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Full text of "An introduction to the author's forth-coming volume on the origin, signification, translation, classification and etymology of proper-names [microform]"

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Collection de 





Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming am 
checked below. 







Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

Covers damaged / 
Couverture endommagte 

Covers restored and/or laminated / 
Couverture restaur^ et/ou pellicula 

Cover title missing / Le titre de couverture manque 

Coloured maps / Cartes g^ographiques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

Coloured platr <^nd/or illustrations / 
Planches et/ou . ^atrations en couleur 

Bound with other material / 
Reli§ avec d'autres documents 

Only edition available / 
Seule Edition disponible 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion along 
interior margin / La reliure serr^ peut causer de 
I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de la marge 

Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have been 
omitted from filming / II se peut que certaines pages 
blanches ajout^es lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte, mais, lorsque cela ^tait 
possible, ces pages n'ont pas 6\6 film^s. 

Additional comments / 
Commentaires suppldmentaires: 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire qu'il lui a 
6X6 possible de se procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
plaire qui sont peut-6tro uniques du point de vue bibli- 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la m^tho- 
de nomnale de filmage sont indiquds ci-dessous. 

I I Coloured pages / Pages de couleur 

I I Pages damaged / Pages endommag6es 


Pages restored and/or laminated / 
Pages restaurtes et/ou pellicul^es 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 
Pages dteolor^es, tachet^es ou piqu^es 

I I Pages detached / Pages d6tach6es 

\y\ Showthrough / Transparence 

P/n Quality of print varies / 



Quality in^gale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary material / 
Comprend du materiel suppl^mentaire 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, 
tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages totalement ou 
partiellement obscurcies par un feuiilet d'errata, une 
pelure, etc., ont 6\6 film^es h nouveau de fa^on h 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages s'opposant ayant des 
colorations variables ou des decolorations sont 
film^s deux fois afin d'obtenir la meilleure image 

Thia item is filmed at the raduction ratio chaclcad balow / 

Ce doeumant aat fiim* au taux da rMuction indiqirf ci-daaaoua. 













Th« copy filmed h«r« has b««n r«produc«d thanki 
to tha ganarotity of: 

Stauffer Library 
Queen's University 

Tha imagaa appaaring hara ara tha bast quality 
possibia considaring tha condition and lagibility 
of tha original copy and in kaaping with tha 
filming contract spocif ications. 

Original copias in printwd papar eovars ara filmad 
baginning with tha front covar and anting on 
tha last paga with a printad or illuatratad impraa- 
sion, or tha back covar whan appropriate. All 
othar original copiaa ara filmad baginning on tha 
first paga with a printad or illustratad impraa- 
sion, and anding on tha last paga with a printad 
or illustratad imprasaion. 

Tha last racordad frama on aach microficha 
shall contain tha symbol ««> (moaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or tha symbol V (maaning "END"), 
whichavar applias. 

Maps, platas. charts, ate, may ba filmad at 
diffarant raduction ratios. Thosa too larga to ba 
antiraly included in ona axposura ara filmad 
baginning in tha uppar laft hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diegrems illustrate the 




1 2 

4 5 

L'«x«mplair« filmA fut raproduit grice k la 
gAnirosit* da: 

Stauffer Library 
Queen's University 

La« imagas suivanta* ont At* raproduitas avac la 
plus grand aoin. cempta tanu da la condition at 
da la nanat* da I'axamplaira film*, at an 
conformiti avac laa conditiona du contrat da 

Laa axamplairaa originaux dont la couvartura an 
papiar aat imprimia sont filmAa an commanpant 
par la pramiar plat at an tarminant soit par la 
darniira paga qui eomporta una amprainta 
d'impraaaion ou d'illuatration. soit par la tacond 
plat, salon la caa. Tous laa autraa axamplairas 
originaux sont fiimia mn eommanpant par la 
pramiAra paga qui eomporta una amprainta 
d'impraaaion ou d'illustration at an tarminant par 
la darniira paga qui eomporta una talla 

Un doa symbolaa suivanta apparaitra sur la 
darniira imaga da ehaqua microfichs. salon la 
caa: la symbola — ^ signifia "A SUIVRE". la 
symboia V signifia "FIN". 

Laa eartaa. planchaa. tablaaux, ate., pauvant ittt 
filmte A daa taux da riduetion diffArents. 
Lorsqua la doeumant ast trop grand pour iu» 
raproduit an un saul eiich*. il ast film* * partir 
da t'angia supiriaur gaucha. da gaucha * droite. 
at da haut an baa. •» pranant la nombra 
d'imagaa nicaaaaira. Las diagrammas suivants 
iliuatrant la m«thoda. 

2 3 

5 3 




To hi- iral lipforf sec tinn 11 of th» R^al gori'tT of Canadnat it« Mi 

■%wai «t T'.iuiiio, Out. 1902 

liaii l-'i 

III 1S7I . Mki'. 'riiiiKiiMV |.i 



nil. Ill III.- iMniiiiiiiiij of ill.' t-t v.ilinii-. «.iii.. 

.|.,-i.-iil .lirliiii 
•II llio ilviimlii 

.if t '.mu- 
ll llMtnl-V 

,(f pi-u|ii r-ii)iriit-s. 

IIJM lii^'iilli.'i.'iil 

nil III. 

Uli-li III 

It'll. !>;.■ c;:i.i- 

.1 III 

Illl.-ltlll.S 1. 1 r.MIHI.l.T ,1- 

.iHiiii:itiM"»'iii« '>r li.iiiiiiiiyiii> .-i-ilitiii iiJiiii-' wliioli m-.- Iiy n.i iii.iiii" hIiik-Ii ;i rlii« 

Tliii' III. i;ivi-.< ./,ii//.. 

II iin!li>li Iraii^liili'iii of llif iiiiiii.. /»'.!. 

■"luiiii. wluU- .'.w/.M." ii fniiii ill.' li-iM.-li .'.■"'/..", iliiliiiii .'.-I 


nil .'111 

•.'.liili ./,■ 

'iint |,i 


I. lit lliiit i.f ilii'V. 


.III. T (cliiirK'.iiiii. I ) from Culrifin 


../. Ill 

.1 III' 

iiM-aiiiiii' ot, li .■.././. 

iililwy.-, (W.'lM.-n 


ill III. 

Mii'in'iii wliu-li Im iiiiii-liil.'- iiil.i .■/.'(.../,'. 

I Ihf |Hi|>iiliir iiiiin.' Ill ill.- nil. |. 111. ..f Kiiiii.... for llii,- -ilk w-irm, «' 
iii.iiniii^ wliii'li '^ll'..^lllly 



lo .1//1 

IlilVf l>oiiii|.|-.ill wliM'll 'raiiuiliiy .|i'l'iv.-< fliiiil It' \l' 


i.f !■• 

I.llliv I 

ri' II. H III.' 

loinoiiviiiv or -iiiiiiiiiilv 

DiaiiiliUiiii V 

IlllilV ol ■ 

III.) w.-r - iMii 

cliiiiv.. of tlie f.u'l. On til. 


i>f i> I.l ..r .Mi-i>.iiiiiiii. r. 

'lie liariu-'l alilit-. w- 
ijaiit. illiinln.i 

lliMJal II., ll- 

,.1 IV 


llial h. .li-rivi'-lliH 
li.'liiii-l.) Kilt ill. 


>.| I.l 

III', r ill. 

I -ax. II I I ■ 

I..WI1 on 111- w-ar.'i 

aiiO(., as if lli.- 

. '.Miliary ill.' Iiil.. .i.'ru-alliiii ol 

I lull on . Ill III' of ill.- I'lr.iri of 

lli.'S ix.iii or Soan.liiiav >'■ rl \n'i\- 

.-l.'li. ly .if any li..,i.|'(; .-an lianlly li.- 


haul.- tl'.<'il 


i.l .Inl.'li, 

.l.liil-li /.' 

ill.' Lriiiliiation h'l" 

ol III.- nam 

Ilalillt-I, a ii. 

of ini-tilvinu /«. '"I for //< 

I'.-i.l.'iK'.'. a litiiii.' . a 

I i,'.'rinaii 

II.' iiii.l.-r coii-i 

l.-l'ali..ii Itnihi 

nil tl 

I.- 111. -ailing 

ill on.' 

it ill.' Ilea. I .if 


-loll, a n.Mi 

.■brati'.l it- lii-inlality. .-i.', .ir lli it ili ■ in in liiii 

was kii.iwii a- liln-ral an. I jj'.-ii.i ..n- iaiil to tin- .lay. a i. |ir.'-..iilal i 

,f til' 

.-i-oii-lv liil.-.l out 



il.r li' 

thai tll.- 
I- tn no \v ly Ilo\ 
I- mill, rliik.'ii ill.' 

ip.'ililion la-t yi-ai. to li'-i 111.- |irai-lk-iliility .if wint.-r ii iv 'm 

I.I.I. Ii. 
.f 111. 

t'.r 111" |.i 

ii.'lliin^ in a nam. 
if -i^tiali/,niy or 

mil 'iillii;,' 


tint tll'i 

It I- 


"Xlrniii' ml. 'I'. -I, an 

n|i.i-ilii fill.' H'lrk to will. 'Ii llii-'li .'i i- niti-ii'|."l a- ,i |ir..fa 

a-.' Ii. 
II-.- 111. 

.j.r- llil- 

.il I'liaj.l 


j.l.'r ..t ll 
-o-l, i- hk.- 

IJ.v.l. .\lila 



ill lull a v.-rv 

,v of 111. 
ly ot I.Kikln- .iil.i tin 
i-li iif lliini 

tv. lliiil In- li'i- lli'iiiulil It a.lvi-'ilil.- Ill a 1. -.-< .-s|ii-ii-n.- f...-m to |iiit r.-i.l.r- m ill. 

1.1 win 

I' of III.. |ir.-.iii fiinily nam.- or a|i| 


I- » llt.'l Hull 

I.l a.l.l that In. .1. 

Iimi-clf f.nliinal.' m 

iilliii;; liiiii 111 tlli^' t'lyiimlo(ji.-iil i-iii|iiiry into tin- .iri(iiii of w.inU an. I 

li.i'l 111- i'l.- I 

la- ahlav 

to liiiii a >.f lov.-, « liile tiiliii;; . 

K'll m.ialHiils iif li'l-iire 'I- lii--l'l lii" .in I « iltni; 

I .-nyiiin-Mr- 

III si-i.-ntilii- '-iilij 

liji'i't- h iv<- l.'ft hiiii for ll 


In IS-.'4, 

1 vv'.rk in tw. 


tVt-ni-ti unlti. 

H- |illl|.. 

i.l fr. 


i;u IV .iilol-- at '.'llf'l 

ll. li- 

ili 11 nil.- on llii.'.-iilii.'.'l .it ill.- origin ami .-lyni ilo;ry of |.ro|i," ami f'liiiily iiaiin 

Mr. Salv.--tri- -ays tliaf of ..|1 lln- iini.l. « .it .Ii-tni«m-iiii 

imliviiliial. till' must n.itnral i- 

' hi 

III a iiaiiii- r.-1-.illni;; lit- i|ii 


illlii- nliv-li-al I 

itai, a- I'l- /././ .ir /.///., /../' ..r «/,■..■'. tli- /'.< 

../ or A. 

ill' at llin ar. 
I'Xiiri-— ivi' of slnn-liir..s 

II,'- ..r .'.iiou 

ami imln-lr 

1-, of I'r.'aliir.'- 

.f 111 

iilli'- lamia, llii' ll. 

Ill ol till' lii.ll- 

li.l niat.'t'ial- liia 

ll-o III 

if all kiii.l- ami of ll 

f I'lini.-slilili-s, ai-tii-l.'M <if fiirniliir.'. of .In 

11' i'.nn|ii'n.iil ] 
of .loiiii'-lii' in 

lion- III 

11. if, (■irlalli lial 


■ral s,iils 
i'lii'ar-.-.| ill till 

..ti.'Slli.r.'.ifniorr.irli'— siiilalil.-tiiliiiiti.nlliiral. a;;ri. i'i'.|iiir. iniiil- 

iiaiiii'S of niaii\ nini 


i-r.-iiri- iiaiii. 

I liililii-al ami i 

rii'itl. a-lromuiii.'i 


I'll as ll 

111-.. t-Xlil'i — !V. 


ami iiiia-iir. 


,'- ,1,' 

ii-t faiiiilv ofl 

or 111 town-, i-ilii--. nvi'i 

■s. la 




On tlii- li.'ail. -avs Siilvc-lr.' «i' know ir 

111 willi 

iilicaliv.' .if till' iiali.inalitv of tin' imliviiliial. 
i'i'taiiil\, .'illn-r what tli.' oriuiiial -.ii-i' wa- 

r -f 

i.l lli.H.'l- of 11.-^ 

iif -mil iiaiiK- of |ila.-i-. or to « 
allii.'liiiii; it t.i -oini' i'i'lii;i.iii,- \i- 
I'liii wi' sav vv 

■ to ttliai - \t. Ill till- iiaiin- ina\ liavi' Uin alt.r.'.l. 

I'll fr 

ill.' .l.'-ii 

lii-loriial Ira.lilion. or lliron 

J, la|i-. 


lii'tlii'i- til. nam.'- U'Liii-. .1 orininally to [iliv-i.-al oLji'it- I'alli.i tlian lo ival |i.'i'- 

limna.i -|k'.'1.'-. 

\ lli.iii-ami nam. - may 
ir to a tl.i\vt-r, a ro. k it.-. 

Ilv I'l 

I.,' nil llii. 111. .1 of wliiili till' niranint; or -i;;iiili. a|.|.lii- i i|iiii 

.\ man lias oflnii a.|n|il.'.l til.' nam.' of a iilac' ..r ;;ivi n In- iiann' |.. a 

loiiility ami it is iiiori- .sincially i 

11 til.' liiil.-.', .'-talis of .\iiuri.-ii lliiit tin- tnitli of llii- a— -rlioii 

lalil.-. Til, 

.-iirr.-m-i- is morrnv.-r rni 

mlcri-d piolialilc ami cvi'ii ..rtaiii from lli.- fail llial im.-l |ir.i|i. 

iiimi's liavi- oriL'iiiati'.l .'.'iitiiri<-s ai;.i in tin- motlii-r i-oiiinry, ami lliat in i'iiii);ratiii;x to .Viiuri.a a m-u m 

lli.'r.'tofoi.- .sii|i|Kisi'il lo In 
iiiii.-il I' 

in-\v .11- a 

s M'l iimlisi'.iv.'ri'il ami nniiilialiili'.l ciuiilry. win r.' |ila.'i- lia.l imi 

slv ll. 

It- lia.l to In 


I iiniv Ik- 111 a t.'W .'ii-c: 

ill till 

II' iiiiliaii or aliorij;iiia 


rna.-nlai. to[i. 

'.I for III.. |aii']Mi-. of 

i.l.'iiliti.nlion — Inin-i- it i- w.- liml tin- nam. - of imln i 

llial- as .\ilani-. Kvaiis. iti'. villi a li-l of -iilli^.s atla.lnil iii.lii aliv .■ 

of till' .il.j|..'t 

■ll a- .\ilani 

ill.'. .\. la 


■ll. K 


stii'lil. Kvaiislioioiioli. witlia liiimli-i'il.itliirsn.'li -iillix. - 

ir Inriiil liili.uis as 


— iin.l llio- iils.i |H.rih'tiiatiii); 

iiliitaiii. liav.'ii. |K>|-|. liri.l^'.-. lamlinc. \>\W)i. Iiaii 


i-ir nam..- or liamlin^ .lowii to [msti-ritv 


. I.rook. lak. 



Til.- I.' 

Salvislri-. fall liai-k .ui liistory : ( 

it 1- -ai.i. ua- iinr- 

'.I I. 

-..a I. /,'. 

til.. |K'i-siaii Airhiui 


111 /.•' 

..I liy an 
o-.' tVoni 


tin- .li'a.l ..r 

ha- no othi-r lonn.liition lliiiii ihiit llir M-rh rxniit (..inn 

to lifl' 

ilaritv »( <■> 



a l:i..'t. or lunl llin- I m 

lit'.' ay:ain -oi 
a.niiin) \va- nil 

■In- ill. nil 

ilir tl 

11' svnonvniv 

Uiit it .liH- not follow that '.'. 

1- a ni\ tiiua 

I or 

im'slcri.ins li.'iiiy 

jiion- 111- r.ln^ioii' 

1,'L.i'llil of 

.\iiil wliili- on this 111' 111 we may. i-.-iii irk ihil Turnni/ ni ly |i ll 

I- a iiiak.' 


ll- n mil- ny 11-1^1- mi' 
- illy wriltrii or a- |iriiiioiim 
ly vonti-iuti'iii or .-lisi.iii iK'.-aini- ./' 

Ill f 
-ll 77 

■r...|iii-iit i'.'|iililio 

tit Id 

ii|iof/../iV an 

I /; 

ami linallv ami 

III'/ : 111 til. 

'iini ' wav 11' 

Ihr f 

III li 

r.'iii'li wont ijnii'ii- 
-.1 .■/,.,„,„.•. .' 

to f.'I'll 

i l.-ly -|..ik. 

,;ivi'ii rist' to it- luiiiji; wiith-i: c 


.1 ll. 

. Iii.l. ,.i (I III. ...I. f; I 111, ;i|.| .vi.lni.. ..I ll,. llniiu lli;,i 

,1, .,1"! ~u, h 

1,!> kllllMl, . -Ml, 

l,:i- ll> li,,h|,'liv III 111 llli 
tltllt'1,'1 Jll t IIL:ll-il\\,,|liat 

ill, -I , 111 I. In II 11 II .1 III llii , iiuli-li hill, 111 u,„il.| I 111 in 1.1 IK |,i,,ii,.iiii, , II -■ II 1 1,1 ,,,ii.,. I,, "111, It H- |,|,, 

.llPi ll,:l\ li.i\. 

,|,iu,,| I 

111,' lllyll-ll 

lull, It til I- ,-, W Ii.l, 

,|,.,|. ll, »,,lll,l 1,111 1.1 

.| . ,111,1 II ill. iihIiv I'liiiil I mil U'l ll Liiiili V ,.f II lis nil 

- ,11, ,./,.„ Ilk, h I,, l» Ik 11, til iill ll. hllii 
W , Inn, ll, !,' Ill I .11111,1.1 ill,- h:, I I: Iv III ll 

I I I'll, ,1111 liiiiillv il,Mil,l 1,111 uliiil I, .III h.iiii,- 111', ,,| ,,ii, all, I 111. 

, ll a llali-lnlll 

1.1 iii.ii .ll nil. 

liililv . ,,r , ..111-1 , ,,l a— , iliiiu «l I, ll ,,| III. IH,, ,|iii\,- li,,iii 111, ,,lli,i, ami , illi. 1 -11), |„ 

-ll i:„n,.,ii. 

ii:iii. Willi, ,111 llu |,,--i 

I, mm al«,iii ill. 

III, lain,. I |,li,.-l- I,, w ll ll 


I., .i.iitin:: alll, ,1 I,' ail ,,1,1 ,,,iiiilr\ »il, ,,r tli> 

I., 11 \\,,lnal 

il'nniili .1, -,,iil III, ,lii|,l 

r, 11 III 111, I, ,11 

111,- lull, -I /■; I 1., /; ,/,, ..I III, 

11,-1',, I Ilia' l.'ii 

, I,. I, .11111, -III 

:i I ,, 111 

h: ;/, I..1 A.V 

tlill I. - ai;,. Ill 111 


i.l'l v\,,||.l all,! ill ill, M l'\ -anil li,.ilin. i- 

\..i- ,1111 ll U .|,,iil,i,-,|, u,- 1„ li.-\, iliai all -11, ll 11.1111, - a- ll, I-,- 11, I ,111,1,1 1 I. rininai. in .' an,! in 

■■/. 111,1 ,,rl;^llialK .111.1 -nil 111 I'lall,, |,n,ll,,llll,-, ,1 . llllil >• a- 111 lli-itii'l .tn,i,l ./..//,„. ./, Ila\, 

: r,.| Ihi. ,|ii|ill, iiii,.ii i.| lli,-ii- 1-1 -|»-<-li\, liniili- li-,,iii llli- iiiIi-riiian-\ iny lit li-i'iM-li iiiiii i'iii;li-li. 

«|ii 1, ill. iliil.jn 11 ni n, iall\ ,,r ill,- 111,, ill, I- l,,iii:iii- |,..i--ii:i-i,,ii. U-iin; In ll,,- liiiMl nf |.|-,,n,,iiii,iii;; HI, lui 
.' ., r..i ni li.iM- ,-,,nv,il, ,| till iianii- inl,, .\ii,l, II, . |-'r,iii.|t,-, Tni-,-,,ll|.. .I,iiiiii,,lt,-, 

I',, r,l,.i;al,- In llu- -: ,li I' in\ «|,ri,.,i- i-iililii- ii» lii-m'', i-,iiiliiiii - ShIm -In . lli, lliinl kiiiL' 

1.1 III, l-'i, lull, will il -ulll,-,- 1,. i-iiiii-ni,,ial,- llial uliili-lii- Ilii-r «ii- liiilliiiii; iit llu <,ii -i-li-. In- wa- 

-ii,,l 1,\ a niaiiii, lull, uliil. \l, /,, iiiv infuriii- ii- tlii- .il,-iii-,| Ira.lili.m li i- il- ,,ri;;iii in lli,- fail nraii 
iii,,,ir,il li-an-lali.,n ,.r I/. ... ml,, .1/, ni, a-/,, a iii.irin, ,air 

- ( rili.Ma- liiii , 111, I-. ,-1111 -,1 /. .„;, i«,,ll'l i;i'i-,-k /.,/..,.^ llli, I a-iiiii..| ill, ,-lin-liaii i i 

/'.',-.. r, I I H h 111-, 111- - , lariaii- \M I, -U 1, .1 I .Vi, ,|„.|l-iiin- " 'I'll,- iV, lull u.n.l /■,',/, i- a I-,, ,i l|,.u, l 
1.11,1 III. /,/ ..s ulli. ll l„-,ir- 111,- !|.,w. 1-- -allal, .i l,v SI. Allialia-in- al ill, l,i,,na-l,-l-v. I,, I I,, ill, I, -. 1„1 
llial ill, nil-— lli:, 1 \\a- a /-."/,. a \\,,ir 

lliliiali law-, - u- Sal\i--lr. , liav, alu.n - l",rli,- ,,| »,lil nial, r ill, nam.- ,,l lli, liia;:l-lral,- ,,, 
1. !;i-l,ii..r V, ll,, 1 1.1. 1 1 1, -1-11 in-lrniiii-iital in lli. ii . n.i, tin, nl 

.S. V. r,-,,r,,||li,„|,,\ |,|ii|,,|,,i;i-I- ,-,, 111 Mill, - la , r,,ll,|,l ll„ nil I,.. Ill, 1 1, ,11 ,,t I u,, i,li, .in- 11. .ill > l\ I,"JV 

l.ill ill till-, -.n- Sal\, -ll, . lli,\ .11, \l|-,,li;;, ill, i\i-l li,-, ,,1 tin tail ,,vi |-|-lllilii; -lull iiilllaTII v . 'I'll, 
iniMiii,- ,,r |,i-,.|,l, - 1,\ iiili-r,,iaiiia./,- Iia- |,r,„liii ,-,1 iiirv nri- ,,1' »,,i.|- |iiiriii,_' tin lall,-i- iliiv-. -av- In-. ,,1" 

ill, - li.i-|-;iii|.ir,- ". li,,H lii.inv «.,i-,l- \v,i, tli,-r I. II. .1,1' u|, ,,l ,,111, I- l,.,n,.u.-.l li lli, l.iliii a- w.-ll 

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,li,;i,',,„ ,-ri-(-iii-iii ami /.,-//,,„ a kin;; ,,r ,-lii, -f . ill,- kiiiu- i-ii-ll,-. ,,rllial i.llli,- , lii.-t— .Va-Af/.//M/,> (an arli.-li 
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|ii-n|K 1- ,,1- riiiniU nam,-- |,la\ in tin- ,-\i-t,-ii,-,- ,11' iii,li\ i,|iial- ami |„-,,|,1< - ,,|- nali.'ii-. -li,,w- lli, iililil\ ,,, 
ill.. -Ill, U til, 1-1-,, I, tlii-ii- allinii\ Willi cvi-i-v l>raii.-li ,.1' lii-lmi.-al ,-i-i|,|ili,,ii 

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wli,-r. Ill li, li\.-,| 'I'll,- nan I a i-iiiiiilrv i-i-,-iill- it- |.,,-iti,,ii. il- |.li\-iral a-|K,t — tin i.alin- ,,ra,-ilv l.-a ' 

1,11, -k I,, ll,,- ,-|»„-li 111' it- f,,nii,l.ili,,ii. I-, 111, ii-,iyi--. lailiit-. r,-li;;i,,ii- i„.|i,-r-. ,,i- 1,, a Han -n tin lii-i,,ry ., 

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ri-,,|il .\i,'l"l',n a -,,li ,,| .lii|,lii' wliil, -II, -ll a nam,- I- d I',,,,, /„/,.< Vamlal- w In, ,-,,li, |ili-l-,-,l lln- ,-,,illill-.v 

(,-lilliiliatili;; llu- initial 1, ll.-r I' i 

r/,/,„-,.v |,ali-ln— . /-.'.i/.A, „.,-,„ any, -l\ w,l-,-li,,| |.ri!iiai-il\ |,r,,l„-l- lialiii- ; lull nia\ liaM- lii-,,,lii, -,. 

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a.v/; i-lllii.'l-llli-,l — M,l',.< w.-lll,l,-l-;i|a — />, /'„„,-,v.(ia/a,i>- a rr,-llti,,ll ,,1' M,,|ii'l-,- Ih.ui,.-: |«-,,|,1.-, ili-lmHIllt — 

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-i-li-r. til. l-i-ai-lil.-< lii-in;; lln-n l,i-iil iiii,l,-i tin- .\,,ki- ,irilii- Kay|,liai>. 

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Ir,,iii lli- lia\ iiii; ili-l, riniin-.l tin- iiiiiiili.-i- ,,l' v.-ai-s a 1111111'- ayi- iiiu-t 1,. t" mliiiit nl' In |,i-, li-mliiij: n, any 
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I'lihiiii.-' 1111,1 t ; nf MiH^ilii (;iv,-ii I,, \'al,-riii- |»-r|„-nial.-,l tin- i-,.iin.|iilinim-.- ,,f tin- .-,iin|ii,-l ,,r .l/<.«,«i'ia/ 

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. ,-liil,|. ,,1- llial ,,f ,,in- of hi- in-ar. -I r,-lativi- l.,-t,,w.-.l ,,n liiiii. or tin iiaiin- aiM-ii liiiii wa- lln- ,-ir. iini- 

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-iii' inni "iivi-.i .11- wilinli-aw 11 liiln 11 In- wan-i-. w in i,- in- iia i i,i-,-n |„.I i" |„ , i-i, — /;,/, ,,,(.',,1,- 1,,, .ill-....,, 

„( i-i.ii. ■iiiliiti, in. Till- fiitln-i- i,f tin ,-li,-ri-li,-,l s|.,,ii- - ,,f Malnam-I .l/,„i/-/;,/ r i- {\,f Inllin- nnin iimiiiii lirini. 
— I.iaiiiiii. .Iiiiinin-^, .Inliii. 

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nann- ,,f tin- first wifi- ,,f .lar,,li 111,-aii- tin- Inn- uf «-',)■/ ami .Vkh,,' -i;;iiili,- tin- xpli mlur nf At, („(.,/— .S".-,"), 

is a hrilHinil H'lii'i- ami Citlinni i-xliiili-s tin- iiinnir nf ananali.-: .li-aaa Mh-iim-IuiI is tin JiihI. Ilir rii/lil 

— Mutaviiklnl i-iilli..! lii- wif,- ni/lii. fnr tin- |,l..a-iii-i- m- , vi-ry linm In- saw In-r. i,flK-iyiiif;.siu-li 
iiL'liin -s l,v till s|,U.ii,liii- i,f hiT rliarms — wliU-li ri-niiml - oiii-iils,. ,.f Ilir Wnnl nf Ili|i|inlytiis in I'Ii."h1i-i. : 



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'riii' . iii|«'nir V ,1 |iji'|iiiiii:iiM li.i.l . .ill. .| In- ml. ,Vi...i- S'llli'i'. Ii;.'lit ..flli. Iiiii. in \i<- ili.n iilii'i ll.l l„lhl .! II I 

\ n; llir I II. I I'. l-lMli- ill. 11,1111. ..I .1 ...|| iial ..1 | .I.I..I .il .|. I'lil liillv a- ill.' 

'."..■'. '.' ', ilii- / !. ...1. ' -r /.//,../.,/ an , .,. « ~\.:>\\ ii-. .1 ..n tli, .i.l.jii— . - ..I i, it.i- ,i. -.111 Ill I., vili.iiii il,. I. H. 1- \u 1. a.i.lii — .1 Si, ■,i-iii|liv ( Itli.iiian .■nil .ill tint 

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ill.- (irifk-. Ilk.- III.- Sraii.liiiavian-, , .- n.-ar lln- jiiwiil I Liniily i)f< lull .|.> i,,.l r.-:ii-li 

It \ni..iiL' nil I -I.-- Willi ' nl I'. » . M'. |.l h.ii ■, l.iiiilly iiMllli-- h iv-- l.-m i iilfl link i|..wil .\- \' itli lli.- 

I I ~ .li.< Mini. ..I ill. r.illn I I- 1 1 an. null. 'i| I., m inli.-nl. .1 l.\ lli. .In 1. 1. inal.-.M' I'l'innl.'. an. I in l,i|.aii 

III.- ii^'lil ..l.lain-. ,,l ,1. niiMii;; 11 i-liil.l ..r 111- I'lili.-r'. n. , ii In- lii- li.- n uniliy ..I' .iii\ ini-l...| 

W. nil. II -1 |n.'ii-.iin-ii- ..r -nil la 111.-- in .la|..iii ai.- .j. ii.-i ,ti . v Imi i .,\i . -i th.w.i- -ii li 1 1 .n- tMniil--in- -.! 
i..'.iilly, IN -|.|('ii.l.ii nil. I iii-.i ..f IN i-|i|ii-nn-iiil t■!(l^l. in . 

I!. 11111111 iiaiii.-, .ny- .Salv«--Ii'. tin- niity ntn « u hi. !. \v.- kii"\\ i.-if'-.-th . at.- itl*.i tl iil\ ..n. - ..I 

wlii.'li M I' nil. alt. iii|.M<i s..|vi> tin- |.i..Mi'iii III' lliiii- i.ii^.n \V.- -Inill III. II, -ayn III', II' nlili' 1. 1 .1.1 llii- 

Inr till- ulinl.- (if Itiily hIi. iiri' 1! nnan- lia'-i- .|i-nv<-.| lln-ii iiii-- Ail -iicli ii; - in.- limn n- tiiiii>tiii- 

I lilt. I (IK .l/(i((-((« .1/(1,. -((..., 7'.i//.,,, ■/'..//(,.,>-, ,|. 'I',. .■\|,|, - -„„ ll,.. Il ihaii- il-.-l In -.IV. I'.il ill.' •nil 

..f l',„.ll,u„ni, l>„flli\l„lillH II- III .lli;il.|l He -a . /■.'. r((|./. . '.- -H..I-.I I'd, .-..n'. ale -.l- I.V , ll.hill ..r (|-ll.- 

111(11 I'l-l.-r'- nil-. .H. l-'.-r nam. « all. civ li-i inlnntcl in I'u a sv I la I lie u,i- ,i.|-l'-.| n- I 'n I, I on li.-i-iin.' I'uhli- 
'(((», Mnnlin.. \l„,nl,n. S, n um S, n , li „.i 

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n(.\\.rliil In. .l.-itl'l l,.l:.'\(,.l tliat ili,'\- \\,-> III, i(-i\ ,'.iiit( I nil-.,: -.n ili.-ni .i iniik .>!' suli'.i--linati.iii, 
"I.I- lit -inn ■ »((il ..I .1. p., .a ..| . il. Ill- Itv -.i il..inii, nii ll. .-.iiilr.iiv- lli(-\ w.-k- .-.iiii ni^ ..ii 
ill. Ill a lull' ..t' , i)liallt\ vv lil.-li It lil.-l. I\' ^^ as ,1, |. -inli-li [ en tliii. 1 ' t.-nili'l' 1. .ll.ililc. .11 ..I' Vitlil- I- 1 lln- n 
null tin- r.-nit tliai w li< n tin- ii-|.iil.iii- I'.cin.i. i. I. tin- li n li n Ian- a.-ii m I lli- fil till v,iin|iii-li.><i. 

11. . I ill.. .1.1,1 I, ,,t 111.. IJi.iiiali- i-alli. lln- |-'l,llik- ;li tin- i..'''. ill.' .•.'ax.Mi- 111 Iv i^'lanl -In 
>|ialn ali.l Italv. til. "i.cll- all. I I .1. 

I'll, ll.l I lil'l-llanl-lii vtlili-li -lll.|ll;;.il..| I;. nil. .«! III. I'. lit III.- Ill-at III ill.' Hill r.-tlllirv, 

iii-liiiii.-.l H.- ii.nv .'.ill rill i-tiaii ..] liapii-iiLii II nil.- Tin- .-I - I h i- Init -l.iuiyan.l ii iiwillini;! v 

■.li.\..l IIiiiiiil: . v.-n 111. imli in.l I 1 III i'.-iil ni ii- ll <,,„.,,( S: llil^li--. Itd.-il, II 'arv ml .-v-n 

Si 111 all. - n.i. .1- V, I 1 1 Ilk 11. i» 11 . aii.i Si I,. ,.ii- I l.i.|i..ii| W.I- I.-- kia.u 11 1 1 111 11 >i-i...iii- (kiny ). 

lint 111.- |.. i-.-v. ram-.. ,.l tli- ,:. t- in li. .-1- ,.1' . i I, \v-.'-lii|i -.r r.-li-^i'iii wcr.' l-i .'■. ii - o it mil n 


l-'.ir >.-al-, |i. ..|.l.- I'll I .,11 ml ill.- In. 11 1 ..I .1.-1 ill ill.. 11 l,.i|.|i-iii Tin II lli... IV ami |i|-ai-lli'.' wa- |.i 
live .ij.illy 111'.- ami til. II ;;i-l i-liri>t.-ii.-ii. Tin- i-liinvli i-..n.|.-mii.-.| llii- {.i ii-li.-.-. tin- . ..iiliii-l ..r li.'liavn.iii' 

'.I II win. w.-r.- ..iilv \vi|iii..„' l.i I'cm.iim'.' > i... .n- n -infill III.- in ill- il-'-lf. Mvi'ii .Iniimj 

ill.- l-^lh i-.'iiliiiy 111.11 H.ii- »liil i'.il;.-.| r/.(.s-.v,, //,,-,-n/,.v, Tiinui'. •/7...v, ...... 1.-. 

1 1 1- III I'.'i'i. Miy.s Salv. -ll.-, llinl till' );.-iiiiiiiiii' liiimnay. - li.-;,'.-iii I-. I..- win ten in laliii i-li.irai-l.r-. 
Ill l:!".?. ml. I. In-. Ill'- yr.-nl. ill- w.iiii..r- w.i.-'.ii.-ly l.i|,ii-.-.| .n i-liri-l- n.-.l : lull tin- |i-.i|il.- w.-r.- 
'Ilvi.l.'.l int..|.-. Til.' |ill.-l- l.a|i|i-.-l at nin. an .11111.- i;i'..iii. ... Ir.(..|i o.dif.-l i in;; ..ii lln- uli-.l - lll.- 
-aliir iialiii'. Ill till' .im- all till- iiniii.-- ..f niiili- M.-i. -/'././- iiml .i| tin 1. nial- ..I «i.iii.-ii <'nl),,,iin , .il 
ntiiitln'r. Ilic im li w.-n- i'niil ninl lln- Mttnjartf nit. I -.i nti 

I- lln- why til. '1.' life lit |iti-.-.'iil ...I iiiatiy in-i-nii- ..f lik.' iiniii.' — .nir .In. i-|..rii-s or nlinanni-hs 

-li..u ini; thai I'V.-ii in -iirli ii cily ai. IJucli.-i- wiili ii |..i|.iilali f 1.-— tliaii Inn, ill) -mil- lli.-n- ar.' in iiiiiiiy 

.1- l.'ili tilin- till' saiin- liaim' th-.nyh all [n-l t.iinlni.: In .|it].-|. nt t'.iliilll. -. an. I .li-llnjjill-hnlili' -.niy flnni 
'iin- an. -ill. 'I' liy tli.-lr tlinlc- ami laliiii^'.. 

Ili'in.- lilt- inliliti.'ii ..fa s.-.-.iml :.i'. n. uii.ti. -ni-nniin ..i .-tiii-tiaii ..1 tin- tiiin- .-t' .-.nilii iiia- 

n.di ; ami a^iiii at l.a|.ti-iii a lliii.i ami ,i l-aiith m.-l tiflli m -. lln- li.-tt.-r t Iii.- ..m- imlivhliial l.i 

ll,' .li-tlii;;ill-li. ll I'l.nii ,iii..lln'r nil I lliii- .. I Inw ..f .l.iiii;; |il..|iiiili it.' |ii-lii-i' 1.. all (IIIi.tIiv tin- filln-r 

.ll a faiiiilv, a .-.iiiil ..I ni-ti. .'. in- n III., ii.-iiiaii.-.- .-.(iii|i.iiiy uln-ic -.. iiniiiy .(//./<..« .n.. .itt..|ii|.l.' I f.ii 
I'inii.liil.'iil |.iii|i. -.-. all. I t. r niaiiy ..ih. i i.-a-..ii- 

SaU . -n. Ha- ..f ..1.1111011 lliiil ill. I-.' -I |.| !..' l.iit ..m- |.i.i i, n ami tin-, li-inn-l iv. I'r li 

..ill- 1- till . I iii.liM.luiil ami lliiil lln- >|.l 1-.- nia.l iiii|.ii l-..iy i.y .iw : .- --tin iwi-i- in in w..-i|.| 

in v.-i -I mi ..;;aiii-t 111.- lyianny nf ii-a;;.- ni' i-ii-i in Win i. iln- ihii;;; p..— il.i, .n- |,ia.-tiriil, It W'.iil.l ll.' 

iinlit. Init it I- iil)'4..liiti-ly iiiij.n-'iilil.-. iiii|iia.-ni al. ami Ini anlli.n- ..I 7-"i vi'iii- aijii is friiii;; in 

lln- thai iii'Vi'V I'liiilil iniin.s 1..- l'..iiii.l .iilli.i.i.t l..r lln' |'in|.ii-t'. i-.M-i-i'l I.y tin- invt-nlinn nf in-w iinin.-- 
i.i iillnw nf .'Vi'i'y nil.' Iiavinj; a .lilli-i.'il iijii..llnti..ii. .\^ain tlniiij;h. II iini-l l.i- -iii.l lliiil with lln- inaiiy 
-illltl. Ill Wuy^' nf -|ii'llili^' the -aim- lialin'. wilhnllt lliill V nll.-iln^ It- -.iiln.l ..i liiilil..iiviiiy, III.. 
.Iilli.nlly may I'l- ami is :;. .1 .iv.-i is.-t- i-lin|ili-i II nf llic ).r.i|.ii-,-.| v.iliiiin-. iiml.i tin- li.-.nlin;; '■ Nam-- 
.iill.-i(-i.tly -|i.-ll.i|) " mill lliiil uilh.iiit all.-t'tiii); th.' s.niii.l i.i- .ii.ninnt.ij., i-in ..t ili,- u.n.l 1.. ih-- .-.xt.'iil 
..t l'alliii;> nil. Id' ill.' li.iii "f til.' law, wliiili iln.-- iilln'.. nf a innn'- i-h .n^^in- In- n nn.-. -iml till- iimlii 
till' wisr iiriivisi.iii fur ni'.-vt' ntiii^ rn;;-i.-s fi-.nn an .-sciif..' fi-..iii jiisi;,-.., I,\ a-siiiiiin^ aii-itln-i naim-, an 
.i/(.ni Ml oallfil. III ill.' sain.' way thai .an' plea. Is all nlilii i.i pr.ivr thai ..'11- w.-i.- lint lli.'i.- when sn.-li 
an. I sucli an nvt was ciiiiiiiiii.-.l 

l<ft lis iigiiiii iliaw nil Salv. -Ill wli.( ti-lls 11- that I'.iniily ..r in- ii. t naiim- 1. -ijni in. In,' t'l-.nii th-' y.-.n 
1 10(1 ami thill III lin-sla iv. 11 -.. I. li- a- I'l.S."), a li.i-l nf mil. I.- Iinillli's w.-l'c -11.1 Willi. nil f.nnlly -.r 
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