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Full text of "Catalogue of contents of Judge DesBrisay's msueum, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia [microform]"

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Collection de 





Canadian Institu > for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian da microraproductions historiquas 


Tachnical and Bibliographic Notts / Notts ttchniquts tt biblioflraphiquts 

Tht Institutt has atttmpttd to obtain tht btst original 
copy availabit for filming. Ftaturts of this copy which 
may bt bibliographically uniqtM, which may altar any 
of tht imagas in tht rtproduction, or which may 
significantly changa tht usual mathod of filming, art 
chtckcd btlow. 





Colourtd covtrs/ 
Couverturt da coultur 

Covtrs damagad/ 
Couverturt tndommagit 

Covtrs rtstortd and/or laminatad/ 
Couvtrturt rtstaurit tt/ou paliiculte 

Covtr titit missing/ 

La titrt dt couvtrturt manqut 

Colourtd maps/ 

Cartas giographiquts tn coultur 

Colourtd ink (i.e. othtr than Uut or Mack)/ 
Encre dt coultur (l.t. autrt qut bitut ou noirt) 

Colourtd plates and/or illustrations/ 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
Relie avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 
La reliure strrte ptut caustr dt I'ombrt ou de la 
distorsion le long de la marge interieure 

Blank leaves addad during restoration may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have 
been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches aioutits 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela etait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas ete filmees. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires supplementaires: 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplairc qu'il 
lui a M pouibit de se procurtr. Lts details dt ctt 
txtmplairt qui sont ptut-4tre uniquts du point dt vut 
bibliographiqut, qui ptuvtnt modifitr unt imagt 
rtproduitt. ou qui ptuvtnt txigtr unt modification 
dans la mithode normale de f ilmage sont indiqufa 

□ Coloured pages/ 
Pages dt coultur 

□ Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommag fa s 

□ Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
Pages rcstaurits et/ou ptiliculits 

I /I Pages discoloured, stained or foxad/ 
lil_l Pages decolorits, tachttto ou piqutcs 

□ Pages detached/ 
Pages detachies 


Quality of print varies/ 
Qualite Inigalc de I'impression 

□ Continuous pagination/ 
Pagination continue 

□ Includes index(es)/ 
Comprend un (des) index 

Title on header taken from: / 
Le titre de I'en-tite provient: 

n Title page of issue/ 
Page de titre de la livraison 

□ Caption of issue/ 
Titre de depart de la 




Generique (periodiques) de la livraison 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce documtnt eft fijme au taux de reduction indique ci-dessous. 

10X 14X 18X 





26 X 


24 X 



32 X 

The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

National Library of Canada 

L'exemplaire film6 fut reproduit grAce i la 
gAnArosit* de: 

BIbliothAque nationala du Canada 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Les images suivantes ont iti reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition et 
de la nettetA de l'exemplaire filmA, et en 
conformity avec les conditions du rontrat de 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
papier est ImprimAe sont tilmAs en commengant 
par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
derniAra page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second 
plat, selon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont filmAs en commenqant par la 
premiere page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la derniAre page qui comporte une telle 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol ^*- (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Un des symboles suivants apparattra sur la 
dernidre image de cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbole — *■ signifie "A SUIVRE", le 
symbole V signifie "FIN". 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtre 
film6s A des taux de reduction diffirents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtre 
reproduit en un seul clich6, il est filmd d partir 
de Tangle sup6rieur gauche, de gauche A droite, 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images nicessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la mdthode. 




1 2 3 

4 5 6 










1653 East Mam street 

Rochester, Ne» York 14609 USA 

(716) 482 - 0300 - Phor,e 

(716) 288 - 5989 - Fax 

t . t 

"-V, Ncs;/ ^- 

i I 




Judge DesBrisay's MuseuiHt 






Judge DesHrisav's Museum 


■ ■■■■■■a. . 

CASE 1. 

Agates, uni)()lisht.'(l - . . vr . • 

» .1 " " iNova Scotia 

Amethysts 30 s,H.,n,u.„,s, railed a fine r„llecti„n. 

\ .-. , No\a Scotia 

Apatite, and crystal of same - . . r > . • 

Harvas ixntery (specimen) - I ..«-..w v. . T"^'? 

ik-aver's feet. ^-^^c•^ Scotland. 

Beaver's teeth for eating foo.l. others for ctuting trees 

t-hips. !■ me strips for bedding. 
Cc^raLs. white and pink Mrain. l!„tterfly, and other varieties. 

fv. f..i 1 " Florida. 

Lrj ,tal.s m hk k - v 1 1 i- ■ . 

-New J ml) in .each. 

Fan for blowing fires 

South America. 

rst I. railway tram-woven with silk. Coventry, Eng 
I'lexihle sand.stone - . v .u .-. ,- 

(",,., Ill , ' ■ iNorth (arolina. 

<-unl...k,key.andpartnfoldl.ayonet - Loui.shurg. 




Iron (»r«- wiih shells 

Irdri (»rt' . 


NtHklaivs. urniU'ts, tt< 

Oriintal slijUKT. 

IMii>tonra|)li (it Moosi' it) siilkv, and <»ni- of «uimr in a 

ra<v with edit ol sanu- agi-, niousi- winninj,'. 
I'hdtoj^raph of old Dutch Chun h llalitax 

I'iccL- of ciilT. |»oiishf(l LukIn IjkI. Cornwall, I'.nn 

ShclU in uriat, and handsome. 
^|w ■ ■ Niagara Kails 

^'«>'i«-'< - .... Derbyshire, ICng, 

Toljacco leaf - ... Virginia 

Wooden shf)es - .... Hra/il, 

OASE 2. 

Agates, beautifully marked and iw)lished, 

South America and I^ke Superior. 
Blue quart/ - - ... Colorado. 

Crystals - - . . . Cumberland, ICng. 

( "rystal-s .... . i.'ive Islands, N.S. 

Crystals, single and in groups, handsome, 

Kansas and Colonulo. 

^•»w fish West Indies. 

Flying fish West Indies. 

(;arnets - - - ... Mexico. 

^''-■"•Ji-- - - - - - - - Illinois. 

( lold-bearing quartz Molega. 

^■ypsuni - Shubenacadie. 

Horse-shoe crabs, large an<l small. 

Japanese curios — Model of house, figures in native costume, 
tea pot, tea kettle, cup and saucer ; ivory carved plate, 
with figures of ladie.« ; household gods, incense bur- 
ner, etc., etc. 


I J )i.H la/iili - ,., ,. 

., • ' ni'i. 

■Maiiuaru'M' .,, 

M 11. ' ■ ■ I «nn>«a|>f. 

.M.mor.llK„tKo..M„.| . |).„ kyar.l. Hali.av 

M.Kl.1 , ulass of IMymouth k... k. ,.i.-. .• ..( r.n k. a,„| „u,lal 

(i«.itii>nal inoniinuiit). 
Month and u-cth «>J lU-vil thh. 
<>l<l < liina , . . ^., ,, 

()|wli/t(| wood . . w 1 »,- • 

„ . . • Noiith Africa, 

lamtiims on ri< v paiur ... ,..,•. 

Vacotk I'oul . . ,, , . 

„. , , • I «iiiisvlvaiiia. 

1 leic of ramrcHl from wreck of yo>,»x /hizer, i«i .' 

Punch from .s;inii- 

Pifcc of rwk of (libraltar, |)olish<.(l 



Chcsti-r, N.S. 
("ht-stfr, N.S. 

White Mountains, N.H. 

OASE 3. 

Articles found at l-rcnch ruins, lort Point, near mouth of 
I a Have ri\cr - 

Bricks and pieces of brick. 

Mutton from soldier's coat. 

Button, showing batt! • axe, shield, etc. 


KretK h axe, etc. 

( ilass ornament. 

Hinge, \ery large. 

Ivcad, circular, with inscription. 

Letter " P," iron. 

Pick.s, one with oak handle. 

Part of pi[)c, etc. 

Boat hook, from wreck of Progress Amelia .Sable Island 

Beetles - . . , . 

„ , , ,. ■ ■ - Aneitvum. 

nranch o( olive tree - - . . f .i ' 

^ , . , , - t>ethsemane. 

Card with plate from which steel pens are made, and 

IH'ns m stages . . j.;,,^,,^,,,, 

< ottitti |mm|> 

("roH:, ami (low its 

lunniiH vviih iMituri ol »ioiim , l.iki , . |. 

• "•mrul (lonloris |».i|t. i muii. \ I .,< muhI, 
• riiwn n<ttt. 

tlixl o» DijiK.r Imlians 

Irud r."li( s .iihI mik wiiitlmv rr.iiii. 

Mailiirif h»r iiiakinj^ |kiis old, 

Machiiir (or w.i^jhitij; sov.niKiiv uld 

N'ativf riotli and dnssis 
OUI rhina dish. Spudi. 
Old |>iti lur 
Old lilt- 

Turl used for I ml 

North S.i,kat> luwaii, 

Soiitlnrn Stalls. 



I lull 

• '.difornia. 
Old lort, .\riMa|M»li-,. 




< 'a|K .Sahli-. 


OASE 4. 

Imman WuKK \\|, R|..|K>. 

Ha.skcts, Ih)\, nip and saiKir \'„va Scotia 

Canoes and pa.ldk-s. wood Maine- at,d Nova S, ..ti'i. 

<.lay i)ipe, covered with sweet hay. in r<.|„r^ (,)iieluc. 

( 'opjKT criicilix .... 

Covered bottle, tine work Indian woman 

Decorated moccasins 

leathered arrows, steel tips's purse. 

Nar)kin rinL' 

t leces of clay cofriu, and arrow heads toiind in >an)e. 

North Carolina. 
lipc made like lijiure ot a man Ix.wj in Ik.h! and 

stem inside o( hodv. 
Tipe of buffalo horn, Ion-; ornamented handle. 

North west Canada. 

< 'on(|uerall. 





•SJuIIh. |wint..| l,v, n,,,, ,. , , , 

... , iiriiKii ( iiliinihi.i 

l"l'.'Mo ,Ma,.|,. ,|.m..r> v...rk..l «„h .K.,! „,M,M. lu.r. 
W..r . lul. u( hu,f..lo hum. lMn.1!.. ...v. r..| ui,|, ,„'. K 

PI...U.I hufM- iMir. ,.M.I h..M.lM„„.lv nr,Mm.„...| O.v 

>^.«r . |„|, .,1 .loru. lumllf .ovm.l «itl, j-r. . n hi.U. 

.. , < oriMiii hi'. 

\\..r iu,,,|.,,u,„, K.,„n.| Mom- .mlnM,! ,„ l..„h.r 
liamll... .„Mr..| ujil, ^.,tiu an.l hirr..|. 

CASE 6. 

AlUnii. .al.|..,lir^.r..ntM,^.^^^-^..n,|al|.lMlMt 

Haskit. Miak.' I.v Dijipr In.lia.i .v,„nan 

Kill and toot .)( alkitr.ivs. 

liiril >.lia|H(| viuash - 

Itook ()t|Hniiis, priiit.d (II) l.inh lurk. 

I5ii< kct. m.ulf (It w.hmI of., "hij, ,r,.,. ■ 
("miir (asf. iiativi' >tra\v 
<'l(,tli otiniiif hark ul trc.s 

luiL' «( A/lcf image. 

Kull riK^'id lMr(|iu- in j^Kos hnitlf 

<;ilt iiapir 

(Ilovi- made hy Armtiiiai) j^irl 

< lold luariiiK quart/ and i ryst.ds 

Horru'd toad ... 

Fniur hark of Ian trti' 


I,ava, cdin imhcddefl 

F-ock and keys, stones and u.x.d 

Nfate iu|» 

Photograph olarti. les luimd in old w,.|| 

l'liofo.ura|.h ot (iovernor Crado.ks ho.iM-, nl.j.M i„ 

Ameriia . . . \i ir i m 

Nhdiord. .Mass. 

I leo' of Roman tile, found nndrr 'I'osNrr ot I,Mndoii. 

< o. |»ij;hy. 

< oloinho, ( rvlon. 
Sandwi. h Islands.^.in t\illc. 
i'al.ii (• ul ( '.I's.irs. 

.MooM- Kiver. 

- (". liforniii. 


Mount lltna. 

.Mount X'esuviu.s. 

-<!rand I'rt*. 

South .\meri<a. 

( Irand I'rf. 

I>(>r(h(.'st« r, Kng. 
Morsc-shoc in 


I*ic<v of Rom.m wall 

Picture of oldisi hoiisf in Nantuckit 
cliiniin V, to kiH|> away witches. 

Rulihcr ovirshoc of earliest make. 

SIkII, large, with finely formed hinj;e 

Slioe made of disiiseil greenhack.s. 

Spoon, ornamented - - . . 

Spoon, ornamented . . „ 

Spoons, wood, hroiight from ( iermany l.y early Lunen 
l>iir},' settlers. 

Stones and crystals - . . ( ;ia,u's Causeway, Ireland 

larantiiia - . _ >• ir • 

,,. , , ■ ■ - - I alifornia wuv, encased in lead 

Siberia. napkin rings 

Colomho, Ceylon. 

CASE 6. 

I^iirge and varied collection of Algai from New Dub- 
tin beaches. 

CASE 7. 

Amethyst - . . 

Ashes of sacrifices at Temple - 

Harley bread - - . . . 

Bracelets from Pheenician tomb. 

liracelet, glass - - - . . 

Bitumen --.-_. 

Bones of Samaritan Passover Lamb - 

Card case of olive wood - 

Carved spoon - - _ . . 

('lay, hardened ... 

Oown of thorns .... 

Cone, cedar of Lebanon. 

Crucifix, mother-of-pearl, carved in Bethlehem. 


- Jerusalem. 


- Dead Sea. 
Mount Cierizim. 

- Jerusalem. 
Mount Athos. 
Potter's Field. 

- Jerusalem. 

!:"■"' •'^''•"•""'<"'^^--"-H;..r,knn|(K.,|,.,.nKuu. 

faster I'^j;. carvid in Mftlilflum. 

Flowers, prtsstd i. ,i i i 

,, I ... . , I>ftllll'll(ll1. etc. 

•Iiisk, ot kind wanted hy I'nuligal son. 

Inkstand of stone- (Von, Dca.l Sea, tindy .anvd. 

jack-knifL' niadt- in Na/anth. 

Jews' unkavLntd l)rcad. 

Jo.s«.[)h's coat, in nn'niaturc. 

F-ainp, clay. 

Limp, stonf, from jojipa. 

I-cavcs and acorn "- Ahrahan, s ()..k, I 

Lentils from mountains of Moah. 

Liciuorice root - - . . i i a- n 

M . , . .,, " ■ .Ionian \ alley. 

Model of mill. 

Model of sarcophagus, fron. part of an.ient one - Jerusalem. 
Mosaics - - . . xt ... 

r. , , , ' " " Mount /ion. 

Ox yoke, model - . i, i • 

I, , r r " I alesline. 

f art of root of mandrake, like human hody. 
Partridge egg - - . . i. ■ • 

,w T 1 r . . " I'alestme. 

IVtrified olive hemes - c- i 

I) » V I J • " " -^idon. 

letrilied wood, with carving of the Virgin and Child 

and John the 

Plough model - - - . i. i .■ 

,, J , , ■ - Palestine. 

1 owdered leaves of hui.ia, for painting fingers and toes. 

Reed pen - - . ,, 

„',.,., - - - Damascus. 

Kose ot Jericho. 

Sacramental bread . . Armenian Church, 

bacramental bread - - . . . (Ireek Church, 
shells - - . . o , f ,. ,., 

.>ea oi dalilee, etc 

Shepherd's pipe - . . . . Bethlehem." 

Shepherd s sling. 
Tear bottle. 

AVater - - . River Jordan, Pool of Siloam, Sea of 

Tiberias and Klisha's fountain. 

CASE 8. 

I.oon, (Ircal NortlKrii l)iv\;r 
Woodpecker, Red- headed 

I'ort Medway River. 
Neisr Wentzels Lake. 

CASE 9. 

Mald-lu'uded American Ka;,'le, fn e si)eciin< 

I'arrot - - 

Picture of Audubon. 

(^)uail, two ----.. 

Stormy Petrel and ej^'jj; 

White Rol)in - - - . 


Hehh's Lake. 

- Austrah'a. 

- California. 
(Ireen Lsland. 

Samuel l"'ancy's Farm. 

CASE 10. 

^'^'■"^^^■' - - - - Near Hridgcwater. - - . „ . New (Juinea. 

Cedar Bird or Wax-wing - - . n^,,. York State. 

Eggs of limu, Ostrich, Eagle, I^oon. Meadow Hen, 
Crow, Snipe, Swam[) Robin, Red-headed Fly 
Catcher, Swallow and Sparrow. I'urtle's egg. 

F> Snipe. 

Harbor Loon ---.., Liverpool, N.S. 

Herring (lull - - - . . Con(,ueraIl Uke. 

Humming Birds, very hand.some - - - Brazil. 

Humming Bird's nest, with eggs and birds. 

Mackerel Cull 

Noddie's eggs ---... Newfoundland. 

Robin's nest, built on railway car, and eggs. 

CASE 11. 

Ptarmigan, two 


CASE 12. 

Hint- jays and sijuirrcls. 

(iScventeen of llii> l.inl.s iiliove naiiii'ii wric niounlcil 
• ly Kgnn, r)f Hiilifny, N.s.) 


Fiji Islands. 

CASE 13. 


Hernuida, on hanana leaf. 
(.'law of tiger - - - - 
(.'loth from inner hark of trees 
Confederate States bills. 

(:o<iiiina .stone y]^,^■^^^ 

Cores brought up by diamond drill - - Cumberland. 
^P"^^'^^^ ------ Mount Washington. 

Cup and .saucer, brought in Mayflower, 

Owned by Rev. John Cotton, of Boston. 

Curious old tobacco liox Shelburne. 

Dollar - - - . . Lunenburg Harbon 
r)ut(h coins. 

Edelweiss, natural flower, and carved in wood, Switzerland. 
iMve-pound shot, from wall of old house - Pleasantville. 
Flowers made of shells - - - . West Indies^ 
Fossil ferns in rock, very fuie, 

Sydney, Pictou and Springhill. 
Fossil ferns in rock ---... Colorado. 
Fossil fishes in stone - - . . . Colorado. 

Fossil m chalk - - . . . Isle of Wight. 

Fossils - - - - , J ^|^^. Teniiscamingue. 

French axe, i)art of root of pine tree grown through 

^'^^ ^^>'^' ----- Indian Carden. 
German crabs. 

(iernian heather, in box. 

Cum of kauri tree - - - . . New Zealand. 

-"- ■'■■ -'■»ltl- 



Hatchit, with', -oi hy I'iloi ( ;ia/»'l»n)<>ki. fmm 
tlu' S/tiinnon, on arrival at Halifax wiih tin- 

HLrcuUs luxtlf. with wood cut hy ttttli South America. 

Japanosc opium pijii-. 

Last hlolttr used hy the I'oct Whitticr, and auto 

Krai)li - - Amtshury. 

Kcathcr front of sailor's c.i]), with pretty sea weeds 

^rown fast to it - I )eep sea Kishing. 

-^''''■''''-' Connemara, Irelantl. 

Medallions C.ertnany. 

Monkey-face nut Peru. 

Mother-of-pearl shell, large, with carving of the bap- 
tism of the Saviour - - - - Bethlehem. 

Mussel shell Peru. 

Oak cut hy Right Hon. W. K. (Madstone in 1893 - 

Hawarden Rectory, Flng. 

Ores tin. lead and peacock copper - - Cornwall, Eng. 

Ornament, silk, from buttonhole of coat of King 
deorge HI. 

Pen-holder, cornelian ----.. Italy. 

Pen-holder, with views on Rhigi, carved deer at top. 

Petrified clam 

Petrified guano -----.. Peru. 

Petrified shark's teetii Florida. 

Petrified shell ----.-. Florida. 

Petrified woods - - Ireland, C'uba, California. 

Pipe made of corn cob Florida. 

Plant fossil, with coal. - - - . Cape Breton. 

Queen lobster, finely marked - . - . Demerara. 

Rose and buds, from feathers of albatross - Off Cape Horn. 

Sea horse. 

Shells in rock. 

Stones from ancient beach - - Cape Canso. 


^^■gt•tal)It• ivory. 
^^ edgcvvdod j^cnis. 


OASE 14. 

Rattlesnake, very large 

- North Carolina. 

OASE 15. 


Right Hon. \V. K. Cladstone, Mrs. Cladstone. ICarl lUa 

ronsfield, John Bright, Rirhard Cohdon, Karl Cran 

ville, Dr. Livingstone, H. M. Stanley, and others. 
Archbishops 'lait, Thompson and Teniple ; (Ireek Anh 

Bishop of Exeter (blind) and six sons. 
Bishops Jacoh.on, Jackson, Crowther, Wilberforce, Rvle. 

Horatio Potter. 
Dr. Pusey, Dean Stanley. 
Chief Justices Coleridge and Russell. 
Judges Pollock, Hawkins, Fit/roy Kelly, Chitty, Lord 

McNaughton, etc. 
Henry VHI. and six wives, 
(^ueen Victoria spinning flax. of Wales, Emily Faithful, M.ironess Hurdett <outts, 

Mrs. (larrett Anderson, and others, 
(iod's Providence - - Chester, Eng. 

Views, exterior and interior, of St. Paul's Cathedral and 

Westminster Abbey, and St. ( '.eorge's Chapel, Windsor. 

CASE 16. 

Apple and peach, made of soap. 

Bowl made of an American cent. 

Box of shells ----.._ Samoa. 

Corn, very large ears, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Ontario. 

"sf ■ 



Crystals in linustonc 

I'lowcTs worked in silk 

lortst rock ... 

(ilass thnad and rloth. 


Pen lioldcr, Irish hoj; oak 

Petrified shells 

Petrified woods 

i'ictiire of natives of Samoa in front of hoiisi 

l'liotograi)h of lady in ^lass dress. 

Photograph of Poiiiiiik - . 

I'hoto|j;rai)h of World's I'air siction of a big tree, California. 

Pottery, small s|)e(imeiis of - .Mexico. 

Red tourmaline San Diego. 

Spoon, cedar wood - - . . Tarsus 

•'^''^■^•'' V'"^' - - ■ - Colorado. 

Stalactite- - - - Crand Caverns, Manitoii. 

Wood and iMrk of a hig tree - - - California. 



( "arved in DiiMin. 





CASE 17. 

Arab's i)oiich 

Chini god. 
Chinese money. 

Corn, very larg.: ears Nebraska. 

Cross atid ladder, Freemason's s(|uare and coin[)ass. 

and other articles, ill bottle - Chester, N.S. 

Jug brought fro.n ' -ermany by early settlers Lunenburg. 
Hindoo slipper and sandal. 
Lobster claw, very large. 
Nest of weaver bird. 
\Vork of glass-blowers. 

OASE 18. 

Butterflies, moths and beetles. 


CASE 19. 

ImH .\ WoKk IN SloVI. ( HIH l,\ Ml( \l.\( 

Arrow Uvuds (25). ( hoici- s|!L(inuns. 

Axes (8), five with jiroost.'. 

( hisfls. 

Clay hottlt", t'oiintl with arrow luads. 

Copper and copper iicciUls. 


Hammer, with groove. 

Imiiaii etchings on stone. 

I'ertorated stones. 


Pipes (5) and cahnuit. 

Remains of pottery, difl'en nt markings. 

Sahnon spiar. 





-Kolian harp, made from i)art of" wrecked ship, Sal»le Island. 
Antlers, moose and reindi'er. 

Arrows Navigator Islands. 

Arrows ----- Solomon Islands. 

Assegais, two - - - . Madagascar and Zululand. 
Basin and pitcher, made and painted hy Indians, Kansas. 

Boomerang Australia. 

Bow and arrows, large . - . - South .America. 
Bow and arrow, jjainted - - - I5ritish Columhia. 
Bread dish made of straw rope. In use nearly 100 years, 
('amel's >addle and ])annier.s, model - - - Pa]e.stine. 
Camp stool, ICnglish oak. Used in the Crimean war. 

fane . . 

Coral-likf r.x k .... 


Ciirioiisly m.i.lf (r.iinc t..r photographs, 

<'urious stoiKs. 

<'urious wooden wnath - 

latx', imitation, in stone. 

Farmer's ornamented pit< her - 

Kerns ... 

IVrns, in han.lsonie engraved . isy of kauri w.)od, 

New Zealand 

White Mountains, 

N'«ar ( ape North. 

- <"ahtornia. 

1-1 Have Islamls. 


Jordan Kiver, N.S. 
New Hebrides. 

Moating stone - 


French pike - 

Freneli axe. 

Head of a four-horned sheejj 

Japanese knives. 

Metals welded by electricity. 

Peasant's scrip 

I'eie's hair 

Pelican's bill and pouch. 

Picture, East-end station 

Revolver, old-fashioned. 

Kifle, old and very heavy - 

R"':k velvet 

■ Kay of I'undy. 

Joggin's Heach. 

Kast Hridgewater. 

- South AmenVa. 

• Jerusalem. 
Crater of Kilauea. 

Sable Island. 

- England, 
o , . , ' " - f'O. Annapolis. 

Sandstone, with perfect impression of Indian's foot, 

o r ^ , ^^- Shelburne. 

Saw of -saw-fish. 

Sea crab, large - - . Magdalen Islands. 

Sea fans. 

Sea-weeds - - . . c , , 

c J " " ■ England. 

Sea-weed- - . . . ^< ir^. 

cu u J, .. ' ' <'Ulf .Stream. 

Shepherd's staff ... u »n u 

CI , f , iJethlehem. 

Skull of seal - - . . «.ii r i , 

c , , . . Sable Island. 

Snakes and toad, m bottles - - . Argentina 

Sal)|f I^|an(l. 
- Co. Slirlliiiiiu'. 

S|)onm- l»'>wl on rii( k 
Spoon niadf ot sli.rt It-ml 
Stone anvil 

Ssvorcls of sword (i>lu-,. 
I'rvf . iittin^ l.y Ixavrrs, uak and poppli-, larKc 

Jordan Rivir. N.S. 
Tree rov.sil, section ui tree. an<l odu r Jossils Spririj;hill. 

War clul.s of heavy wo...! SoutI, Sea Islands. 

\Vasp's nest, very larg.- N^ar HriilKewater. 

U hale s vertehra and ril. - - I,, Have Islamls. 

WoiKls ol euriou. Kr.mth .(v. I.unenl>urg.