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Full text of "Hymns and songs of the four-fold Gospel, and the fullness of Jesus [microform]"

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Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiquos 


Tachhical and Bibliographic Notai/Motaa tachniquas at bibliographiquas 

Tha Instituta haa attamptad to obtain tha baat 
original copy availabla> for filming. Faaturaa of thia 
copy which may ba bibliographically uniqua, 
which may altar any of tha imagaa in tha 
raproduction, or which may aignificantly changa 
tha uaual mathod of filming, ara chackad balow. 


Colourad covara/ ' 
Couvartura da coulaur 

I I Covars damagad/ 

Couvartura andommagte 

|v Covars rastorad and/or laminatad/ 
I Xouvartura raataurte at/ou palliculAa 


I I Covar titia missing/ 





La titra da couvartura nrianqua 

Colourad maps/ 

Cartas giographiquas w\ coulaur 

Colourad inic (l.a. othar than blua or black)/ 
Encra da coulaur (i.a. autra qua blaua ou npira) 

Colouriad platas and/or illustrations/ 
Planchas at/ou illustrations wx coulaur 

Bound with othar matarial/ 
RaiiA avac d'autras documants 

Tight binding may catiaa shadows or distortion 
along intarior margin/ 

La ca liura sarrAa paut causar da I'ombra ou da la 
distortion la long da la njarga intAriaura 

Blank laavas addad during rastoration may' 
appaar within tha taxt. Whenavar possibia, t)iasa 
hava baan omittad from filming/ . 
11 sa paut qua cartainaa pagas blanchas ajoutias 
tors d'una rastauration apparaissant dans la taxta, 
mala, lorsqua cala itait possibia. cas pagas n'ont 
pas «t* filmAas. 

Additional commanta:/ 

Commantairas supplimantairaS; "^ 

L'Instltut a ipicrofilmd la maillaur exemplaire 
qu'il liii a it6 possible da sa procurer. Las details, 
da cat axamplaira qui sont paut-Atra uniquas du 
point da vua bibliographiqua, qui pauvent modifier 
una image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la mAthoda noripale de filmage 
aont indiqute ci-dassous. 


□ Cblourad pages/ 
Pagas da couleur 

□ Pagas damaged/ 
Pagas endommagAas ' 


Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
Pagas rastaurAas at/ou pelliculAes 

r~~| Pagas discoloured, stained or foxed/ 

Pages dAcolorAes, tachetAes ou piquAes 


Pages detached/ 
Pages ditachAes 

r~y] Showthrough/ 





Quality of print vJirias/ ^ ' 

Quality iriAgala de I'impression 

Includes SMPPiamentary material/ 
Comprand du material supplAmantaira 

Only edition available/ 
Saula Edition disponible 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by arrata 
slips, tissues, etc., hava baan rafilmed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Lea pagas totalament ou partiallement 
obscurcies par qn fauillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont kxh filmias h noiivaau da fapon h 
obtanir la mailleure image possibia. 

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- , ^ 


This item is filmed at tha reduction ratio checked balow/ 

Ca document est film* au taux da reduction indiquA c^assous. ^ 

10X . 14X 1|X 22X ' lirn 30X 




--; - ' - ~iw Wk ; aw^^^''^. - - - ' MX — ~ :—~ ax ■ - - - 

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'' . \ "' '*'" 

Yh* copy film«d h«r« hM b««n r«produc«d thanks 
tp th« g«n«ro«ity of : 

McLannan Library . • 
McGiil Univanity 

L'exomplair* film4 fut roproduit grico k la 
gAhirosit* da: ,,• 

Mckannan Library 

IMcQiii Univartity \ 


fha imagas appaaring hara ara tha baat quality 
poaslbia conaldaring tha condition and laigiibility 
of tha original copy and In kaaping with tha 
filming contract apaclfleatlona. 

Las Imagaa suh/antas ont Ati raprodultas avac la 
plus 'grand soin, oompta tanu da la condition^at- 
da la nattat* da i'axamplaira film A, at an / 
conformiti avac las conditions du contriit da 

Original coplaa In printad papar covars ara filmad 
baginning with tha fh>nt covar and anding on 
tha fast paga with a printAd or lilustratad Impraa- 
sion, or tha back covar whan appropriata. All 
othar original copias ara filmad baginning on tha 
first paga with a printad or lilustratad impraa- 
slon, and anding on tha laat paga with a printad 
or illuatratad imprassion. 

Tha last racordad frama on aach mlcroflcha 
shall contain tha symbol — "^ (moaning "CON* 
TINUED"). or tha symbol V (moaning "END"), 
yvhichawar amMiaa. 

Maps, plataa, charts, ate., may ba filmad at "^ 
diffarant raduction ratios. Thoaa too larga to ba 
antiraly Includad in ona axposura ara filmad 
baginnlrig in tha uppar laft hand comar, laft to 
right and top to bottom, aa many framaa aa 
raquirad. Tha following diagrama iHuatrata tha 


. Las axamplalraa originaux dont la couWsrtura an 
papiar aat ImprimAa sont filmta an co^manpant 
par la pramlar plat at an tarmlnant sok par la 
darniira paga qui .comporta una amp^nta 
d'impraaaioh ou d'illustratlon, soit pa(' la sacond 
plat, salon la caa. Tous laa autraa axalmplalraa 
originaux sont nim(^ an comman^nt par la 
pramMra pagb qui comporta una ambrainta 
dimpraaaion ou d'iUustration at an tarmlnant par 
la darniira paga qui comporta una talla^ ^-" 
ampraint*. « . 

-■---. % '■ -"--. 

Ufi dia aymbolaa sulvanta apparattr i aur la 
darniira Imaga da chaqua microficli a, salon la 
cas: la symbola — »> signifia "A SUiVRE", la ' 
symbola ▼ slgniffia "FIN". i 

Laa cartaa, planchaa, tabiaaux, ate, pauvant 
filmia k. das taux da rMuetion dlffinmts. 
Lorsqua la dooumant aat trop grand pour Atra 
raproduit an un saul cltehi, 11 aat fllmA i partir 
da I'angia supirlaur gaucha, da gaucha i droita, 
at da haut an baa, an pranant la nombra 
d'imagaa nieaaaalra. Laa diagrammas suivants 
lllustrant la mithoda. 















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laauy rev 

4fil^«t>» ♦o»«o»'« ii fl tt miftt 

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' A'^' ' '-■ 







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' <rW ««* f^lAfiJ^uvitim/i^fmf *A (al^f6itidJ/t 





Impartially reviewed; 


The genuine \Caufes of the Difcontents .:^t !feiE"W« 


jThe true Occafion of the Delays in that irtpoltan| 

Expedition 5 • ; . 


A regular Account of all the Proceedu 
dents in the Order of Time whc * 
pcned. , 

rs andlnci^ 
.they hap^ 


Printed for iR.. Baldwin, in Pater-noftcr-Row. 
M,DCC,LVIII. /Yo"!? 

[Price Sixpence J 

''" Kf-U 

■'' .< 

„^ .V, - Ji-. 


*l .„ 



iJ^^tf*** & 

^V*-i *JS (*» 

^^f-"- >'*\f 

T •• 

.1 * 



X t. 

%W •#' 

w \., .• 


" «*5i^^*-|4*'' 

tHt • 

■*■ '*.v ■"•"■'■ Tr 

C ON D tr C T 


Earl of L O U P OR 


A Writer, hot Very lorig fince, drojJfied fome 
ambigtrous words, which might be fup-, 
pofcd to reflea: upon lord Loudon j arid 
the whole people were alarnied: it was an infult 
upon the wifeft mieafures j and an abufe of one of 
the firft Of men* Power in a little time changed 
hands J and the public voice changed with it: 
fluduating and weak as water j and driven, li^^ 
that, any way, with the leaft breath of artful 
men. Nothing \^a9 now expedted, where all 
before fecmed certain of fuccefs j and wagers 
were offered by thofe who affected to be in.the 
fecrets of government, that the reft of the" world 
might form the defigncd opinions. ' 

The meafures were ftill the fame j and the 
man the fame who was to condufk them : and if 
he had no^efervcd the firft extravagant ap- 
plaufe, far^s did he merit the new obloquy. 
The dcfign was as likely to fucceed under one ad^ 
miniftration as another j for "the force to execute 
it was unaltered j and neither the old nor new 

A 2 rainiftgr 








mHiffiry had any fhare in itrcontrivance. The 

ialsifi WiS his aloi\e who.ftood entrufted with the 

execution of it; and there neither was nor js any 

taiufc to doubt,, but he >vQuld have purfued' the 

^^.true path to its fucccfs. 

He is now returned : -and in the place of that 
glory which he would probably nave gained ^^^ 
he has the unfair reprefentJttions of ioterefted men 
to conibat v and hei^rs his conduct arraigned by; 
thofe who haye as little knowledge of the circum-, , 
ftances^ as pf the nature of the fervicc. '^^ 

This his lordfliip' has paifcd hitherto, and I 
fuppofe will coatinuetapa^i over, untegarded. 
' The good and great are above the notice of po- 
pular clamour: but what them^vesf defpifc, o- 
thers often feel for them. I thinjk the earl of 
Loudon wouldbe as much above anfwering fuch » 
acGufations, as defervittg^ttiem: but they are fo 
cafily refuted, thatit^cr^inuch to be regretted 
if none Ihould <io it. • ' 

The general ppinion of thcfe perfons is, ^at 
leaft it is their general exclamation) that his lord- 
ihip did not fufficiently pufti the feryice^ and 
that Louisbourg might hav«i been taken with the 
force under his command. * They are bold e- 
nough to urge the meafures pf gpirernment in 
changing th^ C(5mmand, as a circumftance of 
proof for their affertion. . 

Jt little bcoomes fuch perfons to judge of the? f c • 
fclutions of a miniftry, wjiich it is impoiTible they 
IRiould underftand : ^nd it wouldbe as improper 
for me to qucftion their impropriety, who aiii is 







rith the 
r js any 
led the 

of that 
gairtedf^^ , 
ted men ' 
jned by; ^ 
circum-, , 

I, and I 
jgarded. ^ 
fpife, o- 
e earl of 
ing fuch » 
ey arc fo 

IS is, "(at 
his lord- 
ice^ and 
with the 
bold e- 
nment in ' 
kftance of 

of the re- 
fible they 
ho am ds 

r far 




)f their- 

ftr fifbh* *ny khcwledge of their- «miy a ! \Mw 
will be cafy Xq (hew, .this nobleman d^cpyed j^d 
ccnfure,; and it muft thcl) be iildificr^nt frbnx. 
whom it comes. "'' ^ r - . " tr^ • '\ 

If it (hail appear by the foUbWing ftif clcteil' 
of circufmftarices, that the carl of Loudon laid i? 
plan of Gyrations, equally for^ thfc glory and in-, 
tcrcft of his country j that this defign received?, 
the fan/ftion oftbegovefnment j andhimfclf, its \ 
author, had the honour of the command : that ^ 
th? meafures. by whith ' he purf9e,d this purpoft/ 
were conformable to leafoi^, and tjre nature of 
jifie fervice "; and that^hey were apprbved bj!" tbofc 
mpft immediately concerned ;- th^ the expedititni 
was pufti€d>yith aH' pofliWc vigour by his lord- ^ 
fhip ; iwitt was rendered impr^(^:iic^bie by su^ 
dents in which he had no tohcern; wen^e 
reafon to hope the candid arid honefl will conti^ 
fiue to pay that regard to his lordihip's gresft qua- * 
lities, with which they received the noiiqc orhis - 
being appointed to conimarid in that enterprftzei 
1 his we (hall attfjmpt to (hew, by a plaih re-i 
cital offal's ; which will b^ r^ted, we hope, with 
accuracy ; at \tm \yith impartiality: for ^^q Hav^i 
no view but truth v This fias been hitherto pbfcur-* 
^ by artifices, or dcfaccurby rancoiir, bdt itis . 
not difficult to clear op thofc ftains, "and prcfent 
the fair relation to -the world. It has'^hotyctbecii 
done ; and indeed, according to the circumftan- 
ccs, could not ealily ; for we have depended Jti 
England up9n the reprefcnjtations cif, things from 
! , ' ,. As • ^ thofd 







• *>,-«' 







.'♦♦ ■ 

thofe on the fpot, who, tho' they knew the truths 

were partial. . . 

The people of New- York hated lord Loudori 
for two things ; his quartering the troops upon 
them, and the embargo on their fl]iips: and pow- 
er changed hands in England. The enterprize 
mifcaJried, as half the en^erprizes in the world 
have done, from the circumAances of things, , 
not from any fault in the commanders : and tho' 
we fuifer, no one is to blame. This is the genc^ 
ral ftate of the cafe j and this will appear by th«' 
following fa^s. . 

We fliall take in the wtiole time from the fir(t 
plan of the enterprize,to the return of the troops : 
and we have neither dciire nor power to mifre- 
prefent them. They have been laid before the 

f)ublick as they occurred, and occafionaliy, ia. 
arge recitals : and we may <apply to every ac- 
count that has been pubiimed from the arucles 
of news-papers, to the fyftems of che temporary 
politickns, that they are as here reprefented, and 
that tlTey never have been reprefented ptherwife. 
Thefe being allowed, the reafonings cannot be^ 
centradi<^6a, for they flow from no other fource ^ 
and we flatter ourfelves the impartial publick (to 
whofe judgment kings, appeal) will entertain no. 
doubt in any circumftance. What is here offer- 
red is the plain and uninfluenced vqice of reafon : 
if his lordfliip had been confolted, doubtlcfs it 
would have been better; but it is thus difintc- 
tetted ) and I believe no one will have fo much 
caufe as himfclf to be diflatisfled, 


♦ «». 

-' i_^ M-^'. 

"H ^* 





TliP ftory will ft^nd 4i8 an ^afiinjile of the y% 
tiity ofthc 

u Arbitrium popularis aura* .- / 

And if the reader wi{hes to fee another, let him 
remember the poor good old lord Blakeney. 
The vehemence of applaufe, and the fudden and 
unmerited turn fronii it to cenfure or negledt, are 
miTerable indances of the unfteadinefs of theMin 

w man mind ; and while they teach us caution, 
they (hould bealfo leflbns of humility. ; ' '- 

Toward the latter end of the year before laft^ 
the earl of Loudon laid before the miniftry his 
lenfe of the ftate of the war. The importance 
of North Ameridttneeded not to be inHfted on ; 
it was too'obviousw argument : the little fuccefs 

'c^our fotces there, he (hewed, was owing to 
their having^ undertaken little; and it was pro^ 
pofed to attempt Cape Breton, and thence all 
Canada. The enterprize was great, and it was 
therefore fit for Britons. The thought was wor- c 
thy of a hero; and with the Propofition thii'*^ 
nobleman laid down the nieans and.meafurts for 
its execution : vaft as it appeared, he (hewed it 
was pta^icable; and we have no rsafon to doubt 
but that he would have proved it fo in the exe^ 
cution. Perhaps we (hall ftill fee it done with 
the (ame forces, and upon the fame plan : and I 
think I may venture to fay, that in this cafe no 
roan will be more rejoiced at his country's fuccefs 
than lord Loudon, or more indifferent whether 
it were brought about by himfelf or by another. 



-, *^ * > . «^M. _> .s i iitA 2 


jyfkisa this ttpbleman propofcd to the gpvcrn- 
inent an entetprizc againft thcfe places, he deli- 
vered ia an account of the force which might be 
required for lt$ ^xecotion V ahd'the greatcft per- 
Ibflwi 81 the kiogidoin, after ainature confideriitiQi], 
dM :e^?l honour to his lord (hip's head an(| 
licart, by appr<)ving not the purpofc only, hot 
the plart of opprations y and by committing to 
fetfecarc the conduct of the expedition. Lord 
Jioudoa recei/wcd the appr6batioaof;hi§^fch«me 
n^ith the fjMneooe^nefs wherewith he had laid it j 
^d; -with an undtfturbed mind, planned the ne- 
, ceflfary lixeafurcs, pptoffucccft atone in the en- 
lerprizei but of fafcty in the colonics which 
i^oight l^ etpdfed by it. 

i Three point! idemanded great confiderationJ 
Tbf preventing the enemy from receiving intel^ 
ligoice of hb de^gt» ; the providing an uninter* 
tupt'Cd tranlt)ortat»on for the troops > and the fe* 
curing the froatiers of the feveral colonics, moft 
cxpofed to be attacked by the enemy, while the 
miin rfoirce w« a^'mg cffeftually on the great 

Thefc are the requifites to a rational undertak- 
ing of fuch importance, and without thefe faccefs 
would other be impoffiblc, or the confequcnccs 
worfe than its failure. 

For thcfe lord Loudon provided by a timely 
care, and by fiach racafures as appeared* to him 
left moft eafy and eflfedtual. 

Had" things at home continued in the ftatc 
wherein he left them, thcfe mcafnircs ^ouldhave 


ac dcli- 
light be 
c^. per- 

ily, batt 
tting to 
. Lord 

t Uid it I 


the en- 


^g intel^ 
es, molt 
^hile the 
he great 

' . i' . 

e fucccfs 

a timely 
' 10 him 

he ftatc 



DeQ^lHauaed, as they certainly apptear to hav<9 
dcfb^pHj J^nd every ojap of them would have 
been a'%ew article in hif praife : but men jadged 
differently by the time the accounts arrived : and 
the mob, who had before applauded not without 
Teafon^ though withoii^t know ledge, were now 
taught to cenfure and condemn equally without 
either ; and tl^ey who knewjT little againft both^ 

Men whO; \vere at this yaft diftance were tf 
judge of operajtibn^fWit|ipt;it knowing ^p<yi -whajlt 
circumfliance^ l|e who wa^oi^^he/p^t found them 
■neceffary ; and t}iey who were Ignoi^nt of the 
liature Qf commandj were tp determine roncernf 
jng the meaiure^'pf the war* !Fhe politician of 
H cofSce-hottfe ;!wa8 to fit in judgment upon his 
defigns, whom the goyemaicnt had underflood 
iPibe perfenftly capable of the: fervice J and it 
may be faid, with that freedom which become^ 
■the triitht ignorance w^s not his moft dangerous, 
enemy. Mm y*^cre taught tp fay ■what tho% 
who influenced them knew to be falfe j and the 
reputation of the comniander was to be facrificed^ 
3»hile he w»? pwrfuing a dcfign approved by his 
country, by thoft very mcafurcs w|)9}?( he ha^ 
kid do^n for it^ cxccMtion. ■ ^ 

I (hall not anticipate, by entering int6 particuM 
Jars, what may be neceiTary on a more importaiiic 
occafion i but I (hail add, there are fome whp 
will bluih to read this 3 and perhaps fear whj^ 

may fbUow. ! 

As to the popular opinion, no itfan defoifes 
that, except he who knows he does not deiervc 

B iti 



?', ! 

■• \ 





[ 10 ] 

it J but I may add, I think, with truth, that this 
commander, though perhaps he has felt with as 
inuch warmth of gratitude as any man, the ap* v 
plaufes of his country, yet would difclaim them 
upon the conditions on which fomc have tried 

to gain them. ' 

The mcafures by which this general provided 
for the execution of hit cnterprize, and the de- 
fence tsf the colonics, though they be now con- 
troverted, were otice approved : they ftill are 
what they were, tnd k fecms plain to reafon 
they would have been approved ftill, if any o- 
ther man had followed them. He vras in acom- 
mand that authorifed his taking thefe ftcps; and 
he was upon thie fpbt to know, though we arc 
n6t; that they were neccJffary. This will appear 
lief«ftftcr; and it is juft it (hould be believed 
now, uUcfs fomc reafonable caufc be Ihewn t6 

doubt itN-^ ^ ' ' • _ , . 

In the colonies, the governors Whom his lord*- 
(hip affembled on that occafion, entered into all 
his reafons, approved all his propofitions, and, 
like the government at home, adopted all his 
rricafbres; and by their ready concurrence did 
iim peculiar honour. ^ , n. j t. 

They were pleafed tp think he underftood the 
ftate of their refpedive governments better than 
they did thcmfelyesj and while they acknowledg- 
ed the wifdom of placmg them only on the dc- 
fcnfive, they were at once furpriftd at the cafy 
means by which he propofed to eflfed it; a^d 
perfedly convinced that thofc means were fuffi- 

*■'"*• When 


'■t . 

When, in purfuance of his lord(hip*s pkn, the 
number of troops to be fupplied by each colony 
was fettled, and the places of their deftination 
were appointed, according to the well laid and 
well underftodd plan of general defence; this 
part of the preparation was accompllfhed : and 
the refpeft the feveral governors paid to' the com* 
mand^, and the unanimity they {hewed among 
one another, gave every pofTible propped: of tran* 

Thus far the enemies of lord Loudon (but I 
recall the term, he can have none) let me be 
permitted to call them the blind and mifguided 
creatures of thofe who wi(h him ill, muil ac- 
knowledge every thing was condudlcd well. 

The tw6 remaining articles, the e£fe£lual con- 
veyance of the forces, and the prcferving fecrecy 
in regard to the enemy, were to be provided for, 
one way and only one : this was by laying an 
embargo on the outward-bound veflcls. Either 
of thefe occafions would have juftified tliatmea- 
fure in the eye of reafon, but both concurred to 
demand it. This expedient anfwered both pur- 
pofes, and no other meafure could have anfwered 
cither. . ' 

I know this embargo has becn'^an occalion of 
much complaint at home, for fome caufe of dif- 
iatisfaftion muft be afligned j and this was bcft, 
for it was popular. Far be it from thofe who in- 
tercft themfelvcs in lord Loudon's caufe to endea- 
vour to deny, to extenuate, or even to cxcufe 
this proceeding. If there be blame laid on it, 

B 2 What 


^^m^^^ "^^ 



What Is the caufc ? W ap it no tncceflary to the fer- 
iMice ? none would difpute it ; that woyild be too 
hardy: it would betray an ignorance no man 
would charge upon binfiTeif. Had he not a. 
right and juft authority to do it? there isno que^ 
ftioTi but he had. His orders were abfolute: he 
was fuppokd to underftand the fervicc i he wa$ 
co^fidered as a brave and an'honefl n)an : and 
fxQ will be confidered as fuch a one when even^ 
the deteftation fhall ccafe, which wilLlong pur* 
fue their memories who now afFeft to think him 

etherwife, f , 

It muft be owned that the laying an embargo 
on the outward-bound veflels was a neceflary 
misafure, and that lord Loudon hadjuft authority 
to do ir. Of what then i&it that men would 
complain ? Is there any one will fay a comman- 
der is to blame, who dod a neceflary adion l^ 
Jiis propcf power ? there is none fo abfurd. Let 
riiem on the other hand fay, whedier they would 
not have blamed him if he had omitted it ? Tl^e/ 
would bavi had juft reafon, 
< This embargo was attended with many incOn^ 
veniencies to private perfons X it is allowed } bat 
k could Tiot be avoided. Public meafures of the 
moft ufeful kind often are fo, and when tha 
people's voice is left to its free courfe, the neccf- 
£ty is feen, and there is no complaint. 
V None will difpute the neceflity of it in this in- 
ftance. It is impoflible. At the fame time it 
Hiuft be owned, it was attended with particular^ 
inconvcnicncics. England was in want of cornj 



fi *lFJ'i«,f If* 


at lead the public by tiiEid' men were made tf 
think fo ; and to fuiFer a« much aa if the (oitatf 
was real: there was cotn in the tolotiies thai 
could be fpared ; and the enibargo prevented fb^ 
the time its exportation. The circumftances ard 
certain. But did lord Loudon create rhefe ciri 
cumibinces ? Was he the author of our imaginary 
famine ; or in the plan of his enterptize could he 
forfceit? ' 

- 'It is allowed thoTeperfbnsmlhe colonies who 
had (hipped corn tor England loft an advantage; 
but it was a lofs that could not be avoided : and 
if thofe who have been loudeft in comj^aints 
would make out ^vfair lift of the fufFerers, the 
quantity (hipped, and the time dplayedt it WoUl^ 
be found, that very ^ttle occaOons, when it is 
tiiought convenient, can rail^^itiit clamoulr^ 
This it the fair way of ftatin|thsLSccount ; it ii 
very plain why they will not^ brought to ddit^ 
but if we hear mqre of it> 'tis not ic^poflSble ^ut 
we may do it for thetn. 

In plain truth the inconvenience wa$ itiucit 
lefs than has been pretended ; an^ the import* 
^ce of the mes^ure greater than can be well t<i 
magined. The candid reader fees the fair ftate 
of the cafe ; and he will perhaps fay for himfelf, 
what^ after the meafures that have been taken, 
it would be indecent for me to fay to him. 

The government has, in confequencc'of the 
clamours on this fubjed, taken from commanders,' 
for the future, the power of extending an em- 
bargo to (hips defined hither from the Colonies. 





I * f ^ ^ f 

'i^rf:.'. ■ 

I' \ 

4 fhall ttot take upon me to judge whether this 
fiep be wife, or what were its immediate motives ;^ 
ifor I think greatly of their integrity and wifdon^r 
who now have power : but if it be thought by 
9ny that this new regulation reflects difgrace upon 
lord Loudon, they may be told, that on the con- 
trary, the taking away this power for the future, 
acknowledges he had it juftly when he exerted, 
it; and the neceflity of the fervice was really e« 
though to have anfwered much greater private 

Men^whofe own hearts had taught them to feek 
bad motives for the condu^ of others, laboured 
to attribute this embargo to a different caufe: and 
^ere were, not wanting fome weak enough to 
ioasigine, or wjcked eno^gh to pretend, they ima- 
gined there, that this flep was taken to favour 
uie bargains of thoie who were to provide for the 
forces: nor did we want here men who were 
impolitic enough, I had like to have faid ab* 
iiird enough, to adopt the opinion, 

I (hall not enlarge here upon the private cha* 
rader of lord Loudon -, but they muft have 
known very little of it, who could fuppofe him 
capable of being influenced by fuch motives; and 
they inufl have furely ilrange .heads as well as 
moft abandoned hearts, who when the nature of 
the publick fervice fo plainly and fo needfully re- 
Quired this meafure, could attribute it to private 
views and perfona( intereft. 

Thofe who were uppn the fpot can acquaint the 
incredulous, that it was not till late in the clamour 


thi$ accufation was ftartcdl The firft complainti 
were of the hardflups of the meafutej the unhappy 
ftaten^private men who muftbc ofpreffed tofcry^ 
thepuNic; and the neccffitics of England. Tbdfe 
were thc^firft expoftulations j but when thfe lord 
Loudon fteadily oppofed the t)ublick caufe t6 
thefe private hardftiips j and though he was- con- 
cerned to fee them, would not endanger the ge- 
"neral fervice to remove them j then it was th^ 
private purpofcs Were pretended 5 then malice 
taught the fuflfercrs to invent caufes, which thcm,- 
felves did not believe j and dlcfc^ Were added tt> 
the former clamours. 

" Lord Loudon, in the confcioufncfs of his own 
innocence, ftemmed this torrent of calunonjr 
there; but probably he did not imagint it ever 
could be received in England* '} ,* ; 

If it be a crime to prefer the'public fcrvicfe i^ 
the convenicncics of. a few privatfc perfons, it 
cannot be denied that lord Loudon has been guil- 
ty. If the care of thofe forces, whiclh arc ex- 
peaed to perform the grcatcft exploits, be crimi- 
nal in their comnrtandcr, this nobleman is with- 
out excufc. He had, bcforethis great affair pf 
the embMgo, incurred the ill wiU^ of fomc indt- 
viduals^ this account : and it muft be owiied, 
ihatAe feems on that firft occafidn to have oon- 
fidercd the foldicry not only as Valuable members 
of a ftate, but a« human crdjitures. Thefe ar? 
his crimes: for he is not acciifed of others, ex- 
cept by perfons who are too low for anfwenng; 
aqdtQ aU thcfc I beUevp he will plead gailty. 


%. .JiF t «M»A-.«'4, 

««*iW4 ^.....M^.^'tffSillfaBte* *'-'*L,-. 

3|pglin3 had rcfiifed to jgive quarters to the HeU 
Mhs^ whom (he tiad ca^e^ oyer for her immedi- 
ate xkfence, at a ijeafon when the field prefented 
only death to them : aqd New-York^ faithful to 
the difgraceful example of the. mother coyqtry, 
woi^ld have expofed to death with as little remor(e 
the troops this government fent thithei: for h^r 
protcdion, and, for the enterprife dcfigncd by thfs' 

<5n thiipccafion, if reafon be allowed to jud^^i 
|ord Loudoi^s conduct may be fet as a model f'cjr 
all ifuture officers in the like circumflance. 
J. . The troc^s the government had fent in purfu- 
ancc ofthepla|i| arrived after the wprft hard- 
ships of a winter s voyage : and, after all their 
fuilerings, they had the fpirit to lay, that'^hcy 
complained of nothing, fince they Knew th« fer- 
vice. required it ^ , . 

The people^ though they had been fenfibie 
enough of thcfc danger's, and though they looki- 
„ed upon theie ti-oops as dcftined f 0/ their iafting 
fccurity, y^ would have treated them with a rt- 
gour difaraccful, even if fhcwn tpward the pri- 
fonci-s of aij enemy : the public lioufes were by 
uo means IbiRcicnt for tneir reception j and tp 
the mofli;mild.>erMnftra^ces, the magiftracy ai^- 
fwercd, with as little ^decehc^ as feelings that 
they ihould not be admitted inte private ones. 
The commahdcr knew cqudly his power, /and 
the necefEty of the fer^^ice'f he; ordered them ill 
a fair and equal difliribution to the prjviate as weft 
as publick hdufes. The iiiagiftracy 4rififlfcd'^ah 
. / their 

^* ' V "• 

•• j^' 

M ■- «^1 


J- ^ 


t «7] 

thcif Hghts and privileges; to which lord-Loa? 

don oppofed his authority, and the- necefllity of 
the fcrvice. ' Thcy^ were outrageous, and h^ 
;»ras refolute. He always fpoke with great reft 
peft of theirnatural and political rights j but iui 
ivould notjficrifipc to them the lives of the foldieyiL 
His tordffitjpcfurried his^pointj and lie then tool? 
orders for the good b^ehaviour of the foldlers. In 
thi6 he was as indefatigable,^^ he had bdtn refo-» 
lute in giving them quarters \ . and it will be own* ," • 
ed at New -York for 6%^, in fpitexven of preju4» 
dlceitfdf, that the foldicrs behaved with fo per- 
fc<a regularity and decency, that «hofe who ^ 
been loudeft in the oppofuion^ owned aftei >^drd8 
"they fuftcrcd no hardlhip. ^ f ^' -.-^ 
-^ Lctjus-Bow ftirrly review thcfc two capWl in- 
cidents. It was on thefe thfe commander firft 
loft the good will of fome people in the colonics j 
and thefe, as foon as they found encotiragemcnt 
from England, fpiead the mofl unjuA afpcrfions. 
. Lord Loudon had chc honour to be cntrufted' 
Whh <he conduft of a very important*^enterprize ; 
and he manifefted a due care and a becoming fpi- 
Mt^irii providing in thefe two inftances for the pre- 
fcrvaiion of the troops, and |br. p^venting that 
ooonrion ib^jrce of difappointmcht irfEngUlh enter-, 
priices, the intelligence of/ the ^niy. In each 
of thefe cafes fome private perils fufTcred incOn-^ 
leniencies: and therj a(^re fflpuths in which a 
httlchardfhip-wiiriS^^ic^noud complaint. It 
ip cnoiigh to^fayi thayjifc diiadvan^ages in euch 
^Qtfe . were tht AesMtmt could be expcfted ; and 
l^at, with a de^^mined care for the. fuccefs of 

C the 





. .=«. ^fijj^ , 

■ V^-M, 

■■■■,: 'l^-* 




* [ 18 ] 

i 4p^ teirtvfipriijs, alk poffible itt^ritton wa^ (liewii 
to ilitt intectft 'off the people. The embargo 
WisicoBtiniiefino longer than the neceflity of tkic 
fymm Baquircd: tmd the people (ufFercdnQthin^ 
fr6rtli!r£Qeiyang: their delivcrerfi into tfieip %0tifc^ 
Perhaps they fewedall by it. The fchomes.and 
pocpofesof th€ enemy ifoc that year's campaigri 
ai% noiir knowa; arid their difappointmcnt wa» 
owing fbldy to thcfc fuccours; fo that it is not too 
ttHlch to '■ (ay, that the numbers of thefc forces, 
and" thC' dct^mined fprrit of th^ codnmaoder in 
chief i which . the French^ alfo tknew, Hived J^" 
Colonies without ili?il?.iiig a blow. : If they iq^ 
what, it is for vav)Cpuatry to beth«ifeat of w^^ 
they will at fength underftand what arc thofe fer-» 
vices of a force which deters the enemy frcasi 'at- 
t&cking them: and they will know, what thofo 
who arc fit to command armies always fcriow^ 
ihat much raorefervice may in (uch cafes be done 
by keeping the^ccs tc^ethcr, than even by the 

gaining a vidtdi^ j , ' ' . ." * v 

Whether or not this hasbeea the cafe in that 

quarter of the world, let thofe ipeak who, hiawe 

been upon the fpot at the time, : others talk as 

tliey are inftoeiiced; often wickedly, and always 

ignorantly. It is probable,, that wt {hall n®vp 

• ^eedily receive the news of viftorii^ and acqui-! 

ficioBS there j but it will be allowed, that the 0-» 

pcrationsr of the prececdingc^^i&Q<^ have 1^^ 

\ the foundation cf them, and l c | Mi ) i itto thfiltt^ 

' and no man will have ther prefimpBon, to:fay^ 

that equal advantalges would not have iollowiid^ 















r"t ' 

k .' 

'/*-\ ■-■ 


...♦^ ■■■■,... 













'J 'Jl » 

if-the- command Qgd conr^iiued in the^^meiiandti 
fqf my own part, and I am not altogether un<^ 
^quainted with |he civoumftances, I think ^^ 
tainly they woii^df aed whm I recoUe^i tfal 
fury of applai^icf andygoed opinion, which, ae» 
^omp^nied this nobleman on his undertaking tht 
fbrvice ; and fee i)0 (lep by which he has jtlftly 
forfeited that good opinion* or deferved even 1^ 
lighted cenfure, J cannqt join Ithe multitude in 
difclaiming my firft fentim^ntei: but rather piiy 
the w^aknefs of human nature, and blufli to lee 
men of greater abilities carried with the torrtnt, 
aiiid sidopting opinions which tibey could oo^ de- 
fend, /^t 

It was 4h article of high knpottance inihe «» 
gtijation of this enterprize, that ^ fle«fi ot can{i<^* 
derablc forCc ftioUld fail from England at fiich k 
feafon as to join its influence in the a^ion*. The 
commander in chief of the forces knew verjr wcU, 
at whftt time this fleet ought to f$il from England; 
and when it might reafonably be cxpe^ed in A^ 
merica. Hi» lordfliip cdmputed the voyage, as 
accurately as fuch cir€umftanc«s will wimit of 
computations J for a voyage to. Awierica is always 
longer than on« from thence to England : and 
allowing for this and for the chance of winds, bo 
computed, that they rtiight be expedcd the Mt 
week in June. "^ ■ ' 

Let me demand, with that feir freedom whidi 

becomes the truthi Can any man fay lord Loudon 

sjudgcd amifs in this refpei^ ? was it notreafon' 

ai^rThat he fh9^4 expe(^ the £eet at ihat tiniic^ 

V Cz or 





<«^Sm^^^-^^-'f?%tllll'^^m^_aMm^ ' 

■ ..1. 



* =?. 



I 2° 1 
I n< 

i^ ni^s^ii ftttfertable he (hould undcrtAe wiih^ 
out them.ari cnterjjrize of fo great moment, dnd 
in^wHicli thjty Wterc deftined to have fo large a 
Ihare ? Plain as the anlwcxs to thcfc qiieft onsf 
' A5«,r the demand i^ not the left neceffary. Wtiatf- 
lime heard 'oh^'?ted to the conduit of this' 
nbbleman, has arifen either from want of know* 

• |edge.of the mbft plain fa^ls, or from a refolution 
to conceal that knowledge. Tbenanfwcr to all 

'^5 cavils is (o plain, a man of teafon is-alnk^f^ 
a{hamed to make it j but they (hould bluih who 
Jiave rendered it neceflary.'^'-' ' 
- . .Much ' more might be feid : and may bs If 
fartiicroccafion calls; but, for the fati? faction of 
the ;difiniereiled public, thie will be fufficient, 
- .':Wc 'have iVen the ftate'of the enterprize, it5 
depcfkienceuppn a fleet from England,. and the 
regular cxpe^ation oi that reinforcement. Let 
lis revietrthe ^otiduiSl bf lord Loudort, even to 
the "floinuicft article > for what If honourable wilt 
bdiE dp, and>be-'ft)ore itfelfi the ftri<iter is the 
triaK it'wiiltiie^ais gold from the furnace, the 
more pare and ^ rfeft ffof thefc ftrift enquiries. 
r The troops wjio had arrived in the dupth of 
winter, had been rccruittd and i efrefhcd by three 
months reft and food in their quarters, when 
the; prcparatipf( Wa« to be begun for the fervicc, 
Th'cle quarters and this rcti clhmint we have 
/hewn they owed* to Uxrd Loudon : the people 
vouid have -left them in the, Ihecis to perifh. 
The Ipiiit andckttrnired roiblutioii with which, 
(U^Aiah miua: iSaC iotcllt language, ius Lordihip 





h»6 infift^a on this point, againft the tnaglftrt^ 
jind*peoplc, doobtlcls have made him many cne* 
mies there i bit they ought to have pro0ure^ 
him more friends here ; and to have endeared 
him for ever to the army. - ; " ^ 'j^ 

It was plain thofc people would ehdeiv6Ur:to 
diifreprefcnt his aftions j but their fource of cn- 
Tttity, which continued not the Icfs violent tho' 
concealed, ihould have been always confidere^ 
hcfe s and their accounts judged accordingly. 
The tranfports became the next confidei'altion •* 
and It was computed, that about nir5ety woul4 
be Efficient for the embarkation. Timely cai^^^ 
was taken of thist the government was not put 
to a ncedleft expcnce, by keepiftg them in pay 
a long while before they were wanted ; nor waj 
the preparation left to the laft moment. A* ^* 
was poflible ihe fleet from England might arrive 
fooficr than the computation, ninety veffeli for 
jrhisfervice were rekdy by the firft week in May, 
J^nd wcre^t together at New- York, with ordcn 
t(> be in rcadincfs to receive the forces. Th« 
was the condufi of the general i and let me isk 
thofe who would find fault throughout hia/prp* 
cecdings, What in this was wrong. What Was ill». 
judged, or What they would w lib othcc^ife? H 
is thus we have defired them to ejwmine th^ 
whole condudt of the cnterprizc, and thus we 
fiiall defire they will continue the/examination. 
1 hat thefe thingt arc true as thevare here repre- 
fented, is notorious : and hovv/could ihey have 

bccn.djfcttcdbeuer? * // 




V\%£^%^ ,<^^T^' •^' 


1. 1. 


22 ] 

^L*f|dX-oudoti» held all things thus m readme^ 
rfqrtniglit, waiting with tl^it impatience wjiich. 

^Idnot but ar^le m, the hre?ft ptja comn^ah4er 
wBia ]ov<d hi^; cpuntry,, and haci concerted n^jear^ 
iures for rendering Her the moil; iipportantfervicc^ 
^^hc arrival pf the fleet from ^inglarid, , r 
^, Though towjard the end of May they wpr« 
not arrived, as every day brought the utpioftj^^ 
Slits of the computation noaner and nearer, ^he^ 
^ces werljin the Vi^.weei^<;if'tl^t;n|lom^ 
oercd to embark^ ,, ,. ,• \r 

■ This was done with ^good order and due expe-*' 
flUtion. They arrived at Sandyhook on theficft^ 
day of Junej and the fifth of that month> ijij^ 
limexjf utmoft confutation for the arrival ^f|! 
£t|^ii^ flect^ lord Loudon .d(o embarkedr , | 
|w«»ight be in rcadinc^ to iail pn it's arriyaJU^^ 
:^.Hithorto letM^ askpartidity itlcjf, yiz^ thtt^ 
%nj ^ukin the cpnduaof lord t'QU<^on;or€Ottkl 
there lany be piictended in it ? Is. it not evii^n^ 
|ha^ his force w?s.^eadiy, and himfclf re %, to 
a<^ ^n the arrival o'the 4cet| and vHO^W:*hey 
aave Jbad him iail without^^tem ? ; / 

>^ While the preparations i^crip making at New- 
York, for our troops embarking, news came, fcbf 6 
ihe French hajia Cqijiadroa pf fpme force cruifing 
off Halii^x : U»at they were 4k (hips of war, fiv«' 
9f ihcm of the line) and t^ ^hcy were deftinc4 
to Loui5»bourg. The intf:l|ig^ae, wliich camd 
cxprefs from Bofton^ was confirmed by ,ihc crews 
^f ftjme .prja&r.wWch faad failcn into thc.htnd^ 
of the privateers of Nevv-Yojiks their tcftinjjw)( 
^.., ! relating 

^ ■ai^»n*i<»s' 


Hi - ■■ 


-- -^~~--^-^--- -......^^c.^^ 

" " ■'.«S^5*-,*TJrt^-^a<f. 

jsdating txf tlie number and fbrde of ^e IhM 
concurring with the account fromourowtt pcopld^ 
^f he ficet froaa EnglantI, e»ga^4xpe^ed, was 
not yet arrived. What was tLe Coaitnan4cr:^ 
the land-forces to doi Gould be with his tranill 
ports and theimail ; ibpport of ^Ihip* of war ihtil 
attemisd them, proceed againA; fnch a forci ^ 
there is none fo ra{h or ignorant nt/to^y it* ^* ^ '^ 
oAU'thatcotild be done vna (Hm« s two fiiipt 
of war fent ou^ lo view the^ cdaf^i' the tvanfporii 
abiainingat a^chofv^ ^ ' « ^nH t.; - uM 

Theyc^pwai now ad vamcoi toward ihelaHef 

dnd oB June : and the ie«ifoa> o^ tho campaign, 10 

whichfo^nouch was to 'be done, became cotii 

traced into very natfqw' UtniiSi Lord Lovidotiy 

who had formed the pkttk, and from his know» 

ted^«of ill d^rcuvDfbnce^ hsd Ity greail exp^gto^ 

t^sirom it, poHdd the hours? kmpioyed in vhlf 

necitilai'y Aep, in greai impatience: at length thelll 

dviM^eturnedJ find had fcea nothing of tl^ cne^i 

} llie operations oFthe campaign, the hope id 

advaiKf^'to England from aili this preparation^ 

l^ung now almo(^ ^pon a point of time, a modxnU 

r To f^il was not without haiard > but to deU^ 

long^ was to givr op all. If fuch' a ' force of ch# 

crnemy, as had been reprefcmedi {hould hvne 

fallen in with the tranfports, the event mufthavKi 

been dreadful ; but there was Hope they mij*h| 

not, finct^tfc (hips lent out on purpofe hid^ot 

•fcenthem. ■,.-:■ -^rr.-uu 

Lord Loudon, wgcd by this profpeA of faoi 

cefs, and by the certain mifchiefef a longer ^ 


t " 







f 2sf ] 

kyv failed On the twentieth of June; and he titm 
tivefdln te» jdiysiiit Halifiix. > j^ i t 

ai, Jfcrfedlhi:thc«x|»'^ation<>f the Engliflt floet's 
^Qixufig) lord.Loudon, who. h^d waited hour hf. 
hpur while he-lajr. at Sabdyhdokj for it*!^ 'appiear«ii 
fDjOe, never doubtedt but in* the ti^ne ofhisiail<« 
jiig from theiice to .Halifax they would arrives 
but even ^hia thought was vain. He made the 
dangerous voya^ fuccefsfully ; but he fou^ no 
icct, nor had tjiffcleaft notice of any^ : '\ n . Vv 

Delays in England, and contrary winds in the 
psnafecv kept a«5nkal Holbourn from North "A- 
Utepct till the fecond week in July. > I do not 
know that there is any acciifation ^rly to be laid 
fgainft tho(e who were expedted to prevent* the 
dflfiyat honsue:; and certainly the winds are fun«^ 
ContTOulable : but whatfoever prevented this Acet 
item arriving at the expe^ed time in < Americtyf 
prevented alfo the fuccefsful execution of th^ pro« 
je^t. The prefent fleet has faikd under more 
liappy aufpices ;rithas reached the deftination 
inpre than two months earlier than that did which 
(hould have fupported the operations of lord 
Loudon ;. and as we judge with realon that the 
delay of that fleet prevented our fucccfs, we may 
with equal juftice promife ourielves that glory 
from the prcfeut expedition, which it was im- 
pofl[ible to reap in the other. 

Lord Loudon found at Halifax the deftihed re* 
inforccment of fhips and men ; and he landed 
hii foldiers, and encamped them on an advan- 
tageous grouQd. 







'■.-•■ i - 
•^ . ^ , [ ^S ] ._ . v.^ ^^ ..: 

■ A11 tWs fiibe the eagerly expcdbsd fleet was 
ftVent. His tordOiip kep( the men employed ki 
clearing ground for a parade^ . and afterwards 
tn regularly eiscrcifing them uppn it, and in mak- 
ing every other preparation that could be necef- 
fary or ufeful in the fuccceding time of a«!ftioiy. 

At laft the fleet arrived ; not in a body, hut 
(hip by (hip, as the ^yinds apd feas permitted. Ju- 
ly was wafting fa ft ; and every motion required 
now the moft preffihg hafte. The fi^rft ftcp to- 
ward the attack of Louisbourg was to learn the 
ii!at« of the place at that inftant, tbe force apd 
condition ^f the enemy, and the feveral circunS- 
ftanccs which might give ligUt Into the beft me- 
thod of attack. 

Veffels had from time to time been fent out to 
this purpotei aq^d now fome of the beft failing 
ones m the fleet, with the moft experienced pi- 
lots on board, were di^tched with the two great 
inftrudions, a careful examwadon, and a <|uic^ 

In the mean time the care lay in preparing Ac 
land forces for the attack. The number amount- 
ed to about eleven thoufand ; but a great part of 
thefe were new to the profeflioa of arois, and 
Ignorant of the duty. 

The firft bufinefs had been to give them the 
rudiments of their inftruftion, on their landing at 
Halifax ; and they were now praftifcd in the me- 
thodsT of attack i and accuftomed to the fmell of 
powder, by repeated reprefentations of regular 
lieges j in which every incident that could occur 
^ D i» 






fe , 


[26 1 

in a^ual fcrvice was /hewn them ; and all thofe 
'things which might have thrown them into con- 
fufion in the aflault, by their novelty, were ren- * 
dercd familiar by the examples, conduabd with 
the moft perfed regularity in thefe exercifes. 

This was the employment of the land force, 
while intelligence was fought by the (hips : and 
by this theinen were fo well taught their duty, 
andfo familiar with every article in the attack of 
an enemy, ihat perhaps from a body in great 
part raw and undifciplmed, they were, by the 
end of that fhort interval, fuch as it would be 
difficult to equal in many armies^ - 

It "does not appear to me, that a better ufe 
could have' been made of the time neteflarily, 
employed in gaining intelligence ; nor can it ap- 
pear to any,jhatLocmbourg {hould have been at- 
tacked before this information was obtained. 
There is nbman ib loft toreafon. Yet this is by 
fomc ftrange artifice, and by a'more ftrange con- 
dud in the geAerality, attributed to the com- 
mander in chief as a crime J and he is thought 
blameable for it. This alfo gave occafibn to the 
gallant impatience of an officer in high comm- 
mand ; which I yet think dcferved applaufe, not 
cenfure j much lefs the harfli fteps which a coun- 
cil of war thought proper to take upon that oc- 

He who blames eagernefs in the troops, con- , 
demns what he ought of all things to encourage * 
and applaud. The earneft valour of the officers 
is of the/ame true ilamp, and of the fame high 

charadcr ; 




charaft^r } the rcgulatifji?8 of tlw fervjcc will .al- 
ways prevent its gqing tpq^foa^a Icogthj; mdM 
is a good prf^age of wcqe^,ia aiftion. , i , 
The fe are to wiih for the e^g&gemept, but;, lit 
is thecomm^ndcf in c;jii,ef ^ho is 19 dcte^ipine 
when to^pntcr, MPPn it. ,r HP?' yajovir of 
another , cai^ and ch^r^i^r, tcnypercfi with tcool 
thougl^C ap4 uoicr the abfol^j* coiitroul of tUf 

He alone js tp ^etejjfnin^jWH^A ^^^ i"^; wlja^ 
manner to ^ta^qk the epemy. ;^ his plaqe an4tofScc 
give him this^ a^thprjty 5 af^d, the firft prwjfe j^ 
thore who are yi^der hiip;\ in cpounand, is ac.quief'; 
ycnce ipihis,ppio]o^s, ,wiih o y; ,,/ , ; 

^.' T^^r^Pf^fi, '9?^crciiei ,af)4 conft^nt emp^y- 
IJient oi[ the troops in tfiefe attacks, had railed in 
thpm a fp4n,t9fearneftdc%^[tj>,enfer.on. the real 
fervice ; and it is no wpnder ^heir p£lcef $ hr^thk 
ed the^fan^e generpus-^dpur^ Jlhink it^jpti^y ,be 
faid, within tne bounds 0^ ippd^it truihiUbaiii'o 
tnah in,^dcfired,^tbi? opport'^nity pf .^nn 
taring upon adtion, noore earneflly than loid Lptk-^ 
4qp^ buxia.l^in^ it was a defire tempered with a* 
djipufand cautions* th^ Wf,pf the men,;[thci 
fuccefsiof tbe"cntcrpri?e, tKc glory of his cp^a-< 
try, ai^d her wnj^edia^e an^ ipoil important, ki*. 
terefts,' depended fol^fy i|p(;^ ];^m: heTnuftaAr) 
fyver itjo Qpd and to his:'9Pun,trj, jif; alijw;s^*qpt 
conduced rightly, ani tne,,lc;aft overfightijof :^8 , 
might coft the' lives of tijie n^cn, and 4>c^v»ry 
hope pf the caufe, ...rrlL- rni-.n 

For thefe rcafons he carneftly fought the nc- 
ccflary intelligence ; and certainly the managc- 

D z ment 

-V f j'^^t'P ■KT'^ 'KVPiS' -.f.-,-* iM'>*^'=l^ -^SflSS'W-^- -f.'»i**ff*W' *? «V» "it -"^^ y fiT- -^■«^" ■S*"" 





ment and employment of . the force while he 

"Waited for it f hoWcver fomc men, in whofe mrfitis 

^Uiiery takes the pliu;e of tckfati; may have r^- 

•rfcfented,it) was the xaod rational thiit could 

ia»fe'bcendei^iled?-V 'r -^^- -'.^■^^' ^ ■■■^ . 

"'The foldters thbtigbt fo ; and they found th^ 

«ff^<a«'oif i^, in ftith in improvement ^^as ne- 

^tfr^inadt iii a like body df troops in eqtial time i 

the pi^ople felfo'thdb|p;lit ft whb were on the fpot. 

It was an a6k of which ev^ry, naan yould, judge j 

i«)d alt Voices Were urtarilmou^ fh appfoving it. 

- ^ if 4t Cfiitid be charged tipori ibrd Loudon that 

htpMmata m tkttfeoFw^lti^^for thisimelU* 

gencei and that he H^d cfmhtedTticH meims of it 

as were before Jri bft ^po^er/ there wuld be juft 

gtrotfftil for this c!ehflrr<: buf it fe irotorbus that 

tfrafe lidti it\i cafe, - Oi^f. a^empt^'foi- intelligent 

were iihhapplly delitycd and difappplnt^d i bii^ 

thefe mifefaan^f e$ Ih the ^ execution '^cinhot hy 

blait>e *ipon' thecJomtti^dfei' whQ,gaYe th< orders.' 

This a^d thi« only fe the qu^iftion with relation 

to hit Ibtdmip; Did h^br did he libt dijf^tch veP 

fck^i propel tittiesi attd with' prtjper Inftf u«J|iohs; 

on'tos impbrtaritfe^Vjte? l^is^bidft evidebt that' 

h«aid:^ahd this'was all he could^^dt); ' We cah* 

n^ttidrc charge u^oti Wd JUoudiin ibc ill lack' 

of ihbfe he fent ottt for this pf0rp6f(j, than the 

defeyofihefengUfhiieet. , ^ ;' i 

It 48tmairi thk lUeh i fleet, the force and 

ddlinatibn of which *w^re fettled fo Idng before, 

nllght-hffve arrived in North Arherida at a much, 

earlier period ; an4 in that qafe rbe tihie necefta- 

./ .■ . ; • •^,'-'- • • , : . 





, . C ?5r 1 

rj; for.gainin|irjt^lj^cnCy Would not hav^fw^^ 
idweH up the tfafori fit jfor a^iorv^ but it is iipi * 
IbrdLoudon's fault the fleet from England canjit ' 
fa mu^h tyo lattf l^e rcould do no fnpre th^n tget 
j<i' rca^jnefs to a£t w^th it wh(?n it ft^uid st^rwf j 
arid ^^e wa? in th^t rfja^iocfp. Th^ %im P^.^i^^ 
m^' intelligence i>et^yeeh the 'arrival of the flep^^ 
and the enVeriKg^uponarfiori,'|i^uft 
ahep'ci&ry, period |if delay, h^ all- w weigU 
the a^iqn.' Thls'cQuld npfc bcrccrcnched By lof3 
toudoni the only queftion, wKiqhean regard Wi 
Iord(hijp-s eondw^j ^ is^ whether hf .pfplqnged it!^^ 
Let this beex^roin^Jtri^ly,. feirjit.will.'be tol^ltj 
advaritage every ariiclc'fliould Be if^j fcri^t^ij^^ « 
hut let us fet out juAly, The time was proloitge^ 
beyond all expedationr but lord jLoudoli ai^ 
more prolonged it, than he delayed, the, flt^et^,^,^ 

It. is allowed, intelligence was nece^ry ti'Qm 
tiriie .to time, and molt cflential of all before 
^e entering upon a^ion. Lord Loudon ^d[ 
from.tiipe t;o tipae fought an4 obtained it, anJt 
juft before -ihe engaging in the fer^ce, . he djfT; 
patched fwlft-fail|ng vc&ls, and good pilots, 'ijci, 
obtain it, and tq m^e a]fpeedy.return« Soou^ 
time muftejapfc in this employment i and dvir«j 
ing this time, his lordihip exercifed and, ^cuiTn 
tomed the forces to the iiitended fervice* Tttii, 
w^6 not cenfured.^iar otherwife -, it was applaud- 
ed, .. But the time oAyaitir.g wj^s protra^ied, and 
when the in lel licence wai flow, l^e wascenfured 
as ii he had been the caufe } , and the employ^ 
ment of the troops in mock fights And counter- 

. ^ feit 







. thofe who ha<^ btH^te appUu4ii it. $p light w 
htiftmn natural , - » ^ 

'^ If this^employment ofthcfoldiers wa« reafon- 
kBt^'at fl^ft, it cotitd not be ridiculous aftcrwaVdsj 
If^^as bnc^ right, It could nojt becofne\yfongg 
wiifelfs by wafting ufeful timeiipbn itl But tbt 
ijttic could hoft DC ufeful till the- intelligence ar* 
h^i atid tlib cenfun wa? therefore nioll Unfaijfi^ 
'th^ coriimander In chiisf prdfefed 'thefe excrcifes 
for the ihftf uftion ahd improvej?i^nt of theibl^i-i 
^tf;' in a time oi" jna^^ion ; this inadtibn was^c* 
^i^ary while the? mtelligence was fou|ht, and 
it cbuld bot but continue till the intefli^nce ar* 
rived. Theit could be no bett^r'or rj;r^|iB ufefuj 
^ployment of the fo^diers during tha4f .period, 
and it was not continued any longfer. * - 

^ One ajigoft blufhes to ftate propofitions which 
^'i^ !ri themfdyes fo cleafj^ fo largely; but there 
mnb other way to combat th^popukr clamour. 
.Tftfey who hive been fo rarl^as to cenfuire this 
commander, either do not tinderftand' thefe 
Aings, tho' they are fo plkin^i dr they affeanot^ 
to'fcc them cl^rJy. Jt is i^ccciTary therefore to 
ftate them as thpy are j cither to convinpe thofe 
pciifpns, or to (h^W the publjc that tiiey ad^gkinft 
<6tivi<aion. : i- / 

With regard to the delay. Itfelf, now Irf'the 
impartial htfar the reafonsi The very day the 
commander in chief came to Halifa^i, the moft 
experienced jjllbt of the place, captain Gbram, finglcd out fop the important fervicc of gain- 
* ing 



yii]gintel%enc6 of the enemy's iftrehgth andrMk 
dittbn. His orders were, exprefs, and they vfk^ 
^^^..pUed diligent enqi^iry, and a quick return. Hie 
found in the harbqqr of Lovii^hetiTgipurteen ihips 
of war; ten of the line, the others frigates: thi? 
was the condition of the enen^y before the arrivid 
of the Britifh fleet , and I fup^ofe mt moft fevere 
accufer of this ^eneralV condud will allow,- all 
.that he could dp was to gain intelligence^of it. 
There is none wlio would have had him entei; 
on the attack againft this force, and without the 

fleet. .- ' ^ ' ' ° *"/'■:•"•' ' 

The tinjie of waiting for the EnglKh (hips was 
fo conficJerable, tb^t great alterations in the 4a^te 
of the enemy's affairs might have been m^de in 
that period: therefore frefh knowledge of their 
flrength was afterwards neceflary. .Captain Rou$ 
was then fent out in the Succefs, and two ve0pls. 
.of lefs force, with one of the tranfports, the beft 
failor among them. ' Intelligence from this fource 
'"%2s of thehighefl importance, and the dcfign was 
excellent for obtaining it. The tranfport was to he 
fent as clofe into the piouth of the harbour a^s ]^^.. 
iible, that the French might take her for a prize^ 
this would^ naturally have brought outj a pibt: 
and they were tq. have qome back with him to 
the general and commander of the fleet. 
' If this failed, and he (hould be chafed by the 
ihips of war, the orders were for the fliips in the 
offing to get between the enemy and land, and 
take up any vefTel they (hould fee, that the people 
jxiight be examined for the neceilary intelligence. 





1 \ 

^ ' 



>/ I' 




• ^The1?6j^l^afcr in cliief ci^ hav(ijnothbri.ftj 
imlWfcr (W, ftxantbis plarf of fetvice, and thcfc 
btdcTt. Wq kHo^ the jiian was not ejcecuteci, 
and the orders were* not pundually followed' ; 
but this lies not at his ddor: npr indeed at any 
man's. There feenmed a better oppbrtunily 6f 
jntelligcnce to offer, and the purfuit 6f that pre- 
vented the other. All that regards lord Loudon* 
Is the propriety of^this dcfign for gainitig itj and 
.that, we may prefumc, iione/ wiH atteiiipj; to. 
blamej it is certain none there blamed it j a^d 
they were better judges than any can be herti. 

Tfiat the conftrfiatider in chief was fully detec- 
inined to attack the French, upon the ftatc of 
evidence firft brought in by captain Goram, none 
pretend to doubt j nor can it befaid that any ne- 
ceflary or proper meafure tcndirig to that purpofc 
Vas omitted. The arrival of the fleet waa to 

five the means, of the attack J ahd aU that could 
e done now, was to have every thing in rcadi^ 

After this all wad condudfced in the 6mtf man- 
her'/ and the laft day of July all the tranfports 
were ordered in divifions to the weft (horc, and 
to have the boats ready for receiving the tirbops; 
a proper number of 'men " draughted from the 
Halifax regimerits were fent on board the men 
of war J and the whole force had orders to he 
teadyforembarking^at an hour's notice. The 
next day all die troqps were ^mbarked, councils 
were held for the immediate' <:ondud of the en- 



wed' ; 
if any 
ily 6f 

it pTC- 

} and 
[pi to. 

atc of 

ny ne- 
va& to 



:, und 
m the 
e men 
to be 
lie cn- 

tcrpnae, and a Hoop of war was di{p'»tf hf d «o 
^giand, with inte^pnqc of all that had paflc;i 
. jht Succcfs, wnqir captain had the command 
.of the (hips fent'put for intelligence a full fort* 
night hetore, thought he had fallen in with rea-* 
dier means than thofe contrived for this purpofe: 
two yefleis came in (iehtas he failed toward Lou* 
kbourg, wJbich by alt mai jcs aiid charc^^ers ap-> 
pcar.ed to be a privateer fchoonei of tic enemy, 
with a frigate of Louisbourg. The captain put 
himfelf in fuch 'poiition that they could notfcape 
biimi and while he puriued them, difpatched 
llhe tranfport back to acquaint the governor what 
fortune had thrown into his way. 

When he came up with thefe vcflels, his hopes 
of information vanifhed : he had the misfortune 
to find, that all his zeal and earneflnefs for the 
^rvice had only fervcd to lead him into an error. 
The veiTcis were an Englifh privateer with a prizes 

What added to this ill fortune, was, that the 
^nlpott being gone, it was impofTible for hiin 
to execute the firft intended plan. He lougiit 
by ^very means to repair the mifchance, and fuc- 
ceeded fo far, as to take a fifhing vedel newly 
come from Louisbourg, which he carried inio 

The intelligence thefe people gave, flrengthen- 
ed the refolution of imniediateLy attacking ^the 
place, and gave that fpirit and eager expectation 
tp the forces, which rife from certainty of fii< ctfs. 
They confirmed in every inibnce the truth of 
^ptain QonM|iVj64l acpojunti as> to thq fia e of 
• , i ' things 







. [ 34 ] - - ^ . . 
'ihings at the time when he gave It; ^nd they rcpr^- 

fentea tKem in i' y^t fairer light' fof otfr ^nter- 
pfife at prefent;'. The account the people ob- 
lairie4 from/this irit^HrgeiTpe was, that of the ifoar- 
teen fhips of war feen there by captain .<}oram,^ 
one half \vere fent to Cinada^; the cheirtiy ribt 
ha^ng penetrated' into the fecret of our pUrp6fes^» 
nor knowing where wc ddftined'the attiick. The 
garrifori^ot Ldujfbourg;, they added, wastiot nxore 

than three thoufand fncn^ 

' All now confpi^cd tb aninnfati ; aiTti endouttgi^ 
ihetroops ; an'd^N^ei'^ meafute^ris takepfdr t^e 
ifnediate execution of the great dcfign : the forces 
were , embarked, the Veilels ready,' and Gab^rott 
bay, near the harbopt'of Louisbcyutg/ vC'is app6ijit- 
cd as the rendezvous 'in j:afe of feparation. '' 

- I fuppbfe it vrill be allowed, ,that the attacking 
or ' hcit attacking Louisbourghiuft have been \ti ^ 
reaf6A detcrniindd by the force there : what out " 
own fttength was, we firfedly kriow ; and upon 
the Irrt^ligence now ftited,thefe waS ftir rcafontp 
pror^ife ourfelves faccefs. Under thefe circnai- 
ftantcs the attack was refolvcd ; ahd under thefe 
itVould have been executed: but other intelli- 
gence arrivc'd the next day but ohc j and nccef- 
larily occafioned other mcafures. ^ 

Captain Coram, fent Out a fccond time, was 
not yet returned ; and early on the fourth of 
Auguft, a French prize was brought in: (he had 
been fcnt from Loui^bourg, and was^bound to 
Frar^ce: her bufincfs Was to cariy intelligence, 

anti ihc WiS taken, with her paperi^ 


V <Jf A^'^t *' ),X 

' ^iJk^skM 


^ - ™.\isg«. 


«• ob- 

jr riot 




)r tne 

!cn i5 
It out 

, was 
:h of 
id to 


' Thcfc gave a certainand a true account: a!py 
might be deceived j but thofe who wrote home 
an account of the ftate and ftrength of the place, 
muft know it. 'I his was certain intelligence ; the 
reft was^conjeaure. By this it appeared; that 
'there w6re then in the harbour of Louisbourg 
twenty-ninefhipsof war, feventeen of them oT 
the line, the reft frigates J anfi that the forces 
ainountcd to four thoufand regulars, befide the 
garf ifon of three thoufand before- mentioned. ^ > 

This changed the face of aflfeirs abfolutely» 
and, with it, changed the meafures of the coin^ 
inander. Ascertain as it had been that we might • 
attempt Loui^bourg with great hopcs-of fuccefej 
according tp the former accounts i fo plain it wai 
that we now could not. if 

The ftrcrtgth of the enemy rendered, the taking 
of the plac<* imprafticable ; and the general has 
been blamed, who therefore dedincdtbe under- 
taking. /, £ 1. 

This Is the fair, and thi& the true ftate ot the 
noble commander's conduct : and this will, with 
the impartial, fet afidc all ccnfure. If we may 
credit the accounts fince that time, this ftate of 
the place, contained in the French papers, muft 
have been true j'and in that cafe it would have 
been raftinefs unbecoming a general, and unju- 
•ftifiable in the highcft degree, to have ^lade the 

attempt. - • r '' '''r i.- j 

> It appears that lord Loudon, from this and o- 

ther concurrent teftimonies, found the place too 
; well iuppgtied^ be attacked with his force; 
»*^.;i E2 *nd 


4 Mil 



f s« 1 

tfioSJie tberefc^ce gave up the defign for rhat 
yean leaving the glory of this important con« 
quett to fomc fuccctding and more favourabUi 
opportnoity. He took back the forces} diftri* 
buted them in sdvantageous ftations} and waf 
preparing for other enterprizeSi when it pteaied 
the gotvernment to give the command to anothen 

Ihefe are the fads relating, to that undertake*' 
Ingi i>ey,are plain, certain, and nocorioos: 
there is nothing new to the r^^der in thib dat# 
pf them, for thofe who have befbce from time 
to tkne recorded them, have ^n^ tt jqftlyi 
From thefe the arguments areeafy^apd.theconf 
clufiim. is certain, that lord, Loudon has a^ed 
ftccording to the power en trufted to himi like a 
Vfuve and wife man : and that the (late of things 
;fdciermined him to defer ~ that enterprise, in 
.which there is no profpeA he could have iuc- 
ccedjcd, to times in whicH it may perhaps be 
accompliQied by another. Though whenever 
it' IsMone,. the .public k will find, that even with 
more force, and luore advantages, the ilrugsle 
wiii be deipcrate. ^ 

If WG would learn how ill reports firft rofe coiw 
^erning the commander; and why a man almoil 
jkdored one year,, became thie objeA of unfair 
l^^nlure in, another, the caufe is uUyj and they 
kuaw little of human nature who cannot.traceit 
without our affift^nce. Our opinion of .Inen in»(i 
bi'tions in tr^t remote part oi tht world, cannot 
iui be ttifli^m ed greatly by the Sentiments of 
thuic upoin «4|. ipoi i wiiQfO we iiippole to have 




,..^*ji#-^*^'^*'^i» ^ * ^ . 

^i^Li.^ £.. ""^Mi; 

t'lHiii I III mwilfifflni i nm n . 

1 1 fr I 

more bppoitiinttiiii of knowing, «nB whofe teH^ 
mony v^ are too apt to receive, without confidef* 
ing the influence of their pafiions. 

The opinions of people in Engkmd ooocerhmg: 
lord Loudon have been greatljr influenced h^ 
thoTe of the inhabitants of New York: perhapt' 
it may be fair to %, they have beea derived abi»: 
folutely from them. ». 

Thofe people, like oarfdves, &t oat trxdtit 
high opinion of this nobleman ^ and it is a point 
of importance to confi^er how they came tor 
change it. If he would have been diredted hf^ 
their intcrefted views, or would have preferred 
their convenience to the fcrvke of the ftatty hi# 
would have had their fuffrages to this day. W^ 
ought, inftead of adopting their unfair ^gjreftiw 
dns, to honour him for the caules of their dmaBi^ 

If lord Loudon would have left his foldieni 
without quarters, thef^pec^le would have bedi 
fetisfied : if he would have left all meant opeA. 
to the intelligence of the enemy, they vfoM 
have made no complamts. 

It is certain by the account of the people m 
the veflel taken by the Succefs, that they did 
not know the deftination of our forces, and that 
great point, the divifion of their force, had beeft 
gained by it. This was t eoofequence of tho 
embargo: and it was iiich as procniied the mafjk 
ceruin fuccefs to our enterprize, if the fleet from 
England had arrived at that lime, to have joined 
in me execution. That fleet was delayed i and 
it appears byihc kilcUigcoco cbtaiaed f rom thd 


•I i,: I 






f<to pHze, that, inthe mean time, the French 
bad ^ncrcaicd their feven (hips to nine and twen*« 
ty. That which was pra6icablc againft th& 
imaUer force, was impoffiblc to be performed' in 
<^>j)6fitioa to the larger j and the attack of Lou-». 
vbourg which might^ve been made aiihe fii^^ft 
favourable time, was poftpoqcd by the. delay of 
our flcct» to a period when it was impracticable* 
laccufe no perfonrbut this accident was the 
traiife^ and this.finglc circumftance was the rea*- 
fcn we did nocattaclt Louisbourg at a time wheii* 
probably we might have taken it. ^ ■ - > 

I In the mean while, the people of our colonies,, 
^ifgufted at the high hand with which Jord Lou-? 
dorf had nccefl^rily carried the afiair of quarter-' 
ing the troops and* the embargo, fought all pcca- 
' firioB of mifreprdfenting his lordftiip's conduct t. which he had no concern were in 
^cir confequences attributed t^ him, as if fee 
had caufcd thbm; and every trieafurcfthat falfe- 
bood,/ within the; reach of their low cunning, 
could adopt, were ufed, to perplex and djfturb hi& 
Ibrdfhip's councils: ' ■ ^ 

i (fWhcn they were tired with the novelty of the 
tsircife of the foldiers, they began to complainr 
that it was delaying bufincfs, and wafting ufefuil 
rime V though they at the fame time knew the 
deity was the not artivmg of the expeded inid- 
' Hgcnce, and this wad^ only an employment of the 
foldiers tillit eame. ,*..._,*♦ 

' I sIThcy firft'brcd thofe difafFe61ions in the ofll~ 
eel's, ot which tbcy afterwards blwcd the con^ 
Au > . ' fequcnccsi 



l^^^ces j and they even a{t<§ijip{ea toik jl^ 
the evidence of that force in Ldtdsbourg; wHidk< 
TTctidefi^d the article inlpriteablc, bjr a ftlfchbod 
as, ihfoieiit in the cotrtrivance; as it was eaiy df de^ 
teiftidrt/'''^" ■' '''''"' ^^* ■■' ' ' '•' ' ' - -^ -' "■^"5*'^f '^'>1' 
ic ftatc of the place,^ and flfrcngth faf tfitf 4* 
ixtth'pm the knowledge of Which the entcrdriiwl 
^ai fulpbnded, were give^bvthi^ French officert 
thepiielvesA and intended for their foverc%ii{ 
Thfc account, on: thiB ftren^th of which Aey 
have ehdeavpufedftd invalidate it, Was what thtjf 
caHed the tiftimohyof captain Goram.' Thej* 
wei^fc tunning to^ fix iipon thisf nami^, for it Had 
tUdtit-, and thcy^^ere bold to ufc it: they hai 
no right to his nimfe> when thcy-anndtcd it trt» 
their {candalons^(fti6n. = -''''[' \''''\. ' t *"^ 

'Tis certain captain- Gorani WaS (c^t ^t i fel 
eond time, and that he returned with a fccond 
account of the ftrchgth of the eti^y. But whtt* 
that account was, they ncvdr'knew or heard: 
they gave otit in the place of it, fuch an account 
as tpight bcft fuit their own bad purpofes; and 
they produced for this the Authority of a JcW|* 
vfbo declared he had received it from «aptaili 
Gf ram at midnight, or before day break, *thc 
day fucGceding his arrival. ' ' >'^? '' i V'[ 

This ftory was thtir own, and they could give 
it whatever circuihftances would bcft foit tnciif 
purpole. Hi cy varied nothing from that ftate 
of the enemy's force, which fet it atthe lowed: 
the Jew'deciarcd the French had only five (biof 









i» j> 

jf c4o 1 
^lINlicfiptf.imdtwo fri^tes ; and that captaio jQcr 
1^ |[avi& hioi ibal^ accpuRt. 

; M{flth9>vx;tl^ing of thefev£nt|ii>f Auguft, cap« 
tgiprQodu^ from h^ expedition, aa<;i the 

Jew affirmed, thaf he had come on diore during 
l^f flight, ^aUtJI»ould feem to tell him this news, 
1^^ there does^Rot appc^ apy other bufi^efs that. 
fpottlA hring him thithcrt, aad that having told 
1^ this, 1^ |»tucncd,^ ., , : 

y.^d^tti^^t''^ >W'^^"*''*^^ of thi^ ftbry, thete 
VEdfr pcovedjio it abfoilate faKhood. , It was npc 
}jii^ that ;ciapta40 X^orasn, when he had beea 
^t «n,an enterprize of fecrecy and urportaocc;^ 
l^^uld <|ome on ihore to tsell what he had Teen to 
^jK^ Jew, before he gave an account of it to 
tiibfe who employed him^tior is it any more 
|irobable, that what he faw {hould contradift 
what the French officers themfelves had juil 
llfrote home to their fovereign. 

Captaia Gocam declared the whole an utter 
falHty. He a^red all who asked hia»rthat he 
fiever came alhore that night; liior then or at any 
Other time had fpoke with the Je^ \x^n that 

l^bje^ 1 • , 

, 7his was a convitFlion there was no withftand* 
ing; the ftory was given up there,, though it has 
bf eo revivoi in England.' The Jew was impri- 
fbned as an ioi^poftor, but foon aher dilcharg«d 
without punlflunent : thccommander, whofe ren 
^tation was intended to be hurt by this poor, 
fontrif ance, t^bg ytxy much above fuch meaoi 
felentmeots. He con^red the fellow as he was, 




the tool of a fet of defigning men, whom as 
\vould not have condefcended to punilh in theif 
own perfons, much lefs would he regard this mi- 
fcrable inftumcnt of their bafencfs. What account 
^xaptain Coram really brought, can be no fecrct| 
if lord London be (uppofed % pcrfon intcrcftcd in 
the event, it may be known frcw* admiral Hol- 
bouHi. , 4 

Thcfe are the proper fources of intelligence j 
and it is upon thefe and no other, we ^ould 
found our good or bad oj inion, our cenfurc or 
applaufeofdHtinguilhed perfons.. There is great 
merit in the adion, when" m^ of rank and ^fflu- 
cnceexpole themfelvcs to the dangers and fatigue* 
of war for the pubic benefit; and we ought tgi 
look on thofc who do it with a high refpeft. No 
rank or influence (hould fcreen the guilty from 
infamy or punifhment j but it becomes the pub* 
lie to be very fure of fafts before they form in- 
jurious fBfpicions. If it become a praaicc to in* 
ciulgc this difingcnuQU£:and indecent conduft of 
tailing without caufc, at all who do not fuceccd, 
we (hall difj^uft thofe who arc fit for high em# 
ployrocnts; and no man will undertake the fcr. 
vwe, bvii he who feu no value pn his repuutioiu 

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