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Full text of "Check list of the fishes of the Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland [microform]"

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Collection de 






Canadian InMituta for Historical IVIicrora,>roduction. / Institut Canadian da microreproductiona hiatoriquaa 


Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes technique et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
checKed below. 









Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

Covers damaged / 
Couverture endommagee 

Covers restored and/or laminated / 
Couverture restauree et/ou pelliculee 

Cover title missing / Le titre de couverture manque 

Coloured maps / Cartes geographtques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

Coloured plates an*or illustrations / 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material / 
Relie avec d'autres documents 

Only edition available / 
Seule edition disponible 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin / La reliure serree peut 
causer de I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de 
la marge jnt^rieure. 

Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have 
been omitted from filming / II se peut que certaines 
pages blanches ajoutees lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte, mais, kiisque cela itait 
possible, ces pages n'ont pas ete filmees. 

L'lnstitiit a microfilme le meilleur examplaire qu'il lui a 
ete possible de -e procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
plaire qui sent peu:-etre uniques du point de vue bibli- 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite. 
ou qui peuvent exigfir une modifications dans la meth- 
ode normale de filmage sont inoiques ci-dessous. 

r~] Coloured pages/ Pages de couleur 

I I Pages damaged / Pages endommagees 

j I Pages restored and/or laminated / 
Pages restaurecs et/ou pelliculees 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 
Pages decolurees. tachetees ou piquees 

n7 Pages detached/ Pages detachees 

r~t Showthrough / Transparence 

I I Quality of print varies / 

' — ' Qualite inegale de I'impression 

I I Includes supplementary material / 

Comprend du materiel supplementaire 

r^ Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
— slips, tissues, etc., have been returned to 
ensure the best possible image / Les pages 
totalement ou partiellement obscurcies par un 
feuillet d'errata, une pelure. etc.. ont ete filmees 
a nouveau de (a^on a obtenir la meilleure 
image possible. 

r~J Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the 
best possible image / Les pages s'opposant 
ayant des colorations variables ou des decol- 
orations sont filmees deux fois afin d'obtenir la 
meilleur image possible. 


Additional comments / 
Commentaires supplementaires: 

This ittffi is ffirm«d at th« rtduction ratio chackacl btlow/ 
Ce documtnt est filme au taux de reductio i indiqui ci-d«$sous. 
lOX 14X 18X 



Tha copy filmad har* hu ba«n raproductd Ihanki 
to tha ganareaity el: 

National Library of Canada 

L'axamplaira filmi fut raproduit grica t la 
g*n4roiit* da: 

Blbllothaqua natlonala du Canada 

Tha imagaa appaaring hara ara iha bast quality 
poaaibia conaidaring ttia condition and lagibility 
of tha original copy and in kaoping with tha 
filming contract apacificatiena. 

Las imagaa tuivantas ont *ti raproduitaa avac la 
plus grand soin. compta tanu da la condition at 
da la nanat* da l'axamplaira film*, at »n 
cenfermitA avac la* cond^tiena du contrat da 

Original copios in printad papar covars ara fllmad 
baginning with tha front covar and anding on 
tha last psga with a printad or illuatratad impraa- 
sion, or tha back covar whan sppropriata. All 
othar original eopias ara filmad baginning on tha 
first paga with a printad or illusiratad impras- 
sion, and anding on tha last paga with a printad 
or illuatratad imprassion. 

Laa axamplairas originaux dont la couvartura *n 
papiar aat imprimda sent filmas an commancant 
par I* pramiar plat at an tarminant soil par Is 
darnitra paga qui comporta una amprainia 
d'imprassion ou d'illustration, soit par la sacond 
plat, salon la eas. Toua las autras axemplairas 
originaux sont fllmda an commancani par la 
pramiAra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'imprassion ou d'illustration at an tarminant par 
la darni*ra paga qui comporta una talla 

Tha laat racordad frama on aach microficha 
shall contain tha symbol -^-^ (moaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or tha symbol V Imaaning "END"). 
whichavar appliaa. 

Un das symbolas suivants apparaitra sur la 
darnitra imaga da ehaqua microficha. salon la 
caa: la symbols — » signific "A SUIVRE", la 
aymbola Y aignifia "FIN". 

Maps, platas, charu. ate. may ba filmad at 
diffarant raduction ratios. Thosa too larga to ba 
sntiraly includad in ona axposura ara filmad 
baginning in tha uppsr laft hand cornar. laft tn 
right and top to bonom. as many framas as 
raquirad. Tha following diagrama illustrata tha 

Las esrtaa. planchaa, tablaaux. ate, pauvani atra 
film*s t das taux da reduction diffOranta, 
Lorsqua la dOGumant ast trap grand pour itra 
raproduit an un saul clicha. 11 ast films S partir 
da I'angla supiriaur gaucha. da gaucha * droita, 
at da haut an baa. an pranant la nombra 
d'imagaa nOcassaira. Laa diagrammas suivants 
illuatrant Is mdthoda. 

1 2 3 








E.«=— 3=^— :;2_— — ~ 


^S:si„ — u-ax -a — s — 

^^■;^T::^5^^^fe"*' ~ 

^&- > £= 


a:?-ia«- Bar — '.^ j£ ____ — 

_4y - .nlKf ...... "'•~'»-^' 

Check List of the Fishes of 

the Dominion of Canada and 


: J\ C:'^-'_, l-i l\ 



The Fishes of the Dominion of Canada 



Naljirali^/, Dfparlmetil Marine and Hsheriei 

Illustrated by 14 Plates 

This »Kirtk ifl fcti.; property of tjit 
r'^fi'r^^nce libr-»rT. Natural lic>niirot.'< 
liuelliu'f'rH'i' Branch, D(-*p;irtiiR-iit ul 
tilt- iiiLcriiir, ttttawa. artii ^!!..u!'t t.-e 
r«liir,i.-.l tliereto within THO WEEKS, 



S..l,rtMc (if 
rii,.,-k l.i.r 

V K.mrirk. ... ... 


7 10 

1 1 ;i7 

:is-iiii , 


(il<.-;ary .. 

'lr.1irii.Ml T.T111- .... 


\mU'\ to ■[ 

■clmival Niinic-. 

\\'.* i:t(i 

Iml.x t.. \ 

.■nm.-ular Nuiiirs 





,■ ,„ ilJ,,.. „t Hiili^h Xcrtli Amorica. to .lim is to Rivo 
tl,e»poc.ic.»imlis.-..»"stotlK.U.,.mm,m.f . .. . .^ ,,,,„, „f (•„„,.aa ha. lo.,R l;-™ « 

l(,u,k. beyon.l tl,o .hr,e mil. I|.™t A " 1'^' ;; ^ '„.,„ ,„,, ,„ ,,„.!„,„ ,l,at no.,1. U ^U'M 
,teUlcratm„, u,.,! it i. l-l-i H.o " ^ ;; 2, w y t,.va.l» a tulkr »pc.-ili. c..,„,..,,.i.m „ 
,,„„„vor, bo l,...k,,l ,.|".a a, a P'""™;''';;^™ ':/;,, ,„ whi.l. arc |,,,n.W,.,.ally ,»l.a..l"l 

i„ the IW a. .li»tin,.t »,,», l.av„« 1.C-.I '" '~ . ' „„„„ ,|,„,|,,f„| rc.n.nU, wl,ul> Lapp, y 
„|,.c„ay k,„.w„, an,l a„ ....l™v.».r .. """^; ' "^ ) ', .l.o l..^..' ka-., a...l ...-c ™„...>..rc.,.ny 
arc not .i%lt i.umcro.ia, 1,1 f.«.t-m.t.>. ■" r'-' . ^^ _ „.|,|ct,.lv a.-rvc it.-, purpuw; bul^ 

i„,p„ita„t ki„a.<, tl,.' .■ ,..ay, .n RivL.B ' ^^ j ''". • ,,,,, ,,,,. ,'„,„,,, ,„„i „„!,« to »..>fu»..m 

cvc, in a tew of tl.cso tin. lii.nla "f ' ""Vf'T', r „i,„'. ' 11 mU ot .r.tai,. spc-iinona ai-o po^.bly 

i„ their .corJ. ami .yn..ny,n», arc har,l .. 'l''"; " ' . , .,,,,„,^, ,„, 1„„1 they iKcn ris htly 

,„n,c,!,nc, wonfily ,„.mc,l by the ■■-■'"■'''•'■"■ "'"^ "'',,„„„,, i„ « ca«,, the loe.>bl.c. 
„„„e,l. .,n,ler the ,peeie» to wluch they really ... ■>->■; "~^^^^^^^^^ ^^,,„..^,^ „.,,i^.,, „„.,„ ,,«. 

i„ which th.7 wcie <,uv^- U. """■'''' "„„,„„ ^|,|„„„|, ,„,t act.ially ._■."> 
,„„„r bonier,, or l"'"" .™" "„"' ,,r . 1 a tW,, iu^tilnlblc, beca.,»o the late lev 
„u, watc, are also a-l.n.ttc.l, "; ";';..! J „^,.„',^i„„ ;„ „,iti.,h CoUnnb.a which 
(1. W. Tavlor w.i» comtantly bniisj..- to "- > ^,^, _.,^|,^.|,,,^ |,,,^„ rovoaloil species ah>nS our 

hitherto not i-.c.i re rJcl; an.l ''"'""""'' '■i,„„ii,iioi, which h.rinerly wore not rec.jrjea 

Atlantic .uul in the fresh watc s o .. ) i,„„„,,tl„. ot c,,l v.s.tors, 

north of the St.ites bo..n.htry. ick ai .^.^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ _^ „„„„„cnce ..f species very 
Buch a. the tarpon f/.ir,.o.. ""'■•'"•" ' •; , ,„„„,„,,„ i„ Helen Lake. Xipiso.. H.ver, .i...l 
rare in Canachi, s.ich .,s the pa,l,lle-hsh '■"■"!.';",, ,„, ,.„,,„. „,„,,ial,y the fresh wat..r 
elsewhere in the (.'ana.lia,. Creat Lakes rejio... fhe hst ;^ t ^^ ^_^^ ^^^^ _.^|^^, , ^^,,„„,j^ 

ILhe,, of N-cwto„n,llan.l is ajanttcl to be '""• -J^;;;' ,.,,':;" ,',a,,..a,lor.' by William Coavcse 
of the species of that clony (save "'"'"' '°,„.„| in covcrcl with w,.tor some 

^::::;:::::2:^rt:::.:::.:^^ -- iithas,.ce„tho.i,t 

litting to indnJe such in the list. ^^1,;,^,, j„ „„j „„„, ,„. |,ave not 

Cana,la h..» its own particular spec, -s ..f hshe, t la ^^^ ^^^.^^ ^^^^_^ .^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ,^,„„^„ 

been founJ, in the wat.-rs of any other countrj , and one • .j,,^^^ „,^^^, „f j,„ ^pe^ie, 

known, recently Jiscovercl, is the type of a ™"; f^^ _ ': , ;, , ,„,, „,aces in the 1. f the 

rr""c:^::;:^:""t™;^i::a:^;i;:"^-'-,^''-'"«"- -" 
r; hi^:;,:;;::^ ., r,, or ha. ---^^ ^- -t:i irS;.pe,i, what ,t ports to ..e. 

The check-list, of coarse, is not ''^"P '™1 ''f J„ " ?,', „.h..t pe ies of lishcs i..l,..blt the 
n is a pioneer, feeling it, way towar.1, a >'«"J_ ^no,^ ';. . , ", ,,,,„ „lisenoos to Canada. U 
..vaters ot the British North American r!"^''7 , .t'^ .i^,, t,, ,tpproxiin,.tetl.c t.,t,,l n.u..l,.'r 
a,«..s not profess to be a complete list but . is '"■;''',,,, V , in ..R,.r,l to spcci.-s to be a,hl,.,l 
„, ,i„„. „hich o.,r wat,.r. contain. It .s subject '; ; - ^^'^ ,„;, ,„ i^„,, „ „„»„., aiul such 


OHioi LT»r or r.iHu or the doiiinion 
foil,™ ™'^1, "m """'' "'T ","■ ■■""■' ."r'" ""•'"'''"« '"l-P":™ (3 bein. in .,l,le„,l.), and they 

iTfi r , ; r' """"■■ "'"■'■"""' ''>• ""•■ ™'™ "' <'"""<>■■ "'« ven«.„lar nam. Then 

the h.h hn. one (unj the nmjority of our li,h™ l»!ar vernacular name,); the envToiimen, 
eonei«ely: and the geograpliieal dbitrilmtiol. o," each li»h are given. mvtronment, 

The .heek-lht i» hosed on all the availaWe literature on the ,ul,ject, and on my own nermmnl 
ol«.rva„on. ,„ n,any part., of the Uon.inion; a, well a,, in an examinktion of .poeZn'T th,^ 

obl,R„l,. , to Dr.. Jordan and Lvem«n„. Their great work on 'The Fishes of North and Middle 
A,n nea ,n four n,a»„ve volumn, ha., l«,n indi,pe„,al,le, and I am i,, lehted to them" the 
»eltlen,en e, pr.onty of „»„„„. , .dhere, however, to l.ri.i,h iehthvologi.,, „1 ere » ma ter ^^ 

Orthography „ e -erne-i-a. /..,„W™,«, instead of t.;„.».,ea, and «,„1„ instead of ft ,J„„ 

Besides the great work of th..e authoriti™ referred to, I have reeeivcd much help from t'"; 

Many list, and rwonl. of the fishes of Praviuces and loealitie, have been diligently compared 

:,«;: sii: " "" ' '"" '"■™ ""-""«' -^ -^ ■»"-■•'-' ""-'-'- -' trx, 'f 

To Mr. Harry Piers, Curator of the Provincial Museun. of Nova Seotia, I am indebted not 
only for eop,e, of h,, annual report., which contain accounts of fishes of Nova « oti., .„" ,r rt ord 
., he occurrence of «,ta„.,cr„. sc*,;,/, and ../ei. ,„„(,, in that Province, but a »7o rthehl 
of the followmg lists which arc now out of print. 

'Fishes of Novo Scotia,' ISM, by Thomas F. Knight. 

■ List of the Fishes of Nova Srotio,' 1879, by ,/. Matthew Jones. 

'Novo Scotion Iclithyology," lS8.v(i, by I)r. Honeyman. 

• I ^t° TJ'!'!!''' P"' "' •'"""'"•■"""n Univraily, I owe a great deal, not. only for the valuable 
a.l whtch h,s 'Catalogue of the Marine and Fresh-water Fishes of Ne^ !!.•. .swVk" and ht'Li t 

° him' Tk r,, ' "' "■" """" '"'"''"""•'' ""^ '"""'"'^ "»'' '="' ' ■"■■ 'dditLally .ndebt 
to h.m for kmdiy gomg over my raanuscrpt in regar,! to the lishes of New Brunswick. 

of ,h'"'«w "• ''" ' '";l<nowle<iEe the favours of the late Hcv. 0. W. Taylor, formerly the Curator 
of the B,olog,cal .S tat.on at Departure Hay, Vancouver Island. In personal interview, andh, 

It I Tatr'k „?K . ""'T " ;;■" ' ""■" "" "" "■" "•'""•'■ " ™>- '» mention^tt 

„,l h ; r 7- I'' ™''^" '«■'"' <" """"■ "'<■ '" i"".rporate into my list, a list of the fishes of 

Bnfsh tolumb,, whnh he lumself had in course of preparation, but unfortunately his d^ah 

MeZr X ; "".""' ""■"»PP™-''- '" -l-'-l to the fishes of British ColumbiM m lo 

a list of the fishes ,n the museum type-written for me, and who also sent me a copy of hi, pubLhed 

report contams a lis. of the fishes in that collection. To him I am further i^Lbt«^^for gcukg 

:e"rs7y,7e:';iS:""™ "' '■"'"'"" '™""""' ""'""' "'■ """"" °' >.eland-Stanfor,.1„:in:^ 

The following lists and p.iblications hove been of groat service: 

■ Food and (iame Fishes of North .imcrica,' by the deceased Dr. (1. Brown Coode 

n ' ^ ':'",' 1'' '.'",'•''''"■» "' ""»»"".' '>y M'- <^ W. Nash, Lecturer on Biology fo^ tl,. Ontorio 
Department of Agriculture. "ntono 


.. ,',"''';"?, "" ""' '''"'"'" "' '"'"'"■' »'"' ' '■*""■" "" '■■'-''™ '■' Tiwiwli, Prinn. K,lw«r.l I>lnn<l ■ l,v 
r. ti. A. (ornwh.of Tdrotllu l;ni''t.r»ity. ' ^ 

'. '"'"/'I'"'' "' '■"'"•"''"'.' ''>• «'■• «•. C. Kwulall. „f ,l„. i:„i,p,l s(„t,.» Fi,l, Cinmn™,-,,,, 
A Lherk-I]«l i.f the Kmli-wutcr Ki.liCT ..(Ciiiuitlii; !„■ KvcTriianii iin.l (i(,l,l»l„,„,i.)[li 
Fauna „( the Atlantic foant „t Cana.!.,' by Ur. Jo»..|,h Stafr„r,l, in wl.kl, „,e,„i.,„ i, mode 
lit fiHlK-H occurring at (ia«pi'. 

Note, on the Kishc. of Lake Ontario, of [,akc Chan^plain, nn.l of the .SI. I.awr,.nrr Hivcr hv 
I-.vprnmnn and Kendall. ' ^ 

(■at«h>B„e of Ki.he« &,:. exhibited by the Department of .Marine ami Ki.,l,eri™ at the foloiiial 
and Indian lixhlbition, by the deeoa»ed Ur. .1. F. Whiteavei.. '-oioiimi 

I"r.:f. llamnay VVrinhtV ' Preliminary lieport on the Fi»li and Fi.lierieH of Ontari. 

•ervieo; and ' I,i,t of .Manitoba Fi.he,- by Ur. K. K. Prince, wa, „f „.e a. »h„wi„„ „ i 

occur in .Manitoba, but no localities are given. 

fnlh.T'"' '"r'n'T'"* '!,"'!."'' P"''"™''""" '"»■•' I'"" "' K'™' iTvice, generally a., .hewing the ,li,. 
tribution uf fi.hc«, which occur in Canada, at the coa-t. of other land., or in the open ocean 

■ Hwtory of British Kishe.,' ISoli, in two volumns, by William YarnJI. 

'.Vn Introduction to the .Study of Fi.he.,' 1880, by Dr. Alliert (liinthnr 

'The Oambridge .Vatural Hi.tor)-': volumn VII-' Fi,|,e.'-in part by' Dr T W Hr 
Trinity College, Cambridge, and in part by Dr. (1. \. Iloulenger, of the Zoological Dep, , 
the British MuHeum, '^ 

'Catalogue of the Fereifoim Fishes in the Uritkh Museum ' bv Dr. Boulengor 

.(he. of Porto Rico,' by Bv-ermann and Mar«h, published in a Bulletin of the 
"f «limlar «.rviee coneerning the oocurrelice o( certain .[Heies at that island 

io Dr. L. Ilussakof of the American Museum of .\atural History I 

was of 

jge, of 
nent of 

States, was 

5 for 
veo. .h„r,.gh> the determination of one „; »vo speWm™: whil 'i;; ;!; ZlZllllg*:;: 

bv mV VV T r° T: " '°-™",'" "T" "'r W""'"" "' 'h' hearty .'r -rest shown t me 
by Mr. W . A I ound, Superintendent of Fisheries, during the time when the .ck-list wa. bei g 
prepared, and for his patience in awaiting its forthcoming * 

. '^f" words concerning the scheme of classification referred to above. .,i the pre«.nt state 
of lehthyological knowledge a certain latitude may l« allowable, and I may therefore' e pa dned 
or venturing to arrange families and higher group, provisionally in such a way as for the pr, ™t 

uS 7Sr , "T"- :?' ''>-''""""•"•" "»'"«% -livi*' in- two order,, the name he e 

used for these being-My.Mnoide, (Hagfishes) and Petromyzonte, (Lamprevs). Being unLd 
^ sotne do, to regard the Plagiostomi (Shark, and Hay,) and the LioeephalT ((wt' 
» di.tinctive ,ub.elas,e,, I combine them in a single sub-ela™-Klasmobranchii o Xh 
he two ormer are order,. I follow Ha,„e in sub-dividing the Plagiostom acceding t 
the .tructure of the vertebric. These divi,ion, I regard a, .suborder,. Tirnan e" 1e"LhU 
ami Batoide, (»ve that the former by some i, the name employed f,.r thcTntit «ib. 
l\:^r '",""'°r'""^ ^r™'""' '" H-n-obranchii, I dLa'Td, for th rea^^™ a^ 
the transition from the more primitive sharks through the teetospondylous sharta to the 

^ml^l t 1 1 / b^.'''h".tl,an artificial; especially as the more natural sub-order Teetos- 

pondyh includes fonns which ,t i, usual to place with the .Selaehii on the one hand (although none 



«ii-li :,n- rr|ir™.|il,.,l in „ur m,liT»l itti.l .vIiIl ill,. lli,t„i,l,.i cii llir ..llicr. UiHnirilinn 111.. ti;iiii, 

'■""""''■' "» " "«'■''■■ I ilili.niil.. 111,. .li.H.ilinili,, , „f tin. T,.|,.,.,l..r.ii l,v .liviiliiiK ll„.,„ ,,iii,„„i|v 

int.. Uv.. .ii|...r-..| ('li„ii,||..,.i,.i ,ii„| T,.|,K„t,.i, Tliiir i. ii .■l.,«,.r it.|,ili.,ii,s|ii|, l„iw...ii ili,. 
llolintel (ll«r.|)ili..« iiii.l Ai,„„ n,lni) in muny i..»,.nliiil lini'ti.iiliiw iiinl the lVlc..,si|.i „, r... ,,tni/i.,| 

ilinn thin. i« l„.t»..,.n tin. f..iinir i.ii.l Ih,. II |r„»t,.i. Tlii.ri.f,.r.. I indu.l.. th.. ll..l.„.l..i .,- „„ 

imlcr ill thi. Ti.|i-..»l..i. Till. !».. nil l., I„. «i,i,. ,iBnif.v inmh i|,i. ,,,ni,. tiling. I.nt H,.I..Hl..i iii.iv 

''""'I I" till' niiiiii' •>! th i.riiiiitiv ,l..i ,.f tli.. i<n|.( I',.i,f,.riiiitv t.. ii..|nii..» 

an .iriliT in tlir »iif.<.| (■h..ii,lr...ti.i, iilth..iicli tin. »ii|.,.r-..i,l,.| iiiul .,r.l..r,™,-,, tli.. .a.i... 
Thia I liivi. a» Ai.i|H.|i,.|.r..i.l|.i iih,. |.,nl,ll..-(i»h an.l il„. ,.tiiii..,..„i,i. II,,. „i|„.r-„nl,.,. T,.h.,..l.i ihn» 

Ulia,.r.t,),.,l. ,„iitiiiii. W „r,l,.i, (..nly tw., „f wl.ii-h, Syinl,i„nil,ii i.iiil Opi- mi „ii. n..t ii-i,...- 

«..iiti.,l ill Canii.ln) .iii,l I f„l|,„v M„nl,.iif..i in lliiir iiali,..» iiii.l iiiiiinB .nt. |..\,.,.|,t tliiil with him 

tli,-a,. ,.r.l,.i-» (anviiii! M..l...t,.i l,..r,. ii„l,„l,..l in TiJ,., „.■,■ ,..ul,..,i,|,.|,. „ii,| Ih,. ,„|„.r.„r.l,.f 
Tt.h.i.sti.i an; an.l his 'lu-i^«m^ ..f th.. A..antti(.|.I.Tv«ii I n.^iiid us,.r«. (iu..tiiti..ns 
fr..iii H..iil..n>:,T kIvi-ii ii» f,..,t-ii.,t..» in tin. sihoini. .,f ,.|assili.., iiii. iiit,.,i.l...l a» ,i» t.. 
why E his ..|assili,.ati,.ii. In siil,-.livi,lini: ..nh-r.. int.. faiiii!ii.s aii.l Bi'iii.ra, I havi. in sulistan.,. 

' ' Bai'li-'l !')• J..r,l..-. nn.l |.:v..iiinilin, ami in thn nain..s ..f th,' s|,....i,.s 1 ,.ssi.ntiiilly fi.lh.w th 

(..r thi-ir assi.liiity in liaviii); ,h.t,.riiiin,.,l thr |iii.,iity ..f tho nnm,.s .,r tin. lislms i.f th.. .■.,ntii,..|,t 
..f .V.irth iin.l Mi.l.ll,. Ami.ri..a is anH iiii.l s|...uks f.,r ils..|f, I'- iiain naim.s ..|ii. 
|il..y...l liy J.,r.laii ami Kyninninn, m.t always with tlii.ln |..|ual in iiiiik, I liavu ni,.rL.uvi.i- a.l..|,l...l 
as siih-iirtlors .if sum,.|s. 

The chi'ili-lisl is fi,ll„w,..l l.y a l.ri,.f Kl..ssary ut t,.,.|ilii,.ul t,.n,.s, ami in.lii.,.s i,f tcdiliiiiil ami 

v,.rna,uhir iiaiiiM; ami the w.irk is illnstrat...! with 14 |)lat,.s, fr.iiii |ili..'.,sia|ihs uf ,u.nint,.,l s| i- 

ni,.ns ami ,.astH in the Canaillan l''isli{.ri,.s Mns,.nm. 


\'ilunilUI, llrimluiriil Miirini' mij rith.rirt. 
Caniulian Fishprii's 

OiTAWA, Tanaila, llllli. 

wri iL* [lyjH-ntiirlii 

Scheme of Classification 


Sub-clm I CyclMtom.U (Hi.i:ti>li..> ,.im| l.i.mj.nvM. Al-u known ,.. Cyclust. i„i, im.l iw 
nliWM I MVXINOIUKS Ilj^fish.-*.!. AU.. km.vvn ,.s HvrHrMtr-ti. 
humitti I Afi/xiniihp. 
tit'iiiiH I My-xiiio 

liiiiiir'ti 1 (Attici'ii'itii IIiiKfiKli) 
FfUinl'i II Kfl'Hrili'lir 

(It'TiUH 2 I'olistotreintt 

ernuti 2 (Cttlifuriiiu Jliinfi'-h) 
OUDKlt M I'KTItOMYZONTIvS. (r.rtii,,>rry«). AIm 
Ftunilij HI I'lliomijzonida 
(.ifiiurt .'i IV'tromyxon 

iimiitmH 3 ((irent Se.i l.iiiii|in'y) ■ 
iinicolor 4 (Liin(ll..*Icctl Lani[iroy) 
(Jt'iiUM 4 Iciithyoiiiyzoti 

(■nnc()li)r r> (Silver I.nripn'y) 
i:ii.-*tiUR'ii3 U (Nortlii-'i I.jiiutifcy) 
ficiiUf* Ti I'liitDspIioim-i 

tridenttttua 7 (Vhrcc-tuotli.iJ Lrniiprey) 
(ic'tiua 6 Lampetra 

uurcu 8 (lirook Lamp'oy) 
ciliariu 9 (lirook Lamprey) 

wihiiTi 10 I.Sm-ill llhuk I.iunprry; Itroiik Lumprey) 
Sub-class II Elasmobranchii i.slniik-.. Kayn, an.! fhinia-ras). Alao known as Selacliii and as 
<)1{[>I:» III I'l.A(;i()ST()MI iSlmrks and Hny^) 
SuB..mnF.n 1 DiPLn^poNUYLi, a'luui<.stnn»« in which Hie centra are imperfectly 
f^uitmeiilL'il, and jni;i,.d In pairs, mid cacli pair Ijoftrin;; two neural arclies.) 
t'amUij IV HixanchUia} Known al^o an \..tidaiii<l;i'. 
(ienii8 7 NotorhyncliUB 

maculatus 11 (Cow Sliark) 
Genus 8 Ilexanclius 

rorinuf* 12 (Shovel-nosed Njiurk) 
SuB-oBoiR 2 AsTEBoBPo.vDTu. (Plajiiostoines in which the ciilcification nf each 

centrum in eruss soetion rndiatj^a ntar-likc from the central axis.) 
Fnmilij V ScijUiorhinidcp. Scylliidif in part of some. 
Genua 8a Scylliorhinua 

profundonim 12a (RouasettJ'). See addenda p. 117 
(JenuH y Catulus 

Ijrunneus 13 (Cut Shark: 

'AIUioukIi this family r.,iihiiii!< Bliarka whicli Iwvc 
NolUlanu.'i, iimi rlio nutiu; of tlnr futiiily should coico-. 

(II Shark) 

?ill ftpfrtiirfS on litbpr siilc, HfranrhiiK has priority over 
i^ Cliat of tlie typiful gcniw. 

critcK I 

■•1 or FI-.IIF:'* It? Tllf, D •ui\ 
I'lirt of niirni-. 

httnihi Vt fi,il,i>l„. (HiTliiirii.l; 
(li'Miii 1(1 (htti-orliiiiiix 

Ky..|.trruM II i(»il Mliiirk: T..j»-| 
<•>■' ^ II I'riuim.v 

at.Airn l."i lliiviil illlir Slirtrk) 
Fnmihi III M,>i^ii,l(r. in I.«miii.b> l.y -..m... 
(irniiH U' Aloi.i.ii. 

viil|.fH Itl iThii'-hi'it 
{•■'lunlii Mil l.i,u,„uh 

.■niiuil.iru 17 (l'..rl„.,i»tr; Markcrvl Simikl 
(JiiHi- II (jinhanMi.iri 

citniiariiw \H (Crciil Uliih' Shark), l\ t;u,rhi,u.h 
(ifliti^ 1.1 (Vt.)iliinu^ 

iniuirn.i. I<> i Hii-kiiiL; Nliark) 
SuB-MRDKit ;{ CrcL(.^pnNi,YLi. l'laKi.Hi„iiH.H ill wliicli the palpincalinii „f ,.a<li e*>ntiurn in 
niMj. -i-rli'iii I'oiiiia a riritf anmiul the axin.) 
Fiunih, ,V S,iii„li,l,i. Spinaciilii' in part of mmu: 
'irriiiM Iti Siiualii!' 

at-iinthiiw 20 (I'iikrtl f)nK(iHli) 
sitckh'i IM iCaliforiiia noj;li-.h) 
(ii'mis 17 (■(•litruBcyninu^ 

cihiicpis \i-2 {.Spiny l)..Klish) 
(Icfuis 1« ('( iiroBcylliuni 

fiiliriiii _;( tSpitiy j)in,'fish) 
l-'iimilfi \l hahlii'ltr. .Spinaciil i- in (lart of soiiii'. 
'li'Mii' ■'! .SiiiiiniiisMs 

iniii<.,ci>lialu> Jl iSh-.'p.T Shiiik: (irponhmJ Shark) 
SuB-oRDKH 4 TECT08PMNI.YLI. tl'la;;i.Ht<iini.« in wliicli the calnfi.tation of earh c..ntrum in 
criHH KCftion fornw u huHim uf cnnwiitHc rini,'^ arounl ihi- axin.) 

Famil-i XH I'ridlih 
(Iciius L'n Pristis 

pci'linatiis lTi iCniiini..iiS;iw(i>hl 
FamHii XUI Hujul.i. Uaii.L,. a( c-rrlii,;: In snim 
(ifnuf 2\ Kaja 

priliaooa I'O (ruiiiiiiuii Skiilc) 

ocL'lUita 1*7 iHif: Skate) 

fyilu' 2S 

radiuta Jl» (rttarry Itay) 

wntii M) 

hi'vis 31 (liHrn-door Skjili') 

};ruiiuluta 'i2 

rliiiia 'A'.i 

ltint.rulata ;(4 (Hi;:-Skat.-<.f-('!ilit')niia) 

strlluhita .i'i 

aliyHwifola ;10 (DcL'p Sea itay) 

ilUCMtinii yf nrl iiij>raphy). 

«c»m»: op ot\-iiric^i 


kiinwii nt 'IryKMiiiil;! 
lint I 



I III' iiii-Mii.l.liT, UN ,1 riiif. 
■t. tiy H iirii'Uiiialic liucn. 

familn XIV 1)11, uiii,,!,,. \|„ 

(IpnUK JJ |)B-iVllli« 

ifiitruni ;t7 ir.iiniii.iii Si 

ouiJKit IV iioi,(Mi:riiAi.i iiiii,, 

famihi XV r/„„«„„/„. 
I.inil. .':i 

iitliiii, 'is i( liiiii:i ml 
Ili'UiH I'l ll.v.ln,luau« 
I'lllii-i :1IP lliitliKli) 
Sub-clu. UI Tllmtomi (Sli,rB..„ri« iii,<| i|„.ir „||i,., ,„„| 
(.SorieiiA' -l'liy».„l.,i„„ii- TiJi-ii»I.,ii„.,, ,„ ,i„.|| i, 
C'lmmiiniriiliN niili llii' .1 .,„|il„„ii.. .,1 .lisi 

■icrKii „iini;n i r//„v/,/,'- ,>/,,, ,«„„ .,„„i .i,,.;, „,!,,,, 

"iii'Wi V An,.KN,s,,:„„„,i:i ii:, „i..,„ ,„„,., ,.,„|„„ 

Ili'lilM L>.-, I'i,ly,,|„i, 

iliiilliiilii -111 (I' 
AVi"l./v .VI';; .lr;i„,i,tn,l,r. 
<JrniH L'fl Ai'ijM'lificr 

rnuiMiiioiiiiiiiiH I] (Whiff .Sturifi'iiiii 

I Iii'"lii- 4;; illnvii Sciirj.,.,,!,) 

"Iliri., .iyi-,livri,-liii» 4;i (IV,ii,„„,„ ,Snirji,,iii 
rnl.iniliilin 11 ll.akr Stiir|(|.„iil 
riivinwlruiii 4.-, (Mlii)rt-nii»fil Slurcniiii 

sri-h.u-imiiKii II r h: 1.1:1, sTKi (Triin.i>„„i,i Fi,i„., 

'"'"'■■'' ^■' '""■'"■'•'■:' "-'-' "1 "...ivi.. (iiir.„it I „ ,„„;„, 

hnmihi Will l.ei,,l,„l,,.l„, 

(il-CllH 27 |j.|ii,|,„|,,,H 

I'Nii'iH Iti (('(iriiiiion Utirpikf) 
pliilii«l.imu» 47 (Sliiirl-ini«a Uarpikc) 
*'cimi(;/ .v;jr .1, „//,;„, 
f-ii'luiM JS Aniift 

oiilvii 4S (lluivliii: Doiilisli) 

.ll.,.sl. |.,|,„v„li.,„ ,„l l,.,„t i„ .„ f„r ,„ „,,„„ f„„n., „r« ci„„'i.m„.l) t„ t|„. „ril..r 

Sc. (S ' ,."™" «"""';'!,■*'"?" «-'■-"' l'l"'-l I'.v 'I-- ..".l...ri,a, i„ (M» io,,|.y,i. 
OUB-UltriMt 1 Cl-OPK'UDhU (OllipfoiUrt) ' ^ 

h'amihi XX FAopiihr. 
Genua UI) Tarpon 

atlantiVujf 4!) (Tiirpmi) 


"'UnqueBtionaiily the moet (trneraliwd * 


loiiimon with thp Hi.l(»it,.i 

Ilirkwy Nliu,!) 

'IIir« |,|.T .ir nf im; r.<mi\iov 

Kmihi XXI Ml,„l,:l4v 
(ii'llila :l(l All.ul'i 

vill|«.« .HI (lji.|,li). 
AVim.y, XXn ll,in,l,ml„U,. 

I> l> :ll lly.Hl^n 

»lMnii,||.. ,M iSlii.,1 .M,.„|,..j|.) 
rliry»ci|>,i« .-,.> iW,,!,.,,, (i„|,|,,j.,.) 
Ii-mi-il. .1:1 (M,«,i„.v,.: T.H,tli,.,| l|,.rrinBi 

''"""''' ^^"' '>•" "'■'" l'"l"'l'"li., CluiH.i.h. 1„. «,„„• 

(ii'ii'iN ;):.• I>MroHiiiii,i 

roiKNiiiinum ,M ((ii«jar.l Shi 
% XXIV flu,., „l,r 
'ifnup* .'J.'l rlti|.i.ii 

h«rrii]i,i« .Vi iCvriiiriim llcTrinitl 

I ■'hi«il .•ill iriilir,,r ill lli'rrilicl 
lii'iiu. M Cluimii...!,,!, 

iiiiTulfiirt .17 iCHlifnrniii .Siii.iini') 

CfllllH :j.l I'nIJH.Illl.U.^ 

rliry.,„.|il.iri« .W i lllii,' lliTriin: .Skipjack! 
llii>.li,i.Ti» .VI (llick.iry .Sl„„|; Full llrmns) 
liwinlohafftiiiiiit Trfl ((iivsjxTfim: .Vlt-uifn) 
iintivaliii lit Kllut llrrriiiKl 
lil'IIUS 3U AIoHii 

-!»pi»liiwimtt 01' (.VmcrirHii 
(ipnuw A~ Hrovonrtiii 

ly.'innu« M (.Mi-nlmiicn.- .VI()««liimkiT) 
Family XXV l-:,iymuli,li<lir.^ Itiflutlo.i 
Cliii 'la. 
llaiiUH ;JN i:njrraulis 

ni.inl,,, w n'slif„rnia Anchovy) 
fail,, hi XXYI Mipottpkalida. 
tl™u« :i!l Milchilliiia 
l.air.l, li.', 
SiaOni.KB J SiLii,i,\oirir.\ (.Siilmonoiil») KXVII SalmiwiJa. 
lit'imii 411 ' orL.goriua 

cciuli ii lit) (Ciiultpr'..! Whitchfihi 

ivillii,iii,..iiii 1)7 (Hoiky .Mduntaiii \Vliili.|i«li) 

ki.nriicoili t» (llroaij WhitclishI 

rifhar.laonii Oil (Hichardson'a \Vhlii.|i»li) 

qua.lrilalerali« 70 (llouml Whitelish; ShaJ-Wuitcr) 

clujx it'orniis 71 (Ci.mnmn Wtiitcft.^h) 

ncjsi.nii 72 (llumplKick WliitcliHli) 

labrail.iricus 73 (Labrador,h: .Sault Wliilcfiah) 

« "Uli-tamily — liiinrauliiti' -by i 

'■■ rhi« (rn-u,. i* oftrn n-niinlpd »« a flub-family iinilcr Hi 
iiiportani...." Jordan and Kvirmann 

!ic n,,„„la. from which it dill. r. in „o cbaract(.r o( liigh 

■CIIKMt. fir CLA 

(d'lllli II Vrityri 

71 .Sii,.ll ..f lli.-V,.«.v„,|,.|,„|„,, 



lii'lirri;!' 7!t 1 1,, 

l.r,i.| Wllih'li.hl 

■lit l(<Mr-l,ftki'-n«Trilnt) 


I (i, 

pir..Bii„l|,(i. w, (|ll„;,i,.r: l..mi,.j«»-) 

iu«ri|.iiiiii. Kl .lll,„k-liii; llliir-fiiii 

lullilH.,. ».• ilu||iUi-l 
<ii'tiit» I:.' Sfcrnnlit,. 

rniK'kcTi/ij h;i I hii'otiiiiii 
(h-mn 43 On.'uiliyni'liLw 

l!orl.u<il.,i si il|,irii|.l,n,k S,ilrii..ii) 

krtii n:, (Duii Salrii.'ii),,wvt.Wiri «.i (.ijiiiii, N„|„u„,; (;„inri,il: Ki.iK Salr,,,,!!) 

kl-iuili HI il'.ili,,: silviT 

ii.rkii W (S..,krv.' Siiliin.n: liriii--l,iirk S.ilniciii 

ki'ririiTlvi Nil ( K,.,„„.,|y', .S,Jm,.ii: l.ilil,. ||,,||i,|,, 
'it'riuH II S(il 

Hiiltir 1HI lArtitndi- SiilitHirii 

«-i.-.^> in ir., .s„iiii..ii) 

nllaminii III' !l^> (Otliiliiiiiiihf) 
rlnrkii !i;l irulthrnut 'riiiun 
fiiuliirU 111 iSl,.,.||„.„,|i 

kii.iil.,„j,« li:, iK„„il,„,|„ ■iT.iutl 
iriilfiM !»! lllaiiii,,,,, I , ,„, i 
trilttn loVfll.'llsiH 117 l!.i, l^-vi'll linM) 
(icniiii 4.'i rn'Mlivniiicr 

iniiiiiivni.l, lis IS m |T..iif i;i™i l.,,k.. Tr.iiill 

."i-ir.nvct !l!l (SiHrovvft) 

lii'I Hi Sal.-,.|iliil,< 

r..iiliii„li< IIKI (S|„.,kl.-.l Tr.nil: llr,.„k Troul i 
IMirkii III! fr)„||v V,ir,l,.ii Tmutl 
»l|iiiiii- ali|K:« liij ,l,..iiK-riimp.l I'luiir) 
atiiKliiilH lit) lllriH'iiliinil Cliiirr) 
.irel^inn im (Aniir cliiirn 
'"tuiisiji iiari'^i 10.-. (NjtrcH Cliarn 
I'liir-.h.iii Kki Uliirslim Tniiit: Kcd Ciin i-lim, rn.iiM 
h«>«il'l X.WIIl n>„H„lll.l,r. |„,.|,„l,.,| i„ s„l,„„„i,l.,. 1,,. ,„„,,. 
("■mil 17 ThyTi,»lli„ ' 

•i).'iuf..r i(i7 \n.ti,. llniyliiiKl 
trfcili.r IIM (Mirlii^iin (Iriiyliriu) 
■ ii"iil;iiiii» IIKI iMiirituiiu (Iruyliiii;! 
/■■..""Vy .V.V;.V .lr,,,i(,„„/„, llK-lu,l«l in .S„lm„i,i,l.,. |,v „,„„. 
lii'iiUM 4S .Mulleins 

villMun no (Ciiinlin) 


iiiil;r> liy Wdtui'. 

Cciius 411 Tlialficlitiiys 

imcifii-us [II ((hilachim: CuilIIc-HsIi) 
(.Jt'iuin .lO Osiiirrus 

tlmloiclithys IIJ i l*a<itir Sindl) 
niorilax l!;i (Amcrii-iin Snic-It) 
liciitcx 114 iHaiiiliow IkTiinj:) 
(i(?nu« '>1 McNiipiis 

pii'tiofiUH I IT) (Surf Smelt) 
(Iciui.- r,2 Arfii'iiiimt 

siliis 11(1 (Ai'jri'iitliic: Sii-I .Stih>Iii 
hniiilii XXX Mirroslo,„l.h. Im-liulcl in Nalji 
(ii'iiuM 'h"J Hiitliyiiifrus 

parifitrur' 117 ( Di-rp Sen Siiiclt) 
SUB-..H1.KH 3 STnM[\T.)ii,K\' t VipiT Fisli 's ami thcir jillics) 

Familfi XXXI fh<u,l,<Ml<>uli<ln: luclmUKJ iis a sul>-f-iiiiny (■luiujind.intiiiir -in (lie 
iiHin- i*|.rclii'iisivc family Stoiiiinh'djf i.f Houlniyer. JMacoil in tlir i»rdtT liiioiui 
i)y Jonlun am) Kvcriiiaiiii. 
GciiUM 54 fiiauli(Kiii.- 

mai-duiii IIH (Vii)frtisli) 
>>i 119 (\ ipnli^h) 
Famih, XXXll Sl,rii.>i,l>,rl>i'l.r, [ium; j 
iiiori' (-(Hii|HTlicri>i\'(' I'atnily Stimi 
Ifv .Innlaii .111.1 llvcniianii. 
(.iciiiis ii'} .Stonioptyx 

iliaphana 120 
(ifiniH r>li ArfryiDpek'cii.s 
otfeisi ll'i 
Fainih/ XXXllI Slominliilu: KmltnuTs iw a siili-famiiy fSlniiiiutiii;!' a puil .miy uf 
the more cmiipiclR-riMive family StDmiutid;^ of BoulongLT. I'laccd in the order 
Inionii liy Jordjiii and Kvcriiiann. 
(ienus 57 Stoniias 
ferox 122 
ffiw'/.v AAA/r MitlacoHtrula: Infludcd in tiie sub-family— Stomiatina'— in the mure 
compniiciisnc funiily Stoiiiiatida' of Houlenger, Placed in the order Iniomi hy 
Jontaii mill laermann. 
(ieml^' 58 MulacoMteus 
iiit'iT 12-"1 
():")):|{ VIII (KIAHIOPUVSP (Canadian representatives and CyprinuidM) 
The ScyplHiplmri ihshe.-^ of Africa) are ineluded in Ostariophysi by Jordan and Kver- 
iiiann— see under Malacoptory^ii, page 13. 

■d as a sul)-faiiiily— SteniuptyeliiiiM'— ill tlnj 
da- of Houlenj^er. I'laecd in the order Inioini 

For the -ilk.' of systotn I kiK.w not Imw Ix^lter (o distinRuisli from the clui-roids and Mlnmnoidii tlic fuiuilics 
in wlnrlitl». \ip.r4ishe^tttiilf!i<'irHllir-«n-cnil;iracoilthanL>p!aciii)ttbcminusii!>-«rd(-rwliiHiiarniitcatoniiat()idea. 
W iLthcr or not in )tencr,i| rJir fonnw wjiich thi« cul>-oriIt>r wimlti pmbnice liavc tlic niifOroracoid-Hrrh prpsont, or 
111 TOjdiii'd, or iiiB^'iit, I do not know, 

ilie ni<>»t iiuturui ;(roii|>s of tiw' clu.-a i'ibws, us liemonst rated liy M. Sitgcmchl in 1S85." lioulenger. 

I'l.Mr: II. 

s 1:1. (liu-urliynchiw acrlmsclia ■ IliimpU.'k Si,h.i,.ir 
(Showii'fl seasonal tliarartciaticsi 

Belli, MM iM rL\^-lPicvi inv 

>*"■-"" I \iJ»ii"nsuH, 'Sil,i,,,M. I',,,.!!.!,,., ,„„| „,„;, ,,,,■, , 

^■".»,y, .Y.v.vr ,s:/,„;,/„ 

li™ii» ->!) Ic-tiiliin,. 

iniiiclatii- IJJ I'liiiji.,,'! CiHIi-lii 
<"'iiii» III) Aiiu-iiini,. Ijr, iljik,, r,|,|j,|,| 

iiala.i» l-'ll .Vrllun c.ili-l,. 

viilraiir. 1J7 (l.ciiia-J.iivc'.l V:,ili,l,, 

iu'i.ul...«ii.- las ,r,„i, „ r;„ii,||. ||,„,„,| |.„,„ 

iiwla- IJ!I (Hl„,.l lliilllic.1,,1, 
llvTiii. Ill N.inini- 

lliims l.lll r,,Mi.|i 
l"'iiii< IL- Srliill,,.,,,],,, 

vyri.iu. i;ii rr;„i| , si,„„. r,„: m,,, ,■ 

>u„.,.,:,.K„aKv,:M„os,. V|,n„„M. s„.|<„,„, „i„„„„, ,„„,,■.,,„-. 

' '';>',ur;;„:"::;:'::'':.n:':''" ' ' ■ ■'''■ 

'"■•I'l. iti i,.ii„i,ii, 

'yi,riii,.||„ i:i:; ,r,„„„„,„ ii„(v„i,, i,;,,,, 

'"'''"!"» !••« '■■''"■ill- ,il, |i„ir„|,, Ki.i,, 

'•'■1111^ (i) r„r|,i,„l,., 

Ili"li.|i-"lii ,l,,,ji,. r,„.|, Siir.krn 

vvliiVr i:i.-i (i;iiiiii,,,^i,) 

i;™iis li.-| l>aiit..stcu» 

j"r.iaiii l:ili (M„„rilaii, Sii,l,.ri 
'■'■nils lii; r,ii,,»t,,ri,ii- 

s'i«Hi« l:i7 ,.;,■,„ s„rkcn 

'■aliwtniniis Ms (NiiMli.-rri S,i, 1.,,, 

"ia.r„vl,nl,is l.ill ,r„|,„„|„,, ||„„, «„,,„,,, 

"""•"<'" 11" •(■ i,m„,. s,„.k,.ri 

"iWli^aM. Ill iSl II, ,11,,; 1,1,,.^ Sii,^k,^n 

»ii''HI„ „l,l,„i„,i, II.. ,c|,|||, ,s,„.|i,.r^ 
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(Ifmif 71 )l.vl...Biiacl:us 

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iH'liils i:, I'iiiU'plialo 

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lii'tiiix 711 Mylo<'lii'llii> 

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(i.'iiui* 77 Si'motiltin 

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(ii'iiiis H2 ('liiila 

viyilax 107 (lillll-hnui Miimnw) 
(tciiiis Hil \(ilni|iis 

jitrtlani His l.hinlaii'.- SliiiuTI 

cayuua lti!t (Cayiica Shiner) 

trrli'iisis 1711 

iiiuskiika 171 (Mu^kiika Sliiia'r) 

hotc'inlnii 172 (Hliii'k-cliin Minnow) 

Itlennius 17;t tStraw-coluiireil Minni.w) 

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scylla 17."i 

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Mclcnf 177 (Spawn-catrrl 

wliipplii 178 (SilviTfin: Satin-fin Minmnv) 

(■(irnulus 17!) ll)aci-i liwilin) 

jejunu.* IHO (I'oin- Minnow) 

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(icnuH s.") Airnsia 

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fitlf'itlu V.m iKalcittr Miliiiuw) 
(iriillH m Hyl.oiHis 

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Ntorpriiunw UKi d.jikf Minnowj 
<Ji-nils H7 ("niU'siiis 

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(Icims SK I'hilyjii.l.i,. 

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(Icims Sfl K\(tj;lns(iuiii 

iiiiixilliiiKua 198 (Cut-lip Minnow) 
(iciiiis >.h> CyiiiimiH 

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finiuri !i| ("iiriiHHius 

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Famih, A'A'AVA' Sim,nch,l~ii.h. Inrlii.icl in An-iiilli.ia- l.v liouli'iificr. 
(Ifnu> li;i Sinicnchi'lys 

parasiti.-us 202 (Smil,-iH.:-<'.l K.-l) 
Fumiln XL h,,U,c,,,h„li,l,t. Inc!ii.i,.,| in Muia'iiida- l.v (.uiiiIht, ami in Atmuilli.fa- l>v 
(Jciuijf !>4 Loptocpphalu^ 

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Ftimil'i Xl.l SfmlcbthniiUr. [ii('liiilr.| in Mnra-nida' l.v (iiinthcr. 
Ccmis !ir> Avorctliiia 

infalis 2(M (Snipe Kcl) 
(iciius OH Ncniiclitliy.-* 

srr.luparcns 2(1.-. iSni|.c Kcl) 
avoc-lla 2(Mi (Snip,. |.:,,n 

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i.iiiu- !I7 S>ii„|,l i.M.liii- 

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r.r.»,/', \ /;-„-,,,*..,.„„,„(„, \m\u.W.\ in M.iiiuMf ,S„n„,,l„„ ,„,, l,v I, Ii.r. ,MI 

i" .^i.' .li:Liyri.;M;r l.v H.i.iIvi.i.t. l'l„r,,| \u l\,.- ..i,l,.| l.v,.„„.ri ililll|.rr.. , 

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I.air.lii 2m 'i;iil|„'n 

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r,i„nh, M.n I.',,;. ,1,1. |-.,„„i;, ,i; Cnnili.i, :ual uilli I'l H n, nr|,iiviilciLt l<. ]:~,,i,l 

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linrins w lanin- 

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lliaiu* lli:l IVraI<>-i'r>|„.ji 

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Iniuriiiliy.lunlaiiiiiiil KM'Miii.iir.. 

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lni„ir.i l.y :,|..| [•:■., -rm^um. 
Ii.-mi» II.' I'lnsycilu- 

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li"r™li- S.U (ll:iii, ri-hi 

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rai'i'il in lank. 
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(S,.ri,-« II' l'liy, Trl,...M„rrn-., ..!■ i: 
iIiH'M not c-oninnniiciitc with tin' u'>u|ilni<.! 

niatic (hict. n\(a-I.t in ta nljryiK-.l 

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(Inini, llli Manluiiahlia 

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of nil 


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IH.Ii.uii- ti>li af will.' .li-lril.iili..]i," itaiiliiinir, 

llltl... \lltlivaliiiia. at til,. laial,riaKa Naliii-|il Hi-lary lltHlli Itaiilin,. 
^ af thi' aiib-o-dei' CAtosteomi, but later in the Xlth edition o 
I I«miti- ■^■laiiii'liliiM- a- a ili-ti|i,.| iva Mil-.-nlir. anil nlan- Ilia n-l , 

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iiliiiiiiiiir, ill Imn <li\,-,..n \riiiitln.pri'ryt[ii Ciitln-Siiinilirirnriiic", 
lii'iiii- 117 I.'ini|iri« 

liiiiit SiH i()|iii|i: Kiii)£-Mil 
*lHl>i;il Xlll TrKHlACOMTKI (Hti.klrl,aiU,Tnim|.,t-(i-h..H, l'ij..-|JHh.-M, .ui<l Hri.-lH)r«.«i. 

SUB.nni.KHl lU.MlBlUVCHlKSti.kiiinuk-mi.lTni -l-ti-lir..). ItrKiinlr,! an a .lintilirl onirr 

hy J.mliiii aihl lA.rmttiin. SiiIh.., „h »illi .l.„.l,th h'n.f I'litliinuhritmliii 

lii'MNs llH Kii.alia 

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<i. -MiH 110 IVk,.m.ii. 

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Lnuliypo-JH L'4_' lAi.-ii. Siicklrlmrki 

lil'llUM ILM (iupitliiMtl'IH 

iinilfatllH _-|;i (('..ininni, Srirklrlmrki 
iitkiri«ii 2A\ ( Sii.-kld.iirki 
cuvifii -'i:» (I'mtly Armitiimi Sii,ki< 
riilaplirm-ItK- .'Hi lAliiwka Stiiklcl.itcki 
williaiiiMniii iiiiiT.M't'plmtiiH J47 (Ctilifnniia StirkMuuk) 
firruis IJl AjM'Ilt!^ 

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l-'« I.IV .\'il.»fn,»r/,i./,> 
l.i-iiii- 122 Aiilnrliyii.lius 

Ihivi.liiH _'4!) iV.'ihw Stirkl.-lm.'ki 
Ftii„il_>i i^y F.xful'ini.l.i 
(li'iiUM \2'.i KiHtiilaria 

talmcarin 2.")(» ('riumprt KIhId 
pfliinl.a L'.M (Tniiiip.-t \'\^U) 
SuB-nidiKK 2 l.nPHuBliASCHii I I'ip.-ti.-^lifs aii>l S.'!i-Inn-S4>s.) Kc^jinliil iw II ■ii»tiiu-t (tnlcr 
I'v .li.i.liui aii'l Kvcniiatiii. Siil,..-.|u<iitly » illi .lr,n||tii a siili-nnlrr ..f l'litliiii..t.ram-|iii, 
hioiih, IM S'tnguiilhiih 
li.-iiii^ \24 .Sipli, 

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filiTiini J-WJ (Cniiiii Pip,- Kislil 

Ufiiiis IJ') MiitpiHampti." 

Iiiii|.'*iiiiiu,t L'.VI (Cmitinjii Aiiirrican Sca-licirsci 
DUDKU XIV PKHCKSOCKS. dim- .•mhi-.u-in^' (iivt-rsifinl f■.rrn^ wlii.h mm-v or l.-i.^ 
ajini'iii rliuractfTs point, ■H out liy HMulciitrcr).' A portiim of this nnlrr -ft sub- 
onlcr of Ac;mlho|)ti'rygii lAi'iuiihoptcpi) of .Ionian iiml Kvcrmann. 

'■■Air-lilaitiliT, if [irpsfiit, without dint I'arictal l«iieti scjierated l>y tlic "uprawcipitul. Pcrtoml arth miq 
frum till' -kiili, no im-iM-oraroid Ihhic. Vciitrfcl fin-, if prc*«iit, tilidrHiiiiml. or jtt lfii.-t with the iwlvir Ixmei" not 
solidly utlttchid to il„ ,,iiliir unh." 'Although this snl^onl.T is \»-i\ui\«< oidy an (irtifiiial aswH-iution, il niuat 
i)f Itornc ill mind tliat, imtwithslaiidinft tlit- very wide diverp^ncc wliich i-xiMji U'tween tlir Hn-l und laxt fwiiiliei. 
[Si-.ind.rei.dcida' and Aniil«nlidii'], and ImWfviT dissimilar tln'ir mnnUrrs may apix-ar to !»■ at first sight,* gradual 
imssaKe may l.e trac.ii r'.nim-.'tintt tlie moe-t iilxTraiit ty|H.s." HimlcnRiT. 

The iidmiHfiiiii. howivi-r, <it icrtain fumilics aminiK Ihc I'.msd.. - by ikitiliTLiiiT is not apiiruved l)y Jordan. 

Fn»„l; IMI Sromin, 

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(ii'iniN l.'S I'Autiitilti'F^ 

viri('ij{ucrj:r _'.5" il'tyinc Ki.-*ln 
fii'liiM IJ1( ('y[)M.|uril» 

lich-ruru- J.lN (Klyiii;: I'i-lil 

h;'l l.l\ .\>',»,n,l.,li,h.' I'lltrril j|| ( »|.|li<| ji<|;.' . ;llt.i»li: til.' VlllU'lltlt l>i»i \.\ l.<ltlll>rr. 

riiiM'il in tli.-ii KiMiiji Aniiii."lytnii|fi, uirMHiu llir Aiimrln.j,!, i> i:ii i .\(iiiitli.i|>tiTi) 
liV Ji>nlii[i iiikI Kvt'rinaiui, 
tlcniiH l:tl> Aniiiinilyti's 

ilultiuH J'll) iSttli'i l.aiim'c: l.iuiti 
iiirii'i'ii'ttiiiK Mi iSiiinl Litiiiii'i': SiumI Lunn 
ptTidiiittti- L'lil iSjiiitl l.iniiK'i'i 
h.i'xil'i l..\ Mh.r.iiul,,. \']n,f>l l.y (ninlli.'r in hi- .liviHiuii \.-iintlii.|H.Tyj:ii Miiifili- 
(icmiH IM Mi'iii'tia 

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(iciiiiH l:t;:'tlu-H 

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(li'iius l:U Athi'nii>>ii.i> 

.■iilifoniiniMs .'(H il'.-r,iil..,i..| U..\: ( 'iililMiiiiii Sii.t-lO 
hiiiiil-i LXl ('/n'<i.ym>.il,>nli<l<i. I'liKcl in ) i! aiiuitii: iIk' Aniniiht liiiii liy (^intht-r. 
I'larnl ill llirir uroiip Twliirini<|.-» :irti.,iinlli.. A.urilliiii.t..ryuii ( Anuitli-tplfril 
l>y Jdi-iIiiii mill Kvri'iiiiinii. 
il.'iuiH i;i4 ('hiii^nin<t<m' 

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F'f"M7.v /.A7/ Si'f,',F'nil'h. I'lun'-l l,y ( iiiiithiT in his divi-imi Acaiitlmpi.Tynii Muiiili 

(Icnus l;i.'j S|!liyi:l'llJl 

iirKctili'ii -'ti<i iCalifiii'Tiia liariacii.lai 

'Tlic- fuliiiwilid CiUiiiTiiiiiK u iiriiuilht' cfvcir- ul -lui.i-lauinr ■.KmlM-hi-hlhn"'-dwU) \t>w I ..rt.Mwi i'- .iUotii! 
frinn Jimluii: - 

■' tlu< mot-t iirirnitivc -|ifiic» of ^uml-luiii-c. iLmlnJirhlhiix H,ilKul.iir}i. mi-ur- in Irimim-u. In Itiif 

HlK'ciri', iilinic u( IIh- ittiiil-luinf^ tlif ventral tin.-^ iiic icliiintd. TIk«' nrc juiiiilur iii iKwiiioii, n^ in tlir y.i«irr„la, 
uml thi- riiy« un- I, A. TIh- aiwov.-ry ..f ihi" -|)iTi.- nmki- it !»'(■.■>-» ry m ^■|<»riilr tin- .\„„m"lut,.la »iilf!y tr.nti 
tilt' I'lTCionn." 

Nevi'itln'W" not U'ina rorlain wlitTc ulliinM-i. ti. i.Ijliv th,. f..iiiily .\iiim->.l,vti.!iv I U-i>\r if |!illy 

in riTwwKTs wliiTf H..iil,.|i(£cr|ml«it, l.iit it ii|>|iii.r- nl t> Hir i.ii-ili'.n .>l thr |Hl\i.- liii- in "l iinvr nuriii'il 

Bpe<.-ies that its iiirinilif;' iirr i'Iu'wIhti'. 

I'sion with ilii' [>■< 

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Innil- l;lll l'alii,uii,l,lli\, .117 .||,„|,|,.,l,.|ii 
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aome re*nililance to the Traehlnidu', with whirh tliey liave iisaally been ussoeiatcd." 

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Thr tonili,, „f ,v„„i,..„i „ri. Tri,liJ„.. IVrl- i,|,. ,„„| , v,*,,,,,:,."';',":", ' ■-'■"""»"■ 

m™ d of whM, l.a„. I,,„~™,|„, ,„n>„..,. ■ ''I'ti'iliiiiin' »■ no .epr. >.iit,,tiv, , „I ,h,. 

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niiri.nlulii. .Inllii III ,llr,,«ri ll,,(k-li-ln 

niHtn'lligiT lllii (Ora..- R.H'kfi-li. S'l- ; |.. 117 

laiiiiniii' 4IJ 

iiuUici-r 4l;i iVi'lkin-liuiknl llnck-li'lii 

.■iHysi.ln.'liis 414 lllkuk .'iml V,'ll,,« li,,, k-li..lii 

rii'ljUli»yiiH 41') i\i-lt(.H Sjiiitti.l Unik-tlslii 

iiicf.M-inrtus 4lr. iDla.k U Ii'cl HiMk-lislii 

l-'ini,'l; AT// .\lii>fihtjHmilli>h.' irii'liKJi'ii in!' I.y Mfiiili'iiini , 
ficmis L'll Anii|)liijniiiia 

liiiil.riii 417 iCml-lisli: Skill 
F„i,„l,i AC/// //.,ra,,„„„/„„/„ 
lii'iiiis J4L' Mi'Mmniiiimns 

il.'i:i»rariiliiii» IIS (ll.,r,.E;al: Sliirry U", k Tn.llll 

sH'lhTi nil n;i,..-iiliiiiil 

»ul)iT,ili„,ii.. ^■.V ll(|.,l ll„..k-l|-..ull 
lii-mis L'4;i il|>lii.,(i,ii[ 

cKiiiciuiis 4J1 ICultn.' r.jiii 

(icIlllH I'll Zillliillcpiy 

lati|.iniii» 4.'2 lltrc.acl-liu l' 
lliTOis Ji:. ()\vU.|)iu> 

|lic•lll^ 4j:i ll'aiiiicl Cidl 
hi mil, I A'C/r Culliilir. 
Ik'muh L'4li Jonlania 

zonnpr 424 
i;riiUH L'47 Sporpanii-lithys 

tnarmnralus 4jri it' 
tit'TUiH 1'4S Cliiloiintus 

liUKCtcii^is 4L'ri 
lii'rui» 1'4!1 In.liiHi, 

HlralMi 427 
llciiu.- ■-■.•il) A,-ln.lyli-« 

IViif.-tralis 42S 
(ic-nus 2.">1 AltC(jiu> 

lalrralis 42!) 

as[K'liilus 4:ill 
r„;,m 2.i2 Axyiia» 

liarriliylrtiii l;{l 
llfiiuw 2."»;i Arl^-(lil■II^I^ 

allalilii-us 4:!2 

' ■Thi. fan.ily i. olcw-ly ujlml 1„ ihr llrm.mmm,,!,,, Jlffcriim i-lilvllv in t\r norma] ,l,.v,.|,.pni™t i>l liio i 
whirh an. (oimrd a« in tli,. .Sror;,«niV/« and b> in li.hea urncmJly." Jonian and Kvmnann. 

i;.'p.ii- .'.-.I ii„.,.,„i,i. 

iiui f.a 

(i.'riii- L'.V. Irt'lii- 


^.-(■ivllii. i;i.-, 

iirrm" J.ii Ax'iriji'litliv - 
liivl.iri ):ir, 

'..■rill- .'.Vs rrii;l..|.- 

|>iiiLi<'li l:(7 

i.r:iiii l:).-. 

'■I'liii- J.'i'.t f't'iiiiii-tjij. 
r.ii..Tll,i. 4:l!l 

'H'llll- Ml ||,.M>il<'|li.|.,tl|. 

hi'tiiilr|>t.lii!ii> Mil <l{i' 

A Sr||||,Nll 

l^'Mii. Ml I |,|„v- 

I'isi.ll til iSt.ilir Smi)| 

■ill lldll;,!,, Srl,||,i,|, 

<iflill> JtiJ ('..Itll> 

a.-|»''- II-' J' lliii 


L-illu-u- ia iCalilnr,,,;, 

MiIIm'- TI,u 

-.■rii;„v,l,,.|- 114 .l(,„kv 

M I;ijri lliill-li,.:,,' 

iriiii-i.- in -i:; 

nrri nil 

..nvliii, 117 

l"'lli'>'"- "> llliv:,,- I- Mill.T'. Iliui 

■ ■..■^,„IU:. ||!l .(;iv;,l.n .|,;,kr-llnll |„.;„|l 



l.l,il.«lil,. l.-,l 

-|iil"lU- l.-.L' 

i;™ii.- L'lti rii,i,i,i,.a 

li.'li.lin.i I.Vl 

li^niklini 4.-.I ri^iiikliii -|,i„ 

tiarili- I,-,:, .Milj.T's Tliunil.: II I 

'•'i'"i"»a l.Vi il.ak.- Mill,.,', riiuijili 
l"'iiii« L'(i4 My„M,r,.|,li:,l,i, 

■mvu, l.-)7 (liral.l.y: I'ijiirii .Srulpint 
s<|.ioi,lc^ 4.-,K lAlftic .Sciilpim 
»c''ii|iiii. 4.-1II il':,ir.,|i,.aii s™l|.ir.i 
aiM>iil!iii,li,.u- 4111) i|)ii,l,ly Siiilpini 

nrtM,j,.ril]l.^piri(,..ll> 4*11 ((' trMlll Scillllill 

Moiyacainhuccplialiis 4fl_' (Crcal Sciilpiip 
lit'iiu,^ 2tl.j Danyii.tliiM 

wt'tificr 463 
<i « I'lUl DimmiliiH 

lu',\ar.»ni» 4114 (Jjinp-licrii,,! s.ul|iini 
ll'-lms L»ti7 Triiflopsis. I'iarctj in ('i.iii.>|4iipriia' hv Uuiijiii^.,.! 

Ih'i|rip<i)rii itl'i (I.akr Sciilpin: l)..r|.-\\alri itji.ii) 



I'l.XM. 1\. 

-I "mnih>ih|ju> tdclijiwytaclia (l^iiiiiiiit or Spt 
(Slion-ine seasonal ohsiin teriMticM) 
f^i- uIho pliid \ . figii ,. 1(1, 1 

MJ!/iI -'/■ ' 


(il-lius L'(W (;.vilillciraiilliii> 
pistillip'i 117 
tricuspis 4tiS 

l).iri-alis 4I«I 
ili'iiiis J7(l lilt ii'i>ttii> 

!ic-llli(-i'|is 470 

sl(.l.ii-c|is liiyn-ii» 171 ii;l..l,c--li.'iicli'.l Snilliinl 
llviius JTI llli'i.-i:i. 

.■inh..sii» 47.' iPriikl,.,! Sail..r-lislil 
liciius J7J Niiiitirluliy.- 

.iral.ifcrialin 473 ir)an.l,>,l s,iil„i-tisi|l 

(iollllS L'73 Ml'lllitlipUTUS 

iiiiicriciiniis 474 (Sea lla\cTii 
ciivifn.ii- 475 I.S-a llavrnl 
(;,'rm.< J74 Svncliiras 

Billi 47li 
(li^riiLs J7.-I AsriJiclilliy." 

rli.Klc.riis 477 
llfiiiis J7(i IVyclin.liili-. 

ImraiiuMi.* 47s :S|.iiirk's> Sctiljiiin 
cii'iiiis L'77 (iilLiTtidia 
siyututi's 47it 
h'amlln XCV Itlmmiiliociilliiln 
r,n<w •.'7K Hliamiiliiiriillus 

rirliardsnrii 4S(I ( Hi.lLar.t^ Snilliiiit 
Fomih, .Vfl7 .\ii<wi.l,i. 

fWim> 1.'7!) Hyji^ayuiiU:. 

Hiia.lric-.niis 4M 
'■,i-\mt L'HH l'alhi»iiia 
l.arl.ala 4,SLi 
ai\ 4S:i 
(Jciius :'sl I,^■|>tanolll^^ 

<lccttjlr>iius 4H4 
Cell.... -M-I I'o.lotlu-™.. 

acijM'riscrilnls 4S.'» iCoinuKia Alliiialiir-li.-'li) 
(ii'iiiis iVi Apimu- 

calaplirartiis 4S(i (Sra I'oavli.a-; I'lisfcl 
i;™iis L'N4 Avi'miiicu,. 

oinniclaiii' 4S7 lllalk-rijc.uicd Allij/atni-li-lil 
liciMis liHri Xysli> 

axiii.iplirys 4SS 
(IciiUH JWl Hatliya;;tiTiii.- 

Ilifriipilmis 4S'.I 

llciius JK7 X.'n..l■lli|■u^ 

l)enta<a(tithus 4!HI 

(irruis L'SS Oilonti.pyxis 

Irispitinsus 4!H 



Influik.a in Cydt.picriJie by Boulcnger. 


Genus 281) Hothragonus 

swiiriii 402 
(<rnw -JW A«|)idophoroidt'S 

olriki (!i;j 

moii.ipreryjiius <1'J4 (S,-a I'< 

ilHTllllS 41t,') 

'"Iff, XrVll CfirhpUndcB 
(i.' Jill Cy.Inptrrus 

'"'"I'us 1!HJ (r.ump-(ish; t.nnip-.siK-M 
<;(iiiis I'llj KuniriidtrfmuB 
fpijKHus 4!i7 
orliiw 4!l,s 
"'Vv -Vcr/// /.,>,./,//,/«,' 
Ci'riiis l>!(;{ Xfolipaiiri 
atliiiitieus 4!l!) 
floi;c oO() 

Krreni 501 ((lir'i.ira Sucfccj) 
'ii'miR 204 JJparis 

liparia 502 (Soa siiail) 
cydopus 503 
fiicenwis 504 
tunioatua .">(t,j 
hersclielinurt "»0(j 
dcnnyi oO? 

puldipllus -,iis |St„[H. Sui^kcr) 
GctiuH 205 Halhyphasirm 

"vifrcrum "jllit 
Onus 206 f'arfpntc-tiis 

ranula 510 

<;ciiu8 207 Paralii)aris 

ceplialua 511 

ulocJiir 512 

'"/-/ XV IX Triglultr 

Ucnus 208 Prionotijs 

parolinus 513 (Ciiiiiiiion {Jurnartll 
Fannl, C Cepkalaca>M<r} Daclyl.pteri,].. according to iloul.n.'er 
Genua 290 Cephalacanthus "ouim^ei. 
^"''''^"^ '''4 (Flying Flying Gurnard) 

■A.lheyoiiM|tof||,i,faniil.vwitlmslnKl,.„„u, ,.],i,,|,|„.„ „„ „ , , 

»ncl m tlut ca.w thi- nninr of thp fuiiiilv «,„,|, ,,„,f,.„„ ,„', „, , „ f "" ""«''' '° """i OoOjfo,*r,„,. 

no .oiii-nt, to flmt of tfic ppims— l)aetj|optrrid8>. 



riiir.-.i Ia- .lunliin aii.i Kvcrmnfiii in llu-ir siih-onlcr lliipl-xioci' 
y fiuuilv. 

iiUB-OHDKH 8 JlOri.AHI> 

Famil;i CI lintmchmiliihi 

of whirti it is rlic nni 
(Icims 3(HI I'l.riciilhys 

iintatu.-^ .'i|,') (Miilshipiimri) 
Fainiitt (!U (lohirsiN-iiltr. Vhu-M liv .lunlan ; 
tiTvpii-' of wliic)i it is tlif .inly fainily. 
(jciius ;JIII ('aiil;tr(.-Jiu« 

m;rarhlnrii:< r.Iti (Sm-k-fi.-li: ('litt--li-li 
y<if„il!/ cm lilrmui.Ui. I'hirod hy .Ionian ai 
(ioniw ;J()J HrtoroHticJius 

nwtrattis ')17 (Kclpfish) 
Crnu- ;il);j limivt,.|„Mj:i 

pnlyarl..n.i>li;,|iin, :,ls tTufu-.l Hlonriy) 

IlUKiiti)!- .'iMl 
Ci'ims -MW A|i.HJichlliy^ 

(liiviihis ■>J0 (Vcllow lilcnny) 
licnus aU') XcivcjH-s 

fuconim 521 
(icnus 3tW Plinlis* 

Hunnplla-i "jl'i' Kiimiicl; llutter-iish) 

fasciatus "ii'a 

ornatUH 5:'4 Mhuanicntcl (iunrid) 
Ocniis ;iU7 Annjilarclitis 

atrn|Hir|iiirvii,- 'CT. 
(k'liu.s ;ins Xipliisifs 

eJiiruK ')l'(i 
Ci«-iius ;i(l<l Xiphidiiui 

niucoMUMi ')L'7 iSlimy Kci I'out) 

rupcstiL- -.2S (Hofk Ji;i'l i'uut) 
(Ifims -.iU) Lcptndinu.-i 

niaciiIalUM ,"i2!l (I,aiij,'l.arri) 
(ji-nus 311 J.unipciuis 

medius 530 

anguillari.s :»3I (Siiulie Jilcnny) 

faiirieii h:v> 

lanipL'tra-fonniH y.y.i (Serpent Blonny) 
Girnu.-) 312 Sticii.Tii.s 

puiittatiis 534 

>Tliis group is dUtinKubhcd i.miiiiy by the uiidivid.-d jKist-trmporftl, the r«iu.ti<i 
arches to 3. und by the abs-ntt; of peculiaritUi «hown by r,.|«t.d foni...- Jorxlai. and IX 

III (lirir ;;njnp ItlciHiinidciu 

-"A wolUmarkcd group of small fLshex, i 

'titutinR a .'iiiKlf faiiijlj." Jordan uiid K% 

^On account of the structure of the pra^aiudal ve.trbra, Apo,Hchthm and /-A^/i. art, not placed l.v Houluicer 
in ItlenniidiE, but in a family -I-boUdidii— by thmLwlves. I do n i . t 

grnera which may br inrludrd in these tw 
require to be placed in Pholididie. 

.viiturc to 
J by rtoulfllger (.Vrnr/^.i for iii-.t;i 

o plait' (hem, 

t'l miftbt alao f(»r 

Ilif ^aTiie ri'a. 

■HKl K l.[si (IF KlMfKs 

'ii'liw m.l llviiri,! 

"iililiifumita ", illiuliiilr,! Sli.irim 1 
lii'iiiH 314 Kuiiir'snuniiiiiiiits 
pnri-isus ri;t(i 
F.nml.i C/V l-n,,l„n„M..,l„l„. |,„.1,„|,,| i„ |i|,,„„ij,i,,, |,,. , ;, 
ini.l Kn.miiuiTi in il„.i,. t.,„„|, lll.nnii.i.l,':,. 
tirrill'i :ll*i Drliilrpis 

virBaliia a? iHiynii.iithi 
lii'lius .Hlr, I'ryiiCnrniitli,,,!,,, 

iiMralutus .WS HVryiiiniitli: lilict-lislil 

F,i„,:i<, CV .\mrlu,tm,i;,l,i. I„,.|„,l,.,l i„ Ml,-nriii,l„. I,y » 

KviTiiiiiriii in tlicir Kinuji |{],.n- ■ i,!,.;,. 
lli'iuH :)17 Anailiichus 

liitifnins rm iWolf-lislil 
iiiincir -An iWiilf-tislil 
lu|,ii» -141 i\Vc,lf.|i,l,i 
li'liliirii. .->4:.> lAlaslia \V.ilf-li,-l.; 
Ii™in< HIX Anarriiirlitliv- 
"irilaliiH -,4;) iHiilf Kcl) 
!■••' ■■ CVI Sr,,l„liiii,l„, In,.|,„|,,| in Z..arvi,l,. I,v l!,„i|,.|ijii., 
'Ovcirnanii in tlicir sr,iu|i l)|ilii,li„i,l,.a. 
licnin :il<l SrvMlina 
.■cT.lali' r,44 

/■■"».//, <T/; ■/...„:■;.,.,. |.];,,,,, I,, .|,„,,,,„ ,„„, K„„,„„„ i„ 

lii'iHis :iJII V.mmv 

nliKuillnris S4r, i K,.| l>„„t) 
'inius mi l.yv„,l„|,..iM 

pa.ili.-ii. ,-,4(i iPacili,. |.:,.| p„„i, 
liwHi, :|J.',„|,, 

valilii ■>47 

:!iiarr-lins .'»4S 

ri'ticnlahi^. :.4!t 

fiijiitlns .'i.">0 

t('rra--n<)va' .').")! 
lii'iills :li-f l.y(„,lal(.pis 

I'lar.',! l,y .l,„,|al 

l'la<-c,l l,y .li.rclal 

r Eniup (lj,l,i,|i„i,|,. 

lii'mis :im l.vccni-liclys 

ic-niiiii r,,-,:i 

|iaxillu» .V,4 
limns iiJ.i Hcitlir.aara 

ni.illis .-,-,.-, 
(icmis .-jid (;j„i„|,|i,, 

viri.lis .■.')(► 

sliKinii 5.')7 
'icnns ;ji>7 l.ycocara 

panii A.'is 

-cn^.^l^. '>r tLA^-Hiric\TH)N 

hnmibii'VUI lhni„„!..hlh.,i,l,r. Inrlu.lnl iii\ 
.lonliiii iirnl lAi'Miiiiiiii in llii'ir ifmiip Opliiiltniili 
(icnua ;1J« DtTcpodlclitliyH 
iiIcpidotiiM '■>T^\i 
Siii-(»Ki»?:i{ '' Takmi>.«*(Hii' 
Fnmlhi CIX Tnuh-iphrl'tfr. 
Ci-riiiM :1J0 Tiiichyritcms 

n'\-.-;il!iir.iiiiiinii 'iliD ( Kinir-"f-lho-S«ltiicm) 
oUDKIt \V]i I'KDirri.ATI ( op FishiriMiotfs ji 
F.nnib, ex l..,,.hiul; 

(ifiius ;j;;() i..>|.hiii,- 

piM'tit.iciiis ri()l lAiijil.T; Fisliiiiii-fii'i:: Mi-rik-fi 
Fnmih, VXl i'lyuliUh 

linll.olli TM-l iS'ii Ih-vill 
OliDKH XVm l'l.K(-n)i:\ATHI. iT..|rn>tr;iii-. «lii( 
i-liararlcrs. ilic iiill-.tpi-iiinys vny riiiicli rcniKv-l). 
l<Ty;;ii I Aninlljuplcri) l.y , Ionian iitnl Kv.Tiiiami. 
SfHtJliuKU I .■"'CI.KHlim.HMl 
F'vuib, (XU ItnUxlula 

(■: -olinfiisis .'>ti;i iTl-istitT-fi.-lO 
r-i>„ll,, CXllI M,>tmcin,lli:,h} Inrlii.!.',! in Mi.lisliiLr^ ;w;i M-muciimlms 
hispidus -.04 (Kik-fisli) 
Sri!-in(i)Ki{ 2 llTHvonoNTtB 
Ffimilii CAVr DinilwdiiUT 

(ictius :j;i4 Chiloiiiyctcriis 

Hiriia'pH 5fi.'» (Comiimii llurr-lisln 
Famihi VXV Mi>ll<i(t 

(ifnus ;i;i:> Mdhi 

nioLi r.dO (Siii,.(i>li; Hra.t-(ir'li) 

l;r l.y huiil.'lit:.'!-. I'l:in-.l hy 

liiK'il with 
■niip in Ar:i 

'■'H.-Tiii.U-ly rditti-d In tlic,.nii ft.-lir.-, and pprhu()s ,i,.rivi'.l fr,ii,i tin- Miinr .iiii-cstrul !.t(H-k ii=- rhi- 
Trirhiurvla." JordHii uml Kvcniitiiin. 

''■From Ww Squ>imii>i„>.>^ \\w I'lvrUigwthi uTi- (vrliiiiilv li.-iviuicl." ■■TlifcU.M' r.intiiTtiim nf those KfU'r'" '•■!'»l" 
as to sulmrdinntp tlje I'l-rktinalhi to thi' AtiinDwphn luid tci jilii,-.' it- ;i Mili-ordrr- in ilifir luitural p<»iti<iii iih an 
ofFjhiKit fruin the Sijiiiuiiii<iiiiiii'.'' Jorduii itiid Kvfniiuiin, 

'■'CliiM'ly allied to tlio Hnlisliila, dtfTcrine c-liiedy in Imvinn tlif lir.-l dor-ul ^^■|m■^*■lll('d liy u >injt!c sfiirf, 
behind whii'h in sonirtinu-i' a riidinu'iit." Jurduii tind lOiiniiann, 

Check List 

1. Hyiine limou* (iiruni. 
AiniTictin Ilti^rihh. 
Miiriii,-. l',iia>ilic; l,iirr,.«i,iB iril.i lli,. ll|.«l: „( i;,|,„ 

'"""',::' •'■';"■','',:!,""■"'■'■ """"' '" '"I"' ''■"''- "■"■"'"■I '■■ "'"'I «"""„, Ww llru..»wi,-k 

.1 .[.•|.ll. i.f .>l f„ll,„„i, ,ll,„„.yi„ail, ISSC, „, .1/. glulwom). 
i Polistotrera. stouti L<« (rial,, xm, fi„„r„., ,,-,, ,„„| ,,-.,) 
r;.lif,.]|iia lla(;li~li, 

Maiiiii'. Parasili,-. I,ii,„j! into tin- lk.,1, „f |i,l„,. 
l:;.i,K,.s l>,„„ ,.„a,i „( Vari.uuviT l.lai.,1 «„„fl,vvar.l l„ cast .,f fallfuniia. 

3. Petromyzon marinus I.tiiiia'ti.^. 
liivat Sen l.ain|.iin-. 

-\aa.ifnrii.iii-. I'ara>itic: attailiiri^ itself In fislics, 

Mantiliu. I',,,-,-, „,„l (;a»|„. Il„v |.Stair..r,l, IlillVIUIMii, „,„| |,r,...i„„al,lv (iulf of SI. 

"'■'■".''"'■ I"''''i-'l" '■Mfii'liiil! still turlluT iiorlli: "oft,.,, t,„|,„| „tia,.|„,| ,,;,|„. Mafki'ivl" 

at iKMlsl,, l',„,,,. Kchvanl Island (Cornisl,,: Atlanti,- ™ast of X„,H, A.n.-ri™ ai,,l Kui-opf 

.".■lu,l,n„ ,1„. Iltitisl, Isl,.s s 1, „„ tl„. A ri,.„„ si.l,. .„ Clfsapfako l.av: aeca,r,li„g 

o Ya,T,.|l ,1S„., , r,.„n,| ,„ tl„. M„lit.„an.a„. ,„„1 „,.„„,li„,, ,„ ,,in, in„|,„|,.J , .n^ 

IW W,fs „1 I,.Ja„.l l.y H,,„l,a„|t : "also fo,„„| o„ ,|,„ vvest fottst of Afrifa" (Dri.lgc, 

4. Petromyzon marinus unicolor Do Kay. 

l.anJl.ifko<l Lamiiroy, 

l.iiiallockivl in lakus. I'ariuiitir: altailiinc iLsolf to finhoa. 

Iio.or,l.,l fro,,, 1 ako Cl,a,n,,lain (Do Iv.y, 1841', a« .l».»„»,ri„ ,„„Wor-larva) ; in 
l.ortla.m an.l „.„tral latos of Slal,. of .\o„- York: al,o„„Jins i„ Cayosa l.ako. 
6. Ichthyomyzon Cuucolor KirtlaTi.l. 
."^ilvcf l.atiiproy. 

I.aiuslriiu. ,111,1 lluviutilo. I'arasiti,-: utlaihing itself to lislics. 
M. I.awronco liiycr a.i,l (Iroat I.ak.'s n-i,,,,: |,„.sun, .Mii^hipicot,-!, Rivoi- (Asa.«siz 18.-,(1 

v.ji,"""""*" '""'"'''"'■ "'" ""'"' ""''""" "">■ ''"'"" "'■■'■■'''"' '"""*• "I'l'" ^^''"'" ' 

6. Ichthyomyzon castaneus (iirar,l. 


]'"lii\ialil.-. i'jirasitic: altacliiii;; it,s,.|f to fishes. 

As,.i„il,oi„e Uiver, l'o.t,iBe la IVaiii,., .Manitoba (Thompson .Seton, 1S!W) ; a,„l loc-itlly reeonlej 
"■'"" ""■ ■^''"'-'» «< -Minnesota. Kimsiis., an,l Louisiana. 

..t ,«,*,'™ I'l'T """"■'' <■''■,,''""■■"""' "»■' ""■ ■'•"•■■"■-" ""Sli-h (". '.-""l ■■ )".« I.e„ „.,„„I,.J „,. form. 

Mi, 1 '„''",""■ ',"'■■'""■ »';:'' -l«'"<i'-»N.v B.„«. .I..,„ have I.. i„„„| ,„„ i„ -.■, R,,,.,.!,,,, 

..„™'rs,'^'"r ' '"r";";"' " '■'"''•'" ■»•»•>"■■ ' I" • ...11, in ,1,. B„, .;,,„ „j , „ ,„ ,„ ,i, .„„,,, ,t, 2 „„, 
,,1, ST- 5r»: Sir ^s :, .!:r;;^ ■r:,^:;i::;;r -" " '- "■- ■""'■ •- •- "-• »"■'- ■""■ ■- -'■ 

Atlantic eoaau of Norili Ameri«i 

It 'lun- U.Mi..,„i„Mr.l tl.,.t i.. H». ■■,.n-tl„.r<.i.uls„,^,|i,w..„is, .|u..t,..i l,.I..w ..f a uv^, .j^.,.;,.. u 

■"■luhni Ironi n.-tfrn Nurtli .Vtliinti.-, altlioinrh it itiiiv imt In- iiKJiffi.Tioii- tr.iljr (■iiii-t i.l' ('■m.. I 

.Vl,«M<UtoW«!an.«p. 6 bmt.clib.1 pmjdie.. teeth in the fl™t H,ri.-, .n,l H in ih* «.,.ml ,h ■-!,.. . .. , u 

Z''''- I'-^^^ + W + i*. U..lbo,b..,i3nntheto,,.ih ""'■"•' '"' •-"*""«•■ 

V/ettmm North Adkollo, 

<'Mki:k i.iwi' or KHiiKii op Tiir. i 

111? fniiii tin; Al<:uli;m Ifiliiluis tu 

s l\lrom>ii<in jlni'tiilu):* 

(■: iiltiioliint; 
viillcy t... tlid 

J. Entofphenui tridcntatut Oairdner. 
Threc-toothpd Liiiiiprcy. 

AnmlnmiuuH. 1'iirii.Mlic: attaching i'silf ti» f^hr^, 
Hriliali O.lmiibiii; i'acilic I'oiist .if \uiMi Aip'tk'; 
aimtluTu ( Jilifiiriiiu. 

8. Lampttra aurea Hcuii. 
Miook Liimprcy. 

Mostly ul-"iiii.liii;r ill streams. I'iirasitic: allarliini: WMi to lislu-,-*, 
Ytiknii UiviT. aii.l (ima Slavf I.ak.' (Ui.lianU-m. ISiili. 
stream!* uf Alaska and Kumiliatka. 

ft. Lampctra cibaria (jiranl. 
Itniok I.aliiprcy. 

Huvialilf. Parasitic: altacliinf; itself lo^lislus. 
Haiines from Colmiihia soiitliwanl to tlie Safraiii.' Uiver, ( allfoniia. 

10. Lampctra wilderi V,aify. 
Small HIaek Lamprey: »rook l.aiiiprcy. 
Mostly altoumling in rivers, ami a.-*cemlinj: small f^tn-aniH |i) ^-piiwii. i'iini^iti 

itself to fishes. , . ,,, ■ 

State of Now York ami <lreat Lakes reiiiori westward, ami emi-raiiiij; the ()hii> 
MisHiasippi valley: perlinps to W fouial in Ontario ami Manilol>a.t 

11. Notorhynchus maculatus Ayres. 

Cuw Shark. 

Marine. , , . r .i 

Doubtless occurs in Hriti;<h Cnluml.ian waters as it i:» known to ranfte from the roast of the 

State of Washington to California, and is "rather common northward. esiH-cmliy m 

Humboldt Hay" (Jorthm and Everniann). 

12. Hexanchus corinus Jordan ami Gilbert. 
Shovel-noHod Shark. 


Vancouver Island and Paget Sound, southward to Hay of Mont.-rey, < aiifurnia. 

13. Catulus bnmneus tlilbert. 

Cat Mhnrk: .Swell Slnirk. 

Marine. ., ■ .. t i i 

Specimen (very young) in the Provincial Museum, Victoria, from Nanauno, \ ancouver Lsland. 

coast of California.J 

~-p IliiricUis. llichi.rd.on, inentirai.-d only M a snmll imiipn-y attaclwd to an Inconnu in (Jn-at Slave Ukc " 
Jordan and Kv.-rmann. ■"Jl.e proper ia.ntifi.ation of the H^nmi-^ is .u.certain; K i- the same lis L. 

aiirra." Kvfrmann and GoldshnroiiRh. 

t'l a'" »ot r-^'i-ive as to the ocrum-Dce of this species in onr ^^at..^.. tho^yth 1 have of trn taken a .n.all 
Un.prvy in the n '.rtl«.-m and western Mn-an.s of Ontario and in tl>e riu-rs of Manitoba whu-h I iK-heve to I* the 
Brouk l4inii>rcy." Na^h. 

J.Vt the lime of the piil'liiulion of Jordan and Kvenn 
e eix'cimen of this Ppecie« vian known, "a female with mature eggs.' 

l'i>h(H of North and Middle America' (1S96> only 


' HKi K 

'"' ''-"f "r ™>; i...M]Nr(,s. 

14. r.ti.orhinus zyopteni. .I,.,,!,,,, ,,„| li,, 
nil "luuk: T.,|„.. 
It'i'lui's fr ,,,.^,, ,,,■ ,..|j|j. ^ . 

M— .-"..!,,, ,,:„„ Ci.u'Z^;i''' '"■" '" '■'■"■■" '- '■ ' ■■'■ ' "w™-. 

IS. PriOMM gl,uM r.i,,,,., ,„. 
liivni 111,,,. sl„„.k. 

.M,.,ili„„. |.,.„vi,„,,„ „„,, 1,^,,,^ ^.^ 

•■"">■'■ IM.S. i..-.s,,w„,, ;,„,„„/„„„,„ '■"■■'"'■ '" <'"M"'"i:> »M,i ii,,,2ii ,v„i,.,„.i. 

"»"t "f III.. M..,li„.,T„„..„„, , ■ . """■ ■ """' f i:ur..,.,.: ■.„„ i„| 

':>'<•■■ >m,l c.raisi, ,.„,,„, ,1, ■ '■'■"'■ """■ ' ".".,. lV,.,|i„.„i|v„„ ,|„. „,.„„,. 

■""' "li i-.i..« ,1 .,„i„,. ;. , ; " ■ "'"' '!" " '"< •'<"> ■■"-! ■■".,„ „f I,.,,,, 

16. Alopias vulpes ';„„.|i„. 


"'';:::;::ir;i;:;x-::.:i-;;;:t;;;;;::;;: r--:'- --"•-">■» 

".-■y ■.'■- CI,,,!,.,,,-," ,(•„,. i^.f... ..„ , '""""■" '"''"■-'■ •''«<> -rii,,,!,,.,!,,,,,! n„v ,„„| 
17. Limna cornubica (liri,l/ii. 

I'"rl.,.»jil,.; .M„,.|(,.,.,.| ,s|„„k. 


'■'•"■■IS, l..-Mvr,.,„.,. ,„„| ,|,„.i,„„„ ,,,., . 

;•'■'■ '".>■ "'i ll.r .„.rtl„.„, „,„, IV, ,,,„ ,^""""" " """' I'-'l"': ■■■■"■u,. 

18. Carcharodon carcharias l.i,,,,;,,,, 
il".iil Hliii,. .<|,,„.|; 
T|.i„|,,.|„i,. ;„„| .,|.„.,;,.,j ,,, 

,^ ri™ I ''->-'"-».;,,:;:;:;:::;',,:;:.'':;;,''!""''■,, ' '•-••"■ .-«» ., x„r.h 

'■""■<>'« I II"|H> l.s,„l,l,. IS4.. „:,,;„''"'".' \"'"'""- l"l».-''..' W,V,VI: 

iIh' bI..I,|.- lJ,„.,l„„, • ' ■ 'fi'"": ■"■ 'l"lnl„iii„„ ,.vi,|,.,i,|v „i,.,|ji„„ 

*KniKli( . 

"'"' '" ""■ '" "'"I" ••■ >'■■■ 'Ml r.f .■^1. U,nm.- 


25,10. (>,„,„hv„,|,i,. ki I, „■„! , SUv.rS,il „, 

(Slujwijl;; M.;,-,,ji;i! I'llilCtli'tPrilltictj) 
31. Onr,„|iyi„.|H„ l„.|,:,„,|.,l,,, ajumilHl „1 S|,H 

(Sliiiwiiis ''imimi'ii ili«i!i.-tiTiiitic) 


19. Cttorhlnui miiimut (.iiiiiiri 

Ma-klriK SI.Mi. 


Msrililiii' l'r<>\ilin'< „i,4 ll<ilf-li I'mIiii „ \i.l„' .,:,.. ...iiiIk i mm iIi.' \iii.' ii -i.l.'- h. 

\'iri(iliiii nil. I l',ilil..iiii,.. iiti.l .III III.' 1,111. .|»'[iii -i.l.' I.. I II.. I It..' M.'.jii. Mull. '1111 

n rililiU I..' KHOi 'liiiilv [..Iiilii..ri ..IT ill.' r... .Ilnlnl. nil. I It In. I.'.ii 

..iTti or rii|itiin'.l lit villi. ..I- |..>iiil. ..II 111.' vM'.N'iri ...i i ln'juti.l. mi. I ilir .'.i-l.-iu uii.l 

'■"i"Ih ».l. ..r I'.i.ul.ih.l.' mill ....'..Lliiii! 1.. Iiliii 'iilili..ui!li a.'h.'rulli .|r..i-iili.-.l ii. i. 

li..i'lli,'iii 1" II, |-,I..,/..,,„. I. ki,..„i, I ' i„ \i|.ln,|i,',ii „„l.'|..- 

90. S^iului •onthlM l.iiitM II-. I'liiii' I. liKiii. Ii 

I'ii'ki'.l l)i>|ili>l>. 


r.iii-l nf l.lklil' <..^1..ii'i ls',li nil. I ls.'>:l> Hull ..I .^1. l.iiM.i,,.' I,;,.,.,. Iv.v .....l \|:,iiii„„' 

I'n.vini'i..-: ■•ni Jiuiii-li ili.- |.i.-k.-.l .l..cli.|i i- v.iv ...iiu ii.| i'\ir,' h .l.'-lra.lhi- ' 

M'l.rniHhl; li..tli i I- ..I in.illi \iliiiiii.'. I'M.'ii.litii: ...iitli i.. < .,l,n .,i. tl... Viiiiiiiiiii 

si.]..; Klliiihl -iiv- (..III!.! .'\i.ry«li.>ii. i.ii tl n-i .,t .\..ith \in.'ii,j,, ti ih. Inlj,- 

«iin' I., llin'i-' .■^tinil-' ilSlHi, ii- S/.imi.r .;,',i«/A,<,.i: ....iiiii ..hhIh iiI" tlir Hiili.h 

l-lilliil-. iiK'Iil.lilii.' till' llrkiicv l-liui.l- iVniK'H. IH.VIi. itii.i ..iIki I'iiii.iiHitli ...ii-'-. 

21. Squalui tucklii liinii.l 
I'lilifiii'iilii ll..i:l|.|i. 
HritiMtl ('.illllilliiii inimi'- tr tli.. M.'iiliiin Mi.n.l. h. riilii..iiii;, .,„.,' ,,. .il..] Ii Il.'iiii- 

Mail.i. Hf'l'illy .-i.'il .'.•i|,.jl|,'i;.'rl .>■./.,«,(.,./ M..|ill;l .i| lllil.. |.,'|||;,|,. Ictl-I'ill .|.. 1.. 



22. CcntroscymnuB coIolepU It.irn::.' .ni.l r:i],..||... 
s y Diitli-li. 


■■.M.Ull.l.llll ..II til.' li-llilll! I kn" III.' ...n-l ..f ,\. 11, ..l.,,,,',. |.i;.,l .';,.i..,|„| 

"If tl" I III Mn"iu-liii» i'..ii«l ..( I'.','inii„l .i„.| ,„lii„',',ii ...u-l- ..I ill. Mhiiitii', 

23. CentincyUium fabricii lliiiiliiinlt. 

S|.il.V l)nBli»li. 


.Vri'lii' .ii',„ uiiil I'.iiists ..f i:i'....|ili,li.l: ■■li>liilii; l.aiik~ ..II tlii' n,i,.-t" ..f \..vii S.'..ii., ..I..i„', 

Isrtli: i.i'i'a,i..ii«l ,.tT tlii.....ii,l ,.r M;,"i,.'liii.,'lls: ;il-.. -ai.l I., 1... f.iiiii.l "in il |,|,.„i„' 

I Wlil.cri' III till' I'lilkliui.l l-l,iii.l»" . Ili'i.k-.' Illllll. 

24. Somoioiutt microcephalui Hl.xli. 

'•*l.-.'|..'r Sliaik: i;i',','m]iiii,I Shark. 


.\riiti« w.un: niitsl i,l'; "tlii- .nily .-j.c.'i n .if llii- riirc tliiii. f.iriii tlic jiiilli.ii 

lia» hu.l tlu: ii]iiiiirtuirity .if i.^iiiuiiiiiii! iviis tiik..M ..It llnlifas M:irl...iii In F.'l.niiirj ISItr 
(.l.ilH.-. IS7'.I, lis hrm'tfyii,^ /,.,/.. (//.v I: an iii,ii\'i.liiiil |V.,iii .,pp..-ii,' t|„. ,11. null .if 111.- 

Siifiui'Uay Uivi'r. I'r.iviiirr i.f (^lU'ln'.' I\\ liilnnv.'-. IN.-Sfi 111.' .\i 'icnii -i.ifT. s.iutll 

tl) Cap.', aii.l cinu-I ..f Orcumi: ■'iiiiiiit.rinis iiisliiii .in- ri'.'..i'.li'.! ..f it.- i-npliii'i. ..IT 

It" ii'-t .if (Iri-at Hritairi. .'.-pn-iHlly in imrlhiTii wat.'i- ' Uri.lK.'. lulln; iili.l r.'i' 

I"!"' 'ht'r i'nin.jn'ali I'.niNtn. raiiyiiiK nmithwar.l to Kinii.'. 

niKi-K MST r.p prsiiKS OF- THK miMFNION. 

25. Pristi* pectiiutua Utliani. 
Cnmmon .SuwfiMli. 

"West liulit's jiiiil rinri.lii; alminljiiit in tl>o r„\t ,.f \f • 

l.ut lo„« „«, rc.,.„r,l,,l rr„„. ca., ut N„va tS^tMUcn,.: S).r '■"■"""""'^ ™™' 

26. Raja erinacea .\rittliill. 

Cornmini Skate, 

27. Rija oceUatu MinliiU. 


Muricliiic I'rovinrea to tliu itwist <if tin- ,stat<- of Xuiv Vojk. 

28. Raja fyUa I.ilikcTi. 

Ito,..l up.m a »,„„11 ,„,.,.;,„.„, „,„„,- S n„.l„, i,, l.„s,l,. fr„,„ Mavi, S,r„i„, „r,.,.„]„„.| (, a,k,.„ 
l.'^n.). cuoii I.ere „wmg l„ .ts oecurrenc.. in Davia t^lrait,,. ('■■"k,,,, 

29. Raja radiata Ui.iiovaii. (I'lato I, fisure 2). 
.Starry Kay. 


Lr i,"l,l! ,rri f I ' '"*■■ "^-•" "■«""■'*<"») ^ ""rilime ITov. 

mu I, t ftoin ,h,. l(rm,,hM» t„ Icdan,! and (:r«.nl,»d, tl,„ „f Nurway md 

'l!o " " "' '""""• ""*' "° "" """■""'^ -' "■" »»»j.i':: 

30. Saja senta . j,rinan. 

'^"'t"^ °;;;'" '""' "■ '■"'■""'■"^ '"'■""""■ '^"^'^ »-^» ■" N»f„„„,|]a,„l »,„t,.waM 

31. Raja layis Mitcliljl. .skate. 

:"""''""■ ■''■'""""■" »'"' •^"""'i'- '■'"'^l -' f"it.-i .Stat™ ,„„tl, to coa,t of Florida. 

IX'i..", Pari., 1672; .|Uol,d altrr Co^. ' " "'"''■ ^"'««'" N.tarrlle, p„, Nirhoi,. 

t<i.i.-.i,.i 1,J KeaUuli i„ hi, ■Ct.c.k I.i.t of th. Fi,!,,. tcoorJcd Iron, the, 



32. Raja granulata* Gill. 

■Tliis iii'W ri|.i'i.-ii'(* is j;iveii iii Mi-ssrs. Cmulv mul Hi'iins li,-t of N. I!. Aincrii-un I'i: 
oci'iimnj; on I.ii lliivo lishiiif,' bunk" (.Imu-, IS7UJ. 

33. Raja rhina Junlim ati<l (iiltx'it. 
H('f..nU'.i fn.iii [)f[Kirtuic Hay. Vnrin.itvir Islaml: laii-.'s i 

to Hay l^|■ M. int. 'icy, ("alifoniia. 

34. Raja biooculata (iiiiini. 
Itritisli (Vihiiuhiii: riiti;;^:^ t'niin vuant ol Aluska ji'tinlivvanl t 

ist ..f Ala:^ka H>nlliwanl 

Mjiy itf MiHittTcy. Califuniia. 

36. Raja steUulaU .Ionian aii>t liiltx'it. 

British CnluinMii: ntiiKirw fntin I'lialjiskji, AU'iitiun l.-iliuids. suuliiwanl to Saiira llarl.jira, 

36. Raja abyssicola (iillKit ami Tlioluirn. 
Dr.-p .Sea Hay. 

1. Iiybial. 

Off tiuccii Cliaili.lti' IslaniU. Hrilisii Culurnltiji: known fnmi a sinL'li- male s|..Tirrn'ii, 
ohtaincil at a l^^ptli of 1,.V*« fallioiiis.f 

37. Dasyatis ceatrura Miuiiill. 
(unnnon Siiii;i liay. 

May i)os.-* ha foun.l in llic Hay of Fun-iy as it is known to ranjn- from Cai... llailrras to 
till' roiist cif Maine. 

38. Chimaeia affiois Captiiu. 
Chinia la. 


.\tlanliir <Ji-«u»: saiil to occur on the Amerivan coast a-s far soulli as Cape Cod: "a H[M!(;inii>ri 
(ollceteil rtn ilu> soutli-oaatern portion of La Havo Harik":t (!ulf Sircani ((Jill, Is77. a-s 
Cii. idumhoi). and Ut. 4U*' X., I-on;;. Ijifi W., (UiM, ISSil, as C/i. nhbnrintni: n-conlfil 
from off the .oast r,f [►ortii'ral Niunllur, l.SSdl. 

39. Hydrolagus colUei I.»y ami Hcnnctt. tHlalc XIM, (inures i:)4 and I.'»5). 


Hrilisli Coluniliiai rangi's from coa.«l of .Vla.-ka southward to Jiay of Monterey, California: 

'■esjiecialty plentiful off Soutlwai'tern .\laska. and about the wharves al i>(|uinnUt" 

(Hridfie, I'iHD). 

■A ilouLtful c|>ccics, itTi|HTfeitlj- licfiTilMil, iipiwriF^tlv nut dilTcnnt fnim U. Upt 

Jnrdun uiiU Kvemio 

fXii my wurt ever fuund lU uny piich ii dcptli ii- tliU iK-fiire A my In-ii it dfpth of Mih futlniiri!- ii- iii(-liu)ii) 
in the h"t irf dwiJ-f^-a ti^lu-ftilitaiiH'd by tlitdri'ditiiifp'of tlM> t'luillciiinT' .(iunllitr): uiid ■'W. »Himitliili"M,a iiiiiFurni 
j«-t-lila(.-k >p(>fii-!<, litt» k'eii olitaimd fruiii u depth of 5V: futli<>ni> in tW Kay ol Ik'iiKul" U^ridKi-), l>at »o fur ii!< 
BVailiihl.' rt'cortlH "Imw none lnnv luin ohtaini-d at n Rnutir di|tlli Hum m.miu IHIO futlionis i.\..|.t thif onr. 

{Ttii^ :i|)ccmirn is ligari'd in Drf. Jurdunand Kv 

( 'l'ii>lu'i« of North und Middli- Aincrii-a,' vol. IV, pi. MX. 

Krsi||> nf y„r. lia 

40. Polyodon spathuta \\;illi;ii 
I.ani.fii,,,. .„|,| ilini,,, 

Ks..-,.,li,„lv ,„,v ,„ |-,„,:„|„ ,|„. r„ll„wm» „|,,„.ari„„ ,„ |„. ;„ „„„„-., , ,,, ,,„ 


,,■„„,„,, ' ' """ ■ ■""' f' ' I'-il"' lliil..ri.. <llal!,„,,|,„., isjd. „,. /.,,„,,,„ 

41. Acipenser transmontanus Jlicljar.l-i.ri 

liH;-i;r;;;;!;;:;;;;;:';;:j:::r;;::;--:"r™''f;v' ,- ■■ 

'- -■ -:r::;;;,,;::;;;i,;t;;:;.^;i;r::;:'"'' — 

42. Acipenser medirostris ,\\i,.<. 

I.ririi .^lllrircdii. 

I;""!''"'"-' '"rl„a,.kU, „;,„.|-. ,.1,1 „ 

Untlsli C.luiiil,]-,,: r 
.•<tlaiN .if |.'ii,.|,' 

„ „ , "■'"'- ""■'■■ I"'.--...!,! limy „,„,itl,s. 

43. Acipenser shirio oiyrhyncliust Mil' 

ill. il'lai'- I. liiUic :li. 

.Uia.ln ,„■„„.- |„.r|,„|„ „„j, 

|.a»,„„» ,„ l„,l, as „,.l| a. i„ !,„,, „.»„.,■. 

.Mnritiiiii. I'nivi « and ,S|,™,.,. Ijiv,^ 

iv|)(,rli.,| fr,,]a 

iii ti„. r„ii,.,i siaivs ,a„;i„s f,„„, M; ,„ ^;;,|, ,y;^„;:, 

44. Acipenser nibicundus l.v .^u.air. 

;-;-;'.^""-'- ■ ■ """""'™"-'ri,:'i;;;:;t";r:;:r^:: 

I.akc Siiiriicii 
l.!i<-usiriiic aii-l Iliiviiiti 

"1::'::;;";;;:,.;;;::; ;^;:;ri:.:: 'rrr; "'™- '•»'- -< ■"■■ "^ ' < "-iH,. ,.,,,>- 

«a„.r.. ■ '"'"""""'"■ .Ml"!"!!.!., alal (ll,i„ va]|,.y, a,„l ,ril„„„n. 

Acipenser brevirostnun l.c Sur\i,. 

.'Sliort-nti.scil Stui-;rciiii. 

■^'""Ir<' U-: .■nteriiiM tl„. lar^.i-r iju.,, .(,„] ,, ,, , ,■ 

-«M..„„„, „.,.,■ ,,„.„„ „., , 

ill i^Kc tiuniri, I'niii'i., " ' ' 

,&'"™^"**:""'' -»>.. 

«.nl cl«it»,.|,.r„ftl„. .i,,]|„,,. „,i,i,,,^ 

1 of Karofi.., fram wliidi if .iiirlly ,iiff,r.~ in tti,. ,ai,a(,.r 



><V niK IMAIISI.iN. 

46. Lepidosteus osmus l.iniiii'us. il'luh' I, lit'iirr* I iirnl .'ii. 
Cninmnii Carjiikc. 

I.;inislriiii' :i]i'l lliiviiitih'. 

S|. Liiwiviiic Uiv.T. iimi I'niviinT* t.t Ouraii. lUiil <Jiicljf.-, \M;^i\\ni<i In Lake iriircn: v.-r 
|.l.-iitifiil iWM- Hfll.'villr. Hfiv o|- (^iiiiirc; in llx' Tiiilril Stn\fr' nium-s fn.m \..|tiinri 
»,.-ln„nl m III., liv.-at l.iik.-^ iVLiiun ,.Im1 s,.iilli«iir.l h. 111.. Itin (;ralMl.-, 

47. Lepidosteus platostomus KalirK'^'jiH'. 

I.anistririt< iiri<l ttuvi:ilil<'. 

Xnt .■nmnmii in Ciirmda: 'livai Lake- n-li.ii, ami olii,. an-! Mi"i"i|.|.i vallrv>. 

Ia1<- I, (ii;iin- ll aii-i 7i. 

'nivir.''!'. Ml llMlaMM aii'l <)ii.'l><'r, ^^^^lv^aMl in l.akr llu 

48. Amis calva l.iniian-. 
I^>\vliti: l><>;!li>li, 
l.anisiriii.' ami llmiatih 
St. r.iiwn'lin' \i'i\rv. AW\ 

|.lrntifiil noar Hrllrviil.-. May nf l^uinic: in tin- IriiU'ii Sia'r--. lani;.- tr,.iii tlir \li>-i.->ip[.i 
vallfv and Cn-al l.ak,- n-inri ii.«ai.l i^ (lir -mili.Tii Stairs. 

49. Tarpon atlanticus rnvin- ami Vali'Dcinitu'.-. 

Marim-. and Ihiviaiitf in llial if a-f.-nd^ li^'i- tn.m tlir v,.a. 

Onlinarilv laii;;^- I'rnni l.imjr I-larul h. Hra/il; •■•n,uu n cna.-i ..I' Hmida; al^ .ur- ..n 

tlic i'aa>ts nf \\u- West Iridi.'s; ■■.■■.|ni.i..n aimnt P.-ih. Rifn wlioiv il .■vidi'nlly lint'd^. 

as nnrncnmrt iniinatUM' iridivifliials w.-n- takrn ai Hiicaiv.^ and Fajaidn" i I'lv.Tnianti and 

Mai>Ii. I.V.iiti: tvvi'v ivmr.lnl Nova Soitia, fn-tri -ilT Isaar^, and fn-m 

llaiTi^^aii f..v.. in .■.■I-lmii,-..* 

60. Albula vulpes l.iniia-iis. 



All warm and lni[)ical sea-; or-liriaiily rariLi' 

Islaml: a ^|)^'(■inl(■n ■il.iairu'd in S('|.irni 

Nfw liiunHVvi. k.t 

61- Hyodon alosoides lia!iiii'si|tii'. 
Slia.l Mnonry.-. 
i.acnsir'inc and iliiviatil.'. 
Maniloiia and pvHiniaiilv Saskalcli.^wan: I. 

in III.' Anu-riran '-.-a-i- 
liiM. at Hiark'- Marl" 

•Til' ■ s[H-.-i 

, I'N 

Ihr IV.Ailiml Mll-vuii. i.t llalil..> 

ii> Mr. Uillmiii Mrliil'-h.Ciiri, 

\mI liinihir -.■.■II 'll.' hi.l>-li-h l«.1iir,., iiiul i.s Ihr |.r,->. iviili\.- liiivc i.iii^i.l.r- 
I'itiii'ii, [ -liLiikl ni,iiti,.t< tliat it ,lilTir-iii I. it-i in mi.' [.iiFli.'nlar In.iri .l.MTirli.m- 
t ii|i|M'iir t.i .n.'fliiji til.' rniiutli. Hill rt- llii- -|T.-i.- [ n—rs tliroasli ik ir.'tii- 

..f \rw Itrmir'UM'k. In' i.l.'nii 
tail Imiir... vi^: Ilif ~ii..iil 

iiu.rpli.P.i-. U'iiiK lit fin-t a l«iMl-sliii(H.d laivtil fonn, iiiid ^l^ Uii- >(n'iiiiifii i- imly ulx.ul 7 iriflirf in k-n(!lli, nliiTiu> 
thr -|K-(i(s iitlitins It IciiKth of frnrti Ij ft, t.> Hft.. i«»-ihly ^vcry cliaraitiT liad irnt l»(ii icnnrilitid rvcTi nlUnuiiEh 
in I'fT.ct lln' li-li hixl |MifK«-(| (liti'intli it- inrlmanriilu^i- wUn imt iTmri' tlmn an in<li or tw.i in Icntcth. Thi-' 1 d" 
not know, lull .'thcr .Mimnl rhiinictrr'. p«rtiriilarl.v llu' li.Hvy mliptw .(.Vfr- over tlir ryct', apfnaT tu ditcrniiiii- 
it H -|ii'i'iMi.'iii>f tlic t«.i.\-(i-li. liit.riiHl clitirHi'ti't- cniilii imt In- c'liiniirHii.n'^ all t|i|. i.reiiii^ liiii! Iicrntac |«F.tyQni! 



» m ami (il). 

62. Hyodon chiyMpsis l!ijiarj»c„i. 
WcalcTIl (iolilryi.. 
I.:icii»lririp .ii,.! (lti\ iatilc. 
l'rovin,-,.« of M„„i|,,l,„ „.„: .Su»kulcl,c»„,i. 

53. Byodon tergiius 1., .■iuiiir. (I'l„ic. VIII (i" Toollii',1 lliTriiif.. ' ' 

I.aciistriiio arnl lliiviatik'. 

'■''t:Tr:r:;;;H;.'S;;-;;*':;,;r--^^^^ - 

ami MH»i«»/ppi valln,-,. ~""' ""''"'"'" '•''''" "' ""■ ""'"l"^ <ll"o 

64. Dorosonut cepedianum l,i^ .Sueur. 
(iizzunl Shml: llii-koiv Sha.l 

.Mlantic c„.u,t at least from Cani. C... to Mox.V, ■ ,„ i ,' ' """''■■' "'"'"•■ "'" 

sta.™ to ti. M«..ipp, ,„i.:„,. .",^';;r: ^liiriMLiiST"" '" •"" "•"'■' 

.'..»): o.«™„., ,„ .,. VnU^ .state, a, fa. »„.„ a. Tape H^teC'N^.'ru'-cln;,:'" 

"'" ":r^tri:;"j;lsr -" '"- -"- '-"- -- ' - -- 

67. Clupanodon csnileus Girard. 
California Sardino. 


"""'" '■""""" "' ''•"'' ■'""'"'• "•■"™'"'"'' »»""'-rd to Ma„Jale„a Bay, Lower Calif„r„ia. 

68. Pomolobus chrysochloris lialiiirs,|ue. 
Illue llcrriiis: .Skipjack. 
l.acUfitriiie and niiviatili'. 
lilrat Lake, (at l,.a»t Lake, IJrie a„,l .Miel.isan i„to >vl,i,.|, it l,a, i„, 

Merin" '""" "'"■■ '"""""■""'"•■ '"-">■ Mi-i-ippi Valley, m„l ent. 

' liave 

■■I it.^elf iliroimli 
tlie llulf of 

•Thi-., r 
>• Qib iu ti,. 

■'i from a rcvii.w of Mr. C. W. .N'ush'N 
|'*w» River at let iiiids Bulj«t»ntiat 

•CI I, 

•■k Lirf of th. Ki.l», of (ta.ari,, , „ „ Heoccu^ce of 



wirk. ((',>\, \S'X},nsri.,i„,i,„nli„ 

09. PomolobuB mediocris Mitchill. 
Hi.kury Hlia-I: Tiill Herring. 

Hcciirdnlfnim viniiiityof ('iim|iolifIli> Isliiiul. New Uri 
I'xtcnds from CiitH' Cod to cuiiHl of Flniiiiu. 

60. Pomolobus pseudohmrengus Wil.'foii. 
diisiKTCftii: Alcwife. 
Aiiaiin>riii>UM or liinillucke<]. 

iViili'ly ilirtlriliiiti'il frum tlio coa«tti of the .Miiriliino I'rnviiiccH uml riilinulor, nml pi 
tlu^ St. l.iiwri'rK'1- Hivcr. to I.aku Uiitiirio, in wliicli luku it is v(>ry ultinulant: 
alonji tlic Atlaiitie coast of the I'liited StiUi'S from Maiiif southward to the (' 
occurs luiiiiloekcd in ri>rtuin hikes of the State of New York. 

61. Pomolobus aestivalis Mitcliilt. 
(ilut ilerrinir. 

E.KtciuU from the Miiiitiinc I'm 


:('S to the Cui'oliitas, hut more ul)Uiiduiit southward tliaii 

Alosm f^pidissima Wil.-on. (.Plate VII, figure 5<J). 

Aincriciin Sliail. 


Kstenda. or did extend, fioni Labrador, Xewfoundland, <Iulf of St. Lawrence, ami Maritime 
l'rr)vinces, to the tiulf of .Mexico; hut its dirttrihution in our waters more limited and 
local than formerly: "occasional in liaic-dcs-Chaleura" (Co\, lH9.'i): still frequents 
the shores of St. John and Alliert Couiities. and ascenda the St. John Kiver, New ilruns- 
wick; as well as ()ccurrinfi in ChiKnecto, ('oU'f|uiil and St. Marys Bays, and Bay Verte, 
Maritime Provinces: mcntioneil as occurring in Ciiispe Bay (StofTonl, 1905-1906, as 
('lui>ca aapidiaaima): '■formerly abundant in the lower Ottawa, hut has abandoned that 
river, and its occurrence within our boundaries [Ontario] is now only accidental" (Nash, 
19<)H.): has ln-en introduced info Pacific coast waters by tlio United States Fisii Com- 
mission, and has "in'cn establishetl in several of the tributaries of the MiBsissipjM Hiver, 
notably the Ohio Hiver" ((loodc, 1888). 

Brevoortia tyrannus l.atrrtbe. (Plate VIII, figures (ill and 07). 

Meniiadcn: .Mossbunker. 

Marine: "probably spawning in brackisli water." 

llanges from Nova Scotia, at least from St. Marys Bay. southward to Brazil;* and mentioned 
by Jones (1879) in hi.'^ "List of the Fishes of Nova Scotia" on the authority of Dr. Gilpin; 
being migratorially erratic, its geographical range varies greatly from year to year: 
according to Gomle (18HS), as defined for 1877, its wanderings "bounded by the parallels 
of north latitude :.'■")'* and 4.'>'; on the continental side by the line of water; on 
the ca.-'t by the inner boiirnlary of the C.ulf Stream. "t 

♦'■Represented on the cOki<t of Itraiil by Brnvortia lyraiinui 

^loode goes ontosny: — "Jn Ihe ^'1lIllme^ it oeriird in the cib 
to Kloridft. in winter .miy <mjtli t,. Cii^- HaUcms: tin- litnits ..( it 
thoufth it ia ilemonr-rmlctl Ihiit ttw' >|)CM'ii'F< lUn'f not •n'l-ur iili'xi 
Cftriblx-an Se»." 

' nurra Agfieelt." Jordan and Evemiann. 

nstal wfttrra ft all tlie .Atlantic States from Maine 
^ winter Tiiigiutidn eci-aii wards cannot Ix- defined. 
t t!ic Hi'muidii.-J or ('ul«, nnr prefiimahly in tlie 


Engraulis mordu liinini. 

('jiliforiiiii Aii.tiiiw. 


Ilrilish r„\ 1,1:,: nnm- I 

l,K FI-^IIKs nf itiy, r„,\ii\t,,\. 

,IMl,.-ni Al:,»k:i t iisl ut \.,m,-r r:,lif„nii:,, \l,.\„„. 

Mitchillina bairdii c I,- ;,ri,l {ii-mt. 


'■'■■""' ll."il<<"f \.-»l.,un,ll,iii:l ,i; I,. „i„| II,.:,,,. 1S7!I. :,. M, i„iniJi„l„. I„:,;lii). 

Coregonus coulterii i;ip>ii,iiiiii,i :,„<! Ij'^,',,,,,:,,,,,. 

(■.„iIi..|'h \VI,iii-ti.|i, 


Kk'kins ll.,is,. liiv..,- :,i |.'i,-l,| ;„„l („,l,|,.„, lliiii,!, Cili,,,,!,:,,, 

Coregonus williamsotii (;i,-:ii<l. 
II, "ky .M,nii,l:,i„ Wlijii-lisl,. 

I.Jliilstril,,' itl„l Ihiviiitil,': fi-,'.j„,'„li„t; el,-:,,- «:,,.■,>. 

Ilniiw's tr„ii, All,c,'lu aii.l M„iiiai,„ u,>i«:,i,l n, ,.„asis ,,( l),iii,|, C,,!,,,,,!,!,, i,i„l Siai,.. „f 
W„»liii,t-I„„ :„„| (l,.,.„„„; :„„| „„|,|„.:,>|„:„-,| „, ||:,|,. 

Coregonus kennicotti Milii,',. 

Mi„,i,l \Vliii,.fi.|,. 

l.:„'U«l,ili,' :„,il llu\i:,iil,.. 

Ma.k.i,ai.- aii,l V,ik,,„ lliv,.|», a,i,l .■,.,tai„ livi-rs „f Alaska: :,]«> llival H,„r l.ak|., ,ui,l Lake- 

l)i.j,nctl I Kuniiani, aii,l I i„l,W,„i,,„sli, M«i7i: il,,. ly,,,. f,- l',,,! i; I ||„pi- iMiln.T. 

I^"*'": I il,lc' rv,.,„:l III, |sr,i. May |l',.„„aiic. I7.SX. :is .I'li',,,,, fa,-,iri/»»). 

Coregonus richardsonii* (i:,„tl„-:. 

Iii,'l,ai'.l ■- \M,il,.|i.l,. 


Th|. ly|K' fn.„i Alrii,- \,i,ll, A,„c|- 
Ha.-ili ,l'r,-l,],., IIIIH-Ji. 

I,„;i!ily )ii,kji<,\M, i(i,i„ll,c'r. IfSlili): Mackti,/!,- liiv,-,' 

Coregonus quadrilateralis l{ii'lii,i,lM„i. 

ll.,uii,l \Vliit,.|i,l,: sl„„l-\Vaitc.|. 

Mostly l;t,-iisl|iii,', scl,l,,T„ ciitcriufi ,i\,'i>. 

M.,»t'ly ,lis|iil,iil„l „t „ur wliimiyli.-s: (.stc-n,lii,K fi-.,ii,,ra,l„|.. Xcw lli-ii„sivic-k, aii.l 
till' NVw KMRlali.l Stairs t„ llrilMi (■„liii„l,ia. Alaska, ,m.l til,. Antir l<.t.i„i,s: ari.l f,,,- 
l.ra.aiiK williiii it« nmsi' llii.lsi.n ll:iy , Hi,.|,aiils„ii. IWli, liaih.iisl ljil|.| ,ii„| (I,™, 
Hear l.ak,. , Hi,-I,anls„n, ls:ill). n.ii I. ,|„.is,. ,ty|„. I.a'alityl, :,„.l (ir.-:,t l.ak.'s ivsi..,,. 

'■.\ ,i,„il>tf„] s|».,n,.s, in-Thiijm idoiitiPHi will, r„rrj,„„„s kri,„iii>lti. „r [i,ml,ty with ri,r,y„„„« „f/«,„.ii," 

IM.ATr. VI. 

:t.. :l^. Oni«.rl,v„.lu.. n,.,k» tSotkcy- s»l i. 

iv.t wt Halino 




71. CortKOnui clupflifonnii Mit<l>ill. i'hiii \ll ti^m. - :>:. I :n.', 

(ni.llll.,!! Willi. Il-ll 

M..-||> I iriiii' 

l'..lli'rtlvc.|.v m'..r.l- M'liiilr It- .li-lriliHMMii K, In. I,in.l..i iiii.l \.'n lliiiii.»lrk hi III.' 

I'mirii' I'nivilii'i'- :ili.| Ili»ni.l.< .li.iiii.liilil in llir l.l|.»l Lnki -. i'-|..i inllt in l.iikr 

l:rir: il. «i.ii«niin IkmI. I>.iiiu |i|.rliiij» niiirr i-iNTiiUly on llin c 'nini.liiiii •u\<- ■'! llii- Ink.'. 

73. Cortgonui nclioaii hi m 

llillnl.liink Willi, li.h. 

l(|.ninl...l fi-uiii l.iiki' lliiiiirii. Iliili-li I'.ilii ia il.Mii 

I'l \lii-kii 

.|.| i;.,I.M...n,i,.|,. lIKi; 

73. Coregonus Ubradoricui Hii lianl^nn. 

I.iilini.l..! Wliili'li-lr Siiiill niiili'li-li. 

l.iirilHti'inr aii.l llinialili'. 

I>i.liiliill..,l frnlii I',.. nl IJiulir.-. anil .\,« llriii,»»i. k. I.. In. I'lairii- I'n.i- 

ilni... ..inliiariilll llii' llli'nl l.akr. ii'L'ii.n. iiii linliliL' l.aki' iif llin W I- alum. lam at 

..^ailll Sir. .\laii|. in llir I liitr.l S|..|I... i.Mi.iiilini. In. in llin --liM-al l.ak.-' 1.. III.' 
lak... .,1 lla' Vlii la.k- all. I W liili' M.aiiilaiii>. ami n.iilh.'n-lnalil" l.lor.lan ami Kvi'i'- 

74. Argyrosomus osmcrifonnis II. .M m.iI. 

.S ll ..f-ili,.-V...i-\,.ikl.ak.-. 


I' ill. Iii.||..l li..|T ■lia- ii'r..r.l.'.l i.iil> linni .■ii'ni.,.a ami Ski.m'ati'li'» lak.'a. 
.\..u ^lilk. »l...|.. il i- km.uii a- -lii.'ll: il .|..iilill..^. i.lln'r' i.f III.' .I.'.'|i-ual.'r 

Ink I' mirllnrn .Ncn V.'ik ' ..l.inl nl : ami |..n>il>ly may l.i' l'..uml ill 

(liilaii.. wal.'i-. 

76. Argyrosomus trtedi I..' .I'laii \*ll. limn.'- .".7 ami .'..'*i. 
Cifiii; l.aki' ll.'rrillt:. 
HiiliS.'» I''.' n( lim-l an. I Slal.' ..I V.-llmiiil. ...■.iirrilni in l.aki- rjiaii.|'lain an.l 

M i.liri'itiait..^'. I ill riiiny-i. ill.' l.ak.'. a' r.l) liiil.'> mall. ..I iSlii.-l.l... 

IH.I7I n'..slnal.l I., l.aki' .S|i|a'l'i..l': al.iimliilil in l.ak.. kai.-: I'Mi'ml- m.illiwar'l I., tin' 

Mn.l-'.n llav i.'i^ii.n ami In l.ala'a.l.ii'. 

76. Argyroiioinus hoyi liill. 

M... V.' Ci..'... 


"Tllln lai'knmu. ll'.IIIL')..iil> i l.ak.' Mi.'l.i'.-nn ami | ililv Innn 1 ..... Sn|.,.ri.,r .l..r.lal. 

ami I'lviinninnl: .|in..'li..ii:il.i.. in .nil' Hiil.T.-. 

♦■■It i- I.. U. I...iii.l t(a..ii)il..Hii IIh. liri.a. Ijik..- n.Klt.t. Ir Uki. llN.a.|.|...i. i.. l.ak.. Sii[»h..r. .1 (...--ilily 

I.. Uik.. WiiaiiiMK. 11 III..- I<..ii ri.| ...a.!..!. r..ially Ir.M.i Uk.. ..I ili, W.»hI>, ij.k.. \\ii>iii|xil a.. I N..rtliU(.*t 
■|.<iril..rv. I..i< al] n.f..n..i.i - |.. il- iHiarr...... w.-l ..( i4.k.. 8a|«.ri... .a..l ...riii.ali..ii. .Ml -|>..i.- .>! h.-chIIi'iI II Uik.' ..I lb' tt.HKl- «tii..|i l.»v.. ..xini.i.a.l l.y ui.> ii.|illi>..l..iii-t I., u .lilT..n.i.l -[«.!...— 

IIh. |jkl,n..l<.r»liil..|i-l. lf'"r..;......-/..l.r.i.y.>r.>.,^>.t.a.ltl.i..i-il<.l.l.ll..-Mh.. -n..'i.-MliirliltH. ('.......liaa Ki-I)('.> 

..■|H>rl-.allil..^ ■uliilfli-ii .v|i...i ri.|..rraiE I.. Ii...i>li.i..- ur^i nl Ijik.. Si.jn ..... .I..r.k... u.iil I " r.iiaini 


ll»,l k 

n. Ai|]T<w>niui inulllui ll,m. 

I.r...t Wl 1,-1, 


""";■; ':'."'"' ■;'' ^'•'•'"'^ '"■'"• ""■ "• ■•' '>'•■ «».i...,i.- ii,>,., ,»,„,i,.i,i, iwhh ,„,.,„. i„ 

""•,V "" "■ '!"•'■ ''-»»-•'""< M..-k».M.,„ fl„.,,„„l,.,.,„„.n, ,,„r,i.„r ,,I„r,|.,„ 

iin.] I.v,.rmnmii »,l| |,.rli„|,. !„■ f.„i„,l In llrili-li l'.,li„„l,i„. 

78. ArornMomui lucMui 111.:. m, I.., n. II. ;.r-r,nk.ll.rnri|(, 
l.ii.'il-lriri.' aii.l ll.ivialil.: 

M,„k..n«i.. Iliv.T ,U..| hil.ulnn... (i,,:.l ll..;,r P,„k,. .,h.- |.„„. |,,,„, „, ,,',„„„ 

h„„U.,' i;r,..,i ll.,,r l.„k.. Iliv,.r ,i;ill.,.rl, \H'M. „.,■ ,„ /,„.„,,„,. Ii, 

S.'nli,.M |,.|.|, \, ,,,;,. i|,..| lin,,,, ,|.r,.i,|,, |.KIM,, 

7». ArijrroKHnui lauratts Unm. 
rniii.-tt[i ( i..'.i. 
V..k..i, lliv.., ,„„ll,».,r.l I., I',.i,„ ll,,rn.,v, Ma>ku |».,I,„|h llrili.l, i:,\,mU« 

80. ArgyriMamui prognathui* II, M Smiil, 
Ml.inl.i, l,..i,t .l»» 
IWiii- ..f III.' i;r.-,.l l.ak.-, .villi il... |,..,,il,|.. ..x,.,.|,ii. 


..I l.akr r:. 

■ Hi..„i,.irr aii.l Mini la u|s„ rf|»irlo.l fn.ii, l.ak.. 

SI. Argyroiomul nigripinnii liill. 
Illa.klih: lljii.'liii. 

l.ak.' Mi.'liiKnii an. I .vil..iii | 

82. Ar{yn>K>mui tulllbei lli.lia..l.i,ii 

0,.,nr- .1, Lak,., Kri.. .s,„..,i.„.. ai,.| Mi..|„„a„: an.l 11, l.ak,- l)„.,t„la,.a, Slal,. .,f .\-..„ V.,rk 

' '" '•»'^" "' ""■ «'""l". ■■"■' i" tl„. I',.,vii,..,., „f .M„„i , „,„| ,Sa.k„l..|„.,va„ (r,.: 

.lilcntiiiB ,1,,. (i,i'.x,i|,.||,. l.ak,., ,„.„r ,„i,|,i|,, „( ||„, ,.|,„;„, ,., ,.,|,.,| ^^^^^^^ p.^^^, j^j^^^^ ^ 

Liiko nil.l fr...n .Vlhanv KiviT ri'iiiiin . Ili.liar.l.-,.ii. I*l(i. a.. .S.i;„.„ , Ci, ,.,„„„, . /„«,v,,, ,. 

83. Stenodut mackenzii |{i.'liar.N..Ti 

I'ltnialil.' an.l la.'il...tMlLi-. an.l Vuk„i, Hiv..r.« nii.l Il.,.ir Iril.iilary »at.-r»: al».i r...-.,riliM fniiii .Sail ||iv,.r 
lHlrli«r.l«.,„, ISSJ. :>^S„I„„, mmhmi, il,i. iy,,fi, „n.| (Irnal Nlavf l.ak.. 
"""■ ""^"il: IKThaps will, .y. I,„,irhlh;, ..t SIN.ria. 

•■■Tl,i..,,..i,.,„„,|.i ™»..r,f,.„ 
rc.Hjml.k'M IIm. ..riKiiial ..f Duit lu...... N*..! 1., l„ ..t,r wat.^n.; l... 

- Imvp l«H.t. ronLaimU'd iiialiT lla- nan... (V,r.9„„.., >,„,,,, thoagh ii.itlaT nmrh 
.l.>r.l«n un.l A. A.../., la.lcN. t.. J^ f.,.a„i j„ ij,j,, ..i.a^riof .l.m. 
i' Kiv.n j.r.ivi-i.aiallv in IIm- ( l«.-k I i-t iiii.l.r n.a.ilN.r 7B 

iin lr.>ti, tl,«l l«k,. ar.. 11... L.ns j.i» [A. ,»...) .p.,r,l„„ „n,l llnmunn. 

I'l»l.' II liuiin. ,H.|,|,. 


•4- Oncorhyncliiu larkuKha H ill.i.nrii 
llui.ifil.u.k Sulmi.ri. 

K„„„.l,..i, .1 , i.iMii, „,. .1, .|.,|,.. n.iiKiiiB riMii, r„ I „rii i, l„ 

M- Oncorhynchui ktU W ^ill., 
IImj; Siilm..n, 

Urili-h r,.l,„„l,i„:, ,,.„.i, , 
Ili-nriK S|,„ii.. Ivi„„l,;,lk „ 

• IktrilOd" ill .|„|,;,|| ' l.,|-,|„,' 

••• Oncorhynchui tichawybchn n i 

■l|imiK ,s,,li„.,i,: (J„i„„„i 

I'lai< III. hiiiiiv. I|-|!i 

'■ .iir M>,l M.iii >|,,|„.,. „,Mair,2 ri..iii I'lilirHihia i,. 
■ '"" ''■' ■ '' '"'■ '!"■ t ;.l.i.l,.|ni,l .|H.,.i r 

,: lull :..i 
lWli,l, i;,.lm„l,i„ l..,ll, . .-, ,„ ,|„, ;vll „ ,| ,1, 

Mrriiiji .siriiil" iiti.l ' 
W. Oncorhynchui kliulch Hnlh,,,,,, 

'■" MilLT .S„ll ,, 


':">■■ '> filial ■. liiriin-,. .Il-Jl ,111.1 ;ili, 

l"l»-. r:,i,tir,i. fn.iri ('i,lif„ii,i„ ,,, 

I'l '" ". l>-f - .•.V.mi. 


Mrin.l.c.,l,„i,i,i„: i.,„ii ,.„„f 111,. r,.,i I ,1 1 , ,.„„:„„ 

'' '^'1""""" "• ■^l»"l<''. »'.■! "M Ml.. .\.i„ii,. ,.i,i ,||,„,.„| ,„ .,., 

aa. Oncorhynchui ntrkn Wi,ll,„„Mi. ,l'l„i,. M fivm,., :i mm 
■■'...■k..y,. ,Sillii.,ii. Illii,-I„„.k s„liii.,ii, 

'""'"'','■';';'"" '-!!'[ •"■•'"■'■ <•■<■'«•■:'"■' M„.ii -i..,„..,„„„ii„ , , ., ,;,, 

ri..iii Or,.,r„i, i...Ma,ku;.iii,l.iii 111,. A.iali, .i.|..-.,iiil„,.„,| I,, |.,|,„|, |,.,„ . , ., , , 
l.iik.. .\kiiii ill mirtli|.rii ll.ikkiii.l.. ..I„i.|i,iii, ■■! ■ • ■ ■ . 

89. Oncorhynchui ktnmrlyl .>iii, kl. v 

Ki.lim.rlv's .S„j„ : l.iiil,, H,.,i|i,|, 

l.ani.„riii,. 11,1,1 iliiviiilil,.. „„,| |„.Hi„|„ ,„„„|, „ 

(Vr,„„i l,ik,..» „r HriiW, ,„|,„„|,i„, ,.,„, „„, .s„„„. „, „„,|„„„,„„ ,„.,.^„„ „,„, |,|„|,„ 

HO. Sdmo ullr l.iiiii, il'lal,. Vll.liBiiri.Jli, 

Atlnmjr .^, 

"""Hiv"''i;;!i'l'';,i;""';i"'.r''' ''".;""■"■'"- ""'"' i'-"--. '.-i- H«y. «.. uw„.,„.,. 

l...l«n,l ..Vlin.ili, MKHi: f.„.|,i,.Hy |,„k,. M,,,,,™,; , ,,,„|, , |,„..„ „„„ '„., ,„.,,„„ 

" •■' I'».v. Miiiii,„iili„ |,||„„|. I.iik,. l|m„ii V,.,>, .,,,,1 1 1,1 I ,1 , 

TnJ::::':!:: ri "■'■■■;'"■"■ "-"•^ " ■■-"--■''n""'^ w;;::::; 

111. I)ila»uri. Hn,.,: I„k,... i„„l nv.T, ,il i;i,.,„l,„„| ir„|„i,.i,„ j;,,;,. „.,„ , • 

91. Salmo s«l«r sebego < in;ii.| 

l.:iJi.||.'<l,.'.l S;,l L 

l.ii».|l.».k,,l in lab'- 

|-.n„iii Iril,.- in \,« llnin-«irl>. -i„ I, ,„ |,,,,.|, I ,„| ,i,i.l s,'\« :„:4 M,i~,,ia~li l.,Ui,..-. :mi.I 

"1 III,. .S.|„r. „f M,ii,„. :„„| \,.„ ||,„„|,-j„,,. „ ,„.,„. „i,|,.|v .|i,,,il I l.v |,;ni|,. 

I ri Mil:.»lii,'r.i int.. I;,k.- ..I ..IjnT l,.ialilic-. 

92. Salmo siUr o<i"..ianiche .M.<:.!iii>. 

I.ninll.nk<..l in li.k... 

•■iiKilnliay liiv.r ar>.l l.,,k.. .-ii. .I..lin „■■Jj^^l:f. 1 l;,k. - ami nvr, li.inl,..var.i I,. iNr Inaava, an.l . ;,-uiar.| i„ a,|..i-: u.nir. al-.i in i..|l,.- .,1 \,.«(.,n,nllan.l a."l(,.,l 
lii'li^ I Term \..>a l.ak.-. ami lal,..- al 111,' lina.l ..1 >.ainl... Iln.-i. 

93. Salmo clarkii l{i.liai.i-..n. I' \II,!ii; IJ ami t:;i. Tnaii. 

Lain !.im' ami lln\n,n'|... ami ....a-Iwi...; |]i ,. rina [hn si-a. 

S..uila.|ii \n...Ma a... I lliili-li I "Lniihia ■ .angina li..n, |.,rl,a|.- a- 

94. Salmo rivuUns \vt.-. . I'l.ii.. \ I n-nt.. :i!i ami Ki 

llricWi C.lnml.ia t.. lalif ia an.l .a-iiiar.l 1.. ill.. M., 

Skaaivav. Ma-ka: inn ..lma..| int.. l.ak,' .■in|...ii..r l.v 
an.l -ilna. m nar,.|. ..f n„laii.. 

» ri.-li |-..innii"i..n. 

9fi. Salmo rivularis komloops .1.. 
K ....M, Tr.n,. 

Ka... ,. K nai, I Ikam 

lar I.. Hi.. It i ami 

ni.l ..III. 'I lak.'- in r..lniiilii. 
('..Innil.Ni llivvr.. 

Salmo irideus* liiMim 
llaiiilii.n Tr..ii1. 
I'liiviaiil... ami |...|lia 
Kauans un.lni a riiini 

I'lah. Ml. Iiani..- II an.l V,l. 

imaMiiv ,«i-. 

'aM..|i..s 11 Slam ..1 «a.|iiiii;i..n li. lalil..inia iiili..iii. ,al 

■'■I'liiii ''.I'' »ai..|-. iii|.|n.lina l.akr .-^ii| .\..-.a .S-.nia ami \,.»f,«ni.|lan.i:t 

I- I..1 lliili-li l'..lii ia .1.. m.l ai.|i.-ai- 1.. !..■ anl nallv .ii|i| 

■It Huffinnn-I In^ Ill,, iti.- i.taiUivr iro-it ii only tin . uriirr na^p, in tin- cotii^ of il^vplopment, of lite 
.t«:thctta. tint 11- ttii^ maiiiT ..|)[var.i t.i ,- l,..ra .>|...n t.i .j.iit.iiinii it i.. n,\<-n pmvialonalh in Ihtt ,.h.«k-tii»t mi .oii- 
■ a v.,l„U,„.,l..,. 

t T 

. Ilainl..." ■It....t l.ii-|'r..i..l.i,« t..i 
an.l Ii.lali.l I .-1.. ... - N. « .... t|.<. 

t N<.ut'itit..llai..l »iiti.r> 

97. Salroo trutta levenensis \\:ilk>'i. 

I....I1 J,,.v,„ Tn.iit. 

l.:,™-liirir. l,.-v,.|i. Kilr-hi,,., :,ii,l ml,,.] .-i,-.,!!!-!, I,„.|,-: l,„.|,s ii, .||, „r ljv'\:iw\ ,.l.,rl„„,: ii,I,-„. 

,l,l,.,.,l ii.l.i l„k,.. ,,f \,.nl,„ii„ll„i„l; „i„l l,v i|„. |-„ii,.,| .<ii,i,., |.i,|, c,,,,,,,,;,,],,,, i,||,, 

>l.,,-l,.,i„. I.„k,. ^,.|l.,„-l,„„. \„ii,,„;,| !':„],, ,„„| ,.|.,.„|„.,,.. 

98. Cristivomer namaycush* W i,lt,;,,,i,,. ,l'l„t.. \ II. li-,,,-,.- Mi ..,11,1 I7t. 
."all,,.,,, Tri.iil: l.ak,. Ti.,,!,. 

i.iir,i«trii„. ai,<l i1,i\ iaiil,.. 

Hi,I..Iy ,|i,nil„ I |V.„„„„.|.„, ll„- Maiilii,,,. I', .,i li,,,.-. ai,.| 1 1,.- .S,,,,,. .f M:,i„,., ,,, 

Vail, \..r I-lai„l Vla-ka. aii.l ill,. Ma,k,.|i<i,. Ilii ,.|, i„,i ll,„ai.| I,, 1|„. Anlii' Cir,!,.. 

99. Cristivomer namaycusli siscowet ,\L..,"i/. 

I.ak,' Suj„.ji,, 

i:,I ii, lak,'- 11,1 

100. Salvelinus fontinalist MIMiill. < I'lai,. \ II. lium, . Is .->ih. 

S|.cTki...: Ti 1: iir,.,k 'r,,Mii. 

I'liivialiliv lanislliii,.. aii.l ,.|,l..r- .a- a »..a-raii >aii,.|> „,.■„(„/,„, ||i,. „.a, 

\\i,l..iy ,li.~lril,iil,.,! ill \..itli .\i,„.ri,.a, |,|.,.s,i,iial.|y in,,,, i|„. Aivti,' i<...;i,,i,^ .)„,t 'ill,. 11, ,11 It,. in 
liliiil» ,,!' il» raliui. l„.iiiB a, y,.| i>,,l » a^,.,.|laiii,,,r' .l,,r,lali. llKf,, -,,iilli«ai-.l 1,, 
i;.„,n;ia :iii,l .MaLaiiia. aii,l IV \,.>vf„iiii,llaM.I I„ .Sa>kal,-Il,.»al,. 

101. Salvelinus parltei .^,1, kl,y. 
U„Ily \anl,.M Tr.„il.'iHlrili,. ai„l lliivialil,. an. I ,.|,t,.|i,,,i lli, ^.a. 

Ilanii,.» lV,,iii rali(,,raia. ,11,1,1 a, iin., IlriTi-li I ■,,l,iiiil,ia. i„,|.i!,«:,i,l i,, \l,.,iii„n |J:,n,|, „„ 
ll,-l>.'li,l l-lan.l, ll,.,„ir..n .■^..a. V,,!,. (l,..,i, .<,.,,1„ll, Ivi'i,; ami ,.M,.|i,liin; «,..! 
«a|-,| h, il„. .-i.nill, .Sa-kal,- ia,i anl M,.|Mai,. . 

102. Salvelinus alpinus alipesj lit, liai,l.-<,ii. 

I.,,iiE-fiiiti,.,l I'liail. 
I.tii'tlsti-iii,. 1111,1 llttviatil,.. 

\M<r fi.sit.iK: laki's itt lit'^i'ltl- Itilil. Il.„,tl,ia I-,.|i\ . Ui,l,af,l-,.ii, lN:).Vii. a- .<.i^,„. •!/,/„.. 
1111,1 ■■iaim,, :,,l„h,.r. lak,- aii.l in,!- ,,( I ,i. ..|,I:,ii,l . |.;,l„ iVi,i- I7MI, a- .<„',„„„;,„„.,,,. 

•■il„- ..|..,.i, . i. -„1,„ 

i'lr,i,.timillv. )„,», ,. ,. n 
•<.|4>ll,ti<,li „t \i,r;,.M,.~ ,1,, 

l.,.i|ll, ,,11 11.. .,,,1.1 

I,- ^,1, i, 1,- -ai„ 

I. ,11,. I- 11,1,1 ll„.n. „, 

„,l Mi,,.k,„a» ii„„i 

tTI,i. -I- 

; U iini,,| i,,r it- l:iri!r 'i/.'il :ii,ii\hlii!il- 

rn>i. ,n,.i , 



IM. Salitliniu tipinus ttignilis luhri.iiia. 
(Jri'i'rilaiul Chnrr. 
I-iiciistriiii- and lluviiilili'. 
An-ti,. Wfim,,: li,.„,,,r, Inl.t a.i,l ,iv,.,> „t H a IMis ( llirliar.1.,,,,. Ifflli. as ,SW», 

ra™,): l',.ii|,,.niiinc- Hivit i Hicliar.l«.n. IH.':i anil ls:lli aa S,il„«, *™™„r ■.Ircnii 

ail.l |i..ii<ls „f (Mirhland: al>„ rvn,r,l,.,l I'nan,ra.l..r.» 

104. Salvelinus alpinus arctunis <;iinilii-i.,. Cliarr.'ll^tlilir. 

Vicl„ria l.ak... H„.|,,-,g l),.a,.|,. Arc.i,- A„„.,i,.a. s.». :n' ,,;„„t|„.r. IS77. a, S„h„ 

105. Salvelinus oquassa naresj (itiiiilirr. 
.Sal-..,- Cliarr. 

\rvlif Ann 


Hay ami runil.i ■ land (iulf. 

106. Salvelinus marstonit liarnian d'lah' \ M. il-iii.s :,[ ami .'»l'i 
Mar-liin Ti.inl: li,-,l Canadian ■rrinit 

llc.™rd,.d fr.nn lln> f.,ll,,wins Ink,-,, ,.lli,.|-- in ll„. lV„vim.. „f qm- -: !,»,■ ,[.■ Marin-,- 

lu-ar c itiaiva: laki-s „f tin- I. -i-nlidi-s I'lnl, in ,|„. l.akn .St. .Inlin a Ca.-.i'll,- 

llina.iiski C.innlv: and Lake S„,.,-ai-,nni ami lln- Hnd l.ak.-s, .\la.-.kima,u.,- Counlv : lln- 
al.A-,. n.i-,.rd,- rii;lil at tin- Hiutlimi limits .,f its dislriliulion. and that lln- 
'■i-ntri. i.f its distrilinlinn i, mn-li fnrllii-r mirtli, 

107. Thymallus signifer lii.-ljardsMn. 
.\rr-tir (iraylint'. 
l.artlslriia- and llii\ iatilc, 

IWurs ill l.ak.-s lt,.| ti and Atkins. l-„rtv-tiiil,- Cr,.,.k. and „tln-r ivat<-|-. i,f tin- ii,ii-lli,-rti 

pun „f llrilish Cnliiml.ia: r,-,-„rd,-d frnm lin-al .-slay.- l.ak,-. Ilrnal H.-ar l.aki-, and Wiliti-r 
Hiv,-r n-vdons i Hi.-lmrdMai. Is.'.-|a]id hvllii: Ma.-k.-nzi.- Iliy.-r and .Vlaska l,> lln- \i-,-li,- 
(l.-<-an: (-|nir,-liill Ulv,-r aii.l u-i arn-s. Iiiids..ii Itay. 

108. Thymallus tricolor (.,|,,.. 

.Mic-hi^Hii (iraylini;. 


Slrnains „( tin- .Sta f \h,U~,n. ami pns.silily t„ l„. I,.nml .a, tin- llntarii. si.ln .,( ,|„. ,s, 

.Maty, llu.-i; said In liaii- 1,,-,-n In sin l,y \li|l„-rl rr.iin l.ak,- llntarm iCu^i,-r ami 

\al,-ii,-a-nii,.s. I,s4.s. a- T ,.„/,i,„ „.„.,i. 

*--Si».,-ii,i,.,i, ,r„,ii <ir..i,i-„i,| ,„„i Ui 

.S-,lo,o.t„y„„/,- lti,,i.„il,|f„ij,,h,.,.i 

■a, il„. I .s. \„i;„„„| M,,.. ,1,1, I,,,,., I. 
■I i,l.-,itili-„,i„ii K,.,„|„|; Va„„„.-,, 

iitili,-,! „tiil r,-,-„r,l,-,l 
■,ir,i^ Iran, Ij,l>ra,l,,r. 

t"-"- - ■■"Wa-,1 ■l-.-ilii- ,n.t,..,l ,.I .i,u..,,.,.„„. rank, --.v .,,.„,„,„ „, .s„,„„, |.,-„,,,,, , „,„,„„„ ,.„, „ , 

ay. .„, i,.li,-»,„ . „,„„ „,n., .,,,-i,.. than » , „rs, ..„,,,,„.,, -, , ,,, ,,„|,„ ,, , „,. .,„ 

,» a,-„n.r H. «,m,.m Iba .ay ,.|1..,. , ;„„„„„, x |„p,.i.i„ a „,„|,| .,.„,, „,. ,«„,„„„ ,^ , ,„„„„„„ 

-kc: -mv 

iH' i. M-r "V KI-iflKS (iK nil-; l)n\llMl)>. 

lOO. Thymallus tricolor montanus Milmr. 
Mniitiiriii tlniylitit:, 
Sniulicrii Allifiiii?:* ci'Miiiii riviT- ni Moriliiiiii. iiri.l ^'.-ll.m^ Xiitii.iial I'lirk. 

110. Hallotus villosus Mulltr. 


Murine: MnKictinii'- iisccu'iiim stri'itni,-, 

Himfics frniij llir An-lir (.■i;i..ti.< M.iitlmanl. ..ii lli.- I';i.ilic .■i.;i~l.- M. Iliiti^li rnlun 
KaiiicliiUkii, mill «u iIk' Ailaritir ^■n;^^l i.f X.irili Xmi'tii:., .■»»!, ni.iriL' <i\ 
L.ilna.inr. Nfvvfi.iiri.iliiinl. Culf -f St. r.iiwrvrM'^. Marilini.' I'n.virir.-.. ai.^l \.-« 

siaics. to cip.- (;.»i. 


111. Thaleichthys pacificus liitlianlsi'ii. 
Onlarhaii: r:.ii(ll,'ll.|i. 

flririrth Cnluml.ia. ttsn'iidin;; tin- Trascr am. Nans HU I.. Alaskii. 

112. Osmenis thaleichthys \>ii'>. 
I'arilir Siiifll. 


Itritisli Cnluniliia. i'aii;!<-s from California ti> Alaska. 

113. Osmenis mordax Miniiitl. ,l*!air Ml, tliiiir.-, :.:i arul Vti. 
Aincriiaii Sinrlt. 

Mai-ini'. Ilinialil'. ami lati.jlork.'.i. 

Athiritir coasr of N'oi-lli Amcrii-a from lo Vliuini; 
I'n.vinci' of (iui'hcr, aii.l \i-w Knulitml Sinirs: \.n' -.]<■ 
sixtv milrs ni.rtli of llit;n\a.t 

lakr- in Marititnr 
-Isles, Calineau Disl 

114. Osmenis dentex .'^ti-inilarlun r. 
Hainl.ow H.-rririf;. 
"arine an^i IhiviatJlr. 

Naa- Kivei. liridsli I ■,,|iiml.i;i: Vntir \U:l Mix 
Alit-ka, cmhrai'ini; lint), ,oa-I-^ of H.-rilij; r^nx. : 

il'rel.le, liin;i-|i I'arilir .■■ 
('\t.'tiiliri'i siHilliwrst\\;ir.| to 

;>-l tr' 

116. Mesopus pretiosus <liranl. 

-tif Smelt. 

Marine: s|i!iwn:- in tlie surf. 

Hritish Coliimliia, eMeiiilirii; -oiitli«;u.i in (aiiloiina. 

■A litllr -ulmetKiJil ill rj\.'r>. i>f ><>iit|i<-rr> .VlU'Ha, Iixully nill.-il I li.- Koi.Uin^. iiui> Ix Mil- 

fUliib-t .iiuiiKvii in mhhc li-lirri.-j. niullfi> in tin- tiixiilli ul Mu\ , llMKt. I Hmuil -mi.- -iK.ii 
.Sriirlt lli>uliiiK<l<'U<l .m tlir -iirtiuv i>f thv wutfi .if IjumIi-h 1-1, -, iii tl>. t .:iliii.'ie> .li-t ml , I'.Q 
H\»-ni-!' »f ii-h .-xi'ti. luini-l.M'kcl in fn-li «utrr t«k.'^ in New HiiaiMMrk, X.n,. M'l.lia, :,ii<l i 
Imt itH iNTurrnuT in a lftk,> i." f«r nwiiy trmn tin' -i-i. as Nk.Ii- 1-U-,i- [■.■iIi;iii> w,.rtli> ..i ti„Ti 
arc i)witr(i-a, utiHTwiM- tlk- cMonml i-lutraitri* K[>t><'iir to iinrte Willi tli< xrilitinry fhmtruf !•■•■ 

116. Argentina silus VuMtiin-. 
Vwiiliii,.: Sirl Srnrli. 

i;i;lTl(l Itullk-. \.-«(.iilli.|lllll.l :i -lircMlU-ll ( ill mni'll "I 11 Uil Sal.l.' l-liiii.l. Nova s.oiKi .<;..(. !.■ iiii.l Hcaii. IxTs, ,ia .1. .,.,rl,,i 
,.!> ilii ,1-1 ..( Muiiii', iiii4 "IT 111 1- ■'! iKiillii'rii Kiirii|ii-. 

117. Bathylflgus pacificus lolNrrt. 

1)....|.-MM .< Il 


C.asl iif Slal.. "I »ii-Im1ii;1"1i ■In., -|..c 
ali.l l-M.iiii.uiiii iiiivii li.T.. a- lil,.l> 

akci. Ill lis.-, aii.l S7. 
iM ill l'„liiMilii 

alli.iiii. .Innia 

116. Chauliodus macouni liiaii. 
\ i,,, 

0|V<Jii..iMl Ijail.iiii. I -Ian. I- 111 ill, li I ■.iliiiiil.ia ill.- i>|i.- in S7lilall i- 

nai.l 1.. n.a-i ..( I alidiiiiia 

119. Chauliodus sloanei ltl"< li ami .Sclin.i.ti.i. 

\ i|a.|li-ll. 

\llaiili.'ll,.,.a,i ali.l M...Im,.J lainaii a -|....-i in.l m lln' -l.' ,.( a .■ 

Hank- lal. 1-' ">' N. I"n= "-"i :i-V "', In IV, fall,., in-. 

120. Sternoptyx diapbana llriiiiann. 

Ilalhvl.ial ami pnlanr ■■ri-M,= i,,»ai,l Hi,, -nrlac.. al nii;: i ..i in -l.,n 

Ciaii.l Hank.. .\|.wlniiiii|laii.| -.mllmai.l hi SaJila liiiz l-lali,|. a.„l ivc 

llmnaiin. I77|i: al-.i ..IT ill,. Ilauaiian an.l .la|,an,.-,. l-lainl-. 

V «,.alli 
i,l<..l I'n.i 

121. Argyropelecus olfersi l u\ni 

llalli.vl.ial ali.l |,..!.iBi,. ■li-iini i. ,«:,,, I iK, -nila,,. al nn 
Claml Hank... N"i.«f.,llii.|lali.l ,,|.-1, Miami,. ..M.n.iins 
ci I 111, I,.-, ami \.,™ay. 

,1 Hia/il 

122. Stomias ferox Uiiniiar,!,. 
Ka.t Hamimlvaii: raiiiiin; In 

1,1 ,,nilinar,l h, ill,' llaliania rliann.l. 

123. Malacosteus niger .\m>. 

\ -|„.,.i II ,.,ll....l,nl ,,ii i|„. i,.iilh,.a-1,iii ,.,lm' ,,l lii-,,ri:..'- Hank l,y lln- : 

ll„„..„„ in IJ.-, Iaili.,1,,-: Hull .^Inan, .,a,ll,«ai,| I,, III,. Hall., 

124. Ictalunjs punctatus l!aliii,.-<|ii, . 

,M„,ilii,lin2 ,..|«.,iallv 111 ,ii,r ,.|,ai,n,.|- 

UiviT. ,if l.iial l.ak,.. iiui.,,! «,.-i.iai.| I., .\lanil,.l,a : Mi..i..i|,|,i 
Ijn I., III,. i,iilf ,,i M,.si,.,, 

i»LA'i i: \ II 

SftiniM,i . \ilj,nn. Sjilmon) 
Holnio .'liii'kii Trout) 
Salmoiriili'iw <l{iiiii)".w I'mut) 
Crirtivonici icmayiu-ii Milinon '1 unit 
8»lvdiiiu- r-.tiiliialis (S|..TkI.-il Tn.iiti 
fjalvrliiiii- ukustwii I lti''l r:iuadUn Ti-i 
Oamcrii- (AtniTicmi Stii'-U . 
C'orcjriMiK- 1 i-i|>«if(Miiii-. t oiiiiii'in Wiii' 
\i-yM..-,M„ii«ari.>.li Ci,,,, ,„ |.:,kr lln 
Mn^.i s:i)>i'ii-.-ini;, ■ Viin'f ir.ui Sii;i.l. 

,.„nl ..!•.'■' 'iJ'.^.. ■■-I-' ■' •■ 

.luii i'ii.JrfH-r) 'iju iiit-'>«.i'iih 

ir^-Li • 

/^^mF9»..^^^9LM: m 

UK k I 1^1 ni KI-HKH i if MIK ImMIMn 

13ft. AjiMJunit lacuBtrii WiiIIi.iimi.. 
J.»k.' Culli-li 

l.iH'ii>triii<' ai..l IhniuMl.'. 
■■" l-'i"" livi-rari.l Iriliiiliiri.-. riii.l l.i,-,il l.iik,., n.^iMii n,-l«,ii,| i,, ilir I'niiri.- I'r.iv- 

" »■ lllll~.ll llav i|','|,iL,|lll. 17».S. »■ III.' llhillll'llll-B: llll.l Hall,;llllll, I7!l.'. ,1, '.•ii./ii. 

I,:i'«,lr,„. iiitlii'l iiil,-,ISi„i,... ru.miiii: l> Iii'linvil l.nk.-| il,h h, ||„. Mi„i„i|,|,i 

i.illri, lull III.' liinil. "f ii Ill, 'III liiiI'Mi.i iiii.riiiiiii * 

136' Ameiurus natalii ].<■ Nnnii. 
\i'll...i Ciilli-li. 
l.lirllHtlini' illlil lll|\tiili|.-, 
Ilri'iit l.iiki". IVL'ii.ii; Id,., I In.iii S,itail.'i-li. II,., in. nn.l llaik l.iik,.- I'lmiii,,. ,,( |;,„.|„.,. 

iJ) rili.iii. IVVI, I,. /■ /,„/„. ,„, ,: ,.M,.,|,|, „,„|||„..„,| ,„ , ,„„||,.,,| |.,||,,,| 


127. 'Iniciunis vuigiris 'lli,,iii]«,iii. 

I u-jan,',l liilli-li. 

I'licll-li-iiii' mill lltn iiitil,.. 

l.ilki'Cliaiii|.l..,iii ami I'luiii,.,.. ,.f I Inlari,. iiii.l Maiiihiha ran-,., in i|i,. I nil,., I <|.,l,., t 

Vi'niii.iil »|.,uvai,l l„ IMili„i. ati.l Miiiii,.-,.ia ■ t ii.i.i l.ak,. J.;ri,. '^ 


128. Ameiurus nebulosuB 1.,. .Sii,.iii. il'lat,. \ Ml. tlLiii,'- us ami lilii. 
I'liiii II ratli-li. lliinii'il r,,iii. 

I'lK'UMlrilli' all, I llii\iatil<'. 

Ilanfi,'.- ill Citiia'la fnim III,- .Maiili I'r,i\ in,.,., i,, Maiiil,,l,a. iinlmliin: th.. .-^I i.a\M,.n,.i. 

""'■1 »lii"'i' I.llki- r.'liinn; i,','„r,li',l fi„iii tli,' .■<a.-kal..|i,.«an llivii ri-ui,,,, , lli,.|,ai,|. 

,.,.11. Wa. a. .<./.„.«, yl(,,i: in llii. I'iiii,,| Slat,.> ,.M,.mliiit; lV,an Main,. »,..l»aiil In 

.\,iilli Dak.ita, iin,l »,aitlinai,l t,i lli|, ,„iitli,.ni Slat,.-. \m- \»■^■n iiil|.,„liiia.,l inin liv.-r.. 

"!' lalif.iinia aiiil iiit,, lak,., ..f ~Mith,.ni Ita'ttnii. 

129. Ameiurus meUs l{iiliii,..,|ii, . 
Illaik lliilllii'ail. 
Laiiistiiiii' ami lliiv iatil,'. 

I'Ali'ml.. fri.lll ii|ip,.r .M. I.aivii.n,-,. Iliv,.|. an.l Stat,. ,,f .\,.,.. i,.rt, „,.,iwai,l I,, X,.|,|.a.ka 

iliill. I-VI.'. a- .l.,„»,„, ,J„„.^) ami Kansaa ilnll.,,'!. a- I,,,,.,,-,,. ,.,,„,,„,,. i,.'. 

I'lir,!,',! fl„n, .\l,.,|iiia llivr. r..<a. if I«l. a» . I ,.,.».„../.,■,„./,.,„.„„,/,„.,, . ,„.,.. 

..iinialily (l|ilari,,.t 

130. Noturus Htvus natiii,'M|n,.. 
.•^t,ini. t' 
I.uiiistiin,. ami lliuiatil... 

lltta»a liivi.|:t l.ak,. 1 'l,ai,i|.la.i. l.ak,~ n 
ami W,\,>iiiiiij; ami .-,,niluv..„.i i.. 'IVm,.. 

*"It io aal .I'rtaia jii-l whiii iin r„i,,t,. r,;,ll.\ i-. li ,, j,r,.l.iil,l\ ,.tii,.t!\ „r ,.*-, n ,.iitir,.l\ ...nli,,,.,! i,, , 
Uk..B »a,l n,.rtl,war.l, nahuliat; | it.j,. ,1.,. iii-irr .Mi"i>-i,,|„. ,l,'.r.l„:. „ii.l Kv,.n,miiii 

t"l l»'ii,'vt. tlml iiiaiiv , aK'i I i,H,k if a, Hh. ,.,>ai,i.^ ,.| l.i,,,.,,],,. Ontari,.. Na-t, 

t.\ v,.r.v ,i,i,ill -|K.,.:ii„.a ..Ka,. 1 ( ii,,!,,.- laait |«--,.,1 tr,.i„ f 1„. i ),,,.«„ II,Mrtl,r„aKl. tt„. «„t,.r lai.. ,.| th, 
li«h liiil,.|H.rv in irlinmrv. HMItl. 

.M,.mlilis vv,.,t»ar,l I., .M.aii 

i,i«T iir ritiiKt nf niK iuiMimmn. 

SchUbMdfa gyrlnui Mh.hilt. 
Tii.||>..|r Sloiir Cut: Ma-I Tnni, 

linul l.iikt's rt-Hiiiii. i'\rfr»liiii{ fniiii tin' Un<\*< 
iirxl prnlitilily in lir foiiriil in t>iiliiri<i. 

Ictiobui cyprintlla I'uvicr uml \ ri]i-n<'ii>iiiiiv<. 

(- m.>h ItiilTatn hi-ti. 

l.iiru!.Tiiiii' Jill. I lliaiiitilt'. 

MMllit..lMi; <^iV|.|MHr MilU'V. S„.kiitrlu-w.m, II 
xippi Villlr', 

Icttobus butalUB l{.itin(':'ijiit', 

Sll.l.ll III..IIII1 Itufflkln I'IhIi. 

I'liiviittiii' tiiiil liictiHtriiic. 

Miinitnliii. ami MixxU-iptii valley uii>l lniMiii. 

Cftrpiodes tbompwni \)ia>r'i/. 

Laki' Carp Sui'kfi. 

Lai'U^ll'im ;,;i<t tlnvilltllr. 

|,ukrl'li;impliiiti, iipp.-i St. l.:iAi,nrr Iti^rr. iil 

Carpiodtt veliffr l{atii><'-<|ii< 


I'niirii' I''.-, Mi^-i-ippi v.AU'V. itii.l u',>\ 
111.' Itio i-.VAwU'. 

Pantosteus jonUni lAtrinitnii. 
MMiinlaiii Sucker, 
i ivpifiits stivjiiii- 
li- r Mi«,-,.iiri valli-v, - ■ 

hlalio. iin.l t'uliiinl.i 

Hritish ('..lumliia. 

Cfttostomui griseus (iiiim 

llniy SiifkiT. 


Alberta aivl Sask.n.licw :i 

nl i<> ilir Mi^^i-^ippi vall.y: 

iIk- lira.l <>l iIk- .'Itiiiii -r lakfr.; aii.l ML-^iH- 

nl (;ivat Litki't n-yi'in. iinliiilinir l.aki- nf tin- 

\ti'ii<liiitt Miiitliwiti'il 1 

uu-i .<f til.' Ulai'k HilU. South Dakota. InvaliticH in Muittaiia ami 
Hh,y I.I. ill limy I" '.>iiinl in wimtlnTii VtlHTta or (M-rliiip:* in 

npiMT Mi-*«ouii 

1.1 I'lilll." ail V.IUwstniic Itiv.TH. 

Catostomus catostomus F.'i-tcr. -iickiT. 
I.iu-usti'iiir iukI lliivialllc. 

Xt-arly ci.siiiopolitun in ilm DwTninion: raiiKiiitf fr-)ni l,alira.lor and N'l'W Miurir-ivick to 
liritish CoiuiiiMii. anil from tlu' ftwlrrn to tlir HrHtt-rn llnitcl Slati-s. fxtcn.liiijr -"iiitliwanl 
at U'dnt U} iiy N,, liut has Lc^n obtain.'.! in WVst Virjriiiia: an.! o.riirs atrto in 
Ala.-ka: n-..>nl..l fmin HwUnn Hay i hnsl.i . I77:(. ati.l IVnnaiit. I7HS. a- f'niriniiH 
i-nliiMoinu.^). aril from ■strwam i..>ar (irt-at Bi-ar Lake and rttrL-am near I'ort li.K"! Hope" 
.I'li-iilc-, VMU-4.' 

139- CatiMtomu* nucroclMilui liininl. 
r..liiii<l.ii( Hivt'l' Stirkir. 
I itruNhilif itnil lliiviiitil''. 
K..„l.n„v r..ikr.; Sliil.l.iM.v Ninil ; »r„l TK ii lliv.i. Knii.l -; ll"ii-l. 

I'„lui,il,m; ('..l I.iu lii>.i l....-iii. I m.i I li,k.-- ..I III.' Slai,. „l cii,x..Ti. \\,.-h- 

ilikil.ili. I.lnliii. iili'l M ilin. 

140. Cttoftomui commtnonii|i"li . I'lnn VIII, liciin- Tli aii'l 71 1. 

i\ on Wtiilr Siirkri- 

l.iiril-Tiiiii' anil tliiviutili-. 

\,.r> i..j...liluli ill lliili-li N.iilli \ ii"i ' 11" Mniitiii"' I'fviun- I'n-I"' l>i"ln<:. 

anil l.ul.niili.r, l.i All..ila: in till- 1 liiU'il Slali- .•,liiii; fr..Iii ill.- la-l.TI. Slal.-. 

ur^lw.inl 1.. M.inlal.a ali.l r.,l„™,l.. ali.l -i.iilliuar.l 1,. Ii...iiiia iv. (.|,I.-.I ,"nilii llil.l-"ii 

Htiv ll'i-liiiiiiil. t7HH. i,M Ih.' Niiliia|i.-Ilil. 

lU. Catottomui nigricans l.r siu'in. 
SI..IJ.' I|,.ll.'i: llla.k .■^ili'kii.'iiMltini- anil fliixialili-. 
lil.-al l.aki- iTLNiiii. ilirlii'lii.:; I.akr ..i ill.' « I- 

Sla t N.'« V.iik 1.1 Mi "la aiiil l-ali- 

Al'kan^a'. si.iilliwanl. 

IN 111.' I'nil.'.ISlali- 
»..-UMir.l. aii.l 1.. 

.'Ii'liiu' m.iii 111.' 
' I'al.ilillar. ali.l 

142. Erimyzon sucetta oblonguB Mii.-liill. 

I'linl. .SiK'ki'i. 

I.iii'ii'.lrin I tliiiialil., 

M.'nli..i..'.l in "l.i-i ..f 111.' I'i-h.'- "< .^inliii ' ■' - I";'": '"' •"" "I I""''' "■ 

.I..I1I1 Iliv.T, \.'W lliiiii-.uik«'C..\. ISII.V iill.'i A.laiii-i.'ll. I.ani','11.'.' Iliv.'i- aii'l nil.u- 
luli.'s lK..rlin. Isr,:,, a. I ■.il...l..».»'< l»/....''./.ii..-l ; ni"l lil'.'al l.ak.':. n'siiin. in Uii' Inili'.l 

Slali'» i'\ lins fr Mail"' «r..U\al'il In llii' llaknla.. an. I ...lillinai'il I.. Virginia 

aii.l (lklali..iiiu: "iira.liiallv |.a.-..iiiK «.iillnvai.l iiii" III.' iviiiial .<i...llii aii.l 

143- Minytrema mclanopi lttifiiii'si|iii-. 
S|..iUi'.l .'^u.-k.'r. 
Lai'iisnili.' .111.1 llmiiilili'. 

(lr..|it l.ak.'.. r.'Bii.n: -iiilllii'....l«aiil 1.. .S..rlli rur..liila ami siMillnn'-liianl I.. T.'Sa..: flvi'li 
li.TC ..Willi: t.i il> III' iir.'ii.'i' ill lilt' llri'iil l.ak..... 

144. Hozostoma anisunun Ha!iii<''..|ii.'. 
\M,ii.-n..M"l ll.'l 11.11.-.'.'U.liini' aiil lliivialili'. 
.St. Lmn'i'iicc llivi'i; Uri'iil l.aki'n r..Bi"n. iii.'lu.line l.iik.- ..( tin- \V I.; ami Maiiit..lia; 

Y..iisliii.|;lii'ii>' llivi'i, l'i'nii...vlviiiiiii iCiih' IkTII. a. /'(.,.■*»..(,....».. ../.i("..l; lll.i.. Iliv.'i 

iHatincsiiui', tfSl'U. 11.. (■«/.».</(.»iiM .ii.i^i/i-ii.vl. 

•Dr. Cox cim.iJ.'n* llii. 
r.'Kunl* ll«' Krii'ii (.ikf (t.i. 

j.'S 1.1 U' .'xlin.'t ill Sew ltnii.t.wi..k, n..t tuivii.K -...ii " l.'i -...11.' lliirt. : 
l.V../'ilii^i :." iH.init 11m. ..a.iM. ..f its ai.aiiiH'uran.c. 


HKi K i.ivr .IK n-iihN ,ir rnf. imMi\i,,\. 

145. Moxostoma aureolum I... ,*;ti. Hi. . I'liit.- \ III (i .- 7' .iii.l :;(. 

I',iii..ii H,..l }l„rs,., 

I,!ini,<Iriiii. iin.l lliiv iniilc. 

SI. I.awr,.,,,.,. Ijiv,.,- ;,„.! (I,,..,l l.„k,.. n.t.j.i,,, i„„liii- l.„k.. .,f III,. W ;„„l M„„i • 

lll.llll.ll.lll «,.<1 ,,f 111,. \l|,.:;|,;„|,.y M|,„|„l:,i„- 1,, \,.l ,|;,.k .1 I ,.^ I i II - -. ,11 1 ll« 1, 11 1 1,, 

146. Moxostoma macroleptdotum I., .Siuiir. 
I.iii!;,.-.^,.|,l,..l H|.,l ll.irM.. 
I.a,.||,.trili|. mill lluvialil,.. 

I'ilii. Islaiiil l.,ik,. ,111.1 Alliaiiy Hi,,., ,11 1,,.,., Isiis. as r.,/„./ < „„„.,.„;,,,;,/„.„„- I'll,...., 

'!"■ »"'l ll,.la«aii. liai, ...iiil.wunl l„ N.iiili CaiLliiia. 

147. Moxostoma lesueuri Hi,.|i„i,|>,,]i. 
\„illii.|ji li,.,l ll„i>,,. 
I,a,.,i<triii,. an. I lluvialil,., 

Mallil,,l,a: .SaskaliliLivaii lliv.-r an,! ii„iil,„ar,l ,,f (liral .Slav,. I.ak,.. I'iii, j»laii,l l..,k,. 
ali.l Albany Hiv,.,- ,li,l,.i,.| , Hi,.|ianl,.„ii. IS.>;I ,„i,| l.s.jii. ,i,i,|,.,. r„(„.,(„ ;,.„„,„■, 

148. Moxostoma breviceps (',,|„.. 
Sli,iil-li,.a,l,.,l Miill,!. 
I.a|.||,«lrili<. anil lluvialil,.. 

limit I.ak,... r,.si„i,« ,111,1 (ll,i„ vall,.y: V„ii,;lii,,al v Uiv,.|.. I'l.nnsvlvaiiia 1K7(| ,., 

I'l'irh,,.,!,,,,,,,, ;„,,.,■,.,,,.,.. ' I . ■ 

149. Placopharynx duquesnii I.,. Su,.,!,.. 

I),.ti.,,it Hiv,.,- »yst,.ni 1,11 I, .,1,1 ,,i, III,. .Mi.liis.iii ,i.|,.l: ,.M,.|i,|iii2 ...iiilnvanl I., T,. mi, .-,.,. 
ii: "i' i- l'i'il'al,l.\ lii,,.l ahllliilalil ill 111,. |.-n.,„.|, ll|.,,a,| |liv,.|. ;„|,| 
i.l,i|.,laii ali,l l:v,.|.|iialili. IIKIJ;. 


in tlie n.!aik i 

160. Campostoma anomalum Halin,.s,(in.. 

.St„ni. I{,,ll,.,.; St l.iiKyi.r. 

Klllvialil,.. as,.,.|i,li„s small l,r,„,ks t,, .-pawn. 

Il,.t|.,.il Hiv,.|.. ,|„nl,tl,.ss I.ak,. |.:,i,.. ,„„| |ik,.|y .\iau.ala Hiv,.|.;t St; f .Wu- Y„rk ,.\. 

l,.n,liiiK n-,..<tivar,l I,, \V.v„iMin).' ali.l s,,ull,vvanl r„ 'IV.vas. 

151. Acrocheilus alutaceus .\;;asst/ ami" 

llii-,.|- nlli. 


I',.ssil,ly Urili.-li Ciliinibia; l.,,„,,|. Cihiml.ia Hiv,.,. ami lril„il,iii,.s. 

♦"Tills sp«.t.i,.8 -,.,.t,u „ \k ,;„i,lin,.a to Ijik,. Lrie, s,i far „- ,i„r l'r„vii„.,. [ii|,,„ri„l i- <^,ii,-,.rii,.,i " X,,-], 
t".slioiild and pralwlil.v doi.i, twour in stn.ttmB Howinu ii,t„ Niapiru Ith,., ai„l ii,(„ lj,k,. liri,.." N„sli 

rUKtK 1. 1^1 m;- Kl^UKS iiK lllh: ])nMl\|ii\. fi| 

1B2. ChrosoMus erythrogaster l{:i i[ii'-<)Il<'. 

If.'.! i>rlli.'<l Ihu'i: 


I'rnviii.'.'.-' of (Hiliiiiu. (Jiirlicc. aii^l Ni'w Biuri-^wirk: irt tl,c ["iiiinl SiaW- .'Mi'inlirii: fnnii 
M.iiiir ^^r.t^^^hl In \,m:i im-\ -.miIIiwiii <] I.. ii.tiIktii Alitl^aniiu 

163. Hybognathus nuchalis A;::i>sl/. 
SilviT Minnow. 


[.like Ontiiri.. icni.m: tnlmltity slr.'aiii- nf tin- ("nilnl Sl:i(,v< from the |)i'l;m-;iiv ;in.l \fu-:c 

rivers woiwanl in ilic ii|»pi'r MMsoiiri iiii.i -iniiiliwiinl tn 'rr\:i> arnl (lrnrL'i;i: rriiKr;H'fd 

iinitrr :t niiinlicr uf snli-s|»cci(-,-. iiml viirii-iics. 

164. Hybognathus argyritis (iiritni. 
Wiiin- Miiiri.,w. 

Manitoliii iin<l u]ij)ci' Mi>-^niiri rf',i;ii>ii. 

166. Pimephales promelas IC;iliiit'si|ui'. 

Mhirkh.'.'iii ^]i]|||'.^^: liitH MillI1M^^. 
l.iini.Miii,' i.iiii IliiviiLlil.'. 

I'At.'i,.].-. from l.ak.- ('ii;irr,i,l;.iii to il,r I'rainr |'rovinr.-s. viiui-iu- s..iillnv;ir.l In l^.r^tiirkv 
:iml rli.' iiin <ir;imlr. 

166. Pimephales notatus l{;tllni'M{iji'. 
Iilinit-iin„.,| Minrinu, 

l'rovin<-iM)f (;t|[-I.LT In Dflinvim-: St. I.awrcin'c Mivrr :in<i pn-siiiniiltiy Ontario: "i;,'!!. -rally 
very iilniihiant in snmll strciim^ \\c,-i nf tlic MIcylianics" (.lorilan iiinl KM-riTiannl: 
I'Strn.iiii;; wrstwanl to tin- Dakofas an.l souilnvar-l to Alaliatna ami Arkansas: inav 
!>.' foiimi ill Maiiitoha. 

167. Mylocheilus caurinus Itidianl^nn. 
Cnluiiil.ia River Cliiil.. 

Kliiviatiic. anil iiiariia- in tliat it fiiici-.-. the mm. 

lirilisli CnliiMihia. inchnlinj: VannmviT Island: snulli tn Ori'i^.m. 

168. Semotitus coiporalis Miti'liill, iPlatr V Ml. fli^niv-^ 7) and r:>>. 
Silv.'r Cliiih: Fall-llsli. 

LaviistriiH' and lliiviatilr. 

Wiilcly in tin- rivcr-^ and slnam^ nf tiir Maritim.. i-joviiii'f>: St. I.auirnn' 

i;[v.'r syslriii and .-livanis and [.nnd> nf OiHaHn: aluindiin! uUn in riortlicrn I iiitrd 

Sratrs cast nf tlic AlMiani<'s. 

169. Semotilus atromaculatus Mitiliill. 
(■[■•■.■k Cliiil.: Ilnnicl Dacf. 

.Maritime I'nivinres and l'niviiir<'S nf Ontario and (^iii'Iut: .St. l.avMi'ticc liivcr and ils 
IrilmtanW. in tlic I'nited Statrs eMi-inlinti Ironi Maiir^ w/stwanl tn Wyoming and 
southward tn Alabama and (it'orsia. 


♦'Z 1 lim K l.lsl iiK KIHIIKS UK IIIK lm\ri\IO\, 

160. Ptychocheilus oregonensis Hiiliiinl^^iii. 


Hiilish Coliimliiii. inHll<lill^ Vurici-iivcr [^^Imi'l: Shihi of WushiiiKtuii ami Orcctm wcst- 

wnnt ti. Morictiiii. 

161. Leuciscus balteatus Ifirlmnlsoii, 

<'nliurii.iii Hivcr Minnow. 

hrili'ii i'lilnniliiii: Ci.Iunihiji riv<'i- iiiid streams nf i'iifr,.t Sniinfi: jiri'stiiiiiilily vvcstwaiil t.j 
M.iiitaiia (Kvcrniaiin, iSiM. as A., ^////l.* 

162. Leuciscus etongatus Kirthnnl. 

|{.'il-si,i(Mi Shiner. 

I,iieiistririe ami lliiviatile. 

•■Very atumiliiiil in most streams in southern and eeiifral Ontario" (N'ash. 1908): in the 

VmUnl States "<ir(>at ^llko^4 an<i upper Mi,-»sissippi Valh'V. chiefly from Cennsylvania 

to Minnesota" (Jordan un<l Rveniiann). 

163. Leuciscus nachtriebi (ox 

.Xaelitrieh Dace. 

<'ertaiii hikes of nortliei'n .Minnesota: given here as likely to oceur in Lake i>f tlie Woods 

164. Leuciscus aeogsus Cope. 
Lacustrine and fluviatile. 

Provinces of \eiv lirunswick and (Jiiehec, and presunudily Ontario: also locally known 
from Michipan to South Dakota. 

166. Opsopceodus etnilise Hay. 


Streams triliutary to Lake Krie: al? 
(iRorpia: given hcMc owinir to its 

distributed from southern Indiana si>uthward to 
ccurrence in Lake Krie waters. 

Abramis crysoleucas MilchilJ. il'late VIM. Figures 7S and 7!»). 
hream: Uoach: (iolden Shiner. 

Lacustrine and Jluviatile aliounding in bayous and weedy ponrls. 

.Maritime Provinces, ijuluding i'riiice FiUvard Island: in the Inited Stales froru the eastern 
States westward to Dakota and soutliward t() Texa*. 

Cliola vigilaz BainI and Oiranl. 

Bullhead Minnr.w. 


Detroit. Micliijraii tCope. ISIMI, iis llnhopain tuditanim). and therefore given here owing to 
its occurrence so closer to our border: extends from Ohio westward to Iowa and south- 
ward to Te.\as and (ieorgia. 

"Apjiftrcatly not diiilinrt from L. bnllfnliit." Jordan and Evcnnann. 

rllKCK [,Irtl' OF h'l^llKS IIP TMK lioMrSlnN. 6.( 

Notropis jordani ICi^icninanii and Ki^icnniann. 

Jordan's Sliinrr. 


S.nith Saskatcliowaii Uiv.T, Mnnciin^ Hiit, Allicrla. 

Notropid cayuga .M<f>k. 

t'uyuKtt iSliiner, 

I.Hcufltrinc anti fiuviatilr. 

(iu'Appflle Valtcy. Sa^kalrlicwaii: cxtcmls frtun nuitlicni New S'tnk State wcstwani tu 

South Dakiitn niui \<'I>niska iitkI smilliwanl to Arkaii^a:': may lie roinxl i[i Oritarii) 

ami Maiiitolm. - 

Notropis fretensis* Cope. 

Detroit Itivfi', Miclii^an (Copo, \Hiiii, aw llnhop/inf frctrn-sin) Uivvviorv ^ivi-u Iktc an l»ciiin 
HO near our Inirdrp. 

Notropis muskoka Meek. 

Mii^koka SliiiuT. 

i-iicuntriiic ami liuviatilc. 

<iiill [.:ikt< and adjacetil waters, Muskoka. Ontario, 

Notropis heterodon Cii]n'. 

Ulackchiii Minnow. 


"HanRPs from the St. I.iiwi.-mr Hivcr wcstwanl" (Nasli, !(HI8): in tlic I'nitod States ox- 
tending, probably under a number of varieties,! fi'orii theState of New York to Michijran 
and Kansas. 

Notropis Dlennius (_iirart). 

Stniw-coluured Minnow. 

Lacustrine and iluviatile. 

I'ppcr St. Lawrence ({iver and Cireat Lakes rejiion. ineluditif. Lake of the Woods, to Mani- 
toba: in tlie United States, under several varieties, extends from Ohio to Dakota and 
soutliward to Texas. 

Notropis volucellus Cope. 

Detroit River. Michigan (Cope. 18(>4. as H ifbognalhin^ coliicrllus) therefore ^iven liere as 
beinsf so near our bordei-: known from northern Indiana, Mi<'hijran, and Wisconsin. 

Notropis scylla Cope. 

Fluviatile: "sandy streams of the pUiins." 

"Illinois Kiver to western Kansas and Montana" (. Ionian and Kverniann): jjiven here as 
likely to occur in the I'raiiie Provinces. 

•"A doulitful uptric^, [NThups iilcntic&l with Xnlropin rayuga" Jordan and Evommnn, 

'^''Xotrofyis hflerinhm is upiiamnlly subject to large variationp." Jordan and Evemiann. 

.IK n^iii;-* t'K im, uominkiV. 

176. Notropis hudsonius lir Wirt i'lii 


.il.luil Mil n. 

l.ju'll^tlilH' ilTn! tluviiitilr. 

,;,,,„ l,,k,.,: Sla ( \r« V.ifk «vsl».,nl 1.. tl„. link".,,., ..,ml,«,.r.l 1.. S,„itl, ( ,„■..■ 

177. Notropis hudsonius s<Iene .li,i.l;Lii, 

l.:>,n^lriiii' :>ii'l ll>l\ iiililr. 

i.jtkr .•^upi'Miir: I.:ik<' III till' Wii.iili.; I'rairic I'niviiin-s: 
'inik |-aiiiin. lIuiUiiiL Hay ivsi"" il'ri'l'li'. ''■<'»<< 

llavi-s Hivi'i, l."i mill', ali.iv.1 

178. Notropis whipplii 'iirai.l 

Sihiafni: .^iitili-ltii MiTinii\v. 

I.aill.lriu.. anil lluvialil.i, , i v v i 

SI. I.auivii.i. IliviT ami (In-al l.aki- liiai"l'; ill tin- riilli''l «l"l''» I'"'" " 'i'' ^''"' ^ '""'' 

Stall' \M3t\varil In Mililii'MiIii ami s.iiilliwaJil tii Alatiama ami .\tkam-a.^. 

179 Notropis cornutus Mihliill. 
llari.; ll.i.llitL 

lv!!l,i|v' it, raiiaila ft Nf» ll,tti,-wi|.k ami I'luviim.. iif ljii..|iia' tii Matiitnlia: 

will III. t.iiiml in tlai I'lairi.- I'mvim-rs: it, ll.t' liiiliil Stall's "nilm- iiTI"" 
,.u-t lit llm liiivkv M.allitailis fMrlililii; tin- nailli .Miami.' .•^lat.'S anil Ti'Mis: its vatn- 
,1,,. .„.,. „,., a, „„ ,f i|„',„ a]i|ii'ariti[: liki' ilistini't .s]»'i'i.'s"'ilan anil Kvi'iniann'. 

180. Notropis jejunus lialii's, 
I'liiir Miiimin.'listriiii' ami lluviatilv. 

l.aki' "f thn Wiioils anil I'l'aira' I'rm ilii'.'s: I'M.'mlilis in tl„' liu.i'.l states to Kimsas ar.l 

181. Notropis scopifer lairi'iiiiiaiin ami I'a^'i'iiniann. 

Till' tliii'i' I'laiiir I'j ivinri's. vi/; Matiiliil.a, Saskim'lu'wan. ami .VlhiTta. 

182. Nr-tropis atherinoides Uatim''. 
Ilrcat Minnow. 

I.iu'lislii iml lliniatili'. ... i „ ■ ■ „ ■ i 

S,. |,a„i' ',' liivcr 1 lli'i'at l.ak..s fi'sii .ak,' i.f the Wii.hIs; I'nuno I't'ovilices; and 

llllii, anil .Mis,issi|,|,i Vall.-ys. 

183. Notropis rubrifrons toja. Miamm. 

li'c'.',-iml("l'fl'''li'i til.' •-•'i I.a«'i'.'lii'.' Hiv.'.' ami l.aki' i.f llli' Wuoils: in till' I'llitcl Klai™ rs- 
li'mliii!.. Iii.iii till- Stall' ot Ni'«' Vi.rk wi'stivai'il lo soutli.Tii Mii'liisan uml soutlm'aril 
to Kansas. 

I'l.Aii: MM. 

no fil Hyotlon tcijjisiis ( M wvt'i 

!■-' Hi Clu|)eo liniviisu» iCi.iiiiiloii Ifarrilisi 

!■ I ii,-i inupoii iiall..»ii (Califomiii lli'irint" 

liii 1)7 l)rev...iiiiii lyrinniH iMcnluuien) 

»N-()!I Aiiioiiini- llt■^lIlosll^ a'.irdriiuii l';iili-lii 

7(1 71 lat,..l.,i,„i, ,.„miii,T-u,iii Cum,,,,,, WliitoS.i.'kiTi 

7-' 7:i. ,\I,,\„8t,,m;i !,,ireol„„, ,(',„, ii,i,,„ R.-.l II,,,'-,- 

71 77. Mi,,otaui ,',„|)oriilU silviuOluil,.,,- r'allii.h 

-I, 77, Cy|,rinii> ,;,,|,io (Ca'i'i Csrp) 

7.S 7!l, Al„uiiii»,,vail«ucua ,ll,,,ainor Ku,.ili 

HO SI . Ai,B„;ili, rh,v,yp(i ( Ai,.,.ri,',in Erli 

1-2. I.,'|'i,"','|,li:ilii< eont'or (c,,,,™- KAi 

83-8-1. I.ii,-ii,- rc,tj,-iilntUB iii,-,-,-ii I'ikc) 

,!11 / .1 i / 1 


,-;.. It.' -1 


l.M.ll I" 1 

■11 I "■■' 


:::'! 2 

.,i., iv,!/.. ' 

,0 ■ ■" 

,.',.;; 'ii' 

,111 .. 1 ibH- '■'•■■■■ 

.. /.li/ i . 




IM. Notropit umbratilii <.ji„r. 
Ili'llili Mililmn. 
Fluviaril,. ,„,.l huu-ui,.. 
«,-l,.n, \,.,v V„,|, 

'-'r:V" '""■" ' "•■Mi,,,,,...,,, , ,„„,„,,„ ^„„„^, ,„ 

188. Rhinlchthys lataractx I in 1. 1 1 \ ,i;, ,,, ;,, 

l-"'ii!-ii I lli.n. 

Hlivilllilr; "rr,.,,,,,, ,(,„, I I,,,, I,,, , 

I':vlvri.lill2:i, C;,,,;,,!; ,„ '" ' ' 

■•I"'llr| I,, H|„.,„|,i|, „,„ 

Imni.l 1" \ircilil. 

186. Rhinichthyi caUraitie dulcis 
I i:- .1 ]>:...■ 

■ '■!"- ]ii,ii„|i„- InliiHnrii- ,,| C:-,.,,! .s,.,|, |,„|.,, 

187. Rhinichthys atronasus Mirriiill 
MlarK.„,,M.,l 11,1,.,., 

I''lini„lil,.: ■■,.|,.,,|. |„,„,|,. ,|,„| „ ,1,,^!^^ 1^ ^ ., 

N--i|;^.r.™,H,.^M..;,, ,,,,,,,,:.,,,,,,,:,,>■, „„. ^ ^„ ^, 

183. Agosia nuhiU (iii:ii,| 
l»it-ky \\h u, 

'■''ti':;:;:'':,;;';,:' ''■:"•■-••■■■■ '''^''' < '- ^.u,. .,.„:,,.,,.. 

' ""' •'■ '''"■'.>■ ' ■'■"!■ Ill ('i.l,mil,i,i 

.189. Agcsia Umatilla (;,'Mi,.,i :,,„| IIm.,,,,,,,,,, 
Mai,,, .m;„,„,„ 

190. Agosia fakata i:ii;,.r,r,i„r,i, :i,„j l:i.,,.„, ,,.,„„ 

ralral,. .Mii.„,„v. 
l..-i™.-ti-ii„. „,„| i|ini.,ii; 
»,'n,nl,.,l iv,„„ Sl„„l,„, 

p l.ak,.. Si,.a„„„,s, ll,.i,i,|| c,,!,,,,,!,;,,. |.„|„ 

'l.ia Iliv.T l,asi„ aii.l 

111. Hybopilf dlHlmiUf Kliilaii.l. 

!:::;'i:l.:';1!!":'m'i ■ > i '-« »■- ■' '■■ • ' ' ' '■■ 

ll„. I, I ««i.T. ..I l..m.-., , :.ii.l Srkr.n-1... 

193. Hyboptii ■mblop* Wiil -m'"'. 

sili.T l-liul.. 

Khiviftlilt'. , , u I ., .■ ..n.L'il.K' i.ifiir-' in 


193. H} >piii itortriuiuf kniliiiu!. 

I icuotriiH- uri'l tlii\ lutilf, ., , , . i ,..,.,.i i »itrii 

|,,k,-Onl,m,. »n,l Kn. an,l \ i...U>. ir I' I >'^"" -"■'"' '»""' """""" 

Wv.niiiiiil i""l >."iil'»»nl I" Aikniifl.:.. 

iM. C<u«iiu phimUui Aen^lriiii' itii.i llmiiitili 

lin.iit HtS(. l■^,.,^ l.„k.'. M..rk.'ii«L,- llu.T iv^mn il"-KI... LMli-H. 

196. Coucfliui dissimili** (iiniril. 

Hininlil.' , „ 

I'M.virui- lit S»»k»t.-li.-ivr." iHi'l AIIhtu,. ali.l M..lil»i.:i. 

196. Couesiu* greeni .li.nluii. 
(IncnV ("hull. 
l.iiruHtriiU' iiii'i tlllviiililf. 

Ilntl.h Colimil.w, iiii'l'' IVri.l aHiviH.-. IM>"' 

197. PUtygobio gracilis Hi-liitnlMin. 
FlHt-lu'nilcl rlHil., 

.Icm- Wiv..,- to .1..- l{; .mill.w.mi l- Ki..i>i'- 

198. EiogloMum maxillingua \.v Smui. 
Cutlip Minnow. 

Lani^tri'ir iilul fluviulilf. 

l.akr Clmiiipluin. Si, l,;.wn'iin. Ui* 

;iii.l Stall- i>!' N''^^ """'l^. s'Hitliwiiril 
■ JtiK iti tl,.- fnrm III !)»■ .I.ii>i'l Im: im.lail'Iy a .>! C. p(»i..." .lunto. unci l.>.™".im ■»"""""!. ' 
»nd C. ^.»»iM not .p..c-lli.-«ll) JUT,r,nt ft,,... r. p/„.,;.,... 

IW. Cjrprlnui cirpio l.ii.if.u. I' \ III, Imur. - rii .ml r7', 
ticrttmii ( till' 
l.nctliitriiii' itiNl lliaiiii li'. 
Niiliw I.I \.m. lull iiilii.liiii'il ml. I I. |« l.iiia .^ii, „i„| .,| |»ii. vi.,ii, i \,,ii|, \ ., , 

'"'" ""<■'•■ '"' »».v If III,. I nil., I siniv (ill., tl„. 11,1V ,. iiiiii,. iiii.l ,,ii,„, (■,, |i,,|, 

wiiliTH, Liiiiif Iliriiiiutiimi ilii' |>i.|riijt IIimt, 

900. Carauiui auratui l.iiihuii- 


l.iiciHIrjiii' iiii.l lliniiiijlr 

Nnliii. Iii.Ih|„iii „ii,| cliiiiii, 1,11, i„ii„.|,i iiii. .,„,,, ,,, i|„, I iii,,.,| .s,,,,„, „,„| „,,|| „j„,, 

ri.«mil|...|lh,l, ,,. ,11, il,ll,l.|„.,.,| f||,.|, „;, |., I 1 „,„| ;„|„;„,„|„ |„|, „|„.,,,,i„ ,, I,,.,,,;,. 

'"■'■Ii nii.i-'ii it. ill.. I.ili.r, 

»1. AniuUli chryiypi lluiii ,1,,. .I'h. . Ill 1,™,,.. wi iin.l .|| . 

AiLiiTii'iiii i:,.|. 

'■"'•"'" ■ «"'""»'■■ I '-I...! I.II.T...I 1.. l.l.,> lilll,, 11,1 .1, ,|,„|,,i „„„ 

iiviT Itiii.l r.i .IjaiTiii ujiiM,, 

Hi.lHv .li.lril I In Hhli,l, Niirili Aii.i-iiia Iniii, \,.,vi, ii'.||,i,i,| „„.| |,..|,„.|„|. „r«l«„i.l; 

lf,.ir.lf.l friiiii It ^ti..,ilii ill l-l;ui.l (Si-hiiiitf ItHMl: ■.I.h* ii,iil,..vt. tlif 

linm.l I'lilN. St. .I.iliii IliviT" [N,.» Itnin-wirkJ ,C„^' „ r.liiti: I., X„,li „l,.iv,. lit,. 

t'iill» ..r Xiiienni i', Dntiiti.i, tli|. Kiill» ■•fitntiin,; ui> inii.nmTtiiil.- ,.l..t,i.|i. t.. fiirllift- 

f""""'"""- '" ""■ l'"i>'"l "l" ■M.iulitiir ft „ „.. ,„tl„| 1.1 til,. ||.i,.|,v M.iuii- 

liuii«. iili.l '.iiillimir.l int. I MiAii.i nniHVntiiil \niirii;,: .iiiiit, „|.., in tin. \\,..t In.lii.^ 

■cuuijlil inc,iii..i.l,iiil.lfiiii,t r- in P.itt., Hi..., in tin- . mull l»iii,i „ ■„„-,i-' 

«t in till, .niiijl liui." .lOvi'iiiuinn un.l Mnt-li, Isuili: ri r.l.'.l li,,iii »tiriiiii. ,ui.l Ink,.. 

.It' (ili-<-tiliiii.l .l-'tilirii.iiH, ITMII, 11^ l/„,,f„„ iimjinllti). 

202. Simcnchdyi parasiticus liill. 
.Snuliniiwil l:..j. 

Hntliyliiiil: I'liMtHitii;; IjiirniwitiK int.. ih.. H,-s)i ..f tin- Imiil.tii ,iti.| ..i|„.r (ish,.- 

KcB)i-,W fi , III,. Ilanki. .iff X™r..iiii.|l;,n.l nn.l ti .■inl.l.. l-lnn.l ll,,iik,,.« r,..ii,,|i..| al,., 

fniin (lif .\i!iiri-^ .('..ll.'tt. Is.s'.l. ,i. (',.„, A,,./,,,,//,,,,. ,/,■,„,„/,/„). 

203. Laptocephalus conger I. inn:. II-. il'lnt.. \ III li.>i,i,. k'i 
r.,tiB,.r |.:,.|. 


Atliinti,. (I.I, in: ..n ili,. Ain.ri.un si.l.. i-vti-iiilinc Call,- (nil l„ Itrozil: ircrdi-il bv 
Dr. .stiilil tiiim P.itt.i Ri,-.. il-Airmiiiin iin.l Miii^li. |K99>: ,.,ia„ta nf Kunipi.. Aaiu. nnil 
.Miirii: ll,i» l,<M.n r<|..l Ifiitn .\,.>v Hriin.u i..k ■'n -|....-ini,.n t.iknn in I'oknm.nn-li.. 
lliilly in Dct.ilicf, ls4'.r' i(',,M, 

•\ »|ii.di..,.|i i„llf.-t,.J n,..r S,il,l.. llai.k. i. liKiin-J in lliv, .|„M„i, „„,| Kveni.unn . R-l,,. ol North ntid 
Middlf AnitTii-ii.. V..I. IV. pi. I.VI. 

6S . MM K I 1-1 nl lixlll. Ml' nil. l.nMIMMN. 

204. Avocettina infans iliniHui. 

.•.„i|i,. i:vi. 


l!,.,Mn|,,l :Lin « illl ,i .|'l'-iy*:l- • ■■ il- l«-'«'- ■ In- -|i^cir-l Ifiir.i I'jilicrnl' U:,l,. l-l;Ul4. Mil-k.'l, 

,-|,,M. .,. Iliv liiili-ii ('..liii.:!.!;.!! -.I^t r..-:iii. I.V«1, a- /..//.oVA'/, ,,- ,,-//- i :iii<l lh,>irl,„v 

:;ili'M linv: ..lli,ini-c l,l,.,«l, Ir U,-; In, lie... mil- Ml;,Hlir, uli I'.Tln.lul.H.u; j,! :, 

.lc|,ll, ..I .'..■.nil l;il|i,,l,|.. 

205. Kemichtliys scolopaceus Itifl hi'd. 

s,:,,.. i:,i. 


\lhirilii' tlrr;m: iiImI I'.-iritlr Un :,i i . ;iI hvi-l il <li.' lullnuili.^ '. :.>wfltch .«' ■ > j- 1 1|.. -;,||ir 

.|,..,-i,-: ■■li-liilii: l«,lil,- "IT ihr MM-i" .•! \o\:, S,.,,li:, .Inni-. I S7 il:Uhl l!;lllk-, 

N.-M.,uri.|NiiM: "(I ,\-» l-iMiNui-lnm-i : M:i.|..;.:i l--|iiJ-: lii-l ivr. ir,|,.,| lYniu ,nuili 
,\ll;ii:lio illiili.uil-Mii, l^l^,. 

206. Nemirhthys avocettal ,l.ii.i:iii .'iii>l i;ill-.ii. 
S,n,,v i:..|. 


KnniMi fi 1 ^i^llil^■ ..1 \irl,,ii,i. \^ in..- I,l:,riil. ;iii,l IV I'liu.'l S.,ui..|. Shil,- .,( Wa.l,- 

207. Synaphobranchus pinnatus i; i\. 

i)„.|i-i.:, i;,i 

Itiilnl ■ I. 

N.illllrtti MLiIlli.':ircl »i-lini I'.H'ilir; ' li-lii,i- 1 lallk- .ill rli, ;i,-l ,.| \c., :. .^r-.l i:l " .1" 

I^TIli: li:i.ii>. .M \i',i l.,iin.ll:ni.| : Ciiln.y iiu-l Ma.l.'ii.i l-.|;,ii.l-: S. .:lf.,:, (liiii.lirr 

.h,|,:ii, iiM.y !..■ h. ilii- -I i,.-. 

208- Gastroitomus bairdii 'lill an! KmIii. 


l«nliyM:il: lia- l...ii ,.l,i,ii 1 ill n i :iv,i i,, l.lii: i:,il „. 

K"ii..«ii Ir.iii, Hank.' "f Nnul.iuri.ljaii-I ami lla\i« .^Irail-. 

209. Lucius reticulatus rial.- \ 1 1 1. lii^iLii- vl ami M -. 

I, I.. CI I'ikr; ('.nil Ik rii-kiivl. 

I.a.-U-Miim ami lliniaiiln. 

Ilamm. ir \r» llinn-unl, ami llm.-^I. I.iiuiviaa' l;i. rr «r-l «anl hillnlaii,.- nMvti»i' 

ili-iril,inril na^l "I tlu- .Ml. -Jinny Mniinlaiii- M -..illli.nn l'iiil...| .^lal.-.-. 

nil ItiLir -Mmiiwii. .,r .1. ii./.ii..^ ln>. .1. .I.Ian an. I la 

.■ /.,i'.,i.7,.'l,i,. .„//,■. 

■ I,.. |.n...linc. ■■,. -liBiii m-|.', 

210. Lucius lucitis Miiiii u- 


l\. tiiiiiii.s:. ,111.1 m;,. 

LiH^ii-liir,.. ,hnI iluiMiil... 

\r.,lv,,,.,„..,,„h,:,„ ii, ll„. ,r,.-l, „:„..,-,„ ,|„. ,,,,,|„ „ ,,,„,,.„• \„,,|, v,„„;i,,, , ■, 

""'I ^-i-l '"illllii !■,"-! ■aMK Ji-tlil,,||..|„f I, I, „,ih.| Ii, „iJ,,[,. ,11,,, 

'•" l'""i-li N-iil, \ii:,-ii,-., ,..-,„„,, I ,M Ml,,.,,,,- , |i,„ I 

"""'"■II, .n-i!,i„iii<„ , 1,1 v,,.ii ,i,.,, .,„„■,,,., I. i„ii I ,„, 

'ii- I "ii-i >i - ii"i" III,' si„i,. ..I \,.„ ^■,„l, „,,.,,,„,, I 

l-,li:,|,-l,i,ll„i A, -I. ,,,„! -,„„!, „,,,,! ,,,,l„.,,!,i,, I,:,,, 

I,.- .Mi-;-.i,,|,;\„ii,.' 

211. Lucius masqiiinongy Mil, I, ill. 

I.,i,ii-l|.i„.. „„. vl,,i,l,., 

St. I.,,,,,, .,„... I!l,,.. .,,,.1 ,;,, ,. 1,„|„„ ,.,„,i.„, „„,l„.„,i„, ,,„, ,,,,,. ,„ , ,,,,.,|^,,^, ^^^^ , ,^ 

'iiii"i I Ii'"ii ii'ii"ii^ ■,..■ Tl -:iii,l |.|„„,|-, .„i.| „|.., ,., ,„,,,|,|. i„ ,].,,', ,,i,,,, ',,.„, „||, 

' !-''-■ l'l,.,ii,!J I',,. „|.|„., \li.-i.-[|.|,i v., II,.,, 

212. Umbra limi Ki,il,iii.l. 
.Mi„l Hi 11. 

I.ii'-ii-' mill liiUMlii,.: -Iii..i-li -li..,„„- I .li,,l„., ,1,,, llii,,,, i„ „„„! 

'''^'"■■■'-" '"■ I'l.iiin,-,. ..1 III,, I.,,. ii,.-,ii,„,i ,|„,„,J ,„ |„,,,.,, ,„„;„„ ,„ ^|. 

«,!„ „i„l - 11,,,. i I,, ll„. Ill,i., 111,,.,., 

213. Fundulus heteroclitus Ii,,,, , ,,-. 
< ,.|, Iiillifl-I,. 

r Il.l i„ l„.,„.ki-l, 11,,,,.,; |.,„li,,., i,, ||,,. I ,„ |,,„ , 

,M,„ilil,„. IVllI,,,.,.., i;,,.|„. |:„v. \„li,.,,.,, |,|;,,„|. „,,,! I.,,!,,,,,!,,,.; i„ ,|„, I |,|,„| v,,„,„ ,,^ 

l''"'i"l= II III,. ,.,,:,.l .,1 M,,i I,,h.,„,-.| I.. ll„. |.'i.,l,,;,„.i,.. 

214. Fundulus heteroclitus macrolepidohiR \\„ll,„i,,i, 
c,,,,,,,,.,,, ('.,1,1,1,.,. 

h, !„.„,.|,i»l, ,1,,,,.,. 

"'■'■""Ii"l 'I'liii " 1 I ■ llii,i. .Si. .I..I11,, .\,.ii ll,„„,-iii,.|, ,^.,^, IMi,-, „. /,. „,.,,,.„ 

./■„.„..■//„..,: ,„„„,., i„ i|„. r„ii,.,| s,„i,.- ]■,,„„ .M,,i,„. „„,i|„i,„.,| I., \i,..i„i,,, 

216. Fundulus heterociilus badius i;.,i,i 

C, 11-111, inV (',,1,1.1, 
III l.ra.lii.l, 11,,,. 
M„||,1 „l i:|.„n,l M;,ii„„. \,..,, Il,,„|,iii,.|,. 

216. Fundulus diaphanus I.,, s,,,,,,. 
ri'.~l,,.,- Killy: i;,,,yl„„.k, 

.Mii.llln,,. l',-,,vi,i,-,.,, i„,.l.„|i„.. |,, |:,|,i,,,,| |,|,„„, ,,„,| |',i',ri,„'.!.>',','M',M,.|",!.','"',",''l'(l„. 

lull,,: in III,- ri,il,..l SI:,,,., |',.,„„ \|,,i,„. ,,, .\,,,,i, (.,i,.,,|i„,,, 

217. Fundulus notatus l:.,ii,„.„|ii,.. 
■|'.,|, Mi„,„,ii. 

.M Nil, |.,,i,.l-„ii.|,'„ii„|.. 

H.'ll'.il nil,.,.. Ml,.|,i,:„i. ,.M..„.H„» .,„„l,iia,..| ,„ ,.,„ll„.,.„ >,„„.,: ..i,.,.„ I,,.,.,. .„ |i|;,,|,. ,„ 
I,,' (,,1111,1 ,>„ ll„. Ilnl„i-i., M.I,. „l II,.. Il,.,,,,il Kii,.,. 


mK K|-^HK> iiK IIIK |).IM1M.|\. 

Macrostoma quercinum (iuodf aiul Itt'iiii. 


(iniiul Hunks. Nrufimrullaiid, in fn-iii 7(K) to SIM) fatliimis ((iuodp mid IVaii, ISllfj, jih XoUi- 

scDpiliLs i/iinrlnum): alsD tlio McilitL-rraiiraii. 

Macrostoma margaritiferum ComJi' and Hraii. 


Based \i|nm l\\<> speciiiiens Ir.mi ..IT Harniuercaii (CiTode and llisan. lS!t"i, as \oloncop(lii.-< 

miiiynritifi r\. 

Macrostoma castaneum Coude ;aid Mean. 


Hikseil upon two speciinena from (inind MatikiH of .Vewfniiti.nund (lioode and Hean, IS'J.'j. 

nx Xut'i-sc'ipdus cnxtantim). 

Ceratoscopelus madeirensis L<nvi<. 

Lantern Fi^l^. 


liran.i Hanks of N.^wfoumiljind. in Mtine l,.'((«l fallioni:^. exlcndinj; eastward to the Medilt-r- 

Lampanyctus gUntheri ii<iod-< :intl Mean. 


(irand Hanks of Newfoundland, 

Lampanyctus gemmifer diode and Mean. 

Mased upon a spet-iiiu'ii in .^js faliionis fnun I 
Mean. ISlt.'.i. 

id Hanks of Xewfoundland (CJoode and 

Nannobrachitun nannochir OtJUert. 


Hrilish ('olunil.ia: runsre^ fmui Simla Marl.ani Islands. California, to .Vla.ska. 

Diaphus theta I'ii'reTuiiann and Ki^'enniann. 

ik-addij;ht Fi>h. 


Itannes at leasl froiri Mritish Culuiiil.ia in i'uint l.nnia near San Diejro, California. 

Rhinoscopelus coccoi Coeeo. 

Coast of Newfoundland: aliitndanl in tlie liulf Sireani ■\U'n>U eastward to the Meditc- 
ranean iind lo tlie eoasi of Afrir-a. 

Myctophum punctatum Hiitines.|iie. 

I.aiilern i-isli. 


Off Hanks of \ewl'oii'id!aiid: exlenditis from (Inlf Stream eastward to tlie .Medlteirflnran. 

f'HK'K IJST OF FISHFH nK I'HH nilMl\ln\, 

Benthosema nrcticum I, 

i).ivi« Sliail,-., liivinlariil (l.ulk™, IS'.I: 
ciirrcncc in l)a\i> Sliaifs. 

;v7-<avi: ;;iv,.ri l,iTi- i>rt-inj! in its m;- 

Tarletonbeania crenularis .Ini.lan ami cillaii 


<W S,rai,» „f |.',„-a. S,a.,- „1 H a,l,in. : Sa larhara Cl.ann,-!. Cali^a-nia: -,,w„ small 

.«|H.C,m<.„« kn.nvn. ,„„- li„,n ,||- .-„„na,-l, nf an all,a,„r,., ,1 ,|„.r |,|„„.„ „„ „ vfs,d 

,lun„B „ s,„ri„ ,.lnr,laM a,„l l-:v,-ran„n,l : „iv,.„ In-n- „„!„» ,„ i,.. ,„.,.„„™r,. „ff .Strait, 





Arctozenus borealis U,-inliai,lt. 

■■Uri-,'nlan,l; ,aTa»i„nall.v s„utl.war.l t„<a|„. Ann" ,.r„r,lan an,l l-:v,-rn,ann) ami ll„-r,.f,ir,- 
lieuiK a n,.rtli,-rn Init ,-M,-n,liiis s,aul, l.,-.v„n,l rair ia,asls. rii,.nti,>ii,.,l lu.r,-. 

Plagyodus feroi l.,av(-. 
I,an,-t-t Kisii, 

Off .N,iva .s,-„lia: liraial Hank... \,-«-f„un,llalnl: .-ua.-l „f Ma.-»a,-lin>,.|l«- Ma.k-ira an.l 
I'anarv Islaials ((■nvl,.r aral Val,-n,-i,-nn,-. ImW. a.^ .l/,,./..„„,„.. a.-,„-,„.,i. 

Plagyodus Ksculapius* H,'an. 

H',ilflifil.: Ilan,l»a»lisl,. 


Ilmisli (■..jainlaa: ran»- IV..n. I'alifiiniia ninllnvanl t„ .\laska. 

Plagyodus borealis «;ili. 



HritisiL Cikunhia; rant',-.- fr.aii ll,,- .M,-nlian IJan,l« l„ I'ly,-! .s„un,|. 

Percopsis guttatus .V^a.-^iz. 

.Sana t{,>]l,-r; Tn.ul I'i-i,-ti.'ustrin,- an,l lluviatile. 

Hanging m,.r„ ,.r ],.»» l„rally. «„nelina.s a. in ll„. (in-at l,ak,.» region abun.lantlv. fr„n, 
l.ak,. ( Inunplan, ,v,..-.t«-ar,l t„ .Ml.c-rla. nnr,l,„ar,l ,„ ,l„- |l,nls„r, Hay regiun, and soutli- 
«aM „. Kans,s a,i,l tl„. ()l„„ IMawarc liivcr.s: asrends the river Moira. ,.as.,inK 
me tnwii ,il l«-,.,.,l, Onlan,,. at lla- .-.pawiiini: s,-as,)n in great tillinhei-». 

Columbia transmontana !-:ig,'innann aial l-:igi-ninann. 
Itreg,in Ti-„tit i'enli. 
l-'luviatile: -'saniiy or \v,-e,ly lag,)(,ijs." 
Kn,)wn fi-,nn tlie l,)\ver t>a.-,in i>f tin- (',,linnl,i;i 
Hritisli Cnlninhia. 

giv,-Ti li,-r,- as likely t,, lie f,,nnd in 


a /Vacw,.,/,;, 

236. Notacanthus ph.- anorus i- if 

,,( a -I,, -I... -llMil,, 

237. Macdonaldia rostrata (..ll.n, 
S|.,„y i;..i. 


(Ill N,.„ -i..nuii. --•Hi aii.l J... 
I,,.,.,, ,,|,,;,;i„.,l «.-! "f 

,., ii,i,.„«lii,li «;,. lalivli in.iiilli.'-li.lii:. 

,„| si:,l..- -... ,!/'.../.■"«»; \<n- -.'U 

238. Lampns luna i .n.rlLi!. 
(P|i;,li: Iviliili-li. 

'iC.'^MU S.M,. l-la,.l.»N">aS, ■■„trNl:,.l..ii:,.....,-i. 

tol Ma,,,,.. Mul,:,, :,l- M". '■.> ai'J V, |.la,T. 

,:„,:, ,V,.,.,-,-.,rK.i"I-. I i„ n. M...l,n.n:.M,-, i 

,„;,.„ „fl,vlu,M:,i.ltl,..nrk,„y l-lan.l-.V:un.|l. IV.... 

239. Eucalia tnconstans Kiiilaml. 
Itr,.,,k sii.kl.l.a.k. 
l■■hl^iali^: i" -niall Umnl- ,.s|.,-.ii.lly. 

,..,.-„■ M„n, I•„.^i„.v-^.^^.•M.: I, I .n,.,l >.,. 

„,..,..„nl h. Mmi..-..l:r .l"iliin.,llv iv,„r.l.-,l In.m >..kkM 

MialU l:ikv r N.'«f-un.|. 

„ (■ali|,„,,ia" i.lnnla.i al..l 
llriii^li l-lai..U. i.aliL.liiiS 

n( Nc.V Vnlk 

240. Eucalia inconstans pygmffa \-:t-^l/.. 
Dwarf .■i.i.kl.'lia.k. 
|,ak,. S„p,.,in, \.a..i.. Ivi". .>«;..-/. .-.rf."" /.« «' 

^41. Pygosteus pungitius l.iiiiiaii-. 
Ni,„..,,.i„..,l Sli.kl.'l.a.k. 
I.a.ii.lriiii'. Il.nialllv. '"'■> '" I' "al.i. 

■"v:'re'v':';::l:;.::::::::vi:x-".""- - ' ^ """■"■ 

a,„| ia \k.-ka: .i..ilh.n. |mii- "f Km..|a'. 

242. Pygosteus pungitius brachypoda 1'.. in. 
,\,.,.li,. Sn.kl,lii..k. 
lara-lnii.' aiiil llinialikv I.. \Ur I'aiilii'. a"il 1" ill'' 

KallMi'-Kay- i.l.ii.lan aii.l KnTl.ialii.l. 

...Dr.. I, li..n.;.liH 

,|,il...ri.. lV-,li, 


Iill'talTslalZi u ' ' y Si. 1 i-.'.L "" ' ■;"''"■,.'";:;,;;:■ "'" '"■'■"'"" '""" '""' '"'"""" '""'""' 

,,.„ l,..,l„..... ..!.,. ...I., ■"..■. ...Ii..v.. -... !<■ ■■ 

I'l.All-, l\, 

■■''' w; LuciiH liioiiis iCnmnuiii I'iUi 

S7 S!i. Merlu.x-iua biliiwaris (Silver Hak. ..;■ Wliitln.;! 

S!) liU, l'"lliirliiuH vircms tl»()l|ii,-ki 

111 -»2. .Vlifrog-jus,„l (I'cni.oa or ri,„ifui, 

m !I4. llaJufieallariaH (Cnnmcm C.Kiasli 

!l--) liu. Mnl.iiiogramiMii.. :i.-l,.nnus(Hadilui-k, 

"7. l,„li, maoolosa I Knwli-wiitci Linj; or Hurl,,>ti 

118 !)0 L-.(,phyou tenuH (CiKlling or Wliito Hike^ 

,:...t„:ll Iv. ....:. -..'•■•■" ■"^' 

,,„,,,, „ ,M ■! "I" '"'■■' ''' 

■ 1 

"I- I l-tiK, .,!■ IIM. nMM|% 

243. Gastrosteus acutettus* l.iniiiii. 

'"' < .^li'Mr k, 

H',>N„N,.,^,„ l„.H,i.|, „„„.,, I ,„„ri,„ 



, ,. , , "Mil,.. ,l-„l,„„»l. ,,,ri„ ]i,„|. 

244. Gastrosteus atkinsii II,. nn. 
i:;,-l,>n, .■iti,.kl,.|„„.k. 
I.ii,'ii»liiii,. :,l|,| iliiii,i,i|,. 
I'n.viii,.,. ,,f (;,i,.|„.,. ,„„| s,;,„. ,„■ M,,,i|„, 

24fi. GattnMteus cuvieri (iii,,,,!. 

I'urlly \i„„„„.,.,| .Sii,.|,|,.|„„.|,, 

l.iiin-iiiii,.. Iliiiiaiil,., „i„| i„ l„.;„.ki,|, „.„,,, 

246. Gastrosteus cataphractus i';,Ili,, 
Mii»ka .<li,.tl,.i„„.k. 
M«ri,„.: ■■,.„,.,.|v ,„. 
Ki'iii-li l'„l ,i„: 

■r .'111,'nii,; li-,-l, «,ii,.i,- 
-ffiiii r„|if,„i„;, ,,, i|,„^., 

247. Gastrosteus williamsoni microcephalus i;i, n.l 
i; "ii.i;, .^nVkl,.|„„.k. ■ 

"'■''-'' '■" '^ '■"'»- !"■<» l..".'TV,,lif„,.„i„, M,.si,.„. ,„ Al„.k„. 

248. Apeltes quadracus Mii,.|iill. 

I' --I'iM,.,! .s;i,.kl,.|„i,.fc. 


M»iiti„„. |.,„>i,„.,.,: ,,,„„,., i„ ,,„, |.„i„„| ^,^^,^,_ 1^.^^^^^ ^1^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ 

249. Aulorhynchus flavidus Hill 
V,ll„„ .<,i,.kl,'l„„.k 
Ilrili-I. (ohiiiil 

p- Ir, 


280. Fistularia tabacaria lim,,, „,. 
Tiui,i|„.i |.i,|,, 

■I".i,.-. I,S,.„„,.,|„„„., ,.,„„,., -.„.,„ |,„,i„, ,„„|,„.i,|,|„„„.i„,„,.,, ,„„„„.„||, ,, „, 

,"■."'■'■'-' ' "'""■"-'' '" '■-■""" I n-H.i,,, ,„. ,.„.„ ,„ ,,,„„ ]'. ,, I „; 

,1 1„. 

"IIM .if Mi,«s„.| 

-ui 111,. .„i„,. .,,.,.,,.., „„. !.:,,„ 


iiKiK p.isr or H'«iiK 

261. FUtularIa fwtimba I uc^|>Mi. 
Tniiii|»'i 1-i-li 

"VVixtiTii I'lkt'ilK'. :<ii<l otiirr \\:u-u\ -••It". iiImi ivi-unlii) rnmi tlif lit'riini.liiN ami fr'>iii Ciil.ii" 
i.lnnhkii iiii>l Kvrniiiioin: ''>''<':t-l>-t ^ly tiiktri in ,«li<ir'i> »itli-i> of Nu\h Smriit 
"it tiiii' Hjiciiiin'ri ■■<■■ *'i> 111 l'<ir'tiitfitl ('uv<>. Hitlil'ii\ MiirlHmr" iitnl 
'■;i ~Mi;ill -pri'iinni i^ III tlir \\:i\\i;i\ Mii-rurn' 'J V H7!t. If /■'. 'omto). 

253. Siphostoma griMoHnaatum \\i>' 


tiritmli (''•lilinl>i;i ;ih<l l>ui:<'' S,.iiii. 

iiliiit£ "I'lilliv :tr'il til Citliloniiii. 

263. Slphottoma (uscum sinni. 

('OIIIIIIOII l'l|JI'|--ll, 


At':tiilii' f'iii.-l nf the riiilc^l Stiller fnirii ('ii|ir Ann simtliwitnl to \'iri;iiiiii: 'two M|n'riinfiiM 

Iiiktii. Ii> May. ill Mill rov.-. Diii-linoiiDi. ' * mnl ,i ^|Mriiiii-T) •tiitiiim-l 

ill Noi'tli Wt-sl \rin. \\a\\fti\ County, N'ovii Scolht Hth M:iy. I'lOO i|'i<>rM);t uliil iiU> 
iccoTili'd If- ■.oiniuim in -liorf wiitrr^ " of Xovit Scotnt f.loiU'M, IH79, lli* .SvftflHfl(A((fl 

,-'l.-n, -. 


2M. Hippocampus hudMnius^ l)< i;)t>. 
Cuinnii'ii Anitiiittii Si-it-lioi>iv 

Miiriliv; lUlarliiiiK ilMi l.y roiling ii^- rau-lal rv^-ion aioiin.l scit-w.-i'iN nr oth.-r ..l>jrrr-. 
HccDP.Idd from loiiHt of N'.ivit Scotia a"o\ \i-ili:illy i. itml Ironi All.intir i-oit^-t nf Citniula 

(Wliitt-avfs, iHKtl, lis //. hr]yl>iifiinu:ii: " \tl;,Mtir .■ott^'I from ('a|ic ('oil -".ulliwuni to 

riiiirli'itoii" (.Ionian ami Kvcrmiiiini. 

265. Scombrcsox saurus \\ all'imni. 
.-^aiiiy: MilifL-li. 
IN-laL'ir: iii|iai>li- wlfii |>ur-ii.'il nt ■;|.rini:inu oul of ilir wat.T. a:i'l for an inicrval iif Hki|)piiin 

aloiii: ilif. surfit.r. 
MaritiiiK' I'l i>\ inrc!': h'ltti >i<l>'> <if ilif mirlii Allaiitic. ami tlir o^K'n Hca. 

256. Ezoccetus volitans i.iiiii:i ii>. 
IMaKif. iimi rajiulilt' of su^simi.lins; ii>vlf i.ii'l inoiin.L' \<y its ,■ 

timi' in tlic utmosplicri'. 
Atlantic cna.-i nf \: 'h Ariinica. iinrlliwanl in ltaiik> ni \.>«f 

n|).-ii M'as. 

•■'Hotb .-iwciiMi'iiS iiri' iiijilfC uiJil ililT.r Inim llif 
llii' Miuximuiu iiunniil iimnlx'r (40): iin.l in t|ii' i1<>t 
•I rinKs. If Miuft t^ .'ithiT ji M.ri.'fj- '.I N. /p.-nun i.; 

I in liiiviiiK tlirt-i' m 
IK on ]1.\ IL' 

,|i:iii'ii'i| prrlonil tills for it 

.iiM.llatt.l inaii;. roa^l- ami 

' ilor-al lih tliuti 
iu.i.'Uil of only 

^I'iiTs mya; "H |>rc-iiit<>il u -tijilit \nriiitinn fr<iiti the lypical ■'i',/""'U"i. ' 

til. •inii'iii'i'iii}, rr't'uiilctl hv hmi-f un "oiM'tt-iunully taken |in Novh Srofial iliiriiin tin 
cum niiKnint n'> ilmil.t" ;- |iriil«l'ly nfcraMr tii llii^ .-|>iTit>. 

r tr 

I'lIRi K 

ml Mrrk 


387. ImuutM vlncltutna .Jonlit 
I'rljiltii'. mill ri'iiii; ,m\ «i ihi- wntn -,iil, i.i -j.nim-> llit>iutcli tUi- jiir, 

0|„.ti Atluiitir .■M.n.h ll'.nii (.If N.-«l ILiri.l - Ii«i,nl iin,| .„■, 

Mi'Nii'ii iiijij-t- .tf >u)ul|ii'rri Kiirii|if 

3M. CypHlunu httinmis Itn) m|ii.', 


ri'liiitic, iiriil iwiiK tmt iif tl)f »iiti-r luiN mi -imi 
(Iriiml MmiV- Ni'wfoiiridliui.l. rMtiiiliiii; in li.iiti 

ii' llihiituli (lir tiir. 
illifi* nf Atllllilir Di'Citn. 

300. Ammodytr Jubiiu l{t'iiiliiii<lt. 

Mftriiic: 'ittiiily HlHini!-. 

Liiliriiiliir nrnl (ini'tilHiifl. -xMitlnMini in l'ii|>" r<>i|. 

260. AnunodytM unaricanus l>i- I\av. 

SiiihI l.a '.-; .<^iii„| L,.rit. 

Miiiim-: f*iiriil,v slmtc-. 

Miiriliiiii' I'n.viiK'.-s, (mrt|><> HaHJn, l.iil.m.lnr, itinl NcwfMim.Iliui.l: suiKlmar-l tn ( »,„. 
tcriiN, N'niih Ciiniliim. 

291. Ammoaytet poraoDatui (iininl. 
StiuU Lituiii't', 

Mnrinc: "Imryiiii: irnclf in the h«ii.|." 

Itriti«h; «lii.ri-8 of the '.viHr fmiii r,ilir..mi» to Ahi-kii. iinlihlinu ilir Aim 
IhIiukIh. Jtiirl wr^tward to .lapmi. 

262. MenidiA menidia noUU* Mihliill. 



Muritiini' l'riiviiii't'> aiiti ^<iiilh»iu'<l. 

2C3. Labidnthci gicculua ('<>|h'. 
l.iikc Silvcr-iitli-: Ski|ijiirk. 
Laciistriiir ami tliivialilt'. 
lin-Ht Lake- n-i-.n ;til<l Mi^.Hissi|.|.i vullry soiitlnvitnl to tlir «niitli.Tri Unilr.i Slulrs. 

284. Atherinopsia californiensia llirant. 

i'f'Hcjiilij .III Hcv; ( iiliff)niiu .Si[i,.lt. 

Onliimry ntiijie v»nM of Crtlifoniia: three iiioiiiite.1 s|.eiiinens in i)i,. laiiiidiiiiL I-i-lj.. 
Murteuni wen- ol.tuined by Mr. S. K. Denton, ta\i.lenni«f . in Urilish CnUirnl.iji. 

•"An exartiinatluti of numrroua Jtpcciniena of Menidia from va 
that .V. notnla mid .»/. intcrjtraiie pcrfrctiv, Tin- tir-t wi 
I'lr.lun Hn.1 Fwnimnn. 

HUB pl»«f Mwppn Flwriiiii and ITnliitt 
llHTi'forp -taiid at- Minului tiimiiJi,, 

I I-IU- •■! 

aU. CblMinodQi) iiiitar I'-hn 

Hl„.l, .«»„ll,.„,.| 

ll''""l''l M:,..|,J.r., \|;.,|.,.;i l|„' lll.l -iHrilM.h lA l,.«,. ■!, IS-.II , I.'irll. nl 

■"-' l"l '■ ""I '!■•■ -:-'i' ■ l"i»-l iii'uiii nl llir ., ■ I.., ihu 1. 1 .l.iliii in IWi.' ;i 

■I»'l"i'll ■■I'lil.ii.l l» il..> I k..ll, „.,..■ ,1, i|„. ,ni,| MIhIJi, .11 .'i.Hi \.iui,-i 1x7.1 
■" '■' '''l''l' "' I ■■'»! I.,M,..,„- IV,, -I I,.,.,,. i,„,„.l Il,,,n,i5 ,i| il„. .,„|., ,. ,,i il„ 

•'■"■ < "'.I' ■!" ,-l.iM.',,| II i, i,i,.| II Ii.i II, ISMI ,, I „ ||,,>,. |1„„|, < 

■■" \"-ii ~,,,ii, I- III, i,l..ii,,..i..i .,| r II.,:. II. S..„„..,. 

3M. Sphyrma arufnlca i,ii , 

< ..h: i;l 11,11 :l,l|,|;, 

M:,l ■Ill- 
Ill' Ii" *. i>i' i-.ii.l linn. In i.i ,, .|.. , i,i„- ,1,, l',,„,i„,;,l •.|„-.,i,ii, 

^ii-'iiii' ■I'liiilii ,,,11-1 li,,M, -,,ii li;,n,|., Ill,,, I,, I ,,. r,|„. >,i, |,u...i- Mil 

.■il,iiii.|..„l :il,.„,i III. <:„iiii II,. ;, |-|:„|,|.- ,.„,|:i„ ;„„| Lv,,,,,,,,,, 

367. PalinurlchthvK perriformiN Mm I, ,11 


^'l.ili'" '"ll-l ,1' \.,l'll Vli„'ll,:l -,,i|llin:i,,| 1,,l„|.. || ;,. V, ,1 1 1, I',,,, ,|ili;, -Ws,, 

-l-'iliiill- "I-,, I ijll h, ll„. \|„„.„„, |:,l ||„|,|,,v| ,.,.„, ;,..., I.J ;, l„j„.|„|„„ 

■■I ■'•■Wl-- I- r ,l„l ,h„ll,^ hi,. .|,M„ , ,„.-, ,!„.> „,,,, ,,.,, |,|, I i„ ,,„, 

(ll.llif^l^l ll.ll',..lll ,11, ,11,. II. ISV, „- /■„/..,. ,,..,,;„,„,,, 1,111-,, t \,.>;, 

.~ ii iiii'l II ml \,,„ii, ll,|..l •■ ,.., i ■.■I;il,..||in,llil, 1..^ ,11 i«ill 

|l. I) lii.M.,, .lull,.. I „|.,,.- „ \ ii,,„ ■ ,.|„,,|;,„ ,,„„| I.I,,,,,,,,,,,,. 

388. PalomeU simillimus \m>.-. I'lut. Mil i.^ - l,-,i; :,ii,l I.',;.. 

I'i,lil.,n,i„ l',„ii|,. I',,|,|,> I I.I, 


Ilriti-li |-,,l,i,„l„,, ,„„, I',,;:., .v,„;,„| . .„||„,„.| ,,, |.„Hf,„i,i„, 

369. Poronotus tnaiBiuhtis l',,k 
ll.,l!,.|li.|, H..,n,-I I i-li, 

370. Icosteus aeniKmaticus l.,„ kiiiri,.ii. 


HIT 'I ,.1- ,,| llli. .-^I il... ,,( W;|.|i:ii^1,,|i, lll,.^.,„, ;,|,.| I ■„|if, „ ,,i:, : ^i>,.„ ||.,|,. ;,, |i|„.|,. 

I I,„lll,l il, llllll-ii l'.,ll,M,l„ .11 n:,l,.|-. 

•llli- -!■■ »l,.,l, l„.,i -«:,l|..»..| ., Ii-l, 1.,. rll,,,,, I,-, II. 1- In-,,,,, I ,- .1,,,, 11,1 I >,„„„„„■. .| , l„. 

"' ^■"'i,,",.| 'li.l Vi"li,,.- l„l l\ 1,1 UlWMI n. „. ,-„l.„„ 1„„ ,11,,.,, „„l.|„--|,,.i,., «|,i.l, |„„1 

.mill.,«..,l ;, »,„|.. ,1,1, l„rL-,rll,„l, „ Il, ,1,,. |,.,„„|„,i ,„i|. s,„h „l li.|„.',. ;iii 


m. Acntua »Ulou||hbyl limn 

Kr,..«l, h.MM III. -I.. I.-.,! «i,.|||||.;li,|| I (■:illl,..|i;;i ..-ii,! li.L- i-ljl,,h 

llllll^ Iiil .111 » il.'l- 

372. ZaproH Mlcnua I'lnliin 

link 111.. .|..-. ii.i.n. I, I. ..„.. II.. I,. \,, 

V|.. • Hill. I. I- III il.i- l'...v ;.l M.I 

■ Ml V 1. 1. .11:1 \i,i i..| 1.1,111.1 

273. Mvrlucelus bilineirlii Mil. lull I'l.ii. l.\ i.^ui. <»; .nl vs. 
>il-.i lli.l,. HI.,niiL: 

Ill'll=''-I III.- ...Il-I ..I I .l.l,..|..l .11.1.1;,. Mia \.. 11.. lll,.|l:,h.l I. nil ,1 .-. 1,1,111. lll. \1;„, 

lllii. l'|..ll,,... III.. I III.- \.i, l,riil;,i,.l STiiN. ....llliiiiii.l I.. ■ . |l,il.,,„i, M 1-. 

274. Merlucrius productus \ii.> 

I'l ' link. 

Mill, II.. 

ll.llr;.'. I, ..11, Hull. I, I ..h,li,l.,;, .;, 

11 I.I.I t.. .-null, I ,ii,l I.|;, 

..|. 11 M:i-k:r i,ii,| l'„i 

278. BoreoKKdUH Haida l,|».l,i 
N..ill,i'iii 1' .link. 
Miiiiii.' Iii.liiia I Ii.. , 


..I I 

I.I \.ii,. rM,.„.|i„.; l',..| ,.,.|,|.,.,| 1 

...nil ..1, .-..;, -1- ..I 1.11 „., ,1 

276. PollachiuK virpns I11.11..11. . I'kii,' l.\. li-ut,.- >., nn.l iHi.. 
I'l.lliiik. r..j:ii.|i 


li.illi -ill. ■ .il li.'iili \'l.i,iii,- I.-...I.I...I lr..m Hull. siL.ti- t Miiii IV..1111.. -...III,. 

"-Ill ■■' '^'.-iii' "1 \..ii iLik: -..,1 111,. .I1..1,.- ..( .-|.ii/l.,.|i:..„ -ii, :,l| III,. ,|„.,|, 

-'■;.- mil ill III.. Il.ihi.- ■ Oikii, ,1 Mi.l sli,.||,,.,.| |.|;„„1, ...,„|, ,,r |:„i,k„i.|: ■■,,„ ,|„. 
■hi-l, ,■..■,-! I..111 U;,l.: I i,|.,li= III, .:,-l..,„ ,|,.„,. ,,, 1I,.||;,.| „|,.| ■,,.,, ,,1 .„„. .,,„, 

..I, 'III' ll.-lil" I l...|lll,-ni I -I. i.f .v...l|,i„r ^: II IS.VI. ■■■...,.,„.■ „l...i|l 1,,. 

Ii".| ' Ii !.■ l-^-i: I'll III. i:iii..|..-;iii -i.|,.|,l l,.;,-i ,1, hir-.iinl, ,1. H ,.|,,| l',,, _J 


, lit 

1-1 1 N.. il. I \ i.i.. 1..I 1\. 

t -11.. iri. i„..|., ,..„r ...• 1,.,. 1,- „, l.„,:,l,, m.t.. . iilil, ,|„. ,,„i,l ,., , ..„ ,1.. „., ,,„-, ,,, 

.-ln,il-, .li.rinii 11„. I,i-.l v,,.i„u 'i,|.,„li, >,r liliiiiM |'„m ' V;„„ 1] 

J",.n,ii.a II.,. liiiiii- .'I 11- -..,it|i,ri, r„i,«,. „,itl„>ri,i, - .liil, r ,l„r |.ij„., - t|ii- :,t l;,,i,,i,|,. u, j,, ih 

liii.v III Hi-,.,,,. Hl,,l-t ,.rl„r- .,i,i„i tli„t il ..„t,.r- tl„. M..,|it,,r;, ,. i,.,„.iii,., -t,it,. ,|,„, ,t 1,,,- l..,,, ,.l.-iri,, 

1.1 l„r.l,l.. It ,|.,.,.,.t „|.|.,,r. |„.,i..,.,, .|,,,t t |....i..i-„l„„,.|„,., ...„,|, ,.| tl., |.„b1,-I, I l,„t.„,|.- (i,,,l,.. 




c HKC K I, LSI ni yiMlKS uV IIIK lluMlMilN. 

Iheragn fucensis* .l.ii.lmi un.l i;ill,i.rt 
Wiill-i'vcl l'„ll,„.k. 

Uritish Cdumhia aiul l'iisi.| Sc.imil .■.iililliivnnl In coiwt ot Califnniiii : | ,\Wwh 
mirtlnvanl tn coast of Alaska. 

Hicrogadus prozimus (iiianl. 
California Tonicod. 

Hritisti Coluniliia: ranees I'ror 
llie -Montian IsjuniU. 

last of Califoiiiia liollliwai'U lo .' of .Maslca. inrjuilinc 

Microgadus tomcod Waliiauni. il'jaie l.\, fiftiues iH and '.t21. 

'ronicoil' Fnisllisli. 


llanc.-.s fr..ln eo, I.abradoi', ar„l ernl.rarins the Calf of SI. l.awr.'Iiee (.laspe Jiay, and 

.Mantitne I'lovince.-, sontiiwaid t^i tlie enast of Viritinia. 


ll'lale IX./isui|.s!j:) and 'J4). 


tiadus callarias I.iaji 

<'onimon Cftdlish. 


H..fli aides .,f north .Vtlaiitie: ranjing on the .Vmerican .side at leastf from coast of Labra- 
dor, and .•inljra.inB the <iult of St. I.nwrenee. (Jaape Hay, Mariti' e Provinces, anil 
.Vuivfoundiaii.l. -south.vard to coast of VirRinin; anil on the Europea ide ■'found uni- 
versally from Iceland \-ery nearly as far south as dil.rallar" lYai ,. Is.")!!). 

Ga'jus macrocephalus Tilesius. 

I'aeilic Codfish. 


Ilritish Colun,i,ia: Lotn roasts of northern I'aeili,-. ,mm„ fmn, lierin); .Sea aoutliward to 

the off-shore i.atiks of Drefon and to .lapan: said to lie very nhundant in tile .sea of 



282. Gadus ogac Wiehni<lson. 
Greenland Codlish. 
Uecoriled fii.rii J.aliradnr and (Ireenland. 

<vll tieiwrateil. 

•■Tl.i. fonn ma; iatcrgraJ.- with 7».r"jra rJiilfosrron,,.,.,, tl.i.i.gli ihc original iv|i<.s 
hittli' i,s known of its niiiKe to the iiorthward,' Jordan and Kii'miiinn, 

fG. rii«cin.i,s i;. »m.r„i-, ;,A,i;«.s, and 0. tM/'ir, atv Vitj cli^i.iy allied, and in assiKiiin(r ^|^(.^.itic rank to i-Brti it is 
not easy rriini i, l,tl,y,l„|.i™l work, to dettmiiae jii.t when, the norl lieni ranui. ol r. calhHc, la ,.. the tlir„. lomi. 

.Virtl,„., „, tin. N„rtl, I'm il,|., „,„| in the I'l.l.r |l„.an. its raog,. ..jtetniin, l.r U.vond Ihi- Atcli,. Cinli.-- 
Mi'is [iiiikiriK II" ilfcntiiiiiiitioii of -iH'cii'N. 


oy Ftmn'.n iiF [HK ])<i\ft\iii\. 


283. Helanogrommus cegleflnus LiiiniiuH. nl'luiilX litriiM - <)'> ami 'Vj) 



Hoth cniirtts uf iH.rlli Allaiitic: on tlie Aiiicnmii Hide niiiciiic fmin t-ouNt nf Liiliradnr suiilh- 
wtinJ, iLiid I'liil.rii.'iiij; Cull' of St. Lawmici', Mnritinic I'lttvinccH. mul Xcwfuumlhiii.l, 
to coaat nf North Carolinii: and on tin- Kuropcan sMc troni Ifcltin.I and 'the ScjUidi- 
imviiiii n)a.-*t t() i:;is| Fiiimnrk and Viininncr Kjonl" ((io.Hi,., IsHSl soiuim-anl lo tlic 
(.-oust of Franco: ■'.■oast of Crciit Krilain, frr.iii cxli-cmi- ijortli to the Land's End" 
;inii "all round the shores of Ire-land" (Varrcll. \sr,'.t). 

2B4. Antimora viola Uonde and Mean. 
V'iuli'l .\ntimorH. 

"Fishinfc liiinks.iff thtM'oasC'of .Vova Sroliu i.(,.ii,-.-. ISTll, as Unlofmrpfniru^ ri„l,i): Hanks 
of NVwfuun<lland, and southward. 

286. Antimora microlepis Bean. 

Sninll-scaled Antimora. 


Off (jucon Diarlotte Islands: al.s< 

■oast ol' Calif 

id Ik'riijy: Sea, 

286. Lota maculosa* l.<- Siicnr. il'late l.\. IIhuic ll7i. 
Fresh-waliT l.iiij;: 

Lacustrine and fluvialile. 

Well nijth i-osnmpolitan in northern .North Aiin'i'ica: riTo]<lrd from Labrador, and ran"iii" 
from Xew Brunswick vve-stward to Uritish Cdliuiil.ia; and from (he Art-tie n'^rinns south- 
ward to northern Stales of the Union. 

287. Molva molva l.iiuia ns. 


Hepnted to have Ueen rtieorded off \ewfoundland:t ■■n.nunon on the northern roasts of 
Kurope. leeland. and (ireenland" ((lunlher, I.SSO. as .1/. ruh/oris): in the Rritish Is- 
lands -"anions the Western in the Orkneys, and on the Yorkshire eo;iHt ; in 
Cornwall, and the SeiJly and ihi' species may be traei'd nearly all round the 
Irish cast" iVarrell, is:)il. as Luh ,„«h;,): ranges "from .SpiiKLeryen to the (Inlf of 

"!'«'^""y "i"st aliun.iant alony the of nort!i..rn Kure ,e, espeeiallv in 

the (lertnan Ocean and ofT N'orwav" and Kvermatm). 

*"Thc American Uurbol is Very dtw to the .■.niiiioii >i^<t,.> ,,f aertlnrii Eiiropr i.ini A>iH l.vl., t„i,i «,,(! 

II..I.V prove wholly idfnticai wit), riic kttrr." Jgr.Ian nnd l-vrminnn, (lanther tiw. not <tiMingui^l. the t«<> for 
he wys:~''lt is locally .lis'tr:i,„t,-d in Crntral ,.nd Norlhrni Kuropo mid North Anu-n.^n ■' h' tl». t^o are to I- 
reK»rd.-d a« foni.s of one ttn<l *\iv same spvirH thrn the B-onraphit-al raiipr of tho frcj-h wat^r jiti^ i.- in ,.l| prolml.ilif j 
11,'urjy tiM-Mnisive with the fn^-li wiiters of tlii. in;rthpni tart nf thr norilieni hrniiFiiherp. 

t"Il U said to li,(v 
record." Jordan iiiid I 

lid in d<'e]i wi,(,-rolV Nrw). 

ridltoKl, I 

288. Urophycis regius WmIIi,iuiii. 


■Sil .!■ Ill llii|l,H,|..i|, ,;iM.. IhilifllV II- I [.,i;,lily fur Illi- -liriir." i.Ii.mi-, IS?!!. „ I'ln, 
.■M,;.i.i: Ni.nli iilaiiiii -uiilliu :it,l i,. I'i,|,,. hViir. 

289. Urophycis tenuis Mnrliill I'luii- l.\. li.;iij,... !i,v ;,n,| !i;ii. 
ruilli,,:;: Ulili,. Il;,k,.. 


lilllHr. Iliilll ,-.|;l.| ,,1 |.;|li||,.|,„ -,, 1,1 lin Jill li.,.|„l-l nl \. H I ll I 'll 1 , .lillll : Ulllf ,,| Si l.|r,ll|.||. 

i;:i-|w lliiy, M.iiiin,,.. I'r.nii ,, ,1,1,1 \,.„r,„„„ll„i„|, 

290. Uropllycis chuss H .illm,,,,, 
Ci.Miii- .-iiiiii,,,.! Il„l,,', 

i:.|,i^,,l|il,i|.,ll I,,,,;.. ,— ,.||,i„||y ||,|. ,„„„. ,„ ,|„„ ,„ ,|„. |„,.,.,.,|i„^ -i„.,.i,.s. 

291. Gaidropsanis ensis l{riiil,„,ilr 

Til, Ii,.,inl,.,l li,„.klii,^. 


■■ Ml;iii,ii. ni,i>i III N.nlli \„i,. 
Mi«„ .i,.|,lli [|| llii. I.„lr S 

.ini '.,v,.iil„i,.i I.iC',i|i,. II,,,,.,;,-: ill ,|,.,.|, „„|,.,, |.,.,„.|,- 
111 I.IM f.ilii.iiii-' ..l.inliin „ii.| Kv,., 1,1,1,111 1. 

292. Enchelyopus cimbrius l.ii ii-. 

|-,.,li-lir;ir.l,..l l!.i,.kliiu. 

liiilll -ill- 111 Ill \, 1,11,11,., , 

(■|,|.,i,|l,|l,-1.i 11,11. vii.iliilv 1,1 („ 

i.,iiii,- ,iir iiii. ,.„a<r- ,ir .\,.v„ > 

l,„. Ill, 11 iil,l, ill ll:,y ('li,il..iii., "nil, „iii.ii, 1, 

l.iiiii.l 1,1-1, ■■iiiiiiii,,; ll,|. i,l„i,ii. ,ii ||„. K,i,,,.,;,it. ,111 ilii. «,.-l ,.ii,i-t iif \,i™„v,- 
ti|"i||''|| If 'Ill' l-Vill, iii l.'iirll, ,1,1.1 l|i„li-,iv ,V;,i.,,.||, 1V,!1, „- M„i.ll„ ,-i„,l,r;„ 

lllnmiii III 111.. Hull .Sli...;,„i: ,,.|.|i,,|,,l (,. 
iMi .Sii.liii .C.iini-li. lillll iir MIIIJi: "li-lii 
III,,,-, Is?,), ,1- 'I,,',. /«,„„„,,„.,„ ,■,,„', r,, I. 
lllli'iil 1,11,1 llir-i.inilii|lli-ii,l-l ,,f.S,M.,|,.,| 

293. Brosme brosme Mull,.,. I'l,,,,. ,\ Mm,,,..- liii, ,i,,,| ]ii| ., 



lii'lll -I'll- ,li, Ali„llli|.. Il.ll^ill,; 11,1 llii \,iii,,i,.;,i, -iili. fi.iiii(ii.,.,.|il,iiiil. ;,|„| ..iiilin,- 

,i„^ l.„l„-,i.|.i,- \|.„f,,iiiiiil;iii,| M„iiii„ii. I'lmi , „|„| \,.w l-iii-luiiil .■ii„i,.s. -iiiilli- 

«,i,i| 111 I.I,,-, ,if M,,-„..||„-,.|1-, -ii.-i.,,,- i„ I,.,. I „„.| S,,iuli|.,-,.,|. ,1,1,1 „|,,ii,! ,|„. 

I'll""' ii'i'-l llii- .Sr„i|.|iii„ii„„ l',.|,ii,-„l„, ■ „„.l ^ ,„k,.,i ill 111,. KHili 

,f F,ii-,l, ■ I,., I^^■<,, r,,. |,i,.,„lv t „l "i,, il„.|l,k„,.i l-l;,i,.l-. ,111,1 -«„ii„. „iii,ii,a 

iliii-r,iiZ,|,l„ii.|. -,1 r- 111,. |.„,vi; l-l„i„i-:- ■,,„i-|- i,| N.iiuiiy ,i,- liii „- Fi „ik:'' 

„,iii ■■jii-i l,„i,l„-,l„.„„i-, i,.i,.,l„.,.|, |ii,i,i, ,ii ll,.iiii„„k, ,„ -s|,„u,.|,'iii.l,iil,ii„i- ,V„m.|l. 
I.VVI, „- l!r ,, :„/,/.„.,.., 

294. Moseleya cyclolepis (i,llii.ii, 


nfi ij,i,.,.i, 11, .,,1,1,1,. l.|;,i,.|-, lliiii,-!, iiili, 




Hn,-i:;f l>in-tiH' (Cu^ki 
l'„lll„xi»H|KU,.i(ll-S Clllir 

-KM, I'.iiiiuxis H|Ku.u(lfS 1 Mint Baas) 
Kil 10,-1 .\iiil,i"i)lii'- iiiii-»iii- ilioi'kBass) 
106-107 Mujinmnii,- iinl>i)-,i^ :r-,,ininonSumi-;lr 
lOS-lO'i Mi(,n.ptcniri8al!iioi'U''^ l.;ir'i(i-mnutii^ 
llO-Ut MitToi.t'i-UB doUitiiic'i '.■^inail-moiitli !tl;irk I 
118-1 1'l 
120 121 


'li/,)sti;dion vitrc'ini ( liikii l\i 
^ti/M^tudion callftiii'ii^i' iSau^'fit 
I'lMXM llaveecens 'Vi-llow rerrii 
Unci-us lineatuB v^tiiii.-i! H:i.^>i 
\IiHii'!(! americanii t\Vlii:i' I'fivli) 
lyri.iM-i..ii n'siali- Mitiiiiiloli \V(!;ikfish) 
\|,l,..lMi..tus ■j)ii!iiii,>ii- I I'rosli-waier Drum -t l,:iko Shoep^lioad) 


I irtiK I.HI ,,r ri«MK« „r niii hcimim,,,, 

Albitrossia pectoralis (iilhcrt 

""""'' '■"' '"'■■ '■"""■" '■■'"•" ' - "f "r,.,„„ .„,„,„,, ,„ „,;,„ s,.a. 

Chiliiiur> semiU H,,,,, 


l"»~l "(■ llrlli.l, r„l,„„l„„ ,.:,s, „f |.,.i„„. „f w„|,... I..|a,„|, Al,,.k,,. 

Chilinuta Blifera (lill„.ri 


"" 'i " n.u,l,„t. I,l,„„l,,, UriiW, l'„|,,,:.,;,, 

Coryphsenoides rupestris Cunijci 

"AreliV ,<,,!» ,„„| tl„. ,„„.||, AII„T,li,-, „„ l,„ll, ,,,»«l- . 
"'"' ■'<■■"■■"■«>•■■ lJu,-,ia„ ,„„l |.:v,.n„«„„). 

' li> tliL' liuiiks i)f .V«fc,ui„|luii,l 

299. Micrurus holotrachys (liiiiilu.r 


lic.„r,l..,l „.„„. „.„k. ,„. .v„„,„,.,„„„,„,, „.,, „,,„„ „., ,„„„,, „, „,^, ,,, j^ . ^ ,,,^,__ 

300. Hacnirus acrolepis liciiri 

"'"i::;: .S''i;:;:i::;";t;.;"it;;i:';f "" -' ^^"'""■«'- -^ '""«»- -'» --'"^ 

301. Aphredodenis sayanus Cilliuni.; 
I'iraii. I'lToli, 

Kluvi.ilil,.: .slueei,!, „t„..„„f ,„„| |„„.„„, 
l'ro»uimililv()iii„rin:» Stiih' (if "V.^' Vnik ,... I . -i- 

i l..-iu" (.I,„,la„ ,„„1 IwlLlil ■ ■""' "'"'"='"'" ""■ "'»»'»- 

302. Pomozis annularis Itaniic,s,juc. 

Uioustrmo .,„,! (luviatil,.: f,.,,,,„„„i„„ ,,„^,g;,|, „,„^,,.,, 

" ^.[h::^ t' r'^r '""■■ ""■' '■'™' '-"''-^ "''^'™ "^"-^^ "■ "- ^'^^"^^ ->i 

303. Pomoxis sparoides l,a.«pSdc.. ,1'lale .\, fip,,™ lOli and lOli) 
lalKn llii.,»; .Strawl)(Try liass. 

Lacustrine and lluviatiic. 

'''"t2ui^:!::,u:!^''ZT '""T:!"- "/"" '•"'"■' ''■''"•"■ '-""""« '-^-^ »' "•" 

'" ' '" "" "'""'■-'"I'l'i \ alley and .s„utlnvaid t., the B„ull.ern State.". 

i ' I 

IIIK rioMIMiiV. 

304. Ambloplitas nipcstris IE:ihm.'><i 

ll.ick ll;i--. 

|.j,.'ii-lriii.' .111.1 llinNilNr. 
I'n.viiii..- ,.l(im.l>ri' iitiihliiti.i 

■ I'ImI.. \. liaiirc- nil I. II. I !(!.• 

iiiLiiiii; III. SI. l.iiHrrii.i' Hivfi iUi'l (licitl l.iikrc n-jliiin. 
. M;Liiil(il..i; ill llii' I iiilfil Siati'^ Miii;:iii« li"ni Xciiiiiiiit vvcHlwiirii to tlin 
Mi-i"i|i|.l \iill..y iiii.l -..iiiliwiir.l IIP l...iiii-iiiii!i tiiiil 'rcMiH, 

306. Chwnobryttus kuIo^us lu 

nmiiMiiHli: (....-l.-.vr. 
l.ui'll-lHiii' lili.l llilii'ilili'. 
I' liiih.ii.. • 1,1 
1.. i:.'.,i-i:i iiii.l 'IVm 

306. Apomotib cyanellus Itntiii 
Civi.ii .•^niili-li. 
|.:„'ii-liinr i.ii.l lliitiirnli' 
l',." lliil,in..:t r;"i^i' 

iiii.l Viilni.'ii'K 

l.:iki'.« rmi'iii. Mi'-twiinl I., f.iwn iiii.i Kiuihii?.. itnil i.(iulliwiinl 

ML- l.r...k». 

iiv;il l.i.k,'. irciiili 111 .Mi.xir.i. 

307. Lepomis auhtus Liiiiiiins. 
l,,ill--<.iiii-.l .•iillilisli: Y.'lluw KiOly. 

Ni'w ilniiiMii,] t Miiiii.- 1.1 -.iiillu.iii I'liilfil .StiiU'w. 

308. Lepomis megalotis liiiliiu'siiui-. .Suiilisli. 

I',, lliiliiriii: lllii.iM Miiiiii-.ilii. IIII.I siiillli«iir,llii.Siiiilliriir,.liii:i mill till.'. 

309. Lepomis humilis I iiiiinl. 

Il,..|-]»ill|.,l Suiili.-li. 

j.iiiii-Iri mil fliiviiilili.. 

Il,.|..,nl...l fium l,iilli;f..r.| l.iikv. lilili-li I ■|ililiiiliiii5 iMiiv .-|.,.|.iiiii.|i ill I'mviiii-uil 

.Museum. Virli.rial: iiiiu;i-» fr.iui (llii.. ivonvani M llu- lliik.niu ami suiilliwaril tu 


*'l ;uii iiiiilir llii. itiitir.."inn fliiil -i.!iii. .vi-«rs iii:ii tlii- li-li wii- foiinil in tlip niiiri-li at Toriintii. and aliio nfar 
llaii.iltim, l.ut ,.f laU- nil siKcini. IIS liavc Urn nlitai' It! wi-ur in Ijiki- Kric and will lanlmlily I* found 
in rtiii .NiaKara district." Xasii. 

fi liave no Hutario of this tisli, liiil a. it iiill |,r.,l«l,ly in- found in Ijiki- Krio it i> inrationeil lii-n.." 
[Cliiiik-llst Fislns of tWario.) Nash. 

{7n rrcard to its o™iitr..ace In Nvw llr,in,>.i,.k Dr. fos says tliiit llic rad.v r mid 1„. kni«= is tliiil of I>r. l.,.Btli 
.Xdaiiis, and tliat its alli.Kid iH.niri>.|H.|. in jvovinr.' is cxtn'iiii.lj doul.tfnl. 

SlUis is till, only n.rord for Canada of this si^.i-ios known to the- author, and the loiality is a lonft way from the 
hitlisrto r.-sopiitWil nma.. i.f the s|s...i,.-. It may [i(s.sllily miiKc in waters of the Prnirin ProvincM, hut as yet does 
not a|i[iear to have I*. en recorded. 

I HKt K 1,1-1 <,f Kl,iu;-. nr mj, lir.MrM. 

310. Lflpomifl pallldui Miiiliill. 
Mliic Siiiili"li. 
I.iu'u>lm,.- nii.l lliniiilil.'. 

Ojilaiii. nijil i;rcal,. rcirinii rancina in il„. |„ii,..| sr; 
111.' Slur, -.ifX,,, V,,ik n,-l.i,,,.h,,i|„. Mi-,,i„i \ .,||,., .,„' 
ail,l |-|"I'M;., ..!■ „rr„n||„., h, I, 1,. 1„ M„^i,,,, 

in'ri. 111,. «,.,t,T„ ,,;„i „f 

311. Eupomotis euryorus M,I\;,y, 
l,a,i,-I,ir„. :,ii,l ll,ni;,lM,.. 

Tl„. ly,,,. n.„r,l,.,i ,>,„„ l„,., ,,„„i„,, ,,,k„ ||,„,„„, „i,|,i„„„, „, ;,„ |,„. „ ,. |„„,^| , 

liin,. lM,.k„y, INSI. „, /.,,,„„„,,„,.,„„.„,,, ,„„| f,„, ,|,„, „,,,.„„ ,„„,„; |,^,^_,. ^j^^^ 

nT,,r,lf,l hoin niirtiit'i'ii Olii,) aii,i rinrllii-n, Iticiiuna. 

31S. Eupomotis gibbosus l.iniia n-. i I'lalc .\. lii;,ii,, li«; „i„| l(i7i, 
r,,iiin,,,ii .Siinfisli. 
I.aciMliim. all,; (liivia(ili,. 

I(an„in, „, Cabala f, I„. Ma,l,i r,„>i„,.,. ,„ |.„k,. „,„ , ,„„ |.„i„„, ^,^„^^ 

''""' ■''»""■ «T»"vai,l „. Mi„i<,,i|,|,i \„||,.y, ,„„| ,„,|„|,„,„,| ,„ l.-|„,|,|a. 

313. HicropUrus dolomicu l.a.fnf- 1,-, il'lat.' .\.. fimins 11(1 aii.l 11 1). 
.-<r„all-ii„„illi lll.i.k ha,.. 

Lacaislrila- all,l lliivialll,,. 

Wi,l,.|y ,li„ril,„„.,| i„ ,|a. I',„> i,„„, „f , „„a,i„ a,„l ,J,a. •. ,.y„.,„,i„, ,„r„„rf, ,|„. .S,. U„- 

«■"■■. lllv.T a,„l ll,va, l.ak,., „.,i„„ „,.-,„a,,l ,„ Manil , a,al lla. Mi.,i„ip|,i Vallrv. 

ami .-„„., war,l t„ N„„l, ra,„l,Ma. Mi-.i..i|,|,i, a,„l A,k;„,-a,: i„„„,l,„.,,l im., V.H.,.;, 

"I .illi.T I r,ivii,,.,..- ,,l lla, l),„„i„a„i. alal „f vaii,a„ .Sial,., ,if lla, |-„i„n, and alao intci 

vvatfis ..f van, 111, l'.in,.|a.aii camlric-. 

314. Hicropterus salnioides I.a,a^|„''.l,,, ll'lat,, \. lii^uro liw alal lulli. 
I.urei'-riKailli lllark llass. 

I.aciistrinr. alal llmialllc,. 

l'rmiii,.c,, „f Uiilari,, im.l iju,. axlnaliaj; ll,r„„cl, 1|„, .Sl. |.a,v,„,Ra. HiviT an,l (lr™t 

l.aki-s r,,Bi,m ,v,.atwar,l t„ .Mai,i|.,l,a: raiisas in il„. I',,;,,.,] Slalvs fr il„. (;„.at l.aka., 

w,.»l>vai;,l I.I ll„. .Mi,»i,,i|,|,i \-a]l,.y, aial ».ii,lj,„ai,l t„ ...aitlimi Slat.-,: al»„ in watfra- 

315. Stizostedion vttreum Milaliilt. li'lalaX, lii;iiiv,- lljaial ' 1:() 

I'iki- I'l.nli, 

i.ttl'Uslriiic and lliivialili-. 

I'mvin,.,.. ,if (Inlaii,, ai„l (J,„.| oM,.,„liii„ llinm^l, ,|,, .s,. Laivram-.. Ilivor alal (ircat 

l.ak,,s n":i,iii „-,,s„v„,l 1,1 Sa»kal,.|a-wall: llil,l»ii, Hav R.siiili ,ui,l l.alira,l,ir: rari-,,, 

'" "'" ' '""■'' ■■*'"""■ '■'■ ^'•■""""' «-'»ar,| „i ,1, ,.,,■ Mi,,i„i,,pi Vall„v alal a.aill- 

wanl I,, .\laliaiiia and i '"ia. 



SIS. Stizoilidion cinidmM (' II. Sn.iili. >l'h.ii' \. ticiiir. Ill .m.l ll.-il. 


l.:iM|.liiiir nii.l IlllVUtil.'. 

I'lmiim-- .if llMli.ii.. aii'l IJiirli.T ,li-lril./i..l iiinlrr .1 r !«.. Vlirii'lii'"* trnrii llir SI. 

I.;usri'ri<''' lliwi :iri'l it. Ini.iihiiii- ».'.M\:ii.l. iitnl .'Hilirtlfini: Mitliiloliii, lUiil |icrllii]>rt 

.•iii-kiiN'li.'wiin. I.I M. .111:111:1 :.ii.l ...•iilliuiii.l I.) ArkllllKII". 

317. Pei» flavMcens Mliiliill. .|'l:ii. .\. 

V.H.m I'.i.'li: Ali>c'ii....|ii I'l'lili. 

I.:u'ii>lriii.. :.i..l llini:ililr. 

Wi.lcly .li-lril.iil(.il ill llriii-li N"t'li \ 
911.1 ill 111.. Iiiil,..|,-^ . Mil 
»:iiil I.. .V..illiri,i..liliii. 

. Illiiiii.l 117 

ifr,.iii III.. Ml.uili.. «' 
I III. ii].|.i.i Mi^Miiiii Vii 

iiiml III .SuHkiilr.hrwiih. 
, all. I |.\lfll.Ull.', Milllli- 

318. Percina caprodesf l!:illiu>.|iir. 
I.,.,; I', 

l.niu-liilii. iili.l lliivialil... 

Kxtrii.!^ fnim lilt' I'rnviiiii. i-l l^iii.I ihriiiiL'li Ihr .<t. LmiTfiin. Uivi.r iiiiil (Irnit I.aki'i* 

ri'^iiiii. iii..-lw:ir.l l.> l.iik.' .'<ii|i|.|' itii.l I.imii. iiihI HiiutluMiril In tin- Itiii liranili' mul 

.sinli. ..( .Mi«»i«.-i|i|ii. 

319. Hadroptenis aspro ('ii[>c iiml .Ii.mIhii. 
Illm.k.-i.l|..l lliirli.r. 

Fluviiililr: fri.ini<.|iliiiK rlrar univ.-IIv ^lii.;iinH. 

Iliili|:i..i fr the (Irrat l.ak..» ri..;iiiii «..>l«iir.l 1.. Miiiiilul.:. 

:<.iillliiv:iril In Arkiiiisiiii. 

I.I llii. .Mi<>iiiiii ViilIi'V iiiiii 

\ '' 

320. Hadroptenis gUntheri V.ii: 

Fliiviiilili' atid liiciiKtrmc. 

M:.nil. tn lovvii: prcsunnility hirl (Inilli-I. \.:\kv IIum.m. Mirliin;iii. i>p|.uMt.- I'..iiit Ki|- 
\\;inl. Oninriu diirnnl, is.Vi, t\^ .I/.w/m/.v iii<ic-il'ihi'<).X 

321. Cottogftster copelandi putnamiS .loiilini ami ililbrri. 
|'iini;iiii> DiirtiT. 

I.:i<'u.sliiiie iind lluviittilo. 

Itan^rcs fnun I-akc (.'liiimpliiiri to Liikf Hunm. 

322. Cottogaster shumardi <'M^.i'll. 
Sliiimani'H Darter. 

I'lHsililv to I'f foiirHl ill Oiilariii watfrn: " Micliidaii 'r» Ohio, Irniiima. and lIliiKiis, ami 
soulliwani lo i^t'titia'ky and Arkansas" (JordiiP iind EvcPliiaiill). 

•Threo %'.iri-lif9 o( this spcrics have tx-on .li^tiiijEuir-licu : tlip tyi.iral form nnd .S. r. gnariim mid N. r. bortum. 

■fTwo varicti.-8 of this ^iieck-s luivc Urn .l.-tirRiiisU^d: tlu- typii-al form nnd P. r. zrbro. 

X'Mforiliw minilaliin ia iiioiT likely tu I* llniirnfiUrm tjunthrri than //. tmyro, u» Cinird dii-criUN it ho Imviun 
tlw! Iii'iid «ralelcKS. Pt 'Iuijih both are vnrifti. ■:■ of o\w sp«™-!'.' Jordan and I'.vc 

SQiifl'tionably distinot from the ordinary C. oopda-idi. 

I m 

^■■"liru Ii.l Krli.l,, 


333. Collofutar chintyl Dimn 
Ctiiiu'VH Iliirlii, 

Kii.nni fi I|.,..k,l ]liv,r, i,.-;,r N 

hn,- »- il 1,1, V l„. f,„„„| i„ (I 

334. tloltotoma nigrum lt„li |,ii.. 

.I„hi,i,y l)„,l,r, 

Hiiviurili- iih.l ImiiFilriiit': frciti.-ttlihi: 'Ur 

"I- l.ii»n-l Iliu-I' ,>l,.l lin.,,1 l.„k,'. ,,.L.i,i 

I 'M'l«'l' Mi"l"i|,|.i v„ll.y. ,.Mi.i„l„ 

336. Bolcosorni nlgnim olmatedi sti„,>r. 
'I'c.>.|.|nl...| 11,1,1,.,. 
Fliivi,iti!,. nil,) l;t,„>Mii„.. 

I',,,.,. ,,t(j,i,.| , SI. P.,„i ,■,.,„,. Iliu,,. „ 

l,'t„li„K •"illl,n„,,l lu \ML.||,i„. 

336. AmmocrypU p«llucid> h„i,il- 
.^,,,,.1 l)„ii,.,-. 

I.IU'U'lli ,11, 1 llllliiilil,.; I,, 

Will lik,.|.v l>' l'.,ll,„| il, l>„| 
H,,lltllW,ir,l 1,1 'I'l'MiM. 

j,l,.l lll,i.. V 


,.,| :,l,.| 

.,( \,.« V,„l, 

II,,' <:i,i,| ill ,'l,.„,' ,1, 

iiii,u,> fi,.„, i.iiv,- i:. 

337. Etheostoma boreale -lonl;,,,. 
N'<irll,|.rii 11, in,.,., 
I.jii-iisti'ii,|. 1111,1 l]ii\i„ril,.. 

Kii.iim l,.|.,iliii,.- „f .„m.,„-,.; ,„,„,. .M„,ii,v;,| ,.|,„,i„„. ,„, .,^ /■.„■,;„*//,.„/„.,■,„/„ 

-til,- lv|...,; i;,ill l.ak,.. M„-k,,ka ,li.^iri,.|. ll„i„,i,,, ..„„| M„„i,,,|,,,. |,.,.|,.,,„ ,„,,,,„,, 

f,iri„iilliiiill„. |ir„vi„,.,. „rij,„,|„.,., ,„„|,. n|»„,„v|„,l,„,|„.,|f,„ |,,„„ ,„|„.',. |,„.,,|i,i,.,. 

338. Etheostoma iowa .l,,i,l,ii, ,ii„l .M,.,.k. 

R„vi,ilil,. ,i„,l l,„.,M,i„,.. 

.■i,i,^k,ik.|i,.»„,i ,u„l |„.|I,„|,H .M„„ii„l,„: ,■„„.,. ,.u,.|i,|i„- ..„,tli,v:.r,l I,, l,,„a ,„„l*,,. 

339. EtheoBtoma coenileum .st,,ii.r. 

Kuiiibuw Ditrtt'i'. 

Olltlirill, 1111,1 (ihiii ,u„l .Mis«ia«i|)|li v„||i.y.s. 

330. Etheostoma Sabellan I!iir,ii,'...,|ui'. 
Fan-t,iiU.,l DartiT. 
Fluvitttilti: livinK in «wift sti».,ii,i«. 

Pruvince ,if (Jiichw.; raiisiiis i" llic Uiiiti'.l .Siai,- uvstiranl i.. l.,\va an. I -,,iitl,w ir,l l,i 
siiutliciii .'^tatci'. 

^p— ^- 


331. Bolflcbthri fMllormU i.iiai I 

I IIMI Ili.Mr, 

|..„l,„„| .11, ..,,,1. Hll.l |,.,1„|. 

\l„-.,„lH,.,n. «,..l»,ihl r,, Mi„i„-,.tn ;1M.| - Iin.ihl h, |||.> III., pr..! ly ir. 

ill I ;illi..|liil. »:il.'l- 

333. Bolilchlliyii Killt i;iiiii.l. 

III. I lln.i iiii.l ,i|.|.,r Ml li lllv..r l,ii-in.« 

333. Mkrop«Tca puncttilaU I'iiiimhh 

l.ii-i liiiiiii. 

■1 |,-,,l .-..l.l «,-,,K -livalli- .Mill I I-." 

Il;ll|..r. II..III MlilllUilli \\\ -Ill illi.l Mil 

III I'llllil.lllill ..;|lrl-. 

I.I I.. Vlk:ill.:l- |...||lll|.. Iir» 

334. RiKcui chrysopst t{:iiiii. 

Hliii,. II,,-. 

I.IU'lKllill,. 1111,1 lliuii.iil,.. 

St. I,ii«ri.n,.. IlinT iili,| i;r..;il l.:il,.- r,i;i, „ n.-i«,ii,| 1., M:ii.i ,. iiii,l Mi--i"i|,|,l viilli'.v. 

,111,1 Iiniir.l 1.1 \lk a. i,.,.,,r,l,.,l l,-..ii, l,;ik.. lli.,i u. „| ( Hi,. I, 1 mili-M 

,,f III,. M,i = ,i;iiii,l;ni,' lli\,.r. \,.« lliiiii-«i,kt 'l"\ IVl.-i. iill.r .\.hilii«,. 

333. Roccui liiiMtui III." Ii. I'lm, \. r,-,ii, - I Isiiii.l IP),. 
.■^iii|...| U.,-,-. 

\l,:„l |. .....IiImII.v ;, l,l,„ki,|, «;,l,., -|,..,i,- 

\ll„l,li 1,-1 ,,f N.„1li \iii,.,i,;,, 1 , 111,. Mi,,iliii„. I'i..ilii,.|.- I,, 1|„. liillt ,,( M..\i,.,,: iis- 

,.,.|„l- ll„. Mil„llM,.|,l l,l„l .-^1. I.,inj..||.',. Iliv,.|- :lll,| llil,„l„ri,.-: II- »,.|| II. "III,. I' II 

I,. Ill,, (iri.iit I'lill-. Illi.l 1|||. "Ihi.r IIMT- 111 III,. Mi,|,|l.. Sim,.,, iiiilil il 1 1.. ,.l„lrai.- 

liiilH" ,.l,,|.||iili 1111,1 |.:m.|Iiiiiiiiii: -iiiil t Iir ii-i,iliilll.\ in l.iiki' Oliliii'in. iili,l "Iiiih 

l,i.|.|i liikiii 111 111,' tii,„iili ,,r till. NiiiL-iini IliM.i'i illiiiii'ii.v WiVlill: iiitr,Klii|.|.,l iiilii 
niilt.r- .,f |]„. I'lii'ili,. ,.,,,,-1 l,v III,. I'iilli..| Sl,il|.- |.'i-li l',,ii,liii-i,.li. 

I,- „1 ,1 -,„„li .1,111, r ,,l.l„ I l,v Ml r|,:,rl,.. II. |l.<lli„„i, ,i, 11,11, 1.1,1.,. M„.|„|r,ili, ll„l.^ Nlutlft t„ 

.l,.r,l,,l, .„„1 l.^,n„■ 

t'Thi. i- ,l„," lt». .-^iU,,. 11;,- , 
t,t„|Niii„ii,.i, l,.v M. (■|irl„.t,i,i,.r, ir,.,i, IsTT 

,.f .\,.,.|lll,l|li,.l, t„r IVSl, ■ li.KNl,. 

,,l !..> 'I M""'" 

. I „.i„.,.. „i„l - 
ll„il,lii, „l II,. 

Jllr. I",,\ ,„„-i,l,.r- ihi.i II," |.r , ., 

I„it fliat 111,. r..,.,,r,l „l Hi. A,l„i„- ,- ,,p.„ i 

„„l.ll„l. „ll,l i,„t „i,l.v 

j-'-|l„.r,. i- „ r-,.,.r,l ,-f „ii ,.\,ii„|,|,. iiik.i, in Hi, \i,.i.'„r;, Itii-i ,.i l,.«i-l,.i,. I.„i tl,i- ,l.„.^ 1,„\,. l"-,i, ,i i„i.- 

ul,i,Iiii,;iii,,i. ,,f II,.. «l,li,. l,„- ' .L.r.i „.i i:\,.r,„„i,ii. ■■|l„ \\l,ii. U„-,.i stn,„,l Ij.k,. Ik,-. /f,.--,„.- ,t.M/.-.,/,« 

i- ,,li,.|, ,.„i,t,„„„l,,l Mill, Ml,. .<liii-,l II,,-- "l,„l, il ,.!..-,.|.\ r,.-,.„,l.l,.- ■ il.HHl,.. 

illltk M»l ■'» It-Ill^. .1 III) '■■nilMnN, 

33S. MoTOM inurlcuM '.rii. Iiri J'hii, \. i ,i. . I.ti :,ij l.'li. 
Hliii.. I',, 
\i>a<<.ilv l>.'ili'; .'...ritiiilli I. I.M.kl-li »i.l.'r .|.,;,.. .,11, n lii,i,|l,„>., I 

Mlimn I ,,l \ \ri„n,., I,,,,,, il„' i,„li' .,i s, h,,.i,n,,' :,m.| \l,ii,:„i.' I',mv 

I,, S,,i>rh r;,i.,liha i,',.ir,l,.| :,. ^,1 11.1,11-; 'ji, rl„' i,,j„i,.f ..,i. I..I., . ..i \.,, , >,., 

ihTllslll. iMIli, ;,. /,„' ■ ,.,.«-,(„. i 

337. CynoKloii rciilii lll.~li ,11.1 >. 1 1., I'ln, \ i' I.'.'. 

r..„.ii,..„ (\,.., 

.Muri I> -I >. 

Mr. .S. I''. I)..|il,ui. Invi,l,.|i„i-:. \\ I'lli'-I,.^ I !,iii,. M.,.. n,ii... >l,i,i l„ l,.i. i, ,,..| . 

mm. ulili'l, 1 11,1,. M Iln.iiilli,. ■,.|,.|,.,. I,;,.| n .,mi,..I :,.>...! \...., s, 

lv|,i,l,..| ^,. ' VHiiiil,. :iii.l l.nll I. I.I.I ..I III.. I iilh.l Sr.,,i.- Iiiiii l'..||.,. I'.,.l .. 

v^iii.l I.. Miil.ili ..l.ii.l. I l:>,iiii.iiii|. 

338. CynoKion nobllii \\ 

Hhii,- .S~, llii... 


\uMii.i|>,.r Mnii.l -,i 


339. Aplodlnotus gninniena Unlit |ii,.. i I'lm, \. h.^m, - lj:l .in.l t.'h. 

l'i,-li-» I lliilii, I.T... S||,.,.|i.|i,.:„|, 

l..i,.||-liiii,. lliitiiilil,.. 

|.Ah.n,|.< iViiin Oiilmiii. tin ..'it tit,, liri'.il l.iiki'- ti.^int,. .v,.-t.\:ir.| t.. M .iiii..l.i ati.l i.iti- 

lllti„mll til,, lllli.l i.lnl Mi--i--i|,|.i \,,ll,.>- -.llllllW.II.I 1., I,.,lli-i,tl:l .11, I li.MI. III.., 

||..l l'r„tii ll„. Ili„ I .iitiiiiilt.t.,. Tiiii.i-,.,,. ■.,iiili,.iti \l..^i|..l. 

340. Equeii lanceolatui l.iiiii:. ii< 


l<<.oir,l,.,l If ^Ii,.||iii:;liiitii I'.iiiiT. Itriil-li l'..liiiiil,li, . .{..iliiiiii iti I'l.n iii..|.il \lit~,.i 

Vl,.|iii'i.ii; "U,.-i Iti.lli... i.,iisi,i- ti.irihn.ii.l 1.1 l>,.|i.:„.,l.r .1. .1.1. II .111.1 lAiitiL.t 

341. Ronquilus Jordan) cill..... 


li|..-..r.l..,l ffi.t.i ll,.|....ti|j.. Il;,v,» Vi.i.. >.... I-I..,t..l 1.-.I1II riia.-t .~.i..ii.l, I.. ..I t:::n 


342. Trichodon trichodon Til.Hii.^. 

Mali].,-: iiiifv,.. ill III,. .-:.i..l .if .-l...t,.-, 

Illili-ll rat.i:..^ (f..||. l,„,«t .,r (■;.lil,.ll.i., t.i H..|it|.; S,.;.. ,.l.,| K:.l,i..|.;.l 1... , I'il,.- 

".■\ «p,.ciiii,.i, „f tliiH H(».,.i.... «:.- .lr,.di;,..J lit I),.|« Id.., V ....v.-r I-I;.n.l, ... ... ,1.,. |li..|...;i..„l Sii.ti... 

til,. Iiil,. K,.v. ti, W. Tuyhir, tlu' ilu-n .,1 tl..., .....I Hi. .itill...r, in ili, \i.Uiii.,. ,.i j.His, U'lii^ . 
r.....ii.l ... fiiti;uli..ii wiitir... 



343. Stenutomus chrysops I.iriiiicii-. 
I'in-y\ : Citniriuni Sfii|>, 

l'n.-il,ly ornir^ in Sr. \I;ii> '^ H^.v, Nn\:i Smiia* i l<iiii;|il, ISlIll, ;,- /',„,,-„,. ,„'<rin.i>.): nnliii- 
iirily i-aiii:i.^ Ir,.i,i Cn,,,- C..] r,. Smiil, C;,,,,!!!,:!, \„-hv^ ■■.>>|M.ri;,l!y ,ihiina:uu iiMM|,«;inl.- 

344. Archosargus probatocephalus \\';il!>:ii[tii. 


''■"'I I .■.■;i-i..ii;,l,iiSl..lulii,-.ll:iili.,,„-,\,,w llri,h-,iirk d',,,, IWI.", as /)/,,/„./„,,,„•„/„„„- 

.■.;'*"'"■-'. rai.->''"nli„-,rily In.ii, C;,,,,. c,..! I,. Il,,ii,l„ key, -mi,! ih,- I iulf ut M,.xi 

346. Cymatogsster aggregatus (ilhlmn-. 

Sparach,: \i.,r;,ni„> |',,rl,. 

Mai'lm- ill sli;,llu» uiii.r. 

HiitUli (■..liiiiil.ii,: rani:,- Ir.ini M,i-I,a t.. I,,,nvi- (^ilih.niiii. \l,.vl„,. 

346. Brachyii,tius frenatus 'iilt. 

Miiiiii,.: ill »liiilli,u uiil.r. 

Haiij;,., fr.Mii \aii..oiiv,.' l.-laial h. l.i,w,.|- Calif.iniia. 

347. Amphistichus argenteus \^as<ii^. 


Marine: ill sliallmr ival.-i-. 

Iiaiis,..s from ,.iilraii,v h, Si rails „l .liiali .!,■ Tiira al ('a|ir Rallcrv, .-ilal,. nf WasliiiiKt.iii. 

siiulhvvar.i In ,-,.a,l i.f I alifnriiia: ~h,-u li,-iv a- il nii;;lil i,, i,r I'miirl .in llir Uriii,], 

r.iliiiiiliiaii siiii. „r III,, .snail.. 

348. Embiotoca jacksoni .\;:assi/. 
C'claiiiiMi Siirf-lisli: lllii,. Siirl-li-li. 

I!alii;..s friiiii Vai mvi Islaii.l 1., T.wl,,. ,Sa s Hay. 

349. Tsniotoca lateralis .\;;assi/. .I'lair .Mil, limirrs i.^s ami l."i!i). 
Slri|i,.,| Siirt-li-ji. 


liaii-cs fnim Drilisli 1 ■.ihiml.ia In masl .,( Calil-nriiia. 

360. Plianerodon furcatus liiraril. 
Wliii,. Siirf-lisli. 
Kaiiirrs frniii lirilisli I'nliiiiiliia m oiasl nf Califnriiia. 

•Till, li.j, i. -,.ld 1 .1 li.irlli ..Ma,,. I',>| A i ,!„. ,,.,„ |Ml:l i,, .„,,,, „- lia I Ii,,|,i,.,. l|i,.„, 

Hrlii.l..H,..«„„rlli.,rili,.r„|,iHviiii„„-ii„.,..,,,|„.„,,,|,r„vi,„i |, al,|,, i|i,.,ii i.i ImJ th.T,.. 

1 111. ..Illy ,uiili..cily 1 lull lli.. »Til... |..„.,.,».s »■ i.i Uirir rvi,!.. 1|,.. ,.,„,.| „( .•(.,„ s. .,ii„, i-, Hi,. Ulli,.!,,! (1n.,ili.r' 

'""" "' ''••>"•■>■• "'■ < '"■"« "' ^"ii'ly ''"VI.. in ivl,i,li il i. .iai,.,| I1,..| ,.,„,... ,11,. .».,.„i.,„„lly „„, i„ SI, Mary'. 

May. If Mi,.y ar,. ili,. Irii,. /...r./,. ,s i l„.y liav.. |,|y -iia,n..l Ir a v,„r,i.,.r l,iiii„,i.. ... ,..|rsiiil ,.f f,Mhl.-' KiiIkIiI 

TauloKU uiiiti 
Sciniiln'r sriini 

ir<>"..i,i,.s uS;,„,i Dili,! 
';ilos8u« (Halibut} 

Hiii|)..Kl..,-suM iiippny;lo,<s,is (Halilnit-rtpocimoii willi 
«ii alinnrmal but an oci-nsioiial charactorl 

Psoiuit pleiirorioctes ameripaniiH (Winter Fburidur) 




••' l'/,l'l 

,:l „„ -^1 


'' '■ -■■■::v.l -LI :■_! 

"■!•"■■■■ ■..(,■.„,< „|:| ,,,, 

i -'■— lv:.|,|ill ,,.., 

II „■—.:;,,„ 

'■■ ■' — "li..,,,iH _,, 

II -,...,,'..„ 

-ii,-"L.«|.|ill ... , 



(MM K l.lsr (ir Klsin > UK 11 

3A1. Damalichthya argyrosomus iiit:ii'<l. i I'ljih- \IU. 

. ii;ii 

M;iriiii-: ■■ralcriiii; llii' iiilvls in lli,,ii,iMiil».' 
I'ai'ilii- CuiKI fn.rii lliiiisli l'Hl>iriil>i;i »i>,l I'li 

3S2. Tautogolabnis adspersus \\'iilh;iiHji. (I'lnii- 

Marin.- in l,„il,.,ur« iinil liuvs. 
All.'lili.- o,:!..!- ..f \„illi Anicii,;, I'Mnniinj 

ll""k, i.n.l •■>u\.v:,rms llic liiilf "( St. I 

N.-« l:nuN,n,l Stnlv-, 

iif[ Siinn.l ti. l-.iwrr (';,iit'i 
XI, litniT^ IJ.-ian,l 1:T,I. 

nnl..r :.n.l X,.ivr(.un,|];,ii,l , 
■.i<\»- Hay. .Mi.rilinLv I'n.vir 

363. Tautoga onitis l.iiini ns. (I'JalvXI. 
T«u1"e:. Il]i..'li-li»li, 

.Miirin,': „ jis r.«'ks ami liclji. 

.\llanlic .■..»>!< iif Nmlli Ain.'ri.';, fr 

3M. Scomber scotnbnis .MnikcH. 

Il"lli-iJ fX.illl, .\llanlir 

I'an.lir,;,: :.inl uii lln^ lii 

llii' Marilii 
na>ii>.. il'lair \I, li^niv.< 12! 


iaTiran.i,lcri.,ri, l.alirador l„ Caj,,. llatt,.ra». Xorlli 
■ fr.nn Xwrnay h> tin- .Mc.jilt'naniMn ami \iliialir 

366. Scomber japonicus lliaimjyn. 
C'lnil. .Ma.krr.l. 
Wiiii-lv ili.-lnliiiti'ii in III,. Miami.- an.l 

Iliilisli, ami K..- 

Mf.lil.araii.-an. an.l ■■.•vfiy.vlicri' in .lapaii" (.l.niiari. liHTi 

li.' ".■|.an«: I'xti'nilins a- far ni.Klnvar.l as 
I.- ..fl til., .aiasi .,r Cali^mjia. in ll..- 

366. Gymnosarda pe^-'mis l.inna 'U.<. 

(tiaaini.' Il.inil... 


Wanii; lantinj! n..rtlnvar.l ..ii tlio m'Mrrn ai.l.- .)f the .Vllimtir t.) tlio Hermil.las unci 

t'api' ClI: ri.,'..r.l...l fr lie .MIniilir .■oii.-i .)t l\Vliit|.avi..s. l,s»(i, aa HuHKinnw 

/"'"»"'»l:* »l>" .■.■.■,.r.l,..l fr ,„ ,.f Califriniia isis .if ICiiriiii... -inrlu.lini; 

(■(.ili.ts .if Biiiiiin iVair.-ll. IS.Vt. a.s Tln,iin>i>^ jahitt'i"). 

•Tim small sfx-cirnon wliipli tliis rcc.ird is bawd is in a very poor state of preservation and hard to determine 
l.ut judging liy what can W made out fr.nii the r^sfM cn.l broken con.lili.m .if the fins and their ravs and the other' 
mse iinitilate,! e.indition of the speeimen it d.«-« n.,t .pp,.,r , I,, this .,i,.eie«. Certain of its rliirac.ers. tome .if 
thetn more or less olweiin-, an- as follows:— Maxillary not r.-aeiiiiiK t he posterior border of the orbit : pectorals about 
mid-way lietw.-.-n dorsal Dti.l eeiitral otitliii.-s: caudal .l.^'ply f.irked: aiiterioi dorsal .loniiate with 20 ruys: posterior 
doisal and anal short: S d.irsal and 7 anal Unlets: tunny other eharaeters oliseuri-,1, with little lint the H.»h i^maininR 
on I tie left side, and skin of t h.- riKht scalel.-ss, eseept very small scales, fomiinn a corMlet, which d.*s not apjiear 
l.i cvt, 11,1 iH.y.ina the isstimil liii. It would appear to agr..* more .■los.-ly with Santa than with 6'i/m.i..sordo. 



■Ml.i k l.l^i iih Kl^llC-t UK nil: lnHIIM, 

367. Thunnus thynnus l.iiiinu-. 

Tuiiiiv: llnr-r .\h„.|,,.,vl. 


llMiii- nil 111,. \il,.„,ii,. ,.,„,.i ,,[ r,iii,i,|„ :„„1 i|„. Iiiiiril .-ltiil,.s, iiBiiiii,! tl m.l i.f NVw- 

l"i""il.i'"l :iM'l ill 'III' l."ll...liii Miiliil-: ;il> I llii. I'lii.ili,. ,.iiii,.|s :,< liir 11,111 Inraril 

II- (■|ilil,.iiiiii iiiiil .l.i|i:iii iil.iiii.liiiii Ni III,. .M,.,lil,.|.i.,.|ii,.|,ii ,111,1 nuiciiii; 1,1 III mil 

I ' "I i:iiiil.iii,l nil. I 1.. Til- iiin ■ .ll.iiilliii, issili: Van,. II ds.VIl ,:n « il lins ■■|i,.|.|i 

ml... II iii„..m; III,. i-liiii,l, «,.-! III,. I ii,„ili ,,1 SM.Iliiii.f I ,11 ,1 IVvv'iilliiT .■<,.,illi-li 

l..,:iliii,~, iiii.l III..IIII..II. r.i.. ii,-ii, ,.i ii, liinii.s |„.,.„ lalii-ii „ii 111,. IrW, n„„i": 

,i,iiir- al-.i ill 111,. Iii.IImi. Ci,.,.|ii, , ll,,iil,.|isi.| , |,||lh. 

36S. Germo alalunga iiiiiiliii. 
I...11-I1:, i .Ml.,,,,,,,.. 


»l'i''l,> 'li-li- ',,1. I Vilalili a-l ,,r ,\iii,.,i,.a: a -|„.,.iiii,.|i „l,la I at 

UaiLjUiiiMii .11 ,1 .1, |,I|, ,,r :1IMI fall ,, in ili,. .,111111, .1 .,f |,s7s ,.| ,, |s7,,i, a« lhr>iuns 

„/„l„,„,„,: ,„.,.,||.,- .,1, ,1,,. |,a,.i|„. ,.,,a,i i„,ii||„..,|,| |„ Caji^.niia, a,„| ;,l„„„|aii, ,,1 i|„. 
Saiila liail,.iia l-laii.l-: -( ,■ 11 in .[i,. M,.,lii,.n.;,i„.ai,." 

369. Sarda sarda l',l,,ii,. 



Al.ilii.laiil ill \il;iiiii,. II, , ,i,„il,uar.| I,, Cap.. I',, I: ,„.,.a-i.„,al ,,i, ,.,,,,-1 ,,( \,,ia S,..,li;: 

■■a v,n |.,.,i,. li-l, il. III,.-.. I ai,.,, ■ ,|,„.,,, |,,iii_,,; .a y,,ii„; ,.viiii|,l,. ,.a|,1iii,.,l al lln- 

'""iilli"f Malilax llail ! ' .I.,,,,.-. IsTli. ,1- .<. ,„/,ini,., if siicli -icniS..- llii,« -|..,.i,...| : 

iii'iiil'l'- II"' "I I'liii. 1111,1 ,„',„r- 1,11 l,.,lli ,,f ll„. .Mliiiili,.. 

3G0. Sarda chilensis Ciii,., an, I \ al,.|„.i,.|ii)i.-. 
(':,lif,,niia Hniiil,,. 
Miiiiii... Ciliiinliia nili-lin; in llin I'arin,. n ■, f,,.iii 1':, 

361. Escolar violaceus Utan. 

Ty|,,.-|„.,.iiii,.|i*f|. I.a ll:u,. liank, ,,ff \,, 

'lii... in Ihi. al,y,.,.s ,,1 III,, liiilf Sl|.|.| 

I Ktiiii. 1.SS7. a.- '/■/, 'j,..v,/„/,s ,;„/,f,. ,„.-): 
i-,l„i,. Illll.-,,. 

362. Benthodesmus atlanticus i;,„„l,. ami Hiai,. 


■Mill,. -|„.,.ii,i|.|i laki.ii fi,,in ll,|. .I,,ii„„.|| ,,f a lnilil,iil raiiiil 1 lli,. m.-inii, 

lii.iinl Hanks ,,f \,,iin,llaii,l in Ml lalli,,lii,' an, I liwinrinn 

*'n,i- -|x.(.ii,i,.|i i.- fiuur,.,! Ill llr^, l,,nk ,,1 Ia,.r„,ai„, - li-l,,.- „f N.,rtli a,„i Ml,l,ll,. .\i„..ri,.,i ' v„l W t,l 

I'WW, ;n„lt |..,i I, „ril„. t„ll„.,i„c.|.,.i,.. ,«,„«.../..,„..„«„,,,■,„.) i„ ,,|.(\X.\VI, 

I III IK l.l^r 111' I'l^lllsiil nil, «ll 

363. Xiphias Klidius l.iiiiin ii~. 

Alliiiilii' On mill nil liolli ii- ~hl:~ Mnrlliiiii' I'mnhii- iiml Vinl Iliiiid lliiiik.: 

lll'I'lll'S llU.I ill lllr I'lll'illr lliriili. 1111,1 In llir M,>' | |l|.|| :i|,i-|1| ; ;,M.| ;,r,'nn lilli: In I i |<. 

llxssi i-MU'is 111,. Ilallir: ..iliiiui-,. .li-lii I III iiMin .I..I-, l«.|ii|;, li . ii ^ilil, ■■„( 

Iiriirly Hiiilii-wiili ili'lilhuii in " .i'mI ■m-ru-ii iK ihi' i-ii>in!lv i.| Ml.- <-iii-l- .if ( 

Ilriliiiii mill Iirhiiiil" illnul,.|iK,.|, liil I „|.,, ,„...iii,im :,i il, . s.iuili .-i..:! M.iii.l- 

(liliilliir. Ivs i; Ml liiij: 1,1.1., i,|.,„ illll.-,i r,!,,,,!!' lli,. C ,lif,,iiii , , ,, i-l ' „ii,l 

-im,ilykl„,«iii,| J. ■■ 

364. Naucrates ductor l.i iis. 



■■KlIiilMl ill III! !l,,|,i,;il .111,1 t,,|M|i,,r;il,, ~,.;i~" ll IiiiiIIi.t. jSSIIt: ■ ,i,r;i-i,lli;illv ll[l|H,als mi illir 

(lliiii-lil ,;:,.i-. ,■ |,i,iiMii.: \:,r^r -ImiNs I -liip-' i ll,,iil,.|„j,'.r, llMlli: "iiiir 

.|..,,iMi,,l, «,i- l,|,ii|.jl,i 1,1 1|.,. Mii-iiiiii [;,l i|iilila\l f,,i- i.liiilili, 1111,111 il iiiii.l liiivr 

IMMirJil ii,...|i Ii:iil,,,iii ■■ ,ll,,ii,Mn,iii, I^Mi,: ■■ ,„',:i.i,,i,,il r Mlmiii,. ,.,,a-l 

fi- 'a|,r r,„| I,, ill,. U,..| ■ ,.l,,|,|aii .111,1 l\,iiii,iiiin. 

366. Seriolo jonata Minliill, 

l!ii,l,liaH,lr llaii,l,.,l Siainl,.. 


\ «| iiiaii 'wa- laiijlil .hi 1|ii. Iiaiik- -,„illi ,,f lli'vir- l-laii,|- ,,ir \.,ia S,.,.iia ill y- 

366. Decaptenis macarellus ('mii.i' aii.l V al,ai,'it'iiii>'>. 

Ma.k.ivl .■^lia.l. 

(■|ir,|al,ial,, liay. ran-,.. \,.va Sr„lia.* ■warm pan- ,,1 ill,. Mlaiil!,., -liavinu- Imnliwahl 
1" ra;i|. C.i.l:, i ,,iir nia.-f .,l,a,laii aiul kAinaaliiii. 

367. Trachurops cnimenophthalmus ltl,„ li. 


lii 'Ii'l limiii '■aiiMi.'^.Mlia t nnlinai ily ran;;,., iiii llii^Allanli,' an,l I'aiilii.J ,.,.a-l- 

,if li-,.|. ,1 Aniiiiiai. ,.M,,|i,liim ,.,a.a-i,i|ialK- ilinanl l,, Caii,. CmI: alailalalil al llii- 

\V,-1 liiilir-. 111,. 11,111,11,1a-. 111,. Ila.v liiai, i-laii.|-. ami ,111 llin iv,..l ,.,,a-l ,,( M.-xi,.,.; 

,.,(lirs la-i,ii.- in ii;,,-i li',,],ii;il -.n-, ;in,l ,in ll,,' ima.-I ,,1 Afiira: "in ill,. liKlian n,,,.;iii. 

Ilia U,.,l S,.a. anil ,,lt ill,- , -1 ,,( lliiiiaii" ii;,„„k., Isss, a- r,i,„„ ,■,■,■„„„„„,,/,(» i(,„„.l. 

*"Two ^[H.,.i.ii,.ii< ,.i- 11,1- -|«.,-i,-- «,.n, i-aa^'ht in il„. CI....!;,!,,,,,,. I!„v ir„|,-„,i-. -Il,,-) «, n. «l„.lli „iil„i,illi„r 
to til,. fi-|ii.ntl,l,, ,iii,i 111,. ;i|.|,„r,.|illy r,ir,lj -,■,.„ ,il r,in-,,, " C.riii-li 

f-Twii .|w...iiii,.|,s w,r,. ti,k,.ii in llir tmji-ni.ts l,y l,H-ai a-li,,n,H.|,, t,i wli tii,. li-h «„- i,iikii„«ii l^.fiin.. Tl„. 

^t"','! 11* «iTf faiimi 1,1 ililTiT Iran, tli,. ,l,..,.n|.ti,ii, „f Hr-. .J„r,l,.n ,iii,| l^,.ri,i„i,i, in t«„ r,.-i».,is th.^r,. an- ,10 

-ful,.- all tl„. ,l„.,k-, „a,l alaiiK ll„. -i,|,., » l,riB(,t gohUn y.ll,.« 1,aii,| |«,->,.> l„|iKit lalilailly Ul,,w Hi,, laliliil lit!,. 
iint,,ri,trly; lint iil.,.iil iiikivvay ir ii-,—,.- aii,lili,.a |„i-i- Iwa-k j,l.,.v,. ,1„. kiUn.I liii,..' inriii-li. Mr. <„riii-li ,|ii,.rk.- 
thp six'i'if... 

t'AV,. an- iinal,!,. !„ -,... any .jilTcnanr lKt«,.,.|i Hi,. ['a,.ili.. C,,,,-! farm 7',„,7,„|.„- hr.uioi.h^n^^. (iill, 1111, | flu' 
onlliairy ■rmn'i.iij.hth.iltuH^. ' lankia iiad KviTiaanii. 



\ri iiiiiK r.t-r mk hi->Hi.s iiK iHv: riM\irMi)\. 

368. Caranx crysos \riti'liiil. 
Eiiinlt^ill: V.'lt.>» M:irK<'M-l. 

An-ctriiili.i; l.t .J.irii-. ii.>l iitic-i'iiiiiK.ii in tin- wiilcr- nf \.imi Scutiii (1^7!*. ii^ I'luiitnirtiii 
liixiliKln^): I'liiiL'i's •<iiilli\Viii'l hi r<i:i.t nl' Itni/il: un'niilitig to I^itijiiuih iiml Miir^'li 
-Mln-oC tl;.-l.--si Kiinif-fi'lu's uf l'<.itn Hi.'..." 

369. Selene vomer Liiiriiiu^. 


■■S|.r.iiiu.ti. 111. ,t-iMii:illy takrTi in -li..iv iviilri-" "t N'nva Smlin (<. 1N7!I, iis .W>/'/- 

,,m'(.N ,'.,<«.;■): ahil ■■tin- y.mnL:.i|' j| is siii.l. in mi ■ t w<. in.-hinn's. r-. Iiavo Ipcmi I'min.l 

Ei:- lar nnitli as llalifiix" iHnii.ynir.n. Ihni'., ;is .v. -i;./- (W.-d; nr.iiimiily Alljuiiic 
iui.i I'ii.ili.* .■-liists ..f Anwiio -ri'.-ni r;i|«' ((..i l- Mm/il. ;in.i Ciilifoini,! I.. 
I'r.ti": itK-lixlnl thf fi.-lif>..f |',. liir.. ■■..n llic ;tut!i.iiiiy ..f I'^k-v ari.l Sliilil" 
ir:v«'niiarin:ui.l Marsh. IMW). 

370. Pomatomus saltatr!z l.inn;rus. 

■ lii--iTti>il nil ilii' ;iiilltiiii(y rif Mr. Ilcriiiinl (iil|iiii, who lin." seen simtiiiu'iis hi' un tiiis 

[N..MI S.niian] .na^l' i.l.m.., |s7ili: wi.l.'ly ,lisinl,iit.-.i; Allaiilic nn.l In.lian Or.-ans, 

ati>] •oTiiMnnally oirinriiiL: in tli.' Mnlitcrnitiran. 

371. Brama raii UU-h. 

Ili'itish riiliiinliia aii'i rit;;<'t SiiihkI. ><>iirtnMtnl to Santa Catalina: linin<l Itank>. Nrw- 

li.iltnllaiM. ami tlir H,Tnm,la [^lan-l-; (■..a.-l- ..f i:iH'n|n., inrlii.lin- lli- Urilisli IsI.'h. 

anii nortlnvai'tl In tin' I'ariir Mamls: al.-o •>i-mi\> mi llir fita-^t uf .Ia|tari. 

372. Atfaeresthes stomias Jordan aii<i tiilUcit. 
Arnnv-toot!;c,l Halibut. 


Mritisli Coliinihia: raii;:c^ fn-ni rna-t of California n-mlnvar-l to UcriniJ Sea. 

373. Reinhardtius hippoglossoides \Valljuiini. 
(irri'iilund Haliimt. 


Ardic rc^qon.-'. cxtciniinji r^outhwaril to tlic lli'ainl Itatik.s ami to Kinlitmi: coufits nf (irccn- 

laiiil:t Fortiiric liay. Xcwfuun.llami: ivronlnl frfiiii CttiiHo, .N'lmi Scotia il'ornisli. 

liKII i>V i'M2): '■|)L'i'a-''ional s|>ccitrn'n.- arc l>roii(;lit us from the iHU'llliTti Ksliirifi liaiikw 

[of Xova Scotiii]. Init il is r.mrc conimoii off Wwfouinilaml" l.loiics. iH7!l, as fhln- 

sifiiiiilirlithi/s hipiHHilufsimli .v). 

-■■The- I'acilif ^^lu^'t form hniwrlii /-•'■'Jinix, i- .■vii].-iitl\ ailTun-nt from S,l,„>' i.-h-t/' .Jordan and 
Evemittiin . 

f"U if-.-itid 1.1 1« f.mjiii iliii'lly in I lit' i.-.-(iur,buiiil U-tWf.'ii lln' iiiiat iiv fi^.■Ui^ in N.irllitTii (;r..,.|,lj,n«i." JorJmi 
and I'Avnuann. 

lllKlk l.ltr I'K |.lH,(|s nh- IMK lii.MINKtS. W 

374. HIppoglMlM hippoglojiui l.lriTMli-. f I'Inlv Xl, fii:iin - l;i.' :iliiM:l:ll. 


Xorlli.Tii «.Ni..: n.Miirii! fii.ri. llu' Airli,- ii-j!i..ii» «.iiili»iinl: Miami.- ali.l I'.i.-ili.- i-.i.w» '•< 

lllili.l. N.irtli Alii.-ri.-a ail.l I'llil.-.l Stal.-; .i> (ai- -..Illi ill l.-a-l .i- l' an.l 

111.- l-'.u-..ll..lii- l»lar..|-: ...■.■iii-» |.l.-rilif.illy in^ S.-a ii.i.-TliMaril 1.. U.-iini! Strait. -. 

"nl.iiiu II itir.- w.-si ,.t „f i;i-.-.-i.lai..l l.-.-l I an.l tl, t., S|.il/l,.-i-^.-n. 

ill' SIC" .11 l.-l; n.lin.-r.ius -.-a.- ..I' l..,rll..-ni l-;.il..|i.' .«i.itl.»ai-.l (it l.-a-l t.i 

til .11-1 ..f I-' nil ■-. 

37S. Lyopsena ciilis .li.i.lan a... I i;ill..'rl. 

HilliKW ff..lii »1 ..f (■alif..rnia. at l.-a-l a- far ii..rll. a- I'. 

wat.-r.- ..( Ilfiti-li r, 

1.1: i,| ...■111.-- Ill 

376. Eopsetta jordani I.... 
ralir.nnia S.,li-. 


Urili.-li I'.ilninl.ia an.l I'.ia.'t S...111.I -..ulliwar.l 1.. .-..a-l ..I ralif..riiia. 

377. Hippoglossoides platessoides l-'al.ii.-i.i-. 1 1'lat.- .\1. liun..- Illl 1. 
.S.iii.l Hal.: It.aish Hal'. 


II.1II1 ^.i.ll■a ..( X.irlll .Miami.-: ranwai! ..n lla- .M.., -i.l.- ll.-.-.-nlalnl ...,.illi»ar.l l.i 
(-..list ..f Mii.-sa(-hii-*-lls, an.l cniiira.-ini: (.al.r;..l..r, , N.-wl'..iiii.lliin.l. li.ilf ..f 
SI. l.n».-.-ri.-i-. i;as|..- Da.v. .Ma.itirii.- l'i-..\ in.-.-. I.a llav.- Hank, an.l \.-iv Eiiglan.l 
SI»ti-»; an.l ..11 tin- Kui-..l»-an si.l.- tr.n.. tl..- .s.-an.linaviali .-i.ast .-.uilliwar.l t.i tin- i-.iuat 
III Knclaii.l. 

378. Hippogtossoides elassodon .l.n.ian .in.l Gill.<-rt. 

lirili.-li ('i.liiliil)ia: nmi:. in. Ill H.-l-inj; Si-a *mlli«ar.l l.i I'.lK.-l .S..11I1.I: ill-. ..n 

coil-t .if ICain.-liatka. 

379. Psettichthys melanostictus liirar.l. 

.Marine: iirnr llit- rth..r.-. 

Hritisll Cullllill.ia: raliir.-s r..ll."t .if .-Mil-ka -..iitli-ianl l.i .-..a-l ..f Calif.. ...ia. 

360. Pleuronichthys ccenosus liirar.l. Kluiiii.K-r. 
Hrilisli ('..luniliia an.l I'liKCI S..iin.l: rallBitisr fr -..ast ..( (■.ilil..rnia I., rua.-t ..f .\la."ka, 

381. Parophrys vetulus liirar.l. 
Sli:ir|.-li..-.-,l l-l..iin.l.-l-. 
Ilritisli C.iluiill.iu: ran^lt-s fi-.ini Santa ll.trl.itra. Calif-niiia. t.> .-..ast "f .\laska. 


111 , ,„ I 

382. tno'iiettf iKhyra .iMr.l.'in .nf.l f, 


Il'."i'i.-I II I'll-. I s, >ih.| ^n,n I 

Iu>p8Ctt« isolepis I.I. 

ir.liu,' Li. u I.. ,.M 
ill I'. -Ij l'..liiii 

I.I I.I IViinl r..Mii.|..i.iri: .I..11I.1I.— ii...iir. 

384. Lepidopsetti bilineaU \m.- I'I:ii. Mil ; I.Vt 

r»..llliri| lliiiuiil. . 

llllll-ll ril|„1,il.i;, ,;,l|...|-. I, I r„|| , ,,, 11,.,,,.. Sll;,„. ■„, ||,.|||,M S.i, II li.r 

i.iiiiiuhilii-i- ,iM iiihi-i II, mil. I. I." .,l..i.|;,i, .|,|.| |-.M.,,ii;[iiiii. 

38fi. Limaiida ferruKinea >i'.i. I l'l.iii.\ll ir.Hii-li^ I I I'li 

llii.i> Hull 

Miiiiiiiii. I'l. .villi,.- ,1,1.1 i;„-|i, |i,n ,,,„„,„ ,, .,|.,,, ,,, I ,|„„.|,., .ii„||i„,„i| „, s,,,|,. 

Ill \i.i Null, 

Limanda aspcra r,ill,i- 
M„-l,,i ll,.l.. 

liiiii-'- l'"i'i v.. I mi Miiiiil Iin,i,i| 111 II,., 

.S„ ..1 nlj,..i,k. 

387. Pseudopleuronectes atnericanus \\ .,|l.:,,ii,i ri:,i, .\l (,..|ii, - l.i I ,,,,1 ifii 
«i"l,|| II „l,i: r Il,,lli.|,, 


I'll"-'- ' Ill'' "■"•' "I I llil.nlill -l.,„l,«„,,| ,,, .-^..,1,1, C,,,.,^,,;, ,„„| ,.,„|„.,„.i,|„ ,i„|, „t 

.-^1 i.„«i,.ii,.,. M.,iiii„„. r,.,v ,.. ,„,i ,v,,,> i:„;i,„„i ,si:,i,.-, 

388. Liopsetta putnami i.ill 

K,.|-i„„ii. ri,,iii,ii, ,, ,■-„„,. ii, |.|,„u,.i,.,-. 


All„l,li, .,„,-, ..1 .V,.,,h \„„.,.i,.:,, i;umn~ In.,,, I.,.y | l.„ I .f,,, |, „■ „ ,|,1 1,» ,„ , | ,,, r„|„. C,,,^ 

it- i,,-,„il- .lilhl,, Il„. Iil,,il- ,,f ii. ,;,i,^,. „,,, ,,,. 1 -,,„„.,vl,,„ |.„.„|: , .,|,.,| f, 

I.:.lil,|||"r: Tl^lii-ll, I',,,,,,. l:,|«:„.| |-|„,„1 ,C,„„i-|,, „. /..,.„(„,,,„„„ ,,„„„ ,;,.,„„| 

■^ ■<"■ •'"■I I'l'i'-nl,'! in III,' I .<i„i.- \„li,,i,„l .Mu„.„„,. ,„i,| in i|„. Mi,„.,„„ 

"I "■ liiiiii'H" Z,,..l,.,;v. I.v -|„.,.ir,„.|,- in„„ v„ii,„|, |,„.„liii,., „„ ,|„. .Si.„. Knjl,,;,,! 

389. Platichthys stellatus l',ill,i.. I'l„i,. Mil ii-.,ii-,. i.-.m 
.■<l„nA I l,,ii,„l,.,. 

M„li,l,.. ill -l,:,ll,,« »;,l,.r: -,,„„.li„„.- „.,.,.|„|- li,,.,-. 

Il,ili-I, C,,!.,,,!,!,,: „i.l,.|y .|i-,,il„,„,| |,,„„ ,|„. \,.,,,i,. ,„.,.„„ -„,„|„v„.| ,„ ,|„. Amur liiv..r. 


390. Microctomus p«cil.cui loiki 

..( ( MlilMilil:. l,.,Mll»:ir.| I.. III.' Mi'llUiili |.|:,||.|. 

391. Glyptoccphalus cynoglouui I. inn. in* 

I'riik' I'lllkr I'mI. I'liininl.'i 


Iliilli <lili'<Ml Niirtli MliiiiiH "i.l.iiiiiluiil ill lli'il I III 

IllliliiiUr" Ir. ISSSi IM Inl I'l I I 'lli'i llllnii 

nr l!«L'i: l.ii lliiM' li-liiii:^ link i.l l^T! 

lll.hl 111 lr;..| 1.1 .i.ii-l .il M:,-:,il|l|-..M- .„n| 

■il ri.iiui- iiviiilv h, i.iiTiiLi,,!" ,„. ;,l 


.1' illl 

-r ,.N|Bin.i 

III III' Ihilil'nv 

III lll.t 

, .V.iv 

II .Trillin ( 

'iinii-li. IIKII 

II till' 



I'.'Kl 'illl' 
i.liii:; III 

inn: l!i-' 'l^^>. 

302. Ulyploi'cphalus iichirus l.m kiin:i.iii. 

I.'.ii.; Inini'.l S 


ll.ili-li C.Jinnliin Inn:,'- ;,.,i n-1 "( rnlilm Mn. im. 1 li« n-.l 

393. Lophosetta niaculala Minliill. 


F II <i*JS l.u|iKiiB'.'ln ni n ulutii ii'ail 3lJ3 Luiiliopai'ttu inaculala. 

394. CitharichJiys sorilidus (ilini.l 

!':ll l'-| liT, 


Iliilip'i I'miii hiitl-li I'.iliinilij: 

llliunj.l III III,' Mn 

396. Gobius nicholsii Itmn. 


.Mil linn, 

('.iU»l III' lliili-li r.ilunilnn. 

396. Lepidofrobius lepidus lliinni. 


liiuiens fr Vnininnni Mninl In l.nni'i I iililni ill 

397. Quietula y-cauda .linkliis nml Kvnniniini' 

I.ivna i ml 111, IS 111 mil, „t riM'l, nml Inum 

llnlii:™ iVi.iii lli-ili-li Ciliimliiii I,, lliinyinn,, .<.,ii. 

Clevelandia ios .Innlnn nml liillinil. 



Iliilisll Coluiiil.hi uinl I'usnl .'^ulliiil. 


nil iMiMisro 

302. Iiiopofltti iichyra .l>>i.l:.ii .hi. I i,il!...|i 


II "I"l " ■ii=i' .- I =.M-. .- Mkrll 

M3. Isopnena iiolcpih I ... kiiiMt,,i, 
M.I. Ill, 

II. Hi. kl,...M. I,, , M.l, I I, |..,„1 ,,„„|.| Il, I 

III llnn-li l'..|ii i„ 

lliih-l. I'..l hi,,. Tlir. 

3M. LipMopMIM bilinnU \m.. I'I.,i, Mil iian,, |.-,.|i 

I'".. I11....I I I... ,11.1.. 


Iliiii-lir..|iiiiil,i., i,,i,.,...-i,..i„,.,.,. M„| I., I,,., 

"ii iii"i- III! "III.', iii.iiii.i..,. ■ ,.i,„.i,,i, ;„„i r:,..i 

386. Limanda ferruf{inea .vt.,,.. ' I Is m.l 

liii-u h.ii., 


Miiiinii... I', ..nil.-... „i,.| I.;,.,,.. |l„, ,„, . 

.11 \..n V..,k 

M.iMii' s,.„ I, lar 


3M. Limanda aspera I'lill;,-. 

\l:..|,:i lli.l., 

I!illli;i- I'i-lll V:l II. I l-i:iM.| IliMllin;,,.! I.1 ll,..i|i,. 

Si I llkl,..l-k. 

387. Pseudopieuronectej americamis W :ill.:ititii I'lut. .\l jr.ui..- ro m.l l[-,. 
» I II..111..I.., (.,,,11 l,„i,.|,. 


"'"■-'■ <• ''"■ "'11-' "I I. .■■I'll- -.iiiiIiii.imI I.I .<...illi l;ii..liii.,. 1,11. 1 ,. ■„..|„.. Ciilf ,,f 

^. I...U>.|,...., \|;,|.i,||||,. |.|..„i|,..,.,, ,,„.| .\,.„ |,|,„|„|,.| „,,.„., 

388. Liopsetta putnami i:ill. 

i:.i-i'...-N ri....ii.i..i .s,i ii, ii,,i,ii.i,.r.. 


■^''■""'' '"■'■' •"■ '^ \iii.'n'.:i, ra,i::iii!; li,..viiii.l l.iilmiili.,- ...,illnvi„-il in C,,,,,. (■„,!: 

"■ "■'""'- ""'"' I"ii"- "I '•!• riilia.' .'i| :>r In III. ...iMi.wli,,! I,i,.„|: ,■ -.I,.,! (,. 

l-''"-'l'". Ii-i"- I'liiii.- l;.l«.u'.l l-l.,ri.l ir.„.,ii-|,, „. ;,,,,„/„,„,/,., ,,„,„„„„,: ,i,,„„| 
M.Hiiiii. .11,1 I. .pi.. ,111.., I ill il... Ii,i,,..| ,M:|,,., \,|,|.,„,,| M,|„,„i,., ,„„| i„ ||„. M„.,.,„„ 
"I '■ I'.":i">.- Z -y l.> -iivii,.,..,,- |,.,ii, >:„i,,i,, |,.,.:,[„i,., ,,„ ,|„. \,.„ |.,„.|,„„| 

389. Platichthys steUatus I'.ill:.. I'li.l. \ 1 1 1, lii^iii,. l.-,ili. 
Si.iin I 1,11,11, 1, r. 

Mm : ill ,li,il|..u «;,„.i; , .|j„„., „...,.„.|, n',,.|.,. 

Iliili-li Ciluiiiliiii: »i.|..|i .li-iril,iii..,| fi.iii, ,li.. \,,.,i,. ii,.,.,|„ .,„„||„,||.| ,,, ,|„. ^„„„ ijjj.,.,. 
.111. I r.liilir |.|i,l..N III .\-i„: :il..,l|l|.|, ill |l..,.i„~ .S.;,. 

390. Mkroiitomua paciflcui I •>' kiDL^m 

M,|.|»n >m|, 

llnll-ll rp.|lll..l>l:l l:.ll'.'<- IX'til " 

I .,ljl.. 

ilinii.l I.' Ih.' tlriHlali |.|.,i,.l. 

391. tilyptoccphilus rynogloMUt I inn. in- 
I link.: I'.il.. Il.innili'i 

Hull. -Mr-..!' \i.ill, Mlinii. .il.i.n.l.inl ill lli.ll.ii I II. Ill iln jiin.<.v{. 

Hill i... Ill ' <l. I.. I^'^^. i.i mLiI li.m. I li...l;.l.iii i.. II. ii .\iiv:i <....1 

..I l'«>.-| l.,i Hum li.|,MlL> li.inl. I - l^7'l In \ l..;i.|.| 

«»..| ill l..:.-i ... .1.1.-1 ..I M-.-... I.n-.i.. I Ii,.,...| Ii,„. 

"il n.n;:i'- in'iiilt .iil.....!" .n il i. ...ji:,... l:n,ii|.....n i 

392. Glyptocephalua zachinis I ... ki.mi.>i. 

I....I.. linn.. I >..|. 


IliiU-li (■..liiinliin iiinsi- Urn .-I ,.! I -.lif,.. ,„:, n... 1 1,« ,i,,| ,,. |l.r,„„ 

.1 II..I1I..S 
il-l. IINII 

393. LophOflettfc macuUta Mini... 
Hil..|..« I'l.nn. 
Miiriliin.. I'linnin. inii-i . 

Miiin.. 1.. .l.inll, !■.... In, 

394. Citharichthys sordidUH ..iti.'.l. 

.S.ill riiiiirnl.... 


lining.'- I Il.lli-li lull .1.1 

lll.»| h. .Ill MnMi:... I.iini|.|;.l 

396. Oobius nicholsii Il.nn 

V .■!■..•, 

' .... ..I !■ ili-li ('..Ininlini 

3M. Lt'^ubms lepidus Iniiinl. 
Iliini:..- Iiii.'i Vanniiuv.T l-lin.l I.. I,.,„..,. Inlii 

397. Quietula y-cauda .l.nkin- Kvi'i'innnn. 

I.iv.- in liiml l).|i- 111 niiiiilli- nl ihii, an.l h 
li;.iii;.'.^ Ii'..]ii Iti'Ui-li Ciilnnilini li. (inavni:.-. .' 

398. Clevelandia ios .li.i.laii ami illll,...'i. 
llrili-li I'.iliin.l.ia ami I'llu'.'l S.iiiinl. 


■ KlsllH-i UK 

399. Remora remora I.iimnus. 

U.-nnirii; Siirkiiis-fi»h. 

.M;iriiic .illacliiii): il.c'lf [., ,li„rk.-. v,..-,,.|,. ,„■ „i|„t „l,jivcs. 

"'■'■'"■'I'''' '<■ Vilaiiti.- r,,,,.! .,f Caiia,!,, i \\liii,,i,-,.». Iss(i. ,,» /,>,„„„■„ „i,i„iii„,„ s,„.,.|. 

""■ii ill Caiia.liaii l-Mii'Ki-s Mu-wiinl: fr SiTliiirl, lliliisl, CiIiiiilI.J,, in 

I'niviii.-ial Musi'iini, \i.'ti.iiai: fii.iri llii- llriti..|i ]«» l Vaiirll, l.H.-|0, n» IMriirin 

n,i„„„): ,.i-,|i„„ri|y 1 iiiuT^ in uariri sras in Nc.ilji AiiaTira ,-\\ lini; ii.ncliwanl I.. 

Ilif ci.aMs c.f III,. .-Jiai.- ..f N.-iv V.,rli an.l ralifcmiu: alicnin.U in tlin \V<-»I linli...... 

il'lalc Ml. lisiiri-.« l:i(i an.l 1:171. 

400. Sebastes marinus I.iii 
.•<na|))i,.r: l;„s|.-llsl,. 
Both »i.l,.» Mf il„. .Ulanii.. ll,.,.ai tl„. .\n„.ri,.aii >i,l,. niht'iiij; fmm (Irmilainl ami,- 

nulor »nill,wanl I,. utT tl„. ,■,„,»! ..I .\,.„ .l,.r«,.y. a,nl Ina.ins til,. MaritiiiK. IT,„ in,-,., 

Ulul .\V«f,mn,llan.l: .■na-ts ,,( Kn,.,,,,,, ,„„.tl,„ar,l t.i I,.,. ,1 a,n| S|,i,zl,,.ra.n and 

wmtliwanl In tli,. Mriiisli ciiaiiin.l. 

401. Scbastolobus alascanus Kiaii. 

Iiiili>ll IVinnilii,,: ,.„a,<l nf California 1„ .Maska aii.l ll.Tin^. S,.a. 

402. Sebastolobus altivelis (iillx-rt. 

I)rili."li C.liiiiil.ia.- Ala.«kaii IVnin.sula. ami ,,11 lli(. i-oast of Caliloinia. 

403. Sebastodes paucispinis .Wics, il'lalc .Mil, li..niv hi') 


.) »|i,-.iiiK.|is, „l,tain,.,l l,y .Mr. S. Y. I),.|,i„„. Tn.\i,l,.|iiii»t. from Kriti.sli I oliinLliia in iI.l- 
(;aiia,lian Ki.sliiri, .- .MusMiin: a siaHinan li»l,.,l in ISIW l,y Mr. .lolin I'annin. at that 

' ■ ' '"■•"'"■ "• '!"• l''-">in,-ial Mu»i-Uin. Vi,-loria. as la-l.insinj; l.i ill,- ,.oll,Tii„n „f i|,at 

nuiM.uin: lail willi.iut loi-alily-f onliiiarily langos on roast ,,f California. 

404. Sebastoiles mtlanops (lirai.l. il'lat« ,\I\', Hauri-s 177 an.l 178) 
llla,-k .s,.a liiLsa. 


\'aniMiiv,.r Islan.l: iuiil.i.s fr.ini .Monlcrry lo Ka.liak Islan.l. .\laska. 

406. Sebastotles mystinus .l.n.laii ami llill„.n, ,|'|at.. .\1\ , lipuns I7.j an.l 17lii 
ltla,-k Hotk-lish: I'lii'sl-lisli. 
.MarilR': in rather sliallow- \vat,.r. 
Vancmver Islam! t.i ...lasl of California. 



..I u'SJ!'T.''\ "rl"'' "' ",';"",'■' '""""''■"•'' '■ '"" ""l"i'i»« llial ll».y >l....ild ,«i.u..i„n.lly .-..mi. into prr,.inct, 
..1 1I.C cli«i,n,.| ..lickiiiK .,1, II,,. I„il.„„. „| ,hi|_ „ t,Hii,|„,H,.,| |,y r„„„|„li,, ,h,rki>.-' YnrTOll. 

fMr. K..n„.xl... (l.e j-n-s,.,,! ( ■„n,t.,r, TOMHii.-n. ttiat Mr. I.miiiiii was in r rror in listing I his -ix.irs a^ „., H^.sini,.,. 
tun Ij,. loiiiiil in Ilie ,i,,is4.iitn. ' I <i. 

PL.vri-: XII. 

136-137 . Siibastra mariiius lSn.i|.|)er or RoMlisli, 

138-139. Myoxoceplmlu- octodecimspinoiiu (Common SoiilpLi 

140-141 . Mvotocophaliis srajnlaiKlIcm (Daddy .Sculpin) 

U'J-14:i. Ihimitripterus amorii-anurt lS«a U.iv.-ii 

14i-14a. .\nail'.icha« liipuH ^\V.>lf-ftsIp 

146-147. ZoaiTc-s aiiguillaris (liol Pout) 

ll>-1t:i,; fcmistoea (Rusty DalA 


■:••',' ..i|.,-i ■• - ,.^.!,..,.,,:..,7l/ in 
- ■-!,, I ivii-.' ., :vjij: ijrf . il ;,| i- 

;(-';:>. V/- ,:..,„| ,,„..,:, ;. , /^ ,;; 

^i:'.'! I- I '.>..\<a,.:, . ,;.v Til 

i --.nil ,.,„;,„.i.,ld.. n,. i ■■, , 

! 1 

IIIHIK I.isr ilF FISIIKS ul-- Mil: |in\|IMi)\. 

406. Sebastodes brevispinis llt'uti 

l,T-.|,.r ll:,il,„iir, -,.iiili..a.tcni .\l,.,.ka: nwiy |,.,s»ll,Iv 

i'«m.i ill K„l,;, .,1 llriii-li r, 

407. Sebastodes alutus liilljiri, 

Ilriliali Ciiliiiiil.i.i: r..,m;|.> Sn.m oia.-l „r lalif.a'iLia u, li,.ri„2 .s,.a. 

408. Sebastodes pinniger (iill. 

Oranj;,. Ilock-lisli, 

ll.T„nl,.,l fn„„ Uri,i,|, v,.Um\.,,: ,a,.=,.s s.,u.l,„a,.L „„.|,„li„,- !■„,,., .s„u,„|, ,„ ,.,„ 

409. Sebastodes introniger liilluTt 
Marin,.' ii, ,l,.,.|, „at.T 

Hrili,. I il.niiliia: lans.- f,-,,r„ ll„. .<a„la llarl.ara l,.lar„|s |„ ||«. .Mniilian l.^ 

410. Sebastodes niberrimus Ciarinr, il'latn ,\I\', li-uic^ 17!l and ISO) 
livil llnik-lish: Tanda.r. 


Iian„,.s f,„,„ Dri.isl, Cnln , and I'n.,., s„„„,l s,a„l,warj to n.asi „! Calitema. 

411. Sebastodes auriculatus dallii |.;ii;vnniaiHi aij.l itn.-ini 
llruivii llH,.k.|i«li. 

.MariniT ..|il..l» liiiy^. 

UllllK.-s rn.tll Hi-ifisli CMltiliilaa In I'oint Itfycv 

412. Sebastodes caurinus Itiilninl-nn 

liar,",., f,„ni llrili,!, ('„l„nil,ia an,l l'„s„l .s,„„„| ,„ ,.,..„i ,„• .u,^.,k„. 

413. Sebastodes maliger -I,,t,lan an,l i; 
V.H,m-l,a,k.-,l U,i,.k-lisli. 


llrili-li |-„liin,l,ia: rai,-,,, fr,n a<l .,f Callfiirnia t,i .■.,»,! .,f Alaska. 

414. Sebastodes chrysomelas ,l„r,lan an,l cillari. il'lal,, .Mil. %,„■„ m an.l llidi 
lila.'k ami V.,|l,iw H.ak-lisli. 


"■'""'•' '• '"'•''' l"li"iiliia an.l l'u^.,.t .>i.,un,l i„ mast uf falit<.rnia. 

416. Sebastodes nebulosus .Vvics. 
\Mm .S|„,it,.,l ||„|.k-fi'..|i. 
Hans,,.- fruin VaTn-.iuv,,- l,lan,l 1„ m:,s, ..( (•alif..mia. 

416. Sebastodes nigrocinctus A\r(.-. iplal.. .Mil linuTs Hi". an,i Kill) 
llla,,k Han,U.,l Ii,„.k-li.-li.' 

Harws V,in,.,,iiv,,r I.«liin,I 1,, ,..,a,l ,)[ CaliC.rnia. 


417. Anoplopoma fimbria 1': 

r,ul li-k: Skil, 

i.isj III Ki-iii,- i>v vwv. [>ii\ii\r'i\. 
I'l^.t. Mil. li::ui..- \\u iind llWl. 

■ i 


I'mitii- c.ia.-i n| r;iii;i.|ii iniMi >M:iii' n! .Iii.'in lir i'li.M li. I^ici-ii CliJirh.ltr Ulnruls: cntiro 
niii-r I'riir.i ni;i-t .i| ( ■;ililMirii;i M Ai.'iniaii Mainl-. 

418. Hexagramiros decagrammus rull;!-, il'lttH' \i\'. ti;:iiirs lti;i and I7ll).^at: Slain Murk In-iil. 


Hrili-li Ciiliiruliia: nitii:.- iV.^rii |-r>iii! fiiii.v|.vi..ri h. Ka.iiak [slitinl. 

410. Hezagrammos stelleri Tiloins, 
Hrili-li Coimiiliia: ran-.- In'in n 

420. Hexagrammos supercUiosus VwWw- 
\{v,\ IJ.iik-Iriiiil. 

i.-l ..t" ralifiiniia lo Ali-ulian y\i\i\>U iiii.l Kamcli;itkii. 

lit' Califui'iiiit 1o Iti'iiiiK Si'u. 

421. Ophiodon elongatus Ciiiml. i l'l;iu- \IV. Iii;iin' 17K. 
Ciiltii^^ C.iil. 


Iliitisli Ci.lumliia: raiii:.'^ fnnn Santii ll;irl)iuii l.i i-niist .if Aliiskn. 

422. Zoniolepis latipinnis tiiraiW. 
Hn.a.l-iin ChI. 


llrili-li C-.liiiiil.ia ainl I'll.^ct .Smilil siuitli lu mast, nf riilili.niiu. 

423. Oxylebius pictus (liil. 
I'ainlrii fi.,i. 

Maiiiii'; livrs aiimni; soa-wi' mi rocky slmrcr!. 

Itrili>li Ci.lunil.ia i\w\ I'li^'fl S.niii.l suiitliwanl In niaM of California. 

424. Jordania zonope S!ark>. 

Iltin-^li CoUiiiiliia aiHl I'ULTi't Suiiml. 

426. ScorpEenichthys raarmoratus Ayics. U'liiH' -M\*. liuMUfs 171-17;i). 
lEttiii;.-! friitii Hrili^ii rolumliia ami l'ii>;rr Suiiinl lo coa..*! of Cuiifoniiii. 

426. Chitonotus pugetensis SirimlathTn'r. 
liritisli ('oliiiiihia ami l'uii..| Soun-i lo n.asl of (.•alifornia. 


487. Icelinus str«bo Snuks 


liritisli t'ljIuiiiUia anil Vum-t Snw»}. 

428. Aitrolytes fenestrilis .l.irihui ami liiliicn. 

Hiitiwh Coluiiil.iii jin.l \'uin'\ .Souiiil. 

429. Artedius lateralis (iirant. 
Maiiii,.: ill niiliv |,,i,,l.. 

liritisli Crjiirrlliia arr.l l'iij;,.| .s„un,| i„ Siui l.iiia (ll,is|,„. 

430. Artedius aapenilus Stalks. 

liritisli rolriiriliia anil I'uKi't .S,,un,l. 

431. Aiyrias harringtoni .^larks, 

liritisli Ciliiinl.ia an,l IV'i'l S.iuinl. 

432. Artediellus atlanticus .loi.iarr ami KviTinann. 

"'""■'" '■'■■"" '■""' "'■ '■'>'"" ■ I" '■■'I- l''"l: r 'M fn.rn „II .s„l,l„ r.lan.l iKon.lall. 

UKKl). an.l fn.rri tli,. lisliinj; l.anks „lt \„va .■i,.„tia i.l„n,-s. 1S7!1, «^ ( ■,„ln,l, nmehll,,,, 

433. Ruscarius meanyi ,li,i',laii an, I Siarks. 

Hrilisli ('..liirniiia ami Tuni-t .Siaiml. 

434. Icelus bicornisf Itiinlianlt. 

'"■'■"'" "■■ 'ir"-lilaml an.l Davis .Straits: al„> -. ;,|„| s„utlnvar,l l,i Cape l',.,l' 

■Maska. linlaml. aiul .S|,itzli,Tj..|.n tn mirlln.rn liiissia. 

43IS. Radulinus asprellus (iilla-rt. 

I'UBi'l S„uml »n,l .■niists of 111,. Stat,.s „( Wasliinsti.n ami ()r,.j;„i,; eivini lioir as jik,.ly to 
,i,rur in liritisli Culuniliia. 

'In all [,r..lMit.iliiy C, ,>iri,hr»iirl,lh,> «,„-,„„/i>. 

s SJN.,.i,.s. 

a J,„„.^- -■I.i>t of tin- Fislirs .,f .Nova Sootia" is r,.f,.rat,]e to 

t'- '"'■"""• ","l '. '""""'"•. ar,. ir,.at„| |,.„. a. or,.. a,„l tlro ■„„„. s io,; ,|„. „,,„,. ,„.,| |,.i„, ,. ,„■„,„„■,. 

', ',':.';""-;,";.'""", '■ I'" "''■'■""■I »i'l' '"'"" *••»■•'■■". 'I'i' "fini-a l«-i..B l"«-J ... a drawing o( h„r,„. 

lij Kciiilukrdt. Jordan and Evonnunn. 


«36. AHmichthys Uylori* imI>»'I|. 


rv|«., „ l,;n:,[,: .•,•.■11111. I.ii.^- fi.itii ll.|.iiniHT lliiy. Varin.iiv.T I-liiil.l; ,'iill.rt,'.l liy llli- 
li,.v. 1;. W. I'liyl.jr" .ilill.Tl, |.iilili-lirl l!ll-'': mily "li.'i'iiiu'li kli..«li. 

437. Triglops pingeli lii'iiiliiinll. 

Miuiii.. . , 

.N,.illl 1,1 111.' iv.itli ..( 11- rai.a.- .-Mi'lLliliB fr"l" I'" I»"'l "' ■■ipH'-i.i'fBi'l.: ..11 

ll... Ami'ii.-m -i,l,.. .■iiil.riiriris l.iil.ia.h.r. .I..11I.1I1- ^.•wf„iii..llnn.l. Unit ..f W. I.iiw- 

r.'iiiT. 1....I M..rilim.' I'n.ii ». s..iilhiviir.l I.. Ci.l..' I'; mi. I ..ii llii' l:ui..lH.,iii l.i 


436. Triglops besni <;lll>t'it. 

||., , ,-,,„,, liriii.l, c',.l.iii.l.i:. 1111.1 I'lla.'l Si.iiii.l ri..ill.«iir.l t.. .■.iii-l iif .M.i.^ku im.l Ili'iiiiK 

S.v.. i.ii.l ...■.imiiii: ..1. l.illi -lil.'» "f ill.- .M.'i.lii.i. I-lamN. 

439. Prionistius macelluB iti'iin. 

RM'S-' 111. 11. Ilriti-I. r.iliiiiiliiu ii..ill.«iir.l I.. .■.....-I ..I' -\li.»l.i.. ii..lii.liiiB til.- .M.'iiliiiii l.^laiiJa. 

440. Hemilepidotus hemilcpidotus Til.'^iu.... 
li,..l .-^.•iiliiiii. 

Marilu-. l'..liiiiil.ia ami I'.ii.'l S I: raimiiii; tn.iii .■..a»l ill' C'ilif..nila ii..rtli>viir.l I., ciual 

..f Ma.'ka. Ii.aii-.' ».'»l»ar.l l.i Kaliirliallia. 

441. Enophrys bison liiranl. 

..^l.,ii,. .-iiil|.ili: HillTali. .-i.ail|.i' 

Iliili-I. r.iliiiiiliia ami l'ili:.'l S 
.if .Ua..ka. 

isilii; fmiii ■■i.asl i.t Calif..: 

442. Cottus asper Itiiliaiilsi.ii. 
I'riikly liull-liea.1. 

Fluviatili': ali.iuii.liiiL. iii i-.ii.l iiK'Uiitaiii stn-aiii... 

Hrili.lll (.'.iluiuliia, ilnlii.lilii-' \-aii.-.iiivi.r Ishiii.l; ami tlio Stiltca ..f \Vasliliipl..ii ami OrrKmi. 

443. Cottus gulosus (iiiar.1. 
(■alif..niia Millrr'» 'lliuiiil.. 
I'liivialilf: ill ■■..astiliM' »livalii». 

H..c..r.l..4 fr.iiu Sliiiwliiuail i.ak... I)rili-li ('..liliiil.ia: aiil tr.ilil tli.. ...lait ral«.l .if (.ailf..riiia. 



.Tl,i. ,.|x..-i.'s i. tl,c ty,.r .,r u „...v „„«'. i Lik.' I'l.-.".".' '" ...."'inB 1 Li- i..l.'r.-tiii|I 'l^rW. U.t 11. discv.-n.r, 
lt..v. Ii. W. niy|..r, i:..r..ti.r ..f II..- Hi..l..Eirul Si.ili-.n at N'a.ia ., U.I'. ' LilU-rt, 

A. Cottui Miiiscaber i'ii\u; 

lini'ky M.iiiiitiim llllll-lh'iul. 

Khuialil.- ill clrar silvan.*. 

Il.illi -Ih|>i'. ..r III,' Ij.n'kv M'liintiiiii iv-JMi 
(■..luiiihNi. ».n|ll,»iii,| t., N,',v M.'vic, 
laili.'.l" l.lnnliMI »li.l Kv.'inN.liin. 

111.' rr.i-...' Iliv 
.<! ..'..-Il..'in ll.ii 

■-l.'iii. Ilrili'l. 
..I u.'ll ;i-.,..- 

446. Cottus ictalops lf;iliii..~.|.i.' 
I.iic.|Ht.i...' iiMil lliiviiitilf: 

I'nivi...'.- ,i( \.'W llniiiMii.k. IJ.i..|ii.. 
r.';.'iiii.; .'M.'^ in III.' Iiiil.'i 
s.iiiiIumimI ... .-.iiitli.'iM .stiller. 

ki'« ii.i.l i...'ky l.i'....L-. 1,11.1 III I., I,.. ,| 

ll.ili.ii.,: .<,. |.:,„ 

lin.'l- .1I..I .;.■.. :il [.;ik,'- 

.'. t.. 111.. I)„,s anil 

446. Cottus ricei \.'l>.<i.. 
li.'.'..r.l.'.l Ir I.iik.'s Olil 


447. Cottus onychus* l:i^. i.niaiiti an.] i:i'.:.'i]iii:iiiii 
li.'.'i.l'.li'.l Iri.m I1.IW IliM'i', CalaaiV' ,Ml..'lla 

448. Cottcs poU'caris 'l..nlai. an. I i;ill..'i'i. 
()liva.'.'..ij» Mill.'i'V TI.II...1.. 

HiT.>|-.|i'.| fi'..iil (I'. ill.'.', |..l.|.,ll: an. I iV.iiii ..IT lia.'iii.', I.ak.' Mi.'l.i';:iii, \Vi-.'ii|.<ili 
('l.if.lan a... I liillaTl. IMJ. a, r,,i„;,l.,i ,..,// .'i,'.,... 

449. Cottus cognatus iii(>n. 

(Jt't'iit lifiir I, ilk.', Ma.-k.'ii/i.' Di'lri.'l . I{, l,s:H..: I.ak.' il,- ii, ilriii^j. r..hniit.ia 

iKn'imaii I.I'..iij;li, |.,KI7): I, iK.'li'lall, IWili. 

410. Cottus aleuticus liill.cit. 

Kliiviiitilc. aii.l ill l.nti' \vaui.{ 

ll.H'.ink'.l Ir.iiii ll.'|iarlun' lia.v. \a iiviT l.laial, an. I " vt'iy ali N.i.l in tl.i' -mall stn'anu 

|.a»sins llil'.iiicli 111,' villas.' .'f llillliut. I'nala.ska" ■■|ir.ilialily tin' r,.,„:,l,,i ,„,V,„. 
aliimii ..f L.a'kilis;, l)as(..l .m s|H'('iliU'iis c.ill.'ctc.l In-al- St. I'aul, Kii.jiiik" --'L' 
s.nitluvai'.l ill tin. I'.iast UaiiK.' Id M..ntiT.'y" (.r.n'.iaii lui.l Kv.'i'inann). 

•"Not vven \>y il" ami jxTliaps dilT.Tciit fr.>ii. ('..(/...i fuAlintriK." J.irdui. and Kv.'nnuiin. 

t'Twi. .-|X'i'ii.i.'iis .'..jlr.'l.'d in N.irtli West River, July 'J?, nre doiil.lfully i.lentifi.'d as 11..- "i^-ei.'s,- Kendall. 
It.'conled ulsn frim. liy Ituwdoin in Ihai, l.nt .[..erkd liy Kiinlull. 

J".\ s|M.ein..-n trui.-f.rn'd f.i the null water ...jiuiriiin. en the .l/'"'tr(.-s H'.'n...d t.i -.itTer no iiie.)nvei.ienee fr.>ni 
th.' ehange ..f water ai.d iiv.'d fur r^wral days," Jordan aa.i liven...... .., 

1"-' K MM .., H.,M..„ ,„, „„>„M„V. 

411. Cottui phllonlpi l;ii;.tiiriiir<n :,|..I I I-, litriiiiiii 

"'■'■'■"''■' '' Ki'lii"; »■•'■>■ lii-" 11,1,1, ll.iii.l, r,,l,n.,l,i„: Kr r llivr- IWiii. 

W2. Cottut ipUolui ( ,,|,, 

► liniiLiil,.. 

"'■'""''■'' '"" "I-"" !'"> "Hi"ii- ""'I lf""i l"nli,l lli>,.i' „l (;i„i„| ||„|.i,|., Mi,.|,ip,„, 

4t3. UrinidM btndirei II, mi. 


Il„n.r,l.„l rr,„„ ,l„. S,.|,.- „l H.,|,i„.„,„. ,,„.„,„, | l,,,,,,,, „„„„ |„.,,„ „„,„„ , j,, 

4M. Uranldea franklini* Auii.-M/. 

Kn.nkliri', .-<,„l|,i,i. 


\,,rlli i,i„l ,».l .|i„„., „f |.„k,. ,s„|,.,i,„. , \„„,.i,, |s.-,(l, I,, r,.ll„.. f,n„tl,„.). 
406. Uranidea gracilis iltckrl. 

.Mill, 'I'. 'I'lillll,!,; |<|,,p.'il-ti'iii,. „N,| lliiviulil,.. 

I'n.viliiT* ,.r (Jii,,!,..,, Hii,l .\,,«- llnM,.«i.k, ,il„l l.:,l,rii,l„r: set,, „f \,.« V,,rk nii,l X.,\v 
Klitfliin,! .Shiti's. 

4fi6. Uranidea formosaf (iii:ii,t. 

I.i.k., Mill,.,'- Tl I,. 

I.a,-il>lrii„, I lliniulil,-. 

U|,,,,r,li,,l fr,.iii .\Iu,la»ii.«kii liivii. .\[.« llnin«wi,k ,(',,\. l.sil.-.i; i,l«, ,,.,,, i,|,.,| fr l.,,k|. 

Orilali,,. ,.ITn,«,-c.i. Stale „1 \,.» V,„k. f,„t„ a liilltil„t,,,l ,|„.,.ii ,,„„ ih,. ,l,iiii'a,.|l 

of ii fiv^li \,at,,r litit' (Ciiar,!, Is.*i(l. asf„t/„,v /■,„■„,„..„). 

467. Hyoiocephalus aneus Mii,i>ill. 
t;iul,l,>: l'ijiii,> S,.|il|,itt. 

.Mai-ili!,; aiiiiaiKsl M,ii-ivf,,,t> lu'ar tli,' >1„>1|.. 

Kailjji's fnilii the Hay ,.r I" ly I,, lit,. ,.,,a>l ,,f ili,. Slutc ,if .New \',,rk. 

468. Hyozoccphalus icorpioides Kal,,l<jii>. 
.ViTll, .s,.|i|]iin, 


.Vt.'ti., tv^i,,!., „f \„i,.ri,.a: r r.l.-,l fi .oa.-ls „r l.„l,ra,|„r aii,l i;ir,.iilati,l. 

469. Hyozoccphalus scorpius l.itiiinii-. 
l')iin>(H-uii Sciilpiii. 


.\iYli,- rc,si,iii»: iiifmi,,t„,,l l,y .l,,ii,., a.« l,|,ina wry i-,, ti iti .V,.i a .s,-,,iia ilsT!!, aw Cn/lu. 

»■,■".■;„»..]: r,,,„|,,|,.,| fr.iiti fr„iii (i,i.|„. Hav IStalf„r,l. l!HJ.-.-|,.»«i, a« .lra;i/*„- 

,„«„,, .<c„rp/»... if s,i,-J, sit-i,i|i,., l|,i, , ;,.„ „,l fr |.:asl|„,rt, Mai ,mm in 

llorllimi ,<,-M ,if Kiir.i,,- ati 1 .\<ia, aii,l ,>ii c.a.. ,t ill,. I)rili..|| l^lanik 

•■'l'.Tl,„i» i,„t ,|i>tl„,.| rr„i„ (■„»,.. |i>„„i,),„l ,,r,„.,7„.' .|„^|„„ „„a Kv,.n„ma. 

f-\ ,l,>,il>tfal >[x,,-i,.-,' J,„ ,i,„l Mv.n.iann. 

I iiKi A 1.1, (■ „r MMiK 

l'l:,l,. Ml, 


iiii;„,.i nil. 

4M. Myoiocephalui (rinlMdicui* r.n In unl \ ,l,.|„ i, 
llmMy .s,iil|,iii. 

Ki.Mli,.. fr.„„ (l„,.,,l,„,.|. „,.'! ,.„,l„.„.i„„ l,Ml„„.|,.r, .|,.ul„l,... \,.„f,„„„ll„,Ml u,.! ,l„. M 

'•i \.» V.irl, 

'i I'''"i • -.ii,ili»ni-.| I., till' 

461. Myoxocephalui octodecimipinoiui Mill hill. iI'Iun. \| 

'■'" " .Srul|iiii: l..,iic •.| S.iil|,iii. 


.Vthiritic cim-r i.f Vi.iil, A rii.i. juii^in.. 

liulf i.f .SI. l.nwii'iiir, Miiiiiiiii,. |v,„' 

. Ms 

I.IU II, \-,ai„|„, ;,„, 
■III V.'W Kiiiliiii.l .<,:i„... 

«a. Myoioceplnluj polyicanthociphilui l'i,ll„ 


Ilriii.-I, c.liir 

:i lt„i| I'lliirt .S.,1111,1: 

4(3. Duycottua ntigcr II, im. 


.Vi..ll, PaiHii-: -|i,.|.i ,„ „lit„i„„i| i„ vi,„„i„ ,,,„i,„|. ,.f ,1„. , „|,„| s„„,. . , |//„„,,„. 

"IT Siikiiliil.ik Miiiiil. ,„„l „i liiri.nii,-. mini, i„„] , |, „r ,|,., ,,, , „, |.' ;, ' , ',' 

'""■'I' "' r,lal„.|.„ 1, I; „J„, ,.|.,.|,„|,,| (,. .„ ,1 ,v,„„„| „;;„'; ' „ ";,'■■",', 

i" all |,i' il.llil.v , ,„. i„ IWli,l, (■„li„iil,i :,,.;.. ■ " 

464. Oncocottus heiacornisf ICii lianL-nn 
l.„nK-li"ri,..,l S,>iil|iiii. 

Maril,,'. la,aiHtrirn', arul at tiiniitlt- i,f ri\,.,« 
(■ir,.,,M,|,,,lar ,,..i,„^.i, „ ,„, „, t,-,.,. Ilivi., t,|.|,i ,„,,,i,.|. M „;>,„, , |„|.,,„„,,„„, 

1H.II,. a.. ( Ma. I„j„,„n„. tli,- I.V|,.|: Minlsnti |lav nsi,,,, .„„| „„„, „[ | ,,1,|,„|„,., v „. 

'"■ ""I- "■■'^- I"!'"'' a- r„H„,W,,/.„„;„, „.„„,: ,;;.,,.,||„ |.,„„ |,.„,.,;„ 'i,,,,, V.,.,^ 

ft,,',.. 11,™I„.| l,,laiiil, ami ll,.|itn .strait, ; SH,,.,!;,, \v|,it,. ,s, , \,„ ,, v,.,„|,|., |.,|',,„ 

.S,.a, |.:„»l„ml, a„il ilwatlVil it, l.ailiiua ami Ot„..a l.ak,..,{ 

46JJ. Triglopsjs thompaoni tiirard. 

I.ak,- .s,-ul|,iii: l),>,-|,-wat,-r Illiii,. 
l.acUfitriiif. ami ii, pouU. 

U,.,'i,t,l,.il fr„iii till,. I U 7.-, mil,., „„,„, ,,, y,,,^ j,',,,.,,,,.,, ||,|,|„,„ „„, 

pivv„„i,l.v i.1; u Iv iVi,i,i l,,ik,., litiiiiiiii ,„„| Mi,.|,ii,|„|. 

•■■,\c,-„r,linB t„ l.i„ki.„ tl„.,;r„.„l„i„| S.,il|,iii i,,,„,/,„„/i,.,„i ,. „„, „.,„„„,,,,,,„., „,„„ „ , , 

^- »""«"'■"■•. "■ «"*" .-. .,,.1 0. /,,t„„,,o,iVi,. p,„vi,i„„„llj. ,„,„,,.j |,„, „, ,„„. „„j ,|,„ ,„„„. ,|,.,,. ,, 

t'Th,.* ilWHrf ,[H.,.,n„.„. ,i„iy ,11,, I, ,.|„ra|,|, f,„„, Tri,il„,,.i. „|,i,.l, ,,,.„,„ ;, ,,,,,, ,.,,.,. . , , 

l«™inm. J,.graa«,i..n of l,«„„„«i..." Jurdu,, .„.J tv™,ann. ■,,),.. r,i,.,i ir„„, ,,„. 

il''. I'.KHII: 

' K I l«r ny M4III 

rtii rii»Misr.i\. 

Triflopiii onUrltniH .liT.lai, „,„\ n„,r„|,-,ii,. 


^"" " "" ■■'"""•'■•'I '"' -1 11 iM.r,, ,,II I I,,, ,„„ ■■ ,|,„„|., |,,|_, 

UxmnocanUiui piilillU'r l':illn- 

I' "I.'.l In,,,, ll,,,! M;,> « , 

'■",i-l- -f Mn-t„ «,..,„„,,| i|„,„,j|, Ji,.,|,|„ <,,, I,, |.,,,„|,„|H| 

tiymnocanthua trjcutpis ]M„|i„,.|, 

"''I::;:;:::;::':^r :;;:,;::'"- " - ' 

Ollgocomn bornlu .l..,.l„„ „,„| s„v,l,,. 

Ii,,i,-I,,„„l,i:, ,„„i r. 

(,,„„ I',,,,,-,. Willi 

'■' il-ln„„ IM.'I -:„ I ,„|;„|,„ 

470. Blennicothii acuticepi liill,,,, 

"»"='- '"""^^ >'N Mi,„H.I'ri„,.,. \\ill„„„s„ 

I '.M- -I- „- 

471. Biennicottui globicv, . ,.>osu8 ,li.,.l:,i, ;,,„| s. ,|,. 
I.l"li,'-I„,„l,.,l .s,„|. 


"""■'"■"'""" "•"-"< I. -1— I„. K„.|i„k. 

4TS. Blepsiu cirrhoius I',, II,,-. 
l'ri,'kl.'.l .s„il,„-|i^l,, 
M»,ii,i- i„ ..|„,ll,,« «,„,., 
'"■'"-'"■"I I".l I'...,. S.„„„l: ,■„,„■ ,„f, , ,.,,,■„,,,,,„ , 


' n.'-,»„,,l ,,, K„„„.|„„|,„ 

473. Nautichthys oculolascirtus i;i,,i,,l 
ll„i,l..,l .■^„il,„-l,.|,. 


liiiii-l, r„l,„„i,i„„,„l !•„=,., .S,„„„| ,.;, 

I- I, 

,|,iot..u !,.rj„,|.„,„„| I. „,„„„,„ I .„„i..„.l ,. 1r,„„ JV„„|,.N„ ' S,-,.f,,-|,l ; 

v„l. li.Vr^v,' ' ■ ' '■ """"■■' '■' '"-■ '"'• ' '■ ■• ■'■'■'" N- V !■■ A„.n,„; 


I.-yi Platirlitliy» »ti'IUtiiK (Stsrn- Flomuirr) 

iSp-riiiicri witli titf I'Vfx uti lilt' ritiht ^* »f tlit- IicikI. rliit vyv* of Ibu bimkim 

tn'ing ufton on the Mr "i.lfi 

I,M \r>> I'ulHlutn-iiiii -touti LCiilifitniia Haiififhi 

l.'V:) |.t'l>uli>|ir.<'Mii UllinviLta i Twii-liiK-ii l'|i>iiii<li>r) 

IM IM HydrulftfiUH colli*! (Kuttiftli) 

Ifrii 1.17 j'ttliiriift* !«lmillimiiii (('iilifoniia l'"iii|nuiii| 

I.W 1.111 TiBiiiiitiicH iHtcnilii- iSiri|Mii Sum iimIii 

ItU) II)! Dttiiiuliihtliyi- Hruyriimuinw i I'tirttfn') 

102 SebutodM pBui'iHpiiii" i.liukti.-'li) 

Itkl ir>4 SebMtodwchryBomi'lHH tltlitck nml Yaltow H(ickftdi) 

16.VI(M SebiiftiHift- riinriKimtu.! (»link-limi.M UocktMh) 

1U7 ItJH Ani>i>l<)|ioBift fimbria (Coalfi«b ur Skil) 

■|.|' -1:11 1 ■;., ;■!• .l,.,.„l 

■' ill 

!^ 1' -i.'. "Wn u ■■/ , ,|.i» ,,..., „..-,- 

(iI.II'JbII M..,„l,i„) Mum- ..fllTIl,., 

'i-,I.iMK,rp |..Mni-,,,/l ,!!,;■, .„Ii I i;l!,-,|"l 

..l-.1', i.M..', -.-,;!.,,!, ,11 Ut I,- 

l-l-r:'"'! rifT.nul,,!, .„,;i|||l„|,. „|.,„:,,1 

:.l-,l-lrii>; ,.,,|i-ilr „|,;,.,!,,| ,.■,.,:. :.:; -uii..-.../, ,:,/i|i,|.,i|„„„.,l |;i| H. 

I.lwl>..n ,;..!!■. V l,.„ |.,.!!1 .,J..;,,, -,,;, ,.,;,|.,, ,„| I- 

'•l»i-il''"ll I .1 Juilil I -HI', I! ...Tjill -.,|,Hl,....l-.>-. cl,-|I ,-,1 

111,1'- 'i ll-lll.;nl ,in. 1 .;iTIi"(..|i[,.n/ I'.-M 'i.l 




< UK K r.l-iT (IK KI-IIK-4 nf TMi: l"l\riMii\. 

474. Hemitriptenis americanus Onii'llri. irinii- \ll. Iluuri's I4l' ami 14;{). 

S.'i, llinvii, 


Aliiilirir nm>I iif \mii1i America: Mai-ili I'|-.i\iii(-r>, da^l"' hay. 'Iillf of ,St. I.awrrlic.'. 

Lahrii-liir, ami N'rvvf llami: .Alcraiiiiu .-uiitlnvani ti. lli a>t -if tlic .Sialc nf .\cw 


476. Hemitriptenis cavifrons l.m kinulnn. 
Sia Hav.ii. 
Ilillisc.i fr.ilii llriliJi I'l.iiimlai rllivvanl tii riia-t nf .Ma.<iia. 

476. Synchinis gilli lliaii. 

lialTlay Simmi, »i-t c.iasl .it Valiniuv.a- l.-lali.l. 

477. Ascelichthys rhodorus .I'lnlaii ami cillint. 
Maiim-. ali.iimiiiji:: in r.aky | Is. 

HiiM-li Ciiliiiiilaa: v-ay iiliumiant ul tin' laitianci- lu tiic .•<lrait- uf .liiall 'ii- I'lliai: raliircH 
"II till, i'arillr roast fl-nlii .Mi-minrimi tn .Ma.^ka. 

478. Psychrolutes parailoxus iiiiiiilicr. 

.•i|,iiml,.-, .S, „|,ii„. 


iiiili-li ("liimliia III.' ty|ic- fi-cii.i liulf i.f (I 'aia illiinlliiT. IMlll: raiisrs fiiiiii I'lmc.t 

■■^""ii'l tliivarii I, a»t ..f Ala."ka. iticlmiiii); tin- .Maskaii i'laiinsiila: "tlicamc m-st- 

wanl lliiiiiijili 1 iiiniak I'ass. alotic lite iioiiIhtii slicni. .if liiulaska Isliiii.l 1.. tia' Niiril 
Maml~, ami III.. ii| lsliiii.i» ami in Hay" (.liir.lail ntl.l Kviiiiiaillll. 

479. Gilbertidla sigolutes .l.inlaii nn.l .Staiks. 


Iliilisli C.ilntiiliia mill l'ii»,.t S.Miml. 

480. Rhamphocottus richardsoni (aititlicr. 
I(ii-lianl,ia|-, S.i,l|,ic. 


Hfili.sli I'.ilnniliia ati.i I'na.t .S.iiiml: rant.'s fnn ist nf Califutiiia In Ala.-ka. 

481. Hypsagonus quadricornts Ciivicf aii.l Val.ii.i.-nncs. 


Itlitisli (■.liiiiiiliia: laliL'.s I'liy.'I ..^.mn.i mirtliwant In .Ma.ska. M.-finy ail.l Katn- 

482. Pallasina barbaU Siiimiailiii.T. 

Hrilisll C'niiiiiil.ia: ..\t.-ml.- fr.nii lit.. Ar.lm O.-.'an tlirniiiili III.- HiTinir .■^.-a ami tn tin- ....asl 
.if Alaska sniilliivar.l In Oiviinn. ami .ni llii' Asiatic- siili' tn .la|>ali. 

483. Pallasina aU .staiks. 

Kttn^'ns fr.iiii Uriiish Cnlnmliia ami I'm,'.'! .s.ain.l t.i tlic .\l.aitian Matais. 

mK IIU: lniMIN 

484. Leptagonus decagonus Itl'x-li uml Siliririilii. 
Nhiriii.'! Ill il.ii. niil.i. 
Airlir O.raii. .'Mi'iuliii;; s..iillii' .nl to (-(iii>Is i.f Ni'wf.iiiii'lliiliil iilni Niil-wiiy. 

486. Podothecus acipenserinus 1 ilc^lin 

I'lniii Mliuiil"i-li-li. 


Ill■ili^ll (■..liiiiiliiii iiii.l I'liait S.iiiii.l, ..Mi.ii.lirii; ilnvi, 

Alriiiiiiii I-IiimU. «,-i«,ir,l u. K.iiiiclNilkii. 

Alii'kii. Ik'iii'i'. iii"liiiliii<: till' 

486. Agonus cataphractus l.iiiii;i ii-. 
Si-ii I'iiiii'Iiit: I'''. 
Aiilii- Ori'iiii: l);i\is .^tiiiit-, ;i( Icii'l mi lln' \M'>ti-rii 

'I'lilaliil: M'li- iif IKiitlii'i'ii 


llriliiiti. mill t'nitii tin' 

487. Avemincus emmelane .IhkIhii iiml st:irk>. 
I)ai-k-i'iil,.iiii'.l Alliaiit' 


Known n-oiii ItiitMi ('nliiiiiMii iili'l I'lici't SmiiimI. 

488. Xystes azinophrys .li.r.hin iiml .'^laik^. 

Kiiiinii tt.iiii llriti^li Ciliniiliiti anil I'llsi't S.iiin.l. 

489. Bathyagonus nigrip'nnis (iilln'it. 


Iliitl-li I'.iliiml.ia: t■allKl'^ Iniiii tin' riia.'l "I till' .■itati' iif \Va.-liiiii:tiiii n.irtllwiiiil In tin' 
Ali'iillali l»lalnl~ an. I lli'tiiis Si'a. 

Xenochinis pentacanthus tlillnri. 

Mui'iiH-: in 'II I'll wati'i', 

lililWi (■iillilnliia: l'aiii;i'- If I'na.-t "I' I'lilif 

I'.illmatil til lii'iiii): Si'a. 

491. Odontopyxis trispinosus Linkiii^ttini. 
Maiiii.'; In ilii'P uatiT. 

I{iiti>li ('..liitiitiia ami I'lim-t S'liiiiii -iiiitiiivaiil tii ."^atita ilarliiira. i'alifnl'tlia: ti'ioi'ili'ii 
fi 1 Ala.ka Luikiimtiiti, 1n:!ii. 

492. Bothragonus swanii .-.iii'iiiiiai'litii'i. 


liiili-li ri'liiliiliia aii.l I'llsi't Siniiiii. 

493. Aspidophoroides olrtki l.iiikiii. 

Aiitii' llii'aii: Davis Snail-, at li'ast iitl tlli' liri'i'tilatiil siilf: iilsii ri'riil'.li'il fr tin' Kara 

•■'■j'l,.. Iliii'l, .■^|.',lili..ll Ii.'k l.-i .|. '■iiii. 11. "I 11. i- f.inii in Hinni. iliiy |Kiirii Sul iiiiii |iriil< ,i«ifii,...l II 
Willi .1, H».i".,.i. r.|./ii*',' .l.inlaii iiiiil I^iniiaiiii. 

Ill I h l.l^r IIK n^lll^ nK rill IMiMIMM 

494. Aspidophoroides monopterygius Illmli. 
Si^ii C.iicli.-r: Mlitiih.i- li-li 

Miirili I'nnil '. liiill' iif SI. I.iiun 

IliLV, nil. I III 111,- Aiili.' ri-inii,. 

III I'liiiM 1.1' 

490> Aspidophoroides inannis liniiiliii'. 

liillllli-" fiiiMi Viiiin.ini.r l-hiiiil lu.illin iir.l M 
I'llStlTll Ml'lllillll l>l:lllils. 

Mii.liii. iii.liiiliiii; llii-li.l lliiv mill llii. 

Cycloptenis lumpus I.iiiiiiiii^. 

I.UIII[l-|i>li: i.lllll[l-MllklT. 

Miiriiii': tiliiiiiiiitiliv' nil I'lii'ivy >liiiri-s. 

Until riiiisl> III iiiil'lli Alliiiilii' lli'i'iiii: nil llir Aiiii'l iciiii' I'iiiil'Iiii: frmii lliivU Siniils. 

ami liriii'iliL' l.iil.niilni'. Ni'wIiiiiii.IIiiikI. Hull' nl Si. I.iiuiviiiv. i;a.|.i' Hay. Marili 

l'ri.vilii'i-». mill \i'iv Kiislmiil Slalr-. .i.lillmmil I.. Ciiln' I'ml; mi llir l-;iini|.rali 
iiiTlll-ii lit till' llrili-li l^lmllls. iiii'lii'lilii.' till' lllklii'.v Mmiil^ aii.l "all aniiiiiil llii'lri.-li 

.■.m.»t.<" iViiiii'll. l.s.Vll: anil i<l.. .if Si'ainliniivia ami Ballii- S -a smitlivvaril t 

I'. .11^1 'if rial 

497. Eumicrotremus spinosus Miilii'i. 

.\..ltli MImilii' ali.l Aniii' lli-i'iili; nia-l "f ii',',.r.l,'.l jimi, Davi, Straits iDii'sil 
a .-|.i'.'iiiii'li fiiiiii till' sl.iliiai'li ..f a lialil'iin: 'liawli'.i .,11 Malil.iN llml,..iir l.y tin' 
'S|ii'i'.|ii-i'ir l'\|ii'.lMi..ii. Ailtil.-l. IS77" I.I..III'-. 1S7I.1. a.- r.„7„,.(,r.,.. .,,,;,„.,<.i.<l; i'\- 
l.'liils M.iilliuanI III Maltii' ami Di'tiliiark. 

498. Eumicrotremus orbis (iiiiillii'i. 
Ni.illi I'ai'ilii' ( an: iatli:i'- I 

Vmio.iivi'f [>laml t.i Mi-riiii; .s,.a. 

499. Neoliparis fttlanticus .li.nlmi ami Iai'iiiiiiiiii. 

Mal-ilii' mill; imrky -Imri's. 

Till' ly|ii' friiiii i:ii.ll...iil. I'ri.viiii-.. .,f i;iii'l...i' ilti tlir liiili-.l Siali- .Nali.iiial Milsi'iim ii 
Ha.-liitiL'loiil: ranci's fnnii Xi'wfiiiiii.llaml. mi.l |..-ili:i|i- l.iil.i:i.l..i- <i:ill IsTJ. I.ii 
iim'tii'il l.y Ki'iuliill), siiulliiiiml til Capi' I'liil: 'tati'ii llalifas lliiii,..iH- l.y i 

'.Sji lu.'li' IX|.i'ililiiiti. Aiitnsi. IS77' ..l..iii'». IS7'.I. a- /,.,,.;,,.. .„..„M.|.i,i.» mi.l 

I'lil'iii'il as iii'iiiniiiK ill lias|.i' Hay iSlatr..r,l. illUVIIlllli. :il..., as /.. m„„l,„,„;t. 

600. Neoliparis flors .Inniaii ami Siaiks. 
Illill-li ri.liiiiil.ia ami I'lisi-t .s.niti.l s.iiilliuai'.l tn I'.ia.-t ..f CaNliiniia. 

•.V...(i>ir|-. .M,,,l,n„ III,. n.|,.at,.,lly U'.'.i il.iiili.i.'.l ..ill, 1|„. I ;iir..|. an -|».,'i... .V. ,/.,,.i.,,.. ,, I,.,,.,l. "Tl,.''d li(£,ir.'^ I'f .V. III..,,/...,,, I -lii.w a .j.^iKr ti-l, «il!i lai'ii-'r h.a.l I «iili Hi.' -[.lii.iiis •l..r-iil v.'ry liav, i,i„l 

^ram'i.v ilistiii.'t fraiii il,i. -.,H r;,\-" .!.,r.|i,n i,ii,| l-a.r.iiuhi,. 


run K T.ivr (11 |[H||i> III- ri!l Hii\nMn\, 

SOI. NeoUparls gncni .hmhii :,n>i Stnik-- 
Crcrri'a Su.l,.'!. 

Duly III.' t\|ir» :i|.|i;,iviillv kM..\iii: (miii K-i |uiiri;ill lliirl" 
I<I»||.I III l.iliiii.l ShiiilunI .Jiiiiliii I iiiv,.|>ity Mii,..|iiiii. 

\'irtMliii, \'iiiir-i|ivi'r 

fiOS. Liparis liparis l.liiiLrii-. 

S.-II Sll;,il. 


Iliilh .li.ii-i- .11 .\..iili Allriiiil.': ..II ilii- Aiiii-il.iiii •\,lr niiiB.» li Ilii\i- Siriiil- i.. r..ii- 

li.'.'liilll. nil. I I. .1.1. 1. .1 I I..'il.i:i'l..r; :.l Iniil ll rllii'Mi l':ili'..|.i'. r:iiii:iliu I'riilll 

S|.il/,l,..rc.. I \..i;, >;,, ...iilliuiir.l I.. Vr: ■: ■■| .■,.iiin...ii In ill. Ilimi 

piirl, ..!' III.' Ilrlll-li l-Uii.l- lli.ili ill III.' -..illli.'iirt .'l:in.'ll. IsV.II. 

603. Liparis cydopus il.iiiili.'i. 

ll,'.'..i',l.'.l tn.iii l;-'|iiiiiN.ll lliiil...iir. Van.'.iiiv.'i' W.iii.l (I l.imli.'r. ISIIIi: |.i' nmsi'< 
li'..iii I'liii.'l S..IIII.I I.. H.'iiii; S.'.i, 

fi04. Liparis fucensis (llll.iit, 
•rv|,.' »|.,'.'iih.'iis li'..iii l'..rl Alii;.'l.'«. .^Inill- ..( .Fiii.ii .1.' I'li.-ii. Sli.l.- ..f \Va-liliiBl..ii .1 ;lll.,'i'l. 

IS'.i:ii: eiv.'ii h.'i'.' ii> llk.'ly I.. 'iir In llilll>li ( '..l.iii.l.u.ii n .'-; lli..iii:l Iiav.' 

I IL f.iililil iii'ili- Sun I'Vaiii'lM'.. iliaiiiiali. IVU. a- /.. i.illi,,.! an.l «a, if Mi.'li I- r.'-' I.. III.' >niiii' -|..'i'li-'.J 

606. Liparis tunicatus 
I<.'.''.l fr.n.. ...a.H ..I' an.l I ii'.'.'iilaii.l. 

606. Liparis herschelinus 

Ar.'lii' ll.'i'an, liaviln; I n i'.','..r.|.'.l l> ll.r-.'li.'l i-lan.l. Il.'allf..r.l S.'a. an.l »ln.ill.l .ii'.'lir, 

l.r.' I'iM'ula'ri' in lln' .\..illi W.'-i I'a-as.'. 

607. Liparis deniiyi .li.i'.lan an.l Starke. 

I{!U..;i'S fn.lil I'llf:.'! .^..Iin.l ii..rlti\vai'.i. an.l i.'.'..r.i.'.l r.'..lii li.'iir (liala'.ka; .'\i.l.'iil!y ...'.'iir-^ 
in llriil^li ('..liiiiil.iaii ual.'i'... 



•Tlii- -iK'ciiiuii i- fi«ur,..i, ill Mr,-. .li.Miiii ;in.l KM^miiiim- 'ii-lir^ i.t N-rl], ,,iiil Mi.Uilr Anirrini/ V"l. IV, |.l, 
((t XVL 

■f-Tliis ^\H:-ir> i.- I'oiin.l ..n I lir li.r« i..k-)iir.. r-N.-t , mikI I >r, WiUuM h;i> "Muin.d -i^TJini^iif. ih t lir I i ith -( 1 .-rt li. 
Mr. I..)W -«>■-, ■TlirS.iiSimlli-f..ui..i uii.liT -t,.ii.> ;,! iiuniy [.la..- ii. n,kw> ; Imt in i... ri^"'' """v frr.|ii.nll> tl.uu 
thitt uirtir [Himl ul iW N,-... ..ISrrniiiiu -, whrn^ t h.> nii.y !.,■ (.i.kMi u|. l.y li.wii-.'' Yarirli. 

J'Mr. (iftrmaii i.lciiti!!.!' thiw sin'cic!. with thf •"lh/"'l,»i r.{ I'lillHf.. I^ut aminlinji t.i I'ttlljif iw f-i^-r-ii-K liu«l \\\c 
Kill'iiH'tiini! ntltiixil til n luiiuti' -jiirm-lo wliirh in imt tl* cii.^^^ in /,i/-iii«/u"h>m." Jiinlmi an<l Kvfmiiinn. 

606. Liparis pulchellus Ayii 

Itrili^l. C'.liiroln. 

K\>\ Ml' riiliiu 

609> Bathyphuma ovigenim (Hllxri, 

.)l>t:ii I lit l.:>SS l':illi.i|]iH. 

Ala^kii iiifl Itnir.- .- 

.Piun-Mlly .mlv fn 

610. Careproctus ranula (;<>i<il<' ami Hi'-.iiu 


OIT {'tu'lmcni llrri.l. H:.lir';.^ HaiL.-iir. \..^ri Sroti:, ..iily ^pr.'ini.'ji .<|'l>:'l'<'ril)y kr>..uri 
(if iH.ttinct jis u >|M-(i... InMii f. <■■ '«/..i../,.t '-i'l:iiii".l l,y tlic ■ S|.....hvfli ' i:s|.f.liliMri 
ill :)2 fulhiiiii-' I.I. -lies, IsTit. ;i> /w>.i/v'v nui'ih). 

611> Paraliparis cephalus (iilliiri. 

hritisli r..lunil>i:L: niiiur^ t'nmi cuikM ..f 4':ililnriiia i.. Aht.ska: n'i'..nli-<i al-n I' im>mIi nt' 

M2. Paraliparis ulochir (lillni't. 


ItiTunl.-.l (Iiiil' ..f ( ■iilil'itinia ami llrrini; S.-;i; ^ivMi liciv .iwiiiL' tu i\^ •>i-r\\yuwi' in.crli 
aii'i sniiili i.r Itriti^h Ci.liinil.ia. 

613. Prionotus carolinus l.iiiiiaiis. 
(.'uiiuium 'iiinianl. 

\hin<z>-^ fniui Mmw Iu Smiili ('arolitia. |><'rlia[>' l'i..iii Marlliiiii' l'n>viii<rs. 

614. Cephalacanthus volitans l.iiiturii.-i. 
Flying' Uuhiu: Klyin;: lli.riiiinl. 

Mariric: rises .mi i.f tin' wal.T. like ihc llyiiij; ti;.)nv, ami ni..v.> in tli.- air, 
Occiisi.mnl ..ff llu'.'.msi .,f llic s..iilhcrn piirt uf tin* liiiv .if riimlv: ■■Iniin.l iiLnii: ..iir .■niii.- 
vivx-it [rnite.l .■^tut..>] -...uth,.fC!ii»'('.Ml. iiii.liii tiif \v,n.Ts..r lln./.il: ul.-.. in lli.- M..|i- 
K'naiii'iiii ami in III.' iii'iL:!il)i)Uriii^r purls uf tin- .-asU'rii Atlantic" itlnoil.-, IxSN]; iiii.| 
rtrnnif'.l from vaiinus l.KJuIitics in the In.ii.'s, in.lii.liiii:» Rico on ila- 
mith.irity ..f ?.«■> an.l Stahl (Evfrmann aii.l Mar>h, 1S99p. 

616. Porichthys aotatus liiranl. 

Murine: livrs uinlcr sKincs. 
Hrilisli Coliiinhiat :iml I'li^i't Sniinil, raim 

ifiaun.! in 1"n<. J„r,Jnii itnJ Kv 


f"<iHniiAn rpfcrs ihis ■periee to tlir wymmj'my of Cnr'iinirti 
n.'it[lilHiiiriii|t i^'lHiid^^! wliirli may lie ccimit. " J.irdim iiml l.\ ni .inn. 

J,\ npfi-inu-n in tlw I'rnviniinl MiiH'iini, Viituriii, Kiv.n in llw .■hIhImbii.' h-^ /'. p.r.wii.'.impiJ" m-i 
IN-Iong tot Ilia Hpeniefl— Ihc n-wnioi ranKi; .if F. (MromKiimux ln'inn S.mtli ritrolina ti)TfX(w nml Argirtir 

r SMiilliwar.l til l.'i\M-r I'alif.H'nia. 
■l-i>!ic.- of N.irtli iiiid Mi.lill,' AiiktI.u,' \.>1. I\'. |.I, 

htiiiii [a li^li kiiDMii fr«m (irccnlan.! iinil 


■ III ri'iMINM 

616. Caularchus mcandricus i;ii:ir.l. 

S.i.k-ll-li lliiu-l,.|, 

Mli.illr i k.> I I- 

llrili-li C.liiriil.i;, Il.n^inl lu r.iMil I ■,.|Hi„i,. 

617. Hetarostichus rostratua <in:ii<l. 

Marine: nl.nriiliiiil; k.l|i. 

"'■I" I '■•'"»'■ '"-"-I "' I .'lif'NIili: iM,-lii,|,,| l„.r , , ,,,.,ic,|i „f ,1 (,,„,„|,, „„,.,| 

■ '""■"• "'"•"■"'"I "' llrili,l,r,.l,„„l,i„ l,v M,, s, r. ]l,.„r„„. „,si,i,.,„,i„, „-|,i,|, „,.,„. 

618. Bryostemma polyactocephalum l':il):i... 
■hill,,l lll,i,iiv 


Ilrhi-I, (Mhiiiii.i:, :.ii.| I'lii;.'! .s.iiiii.l, ,;„,ii,ia „,„ll,,i;,r,| I,, il,.rii,B S,.,i. I,,.,,,.,. iv,.,uviLr,l 1„^ilkM. :,u.i ir III.. ,,.111... 1., 111.. i.kiM.I „| Ih.kk.ii.l... .Iii|,„ii (ll..i/..|..>l,.iii I.VKI 

.■'-'■'■""'";'*"- /••/ .1.-1. 

619. Bryostemma nugator .li.iili.n aji.l Uillinin^ 

Ilriii-li I'.ilMii.l.i.i aii.l l'i,c,.i .s.,i,i„|. 

620. Apodichthys flavidus iltii.iil. 

Irlk.u III. liny. 

Marin.-: ■■.i-iiall.. f...iii,| l...|.,„ l„„-ti.l.. mark." 

Ilrili-li 1 ..liiiiil.ia ami l'.m..i S..m«\ ,.,ulli«ar.l I,, .-iaiiia llari.iira |,|aM.I.«. 

621. Xererpes fuconim .l.>.'.laii ami r,ill,..ri. 

Urili-I. C.liiml.ia ai..l I'lu.., .-^.,a„.i ,..„l'ii« ai'.l 1.',' ..'„'ar'.'.l'(a'l,'f'.„-nia."' 

622. Pholis gunnellus l.ii.mi n,. 
Ilillilii.l: lliin<.ni-li. 

Marin..:|ini.' ..n r..,k> ^h...... „iii.,iii; ...a-ii.....!-, 

" ''I'- "!■ '"""' Mlaiiiii-: ninuii.i; .m lli.. M i.-aii -i.l,. (, I.i.liraili.r. ami ..nil.rai.iiiB 

''"■'■"'' "' ■""■ l.a»r..n...., Iia-|i.. Ilav, .1 tlcss -Wwf.i.m.lhui.l.iui.l Mi.riliim. rr.iviii,.,., 

-.iiiili«ai I 1.. U..„IV II..I.., .111.1 ..1, il,.. |.:„r.. .1, -i.l,. fr.mi II.,. ,...,, t ,.f V.irwav u, 

' '■■" ■ """'■- "I ''I':!' I'l'laln 11..1.. III,. .„iirl„.,.„ ...ninli.., ..( I.a laml. imlialiin- 

< .iriinall. ;.I..i,l. 'ii.. ,a-i i-I. ii„.|i.,lii,M ll..r„i.k Ilav ami tl... i-'iilli „l Innti i,„rlii. 

«a..| I., ll„. ()ikii..i ami .-iln.ilaml 1,-laii.l-. 

•r.riai.. .Iiara. l.r. ,,f il,i« -j,..!.,..., „„ «« |„||.,».: |,.,ip„l, „|,|, ,„.„„|, ,,r.,l r«..t(.d ai..l .iinii 1» |i„.|„.m . 

■','""'■ '""■ ""■"' '■;■"' " -"'■" "' '»''<""" <"'l' I- J 'I...... ill ..„..!, j,,.-: I„„.r.,| liii.. .,„,i,|„ ,„„„ ,„p 

..I ..|..r,.,,l,a., 1.1 l..y...,| |....|„.„| |i,., ,i .,. ,,„,i,|,, ,„ ,.,„„|„. „,, ,.,, , „„ ,„„,j,,. „„^| ^,|„„„„| [^„,„ ,|^. j^^, 

"'"' """' ' '"'■»' li'i l..nii.n«iii,t. -lijl.ily in [, , i,,.... ., .,( ,,...,1 (.„■ ,;,., ,i.„-,„| ,|,i,„. „.|„„„.,j ,,.,„, i^^ 

hi'«ir^i.".!'''iz«'.'!''»!,ir.r''T"r..!'i'i''n ''"'''"'"''''"' ' "'""'""■ • "■"■ '.i"'-iii'ii'Tt.....i«iiii..«ii.t 

.....I :.i.,.l 111,. .....l. »ii|, a I nil,. la.,... I ,|,.,| i. |.i...; .. |..,...,.,,| i... |,|,.,.,| |,i,|,^ i,,,, ,|i.„„„.,. ,„„„ .i,,,.,,, ,„„||,„. |,',„,"^ 

tliai. .r..... ...ill,,...: ,..,|..„r l.r.,„i..,l. „„ i „..„,i.,| „i,|, wtiiti.l, „,urkii,|p. 

I IILIK l,I*r UK flHIlK^ <n- IMK 1H)M1M.I\. 


Pholil fucilhlB lll.x'li nri.l S.'liiMilcr. 


Ilimac- fn.rri llir r,,,i.l .,r I ;r„-iilari.l «,..l«ahl I., ll„. Kuril I-Ihti.I., ,-ii,l.™-ii.!; lliv Xiviir 
Oi'iMii i>tii| Itciiri- Si'ii: if i\ini:i- itjiliratiuL' llni il ini.l-iul.t.- Ily ..ntir. in U>r w,ir<-i< 
"( III.- \..iili H.~i IV-w. iiii'l -h.niM'.in. hv'iv,! inJiBiuui- i" clii- 


PholU ornatuB (iiianl. 
OrnHitK-ntcil (liniiK'l. 
.Mtiritic: livi'!' ill ^)l)llll>w wittrr. l-.iluniliiii: niiiains rnmi .-..a-i ..f Cilifuniia i„,ril,nai-.l 1.. Il.-iiiia .S-a, li.-i..-,- «.-»!- 
uai-.l I.. Ki.lii.' 

AnopUrchus atropurpureus Kiitlii/. 


Ilfiti'li I'.'l I'i.i: laiiiiiij: IV ..( ralilmniii In ..( Alaska aii-l 1) -ril.!! -^.-a. 

Xiphistes chinis ■! -tan aii.i <>illi.-rl. 

Maiili.- (-..liimliia: liuii;.-^ IV..111 .if,ia ii.irlliManl l.i .-..a.l ..f Ma-I;a. 

Xiphidion mucosum liii'iinl. 

-slimy l;.-l l'.,iil, 

Marin.-: al..iiiii.linB ain.iiif r.i.-k« un.l -«-a-«, ■.■,!,, (■..Inniliia: raliKinj! tr.nn 1..1 ,,[ ralil..inia I., ..( Alaska. 

Xiphidion nipestre .'..r.lan an.l llillx-ii, 
llni-k l:,-l I'.nii. 

Miirim-: living atiDii): r.n-ks ninl s'-a-\. I-. 

ItaliKCM fi 1 llrilisli riiliitiiliia t.> .>.>a>l ..t' ralil..rnia. 

Leptoclinus maculatus l-'iit-s. 



Arclif- n.-.-aii: .,(-(-ii|-« ill H<'i-in)i Si-a an.l r rii.-.l lr..m Ininiak I'a- an.l Hay al-.i 

".-'■iii'^ II .-»(.it/,lK'ri:i-ii s..iillnvar.l l.> ll.. a-t- ..1 \..ruay an.l s«.-,li.n: [" 

.■iri-iiiii|i.,lar. an.l it ».. «li.nil.l .i.-.-ur ill lln- «al.-r, ..( lln- N.ulli W.-l I'a^.ai;.-: r.i-..|-.|i-il 
from the ■-fi.-.liilni liaiiki tiff III.- .-..a-l ' ..I \ii\a S,',.lia .I..11.-. Is;. I, as /,. '(.-../..i/M-l 

Lumpenus medius 

I' .■ir.-iim|..ilar: ranailn; al l.-a-l IV.nii S|,iizl.i.ri;..n alrl I lu- .-..a-. ..f N.mvay n.-sl- 
«-ar.l. an.l in.-l.i.lim; (in-.-nlai.-l 11,-rin- S.-a. ami Kain.-halka; an.l .ImiiM il„.r,-(„r,. 
-iir ill lln- ivali-r. ..f lln- N-,illi \V,-I I'.hm;.-. 

Lumpenus anguiUftris I'alta... 

.-inak.- HI. -liny. 


Hrili.-iliC.iluml.ia: i-an-_'|.» fr :i,i i,f <-allf.,rnia 1.. Ma-ka, im-lii.lim; lln- M.-iiiian Mainls. 

hikI tlinnpc t.t Kami-liatka. 


f KH K l.l'l lit M-IMi ■II' llll: l»)\USln 


I I 


532. Lumpenui I brlcii ('ijvj.i »ii.l \ ;il,'ii. 1.1111... 

"'■'■""I"l ''■ '"If "I ><■ I.' I.l I"' i.S.|,i„ill, mill.. I ||i,.| Ilai ,,...i,,i, 

'l'"-l'l''. I^"«": al M.I, ll,.|il,:; .S.;,. ;„|.| S,.„ ,l..-m;K 

533. Lumpcnui lunpetrcformis Will. aim 

.■<iT|M'lit Hli'liiiy. 

Hi'lll "ill f 11.111 ll Allallll, ar..| Mi lllr \ l rl ir I liviili ,v,.,.| ,|,., | ll.ii,, | ali,;„|.,|-. all.l I'M . li.l • 

i"» Ii»ar.l h. Cal... I ...| ■if /.. ..,,»,,(,,,„, i- ij„. ,„„„. ' ,.|,.|.|ai, aii.| Cu.iii,. 

bI«.i Ii.|a,|.,|,.,| 11, „„ S|iiul,. iji-ii. .V.iraa.v aii.l Sn,..|,.,i, aii.l lirLiii I ii„.l,.| .,.,,., al mil,. 

634. StlchKIU puncUtui; lalaiilil-. 


.Vlrlir- .s,.a-: Mtiiuiiii: fnilii llri'i'tilaiiil H.-lnal.l In .^^ .11, il,.. \llaiilir -i.l,. .■\i,.,„iii|.. 
-.iiilliivaf.l III II11.I..111 ll.iy,,|..r. .V...i(.iiii„IIaii.|. ah.l \.i,a .^I'.ilia .iii.l ..11 Ilir 
I'ai-ili.' -i.l.. 1.1 llii.1,.1 Ha, aii.l I'liiiiT „f Hal,- l-laii.l. Mj-ka .l.i-,. I,, ili,. Iliiil-I, 

l',.l.ili.laali In all |ii iliilh.v ..Mriiil, .„„il,i,anl I,, aaln- .,f lliili-li ( ■„l,i,„l,ia. 

536. Ulvaria subbifurcnU .'^imii. 

Itiulial|..| Sliaiiii . 


.N'liilll Mhiiili,. Ilnai,. Maiiiinir |'i,,viii.r«. Mli'Milint „,iii|,»ai.| I., Cal.r C..,!, 

536. Eumeiogranunui prsciitu KitiM-r. 

''"■""- "'■ 'ili-'-lilali.l: "a -|,iTi 1, «a- f.ii-nanl..,! I,j Mr. Hl„i,.au.. li,„i, lj„. unniiy „f 

.\nlii-...-ii n, 111,. .•<„iii|„uiiiati lii-iiiiiiii.n ■ ,.(,.,„.,, 1^7.1 ,,.^ /.; „„,„„„ „/„,„,,| 

637. Delolepis virgatus Itiaii. 
Wi, III,. 


Ilrili-li r.,|iii„l,ia aii.l l',|.„.| .S,„„„| ,.M,.,„li„„ „ „„,,! ,,, „„„|„.r„ Ma-ka. 

638. Cryptacuithodes maculatus .-^tonr. 
Wryiiiiaitl,: 1 ll„,.t-li,|i.» 

Marililn.. I'r,ivin,a- ai„l i;a-|,.. Hay; raiim,,., IV,,ii, ,.,,a,i „f -„iilli«ar,l l„ l.„„i, 
l-lan.l .s.iiiii.l. 

639. Anarhichas UtifroDS .si,.,.|i.irii]. ami I[atli:iiiii.-<.n 


lluliBi-- I..., 111.1 III,. .\r,li,. Cinl,. .,,i,i|,„ar,l .ai l„,lli .-i,l,., „f ||„. .MlaMli,.; <in tlir 

.Vniia-iran ,i,l,. l„ llan,|iii.r,.ail r.....,r.l,.,| fr (■ai,.-,,.t \..,a S,-,,lia an,l fr,„„ til,, ■■fisli- 

ilitr luuiks ,.f till, .■iia.-t- ,,l ||,„t I'nuin,.,. ,.l,,ii,.,, Isrin, 

'■■Th,. Kl,„-t-ti-l, fan,, I r, 

v-l„,ially s,,.,,. ,. ,i,„|l,l|,.,- „„ „il,i„„. ■ .|„„l„„ ,„„| |.:v,.„„„„„. 

t'li,,.. UT\ hiru,. .|....i , ,.f III,. «.,;r.|i.|, wa- luk, il„- Iraw I ,,t i|„. .,,,|,„„.r \ri,n In al>,„„ Vl l„it,.M„. 

I,,.,| timi , ,r,. i !,„„ , r I «•„ ,|,.,.| „. „„. .,.,.„„.,, n, „ ,.,„„„^ „, , ,„, |, „ ,„,, „ ,.,„ '„, |..| J. , .,,^,^^_|^ 

< lltcti MHT nr fltlil-t .If IIIK IHHri.VIOV. 

640. Anarhlchai minor '>l:it-<'n 



Ilaliui.> ri'.'Mi l..'V.>ii.l III.. U.'ii.'Ci 
Kniiiulil I., Cui-., \,„;, s,,, 
\.,>a >...,]:: .I,„i, KM, , 

'i'l'» "■■l"li '"'III -i.l fill.. Mli.lili... „r,;,,i„„„||y 

III.' 1,.||,.||,„.,| • -U'Wrnc l,;,lil, ,.ir II, „f„r 

"II 111.' .V..« l:iiL.|a.,.| n,,,,!. I,-, l;,ii,|. ,„„| X.irwiiv. 

I'lal. .Ml.liiiill,- llliili.l l|,-,l. 

Ml. AnuhichM lupus I m 



"'"'' ■''''■' "' "' ^'l^'"'"' lli»ar'l I" <'a|H. r.,.| aii.l Krari.,.: Miiiili I'r.,1 in.,.. 

'■"""' •■" '-""'■ ''""I"' »">. ami witlmiil .loul.t X,.wr.,i„l.llan.r ■',.« 

1 II . ..a-c. „f \..,f„lk aii.l„l,i,-,., In H,.nvi.k llav, In tl... j.Vill, i.f |.„ill,. uii.l ani,.n« 

""■ '"'-"";• "'■i-^i-i..i.:.ll> a|. I „,„.rn n.„„ „f lr,.|„n,l. ,„„l i, ,, ,.,.||.|,„„„.„ 

..II ll.i. ii..rlli..ra ,|,..,.., ,.f |.„,,,|,., ,„|,| In lln.,.nl,ui.l iiil.l l|.,.|,in,l" , Varri.ll, 1H.-|U). 

M2. AntrhJchiH leptunis 
Alaska H.ii, 1,-1,, 

"""';■' '■',■"" \""'"'""'- l-l:i"' II i I i-N ..f Ala.ka. ii„l,„lin«,l„. Al,..lli„n 

'■■'"'"'"■ ''"■' "'■.I»ahl, |..-il,,,| I.. Kalli.-llalka ,l'alla», Isll. aa .\,mrrhichn> ori- 

543. Anarrhichthys ocellatus \\ri.. 
W..II 1:, I, 

"'■"'-'' '■ "''ill ""I !■ ■■'■I """III "iillliwalil l„ ,.";,.l „r Califiimia. 

644. ScytalInt ccriUle .l.n'.lan an.t cill.i.n. 

Miirin,-: «i s r.-'k- ..r 11, ' - in .i„v,.| ,„■ «,l-sl,ini!l,. I,<.tw, r ni-ar ti.l.. 

Il...-....|,..l IViiii, l«lan.l. Ciii... {■■|„ll,.,v. Stat,. .,f Wa»liini..t.,ti, at tli,- ,.nttal I., 

11,.. .Stfaiu „f Juan ,1,. |.|i,a; iriviii li,.|,. as lik..|y t lie llriti»li |-„lutnl.Un 

Mi.l.. "f III,. Straits. 

646. Zmrces •nevillaris I'.-.k. . I'lat,- .\ll, licn. « 1 i,i .,n,l 1 17) 

i:.i i'„iii. 


1; ini;,... ti..,ii tl„. ,...a.i .,(,.,-, ,.tnl,ra,.|tii; tl„. llulr .,f SI, l.„„r™.,,, ami Mimlitii.. 
''""I ", ■■>'"! 'I"iil.ili's» .\.,.if..iiiullan.l. ,.inili»ai-.l t.. II,,.. c,m»l lliliiwiiro. 

646. Lycodopsis pacificus (■"ll.-tt. 
I'liiili,. K,.| I'.ait. 
Ilrili.sli (..liiinl.ia ati.l I'ltsi'l S..iiti.l ~,,nlli«„r.l t.i r.iast i.f Calif.irnin. 

• ■! I..,.„.i.„„,l ,|.,..i„i,.„. ,|ill.„i„„ [r..i„ ,1,. ,„„ |„„.,„i,„ I , l.„,jr,„„ |„ia ^. ,„p„,, , 
III ii.v flK. tiH|,..mi..n. a,„| ,i,,j, t., I ' 
.Arctic W(.lf-fwh." c.iniisli. 

till- -j.,.,i.-. I.ik., .1. l.ifi/ro 

.mall}, tirouaht 
thii. i,. wiuiUy'il as u |i,ir,.|y 


MM K I 1-r -ir H-l 

MT. Lyc«l« vahlU II. .hIihuIi 

■'Ti^lnrij l.iiiil.^ ..If till ..n..r .. I' v. n;i Sn, fill ,(,.(„.. ItT'lf r. m-l ..f 1 .1 •■.■iiliiri.l iiri.l Jill.. 

lillihlv Ill.'l 

.■11. ..( Ml-l.Tll \..illi V.iii 

at. Lycodei iMrchut ( I.' i.i... limn. 


iMi.i.Mi ii|.|.iir..iill> ..iil< h.,ii, ,.ir il..' .-..ii.i ..I N..Mi,s-..iii,,« liininu I..1I, (.,1111.1 1,1 |;i(i i„i.| 

hHI IlllllLlll- 

S4ft. Lycodn reticuUtus 

II '-.I.-I f"."> 11.11.. |.i.-.. ■ill! I...1I1 -1.1 1 11..11I1,. ..1, ilii. \iii,.ii,;„i .M,. raiiBiiii, 

I'"". '■"■.■Ill I I" \;.ii,iiii:..i.-.ll llll^ nl.iiii.jiiiu ,1 ilinn |:ii,. ,,.,■. 

fi60. Lycodci frigidui r..[|.^f(. 

"N'.rtli \Mi(iiti. nil. I \r<ur I l.-.;,i,, Imhh S|.ii/I... 
..I.i'.luii 1111.1 I'iMi'ii.niiiii ,,i..l.„l.|i .„-.ii,. 1,1 

Hill I.. 111.. \..« lintliiii.l „1" 

..f Uiili-li v. .nil A li.a. 

6fil. Lycodfs terr«-nov« I .iliin. 

Only tl,.. ly|«- ii|.|.;ir..iilly ki...«n lr..rM lliiiik- ..f \|.«(.niii.|liin.| 'lu- .p.., iini^M ni Hi,- 
.■..■^■.■li..n ..I Mm. I'liii.r ..I M.,ii,i,„. 

US. LycCKlfllepis mucoaus l{i.'l.iii.l-..ii. 
\i.-li.. l';,i„l i;,ili „„.l \..illiiinil.riliiii.l Siuii.l. 

063. Lycenchelyi vcrrillit ii.M..l,. jin.l l(,aii. 
Mm III,.. 

■Ii-liiii- l.iiiit- ill. ,i-r'..l N..ia Sr.,n;i .,l.,i„.,. ls7:i, a.. ;.,„■„,/,, ,,,.,,//,,, ...„| „|,| 

iiial,.,t ..II...L..I l.> 111. I .,-^, n-li l„, ,.i„ii. ..; mil 1|,|,„,.., „|-C1,.. .,„, v„,„ 

S,„iiii ■ -|„.,iiii,.ii ill I .S, .Vali.uial .Mil Mil, „ir 111,, .a.a-l .,f \,-ii Kiisliiinl. 

6M. Lycenchelys paxillus i ;.....[,. .m.l Itiaii. 

I' 'I'-'l fl- l-l».,ii 1.11 llav a. 1.1 S:,l,\,- |.lal|.| llankv fl II .Nun f.iun.llan.l. an.l 

fr.,ni Hull' .Klivaiii. 

666. Bothrocara mollis Itiim. 

■IV ly|». fr..iM ..IT (Jii,,ai rliailiiMi- Mainl-: al-„ r fnuii i-iiillimi Calif.iniiii. ,ilT 

Pl,.a,.»liif Maii.l. an.l I1..1 ar Inala-ka. 

•Tl.. ly|>. .|,... ,. i.liK.i,, .1 1,1 11,-. .Ii.iiiaii „i,„ |.;i..n..„,.,i'. ■! i.|„., „f N„rt|i „,i,l Mi.l.ll,. Ani,Ti,-,i ' ^„l 1\ 

1,1. ca-.XMX. 

fTliiH -[^..■iiii..,i i- tiiiar..,! ill lir-. .J.,r,l..„. i.,..| [[un 

i-Im-h „f N'artl, UI..I,. .\ii.,.ri,H,' v.,1. IV, j.l. 

■IIMK i.l-l ..I M^lll- ..( rill I..I1I1M.1V. 

tiymntlli viridii I :il>ii<'iii.. 


^"'"■"■^i-1 = .iii:lr.,i 

■I'l—r V \.,. 

»li<l llii-h.l II,,,. 

Ir.,iiil,i,.,„|;,ii,| „..|„„,,| ,„ ■ 
in, -,,iillin„,,| I,, \,,>i, >,.,ii„ 

"■■■■I .■|ii,a,,i, ||„. \,|,„„„. 
"II III. I',„ili, .„|,. 1., I i,„|,„|.„ 

HT. GjrmiHlk itlfnu I <v „ii.l ll,i,„,ii. 


Will,- ivui'.ii-, ,,,11-iim I'lLii, , 

I»"il. a- '.-. "."/.- van... 

IKlll. ,i. Ill*,, III,,,, «)„,„„ii. 

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W8, Lycocara p«rrii« It.—. 
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Ud. Derepodkhthyi alepldotui i.ijl..>i 


lliil.> III.' l.|..a|.|,„iMil]v liM.uii f,.,-,. I .i.,..|. Iliii;i,|„. I,la,„|,. 

860. Trachyptenia rei-saimononim .l..iili,ii uml Ciil,.-,!, 

II — .I.I..I II..." Sn;||,,„f .|„„|, ,1,. |„,.„ ,„„| „,„„ „„ ,, ,,,., „f,.,,,„-„.„|,, 

561. Lophius pibcatoriui l.inn,. n,, .|'l;ii.. .\l\ , ij,;i,i,. |sl i. 
\u-A-<: ri.liiiic-IV.ia: .M.ihkli^li 

" "I'- '"■ """I' \'l»"'"' V»'Um, IV„vii,... 1 ,,„.,|,. |,„v ,.v..|i.liii„ ,J,„,. 

V!'""-^""'."-^'" ■'■''■■. ""'■ I" l-l»"'l-^ i.ill, l„.|„i.,,|i,.r,. „,„„,.,,. 

N..,»a«^,,i Ii..,V..iM;.,.,.|„ , ,,,„ /„„ - 

iiLiiilli mil .^..iilliiiiiii i\„m.|l, 

662. Ceratias holbolli Kio.vii. 

.■i.-ll Divil. 


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iMKCi; l.I-r "K HHHK i<f 


563. Balistes caroUnensis <;iii<'liii. 
Muriin'. , . ,, .. J . .. ;„„.„ 

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n.ri.Mii. i;ilclv U'lrtli u, l-.iii;l;iiii' " uliinliui iill'l 

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5M. Monaccnthus hispidus l.iiin;i iiv 

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l,r,i.|. kiii.ll> (..raurili-il imc' I" lliv nmliiir ..Imul iui-Im' .>i'ai> iip' "liu'li >>.i» Hc-iinin 
„, S,. Mareiinf- lli.y M l»7^l. »' ^'v'l /. ,.- ■ ".« i ' : ■..miiariU nuiS - ."" 

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n.irlliwar.; t,. C.i,.' l"il: ami uN" "-'■"'• "' M"l' "" ^""' "' ' '""'"■'' '-'""*'■■ 
666. Chilomyctenis schcrpfi W ulliiiiiin 

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Kliifi.lii: MTV ai.uniliilil .MHitlinar.l ill .-liiillun niili 
,.( 111,. ramiiiiii» ali.l l-l.iriila" ami 'iviT 

666. Mola mola Liiiiian-'. 
Siili-ll,-li: lliM.I-ri«li. 
•lViii|K.nili' ami tr..|.i,al -.'a-: r. r"nl"il f."a. 

I'Llk! '■:i"rnil'lli»l'ii«ir''i'^ri'im™ liv f,-.a >ix in. linsH. '..1- '• i" Hi'"'- 

||„ ■ n,.,..|,i.r IS7:1' I.I -, l»7'.Mi« ■"■ ™' '" ' »»!«''' " ■■alilmi'l " nl'""' '■'" 

„.i|,„ „,t l,,.vir. 1,1 1 al I iiiailli iif ilav Harl ^ l-l, .luly. I.V.H. ami a„- 

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111,1. .iiim.iii al laiiM, ami mil mi III.' 

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A.lriati.' Sea. 
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'|BH...r .,n llan.|,i..r..a.i Hank, f.i.y iiiil.'- .••.Hi ' "< ' an- " »"- -"» '" " 

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I 1-1 ,.f tl... lisla.s of N.i.a 
a, II,. rniviniiul Museum. 


189-170. Heugnunmoa discaf;raniiii[is iUcnisntl 

'"' S,„i|,iBni.-litl,\'> .„;i, ai.H iCiilii'^n-juvenile) 

t,J \T.i. Si-Mr|i]Biii,liiliyH iijH,iii,,ru'us (Cabeion) 

174 l)|j|ii,«l„ii |.l„„j„|,„ (( ultuaC.Kll 

175 17li .s,.|..-,»l„,l,, rn.v.linuK UHaik l(„rkli,li i,r l',i,.«ifi,.|i) 
177-178. i3el.:i..i.»le» meluiopa (Ulack Sea ll,i«») 

1711 ISII .s,.|,a.,i,..J|., rulirrriimu (Bod !!..ckli«li ,.r Tumbor) 

IM l."|>liiiH |ii.s,-atoriuH (.ViiBler, Fi.,lii,i^. Trog, or Honkluh) 






1,1,1 .„ ,1,,. ,1 k-li-i I. B.niia M |.r.— -l""""''"- "' 'I"' ("H""""!! -I«'i'i''» I"".' lirl'll !■.■■ 

,,.;v,,| t M. s I II.- lasi.lmiH'i. wlii.l, I,.- .L.iti.. lo,- ,,l,t,uiu-.l in llnn-li 

r..l,„„l.,:, a.,. I II i- 11-. > 1 111.- 1-1 i I""!'"' Il ■ -l»''-i'-" '" ''"■"■ '''"'■" '" ''"' '■"■ 

12a. Scylliorhinus prohindomm i.-,.i.l. m-l H< mi 


M,„„„, <| I,,,..,, (,,,„ llnll-l, r-ihiii,lii;i a- in.-i.i. .ii.-.l M- ■"i"' .|..--llii.-ii "-'!>>"■ 

I s \ M, JllJ 111.- -.1.1- 1 l-> '111- I'i'li l-.iiii"i--i-." -'■■""•■' I""' ■" » 'I'-l"'' 

,„sliih,ll„.ii,- .iili.nn,-l.-:l'. 'i' v.. l-.iisiiii.l.- 7-' X W W C..,! IIW.,.- -I, 

a„-l l-;>.-iii,aiiii. 

40!>. Seb«st«lM goodei l-:ic,-iiii,ai,ii an. I i;ii:.-lii..ami. 

W, - S|.,..-| (1 1 llrill-h I'-.illllll.ia :. -llll-li--l al"- "T""-l '»"-" ' "»" "I 

|-alil..ri,ia ■ . i,.- -|..-, ,.- i, ii..» 1 ak.-ii ill al.iili.laii.-.- ill.- I -.i..iiii.i..- l-la,..l- Milila 
I'alaliiia aii-l ill.- l--il.-< Hank- ' -l-.i-laii aii-l l-:> .-riuaiii. 

<Ui. SelMistodes isstreUiger .l-.,-la.. ai.-l i.ili-.-ii 
lil-as- ll..,-kl,-li 

Marin.-, r«.. -].,-. i....-i.- ii-.iii llmi-li ''"In 
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llu -... i.i'.i (l.-ll «:.M-. :,■ 111, -Jin. .1, ;,li.| . -.11, lill .lilies ll<li.-,|.. 

ll.,H:,l,i,l I.Mli 111 ill 

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Iliiv. II ;- 11.11111, I 1,11,1, ,, .-.i.-i'iiifvlini, liiii.jiiiiiiiiM ..|i,i,i,ii.|,.iaiil. \-i,iipli,,.| lii.ii-lii ..| 

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/;..,.',.;,, Siiii iii.ii I ,i;iiii.i «;iii m.-ii »i,i,i, u- m iii.. iiiii...( m... .„n\ .-iin.ii,.-, 

I ..(..,/,,.„ , I'li-iii: t fii-li niiln Jul., il,.. ...i,, i,- ili,- „,,| ,|..,,. i., .,i,,.,ii, 

H ,/,/., I'..|l ,iiiiii. 1.. nvir- iiiliiil.iiiii.i liv.i-., 

/ .i.-.ii. l'..|i.,iiiii.u 1.. l.ll..- ii.l.i.l.lliii.; Ink..., 

;.. .. !...;...,. I, '1. -I.I ,1 |. ;.-... I l.V 1,111,1 1, ,,1111 ,,„||i|,n.„| i„ „..;i„.,| ,,, ,,,.,,l,,i„,- III 

liiiiiiii,. li-l„- Mlmli In.. Ill liiki- liiiviii.. 1,11 iliriil ,iiii,iii,|ii,,ii »iil, il„. -,.„: f,,, i„<ii,iii,|,, 

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1-1.;,,.. 1 I..lli|.,,].,ii -, il„..i,.|.lli.. 

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II- Il„. 

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Ill, 111. il.jMli.ill ll|,.|iL,l|.. H llli ...M.. 111., n.inviir.lll .llir ,11,1111 I in I,,,. iil„i,,il„.„ 1,,. 

111,1 ,111111 1,1, 111 ilill, 1,111, 1,1.1„,,--,-\ 11,,- ,l„i,.|ii,in,..l iiln.ii II |.,.. 1 1 iv,.i, ..|„.iii.i,,. 

iiii,:i,.li.i.l... Ill, ,ii.;iiimii.l.|.|| 1.1 II,,,-,. -iiiil...!.. Ii..,lli,.i 111,11,,,,,-. II 1- ii,i|,.,- !.l, 1.. n,.li,-„l,.„.\ I 


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utirpDliitii. MuM.-tiiiiiii 
itiirii'iiliit !!.< iLtllii. St'h 
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tf.m.ll-, l-UrKB..!.,.. 

-I tfMI.MbI,.. H,.J« 

'i7 Kn-."iiiu'iitniii. »t>t"> 

III? «rj-. II- ) :|lM~l.>tl>lf 

->.t ur ,.i,.l...... Vhux.' 

|i.J Kr.MMi,.!,-. \,.|.-l,m.M 

:m. lit) 

JIt. Tit 

w'l, "I 

:w, 11.1 

:tH, IM 

:i:<. MM 

;i:i. Mil 

Ivit:.'. Kii,;. 

I J 

J I 


Jt :;, t».r..M«.,-. I In,.,. 

I. > liiiriM.Kt.'iii. \x\iii 

I. > II .r.i..'l,i. 

H.iimI, |,„t,,tu. I«ll 

I'C'.I -. "" 

ll.lnil,,|.>rni- :.IM. 

I llll.llllu- 

l.<i<li>i-. I mul'il»- 
inii.r.,1. [,L,|..til-, l.ii..|.,lu- 









> i>ht 


• .111, 




1", \ 



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■in, ^» 


) 11 





liip|MiKliiHMii(l(>s, Hi'itiliitriltiii 
Hipp(i|tIoiv<U!i hipiMitElox^iiK 
hipiM^lwu^. HipiHiKlw-u" 
hi-pidii". Mnnucunthti''.. 
hollMilli, CVrulia» 
Hdloct-phuli . . . 

holirtracliy". ^lnlTurll^ 
luiyi, Arftyrosinmis . 
hiiij^imiii^, nip|«nuitnnis . 


selnii'. Niitmpi- 
liiiiiiilir<, U-poniis 
HyUi(nin< till.-' iirpyriti'' 
- lUM-liali^ ■ 

Hyl>op»ii iiiiililiii>!' 

di'simiiiM . 

" Mtirn'riiintif 

HydrolftRiw collici 

Hyodoti alowiile* 

(.■Urysop-ii* ... 

" tLTgixuit 


Hypxagonu)' quiidrirDmif 


IcrliXH liicomi!! 

IchthyoniywHi ciftwieu!' . . 
" concoior. . . . . 

IrOsU'Uf Bliiff "utii'Uri. 

ictalops, <!nttii^ ... 
letalurus punctatus .. 

Ii-tiobus hubalui^ 

" cypriuellu . 
incotiHtAtis, Eunalia.. 

" pypntctt, Euciiliu 

JDemiis, A'pidophoroidt'!*... 

infant, Avoctittiiia 

Inopfiettft ischj'ra 

introniKFr, SdiaHtodon 
iofl, Ck'velandia ... 

iowte, Etl^eo^toma 

iridpus, Siiltiio 

i.-fchyra, Inop«;tttt. ■ . 

bok-pi^ Isopsctta 


jachrtoni, Kiiitiiotocu . . 
japonicU*, Scondior.. . ■ • 

jejunuB, Notropis. 

jordani, Eop«'**' 

" Notropis 



ST (IF I'lsiii: 

:<:. llii 
;{7, II.". 

2», 04 
. an, 34 

. 27, SS 
. 2S, Sfl 


■: V.>\ 

liitcfiilis, .\rt.-<liii.< .... 
Ta'tiiotwa , . . 
liitifrotis. Aiukrliichus . . 
l:ililiititLi-, Ziiniiili-pis. - . 
lamvttif. .\rKyr"snmu8.. , 
ij'pirloeoliiu.-' Irpiilua... . 


l'>l>ld<ip~('ttii liilincata.. 


{^■pidi'-loii.^ (issctw 

" platwtoma-i , 
[(■[lidus, I.^pidn((f>biii.i.. 
l.i'pi>iiiis auritiiH. 

■' ImmiliH 

" nipfwloti:* 

" pitllidus 

I^'ptapii'i'-s decagonuJ' ■ 


l*'pt<N.TphiiIus r«n(tpr.. 
I^pttM^linu." maculatu-* — 
lopturii!', i^narhifha-' 
liMUoHri, Mosoctoniu., . 
fiPUci'^ciis balb'ula-' . . . . 
" plonpitiir' 

" nnohtrit'lii 

" np(Wffiil^ . 
Icvi'iii'ii^if, Sulino trutta 

l.iinamlu a.«pcra 

f(.'mi([inra - 

limi. Umbra ■ 

lirnoNi, \U-x\w 

liiinitiK, RoTu- 

Uy.X in TtCHMCAL N\Mh>< 

I,iiH>7w-ttii |>uliinnii 


Liparis cyclopuH 

" dennyi 

" fuwnnw, . , , . . 

" hiTNchflimn' 

" lipam 

" pulchel'.ai 

" lunicatus. . . ■ 

liparis. Llparii' 


I^phiu'* piwatoriiiw 


Lophopwtta maculiita — 

Lata niiu'iiloHft 

Iiic^idii^, Ar(tyrosomu« 


LiipiiL- luciuM 

" tniui(|iiinoiiKy ■ ■ 

" reticuliitiw 

hw'mi, Lwciiw 

Liinipcnus anpiiltiirii* 

■ fabricii 

" lampetnpfonnis 

" incdiua 

lumpus, Cycloptcrus 

luna, lAnipris ■ ■ 

liipuw, Anarhichas 

Lyccnohrlys paxillus 


I,yflocara parrii 

I.yi!od«lepis mucosus 

LyrixU'S friKidua 

" reticulatus 

" t^iTa!-nov» 

" anjirchiis ■ ■ ■ 

Lycodop>.in pacificuii 

LyopMitta c tilis 

maeiirfllus, Ikcapterw. - . 

HftL'doiialdia roetruta.. 

macelluH, Prionirtius 

riiacketiiii, Stenod\i» 

macouni, Cbiulloda^ 

macrocophiilu.i, 'Jadua ■ 

macrochrila*. Catostomii'' . . 

inacToIepidotiim, Moxontoma 

niacrolepidotus, Fundidux hetoroclila- 

Ma'TO-toma caataneum 

mar§»ri tiff rum 

" qiKrcinuni 


MatTurus Rcroli'pisi . . 

" li.ilolrai-liy* 

rnapulata, I^phopwtta . . - 
iiiaculatus, Cryptacauthodea 

:t.'., 112 

ntai-ulaiiii, Ii'iitncliiniT'. 

.NiitorhytiL'hiis , . . 
tiiiK'iilitHa, I.nta 

iiitld.'iTVIl:'!.-, (iTntoyctJJchl!' 

iiin-mnlrira-', ('iiularrhu." . 

Mabci-Mda- . •■ 

Miiliii-ii-i<'U- iiigcr 


iiiiiliwr, A-lHistixl.-" ■ 


iiiurKuriliftTuni, Macri)stinmi. 
iiiarhiu.*, I'l'tromywiii 

, IVtrr 

iDarinorativ*. Sciirpu^nk'lithy 
mur^toiii, Salvi'lini)^. . . 

TiiAMqiiinDDKy, I.^l(■ill^ 

inaxillinKtia, Kxofi !<►*!" mi — 

niaxiiiuis, tVtorliiiiiw 

rnciuiyi, H n.-'pariim 

inrili<«:riM, PoniolobUH. 

mcdiro.-'tnf, Acipcnsor 

iiiciUii", I.uiiipcniin 

rncKidotis, I,ppomi« 

Mclano([Paiiimu.= a;nliflnus, 
mi'laiiopa, Mmylmnia — . 

Sclwstodos , 
mplanostiptiL", Pnettichthys 

mcla^, AmpiuniK 

Mrnidia tnf nidia notata 
Tiicnidin iwrtata. Menidb ■ 


Morluci'iit-< bilincaris , 
" product UP., 

Mcr-dpiL-! pretiosas 

niicnicrphalua, Ga-ilroBtcus w 

Micnmadus proxiiiiua 

mil mil ■pi'', 

Ant ill 

a punctulata. . . 


■* Malmoide^. 


Mirrowtomus pacificu--* ■ 
minor, Anarliichafl ■ 
Minytrpma nirlantiiis 

Mitchillina bairdii 

Miila mola , , . 

miila, Mola 


mnllii', Bothrocara. 
Molvamolva. ... 
irolva, Molva.. 
Monacanthidiif . . 
Monacanthu'* hispidu* 
monopterygiua, Aspidophoroidf s 

10, -W 

14, 47 
13, 44 

. 2S, 79 
. -26, Sfl 

. 1^1, ll» 
. 17, M 
14. 4K 
. 37, IIB 
. 37, 116 
, 36, 114 
. 25, 79 
. 2a, 7ft 

inlax, l''.ri|cniiil 


Moron.' iiMirrinuui 
M<w.|..y,t .■yrlnK-l-i-.,. 
MoMP-riiiiiu ani~urii>ii 




My('t<.|>liutii |>iii)ri. 
My[.H'li.'ilu-. r:Lurir> 
Slyox.KTphalvw ii-ii 



njichtrii-hi, l/'ii,-isi.,L-.. 
namuytriKili. Cri-iivniiir 

Xitniiohrncliiiiti) iiutiihx 
nannochir, Xiiiiinilinii'liiiiii 
nuresi. Sulvi'liriii- ("|i[ii":i 
natulix, Aiiifiiini-^ 



. ilii. 

nrl.LiI,,-.,^. AM...iuni- 

Iirlsiinii. <'i>nn<ituis 



.NVir.ii'htl.yr. ,iV<,i 

NcoltiKtriHatlLuitii'iLi , 

" flone 

(trrrni , 

ncrkii, Oiieoriiynphiis 

iiii'holsii. (iahiiiM. . . , 
nip-r, Cliiurimo 'on . . 

" M;tlariihtc<is . 
iiiKricim^, ('t>tffrt(iiiui>^ 
iii)inpiiiiiip, ArKyroscjtiiii^. 
tliitrorilirtll.-, Sli 

IILKrilTII, HiiIt'O-mII 




tuiMLi. AiT" 


Is, IL' 
1-'., .Vi 

i:.. .->:( 

.11, 7<i 
Jii, 711 

i,'lrh;,li-, n> 
iiiii:n1„r. Mr 

..l.ini,ii,i>, i; 

•H.'llata. \{:\ 
n.-,.lla111-, A 



17. ."•7 




JS. '.II 

• «-n\ntA',\:i1 

-, Ni 



niTka . 

'pliiiiildii (ilotiRatH- 

)|>'l'p(l'Ol)lLS T'llliliU' 

IJ. IL- 

■Vi. \\i 

■■i-2. nut 

:(:!. Itil 

;i:i. iDii 

Hi, .-rfi 

:i:(, KM 

:tl. li'ii 


*• tiKirtlux. 

iiviK<Tiuii, ll>i<li.V|>l>:i-ii>a 
(Ixvli'liiii- |i''''"' 
iixyrhyiidm-, .\n|»-ii-..r -Inri,, 

[iftciiiciw, htttliy lupus 


TImlnrlilliys. ., 
I'liliimriclithy!' pcrcifonri- 

[willii-ii, (.'lu|<»'ii. 

i'lillit-iiiu uix 

piillitiws, 1,1'poriiis, , . 


Paiittwtcus jonluiii . . 
[mmdoxw, P>'yc!iroliiti-7' 


Pttraliparu ccpliulu.'* ... 

" iilochir 

piiriititicu)', Siinpmhi'lyH 

parki>i, Salvelinun 

Puro!>hryrt wtuliw 

purrii. Lycocara. . . 
puuciiipinis, Scbiwtfxirs 
piixilliiM, Lyccnchclys . 

pectinatus, Prirtis 

[N'rtoraLH, AlIiatroHsia .... 


ix-lamis, tiyiimosanla . - 
pi'lhicidu, Aniniorn.pti. 
pt'iilacantlnw, Xviiwhira- 
PiTra flavfsci'ns. . . . - 




percifomiiM, PalimirichHivs 

Ptrciiia caprodcs 


Pcrcupfis pittiitus. . ■ ■ 
personatus, AmmodytP!' . ■ ■ 

petimba, Fistularia 

Potromyion niftriim." 



Pntromyzonti-«, . . 

Phanprodon furcatu?' 

plia^Kiinora*. Nnlwaiitliii!' 

phi)nnip<, C'nttiif 

Pholis r»<rijil LIS , , 

" jnmrK'lIu"; 

|>iii;:< li. 







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r, (iMllllOn 


r\]iv dii<(i 








1,.., Hi,.i«.,.|i( 

M.-. h pM 



.,.!,:,ln-. My,.M>n.,>l,:. 

pn-tioMis, Mcsopa-i. 
Pri,.n;,cc glui.™ . . 

I'rioiiotu* i'iiri)limi*i.. 
I'ri-liiiiv , 
l'ri,ii. ,.,.,in„l,w . 
pniliiitofi'ph.'ilii.-^, .VrchiJ.-iirK'i 
priHlurtu-', McrhK'ciiis . 
prof iindoruni , Scyllinrliinii-. 
pruiEimthiL-', AriiyrDMiimi- 
pr..ln.■l!l^ Pimrplnil..^.. 
proxiimi.', MirroKJulii'' 
I'sittiilithy melanostu'ta* 

:t2 IIH) 
:!4. tiKi 

p^X'tiilotmri'iiKU", I'lHiiiiloKii- 
PHVclirolutfi' jut null >ML>t 
rtyrhochoiltu' •)^ldl>nl•n^'i?' 
])U|i;i'ti'n:-iH, ('liiliiniititi> . . . 
I)uU'lu-lla-<, Li|Miri< 
piinctutum, Myi'liitil'iuii. . 
punctutii", Irtiiliinw 
punclulutit, Mi[Tii)H-r('u 
piiDKitio!'. I'vpi-Iia- 

" lini(liy|MHln, i'vuii-tiii- 
piisillii!', .\r(iyn>-ciimi>. 
piitimnii. lottogaster copelamli 

" i_,i.,|.,.it,, 

pypiiiT't, Kiii-uliu iiii'uii-tatiTi 
I'ygosteiw [iwnai'iiw 

" " brarhypmiii 

quodracvii', AppIU's 

qiutdricuniis, IIy|K<iiKniuLt , 
i)UU(lriliitprn1i^, t'orc([nnu?* . , 
qiirrciiuiiii, Miu'rir-toiiiu., ■ 
QiiirtuU y-cuuila 

railinta, Raja 

Radiitinufi asprrlla* 

raii, Rmmu 

Rajii ahysj'icdin , , 
" biniKMiliitu . 


" tcranuluta. . . 

" (K^llata - . 

" raiiiata. ■ - ... 

" rhiiiu 

" stflhilata.. 

Rajidie . ... - 

mnula, Carpprocliw ■ 

ra.><trel lifter, Spbaatodns . 

reKalis Cynoitcion 

rpRius, Uropliyci" 

Rfrinhardtiufl hippoRlossoidi'n 

Remnra rpmoru 

rptnoni, Remora 

reticulfttiv, Luciw 

" I.ycoHpa 

rcx-salmonoruiii. Trarhyptoni.* 


Rhamphopottiw ridiardsoni . 

rhina. Kaja 

Rhinichthys atroniUDU.'' 


" (lulcis,., 
Rhinoscopelus coccoi 

ii'iLinl-oru. l{l);tini.||.H'.>nx 

|{nri<iiiili|^ jnnhiiii 
MMn.iii-. !^■l.■T■■h,l- 
rlll-■^rimll^, S'l.a-riKl.- 
niliii'tiii.iii-. Ant-'ii-.'!' 
nilxilroii.. Nnti'opi- 
n.|--tr,., .\i,.l,i,li,.„ 
niju-lri-, .\iiilili'|ilil<- 

Rii.-cttriu:" mrariyi . 

mtiilii, Itori'opLilus 

*ilar, Siiliiui 

' iKiununi- h<', Saliiio 
:-i'liafE(i, Saliiio 

S:.l Hnrkii . -. 

irhl-'ii:- ... 



■ in.tii; lv\v(»ii-i 








S;ilin("ioidc(i . 
Kjiltatrix, F(n>i"ti)i'Ui» 
S;ilvi'litiii-' alpiiui-t •Ait* 



" ociuiv.-^ii nan 



■' parkci 


pi:ipidis>iina, Alor-ii.. 



Sanla chilon^i^.. 






-iiiirus, Sinjird>ri'-ii\ 



-avanus, AplLr.<|.«l.Tii 



Srliilix-mli'f Rvriii.L- 


II. "i 

-■■lurpti, ('liiI<.t.nrT.Tii 









-(•|>l^)pa<■oll^', Nt'tiiifhl! 
StmnUT jav'Tii''"- 

24. 77 
1.-,, 81 

1 1-15 

14 m 

•J9. 92 

19, fiS 

IKCHVrcAI. >iMtiin 

N-iifiii.h'siix HiiiiruB 


"w-wnlwuf., 8<-,m.iwr 
wupifer, \otropis 

"'■yllii. .\\(tru()i,v 

^y"'"^''"'"* promndoruni ' 
'"■ytulintt iiTilnlc 

■■ *upiculiitu.iattllii„,. 






""'lanups . . 
i".vt| iniM , , 



■* rii.frtlliijer , 

" rutxTPiiiiiu 

«•''■».■, .Vmr„pi, liu,)H»niu», 
«U'n« vonici 

porfmraiiH aoDuta 


^i"'''!!!, Cli.Ii.mru 

«'ti(t.T. Da«y«rttu, 

"humardi, f„tinR,»,t^r 

Hlf<„s, Uh.,U.sIhe3 

"Htnif-r. Thvmallus 

•^,''t^'i'"-s.(iiju.rtidiH. .,;;;.';; 

*""'""■'. iiitprora.. 


"Nil-, Arjn.nttua 


S""cm-M.vs pHHi^iticu./ ' 

^«..,u.. P„i,„,.„^ 

«ipht>.t«ma fusi'iitii 



•«, ICJ2 
m, IU2 

1.5, o2 







■'H.r»i,i,„ij« nii,.ro,vphuliu '" "Xi 

"wrdid.w, Citlmpidnhys ' '-'■ U 

^pHriilu^. :t(( ,,- 

I "purDidt.,, I'oiiiuxis :J7 

-I^ltml,,. I'oly.xlo,. i*.-.. M 

I ■'*P»'yriiiiii ui'^.„t,.^ I.j, 44 

Sphyrwdidie T.i. 7,1 

"Pil'-Iu-, Cutiu.-. , » 

'*i^'iK*'H\ Kumicrotreiiii * ■'-■ "•-' 

*(Ualidi|.. .14, lor 

'■'qwlu. ,iiuntl.i,t. ' l> 

'Urklii \J. n 

-t-liutu... PlatU-htliy, '■"', .-.J 

-Icllcri, Ilcxi(|[raFiifTio« -"'. 114 

■■*,''■"" Itt 11, Kaju .\ ' ■"• "S 

Slfnixjus tiiafktiiiii '-■ -l-t 

™'"""i'"'t'ry,up. , I'-'. .Vt 

■'"■"■""("yrhidiE :'". sh 

^tiTlioptyx diapfmr.u ■ rn 

■"'tictiwiw punrtalu> ■ I". .W 

"iK'iia, (, .-(.-I, I \-> 

^f 'ii"t) di.iji fanadciisi. ■">■ I to 

vitrcudi -<i, S4 

""""';^-' At(,.T,..tli.w ■■■ L''i, Vj 

"""""''"■' I'TO.V ^.1, !tj 

■'!t'>riiiiit„id,.„ iri 

.'('","'"'".""■"■'■''"''"*' '" 

-f^i'l"'. (.vliiiu- II. .'IS 

■^"■"■"al,.,da. ■ .-tl, )«! 

-'■SniSaM-h.:;;,'''''"''*' ■ ■ '■ ':.. i' 

■".■- n:. <.M,.„K^,. Kn,„y,„n ■ ' ^W, ,12 

-"i-n'iii.Mi-. H,.,,^,^„„„^- ra, 4, 

•'""■ ""tlimeiitiii,^ 31, BH 

<.VTO(.li"lin,„d,iji, J), IIM 

-v.i:.|.l,„l,r,„„.|,„. |,|, ,_^^ 25 

■'■'"■l'">i- i;iUi -11, IK 

■"""'•"lii'l.i. 3.1, III., 

""""""'•'■ li-tiijuriu 

'"'-'"'.Ji. rj,iiulari 


'«"' ', :„|.|,.,.,„ 
•'•' ->--iiii..|,t|a. , 

■""i-. r,„,,i,v, 


thlllci.lllll^-, U-,I..Tll^ 





rr». h. 


. Sll7.'> 



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. Thn 

H-:itil Int.- 

tricii-pi". dymn' 
tritlfiitfttii", Knt 
Trfalnps U'lini 

Trielnp-'i- onttiru-n-i 
" tliijnip-»iiiii 

irisiiiiioxiiN, ' hioiiliiiiyxi- 


<, Sniin 

-chuwytM'hft, nnrnrhyiii'lui.-'. 
iiillilM-*', Arnyro.-'oniii-' ■ 

t ui)ii:Hi iH, Llpari^ 

tyrantiiw, Hrcvoortia 

ulocliir, i'aralijiuri^ 

Ulvuriii t-iililiifiir''iily 
umatillit, Aaoiift. 
Umlifii limi. 












i ArrniiiH 



.\>'ni»liiriL? iH'tiiiii'nhtliUM 
Xrri'rf"'- fiiroriini . 














l'.T.'ll.. . 

Ilhl.'k ilOH'll l>lt<-<'. 
Mhirk Itm'k-tioll.. . 
IlliirkSn Iln-4 .,, 

Ithhk kIxI Dortir 
Ithirk ^iirkvr 

Itlark !^ 


-5, III 

:u, no 

I, Snuill— I'iili 

Villi.! . 


llliii'-li-1i.. . 
III>U' II'Triiii; . 
Kill,- SiiMll-h , . 
Uliii' Surf-ii-li. . 
Itlii>il-m^.'.l Minm 

M.X': i.. 


■• .(■iilir..iiiiH . 

14, 4A 

. 27. HH 

Jiaml.'ii S^.il,.,- li-li. .. 

lli.n.-.|i".r Skull' .... 
!1iLrr'>i'ii<lii,4':ilir<>niia . 
ItiiskiiiK Shark 

iiii*-, niiiik S.H . , 

' Culi.'.. 

" t.»r0'-i»<nilh lllai 

■' l{.«>k 

■■ Hhii 

" Slrif'il 

*■ Whirr 

■' WhitrS'.i.. - . 

Big Skiiti' 

Hi!lli>h. . . . 

Ilhi.'kaii.i V.ll<.« 

l(hl<k-l>aiiitr.l Ui"k-1i-l 
Uhirk Mn:^, Ijir^i'-liUMI 
- Sniall-niin 
Itlack ItiillhriKl... 
IthK'k-i'hlu Minium . 






Hr, .ii,l-fm ('.»!.. . 

Itr<iii>l \Miil.'li-h . 

" Srickti'lwk 
■■ Tr..iit, .. . 

Urtiwii Et<).k-ti:.h.-. 

HufTiil" l-i-h, (V"iiii>"ri. 

HiilTiilo S,-iil|.in 

iliill-hnul, Mhirk 




Itiirky Mm 

Itull Mill 

HiiTiit". , 


Calif'Tiiifi lh<iiii-l> II. ;^ 

MirrlMU It. Iti 

M.ll.T'-Thim.l. .. . , ;L', imi 

I' (OHIO Jl, 7*1 

Snnliiu-. . II. tti 

" rtttii-lt -.M , ' ". 

Holf :»,*. -i 

Stirklrlwk L".>, 7;l 

TomciM) :.'( , T"* 

Cwidk-fiijh Itl, ". 

<!(t[it'lin - . I'j, 'u> 

Cnrp, I ii rniiiti V.*, I'l" 17, y. 

Common 17, .',7 

" Ukf 17, r,7 

" IxiiiR-Jawtil . -17, ^"i 

■ Stone 17, .'i7 

Yrllow 17, .'■.7 

Cftt-fi«h.'H 17 

Cat Shark II, nn 

CayiiKA Sliincr I •> , ^'•'^ 

fimnnel Cntash 17, "rii 

riiiirr, Arrtic 1.'., .'it 

" <}r.Tnliuui i:., r>i 

I^nK-riiiriiti I-'), 5;t 

" Niif- l.^, M 

Clicwy's Dun.T J(l. s.", 

Chimirrn I.'l, Kt 

CJ nirrM . i;! 

('lii4'|-iiiouth 1"". iMi 

(liiib, ('iihimliia River Is. t\\ 

•■ Cn-ik |s, tH 

■■ Flat-hcnilnl \\>. IM- 

•• r,iwn'!« I!t. M 

" Tjike l!t, iHi 

- Siiv.T. l^ i-x til, i'-r. 

riuili Mackeni 2S, S!t 

- Siipki-r 17, Vt 

Cisco !,->, 4!) 

' , Moono.Vf ITi, .(ft 

" , Lauri'tlB I-"), .1(1 

Cliiig-fiBh 3.-., Ii;: 

('lii|>eoid* i;t-ll 

Cml-fir-h . . . . ■-'t. :!1, 77, !H 

Cotihlcr, Common lin, nil 

" G.irman'!' - ■ '-*(>, '■'' 

Cod, Broad-fin :U . '.>■- 

" CultUK :il, '.K 

" Paintrrt :il , '.k 

Codfish. Cmmmi J 1 , 7S 

" flnrnhiml I'l. Ts 

r.'i.'iR.- -Jl. 7s 

(■(>,llmi: . ■,'.-> (I'SS-L'IMM, Ml >•.K^ -.".lill 

Coho I."., .•.! 

C.luml.irt niv.T Clmli Iv. Ill 

" MinnoH' . . ..... Is, IV> 

" Sucker .17, .Vt 


.V\, I 










.. U, 


, UK 




I'll-' I'i-li 










tJlifki. I>n.k 











27,, fi-h 



4 \V}ii 



■mill \ 



. . , ... 23, 



('iit,:iront Tnmt . IS, B2 

Cvprirmid- 17-19 

, lilftck-ii 
. I lor 


i-<l . . 

10, <W 

IH, (11 



I...nir-n(>«pd lit iis,-;|s(i>, (m (|s5:lsfl> 

\'-.,iitript> IS, 02 

Rrd-UOli-d IB, fit 

.• ticulpin 32, 103 

•rtloiiml.\lli)t!.|..r-ri-li S.1, 106 

-, nini'k-sidrd 26, 84 

ChenRy':! 20, S5 

Fan-tailfd 2«, BS 

L>del>-W:iU!r |lti>|i 

s SCUi .\ti N 'Ml ■< 

I loi.n.lir SN.rry. 


t Im.iL- I I'll . 

iUii.a Hot.i.i 

I n),[ It'H'klll.t: 




i< kl< I 

It-'K W"i 'I. - 

Ih'thrli-li .. . 
Drum, l'r.-li»:il 
Dii-ky MiiiiKiw 
I>wiirf '<ii>-kl>'l>ii 


- W-ilf... 

I>l-l«i.-k Kl...m.l.-r 

['-■I I'tMll 

- , I'witii . , , 

" .H.N'k 

. Stimv 

!■:. I- 

i:.irM|-'jii Siiil|iiti 


Fi I1-1'hIi. , 


r:»II lI.TriuB 

Fmi-I) HiirltT 


lisliiiiit rmic ■■ ■ 

l!nlfi-h, Ciiiriuiin 




FI«I-)..-a,W • i.t. 

FlmiiKirr, V^'. wu-> 



" Shar{>-iii>»«'ii 



in . 



,1 >h,. 


1 Sr„l|.iu. 


r«riii 1 



• > 

• iuM. 

\i\ \Vi 


• m.|,| 


'<>!, A. 

-I'l . 




ilulizi. . 

• O'^IV 



■ Itui-l 

iltTrJ Shark.... 








S.;l I. 

miirry.. . 


Slmrk . . . 

I .rc-'t 

l:ui<l (' 

ACiAi .... 
ililml .... 



int. . . 


1 1, t: 

.»••. ir_' 

It, II' 

X\ IIP) 

I ), 17 

I's. HI 

I".. .">) 
I"i, -'il 

II. 3S 

J! I, 02 

12, 41 

;u, OS 

, 2(1, M 

. l.T. 44 

, 11). m 

. ;i4, 108 

SI (L'ft9:3(«) 





■)>, \i<ii'ri< 



Hllv.T. . 





«i . 

. \irii» 


-a« li-li 


luil. - , 



ll.-j(.tH-li ., , 


■IikIh I'i-I 




llj.krn Slm.l 
ElorrK'.l Ihto'. 

lliim|.l»t.-kS»li I 


Johnny |)nrt>T . 
J..nUir-Shi.i.r . . 

Kttiiilo'ip'-' Trohit 
Krli>G-.h . 
Ki-iinerlv'^ SliIiiiijii 
Killy. I>.'>.li-wiii.r . 

KiiiK KMi 


lAbriidnr WliitfifiHh. . 


Ijik)- ('ar|i MiK-ktr . 








i l.i.ii 

IT ^ 

).:<! ';;l>:ini 





M. lit 

. k lln- 


.1 >(< 


LlMIlin-. ^ 





[.i»u. 1 .. 

ll Hill 


I.illl.' It>. 


I...U I'. f 

1 U-.v... 

1 u-dhf 

1 Si I. 

'.1 Ml 

in in' ■ 


„.,! Sr 




<l Tilt 



.1 |it.< 


. .1 S>- 


LuRKcr, Sto e 

\l;>,l-.l.. . k.-ll li-lll- 

\]m '. .iTri.iir., , 




. Ilhx k rtui. 


l<»ll . . 


It.. Km 

I'.lllh \. I 

I, .III 




. ll- 

I ll.A 


l'»,i ..-Mti.. 







, ■■' 


M >n y.' ( 




MixmluitiT^llrkiT ll< 

iiikI. ] 

Mini MiiML 


rl-l..''. > 




Nan ■.(■III. 



I Stirkh'l. 


liirliT, . - 




'olhirk . 


tl .1 ll.T-. 


irii<' )l 

initn... . 


1 >!iviir 1 




^^riUl)^■ He 


, \...lK.TIl 

, W.iH.'^mI . 


I'.M.i, i:.i... , 

' ll'iriKil. 

" I'rioific \'.e\ ■ . 

■■ ll.p-'k l-Vl.. 

■■ <limv V,y\ ... 
I'rirkI <iS.>ilor-liBh Hiill-liniil., 



I'litiiaiii'-. Durlor 

II i:t 

:{:i. II Ml 
















ItikiiiUiw Da 


II. T 

niL|! . 



Iliiy, ('DtTiitii 


I),r|. r 


IW-U-lli.'.! HHfi- 

lleil Caiiuilian tVimi . . 


Kt'dlin Mirmou' 

Urdfish, Little 

Ked llor*', Cnmmon 

" IjirRo-ncalt'il . . 


K.>,i RiH^k-ti^li 

II.H1 K<H-kTr..iU 

Ki'd SiMilpin 

Red-sided Stiim-r 

Rrd-Hpotted i^iinfiith 



Richard.ton'n Bctil|>in 

Rii'lmnl^inn's Whit.-risli. . 


HiK-k DaiiK . 

RcK-k Eel Pout 

Rock-fish, Hliuk 

Hli»;k imd V.'llin 






RorkliniT, Kmir-U-ardfd 

" Thnt'-bcardi-d 

R(«'k Trout, U.-d 


Rocky Miiunlai 
Roller, Siiiui... 



, Buil-hoad.... 

Rouquil JT 

Roue-fish :i(i 

Rosy-front Minnow Ill 

Rough Dfth J'.i 

Round WTiilcfish 11 


KiMv I 

- Roll.T 

."iMrdinc, Ciiliforuia, . 
>*i(iti-rm Minnow... 

■j;t (2.V.I 2r.i) 7.-1 

HulTiilo :(■-', HKl 


:iJ, liKi 



I..iiiil-horn..l.. . . 

;w, ni:i 

;i'-'. iit:i 

Hl>, UKt 

■' «pi'"'l 

:5J, HKI 

R.-.1 -. 


I!'.', UNI 

:!3, lor> 


n:i, l(i,-> 



.i-2, IIM) 



is^ Hliu-k 

:ui, m 

" I 


:t7. il.-. 

-lior-j'. Cot 


, 107 

■■ liavrn I!;; , 17I;I7.11 lll.l ^ I7l;47r>) 

" Stmil ;U. KIH 

Srri'.lr, Handed ■-'>*, "I 

S rpi'ut Blenny ■l.">, H2 




Hi. .V, 

SI,;.. I Mn..ri 

Shi.rk, Hii-kiiiit 

■■ Cut 

" Cnw 

- Gr at Bine . 

■■ llnrlllMll.l 

•■ M;.rk.T.I 

•' Oil 

" Shovrl-liow«it 

" Sl.riHT 

11 , 
. . 11, 



Slinrp-iici-u'il noiitiilir.. 


. r...k.- 

Sliiri.r. r:.viJi:Ji 

■' (li,ia.n 


- Miiskoka 

" ]^■d-w^^.^ 

" S|K)!U'd 

S!it.rt-h(-a.l.-d MuUi't,... 

Sh'>rl-no»(l (inrpikc 

" MtiirtJi'<iii 

Shove!-no«-c1 Stiark. . 

Shtimarti'B Diirl.T 



SiK.T Cliiil. . . . 

" -fin 

. . . 1>. 

. . 1^, 

. .. Is, 

■ 1^, 

. . .. I',l, 
l">. VI. lil, 

•■ Mmiimv 

" Kulmon 


" , Lak,. 


Skat.., Barndo-ir 

1 -1 . 

Sk,ilc-.)f-C;ilif..nii:i, liig.. 

. tL'. 



Slirny KA I'mit 

Slipi-ry Sol.- 

Small l(!i(..kI.;inLprvy,. . 
Small-nioiilli Ula.'k It;." I'i-li . 
Sninll-ncnlcd Antimora — 

\^ (ITii; 


l.-.. 53 

;t;i, 105 

■Jl r.'mi:-.*;i7i. ;■.' vi-w-.TM) 


IS, G4 

19, 66 

17, 68 

15, 51 


" IWkTnmt 

31 , 



■^ikkLOwk, Alaska - 


An-li.- 22, 

Hrook 22, 

" Culifornin 22, 

<'<)niinon 22, 

Dwarf 22, 

Kjislcrn 22, 

" Four-ipine.l 22, 

Nim'-spincd 22, 

Partly Aimour^.l 22, 

Yfll.iw 22, 


'sting Hny, Common i;i, 

Stnn,.r:iTtHl 17. 

■■ l:Uwr IS, 

■' ItnlllT 17. IS, .W, 

" Sciilpin . , . :f2 , 

" Sii.-kfr :ii, 

Stravlwrry Biis>^ 2.'>. 

Straw-ccilinin-d Minnow - IS, 

d Has 

Siriprd Surf-fish,, 


Whito . . . 

■, Hlufk 




Suck-Mi., .. 

, Bill. 

" , (,'otnmon... 

" .(Jrwn... 

" , Lonjt-i'un.l . 

" , R*h1-sihiIIi>.I.. 

- , Blur. ... 

" , Common. , 

" .White 

Surf I-'ifhi's 

Surf Smelt 

Swell Shark 


Tadpoir Stone Cut 


Tarpon ■ ■ ■ 



Teleoatomes • ■ 

TcsMt'lftled Hurler 

Thrcf-U-unled HoekliiiR 
Three-tiMithed Ijimprry. 



" ,Culifornm 

Toodied H.rring 


Top Minn.iw 


Trout, HriMik 

" Ciittlirotil 

" Dolly Vurtleii. . . 

" Tm-at Ijtke 

" Kiimlonp's 

" l/irhl-'ven 


Kr.l ItiH'k 


SMirry linek. 

'I>il|..|>n,ie.l KMit' 

■t>.ri...l MIenny... 

vr.l I'.illaek... 


i.">. .'1:1 

I.-.. .-.:t 
:tl, Its 
21, 71 
■_'l, 71 

_>.-)>: 2-> 

i:i :t7 
1 7:1, 74 

:i.'. IIU 



\V..:ikli-!i. f.n.imoii 


While llji^" 

Wliileli-Ii, Uromi 


CoullerS. .. 


K.K-ky .Mniiri 



While Iluke 

While Miim-m- 

Wl.iii.-n<>s<'.l It'll Ilors. 

WlLiie I'ercli 


14, 4.S 
14, 40 



Wiii.l.-w Pane. . 
Winter ll.'.ni.lrr 

w.iif 1:. I 


... :fii. st5 

. . ■»^, fl4 

,. :tii, 113 

71, ir- 

ti:! i.-.4();.>4n 

. . :w. \Vi 

V.'llow-Laeke.l Hoek-fi-li 

V.'ll'.w llMly 

V,-ll..w Hlciiiiy 




V,.l|..w Mi.ekerel 

WIlow IVreh -'■'■ ^-t 

V,.ll.»v-s|.,>ne.! Hoek-lish iU !*T 

Yellow Stiekleliaek 22, 73