlu Joseph A 
113 Oooden John 
115 St Cyr Jean Bte, cabs 
119 Bureau Joseph 
121 Store, s e 

Dalhousie st Intersects 

126 Store, s e 

127 Beauregard Stanislas 

128 Cote Joseph 
131 Alain Joseph 

137 Hutchingame James 
189 Hutchlngame Mrs J 
143 Trepunier Wm 
168 St Charles Home 
171 O'Connor Mrs Mai-y 
17S Kerr Wm 
177 Beland Felix 
185 O'Connor Thomas 

187 Carlsse E, blksmlth 

188 St Pierre Norbert 

St Pierre Mrs A, drs- 
191 Arlal Thomas 
193 Oroulx Arthur . 

Cumberland st Intersects 
196 Store, • c 

203 Orenler Louis B 

206 Bedard Bugene 

207 Harris Mrs Elisabeth 
209 Fancher Narcisse 
211 Hallaire Aiphonse 

Begin P Alphon«e 
219 VUleneuve Oeorge 
219>/j RIendeau Arsene 
223 Grenier Adolphe 
226 Desloges F X 
228 Potter Thomas 
231 Hamelln Maxime 

Hamelin Mrs H. fruits 
King st '"itersects 

246-7 Rodrigue Chas, gro 
2S9 Marineau Damase 
281 Perrault Napoleon 
263 St .Tacques Charles 
St Jataues Mrs P, rear 

266 Veslna Eugene 

267 Mercler Napoleon 

280 Landrlau A'Dhonse 
271 BusBiere Mrs ?i. frnltB 

Jeanveau Napoloon, r 

276 Ijaplante Augus'.e 

277 Rosenfelt Loul',. 

278 KIpp Mrs Victoria 

281 Chartrsau F X 
283 Poltrar, Anguste 

287 Kelly Michael 

288 Cloutier Severe 
295 Lachance Napoleon 

South Side 

16 Polthier Jean Bte 

20 Dube L J Arthur 

22 Bronsseau Elzear 

30 Plnard Joseph A 

32 Ducharme Alfred 

'38 Durocher Olivier 

40 Godin L Philippe 

46 Rlcard Leandre 

48 Levesque Antoine 

60 Rocque L Adolphe 

82 Joubarne Aiphonse 

66 Leblanc Olivier 

58 Polrier Louis 

60 Leblanc Napoleon 

62 Charron Ferdinand 

64 Choquette Antoine 

66 Blaln de St Aubln D, 

68 Thomas Edouard 
70 Boileau Jules 
72 Lemay Tertullien 
76 Groulx Joseph, cal>8 
80 St Georges Edonard 
82 Let. lult Theodule C 
84 Gautbier Mrs Delma Z 
86 Bureau L Napoleon 
90 St Denis Napoleon 
82 Nolet Mrs J. mus tchr 
94 Plnard Hercule 
06 Archam1>ault Deleri 
98 Leveille Octave 
100 Charlebois Louis 
102 Ooursoile Jean Bt« 

Ooursolle Miss Marie, 
music teacher 
106 St Jacques Hllatre F 
110 Cousineau Mrs Anne 
114 Chevrier Ludeer A 
Piaard Jovide. bldr 
Store, s e 

Dalhousie av intersects 

Store, a • 

126 St Denis Mrs Marie 

130 Matbleu Alfred 

132 Lttssard Alexis 

134 Beauchamp Isidore 

136 Bolnnin Olivier 

138 Hebert Samuel 

140 McConvllle Wm J 

144 O'Connor Michael 

148 Prnd'homme Alexandre 
Cyr Xavier, rear 

160 Desjardins Joseph 

162 Lallberte Francois 

154 Shelton W^m 

156 Day Mrs Elizabeth 

168 Dav Francis 

160 West Michael 

162 Whelan John 

168 O'Connor John 

170 Vacant 

174 Atkinson Wm 

176 Lacroix Josetih 

178 Labelle Paul 

180 Quain Mrs Honora 

182 Lavlolette Alfred 

184 O'Nell Charles 

186 McBwan John 

188 Facto George E 
182 Landry Louis, gro 
Cumberland st Intersects 
Store. 8 c 

188 Bolsvert Amedee 

200 Sauriol Ulrie 

Phrenoline Guras rheumatism 











■'' h^ 

y '1; 

,■ i '!! 




!l I 

'.I I 

i ;!': 


Ml 3)1 

i« ■■! 

ill ' V'i 

'!*'?'! ; ■; 'I 

.:;!(■ it? 

^ w 


' ■( 

'<■. l\'l 


, .'i; ■ . 

•{ i! ■ ( 



:^ r'J- r 

)[ U'^ill 

tf f 

WATSON'S I «'^4»IS^"^i»«iiT^ 












204 Corbell Albert 
206 Corbell Louis 
208 Godln Theophlle 
210 Landry J OUvlar 
212 Dussack Michael 
214 Ve^lna James 
220 Piatt Nathaniel 
224 Martel Wm H 
226 Goupllle Narclsse A 
228 Laplerre Arthur 
230 Gravelle Godfrov 
232 Desormeaux Achille 
234 Daudelln Alexander 
240 Bordeleau Maslolre 
Store, B o 

King at Intersect! 

House, 8 e 
246 JublnvUIe Wilfrid 
248 Cote Rlzear 
250-52 Levellle Solomon 
254 St HDaire Alfred 
266 Gravelle Alexis 
258 Brennan Michael 
262 Courtemanche Joseph 
264 Baron Hunrl 
270 Racine Oscar 
274 Kearnq James 
276 Sarrasln Joseph 
278 Gagne L Ntipoleon 
280 Laprade George 
282 Langlois Louis O 
284 Camen Key Jacob 
286 Lewis Wm 
288 Richard Jacob 
290 Rivet Jean Bte 
294 Barbeau Henri 

RoHand Maxime 
204^ Barbeau Mrs Alexin* 
296 Vacant 
298 Vaudette Pierre 
300 Vezlna Ulderlc 
302 Robillard Olivier 
302% Laurette Olivier 
304 Paauet Jonn 
800 DeBlaurieis Louis 
308 Laurette Olivier. 1r 

Private {.rounds 
316 Brennan Alfred J 

Rldeau River 

WAVERLEY. runs west 
from 320 Metcalfe to Btrnk, 
fourth south of Somerset, 
Central Ward. 

North Side ....; 

House, a o 

Vacant lots 
301 Pearen Frederick 
308 Whitcher Arthur H 
805 Lewis Wm H 
316 Stewart Mrs Geraldtne 
819 O'Brien Stephen B 
821 Dunlevlo Sidney A 
323 Mauns(>ll Georse S 

326 Fripp Mrs Srbella 

327 Code Wm A 
Vacant house 

846 Fen ton Weslev E 

349 Back James S 

351 Hayter Frederick 

853 Vacant 

866 Hoirau Dennis 

367 MacKinnon Murdoch 

Private groundfl 
871 Latebford Frank R 
875 Doody John F 

A Itne 

877 McGllllvray Alfred 
879 Parker James 
House, ■ e 

South Side , 

House, s e 

Vacant lots 
800 Thorne James 
302 Oglivie James 

Vacant lots 
818 Chamberlain Hiram W 
820 Masson Donald, bldr 
822 Hodglns W E 
826 Maaaon Robert 
828 Jone» Louis K 

Vacant lots 
882 Joumeauz Fredk M 
840 Bailey Geor«ro 
844 Sully Mrs Minnie 

Unfinished houses (2) 
866 Conn Hnsh S 
872 Bailey Henry J 
876 Campbell Robt H 
880 Dowsley Thomas 
382 RawMnson Percy F 
396 Storey Daniel, planing 

Store, a e 

WELLESLEY, runs south 
from> Clemow to Oarleton, 
second west of Bank, Wei- 
llnirton Ward. 

Not built on" 

WELLINGTON, runs west 
from Canal to city limits, 
first south of Parliament 
Hill. Victoria and Dal- 
housie Wards. 

North Side , 

Government bnlldlngs 
and grounds 

Bank st interaacta 

208 Murphy Mrs Elsie V, 


206 Slack J H. artists' ma- 

teria la 
Sproule R A L, nub agt 
Vickers H H. artist 

207 Macdonald D J.wtchmkr 

209 Qnlnnev Henry A 
McKensle Mlsa Mina, 

211 Douglas J R A> Co, roof- 
211H Wellington Hall 
213 Oonley R H. tlr 
215 Smith Daniel, barber 
217-19 Sinclair D A. tlr 
228-27 Almonte House 
229 Ooodall Bros, sros 

Private srouuds 
241 Bank of British North 
Phillpotts Wm B 
246-7 Hempill & Co. tin 
249 Laurie John B 
261 Horsey A J. phy 
268 Vacant store 
26SH Plain C E & Co. who! 

266 Reynhold (>arl. barber 
266H Morgan L G ft Co, 
Morgan Leslie O 

267-9 Lang & K.^mp, ,iry .. 

Kent at iiitcrsecti 
261 Kennedy & Co. j-ros 
388-76 Lindsay T & Qo a^ 
goods ^^' '^^ 

277-9 Doherty J n. .lothi.. 
281 Pratt I & Co. si oT ' 
288-8 Hudson & Pou'. i ». 
287-9 Bishop's HoUM •"«« 
Falls A TioaohoT ,.. 
surgeons ' "*' 

291 Kyle Samuel L. srn 
801 W7)rkman A & Co hard 
ware ""• 

SOS Hall Mrs Mary 
807 Buckham Robert, flonr 
809-11 Seaton T J, iw!r 
819 Delmonico Hote' 

McMullen W, livorv r 
828-5 Pratt & Blshr.p. ^^j, ' 
827-9-Fonrnler A A & n? 
dry goods ^"' 

Fonrnier Albert A 
881 Enrlght J C. stoves 
383 Wlgmore Jasper, exn 
886 Stontoouse, Oha-nberlln * 
Wilson, carriages 

Lyon St intersects 
848 Fobs J & Sons.hlksmitii, 
848 Gravelle J A, f«rn 
846% Holgi^te Wm 
847 Go' 3 Dollar Clothlnir 
Fcore * 

84© i:,kinner John, fnrn 
888-7 Haram Burton, furn 
887^1 Brown Eb ° 

869 BIyth George R 
861 Vacant store 
868-6 Hasson Andrew, flour 
BIyth Miss Mary, artist 
367 Grant J M, haniware 
369 Vacant 

878 Christin Charles A 

879 Mirault Eugene 
Labrie Joseph, r 

881 Hlllman & Mlraiilt, aer- 
ated waters 
888 Dawes k. Co, bottlers 

Bay St intersects 

886-9 Abbott John B, rarrlan 

881 Grant F & J, jwirs 
Grant Francis 

896-8 Vacant 

897-9 Poaps & Ault. wbol 

401 Ronan Mrs Kate, sauces 

406 Blondin Jacqnes 
Joly Damaie ^ 

416 Vacant 

428 BInpham John, contr 

427 Boucher Mrs Margaret 
Private grounds 

4Sl-ei Matthews Mm Ellen, 
sec hd clothing 

441 Manchester Hall 

448 Manchester David 

443-9 Carson Robert, shoes 

461 Brading H F 

487-ffi Union Brewery 
Ryan Mrs Bridget, r 
Tessler Joseph, r 
Devlne James, r 
Downey Cornelius, r 
Bvans George, r 

465-7 Hlllman B C, hotel 

460 Vticftut 

468% Scantlebnry John 




BmI QwalUy, Wholm^Je And Mttil. WSPARKS. 

«19 Mo.vlan Philip I 
«a Crafc Wm R 
623 Collins Fred A, 
826 Wyatf Mrs Thu 
625% Htitterworth T 
627 Cniuilngham C I 

Private gronndt; 
(37 Johnston Mich) 


Lloyd St 
Wellington St S 
Vacant lots 
6»7 Hutehlngs Ell, i 

Bridge 8 
ffS-B Foster A L, di 
m Kelly B W, teas 
681 Mlrehell Alex O 
721 Hill Hamnett, p! 
Private grounds 

■ (■ 

; 1. 

^^y«*^gglv^1ST.^ Co to JABVIS 


gcantlebury Mm Annie. 

^f^J Miss Letltla, drs- 

-i ntWW Mrs Bnth cJgara 
*"■ 55.v!or Mrs I F 6, dra- 

tnu, Goneau flws Annie, 

2* Holmes P J, cigars 
*" rHlariuMU Phllea8.barber 
in Flora Thomas, frnlta 

Si Bessie r Oregoire 

S Hlseoil: Thomas, tlr 

IS prieur Kugene tlr 

^ Venture IjOuIs, confy 

* Vacant lot 
Queen st w comm»neei 
Waterworks pump bouse 
Western Metn Ohuroh 

H"! Shaufilinessy John 

uo Vacant 
Vacant lota 

iM Newlngtcn Horace n 

Si Cameibn Mrs Donald 
Cameron Mlaa Jean, dra- 
ma Uer 
Cameron John P 

SM Kingsbury George E 

KM Herbert J & Son, roofers 
Herbert Jesse 

(fSl Vacant ■ ". 

5(3 Bnrn Daniel 

Mj Fawcett 'lliomas 

(09 Street Charles F 

bett st ends 

Movlan Philip B 

ffil CrQic: Wm B 

623 Collins Fred A. pntr 

826 Wvait Mrs Thursa 
fi'ij^ Riitterworth Thomas 

827 Cunningham C R 
Private ground*) 

837 Johnston Michael, tin- 

Lloyd st ends 
Wellington St School 
Vacant lots 
887 Hutehlnga Eli, gro 

Bridge st ends 

(J73-C Foster A h, druga 
677 Kelly B W, teas 
681 Mltehell Alex O 
721 Hill Hamnett, phy 
Private grounds 

Broad st ends 
Lnmber yards 
351 Ottawa Brewing & 
Malting Co (limited) 
A B crossing 

Petrolea Oil Go's ware- 

P B crossing 

C P R round house 

Varnnt lota 
871 Hlekln Thomaa F 
873 Cowou Robert J 
875 Cownn H H. contr 
877 Tllley David 
879 Gagne Napoleon, confy 
88t Vacant 
883 O'Malley Fran, gro 

I^lttle Chaudlere rd 


Wellington. 133 

•oath Side 

Post Office, a e 
26 Canadian Railway Ac- 
cident Ins Co 
Biley John B, US Consul 
St Anthony Lumber Co 
International Boundary 
Commlsaion, Dept In- 
SO Oouraolles L J, pat sol 
82 Ottawa Transportation 

84 Bodega Hotel 
Mills Samuel W 
Queale Wm B 
86 Bodega Chambers 
42 Bodega Bestaurant 

Elgin st commences 
Langerin Block, Depart- 
mental Building 
P O Department 
Dept of Agriculture 
Patent Branch 
Dept of the Interior 
Aberdeen Association, 
mailing room 

Metcalfe at commencea 

82 Ontario Bank 
84-86 Bldeau Club 

Black Bay Flsih and 
Game Olub 
Vacant iota 
96-104 Vacant (4) 
106 Can Bk of Commerce 
106 Gill Robert 
110 Metropolitan- Loan & Sav- 
ings Co 

North Pacific Lumber Co 
Cunningham C R, ins 
WIcksteed R J, barr 
Oatineau Macadamised 
Road Co 
Gravel Road Co 
Mather James, arch 
Christie, Greene & 
Greene, barra 
Plnhey Charles H (es- 
tate of) 
Maclaren James (estate 

Maclaren, Ross Lumber 
114 Surveyor Genl's Office 

Dept of Interior 
116 Bank of Ottawa 
UK! Queibec Bank 
124 Noel Hllller V 
126 Union Bank of Canada 
128 Anderson Montague A 
134 Allan & Fleming, con- 

Skead E S, lumber 
Bobaon F P, genl agt 
Blio^ A 
136-140 Victoria Ohambera 
1 Eyrie & Gordon, com 

2 White E F, s e 

3 Almon A U 

4 Vacant 

R-7 Clark Judge O M 
8-0 Allan Hon O W 

10 Altpon Senator W J 
Prior Col E G 

11-12 White W G A Co, 

13-17 Vacant (B) 

18 Allen W A 

10-22 Vacant (4) 

38 Dixon F A 

21 Vacant 

26 Buell J T 

26 Vacant 

27-28 Dawson Geo SC 

29 Fltzpatrlc Hon Chas 

80-41 Vacant (11) 

42 Weatherbe Paul 

43 Watson Major O T 

44 Beckett B M 

45 Holoomb Rome 
46-48 Vacant (4) 
80-51 Campbell Wm 
52-57 Oalsford Robert. 

68 Shannon L W 
50 Oronln O B 
60 Whlttey M J 
61-64 Ottawa Art Aaan 
66 Campbell Arthur 
66 Birmingham Wm 
87 Apple.on A U 
68-69 Vacant 
70 Allen T H 
142 La Banque 'Natlon'xle 

O'Connor st commences 
144-6 Bank of Montreal 

Anderson W J 
164-6 Gov't Work Shops 
166-170 Vacant 
172 MacCualg ROW 
180 Vacant 
184 Vacant 

"86 Ashbury House School 
Woollcombe G P, BA 
190 Currier James E W 
192 Poul'.n George W 
194 MoCullough Jas, shoes 
196 Vacant 

Bank st Intersects 
200 Capital Ice Co 
202 Flelschmann & Co. 

204 Gas and Electric Light 

Inspection OCTlce 
206 Weights i>r\i Meaaures 

Inapectov's Office 
212-14 Hall Edw, confr 
216-18 Vacant 
220-228 American Bank 

Note Co 
232 Craljt Robert, harness 
234 Bailey Geo, lock alth 
2.36 McAdam Wm, ^\ >oA 
MpAdam Mrs W, toys 
Wood yard 

A lane 
262-4 Royal Exchange Hotel 
262 Brit Am Bank Note Co 
Kent at Intersecta 

St Andrew's Church 

282-4 MacCarthv H P, driiKB 

Potter & jtiAA, phvs 
«o» «raham W H, dentist 
288 Manchester David L 
290 Arkiey James, tlr 
21)2-4 Scott Francis A. gro 
296 Vacant 
300-2 Blyth G R. drv gds 

Redmond * Fee. dress- 
.''04 QuInn Miss M A. mlnr 
S06-S Vacant 
310 Vacant 

312-314 Woodcock Mra Emily, 

Woodcock Andrew 










Ir '^ 

f!-' 5 


>■ . i' 

■ s . 

I'll J 

I: i 



J ' : 





I i 

\ ,. 



' -.1 

'! i. 

.'* t 



"'I! ' 

) ; i; 



ISHJl , 

hm'i ' 

(, .f 

' ■■ \. 


TUC CUM I irCIMioiMartWOILO-WIPiutolMidMioeaRdTnvii 

134 Wellington. 



.) . 

M !::!l'- 

■ 316-318 Vacant 

; 320 Hodxea H O. hatter 

; S22 Garrow John, barber 

324 I'erktDB a W. shoes 
! 326-8 SUnner J & Co, drug's 
I Skinner Joseph 

330-332 Vacant 

334 BIrkett Miles, hardware 

336-8 Kavanaeta Jos. ero 

Lyon at Intersects 

846 Ottawa Wire Works 

Orr Robert 
34S WIgniore Jsmes, cigars 
3W Orr W J 
352 Purceil John P 

PurceU Mrs C S, bdjt 
Private erounds 
376 Lawson Thomas 
' 378 Rondeau Athanse 
Vacant lot 

Bay St Intersects 
386 Martin Felix 
390 McKlnstry John C 
304 Vacant 

§96-402 Capital Cash Regis- 
ter Co (ilmltedj 
Capital Wurehouslns 
404 Brady & Harris, under- 
Brady Philip 
Hurria Donald 
410 Home Steam Lanndrv 
412 Home for Friendless 
Empy Mrs N B 
416 ' scant 
418 Mcintosh Nell 
422-8 Vulcan Iron Works 
430-2 Powers & Co. boller- 

438 Lennox Robt, carriages 
440-444 Manchester David, 

tailor, gents' furn'gs 
446 Parr Av A, fruits 

Sparks at ends 
Concession st commences 

400 Burman Richard W. 

466 Kane John, carriage 

600-2 Vardon Isaac, sec hand 

508 Lucy John, staty and 

post office 
512 Germain Francis, cigars 

Commissioner st commences 
524-6 Jvmieson W A. drugs 

Cascades Mica Co 
528 Jamieson Wm A 
5.S0 Marshall Jos, shoes 
532-40 Jamieson R R, baker 

West Knd Club 
542-4 Kennedy Thomas, hotel 
546 St Jean Baptiste Hall 
648-550 Vacant 
562 Tucker John 
5.54 Llovd Edward 
.556 Vnoant 
558 Vacant 

560 Corrican Matthew 
.562 Russell Isaiah 
560 Hayes Wm E 
568 Hudson Albert 
.570 McLefln John 
572 Moran John 
.576 Blrtch Collar S 
680 Hewitt Thomas 

682 Martel Jules 

584 Fairbanks Edwav-d L 

586 Hoisted Wm 

Hoisted Mrs M. baker 

Eddy C M. artificial llmt 
Hill Bt commences 
694 Mclntyre Andrew J 
698 Low Albert P 
602 Plnher John H 

Private grounds 
610 Foster Hon Oeo H 

Private xrounds 
620 Murphy Charles 
630 Plnhey Mrs Catherine 

Private vrounds 
646 Fleming Simpson 
650 Cook Thos A 
654 Colter Alexander 
660 French Pres Ch 
664 Jamieson Arch, phy 

Division st commences 
680 Graham James 
684 Robillard Alexandre 

Private sronnds 
690 Desmarais Heorl 
692 Vacant 
604 Evans' Arthur H 
696 Blake P H 

Albert st end 
Rochester st commences 
718 Scott John G, phy 
722 Rochester Mrs Ann 
726 Victoria Brewery 
766 S A Rescue Home 
770 Booth John R 

Preston st commences 

House, s e 
810 Warnock Alex J 
814 Blake R P. grain 
790 House of Mercy Lying 

In Hospital 
794 Morgan Frank 
800 Lesault Alphe. hotel 

First av commences 

806 Martin John 

CAR crossing 
860 Martin & Warnock. mil 


Second av commences 

836 Vacant 

838 Periard Pierre 

C P R crossing 

870 Reynolds George, agri- 
cultural implements 
Vacant lots 

Third av commences 
876 Toole John 
878 Periard Philippe 
880 Raymond Hermas 
882 Walsh Robsrt 
884 Roy Mrs Pbllomene 
886 Cowan Robert, shoemkr 

Tierney Mrs Annie, r 
890 Baxter John R, gro 

Fourth a» 


MARKET, s e cor Sparks 
and Lyon, Wellington 

Bast Side Stalls 

ranee. butchJr.. ^"- 

I ^IIV^ ^"'""- "-luce 
11 Vacant 
D Lapolnte Mojso. flji, 
West Side 

B Robert Ollvio- ht«l,'"" 
6 Vacant ' ^^'^^^ 

8 Vacant 
C Sanders Arthur, btchr 

WILBROD, runs t■as^ /,„ 
opp Canada Atl, i/T, 
Depot to Rideau Rive/ 
third south of Itlfleau In 
tersecting Nicholas ,u im" 
St George's Ward. "^' 

North Side 

Marble yards 
Hnnae. b a 

Nicholas 8t •intersects 
Jail yard 

Court House av ends 
House, s e 

Waller st intersects 

Wood vard 
119 Vacant 
121 Unger Charles, wood 

Wood yard 
129 Hoolihan Miss Bridget 
131 Shea James 
135 Hutton Joehna 
137 Batterton Joseph 
143 Connolly Peter 
145 Marshall John 

A laDe 
147 Murphy George 
155 Belleau Mrs Julia 
157 Oenaud J August 
Cnmberland st intersects 

House, s e 
179 Gilmour Robert P 

Private grounds 
197 Potvln Auguste 
201 Tas«e Emmanuel 
206 Mavaut Rene 
2it9 James Samuel 
213 Cote Mrs Julie 

King st intersects 

220 MacLeod John H 

236 Vacant 

237 Vacant 

2S9 Oleason John 

241 Ollmonr Rev Thos (' 

243 Vacant 

Private grounds 
258 Frith Christopher 
256 Verreault Eugene 
267 Doyon Joseph A 

Store, B e 

Nelson st Intersfcts 
273 Powell Grant 

Private grounds 

Wllbrod at Sch 

Private grounds 
816 Hodgson John 
S17 Deacon John L 

Friel st Intersects 



, Sf wiltclKT Mrs 

i Sinclair Robert 
S logert Kev Jan 
^Greenaway Jol 

i^ Brady f.atf'c^ 
i S .Nerins Oapt Fi 
I JS Tucker Wm 
a Lcroti.\ George 
J53 Vacant 
M Vacant 

private groundi 
Chapi'l st Int 
rt ilcCormlck RoiM 
Private grounde 
Ml surteeH Wm 8 
" Vacant lots 
«j Masters C H 
M Bodgefs Patrick 
' fft Peacock George 
Augu<ita st 
, Private grounds 
413 Blakeney Henry 
415 Vacant 

Private grounds 
445 Stroud Wm R 

Private grounds 
455 Bate H Gerald 
I Cobourg 8 

1 460 Bate T Cameron 
4T3Fli)uie David M< 
4T5 Cowle Frederick 

' Vacant lots 

Cbarlotte st lute: 
I Vacant lots 
I m Lemolne J de S<t J 
I Vacnnt lots 
Wurtemberg st Intel 
Vacant lots 

f! B T A ItR A DT it SflN I "w' ^** ^fS^^ Auotlonews, etc 
U. J. lAUUnni Kb OUil | j^, jq^ q^^ g^^,^^ WeUingtan Sti 

[south Side 

20 Lewis Adolphus 
Coal sheds 


58 Shaver Capt Hen 
62 .Mct'ullough Hugl 
68 Rose AIvTn A 
House, s e 

Nicholas st Inter 

.Store, s e 

88 Carroll Daniel 
(lOJoiicas Theophlle 
M Finch James J 
96Cbnbot Adolphe 

Iwi BrniUey John T 
House, 8 e 

Waller st Inten 
Inlverslfy of Otts 
Cumberland st Jnten 
.St .Joseph's R C ( 
. Church ground 
|im Fyre W John 
"^ Pnwer Augustus 
Hlng st comtne 
.SI Paul's Oermai 
theran Church 

King st Inters 


Jarvis' Photos are the Best 



Willow. 135 

„(,9iHanloD Miss M, fro 
gtffbltel'"r Mrs France» 

Sinclair Robert 

S Roeert Kev James J 

,^G?feDawuy John, plmbr 

!^Rra(lv Patrick 

^ Serins ' :apt Francis 

Ziemn Oeorge 

M3 Vacant 

S Vacant 

*^ private grounds 

CliapL'l St Intersects 
«n jlcCormlck Robert A 
' private grounds 

'^vacant lots 

«: Mastfs U U 

tf Bodg.Ts Patrick, cabs 

JU Peacock George 

Augusta St ends 
Private grounds 
I ii3 Blakeney Henry 
i]5 Vacant 

Private grounds 
I 145 stroiiil Wm w 

Private grounds 
1 4=a Bate H Gerald 

Cobourg st ends 
I ^ Bate T Cameron ■ 
473 Flniiie David McL 
1 475 Cowie Frederick W 
A'aeant lots 

Cbariotte st intersects 
Vacant lots 
I !fi6 Lemnlne J de Si Denis 
Vacant lots 

Wnrternberg st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

I South Side 

20 Lewis Adolphus 
Coal sheds 

A lane 

58 Shaver Capt Henry 
62 .Mc<'nllough Hugb 
68 RoM> AlvTn A 
House, 8 e 

Nicholas st intersects 
Store, 8 e 

A lant 
SS Carroll Daniel 
in) Joneas Theophlie 
1 W Mneh James J 
I Cbnbot Adolphe 

A lane 

1 100 Bradley John T 
House, 8 e 

Waller st interser^s 
Inlverslty of Ottawa 
Cumberland st intersects 
St Joseph's R C Ohurcta 
Church ground 
|194 Kyre W John 
|l96 Power Augustus 

King st commences 
St I'aul's German Lu- 
theran Church and 

King st Intersects 

House, 8 e 
234 Patenaude J Oscar 
296 Lafontalne Adelard M 
238 Drapeau Philippe 
244 Small Henry B 

A lane 
254 O'Neill Garrett 
Private grounds 
Houwe. s c 

Nelson st Intersects 

278 Fissianlt Hlppolyte A 

Private grounds 
200 MeDoneir Oscar 
2&4 Audette (Napoleon 
300 I>e8aulnler8 Dlonls L 
304 Suite Benjamin 

Friel 8t Intersects 

306 Beardsley Wm 

Private grounds 
330 McDonald Kenneth 
33S La Hose Charles 
342 Nagle E B, cabtmkr 
346 Dumouchel F X 
350 Gale Frederick O 
864 Macdonald Mrs Jane 

Private grounds 
368 Ross Wm G 

Chapel st intersects 
370 Whyte Robert B 

Private grounds 
396 Orlffin Martin J 
398 Glronard Hon Desire 

Private grounds 
440 Bate H Alian 

Private grounds 
460 McCord Frederick A 

Private grounds 
460 Courtney J Mortimer 

A lane 
Private groujds 
Charlotte st intersects 
Vacant lots 
Wurtemberg st intersects 
Vacant lots 

WILLTA\i, runn soutfa from 
86 Claronce, between Sus- 
sex and Dalhousie. to Ri- 
dean. By and St George's 

Bast Side 

1-7 Store, s e 

9 MacDonald A, second 

hand goods 
It Oatroux Emellen 
13 Joleau Adolphe, flier 
Market weigh scales 
Hotel, s c 

York 8t intersects 
31 Store, s e 
38-7 Feather's Hotel 
43 >Roy Theodore, sec hd 

46 Valllere Miss M A, rest 

47 Favreau Paul, furn 

51 Hamelln Maxime, ->c tad 

53 Dumoulin Moise, sec hd 

61 St Amour Francis, sec tad 


George st Intersects 

63-5 Hotel, ■ e 
67 Vacant 

69 Blyth Alex, flour 

71-3 La verdure B G & Co. 

75 Laverdure E J & Co. 

77 Vacant store 

70 Clarke Mrs Sarah, bdg 
81 Store, s e 

West Side 

Old B} Ward Market 

York st intersects 
New By Ward Market 
George st intersects 
Store, s e 

WILLIAM (Glebe property), 
runs south from Mutchmor 
to Centre, third west from 
Bank, Wellington Ward. 

East Side 

Private grounds 
15 Scanlon Wm 
17 Helman George 

Comfort Mrs A M, nurse 

Vacant lots 

West Side 

Private grounds 
10 Warner Thomas 
12 Warner Wm 
14 Helman Frank 
IB Unfinished house 

Vacant lots 

WlliliOW, runs west from 
Division to Preston, elgtath 
south of Albert. Dalhousie 

North Side 

Private grounds 
77 Potter Mrs Martha A 
81 Barrle Robert 
85 Russell Oharles 
87 Smith Alfred J 
96 Gayer Damase 

96 Charron Victor 

97 Lacasse John 
Store, s e 

Roctaester st Intersects 
House, s e 

A lane 

116 Steel John B 

117 Bolleau Henry 

119 St Pierre Jean Bte 
123 Carrlere Ma^loire 
125 Ijeduc Joseph 
127 Blals Israel 

Vacant lota 
141 Lataey John 

Vacant lots 
147 Leclalr George 

Vacant lots 

South Side 

Store, 8 e 
68 Blals Alfred 
84 BrlslMls Mrs Marie 
92 Cayer Alexandre 

House, s e 



a? and SB O'CONNOR ST, 

Painting, Ete. 








) ;* 


' ; i : I ■ 'U 
, Vv i t. ii. Wi Sir 

• 'Si' ' i '■■ M V ' r"" H 1 



f% !• 

I ! 

I t; 

' n ' 'li 

I : I.' 






'('I- : 


Vim I 












•^MOHm 21. 

w. m. msLL, MUmAmmm. 

66 Queen it i 





Bocbester at Interaects 

Vacant lots 
114 Wrlgrht John 
122 Bice Mrs Mary 
126 Williamson John 
136 Cornwall Richard 
138 Desroslers Louis 

Vacant lots 

WKSfS, runs south from Ink- 
ermau to Patterson's Creek, 
between £>lgln and Met- 
calfe, Central Ward. 

Not built on 


WL'RTEMBEUii. runs south 
from Ridenu River to Wll- 
brod. Intersecting Rldeau, 
first west of the river. By 
and St. George's Wards. 

Bast Side 

Vacant lots 
Clarence st Intersects 

Prirate grounds 

185 White Lt-Col Wm 
XSfi Children's Hospital 

Private grounii^ 

Reed Harter 
281 GulKue Cyrlile 
223 Bedard John 

Gillma Alexandra 

Vacant lots 

Institute, s e 

Rldeau st intersects 

Private grounds 

BeHserer st intersects 

Vacant lota 
House, a e 

Daly av Intersects 

Vacant lota 
House, a a 

Stewart st Intersecta 
Vacant lot 

West Side 

Vacant lots 

Clarence st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
8 Ives John 
16 Pooler Edward S 

Heney st ends 
Old graveyard 

Tormey st ends 
Hospital grounds 

Rldeau at intersects 
Vacant lots 

Besserer st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Daly av Intersecta 
Vacant lots 
Stewart st intersects 

Vacant lots 
House. ■ s 

Wllbrod it 

YORK, runs east from 497 
Susaex, second north of Ri- 
deau. to King, By Ward 

North Side 

7 Gibson Robert M 
11.3 Grant Jos. <vhoi gro 

I A lane 

17 Xrudei Wm, furniture 
19 Rogers Thomas, rest 
21 Keaough & Hornsby, 

23 Beaucaire Edouard. brbr 
25 Favreau Paul, grocer 
27 Lunny Mrs C. flour 
20-31 Moeser Wm. gro 
33-5 Larkin House 
37 Glavey Peter, gro 
39 Vacant 
41 Lapolnte Molse 
43-S St Louis Hotel 
47 Freedman Jacob, prodnca 
49 Killeen Martin, harness 

51 Ruelie Samuel, hotel 

Market aq 
Old By Ward Market 
William st interaecta 
Market Hay Scales 
91 Galllen Hormist^as, hotal 
63 Cardinal Thcaias 

Cardinal Mrs M. confy 
65 Decary Deuis, saw filer 
67 Thibaudean A, harnesa 
71-7.*t Commercial Hotal 
77 Saunois George 
70 BIyth James C 
85-7 DufTey John, bdg 
80 Leonard Aimee, eating 

01 Austin Wm O B. vet 

00 Burns John L. bdg_ 

Dalhousie st intersecta 

108-0 Store, s e "-. k.% 

111 Carrls Uldege 
113 Savary David 
llSMi Crossin John 
115 Phillips Mrs Jane 

Phillips Miss A A, moa 
110 Kehoe John 
123 St Aubln Israel 
127 Johnston George S 
120 Haggerty Mrs Margaret 
135 Archambauit F X 
137 McAllister Thomas 
141 Hunter Mrs Isabella 
140 Burgess Thomas H 
!.■» McCallan Richard J 
157 Hart James 
ISO Major Pierre 
161 Murray Mrs Mary 
163 Gagnon Jean C 
165 Taase Damase 
167 Grant Joseph 
169 Finard Miss Alma, dra 

Cumberldud st intersecta 
171 Routhier L G, phy 

179 Lemieux WvMlston D 
181 Richard Ludger 

183 Ryan Roderick, caba 
183^ Wallace iobn 
185 Kearns James 
Cnnuen Mr» M. r 

180 Stretton Joseph 

Streuon MIh. h. a>„,, 

101 Dubreuii Alfre.t 
103 Burns Richard 
105 Boyer Peter 
107 Lambert Josoi.h 
109 Green Wolf 
201 Denault Mrs Mth. 
ars Tnnstead Robon '| 

207 Shouidls Mrs vt^T 
Shouldls A H hlr, *' 
213 Donovan Jofi, *" 

South Side 

Store, a « 

8-10 Vacant 
12-14 Fire Hall No 4 
18-20 Matthews (}oorg<. r„ 

82-4 Arzuile House "" 
»M Maclean H & Co. hide 

42-4 Russell Robert, flour 
Hart, James, blksinlth! r 

^^WdeS * '^""^"^'»'' 
48-52 Dominion House 
54 Davidson S i Co. hotel 

Market Square 
New By Ward Market 
William st Intersects 
tsa Vacant 
88 Charette Thoma.-; nr„ 

duce ■ ^ 

60 McCallum Robert 
62 Bertrnnd Antolue. tin 

LeveiUe Jean 
64-6 Martel Charles, rest 
68 Charette Joseph o 

Leblond F X. umbr«lii 
70 Swalwell Mrs Elixa 

Chlttr Charles D 
74 Levellle Mrs Delphlue 

Leveille Emllio.tlr 
76 Belanger Gaudiag 
78 Sauve B F. biksmith 
80 Vacant 
82 Aaseiin Napoleon 
88 Crawford John 


Dalhousie at Intersects 

St Joseph's Hall 
106 Flllatrault Humbert 
108 Burke Mlaa Mary A 
110 Vacant 
116 Conway John H 
120 Terrance John 
122 Moffette Napoleon 
124 'reakey Henry W 
126 Piatt John 
128 O'Nr'll Joaeph F 
130 Child Jease 

Vacant lota 
138 Beardon Wm, broom I 


16* BIrown Robert, sosp 
and candle mnfr 

Hoaae, ■ e 

Cumberland st Intersects 
• House, a e 

to city lin 

You can secure 
them from 

Fay no mone] 
I are not authorized 
oar name The M 
is on all orders 1 
itinerant Directorj 
I and leading the pu 


IPSI Confederation LUe I "•-'««:?.' -I25SH 

gjyfl R. H. COlfLBY ef Wfllliagton Street A laiAt 





flu Co* sheds 

•niiNO. run* west from 830 
^^m to city limits, first 

25b of ^^^ R crossing. 

gSbouBle Ward. 

North Side 

RallwBT tracks 

Son; h Side 

Honaer a e 
Vacant l'>t 
16 Vlarfl Jobann 
18 y^xault Alezardre 
23 Serre Elaeer 

24 Campbell Wm 

Private gronnda 
34 Dascenzo Blaeo 
38 Diuardo Annie M 
Lumber yarda 

CAB croaalng 
Vacant Iota 



You can secure 






J < ) 4 ■ 1 ':. i'-' 


Pay no money IN ADVANCE to Directory Canvassers. Our Canvassers 
I are not authorized to collect in advance of publication of our books. See that 

oar name The MIffht DIroctory Oo. of Toronto (Llmitod), 

is on all orders before signing. We are led to thus caution the public, as 
itinerant Directory Publishers procure orders by misrepresenting their works, 

j and leading the public to believe they are our publications. 


The Might Directory Co. of Toronto (Limited), 

11-16 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, Ont 
lOHAWA BRANCH, 88 8park8 Street 'Phone 1367. ' ^ ' 



I All Qr«»e«r« or 'Phon« 102<S. 





•■« /, r 


f i' 


\ ' 





V < 




' I'l 

t ; 




i' I 

» ! 

f ' ! 



(^: ■■ 


. i 



'I ftl 'f ' ' 

II, i. 

15 !!* 

' * Ml' 

3 r« 






ThtNioiMSUH LIFE v» •Mo^rl «MNN R. REIO. V yiy Mi 



Ward Boundaries. 

By Ward. 

Bounded on the North by St. Patrick Street. 

<' " South " Geoive Street, produced to Rideftu River. 
" «< East " The Rideau RiTer. 

" " West '• •• OtUwa " 


Pounded on the North by Sparks Street. 

" South " The Rideau Canal. 
•• •• East " " " 

" " West " Bank Street 


Bounded on the North by Wellington Street. 
South " River Road. 
East " Concession Street. 
West *' Canadian Pacific Railway. 


Bounded on the North by The Ottawa River. 
'• •• South " St. Patrick Street. 

♦' " East " The Rideau River. 

" " West •• '• Ottawa " 


Bounded on the North by Princess Ave. and Maple'Lane. 
South " The Rideau River. {3|g&^J»Ji 
East '* Beech wood Ave. and Butternut Terrace. 
West " The Ottawa River. 




St. <}«org«'«. 

Bounded on the North by George Street, produced to Rideau River. 
" " ttStr 


South " Ann Street. 

East " The Rideau River. 

West " '• " Canal. / • , 

Victoria. ^ , 

Bounded on the North by The Ottawa River. 

" " South " Wellington and Sparks Streets. 

*" '• East " Rideau Canal. 

« « West '* Little Ohaudiere Road and Mason Street. 


Bounded on the North by Sparks Street. 
'• '< South " Canal Road. 

" " East " Bank Street. 

" " West " Concession Street. 

0. B. TAfi&AHT & SON 

Tel. 708. Oor, Bank A Wellington sA 

I Abbott Alonzo A, 
109 Kent 
' Bertha M (w 

' Charles (Payi 
Wyoming P 
Francis Jr. co 

John B, carrli 
ton, h 387 ei 
Miss Mabel, 1 
Mary A (wld ] 

Robert B, slsn 

Stephen A, rej 
|Abeat Charles, car] 

iberdeen The 1 

cellency the 
Sir John Ci 
Gordon, PC, 
General of C 
Hall, end ot 
Hall, 224H Spa 
Ablonofsky Charles, 

wi. MASON & sOHSrsaaagasyagaTsr 

Ottawa City Directory • 







To find a name you must firat know how to spell it. 
£:^Not6 the different ways of spellinr;; when searching for a name. 






Abbott Alonzo A, livery 870 Sparks, h 
109 Kent 

Bertha M (wid David W), 1 37G 

Charles (Paynter & Abbott), res 
Wyoming Park 

Francis Jr. com a^, h 801 Theo- 

John B, carriagemkr 886 WeUlngr- 
ton, h 387 same 

Mis» Mabel. 1 109 Kent 

Mary A (wld Francis), h 166 Mac- 

Robert B, slsmn Larose & Co, h 84 

Stephen A, reporter H of C, h 417 


|Abeat Charles, carp, h 194 Stanley av 

ibwdeen The Barl of, His Kz- 

cellency the Rigrht Honorable 
Sir John Campbell Hamilton 
Gordon, PC, LLD,, Governor- 
General of Canada, 'Etc, Rldeau 
Hall, end of Sussex n 
Hall, 224H Sparks 
iblonofsky Charles, lab, h 107 Cumber. , 

^ Abrams Harris, mngr Mrs J Abrams, h 
186 Rldeau 
" Mrs Jennie, dry goods fR Rldeau 
Ackers John, elk stat br Cust "s Dept, 

1 189 Bay 
Ackerstedt Swayn, inmate 9S4 Bank 
Ackland see also Hackland 
" Henry, messr Dept Interior, rms 

72 John 
•' John. 1 76 John 
"Joseph B, pntr J B Abbott, h 492 

" Walter, elk, 1 76 John . • 
" Wm. lab, h 76 John , 
" Wm T, slsmn Bryson, Graham & 
Co. h R12 Maria 
Ackroyd Edward, corsets 132i^ Sparks 
h s s Mutchmor, 2 w of Ralph 
" Percy S, mach hd Capital Planlnar 
Mills Co, 1 E Ackroyd 
Acres Andrew G, mngr Grand Union, 

res Ottawa East 
Acton Edward, brakeman CAR, b 316 

Adams Amelia (wld Walter H), mus 
tchr 64 O'Connor, h same 
" Arthur, bkpr Standard Agency Co, 

h 166 Kent 
" Clara (wld James H), 1 113 Queen 

" David, elk, b 209 Sparks 

letropolitan Business College lli:^8S!rfflsriS.S* 

[8. T. WILUS, ItliNliMl. 1M SPARKS ST. | of the Capital. 








;i t 

rf ■ 



k! i' 

I:, 1 

t ■ 


'4 ' 

♦3 i.t, 



I "ii 



( •■: 

* ,1 







- LUNCH - 


Ad urns. 



Adam* . -,. 

" Edward, chairman Board Steam- 
boat Inspection Dept M and F, 
h 19!» O'Connor 

" Henry H (Stallmeyer & Adams), 
h 284 Slater 

" Miss Jennie.mlnr Mrs A B Beckett, 
res Hurdman's BrldRe 

" John J, carp J & C Low, h 653 

" Samuel, supt Works Dept Pub 
Wkfl, h 27 Somerset 

" Wm, driver, h 4 Thornton 

" Wm H, 1 27 Somerset 

" Wm J H, civ ser, b 22 Albert 

Adamso.! Agar SAM, CuBtodlan 

of the Rolls, The Senate, h 121 
" David, cooper Parson & Co, h 164 

" George, slsmn Bryson, Graham & 

Co, 1 154 Frlel 
" Miss Mary, tlrs Rooney & Cooper, 

1 154 Frlel 
" Wm. 1 154 Frlel 
" Wm Jr. carp, 1 154 Frlel 
Addison Charles, watchmkr 117 Sparks, 
h 425 Cooper 
" Miss Isabella, h 60 Slater 
" Miss Minnie, 1 60 Slater 
Ade Leonhard, slsmn Bryson Graham & 
Co, h 49 Gilmour 
" Leonhard C. elk, 1 49 Gilmour 
" Michael, messr, 1 49 Gilmour 
" Wm, lab Can Granite Co, h 70 
Adler Morris, pdlr, h 294 St Andrew 

" Moses, pdlr.l 294 St Andrew 
Aetna Insurance Co of Hartford, Conn, 
Pennock & Masson agts, 38-40 
Agar George, gro 612 Lisgar, h same 
Agen see also Eagen and Egan 

" Thomas, watchman, h 35 Sherwood 
Agnew James, driver, b 260 Queen 

Agret Sarah A (wid James), Mil- 
linery 287 Bank, h same 
Agricultural Fair Grands, ft of ESgin 

and Bank 
Ahearn Miss D Marguerite, ft of Elgin 

" Edward, chemist, 1 9 Duke 

" John J, shop foreman O E Ry, I 
36 Lloyd 

" Maggie, dom 494 Besserer 

" Mary (wid Mauri' -). h 250 Lyon 

" Miss Mary, studein 1 9 Duke 

" Miss Norah, h 35 Lmyd 

" Thomas (Ahearn & Se^^^r), prea O 
E Co. h 684 Maria 

" Thomas, lab, h 22 Redpath 

" Wm. b 451 Sussex 

'• Wm. blksmith w g Britannia. 1 e 
of Bridge, h 3 Duke 

" Wm J, genl mngr Ottawa Porcellne 
A C^arbon Co, I 9 Duk« 

Ahear* A Soper v ThonuM Aher^a 

Warren Y Soper). Coniiactm^f 
Electrical Engineers 56 Spartts. 
Factorv 327 Albert 

Alello Mrs Elizabeth, fruiia is: n„ . 
" Joseph, h 187 Bank ^"'' 

Aikins see Altkins 
Alnsborough Maria (wid Thomnj,\ „ 

622 Cumberland, h snn-.e ^ ° 

Aineley Joseph N C. lab. h is gnnhi. 

Alrd Matthew, lineman O p; Co Km 

York '-o. h «| 

Aitchison see ulso Atchison 
" Miss Georglna M. mlnr, ! u pi., 

" Mary (wid Alexander), u u Tint 

ence '" 

" Miss Nellie, mlnr, 1 14 Florence 
" Peter H, 1 14 Florence 
Altkenhead David, baker A Uroadho.* 

h 95 Turner "'*''• 

" George J, driver R E Jamleson h 

519 McLeod ' " 

Altkins Charles, elec Garrloch Ood.rji 1 

& Co, I 381 Lisgar '™ , 

Akerllndh C Alfred L, Scandinavian of I 

ficer Dept Interior. Lanifevi« 

Block, h 348 Gloucester ' 

Akeson Martin, watchman, h 155 t* I 

Breton ' 

Alain Cyrlle, carp, h 82 Bolton 
" Francois, carp, 1 27 Cobourg 
" Jean B, baker, h 156 King 
" Joseph, prtr Ptg Bureau, h ml 

Water ' 

A'arie see also Hallalre 
" Elzear, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 152 Dal. 

" Joseph, prtr. b 639 Cumberland 
" Wllbrod. student. 1 639 Cumber- 
Alaska Feather & Down Co of Mon- 

treal, J. W. Woods agt, 75 Queen] 
Albert Alfred, stocktaker J R Booth hi 

107 Broad ' ' 

" Andre, culler, h 223 Le Breton 
" Dellna, dom 18 Murray 
" Miss Elizabeth, I 149 Division 
" Hall. 147 Stanley av 
" Henry, filer J R Booth, h 14J Dt.l 

" Henry, lab, h 310 Mutchmor 
•• John, carp. 1 237 Kent 
" John, tmstr Capital Planing ](||i| 

Co, h 8 8 Mutchmor, 4 w 

" Joseph, driver, 1 s s Mutchmor, ' 

w of Craig 
" Joseph, mill hd. ! 107 Broad 
" Mrs Mary. 1 87 Mutchmor 
" Mary, dom 310 Bank 
" Mary, dom 169 Broad 
•' Mary A (wid John), h 107 Broad 
" Olive, dom 212 Bridge 
" Pierre, lab, h r 159 Queen w 
" Samuel H, mill hd, h 145 Division 
Alberti Athaoase, elk J B Duford, 1 1 

" Delimase (wid Wm). h 37 McG 
" Joseph, lab Des Rivieres & Co, 

325 St Andrew 
" Miss Josephine, drsmkr '" McG« 
Alberty Edward, mach Prit< uart 

Andrews, res Janevllle 

" Hugh, slsmn 
391 Cooper 



NUN NEKY & SON - TelefriioM 421 

JARVIS Guarantees T^'^^mf^S! 





■ ihrieht I-ester, welghmaster CPR, h 
*'" * 100 lYeaton 

iiHrich Frederick B P, elk acct br Dept 
** Mlitia and Defence, b 184 Bell 
iidrldge i:dgar H, chef RIdeau Hall 
i^exande.- Miss Bertha, slaldy, b Grand 
*^ Union 
" Davi'l, elk F Jarman, 1 475 Ann 

iiaunder Frederick J, R^Riat- 

•^ tered Architect 14 iletcalfe, h 138 

ilcxnAder Huffb, Proprietor 

Grand Union Hotel, 36 Queen 
" Huph, bricklyr, h 475 Ann 
i. Hugh, lab, h 277 Slater 
" Mi.«s Ida, Btenog Code & Burritt, 

1) Grand Union 
" Miss Isabella G, tchr George st 

s(h, 1 134 Bank 
" James, lab, rms 39 Duke 
" jaiiH (wld Henry), asat librarian 

Oeol Survey Dept, h 134 Bank 
" Miss Jennie, bndr Ptg Bureau, 1 

126 Besserer 
" John, car bldr O Car Co, 1 143 

" Joseph, driver James Anderson, 1 

455 Ann 
" Leonard H. tchr Collegiate Inst, 1 

261 Maria ,, . 

" Louise, dom 150 Maria 
" Maggie, dom 449 Somerset 
" Martha (wid Wm), h 126 BesMrer 
" Mls3 Martha, drsmkr 126 Besserer 
" Miss Nam./, bndr Ptg Bureau, 1 

126 Besserer 
" gainuel, tmstr H N Bate & Sons, 

h 137 Chapel 
" Thomas, lab, h 211 Bell 
" Thomas, vet surgeon 28 Charlotte 
" T Wardrope. elk Par distribution 

office, 1 134 Bank 
" Wm, bldr 334 Rideau, h same 
" Wm H, elk records br Dep' M and 

F, rms 114 Slater 
l^rtd Franees (wld George > I u^ Stan- 

I. i- av 

{ AUuunbra The, Bernard Wellon 

Proprietor, 139-14S .^ee-a 
I Allaire see Alarie and Hallalre 
I Allan !=ee also Allen 

Alexander, tmstr CAR, 1 21 Glou- 

Andrew, rms 96v, Rideau 

Miss Annie, l 1S9 Kent 

Annie, dom 14F Bay 

Miss Catherine, h 662 Somerset 

Miss Christina, tchr Archibald St 
P"b Sch. 1 5«2 Somerset 

Forest, elk C D Graham, 1 53 Met- 

Gilbert, bkpr Export Lumber Co, 
h 12K Elm 

Harry, bndr Ptg Bureau, h 372 
Lewis * • 

Harry, messr Queen's Printer'* Of- 
fice, res Janevllle 

Hugh, slsmn John M Garland, h 
391 Cooper 


" James, carp, h 250 Queen 
" John, bkbndr, l 110 O'Connor 
" John, elk Mrs J Abranis, b 730 Al- 
" John B, shipper Bronsons & West- 
on L Co, h 483 Albert 
" J Hamlet, lumber, h 176 Maclaren 

AUaa J Roberts, DmffffUit 76 

Rideau, h 192 Daly av 
" Mrs Mary, dom 21 Gloucester 
" Miss Mary E B, tchr Percy st sch, 

1 662 Somerset 
" Robert C, com, 1 231>4 Rideau 
" Robert M. elk CAR audit offlce, I 

391 Cooper 
" Rose, dom 275 Bridge 
" Singeton S, elk aud Genl's Offloe. 

rms 159 Gllmour 
" Wm, car Insp O E Ry, u 110 Chapel 
" Wm A (Allan & Fleming), rms 13 

Victoria Chambers 
" Wm Cforeman binder Ptg Bureau. 

h 169 Kent 
" Wm E, steamfltter CAR, h 168 

" Wm E, wks Ptg Bureau, 1 159 Kent 
" Wyman C, cAy. W A Cole, h 65 Met- 


Alkw & rieming ( Wm A Allan, 

Sanford H Flemtng>,Contractora 

Victoria Chambers, 184 Welling- 
Allard Albert, mngr S J Major, h 58 St 

" George E, ear repr, h 49 Division 
" Helena, dom 476 Sussex 
" Joseph, mill hd, h 14 Sherwood 
" Louis, gro 259 Rochester, h -17 

" Ovid, blksmith P Latour, b 322 

Allarie see Alarie 
Allbutt Percival T, govt teller Bank of 

Montreal, 1 98 Stewart 
Allen see also Allan 
" Alfred, 1 176 Queen 
" Agnes S (wid Silas), 1 81 James 
" Miss CeciUa, elk G H Megloughlin, 

1 90 Nicholas 
" Charles, elk, 1 90 Nicholas 
" Charles, mach O Car Co, 1 175 

" Duncan E. 1 175 Queen 
" Miss Elisabeth, h 139 Gloucester 
" Francis G, elk P O, h 39 Somerset 
" Frederick, carp, h 66 Archibald 
" Frederick S. carp, h 668 Concession 
" George, flreman CAR, res Ottawa 

" George, Inmate 964 Bank 
" James, car bldr O Car Co. h 428 

" James B. 1 39 Somerset 
" John, carp 176 Queen, h same 
" John, lab, h 214 Daly av 
" John A, car sealer CPR, res Bays* 





•r 'Miofie ion. 


I § 



.1 K 



i' i 

:;i : 


t n 


(! n 

' i! ' ■ 


;' n- 

;: -v .( 


;i '■'}( 


TL^ OHM I if A I ^^ "*^^> ^^f^ "''^^ ^^ ^he Moat B JAMES 
I n6 UU N LIf 6 I Uberal Policy in the World. V ' V sp 













AUen Joseph S, Agent Canadian 

Express Co, 11 Elgin, h 600 Gil- 

" Margaret (wld Samuel), 1 3 Elm 
" Mary (wld Edward), 1 3B0 Bay 
" Mary (wld Joseph), h 90 Nicholas 
" Richard T, bkpr, h 114 Qloucester 
" Thomas H, rms 70 Victoria Cham- 
" Wm. porter CPR, res Hlntonbxirg 
Allison John A, elk S & H Borbrldge, 

b 62 Besserer 
" Maria (wld Samuel), h 87 Albert 
" Miss Mary, h 261 Maria 
" Samuel .Inmate 954 Bank 
Allman Hiram, pUer, b 59 Lloyd 
Almon Andrew U. draughtsman Dept 

Rys and Canals, rms S Victoria 

" Miss Caroline, 1 75 O'Connor 
" Ellen S (wld Cotton M), a 76 

. " Miss Susie "W, stenog Cnirtstle, 

Greene & Qreene, 1 75 O'Connor 

Almonte House, Richard H 

Pounder Proprietor, 22S-227 Wel- 
Alnwick Thomas J G, classical tutor, h 

76 Florence 
Ambridge Miss Annie, 1 53 Sweetland 
" George, bldr 473 Besserer, h same 
" John, pntr P Stewart, 1 53 Swaet- 

land av 
" Thomas, carp Rldeau Hall, h Bt 
Sweetland av 
Ambrose Albert, stone cutter, 1 27 St 
" Alfred, stone cutter, 1 27 St Andrew 
"■ Antholne, marble cutter Can Gran- 
ite Co, h 27 St Andrew 
" Miss Bridget, 1 248 Rldeau 
" Miss Ettie, drsmkr 332 Rldeau 
" James, granite cutter Can Granite 

Co, h 38 St Andrew 
" John, stone cutter, h 16 Boteller 
" Maria, dom Theodore, cor Chapel 
" Wm, polisher Can Granite Co, 1 
138 Clarence 

American Bank Note Co, James 

Macdonough President, A D 
Shephard and Touro Robertson 
Vice-Presidents, T H Fouland 
Secretary-Treasurer, J. K. My- 
ers Resident Manager, 220-228 
" House, Louis Delorme prop, 161 

American Wringer Co, S A Luke 

Manager, Manufacturers of 
Wringers and House Furnish- 
ings 59 Rldeau 

Ami Henry M, paleontologist Geo Sur- 
vey Dept, h 111 Cooper 
" Samuel T, proofreader Ptg Bureau, 
h 144 FrJel 

Amond Joseph, waiter, b 99 York 

Amyot David, carp, h 89 Aufe-usta 
" Elzear, carp h 140 Murray 
" Emlle, carp Des Rlviej-es & «« 
1 438 St Patrick ^ * ^> 
" F X, shoemaker 438 St Patrick 
" Mise Rosalinda, seamtresa i u. 
St Patrick ' ' *« 

Anable see also Annable 
" Miss Frances A, 1 211 Stewart 
" Vincent H, midr Butterworth A rv 
1 374 Gloucester "^ 

A O U W Hall, 181 Sparks 
Anderson see also Henderson 
Alexander, bartndr, h 133 Fr'el 
Alexander, brewer, 1 740 Albert 
Albert, papermkr. 1 561 Albert 
" Alfred, stone maaon, 1 213 Nbdm. 
" Miss Allle, 1 561 Albert ^^^ 

Anderson Arthur, Proprietor 

victoria Brewery 726 Wellington 

h 38 Rochester ^^^ 

" Arthur, papermkr, 1 551 Albert 
" Miss Carrie, dramkr L N Poulln. i 

661 Albert "" ' 

" Charles J, supt savings bank br 

Finance Dept, h S16 Lis$;ar 
" Elizabeth (wld Wm), h 551 Alb«H 
" Miss Florence, 1 316 Llsgar 
" Frederick, elk eng br Dept M and 

F, away on survey 
" Frederick C, elk, h 389 Cooper 
" George C, h 274 Ann 
" Miss Grace E, tchr Harmon sch. I 

171 Madrren 
" Staff-Sergt Jam<>s, ordeiiy and pin. 

er to Gov-Oeuoral, h 60 O'Con- 

" James, papermkr, h 541 Albert 
" James, wood 466 Ann, h same 
" John C, brakeman CPR, res Carle. I 

ton place 
" John C, elk Bank of Montreal. I 

146 Wellington ' 

" Miss Maggie A, I 166% Sparks 
" Margaret (wld Sidney H), l «)l| 

" Miss Mary A, drsmkr 166^ Sparki 
Anderson Blontague A. Manager 

Union Bank of Canada. 126 Wei. 

lington, h 128 same 
" Patrick, cellarman 34 Wellington 


Eleotricirn and Eleotrioal Gontraotor,| 

Importer of all kind* of Telegraph, Telep 

Medical and General Eleotrioal Supplies. 
Contractor for InHtallation of Isolated Arc and I 
Inoandeccent Littht PlanUin Public BuUdinKl 
Botelt). Factories, etc., and Private Tulephoml 
Lines. Incandescent Wiring for House Llght-I 
Ing and Electric Bell Equipments. 

R««. 8 Pator Str««t 

Anderson Robert McF, mach VlctorUl 
Foundry Co, 1 111 Queen w 
" Samuel, blksmith CAR, h 12 Adi-I 

C. B. TA6&ART & SON 

Brokers, Housoa fior 8al« aiMI to I 
xxirra collected. 'Phons 70a 


jAPHES HOPE A SONSf I Copying Press and Books 

Oor. Sparlw and Elffln ate. > INK-ALL BEST MAKES. 





*^^amuel, carp, b s b River road, 
1 e of Bzp Farm 
" Sidney H, Janitor Percy st school, 

h 201 Eiorenoe 
■' Miss Susannah, h 740 Albert 
X Tho'nas W, carriage bldr 112 

Queen, h 180 Sussex 
ri yfm. bkpr J R Booth, h 422 Queen 
1,/icrson "Wm, carp, 1 270 Mutchmor 
" Wm, cond O B Ry, 1 264 Albert 
" Wm, cond CPR, h 664 Maclaren 
« Wm, driver, h 111 Queen w 
" Wm. watchman, 1 111 Queen w 
<< Lt-Col Wm P, chief eng Dept Mar- 
ine and Fisheries, h 64 Cooper 

Anderson W J, Manavir Bank 

•^ 01 Montreal, h 146 WelUngrton 
Andrew Wm, elk, h 489 Somerset 

Andrews Annie 

(wid James), h 13 

« Ml.«8 Annie M, tchr Ottawa Ward 

Prim Sch, 1 BOO Somerset 
" Miss Edith, 1 600 Somerset 
•• Miss Emily, 1 13 Charles 
" Krnest, engrr, 1 500 Somerset 
•' Miss Etta M, embosser W H 

Thicke, res JanevUIe 
" George, elk acct's br Dept P P and 

S, res Janevllle 
" George, millwright, 1 J90 Albert 
" George P, messr staty Dept P P 

and S, res Janevllle 
" John, millwright, h 690 Albert 
" John B (Prttchard & Andrews), h 

500 Somerset 
" Miss Louisa, h 191 MaoKay 
" Wm, lab, h 2«4 Stewart 
" Wm O, blksmlth George MoOllli- 

vray, b 72 Third av 
Angel Anc^lo, elk City Clerk's OfHce, b 

68 Florence 
" Thomas, fireman, 1 24 Second av 
Anglesea Sq Market, s s Clarence, bet 

Augusta and Chapel 
[ Angus Jane (wId Thomas), h 876 Som- 
" John, boomsman, b 186 Middle 
■ Miss Marion, 1 87S Somerset 
' Rob, elk Dept Marine and Fisher- 
ies, b 222 Maclaren 
I Annable see also Anable 

' Lyman O, fireman CPR, 1 HI Vlt- 

' Weldon O. asst J E Parker, 1 111 

' Wm A, h 111 Vittorla 
' Wm A Jr, ry mail elk, 1 111 Vittorla 
' Wm J, btchr, h 62 Besserer 
lAnnand Qordon, stmftr McKinley A 

Northwood, h 268 Cathcart 
' T Edwin, bkbndr Ptg Bureau, 1 97 

' Wm J, bkbndr Ptg Bureau, 1 97 

lAnstlas Francis, sawyer, h 86 George 
' George, elk mech CAR, res Ottawa 

East . . 

' Henry N, 1 86 George 

' Wm, trav J G Whyte & Son, h 141 

Antliff John H, DTS, asst surveyor and 
draughtsman Dept Indian Af- 
fairs, h 281 McLeod 
Antolne Rev A, OMI, DD, prof Uni- 
versity of Ottawa 
Anton Ronald, driver B Slinn, h 95 

Appleton Arthur W, elk Bank of Mon- 
treal, rms 67 Victoria Chambers 
Arbique Cleophas, trader, h 475 St Pat- 

" George, lab, h lio St Andrew 

" Victorlne (wid Anthime), dom 516 
Arbour Emelie (wld lAurent), 1 289 St 

" Leon, dom Occidental Hotel 
Arbuckle George C, tlr, 1 372 Bay 

" Miss Maggie, drsmkr, 1 372 Bay 

" Sarah E (wid Andrew), h 372 Bay 
Arcand Arthur, elk reg br Dept Sec 

State, res RockcUffe 
Archambault Miss Adellna, 1 330 Clar- 

" Albert, elk, 1 79 Church 

" Alexandre, pressman Ptg Bureau, 
I 179Vi Broad 

" Alfred P, elk records br Dept Sec 
State, h 113 Church 

" Alphonse, decK hand steamer Em- 
press, 1 72 Bolton 

" Miss Amanda, bndr Ptg Bureau, 
1 189 Cumberland 

" Ann (wld James), 1 397 Kent 

" Aurele, hametjmkr 8 & H Bor- 
bridge, 1 179% Broad 

" Charles B, carp, h 154 St Patrick 

" Miss Corinne, elk L H Nolin ft 
Co. 1 96 Water 

" Cyrllle, lltho, 1 179% Broad 

" Deneri, carp L Duhamel, h 96 

" Emlle, student, 1 330 Clarence 

" Eugene, slsman Larose & Co, h 7t 

" F X. stone cutter, h 186 York 

" Hector, lab S Levellle, 1 189 Cum- 

" Miss Hermina, 1 330 Clarence 

" Jean Bte, blksmith J & P Arm- 
strong, res Hull 

" Jean Bte, driver B G Laverdure 
& Co, h 72 Bolton 

" Jean Bte, tlr Chabot & Co, 1 135 

" Joseph, pntr 117 St Andrew 

" Joseph, trimmer J Dufour, h 880 

•' Joseph A, elk Valade & Co, 1 154 
St Patrick 

" Louis, wtr The Russell, b 26 Mur- 

" Miss Ludlvlne, 1 96 Water 
" Miss Marie R, 1 96 Water 
" M Parmelia, elk P O, 1 330 Clar- 
" OdlUon, finisher Oliver A Son, 1 117 

St Andrew 
" Pierre, tlr, 1 135 York 


HMO BOOKma omos all linm 

m. O. AUNOLOI, A9^mr, 'PH9n9 f 14V. 





t \ 


I mi ^ 


%m\\\ m 


-m \ 1 



r " 









m OrdM* Promptly AttsMM To. 




'FHomm au 

W. »' BBLL, KAMAmmR. 


66 Queen St 





" Romuald, messr Dept M and F, 

h 179% Broad 
" Miss Victoria, 1 330 Clarence 
" Zepirin, lab, h 275 Murray 
Archbishop's Palaoe, Risht Rev 

J Tliomaa Duhamel, DD, Arch- 
bishop, 143 St Patrick 
Archer Wm A, Joiner, h 94 Cambrldgre 
Archibald Street Public School, James 
Thorne prin, s s Archibald, cor 
Ardles Cunningham, blksmlth, 1 88 

ArdiU John, plstr, h 83 Dalhousie 
Ardley Alfred, cartage agt CAR, h 344 
'• Alfred Jr, porter CAR, h 184 

' Edmond J, elk James Pratt & 

Sons, 1 469 Ann 
" James, foreman CAR, h 459 Ann 
Ardouin George G V, elk ry mall serv 

br P O Dept, res Hull 
Argue Mills, express 22 Le Breton 
" Robert M, constable Dom Police, h 

336 Elgin 
" Thomas A, elk W A Jamieson, res 

" Wm W, blacksmith. I 10 Maple 
Arguile House, B McEwen prop, 32 

Arial Adeline (wid Jean B), h 179 Bol- 
" Alphonse, locksmith Geo Bailey, I 

179 Bolton 
" Jean Bte, lab, I 179 Bolton 
" Napoleon, pntr T Pruneau, 1 179 

" Thomas, carp Dept Pub Wks, h 191 
Arls Alexander, lab CPR, h 862 Somer- 

•* Edward, blksmlth CPR, b 862 Som- 

" James, rond O A A P S Ry, h 118 
Arkley James, tlr and gents' fumgs 290 

Wellington, h 248 Bell 
Asless John W, artist 176 Bank, res Mon- 
treal, Q 
Arlett Miss Alice, mlnr Miss M O'Dono- 

hoe, b 559 Sussex 
Armstrong Adeline L. (wid Moses), I 
331 Cooper 

" Allan P, elk First Division Court, 
1 459 Besserer 

" Alva S, h 831 Cooper 

" Annie E (wid Rev John Q), I 336 

" Bartholomew M, controller ry mall 
serv br P O Dept, b Grand 

" Miss B. bndr Ptg Bureau, I 475 

" Caroline (wid Thomas), h 178 Bes- 

•' Miss Carrie A, elk E Miles, 1 178 

" Catherine (wid Wm), h 98 St An- 


" Charles A, h 261 Bell 

" Edith, dom 197 Rldeau 

" Miss Emily, mlnr 69 Sparks 

" Miss Emma M, elk Dept Justice 1 

179 Slater "^®' ' 

" Miss Frances S, elk Patent Offlo. 

b 280 O'Connor ™'*' 

" Francis J, comp The Citizen li m 

Dalhousie -"' 

" George, cash boy Brysoii, Graham 

& Co, I 42 Second av ^ 

" George, pdlr, h 176 Arthur 
" George C, moto O E Ry h isi 

Besserer *** 

" George D, bkpr George Howe 1 » 

First av ' " 

" Henry I. trav John Macdonald a 

Co, b Windsor Hotel * 

" James, inmate 954 Bank 
" James L, trusses 220% Sparks h 17 

" John (J & P Armstrong), pres ot 

tawa B & M Co, h 28 Duke 
" John, millwright, h 69 Lloyd 
" John A, foreman W C Edward* 

& Co, h 174 Sussex 

ArmstroiiK JohnR, Clerk of tbe 

First Division Court, Offlca 
County Court House, h 308 Gil. 

Armstroner J ▲lozander, Dentist 

77 Sparks. Telephone 79, h sam* 
" J G, ry mall elk, res Richmond rd 
" J & P (John and Patrick), car. 

rlagemkr 197 Bridge 
" LAdorne (wid Amasa M), h 744 

" Llna, dom 249 Lisgar 
" Maria (wid Thomas), 1 176 Arthur 
" Matthew, appr Vic Fdry Co, 1 28 


ArmstroBff Max S, Affent John 

lAbatt, Kent, n e cor Cooper, 

Residence same 
" Norman, helper McKinley ( 

Northwood, I 317 Daly av 
" Patrick (J & P Armstrong), h 28 

" Robert C, student, 1 9 First av 
" Robert E, messr Dept Agrl, h J 

First av 
" R Milton, student J A Armstrong, 

1 77 Sparks 
" Miss S. bndr Ptg Bureau, 1 98 St ! 

" Thomas A. sec-treas Ottawa B St \ 

M Co, b Butler House 

" Thomas A, moto O E Ry, h 5} 1 

" Walter, supt excise warehouse, h i 

40 James 

Re*l Estats, lasnranoe and 
Loan Affsnt 162 Sparks, h | 

288 Lyon 
" Wm, carp, h 42 Second av 
" Wm, lab. b 54 Bell 


$;)ecial Selection of this Season's Goods in Stock. 

^ R. H. dONLlY, 213 WKLLINCITON STIIIET (near Bank). 





^ Rev Wm D, pastor St Paul's Pres- 

lyterlan Church, h 317 Daly av 

■< Wm H C, driver Goodall Bros, h 

413 Clarence 
" V^m J, tlr Mccracken Bros, 1 98 

St Andrew 
" Win R, blksmlth J Dufour, 1 173 
irnold John F, sess ineasr H of C, h 
* 2T6 Nelson 

" John, tmstr, h 124 Balsam 
" Win, h 292 Nelson 
» Wm, tmstr, h 124 Pine 

imoldi Ernest C, Broker and 

Manager Citizens' Exchangre & 

Loan Co, »1 Sparks, h 359 Gll- 

" John R, ensr. h 115 Vlttorla 
" King McC (Amoldl & Ewart), h 

IT Gloucester 

irnoldi ft Ewart (Kins McC 

Amoldl, J Albert Ewart), 
Architects, Rooms 29-32 Carleton 
Chambers, 74 Sparks 
Arno't Charlea, b 32 York 
" Miss Margaret E, opr Star Lndry 
Co, res Mechanfcsvllle 
Arsenault Joseph, btchr 7 By Ward 
Mkt '''•d), res Janeville 
" Max'"^' hr, h 74 King 

Art Assocls ' Ottawa, see Ottawa 

Soc : ' Decorative Art 
Arter Albei., p.itr J Q Howe, h 707 Al- 
" John, lab T Lawson, h 102 Lyon 
Arthey Frederick J, night foreman O 

E Ry, h 12 Crelghton 
Arthur Emma, 1 438 Cooper 
Arthus John, bdg hse 80 Queen w 
" Kate, dom 56 Albert 
" Samuel, harnessmkr S & H Bor- 
brldge, h 97 James 

Ashbnry House School. George 

P Woollcombe, BA, Principal 
186 Wellington (See card classi- 
fied Colleges, Etc.) 
Ashdo^vn Edward, night watchman, h 
25 Crelghton 
" Miss Marian, 1 25 Crelghton 
Ashe Edward, messr The Senate, h 487 
" Miss Elizabeth, I 487 Cooper 
" Wm, bldr 484 Lewis, h same 
" Wm T, bell boy, 1 487 Cooper 
Aahenhurst John, liBOtypist Journal Ptf 

Co, h 369 Rideau 
Asher Isabella (wld Wm J), crockery 
9 By Ward Mkt (new), h 9 Peter 
" Joseph, lab, h 62 Lloyd 

" Miss Nellie L, elk, 1 9 Peter 
" Wni T, cleaner CAR, 1 9 Peter 
Ashfleid Charles B, elk James AshfleM, 

1 132 Cambridge 
" Edwin S, elk James Ashfleid, 1 133 

" Fred, cash boy Bryson, Graham 

& Co, 1 386 Ltssar 

Ashfleid James, Proprietor 

Bank Street China Hall 139 

Bank, h 132 Cambridge 
" John, h 99 Florence 
" John H, elk W AshfleM, 1 386 Lis- 

" Miss Mlra, crockery 139 Sparks, 1 

99 Florence 
" Samuel, broker, 1 99 Florence 
" Wm, produce 30 By Ward Market 

Sq, h 386 Lisgar 
Ashman Albert E, agt, h 784 Concession 
Aslle de Bethlehem, Sister Ste Oliver 

superioress, n s Rideau terrace, 

1 w of Springfield rd 
Askey Caroline (wld Wm), 1 150 Elgin 
Askwith Charles H, student, 1 184 

" Frank, mach Ptg Bureau, h 94 

" George H, elk A M Calderon, 1 94 

" John B, eontr 24 Alexander, h same 
" Thomas (Askwith & Neville), h 184 

" & Neville (Thomas Askwith, Jas 

J Neville), contrs 194 Queen 
Aspinall Jane (wld Wm), h 228 Glou- 
" Miss Jessie, 1 228 Gloucester 
Asselin Emelle (wld Joseph), 1 217 St 

" Joseph E, messr H of C, h 234 King 
" Miss Josephine, drsmkr Leblanc ft 

Lemay, 1 217 St Patrick 
" Napoleon, mach, h 82 York 
" Olivier, lab, h 217 St Patrick 
Association Hall, YMCA, entrance 146 

Atchison see also Aitchison 
" Mrs Adelaide, 1 21 Maria 
" Albert E, elk, 1 21 Maria 
" Charles F, elk Macdonald Bros, I 

21 Maria 
" Elizabeth (wld Robert), 1 212 Maria 
" George M. elk T Birkett, 1 21 

" Joseph, 1 21 Maria 
Atherton J Fleet, watchmkr C Addison, 

b 79 William 
Atkins see Altkins 
Atkinson Donald O, agt Wright & Co, 

h 32 Loehiel 
" Elizabeth (wld Wm W), 1 32 

" George, stonemason, h 18 Munroe 
" Henry K, slsmn Bryson, Graham 

& Co, 1 13 Victoria av 
" John, caretkr toll gate, h 48 Sher- 
" Kennedy, baggagemaster, 1 561 Al- 
" Miss Minnie, 1 666 Cooper 
" Thomas B, eng Govt Elec Light 

Station, h 316 Bay 
" Walter, mach Capital Mfg Co, I 

666 Cooper 
" Wm, h 666 Cooper 
" Wm, pntr, h 174 Water 
" Wm, student, 1 18 Munroe 



582 to 640 WeUlnflrton St 

\i !'« 


i* I 

The SUN Life 

oaiUL. 1^""^ ""^" "^'"e Block 

Oompanytl 24 SPARKS ST. 


>:''^il: I'll 

til' 4 C 


. Atkinson. 




" Wm K, baggageman CPR, 1 15 
Atlantic House, Israel Moreau prop, 63 

Queen w 
Atlas Fire Assurance Co, Robert Stew- 
art agt, 64 Elgin 
Attaze Miss Aggie, tlrs, b 103 Mac- 

Kenzie av 
Attorney-General's Office, Hir Sir Oliv- 
er Mowat, QC, KCMO, Attorney- 
Gene- 1. Eastern Block 
Attwood Al -t E, tchr, rms 136 Slater 

" Wm, 1. u, h 576 Albert 
Atyea Miss Agnes, tlrs Two Macs, 1 103 

MacKenzle av 
Aube Joseph, draughtsman, h 378 Cum« 

berland j. 

" Joseph, Ironer M M Pyke, 1 426%^ 

" Mathlas, lab, h 58 Britannia 
" Miss Minnie, 1 378 Cumberland 
" Ovila, pntr, 1 378 Cumberland 
Aubome Edouard, stonecutter, h 149 

Aubrey see Aubry 
Aubichon Alexander, gro 285 King, h 
252 Clarence 
" Luck (wld F X), I 606^ Sussex 
" Napoleon, fruit dlr, h 142 Besserer 
Aubln Norbert, bkbndr Ptg Bureau, h 

292 St Andrew 
Aubry Albert, elk Leblanc & Lemay, 1 
387 St Patrick 
" MlSB Albina, tchr Breoeuf School, 

1 297 Church 
" Alfred, carp, h 130 Pine 
" Amaza, lab, 1 130 Pine 
" Bruno, carriagemkr George Mc- 

QlUIvray, b 327 Maria 
" Cnarles, carp, h 86 Augusta 
" Edward, harnessmkr R S Mont- 
gomery & Son, b 248 Queen 
" Eugene, elk, 1 297 Church 
" F X, carmkr, h 297 Church 
" Jear Bte, lab, h 387 St Patrick 
" Joseph, millwright, h 978 SomerHet 
" Joseph A, blksmith 600 Preston, b 

8 Sidney 
" Joseph A, lineman Bell Telephone 

Co, h 42 Sophia 
" Miss Louisa, tlrs W H Martin, 1 

387 St PatHck 
" Miss Marcelle, elk Q R BIyth, 1 333 

" Miss Matilda, 1 973 Somerset 
" Molse, bricklyr, 1 86 Augusta 
" Moses, plmbr John Higman, 1 973 

" Ovila, stableman Carllng B & M 

Co, h 49 Church 
" Rose E, dom 29 Clarence 
" Telesphore, lab, 1 130 Plen 
Auclair Alonzo, harnessmkr S ft H Bor- 
bridge, 1 116 Murray 
" Miss Fidelia, press feeder Ptg Bur- 
eau, 1 116 Murray 

" Francis, carp Gov Militia Stores, h 
63 Canal w 

" Miss Marie, drsmkr, 1 116 Murray 

" Odllon, stone cutter, h 116 Murray 

Aiielalr ■ — ■ 

" Venant, pntr J B Duford, l 4^ b» 

Joseph > • ** at 

Audet Alfred. 1 384 Sussex 

" Col Alphonse, kpr records n«„f 

Sec State, h 191 Ann ^^ 

" Francis J, elk records bx- Hpnt 

Sec State, 1 213 Gloucester 
" F X, fireman Pari Buildings, h 3U 


Andette Louis Arthnr.Rfigristntr 

Elxchequer Court of Canada h 

417 Theodore ' " 

" Napoleon, barber 7 Elgin i, 

294 Wllbrod ' ° 

AudHor-Oeneral's Office, J L McDoueall 

auditor-general. Eastern Block 
Auerbach Marcus, mngr Russell House 

Cigar store, b Russell House 
Auger Cleophas, wood dlr 171 Cathcart 
" Edouard, bkbndr James Hope ft 

Sons, b 44 Bolton 
" EmiUe (wld Jean Bte), 1 199 St 

" Jean Bte, driver Can Exp Co, h 148 

" Joseph, foreman prtr Ptg Bi'reau 

h 44 Bolton 
" Joseph, harnessmkr J McEwan res 

" Joseph, mill hd McKay Milling Co 

res Hull 
" Louis A, contr 167 King, h same 
" Louis A, harnessmkr H L Carson, 

h 113 Besserer 
" Martin, elk C B Cronyn & Co, 1 148 

" Pierre L, 1 148 Clarence 
" Victor, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 265 

Aughey Eliza (wld Joseph), h 226 Al- 
" Miss Minnie, asst Robertson & 

Martin, 1 226 Albert 
" Thomas H, btchr Easton Bros, b 

226 Albert 

Anld John, Proiiriotor Canadian 

Cork Cutting Co 642 Lagauche- 
itlere st Montreal P Q (See card 
classified Cork Mnfrs) 
Ault Alfred E, trav Poaps & AuU, 1 391 
" Arthur W (Poaps & Ault), h 391 

" Mary A (wid Isalch R), 1 391 Slater 
Aumond Alfred, elk, 1 46 Sussex n 
" Miss Jane, 1 7 Nicholas 
" Capt Telmont, elk Dept M and F, 

h 46 Sussex n 
" Wm H, elk acct br Dept M and D, 
res Aylmer, Que 
Aussant Alexandre, stone cutter, 1 36 
Notre Dame 
" F X, lab, h 36 Notre Dame 

Aust Miss Annie, 1 21 Turner 
" Edwin, carp C A R, h 21 Turner 
" Edwin D, carp, h 32 Mutchmor 

Austin Edith, dom 447 Somerset 
" Esther (wid Elam F), 1 65 Arthur 

f! B TABfiABT & SON ^«®"*®- sssstsSsT^sfrfit^affi 

jfM. MASON & S0NS r'.„'2S.".'!!14!l!!!lI'rJ!gL'-' 





*'?*Wm G. tokpr, h 98 Duke 
« Wm G E, vet surgn 81 York, 


Frederick W, lumber, h 201 O'- 

" George W, 1 206 Stewart 
« Henry, contr 114 Stanley av 
" Henry C, carp, h 110 Stanley av 
ivondale The, Snider Bros i-rop, 82 

ixeson Andrew, driver A E Slinn, 1 

163 Bank 
•' Peter, driver A E Sllnn, 1 163 Bank 
lylen Miss Ada, 1 189 Albert 
•" Bella, dom 162 Nepean 

Af len Henry, Advooate, Xto 02 

Main, Hull, Phone 909, residence 

200 Maclaren, 'Phone 966 
» Isabella (wld Wm T), bdg hse 189 

/Imer John, 1 3S8 McLeod 
' Lt Col Hon Matthew, adjt-gen'l 

Dept MUitla and Defence, h 388 

Ayotte Cleophe (wld Joseph)^ h 227 

" Eusebe, tmstr J R Booth, res Hull 
•■ Francis, carp O Car Co, h 643 Itis- 

" Miss Josplhlne, 1 227 Murray 
" Napoleon, mill hd, h 86 Coboury 




n« Ontario Ptrmanent Bulldlnc and Loan 

Ike Mutual Resopve Fund LIfo AssoelaUon. 

Tb« Provincial Provldont Institution. 

The London Mutua) Fire Insuranco Co. 


Residence, 160 Nicholas Streets 

Bablngton Frederick W, psst Analyst 
Dept Inland Rev, h 626 Somerset 
Bacala Jean, gdnr St Charles Home 
Bachelder Miss Annie, 1 180 Slater 
Back James, carp, h w s Ralph, 1 s of 
" James S, tuner J L Orme & Son, h 

349 Waverley 
" Miss Martha J, 1 James Back 
" Thomas R, tuner J L Orme & Son, 

1 James Back 
" Wm J, studt, 1 James Back 
Backs John, tmstr, h 17 Louisa 
Bacon Cecilia (wld Oeorge), nurse 206 

Bacon Lt Col Thomas, elk qr-master 
genl's br Dept M and D, h 363 
Badgley C Wentworth, elk immigration 
Dept Interior, h 341 Btewart 
" Martha, dom 460 Somerset 

Baggs Mary (wld John), ' 69 O'Connor 
Bahen, see also Beahan and Behan 
" James, trav, I 68 Ottawa 
" Patrick, lab. h 6» Ottawa 
" Wm, broommkr, h 430 St Patrick 
Bahusen Christina, dom 34 Wellington 
Bailey see also Bailie, Bayley and 
- I-'rederlck W, elk, 1 372 Waverley 

Bailey Oeorgre, Locksmitli, Etc 

234 Wellington, Telephone 946, 
h 340 Waverley Telephone 916 
(See card classified Locksmiths) 

" Henry J, fruit dlr, h 372 Waverley 

" Horace H, examiner t>atent Office, 
b 96 James 

" John W, bkbndr Mor^timer & Co, h 
340 Rideau 

" Rev Tom, rector St Barnabas Ch, 
h 126 Metcalfe 

" Walter, tobacconist 206 Sparks, h 
29 James 
BalUe Thomas J, patmkr Alax Fleck, h 

496 Ann 
Bain see also Baine and Bayne 

" John, private sec to Controller of 
Customs, b 116 Slater 

" Thomas, patr J Gn Howe, 1 29 Cam- 
Balne Agnes (wld James), h 74 Vic- 

" Miss Flora, elk, 1 74 Vittoria 

" Henry E, ins agt, 1 74 Vittoria 
Baines Miss Emma, mus tchr 114 Tur- 
ner, 1 same 
Baird David H, student A T Pearson, 
1 238 Somerset 

" Elsie, dom 217 Stewart 

" James H, appr Butterworth A Co, 
I 184 Ann 

" John, foreman felter Butterworth 
& Co, h 184 Ann 

" Robert, gro 610 Somerset, h same 
Baisana see also Bazin 

" Alfred, sculptor 466 Sussex, h 31 
St Andrew 

" Miss Marie L, tlrs D A SinclaW, 1 
31 St Andrew 
Baker Alexander, prtr Ptg Eureau, h 
96 O'Connor 

" Alexander Jr, prtr Fotheringham & 
Popham, 1 96 O'Connor 

" Byron, eng C A R, h 36 Lochlel 

" Miss Catherine, h 6 Arthur 

" Charles, cook, h 97 Henderson av 

" Charles B. elk Brown, Baker & Co, 
1 W E Brown 

" Charles E, ctr Hemnili & Co, 1 290 

" Ethel, dom 199 O'Connor 

" Euphemia, dom 259 Albert 

" Miss Fanny, 1 6 Arthur 

" Fred R, driver Can Exp Co, 1 

" Frederick M, elk reg br Dept Sec 
State, h 180 Nicholas 

" Oeorge N, bartender The Bruns- 
wick, 1 96 O'Connor 

PHRENOLINE kidney & mveb pills 


i I 


i ! (' 

Ilia Li 




TRY rnemi 

Bank St 






" Guy C, prtr James Hope & Sons, h 

239 Gloucester 
" Henry E, messr I>om Exp Co, res 

Pembroke, Ont 
" James, driver C Stratton, h 314 

" John, chef The Gilmour, h 237 Lls- 

" John, coachman, 80 Sussex n 
" John W (Brown, Baker & Co), 1 

W B Brown 
" Kate, dom ""-f Metcalfe 
" Louis, pdlr. i3 St Andrew 
" Samuel, C6' Jnion Brewery, res 

Hlntoivbi. ^s 
" Wm, carp, h 176 Isabella 
" "Wm, elk check br Dept Customs, h 

36 Osgoode 
Baloomb Frank G, steward Rideau 

Club, h 106 McKay 
" Ronald B, elevator or - The Rus- 
sell, 1 58 Stanley av 
Balderson John H, 1 179 Llsgar 
Baldwin Archer R, 1 482 Lewis 
" Benjamin H, mach O E Co, 1 32 

" Bros (S Wm H and John N), pros 

25 Nicholas 
" Miss Harma A, elk Auditor-Genl's 

Office, 1 82 Maple 

Baldwin Iron Works, Stewart 

Bralthwaite & Donaldson Pro- 
prietors 52 Head 
" John N (Baldwin Bros), h 116 

" John W, elk Baldwin Bros, 1 74 

" Katie (wid David), 1 249 Bay 
" Lanty, wheelman O B Ry, 1 32 

" Melissa (wid Alanson), h 82 Maple 
" Robert A, elec, 1 32 Lloyd 
" Robert W, draughtsman Privy 

Council Office, h 482 Lewia 
" S Wm H (Baldwin Bros), h 74 

" Wm C, elec Ahearn & Soper, 1 S2 

" Wm H, mech Bupt, h 32 Lloyd 
Bales Wm D P, messr Dept Customs 
Balfour John, l 266 I^isgar 
Balharrie David, slsmn T Lindsay & 

Co, 1 315 Rochester 
" James S, baker, h 315 Rochester 
" Wni A, confr R E Jamieson, 1 315 

Ball Charles W, mach O E Co, 1 37« 

" Francis E, mldr T Lawson, h 54 

" Frederick, plater Elclipse Office 

Furn Co, 1 376 Gloucester 
" George H, tuner J L Orme & Son, 

h 376 Gloucester 
Ballantine Elizabeth, elk, 1 370 Maria 
" Rose (wid Thomas), h 370 Maria 
Ballantyne Adam, elk J & T Ballan- 

tyne, res Ottawa East 
" Miss Elizabeth, miinner 230 Queen 

Ballantyne — 

" James ( J & T Ballantyne), rea nt 
tawa Bast ^ "*' 

Ballantyne J & T (James and 

Thomas), Coal and Wood 54 wf 
gin **'• 

" J Arthur, elk J & T Ballantyne r*. 
Ottawa East ' '•" 

" Miss Mary, drsmkr 230 Queen 
" Robert R, carp, h 6 Thornton 
" Thomas ( J & T Ballantyne) r«i 
Ottawa East '' ^^ 

^ Ballend Simon, gdnr 34 Gloucester 
T Balot see Belleau and Belot 

Bambrlck Ann (wid Edward), h 30 
" Edward, carp, h 83 Cumberland 
" James, contr 120 Creighton 

Bambriok John, Orooer 10-12 By 

Ward Market Square, h 22 Cum. 

" Michael J, appr Butterworth & Co 

1 41 King "' 

" Miss Minnie, 1 41 King 
" Patrick J, blksmlth, 1 120 Creighton 
" Miss Sarah, bndr Ptg Bureau, l u 

" Thomas, elec Ahearn & Soner h 

28 Cumberland ' 

" Wm M, car repairer, h 41 King 
Bance Edmond D (E D Bance & Co) 

1 112 Bank '' 

" E D & Co (Edmond D Bance, Jos- 

eph A Dusureau), cigars llj 

" Lucien, elk eng br Dept M anc* p, 

b 606^ Sussex 
Banfleld Jose A, sal^s sunt Cap cush 

Reg Co, h 412 Maclaren 
" Richard, gdnr. 1 67 Cobourg 
Bangs Chauncey W, coal 17 Elgin, h 

77 Cartier 
" Eliaabeth W (wid Chauncey), h 227 

" James S, slsmn J L Orme & Son. 

1 228 Maria 
" Louis de V, prtr The Citlaen, h 271 

" Miss Maria, 1 227 Maria 
" Thomas J, elk City Engineer, b 

Grand Union 
" Wm A, elk P O, 1 271 Somerset 
Bank see also Banque 

Bank of Britisli If ortli Ameriom 

Wm B Phillpotts Manager, 241 

Bank of Montreal, W J Ander- 
son Manager,144 Wellington (See 
adv pAge IV) 

Bank of Ottawa, Charles Magee 

President, George Hay Vice- 
President, George Burn General 
Manager, David M Finnie Man- 
ager, 116 Wellington (See adv 
page V) 
Bank of Ottawa (Branch), H T 
Complin Manager, 186 Bank 



'Phoi^e 428. Supply th« B«st. 

St, Ijarvis' Photos are the B^ft 





•^ of Ottawa (Branch), Fred 

^^C Mulkina Manager, 127 Rideau 
■' street Chambers, 102 Bank 

auik Street China Hall, James 

Ashfleld Proprietor, 139 Bank 
" street Presbyterian Church, Bank, 
II w cor Slater 
Sanka i^nnle, dom 506 Rtdeau 
Banks John H, lab, 1 257 Bridge 

" Wm, lab, h 257 Bridge 
Bannerman Alexander, cond CPR, h 688 
" John, h 468 Elgin 
" John Jr, bollermkr, 1 468 Elgin 
Banning Charles, lab, h 82 Redpath 
Bannister Charles, coachman R Roberts 
Allan, h 119 Stewart 
' George, bldr 694 Ann, h same 
" George, carp, h 123 Kent 
" James, contr 22 Second av 
Bangue see also Bank 

Banque Nationaie La, A A Tail- 
inn Manager, 142 Wellington 
Baptie George, phy 165 Gloucester 
Barbe Alberic, lab, h 102 Le Bretoh 
" Francis, driver J Iiabatt, h 210 

" Francis Jr, 1 210 Church 
" Gregolre, mill hd, b 132 Head 
" Homlsdaa, mill hd, h 227 Rochester 
" Valmire J, culler, h 68 Balsam 
Barbeau Alexina (wid Rosario), h 294^4 
" Charles, lab, 1 521 Rochester 
" Emile, foreman J R Booth, h Iw s 

First av (Bayswater) 
" Miss Eugenie, elk J Hudson, 1 23 

" George, pntr John McKay, h 40 St 

" George E, plmbr McKlnley & 

Northwood, h 105 College av 
" Henri, btchr, h 294 Water 
" Jennie, elk, 1 23 Anderson 
" Louis, lab, h 32 Clarence 
" Rosalie (wid Jean), h 28 Anderson 
" Miss Rose, drsmkr, 1 29 Anderson 
Barber Miss Beatrice, elk Dept Interior, 
1 227 Gloucester 
'• Charlotte V (wid Edward C), h 227 

" George E J, elk J A Seybold & f ->, 

1 227 Gloucester 
" How£!.rd, student, b 71 York 
" James D, constable Dom Police, h 

104 College av 
" Paul, horse trainer, h 60 Nelson 
" Wm, driver G W Shouldls, res 

Skead's Mills 
" Miss Winnii'red, civ ser, 1 227 Glou- 
Barclay Annie, dom 399 Kent 
" Jennie, dom 141 Rideau 
" Rebecca, dom 407 Queen 
BaretJ.e see also Barrett, Barrette and 
" Miss Albina, I 318 Clarence 
" Miss Lea, 1 318 Clarence « 
" Onesime, blksmith, !i 318 CHarence 


" Roxina (wid Edouard), h 297 St 
Baril see also Barral, Barrle, Barry and 
" Elisee, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 65 Cath- 
Barker Aubrey C, tel opr CPR, res Hull 
" Henry C, foreman Militia Stores, h 

247 Catherine 
" J F, mach, 1 79 O'Connor 
" Wm B. metalwkr J R Douglas & 
Co, b 298 Queen 
Barkley Annie, dom 34 Wellington 
Barlow Alfred E, asst geologist Geol 

Survey Dept, h 606 Cooper 
Barnabe see also Bemabe 
" F X, mason, h w s Beechwood av, 

2 n Sprlngfleld rd 
" Mls2 Mary, tlrs Grlson Bros, 1 529 

St Patrick 
" Noe, trunkmkr S & H Borbrldge, 

1 F X Barnabe 
" Miss Valentienne, trunkmkr S & H 
Borbrldge, l F X Barnabe 
Barndt Otto, mldr, h 149 Crelghton 
Barnes Edgar G, trav Coles Nat Mfg 
Co, 1 226 Nepean 
" Egbert, foreman, h 18 Alexander 
" Frank, carp, h 419 Concession 
" Herbert C; studt, 1 806 Somerset 
" John N, wtr 34 Wellington 
" Margaret, dom 172 Elgin 
" Rachael (wid Wm), 1 168 Oelghton 
• " Robert, trav Massey-Harris Co. h 
519 Maria 
" Sarah, dom 106 Daly av 
" Sidney T, eng W W Pump House, 

h 806 Somerset 
" Wm A, millwright, h 168 Crelghton 
Barnett see also Burnett 
" John, carp CAR, res Ottawa East 
" Robert, carp T A Shore, h 497 Lls- 

" Samuel, caterer to the Senate and 
H of C, res Toronto 
Baron see also Barron 
" Frank, brkman CAR, b 310 Lewis 
" Henri, carp, h 264 Water 
" Joseph H, elk Alex Aublchon, 1 264 
Barr Aaron J, eng CPR, h 161 Cam- 
" Miss Alice, slsldy Larose & Co, 1 

306 Cooper 
" Mrs Annie, gro 42 Bell, h same 
" Henry, fnshr Ottawa Specialty 

Mfg Co, b 80 Queen w 
" Miss Lizzie. Indrs M M Pyke, 1 

306 Cooper 
" Thomas, elk Mrs A Barr, 1 42 Bell 
" Wm J, shoemaker T Force, h 308 
Barral see also Baril 

" John P, buttermkr Exp Farm 
Barrand Edna, dom 22 Russell av 

" Eliza, dom 604 Maria 
Barrett see also Barette, Barrette and 
" Miss Agnes, drsmkr Miss C Vallee, 
res Hull 



Pil I r 

i i) 

if S: 

''- IT 



MMm »• UNMUI-WIBI M lo ■nUMNf aiid TnML 
JOHN R. REIO, Manag«r, Euttrn Qniark 






" Annie, dom 2B0 Cooper 

" Donald, h 20 First av 

" Estella, dom 305 Sparks 

" Henry C, pntr, h 93 Waller 

" James, h 224 Ann 

" John, mus tchr 19 Bedpath 

" John Jr. slsmn, 1 19 Redpath 

" John, welghmaster corp weigh 

scales, h 342 Nepean 
" Mary (wid John), h s s Ijansdown* 

av, 2 w of Mary \ 

" Mary A (wld John), h 256 Nicholas 
" Peter, lab, 1 Mrs Mary Barrett 
" Miss Rosina J, art needle work 65 

Metcalfe, 1 316 Ollmour 
" Wm J, acct P O Dept, h 316 QU- 

Barrette Joseph, eabtmkr Stewart & Co, 

I 499 Cumberland 
" Joseph G, asst acct Dept P P and 

S, h 282 Theodore 
Barrie see also Barll, Barry and Berry 
" Miss Margraret. 1 281 Kent 
" Mary A (wid Nicholas), h 281 Kent 
" Nicholas J, elk. h 281 Kent 
" Robert, lab, h 81 Willow 
Barron see also Baron 
" Jennie (wld John), 1 177 Crei^hton 
" Miss Louisa, pianist A Roy Mac- 

donald Jr, 1 67 O'Connor 
.' '.rry see also Baril, Barrie and Berry 
" Albert, plmbr J R McLiennan, h 80 

" Bridgret (wld John), h 112 Elgin 
" John, tlr Rooney & Cooper, b 84 

" John A, elevator man 110 Welling- 
ton, res Hull 
" Joseph J, slsmn L. N Poulin, 1 112 

" Miss Mary, b 5 Maple 
" May (wid Joseph), h 48 Theodore 
" Miss May H, elk Geol Survey Dept, 

1 112 Elgin 
" Robert P, plstr, h 74% Chapel 
" Walter, foreman Harris & Camp- 
bell, res Ottawa East 

Barry Wm H, Barrister 26 

Sparks, h 46 Bmmett 
Bart Alfred, mason, h 106 St Patrick 
" Alfred Jr, pressman Ptg Bureau, 1 

106 St Patrick 
" Miss Marie L, 1 17 Church 
" Miss Rose Alba, 1 106 St Patrick 
Bartlett Alfred, lab, I 364 Nepean 
" John H, elk P O, res Billing** 

" John W, carp, h 78 Queen w 
" Samuel H, pntr, h w s Craig 
Barton Daniel, lab, h 381 Division 
" Joseph, lab, h 381 Clarence 
" Thomas, lab, b 52 Oregon 
Bartram Joseph T, surveyor C H, res 
Billings' Bridge 
" J Currier, elk Rldeau Lumber Co, 

I 199 Slater 
*• Wm B. talleyman J R Booth, b 
80 Queen w 

Basilica Notre Dame, e s Sussex k.4 

Church and St Patrick ^* 

Baskervllle Miss Mary A, 1 236 StPw.-* 

" Patrick (P Baskervllle & Brort h 

236 Stewart ^'' ■» 

" Patrick J. elk P Baskerv'Ue a, 

Bros, 1 236 Stewart * 

Bask«rvlU« P4s Bros (Patrick 

and Wm J). Wholesale CrocenT 

Wines and Liquors 43 u 

George * 

" Miss Sarah T, I 236 Stewart 

" Wm J (P Baskervllle & Broa^ 1 

286 Stewart ''' * 

Bassett Richard, pntr Bryson. GrahAm 

& Co, res Billings' Bridge 
Bassio Dominico, fruits 243 Rldeau 
Bastten Joinais. lab, h 40 Martlneau 
" Miss Leonie, tlrs G E Preston 1 
40 Martlneau ' ' 

Bate Charles W C, elk cor br Dent An-i 
1 5 Arthur •"• 

' Miss Ethel, 1 17S Cdop«r 

" ^'5;1*')?i ^^\ " N ^*e * Sons. 1 
216 Chapel ' ' 

" Henry N (H N Bate & Sons) h 

216 Chapel 
" H Allan (H N Bate & Sons) h 

440 Wllbrod '' ° 

" H Gerald (H N Bate & Sons) h 

455 Wllbrod '' " 

Bate H N * Sons (Henry N. B 

Gerald, H Allan and T Cam- 

eron Bate), Wholesale Grocers 

185 Canal w 
" Llewellyn N (Bate & Co), l 2IJ 

" Newell (Bate & Co), h 173 Cooper 
" Thomas, maeh CAR, b 174 Isabella 
" T Cameron (H N Bate & Sons). 

h 469 Wllbrod 
" Wm T, stenog H N Bate & Sons. 

b 20 Albert 

Bate * Co (Newell and Uewellys 

N Bate). Grocers, Wines and 
Liquors 109-111 Sparks and 426 
Bateman George H, tinsmith, h 258 

Bates Edward B, Aesietant Post 

master, b 186 Queen 
Batson Miss Lillian. 1 316 Lisgar 
Battersby Mrs Hannah, dom 163 O'Con- 
Batterson Charles, culler, h 213 Au- 
Batterton Edward, carp, 1 223 Glou- 

" Ellen (wld Patrick), h 223 Glou- 
" John, 1 223 Gloucester 
'• Joseph, prtr, h 137 Wllbrod 
" Patrick W, bkpr, 1 223 Gloucester 
" Thomas, lab Dept Pub Works, res 

Billings' Bridge 
" Wm P, bkpr J McLaughlin, 1 223 

6. B. TABfiABT & SON 

Real Estate Agents, Auotioneert, eto. 
Tel. 708 Gor. Bank A Wellington 8t9 

i M 

JABVIS Cuarantees t^j^mSSS. 





o.ttle James P, welghmstr T O Brtgr- 
"^ ham, 1 64 Waller 

a^e Martin, Golltiotor Inland 

Revenue Offlce, h M Waller 
•< Timothy, asst coll Canal Toll Of- 
fice, h 28^ Theodore 
giudry see also Beaudry 
•' chambord, draughtsman Dept Pub 
Wks, 1 622 King 
Btuer August, engr Mortimer ft Co, 

1 85 Mutchmor 
tt(Ulne see also Beaulne, Bone, Boone 

and Bowen 
« Alphonse, driver, h 71 Redpath 
'■ Mips Amanda O, 1 347 Murray 
■■ Antolne, lab, h 11 Rose 
" Flrmtn, lab, h 80 Chapel 
" Jean, tmstr, 1 20 Nelson 
" Joseph, shantyman, h 347 Murray 
" Joseph, lab, h 202 Botelier 
" Leon, carp, h 20 Nelson 
" Napoleon, lab, 1 11 Rose 
" Olivier, plshr, 1 80 Chapel 
" Oscar, plmbr Ottawa Gas Co, 1 

80 Chapel 
" Zephir, trunkmkr, 1 80 Chapel 
Baupre Alexander, lab, h 151 Kent 
Bauset Samuel P, h 281 Theodore 
Baxter Albert, mill hd Martin & War- 
nock, res Hintonburg 
" Alexander J, reporter Free Press, 

I 108 Kent 

" Allan, mason, I 434 Clarence 

" Miss Ann J, furrier R J Devlin, 1 

II Papineau 

" Charles W, elk QfV)dall Bros, I 166 

" Miss Eva M, elk Bryson, Graham 

& Co,. I 166 Rochester 
" Hiram M, baker Creamery Biscuit 

Works, I 890 Wellington 
" James, miller McKay Milling Co, 

h 32 Maple 
" John, driver Martin & Warnock, 

res Hintonburg 
" John, stone cutter, h 11 Papineau 
" John R, gro 890 Wellingrton 
" Julia (wid Wm J), 1 489 Cooper 
" Miss Martha A, dressmkr, 1 165 

" Mary (wid Denis), 1 11 Papineau 
" Mary (wid Thomas), h 165 Roch- 
" Richard W, h 535 Klgln 
" Theodore C, collector, b 48 York 
Bayley see also Bailey. Bailie and Bay- ' 

" Wllloughby J, bkpr, h 78 John 
Bayly Archer, sec-treas The McKay 
Milling Co (Ltd), h 269 Bell 


Architect, Valuator, 

Etc, Km. 


Plana, Speoiflcation*. etc., for all kinds of Build- 
ings Prepared and EatJmates Furnished, 
(jorrespondenoe Solicited. 
!!•■. 2S» Ball Strwat 

Bayly Richard F, 1 259 Bell 
Beaban see also Bahen and Behan 
" Miss Alice M. elocutionist 27 
James, 1 same 
Baynham Charles, carp, h 50 Turner 
" J Alfred, pntr, h 23 Carling av 
Bayswater Hotel. Alphe Legault prop, 

800 Wellington 
Basin see also Baiiana 



Insurance Agei|t & General Broker, 




Residence. 181 Waller St. 

Beach see also Beech 
" Hert»ert. foreman J R Booth, res 
Beahan see also Bahen and Behan 
" Denlsis. elk staty br Dept P P and 
S, h 380 Rldeau 
Beaman Arthur, 1 214 Nicholas 
" Thomas, h 214 Nicholas 
" Wm C, phy 442 Gllmour 

Beament Herman J (Beament & John- 
son), h 391 Iiisgar 

" Thomas A (Code & Beament), 25 





Men's Fine Furnishings. 




Ac«n«« Parisian fttMim Laundry, 

60 Sparks 8trset. 










B7 and 0S <yOONNOR SV. 

Ail Kinds. 


m i ' 

■tf\ . ' ■ 

•■I I ; 


■•■I I ; 


. 1 






1 ' ■ ' ' 'J 

I' -O; E ML''' 



i, , 

y. '. 

\ U i 


; li.'"- 









Oapltal Transfer Co. j;^ »«-*««' sttb^ 

jiBQUEEN ar. 

'fHOMM at. 

w. o. BBLL, m/kMAamn. 


Beamish. alphabbtioal. 


Beamish John A, elk James Arkley, 

h 13 Louise 
Bean Mary, kitchen maid Rldeau Hall 
Beanke Mary, dom The Russell 
Bear George, appr The Citizen, b 136 

Beard Frank, elk military br Dept M 

and D, h 3S Sweetland av 
Beardsley Wm, shoes and groceries 87 

Rldeau, h 306 Wllbrod 
Bearman Frederick W, slsmn Bryson, 
Graham & Co, h 286 Lj >n 
" Mary J (wld John), h 105 Flor- 
Bearparks John, coachman D Murphy, 

1 201 Llsgar 
Beaton Daniel, elk Bate & Co, b 50 
" Miss Florence, elk P Rogers, 1 215 

" Wm, lab Ont Graphite Co, b 71 
Beattle Alexander, culler, h 507 Con- 
" George, elk, h 517 Concession 
" George jr, 'lumber salesman Bron- 
sons & Weston, 1 517 Concession 
" George A, student J A Armstrong, 

1 88 Bank 
" James, lab, h 66 Anderson 
" Miss Jessie, 1 517 Concession 
" Miss Kate, slsldy John Murphy & 

Co, 1 517 Concession 
" Thomas T, elk ShlUington & Co, 

rms 88 Bank 
" Wm, fireman Star Laundry Co, I 

66 Anderson 
" Wm. lab Dept Pub Works, h 72 
Beatty Albert E, carp Frazer & Ham- 
ilton, 1 576 Wellington 
" Austin J, student Latehford & 

McDougall, b 206 Queen 
" MlS6 Bertha, 1 192 Besserer 
" Miss Eleanor, bndr Ptg Bureau, 1 

192 Besserer 
'* George, bkr Kealey Bros, h 2S6 

" James, inmate 954 Bank 
" John C. bkr, 1 236 Llsgar 
" Miss Kate, h 192 Besserer 
" Thomas, car repr O E Ry, h 17 

" Wm J, elk, h 386 Cooper 
Beaucage Earnest, coll Metropolitan 
Pub House, 1 309 Dalhousle 
*' Horace, tlr PYancls Provost, 1 309 

" Louis, turncock W W press hse, 

h 309 Dalhousle 
" Louis Jr (Beaucage & Robillard), 

h 71 Church 
" & RobiUard (Louis Beaucage Jr, 
Edmond Roblllard), butchers 14- 
16 By Ward Market (old) and 
1 Anglesea Sq Mkt 
Beaucalre Chfl,rJles, barber E , Beau- 
caire, 1 23 York 
" Edouard, barber 23 York, h same 

" George H, barber E n.auonira . 
23 York 'uealre, \ 

Beauchamp Adelard, foreman ,; h n^ 

nor & Son, 1 239 St Andrv " 
" Albert, exp 266 Dalhou'i 
" Alexina, drsmkr, l r 82 r^idep 
" Amellne, drsmkr, 1 334 c'umL 

land '' 

" Arthur, elk O R Blyth,! r 82 RrM- 
•' Miss Cellna, mus tchr 2r.T Mhfl 
" Lavld, agt London Life Ins Co '« 

Hlntonburg ' "' 

" David, coachman J R Booth h . 

32 Brl-ige "' " ' 

" '^fr'^srSSe'^''^ "" "" '''''"«>«• 

" Exilus, uphol Bryson, Graham «. 

Co, h 160 Church * 

" Ferdinand, pntr, 1 334 Cumberlanfl 

Beanohamp Rev Francois p 

Bursar Archbishop's Palnro 
Rerrldence 146 St Patrick ' 

" Godlas, slsmn A Workman & Pn 
1 63 Poplar ' 

" Henri, tmstr J R Booth, h 54 K\nt 
" Honore, blksmlth, h 255 Bridge 
" Isidore, lab, h l.'}4 Water 
" Jean, culler. 1 123 Middle 
" Joseph, coachman, h 123 Middle 
" Joseph, hotel 171 Broad 
" Joseph O Jr, elk E T Fournier i 

123 Middle 
" Leon, mill hd, h 274 Rochester 
" Mellna, 1 834 Cumberland 
" Olivier, lab, h 642 Rochester 
" Phlleas, mill hd, 1 274 Rochester 
" Rev Phlllbert H, h. 143 St Patrick 
" Mrs. Philomene, fruits 26S Del- 

housle, 1 same 
*' Miss Roseanna, drsmkr, 1 r 82 

" Salomee (wid Pierre), h 334 Cum- 
" Theophile, lab, h 98 King 
" Victor, lab, h 467 St Patrick 

Beandet Blm A, Orooeries and 

Dry Goods 196 Dalhousle, Liq- 
uors 160 Dalhousle. h 194 same 

" Desire L, mngr Mrs A Beaudet, h 
194 Dalhousle 
Beaudln Noe, flier J R Booth, res Hull 
Beaudoln Jean, cond O E Ry, res Hull 

" Joseph, carp Des Rivieres & Co, 
h 428 Kent 

" Joseph, chief messr Dept Interior, 
h 172 St Patrick 

" Joseph, driver Bryson, Graham & 
Co, h 212 Murray 

" Joseph N, elk Mercantile Syndi- 
cate Co, res Cyrvllle 

" Joseph P, messr Dept Agrl, 1 172 
St Patrick 

'• Miss Josephine, 1 172 St Patrick 

" Madore, pntr Wm Howe, h 7 Priel 

" Miss Mellna. 1 172 St Patrick 
Beaudry see also Baudry 

•' Albert, driver F Robert, 1 108 


jljwjll Confederation Life I "^ "^J .1:250^^0 





Beech wood. 


» Alf^e'* fnesar Library Parliament, 

h :'.i Cathcart 
•■ Emil;'. appr S A H Borbrld^e, 1 

44 Cobours 
„ E '1'. prtr Ptgr Bureau, b 51 York 
>i Hermenegtlde, tlr Bryson, Oraham 

& Co, h 67 Cathcart 
" Joseph, tlr Bryson, Graham & Co, 

h tS6 Sussex 
•• Joseph L, Blsmr Larose A Co, h 

lOS Church 
" Leon, gro 44 Cobourg, h same 
" Marie (wld Augustln), 1 159 Water 
" MIsE Marie, 1 108 Church 
" Michael, blksmith O Car Co. b 

87 Cathcart 
" Michel, carp, h 40 St Joseph 
" Napoleon, trunkmkr S & H Bor- 

b ridge, 1 44 Cobourg 
" Oscar, carp, h 395 St Patrick 
Beaulieii see also Bolleau 
" Miss Alice, tlrs J R McNeil, 1 

23 Poplar 
" Arthur H, elk scaty br Dept P P 

and S, h 39 Sweetland av 
" Joseph, h 175 Dalhousle 
" Napoleon H, chief French 'trans H 
of C debates, office 3 Clarence, 
res St Jean d'Ibervllle, PQ 
" Raphael, stone cutter, h 217 Clar- 
" Romeo E, elk Dept Marine and 
Fisheries, 1 39 Sweetland av 
Beaulne see also Baulne 
" Joseph, slsmn Larose & Co, h 243 
Beaumont see De Beaumont 

Beanport Lager Beer Agrenoy, J 

B Samson Agent, 460 Sussex 
Beaupre Honore, cab owner 499 Cum- 
berland, h same 
Beauregard Miss Amabelice, bndr PtR 
"bureau, 1 313 St Patrick 
" A.thur. tmstr, b 186 Middle 
" Cellna (wld Edouard), 1 313 St 

" George, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 295 

" Pierre, mill hd. b r 124 Middle 
" Stanislas, shoemaker Ottawa Boot 
Co, h 127 Water 
Beausejour Arsene, blksmith L Du- 
bamel, h 26 McGee 
" Eugene, fireman Central Plre Sta- 
tion, 1 26 McGee 
Beauvais see also Bolvin and Bova 
" Alphonslne, dom 646 Rideau 
" Antoinette, wks, H St Jacques, 1 
106 Water 

" Domethllde (wld Denis), h 154 

" Joseph, carp, h 219 St Patrick 
" Mathllde (wid Denis), h 153 St 

" Maxime, h 252 Queen >'■ 
" Maxime Jr, elk, 1 262 Queen 
" Miss Mellna, 1 219 St Patrick 

" Octave, lab, h 204 Boteller 

" Mrs Philomene E, elk Bryson, 

Graham & Co, 1 48 Wellington 
Beauvln Nils, coachman 180 Slater 
Beaven see also Bevan 
" H Frank, slsmn H E Dickson ft 

Co. h 74 John 
•' Nathan W, brklyr, h 250 Slater 
" Philip F, 1 74 John 
Becker Henry, lab, h F97 Russell av 
" Peter, foreman packer George 

Matthews Co, res Ottawa East 
Beckett Agnes B (wld Wm J), mlnr 

41-43 Rideau, b Grand Union 
" Arthur M, 1 Experimental Farm 
" Reginald M, mngr Dobell, Beckett 

& Co, rms Victoria Chambers 
" Thomas A. bkpr Lang & Kemp, b 

Royal Exchange 
Bedard Adelard, mach O Car Co, 1 143 

" Adjutard. baker, h 91 Cathcart 
" Alexander, pressman BYee Press, 

1 38 Bolton 
" Antoine, shoemaker 168 Rideau, h 

143 Boteller 
" Arthur, dry goods 272 Dalhousle 
" Arthur Jr. elk A Bedard, 1 272 Dal- 
" Charles, carp, h 38 Bolton 
" Edgar, mldr Chaudiere M and F 

Co, res Hull 
" Eliza (wid Wm G). h 607 King 
" Eugene, carp, h 206 Water 
•• Honore, slsmn T Lindsay & Co, 

h 60 St Andrew 
" Jean Bte, elk acct br Dept Pub 

Works, h 143 Boteller 
" Jean Bte, helper McKinley & 

Northwood, I 235 King 
" John, mason, h 233 Wurtemburg 
" Joseph, carp, h 235 King 
" Joseph, dynama tender O E Co'» 

power hse No. 4, rea Hull 
" Joseph jr, carp, 1 235 King 
" J E Omer, binder Ptg Bureau, 1 

87 Cathcart 
•* Louis, cigars 175 Rideau 
" Miss Mary J, 1 60 St Andrew 
" Pierre, carp, h 890 Sussex 
" Pierre, pntr, h 199 Church 
" Theodore, 1 235 King 
" Wilfrid A J (Bouchard & Bedard), 

h 168 Rideau 

Beddoe Charles H, asst acct Dept In- 
terior, h 231 Gilmour 

Bedinglleld Wm C (BedlngAeld & Mc- 
Cusker), h 69 Queen w 

Bedinfffleld 4k McCniker ( Wm C 

Bedingfleld, James D McCusker), 
Produce 69-73 Queen w 
Beech see also Beach 

" Alfred, lab, h 609 Maria 
Beechwood Cemetery, 1 mile n e St 
Patrick's Bridge 



All Qroeere or 'Phone lOSt, 

If;! I 

( a 

f '''1: Jili'l 


')< ? 

4 I ' ' 

' I 

|f. ■:; ' ' 


are tbMlutelv| JOHN R. REID, 
Unoonditional./ Miigr.. Ewtem om«rio. 


Beech wood. 



Cemetery Co, John Sweetland, M 
D, pre», H N Bate vlce-prea, 
John S Durie sec-treai, offlce IS 
Beeken Richard, btchr, 1 61 Pine 
Beemer see Boehmar 
Beer Annie (wid Henry), bkpr Bryson, 
Graham & Co, 1 237 Waverley 
" Fred C, lab. h 75 Poplar 
" Henry, asat bkpr Bryson, Orabam 

& Co, 1 28 Spruce 
" Margaret (wld Henry), h 28 Spruce 
Been. Mary J (wid Woodworth B), h 14 

Beeaon George, barber 118 Sparks, h 18S 
" Mrs Jane, bdg hse 188 Maria 
Begg Arthur, ry contr 21 Maple 
Beggl Jacob, lab, h 193^ Cumberland 
Begin P Alphonse, civ ner, h 211 Water 
Behan see also Bahen and Beahen 
" John, cook, h 135 Cumberland 
Behnke Henry, lab, h 617 Chapel 
Belaire see also Blair 
" Cyprian jr, lab, h 130 Margaret 
" Denis, lab Capital Planing Mill Co, 

h 54 Ellen 
" Emery, carp, 1 137 Prlel 
" Jennie, tlrs McCracken Bros, 1 137 

" Joseph, carp, h 137 Friel 
Beland Adelard, lab, h 63 Church 
" Alfred, driver S J Major, 1 r 148 

" Mrs Amanda, ladles' underwear 277 

Bank, 1 same 
" Felix, carp, b 415 St Patrick 
" Felix, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 177 

" Hector, ctr A A Foumler & Co, 

h 277 Bank 
" Honore, carp, b 290 St Patrick 
" Joseph, lab. h 339 St Patrick 
" Joseph, pntr Wm Howe, h 268 

" Miss Josephine, 1 339 St Patrick 
" Joseph S J, let car P O, h 176 King 
" Miss Marceline, 1 339 St Patrick 
" Marie (wid Edouard), h 63 Cath- 

" Napoleon, carp S J Major, h r 145 

" Simeon, lab, h r 179 St Andrew 
" Wilfrid, lab, 1 82 York 
Belanger Albert, appr Butterworth & 
Co. 1 118^ St Patrick 
" Alexander M, acct Queen City Oil 

Co, 1 69 Le Breton 
" Alfred J, prtr The Citizen, b 62 

" Analse (wid Maxlme), drsmkr 874 

Dalhousie, h same 
" Andre, carp Des Rlvieries & Co. 

h 209 Division 
" Arthur, biscuit mnfr 1 Anglesea 

sq, h eame 
" Aurellen, wks R Thackray, h JL"? 

" Charles, gro 421 St Patrick 

■•MMiMr _ 

" Clemence (wid LouIh), i jo* n,, 
housie ^'" 

" Miss Corinne, 1 SI Bweotland »» 
•' Cyrllle. lab. h 400 St A.ulrew 
" Edouard T, pntr, h 226 M\irrav 
" Exilda (wid Joseph F), h 428 Coop, 

" Miss Bxilda, bkpr, l 428 Cooper 
" Ferdinand, pntr, 1 208 St And»« 
" Francois, storeman H N Bafn i 
Sons, res Hull ^ * 

" °T!37Wg?r''°°*'^'^«"™<'«. 
" Gilbert, bkpr A Dompierre h m 

Murray ' ^ 

" Jean, gro 2 Sidney, h same 
" Jean A, civ ser, h 648 Cumberland 
" Joseph, asst ttreman Eastern 

Block, res Hull ™ 

" Joseph, carter, h 208 St Andrew 
" Joseph, hostler H Navion, i ji? 

" Joseph, prtr United Canada. re« 

Hull ^ "' 

" Josephine, dom The Russell 
" Jules, eng, 1 8 Sidney 
" Lucien. storeman H N Bate A 

Sons, res Hull * 

" Margaret (wid Godfrol), confy m 

Rideau, h same 
" Martini, dom 113 Stewart 
" Miss Maud, elk, 1 428 Cooper 
" Maurice A, drugs 138 Rideau. h 59 

" Napoleon, bkpr Frank O'Reilly m 

" Napoleon, elk records br Dept Pub 

Works, h 211 Bolton 
" Oscar F, appr pntr Dept Pub Wks. 

1 648 Cumberland 
" Paul O. culler, h 69 Le Breton 
" Phldime R A. surveyor, h 546 KInj i 
" Phllomene (wid Zotique), gro M 

" Pierre, 1 216 Dlvlalon 
" Pierre J B, carp, h 198 Church 
" Rose A, dom 196 Church 
" Saxton, elk architect's br Dept 

Pub Works, h 31 Sweetland av 
" Miss Sophie, elk. 1 428 Cooper 
" Toussaint. barber F X Ouellet, b 

516 St Patrick 
" Victor, civ ser, h 157 Friel 
" Victor Jr, elk eng br Dept Pub 

WorkP. 1 157 Friel 
" Victoria (wid Pierre), h 380% St 

Patrick ' 
" Zotique. lab, h 10 Pinard 
Belch Wm, pntr. b 60 Chapel 
Belcourt Napoleon A, LLiD. MP (Bel- 
court & Ritchie), h 415 Theodore 

Beloourt A Ritohie (Napoleon A ] 

Belcourt. MP, John A Ritchie), 
' Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.Rooms 
23-24 Central (Chambers 46 Elgin I 

C. B. TA6&ABT & SON 



Jet. 708. Cor. Ban ft <fi Wellington SU. I 


TImlMr, Lumb«r,Lath, Shlnslttay 
' LumlMr, Flooring, 
•••ha, Ooora, Ito. 





-.1^ Edmond, Ub J A C Liow, h 44 
"" McOee 
• Julie (wid J«an Bte). 1 44 McOee 
.. Louis, h 114 Cathcart 

ftltcque Naiwloon, carp, h 278 Dal- 

itoiford (.'harlea A, slsmn Beament A 

^ johnaon. b 104 Metcalfe 
» Mils Ethel, elk Auditor-Qeneral's 
Office, b 104 Metcalfe 

Btlfour John, elk Dept Finance, b 366 

"^ Llsgar 

Bclfoy see Bellefeuille 

lilglftn CoiMulat*, JqImi de B de 
Fauconval Contul-Qeiieral, 281 

Bdhumeur Napoleon, lab, h 174 8t 

Belldeau see Bilodeau 

Btlier Cnarlea L, Proprietor 
Cafe PariBlen. 74-76 Metcalfe, 
Kesidence same 

Bellnge Jean Bte, 1 184 Bt Patrick 

Bellsle Wm, bartndr Bl Murray 

Bellveau see alao Belliveau 
" David, pdlr, h 384 Murray 
" Jopeph, huckBter, h 296 Cathcart 

" Joseph jr, barber P Charbonneau, 
1 296 Cathcart 

" Maxlme. 1 147 Chapel 
Bell Alexander, elk, I 339 Maclaren 

" Misa Alice M, b 96 Olouceater 

•• Archibald de M (Bell & BellT. 1 
151 Stanley av 

" Basil H, elk P O, 1 161 Stanley ay 

" Benjamin T A, propr and editor 
Canadian Mining Review, h 486 

" Duncan, slsmn Bryaon, Graham St 
Co. h 415 McLeod 

" Edward, pntr Wm Howe, 1 62 Nel- 

" Edward B. elk P O, h 339 Maclaren 

" George, elk regr br Dept Interior, 1 
71 O'Connor 

" Graham A, elk Dept Rya and Can- 
als. 1 13S Slater 

" Halliday, brkman, I 80 Cumberland 

" Harry, cond CPR, b 89 Queen w 

" Jane (wid Thomas), 1 80 Cumber- 

" John, civ aer, h 211 MacICay 

" John C. elk P O, 1 211 MacKay 

" John M (Bell & Bell), I 161 Stan- 
ley av 

" Mrs Marion E. elk Dept Interior, 
1 102 Vittorla 

" Martha, dom 352 Maclaren 

" Mary, dom The Ruasell 

" Rachel A (Wid John G). h 34 Al- 

" Richard, boxmkr, 1 111 Metcalfe 

|BeU Robert, MD, CM, LLD, 

FRSC, Asslatant Director and 
Geologist Geologrical Survey De- 
partment, h 136 Maclaren 
" Robert, 1 211 MacKay 
" Samuel, ins agt. b 166 Maria 

" Street School, Miaa M IB Uvins 
prin. Bell, a w cor Henry 

Boll Toleptaone Oo, J E Maophor- 

aon Manac^'i <0 Queen 
" Thomas, lab, h 80 Cumberland 
" Thomas Jr, lab, I 80 Cumberland 
" Thomas O, mnfr, h 132 Frank 

Boll Wm D H, CH, MD, Snrsoon 

and Phyalclan, 149 Stanley a^, 

h 166 same 
" Wm J, civ aer, 1 211 MacKay 
" Wm R, phy 149 Stanley av, h IBl 


Boll Wm S, VB,MaBaffor 0»pit»l 

Tranafer Co, b 64 Slater 
" ft Bell (Archibald de M and John 

M), ink mnfm m a Lome ar (n •) 
Bellair aee Belaire and Blair 
Bellamy Charles, car repr O B Ry, h 

79 Bcdes 
" Hiram, appr Alex Fleck. 1 79 

" Joseph, appr O E Ry, 1 79 Eceles 
Belland see Beland 
Belleau aee also Belot 
" Antoine E. elk sec br D>.pt Pub 

Wcrka, h 89 '/Ittoria 
" Eugene, elk timoer and mines b'< 

Dept Interior, h 138 Oagroode 
" Miss Josephine, dramkr Mrs T . 

Phelan, 1 339 St Patrick 
" J Alphonae, draughtsman topo bF 

Dept Int, b 606% Sr , r 
" Julia (wid Rene Q), h ib6 Vilbrod 
" L Alexandre, prtr Pt; Bureau, h 

246 Cathcart 
Bellefeuille Cyprien. carp R Thackray, 

h 61 Norman 
" (wid Antoine), 1 264 St Pat- 

h 61 Norman 
" Felix, cab driver, h 270 St Patrick 
" Francis J. engr W H iniicke, 1 11 

" Francois, carp , h 19 Cobourg 
" George, lab, h 631 Rochester 
" Jean Bte, lab, h 11 Perkins 
'* Joseph, polisher Hooper Bros ft 

Currie, h 42 Nelson 
" Joseph, tmstr, h 191 St Andrew 
" Olivier, culler, h 65 Norman 
" Xavier, :. -, h 60 Britannia 
Bellemare A'V rr lab O E Ry, h 16t 

" Alexander, blksmith L Duhajnol. 

1 290 Bolton 
" Antoine. lab. h 117 Besaerer 
" Emil;, carriagemkr S Leveilla, I 

2W Bolton 
" I' iv Father G J. res Dominican 

" Joseph, lab, 1 121 Rochester 
" Joseph E. bkpr Leblane & Le- 

may, h 95 Cathcart 
" Theophlle. shoes 487 Sussex, h 290 

Belleville Maglolre, lab, h 37 Norman 
" Olivier, foreman, h 66 Pamilla 
" Samuel, lab, h 60 Pamilla 

Metropolitan Business Collego 










COURSES : Business, Shorthand 

and Typewritinff. Penmanship, 

Clyll Service, English. 




«t m 


t ' 





< ■ i. ill- 

! -I 

' 'i, 


1: ^\ 



li W i! 

?iii<'' • 

i i| 









Bank 8t 


Belli veau. 



Belliveau see also Bellveau 
" Alme H, elk license br Dept M 
and F, h 674 King 
Belot see also Belleau 
" Christopher G, mach woodwkr R 

Thackray, h 516 Kent 
" Simon, millwright, h r 30 Notre 

" Thomas W, foreman prtr Free 
Press, h 182 Isabella 
Benard Emile F, elk M A Belanger, I 
66 St Andrew 
" Jean Bte, elk, h 66 St Andrew 
" Jean B H, elk, 1 66 St Andrew 
" Rieh'?rd, lab. h 69 Pine 
Benbow Hector A, caretaker 43rd Bat- 
talion. 1 2 Maria 
" Thomas F, caretaker, h 116 Cam- 
" Thomas J, caretaker Drill Hall, h 
2 Maria 
Benedict Wm E, mach Alex Fleck, 1 124 

Benjamin Christopher, pntr P Stewart 
b 95 Sherwood 
" Emanuel H, b The Windsor J^ 

" Robert, pntr 135 Turner, h same 
" Robert F, mngrr Graves Bros, h 81 
Bennet Frederick G. elk stat by Dept 
Customs, h 146 Le Breton 
" James F, shinning elk J R Booth, 
1 146 X^ Breion 
Bennett Alexander H, slsmn Bryson, 
Graham & Co, 1 403 Cumberland 
" Alfred A. tlr, h 668 Maria 
•^ Alfred F, ctr James Arkley, h 668 

" Miss Annie, waitress CPR restaur- 
ant, 1 156 Le Breton 
" Arthur, elk Gormully & Orde, 1 26 

" Mrs Caroline M, h 26 Lichiel 
" Frederick, checker J R Booth, 1 49 

Queen w 
" Daniel, h 362 Llsgar 
" Frederick, checker J R Booth, 1 

49 Queen w 
" Henry, slsmn Slattc^'y & Terrance, 

1 83 O'Connor 
"• Miss Hettie F, tchr Archibald st 

sch, 1 470 Somerset 
" James, plstr, h 55 Sweetland av 
" Miss Jennie, drsmkr, 1 249 Albert 
" John C, comp The Citizen, b 262 

" John H. e!k K McDonald.h 88 Third 

" John McK, currier Farmer & Gar- 
rett, h 16 Carting av 
" Miss LiUie, 1 83 O'Connor 
" Louisa (wid Edward C), K 403 

" Mrs Mary, bdg hrje 86 O'Connor 
"• Mrs Mary J, drsmkr 3<2 Llsgar 
" Matilda (wid Noble), h 83 O'Con- 
" Maurice, h 33 Prank 
" Miss Rita, Btenog, 1 26 Lochiel 
" Sarah, dom 223 Wellington 


" Wm, h 85 O'Connor 

" Wm E, civ ser, h 466 Maclar<.- 

" Wm O, elk, 1 436 Clarence *" 

Bennetts Francis K, elk Privy Council 

Office, h 376 Elgin """*' 

Benolt Capt Alphonse, sec cor br n«.. 

Militia and Defence, h "-^ th "^^ 

dore "^- 

" ""^ConveUr "" ' ^' ''' ^^™">'can 
" Edgar J, elk, 1 346 Somerset 
" Edmond, baker, h 320 St Andrew 
" Elle, btchr Slattery & Terrancev 

235 St Patrick ''*' ^ 

" Herbert, carp Capital "Planine Mm 

Co, res Hull ^ ""' 

" Isidore, plstr, h 278 Church 
" Joseph, moto O E Ry, h 703 ii 

bert » Ai- ; 

" Joseph E, cutter R M McMorron ' 
b 506% Sussex "°"' 

" ^^\ ^r.^ ®' °*'^' ^''«' ^^niverslt, 
of Ottawa ' j 

" Lucien Z J, slsmn Bryson. Grahwh ! 

& Co, h 346 Somerset *" ' 

" Ulrlc, foreman S & H Borbridirp 

h 179 Clarence "^' j 

" Urgele, mill hd, h 81 John | 

" Valeda, dom n s Idol lane l e nf ' 

Duke ' 

Benson Ann (wid Jonathan), l lu Perp, 

" Arthur J, paperhanger 111 Percy 

; Cecilia cook Protests nt Hospital 

Edward, carp, h 662 Somerset 

Martin, elk In charge sch br Dent 

Ind Affairs, h 649 Rldeau 

" Wm, carp, h 209 Florence 

Bent Edward, plshr Ottawa Times Pti 

T> *, *x,^^ P°- ^ '^^y*' Exehangl 
Bentley P Darley, 1 98 Stewart j 

Benton James J, switchman CAR i m 

Isabella ' 

Benwell Miss Emma, 1 83 O'Connor 
Beraube Miss Rose, drsmkr Mrs ol 

Dumontler res Clarkaton 
Berez see Baril, Barrie, Barry and! 

B«rgan Blleu (wid Patrick), h 20 Qeorea 
" James, lifho Mortimer & Co, l 20 

George Almond 
" Wm, opr G N W Tel Co, 1 20 George 
Almond ' 

Bergeron Alphonse, pntr George PhU- 
bert. h 96 Murray , 

" Joseph A, prtr Ptg Bureau, res 
Hull [ 

" Wm, lab Victoria Foundry Co, res I 
Hull ' 

Bergin see Bergan 
Bergman Erik, blksmlth Geo Bailey h 

86 Pesserer 
Beriau Marie (wid Edouard), 1 i 

Church , 

Berlchon Isidore, plstr, 1 283 Dalhouslel 
" Isidore Jr, plstr, h 177 St Andrew 
" Maxime, shoemaker 283 Dalhousle 
" Napoleon, civ serv, h 265 St Pat- 
" Miss Olive, drsmkr 283 Dalhouslel 


JOHN NENEY & SON - Teltphone 426. 

Jarvis' Photos are the Best 





_„,i-on Catherine (wld Michael), 1 636 
^"* S.meraet 

H Jeremiah, polic man, h o36 Somer- 

g^an John, Flonr and Feed 

^ 2^<i Rideau, h same 

Berlinguette Edgar, fur cutter, h 54 

Duly av 
ojtmingliam Wm, mngrr Hug<h Ryan & 

Ci', rms 66 Victoria ChaRubers 
Rprnabe see also Barnabe 
" Joseph, lab, h 496 1-2 St Patrick 
• Marie (wid Joseph), 1 496 1-2 St 

■ Norbert, lab, 1 496 1-2 St Patrick 
Bernard P^rederl :k, lab, 1 205 Rochester 
" Jacnues A, caretaker Institute 

Canadien Francaise, h 93 Cath- 

" Mazenaud, lab, 1 205 Rochester 
" Moise, mill hd, h 205 Rochester 
" Miss Regina, drsmkr, 1 303 Clarence 
ReDardin Louis, slsmn Noel, Seed & 

Co, h 483 1-2 Suaeez 
Bernette see Barnett and Burnett 
Bernhardt Albert, chef The Russell 
Bernier Stanislas, shoemkr, h 636 St 

" Zephirin, bkbndr Ptg Bureau, h 

184 George 
Berniquer Maurice, tmstr J R Booth, 

h 41 Spruce 
Bernstein Bros (Edward and Charles), > 

dry goods 225 Rideau 
" Charles (Bernateln Bro8>, rea New 

York Ciiy 
" Edward (Bernstein Bros), 1 663 

Beroard Charles P V, elk, h 566 Somer- 
Berry see also Baril, Barrie and Barry 
" Alfred, shoemkr, 1 269 WaUr 
" Alphonse, shoemkr, 1 269 Water 
" Amelia, elk B Ackroyd, 1 87 Nelson 
" Miss Eva, tchr piano Harmon 

Home and Day School 
" Ernest, cond, b 260 Queen 
" Harry, carter, h 891 King 
" James, lab, 1 118 Nelson 
" Joseph, h 388 Rideau 
" Pierre, carp, 1 269 Water 
" Thomaa, brewer Union Brewwy, l 

333 Wellington 
" Thomas, sextos St. John's Church, 

h 118 Kelson 
Bertli'.aume Francis X, wood 366 Kins 
" John A, prtr Le Canada Ptgp Co, 

res Hull 
" Miss Louisa, drsmkr EL Charbon- 

neau, 1 36 Priel 
•' Melina (wld Olivier. 1 216 Catbcart 
Bertrand Antoine, tinsmith 62 York 
" Miss Delphla, 1 120 Lome av 
" Mlas Eugenie, drsmkr Mrs J J 

Phelan, 1 167 Church 
" Ferdinand, lab, h 110 Cumberland 
" Francois X, 1 167 CThurch 
" Joseph, coll Metropolitan Pub 

House, b Royal Exchange 


" Joseph E, h 157 Church 

" Louis, lab,, h 128 Turner 

" Louise, dom 550 Ann 

" Miss Marie L, tlrs T Lindsay & Co. 
res Hull 

" Pierre, lab, h 211 Richester 

" Theodore, lab, 1 120 Lome av 
Bertschinger Adrian H, electrician, 1 43 

" Alphonse H, cook, h 43 Slater 
Berube Adelard, prtr Le Canada Ptg 
Co, res Hull -' 

" Ernest E, sess messr The Senate, 
h 263 Bolton 

" Miss Eugenie, elk J O Ber- 
ube, 1 198 Dalhousie 

" Joseph, fruits 200 Dalhousie 1 253 

" Joseph, bartender 161 Bridge 

" Joseph, mill hd, h 13 Mill 

" Joseph O, gro 198 Dalhousie 

" J Emlle, tlr R M McMorran, 1 198 

" Pierre A, Indg wtr C H, 1 198 Dal- 
B«s8erer Henry W, elk C A R, 1 88 

" Wm, Inspr Bell Telephone Co, 1 34 
Beat Arthur O, bkpr Massey-Harris Co, 
1 416 Lewis 

" Francis, 1 453 Maria 

Beet Wm J, Man»ffer MiMeey- 

Harris Co (Limited) 347-349 
Sparks, h 416 Lewis 
Bethume Cecil, elk Export Lumber Co, 
1 150 Maclaren 
" Charles J R (Chrysler & Bethune), 

h 149 Maria 
" Duncan, blksmith, b 65 Sherwood 

Bethune Norman W, Snperin- 

tendent and Manager Oreat 
North Western Telegraph Co 93 
Sparks, h 26 Argyle av 
Betouinay Josep>h, gro 247 Division, li 
136 Le Breton 
" Lorenzo, mach Des Rivieres & Co, 

1 136 Le Breton 
" Miss Mary L, 1 136 Le Breton 
" Oscar, elk J R Booth, I 136 Le 
Bettes Charles, proof reader Ptg Bur- 
eau, h 43 Frlel 
Betts Edward S, pntr, h 62 Nelson 
" MiM Elisabeth, 1 383 Maria 
" George S, enameler McFarlane 

Bros, 1 456 Ann 
" Herbert, elk Bishop A Smith. 1 

466 Ann 
" John, boilermkr W J Campbell, h 

383 Maria 
" Miss Mamie, elk, 1 456 Ann 
" Robert W, pntr O C!ar Co, 1 466 

" Susan (wld Qeorge S), h 466 Ann 
" Miss Susan, Indrs M M Pyke, 1 

460 Ann 
" Thomas, bicyclemkr McFarlaoe 
Bros, h 206 Nepeau 



Aix eROoem 

. f ' 

IS f: 

;i i 


■ii' *i. h i:-" ; 



■ rvr 

9 S e> 








I n6 UU ll LITB I Uberal Policy in the W orld. 





Beulac Louis, lab, h 9 Rose 

" Maria L dom 144 Clarenc* 
Bevan see also Beaven 

" John, contr R Beaven, 164 Queen w 
" Richard, confr 54 Queen w 
Beveridge Miss Isabella, tchr, 1 480 
" Thomas, carp, h 480 Lewis 
Blbeau Miss Mary J, tlrs "W H Martin, 

• res HintonburB 
Bible Society (British and Foreign), 

■ee Ottawa Auxiliary, Etc. 
Bick Mrs Frances, 1 182 Le Breton 
" Wesley, agt, h 182 Le Breton 
Blckford Lena, dom 37 College av 
Biehler Emily, dom 146 Slater 
" John, mason Dept Pub Wks, h'401 

" John A, 1 401 Rideau 
" Lena, dom 124 Lyon 
" Maggie, dom 500 Gilmour 
" Minnie, dom 648 Rideau 
Biennaise Joseph, tmstr J R Booth, 1 

154 Division 
Biers see Beers 

Biff Boston Tailorlngr Hnnse, 

Philip O'Reilly Proprietor 192 

Biggars David J, cond CAR, res Ott- 
awa East 
Bigger Charles A, surveyor 68 Daly av 
Biggs Miss Mary, dressmkr, b 84 Bank 
" Mary J (wid Benjamin), 1 75 Bank 
" Wm E, brakeman, b 815 Somerset 
Bigras Miss Artemise, 1 120 Le Breton 
•• Daniel, elk, 1 427 St Patrick 
" Delphlne (wid Jean Bte), h 288 

" Edourad, carp, h 272 Preston 
" Elle, lab J & C Low, h 427 St 

" Henri, slsmn Bryson, Graham & 

Co, h 41 Church 
" Miss Hermine, 1 120 Le Breton 
" James, carp, 1 200 Rochester 
" Jean, foreman, h 324 Division 
" Jean Bte, carp, h 200 Rochester 
" Joachim, carrmkr J R Booth, h 120 

Le Breton 
" Joseph, bartender A Delorme, 1 120 

Le Breton 
" Louis, slsmn Bryson, Graham & 

Co, 1 120 Le Breton 
•' Miss Nelida, 1 427 St Patrick 
" Miss Victoria, 1 427 St Patrick 
" Wm, carp, 1 200 Rochester 

BUou Saloon and Restanrant, A 

F Hillman Proprietor 13-15 Met- 
Billings Charlotte E (wid Major Brad- 
dish), 1 288 Daly av 
" Minnie, dom 229 Stewart 

" Walter R, arch Dept Pub Wks, res 
Billings Bridge 

Bilodeau Adelard, tlr Two Macs, 1 335 
St Patrick 
" Miss Aurelle, 1 Gen'l Hospital 
" Bdouard, elk, 1 335 St Patrick 

Bilo«l««u ~ ~_ 

" Honore, tinner Wadsworth & \t 
Whlnnie, 1336 St Patiirk ^' 

"'. •StP,?*^°',*t^'J' ^^ Sherwood 
Philippe, lab, h w s Bell, 3 „ ^* 

Henry ' °' 

" Pierre, carp, h 336 St Patrlok 
" Victor, millwright J R Booth r^ 

Hull • '^ 

, Bilsky Alexander M, elk M BiU.kv 1 

104V4 Rideau ^^' ' 

" Moses, jwlr 30 Rideau, h iqul 

same ** 

" Miss Rebecca, 1 IO414 Rideau 
" Samuel, elk M Bilsky, 1 lotu ru/, 

eau '"• 

Bindon Frederick W, agt Qoldit' & Mb 

Culloch (Ltd), 181 Sparks h 17 

Mutchmor " 

" Richard A, trussmkr Ottawa Tnm. 

& Surg Mfg Co, 1 282 Slater 
Richard J W B. elk Ottawa Trug. 

& Surgical Mfg Co, h 282 slS« 

Bingham Miss Ada, 1 425 WellinetnT, 

" Henry, h 124 Boteller ^°" 

" John, contr 425 Wellington, h sam. 

" John, lumber pller, h 26 Cumw! 

" John, mngr Ottawa Saw Works Co 

1 145 Bay 
" Richard A, cabinetmkr Harris A 

Campbell, 1 22 Balrd 

Binflrham Samnol. Contractor 

and Mayor, City Hall, h 89 Sua- 

" Thomu, aast gOnr Normal ft Modal 

Seh, h 22 Balrd 
" Wm H, moto O B Ry, 1 22 Balrd 
" Wm R. appr, 1 426 Wellington 
Binks Charles, bkr R B Jamleson, l m 

" Charles, photo 45 Bank, 1 307 Ne- 

" George J, h 503 McLeod 
" James T, elk P O, h 215 Mcl^eod 
John R, elk McLaurin & Millar 

I 307 Nepean ' 

" Miss Sophia, 1 307 Nepean 
" Thomas C, lab Dept Pub Works, h 

154 Turner 
" Wm, adv comp Free Press, 1 307 

" Wm J, prtr Ptg Bureau, h SOT 

Blnns John, bollermkr, h 127 Percy 
Bint John A, polr Ottawa Times Ptg 

& Pub C?D, 1 188 Slater 
Birch Bee also Blrtch 
" Arthur E, bkpr K McDonald, 1 278 

" Mrs Flora, 1 191 Gloucester 
'■ John, lab, h 330 Bridge 
" John, porter Grand Union 
" Joseph, brakeman, h 267 Bridge 
Birch J Bdflrar, Mnaioal Director 

Canadian College of Music, ^^ 

'* Thomas, millwright J R Booth, res 


G. B. TAa&ART & SON 

Brokers, Hoiia«« for Salo and to Let 

ntlirTS COLLBVTBD. 'Phone 703 








BIrchall Wm, inmate 954 Bank 

olwi Charles, coachman Mrs G M Per- 

''"^ ley. h 150 Percy 

" isalKlla (wld John), b 35 York 
Birdwhif^fle Margraret (wld Richard), 1 
"'^ M Currier 

" Matthew, elk, 1 14 Currier 

" Richard J, reporter Free Press, h 
It Currier 
Blrkbeck Investment, Security & Sav- 
■ inffs Co of Torohto.Robert Stew- 
art agt, 54 Elgin 
Birkett Cecil, mus tchr 73 Florence 

" Mi.«s Elizabeth, tchr Slater st sch, 
1 103 Gloucester 

" Frederick W, 1 306 Metcalfe 

Birkett Miles, Hardware and 

Sporting Goods 334 Wellington, 
h 28 Theodore 
" Morley, elk T Birkett, 1 103 Glou- 
" Thomas, hardware 113 Rideau, 
branch 408 Bank, h 306 Metcalfe 
" Thumas M, elk T Birkett, h 331 

" Wm, foreman Board of Works, h 
103 Gloucester 
BImey Christina (wld George), 1 161 

Birnie Thomas, lab T Lawson, res Hull 
Biron see also Byron 

" Xavier, lab, h 425 St Patrick 
Blrt Bridget (wld David), bdg hse 111 
" Isabella (wld John), b 33 York 
Blrtch see also Birch 
" Collar S, let car P O, h 576 Well- 
" Mary (wld Adam J), 1 576 Well- 
Blsgaard John, mach George Bailey, h 

150 Stanley av 
Bishobrick see also Bishopbrlck 
" Mark, carriagemkr, h 468 Ann 

Bishop's Hotel, Richard M Bisli- 

hop Proprietor, 287-289 Welling- 
Bishop Charles L, elk, b 293 Queen 
" John (Bishop & Smith), h 233 Qil- 


Bishop Richard N (Pratt ft 
Bishop), Proprietor Bishop's Ho- 
tel 287 Wellington, and Butcher 
231 Bank, h 46 Kent 

" U Samuel, elk N W M Police Of- 
fice. 1 424 Gilmour 

" Thomas, storeman Gov Militia 
Stores, h 31 Henderson av 

" Wm H, trav, h 298 Bay 

Bishop A Smith (John Bishop 

Louis A Smith), BarrlBters, 
Rooms 13-14 Ontario Chambers, 
48 Sparks 
Bishupbrick see also Bishobrick 
" Edwin T, blksmlth 180 Bell, h 55 

Bishoprick Miss Charlotte, 1 208 Con- 

Bissett David, stone cutter Robert 

Ross, 1 307 Ann 
BisBon Miss Angeline, 1 340 Preston 
" Caroline (wld Felix), 1 340 Preston 
" Henri, eng, h 605 Cumberland 
" Henry jr, tel operator, 1 605 Cum- 
" Louis, cab owner 12 Anderson 
" Maxime, cab owner 17 Anderson 
" Philippe, grocer 340 Preston 
" Philippe, lab, h 45 Anglesea SQ 
Bissonnette Mrs Antoinette, mlnr 190 
Sparks 1 same 
" Emeline, b 33 Murray 
" Francis, packer N W M Police 

Stores, h 190 Sparks 
" L Adolphe, elk Aud-General's Of- 
fice, h 65 Theodore 
Bitton Walter, tmstr CAR, h 144 James 
Black Bridget, wtrs 287 Wellington 
" Cecilia, wtrs Grand Union 
" Edward, driver A Sanders, 1 143 

" Ernest A, elk Finance Dept, h 339 

" James, groom Rideau Hall 
" Miss Jessie, slsldy T Lindsay & 

Co, b 291 Sparks 
" John, agt W G Black, h 471 Mac- 

" John, elk G W Hyde, 1 143 Nepean 
" Kate E (wld Arthur W),h 337 Lyon 
" Miss Sarah M, 1 438 Bay 
" Wm, carp, h 260 Concession 
" Wm G, insurance and real estate 

agt 20 Sparks, h 438 Bay 
" Wm M, carp, h 143 Nepean 
Blackadar Alfred K, elk ins br Dept 
Finance, h 256 Lisgar 
" Miss Catherine, I 256 Lisgar 
" Wm H, b 185 Queen 
Blackburn Edgar, stableman James 
Kennedy, 1 168 O'Connor » 
" George, bartndr 300 Sparks 
" Lennox R, secy Hawkesbury Lum- 
ber Co, 1 62 Sussex n 
" Mary (wid Robert), h 62 Sussex n 
" Mrs Mary, bdg 138 Bank 
" Russell, elk, 1 62 Sussex n 
" Sarah (wid George), h 211 Ann 
" Thomas H, h 138 Bank 
Blackstock Rev Joseph, pastor Catholic 
Apostolic Church, h 61 Prim- 
Blaln de St Aubin Euphemle (wid 
Emmanuel), l 66 Water 
" E Joseph, messr Dept Pub Works, 
h 66 Water 

Blair see also Belaire 

Blair Hon Andrew O, Minister 

of Railways and Canals, West- 
ern Block, h 274 O'Connor 

" Ferguson, cashier R M McMorran, 
1 289 Albert 

" Ida M (wid George). 1 26 Balsam 

" Louis, 1 274 O'Connor 

" Wm L, elk Finance Dept, h 135 



E. C. ARNOLD!, Agent, 91 SPARKS. 









C ffl 



'! :. 

c i 

«.■ 'I f J 

t 1 


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I'v 1 

' f 

y I 

1 i f' ^' ^ 


■ I' I 

\U ! 


I ; 


Iv !i 



Mm>».umm m» iM \ 

m seuv m m nai exB nis 

;y t 

^ ;■ 

)' f *• 

1 i ilf 

i ' t 


■ -'if ^] bl 

MCQACE DEUVEREO to and from 
all TralM^ Boats and Reaidanoet. 
Aganta Maat all Traina. 



Mf. •. meLL, mAHAmmm. 












Blais Alexandre, bdg hse 46 Murray 
•* Alfred, mill hd, h 68 Willow 
" Aurelius, elk Ont Crown Timber 

Office, 1 634 Cumberland 
" Miss Blanche, 1 85 Water 
" Miss Caroline, tlrs W H Martin, 1 

277 Rochester 
" Cleophas, bartndr Ciifton House, 

res Hull 
" C'eophas P, driver Ottawa B & M 

Co, h 264 Rochester 
" Miss Delia, tlrs W H Martin, 1 

277 Rochester 
" Edmond, lab, h 40 N.;' re Dame 
" Felix, culler J R B.ioth. res Hull 
" George A, elk, 1 433 Con/Ter 
" Miss Gertrude, 1 43S Coc-tir 
" Honore, foreman, h 186 Middle 
" Israel, lab, h 127 Willow 
" Joseph, lab, 1 139 McTaggart 
" Joseph, lab, h 232 Preston 
" Joseph, lab, h 281 Rochester 
" Joseph C, elk eng br Dept Pub 

Works, h 85 Water 
" Louis, shoemaker, h 433 Cooper 
" Miss Louise, mlnr, 1 433 Cooper 
" Miss Marie L, elk C Goulet, 1 27 

Plna , 

" Nelson, lab, h 277 Rochester 
" Olive, dom 245 Gloucester 
" Mrs Rosalie, bdg hse 186 Middle 
" Roseanna, dom 47 Broad 
" Miss Sophie, h 380i^ Clarence 
" Thomas, mill hd. 1 54 Poplar 
" Urbain, lab, h 45 Murray 
" Wni, h 23 Poplar 
" Wm jr, student, 1 23 Poplar 
" Zoe (wid Israel), h 64 Poplar 
Blake Misa Gertrude, 1 32 Lome &v 
" Mary (wid Michael), h 32 Lome av 
" Michael, lab, 1 32 Lome av 
" Philip, culler, \\ 49 Raymond 
" Philip H, gro 696 Wellinjjton 

Blake Riohitrd P, Grain Dealer 

814 Wellington, h same 
" Wm, lab, h 75 St Andrew 
Blakeley Elvln L, civ eng b 131 O'Con- 
" Miss Maud, I 357 Rochester 
Blakely Robert B, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 70 

Blakeney see also Bleakney 
" David, mach CAR, res Hull 
" Henry,a8st mngr Merchants' Bank, 
h 413 Wilbrod 
Blakney Samuel T, pntr J G Howe, h 

328 James 
Blanc see Le Blanc 
Blanchard Belle (wid Wm), 1 78 Queen 
Blanchet Alexander E, agt, 1 58 Theo- 
" Arthur L, elk J L Orme & Son, 1 
162 Somerset 

Blanchet Charles A E, Barrieter 

Solicitor, Etc, Room 18 Central 
Chambers, 46 Elgin, h 58 Theo- 

" Emma R (wid Francis X). h B8 

Blancnac t~, 

" Miss Geraldlne, drsmkr, \ 159 o.^ 

erset " ""l" 

" Herbert H, elk McDougal & p„. 

ner, 1 152 Somerset ^''«" 

" Louis, h 386 Sussex 
" Louis, roofer J Herbert & Snr 1. 

31 Dalhousie '^°"" ■» 

" Ludger, elk, h 1B2 Somerset 
" Octave, jobber, b 435 Sussex 
" Olive (wid Joseph), h 266 ('athon^ 
" Paul, bkpr Bronsons & wS 

Lumber Co, 1 152 SomPi-et " 
" Teleephore, harnessmkr U Cmi» 

h 204 St Patrick ™'*' 

" Wm H, agt, 1 58 Theodore 
Blanchette Matilda (wid Josrph) rtn». 

345 Stewart '' °°"» 

" Napoleon, pller, h 92 Ottawa 
Blanchfleld Mrs Annie, bdg hse 115 n., 

serer, h same '" 

" Michael, elk Mrs C Lunny 1 » 

York ' ' 

" Wm, carp, h 115 Besserer 
Blasdeil Thomas M, h 175 Lisgar 
Blastoral Barney, eng, b Occidental 

Hotel ^ 

Blatch Frederick K, elk of supnlie. 

Dept Inland Rev, h 203 Gloucei. 


Blatoh Georffe L, BA, Chartered 

Accountant, Auditor, Assirae* 
and Broker, Rooms 7-8 m 
Sparks, h 469 Albert (See adv 
classified Accountants) 
Bleakney see also Blakeney 
" Arthur C, elk acct's br Dept Cua. 
toms, h 110 Daly av 
Bleau Joseph, carp, 1 96 Nelson 
Bleeks James, eng, b 115 Elgin 
Bllgh Harris H, QC, librarian Suprerai 

Court Library, h 427 Gilmour 
Bliss Major D C Forster. dep asst adjt. 
genl Dept M and D, h 260 Daly ay 
" H Anson, elk Privy Council Offlca 

rms 2M Gloucester 
" Miss L L, asst nurse Children'! 

" T Alder D, elk cor br Dept Cug. 
toms, h 84 James 
Blomneld Frank, barber 155 Bank 
Bloadin Miss Agnes, tchr Breboeuf Sch. 
1 22 St Andrew 
" Mrs Annie, h 22 St Andrew 
" Miss Delia, tchr St Jean Baptist! 

Sch, 1 22 St Andrew 
" Miss Eliaabeth, tchr La Salle Scb. 

1 22 St Andrew 
" Miss Ida, I 22 St Andrew 
" Isale, boatmkr, 1 22 St Andrew 
" Jacques, lab, h 140 Augusta 
" Jacques, shoemaker Poaps & Ault, 

h 403 Wellington 
" Miss May. elk Geo S Johnston k 
Co, 1 15 St Patrick 
Biood Robert, contr 232 Bay, h sara« 
Uloom Miss Jean, mlnr Mrs A BIsson* 
ette, 1 116 Slater 
" Thomas J, mldr T Lawson.res Hull 


fieeCONLEY'8 Scotch Suitings. 






ninunt Aastin E, private sec to Sir 
" Charles Tupper, h 5B0 Ann 


Ludwlg, city policeman, h 604 

Kussell av 

Blunt Ji''i"' driver F Mitchell, 1 4 

" Emily 

■' Miss Lillian, opr Star Laundry Co, 
i 404 Bank 
Klyth M''^* Agnes H, 1 82 Gloucester 
' Albert, elk James Hope & Sons, 
h m Frlel 

" Alexander, flour and feed 69 Wil- 
liam, h 242 Besserer 

" Alexander A, blksmith, h 172 Sus- 

" Arthur F, coll Journal Ptg Co, I 
1ST Florence 

" Charles H, elk Hugh McColl, i 187 

" David F, elk G F Blyth, 1 438 

. Miss Elizabeth, elk G R Blyth, 1 
79 York 

Blyth George R. Dry Goods 300- 

302 Wellington, h 422 Maclsj-en 
" George R, asst coll city waterwks, 

h 137 Slater 
" George R Jr, elk G R Blyth, h 438 

" James A, pressman Thobum & Co, 

1 79 York 
" James C, h 79 York 
" John, trav John M Garland, h 187 

" J Thorp, bkpr R McAllen, 1 82 

" Miss ..^ary, artist 365 Wellinarton 
" Mary E, dom 328 Chapel 
" Robert, carp, h 69 Vlttorla 
" Robert A, slsmn R Masson. 1 278 

" Thomas, pntr, h 172 Prlel 
" Thomas C, messr Lewis & Smellie, 

1 172 Friel 
" Walter S, eng, h 20S Nepean 
" Wm A, elk A Blyth, 1 242 Besserer 
" Wm R, elk Q R Blyth, h 17« Con- 
Boa Caroline, dom 117 Vittoria 

Board of Civil Servloe ■xmhIb- 

ers, John F Waters, MA, Secre- 
tary, East Block 

Board of Pnblio School Tmstees 

J C Glashan Inspector, Wm Rea 

Secretary, City Hall, Elgin 
Board of Trade, "see Ottawa Board of 

Boardman Wm F, elk immigration br 

E>ept Interior, 1 45 Slater 
Bobler Elizabeth (wid Gregory), h 150 

" Francis O, l 150 Stewart 
" Miss Margaret, elk John Murply 

& Co, 1 150 Stewart 
" Miss Martha, 1 150 Stewart 
" Samuel J, driver Wm Howe, 1150 

" Wm H, stonemason, 1 150 Stewart 


" W Robert, agent, b 209 Sparks 
Becking Sarah, dom 443 Somerset 
Boddy Miss Jennie A, bkpr Fothering- 

ham & Popham, 1 205 Slater 
Bodega Chambers, 36 Wellingrton 

Bodegra Hotel, Mills & Queale 

Proprietors, 34 Wellingrton 
" Restaurant, 42 Wellington 
Bodgener Edward L, packer John M 

Garland, b 304 Clarence 
" Henry, lab Capital Planing Mill 

Co, 1 227 Florence 
" Wm, carbonmkr Ottawa P & C Co, 

1 385 Rochester 
Bodley Charles, sess messr H of C, res 

Mt Forest. Ont 
Boehmer AJbert, gdnr A French, h 201 

" August, contr 308 MacKay, h same 
" Charles, prtr Danebrog News, 1 290 

" Herman, lab McKay Milling Co, h 

290 Creighton 
" Richard A, carp, 1 290 Creighton 
" Wllhelm, cond O E Ry, h 294 

Boese Bridget (wid Joseph), h 273 King 
" Joseph H, pntr, 1 278 King 
" Roberf, lab, 1 273 King 
Bog Wm A, acct Bank of Montreal, res 

Aylmer, P Q 
Bogert Ven James J, MA, Archdeacon 

of Ottawa, h 329 Wllbrod 
Bohl Henry F, plater Eclipse Office 

Furn Co, h 80 O'Connor 
Boileau see also Beaulieu 
" Auguste, lineman O E Co, h 81 St 

" C'amiUe, hostler J R Booth, res 

" M.'ss Emma, 1 70 Water 
" Henry, lab, h 117 Willow 
" Jean Bte, asst flreman West 

Block Par Bldgs, res St Jean 

Bte school, Somerset oor Victor- 
ia av 
" Ledta, 1 26 Clarence 
" Jules, sess mess H of C h 70 

" Leon, wines 50 Ottawa, h same 
" Maroeline (wid Moise), 1 96 Church 
" Maxime. lab. h 59 1-2 Church 
" Norbet, barber P Boileau, h 

95 Church 
" Philibert <R Boileau & (!o), h 26 


" Mrs Philomene, barber, 34 1-2 By 
Ward Market Sq, h 144 Clarence 

" Mrs Rosalie (R Boileau & Co), h 26 

" R 4 Co (Mrs Rosalie and Philibert 
Boileau). carriagemkrs 28 (Clar- 

" Udgere, barber Mrs P Boileau, h 
144 Clarence 
Boiler Inspection and Ins Co of Canada, 
Robert Stewart agt 54 Elgin 



682 to 540 Wellington St 








; t 

■\'W' ill 


fl ! 



\tl 1 



: If 

■'i'.li I 

• '; Ui 

<;vim Mi- \mHaiimiai,j. . .. 



The SUN Lifesa:^r^s;;;r.^ 





Bolly see also Boulay and "Joule 
" Alfred, prtr J K Oucrd, h 611 

St Patrick 
" Miss Alemldla, 1 298 Church 
" Joseph, butcher, h 124 Frlel 
" Napoleon, pntr, h 298 Church 
" Oscar, elk, 1 298 Church 
Bolnnin Olivier, pntr, h 136 Water 
Hols Felix, h 617 Cumberland 
" Francois L, slsmn Bryson, Graham 

& Co, h ?')1 King 
' Jean B, eating house King, n e cor 

Clarence, h 255 Clarenc* 
" Joseph, lab. h 235 Church 
" Louis, eating hciise 262 Murray, b 

260 same 
" Pierre I, plmbr 479 Wellirsgton 
BolBseau Albert, tinner Butterwortb A 

Co, h 156 Dalhousie 
Boissonneau Pierre, h 212 Ann 
Bolstrun Peter, shoemkr, I .''.66 Qxjecn 
Eoisvert Amedee, lab, h 198 Wafer 
" Fortunat, tlr P O'Reilly, res Hin- 

" Hubert, slsmn Daniel O'Connor ]r, 

res Hull ' 
' Victor, nond C F R. h 72 Maple 
Bohin lee also Beauvai.s and Bova 
" Adolph-!. iab Dept Pub Works, h 

32 Ancieoea t-'4 
•' Alfred, lab, h 3.t MaGef-. 
" Alphonse, le,b i 'Hi) St. Andrew 
" Augustin, b<i;tfrrt 602 Sc Patrick 
" Charlesj, prtr .."^ Bureau, h r 296 

St PatrlcJc 
" Elizab'r(.h (wjd Felix), h 14 Notre 

" Mrs Kvelina, gro 459 St Patrick 
" Ferdinand, express, 1 18 Augusta 
" Genevieve (wid Jean Bte), 1 84 

" Jean Bte, mill hd, 1 199 Rochester 
" Joseph, lab, h 262 Cathcart 
" Josepli lab, h 76 Cobourg 
" Joseph, stableman M Landreville, 

h 161 1-2 Queen w 
" Oscar, lab, I 14 Notre Dame 
" Patrick, lab, h 133 Balsam 
" Patrick M, lab. 1 133 Balsam 
" Rosa A, dom 89 Vlttoria 
" Venance, elk. 459 St Patrick 
Boland John, Inmate 954 Bank 
" Joseph, slsmn E Robert, res Hurd- 

man's Bridge 
" Nellie, dom 32 Lloyd 
Bolduan Adolphe, lab, h 313 MacKay 

" Frederick, lab, h 66 Dufferln rd 
Bolduc Alphonse, foreman Le Temps, 1 
174 Bolton 
" Delima (wid Joseph), h 174 Bolton 
" George R, bk kpr, h 65 St Andrew 
" Leon, 1 174 Bolton 
Boles Thomas, head waiter The Russell, 

h 68 College av 
Bolger see Boulger 

Bollander Alfred, auctioneer 97 Rideau, 
h 108 O'Connor 

Bollard Jane A (wid Richard) i i,. 
Lyon ' ^ 

" John D, elk Immigration br n^^* 
Interior, h 447 Kent ^^^ 

" Joseph H, elk, li 128 Lyon 
Bollard Matthew S, Draffttiat 
148 Nicholas, cor Theoclorn?^ 
Lyon ' ' "5 

" Miss Susanna A tchr Maria Btpo«* 
school, 1 X'Z'i lyon. ^* 

Bolton see als<) Bonlf' n 
" Miss Eliza, -air'. .tyv^ss kj-. Nortr»i 
Sch, b ^M I„l?^a.- ™*' 

" Mary A (wid Richaril^, ) p.Ri g. . 
eiaet " 

Bond Arthur, g.-.j 24 Chapel, h aawe 
" Bertie (wid Joseph), h 375 &ion 

" Burton, elk The Russell, i 


George, motorinan. 1 375 Glnupo6/„ 

Miss Mabel, elk W N'x.- < m 

Gloucesfx^r ' ' ° 

n St 

" Milton, mach, 1 375 Glouco 
Bondy A'bert. D, watchm'/.r. h 

Andrf w 

Bone set also 3aulnt\ Boon, doone and 
Bow en 
" Ada, dom 371 Gilmour 
" Peter, tinner C P R, h 45 Division 
Bonell see al^o Bunel 

" Amos, pressman Ptg Bureau h 

369 Slater 
" Miss Carrie, 1 369 Slater 
" John, niaoh Baldwin Iron Workg. 
h 334 Jiitnes ^ 

Bonenfant AU>od, elk, 1 269 Clarence 
" Ferdinand, boomsman, 1 51 Broad 
" Ferdinand, elk N Hay, 1 86 Murray 
" Joseph, trader, h 269 Clarence 
" Wm, lab O h: Co's power hse No 2 
h 61 Broad 
Bonhomme Charles, 1 85 Water 
Bonln Adeline (wid Olivier), h 120 Frlel 
Bonnell see Bonell and Bunel 
Bonner Miss Jennie, elk L & F H Mc- 
Elroy, 1 222 Gloucester 
" John C, elk, h 418 Somerset 
" Miss Mary, 1 418 Somerset 
Bonneville Joseph H, slsmn McDougal 
& Cuzner, 1 471 King 
" Jules, lab, h 161 Preston 
" Louis M, elk cor br Dept Agrl, h 
s s Somerset, 2 e of King 

" Marie L (wid Narclsse), h 471 King 
Bonnier Alexandre, lab, b 90 Murray 
" Joseph, lab, h 231 St Andrew 
" Joseph Jr, b 197 Church 
Bonpre see Beaupre 
Booker Miss Lizzie S, comp Journal 
Ptg Co, 1 239 Catharine 
" Wm, cellarmn Rideau Cbib, h 23J 
Catharine t 

Boon John R, elec Garrloch Godard ft 
Co, 1 324 Maria 
" Wm, lab, h 324 Maria 

C. B. TA6 BABT & S ON,i? 

iMPgtiu*. and Most Complete Liit 
of Prope.-Mes for Sale. Exehangi 

OF to i^^»,the Q^ g^i, ^ Wellington Sti. 


" Hugh, trav 
„ jiiss Victoi 


All sorts of BUILDING TIMBER and 
LUMBER. Both Itough and Oressad. 





,A Mi°p Florence, 1 596 Concession 
^Francis, tlr Two Macs, h 596 Con- 
„ Hugh, trav, 1 596 Concession 
„ jijgg Victoria, 1 596 Concession 
o^orne Charles H, ins agt, h 316 Cooper 
K Catherine (wid John), h 338 1-2 
^ St Patrick 
>' Chailts, elk J G Whyte & Son, 1 

92 Arthur 
,. Mis.« Cora, 1 111 Cambridge 
.. c Jackson, grenl supt J R Booth, I 

770 Wellington 
» jiiss Ella, I 5!> Bell 
« Herbert W (Booth & Garrow), h 

83 Arthur 
" James, foreman J R Booth, h 69 

" Janit'S, tmstr J M McLauKiilIu, 1 
303 Concession 

gootb John R, President Mada- 

waska Improvement Co (Limit- 
ed), and Lumber 82 Bridge, Tele- 
phone 415, h 770 Wellington 
<< Joseph, mill foreman J R Booth, h 

21 Lome av 
" Joseph H, carp, h 273 Maria 
" J Frederick, supt J R Booth, h 192 

•' Levi, blksmlth, b 333 Nepean 
'• Robert R, h 152 Bay 
'• Leander, h 92 Arthur 
<• Lizzie, dom 456 Maria 
" Mrs Martha, h 111 Cambridge 
" Patrick, plmbr McKlnley ft North- 
wood, 1 338 1-2 St Patrick 
" Roliert R, h 152 Bay 
" Walter S, ry mail elk, 1 152 Bay 
" Washington B, baggageman, h 776 

'• Wm, mach. h SOS ConceMion 

[Booth A Oarrow (Herbert W 

Booth, James F Qarrow), Gro- 
ceries, Flour and Feed 706 Som- 
erset and 81 Arthur 
ISorbrid^e see also Burbidge 

" Charles S, bkpr S & H Borbridge, 
h 452 Somerset 

" Edward W. elk Pub Wka Dept, nns 
143 Gloucester 

" Frank, elk Bank of Ottawa, 1 288 

" Frederick, elk Rideau st br Bank 
of Ottawa, I 296 Metcalfe 

" Hall, 96% Rideau 

" Harry B, elk S & H Borbridge, 1 

296 Ihl6tC8.1f6 

" Henry J (S & H Borbridge), h 288 

" Samuel W ( S & H Borbridge), h 

296 Metcalfe 
" S & H (Samuel W and Henry J), 
leather and saddlery hardware 
88-90 Rideau and 186 Sparks 
Wm B, eng CPR, h 485 Albert 
ordeleau Miss Angelina, bkbndr Mor- 
timer & Co, 1 291 St Andrew 
Cleophas, carp, h 295 St Andrew 

" Miss Eugenie, bkbndr Mortimer ft 

Co, 1 291 St Andrew 
" Henri, lab, h 291 St Andrew 
" Honore, carp, 1 269 St Andrew 
" Magloire, lab, h 240 Water 
" Napoleon, uphol Harris & Camp- 
bell, h 108 King 
" Omer, elk C W Donovan & Co, h 

219 St Andrew 
" Ursule (wid Magloire), 1 291 St An- 

Borden Hon Frederfiok W, MD, 

Minister of Militia and Defence, 
Western Block, Residence Can- 
ning, NS 
Borgeau see also Bourgeau and Bour- 
" Louis, lab, 1 66 Poplar 
" Pierre, mill hd, h 66 Poplar 
Borks Henry, lab, h 40 Dufferin rd 

" Hugh, mldr, h 161 Creighton 
Borland see also Burland 

" Jessie, dom 308 Gilmour 
Borrett see Barette, Barrett, Barrette 

and Burritt 
Borth Rev John C, pastor St Paul's 
Bvangelieal Lutheran Church, h 
629 King 
Borthwlek Miss Annie, drsmkr, 1 103 
" Hugh H, comp Journal Ptg Co, h 

31 Third av 
" John R, mngr Mrs A E Slinn, h 

674 Cooper 
" Miss Margaret E, 1 108 Kent 
" Miss Minnie, I 120 Rideau 
" Thomas A, mngr Ottawa Transfer 

Co, 1 120 Rideau 
" Thomas R, driver Wm Borthwlek, 
b St Lawrence Hotel 

Borthwiok Wm, Wholesale and 

Retail Oysters and Fruit 120 
Rideau, h same 
" Wm jr, elk Wm Borthwlek, 1 120 
Bostock Hewitt, MP, h 136 Maclaren 
Boston House, Mrs Dellma Charbon- 
neau prop, 218 Dalhousie 
" Samuel, lab, h 262 Preston 
" Wm, lab, 1 262 Preston 
Botfleld James, inmate 954 Bank 
Bothwell Miss Beatrice, 1 855 Gilmour 
" Elizabeth (wid Wm), h 268 Mutch- 

" Jennie, tlrs Kenny Bros, 1 103 Au- 
" Mary (wid Robert), h 34 Bell 
" Miss Sadie, h 103 Augusta 
Bott Charles J, freight agt CAR, h 267 
" Edmund, cond O E Ry, 1 169 Bes- 

" George, h 169 Besserer 

Bott Harry, Local Managrer 

CPR Company's Telegraph, 42 
Sparks, h 261 Someniet 

Botterell Annie (wid Henry A), h 886 


hrenoline Cures ""^"matism 











;! I 


i vfijlll 
• .^^ I fill 

^ .:.;,. :)illfi:'tll;il 


I (,■ ;■, •i|( 



I ■■!!;; 



I ; 


; H 

i i E 

\l! : 

t '(! 

.*; I ;t 



WATSON'S I 'P'^^^Si^ ^Jl^ife"^ 





Botterell Edward, DUitrilmtor 

Printed Papers of Parliament, h 
269 McLeod 
" Richard R. engr CPR, h 461 Albert 
Bottomley Watson C, lab, h n s Jane, 
1 e of Bank 
" Wm J, porter CAR, 1 W C Bottom- 
Bouchard Miss Annie, drsmkr 94 Sher- 

" Joseph, jobber, 1 377 Klnff 

" Leon, servant 57 Clarence 

" Marie, dom 77 Clarence 

" Phllomene (wld Joseph), h 377 Klngr 

" Samuel (Bouchard & Bedard), reir 

Ottawa East 
" & Bedard (Samuel Bouchard, Wil- 
frid A J Bedard), butchers C By 
Ward Mkt (old) 
Boucher Albert L, elk A A Fournler 
& Co, 1 427 Wellington 
" Austin, harnessmkr R S Montgom- 
ery & Son, b 45 Clarence 
" A A, asst master in chancery and 
chief French translator The 
Senate, b 43 Water 
" Benjamin, elk A Beaudet, h 192 

" Edouard, lab, h 169 Church 
" Emelie (wid Stanislas), h 462 St 

" Felix, tmstr McKay Millingr Co, res 

" Francis X, lab, h 14 Pinard 
" Francois, carriagcmkr Louis Du- 

hamel, res Hull 
" Hector, I 427 Wellington 
" Jean Bte. uphol T Llgget, 1 158 

" Jean Bte, carp, h Queen's wharf 
" Joseph, driver A Beaudet, h 56 St 

" Joseph jr. driver. I 66 St Andrew 
" Joseph, lab, l 452 St Patrick 
" Joseph, tlr P O'Reilly, res Hull 
" Julien, lab, h 158 Church 
" Margaret (wld Wm), h 427 Well- 
" Marie L, tlrs Gould & Harley, res 

" Miss Maud. 1 427 Wellington 
" Napoleon, hotel 67 Clarence 
" Octave, mill hd McKay Milling Co, 

res Hull 
" Miss Olive, tlr9,b 103 MaoKenzie av 
" Miss Rose, h 8t8 St Andrew 
" Sidney, lab. h 66 Division 
" Telesphore. 1 452 St Patrick 
" Thomas, linotypist Ptg Bureau, h 

192 Murray 
" Wm W (Falls & Boucher), h 77 

Boudreau Rodolpbe, private sec to the 
Premier, l 107 Chapel 

Boudreault Achllle. prtr Ptg Bureau, 1 

261 Cathcart 

Bondreanlt Charles S O, BKan* 

ager Le Canada Printing Com- 
pany, h 164 Church 

Boutfraauit — ^ 

" George A, mesar to clerk of H of n 

h 212 Cathcart °' ^' 

" Joseph, feeder The OttawH Ftp p„ 

b 261 Cathcart ^^°> 

" Simeon, mason, h e s Hi'nder.,v,> 

av, 4 s of Somerset ""^"on 

'• Zoe (wid Charles), h 261 Cathcart 

Boueon Napoleon, cabtmkr T w Cur 

rier & Co, res JanevUle 
Bouillon Rev George, res Archibshnn 
Palace, 143 St Patrick "'* 

Bouladier Leonie, dom 355 Giimour 
Boulanger see Belanger 
Boulay see also Boily, Boule and Bon!** 
" Katherlne (wld Phileas), elk eaJ 
br Dept Rys and Canals, rm* 
220% Sparks ' ""' 

Boule Mrs Christina, h 307 RocheBtei- 

" Joseph, wood 134 Friel. h same 
Boulet Amedee. 1 346 Clarence 
" Artemise (wld Patrick). I 33 Mur. 

" Fortunee (wid NapDleon). h »7 
Cathcart ' 

" F X, lab. h 126 St Patrick 
" Gilbert, gro 346 Clarence, h sani» 
•* Hurtemlse, b 33 Murray 
" Isaac, lab Andrew HIckey, i gu 

" Marie A (wld Francois), 1 87 Cath. 
Boulger George, restaurant 96 Queen 
" Miss Jennie, tlrs G M Holbrook 
1 200 Friel 
BouUe see Boily, Boulay and Boule 
Boulton see also Bolton 
•• Arthur R M. bkpr T G Brigham.1 

b 228 Maria 
" George H Q, discount elk Unliw] 
Bank. 1 71 O'Connor 
Boundary Surveys Branch, Dept In. 
terlor,Wm F King chief astrono. i 
mer. 26 Wellington 
Bounier see Bonnier 
Bourcier Bdouard U, slsmn Bryson,] 

Graham & Co, h 507 Cooper 
Bourdage Joseph, cooper, h 505 St Pat. 
rick I 

Bourdon Maxime, mi|ch O E Co, ntj 
Clarkston j 

" V Zepherlne (v sC Maxlmillian), i 
148 Nepean I 

" Zephtrln. tlr Chabot & Co, h 28)] 
Church j 

Bourgeau see also Borgeau, Bourgeon ] 
and Bourdon 
" Arthur, roofer, h 59 Church 
" Hector V.bartndr Royal Exchange,! 

h 252 Queen 

" Helen, dom Royal Bxchange 

" L' n. helper J H Connor & Son,] 

res Janeville I 

" Napoleon, cabtmkr T W Currlwl 

& Co, res Janeville 

Bourgeois Alexandre, lab Parliament! 

Bldgs, 1 206 Beiiserer 

" Angleina, dom The Russell 

" Aristtde. tmstr J R Booth. 

" Delphlne (wid Narclsse), 1 1S9 J-|| 



'Phori* 428. Siipply th0 B«st. 


• • i 


OR • • 
INS . . 






*^^^n ois, Bhoemkr Damase Noel. 

1 ::'.» Murray 
■„ jostiili, mill hd, h 265 Bridge 
i« Joseph A, elk Rldeau Lumber Co, I 

20ii BeBserer 
» Ii;ai"'leon, lab, h 38 Lett 
„ osw;il<i. appr George Bailey, 1 59 

jjurgeon see also Borgeau, Bourgeau 
■"^ and Bourgon 
" Pierre, C A Ry gatekeeper, h 12fl 

liourgon Jean, carp Adolphe Chabot, 17 

M Jean Bte, lineman Bell Telephone 

Co, h 368 Rochester 
Bourguiunon Alfred, lab. h 223 Bridge 
" Alfred, lineman Bell Tel Co, h 

154 Division 
•• iiT» Angelina, sllppermkr, 1 289 St 

" Isidore, shoemaker, h 289 St Pat- 
" Louisa (wld Michael), 1 126 Frlel 

Boorinot John Oeorere, CMO, 

DCL, LLD, DL, Clerk of the 
House of Commons, h 141 Cooper 
gourlte see also Bourque, Burk and 
" Miss Margaret, slsldy Miss A Mc- 
Dor ,d, 1 94 Wllbrod 
Bourne see also Bum, Bums and 
" Samuel, staty 285 Bank, h same 
Bourque see also Bourkc, Burk and 
" Alexander, lab, h 178 Murray 
" Arthur, tinware 131 Rideau 
" Eniille (wld Edouard), h 131 Rid- 
" Francois, mqto O E Ry, h 91 Mur- 

" Hermine (wld Joseph), confy 243 

Murray, h same 
" Ida, dom 55 Murray 
" Joseph, elk J J Finch, 1 131 Rideau 
" Joseph, lab, h 682 St Patrick 
" Marie (wid Alexander), h 22 Au- 
" Maurice, bkr A J Domplerre 
" Miss Phllomlne, tlrs Rooney & 

Cooper, I 22 Augusta 
" Phiiomon M, 1 22 Augusta 
" Stanislas, confy 167 Dalhousie 
Bourret George, elk Patent Office, b 
Nicolet House 

Bousquet Jean Bte, baker, h 277 Dal- 

Boutet Antolne, civ ser, h 421 Sussex 
BouthiUier Mies Albertine, drsmaJcer, 1 

168 Cathcart 
" Tancrede, bkbndr Ptg Bureau, h 

168 Cathcart 
Boutin Athanase, lab, h 59 Balsam 
" Jean Bte, gro 168 Cumberland 
Bouvert Henry, yardman D O'Connor 

jr, res Hull 

Bouvrette Charles, plstr, h 29 Frlel 
" Charles Jr, prtr Le Temps, 1 29 

" Wilfrid, prtr Le Temps, 1 29 Frlel 
Bova see also Beauvals and Bolvln 

" Frank, fruits 209 Rideau, h same 
Bovllle James, carp, h 523 Rochester 
" Miss Lucinda, tchr Kent st sch, 

1 246 Bay 
" Mary (wid Wm), 1 246 Bay 
" Thomas C, elk Finance Dept, h 24C 

Bowden .eorgina M M (wld Wm), elk 

latent Office, 1 116 Slater 
" Miss Louise, 1 116 Slater 
" Wm, acct, h 177 Florence 
" Wm H J, driver R N Bishop, 1 177 

Bowen see also Baulne, Bone, Boon and 

" Albert S, carp, h 427 Ann 
" Edward, pntr Wm Howe, 1 427 Ann 
" Hiel, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 187 Slater 
" James R, messr, h 404 Nepean 
" Joseph, lab Can Granite Co, 1 202 

" Merton, driver R McGregor, 1 276 

" Mrs Nancy M, 1 276 Slater 
" Peter, elk R McGregor, b 276 Slater 
Bower Albert, h 203 Slater 

Bower, Davidson ft Bower 

(John C Bower, Samuel S Dav- 
idson, Ira Bower), Surgeon Den- 
tists 185 Sparks 
" Ira (Bower, Davidson & Bower), 

res Ottawa East 
" John C (Bower, Davidson & Bow- 
er), h 51 Maclarert 
" Kate (wld John), gro 447 Cumber- 
Bowerman John T, MA, prin Elgin st 

sch, h 589 King 
Bowers John, gasmkr Ottawa Gas Co, 
b 384 King 
" Richard J, fireman Gas Co, b 384 

Bowie Capt Alexander, Captain 

steamer "Empress" and Agent 
Ottawa River Navigation Co, 
Queen's Wharf, h 184 Sussex 
" George H, mach Canadian Granite 

Co, h 360 Cumberland 
" Henry W, h 98 Maclaren 
" James, lab Can Granite Co, 1 360 
Bowler Wm, appr Buttei worth & Co, 1 

JO Peroy 
Bowles C Thome, studt, 1 3X1 Lisgar 

Bowlea Wm C, Clerk of Votes 

Etc, and Secretary to the Clerk 

of the House of Commons, h 

311 Lisgar 
Bowman Miss Agnes J, 1 699 Gllmour 
" Archibald, plstr, h 599 Qilmour 
" James A, plstr, 1 599 Gilniour 
" Thomas, gdnr, h 645 Maclaren 
" Thomas jr, elk Goodall Bros, 1 645 





^■T^-.'T*i- e "H'^r^-riSyv-*-^— 

w% . 

t' > m 


■ I 

. i 

f ; 

:l ' 

' ^'; 

I i'i i't ^ i 

TUC CUM I ITF MiciMaraWGRLO^WIDEMielwidtnceandTnnd] 

I Ht bUyi Lirt JOHN B, BEip^ M^^^g,,^ aa^,^^ J^| 












Box Wilbert, turner Capital Planing 

Mill Co, h 40 Archibald 
Boyce Charles W, 1 179 Slater 
" Henry, lab, 1 441 Maria 
" John, watchman, h 44t Maria 
" John C, asst to chief reporter H 

of C, h 179 Slater 
" Wm J. jwlr 83 Pank, h same 
Boyd Alexander, tmatr CAR, h S9 

" Elizabeth (wid Thomas), h 376 Ll»- 

" HuKh, lab, 1 37« Llpjrar 
" Maggie, dom 337 Somerset 
" Miss Maggie, drsnikr Mins C Mc- 
; Cualg, 1 277 Bell 

" Nathaniel, harnessmkr S ft H Bor- 

bridge, rms 205 Slater 
" Miss Ray, 1 41 Cooper 
" Walter J, discount elk Can Bank of 

Com. I 116 Slater 
Boyden Grant E (Boyden, Son & Co), 

h 87 MacKenaJie av 
" Josei)h (Boyden, Son & Co), h M 

MacKenzie av 

Boyden Son & Co (Jonepli auA 

Grant E Boyden), Furniture, 

Crockery, Glassware. House 

Furnishings, Etc, 524-534 Sussex 
Boyer Amedee, lab, 1 383 Clarence 
" Anthlme, carp, h 313 St Andrew 
" Charles, hamestimkr S & H Bor- 

bridge. res Hull 
" Edward, pnlr, b 4S York 
" Frederic, prtr Ptgr Bureau, rea 

" Joseph, fitter's he!i>€r Dept Pud 

Works, res Ottawa East 
" Joseph A, bkr G W Shouldis, res 


Boyer Nap, Koofer, Plumber 

Hot Air Heating.Etc, 576 Sussex, 

b 580 same (See card classifled 

" Napoleon, harnessmkr S & H Bor- 

brldge, res Hull 
" Peter, tinner R McAUen, h 19B 

" Sophie (wId Caslmir), h 383 Clar. 

Boyes Thomas, studt, b 71 York 
Boyle see also O'Boyle 
" Miss Alma, tlrs J R McNeil, 1 186 

" Dominlck, eng. h 32 Lewis 
" Emily, dom 34(> Waverley 
" Eugene, btchr J B Qou'.et. 1 13 

" Fraroie, b 32 York 
" George E, driver Am Wrinjrer Co, h 

381 Cumberland 
" John, h 68 Cumberland 

Boyle John F, Bntoher 2 Angle- 
sea Square Market and 100 Stew- 
art, h 405 St Patrick 

" J Michael, slsmn O Le Clair, h ISO 

•• Kate, dom 205 Daly av '/ • 

•' Misa Licale, wks Ottawa Tru.. ^ 

Burg Mfg Co, 1 82 Leivia " * 
" Marie H (wid Mlchaej) y, ,. 

Chapel " « 

" Peter, btchr J F Boyle, i, ko. ,. 

Patrick • " m st 

" Miss R A, bndr Pt.g Burtau i i. 

Chapel '^"" » M 

" MlBB Valeda. 1 40C St Patrick 
" Wilfred, btchr J F Boyl*-, h 22 Mc. 

Boyne James, messr, h 48 Division 
Boys' Model School, E D Par'cw h».4 

master, Elgin, cor Lisg^ar 
Brabazon Alfred J, surveyor Oent t. 

terior, 1 128 Slater "" 

Bracciand David P, elk C A R 1 115 »,, 

gusta "' 

" Patrick, civ ser, h 115 Augusta 
Bracey Wm, lab, h 465 Ann 
Bracken Thomas, cond O A & p s Rv ». 

106 Osgoode '' " 

Brackenbury George B, appr T 1-a wson 

1 45 Percy "' 

" Thomas C, eng C P R, 1 45 p^y^y 

Bradbnry Albert X, Distrlet 

Manager Manufacturprs Llf» 
Insurance Co and Manufactui^ 
ers' Guarantee and Accidpnt Ca 
50 Elgin, h 443 Gilmour 
■" Samuel J, special agt Mnfrs' 

Life Ins Co. 1 443 Gilmour 
" Wm M, h 443 Gilmour 
" Wm R, dist insp Mnfrs' Life ins 
Co, 1 443 Gilmour 
Bradd Alfred, uphol, h 58 Marlborough 

Braden John, carp T A Shore, l 265 
" Miss Lizzie, elk. 1 4il Somerset 
" Miss Nellie, tchr. 1 411 Somerset 
" Miss Nettle, 1 411 Somerset 
" Samuel, millwright, h 411 Somer- 
Bradford Francis, mason, 1 154 Plorenc' 
Bradlng Miss Daisy, 1 451 WelllrRton 
" Harry, foreman Union Brewery h 
67 Spruce 

Bradiner Henry F, Proprietor 

Union Brfewery 457-483 Welllnj. 

ton, h 451 same 
" Miss Tottie, 1 451 Wellington 
" Wm T, brewer Union Brewery, l 

461 Wellington 
Bradley Agnes, dom 190 Lisgrar 

" Alexander P, h 190 Theodore 

" Ani!, dom 129 Cooper 

" Annie, dom 189 Nicholas 

" Ashburn E, moto O B Ry, 1 42! 

" Barbara, dom 303 Wellington 
" Charles, waiter, b 99 York 
" Edward, driver A E Shaw, 1 163 


" George B. M D, chief reporter H 
of C, res New York City 

" James, wks R Thackray, res Hull 

" John, ba^rmkr, h 24 Sherwood 

C. B. TA6&ABT & SON 

lltal Estate Agents^ Auotioneerx, eio. 
Tel. 703 Cor. Bank A Wellington 8U 

JtRVIS Guarantees t^^^lSSSS 





'^john, civ Ber, h 91 Victoria 
„ John, culler, b 287 WeUlnirton 
.■ John T, elk a S Johnston & Co, h 

lOo Wllbrod 
" Katf. waltreaa The Ollraour, rma 

12t; O'Connor 
« jiarv dom 344 Ollmour 
„ Rici. -d A (Bradley & Wyld), h 

19.S '--2 Sparks 
•> Bob> rt, carp, 1 631 Maria 
" Rolnrt, policeman, h 121 El^n 
" Samuel, sawyer, h 54 Charles 
" Susan (wld John W), bds 69 Lloyd 
" Thomas, pik-r, b 36 Sherwood 
" T Fletcher, elk Q M Walker, 1 54 

" Warner, tmstr Capital Planing 

Mill Co, h 620 Kent 
" Wm. carp J & C liow, h 27 McGee 
" Wni B. woolen mill, h 65 Arthur 
" Wm F, lab, h 50 Charles 
.. Wm O. const supt O E Co, h 227 


Bradley & Wyld (Richard A 

Bradley, Wm Wyld), Barrlstors, 
Solicitors, Etc, 21 Central Cham- 
bers, 46 Elgrln 
Bradshaw Ephralm, carp, b 192 Queen 
" George, carp, h 809 Concession 
" J. n\tito O E Ry, 1 72 Third av 
" Wni H, motoTman, h 72 Third av 
Brady Mrs Catherine, h r 430 Sussex 
" Grt'orge M, flreman Central Fire 

Station, res Porter's Island 
" James, mill hd McKay Milling Co, 

res Meohanlesville 
" John, coachman Dr. J. A. Grant Jr, 
" John, prtr and caretaker Contag- 
ious Disease Hospital, h Porter's 
" John, yeoman, b 45 Clarence 
" Martin, elk topo br Dept Interior, 

h 19 College av 
" Mary, dom 440 Wllbrod 
" Michael, lab, b 45 Clarence 
" Mis.<! Minnie, 1 Porter's Island 
" Patrick, coachman, h 343 Wllbrod 
" Philip sr (Brady & Harris), h 404 

" Philip F, pntr O Car Co, 1 404 

" P Edward, helper David White, 1 

111 Queen 
" Richard, lab, 1 59 Stewart 
" Mias Ruby. I Porter's Island 
" Wm S, mach Cap (?ash Reg Co, res 
Porter's Island 

Brady & Harris (PhlUp Brady 

sr, Donald Harris), Undertakers 
404 Wellington 
Erait) Miss Nellie, 1 183 Slater 

" Thomas, pntr 29 Cambridge 
Braisby Charlotte, dom 106 Nepean 
Braithwaite George, bkbndr Ptg Bur- 
eau, h 31 Sherwood 
" Wm, mill hd, b 38 Sherwood 
' Wm H (Stewart, Braithwaite & 
Donaldson), h 210 Cambridge 

T'rankin Joseph, driver P Brankln, 1 
40 By Ward Market Sq 
Patrick, produce. 40-42 By Ward 
Market Sq, h same 
Brannagh Miss Annie, tlrs W H Martin, 

rms 296 Albert 
Brannen Miss Mary J, 1 218 Nepean 

" Patrick S, wine elk, h 218 Nepean 
Brannlgan Edw .rd, bridge Inspr, b 209 

Brasseau see Brazeau and Brousseau 
Bratton John, carp T A Shore, b 165 

Bray Andre, messr Dept Pub Works, 
res Hull 
" Charles, mach O Car Co, b 364 

" Charles, studt, 1 153 Argyle 
" George E, carp, h 91 Jane 
" John H, pntr, h 608 Rideau 
" Samuel, C E, D L S, surveyor Dept 
Indian Affairs, h 153 Argryle av 
Brazeau see also Brousseau 
" Antolne, lab, 67 Church 
" Antolne, tmstr J R Booth, res Hln- 

" Bmlle (wld Ferdinand), dom 19 

Sweetland av 
" Ernest, h 57 Baird 
" Felix, 1 67 Church 
" Ferdinand, lab, I 67 Church 
" Frv^derlc, car rpr, h r 448 Kent 
" Joseph, lab, 1 67 Church 
" Joseph, lab, h 128 St Patrick 
" Joseph, pller, b 26 Sherwood 
" Joseph Jr, pller, b 26 Sherwood 
" Melina (wld Pierre), tlrs D A Sin- 
clair, h 638 St Patrick 
" Pierre, btehr, 1 638 St Patrick 
Breadner Robert W, chief check elk 

Dept Customs, h 75 Mackay 
Breboeuf Separate School, Levi xL 

Swain prln, 32 Anglesea sq 
Breen Miss Etta, mlnry 287 Dalhousle 
" Miss Margaret, drsmkr, 1 287 Dal- 
Brees Samuel, seetlonman. 1 203 York 
Bremner see also Brymner 
" Edward R, stenog C A R, 1 104 

" John, stone ctr Robt Ross, res Ott- 
awa Beast 
" Roderick, elk Bate & Co, res Ott- 
awa East 
Brennan Agnes, dom 274 Daly av 
" Albert, elk, 1 32 r..,ir.51 
" Alfred, plmbr McKiu'inv & North- 
wood, h 316 Water 
" Ann (wld John), c'nr Dept Bldgs, 

h 44 Redpath 
'• Catherine (wld Edward), 1 423 

" Miss Catherine M, oik Free Press, 1 

49 Clarence 
" Elizabeth (wld George), charwo- 
man C A R, h 281 Nicholas 
" Miss Elizabeth, slsldy R M Mc- 

Morran, 1 314 Bay 
" M'ss Ellen M, 1 258 Water 



S7 and 69 0*C01iirOB ST. 



'; ) 

li: th 



•' rn. 

' If 'i'f rlM 

IP ■,» ' ' 1 ! ! I • ^ 

JriSf,! f'j.^ 

U ! 


!.<!■:• ? 


■■: f 

' , -i; 


i ,11 ii 

U i::l 

(^ ■ 


t ::{■ 

!| f 


r ,, 

'■ .iil'i t 

1*^1 -ill! I' 




'^Homm at. 

m. m. BMLL, miUMmmm. 







" Francia J. mach Victoria Foundry 

Co, I 49 Clarence 
" Herbert H (H H Brennan A Co), 

h 210 Someraet 
" H H & Co (Herbert H Brennan, 
Patrick HlnneKan), whol gron 
60-64 Rideau 
" James, h 77 Church 
" James, yardman C A R, 1 336 Divi- 
" Miss Jane, drsmkr, 1 49 Clarence 
" J'^nnle, dom 16*? Bay 
" John, lab, b 76 3'Connor 
" John, oiler O E Ry, h 314 Bay 
" John Jr, oiler O E Ry, 1 314 Bay 
" John J, tlr J M Quinn, 1 77 Church 
" John R, roadmaster, h 205 Bay 
" John 8, stmftr McKlnley & North- 
wood, h 10 Martineau 
" J Charles, capitalist 33 SparkB, b 

16 Cllffe 
" Kate, doni 66 Stewart 
" Kate, tlrs Rooney & Cooper, 1 314 

" Lawrence, lab, h 16 Redpath 
" Lawrence, pntr, 1 44 Redpath 
" Maggie, dom 422 Maelaren 
" Margaret (wld Patrick) h 49 Clar- 
" Miss Margaret H, stentug, 1 49 Clar- 
" Mary (wld Paul), h 336 Division 
" Mary (wid Wm), 1 186 Cathcart 
" Miss Mary A, 1 77 Church 
" Michael, culler, h 20 Sophia 
■' Michael, lab. h 223 Clarence 
" Michael, lab. h 258 Water 
" Michael jr. lab. 1 258 Water 
" Michael J, prtr Ptg Bureau, 1 223 

" Miss Millie, I 210 Somerset 
'■ Miss M A, clnr Dept Bldgs, 1 187 

" Miss M Jane, drsmkr 49 Clarence 
" Patrick, porter The Russell, h 449 

" Patrick, watchman, h 281 Divialon 
" Patrick J, blksmth 51 1-2 Clarence, 

I 49 same 
" Patrick J, elk, h xM SomerBet 
" Patrick S, head wine elk Grand 

Union, h Nepean 
" Paul, yardman C A R, h 671 Con- 
" Thomas O, culler, h 46 Little Chau- 

diere rd 
" Tobias, lab, h 250 Rochester 
Brennen Mary, dom 171 Slater 

" Miss Annie, tlrs, 1 296 Albert 
Brenot Honore, civ ser, h 145 O'Connor 
Brereton Mary (wli Henry W), 1 410 

Breslin Peter, lab, h 327 Gloucester 
Bressett Bertha, dom 81 Gloucester 

Bretbonr Arthur B, Dmgglst 

271 Bank, h 390 Cooper 
" George F, elk A E Brethour, 1 37 

h 615 


" Wm. eng Norn-**' and M.„ui a ^ 

h 37 Macdon. ' ^^h. 

Breton Cyprlen, elk v yson, Urahart il 

Co, 1 101 Wacer "*"^ * 

" Francois, elk of wks D. ,t d... 

Wks. h 101 Water ^'> 

" Joseph, mill hd, h 231 Dnihounia 

" Napoleon, elk, 1 101 Wai.r ^ 

Brew Margaret (wld MIchai ;> 

Brewder John. elk. 1 621 SoriK-rset 
" Joseph, studt. 1 317 Lyon 
" Richard, lab. h 621 Somt'iset 
" Roderick, genl contr 317 T.yr,n 
Brewer Charles, carp Askwith & v. 
ville, 1 206 Nepean '^*' 

" Emily (wld James), clnr rvn. 
Bldgs, h 16 Creighton " 

" Tennyson R, lab, 1 16 Crfi^rhton 
Brian see Brien, Bryant and O'Brien 
Briand John N, prof St Jean HaDtl<i»» 
Sep Sch, 1 n w cor Vic toria «l 
and Somerset 
Briard Napoleon, liquors 196 Cumhei. 

land, h 199 same 
F.rlarty James, porter Butler House 
yrlck Wm N, tchr Boys' Model Sch h 

149 O'Connor ' ° 
Bridge Hedley, with McLaren Co re. 

Hull ' *' 

Bridgman Maggie (wid Thomas W) 
crockery 202 Sparks, h same 
" Miss Viola, elk Mrs M Bridimian 
1 202 Sparks ' 

" Wm, elk Mrs M Bridgman. l 202 
Brlegel Mrs. laundress Grand Union 
Brien see also Bryant and O'Brien i 
" John, coachman Dr J Sweetland, h 

150 Nelson 
Briere see also Bruyere 

'* Catherine (wld Auguste). h 49 St| 

" Miss Kate, bndr Ptg Bureau, b 
St Andrew 
Brigga E<dward, lab, h 938 Somerset 
' John, elk, h 3S2 Maria 
" Richard H, brklyr, 1 362 Maria 
Brigham Liisie, dom 290 Concession 

Brlffluun TlMmiui O, Coal and I 

Coke, Builders' Supplies. Lime, 

Cement, Fire Brick and Pin 

aay 44 Elgin, h 390 Sparks 

Brighton Jeaaie (wld Robert), h 471 1 

Brimer John, lab, h e s Muriel 
Bristois Charles, lab, 1 84 Willow 
" Ferdinand, slsmn Larose & Co, hi 

27 Henderson av 
" Maria (wld Moise), h 84 Willow 
Brlabolse Olivier, culler Brouson's &\ 

Weston, h 767 Somerset 
Brisco Annie, dom 137 Nepean 
Brisebois Alphonae, moto O E R, 1 47| 
" Bdouard, h 41 Church 
" Edouard Jr, moto O E Ry, 1 47| 

" Wm C, let cai 

i!|«g| Confederation Life |"'^'^'J^^ffl^lAM|g 

Dire R. H. GONLEY of WeBington Street A TBIAL 

Urineb 'ii*. 




"^Franeis, carter, h 59 Ottawa 
. oodfroy. lab Alex Oackus, h 212 
St Patrick 
i»ldor*>, foreman, h 147 St Andrew 
,. Jean Hte, let car P O, h 95 Bell 
<• Mrs Joaeph, h 134 Church 
.■ Miss Josephine, drsmkr 47 Church 
„ jjisB Leocadle, 1 147 St Andrew 
,. Samuel, moto O E Ry, I 47 Church 
. \\'ni. l)arber, 1 47 Church 
o,i.<on I'olphls bdg hae 55 Murray 
•• Eugeiv. groom J B Abbott, 1 67 

.. wilbprt, wtr N Parent, 1 same 
Bristol lion Co (Limited), Charles 
Magee Pres. Hiram Roblnaon 
Vioe-Pres, 168 Canal w 
.' John R K. elk cor br Dept Cus- 
toms. 1 73 Mackay 
grJMow Henry, cabs 304 Llsgar 
Bristow 01 a. Typewriting and 
stenography and Dealer In 
Typewriters and Supplies 36 
Elgin, h 167 McKay (See Card 
below, also classlfled Steno- 
Rosina (wld Arthur), h 167 Mackay 

rristow's copying process 

' '' M. G. BRI9TOW, Proprietor. 

All Work Strictly Confidential.... 
I Architect ■• Plans, Surveyor." Plan*. 

Kngineere' Plans. Maps, Drawinga, etc. 
, Copied In all Colors. 

I Saves Time. Savoft Money, sjupernedes Tracings, 
I Supernedes Blue Prints. 

hmCE. - 36 ELGIN ST., OTTAWA. 

1 British American Bank Note Co, G B 
Burland Pres, Jeffrey H Bur- 
land VIce-Pres. O E Valleau 
Sec-treas, 262 Wellington 

iBritish American DyeitaK 

Co, John Patton Agent 123 Bank 
(See right side lines) 
and Foreign Marine Ins Co, 160 

iBrItt Edward, tmstr J R Booth, h 59 
Jamea. foreman, 1 237 Sussex 
Michael, lab, h 27 Dolly Varden 
iBrlttaIn Edwin L, elk Finance Dept, b 

185 Queen 
iBroadhead Ralph L. elk Qenol Survey 

Dept, res Billings' Bridge 
iBroadhead Albert, bkr 50 Raymond 
Edwin, cabtmkr James Wilson & 

Co. res Hull 
Reginald, Jwlr D Goyer, 1 Hull 

iBrock Catherine (wld Garrett), fruits 

56 By Ward Market Sq. h same 

Reginald W, geologist (Jeol Survey 

Dept, 1 604 Albert 
Sarah (wld Samuel), 1 116 Primrose 
Wm C, let car P O, h 116 Primrose 

Brodeur Louis Philippe, M P, Deputy 
Speaker House of Commons, res 
Montreal P Q 

Brodrlok .Vrihar B, Manasor 

Molsons' Bank 14 Metcalfe, h 78 

Daly av 
Brogan Bridget, dom 162 Clarence 
" James, lab, b 226 St Patrick 
Broker George H, h 551 Maria 
" Theodore, btchr Stattery & Ter- 

rance. 1 273 Maria 
" Thomas, btchr, b 71 York 
Bromfleld Charles, carrlagemkr O Car 

Co, h 82 Lewis 
Bronsklll Alfred L. 1 531 Rldeau 

" Fred O, elk acct's br Dept P P and 

S, 1 631 Rldeau 
" Henry J, adv mngr Journal Ptg 

Co, h 531 Rldeau 
Bronson EdUha *- iwld Henry F), h 72 

" Hon Ersklne H, pres Bronsons & 

Weston Lumber Co (Ltd), h 75 

" Frank P, vice-pres Bronsons & 

Weston Lumber Co (Ltd), and 

vloe-prea Eclipse Office Furn 

Co, h 196 Metcalfe 
" Walter G, with Bronsons & Wes- 
ton Lumber Co, 1 72 Concession 

Bronsons A Weston Lumber Co 

(Limited). Hon E H Bronson 
President and Manager, F P 
Bronson Vice-President. Levi 
Crannell Secretary-Treasurer, 
Lumber Manufacturers 150-156 
Brook Miss Elizabeth, 1 436 Cooper 
" Miss Florence M, elk Singer Mnfg 

Co, 1 436 Cooper 
" Frank, elk C C Ray & Co, 1 436 

" Harry J, elk, h 436 Cooper 
" James A. tlmekpr, h 125 George 
" Miss Margaret, bkpr C King. 1 125 

George • 
" Miss Maria. I 436 Cooper 

Brooke George C, mill hd. b 186 Middle 
" Thomas C, mill hd. b 186 Middle 

Brooks George, policeman, 1 242 Nepean 
" Hlal W, tmstr C A R, h 89 Nepean 
" James, carp, h 98 Augusta 
" John, 1 121 Nicholas 
" John jr, carp, h 121 Nicholas 
" Joseph N, lab, h 185 Bell 
" J, bkpr J & C Low 
" Sadie, dom 495 Gllmour 
" Thomas (Fee & Brooks), h 664 Ann 
" Wm, h 416 Liagar 

Brophy Arthur A, private sec to Sec 
of State, I 495 Klnsr 
" Charles B. elk Fisheries br Dept M 
and F, l 4£6 King -; 

" Miss Emily, b 37 Slater 



■ ! ii 

>.' 1- 

i' r 

11 r?) 


'. t; 

i J hi! 


'i'i \ 

j ; r 


'^ .t\ 

'■•: i 


Qroe«rs or 'Phon«i 1028. 

T J! 

.1. S 

i' ■'■ 


1 ■'.■^ i 

ThaMieiu OyU I I C C [ are abMlutehl JMN R. REiD, 













" George P, superintending engineer 
Ottawa River Works Office, Pre- 
sident Kootenay & Columbia 
Prospecting & Mining Co (Ltd), 
h 52 Theodore 

" John li, civ eng, h 344 Gllmour 

^ Auctioneer, 



33 SPARKS ST.t - 'Phone 461. 

Seven Years' Experience in the Mines Section 
of the Oeoiogical Survey of Canada. 

Residence, 495 King Street. 

Brophy Maggie, dom 360 Cooper 
" Martin, studt, b 130 Queen 
" Mary C, dom 297 Cooper 
" Mary T (wld John P), h 495 King 
" Mitchell, carbonmkr Ottawa P & C 

Co, h 112 Queen w 
" Wm M, civ ser, h 64 Maclaren 
Brosseau see Brazeau and Brousseau 
Brough James S, elk acct's br Dept 

Interior, h 659 King 
" Miss Mary A, h 289 Sparks 
Brouillet Charles A, elk CAR freight 

otnce, b 88 Slater 
" Flavle (wid Edouard). 1 33 Church 
Brouse Building, 181 Sparks 
" Harry, trav H A Brouse and agt 

Tutti-Frutti Vending Co, 1 370 

" Henry A (Creamery Biscuit Wks), 

fruits 183^4 Sparks, h 370 Cooper 
" John, tmstr, h 120 O'Connor 
" John A (Brouse & Millar and 

Creamery Biscut Works), fruits 

73-75 Bank, h 97 O'Connor 
" J Edgar, l 97 O'Connor 
" Samuel, watchman Capital Planing 

Mill Co, h 87 Fouth av 
" Walter, lab, h 210 Murray 
" & Millar (John A BrouLe, George 

J Millar), grocers 68 O'Connor 

and 73-77 B<ink 
Brousseau see also Brazeau 
" Albert, 1 22 Water 
" Antoine, saw filer, h 136 Clarence 
" Edouard, slsmn Slattory and Ter- 

rance, l 643 St Patrick 
" Elzear, civ ser, h 22 Water 
" Evangellste, prop Capital Hotel, 

208 St Patrick 
" Joseph, roofer, l 136 Clarence 
" Joseph A, city editor Le Canada, 

1 22 Water 

" Joseph O, elk P Baskerville & 
Bros, h 6S Murray 

" Miss Marie, tlrs Lang & Kemp, 1 

186 Clarence 

" "ISB Rose A, tlrs Lang & Kemp, 1 

186 C?arence 

Browen Emlle, lab, b 180 Queen 

Brown see also Browne 

Connor ^w 
" Alexander, elk J A Seybnid g, „„ 

1 488 Ann ' « <t co, 

" Alexander, comp Ottawa Printi„» 
Co, b Ontario Chambe.r ^ 
" Alexander, musician, h gj BesHBr.. 
" Alexander, pntr, h 379 Mpria ® *' 
" Alfred, elk, h 201 Albert 

Brown Alfred W, Manairer r 

5 Williams & Sons Co 145 ,,. 
Bank, b 451 Llsgar ^^" 

" Anastasia (wld Thomas, 1 145 An« 
'• Andrew, studt, b 123 Slater " 

Brown. Baker A Co, (Wm f 

Brown, John W Baker), Boot. 

and Shoes 61 Rldeau " 

" Calvin G, elk Kidd & Foiward ^ 

380 Cooper ™' ' 

" Cecelia (wld Lawrence), h 14 Rej. 

" Charles, lab, h 334 Clareiv e 
" Christopher, woodwkr J H Connn,. 

6 Son, h 30 Second av ^ 
" Claudius, contr 213 Albert 

" Daniel W, cond O A & p s Tiv 

h 36 Florence ^' 

•* Duncan, horseshoer 92 Georet- h 

513 Gllmour ^ ' " 

" Miss Edith M, 1 196 Slater 
" Edward S, slsmn Bryson, cirahim 

& Co, 1 173 Nicholas 
" Eliza (wld John), h 348 Cumber- 

" Miss Eliza M, I 379 Slater 
" Elizabeth (wid John), cook 4u 

" Ellen (wld Jeremiah), dom 38t 

" Miss Emlly,elk John Murphv & Co ' 

1 325 Nepean ' 

" Miss Emily, dom 181 Somf-rset 
" Miss Emma, 1 47 Arthur 
" Emma (wld John)> b 164 Murray! 
" Buphemia (wld Richard H). h 39J 

" Miss Eva, elk S A MuDen, res 

" E, lab J & C Low , 

" E George, tchr Wellington s^t sch 

1 222 Daly av 
" Miss Fanny A, elk A H Jarvis 1 

63 Second av 1 

" Miss Florence, wks Ottawa Truss 

& Surg Mtg Co, 1 257 Lyon 
" George, bkbndr Thobum & Co, || 

72 Cobourg 
" George, foreman, l 17 McGee 
" George, lab, h 4S5 Llsgar , 

" George A, claim elk CAR, h S Mc-I 

Dougal av | 

" George H, trainer, h 188% Isabellal 
" George P, bkpr McDougal & Cuzl 

ner, 1 196 Slater 
" Gerald H. reporter Free Press, 

196 Slater 
" Miss Harriet, elk T Klmpton i\ 

Co, h 181 Bank 

G. B. TA&6ABT & SON 

Tel. 70S. Cor. Bank A Wellington Sii 

Willi, MASON & SONS 

. . . DRY WOOD . . . 





"^ Harry servant 162 Clarence 
„ Harry, wks Prltchard & Andrews, 

res JanevlUe 
„ Harry W, private sec to Minister 

of Mllltla and Defence, b 68 Al- 
'• Hasty, carp, h 55 Cambridge 
" Henry, weigh master Broad st 

stales, h 73 Ellen 
" Hen'-y T„ studt, b lli Jane 
■• Hiram, eng CAR, h 30 Neville 
•' Horace T, pro med 196 Slater 
" James, bldr 380 Cooper, h same 
" James, carp, h n s Charles, 1 w 

of Robert 
" James, .culler, h 63 Second av 
" James, patmkr CAR, h 47 Arthur 
•' James A, carp, h 17 McGee 
" James C, gro 74 Cumberland, h 

73 same 
" James E, mach Alex Fleck, 1 47 

" James F, h 173 Nicholas 
" James H, trav John Macdonald & 

Co, b 37 Metcalfe 
" Jane, dom 241 Daly av 
" Janet (wid James E), h 228 Maria 
" Jeremiah, carter, h 139 Botelier 
<• Miss Jessie A, elk Graham Bros, 

b 374 Nepean 
" John, carp, 1 310 Ann 
" John, elk C Ogllvy, 1 384 King 
" .Tghn, lab Ottawa Gas Co, h 335 

" John, lab, 1 14 Redpath 
" John, weighmaster Boteiler st 

scales, h 44 Stewart 
" John S, elk J R Allan, 1 101 O'Con- 
" John T, lab, 1 835 King 
" John W, carp, h 600 Albert 
" Joseph, mason, h 549 St Patrick 
" Joseph, musician, 1 63 O'Connor 
" Julia, cook 606 Rideau 
" Miss Lizzie, wks Ottawa Truss ft 

Surg Mfg Co, b 237 Kent 
" Louis, uhantyman, h 52 Murray 
" Mary (wld John), h 384 King 
" Miss Mary, tchr Kent st school, h 

379 Slater 
" Mrs Mary A, gro 480 Cumberland, 

h 44 Stewart 
" Misp Mary V, 1 410i^ Gloucester 
" Mrs May (Brown ft Bruce), h 58 

" Patrick, lab, h 30 Balrd 
" Peter, carp, h 683 Bank 
" Miss Pinah, 1 47 Arthur 
" Richard M. cabtmkr Ottawa Spe- 
cialty Mfg Co, res JanevlUe 
I Brown Robert, Marble and 

Granite Works 94 George, h 616 

Robert, soap and candle mnf r .164 

York, h 328 Chapel 
Robert A. pntr, h 160 Centre 
Robert J. lab, 1 495 Lisgar 
Mrs Hose, 1 833 Wellington 


" Samuel J, weighmaster, h s s Isa- 
bella, 1 w of 164 
" Sidney (Brown ft Carlie), h 118 

" Sidney McG, moto O E Ry, h 118 

" Stephen, inmate 954 Bank 
" Miss Susanna, b 4IO14 Gloucester 
" Thomas, driver R McGlffln, b 300 

" Thomas, tmstr J R Booth, h 334 

" Thomas G, dlr, h 448 Ann 
" Wm, confr Thomas Bums, h 523 

" Wm, mach Hugh McColl, 1 547 

" Wm, tmstr, 1 326 Bridge 
" Wm, watchman, h 724 Cooper 
" Wm E (Brown, Baker ft Co), >i 

s s Centre, 3 w of Monk 
" Wm E Jr. elk Brown. Baker ft Co, 

1 W E Brown 
" Wm J, mach E G Shepherd, h 

647 Lisgar 
" Wm W, h 138 O'Connor 
" ft Bruce (Mrs May Brown, Mrs 

Cecilia Bruce), bkrs 58 O'Connor 
" ft Carlie (Sidney Brown, Samuel H 

Carlie). restaurant 118 Bank 
Browne Coates, elk freight office CAR. 

1 857V4 Wellington 
" Miss Dolly, 1 357% Wellington 

Browne Eb, Orooer, ^ines and 

Liquors 101-108 Sparks, h S57i4 

" Miss Jennie, mlnr Miss J Walker, 

1 867% Wellington 
" John C, broker 25 Sparks, h 29 

" Thomas R, elk, rms 216 Lyon 
Brownell P Franklin, artist 662 Rideau 
Brownlee David H. stone cutter, b 20(> 

" Edwin J, elk Mercantile Syndicate 

Co, 1 639 Somerset 
" Herman, moto O E Ry, 1 77 Jane 
" James, carp, h 539 Somerset 
" James A. moto O E Ry, h 77 Jane 
" James N, cutter J G Lyon, h 311 

" Robert, lab, h 604 Albert 
" Theresa, (wid Albert), h 326 James 
" Thomas, fireman CPR. h 76 Spruce 
" Thomas A, elk A B Brethour, 1 589 

" Will J, dentist 177 Sparks, b 228 

Bruce Cecelia (wid James), (Brown & 

Bruce), 1 6S O'Connor 
" Miss Charlotte, wtrs Almonte 

" George (Bruce ft Fleck), h 64 Cam- 
" George, driver, 1 306 Ann 
" Georgia (wld Henry B D). h 243 

" John, oonti', h 252 Bay 

letropolltan Business College 1 

*. T. WILU8, MmIihU. 18S tPARKt ST. | 

The Popular CommerQlal and 

Shorthand Training School 

of the Capital. 

I >\t' t'i :■ ''S 
I 1 * ■' r' *! 

.fS.iffli!,: 1 

:i >.; 



ii , 


i 1 


( !■ 

'■ t- 


■ i ^^ 



- LUNCH - 















Brue* „ ^. 

" John A, elk McKlnley & North- 
wood, 1 262 Bay 

" W Wallace, elk Ontario Bank, 1 92 

" & Fleck (George Bruce, J G Fleck), 
macbs, r 64 Cambridge 
Brule Alfred, prop St Louis Hotel, 48 

" Lorenzo, slsmn Larose & Co, 1 327 
St Patrick / 

" Thomas G, elk, 1 43 York 

" Thomas J. slsmn T Lindsay & Co, 
1 43 York 
Bruley Miss Maggie, dom 450 Maelaren 
Brumell Henry P H, mngr, h 31 Rus- 
sell av 
Brunei George, elk utat br Dept In- 
land Rev, b 18« Slater 

" Joseph, mason, h 166 McTaggart 

" Wm H (H B Cameron & Co), 1 194 
Brunet MJsa Blanche, b 37 Le Breton 

" Celonie (wld Julea), I 32 Cumber- 

" Maxlme, lab. h 32 Cuiiiberland 
Brunette Alfred, bartndr City Hotel, h 
185 King 

" Amellne (wid Louis), h 283 Cum- 

" Edmond, l»b, h 157 St Andrew 

" Bdouard, driver A Jullen, b 226 St 

" Emile, lab, h 22 Anderson 

" Frederick, 1 126 Lome av 

" Joseph, watchman, h 126 Lome av 

" Louis, carriagemkr 227% St Pat- 
rick, b 226 same 

" J^oulc, elk Lang & Kemp, b 146 

" L Joseph, slsmn Bryson, Graham 
& Co, h 301 St Patrick 

" Napoleon, trunkmkr S & H Bor- 
brldge, 1 174 St Andrew 

" Zotique, driver C W Donovan & 
Qo, h 271 King 

Bmnswiok The, John Hnokell 

Proprietor, 122-126 Sparks 
Bruyere see also Brlere 
" Calixte, lab, h 17 Day 
" Charles A, foreman pntr CAR, h 

17 Osgoode 
" Emelle (wid Charles A), 1 17 Ob- 
Bryan see Brien and O'Brien 
Bryant Miss Annie, dramkr, 1 7B Vlt- 
" Thomas, muc tehr 289 Nicholas 
Bryce Peter, gdnr 680 Rldeau, h same 
Bryden see Brlden 
Brymer George C, Jeweler Olmsted A 

Hurdman, h 104 Jamea 
Brymner see also Bremner 
" Douglas, LLD, FR8C, Dominion 
archivist, h 391 Metcalfe 
Bryson Charles (Brynon, Graham Sc 
Co), h 470 Albert 

Bryson* Graham & Co, (Charle. 

Bryson, Frederick j Orahamr 

Dry Goods, Clothing. Boots anrt 

Shoes, Carpets, Furniture Grr 

ceries. Crockery, Glasswarp" 

Plated Goods, Cutlery, Etc 142 

154 Sparks and 35 O'Connor (s^ 

adv opposite) ^°** 

" John A (Bryson, Graham & Cci\ 

h 326 Cooper ^°'' 

" Mary (wid John A), b 237 Waver 

Buchan Thomasina, house mairi RidM,, 

Hall ^®*" 

Buchanan Agnes (wid John),h 3<!7 Cum 

" James, h 92 Metcalfe 
" James, bartndr F H Satchell 1 m? 

Cumberland " 

" John, boots and shoes 55d Susspt 

h 387 Cumberland 
" John G, cashier Shepard & Morse 

Lumber Co, h 148 James 
" Miss Mary, slsldy John Buchanan 

1 387 Cumberland 
" Th'^tnas E, gents' furnishings 561. 

663 Sussex, \ 387 Cumberland 
" Walter H, engr G Cox, 1 92 Met- 

" Wm, pntr Wm Howe, h 189 James 
Buck Howard P, elk Dept- Trade and 

Commerce, b 119 Cooper 
" Jeremiah B, carp Dept Pub Wks 

h 631 Somerset 
" Jeremiah W, driver Can Exp Co 

h 33 Sherwood 
" W Edgar, vocal tchr 193 Sparks, b 

19 Nepean 
Buckey Marie A (wld Richard), fruits 

307 Clarence 
Buekham John A, elk H F MacCarthy 

1 307 Wellington 
" John H, elk R Buekham, l 307 


Bnokham Robert, Wholesale ! 

and Retail Flour and Feed 501 
Wellington, h same 
Buckland Bessie, dom 260 Maelaren 
Buckley Miss Annie, agt, 1 346 Albert 
" James, civ ser, h 676 King 
" Patrick, livery 77-79 Metcalfe, h I? | 
Bucksey Miss Marian P, drsmkr 9t ] 

O'Connor, h same 

Buell A A (W G White & Co), re«| 

Burlhigton Vt 

" Julio T. rms 25 Victoria Chambers I 

" Miss Madge C, elk acct's br P 1 

Dept, 1 378 Lewis 
" Miss Susan, h 378 Lewis 
" Wm, brakeman CAR, 1 9 Bcclts 
Buels Frank, tchr Can Coll of Music, | 

h 86 Slater 
Bufton Alferd, elk Mrs M A Button, | 
1 618 Bank 

" Elizabeth ,wld Jonathan), 1 5U| 

" Mrs Mary A, btchr 424 Bank, 1 ill J 



nupHONa 4sa. I BMt Quality. LowMtPrlcM,! 

Ottawa's Greatest Store. 



ryson, Graham & Co. 

Sparks and O'Connor Streets. 

i H>Pf i f Wff^Wyy^FI'¥^WW^PWW H fTf iaft'iig g»! 

IWI i ii WI 







CORSKTS . . . 
LACES . ■ . 
GLC7ES . . 
HOSE. . . . 
WRAPS. . . 
FURS .... 

A Free Parcel Cour|ter. 

A Lunch Room. 

Ice Cream Parlor. 
Soda Fountain and 

Candy Counter 

l|ot Dinners aqd 
Tasty Lunches 

Served at all hours on thu 
European Plan. 







TRUNKS . . . . 




Our Carpets, Furniture, Stoues, Etc., 

Have made a record for theniHt'lvea that is the envy of 
opponents and our pride. • 

142, 144, 146, 148, 150, 152, 154 Spafks St. 

33 aod 85 O'CooDor Street. Faetopy: QUON 8T. 



:< II 


11 ! 

I :-; I' 


l!. t 


■5-: :■■.*. , , V.t ■> ' 

-r" ">:>""■ 

for up to dat^ 

117 SPARKS ' 



'^Wni O, btchr Mrs M A 

51 !5 Bank 
Bugg Annie E (wid Robert 

" Edgar J E, tinner CA 


Bolldiiig: Inspector's 

Ainaham Pratt Inspec 


Buldam Charles, lab, 1 B Lew 
Bulger see also Boulger 

" Maiy. dom 312 Maclaren 
Bull Enoch, foreman S & H E 
1) 19 Second av 
" J Arthur, harnessmkr S < 
iiridge, 1 19 Second av 
Bullen Thomas D, brklyr, h 5 
Bullis Edmond, baggageman 
12S Nicholas 
" Erastus A, millwright, h 
" Mif^f Frances A, 1 26 Tui 
" Miss Helena, elk R E Ja 
2() Turner 
BuUman a, helper McKInley 
wood, res Hlntonburg 
" Jonas, mngr Petrolla Ol 

" Joseph A, cond O E Ry, 

" Lotiie, dom 359 Welllngti 
Bunel see also Bonell 

" Edmond L, civ ser, h 69 

Bunnell Arthur M (Bunnell Bi 


" Bros (Arthur M, Francii 
Charles W), fruits ai 
164 Bank 
" Charles W (Bunnell Bn 

" Francis E (Bunnell Bro 
Bunnelle George L, elk acct'i 

Dept, res Rockcliffe 
Burbldge see also Borbridge 
" Charles, fireman, h 140 i 
" Frederick A, mach CAR,1 

" F M, elk Bank of Monti 

Barbidge Hon Oeorge 

lock. Judge Exchequer 
240 Somerset 
" James H, carp, 1 140 Cath« 
Burch see Birch and Blrtch 
Burdenon LouiFa (wid Mich 

Burder Miss E. bndr Ptg Bui 

BurdPtte Louis, elk, 1 145 Rid 
Bureau Alfred (A Bureau & ] 
187 Nicholas 
" A & Freres (Alfred, Lou 
Eucllde), prtrp 9 O'Con 
' Emile, bkbndr, 1 86 Wate 
' Eaclide (A Bureau & Fre 

' Isidore, pressman Ptg I 

92 Catheart 
' Joseph, lab, h 151 McTagi 


^-::r^^tsr^^'^ Go to JAR VIS 





^Wni G. btchr Mrs M A Bufton, 1 

5];, Bank 
unee Annie E (wld Robert), h 852 
**"** Elgin 
" Edgai- J B, tinner CAR, 1 516 


Bollding: Inspector's Office, 

Aoraham Pratt Inspector, City 
Buldam Clmrles, lab, 1 B Lewis 
Bulger see also Boulger 

" Maiy. dom 312 Maclaren 
Bull Enoch, foreman S & H Borbrldge, 
h la Second av 
" J Arthur, harnessmkr S & H Bor- 
iiridge, 1 19 Second av 
BuUen Thomas D, brklyr, h BIOV2 Kent 
Bullis Edmond, baggageman CAR, h 
12s Nicholas 
" Erastus A, millwright, h 26 Turner 
" Uif? Frances A, 1 26 Turner 
" Miss Helena, elk R E Jamleson, 1 
liU Turner 
Bullman a, helper McKlnley & North- 
wood, res Hlntonburg 
" Jonas, mngr Petrolla Oil Co, res 
a. Hlntonburg 

f' •• Joseph A, cond O E Ry, res Hln- 
" Lottie, dom 359 Wellington 
Bunel see also Bonell 

" Edmond L, civ ser, h 69 Redpath 

Bunnell Arthur M (Bunnell Bros), h 164 


" Bros (Arthur M, Francis E and 

Charles W), fruits and confy 

164 Bank 

" Charles W (Bunnell Bros), 1 164 

" Francis E (Bunnell Bros), 1 164 
Bunnelle George L, elk acct's br P O 

Dept, res Rockcliffe 
Burbidge see also Borbrldge 
" Charles, fireman, h 140 Catherine 
" Frederick A, mach CAR,1 140 Cath- 
" F M, elk Bank of Montreal, 1 240 

Burbidge Hon George Wnoa- 

lock. Judge Exchequer Court, h 
240 Somerset 
" James H, carp, 1 140 Catherine 
Burch see Birch and Blrtch 
Burdenon LouiFa (wld Michel), 1 126 

Burder Miss E, bndr Ptg Bureau, b 26 

Burdette Louis, elk, 1 145 Rideau 
Bureau Alfred (A Bureau & Frere»), h 
187 Nicholas 
" A & Freres (Alfred, Louis N and 

Eucllde), prtrp 9 O'Connor 
" Emile, bkbndr, 1 86 Water 
" Eacllde (A Bureau & Freres), 1 187 

" Isidore, pressman Ptp; Bureau, h 

92 Cathcart 
" Joseph, lab, h 151 McTaggart 


" Joseph H, barber 42 Rideau and 

596 Sussex, h 119 Water 
" J Arthur, bkbndr Ptg Bureau, 1 

133 Dalhousie 
" Louis N (A Bureau & Freres), h 

86 Walter 
" Oscar, bkbndr Ptg Bureau, 1 13!? 

" Peter E, driver J A Moran, h 446 

" Pierre, bkbndr Ptg Bureau, h 116 

" Pierre N, prtr, h 13 i Dalhousie 
Burel Miss Marie, tirs W H Martin, 1 

28 Frlel 
" Napoleon, h 2S Fricl 
Burgess Albert H, lab, h s s Ella, 2 

w of Craig 
" Alexander M, Dominion Lands 

Commissioner, h 135 Maclaren 
" Archibald C, prop C P R restaur- 
ant, res Carleton Place 
" Elizabeth (wld James), h 130 

" Miss Ethel, civ ser, 1 275 Slater 
" Hall, Frank s e cor Bank 
" Henry, contr, h 434 Lisgar 
" John A, restr Central Station, h 115 

" John F, pressman Le Temps, 1 130 

" John P, elk Kavanagh Bros, 1 119 

" Thomas A, 1 135 Maclaren 
" Thomas E, brakeman, b 53 Sher- 
" Thomas F, prtr, 1 149 York 
" Thomas H, mech asst Dept Inland 

Rev, h 149 York 
" Wm H. elk Geo S Johnston A, Co, 

h 388 King 
Burk set' also Bourke, Bourque and 

" Daniel P, dynamo tender, h 139 

'• John, horse trainer, h 262 Nepean 
Burke Miss Annie, bndr Ptg Bureau, b 

211 Slater 
" Annie E (wld Hugh), h 610 Mac- 
" Miss Cassie, mlnr Lang & Kemp, 

1 170 Bank 
" Catherine (wid George), h 170 Bank 
" Catherine (wid Martin), h 28 Co- 

" Charles, confy 269 Preston 
" Charlies, 'ab, h 14S Crelghton 
" Denis, elk Privy Counc'l Office, h 

519 Ki: „ 
" Edward J, lab, h 244 Gloucestsr 
" George F, mach O E Co, h 446 

" Helen, dom 125 Somerset 
" Miss Helena M, 1 232 Stewart 
" Hugh, carp, h 25 Spruce 
" James, culler, h 119 Margaret 
" John, lab, h 56 Cumberland 
" John C, elk, 1 170 Bank 




«>r 'PheiM loss. 

r-aHKH- .-T.l- ,,.•;.- 

I ^! 

: .; 





i ii 

The SUH Life 



Low Rates, Large Proflts and the \h^ 
Liberal Policy in the World. 






" John. J. moto O B Ry, h 427 Liagar 
" JoI:n L, 9ro 303 Bank, b 123 Slater 


Valuator, Assignee, Auditor 
and Accountant, 
171 Sparks Street. 

Residence, 190 Isabella. 

Burke Katie, dom 119 Daly av 
" Miss Laura E, stenog B T A Bell, 
1 547 Sussex 
Louis, mldr, 1 148 Oreighton 
Miss Maggie, bndr Ptg Bureau, I 

28 Cobourg 
Mrs Malvina, 1 269 Preston 
Miss Margaret, h 232 Stewart 
Maria (wid John), 1 135 Albert 
Miss Mary, drsmkr, 1 292 Lyon 
Mary, housemaid 96 Queen 
Miss Mary A, h 108 York 
Mary A, dom 19 College av 
Mary G (wid Thomas), h 41 Kent 
Patrick, tmstr Richard Holmes, 

res Cantley 
Peter J, lineman, h 65 Emily 
Stasia, dom 232 Daly av 
Thomas, caretkr Geological Mus- 
eum 547 Sussex, h same 
Wm, hostler A A Abliott, h 353 

Wm, millwright, h 40 Little Chau- 

dlere rd 
Wm, prln St Bridget's Sep School, 
h 45 Augusta 
Burks see Bnrks 

Burland George B, pres and mangr 

Brit Am Bank Note Co, h 111 


" Lieut Col Jeffrey H vlce-pres Brit 

Am Bank Note Co, 1 111 Cooper 

" Robert, elk Brit Am Bank Note 

Co, h 85 Kent 

Burllnguette Edgar, cutter R J Devlin, 

b 54 Daly av 
Burman Charles, tallyman, 1 102 Spruce 
" Miss Eleanor S, 1 102 Spruce 
" Mary A (wid Samuel), h 102 Spruce 
'■ Richard W, blksmth 460 Welling- 
ton, h 83 Spruce 
" Samuel, single edger, I 102 Spruce 
Burn see also Bourne Burns and Byrne 
" Daniel, acct Carr g B and M Co, h 

603 Wellington 
" Frederick W, tlr 651 Somerset, h 
105 Arthur 

Burn George* General Manager 

Bank of Ottawa, h 255 Metcalfe 
" Richard, carp, h 342 Division. 

Pnrne Jame?, 1 ( 3 Water 
" Mary (wid John), h 63 Water 

Burnell Wm H, civ eni?, rms 293 Queen 

Burnett see also Barnett 
" Alexander, adv mngr E R vaa 

Co, b 185 Queen ^^^^ 

" Bertram F, elk Dept Marina n„^ 

Fisheries, b 372 Lewis *""* 

" Daniel, lab, 1 73 Division 
" Donald, lab, h 73 Division 
" James F, bkpr John Murphy *• p> 

1 625 Somerset * ^'^• 

" John, lab, h 180 Mutchmor 
" John, lab,l 19 Theodore 
" Miss Mary, bkbndr Mortimer & Cn 

1 19 Theodore ^°' 

" Robert, fireman No 2, h 514 Kent 
" Susanna (wid John), h 19 Xheo 

Burnham W F, ry maM elk, rew BrocV 

ville " 

Burns see also Bourne, Burn ani Byrne 
" Annie, dom 14 George 
" Miss Annie, 1 42 Lome av 
" Miss Beatrice, tlrs, 1 229 Si Andrew 
" Bernard, foreman, h 175 Clarence 
" Bridget, dom 71 Osgoode 
" Cecillii (wid Wm), tlrs J R Mc- 

^c'n. res Billing's Bridge 
" Charles, elk, 1 42 Lome av 
" C B, private sec to Minister of 

Finance, b 34 Wellington 
" Daniel, bart* 1 'ler C Christian, b 

10 Besserer 
" Dennis, moto O E Ry, b 226 St 

" Ednard, trav, h 126 Crelghton 
" Mls3 Elizabeth, 1 178 George 
" Misa Elizabeth, tlrs, 1 229 St An- 

" Ellen (wid James), h IT George 

" Miss Emma, mlnr ^'Tlss M a 

Quinn, 1 42 Lome av 
" Francis, elk C P R Co's Tel, 1 «j 

Sweetland av 
" Prank J, blksmlth M T Burns, 1 

174 Queen 
" Gregory, carp, h S7 Sweetland av 
" Honora (wid James), h 2i\) jt 

" James, cooper, h 125 Besserer 
" James, eng, h 44 Balrd 
" Miss Jane, pressfeeder Ptg Bureau 

1 193 York 
" John, elk acct's ^r Dept Inland 

Rev, h 134 Stewart 
" John, lab, h 305 Church 
" John L, bdg 99 York 
" J Russell, driver A Douglas. 1 M 

" Kate, dom 198 Concession 
" Lawrence, messr Piivy Council 

Office, h 2 Sophia 
" Lizzie, dom 584 Maria 

■' Lizzie, dom 35 Slater 

" Maggie, dom 364 r' >oper 

" Miss Maggie, bndr Ptg Bureau, 

266 Nepean 

" Maggie, dom 70 Gloucester 

" Mrs Margaret, Imlrs, h 119 Maria I 


HroKors, Nouses ar «Miil« aiHi t a Ut | 

BENTS ( OLhElTt<:n. ' I'honi' ?".'* 

Oor »«ANK and WELLfNQTON 8T&| 



Kiwi* to Ordtr. 





" Mis^s Margaret, tlrs Two Macs, 1 

229 St Andrew 
M jiiss Mary, bndr Ptg Bureau, 1 

2(56 Nepean 
.. Mips Mary, dramkr John Murphy 

*L- Co, 1 125 Besserer 
•' Mary, wtrs The Windsor 
" MisR Maude, mlnr Mrs S Cornish, 

1 42 Lome av 
" Michael, 1 413 Sussex 
" Michael J, hostler Hugh McGuire, 

1 193 York 
" Michael T, horseshoer 174 Queen 
" Mi33 Minna, tchr, 1 42 Lome av 
•' Miss Minnie, slsldy Larose & Co, 

] 44 Baird 
" Patrick J, contr 127 George 
" Patrick J jr, 1 127 George 
" Ri'hard, carp, h 193 York 
■■ BoViert, asst supt Sun Life Assce 

Co, 1 99 York 
" Robert, carp, h 414 Clarence 
" Robert, millwright, h 42 Lome av 
" R.'bert jr, coll, 1 42 Lome av 
" Ui^s Rose.mlnr Mies E Armstrong, 

1 125 Besserer 

Barns Thomas, Baker and Con- 
fectioner 78 Sparks, b 92 Stanley 
" Thomas A, staty and tel agt 56f» 

Sussex, 1 134 Stewart 
" ^YIT^, 1 166 Boteller 
" Wm, cellar coutr 147 Ken< 
" AVm ^x, elk McKa> .vfilling Co, 1 

134 Stewart 
" Wm H, 1 127 Ceorge 
" "Wm H, fitone carver, h 214 Slater 
" Wm R, elk, 1 42 Lome av 
' Wm T. bkr Thomas Bums, 1 32 
Stanley av 
Buinsfide James, lab, '. 16 Lydla 

■ James, watchman, h 16 Lydla 

■ John, lab, 1 16 Lydla 

• Thomas, brkman CAR. h 166 Bell 
" Thomas E, foreman McKay Mill- 
ing Co, res Hintonburg 
' Wm A, mach hd R Thaokray, 1 16 
Burpee Alice (wld Lewis), h 88 Victoria 
" Frederick D, cashier O E Ry, 1 88 

\'ictorln • 
" >?ifis Ida, 1 254 Lisgar 
' Lawrence J, priv se<> Minister of 

Justice, 1 88 Victoria 
" Miss May, 1 254 Llagar 

BuniU Wm R, agi Metropolitan Life 
Ins Co and caretaker, 49 Met- 

Buiris Miss Flore;:oe, drsmkr Mrs J J 

Phelan, b 153 George 
Biiriltt see also Barette, Barrett and 

Barret te 
Burritt Alexarrler. Regristrar 

City Registry Ott.ce 66 Nlchol- 

a«, h 576 Maria 

■ E.lmund F (Cod • & Burritt), 1 376 


Burroughs George G, slsmn Brynon, 
Graham & Co, b 101 O'Connor 
" Henry, mill hd, b 174 Middle 
" John G M, elk, rms 101 O'Connor 
" Joseph, lab, h 642 St Patrick 
Burrows Annie (wld John), h 386 Maria 
" Edwaid, driver R N Bishop, b 287 

" Miss Eliza, 1 3S5 Maria 
" George, mil! hd, 1 280 St Andrew 
" Mary A (wid James H), 1 347 Lis- 
" Robert, mill hd, 1 280 St Andrew 
" Wm, tlr, h 280 St Andrew 
" Wm H, atone cutter, 1 290 King 
Burton Amos C, carp, h 523 McLeod 
" Ellaa (wld Henry), 1 610 Somerset 
" Emily, dom 141 Rideau 
" Henry J, driver Eb Browne, h 20' 

" Horace, piano tuner 315 Rideau 
" John, candymkr, 1 315 Rideau 
" Wm, candymkr, 1 315 Rideau 
Burwash John W, elk Lang & Kemp, 

b 259 Wellington 
Bur well Thomas S, teller elk Can Bank 

of Com, 1 131 Slater 
Bush, Bonbrlght & Co (John Bush), 
pianos, organs, etc, 158 S;parks 
" Henry, lab, h 54 Stewart 
" John (Bush. Bonbrlght & Co), h 1 

" J Wlllard, bkpr Bush, Bonbrlght 

& Co, 1 1 Ann 
" Miss Mary A, 1 218 St Patrick 
•' Millicent (wid John), 1 54 Stewart 
" Wm H, barber 360 Bank, b 38S 
Buske Emma, d >m 173 Cooper 

" Ferdinand, lab, h 349 MacKay 
Busky Augusta W, dom 500 Cooper 
Busstil Daniel, tmstr D '">'Coiinor jr, 
1 371 Lisgar 
" Miss Elizabeth, studt, 1 371 Lisgar 
" James, wood turner, '. 371 Lisgar 
" John, caretaker, h 371 Lisgar 
" John Jr, plmhr Graves Bros, 1 371 

" Margaret, dom 75 Somerset 
^ -.rslere Esther (wid J B), fruits 271 
" Jean Bte, hostler 451 Sussex 
" Theophlle, pntr Dept Pub Works, 
h 195 Cathcart 
Butland Wm H, bell hanger Dept Pub 

Works, res Janeville 
Butler Anthony, lab. h 168 Murray 
" Charles W, slsmn T Lindsay & 
Co, h 54 Cret«hton 

" Miss Ellen,,! Ill MMcalfe 
" Frank B, Ins agt, 1 54 Creighton 
Butl«<r House, M Butler Pro- 
prietress 88-94 Lyon, cor .Sparks 
" James, constable CAR, h "9 Union 
" John, lab, ! 133 Preston 
'■ John, moto O E Ry, h 689 Cooper 
" Josepl-. H, constable CAR, h 69 



E. 0. ARNOLDI, Agent, 91 SPARKS. 



! I 


-'•''' f ' 


■i •■ .. 

I .,u 

fr'' 5 

' ''ill ii:;^ 

! ■■ 


'aI\1 h\ III. 



i^tii I 

V f 

«"#! . 

111^ nil 



; I 


Kj I ,!■ »1 

I m 



■ '^ 



HAOtca fom Himm. 
mi ardcrt Promptly MtwHM To. 


'Phohm ai. 

w. a. BBLL, MAHnamm, 

* •TABttO, 

66 Queon St 






Butler Mrs Matilda, Pro- 

prietresB Butler House, 88-94 

Lyon, cor Sparks 
" Michael, lab, h 133 Preston 
" Minnie, dom 78 Llsgar 
" Perolval M, elk CAR audit office, 

h 288 Kent 

Butler Thomas, (Butler ft Co), 
Manairer Butler House, 90 Lyon 

" Wm, coachman TO Argyle 

" Wm H, 1 282 Kent 

" & Co (Thomas Butler), harness- 
mkrs 88 V^ Lyon 
Butterworth Charles A (Butterworth &, 
Co), h 324 Somerset 

" Enoch B (Butterworth & Co), sec- 
treas Contractors' Assn of Ot- 
tawa, h 322 Cooper 

" Ernest A R, packer P O Dept, 1 
6261/i Wellington 

" John G (J G Butterworth & Co), h 
225 Maclaren 

Butterworth J G, & Co (John 

G Butterworth), coal 86 Sparks 
" Miss Marie E, tchr Girls' Model 

Sch, b 185 Queen 
" Miss Minnie, 1 322 Cooper 
" Thomas,, caretkr Wellington st 

sch, h 62514 Wellington 

Butterworth & Co, (Enoch B 

and Charles A Butterworth), 
Hardware 110 Sparks and Iron 
Founders 131-135 Queen 
Byce Timothy, driver, h 56 Percy 
Byers George, cond CAR, res Hinton- 

" Jessie, wtrs The Gilmour 

" Peter, b 125 Albert 

" Richard T, elk Shepard & Morse 
Lumber Co, b 1^5 Albert 
Byfleld Mrs Albina, mlnr Miss A Mc-* 
Donald, 1 115 O'Connor 

" Thomas F, trav, 1 115 O'Connor 
Byrne see also Bourne, Burn and 

" Edward J, lab, h 332 James 

" John, cattle dlr, h 501 Ann 

" John T, foreman prtr Pt r Bureau, 
h 288 Lisgar 

" Joseph, driver, h 296 James 

" Roderick, cornicemkr Butterworth 
& Co, h 435 Lisgar 

" Wm J, patternmkr Victoria Foun- 
dry Co, h 178 George 
Byrnes Dennis, carp, 1 328 Elgin 

" James, carp, h 305 Bell 

" John, elk acct's br Dept InlaJid 
Rev, h 636 King 

" Joseph J, helper O'Reilly & Mur- 
phy, 1 328 Elgin 

" Miss Katherine, drsmkr 328 Elgin 

" Mary (wid Patrick), confr 326-328 
Elgin, h same 

" Wm T, prtr Ptg Bureau, 1 3f8 El- 
Byrns Martin, h 262 Nepean 
Byron see also Biron 

" Jacob, loader CPR, h 89 Lloyd 

Byshe Ernest, 1 522 Kent 
" Frederick H, elk acct's br Dhdi inn 

Affaire, h 312 Cooper ° 

" Frederick R, elk record br Dpnt 

Indian Affalis. h 522 Kent ^ 
" Herbert T (H Byshe & Cu) h m 

Concession " "^ 

" H & Co (Herbert T Byshe),t,lcycl«, 

and machinists 156 Bank 

Cabana Antolne, millwright J R Rnnth 

res Hull "' 

" Octavie (wid Seraphin), h r.Mt g. 


Cabour Sidoi, gdnr, h 423 St Patrick 

Caddy John St V, surveyor, h 419 Bes- 

Cadieux Alda (wid Alexander, l 124 
Le Breton 
" Miss Diana, slsl<ly A D Richard 

& Son, 1 387 King 
" Emma (wid Louia), 1 387 King 
" Isaac, harnessmkr, h 291 King 
" Miss Rose, tlrs T Lindsay & Co, 
res Hull 

Cafe Parisien, C L Belier 

Proprietor, 74-76 Metcalfe 
Caffarati T A, packer stamp Itr P 

Dept, res Ottawa East 
Cahill Miss Nellie, drsmkr, b 48 York 
Caille Miss Hermina. tlrs Stallnieyer 

& Adams, 1 247 Preston 
Cain see also Kane and Keane 
•• James, bki* R E Jamieson, 1 Oti Le 

" John, shipper, h 60 Le Breton 
" Michael, lab, h 66 Le Breton 
" Michael jr, lab, 1 66 Le Breton 
" Patrick, driver R M McMorran, 1 

66 Le Breton 
" Wm messr Ottawa River Works 
office, h 63 Hedpath 
Cairns see alan Kearns 
" Edward H, watchmkr C Addison, 

I 409 Rideau 
" George R, depot .agt C P R. h 68 

Third av 
" Hugh H, prtr Ptg Bureau, ii 409 

" Wm, elk H of C. h 471 Gilmour 
" Wm J, coll, 1 68 Third av 
Caleutt Ernest, mach, b 73 Gilmour 

Calderon Alfred M. Architect, 

45a Elgin, Telephone 961. Resid- 
ence 500 Coopei (See adv fiunt 
Calderone George, fruits 45 Rideau 
Caldvell Addle, dom 443 Welli'-igt.m 
" George B, trav. h n s Jo'rr.i cor 

" John Y, agt Ont Mutual Life Assce 

Co, h 460 Somerset 
" Sarah (wid John F), 1 506 1-2 Si'=. 

" Thomas D, h 506 1-2 Sussex 


Ru $2&000.000 Of IB- 
•uranee at Risk, and hu 
paid to Its PoUoy Holden 
many Millions of DoUan 


Selection of this Season's Goods in Stock. 





1 ii t 

Caledonia Feandvy, Law Bros 

Si Co Proprietors, w s Sussex n 
Oreen Island 

Caledonia SpHngs. (O r a n d 

Hotel), King Arnoldl Secretary, 

74 Sparks 
Oaleril" Emille, confy 133 Kent 
fallaghaii Bridget, dom 483 Bank 
'•• John, lab, h 58 King 
" Mary (wld Peter), h 279 St 


• Michael, lab. h 371 St Patrick 
Callahan James, elk T Noltfn, 1 Ifnt 


■ Ji^hn, lab, h 150 Chapel 

CalllRnn Ann (wld John), h 221 Church 
calve (n-ile, carp, h 4fi!t St Patrick 
Calvfi" Mii3S Edythe, slsldy, 1 242 Ne- 
■' JdUn, elk, h 242 Nepean 
" Mi.«s LiKzle a, 1 242 Nepean 

■ Knljert J. slsmn R Ma.sson. 1 242 

" AV.Ti E, bkbndr Ptg Bureau, h 224 
Calvin John, driver, b 250 Queen 
Camliie Alexander J. elk Supt's office 
C P R, 1 270 Cooper 
" Elizabeth (uid Alexander J), h 
270 Cooper 
Camen Rev Jacob, Rabbi Jewish Syna-j 

gogue, h 284 Water 
Car.ieion Alexander, cond C A Ry, h 
22 Turner 
" .\lexander, ry contr 231 Daly av 
" Alexander J, lab, 1 26 George 
•' Alexander W. dk acct's br Dept 

Rys and Canals, h 505 Co jper 
" Angus, Inmate 954 Bank 

■ Animus, lab, h 119 Frank 
" Annie, dom 311 Theodore 
" Bella, dom 396 Wilbrod 

■ Miss Bella, Indrs M M Pyke, 1 489 

" Charles, blksmith W C Edwards 

& Co, b 76 Cumberland 
" Mrs Donald, h 591 Wellington 
" Donald, gro 122 Dalhousle, h 135 

' Donald J, h 26 George 

• Douglas W, asfet acct misc br H of 

C, h 38 Primrose 
Flora (wid John), 1 308 Bay 
■' Frederick, elk S J Rdniondson, 1 
165 Augusta 
(leorge, maoh Cap Cash Reg Co, I 
578 Albert 
' Henry H, ) 3l»5 Theodore 
" Hugh, blk-^mth Alex Fleck, h 489 
Hugh B (H B Cameron & Co), rms 
293 Queen 
' H B & Co (H B Cameron and 

W H Brunei), mining brokers 

162 Sparks 
' Miss Jean, drsmkr 591 Wellington 
" John A, brakeman C A R. 1 ?M 



" John 

lumberman, h 395 Theo- 


" John B, Btoreman Gov MlUtla 

Stores, b 219 Maria 
" John H, elk W L. Donnelly, 1 578 

" John P, lab, 1 26 George 
" John I', pntr, h 591 Wellington 
•' John R, cond O E Ry, 1 578 Albert 
" Joseph R, tinner Wadsvvorth & 

McWhinnie, h 294 Queen 
" Kenneth F, trav, h 165 Augusta 
" Miss Laura, embosser W H Thlcke, 

1 B78 Albert 
" Miss Margaret, 1 231 Daly av 
" Mary (wld Alexander C), h e s 

Concession 1 s Mutchmor 
" Mary (wid John H). h 578 Albert 
" Mary, dom 66 Stewart 
" Miss Mary, Indrs M M Pyke, 1 489 

" Minnie, dom 94 Bank 
" Peter, driver, h 57 Munroe 
" Phileas A. prtr Ptg Bureau, h 589 

St Patrick 
" Robert J, trav, 1 105 Nepean 
" Wm, lal), b 85 York 
" Wm A, lumber, 1 395 Theodore 
Campbell Alexander, fireman, h 15 Flor- 
" Alexander, mach W J Campbell, 1 

478 Maria 
" Alexander C. reporter H of C, res 

Aylmer P Q 
" Mrs Alice, h 345 Murray 
" Angus P, elk savings bank br P 

Dept, rms 165 Gloucester 

" Archibald, lab, h 133 Cumberland 
' " Archibald, policeman, h 152 Isa- 

" Archibald M, elk, 1 138 Slater 

" Arthur C, b " "" C A R, h 683 

" Arthur W, P O Dei it, rms 65 Vic- 
toria Chambers 

" Cassius. prln Percy St Sch, h 396 

" Miss Catherine, drsmkr 455 Rldeau 

" Miss Christina, tchr Kent St Sch, 

1 376 Waverley 

" Clinton A, brakeman, h 683 Cooper 
" Daniel A, tchr Collegiate Inst, 1 

388 Somerset 
" Donald C, elk cor br Dept M and 

F, 1 41 Gloucester 
" Donald M. car bldr O E Ry, h 443 

" Dorothy (wid James), 1 376 Waver- 
" Edward C, wd wkr, 1 45 Munroe 
•• Miss Elizabeth A. 1 162 Isabella 
" Miss Ella, mlnr 678 Cooper 
" MIsa Emilia, h 9 Balpam 
" Francis, L>lksmth C A R, h 4". 

" Frederick, brakeman C P R. b 86 

Queen w 
" George A, cabtmkr Harris & 

Campbell. 1 47 Bolton 




632 to 540 WeUington St 


y 1 ; 


;> ' 








-^ *rf*.,>.-,Vw 


)fe; ,' :''ff'^' 


c iii^ 


p 3 :- 



fll i'itll 

I lllg UUH Lll P Oompatiy. I M SPARKS ST. 

17ti Campbell. 




S £ 






" Guy, contr 26 James, h same 
" Harriett, dons 299 Somerset 
" Henry J, cond O K Ry, 1 392 Glou- 
" Herbert S, h 82 James 
" Howard A, wka Henry Walters, 1 

678 Coopei 
" Hugh, carrlav bldr A Duford, res 

Skeads Mills 
" Rev Dr Isaac, pastor Ersklne Pres 

Church, h 454 Somerset 
" James, blrmkr W J Campbell, 1 

478 Maria 
" James, brakeman C A R, b 373 Ann 
" James, city uelgrhmaster, h 392 

" James, civ ser, b 475 Sussex 
" James, lab. h 218 Bell 
" James J, <;lk Dept Indian Aflairs, 

h SO Fourth av 
" James J, elk stat br Dept Customs, 

h 195 Bank 
" Miss Jane, mlny 168 Sparks 
" Jessie (wld Henry), 1 331 Somerset 
" John, asst agt Central Station, h 

111 Florence 
" John, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 10 Alice 
" John, stableman W H Davies, 1 

36 Waller 
" John A (Campbell & Sutherland), 

h 29 Waller 
" John A, culler, b 86 Queen w 
" Rev John C, sec Ottawa Auxiliary 

of The British and Foreign 

Bible SJC. res Hurdman's Bridge 
" John D. stenog M G Brlstow, 1 

376 Waverley 
" Miss Lizzie, drsmkr, rms 288 Lyon 
" Miss M«r«ra.ret, drsmkr, 1 455 Rid- 

" Miss "V)rtrg;i.(et, tohr Mutchmor St 

Sf-lsoo', * ,76 Waverley 
" Mf ry ■U>ii) 4?, Elgin 
" Mjf-!' Ivi'iJin!-, 1 168 Sparks 
• Moray (w.a John), h 132 Stanley 

" Miss Nellie, 1 455 Rldeau 
" Norman W. elk R A McCormiok. 

1 29 Waller 
" Robert H, elk sec br Dept Interior, 

h 376 Waverley 
" Mrs Sarah, drsmkr 195 Bank 
" Thomas, cabtmkr. h 47 Bolton 
" Wm, bricklyr. b 5 Maple 
" Wm, elk Gov-Genl's See's Office, 

rms 50 Victoria Chambers 
" Wm, lab, h 24 Young 

" Wm J (Harris & Compbe!i>, h 47 

" Wm J, boilermkr 482 Maria, h 478 

" Wm R, flier, h 678 Cooper 

" W Wilfred, elk Privy Council Of- 
fice, h 666 Rldeau 

" & Sutherland (John A Campbell, 
John Sutherland), plasterers 461 

Campeau Albert, elk. 1 161 Theodor. 

" Fablen R E, chief elk and ..-r* 

Dept Inland Rev, h 161 The ^Mrl 

" Joseph, lab, h 96 Bolton ' 

" Rev T. OMI, LPh, prof Tnlveraltv 

of Ottawa * 

Camptlon John, tmstr, l 107 Arthur 
" Rev Louif N, res Archbishop's Pai 
ace, l;a >M Patrick 

Canada Acc'^^e/jv Assurance Co, Cun 
ningliam & Co agts, 74 Bparlu 

Canada AUantio Railway, e j 
Chamt)erlln General Mara^er 
C J Smith General Freight and 
Passenger Agent, A G Peden 
Auditor, A W vieck Seeretanr. 
Treasurer ; G ral Offlcen 35 to 
42 and 46 Cen kI Chambers, \i 
Elgin; Morlej -naldson Super- 
intendent, J E Duval Chief 
Train Despatcher, R K Claire 
General Agent ; Depot Canal 
Bank, foot of Wilbrod ; Sltnon 
Ebbs Ticket Agent, cor Sparks 
and Elgin 
" Atlantic Depot, Besserer, at Canai 

Canada Atlantic Railway. City 

Ticket Office. Simon Ebbs Ag- 
ent, s s Sparks, cor Elgin 

CAR Freigrht Depot, Robert 

K Claire General Agent, Cath- 
arine, s w cor Mete? fe 

Canada Atla ntio Railway 

Freight office (Chaudiere Di- 
vision). Charles Bott Agent, n e 
cor Bridge and Britannia 

Canada Atlantic Railway, 

(Mechanical Office), n e Cath- 
arine, e of Eigin 

" Health Journal (monthly), Ed- 
ward Playter, MD, editor and 
prop 38.S Stewart 

" Hotel, Wm B Renand & Co props, 
56^-62 Murray 

Canada Le. (Daily). Le Canada! 

Printing Co (Ltd), Publishers 7- 
9 Mosgrove 

Canada Le, Printing- Col 

Ltd), Charles S .O Boudreaulti 
Manager, Printers and Publish- 
ers of Le Canada, 7-9 Mosgrovd 
" Life Assurance Co, R H Haycock 
agt, 46 Sparks 

Canadian Anthracite Coal Co The] 
(Ltd), A Stewart mngr, 14 Met- 

Canadian Bank of Commerce, 

Robert Gill J anager, lOB-USl 
Wellington (Se.^ adv page VI) 

Canadian Coal Co, (■ Leblancj 

T Lemay, D V Ranger, E jl 
Laverdure), Coal Merchants 5«l| 
Sussex, Telephone 1383 

C. B. TAeeART & SON,ifS?*fJ 

Largest and Most Complete Llst^ 
of Properties for Sale, Exchangii 

Ctt" TEl. 7C». Cor. Bank & Wellington St 

Drains Inspecte 

;o props, 


,ge VI) 
;r. E J| 
lants 5(71 

iplete ListiS 




is not only the largest and best appointed Hostelry west of 
Canada's metropolis, but that its location makes it particularly 
convenient for the transaction of D- tmental or other busi- 
ness, or €is a base for excursions «^ icturesque country 
surrounding Ottav^^a. 

FOR A tUMIWER SOJOURN its o w>aou is admirable, while 
a private entrance to Ottawa's newest and finest Theatre adds ^ 
another feature to its attractiveness eis A COSY WINTER HOME. 

P. X. ST. JACQUES, Proprietor. 




i - -AND- 

Praetieal SaBitarian of Eopope, tbe United States and Gaoadi^. 

Drains Inspected by the latest system of testing, unknown to Ottawa. 



• • • 

. . . 429 BANK STREET. 

I , 


f' ■■ 





i-.t < 





f r 

IP 1^ 





|50 "^" ■■■ 

^ 1^ |2.2 



V^' ¥' 1^ 














v ■ 









^^ Edgar B 
Bank, c 


John Ai 
card cla 


S Allen 

Ouiadian Gi 

John C 
surer, C 
turera, . 
phalt P 
" Institute, 
" Lloyds Ina 
« Men and 
" Mlningr Ins 
A Bell s 
*' Mining, It 
177 Spar 
" Mining Re 
Bell pub 

Oftoadian I 

Office, J 
pot Ager 
Agent, w 

C P R City Fn 
Agent, 4' 

" Restaurant 
Union D 

" Sussex Stn 

bairn, si 


CPR Tioke 

Parker I 

" Tie Inspect 
chell Insi 

" (Union) Bi 
Freight I 

Canadian Pa 

HusMll E 
tel, T A 
Jarvis Wi 
Co 89 Bi 
Sparks, 1 
our 871 : 


iM. MA80M & SONS '«TfrL'';;ii.i:::tr'r^ 

ShingiM, DrtsMd Lumbar, Eio. 





UuiAdiaii Coll««:e of Mnsio, J 

^^ Edgar Birch Mueical Director, 44 
Bank, cor Wellington 

(ji^adian Cork Cutting Co, 

John Auld Proprietor, 642 Lag- 
auchetlere at. Montreal P Q (See 
card clasKifled Cork Mnfns) 

(wiiadiaii Express Co, Joseph 

^^ S Allen Agent, 11 Elgin 

Radian Oranite Co (Umited), 

Alexander MacLean President. 
John C Roger Secretary-Trea- 
surer, Charles J Roger Manager, 
Marble and Oranite Manufac- 
turers, Arttflcial Stone and As- 
phalt Paving, 12-34 Court 
- Institute, see Institute Canadien 
" Lloyds Ins Co, 160 Canal w 
" Men and Women of the Time 
(yearly), H J Morgan editor, 488 
" Mining Institute (Federated), B T 

A Bell sec-treas, 177 Sparks 
•■ Mining, Iron and Steel Manual 
(annually), B T A Bell publr, 
177 Sparks 
" Mining Review (monthly), B T A 
Bell publr, 177 Sparks 

Canadian Paeiflo Railway 

Office, J E A Robillard Super- 
intendent, E E White Train 
Master and Chief Train De- 
spatcher, Oeorge R Cairns De- 
pot Agent, D Macpherson Ticket 
Agent, w s Broad 

C P R City Freight OfBce. J H Sorley 
Agent. 44 Sparks 

" Restaurant, A C Burgess prop. 
Union Depot, w s Broad 

" Sussex Street Depot, Wm J Fair- 
bairn, station agent s s Mc- 
Taggart, e of Sussex 
CPR Tioket Offloe, Jajnes E 
Parker Agent, 42 Sparks 

" Tie Inspector's Dept, Thomas Sat- 
chell inspector, CPR station, w s 

" (Union) Depot, Car Shops and 
Freight Sheds, w s Broad 
Canadian PaoUko Railway Co's 
Telegraph, Harry Bott Local 
Manager, Head Office 42 Sparks, 
Branches House of Commons, 
HuBsell House, Grand Union Ho- 
tel, T A Burns S66 Sussex, A H 
Jarvis 167 Bank, McKay Milling 
Co 89 Bridge, C. Moreland 184 
Sparks, The Oilmour.A B Bieth- 
our 271 Bank, M Bollard 148 
Nicholas, H B Rochester 18 Rid- 

Canadian Railway Accident 

Insurance Co, J W McRae 
President, H K Egan First Vice- 
President, A J Barr Second 
Vice-President, Hon E H Bron- 
son Treasurer, A A Henderson, 
MD, Qeneral Manager,John Emo 
Assistant Oeneral Manager,John 
P Dickson Secretary, 26 Wel- 

" Tea Co (Mrs Selina Tweedy), gros 
ISO Rochester 
Canal Toll Office, James F Farley coll, 

w s Canal w 
Canavan Harold W E, draughtsman 

Dept Interior, b 128 Slater 
Canham Oeorge S, wood 641 Somer- 
set, h same 

" Wm R, eng, h 39 Eccles 
Cannem Miss Maude, studt, 1 493 Cooper 
Cannon John, hostler Dawes & Co, h 284 

Cantln Miss Alice, drsmkr Miss C Val- 
lee, 1 HI Primrose 

" Angele (wid Jean Bte), h 237 Dal- 

" Charles, carp, h 293 Church 

" Edward, stone cutter Robert Ross, 
res Janevllle 

" Mrs Exaree, drsmkr 192 St Patrick 

" John, lab CPR, h 111 Primrose 

" Joseph, driver A JuUen, 1 293 

" J Arthur, draughtsman Dept Pub 
Works, h 111 Water 

" Napoleon, shoes 290 Dalhousie 

" Wilfrid C. llthog O Cox, h 192 St 
Cantwell John, lab, h 307 St Andrew 

" Wm J. elk R G Dun & Co, 1 307 
St Andrew 
Canty John, h 389 Rideau 

" John, stmftr McKlnley & North- 
wood, 1 548 King 

" Thomas, stonemason, 1 389 Rideau 
Canuelle Emma (wid Oeorge), 1 Aslle de 

Caouette Charles, coll Singer Mfg Co, 

res Hull. PQ 
Capbert Emlle, elk s b br Finance Dept, 
h 351 King 

" Ernest J, elk S Townsend, 1 351 
Capital Amateur Athletic Association, 
James Davidson pres, Dr J Li 
Chabot vice-pres, Edward H 
Hlnctaey sec-treas, 193 Sparks 

" Boat & Canoe Works, Edgar F 
Dey prop, 631 Bank 

" Cash Register Co (Ltd), David 
Maclaren pres, W D Morris vlce- 
pres, E A Olver mng sec-treas, 
396-402 Wellington 
Capital City Bnsiness CoUoffe, 
A M Grimes Principal, 102 Bank 
(See adv opposite) 









PHRENOUNE kidney & liver pills 




X ■ 



,;• (^ 

'1 'f'M' 

\ Mi 


iff i ' fj 

b !'. 






' 1',' 

" ^y 

I M 

r^jji if. 

Iff ■ 

IM. MA80H & SONS ""tl^'lllSl-i;:!^'^^*^ 

ShinflM, OrtSMd Lumber, Eio. 





Uuiadiaii CoUeRe of MubIo, J 

^^ Edgar Birch Muelcal Director, 44 
Bank, cor Wellington 

(kuiAdlan Cork CaUinflr Co, 

John Auld Proprietor, 642 Lav- 
auchetiere st, Montreal P Q (See 
card clasHifled Corlc Mnfrs) 

(kuiadian Express Co, Joseph 

S Allen Agent, 11 El^n 

Auiadian Granite Co (Umited), 

Alexander MacLean President, 
John C Roger Secretary-Trea- 
surer, Charles J Roger Manager, 
Marble and Granite Manufac- 
turers, Artiflcial Stone and As- 
phalt Paving, 12-34 Court 
" Institute, see Institute Canadlen 
" Lloyds Ins Co, 160 Canal w 
•' Men and Women of the Time 
(yearly), H J Morgan editor, 488 
" Mining Institute (Federated), B T 

A Bell sec-treas, 177 Sparks 
" Mining, Iron and Steel Manual 
(annually), B T A Bell publr, 
177 Sparks 
" Mining Review (monthly), B T A 
Bell publr. 177 Sparks 

GMadian Paoiflo Railway 

Office, J E A Roblllard Super- 
intendent, E E White Train 
Master and Chief Train De- 
spatcher, George R Cairns De- 
pot Agent, D Macpherson Ticket 

Canadian Railway Accident 

Insurance Co, J W McRae 
President, H K Egan First Vice- 
President, A J Barr Second 
Vice-President, Hon E H Bron- 
son Treasurer, A A Henderson, 
MD, General Manager,John Emo 
Assistant General Manager.John 
P Dickson Secretary, 26 Wel- 
" Tea Co (Mrs Sellna Tweedy), gros 
130 Rochester 
Canal Toll Office, James F Farley coll, 

w s Canal w 
Canavan Harold W E, draughtsman 

Dept Interior, b 128 Slater 
Canham George S, wood 641 Somer- 
set, h same 
" Wm R, eng, h 39 Eccles 
Cannem Miss Maude, studt, 1 493 Cooper 
Cannon John, hostler Dawes ft Co, h 284 

Cantln Miss Alice, drsmkr Miss C Val- 
lee, 1 111 Primrose 
" Angele (wid Jean Bte), h 237 Dal- 

" Charles, carp, h 293 Church 
" Edward, stone cutter Robert Ross, 

res Janeville 
" Mrs Exaree, drsmkr 192 St Patrick 
" John, lab CPR, h 111 Primrose 
" Joseph, driver A Julien, 1 293 

" J Arthur, draughtsman Dept Pub 
Works, h 111 Water 
Napoleon, shoes 290 Dalhouile 

I . 





1 m 

St .Irffl 

! ■t-r 

<• 'nrii«^.i <~i 

■■-- — ' 



!, I 




II r' 

■ ki: 

i, ' 







Bank 8i 





Capital Fr«iigrht Line Maxima 

Morin Proprietor, Canal west 
" Hotel, EvangellBte Brousseau prop, 
208-210 St Patrick 

Capital loe Co, O W Mitchell, 

President, C A Christin Man- 
ager, F A liUBigman Secre- 
tary, 203 Welltnsrton 

Capital Manufactnrinff Co The 

(J Lome Currle, John C Gra- 
ham), Bicycles, Dies, Tools and 
Novelties 138 Bank (See adv 
page VIII) 

Capital Planing Mill Co of 

Ottawa (Ltd), Oeorge Dearlng 
Manager, W A McLeod Secre- 
tary, Bank, s e cor Catharine 

Capital Transfer Co, Wm S 

Bell Manager, 66 Queen (See adv 
left top lines) 

Capital Warehousingr Co, Olver 

& Morris Proprietors, Storage, 
Etc, Office 396 Wellington, Store- 
house Canal Basin East (See 
adv right side lines) 
Caplan Aaron, pdlr, 1 37 Rose 

" Casper, boots and shoes 207 Aldeau 
Capreol Frederic C, elk sec br Dept 

Int, h 63 Maclaren 
Carbery Thomas, culler, b 142 Clarence 
Carbonneau see also Charbonneau 
" Alfred, cab owner 402 Rideau 
" Alfred Jr, stableman A Carbon- 
neau, 1 402 Rideau 
" Joseph H, driver A Carbonneau. 1 
402 Rideau 
Card Frederick, inmate 964 Bank 
Cardell John, lab, h 32 Bell 
Carden Miss Eliza, 1 180 Slater 
Cardiff Miss Jennie, 1 38 Division 
" John, millwright McKay Milling 

Co, h 38 Division 
" John Jr, btchr, 1 38 Division 
" Nljnolas, contr 176 Stanley av 
Cardill Lawrence, lab, h 14 Poplar 
Cardinr ielard, coachman, h 16 Co- 
" Al 1 103 MacKenzie av 

" Do.,,ii.«, lab, h 329 St Andrew 
" Eugene, liveiy 600 Sussex, h 24 

. Besserer 
" Joseph, cab owner 840 Clarence 
" Miss Laurenza, 1 103 MacKenzie av 
" Mrs Maria, confy 63 York 
" Pierre, livery 33 Nicholas, 1 840 

" Regis, bdg hse 103 MacKenzie av 
" Miss Rosanna, 1 103 MacKenzie av 
" Thomas, h 63 York 
Cardow Edward, stone cutter Hooper 

Bros A Currle, b 93 Oilmour 
Cardwell Kate H (wld Andrew), dom 

172 Maclaren 
Carey see also Cary 
" Benjamin T, constable Dom Police, 

h 332 Elgin 
" Miss Eleanor, 1 62 Alexander 

Carlsse Charles, foreman, h 207 st *«. 

drew ' ^' 

" Charles, lab. h 155 St Andrew 
" Edouard, barber W H Post i 9aa 

Clarence ' ' ^ 

'• Euphemie (wid F X), l 159 Wat«r 
" Eustache, blksmith 187 Water 
" Joseph, lab. h 111 Dalhousie 
" Louis, gro 297 Clarence, h same 
" Louis N, elk Louis Carlsse 1 207 

Clarence ' '*' 

Carelton Chambers. 74 Sparks 

Carleton Club, T C Legaolt 

Secretary, 500% Sussex 
" County Law Library, see Countv 

of Carleton. etc ^^ 

" John, hsekpr and chief mtssr Th* 

Senate, res same 
" J Charles, messr, res The Senate 
" Wm, messr Bank of Ottawa, h 1»8 

" W Henry, packer Dept Customs 

h 265 Somerset ' 

Carley James, bkr A E Sllnn, b 4K 

Carlie Samuel H (Brown & Carlie) h 

118 Bank 

CarliBff Brewing ft Maltiar 

Co (Limited), F W Carllne 

Agent, 144 Albert ' 

" Frederick W, agt Carllng B & m 

Co, h 300 Somerset 
" Hugh, bkbndr Ptg Bureau, li 433 St 

" Mary A (wid Jonn), 1 2 Peter 
Carman C H, mining broker, rms 293 

Carmen Arthur M, elk G H Megloueh- 

lln, 1 183 Albert 
" George A, elk, h 183 Albert 
Carnegie John B, mldr T Lawson, b 

423 Llsgar 
(Tarney Katie, wtrs, 50 Bank 
" Walter. Janitor, h 66 Lewis 
" Wm M, plshr Hooper Bros & 

Currle, 1 66 Lewis 
Carnochan Charles M, turner J Mc- 
Laughlin, h 661 Maclaren 
" John, roofer, h n s Mutciinroi, 1 

w of Bank 
Carnwith Wm D, sess messr H of C, 

h 350 Rideau 
Caron Abel, cabtmkr, h 813 Somerset 
" Adolphe D, with North Star Min- 
ing ft Dev Co, 1 251 Daly av 
" Hon Sir Adolph P, KOMG, h 251 

Daly av 
" Albert E, examiner Patent Office, 

h 160 Osgoode 
" Arthur, carp Dept Pub Wks, res I 


" Mrs Emma, gro 71 Murray, h same I 
" Einos, shoemkr J Schlaveur. 1 9t| 

Le T'reton 
" Frederick, oik, I 83 Nelson 
" Ignace, mill hd, h 92 Le Breton 
" Joseph, lab Can Granite Co. b2IT| 





Ittt QualMy, WholMftlt ami |itail. lOIPAjWi J 

' . 

jarvis' Photos are the Best. 





" Joseph, lineman Bell Tel Co, h HI 

" U\sii Lydla, elk Pratt & Blahop, 1 

430 Maria 
>' Mrs Mary, 1 430 Maria 
" pieire, lab, h 55 Cathcart 
« Pierre, navigator, b 137 Clarence 
" Robert, blksmth P Latour, h 71 

" Thomas, elev opr Langrevln Block, 

res Hull 
" Walter, confr, 1 71 Murray 
" Zephlrln, elk Leonard Winters, 1 

83 Nelson ; 

Caroull Sarah, dom 140 Bay 
Carpenter Corinne, dom 252 Slater 
" George, driver R Carpenter, 1 710 

" George, lab Ottawa Qas Co, 1 340 

" Jpmes, lab, 1 349 O-loucester 
" John, eng Harris & Campbell, h 

34» Qlouoester 
" Michael, lab, 1 849 Oloucester 
" Robert, gro 710 Albert 
" Wm, tmstr, 1 349 Oloucester 
Carr see also Keir and Kerr 

" John, gro 340 Elgin 
Carrlere Albert O, elk, 1 328 Clarence 
" Alderic, wood 107 Nelson, h same 
" Anthime, blksmith, h 11 Maple 

CMTiere Charles H, BrdlMr and 

General Agent and Agent Union 

Assurance Society of London 

England 22 Metcalfe, h 400 Mao> 

" Claude D, 1 400 Maclaren 
" Fabien, mill} hd, h 247 Preston 
" Fabien Jr, driver Capital Ice Co, 

h 245 Preston 
" Joseph, lab, h 383 1-2 Clarence 
' Miss Leonie, drsmkr, 1 828 Clarence 
" MaKlolre, lab. h 123 Willow 
" Mrs Malvina, fruits 29 Duke 
" Miss Minnie, tlrs, 1 247 Preston 
" Moise, tanner, h 828 Clarence 
" Moise, tmstr, h 24 Nelson 
" Napoleon, lab, h 84 Nelson 
" Phlleas, elk P O, h 687 St Patrick 
" Philippe, lab, h 27 Blm 
" Rachel (wid Joachin), 1 169 Water 
" Stephen, driver Union Brewery, b 

209 Bridge 
" Thomas, driver Capital Ice Co, b 

29 Duke 
'• Wm H C, elk C H Carriere, I 400 

Carrigan Miss Annie, 1 38 Turner 
" Austin; sawyer D Storey, 1 88 

" Dennis, lab, h 88 Turner 
" Elisabeth (wid Jeremiah), bdg hse 

114 Metcalfe 
" Miss Maggie, sisldy, 1 616 Lfarla 
" Margaret (wid Patrick), 1 Ul 

" Miss Margaret, 1 88 Turner 
" Mary A (wid Timothy), h 611 



" Miss Mary A, drsmkr, 1 515 Maria 
" Peter, mill hd, 1 516 Maria 
" Rupert L, opr, 1 114 Metcalfe 
" Thomas, cellarman Union Brewery, 
res Hlntonburg 
Carris Uldege, stone cutter R Brown, h 

111 York 
Carrol Miss Jennie, tlrs J & R Craig, 
1 37 Division 
" Matilda (wid Severe), tlrs J & R 
Craig, 1 37 Division 
Carroll Charles, wks Ptg Bureau, 1 64 
" Daniel, h 88 Wllbrod 
" Henry, elk P O Inspr's office, h T« 

" James, foreman works on Rldeau 

Canal, h 571 St Patrick 
" John, driver Wm Beardsley, h 124 

" John J, pntr Wm Howe,h 664 Cum- 
' " Margaret (wid James), h 67 Met- 
" Martin, fireman Langevin Block, h 

173 Murray 
" Mary, dom 340 Stewart 
" Patrick, lab, h 147 McTaggart 
" Sarah, I 187 Clarence 
" Stephen, carter, h 176 Frlel 
• Thomas, pntr John McKay, h 187 


" Wm P, brakeman C A R, I 46 Bank 

Carruthers Aaron, foreman Bronsons A 

Weston, h 416 Slater 

" Miss Catherine, nurse 189 Florence 

" Miss Fannie, wks O Truss and 

Surg Mfg Co. 1 189 Florence 
" Hector, engr, 1 189 Florence 
" James A, slsmn R M McMorran, 1 

274 Slater 
" John, h 189 Florence 
" John P, bkpr O Truss and Surg 

Mfg Co, h 382 Oilmour 
" Miss Margaret, elk O E Ry, 1 189 

" Miss Mary, elk O B Ry, 1 189 Flor- 
Carson Charles, elk, 1 447 Wellington 
" Ellen (wid Gilbert), 1 183 Rldeau 
" Frederick W, prtr Thobum 8c Co, 

1 199 Albert 
" George, elk ry mail service br P O 

Dept, 1 133 Rldeau 
" Hugh L, hamessmkr 188 Rldeau 
" Robert, shoes 446 Wellington 
" Wm, cook, b 287 Wellington 
" W James, pntr 60 Mosgrove, I 133 
Carss Miss Ida M, stenog Rogers & 

Hubbell, 1 494 Somerset 
Cars well Harriet (wid Allan), nurse 878 

Maria. 1 same 
Carter Albert, uphol Harris & Camp- 
bell, 1 314 St Andrew 
" Alfred, Jab, h 26 Raymond 
" Miss Blanche, drsmkr Miss S Fehr, 
1 314 St Andrew 

TRY «IAMIE80N'8 80DA8. 

ALL Q|K>OmS on "PHOiW 1M8. 

!1 't i 

1 , 

. f' ■ 

THE sun LiFEgrxz:::?'£;;r-yi-y WAR' 






" Charles C, elk St Anthony Lumber 

Co, b The Russell 
" Edward, asst foreman prtr Ptc 

Bureau, h 314 St Andrew 
" James, h 145 James 
" James, lltho Mortimer & Co, 1 26 

" Miss Leonle, I S14 St Andrew 
" Rene, pntr Wm Howe, 1 314 St 

" Robert, carp, b 262 Albert 
" Sidney J, elk, 1 169 Plorenee 
" Wm, asst sec Dept Inland Rev, h 

29 Russell av 
" Wm G, prtr Ptg Bureau, 1 814 St 

Cartier Donat, prtr Pts Bureau, 1 127 


Cartwriflrht Hon Sir Riobard 

J, KCMG, Minister of Trade and 
Commerce, h 181 Slater 
Carvell John, cabowner 449 Clarence 
CarviU Daniel, lab, h 554 Concession 
Carwardine Wm H, let car P O, h 358 

Cary see also Carey 
" Georgre T, proof reader Ptg Bur- 
eau, h 286 Rideau 
" Joseph, elk B Hunt, 1 286 Rideau 
Casault Edouard, elk O Neelin, 1 96 
" Louis J, chief messr and caretkr 
Library of Parliament, res same 
" Miss Lucia M, elk Bryson, Graham 

& Co, 1 88 Cathcart 
" L J Napoleon, elsmn W Cunning- 
ham, I 96 Cathcart 
" Margaret (wid Francois L), h 88 

" Napoleon, messr Dept Militia and 
Defence, h 96 Cathcart 
Cascades Mica Co (Thomas Kenny, 
Joshua Wright, W A Jamieson), 
mica miners and dealers 526 

Oa4Be Bflrerton R, Mojiager 

Fetherstoahaugh & Co 6 Elgin, 

Rooms same 
Casey Miss Annie, slsldy, 1 444 Nepean 
Bridget (wid Richard), h 182 

Miss Catherine, drsmkr John Mur- 
phy & Co, 1 88 Slater 
Miss Catherine, tlrs Rooney & 

Cooper, 1 444 Nepean ' 

Edvard P, lab, h 593 Bank 
John, gro 294 Dalhousie, liquors 117 

Clarence, h same 
John, miller McKay Milling Co, h 

444 Nepean 
John, preventive cfflcer Inland 

Revenue, h 271 Nicholas 
Miss Magdalene, elk archives br 

Dept Agr'l, 1 182 Nicholas 
Mary (wid George), h 88 Slater 

Miss Mary A, elk John Murphy A 
Co. 1 271 Nicholas 

" Miss Mary £, 1 294 Dalhousie 


" Maurice W, elk Patent Offlc* u 
320 Lyon '^*' •> 

" Michael, h 213 MacDougall 
" Patrick, elk J Kavanagh i •»■, 
Nicholas ^ • i m 

" Patrick A, tel opr, 1 88 Slater 
" Peter A (P A Casey & Co). h •« 
Theodore "* 

'• P A & Co (Peter A Casey\ stock 
brokers 48 Sparks ^"^ 

" T Frederick, eng, 1 213 MaoDouMii 
" Wm J, elk J Casey, 1 119 chTr 
Casgrraln Miss Marguerite, ellc Patent 

Office, b 205 Wilbrod 
Caah Peter, lab, h 360 Nepean 
Caihman Daniel, bartndr Snider Bro« 
1 636 Maelaren 
" Mary, dom 26 Albert 
" Miss May L. elk E T Fournler h 
79 William ' " 

Cass Maria (wid Alfred), 1 113 Division 
Cassan Ferdinand, prtr Ptg Bureau l 

283 Cumberland ' 

Cassel see also Castla 

" James, lab, b 53 Clarence 
Casselman see also Castleman 
" Miss Harriet J, h 641 Rideau 
" Victoria (wid James I), h 864 Som- 
" Willis, studt, 1 541 Rideau 

CaaiB«la Robert, QO, Registrar 

Supreme Court, h 112 Llsgar 
Cassey Miss Mary, studt, b 232 Bay 
Cassidy Alice, dom 201 Cooper 
" Daniel, mill hd, h 31 MacKay 
" Dora, wtrs The Gilmour 
" Edward, policeman, b 102 Queen 
" Miss Kliia A, feather curler 141 

Percy, 1 same 
" Ella, wtrs The Gilmour 
" Ena, dom 243 Usgar 
" Miss Jennie, 1 192 Church 
" John, brieklyr, h 141 Percy 
" Kate, dom 201 Cooper 
" Miss Katie, 1 192 Church 
" Miss Mary E, tohr St Bridget's 

Sep Sch, b 376 Sussex 
" Mary A (wid Daniel), 1 141 Percy 
" Miss Mary E, tchr St Bridget's 

Sep School 
" Patrick, contr, h 192 Church 
" Patrick, lab, h 206 Bay 
" Samuel A, mngr Wellington Ho- 
tel, 1 322 Queen 
" Sarah, dom 62 Cooper 
" Thomas, porter The Windsor, rms 

43 Queen 
Cassils see Caesels 
Castagne Charles, millwright J R 

Booth, res Hull 
Castle see also Cassel 
" Herbert, cutter R J Devlin, b 3M 


" Joseph, carbonmkr Ottawa P & C 
Co, h 107 Jane 

Castlaman see also Casselman 
" Samuel J, elk freight CAR, h IN 

G. B. TA66ABT & SON 

leal Ettatt Agante, Airatlaaaara, ate. 
T$i. 708 Cor. Bank A Wellington 8tt 

Windsor, rms 

►evlln, b 3M 
awa P & C 




ChamliPilnin. 183 

CBitonguay Charles, liner, h S7 Sophia 
" Pierre, eny steamer, h 8t 

Cigtor Hotel, Edmond Chevrler prop. 

449-463 Sussex 
o.telli^i' ^ Alme, wlreman Oovt Blleo 

Light Station, h S61 St Patrick 
Catbcart Market, w s Cumberland, cor 

•' Square, Cumberland, bet Bolton 

and Cathcart 
Cithollc Apostolic Church, Albert, s • 

cor Lyon 
" Contagious Hospital, e s Cobour^, 

bet Heney and Tormey 
" Lyceum, John) F Sullivan, prln 

301 Nepean 
"MBA Hall, 626 Sussex 
•' Order of Foresters' Hall, 474Vi 
Cittell Miss Kate, drsmkr, 1 88 Bank 
Catterrnole Alfred H, hamessmkr J R 

Booth, h 2ii Maple 
Cauchon Emma (wid Hon Joseph). 1 

506 WUbrod 
Cauley Mias Maiy, drsmkr, b 262 Albert 
Caulfleld Catherine (wld James), h 188 

" Charles H, mngr Despatch Dcpt. 
Ottawa Despatch * Agency Co. 
b 126 Albert 
" Thomas, studt, l 138 Besserer 
Cauthers Samuel, elk, b 28 Osgoode 
Cavalier see Lecavaller 
Cavalieri Blaise, sliver platex 268 Rid- 

eau, h same 
Cavan Alexander J. constable Dem Po- 

lice, b 327 Maria 
Cavanagh see Kavanagh 
Cavassant Jules, Jwlr, b 73 Murray 
Cawdron Albert J, elk to commr Dom 
Police, 1 H O Cawdron 
" Henry G, caretaker Rifle Range, 
h e s Marlborough lav, 1 s of 
" Miss Maude, wks Ottawa Truss & 

Surg Mfg Co, 1 H O Cawdron 
' Miss Sadie, wks Ottawa Truse & 
Surg Mfg Co, 1 H O Cawdron 
Cawest Miss Henrietta A, drsmkr 93 

Albert, h same 
Cawthray BUxa (wid Binns), 1 14S 
" John, hide dlr 148 Augusta 
Cayer Adeline (wld Joseph), 1 177 
' Albert, barber 177 Rochester 
" Alexander, lineman Bell Telephone 

Co. h M Willow 
" Damase, tmstr, h 98 "Willow 
" Ernest, lab. I. 82 Pine 
" Marcel, plstr, h 162 King 
" Samuel, mech McKay Milling Co, 
res Hull 

" Sophie (wld Damase). h 68 Lloyd 
Cecil Amedee, capt Hull ferry boat, h 

foot of St Patrick 
Cedar Street School, now Somerset St 


Cement Laboratory, Dept Pub Works, 

E Perley in charge, basement 
. West Block 

Central Canada Exhibition As- 
sociation, Wm Hutchison Presi- 
dent, Edward McMahon Secre- 
tary 26 Sparks 

" Chambers, 46 Elgin 

" Fire Station, Thomas Cluff cap- 
tain. City Hall Sq 

" House, Alexis Ooulet prop, 168- 
170 Queen w 

" School West, now Kent St School 
Chabot Adolphe, carrlagemkr 17 Clar- 
ence, h 96 WUbrod 

" Albert H, elk, 1 124 Rideau 

" Fabien A. cutter Noel. Seed St Co, 
h 189 Church 

Chabot John L. Physician and 

Surgeon, Office and Residence 

72 Daly av. Telephone 960 
" Joseph E, prtr Le Canada Ptg Co, 

b 108 Church 
" J Alfred, elk, h 20 St Andrew 
" Pierre H, mngr Chabot & '^o, h 

124 Rideau 

Chabot & Co. P H Chabot 

Manager, Merchant Tailors 124 
Chadwick Eliza (wid John H F), h 
312 Gloucester 
" Miss Ethel, tchr Elgin st school, 

1 312 Gloucester 

" Francis, elk Privy Council Office, 

h 260 Theodore 
" Miss Hettie, mlnr L & F H McEI- 

roy, 1 312 Gloucester 
" Miss Mary E, 1 312 iGloucester 
" Miss Millie, mlnr L & F H Mc- 

Elroy, 1 312 Gloucester 
" Miss M Ena, tchr -Slater at sch. 
1 312 Gloucester 
Challfour Ernest J, storeman Gov 
Militia Stores, 1 87 Albert 
" Joseph E, civ ser, h 306 Nelson 
•' Joseph M, elk see br Dept Pub 
Works, b 198 Gloucester 
Chalifoux Addie, dom 280 Ann 
Calker Charles P, coll P Stewart, 1 6 
" Wm H, asst coll Waterworks, h 
6 Alice 
Clialmers Robert, geologist Geol Sur< 

very Dept, h 72 College av 
Chaloner Charles F X, civ eng, h 41 

Sweetland av 
Chamard John, asst P O inspr, b 264 

Chamlserlain Addison P, tmstr S Stltt. 
h lEO Rochester 
" Alban E, elk ptg br Dept P P 

and S, 1 638 Llsgar 
" Alexander F, studt, 1 828 Somerset 
" Cyrus, carp, b 282 Bank 

" David C, acet misc br H of C. h 

828 Somerset 
" Edward, mill- hd McKay Milling 

Co, 1 160 Rochester 


^ 'PIN; 


-t ! 




'W 1 




THnic no. 


ST aiMi B» (yOONNOR ST. 


f ' i 


i ml 







Capital Transfer Oo. 


m, mmLJL, MANMmmm. "166 QUEEN 8T, 





" Oeorge, carbonmkr Ottawa P A 

Co Co, 1 638 Llsvar 
" Harold L, prtr Ptff Bureau, 1 688 

" Hiram W, pec-treaa Ottawa Trust 

* Deposit Co (Ltd), h 818 Wav- 

" James R, drauKhtsamn Dept Rys 

and Canals, h 688 Llsgar 
" Minerva C (wid Hiram A), 1 SS8 

" Philip, newsboy, 1 206 Queen 
Chamberland Arthur C, cond, I 89 


Cluunbarlln Edron J. General 

Manager Canada Atlantic Rail- 
way and Manager O A & P 8 
Hallway Co, h 888 Metcalfe 

" Howard, let car P O, h 97 Cam- 

" H Walter, carp CAR, h 42 First 

** James E (Stonhouse, Cbamberlin 
ft Wilson), h 89 Somerset 

*' James S, bkpr Shepard & Morse 
Lumber Co, h 193 O'Connor 

" Miss Mary L, drsmkr 408 McLeod 

" Rufus O, constable Dom Police, h 
408 McLeod 
Chambers Adam, h 869 Bank 

" Alfred, 1 266 Maclaren 

" Miss Annie M, tchr Elgin st sch, 
b 266 Lisgar 

" Aurelia C (wid Wm D), b 266 Mac- 
David, millwright, h 609 Somerset 

" Miss Edith .T, stenQg Lewis & 
Smellle, 1 1:^2 McLeod 

" Miss Elisabeth M, elk Queen City 
Oil Co, 1 162 McLeod 

" George, tlr R H Conley, b 872 Bay 

" Herbert, elk H C Ellis, 1 609 Som- 

" Thomas J, trav, h 206 Bell 

" Wm, messr CAR, h 162 MoLeod 
Champagne Adelard, carp, 1 842 St Pat- 

" Armand, lab, 1 97 Water 

" Denis, canvasser Am Wringer Co, 
h 277 St Andrew 

" F X, lab, h 810 Cumberland 

" Hermand, porter CAR, 1 97 Water 

" Isidore, lab Ptg Bureau, h 842 St 

" Isidore, mail oik Le Canada, res 

" Jean Bte, 1 97 Water 

" Joseph, 1 144 Church 

" Marcel, lab. h 28 Martlneau 

" Mlrs Marie L. drsmkr, 1 296 St 

" Philomene (wid Joseph). 1 68 

" • Miss Rose A, drsmkr Mrs A La- 
belle, 1 2S M^rtlneau 

" Seraphin, carp, h 97 Water 
Champness Harry C, elk Bate A Co. 1 
240 Maria 


" Weldon, preventive officer r h u 

240 Maria "• " 

Champoux Jean Bte, shoemak(>r a t 

Stephens A Son. h 158 St Patriow 

Chandler Arthur J, lab, i 385 Bell 

" Charles, plmbr 183 Kent 

" Henry L (Chandler & Co), h S« 

Bell '• " «» 

" Miss Louisa, I 886 Bell 

" Miss Mary A, 1 385 Bell 

" Samuel R. cond O E Ry, h 385 Bell 

" Thomas, messr, h 10 Metcalfe 


PloDibers and Steam Fitters, 

8T0VE8 and TINWARE, 
...367 BANK STREET... 

Chapleau J R Ephrem. translator 
votes, etc, » of C, h 507 King 
" Samuel E St O, elk of the Crown 

in Chancery, h 267 O'Connor 
" Samuel J, draughtsman, i 297 
Chapman Albert, elk J H Doherty, n 

121 Balsam 
" Albert F, cond CPR. h 70 Maple 
" Alexander, turncock W W presa 

hse. h 46 Sophia 
" Benjamin, eng clnr CPR, b g} 

" Casimir, piler, 1 42 George 
" Christopher C. porter CPR. h 140 

" Cora, dom 87 Jane 
" Miss Ella, drsmkr Rideau Hall 
" Miss Sarah, tlrs Hemplll & Co, 

b 110 Bank 
" Simon, lab. h 42 Oeorge 
" Thomas, eng, h 818 Conceeston 
" Thomas, lab, 1 42 George 
" Thomas F. barber P Charbonneau, 

b 184 Anderson av 
" Wm H, plmbr McKinley & North- 
wood, h 90 Besserer 
Charbonneau see also Carbonneau 
" Adrien, coachman J w McRae 172 

" Agnes, dom 807 St Patrick 
" Arthur, discount elk Banque Na- 

tionale, h 484 St Patrick 
" Miss Ceaarine, 1 47 St Andrew 
" Charles H, tlr MoCracken Bros, 1 

178 Church 
" Cleophas, barber, h 4M St Patrick 
" David, bkr A W A W J Illff, 1 St | 

" Delima (wid Vincent), prop Boa- 
ton House, 882 Dalhousle 
" Elmo, parcel boy Bryson, Graham { 

A Co, b 114 Water 
" Miss Emelie, dry goods and dn-l 

mkr 488H St Patrick. 1 490 Mint 

rafiotifederaHan Ufei»"^>>jaeS^|IAMI 

iT .» ■% CONLEV 8 $6.00 PANflNC. 


ley ft North- 





^Bmilie (wld Edouard), 1 60 Co- 

« jirR Eugene, elk Bryson, Oraham 

& Co, b 114 Water 
" Eupt-'tie, lab, 1 r 72 Duke 
" Felix, carrlagemkr J & P Arm- 
strong, h 26 Waljer 
.. Foriunat, tlr J & R Craig, 1 178 

'< Francis, lab, h 69 Cobour g 
" Francis, watchmkr, h 47 St An- 

" George, cabtmkr, 1 218 Dalhousle 
" Gilliert, lineman O E Co, h 36 St 

I GuiUaume E, barber W Charbon- 

neau, h 42 Percy 
• Hermenegllde J, elk L Malette, b 

208 St Patrick 
" Honore, h 490 St Patrick 
" Joseph, driver Slatery ft Ter- 

rance, 1 47 St Andrew 
" Joseph, lab, h 427 Clarence 
" Jooeph R, barber W H Bush, 1 47 

•St Andrew 
" J Ovlla, Jwlr 490 Sussex, 1 47 St 

" Miss Leopoldlne, I 173 Church 
" Louis, carp, h e s Springfield rd, 

I n of Beechwood av 
" Louis, elk Boston House, h 365 

St Andre'v 
" Louis, coachman, h 204 Ann 
" Louis, porter The Russell, h 466 

' Louisa (wld Alexander), h 170 

" Miss Melinda, press feeder Ptg 

Bureau, 1 25 Waller 
" Napoleon, pntr. h 385 Murray 
'• Napoleon Jr, appr Butterworth ft 

Co, 1 385 Murray 
" Odella, tlrs Gould & Harvey, res 

•' Onier, driver, b 143 Dalhousie 
" Omer. labeller A Huckels ft Co, 1 

47 St Andrew 
" Omer Jr, driver, 1 14S Dalhousie 
" Pierre, barber 44% Sparks, h 456 

St Patrick 
" Sophronle, dom 141 King 
" TImothe, carter P^rjt Pub Wks, 

h 173 Church 
" Victor, lab, h r 7i luike 
' Wilfrid, barber 167 ..parks, h 68 

" Wm, lab. h 861 St Andrew 
^Charest Antoine, draughtsman, h 119 

iCharette Joseph, shoemaker Poaps ft 
■ Ault, h 28 St Joseph 
" Joseph G, lab, h 68 York 
" Mrs Malvlna, drsmkr 348 St Pat- 
rick, 1 same 
" Phlleas, lab, h 343 St Patrick 
" Souverain. lab, h 160 Margaret 
" Thomas, produce 68 York, h same 
ICliarler see Charrler 
|Ciiark Gdman A. flreman Charles 

Scrim, res Ottawa East 

Charland Hercule, elk freight office C 

A R, b 88 Slater 
" Joseph, flier J R Booth 
Charlebois Anastasie (wld Charles), car 

clnr CPR, res Mechanlcsvllle 
" Andre, bldr 79 Bolton 
" Rev Charles, bursar Junlorate of 

the Sacred Heart, res same 
" Denis, rest 183 Queen w, h 119 

" Miss Elisabeth, 1 114 Church 
" Honore, tlr 71 Duke, h same 

Charlebois Joseph O, Orooer 

Wine and Spirit Merchant 249 
Dalhousie, cor St Patrick, h 

" J Hermand, elk P Baskerville 
ft Bros, h 114 Church 

" Leo, maeh P ft G Low, 1 100 Water 

" Louis P, elk savings bank br P O 
Dept, h 100 Water 

" Miss Marie, press feeder Ptg Bur- 
eau, 1 114 Church 

" Rosanna (wld Osee B), (Mrs R 
Charlebois ft Co), h 303 Clar- 

" Mrs R ft Co (Mrs Rosanna Charle- 
bois, Mrs Emelle Richard), gros 
301-303 Clarence 

" Thomas, constable Dom Police, h 
66 Slater 

" Wilfrid, carp, h 85 Bolton 

" Wm, carp, h 104 Le Breton 

" Rev W, OMI, prof University of 
Charles Joseph, paper cutter Mortimer 
ft Co, h 36 Lewis 

" Wm, messr Ottawa Truss ft Surg 
Mfg Co, I 36 Lewis 
Charleson Alexander J, elk, 1 503 King 

" Edward E, elk, 1 503 King 

" Jean B, supervisor Dept Pub Wks, 
h 503 King 

" Thomas P, elk, 1 503 King 

" Wm G, elk, 1 503 King 
Charon see Charron 
Charretier Maxime, lab, h 256 1-2 St 

Charrette see Charette 
Charrler Leonldas, elk Mercantile Syn- 
dicate Co, 1 185 Church 

" Miss Marie A, 1 185 Church 

" Mederic, lab, h 186 Church 

'• Michael H, eng CPR, res Hln- 
Charron Adolphe. gro 363 St Patrick 

" Adolphe, pntr T Pruneau, h 128 

" Alexis, lab. h 117 Cumberland 

" Bruno, barber, b 47 Murray 

" Camille, roofer J Herbert & Son, 
res Clarkston 

" Clara, dom 161 Bridge 

" Clemenee (wld Paul), mlnr 303 1-2 
Dalhousiie, h same 

" Denis, mill hd Bronson ft Weston, 
h 94 Le Breton 

" Edesse (wld Damase), h 188 Clar- 



All Qroo«rtt or 'Phone 1028. 




t!i ( I 

ill f U ' 

i ■. ir ' 11 ' 

;i •! 


, 1 



of the 







" Edmond, shoemkr J MiUette, b 316 

8t Andrew 
" Edouard, I 304 Cathcart 
" Elle, mill hd, h 222 Division 
" MIb8 Elvira, 1 488 Sussex 
" Eusebe, lab, h 2« Poplar 
" Ferdinand, carp Dept Pub Wks, h 

62 Water 
" Frederick, barber A Poulln, 1 26 

" Gertrude, dom 890 Wellington 
" Hilaire, lab, h 126 St Patrick 
" Jeremie, constable Dom Police, h 

84 Cathcart 
" J Vital, slsman John Murphy & 

Co, h 301 1-2 Dalhousie 
" J, bkr A E Sllnn, res Hull 
" Louis, drautrhtsman Dept Pub 

Wks. h 446 Gilmour 
" Louis, roofer J Herbert & Son, res 

" Marie (wid Joseph), h r 179 St 

" Rose A. dom 587 St Patrick 
" Victor, mill hd. h 95 Willow 
" Wm, photo 460 Sussex, h 488 same 
" Wm J, photo Wm Charron, 1 488 

Charter David, culler, h 119 Turner 

" Wm H, tmstr. h 122 Bell 
Chartler Miss Annie, slsldy T Lindsay 

& Co, b 291 Queen 
" Miss Jessie, slsldy T Lindsay & 

Co, b 291 Queen 
" Joseph, shantyman, b 106 Britannia 
Chartrand Delphine (wId Joseph), h 664 

St Patrick 
" Miss Diana, tlrs Orison Bros, 1 321 

" Miss Eugenie, drsmkr. 1 254 1-2 

" Florence (wid Jean Bte), 1 507 St 

" F X. lab, h 281 Water 
" Joseph, mach opr S A H Borbrtdye, 

1 44 Cobourg 
" Marguerite (wld Pierre), h 254 1-2 

" Maxime, lab, h 604 St Patrick 

" Miss Mellna, smstrs. I 254 1-2 Clar- 

" Pierre, bottler R P Oilmour, 1 
254 1-2 Clarence 
Chase Charles, fireman C A R. 1 87 
Third av 

" Edward, eng, h 87 Third av 

" Joseph L, uphol T W Currier A 
Co, b 376 Dalhousie 
Chasse Francis, conf Creamery Biscuit 
Works, res Hlntonburg 

" J Alfred, law elk Dept Pub Wks, 
h 136 Osgoode 
Cbateauvert Edouard, h 122 King 

" Edourard, carp Des Rlvieree A Co, 

h 298 St Andrew 
" Hector, carp, h 149 St Andrew 
" Joseph E. ruler Ptg Bureau, I 122 



ChatlUon Arthur, barber 166 nrn» 
" Hector (ChatlUon A LuKH^e^ k 
266 Rochester ^"^H-fie), b 

" Wm, mach Des Rivieres x. ,-, 
298 St Andrew * ^°' I 

ChAtllloa A LMraaae m«»« 

Challlon, Raoul Lagas« " f?,. 
Uure, Tinware, Etc, 263, cS^"'. 
Chatterton John, tmstr h 810 s,„„er«. 

Ctaandi«r« Maohln. ft FouX 

Co (Limited), T C iih"?'' 

President, Adam Gera.'l '^Vjcr 

President. George O R.,^, al^ll- 

al Manager, 85-87 Duke 

Chauvin Joseph, lab, h 592 St Pn.tH.i- 

Checkley Frank S, dk sch la ndl k^ 

Dept Interior, h 8 Coop't ^' 

•• Harriet H (wld Rev Wm 


Cheetham Henry, tmstr A J Snuth i 

20 Ellen '""• ' 

" John B, mach Ottawa P & 

h 20 Ellen 
" Miss Mary, opr Star Lauii.irv On 
1 20 Elm ^ *-"• 

" Miss Sarah, elk Star Laundry On 
1 20 Elm ^ ^°' 

Chellbom Magnus, tlr Rooney & Hoon 
er. 1 230 Bay ^' 

Chenevert Emlle, prtr Ptg Bureau », 
266 St Andrew ' " 

Cheney Charles B, flier, h 32 Duke 
" George G. mach Victoria Poundrv 
Co, 1 26 Cambridge ^ j 

" Herbert N. elk. 1 25 Camhrldee 
" Josiah F, foreman, h 23 Cam- 
" Orla M, electrician. 1 713 Somerset i 
" Samuel T, lumber mer, h 50 Centro 
" Wm H, elk, h 37 Third av 
Chenler Alexandre, lab, h 337 Clarence 
" Leon, collarmkr S.A H Borbrldw 

1 84 Augusta '^ 
Cherry Adella E (wid Wm), h 189 Bay 

" Arthur L, repr O E Ry, 1 33 Somer- 

" Benson, bdg hse 114 Sherwood 
" Miss Edna, I 33 Somerset 
" Miss Florence, mlnr Miss E Arm-] 

strong, 1 33 Somerset 
" Harold G. lltho. 1 33 Somerset 
" James. 11th Mortimer A Co, h 251 1 

" John, lab, h 176 Crelghton 
" R John, prtr topo br De'ii Tnt, hi 

227 Mackay 
" Samuel, carp Dept Pub Wks, h ^| 

" Wm, messr s s Rldeau Terrace, hi 

2 e of Springfleld rd 
" Wm A, 1 IW Bay 

Chesley Henry N P, elk, h 336 Lyon 
Chester Mrs Emma, 1 281 Preston 
Chevalier Antonlne, lumber, b 435 Sui-| 



T$i. 703. Cor. Bank A Wellington 8U\ 



m. MASON & 80N8 i?'TirJ^^:i;r'..^ 





/^evrl^r Adele (wid Alfred), I 394 St 
' Aiiolphe, 1 170 Dalhousie 
" Ai^lnlphe, I 164 Division 

Chavrier Adri«n D, Proprietor 

victoria Hotel, 207-209 St Patrick 

■ Al red H (Chevrler & Llmogea), h 

1S-24 Murray 
" M'HH Auxlle, drsinkr, h 396 St 

" MiHs Blanche, mus tchr 52 Daly av 
E.lmond, hotel 461 Sussex 

• Eugene L, elk P O, h 451 RIdeau 

■ F Lionel, 1 52 Daly av 

" Joseph, driver D V Ranger, b 69 

" Joseph A, ry mall elk. 1 471 King 
'• Jcispph A Jr, wks L E Chevrler, h 

113 Chapel 
" Joseph H E, bartndr E Chevrler, 

1 451 Sussex 

• Louisa D (wld Ephratm). elk P O, 

h 52 Daly av 
" Louis E, picture framer 3 Mos- 

grove, 1 113 Chapel 
" Ludger. A. slsmn T Lindsay & Co, 

h 114 Water 
Marie, dom 27 Duke 
" Mif^s Marie L, gro 394 St Patrick 
" Oscar A. mnfr agt 78 RIdeau, 1 52 

Daly av 

Chevrier Rodolpho, Phyaielan 

Office and Residence 168 Daly 
av. Telephone 796 
" Rodolphe L, supt French Dept 
Sun Life Assee Co, h 195 Au- 
" Ulric, pntr'a helper Dept Pub Wks, 

h 390 St Patrick 

" & Limoges (Alfred H Chevrler, 

Noel Limoges), hotel 18 Murray 

Cheynp James, coachman RIdeau Hall 

" John, elk W Donaghy. 1 RIdeau 


Chtemann Franx, lab, h 607 Russell av 

Child Jesse, foreman The Ottawa Oas 

Co, h 130 York 
Children's Hospital, Miss H J R Oreen- 
Armytage Supt, 199 Wurtemberg 
Childs Mamy, dom 68 Frank 
Chilton Benjamin, messr Privy Council 
Office, h 397 Elgin 
' James P, elk P O, h 186 Ann 
Chipman Clarence J H, resident phy Co 
of Carleton Oen'l Prot Hospital, 
h 544 RIdeau 

I Chipman Wam Manas*' Slnfor 

Manufacturing Co, h 149 Sparks 
IChisholm Arthur A, elk sec br Dept 
Interior, h 234 Llsgar 

' John, barr Dept Justice, h 77 Sec- 
ond av 

' John A, elk J A Seybold ft Co, 1 
337 Dalhousie 

' John P, fireman, 1 89 Spruce * 

' Mary E (wld Duncan), h 337 Dal- 

Chlsnall Thomas E, bkpr Ahearn & 
Sopcr, I 123 Maple 
" Thomas W, guard Ottawa Trust 
ft Deposit Co, h 128 Maple 
Chlttick Frederick C, acting aeet Dept 

Agrl, rms 157 Gloucester 
Chltty Alfred E, eulier, 1 15 Archibald 
" Arthur M, repr O E Ry, 1 70 York 
" Catherine M (wld John), 1 15 Archi- 
" Charles, wireman R Anderson, 1 

70 York 
" Charles D (Chltty ft Thompson), 

h 70 York 
" George L, timber Inspr Dept In- 
dian Affairs, h 16 Archibald 
" Joseph, opr G N W Tel Co, 1 15 

" Louis, student, I IR Archibald 
" Wm M, carp J ft C Low, h 437 

" & Thompson (Charles D Chitty, 
Alex M Thompson), employment 
bureau, 162 Canal w 
Chivers Mrs Emma, drsmkr 15 Charles 
" Samuel, florist John Graham, h 15 
Charle8 (N E) 
Cholette Miss Sophie, 1 394 St Patrick 
Chong Long. Indry 239 Bay, h same 
Choque Nicholas, saw flier, h 428 Sussex 
Choquette Antolne, prtr Ptg Bureau, 
h 64 Water 
" Charles, lab, h 26 Boteller 
" Doris, bdg hse 37 Murray 
" Miss Florence, 1 410 St Patrick 
" Gilbert A, farmer, h 410 St Patrick 
" Jean A, asst P M The Senate, h 

18 Nelson 
" Joseph, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 59 

" Miss Julia, bkbndr Free Press, 1 

26 Boteller 
" Sezine, civ ser, b 103 MacKenzle av 
" Miss Tena, 1 410 St Patrick 
Choulnard Andre, h 59 Augusta 
" Charles O, slsmn T Lindsay & Co, 

1 41 Cambridge 
" GulUaume slsmn Larose & Co, 

b 103 MacKenzle av 
" Gulllaume Jr, slsmn T Lindsay ft 

Co, h 41 Cambridge 
" Harry A, cashier York County L 
ft S Co, I 41 Cambridge 

" Pierre, lab Ptg Bureau, h 30 Clar- 
ence • 
" Sylva, lab, 1 69 Augusta 
Christ Church (Episcopal), s s Sparks, 

bet Lyon and Bay 
Chrlstafara Charles, fruits 215 Bank, 
Chrlstensen Mrs Marie, h 471 Ann 

Christian Charles. Proprietor 

NIcolet House, 10 Besserer, cor 

" John, 1 33 Clarence 
" Matilda (wld Thomas H), h 71 


Metropolitan Business College 


COURSES : Business. Shorthand 

and Typewriting, Penmanship, 

Civil Senriee. English. 

m-~m-* Z" — ."" - 

;:j!:iai i---";.* ■■ 

WATSON'S '«F«"i*ri Jsiii I JAR 




'^hrtatle Alexander, carp J & C Low, 1 
36 Lochtel 
" MiBB Belle, mus tchr 74 Elgin 
•' George R, slsmn J M Garland. 1 V9 
ChrUtl*. Onene A Greene (John 

ChrlBtle, George M and Went- 
worth Greene). Barrleters, So- 
licitors, Etc, 110 WelllnKton 

" Henry A, elk freight office C A R, 1 
413 Theodore 

" Miss Jessie B, elk cor br Dept Cus- 
toms, 1 74 Elgin 

" John (Christie, Qxeene & Greene), 
h 211 Concession 

" John H R, elk H N Bate & Sons. 
1 45 Somerset 

" Louis, h 7 Adelaide 

" Margaret (wld Alexander J), h 41.1 

' Mary A (wld Thomas A), 1 211 

" Robert, tlr Gould & Harley, 1 369 

" Ruth (wld Martin), cigars 471 Wel- 
lington, h same 

" Samuel, h 74 Elgin 

" Samuel H. agt Dawes & Co, h 32 

" Wm J, acct Bank of Ottawa, l 104 

•' Rev Wm M, h 79 Jamea 
Christln Charles A, mngr Capital Ice 
Co, h 375 Wellington 

" Mrs Emellne. bdg hse 41 MacKen- 
zle av, h same 

" Paul, elk Capital Ice Co, 1 47S 
Chrysler Francis H, QC (Chrysler & 
Bethune), h 87 Catherine 

FranoU H. Chrysler, (^C. C. J. R. Bethune. 

Barristers and Solicitors, 

ParllwnMtary SuprtnM CoHrt 
and Ocpartmental Agents. 

19 & 20 Central Chambert, 48 Elgin 81 

Talaphon* 71. 

Chubbuck Charles E D, elk acct's br 
Dept Rys and Canals, h 201 

" C Inglis, I 201 Maclaren 

'* Leonard B, electrician, 1 201 Mac- 

" Miss Sarah, h 285 Maria 
Church Miss Annie, I 696 Albert 

" Miss Carrie E, tchr Somerset St 
Sch, 1 696 Albert 

Chnroh CUurenoe R, Phyalcliin 

and Surgeon 202 Elgin, h same 
" George, elk George May & Sons, 

h 56 Baird 
" George, student, 1 696 Albert 


" James E, brakeman CPR, i 6'jG aI- 

" John, carp, h 696 Albert 
" John, lab, h n s Idol lane ' ,. ,,( 


Cliarcli of Unffland School for 

Girls, Conducted by the Sifters 
of the Church, 330 Kent cor 
Maclaren. (See card classified 
Colleges, etc.) 
" of St Alban the Martyr, Daly av 

n w cor King 
•' of the Sacred Heart, Cumbtilana 

fl e cor Theodora 
" Robert, brakeman CPR, 1 6!h> \\. 

" Thomas, mill foreman Bronsnn« & 
Weston L Co, h 137 Middle 
Ciappy John, slsmn T Lindsay it Oo 

b 800 Wellington 
Cimon see Simon 

CIrkel Bertha (wld Frederick), i :)>« 
" Frederick (A Huckels & Co), mln 
Ing eng 826 Queen, 1 same 


^ A Live Loul Hptr TE/HUS $6,00 
••Heneet," "Able.""EiiterprMnc." Per Year 

Some of Its SperlaUies : Fresh and OriKiiml 
City News; Full AtuM>ciHt«d Prtss Kepori > ; 
Dafly Special Telegraphic DuKpfttchuH; Iteli.ilile 
(^ommerciRl 8uniniary. PubliKhe^i more iiii. 

Sinai mHtier than any other Paper in Kit.>t< rn 
ntHfio. The only MoniinK Daily between 
Toronto and Montreal 

7i and 73 QUKJBN aiBEET. 

Citiaens' Bzohan^e ft Loan Co, 

E C Arnold! Manager. 91 
Sparks. (See right bottom linev.) 

City Aaaeaament Commiaaloners 

Office, Abraham Pratt Commis- 
sioner, City Hall 

City BnildlnflT Inapootor'a Office, 

A Pratt Inspector, City Hall 

City Clerk'a Offloe, John Hender- 
son, J P, City Clerk, City Hall 

City Colleotor'a Ollloe, Thomas 

W Thompson, Collector, Citv 

Direetory and Map, The 

Might Directory Co of Toronto 
(Limited), Publishers, H O H w- 
it Agent 88 Sparks, Telephone 

City Ensineer'a Olliee, Robert 

Surtees Engineer, City Hall 

City Hall, Saat Side of Elgin 

between Queen and Albert 
" Hall Square, Elgin, bet Queen and 





BMt Quality. Lowest PricM. 

i!: I JABVIS Guarantees ^:^J:iSSiSS. 

knd Oi'iKliml 
^8S KeporN ; 
iuh; Itelialile 
58 more ti.j. 
In Ka^tl•nl 
illy bet \\ (.•til 





(4ty Health Ofloe, Adolph* 

Koblllard. MD, Medical Health 
Officer, City Hall 
Hntel, Mrs Eugenie Oravelle prop, 
46 Clarence 

■ Market Inspector's Office, Rob- 

ert L. Hornidgre Inapr, north 
end By Ward Market (new) 

City Regi:4(.r7 Olllee, Alexander 

Burrltt Registrar, 66 Nicholas 

City Treasurer's Oflloe, Thomas 

H Klrby City Treasurer, City 

City Waterworks Ollloe. Robert 

Surtees Manager, City Hall, Ed- 
ward PInard Collector 
daffy Thomas L. trav, h 106 Florence 
Claire Robert K, gen freight agt CAR, 

h 275 McLeod 
Clalrniont see also Claremont, and Cler- 
" Ainedee, lab, h 130 Norman 
" F X, carp, h 29 Lome av 
Cbiroiix Emellen, pdlr, h 11 William 
■• Ferdinand, lab, h 94 St Andrew 

■ Viss Hectorlne, mua tchr 446 St 

Patrick, 1 same 

* Joseph, lab, h 29 Paplneau 
Marie (wid Joseph), 1 29 Papineau 

" Miss Melina, I 29 Paplneau 
" Nelson, blksmlth J R Booth res 

• Oswald, carter, 1.446 St Patrick 

" Roch, blksmlth, h 446 St Patrick 

■ Miss Sara, 1 446 St Patrick 
Clancy Ignatius E, elk Wm Howe, 1 164 

" John, h 164 Besserer 
" Miss Maggie, 1 97 College av 
" Martin, asst mech eng Dept Pub 
Wks, h 97 College av 
Thomas, prof University of Ot- 
Clare Miss Eva, elk W Nixon, 1 26S 

Queen e 
Claremont see also Clalrmont and Cler- 
" Joseph, carp, h 127 Nelson 
Clarence Hotel, Telesphore Lemay prop, 

25-27 Murray 
Clarey see also Cleary 
" Julia, dom 211 Concession 
" Nellie, dom 211 Concession 
" Wm R, plstr 377 Bell, h same 
Clark Allan, vessel capt Ottawa Trans 
Co, h 98 Crelghton 
" Allan Jr. boat capt, h 35 Charles 
'■ Andrew, lab, h 141^4 Friel 

Misa B Marjory, student Bower, 
Davidson & Bower, res Ottawa 
' Charles, ward attdt Gen Hospital, 

1 £89 Rfdeau 
' Charles A, elk, h 203 Queen 
" Charles E, slsmn John M Garland, 
h 160 George 

" David, blksmlth W Ahearn, res 


•' David, lab, b 36 Lett 

" Duncan, elk Exchequer Court, 1 

108 Metcalfe 
" Emma (wld James), 1 227 Kent 
" Florence, dom 363 Daly av 
" Frank, mach, 1 724 Albert 
" Judge George M, rms 6-7 Victoria 

" Miss Gertrude, I 438 Coop«»r 
" James, cond O A & P 8 Ry, h 415 

" John, carbonmkr Ottawa P & C 

Co, h 420 Concessloh 
" John, carp CAR, res Ottawa East 
" John, yardmaster CAR, h 180 Isa- 
" John McD, harnessmkr 8 & H Bor- 

brldge, h 69 Besserer 
" Joseph, boilermkr CPR, h 866 Som- 

" Matilda (wid Thomas), b 328 Al- 
" Miss Maude, 1 438 Cooper 
" Miss Minnie J, stenog Hodglns & 

Graham, I 32 Daly av 
" Richard J, turnkey County Jail, 

1 77 Nicholas 
" Robert, Inmate 954 Bank 
" Thomas, lab, h 724 Albert 
" T McLeod, "Crichton Lodge," 
Junction of Princess av and dis- 
gar road 

Clark Wm A. Agent Dominion 

Express Co 19 Elgin, b The Gil- 

" Wm J, wtr, 1 60 Besserer 
Clarke Mrs Annie, bdg hse 56 Albert 
" Austin, 1 79 William 
" Charles, slsmn Butterworth & Co, 

1 239 Maria 
" Charles, pntr W A Currie & Co, 

1 il Florence 
" Charles E, elk of staty mlsc br 

H of C. h 81 Florence 
" Charles S, elk, h s s Centre, 2 w 

of Monk 
" Elizabeth (wld Thomas), I 262 

" Elizabeth S (wld Thomas), matron 

689 Rldeau 
" Emmett E. elk, 1 3 Besserer 
" Ernest, 1 79 William 
" Florence, dom 163 Florence 
" Frank, l 79 William 
" Frederick C, eng Creamery Bis- 
cuit Works, h 448 Clarence 
" George G, appr Mortimer & Co, 

1 SI Florence 
" Henry, 1 79 William 
" Henry G, packer, h 225 Maekay 

Clarke James, JP. Manager 

Sparks Estate Office 193 Sparks, 
h 271 O'Connor 
" James, eng, h n s Catharine. 1. w 
of Kent 

" Miss Jahanna, h 37 Daly av 

" Rev John W, tchr C C Bus Coll, 

h 60 Besserer 
" Kate, dom 352 Gllmour 















t1 i^l 




Tkn QIIM I ifa !>*«'««*••» >*^**«^««« the Most HiAMEl 
I n6 OU 11 LITO I Uberal Policy in tlit Worid. ■ ^'^Z. s 












Clou tier. 


" Marguerite S (wld George W), 1 

99 Gloucester 
" Mary (wid Alexander), clnr Dept 

Bldgs, h 16 Emmett 
" Miss Minnie, tlrs J G Lyon, 1 178 

" Nellie, dom 160 Cooper 
" Nicholas W, lockmstr Rideau 

Canal, h 19 Slater 
" Patrick, carbonmkr Ottawa P & 

Co Co, res Ottawa East 
" Patrick, store elk Govt Stores, h 

3 Besserer 
" Perclval J, policeman, h 239 Maria 

Clarke Reuben, Orooer 13f Flor- 
ence, h same 
" Richard, mason, h 100 Florence 
" Robert, trav, h 41 Cooper 
•' Robert A, elk C H, 1 271 O'Connor 
" Roderick W, bkpr Kananagh Bros, 

1 3 Besserer 
" Sarah (wld Thomas), bdg hse 79 

" Miss Theresa, studt, 1 62 Percy 
" Walter L, studt, 1 60 Besserer 
" Wm H, bartndr The Brunswick. 

1 229 St Andrew 
" Wm N, 1 219 Nicholas 
" Wm T, carbonmkr Ottawa P ft 

Co Co, 1 16 Emmett 
Claroux see Clairoux 
Claude see also Claude 

" Elie, confy 254 Dalhousie 
Clauson see also closson 
" George, bkr R E Jamleson, 1 281 

" Robert T, coll, h 231 Bell 
Clayton Edward casn boy Bryson, 

Graham & Co, 1 264 Maria 
'• E Herbert, engr, 1 131 Maria 
Frank, chief survey records br 

Dept Interior, h 131 Maria 
" Fred C, ledgerkpr Union Bank, 1 

131 Maria 
" James A, elk Dept Finance, h 228 

" Kenneth F. elk, 1 131 Maria 
" Louis S, elk, h 264 Maria 
Cleary see also Clarey 
" Miss Annie, hsekpr 722 Wellington 
" Frank, moto O E Ry. l 25 Daly av 
" James, driver U Hoggard, 1 25 

Daly av 
" John, h 25 Daly av 
" John, lab, h 27 Crawford 
" J Michael, prtr Ptg Bureau, 1 25 

Daly av 
" Patrick J. grocer 103 Nicholas 
* Thomas, bid.- 217 Bell, h same 
" Thomas H, prtr Ptg Bureau, 1 25 

Daly av 
Cleave MIsa Bella, wks c Truss & Surg 

Mfg Co, 1 125 Vlttorla 
" Wm J, slsmn A Workman & Co, 

h 277 Balsam 
" Wm T. boat bldr 125 Vlttorla 
Cleland George R, messr Dept of Jus- 
tice, h 118 Florence 

Clemence John, barber, l 49 Kent 
" Thomas, blkamith Ottawa Oti- r>„ 
h 49 Kent ^°> 

Clement Alexandre, private sec Cun 
troller Inland Rev, rms 559u 
Sussex "^ 

" Miss Angele, bndr Ptg Buivaii t 
374 Dalhousie ' ' 

" Mrs Anna, fruits 289 Bridge 
" Calixte, lab, h 124 Sherwood 
" Doslthe, slsnin T Lindsay & Co 
b 41 Lyon ' 

" Joseph, harnessmkr S & H Rnr 
bridge, h 289 Bridge "" 

" Joseph, lab, 1 62 St Andrew 
Clements Robert, mach hd h iw 
Stanley av "* 

" Thomas T, pntr, h 646Vi. Cumber. 

" Wm R, prop Victoria Huu«e 54 
Clemow Hon Francis, h 575 Maria 
" Francis C (Powell & Clem.nv) h 
556 Maria 
Clendenning Charles H, elk J R Booth 
1 443 Queen 
" Henry, eng CPR, h 44J Qu^en 
Clendinnen Charles A E, 1)n(h Pte 
Bureau, 1 11 Lochiel 
" Hannah (wld Dr John D). h ii 

" Thomas E, trav Oeamery Biscuit 
Works, 1 11 Lochiel 
Clennan Patrick, driver, b 520 Sussex 

Clerk of the Peace Offloe, John 

A Ritchie Clerk, County Court 
House. Daly av, s e cor Nicholas 
Clermont see also Clalrmont an! 
" Edward, carp, h 9 Pinard 
" Jean Bte, carp, h 73 Cobourg 
Clewes John R, elk P O, h 6 Peter 
Clifford Daniel, horeshoer D H Mc- 
Murtry.l 300 Suarks 
" John, inmate 954 Bank 
Clifton Amos, lab, h 17 Ella 
" House. E C Hillman prop, 465 Wei- 

" Thomas, brakeman CPR. res 
Cloran Miss Eliza J, mus tchr 311 Cum- 
berland, h same 
Close Charles W, lino Ptg Bureau, li 

118 Gloucester 
Closson see also Clauson 
" Emile, stone cutter Robert Ross 

1 82 Nelson 
" F Auger, stone cutter, 1 82 Nelson 
" Joseph, stone cutter Robert R(is.« 
h 82 Nelson 
Clost Joseph, lab, 1 9 Pinard 
Cloutler Alphonso, 1 289 Water 
" Miss Augustine, drsmkr Miss A 

Sauve, 1 273 Bridge 
" A Joseph, elk Wm York, 1 2;3 


" Damase, driver G A Harris, h 2S3 

C 6. TA66ART & SON 

HroKere, House* fOr S«l« and to ut | 
jHnyra collbcted. 'j*»on« 703 

Oor. BANK and WBLUNQTON 8n] 


JAMES HOPE & SONS, Printers, 

Oor. Sparks ancl llsln Sts. BookbinderS* 

;obert Ross, 





^^E G»-'orge, foreman R E Jamieson, 
h 92 Cathcart 
.. Heiiilette (wld Joseph), h 273 

" Jean Bte, ahoemkr 365 St Patrick, 

h 384 Clarence 
•' Henriette (wid Joseph), h 144 

" Louis, pntr, 1 273 Bridffe 
" Miss Louisa, 1 289 Water 
" Marie, dom 338 Dalhousie 
.' Mary, dom 208 St Patrick 
" Napoleon, shoemkr, h 153 St An- 

" Octave, lab, h 237 Church 
" Severe, carp, h 371 Dalhousie 
" Severe, cafp, h 289 Water 
" Miss Vlctorlne, 1 289 Water 
Cluff Francis H, dairy 352 Bank, gro 
234 Bank, h 340 Llsgar 
" Heniy R, refrigerators 362 Bank 

and 384 Gilmour, 1 340 Llsgar 
" Joseph, elk F H Cluft, h 213 Ne- 

" Norman, elk W H Snider, 1 390 

" Sidney, elk, 1 390 Maclaren 
" Thomas, capt Central Fire Stn, h 

390 Maclaren 
" Wm H, bkpr, h 56 Queen 
Clust Prospere, driver, h 29V2 Nicholas 
Coad Wm J, mach Cap Cash Reg Co, 

b 403 Wellington 
Coaliloy Thomas J, lab, h 665 Mac- 
Coallier Victor, slsmn T Lindsay & Co, 

res Hull 
Coates John, pres Ottawa Gas Co, rms 

41 Gloucester 
Cobb Albert H, mngr W A Jamieson, h 
526 Albert 
" Miss Kubina, drsmkr L N Poulln, 
1 347 Nepean 
Cobban Mitchell, prtr Free Press, h 28 

Cobbett Henrietta (wld John), h 460 

Coburn see also Cockburn 
" Alexander H J, mall elk, h 63 Rus- 
sell av 
Cochran see also Corcoran 
" Wm C, elk P O Inepr, rms 268 
Cochrane Mathew, wood 816 Somerset 
" Wm, wood 809 Somerset, h same 
" Wm H, carp, h 572 Concession ' 
" Wm J, lab, h 359 Rochester 
Cockburn see also Coburn 
" Edward J, slsmn Larose & Co. h 

303 Llsgar 
" Emanuel J, ruler Ptg Bureau, 1 360 

" Euphemie (wld Richard), 1 47.1 

" Godfrey C, pressman, 1 360 Albert 
" Richard E, Jwlr C Addison,- h 170 

|Cocl<er John, atone cutter Robert Ross, 

1 307 Ann 

Cocklln James, driver Olivier Robert, 

1 380 Queen 

Codd Edmund, elk The Citizen, 1 114 

" Oeorge B, shipper Parker & Lar- 

month, h 107 Queen w 
" Sergt James, orderly to Qov-Gen- 

eral, h 114 Emmett 
" Mrs Mary, gro 8 Macdonald, 1 114 

" Thomas J, car bldr CAR, 1 114 

Code Abraham, h 35 Cooper 
" Edwin E, shipper Poaps & Ault, 

b 263 Albert 
" George, driver A Blyth, h 304 Clar- 
" Margaret (wld George), 1 327 Wav- 

" Robert G (Code & Burrltt), b 

Grand Union 
" Thomas J, elk accts br Customs 

Dept, h 370 Lewis 
" Wm A, elk ry mall ser br P O Dept, 

h 327 Waverley 
" Wm J (Code & Beament), h 328 


Code dc Beament (Wm J Code, 

Thomas A Beament), Barristers, 
Solicitors, Notaries, Etc, 25 

Code & Bnrritt (Robert O Code, 

Edmund F Burrltt), Barristers, 
Rooms 5-6 Carleton Chambers, 
74 Sparks 

Coderre Edouard, lab, h r 547 St Pat- 

Codville John J, h 359 Cooper 

Cody Maurice, fireman CPR, h 61 Le 

Coffey Bridget (wld Thomas), h 93 Ri- 
" Charles J, 1 93 Rldeau 

Coffey Patriok J, Registrar 

County of Carleton, County 
Court House, h 170 Nicholas 
CofBn Frederick A, elk Finance Dept, 

res Skeads' Mills 
CoghlU Robert, carriagemkr, h 283 Sus- 
Coghlan see also Coughlin 
" James S, contr, h 577 Somerset 
" Wm, 1 677 Somerset 
Cohen Hattie (wid Frank), 1 653 Cum- 
" Jacob, trader, h 653 Cumberland 
" Peter, tinsmith 130 Rldeau 
" Philip, trav. 1 653 Cumberland 
" Miss Ray. elk Bernstein Bros, 1 653 
Coladur Santle. lab. h 516 Rochester 
Colbert Miss Lizzie, bndr Ptg Bureau, b 

135 M«tcalfe 
Colborne Hamlet, mach. h 7 Hill 

" Wm H, h 812 Somerset 
Coldereno EmlUo, conty 133 Kent 
Coldrey Edward, stmftr McKlnley & 
Northwood, h e s Henderson av, 

2 s of Somerset 



91 SRARK&9 

m. O. ARMOLDI. Ammmr. 'Plion* ti4a 
















G n 




\MK'' Im It . 


* , 

ml ^'^ 




it - 

MOOAK KUVUa toMtffraM 
Agmtt MMt all Traliw. 


'PHomm at. 

rix, MMmummm, 

NCAO opriot 





Cole Alexander O, mngr Cole's National 

Mfg Co, h 269 Slater 
" Mias Alice, 1 Mrs Christina Cole 
" Arthur A, asst mining eng Qeol 

Survey Dept, b 214 Albert . 
" Benjamin V, plate prtr, h 240 

" Miss Catherine, 1 588 Albert 
" Miss Catherine, 1 Mrs Christina 

" Christina (wid Charles), h n s 

Somerset, 2 w of bridge 
" Harry W, stenog Bronsons & Wes- 
ton Lumber Co, 1 101 James 
" Hawley H, elk C Ogilvy, 1 106 

" Henry, trav, h 106 O'Connor 
" Herbert Q, electro plater Ek:ltpse 

Office Furn Co, 1 106 O'Connor 
" Jessie (wid Albert), h 242 Cam- 
" John, carp, 1 242 Cambridge 
" John F, train despatcher CPR, h 

259 Albert 
" Miss Louisa, elk H W Oibson, 1 

68 Chapel 
" Mary (wid Wm), clnr Dept Bldgs, 

rms 302 Gloucester 
" Richard F, fireman, 1 Mrs Christina 


Col« Wm A. Assignee, Bailiff 

and House Agent 171 Sparks, I 
101 James 

Cole's National Mannfaotnring 

Co, A G Cole Manager, Manu- 
facturers Tents and Awnings, 
Windov Shades and Camp Fur- 
niture 160 Sparks 
Coleman see also Colman 

" Alfred A, 1 613 Rideau 

" Edgar C, 1 613 Rideau 

" Hannah (wid Anson), rms 263 

" Miss Henrietta C, 1 513 Rideau 
" Miss Lilian, elk sec br Dept In- 
terior, b 263 Maria 
" Miss Louisa, 1 613 Rideau 
" Miss Louisa, elk I Pratt & Co, 1 

606 Albert 
" Miss Matilda, h 513 Rideau 
Coif Frederick, lab, h 153 Creighton 
Colfer Nicholas, wks J Labatt. b 284 

Colgan see McColgah 
Coligan Thomas, tobacconist 26 Rideau 
Colfgny Ladies' College, see Presby- 
terlal Ladles' College of Ottawa 

Collector of Costoms Offlee, Post 

Office Building 

Collector's (City) Office, T W 

Thompson Collector, City Hall 

Colleetor's Office Waterworks, 

Kdouard PInard Collector. City 

Collegiate Iastit«*<o, J a Mao 

Mlllan, BA, F Jpal, n « Ug 

gar, bet tht < i and ElRin 
Collier A Percy, pr .e sec to Min 

ister of the iLL-rior, rms y; Ne 


" Henry, lab, h 692 Concession 
Collin Alexandre, shantyman, b 3"^ 

CHarence " 

" Miss Blanche, tlrs T Lindsav A 

Co, res Hull ^ * 

" Miss Caroline, tlrs T Lindsav a 

Co, res Hull * * 

Collings Mrs Mary O, h 417 Maila 
Collins Miss Ada, elk Wm Watson, I e s 

Lett, 6 8 of Queen 
" Alexander, elk G A Harris, res 

(?ummings' Bridge 
" Miss Annie, 1 623 WelllnRton 
" Edward, car repr CPR, res Hln- 

" Miss Elizabeth, 1 73 Division 
" Frederick A, pntr 623 Welllneton 
" George. 1 327 Sussex 
" George H A, elk G A Harris, res 

Cummlngs' Bridge 
" Miss Hattie M. 1 623 Wellington 
" Jennie, dom 101 Vlttorla 
" John, teamster J R Booth, h 2M 

" Joseph, freight checker Ottawa 

Forwarding Co, res Cummlngs 

" Mrs Louise, Indrs, rms 82 Queen 
" Miss Maggie, 1 359 Napier 
" Michael, elk, h 359 Napier 
" Michael, head wtr 36 Queen 
" Samuel, cond O E Ry, h 118 DaU 

" Sarah (wid John), 1 202 Margaret 
" Stephen, carp CAR, h 303 Ann 
" Thomas, carp, 1 73 Division 
" Thomas, moto O fii Ry, h 112 Lome 

Colllson W Taylor, papermkr, h 70 Ec- 

Colman see also Coleman 
" Lewis H, elk sec br Dept Pub Wks, 

h 464 Besserer 
" Mary C (wid James), 1 464 Besser- 
Colonial Mutual Life Assn, 46 Elgin 
Colson see also Coulson 
'* Frederick, acct Dep Sec of State, 

rms 480 Gllmour 
Colter see also Coulter 
" Alexander, eng, h 664 Wellington 
" John, miller Ont Graphite Co, 1 

664 Wellington 
Colvin Wm, btchr Slattery St Teriance, 

1 408 Gloucester 
Comfort Annie M (wid John), nurse \' 

William, 1 same 

Commercial Hotel, R H Elliott prop, 
71 York 

Complin Hennr Y, Mana«er 

Bank of Ottawa Branch m 
Bank, b 186 Queen 


. '<,■!•■'»'■> 



A Mao 

n H Lis 

! to Mln 
ma 97 Ne 


in, b 33 

jlndsay & 

jlndsay & 

itBon, I e 8 

larrls, res 

, rea Hln- 



Harris, re? 


00th, h 20! 

Ler Ottawa 

I 82 Queen 

h 118 Dai- 
}03 Ann 
h 112 Lorna 

kr, h 70 Ec- 

)t Pub Wk8, 
464 Besser- 

46 Elgin 
c of State, 

phlte Co, 1 

& Teriance, 

n), nurse 1" 

aillott prop, 


Branch IS) 



see CONLEY'8 Scotch Suitings. 






Co'itlle Hdward, brakeman C P R, h 92 
•' Mary, dom 216 Maria 
Condon Auguatln, 1 49 Duke 

Condou Henri. Proprietor Ooel- 

(lental Hotel, h 49-53 Duke 

Confederation Life Aeeoeiation, 

W A Lamb Agent, 62 Elgin (See 
left bottom and side lines) 

CoDKregation do Notre Dame 

(Convent) Boarding School for 
Young Ladles, Mother Ste Ce- 
cilia Superioress, 34-38 Qlouces- 
Congregation de Notre Dame (R C) 

Chapel, 145 Murray 
Congregational Church, Rev Wm Mcin- 
tosh pastor, Albert, s w cor Elgin 
Conklin James D, tchr Collegiate Inst, 

h 510 Ollmour 
Conley see also Connelly and Connolly 
" James, brakeman CAR, res Hin- 

" John R, carp CAR, res Hlnton- 

" Robert, carp, h 173 Cobourg 

Conley Robort H, Merohant 

Tailor 213 Wellington, rms 33 

Slater (See adv right top lines) 
Conlln Kate, dom 127 Gloucester 
" Lizzie, dom 404 Albert 
" Maggie, dotn 340 Maclaren 
" Miss Susie, 1 380 Gilmour 
" Thomas, elk T A Burns, 1 240 

" Wm, lab, h 240 Cathcart 
Conn see also Konn 

" Hugh S, grain, h 366 Waverley 
Connell see also O'Connell 
" Daniel, driver G W Shouldis, 1 194 

" Edward A, eng, h 85 Henderson av 
" James, foreman Can Granite, Co, h 

99 Augusta 
" John, carp, h 148 Henderson av 
" John, blksmith, h 329 Clarence 
" Miss Kate, elk Kealey Bros, 1 127 

" Michael, lab, h 127 McTaggart 
" Patrick J, trav Wm Howe, res 

Port Hope, Ont 
Connelly see also Conley and Connolly 
" Edward, elk reg br Dept Interior, 

1 577 Maclaren 
Connolly Miss Frances C, 1 143 Wllbrod 
" John, marble cutter Can Granite 

Co, 1 368 St Patrick 
" John D, plmbr, 1 409 Gloucester 
" Joseph, studt, 1 143 Wllbrod 
" Maria (wid Dennis), h 388 St Pat- 
' Maria, dairy maid Rideau Hall 
" Michael T, bkpr, 1 368 St Patrick 
" Patrick J, plmbr, h 409 Gloucester 
" Patrick T, messr Auditor Genl's 

Office, 1 143 Wllbrod 


" Peter, messr Finance Dept, h 143 

" Peter J, messr Dept Agcl, 1 143 

" Wm, inmate 954 Bank 

" Wm J, plmbr A A Rochon, 1 409 
Connor see also O'Connor 

" Miss Bertha, tchr, 1 132 Stewart 

" Daniel, driver, h 194 Murray 

" Miss Elizabeth, mus tchr 145 Au- 
gusta, 1 same 

" James L (J H Connor & Son). 1 161 
161 George 

" James L (J H Connor & Son), 1 161 

Ck>nnor J Hit Son (James H and 

James L), Washing Machine and 
Wringer Manufacturers, 526 
" M Francis, analyst and assayer 

102 Bank, 1 161 George 
" Miss Nellie, mus tchr 146 Augusta 
" Wm, carp, h 145 Augusta. 
" Wm H, bkpr Eclipse Office Furn 
Co, h 151 Augusta 
Connors Frederick, lab, h 118 Pa- 
" John, mldr T Lawson, 1 67 Sher- 
" Patrick, groom 174 Nicholas 
Conroy Charles, supt cleaners Qept 
Bldgs, h 173 Lisgar , 

" Christopher, lab, h 412 Gloucester 
Conservative Whip, George Taylor, M 
P, office H of C, res Gananoque, 
Consltt Harry, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 124 

Henderson av 
Consolidated Plate Glass Co of Can- 
ada (Limited), The, Wm Howe 
agt 20 Ridoau 
Constantineau Albert (Constantineau & 
Lawlor), b The Windsor 

Consvantlnean Rev H A, OMI, 

Secretary University of Ottawa, 
res same 
" Louis A, prtr, h 615 St Patrick 
" Miss Marie, 1 515 St Patrick 
" & Lawlor (Albert Constantineau, 
Heibert W Lawlor), barrs 569 
Consuls, see Index to Miscellaneous Di- 
Contagious Disease Hospital (unfinish- 
ed), Porter's Island 
Contra Josephine, wtrs 90 Lyon 

" Lizzie, wtrs 90 Lyon 
Contractors' Association of Ottawa, E 
B Butterworth sec-treas, 61 
Convent of Our Lady of Rosary, Sister 
STongenais superioress. Prim- 
rose n w cor Victoria av 
" de Notre Dame, 34-38 Gloucester 
" of the Sacred Heart (Grey nuns), 
Young Ladies' Boarding School, 
Sister Theresa Superioress, 198- 
224 Rideau 



682 to 640 WeUlngton St 



i\ ill 


hill I! 





.1 ■ 




.ki! r 

The SUN LifesasCSaiSy 

194 CtMiv«'ry. alphabetical Corbenu. 















Convery Hugh E, agt Fleischrnann & 

Co, h 109 Jane 
Conway Charles, plmbr Ottawa Gas Co, 
res Hintonburg 
" George, driver Bryson, Graham & 

Co, res Cummings Bridge 
" John H, turncock W W Press hse, 

h llf York 
" Miss M A, elk dead letter br P 

O, 1 116 York 
" Michael, moto O E Ry, res Cum- 
mings Bridge 
" Michael E. studt. 1 116 York 
Conwell Nellie, dom 209 Gloucester 
Cooch Anna, dom 70 Argyle 
" Charles, let car P O, h 600 Gilmour 
" Miss Elizabeth, tlrs Gould & Har- 

ley, b 198 Bank 
" Ida (wid Henry), tlrs Rooney & 

Coorer, 1 604 Gilmour 
" "Wm, messr, h 604 Gilmour 
Cook Amelia F (wld Samuel), h 26 
" Arthur, carp, h 178 Arthur 
" Miss Augusta A, asst Alex Mar- 
tin. 1 25 Maple 
" Mrs Bella, 1 214 Nepean 
" Benjamin, lab, h 300 Cooper 
" Charles, uphol 167 Bank, h same 
" Charles W, wtr, 1 82 Waller 
" Francis M, foreman, 1 25 Maple 

Cook Frederiok, Canadian Cor- 
respondent London Times ; 
Telephone No. 568 ; h 212 O'Con- 
" George H, caretaker 74 Sparks 
" Hanna, dcm 65 Sherwood 
" Herbert A. culler, h 12 Sherwood 
" Howard, clnr C A R, 1 25 Maple 
" James, Mer J R Booth, h 175 Ro- 
" James jr, mill hd, 1 175 Rochester 

" Mary A (wld Samuel), h 47 Cam- 
" Peter, blr mkr W J Campbell, res 

" Robert E, elk accta br Dept P P 

and S, h 82 Waller 
" Simon, lab, h 23 Sophia 
" Thomas A, foreman, h 650 Welling- 
" Walter, asst flier J R Booth, 1 175 

" Wm, foreman Buell & Co, 1 23 
Cooke Albert A, elk J R Booth, h 599 

" A Gordon O, cashier McKay Mill- 
ing Co, h 634 Maclaren 
" Miss Blanche, I 54 Cooper 
" Charles A, elk sch br Dept India 
Affairs, h 48 Florence , 

" George G N, trav McKay Milling 

Co, res Hintonburg 
" James, eng. h 214 Nepean 
" Jeremiah R, motorman O E Ry, h 
42 Oregon 

Cooke Dr Sidney P, Physician 
and Surgeon. Office Honn 
9 to 10.30 a.m., 2 to 3I0 
and 7 to 8 p.m., Surgery 
Bank Street Chambers 
102 Bank. Kesidenoe 54 
Cooper, 'Phone 1081 

" Thomas W, electrician J 1: Booth 
h 597 Albert "' 

Coombs Alfred, lab, h 437 Clarence 

" Mary (wid Edgar W). dom 47? 

" Miss Mary F, h 351 Rideau 

" Wm H, elk Christie, Gi ?ene & 
Greene, h 444 Cumberland 
Cooney Catherine (wld James), 1 119 

" Edward, lab, h 119 Besserer 

" John C, opr C P R Co's T^i h m 
Napean * 

" Mira, dom 312 Bay 
Cooper Alexander, elk A Huckels & Cn 
1 326 Queen ^''• 

" Charles, lab Ottawa Gas Co rp« 
Jareville ' 

" David G, florist Charles Scrim h 
223 Kent 

" Elizabeth (wid Henry W). clnr 
Dept Bldgs, h 350 Gloucester 

" Henry, carp, h 154 Frank 

" Henry, studt, 1 195 Florence 

" Henry W (Rooney & Cooper), )i 
639 Maclaren 

" Howard J, bricklyr. 1 346 Ann 

" John, messr Can Exp Co. h m 

" Joseph, bldr 346 Ann 

" Naomi (wld Wm S). mlnr 10 1-2 
Nicholas, h same 

" Robert W, acct Rideau Canal, 
Dept Rys and Canals, h 195 

" Walter B, stone cutter Robert 
Ross, 1 346 Ann 

" Wm, lab, h r 502 Maria 

" Wm M, flreman, 1 195 Florence 
Cope Alexander R. slsmn McKinley & 
Northwood. 1 331 Somerset 

" Edward B sec Normal and Model 
Sch, h 331 Somerset 

" Wm, tmstr J R Booth, h 41 Broad 

" Wm V, chief elk, 1 331 Somerset 
Copping Albert V. carp C A R, 1 1(8 

" James H. contr 66 Third av 

" John G E. elk Patent Office, h U 
College av 

" Louis E, elk copyright br Dept 
Agr'l, h 516 Maria 

'* Sarah J (wld Henry), h ITS Isa- 
Coppleman Samuel, pedler, h 264 Clar- 

Copyrights and Trade Marks Branch 
Dept Agr'l, Langevin Block 

Corbeau Gilbert, bricklyr, b 137 Clar- 

C B TA6&ABT & SON ^^"^ Hffssa&'snss'h^mpUnam 

uckels & Co, 

Gas Co, res 

les Scrim, h 

*y W). clnr 

I Codper), h 

mlnr 10 1-2 

eau Canal, 
lalP, h 195 

tter Robert 

h 41 Broad 
531 Somerset 
A R. 1 1''8 

;ht liv Dept 
h ITS isa- 
h 264 Clar- 

VM. MASON & SONS v»«^^J«^^^m,m. 






pnrbell Albert, appr pntr Dept Pub 

^ Wks, h 204 Water 
" Edouard. let car P O, h 454 St 

.. jrs Esther, 1 223 Water 
'• Felix, shantyman, b 42 Clarence 

• John, candymkr, 1 203 King 

• Louis, elk P O, h 206 Water 

• Victor, culler, h 344 Nelson 
Corbett Miss Edna, 1 91 O'Connor 

" Ellen (wid John), h 65 Dalhousie 
" Harold L, bkpr J G Butterworth 

& Co, h 102 College av 
" James P, mill hd, 1 55 Dalhousie 
" Martin J, mill hd, 1 S5 Dalhousie 
" Michael, lab Ottawa Gas Co 
" Miss Minnie, bndr Ptg Bureau, 1 

91 O'Connor 
" Wm. eng, h 418 Lisgar 
" Wm, timekpr, h 91 O'Connor 
" Wm, watchman Ottawa Gas Co, 

h 104 Augusta 
" Wm F, fitter Butterworth & Co, 1 

91 O'Connor 
Corcoran see also Cochrane 

■ Miss Blanch, elk, 1 161 O'Connor 

" Caroline (wid Richard E), h 151 

' Miss Elizabeth, h 94 Waller 
" John, rms 191 Lyon 
■' John, Ry mall elk, h 507 Maelaren 
" Thomas, studt, 1 151 O'Connor 
Cordenly Miss May, 1 92 Clarence 

Comack J Harper, Physician 

nnd Surgeon 305 Bank, h 103 

Cormier O, slsmn Larose & Co, res 

Aylmer P Q 
Corneil Charles, prtr Ptg Bureau, b 12 

Cornelius Charles, lab, h 316 Crelghton 
" Frederick, lab, h 314 Crelghton 
" John, pntr Wm Howe, 1 314 Crelgh- 
Cornellier Alphonslne (wid IjOuIs), civ 

ser, b 62 Church 
Corning James, billiard marker, I 108 


■ John L, elk, h 268 Maria 

I Cornish Clarence, elk, 1 96 Bank 
" Sara (wid Joshua), mlnr 96 Bank 

I Cornwall Richard, flier J R Booth, h 
136 Willow 

[Corporation Weigh Scales, John Bar- 
rett weighmaster, Canal w, ft of 

• Weigh Scales, John Brown weigh- 

master, n B Botelier, w of Dal- 
' Weigh Scales, Henry Brown 

weighmaster, w s Broad, 1 n of 

CAR crossing 
" Weigh Scales, James Campbell 

weighmaster, e s Elgin,, near 

CAR crossing 
" Weigh Scales, James Driscoll 

weighmaster, n s Court 


" Weigh Scales, Geo O'Reilly weigh- 
master, south end By Ward 
Mkt (new) 
Corridan Edward, meesr, h 325 Nepean 
Corrigan Miss Catherine, furrier R J 
Devlin, 1 79 William 
" Elizabeth (wid Thomas), h 125 

" MaRgle (wid Denis), h 35 Clarence 
" Miss Margaret, furrier R J Devlin, 

1 79 William 
" Matthew, eng C P R, h 560 Well- 
" Miss May, drsmkr, 1 86 Nepean 
" Wm, clnr Dept Bldgs, h 86 Nepean 
Corriveau Edouard, gro 195 Cumber- 
land, h same 
Corry James A, contr 383 Gilmour 

" John, contr, h 484 Gilmour 
Corsan Anuie (wid Dr John), 1 335 

Cosgrove Annie, dom 229 Lisgar 

" Richard, moto O E Ry, h 184 Lyon 
Coste J Louia N, chief eng ttch br Dept 

Pub Wk.-], h 340 Stewart 
Costello Michael, fireman Eastern 
Block, h 326 Lewis 
" Thomas, watchman C A R, h 675 
Costigan Thomas, elk sec br Dept Pub 

Wks, b 139 Nicholas 
Costin Miss Florence M, elk Dept Rys 

and Canals, b 139 Albert 
Cote see also Cottee 
" Albert, tlr, h 306 Dalhousie 
" Miss Albertine, 1 303 St Patrick 
" Alexander, pntr C A R, 1 86 Nelson 
" Alfred, foreman pntr Dept Pub 

Wks, h 201 Besserer 
" Alfred, prtr Le Temps, 1 303 St 

" Alfred, slsmn Larose & Co, h 355 

" Miss Alice, 1 303 St Patrick 
" Alphonse. tlr, b 177 St Patrick 
" Athanasr, tlr 144 Rideau, h same 
" Augustin, foreman S & H Bor- 

brldge, h 45 Cobourg 
" Miss Clara, drsmkr Mrs D Martin, 

1 303 St Patrick 
" David, lab C A R. h 86 Nelson 
" Edouard, elk Cote & Co, h 141 

" Elzear, pntr, h 248 Water 
" Emma (wid Didase), h 379 Rideau 

nOTE, F. A. 

...Electrical Engineer. 

Electploal Appliances Hade to Order. 
70 Bank 8tr«et. 

aurveyln«; and ARtronomical Instruments 
Repaired with Preoisiun and Neatnesti. 

Cote George, slsmn Bryson, Graham & 
I Co, h 189 King 

Phrenoline Cures mmtm^ 










)lli Is I.; 



S ■! 








IS J* ■ ■ ■ \ 

\ •! 

liil^l' It IIm ' 

WATSON'S I •i^i'aSt^M,'^'"^ 






" OulUaume H (Cote & Co), h i41 

" Isidore, barber F Lajoie, h 134 Nel- 

" Isidore, foreman prtr Ptg Bureau, 
h 303 St Patrick 

" Isidore .paymaster Dept Pub Wks, 
h 451 Besserer 

" Isidore Jr, cond O E Ry, 1 303 St 

" Isidore Jr, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 139 

" Jean L, civ ser, b 55 Russell av 

...Representing ■■ 
Capital. - $25,000,000. 


Of Hartford, Conn., - Capital orer 15,000.000. 



Money to Loan at Lowest Rates. 

Oflloe. 114 RIOUU ST. Rm. 118 Clarmo* St 

Cote Rev Father Joseph, res Dominican 

" Joseph, janitor, h 231 Murray 
" Joseph, lab. 1 180 Arthur 
" Joseph, mach Des Rivieres & Co, 

1 303 St Patrick 
" Joseph, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 129 

" Joseph I, watchmkr 276 I>alhouBle 
" Jules J, elk E G Laverdure & Co, 

1 141 Church 
• Julie (wld Joseph O), h 213 Wllbrod 
" J Arthur, elk or br Dept Interior, 

b 206 Besserer 
" J Hector, elk Cote & Co. 1 141 

" Louis, carp Dept Pub Wks, h 15 

" Louis, lab, h r 547 St Patrick 

" Miss Marie, 1 141 Church 

" Miss Marie. 1 303 St Patrick 

" Miss Mary tlrs 180 Arthur, h 

" Napoleon, elk DesRlvleres & Co, 1 

276 Dalhousle 
" N Omer, elk land pat br Dept In- 
terior, 1 213 Wllbrod 
" Pierre, lineman, h 263 Bridge 
" P Martial, elk Dept Justice, i 28* 

" Rosario, lab, b 128 Head 

Cote A Co (Onillaame H Cote), 

Hats, Caps and Furs 114 Rideau 

Cottaare Bnildinir Association of 

Ottawa (Limited), George P 
Brophy President, C A Douglas 
Managing Director, A Pratt 
Treasurer, N D Porter Secre- 
tary, 52 Sparks 

Cottee see also Cote 

' Albert I, bk bndr Mortitner & r^ I 

1 257 Bolton av ^*^'i 

" Ann (wld DIdace), h 379 l^videau 

" Eliza (wld Jesse), h 257 )3niton 

" Nathan, prop Electric CarnMl 

Cleaning Works, h 86 King 

Cotter John, carp, h 487 Lisgar 

CJottom Richard (Cottom & \Varnor\ I 

h 2 McDougal av 'I 

" ft Warner (Richard Cottom, Chaal 

Warner), harness 34 By Wa-dl 

Market sq ' 

Coughlln see also Coghlan 

" Miss Annie, opr Star Laundry Co I 

res Mechanlcsville ' ' 

" Dennis, bricklyr, b 48 York 

" D McAdam, publr, h 238 Maria 

" James, driver O Robert, i 


" Mary A (wld Denis), clli P o, 1 235 1 
Couillard F X, porter 99 Duke 

Cooillard Hoase, Jean Bte Couil- 
lard Proprietor, 99-101 DuJte 
Conillard Joan Bte. Proprietor! 

Couillard House, 99-101 Dulce 
" Miss Mary, carpet sewer T LiMet 
b 218 Albert ' 

" Mary, dom 436 Ollmour 
" Theophile, rest 411 Sussex 
" Xavler, driver J B Couillard, 1 99 
Coulson see also Colson 
" Miss Mabel G, 1 123 Slater 
" Mrs Margaret A, bdg hse 123 Sla- 
" Miss Sadie T, 1 123 Slater 
" Wm A, acct Free Press, h 116 Sla- 
Coulter see also Colter 
" Daniel T, prtr Ptg Bureau, res Ot- 
tawa East 
'• John Y, culler, h 71 Ellen 
" Thomas A, helper W J Compbell 
1 71 Ellen 

County Clerk's OAce, Charles I 

MacNab Clerk, County Court 
House, Daly av s e cor Nicholas | 

Coont J Court, J P Featherstcn I 

Clerk, County Court House, 
Daly av 8 e cor Nicholas 
County Court House, Daly av s e cor | 

County Crown Attorney's Offioa, I 

John A Ritchie County Crown] 
Attorney, County Court Hium,| 
Daly av s e cor Nicholas 

" of Carleton General Protestant | 
Hospital, Mrs E S Clarice ma- 
tron 589 Rideau ; contaKlous] 
diseases br. Miss N W Wilson | 
matron 605 Rideau 

" of Carleton Jail, Wm Kehoe Gov- 
ernor, e s of Nicholas bet Dalyj 
and Wllbrod 


[ourtman John, m 
Defence, h 
lourtney Arthur, 
1" Dennis, messr 
J' Dennis G, me 
I " Miss Edith, 81 
James, studt, 
John, elk che< 
h 107 Nepea 

|tnrtney John I 

Minister of 
John S, 1 26 . 
I" MisB Lena, sti 




Itst QMAlity, Whdesftlt and l(«tail. OT8PARK& i 

reau, res Ot- 

'^ av 8 e cor 

Kehoe Gov- 
as bet Daly I 

"^r^^ttiV'^tSS^^ Co to JARVIS 





iMsty of Carelton Law Library 

■^^ MisH Isabelle Kealy Librarian, 
County Court House, 2 Daly av 

Iflnaty of CarletOB Public School 

'^^ Inspector's Office, Archibald 
Smirle Inspector, County Court 
House, 2 Daly av 

IfiMBty of Oarlcton Registry 

■*^ Office, P J Coffey Registrar, 
Daly av s w cor Court House av 

tciaaty Treasurer's Office, Wm 

Cowan Treasurer, County Court 
House, Daly av s e cor Nicholas 
iCourcelle Alphonse, btchr 85 Queen w, 
' h S3 same 

Eugene A, btchr A Coureelle, 1 83 
Queen w 

Icourchesne Felix, foreman, 1 51 Murray 
ICtiursol Georglna (wld Charles J), h 232 
I ' Daly av 

IcoursoUe Miss Angelina, 1 102 Water 
" Henri, prtr Ptg Bureau, 1 252 St 

■' Jacob, driver, h 53 St Andrew 
• Jean Bte, electr, h 102 Water 

■ Mrs Louis G, h 21 Sweet'and av 

' Miss Marie, music tchr 102 Water 

■ Valeda (vvid Joseph), h 252 St Pat- 

Ifoursolles Charles H (Coursolles & Co), 
1 262 Theodore 

!ianolleB Louis J, Patent At- 
torney and Expert 30 Welling- 
Toussaint Q, asst law elk and 
chief French translator H of C, 
h 262 Theodore 

Bolles A Co (Charles H Conr^ 

solles). Coal 184^^ Rideau 

; House County of Carleton« 

Daly av s e cor of Nicholas 
urtemanche Joseph, carp, h 282 Wa- 

geon, Bye. Bar, Nose and 
Throat only. Office Hours, 

9 am to 3 pm, Sunday 9 to 

10 am, and by appointment, 
92 Metcalfe, Residence 

^ourtman John, messr Dept Militia and 

Defence, h 391 Bank 
^ourtney Arthur, studt, 1 107 Nepean 

Dennis, messr, h 26 Alexander 
I' Dennis G, messr, 1 26 Alexander 
I" Miss Edith, studt, 1 107 Nepean 
James, studt, 1 26 AlexanHer 
John, elk check br Dept Customs, 
h 107 Nepean 

bvtney John Mortimer, Deputy 

Minister of Finance, h 460 Wll- 
I John S, 1 26 Alexander 

Miss Lena, studt, 1 107 Nepean 


" Miss Lizzie M, elk, 1 26 Alexander 
" Miss Maud, tchr, 1 107 Nepean 

Courville Albert, lab, h 371 Dalhousle 
" Arthur, bkr G W Shouldis, res 

" Evelina, dom 193 Slater 
" F X, gro 55 Division, h same 
" Joseph, barber 168 Bank, res Hull 
" Joseph, pller, h 3 r 178V4 Middle 

Cousena see also Cussans 
" Eliza (wid Wm), h 180 Slater 

Oonsens Wm C, Physician and 

Surgeon 92 O'Connor, h 180 
Couslneau Alexandre, carp, h 239 St 
Alexandre, navigator, h 141 St An- 
Miss Alma, mus tchr, 1 114 St An- 
Anne (wld Toussalnt), h 110 Water 
Edward J, elk, 1 110 Water 
Miss Elisabeth, 1 110 Water 
Elumlna. 1 114 St Andrew 
Francis, elk Importers' Tea Co, 1 

110 Water 
James, lab, h 33 Duke 
John P, Jwlr, h 477 St Patrick 
Joseph, tmstr J R Booth, res Hull 
Miss Lena, 1 110 Water 
Lena, dom 451 Wellington 
Louis, lab, h 192 Division 
Mrs Mary, 1 189 Turner 
Maxime, btchr, h 241 Dalhoueie 
Paul, lab O E Ry, res Oatineau Pt 
8 Wilfrid, driver J Labatt, 1 114 St 

" Wm A, stm ftr, 1 110 Water 
Cousins see Cousens and Cussans 
Coutlee Louis, midr T Lawson, na 
" Louis W, barr asst reporter Su- 
preme Court, h 160 Daly av 
Couture Angele (wid Damaee), 1 624 
Miss Delvina, tlrs J R McNeil, res 

Didier, typewriter Dept Pub Wks, 

res Hull 
Didier Jr, slsmn Bryson, Graham 

& Co, res Hull 
Philippe, shantyman, b 41 Murray 
Robert W, elk I^ang & Kemp, res 
Couturier Alfred, currier, h 1030 Con- 
" Mareien, carp, h 628 St Patrick 
" Zoe (wid Augustln), 1 314 St An- 
Couvillon see also Quevillon 
" Octave, slsmn Bryson, Graham & 

Co, h 109 Nelson 
" Wllbrod, lab, h 123 Nelson 
Couvrette Andrew, lab, 1 40 Turner 

" Horace, driver, h 80 Boteller 

" Jerry, lab, h 40 Turner 

" Jerry Jr, lab, 1 40 Turner 

" Magloire, h r 116% Church 









' I 


[' • ' 


<j If'' 



■ ii 

111 ill 





!»■■*■< IXJ »*«^0-W 


M, ' 

: 1 


'-■* I (' i I'M 










FoIWm •!« WOMLB-WIDE m to lMidMic« a.<)d Travi. 
•lONN R. REiO, Managtr, Eastern Ontario 





Cowan Alfred, bricklyr, 1 91 Lloyd 
" Alfred, lab, h 204 Bell 
" Alfred E (Cowan & Son), 1 227 

" Annie, cook 3 Kent 
" MlsB Bertha A, stcnoer Master In 

Chancery Offlce, 1 227 Bay 
" Catherine (wid John), h 14 Lett 
" Eliza A (wid Robert), h 622 Ann 
" Emily (wid John), bdg hse 116 El- 

" Frederick W, CPR policeman, 1 91 

" Henry, mill hd, b 49 Duke 
" Henry H, contr 875 Wellington 
" Holmes T, hotel 697 Sussex 
" H Brownson, reporter Journal, 1 

60 Stanley av 
" James, bkr A E Slinn, 1 285 Bell 
" James, mach, h 636 Maria 
" John (Cowan & Son), h 227 Bay 
" John, eng Langevin Block, h 286 

" John O, slsmn Grant Bros, 1 227 

" John H. elk R H Conley. 1 249 

" Martha (wid Oeorge). h 91 Lloyd 
" Miss Mary, asst treasurer Co of 

Carleton, 1 219 Nicholas 
" Mary, dom 128 Stewart 
" Nellie, dom 3 Kent 
" Richard W, h 60 Stanley av 
" Robert, shoemkr 886 Wellington 
" Robert J, eng cinr CPR, h 873 Wel- 
" R Henry, mngr Grant Bros, 1 227 

" Sarah, dom 344 Stewart 

Cowan Wm, TreAsorer County 

of Carleton, Offlce County Court 
House, h 219 Nicholas 

" Wm, h 135 Cobourg 

" Wm J, eng clnr CPR, 1 886 Wel- 

Cowan A Son (John and Altrod 

E), Grocers 166 Sparks 
Cowie Frederick W, eng Dept Pub 
Works, h 475 Wilbrod 
" Robert J, mason, h 154 Florence 
Cowley Robert H, tchr CoUeigate Inst. 

b 20 Albert 
Cox Mrs Annie, 1 149 Kent 
" Douglas O L, elk Ahearn A 
Soper, 1 110 Lisgar 

CoxQoorffo.Bngravorand Litho- 
grapher 86 Metcalfe, h 110 lila- 
" James, lumber, h 662 Cooper 
" Jane (wid James), 1 192 Isabella 
" John A, pntr, I 647 Maria 

" John E, trav J a Whyte & Son, 
I 83 Nelson 

" Miss Mary E, carpet sewer Bry- 
son, Graham & Co, 1 9 Louisa 

" Wm, mach R Thackray, h 192 Iw- 


" *'V;n, porter 209 Sparks 
" Wm A, bkpr, 1 110 Llsgur 
Coxon Oeorge, lab, h 3 Eccleti 
" John, lab, h 112 Arthur 
Coyle Henry, Jwlr W H Sproule 

14 Lett ' 

" Hugh, bkr C Ledwood, h 35 lIov 
Coyle Joseph L, prtr Payntor & aV'I 

bott, b 114 Slater 
" Julia, dom 494 Someraet 
" LlMie, wtrs The Gllmour 
" Wm, b 127 Bank 
Coyls Ellen (wid Wm), grn >'-i ThtH 

av, h same 
" Frederick W B, call boy, l ^2 Third 

" Noel, plumber, 1 82 Third av 
Crabb Miss Emma, elk Mrs M E Crahhl 

1 212 Bank '' 

" Henry, pntr CAR, 1 212 r^aiik 
" Miss Jennie, 1 212 Bank 
" John K, elk Macdonald Rms i "vi 

Bank ' T 

" Mary E (wid John), mlnry 2ij 

Bank and 200 SparkH, h "li 

Crahtree Archibald, slamn BrysonJ 

Giraham & Co, 1 332 Maria 
" Berwick G, elk S L Kyle, l 

" Elizabeth (wid John), bdg hse 33^ 


Cracknel! Henry, coachman 129 Coopeil 
Cragie see also Cralgie 

" John, lab, h 14 Alonzo 
Craig Alexander, lab Capital Planing 

Mills Co, 1 772 Concession 
" Miss Berenice S, I 154 Bank 
" Mrs Carrie, h 238 Nepean 
" Charles H, mach hd R Thackray, 

505 Concession 
" David, lab Ottawa Gas Co, res 

" David J, evangelist, h 555 RideaJ 
" Esther, housemaid The Gllmour T 
" Frederick O, elk S Townsend, rnii 

73 O'Connoi 
" George, btchr, 1 340 Sparks 
" Horace G G, student, 1 112 FranlJ 
" Hugh, bricklyr, 1 776 Concesaloi] 
" Miss Ida J, asst supt Lady Stanlej| 

Inst for Trained Nurses 
" James, btchr Powers Bros, l 


" John (J & R Craig), h 338 O'Connoi 
" John, horticulturist Bxpr Farmf 
" John, lab, 1 333 King 
" Joseph, sewing machs 154 Banlt,l| 

116 Frank 
" Joseph, trussmkr O Truss & Sur( 

Mfg Co, b 333 Wellington 

Craiff J * R (Robort N 

Merchant Tailors 105 Sparks 
" J Macfarlane, carp CAR. h ^^ 

Third av 
" Miss Linda, 1 383 O'Connor 
" Maggie, dom 464 Somerset 
" Ifn Mary, h 773 Concesalon 

G. B. TA6&ABT & SON 

Real Estate Agents, -Auctioneers,! 
Tel. 708 Cor. Bank A Wellington { 






I, h 85 Llovu 
fnter & aI). 


iro >'2 Thirl 

oy, 1 S2 Third 

hird av 

s M K OrabljJ 

12 Bank 

.Id I'.roa. 1 213 

I, mlnry 213 
parks, h i\J 

imn Kryson] 

2 Maria 

L. Kylf, 1 d 

», bdg hse 3:1J 

an 129 CoopeJ 


pltal Planing 


54 Bank 


H Thackray. 1 

Gas Co, reJ 

h 555 Rideaj 
^he Gilmour 
'ownsend, tm\ 

t, 1 112 Franlj 
76 Concessioi 
Lady Stanleji 
■8 Bros, 1 "4 

ii 338 O'ConnrJ 
EJxpr Farm 

I* , J 

IS 154 Bank,lj 

Truss & Suri 

rt N 

105 Sparks 

CAR, h 8! 


kioneers, i 

ellington I 


■; ' '- 



...c) rintei 





t|« ^|« •>!« *!« *J* * J* ^f ♦ ♦!;♦ *J* 

Thone I0I3 




Prim IN(i that attracts 

attention from the casual 
observer and makes him r*- 
member you and your watvs 
is the kind of ..•' ..'* ■* .-* 


even though it costs double 
the price of ordinary print- 
ing. In fact, such ..■* ..* .** 

PrIiNTINCi costs nothino 

and insures a Profit ..** •* 




1 IV i^ 


11 til- vi(; 

•int- f 


'ED i(: 


fJarvis' Photos are the Best 





jiaiy. dom 464 Somerset 

Roliert, b 333 Wellington 
.. Robert, harneaa 232 Wellington, h 

615 Ollmour 
. Robert, mesBr H of C, h 14 James 
- Rufun. elk Le Tempn 
' Samuel J, pntr, 1 340 Sparks 
" Thomas, carp, h 27 Balsam 
Thomas, driver B Haram, h 46 

' Thomas, eng R E Jamleson, h 489 

Thomas, lab T Lawson, b 426 

" v>m, coachman Mrs Blackburn, h 

22 Crelghton 
W'm C, shoemkr 340 Sparks 
' Wm H, slsmn J & R Craig, 1 S83 

" Wm J, chief clerk Dom Exp Co, 

h 23 Cambridge 
" Wm R, pntr Oliver & Son, h 621 

Cral!:le see also Cragle 

' Peter M, mason, h 27 Spruce 
Crain see also Crane 
' Frederick H, brlcklyr, 1 467 Qil- 

" George A, bldr 467 Ollmour 
' Miss Gertrude, 1 467 Qilmour 
" Hiram A. brlcklyr, h 642 Conces- 
" Hiram A jr, prtr R L Craln, I 

642 Concession 
" Martha A(wid Robert), h 467 Gll- 

" Miss Mary J, bkpr, 1 642 Concea- 

" Miss Nellie, 1 467 Ollmour 
" Rol>ert S, brlcklyr, 1 642 Conces- 

Grain Rolla L, Printer 240 

Sparks, 1 642 Concession. (See 
adv opposite.) 
Cram Janet, dom 266 Maclaren 

Miss Maggie, tlrs, b 37 Ottawa 
Robert H. cond CPR, h 294 Bank 
Crane see also Crain 
' Rev Edward W, pastor Bell St 
Meth Church, h 180 Le Breton 
Levi, brklyr, 1 18 Oloucester 
[Crannell Levi, sec-treas Bronsons & 
Weston Lumber Co (Limited), 
h 57 Preston 
Cranston Wm S, olv eng, 1 12 Dal- 

Cravasart Charles, Jwlr, b 66 Clarence 
Crawford Alfred B, pntr, h 391 Maria 
" Miss A O, elk sec br Dept Int, 

1 391 Maria 
" James B, elk John CJrawford, 1 

88 York 
" John, agrl Implts 62 George, h 88 

" John S, elk John Crawford, 1 88 

" J Walter, surveyor, h 47 Vittorla 
" Samuel E, prop Wellington Hotel, 
322-324 Queen 


" Stewart L.slsmn John Crawford, 
b 62 Besserer 

Crawford Thomas H, Proprietor 

Royal Exchange Hotel. 250-252 
" Wallace, cond CPR, h 596 Albe»t 
■ " Wm, civ eng Dept Rys and Can- 
als. 1 .: Vlttoria 
" Wm A, wine elk Wellington Hotel, 
1 322 Queen 
Ciawiey Alfred, ins agt, h 596 Rideau 
" John J, tlr J R McNeil, h 79 Di- 
" Thomas, h 401 McLeod 
Creagan see also Creegan 
" Henry, eng. b 11 Hill 

Creamery Bisonit Works (H A 

Brouse, John A Brouse), Bis- 
cuit and Confectionery Manu- 
facturers 85 Bank and 208 
Crebassa Charles, watchmkr F & J 

Grant, b 26 St Patrick 
Creegan see also Creagan 
" Ellen (wid James), 1 25 Arthur 
" Miss Isabella H, stenog C A E 

Blanchet, 1 19 Slater 
" Patrick, fireman No 1, h 25 Ar- 
Crelght Francis, lab, h 548 Rochester 
" Francis, lab, 1 159 York 
" Matilda (wid Louis). 1 648 Roches- 
" Moise, lab, h 541 Rochester 
Creighton J G A, law elk and Master 
in Chancery The Senate, rms 51 
" Street Public School, John C 

Spence prin, 200 Crelghton 
" Wm, fireman CPR. b 80 Queen w 
Crepin Alexandre, tmstr J R Booth, 
h 134 Spruce 
" Augustin, tmstr, h 58 Munroe 
" Cyrllle. mill hd. h 178 Division 
" Samuel, mill hd, 1 178 Division 
Crerar James P. asst acct Bank of 

Montreal, rms 240 Maria 
Crevler Albert, pntr Dept Pub Works, 

res Oattneau Point 
CriUy Hugh, hotel 92 Queen w 
Crites Eliza (wid John A), 1 40 Turner 

" Miss Fannie, 1 40 Turner 
Crochetiere Jean Bte, carp, h 445 St 
" Joseph T, bkbndr 574 Sussex, 1 445 
St Patrick 
Croll Charles B, cond O E Ry, h 358 
" Ralph A, civ ser. rms 149 Maria 
" Wm O, mldr J W Oeddes, b 94 
Cromb Wm. stone cutter Robert Ross, 

b 310 Lewis 
Cromble Ellse (wid Ernest), 1 188 Met- 
Cronin James. 1 102 Cumberland 
" Mary (wid Patrick), h 102 Cum- 
" Patrick, pntr, 1 386 Slater 



S7 and S9 O'CONNOR ST. 


Painting, Etc. 










, ' 1 




li !'i 'I 

• I 


i 6' ' 













'PMomm at. 

Mr. •. mmLL, mM$Mmmm. 

NIAD ornoi KM 
•• ^i.iieen it 






" Philip, plmbr F O Johnson & Co, 
1 102 Cumberland 
Cronk Wm H, acct Queen City Oil Co, 

1 228 Maria 
Ci onyn Charles B (C B Cronyn & Co), 
rniB 69 Victoria Chamber" 
" C B & Co (Charles P Cronyn), 
bankers and stocK brokers 53 
Crooks Agnes (wid 'rYm), 1 82 Besserer 
•' John, slsmn Bryson, Graham & 

Co, 1 82 Besserer 
" Samuel, lab, h 82 Besserer 
" Samuel Jr, mldr Butterworth & 

Co, 1 82 Besserer 
" Wm, car Inspr, 1 82 Besserer 
Oropley Charles, pilot, rms 19 Charles 

" John, blksmith, 1 364 Maria 
Croshaw Miss Ida M, bndr Ptgr Bur- 
eau, 1 80 Queen 
" Margaret (wid Oeorge), h 81 
Cross Arthur, bkr W Nixon, I 21 Maple 
" Henry, blksmith CAP h s e 
Isabella, 2 w of 161 
" John W, millwright J 11 Booth, h 

21 Maple 
'■ Samuel, llnotyi)lBt Ptiv Bureau, 
h 86 Waller 
" Wm, h 77 Waller 
" Wm, trav P.aps & Ault, res Carl- 
ton Place, Dnt 
Crossln John, h 113% York 
Croteau Mrs Catherine, 1 287 Dalhousle 
" Henri, coll Singer Mfg Co, b 76 

" Miss L, bndr Ptg Bureau, 1 146 

" Marie (wid Julien), h 146 Murray 
" Miss Rosalie, drsmkr, 1 219 Di- 
" Thomas Jr. carp, h 219 Division 
" Thomas, lab, 1 219 Division 
Crotty Ann M (wid Walter R). I 185 

Daly av 
Crouch Henry W, cattle dlr, 4 e s By 
Ward Market (new), res Jane- 
" Robert A, rubber and steel stamps 
51 Sparks, res Curomings' 
" Sidney, bkpr, b 425 Rideau 
Crough Miss Annie M, tchr St Pat- 
rick sch, 1 58 James 
Crowe Frederick, elk, b 76 O'Connor 
" Margaret (wid Thomas), h 214 

M urray 
" W')i T, »lectv Ahearn & 3oper, 1 
ill M r.'i'in.y 
Crowlp rJti-Tvt A T, 1 158 '! jnce 
" r.i'- ^''\a, . ',i Claren- 1; 
" J J., 1 wla Wm), Indrs Rideau 
Club, h 158 Clarence 
Crowley Carrie, dom 485 Albert 
" Miss Carrie, tlrs Two Macs, b 229 
Crown Pressed Brick Co. J G Butter- 
worth mng dlr. 86 Sparks 
" Thomas A, mngr Stroud Bros, h 
172 Sparks 

Orown " ■ — 

'• Timber Office, see Ontaii., o,,,,..,„ 
Timber Office '"'^" 

CrowBhaw see Croshaw 
Croiler Boadlcea (wid Thoman ji i, 
310 Lewis •". h 

•' George, cooper, h 23:1 DWMnn 
" Sadie, wtrs 122 Sparks 
Cuddle Andrew, carpet clnr, h 'is Fi i 
" Andrew, carter, h 38:; King 
" Thomas, let car P O. h ^ "^tewnn 
" Wm H (W H Cuddle & i.\.) h m 
Albert • " ''** 

CUDOIE, W. H. & CO. 
W. H. Cuddle. John Uoborison 

I94*l»tt AllMirt 8tr««t, OTTAWA. 

•vl. ' ind PleaHure Vaim. Fiamw IVkeii 

S"i .lb Kemoved. Uoilerx and nit Hinvv 

ArticleH Carted. 

Dealer <n all hIkus of Htinl mid Hoft CO AL 


Cuff Mrs Ellen, bdg hse 142 Queen w 
" George W. driver Ottawa B & m 
Co, h 142 Queen w 

Colbert C Gordon. Druggist 233 

235 Rideau. 1 193 MacKay 
" John (John Culbert & Son), h 193 

Onlboxt John A Son (John and 

John L), Insurance, Loan and 
Real Estate Agents 55 Sparks 
(See left side lines) 
" John L (John Culbert & Son), h 

143 Maclaren 
" Oliver E, studt, I 193 MaoKay 
Cullen Miss Mary, clnr Dept Bldgs h 
336 Frlel 
" Wm M, fruits 8 w s By Ward 
Market (new), h 129 Augusta 
CulUns Miss Ada, elk, b 33 Lett 
Cully Miss Carrie, nurse 298 Albert 
Culver Mortimer H. policeman, h M \ 


Cumberland Thomas, foreman O Truss i 

& Surg Mfg Co, b The Windsor 

Cuming -Frank W C, elk land pat br 

Dept Interior, b 115 Elgin 
Cummlng Donald, brlcklyr, h 96 Pres- 
" Mrs Margaret drsmkr 96 Preston I 
" Robert, shoemkr 431 Bank, h 1291 

Cummlngs Annie (wid John). 1 933 Som- 1 
" Briduf. foot Rideau 
" Charles C, merchant, h 400 Then-] 

" Clark, oik Wm Borthwi< W r?i| 

I'ummlngs Bridge 
" David, tmstr J It Booth, h r,0 Ore- 

" Bilrl. *tTO 94 Gloucester 
" Frank, i Iv ser. b 84 Slater 
" George, out] bt»y CPR, res Hln- 

m^m Confederation life 

li^MliM: TORONTO! 


M«MMis4iHr DirMM' ; 

OniaiiM Crown 

142 Queen \v 
Ottawa B & M 
I w 

Druggist 233 

t MacKay 

t & Son), h m 

»B (John and 

nee, Lrf)an and 

enta 55 Sparks 


bert & Son), h 

93 MacKay 
Dept Bldgs, h 

w 8 By Ward 
h 129 Augusta 
V) 33 Lett 
!e 298 Albert 
oUceman, b M I 

)reman O Truss j 
b The Windsor 
Ik land pat br I 

115 Elgin 
lyr, h 96 Pres- 

mkr 96 Preston i 
31 Bank, h 129 1 

ohn), 1 933 Sora- 

nt, h 400 Then. 
3orth\vi( k res | 
Jooth, h M Ore- 

Hive R. H. COEET of Wellington Street A TRIAL 





•^■"j^m^, elk T Payment, 1 298 Dal- 

•• J(<hn, blkemlth Chaudiere Mach 

,si Fndry Co (Ltd), b 213 Bridge 
" Sar.ih twid Leonard), dom 196 


• Wm J, lab. h 41 Qeorife 

CttiiJ' II Ann J (wld Thomas), gro 268 
Ison, h 54 College av 
•' Gi *>■■. pnlr, h 120 Bess'^rer 

• Mai V (Wld George), h i SB York 
' Wm lirlver, 1 r 18B Y' k 

" Will J, elk Bb Browne, i "^^ Col- 
lege av 
Cunningham Bn iget. wire Grai. Un- 

Conn' rham Chartrea R, Secre- 

1, y - Trea^ irer Metropolitan 
Lc n & Savings Co and In- 
surance Agent HO Wellington, 
h 6- same 

" Franci.- H, aeat acct Dept M and 
F, h 21 Flora 

" George, h 290 Rld< »u 

" George, pnt h 34'.' Sparks 

" George dt* 1: fCumingham & Co), 
I 12 Bank 

" G, carp J & C Li>w 

" James, elk Wal, & Co. h 254 Bes- 

" James F (Cunr ngham & Co), 1 
12 Bank 

" John, bkr and c nfr 623 Cumber- 
land, h 644 H.irne 

" Margaret (wld James), h 12 Bank 

" Mrs Margare*. dr^ nkr 342 Sparks 

" Michael, lab, h 5 I aple 

Cnnninffham Walte) * Orooeries, 

Wines and Liquo 288-290 Rid- 
eau, h 305 same 
" Wm, brakeman CPl b 66 Sher- 

Canningham A Co (James F and 

George de H Cunnlr <ham). Ac- 
countants, Insuranc and Real 
Estate Agents, Ri oms 21-22 
Carleton Chambers, 74 Sparks 
(See adv outside (rora cover) 
Curie Wm H (Scott & Scott), b 378 

Curley John J, elk reg br Dept In- 
terior, b 475 Sussex 
" Robert, lab The Ottawa Gas Co, 1 

433 Clarence 
" Wm, lab, h 488 Clarence 
Curran see also Curren 
" Miss Annie, 1 98 Cobourg 
' Bernard, 1 263 Water 
" Francis, senior messr and usher 

Supreme Court, h 98 CoboUrg 
" George, brakeman CPR, 1 15 Duke 
" Hugh, lab, h 397 Division 
" James, lab, h w • Bell,4 s of Henry 
" James, lab, h 15 Duke 
" John, lab, h 678 Cooper 
" Joseph, papermkr, h 200 Le Breton 
" Miss Llbble mus tchr 171 Canal w 
" Margaret, dom 94 Nepean 


" Mary (wld Jonathan), 1 142 Mac- 

" Mrs Mary, bdg hse 15 Duke 
" Miss Mary, typewriter, 1 15 Duke 
" Morris, lab, h 140 Crelghton 
" Patrick, papermkr, 1 673 Cooper 
" Wm, lab. h 171 Canal w 
" Wm, stenog. h 448 Bay 
" Wm S, studt, 1 448 Bay 

Currell Mrs Clara, bdg hse 106 Queen 
" Daniel O, confr, h 106 Queen 
" James, driver Ottawa Transfer Co, 

1 63 Metcalfe 
" John, lab, h 463 Maria 
" W James, driver, h 63 Metcalfe 

Ctirren see also Curran 
" Andrew, carp, h 24 Dolly Varden 
" Edward, carp, 1 24 Dolly Varden 
" Ellzibeth H (wld Jamies). 1 24 

D(. ly Varden 
' Rober, carp, 1 24 Dolly Varden 
•' Wm. ci pp. 1 ?l Dolly Varden 

Curr » see i ^o Curry 
" Albert, 1 ntr W A Currle & Co, 1 

Llndei. av 
" D Tohn, , ntr, 1 Robert Currle 
" Eg ^'ard J carp, 1 Robert Currle 
" Pn=nk (H( per Bros & Currle), 
g ['•" L nn, h 315 Nepean 

k P R Qualn. ) 315 

Fra *» X, 

^ ^^Mn 
Geort - 'r 

Miss . 
J Lori 

MlBs Mi*.«ie, 1 Robert Currle 

Keeley & Co, b 135 

181 itay 

H ir stenog, 1 181 Bay 
"ap,.al Mfg Co), h 343 

gdnr s 8 Rldeau ter, 
'ufterln rd 

sdnr, 1 Robert Currle 
E Robert Currle 
CJurrle & Co), h 
Martin & Warnoek, 1 

" Robert 

1 e o 
" Robert . 
" Miss Sup 
" Wm A ' 

179 Gl<. 
" Wm D, ci 

315 Nep 

Currie W A & Jo (Wm A Cnirie) 

Painters, all Paper and Paint- 
ers' Supplies 183 Bank 
Currier Hannah <v ,i Joseph M), h 80 
Sussex n 
James E W, pi.vate sec Minister 
Rys and Canals, h 190 Welling- 

" Lewis A, fireman No 8, 1 200 Nic- 
" Lewis D, eartaker, h 200 Nicholas 
" Thomas W (T W Currier & Co), 
h 244 Besserer 

Carrier T W & Co (Thomas W 

Currier, Cninton M Woodbum), 
Furniture Dealers and Uphol- 
sterers 188-190 Rldeau 
" Wm G, tlr S Owen, 1 200 Nicholas 

Currltz Mary, 1 126 St Patrick 

Curry see aU'o Currie 

" Benjamin J, studt W A Leggo. b 

344 Maria 
" Daniel, litho G Cox. 1 96 Aurasta 



All Qrocsrs or 'Phone loas. 

I ; 

! I' 








r ' I '} 

i Hi! . 



i;i I u. 


i»«Jt'" SUH LIFE 

I'k' %J^ 

5*1 r ' 

1 p 


I '^ 


! ', nli^i li 








are abtolutelvl JOHM R. REID, 

Oll00llditional.j Mnfr., Ewtern Ontario* 






" Miss Ella, tchr Presbyterian lAd- 

ies' College, res same 
" James C, uphol Bryson, Graham 

& Co, I 96 Augrusta 
" James P, express 96 Augusta 
" Joseph A. ctr The Two Macs, rms 

344 Maria 
" Patrick, express, h 418 Clarence 
Curson see also Carson 
" Benjamin, tmstr Canadian Granite 

Co, h 115 Chapel 
" Miss Eva, mlnr Miss M O'Dono- 

hoe, 1 115 Chapel 
" James, pntr, h 117 Chapel 
Curtln John T, storeman P Baskervllle 

& Bros, b 164 George 
Curtis David, night porter 34 Welling- 
" John, hairwkr E Miles, 1 Billings' 

" Nathan W, h 9 Arthur 
" Wm, tmstr McKay Milling Co, h 

79 Ci'elghton 
Cushing Arthur, elk The Windsor, h 153 

'• Edward, bkpr J G Warnock, h 362 

Cussans see also Cousens 
" Henry, gro and aerated water 

mnfr 115 George, h same 
Cussens John, lab, h 45 Botelier 
Cusson Miss Albertine, 1 256 St Patrick 
" Angelique (wid Maxime), h 281 

" Arthur, driver H Thorbahn, 1 256 

St Patrick 
" Miss Eva, 1 256 St Patrick 
" J Edmond, elk records br Dept 

Pub Wks, 1 256 St Patrick 
" Leocadie (wid Edmond), h 256 St 

" Urgele, fireman Central Fire Sta- 
tion, 1 256 St Patrick 

Cnstom House, P O Building 

Customs Examining Warehouse, A H 

Taylor appraiser, 21 Sparks 
Cuthbert Thomas, sdlr, h 93 Poplar 
Cuthbertson Jennie, dom 293 Somerset 
" Wm D, bkpr T Blrkett, 1 108 Kent 
Cuttan Charles, trav, h 410 Gloucester 
Cutting Alexander A, inspr York Co 

L & S Co, res Toronto 
Cuttou Robert, janitor Y M C A, 37 

Cuzner Miss Carrie, 1 60 Cooper 
" George, student, 1 309 Somerset 
" John (McDougal & Cuzner), h 20 

" Mary (wid Luke), h 60 Cooper f" 
" Wm J, editor, h 309 Somerset 
Cyles James, blksmlth CAR, h 447 Mc- 

Cyr see also St Cyr 
" Alexandre, lab, h 205 Turner 
" Alphonse, lab, h 76 Poplar 
" Miss Angelina, h 218 St Patrick 
" Angelique (wid Cajetan), 1 375 


Miss Bernadette, cashit^r a TV 
Richards & Co, 1 374 Dalhousle 
C Napoleon, btchr, h 375 Cumber 

Miss Elsie, wtr N Parent, l same 
F X, lab, h 17 St Andrew 
Joseph, elk J H Doherty, res Hull 
Joseph, lab, h 220 Botelier 
liouls, lab, h Queen's' wharf 
Marguerite (wid Louis), 1 32 Red- 
Robert, lab, h 32 Redpath 
Wm, lab, h 205 Turner 
Wm, lab, h 112 Le Breton 
Xavler, piler, h r 148 Water 

Dacey Mary (wid Thomas), h 405 Ri. 

Daekns Alexander, Proprietor 

Ottawa City Rag Store $ii 
King, Phone 197, Residence Rl- 
deauville. (See card claasifled 
Junk Dealers.) 
Dadey Michael, cond O E Ry, h 14 

Dagenais Albert, lab, 1 546 St Patrick 
" Miss Anna, 1 193 Church 
" Miss Augustine, 1 546 St Patrick 
" Iklouard, lab, h 546 St Patrick 
" Emery, carp, 1 149 Nelson 
" Eugene, lab, h 513 St Patrick 
" Henri, carp, 1 149 Nelson 
" Joseph, eabtmkr Stewart & Co 

h 149 Nelson 
" Marie (wid Francis), h 197 Church 
" Miss Marie, drsmkr Mlsa E (3har- 

boiineau, 1 149 Nelson 
" Marie L (wid Wm). h 149 Nelson 
Dagg John, tmstr, h 579 Lisgar 
" Thomas, wood 656 Somerset 
Daggett Wm, brakeman CAR, b 3T3 

Daignault see also Denault 
" Francis X, lab, 1 113 Nelson 
" Joseph, brass clnr Langevln Block. 
h 113 Nelson 
Dalgneau Mrs Alice, h 89 George 
Dailey see also Daley and Daly 
" Michael E, pntr 412 Cumberland, h 
297 Besserer 
Dakus see Dackus 

Dalaire Charles, blksmlth, h 271 Churrh 
" Francois, mill hd, h 66 Duke 
" Isale, lab, h 2 r 178^4 Middle 
" John B, bartndr N H Valin, 1 435 

" Joseph A, fireman West Block, h 
319 Cathcart 

" Marie (wid Charles), h 321 Cath- 
" Molse, btchr, 1 321 Cathcart 
Dalbec Whi, engineer M M Pyke, h 88 

C. B. TA&aART & SON 

Tel. 708. Cor. Bank A Wellington SU. 

m. MASOM & SONS I ""sas^ps^^i^i!^. 

'V^^l--^,..,^^H..M....„..,.^HMa I Sasha, Doors, Kte. 





Dale A' thur, elk Dept Rys and Canals, 

1) 131 O'Connor 
" Miss Effie, drsmkr 608 Ltisgar 
" Fred, parcel boy Bryson, Oraham 

& Co, 1 503 Lisgrar 
•• Richard H, elk CAR audit office, h 

-Jl James 
" Kobert, cabtmkr, h 20 Sherwood 
" Robert Jr, carp, 1 20 Sherwood 
" Samuel, h 503 Ldsgar 
" Thomas, bricklyr, 1 20 Sherwood 
Daley see also Dalley and Daly 
" Elizabeth (wld Patrick), 1 52 Vic- 
" Michael J, carp J & C Low, h 117 

" Miss Nellie, mlnr Miss E Arm- 

strongr, 1 58 Daly av 
Dalglish Alexander, bkr G W Shouldls, 

1 868 Somerset 
" George, millwright, h 868 Somerset 
" George M, gro 72-74 Queen w, h 

10 Lett 
" James, elk C Stratton, h 410 Slater 
" James A, buyer J M Oarland, h 904 

•' John B, elk J M Garland, 1 410 

" John C, elk Can Exp Co, h 315 

Dallalre see Dalaire 

Dallas Miss Georgina, secy Rideau Hall 
Dalton Miss Eleanor, 1 126 O'Connor 
" James, c!k of petitions and asst 

elk English Journals H of C, h 

342 Maclaren 
" Mis-s Lizzie, hsekpr The Gllmour, 

1 126 O'Connor 
" Michael, lab, h 137 Arthur 
" Robert C, 1 437 Cooper 
" Rol)iirt G. elk acet's br Dept In- 
dian Affairs, h 437 Cooper 
" Susan (wld Edward), bdg hse 126 

Daly sec also Dailey and Daley 
" Adelaide (wld Denis), tlrs J G 

Lyon, h 64 Nelson 
" Miss Bridget. 1 146 Turner 
" Daniel, harnessmkr, I 329 King 
" Francis Jr, lab, 1 64 Nelson 
" James, driver Ottawa Transfer Co, 

h ^09 Murray 
" John, cari). 1 52 Victoria 
" John, car rep CPR, h 879 Somerset 
" John, lab, b 39 Broad 
" John, prtr Ptg Bureau, b 166 Clar- 
" Julia (wld John), h 329 King 
" Mis.s Kate, drsmkr John Murphy 

& Co, 1 389 St Patrick 
" Margaret (wld Jeremiah), 1 192 

" Miss Nora S, elk R J Devlin, 1 389 

St Patrick 
" Patrick, lab, h 389 St Patrick 
" Patrick F, fireman Fire Station No 

6, h 52 Victoria 
" Robert, carp O E Ry, h 87 Mackay 


" Stephen J, carver O Car Co, 1 666 

" Thimothy, asst eng Central Block 

Par Bldgs, h 166 Clarence 
" Wm P, car bldr C A R, h 56 Flor- 
Damarais Thomas, shoemkr George 

Preeley, res Hull 
D'Amour Alberlc, blrmkr Powers & Co, 
h 215 St Patrick 
" Alfred, mill hd, 1 57 Duke 
" Arthur J, slsmn R M McMorran, 

h 61 Water 
" Mrs Aurelle, fruits 57 Duke 
" Hermine (wld Bile), h 61 Water 
" Isaie, lab, h 57 Duke 
" Issaie Jr, cab owner 57 Duke 
" Joseph, lab, 1 57 Duke 
" Louis, blksmth 21 Clarence, h 223 

St Patrick 
" Mellce, farmer, 1 67 Duke 
" Molse, blksmlth, 1 57 Duke 
" Raoul, blksmth L D'Amour, 1 61 
Damphousse Felix owner 10 Bote- 
ller, h same 
" Francis, 1 10 Botelier 
" Joseph, cab driver. 1 10 Botelier 
" Narclsse, gro 302 St Patrick 
" Narclsse Jr, driver M LandrevlUe, 1 
302 St Patrick 
Dancey Alexander T, eond O E Ry, h 
128 Arthur 
" David, gdnr, b 85 O'Connor 
" David, tmstr, h rear 545 Llsgar 
" James, driver P Stewart, 1 291 Lls- 
" Miss Margaret E, bkbndr Thoburn 

& Co, 1 291 Llsgar 
" Maria (wld Alexander), h 291 Lls- 
" Mary (wld Thomas), h 678 Conces- 
" Thomas, lab, 1 6.8 Concession 
Danebrog The. Charles O Meyer pub, 

38A Gllmour 
Daniels Benjamin P, elk F C Daniels, 
1 270 Bank 
" Miss Blanch, 1 270 Bank 
" Miss B'ooks. 1 270 Bank 
" Frank C, grocer 270 Bank, h same 
" Fred, news stand 354 Gllmour, 1 
The Gllmour 

Daniels Freeman I. (Daniels & 

Secord), Manager "The Gll- 
mour," Bank n w cor Gllmour 
(See outside back cover) 

Daniels Samuel, Proprietor The 

Windsor, 37-45 Metcalfe 
" Wm G, motorman O E Ry, h 338 
Daniels A Seoord (Freeman I 

Daniels, David W Secord). Pro- 
prietors "The Gllmour," Bank 
n w cor Gllmour (See outside 
back cover) 


f CoadMMrelal 




t':: .(! 


} i 'I 


m 1 ' 


I'm',, ,^ 












- LUNCH - 






Danls see also Dennla 
" Adelard, tailor, h 324 Clarence 
" Alphonse, btchr 362 St Patrick, h 

26^ Nelsoh 
" Ambrose, carp, h 15 Plnard 
" Edouard, elk, 1 274 Clarence 
" Eugene, pntr J Dufour, res Ott- 
awa East 
" Henri, waiter, h 68 1-2 Nelson 
" Jean Bte, carp, h 274 Clarence 
" Miss Margaret, 1 245 Rideau 
" Peter, woodwkr J Dufour, res Ott- 
awa East 
" Zotique, millwright, h 254 Bolton 
Danish Institute Building, 10 Bell 
D'Aoust Alonzo, appr J B Duford, 1 369 
" Andre, watchman, h 407 St Patrick 
" Caaimir, h 369 Clarence 
" Cbatles, lab, h 138 Murray 
" Cleophas, slsmn R M McMorran, 

h 407 St Patrick 
" Miss Eugenie, 1 407 St Patrick 
" Miss Florence, 1 119 Nelson 
" Jean Bte, joiner J A Parr, 1 195 1-2 

" Joseph, btchr 4 By Ward Market 

(old), 1 184 Murray 
" Joseph, carp, h 229 Bay 
" Joseph, lab The Ottawa Gas Co, h 

119 Nelson 
" Leopold, mach J A Parr, h 225 

" Maria (wld Leopold), h 10 Eccles 
" M J Andre, slsmn R M McMorran, 

h 409 St Patrick 
" Miss Olivine, bkbndr James 

Hope & Sons, 1 229 Bay 
" Pierre, carp, h 195 1-2 Clarence 
" Rose, dom The Russell 
Darby Edmund J, agent Ont Crown 

Timber Office, rms 149 Maria 
Darcey Miss Mary C, elk P O, 1 483 
" Wm, letter coll P O, h 483 Rid- 
D'Arcy Michael, wood dlr 478 Lisgar 
Darey Pierre J, 1 211 Stewart 
Darnell Alfred, bartndr Rideau Club 
Darragh see also Derraugh 
" Agnes (wid James), 1 394 Ann 
" Delia, dom 262 Lisgar 
" Isabella, dom E Seybold 
" James, coal oil dlr 394 Ann 
" James, lab, h 78 Turner 
" John, builder 102 Frank 
Dascenzo Biaso, lab, h 34 Young 
" George, lab, 1 34 Young 
" James, lab, 1 34 Young 
Date Kate, dom The Russell 
Daubney Edwin, elk stamp br P O 

Dept, res Billing's Bridge 
Daudelin Alexandre, steamfltter, h 231 

Daugherty see also Doherty, Doraty, 
Dougherty and O'Doherty 
" AddlBon, shoemkr J W McElllgott, 

b 266 Queen 
" Effle, dom 320 Metcalfe 


li 208 

Daughtry Mrs Annie, clfaiirr Hon* 
Bldgs, res Ottawa East "' 

Dault see D'Aoust 

Dauphin Miss Charlotte. 1 ;«)( v„i„n_ 

D'Auray see also Dore ' 

" Louis, trans Dept Agr'l, h :00 Daiv 
avenue '' 

D'Auteuil Norbert G, h 217 Resseri^r 

Davey see also Davy and Deewy 
" George, blrmkr, 1 404 MiLwd 
" George, lab, h 350 Preston 
" Samuel, lab, h 21 George 
" Wm, lab, 1 350 Preston 

David Rev E, OMI, prof t'niversltv 
of Ottawa '^«rsity 

" Felix, servant 65 Clarence 

" Leon, foreman Dept Pul. Wks h 

141 Lyon ' 

" Phileas. bkr H Renand 

Davidson see also Davison 
" Adelard, 1 30 Carling av 
" Miss Agnes, nilnr, nns ■:,m ('„„. 

" Albert, porter C P ft, h i,*\ Andpr- 

" Andrew, lab, h 4 Avdii La no 
" Miss Birdie, stenog Kxpcuf Lnm. 

ber Co, 1 418 Lisgar 
" Elizabeth (wid Hugh), 1 Kir, Flor- 

" Miss Elizabeth, tchr Piesliyterlan 

Ladies' College. 1 same 
" Harriett (wld Samuel S). j 465 

" James, mach Capital MnfR Od h 

287 Albert 
" James, mngr R Thackray, h 4;!; 

" Miss Jessie, elk A E Slinn, 1 IS9 

" Ml38 Lizzie, tchr Ladies' College 

of Ottawa, res same 
" Mrs Mary J (S Davidson & c) 

1 54 York 
" Rankin B, asst dlstriluitop (Uii 

papers H of C, 1 465 S(imci<-. t 
" Rasselas D, chalrmkr, 1 ;iO Curl- 
ing av 
" Robert B, asst Par distrilmtlon 

office, b 210 O'Connor 
" Robert H, slsmn Bryson. ("iiHhani 

& Co, h 83 Henderson av 
" Robert J, h 190 Concession 
" Samuel, mngr S Davidson & Cm, h 

5': York 
" Samuel S (Bower, Davidson & 

Bower), h 465 Somerset 
" Sarah W (wld James), fancy Bonds 

189 Bank, h same 
" S & Co (Mrs Mary J Davidson), 

hotel 54 York 
" Thomas C, fireman No 6, h 2S 

" Walter, helper C A R. h 144 Eoclei 
" Wm, t!lk 8 Davidson & C<\, 1 hi 

" Wm, foreman Ottawa Trans Co, h 

124 Stanley av 



JOHN HENEY & SON - Ttlephone 428. 

TratiH On, h 

JARVIS Guarantees if-bt 








•' Will, policeman, h 77 Union 
" Win J, elk military br Dept M and 
1), h 85 Maclaren 
Davleau Albert, lab, 1 56 Murray 
" Kiiiest barber 54 Murray, h same 
" Miss Eugenie, 1 56 Murray 
" Pierre, messr Dept Agrl, 1 56 Mur- 
Davles Dalton, elk Can Bank of Com, 
1 357 Sparks 
" Hugh, carp, h 390 King 
" Hugh T, gro e s Bank cor 3ru av 
" John, musician, 1 444 Cumberland 

Pavies Hon Sir Lonis Henry, 

KCMG, QC. Minister of Marine 
and Fisheries, Western Block, h 
270 Cooper, cor Metcalfe 
" Richard, lab, h 199 Division 
" Robert, carp, h 76 Turner 
" R, pntr John McKay, 1 444 Cum- 
" Thomas J, carp, h 111 Oreighton 
■ Thomas R, gro 287 Rldeau, h same 
" Wm H, bicycle mkr W H Fligg, b 

286 Sussex 
" Wn H. livery 32-36 Waller, h same 
Davis Alfred, 1 70 Nelson 
" Alfred R, pntr, h s a Ella, 5 w of 

" Miss Annie dressmkr 198 Bank 
" Mrs Annie, gro Bilgin n w cor 

Fourth av. h same 
" Charles, foreman, b 91 Albert 
" Crosbie D, floor walker Bryson, 

Graham & Co, 1 465 Albert 
" Cyrus F, mngr A Huckles & Co, 

h 153 Maria 
" Miss Daisy,' drsmkr Mrs J J Phe- 

lan, 1 494 Clarence 
" Daniel, baker, h 188 Flora 
" Edward, bicycle mkr, b 286 Sussex 
" Edwin, lab, h 103 Third av 
" Frank, asst bkpr R Thackray, 1 87 

" George, prtr The Citizen, 1 177 Sla- 
" Oeorge A . fireman C. A. R. h 139 

" Harriet (wid Thomas), 1 304 Lisgar 
" Lsaac, mill hd, 1 37 Arthur 
" James, 1 Elgin n w cor Fourth av 
" James A, elk Sun Life Assce Co, I 

172 Clarence 
" John, carp T A Shore, b 150 O'Con- 
" John, wood dealer 494 Clarence 

Joseph, blkamith, 1 403 Gloucester 
" Joseph, coachman Lt Col Irwin 

h 370 King 
" Joseph B, brakeman C A R, b 373 

" Miss Maggie, dresmkr, 1 37 Arthur 
" Miss Mary, mlnr Miss J Walker, 

1 494 Clarence 
" Michael P, contr 565 Rldeau 
" Rol>ert, elk John Murphy & Co, 1 
202 Bank 


" Robert, flier J R Booth, h 37 Ar- 

" Rupert G, sec chief Justice Su- 
preme Court, 1 11 Nepean 

" Samuel J, bldr, h 87 Jane 

" Sanford S, Inspector Standard Life 
Assce Co 53 Sparks, h 332 Gll- 

" Miss Sarah, bdg hse 91 Albert 

" Simpson, lab, h 28 Arthur 

" Thomas, lab, h 70 Nelson 

" Thomas E, gdnr Major's Hill Park, 
h 47 Cathcart 

" Thomas G, bartndr The Windsor, 
1 70 Nelson 

" Wm, gardener, h 142 Church 

" Wm, 1 565 Rldeau 

" Wn A R, pntr, h s s Ella, 5 w of 

" Wm H, contr 404 Theodore, h same 

" Wm J, elk, 1 494 Clarence 

" Wm P, contr, 1 565 Rldeau 
Davison see also Davidson 

" Andrew, elk Almonte House 

" George, h 300 Chapel 

" Josephine, dom 556 Maria 
Davy see also Davey and Deevey 

" Harold, draughtsman dept Rys 
and Canals, b 170 Queen 

" John, cabowner 275 Nicholas 

" R Adam, civ eng, b 170 Queen 

" Walter, b 170 Queen 
Dawber John, mill hnd, I 664 Concession 

" Misa Sellna A, comp R L Crain, 1 
664 Concession 

" Thomas, baker h 664 Concession 

Dawes A Co, Brewers and Malt- 
sters, S H Christie Agent 383 

Daws Miss Edith M, elk cor br Dept 
Customs, I 412 Lewis 
" Walter, floor walker Bryson, Gra- 
ham & Co, m 412 Lewia 

Dawson Charles, carp, h Union s e cor 

" Charles P, moto O E Ry, 1 County 

Court House 
" Frederick W, carp, h 5» Creighton 

Dawson Oeorffe M. CMO, DS, 

LL D, F R S, Deputy Head and 
Director Department of Geologi- 
cal Survey, 547 Sussex, rms 27- 
28 Victoria Chambers 

*• George W, h 656 King 

" James, driver G A Harris, h 282 

" John, custodian Co Court House. 
Daly av, s e cor Nicholas 

" John, waiter, h 254 Albert 

" John W, teamster McKay Milling 
Co, h 61 Lloyd 

" Patrick, lab, h 420 Preston 

" Richard J, supt Lansdowne Park, 
h 977 Bank 

" Robt, brakeman CPR, h 45 Arthur 

" Sherman carp, 1 59 Creighton 
" Simon J, rma 47-48 Carleton 
Chambers, 74 Sparks 

" Stratford S, organist, b 228 Maria 



or 'Phon* 10M. 

i 116 OUIl LITdI Ubtnl Miny in tke Worid. ■f o.r.« 












De Lanaudiere. 

DawaoB S E, Lit D. Deputy Mini- 
ster, Queen's Printer and Con- 
troller of Stationery 75 St Pat- 
rick, h 277 Cooper 

" Thomas, llghtman, h 133 Norman 

" Walton, carp, h 1018 Bank 

" Wllbert J, mach Eclipse Office 
Furn Co, 1 59 Crelghton 

" Wm, coachman Dr H Hill, h 126 

*' W Bell, C E, in charge tidal sur- 
vey Dept M and F, h 436 Qll- 
Day see also Dey 

" Alfred B, printer S J Jarvla, 1 473 

•' Charles S, tir G E Preston, 1 473 

" Elizabeth (wld Thomas), h 156 

" Francis, plmbr F J Macdonald, b 
158 Water 

" Frederick W, pharmaceutical che- 
mist Henry Watters, h 473 Gil- 

" Miss Kate A, elk R J Devlin, 1 473 

" Miss Margaret, 1 156 Water 

" Miss Minnie, 1 156 Water 

" Samuel, h 181 Cambridge 

" Mrs Susan, 1 473 Gllmour 

" Wm, lab, 1 156 Water 
Daykin Esca B, window dresser Bryson, 

Graham & Co, res Janevllle 
Daze Charles, barber, 1 91 Church 

" Edouard, elk, 1 274 Clarence 

" Frederick, bottler Carling BAM 
Co, 1 296 Cathcart 

" Gilbert, waiter The Russell, h 116 

" Hermentlne (wld Amedee), h 91 

" Isaie, barber F Lajoie, 1 Clarkston 

" Jean Bte, waiter The Russell, h 26 

" Joseph, appr Butterworth & Co, I 
4 St Joseph 

" Napoleon, blksmith O Car Co, 1 4 
St Joseph 

" Oslas, tlr G M Holbrook, 1 91 
Dea see Day and Dey 
Deacon John L, curator reading room 
H of C, h 317 Wilbrod 

" Miss Nellie M, bdg hse 143 O'Con- 
Deakin James, lab, 1 133 Nicholas 
Dean Annlt (wld John), h 212 Albert 

" James, tmstr, 1 212 Albert 

" James W, steamfltter C A R, h 118 

" John, tmstr, 1 212 Albert 

" Miss Stella, tlrs Two Macs, ta 206 
Deans James, bkbndr Ptg Bureau, res 

Skead's Mills 
Dearing George, mngr Capital Planing 
Mills Co, h n s Maclaren, 5 e of 

Deary Francis, bkbndr, h 24 Augusta 
Deault Francis Xavler, lab, i 84 NpIbot. 

" Joseph, lab, h 74% King 
Debault Augrust, lab, h 595 Russtii av 
De Beaumont Albert, prtr Ptg Bureau 

res Hull 
" Robert, h 361 Cumberland 
De Belle Miss Grace I, stenog Olmsteii 

& Hurdman, b 656 Rideau 
De Boucherville Jovite V, h 59 Second 

De Brisay Wm C, elk sec br Dent Puh 

Wks, b 83 Vittoria 
Decary Denis, saw flier 65 York 

DeCMUes A D, Librarian of Par 

llament, h 171 Daly av 
De Champlaln Auguste, photographer 

79 Duke, h same 
Dechene see Deschenes and Duchesne 
Decoeur Honore, lab, h 225 St Patrick 
" Jean, confr 29 St Andre w 
" Leon, cabtmaker Harris & Camo. 
bell, 1 225 St Patrick 
Decoste Miss Alphonslne, drsmkr John 

Murphy & Co, 1 86 Water 
De Courcy Edouard, shoemkr Ottawa 
Boot and Moccasin Co, b 46 Mur. 
De Crosse Miss Elizabeth M, drsmkr 
Miss M De Crosse, rms 263 
" Miss Mary, drsmkr 169 Sparks.rms 
263 Maria 
Deegan Miss Kate, rms 107 Metcalfe 
Deevey see also Davey and Davy 
" Isaac, moto O E Ry, h 192 Arthur 
" James, tmstr CAR, res Ottawa 

" Thomas, moto, 1 192 Arthur 

de Faneonval Jnlee de Bernard 

Belgian Consul-General, h 251 
Degagne see also Dlgane ant^ Gagne 

" Mrs Genevieve. 1 159 Water 
De Grandmaison see also.Grandmaison 

" Pierre, lab, h 28 Lett 
De Grandmond Horace O, prtr Ptg 

Bureau, h 167 Church 
De Grosbols Wm B, messr Dept Sec 

State, h 103 St Andrew 
Deguire see also Dlguer 
" Ida, dom 65 Clarence 
" Rev Joseph C W, res Archbishop's 
Palace, 143 St Patrick 
Dehaltre Matilda, dom 122 Sparks 
De la Durantaye Emelle (wld Joseph), 
1 163 Botelier 

" Henri, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 163 

" Miss JoBephlne,tlrs G M Holbrook, 

1 163 Botelier 
De la Fountalne Joseph E, driver 

Creamery Biscuit Works, 1 - 

Le Breton 
Delalre see Dalaire 
De Lanaudiere Charles T, elk Privy 

Council OfHoe, rms 325 Besserer 

C. B. TA66ART & SON 

Brokers, Houeee ftor Sale and to Ltt 



JAMES HOPE & SONS, Copying Press aad Books 

Oor. Sparks and Klsln Sts. INK -ALL BB8T MAKCt. 





Celaney Miss Annie M, tchr Catholic 

Lyceum, 1 488 Lewis 
" Frank, dynamo tender O E Co, h 
803 SomerBet 

ptlaney James, General Con- 
tractor 104 Nicholas, h same 
« John, lab, h 52 Division 
« Mi^'s Mary, mlnr Miss J Walker, 

1 52 Division 
" Michael, foreman, h 379 Gloucester 
" Patrick J, bkpr, 1 104 Nicholas 
" Wni J, 1 104 Nicholas 
j)e la Porte Gabriel, elk Dept Militia 
and Defence, h s s Tackaberry 
av, 2 w of Bank 
Delaporte Natalie (wid Charles), h 265 

pe la Ronde Stuart E, elk Fieischman 

& Co, 1 319 Daly av 
Delary Wm, carp, h 22 Third av 
De la Salle Louis N A, prtr Ptg Bur- 
eau, h 293 St Patrick 
Delayer Herbert, brkman CPR, h 406 

- Nepean 
" Mrs May, dramkr 406 Nepean 
Delcorde Arthur, coachman, h 236 

De L'Etolle Miss Grace, mus tchr 526 
" Joseph, elk reg br Dept Int, h 526 
Delinelle Pierre, h 84 Balrd 

- Victor, pntr, h 280 Church 
De Lisle Joseph, elk, h 273 Somerset 
" Philippe, lab, h 190 Clarence 
Delmonico Hotel, James O'Donnell 

prop, 319 Wellington 
Deloge see Desloges 

Delorme Alexander, lab J R Booth, 1 
47 Eccles 
" Augustln, prop Osgoode Hall Ho- 
tel, 28 Nicholas 
" Augustus, coachman J R Booth, 

res Hlntonburg 
" Jean Bte, fireman Langevin Block, 

h 306 St Andrew 
" Jean Bte, 1 205 Rochester 
" Jean Bte, Ir':, h 47 Eccles 

Delorme Joaeph, Proprietor 

Delorme's Hotel, 257-259 Rideau 
" Louis, hotel 161 Bridge 
" Mithel, saloon 108 Queen w 
" Wm, lab, h 118 Pine 

Delorme's Hotel. Joseph Del- 

lorme Proprietor, 257-259 Rideau 
Denary see Desmarais 
Demers Miss Adelaide, drsmkr Miss C 
Vallee, res Hull, PQ 
" Adelard, stmftr, 1 352 St Patrick 
" Eugene, lineman O E Co, h 37 St 

" Eugene, shoemaker Ottawa Boot 

Co. 1 352 St Patrick 
" Henry, mason, h 225 Cumberland 
" Hubert, prtr Le Temps, h 21 Rose 
" Jean Bte, lab, h 352 St Patrick 
" Jean Bte jr, lab, 1 352 St Patrick 
" Miss Marie L, 1 352 St Patrick 


" Matilda (wid Francis Xavler), 1 4 

Anglesea sq 
" M Alphonse, letter carrier, h 51 

St Andrew 
" Noe, driver G W Shouldis,res Hull 
Dtmeules F Xavler, lab, b 226 St Pat- 
Demouchel see Dumouchel 
Demoulin see Dumoulin 
Dempsey Hugh, tmstr, h r 130 Middle 
" Miss Jennie, tchr Elgin st sch, 

b 380 Cooper 
" Wm, lab, h 211 Bridge 
Deneau Phllomene (wid Leon), 1 241 

Denault see also DaignauU 
" Adelard, lineman O E Co, h 320 

" Miss Bella, elk, 1 201 York 
" Eustache, lab, h w s Beechwood 

av, 4 n of Langevln av 
" Miss Josephine, cook, 1 201 York 
" Marie (wid Eustache), h 201 York 
" Pierre, carp, 1 201 York 
" Exilda (wid Hilalre), 1 554 St Pat- 
Denis see also Danis and Dennis 
" Francois X, carp Joseph Lacroix, 
res Hull 
Denison see also Dennison 
" George, mill foreman Bronsons & 

Weston, h 96 Montreal ) 

" Robert, sawyer, h 174 Middle 
" Mrs Robert, hsekpr 2SS Ll.igar 
" Wm Y, measurer, I 96 Montreal 
Denmark Miss Bertha, drsmkr, 1 403 
" Henry, carp, 1 403 Maria 
" Mary A (wid Aaron), h 403 Maria 
Dennis see also Danis and Denis 
" Sarah M (wid Col John S), h 293 
Dennison see also Denison 
" Francis H, wks Ottawa Porcelain 

& Carbon Co, 1 11 Grove 
" John, eng, h 11 Grove 
Deno Joseph, mach, h 508 Maria 
Dent Tena, dom 120 York 
Dentes Edmuiid, coachman 390 Sparks 
Denton Wm A, trav John Macdonald & 

Co, b Windsor Hotel 
Department of Agriculture, Langevln 
" of Attorney - General, Eastern 

" of Auditor Generavl, Eastern 

" of Customs, Western Block 
" of Dominion Police, Eastern 

" of Finance, Eastern Block 
" of Geological Survey, 547 Sussex 
" of Government Ptg Bureau, 76 St 

" of House of Commons, Centre 

" of Interior, topographical survey \ 

branch, 46 Elgin 
" of Indian Affairs, Eastern Block 




m. O. ARNOUDI, AamnT. 'Phon* 1140. 


i.f' '.V 

I i'!-. 
1 y 


i!f , 


A. t ..A... «.«ia#jiv>^.wku< 

I'll I'r 

' 1 

ii ' 

:* I; 

■ ? 

'VI i 

'r f 

I ; 








All Ordtra Promptly Attended To. 



'PMOHM ai. w. a. BBLL, i0Mi*amm. 1 66 Quean St 






" of Inland Revenue, Western 
of the Interior, Langevin Block 
of Justice, Eastern Block 
of Library of Parliament, Centre 

of Marine and Fisheries, Western 

of Militia and Defence, Western 

of Northwest Mounted Police, 

Western Block 
of Post Office, Langevin Block 
of Printing of Parliament, 75 St 

of Public Printing and Stationery, 

75 St Patrick 
f)f Public Works, Western Block 
of Queen's Printer, 75 St Patrick 
of The Queen's Privy Council for 

Canada, Eastern Block 
of Railways and Canals, West- 
ern Block 
of Secretary of State, Eastern 

of the Senate, Centre Block 
of Solicitor General, Eastern Block 
of Trade and Commerce, Western 
De Ralnville see also Ralnvllle 

Azaralse (wld Louis), h 409 Lisgar 
Miss Eugenie, I 409 Lisgar 
Michel M, saddler, 1 409 Lisgar 
Derbishire Miss Eliza, I 121 Nepean 
Derby see Darby 
Derepentigny Dosithee, motorman O El 

Ry, res Hull 
Derham Catherine (wld Henry), 1 7.t 

Derlger Louis, lab R Thackray, b 22C 

St Patrick 
Derinzy John H, artist, b 201 Bank 

" Matthew T, florist 333 Rideau 
De Rinzy Mrs W E, matron Protes- 
tant Home for the Aged, 954 
" Wm E, steward Protestant Home 
for the Aged, 954 Bank 
Der Kanadlsche Kolonist (German 
monthly), C C Meyer pub, 384 
Deroche see Desrochers, Desrosiers and 

Derouin see Drouin 
" Arthur, bartndr 169 Broad 
" Frederic, mill hd McKay Millinff 

Co, res Mechanicsville 
" Joseph, driver, 1 36 Notre Dame 
lierraugh see also Darragh 
" Edward, driver G M Dalgllsh, res 

" John, mill hd McKay Milling Co, 
h 44 Oregon 
Dervin John, blksmith M T Burns, 1 174 

Hery Miss Alma, 1 227 Church 
" Cedulle (wld Memizie), b 367 Cum- 
" Dale Ire. 1 467 Cumberland 


" Francis, bkbndr Ptg Bureau h 24 

" Francois X, plstr, h 227 Cliurch 
" Miss Georgiana, 1 227 Chuiih 
" Isidore, wtr, 1 227 Chunh 
" Mathias. plstr, 1 227 Chui.h 
" Napoleon, pntr, 1 367 CumiiHiianrt 
" Miss Odile, 1 227 Church 
Desaulnlers Dlonls L, French translat 

or H of C, h 300 Wllbnui 
Desaunler Emelle, dom 507 Ctn/per 
Desblens see Dubien 
Descarry see Decary 
Deschambault Alfred, blksmith I n 
Booth, res Hull 
" Henri, foreman, 1 18 Murray 
Deschamps Jean B, gro 98 Bolum 
Deschenes see Duchesne 
Descoteaux Joseph, elk J H Primcau h 
122 Middle 
" Louis, lab, b 34 Murrray 
Desens August, lab, h 34 Fourth av 

" Herman, lab, h 169 Crelghton 
Deseve Lumlna, mkt gdnr s s Centre 1 

e of Concession, h same 
Desforges Marie (wld Cyrllle), rest 77 

Duke, h same 
Desilets Andre, lab, h 230 St Andrew 
" Moise, slsmn Bryson, Graham & 
Co, 1 236 St Andrew 

Desilets Phileas, Merchant 

Tailor 102 Rideau, h same 
Desjardins Adeline (wid Louis), h 544 
St Patrick 
" Albert, 1 643 St Patrick 
" Miss Alexina, 1 524 St Patrick 
" Alfred W, elk Patent Office h tlS 

St Patrick 
" Miss Alma, drsmkr Miss A Le- 

febvre, 1 137 Dalhousie 
" Alphonse, lab, 1 332 St Andrew 
" Alphonse, plmbr, h 511 St Patrick 
" Alphonse, reporter H of C, reu 

" Miss Alphonsie, minr Miss M 

O'Donohoe, 1 100 Bolton 
" Miss Anna, 1 518 St Patrick 
" Antolne, carp, h 572 Albert 
" August, barber F N Lancto, h 144 

" Charles, Ins agt, h 105 NIoholau 
" Clevis, helper J H Connor & Son 
1 Janeville ' 

" Miss Corinne, drsmkr, I 81 St An- 
" Dolphis, mill hd, b 102>/^ Sherwood 
" Edward, pntr, 1 11 Pinard 
" Elolse (wid Senere), h 524 St Pat- 
" Eugene, pntr, h 117 Fl-ank 
" Miss Eveline, mlnr Mrs E Graham, 

1 137 Dalhousie 
•* Isaac, lab, h 137 Dalhousie 
" Israel, lab, h 132 Nelson 
" Joseph, bottler Drolet & Co, h 150 j 

" Joseph, lab, h 251 Friel 

" Miss Josephine, elk M Desjardins,] 
1 248 Dalhousie 



hm $2aooo,ooo of i» 

iuranee at Risk, and bu I 
paid tojtf Polley Holdtn I 

Desloges Alexi 


Selection of this Season's Goods in Stock. 

R. H. OONLBY, 218 WKLLINQTON 8TRKCT (n«ar Bank). 






.i Mi^« Malvlna, mlnr Miss 

(CDonohoe, 1 100 Bolton 
i' Uf\ai. , dom 47-49 ft-jrray 
" Mil hel, elk Dept Rys and Canals, 

i.'s Hull 
" Moise, carrlaBemkr, h 100 Bolton 
" Miii«e, cigars 248 Dalhousie 
" Moise jr. barber J B Cloutier, I 248 

.. Mi'tHe, lab, h 363 King 
'■ Oililon, 1 544 St Patrick 
" Oiusinie, bagmkr, 1 96 Augusta 
» ovila, barber 462 St Patrick, h 522 

" Paul, carp Joseph Lacroix, res 

" Paul, lab, h 21 Ellen 
" Phileas, pntr, h 559 St Patrick 
" Pierre, plstr, h 96 Augusta 
" Hose A (wid Severe), 1 522 St Pat- 
" Severe, carp Dept Pub Wks, h 

643 St Patrick 
" Victor, plstr, h 332 St Andrew 
" Wilfrid, bdg hse 45 Broad 
Deslauriers see also Laurler 
" Alfred, mill hd, 1 150 Le Breton 
" Alfred M, barber E Miles, h 27 Di- 
" Alphonse H, 1 68yi Nelson 
" Alphonse L., plstr, h 560 St Patrick 
" Miss Cherle, drsmkr Mrs M Dea- 

laurters, 1 98 Queen w 
" Delima (wid Felix), h 39 Nelson 
" Edward T, elk Bate & Co, b 426 

" Elle, barber 96 Queen w, h same 
'• Felix, lab, h 317 Cathcart 
" Guiliaume, bottler Carling B & M 

Co, I 39 Nelson 
" Henri, h 450 St Patrick 
" Henri N, wine elk Cafe Parisien, 1 

450 St Patrick 
" Isidore N. h 426 Besserer 
" Israel, mill hd, h 150 Le Breton 
" John H, mach Ottawa Specialty 

Mfg Co, 1 426 Besserer 
" Joseph, harnessmkr S & H Bor- 

bridge, 1 23 Anglesea sq 
" Joseph, lab, h 16 Papineau 
" Joseph, tlr T Keeley & Co, h 4»1 

St Patrick 
" Louis, lab, h 306 Water 
" Louis F, elk N W Mounted Police 

stores, h 51 Canal e 
" Miss Malvlna, 1 160 Le Breton 
" Mrs Marie, drsmkr 98 Queen w, 1 

96 same 
" Napoleon, lab, 1 346 St Patrick 
" Napoleon, mill hd, b r 124 Middle 
" Salomi (wid Telesphore), h 23 An- 
glesea sq 
" T fp'dore, mesar Dept Rys and 

Canals, h 432 Besserer 
" Wm. lab, h 263 Kent 

Desioffes Alexandre, elk S J Major, h 

287 St Andrew 

" Francis, slsmn Q M Holbrook, h 

100 Osgoode 

" Francis X, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 32 

" Francois X, pntr, h 225 Water 
" George, stm ftr Butterworth & Co, 

h 26 Rose 
" George W, h 32 Rose 
" Napoleon, driver S Rogers & Son, 

h 109 Besserer 
Desmarais Adelard, lab, h 51 Church 
" Henri, fireman CPR, h 690 Wel- 
" Honore, elk, 1 65 Murray 
" Joseph, mill hd J R Booth, h 670 

*' Leonard, shoemkr 65-67 Murray 
" Miss Sophranie, 1 65 Murray 
" Miss Vlctorlne, 1 65 Murray 
Desnoyers Delima, dom Victoria Hotel 

" Marie L, 1 392 St Andrew 
Desormeaux AehiUe, plmbr N Boyer, h 

232 Water 
'• Adolphe, lab, h 6 Pine 
" Francois X, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 262 

St Andrew 
" Honore, mill hd, b 134 Head 
" Julie (wid Theodore), eonfy 580 

Sussex, h same 
" Marcelllne (wid Honore), h 212 St 

" Napoleon, tmstr, h 969 Concession 
" Toussalnt, mill hd, h n s Idol lane, 

3 e of Duke 
" Xavier, lab, h 372 Murray 

DespAtoh Co. see Ottawa Des- 
patch and Agency Co (Limited), 
39 Sparks, Tel 18 
Des Rivieres Edward McQ, elk sec br 
Dept Pub Wks, 1 517 Somerset 
" Henri, carp, h 186 Floia 
" J Arthur (J A Des Riviers & Co), 

h 232 Church 
" J F MeGill, civ eng 191 Nicholas 
" l^ucy McGiil (wid Henry), h 517 

DesRivieres J A ft Co (J Arthur 

Des Rivieres, Stanislas R Pou- 
lin), Planing Mill, Friel n w eor 
Desrochers see also Desroches, Des- 
rosiers and Durocher 

" Alexina, dom 136 Head 

" Benjamin, fruit dlr 321 Cumber- 
land, h same 

" Rodoiphe C, asst see Dept Pub 
Wks, h 598 King 

" Charlotte (wid Moise), clnr Dept 
Bldgs, 1 301 St Patrick 

" Joseph, h 665 St Patrick 

" Joseph, btchr Slattery & Lawrence, 
h 323 Clarence 

" Joseph, prtr Ptg Bureau, h 
350 Cumberland 

" Miss Rose Alma, b 665 St Patrick 

" Miss Victoria, drsmkr 665 St Pat- 



632 to 640 WeUlnffton St. 


^Va^^y^*^*^'— *• ■■ 

,* »-»*■-*•• •! 

The SUN Life 

J i; ., ^ .1; 5 i • If i 



rOfRoe, Russell House Blotk' 
.1 24 8PARKSST. 





DesroRiers Achtlle, lab, h 3, Norman 
" Antoine, lab Dept Pub Wka, h 224 

" Mrs Cellna, grrn 224 Dalhousie 
" LoulB, lab. h 138 Willow 
" LoulB O, elk eng br Dept 

Pub Wka, res Britannia 
" Maggie, dom 478 Albert 
DenrulflHeau Achllle, lab, h 268 Bridflre 
Deaaena aee Deaana 
Detlor Caroline A (wld Tltua S), 1 138 

Deuchara Gilbert D, bndr r'tg Bureau, 

b 123 Slater 
Devaney Jamea, lab, h 91 Nelaon 

" Patrick, lab, 1 91 Nelaon 
de Varennea Alexia, bkpr Kennedy ft 
Co, 1 49 Angleaea Sq 
" Emlle, Jeweller, 1 49 Angleaea sq 
" Louia. bldr. h 49 Anglesea aq 
Devaux Edouard D, reat 58 Metcalfe 
Deveralne John, blkamlth J M Mc- 

Adam, h 93 Chapel 
Devereaux Thomaa. pntr C A R, h 102 

Devergle Cellna (wld Leonldas). 1 15 

DevlUe Edouard Q D. aurveyor gen'l 

topo br Dept Int. h 60 Llagar 
Devlne Andrew K. elk atamp br P O 
Dept, b Grand Union 
" Mlaa Annie, 1 Wellington Hotel 
" Bernard M, h 139-141 Queen w 
" Danlf>4, cerp Aakwlth & Neville, 1 

70 Balrd 
" Jamea. 1 686 Someraet 
" Jamea, atahlemn Union Brewery, 

h r 463 Wellington 
" John, lab. h 70 Balrd 
" John, tmstr, h 71 Balrd 
*' Michael, tmstr John Williams, b 

219 Maria 
" Peter, lab. h 686 Somerset 
" Peter. 1 70 Balrd 
Devltt James A, church officer St An- 

drew'a, h 82 Kent 
Devlin Abby. 1 162 Clarence 

" Charlea, butcher F Mitchell. 1 42 

" Charlea A. porter P O, h 329 Bess- 

" Charles J. plstr, h 42 Turner 
" Edward, cattle dlr 162 Clarence 
" Edward Jr. cattle dlr. 1 162 Clar- 
" Misa Elizabeth music tchr 42 

Turner, 1 same 
" Joaeph H. cattle dealer 48 Llsgar 
" Miss Lena, minr, b 127 Slater 
" Miss Marguerite. 1 162 Clarence 
" Mary, dom 138 Slater 
" Moore, bkr A E Sllnn. 1 42 Turner 
" Richard. 1 162 Clarence 

Devlin Richard J, Hatter and 

Purrle.- 76 Sparks, h 41 Cliff 
" Richard M. elk Dept Rys 

and Canals, h 333 Besserer 
•* Wm. h 283 Nicholas 
Devon Katie, dom 213 Nicholas 

Dewar Albert, brkmn C p t' ho* 
Queen w ' "« 

" Alexander, 1 518 Kent 
" Alexander, eng C A R. h :!».- Ann 
•• Annie, dom 211 Stewart 
" Colin A, elk Water Work offlr. , 
40? Albert ®' ' 

Dewar Dr Colin P, Physician and 

Surgeon Bay n e cor An.'^rt ro. 

40: Albert ' "' 

" Duncan E, slsmn T Lindsay & Pn 

h 381 Gloucester "' 

" George I. agt Export Lumber Co 

h 137 Nepean 
" Hugh. Inmate 954 Bank 
" Mlaa Jessie, elk J Durie & Son i 

797 Bank 
" Mlaa Jeaale C. tchr Mutdimor St 

School, 1 n B Centre, 'z w of 

" John, carp CAR h 518 Kent 
" John H, Ina agt -28 1-2 Sparks h 

402 McLeod 
" Mis Maggie, nurse 176 Neptan 
" Malcolm D. carp. 1 518 Kent 
" Miss Margaret, I 91 Maclaien 
" Mary A, dom 211 Stewart 
" Robert, h 797 Bank 
" R Campbell, elk Dom Exp Co 1 

797 Bank 
" Wm G. eng, ■. s Fourth av, l e of 

Dewart John, maeh Victoria Foundry 

Co, h 274 Bridge 
" Joaeph, moulder, h 274 1-2 Bridge 
Dewhurst Edward R. elk cor br Dept 

Agrl. h 80 James 
Dewls Frederick W (Dewla & Dore), b 

393 Bank 
" & Dore (Frederick W Dewls, 

George L Dore), flour 369 Bank 
Dey see also Day 
" Bros (Edwin P and Wm E), b.^at 

bldrn. wood dlrs and skatins 

rink 4-8 St Jamea 
" Edgar F, prop Capital Boat & 

Canoe Works 631 Bank, li 2 St 

" Edwin P (Dey Bros), h Florence, 

« w cor Bay 
" Joaep-h. boat hldr. 1 Florence, s w 

cor Bay 
" Wm E (Dey Bros), res Ottawa 

Dey's Skating Rink. Dey Bros props, 

n w cor Bay. and Ann 

Deymond Henry C. Shirt Manu- 
facturer and Laundry 342 Maria 
h same 

de Zooher Rev Gustave, pastor St 
John's Church (German Luther- 
an), h 307 Mackay 

Dial Wm G, stor?man Gov Militia 
stores, b 70 Besserer 

Diamond George V, measr City Clerk's 
Office, 1 85 Balrd 

" Henry, lab. 1 85 Balrd 

Mary (wld Hugh), h 85 Balrd 

P. B TARRADT & SON ^^^^' SfffSr-siSfsiirii'c^s 

W Dewis, 
ur 369 Bank 

rm E). hijat 
nd skating 

:al Boat & 
ank, h 2 St 

orence, s w 
res Ottawa 


kW sorts of BUILDINC TIMBER ami 
LUMBER. Both RMgh and OrMNd. 





Olcaire Ferdinand, 
^ Hull 

flier J R Booth, rea 

piolc George, lumber, h 489 Maclaren 
I .. Wm. lumber, 1 489 Mac'- sn 
' pickle David W, mach, h 1» ueen w 
\\rm, photo engr Ottawa ^.mesPtg 
and Pub Co. b 283 Llsgrar 
njckieson Matthew Q, Dominion bkpr 

Dept Finance, h 206 Maclaren 
picks Mi^s Mary J, mlnr, 1 490 Somer- 

■ Thomas, driver, h 301 Klngr 

■ Walter, sergt police, h 490 Somer- 


■ Wm, lab The Ottawa Gas Co, b 

9(1 Slater 
pifkfon see also Dixon 
• AU'ert, mngr Dominion Bulldingr 
& Loan Assn, rms 154 O'Connor 
" Annie, housemaid The Qllmour 
" Henry E (H E Dickson & Co), b 

27S Sussex 
" H K & Co (Henry E Dickson), 

gents' furnlshinRS 40 Sparks 
" John C, elk L N Nye. 1 1«2 Waller 
" John P, sec Can Py Accident Ins 

Ci, rms 201 Maria 
" Roi.ert. eng C A R, h 16 Alice 
" Wm, millwright, b Occidental 

" Wm F, trav, h 897 Nepean 
■ Wm H. h 162 Waller 
DIer see also Dyer 
" Wallace A. night chief opr C P R 
Go's tel, b 998 Concession 
DIetz Charles, baker, I 375 Dalhousie 
DIeu Lee, laundry 426 Bank 
Dlgane see also Degagne 

" Paul, coachman, h 436 1-2 Clarence 
Dlguer see also Dequire 
" Alfred, trunkmkr S & H Borbridge, 

1) 368 St Patrick 
•' Arthur, plmbr, h r 263 King 
" Joseph, h 246 King 
" Joseph S, pntr Shepherd & Co, 
1 245 King 
Dill Gordon, slsmn Singer Mnfg Co, b 

131 Bank 
Dliion James, 1 239 Gloucester 
Dimock Frank W, trav, h 463 Somerset 
Dinardo Anna M, h 38 Young 
Dinelle Klzear, carp, h 535 Albert 
" Elzear Jr, harnessmkr E P Hall, 1 

r.3r> Albert 
" Hiinore, elk J H Primeau, 1 636 
Dingman James S, agt York County L 
& S Co, b 136 Queen 

I Diocese of Ottawa Synod Ollloe 

liev Canon E A W Hanlngton 
Clerical Secretary, Rooms 51-62 
Carleton Chambers, 74 Sparks 
Dion Albert E, electric meter inspr. h 
60 Bolton 
" Alfred A. gen'l supt Ottawa Blec 

Co, h 430 Besserer 
" Alphonse, store kpr Dept Pub 
Wks, b 59 King 


" Jean Bte. printer Ptg Bureau, h 

269 Rldeau 
" Joseph, lab, h 92 Murray 
" Joseph Jr. tlr Grlson Bros, 1 92 

" L Dldler. elk records br Dept Rys 

and Canals, h 340 Sussex 
" L. Jules, bkpr L H Nolln & Co, h 
664 Rldeau 
DIoane Arthur, btchr 291 Rochester 
" Emile, elk MacCraken, Henderson 

& McKay, 1 100 Victoria av 
" Ernest, elk accts br Dept Pub 

Wks. h 100 Victoria av 
" Miss Eugenie, 1 286 St Andrew 
" F X, cab owner 67 Ottawa, h same 
" Isaie, prtr Le Temps, 1 286 St An- 
" Joseph, carp. I 56 Bolton 
" Joseph F. elk civ ser. h 121 Chapel 
" Joseph G V. slsmn Bryson, Gra- 
ham & Co, 1 100 Victoria av 
" Octave, chief cert Dept Pub Wks. 

h 130 Chapel 
" Prime, carp, h 286 St Andrew 

Dirootorjr Offlco, H O Hewlt 

Agf»nt, Directories and Maps of 
Different Cities for Sale and In- 
spection, 88 Sparks ; Telephone 
Disher Ashael D, mach, h 95 Gloucester 
DIttmann Albert, mldr Law Bros & Co, 
1 Charles Dittmann 
" Charles, furnace man Law Bros & 
Co, h w s Sussex (Green Island) 
DIx see Dicks 
Dixon see also Dickson 
" Mrs Elizabeth, P M Rochesterville 

P O. 90 Preston, 1 88 same 
" Frederick. stonecutter Hooper 

Bros & Currle, h 670 Maria 
" Frederick A, bkr, 1 88 Preston 
" Frederick A, elk Dept Rys and 
Canals, rms 23 Victoria Cham- 
" George A. porter P O, 1 382 King 
" James T, bkbndr Mortimer & Co, 

1 88 Preston 
" John, carp, h 88 Preston 
" John, comp The Citizen, 1 149 Ma- 
" Mary, dom 277 Cooper 
" Walter J, bkpr, h 123 Division 
" Wm J, porter, h 66 O'Connor 
Dobell Miss Muriel K, 1 129 Cooper 

Dobell Hon Richard R, Minister 

without I^)rtfolio, Laiigevin 

Block, h 129 Cooper 
Dobier Grace (wld John), h 133 Slater 
" J Osbourne, bkpr J S S Uetallack. 

1 133 Slater 
" Robert G. elk J S S Uetallack, 1 133 

Docksteader George, tmstr McKay 

Milling C; h 154 Rochester 
" Merton. clerk. 1 154 Rochester 

'HRENOLINE kidney & liyeb pills 














.',! l! * ; •[■ » 4 



1 lit I ii 1 

t I) r I, 

1 i, 


(i > ■■: I' 













Doctor Elmer O, cutr Chabot & Co, h 
108 Gloucester 
" Frank C. 1 362% Lyon 
" Wm R, grocer 364 Lyon, h 362% 
Dodd Alfred, elk, 1 47 Union 
" Clement, elk, h 47 Uunlon 
" Frederick, eng, 1 47 Union 
" Harry, studt, 1 47 Union 
" John T, marble cutter, 1 602 Som- 
" John W, messr, h 502 Somerset 
" Patrick S. elk dead letter br P O 

Dept, 1 502 Somerset 
" Thomas, apr McKinley & North- 
wood, 1 47 Union 
Dodds Alfred, slsmn T Lindsay & Co, 
1 47 Union 
" Clement, slsmn T Lindsay & Co, h 

47 Union 
" T Waiter, slsmn C H Thorburn, b 
1S5 Queen 
Doe see D'Aoust and Dault 
Doherty see also Daugherty, Doraty, 
Dougherty and O'Doherty 
Miss Annie, dresmkr, 1 230 Queen 
Bernard V, elk C A R freight o*- 

flce. 1 214 Albert 
Christina, dcrri 422 Qilmour 
Daniel, pntr Shepherd & Co, 1 145 

Frank E. proofreader Free Press, 

b 186 Queeii 
George, 1 145 Besserer 
Miss Johanna, dairy maid Rideau 

John H, dry goods and clothing 

277 Wollington, h 338 Nepean 
Miss Mary, elk J H Doherty, I 184 

Mipn Matilda A, elk P Stewart, I 

^45 Besserer 
Jilchael J, eng C P R, h 41 Ottawa, 
OrmonU G, harnessmkr J R 

Booth, h 44 Lome av 
Patrick, shoemkr 312 Ann, h same 
Sarah, dom 338 Somerset 
Thomas, lab. h 629 Maclaren 
T Keville. B C L, private sec to 
Minister of Agriculture, h S8 
Sweetland av 
Dolan gee also Doolan 
" Miss Alice, furrier R J Devlin, 1 
243 Gloucester 
Annie, dom 332 Somerset 
Charles, lab, h 276 Church 
Charles jr, fireman No 5, h 353 St 

Miss Christina, slsldy, 1 243 

Mrs Eleanor, bdg hse 193 James 
Miss Florence, h 243 Gloucester 
Francis, plinbr McKinley & North- 
wood. 1 276 Church 
James, driver, b 250 Queen 
James, studt. 1 184 Lyon 

Joseph, policeman, b 115 Besserer 
Miss Mary. 1 71 Osgoode 
Mary, dom 488 Albert 

1 lu 

Dolan ~~ — 

Michael, lab. h 193 Janus 
Michael A, h 95 College av 
Nellie, dom 28C Kent 
Philip, lab, h 269 Bridge 
Thomas, biksmith O Car t',, 
Dolihan Annie, dom 469 Wilb od 

Domlaioan Convent, Rev Father 

Jacques Superior, w « victorir 
av 1 B of Primrose ^ 

Dominion Bridge Co (Ltd) e C 

Arnoldl Agent. 91 Spaiks (Sp« 
right bottom lines) ^ 

" Building and Loan As.sofiatlon 
Albert Dickson district mam.* 
er. 171 Sparks *' 

Dominion Express Co. W a 

Clark Agent, 19 Elgin 

Dominion Pire Extinguisher Co 

(Limited) of Montreal, k a Sel 
wyn Agent 171 Sparks 

Dominion Fisheries Bxliibit, J L 

Sutherland Officer in Charge 
O'Connor s w cor Queen ' 

Dominion Hall Hotel, Mrs Jaae 

Pettle Proprietress, 205 to 211 

Dominion House, John JWhelaa 

Proprietor, 48-52 York 
" Life Assurance Co. Rockllff Ronan 

agent, 19 Elgin 
" Memorial Photo-Engraving and 

Picture Framing Co, G W King 

mngr, 82 Queen 
" Methodist Church, cor Queen and 


Dominion Mills, Martin A Ww. 

nock Proprietors. 860 Wellington 

Dominion of Canada Busineu 

Directory, The Might Directory 
Co of Toronto (Limited), Pub- 
lishera. H O Hewit Agent, SS 
Sparks ; Telephone 1367 
** of Canada Rifle Association, Lt- 
Col W E Hodgins sec. rm 10, 4) 
" Police, Major A P Sherwood Com- 
missioner, East Block 
" Steamship Co, 26 Sparks 
" Transport Co, David Taylor mngr, 
204 Bridge 
Dompierre Aiphonse J, hkr. flour and 
grain 482 St Patrick, h 480 samt 
Donaghue see also Donahue and 
" Henry, lab, h s s Isabella, 3 w oj 
Donaghy Mrs Robert, canvasser, h 8» 
" Wm, druggist 21 Sussex n, h same 
Donahue see also Donaghue and 
" Miss Cecelia, shirt mkr H E Dey- 
mond. 1 438 Nepean 



'Phone 428. Supply the Best. 

ii^WaPYis' Photos are the Best 

kjgraving and 
Do, G W King 

)kr, flour and 
;k, h 480 samt 
)onahue and 

ibella, 3 w oJ 

.nvasser, h 8» 

sex n, h same 
maghue and 





Tprank. lab, 1 438 N.-,. .ui 
„ Hei.iy. 'ab O E Ry, l 9l» Isabella 
.. jani' «. tlr McCracken Bros, h 438 

Twinaldi"'" MIbs Augusta, b 41 Ottawa 
."cap line S (wld Benjamin), 1 26 

.. jii^^ Kllaabeth, cleaner dept bldi-,a, 

1 411 Llsgar 
,. Fre<Urick W (Stewart, Bralth- 

uaite & Donaldson), h 411 Lls- 

.1 GeciKe, mldr Alex Fleck, 1 411 Lis- 

.. Geoisfe W, trunk mkr, 1 44 Centre 
" Gonlon. paper mkr, b 41 Ottawa 
" Harvey, carp, 1 44 Centre 
" jaiiKS'. driver, 1 411 Lisgar 
.1 Maj'if James B, elk stores br Dept 

Militia, h 197 Mackay 
" Joim E, carp, h 44 Centre 
• Joshua, storeman Gov Militia 

Stores, b 32 Rideau 
" Morley, supt CAR, h 494 Albert 
" Peter, lab, h 96 Aithur 
" Peter, mach CAR. b 310 Louia 
" Samuel, lab, h 510 Clarence 
" Samuel, lab Dept Pub Works, b 

•H Chapel 
Donegun Michael, elk Kenedy & Co, 1 

101 Vlttorla 
Doney Jennie (wld Richard), 1 60 

Donlev James B, lab, 1 37 Lome av 
" Miss Mary, 1 37 Lome av 
" Mary (wld Michael), h 37 Lome 

Donnellv John, elk, 1 582 Albert 
" John, elk Merchants' Bank, 1 582 

" John, driver D Lee, 1 212 Dalhousie 
" Mi.-s Margaret, 1 76 Waller 
" Miss Minnie, porcelainmkr Ottawa 

P & Co, res Ottawa Bast 
" Peter, cond O B Ry, 1 459 Nicholas 

Donnelly Walter L(W A Drum ft 

Co), Coal 128V6 Sparks, Resi- 
dence Britannia 

Donohue see Donaghue, Donahue and 

Donovan Miss Catherine, nurse 645 
Llagar, 1 same 
" Charles W (C W Donovan ft Co), 
I 43:; Besserer 

Donovan C W & Co (Charles W 

Donovan), Wines and Liquors 

119 Rideau 
" Daniel, brakeman CAR, b 211 Ann 
" Daniel, plstr, h 265 Bell 
" Dennis, h 265 Bell 
" James, elk Lang & Kemp, 1 475 

" John, civ ser, h 213 York 

" Thomas R, cutter, h 390 Nepean 

" Timothy J, elk P O'Connor," b 228 

Dontigny Charles P, elk postal stores 

br P O Dept, b 61 York 


J«tUI F. #r liMpertor CAR. 
(71 Wwr>««nr 

^ dom LISRai 

aui'M.. le h 463",<j Maria 
tunuiH N Ik sec br Dept Pub 
Works, I TT O'Connor 
Du' H '..••' als< Dolan 

" Mai>.,.iret iaI<1 John), 1 259 King 
Dooley Annie, dom 483 Albert 
" Annie, dom 427 Gilmour 
" Miss Celina, nurse General Hos- 
pital, 43 Water 
" George, culler, h 694 Albert 
." Henry, lab, 1 195 Division 
" James, lab, h 18 King 
" Lawrence, lab, h 195 Division 
" Mary J (wld Patrick), h 595 Gil- 
" Thomas, printer, h 390 Concession 
Dooner Miss Ellen, forelady, b 524 

Dooney Jennie (wld Richard), 1 60 

Doorley see Dourley 
Doran James, h 103 George 
" James M, prtr Ptg Bureau, b 172 

" Miss Jennie, dosmkr Miss A 

Bouchard, 1 121 Sherwood 
" John, h 3811/4 Nicholas . 
" John, brickmkr, h 314 Nicholas 
" Lizzie, dom 93 Slater 
" Michael, printer Free Press, h IW 

" Wm, h 71 College av 
" Wm. storeman H N Bate & Sons, 

res Otawa East 
" Wm jr. brklayer. h 102 Osgoode 
Doras see Dorice 

Doraty see also Daugherty, Doherty, 
Dougherty and O'Doherty 
" John, lab, h 282 Le Breton 
Dorcey see Darcey and Dorsey 
Dore see also D'Auray 
" Achllle, mill hd McKay Milling Co, 

res Hull 
" George L (Dewis & Dore), b 369 
Dorice Jean Bte, rangemkr Butter- 
worth & Co, h 40 Botelier 
Dorion Abbey (wld Jean Bte), 1 187 
" Albert, mill hd, h 89 Broad 
" Alexander C, blksmith 398 St Pat- 
rick, h 400 same 
" Alphonse, moulder, 1 9 Hill 
" Charles P, tinsmith J J Murphy, 

b 29 Clarence 
" Dolphis N. ry mall elk, res Hull 
" Edmond, prtr Ptg Bureau, 1 94 

" Bmellne (wld Noel), 1 76 Murray 
" Eugene, tinner Wadsworth & Mc- 

Whlnnie, 1 9 Hill 
" George E. elk P O, 1 322 St Andrew 
" Miss Gertrude, elk Finance Dept, 

1 149 Maria 
" Henri, btchr H G Stanley, 1 838 

" James, plmbr W KIpp, 1 9 Hill 






> !| 





• ! i 



. 1 

■ 'i ■' 



















'■ fi 

I ..) 

" u 










V H >i 

h '•' 




■ t 


I ■ 


f: 1> 

Is ' 





uim LiFE |grrr;: r;^.'s isr I JAR 






" Jean Bte, photoe 669 Sussex, b 

262 Rldeau 
" Miss Lillian. 1 9 Hill 
'• Mrs Maria, h 9 Hill 
•' Miss Olevlne, fruits 75 Murray 
" Miss ITrsule, elk Patent Office, 1 

8« Nepean 
•' VIctorine (wld Zephlrln), h 94 
Doris see Dorlce 

Dormer Thomas, lab. b 126 Nicholas 
Dormody James D, elk. h 15J Queen w 
Dorney Adelaide V (wld John F), bdg 

hse 22 Albert 
Dornlnjf John, burnisher J Labatt, 1 

584 Ann 
Dorrls see Dorice 
Dorsey see Darcey 
Doitis see Dorice 

Dorval George S. pntr J B Duford, h 
247 Church 
" Louis A, engrosser Dept Ind Af- 
fairs, res Oatineau Point 
" Philippe, pntr Shepherd & Co, h 
2la Murray 
Dostaler Alfred, elk Dept Pub Worka, 
h 137 St Andrew 
" Miss Fablola. 1 137 St Andrew 
" Henri, lab. 1 100 Bolton 
Doucet Charles O, h 473 Rideau 
" Jean, h 75 Broad 
" Joseph, driver P L Folsy, 1 293 

St Andrew 
" J Edouard, carriagemkr, h 120 


" Mary E (wld Jean), h 75 Broad 

Dougherty see also Daugherty, Doher- 

ty, Doraty and O'Doherty 

" Bernard V, elk CAR, b 214 Albert 

" Charles B, elk Rldeau Lumber Co, 

h 20 Albert 
" Stephen, plmbr Butterworth & Co, 
1 37 Fifth 
Douglas Alexander, coachman Dr Lo- 
gan, h 47 Emily 
" Ann (wld James), h 306 Nepean 
" Annie (wld Thomas), 1 262 Rideau 
" Archibald M. bkr 262 Rldeau 
" Clifton A (C A Douglas & Co), 
pres Ottawa Specialty Mfgr Co 
(Ltd), h 196 Llsgar 

Doufflas C A A; Co (Clifton A 

Douglas), General Brokers, In- 
surance and Real Estate 52 

•* Emily (wid Peter B), 1 721 Wei- 

'* George F, lab, 1 47 Emily 

" James, lab, 1 47 Emily 

" James T. trav T Birkett, h 4 Mc- 
Dougal av 

" John. lab. 1 47 Emily 

" John W, porter, h 260 Nelson 

" Joseph R (J R Douglas & Co), h 
161 Gloucester 

Denglas J R ft Co (Joseph R 

Douglas), Roofers and Metal 
Workers, 211 Wellington 
" Miss Mary, 1 416 McLeod 

OouBlao ~"^ — — 

'• Robert Cbrldge eng Depi Uvu a„* 
Canals, h 9 Lyon ^ *"'* 

Doull Walter S, »a\s -Ik Depi Uy» .„,, 
Canals, h I2a Slater ^' *"* 
Douras Daniel, motorman (7 in n„ . 
728 Cooper "'• •» 

" Miss Kate, bdg 84 Bani< 
" Peter, elk F C DanlelB, h •>6i n 
bert " *'" 

" Miss Rose, 1 84 Bank 
Dourley John, mach Ottawa V & r r>^ 
1 8 Lloyd * ^ ^0' 

" Margaret (wl 1 John), h K Llovd 
Dover John, pdh. h 283 St Aiidrew 

" Wm. pdlr. h 230 Clarenr/ 
Dow see D'Aoust and Dault 
Dowdall John M, gro 237 Rideau 
" MIsB Lena, b 244 Queen 
" Miss Mary, b 244 Queen 
Dowler James, opr CPR, h 5()i Conces- 
" Joseph, carp, h 678 Albert 
Dowlin John L, barrister 25 SimrWa 1 
77 O'Connor ' "*'' '' 

Dowling Donaldson B, field li^oinei,^ 
Geol Survey Dept, h 232 UsAr 
" John F, phy 97 Metcalfe, ti same 
Downes James, stm ftr F fj John»n, 
& Co, b 33 Clarence " 

Downey Cornelius, lab, h r 463 WflUn? 
ton * 

" John, signalman CAR, h 22 Rim 
" Richard, shoemkr. b WHiiinefnn 
Hotel '^ " 

Downle Mrs Elizabeth, nurse S2 Oiipoi. 
west " 

" John, carp, h 225 Beaserer 
" John, repr Ottawa Gaa C. j, fi" 

" Richard, shoemkr S Mills, b 3'>'> 

" Walter, l r 82 Queen w 
Dowslev Albert H, meeh supt The ot- 
ta„a Specialty Mnfg Co (Limit- 
ed), h 380 Waverley 
" Chauncey T, bricklyr. 1 380 Waver- 
" Thomas, h 380 Waverley 
Doxsee Harry, 1 436 Gloucester 
" Jesse H, cabtmkr Ottawa Speci- 
alty Mnfg Co, h 436 Gloucester 
Doyle Andrew 1 180 Friel 
" Andrew J, let car P O, h 180 Prie! 
" Daniel, produce 38 By Ward Mar 

ket sq, h 50 same 
" Donald, elk D Doyle, 1 50 By War* 

Market sq 
" Edward, lab, 1 137 Arthur ! 

" Edward J, wood dlr 113 Percy 
" Eliza (wld Nicholas), 1 37 Daly av 
" Frank, lab, 1 58 Percy 
" Hugh E, elk Hurley Bros, 1 50 By 

Ward Market sq 
" James, carp, h 162 Cambridge 
" James, roadmkr, h 71 Augusta 
" James, fireman CPR, b 92 Queen w 
" James, lab, h 463 Ann 
" James E H, excise officer Inlant 
Revenue, h 209 Wellington 

c i. nmm & m 


tal Eifeatt^l^fBiila, Auotiomiri,«(i 

/•/. 703 Gor. Bank A Wellington Sd 

! Mills, b 322 

', 1 380 Waver- 

1 50 By WariJ 

JARVIS Gu arantees f.'s^sT&^a! 






"'^'jaiiis J, clnr f'ppt Bldgs, h 

" Janxs P, oik, l 123 Augusta 
" John. lal> Parllampnt Btdfa, r«« 

" John, tmatr, 1 464 Clanruo 
" yox. |ih, pntr, 1 58 Perry 
.. Mi.^- Katie, elk L H illn & Co, 

1 ;,') Sweetland av 
" ii\9s Maggie, 1 152 Cambridge 
" Munella (wld Peter R), h 391 Ann 

• MaiK^iiet ,dom 196 Wllbrod 

" MlH.s Margaret, nurse General Hos- 
" Mai la, dom 385 Nepean 
" Martin, lab, h 221 Cambridge 
" Maty (wid John), h 34 Clarence 

• Maiy (wid John W), 1 313 Nepean 

• Mis.** Mary C, elk Dept Marine and 

Kisher'. <• 1 391 Ann 

• MUhael. carter, h 462-464 Clarence 
Mil liael H, prtr Ptg bureau, h 481 


■ Muitagh, 1 71 Augusta 

M1.«H Nellie, 1 162 Cambridge 
Patrick, jobber, h 69 Augusta 

■ Miss Pldjie, elk L H Nolln & Co, 

1 164 Clarence 

■ Thomas, bottler A Huckels & Co, 

li ;!60 Slater 

• Thomas, caip. h 58 Percy 
Thomas, lab, h 464 Clarence 

• Thomas J. elk Kavanagh Bros, b 

L'Hl Queen 
" VVm n. wks mlUtia stores, 1 70 Bes- 
Doyoii J Alfred, elk acct'a br Dept In- 
land Ttev, h 257 Wllbrod 
Drake Kdward F, elk N W M Police 
Ottice. h 167 Cambridge 
" Oorge E, b 359 Somerset 
" John, lab, h 278 Bay 
" \Vm J, bricklyr, 1 278 Bay 
Drapeau Miss Adele, elk Dept Bldgs, 
I HOT St Patrick 
" Miss Alma, 1 307 St Patrick 

■ Arthur, bartndr St Louis Hotel, h 

::0T St Patrick 

• Blanche (wld Zotique), bdg hse 181 


" Philipi e, draughtsman Dept Pub 

Wks, h 238 Wllbrod 
" Philippe, prtr Ptg Bureau, I 307 St 
Draper Diana, dom 389 Cooper 
" Patrick M. asst foreman Ptg Bur- 
eau, b 121 Metcalfe 
" Sarah, dom, rms 106 Queen 
j Drenge Alliert, cigars and tchr of lan- 
guages 68 Bank, h 73 Vlttoria 
Dreske Fred O, driver C Shaw & Co, 

1 12 Grove 
" Hannah, dom 28 Lisgar 
" Henry, lab, h 12 Grove 
j Dresser Joseph D, cutter Two Macs, b 
186 Queen 

Drew James W, mach hd J McLaughlin, 

h 384 Maclaren 
" Miss May, elk D Manchester, 1 3 

" Wtn O, elk CPR Co's Tel, 1 384 

Drill Hall, Thomas J Benbow caretkr, 

w s Canal, 3 of Maria 
Driscoil Alban, elk P O'Connor, rms 

270 Maria 
•' Charles, 1