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Full text of "The Hamilton Bridge Works Company Limited [microform] : engineers, designers and contractors for railway bridges, railway turntables, electric railway bridges, electric railway power houses and running sheds .."

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microf ich^8_ 


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raiMflDfl^^ IBifMi© W(S)irlks Compamay 

V ■' 

■ / 

E>toiNEERs. Designers and 
; ' Contractors . 

, Rrtilw-y Bridgi... I<«,l*..v I urnuhl.-. Kir, i„. R; .v' Bn.l«r, , Kir, In. Ka.lw«y ' 
I'owr, H..„.e, Hn,l Kunn.nK .Sl.r.U. HiKl.way Btul^rH . BuildlLK* KcMfej^ 
S.ruclur<.l^^ orl^o(allk.nd^. Slrc^ I owr« (.„ * -In wo/k,. Kailw.y.' .„d Ob«t». . 
•lon^i S««el P**,. fM TctmiMpl.. Tfitipkone im4 Efccfm Power Tr. 

Dralrrs in , 

i^tn Bltam». AliKlr-.. ( Iiannrln. PUtrn. Btn 

•nd ollirr src lioiis. Rivrt». Bolln, . J}-.' 
I iv^q^uc^lrs and Citrvitra 
' carried in *tork 

/I ^ 


■ ' 


Announcement . ^ 

SI hfCK oo^ iMt catalogiM mm iatted m imw. •■•y ami icmrt cImmr«^ h^v e t«ken placv itt iNidRr 
and Mructurai itMl business anfl thisr chango are priiu iiwllv in (ir»if{nN of Mructiimi an'd ia the 
improwl faciliticil for the niaaufactiiie of Meel and for the faliricalion of sanie in the l.ridKe shafw 
•nd pirticuUrly ii» the enormous increase iw ihe (J^^inid and uMMf Mich mtaterial, and in ,thc 
fnllowlns iMgM will bt fonud tXamplMof ow work eimcd m ewy^inw. from the AtUnV- to 
the Pacific. Bridges. Structures, etc. We have Micce«ifnlly rainpletcd over foiir llMIMMid nii.<«celtal^it» 
o»utra^.>ts, in 0»na<la. All large an<l many small man u fact n ring plants arv now designs! to ujk- a niaximnni. 
of ale«l and « nijnimum of timber or otlier huilding materials, and when cunihined with concrete for foniul 
ations, walU. etc,, •tmctum cconomicai in coat are ^the result. A few years ago a ateel roof or steel 
building was considered an expensive luxury and porUibly a curiuait}-. Ham the rcvww ^ tiM caae. A few 
years ago the majority of highway bridgp* were l^ilt of w««il, whereas, now steel is almost exclusiveh u«ed 
Several years ago the majority of steel bridges ha<l wood floors resting on timtier joists. A gradual ' 
ImprowmAi^ in Qped^Mtkifi U»M«c« MKT Med jdrts ««» iatrodiKcd sad after that the concrete floprs 
so that now the aliteat aaiveraal^a^tafc ia to use atari Joiirta with ctwcntc floon and ti^vt all bridges 
(Icsign^l-for a reasonable concentrated load and in o«ir opinion this is the caily proper nietho<l,to pttnuie as 
sotmer or later it will \tv re<|uire^l that all bridgea co\vre<l with^nnancur fl^»rs of concrete or soine other 

1^ 1 

... w •luslily. 

\U.UU- ,.u, v.rx .Icu-k-l »,.nn..,.^ ,h... all l.„l,«.n Kn.lK.. 1..,,!, t,.,,,, „..,v i„. sl,o„I.l W 
#»iini^<l f.^ l..rn, icon. «.<! «...«,. inuul I.m.U ..| „oi 1.., ,1..,, ... u,us ..„ ,«.. axU-. ,s n't 
■.ce.Mr> ,1m. .1,. l.ri.lK«.l* „«.eml JH tl- ,i«.Srf ei«il«,ctkw yrith ,^,B,a«e«l floors ti^U r cun U- 

us,..! „, ,1,. „.. ,,„„„, „„, „,, . j^^jj jj^^ ^ 

..l.t,,i„j,l a„,l .,1 v,nK- nine ,n ilu- fimf/^c Huh il..,. ,„a> li,^V,r|»lw«l ' :; i ftnn|niK uia '* 

s I.»"kP^ a. ..I.UX. „u„non.,|. ,..k:,|,.t Ki^t increi^ that ha. pl.« i« «dkU-r 

Jll»d,«l.h...m. ,o .„.|„Mr,«l piano r..ih :n .11 yau. ..f . the- ^r. ... i,u r...,>e ili Ibe mi!^ of 

«...i«K mllwiiy. a.,.| ,h« l.n,l.i.„K „r .....s U..!. s,..n. .....I dmr,c , h,> . r. ..c.i an .uonnonH 

for ,,«H»tr«<m^«f,.,,^and™.»y.,i«K.„,.a U «a. .vvar> uko. an.l ... nu.'. mkI. .U.nand 

luvo en..rd> rd.u.l. n.! u....Kli.lle.l o„r w*k-. and ackM UfK^y lo ,K.r. ..p^Hy, M 

Ins Irvii nu-reaNwHriMe what it wa.s fiv« yesrwaietf. . , X , 

■■' , ' ' ' ■. ' ■ \ '■ ' 

UV ».ave ,,k.aH«rc in yo..' thi. rie* IAuIor... wiMell w,- W «.«l«iVO«d tc, ,„.k. 

a. om.prclu.ns.. a„.l o.n.pK-.c as .k.^^.M. a hi,, i, a ^y,', anu-.u,!, f toformati^ it by 

m. jans ewers all .Ik- .km.Us ... oonnec.uH. w..h .lu- .r.a.c.l of ^V. ,„vr a larfee an.l .xperienm^ 
s..ff/«f «.,.„«.r....«d w. «t willi„K ami will 1. ,„... ^laU a. a.^ .i„u ,o g.v. a„> .„ WftUi« «.r 


WT«n> pro|io*!drtrjicittrwillu> iii.ix. liavi 111 

;Ve«*fc,«,,rl.dg.wUhgr..iu.dcll«.v;r, lilH..r^ „^„^.^ .„., • 

«o,k. have , uv.,r..| to k.c,, wiH, Ihi ,lein.m.U ol ..„„ cuM..„u-,s U , .,i.U.,w to our work 
M >U..,lar.| ..^^„c. i„i.l claim In U MV'.n-.lispnu-.l U.,..l.r. in \t^^^)nv.n Uru\^, l,„s„ ,„ ' 

..n«i«. a,.dprm»„, «...l >,„„.Kvorl^ a.j >.rv. > .m, a.s |«v,.ralH> . promptly a.ui efl.CKM.tly anyolA 

••"^#i#iK .leiiiaiHl «rf onr mrrrhnnrbiiMitMwi y>*fnn i .n vihk in Htmk al all tinu->^"' t« ciial.U- IIS I., inakt |<r««mpt w«I .(iiick idii|Mnentii. W« (mwm n 

'"^'S I'f^I''"^*"'' to >;ivi lnannf.i. tim rs wli.iUsaU is and otln-rs pn((s oil 
K am >taHil |<ri<Ml of U'liu pii-. proves t*o h«? a vrry sati-slactory" 
rs away with wiany dflavs^p niimtTo^js emiuirie-* and saves considerable 

^nr oJjl^i 

I order t* Bi«el 
a lar^e (onnii){e of hk. 
reKlllar stwk Ii>.i |i 

mribuit clM!«q^ ui _ 
niMiner of 
JLimt and MpsiuK. 

Alllliese f.icts-are |> 
.patrckiiaKe in the futnrt 

l«l as Kood reaiioiw^liy 

\-e yott should tuA will (j^r on wftb 

/ W« ir„,i you «iU i,M & i..lMk il„oa,h ilu,c»l.loi(iW.iKl (or (muKiue 


OMcripttM af Woito and Ptant 

OI R new works an- lucated in the north w|:Htern portion of the city on tlie 
•ite the oM otm have occ^ed for nearly forty yearn. Thty c«)ver alt^il 
ciitht MTM with twq tlMlMwnd «e\'en htmdrHt and aevcitty feet atrtct 
frontaRi-. The main work-* an- served Uy double tfack Hidings into tlir ahippiiiK 
yarda and the ^hon*, and the Movk yards are nerved by independent sidinj{,s on' 
Our own property. Oor unloading and .shipping facilities are unMirf 
Canada, bdtw awvcd 1^ fonr largt atari dcKftrk tnwriltteg craiiaa. loca 
the unloadinK. «irttaf and ai|iM>inf jnHift 9m lilt^ll age* for vityaoli 
and stockyanl.H. ^ • • m-^ • 

The works anr^ptlMa^ hf alMiifeitjr; i W i pi iM w d tit and natural «m 

thruugboat. ' « ' " 

. . ' , INTERIOrt View MA 


BUW.T or STtEL CONCfntTt AND OLAM ' nzt. 4M PttT LONG « 




4a« nWT LONQ SV tM FttT WIOK CAPACITY. 86.000 Tokl, MR A|I«UM 







Genera/ Ktei. o/ If or*, o/j ' «s 

Tirfttnnation.,Esttinates, ,Sk^h€S and Plans 

AkCHITKCTS. iingiia-ers ami C«..tract..r.s i„ preparinx^ plans an.l c^Mi.naU-s. 
for vanons hn.Iges an^other structures often desire prelimiwry sketches; 
mfornrntion and plans from the Bridge Con,p«ni«, givinR general infor- 
.nan..,.a„d approx.mauprices f..r various clavs,. of vvork. have, a hrge 

staff of Engineers and g^naters, an<l ire in a ,H>sition to furnish oUrfri^ndsan.l 
customeTs w, h any advance or preliminary infonnation they desire. ' We "have 
the plans of alT kinds of work executed by us in the past, and are usuallv aI>le\o 
pick out from;>„r records any information of this kin.l rcKjuire.l U almost 
... k.nd of work. W e hope Engineer*. Architec ts, a.^l other i«ter«,t«r parties 
will call upon us wljen they require informati«n of this kin.l. a..,l whether w. 
have .h,ne bus.nt*. with yon in the past or not we hop.. ,o do so ,„ thv future 
and will give you any aamstance we can. . - 

V\ e are always pleased to have visits fronv^any parties h,tereste<Kajitructural 
steel or bndge work, and we iK-Iieye a trip to Ha...ilto„ woul.l wdTrepaid In' 
an examination of our. works, and with interviews with our Hngincvrs 


Tenders for Brid^ 

In asking fi)r tetulers,there is certain itiformatioti whith should be given, in order that iiridge companies 
^ may lie in a position to prepare .the|^ estimMeti properly and on a nnifom (iMis. Tht following* 
particulars should he veil as fully as (lossible : , ■ 

"*«. ' I— Tlu- s|K-i-ificati<)ns ill ai-i-oKUnce with which the bridge is 111 l(e crectetl. 

,a The le^i^th of hriiiKe or of each tpM ffom centre to centre 'of tiiariagi. m timi (ace to face ol ' 

ahiitiiients or piers. • . f. .. 

. 3 — The clear wiiltli of roailwjiv rei|iiire(l. ' 

M 4— The live iMaiU for which the trusseii an<i floor syHtent are t« lie (kt^neil. * / • • ' ' 

' Jt- 5 -The kind of floor to he uiie<i. 

,~ ,' ■ ' ft^The nearest railway sta.tions, ami length of haul to the alle of Vhft bridge, 

, 7— The character of the river be«l, ilepth ol water, speed of ihirrent, and heiRht fnJin the lied of the 
j;^ . ^ ■ river to the floor of the hrirljje. < ■ 

, »— The rtyle of l.ri/lKc to he erected, if there is any preference i» respect to'Mml aridi^heiuht «»f 

", riveted or pin connections. , • . 

9-If the I.ridKe jis skewed, the, necessary auKles made by center line of rowlway with face erf ■ 

I - ahutiiient should Ik- given. ^ • • 

' 10— The iiunilier and stze.of piers, if any. ~ • ■ 

,t r _ II— Niimber and width of fo(A w^ks, and kind of haad,nrita. . ' ' 

• I a-^wiien the worit is to be completed. 

I.', TUne to which tenders ^ill be receive<I. and to whom they will he i»d<lress.d. . 
^-;4ate when and where tendeis will he opened, and if the work will lie awarded at the time 

Holders arc opened, and if not, when it will be awarde<l. *♦ 

// shoii/d t^kt f>l ill iiihid l/ial tin coiitK^f ts J01 bridgt s tUighl to bt iH, at least thrte motUhs btforr they are 
retfHin-d to ^ io»if>lelid'. . , * 

It is possil(le in many instaiices to complete contract iu considerably less time than this, but there iiiitfk 
be delays in obtainitig material, ih manufacturing due to the crowded omdition of the shops, in tnAisit 
dctfiaatiim, or due to «>eather conditiooiL during erection, whkh should have coosideratimi. . ' • 

• \ - . • =■ " 

\ \ ' ■ >' 

- - K .■ • ■ 

; V .-'-^ I 

Riveted Warrai Truss Highway Spans, * ' 

■ ■ ^ . m . 

{ ' I 'HK illustration on the omjosUe page is that ofa Warren TrussSpan. Thisdesinn is 
I particularly weU adapted for hiRhway bridges of nitdiiini^paiis in lengths* 
from 30' to 105'. The nnniber of (lanels will, x>f cburse^ vary y/ith the length 

of S|WS1." . • t '" V i, 

ThiH desigtHs economical in first cost, and requires little or no attention for repair?- 

It is- an all riveted bridge without pins or nuts, and with reasonable attention will 
last lojiger than any other tyjx;|||n)ridge that can l)e used for highwax purposes. 

This illuKtratjon is taken tpni a span erected J>y us during Ufe suniuier of lyiis, 
and we would calf partidilar attention to otir method of .aw*y bracing, whiclAve^ha^-e 
no hesitation in claiming is the l)est on thje market. With thii t'jrace we claim it is 
next to impossible for the to sway, and this is not the case with ordinarx 
mn^le bracing. It is swfayitig of this kind that very shortly weakens the tarrying * 
capacity of the bridge, and time causes the rivets to become loosie and theirheads to 
break off. ■ . S. 

• The cut shows the i)ridge with steel lattice railings, but tubular railings of gas 

pipe can be used and u somewhat less expensive. 

• • - ■' . • 

'HE tlluHtnitioti on the,oppo«it« p«Ke in alao a riv«t«i Warrm 

Trii8.H Siwii. This i>4 ihi- saim- typv of hridKe as ilhis(rate<l 

(Ml (Mge 13, and we draw attention to the fact that tlicK' 
spmM can he dMigBld to have iteel lattice railinfii, or two or morr 

lines of pipe railinKs on each tniss. Also if |>articular attention is 
paid to the illustrations it will Iw aetrn that the roadway is supported 
on* Hleel joists, and* on side of the floor air* ttcel curtM. 

Concrtte curbs c^n be fomieft on the' outer ed^es of the roadwax 
which would do away with the'Steel, but ai^ these are liable to break 
or crack away, it seems diesiralil^ to uae steel dthough at sliKhtly 
greater expenar. 1 ' 

Concrete Floors * 

• * . • ■ • . ,. ' 

THIC ciifoii the ojipositc pat^e illustrates (ileii Morris Bruise of six spans, hiiirt t)y ns iii ti^nS, for the* 
County of Brant. This illustration shows what we believe to be the longest continuous concrete 
floor on any highway bridge in Canada. The use of concrete doors is now almost universal, and we 
strongly recomnietui every municipality to have their bridges built so that concrete floors may 
be used at the time»the bridge is ere^ed, or soarrang^ that concrete floors may be put on any time in the 
future., It is a great mistake to build*bridges- of stich light capacity that timber floors must be n.sied forever, 
or sucl^ bridges'will retjuire to be reinforcetl or taken down altogether There are several very goo<l 
specifications for concr.ete floors, and ii) particular the Ontario Ciovernment sp^ification is reconuuended for 
your consii^eratron. It has also becoliie the custom of many municipalities iW cjilliug for tenders for high 
,way bridges to make it a part of the agreement that the Bridge Copipany shall put on tlie concrete floor. We 
consider this a mistake for tlie reason that most bridge companies' workmen know little regardiug concrete, and ' 
are not familiar wfth the handling of same, and it would bewise to make a sef>arate contract for floors, and pre- 
ferably the man who takes contract for the .sub structure should also take the contract for the concrete 
floor. We believe that you couW get concrete floors cheaper if built by the man who builds the sub-structure 
for the reason that he wiyj^havealiof his 'material there and plant for handling' same, and also having ex- 
perienced men he should certainly be able fb do a better job for less money and in less time than the 
inexperiencetl men of the Bridge Company. The cost 'of 6" reinforced concrete floors varies from 25 cents 
to 40 cents per square fodt jiccording to locatidn of bridge site, t '» ' - 

. _ r 


Riveted \J5fren Truss Highway Stens 

THE ciit 01/ the oi>i)osite pajje is another illtiStr^tioi^A^the 
Glen Morris Bridge bpilt by us in the Summer ofip^, 

•^ for the County of Brant and is a good ilhistration^f' a 
fii» hjghway bridge. The -total over all length of the fl.«r-^i 
this bridge is 460' and the clear width of the roadway id'. TR^; 
bridge consists of six spans, one each 6o>, -jn' and js', and thre«| 
Ns'each. This bridge was built to comply with the Ontario' 
C.overnnient si)ecitications and w e believe it to Ijc one of the very 
l»est highway bridges in Ontario. . ' 

Page 21 

The above is an illuatratioti of steel Warren Truss, sMn loo' long, erected by ua in the Town of Petrolia thtpc 
years ago. Thia is a good illnstration <^ i^nother Ipng span Hi§hway bridge built as a low truss. In tliis case, it was desireit 
to have.a low truss to ptrmit the moving and handling of oiraerricks without interference with overhead bfacing. 

Riveted Warren Jruss Highway Spans 

T\{V. cut on the opposite pane is one wliicli apjK-areil in our previous 
catalogue issued several \ears a>,'o, and represents the simplest and 

chi;apest steel bridge that can l>e ^-rectcd. You will note that it has 

w-oodeit joists and wtxiden rails, and also that it is placed on temporan- wooden 
ahutnients. While we do not 1)\ an\ means ajiprove of sncli a eheap strnetuu 
as this, we arc illustrating it, as we seek to jx)int out that if >ou are limited to a 
certain sum of nioney, you will see that you can get a stet'l stmcture which can 
he place^ on almost any kind of temiM)rary ahutnients, and if snflicienf attention 
|ion of these temjiorary abutments it will last, a reasonable 
more mone^' is available with which to build more per 
a very ,sim|)le matter to jack the bridge u]) in the air 
artic at all while permanent abutments are l)eing i)nt 




4. % 

Beam spans 

THH' illustration <^^Hpp 
bridge and of ^ffv"^ 
years. The st>l?show 

}pOsite page shows a design for short span highway 
ve l^ave built a great number during the past 'five 
'shown is suitable for bridges in lengths from five feet 
up to thirty .five feet, the type for all lengths being exactly the same but the 
number of beams, depths and weightspf ^ame being governed by the length of 
spans, width of ro«iway, and the load to be carried. The iUtutration shows 
a wood' floor, but the majority of these spans are now built to carry concrete 
floors, and iri a great many cases the concrete is applied at once, but in other 
cases, a temporary timber floor is'used in the meantime as it is economical. 
By referring to page No. 28 you will note a concrete flooi- of another type wlii^ 
is equally applicable to either. ' * 

\ Beam Spans \ 

OS tlic opposite page, we ilfiistratc imotlier lype of short si>aii hiKj^iay l>ri(l)'e. Tliis 
hriclge can he designed for either woixl or comretc floors, hnt%f strongly advise 
(ksiKninv; it ht:a\^ ciiongh for concrete floors, altliotigh wood flooin cai^ be lised in the 
nicanfinie. This type of briSge is suitable for spans from 20' to 40', and the design remains 
practically as Ahown in illustration, except for spans up to say v^' When one floor heani only 
may l>e n«*fs4ary: l)nt in longer spans it is more econoniical to use two floor beams ; The size 
of the niatp girders aud Hoor beams and nunil)er of joists is naturally -^verned l)y the length of 
spans, width of roadway and loads to he tarried The plan for the l)riHge shows the ordinar> 
reinforced concrettv floor which \ve recommend putting on the bridge immediately after it is 
erected, but wootl floor. can be usetl in the meantrme, if desired.' We also show a crgs-s section 
of a. similar bridge illu.strating concrete floors placed on corrugated steel troughs." .Some 
I'lngineers and Officials of s<«ie Mui)icipalities prefer this style of floor rather l|ian the usual 
reinforced concrete slabs shown on plan for the bridge. It is immaterial to »w as to' the 
design of floor used,, but from an ettgineering point of view, we consider the coiiin-ete slabs 
superior to arches. ' , ^ 


— a: 

Riveted High Truss Spans 

K iljM|g|{,>itiuii sliowtt oji tJii; DpiMisitf pajcf is from a iihotogfiiph nf a 

and is the thinl span Imilt in two years from tin- sniii^ plut||i bnd 
Npecifieatiuns'. This hridjje was dcstKne<i for nst|al hifjhwav Irtfllc^nd 
has rei<lforiLMl i-oncrcti- llcxtr and sttt-l latlict- railings, and is an, fxcfllt-nt 
ifUwtration ot a first clasK lii){liwa> bridge at a ri-asonulile cost. HridKes 
of this style are hnilt in llnj^ths from' to 250*, the only diflFeretice in 
dfsinnitiK ln'iiiK in tlu- ninntior of pani-K and increaso wi'iv;lit and si/o of 
metal. Wc stronKlv reoonnnend this,l>ridgc as l)t.'inK first-class in design 
and economical in co«t. 


4 — 

■1 # 


Pagr 31 



Riveted High Truss Spans 

THK illustration s'lunvn on tlu- opposite page Ls laktn ti;oni a 
pliotoRtapli of two spans receuth fnrni-.lied by iis in luistern Ontario 
and is known as the rivtted i'r:ftt truss type, and isof the same out 
line as the old-time pin comiected spans. This tyi)e of .lesion is recon.niende.1 
for hi^h truss sjians in lengths of S.. to 120' and makes a first-class brldKe 
and is neat -and pleasing in apjiearance' tind ecoivojiiical in cost, ft is 
iwssihle to Imild WMe spans in greater lengths than 120' and it sometimes 
becotifes a question as to wiiether this type of .k-sign i,s more economrcal for 
spans say itp to' than tile type .shown on page Xo. ^i. \erj)* often it is 
a question of preference on ihe part of the engu.eer or commissioners in 
charge of the w'ork as to whether this design -will he limited to and 
for spa-ns over that length to issue a design as illustrated on page No. \\, 

h > 


The above illustration shows u span recently built liy ns in the Town of I'aris. This span was to replace-one washe<l away in 
a flood. The photograph shows this bridge with the floor located several feet alxjve the hdttom chord. 
In the origioal deaign it .was' evidently found economical to do this, as there'WiRi^ not 
9^*'. > ' fe' sufficient head room for a det-k span and the additional coftt uf masonry to . ^ 

,, make atji ordinary through si>an wuuUl have been considerable. 

Pagr as 

- I.- 


The af5i)ve illiistralioii slii)w> tlu- steel hridnu Imill by us several ytarsXa^io for the ( '.ovirninent of the North Wesi Territories,' 
ami is ijwr the Helly Kiver at I.i thlirid);!-. It consists of fourXips' I'iii Connected Spans, and two 80' Riveted *• 
Warren Truss spans 4II with a 16' roa<lway.- »l)n pajje No.\i2 \Vill l)e found ag illustration, sliQwinj; 
Paiic 41) ' the very batKlsome concrete puM use* for this .bridgs. 

The above illuslraliiin sliow> a l)ric1>;e huill l)v lis for the North-Wi'st (•.(iveriiiiient stveral years ago, across the- Old Man 
River al Mi I.eo<l. It consists of two 175' I'in Connecjled Sjwns and two So' Riveted Warren Truss Spans, all with a. 
16' roadwav. On jMiKe No. 42 i^M illustfation showin^.the very liandsome concrete piers used for Belly 

River, at Whhbridge.tnd m^undereta^d the substructure for McI,eod bridge is practically the same. i>age «i 




ThealKJve illii^lratioii r»liows Ihf vt-ry liHiiilsoiiie an(l siil>Ntaiitial concrete Siuhslriictiire iiseif lur Old Man River Hridnf at Marl.eiMl 

•ml similar sultHtructure wa^uMed for Belly River Bridge, at f^thbridge. The supcrMrtu-tiirr (or tbeM>s)hin* 
fagr ■ ' (built by us) are shown on pages No. 40 ant! 44. 

. V 

Swing Bridges 

THE reqiiirenieiits for Swing Bridges are not very, sreat in Canada, 
lieing confined principally to the various canals in difTef^it parts 
of the country. Occasionally, however, it is necessary for a city 
or rural municipality to build a Swing Bridge, and as almost every case 
requires a peculiar design ofjits own, it is rather difficult to illustrate so 
many different types, but those shown on the following pages will 
prolMbly be of interest. 

jf * 

, . r yallc, canal. The bruige .lU.strateH was recently conJ^l.tcl l.y u. at C.len .Miller, o„ the Trcnt^t sec,i..„ of 
tins caiMil, and H one of elex-en similar spans e^ecte.l at.lifferent points on the Sin.coe-Ualsani " - 
Lake Duision and Honami RivWand Trenton sections of this canal. ' 

Fane 48 


This cut .illustrates a light highway swing bridge erected by us, several years ago, at Clienioiig, being part of the lloating 
• bridge at that point, and is very similar in design to that shown on page No. 49, wltli the exception that T 
7 overhead bracing is omitted. this makes a very good type of fight highway swing. 

This cut illustrates a Iwb tail swing bridge built by us over the Welland Canal at the Town of Wellanil several 
rears a^o and is a very good illustration of Government practice in canaV swing bridges. .^i 
This is known as Alexandra' Bridge. 



'Ills il1U>trdtioii sliowN tlie'itterl wgrl; of I la wke!tf>urr lufulKe in course of er*cli6ii. Tliis stnictiire ig iM» llif liUf 
of tbt CaiiHilian Niinlivni, KaHwHy m-i>r the (Hlkwa Riyer. iit-ar MawkrHburv, ()nt.. aml-«^ * ^ 

of sevfii j>iiM'<>nnecle4.<h"t'k spans ea<;li 2o6' long from iientre til reiitre.' ,. 

l-aur v. 

ion in 

THE niustration on the oppo«te .how. our ..ethocl of erectu 
re-buUdinK trestles o., the i^n^dian Pacifu- KaiKvay near loronto. On . 
The work consisted of douhlln, n,. the hrac,n« and struts .n the towers, 
...K, ;,h.c.nK OKI girders with new. In o,.e tres.le.we had ten tower, a-.d two 
rl r hent .wit$g|av.rage fieiKht no., and eleven K.r er.. s.x V 
and JfTdm. Another trestle had eleven towers of an average 
St of and had thirteen .o' girders. si"x .irders, and three «.».ers^ 
WhertresUe had five towers withanavera«ehe.ght of and -had ^^n,^ . 
, and three girders. Ahother ^restlcf h.d 4 tower, and ^> « • 
• L average height-of 83. ahd had five 30- girder., four 40' g.nlm. o«e 60 ^ 
girder." . " ^ ' ^^^fSI?" 

The talking out of 'the old girder, and placing of the ne* was done entirely 
with.«tK^el erection car. all g.rders ^^^''. -^X^ 

' ones dropped i.> place as shown All work of cnttin^-ets m the tower.^. 
drUhng ;,ew hoL and replacing rivet.^l ri.ety,g of new 
•girders was performed With conip>es5«d air. y 

'This illustration shows the-two'iiiaiii girders for Government Street Bridge, on the line of the Intercolonial Railway, near 
. lAvis, yuelwc, and erected by us' several years ago. This bridge was lij' long over all, and is an exceptWnally 
heavy structure. The total weight of the bridge was about 260,000 lbs. .and the weight 6^ eaoi 
individual, girder-about.80,000 lbs.,' and we beli^^^thest to be among tl^ heaviest girders ever 

handled in'^; 

believe tt 


in Canada. 

This illustration shows a peculiar condition! an<r'it ii^ilit likely a ^niilap 
In a v^ry short distance there are n6 leas than five brid^, Ml so close tog^U' 
a stone from any one bridge toauy other one. Tlie Jar^e arch span in th» fore->ti 
carriet the main highway over the Desjardines Caqal. Immediately untler 
the Canadian Pacific Railway, between Hamilton-and Toronto, and standin)^ 
the Lattice Girders for 150' span which was later er^ed on the main line of thfrCMadian Pacific Railway, at Streetsyille, a few 
miles west of Toronto. In the distance will'j)e .seen a plate girder span, carrying the double tracks of the main line of the 
Cfand Trvink Railway, Ijetween Hamilton andjiyogjnto. it'hy looking closely at the illustration and lookii|pthrougli the 
members of the Street.sville (iircler, tlfe top chords and upper portions of^the end posts and verticals of an old highway 
l)i;idge ftiay be seen. Tliis.c\>t has been illustrj^tid in tj^vefal of the leiading Bngineeriiig papers, and it is admitted by all tSut 

ion exists anywhere else in the world. 
1^ it would be almost possible to throw 
nd is known as the High L'evel Bridge, and 
$:rossing it diagonally is the main line of 
t bridge are four cars loaded with "one of 

this IS a unique*illu4tration so far as bridges are obncerjie<l. 

Faifc it 

tration represents a bridge the line of tlie Caiiailiaii Vacific Railway at Ari)osti)ok Jiiin tioii, N. K. 
in which our contract covered the renio\ al of four tlirough plate jjirilei' steel spans and replacing 
three of them with deck pl«te girder spans and the removal of the fourth to the far cn4 
» ef the bridj^, and also putting in several additietial girders. 

' f if 


The abovt; cut illustrates a bridfie on the main lint of ilicCattadiaq Pacffio Railway, near Weston, oilt. The oriKinal stnictureV* 
•' consisteA of wou<Wri'spans, and our contract covere<l the'* removal gf the old work and 7^' 

the placing of the ii«w Without interruption of traffic. 

Fame Jt_/ 

This cut iNustrates one ^Ppe largest single span Arch Bridges in the world, atu was huilt by us on the line «f ih. r.„.^{ 
Pacific Railway over Stoney Creek, in H,e Selkirk Range of the Rockv Mo. ntsins.' It win t°e seen that the Lrfc 

,t^gth of 4«3'. Tlje riilk of thearch IS loo'. The weif ht of I^e ste«l in 

Vttge lit 

the structure was about 1,51x1,000 pound 

THKciitoii the oppositf puni- illiixtrate^ h .i)<)rti(iii ol ilie erection of. large 
brid^ o\-cr the gorge of th»f St. ' Maurice River at ShwiniRan TaTfi. 
Prevince of Quebec, and erected on the line of the St. Maurice Valley 
Haillw;i.y. Wjhicli is operated l>y lite t'onadian Pacific Railway. This work con 
.sist* of two I SO' s])an». one end of each resting (« concrete piers and the other 
<^s on a {ttecl ben^ tjo" hl«h. A* weH an this, Iher^' arc two 6<V deck plate 
girder approach spans at one end. and a similar ai>pro.Kli span at the 6j)|«)site 
Z^''' '^^^^ lattice span was etrected on falsework as shown, and 

the iliedond span wan erectedTM a cantilever, also as shown. This work wajt 
erected under very great difficulties by reason of the intense cpld and the heavy 
and frequent falls of snow :. and owing to the limited time allowed in which to 
complete the wwrk, it wa.<^ necessary to have dax and night forces for .seTrrai> 
weeks, and the. bridge was completed within a few hours of the necessary time 
to enable, th* Railway t^jmpany to earn the subsidy which Iwl been voted fo* 
the line under certain conditions. This bridge is one.of sev^ bridges erected 
by u.s on tlie same line, one of which was at l;es Cres Crossing, consisting of 
seven fiof deck lattice spans, one '.'(Ki' through pin connected span aixi two uo' 
riveted through spans Another interesting bridge erected by us on this railway 
was a I jo' through plate girder span, which is firpbably one of thtlargest spans 
of this kind eyer built in Canada. 



TW. illuitratioii on tlif opfxtsitT pajji; shows ii portion of tin- erection oi 
ScgiTlR^Tadnct on the Tbronlo-Sudhury l>ranch of the Canadnnr PacH^ 
Railway at Parry SouIh. which is tiainiecl to lie one ot, the^rgiH rafl- 
way bridge structures in Ontario. Hid is nmloubtedly one of the best steel struc 
tures to kK found in America The arra^enient jfni c 1 ass ifi canon of s^ans is 
peculiar, "bwing to the unusiM^&iditions Of the location yU&ilftpecessary 
iross two highways, one stean^biilwa> . and tin- ScKui" I^Hp|**l "'^'''K 
heigM of liM structure, long approaches were fptjuired at Ca fljj^W F ^Sh*' .stTuc 
tiire insists of 36 s|>afi« «f various lengths, niade tfp of ^^a^R^^pRpb ginler 
spans, two <lfck 1 at tio# spans, two 165' deck lattice 3j'iM#i liffc^ t|ii river. 
The spans rest on ten ateel towers varying in height irofif |^W«Wai>^ the 
whole structure is supported on 40 pedestal piers, two abutments andTour large 
"piers. The approximate height frohi the river bed to the top of the steel i.s about 
120' an(l .^he weight of metal in the structure is aboiit 3,.soo,Ck)<> pounds. An 
intcrleSt,ing <fiict in connection with «recting this bridge is tli4t 20 s^wxis out of 
26 were placed in iK)sition with steel erection car without falseworljJ^ftafTi)ld 
. ing of anj^ kind. Two 125' and two 165' deck lattice .spans ^'JHK'^'^'' 
sections with the ateel car as showt^n the illustratibn, two t25'$ji^|^nd one 
(f>5' span being erected from falsework in the usual manner, and the other 165' 
span was erected as a cantilever without tht us* of falsework. The total lenKth 
Of the bridge is about I, yoo". '* . * 



a. • 

-I It 

fx I 

o • z: 

2, — 

a 3 2 


. The above is another illustration of Canadian Pacific Railwg^- Bridge at Grand Palls, N. B., showing 315' span connected 
and with falsework and traveller still in place. This span is a"^! lot of fouc. 100' deck lattice spa^^fb^lr ico' through lattice 
spans and the 325' pin connected span erected over the St. JohnTiiver. Owing to the lateness of the season and the liability 
of the river breaking up early in the spring, it was necessary to make the quickest possible progress on this work. The .span 
weighs approximately 1,000,000 pounils, and the erection of the stefel was started on the 5th day of March anil the last pin or 
connectioninadeon the iTtbdayNof March, 1908, being 13 days for (Re work. Pagr n 

The above is an* lustration of one of the several bridges bnill bv us on the Toronto- 
Sudbury Branch of the Canadian I'acific Railway. The illustration shows 
Our stee! er«ection car placing the second girder of the 90' span. 

Hag* 7s 


I . « 

The alwvecnt ttluiUrates steel tn'stle hiiilt tiy lis for tlie Niltioiial I'ortlanil Cement Company, ;il I)iirlii«n, (nitartQ aiicl'i 

pjirt of our general contract for steel, buildings eomjjlete for this pliipt. \' ' ' 

THE illustration on the ot> page shows a portion of the steel 
"suiHjrstructiir^ of the Canadian 'Northern Uailway over* the 
Si»%itche\van , at Prince Albert, Sask, T?he bridge consists 
of- five iso' single track thronglvrivfte'd-a^ans and one 230' swing span, and 
on eaqh side of the bridg* there is provided a 12' roadway for vehicle 
traffic. The cut shows three of tli^ spans erected and partly assembled; 
Under ordinary conditions ^his would' be a -coifiparitively simple piece of 
VvoTk, bnt owing to the fact that the coiiditions necessitated this bridge 
being ertcted during the winter time, the work was very difficult and. 
expensive. For weeks and e\ en months at a time "the temperature was very 
nevere, for a great portion^ t|ie time being. 30 below zerp and goiog as low 
as 50 and 60 degrees beTow' «ero. ^ - ^' ' ■ 



■- •« 

Canusliaii S'orlkfrii KailWay llriil^e, I'riuce AllMirt. ^ask*. ^. 



■■■ / 


TJ,.. ilHivr rut illu-lriitis slrH. lur.l »lr«l for Ow n Hmrth Huil.liii({ for the l^ke Superior C<.rv..r«ti..n 

niclil .liow» »Ufl platform sup,«.rlinK furi».t*. ana Ihr varn f..r hamllinK tii«tenal. «Hi tlw l*R MM IMie a 
a*4llqpMtioii .rf the ITwIw-r r HuiMiHK ••W«-t«« «•> «>»«■ 

rret-tvil l>y u» 
ilh ^t«f 1 roof 
iliviilr<l into 
tllhl on ttif 
IS pit-turc is 

The aliii^ fHt h an iHuHtration i4 otrvX ttn>( lrn^M'> iiii 

lli^in'llun Drill 

Arinourirv. oltuwitiK nirUWMl of riv<-ti»<ii 

iHivi- illll^lratluu >li<>w> Mrfl ti»>l new IMill Hall ailil Ailimuiie» l«->rllll> t-i«-.l..l iii Ihr Cm ..l liuliillt'iii Thi» "Irrl i» llrnw 
i>l*u>iiia in uollin'r Thr »|iaii i>f Ihr i<«>r i« \3W lat-r lu fstT with a loul Iriivili III IHf iiiiil the hriithi from Ihr iiniirt .aid* al Ikr 

laillam t hpnl at Ihr i-enlrr i.( lb' lru»« lo'lh* floor of Ihr ball i« ftS' <rU Thr nriiiiiK <hcmn al ihi IhjIUhii '^ki- illiolcalinn 
M i« piyp^ pyyiiiit thr ijiaying uf^ii<1tM*T l*n^l>all Mill! i^hi« h i<> nr«r^)«i\ !•> pr>>lr< I Ihr cl*> II it Uiii|>- i^^^bimlowii 

'"'''''i^:'':^u!::zr^::^^ L 

Thf aUiVf cut 
Company, of dalt 


slriii-tural st 

„ Ti 11 . . J ''™"<^^v "'''l«li''K f<'r the MiC-.regor. r.oiirliiv 

M, .1 ' . , T -." "9^ 'lluxtrates tlie |ate«t type of construrtion lucd in buililiii|{s for fc.un.lry purposfs It will Jie 

noted the steel trusse. .re tii^portea on steel colUnsaM th«t theK are steel rnnwavs to fupport heavy travrflhJ^ 


rjiir luu 

Tlir abo»4-|lt illllstr.iU s simDl, roul trn«ec a.,.1 i i 

) » 

The alxne is illusi 

llustratioii of steel roof triKo'.; i 

I-mHniw, ,V,«.er ^ Tra.,s,„issio;^'!;:;;;:;i^,S'ii '-ower House for th. 

e»Kt lUl 


■ V 

'HK cut oil the opposite 4)age illustrates th^tructural stetl 

of tW^i 

2 the a«w Head Office building of tW^raders" Bank, 

erecft-d by us in the City of Toronto, four years ago. 
At the time this building was er^ted it was the ^rst genuine 
example of what is known as a "Sky Scraper " to be erected in 
Canada. Tlie buildiM is if, storeys high and wa.s erected by us 
in exactly four nionffls, or at the rate of one floor per week. 
The iltn-it^tion, shows the steel work about completed and it 
also shows the fire proof floors Win^ placed in position and the 
outer walls being erected foUowing after the .steel, all operations 
bcini; C6nd\icted at the^me time. 

cut <>» tlif opjK)site page illnstT^tts steel frame of new- 
Head Office Huildiiig of the Feclerql ' Life Assuraure 
' Coiiipaiij' recently erected iri the City of Hamilton. It 
will be •ieetii tl'irt" the steel is practically completed and the fire' 
j)toof floors art^being placed in ]>osition.and the walls under con 
'«fructio,n at .s|ib«' time as steel. The completed huiUlinR is a 
very hiindsoriiisl structure and was the first example of thi* tvfie 
of l)ui]<iinj}ei*(^te<Un the, City of Hamilton. 

• ». 

. »"ltli. 125 fell 

^HH lilt oil the .opptwile pane illustraleh >iet ) in tin- . oiirst- 
-of crbctjon for tlie new htte I'roofC.ran.l Stand crftttil 
l.\ UN Un the Titrpnto K\lnl.itinJ^!i.Hociation in k^o;. 
This is the nioMt muiiern example ..f a (".raiwl Slajd in fhc 
fkmihiion of Oimwla. and w far as is known, is ,mk of Tlie larRest 
(WamI SlaiKls in tin. «ni|pi. Thi*i stau.l is 7.-.' Iomk ail.l h>H n 
xatiiiK. caiuiiitv of i.s.;)... people. Tlir wiixht of steil in this 
Htnictnre is i.,...," tons, ami notwithstaiKliiiK that the nuiiiUr <.i 
indivi.lnal pitcis ip^ed in the constniction of tlii^ staiid waii 
245,.«... 11 was hiiilt and erected in recvd time. The or.ler was 
placed With us on Dccemlwr jNth.and we conipkutr our contract 
on Jimc'Volli. • ,^ . . • • 

Tliv a^{KrcKate length nf all the |>iec\s of sfi-el tiited in thi* 
Xraml stand, if place*! eiid to end, w.Mild ecjiial mIkmiI miles 
and llys'stcel wouhl »)e 'cpiivalent to ahout 2jv><k.' irf steel rsrils 
an.l wuuld construct a standard railway track e<|ual to alwnt 
ii>,j miles. Th^total uuniberbf riveto used was about 2<.fi.'cj<R). 

. 1 he a/^v,- cm ,s an illiistrali.m sl.o« an i,Ueri.,r view of .k,„k .-reotr,! l.v in the Town „l Herlin s,„„e a^n 

si,U. k.nU.van acunlniR to length «f s,»b. le«Ktliof.lmUdhiK an.I various ulher comlitions. 

,- l-aR.- 113 

The above cut illustrates the steel r.K)l <,f Drill lUW aii.l Armourv in c.ui-se of erection in the Gitu of IVtrrlw r-. . • 
..Uliilkr in cteign and SI/* to seyeraf Drill Halls built by us in „ther places. We have f^niX siefc I)rm H n I 
C«hann«. SherbrooK^. Pet^rhbro, ..:s,ui„.alt. Hran.K.n, St. Th,' ,„«erso», (-.uelpl.' Wi^^ll^^Vr^^JJoi anllo"^ 



The aW cut .hows an *"»fi°[,J7«* of Im^^^ for Open Hearth Plant of ll.e Hamilton Stee\& Iron Company- Since 
- J »he erection of Urn bmiaing.sevettiiad.lkiom have been ad.led at etch end\ 

_ i;iit«: i^ustrate small Toot 
l)riclj;e-. ii-i?TTM(>r roiiiiiiiiniiatioii 
lielwet ii \'aric)iis f.u torv liuililiiigs. 
Till- two liriil^fs slioAMi oil the lop 
• cut were l)iiilt l)y iis for the lii}{er- 
soll PackiiiK Company, loKersoIl-, 
Ont , ami the bri(l|i;e shown in the 
lower cut was Imilt by iis fw the 
Raynioiiil Manufacttiring Company. 
("'iiel])li,"( )nt. 

These are the only ilhist'rations 
we have of the very large num* 
her of tliese bridges built by uk 
^n . various pai;ts of the country ,- 
a few locationis lieing t'enniaii Man- 
iifacturingConipany. Paris ; Maple 
Leaf Rulil)er Company, I'ort Kal- 
liunsie; Canadian I'urtland Cement ' 
Company, I'ort Colhorne ; I.ehigh 
Cement Company, lielleville, and 
various- other locations. 

» The alx>v« cut show* ste*l inlet v.lVte furnislie,! l,v us f.,r use i„ the WVIIan.l Canal a, Pnrt ' 

The above cut shown a shipmenl of steel tubs manufactufe.l by us f„r a firm cf ContractOM anil us«l 
connection with Steam Shovel work on (lovernment Canals. ' " > 


The cut .lluMr^tes a shi,..„.„. ..f two oar of ro.l.s U. J.e Use.! in the constrnction of woo.le» howe 
r ss s,a„ for the ca„a..,an Pacho Railuay, ia the Rocky Mountains. We have s,«cial ...achinery for faScauIg 

iilwavs and Coqtractors in the Weat^ . ■ . 

Til. ilUisiriKioM sliaws oiu- of a iiiiiii)>er of steel hopoers tiiilt Uy us for the Canadian I'ortUmI Cviicnt 
C.inpanv, I>e.rt C. .ll.oriie. ( )n(^aticl weliavt- also huil^a number of similar hoppers for \he National Portland Cement 
Coniiiany, DtiHiHiu, Ont.. I.ehiKh Cement Comjj^My. Iklleville, forothcroompmiieiiin varidcm paatoof Cana<U. 


1 > 


1 4' 

L ^ 

Tlir illustration 

nIiiiws our ol niiiiilier uf stt'i'l t;iiffi»jrfri iitly Imilt liy lis. luiild t 
*' or ileaigii, (or use in brclwies, iliKtilleries, foundricK and'ii 

tanks of this pattt rii or of iiiiv 
'her piir|>oaes. • ^ 

Water Tanks and Towers 

O^the opposite pa^e we illustrate steel tower and steel tank for use 
in connection with Municipal Water Works or manufacturing 
establishments. This shoCi the latest design for work of this 
kind. .We have built a^number of towers and tanks in various parts of 
Canada, and of many different, designs, heights, capacfties, etc. We can 
build reservoirs or tanks resting dirtct on, concrete foundations or can 
build steel towers with steel or wood tanks on top of .same. 

The illustration shaws a tank with spherical bottom, and we can ^Iso 
fitiild them with flat bottoms. /t ■ ' , * 

. Th^ illustration shows a steel -tank with wood roof resting on steel 
frame ^vork, and mair holes are provided for entrance into the lank. .\ 
laddtr extends fr<Hi\,the ground to the top of the tank, and insicfe the tank 
from top to bottom. • 

A balcony and failing is provided at the top of the tower and may be 
of any width required, and the flooring ftiay be of steel or wood, and the. 
balcony railing may l)e of pipe or lattice work and of any height or design 
required. *• 



Rods, Bolt&tllivetsrTumbuckles 

WE inaiiiifactufe t\p<ct ro(ls''5 8*"diameter and up tli» diameter. 
These rods (ire upset at welding heat, and we guarantee 
greater streiigth in the threads thawin the body of rods. 

^ We inanufacture hexagon ij^ts lor bridge rods in all sizes up to 
We have a. large stock of square nuts and hexagon nuts of ' 



We manufacture round head rivets, couutersunk head rivets, and 
bolt^for every purpose. ' ■^ . 

Wfe carry in stock steel turnhuckles and devices 

Beams, Angles; Channels, Plates, Etc. 

QX pa^LS No. i.^oaiid are illustrations of Stock VardsNo. i and 2 in connection with 
Lower and I'pper shops. It is cit.stoinary' for us to carry in stock at all times about 
.5.000 V>"s of -steel of various sections suclria%i Beams, Channels, Angles, Plates, Tees, 
Zees, Bars', Rods, etc. . etc., and our many years dfperience in carrying a stock of this kind 
enables us to select the moat suitable sizes, weights and lengths. OiVr stock is at all times well 
assorted and covers all the standard sizes and weights of Beams from 3» to 24" in depth and 
standard .sizes and weights of Channels from 4" to i,s« in depth and practically all the standard 
sizes and weights of Angles rolled by American and Kuropean .Mills This material is in lengths 
• varying from a few feet up to 60 feet. 

Our sitock of plates is very complete and covers material from 8« in width to 96" in width and 
in thickness varying from 316" to i" and in some special cases plates up to 1)4* in thickness. 

Wliile^ we do not «^ake a practice of carrying in stock Zees and Tees We ha\'e at different 
times a fe\^ odd sections that will be shown on our fortnightly stock lists. ■ < 

As well as the sections mentionetl above we have in stock at all times a considerable as,sortnicnt 
of Round and Square Steel Bars. ^ ■ 

We steely" gas pipe I*, 1 '4'*, I '2* and 2* diameter.' 

We issue a Stodc List Twice a Montli and will put you on-Our MaUing List if you advise us you would 
I . - liicelo liave itoclcUst KgDiariy. ' • 

' * Girdere 

TH !•: two cuts shoAjrn on the oppoMte page illustrate beam girders of which 
a great many are used for various purposes. In remodeUing the fronts 
of old buildings an<ian arranging the fronis of new buildings, it is found 
necessarx to use steel girders to support the britk work above. The use of 
such girders enables a large clear opening to be i(r4)%'ided, which would permit 
of subsequent alterations to the front of huildinW. without interference with 
the builduig proper. The illustrations show girdtrs consisting of two beams" 
which "IS usually found sufficient, the size and Weight of the bekms being 
governed by the leflgth of span and the loads to be carrietl. The upper 
illustration show* a bfeam girder in place. 

. In the fronts of.ordinary store buildings it is usual to have a clear open 
•space, but if necessary columns can be provided at the ends and any number 
of columns can be provided at intermediate points, in fact the girders can 
be designed and arranged to suit the conditions tiiat exist and to meet the 
viewsx)f the proprietor or contractors having the work in hand. 

On page No. 135 will be fouml illu.stratioiis showing cross .sections of .simi- 
lar iK-aui girders consisting of two and three' beams. 

('•irderS lilce this may 1)^ made of 
one or .more beams, geuefally two 
heama are necessary. 


I 'I I I 




dirders like this can 
be made any length and 
"forany thicktiessof wall, 
gild can be used in new 
or old buildings. 


Paxe 133 

Roof, Trusses 

Can 1j€ n'ladeany length, height or design ; 
can l>e arrailf^ to rest on steel columns of 
any heiglit, capacity or design ; and to 
cafry travelling^cranes or any other loads ; 
can also be made to rest on walls o> stone, 
concrete or brick : also may have purlins 
of steel or wood and arrangjd for slate, 
corrugated iroa or other roof cof ering^ 



The above cuts show cross sections of girders consisting of two beams and three beams, a full description 
ofwhicU will be found on page 132. Oitders of two, three or more beams and girders of various* other 
cxmstructioiii to meet special conditions, can be deiligit^, bnilt ond shipped promptly. 

We have a table sliovving safe loads nnifornily distributed for standard and special beams, 
this tal)le win be sent to any p^rfion to whom it will be of service. . 

A copy of 


Columns " 

. : •• • • . ^. 

Wh hav*-Si larR^rtock of various sizis of l.road nai.j;..- U-ains wlm 1. arc manufaclurul ispci uillv lor 
.oliinm i ()iisirii. ii.,n. V„r ..nIT.iarx o .ii,liii„„s {\us type ,,f . oliiniii is vi'ry . ecoiioniical owhij; to' 
lilt siiiall ainoiiirt of lahof t<) iiiake hmatl llaiigt liiaiiis iiit(i i()liimiis. .'I"lu ' short tiim- lucissary 
for manufacture of these lieams into columns enables lis to ship l)«;am cdltiuuis Ih a vi ry short time aftci 
order is received. * - - • , ' . 

III tlR- loiistriK tioii »f steel frame TOildings and where very KnaV loads are to he supported it 1- lllo^l 
cyoiu)mual to use columns made of chaiiiieN and cover plates. The ;("((vantav;e of this ly|H. of coiinnns ist'he 
eiimouiical dislrit)ntioij.of inaterwl iii llie coliunn and the comi)arativtlv low voM of lal)or in nlanuf'actnre 

VVc make columns of l)eamsftn<l channels for special conditifHiii. ImfcohiHuis of this t^jie are not as 
economical as either of the commiis descnlied above A 

Cast .Iron Coluinns fpr huilAng fronts ai)d interior store construction are scnnetinies s[)ecified. We' 
have Iwttems for the mannfacttir* of cast iron columns of various designs. Cast iron c()linnns fnrinshed 
l>y us are made of best quality irdn for tlWs {nirpose. We ^ive special attention to .appearance of ^Itiinnn 
and^^jpvnriably we machine theei/dsof columns in ordej (o obtain a perfect bearing for cohitinis on their 
foundations and Jor material restShj? on tops of columns. We consider the machining of ends of cast iron 
columns the most iniporfant detail in their nmiuifacture... HaviuK men who are conslantly enRaned in 
moiildiuK cast iron colunms wc-; re in ;v.j>ositjon (o guarantee best results and shipments in the shortest time 
necessary to execute orders. i ' * ' - 

For special conditions we^ ca 

mamifacture'inanyi(nher types of steel columns. We are glad to design 

and manufacture special columns Vo meet eroprgencies that occur occasionally in building construction 

Pngr m 

Sdme Important Engineering Works Uuilt by Us 

1!4^«»lers Hatik KuijdinK. Tontntti, Ontario. ^ 

St. Clair Tutind, for Grand Trunk Railway, Air Locks andl^iapliranits, uaed in construction. 

Stffl^^li' Whi-el .Sti'amtr Cliipj>e\va, ,^m' over all, '>7' lieani^-er xiiartls. 

yiu^Aiv Criik Arch Hrid^f i" the .Selkirk Mountains for Canadian I'aiific Kailway. 
Total li n)jr4^,i'. .\rrh .Span ,^.',(>', \M i){ht .Soo Kins. 

The Rouge River Bridge, n double track span 140^ over all, weight 265 tons, for tho (Irand 

Trunk Railway SvNtcni. if*- 

• » 

The tire pnH)t building fur R. Simpson & Co., Toronto. The weight of steel in aaine b«ing 

j,5(io,iKx« ]M>nnds. 

, Steel roofs for Drill Halls, at Montreal, Hamilton, Brockville, Peterboro, Wind.>»or, (iuelph, 
Sli'Catharines, Sherbroake, Brandoii, Esquimau. 

(Irand Stands for Ontario and Fort ICrie Jockey Clubs, Toronto Kxhibitii^ Aa^tatfon. 

.Steel and iron work for Sault Ste Marie and .Sonlanges Cknal Locks. 

Hiirlinj^ton Canal swin^ Nrid^e. Iir^t hnilt in Canada. ^ 

Steel roof for Western Hloik Departmental finilding, Ottawa, Out. 

Bank of Hamilton Building, Hamilton, Ont. • , ! 

Federal Life Assurance^ilding, Hamilton, Ont. I 

yWterl sill. IhKk^, f..r V-rmd^unk. C. I'. Railway. Uke^,rie atid Detroit River RailwavH, 
and MicliiKaii tVntral Raihv!^^^^ 

«letl Water Towirs and Tanks for St. l^iinliert, nuiUe, C.ranil Trunk Railway, Si Clair 
TiimielyCu.. and Aniherstburg. diit. 

OtMervatioii T<)wer at Luiitly's I,^»e. 

Inrlitie Railway. Hamilton, Ont. 

Round HottMcs at/Three Rivers. Trenton. Port Arthur and Sherbruoke. 
Gas TankN for Berlin Gas Cu. , 
W^slteye ajjil .tupiiied foUowii : 

Tiiriitahles fAr Canadian I'acifK Railway, Central Ontario R.iilwa>. I laiiiilloii & North 
Western Railway. >;ortiiern iS: Pacific Jnnction Railway. Ontario & yneln-c Railway. Ti.routo, 
^amilton'& Buffalo\Railway. ^. . ;i jj 

Bell bupys for4)^minion Government, fbr Owea Sound. Sauk Ste. Marie. Brock vilie Im-^^^ 
tlie Maritime ProviuceSi « 'I 

> .■ - 

Cement Mixers for $1. Clair Tnnnel Compauy and other contractors. 

* * . 

Rivete<l Steel XyiUer'iPipe for Cataract Power Cothpany and others. 

Steel Cranes for London Steel Works, (iartsliore-Thoni.son Pipe Compaiiv , Ontario Rollin 
Mills Company, Haoiiltotf Tool Company, Vulcan Iron Company,. Ontario Car Works. 

We have coustructcd a large miiiib'er of ^jridges for many of the trunk liura and take pleasure 
ill presenting a list of Companies for whom we have done work : " > 

Berlin ft Waterloo Railway 
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. 
, Canadian Northern Railway 
Canada Atlantic Railway 
Central Ontario Railway 
Canada Southern Railway 
Crows Nest^Pass Railway 
Columhia iS: Western Rjiilway 
(Irand Trunk Railway System 
Great Northern Railway* 
f'.tielph Junction Railway 
Hamilfon & North Western Railway 
Hamilton Street RailwayCo. 
Hamilton Radial Railway 
Hamilton, tirimsby & Beamsville Railway 
Jnnies'"Bay -Railway 
Kingston &» Pembroke Railway 
Lake Krie & Detroit River Railway 

Lontlon Street Railway 
Mackeii/ie, Mann & Co. 
Michigan Central Railroad 
MidlaJid/Railway ' 
Metropolitan Railway 
NortlVShore Railway 
Niagar^sCentral Railway. 

|alls Park & River Railway 

yuelxjc Railway 
f.lectric Railway 
1i Sc. Windsor Railvvay 
Toronto, Gr«y i\: Hrnce Railway 
Toronto, Hamilton iS: Buffalo Railway > 
Tilsqnbur^, Lake Erie <S: Pacific Railway 
Waterloo Junction Railway 
Windsor .ft ^tnherstburg Railway 



Department Public Works 
Crown IJ'and^ 

Department Railways and Canals 
'1 Marine and Fisheries 

We have" also constructed 
A partial list of Municipalities 


City of Branlford 

" Chatham: 

" " Guelph 

" Mnnultoii 

" London 

" Dttawa 

" " (Juel^c'C 

" ''. St. Catharines 

" Toronto 

" Winnipeg 

Town" Ayr ; • 

" Ailsa Craig 

" Hrami)tyii 

•'■ •' Blair 

" Breslau 

" ^" Barl)ers Mills 

" " Cote St. .\njtoine 

*.' " Crysl^r '^N 

" ■ '•' Dundas 

hundreds of City and'Highway Bridges for all parts of theconntry, 
for who.hi we have d#ne work js given below : 

Town of Louisville 
' Maiiotick 
' Napanee Mills 

' Norval 
' Paris 
' Palermo 
' Platt.sville 
' Kegina 
' St. Marys 
• Selkirk 
' St. Chrysostom 
' Tceswater 
' Trenton 
'.Terra Cotta 
' Tliorold 
' X'ienna 
' Vittoria 
' VVhite\'ale 

County of Waterloo 

^" York 
Township '• Hiiihrook 
" Blenhfini 
f " " Pentinck 
" Brant 
" Cape Breton 
'■ ■■ Chinguacousy 
" Camden 

•' Down 
" '■ Hsquesing 
. ' " Etobicoke 
" " Harwich .J ' 
" Malahide • 
" Manitoulin iMland 
" Markhani 
• " Niagara 
" " N. Fredericksburg 
. " " Nelson 

fafj» 141 


Town of Druuiquin County 
" " Dawn Mills 

■' Ednioiitoii 
• " Gait " 
■ " "■ Goderich ." 

Graham Koad 

^" (irinisby ' " 

" " Hamburg " 
" Hespeler 
" " Hunters Mills 
" " Hanover . ■ " 

" ' ," Ingersoll " 

" Indian Head . " ' 

" '• Kemptville " >^ 

" " Koihoko / " 

■ 'i. " Lynn Valley \ 
" " Lakefield 

Government of Dominion of Canada . 

" " Province of Ontario 

" Province t)f (Quebec 
" " Province of Nova Scotia 

Hrant Township of Oneida 

Hrncc ■ I'ciiibina 

Klgin, •• • Pickering - 

Essex jif;^ • " ^•*-Rainham 

(•rey W '• Raleigh ' 

Hal4iniand j^^uth Finch 

Halton " •■ Saltfleet 

'Huron " Toronto 

I^ent " " Towsend ' 

Lincoln " • Trafalgar 

'Middlesex " • Walpole 

Norfolk " " Wilmott 

<^xford . •• Woodhouse 

Peel •• •■ Willougby 

Peterborough " " Waterloo 

Wellington * , .. York 

•Wentworth - 

Government of North. West Territoties 
V " British Cohtmbia 
" Alberta . 
. " '* Saskatchewatv 

building Work 

for the following; con)<)MitioiYs, companies and other firms, will serve to i 

wtrfk in that line : 

Bell Telephone Co., 
Berlin (las Co , ' 
Berlin Machine Works, 
Belleville Portland Cement Co., 
Canadian (leneral Electric Co. 
Canada Life Assurance Co., 
•Canadian Copper Co., 
Cataract Power Co., 
Chaudierc Electric Light i\: Power Co. 

Canadian Pacific Railway Co,,° 

Cbanibly Power Co. , . 
Canadian Shovel & Tool Co. , 
Central Presbyterian Chnrcli, 
Canadian Niagara Power Co., 
Corby Distillery, " 
Canadian Portland Cement Co., 
Canada Foundry Co., 
DepSartment of Public Works, 
Dundas St. Centre Methodist Church, 

.Montreal, P. y 

Berlin, Ont. 


Belleville. Ont. 

Peterboro, Ont. 

Hamilton, Ont. 
• Sudbury, Ont. 

Hamilton, Ont. 

Ottawa, Ont. 
, \ anconver, B. C, Montrtial 
( Toronty, Port Arthur, et^ 

Chambiy, P. .Q. 

Hamilton. \ 

Hamilton., \ 

NTagara Falls, Ont. 
. Belleville. 

Port Colborne, Ont 

Toronto. Ont 

Ottawa, Ont. 


BUILDING lWORK-( oi,/ni,„;/. 

Doiiiitiioii l'o\vcr& TrtMi.snii^ioii Co., 
Electro Metals. 'i"^ 

Klectric Light I'laiit.s, 

I'ort Ivrie JocCey Clul), C.raiul Stand, 

Frederick W. Watkius, 

(iartshore-Thonison Pipe Co., . ' - _ 

( las Coiiiiiaiiy, 

(iiand Tr.uiik Railway, 

(irand Trunk Railway. 

r.alt Water Works, 

Gas Works, 

(irand Trunk Railway System, 
(lospel Tabernacle, ^ 
Hamilton Jockey Club, C'.rand Stand, 
Hamilton Elevator Co., 
Hamilton Collegiate Institute, 
House of Refuge, - > 

Hamilton Strett Railway' 
Hamilton & Barton Incline Railway Co. 
Hall (Richard) & Son, 


Welland. , , \ 
j Hrockville, Belleville, Berlin. 

Hamilton, London and 
j St. Catharines, Ont. 

Fort Erie, Ont. 
J Hamilton, Ont. ° 7 
Hamilton. Ont. 
St. thomas, Ont. 
\ Hamilton, Out-; 

• Toronto, Ont. 
C.alt, Ont. 

Berlin. .Stratford. Belleville, 
( Hamilton and St Catharines, (Jut. 
Stratford, Ont. ' . 

Hamthon, Ont. * 
Hamtltenv Ont. 

• Hamilton, Ont. 
Hamilton, Ont, ^ 
Simcoe;;, Onl; , . 

' Hamilton, Ont..' / ' • 
. Hamilto(i, OnU 
Peterbord, ©tit. * ^ 



BUILDH^C WORK-r»«//««r</. 


Hamilton Gas Ccf. , 
^ High Schools. • , 
Hamilton Steel «: Iron Co.. 
Hosm^r Mines. 
,In.tefnatioual Harvester Co. , 
Jacques (jartier \yater Power Co.. 
Kenleilh Paper Co.. . ' ■ 

London Water Works, 
London Market Shelter. 
London .Street Railyvay, 
Ivondftn Savings & Investment Society, 
Lehigh Portland Cynent Co. , 
Montreal Drill Hall. 
Montreal Street Railway Co., 
Metropolitan Railwiay Co., 
Michigan Central Railroad, 
M. Btatty & Sons, 
McKiniion & Metal Co., 
McGregor, Gourlay Co., 
Xiagata Falhs Park & River Railway, 
National P€»rtl>nd Cement Co.. 

Normal Schools. 

Hamilton. Ont. 

Paris and Pcterboro. • - 

Hamilton, Ont. 

Bankhead, Alta. 

Hamilton, Out, 

St. Gabriel, (jue. 

St. Catharines, Ont. 

London, Ont. 

London, Ont. * ' • 

London, dtit. 

London, Ont. 

Belleville, Ont. 

.Nlontreal. P. O. 
« MontreaL P. y. • 


St. Thomas. Ont' 

WelTand. Ont. 
St. Cathartbes. Oyt. 
. Gait, Ont. ' 

Niagara Falls, Oht. 

IHjrJiam, Ontario. 
( Hamilton, Peterboro, North 
(. Bav and Stratford • 

BUILDING WORK- ( oii/iHii, ,/ 

Ottawa Street Railwax Co. , 
Ontario Rollins; Mill Co., 
Ontario Jockey Clshdrand Stand. 
Ontario I ron &*Stecl Co.. 
Ontario Portlanjl Cement Co.. 
■ Ontario Power Co., 
l'o.-,t Office. • ^ 

Raven Lake Cement Co , 
St. Jean Hapti.ste Church. 
St. Clair Tunnel Co.", 
Shennan Avenue Presbyterian Church, 
St. James' Presbyterian Church, 
Seagram Di.stillery. 

Savoy Theatre. • . - 

.Sun Cement Co. , 
TIh; R. .Simpson Co., 
Toronto Railway Co. . 
Taylor, Forht-s Co.. 
Toronto Hartiware Manufacturing Co.. 
I'liion Station. 
Wilson Carbide Wqrks, i 
Walker (Hiram) & Sons' Co... 


Ottawa. Out. 
Hamilton, Out. 
Toronto, Ont. 
Welland. ■ 
Bine. Lake, Onl. 
Niagara Falls, Ont. 
Hafliilton, Ont. 
Ravenlake, Ont. 
•Montreal, P. O.. . 
Sarnia, Ont. 
- Hamilton . 
Waterloo, Ont, 
Hamilton, Ont. 
Owen .Sound. Ont. 
Toronto, Ont. 
Toronto, Ont. 
Ouelpli, Out, 
Toronto, Out. 
Toronto, Out. 
St. Catharines, Out. 
Walker ville, Ont. 




= I. 


MO :c -J; c < 

-X ^ c o Tl — o 

:7 - •-! X I I as 

•C -f ^ X I' C lO 

1- - o I- .-r < 

X X ■/. X i-t _ — 5 

— c - X 00;, I - .-r . 

=. = =o — — ceo idct 

§ X T — 


5§i8 =iS 

iii^S iiiiS 

X 1- SB , M — c O t- 3 -r H S 5- J < 

- .« i 

^ S'S? S , I-; ?i Vi J- S 

= = = = = =0 ate : 

: = a = V.O 

§5=8 5§i8 i.^ 


■ ^ ■ 

to, ' to 

— r 


E ■ 

Page 147 

I — , :■: r. :\ z. 

I f ?l ?! ?i 

I IT y. I - ■* t - -r T I - • ■ 

i -r Tttt?!*! Tint 

: A = -r r -r I . " - .t r. I-: — — /. 

/ - r. — z 1-: — = — r r. x -c ••: 


t - 

1 -f 



1 ' ~ 




1 - 

1 « 1 « ;c 

■■ ' 1 1\ 






■ i *" 



-r -t 

1 ?"i 

•X 1- -A. 


-t- re ri 

? 1 

1 f 


ac'iP. — 


-f 1*: 1- 

1 - 

,1 fi 

rt v: 1- 


i * 

*•- ' 





-/: « 

C at 


«* ■ ^ 

1 - 



r. 5: X 


1 - 

■ • -f 


X — <* 

• ?i 


1 - r z z 

-f . . . 


r. 1 - 1 - 



-r -r :t -r 

1 « 

? 1 

1 - 

r 1 1 - r 1 

r. ; 1 -r — ! ' . 



1 -I 

-r :■: 

*i • • T i ■ • 

i : 

ry* — 

? 1 -JC 1 - X 

! ■ 

-t* -r 

f: ? i r i 7 i 

T i 

i : 

/: ■ ■ 


— — ? I 

TttlTl.tir-l tltlTl TITI — * — — — -- 

I 00 CO W'4<n in CO CO '«nco ncoc^ (4 co(^■(^l <>) (>]<N<--i 4Nr-i<-i i-i^ l-l i-i i-h i-( " 

X y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y V y y y y y y y y y y y y. y ,y. y *y y y y y y y y y >* 

00 t~ CO CO sc u5 i« u5 uj Tii ^ ^ »ii CO « P5 S CO CO CO ei e» ej oi ei N 

— . — \ . — u:^ « 















Wei^ts of Steel Channels 

Dtplh i>f ,• 

per Hool 


Wiitlh of 



li (HI 
.'i (III 

4 00 

(1 . :»>■> 


, 1 Hi--' 

1 .'llll 
1 410 



t •■« •■> 


5 25 

o .a«i , 


I 580 



( , 

1 1 ->ii 




■J ii:!7 

. l.Hllll 




l.> 3<l 
l:i tNl 

10 '|4) 




200 . 

• -i.-im 
a i«o 
. «1920 

■ 7 

■ * 

; 1 • 



111 T"! 

\ > -ir, 
9 75 





•A. 41 IH 


•i . !!•« 

2 090 


' 1 



■Ji •-' ■) 

11 25 

(1 . .'iS-J 
(1 I'.KI 

11. :i'.i!l 
■ II :;(i7 
' ;st 220 ' 

•_' . lij-.' 

J 4:l'.i 

1 :147 

2 260 

^ Dc(ith of 




)i»r Fool 

Width of 

•j .'i im * 

II (ii.-. 

•-' -^l .-i 


II 1 ■")•_' 

•J (l-VJ 

l.'l INI 

4 II . 

i IMH 

13 25 


2 430 

:(.'>. IKI 

M . H'j:i ' 

:i lM:i 



:i iMii 

•J.') (Ml 

(1 Ml' 

'J . SH!I 

■Jll IKI 



t5 00 


2 600 

40,. (10 

V 1 

" :i.4lK 


. o.(>:i(i 

:i . •.'•Hi 


0..-.1H ; 



o.:«m 1 



;0 1J8» ! 


.')."> nil 

' (I.HlH 


.'ill. 0(1 ' . 

II 7--'il 

' :i .7-.'0* 

4S.0O • 

.(i2'» ■ / 

:t . (i-i-i 

40 ./M) 


:i .V.J4 




33.00 . 

/0 400 ^ 




\Vt;tglits'iii heavy priiil are xtanilard, 
others are special 

STRUCTURAL SHAPES. Beauifc' Channtls. Angles. Platen. FOR PRO.MPT SHIPMENT,