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Full text of "One page of history [microform] : the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Province of Quebec, 1914-1918 : president's address"

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Coiiection de 

Canadion Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microraproductions historiquas 

'? i'T^T^^^i^^^^^r^rT^^^^^^ 

i mi i 'ii rr ir'iiiTii-- i i Mi ii ii iiiii iiMi|- - r iiiii M~ ii i ii i i ri i Mi — 

r -r ■ w."wr' 



Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
cfiecked below. 


Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

□ Covers damaged / 
Couverture endommag^e 

□ Covers restored and/or laminated / 
Couverture restaur^e et/ou pellicul^e 

Cover title missing / Le titre de couverture manque 

I I Coloured maps / Cartes g6ographiques en couleur 


Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I I Coloured plates and/or illustrations / 




Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material / 
Reli6 avec d'autres documents 

Only edition available / 
Seule Edition disponible 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion along 
interior margin / La reliure serr^e peut causer de 
I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de la marge 

Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have been 
omitted from filming / Use peut que certaines pages 
blanches ajout^es lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte, mais, lorsque cela §tait 
possible, ces pages n'ont pas 6t§ filmees. 

Additional comments / 
Commentaires suppl6mt,ntaires: 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire qu'il lui a 
^t6 possible de se procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
pldire qui sont peut-gtre uniques du point de vue bibli- 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la m^tho- 
de nomnale de filmai.'} sont indiqu^s ci-dessous. 

Coloured pages / Pages de couleur 

I I Pages damaged / Pages endommag6es 




Pages restored and/or laminated / 
Pages restaur^es et/ou pellicul^es 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 
Pages d^color^es, tachet^es ou piqu^es 

ly I Pages detached / Pages d6tachees 

J Showthrough / Transparence 

I I Quality of print varies / 

Quality in^gale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary material / 
Comprend du materiel suppl6mentaire 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, 
tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages totalement ou 
partiellement obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une 
pelure, etc., ont 6t6 film6es k nouveau de fagon k 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages s'opposant ayant des 
colorations variables ou des decolorations sont 
film6es deux fois afin d'obtenir la meilleure image 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below / 

Ce document est filmA au taux de rMuction indiqu^ ci-dessous. 














i- V ' -^'i* ,;■!«. V lTk,'WHW •jfe'" 

The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

L'exemplaira film* fut reproduit grice h la 
ginirositi de: 

Univtrtiti do Montreal 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol -^ (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

UnivenitI d« Montreal 

Les images suivantes ont M reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition at 
de la nettetA de I'exemplaire filmA, et en 
conformiti avec les conditions du contrat de 

Las exemplaires originaux dont la couverture an 
papier est imprimie sont filmte en commenpant 
par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
derniAre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second 
plat, salon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont fllmte en commenpant par la 
premiere page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la derniire page qui comporte une telle 

Un des symbbles suivants apparaitra sur la 
derniire image de chaque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbole —^ signifie "A SUiVRE". le 
symbole V signifie "FIN". 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent Atre 
filmis A des taux de reduction diffArents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour Atre 
reproduit en un seul clichA, il est filmA A partir 
de Tangle supArieur gauche, de gauche A droite. 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images nAcessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la mAthode. 

1 2 3 


1 2 3 





;— -. '€53 fnst Ma"^ Sfreft 

Br.a Rocnesler. New Yof*- U609 jSA 

'■J^ (716) 482 - 0300 - Phone 


The College of Physicians 

and Surgeons 
of the Province of Quebec 




Dr Arthur Simard 



<W •'.^^Wt^'lWW Siv/.^' 


29if^"'i^.% 'i!^i^:''m3mMmae!f^^KmfM 


'ij^'^m^T'^w^v^iM wfe.^«^«ssww 


i «"n«^i>f 

^—iF^zs^ *^mt^m~':,3SJgsi 


President's address 

l'.»l 1-1:1 IS. 


(ii II III III) II Hull r II Ill's : — 

It i- III) i|iii\. at llic (ii'l ol ihi^ Iriin. to >ii!iiiiiari/i' 
the ililTcri'iit a !- »< the |iiT-rnt liuai-.l. Allow iiii' t" ff- 
1 all rai h liri(l'!\ . 


III l!MI, \\r ft|ilarri| a iiM-i |ir ii:ri'--i\i' ISoai-.l. 'I'li ■ 

,-ii.i'l Ituaril. nil Irr till' alilc ilirfct! I' l)r. Xiirinaihl. hail, 

iVdiii it- \rr\ lM■l:■illllin:.^ I0 I'aii' a ildiiit aiiil tn -tiiily aii'l 
apMly a inw h-i-^atioii ni wliirli \fi'y lew iiu'mlH.'r.- knew 
ihr WdrkiiiLT ami lln' .-i i>|m'. 

Ill r.M I. wc lir:^aii (iiir tri'iu with rnliircl ri'\ciiiir a- 
'ir lil'ili I'liiMT-ity year liad licni sii|>|ifrs-:('ii. aii^l witli 
111' iihiia! iiiili::atiiin to a|>ii!y a^aiii to tlii' Li'iM-hituri' to 
iiiu'ImI niiic ii:orc out- cliaftrr ail I -■■'■k ihw |ifi\ ili'nr-. 'iiio 
a>k wa- >o iiiurii till' more ar'lihUN -iiirc our r\:irrii'iuT 
ill liHi'J hal hivii liar co-lly. 

('I'lio lcfri.=lation ot iiiOO cost the Board si^il.OiMi ;,:ii 
thr IDIO By-laws over -1,200). 

Apari froiii tin' liiiaiK iai -tainlpoirt. -r.ii) lary after 
al!. llh' (|iii'-lio!; ua-. ill onli-r to improM' the a-liiiiiiistn'- 
tioii. to rd'orin ih- lloaril in re'litcitiLr the iiriiihcr of fSov- 
criioi'^. and to maij' to the Le;.'i-latiire e.rtaiii (leiiiaiuls 
the re-iili- of uhi(h were 'cry inireriaiii. 

r need not reeall the discus-iiiir of our draftoil By- 


'•'»■. I »i'l "h|\ r, itr il •iiiiiii I hill-.-. ,<( \\iv law .-,1111- 

l!'>ll'"l ll\ thf Lirl|lr||illlt-lHPMTI|i.r-ill ('..nil. il >l|| Fi'lc 

riiiiiy llMh, i;HS. «lii,|i \mi' iIi.' ir-nlt n|' .,iir r.-miiiPii 
rlTiiit* In, til i;i| I 1,1 litis. 


I. 'I'Ik' iiiiriilMi' u' (i,i\,.rn"ir- i- rr,|ii..,| fr ,|,, || (.. 

■'. I'll.' aiiiiinr ini'ftiiii:' i'iil\ >|j.ill li,. ||i|,|, 

•' 'I'lii' 11(1- coiilnirv til iirnlV.-iniiiil liiiimr. iii-t.'iii| 

..r linll- -|ir, Itlid III till' !j|U. .hull lir ilrl'i I li\ |||r |!\. 

l:i\v. ..r till' I'.iiiiril. 'I'hr rMiiiril «il! tliii- III' .•'il to 

-iH'lv c'i'li |iai-tirl|ljir lii-r. 'I'llis will ilij.iw u- !u l.lkf 

|ir(M rcliii'.^,- iiiTiiiii-t tli.i-i' uho ii!\vay» riml a «a\ tu i'\ai|L' 
ihr law. 

I. Wi' ar«' i'iii|Miu.'ri'i| tu .'-talpli-li a |m'ii.|ciii anJ 
iii'l iNihl. till' ri'Miiiir. I,'' wliirh tu Im' xTM'il to i|(Mtiir> ill 
iii'i'il. Till' -aiil riiinl \ul! Ill' cKii.titiit.'.l liy half <>( ih,. 

.lir|i|ll- 111' till' ii|-i|i|iary |rr"i|i|^ uM-r llic cNlirll-i'.. a^ ct- 

til'ii'il jpy ill,' .\ii.|it<pr's rc'|>ort. 

■"'. Till' ISiiai'il i- aiitliiirizi'<l tu |iiiy tln' cxin'ii-.'s in- 
iiin-i'd by li'iiiir.'. liciiM-fi'i! Iicfurc Mcdiciij Smirtii's liv 
lui ti>rs clioscii hy tile I'rc-iilciit or hy the Kxii'iiti\,. Colli- 

•i. In (ii-ijcr jo coiiijily uitli t!io cxiircnc-y of moilcrn 

-'•ii'ii'i'. tl lili:.Mtiiry tcai-liiii;: ul' lnol();:y is niMi-:! to our 

Troi.'raiii of inciliial stiulits. 

*.— Arlii'lc |l»;!,s wliiili. il' .niiii; imr n's- 
iriiiiiiL'' till' iin'Miiini: of iln' u.iril- ■■to :ii;i(tisi' iiii',|i,iiit'", 
.-tati'- iiior.' or lo- , Irai-ly ]io\vi'\cr what I'oii-titiitf- illci^al 
|irarti-i' of iiiciiii'iiic. Iins hcen tlio ohji-rt of ,i Iniirthv prc- 
liliiiiiary liy llii' Lt'i:i<liltioii Coiiiinitli'i'. tln' I'Imtii- 
ti\i' ,'ini| our Ici^-al aiKisrr-. Wi- hiivi' iiiali- it a- iil.-iip. as 
:io--iMi'. \\ r -hall lia\i to wait Ut the iiitcrjirctatioii of 
till' Court- aii'l till' juil- .,1'iits lo ■■oinr. hcforc we ,\ro ahlf 
to a-ii'i-taiii ih,' I I'art' aliic of our aiiH'iiiliiirnt-. 

'■"•. \\ r h.-i\r ri'iiicni'il for fori'i--ii ,|o, top. lia\iiiir 
stuilinl iiii'iliciiii' fi\|. vcar-. the ohii-aliiiii of iiu a'Mitional 

}'.ir "I 'tii.|\ III iii'i- |'f,p,,ii I, II. I'l 1(1 f. r. 'h'- f"r<"\:i!''r 
-liii I ii.H"' "Ills liir<-> r..,iiii,i| iilili^.itiMii- ; 

I . I'i''i'> !■ : li.ii li'' li.i- -iii'lh >l iiii t\\, III,' 1 1\,. 
' ' .11- ; 

'.'. i ■'.■■ ill'- r(|IIM ll.-ll. r III' 111- ir - : 

■ !. I'll-- till' iiii'l'i -■ iiiiiil i'\.iiii. lull, 

'*■ \\'' li.iV'' iiiii'li' it .1 .il'l'ii .!• fii i-'Miti-.' nii'ili. 

tiiiil. f iiiiiilhii- iLiiM.' tliiiii i.f II !.iuinll> ;iiitlinri/i'i| 
'I'll liiniii;.' Ill Miu ihr |ini|irirtiir 111 ii piilrnt iim'.Ii. ,\i- 

will. |'l.l\. .jiii tnf. 

I". It i- Infill lilr .ll|f<- of till' Di-ri|>IillO Ci.lltl- 

I'.l III 'in|iiirr. lii'iii- iiii'l ij.'i ill.', witlidiit iiitorfcfctii'f of miiv 

trililllilii. ,,ir,. ^111 ,i|,||,-Mi 1,1 Ii,.. JViiMIIriill liniinl of Mi'ili- 
'III'. 'II till" ':l-i "' illP, a. lil-iltliih 1.1' riiill';il;lillt tl'_'lllll-t 

il liii'lii'i iT till' ('ill I J, ■ ill fi-|iii i til :i|i\ 'ai'in'i. 1.1 hi. 
iimlV— iiiniil liit\ III- iiii\ iiilni' ilii ij iiiitriir\ In tln' I nr 

(II' ill'^llilv III' till' ]iriirr..:,,|i. 

■■lliiUi-\r|'. till' l;l\\ ihM-. -It.illM a 'iiiliiUr . uln rl'lii'ij 

'"'li''^'' 'lull III' li:i- 1 II iiiijii-ilv ti'i'.iii'.l li\ a il.'ii-iiiii 111' 

the l>i-i inliii,. Cum. i; II" III' till' l'i'i,\iii, iai I'.iiar.l nC Mi;- 
iliiiiH'. Ill' may a||iral tu tin' Sii|„.rii)r Cniirt.'' 

II. 'I'lu' iK'Hiiltii-- fur illi'-al 'iraiti-r i^f nii'iji. iin' rc- 
iiiiiiii iiii.liaiiL''i''l. "ii'v a I ..iii'iiriiiiiy ;ii jicimlt ii-- liii-; 
lit'cii I'-lalili-lii^ I. 

t"-. Till' law -ay-i -jm'i ill, allv iliat iIh' I'l-i'i-lrar lia- 
tlii' I'i-lit to fakr iirori'i'iliiiLr-^ ill Iii- <in aiiM' fur ilic'.'ai 
[.rat li-r. 

■"^urli i-. (JcntN'iiii'ii (JiiMTiinr-, tlir n-ii't 111' mil- >■(- 
I'lii't- ill li'Lri-l!iti\o iiiMttiT- fur till' la-l t'lHir vcar-. 


\\'' liini' lia.l III .iilil'iii'lii I. Hi' ['.\' lau- In i'.- nrw '.r<sl>- 
l.'ltii.n. It li,i< liii'ii il.iii... 

Till' l>\-liiu-. will lir -nliiiiiti.'l tn MMir ap- 
priival ill a iiiiUiM'iit. Iiave lioon fari'l'iilly -tmlinl l.v yiii.r 
I-i'i:i-!atii)ii ('luiiiiiitti'i'. ami ymi lia\i> ri'.-('i\o.l tliroo 
iiiiiiitli- lii'I'i.ri'liMml an i.ffiria' miti.p ilm: tli.'v woiiM 1m. 
siilimi;ti"l to tlii- iiii'ctini'. 


^'iill llil\r lllliM Iv :l|i|il'"\i'i|. llliirriiMT. tile lll(i>t ilU- 

jiDi'lMiil [liirl III' llir-c r>v-lau-. I'cliitiiiu' to -n rrt Ipii'lotisi:.'. 

Tlli^ illlli'llilinrllt llil- liirll lUllilf. 'I'llr llr\I rlrrtiull will 
lie llcid liy >r, Trl I 111 I lilt ill::'. 

'I'llr [iiri III' ilic l!\-hiu- iijMiii win, li ihc u|iiiiiiiiis df 

lill- l>ii,-|nl ilill'iTnl. \\a- lIlMI rr;::l I'll ill;;' iIlM I'li'i'S illlil \'t'r<. 

W'c HIT |i!i'ii-i'i| til ilciliirr tliiit tlir tiinlT <>< mir rliar.i:('< 
im~ riiiiiiiiiiNl |ii'arliiiil!\ llic ~aiiir. Only tlic ro-t of tlio 

I'rlfPa! rriM i I'irati' aihl iil' llh' I'lMlrral li clisr lia- lii'Cll 

raiM'l. ami llic prcmiiiin-; jiaiil in uii>urrr>-l'iil raivliilatcs 
lia\r lirrll rt'iiiovcd. 

X Mitimia! tax uliatr\i'i' has incii r]iar,L;>'il In the 

stinlriil iiiir till' |iliysi(ian. 

i lia\i' jilia^uj'r ill ili'ilariiii:' that, in tlio rniirM' ol' a 
lriii;lhy :li-ru->iiin hcl'nrr the Caiiailiaii Mnliral ("uiiiii'il. 
it ha~ lii'i'ii ilrar!y -hnuii thai it is in tin' l'rii\ imc of 
(jliirlin- that tlir -luihiit ami tlu' ; hysirian pay thi' Irast 
I'lir tlir rilii> atiiiii ami tlir ]iriiirrti(iii thry rorcivo. 

I ciiulil lint frrall tlir la-k iif the |iri'v'nt llnaril witli- 

tiUt rrl'iTlill;;' r-lii'i-ialy tn tlh' I )isri]i|ilH' Cnllllril. tn the 

crailiratinii nf illi'i^al pfai-iisc ami to mir rinaiircs. 


'i'llr I >i-ri|l!il!c Cnlim il -at Hilly nllrc ill rnllr yrMl-. 

'I'lic anils, 'il. ulin hail lict'ii riiiiiiil iriiilty. appcali'il tn t!n' 
Siijicrinr Ciiiirt. riil'iiiiniiatrly. hi' <li('il cMii hrl'm-i' tlir 
<a«(' was hcai'il. 

Our inil-1 lint Wci;:'h llli' i lIT mrt ailic 111' till' l">iscip'ilR' 

C'nniiril ai rnriliiiL!' to that mil' i asi'. 

Till' i)i-rip!im' Coiiiiril sat only onn' in fnur years, 
of our intrfiia' ailniinistratinii. It is a saintinn tn our 
rii;lil- aihl a piiwirfiil hi'lp in the I'nl I'ilniciit of our ilutics. 

r. as l'rr»iilriit. ran trsfify that to ri'rall tlic oxistom-p 

nf the I )i-,ipiilii> Cnllllril tn a faultV lllrmhrr, is nfti'll .-uf- 

fiiTiii In hriii;;' him hark ill the riL:lit |;ath. 

Ar ni-ilini: tn ilir fcn iinniciiila t iniis made hv a cniii- 


iiiitti'i' liii\:nu' .iiiii'ii-- ii~ iiiriiilicr- lU" '•\-i'i':;i-i I'ar-. l)rs. 

Miir-ii|,-|i~ ;||li| IJiMli hlM'. \\\r lul'llll'l' r>ilMf'l ;lll I lll\-r l'. llll' 

Ur^i^linr liii- lirrii i'iiti-ii>lr.| \ntli ill.' i;i-k i.i .ari'l'iillv in- 
i|uir.' iiii'i 111! r(iiiuilaint« iiinih'. ~ii m- \n ap ral in the 
r(piiri« nil y wli.'ii tli'i'i' > i-ciilly a i;\"\ 

Willi lii~ \\r'\ known lal.iii a- Mr-ani/n'. mir Ilr-i^- 
irar lia- r^ laiiirl .l. iitI i\ !■- d!' l;(M"1 \u1! wliirh h,' -.■n.l.-i 
uliri',' lif \\anl- al \cvy -li-li! i o-t. ainl wli..-,. i'i'|i.i|-;- aro 
ri'a'l and apiiruM'! ni- ivjii ir.l l,y ihr I'rr-i.lriii, K\|irr- 

IrHrr -llnU- thai llli- lnill|n'| i~ lllllcll ] MV iVl'a iilr In PC- 
«ii|'lilli:' In nr^alli/.rj a'JV!l,-ii-. 

'I'lir niiiiiliiT nf jihl-nirni- nlitaiiicl ;:i\i'- Ipii; a small 
iilca n|' liic iiinnli r •■( iii(|iiir;r- niailo. Manx la-r- iliat 
wnnM lic 'Iririin.iila' in tk |irnrr-~hin or In n-riaiii prn- 
lV--iniial inrii arc |ir,'iriM!i|\ an I innr,-' >ati-farini-ily soi- 
tk 1 liy ill ■ ili^riTi-: iiii.T\rniinn nl' Ihr Di-ci|i]iii.' ('niiin-il. 
(•ilii'i's. I'i'Jil;' witliniit fniiii.Ial inn. art' iint |irMiccil.Ml wiiji. 

Il i- a wr'l kimwii I'a.-I lliat. >inro a \car. llir Cniii't-. 
n\i-i', rnWilr.l \\i;li iiiiliiai'v iiia:ii'i--. iniiM nnt li.'ar niir 
cnnrijainl-. \\r lia\>' ])i'r-iiiily ovov t\\iiit\- ca-r^ out- 

I'liriiii:' tlic jii-t ciiilcl. 1!) la-f- jiiiliivi! nr ~ctil(\1 
lia\r lirnii:;lil In ,iii' .c hiii 11 i-i rat inii i^'.)',>K anil 1 I iiii|nirios 

lane rn-l >;i.l()r).nO. 

The a\i'i-aL:i' rn>i nf oni> in((iiiry h(\< tlioi'ffnrc lircii of 

Tile a\rraL;v uvn,- 1 (if caiji ra-o -I'tt'.-l lia- liccii nf 

hr rn-l n| I !|,' llll)Ii:r:r- aill 1 III' ni'M 

till' a<' 

liniis lakcn «iii.i' ilir Iii'iiiniiiiiir nf \hr iirc-cnt ailni;ni~tra- 

linll lia\(' lii'i'll lakilkllrl a-^ I'nllnw-: 

f'n-f nf ill<|llil'ir- I'illr- mlli' -I 'il 

1!i| l-litl.") sl.l l-.'.sii >;].:,;;:.>:, 

i:Mn-r.Mfi ;:,,s.(iii i.:;;;:k';-"". 

1iiir,-l!il ; i; in. no : is. mi 

ini Mills l.lo:).:p(» '.i^ 

>;:!.ii|ik:;o s i.n."i!».:,o 

It liHs never liccii iiitcinlcil liy tlio jircsoiit Hnanl. nor 
l»_V the rdriiicr tn iimkc |)rot'iis out of tlif Iii(|uiri(s Dciiari- 
nu'iit; l>iit tlii< DfimrMiiciit must not intfrfcrc witli our 


One may iirficmi iliat \vc liavc licfii .-omctimcs licsi- 
tatin;:. liut one mu>t not ror;:ct tlnit, bufore takinir liru- 
<-cc(lin^'s For illcpil pnictisc. many thin.irs have to he taken 
into arrount. namely ilie Meiliral Council ol' Canaila. the 
Feijera! Act respecting' I'atent -Medicine, the Provincial 
Ic^n.-lations anil. ai)ove all, our own charter .uul I'.y-law-. 
to >av nothing;- of the charter and Uv-laws of institulious 
like ours. 

Kvery physician knows that, before our interferinir. a 
ffiniplaint si;.nied by a n'«ponsii)le name must lie delivered 
to the h'ejristrar's office. It is not the He,iristrar"s task to 
search for the ^niilty, hut it is his duty to look into the 
facts when a written comjdaint is liandcd to him, uidess 
for irood reasons the President declares a;;ainst proceed- 
injr. Su«h is the custom, and Ave believe it is rifrht. 

In spite of < rtain criticism, we wish to prove that, 
under our administration, llesal practise has been con- 
stantly pursued, from Ga>pe to Tjabollo and from liiike 
St. John to Lancaster. Th(> jihysicians residiuir in rural 
districts would, with very few exceptions, testify that (Uir 
administration has done all that was in its power to suc- 
ceed in this respect. 

To substantiate this statement. I thou.iiht it would 
be intcrestinjr to an.uw to these remarks the oomplete li-t 
of those our Board has forced to pay fines durin? its ad- 



July •^."i. — Madame iieiindin. Ste-Lure '■ 

July v>;i.-M:i,!,!,nc O. \-al|-.e. (irande-Kivi.'M-e. . 
July •i'->. — Mailame X. ^lorcau. (Jrande-lfiviere 
July -i:-, — II. I'hili|ipe. St-(>mer. F.on. 

AufT. .'). — Madame liourdon. Montreal 

Dec. 1.").— :M. J. -A. Poirier. St-P(dycarpe .. .. 



Nov. r.]. 
Oct. ;i. 

Dec. 4.- 
Doc. 1.1.- 
Hcv. l!i. 

lit I.") 
Jan. 1. 
Jiin. 1. 
.Tiiii. I. 
Jan. T. 
Alar. 11.- 
Mar. IC. 










June ".i.- 

Jinic *.- 

Jiinc ■;.- 

June Iti.- 
Juiic 10.^ 
July S.- 
Jiily l;!.- 
.Fnly IC- 
Auis. !».- 
A 11^'. II.- 
Au-. 21.^ 
Sept. :). 
Sept. 4.- 
.Sept. 1(>.- 
Oct. 12. 
Oct. IG. 

— M. I). IJuc!, Mnntmn-iiy .'.0.00 

— M. .\. J-animlic. l^uclicc ".").tii» 

— M. ]). Kiicl. Montnia-ny .10.00 

-M. J.-A. I'nirier. St-l'nly.ari.,' .... 2.1.00 

— .M. Will. Si)arr, Mcuitn'al COOo 

— Araijanu" lloiirdoii. Mi'iifreal .10. On 

— Ma.lanic .1. (i(i"ciin. .Mmitri'v.! .... 100. do 

— M. I'.cainnii'r. Minitival .10.00 

— M. ].'. Spr.'i-. l),iiivi!lc •i:!.S.1 

— M. .1.-.\. IV.irier. St-l'niy.arpf. . .. .In.dO 

-M. (). l'a(|ii.Mt.' .St-.lovitc .1.1.00 

M. i;. I.cWMpir. Moiitival .I-I.OO 

M. fi. DcljiiilMMir- Mnntrcal .10.00 

M. M. (iciinir, IfJM-ai'li 2.1.0ii 

M. (). I'a(|iictir. .St-,luvile Cl.On 

Dr. Siiiidii t'l C'ic. Mdiitrea! I.on 

l»r. Maroiii ct Cic. Montreal 21.00 

M. Jcaiiiiottc. Montrrai Io.imi 

— .Madanie Piloii. Montnal Iit.oo 

— .M. (i( I. Downing'. Frcli,i:ii>l)ur:.'. . .. .ln.dO 
— ^r. J. X. T>ruiitt. Sr-Jaiivier . . . . .10.00 

— Alailame I'otviii. Mnntreal 2(i.0(i 

—Madame (iosscliii. Montreal lOn.OO 

-M. ir. Tliuiia. :\r(.ntreal liO.oii 

— ^r. T[. Tlmna. Mnntnal I.I.Oii 

— M. ,1. X. lirtinci. St-.Iaii\irr lou.on 

— M. .L.-^. i.'.iy. Iliiin \nrd 10.00 

-M. II. 'riiiiiia. MoiiMval |:;.0() 

-M. .r. ('. l.'.aitliier 2s.0(t 

->[. J. r>. Yo-a. M. unreal 

— M. Kiiiile JraniKitti' lo.oo 

—Madame Xazaire Mnnaii .lii.OO 

— M. .lolin Till! :!0.00 

— Al. ('. M. Siiiitli 10(1.110 

—Mrs. TnuiLilitmi 2it.nO 

— ^Afadamc Poulin, Arnntr»''al 10.00 

— Madame Bi>]ime. Mcnitreal .10.00 

— ^rrs. Troiiu'litdii 2S.00 

il. Krne.t-E. Locke :iO.O"> 

Oct. Is. — .Miiilaiiic J!,.i>\iit. ait Id 00 

(h-u I'.v-.M. i.'o.s ; ,u„;oo 

Oct. '^'t. — Mu'liiinc (i,i;:iion ^."(.00 

Nov. •>. M. il. Ilhiiiclicttc .-,0.00 

Xov. Is. — .M. .[.-\. I'll Hint. St-.l:iii\icr ."lO.OO 

Dt'-c. ]. — MiidaiiK' T.oisvert. act 10. oo 

l>i'v. •>. M. J.-l'.-i;. (iaiiia.lic :,()|()() 

Dec. 1<;.— .M. (;.-15. V,,,,a. .Miu.tic;'.! Mo.oo 


■ l.iii. '.'D. - Mil, lame Oi-lcaiis Mi.ntival in.iio 

Jan. -.'I.— M. .1.-1!. Furtiii. Mnntn^al '^>.").00 

'•''I I. ■-'. M. AiiiK' I'diriir. St- l',,|\,iir|.i' . . .. ^..^O 

I'cli. i;. M. Aiiiii' I'diricr. St-Tolv, :n'|ic .. .. ■.'.'lHU 

'■'■11. I ',. Ma-lanic l'..ii-Mit. act Mi. 00 

Mar. I.M. Aim.' I'..;ricr. Si-l',,l\,a i]. ■ . . .. i:..-)0 

Mill', li. M. .1. i;. l'',,niii. Mi.ntf a' ,•,, ;.()() 

Mar. ".'0. Mailaiiic l!iii>\rn. Ipa'aiicc 10. oO 

■\|'ril .".. M. .1. I'. !■;. (;aiiiaclic. I'luit-Con-.' . . ll.l.-. 

.\l'ri: is. M. .1. .\. lliiiiiri. Si-,]tiii\icr .'lO.OO 

■\:'i' 1 Is. Mailaiiic Cnii-iiicaii. Montreal .. . ."lO.oO 

May It;. -M. 'I'lcinlilay. :! aiiicii(li.> ITiO.oo 

.luiic l;!. — M. !'., aiiiloiii. act hi.oo 

•liiiic 1 ;. M. ! ». .\ra-nii -JO.OO 

•Inne r.i. M. Ilcaii'liiiii. ;i,t .-(.OO 

.liil\ 1 l.-Alailaiiie (I. I,acr..i\ 1.').00 

All--. •.'. M. .1. M. iiiaiidoiii. act .-,.0i) 

Sept. I.— M. O.-A. .Iiitia< S.OO 

Sept. i;i.—M. J.-M. r.eaiiiioin. act :).00 

Oct. K;.— M. Sa.lik P.ev .-,0.00 

Oct. 2;.— M. J.-M. r.c"au,loin .-,.00 

Oct. :!0.— Mr.laiiie Cliafctte .'.O.OO 

Xov. l:i. — ;\[. .I.-M. I'.eaudniii. lia' ."i.oo 

Xov. 'v':!. — Mailame Carim '-.'."i.oo 

Dec. 3.— M. J. K.)s< 100.00 


Jan. 1. — ;\r. St-(;eiiiiaiii 10.00 

Fell. I.").-" M. J. Dia-cin .'lO.OO 

A: ril .^.--M. J. r>. Fertin. Alontrcai liiO.OO 

April '.». — M. .r. X. liniiiet. St-.laii\ier .. .. 100.00 

April 1 I. -:\fa lame 'I'lieriaiili ."lO.OO 

— s — 


•f'ini- I. M. IdSiitt.r. . . . . . 
•Inn- !■.'. Mr-. C-Iiua 1.'..-, 

•'lllM' n;. M, .1. Sin, klll;lll. .\|..||IIV;| . . . . 
.Ill!\ l:;. Mildahlr I'clictirl'. Ki|l!lM|||;l-kil . . 

•'iil> 1 I. M. l''riiMr,. \'iilr,.iirt. i;in:ou-ki . . 
•Iiil;. •.".'. M. II. S. |'rMl.M,|v. OniiM.iuii . . 
All:;'. :i. M, I,. l,M\i-iir. Mniiiiciil 

All-, i;. M. .\. (;Mjiir. ii„iii \,,ri , . . . 

I*'-' • '■'<■ Ml-. >^. l-'lMllklni. M..|,tlV;ll. . . . 

1»'''-- i: Ml--. I-:. Fr.'.' liiiMii. Mniiir Ml . . 

T>(v. 1!).^ ^]. \V,n. Murniv T.rv-. Moinr.'.il. 

I»".-. -.'(I. Mr-, i;. •rr..ii-iii,,i,.'.\|,,i,nvMl .. 

I>«N-. -.'ii. Mn.l.-iiii.' I,', 'i'mii-litoii. Mniilival. 

D.T. •.'•.'.— Af. .\.-(;. I'.irin. . . .. 

I»c-. -.'ik—M. D.-j). T.'wi-. Alciitival . . . . 

•Ti'.n. :!. M. Wm. ("nrk. Mnnfn'al 

I'rli. •.'•.'. M. .1. X". Ilrmirt. .St-.[iiii\'cr. . .. 
.\pnl •.'.- -.M. Ilrnri l'riT,,ii. M..iitival. . . . 
■\l'n: •.'. M. I.. F. W. I'.iiny. M.,nti-r,il .. 
.M.-i\ >. Ma'laiiic I'iiian'i I'n.iiK. MmpmvmI 

■ liii '■ I. M. L.-il'i-aii.T. MniiMval 

.liiiM. I-.'. M. .Villi.'. j'niri.T. .St-|',,I\var|M. .. 
.Inn •.'•;. -M. .\rihni' (ia-iir. Ham Xm-.l .. 
'i'lital aiiiniiiit of riih- ,(,ll.Mt,.,l. . , .!^|.."i."iO..')() 
<'i'-t III' iiii|iiirii'> .'J.illi' 

■ III. 110 
•.'ii.l I 

.".(I.I 10 

."ill. on 



."ill. 1 10 





."pi 1.00 
111. no 

Siir;ilu- III' rims inllnt,.,! .<; f)l.",.20 


l-'rniii hiiij i,v/, ):»i;. /,/ ./(//// \si. ims. 

]''ini- !i !t;o.iiO 

]>arlicliir- rcLli-trrr,] ".'.li'; ."i.ilO 

Cniiii'iinii inii- s.-.';;.io 

I'ri'Miiiiiiary rxiiiiiiiiiU imi- l.-;:!!..'!*! 

liciii-iratimi aiiJ >niiii.lrv (i crtifirati-. ri'i^-:-- 

ti'IN. etc.) Kii.lo 

.) — 


liittTi'st ;j.4() 

Jji'tiiscs 4,1(10.00 


liiiliiiKc (.11 iiiiihl .liil.v l>t. I!ii: .'},249.31 


Furniture, iiirludiii;: tyjicw riter •$ ;i-;i!t.lO 

(iruiit to tlic I'rosiilciit 100.00 

Committocs' Expenses ;{!<:. oo 

Trcliminnrv examiiiatioii.-, (rcniittaiue-) . . .. loO.Oii 

Salaries: Ifejristrar .'{.0(> 

Assistant Mlo.Oo 

(iovcrnors' travfllinir expenses 1, 1 1'i.-I.") 

l/'iral expenses !)o;5.00 

(■eiK'ral expenses 3, !;?(!. 'rj 

Inquiries expenses 1.10."). :.() 

(iovernors' fees SKO.OO 

Examiners' fees •>, 1 1;).0(» 

Liceiises (remittances) 110.00 


Balance July 1st. 1918 .l.sri.Oj 


AdverlisinLT. })ai)ers. mapiziiies if! Sdfi.OO 

Assuranee 42.00 

Excliantre anfl eolleetion .3:1.9.") 

Orant.s and eharity ir),").00 

Wasliiiiir ^1 QO 

I'rintinir r.09.r)r 

I»fnt 000.00 

I'ijrlitin-: fijto 

Stationery and office furniture 3.39. fiG 

Taxes r.n.93 

Telephone and telearaph 1 00.70 

Stamps 417.02 

Transilation 300.00 

— 10 — 

Aiiditiji;: -.' 

SiiN^crijitidii jiikI ili'lri:atioii ■■\|,rii-(- (.|c!('- 

pltc tu ('llira.L'0. itr. ) •.'.".•;. (ID 

Coiiiiii. ct ill ,■)."). no 

()tri( (• ( li'iiiiiiiij- ;».{)u 

$ ;i. i:j(l.:.v' 

Vciir. Iirrrijlt-. Kxpl'll-l-.. 

1!'||-I!m:. « I :!.'.'■,' 1.1:1 A 1 :.:.:; I. (» I 

ii'i.viiM); i:!..v.i-.'.;i-.' iii.i. •.().::. 

i:n<;-i!ti: i:;;(i 1 i..v.':i.:::i 

i!MM!»is i:.!».!; ir-.m 1..;; 

We l:ii\o post'ioiu'il for four year-; our ii|i|i('iiriiiir 1"'- 
forc tlic Ij('i:-is|jitiin'. awaiting'' tlic imniifiit mir fiiiiiMci-^ 
woiilil allow us to i|o «o, aii.l IVariiiiT the lii'a\v cxihmi^i 
it entails. 

Our experience oi" 1 !»()!». wliiili was severe, lias lieen 
usefu' to us. as yoii will notice by tlio pros|K'rity of our 
fir 'lees to-day. 

The year lOlT-lOlS sliows an excess of re,(i|it« iccr 
exi)enses of *-?.n31.T3. 

On July 1-t. U»1S. all our c\|ieiise's aiv paiil u]> to 
date and our Auditor finds an amount of $.">..s* l.n | on 

'I'lie former Board lias liad t!ie jrreat merit of re- 
movinjr tlie onerous system if -pedal eommis-ion-. 

One will no doubt reco^Tiizo that the jirescnt Boa 
lias reduced beyond all hopes the legal expenses. 

The amount of SDH.'J.OO for ]e;:al expenses includes 
all the incidental expenses on our cases and the total fee* 
paid to the loffal advisers who have revised our le<:islation 
and represented us before tlie Leirislation Conimittce. tlie 
Proviiidial LcLnsJature and the Lci;i.«!aiivc roiiiicil. 

— 11 — 

'I'liK AiH»ni(».\ (ir iiii: i.wv oi' !:ii> HAS cdsr 
m:s> 'I'IIan ••<i;(in. 

^■nll Ul! iMlli.c Willi |l! ■.■I-IIIT tllMl lllr llllllllirr i,( nl|r 
-tllilnit-.-. llmi :li it i- lint \<\ ullilt II MM- III lll|(l. li:l- 

;rrfii!ly iiiriTii-nl. 

\\\ lllr 'nw 1.1' IIHUI. \\r \t;\,\ .,1 J..\mi iji' . il rilrll ' II 111 
lit ri\(' \riii'-. 'I'licri' \v:i- lliil- 11 \ ra r iliirii^ ulii li ii" 

-111 lent IJIM'IiI.-IIcmI. illiil ill,' -l|li|\ nj' inc. li. lllr W.l- 1)111 h 
lllllllnlolli i|. I'llt tllr IllU lirili:^ Hit.' itrll. llll'l lllr UilT 

lii'l|i;ii:;'. iiiiiiiv vuiiii::' imii ih'U conir li:iik In u.j. 

^'tlll \\\', iili-i'r\i' lliii! ilic aiiiiii I iPiii rilmi inn- nf 
ciiir iiiciiiliiT- iiiiiiiiiiit In ■''^.^.".'^ 1 . III. Il I-. -II 111 - ii'iik. nil 

lllilml'lllal rullr liiili. -ilh-r lllr total IIUIIiImT of |iliy-iria IW 

ill ;: 1 -laiiiliiii:-. I!>llt. -li' uM tiny a'l pay ilnir diK-. 

■Wdiilil iiii!y I iintriliiiti' >^;.*lii>. l.rt II- iiiM \n llr- lln' !';, ' 
tlial ur lia\r iTiiiiiti'il ( iiiitriliiitinii^ aiiiniiiiiiiiiL.'- iu nrai-'y 
■Slion til |iliy-i. i.iii> cm ii(l:\r -riMiir aii'l tn (Inctm'- in 
11 ceil. 

'I'lii- >tair !■!' al'lair- prnic- tliiil tlir ]ili\-iiian- nf 

tlli^ I'mvillc' \;\kf 'j:ir\\i illtiToI ill tllr Wrlfarr dl' this 

|>nil'i-,-iini. It al-i> priAis that llic Ciiliri;-!' i< well ninii- 
a::'!' 1 aihi that lT'-hI i-arc i- taken that ari-iar- ai" ]'ai'l. 

Tt is only fair tn iilTii-ially ivc(>i;-iii/o the rdiiip.'tniry 
mill ahlfiirs> as ailniiiii-tnitdr nf fnir liciristrnr, wlm h:is 
always ~hii\vii -iirli a ilrcp ilcvotciliip-s to our iii-titiit'nn. 

I inii-i ai|il. tn lln jii-tiir In hi- -••(■r.'tary. "Nfi^- I'iiim- 

i|i-. til ■ tr-lilnnliy nf Ml'. ( inl 1 1 11 il T. till' .\llililnr. «"hii -tail'- 

in hi- I'n'inrt. vliirh i- -nhinillril in ymi. tli.i; thr Imnk- iiri' 
Xi'l'V rai'i'l'iiry kept. 


(hir ioiincitinn< wi.h the ^fodiral Couiiril of Caiirnhj 
ai'i' pcnnaiii'iitly c-tahli-hcil ii]inn wliiit \ve mii-iliT jii-t 
Mini r(|iiitalil ' hast'-. T.ia>t yrar. as ymi arc aware, yniir I'c- 
prr-i'ii;ali\cs. ine-i'iltcr luiih tin' I'lii .cr-iiv rcprc-cntativcs 
ol' this I'ro\ iihc. lia\i' hail th l"c;Iora] Cniiiiril state tho 
ilcl'iiiitc ciinil'tiniis at wliiili thi> -tinl. lit rrmn (^iicncr. 


■ .. •«£«?r 

l)i'!iri-r i<\' ;i ili-_'r I' ilci, tur in nirlii inf. imii !•'• a i.iii'li- 

dlll^' In llli' r.'ilrfill li'i'll-r. 

■| 111 -(• Mih.llIlMli- :||'.' , niil.rllic I 111 ill.' lllmilti- i>\ til.' 
lllt't'lillir 111' .lllh. IIMI. 'I'llrl, rail 1"' -llllllllMII/r.l lllll-; 

•■.\ll\ -I I'I'lIt ll-Mlll tllr l'l'..\ll f (^IliUr. . I..,|!-.r of 

» I 'iii\ir»il\ i|.':;rrr ni' ilii- l'i-ii\ im r. .mi !"• ;i ' .\ I'l .liili- 

I.I ill.' IrJcfll li,.ll-r": 

"I. 1 1 lie - ,lir Ih.iii'r .if ii |'rii\ in. i;>' 'i. .ii-i' : 
•■•.'. (»r if li.- i« ill- liiMivi' iif 11 . iTtifi. ill.' fi.iiii ill.' 
Ii'.'vi-li'iir ..f llif I'l'.niii..' .il' (,»ii. ■!"■', -liiliiiL' lliii: !ic lui- 

flllfl!lr,| all ill.' I .ili'llliiili- r,'i|illl'ri|' ill.' iii.'li-i. I'l'.i- 

\iii.ial aiitiiiiiiiii\ '- tliii- -a fi'i;' I". 

ll i- llic lir-l tiiiii' ilial ui' .lari' -p.'ak ..l' ..iir work- 
in a » I'rial I liapliT. .\lua\- ali^.'i'li.'.l Ipv ilic li.-a'.y 'a-k 
111' ilii- a.liiiiiii-I raiinii nf lli.' ('..!lr::i' <>< l'ii\ -i. iaii-. \\.' Iia.l 
II. il lii'i'ii alili' -11 far In inakr iintaliii- w.irk- a- iiiniirv 
rail aiiiiiii;i!i-li. 

'I'liis yi'iir. \\r lia\i' In iiii'iilinn niir -ii!i-.ii| in 
till' I'alrinli.- Kiiihl ami in La\a' Miliiary Il..-|iiial. imw 
ai .liiiii\ illr-'.'-l'niit, in l-'ran r. 

W'l' lia\r |i|i'a-uri' nf inf.ii'iniii'j' y.iii lliat. ini.lrr ilic 

item nf riilltrilllliinll- rrinilli-l. tllr ('.ill. 'Lie lia- -ll'i-.l'illi'.l 

oMT -S'-'-dnu In til!' War. -iinr I'.'l I. 

Our »uiii'--iir-^ will III' fi'ri' In pay, if Iliry .l.'ini it a I- 

\i-alill'. lllr Sll!isrri|ilinn- ]irnllli-i'i| tn till' I'atl'inlii- !'"llll.| 

mill in Tjii\;il Miliiary llnspital. 

I'la.'h iii'pi'al tliiit li!!'^ Ih'1'11 tn ynji nn lirlialf nf 
a ilni-tnr in iirril. lia< li'i'ii lii'iir.1. 

'I'lii' l.'i'i^i-lrar. aiillinii/.'il liy ii< nr frmn lii- nwn ini- 

tillti\r. lia> a'uiiy- lli''|ii'.l tlin-r ulm Wrri' -rrisiliL;- llrlp. 

In rrrallin::- iIh' inrnmry nf i, f'-iiliful -.rvaiii. Mi-- 
Cliarlraiiil. nii uiin-r tmnb a flnral triliiiti' \va- p'a r-l in 
till' iiainc i>{ llii' ('nl!i-iri'. ynii i-aii ro-l a-siiri'l ilial \nii 
lia\i' ilniir till' prniH'r tliiiiL'' in pnyinu'' tn ilii- ili-alilcl ynuiii: 
linlv lii'r rr^Miiar -a]ary ilnriiiLr fmiriri'ii innnll,-^ aiiil in 
MitiiiL' liiT aftorwards a substantial Imnu-;. 


Kill wi> iiiu*f inlinil tliat. so far. we wito autliori/t>il 
tu i|i> «ii iiiiilitT liy iiiir ri'Vcniif imr liv iIh' liiw. Uf liavo 
tia<l 'iiir )ia«t ;:<inT<i>ity 'fifiili/fil atnl ui' li-a^f it i our 
-111 i(>Mir- lu c-taltlisli I'lir tlif riitiin'. li';:all\ aiiil acronl- 
iiiy til our liiiaiii ial poMlioti. a >|M'iial tuiiil l^r our work-i 
aiMl lor till- poor, witli i<\\f liall' of tin' >uri'lu- <>\' our i ur- 

ri'Ml re. ri|it« o\rr our cXlMli-i'.;, 


'I'lir (irliT in ('.. nihil of tlir Caiuilian foiMTiiiMriit 
ralliii;.' to tlir ((ilor» youiiL'' niru of fiiihi 11' lo •.':> yrar> old, 
uilliout privilt'iic L'uanuiliT.I ti> ^tU'l'Mit- in tln'ir l'ir«t 
WAV. Iiii- taLru n-. a- r\(r\ lui'ly d-r. \<\ ^ur]'ri-i'. 

The |-:\tTuti\c of thi- ('i''lcL:f. ha- ^liaivl tlir \\<\\' 
of |ja\al riii\fr«ity of (^inlin who in onliv to >ii|i|'Iy the 
(i.ivrriiincnt. a- rapiilly a-; i>o-«iii!('. with th. ilortor- In- 
wa- in iiii'il of. ami to arcclcrati' the lurriruliim of ninli- 
.al -tiidic-. lia^i (li'ijilod to ^rivc in twelve nioiitli- all tlii' 
lcs>on< wliirli wi'H' formerly driven in '.'1. — which wa- only 
fea>ilile l»v the supprts-ion <d' all annual va. atioii and or- 
dinary holidays. 

In tlii- lirief review, we lielie\e we liiUe ■-iiminari/ed 
the main aets aecom|ili-lied l>y this Hoard. 

In my (iLjiaeity as I're-ident. 1 havo phaMire to rc- 
foiMii/e the ahle and effertive eo-ojiera t ioii id' all my eol- 
leaL'Ues. \\..iiu\ I ronlially iliaiik for the Imiiiir they have 
done ine. 

Dr Arthur SIMARD 

Tresideiit of the Colle-e of Physieian and Sur- 
;:eoll of the i'roviiue of Queliee. 

/•J •:.' f^jt 
>•; y^^ /S 

■ •- «» \i^kil^t^^' X .\^ 

"X^t JC'j*'.'