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Full text of "An administration of extravagance in patronage [microform] : sale of lands, puchase of sites, camp grounds, starch works, coal, dredging, & c., &c., &c"

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to darnMfo pogo qui eomporto uno Mito 

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Lot dtogramniOT tuivants 




1 2 3 

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"moecrr iBaiunoN 




LS |2.0 









Sale of Lands 
Purchase of Sites 
Camp Grounds 
Starch "Works 

&c., &c., &c., 


"Dash Away and Spend the Money" 


"Millions for the War, not one dollar for the 


PnuouMi Ha. a. 


(^"iPi INDEX. 

The Middleman^Artdis* PACfc 

Mail Bag Locks . . 2 

Wnce Albert Homesu-ads < 

The Gimli Fvami Deal 4 

The Carsiake Hotol. Montreal ^ 

The Dorval Military Site 5 

The I^vis Und Scandal 6 

The Bank Internationale 6 

TJe Quebec-Saguen.y Railway Deai:. ' 

The Southampton Railway Scandal « 

The Post Office Site of Fort Frances ^" 

Canning. N.S.. Public BuildinR Site " 

Preacott Starch Works H 

Victoria Harbor Works . 11 

Purchase of Coal at Victoria, BC ^^ 

Fenian Raid Bounties... IS 

The Pacific Constructlon'company princp " 

I^l^nl^, Resignations «, CAp^^er 

The Middleman's Paradise 

of honS^Wel^an'Sl^Srof 1L? 'f «? "«^ ^ '"«h sense 
aJly exp^t that their rlStetiv^ in P.'"i^ '^*''^' ^nd nftS^ 
the members of the Minis^^i j^th^ ff l^™™' and especially 
of national concern, adh«4 te th^i^ ^■'^'^"]''''*'^t'on of mattere 
very basis of sound ecS,i^te P"n"Ples which f orm th™ 
especially is this oxpec^ioSnt^J°?,^\?°''^"^^^'^t And 
in power has for ySra-wW^f-^^'^ "'''?" ^^^ party at present 
abhorrence of loo^?7xtrava«an "^n^/"''"""- prc^ilaii^K 
and pledged itself to what thf v tP^fi """^P*. administration 
reformation if given an opp'J^u^^^'^ ^ "P^dy and complete 
people of Canada some of th^?' ^° "?""« before the 
fact, that cling to and con.Ht... '""'"ction., the actual 
extravagant elpendUure ..^d"*' !" «PP-"*n« record" 
Borden Government U the It. JTf »""??•"•"» °f the 
It >s proposed to set forth '^cu^^lT^^^^U^'^r^tl- 

domestic affairs-have marLl ?h» '•■"cli'sively to our purely 

Government from tht eommencement -''"''^ ' ""^ f"""*"* 
to the present time """"^"•^P'nent of its term m 1911 down 

of whie"a^p"perrn'nTh'"^ord,"i"T"'r™^^^''''^ -"'-'=^. all 
most of which is the sworn t^ttonv of ^■!ir"'"'%"*-OKce^^nd 
The torj- party leaders and trnUvi'if^"l"^ '*■'" Country, 
occasions offeree! a weal, defence^a^'^^^^^^ on varioi, 

Th ^""""""vei Di«ati.fied. 

Among 3t*^l°LPare^o"t"fSuJ,dTr' .'''^ Government, 
disgjisted with the exhibition of ' Wv ^?^- "I^" Y" absolutely 
of PatronaKe" so evident It i,'^rn^''*''i""^* ^'^ '^-e "System 
Liberals of Canada that the cA- of ■Hf»Tf•^^.•'"'"?' ^nd not the 
IS it to be wondered at 7 ^ dissatisfaction is raised. And 

counJfy'^ll^P^^'''il?/^*i^.» interested in the welfare of his 

adopted by theCon^^,^a«v™"ll'^^ir?"°'^ of 1907'aSd 
and his pol tical associates in ^i.-i ^^^^'^^ wi" «ee S r Robert 

pledges that have ne^eTbe^nJ^lT"'' ^'i P«rfo™ed, of 
have never been commencef '^^'"^' and of reforms that 

ot eol^-S^ in'pu^. '^S't'uA""* I '"' ^^ *« ">«' '-tead 
«|e financial fabric of thirooun^' thl'?]'^^'?,-'*'" Mattered 
been invaded by all kinds of h^P^^' "^' *^^ P"blie domain has 
followers of the Borde„ Ca&Th^,*''*^^^ ^'?"' the ^ 
adopted for safe and s^u,; obLi^ance of"}'lf f"^. -^^ulations 
to ti.e care of ministers of X fw, h^? L *''* ''^'" committed 
no longer obstacles to the uS^ ,!.J^" "^ ^'"^^ and are 
the stage of Canada's resourc^ ^ndtS^^T^^T "' .jfotera on 
throughout this carnival of depreda^n^ =L^"''^ '^i' ««« tbat 
country's resources, minister hi?hTnH ? ^""^ invasion of the 
■n protest against thLonsTauiht nn £* '"^^ ^?^ "» '^ord 
reputation of Canada but rathfr „n ^hl^'^.J"''*.!"^ and moral 
Idly by and glorified in their shLe ^^^^ ^^""^ ^""^^ "tood 

J to Liberal Expenditure Sir Th"/' Ju:.. . . 

expenditures siacea "Whither >» ^' 'd""T."' ■.^^"■'<'=w iioerai 

of WMrchm? tlio rwordi. of tho t'overnmenl to find some evidence 
nn ''«''=^'<"''"'»'':"""n, by the Uuri.-r Oowrnment. But all ^ 
no avni and not one lot^. of evi.lenr,. has b.on secure,! that o,is"s 

orlnv^n, ">'■"'''';■'.'•'",'"'"" '^'' •>'«''• """■ S'f Wilfrid Unrie? 
C he/fnnf tT "' '"« '"";.''"V"'-nmont. The boot i, now on the 
Uch^rZ ■«.(/. '^"'■'^'■" ^■'"■«""n'''". «!•• Thos. White included. 
ischarKcd with oxtravaKiirn pxp.'nd turps, jrraft and corruotinn 

profits all of which la dHailp.i in the following paRes: The facts 
are given a« mcluded in the Records of the House of Com.non. 
and sworn to before the Public Accounts and other ComrJJitC 
of the couXy. Pronounced by the respectable .-itizens 

Mail Bag Locks 

I P°pfiw-*''^vr ^'^r "'„"«■ ^"'■'^"^ fJovemment under Hon 
i^ oo^*"*^ru ^"tionahst Post-Master General wm to purchase 
at Jl M«niJ^'' ^^H f i| Hey for the Post OCRct Dep'^me^ 

&t?d'n^ee^t^^™Tre"LS' "^^ ''*' '"^"^" '^ '•-'^^°^"" 
Sm'mentT^ul:^-. ^" '"-^^-^-tion was demanded but thi 

Prince Albert Homestead 

Sold for $10 worth $374,000 

took office. In April 1012 Mr. Arthur Donaldson son of the 
Lonwrvative M.1,.A. in the<aUhowiin U-gialature applied 
for this land and was Kranled homesleud entry to lliis city pro- 
perty at a cost of $10.U() the homuHtead tev. Shortly afterwards 
he avoidod homtatoad duties by camelling the homestead entry 
and Kitlinu a patent to the lan<l under the location rights of 
half breed scrip. Forthwith the land w ■ 'ibilividcd and ofTerod 
to the public at a price aKKregalinK |374,(. 0. 

The Gimli Land Deal 

On the Covcrnment plans and maps of the town of (limli, 
on l,aku Winnipeg, certain lands fronting on the lake had been 
shown for .'J7 years as public domain. — 

Some years ago the Town Council of Gimli sought titles 
to the land, but the Department of Interior held this was un- 
necessary. The strceti and public pa-k were classified with the 
rest of tne property. 

Eight or nine years ago two persons applied ti the Liberal 
Government for the land, but were refused. 

During October, 1913, Peter Tergeson, Mayor of Gimli, 
on paying .$752 was given a patent for the land, by the Interior 
Department of which Hon. Dr. Roche is Minister. Tergeson 
had been a Liberal, but became an active Conservative worker 
m 1911. 

The land obtained by Tergeson, through the Minister of the 
Interior shouiJ belong to the town. It is valued at $15,000. 

The transf< . deprives the town of Gimli of the best bathing 
beach on Lake Winnipeg and it gives Mr. Tergeson a return 
of nearly 2,000 per cent on his money and it may be a further 
financial reward for his change of politics. 

Purchase of Carslake Hotel, 

When the Borden Government want to purchase a site for '^ 
a public building no matter where, the question of is 
never taken into consideration, as a matter of fact the more 
expensive the property, the more attractive it is to the Govern- 
ment. Somebody whispered into the ear of the Hon. Robert 
Rogers, Minister of Public Works that a postal sub-station was 
desirous in Montreal some where near the Bonaventure Station, 
and eventually the old Carslake Hotel, at the comer of St. James 
and Windsor streets was ottered for sale. 

In 1909 this property had been purchased by G. T. 
Carslake from McGill University for $75,000. On December 
15th, 1910 the property was again sold in the name of the Carslake 
Hotel Company for $90,000 cash. In 1913 when the Minister 
of I'ubUc Works commenced negotiations for the purchase of 

this property tht- tu' .. "»..j 

izaUon hj, omH^u't JZ ," "' 'l""- ^^"^''^ aurhor-' 
>n four ypar« „f ahoul l^'lr.hMf '" ''■'^' *■'^■•.M■-^ an inor^vs.. 

of this prorxTty; ,n f... il„, iJ ' ^'"■'' '" '•"> I""vhaaf 

that .the <*:.nH.r;,mc.„t « r\,t 3'' T' "fT'"'*"'- '" "''' ""'"^r 

ckequer Court of Canada In iv ,h •'"''' 'l"™'i'>" «" the Kx- 
I.'JIS, th« Kxchrciue -ourt a L ( Jm"'*"- "" ^f'^^''"^'"'- 7lh, 
sidoralion, fixcl ht- ,;rW. of ,! .^ ''''*'">' '''^'^'1 '"to cmi 

m.m loH, ,h„n ,,he ii;:n\ m%,^;^^,:t^!if^'' "■• °-^ 

The Dorval Military Site 

(Near Montreal; 

8.^t af A^lii^tco^^ ^i;7";' ""■ other to 

«hould purchases tract of ami ne-irVl.,m V',''^'" '''Pt'rtmt.nt 
oeuvres and on May 2ard 19P at th» i / ''' f"f '"'''t^i"y man- 
Sam Hughes, a„ order-in- -ouncM L-? '^'"'5' "^ "'^ ^hen Col. 

day Ih^ MpiS^rii;!! 'hlrd/'-.Jnhllf " ^T"-'' ^-"^ ^"^^ 
Council and o„ June 17lh w' isl,. h. •'""'Of'zation from 
Rodden, Fair and Cameron of Mmf 7 "..dieque to Messrs. 
for thU Milil..ry Camp ground "' ^"^ ^'^^'"O" '" payment 

when a'erd"y3tte''r'it";r^irt ^'Tl'' ^^^ '"»'''' known 
nine days before the Mi^^o?"Tl'""'^^ "^^^ "" -^^nv 8th 19l" 
^'^'X/f?^'^- h^cKteet li^^'rf^lSO.,^ fo^ this }a*nd 

^4^^f^Sft:^^^P^rf^r'o^ and one 
on May 23rd, 1912 for authoH^^til I ^'^ I?,"*-'''"''' have asked 
Pcny^which 16 days ^^^^^^^HyTi^^^^^^ 

on a^nt tetst^nt' ^^^^ ^-^den a profit of $95,000 

The Levis Land Scandal 

Even the Hnr, M^.n. r, ,. . — »•• 

Agriculture in the Borden Gov™n^'^ fJ""^ '"^ ^""i«t<"- of 
be included in tho gXrl „f7ame^!?l?"r A"' ''' '''■'' Portrait 

It had long been known that ground for a new cattle quar- 

c^e Vp'rirnrsc'^^r Tn^s' "^r- "^r^- ^"" ^^^ -t'^r 

24»h I'jl4 Mr linfln i •.. j".?""*,"' Common* on Fobruary 
b«n en, cavour n»^, ? "'"^■:^ "'"Sf""' ^ y""^ ""'' » half he had 
l«^d al U.vl '^ ^" ^""""'"^0 a plan to w^ure the neceF«,ry 

with'u'pi^.o'tf lund'whiKr^ ''""i!? '!|J2 """" '" e°nn^-ction 

La Banque Internationale 

to open in CradTKriaS.^7„'?|;;ir^-^ '"""'''*"« '•>- 

b«cai^'ce^;?^fo^E*hLl''nrL'° ,«';^^"'« '^^rtiflcate 
formalities had iW^comDlied Jh t^*T ''^'^"^•^;, ^fter these 
feel that there w^suffldent stSmtv Lh'I''*^ P*""^ '^''^ "•" 
of this undertaking to SiV the certifi?,! JTI^' ■''"«<=!.^ ba<=k 
result was that wLn tt^Lili^lf »^.?** J^ ^ granted. The 
randum was lef* Mintin<r o^ m^tS' °."' °' .°.®<=« * "lemo- 

accerding to ufe Bank ArtThev w^H^5^ "'m''''^ '° C*n»d«' 
double liability in ca^ the BankT^lh,"^'^^'^ ^ ■"«** 'he 
residing as they did ir. -i f-r»i ™ ^1' ''"', **«• subscribers 
whether this double "ability couldT^'^'ii^" .'''^i'"" '^•^ 
also the fact that one'if&Cb^ ^"^D^^A^o J'^^Sl Z^ 

wife held $250,00S^Ke"ub8SdcaSteT" tS' ^'•- ^*°,"«t'' 

part he hT^l^^lt U^ eWtions°^i ^'^'"p^ ^-^ '^n"" "^ "h',. 

He must have his nnimTi «/ n l i" *™ Province of Queber 

was pn4 aK"Blk'«S^^^ ^"^^jf ^'^ *^ <=ertSe 
It eventually tran..mir»H f»^ »? ""."peteonc career. 

the most of th£ stocH'^F^iHLfi"'- P. ^""^^vvho had placed 
the Bank which h^ bSn ^»?ed^«/l«:"J".^' *200,000 against 
General Manager and ann^^ „ * pnvate agreement by the 
of a liability. TWrwa^^Sn^l? "*" ^\ f *fi« Bank instead 
shareholdera and Mr Por«t 1'h/^^^'\'^*'^^" 'he French 
Montreal armed with proSor 52^^/1"'' shareholder came to 
very arbitrarily ruled that U^i^ho A '''^ ?*^°«;'^- The President 
further proof thTthe PorS hiteiS^tf j;,!!'./''" '^'^^ which is 
with in any way. A law ,iiS^fr,ii»„I? u"?** "°t he interfered 
subscnbere selling out ™sto:k f J*!'"- ""^^ ^ *« ^ren'h 
or hdf their inve^ment '' '**'"« "•^'^hy $300,000 

gentiXlf^oSre Pa?g^i! °' ^'^'^ «^«"« hy this Hon. 

The Quebec Saguenay Rail- 

during°t*e''s^°?'' 19llT^hSoSL!rf7''?^y,,knows was 
, As far back as FebSuS^^ ^^f •''.^^ *i« <^^e™nent. 
Lemieux brought tTthe atfaSn „f '+i,^^^ *** Hon. Rodolphe 
Saguenay IlXay ,^tt2r fcev Zi^CT'''"'^}^'' ^»«h^ 
because toe many leoDk in fS^ heensecured in Prance 
was risky. The^cSS^nJ^W^,^*'^ that the enteiprisi 
with a beautiful prM2ectL^„.^- ^5^ ^n<=h invlstor 
summer rtddence of^^iSt Taff"^"^?* ^""^y Bay as the 
white the name ofl R Pd"euS^i^^«f-P^ident R^oosevelt" 

m some of the literatu- whKt H^^'^i^"" ^""^I^ "^^ ^ 
»3l,197 per mUe. ^ ^^ '^"'^ **e cost of the road at 

coun^tUTrti^^dl^ g'CStmf "!j? S'^ ^^ rugged 
charged that unearned difids hS^ wi^Vf* ^^^ " "^ 
up pnce« white some of the «hn.wH i, m ^" declared to keep 
In this way the «2 WW S^ k V?'''^'^ unloaded. ^ 

and stiu theS^!fiSffl '^Th^". ^"^<^ f™"* ^n<=« 
that rf they allowed Sir"'R"lfphe ^^r^^Tth^Lr?^ 

P«ctable financial p.Mr. of Eu;„i """• °J. *^' "">« ■•"- 
bank looting or Mf ' brilking " "^ «omethinB wor.e than 

the Sht^HS^SirRSS"^ ::?"" <^'i'^"8 the session of 1916 
through ftXmen fhe^purS^'fThl^^f/'ia^- White forced 
Railway. Jt meant fLf .„!!,< thib Quebec and Saguenav 
money i^ould h"o bl LZut =,"',0"'"'°';^''°"''^ "f P"bMc 
ahties were eorajJeted^ When ri^n T.f *•" •f'^'^IT f"""" 
accoRiing to reliablT authnHH^ u* ^""^ "^ «'°u''l mean 

SIO.OOO.MO before tl^Lroirfr.'nt,.''" " '^f^^ expenditure of 
and the best the GovemmenTan^ 'th? ^.'''1 ^""^ '"^^.'^y ^"^ "^. 
that from its incention thu ™ilr^^ t^^ country can hope for is 
but a loosing pr^pSon ™ '™^'' "^ ^^ '^'^ ^^^ be nothing 

money^^The"veVUmln?&hSZ'^vE? ^^L^ ^^* «™ «' 
of the Borden GovernZntl^« crTn^.y^''*..^"'^ '^« members 
««ve, «ave, iave! '*™'"^"t are crying throughout the country 

62 «iie^o%mXfbfcTC^i:"g '^ =^ '«« approximately 

. ine U graded and ralK laW n-f^^^^" ^bout 85% of the 

from Murray Bay to a D^b mln «°"^ ^S'^ "^^^^ ™'e«' "amely, 

fast falling into ^isrepah- '^ ^ '•"" '^''*" '"'''^^ °^ --oad b 

peoptet'5'^'^0°ete1te^;;dTho T"*^ 1''' ""'^ ^0,000 
portaMon d\iring the sZiirfpr m.^u° ^^^l ""P'« ^'ater trans- 
provident aTfndeflnl~paS blffv l^l^^l^' '^''^L « '"»- 
Government is faced with the nM^«i^vf„ *' ^ *™* "'*'«" ^be 
and every dollar of C3S*i'oJ'tL"^t^„^-K''C'^ ^"^^«' 

CapiSf if°*n*?rm'trg'o,S'niilfi^^^^^^ of the 

legislation in the followlnrtel?Si..'*'°''«'y P^^^^^d against this 

thi.7m:7n't'he Qutbe: l"?.!,'' ""°J .^°' °''J«"<'" 
We don't know .nythin^tbttft fV'"''- '!■"*•>'. •"""•'• 
of the money watted Xr«ct°",ny.tolSn I* """^ ''"?«* 
with the enterprUe. but that .he!.n„f" """"V°" 


out the ,0.^ had been made ear Ur fn'T""'?] '" ''">' 

Hot'tK— p-:.tt7^ ^-H^'pu^rl;.;. VhTh 

^.^ The Montreal Gazette another strong Conservative paper 

doe:''„\'^''nrma''nr?..p"e"c1" """' circumstance, 
i""^'- • • . Ihe present 

™e Southampton Railway 
^^ Scandal ^ 

worth |37^S(K) ?oMwX" tZ "pLf """^f ^'^'•' homesteads 
a contract for locks, the \iin!?fl-,?^^'" CJenenil can let 
^anes, the Ministe^ of Cultnmf °^ •'."?'i=« «» draw "hr^ 
Works at Prescott, but whenTt^^r^.^" "** ^™*'^ "f a Storet 
chicanery one ha^ to im te tl,o7^^-*°^/^=' ^nd jobof poh^Ml 
Brunswick to see it X X °"^ °' ^^^ P™^"^^ of Nw 

bui/fMil?^,ri S'thf W^r^S?" R """?? '°"«' '^^ to be 
2f;£v^'= ^l- J- K. Pindlr and P^ A r ";. ■^""' Conservativl 
ht^S^x? **« deal. Bonds fSr $10 Ki^n^""'!?^ "^^"^ 'argely in- 
by the New Brunswick Government 111 ""If '^'T S^anteed 
Th^&r «"d an additiona "S for $2 Mn"' ■'• ^••, ^^«n 
a miil7'"°**? ^£P''ed for an secured th».,.'."^ f*:'!. ""'^ 'ater. 
a mile from the fiominion Go^Snt '"^'"'^ "^ *3,200 

the construction of tWsmd^ere "tS 'i'f "^ *" the cost of 

evident to everybody? E™„=Xrnn' '■°^4: The steal wm 
Parlgment for York, Hon H J:''\,\°'^ry^twe Member of 
the House of Commonfand",^^^'^^^^^^ i" his place fj 

•nd Item, have been tZid VnJo S! '"'" ''••" P»<»d«d 
neither true nor correct I ii"**™"?'"* t»>«t are 
" .seeing with m«y'ofthe f.ct.MTr" °" '~°'^ 
by Mr. Carvel!, and I iavth«M-"i *'*".' '''*'""«' 
veitigateitandputitri^?." ' Minister .hould in- 

s«mdiloWan^tiSJr°Thr^ appointed to investigate this 
of Commons onTeCaiyl'th lll^ '"^.^^'^^ ]" ^^Ho^ 

Of these 13 miles of roJ t'S^ol^^^^JZ^^^or^tr.^^ 

meor. This was the findi^fUfH^°Jh^?--«^actors of 

Post Office Site at Fort 

Crown Attorney, for thelob \ r rl ^°'^' u^""' A- I^- «eorge 
two pieces of ground for i total of Satof °T^*""^ ''P"°"« °n 
- evidence given before the PuSl. a ' . J^*"' according to 
chased the land hin.Sf repmed that".''l^r"i^''^ ^e pur? 
was the agent of the GovS-nment .n/ .'''*''''' J" '^'^ °wn office 
properties to the Dominion fo?^?fi c:^n \'"'"^ "'■^'' 'he two 

0^1 »eX.-- f {ilf WuT"S|-J;^t 
-lt&. ^^-^-^ ^^^ B™Xw%rd,iS P^uti^ b^lnt^ 

Canning N. S. Public 
^ Building Site 

look afterZ'in^ter'^te'of a par°ty friend'thT.^ detennined to 
Sir Frederick Borden's offer of a fr^li f '' '^'^^^'^ "^^ late 
and agi^eed instead to paT$2 000 to vw""^^ .''"''"' ''""'''"? 
tory candidate, for property he owned r^' ^^*°"', ^ ^^^^eatea 
has been declared to be worthy oZ «'^n(?^"»'J^"u^"'^ property 
appear as being worth mor" and f^„S '>r $400 but to make it 
for the proposed buildC-^the Gol^i^'' 'l''^ 5^^ large enough 

four times the4mouThTno7a^i-rsKStTr\^?l| 

T^e Minister of Custom's 
Starchworks at Prescott 

EventuX'g? 'j 'D'Reff'r "If .««tablished at Prescott 
Borden Government became tVd'^l^^''*^'^ "^ Customs T?he 
hoder in this Comp^.'""For ^ome retU^1["'•'* ^""^"^ '^^ 
not prove profitable and the starX^lfr- " ""e investment did 

On January 31st 1<^1? nr ^ -n u'"^'^^ """"^ closed. 

after the Borden (overnnlnt ooT offic,"°''f . i^V ^'^ '"^''ths 

safely installed as MinX of (w t,f '^ ^^^ "°"- ^'- Reid 

h.s connection with the Starch' yC^"'to^^.Z''% T'.l^ 


cfnte 1^,X '^Z;^^lf^l *"« ^r. had ceased hi. 
public ^oa-u'U- fh^a- '-,. i.e.s. Of the 

Victoria Harbour Wharves 

Gj^ftfe^^cVlil tcter?^fH"S'«' « -''•-t to Mess™ 

wharves at Victoria Harbour ?h! f */'/°' '^« ^""ding of ^e 

rf ^^^OO'OOO- "• ""^ *°*^ cost to be slightirS! 

construcUo^ofXe^*°h^rtl^tt" '".r"^"*"" '^th the 

M°l*°ald''5te?.^aki^«^^^^^^^^ ttv^ ^l^-.^^ the 
eluded an^gemJSte ^th He„r^'^°^^ •^'' *«« dred^ng eol' 

^=u\- ^''^'r ^^teto^aSrho^pSS ^ 

of the ;„?k ^- tt'^tt^ar "d^}^ -?^ the d-'^^in^ Portion 
4.300 Y.H. of Roc. Exc.v.tion t„„...e, to 25.288 Y.H. 

and sublet and accort^ng to^I^"?!"^ gentlemen had^blet 
at the 1916 session of the Puhl^/A^'^''®"'^^ ^^ich was prodieSl 
collusion betwwn tho public Accounts Committw th^ 

"^t that th;i^f|,^"fa"tld'\""'' «"b^on™m wft'^Tl^ 
ya^ to 25,288 cubic ytK- «f '"'^"'ased from 4,300 cubic 


ir?r -''e 'yVt.f7L^^l^^-^^ontH. While not 

collusion be{ween';h:"&^„,;rn,SS^"'=*'^-*° ^^"'^ t^at tl,e,^ wa, 
the sub-contractorq Tk^ u^*"' engineer on the worU 7^ 

ol r r '-■^--- ""^^^^^ 

how careC"the''°enrine^re » *^. ^^"^ence shows conclumvelv 
^tmate sheets to S?tS tL'" P«™i«inff thewTpro^ 
S«P?rtf ent who haa dwr^' of ^ht vSP°^ °^ «"« Public 1A^ 
t^f P?*!,^ "F'^"!! thresh LSh or .^"ulf ^'^^ '«*rt«ta wffi 
the Public Accounts ComnS ?ha?;^,^ '?"''«■ <>ath befSS 
rock as was located i„ this V^ria^L^J"'' 8o«nf through such 

was notT .^r^" '=°"d'^^4lT th^t'fc.'' '^' P^^h'our 

Purchase of Coal at Victoria, 

Urn Cm 

boldlS^ v^Ss ^aftS; buTi^if h'=^ r^ off th« prize for 

Government and with fh»w n 4^^^ "' the Bowser-M^r;,?! 

I^iblic Works in the^Fede'raf Caoi^'^,^ «?«?" aTniKf 

n m""' .^ i^.^"^ «°<«i icond'^ *^' *''" ^0"^ °f British Col! 

ffib^"^')^ "-"''•'ohl'r' S°- °^ t'^e Minister of 
required for the dredRes and n^^ ^T » Quantity of ctoI f. 

, Aa time went on Mr ifi;;;, ""^ ™'« »' W-25 per ton 
coal WM being ordered an, f''^'" ^«* «UTrised to find ?hat n„ 

more than Mr jSa A fe''^''^^'>- "^« Crerament $3 sTi 
r' ^" -PP"«^ in^-ote rwiWfe-^hfd'lii^ 

B^^ • W ""°" RowJved 50 cent. 

to^«.^l/*co.^S.SXCo«^^^ Nelson above referred 

to Court ttat he had certS"^ ^he*^1LSt.^'^ *« '^"^'^ 
•"d then^aiide^..'-'-' »' ««t'^'V' tot.^K^^ C 

-"-iu.'j'^^icritl ra zt:: r"-'-! «" '•'- 

*^^.,?l«*f Bounties 

that nearly 17 000 ti- i i 

Far?: ••'■"'• r ^'^'^'^i 4 h^Tn 'an^'r"?"'^"' ratdVvot' 
but th /"■' P"'n'<'d out that Ofwi ^'^'^'^ """*'«' "Bountv 
but that something over 30,Z Lm^o ,Se7h"' i^? ""^ f^^°" ^ 

»„ .l" '*•• Govtrnmenl i. wiiii "'^ "'*' bounty. 

to the.e men." d^7ll^U\hJl"' *.° »'^« the bounty 

*Tince Rupert 

This Company in IQii io . 
fc!i'*''°"i^ Prince Ru^^^5'^«^ a contract tor building 

■»«y» "eS." ™ •"' ■»!«««! b„°,i;o,& g°arc"s' 

"Appointment of ,„.ki- ;^ "^^ ^ follows: 

•ct n, upon th. AUrt of th^ r^^*?*"' «»"""'•"««" 
P«t«"v« •Mmln.tlonV' •wmln.r. irft.r com- 

bi« but what ia the outeomef " ^'^•* ^*'°'™ wunded 

13,466 Einploy,M Uft »h. S«r»lc. 2B«1«A . . 

the CMl SI 'on'T ™'^* ^^ *« Government to reform 
PloyjKM who left the G^vmWbJSJ^ £i *"**' °' "'<« •">- 

^3 ^«* have b«« 26S?r ^-r^-sri^- ^, p^ ^ ^^ 

two Sve t^\Zat^'i^. ^r r^ «»'«' ">«* «ot out 
do not Include one ^SmrJk„fcJ^ "■**- »nd these flmimg 
with the w*kTtJ^ar Stl^iSSlif'^^'" cSLS 
The*, are all over «id Sk^? „ "T**? !*P«w««Mtely 2,m. 

«-7„ta other D^sii ^f :ff5sr«5r;^;-s 

threS7he°°^tS^^e;r^;;4PPota^^ have been made 
alike fight, in the&re"rtraSl, h.M ""-^ conservatives 
pointments to cwy on the wSS ti,-"w'''''"' '.' •="««' *» ap- 
•PP ly. How couS one eS a^Jh? J^fi'n'y Torie. neH 
Service when we find nuT^ 4?^r"i'!f dmerent In the Civil 
Blondin statinr"lwouIdbithfl ™«7' *•>« Hon. Mn 
Common, to uk. up the d.?.;** ""fi" *•»• «""•• of 
Commiuion." "^ " defence of the CIWl Seryice 

F-«?IL!:;!ifu*l%rp'Hl;;''^.*ii- '•"■•*•-'•«"■"■'. tn. sh.„ .„. 

''Dash Away and Spend the 


Mr. DonSoia'&^o* J^r?'^'*"^ .^'"'"d" «" of what 
ftated in the HoS"commlMonlhr»H^'" ^f Queens P E.I* 
in 1914. 'commons on the address from the Throne 

»pendlnemo,^."'^* ""^ '*^"««»° ^ debt, dash away and 

I 0«l~i Onra.. Om.