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(Ettj) of Hamburg. 

In Common Council, May 14, 1855. 

The Beport of the Committee was amended, and as amended was accept- 
ed, and sent up for concurrence. 


In Board of Aldermen, May 23, 1855. 

The Beport of the Committee was laid on the table and ordered to be 


JOSEPH W. TUCKEE, City Clerk. 


The Committee appointed some weeks ago to examine the City 
Ordinances, and report what revision, changes or amendments 
are necessary, would submit the following 


They find that the Ordinance (No. 4 in the Municipal Reg- 
ister) authorizing the appointment and prescribing the duties of 
City Marshal, has been repealed ; and the following Ordinances 
adopted and in force, viz. : — " An Ordinance establishing the 
office of City Solicitor ;" " An Ordinance relating to expendi- 
tures for Lamps," and " An Ordinance authorizing the appoint- 
ment and prescribing the duties of a City Marshal." 

" An Act establishing a Police Court " having passed the 
Legislature of the present year, has been accepted, and also, " An 
Act to regulate the Sidewalks in the City of Roxbury." 

Your Committee would recommend that in Sect. 9 of the Fire 
Department Ordinance, (p. 85 of the Municipal Register,) the 
last two lines be stricken out and the following inserted, " a cer- 
tified Pay Roll of the service of each member of their respective 


Companies ;" so that the last clause of Sect. 9 shall read as 
follows : — " And the Clerks of the several Companies, shall, on or 
before the first day of August, November, February or May, re- 
turn to the Chief Engineer a certified Pay Roll of the service of 
each member of their respective Companies." 

And that Sect. 19 of the same Ordinance (p. 88 of M. R.) be 
abolished and the following Sections take its place. 

Sect. 1. The members of the several Companies shall not 
assemble in the houses entrusted to their care, on the Sabbath, 
except for the purpose of taking the Engine or apparatus, on an 
alarm of fire, and of returning the same to the house, and taking 
the necessary care of said apparatus after its return. And any 
member violating this regulation, herein made, shall be liable to 
be discharged from the Department by the Mayor and Aldermen. 
This regulation shall not apply to the Officers and Stewards of 
the several Companies. 

Sect. 2. No person, not connected with the Department, 
shall enter the different Engine houses in the city on the Sabbath 
for any other purpose than to render assistance in taking or re- 
turning the Engine or Engines or apparatus, on an alarm of fire. 
And any person so offending shall forfeit the sum of five dollars, 
to be recovered on complaint made to the presiding Justice of the 
Police Court of said city. 

They would also recommend that Sect. 6 of the Ordinance 
establishing the office of a City Marshal, &c, (City Document 
No. 5, p. 7,) be amended as follows, viz. : — 

Sect. 6. The City Marshal shall receive in full for all ser- 
vices performed, such compensation as the City Council may from 
time to time determine ; — the Assistant Marshals and other 


police officers shall receive such compensation, for all services 
performed, as the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, may from time 
to time determine ; together "with all necessary charges for travel, 
offices, 'warming and lighting the same, and for all necessary 
implements for carrying out the purposes of a police organization. 

[In Common Council Sect. 6 was amended by substituting the 
following in its place : — 

Sect. 6. The City Marshal, his assistants and other police 
officers, shall receive in full for all their services, respectively, 
such compensation per diem as the City Council may from time 
to time determine.] 

They would further recommend that Sect. 1 of " An Ordinance 
in relation to the acceptance of Streets in the City of Roxbury," 
(No. 41, p. 95 of Municipal Register,) be amended as follows : — ■ 

Sect. 1. No street already laid out and not built upon, or 
which shall hereafter be laid out, shall be accepted by the City 
Council unless the same shall be fifty feet in width. 

Provided, That whenever it may be desirable to lay out a 
street, not exceeding forty rods in length, it shall be competent 
for the Mayor and Aldermen to lay out such a street as may be 
required for the public convenience at such width, not less 
than thirty feet, as may be prescribed by the said Mayor and 

The Committee have considered the Order referred to them 
relative to reporting an Ordinance regulating the firing of Salutes, 
and are unable to report an Ordinance meeting the merits of the 
case. As we have no public Common or Park, where these pub- 
lic salutes might be fired, it is almost beyond the range of our 
City legislation so to construct a Regulation which shall be prac- 


ticable in its provisions, as vacant lands, owned by various indi- 
viduals, are liable to be built upon, and thus the limits upon -which 
a salute might be fired are more and more contracted. We 
would therefore recommend, that it is inexpedient to legislate 
thereon with respect to an Ordinance, but that a Joint Special 
Committee, on the Firing of Salutes, might regulate this matter, 
from time to time, and under their direction such localities be 
selected as may be suitable, and of sufficient distance from dwel- 
ling houses so as not to endanger property. 

All of which is respectfully submitted, 


For the Committee,