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City Document — No. 6. 



House Offal and Night Soil. 

In Board of Aldermen, May 30th, 1853. 
Laid upon the table and ordered to be printed. 

JOSEPH W. TUCKER, City Clerk. 





In Boaed of Aldermen, May 30th, 1853. 

The Committee to whom was referred the order "to 
consider the expediency of reporting an Ordinance regulat- 
ing the collecting of offal, and also regulating the removal 
of night soil within the City," have considered the subject 
and report the accompanying Ordinance. 

For the Committee. 



An Ordinance concerning the Removal of House Offal and 
Night Soil from the City. 

Be it Ordained by the City Council of the City of Roxbury : 

Sect. 1. All house offal, whether consisting of animal 
or vegetable substances, shall be deposited in convenient 
vessels and kept in some convenient place, to be taken away 
by, or under the direction of, the person appointed by the 
Mayor and Aldermen for that purpose ; which shall be done 
not less than twice in each week. 

Sect. 2. No vault or privy shall be emptied except 
under the direction of the person appointed by the Mayor 
and Aldermen, and conformable to such regulations as the 
Mayor and Aldermen shall make on the subject ; and 
always at the expense of the owner, agent, occupant or 
other person having charge of the tenement in which such 
vault is situated. 

Sect. 3. No person, except such as shall have been ap- 
pointed by the Mayor and Aldermen for that purpose, or 
his agents, shall collect, remove, or carry away from any 
dwelling house or other place, through any of the streets of 
this city, any house offal or night soil. 

Sect. 4. The Mayor and Aldermen, immediately after 
the passage of this Ordinance, and thereafter in the month 
of April, annually, shall appoint a suitable person whose 


duty it shall be, to take charge of the removal of offal and 
night soil : And the person so appointed shall cause the 
same to be used on City lands, and shall have the power to 
sell and dispose of the night soil not so used, that he may 
deem proper ; and he shall make and render annually in 
the month of February, an account of all that may have 
been sold, and pay over the proceeds to the City Treasurer. 

Sect. 5. A book shall be kept in the office of the Cily 
Clerk, in which shall be entered all applications for open- 
ing and cleansing vaults ; and the same shall receive atten- 
tion in the order in which they are made. The Mayor and 
Aldermen shall from time to time, determine the sum to be 
paid by persons who shall make said applications. 

Sect. 6. Any person offending against any of the pro- 
visions of this Ordinance, shall be punished by a fine not 
exceeding twenty dollars. 

Sect. 7. This Ordinance shall take effect and go into 
operation in twenty days from and after its passage. 

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