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Ujf of tg^axbnvy* 

In Common Council, March 12, 1855. 
Ordered, That the Joint Special Committee to -whom was referred the 
consideration of the Assessors' Department, be instructed to consider the 
propriety of causing a complete survey of the City, and each and every lot 
therein, for the purpose of aiding the Assessors in their duty. 

Sent up for concurrence. 


In Board of Aldermen, March 12, 1855. 

JOSEPH W. TUCKER, City Clerk. 

In Common Council, April 2, 1855. 
Mr. Cushing, from the above named Committee, submitted the following 
Report and Order, which were read, ordered to be laid on the table and 
printed for the use of the Council. 



The Joint Special Committee, to whom was referred the Order 
relating to a survey of the City of Roxbury, have attended to 
the duty assigned them, and beg leave to submit the following 


To most, if not to all of the Committee, the project of surveying 
the entire City of Roxbury appeared at first to be one of such 
magnitude and expense, as to lead some of them, before they had 
been able to look into the matter, and obtain such information as 
was to be had, to view it as a project of doubtful expediency, if 
not an impracticable one. But your Committee have considered 
the matter fully and deliberately, and we are unanimously of the 
opinion that it is not only practicable, but every way desirable. 
They are convinced that a survey can be properly and correctly 
made, with ease, in a comparatively short space of time, and that 
the great advantages to be derived from such a plan will be such 
as to entirely overcome all objections to it, on account of the 
expense which may attend it. They believe that the interests of 
the City require and demand such a plan to be constructed. 
They look upon the present system or manner of determining the 
contents of the several lots of land, and rating the value thereof, 
(to say the least,) as a very objectionable one, a system against 
which very much can be said, while but little can be said in its 


Your Committee are of the opinion that if the Assessors could 
have the aid and help of a plan which should give them the num- 
ber of square feet of each separate and distinct lot of land, to- 
gether with the building or buildings thereon, it would diminish 
their labors, enable them to deal more justly and equitably with 
all concerned than it is possible for them now to do, give them a 
basis upon which to act, which will put to rest forever many of 
the now existing causes of complaint. It should be the desire of 
every citizen to pay his just and full share of the State, County 
and City Tax, and while very many are so disposed, there are 
others who are desirous of being relieved of the burden which they 
should justly bear. A measure which would lessen the chances of 
such to elude the just dooming of the Assessors, and at the same 
time secure to all a fair taxation, we believe would meet with the 
approval of your constituents. 

While speaking of the present advantages to be derived from 
such a plan of the City, we would not forget to call to your minds 
the great value this map or plan would have, ten, fifteen or twenty 
years hence. This consideration, of itself, in the minds of your 
Committee, is no small or slight argument in favor of this survey. 

Your Committee would recommend the construction of a set of 
plans on some convenient scale, and that the same be bound 
together in some convenient form, every lot to be carefully meas- 
ured, and the number of square feet it contains computed and 
marked thereon, the lines of said lots to be laid down, as nearly as 
can be ascertained, without an elaborate research into the titles of 
the same, and to be determined either by plans which may be 
furnished by the owners, by plans recorded in the County Regis- 
try and City Clerk's office, or by the fences and enclosures of the 
several lots as they exist upon the ground. The plans should be 
neatly drawn and the lots appropriately numbered. 


The streets, courts, lanes, &c, should be properly represented, 
as also the railroads, streams, ponds and other bodies of water. 
Accompanying this, a reduced plan should be made, showing the 
whole City on one plan, with all the main buildings of the City 
distinctly represented thereon. 

Your Committee believe that all this can be done, and well 
done, before the assessment of taxes for the next year, 1856, and 
would unanimously recommend the adoption of the following 

For the Committee, 


Ciig of Ih^jjurjK 

In Common Council, April 2, 1855. 

Ordered, That a Joint Special Committee be appointed to 
contract with one or more competent Surveyors to make a com- 
plete survey of the City of Roxbury. 

The same to be done at an expense not to exceed Twelve hun- 
dred dollars, and to be completed within nine months from the 
execution of said contract.