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Full text of "The citizen soldiers at North Point and Port McHenry, September 12 & 13, 1814. Resolves of the citizens in town meeting, particulars relating to the battle, official correspondence and honorable discharge of the troops. Also, celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary, 1889. Reprint. --"

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SEPTEMBER 12 »fc 13, 








Baltimore, Md. 
















In the compilation of this volume, the publisher has 
been guided by no other wish than to present a correct 
and impartial statement of the various Divisions, Bri- 
gades, llegiments and Companies, with the rank of every 
citizen who had the honor of serving his country on the 
twelfth and thirteenth of September, 1814, at North Point 
and Fort McHenry. 

The extracts are copied from the original rolls on file in 
the 3d auditor's office of the AVar Department, and should 
errors occur in any of the companies, by the insertion 
of the names of individuals who were not present at the 
biittle, or by the non-appearance of others, and by the 
varied rank of any of the officers, the error must be 
attributed to their own accounting officer, and be satisfied 
that it was the wish of no one to hold back the services 
of any, or to add any renown where .it did not justly 

The publisher also regrets his inability to obtain anything 
like correct information respecting the Virginia and Bal- 
timore County troops — as soon as received, it will lie 


Names ot tlie General and Staff Officers of the third Divi?ion 
of Maryh\ud Militia in the service of the United States on 
the 12th day of September; 1814 : 

Samuel Smith, ifajor General. 
Isaac McKim, Aid-de-Camp. 
Edwakd Patterson, Aid-deCamp. 
JonN Speaii Smith, Volunteer Aid. 
Jonathan Meredith, Division luKjiector. 
SViLLiAM Bates, A.^hH Adjutant Oeneral. 
Robert Patterson,'i Division Inspector. 
Jeremiah Sullivan, Division Quarter Master. 
Nicholas Price, Special Judge Advoca'e. 
Robert S. Hollis, Secretary to the General. 

Names of the General and Staff OfScers of the 11th Brigade 
third Division of Maryland Militia in the service of the 
United States on the 12th September, 1814: 

ToBFAS E. Stansbury, Brigadier General. 

James IIaslktt, Brigade Major. 

Edward G. Woodykak, Aid-de-Camp. 

John Nelson, \st lAeut. and Ass^t Aid-de- Camp. 

George Harryman, Brigade Quarter Master. 

George Fisher, Wagon Master. 

Wesley Walker, Forage Master. 

Names of the General and Staff Officers of the first Brigade 
of Maryland Militia in the service of the United States on 
the 12th day of September, 1814: 

Thomas Fofman, Brirjadier GencnU. 

Philip Thomas, Aid-de-Camp. 

R. W. Armstkong, Brigade Mnjor. 

Samuel Buadfoid Brigade Quarter Master. 

Thomas Brown, Brigade Wagon Master. 

Names of the General and Staff Officers of the third Brigade 
of Maryland Militia in the service of the United States on 
the 12th of September, 1814 : 

John Stricker, Brigadier General. 
James Calhoun, Jr , Brigade Major. 
Geokge p. Stevenson, Aid-de-Camp. 
Jacob Small, Brigade Quarter Master. 

Names of the Field and Staff and Company Officers, Non- 
commissioned Officers, and Privates of the fifth Regiment 
of Maryland Cavalry Militia, who served at North Point 
and Foit McHenry, 12lh September, 1814, taken from the 
Muster Rolls on file in the office of the Third Auditor of 
the Treasury of the United States: 

James Biays, Lieutenant Colonel. 
\ViLi,TAM Jackson, l.<it Major. 
William B. Barney, 2d Major. 
LEMUEL Taylor, Adjutant. 
F. C. ToELLE, Surgeon. 
Campbell P. White, Quarter Master. 
John Haslam, Veterinary Surgeon. 
James Blair, Sergeant Major. 


Jehu Bouldin, Captain. Nuth'l Hitchcock, Cornet. 

Thomas Kell, 1st Lieut. Samuel Alberger, 1st Sergt. 

Joseph R. Foard, 2d Lieut. John Carnoles, 2d do. 

Eli Green, 3d Ser'gt. 

FeiM. Brusliwt'ller, 4tli do. 

Nfttlmniol Smilli, 1st Corp'l. 

William Thomas, 2d do. 

Williiiin Mumma, 3d do. 

James C. Dew, 4th do. 
John Buck, Trnmpeter. 

Cross William S. Private. 

Coats, Frederick " 

Cristmond, Thomas " 

Davis, Amos " 
Denny, David G. 

Everet, Thomas " 

Gill, Nicholas C. " 

Gambril, John 
Gill, Bennel C. 
(Jreen, Abed 
Ilenwtod, .(oshua 
Hall, Caleb 
Mumma, John 
Mumma, Henry 
Maxlield, Jolin 
McGIennan, Jame.<> 
McLaughlin, Daniel 
Newtou, Anthony 
O'Riety. Jo=;.pli C. 
Reese, Henry 



James Sterett, Captain. 
John Smith Hollius, ist Lieut. 
John W. Stump, 2d do. 
James Barroll, Cornet. 
Wesley Woods, Q. M. S. 
Peter Delvachio, 1st Ser'gt. 
John Sterling, 2d do. 
Wm. B. Buchanan, 3d do. 
Sam'lMcClellan, 4th do. 
Nath'l Saltenstal, 1st Corp'l. 
Francis Cooke, 2d do. 
Eli Siuipkins, 3d do. 
Samuel Scott, 4th do. 
Ailkeu Robert, Private. 

Bowlev. Samuel " 

Belt. Thomas H. 
Biays, Philip 

Boggs, Alexander L. '•• 

Benson, Robert " 

Boelmie, Charles L. " 

Boyle, Hugh " 

Cox, James jr. " 

Carroll, H. D. G. 
Coulson, George " 

Carr, Thomas " 

Dorscy, Edward II. " 

Dorsey, Richard B. " 

Dorsey. Samuel " 

Evans, Hugh W. 
Frisby, Richard 
Gibson, John " 

Gorsuch, Robert " 

Qittings, James C. " 

Gittings, James, jr. " 

Griffith, Samuel G. Private. 

Ilurxlhall, Ferdinand " 

Herring, Henry " 
HoUingsworth, Sam'I, jr. " 

Hollins, William " 
Levering, Francis 

Ludden, Lemuel, jr. " 

Lornian, Alexander " 
Mulliken, Ricliard D. 

Marean, Thomas " 
McNull}% John 
Mahr Martin F, 

Muihken, Basil D. " 

Marsh Stephen " 
Moshur, James, jr. 
McLannahan, J J. 

O'Donnell, Columbus " 

Owings, Beal " 
Partridge, James 

P^.lmer, Edward " 
Price, Walter 

Prince, Caspar " 

Rogers, Henry W. " 

Raborg, Samuel " 

Ricaud, Benjamin " 

Ridgate, Benjamin C. " 

Scott, Henry D. " 

Sleeper, Jonathan " 

Swanii, John " 

Stewart, Alexander " 

Spillmau, James " 
Stereit, William 

Tschudy, Samuel " 

Taylor, Lemuel G. " 

Van Wyck. John C. 
White, Joseph 
Wheeler, James B. 
Williams, Henry L. 
Wilmer, John W. 
Waring, George W. 
Waters, Richard 

Private. Wallis, John, jr. 
" Ward, Solomon 
" Wilkins, John 
" Wilkins, Joseph 

Wiremau, William 
" Yellott, George 



Janus Horton, Captnin. 
Jacob Myers, Lieutenant. 
Elijah Beam, do. 
John Stierly, Cornet. 
Jacob Hanny, Sergeant. 
Thomas Welsh, do. 
Wm. Stansbury, do. 
Andrew Rohr, do. 

Richard Grimes, do. 
Caleb Turner, Corporal. 
John Craggs, do. 

Joseph Evcrson, do. 
John Durham, do. 
Beam, William Private. 

Butler, James 
Bankard, Jacob 
Bower, Jacob " 

Foreman, Elijah " 

Fansbrimer, Daniel " 

Fuller, Nicholas " 

Gowan, John " 

Hammer, George " 

Jackson, William " 

Krail, John G. 

Kirk. Thomas 
Kohlstadt, Benjamin 
Lauduslager, Jacob 
Levy, Andrew 
Maidwell, John 
Miller, Christopher 
Myers, Henry 
Myers, William 
Marche, Perry 
Mercer, James 
Ross, Thomas 
Storey, Robert 
Seltzer, Jacob 
Seltzer, Lewis 
Shefl'er, Jesse 
Simpson, John 
Winuigden, Lewis 
Winkler, John 
Wood, Henry H. 
Walker, Sater T. 
Willson, Greenbury 
Zigler, John L. 
Zigler, John W. 




John Hanna, Captain. 
John Rusk, 1st Lieut. 
Peter Peduse, 2d do. 
Tliomas Raven, Cornet. 
J. Siiinnick, Co. Qr. Mr. Sgt. 
Henry Dorry, 1st Serg't. 
Calvin Cooper, 2d do. 
E. Galloway, 3d do. 
Peter Cavana, 4th do. 

Andrew Dalck, 1st Corp'l. 
JohnC'iaig, 2d do. 

John Weedham, 3d do. 
Thomas Sprigg, 4th do. 
Bryan, Charles Private. 

Cole. Nathaniel " 

Cassitly, Patrick " 

Carroll. Patrick *' 

Deal, George " 

Delcher, Jolin 
Huort'or, Joel 
Husirr, Gotloil) 
IIiiiTymiiM Stoplieu 
McCiiniiis. John 
McDonald, Hui^h 
Miilloy, Patrick 
Piiliidge, Daubncr B. 

Private. Pilch, James 
Uusli. George 
" Slansbury, Josias 
" Stevenson, Joshua 
" Scaton, Robert 
" Sieine, George 
Turner, Thomaa 


Names of the Field and Staff and Company OfHcers, No:- 
Commissioucd Officers and Privates of the First Regiment 
of Artillery of the Maryland Militia, who served at North 
Point and Fort McHenry on the 12th day of September, 
1S14, taken from the Muster Rolls on tile in the office of 
the 3d Auditor of the Treasury of the United States. 

David Haruis, Lieutenant Colonel. 

Solomon G. Albers, U< Mnjor. 

Mattiikw McLaughlin, ~d do. 

Upton S. Heath, \st Lieutenant and Adjutant. 

Benjamin Hodges, Ixt L.ieulenant and Pay Master. 

John G. Johnston, (Quarter Master. 

Martin Furwick, Surgeon. 

Michael Diffenderffer, Surgeon's Mate. 

Nathaniel Peabce, Sergeant Major. 

Augdstus Bauohan, Sergeant Major. 

John Thomas, Quarter Master. 


Joseph Myers, Captain. 
Lyman Adams, 1st Lieut. 
Julius Willard, 2d do. • 
SVilliara Miller, 3d do. 
And. McClellen, 1st Ser'gt. 
Thomas Stow, 2d do. 
Juo. H. Newman, 3d do. 
I'h. Buckingham,4th do. 
John Rogers, 1st Corp'l. 
John Wright, 2d do. 
William Web, 3d do. 
Isaac Baker, 4th do. 
John Simpson, Musician. 
Edward Thompson, do. 
Boyd, Joseph Private. 

Berry, Thomas D. " 

Bangs, John " 

Basdey, James " 

Bush, John F. 
Clifford, Sylvester 
Claik, William 
Cocur, John 
Cochran, William A. 
Fontz, Henry 
Freeman, Cijarles 
Forrester, Lenard 
Goweu, George 
Haddaway, William 
Hay, George 
Hall, Eliga 
Henuaman, Isaac 
Heuneman, Jacob 
Herbert, Charles 
Howel, Abraliani 
Jordan, Henry 
King. John 


Kreigh, Frederick 
Kemp, William 
Kennedy, Richard 
Lloyd, William 
Matthews, Thomas L. 
Metzguer, William 
jVIoody, Isanc 
Martin, John 
McKim, Uanicl 
Mortimer, John 
McGill, Arhur 
Notherman, Oeorge 
Neal, Hichard 
Nicholson, AVilliam 
Oler, George 
Patterson, William 
Price, Nehemiah 
Retew, William 
Stevenson, Isaiah 
Sumraerwell, Richard 


Private. Sunenshine, Miciiael 
" Shumack, Stephen 
" Suter, Jacob 
" Stoudt, George 
" Slayton, David 
" Tliompson, William 
" Turner, Joseph 
Worthan. Damon 
Walker. William 
" Wood, John G. 
" AVilliams, Horatio 
" Willis, Justan 
" White ricnry, 
" Waters, Stephen 
" Waters, Joseph 
" Weaver, Daniel 
" Whatkins, Gassway 
" Wiley, Robert 

Zimmerman, John 



Samuel Moale, Captain. 
Barrack Williams, 1st Lieut. 
William Frick, 2d do. 

William Shroeder, 3d do. 
R. W. Latimer, 1st Ser'gt. 
James Sykes, 2d do. 
Wm. P. Lemmon, 3d do. 
Isaac C. Lea, 4th do. 
Ebenezer Perkins, 1st Corp'l. 
Wra. Renshaw, 2d do. 
John G. Comegys, 3d do. 
Mathias Rich, 4th do. 
Thomas Whitlow, Drummer. 
Oeorge Boss, Fifer. 
Andrews, John Private. 

Abercrombie, James " 

Briscoe, Alexander " 

Bennett, Joseph " 

Brice, John " 

Birkhead, James " 

Brown, John " 

Cruse, William O. 
Clark, Hooper . " 

Chonce, John " 

Conipte, Julius " 

Caldwell, John A. 
Chase, Stephen " 

Curtis, J. L. " 

Deal, Jacob 
Dunkel, E. A. 
Ducatel, J. F. 
Dalrymple, Willi. im P. 
Dorsey, Hammond 
Darvis, Edward 
Finley, Ebenezer L. 
Finlay, Hugh 
Golder, Archibald 
Green, Tliomas B. 
Grafton, Nathan 
Grafton, ]\Iark 
Gill, John B. 
Hutchins. Jarrett 
Hauptman, Daniel 
Hall, Edward 
Howard, Jacob 
Hoffman, David 
Harris, Samuel H. 
Higinbottom, Thos. 
Hopkinson, Francis 
Johns, William P. 
Jenkins, Felix 
Israel, Fiekkr 
Jenkins, Samuel 
Kennedy, William 
Keuuedy, Mordicai 
Kelso, George G. 



Lansdalo, William M. Private. 
Lcvi'ly, Joliu S. 

Lyon, Holiert, jr. " 

Lamson, Henry " 

Lone}', John " 

Lemiuon, Robert " 

Lxles, David C. " 

Linvill, James M. " 
Lytle, Tliomas 
Mnccubiii, Charles C. " 

McAtlie. Frtmcis " 
Moale. Randall H. 

Patridge, Eaton R. " 

Peirce, Levi, jr. •' 

Robinson, Samuel " 

Riggs, George W. " 

Ridgely, Isaiah " 

Rich, John " 

Richards, Lewis M. " 

Rich, George Private. 

Ridgel}', Jiimes " 

Silhnan, Tliomas D. " 

Si)alding, John " 

Scott, Jeremiah " 

Stewart, William S. " 

Singleton, Charles " 

Schley, Jacob " 

Scott, Henry " 
Shaw, William C. 

Tilyard, James " * 

Taylor, Robert A. " 

Thomas. Oliver H. " 

Wyse, John M, " 
Walsh, James 
Yeiser, E. F. 

Negro George, Capt's Servant. 
Negro Welton, Lieut's " 

Negro Thomas, do. " 


John Montgomery, Captain. 
John S. Stiles, 1st Lieut. 

Joseph R. Brooks, 2d do. 
Jonathan Fitch, :'d do. 
Jesse PlasUip, 1st Ser'gt. 

John Riley, 2d do. 

Geoi ge Eaverson, 3d do. 
Willi;!m Sewell, 4th do. 
Alexander Boyd, 1st Corp'l. 
George Bartol, 2d do. 
Wm.^H. Fonerdon,3d do. 
Samuel House, 4th do. 
Adreon, George Private 

Armstrong, Thomas " ■ 

Armstrong, John " 

Bowers. Martin " 

Barger, George 
Barger, John " 

Barnes, John 
Bartlett, William 
Burull, Theophilus " 

Bnmett, Andrew " 

Barcroft, Ralph " 

Brown, John " 

Cator, John " 

Chalmers, Jame8 " 

Chambers, John M. " 

Chillis, Samuel " 

Curlett, James " 

Ciirlett, Thomas Private. 

Cros-au. John " 

Campbell, Hugh " 

Churchm:m, Alfred W. 

Cam 1 ham. James " 

Dwyer, William 

Delcher, George " 

Davidson, James '• 

Donning, William " 

Elliot, Joseph B 

Elliot, John B. 

Etchberger, John " 

Erwin, John ' 

Franciscus, George 

Farrall, James W. 

Finn, John W. 

German. Jonathan " 

(iill, Ezekiel C. 

Holland, James " 

Howard, David 

Hewett, William " 

Hill, Arthur 

Hazletine, David " 

Jones Joshua " 

Jordan, Frederick " 

Joseph, Manuel " 

Keen, William, jr. " 

Lamb, John " 

Long, Abraham " 


Lowry, Robert 
Mamma, Samuel 
Mills, Ezekiel 
Mills, Willirim P. 
Miller, Frederick 
Mopps, Adam 
Nijipard, George 
Pollard, Seth 
Penmim. John 
Parker, Evan 
Ren^haw, Tliomas S 
Robinson, John 
Riley, John 
Rowles, John 
Riugrose, John W. 
Rubt, Charles 
Shade, John 

Private. Sharkey, Michael Private, 

" Stewart, Thomas " 

" Shaw, James B, " 

" Stone, Richard " 

Smuch, William 

Stausbury, Elijah " 

Towson, Joshua " 

" Turner, John " 

" Walter, John " 

West, William " 

West, John 

" Wimmel, George S. " 

" Wiese, Frederick A. " 

" Williams, Thomas " 
" Emanuel, offici r's servant. 
" John, *' " 


Levi Clagelt, 
David Putton 

Josh, H. Nicholson, Captain. 

Jesse Eichelberger, 1st Lieut. 

Acdrew Clopper, 3d do. 
:^d do. 
) 1 St Ser'gt & 
\ ?j\ Lieut, 

John Cleunn, 

Samuel Harris, 

AYm. Douglas, 

Join. Ready, 
J. A. Wallace, 

2d Ser'gt. 
M do. 
4th do. 
} Isl Corp'l. 
V & 3d Ser'gt. 
I 2d Corp'l & 
[4th Ser'gt. 
/ 3d Corp'l & 
[ 2d do. 
I 4th Corp'l & 
\ 2d do. 

Alexander, Thomas " 

Boyd, Andrew 
Bond, Henry " 

Bcall, John W. 
Berry, Horatio " 

Buckler, John C. " 

Brice, James E. 
Cohen, Php. I. " v 

Colien, Mendus " 

Collins, James W. " 

Cooper, Wm. S. " 

Conkling, Tlio. C. " 

H. Armstrong, 

Ralph Smith 
Arthey, Wm. F. 

Child, Wm j 

Claggett, Thos 
Dannemau, C. H. 

Dorscy, Joshua ] 

Ditfenderffer, Jno. 
Douglass, Geo. 
Dalrymple, Geo. 
Eichelberger, Lewis 
Eichelberger, Wm. 
Etting, Saml. 

Fulton, Wm. S. ] 

Fernaudis, Walter 
Guildener, Chas. 
Granger, Jas. 
Graybell, Php. 
Hawkins, Jas. L. 
Hutciiins, Thos. 
Hegcnbottom, Jno. 
Horner, Francis 
Hurnessey, Tho. 
Hurdis, James 
Hughes, Wm. 
Howard, Brice 
Jones, Edwd. 
Keller, John 
Lawsoii, Geo. 
Lerew, John 

Private and 

4th Cor]i'l. 


do and 
5th Corp'l. 

do. and 
6th Corp'l. 

Lindenberger, Jb. 
Mnuro, Php. 
Maccubin, Moses 
Monroe, Isaac 
Morgan, Edwd. 
Mayer, Charles F. 
Neale, John G. 
Pollelt, J. B. 

Poor, Jno. F. 

Price, Andw. 
Hogers, Thos. 
Rigliart, Php. 
Rigden, Jno. E. 


Private. Sands, Benjn. N. 

" Sylvester, Saml. 

" Spicer, Thos. 

" Schwartze, Hry. 

" Stickney, Hry. 

" Snyder, Andw. 

" Shbrtt, Jno. 

" Tinman, Patrick 

do. and Vance, William 

3d Corp'l. Williams, Geo. 

Private. Williams, Cumbd. D. 
Williams. Nathl. F. 

" Watkius, Thomas 

" Yates, Jno. 



2d do, 

3d do. 

4th do. 

1st Corp'l. 

2d do. 

3d do 

4th do 


Rd B. Magruder, Captain. 

John Bradford, 1st Lieut. 

David Griffith, 2d do. 

S.J.Thompson. 2d do. 

W.H.Wustandley,:kl do. 

August Bonghan. 1st Ser'gt. 

Sam'l Cohen, jr., 

Wm. G. Elderkin, 

Wm. Dew, 

Stephen Lawson, 

John Casey. 

Mat. P. Mitchell, 

Adam B. Kyle, 

John F. Charlton, Drummer 

"Wm. Moore, Filer. 

Allen, Sam'l W. 

Allen, James 

Beall, Rd. B. 

Bond, Joshua 

Brice, John jr. 

Barcklie, Thomas 

Beatley, Wm. jr. 

Bose, William 

Bailey, John H. 

Bill, Hugh 

Cose, Rd. G. 

Cox. Peter 

Caldwell, Jno. R, 

Crawford, Wm. B. 

Caldwell, James P. 

Cuzeanse, Bernard 

Cooch, Zebulou 

Dickens, John 

Daley, Ben. S. 

Davis, Jacob G. 
Delmas. Alenis A. 
Dae, Daniel 
Edwards. Samuel 
Fowler. William 
Finlay. John 
French, Ebenezer 
Furgussou. Thomas 
Falkuer, Abraham 
Golder, Robert 
Grimes, Joseph 
Glenn, James 
Green, Thomas 
Gambrall, John 
Glenn, John W. 
Glenn, John, jr. 
Griffith, Mathew 
Howell. Wm.jr. 
Hubball, Ebenezer 
Hicks, John 
Hess, Joseph 
Hillen, Solomon 
Hanson, Wm. 
Howell, John B. 
Hands, Wm. G. 
Hess, Jesse 
Joice, John 
Jones, Nicholas S. 
Jonas, Jacob 
Kinkaid, James 
Kennedy, Dennis 
Linvill, John 
Magruder. Gustavus 
McKee, William 



McKeel, John 
Miller, George 
Myers, Stephen 
McLaughlin, Philip 
Mooses, Parker 
Newman, Lawson 
Norwood, Edward 
Nelson, Benjamin 
Petit, Augustus 
Perriue, D. M. 
Rudoljjh, Zebulon 
Robinson, Thomas 
Riston, George 
Robinson,. James 
Rose, John P. 
Robertson, George 
Rickstein, George 
Ridgeley, Thomas 
Sinimonds, Samuel 
Shaw, Nathan 
Starr, Hezekiah 
Simmonds, John A. 

Private. Starr, William Private. 

Schaeffer, F. G. 

" Sumwalt, Pliilip " 

" Sprunig, George " 

" Stansbury, William " 

Taylor, Elijah 

" Turner, Nathaa " 

" Tarmer, James " 

" Thomas. .John W. " 

Town, John " 

" Waters, Joseph " • 

Waters, Joseph G. " 

" Wollen, Zachariah •' 

" Wheeler, Jacob " 

" Wallace, Solomon " 

Wright, AVilliam " 

" Wiley, Alexander " 

" Younker, Francis " 

" Young, Peter A. " 
" Nicholas Wallace, servant. 

" William Konig, " 


John Bferry, Captain. 

Carson, William 

Benjamin Buck, 

1st Lieut. 

Conway, Thomas 

George Herring, 

2d do. 

Cassard, Gilbert 

James Beacham, 

3d do. 

Collins, Cornelius 

John Hahn, 

Ist Serg't. 

Cook, Anthony L. 

James Russell, 

2d do. 

Carman. Jacob 

Philip Tilyard, 

3d do. 

Davis, Diivid 

Wells Cooper, 

4th do. 

Duval, Marsh M. 

James Clark, 

1st Corp'l. 

Devatur, .Jacob 

Basil Duke, 

2d do. 

Dare, Nathl. C. 

Henry Hilbert, 

3d do. 

Erwiu, Jerrard 

John T. Sumwalt, 

4th do. 

Foy, James 

Andrew Hunter, Fifer. 

Fahuestock, Derrick 

Henry Ligbtner. Drummer. 

Fahnestock, Peter 

Atkinson, Angells 


, Fry, John 

Aisquith, Robert C 

Fisher, Jacob 

Anderson, Wm. M 

Gray, William 

Beison, Thos. V. 

Gray, John 

Berry, John W. 

Hussey, George jr. 

Berry, Beuj. F. 

Hammer, Jacob 

Brown, John M. 

Helm, Leonard 

Bailey, George W. 

Hilbert, John 

Brooks, William 

Konig, Samuel 

Baxley, George 

Lowe, Henderson P. 

Bartling, Daniel 

Linch, John 

Crelzer, John 

Low man, Emoiy 



Landstreet, John 
Maekcy. Jolin jr. 
Moore, Jolm B. 
jMcEllifiolt. Pierce G. 
NcCiil.bin. John S. 
McCMaiii, .John 
McLi'iivy, Henry 
Miller, George W. 
Miller, Matthew 
McMackin, "William 
Nacrle, Joseph 
Noble, Alexander 
Pratt, John 11. 
Perry, Richard 
Pennleton, Daniel 
Resser, Jacob 
Reggin, James 
Sweeting, Benj. B. 
Storey, John 
Smith, Nathl. L. 
Shcebe, John 
Seaton, Henry 
Shutt, George 

Private. Simpson, Ernsmus 
" Stiniplc, Anthony 
" Suinwalt. John X. 
'' Taylor, James 
" Taylor, Thomas 
" Taylor, I.,evin 
" Taylor, Cromwell 
" Voyce, Thomas 

Winchester, Thos. C. 
" Wareham, George 
" "Wells, Tlioraas \V. 
" West, Nicholas 
" Williams, Lewis 
" Whetson, David 

Watts, John S. 
" Wight. Jesse 

Watts, Ezekiel 
" Wigart, Henry 
" Wamaling, John 
" AVoods, l^amuel 
" Williams, Jonathan 
" Wood, John 
" Young, John 



Charles Pennington, Captain. 
Thomas Russell, 1st Lieut. 
Joseph Clemm, 2d do. 
Robert S. Moore, 3d do. 
Thomas Vance, 1st Ser'gt. 
John S. King, 2d do. 

James C. Wilson, 3d do. 
Thomas M . Locke, 4tb do. 
Benjamin Brooks, 5th do. 
Peter L. White, 1st Corp'l. 
Thos. P. Ricand, 2d do. 
John ilortou, 3d do. 

Wm. M. Wallace, 4th . do. 
Isaac Taylor, 5lh do. 

Black, Samuel 
Barkman, John 
Branson, Joseph 
Baker, Charles 
Bond, J. T. 
Birkhead, Lenox 
Cobb, G. K. 
Callander, J. A. 
Collins, Lee 
Cook, W. G. 
Duncan, Joseph 


Duer, Charles 
Diiismore, Samuel 
Elkry, Eppes 
Everett, Edward 
Ewaldt, J. H. 
Falconer, Jonathan 
Ford, G. W. 
Guthrow, Stephen 
Goodrick, Eli 
Grter, George 
Gregg, Alexander 
Harwood, Charles 
Hayne, George 
Jessop, Charles 
Kiucaid, Wallace 
Kent, Emanuel, jr. 
Lusby, William 
Lambie, James 
McLaughlin, Peter 
McCartney, Peter 
Meeks, William 
Mackin, James 
Mayer, Lewis 
McNeal, James 
Morehead, Henry 


Nowland, Lambert 
Oweens, Isaac 
Osborne, H. P. 
Pascault, Francis 
Patillo, Henry H. 
Rutter, Thomas G. 
Raymond, Daniel 
Rust, Samuel 
Sinners, E. R. 
Sbane, Dennis 
Shields, William 
Stanley, Joseph 
Stewart, George L. 
Schaeffer, Christian 
Southcomb, Carey 
Schwartz, A. J. B. 
Smith, Samuel 
Street, William 


Private. Thompson, David Private. 
Towson, O. W. 
" Taylor, Robert 
" Teaclile, Severn 
" AVyville, Marmaduke " 

Williams, John " 

AVells, W. T. " 

Weir, John R. " 

Walsh, John " 

Wilson, J. C. " 

Wilhelm, P. " 

" Winn, S. D. " 

" White, Thomas " 

" Zigler, Henry " 

" Kleinfelter, Michael " 

" Charles Maynard, servant. 

" Carlos Davies, " 


George J. Brown, Captain. 
Thomas Cockrill, 1st Lieut. 
William Mundell, 2d do. 
Benjamin Rouse, Sergeant. 
Charles Baker, do. 

James Corner, do. 

Wm. Gilberthorp, do. 
David Greaves, Corporal. 
John P. Strobel, do. 

J >8eph Clark, do. 

Benjamin Arnold do.- 
Anderson, Nicholas Private. 
Boston, Charles " 

Boss, George " 

Binyon, Thomas " 

Bond, Lambert " 

Beard, Hugh " 

Classon, John " 

Chapman, Christopher " 
Casey, William " 

Chambey, Dennis " 

Champlin, A. P. 
Carrol, Mark " 

Dorney, Bartholomew " 
Duncan, J. W. " 

Delaware, Thomas " 

Donoho, Barney " 

Dye, William " 

Donnelly, John " 

Daley, John " 

Dougherty, John 
Delauy, William 
Gardiner, James 
Groom, William 
Grossh, John 
Graham, Owen 
Harris, Samuel 
Jones, George 
Johnson, Wm. H. 
Jones, John W. 
Johns, William 
Johnson, Robert 
Johnson, Archibald 
Lehea, Morris 
Lorman, William 
Lenox, James 
Leiuhart, Henry 
Myers, Solomon. 
McCluster, Henry 
McKoan, Edward 
McClain, Charles 
Moor, Nathaniel 
Millard, J. L. 
McWilliaras, M: 
MusiJjrove, Wm. 
McMuliin, Wm. 
Matthews, James 
McNeal, James 
O'Cornor, Lewis 
Parks, William 



Pendigmst, I'atiick 
Ronclir, Alt'xauder 
Reilly, Pulrick 
Ross, James 
Ritchie, William 
Schofiekl, J. S. 
Sheiidau, Thos. 

Private. Sauuders, Alexauder 

Tyler, John 

Tebo, Peter 
" Teho, Peter, jr. 

Tall, Antliony 

Williams, J. S. 
" Wallace, James 


Abraham Pike, 
John King, 
Reuben Ross, 
John Keys, 
Thos. H. Fairbaiu, 
Gotleib Hoffman, 
Samuel Baum, 
Alex. Osborne, 
William Sprole, 
"Wm. Keilholtz, 
Joshua C4ibson, 
Altfather, Ilenry 
Ash, John 
Armitagc, Benj. 
Bradley, Isaac 
Black, Thomas 
Bradebaugh, Jacob 
Butler, Richard 
Benson, John P, 
Bixler, David 
Elder, Basil S. 
Foss, George, jr. 
Fisher, John 
Fiuley, Thomas 
Fernandis, Samuel 
Foss, Jacob 
Grubb, Michael, jr- 
Gould, James 
Grcnry, William 
Garland, John B. 
Hughes, George L. 
Hussy, Asabel 
Hill, George, jr. 
Hoffman, John 
Irvine, John 

Captain. Jones, Jonathan J. 
1st Lieut. Inloes, James 
2d do. Kirkland, A'exander 
1st Ser'gt. Keller, George 
2d do. King, Henry 
3d do. Kimmel, Michael 
4th do. Lebon, Charles 
1st Corp'l. Linsey, Andrevr 
2d do. Liudey, Midhael 
3d do. Male, Joseph A. 
4th do. McColm, Mathew 
Private. Moore, Henry 

" Nicholson, Thomas 
Orme, Archibald E. 
" Owings, John 

Phillips, William 
" Richardson, Eztkiel 
" Robinson, William 
" Rider, Arthur 
" Robinson, Thomas 

Rickey, Wm. W. 
" Shaw, Samuel 
" Sampson, Charles 
*' Schultz, Conrad 
" Share, Joseph 
" Spangler, Isaac 
" Shamburgh, John 

Seig, Peter 
" Wallace, Joseph 
" Wampler, Lewis J. 
" White, George 
" Wedge, Simon 
*' Winchester, Samuel 
" Yager, Joseph 



Henry Steiner, Captain. 
R. G. McPherson, 1st Lieut. 
Lewis Green, 2d do. 

John Buckey, 1st Ser'gt. 
W'iiliam Houser, 2d do. 
Geo. Dertzback, 3d do. 


David Mantz, 4th Ser'gt. 

Jacob Kieffer, 1st Corp'l. 

William Steiner, 2d do. 

Heury Hauer, 3d do. 

Marcus Y. Graff, 4th do. 

Jacob Fowble, Musician. 

John Stouffer, " 

Ambrose, Peter Private. 
Baer, Michael of Jno. " 

Barnes, Samuel " 
Blackford, Thomas 
Belt, Lloyd 

Breant, Samuel " 

Boyd, David " 

Boone, Robert " 

Burhhartf Daniel " 
Cassell, William 

Dean, Thomas " 

Dixon, James " 
Evett, George 

Freburger, Peter " 

Feagler, Jacob " 
Goklsborough, Nich. " 

Grahame, Thomas *' 

Hansliew, Henry " 

Hauer, George " 

Harding, John L. " 

Heffner, Michael 
Holler, Henry 
Holler, Daniel 
Jamieson, John 
Jenkins, William 
Johnson, William 
Jolly, Tliomas M. 
Kontz, John 
McClain, George 
McFarland, Peter 
McPherson, William 
Murdock, Richard H. 
Miller, John 
Neaff, Abraham 
Nixdortf, Henry 
Nichols, Adam 
Pyfer, Philip 
Potts, Philip 
Rye, Henry 
Schaffner, Jacob 
Salmon, Charles 
Steiner, Jno. Thomas 
Shellman, Jacob 
Scott, Thomas 
Somerville, James 
Schissler, John 
Schriver, Jacob 



James Piper, Captain. 
Henry Pentz, 1st Lieut. 
Jacob Walsh, 2d do, 
John Kennedy, 3d do. 
William Drake, 1st Ser'gt. 
Jesse James, 2d do. 

Benj. Germain, 3d do. 
T. DeLoughrey, 4th do. 
Isaac Bull, 1st Corp'J. 

Amasa Kirbv, 2d do. 
William Wells, 3d do. 
Henry Staylor, 4th do. 
Browning, Leir Private. 

Bilson, John " 

Constable, George P. " 
Callmus, Levi " 

Clinedienst, John " 

Faherty, Bartley " 

Folay, Dennis " 

Gorsuch, John *' 

Grace, John " 

Griffith, Jacob " 

Griffith, Anthony 
German, Philip 
Barker, John 
Hetzelberger, John 
Harding, Stephen 
Haislip, Humphy B. 
Johnson, Samuel 
Hurst, Elijah 
Kiernan, John 
Knight, Peregrine 
Moelliuger, Jacob 
Murray, Matthew 
Maynarn, Quincy 
Neal, James 
Percgoy, Caleb 
Pentz, Daniel 
Roche, James 
Roche, Joseph 
Rosse, George 
Sommers, Michael 
Snyder, John 
Staylor, John 



Staylor, William Private. Woods, Soptha I'rivale. 

Staylor. Pliiiip " Wickersliam, Wm. • " 

Stout, Jacob " Wise, John M. " 

Stackers, Solomon " Walker, Samuel " 

Smith, Charles " Samuel Gourd, Servant. 

Trexlear, Ignatius " 

Names of the Field and Staff and Company Officers, Non- 
Commissioned Officers and Privates of the First Rifle 
Battalion of Maryland Militia, who served at North Point 
and Fort McUenry, 12lh September, 1814— taken from the 
Muster Rolls on file in the office of the Third Auditor of 
the Treasury of the United Stales. 

William Pinkney, Major. 

•William Pinknet, Jr., AOjutant. 

James W. Mitchela, Quarter Master. 

tSAMUEL B. Martin, burgeon. 

JosiAH A. Smith, Pay Master. 

B. U. Campbell, Sergeant Major and Adjutant. 

Damiel Mbtzker, Quarter Master Sergeant. 


Edward Aisquith, Captain. Crouch, James Private. 

John G. Young, 1st Lieut. Chesnut, John " 

William Meeter, 2d do. Charlton, William " 

Spencer H. Cone, 3d do. Dukehart, Henry " 

George W. Howard, 1st Serg't. Dawson, John " 
Elijah Pritcbett, 2d do. Davis, John G. 

Alex. McKenzie, 3d do. Davis, Thomas " 

jJohn McFarron, 4th do. Dunning, Samuel " 

George S. Boyle, 1st Corp'l. Gruvir, John " 

John Burk, 2d do. Hawkins, James " 

Jolin Hulse, 3d do. Howard, Jacob " 

Thomas EUigood, 4th do. Howard, John " 

Batchelor, Smith Private. Henry, William " 

Bromwell, Jacob " Horsey, Morris " 

Brown, Thomas " Hazledine, John " 

Bromwell, Henry T " Huzza, John " 

Bruff, Benj. " Jeffers, James " 

Buell, Albert D. " Jones, Edward " 

Clark, William " Jones, Richard " 

Clark, Joseph " Keruan, Leonard " 

Camp, William " Lylhe, John " 

Crawford,, William " Lee, James A. " 

Curry, John " Lafavier, Abraham " 

Creagb, James *' Macgill, Basil " 

♦Wounded at Bladensburg. tPrisoner. iTaken off the field by 
Surjreon Worter. 


*McComas, Henry 
Martin, #ames E. 
Macgill, Thomas 
Melliss, William 
Mitchell, Alexander 
Murray, John E. 
Noble, Richard 
Prettymau, Thomas G. 
Pretty man, David G. 
Pettygrew, James 

Private. Parrish, William 
" Rusk, Thomas 
" Rumsey, Charles H. 

Smull, Jacob T. 
" Stewart, John 

Watts, Dixon B. 
" Watts, Thomas B. 
Watson, Sj'lvester 
*Wells, Daniel 
Warner, John 



Dominic Bader, Captain. 
*Gr('gorious Andre, 1st Lieut. 
B. \J. Campbell, 1st do. 
Jos. A. Strischka, 2d do. 
Caspar Hoffman, Ensign, 
fjacob Euler, 1st Ser'gt. 

John M. Metier! 2d do. 
Wm. Eberviue, 3d do. 
John Small, 4th do. 

Martin Hirsch, 1st Corp'l. 
John Gieger, 2d do. 

J, L. Koellinger, 3d do. 
James Fisher, 4th do. 
Adam Wilhelm, Bugler. 
Armeger, Benjamin Private, 
Armstrong, John " 

Bauier, Frederick " 

Baker, Peter 

Bark man, Conrad " 

Brown, John " 

Crane, Joseph " 

Disney, Wesley " 

Disney, James " 

DeGoy, Bartholomew " 
Dawson. William " 

Dames. Augustus " 

Durst, Felix J. " 

Euler, Conrad " 

Franklin, George " 

Fowble, William " 

Fisher, John " 

Fisher, Abraham " 

Frederick, Lawrence " 
Fogleman, George " 

Gusenderffer, John " 

Grub, Michael " 

Hetzler, John Private. 

Hoffman, Lawrence " 

Jacobs, John " 

James, Charles " 

Jorden,>John " 

Johanuess, William B. " 

Kummer, Frederick " 

Keipple, Henry " 

Koelleuger, Henry " 

Lealherwood, John " 

Long, Francis " 

Moses, Jacob " 
Miller, Philip 

Meyer, John " 

Me3'er, Adam " 

Meads, Daniel " 

Melz, Peter " 

Renner, John *' 

Roab, J. P. " 

Rothe, William " 

Rehberg, J. L. " 

Rothemond, Dietrick " 

Schultz, John " 

Schaub, Jacob " 
Scharffer, William 

Steinforth, John " 

Schroader, Henry " 
Steidel, Gotleib 
Turner, David G. 

Undrecli, Henry " 

Van Harten, Gerrard " 

Wulpy, William " 

Wiegant, Daniel " 

Walter, Henry " 

Weddekin, John " 

♦Killed. tWounded. 



William B. Dyer, 
Peter Foy, 
Ephniiin Smitli, 
Tliomas D. Hook, 
Jolm Gorsucli, 
Daniel Metzirer, 
F. Monniouier, 
Abraham Parks, 
Thomas ^litchell, 
Elijah Dyer. 
Daniel Anthony, 
Thomas Hall, 
John Johnson, 
Agoew, William 
Austin, Benjamin, 
Ardrery, John E. 
Allen, Samuel 
Ashcroft, Thomas 
Bishop, Richard 
Blades, Benjamin 
Burinan, Henry 
Blades, Perry 
Bishop, Richard R. 
Bowen, Richard 
Bryson, James 
Clark, John 
Carter, Thomas 
Cully, Robert 
Collins, Isaac 
Cormacul, John 
Dawson, Joseph 
Davy, William 
Dummond, Richard 
Dyer, Ezekiel 
Denny, Joseph 
*Earntst, Charles 
Evans, Elias 
Foble, Daniel 
Gordon Jolm 
Gordon, Richard 

Captain. Gravy, William 
1st Lieut. Ha^jthorp, Thomas 
2(\ do. Hall, Henry 
8d do. Harris, Neiiemia 
Ensipn. Harrison, Charles 
1st Ser'gt. Harding, Christopher 
2d do. Hanson, Benedict H. 
3d do. Hawkins. Daniel 
4lh do. Jones, James 
IstCorp'l. James, Robert 
2d do. Lock, Sanmel 
3d do. Lock, William 
4th do. March, Gale 
Private. Maddox, Richard 
" McDonald, James 
*' McAllister, Richard 
McGenerty, Patrick 
" Marselas, John E. 
" Marselas, James 
" Nicoll, Thomas 
" Parsons, Jonathan 
Pilchard, William 
Polk, Cordo 
" Ramsay, Joseph 
" Richards, Benedict 
" Riggen, James 
" Robertson, John 
" Rouse, James 
" Sweeting, Joshua 
" Sherwood, Philip 
" Speck, Henry 

Shreck, William 
" Stinchcomb, Aquilla 
" Van winkle, AYilliam 
" Vanwinkle, Samuel 
" Wilson, Joseph 
West, AVilliara 
" Watts, Edward 
" W^alker, Jonathan 
" Wright, John 




Names of the Ofl5ceis, Non-Cominlssioned OflBcers, Musicans 
and Privates of Capt. George Stiles' Corps of Marine Artil- 
lery, who served at North Point and Fort McHenry, 12th 
September, 1814: 


George Stiles, Captain. 

Joseph Gould, 1st Lieut. 

Baptist Mezick, 1st do. 
Timothy Gardner, 2d do. 
Joel Vickers, 2d do. 

Francis Blackwell, 3d do. 
John G. Bier, Qr. Master. 
Benjimin Weeks, Sergeant. 
David Chaytor, " 

Paul Durkee. " 

William Spear, " 

Edward Wynne, " 

Egbert Van Buren, " 

John Raynolds, Drummer. 
John Miller, Fifer. 

Allen, Holden Private. 

Baker, Rathboue " 

Bennett, Thomas B. " 

Bennett, Field F. 
Barrar, John, jr. " 

Bolten, Henry " 

Barnes. W. P. 
Belt, Tobias J. 
Bronuan, John F. • " 

BroLhei ton, William " 

BeU, James, jr. " 

Beam, George, jr. " 

Bargan, Joseph " 

Braggeii, Henry " 

Biliip, Robert " 

Bowie, James " 

Cunningham, John " 

Cordery, James " 

Crane, John " 

Curtis, James " 

Clackuer, Joseph " 

Coleman, Christopher " 
Cathel, William " 

Cock, John " 

Dawson, Joseph " 

Dickinson, P. " 

Davis, Robert " 

Denny, Ricliard A. " 

Dashiel, Henry " 

Durand, John 
Duncan, Perry 
Despaux, Elie 
Darrell, Sampson 
Demsford, John 
Despaux, John 
Deale, James 
Ellis, George 
Frazier, James 
Furlong, William 
Franklin, Benjamin 
Garretson, R. W. 
Gilbert, George 
Gregg, A. P. 
Goxdwait, E. 
Gavc't, John 
Gardner, W. H. 
Guarnego, Louis 
Grant, Henry 
Gardner, Samuel 
Gorden, Walton 
Glenn, R. W. 
Hollis, W. C. 
Hyland, John 
Hulson, John 
Hamilton, Pliny 
Hall, John 
Hearth, J. T. 
Hammell, Samuel 
Hill, John 
Holmes, James 
Hillert, John A. 
Hughs, James 
Hancock, Robert 
Habskiss, S. H. 
Hayes, W. C. 
Johnson, James 
Jenks, T. W. 
Jacobs, Wilson 
Jnmes, Daniel 
Jackson, Thadeus 
Kirk, George 
Kuinard, Thomas 
Kelly, Mattliew 



Lane, Thomas M. 
Lee, George 
Lnly, John 
Myers, N. 
McMetil, Daniel 
Mills, George 
Morrison, .lolin 
Mezick, .losiuia 
Morisarrat, D. 
McEUlerry. Hugh 
Manadier, D. 
McClaske}', A. 
^lorris, T. C. 
Mct'onibs Solo 
Neiglile, Francis 
Ninile, Isaac 
Orrick, John 
Owen, William 
Perry. Charles G. 
Peterson, John 
Peterkiu, William 
Philips, James 
Parrott, David 
Patterson, Gerard 
Prior, John 
Peterson, John, jr. 
Russell, Samuel 
Ramsay. James 
Reppard, Jacob 
Rozen, Jacob 
Rollins, James 

Private. Ratier, Thomas 

Rhodes, Zachariah 
" Ross, John 
" Riddle, Eihvard 

Smith, B. 13. 
" Southcomb, P. 
" Scott, John 
" Shij)ley, Samuel 
" Shaw, Daniel 
•' Stevens, James H. 

Smilii, John S, 
" Southwait, William 
" Snow, Freeman 

Tucker. W. A. 
" Tilden, Perry 
" Thoniiis, William 
" Thompson, John 
" Thomas, Joseph 
" Vicker, James 
" Weve, James 
" Wilkinson, S. 
" AVilson, David 

White, John M. 
" Weems, George 

Williams, William R. 

WaJe, William 
" Watkius, James 
" Young, John 
" Young, William 
" Henderson, Robert 




Michl. H. Spaugler, Captain. 
Jacob Barnitz, jr., 1st Lieut. 
John Kuntz, 2d Ser'gt. 
Joseph Schall, 
David Wilson, Corporal. 
Daniel Updegraff, " 
Michl. Hahn, 
Adam Leitner, Musician. 
Altcmus, Jermau W. Private. 
Burns, Anthony T. " 

Brigle, George " 

Burns, John " 

Connelly, James " 

Coil. D-iniel 
Duvall, Grafton 
Dunn, George 
Devine. John 
Dugan, James 
Frey, Jacob 
Fisher, John 
Glessner, Jacob 
Grimes, Peter 
Gartner, Jacob 
Ilolton, George 
Hoffart, David 
Holt, Aaron 



Ingram, Hugh 
llgenfritz, George 
Kaufman, David 
Kaufman, Andrew 
Lottman, Jacob 
Lehman, Jacob 
Lavan, Jacob 
Leitner, George M. 
Lanius, Peter 
Leitner, Joseph 
Laul), George 
McClean, John 
Miller, Michael 
Mundorff, Henry 
McKonigher, Joseph 
Nes, William 
Nes, Samuel 

Private. Noel, Jacob 

Keisinger, Jacob 
Rauss, Emanuel 
Rupp, Jacob 
Stuck, Charles 
Sinn, John 
Schleiger, Henry 
Stoeling, Jacob 
Sheffer, Jacob 
Smith, Chester 
Thompson, Thomas 
Thompson, Enock 
Taylor, John 
Trimble, David 
Wisenhall, Jacob 
Witz, Frederick 




Frederick Metzger, Captain. 
Henrj' Wirt, 1st Lieut. 
■George Immel, 2d do. 
<jleort!;e Eiler, Ensign. 
David Shultz, 1st Ser'gt. 

Benjamin Welsh, 2d do. 
<3eorge Stauter, 3d do. 
Henry Melsheimer, 4th do. 
John Rieder, 1st Cor'pl. 
Joseph Morris, 2d do. 
Daniel Little, 3d do. 
George Hoke, 4th do. 
Apple, Philip Private. 

Bargelt, John 
Beck, Tobias " 

Buvingor, Leonard " 

Bange, John " 

Bauge, Henry " 

Blinzinger, David " 

Cramer, Jacob " 

Dines, John " 

Douglass, John " 

Hines, Samuel 
Hilt, Jacob 
Hostetter, Jacob 
Horn, Jesse 
Haas, Christian 
Hawks, Samuel 
Hoffman, William 
Jarvis, Thomas 
Koon, Solomon 
Klein, Henry 
Myers, John 
Morningstar, George 
Melshamer, William 
Myers, George 
Michael, John 
Richards, Edward 
Storm, David 
Short, Anthony 
Stock, Henry 
Stochr, Daniel 
Waggoner, Jacob 
Weigle, John 






Tbomas Quantrill, CaptBin. 
Daniel Sprigg, 1st Lieut. 
George Harry, 2(.l do. 
William Shall, Ensign. 
Thomas Keen, 1st Sei'gt. 
Win. McCardell, 2d do. 
George Kreps, 3d do. 
John Harry, 4th do. 

John Hunter. 1st Corp'l. 

Daniel Oyster, 2d do. 
Benjamin Smith, 3d do. 
Joseph Callers, 4th do. 
Charles Duwasser, Musician. 
Anderson, John Private. 

Allison, William 
Armour, William " 

Bayley, Samuel " 

Beehart, Jacob " 

Billenger, John " 

Benuet, Samuel " 

Barnes, Samuel W. " 

Couley, John " 

Cramer, John " 

Collins, Andrew " 

Coke, Alexander " 

Cook, John T. 
Deitz, John " 

Daup, Daniel " 

Glassbrcmmer, Peter " 
Goyer, Jacol) " 

Harry, William ' 

Hemphill, Joseph " 

Helser, Philip 
Humrickhouse, Fred'k. " 
Harry, Samuel " 

Hawkin, Daniel " 

Johnston. John " 

Kealy, Jacob " 

Kealiyer, Jesse " 

Kinkerly. Jacob 
Knease, Frederick 
Lynes, George 
Loney, Jacob 
Locker, Jacob 
McPherrin, William 
McDonough, John 
Man, Solomon 
Miller, John N. 
Morter, Jacob 
Martiney, John 
McClanahan, Robert 
Martin, Anthony B. 
Neal, Joseph 
Noble, James 
O'Ferrall, John 
Patton, Columbus 
Poffenbarger, Andrew 
Shnebl}', John 
Soper, Thomas 
Stroud, Joseph 
Shank, Samuel 
Smith, Daniel 
Shipley, John 
Schleigh, William 
Sterret, James 
Scliryock, David 
Smith, Peter 
Snecdor, John 
Smith, John 
Srit, John 
Wagman, John 
Wilson, Lazarus 
Wilson, Samuel 
Wareham, Joseph 
West, Levin 
Winters, George 
Wise, George 




Jacob Baer, Captain. 
David Newcomer, 1st Lieut. 
Samuel Bohrer, 2d do. 
Henry Kilhofer, Cornet. 
Jacob Hughett, Sergeant. 
Benjamin Kershner, " 
Otto Adams, " 

Jacob Kershner, " 
Samuel Alter, Corporal. 
Levey Rensb, 
Frederick Robrer, " 
Jobn Walkernoot, " 
Adams, Jacob Private. 

Adams, Williams, " 

Anderson, William " 

Winders, Jobn " 

Binkley, Jacob " 

Miller, ;obn " 

Miller, Henr}'- " 

Dillibunt, James " 

Knode, Jacob " 

Witmore, John " 

Yeakel, Jacob " 

Repp, Jol)n Private. 

Willson, Edward H. 
Kindell, Joseph " 

Cellers, Jobn " 

Fabbs, Moses " 

Krider, George " 

Kline, Daniel " 

Gurlaugb, Henry " 

Berry, James " 

Degraft, Abraham " 

Waller, Henry " 

Kitz, Frederick " 

Miller, Daniel " 

Tliomas, George " 

Clagett, David " 

Goll, John 

Howard, John " 

Kershner, George " 

Wayman, Perry " 

Philip Binkley, Q. M. Ser'gt. 
John Kailhofer, Saddler. 
Jacob Leider, Blacksmith. 
Joseph Eakel, Trumpeter. 

Names of the Field and Staff and Company Officers, Non- 
commissioned Officers and Privates of the fifth Regiment 
of Infantry of the Maryland Militia, who served at North 
Point and Fort McHenry, 12th September, 1814 — taken from 
the Muster Rolls on file in the office of the Third Auditor of 
the Treasury of the United States: 

Joseph Sterrett, Lieutenant Colonel Commandant. 

Richard K. Heath, Is^ Mdjor. 

Standish Barry, 2rf do. 

James Cheston, Lieutenant and Adjutant. 

John Owen, Surgeon. 

John Thomas, Lieutenant and Quarter Master. 

Alexander H. Boyd, Lieutenant and Pay Master. 

John B. Taylor, Surgeon's Mate. 

William Diffendeffek, Sergeant Major. 

John L. Potts, Quarter Master Sergeant. 



Philip B. Sadtler 

', Captain. 

Kuhn, A. C. 

C. Newhaus, 

1st Lieut. 

Kecney, A. 

T. C. Proetsting, 



Laudun, M. 

J. C. "Wagner, 

1st Ser'gt. 

Lash. Geo. 

F. W. Heuke, 



Markert, Augst. 

N. Hacke, 



Meyer, G. 

Js. Klee, 



Mev(M-, A. 

A. Duluc, 



Mozer, J. D. 

B. Roeseben, 



McKey, M. 

J. C. Rau, 



Muth, P. 

App, J. S. 


Opperman, L. 

Brenuing, C. 


Pontier, J. 

Buhring, F. 


Parlette, Mordecai 

Bowers, George 


Roesener, J. 

Cassary, Jacob 


Rodemeyer, G. 

Cre}', Frederick 


Rogge, Chs. 

Descande, And. 


RiefT, Henry 

Deroncery, Chs. 


Reune, Peter 

Dail, Chs. 


Schminke, Geor. 

Dover, H. 


Schwier, Jos. 

Fave, Jo. 


Sauerwein, Peter 

Fahs, Casper 


Sanderson, H. 

Flowers, B. 


Scbmeckpepper, J. B, 

Gehring, Ge. 


Singer, George 

Gilbacb, Cbs. 


Schutt, A. 

Hofl'man, H. 


Steinbock, J. C. 

Hasselmuu, L. 


Smith, N. 

Hammer, A. 


Saltzwedel, J. 

Hands, P. G. 


Spicknall, AV. 

Hitzelberger, Js. 


Taylor, Jos. 

Janes, E. 


Walter, T. 

Klockengelter, Dl. 


West, J. 

Klasseu, C. 


Wilson, J. 

Knodt, A. 


Wills, F. M. 

Knodt, J. 


Wheeler, R. W. 

Kaylar, Geo. 



John Shrim, Captain. 
Nicholas Elliott, Lieutenant. 
John Weaver, Ensign. 
John Simonson, 1st Ser'gt. 
Andrew Hoffman, 2d do. 
Joseph Russell, 3d do. 
John Hoburg, 4th do. 

Joseph Pearson, Ist Corp'l. 

Mordecai Disney, do. 

Wm. Booth, do. 

James Barker, do. 

Adams, Benjn. Private. 

Andrews, George " 

Auld, John " 


Bidison, Abraham Private. 
Ball, Walter 
Bell, William 

Buckinghaai, Levi " 

Bell, James " 

Booth, Joseph " 

Barnes, William " 

Cook, George " 

Cross, John " 

Carnighan, James " 

Carson, John " 

Cathrall, Joseph " 

Connelly, Thomas " 

Dobbins, William " 

Daviison, Robert " 

Dunn, John " 

Disney, William " 

Demuth, John " 

Davis, John " 

Devone, Frederick " 

Davidson, Samuel " 

Deets, Gottleib " 

Essender, Joha " 

Fyia, John " 

Fonder, Peter " 

Foreman, Christian " 

Franciscus, Wm. " 

Foreman, Valentine " 

Freyer, Henry " 

Freyburger, George " 

Forrester, Ralph E. " 

Gardner, George " 

Granger, Samuel " 

Grubb, George " 
Glover, William 

Groves, Isaac " 

Greenfield, John " 

Hinds, William " 

Hopkins, Joshua 
Harman, John 
Horze, William 
Hass, William 
Heuning, George 
Hoburg, Harman 
Hanson, Henry 
Haney, Charles 
Keener, William 
Leeson, John 
Lucas, Joseph 
Lacount, Thomas 
Mowbary, Henry 
Mosher, William 
Miller, Charles 
Matthews, Elias 
Nelson, Joseph, jr. 
Peters, Daniel 
Popp, Chas. P, 
Pindell, John 
Rothrock, Philip 
Ready, Joseph 
Rudenstein, John M. 
Snyder, Valentine 
Smithson, Daniel 
Stewart, John 
Shane, Daniel 
Suter, Henry 
Thomas, Lambert 
Wynemau, John B. 
Welshoover, Henry 
Wolf, Michael 
Wetherstand, Jacob 
Workinger, Jacob 
West, Saml. H. 
White, Nicholas 
Zigler, Jacob 



Benj. C. Hovrard, Captain. 
Thomas Towson, Lieutenant. 
Joseph Cox, Ensign. 
George Mathiot, Ser'gt. 
James Stewart, do. 
John Bull, do. 

George Hull, do. 

John Yewell, Corp'I. 
Joseph Thomas, do. 

Francis Castine, Corp'I. 
Joseph Whittaker, Musician. 
George AVhittaker, " 

Adie, Edmond Private. 

Anderson, John " 

Baugliman, Frederick " 
Balderson, Isaiah " 

Bare, George " 

Baiucr, William " 


Rell. Thomas 
Boren, George 
Biven, Hortitio 
Canby, Beiiju. 
Collins, Joseph 
Dudley, George 
Dulauey, Samuel 
Dairy mple, Wm. 
Hayiien, Dennis 
Hitzelbcrger, Anthony 
Hoopman, John 
Hutton, Elisha 
Hoar, Ellas 
Hull, Edward 
Junes, Joshua 
Kimes, Thomas 
Levy, Thomas 
Mathiot. C hristian 
Marser, Bartholomew 
Meyer, Jacob 
Mills, Levin 

Private. Peters, Hanry C. 
Poque, Lowdie J. 
" Randall, Aciuila 
" Randall, Elisha 
" Redgrave, John 
" Reezer, Saml. C. 
" Ritazel, Francis 
" Rote. John 
" Shaw, Isaiah 
Sifton, Wm. 
Sinclair, James 
Stansbury, Darius 
Stockton, John 
Simpers, Benjn. 
Sindall, John 
Towson, Henry H. 
Turner, Charles 
Tyler, John C. 
"Willing, Josiah 
"Weils, Harrison 
Yauaway, Daniel 



George H. Stewart, Captain. 
Francis Forster, Lieutenant. 
Campbell S. Askew, Ensign. 
Edwd. J. Coale, 1st Ser'gt. 
Thomas Neilson, 2d do. 
Richardson Gait, 3d do. 
John M. Howland, 4th do. 
Wm. Spurier, 1st Corp'l. . 

Wm Bradford, 2d 
Thomas Ruckle, 3d 
John R. Kelso, 4th 
Augustine, Samuel 
Bassett, Isaac 
Brandt. Jacob 
Buchanan, Lloyd 
Burke, Jacob 
Co()k^ey, Richd. K. 
Coulter. John P. 
Cramer, Geo. W. 
Croxall, James 
Dougherty, John 
Dougherty, James 
Faulac, Anthony 
Flaherty, John R. 


Gould, Alexr. 
Hill, Thomas 
Holland, Joseph 
Harrison, Benjn. 
Hunt, Jesse 
Janvier, Peregrine 
Jenkins, Michael 
Jenkins, Charles 
Jenkins, George 
Kimberly, Nathl. 
Lamb, George 
Long, Jesse 
Lockhead, Joseph 
Lynch, William 
Mallonee, John 
Munroe, Alvin 
Norris, Edward 
Orchard, John 
Pearson, Ellas 
Pollitt, Wm. F. 
Ruckle Samuel 
Schryake, William 
Stewart, Wm. P. 
Spurier, Beale 



Shutt, John P. 
Symingtou, Jas. F. 
Stevens, Peter 
Tharpe, George 
Usher, James 
Vanlear, John 
Wall, John E. 

Private. "Waters, Asa 

" Waters, Peter 

" Waters, Zebulon 

" Wright, Malcolm 

" Wilson, William 

" Webb, James 



Samuel Sterrett, Captain. 

John Hillen, Lieutenant. 

John Reese, Ensign. 

Chrisr. Raborg, Ist Ser'gt. 

Ben D. Higdon, 2d do. 

H. P. Sumner, 3d do. 

Michl. Sanderson, 4th do. 

John Frick, 1st Corporal 

Alexander, H. 

Armstrong, T. 

Brice, Nicholas 

Baker, Tho. B. 

Bailey, Thomas 

Burt, And. 

Baker, Wm. jr. 

Birckhead, H. 

Baine, Hope 

Camp, William 

Caldwell, James 

Coleman, John 

Dewees, And. 

Darrington, W. 

Devenie, James 

Fulford, Henry 

Fimister, Alexr. 

Goodwyn, C. D. 

GraflF, F. C. 

Gitchell, J. 

Hollingsworth, L. 

Harden, Saml. 

Hughes, John 

Hindes, M. 

Herbert, John 

Hughes, Dens. 

Jenkins, Edwd. 

Jones, Talbot 

Jones, R. H. 

Levering, John 

Levering, Jesse 

Larsh, Abrm. 
Lucas, Sam. 
McFaden, J. jr. 
McDowell, G. 
McKeuzie, G. 
Mackall, E. 
Murray, Edwd. 
Martracy, J. 
Private. Martin, John 
McDonald, P. 
McDonald, H. 
Norris, William 
Norris, Thomas 
Owens, Joseph 
Patrick, L. 0. 
Purviance, James 
Porter, William 
Porter, Michl. 
Patterson, Jno. 
Rogers, Wm. 
Rogers, Geo. 
Rogers, Daniel 
Stump, Sam. 
Small, John 
Seyler, Fred. 
Shock, Henry 
Trull, John 
Tanner, P. S. 
Uhler, Philip 
Waters, Jno. S. 
Wilson, William 
Warner, Wm. 
Williams, Nat. 
Wall, William 
White, Gideon 
Wheedeu, H. 
Williams, A. A. 
Watson, Robt. 




David Wnrtield, Captain. 
William Cooke, Lieutenant. 
John Wiiinot, Ensign. 
Nicholas Dubois, 2d Ser'gt. 
George Sears, 3d " 
Wm. H. Murray, 4tb " 
John M. Finley, IstCorp'l. 
Joseph Baker, 2d do. 
Joseph Barling, 3d do. 
J. W. McCullocb,4th do. 
John McHenry, 5th Ser'gt. 
W. B. Atterbury, 6th do. 
Wm. B. Bend, 5tb Corp'l. 
George Cooke, 6tb do. 
Aldridge, Andrew Private. 
Anderson, A. M. 
Ale.xander, Jos. " 

Adgate, Andrew " 

Armands, James " 

Adams, George " 

Armour, David " 

Bankson, John " 

Baker, Geo. J. 
Baker, John " 

Baynard, John " 

Beatly, Henry " 

Biscoe, "Walter " 

Blair. William 
Bruff, William 
Byrd, John C. 
Brice, Henry " 

Bunbury, H. A. " 

Caustin, Jas. H. " 

Chaffee, Natbam M. " 

Clagett, Elie " 

Clarke, Geo. W. 
Cochran, Wm. G. 
Courtnay, Wm. " 

Dunbar, Geo. T. « 

Dawes, Jas. G. " 

Delacour, James " 

Easterbrook, David " 

Emory, Thos. L. 
Fahnestock, Henry " 

Flanagan, John R. " 

Freeland, Egbert " 

Frelett, Augustus *' 

Gilmor, William " 

Gibson, James " 

Golder, George Private. 

Gray, Henry W. 

Greelliam, Wm. ] " 

Gwinn, Edward " 

Grundy, Thomas B. " 

Hays, Heverdy " 

Haubert, Jacob " 

Hearsey, Geo. T. " 

Hamilton, Wm. " 
Holland. R. W. 
Hollingswortb, Horatio " 

Howard, Henry " 

Irwin, John " 

Jackson, John E. " 

Jenkins, Frederick " 

Jones, T. A. " 

Keerl, John C. " 

Keerl, Samuel " 

Keener, Christian, jr. '• 

Kennedy, John P. jr. " 

Lemmonier, A. L. " 

McCubbin, Wm. H. " 
McClellan, William 

Merryman, John, jr. " 

Mauldin, John " 

Meredith, Jonathan " 

Miller, Robt. jr. " 

Monk, George " 

Mulliken, Rignal " 

Morebead, Turner " 

Muschett, Walter " 

Mullikin, Barruck " 

Montgomery, James '• 

Marsh, Dennis " 

Magruder, Dennis P. " 

Nelson, Oliver H. " 

O'Rourke, Charles " 

Owen, R. H. " 

Perkins, John " 

Philips, Isaac, jr. " 
Pike, Henry 

Poor, John H. " 

Pochon, Cbas. " 

Pogue, John G. " 

Proud. Wm. T. " 

Pringle, Mark W. " 

Priestly, Edward " 

Purviance, Robert " 

Pennington, Josiaa " 


Pogue, James, jr. 
Purse, James 
Pierce, William 
Ratclifife, Luther 
Rennell, John N. 
Reinicker, Henry 
Ridgely, Edward 
Roberts, John 
Rulter, John 
Swann, John E. 
Snowden, Joseph 
Swann, William 
Starke, George 
Smith, Job, jr. 
Schroeder, Edward 

Private. Sewell, John M. Private. 

*' Stone, James, jr. " 

" Torrence, George " 

" Taylor, Benjamin '• 

" Van Wyck, Stedman R. " 

AVellford, R. T. 

Wood, John 
" Wilson, Robert 

Wells, Cyprian F. 
" Walker, Thomas " 

" Williams, William " 

" Williams, Isaac " 

" Werdebaugh, John " 

Young, Wm. L. 


Christian Adreon, Captain. 
Saml John Lee, Lieutenant. 
Hy. W. Dettman, Ensign. 
William Fish, 1st Ser'gt. 
James Merriken, 2d do. 
Elisha Marriott, 3d do. 
Joshua Dryden. 1st Corp'l. 
Jacob Medairy, 2d do. 
Wm. Jarvis, 3d do. 
Alexander, Robert Private. 
Armor, John " 

Bennett, George " 

Brandon, Charles " 

Barnett, Joseph " 

Culbert, Lewin " 

Cross, Christian A. " 

Clemmins, John " 

Collins, Geo. " 

Cook, Caleb 

Cook, John F. " 

Davis, William " 

Dugan, George " 

Davis, David " 

Evans, George " 

Green, Samuel " 

Hook, Michael " 

Hadaway, James " 

Hildebrandt, Andrew " 
Hildebrandt, Christian " 
Hayes, John " 

Ilagncr, George " 

Jordon, James 
Kelly, Perry 
Lambert, Lewis 
Lawton, Jacob H. 
Marriott, Jas. H. 
McCarter, James 
McElwee, Samuel 
McCubbiu, Moses 
Merriken, Jacob 
McKesseck, John 
Medairy, John 
McMullin, Timothy 
Nicholson, Josa H. 
Oldson, Samuel 
Putsar, Martin 
Pidgeon, John 
Patterson, Thomas 
Parker, Charles 
Polkinghoru, Richard 
Shaw, Samuel 
Smitli, John 
Smith, Thomas 
Thiel, Jeremiah 
Tittle, Jeremiah 
Tittle, Samuel 
Timanus, John 
Toy, John D. 
Thornton, Joseph 
Warren, Daniel 
Wilson, Robert 
Wvant, Georsje John 



Wj-shani, Tliomns 
"Wliile, Pt'Ur 
Working, Frederick 

Private. Walter, John 
Young, Jacob 
" Zimmeriuan, Ily. H. 



Robert Lawson, Captain. 
Samuel Uullon, 1st Lieut. 
John Sinclair, Ensign. 
John Hoey, Sergeant. 
Richard Barnett, . do. 
Samuel Harris, do. 
David K. Richardson, Corp'l. 

James Ganlt, 
Wm. Howell, 
Arsters, Alexr. 
Deal, John 
Ford, John 
Feuning, Dennis 
Qrezell, Francis 
Graham, David 
Gifford, Alexr. 
Garvin, Thomas 


Gregg, James 
Grieves, John 
Johnson, Thomas 
Kelser, Wm. 
Kelly, James 
Lynch, James 
Meredith, Benjn. 
Morehead, John 
McCoul, Robert 
McUoul, James 
McGuchin, Alexr. 
Oldsou, Saml. 
Poe, David 
Reynolds, Richard 
Stilts, William 
Tucker, Joshua 



Aaron R. Levering, Captain. 
John Bradenbaugh, Lieut. 
William Wilson, jr. Ensign. 
Samuel Myers, Serg't. 

Joseph Sumeralt, " 
Daniel Kraler, " 

George Myers, " 

Charles Dorsey, Corp'l. 
John G. Chappell, 
Geo. S. Eichelberger, " 
Armstrong, John Private. 
Alcock, William, jr. " 

Albert, Jacob " 

Bride, Henry " 

Boyer, Jacob " 

Bare, Samuel " 

Belt, Thomas W. 
Berteau, F. C. " 

Barry, John " 

Ball, John 

Bohn, Charles, jr. 
Brosius, Michael 
Bickford, James 
Baker, John 
Barry, Thomas 
Cole, Samuel 
Clemm, William 
Chappell, Wm. L. 
(^auster, Wm. C. 
Croxall, Richard 
Crook, Charles, jr. 
Cole, John 
Chaffer, Amos 
Deloste, Francis 
Davidson, Samuel 
Decker, Jacob F. 
Deffendoffer, Charles 
Duboise, James 
Eulon, Philip 
Elliott, George 



Eicbelberger, George Private. 

Emory, Gideon " 

Eccleston, James " 
Eicbelberger, William " 

Fulton, James " 

Foltz, William " 

Fairburn, James " 

Griffetb, Howard " 

Gregg, Andrew " 

Grandsbamp, Wm. " 

GwiDn, Benjamin " 

Gallagber, Leslie " 

Gover, Philip « 

Fetz. Frederick " 

Heidelbaugb, George " 

Hutcliins, James " 

Hall, Richard M. " 

Hardesty, Henryi " 

Hauce, James " 

Hamilton, James, jr. " 

Hart, Henry " 

Hart, William « 

Jenkins, Wm. C. " 

Jenkins, James " 

Kurtz, Charles " 

Keener, John " 

Lee, James H. " 

Leigh, Wm. " 

Levely, Wm. " 

Lawson, Richard " 

Long, Reuben " 

Larsb, Cliarles " 

Lucas, Harrison " 

Maulsby, Israel D. " 

;Middletou, Richard " 

Myers, Thomas " 

Montietb, John " 

Morreson, P. V. " 

Murry, Matthew *' 

Martin, James " 
Miller, Beuj. H. 
Miltenberger, Anthony " 

Moore, Robt. S. " 

Nouvell, Michael " 

Norris, Luther A. " 

^Norris, Samuel " 

Nagle, Anthony " 

Norris, Benjamin " 

Norris, Acquilla Private. 

Norris, Silas C. " 

Owens, W^illiam " 

Parker, James " 

Phoenix, Thomas " 

Pence, Joseph " 

Piat, John " 

Pewder, George " 

Pogen, John " 

Price, Nichodemus " 

Rusk, William " 

Ross, Benj. C. " 

Rogers, Richard " 

Richardson, Daniel " 

Rogers, Elisba " 

Robinson, Benj. H. " 

Reyburn, Thomas G. " 

Riggs, George " 

Steever, Daniel " 

Smith, George " 

Sultzer, Sebastian " 

Smith, John S. " 

Sbortridge, Jobn| " 

Swetzer, Samuel " 

Swetzer, Seth " 

Thompson, Wm. " 
Talbot, Edward 

Thompson, James " 

Thompson, Thomas " 

Tustin, Samuel " 

Torrence, John " 

Trimble, Joshua " 

Ubler, George " 

Vance, John " 

Wilson, Edward M. " 

Wilson, John " 

Wilson, Thomas " 

White, John " 

Whelan, Thomas " 

Welsh, William » 
Ward, John W. 

Woods, AVm. H. " 

Woods, Andrew H. " 

Wergcr, Michael " 

Williams, Thomas " 
Tilyard, William 

Wills, Francis " 


Nftmes of the Field nnd Staff and Company OfBcers, Non- 
Commissionod Officers and Privates of the Sixtii Regiment 
of the Maryland Militia who served at North Point and Fort 
McHeury 12tii Septemher, 1814— taken from the Muster 
Rolls on file in the office of the Third Auditor of the Trea- 
sury of the United Stntes: 

William McDonald, fJevtenant Colonel. 
Thomas Tknant, Ixt Major. 
AViLLiAM Pkcoin, 2d Major. 
James Biays, Jk., Adjutant. 
John Snydkk, Pay Master. 
Alkxandku Cummins, Quarter Master. 
Joseph Allendek, Sur</e<m. 
Henky Johnson, Surgeon's Mate. 
"William IIoulton. Serc/eant Major. 
Walteu Simpson, Quarter Master Sergeant. 

Thomas Sheppard, Captain. 

William Evans, 1st Lieutenant. 

Peter Chailie, Ensign. 

James I. Higby, Serteaut. 

James I. Costole, do. 

Cornelius B. Long, do. 

Daniel Evans, do. 

Samuel Wilson, Corporal. 

Daniel Perigo, do. 

Patrick Cooney, do. 

John Peal, Principal Musician. 

Ja'b Zorne, do. 

Arnold, W^illiam Private. 

Atwell, Nathaniel 

Allen, Adam T. 

Armitage, Jonas 

Biays, Joseph 

Bready, Jason 

Baldwin, Abram 

Bratcher, William 

Bandell, William 

Boss, John 

Bready, Israel 

Bandell, John 

Bell, James 

Baker, James 

Baker, Benjamin 

Bandell, George 

Brown, Garrett 

Bateman, Amzi 

Craggs, Robert 
Cooper, John 
Chailie, Stephen 
Costolo, Andrew 
Dunham, Jacob 
Denny, William 
Day, Lerey 
Davidson, William 
Etchberger, William 
Evans, Westley 
Fenby, Samuel 
Fenby, Peter, jr. 
Frazure, Jeremiah 
Feilds, James 
Graff, John 
Graff, Jacob 
Grieves, James 
Green, Peter 
Gray, Walter 
Hunter, Isaac 
Hunt, Benjamin 
Houlton, John 
James, Levi 
Kolehouse, Lawr'ce G. 
Klock, John 
Krebbs, George 
Ling, Robert 
Lauilerman, Fred'k 
Little, James 
McMackon, Alex'r 



McCafferty, John 
Peters, Christian G. 
Pilkington, Thomas 
Philips, Nathaniel 
Plummer, Benj'n C. 
<^uisic, John 
Reed, Robert 
Ross, David 
Rogers, David 
Ruster, Lewis 
Rockhold, Charles 
Stretch, Samuel 

Private. Shaw, Samuel H. 

" Smith, J. Job 

" Smith, James P. 

" Stewart, James 

" Shaffer, James 

" Smith, John 

" Tridle, Jacob 

" White, James 

" Warn kin, Henry 

" Wagoner, George 

" Weary, John 

" Willis, Joshua 


Gerrard Wilson, Captain. 
William Inloes, 1st Lieut. 
Isaac Atkinson, Ensign. 
T. W. Brotherton, 1st Ser'gt. 
John Pickett, 2d do. 

Lewis C. MuUer, 3d do. 
John Fosset, 4th do. 

Henry Delaha, 1st Corp'l. 
Morris jMorris, 2d do. 
Samuel Coleman, 3d do. 
Owen Morris, 4th do. 

Ralph Wane, Drummer. 
Abbot, William Private. 

Abbot, Michael " 

Adams, Nathl. " 

Armstrong, Solomon " 
Brown, John " 

Buck, Samuel " 

Brunket, William " 

Brown, Hugh " 

Caughry, Bernard " 

Camerly, John " 

Cascaden, Robert " 

Camerly, Peter " 

Coleman, Richard " 

Crawford, John " 

Cole, J. A. 

Cork, John " 

Dowling, William " 

Dougherty, Barney " 

Danerson, Richard " 

Donelly, Daniel " 

Foster, Jacob " 

Forester. George " 

Galloway, John " 

Gorsic, Thomas '• 

Holmes, Thomas 
Holmes, Vincent 
Horseman, Charles 
Hammet, Jesse 
Hooker, James 
Jones, Jas. D. 
Jackson, Major 
Joynes, Leonard 
Jones, William 
Lit ten, Thomas 
League, Abraham 
Lawrence, Joseph 
Leahy, John 
Larkin, William 
Madary, William 
McElr^y, John 
Mettee, Martin 
McMullen, Nathl. 
Metz, George 
McLaughlin, Jo. 
Moss, Barney 
McCollister, Richard 
Mitchell, W^illiam 
Nelson, Basil 
Newbury, John 
Palmer, Isaac 
Pitch, Samuel ! 
Ritter, Jacob 
Roberts, Owen 
Robinson, Joseph 
Sexton, Charles 
Steffer, Frederick 
Shane, Michael 
Taylor, Thomas 
Taylor, James 
Thomas, Abel 



Wright, Richd. 
Wcaler, George 
Wreu, James 

Private. Wei Islager, Jacob 
" Walker, Jacob 
" Wiiiiamsou, Jas. 


Peter Gait, Captain. 
Niclis. Brewer, Lieuteuant. 
Richd. Piudall, Ensign. 
Richd. Bell, 1st Serg't. 

Richd. Parrot, 2d do. 
John Eciihurger, 3d do. 
Wni. Williauisou, 4th do. 
Charles Fox, 1st Corp'l. 
Jas H. Thomas, 2d do. 
James Smith, 3d do. 
John Stickney, 4lh do. 

Atwell, John 
Alberlis, Willm. 
Bradbury, Stephen 
Beard, Henry 
Crozier, VVillm. 
Crea, Hugh 
Crea, James 
Curtean, Wm. 
Cherbert, Chs. F. 
Carpenter. Geo. 
Deal, William 
Drummond, Jas. 
Evans, Daniel 
Foster, Joseph 
Foulds, William 
Fernaudis, Anthony 
Gardner, Kensey 
Grace, John 
Gochear, Anthony 
Hatch, Samuel 
Hudson, John 
Hinton, Dennis 
Harrison, William 
Johns, Isaac D. 
Johns, Kichard 


Johnston, Mathias 
King. James 
Kealley, Kichard 
Kneppenburg, Andw. 
Lastie, John 
Lenox, William 
Lobby, Lewis 
Lone, John 
Landragan, Phillap 
Mahue, William 
Porter, Thos. 
Potter, David 
Parsons, John D. 
Powell, William 
Reeves, John 
Rolph, Neal 
Ringrose, James 
Sherwood, Phillup 
Sunderland, Wm. 
Smith, Ed wd. 
Smith, Adam 
Sleekum, Peter 
Street, Richald 
Strickland, Henry 
Stephens, John 
Turner, Isaac 
Townsend, Dennad 
Waltham, Wm. 
Winstanley, John 
Weatherby, Thos. 
Weatherby, Elisha 
Wirt, Jacob 
Wampler, Nathl. 
Wolf, Henry 
White, Joseph 


William Brown, Captain. John Slater, Serg't. 

R. D. Millho land. Lieutenant. Robert Cooper, do. 
James Weaver, Ensign. Corsey H. Edward, do. 

Thos. Gallaway, 1st Serg't. Jesse Boston, Corp'l. 
Alex. Ciuumins, Q. M. S. Clay Arquith, do. 


Joseph GoUibert, Corp'l 

Samuel Watts, 
Atkinson, John 
Allen, John 
Bennett, Matthew 
Bonfield, Thomas 
Bowen, Martia 
Baker, Giddie 
Bunbury, Henry 
Bryan, Joseph 
Claridge, Levin 
Cad el, John 
Cassen, John 
Carroll, Robert 
Clary, Michael 
Cochran, Michael 
Caswell, John 
Donnelly, Simon 
Dayley, John 
Degilver, John 
Davis, Abraham 
Denson, James 
Fish, James 
Grimes, Levi 
GrifRn, Henry 
Graham, Wm. 
Gritfen, Benjn. 
Goodwin, John 
Harrison, Henry 
Hatcherson, Thos. 
Hurst, George 
Harper, Peter 
Humphries, John 
Justis, Morton, 

Kierl, John W. 

do. Kermichael, Wm. 
Private. Kerby, Thomas 

" Lauderman, Geo. 

" Long, Jacob 

" Lemmon, Henry 

" McCoy, John 

" Muer, Thomas 

" Miirris, John 

" Miller, James 

" Pampliilion, Edward 

" Quin, Edward 

" Strustrum, Magnus 

" Sweer, Peter 

" Slater, Alexr, 

" Stradier, John 

" Stevens, Darius 

" Swager, William 

" Travers, William 

" Turner, Caleb 

" Tuel, Martin 

" Tliornton, Sergcod 

" Tumbleson, Wm. 

" Tunnell, Isaiah 

" Williams, Isaac 

Webb, John 

" Wright, Walter 

Wiley, William 

" Wolf, Frederick 

Wright, Edward 

" Weary, William 

" Wigley, William 

" Winwright, John 


Thos L. Lawrence, Captain. 
John Burk, Lieutenant. 
Joshua Atkinson, Ensign. 
John G. ('happell, do. 
Samuel Harrison, Serg't. 
William Cathrill, do. 
Patrick Gallaspy, do. 
Thomas Price, do. 
C. C. Bobart, Corp'l. 
Thomas Smith, do. 
Benjamin Boyle, do. 
Samuel Hawney, do. 
James League, Drummer. 

Abry, Christopher 
Anderson, William 
Belton, John 
Boston. Isaac 
Boyd, Matthew 
Briscoe, James 
Barlow, John 
Burke, David, jr. 
Carey. Josepli 
Carr, Nicholas 
Cammeron. John 
Cannada, Ebenezer 
Cole, Frederick 



Coleman. Jo9C'ph 
Cminiiiiihiun, Joseph 
Clyne. Diiniel D. 
Diivis, Tlminas 
Davis, Joshua 
Donaltlson, Jesse 
Doyle, Patrick 
Dempsey, Jolin 
Evans, Thomas 
Eachburirer, Jacob 
Easton, Nicliolas 
Furguson, William 
Freeman. John 
Gardner, George 
Gale. William 
Griffitli. David 
Gray, John 
Gunby, Stephen 
Harwood, Benjamin 
Hooper, James 
Hamilton, John 
Hammond, Joseph 
Harrison, Thomas 
Inloes, John 
Johnson, Charles 
Kivens, Samuel 
King, Thomas, jr. 
Lock, Wa^hiugton 
Leoni, G. C. 

Private. Martin, Joseph 
" Martin, John 

Mickle, John 
" Moon, Allen 
" Maylier. Timothy D. 
" Pliiiips, Geortce 
" Rigo, Clement 
" Robinson, Thomas 
" Robinson, John 
" Radish, Thomas 
" Rains, Lewis 
" Rice. Edward 
" Smith, John E. 

Sky, Gattiel 

Soilers, John 
" Stebeck, John 
" Scott, Robert 
" Stausbury, Nicholas 
" Strand, John 
" Sinclair, Perry 
" Sterrett, Alexander 
" Salman, Joseph 
" Thomas, Thomas 
" Thompson, James 
" Traverse, Henry 

Tincler, W. P. 

Tucker, William 
" Thompson, William 
" Williams, Giles 


Benjamin Ringold, Captain. 
Robert D. Alien, Lieutenant. 
Joseph Hart, Ensign. 
John B Hall, Serg't. 
John Mansfield, do. 
John Thomas, do. 
Peter ZHne, do. 

Samuel Burnes, Corp'l. 
Edwin H. Alford, do. 
Jacob Winchester, do. 
Amos Chapman, do. 

Allender, John 
Alexander, Joseph 
Billinglon. James 
Booth, William 
Bankson, James 
Batchelor, Nathaniel 
Byrne, Lawrence 


Comegys, Jesse 
Comegys, Cornelius 
Carroll, Aquiila 
Cross, Andrew 
Carr, John 
Calvin, Richard 
Clayton, Samuel 
Chrisfield, Samuel 
Canney, John 
Dopt, George 
Dulton, John 
Davit, W^illiam 
Dawson, William 
Dinsmore, John 
Ellis, Thomas 
Eccle, John 
Eades, Thomas 
Fales, Benjamin 



Gill, Selmon 
Gooding, Jones 
Gooding, Marmaduke 
Graham, William 
Hudson, James 
Hindes, John 
Hulton, Joseph 
Hamilton, John 
Hewit, Elmer 
Herbert, Thomas 
Hui-sey, Joseph 
Hatton, Hagerty 
Hughes, Vincent 
Howlet, John 
Kitchcart, John 
Kellum, James 
Lewis, Lewis D. 
Lovedet, John 
McOlellen. Matthew 
McClain, John 
Mann, George 
Muralte, Samuel 
Merrit, Samuel 
Maxwell, Joshua 
Mann, Jiimes 
Mitchell, John 
Mitchell, Richard 

Private. Matthews, William Private. 

" Merryman, Samuel " 

" McCoukey, William " 

" Obrien, Francis " 

" Patterson, William " 

" Plummer, Jnmes " 

" Robinson, David " 

" Reddon, George " 

" Rigdon, William " 

" Rutter, William " 

" Staliings, Aquilla " 

" Schrorder, John " 

" Slater, Benjamin " 

" Steel, Penson " 

" Salques. Selah " 

" Tucker, Joseph " 

Taylor, William " 

" Towsley, William " 

Uhler, Frederick " 

" Vanhoru, Fielding " 

" Valentine, Arch. K. " 

" Williams, James " 

" Walker, John " 

" Williams, William " 

" Washington, Lawrence " 

" Yager, John " 

Luke Kienstead, Captain. 
Wm. Hubbard, Lieutenant. 
Davis McCaughan, Ensign. 
Jos. Robinson, 1st Serg't. 
Thos. Willender, 2d do. 
Conrad Switzer, 3d do. 
Barney Lerich, 4th do.- 
Moses Desent, 1st Corp'l. 
Curtis Dunn, 2d do. 
Perigrine Ward, 3d do. 
John Parsons, 4th do. 
Boza, John Private. 

Burgis, John " 

Benson, Stephen " 

Cock, Solomon " 

Cline, David 

Onprice, Joseph " 

Cowles, William " 

Cole, Thomas 
Decent, George " 

Dorman, William " 

Dunn, James 
Denning, Spry 
Fingan, James 
Glass, John 
Gray, Andrew 
Gerrand, Ibram ' 
Glasby, John 
Hall, Lewis 
Harden, Thomas 
Hubert, Thomas 
Hunt, John 
Jones, Barren 
Kemp, Joseph 
Kholehouse, Fred'k 
Kemp, Thomas 
Kerby, Samuel 
Kell, Fleniining 
Leach, Henry 
Mason, James 
McCleanley, John 
McBean, Angus 



^lorris, James 
Mason, Abraham, 
Pierce, Joepli 
Pencock, William 
Peel, George 
North, Edward 
Sablis, Michael 
Smith, William 

Private. Sute, John 

" Totld, Samuel 

" Tims, IJinjiiiDin 

" "Wilson, James 

" AVilliams. John 

" Woods, John 

" Willim,', Henry 

" Zane, Joseph 


Sam'l McDonald, Captain. 
James Biays. jr.. Lieutenant. 
Hugh Allen, Ensign. 
Robert Dempsey, 1st Serg't. 
Joseph Graham, 2d do. 
Thos. Brankan, 3d do. 
Jona. Towuseud. 4th do. 
James Sinclair, 1st Corp'l. 
"William Askew, 2d do. 
Henry Middleton, 3d do. 
"Wm. W^ilkenson, 4th do. 
Adams, Robert Private. 

Atwell, "William " 

Arnold, John " 

AleXHnder, William " 

Bowline, Roger " 

Berton, Nicholas " 

Blades, George " 

Baiue, John " 

Broom, Thomas " 

Burke, John " 

Calif, John " 

Calif, James " 

Cummings, Robert " 

Christopher, Charles "' 

Carroll, John " 

Davy, Henry " 

Denny, John " 

Disney, William " 

Dennis, John 
Eagleston, John 
Fenton, John 
Goodwin, Caleb 
Gray, John 
Hague, Joseph 
Harrison, Joseph 
Heary, David 
Harrison, Thomas 
Harrison, Samuel 
Harrison, Nicholas 
Kelby, Samuel 
Kensy, Peter 
Lanman, Daniel 
Leach, John 
Macey, William 
McLane, Charles 
Matthews, John 
Miles, Benjamin 
McGraw, Thomas 
Neven, Thomas 
Pantry, John 
Papyon, John 
Read, John 
Sinclair, Alexander 
Slewman, William 
Teal. Archibald 
Williams, George 
Wilson, George 


Robert Conway, Captain. 
Robert Graves, Lieutenant. 
Thomas Cornthwait, Ensign. 
Lewis Auodoun, Serg't. 
Thomas Burke, do. 
Joseph Tharp, do. 

Edward Clemens, do. 

George Lee, Corporal 
James Slater, do. 
John Ellis, do. 

Lewis Ellis, do. 
Adam, William 
Airs, Samuel 
Baxter, Colin 



Blades, John 
Broom, Henry 
Broom, John 
Butler, John 
Clarck, John 
Cliirck, George 
Cooper, Elisha 
Caperlinde, Nicholas 
Fisher, Caleb 
Flanagan, Hugh 
Heard. John 
Jones, John 
Jennings, Daniel 
Lloyd, John 
Lynch, Abraham 
Luberg. John 
Mace, Thomas 
McCubbin, William 
McGurch, John 

Private. Reese, George 

" Remman. Philip 

" Rogers, Patrick 

" Ramsey, John 

" Rider, Joshua 

" Ramsey, Thomas 

" Redgraves, Samuel 

" Ready, Samuel 

" Stites, William 

" Snvder, Joseph 
Sm'ith, William 

" Southcomb, Peter 

" Sanders, George 

" Wigiey, Henry 

" Walslern, Samuel 

" Waddam, George 

" Williams, John 

" Yam, Thomas 

" Zigler, George 


Nicholas Burke, Captain. 
Thomas Reardou, Lieutenant. 
Michael Bandel, Ensign. 
Samuel Boyde, 1st Serg't. 
Joseph Hill, 2d do. 

Frederick Cole, 3d do, 
Thos. Harrington, 4th do. 
John Wane, 1st Corp'l. 

John Murphy, 2d do. 
W. M. Conuokin, 3d do. 
Jacob Burke, 4th do. 
Anderson, John Private. 

Bradshaw, Thomas . " 
Bandel, Frederick " 

Carier, John S " 

Creemcr, Joshua " 

Cole, William 
Claradge, Henry " 

Callemler, James " 

Campblc, James " 

Collins, John " 

Cook, Leaven " 

Dempsey. John *' 

Duvall, Washington " 

Elliott, John P 
Elliott, John " 

Ellender, Frederick " 

Elliott, Thomas W " 

Fishwick, John 
Fisher, James 
Farland, John 
Gamble, John 
Oilman, John 
Hopkins, Greenbury 
Hollon, David 
Haerfuagle, John 
Hanson, Nicholas 
Hinlon. Robert W 
Jones, Even 
Lewis, James 
Leatherbury, Thomas 
]\lcVVilli,in)s, Hugh 
Mahaney, John 
Marshall, Matthias 
Morgan, Jolin W 
Ogden, Nathaniel J. 
Owens, James 
Rock hold, Asel 
Riggen, Benton 
Spmgue, Henry 
Speak, Nicholas 
Saldge, Can rod 
Thomas. William 
Taylor, John 
Tuifield, Philip 
Vanhorn, James 



Varnor, Robert 
Wi'lls, Isaac 
Wait OS,. Til lues D. 
Waites, Richard 

Private. Wheeler, Austin 
" Wet't, Amos 

Wilkins. William 


John G. Dixon, Oaptain. 
Broolihn Terry, 1st Lieut. 
Henry IIecliratte,2il do. 
Jolin Sutton, Ensign. 
Wm. Heci<ratte, 1st Serg't. 
Chtuin'y Hurlbut, 2d do. 
David Brown, 3d do. 
Thomas Faulkner, 4th do. 
Jolin Plumb, Drummer. 
Letus Sacketl, Filer. 
Anderson, Jordan Private. 
Ackworlli, Train " 

Buzzaid, Peter " 

Blunt, Erastus " 

Cry a, " 

Curlile. Samuel " 

Cnddock, Elisha " 

Drum, Henry ' 

Bayd, Diusman " 

Drum, David 
Douglierty, John 
Dick, John C 
Dorcas, Jolm 
Evans, Jolm 
Gaskili, Cripps 
Hillman, Aaron 
Henderson, James 
Langstorpp, Daniel 
Liiilitner, Joseph 
McChire, Randel 
!McMullin, .John 
McMullin, James 
Marsh, Henry 
Marlin, Daviil 
Robinson, George 
Stine, Isaac 
Searpass, Frederick 
Wain, George 


Names of the Field and Stajff and Company Officers, Non- 
Commissioned Officers and Privates of the twenty-seventh 
Regiment of Maryland Militia, who served at North Point and 
Fort Mcllenry, 12lh September, 1814— taken from the Muster 
Rolls, on file in the Office of the Third Auditor of the 
Treasury of the United States. 

Kennedy Long, Lieutenant Cobnel. 

Samdel Mooke, 1*^ Major. 

Joseph Robinson, 2d Alujor. 

James L. Donaldson, Litutenant and Adjutant. 

Henky M. Fisher, Lieutenant and Quarter Master. 

Jamls L. Dawes, Litiittnant and Pay Master. 

Thomas Hamilton, Surgeon. 

Edward H. Woukell, tiuigeon's Mate. 

George Craig, Sergeant Major. 

John L. Cook, Quarttr Master's Sergeant. 


James McConkey, Captain. 
Abraham 8co1t, Lieutenant. 
Ebenezer Swain, Ensign. 
Geo. Miltenberger, Serg't. 

Cliailes Barker, do. 

John Warren, do. 

John Hicks, do. 
Jacob H. Lawton, Corp'l. 

John Lackey, do. 
Franklin Edmonson, do. 

Nicholas Ridgely, do. 

Alltn, John Private. 
Ash, Lewis 

Ashmead, Hosea •" 

Askew, Robert " 

Austin, John " 

Alleu, Thomas " 

Butler, William " 

Biddle, Abraham '• 

Blunt, Samuel " 

Boyce, Charles " 

Burns, James " 

Berger, John " 

Barrett, Thomas " 

Carty, John " 

Chapman, Joseph " 

Cain, Claiburn " 

Counard, Frederick " 
Chribfield, Perry 

Collins, William " 

Dorr, Leonard " 

Dykes, Joseph " 

Davies, Samuel " 

Estel, James B. " 

Fannoi), William " 

Fowler, John " 

Foster, James " 

Gossen, Henry " 

Goddard, Charles " 

Gray, Zacharia R. " 

Gordon, Joseph " 

Griffin, Luther " 

Hagen, Michael " 

Heron, Alexander " 

Hare, Jesse " 

Heslip, John " 

Hill, Alexander " 

Hinkley, William " 

Jell' rev, Richard " 
Jetfiey, Robert 

Johnson, Deter " 

Jennings, Samuel 
Jones, William 
Kurtzs, John 
Keetch, Robert 
Kurtzs,- Robert 
Kerr, William 
Lanham, John 
Labborrie, Nicholas 
Lee, George 
Lawton, John 
McChristal, John 
McFarland, -John 
McPherson, Tliomas 
McCann, Thomas 
McGoldrick, John 
McChristal, James 
McChristal, Patrick 
Maguire, John 
Mace, Thomas 
Mattocks, George 
Miskelly, Peter 
Moss, Charles 
Neale, James G. W. 
Oliver, Amos 
Orura, Edward 
O'Donnell, Barney 
Parker, Richard B. 
Paul, Thomas 
Pouge, Loudy I. 
Prichard, Cyrus 
Palmetary, John H. 
Piigh, Uavid 
Roberts, Edward B. 
Richards, David 
Ray, Francis 
Ross, James 
Rust, Samuel 
Rogers William 
Rhyhnhait, Ezekiel 
Rigby, Edward 
Sinclair, Matthew 
Saulsby, John 
Smith, William 
Smith, Thomas 
Spencer, Reuben 
Sprigg, Edward 
Spuriitr, John 
Slephens, Alexander 
Supper, John 
Stiger, Peter 
Summers, George 



Skelton, Jolin 
Stft'Vtrs, Adam 
Tnylor, Levi 
Tiiylor, Gt'oree 
West, Hicliard 
Wilson, Thomas 
Wilson, Thomas L 

Private. "Wooh u, William Private- 

" "Wolf, Isaac " 

" WaterniHn, Warren " 

" Wray, Joiin " 

" Welsh, Daniel 

" Stephen Brown, Capt. Servt. 

John Kennedy, Captain. 
William Lafferty, Lieutenant. 
William Buck, Ensign. 
Jacob Craft, 1st Serg't. 
Conrod Keller, 2d do. 
HilUry Elder, 3d do. 
Hy. Freeburger, 4th do. 
Henry Huber, 2d Corp'l. 
Henry Rust, 4lh do. 

Alford, Thomas, 
Beard, Alpxauder 
Busey, Charles 
Bailer, Heztkiah 
Benner, James 
Beade, George 
Bruner, Elias 
Brisco, Benjamin 
Brocas, John 
Batty, Philip 
Calvert, William 
Conner, Edward 
Callihan, Peter 
Clark, John ■ 
Cole, Andrew 
Childs, Thomas 
Cole, John 
Chapman, George 
Deslrelds, William 
Daniel, James 
Delano, Judah 
During, James 
Dougherty, James 
Dun, James 
Duffy. Hugh 
Davidson, Nelson 
Etsberger, William 
Elder, Samuel 
Fordiee, John 
Fairbank, William 
Ferrel, Francis 


Gillum, Simon 
Griffith. John 
Griswold, Livy 
Haslett, Charles 
Hunt, Jesse 
Hopkins, Richard 
Jacobs, Benjamin 
Kennon, John B 
Knox, James 
Knox, John 
Little, John 
Lewellin, John 
More, Jolin 
Mapp, William 
McDonald, James 
McDaniel, Daniel 
McKinzie, Thomas 
Miles, Joshua 
Murry, Thomas 
McGruder, Samuel 
Pain, Richard 
Paschal, Jeremiah 
Palmetery, John 
Quest, Charles 
Ritchardson, James 
Rapley, Abraham 
Russel, Samuel 
Ray, Andrew 
Riley, John 
Specht, Cornelius 
Smewings, James 
Stansbury, William 
Spencer, William 
Sheamer, James 
Storks, Levy 
Taylor, John 
Taylor, Thomas A. 
Warner, Alfred L 
Wilson, Thomas 
Welch, John G 



James Dillon, Captain. 

Jas. F. Wiuchell, 1st Lieut. 
John Lesier, Ensign. 

Isaac N. Toy, 1st Serg't. 

John Williams, 2d do. 

Benj. F. Pollock, 3d do. 
William Kelly, 4th do. 
Caleb Pasterfield, Corp'l. 
George Catts, do. 
Nathaniel Creaver, do. 
Joseph Purden, do. 

Ryan, William Private. 

Martin, Joseph " 

Teppish, Caspar " 

Alexander, John " 

Brown, James " 

Brady, Michael " 

Buckley, James " 

Barton, Isaac " 

Barnes, Bennet H. " 

Buroes, Charles *' 

Bentzle, Frederick " 

Carnes, William " 

Curry, Isaac " 

Carter, Jesse " 
Carroll, N. C. 

Cappuch, William " 

Chaney, Cornelius " 

Cross, John " 

Carrol], William " 

Cochran, George " 

Deems, John " 

Daley, John " 

Dorsey, Vachel " 

Dilten. David " 
Doddrell, J. C. 

Eisenhart, J. D. " 

Eddy, Rufus " 
Eden, William 

Fisher, AVilliam " 

Gray James " 

Glenn. Samuel 
Gil)Son, Samuel 
Gomley, Richard 
Gorsuch, Joshua 
Harryman, S. 
Hamiltou, Robert 
Hicks, Elijah 
Hinton. T homas 
Earr, William 
Jephson, John 
Jones, Robinson 
Jacobs, James 
Kneeland, Richard 
Kelsner, John 
Koch, Henry 
McNeilly, Jeremiah 
McJilton, William 
Murray, W'illiam 
Myers, Henry 
Mintz, Seth 
Nugent, Neal 
Neal, John 
Pacack, John 
Plintenberger, Chas. 
Potter, Martin 
Pencast, Asa 
Philips, Edward 
Powell, P. B. 
Rumbaugh, Peter 
Roston, William 
Richardson, Jabes 
Rust, Abraham 
Smith, George 
Tucker, James 
Thompson, David 
Turpin, Sacka 
W^ade, George 
Wadlow, John 
Walton, Nathaniel 
Wan, James 
Wilson, Peter 


Benjamin Edes, Captain, 
Samuel G. Hyde, Lieutenant. 
Joseph Jackson, Ensign. 
Walter Theker, 1st Serg't. 
Rich'd Bradshaw, 2d do. 
Robert Bell, 3d do. 

William Reeves, 4th do. 

Rd. Diffenderffer, let Corp'l. 

Thomas Dryden, 2d do. 

Frederick Cole, 3d do. 

Edward Beackly, 4th do. 
Aborn, John Private. 

Allen, John " 

Butler, Absalom " 


Barney, Wlitftton J. Priv 
BItincli, Thomas 
Buclmnan, Fnincis ' 

Bintzell, Baltzor 
Briugmnn, Tliomiis 
Burke, Joshua ' 

Conner, A!)rahain ' 

Conncll, l?arlholouicw 
Collins, 1 lionias 
Cassenl, Lewis 
Cadle. Daniel 
Chase, Philip W. 
Dryden, Littleton D. 
Devos, John ' 

Daugherty, Samuel ' 

Estis, Thomas ' 

Earley, John ' 

Evans, Joseph ' 

Estell, John 
Fish, Allen 
FendalL Edward 
Grewe, Henry W. 
Guest, Thomas 
Green, Edward 
Giddings, Beuj. 
Gladding, Samuel 
Gorsuch, Nicholas 
Gritiiih, Henry B. 
Henderson, John 
Hopewell, Hugh 
Hull, William 
flays, Robert 
Hutchinson, William 
Haciaway, Robert 
Johnston, Joseph 
Jordan, Robert 
Jervis, William 
Ireland, John F. 
Kennedy, James 
Key, Abner 
Keichcoff, George 

lie. Lemonth, Alexander 
Lewis, Sliraddrack 
Labroche, Haniabas 
Longford, John 
Leard, Samuel 
Marvin, Clarr 
McConkey, William 
JSIackey, James 
McCoy, James 
McCain, Charles 
Morris, Jesse 
Madison, Thomas 
^IcGee, John 
Mackey, William 
Montgomery, ..ohn 
Prill, Henry 
Pearson, Tiiomas 
IMielps, Greenbury 
Prosser, Samuel 
Prosser, Uriah 
Roy, John 
Richards, John 
Rodman, Robert R. 
Steadham, Peter A. 
Stevens, John 
Sullivan. John 
Smith, Thomas 
Stevens, Mark 
Stocker, Charles 
Sinton, Joseph 
Taylor, Henry 
Thomts, John 
Urie, Jeremiah 
Vanbaun, William 
Wise, Augustus 
Wilson, John 
Wooles, Stephen 
Wallace, Thomas 
Williams, James 
Yerkess, Anthony 


John McKane, Captain. John Pyfer, 1st Corp'I. 

Daniel Crook, Lieutenant. Bernard Diipuy, 2d do. 

Francis Morton, Ensign. Chrislo'r. Wynn, 3d do. 

Tliomiis G Hill, 1st Serg't. William Jackson. 4th do 

Curtis Sheldon, 2d do. Armstrong, Robert Private. 

John Muderwood, 3d do. Avery, Jonathan " 

Richard Lenox, 4th do. Belt, Joseph " 


BoUman. Thomas 
Beale, Nathan 
Bowers, John 
Bunieston, Joseph, jr 
Briar, Emanuel 
B inner, John 
Burden, Samuel 
Clarke, William 
Crawley, Samuel 
Craig, James 
Crumwell, Michael 
Collins, William 
Conway, Robert 
Connelly, Bernard 
Duffy, Henry 
Donuell, John 
Dougherty, John 
Elbert, Samuel. 
Goldsmith, John 
Gwynn, William 
Gray, Nicholas 
Gale, Lewis 
Gardner, Peter 
Hebb, Henry 
Hayward, John 
Hall, John 
Harris, S. W. 
Hawley, Irza 
Hall, Henry 
Herbert, William P 
Hall, George 
Hoyt, Reuben 
Johns. James 
James, George 
Jones, Daniel 
Kaminskie, John C. 
Kelly, Thomas 
Levy, Vincent 
Lampley, John M 
Lee, Thomas 
Littig, Philip 
Lucas, Fielding, jr. 

Private. Lewis, John 
" Long, Levi 

Lloyd, William 
" McCoy, William 
" McClane, Eiias 
" Moffit, Noahj 
" McNeir, John 
" Markland, James 
" Monsarrat, Nicholas 
" Mcllvain, George 
" McKiuley, William 
" Mattocks, William 
" Mickie, Robert 

McHenry, F. D. 
" Neale, Benjamin 

O'Donnell, Patrick 

Oldham. Elisha 
" O'Brien, James 
" Perry, Jeremiah 
" Pattridge. James 
" Pouluat, John 
" Peters, James 
" Reed, John 
" Reinagle, Thomas 
" Reinizel, George 
" Riggin. Levi 
•' Ratliff, Gilbert 

Reed, Patrick 
" Riley, John S. 
" Stockman, Jacob 
" Stewart, John N. 
" Smith, Robert 
" Smith, Cyrus 
" Smith, David 
" Sloan, James, jr. 

Toelle, Garrard 

Taylor, William 
" Tanuer, Samuel 
" Underwood, John, jr. 

Wills, Richard 
" Wilson, Hosea 
" Watson, Robert 


Peter Pinney, Captain, 
Samuel Legrand, Lieutenant. 
Joseph Towson, Ensign. 
Ailing Sergeant, 1st Serg't. 
Samuel Hadley, 2d do. 
Elisha Lewis, 3d do. 

William Powell, 4th do. 
Robt. B. Varden, Ist Corp'l. 
Thomas Fox, 2d do. 

James Dulrymple, 3d do. 
Jaei^b I able, 4th do. 

George Teal, Musician. 


Arnold, Francis 
Arnold, Peter 
Ball, James 
Brewer, John R 
Bond, Williiuu 
Brown, Paoli 
Bond, Charles 
Boon, Benjiimin 
Batlcau, Christian 
Brown, John 
Beechani, Thomas 
Beatty, Samuel 
Carroll, James 
Cheslon, William 
Cale, Daniel 
Cook, John L. 
Duddy, Henry 
Davis, Charles 
Des^k, Michael 
Dewlirg, Wiliam 
Dixon, William 
Evans, John 
Falknier, Abraham 
Finney, Lewis 
Gamble, Darius 
Glenn, Elijah 
Gray, William 
Ilugg, Richard 
Howard, William 
Hayley, Henry 
Hibbert, Solomon 
Hoffman, George W. 
Hauplman, John 
Hamilton, James 

Private. Joy, Edward 
" Johnson, Jolin 
" Johnson, .lames 
" Keirl, ^latthew 
" Knorr, William 
" Livingston, James 
" Marsliall, Andrew 

Morgan, Jesse 
" McKenz'e, James 

Medcair. William 

Mopps, Frederick 
" Mearis, Jacob 
" Newon, Patrick 
" Niles, Hezekiah 

Nippard, George 
" Otrden, David 

Patridge, Job 
" Parri^li, Isaac 
" Powell, James 
" Pearce, William 

Rouse, George 
" Rogers, George 
" Reese, John 
" Robinson, John M. 
". Rial, Absalom 

Rilej-, Valerius 
" Shyrach, Charles 
" Spencer, Robert 

Thompson, John 
" Toulson, Thomas 

Tittle, Jeremiah 
" Trickett, John 
" Wallace, James 


George Steever, Captain. 
Jftnu'8 May, Lieutenant. 
Jertmiali Green, Ensign. 
Joseph Sewell, Serg't. 
John Conner, do. 
Phillip Gatch, do. 
Isaac Burke, do. 
John Wisham, Corp'l. 
Alexander Sinley, do. 
Frederick Baker, do. 
Amos, John 
Baifield, Janus 
Birmingham, John 
Burk, Richard 

Baty, Oliver 
Browning, William 
Baker, David 
Cox, Jcmathan 
Carter, Charles 
Cook, John W. 
Carter, John 
Dungan. William 
Dillahunt, Thomas 
Devorix, John 
Private. Delshcr, William 

" Daugh( rty, Charles 

" Edes, Jolin 
Eli, Gtorge 



Fornshill, John 


Reading, John 

Graves, Jobn 


Rothrock, Jacob 

Gorsuch, Thomas 


Romney, Robert 

Hiss, Philip 


Roan, George H. 

Hatten, Aquilla 


Rust, William 

Hatten, Caiup 


Stansbury, Aug. M. 

Jones, Malon 


Stansbury, David 

Jones, Hugh S. 


Smith. George 

Jeffries, "William 


Sliver, John 

Jewniufjs, John 


Stemmin, Barnard 

Kent, liobert 


Saunders, Bend't. 3^ 

Love, Joseph 


Thompson, James 

League, Nathan 


Taylor, Archibald 

Long, Henry 


Vansant, Christopher 

Logan, John B. 


Vanberger, John 

Little, William 


Wisbaugh. Martin 

Lawless, John 


Wheeler, Tliomas 

Lcforge, Clarkson 


Wittertield, James 

Lightner, George 


White. Allen 

Magauran, Henry 


Woilds David 

McCoy, Samuel 


White, Elislia 

Miller, John 


Warner, Henry 

Pettecord, John 


Waters, John 

Reanny, Isaac 


Wilson, Joseph 

Russall, William 


Fleming, James 

Ricketts, Levering 


Danl. Schwarzauer, Captain. 

Curbey. James 

Benj. Rawlings, Lieutenant. 

Conn, Jacob 

Joshua F. Batchelor, 


Craddick, Joseph 

Michael Waters, 1st 


Dorbecker, Adam 

Arch. A.Watkins, 2d 


Dawson, Thomas 

John Beard, 3d 


Donaldson, Aaron 

John Snyder, 4th 


Dowlan, Daniel 

James Achlan, 1st 


Danaker, John 

Chas. A. Mattee, 3d 


Desk, Thomas 

Jas. Moberry, 4tli 


Ever, Abraham 

Alexander, Elie 


. Fosler, George 

Anderson, Archibald 


Ferguson, George 

Bilmcyer, Jacob 


Fowler, Samuel 

Buckingham, Thomas 

1 " 

Fleetwood, Benj. 

Benner, John 


Freberger, Henry 

Burk, William 


Gibbs, John 

Black, Fredk. 


Glaucer. Jacob 

Black, Joseph 


Gibbs, Nicholas 

Boyce, Benjamin 


Jarrett, John 

Chilcoat, Charles 


Johnson. Nicholas 

Cunningham, George 


Kinley, Edward 

Capito, Peter 


Lefltr, George 




Logan, Samuel 
Loud, Baltzer 
Miller, Philip 
McDerniitt, Jumes 
Mixtor, Ezrik 
Morrison, James 
Munn. Joiin 
Milk-r, Jolin 
Mortimor, Tlionias 
l\Iclnlirc'. John 
IVIerritt, John 
Mclvmghlin, John 
Nash, Epliraim 
Poulston, John 
Parsons. Joseph 
Pope, Elijah 
Pennington. William 
Robinson, Jesse 
Robinson, Andrew 

Private. Ripgins, Joseph Private. 

" Heppart, George " 

" Kiehardfcon, Edward " 

" Redman, John " 

" Salqucs, Coley " 

" Shaliier, Jacob " 

" Saunders, Tiiomas " 

" Saunders, James " 

" Starr, George " 

" Tateliam, Daniel " 

" Tunis, Samuel " 

Trucit, Robert ^' 

" Torreuson, John " 

" Mark, Aaron 

" Walker, Benjamin 

" Watson. John " 

" Webb, Perry " 

" Hardman, John Musician. 

" Cowhem, William do. 

Names of the Field and Staff and Company Officers, Non- 
commissioned Officers and Privates of the thirty-ninth Regi- 
ment of the Maryland Militia, who served at North Point 
and Fort McEIenry, 12tli September, 1814 — taken from the 
Muster Rolls on file in the Office of the Third Auditor of 
the Treasury of the United States. 

Bekjamin Fowler, Lieutena)it Colonel. 

Jacob Steigehs, Major. 

George Hennick, Major. 

Thomas Baltzell, \st ■Lieutenant and Adjutant. 

Owen Doksey, \st Lkntenant and Pay Master. 

Thomas Mummy, lut Lieutenant and Qr. Master. 

Henuy Howahd, Surgeon. 

A.Mos CouBrN, Surgeon's Mate. 

Joseph Bakckley, Sejfjeant Major. 

Samuel Young, Quarter Master's Sergeant. 

Archibald Dobbin, Captain. 
Thomas Cole, Lieutenant. 
Robert Cummins. Ensign. 
Thomas Harwood, Serg't. 
William Saukee, do. 

James Smith Serg't. 

John H. Wilson, do. 
Joseph Sindorff, Corporal. 
John Lyues, do. 

Benj. Grammar, do. 


John Maxwell, Corp'l. 
Barrows, Elijah Private. 

Berry, James " 

Burnes, Timothy " 

Baine, Andrew " 

Britton, John " 

Baltzell, Lewis " 

Beck, John " 

Cliannel, James " 

Carr, John " 

Chapman, John " 

Dempsey, John " 

Dinsmore, Patrick " 

Dorsey, Saml. J. " 

Drydon, William " 

Edgar, David " 

Fowler, James " 

Ford, Nicholas " 

Fowler, Perry " 

Greenfield, Neilson " 

Gardenier, Wm. " 

High, James " 

Hewett. Michael " 

Hohn, Henry " 

Harwood, James " 

Harris, Joseph " 

James, Singleton " 

Isett, Adam " 

Joy, Peter " 

Kilbourne, Saml. " 

Keplinger, Saml. " 

Knight, John 
Keirnan, Cliarles 
Light, John 
Leonard, Amassa 
Lynch, Patrick 
McDonald, John 
Meeks, William 
Marsh, John J. 
Messenger, Simpson 
Manning. Jesse 
Mattox, Edward 
Mullenhoover, Josh. 
Norwood, John 
Olcott, Joel 
Phillii)S, John 
Patterson, John 
Patterson, George 
Porter, Jeptha 
Roach, 1 homas D. 
Roe, Saml. 
Roe, Charles 
Robinson, Jesse 
Randle, Christopher 
Silverthorn, Henry 
Silance, Richard 
Scipe, Michael 
Thomas, Gabriel 
Thompson, John 
Whorley, Jonathan 
"Wolf, George 
Worthington, Niche, 


Thomas Warner, Captain. 
Benjnmin Tevis, 1st Lieut. 
Tbos. S. Williams, Ensign. 
Horace H. Haden, Serg't. 
James G. Hilton, do. 
William Hardy, Corporal. 
Adams, Soseph Private. 

Armstrong, Joshua " 

Baker, Ernest " 

Butler, Moses " 

Campbell, John " 

Curle3% James " 

Desncv, Benj. " 

Dent, Walter " 

Downes, James " 

Fenton, William " 

Grant, Elijah 

Hope. Daniel 
Hone, Joseph 
Hulstine, Michael 
Jackson, Archibald 
Linderraan, William 
Noah, Lowry 
McPhail, Daniel 
Merrican, John 
McKnight, John 
Mclnhammer, John 
Nabb, William 
Neagle, James 
Oram, Lloyd 
Redctfer, Jacob 
Saddler, Joseph 
Schaffer, Christian 
Swiggett, Robert T. 



8iitton, Solomon Private. Woodward, Abraham Private. 

Tyler, Levin " Ways, Williiim •' 

Todd, Lnncelott " Weir, Lemuel " 

Thomas Watson, (Captain. 
William Woody, Lieutenant. 
William Baltzell, Ensign. 
Jacob llotl'man, Ser'gt. 
.lames Wilson do. 
.lolin C Snyder, Corporal. 
John Wilson, do. 

Adrey, AVilliam Private. 

Adny, Levin " 

Anderson, William " 

Brannen, William " 

Bodensick, Henry " 

Bark man, John " 

Brown, John C. " 

Chalmers, John , " 
Cooper, Samuel " 

Cole, Eisey " 

Deshorg, James " 

Ewing, Samuel " 

Eichdherger, Samuel " 
Fuss, John 

FUmint", Frederick " 

France, Thomas " 

Gobright, Willi. .m " 

Grainger, Matthew " 

Gutrow, James " 

Hay, David 
Hasley, Samuel 
Hiser John 
Hunterman, Dedrick 
Heniiing, Anthony 
Hamilton, John A. 
Hogner, John 
Harmange, Peter 
Keiner, Melker 
Lyon, William 
Meriken, Joseph 
McCutchen, George 
McNichalls, Isaac 
McLean, Charles 
Mass, Robert 
Nichols, Samuel 
Smith, James 
Spedden. Edward 
Strike, William 
Simpson, john D. 
Thompson, Bernard 
Turpin, George 
Uiiler, Henry 
Walker, Isaac 
Worrell, John 
Wilson, William 


John D. Miller, Captain. 
Erasmus Uhler, Isi Lieut. 
Jas. H. Vanaridale, Ensign. 
Daniel Hamer, 1st Serg't. 
Ritson Browning, 2d do. 
Isaac Thomas, 3d do. 
Jacob Wolf, jr., 4lh do. 
John Fisher, 1st Corp'l. 

Spencer Coburn, Drummer. 
Stephen Pater, Fifer. 
Amick, Daniel Private. 

Amick. Jacob 
Bear, William 
Brown, Christian 
Brown. Obed 
Bates, Joseph 

Clayton, Samuel 
Craxall, Charles 
Dean, James 
Hamilton, John 
Ireland, Richard 
Kauffman, Daniel 
Kuuff. Abraham 
Kautiman, John 
Krebbs, John 
Lepeliier, Francis 
Link, Henry 
Marr, Alexander 
McMullen, Thomas 
Perrine, Peter 
Potee, Peter 
Shaves, Robert 



Simpers. Benj. Private. Thrush, Nicholas 

Simmerinfi:, John " Vansant, John 

Simmering, Christian " Walter, Philip 
Sullivan, John " Weaver, Aquilla 

Smallwood, George " 

Andw. E. Warner, Captain.* 
Peter Lenry, Lieutenant. 
William Eckel, Ensign. 
Valentine Birely, 1st Serg't. 
John Thomas, 2d do. 
John Garrett, 3d do. 

Eb'r. Pumphrey, 4th do. 
Boothe, Michael Private. 

Bare, John " 

Ballinger, Samuel " 

Boggus. Robert " 

Dome, John " 

Degroff, Richard " 

Evans, Joshua " 

Green, John " 

Garrey, Jeremiah " 

Hawes, Frederick " 

Keilhoultz, Heery " 

Levering, Peter " 

McKennion, James 
Matlock, John 
Oram, Rezen 
Porter, William 
Paw ley, John 
Ryan, George 
Roland, Joseph M. 
Sederburgh, Trol 
Sumwalt, John 
Swope, John 
Smith, Andrew 
Sanders, Benjamin 
Strebeck, William 
Thompson, Stephen 
Willey, John 
Williams, Owen 
While, Thomas 
Young, Samuel 
Young, John 



Henry Myers, Captain. 
Samuel Wolf, 1st Lieutenant. 
George B. Sumwalt, Ensign. 
William Stansbury, 1st Serg't 
John Skiles, 2d do. 

John Gibbs, 3d do. 

Wm V. Morrison, 1st Corp'l 
Wm. Linebergcr, 2d do. 
George W. Belts, 3d do. 
Williiim Samuels, 
Appleby. Thomas 
Berry, Philip 
Bausman, Joseph 
Camp. Joseph 
Correll, Nathan 
Christiclf, Henry 
Cole, George 
Du Pois, (.liri&topher 
Daily, William 
Emory, Lott 
Haslelt, James 

3th do. 

Hix, William 
Johnson, Charles 
Johnson, James 
Keyser, William 
Kessler, Christian 
Knowlton, Silas 
Kone, Daniel 
Kirk land, David 
Miinroe, James 
Myers, John 
Mattocks, John 
Mass, Samuel 
Nussear, Joseph 
Nussear, Jesse 
Richardson, John 
Robinson, John 
Robb, John 
Ross, James 
Reinicker, Samuel 
Randolph, Thompson 
Stall, Samuel 


•Mortally wounded. 


Schorbb, Andrew 
Scrotrgs, John 
Welsh, George 

Private. Wincrtt, Joaepli 
" Wliitdock.Cliarles 
" Van Leiir, Matthew 


Jos. K. Stapleton, Captain. 
Williiun Myers, Lieutenant. 
Joseph Caldwell, Ensign. 
Hiisrh Young, Serg't. 

William G. Holland, do. 
Cliarles Hogg, do. 

H. B. Magruder, do. 

James Leakins, Corp'l. 
Joseph Williams, do. 
Charles Ballzell, do. 
Alexander Brady, Drummer. 
Abbot, Francis A. Private. 
Abbott. West ley 
Baltzell. Jacob •' 

Biadley, Lewis " 

Banks, Daniel " 

Bell, John H. 

Bowers, David '• 

Campbell. George W. " 
Calhoun, Benjamin " 

Daily, Christian " 

Daily, Elijah " 

Deal, Michael " 

Donohoe, Patrick " 

Danse, Lepold " 

Dooly, Hhoady " 

Dykes, Thomas " 

Dyke.s, John " 

File, John 

GriniR'll, William Private. 

Grainer, WiHiam " 

Hammer, Daniel " 

Harkins. Giles " 

Hagg, John " 

Hughes, William " 

Jordon, John " 
Kithcart, William 

Livers, Arnold " 

Marrow, Isnac " 

Marrow, Hugh " 

Milburn. iSaniuel " 

Myers, Charles " 

Oliver, John " 

Ogden, Jonathan " 
Richards. J. C. (per proxy.) 

Thompson, John F. " 

Redilord, Je.ese " 

Robinson, John " 
Russell, William 

Ruff. Henry " 
Sad ler, Joseph R. 
Smith, Hugh 

Smithson, Archibald " 

Suuderhind, B. " 

Sunderland, Richard " 
Tilyard, John 

Whilmarsh, John " 

Woods, Nicholas " 

William Ronev, Captain. 
John Disney, Lieutenant. 
Henry Lusby, Ensign. 
George Sharrer, 1st Serg't. 
Peter Eisenbray, 2d do. 
Thomas (.hilds, 3d do. 
John Minds, 4lh do. 

William Gable, 1st Corp'l. 
John Terry, 2d do. 

Richard Martin, Musician. 
Aldnut, James Private. 

Aldhausen, Wm. J. " 

Alexander, William " 

Austin, Lawless 
Berrick, John 
Bruce, Robert 
Bundle, William 
Bell, Ez.kiel 
Bvard, Peter 
Bull, Equina 
Behoo, James 
Crangle, William 
Clopper, George 
Clein, George 
Cherry, Peter 
Crangle, James 



Chamber?, Philemon 
Carter, William 
Cook, Frederick 
Coyle, David 
Curry, William 
Cochran, William 
Crangle, Henry 
Donals, Isaac 
Evans, John 
Evans, Robert 
Evans, Thomas 
Forrester, John 
Forrest, Nicholas 
Fallier, George 
Fisher, Martin 
French, Thomas 
Forrest, Allen 
Griffith, Stephen 
Gable, John 
Hissey, Archibald 
Hicks, John 
Hoilingsworth, Thos. 
Higden, Ralph; 
Hyson, Nicholas 
Jackson, William 
King, George 

Private. King, Jesse 

" Lorr. Adam 

" Lee, John 

" Mass, Andrew 

" Martin, William 

" Nicholis, David 

" Ovaere. Joim 

" Penn, George 

" Peters, William 

" Porter, Benjamin 

" Pool, James 

" Potee, Francis 

" Ruff, Andrew 

" Rees, John 

" Shocff, Isaac 

" Sanders, Joseph 

" Smithson, Thomas 

" Thompson, Samuel 

" Teplin, William 

" Thompson, Wm. 

" Warner, Henry 

" Williams, John 

" Williams, Ji)hn, jr. 

•' Young, William 

" Zody, John 



Names of the Field and Staff and Company Officers, Non- 
-p Commissioned Officers and Privates of the fifty-first Regi- 

ment of Maryland Militia, who served at North Point and 
Cl i p^ Fort JtlcHenry, 12th September, 1814 — taken from the 
Muster Rolls on file in the office of the Third Auditor of 
the Treasury of the United States: 

Henry Amey, Lieutenant Colonel. 

John Young, First Major. 

John Matthews, Second Mnjor. 

Thos. Tweeting, Adjutant and Lieutenant. 

Oliner H. Neil>on, Quarter Master. 

George Warner, Pay Master. 

Richard W. Hall, Surgeon. 

John Arnest, Suigeon's Mate. 

Michael Warner, Quarter Mafter. 

James Johnston, Sergeant Major. 

Jiicob Dctnis. Captfiin. 
Litlli'ton llollaml. Lieutenant, 
Josejili Little, Enaii^u. 
Stei>hen Ciilverwell, 1st Serg't. 

Epiiniiin Francis, 2d do. 

Alfred Cnunp, 3d do. 

Valentine Diislmne, 4th do. 
licvi Crossgrovc; 1st Corp'l. 

Benjamin C'omeirys, 2d do. 

William Faithful, 3d do. 
William Wright. 4th do. 
Alleoek, William Private. 

Brigg«<, Richard " 

Beek, John " 

Bailor, John " 

Bennett, John - " 

Brown, Joseph " 

Chamberlain, Philip " 

Cutcher, Samuel " 

Crusscn, Francis " 

Coopc r, Ambrose " 

Dougherty, Neal " 

Donovan, Jeremiah " 

Dodge, Alpheus " 

Davitis, John '* 

Duvall. Nathan " 
Dillon. David 

Dillman, Peter " 

Egglestnn, Benjamin " 

Eggkstou, Joseph " 
Elliott. Thomas 
Farrell, Thomas 

Fort. Joshua " 

French, VVilliam " 

Garrett, Thomas " 

Giles, Joseph " 

Griffin. Martin " 

Gattig. Jacob " 
Gassaway. John " 

Hogg. James " 

Harper. John " 

Hackney, William " 

Henderson, Robt. " 

Hinton. James " 

Henry, Francis " 
Henry, Hugh " 

Jones, Uriah " 

Jones, John 
.Tones, Horsey 
Irvine, Dan'I. 
Krems. Heinhart 
Lambert, John 
i\IcPherson, John 
Miller, Andrew 
May. .Jonas 
i^Iartin. Thomas 
McEvoy, James 
McCarthy, Alex. 
McCrea, Robert 
Noone, John 
Perrigoy, James 
Pell, Thomas 
Parlett, Thomas 
Reed, Joshua 
Roberts, Thomas 
Reed, 8:imuel 
Reddy, William 
Keed, Caleb 
Rea, William 
Shea. Harvey 
Smithson. Nathan 
Scarf, William 
Stevenson, John 
Sellers, John 
Shipley, Zachariah 
Starr, James 
Swern, William 
Shacffer, Joseph 
Somers, John 
Sanders, Edward 
Sowerwein, Daniel 
Tambo, David 
Thompson, John 
Warrington, John 
Williams. Richard 
Winters, Henry 
West. Elijah 
Wheeler, Benj. 
Winn, William 
Walter, Benj. 
Whitney, Simon 
Whittington, Benj. 
Yuncet, Leonard 
Zimmerman, Jacob 


William ("halmers, Captain. 
John T. Wallace, Lieutenant. 
John Eirby, Ensign. 

Edward Kelly, Serg't. 
Stephen Sroud, do. 
Alex. Chambers, do. 


Robert McAllister, Serg't. 
Joseph Lawrence, Corp'l. 
Jacob Foss, do. 

James Darling, do. 

George Oppold, d \ 
Allen, John Private 

Armitage, William " 

Allen, Henry " 

Brian, Thomas " 

Bain, James " 

Bare, Henry " 

Bradley, James " 
Patton, Robert 

Bronnvell, Jacob " 
Batchcla, William 

Barton, Joshua " 

Berry, Jrani'l. " 

Case}-, Christopher " 

Clark, Jo-eph " 

Chambers, Joseph " 

Delcher, Thomas " ' 

Dougherty, John " 

Duncan, John " 

Deaver, ihomas " 

Dougherty, Charles " 

Emerling, Christian " 
Ellis, William 

Fletcher, William " 

Fletcher, James " 

Ingelbrits, Daniel " 

Gibbons, Thomas " 

Gordon, James " 

Graham, James *' 

Grady, Anthony " 

Gosling, Joshua " 

Gamble, Alexander " 

Gladson, Michael " 

H()lll)rooks, John " 

Hayes, Abraham " 

Holland, Thomas " 

Harker, William " 

Hatton, Joshua " 

Hooker, Jesse " 

Keplinger, Michael 
Kinley, Daniel 
Kidd, John 
Kelner, George 
Kidd, .Joshua 
Kerwell, Samuel 
McCaull}', Arthur 
McCormack, John 
Moor, Thomas 
Mumma, Jacob 
McDonald, Charles 
Mildews, Nathan 
Myers, John 
Mitchell, John 
McCormock, Jno. jr. 
Moffit, John 
Neal, John 
O verb off, Frederick 
Parsons, Thomas 
Riley, William 
Randall, William 
Sprinkle, Daniel 
Sclinnk, Jacob 


Sheldon, James ) 


Sheldon, John 
Sterling, William 
Stevenson, Alex. 
Thrush, .John 
Tidings. Riualdo 
Taylor, John 
Thrailkill, George 
Wilson, James 
Wood, Isaac 
White, Thomas, Abraham R. 
White, Stephen 
AVelslager, George 
Wilson, Samuel 
Wriglit, Thomas 
Warner, John 
Wilson, Greenbury 
Yeager, John 

John H. Rogers, Captain. 
Peter Hedges, Lieutenant. 
Charles Brown, Ensign. 
William Shipley, Private. 

Hartman C'uppold, " 

Jarob Shultz, 1st Serg't 

James Scantling, Private^ 

Richard Helms, Fifer. 
William Morrow, Drummer. 
Alibey, Jacob Private- 

Allen, John " 

Alfred, James " 


Abcy, Joseph I'livate. 

Abel, Slantield 

Browu, John 

^u row, James B. " 

BceiiKT, Henry 

Berrige, Robert " 

Busick, John " 

Bojd, William 

Butcher, Josejjh " 

Busey. Samuel " 

Bushey. George " 

Boyer, John '" 

Blunt, John 

Camden, James " 

<3ouverse, Elijah 

Cramer, William " 

Coats, Searson " 

Cowley, Edward " 

Carter, William 

Collins, Josias " 

Chapman, Richard 

Dyer, Ignatius "' 

Edler, John " 

Fletcher, Thomas, " 

Foremin, Francis " 

Fowbic, Peter, Serg't. 

Feguet, Domiuick, Corp'l. 

Fefle, Joseph Private. 

Fitzgerald, Austin 

Fowble, Peter, jr. " 

Gamble, Robert 

Gamble, Stephen 

Goodwin, Jacob " 

Gall, Jacob " 

Hanes, David " 

Howard Perry " 

Halsy, Michael " 

Holmes, Joseph " 

Holmes, Thomas " 

Holliu, John, Corp'l. 

Johnson, Elijah Private. 

Kesler, John Private. 

Keem, Thomas W. ' 

Kurtz, Henry " 

Layman, Nicholas " 

Love, James " 

May, Thomas " 

Marker, John " 

Mahoney, Elislia " 

McArdel, Henry " 

Miller, John " 

Mills, Henry " 

Martin, Mordecav " 

Neppod, Jacob " 

Nicholson, Thomas " 
Night, John 

Patterson, Nathan, Serg't. 
Paterson, Thomas Private. 

Perigo, Jehu " 

Roberts, John '■ 
Rusk, David L. 

|{audall, Jesse " 

Reese, William " 

Sheppard, David " 

Sanders, John " 

Sawner, George '• 

Schro^'er, Daniel " 

Shoat, Abraham " 

Scoby, John " 

Sawner, John " 

Seemon, Jacob " 

Shannon, John " 

Shields, James " 

Taylor, Samuel " 

Towson, John " 

Towson, Thomas " 

Taylor, William " 
Wright, William E. 

Wise, John " 
Wheaton, Cloudsbury " 

Weedon, Arthur " 

Young, John " 

Michael Haubert, Captain. 
Foster Maynard, Lieutenant. 
John Carroll, Ensign. 
George Milliman, Serg't. 
John Davis, do. 

Ignatius Boarman, do. 
-John W^instanl}', do. 

James Lambdou, Corp'l. 

David Brand, do. 

John Thomas, do. 
Jacob G. Cromwell, do. 

Allen, Andrew Private. 

Allen, David " 

Able, Christian " 


Broughton, Noah 
Brown, Jacob S. 
Bard, Dan'l. 
Barber, James 
Bo3ie, AVilliam 
Blotner, Matthias 
Bushy, Jacob 
Bar<(e, William 
Bond, Benj. 
Bell, Cornelius 
Cox, Kempsou 
Clenieuts, Robert H. 
Olever, Derick 
Cook, Elisha 
-Caughy, Patrick 
Cohagan, Joshua 
Crump, George 
Callahan, diaries 
Ciillahau, Peter 
Duncan, Christian 
Downs, Isaiah 
Funk, Jacob 
Ford, John 
Flee, Christian 
Griffin, Kobt. 
<3rove, Jacob 
Geese, George 
Oriffiih, John H. 
Gray, Zachariah 
Oriffin, Nathan 
Gill, John 

Henderson, Zachariah 
Hanks, Lewis 
Hangman, Henry] 
Holland, Jobn 
Henderson, Peter 
Holllday, William 
Henderson, David 
Hissey, Archibald 
Harbison, Robt. 
Hissey, Caleb 
Hyson, Jacob 
Henderson, Benj. 
Johnston, Abijah 
Joice, Aaron 
Jones, Griffin 
Kauffman, Jonathan 
Eiliiam, James 
Klunk, Peter 

Private. Laivett, Peter 

" Logan, Joseph 

" McMechan, Sam'l. 

" McGloshen, Robt. 

" Miller, Jacob 

" Mathias, Nicholas 

" Moore, John 

" Morgan, AYilliam 

" Mathias, John 

" McDonoh, Peter 

" McLaughlin, Francis 

" Miller, Thomas 

" McDonon, Patrick 

" Morton, William 

" Malony, Owen 

" Naskey, John 

" Nelms, J. B. 

" Peach, Philip 

" Parker, George 

Ri!y, Edward 

" Robinson, Abraham 

" Rutter, John 

" Kosensteel Henry 

" Richardson, George 

" Ring, George 

" Smilson, William 

" Siddler, Benj. 

" Stall, Joseph 

" Sisser, Martin 

" Steiger, Tobias 

" Spear, John 

" Stewart, Charles 

Thornton, Edward 

" Thomas, Isaac 

" Triggle, Dorsey 

" Thompson, Elias 

'■ Thompson, Alex. 

" Vallean, Henry 

" Ward, James 

Ward, Edward 

Weller, Martin 

" Weller, George 

" Wright, Abraham 

Warring, E. R. 

" Whelan, James 

" Williams, (Jharles 

" Whelan, George 

" Zorn. John 



John Stcwnit, C'n|)taiii. 
Jertuiiiili Boyd, 2d Liiut. 
John HiKil, Eusiijn. 
Jno. F. Utt, Serg't. 
Maishiill Mask, do. 
Geori^e Waile, do. 
Joseph Fos3, do. 
Sam'l Samuels, Corp']. 
Dan'l Foss, do. 

David TliompsoD, do. 
James Smith, do. 

All. William, Private. 

Addison, Isaac " 

Armitnge, Johu 
Broughton, Isaac " 

Bameyalo, Nath'l. " 

Bucher, Charles " 

Bates, Jacob " 

Blaney, Daniel 
Baxter, James " 

Buchanan, Edw'd " 

Conkliu, Elijah " 

Cheny, Edw'd. " 

Curlett, Robert 
Clark, Nath'l. 
Carr, Teague *' 

Couly, Michael " 

Coleman, Alex. " 

Corwine, Jehu " 

Carty, Josiah " 

Downing, Howell " 

Dykes, James " 

Ellis, John 

Essender, Thomas " 

Eich, Philip 

Emerson, James " 

Feishel, Anthony " • 

Ford, Stephen " 

Gawthrop, Thomas " 

Gillen, Lakey " 

Gordon, Joseph " 

Gosmann, James " 

Holmes, James " 

Hiuntman, William " 

Heneker, Peter " 

Hanawalt, Jacob " 

Joice, Jesse " 

lies, Henry " 

Jag, Sam'l. " 

Kalbfus, Dan'l. Md. Serg't. 

Kelly, Janus 
liiu as, James 
Magarity, Jolin 
McPherson, John 
McCanna, William 
Myer.s, Hobert 
Mix, Lewis 
McDonald, James 
McCauley,. lames 
McDonald, Thomas 
McKim, William 
McKenrney, John 
Maguire, Michael 
Mcbermit, Stephen 
McDonald, John 
Michol^on, Christopher 
O'Brien, Patrick 
Oneil, Joseph 
O'Harro, Arthur 
Purnell, Rich'd. 
Pilgrim, Nath'l. 
Pastorias, Sam'l. 
Philips, Charles 
Patterson, Andrew 
Parker, Thomas 
Ross, Solomon 
iiidgely, Davidge 
Ramsay, William 
Rourk, Peter 
Slack, James 
Simpson, Sam'l. 
Scaff, George 
Schroeder, George 
Smith, Jacob 
Sutherland, Dan'l. 
Spears, James 
Sewell, Reuben 
Sweet zer, John 
Stocker, Elijaii 
Senseuy, Jacob 
Shields, William 
Thompson, John 
Taylor, Aquila 
Thompson, William 
Townsend, Perry 
Townsend, James 
Toy, Joseph 
Wax, Henry 
Walker, Peter 
Whitelock, John 




James Faster, Captain. 
John Simons, Lieut. 
George Shoemaker, Ensign. 
Charles Wilibee, 1st Serg't 
George W. Evans,. 2d do. 
Joseph Legard, 3d do. 
Edward Speake, 4th do. 
Howell Powell, 1st Corp'l. 
Hugh R. Marshall, 2d do. 
John Wolverton, 3d do. 
Sterling Thomas, 4th do. 
Aiken, William, Private. 

Appleby, John " 

Britt, Severn 

Bradley, William " 

Brown, John E. " 

Baloon, Pasquel " 

Burch, George " 

Carter, Clement 
Clark, Mills 

Carson, Robert " 

Curtain, James " 

Compton, John " 

Dureling, John T. 
Ericksou, Thomas " 

Evans, Jeremiah 
Freer, Peter " 

Fletcher, John " 

Green, Armistead " 

Griffin, George " 

Griffis, Edward 
Giilagher, Hugh " 

Gibbons, John " 

Gardner, Henry " 

Groover, Charles " 

Hayes, William " 

Hall, James J. " 

Harman, Daniel H. " 

Hall, Josiah 
Halfpenny, John 
Johnson. William 
Jones, John 
Jenkins, Jason 
Joice, William 
Kalbfus, William 
Lancaster, Enoch 
Lewis, Willoughby 
McCormick, James 
McElderry, John 
McElderry, Thomas 
Mathews, Patrick 
Manly, James 
Mortimer, John 
Nelson, Robert 
Pilcher, Warner 
Pameroy, Ralph 
Plains, George 
Phelps, Gardner 
Robinson, William 
Remmj", Richard 
Rinehart, David 
Ratiken, John 
Scott, John L. 
Solomon, Samuel 
Sweetman, Willis 
Swain, John 
Sevcrson, Thomas 
Thompson, Alex, jr. 
Trill, Samuel 
Watters, Isaac 
Ware, John 
Ward, James 
Weaver, Henry 
Walter, William 
"Widderfeld, William 


Michael Peters, Captain. 
Robert H. J. Stewart, Lieut. 
Francis Murray, Ensign. 
John Brannon, 1st Serg't. 
William Crist, 2d do. 
William Edwards, 3d do. 
Abra'm Edwards, 4th do. 
Martin Eichelberger, 2d Cor 
James Larew, 3d do. 

Joshua C. Atkinson, 4th do. 

James Hull, Musician. 

Darius vV heeler, do. 

Atmos, William H. Private 

Allbrd, John " 

Burland, James " 

Barton, William " 

Bunting, John " 

Benson, John " 

Brawner, Daniel '' 

Booth, Addison "• 


Cox, Edward 
Carson, Morgan 
Chambers, Hoberl 
Chaltles, Samuel 
Clierry, Dominick 
("Imri'li, John 
Carson, David 
Corhin, Henry 
Ditman, Jolin 
I><nigherty, Philip 
Elmore, .lames 
Enson, William 
Elliott, Joiiu 
Fowler, Isaac D. 
Ford, Thomas 
Frazier, William 
Frick, Christian 
Fous, Jacob 
Fawsbenner, Andrew 
Frick. William 
Grooms, William 
Gilbert, David 
Gray, Alien 
Greggs, Elbea 
Gairy, William G. 
Hattou, John 
Henegar, Frederick 
Holtz, Peter 
Hiss, Jacob 
Johnson, Harman 
Jeremiah, John 
Jordan, George 
Johnson, David 
Kelso, Thomas 
Kent, John 
Kite, James 
Lougellee, Lewis 
Miller, John 
Mettee, Joseph 
McKnbbin, Samuel 
McNier, William 
Moore, Joshua 

Private. Matchett, Richard J. Private. 

" Meed, Isaiah " 

" Maydwell, James " 

Miller, Charles 

" McDonald, John " 

" Myers, Barnard " 

" McUormick, Thomas " 

McCuUough, James " 

" Newton, John " 

" Peters. Adam " 

Price, Walter " 

Parr, David " 

" Potut, Jesse " 

Parr, Elisha 

Pindell, John 

" Richardson, John " 

" Slemmer, Christian " 

Schuuck, Philip 

Schunck, John " 

" Siudell, John " 

Siudel I, Thomas 

Sindell, Joshua 
" Spear, William 

" Strider, John " 

Stubbins, Thomas 

" Siutou, Joseph " 

" Summerville, John " 
" Smith, John 

" Srimard, John " 

" Staiisbury, Richard " 

" Swann, Joshua " 

Till, William 

Tuts, George 
" Thornburgli, James C. " 

AVard, John D. 

" ■ Wilson, James " 

" Williams, Benjamin " 

" Willingham, James " 

" Williams, Joseph " 

" Way, Frederick " 

" Zerne, Christian " 

Andrew Snnth, Captain. 
Samuel Lealh, Lieutenant. 
Henry Timanus, Ensign. 
William ^. Crossmore, Serg't. 
John Henshaw, do. 

Joshua Shipley, do. 

Peter Eichelberger, Serg't. 
David D. Smith, Corp'l. 
Wm. B. Reynolds, do. 
Mathias Shrote, do. 

Richard Snyder, do. 
Adams, Thomas Private. 


Anderson, Joseph Private. 

Arms, Austin " 

Allmau, Henry " 

Byus, Josepli •' 

Barme, John " 

Broolcs, Robert " 

Bagwell, Elie " 

Baum, Archibald " 

Baker, Jacob " 

Bear, Joseph " 

Billson, Joseph " 

Baltimore, Tliomas " 

Belt, George " 

Curly, Clowdsbury " 

Chenoeth. Joshua " 

Cbamberlaiue, James " 

Cook. Joseph " 

Dennis, John " 

Downey, Edmund " 

Davis, Benjamin " 

Doogbman, Peter " 

Dumiste, George " 

Detro, Levi " 

Damute, Peter " 

Dawes, Richard " 

Foy, Frederick " 

Ford. Wnlter " 

Gibbs, John " 
Griffin, Charles K. 
Grubb, William 

Gombey, George " 

Guest, Richard " 
Gold, John 

Garrelt, John " 

Gray, Callender " 

Hoguer, William " 
High. David 

Hobbs, William " 

Hart, Joseph " 

Hussey, Isaac " 

Hassaid, Ralph " 

Harrison, Stephen " 

Haftey, Jacob " 

Harbaugh, Daniel " 

Hugucs, Aquila " 

Hall, James " 

Ichler, John " 

Kemberly, Michael " 
Keys, William " 

Krouse, Jacob " 

Kithcart, Robert " 

Koutz, George Private. 

Linebargar, bamuel " 
Lindenburger, John C. " 

Luster, Shipley " 

Liams, Jeremiah " 

Lloyd, William " 

Lewis, John " 

Mahoney, Mathias " 

Mosel, John " 

McCuller, James " 

Marshall, Tliomas " 

Mincher, Joseph " 

Minclier, John " 

McGrok, Andrew " 

McNulty, Israel " 

Morgan, William " 

McGuire, John " 

Miller, Adam " 

Murphy, Basil " 

McCurley, Felix •' 

Nicholson, Thomas " 

Nelson, "Richard " 

Nelson, Nathaniel " 

Newcummer, John " 

Naylor, George " 

Patterson, John " 
Piper, Philip 

Pepple, Peter " 

Peirce, Samuel " 

Peck, Jacob " 

Peirce, Elias , " 

Penn, John " 

Rogers, John " 

Robinson, William " 

Randle, Jacob " 

Righter, George " 

Rogers, Roland " 

Rosensteel, William " 
Rusk, Paul 

Smith, William " 

Seavon, William " 

Stembler, John " 
Smith, Elie 

Smith, Adam " 

Stinchcomb, Victor " 

Steigers, George " 

Sanders, Humphrey " 

Stricke, Nicholas " 

Shipley, William " 

Sanderson, Francis " 

Shrote, Malhias, jr. " 


Steigers, John 
Taylor, Pliilip 
Tio\vl)ri(li?c', lieuhcn 
Vermillion, Joseph 
Whirrett, Thomas 
Wigliv, Kchvard 
Wilson, Otho 

Private. Weaver, Joseph 
Whilolord, David 
Wiiiti'r, Josi'ph A. 
Williamson, I'crcgriue 
" Weblt, Frodcrick 
Warticld, Basil H. 
Yeamon, Koyal 


Names of officers and enlisted men of Capt. Wm. H. Addi- 
son's Company of Sea Fencibles, stationed at Fort McHenry, 
Md., September and October, 1814, as per muster roll for 
said period. 

Wm II. Addison, Capt. 
Caleb P. Robenson, 2d Lieut. 
Oeorge McNeir, 3d do. 
John Tyler, Boatswain. 
Zacheous Stoker, Gunner. 
James L. Stevens, do. 
Andrew II. Fife, do. 
Patrick Handliu, do. 
James Jhild-s, do. 

Wm Peregoy, do. 

Wm. Hanson, Quarter Gunner, 
James Dawson, do. 
Sa i.'l McDonald, do. 
Sam'l Jordan, do. 

John Swift, do. 

John MeCracken, do. 
Alford, Thomas Private 

Askew, Charles " 

Alford. Jacob " 

Andrews, John " 

Barn halt, Henry " 

Barall, Lewis " 

Belott, Wm. 

Bonders, Peter C. " 

Bebce, Edward " 

Cook, Samuel " 

Crockeu. James " 

Carr, George " 

Gary, Dennis " 

Cooper, He.-ekiah " 

Clark, James M " 

Curtis, John " 

Caffery, John R. " 

Day, Cornelious 
Daiton, Edward 
Eliott, Benjamin 
Evins, David 
Freeman, Wm. 
Gardner, Samuel 
George, Ezekiel 
George, James 
Gordon, John 
Griffith.s, Th03. B. 
Hutton, Sam'l 
Hollings, John 
Harris, John 
Hainbly, James 
Hadley, Joseph 
Hands, Ephram 
Hands, Nicholas 
Hane, Jacob, jr. 
Hamilton, John 
Ing, John 
Izer, Joshua 
Keplinger, George 
Lacey, Wm 
Limner, Taurance 
Mackev, Robert 
McDowel, Thos. 
Mesller, Co mrod 
McCoy, Alexander 
Miles, John 
McComas, Charles 
Morgan, John 
New it, Edward 
Nary, Michael 



Peters, Wm. 
Rook, John 
Rick. John 
Redman, James 
Redman, Joshua 
Shartle, Henry 
Sadler, Augustus 
Smith, Wm. 
Shryark, Samuel 
Scott, Richard 
Skipper, David 
Sinton, Francis 
Stimpson, Stephen 
Smithson, Luther 
Simons, James 
Shehey, Michael 

Private. Scott, Joseph Private. 

" Spicer, Joseph " 

Trimble, John " 

" Vinyard, James " 

" Walsh, Moses " 

" Westwood, Thos. " 

" Wilson, Cliarles " 

" Williams, Richard " 

" Wood, Leven W. " 

" Wallace, James " 

White, Wm. W. 

Williams, Wm. 

" Warrick, John " 
" Stcpenson, John, Servant. 

Potter, Thos. 
" Williams, Job " 

Names of officers and enlisted men of a Company of Sea Fen- 
cibles, commanded by Capt. M. Simmones Bunbury, as given 
on muster roll for July and August, 1814. Muster roll for 
September and October, 1814, not on file in this office. 

M. S. Bunbury, Captain. 
Gregory Foy, Ist Lieut. 
Gerard Gorsuch, 2d do. 
James Lawrenson, Boatswain. 
George Bussel, Gunner. 
John Wood, do. 

Joseph P. White, do. 
John Coomes, do. 

John Valiant, do. 

Hugh Crea, do. 

William Jones, Qr. Gunner. 
Thomas Broom, do. 
Peter Young, do. 

Benjamin White, do. 
George C. Wilson, do. 
Noah Higby, do. 

Barbine Charles Private. 

Brinkman, John 
Brown, John, 1st Private. 
Brown, John, 2d do. 
Blunt, Joseph Private. 

lUinre, Cliarles " 

Bennett, Freeman " 

Bailey, Esma 
Cowdery, Isaac 
Conrad, John 
Craig, John 
Cooper, John 
Connall}', John 
Dear, Isaac 
Drear, Joseph 
Devon, I. William 
Evans, Patrick 
P^dmunds, Abijali 
Forsey, P. Elias 
Fletcher, John 
Frederick, Paul 
Goodmauson, Peter 
Green, Robert 
Greeu, John 
Gibson, Thomas 
Grceu, Anthony 
Hash, Peter 
Hall. Jo.'^eph 
Hams, J.inios 
Ilnyes, Adam 



Henry, John 
Jackson, ,]A\n 
Kooti. Martin 
Kincaiil, Myers 
Jjivri'S, G VVilliiun 
Luley, Clmrles 
Mansou, Henry 
Meeks, 1* James 
Marslmll, Elias 
McKniirht, Lewis 
Montgomery, Arch'tl 
Morris Oeoige 
Oram, John 
Page, Jenkin 
Patterson, William 
Ross, S. S inuiel 
Rogers, Joseph 
Richardson, William 

Private. Robertson. Thomas Private. 

" Slerrell, Robert " 

" Sinitii, Alexander " 

" Shearman, I. Lewis " 

" Scracklin, jjewis " 

" Stephens, Timothy " 

Sparks, William " 

Thompson, Rich'd 

" Travlot, John " 

Warfield, George " 

Welsh, Pierce " 

Wilson, William 

" Williams, James, 2d " 

White, Charles 

Welsh, John 
" Thomas Hall, Servant. 

" Timothy Wailiuo, do. 

Sam'l Herd do. 

Names of officers and enlisted men of Captain Frederick 
Evans' Company, Corps artillery, stationed at Fort McHenry, 
Md., September and October, 1814, as per Muster Roll for 
said period. 

Frederick Evans, Captain. 
<3eorge R(ardon, :3d Lieut. 
Edward Daw'es, do. 
AVilliam Stewart, H. S. M, 
Thomas Morgan, Serg't.- 
John Luckett, do. 

Joseph Lyon, do. 

Isaac H. G(Mhani, do. 
Jo!in H. Elkins, Corporal. 
Spedden Wilson, do. 
Dennis Sweeney, do. 
Philip Boiala, do. 

Owen Allen, do. 

Frederick Hosford, do. 
John Tillet, Musician. 
Saumel Lyon, do. 

William Harriss, do. 
George Shellenberg, do. 
John Daniels, Artiticer. 
•George Pope, do. 

■George Garring, do. 

Eli West Artificer. 

James .McCallin, do. 

Joshua Clark, do. 

John Brady, do. 

Patrick Rouey, do. 

Austin, David Private. 

Achy, Peter " 

Allison, James " 

Ackley, David " 

Bentley, Jonas " 
Bieklijrd, Benjamin S. C. " 
Bush, Mark 

Body, Peter " 
Bagill, John 

Brigdell, Daniel " 

Cross, Horatio '• 

Crumpton, John " 

Craig, Benjamin " 

L'o'oon, John " 
Cadle, William 

Clark, George " 


Eaglestou, Benjaiiiin 

Private. Smith, Isaac 


Eldridge, Levi 

" Sherer, Elias 

Edwards, Jerret 

Sweeney, Benjamin 

Gelling, Daniel 

" Sweeney, John 

Gutlirow, Joseph 

" Thompson, Mathew 

Govrele, Andrew 

Shaffer, Henry 

Gray, William 

" Wincett, Joseph . 

Hill, Richard S. 

" Walker, Fielder 

Hamilton, David 

" Whitson, George R. 

Holmes, John 

Miller, Peter 

Herrou, John 

" Parsons, Samuel 

Jackson, Samuel 

" Williams, Lancelot 

Jackson, Roherl 

" Bower, Samuel 

Johnson, William 

Davis, Jolm 

Kelly, Patrick 

McCoy, Hugh 

Knight, Elitus 

" Regard, Caleh 

Levare. Joseph 

" Bowen, John 

Lyon, John 

Doll, John 

Laiighlin, James 

Brown, Stephen 

Moiey, Jonathan 

" Williams, George 

Manning, Dennis 

" Smith, Charles 

Murphy, Josiah 

" Dement, Edward 

McAna, George 

" Bozen, Henry 

McCrae, Archhd. 

" Hemmenway, John 

Nowland, Peter 

" Murray, John 

O'Neal, John 

" Jones, William 

O'Connor, John 
Powell, William 

li ijr;n;.^.-., c 4 

" Philip Cypress, 

ii vaui 


Quinn, Edward 

" Barney Hamilton, 


lieanios, Emanuel 

" Henry Bordley, 


Reynolds, Connor 

" William Cioss, 


Rittallack, Simon 

" Elias Cross, 


Russell, Dewey 

" Anthenas Catesto, 


Peters, Conrad 



JSmilh, William 



From nubs' Register. 

Baltimore, August 27, 1813. 


Whereas the commandiug officer has required the aid of 
the citizens in the erection of works for the defense of the 
city, and the commiltee of vigilance and safety having full 
confidence in the patrioiisni of their fellow citizens, have 
agreed on the following organization, for the purpose of 
complying with the request of the major general. 

The inhabitants of the city and precincts are called on to 
deposit at the court-house in the third ward, centre market in 
the fifth ward, market house Fell's Point, Riding-school in'.the 
seventh ward, or take with them to the place required, all 
wheel- barrows, pick- axes, spades and shovels "that they can 

That the city and precincts be divided into four sections, 
the first section to consist of the eastern precincts and the 
eight n ward, the second to comprise the 5th, 6th and 7th 
wards, the third to comprise the 2d, 3d and 4th wards, and the 
fourth to comprise the 1st ward and western precincts. 

That the exempts from military and the free people of color 
of the first district, consisting of the 8th ward and eastern pre- 
cincts, assemble to-morrow, Sunday morning, at 6 o'clock, at 
Hampstead-hill with provisions for the day, and that Arthur 
Mitchell, Daniel Conn, Henry Pennington, .John Chalmers, 
William Starr, Thomas Weary, Henry Harwood and Philip 
Cornmiller be charged with their superintendence during the 

That those of the second district, comprising the 5th, 6th and 
7th wards, assemble at Myer Garden, on Monday morning at 
6 o'clock under the superintendence of William Parks, Captain 
Watts, Ludwig Herring, William Ross, William Carman, Dan- 
iel Howland, Caleb Earnest and James Hutton. 

That those of the third district, comprising the second, third 
and fourth wards, assemble at Washington Square, on Tuesday 


morning, at six o'clock, under the superintendence of Frederick 
Leypold,AVilliam M'Cleary, JohnMcKim, jr., Henry Schroeder, 
Alexander M'Douald, Eli Hewitt, Peter Gold and Alexander 

That those of the fourth district, comprising the 1st ward 
and western precincts, assemble at the intersection of Eutaw 
and Market streets, on AVednesday morning at 6 o'clock under 
the superintendence of William W. Taylor, William Jessop, 
Edward Harris, George Decker, William Harkins, Isaac Philips, 
William Jones and John Higuet. 

Tlw. owners of the slaves are requested to send them to work 
on the days assigned in the several districts. 

Sucii of our |)atriolic fellow citizens of the county or else- 
where, as are disposed to aid in the common defence, are in- 
vited lo partake in thedutiesnow required on such of the days 
as may be raobt convient to thc-m. 

(Signed) EDWARD JOHNSON, Cliairman. 

Theodore Bland, Secretary. 


At the recommendation of the Committee of Vigilance and 
Safety, the people commenced their labors to fortify the city, 
on Sunday the 27th ult. The work done demonstrates their 
power and zeal, to the astonishment of all who behold it. 
Baltimore has long been remarkable for the patriotism and lib- 
eral spirit of her citizens; and her high character for these 
qualitifsis fully maintained by the free offering of meii and 
money for the purposes of defence In the meantime, volun- 
teers and militia from the adjacent parts of Maryland, Penn- 
sylvania and Virr/inia, have flocked in to our aid We are re- 
strained, b}' the request of the Committee of Vigilance, from 
mentioning any particular; but the honorable record shall yet 
be made. We restrain the desire to notice these things becaune 
enjoined by the committee; for we are very sure the enemy is 
apprised of almost every thing that is transacted here; but he 
has learnt nothing to our discredit. The means of defence 
have given confidence to the people, inany families who had 
left the city have- returned; nothing is relaxed; everything 
goes on as though an attack svere immediately expected, but 
with the exceptio!! of performing their mi'itary duties, the peo- 
ple have their usual composure and quiet. To our brethren 
who have flown to our assistance, we are creatly indebted, as 
well for the decorum of their conduct in tlie city, as their pa- 
triotism in coming to the camp. The sudden collection of so 
many people, of all classes and conditions, might have been ex- 
pected to create much confusion and disorder; but no event 
has yet occurred, that we have heard of, which can sully the 
character of an individual soldier; and the city is ns quiet, (the 
sound of the drum, or the rattling of wagons pertaining to the 


different corps, excepted) as ever it was. Tliis tribute is due to- 
the gentlemen a.^socifited to repulse tlie enemy. Major General 
Smit/i, of the Maryland militia (of JIud Fort memory) com- 
ninnds the troops collected specially for the defence o; Jialti- 
more. Brigadier General Winder has under him tlie forces 
belonging to his military district. He is now here, and the 
whole is acting in concert. 


Baltimore. — The following, from '^ his majextj/'s prin'ing 
office at Bcrnuida" as the article is headed, is the qutensi and 
most lying account of the late attack upon Baltimore that we 
have yet seen, sonic "domestic manufactures" excepted : 

" ii>t'pt. 23. — It appears from report, that after destroying 
Washington and taking possession of Alexandria, the t-mall 
body of brave men under General Ross made an attack on Bal- 
timore; the enemy had sunk the vessels, and but two or three 
small craft with bombs could approach: they succeeded, Iiowever, 
tn driving the Americans from, the fort ; having to contend with 
a very superior force, eventually retired, as the occupation of 
the town, ichich might have been gained, would be a poor com- 
pensation for the sacrifice of many valuable lives." 


To detail, with reasonable accuracy, the minutia; of the 
events that have happened at Baltimore since Suudaj- morning, 
the 11th inst., when the enemy made his appearance, to the 
time of his departure on the loth, is not easily done: and we 
shall endeavor to give a succinct narration of the proceedings, 
with a steady eye to the tiuth of each matter referred to ; 
avoiding, nevertheless, every thing that may tend to increase 
the information of the incendiary foe, as to our means of re- 
sources. Hence an account of our troops or works will not be 
expected. Sufficient is it to say, that the same force would 
make much less impression now than it did, or could have 
done, at the time of attack. 

After the affair at Bladensburg and capture of Washington, 
an attack upon this city was confidently expected. Indeed, 
General Jloss had fixed upon it for his winter quarters; and 
boasted, that with the force he had, he would go where he 
pleased through Maryland. Thus forewarned, considerable ad- 
ditions were made to the defences of the place — some of the 
troops of Gen. Winder's command were collected — liodgers and 
Perry were here; and a good manj' noble volunteers flocked in 
from the adjacent parts (jf our own state and from Virginia and 
JPenn8t)lvania. The Baltimore brigade was taken e7i masse into- 


tiie service of the United States; and the whole submitted to 
the direction of Major General Smith, of the Maryland militia. 

On Saturday, the 10th inst., we had information that the 
enemy was ascending the bay, and on Sunday morning his^ 
ships were seen at the mouth of our river, the Patapsco, in 
number from 40 to 50. — Some of his vessels entered the river,, 
while others proceeded to North Point, (at the mouth of the 
Patapsco), distant 12 miles from the city, and commenced the 
debarkation of their troops in the night, which was finished 
early next morning. In the mean time the frigates, bomb 
ketches, and small vessels approached and ranged themselves 
in a formidable line to cannonade the fort, and the town. — The 
frigates were lightened before they entered the river — and the 
ships of line lay off North Point, to overawe us and protect 
the whole force. 

The force that landed consisted of about 9,000 men— viz.: 
5,000 soldiers, 2,000 marines, and 2,000 sailors. The tirst under 
Major-General Rona — the latter commanded by the famous Ad- 
miral Cockburn. The troops were a part of Wtllington'H " in- 
vincibles." Some works were erecting not far from North 
Point to arrest their progress; but their incipient state forbade 
a stand being made at them; and the enemy marched four 
miles towards us uninterrupted, except by a few flying shots 
from the cavalry. Here they were met by (je\xe\-A\ Strieker 
with his entire Baltimore brigade, (except that he had only one 
company of the regiment of artillery) consisting of Col. Biays' 
cavalry, the rifle corps, and the olh, 6th, 27th, 39th and 5lst 
regiments of infantry, commanded respectively by Lieut. Cols. 
Sterett, M' Donald, Long, Fotcler and Amey. In the 5th was in- 
corporated an elegant uniformed company of volunteers from 
Fi^;-^, Penn., under Capt. Sjjangler ; and in the 39th, Captain 
Metzger^s fine company of volunteers from Hanover, Peun., and 
Capt. QuantriVs from Uagevstoicn, Maryland; and in the (Jth, 
Capt. Dixon's volunteers from Marietta, Penn. — all the rest 
were city troops; and the wliole, including Capt. Monigome7'i/'s 
company of artillery (with 6 four pounders) amounted to 
about 3,200 men. The rest of our forces were judiciously sta- 
tioned in or near the various defences, &c. About 1 o'clock a 
party of 150 or 200 men, consisting of Capt. Levering's and 
Capt. IloicarcVs companies of the 5th regiment, and Capt. 
Atsgiiit/is rifle corps, were detached from the line to feel the 
enemy, and bring on the battle; they were accompanied by a 
few artillerists with one of their pieces. Before they expected 
it, they were attacked by the British, in very superior num- 
bers, and driven in with some loss after a few fires, to the main 
body. As the enemy advanced, the artillery opened a destruc- 
tive fire upon them, which was returned from 2 nine pounders, 
and the action became gtneral along the line of the 5th and 
27th, which were in front. The 39lh and 51st were in the rear 
of these, and the Gth advantageously posted still nearer the 
city, to protect and cover the whole. The fire from the two 


first named regiments, as well as from the artillery,* was very 
active ami uncommonly certain for aiioiit an hour. Of the 5th, 
much was expected, hut the 27th hehaved, at least as gallantly. 
The men took delil)erate aim, and the carnage was great — the 
'• invincibkK" dodging to the ground, and crawling in a hending 
posture, to avoid the militia — the "yeomen" they were taught 
80 much to despise. When the 5th and 27th (hetween which 
was placed the artillery) were outflanked hy the much greater 
f rce of the enemy, they retired in l)etter order than could 
liave heen expected under a galling fire; and they retired re- 
luctantly at the repeated command of their officers. The artil- 
lery had been drawn off a little while before. The right of the 
39t"!i was gallantly eugnged, but the olst took uo part in the 
action ; and it was not at that time and place expected that the 
6th would share in it, else (uniler its veteran Colonel, a soldier 
of the revolution, and one who met the same foe ui)i]er Fulti ski) 
it would, no doubt, have distinguished itself. The cavalry, 
though they performed very severe and important duties, had 
but little to do in the battle. The whole number of our men 
actually engaged did not exceed 1,700. 

Nearly as much, perhaps, being done at this point as was ex- 
pected, our force retreated towards the city. The enemy fol- 
lowed slowly, and on Tuesdaj- night approached within about 
two miles of our entrenchments. Measures were taken to cut 
them off and punish their temerity; but before General Win- 
der -n'nh the Virginia militia, and a squadron of the United 
States cavalry, could bring his plans fully to bear, the British 
suspecting the design or not liking the appearance of our 
works, decamped suddenly in the night and embarked with 
such precipitation that, though closely pursued, a few prisoners 
only were taken. But the pursuing force merited and have re- 
ceived the tlnnks of their geueral; and the whole body col- 
lected is entitled to the gratitude of BuUunore and of their 
country, for the sufferings they so patiently and patriotically 
endured, being compelled to sleep, if sleep was allowed, in the 
open air. with the heavens for their canopy, for four nights, 
during tiie chief part of which it rained pretty constantly and 
sometimes heavily. They also received their refreshments 
irregularly ; the whole being packed up in prudent preparation 
of events that mif^Jit have happened. 

But the attack on fort M' Henry was terriblj- grand and mag- 
nificent The enemy's vessels formed a great halfcircle in front 
of the works on the 12th, but out of reach of our guns, and 
also those of the battery at the Lazaretto, on the opposite side 
of the great cove or basin around the head of which the city 
is built. Fort M'Henry is about 2 miles from the city, a " light 
little" with some finely planned batteries, mounted with heavy 
cannon, «.■« the British very irell knaic. At 6 o'clock on Tuesday 
morning, six bomb and some rocket vessels commenced the 
attack, keeping such a respectful distance as to make the fort 

•The artiller3- fired about 130 rounds. 


rather a target tban an opponent; though Major ^/•wwieacf, the 
gallant commander, and his brave garrison fired occasionally 
to let the enemy know llie place was not given up ! I Four or 
five bomhs were IrecjuenlU' in the air at a time, and, making a 
double explosion, with the noi.*e of the fooluh rockets and the 
firings of the fort. Lazaretto and our barges, created a horrible 
clatter. [Many of these bombs Inve since been found entire — 
they weigh, when full of their combuslibles, about 210 or 220 
lbs., aud they threw them much further than our long 42 
])ouiiders would reach ] Thus it lasted until about 8 o'clock 
in the afternoon, when the enemy, growing more courageous, 
dropped nearer the fort, and gave the garrison and batteries a 
little of the chance they wanted. The balls now flew like hail- 
stones, and the Britons slipped their cables, hoisted their sails 
and were off in a moment, bui not without damage. When 
they got out of harm's way they renewed the ''magnanimous^' 
attack, throwing their bombs with an activity excited by their 
mortification. So Ihey went on until about 1 o'clock in the 
morning, our battery now and then firing a single gun. At 
this time, aided by the darkness of the night and screened by a 
flame thej^ had kindled, one or two rocket or bomb vessels aud 
many barges, manned with 1,200 chosen men, passed Fort 
M'Henry and proceeded up the Patapsco, to assail the town and 
fort in the rear, and, perhaps, efl'ect a landing. The weak 
sighted mortals now thought the great deed was done — they 
gave three cheers, and began to throw their missive weapons. 
But, alas! their cheering was quickly turned to groaning, 
and the cries and screams of their wounded and drowning 
people soon reached the shore ; for Forts M' Henry and Coiy- 
ington with the City Battery and the Lazaretto and barges, 
vomited an iron far/ieupon them, in hcited balls, and a storm 
of heavy bullets flew upon them from the great semi-circle of 
large guns and gallant hearts. The houses in the city were 
shaken to their foundations, for never, perhaps from the time 
of the invention of cannon to the ])reseut da_v, were the same 
number of pieces fired with so rapid succe-siou ; particularly 
from Fori Covinr/ton, where a pnrtj' of Eoc/ger's really invincible 
crew were posted. Barney\f flotilla men, at the Citu Battery, 
maintained the high reputation they had before earned. The 
other vessels also began to fire — and the heavens were lighted 
vrilh flame, and all was a continued explosion for about half an 
hour. Having got this ta^te of what was prepared for them 
(and it was a mere taste) the enemy precipitately retired with 
his remainging force, battered and crippled, to his rtspectful 
distance; the darkness of the night aud his ce:ising to tii"e 
(which was the only guide our people Imd) preventing annihi- 
lation. All was for sometime still — aud llu; silence was awful 
— but beiug beyond danger some of his vessels resumed the 
bombaidment, which continued until iv.orning — in all about 24 
hours, during whicii there were thrown not less than 1,")00 of 
these great bombs, besides many rockets and some round shot. 
They must have suffered excessively in this attuir— two ol' their 


large barges were found sunk ; and in them were yet soiucdead 
men. But what the loss really was it is probable we never 
shall know. They also were at other times injured by Fort 
M'Heitry, the I.nznuttonnA the barges. I myself believe I saw 
several shot take effect during Tuesday afternoon. 

The preservation of our people in the fort is calculated to ex- 
cite in a wonderful manner our gratitude to that Great Bring, 
without whose knowledge ''a sparrow does not fall to tiie 
ground." Only four were hilled and about 20 iroutided, and 2 or 
f 800 irill repair all the damar;es the fortresses sustained.' 

Lieut. Cld'jf/et, of Captain Xicholson's company of artiller)', 
■was the only officer killed in the fort. His friend, Sergeant 
Vkmm, of the same corps, received his death at the same time. 
The}^ were respectable merchants. 

The Admiral had fully calculated on taking the fort in tiro 
hours. Its surrender was spoken of as a matter of course. He 
said that when it was taken and the shipping destroyed, 'Ae 
icould think about teims for the city .' " All about and in the 
fort is such ample evidence of his zeal to perform his promise, 
that it seems impossible to believe that greater damage was uot 
done than was really sustained. The gallant and accomplished 
Aruiistead, through w^atcbing and excessive fatigue (for he I ad 
other great duties to do besides defending his post) flagged as 
soon as the fight was done, and now lifs very ill; but not 
dangerously, we trust, though severely afflicted. Many of his 
gallant companions were also exhausted, but have generally 
recruited their strength. 

To return to the field engagement. The force of the enemy 
in the battle may have amounted to 4,000 men. They were 
fine looking fellows, but seemed very unwilling to meet the 
•'yankee" bullets — their dodging from the cannon and stooping 
before the musketry has already been noticed. The prisoners 
and deserters say that for the time the attair lasted, and the 
men engaged, they never received so destructive a fire: and 
this may well be, for our men fired not by word of command 
only, but also at an object Of the Cllst British regiment about 
500 were landed— on the morning of the 13th they found 171 
killed, wounded and missitig. Their whole loss may be safely 
estimated at Irom 500 to 700 men. Major General ROSS, who 
did '• not care if it rained militia," the incendkiry of the capital, 
paid tlie forfeit of that act by his death. He was killed in the 
early part of the action; and there is reason to believe that 
two or three other officers high in command met the same fate. 
Boss was a brave mm and an able commander — and if he had 
been engaged in another spstem of warfare would have claimed 
our respectful remembrance. We maj' admire, but we cannot 
esteem his memor)-. The character of Moor in Schiller's play 
of the " Itobbers," notwithstanding its grandeur, disgusts by 
the businexs to which his great talents and accomplishments 
were devoted. So it was with Koss. His orders, perhaps, may 
afford some sort of an excuse for his violation of the rules of 


civilized war. His death was probably the immediate cause 
why au attack upon our works was not made. General Brooks, 
on whom the command devolved, would not risk the enterprize. 

Our whole loss in the affair was about 20 killed, 90 wounded 
and 47 prisoners and missing.* The officers killed were James 
Lowry Donaldson, Esq , adjutant of the brave 27th regiment, 
and one of the representatives of this city in the house of dele- 
gates of Maryland — he fell while encouraging his brethren in 
arms: and Lieut. Andre of the 'Gray Yagers," a valuable 
young man. Major Moore of the 27th was severely, but not 
dangerously wounded. Major Heath of the oth had two horsea 
shot under him, and Major Barry's of the same regiment, waa 
also killed. The cavalry lost several horses, and some of them 
ou the look-out were taken prisoners. For the present, we 
shall only add that Brigadier General Strieker, whose urbanity 
has long endeared him to the citizens under his command, and 
the people at large, behaved as became the high charge en- 
trusted to him as a soldier. He has the entire confidence of 
his Brigade. Robert O. Harper, Esq., who volunteered his services 
as an aid-de-camp, also greatly exerted himself in the hottest 
part of the fire to encourage and give steadiness to our troops. 

The enemy's bomb-vessels, we are told, are much wrecked 
by their own fire. This may well be supposed when the fact 
is stated that at every discharge they were forced two feet into 
the water by the force of it, thus straining every part from 
stem to stern. 

Never was the mortification of an invader more complete 
than that of our enemy. Beaten by the militia and defeated 
by the fort, he went awaj' in the worst possible humor, and a 
total loss that may amount to not less than 800 men. 

The following is from a London paper of June 17 — " It is 
understood that the grand expediti n preparing at Bordeaux 
for America, under the gallant lord Hill, is destined for the 
Cheapeake direct. Our little army in Canada, will at the 
same instant be directed to make a movement in the direction of 
the Susquehanna ; and both armies will therefore, in all proba- 
bility meet at ^Yashington, Philadelphia or Bj.ltimore. The 
seat of the American government, but more pauticularlt 
Baltimore is to be the immediate object of attack. In the 
diplomatic circles it is also rumored that our naval and military 
commanders on the American station have no power to con- 
clude any armistice or suspension of arms. Thej' carry with 
them certain terms, which will be offeied to the American 
governmcrft at the point of the bayonet. The terms of course 
are not made public ; but there is reason to believe that 
America will be left in a much worse siluation,as a naval and com- 
mercial power, than she was at the commencement of the war." 

♦ Twenty-two of the wounded were paroled on the field— 47 are 
on board t fie fleet, (many of them gentlemen of the first respecta- 
bility,) and it is believed will he sent to Halifa.Y, though ail possible 
means to efiPect their release were used. By a Hag they were all 
liberally supplied. 


Copiex of lelteiK from. M i',»r Onural S nith of Ihe Maryland 
militia, to thi Seen tar;; of War. 

\\. Quarters, HAMPSXEAD-iirLL, 

Bait, Sept. 14, 1S14— 10 A. M. 
Sru — I hiive the honor of int'oiniint? you, tluit the enemy, 
after nn unsnccessfiil attempt both by land and water, on this 
place, appear to be retiring. 

We have a force hanging (m their rear — I shall give you 
further particulars iu the course of the day. 
I have the honor to be, your obedient servant, 

(Signed) S. S>lirH, Major General Uommandinf/. 
P. S. The enemy's vessels in the Patapsco are all uuder 
way going down the river. I have good reason to believe that 
General Ross is mortally wounded. 
Honorable James Monroe, actimj ^Secretary of War. 

Head-Quarters, Baltimore, 15th September, 1814. 

Sir — I have been so incessantly occupied, that it has been 
impossible for me to convey to you the information respecting 
the enemy, which it would have been proper for you to have 
received from nae. A detailed statement will be forwarded as 
soon as it can be made out; in the mean time, I have the 
pleasure to inform you that the euemv embarked their rear 
guard about 1 o'clock, and that their ships, a few excepted, are 
out of the river ; their destination unknown. 

I have the honor to be, your oljedient servant, 

SAiSIUEL SMITH, Major General Com'g. 

Colonel JaritCx Monroe, Acting Secretary of War. 

Head-Quarters, Baltimore, September loth, 1814. 

Sir — I have the honor to enclose to you, for your disposal, 
two letters from British offlcers, received by Dr. McCulloh 
(garrison surgeon,) whom I had sent to the battle ground to 
attend our wounded. 

I have also the honor to send you enclosed a list of our 
wounded who were made prisoners, and of the agreement 
made by Doctor McUulloh respecting them. 

I liave the honor to be, j'our most obedient servant. 

SAMUEL SMITH, Major General Gom'g. 

Colonel Jamen Monro?, acting Secretary of War. 

In consequence of the humanity shewn the following Ameri- 
can prisoners of war, I do promise upon honor that they shall 
not directly or indirectly serve against the British until regu- 
larly exchanged. 

James H. McCulloh, Henry Brice, George Repert, Jacob 
Noyle, John Robinson, James N. Marriott, Charles Goddard, 


Walter Muskett, Bryan Allen, George Reintzell, Jacob Hub- 
bard, Benjamin Fleetwood, Thomas Brengman, John Pidgeon, 
Luther A. Norris, David Davis, William Colliugs, John Lamb, 
James Davidson, Wm. Keane, jr., James Gibson, Richard K. 
Cook, Robert Smith, John Jephson, George Bennett, Conrad 

And I do further engage to get the above twenty-six Ameri- 
cans exchanged as soon as possible for a like number of 
British left at Bladensburg. 


Garrison Surgeon, U. S. Army. 

Copy of a letter from Major Oen. Smith to the Secretary 
of War, dated 
Head-Quabters, Baltimore, September 19, 1814. 

Sir — In compliance with the promise contained in my letter 
of the 15th instant, I have now the honor of stating, that the 
enemy landed between seven and eight thousand men on Mon- 
day, the 12th instant, at North Point, fourteen miles distant 
from this town. Anticipating this debarkation. General Strieker 
had been detached on Sunday evening with a portion of his 
brigade on the North Point road. Major Randal, of the Balti- 
more county militia, having under his command a light corps 
of riflemen and musketry taken from General Stansbury's 
brigade and the Pennsylvania volunteers, was detached to the 
mouth of Bear creek, with orders to co-operate with General 
Strieker, and to check any landing which the enemy might 
attempt in that quarter. On Monday, Brigadier General 
Strieker took a position at the junction of the two roads lead- 
ing from this place to North Point, having his right flanked by 
Bear creek, and his left by a marsh. He here awaited the ap- 
proach of the enemy, having sent on an advanced corps uoder 
the command of Major Heath of the ."ith regiment. This ad- 
vance was met by that of the enemy, and after some skirmish- 
ing it returned to the line, the main body of the enemy being 
at a short distance in rear of their advance. Between two and 
three o'clock, the enemy's whole force came up and conmienced 
the battle by some discliarges of rockets, whicii were suc- 
ceeded by the cannon from both sides, and soon after tiie action 
became general along the line. General Strieker gallantly 
maintained his ground against a great superiority of numbers 
during the space of an hour and twenty minutes, wiien the 
regiment on his left (the 51st) giving way, he was under the 
necessity of retiring to the ground in his rear, where he had 
stationed one regiment as a reserve. He here formed his bri- 
gade; but the enemy not thinking it advisable to pursue, he, 
in compliance with previous arrangements, fell back and took 


post on tlie left of my entrenchments, and half a mile in ad- 
vance of them. In this ati'iiir tlie citizen soldiers of Baltimore, 
with the exception of the r)lst regiment, have maintained the 
reputation they so deservedly ac([uired at Bladensburif, and 
their brave and skilful leader has confirmed the confidence 
■which we had all so justly placed in him. I take the liberty of 
referring you to his letter for the more particular mention of 
the individuals who. new to warfare, have shown the coolness 
and valor of veterans; and who, by their conduct on tlds occa- 
sion, have given their country and their city an assurance ot 
what may be expected from them when their services arc again 
required. I cannot dismiss the subject without expressing the 
heartfelt satisfaction I experience in thus bearing testimonv to 
the courage and good conduct of my fellow townmen. About 
the time General Strieker had taken the ground just mentioned, 
he was joined by Brigadier General Winder, who had been 
stationed on the west side of the city, but was now ordered to 
march with General Douglas's brigade of Virginia militia and 
the United States' Dragoons under Captain Bird, and take post 
on the left of General Strieker. During these movements, the 
brigades of Generals Stansbury and Foreman, the seamen and 
marines under Commodore Rodgers, the Pennsylvania volun- 
teers under Colonels Cobean and Findley, the Baltimore artil- 
lery under Colonel Harris, and the Marine artillery under Capt. 
Stiles, manned the trenches and the batteries— all prepared to 
receive the enemy. We remained in this situation during the 

On Tuesday the enemy appeared in front of my entrench- 
ments at the distance of two miles, on the Philadelphia road, 
from whence he had a full view of our position. He manoeuvred 
during the morning towards our left, as if with the intention of 
making a circuitous march and coming down on the Harford 
or York roads Generals Winder and Strieker were ordeied to 
adapt their movements to those of the enemy so as to baffle 
this supposed intention. They executed this order with great 
skill and judgment by taking an advantageous position, stretch- 
ing from my left across the country, when the enemy was 
likely to approach the quarter he seemed to threaten. This 
movement induced the enemy to concentrate his forces (be- 
tween one and two o'clock) in my front, pushing his advance 
to within a mile of us, driving in our videttes and showing an 
intention of attacking us that evening. I immediately drew 
Generals Winder and Strieker nearer to the left of my en- 
trenciiments and to the right of the enemy, with the intention 
of their falling on his right or rear should he attack me; or, if 
declined it, of attacking him in the morning. To this move- 
ment and to the strength of my defences, which the enemy had 
the fairest opportunity of observing, I am induced to attribute 
his retreat, which was commenced at half past one o'clock on 
Wednesday morning. In this he was so lavored by the ex- 
treme darkness and a continued rain, that we did not discover 
it until day-light. I consented to General AViuder's pursuing 


with the Virginia brigade and the United States Dragoons ; at 
the same time Major Randal was dispatched with his light 
corps in pursuit on the enemy's right, whilst the whole of the 
militia cavalry was put in motion for the same object. All the 
troops were, however, so worn out with continued watching, 
and with being under arms during three days and nights, ex- 
posed the greater part of the time to very inclement weather, 
that it was found impracticable to do any thing more than pick 
up a few stragglers. The enemy commenced his embarkation 
that evening, and completed it the next day at one o'clock. It 
would have been impossible, even had our troops been in a 
condition to act offensively, to have cut off any part of the 
enemy's rear guard during the embarkation, as the point where 
it was effected was defended from cur approach by a line ot 
defences extending from Back River to Humphrey's creek on 
the Patapsco. thrown up by ourselves previous to their arrival. 

I have now the pleasure of calling your attention to the 
brave commander of Fort M'Henry, Major Armistead, and to 
the operations confided to that quarter. The enemy made his 
approach by water at the same time that his army was ad- 
vancing on the land, and commenced a discharge of bombs and 
rockets at the Fort as soon as he got within range of it. The 
situation of Major Armistead was peculiarly trying — the enemy 
having taken his position at such a distance as to render offen- 
sive operations on the part of the Fort entirely fruitless, whilst 
their bombs and rockets were every moment falling in and 
about it — the officers and men being at the same lime entirely 
exposed. The vessels, however, had the temerity to approach 
somewhat nearer — they were as soon compelled to witudraw. 
During the night, whilst the enemy on land was retreating, 
and whilst the bombardment was most severe, two or three 
rocket \essels and birges succeeded in getting up the Ferry 
Branch ; but they were soon compelled to retire, by the Forts 
in that quarter, commanded by Lieut. Newc mb, of the navy, 
and Lieut. Webster, of the liotilla. These Forts also destroyed 
one of the barges, with all on board. — The barges and battery 
at the Lazaretto, under the command of Lieut. Kutler of the 
flotilla, kept up a brisk, and it is believed, a successful fire dur- 
ing the hottest period of the bombardment. Maj. Armistead 
being seriously ill in consequer.c.* of liis continued exposure to 
the weather, has rendered it inip()ssil)le for him to send in hi-* 
report. It is not therefore, in my power to do justice to those 
gallant individuals, who partook with him the danger of a 
tremendous bombardment, without the ability of retorting, and 
witiiout that security, which in more regular fortifications is 
provided for such occasions. Tlie only loss sustained in the 
Fort is, I understand, about 27 killed and wounded — amongst 
the former I have to lament the fall of Lieuts Clagi^ett and 
Clemm, who were both estimable citizens and useful offlcers. 

From General Strieker's brigade, the return of the killed and 
wounded has not yet come in. It is supposed, however, to 
amount to about 150 — among the former, this city has to regret 


the loss of its representntive in the State Legislntiire, .Tftnies^ 
Lowry Donaldson, Esq., Adjutant of the 27th leginu-nt. This 
gentleman will ever he leniemheied by his constituents for his 
zeal and talents, and by his corps for his bravery and military 

I cannot conclude this report without informing you of the 
12 rent aid I have derived from Commodore Uod^ers. He was 
ever present and ever ready to atford his useful council, and to 
rendu- his important services. His presence, with that of his 
gahai.t officers and seamen, gave confidence to every one. 

The enemy's loss in his attempt on Baltimore, amounts, as 
near as we can ascertain it, to between six or seven hundred 
killed, wounded and missing — Gen. Ross was certainly killed. 

1 have the honor to be, with great respect, sir, your obedient 

S. SMITH, Major General Coni'cj. 

Colonel James Monroe, Acting Secretary of War. 

Copy of a letter from Brigadier General Strieker, dated 
Head-Quarteks 3d Brigade — Baltimore, Sept. 15, 1814. 
Major Gen. S. Smith, 

Sir — I have the honor to report to you, that, in obedience to 
your orders, I marched from Baltimore on Sunday the 11th 
inst. with part of my brigade, as the advance corps of the 
army under your command. My force consisted of 550 of the 
5th regiment under Lieut. Col. Sterett; 620 of the (Jth, under 
Lieut. Col. M'Donald; 500 of the 27th, under Lieut. Col. 
Long; 450 of the ;Wtb, under Lieut. Col. Fowler; 700 of the 
51st under Lieut. Col. Amey ; 150 riflemen under Capt. Dyer ; 
140 cavalry under Lieut. Col. Blays, and the Union Artillery 
of 75 meti, with six four-poun.ders, under Capt. Montgomery, 
making an aggregate of 3185 etfective men. 1 moved towards 
North Point by the main road, at 8 o'clock P. M. reached the 
meeting-house near the head of Bear Creek, seven miles from 
this city. Here the brigade halted, with the exception of the 
cavalry, who were pushed forward to Gorsuch's farm three 
miles m advance, and the riflemen who took post near the 
blacksmith's shop two miles in advance of our encampment. 
At seven o'clock on the morning of the 12th, I received infor- 
mation from the advanced videttes that the enemy were 
debarking troops from and under cover of their gun vessels 
which lay otf the blufl" of North Point, within the mouth of 
Patapsco river. I immediately ordered back my baggage 
under a strong guard, moved forward the 5th and 27 regi- 
ments, and my artillery to the head of Longlog-lane (so called) 
resting the 5th with its right on the head of a branch of 
Bear Creek, and its left on the main North Point road, while 
the 27th was posted on the other side of the road in line with 


tlie 5th, its left extending towards a branch of Bacli river. 
Tlie artillery I posted directl)' at the head of tlie lane in the- 
interval between tlie 5th and 27tli. The 39th occupied a 
ground 300 yards in the rear of the 27tli, and the 51st the 
SMine distance in rear of the 5th, extendin<; each parallel to- 
the front line. The 6th regiment was thrown back to a posi- 
tion a short distance this side of Cook's tavern, and half a mile 
in the rear of the second line. My orders were, that tlie oth- 
and 27th should receive the enenij', and, if necessary, fall back 
through the 51st and 39th, and form on the right of the (ith or 
reserve regiment. The ritiemeu were ordered to tlie skirls of 
a thick low pine wood beyond the blacksmith's shop, with a 
large sedge field in front, that as the cavalry were still in ad- 
vance who would inform of the enemy's approach, they 
might take advantage of the covering of tiie wood and annoy 
his advance. I soon learned that the enemy's advance party 
was moving rapidly up the miiiu road, and as the cavalry con- 
tinually announced their progress, I flattered myself with the 
hope that tlie riflemen would soon proclaim by a galling tire 
their still nearer approach. Imagine my chagrin wlien I per- 
ceived the whole rifle corps falling back on my main position, 
having too credulously listened to ground'ess information that 
the enemj^ were lauding on Back river to cut them off. My 
hopes of early annoyance to the enemy being thus frustrated, I 
threw the riflemen on the right flank of my ifront line, thereby, 
with the addition of a few cavalrj', veri' well securing that 
flank. My videttes soon brought information that the enemy in 
small force was enjoying himself at Gorsuch's farm. Insulted at 
the idea of a small maraudiug party thus daringly provoking 
chastisement, several of my otiicers volunteered their corps to 
dislodge it. Captain Levering's and Howard's companies 
from the 5lh, about 150 in unmher, under Major Heath of that 
regiment; Capt. Aisquilh's aud a few other riflemen, in all 
about 70; one 4 pounder with 10 men under Lieut. Stiles, and 
the cavalry, were immediately pushed forward to punish the 
insolence of the enemy's advance; or, if his main body ap- 
peared, to give evidence of my wish for a general engage- 
ment. The latter purpose was soon answered ; this small vol- 
unteer corps had proceeded scarcely half a mile before the main 
body of the enemy shewed itself, which was immediately at- 
tacked. The infantry and riflemen maintained a fire of some 
minutes, and retired with scmie loss in killed and wounded ; 
the cavalry and artillery owing to the disadvantageous ground 
not being able to support tliem. In this skirmish. Major 
Heath's horse was killed under him. At half-past 2 o'clock, 
the enemy commenced throwing rockets across my left flank, 
which seemed harmless, and had no other efl'ect than to pre- 
pare my line for the sound of the artillery, which soon com- 
menced by us on the enemy's right column then i)ushing across- 
towards my left, and returned by their six pounders and a 
howitzer upon my left and center. The cannonading was- 
brisk for some minutes, when I ordered my fire to ceaee untlt 


the eiuiiiy slioiild gel within cioso ninge of cannisler. Seeing 
thill my left flank was tiie main object of tiie enemy, 1 brouglit 
up ilie 81)th into line on the left of tiu; 27ih, and deliielied 
two pieces of artillery to the left of the I^Oth; slill more 
securely to i)rotcct my left flank. Colonel Amey of the olsl 
was onlered to form his regiment at right angles with my line, 
resting his right iniw the left of the ;i!)th regiment. The order 
being hall}' cMcutid created lor a moment some confusion iu 
that (piarter, b'lt was s-oon rcclitied by the efl'orfs of my Aid- 
decamp and brigade Majors who corrected the error of Col- 
onel Amey anil posted the 51st in its onlered position. The 
enemy's right column disi)layed and advanced upon the 89111 
and 'JTlh. Thenlst unmindful of my object to use its fire in | 
l)rot(clion of my lett flank in case an iitlempl should be luade ' 
to turn it, totally forgetful of the honor of the brigade, and 
regardless of its own reputation, delivered one random fire 
and retreated precipitately, and iu such confusion, as to ren- 
der every etfort of mine to rally them inelfective. Some dis- 
order was occasioned in the second battalion of the blHh, by 
the tiight of the 51st, and a few gave way. The fire now be- 
came general from left to right ; my artillery iu the centre 
poured forth an incessant volley of cannister upon the enemy's 
left column, who were endeavoring to gain the cover of a 
small log-hoi se, about 50 yards iu front of the 5lh ; which, 
however, i)recautiou had been taken to fire, so soon as Captaiu 
Sadtler's Yagers from the 5th (who were originally posted 
therein) should be compelled to leave it. The enemy's Hue 
advanced about 10 miuutes before 3 o'clock, with a severe tire 
•which was well returned bj^ the artillery, the whole 27th, the 
5th e.xct pt the three compauies of Captaiu Levering, Howard 
and Sadtlcr, which were too much exhausted by the advanced 
skirmish of the. two former — and the ordered retreat of the 
first battalion of the i9th, \\ho niainiaiued its ground iu de- 
spite of the disgraceful example set by the intended support 
on the left. The fire was incessant till about 15 miuutes before 
4 o'clock, when, finding that my line now 1,400 strong, was in- 
sufficient to withstand the superior numbers of the enemy, and 
my left flank being exposed bj' the desertion of the 51st, I was 
constrained to order a movement back to the reserve regi- 
ment, under Colonel M'Donald, which was well posted to re- 
ceive the retired line which mostly rallied well On forming 
with the 6th, the fatigued state of the regiments and corps 
which had retired, and the probability that my right flank 
might lie turned by a quick movement of the enemy in that 
direction, induced me, after proper deliberation, to fall back to 
Worthingtou's mill; which I was the more persuaded to, by 
my desire to have the Gth regiment (whose oflicers and men 
were eager to share the dangers of tluir brother soldiers) per- 
fect and in good order to rcf eive the enemy on his near ap- 
proach to the city. All retiied as I could wish, and were 
ready to act as circumstances might require it. In this situa- 
tion you I'ound the brigade on the morning of the 13th, some- 


■wbat fatigued, hut with increased confidence in ouiselves, and 
renewing our preparation for tlic annoyance of tlie enemy 
alone, if deemed proijer, or in conjunction witli any other 

1 have thought it due to the merits of my brigade, to detail 
thus fully their whole movement, and I feel a pride in the be- 
lief that the stand made on Monday, in no small decree, tended 
to check the temerity of the foe, daring to invade a country 
like ours, and designing the destruction of our city, in whose 
defence some of the best blood of the country has already been 
spilt, and for whose safety and protection the citizen soldiers of 
the ;!d brigade are ready to sutler every privation, and meet 
every danger Siiould report be true, (and I doubt not the 
fact) that liie enemy's commanding officer. Major Genenil Hons, 
was killed in tliis action, and tiiat the enemy suffered in pro- 
portion to his superior numbers I shall feel still more the valua- 
ble coufcqueuces of our fight. 

The conduct of many company officers and privates, was 
such as I calculated on ; that of most of my field officers also 
merits my ])articular notice. — Major Richard K. Heatli of the 
5th, who led on the advance party to bring on tlie action, be- 
haved as became an officer, the facts of his first, horse being 
killed under iiim in the first i-kirmish, his second being badly 
wounded, and himself receiving a contusion on the head, by a 
musket ball, in the general action, are ample proofs of his 
bravery and exposure in discharge of his duty. Lieut. Col. 
Sterett, and Major Barry of the 5th, gained my highest appro- 
bation, and they unite wilii all in praise of Captain Spanglcr 
and his company of volunteers from York, Pa., then attached 
to their conunand; also of Adjutant Cheston, who is slightly 
wounded. Lieut. Col. Long of the 27th, and his field and com- 
pany officers, did well ; this whole regiment were unsuri)assed 
in bravery, resolution and enthusiasm. — My brigade lias lo be- 
wail the loss of Adjutant -/rtme.s Lo/rri/ DonaklHon, who fell in 
the hottest of the fight, bravely discharging the duties of his 
commission. Lieut. Col. Fowler, and Major Steiger of tlie 
39th, did their duty in every respect; they speak highly of the 
volunteer companies of Capt. Quantril, from Hagerstown, and 
Capt Metzgar, from Hanover, Pa. Capt Quantril is wounded. 
Captain John Montgomery, commander of my artillery, gained 
for himself and his company lasting honor. Captain Aisquith, 
and his comjiaiiy of ritlemen, merit my thanks. Ensign Wil- 
mot, commanding the company of United Volunteers of the 
5tb, and many of his men distinguished themselves. To bri- 
gade Majors Calhoun and Frailey, I am under great obligations 
for the prompt and zealous performance of their duty. To my 
Aid-de-camp, Major George P. Stevenson, too much praise 
cannot be given, his industry in every ariangement before the 
fight, and in animating the whole line, was conspicuous; his 
zeal and courage are of the most ardent kind, the sprightliness 
of his manners in the most trying scenes had the happiest effect 
upon all to whom he had to communicate my orders ; and the 


precisinn with wliirh he flelivcrorl my commands, coulrl ha ex- 
ceeded only by the coolness with whicli he alwjiy.s hhvv them 
executed He wnsnnimiited, l)iave. niid useful. Mnjor William 
B. Barney, iind Adjutunl Lemuel Taylor, oi thf- cavalry, who, 
liaviiii,' n(j opi)orlutiity of flislinciion in their regiment owing 
to the grounds, did me great service, the former in aiding Capl. 
Montgomery, the latter in conveying my orders through tho 
whole, Mr. Robert Goodloe Harper deserves my thanks. He 
visited me just belbre the action; accompanied the advance 
parly, and aided me much throughout. The bfave foldiera 
iintler my command have suffered mrmy privations, and I re- 
cognise among our killed anfl wouuderl many valuable men • 
of wlii(,h I will make a report in a U:w days. ' 

I have the honor to be, your obedient servant, 

Brig. Gen. Com. Hd brif/a<\e, M. M. 

Head-Quartehs, Baltimore, September 19, 1814. 

The enemy having been compelled to retire from before thig 
<:ity, the Mnjor General Commanding takes pleasure in con- 
gratulating the troops under his c immand, upon a relaxation 
of these severe duties to which they were for some days ne- 
cessarily exposed. The readiness with which they submitted 
to privations of every kind -was as gratifying to him as the 
alacrity with which they flew to arms (or the protection of the 
city. He feels a particular pleasure in Imparting to every 
officer and soldier his warm acknowledgments for the zeal they 
displayed in marching to meet the enemy, whose object by hi.s 
own declaiation is known to be devastation and ruin to every 
assailable point on the se:dK)ard. It is with peculiar satisfac- 
tion the Commanding General seizes this opportunity of ac- 
knowledging the very great assistance he has rec ived from 
the counsel and active exerliops of Commodore Rodgers. Hi.<i 
exei lions and those of his brave officers and seamen, have con- 
tributed in a very eminent degree to the safety of the city, and 
shoaid be remembered with lively amotions of gratitude bv 
every citizen 

The .--uccessful defence of Fort M'Henry by Major Armistead 
of th(r United States Army having under his command (besides 
his own corps) three companies of Colonel Harris's regiment of 
artillery commanded by Captains Berry and Nicholson and 
Lient. Pennington and a part of the 30lh and :i8ih regiments 
of United States Infantry commanded by Lieutenant Colonel 
Steuart, is beyond all praise. Their gallantry and intrepidity 
enabled them to defend the Fort against every effort of the 
enemy, and there is no doubt that this intrepid officer will be 
rewarded by the Government. The voluntary services of 


Major Lane of the 14th regiment of United States Infantry 
were liigbly useful and duly appreciated by Major Armistead. 
Lieutenant Newconib of the Navy, who commanded Fort 
Covington, and Lieutenant Webster of the flotilla, the city 
battery, performed their respective duties to the entire satisfac- 
tion of the Commanding General. 

To Brigadier General Winder he tenders his thimks for his 
aid, co-operation and prompt pursuit of the enemy. To 
Brigadier General Douglass willi his brigade, and to Colonel 
Taylor with his regiment of Virginia militia cal'ed into ser- 
vice for the defence of Washington, the Commanding General 
also makes a tender of his ackoowledgments. They have 
sustained privations with patience, and submitted to a soldier's 
life with a temper that does them credit. To the officers 
much praise is due for the discipline they have introduced, for 
their attention to their men, and prompt obedience to orders. 

To Brigadier Genera! Strieker and the 8d brigade of Mary- 
land militia, every praise is due; the city being threatened, it 
became the duty of the citizens to be foremost in its defence. 
He claimed the honor, and the brave officers and men under 
his command hailed with deligiit tiie opportunity of meeting 
the enemy's first attack : he met the enemy and engaged him, 
and when compelled by superior number to retreat, lie eflTccted 
it in order, and rallied on his n serve, and from thence retired 
to the ground which had been assigned him near thy line. The 
particulars of the action and the just praise due to each officer, 
are given by the Brigadier General in his report. ,He reports 
the 27ih regiment under Colonel Long, as having in a particu- 
lar manner distinguished itself— h« gives due praise to the Sth, 
under Colonel Sterrett, and 80th under Colonel Fowler. He 
reports that his reserve under Colonel il'Donald merited his 
approbation, and that the artillery under Captain Montgomery 
highly distinguished it.-eif He applauds in terms which are 
flattering, the conduct of Major Piuckney's battalion of rifle- 
men, the command of which (m this occasion having devolved 
on Captain Dyer. He mentions in honorable terms the brav- 
ery and good conduct of Major Heath of the oth.who liad two 
horses shot under him, and of Captains Spangler and Metzgar 
commanding companies from Pennsylvania, and of Captain 
Quantril with a comptiny from Hagerstown. 

The Pennsylvania volunteers without commissions, repaired 
to the post of danger, chose officers and organized themselves 
into regiments, pei formed all the duties of soldiers and have 
recommended themselves in a particular manner to the atten- 
tion of the Commanding General. INIuch praise is also due to 
Generals Stansbury and Forman. Their men came out prin- 
cipally en mass^e, and when assembled were to be organized, 
armed, equipped and disciplined. All this has been efl'ccled 
through their indefatigable exertions. To these gentlemen the 
(,'ommanding General tenders his sincere thanks. Tlie en- 
thusiasm shown by their men on the approach of the enem}', 
gave a full assurance that reliance miglit be placed on them. 


Tlie light corps under Mnjor Ranuiui performed in a manner 
higidy lionoralde tiic services assigned il, and llie Major's con- 
duol evinced a firmness, l)ravery and talent for a military life. 

Tiic excellent discipline and order of the artillery under 
Colonel Harris, and marine artdlery under Captain Stiles, 
atfords a certainty of Iheir good conduct. The regularity 
that prevails in those corps does them honor and affords an ex- 
cellent example to others. Fatiguing as were the duties im- 
posed on United StiUes Cavalry under Captain Bird, and the 
niiliiia cavalry under Lieutenant Col nels Moor, Biays, Street 
auvl Tilghman, and Captain l^ee, they were performed with an 
alacrity and promptness highly honorahle to the officers and 
men. To Captaiu Thompson of the Flying Artillery aud his 
company, the Commanding General tenders his thanks for 
their unremitting personal attention as his guard, their readi- 
ness in carrying orders and the various separate duties assi^'^ned 
them, ,.nd to >Iiijor Barney and Captain Thompson with their 
corps of observation for the correct information received Irom 

The guns at the Lazaretto were well served by Lieutenant 
Rutter of the Flotilla, whose conduct in the discharge of that, 
as well as the highly important duty of advanced night guanls 
to the Fort, has met the entire approbation of the Command- 
ing General. To the committee of vigilance and safety he 
feels himself under particular obligations to acknowledge the 
many advantages he derived from their exertions in providing 
the means necessary for defence. 

Sucli was the determined zeal evinced on the part of every 
brigade and corps under his comma"d, that the Commanding 
General is impressed with a full conviction, that had theeuemj' 
made his attack it would have terminated in his discomfiture 
and defeat. 

By order of Mnjor General S. Smith, 

WM. BATES, Assist Adj. Gen. D. M. M. 

Division Head Qiiarten^, Xeir- Church Street, 

September 15th, 1814. 
Brigadier General Winder congratulates the troops of his 
command upon the suspension of the severe duties to which 
they have been exposed for the last four days. 

The Garrison of Fort M'Henry under the command of Major 
Arraistead, are entitled to, and receive, the warmest acknowl- 
edgments and praise from the Brigadier General for their 
steady, firm and intrepid deportment during an almost inces- 
sant bombardme t for twenty-four hours, during which time 
tliey were exposed to an incessant shower of shells 


The militia artillery of the 3cl brigade under Captains Nicbol- 
8on and Berry, and Lieutenant Pennington, vied with the 
regulars in a firmness and composure which would have hon- 
ored veterans, and prove that tliey were worlliy to co npi'rate 
with the regular artillery, infjintry and sea fencibles in defence 
of that important post. Major Armislead receives also the 
warmest acknowledgments of the Brigadier General Com- 
manding for his able, vigilant and ex;ict, arrangements before 
and during this period of arduous duty, as well as for the uni- 
form zeal, vigor and ability he has discovered in his pripara- 
tious for the defence of the post immediately committed to his 
charge, as for the prompt and efficacious manner in which he 
has complied under great aud perplexing difBculties with de- 
mands from all quarters for ammunition. 

Lieutenant Colonel Steuart and Ma;or Lane, neither of whom 
were required to expose themselves in this dangerous post, will 
please accept the Brigadier General's warmest acknowledg- 
ments for the handsome and gallant manner in which they vol- 
unteered to take command of the regular infantry ; who with 
their officers and men, have evinced the most resolute and 
steady intrepidity in tiie midst of imminent and long continued 

The squadron of the United States Light Dragoons under 
Captain Bird, have proved by the indefatigable and bold man- 
ner in which they have constantly kept upon the very lines of 
the enemy under the fire of his guards and the regular, and 
exact intelligence which they have constantly given of his 
situation, that they want nothing but an opportunity to sig- 
nalize themselves. The bold and intrepid charge which Ser- 
geant Keller, of Captain Bird's company, made upon the rear 
guard of the retreating enemy with but three dragoons in 
which he dispersed a guard of 18 fusileers, taking six of them 
prisoners in despite of their fire and that of a four pounder 
wilhiu half cannister distance winch ma<le three discharges at 
him, deserves the highest approbation, and the skill and dex- 
terity with which he accomplished this hold achievement proves 
he will be competent to a more considerable command to 
which the justice of his Government will no doubt advance 

Brigadier General Douglass with his entire brigade of Vir- 
ginia militia have evinced during four days of the most active 
and arduous duties, under the severest privations of rest and 
refreshment, in constant exposure to the unusual inclemency 
of the weather for the season, a patience, obedience, and alac- 
rity for the most dangerous duties which cannot be surpassed; 
and the prompt aud eager pursuit in which they yesterday en- 
gaged, after the retreating enemy, in the midst of heavy and 
constant rain after such a series of suffering and fatigue, is the 
best evidence which can be given that the patriotism which so 
promptly led them to the field in defence of iheir country, was 
bottomed upon a courage which danger and difficulty cannot 


Lieutenant Col. Griffln Taylor with Ills regiment also of 
Vir.uiiiia militia who was left in charge of the defences in part 
on the Ferryhranch, has proved by his judicious arrangements 
and the zealous manner in which he was supported by his 
men and officers, that he only wanted an occasion to prove 
himself and tlieni the wortiiy coadjutors of tlieir countrymen. 

The enemy has retired from our city and it is to he hoped 
under such circumstances as will deter him from again attempt- 
ing it. Those gallant Virginiaus will have the consolation of 
believing they have essentially contributed to its safety. 

The enemy however has at present only taken refuge in his 
ships — he still remains in our vicinity and may and proh.ibly 
will return if he knows there is the least relaxation of vigilance 
or readiness. The Commanding officers of corps and detach- 
ments will therefore e.xert themselves with unremitted diligence 
to repair the damages of the late fatigue and exposure — to re- 
fresh their troops and hold tliem in readiness for moving at & 
moment's warning. 

By order. ROBT. G. HITE, 

Anxistatit Adjutant General. 


Adjutant General'^ Office, \Oth Military District. 
Baltimore, 18tb Nov., 1814. 

General ordeks. The whole of the 3d Maryland brigade, 
with the exception of Capt. TJiompson's troop. Lieutenant 
Colonel H irris's regiment artillery and Captain Stiles' corps of 
marine artillery, will as soon as mustered to-d ly, consider 
themselves discharged from the service of the United States. 

The Major General in taking leave of this fine body of citizen 
soldiers, who have done themselves and country so much 
honor, offers to them the thanks of the United States, for their 
distinguished services. 

To Lieutenant Colonel McDonald, who has for a short time 
commanded the brigade, the Major General tender his thanks, 
personally, for his prompt and strict attention to duty; also to 
Lieutenant Colonel Sterrelt, whose attentio..s to the guard for 
head quarters, furnished from his handsome regiment, have 
been highly pleasing. 

The regiments and corps discharged will turn over to the 
military store keeper, the arms, ammunition, accoutrements 
and knapsacks, which have been received from the United 
States. The arms received from the State of Maryland will be 
retained by the troops. 

(Signed) W. SCOTT. 

By command, FRANCIS S. BELTON, 

Atmtant Adjutant General. 


Litt of the kitted and wounded of the third brigade, at the late en- 
gagement at Long Log Lane, September 12, 1814. Commu- 

municated to the editor of the Register by Major Frailey. 

Captain Montgomery's Artillery. 

'.. Brookes, 2d Lieuten 
e dead. 

5ih regiment infantry. 

Wounded — Jos. R. Brookes, 2d Lieutenant, 1 Sergeant and 
12 privates, one since dead. 

Killed — 6 privates. 

Wounded — Captain Stewart, Lieutenant Reese, 1 Sergeant, 2 
Corporals and 40 privates. 

27th regiment infantry. 

Kill-ed — Adjutant Jas. L. Donaldson and 8 privates. 
Wounded — Major Moore, 2 Sergeants, 2 Corporals and 41 

39th regiment infantry. 

Killed — 3 privates. 

Wounded— Captain Quantril, 2 Corporals and 20 privates. 

olst regiment infantry. 

Killed — 3 privates. 

Wounded — Ensign Kirby and 3 privates. 

Eifle battalion. 

Killed-^Lieutenant Andre and 2 privates. 
Wounded — 2 Sergeants and 5 privates. 


Killed — 1 Adjutant, 1 subaltern and 22 privates. 

Wounded — 1 Major, 2 Captains, 3 subalterns, 12 non. com. 

officers and privates. Total 213. 

The recapitulation contains the aggregate of prisoners taken 
by the enemy, excepting those paroled at the meeting house, 
included in the wounded. I am unable at present to stale to 
what regiment they were attached. As the honorable Colonel 
Brook has vied with his companions in falsifying an official re- 
port, I beg you will favor the public with this account in any 
form you please. I pledge myself for its correctness. 
Yours respectfully, 

L. FRAILEY, late Brig. Maj. 
3d Brigade M. M. 





Chief Marshal; 




Battle at North Point, 1814. 

MORRIS PUTNAM STEVENS, 1:520 Lintlcn ave. 
Great giandfadier. Captain Jehu Bouldin, of "The Inde- 
pendent Light Dragoons, 5th Regiment Maryland Cavalry, mi- 
litia, Lieut. Col. James Biays, Third Brigade, Brigadier Gen- 
eral John Strieker. 

CAPT. JOSEPH H. J. RUTTER, 205 S. Chester St., 
is the son of Lieutenant Solomon Rutter, United State* 
Navy, under Commodore Barney in Barney's flotilla. The 
eons of Capt. Joseph H. J. Rutter, grandsons of Lieut. Solomon 
Rutter, are Joseph W. Rutter, Charles E. Rutter, Frank Solo- 
mon Rutter, and Harry Gill Rutter (youngest 17 years old). 

Commodore Rogers, in his report of the bombardment of 
Fort McHenry, refers to Lieut. Solomon Rutter, commending 
him for sending Capt. Webster to place obstructions in the 
harbor, to prevent the British ships from coming up to the city. 
Father, William Starr; uncle, Hezekiah Starr, privates 
American Artillerists, Capt. R. B. Magruder. 

JEFFERSON RAMSAY, 912 Harlem ave. 
Father, John Ramsay, private in 6th Regiment, under Capt. 
Robt. Conway. 

WM. L. BUCK, 623 Patterson Park ave. 
Grandfather, John Buck, Trumpeter of Independent Light 
Dragoons. Grandfather, Phillip Shillang. 

SAML. A. DOWNS, 407 Warren st. 
Grandfather, Thos. Neving, Fell's Point Riflemen. Has rifle, 
bullets, &c. 

ROBERT T. SMITH, 102 Fayette st. 
Father, Benjamin B. Smith, private Marine Corps, Captain 
George Stile?, commanding. 

GEORGE H. BOULDIN, 949 N. Washington st. 
DALRYMPLE BOULDIN, Hofi"man st., near Gay. 
Brothers. Sons of Henry Bouldin, and grandsons of Capt. 
Jehu Bouldin, Independent Light Dragoons. 

GEO. F. BOULDIN, son of George H. 
ALFRED BOULDIN, son of Dalrymple Bouldin. 
HARRY THOMPSON, 1814 Biddle st. 
Son of Elizabeth Bouldin, daughter of Henry Bouldin. 


Son of Elizabeth Bouldin, daughter of Henry Bouldin. 

WM. WEINKENICHT. 1316 Holland st. 
Son of Maiy Bouldin, daughter of Henry Bouldiu. 
FRANK MEDCALFE. 1G18 Riggs ave. 
Father, William M. Medcalfe, private under Capt. Peter Piu- 
ney, 27th Regiment, Lieut. Col. Kennedy Long, commanding. 
JOSEPH H. HELM, 339 N. Strieker st. 
Father, Leonard Helen, private in Washington Artillery Co., 
Capt. Berrj'. J. H. H. has his sword and scabbard. 
WILLIAM OWINGS SOLLERS,E. Baltimore St., cor. Dallas. 
Grandfather, Frei. Seyler, private in Capt. Sterrelt's Com- 
pany, 5lh Reg. of Infantry, Lieut. Col. Joseph Sterrelt, com- 

"FRANK W. CASSARD 205 N. Howard f-t. 
Sons, Samuel S.. Gilbert, and Douglas. Father, Gilbert Cas- 
sard, private in Washington Artillerj', Capt. John Berry, 5th 

J. BROWN BAXLEY, S E. cor. Madisoa ave. and McMechin st 
Father, George Baxley, private Washington Artillery, Capt. 
John Berry. Has a shell taken from field bj"^ his father ; weight 
195 pounds. 

Grandfather, George Baxley. 

WM. HENRY BAXLEY, Tinner, Lombard st. 
Father, Jos. M. Baxley, at North Point. 

HAUGHTON BAXLEY, 102 E. Franklin st. 
Great grandfather, George Baxley. See above. 
ROBERT P. BROWN, 1408 Linden ave. Now Captain in 
the 5th Regiment, M. N. G. 
Grandfather, Patrick Caughy, private in Capt. Michael Hau- 
bert's Company, 51st Regiment Maryland militia. Henry Amey, 
Lieut. Colonel commanding. 
GEORGE HENRY STICKNEY, of Reed, Stickney & Co. 
Grandfather, Henry Stickney, private in Baltimore Fencibles, 
Capt. Nicholson 

Sons of Geo. Henry Stickney, but too young to participate. 
G. H. S. has a number of relics. 

A. J. EVANS and BROTHER, 1419 E. Preston st. 
Grandfather, Thomas Evans, at North Point ; a member of 
Old Defenders' Association ; private under Capt. Thomas L. 
Lawrence, 6th Regiment, Lieut. Col. McDonald. 

JAS. D. STANSBURY, 134 S. Broadway. 
Grandfather, Dr. Jas. B. Stansbury, (see NtUs' Register, p. 70), 
Assistant Surgeon in Capt. Thomas Sheppard's Company, 6th 
Regiment, Lieut. Col. Wm. McDonald. 


EDWARD JOHNSON, with Fiudlny, Roberts & Co. 
2223 Oak street. 
Grand fiilher, Edward Jolinson, third Mayor of Baltimore. 
Mayor on Sept. 12, 1814. 

FRANCIS E. BOND, 1109 Patterson ave. 
J BOSLEY BOND, Tn.x Department, City Flail 
Father. Thos. T. Bond, private in Cnpt. Clias. Poiinington'3 
Baltimore Independent Artillerists. 

THOS. T. B(JND. Jk , 1031 Fulton ave. 
Age 14 years, grandson of Thos. T. Bond. 
DR. WM. laST NEVILLE, Iliunpden. Woodberry, Md. 
Great grandfather, Samuel Rust, private in Capt. Chas. P-^n- 
ningtou's t'ompany. " The Baltimore Independent Artillerists," 
of the 1st Regiment of Artillery of Md. militia, Lieut. Colonel 
D ivid Harris in command. 

BENTON H. WATTS. 202 E. Townsend st. 
Father, Thomas B. Walts, private in Capt. Edw. Aisquith's 
Comp'y of 1st Rifle Battalion, Maj. \Vm. Piuknc}' commanding. 
W. H. GRUVER, 131G N. Washington st. 
Father, John Gruver, private Capt Edw. Aisquith's Com- 
panj' of Sharpshooters, 1st Rifle Battalion, Maj. Wm. Pinkney. 
WILLIAM F. LONG, Martinsburg, W. Va. 
Father, Jesse Long, private in Capt. George H. Stewart's 
Comi)any, called " Washington Blues," 5th Reg. Infantry Md. 
Militia, Lieut. Col. Joseph Sturett in command. 

JOHN W. R. SUMWALT, age 13, 529 S. Charles st. 
Great Grandfather, John J. Daneker, private in Capt. Danl. 
Schwarzauer's Company, 27th Regiment. President Old De- 
fender-)' Association. 

C. W. BUCKINGHAM, Norfolk, Va. 
Father, Levi Buckingham, private Capt. John Shrim's Co., 
1st Baltimore Light Infantry, 5lh Regiment, Lieut. Col. Joseph 

WINTER D. HORTON, HOG E. Fayette st. 
Grandfather, Capt. James Horton, Maryland Chasseurs, 5th 

RICHARD HENRY LEE, 2006 Maryland ave. 
Great grandfather, John "Wilson. 

ROBEliT J. RAMSEY, 1043 Abey st. 
Grandfather, Frederick Jordan, private "Baltimore Union 
Artillerists," Capt, John Montgomerj', of 1st Regiment of 
Artillery, Lieut. Col. David Harris. Father, Robert Ramsey. 
CHARLTON G. PENTZ,203 Aisquith st. 
Grandson of Daniel Pentz, private United Maryland Artil- 
lery, Capt. James Piper ; also, grand-uncle, Heury Pentz, 1st 
Lieutenant of United Mar3'land Artdler}'. Grandfather, John 
Grosli, private "Eagle Artillerists," Capt. George J. Brown 
(John Grosh, 1st cousin of Francis Scott Key. Their mothers 
name was " Charlton"). 


S AML. C. AND CHAS. K. CANNON, brothers, 208 Aisquith st. 
Great granlfather, Diiuiel Pentz. 

WM. WRIGHT BECK, age 14, 2p8 Aisquith st. 
Great grandthther, Daniel Peulz. 

' FRANCIS ASBURY MILLER, 1815 Eager st. 
Father, Andrew ]Milier, private in Capt. Jacob Deems Co., 
of 51st Resiment, Lieut. Col. Amey. 

LEWIS H. MILLER, 1815 Eager st. 
Grandson of Andrew Miller. 

Great grandson of Andrew Miller. 

Great great-grandson of Andrew Miller. 

SAML. F. PRIMROSE, Circuit Court. 
Grandfather, Joseph Hush, private in Capt. McGee's Couip'y. 
PRIMROSE, (sons of S. F.) 
Great grandfather, Joseph Hush, killed at Loudenslager's Hill. 

GEO. W. SEWELL, Avalon, Baltimore co , Md. 
Father, Josiah Sewell, private in Capt. John De Bell's Comp'y 
in a Virginia Regiment, under Col. McMullin. G. W. S. mem- 
ber Old Defenders' Association. 
G. H. FULTON, Church Home and Infirmary, Broadway. 
Grandfather, Lieut. Colonel David Harris, commanding Ist 
Regiment of Artillery. 

Father, Col. David Harris. 

Grandfather, Col. David Harris. 

CIIAS. H. RAY, 151G E. Preston st. 
Grandfather, Benj. Germain, 3d Sergt. of "United Maryland 
Artillery," Capt. James Piper, of the 1st Regt. of Artillery. 
J. WILSON RAY, 13 years, 1516 E. Preston st. 
Great grandfather, Benjamin Germain. 
BENJ. C. GERMAIN, care of Turner Bamberger, cor. Madison 
and Chew streets. 
Father, Benj. Germain. 

JOHN EDWIN WARNER, 1303 Division st. 
Grandson of Mrs. Elizabeth Sands. Ca|*t. Andrew Eilicott 
Warner, grandfather of J. E. Warner. Captain of a Company 
in 39th Regiment. John Warner, grand uncle of J. E. W., 
and brother of Capt. Warner (above), private in Capt. p]dw. 
Aisquith's Company of Sharpshooters, 1st Rifle Bittalion, 
Wm. Pinkney, Major commanding. 

GEO. C. WARNER, Etting st., near Dolphin. 
Grandfather, Capt. Andrew E Warner, etc. 
T. S. WATERS, Ju., cor. Lafiiyette and Arlington aves. 


Great grand fat her, Jacob GiMfttiu. Igii'Uius Waters at Bla- 

JOHN H. ROGERS, 1329 N. Carey st. 

Father, Jolin H. Rogers, Captain in 51st Regiment. Has 
sword and epaulettes. 

^ f. r JO ax H. ROGERS, Ju., Piiiladelphia. Pa. 

^?"f "' I MICHAEL \V. ROGKKS, U.S E.x. Officer, Barre st. 
"^ „" -{ FRANK L. ROGEKS, Kingston, N. Y. 
P "■ GEORGE R. ROGERS, Hotel Rennert. 

Kogers ^ (3ti :^s. A. ROGERS, 1329 N. Carey street. 

FREDERICK W. SCHMINKE, 649 German st. 
Father, Geo. Schminlie, private in Capt. Siulller's Company 
Baltimore Yeagers, ")lh Regiment lul'antr}', Md. militia, Lieut. 
Col. Joseph Sterrett. Has cert, of mem. of his father in Old 
Defenders' Association, 1^42. 

JOHN H. MILLER, N. E. cor. Baltimore and Calhoun sts. 
Fattier, Christopher Miller, private in Capt. Horton's Com- 
pany Maryland Chasseurs, 5th Reghnent Md. Cavalry, Lieut. 
Col. Jas. Biays. 

JOSEPH A. GILPIN, 1-309 Linden ave. 
Great grandfather, .Jesse Levering, private iu Capt. Samuel 
Sterrett's Company, (Independent Company). othReg. Infantry, 
Maryland Militia, Lieut. Col. Sterrett, commanding. 
ers, 1425 Aliceanna st. 
Great grandfather, ('apt. Foster Maynard. 
J. OWEN DORSEY, Takoma Park P. O., D. C, box 78. 
Grandfather, .James Hance, private iu the "Independent 
Blues," Capt Aaron Levering, of oth Regiment of Infantry of 
Maryland Militia, Lieut. Col. .Joseph Sterrett, commanding. 
R. LEE GILL, 110 St. Paul st. 
Great grandfather, Capt. Stephen Gill. 

GEORGE CORBIN ROSE, 912 Calhoun st. 
Father, Jacob Andrew Rose, (J. Roesener in Hickman), 
private iu Capt. Philip B. Sadtler's Co., Baltimore Yeagers, 
5th Regiment of Infantry, Joseph Sterrett, Lieutenant Colonel, 
in command. 


Father, Thomas Nicoll, private Fell's Point Riflemen, Capt. 

Wm. B. Dyer, Major Pinkne}', 1st Rifle Battalion. 


NICOLL, Jr , i:] years, sons of B. B. N., 714 N. Fulton ave. 

SAMUEL LEVI COLLMUS. 40(5 N. High st. 

Grandfather, Levi CoUmus, private. United Maryland Artil- 
lery, Capt. James Piper. 


GEO. C. DANEKER, 1243 W. Lombard st. 
Father, John J. D.ineker, private in Capt Daniel Schwar- 
zauer's Company, 27th Regiment, Md. militia. 
loK) E. Preston st , -nith Chas. H. Ray. 
Great grandfather, Benjamin German, 8d Sergt. of United 
Md. Artillery, Capt. James Piper. 1st Regiment. 

JOHN T. DEALE (son), 1424 N Bond St., and 
JOHN T., Jr., EDWD. B., WM. J., ROBT. 6. and WALTER 
DEALE, 1424 N. Bond st. 
Great grandsons of Tlios. Stewart, private Capt. John Mont- 
gomery's Company "BiUimore Union Artillery," 1st Regi- 
ment Artillery, Md". militia, Lieul.Col. David Harris, 3d Brig.ide. 
DAVID LACY McGLENAN, 237 Falls Road, Hampden 
Grandfather, Je^se James, 2d Sergt United Maryland Artil- 
lery, Capt James Piper, 1st Regiment of Artillery, Md. militia, 
Lieut. Col. David Harris. 

EDW. F. ALLEN, Cashier Empire Line, cornei- Centre and 
Davis streets. 
Great grandson of Jesse James. 

E. SMITH DICKEY, 2129 N. Charles st. 
Grandfather, Capt. Philip B. Sadtler, of the " Baltimore 
Yeagers," 5th Regimen: Infantry, Md. militia, Lieut. Col. Jo- 
seph Sterrelt. See past descendants of Capt. Sadtler. 
DANIEL SHANE, 1418 W. Franklin st. 
Father, Daniel Shane, private in First Baltimore Light Iq- 
fantry, Capt. Shrim, 5th Regiment, Col. Jos. Sterrett. 
ers. South St., near German. 
Sons of Christian H. Armistead. Grandfather, Col. George 
Amiistead, commandant at Fort McHenry. 

WM. D. WIEGAND, 1011 Madison ave. 
DR. WM. E. and HENRY H. AVIEGAND, sous of W. D. W. 
Father, Daniel Wiegand, private iu Capt. Dominic Bader's 
Company of " Union Yagers," 1st Rifle Battalion, Major Wm. 

CHARLES H. MOALE, 1510 Linden ave 
Father, Randall H. Moale, "Columbian Artillery," 1st Regi- 
ment Md. Artillery, 3d Brigade, Gen. John Strieker. 
Grandfather, Randall H. Moale. Has numerous relics 
DR. GEORGE L. HORN, Lafi3'ette ave. and Strieker st. 
Grandfather, Gorge L. Reppart, private Captain Schwart- 
zauer's Company, 27th Regiment, Col. Long. 

HENRY MOALE, 1922 Madison ave. 
Father, Samuel Moale, Cajilain of Columbian Artillery, Ist 
Regiment of Artillery, Md. militia. 

JOHN, HENRY, Jr., and TRAVER3 MOALE, sons of H. M , 
1922 Madison ave. 


DAVID M. MERRIIvEX, 1434 Argyle ave. 
Grand father, Joseph Merriken, private in Captain Thomas 
Watson's Company, 39tii Regiment, Md. niihtia, Col. Benjamin 
Fowler. Mortally wounded at Imttle of North Point. Name 
ou Battle Monument. 

CHAS. J. MERRIKEN, 1434 Argyle ave. 
Great grandson of Jos. Merril<eu. 

JOS. R. G. WOOD, 23-2 S. Striclter st. 
Great grandson of Jos. Merrilieu. 

WALTER BALL, Agt. Bay Line. 
Father, William Bail, private in Capt. John Schrira's Com- 
pany, "1st Baltimore Light Infantry," 5th Regiment, Lieut. 
(Jol. Joseph Sterrett, commanding. 

Grandfathers', William Ball and Geo. Schminke. 

GEO. HENRY BALL, Light St., near Fort ave. 

Son, William Ball. 

EDWARD F. C ARTER, office Z>a%J\ew.f, and GRANVILLE 

H. CARTER, brothers. Street's Hotel, Hillen 

and Forest sts. 

Father, Clement Carter. 

WM. A. PIET, with Edw. Jenkins & Son. 
AMBROSE M. PIET. with Baltimore Publishing Co. 
JOHN B. PIET, 304 E. Second st. 
Father, Join Piet, private in Ctpt. Leveriu^'a Company, 
" Independent Blues." 

JOHN B. PIET, Jr., 41G E. Townsend st. 
Grandfather, John Piet. 

JOHN PIET, son of J. B. P., Jr. 
Great grandfather, John Piet. 

CLIFFORD TAYLOR, 627 Saratoga st. 
Grandfather, William Taylor, private, Capt. John McKane's 
Co., 27th Regiment. 

MATTHEW TAYLOR, Mount Winans, Baltimore Co. 
Father, William Taylor. 

WM. T. HENNING, 332 Presstman st. 
Great grandson, William Taylor. 

SAMUEL A DOWNS, 407 Warren ave. 
Grandfather, 1 homas Neveu, private, Capt. Saml. McDonald's 
Co., 6th Regiment. Has solid shot, Ft. Covington. 
JAMES M DEEMS, &0I Hollins st. 
Father, Jacob Deems, Captain in 51st Regiment, Col. Henry 

J. HARRY DEEM-i, 910 Arlington ave. 

CHARLES W. DEEMS, Central City, Col. 

Lt. clarence DEEMS, 4th Art., U.S.A., St. Augustine, Fla. 



Christopher Columbus Sadtler, 217 Huntingdon ave. 
Philip Benj. Sadtlkb, 14 Huntingdon ave. 


Sons of William, deceased. 
Philip Benj. Sadtler, Huntingdon ave., near Barclay street 
Wm. J. Sadtler, " " " 

Walter Sadtler, " " " 

Morgan D. Sadtler, " " " 

Sons of G. W., deceased. 
Chas. Herbert Sadtler, Baltimore Circuit Court. 
Geo. W. Sadtler, Baltimore St., near Charles. 
Frank R. Sadtler, " " " 

Ernest Sadtler, " " " . 

Sons of Rev. Philip Benj. Sadtler. 
Saml. P. Sadtler, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Rev. Wm. Sadtler, " " 

Philip Benj. Sadtler, Jr., 14 Huntingdon ave. 
Edwin S. Sadtler, '' " 

John P. Sadtler, " " 

Albert Sadtler, " " 

Sons of G. Columbus Sadtler. 
J. P. Benjamin Sadtler, 14 Huntingdon ave. 
C. C. Sadtler, Jr., " " 

Sons of Catherine E. Sadtler. 
Edvtin S. Sadtler, Charles st., near Huntmgdon ave. 
Augustus C. Sadtler, " " " " 

C. Herman Sadtler, " " " " 

Wm. R. Sadtler, Jr. " 

Sons of Eliz. J. Sadtler. 
Philip B. Dickey, Chicago. 
Charles H. Dickey, 2129 N. Charles st. 
Geo. S. Dickey, 

Edwin S. Dickey, " " " 

GENL. GEO. H. STEUART, Carrollton Hotel. 
Father, Capt. Geo. H. Steuart, " Washington Blues," 5th 
Regiment Inrantr3\ Lieut. Col. Sterrett. 

JAMES E. steuart, Carrollton Hotel. 
Grandfather, Capt. Geo. H. Steuart. 

EDWIN D. CROUCH, 43 E. Montgomery st. 

WILLIAM LEWIS, 1618 McHenry st. 

Father, Jesse Lewis. 

E. STEPHEN LEVVIS and C. LEWIS, sons of Wm. L., 1009 

W. Mulberry st. 

Grandfather, Jesse Lewis. 


ALBEi{T KI.MHKRLY HADEL, M. I)., 209 W. Eloffman st. 
Giiiiiilfallitr, NiilliJinitl Iviinlierly, private in Cii|)l. Geo. H. 
Suiiari's Company of lliu 5th Kcgiment, Lieut. Col. Joseph 

GE^niiiE STILES, (15 yrs.) and DOUGHLA.SS STILES, 
(13yrs.), 1114 N. Eutaw st. 
Greatgrandfather, George Stiles, captain " Marine Artillery." 
H. VINTON LANSDALE. National Exchange Bank, HER- 
Grandfather, Joseph Tucker, private in Capt. Benj. King- 
gold's Comjiany, 6th Regiment, Lieut. Col. Wm. McDonald. 
THOMAS C. RUCKLE, with Harry Needham, Pier 18, Light 
St. Wharf. 
Father, Thonvis Ruckle, 3rd Corporal " Washington Blues," 
Capt. Geo H. Steunrt, 5th Regiment. 

THOMAS C. (J. RLX'KLE, with Harry Needham, Pier 18. 
Light St. Wharf 
Grandfather, Thomas Ruckle. 

AVM. THOM.\S RUCKLE, Lexington St.. near Fremont. 
Grandfather, Thomas Ruckle. 

WALTER RUCKLE, great grandson, sonof Wm. T. R. 
T. KELL, AUG. ^Y , and SAML. W. BRADFORD, cor. Lex- 
ington and Courtland sts. 
Grandfather, Thomas Kell, 1st Lieut. "Independent Light 
Dragoons," Capt. Jehu Bouldin, 5th Regiment of Cavalry, 
Lieut. Col. James Biays. 

JOSEPH ANDERSON, with Henry McShane .fc Co. 
Great grandson, George Schminke, private "Baltimore 
Yeagers," Capt. Philip B. Sadtler. 
CHARLES L. HALL, Hall Bros. & Co.. 36 S. HoUiday st. 
Grandfather, (^apt. John Hall. 

PHILIP R UHLER, Librarian Peabody Library. 
Grandfather, Jchn Reese, private Capt. Peter Pinney's Com- 
pany, 27th Regiment, J>ieut. Col. Kennedy Long commanding. 
Grandfather, Philip Uhler, private Capt. Samuel Sterrett's 
Independent Company, 5th Regiment Infantry, .Md. militia, 
Lieut. Col. Jos. Sterrett. 

JOHN R. KELSO, Jr.. Linden ave. 
Father, John R. Kelso, 4lh Corpoial Capt. Geo. H. Steuart's 
Company, " Washington Blues," 5th Reg. luf , Md. militia, 
Lieut. Col. Jos Sterretr. 

Grandsons of Jolin R. Kelso. 

HENRY DUFFY, 207 N. Calvert st. 
Grandfather, Henry Duffy, private in Capt. John McKane's 
Company, 27th Regt , Md. militia, Lieut. Col. Kennedy Long. 
WILLIAM ROUSSEY, 1003 Wilkens ave. 
Father, Peter Francis Roussey, private in Regular Army at 
Fort McHenry. 


JESSE FEARSON ELY, with Thos. Kensett & Co., 122 West 
Falls avenue. 

WM. H. CARTER, 28 B st. N.E., Washington, D. C. 
Grandson of Wm. Heckrote, 1st Sergeant Captain John G« 
Dixon's Company, 6th Regiment, Lieut. Col. Wra. McDonald- 
Great grandson of Wm. Heckrote. 
H. CARTER, 1001 N. Charles st. 
Grandsons of Wm. Heckrote. Sons of E. F. Carter. 

LESTER F. CARTER, 1001 N. Charles st. 
Great grandson of Wm. Heckrote. Son of Harold H. Carter. 

Son of James Griffith. 

ISAIAH Lafayette SHAW, 207 Montgomery st. 
Son of Isaiah Shaw, late of Captain Benj. C. Howard's Co., 
Mechanical Volunteers. 

Grandsons of Isaiah Shaw. 

WILLIAM LAMPING, 1818 Maryland Ave. 
Great grandfather, AVilliam Siarr, private in "American 
Artillerists," Capt. Rd. B. Magruder. 

JAS. B. CLARKE, 406 N. Howard st. 
Grandfather, Mordecai Kennedy, private in "Columbian 
Artillery," Capt. Samuel Moale. 

DAVID E. THOMAS, with John M. Carter, St. Paul st. 
J. L. SHAW, 144 Montgomery st. 
WILLIAM INGLE, Sun Office, Baltimore. 
JULIAN IN(iLE. Charles County, Md. 
Greatgrandfather, Wm. Pechiu Major of the 6th Regiment 
Md. militia. 

WM. PECHIN INGLE, care of Edw. Ingle, Sun Office. 
Grandfather, Major William Pechin. 

ROBERT COOPER RASIN, 809 N. Eutaw st. 
Grandson of Robt. W. Rasin; also grandson of Jas. Ring. 

^° ' R. W. L. RASIN, 809 N. Eutaw st. 

GEO. R. MED AIRY, J. H. Medairy & Co.; S. B. and J. S. ME- 
DAIRY, 5 N. Howard st. 

Great grandtalher, Jacol) Medair}^ 2d Corporal Union Vol- 
unteers, under Capt. Christian Adreon,5th Regiment Infantry, 
Lieut. Col. Joseph Sterrett commanding, 3d Brigade, Brig. Gen. 
John Strieker. 

CLYDE METZGER KEPNER, 340 N. Charles st. 

Grandfather, Capt. Frederick A. Metzger, of Hanover Vol- 
unteers, attached to 39th Regiment, Md. militia. 

THOMAS L JONES, 1:514 N. Strieker st. 
Grandfather, Major Tliomas S Jom-s. 

ALEX PORTER MORSE. loO.') Peiina. ave., Washington, D.C. 
and DR. EDW. M AIA-OLM MORSE, brothers. A moss- 
ville, Rappahannock co., Va. 
GraHdfalher, Philoinon Charles Wederstraudt, an cx-^Iaster 
Commandant U. S. Navy, volunteered and served under Com- 
modore Perry at North Point. 

Great trrandt'alher, Philemon Ciiarles Wederstrandt. 
M. VAN li. MORSE, St. John P. O., Heruaud co., Fla 
BERNARD AUSTIN KOGGE, 831 N. Gilmer st. 
Grandfather, Edmund Lewis. Graudlalher, Chas. M. Rogge, 
Capt. P. B. Sadtler's Companj' of " Yeagers." 
JESSE AMBROSE ROGGE. with Nathan Rohr, Baltimore ?t. 
ALBERT NELSON LEWIS, 1811 Walnut?!., Philadelphia, Pa- 
Fatlier, Elislia Lewis, 8d Sergt. Capt. Piuuey's Compnny< 
27th Regiment. 

M. CAMPBELL STRYKER, 624 W. Biddle st. 
Great gnindfather, Roger B. Taney. Great grand nephew, 
Francis Scott. Key. 

ROBERT BENTON DAVIDSON, 2021 Frederick ave. 
Grandfather, Henry Lightuer, Drummer of " Washington 

ALFRED FLAYHART, 1518 Aisquith st. 

WILLIAM ECCLESTON, Chase's Station, Baltimore co. 

RICHARD NORRIS McCULLOH, 2408 North Calvert street. 

WILBUR H. RIDDLE, 124 N. Howard st. 
Grandfather, Capt. Ishmael Day. 

GEORGE H. RODGERS, 831 Edmondson ave. 
Father, George Rodgers, private in Cajit. Peter Finney's 
Company, 2Tth Regiment. 



Benj.xmin Watts, 1310 North Strieker street. 


Walter W. Watts, 1316 North Strieker street. 
Harky L. Watts, " " " 


Frank W. Watts, 1316 North Strieker street. 
MoKRis F. Watts, " " " 

GREAT grandsons. 

Benjamin L. Watts, 1310 Nortb Strieker street. 
Walter W. Watts, " " " 

Alpheus W. Madison, " " " 

Nathaniel W. Taylor, Fowblesburg, Baltimore co., Md. 
Walter Taylor, " " " 

James Howell Taylor, " " " 

Redben H. Taylor, " " " 

Makshall L. Taylor, " " " 

W. G. MARK, 232 South Strieker st. 
R. E. L. MARR. 1500 McHenry st 
Great grandfather, Joseph Merriken, private Capt. Watson's- 

JAMES. W. ALLEN, 2447 Maryland avenue. 
Father, Adam T. Allen. 

Father, Gen. Anthony Miltenberger, private Capt. Aaron 
11. Levering's Co., "Independent Blues," 5th Regiment, Lieu. 
Col. Joseph Sterrett, 3d Brigade. 

WM. BERNARD NEALE, 1531 Bolton st , Baltimore. 
N. Carrollton ave. 
Grandfather and great grandfather, respectively, William 
Scharf, private in Capt. Jacob Deems Company. 

WILLIAM F. PENTZ, Jr., 164(5 E. Fajeltest. 
Grandfather, Daniel Pentz, private in Capt. James Piper's 
Company, " United Maryland Artillery." 

JAMES M. COULTEIi, 1109 Bolton st. 
Son of John Park Coulter. 

ROBERT O. COULTER, 1101) Bolton st. 
ROLAND C. WEST, 2129 St. Paul st. 
Great grandfather, Gilbert Cassard, private in Capt Wm. 
Berry's Company, " Washington Artillery." 

MARSHALL B. WEST, 2129 St Paul st. 
LEONARD J. BANDELL, 2411 York Road. 
Father, John Bandell, private Capt. Thos. Sheppard's Com- 


JOHN H. BANDELL. sons of L. J. B.,2411 York Road. 


CHA8. A. BANDELL, " " " 


GEO. W. BANDELL. " " " 

Iliis two pliotogniphs, battle of Ft. McHenry and North- 


Great grandfatlier. John P. Slrobel, Corporal "Eagle Artil- 
lerist>^," under Capt. Geo. J. Brown. 

JAMES SHELLMAN, Westminster, Md. 

Grandfatber, Pbilip Jones, private "Independent Bluos,"" 
Capt. Levering. 

CAPT. JAMES HOOPER, Gay and Lombard sts. 
Powder boy on U. S. schooner " Comet," Capt. Boyle, be 
longing to Commodore Barney's Flotilla. 

MORRIS AMES SOPER, 1515 McCuUoh st. 
Grandfatber, Philip Hiss, private Captain George Steever's- 
Compau}', 27th Regiment, Lieut. Col. Kennedy Long. 

WM. WHEELER COLEMAN, 2001 Maryland ave. 
Grandfather, Philip Hiss. 

WM. H. LIGHTNER, 1518 Aisquith st. 
Father, Henry Lightner, Drummer Capt. Berry's Companj' 
" Washington Artillery." 

CHAS. G. ARNETT, 1712 Barnes st. 
Grandfather, Henrj' Lightuer. 

JAMES G. ECCLESTON, Chase's Station, Baltimore co. 
THOMAS MAGUIRE, 1518 Aisquith st. 
JOHN J. WILSON, Marriottsville, Howard co., Md. 
Father, James Wilson, Sergeant in Capt. Stewart's Comp'y, 
39th Regiment. 

Hon. WM. PINKNEY WHYTE, Baltimore. 
Father, Joseph Wbyte, private Capt. Peter Gait's Company, 
6th Regiment. Grandfather, Major Wm. Pinkney, of 1st Rifle 
Battalion, Strieker's Brigade. 

JOSEPH WHYTE, Lexington st. 
Grandfather, Jos. Whyte. Great grandfather. Major Wm. 

'JAMES PENTZ THOMAS, 2-i Harford Road. 
Grandfather, Sterling Thomas, 4th Corporal, 51st Regiment, 
Capt James Foster's Company. 

PETER B. BROOKS, 1303 W. Cross st. 
Father, Wm. Brooks, Eagle Artillerists. 

FRANK B. MAYER, Annapolis, Md. 
Father, Chas. F. Mayer, jirivate in Baltimore Fencibles, at 
Fort McHenry, under Gen. Armistead. 

CHARLES F. MAYER, President B. & O. R. R., Baltimore. 
Father, Lewis Mayer, private in " Baltimore Independent 
Artillerists," at Fort 5lcHenry, under Gen. Armistead. 


Judge ROBERT GILMOR, Lexington st. 
Father, Win. Gilmor, private Baltimore United Volunteers, 
5tli Regiment. 

ALBERT and ROBERT GILMOR. Same address. 
WILLIAM N. BATl. HELOR, 2933 Lancaster st. 
Grandfather, William Batchelor, private Capt. Wra. Cliam-^ 
bers' Company, 51st Retiimeut. Lieut. Col. Henry Amey. 

Grandfather, Richards. 

LITTLETON MORGAN TOUGH, Jr., 8 year.« old, 13 East 
Lombard s'reet. 
Great grandfather, Lieut. Wm. Tough, in Lieut. Col. Francis- 
McClure's Regiment U. S Volunteers (Regulars). 

Qrandfsither, John Sheldon, private Captain Wm. Chalmers'^ 
Company, 51st Regiment, Lieut. Col Henry Amey, 3d Brigade, 
Gen. John Strieker. 

WM. F. DAVIS, Marriottsville, Howatd Co.. Md. 
Grandfather, Richard Davis. 

THOMAS H. WHITE, 104 Commerce st. 
Grandfather, John While, private Capt. Aaron Levering's- 

EDWARD LUCAS AVHITE, 104 Commerce st. 
Great grandfather, John White. 

ENOCH HOLDEN, Farmers' and Planters' Bank. 
Grandfather, John Ijams, in war 1814. 

E. ST. JULIEN COX, St. Peter, Minn. 
Father, William S. COX, with a Pennsylvania Company at 
North Point. 

Grandson of Capt. Jehu Bouldiu, of Independent Light 

OWEN A. BOULDIN, (same). 
Great grandson, Capt. Jehu Bouldin. 

GEO. W. SEIBERT, 1535 W. Lanvale st. 
Grandfather, Geo W. Seibert, gunmaker; grand uncle, John 
Dunn, also at North Point 

GEO. S. STEUART, 32(5 W. Lexington st. 
Grandfather, George Schfirar, 1st Sergeant, Capt. William 
Roney's Companj', 30lh Regiment. 

Genl. RICHARD N. BOWERMAN, 240 Laurens st. 
Grandson, Col. James Biays. 
DANIEL P. and THOMAS E. WOOD, 248 Clifton st. 
Great grandfather, Daniel Wilson, killed at North Point. 

Rev. BEVKRLY W. BOND, Leesburg, Va. 
Falher, Thos. T. Bond, Baltimore Independent Artillerists, 
Capt. Pennington. 

EDW. A. GAULT. with M. Gault & Sons. 
Grandfather, Capt. Peter Gault, 6th Rcgimlnt. 


WILLIAM THOMAS WAUGH. 1431 E. Mr numcnt st. 

QraiultatluT, Jesse Curler, private in Capl. Dillon's Oomp'y, 
•27tli Kei^'iment. 

EDWD. F. JONES, 17 S. Collington ave. 

Grandfather, Jesse Carter. (See above.) Grandfather, John 
Jones, of Commodore Harney's Flotilla. 

JOHN L HAHKETr, 223 S. Eden st. 

Father, John M. B.irrelt, under Gen. Armistead, at Fort Mc- 

Grandfather, John M. Barrett (See ahove ) Grandfather, 
Henry Dorry, Sergeant Fell's Point Dragoons. 
Rkv. JAMES P. SIMPSON, 302 E. Second St., u'r Guilford ave. 

Sons of Rezin B. Simpson, private in Capt. Barnes' Corap'y, 
Maryland miliiia. 

ED WD. WATSON DELCHER, 1333 North ave. 

Father, John Delcher, Independent Light Dragoons, Capt. 
Jeliu Bouldin 

JAMES H. WOOD, 428 St. Paul st. 

Father Nicholas L. Wood, in Capt. Jos. K. Stapleton's Com- 
pany, 39th Regiment. 

JOHN B. MAHOOL, 126 Mosher st. 
Great grandson, Lieu. Col. James Biays. 

JOHN CASSARD. 2114 St. Paul st. 
Father, Gilbert Cassard, private Capt. John Berry's Company, 
" Washington Artillery." 

Grandfather, John I. Stewart, of Commodore Barney's 

CHARLES G. KRIEL, 5. 7, 9. 11, 13 Henrietta st, and JOHN 
F. KRIEL, 5 Henrietta St. 
Grandfather, John Kriel, private iu Capt. Schwarzauer's 
Company, 27th Regiment. 

Great grandfather, Wm. Stansbury. 

Gen. JOHN S. BERRY, Eutaw Place. 
Father, Capt. John Berry, " Washington Artillery." 
B HARRY BULL, 1820 Park ave 
R. BERRY BULL, Catonsvilie. 
Grandfather, Capt. John Berry, of the " Washington Artil- 


J. HENRY HAMLIN, 713 McHeniy st. 
Grandfather, Henry Peck, private in Capl. Smil it's Company. 
GEO. P. HAMLIN, (brother J. H. Hamlin). 
FitANKLIN PECK, son of Henry Peck, above. Same address. 
Father, Michael DiU'enderfer, 1st Regiment of Artillery, Col. 
David Harris. 

Dr. L. A. MONMONIER, Waverly, Md 
Father, F. Monmouier, 2nd Sergt. Fell's Point Riflemen, 
Capt. Dyer. 

STEPHEN BOUIS, Jk., 207 N Popplelon st. 
Grandfither, Elijah Foreman, private Maryland Chasseurs." 
WM. L RITTER, r)41 N. Carrollton ave. 
Grandfather, Philip J. Neff, private in Capt. John Findlay's 
Company, of Chambersburg, Franklin co., Pa. 

GEORGE SKAIFE HUGHES, 21S W. Franklin st. 
Great grandfather, George Baxley, " Washington Light Ar- 

Col. E. H. WARD WELL, 230 N. Charles st. 
Grandfather, James Ackland, 5tli Regiment. 

WxM. M. MARINE, Calvert st., near Lexington. 
J. BYRON ALLEN, 2447 Maryland ave. 
Grandfather, Adam T. Allen, at Fort McHenry. 

JOSEPH F. WILLS, 936 Milton Place. 
Grandlather, Jesse James, 2d Sergeant Capt. Piper's Comp'y, 
"" United Maryland Artillery," 1st Regiment Artillery. 
WALTER B. WILLS, lOU N. Arlington ave. 
Great grandson Jesse James. 

SAMUEL CHASE DE KRAFT, M. D , Cambridge, Md. 
Grandfather, Commodore Barne}\ 

Majoh AVM CHASE BARNEY, St. James Hotel. 
Father, Major Wni. B. Barney, 5th Regiment Cavalry. 
Grandfather, Conunodore Barney. 

HARRY H. MAHOOL, 126 Mosher st. 
Great grandfather, Co!. James Biays. 

WILLIAM S. DORSEY, 1013 E. Fayette st. 
Father, Edward H. Dorsey, jnivale "First Baltimore Hus- 
sars," Capt. James Slerrett, Lieut. Col. James Biays. 

ROBERT McKEAN BARKY, 1134 Cathedral st. 
Great grandson of Col Nicholas Moore, U. S. Regulars, at 
Fort McHenry. 

JOS. ALEXANDER SMITH. 1808 N Holbrook st. 
Father, Job J. Smith, Quartermaster under Gen. Slansbury 
At North Point. 

Dk. J. H. SCARFF. 
Grandfather, Capt. Hy. Scarff, U. S. Regulars, Ft. McHenry. 


LANCELOT GAMBRILL tiiul son, Chamber of Commerce. 
WM. REUBEN CASSARD, 214 Lennox at. 
Grand fatlu'r, Gilbert Cassard," Wasbington Artillery," Capt. 
Berry, 1st Rtjjciment Artillery. 

FRANCIS F. AHL, 1308 N. Holbrook st. 
Great grandfather, Job J. Smith, quartermaster, under Geu. 
Stansbury, at North Point. 

JACOB ALBAUGH, 626 Mosher st. 
Father, William Albaugli, Color Sergeant of a Baltimore 
County Company. (Has the flag carried by his father). 
JOHN J. PRICE, 563 Presstman st. 
Grandfather, Julius Wilhird, 2nd Lieu. Capt. Joseph Myerg 
"Franklin Artillery," 1st Regiment Artillery. 
FERDINAND and MARION MEARIS, 773 Lexington St. 
Father. Jacob Mearis, private Capt. Pinney's Co., 27th Regi- 
ment, Col. Long. 

Commodore FRED. RODGERS and Lieutenant JOHN A. 

RODGERS. L. S. Navy, Washington. 

Grandsons of Commodore John Rodgers. 

Col. ROBERT J. RODGERS, Snow Hill, near Havre De 

Grace, Md. 

Father, Commodore Jno. Rodgers. 

Father, James McConkey, Captain in the 27th Regi,neat» 
Col. Long. 

ROBT. JM. CHAMBERS, 1514 John st. 
Grandfather, John M. Chambers, private in " Baltimore 
Union Artillery," Capt. John Montgomery. 
DERSON, brothers, 331 N. Carrollton ave. 
Great grandsons of Thos. Rogers, private Capt. Nicholson's 
Company, " Baltimore Fencibles." 

Grandfather, John Brown, private " Baltimore Union Artil- 
lery." Capt John ilontgoraery. 

HENRY B. CHRISTHILF. 1206 Argyle avenue. 
Great grandfather, John Henry Ewaldt, private in Captain 
Charles Pennington's " Baltimore Independent Artillerists," 
let Regiment Artillery. 

Great grandfather, Henry Christhilf, private Captain Henry 
Myers' Company, 3'Jth Regiment, Col. Fowler. 

GEORGE S. CHRISTHILF, 703 W. Franklin st. 
Great grandfather, John Henry Ewaldt, private Capt. Cha«. 


Pennington's "Baltimore Independent Artillerists," Ist Regi- 
ment Artillery. Col. Harris. 

Great grandfather, Henry Chrislbilf, private Captain Henry 
Myers' Company, 39th Regiment, Col. Fowler. 

HENRY T. MARTIN, 1109 McCullob st. 
Father, Samuel B. Martin, Surgeon of 1st Rifle Battalion, 
Major Piukuey. 

Dr. J. W. C. CUDDY, 506 N. Carrollton ave. 
Grandfather, Capt. Lawson Cuddy. 

f L. O. MERCER, 8 Camden st 
„ , J H. R. MERCER, Calhoun and Pratt sts. 
Brothers -; cYRUS MERCER, Lexington st., near Mount. 
[ CORNELIUS MERCER, Frederick, Md. 
Father, Archibald Mercer. 

SAMUEL M. ARMSTRONG, 1236 E. Monument St. 
Grandfather, J. C. Armstrong, with Commodore Barney's 

HOWARD H. RIDGiWAY, No. 1 N. Calvert st. 
Grandfather, John Bennett; great grandfather, Samuel 

E. J. JOYES, 1008 Cathedral st. 
Father, Jesse Joyes. 

Grandsons of Jesse Joyes (above). 
EDWARD J. CHRISTHILF. cor. Pennsylvania ave. and 
Green Willow st. 
Grandfather. Henry Chrislhilf, private Capt. Henry Myert 
Company, 89th Regiment. Grandfather, Henry Dorsey. 

JAMES G. CHRISTHILF, Fremont near Baltimore st. 
LOUIS R. CHRISTHILF, 1714 Druid Hill ave. 
LEROY BROWN, 648 W. Lee st. 
Grandfather, John Brown, private Capt. John Montgomery's 
Company, " Baltimore Union Artillery," 1st Regt. Artillery. 
HENRY BOWERMAN, 112 W. Fourth st. 
Grandfather, Col. James Biays. 

LOUIS P. GRIFFITH. 321 St. Paul st. 
Grandfather, Howard GriflSth, private " Independent Blue^," 
Capt. Levering. 

ROBT. W. McCUBBIN, 33 S. Carey st. 
Father, Moses Maccubin, private " Baltimore Feucibles," 
Capt. Nicholson. 

FRANK BRISCO BRADY, 1513 Winchester st. 
Grandfather, David Brady. 
Strieker st. 
Great grandfather, Peter Smich. 


Father, Sketou RictmnNon, privule with BiiHimnre county 
troops, Capt. Bosloy, Col. Butler. 

Great f^ramU'ither, G^iorge Elliott, private " Independen t 
Blues," Capt. Airon R. Levering. 

AVERNER SHIPLEY, 913 Fulton ave. 
Grandfather, Wni. Hooper. Great grandfather, Benjamin 
Eggleston, private in Capt. Jacob Deems' Company, 51st Reg't. 
WALTER L. RUCKLE, 845 W. Lexington st. 
Great grandfather, Thomas Ruckle. 

WM. THOMAS RUCKLE. Same address. 
JOSEPH and FRANK M. SEWELL, Relay Station, B &O.R.R. 
Son and grandson, respectively, of Josiah Sewell. 
W. DEALE HALES, 343 S. Gilmor st. 
Great grandsons of Thomas Stewart, private Capt. Mont- 
gomery's Company, " Baltimore Union Artillerists," Cjol. Har- 
ris, 1st Regiment of Artillery. 

JAMES T. MITCHELL. 412 E. Pratt st. 
THOS. IRELAND ELLIOTT, St. Paul and Fayette st. 
Grandfather. John Bunting, private Capt. Micliael Peters' 
Company, 51st Regiment. 

Fatiier, Saml. Boilings worth. Jr., private 1st Baltimore Hus- 
sars, Capt. James Sterrett, 5th Regiment, Col. Biays. 
Grandfather, Capt. Saml. Moale, " Columbian Artillery." 

(Jrandfather, Samuel Hollingsworth. 

J. HENRY TSCHUDY, 326 Bloomingdale ave. 
Grandfather, Samuel Tschudy. 

JOSEPH MERRIKEN CUU MINGS, 118 E, Baltimore st. 
Great grandfather, Joseph Merriken, Captain Thomas Wat- 
son's Company, 39th Regiment. 

CLARENCE H. FORREST. 209 Courtland st. 

Great grandfather, Nicholas Snider, , Capt Jno. Gait. 

C. TAYLOR PENTZ, N Calvert st. 
(Died Sept. 2, 1889.) 
Grandfather, Daniel Peutz 

Greit grandfather. Lieut. Wm Tough, Col. Francis Mc- 
Clure's Regiment U. S. Volunteers (Regulars.) 

RICHARD T. FRANCK, 524 N. Paca street. 
Grandfather, Henry Wm Gray, private "Baltimore United 
Volunteers," Capt. David Warfield, 5th Regiment. 

CHARLES E. FRANCK. Same address. 
Grandfather, Henry W. Gray, &c. 


HOWARD LEE FRANCE, 524 N. Paca st. 
Great graudfalher, Henry W. Gray. 
Rev. GEO. ARMISTEAD LEAKIN, Lake Roland, Baltimore 
CO., Md., (1900 Park ave.) 
Father, Gen. Sheppard C. Leakin, Captain 38th Infantry, at 
Fort McHenry, under Col. Stewart. 

WM. RIDGE LY LEAKIN, Savannah, Ga. 
J. WILSON LEAKIN, N. Charles st. 
Grandfather, Gen. Sheppard C. Leakin. 

Great grandfather. 

Dr. BENNETT NEALE, 319 W. Monument st. 
Grandfather, Gen. Anthony Miltenberger, private in Capt.- 
Aaron Levering's Co., " Independent Blues," 51st Regiment. 
JOHN J. WeiTEFORD, 310 W. Lombard st. 
Father, Samuel Whiteford, from York. Pa. 

W. STRAN McCURLEY, 740 Eastern ave. 
Great grandfather, Felix McCurley, private Capt. Andrew 
Smith's Company, 51st Regiment, Col. Amey. Great grand- 
father, James McCurley, 39th Regiment, Col. Fowler, private in 
Capt. Thomas Warner's Co. 

WILLIAM J. SHECKELLS, 1741 McCulloh st. 
Great grandfather, Adam Smith, private Capt. Peter Galt's^ 
Co., 6th Regiment, Col. McDonald. 

HENRY HAMMOND, 14 Light st. 
Great grandson of Lieu. Col. Jas. Biays. 

P. HOLBROOK. 213 Huntingdon ave. 
Grandsons of Frederick A. Crey, of Capt. P. B. Sadtler's 

Grandson of John Vlacdouald, with a Pennsylvania Co. 

FRANK S. EMORY, Hopper, McGaw & Co. 
Great grandson of Philip B. Sadtler, Captain " Baltimore 

ULYSSES WITZ, 1203 E. Monument st. 
Grandfather, Nicholas Elliott. 

HERBERT A. SMITH, 933 N. Calvert st. 
Great grandfather, John George Bier; Great-great grand- 
father, John Cunningham. 

JOHN H. GIRVIN, (James M. Girvin & Son), Spear's Whart 
CHAS. Z. BUTLER, 1527 McCulloh st. 
JOHN W. POWER. 1100 Madison avenue. 
WM. POWER OAKFORD, Arlington. 
WM. P. ZOLLINGER, Jr., 508 E. Lombard st. 


JAMES K ZOLLINGER. Louisville. Ky. 
HENIiY Z()I>LINGEK Boston. Mass. 
ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, 1209 McCulloh st. 
W.M. L. CAMPBELL, 1107 \V. iAIulberry st. 
FR.VNK CAMPBELL, 1338 N. Strieker st. 
TIIOS. W. CAMPBELL, 120!) MeCulloh st. 

Gr.imlsons of Jaeob Zollinger, Captain Walker's Company 
Pennsylvania Volunteers, of liarrishnrg, Pa, 
JOHN W. and GEO. E BROWN, Pratt and Concord sts. 
Grandfather, John Adams Calleuder, at Fort McHeury, pri- 
vate "Baltimore Independent Artillerists," Capt. Charles Pen- 
nington, 1st Regiment Artillery. Col. Harris. 

CHRISTOPHER RABORG. 1314 Lanvale st. 
Grandfather, Christopher Raborg, 1st Sergeant "Independ- 
ent Company, Capt. Sam'l Sterrett, 5th Regiment. 
SAMUEL G.BANDEL, care of F. B. Bandel, "American" office 

FRANK B. BANDEi., " " " " ' 

Grandsons of Wm. Baudel. 

H. T. MAKIBBIN, 507 N. Fremont avenue. 
Grandfather, Wm. Mops. 

W.M. A. BOYD, 1810 Madison ave. 
Great grandsons of Samuel Rust, private Capt. Pennington'* 
"Independent Artillerists," 1st Regiment Artillery. 

JOHN w. k£pli^ger. 

JOHN B. KEPLINGER. 1030 E. Chase st. 
LEWIS W. KEPLINGER, Petersburg, Va. 
Sons of J. W. K. Grandson of Michael Keplinger, 51st 
Regiment, in Capt. John H Rodgers' Company. 

PETER F. SCHLIECKER, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Father, Peter G. Schliecker, "under Gen. Strieker at North 

Father, John Dutton, private in Capt. McDonald's Company, 
Gth Regiment. 

Grandfather, John Dutton. (See above.) 
WM. E. B. FAITHFUL, Church Hill, Queen Anne's co , Md. 
Father, Wm. Faithful. 

CHARLES BOBART, 1821 Lexington st. 
Father, C. C. Bobart, Corporal Capt. Thomas L. Lawrence's 
Company, 6th Regiment, Col. McDonald. 


AMBROSE M. EMORY, 1814 Park ave. extended. 
Father, Gideon Emory, private " Independent Blues," Capt. 
Aaron Levering, 5ili Regiment, Col. Jos. Sterrett. 

AMBROSE M. EMORY, Jr. Grandson of above. 


SAM'L M. and WM. B. WEAVER, brothers. 908 N. Broadway. 

Great grandsons of George Boss, private '• Eagle Artiller 

ists," Captain G. J. Brown, 1st Regiment Artillery, Col. Harris. 

CAPT. R. NORWOOD, Blue Ridge Summit, Franklin co., Pa. 

Father, Norwood, at North Point. 

HARRY BURTON, 511 N. Howard st. 
Grandfather, Jos. Thomas, private "Marine Artillery," Capt. 
George Sliles. 

JOSEPH C. HALL, 403 St. Paul st., near Mulberry. 
Father, Jos. Hall, private " Marine Artillery, Capt. George 

E. A. MILLER, 214 Light st. 
Father, Wm. F. Miller, Captain in a Harford County Com- 

ANDREW E. WARNER, 303 N. Carey st. 
Father, Andrew E. Warner, Captain in 39th Regiment, Col. 

JOHN THOMAS CARTER, 1128 Fulton ave. " 
Grandfather, Col. John Carter, at North Point. 

CORNELIUS E. B. HAYES, 1276 Battery ave. ' 
Father, John Hayes, private in Capt. Christian Adreon's Co., 
"Union Volunteers," 5th Regiment, Col. Joseph Sterrett. 
JOSEPH PARSONS, 1111 E. Pratt st. 
Grandfather, Joseph Parsons private Capt. Daniel Swar- 
zauer's Company, 27th Regiment, Col. Long. 

BYRD G. EICHELBERGER, 34 W. Baltimore st. 
Grandfather, Col. Geo. M. Eichelberger. 

EDWD. LOUIS REYNOLDS, 1800 Park ave. 
Grandfather, John Reynolds. 

CHARLES S. LEWIS, 1009 Mulberry st. 
Great grandfather, Jesse Lewis. 

Capt. RICH. E. BOULDIN, Belair, Md. 
Father, Chas. D. Bouldin. 

JOHN T. COOK, 800 Edmondson ave. 
Grandfather, Joseph Logan, private, Michael Haubert, Cap- 
tain 51 8t Regiment, Col. Amey. 

EDW. AVM. DORSEY, St. Louis. 
Grandsons of Jolin Reed, volunteer from York, Pa., at North. 



J. H. R. WARNER, witli Keen & Hagerly. 
Grandsons of Michael Warner, at Fort McHenry. 

Grandson of Sterling Thomas. 

CHAS. F. MARROW, 1333 N. Carey et. 
Father, Isaac Marrow at North Point. 

JAMES VV. SHELLMAN, Westminster. 
Grandfather, Major Thos. S. Jones. 

JOHN L. GRIMES, 93(1 W. Fayette st. 
Grandson of James H. Grimes, at Fort McHeury. 
MARION and FERDINAND MEARIS, 773 Lexington st. 
Sons of Jacob Mearis, private Capt. Peter Pinney's Comp'y,. 
27th Regiment, Col. Kennedy Long. 

Du T. CHEW WORTHINGTON, 840 W. Fayette st. 
Grandfather, Rezin H. Worthington. 

ALEXANDER G. SUTER, 324 N. Gihiior st. 
Father, George Suter, at Fort McHenry under Gen. Anthony 

WM. N. CUMMINS, 822 Fulton ave. 
Great grandfather, John Keys, 1st Sergeant in " 1st Balti- 
more Artillery,'' Capt. Abraham Pyke. 

Rr..h..-J SUMMERFIELD NORWOOD, 752 W. Saratoga st. 
tJrotheis-j (2^p.j^, RANDOLPH NORWOOD 

Sons of John Norwood, private Capt. Dobbin's Company, 
39th Regiment, Lieut. Col. Fowler. 

D. CLINTON SLAGLE, 1227 Linden ave. 

Great grandfather, Frederick G. Schaetfer, private " Ameri- 
can Artillerists," Capt. Magruder, 1st Regiment of Artillery. 
Dr. CHAS. C. RICHARDSON, 1622 Edmondsou ave. 

Father, Dr. Charles Richardson, Surgeon in Fort McHenry. 
Dr. SAM'L S. RICHARDSON, Colesville, Montgomery co 

Same as above. 

P. HANSON HISS op Wm., 1507 McCulloh st. 
Grandfather, Philip Hiss. 

Rev. a. a. HARRy:\IAN, Cumberland Valley P. O., Pa. 
Grandfather, Stephen Harryman, private Fell's Point Light 
Dragoons, 5lli Regiment, Col. Biays. 

SAMUEL S. ADDISON, McMcchin st., near John. 
Old Defender. Worked in the intrenchments on Louden- 
slager's Hill. 

EDMUND LAW ROGERS, Brig, and' Quartermaster Genl., 
Maryland Club. 
Son of Lloyd N. Rogers, private Capt. John Eager Howard's 


JOSEPH R. WINN, 1420 W. Fayette st. 
Fatlier, Christopher Winn, Corporal Capt. Kanes' Co , 37th 

FRANK RICHARDSON, 330 S. Gilmor st. 
Great grandson of Adam Miller. 

GEO. W. GILLASPEY, 1035 N. Gilmor st. 
Grandsons of John Orem, of Barney's Flotilla. 

J. HOWARD SUTTON, 710 E. Biddle st. 
Grandson of John A. Callender, private in Capt. Penning- 
ton's " Independent Artillery Company." 

RIGNALD W. BALDWIN, Jr., inio Linden ave. 
Great grandfather, Wra. Woodward. 

EDWARD B. OWENS. 13 E. Pratt st. 

Sous of E. B. O. \ EDWARD B OWENS. Jr. " 
Great grandfather, Jos. Owens, at North Point, " Independ- 
ent Company," Capt. Sterrett. 

Great grandfather, Benj. Buck, 1st Lieutenant, "Washington 

Great grandfather, Gilbert Cafsard, private "Washington 

PERCY S. ROSSITER, 822 N. Calvert st. 
Grandfather, Jacob Albright, " Lancaster Volunteers." 

WM. G. SPEED, lo3S Harlem ave. 
Great grandfather, David Davis, private in "^A'ashington 
Artillery, Capt. Berry, 1st Regiment Artillery, Col. Harris. 
WM. MASON DULANY, 2416 St. Paul st. 
Great grandson of Saml. Dulany, private " Mechanical Vol- 
unteers," Capt. Benj. C. Howard, 5th Regiment. 
SAML C. ROBERTS. 2 Elm st. 
Father, James B. Roberts, private 27th Regiment. 

JOS. O. BARGAR, 1002 S. Sharp st. 
Great grandfather, Jos. Bargar, private " Marine Artillery," 
Capt. Geo. Stiles. 

ROBT. T. J. CONWAY, 1505 W. Lanvale st. 
Grandfather, Capt. Robert Conway, 6th Regiment. 

J. T. GILL, 1203 Argyle avenue. 
Grandfather, J. H. Ewaldl. 

ALFKEf) LAPOURAILLE, 1514 Orleans st. 
Great grandson of Col. Nicholas Brewer, U. S. Regulars, at 
North Point. 

JOHN A. W. RICHARDSON, 413 Second st , Room 5. 

Great grandson of , in command of the Six 

Gun Battery. 


Son of Ileuiy Dukclmrt, one of the soldiers who carried' 
Wells and McComas from the field at North Point. 
Son of James Alnutt, private in Capt. Wm. Roney's Com- 
pany, 8!tth Regiment. 

Great grandson of Capt. Jacob Grafflin, at North Point. 
CLIFTON E. KREBS, cor. Aisquith and Chew streets. 
Great grandsons of Jacob Krebs, who served at Fort Mc- 
Henry under Commodore Barney. 

THOS. L. MATTHEWS, 15 E Fayette street. 
Son of VVm. Matthews, private in a Baltimore county regi- 

Father, John Reese, Lieutenant (afterwards commissioned 
Captain) in Capt. Samuel Sterrett's Company, 5th Regiment, 
Maryland militia. 

Grandsons of Jonn Reese. 

GEO. D., WM. P. and HENRY O. REESE. 
Grandsons of John Reese. See above. 
D. J., A. W. and C. P. JUVENAL and Dr. J. REESE UHLER. 
Grandsons of John Reese. 

Grandson of John Keys, 1st Sergeant Capt. Pyke's Comp'y, 
" Bahimore Union Volunteer Artillery." 

WM. F. DAVIS, Marriottsville, Howard co. 
Grandfather, Richard Davis, private Capt. John Woods' Co. 

ROBERT LAWSON, 11 E. Lexington st. 
Son of Capt. Robert Lawson. 

Grandson of Capt. Robert Lawson. 

Great grandson of Capt. Joseph Hopper Nicholson, of the 
"Baltimore Fencibles " 

FRANK RICHARDSON, 330 S. Gilmor st. 
Great grandson of Adam Miller. 

JOHN BROWN, Jr., 1545 McElderry st. 
Son of John Brown, private in Capt. John Montgomery's 
Company, " Baltimore Union Artillery." 

FRANK L. REED, 306 N. Charles st. 
Grandson of Robert S. D. Jones, who was a son of James^ 
D. Jones, &c. 

ROBERT S. D. JONES, 101 N. Exeter st. 
Father, James D. Jones, private in 6th Regiment. 


JAME3 E. BYRD, Maryland Steamboat Company. 
Grandfather, James Sheldon, private Capt. Chalmer's Co ,. 
J^ls-t Regiment. 

n,«ot ,rron.ic«..c ^.(FLETCHER LEE BYRD. 
James Sheldon, "j ^ORVAL EDGAR BYRD. 


22 S. Chariest st. 
Grandfather, Thomas Mackenzie, at North Point. 
Grandsons of Michael Caughy. 

J. H. MAYNADIER, 310 North st. 
Grandson of Lieu. Wm. N. Maynadier, of Capt. Mason's Co. 

Grandson of Capt. Alcorn, Captain of the " Hornet." 

E. B GLENN, 135 Elm st., Newark, N. J., 
Old Defender at North Point, private in Capt. Peter Pin- 
ney's Co., 27th Regiment. 

CHAS. C. CRANE, 1408 McCulloh st. 
Grandson of Capt. Aaron R. Levering, of the " Independent 

Grandson of Major Leonard Frailey, also grandson of Sailing 
Master de la Roche, of the ship '• Erie." 

Great grandson of same. 

WM. C. PALMER, 1127 McCulloh St. 
Father, Edw. Palmer, private Capt. James Sterretts Co., 
" First Baltimore Hussars." 

Son of Capt. Thomas Sheppard, 6lh Regiment. 
Grandsons of Capt. Thomas Sheppard, 6th Regiment. 
HUGH BURGESS JONES, cor Eutaw aud Fayette sts. 
Son of Ensign Wm. R. Jones, a signal man on Barney's Flo- 


Grandsons of Wm. R. Jones. 


Great grandson of Capt. Jehu Bouldin, of the "Independent 
Light Dragoons," of the 5lh Regiment, Maryland Cavalry mi- 
litia, Lieut. Col. James Biays, 3d Brigade, Brig. Gen. Strieker. 




SEPTEMBER 9th-13th. 1888. 


MONHRY. sept. 9th. IBBa. 

The great Civic and ludiistrial Parade started from Broad- 
way about ten o'clock A. M., and went over the following 
route : To Baltimore street, to Eutaw street, to Madison ave- 
nue, to Boundary avenue, where part of it continued to Plm- 
lico and part of it disbanded. This was the order of the line: 

Jacob Fuey, Marshal of Police. 

Platoon of Mounted Police. 

Maryland colore. United States colors, Baltimore colors. 



Chief of Staff, Col. Chas. D. Qaither. 

Mounted Color - Bearer, J. G. Binpokd. 

Markers— Capt. Geo. W. Clotwobthy and Thos. R. Turner . 


Lieut. Col. Allison Wilmer, C. H. Brace, Thos. F. Putscbe, 
Lieut. Col. George A. Pearre, Louis A. Hazard, Lieut. Col. J. 
L. Woodford, H.^J. Farber, David Whitney, Maj. J. D. Norris, 
Ed. H. Wise, Col. M. R. Joyce, Alfred Poindexter, Capt. Isidor 
Becker, A. B. McElroy, Col. F. W. Bruue, J. H. Scarff, Lieut. 
Col. Brent Waters, Wm. S. Wheatfield, Col. J. G. Taylor, Leon 
Seliger, Major W. O. Bigelow, F. P. Carroll, Captain Noble H. 
Creager, Robert C. Rasin, J. S. Richardson, Capt. P. L. Per- 
kins, F. Edw. Kiugden, Captain H. H. Boswell, N. S. G. Wil- 
liams, Capt. John W. Cruett, Joseph W. Cochran, Capt. Gei>. 
R. Ash, Frank A. Benson, Capt. Charles G. Wright, Clarence 
Cochran, Capt. Ed. Roberts, John Parker Haas, Captain C. B. 
McLean, O L. Rhodes, Captain George R. Browning, M. C. 
Hodgdou, Percy E. Guard, Capt. W. E. Finney, William Mc- 
Elmoyle, Captain Louis Schneebei-ger, James Young, C. W. S. 
Banks, Capt. A. H. Bayly, B. F. Powell, Captain L. S. McNa- 
mara, Thomas F. McNulty, Capt. C. L. Dallam, Ed. S. ConlJ'u, 
Captain George T. Robinson, George R. McGee, W. C. Rouse, 
Captain Robert Riddell Brown, Calvin Chesnut, C. J. Taylor, 
Capt. E. C. Johnson, H. Webster Crowl, Capt. T. H. Shriver, 
D. Buchanan Merryman, Capt. Henry Mayer, Capt. R. Fuller 
Shryock, David McClean, R. B. Roache, Capt. D. F. Penning- 



ton, A. V. Stevens, Richard Morton. Jr., Capt G. W. Wood, 
Prof. Adam Itzel, Jr., Lieut. R. M. Lockwood, C. C. Elliott, 
Emory Barry, Lieut. B. F. Boyden, Armistead M. Webb, Lieut. 
Thomas ^ hitridge, W. H. Cox, Joseph Rosenfeld, Lieut. Jas. 
D. Moulton, Robert S. Wieseufeld, Lieut D. M. Hitc, W. C. 
Farber, Lieutenant S. H. Irving. Thomas J. Carroll, Sebastian 
Brown, S. S. McKim, Thomas R. Clendiuen, P. Hanson Hiss 
of William, Charles M. Roche, Sam. H. L3'on, W. W. Mcln- 
tire, John Trockenbrot, Dr. H. H. Biedler, Alex. Bechhofer. 


Elihu E. Jackson, Governor of Maryland, and Ferdinand 
C. Latrobe, Mayor of Baltimore. 


Frank Brown, President of the Maryland Agricultural So- 
ciety, under whose management the Exposition was organized. 


The Guard of Honor, composed of descendants of men who 
were prominent in 1812-14. Then came the six divisions, as 
follows : 


Gen. George G. Wheeler, Marshal. 

The first division was composed entirely of the Posts of the 
Grand Army of the Republic of Maryland. Gen. George G. 
Wheeler was marshal, Major Willard Howard was acting as- 
sistant adjutant general, and Ira Tyler was chief of staff. The 
color-bearers were James T. Wesley and Joseph Young. The 
men who constituted the division were men who, twenty-five 
years ago, saw service in the war. 

Department Commander Wheeler's staff was as follows: 
John Tyler, Senior Vice Commander ; Robt. J. Henry, Junior 
Vice Commander; George R. Graham, M. D., Medical Direc- 
tor ; Rev. Edw. C. Allard, Chaplain ; H. A. Maughlin, Assist- 
ant Adjutant General; John W. Worth, Assistant Quartermas- 
ter General; Alfred S. Cooper, Inspector; J. C. Mullikiu 
Judge Advocate ; A. G. Alford, Chief Mustering Officer. 

Past Department Commanders. — Graham Dukehart, George 
W. F. Vernon, Theo. F. Lang. 

Council of Administration. — William F. Knight, Samuel F. 
Pray, I. D. Oliver, Richard J. James, Robert H. Cameron. 

National Aides-de-Camp. — H. A. Barr}', Edward Schillini.', 
John Bowers, John R. Bailey, John R. King, Thomas II. Co- 
burn, Dallas Laugley, J. B. McCiure, John W. McCullough, A. 
H. Hyson, John \V. Kaufman, William T. Robinson. 

Aides-de-Camp. — N. i\I Rittenhouse, Daniel T. Seaton, Geo. 
^V^ Grove, Henry Ewalt, ^Vm Lowe, John E. Hough, Adam 
Geib, F. R. Bye, J. H Liddell, AVm. Boyer, Samuel E. Young, 
George Rice, Wm. T. Eibin, Charles F. Leitz, George W. War- 
ner, Frank E. Little, Thomas J. Shea, James McGuinness, 
Thomas Johnson, John J. Goodmanson, George W. Hammers- 


ley, Joseph E. Sweet, E. D. Floltz, William F. Roche, George 
Warner, John Bond, Josepii P. Ryan, J. T. Holmes, J. New- 
port Potts, John W, Steigerwaltl, "William Upton, John F. 
Thomas, Samuel Wheeler, John J. McEvoy, Henry C. Mackie, 
R. S. Mooney, C. C. Speed, W. T. Keirle, John Wright, Wil- 
liam H. Thompson. 

Assistant Inspectors. — John A. Steiuer, William H. Ebaugh, 
John H. Mitten, Jethro T. McCullough, H. P. Baldwin, Frank 
A. Lancaster. 

Charles T. Holloway, Marshal. 

The second division of the parade was composed of volunteer 
firemen from out-of-town points, with our own veterans, with 
their ancient apparatus, heading the line. 

Chief Holloway, with his silver speaking-trumpet and smiling 
face, at the head of his aids, led the division, with the Americus 
Band. Behind them came a barouche containing three of the 
vets knocked out by Father Time. They were Leml. S. Prince, 
aged 84, and William H. H. Turner, aged 78, who once ran 
with the old Independents in their palmy days, and Edward 
Horner, aged 85, one of the followers of the Columbia machine 
away back in the forties. 

Marshal Holloway's aids were Gen. R. N. Bowerman, Henry 
Lutz, Capt. John H. Katzenberger, Augustus Albert, W. O. 
Beckenbaugh, W. J. Carroll, William P. Reilly, Robert St. J. 
Stewart, with a personal staff consisting of the visiting chief 
engineers and ex-chief engineers, assistant engineers and ex- 
assistant engineers, and officers and delegates representing fire 
associations from other cities. 

The Baltimore veterans' float was in the front rank, and the 
old engines on it, odd-looking and strange as they were to those 
of this generation, were as familiar friends to their fathers and 
grandfathers. On the back part of the float was the "Grand- 
father," as the Vets affectionately call it — a little, old, battered 
hand engine, about six feet long and three feet high, built in 
1764. It was discovered in a barnyard in Frederick about two 
years ago, and was afterwards brought to Baltimore with its 
companion, the Snake reel with its coil of copper-riveted leath- 
er hose, by the Frederick association and presented to the Bal- 
timore veterans. The reel followed the float. Alongside the 
"Grandfather" on the float, and attended by four old firemen 
with their funny little oilcloth capes and hats that looked like 
tin buckets with brims to them, was the old Dolphin suction, 
painted like its ancient companion, in red and black, but it is a 
finer and more elaborate machine. Its upper works are sup- 
ported at the corners by four bronze dolphins, and from these 
it took its name. It was the Mechanical Company's machine 
in the early days of that company, and years afterward it was 
found in Cambridge, where it had done efficient service. Above 
it floated the Columbia Company's banner of blue silk, \^ih a 


painting on it representing a fireman rescuing a girl in her 
Sunday clothes from a burning building in the dead of the 
night. Below it was the motlo, " To save from fire is our de- 

These were followed by the members of the association, 
walking six abreast, with their double deck gallery engine 
"Fairy," drawn by four horses. This engine was originally 
owned by the Fairmount Company, of Philadelphia, and when 
built in 1845 was considered the finest engine in the country. 
The Fairmount veterans took part in the parade, and almost 
every one of them went up to take a look and affectionately 
stroke the machine that was once the pride of their city. 

A little further on and hauled along by hand was the old en- 
gine of the Patapsco Company, " the Volunteer," which was 
rescued from a junk shop on Thames street some years ago by 
the venerable Peter Logue, who boasts of never having been 
in a theatre in his life. 

The Veteran Voluuteer Firemen's Association of Washing- 
ton, with their hose carriage, the Hope Hose and Steam Fire 
Company, with their hose carriage, tl)e Waterwitch Hook and 
Ladder Company, with handsome truck, and Friendship Com- 
pany, No. 1, of Alexandria, Va., completed the first section. 

The other companies of veterans in the division were the 
Veteran Volunteer Firemen's Association of Brooklyn, N. Y.. 
who had a double-deck gallery engine, a sister to the Fairy of 
the Baltimore Vets.; the Active Association of Volunteer Fire- 
men, of Philadelphia, and the Fairmount Company of Phila- 
delphia, with their old red machine, built in 1791, decorated 
with steers' horns, and the motto, ' Prompt to Action." 

The Baltimore men had special pleasure in receiving their 
guests from a distance, two of whom were old " Baltimore 
boys" They were J. W. Kentzell and Henry A. Chase, of the 
Exempt Company, of San Francisco, and G. M. Ottinger, chief 
of the Salt Lake City fire department, who ran with the Dept- 
ford Company of Baltimore from 1854 to 1858. These, with 
Edward Koontz, President of the Juniors, of Frederick, Md., 
and W. T. Robinson, of Portsmouth, Va., were appointed spe 
cial aids to Mashal Holloway. 

A few of the companies had the ancient apparatus, now long 
out of use. The Winchester (Va.) bo3'8, calling themselves the 
Sarah Zane Steam Fire Company, No. 1, had their original 
hand engine, a small double-decker, presented to them by their 
patron saint. Miss Sarah Zane, in 1840. The Hampton (Va.) 
boys, W. J. Weymouth in command, dragged the old Lafay- 
ette gallery suction along, and had a good time of it, too. 
This old engine was and still is a pretty good machine. 

The Bay Ridge and Coney Island companies, of New York, 
hauled the old Deplford double-deck engine, which has, after a 
varied and useful career, returned to its home in Baltimore. 
When the company disbanded the engine was sold to a com- 
pany in Frederick, who, alter years of service, sold it to Win- 


Chester, Va , where it was discovered and bought by Mr. 
Hollo way. 

The Altoona boys, the Pennsylvania Railroad's firemen at 
Altoona, Pa., had the largest number of active men in line, and 
attracted a great deal of attention and no small amount of 
applause by their fancy marching. 

The Catskill (X.Y.) boys were the dudes of the procession, 
and were remarkable for their uniformity of dress, their hand- 
some appearance and their excellent marching. They were 
dressed in laultlessly fitting uniforms of fawn-colored cloth, 
and each man wore fawn-colored kid gloves and leather liel- 
mets ot the same hue. They had with them their pretty huse 

The Chambers Company, of Portsmouth, Va., with their fine 
band, received an ovation. 

The other companies that took part in the parade were the 
Chemical Engine Company, No. ], Manchester, Md.; Water- 
witch Hose Company, No. 1, Port Deposit. Md.; Independent 
Fire Companj', Annapolis, Md.; Reilly Hose Company, No. 1, 
Harrisburg, Pa.; Vigilant Fire Company, No. 1. York, Pa.; 
Phoenix Hose Company, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; Active Associ- 
ation of Volunteer Firemen's Association, Philadelphia Pa.; 
Fame Hose Company, No. 1, Wilmington, Del.; Independent 
Fire Company. Portsmouth Va.; Bristol Fire Company, Bris- 
tol, Pa.; Frostburg Fire Company, Frostburg Md.; Fort Ham- 
ilton Fire Company, Fort Hamilton, N. Y.; Moyamensing 
Hook and Ladder Company, Chester, Pa.; Independent Fire 
Company, of Frederick,. Md; American Hose and Hook and 
Ladder Company, Pennsylvania ; Good Intent Fire Company, 
Pottsville, Pa.; The Good-Will Hook and Ladder Company, of 
Atlantic City, N. J. The majority of these brought their own 
bauds with them, and the second division was probably the 
most musical in line. 


Samuel W. Regester, Marshal. 

The third division was composed of officers of the modern 
city tire department, members of engine and truck companies, 
with apparatus and floats carrying chemical engine. The gal- 
lant firemen received their share of applause from the specta- 
tors, and deserved it all. The bearing of the men was free, 
steady, impressive. AVright's Baud of 25 pieces preceded the 
division. The marshal of this division was one of Baltimore's 
Fire Commissioners. 


Gen. Thomas J. Shryock, Marshal. 

A gay tattoo was beaten upon the stones by the hoofs of the 
prancing horses as Gen. Thos. J. Shryock and his staff of sev- 
enty-six aids marched at the head of the fourth division. Gen. 


Shryock has in several parades introduced novelties in the 
equipment of his aids, and he repeated his former efforts with 
splendid effect. The young men who composed his staff car- 
ried white riding crops, used a white bridle, and wore white 
kid gloves, white straw hats with while bands, dark cutaway 
coat, white vest, drab corduroy trowsers, and bronze medals 
struck at the Philadelphia mint. Thus attired upon their 
spirited horses they were received with applause. Henry R. 
Vonderhorst carried the white silken division colors, and John 
F. Schultz was bearer of the oriole colors. 

The Uniformed Knights of the Golden Eagle were first in 
line, Lieut.-Gen. Louis E. Stilz, of Philadelphia, and his staff. 
Adjt.-Qen. J. Marple Hurtt, Inspector-Gen. Samuel M. Woods, 
Assistant Adjt.-Gen. Robert R. Hodge, Surgeon-Gen. Dr. J. E. 
Whiteford, with Col. James Billingsley, of Baltimore, and Col. 
Wilbur R. Rich, of Atlantic City, richly uniformed, marched 
in front of the Knights of the Golden Eagle drum corps, and 
Major B. M. Cross had immediate control of the Maryland 
Battalion, 150 men. The Supreme Chief of the order is Mr. R. 
Emory Enniss, of Baltimore, and with his staff. Grand Chief of 
the State N. S. M. Morton, Past Supreme Chief James Young 
and Past Chief Wm. Weaver, occupied carriages in the line. 
The Pennsylvania division was large. Brig.- Gen. M. C. Staf- 
ford and staff commanded it. Col. Steinbach had charge of 
the First Regiment, Col. Long of the Second and Col. Bigard 
of the Third. Unattached visiting Commanderies, among them 
Wilmington, (Del.) Washington and Philadelphia delegations, 
with bands, helped swell the ranks of the well-drilled and hand- 
somely uniformed Knights. 

The Knights of Pythias presented an imposing appearance, 
their broadcloth suits and elaborate gold and velvet regalia mak- 
ing them among the most conspicuous bodies in line. John A. 
Schwartz was in command of the Knights. Fraukenfield's West 
Philadelphia Band furnished marching music for them. Capt. 
Nicholas Tegges commanded the mounted Knights. Capt. 
Harry C. Cox had command of the Pythian Drill Associa- 
tion, No. 1 ; Capt. Harry Kemp, of Monumental, No. 2; Capt. 
John Block, of Baltimore. No. 3; P. H. Lenderking, of Mary- 
land, No. 4; Capt. Edw. Appell, of Steuben, No. 5 ; Capt. Wal- 
ter Hevern, of Ivanhoe, No. (5; Capt. Jesse G. Gosuell, of 
Druid, No. 7 ; Washington, No. 1, Nelson, No. 2, and Columbia, 
No. 3, of Washington ; Wilmington, No. 1. of Wilmington, 
Rathbone, No. 8, of Alexandria, and Black Prince, No. 87, of 
New Freedom, Pa., were the visiting divisions. 

The societies of St. George, St. Andrew and the Caledonian 
Society were represented in the division. 

The Manual Training School placed eighty-five of its schol- 
ars in the procession, uniformed in white caps and yellow 
badges. A float carried specimens of the work of the scholars 
in wood, tin and metals. 

Capt. Thos. P. Baldwin was in command of the Manual 
Training School and the public school pupils, the latter, 200 


Btrong, in four iHvisions, beiug under the immediate command^ 
of James Young, Jr. Fifty colon d Scholars marciied proudly 
in rear of Capt Young's Division. 

The Friendship Drum Corps headed the Order United Amer- 
ican Mechanics, and Liberty Council, No. 24, turned out a 
goodly display. 

Capt. A. G. Welsh, Jr., issued the orders to the Ellsworth 
Rifle Corps.which drilled witli fine etlect. The Cadets of Tem- 
perance followed, the Riverside Baud of Port Deposit Md., 

The Catholic Parochial schools contributed largely to the pa- 
rade, and their neatly uniformed scholars were applauded all 
along the route. The Cadets of St. James School, little fellows 
all of them, wore a zouave uniform of blue and red, and with 
wooden guns presented thenu^nual of arms drill with precision 
and promptness. Captain flarry Laritz was in command. St. 
Michael's Cadets, John Baier, captain, wore a uniform nearly 
similar and drilled in an admirable manner. St. John's Tem- 
perance Cadets, Captain Owen Kehler; Temperance Cadets of 
the Lady of Good Council, from Locust Point, Dominick 
Roche in command; the scholars of Calvert Hall, St. Joseph's 
Academy, marshaled by brothers of the institution ; St. Peter's 
Temperance Cadets, St. Vincent's scholars, St. Alphonsus' 
school, the scholars from the Immaculate Conception, St. Pat- 
rick's, St. Joseph's, St. Mary's Star of the Sea, and St. Martin's 
scholars were all neatly uniformed in red caps, and some witk 
sashes, and marched over the long route with unflagging steps. 
Brothers Quintian, Virgil and Julius rode in a carriage in rear 
of the schcol-boys. 

For the Uniformed Catholic Knights Hoffman's Band was 
secured, and its martial airs marked the lime for one of the 
largest and best drilled bodies in the parade. The Catholic 
Knights were out in force. Capt. Michael Lotz was in com- 
mand, and back of him stretched a long line of societies, each 
fully uniformed. The societies were: Knights of St. Michael, 
Capt. John King ; St. George, Capt. Antoine Schalitzky ; St. 
Paul, Captain L.I. Ripple: St. Francis, Julius Hoffman; St.- 
James, Capt. Andrew Shaffer; St. Weuceslaus, Capt. Joseph 
F. Shimanek ; St. Vladislaus, Capt. Joseph Sibeski ; St. Albert, 
Captain Schultz; St. Aloysius, Capt. John Flynn ; St. Joseph, 
Capt. J: I. Gilchrist; St. Vincent, Captain J. A. Stewarts; St. 
Francis, (colored,) Capt. Smith ; Latin Cross, Capt. Lawrence 
Mohr ; St. Patrick, Capt Michael Keeney. 

The display by St. Mary's Industrial School was one of the 
features. Two hundred boys, some small and some large, 
uniformed in gray suits tri i med with blue, and wearing blue 
caps, marched like veterans. The boys presented at the same 
time esjimples of their work. One float, 34 feet long, con- 
tained vmder arches of black and gold a printing press oper- 
ated by a boy, and stocking knitting machines, at which three 
boys worked. Over the entire float were placed specimens of 
the labor of the scholars. The rear was filled with products of 


the garden and farm. A second float carried water and provi- 
sions for the boj's, while a large vehicle contained all the trus- 
tees and the board of directors. Dr. R. H. Goldsmith com- 
manded the division. 

S. R. Jackson commanded the Patriotic Sods of America, 
who were accompanied by a float representing Washington at 
Valley Forge. The latter was unusually well executed. The 
Pennsylvania division of the Patriotic Sons of America par- 
ticipated with full ranks. 

The order of the Shield of Honor was commanded by Wm. 
J. Cunningham. The Supreme Lodge, the Grand Lodge and 
various visiting lodges were in 33 open barouches, each mem- 
ber carrying an open Japanese parasol. The float of the Gol- 
den Eagles represented a widow seated beneath a canopy and 
two orphans, horns of plent^^ emptying their goods at their 

The floats of the benevolent organizations were features of 
a division so full of color and brilliancy as General Shryock's. 
That of the Golden Chain was one of the handsomest in the 
line. A number of tableaux showed the helping hand of the 
association keeping want from the widow and orphan. On a 
pedestal was a statue of a widow holding in her hand her hus- 
band's certificate of membership. On the rear of the float a 
large and exceedingly good representation of a cloud was con- 
structed and from it an angel looked down upon another tab- 
leau of contented children. 

The Catholic Benevolent Legion float helped to make the 
parade a success. It represented a room in which the amount 
of money for which a deceased husband was insured was 
being paid the widow. 

The members of the Order of Iron Hall rode in carriages, 
and placed in line two elaborate floats. 

The Royal Arcanum section was large, the members riding 
in carriages. A float of unique design, representative of the 
aims of the order, was entered in the line by it. 

The front division was concluded with the W. H. Smith Drill 
Corps, colored, &nd the Veteran Corps, colored, the latter com- 
manded by Capt. Jno. B. Briscoe. 

The aids of Gen. Shryock were : A. E. Booth, F. C. Bolton, 
John Burns, Jr., AVm. W. Berry, Roger Barron, George W. 
Bartlett, R. H. Conway, Chas. Clark, A. J. Carr, Thomas A. 
Charsee, E. Pratt Callow, E. J. Dowell, Wm. Ditfenderfer, J. 
J. Dufl'y, John R. Dorscy, T. A. B. Dukehart, Col. Patrick 
Dufl", Wm. C. Ditman, Richard H. Diggs, Charles Dilworth. 
F. G. Evans, Robert Eccles, S. W. Frizzell, Achilles Ford, 
Edward Farland, J.Edward Duker, Arch. Anderson, A. Frank 
Gilbert, Wm. D. Gill, Jr., John GrifTin, W. E. Guy, Dr. H. H. 
Goodman, G. F. M. Hauck, E. G. Hight, F. A. C. Hil), Dudley 
Helfrich, James Hutchinson, Wm. Howard, Chas. T. Harrison, 
Frank N. Hoen, W. W. Johnson, C. B. Kleibacker, John M. 
Keeler, James J. Kehoe, Henry Kroeger, Dr. A. B. Lyman, 
Charles A. Lucy, H. C. McAfee, J. H. Miller, Harvey McCoy, 


Geo. R Mcdairy, S. R. Mnsou. Jns. C. Mullor. Henry MenckPi. 
R. Miignuler. Cliiulcs M. Ness, Willium II. Ruby, Cli-rlei ' . 
Ridjiefey, Louis Roitz. Dr. Wni. Rickcrt, \V. E. Sauders, Wdl 
S. Sliort, John F. Scluillz, W. Warren Search, Leopold Schultx, 
James A. Smyser, George W. Starr, Carlos Sanchez, Charles 
Schmidt, S. A. Schwab, U. Siiipley, Alonzo Thompson, George 
K. 'I'liompson, Col. Richard B. Tippett, E W. Taylor, James 
Tliompson, Henry R. Yonderhorst, H. H. Vonderhorst, F. P. 
K. Walsh, Wm. M. Wilson, Wm. V. Wilson, and E. M. Wiley. 

Col. Heinrich C. Tikck, Marshal. 

Like a picture dropped from some Teutonic frame of medi- 
eval times was the grand display of the. fifth or German divi- 
sion, marshaled by Col. Heinrich C. Tieck. His chief of stntf 
was Parry Lee Downs, and his color-bearer Aug. F. Kaiser. 
Two lofty temples, 24 feet high, that gleamed with white and 
glinted from touches of gold, heralded from afar the Teutonic 
display, breathing in every touch the savor of fatherland, its 
song and art, its costume and its science, simplicity, sports and 

After the marshal, his aids, four surgeons and the thirty spe- 
cial aids of the Germania Riding Club, clad in snowy breeches 
and helmets, black velvet jackets and leather leggins, came in 
advance of the ambulance, emblazoned with the red cross of 
Malta, without which no German procession is ever complete. 
It was in charge of Henry Bishop and was provided with 
stretcher, and plenty of ice, medicines, cordials and bandages. 
Then hove into full view the German-American float contain- 
ing the temples, which represented " America and Germania 
United" with the advancement of their domains, as designed 
and constructed by Prof Otto Fuchs. 

Riding in advance came the mounted herald trumpeting 
aloud. Upon his head sat the. puffed beretta and upon his form 
the gayly embroidered silk tunic of crimson and black and rus- 
set leggins Three noble women of the seventeenth century 
came next in the persons of Miss Mary Zaiser, Miss Nettie 
Zaiser, and Miss Lizzie Teipe, local horse women. They were 
dressed in satin trains and puffed sleeves, one wearing blue, 
one pink and the other purple richl}' embroidered. Upon their 
heads were Gretchen caps, studded with gems. Six gallant 
knights of brave Wallenstein's period rode after in velvet- 
slashed costumes, sleeves of blue satin, white felt hats, gilded 
sashes, broad silver buckles and swords. Six noble Huguenots 
in costume and si.x Land's knights, or knights guards were next 
and then the float of the United German Singers came. 

It was ten feet broad and 30 feet long. On the front left cor- 
ner was the American Indian in magnificent dress, and upon 
the other corner was the ancient Teuton in bear skins, with 
bis horned fur cap. Next was a Gothic temple of white and 
gold, surrounded by four allegorical groups of art, poetry. 


music and science. A Raphael sitting at bis easel with a bust 
beside him was the representative of art. A. young lady- 
dressed in classic Greek costume, reclining upon an antique 
seat, holding a tablet and pencil, and having a surrounding of 
books, the representation of poetry. Music was represented 
by a group of three ladies in Greek dress, one holding a lyre,, 
the others playing upon double reed pipes. At the right was 
the savan of science, surounded byglobe, telescopes and books. 
Within the temple, under an open canopy, sat Mother Ceres; 
before her were two wheat sheaves, and in her hands were 
sickel and flowers. Gay bannerettes ornamented the structure, 
together with shields and flags. 

Then came the ocean waves, in which two globes floated. 
One showed America, the other Europe, and in each was a tall 
flagstaff", one liaving the American and the other the German- 
flag. In the rear was a ledge of rocks upon which was an oc- 
tagonal base, from which rose six marble columns supporting 
the dome of the United States Capitol. Within, in magnifi- 
cent silk dresses, were Columbia with shield and Germania 
with the great sword, studded vest of armor and gold-jeweled 
crown. Upon the platform were shrubs, trees and flowers, 
■while the graceful trimmings of the float were maroon and 

Attending this float were twelve medieval knights, guards of 
Lansquenets on foot, and behind came twelve more. Each of 
the six horses was draped in black, white and red — the Ger- 
man colors — and each was attended by a groom in broad white 
felt hat, brass collar and top boots. 

Twenty carriages, the first of which contained President 
Louis Schneider, of the United Singers, with his coadjutors, 
Louis Warkmeister, John Hoff'meister and Frederick Scheldt, 
followed, each bearing the pretty banner of one of the follow- 
ing societies : Baltimore Liederkranz, Harmonic, Germania 
Masnnerchor, Frohsin, East Baltimore Liederkranz, Arbeiter 
Maunerchor, Baltimore Liedertafel, Arbeiter Liedertafel, Or- 
pheus Msenuerchor, Thalia Mseunerchor, Canton ^Ma^nnerchor, 
Sfengerrunde, Franz Abt Msenncrclior, Germania Ma^nnerchor 
Club, Baltimore Liederkranz Club, Concordia Club, German 
Orphan Asylum, General German Aged Men's Home. 

The German shipping interest was displayed in great style. 
Ofiicers under Captain Kuhlman, of the North German Lloyd 
steamship America, were followed by the Stevedores' Associa- 
tion, with a miniature of the America. 

After carriages with officers of the organization came the 
big float of the German Correspondent. This was an Oriental 
temple of eight columns, trimmed with bannerettes, and having 
an arched top. Surrounding it were ten figurantes, represent- 
ing every part of the globe from which the news comes At 
the rear were a half-dozen Africans in a grove of tropical 
plants. This concluded the first sub-division of the fifth divi- 

The second sub-division was composed of the fat, hearty- 


looking butcliers in cnrriiigos or ahorse, with tall silk huts and 
white Hjirons. The horses drawing the butchers' lloats Imd 
the significant motto, " Live and Let Live." It was evident 
tiial the butcliers had carried out at least the first part of the 
motto. Their lloats represented three stories. Upon the first 
were f>\\ beeves, on the second calves good enough for a hun- 
dred prodigal sons. Above were sheep. 

The third sui)-divisi()n was mostly beer. There were i)leuty 
of lloats and there was enough beer to float twice as many. 
The National Brewing Company and the Fort Marshal Brew- 
ery warlike floats. Tiie former was a monitor made of 
kegs, with a frowning turret from which protruded beer kegs 
for cannons, indicative, no doubt, of "shootin' 'em up." l^ach 
of its six horses was mounted by a colored man dressed in the 
spotle.^^s white United States navy uniform. Fort Marshal 
Brewery had a counterfeit of the old earthen fort that stood 
upon its site, and cannons were pointed toward the crowd. 
Nearly every float had a Gambriuus holding out the biggest 
flve cent schooner in town. 

The exhibit of the George Bauernschmidt Brewing Company 
was a practical idea of the way in which beer is manufactured. 
The float was a beer brewery in miniature, and contained an 
engine and boiler, steam kettle, mash tub, hop jack, hot and 
cold water tanks, surface cooler, Bartlett cooler, elevators and 
malt mill, the cellar where the baer casks are stowed, and the 
sample room, these latter being arranged in the, rear of the 
float. The process of manufacturing beer was gone through 
in imitation of the real thing. The company had a tent at 
Pimlico, under which the float was on exhibition to the public. 
The float was 27 feet long, 10 feet wide and 22 feet high, and 
the lower part contained a fringe of canvas, on which was 
painted a scene of a cellar in a brewery, showing the manner 
in which the casks are stowed. 

Vonderhorst & Son had a float giving typical scenes in beer 
l)rewing. It was an artistic. exhibit. The centre of the float 
contained a thirty-flve-barrel beer cask. Roosting upon this 
was an immense carved eagle, six feet six inches from tip of 
tail to point of beak, holding a large gilded V in the mouth. 
This is the trade-mark of the firm. On each side and in rear 
of the float were the heads of beer barrels. On each side of the 
forward part were lieads of Gamhrinus, done in plaster of Paris 
and cement and painted. Each of these was mounted on shields 
of the United States and held a white streamer floating from 
the eagle's beak. Each beer barrel was decorated with a wreath 
of cedar, and surrounding the Gambrinus heads were sheaves 
of barley. Over the large cask were entwined malt vines to 
represent how the plant grows. 

The brewery of J. F. Wiesner turned out a float with a crim- 
son plush throne, canopied by the Maryland colors and aback- 
ground of red, white and blue. A Gambriuus sat there. At 
his feet, under a golden eagle, sat two ladies in decollete style, 
personating the Goddess of Liberty and Germania. Before 


these were beer barrels, around which were green hop vines 
Gambrinus held an immense silver cup ' 

George Brehm's float was a rock grotto,with brick archc; 
hom which rose a tall castellated watch-tower. PoHshedkeS 
wa's'on'tS^barrr"^-'^"^^ ^ ''' ^^-' ^'^^^ '^ "P^ ^^« ^^iSr 

While others liad a practical illustration of brewing beer 

dr 'wing' ber''Ti;?e; ','■•• 'T ^ -^l'" '"^''^ practSr^e 'of 
uraAMng oeei. Three barrels with operative soicrots wVrP 

a^'SryTho^ ''"^^ ""' ^''^'''^ ''^^ P"*^« nZ%ecoming 

The Globe^breweryhad afloat as tasteful as its Municli beer 
A tremendous cask handsomely painted rested upon an im- 
mense n)ck, and a golden globe surmounted the whS?e 
with Ht?iP "iT^ Brewing Company had a series of steps filled 
with litile girls in white dresses, who whiled away the tedium 

w' th a ^r^fn '!,"« '{ ''''^''"^ P"P- ^' '"^^ '^^ ^-« GambriaS 
with a page in handsome costume 

George Guenther had a chariot drawn by bock goats which 
Gambrinus was driving, with a fresh keg from a^cool'gTotto 
ton ?oJm.'' '"' ^'^ ''^°"°'^"^ ^^" «^ "^'^^'^ beer wiS cot: 

.f.?!'^^'',^'''*''?^^'"'.^''*^^Smer, coppersmiths, had a big 
ness ^""^^ ^"""^'"^ ""'^^ ^"^^^^^^ «f *^« brewing busf- 

ThfoSl"}?.-?''"*' were brewmasters driving in barouches. 

Ihe Oukel Braesig Verein was redolent of the North Ger- 
man s beloved Low Germany. Onkel Braesig himself the 
patron ot the nation, sat before just such a straw thatched 
structure with concrete walls as many adopted AmeScaus were 
born under. Dressed in the long brown Hanover an co"a cap! 
ped witli fur, knee breeches and leggins, he was accompanied 
by his avonte nieces, Minnekin and Linnekin, as so beauS 

Low Gennans'' """"""^ ^''' ^'"''^ ^''''''' *^^ ^^^^ ^^'^' 
The other float was the one showing the village lads and 
kssies going to he K.rmess dressed inlheir native costumes 
The lads wore broad white collars, red suspenders knee 
breeches straw broadbrims and gay ties. The floats we?e 
oredTer^''^"^ ^ """ '" ^'"^^^ i^eutschland, with gilt and cd- 

Dr^ MaHTn'^T m/.t'^^-^i^'i? ^!?'°'i^'' ^"^'' ^^ Harugari. and 
sub-clfvision. " Association concluded this 

n,il° iiH ^^"'■^•^ J^"'! l«st sub-division «'ere the Sons of Bohe- 
PrnZ M r"" ^^"'t''''' T'f ^'''' ""'^ ^'^'^' ^^- J- Ri'zicka, John 
?Hl TSf^T'"' Jos^iP'^^ebeda, F. Shimek, Thomas Ku- 
dr 1, K. Feter Jos. Jerabeck, D. Zelenka, John Payril A Se- 
sula, Jos. Feilman, Jacob Weis, K. Hurt. 
The Bohemia Gymnastic Association, in neat blue blouses, 


black trowsers aut.1 bhick Alpine hats, wore followed by the 
3olicmian " Casino " Pleasure Assembly and lodii;es of the C. 
5. P. S. and C. S. P. (). The Bohemian Young Men's Associa- 
iion Hoezde concluded the fiflii division. 

The following were the aids to Marshal Heinrich C. Tieck : 

Col. Parry Lee Downs, chief of stafiF; August F. Kaiser, 
division color-bearer. 

Aids. — John W. H. Frv, Col. John C. Horstmeier, Henry 
Brehm, A. C. Schmidt, Herman Kluth, J. T. Gracen, B. B. 
Ottenheimer, Geo. C. Jeiser. 

Surgeons. — Dr. Amos L. Gage, Dr. John C. Hemmeter, Dr. 
Jos C. Ohlendorf, Dr. P. G. Dill. 

Special Aids — Germania Riding Club, Maj. Frederick Bauern- 
schmidt, commanding; August J. Heise, adjutant; George 
Baueruschmidt, Jr., guidon-bearer. 

Andrew Mueller, Rudolph Vollmer, John E. Harting, Otto 
Abrens, Henry ^lerz, Jacob Klein, John C. Becken, August 
Hengemihle, Charles H. Mueller, George Leimbach, August 
Danzeglock, Henry Eppler. Henry Bishop, Chas. Quast, Chas, 
Beck, J. F. Barclay, Wm Balke, John Marsch, Morris Brooks, 
Wm. T. Auer, Achelis Ford, John H. Horst, Albert L. Herford, 
Edw. Umbach, Otto Hellwig, Oscar Goeger, Charles A. Lerian, 
Charles Werner. 


Ma.tok J. G. Pangboun, Marshal. 

An almost interminable line of floats and business wagons 
that were a mass of brilliant colors, an exhibition of nearly 
every conceivable manufactured product, with numerous illus- 
trations of the process of manufacture, together with beauti- 
ful, artistic and uUegoricul representations, the whole inter- 
spersed with bands of music and attended with the greatest 
enthusiasm — such was the trades display. The various firms 
entered into the affair with such enthusiasm and were so lib 
eral in expending money to decorate their floats that the result 
could not have been otherwise than creditable. 

The floats were built in the workshops or yards of the firms, 
and when constructed were usually too large and unwieldy to 
be removed bodily to the street. On this account they were 
built in sections, and when completed were dismantled, to be 
reconstructed just prior to starting for the parade. This work 
was begun at midnight Sunday, and in a number of cases was 
barely completed in time to join the procession. 

The display occupied the sixth division and was the longest 
in the whole parade. It was under the direction of Major J. G. 
Pangborn, chief marshal, who rode on horseback in front, with 
Col. Wm. A. Boykin, chief of stafl". Among the bands in this 
section were the United States Marine Band, the Naval Acad- 
emy Band, Fourth Pennsylvania Regiment Band and Philadel- 
phia City Drum Corps, Maryland Cornet Band, Chesapeake 
City Band, Burgoyne's Band, Americus Piccolo Band, United 


States Artillery Band, Annapolis Cornet Band, EmmertOH 
Band and Baltimore Drum Corps. Each section was preceded 
by its color-bearer and had its chief, ■nilh iiis aids. The order 
of the display was as follows : 


Twenty file front of B. and O. conductors, uniformed em- 
ployes B and O. R. R. Co. J. Van Smith, commander; floats 
of the B. and O. R. R., U. S. Express Co., uniformed employes 
P. R. R., J. A. Wilson, commander; floats of the P. R. R., 
Adams Express Co., Baltimore City Passenger Railway, Peo- 
ple's Passenger Railway, Furuess Steamship Line, Edward 
Mitchell; Combined Sailmakers. 


Floats of Baltimore Typographical Union, No. 13, six in 
number, illustrative of the progress of the " art preservative." 

Float of '■ The Baltimore Telegra.m," representing a 
family scene — the interi-r of a library — with family engaged 
in reading Baltimore's great weekl)' and working out the puz- 
zles. The horses were blanketed with unique advertisements 
of James Young, the Printer. 


Combined "Wholesale Dry Goods, Straw Hat Manufacturers, 
Armstrong, Cator & Co., Hurst, Purnell & Co., Hodges Bros., 
Daniel Miller & Co., "Witz, Biedler & Co., Johnson, Sutton & 
Co., Pearre Bros. & Co , Rouse, Hempstone & Co., Chesapeake 
Shirt Company, Wise Bros., S. Blum & Son, John A. Griffiths 
& Co., E. Pohl & Co., W. J. O'Neal. 


Joel Gutman & Co , C. Simon & Son, Posner Bros., S. Eann 
& Sods, E. Rosenthal, L. Krauss. 


Combined Florists, William Corse & Sons, Robert Cremcns, 
Baltimore Farm Implement Company. 


WMlliam Knabe & Co., Charles M. Stieff, Schneider & Fuchs, 
McCaddin & ^IcElwee, Adam Deupert. 


Oehm's Acme Hall, New York Clotliing House, Strasburger 
& Son, Likes, Berwanger & Co., H. Wurtzburger & Son, Isaac 


Hecht & Sons, Joseph Scherer,, American Sewing Machine 
Company, Louis Kaufman, Mrs V. Schlenth, Aug Hengemihle. 


Martin Gillet & Co., C. D. Kenny, Alex. Kerr, Bro. & Co., 
H. A. Hosmer & Bro. 



Isaac FriedenwrtUl, Roiu'iiious & Co., Goklamilh & Runkle. 


Shoe and Leather Board of Trade, Lerch Bros., O. F. Day 
it Co., H. O. Naerger. 


Atlantic Furniture Co., M. L Straus & Co., Uriah A. Pol- 
lock. Broadway Furniture Co., Baltimore Furniture Co , Isaac 
Benesch, The Reliable Furniture Co., Jno. C. Weenis & Bro., 
Riddle & William.'*, John C. Scherer, Jr., F. X. Ganter, Geo. D. 
Magruder, M. Tregor & Co., The Sauer Mfg. Co. 


Matthai, Ingram & Co . Keen & Hagerty, S. B. Sexton & 
Son, The Keely Stove Co., Master Plumbers' Association. 


Chris. Lipps, Union Soap Co., H. Cone & Sons, P. New & 
Sons, Patapsco Baking Powder Co., Fruit Puddiue Co., Reid & 
Co , Empire Steam Laundry, Brextou Laundry, F. Sauerwein. 


The Ice Exchange, Cochian-Oler Co , Jacob Frederick & 
Son, John Biemiller, Terry, Lara »fc Co., Consumers' Ice Co., 
Sumwalt Ice Co., Wm. Numsen & Sons, J. Wm. Ports, Fair- 
banks Canning Co., T. C. Pugh & Co . S. L. McCully, G. Cas- 
sard & Son, Wm. S. Dufly, John Dumbler, B. O. Frizzle. 


L. H. Neudecker, The Gottschalk Co., Samuel Hois, Netter 
Bros., Jacob Schild, S. Kaun, Adam J. Gossman. 


Jas. D. Mason & Co , Geo. Blome & Son, Geo. R. Skillman, 
Rice Bros., J. AV. Cruett, Baltimore Pie Co. 


Lilly, Rogers & Co., Muth Bros., The Chas. A. Vogeler Co., 
Kohler Medicine Co., A. S. ShatTer, G. S. McGreevy. 


The C. A. Gambrill Co , Tate, Hinrichs & Co., E. N. Gardner 
& Co., Rinehart, Childs «& Co., Chemical Co. of Canton, M. 
Murray Brooks «& Co., M. J. & W. A. Brown, Jas. R. Clark 
& Company. 


Employes of The Maryland Pottery Co , floats of The Mary- 
land Pottery Co., C. C. ZilcColgan & Co., Charles E. Ehman, J. 
M. Witzgall, White Bronze Co. 


Edw. S. Prior & Co., Carrmge and Toy Co., William Bond, 
Wm. T. Sagle. 



Combined Glass Manufacturers, Baker Bros. & Co., Swindell 
Bros , Henry Seim & Co , L. Bokemeyer, G. & N. Popplein, 
Hirshberg, Hollander & Co., Crown Brush Works, Maryland 
White Lead Works. 


E. J. Codd Co., Reuter & Mallcay, Clarence M. Kemp, L. H. 
Miller, John Soberer & Son, Coil Steam Cleaning Co. 


Hartman & Moore, Moses McCormick & Bro , J. Richey 
Wilson, J. L. Gilbert & Bro , W. S. Taylor & Co., H. E. Cook 
& Bro., J. R. Sagle. 


Postal Telegraph and Cable Company, horseback riders and 
floats of Postal Telegraph Co., Viaduct Mfg. Co, Electric Illu- 
minating Co. 


The chiefs of sections were B. F. Bond, E. V. Hermange, 
Samuel Tregallis, Louis K. Gutman, James Pentlaud, George 
N. Appold, Fred. Henneraan, Thomas G. Speights. James E. 
Byrd, William Deutsch, H. A. Lerch, Col. Louis Strasburger, 
W. H. Matthai, Jacob Murbach, Wesley Oler, L. H. Neudecker. 
H. L. Washburn, Harry A. Devries, E. T. Riuehart, Chas. L. 
Baker, Charles K. Ober, N. Popplein, Clarence M. Kemp, J, 
Richey Wilson and T. M. Dunn. 

The aids to Chief Marshal Paugborn were Col. R. Stockett 
Mathews, F. R. Biedler, A. Bechoffer, John T. Gray, William 
Hunt, R. W. Eddins. W. D. Piatt, Edward Futvoye, Isaac Gug- 
genheimer, J. L. Gilbert, P. N. Green, David Herring, J. M. 
Ingram, Joseph F. Matthai, Thomas C. Pugh, Dr. B. Holly 
Smith, Samuel A. Pitt, L. C. Kice, S. B Sexton, Jr., Ed. P. 
Suter, Thomas N. Terry Jerome Vogeler, George R. Webb, H. 
P. C. Wilson, Louis Warrington, William Wiedley, A. L. 
Straus, John W. Linton, A. L. Frederick, George A. Albaugh, 
L. C. Byrd, J. F. H. Wyse, J. R. Wilson. L. Tallerman, E. Clay 
Timanus, J. A. Wilson, J. D. Wade, J. W. Schaur, A. D. See- 
man, G. D. Sewell. Henry Schafer, Walter R. Sweeney, W. L. 
Stansberry, Oscar E. Rice, E. Rosenfekl, J. B. Richardson, Ed- 
ward Rosenthal, W. D. Randall, E. L. Raborg, G. T. Rappai- 
ner, C. W. A. New, Harry Nicodemus, Edward Noel, Samuel 
Nixdorff, J. T. Plummer, E. J. Parsons, Jr.. H. S. Dulaney, Ga- 
briel Duval, Walter Dawson, J. M. Davis, M. J. Tyson, Frank 
Dorn, Frank N. Dawes, W. G. O'Brien, Theo. Beimiller, Gra- 
son Bramble, A. Benesch, J. M. Boone, J. L. Boone, Samuel 
Bass, Frederick Burger, W. R. Birch, H. A. Malthan, Harry 
Muller, E. S. Mcrriam, E. J. McCleary, Charles G. Campbell, 
W. H. Cockey, George H. Clogg. G. A. Cook, H. E. Cook, E. 
Coulson, C. C. CoUmus, Edward Lipps, F. W. Lipps, C. W. 
Lewis, S. T. Earle, N. Everhart, C R. Kendig, J. C. Krautz, A. 


A. Kayser, George Keeler. Wm. Kress, J. A. Fritter, William 
Fraser, J. W. Geiger, F. C. Gardner. W. H. Gibbons. James 
Bonn. Louis Houghton, Wm. P. Hail, John Hood. W. J. Her- 
ring, William P.^Hall, S. O. Heiskell, C. G. Hill. J. Parker 
Hynds, C. A. Heman, Irving Hellen, Ed. Hecht, W. H. Hess, 
John Harris, C. C. Jones, H. E. Jackius, Fred. Dreschler, Wil- 
liam Thorn. 



Horse and cattle sales at Pimlico, 10 to 12 A. M. 

Awarding of premiums for horses and cattle at Pimlico. 

Hand fire engine te&t, 10 A. M , on Mt. Vernon Place. 

Races at Pimlico, 1 P. M. 

Parade of Knights, 3 P. M. 

Tournament at Pimlico, 5 P. M. 

Ball in open pavilion at Pimlico after tournament. 


Horse and cattle sales at Pimlico, 10 to 12 A. M. 
Awarding of premiums in household, agricultural implement 
and other departments at Pimlico. 
Races at Pimlico, 3 P. M. 


Parade of labor organizations, 9.30 A. M. 

Horse and cattle sales at Pimlico, 10 to 12 A. M. 

Labor meeting and addresses at Pimlico. 

Representation of battle of North Point at Pimlico, 2 P. M. 

Vocal concert preceding battle. 

Dedication of new postoflBce, 8 P. M. 

Maryland ball, Concordia Opera House, 9.30 P. M. 


Parade of soldiers, 9 A. M. Reviewed by Governor Jack- 
son and Governors of other Stales. 
Horse and cattle sales at Pimlico, 10 to 12 A. M. 
Races at Pimlico, 3 P. M. 
Bombardment of Fort McHenry, 8 P. M. 


Horse and cattle sales at Pimlico, 10 to 12 A. M. 
Races at Pimlico, 3 P. M. 


3 9157 00000784 2 



(2,^ A/ "i^C''*rHARINF.S, ONTARIO 


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