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Full text of "Some evidences, forms, causes, and results of Sabbath Degradation [microform]"

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Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproduction / Institut Canadian da microraproductions historiques 


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Tha Initituta hai anamptad to obuin tha batt otiprM 
copy availabia for filming. Faaturas of thii copy wliich 
may ba bibliograpbically uniqua, wtiich may altar any 
of tha imagas in tita raproduction, or which may 
significantly changa tha utual mathod of filming, ara 
chacfcad balow. 





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Couvartura da coulaur 

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Encra da coulaur (i.a. autra qua blaua ou noira) 

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Planches et/ou illustrations en coulaur 

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Blank leaves added during restoration may appear 
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been omined from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches aiouties 
tors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela etait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas ate filmees. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires supplementaires: 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur eKcmplaire qu'il 
lui a M pouibia da sa procurer. Les details da cat 
axamplaire qui sont paut-4trn uniques du point da vua 
bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier une image 
reproduite. ou qui peuvent exiger une modification 
dans la mithode normale de f ilmaga sont indiqufa 

□ Colourad pages/ 
Pages de couleur 

□ Pages damaged/ 
Pagn andommagt as 

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The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
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required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

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la dernlAra page qui comporte une telle 

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filmAs A des taux de rAduction diff Arents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour Atre 
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de Tangle supArieur gauche, de gauche A droite, 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images nAcessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la mAthode. 













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Rochejier. Ne. York 14609 USA 

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— SE 




By F. H. BEALS, M. A. 



Sabbath Degradation 

"y Hov. V. H. M. A. 

I A pnprr road hrfnro ,1,0 nu»r*,., *. , 
KlngH county. N„va s.otia ) """*^ ^'' 

In fills fllsouHHlon it is takfi, .- . 
file Sabbath Is n nui. " Kninted that 

t'al prin -Iple ,« thl ' '"^^'^""""= ^'-' '«« -«on- 
f< lilt iiJit* ly tjje conNerr.'iilfiM ^r 

The word -drKradnilon" |, „„„j advhodiv T„ 

iiie hoy name of r'hriuf k„ u muKj oy 

;ome. to a great extent, a means of forgettin. 

Nome Evidence, and Forms «f SabbatI, 

Nothing In the lilstory of thP, rhnr^i, 1 
-maun, or d„„.„r,o„r„;',ra: iSr t 'r^oTs^r 
bath degradation. Thero unc « . . 

".e early o,r,s,la„.. ":,: T.e vc T ' ""'*"■" 

<lon sabbath, a„d ,„c n.emborrcf Je., h r'"""'" 
itfes vvJir> i-i.,,. *. '"LIS or Jewish comniun- 

against Jewish opposition, but al" in :o ' 

putting it on an ,,al!tv Jh tic Pr. ' 

riav uhirh ...„ L ■ "^ itOiiian rest- 

^ay. whKh was observed once in eight days. And 


at a lat«T tint*', wlim tho obRi-rvanr*- of two roHt- 
(lajH on« !>•• -ry mi-vwiUIi and on«' <'v«'ry .IkIiiIi 
«lay btcutiiB too burdi iihoiiic. tlu> <'hrl«tlan Sab- 
I'litli Miailf th«> Hol.' l«'Knl rcHt-day of tht' Km- 
|ilr. . iiiit hIhm for tliU union of Clnircli and Htali'! 
For. liiKt.a.l of Chrlhllanity chrlHtlanlzliiK paKaa- 
Ihtii. paKanl^m paKunlzed ChrlHllanlty. «o that iho 
Sabbath brcatiii' diKradt«| along with other ordln- 
HiHfs and thi} Dark Ak<'s .nNUt'd. John WyillfT.'i 
IruHHlatlon of the IJibh. was the bt-RlnnlMK of u 
I « formation In KiiRland wliich iHHued in Puritan- 
ism, whosf Sabbath has bi«ii tho butt of «o murh 
ridicule. The Puritans doubtlcHs coniniUt«'d «r- 
lorK of JutlKmint In this and other reHpects. but 
they mad<' u serious, and Judged by the character 
of the m<'n their HyHiem product d, a Kuccessful 
attempt to reverence th- ordliiunccM of God. 

P.ut we are more particularly concerned with th- 
conditions of the Inhtltution In our own country 
In this Hecond decade of the twentletli century. 
Here the trii i. to sensitive kouIh, Ih appalling. 
Until. Hay a tiunrtor of a century ago. owing to 
the superior piety of the fathers, and to their in- 
fluence upon the present generation, a good 
respect for the Sabbath was maintained, but 
since that time the defences of the Institution have 
been broken down, one by one, until we have 
about every form of desecration of which the 
most depraved so-called Christian countries have 
ever been guilty. A bull fight in Madrid on Sun- 
day in the year 1800 was no worse in principle 
than the tennis playing we had at Klngsport in 
the year 1914. It Is. comm( .1 knowledge that 
shooting and fishing on the Sabbath are practised 
quite extensively. At sea-side resorts games ar.^ 
played, boats are hired and wares are bought and 
sold. To minister to this, unholy traffic livery 
stables are run full blast, and automobiles, bicycles 
and private teams, in ever Increasing number, 
join the degrading procession. An advertisement 
appeared recently in a popular magazine, which 
aptly illustrates the spirit of the present genera- 
tion. On one page a family 1? represented as 
spending Sunday at home in the most dejected 
attitudes, and on the opposite page the member.^ 
of the same family are pictuied as off in high 

«l'«' r«»r ail uiilc.riinbii,. rl.lo uhii i 

i.iiliir. I,ii»iii.. 'xami,!.. „, ,„„„ ,, 

■-...„.', .,,,:;, ;'■;,;.;;;••■'"-;">• 1.— .■„„„ 

•■r 111,. <-..i,„(|| „,.„,.,.. »""""""». "r ih.. v.„.,||,, 

*'"' *'"""" »' ""'•''•III Ilrrtr«,l.(U,ii 

• "luridri or til,. Sa(-liii(li r>rlnrlr»lr. it 
"Of to d.-trov h. "^'"*">'<' ".' came 

"'« ''-n-rruo '"/",;:'''',:':;,/''"-' «-- -.^ 

'«">• ^o «umnu..J up 1„ , '^ ' -""".a,ul,ii,.nt 
"•"iMv "I, u In, 1 , IT-wmrit proc-pts, 

««"ctl,y of thP ^„M ;. "^ "' '■""'"■ni.'.l tho 

"on o^,L,^r'"'^ '; "''f "'""'"od tlH. „b.l«a. 

<" the kind of work Z, 1 u ""';•. "'•^' '^ ^"''J^ a" 
and bca,t w„„l,| ha,, J'"'"'' "«vo! How man 

-- a„„ ,.,.„.„„;; ::':,; 7,j-, ---■; no. 

tlfiicy is iimf...,H .f "t-rvtu. out (ho ten- 

P-.a.o„ „, j,,„, anew, rm„ lu-'n""" '","•'" 

be lovors of r,l .ns„rn " '"^" ^'O"''' 

"acl fully :L: pZZZ th"", '"'^" ''^ «°^' 
i.s affliotln.^ our !? "" dreadful war that 

people had" goao 'we ?",' T '""''" ^'"P^''^<^^ of the 
goao well nigh crazy on the question 

of «niiH..mpni». n«.ln.„H aff«irH i,, .„ 

th.. war Pl-tt«ur,., It 1^ hop,.,, ehat 

.r„:T:,r """ ■""' ■"" ■»•'"'"' -•»»"-" "••» -"•'■ 
..L.,;',"';;, '""w"' •'*"'"'""■ ■""•■-'■■" 

-ho", 1 r"' "'"""'•■ '"""■!- 'Irt,..,. „.. 

tiioMc a life of povi-rty l|| ii • . 

to bo r-uHi,.r f,.r mniiolf. }u, u. clured It 

a ,Z,n " '""'"' '" "" ""•""«" ""^ »'y or 

<n. i«n,i,.r,(.y „f Incream.. of utmiU r., ,.k 

An',";;;;"'""'"":" «'-"o'm . 

• l"»r, Ih,. !,.„ „, 1,1, d„e|pl,.,h|p ,to„|„,,„ 

XTr "L"'" *' ' "'" •-> -i^'-un: :.' ; 

O.K.. c„'„ "and. T,:7 ,"'„""^ ^""' °' "'■""<^'"" 

.^« n,„,.,e,.,.,„ ,„ C'i.i:t::r^,z:i z 

•Some Kwull. „f N,,hk„h |,f„„|,„„„ 

PoInlaTl' Tn" "' ■'"'"'""' "•"'■•"'""on ar. pr„. 

a- "r„ '?o;";;, rrt;::.,:: ""' XT" '■• 
or" :,":,.;":.„T";,r,! ^-" --••---;:: 

Tho term In . °"' "^ commission aUoRotl.or. 

"II teripic door may be off ii<. !,«„ . 

'o- results foMow/b. t 'f J 1 "^":/"' "" ^-- 
structiiro comes to .k ^Tumbles, tJu' 

.n. n,Oc. {i„j;ortani pillars in the temph- 

- '».■ s,„„..„;,. :;; „, 'i '«;■"' "» ■" ""•' 

<t y i ;fv: ^'""^ '.'"'« --•«-. «>-« - 

.h« MTV ..">,,, ::,.';:*•'' " " "»'•"'«' -"-. for 

.;".::r;:, r;■;^:;;;^;-;,":;';;•-;;•• ^H 

.-.;.. ,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,r;;,,..i:::ri:;: 

lion or tho DHty Inlo dlnnpute |„. .onl.i n„ . 

The D.vll undor.sfuiKjs tlil^ ■ «»"tMth. 

Thfn, nppan.ntlv ' . " '"''■"'•"""Kly 

...(I.TM.;.,,! *" " '""">' '^•'"P'« 1" nof 

|«ad. I„ Ui.hunor.„K Go., Uy violating the Sabbulh 
of^'th"??"' ""'■*' '•* '""•"'••"♦'• Take tho case 

«" much matt.r. I.a Sunday School J rkers'oave 
the r poHts. and. b...sid.. l.u .pf. ring ^vlth th wo k 

fsKood for T, ''".'" '""' '' "^ '^"^ ^° ^»^« "hor^ 
automobile. l,.„v!nK the church work, it h richt 

loworoH o«n.,j„_ 1.. J. ' ""Ills lo 

.■mciency-.n'.hltmm.r.""''""' '" '" "'"' '"' "■'■'' 


.»-«vr„,„;':;i;,; rc:'»r"'°''''" 
our ,„„„. p:;,:'ar„,r: :„ L":,nr:7- .;: 

■""ay. When „., ,„„», »o,eT a, ^L, :;,, "''r '"'f 

i-non of God's ii.fipm^,.,* ^" expres- 

JiglU Of his'orv u o-t"'"^" ''' "'"°"'- '° ^'^^ 
that God doe not T "° '° ""' '^'"'^""' ^o see 
Ho uses .t as ° m!'^" ; '' '"°''^'^' ^"^ ^''-t 

one undersuna: n^t o ^^ ttt^tlf """^^ ^^•^^" 
eth a nation but tLT ■ , ^'ghteousness exalt- 

God. he is p;ep; ei ?i "" T'' "" ^"^^-^"^ ^^ 

j'on as to ^:^:::^r^s^z:i:::^:z:T ^"^^- 

•>ath had hoe: degraded j^" h ' '"""' ^'^ ^^^- 
"Then I contended v^»hM ' P'-otested thus: 

-Id unto the; 'uCc"n tT",'' '"'^'^' ^'^^ 
do and profane the S h^a^h Da^ ^^f T '^ 
fathers thus, and did not our Pn', k "°^ ^^^^ 
-'" upon „s and upon his oil' v"" ""V' 
"lore wrath upon Isnpi k ^ ^^ ^^ *""*"■? 

What is needed is r ./ P'""^^"'"^ 'he Sabbath." 

-in- underSe't r/el, .Td"' ''.''''''''' ^^^ 

7-ect for instt:;uor":hiSr Gi^aSst' '"^"^ 
Glared to be one of the chief nn ^^^^^^^one de- 

^trength. and to warn h ' °^ "'" '^"""^''^'^ 

-oney grabber that th ir h "T? '^'^''^ ^"^ 
ton desecration o tl e sibbatr" '' '"' "^"- 

in the countrV« eoff^ ^^.^^^"^'^ ^'^ «« many nails 
^■ouraging to 'note Hf;, '' "'foresting and en- 

=-wa.„. .„ .;, r ,.rr.;\- c T.i^ 


Which. ? '"'""^ '-""^^ °^ ^"'•'^ Wide, in 

« rich tho writer commend, the sentiment of 
Lloyd George to the effect that the liquor traffic 
s a «orse enemy than Austria or Germanv. wo 
luoto the following as wise and relevant: "But 

things, nor the approving echo In the hearts of 
hou.ands as they hear or read. It wil, ^/l.^! 

It home ' Jr '"'"''"'' ^^""-^^ °^ »« -"'i'^n^^ 
at home, working out our own salvation with as 

as U oTl T '"""'■"" '"'^ «^°"'-"«' -"» tears, 
as it costs the millions In the fighting line to do 

their part in the same great enterprise. The 

question is whether we shall have the ' courag. 

vo",te?;c/?' ^°. '' ^""^'^'^'^^ ^"'^ '^ -»^" the 
volte-face in a thousand details of fe which such 
consistency will demand. if we ..ave we sTaM 
not only win, but what is more, we shall deserve 
no thr ■ -^ "^^ able to bear it. :f we have 
not. then perhaps a defeat that will break our 
hearts may be less fatal than a victory that would 
harden them further." 

JLT"'" T '''" '"" ''''''' °' ^^'« degradation. 

till e H '^'''''' '° ""'"'"'" ^^"««^« «f »"«u«n- 

ial citizens to assist in arresting the decay of 

this institution and in restoring it to Its exalted 
place in the life of our country. 

Appeal to Sunday Visitors 

In the days of our fathers there was little or no 

Sunday visiting in Christian communities; but now 

t has become a common custom. We have the 

_woek end" visitor, the "town cousin" visitor, tho 

Pleasure resort" visitor, and the "church" visitor 

^ <^.,hh 7,''T' '" ''^'■'''"^ ^'^'■"^^ ^^'•^^ the cause 
of Sabbath degradation, if you belong to either 

of these classes, let me remind you that your cus- 
tom ,s injurious to yourself and to your victims. 
Your hosts are too courteous to tell you what a 
nuisance you really are. Your friends are not 
lacking in hospitality, if you will make your visit 
at a proper time, they will give you a royal wel- 
come; but they reseat the dissipation of thought 
and energy, which the Sunday visit entails. Your 
own homes and churches need your presence, and 
on the whole, they furnish, or could be made to 

your travel,, «ee that von!! ' """' ^° "" 
•o or ,ro on ....CZ .nrt'hir"' "" ''"■ 

Appeal to Automobile Owners 

It is because automobiling for vnrJn..c 

-., or' :z iz °:";: -^rr" "•: """ 

Mirnn«o TK usea, for so base a 

'»"» ntay be carrld to »,°c°r,:! ?°^ ^'""- 

the poor. But remember rl, , "''"'■ """ 

-r ..a.,„e . a roiri-' Brb,nUr' TeTe 

Produeed a„ If^ZlT, "h''''"""' ^"°""' '»- 
Porpose 0, tt^'ruTe 'I.",: ZVV'"" "" 
"< a loving mollier should be used ^ m TT" 
memory and malm her offsnrlL p ^"'^ "" 
■■''•lerecl, the action „, ,1 Everything con- 

ordered her Charm , " ""'="' '"='">■ ""o 

father, irnot^rL ™ °"""' "■" ''°'<^<' "' "-' 

-tW.e«I ... Livery .SUMe Proprietor,. 

aprc^p':rtf;eiTrr.:'b,err'^ '""'- 

^re rapidly becoming centre! of . ''"'" '"""^''^ 
rnpting i„m.ences. The .ILTJ^'t '"' ^°''- 
He came not to destroy b t o f uti fs ^^ f? 
do no work nor fh,, iuiruis, Tlioii shalt 

burden." In disre'rTf ""'' ^'^ ^^-* of 
•n many s"ab e fhe I' TT' "' ''''' ^°'"'^^-"^- 
in the week Or r^r u'"" '' ^'^ ^"^'««t day 

and ev;r;;L;"trbi: Tdorrnlrk'^t """^ 
-P-ts. Vonr business t; Irre'^eLh'd^ 


To jo„ „„„ |,„ve rallen I appeal „„ „„ „„,„„, 
souis of your onii)l,)yee.s. Yon vannnt ..rr , 

of SZ ^ "'' ^"'""'^' *" a «Pn«e; but. fir., 

then in. ' "''* ''"'■"• "^ "«'-'•« ^^^ t>v giv ,;! 
' "' into your charge. His will touches, eve ^ 
liair on their bodies, every niusrlo nn,i 

weir: "'"• °^""'^'"^- ^"^>- "-^ ^ ^^ 

that see tHn'/' n "' "' '^" "'^'^ P"-"^'^'-" ^'- 
"at. See that they are not robbed of this riehr 

I appeal to you .n the name of the church which 

work\ r^:rr,'" ""' ^°"^ ^"^'"^-' -^ ^•^-'• 

your count r? '"' "''= ^"' *" ^^^ "«"- ''t' 
>our country., honor and security, which are -.p 

-finitely more value than the foreigner" ^o^d 
Appeal to Instructors of Youtli. 

that WT ''°"' ^"''"''' P'-^^^h^'-^ and teachers 
hat the heaviest weight of responsibility rest. 
It IS your duty to maintain, in the face of Dowerful 
opposing forces, a proper attitude to the' :;! :! 
on yourselves. Let no wanton desire to be ik ■ 
other people, or no fear of being singular, lead you 
to ower the standard. In your case it is apt ' 
be the nttle foxes that spoil the vines. You', 
Of opportunity is large and ready for th s o 
Be prompt lest the weeds preempt the soil. It i 
freely admitted that what has previouslv been sail 
has been chiefly of a negative charact;r. Yo." 
's the privilege of setting forth the positive sid. 
of this great principle. Questions of historv. .ocioi- 

Tvr TuT'-V^ ^^'l' - "^ -*-•- -^ - 

Pph f • -"fpose should be to produce ;. 

th s tTr^^ ^^neration. and. if you are faithful to 
th . trust when the eternal Sabbath dawns th. 
Mas er wi l say to you: "Well done, good and faith- 
'"1 servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord " 

,1 * 

' *,*"