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Full text of "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam [microform] : an appeal to the Catholic laity in Canada to join in the propagation of the faith"

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Collection de 


Canadian Institute for Historical Microraproductions / Institut Canadian da microreproductions historiques 



>j:vL^-:^iiZSLmt%^?-''Si^^itm^i*. '^\,<f^^im:r^'f^^?umu^^: ^ 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
checked below. 

Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

□ Covers damaged / 
Couverture endommag^e 

n ^' 

I — I Cc 

I I Cover title missing / Le titre de couverture manque 

I I Coloured maps / Cartes g6ographiques en couleur 

Covers restored and/or laminated / 
Couverture restaur^e et/ou pel!icul6e 


Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I I Coloured plates and/or illustrations / 




Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material / 
Reli6 avec d'autres documents 

Only edition available / 
Seule Edition disponible 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion along 
interior margin / La reliure serr6e peut causer de 
I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de la marge 

Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have been 
omitted from filming / II se peut que certaines pages 
blanches ajout^es lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte, mais, lorsque cela 6tait 
possible, ces pages n'ont pas §t^ film^es. 

Additional comments / 
Commentaires suppl6mentaires: 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire qu'il lui a 
e\6 possible de se procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
plaire qui sont peut-dtre uniques du point de vue bibli- 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la mdtho- 
de normale de filmage sont indiqu^s ci-dessous. 

Coloured pages / Pages de couleur 

I I Pages damaged / Pages endommag6es 


Pages restored and/or laminated / 
Pages restaur^es et/ou pellicul^es 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 
Pages d^olor^es, tachet^es ou piqu^es 

I Pages detached / Pages d6tach6es 

I yi Showthrough / Transparence 

I I Quality of print varies / 



Quality in^gale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary material / 
Comprend du materiel supplementaire 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, 
tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages totalement ou 
partiellement obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata. une 
pelure, etc., ont 6t6 film6es k nouveau de fagon a 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages s'opposant ayant des 
colorations variables ou des decolorations sont 
film6es deux fois afin d'obtenir la meilleure image 

Thi> Item Is f :<med at the reduction ratis checked below / 

Ce docuir°nt est fllmi au taux de rMuction indiqiM cl-dessous. 














:::mki£M^^si^M^QBmi^'i^mi£^mL£^£M: ^ 

The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

Bibliothdque nationale du Quebec 

L'exemplaire filmA fut reproduit grAce A la 
gAnArositA de: 

Bibliothdque nationale du Quebec 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Les images suivantes ont iti reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition et 
de la Rsttet6 de l'exemplaire filmA, et en 
conformity avec las conditions du contrat de 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with t printed 
or illustrated impression. 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
papier est imprimde sont fiimds en commenpant 
par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
dernidre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second 
plat, selon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont filmis en commenpant par la 
premiere page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la derniAre page qui comporte une telle 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol — »- (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol y (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Un des symboles suivants apparaitra sur la 
dernidre image de cheque microf che, selon le 
cas: le symbole ^*> signifie "A SUIVRE", le 
symbole V signifie "FIN". 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtre 
film6s A des taux de reduction diffdrents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtre 
reproduit en un seul clichd, il est filmd A partir 
de Tangle supdrieur gauche, de gauche d droite, 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images nicessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la m^thode. 














'653 East Mam street 

Rochester. Ne» York 14609 USA 

(7'6) 482 - 0300 -Phone 

(7' 6) 288 - 5989 - Fax 




Majorem Dei Gloriam 




to join in 



Head Office 

67 Bond Street 

— Branches — 
Vancouver, Regina. Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal. 


.... .,.*.., •••■•.•., • •• 

• . • . • 

• «• ■• •••••• • * 

' •••. • • • • • • /. .* •• 

• _••••• 

• • • • • • 


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam 

NO. I. 

lliiL;h I*. (ciriHTliird. 

Not many iii.>iilli- aud. tli.' I!i-h,,|, ,,r (..t.!-, lOi-lain!. ;.- 
>ia-i| a [liKteral. in ulu.-li lie irrallcl i;, ih,. u.m.I,. ,.\ i u ,, S^... 
•.iviuii I'c.lUiiVs, 111,. ,hi!v u\- ,.vc,y inan ah'l uonian of 
artivcly Mipi.uitin- and a-Mstinu ii, lii,. -m.^a.! ..l <alli..l;.- 
readinj;-. (»iir late Holy Father. I'iu> X . tnl,| i,. ;1,;,; •■..,|| ,,„.■ 
v.orks, all uiir ,.|V,,its will I.,- .Ic-t n.ytMJ if v. ;,if t.- 
wi.dd the ..tV,.n-iv,. and .icrcrisivc wraiHH: ,,( a |,.> I aid -\tirvvi- 
<'ath,ili.' |ii.<>". llii, ,.;.ii havf laii ,,• , n, cat, in- .,, all ul;# 
I'tdifvc in til., iiiipoitaiuc cd" thi^ s|dritual itiilticnc.. and ih,- |„,u- 
ti- nf the printed word i„ ;.i<l ur hindei' ;li<,ii. It N uith ail tlif- 
td..(iue;icf ni- a holy zcjil. made iv.-tl.'s-. by a want Imm Irii at;/ 
un^iipplicd. that the !!i.h,.p „r I.,.eHs points to the indit!eiene« 
and ne-leet ot ('ath(dic.~ in ihi- niattei- a- a '•standing niys;e!;. 
and a .standing- -liaiiie". 

The lesson i- ,,iu. «hat is needed, oidy in tlw .\,,rtli ..- 
Knuia.Md hut wherever the Chiireh has uatheVed her rluhliv. 
around her to i)r<,tect her iiisiitut i,,ns and her teaehin;;s. an' 
il is not too imieh to say that there is no jdaee where it L- ni..r.- 
iiiKi-iitly required than in this our own eountry . f Cina. ;.. 

As a niemher of the Catliolie Trutli Soeiety of Canada, [ 
must leave it to othi'i- to speak of the lahois and of the .--u,.- 
les-es of that orya-'vatioii. 

'Dial there is sueli an institution, oi'uani/.ed. eipupped ai, 
active, wo trust every one of our fellow Catholies is aware. II.i: 
It IS a remarkahle and a reurettalde tliinu that the nature a;; 
iniportariee of its work has hitherto failed to iiiipre>s it-e!f i;; - 
on the Caihcdii- eommunity jrenerallv. 



I-!;i t;ilili-i|ii-.! II, i> ;•. Im; im< m |..i :i'v(l m l'.t|" 'in' C.i'li- 
« i|, rriilli Si>r,i'!y of <'.iti;ii|a li.i- U- II'. nl (•';..■ ill 'I'M.niitu, ilc- 
)iciii!i ;it I, Hi: whii h iliiif .im- lu.-i! . Li':- in Vatuuiu cr, Kc-.u'liia. 
\\ ii\iii|ii'u, 'I'lM .'iitd. anil .Muiitiral. Kiiit;"- ;'>'i . Ilaiiiillnii ami 
ili'ii |pi^h(i|i^ have a|i|iiiintcil Itiiuc-aM I'iii' tuis In talvf '.iji tlii- 

»(ilk "\ till' Snrlfty in '.hi-ir l'i'-;|)i'i ! I\ c iliocc -c^. Itflnlc ;lir 

[iM I III yiar lias pa^ cl intii hi-ti>iy it i> f-;!!!'. lol Miat ' h< 
.11 ..•I'-i'- !•( rniu' Alluit, l-'.M;iiMn{(iii. t'aluaiv', Ndi'ii Has-, i it • 
lawa, (.^iii'lii'i-, St. iiilin. iiml Ualil'ax will al-n iiaiiic tiiiir .liiin'.>- 

,.li .liicitol-. Ill letters of ap|Hu\al atnl iielieijirt iuli the !'.i«h<i|'«» 

iif (aiiaila hi\f iMen iinaninniu- in urvrinu' the neie~-iiy o,' the 
WMik liiiilei taken hy the Smicty. • Mh' would have lliuuuht that 
»sith >!ii h leroinineiKlation I'luni our leading" spiritual iruiiU's. 
f.'\s if any woulil lia\e lieeii uiiw iliiii'.;' to laki' jiait in a 

Hoik will I. ha- p.oVe'l it. -elf ill i>th'M eoiilitlie- to li,' -o puser- 
J'ul a faetor in the piopavral ion ami proteetioii ol' oiu' holy reli- 
V !'. 'I'lu' intention of those who inauinn ated the fe.iiration i.t" 
Uie various ('athoi'e i.^-oeiatioiis thioinli It the eoun' ry, (who.-i' 
aims we.e the (litl'n-ion of Caiholii- liie' .:! in e ) (ou!d "iiiy have 
iieel! to fjsiiilate and INtelid the work, yel if v. e Jini'je t'roiu 
fari.; a- tliey are texlay, v. e are foreed to the . oiielii-ioii tiiat 
the e\ti.'nsiMn is f;i'' from heini; a~ j^icat as it should ha'.e been. 
:n(« work whieh our IJishops ami pastors ct>iimH'!idL>il and Lle.-.-ed 
1or yea I -, and left in the keepin.Li' i<{ tile Catholic laity of < aiiada. 
i- \eiy largely iidnj^- left uiuloiie. Are \.u. dear leader, 

t-atistied that this should he so? To th -e v. ho are ;;(:i\e!y e.i- 
}:;.'jcd in the work it i.~ ditiieii't \ > uiider.-tat d \'.h'- ihi> ii.dif 
ftreiK e. '' anno', he that our Catholi,' iiiiMi and \Minien aie 
diaf to ti , 'peals of our Holy l'a'.he->- and i>f our IJishop-, or 
tl;a' ilieir lo\e and /eal to!' the welfan.' ,d' their ri:li'.d'>;i is Hot 
>,-lt:il enoUL.'il to periiii; them to re-^poild. 'i'h', le seem > to he 
J.-il. one solution to Ih.e e..iid:tion an 1 tiiat is tjia, the Catholie 
'I'llith Sjeiely of Canada, a.nd its v.ork iia , ii..; he. onie ilii.ient- 
ly ki .■.11 to othcas, aitii 'hey - • not knowinu- miuii aho'.it it. and 
not eiKiuiriiiK — have failed to realize the iir.trency and im- 
portaiiee of 'le \vi rk. It is cvideiui- that the weekly Catholie 
paper is nut rea<i, bccauFo there i.s in each issue news of the 
many avenues eallinj: f )r just such work as is being done b^ the 
C. f. S. 


it 1- ^u< h th;ii ail. ti'i !i.;iilti |i,u | In- m h> r i|u;ilui. af m.ii« 

may In-, laii iln mu. ii i , hrlp. Iru'.. arc .Imilr, |,'-> .s,,iiu' vvh.. 
n 'fanl th.- ap.otolau- of tli.' laity a -<. iictliint' far iMyciui tu.M^ 

-p'"'''''. ''<■'•; ilx'y flunk ihi'v lia\. , , nili.-r ih,- ii,,.,. ,,r alul' 

^y '" i'i'l "I iIk' \vi-k. Ilui a- ill sny i.lli.r uu...| \,,.ik. ;Iumv 
""' 'liil'if:"' ha-.- and ilrjiart n.ciif v. -otur .-c 'iniii" ly liiii-i|.-n, whi'c .. ..T- api.-ar iiumc all of uli;,li ai.' nntir 
tlir !(s. r sfi.'ial an. I |irai-cu(.r!liy in the -iliIii .1 C .1, an. I 
.Mn..\'..I> aiti.ii . iattil l.y rhu.i- vvUu a; f In (I.iiik I'..!' aiiy kind of 
•■ricoinaciiiicrit .ind lu'lp. 

'I'lic work ..f thf ('atli..lh Tin;!!\ i- ,|n j,|, ,1 ,n|.> ••...,, 
t'!-cat .iiviM.-:i-. il,,, ,. , ■■ pr.uliui.-.Lr an. I .li^' i il.u; :! (hO li,. 
\ci-y feu .an I..- pr..,lii, ,t-. ..v.mi w,-,,- ihcir n^miK,.- I,. 
t'ion, liny U..11I.I !..■ I. lit ,,r liit!.. II .. |„ ,,,„• (hill u aiMl t.. ..Ill- 
'■'■"'■^^ "^'"- "■ VT l;..k...| .!i trilMih,,.. r,.|,r li„. , ,,.f ..f tin 
'''"''■'■ '""'"tn a..' !ii.' \aiioa pan-la .,r tin- .lie. r-.' i-i 
wl.i.h tl„. l.i-an.h ..p.. .ale-. Tli.' I.ian.h ..•mxui Ivo .-h.M,;,l trv t^. 
hav,. , ...ry riiun h .-up[.li.-(l uilh .i v.-tihulc ra. k an.! h-n\. if 
-storkci uith suilalilo,pl,l,.t,-:. f,,r 1!,.. ,litr,..r.!t -,■;..,, ,,f th, 
Chuivh. aii.l v.itii th.. :-,nial aii.j oili..,- .pa.^ti,.:.-, ..f :h.- ,i,,v fn.n. 
a ( -uh..!!,. :..,i„f ,.f \i,.u-. I,, L-wi-y .huivh tl ,■ rack i-. ,-". h-u.. 
|in-r..-r att.-nli„n: .? >h...i!.| h.. ,i„.(,.l an.| .-I.-a,.: it„. old 
ph;. nhk.t.s n.,r...vid an-l n.v. oiios ,,ia.v.!, nn.I th.. d.mati..n 1, ,^ 
■dy en,p.a-.|. ■Ihi.^ 1.-^ .,!:r(.flh(. main w..rk< „i- th,. Ii-iril, 
. ail., .u.rly ,t is ri.,t iinn.asnnal.K. to a<k i\,v ..,„. p,.,-,,,, jr 
pan.~h, uho w.ll l„. Klad t., nvc th.. lit!:., tin,., it r...p,iri..' 
v, ari'l ■•■ a. rpt the raiv of Ih,. rark f.,,- a v.'ar. 


I- i 

<■ '. ii .". aiaiiy datii'.-, a.-iiv ii 

11(1 (n-i.;isi..ii- '.< hi, h 


to I'r- 
lectu, , 

.^ ^^Hll■ly ^ v;.a. ai.d atlc-MK.!, .11 the inu.)..-,' of 

iei- It.- au.^ leiiuriM., iL. inviu.l :,, a.Mrc<s Cath- 

■• a.>ti-rai holies (,n the t..arii:n,Lr of th.' ( hiir.h or, the 

'..u.- qu,..-,rion.s <,i u-.o day. This featuro uill I,, nior.. 

aii .' ...ioif e.Mrn.-ivfly ...aaistMl if the Socieiv will he 

supi .n to warrant it. It .should reach from Halifax 

h(M-'. ...d n,- • ity but should haw at - otu- 


rf *#:; 


Thi-M' tvMi •\:iy- i.f pi..|.iiv.iitiiiir thf K.nth finl.rii..- Hi.- 
Iiiiiili'd word itii.l thf |ul|iit iintl pint fi.i ni. hut tlifM' will ii,.' 

Mirtiti-: it i~ inM.v^Miry I tcct thf iiiipff>sj,,n;,|,|,. niiiiiU i.f 

yoUiiK ('ariiuhan-. from the .)i>oiMius mil ininioial litfiatin- 
vvhith i-« so opfrily ami Matantly fxpo^fil tipoii thf liook-talN 
toiinfcis. .Maiiyof thf>f hooks liml thfir way on tu . Iif -hflvf. 
of thf piihlif jihratifs. I.ikf many thirm- tolfiatfd toilay '.- 
laii.sf "wi- imist l(c .Ifin" ii.,iliastt' i(if;i> ami iiiipif > -, 
tluliifd in "thf poinilai no\fl „( ihv <iay" ami it op.ia.t .^ 

>tii>nK >fcoml to thf ni<)\i('N iii ilf-tioyiiit; thi' iiiti..icmf .,. thf 
youth of tlif citi.-. 

1- line any onf w Im cannot ifali-f i|i.' impoitam.' o- 
thi> uoik.' A Work tliat is too laiuf ami too fxtfiisive to ba 
!fft to our ahfady ovfr-taxfd pa.-lois: a work without whiih 
thf rank and tiU- nf our ffllow Catholics can never aciiuirc that 
kiiowkMlj.--,. ;,ih1 familiarity with Ihcir iclii;ioii which tlic.\ inu-t 
havf if thfy arc t" pid\f ihcm-clsfs loyal and worthy childifi. 
of the Chunh. If thfy an' not that, it wilj hf haul for their 
to. not only, dft'fiid thfir itdijiii'li. I'Ut to hf aide to advocate it. 
It is to tliis work that the Soverfiun I'oiititl's ha\f ayain am. 
aK-ain suminoiifd the ('alh(dic laity of the worlil. It is thi.> 
work that you are called ni^m to etn au" and siipi)orl. It 

ha.s 1 n Ifft to thf (dfoi is of thf mere landful of uicn who-.- 

zeal and energy has hei'ii minimized ..eiause of the want of 
eariifst support and co-operation. There is no f xauei at ion ii. 
thf statement madf. Tlif writer has in mind one i)ranch whici; 
is struuKliii!^' iiiidfi- ovfiwhflminu and uniifiessaiy ditlicultie-. 
wht-re the iiundier of active workeis art- U-s- than thf luimiifr 
of fonimittffs needing attention. In coiisfcnicnce. W(uk is dou- 
hlt'd and in some cases trebled, and evfn then much must be lefr 
imilonf. To mention only one fxamplf: owiny; to thf unsfttlf«f 
fcononiif times, thffts have bfen nunifiuus. and the donatio; 
boxes of churches have not been free from robbi'iy. The dona- 
tions placed in the Society's rack boxes, where the racks ha\t- 
had projjer care, have been untouched, bui the others have, no' 
only, been robbed but badly damat;ed. This loss of income, 

increased by costs of repair, is a heavy tax on the meairre 
amount of the present tinanei- support. 

■-*• •.►.*.^. 

f-r.- -ii- >rr"Ai 


Thi-. !•. mily ixii' i.t thf iii-tiiii> . ..i th,. .ml, ,,|m.. ,,^ 

ilk' tuit thi- Work whi.h i» «.., iiii|>..i tjiiii ami -.. in-n»-iiii > i... 
■r..|»iif!iti..ii „( th.' l-'iiuli. - hi,.[, |. ,h,, „n,,.,), „|,|, ,,f "ji,,. ||,,|y 
riithii fur Coil iiimI Mis (hjnh 

In a luuiitry so Catholi. ;> Canailjt. it uuiy wril !..• I.thuiI 
■•.I starnliim- iny>tfry, ami a ^tHriiiitiij .■.hitiiif". 

Tht-rr i'\i>its side l.y >i(l,' with the latk of \\orKfi> a >tcaily 
.»Mil ili-hi'urtt hiiiK ivanl of ipoiii-y. Il is so easy 'o take our 
weekly pal > r oi' pamph .•! from ihf chunh ilour i ai ii wn-k 
Ailhoiit I'Wf Ihiiikinu of how th" rark Kot there; where thf 
■lamphlets lame fioni; who kei .> up th«' supply; ur who pavs 
for (laniane or los-. It is in lillinu- such .leniaii<ls that the sleiiil- 
• f means of the S. eietj are used, meanwhile an ai>unilatire of 
greater u'ood is Iicinn left undone, and will he left "idone until 
:he woik is nivei) the .-upport neicssaiy to i«n .'t its reiiuire- 
nients. The Society is mn-t Krateful to its niemher^, hut when 
'IK' ulances ovei the list of nanu's on the meml>ei-hip and to 
;iiid hut a hare few hundred, one cannot reu-ard it is creditahlc 
•() the Catholics of Canadii. With the I'atholic population of 
<"anada. the niend)ership of the Society should run into tens of 
thousands. All cannot he active workers, hut the ('hur( h hi-.s 
!iever hesitated to insist in her fre(|Uent utterances, that the 
iiropanation of Catholic Truth \n the duty and rtspotisihility of 
v\eiy man anW wctman in the fold. What iloes this mean hut 
*hat the numher of nienihers sh.)ul<l he in proportion to our 
Catholic population, who would, hy their annual donations, snp- 
;)ly the means to carry on the work. 

Of the imp. I lance of the work, it should l>i' nei.-saiy to 

say luit very little. Duiinu- these times of national cii-is and 

-ucial uphejival. the w<irld is cryiny- out in its a^;ony for th<' so- 

ution thai will ^ive hack peace and liKhteousnes-. We ( ath- 

■ lics know the answer that it seeks. We hold the secret that 

r;lorie laii flee it from the tyranny of evil that I.esets it. Only 

'hiistiani-y. based upon Catholic iliMiriiie. will ever uplift it or 

l!aiisform it into a tittinu' duelling; place for the children of 

'iod. That doctrine is ours to spieail luoad-ca-t hy e\ery means 

..nil channel in our ]>ower. 

!>(> iini let<l\c.s ik'Ihvc that licraUM- u r hold thr wi'ajv 
nns of .-iK-.tss that ;hcr('foi-.' the field (itViT.- no opposition. Uv- 
rodtly t)ii' OraiiLrc conipat I'iots of T<.r()r!to iaiil claim to the 
■•(ilory"' of havin-- dclVatcd Catholic dociiiiic in the 'rrcuihlay- 
Dcpati.' diM-tisMon. \y whi.h they tell u- they liavc acliicvcd one 
of the .Lil-catc I vic;oi-ic. t'or I'i ott .-taut •- in. !.(•• ii> take notice 
<'f Uiiii- nie'linds no niatl;]- in!<i what thiy huw iiei^n 
led 'I'liey pioini-.. that thiy intend "to i-.sue a t I'ehiendoii.s 
■'>" '"■'■ "'' jiainplde:-. >,, 11, at all may i;no\v". and in;end to 
.-l- .:d ;\V( !ve theii-and di.i'ais in ..I'dcf to do it. 

l! lia:< iiii: recently .-'a!ed that 1': iitcstaiit i):opauan(la. diif- 
in;; the pa-t year, has di<; i ihiiti^l n,, le;-.- Lhai, thc,.^. hundred 
ih..,;-and iiihlcs free ef (hai,i;-e: that in the coar.-e of a very 
feu year.- the total niniiher of ihc--., , produced and dist rihuted, 
reaclie.- the a,-to;iiiilin,L;' limire of nine million. The- ■ Idhle.s 
have hei'ti placed in the room.- of every iiotel in the Cnited 
SLate,< ami in Canada. They claim that their liihlo has been 
translated into almost ewiy ian.uuaije, and dist rihuted in every 
colli try. U-i'r. What are u e doin.u-. we Catholics from whom 
they .l:-oI the liihle ? In .Montreal the C. T. S. 1. ranch Executivu 
tried to ha\e one of the .Society'.- racks placed in the railway 
station, hut failed. 

How many Catholics are aware that in a city so emiiu'iitly 
< athohc as is .Montreal, cleverly compiled leaflets, written in 
French as well as Kn^'lish. aie heinu- I'laced under the dixu-s of 
our co-religionists? This is hein,!,' done euniinuously. Some- 
Ix'ily has thouj;ht it worth while to study <iur doctrines, not to 
iind tiu'h, b 't in order that oin- doctrine nii.urht be niis-inter- 
jneu'd. W ' know it and we will not trouble to contradict him. 
Someone thouKhL it worth while to pay for the printing of thi.s 
contaminating rubbish, and tn Kt't those who will jrive the time 
to .ud about distributing it. Yet (^atholics, the most of them, 
think it too much to jrive a few dollars yearly towards spreading 
the real, the TRUE word of God. These thinjrs are beinjr done 
eontinually in cities and towns, and the more Catholic the 
more persistent is the distribution. Have we, then, not rea.son 
to ourselves, "if these thinfts .iie done in the ureen wood, 
what will be done in the drv?" 


\'aii; is it tn ;,i'4'i:", that cr! all llii' ruuit oc.-ir-iun.- i;i tlic 
w.nlil, iior all th,' ;u LtuiiMlalcil v-calili ..f ( )r;ti;u'.'i -in will I'v- 
i-v chaiiuc Jic trai liinu' nt' the ('atlmlic ( linn h ii; r.-afii tn th'' 
inairia'jc li<ii;il uiilv-;- v,c. a^ inili\iilual <'athiilii-- li ■ "iir pait !•> 
.ui'-i' ilii.1' i<i thai !i acl'iir.';. and hy wni'ij aaii cManiKc in inaki' \l 
k !. '\vn t'l "'.hiT-. \'a:ii a!.- i ainl uui>c than vain i- i; l't>i- n -- tn 
).!(:'cl tliat if n;cn air wmihy nf ;iir iianii' (',|-1; ■!: ■ tlifv will 'i..t 
li~ii-n In ih«- |i.T-ua--p I' I'ailacif- im unlivlii \ n - in till- I'cu'af'l; 
c II'- liii;;-' i III \'.i'ik aijil in |»'ay tlia'. ;li:' lan'. nf thi' v..n!hy 
may he i n.ica-i''! al)(i tlial ii: llii-. as iti all :• h-r tiiinu-. Cath.n- 
li- a-- a linily ii;ay piT-iti' an nMlnokcn ii'id In thi' tni-n.y. I n<: 
<lcr]i (ii'\', n in nui' t"aitli '.■nii'jji' rmd -nu! \\i' kimw tha: the 
('liiith',- tcaihini;:- i.n ilii- .-uhjiTi , a- in all thinus. i> \ :ta! I'l 
'. hr \\ rlfarc 111 ^ini'-'ty. 

It' there Me any wh-.i (tnnlit the Irulii ei' the-e a -.-eil inr,,-. 
Jei tiiem wateh till' activities (if the "Caiiailiaii rrnie-tanl I'uii- 
iiii!\' I.ea.ulie" \\iii( ii has Keen I'nrnied hy "a niiiiiiier nf ai.iw;- 
I'lntestaat-" ill Ti. renin. Thi-- ni j^ani/.ai a.n jiinl e-.-e- to take mji- 
nli ilM'l! (1 ijUnte f/nni elie el' its ieal'le;-) '•the ililVll -inll nf ae- 
earate iiil'orniat ion on the \iial (loe!iiiie> nf Chri.-.. ianit y, and at 
the saiiU' tinu- stt out in :i n >n~|)(>iiti('al \\a> (ho sarious ni(>\e- 
iiunl - (il th.' Ktinian (atholii- Church <lt'-iKiU'<l to >enirt> dtmiin- 
ani-f in Canadu". t'ould we ui-li fni- a more diicet ehalleiiue tha!i 
this'.' These 'jelKliaileii [.ropose to iamuh their work nt\ a nieni- 
'u-rship ot' at least one ihousatid men, eniuniitted to an animal 
-iihseription of ten dollars. Tlu'ir pamphlets are lo lie prepared 
at tile expi'iise of the I.eajiUoaild with the exeoptiotl of tifleell 
luindred dollars rt'iiuiied for adiuiiiistratioii, the rest of th<' 
funds will lie spent ill printing and distrihutiiitr literature. 

Now. upon sui)i)ositioii, if this pro.ieet of I'rotestants should 
su' ceed, (and \rhat reason have we for lielievinu' that it will not* 
how does ihe Catholic Truth Society of Canadii c-ompare with it; 
tifter its years cd' existeiue '.' The eoinparisoii will be- all the 
more marked hy the fact that "The Protestant I'uhiieity 
Leaytuf ' is fornied primarily to oppose the Catholie Truth Su- 
«iety. There ean hf no ilouhi. of that froiii the fullowintr para- 
uiaph in a leaflet sent out from Toiont.i. 

"It -lioiild lie rfmcnihcii'il that The Ciaholii- Trutlt 
Scuifty which has icti'iilly Ix'cn fornu-d hy the Roman. 
<"ath'>!ir Mierarchy of ('at)a<la, is cnjiaKi'd in at) exaitly 
"-imilar cntcrpiisf. This country is hcin«- (loodi'd wiih Koiii- 
,i:i ('ath(dic litciatiiit', i-xplainint;- in suhtic and sonu'tinu-s 
■ onvincinji- ways, thi- doitrinc and the authority of tht- 
V'hurch. and the arguments for the supreniaiy of the Tope. 
There is no more important work to he done in Canada 
?iy Protestants than to counteratt this movement on the 
;)art of the Roman Catholics". 

There is nothing for us to be ashamed of in that. On the 
vnnlrary. it should be the cause of j-iTat encourani'ment to us to 
■;nuw that in si)ite of the difficulties of the i)asi years, ^ood wdik 
has been do!ie, and the influence of the Society has made it«elf 

Hut what of the future? .Are \vc to concede our position to 
■thers because we have not a membership of several thousand 
-T because we are not as wealthy as our opponents. Surley not! 
Sl'RKI.V .\()T: When our Bishops have pleaded with us: when 
"Ui- i)astors have urjred us: and when the Holy Father himself 
has crieil (uk to us. to take <.ur i)laces in the lay apostolate. Let 
.!> not any lonuvr blind ourselves to facts. Let us rather owi> 
'<! our shoit-coniinK if there is oi>n and set to work to rifjht it. 
Is it not tiue that the weapons which the Church has unceasinc-- 
■ y l)e«ued us to take up in her name, have been left idly alone, 
■rill hei- very enemies have wielded them ajrainst her — and is 
-■.ot this indeed "a standint;- shame"? 

Those who have interested themselves in this work know 
^veII the reward it brings with it. It has been beuun and not 
ti little has been achieveil. but nothing compared with the j^^ood 
•vork which is still waitinu' to be done, if others would conu- 
■■•irward and show their zeal as Catholices by contrihutinjr in 
-■mieway towards the work of the Socieiy for the pr(.pa«atioii 
-.■f the Faith. Why must we wait lonner? Why must this duty 
f all the faithful be carried by so few. The seed is ours and 
'hv soil is ready, but we lack the willin.ii' hands with which to 
•^ \v. Whc;: is Our ;iR--H{ie lu reach ilu- lu-arts of our people 



ititl biiiiu tuith attivc inid st-lf-siippoi lini: luaiuhfs in t-voi-y din- 
ifst' in Canada from coast to mast. Distrihutiny: ii-ntit's artr 
•uedfil in fvt'iy city so as to rt-aih outiyinjr distrii ts. and also to 
offer an information bureau for those who may not desire to- 
.idmit any deep reason in wishiny- an answer on faith and doc- 

We ajipeal to the Catholics of every diocese in Canada tf> 
-aiefully think over the cause of our Holy Reliuion, to think of 
the souls that can and should be brouuht into the fold, to think 
-if those who aie becoming: ne^;lij;ciit. to thiid< of the families 
away in the western missionaries wno iieeil the hel]) of the 
Cath(dics of the East for their childrcns' sakes. The t;:reatest act 
>if charity is to save a soul. The propauatioii of the I'aitli 
means the savinu' of many souls. Will you not Join with u.'- AI> 
M.A.IOKK.M l>i:i (il.OHl.A.M. 






.>^t. Euke X.. .St. Mark Nil. 

NO. II. 

I Hy the .Society. I 

These commandments |)lace on us a duty to Cod and to 
• In reference to man (the State I we must .-■.•tv< to earn 
the ''iuht to live. If oui responsibility is so jrreat to the human 
r-.nd limited life, how much more ileservinir of oui at- 
tention to serve Cod well that we may earn eternal life. 

Servile does not mean doitiK only thiiius which come 
nnier our i(lea< of ease, happines-. aiei material g-aiti. Our 
'.Old served the .Almighty, and mankin.i. ii' humility, paiti and 

A- ( 'a(hiilic.~ \vf haw a iliity d' si'r\ic^' to nur Faiih ami tD 
.'III- <'huiHh, wliith i> the i-u.-'ixiian of nuv Ki'lii;i(m. Thai ihity 
implif-- our ai-ti\c assmiatioii and iu-(>|hm at ion witli mu- nf i!:"ii; 
>f tlic aciivitits eii(li)r.-o(i by our Spiritual Guiiii'S. 

.\iiinn,i^- th<'.-f artivilif.- ('Iiaiity takr- the tir.<t i>la<c. riid'-r 
t liarily <'iiim's dur (i;;ty to our iiri'-ihhor. It may In- t'oi' hi- uia- 
'.riial x'.iltai'c oi' lor iiis sjiiritua! ails aiufimT,! . 

A- Ihi' saviiiL:' of a soul i-, thf hiuho-i oi all chai-il io.-. i: is 
Aoithy ol' our i^Mcatc-t "H'ort. 'I h" iiio-t riTi^i'tivc way that ;h>> 
laiiy may a-si.-t t li'Miisolvo- aiwl oth.i- in p;-actisinir this iiohL- 
■haii;y, i- to Join in thi' woiU of thr Catholic Trutli Socii'ty, 
ulii.h krc|>- licl'iMi' it thi' primary o.-irr of the I'oprs "Tho 
I'l-oLK s< of tlio l''aith" whirli i;. always incluiird when thv 
faiihrul pia\- for thr iiito:ilion of our Iloi\ I'athor. 

'I'lu' <'atholi.- Truth Socii^ty tlii- -alicrU, I'Xamiilo of inval- 
uah'i hut poorly suiiportfd ctVort N, aparL from the pulpit, our 
nu)-t (iircct mi'ar;> of projjauat in.u tho I'aith amon.u'.-t our non- 
t'athol hri'thnMi. 'lis chief mean- of doin,!,' so is the pamjih- 
!>'t. I'oiuainin.u' short, rlrar, louic-al expiaiiatioiis of Catholic iloc- 
tiine. elucidation of points of tout rovcrsy. application of ethics 
to cuiieiit tiuestioiis. livos of the hest cxeniphiis oi' t'aliiolic 
principlf. episodes in the loiiu' sloiy of Church history all that 
i< needed, in fait, to make the i-'aith known to out-iders and 
in. One would thiid< that this apostolic work would nuiuhor its 
.■nti\c suppoiters hy tens of thousands, and that there would he 
no I hurch or cliapcl oi- Catholic cfntrc of any kind liut would 
fo! HI a nucleus of distril)Ution for Lhe Society's publications. 
Hut there aic :\\n>. si ores of centres that lUake no use of them, 
and ol'.! ci' tl.e :'),r)(!(i.()0(i Catholics of Canada hardly one in a 
thousaiul pays the Society's modest annual subscription 
.Sr>.iin. ( 'onseiiuently, adn.irable as the work is, it has ;■ 
le.iched aiiyihi'vu like its (iue development. Were its nienii.L - 
>hip multi|)lied only by ten, its output miirht be enormously in- 
creased and 'he pami)hlet occupy its place as its most etfeclive 

For niaTiy ve.'isons the bound book does not meet the n'reat 
:anil extensive nted for explanation of the teaehinij: and practice-^ 


'■ the C-itholh- Church. To nirct tliat u<'v<l m ''auuila, the CathD- 

'I'luth Sdiifty's Ihiid Otlicf h;i.- hfconie the main distribvit- 

iFiL' icntif. 111)1 (iiily fur ils u\s ri low-piiood puMications, I)ut for 

t^•!mpll!l■;-■ of (.thiT Cathulic Truth .^ucii'tii'.- and similar c()m- 

.! il i!ii-^ .if the world. 

If th 'fi i- a -uli.ic-; Oil wiiiili a ( a! ii'dii-. oi' a '.i-iu < ',ii hohc', 
wi-hc- i!.''ciMiiali(ir,. iiy askinL; lit inav 'laiiijy oh:ain mu- or 
liiofc |iai:|)hUt- on i!. 'll;.' |iainidii(.'i.~ arr icaii-id ai :'ro;i ."> 
i-i'V.:- to '-."i con'-- (v:u'h. Whin I'l'nuii'cd for the ('hni(h vo<tiliu'o 
raiLs. n.i -ion-. >c hools. ctr.. ;;nd ;a!<<'n 'a i;iianl;iios. a iilMral 
d;-ro;int i-- Tiiis depart nn-n! : of '^i-at ad\ar;a ■.• !■) 
1 vcr\- !■: ic-t ar.d layman in Canad i. Souc \i:''-.—\r- aii- now ili,. 
T filiut iiu' to tlivir foirL;! ('v.-at^ons, or t^o t!irv-c at U-ndiiii;' na— iru's 
■ ■: a s(K-icty, (Hiijics of a pamjih!. ' : real iriv; ful!>- lai ihi- suiiM-rt 
ot' his ;(ddr('~- . 

I iic Sofif^y lias iic-n a mcuiuin foi- procuriiiL' hooks t'or its 
iiicnd'or.-. and added \ery niaiiy lo i,- lilirary. and lia- .-cut out 
ma! y leirs ot' tliousands of paiii|iii!et -. With |).iv-e:it nriMii:.;^ 
rate- this would at lii'st mean siilisidi/.in'j; tho-i- p'lhlicat ion-, 
''lit nionry could hardly he In-tier s|ient. and a- sale; \.i're 
adeipiately push>'d and addiiiors herome larucr. they would at 
le:iL'th eovt'r expenses. 

The estimated Catholic population is placed at 41'.. Wi'h 
.-'.ail numbers we oujrht to ha\a- greater representation and in- 
tluenci' and tienelits, all of which would ureatly aid in streiiir- 
thenintr our effons on hehalf of our reliijion and. therefore, 
•!c\eliip jiood citizenshi]'. 

The anihilion, of the Catholic Ti uth Society is to have unity, 
as tar as is possible, of all Catholics orj;anix.ed and cooperating 
in the <iisscniination of Catholic teachinu- by the printed ""ni 
and by lectures. The oi^ranizaiion to be a laymei .u* 

.v;th branches in each diocese, ea.h Itranch subjec ho[> 

ir. the diocese and to the Pastor in the parish. 

The ('.atholie Truth Society of Canad.i 
l^»i'. Tie Society has received, in writintr. the 'p. 



Apostolii- Dek'uatf. Caiiliiuil lU'Kin, and <»'vt'n of tin- Anh- 
'.>h<'ps of Ciiiunla. 

It is iiu-oipoiati'il liy a Kitli'ial ihailor. and has Inancht's in 
Vani-ouvfi-. Kfjiiiia. Winnipi-ji-, Toronto and Montri-al, and it 
h.rpcs to ha\i' a hranch in overy dioicsi>. 

The Gonoral Kxriutivt- expends, at present, live thousand 
ioUars each year, and has to keep in stock between two thousand 
fi'.id three thousand dollars' worth of leaflets, pamphlets and 


The work is attended to hy liusiness men who jifive their ser- 
viie-i voluMtaiiiy. ; 

.Mmh of the work i> free of eharire. No prolit is made on 

;\v of the Society's atiivities. Pamphlet racks are supplied at 

!v-s than cost. In many cases expressage on parcels is paid by 

ihe Society. Hence the need of financial aid to make the wo)k 

;.iore . IFective and to extend its usefulness. 

l>y the act of incorpoiation diocesan branches may he duly 
formed and ati Hated by ihe re;iular by-law, with the General 
Executive operatinu' from the head office, and branches may 
..vail themselves of the privileges, which are many, n'l'anted un- 
t'er the letters of tht' charter. 

.\ Diocesan liranch will be under tlu' management of the 
JMocesan Kxecutive. 

The ot)jeci of a Dioce^ar, bianch i)rii\iarily, is brir r to 
tvery oiie of the laity a knowledjre of the import; ^e of the 
.vdik (!f this Society. It will be a real membership committee. 
Its movement aloiijn' that line will be first met by haxinj; with 
ihe consent of the jiastors -each and every parish form its 
Aquinas .Auxiliary, which will be known as the |iaiish activity of 
Jhe C. T. S. 

The Aquinas will .uet members, siiivinu' l'*r 'Ordinary'' 
{$"1.0(1) and "Sustaining" ($10.00), while not overlooking the- 
'•A-is.(ici;ite'' (SI, 00) annual dues. These due^ to Ih' collected by 
Ihr Aquinas from its own parish members and sending them ta 



il [ 

thf I Mdi f-aii h!Nf(iili\ f. Tlu' l>i(Mt-;iii |-l\ciut i\ t- liy .xft'ii.' , 
ill tmuh with t';uh Aquinas ut' thf IM(ni'-c will Irani if a pai -. 
i> iiH'ftini; i'Xi)fi-tat ions. 

As thf Dioicsan liraiu'li >ri<>\vs in i-xtent. intliKMUc av-.' 
nu-ans, its autimoniy will pvimit aiilinu and advaiiiiiiK >ikm 
Works as shall \>v appidVfd hy tlu' Spiritual UitiH'tor. 

The I>ioii'saii l>iaiu'h will I'lidi-axdr to lia\i' a panij>hli't la. .: 
plact'd in ihi- vt'stil>uli' oi" i'\i-iy ihunh in the dioicsf. and to e"- 
fourauf thf Aipiinas to havf thtni always supplicil with -cu- 
sonalilf snlijfits. Cart' to oidoi- ii'tiuiii-nuiit^ in tinu' to a^- 
>urc a supply is lU'irssary. 

The l)ioit'san Inanrh should pronioti' a spiiit of I'cailii.i, 
i'atholic hooks l>y (Uiiani/cinti Ivi'adint; ('ii\-lcs and Study Clu!'-. 
The (ifniTal K.M'cutivi- lias issued a list of iiconinu'ndrd Cat p. 
lie hooks and instructions how to organize a fcadin^' linle. 

Thi' ui'<'at good of Catholic iradint:' will hv advanu'd !■> 
t-stahlishiiiK a Dioti'san lil.iary from whicli l>o\»>s of hooks nia; 
lit' loaiU'd to i)arislu's in which then' is no puMic lihrary. 

Whi-ii- there are j)uhlie lil>rarie>. ('irtle> should ask for ti.- 
Iinoks they wish, and hi'iiin' rati'payer> ari' entitleil to he >u; - 
plied with them. A.ssoeiation with ihe ptihlic lihrary will aiii ;; 
plaiini;' more hooks of Catholic intei >t oti the sheKe.-. 

Mach Aquinas should arran'^^e that new converts lectin 
tiume attejilion, in a <iuiet and unosteniatious way. Con\erts avt- 
as a rule timid, to a certain extent, douhtfid. It will hi- :* 

consult the Pa.stor. and as .-.oon as wisdom warrants iheu 

meet other memhers of the parish, and introduce them t<. ti;t 
jiarish societies. New converts may know friends who are : 
deul>t : they may he of assistance in the selection of controse:- 
sial pamphlets fui' the rack. This will prove a K'reat help a-. 
they can appreciate where those hoin in the faitli do not. 

llemailinu' Catholic i)apers and mai;azin-~, when read, t . 
fansilies in unsettled districts o! elsewhere, who otherwisf f.'.y. ! 
not procure this class of reailinu'. should he encouraged. 


Al.-(i M'IMllliu |i;irrf|s 111' Cathi'lir ii':nilll^ In llu' mi -siuiiiil :••>. 
r:ith(>lic |);i;n'is ittul iiiiiuiii'.iiH'- ;iir u-athcifil auiI inailf mi'm 
r> 111. paircls. 'I"li( -f arc mailfd tci llic missioiiaiio tliiuimhuit 
the sc-atlcrcd ami urisit t Ifil liistiicts ol' ;hc iiurtlici-ii ptrt - "f 
Xhi WfsUTii l'r((\ iiHc,~. the Nnith-Wi'^t Teriitniy, the VuLmi 
jiiid also ti) Xcul'iiimdjaml. The laity bt-nclittinj,' by his activity 
arc iiiaily always many iiiilcs from a chuich or sihunj. ami ir 
ii> liy ic'ci'ivinK tins Catholic leading' that their faiih i- kcp- 
alive until they can hear Mass and K" to Coninuinitjn. Tin -> 
two privilpjres, so t-asy to obtain in our Kastern rroviue.-. may 
not be availi'd of by these WestiTii seitlei's more l': C'liic'it iy 
than four or ti\e times in a year, and thise Mmes are oficii mai y 
iimnths a])a)'t. 

Instalhitioii cf .\la>s Ue-istcrs ii, Icailini;- h<.;el~ in cii--. 
Any Catholic called away lu another city or tituti arid In,- »•• le- 
B'.ain ovci- Sunday can a| nreciate the advantage "f bein ; ■.<J<iv 
to see a -Mass Ktv!.;i>ter, jiiaced prominently in the hotel, ai' I 
see the time ihat Ma-s will iie said in such town or city. Tiic 
vork (.r inlerviewini; proprietors and nnmau-ei-s thi'iMiulioMt Ca- 
nada with a view to pifvailin.!.;' upon them to consent to such a 
Ke.irisler beinjj- placed in their hotel -hould appeal to all <';Ulio:ic 
tra veil ill}.;' nun. 

.\< al! .'luuial membershii) dues iro to the Diocesan brancho. 
al-o all donations under .$L'n,()(), an<l as all the moneys from 
"l.iCe" (,'s:.U.OO> and "Knilowinent " ( .^j: ! ) membeiships ai'.d 
Donations of S^iin.Dii aiul over are to be remiiled to the (Jeneral 
Execu;ive to be i!ive-ted in securities auihorizod by Govern- 
ment statuti- for the u'uidance o*" l/ustees, the (Jeneral Execu- 
tive will have rM means by which to t)rint. [nirchase or dissemi- 
nate i)ami-h!ets and oth.'r outlay- falli!).'.:- to Head Ollice. To 
procure tiii> !iecc.-^.-;,ry i'.nancial a-si.-taiuo i'(,r the Head Ollice. 
Diocesan branches are e:.peiied to approach I'astors to allow, 
once a year, a eol!e:-ti';n to be taken upon on Sunday, either at 
the Offertory at Mass or at evening devotions. It is not de- 
sired to trespass on the Pa.stor's collection: it will be 
within the kindness of the Pastor as to how much he will send 
to the I'locesan K.xecutivc, to be remittfi; to Head Office. A 



« 1 1 

Million (>)i >.it;ii- -uli.i.Tt. a- ••■tiutli a Tauulit !.y ;li<- ( liun h.' 
iiiitl nil t\iilaiiatiii!i <if ihv \snrU i.t' tlir Su.iriy liifiHf tlir . •>! 
Icctidii i- tiki-n. wniild he lii'iirlii lal. Siiiiii.n anl i mIU'.I ii.ii l'» 
he aiiMiitiiH I. wlicii jMi>-ili!c. tile Siit.'la\ 1- I'uu-. 

Tlif inliif-l <: rivci I'loiii tin -r .Mcuriitf.-- i- t" It a'lii>'l '•■• 
the i-ri:i' ipal until .lie trust fuml rcaclu-'tio.un, uhni ili. 
n\<'iiu<' will he u>i''l for ili'frayirm- ihr MTicaaiial ar.<l otlur i\ - 
jifii^r.- of tht.' Ilra^i Otlur. Thi- Capilal ''"ru-t ( 'uriiorat i..ii ha\<' 
kiiiilly luiLsentcd tu act as the tru-toc of th<' roi'ivf fim.l of 
thf SotR'ly. 

liiiiulfomx's. Cur Holy Fallicr. IIciumIi, t W.. lia> uraiit.-.i 
many iiMlulucnii's u> nicnil.ers and 11 1';i.ri;i:S of th,' Su.iity. 
ThiTcfori', niatiy \v!io canniil m'<' their way '" hcomc annua! 
vuhs(rilifr< throu.ijh nu luliLT-hlii. may \>v II Kl.l'i:ivS \>y roii- 
trilaitiiiK to the i-ol!i'< tions; or hy -I'lsdin-- lo tli.' Soi :.'ty tlu-a 
Catholir i)a|'.cr< an<! nia.iia/.iai-.- . when itad, or undt rtakini;- \'. 
r-mail, weekly, their Catholie lea.liM;;- lo ,,i.r of ihe fanulie- 
^vhose name has bieii -en; m ky a mi-sii'iiai y. or to \]\<- SorieiyV 


Il is , .irne.-lly !ii>iH,(l thai our Simitual (niide.- will inleiv-t 
ihe'iiseUes in our work, and in the a. aimer in whieh it may be 
done cuni'onnably with the purpo-t ,- vi the whuie and yet not 
Vie-passine- i,n nie auMioiiiy of ;.t!\' braneh. 




'•"or furthii |>Hitiiular> Hiltlifi-s "Thi- ( alljulu Truth Smif- 
<y of Canailn" 

Hi-ail '»*Vni', ti" Hond Street, Toitniti^. 
•Monti.... liTl I'nioii Avenue 

and to 
\'aniouvf'-. 15. (". (iit! I{iehai<l.s Street. 
lieuiiia, Sa.'^k. 'J.'!l.'> Osier Avetuii'. 
Winnipey:, Man. Columbus Hall. 
Hamilton. Ont. Hishop's Kt'sitlenee. 
Kinjr^ton. Ont. .\ichl>ishop's I'alare. 
Loniliin, Ont.- St. IVter's .Seminary. 
St. .lohn, .\. li. ;tl Watoiloo Street. 
I'lii!'" Albert, Sask.- Bi.-hop's I'ahue. 
Ottawa. Out. l'.") I.aurier Avenue. 
Halifax. .\. S. .\iehliish()|)'s Mouse, 
rilnioiitoii. Aha. 1(I7.".:.7 Kiuht v-Tliiiii Stree'. 


■i-.iLiA,. Ja^ 




■ - ^iv^i ^levtAV Km 

The News Record Umltetl, Kitchener, Ont.