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Full text of "City of Hamilton directory : alphabetical, general, street, miscellaneous and subscribers' classified business ; to which are added directories of Dundas, Waterdown, Ancaster"

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fTsack ^i 
l*b¥er for ..^ .. .^^ „ 










TRADE r.- i^;i-^?^&^-^j MAllK. 





Manufactured only by 

w. D. McLaren, 

; 55 College Street, MO¥TfiEAL. 



' mmi impeIei m m mmii 


,f most Economical and Powerful Heaters raade for ;. siting PuUHc IkiiUlings, (luirclu.s. 
School Houses and Private Dwellings. 


I' or healing School Houses, Private Dwellings, cn 
, Manufac'ured for and set up in buildings, with all Registers, 

™i > 


Cold Air Ducts, Smoke Pipes, etc. ^ 


A. Mcpherson, -Book and Job -Vmn'-'^ 


\^ er)f w©pf F) rlisf 0Pic0:l 





Peter Balfour, Esq. 
Tames Cummings, Esq. 


Agent, Hamilton. 

Vice-Pfesident. V 

I Reginald Kennedy, Esq. 
I George Sharp, EIsq. 
W. Kavanagh, Esq. 




31. SZing^ Street East, 


Phoenix of London, Fire, 

Guardian of London, Pirt 

mm lifiif If %m liitii littt. ' ^''^ 

(Ocean Marine only.) 

All companies of the very first standing. RATES as low 
as those of any other good companies. 


Gi:^ o:fl^ ll^ad of the J 
fHis^o^oal Society 



Importers of / 

Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, 














Modelling executed to order 

Every Description of Plain and Ornamental Plastering 
Done to Order. 




Railway, Municipal Debenlures Bought and Sold. 



Baths, Water-Closets, Forcing Pumps, Marble Wash Stands, 
Porcelain Slabs, Gas Fixtures, Globes and Shades. 

Copper Cylinder Boilers, Galvanized Iron Boilers, etc., all the latest 
improvements in ventilation. 

North-west cor. James and Cannon sts. -No. 119 James st. N. 



13 Hughson st. north, next Times office. 


Alexandra Arcade, adjoining the Market. 

l£@€(,l@ €i,t all ^©'yiii'^r 

With Tea, Coffee and Cocoa, etc., at low prices. 


President. Secretary. 

i^'Patrons will please observe that all orders for the Hamilton City Directory 
bear our name, and that our agents are not authorized to receive money or goods 
in anvance payment for subscriptions. 



Alphabetical, General, Street, Miscellaneous and Subscribers' 
Classiiied Business 







PRICE, - $2.50. 

W. H. IRWIN & CO., Compilers and Publishers. 

Printe*l at the Office of A. iMcPhcrson, $1 North James St., Hamilton, Ont. 


The publishers, in presenting their twelfth annual edition 
of the City of Hamilton Directory, gratefully acknowledge the support 
awarded them, and assure their patrons, the great majority of whom 
they are happy to know are personal friends or acquaintances, that 
as in the past, so in the future, every means in their power will be 
exerted to make the work as thorough and reliable as it is possible 
for a compilation of this kind to be. Every house has been visited 
by our agents, and if errors are discovered we solicit a lenient 
criticism. The present volume contains about 12,000 names and 
addresses which is in excess, considering the population of the city, 
of the average Directory number. Wishing our patrons a favorable 
year, we take our leave, hoping in due time fo request their support 
for the thirteenth edition of this book. 

^^Several of our patrons complain that certain persons are in 
the habit ot constantly borrowing Directories, and when most needed 
they are not to be found. The best remedy tor this evil is not to 
permit the book to leave your premises. Every business man 
requires the book and can afford to purchase it. 

W. H. IRWIN & CO. 
March ist, 1885. 

W. H. IRWIN Sl (BO., 

The oldest established Directory publishing tirm in Ontario, and excepting 
Messrs. Lovell & Son, of Montreal, in the Dominion. During our long experience 
we have compiled this class of work for all the cities of Ontario and Quebec with 
the exception of Montreal ; a large number of the counties of Ontario ; the Eastern 
Townships of Quebec, and compiled the Messers. Anderson's Ontario Directory 
published in 1869. This experience authorizes us to state that our compilations 
are as complete as any of the publications of this kind can l)e. While avoiding 
all redundancy ; cramming the book with matter foreign to the character of this 
class of books, nothing is omitted that should be included in the legitimate contents 
of the Directory. Please see list of our publications on page 390. 

-A-ca.cLress— - 

12 MA(J]lHB p\in ^ODTH, [lAlll|ILTOjl, mi\?fn. 



Banks and Officials 

Benevolent Institutions 

Board of Trade 

Changes, Removals, etc 

Church Directory 

City Government 

Classified Business Directory 

Colleges and Schools 

County Officials 

Customs and Inland Revenue 

Division Courts and Clerks 

Dundas, Town of. 

Fire Alarm 


Irish Protestant Benevolent Society 

Knights of Pythias 

Law Society 

391 ! 

389 I 
385 I 
382 I 

391 ; 

382 ! 

380 ! 

355 i 

380 ; 

382 I 

390 i 
374 I 

381 i 


Literary Societies 381; 

Masonic 387 

Medical Society 385 

Military 386 

National Societies 385 

Odd Fellows 387 

Orange Association 389 

Post Office and Officials 381 

Railways 390 

Roman Catholic Institutions 384 

St. Andrew's Society 385 

St. George's Society 385 

Street Directory 223 

Temperance Organizations 386 

Towns and Villages 372 

United Workmen, 388 

Waterworks 381 

Wentworth, County of. 372 


Anderson tV Hates, oculists 39 

Barristers' directory 356, 357, 359 

Brass Peter, architect 144 

Bruce Wm, patents 359 

Brunke Albert, furrier 23 

Bull Richard, insurance 366 

Claringbowl Fred, jeweler 171 

Cook's Friend Baking Powder. . . . 

Front Cover 

Finagin John, tailor 23 

Forbes A F, stock broker 4 

Gillespie & Powis, insurance .... 2, 359 

Hamilton Coffee Tavern Co 4 

Hannaford Bros, plasterers 3 

Harding Henry, plumber 4 

Harvey James A, printer 23 

Henderson Geo, boots and shoes.. 8 

Herron Joseph, merchant tailor. . . 39 

Irwin Robert, customs 171 

Irwin Thos & Son, tinsmiths 392 

Irwin W H & Co., directories. 144 222 

Jones Seneca, insurance 366 

Kennedy, R D, surveyor 359 

Macdonald John & Co., dry goods 

Inside Back Cover 

Mclhvraith & Mc Master, dry goods 3 

McKay Bros., dry goods 39 

McKeand Geo, insurance 366 

McLellan David, insurance, Back Cover 

McPherson, Alex, printer 354 

Parker Robert & Co., dyers 160 

Payne & McMeekin, insurance 366 

Pearson John, collector 359 

Professional Cards 356, 357, 359 

Royal Insurance Co Back Cover 

Strong Wm, insuracne 366 

Townsend S E, accountant 356 

Townsend W G, customs 144 

Victoria .Mutual Fire Ins Co 2 


















'^Tv^. X3:. I^iT77"i3iT <Sc CO., Compilers. 

Abbs John A, clerk, 19 Macab n 
Abell Daniel W, machinist, 19 

Abey Jarvis, boilermaker, 19 

Abram Frederick, tailor, 50 Wil- 
Abraham Charles, commission 

merchant, 14 Charles, h 17 

Park s 
Accident Insurance Co, of 

North America, Seneca 

Jones, agent, 59 James n 
Acheson John, 91 Wellington n 
Acheson Joseph, machinist, 20 

Lower Cathcart 
Acheson Wm, salesman, bds 91 

Wellington n 
Acklan Robert, carpenter, Went- 

worth n 
Ackland Robt, patternmaker, 85 

Bay n 
Ackvvorth Mrs Mary, (wid John) 

182 Napier 
Acres Wm, hats and furs, 12 

King e, h 44 Hunter w 
Adam James, plumber, 22 Hugh- 
son n 
Adam James, bookkeeper, cor 

Hughson and King Wm 
Adam Mrs Mina, (wid James) 

16 Hunter e 
Adams George, stove mounter, 

107 East ave n 

Adams James, laborer, 79 Han- 
nah e 
Adams James, packer, 83 Mary 
Adams Manufacturing Com- 
pany, J E Martin, manager, 
wringers, mattresses, etc, 114 
James n 
Adams Peter, tailor, 135 Hunter e 
Adams Thomas, sailor, 74 Bar- 
ton e 
Adams Thos, carpenter, 18 Inch- 
bury n 
Adamson, Miss E, r 303 McNab n 
Adcock John, machinist, 70 

Hughson s 
Adcock Mrs, Garth, s of Con- 
Addison James, (W Addison & 

Sons) bds 94 Wellington s 
Andison Mrs John, 113 Rebecca 
Addison Kobt, carpenter, 15 

Addison Thos, laborer, 30 Hess n 
Addison William sr, (W Addison 

& Sons) 90 Wellington s 
Addison Wm sr, (W Addison & 

Sons) 90 Wellington s 
Adrian Mrs, bds 140 Main e 
/Etna. Insurance Co, of Hart- 
ford, W F Findlay, agent, 25 
James s 
Aged Women's Home, Miss 
McFarlane, matron, 115 Wel- 
lington s 



Ahern Robert, polisher, 8 Spring 
Aikin James, butcher, Went- 

worth n 
Aikin Wm, blacksmith, 34 Well- 
ington n 
Aikins Mrs Mary, (wid James) 

bds 150 Bay n 
Aikins Robert, scale maker, 38 

Stuart e 
Aikins Wm, machinist, 150 Bay n 
Ailes James, manager Knights of 

Labor co-operative store, h 80 

Bay n 
Allies Rich, bricklayer, 2 Mar- 
Ainsborough John H, moulder, 

367 Catharine n 
Ainslie Mrs Eliza, 76 Napier 
Ainslie James, tanner, 230 King 

Ainslie Wm, trunk maker, 25 

Aird John, carpenter, bds 

Dominion hotel 
Aitchison Alex W, chief fire 

brigade, 89 Main w 
Aitchison & Co, (Wm and David) 

planing mills, 56 and 58 Main w 
Aitchison David (Aitchison & 

Co) h 9 Bay s 
Aitchison J W, com traveler, 33 

Caroline n 
Aitchison Thos A, bookkeeper, 

68 Hannah w 
Aitchison Wm, (Aitchison & Co) 

h 33 Caroline n 
Aitchison Wm, hotel, 93 Bay n 
Aitken Mrs Christina E, (wid 

Samuel M) 39 Jackson vv 
Aitken E P, clerk, 39 Jackson w 
Albery Wm, shoemaker, 157 

John n 
Albins Wm, machinist, 195 East 

ave n 
Alder Robert, teamster, 184 King 

Alderman Wm, laborer, 5 Harriet 
Alderson, George W, plasterer, 

36 Bay n 

Aldous J E P, organist, 84 James s 
Aldrich William, laborer, 141 

Wood e 
Aldridge Fred, printer, 60 Lower 

Aldridge James, shoemaker, 7 

Ferguson ave 
Aldridge Thomas, shoemaker, r 

74 Emerald n 
Alexander A, accountant, 

court house, h Wentworth cor 

Alexander Albert E, clerk. Con- 
cession cor Hilton 
Alexander, Mrs Christina, 12 New 
Alexander Douglas, law student, 

Wentworth s 
Alexander Ernest, clerk G T R, 

cor Stinson and Wentworth 
Alexander Frederick, laborer, 

353 John n 
Alexander, Henry, sawyer, 91 

Picton e 
Alexander Mrs Isabella, 153 

John s 
Alexander James, carpenter, 45 

Queen n 
Alexander John, leather and 

findings, 13 and 15 King w, 

h Concession cor Hilton 
Alexander John, moulder, 105 

East ave n 
Alexander S H, clerk, Went- 
worth s 
Alexander Thos, bartender, 12 

Alexander Wm, bartender. Royal 

Alf John, moulder, bds 41 John n 
Alford Wm, china, 11 McNab 

Alhambra saloon, Smith & Find- 
lay, proprs, James cor Merrick 
Allen Mrs Agnes, 47 Queen n 
Allen Edward, blacksmith, 135 

Wood e 
Allan Fred, grocer, 53 Hunter e 
Allan George, telegraphist, 138 

Cannon e 



Allan George, moulder, 56^ 
John s 

Allen Mrs George, 104 Barton e 

Allan Mis George, 84 John n 

Allan George R, printer, 24 

Allan Mrs Helen S, (wid Thos S) 
64 Queen n 

Allen Henry, boilermaker, 28 
Simcoe e 

Allan Jas, moulder, 41 Chisholm 

Allen James, carpenter, 47 Cath- 
arine s 

Allan James R, 39 Magill 

Allan Mrs Jane, 163 King Wm 

Allan John, machinist, 129 Park n 

Allan John, lithographer, bds 64 
Queen s 

Allen John, grocer, 55 Hunter e 

Allen John, carpenter, 47 Cath- 
arine s 

Allan Mrs Maggie, (wid Adam) 
54 Young 

Allen Martin, laborer, 128 East 
ave n 

Allen Michael, shoemaker, 55 
Hunter e 

Allen Patrick, laborer, 75 Cath- 
arine n 

Allen Paul L, bds 1 3 Bold 

Allen ife Provan, (Robert Allen 
and David Provan) new and 
second hand dealers, 14 and 
16 King Wm 

Allen Mrs Racliael (wid Osborne) 
178 King Wm 

Allen Richard, bootmaker, 116 
King w 

Allen Robert, (Allen & Provan) 
h 33 Hugh son n 

Allen Robt, carter, 1 1 Kinnell 

Allan Mrs Susan (wid Wm) bds 
39 Magill 

Allan Steamship Line, J B 
Fairgrieve, agent, 59 James n 

Allen Thomas jr, telegrapher, 10 
Simcoe e 

Allen Thomas sr, fitter, 10 Sim- 
coe e 

Allen Thomas, builder, 143 West 

ave n 
Allen Thomas, dyer, 18 Strachan 

Allan Thos, shirt cutter, bds 64 

Queen s 
Allan Wm, contractor, 14 Bar- 
ton w 
Allan Wm, carpenter, 136 King 

Allan Wm R, blacksmith, 63 

Allardice Geo R, stone cutter, 

229 Main w 
Allardice R A & Co, furniture 

manfrs, 86 Merrick 
Allardice R A, (R A Allardice 

& Co) bds St Nicholas hotel 
Allardice T C, cabinetmaker, bds 

Commercial hotel 
AUcock Henry, brickmaker, 197 

Main w 
Allingham Robt, laborer, 291 

King w 
AUins Eli, whitewasher. Pearl s 
Allison Mrs B, (wid William) 10 

Allison Caleb, bartender, 51 

Stuart w 
Allison House, W Y Allison, 

propr, 51 Stuart w 
Allison Oliver, moulder, bds 53 

Allison Thomas, machinist, Fer- 
guson ave n 
Allison Wm Y, propr Allison 

House, 51 Stuart w 
Alliss Joseph J, laborer, 106 

Simcoe e 
Almas Adam, laborer, 50}^ 

Hunter e 
Almas A E, barber, 50^ Hunter e 
Almas Charles, barber. Walnut 

n, h 15^ Hunter e 
Almas H F, barber, bds 50^ 

Hunter e 
Almas John, farmer, 47^ Cath- 
arine s 
Almond John, clerk, 200 King w 



Almond Mrs Mary, (wid David) 

dairy, 200 King w 
All Saints' Church, Queen 

cor King 
Ambrose Mrs Alexander, 199 

Hughson n 
Ambrose A W, barrister, 199 

Hughson n 
Ambrose Mrs Charles, 27 Maria 
Ambrose Miss E, 47 Walnut s 
Ambrose E H, law student, 20 

Ambrose E S, clerk Bank of 

Hamilton, 27 Maria 
Ambrose Robert S, music teacher, 

20 Augusta 
Ambrose Walter, salesman, 92 

Bay s 
Ambrose W J, clerk, bds 27 

American Bracket Co, John N 

Barnard, manager, 145 King w 
American Express Co, J P 

Johnson, agent, 18 James s 
American Hotel, F W Bearman, 

propr, Kmg cor Charles 
American M E Church, Rev 

J B Roberts, pastor, 80 John n 
American Nail Works Co, foot 

Queen n 
Ames Jonathan, (L D Sawyer & 

Co) 6 West ave s 
Amess James, contractor, 125 

King e 
Amess Samuel, carpenter, 125 

King e 
Amey Thomas, carpenter, 123 

Amor Albert, laborer, bds 14 H 

Victoria ave s 
Amor Mrs Isabella (wid David) 

bds Robinson 
Amor James, undertaker, 3 Queen 

Amor Mrs Nancy, (wid John) 22 

Amor Wm, excise officer, 9 

Queen n 
Amos James S, 48 Cath-arine n 

Amos Miss L, dressmaker, 
Thomas C Watkins, 30 king e, 
h 109 Hughson n 

Amos Robert, salesman, 155 
Bay n 

Anchor Steamship Line, 
George McKeand, agent, 57 
James n 

Ancient Order United Work- 
men Hall, 14 McNab s 

Anders John, brushmaker, 12 

Anderson A A, manager Ham- 
ilton and Dundas street railway, 
hd Queen s 

Anderson A C, (A C Anderson 
& Co) h 94 Catharine n 

Anderson A C & Co, wh jewel- 
ers, 55 King e 

Anderson Alex, blacksmith, 25 

Anderson Alex, 42 Hunter w 

Anderson Alexander, laborer, 39 
John n 

Anderson Mrs Annie (wid Gilbert) 
180 Napier 

Anderson & Bates, (J N 
Anderson, M D, F DeWitt 
Bates, M D, oculists and aur- 
ists, 34 James n see card 

Anderson Charles, stonecutter, 
Aikman's ave 

Anderson David, machinist, bds 
127 John n 

Anderson George, carpenter, 15 
Murray e 

Anderson George, carpenter, 69 
Queen n 

Anderson Henry, machinist, 

Anderson James, laborer, 99 
Victoria ave n 

Anderson James, M D, 192 
Macnab n 

Anderson James, carpenter, 69 

Andrews James, mech supt, 
Ontario Cotton Mills, 264 
Macnab n 



Anderson James, laborer, Brock w 
Anderson James, stonecutter, 4 

Emerald n 
Anderson James, blacksmith, 43 

West ave n 
Anderson J E, com traveler, 7 

Anderson John, bookkeeper, 192 

McNab n 
Anderson John sr, 24 Caroline n 
Anderson John jr, carpenter, 24 

Caroline n 
Anderson John, laborer, 283 

Hughson n 
Anderson John, waiter, 90 

Anderson John F, mouWer, 113 

Hess n 
Anderson J N, M D, (Ander- 
son & Bates) ^4 James n, res 

Anderson Peter, laborer, 32 

Strachan e 
Anderson Robert, bookkeeper, 

17 Pearl s 
Anderson Mrs Samuel, 58 East 

ave n 
Anderson Thomas, machinist, 33 

Lower Cathcart 
Anderson Thomas, baker, 170 

Macnab n 
Anderson Walter, bookkeeper, 

114 Market 
Anderson William, crimper, 7 

Anderson William, pumpmaker, 

17 Liberty 
Anderson Wm, machinist, 97 

Victoria ave n 
Anderson W J, butcher, James 

St market, h King e 
Andrew James, printer, 99 Well- 
ington n 
Andrew Robert, spinner, 99 

Picton e 
Andrews A W, laborer, 62 Cath- 
arine s 
Andrews Mrs Eliza, (wid John) 

75 Peter 

Andrews Mrs G, 315 Hughson n 
Andrews James, carpenter, 264 

Macnab n 
Andrews Mrs Jessie, (wid Edward) 

12 Murray e 
Andrup Hans, shoemaker, 26 

Angle Job, laborer, 354 King e 
Angle Samuel, laborer, 326 Kinge 
Angold Harry, machinist, 66 

East ave n 
Angus Andrew, (Robert Evans 

& Co) h 42 Duke 
Angus H R, salesman, 36 Jack- 
son w 
Angus James jr, hats and furs, 

24 King w, h 44 Duke 
Angus James sr, 42 Duke 
Angus John, patternmaker, 112 

Bay n 
Angus Robert, 36 Jackson w 
Angus Wm, tinsmith, 64 Hess n 
Angus Wm, letter carrier, St 

Paul's cottage, James s 
Anketell Mrs Margaret, 89 Young 
Annick Mrs Mary Ann (wid 

Jacob) rr 106 McNab n 
Anson Alfred, cigarmaker, 106 

Ferguson ave n 
Anstey Charles, letter carrier, 31 

Anstey Wm, shoemaker, 103 

Victoria ave n 
Anstey W W, plumber, 100 

John n 
Ante Otto, watchmaker, bds 97 

Anthony A J, plasterer, 137 

Picton e 
Antunovich Pietro, mariner, bds 

304 James n 
Appleby Edward, stove mounter, 

Hannah w 
Applegarth Miss Elizabeth, bds 

63 Wellington s 
Applegate Thomas, laborer, 156 

Hughson n 
Appelgate Thomas sr, cabdriver, 

170 Hughson n 



Appleton Thomas, gardener, 88 

Appleton Thomas, pawnbroker, 
89 James n 

Appleyard John, machinist, rr 
103 Catharine n 

Arcade Coffee Room, (Chas 
Lambert, manager), 20 Arcade 

Archer G C, cutter, bds Com- 
mercial hotel 

Archibald John, fitter, bds 48 
Murray w 

Archibald Robert, foreman GTR, 
48 Murray w 

Archibald Robert, brakesman, 
226 Macnab n 

ArchibaldThos,laborer, T05 Maria 

Argyll Terrace, 14-18 Her- 

Arkell Arthur, miller, in Mac- 
nab n 

Arland & Bro, (Henry and 
Patrick) boots and shoes, 62 
King e, h 67 Park n 

Arland Michael, 119 Bay n 

Arless Mrs Henrietta, confec- 
tioner, 103 John s 

Armtrust Lincoln, clerk, 105 
King w 

Armitage Mrs Ann, (wid James) 
38 Strachan e 

Armitage Mrs Harriet, (wid 
George) ii Spring 

Armitage Mrs Mary (wid Wm) 
dressmaker, 35 Bay n 

Armitnge Thomas, machinist, 129 
Emerald n 

Armour John, 79 Jackson w 

Armour Robert, civil engineer, 
79 Jackson w 

ArnVstrong Albert, bartender, 1-3 
Cannon e 

Armstrong Mrs Arthur, 70 Fer- 
guson ave 

Armstrong Charles, cartage agent, 
N & n"w R, 33 James n, h 
Wentworth s 

Armstrong Charles, cigarmaker, 
h 3 Cannon e 

Armstrong Edward, clerk Domin- 
ion hotel 
Armstrong Edward, laborer, 175 

Armstrong Fergus, station master 

GTR, 16 Park s 
Armstrong George, watchmaker, 

bds 36 Bay n 
Armstrong Geo H, clerk P O 

109 Main w 
Armstrong Mrs Hannah A (wid 

Geo) 109 Main w 
Armstrong & Haw, (Thos 

Armstrong, Lawrence Haw) 

proprs Dominion hotel, 80 

King w 
Armstrong Henry, bookkeeper, 

h mountain top 
Armstrong Isaac, grain buyer, 95 

Armstrong James, painter, 6 

Armstrong James, plumber, 58 

Armstrong J J, foreman, 104 

Wellingto« s 
Armstrong John sr, 36 Bay n 
Armstrong John, plumber, 36 

Bay n 
Armstrong John, baker, bds Vic- 
toria hotel 
Armstrong John, printer, 261 

King Wm 
Armstrong John, carpenter, 7 

Walnut n 
Armstrong Joseph, grain buyer, 

bds 95 Market 
Armstrong Mrs, 319 Macnab n 
Armstrong Matthew, 49 Robinson 
Armstrong Nelson, 36 Bay n 
Armstrong Peter, wagon maker, 

33 Mary, h 22 Catharine n 
Armstrong Robert, 153 West 

ave n 
Armstrong Miss Sarah, 130 Park n 
Armstrong Thomas, (Arm- 
strong & Haw) 80 King w 
Armstrong Walter, painter, 194 

John n 



Armstrong Wm, com traveler, 32 

Armstrong Wm, foreman cotton 

mills, bds 175 Mary 
Armstrong William, laborer, 20 

Armstrong William, tailor, 290 

Arnett Ed, painter, bds 33 Peter 
Arnett Fred, tailor, 18 Chisholm 
Arnett Joseph,* painter, Grei.ej 
Arnold Mrs Caroline (wid Fran- 
cis) 164 James n 
Arnold Stanley, upholsterer, 87 

Lower Cathcart 
Arnold Wm, polisher, 68 Wilson 
Arnott Mrs Wm, Concession 
Arrol James, moulder, 309 Mac- 
nab n 
Arrol Robert, second hand dealer, 

47 York 
Arthur C, butcher, King e 
Arthur Humphrey M, rr 81 

Caroline n 
v\.rthur John, polisher, 60 Victoria 

ave n 
Arthur John, porter, Wentworth n 
Arthur Mrs Mary (wid John) 347 

James n 
Arthur Samuel, builder, 16 Elgin 
Arthur Thomas, carpenter, 250 

King e 
Arthur James, laborer, 20 Mary 
Ashbaugh Fred A, com traveler, 

91 Napier 
Ashbaugh R R, Central hotel, 

135 King e 
Ashburn Wm, laborer, 56 Tom 
Ashby George, cabinetmaker, 

115 John s 
Ashby Wm, foreman gas works, 

108 Bay n 
Ashton Walter, clerk, bds 41 

John n 
Ashton Wm A, nailer, part 33 

Askew Geo, shoemaker, 257 

Aspell William, clerk, 118 Maria 

Astels J W, foreman W Silver jr, 

bds 48 James n 
Astle Samuel, machinist, 32 

Asylum for the Insane, 

Bidwell Way, bursar, mountain 

Atkin Samuel, clerk, 28 Victoria 

ave n 
Atkins Isaac, sailor, 16 Margaret 
Atkins J H, barber, 8 Hunter e 
Atkinson Bros (W G and W H) 

manfr stationers, 35 King e 

and 66 James n 
Atkinson CCS, bds Commercial 

Atkinson John, com traveler, bds 

34 Bay s 
Atkinson Joseph, painter, 32 

Atkinson Richard, shoemaker, 

TOT Wellington, h 124 West 

ave n 
Atkinson Mrs Susan (wid John) 

44 Catharine n 
Atkinson Wm, 3 Bay s 
Atkinson W G (Atkinson Bros) 

h 3 Bay s 
Atkinson W H (Atkinson Bros) 

h 45 Charles 
Atlantic House, A Ruthven, 

propr, 29 McNab n 
Attle John, tinsmith, 90 Florence 
Attwood M W & Son (M W and 

J A) watchmakers, 88 King w 

h 44 Pearl 
Atwell Harry, porter, Burlington n 
Audette David, clerk, 5 Ferrie e 
Audett Isaiah, blacksmith, 38 

Barton e 
Audette Joshua, laborer, 23 

Inchbury s 
Audley Mrs Helen, bds 8 Locke s 
Auld Wm, watchman, 184 Jack- 
son w 
Austin Edward H, carpenter, 198 

Emerald n 
Austin James, blacksmith, 9 

Robert e 



Austin Peter, carpenter, Murray e 

Austin Thos B S, letter carrier, 
84 Emerald n 

Avis Richard, laborer. Queen s 

Awtey Arthur, shipper, 274 Kinge 

Axford George, butcher, 149 

Ayers Wm, carpenter, 179 Emer- 
ald n 

Aylett Samuel, gardener, 77 Car- 
oline s 

Aylwin Mrs Fanny T (wid Hor- 
ace) 24 Macnab s 

Aylwin H C, clerk, 24 Macnab s 

Aynslf y Joseph J, green grocer, 
153 King e 

Babb James, melter, 69 Catharine 

Backus Mrs Nora, r 256 Mac- 
nab n 

Backus Thomas, shoemaker, 97 
John s 

Baddams William, laborer, 154 
Emerald n 

Badeau Joseph, jr, shoemaker, 
loi Ferrie e 

Badeau Napoleon, shoemaker, 7 7 
East ave n 

Badger James, shoemaker, 37 

Baghot Chas, com traveler, Ray s 

Baghot Mrs Hannah (wid Samuel 
P) 46 Hess n 

Bagnall Robert, i29Wellington n 

Bagwell Geo M, supt job dept 
Times, 29 Robinson 

Bagwell J B, 2 1 Park n 

Baikie Charles, barber, bds 124 
Cannon e. 

Baikie Mrs E, dyer, 132 McNab n 

Baillie John, bookkeeper, 82 

Baillie John, salesman, 56 Wal- 
nut s 

Baillie J E S, letter carrier, P O 

Bailey Mrs Annie (wid Henry) 
162 Market 

Bailey Mrs Anne (wid Henry) 74 

Bailey Mrs Charlotte, 47 Peter 
Bailey George, lamplighter, 90 

Emerald n 
Bailey George M, restauranteur, 

32 Merrick 
Bailey John, market gardener, 

Wentworth n 
Bailey Samuel, carpenter, Bruce 
Bailey Thomas, carpenter, 44 

East ave n 
Bailey Walter, 141 Main w 
Bailey WmG, miller, 52 Hunter 

Bain Alex, gardener, 20 Victoria 

ave n 
Bain Alex, cabman, 214 Main e 
Bain Andrew, salesman, 214 

Main e 
Bain & Colville, machinists, Mary 

cor Cannon 
Bain James (Bain & Colville) h 

151 West ave n 
Bain James, grocer, 255 York 
Bain John, cabman, bds 214 

Bain Mrs Margaret (wid Patrick) 

183 Main e 
Bainbridge John, policeman, bds 

60 James s 
Baine Henry, grocer, 60 Cherry 
Baine John, laborer, 201 Mary 
Baine Mrs M (wid Thos) 84 

King w 
Baine Mrs Margaret, 185 Main e 
Baine T J, propr west end 

music store, 84 King w, h 51 

Wellington s 
Baine Thos, cellarman, bds 143 

Bay n 
Baine Thos H, hotel, 60 Cherry 
Baines James, machinist 40 

Baines Wm F, foreman G T R, 

40 Magill 
Baird A L, law student, 68 Cath- 
arine s 
Baird C C, grocer, 39 Wellington 

n, h 34 Mary 
Baker A E, jeweler, bds 14 Blythe 



Baker Alfred H, watchmaker, 64 

Baker Alfred, laborer, 318 King w 

Baker Edward (J D Pennington 
& Co) cor Kelly and Welling- 

Baker Edward J, foreman, 90 
Park n 

Baker Geo, laborer, 318 King w 

Baker Frank, laborer, 7 Devon- 

Baker Hugh C, manager On- 
tario department Bell Tele- 
phone Co, I Hughson s, h 3 

Baker H C, (Standard Whip 
Co) 23 Spring 

Baker Jamej, 55 Napier 

Baker John, laborer, 154 Hugh- 
son n 

Baker J P, night station master, 
bds 44 Murray w 

Baker Josiah, carpenter, 14 

Baker Ralph, salesman, 14 Blythe 

Baker Robert, laborer, r 256 
Macnab n 

Baker Rev Thos, Congregation- 
alist, 3 Bold 

Baker Thomas, baker, 170 

Baker Thos, engine cleaner, 7 
Devon port 

Baker T W, clerk, Main w 

Baker Stephen, laborer, 127 Re- 

Baker Wm, supt Hamilton Street 
Railway, 196 Bay n 

Baker Wm, shoemaker, bds 97 
John s 

Baker Wm, laborer, 318 King w 

Baker W C, commission agent, 
26 James s 

Balch Thomas, machinist, 5 Pic- 
ton w 

Bale James, bookkeeper, 83 
Emerald n 

Bale Joseph, shipper, 130 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Bale Thomas, machinist, 72 
Hughson n 

Bale Thomas, com traveller, 83 
Emerald n 

Bale Thomas, mason, 58 Hugh- 
son n 

Bale Walter, bookkeeper, 114 
Victoria ave n 

Balfour James, architect and 
building superintendent, Went- 
worth Chambers, 25 James s, 
h Hannah w, nr Bay 

Balfour Peter, city assessor, Han- 
nah w of Bay 

Balfour St Clair (Brown Bal- 
four & Co) h 40 Duke 

Ball Fred, moulder, 82 Lock n 

Ball Robert, laborer, 310 Hugh- 
son n 

Ball Wm, baker, 84 Park n 

Ballantine Wm, laborer, 102 Bold 

Ballantyne Thomas, plumber, 52 
and 23^ York 

Ballentine Adam (Adam Ballen- 
tine & Bros) 119 John s 

Ballentine Adam & Bros, gro- 
cers, 115 John s 

Ballentine A L (Adam Ballentine 
& Bros) 1 19 John s 

Ballentine R B (Adam Ballentine 
& Bros) 1 19 John s 

Ballard W H, inspector pub- 
He schools, 241 King w 

Balmer Stephen, laborer, 41 Peter 

Bampfylde Chas H, manager 
Dundurn Park, 62 Main w 

Bampfylde Charles H, salesman, 
39 Kay s 

Bampfylde John P, agent, 38 
Victoria ave n 

Bampfylde Robt J, com traveler, 
62 Main w y 

Bamrick John, laborer, 24 Mul- 
berry ^ 

Bangarth William, confectioner, 
14 York , ^^ 

Bank of British North 
America, D G McGregor, 
manager, 5 King e 



Bank of Commerce, E Mitch- 
ell, manager, King, cor Hugh- 

Bank Federal, J M Burns, 
manager, 2 James s 

Bank of Hamilton, E A Col- 
quhoun, cashier. 17-19 King w 

Bank Merchants', J S Mere- 
dith, manager, King cor John 

Bank of Montreal, J N 
Travers, manager, James cor 

Bank Stinson, A H Moore, 
manager, 10 Hughson n 

Bankes VVm, artist, 15 Inchbury n 

Bankier P M, law student. Ham 
Prov and Loan Chambers 

Banks Mrs Catharine (wid John) 
bds 145 Duke 

Banks Louis, laborer, 145 Duke 

Baptist Church (Colored) 
106 Macnab n 

Bajjtist Missions, Herkimer and 
Wentworth n 

Barber A N, 55 Emerald s 

Barber Bristol, brickmaker, 317 
King w 

Barber B F, clerk P O, 14 

Barber Wm, gardener, 90 Queen s 

Barclay Mrs Ann (wid Jonn) 45 
Hannah e 

Barcley Wm, carpenter, Clark 

Barclay Wm, piano maker, 75 
Wellington s 

Bard Thomas, glassblower, 283 
James n 

Bardwell Jas, machinist, 51 Rays 

Barker Daniel, carpenter, 57 Bur- 
lington w 

Barker Hiram (Barker & Mc- 
Brien) h 25 Cherry 

Barker Holten, carter, 357 James 

Barker James, fruk dealer, 83^ 
John s 

Barker John P, clerk G T R, 20 
Picton e 

Barker & McBrien (Hiram Bar- 
ker, David McBrien) painters, 
33 James s 

Barker Robe.t, laborer, 15 Ma- 
cauley w 

Barker Robert, woodworker, 195 
Wellington n 

Barker Samuel, general man- 
ager N & N W R, h Bellevue, 
hd John s 

Barker Wm R, fireman, 144 
Jackson w 

Barlow Charles, foreman, 76 
Catharine s 

Barlow George, clerk, 76 Cath- 
arine s 

Barlow John, laborer, 245 York 

Barnard Alfred, bookeeeper, 181 
Main w 

Barnard Henry, merchant, no 
Catharine s 

Barnard James T, sec treas 
Hart Emery Wheel Co, 1 West 
ave s 

Barnard John N, manager Ameri- 
can Bracket Co, 19 Locke s 

Barnard P B, staple and fancy 
dry goods, 36 King w, h 229 
King w 

Barnard Robert, laborer, bds 44 
Catharine n 

Barnes Mrs A (wid Thomas) 31 

Barnes G W (W C Barnes & 
Son) h 146 King William 

Barnes & Haskins, wine mer- 
chants, 7 Arcade 

Barnes Henry, brass moulder, 71 

Barnes John, livery stable, 21 
Hughson n,h35 Lower Cathcart 

Barnes Thomas, Main e 

Barnes W C ( W C Barnes «& Son, 
h 146 King Wm 

Barnes W C & Son (Barnes W 
C, C W Barnes) stained glass 
works. 22 Hughson n 

Barnfather W C, engineer, 92 
Barton e 



Barnfather D, cigar maker, 92 

Barton e 
Barnhart Charles, barber, 130^ 

Macnab n 

Barr Andrew, butcher, 330 King 

Barr Mrs Barbara (wid Peter) 

133 Ferguson ave 
Barr Miss Eliza, 124 Jackson e 
Barr George, carpenter, 52 West 

ave n 
Barr G D, salesman, 50 Hannah w 
Barr Geo, vice-pres Reid & Barr 

manuf Co, h 34 Catharine n 
Barr John, clerk, bds SS Rebecca 
Barr John A (John A Barr it Co) 

h 38 Victoria ave s 
Barr John A & Co, chemists and 

druggists, York cor Macnab 
Barr Lettlelus B, 20 Ray n 
Barr Mrs M, 317 James n 
Barr Wm, 188 Main e 
Barr Wilson, clerk G T R, 8S 

Barrett Charles, tailor, bds 53 

Park n 
Barrett Daniel, laborer, 124 

Barrett Mrs Elizabeth (wid Wm) 

52 Robert 
Barrett Mrs Ellen (wid Richard) 

68 Vine 
Barrett Patrick, tinsmith, 143 

Catharine n 
Barrett Robert, laborer, 93 Young 
Barrett Robert, machinist, 143 

Catharine n 
Barrett Thomas, laborer, 85 Rob- 
ert e 
Barrett T*J, excise officer, bds 44 

Main w 
Barrett Wm, painter, 126 James n 
Barringer Wm, 86 Rebecca 
Barron Alex, grocer, 65 Pearl n 
Barron James, policeman, 79 

John n 
Barry Mrs Daniel, Rob Roy 

hotel, 89 John s 

Barrow Ernest, surveyor, Wilson 
e of Went worth 

Barry James, laborer, 201 Cath- 
arine n 

Barry James, freight checker, bds 
156 Mary 

Barry John, barrister, 75 Her- 

Barry John, painter, 53 Hannah e 

Barry Joseph, artist, 49 Augusta 

Barry Samuel, traveler, bds 62 
Cannon e 

Bartholomew James, moulder, 
185 Hughson n 

Bartle James, lamplighter, 43 

Bartlett Cameron, accountant 
Bank of Hamilton, 117 Mac- 
nab s 

Bartmann Adam, tailor, 3 O'Reilly 

Bartmann George, tailor, 
Walnut s, cor King, h 77 Jack- 
son e 

Bartmann G W, cutter, 84 Well- 
ington s 

Barton David, bookkeeper, 21 

Barton George M, barrister. 
4 James n, res Dundas see card 

Barton King-, law studant, res 

Barton Terrace, e s Wellington 
nr Barton 

Bascjuel John, tobacco roller, 174 

Basquel Michael, moulder, 174 

Bassett H D, repairer of sewing 
machines, 99 King e 

Bastien Louis H, boat builder, 
267 Bay n 

Bastien H L, boat builder, 265 
Bay n 

Bastedo Walter, furrier, 156 Can- 
non e 

Bateman E W, baker and con- 
fectioner, 200 King e, h^27 
Victoria ave n 

Bateman Fred,laborer,i6oHunter 



Bateman Patrick S, blacksmith, 
33 York, h 71 Wellington s 

Bateman Wm, baker, 78 Queen s 

Bateman Wm, laborer, 94 Flor- 

Batcb Alfred, carpenter. 270 Mary 

Bates David, teamster, 92 George 

Bates Edward, upholsterer, 136 
and 138 King w 

Bates F DeWitt, M D, 
(Anderson & Bates) 34 James 
n, res Burlington 

Bates James, clerk, 28 Gore 

Bates Mrs Mary (wid James) 28 

Bates Philo D, gardener, Went- 
worth n 

Bates Thomas P, clerk, 144 
Wellington n 
,^ Batstone John, baker, 185 Emer- 
ald n 

Battershinn Mrs Sarah (wid John) 
bds 17 Margaret 

Batterton Richard, stonemason, 
6 Locomotive 

Battram E, fruiterer, 122^ Kinge 

Battram H S, clerk, 74 Welling- 
ton n 

Battram Sylvester, shoemaker, 
18 West aven 

Batty Robert, moulder, 104 Sim- 
coe e 

Batzner William, teamster, 35 
Macauley w 

Bauer Albert, artist, 12 Main e 

Bauer Mrs Henry, wine vaults, 
14 Main e 

Bauer James, laborer, bds 65 
Park n 

Bauer J M, proprietor Walker 
House, king, cor Ferguson ave 

Bauer Mrs Margaret (wid Michael) 
174 Napier 

Bauman J W, music teacher, bds 
Commercial hotel 

Baxter And B, butcher, 56 Car- 
oline s, h 96 Bold 

Baxter George, teamster, 83 Bold 

Baxter James, teamster, 96 Bold 

Baxter Richard, clerk, 16 Col- 

Baxter Thomas, wire worker, 169 
King e 

Baxter Wm, tailor, 132 Victoria 
ave n 

Bawden Aaron, brickmaker, Can- 

Bawden Harry, crystal palace 
view hotel, cor Peter and Locke 

Bawden John, brickmaker, 80 

Bawden Mrs Margaret ( wid 
John) Peter cor Locke 

Bayley John, blacksmith, 114 
Picton e 

Baylie Wm, laborer, 70 Lower 

Baylis Alfred, grocer, Copp's 
block. King e 

Baylis John, gardener, 46 Han- 
nah e 

Bayne James, machinist, bds 25 
Queen n 

Bayne John, moulder, 158 Napier 

Bayne Peter, carpenter, 25 Queen 

Bazzard Geo, R R agt, 33 King w 

Beach George, com traveler, 91 
Hunter w 

Beadmore Thomas, brass finish- 
er, 37 Chisholm 

Beal John, baker, 60 Maria 

Beale Thos, laborer, 26 Peter 

Beam Frederick, tailor, 80 Main e 

Beard Edwin, laborer, 29 Wel- 
lington n 

Beardwell James, carpenter. Tif- 

Beare Henry, laborer, 55 Cath- 
arine n 

Beare Josiah, moulder, 72 Maria 

Beare William, milk driver, 261 
James n 

Bearman F W, American hotel, 
King cor Charles 

Beasley M C, conductor N W R, 
103 Main e 

Beasley Thomas, city clerk, 
Main e 



Beasley Thos, conductor, 7 6 Elgin 
Beasley R S, 103 Main e 
Beaton Mrs Hortense (wid Don-. 

aid J) 58 Catharine s 
Beattie John A, salesman, 31 
• Robinson 
Beatty A O M, teller Federal 

Beatty Edward, laborer, 244 York 
Beatty Charles, customs broker, 

235 Macnab n 
Beatty John, melter, 70 West 

ave n 
Beatty Oliver, hotel, 300 James n 
Beatty Oliver, jr, clerk P O, 300 

James n 
Beatty Thos, laborer, 1 1 1 Jack- 
son e 
Beatty Thomas, boiler maker, 

300 Hughson n 
Beatty William, engineer, 141 

Ferguson ave 
Beauford John, carpenter, 128 

Park n 
Beaumert Fred, hatter, 198 Bar- 
ton e 
Beaver George, Western hotel, 

225-7 York 
Beavers Thomas, laborer, 40 

Macauley w 
Beck Mrs Eliza (wid George) 22 

Ray n 
Becker George, jeweler, bds 169 

King Wm 
Becker Henry, laborer, 331 Cath- 
arine n 
Beckerson Elijah, laborer, 55 

Hess n 
Beckerson John, laborer, 16 Mill 
Beckerson Matthew, teamster, 

483^ Walnut s 
Beckerson Richard, laborer, 178 

Beckett H C com traveler, 134 

Hughson n 
Beckett 'J & G, flour and feed, 

22 Macnab n, h 46 West ave 
Buckingham Edward, laborer, 43 

Little William 

Beckman John, laborer, r 281 

King w 
Beddie Alex, stonecutter, 156 

West ave n 
Beddoe Joseph, shoemaker, 11 

Beddoe Thomas D, manager 

Ham Forging Co, 164 Main w 
Bedlington Henry, com traveler, 

3 Victoria ave n 
Bedwell Dan'l A, cutter, 2 Hilton 
Beedom Simon, laborer, 113 

Jackson e 
Beer Francis, butcher, 123 King e 
Beer J S, butcher, Burlington n 
Beer Isaaiah, contractor, 35 Mur- 
ray e 
Beeston Samuel, laborer, 31 Kelly 
Begg Andrew, laborer, 83 East 

ave n 
Begg Geo, clerk, 130 King Wm 
Beggs Geo, bartender. King Wm 
Begley Alex, laborer, 113 Napier 
Begley James, laborer, 286 Mac- 
nab n 
Begley Mrs M G (wid Andrew) 

9 Strachan e 
Begley Morris, conductor, Aik- 

man's ave 
Behen Jeremiah, glassblower, 7 

Ferrie e 
Belau Anthony, tailor, 81 Caro- 
line s 
Belknap C M, lumber merchant, 

17 Colborne 
Belnap William H, tinsmith, 81 

Catharine n 
Bell Adam, tailor, 22 Cannon w 
Bell Mrs Agnes (wid Matthew) 

57 Wilson 
Bell Alex, laborer, 267 York 
Bell Edward, shoemaker, 230 

Bell Fred, shoemaker, 161 Wei. 

lington n 
Bell George F, law student, 100 

Bell George M, machinists, 20 

Macnab n, h 51 Ray s 



Bell Mrs Hannah (vvid John) 80 

Catharine s 
Bell Miss I, teacher, Coll Inst 

Catharine s 
Bell John, machinist, Maple 
Bell Mrs Nathaniel, 67 Colborne 
Bell Samuel (McNair & Bell) 

h 29 East ave a 
Bell Telephone Co, city office 

I Hughson s, K J Dunstan, 

Bell Telephone Co, (Ontario 

department) i Hughson s, 

Hugh C Baker, manager 
Bell Thomas, engine driver G T 

R, bds 32 Locomotive 
Bell Thomas S, civil engineer, 

100 Market 
Bell William, barrister, Went- 

worth Chambers 25 James s, h 

hd Stinson s 
Bell \Vm, machinist, t i 7 Robinson 
Belleville Evangelist, laborer, 

Bellhouse Mrs Agnes (wid \Vm) 

90 James s 
Bellhouse PM, purser, 90 James s 
Bellhouse W A, accountant Mer- 
chant's bank, 115 Catharines 
Belling Charles, 42 Peter 
Belling George W,' carpenter, 

274)^ Hughson n 
Belling James, manfacturing 

jeweler 21 York, h 42 Peter 
Belling Thos, jeweler, 42 Peter 
Belz Henry, tailor, 33 John s, h 

20 Upper Cathcart 
Belz Lawrence, laborer, 20 Up- 
per Cathcart 
Benner Richard, com merchant 

and ins agent, 7 Main e, h 6 

Main e 
Bennett Charles, 13 Mulberry 
Bennett F, messenger Bank of 

Bennett George, carriage trim- 
mer, bds 70 Hughson s 
Bennett Henry, foreman Tuck- 

ett's, 20 Napier 

Bennett Henry, printer, 60 East 

ave n 
Bennett, J J, engineer, 165 West 

ave n 
Bennett Joseph, laborer^ bds 70 

Hughson s 
Bennett Louis, waiter, 51 Mary 
Bennett Patrick, laborer, 332 

Hughson n 
Bennett Robert, blacksmith, 48 

Bennett Robert, moulder, 166 

Catharine n 
Bennett Samuel woodturner, 3 

Bennett Samuel, brassfmisher, 

268 Bay n 
Bennetto Mrs Mary (wid John) 

39 Lower Cathcart 
Bentis Mrs Caroline (wid John) 

80 Locke n 
Benton Mrs Amy (vvid John) 

99 Maria 
Berchell W 1), stockkeeper, bds 

62 Cannon e 
Bergmann Rev R (Roman 

Catholic) 25 Sheaffe 
Bernard Isaac, tanner, 231 Fer- 

rie e 
Berrie W A C, clerk Royal hotel 
Berry Charles, carpenter, 39 

Berry James, grocer, 32-4 Guise 
Berry John, 56 Guise 
Berry Philip, teamster, 56 Guise 
Berry Samuel, carpenter, 370 

John n 
Berry William, harness maker, 

24 Aurora 
Berryman Albert, telegraph ope- 
rator G T R, 147 Bay n 
Berryman James, shoemaker, 195 

Bay n 
Berryman Robert, wool and com 

merchant i Market, h 122 

Catherine s 
Berryman William J, laborer, 93 

Bertram Jas,tobacco worker,iPine 








Copp's Block, Hamilton, Ont. 

Sign of " THE LION." Inspection Invited. 




JAS. A. HARVEY, Prop., 



/cIdBEF^T bruj^ke, 


i|nd Dealer in Mt, dap?, and FuPg. 

All kinds of Furs made to order and neatly altered and repaired. 

30 and 32 York St. HAMILTON, ONT. 



Best Alfred, gardener, 140 Duke 
Best A C, salesman, 145 Hunter w 
Best James, laborer, r 205 Cath- 
arine n 
Best Joseph, porter, 141 Main w 
Best Thomas, laborer, r 205 

Catharine n 
Best Thomas N, 78 Market 
Betecone Donald S, com trav- 
eler, 45 Walnut s 
Betcone William, 45 Walnut s 
Bethune Edward, bookkeeper, 63 

Catharine n 
Bethell Charles, 168 Emerald n 
Bettles Thos, caretaker, Arcade 
Betts Joseph, bookkeeper, 80 

Betzner William, laborer, 288 

Macnab n 
Beulah Suburb, mountain 

foot, south Concession 
Bevan Charles, laborer, Maple 
Beveridge John, laborer, 229 

Ferrie e 
Beveridge John, carpenter, New 
Bevis William, machinist, 54 

Bews Bros, (W D and John T) 
merchant tailors, 74 King e, h 
25 Victoria ave n 
Bews James, shipper, 239 Bar- 
ton e 
Bews W H, news agent, bds 52 

Hunter e 
Bews William, 52 Hunter e 
Bewicke David, printer, 22 Mac- 
nab s 
Bezanson E D, photoghapher, 42 

James n 
Bible George, 188 John n 
Bible Robt, 34 Ray s 
Bickell D, com traveler Orr, 

Harvey & Co 
Bickle John, carpenter, 5 Inch- 
bury s 
Bickle John W, grocery broker, 

II Main e, h 37 Bold 
Bicknell James (Fuller, Nesbitt 
& Bicknell) h 31 Nelson ave 

Bicknell Jas sr, accountant, 31 

Nelson ave 
Bigelow R O, builder, 79}^ 

John n 
Biggar A C, carpenter, bds Vic- 
toria hotel 
Biggar George, M D, 206 Kinge 
Biggar S D, law student, 68 

Catharine s 
Biggar W A, bartender, Franklin 

Bigley Jas, laborer, 95 Simcoe e 
Biglow John J, grocer, 48 York 
Bilakewitz Joseph, wagon maker, 

bds 121 Jackson w 
Billings John, 3 Jackson w 
Billings W L, M D, Maple ave 
Billington G T, farmer, Went- 

worth s 
Billington John, shoemaker, 97 

Bilton George, soda water manu- 
facturer, 87 Mary 
Bilton Geo & Co (Geo and W) 

soda water manufacturers, 62 

Cannon e 
Bilton Mrs Matilda, 62 Cannon e 
Bilton Wm, soda water manufac- 
turer, 62 Cannon e 
Bingham G S, M D, King 

cor Ferguson ave 
Bingham John, laborer, 103 

Binkley John, farmer, 2 Crooks 
Binkley Lewis E, bookkeeper, 

2 Crooks 
Binnington Robt, laborer, 6 

Inchbury n 
Bird John, machinist, 139 John n 
Birely E L, clerk, 184 Main e 
Birely G F (Reid Goering & 

Co) h 184 Main e 
Birely Lewis D, 54 Charles 
Birely Mrs Nif, 184 Main e 
Birkenthal Rev Dr Herman, 

Rabbi Jewish Synagogue, 27 

Hannah e 
Birkett Wm, sec treas Dundas 

Cotton Mills, 4 >^ Bay s 



Birnie William, miller, 78 Hugh- 
son s 

Birrel Michael, porter, 55^^ Wal- 
nut s 

Birrell Wm, foreman Farmers' 
Dairy Co, 70 Vine 

Bisby G H (Long & Bisby) 54 
John n 

Bishop Chas, laborer, 82 Mark- 

Bishop J B, tinsmith, 30 King 

Bishop's Palace, Roman Cath- 
olic, 25 Sheaffe 

Bismarck August, hotel keeper, 
84 King e 

Bissonnette Alfred, moulder, 143 
Hughson n 

Blaase Carl, hotel keepet 112 
James n 

Blachford Chas D (Blachford 
& Son) 47 King w 

Blachford Mrs Elizabeth 
(Blachford & Son) 47 King w 

Blachford & Son (Mrs E 
Blachford, Chas I) Blachford) 
undertakers, 47 King w 

Black Mrs Ann, 48 Cannon e 

Black Charles, hardware, Copp's 
Block, King e, h 107 Main e 

Black George (manager G N 
W Telegraph Co) h 41 East 
ave s 

Black James, laborer, 374 Cath- 
arine n 

Black James, conductor G T R, 
Barton w 

Black John, brush maker, 48 East 
ave n 

Black John, butcher, cor Park 
and Barton 

Black Thomas, cutter, A S Vail 
& Co 

Blactibrough Wm J, carpenter, 
41 Pearl s 

Blackburn Charles, weaver, 383 
John n 

Blackburn Charles, carder, 251 
Hughson n 

Blackburn Thos, engine driver, 
G T R, 50 Inchbury n 

Blackburn Wm, wheelright, 142 
Barton e 

Blackley David, accountant, 
1 1 Main e, h 36 Victoria ave n 

Blackman Chas, porter, 78 Locke 

Blackmore Fred, laborer, bds i 
Wood Market Square 

Blackwitch Frank, laborer, 9 
Sophia s 

Blaicher P C, (R N Taylor & 
Co) h 108 Main w 

Blain John, painter, 272 Macnab 

Blain William, laborer, 46 Ferriee 

Blair Alex, cigar maker, bds 31 
Bay n 

Blair Mrs Elizabeth (wid Samuel) 
52 Caroline s 

Blair J B, excise officer, bds Do- 
minion hotel 

Blair Robert, grocer, cor Wilson 
and Ferguson ave 

Blair Wm, carpenter, 76 Victoria 
ave n 

Blair Wm, 220 Main e 

Blake George, laborer, 225 Can- 
non e 

Blake Jas, grocer, n w cor Mary 
and Simcoe 

Blake John, teamster, 29 Wood ff 

Blake Mrs, 13 Barton w 

Blake Mrs Mary A, bds Duke 

Blake Patrick, laborer, 13 Barton 

Blake William, butcher, James 
street market, h 44 Ferrie w 

Blakeley John, salesman, 104 
Victoria ave n 

Blakeley Robert, watchman, 104 
Victoria ave n 

Blakeley Robert, salesman, 104 
Victoria ave n 

Blakeley Robert, ruler. 104 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Blakely Wm, carpenter, 104 Vic- 
toria ave n 



Blakely Wm J, policeman, 65 

East ave n 
Blakemore Arthur, brass finisher, 

61 Hannah e 
Blanchard Mrs Caroline (wid 

Josiah) 37 Robert 
Blanchard Wm, 37 Robert 
Bland Jonn H, barber, 16 Hugh- 
son n 
Bland Robert, laborer, 22 Liberty 
Bland RobtC,machinist,68Cherry 
Blandford Henry, picture framer, 

50 King e, h Wentworth cor 

Blandford R, clerk, Mary cor 

Blankstein Henry, carpenter, 154 

Blanney Mrs Robert, 45 Park n 

Blasdell John 
Locke s 

W, carpenter. 

Blatz Leo, tailor, i O'Reilly, h 

81 Hannah e 
Bleeze Henry, machinist, 201 

John n 
Blizzard James, laborer, 312 

Macnab n 
Bliss Henry C, patent medicines, 

117 Catharine s 
Blondin Moses, engineer, 351 

Hughson n 
Bloomer Andrew, laborer, 34 

Picton e 
Bio was Mrs Catharine, 364 

James n 
Blowes Isaac, laborer, 344 James n 
Blowes Samuel, glassblower, 6 

Wood e 
Blue Henry, laborer, 33 George 
Blumenstiel Isaac, (Blumenstiel 

& Labitzky) bds 34 King Wm 
Blumenstiel Joseph, second hand 

dealer, 49 John s 
Blumenstiel & Labitzky, cigar 

manufs, 114 John s 
Board Geo S, blacksmith, 130 

Jackson' w 
Board John E, tobacco roller, 

31 Railway 

Boardman George, 4 Park s 

Boam A P, cabinet maker, 152 

Bodden Edward, painter, 93 Fer- 
ric e 

Bodden Edward, painter, 97 
Picton e 

Bodden, W H, bricklayer, 129 
Macauley e 

Bodley W J, second-hand dealer, 
34 York 

Boggess James H, second-hand 
dealer, 28 York 

Boggess Nathan, machinist, 173 
East ave n 

Boggess T, second-hand dealer, 
19 King Wm, h 7 Upper Cath- 

Boice Mrs Wm, 50 John n 

Boles Robert, laborer, 78 Caro- 
line n 

Boligan John C, grocer, Locke 
s corner Maine 

Bolter Thos, salesman, bds 31 
Bay n 

Bolton Charles, carpenter, 199 
John n 

Bolton Richard, laborer, 109 
Caroline n 

Bolton Thomas, laborer, 38 Wal- 
nut s 

Bolton Wm, carpenter, r 205 
Catharine n 

Bolton Wm, teamster, 348 Hugh- 
son n 

Bolton Wm, tinsmith, 31 Cath- 
aiine n 

Bolus Edward, pattern maker, 42 
Stuart e 

Boneny Lewis, laborer, 112 
Strachan e 

Bowen Stephen, laborer, 114 
Strachan e 

Bond John, laborer, Herkimer 

Bond Henry,teamster,358 John n 

Bonds John, clerk P O, 96 Vic- 
toria ave s 

Boniface Peter, tinsmith, 58 
Lower Cathcart 



Bonny H P, clerk, 308 King e 
Booker Albert H, bookkeeper, 

bds 88 Jackson w 
Booker Chas G, merchant 

tailor, 2 King William, h 8S 

Jackson w 
Booker Henry, machinist, 304 

Mac nab n 
Booker John, traveler, Wilson, e 

of Wentworth 
Booker W D, sec treas Vic- 
toria Mutual Fire Insurance 

Co, h 88 Jackson w 
Boond Arthur, foreman file works, 

153 Main e 
Booth Chas, "heater, 153 Locke n 
Booth Frank, bookkeeper, 54 

Booth George, engine driver, bds 

73 Stuart w 
Booth John, porter, r 55 Lower 

Booth Patrick, • shoemaker, 39 

Booth Robert, 179 East ave n 
Boothby Henry, engrosser, hd 

Queen s 
Booth man Frederick, mariner, 

48 Burlington w 
Booth man Capt Thomas, 49 

Macauley w 
Borcliam Benjamin, laborer, 23 ^^ 

Borland John, laborer, 8 Tiffany 
Boswell Wm, gardener, Herkimer 

w of Garth 
Bottle Thomas, 84 Hughson n 
Bolts Miss, dres-smaker, 140 Main 
Boult Alfred, fitter, r 7 i 
Boulter Thomas, clerk, bds Tem- 
perance Dining Rooms 
Bourne Arthur, telegraph opera- 
tor, bds 75 Wellmgton n 
Bourgue Charles, brushmaker, 

174 Wilson 
Boustead Edwin, commission 

agent, 9 King w 
Bovaird James, carriage builder, 

124 Welhngton n 

Bow Robert, tinsmith, 85 Hugh- 
son n 

Bowden Thos, laborer, 136 Bay n 

Bowditch Alfred,clerk,2 8 Main w 

Bowen Elijah, engineer, 289 
Macnab n 

Bowen James, tobacco roller, 86 
Hess n 

Bower Eric, shoemaker, 118 
Emerald n 

Bower John, lithographer, 29 
Macnab s 

Bowering & Pain(Robt Bowering, 
Albert Pain) butchers, 89 King 

Bowering Robt (Bowering & 
Pain) 89 King w 

Bowers Mrs Margaret (wid Jona- 
than) 222 Hughson n 

Bowes, Jamieson & Co 
(John G Bowes, James Jamie- 
son) iron founders, King e, 
Tisdale and King Wm 

Bowes John G (Bowes Jamie- 
son & Co) h 40 East ave s 

Bowes John, dentist, 9 James 
n, h 10 Park s 

Bowes Samuel, machinist, 3 

Bowes Miss Sarah, 142 Welling- 
ton n 

Bowker Thos, fruiterer, 46^ 

Bowles Mrs, 330 Hughson n 

Bowman Mrs Annie (wid Joseph 
C) bds 44 Jackson w 

Bowman D B, 1 2 King Wm, h 46 
Queen s 

Bowman J W, salesman, 44 Jack- 
son w 

Bowman & Moore (Wm Bow- 
man, J H Moore) hardware, 
54 King e 

Bowman Wm (Bowman & Moore) 
h 56 Hunter w 

Bowron Addison, tinsmith, 52 
Wellington n 

Bowron Bolton, tinsmith, 53 Vic- 
toria ave n 



Bowstead Edwin, broker, bds 95 
Catharine n 

Bowstead, Wm, sr, foreman D 
Moore & Co, 95 Catharine n 

Bowstead William, pattern mak- 
er, 95 Catharine n 

Boyd Alex, painter, 155 Cannon e 

Boyd Andrew, laborer, i West 
ave n 

Bovd C E, com traveler, Orr, 
Harvey & Co. 

Boyd David, cooper, 27 Cath- 
arine n 

Boyd Mrs Ellen, 5 Strachan w 

Boyd Mrs Mary (wid Alex) 23 
Barton e 

Boyd James, plasterer, 3 West 
ave n 

Boyd Robert, hatter, 155 Can- 
non e 

Boyd Mrs Susan, 375 John n 

Boyd Wm, fireman, 42 Sheaffe 

Boyes Francis D, checker G T 
R, 33 Bay n 

Boy Ian Wm, laborer, 41 Ray n 

Boyle Arthur, druggist, 254 

Boyle Mrs Ellen (wid Edward) 
143 Park n 

Boyle Hilda, agent, 43 Catharine 

Boyle Mrs Johanna (wid Timo- 
thy) 319 York 

Boyle John, Dundurn hotel, 287, 
289 York 

Boyles Albert, shoemaker, 44 
Hannah w 

Boyne Julian, bds 5 Bold 

Boys' Home, Stinson 

Brace John, nailer, 64 Locomo- 

Brace Joseph, shoemaker, 95 
Walnut s 

Bracken Michael, bricklayer, 3 
Picton w 

Bracken Michael, glassblower, 
321 James n 

Brackenbury Robert, 41 Han- 
nah w 

Brad George, lather, 159 Victo- 
toria ave n 

Bradfield Charles W, salesman, 
Mac nab n 

Bradfield Mrs Hannah ( wid Thos) 
102-104 Bay n 

Bradford Henry, laborer, 69 Park 

Bradley Mrs C, 55 Little Wm 

Bradley John (Flatt & Brad- 
ley) h Catharine n 

Bradley John, contractor, 5 Cher- 

Bradley John, cabinet maker, 113 
Macnab s 

Bradley Thomas, butcher, 45 
Little William 

Bradley Wm, blacksmith, 298 
King w 

Bradshaw George, 93-5 York 

Bradt Harry, plater, 78 Victoria 
ave n 

Bradt Mrs Rhoda (wid Samuel) 
78 Victoria ave n 

Brady Michael, laborer, 40 Stra- 
chan e 

Brady Patrick, laborer, 20 O'- 

Brady Thomas, coal inspector, 
235 Hughson n 

Bragg Wm, yardsman G W R, 
221 Catharine n 

Braid Alex (How & Braid) h 
204 King w 

Braid Henry, foreman, 77 Cath- 
arine s 

Braid Henry, jr, shoemaker, 96 
Emerald n 

Braid W, com traveler, 98 James s 

Braidwood William, foreman, 15 
Wood w 

Bramford William, plasterer, 38 

Brand George, laborer, 59 Flor- 

Brandon George, broommaker, 5 

Brannigan George, brickmaker, 
Main w 



Branston James, bricklayer, 48 
Ray n 

Branl George, foreman, bds 58 

Branton Albert, porter, bds 
Golden's hotel. 

Brass Benjamin, printer, 6 Hilton 

Brass James, laborer, 127 Hess n 

Brass Mrs Margaret (wid Peter) 
8 Hilton 

Brass Peter, architect and val- 
uator, 52 Hunter w, h 49 Bay 
s See card 

Brass William, carpenter, 92 

Bratt Charles, teamster, bds 28 

Braund Mrs Eliza, 46 Florence 

Bray Mrs Elizabeth (wid Geo W) 
221 Main w 

Bray George, carriage trimmer, 
221 Main w 

Bray Josias, notary public, etc, 
34 Jame3 n, h 10 Emerald s 

Bray ley & Dempster (Jas Bray- 
ley, C H Dempster), builders' 
and saddlers' hardware, 49 
King Wm 

Brayley James (Brayley & Demp- 
ster) h Barton 

Brazier Henry, barber, 19 York 

Breay Henry P, fireworks maker, 
213 Main w 

Brechin Hugh C, spinner, 89 
East ave n 

Bredon Edward R, music teach- 
er, bds 84 Merrick 

Breeze William, laborer, bds 35 

Breheny Edward, shoemaker, 155 
King e, h 7^ Walnut 

Breheny John, shoemaker, 106 
Jackson e 

Bremen Steamship Line, 
Wm. Herman, agt, 16 James s 

Bremner Charles, grocer, King 
cor Walnut, h 82 Herkimer 

Bremner James, grocer, 248, 
250 King w 

Bremner Wm, contractor, 102 

Jackson w 
Brennan C J (J & C J Bren- 

nan, h 5 Market 
Brennen H S (M Brennen & 

Sons) h 192 Main e 
Brennan J & C J, family 

grocers, 5 Market 
Brennan James, (J and C J 

Brennan) h 160 Napier 
Brennen J S, (M Brennen & 

Sons) 34 Victoria ave n 
Brennen Joseph S, carj^enter, 34 

Victoria ave n 
Brennan John, carpenter, 208 

Hughson n 
Brennan John, machinist, 131 

Barton e 
Brennen Michael, (M Brennen 

h. Sons) h 192 Main e 
Brennen M & Sons, (Michael, 

H S and J S) sash, door and 

blind manfrs, 63-67 King Wni 
Brennan Mrs Sarah (wid James) 

75 John n 
Brennan Wm, 76 Mary 
Brend Henry, gilder, bds 177 

Main w 
Brend Wm, fitter, 177 Main w 
Brenston William, telephonist, 44 

Brent Geo W, clerk bank of 

Hamilton, bds 61 George 
Brenton Sydney, polisher, 215 

John n 
Brenton William, glass moulder, 

268 McNab n 
Brethour & Co, dry goods and 

clothing, 188 and 190 King e 
Brethour Joshua, (Brethour 

& Co) h 188 King e 
Bretermitz Julius, tailor, 114 

Brettingham George, fitter, loi 

Caroline s 
Brewster George, fireman, 144 

Catharine n 
Briar James, lather, 175 King 




Brick John, lithographer, loo 
Jackson e 

Brick Robert, machinist, 98 Jack- 
son e 

Brick Mrs Sarah (wid Timothy) 
105 Hunter e 

Brick Thomas, carter, 22 Cherry 

Bridges John, laborer, 337 King w 

Bridgman A, law student, bds 26 
Main w 

Bridgwood Mrs Charlotte, 71 

Bridgwood Geo, wagon maker, 
291 King w 

Bridgewood James, fruit dealer, 
33 Catharine s 

Bridgwood VVm, laborer, 74 
Ray s 

Brierley Richard, druggist, 14 
King e, h 83 Jackson w 

Briers Thos, painter, 41 Mark- 

Briggs G C & Sons, (G C, W S 
and W A) patent medicines, 
25 King w, h I Bay s 

Briggs Mrs Hannah K (wid 
Edmund) bds 87^ Jackson w 

Briggs Miss Mary Ann, 87^ 
Jackson w 

Briggs Samuel, supt Hart 
Emery wheel co, h Park s, bet 
Duke ar^d Robinson 

Briggs Thomas, laborer, T03 Sim- 
" coe e 

Bristol George E, (Lucas, 
Park & Co) h 5 I Bay s 

British America Assurance 
Co, fire and marine, A F 
Forbes, agent, 2 Merrick 

British Empire Mutual Life 
Assurance Co, M A Penning- 

Ir. ton, agent, 30 James s 

British & Foreign Marine 
Insurance Co, (Liverpool) 
W F iMndlay, agent, 25 James s 

Britt Charles, laborer, 133 Emer- 
ald n 

Britt Edward, real estate and 
labor agency, 109^ King w 

Britt Wm, cutter, 109 J King w 
Britt William, shoemaker, no 

Macnab n 
Britton Robt, machinist, 14 

Sophia n 
Brizzi Gustave, moulder, 22 East 

ave n 
Broad George, carpenter, 60 

Wellington n 
Broadbent Geo, machinist, 191 

Cannon e 
• Broadbent Hiram, agent, 141 

King w 
Broadbent Mathew, engineer, 

court house 
Broadbent Thomas, machinery 

broker, 141 King w 
Broadbent Thos and George, 

machinery brokers, 141 and 

164 King w 
Broadfield George E, (J S 

McMahon & Co) h Emerald 

cor Hunter 
Broadley John, carpenter, 64 

Hannah w 
Broatch Wm D, engineer, 90 

East ave n 
Brock George, bottler, 75 Robert 
Brock James, whipmaker, ^^ 

Brockelsbey Rich, confectioner, 

1 12 James n 
Broderick M Aj grocer, 164 John n 
Broderick T, shoemaker, bds 153 

John n 
Brodie John, clerk, 189 Welling- 
ton n 
Brohman Francis, brewer, 15 Har- 
Bromley Wm, barber, 77 Hunter 

Broom er Andrew, mariner, bds 

9 Picton w 
Brooks Mrs Charlotte (wid Lucien 

H) 76 Jackson w 
Brooks Egbert H, brakeman, 135 

WelHngton n 
Brooks George, boxmaker, 61 

Jackson e 



Brooks John, wood turner, 139 

Hunter w 
Bronson J T, hotel keeper, 52 

John s 
Brooke Thos, pensioner, 68 Ray s 
Brooks Wm, bookkeeper, 52 

Hess n 
Brooks Wm, foreman roofing 
department, Thos Irwin & 
Son, Castle Brooks, Beulah 
Broughton Jas, fireman G T R, 

18 Inchbury s 
Brower George G, machinist, 10 

Victoria ave n 
Brown Adam, (Brown, Balfour 

& Co) h 13 Herkimer 
Brown Alfred, machinist, Went- 
. worth n 
Brown Arthur, gardener, Went- 

worth n 
Brown, Balfour & Co, (Adam 
Brown, St Clair Balfour) whole- 
sale grocers, 5 James s 
Brown Benjamin, laborer, i Rob- 
ert w 
Brown Mrs Bridget (wid Michael) 

155 Macnab n 
Brown Edward, mariner, 7 Pic- 
ton w 
Brown Mrs Eliza (wid John) 106 

Queen n 
Brown Mrs Eliza (wid Jas B) bds 

82 Robinson 
Brown Mrs Eliza (wid Michael 

W) 12 Park s 
Brown Mrs Esther, Wentworth n 
Brown Frederick, laborer, 116 

John n 
Brown Charles, salesman, 12 

Market sq 
Brown Charles, machinist, 132 

Brown Mrs Christina (wid And- 
rew) bds 199 Main w 
Brown Crozier, laborer. 2 Barton 

Terrace, Wellington n 
Brown David,builder,i i Barton e 
Brown Duncan, bookkeeper, 157 

Brown George, livery, 89 John n 
Brown George, 73 Park n 

Brown George M, laborer, 342 
James n 

Brown Henry, bds 210 John n 

Brown H K, shipper, 13 Herki- 

Brown Herbert, machinist, 27 
Little William 

Brown Horace, laborer, 137 
James n 

Brown Horace, teamster, 35 Bar- 
ton w 

Brown James, carpenter, r 51 

Brown James, York 

Brown James, hide inspector, 
5/4 Victoria ave n 

Brown James H, clerk, 13 Her- 

Brown John, machinist, 81 Hess 

Brown Mrs John, 36 Macauley w 

Brown John, Brewery Lane, John 

Brown John, blacksmith, 68 Car- 
oline n 

Brown John, machinist, 81 Hess 

Brown John M, machinist, 33 

Brown J C, clerk Bank ^ of Ham- 

Brown John E, tao*ler and 
whip lash maker, 9 East ave n 

Brown Joseph, mason, 204 Rob- 
ert e 

Brown Joseph B, vinegar manf, 
46 Herkimer 

Brown J W, blacksmith, bds 28 
King Wm 

Brown J W, foreman, 140 Mary 

Brown O J, teacher, 26 Main w 

Brown Robert T, machinist, 79 
Hess n 

Brown Samuel, salesman, 105 
King w 

Brown Sidney, laborer, 130 Locke 



Brown Thos, teamster, 63 Canada 

Brown Thomas E, 94^ Cath- 
arine n 

Brown Walter, insurance agent, 
2 Merrick 

Brown William, bds 55 York 

Brown Wm, tailor, 18 Pearl n 

Brown Wm, shoemaker, 20 Em- 
erald n 

Brown Wm E, bookkeeper 
Brown, Balfour & Co, 32 Jack- 
son w 

Brown, salesman, bds 105 King w 

Browne E (E Browne & Son) 
Arkledun, John s 

Browne E H (E Browne & 
Son) h Arkledun, John s 

Browne E & Son, forwarders 
and coal merchants, foot of 
Macnab n 

Browne Edmund, builder, 45 

Browne Mrs Jane (wid James) 
bds 180 Napier 

Browne J B, asst mgr Hamil- 
ton Vinegar Wks Co, Herkimer 

Browne John, blacksmith, 116 
York, h 68 Caroline n 

Browne's Wharf, E Browne 
& Son, props, ft Macnab n 

Brownfield F, accountant Bank 
B N A, 30^ Jackson w 

Bruce Alex, M A (Bruce, 
Burton & Culham) h 36 Duke 

Bruce, Burton & Culham, 
(Alex Bruce, MA, Warren F 
Burton, J A Culham, M A) 
barristers, Canada Life Cham- 
bers, I James s 

Bruce F C (John A Bruce & 
Co) h 39 George 

Bruce John A (John A Bruce 
& Co) bds Royal hotel 

Bruce John A & Co (J A & 
F C) seed merchants, 37-9 
King w 

Bruce Miss M L, 89 Park n 

Bruce Ralph, law student, 36 

Bruce Walter, bds 10 Stuart e 

Bruce Wm, solicitor of pat- 
ents and engrosser, 14)^ 
e, h mountain top see card 

Bruce Wm C, clerk, 26 Main w 

Bruce Wm P, 26 Main w 

Brugger James, carpenter, 72 
Hess n 

Brumley John, barber, 51 Re- 

Brundle John,*tinsmith, 70 Hugh- 
son s 

Brundle James, tinsmith, 70 
Hughson s 

Brundle Joshua, letter collector, 
43 Caroline n 

Brunke Albert, furrier, 30-2 
York see advt 

Brunswick Saloon, James C 
Macpherson propr, 7-9 King 

Brunt Arthur S, barber, 13 

Brunt Edward, stovemounter, 
277 Bay n 

Brunt Samuel, carpet beater, 
7 George 

Brunt Wm, carpet beater, 7 

Brunt Wm, "barber, 13 George 

Bryant Henry (Bryant & Post) 
133 John s 

Bryant James F, plasterer, 77 
Victoria ave n 

Bryant & Post, grocers, 133 
John s 

Bryce Robert, 12 Railway 

Brydges Thomas, laborer, 204 
East ave n 

Buck Nicholas, tailor, 89 Cath- 
arine n 

Bucke John J, clerk, 89 Catharine 

Buckingham George, laborer, 225 
King e 

Buckingham Isaac, plasterer, 108 
Macnab n 

Buckingham Mrs John, confec- 
tioner, 84 John s 



Buckingham John, laborer, 84 
John s 

Buckingham Levi, moulder, 144 

Buckingham Thomas H, boiler- 
maker, 242 Mary 

Buckingham William, butcher, 
276 a James n 

Buckley H £& Co, 94 Macnabn 

Buckley Benjamin, laborer, bds 
250 York 

Buckley Daniel, laborer, Duke 

Buckley Dennis, laborer, 163 
John n 

Budge Robt, laborer, 83 Canada 

Budgen Owen, milk pedler, 265 
James n 

Buggy Arthur, tobacco roller, 37 

Buchanan Mrs Agnes (wid Isaac) 
95 James s 

Buchanan Caleb, printer. 6 Elgin 

Buchanan J G, city editor 
Times ^ 18 Young 

Buchanan Simon, carpenter, 174 
Emerald n 

Buchanan W W, managing editor 
Canadian Royal Templar^ bds 
St Nicholas hotel 

Buchner Ira, tailor, 55 Mary 

Buick David, watchman, 329 
Barton e 

Bull Geo H, clerk P O, 77 Jack- 
son w 

Bull J Eldon, salesman, 38 Wel- 
lington s 

Bull John, laborer, 50 Wellington 

Bull T J, publisher, bds 52 Park n 

Bull Richard, insurance agent. 
Jamas cor Merrick, h 14 Hun- 
ter e see card 

Bull Stephen, laborer, 286 King w 

Bulley Robt, tailor, 48 Caroline s 

Bunt Wm, laborer, bds 143 
James n 

Bunbury H T, clerk ist Division 
Court, 12 James s, h I^irk cor 


Buntin Mrs Alexandrina (wid 
Wm) 21 Jackson w 

Buntin James, painter, 172 Cath- 
arine n 

Buntin, Gillies & Co, whole- 
sale stationers, 41-3 King w 

Burchill Mrs Mary (wid Samuel) 
61 Peter 

Burdett Edward, brushmaker, 44 

Burdett Francis, brush manufac- 
turer, 10 1 Macnab n 

Burdett Joseph, brushmaker, bds 
72 Queen s 

Burfoot John, engineer,, bds 55 

Burgess Alfred, laborer, 310 King 

Burgess Chas, laborer, Duke 

Burgess Jacob, fruit dealer, 21 
John s 

Burgess James, hotel, 74 John s 

Burgess James, bookkeeper, 86 
Wellington s 

Burgess John, musician, 15 
Lower Cathcart 

Burgess William, laborer, 75 
Young * 

Burgess Wm, machinist, 108 East 
avtj n 

Burke Miss Bridget, 54 Cherry 

Burke Geo A, varnisher, 44 Can- 

Burke Mrs John, 70 East ave n 

Burke Michnel, laborer, r 7 Pic- 
ton w 

Burke Patrick, laborer, 279 Mac- 
nab n 

Burke Wm, dairyman, 70 Garth 

Burkholder & Co. n^nchinists, 14 
Jackson e 

Burkholder, D J, wool dealer 
143 Kinge, h 149 King e ^ 

Burkholder Harlam (Burkholder 
& Co) 149 Kmg e 

Burkholder Herbert (Burkholder 
cK: Co) 18^ Walnut s 

Burkholder John, engineer, 88 
Catharine s 



Burkholder Michael, Wentworth 

Burkholder R C, printer, SKing 
William, h Wentworth n 

Burlinghoff Jacob, laborer. Wood 

Burn J J, porter G T R, 35 
Macauley e 

Burn James, laborer, 35 Mac- 
auley e 

Burn W S, sec Stone Manuf 
Co, telephone communication, 
res Chedoke, mountain top 

Burner Samuel, gardener. King e 

Burnett James, laborer, 10 Picton 

Burnett Louis, laborer, 205 
Hughson n 

Burnett Wm, glassblower, 348 a 
James n 

Burniston Edward, carpenter, 97 

Burniston Wm, carpenter, Tiffany 

Burniston Wm, 97 Elgin 

Burns Rev A, D D, LL D, 
governor Wesleyan Ladies' 
College, 57 Kinge 

Burns Adam, 16 Hannah w 

Burns A L, painter, 2 1 West ave s 

Burns Mrs Catharine (wid Dan- 
iel) 46 Peter 

Burns Chas, laborer, 42 Ray s 

Burns D A, salesman, 16 Han- 
nah w 

Burns, Edward, lumber dealer, 72 
James n, h mountain top 

Burns Mrs Eliza, fancy goods, 96 
King e 

Burns Mrs Elizabeth (wid An- 
drew) Lochearn 

Burns Felix, driver Express Co 

Burns Fred, salesman, 45 Wel- 
lington s 

Burns G D, clerk, 16 Hannah w 

Burns H, clerk, bds Court House 

Burns James, machinist, 108 
Cannon w 

Burns James, porter, 160 Market 

Burns Mrs Jane, 17 East ave n 

Burns J M, manager Federal 
Bank, h Argyll Terrace, 14 

Burns Mrs John, bds 54 Jackson e 

Burns John, brakeman, bds 49 
Stuart w 

Burns John, fitter, bds Loche- 

Burns John, printer, 96 Elgin 

Burns John, moulder, bds 17 
East ave n 

Burns John, laborer, 37 Little 

Burns John,laborer,54 Hughson s 

Burns Joseph, laborer, 65 Wal- 

Burns Mrs Margaret (wid John) 
165 Catharine n 

Burns Mrs Margaret (wid Wil- 
liam) r 61 Jackson e 

Burns Martin, machinist, 98 Bar- 
ton e 

Burns Mrs Mary (wid Andrew) 
154 John n 

Burns Matthew,laborer,i87Bay n 

Burns Patrick, laborer, 56 Woode 

Burns Patrick, glassblower, Fer- 
ric e 

Burns Robt, laborer, Robinson 

Burns Robt, heater, 46 Peter 

Burns Robt, 93 Main w 

Burns S F, clerk, bds Court 
House hotel 

Burns Thomas, laborer, 79 
Cherry • 

Burns Thomas, clerk P O 

Burns Wm, helper, bds 165 
Catharine n 

Burns Wm, tailor, 139 Victoria 
ave n 

Burnstein Max, button hole 
maker, bds 56 Gore 

Burrell Thos, fireman G T R, 1 1 

Burrow, Stewart & Milne (Wm 
Burrow, Charles Stewart, John 
Milne) stove and scale manu- 
facturers. Cannon cor John 



Burrow Richard, machinist, bds 

49 Stuart w 
Burrow Win (Burrow, Stewart & 

Milne) h 197 Hughson n 
Burrows Fred, clerk, 75 West 

ave n 
Burrows Hy, laborer, 1 26 Hunter e 
Burrows Mrs J C, 260 Bay n 
Burrows John, laborer, 209 York 
Burrows John C, contractor, 36 

Hunter w 
Burrows Thos, auctioneer, 78 

James n, h 48 West ave n 
Burrows Thomas jr, clerk, 48 

West ave n 
Burrows Wm, tailor, 162 Rebecca 
Burrows Wm, carpenter, 53 

Burshaw Miss Rebecca, board- 
ing, 129 Rebecca 
Burt John, caretaker, 15 Mary 
Burt John R, moulder, 45 Wel- 
lington n 
Burt Mrs Mary (wid James) 223 

Barton e 
Burt R B, L D S, dentist, 1281^ 

King e, h 223 Barton e 
Burton George, engraver, 20 

Murray e 
Burton James, cabinet maker, 226 

Cannon e 
Burton John, com traveler, bds 

23 Main w 
Burton Richard, carpenter, bds 

41 John n 
Burton Warren F, Bruce, 

Burton & Culhan) h 240 King e 
Busby Henry, hubmaker, 209 

Wellington n 
Buscombe Edwin, builder, 52 

Inchbury n 
Buscombe John H, caretaker, r 

Synagogue, Hughson s 
Buscomb Samuel, shoemaker, 148 

Buscombe Samuel, shoemaker, 58 

Buscombe Richard, bricklayer, 

33 Inchbury n 

Buscombe Wm, bricklayer, Dun- 

Bush Mrs F, grocer, 43^ Walnut 

Bush Hiram E, pump manuf, 16 

Market, h 42 Market 
Bush Thomas, Mountain ave 

Buskard Jeremiah, blacksmith, 

105 Ferrie e 
Buskard Robert, carriage maker, 

124 King w, h 8 Bay n 
Bustin Henry, p'ano maker, 

Buston Samuel, laborer, 31 Kelly 
Butcher Robert, carpenter, bds 

85 King w 
Cutler Alfred, carriage buildet, 

105 King w 
Butler David A, laborer, bds 2 

Main w 
Butler Daniel, carpenter, 27 Sim- 

coe e 
Butler Mrs Elizabeth (wid James) 

1091^ Hess n 
Butler Mrs Helen (wid Patrick) 

5 I Caroline s 
Butler Mrs James, 81 Walnut s 
Butler Patrick, laborer, 51 Caro- 
line s 
Butler Mrs Sarah J (wid George) 

2 Mi^in w 
Butler Solomon, tinsmith, 143 

Ferrie e 
Butler Thos H, clerk, 18 Wilson 
Butler Thomas, laborer, 109 

Wood e 
Butler Thomas, blacksmith, 88 

Butler Walter, wood turner, 85 

Lower Cathcart 
Butler William, brakesman G T 

R, 17 Mill 
Butler W, clerk Bank of Hamil- 
ton, bds 61 George 
Butterfield John, stonecutter, 25 

Butterworth Edward, clerk, 37 




Butterworth John, carpenter, i6 

Buttrey Leonard, finisher, 77 

West ave n 
Buxton WilHam, pattern maker, 

bds 112 Bay n 
Byer William, fitter, 50 Locomo- 
Byfield Edward, teacher, bd3 241 

King w 
Byrens Geo C, carpenter, 36 

Byrens James M, carpenter, 41 

Catharine n 
Byrens John, clerk, 54 Jackson e 
Byrne Mrs Mark, 51 Ferguson 

Byrne Miss Mary, dressmaker, 
' 89 Bay n 
^ Byrne Thomas, bookkeeper, 89 

Bay n 
Byrne Valentine,laborer,-Barton w 
Byron Thomas, broommaker, 

126 Hannah e 
Caddocks John, harness maker, 

56 John s 
Caddy John H, 22 Main w 
Caffrey John, moulder, bds 82 

Hughson n 
Cahill A R, clerk Merchants' 

bank, loi King e 
Cahill Edwin D (Carscallen & 

Cahill) h loi King e 
Cahill James, police magis- 
trate, 10 1 King e 
Cahill John, blacksmith, 6 Bar- 
ton e, h 36 Picton e 
Cahill Joseph, glassblovver, 306 

Hughson n 
Cahill Michael, glassblower, 125 

Ferrie e 
Cahill Michael, cigar maker, bds 

Commercial hotel 
Cain Edward, laborer, Went- 

worth n 
Cain Thomas, shoemaker, 136 

Emerald n 
Calder A & Co, druggist, 58 


Calder Alexander (A Calder 
& Co) h 92 Merrick 

Calder John (John Calder & 
Co) h 98 Hughson s 

Calder John & Co, wholesale 
clothing, 57 Macnab n 

Caldwell Charles, moulder, 34 
Jackson e 

Caldwell Joseph P, moulder, bds 
Victoria hotel 

Caledonian Fire Insurance 
Co, M A Pennington, agent 
30 James s 

Caledonian Hall, 14 James n 

Callaghan George, butcher, 47 
Cannon w 

Callaghan John, laborer, 91 Jack- 
son e 

Callaghan John, car driver, end 
Catharine n 

Callaghan John, laborer, 12 Pic- 
ton w 

Callahan Mrs Mary, 42 Guise 

Callan James, laborer, 40 West 
Ave n 

Callan James, laborer, 71 Young 

Callanane John, Western hotel, 
81 Stuart w 

Callihan John, 12 Stuart e 

Gallon Mrs Thomas, 25 Barton e 

Callowhill Henry, tinsmith, 126 
Jackson e 

Cambdin John R, butcher, 40)^ 
Ferguson ave 

Cameron A D, barrister, Ham- 
ilton Prov and Loan Cham- 
bers, I Hughson s, h 2 1 Victo- 
ria ave n 

Cameron Andrew, conductor G 
T R, 109 Hess n 

Cameron Charles, laborer, 16 
Strachan w 

Cameron Duncan, fireman, 155 
Main w 

Cameron Duncan, com traveler, 
155 York 

Cameron D M, stenographer, 
Hamilton Prov and Loan So- 
ciety, 1 1 Main e 



Cameron Frederick, shoemaker, 

152 John n 
Cameron H D, treasurer Ham- 
ilton Prov and Loan Society, 
74 Emerald s 
Cameron James, moulder, 61 

Cameron John, laborer, 213 Wel- 
lington n 
Cameron John, moulder, 15-^ 

Cameron John, shipper, i East 

ave n 
Cameron John, manager Life 

Ass of Canada, h 6 Main e 
Cameron John A, fitter, 193 

Wellington n 
Cameron John R, managing 

editor Spectator^ 155 Main w 
Cameron William, blacksmith, 

bds 39 James n 
Cameron William, brakeman, bds 

49 Stuart w 
Cammell, agent, 47 Caroline n 
Cameron William, hotel, 153 

Catharine n 
Campaign Frank, laborer, 62 

Campaign James, laborer, 29 

Simcoe vv 
Campaign Wm, policeman, 245 

Macnab n 
Campbell- Albert, moulder, 27 

Sheaffe • 

Campbell Alexander, chemist, 24 

Campbell Alexander, grocer, 54 

Campbell, Alex, policeman, 140 

Barton e 
Cam pell Alex, laborer, 36 Wel- 
lington n 
Camjibell A J, agent Victoria Mu- 
tual Fire Ins Co, 22 Spring 
Campbell Calvin, cook, 43 Park s 
Campbell Mrs Catharme, 79 

Campbell Mrs Christabella (wid 
John) 28 Margaret ■ 

Campbell Colin, tailor, 52 Jack- 
son e 

Campbell Donald, cabinet maker, 
120 Locke n 

Campbell Donald, policeman, 52 

Campbell Donald, carver, bds 

79 Young 

Campbell Donald D, clerk P O, 

80 Hunter w 

Campbell Edward, moulder, bds 

28 Margaret 
Campbell George, 39 Hannah e 
Campbell Henry, storeman, 152 

Campbell James, bds 9 Napier 
Campbell Mrs James, 50 West 

ave s 
Campbell John, machinist, 324 

John n 
Campbell John, moulder, 59 Wel- 
lington n 
Campbell John, watchman, 48 

Campbell John (Campbell & 

Pentecost) h 53 Jackson w 
Campbell John, merchant, 30 

Wellington s 
Campbell John, packer, 378 

James n 
Campbell John D, enameler, 20 

Campbell Joseph, laborer, 51 

Campbell Kenneth, laborer, 114 

Campbell Mrs Lilly (wid Daniel) 

53 Jackson w 
Campbell Sc Pentecost, (John 
Campbell, Albert L Pentecost) 
importers of staple and fancy 
dry goods, 43 Macnab n 
Campbell P S, teacher, 40 Emer- 
ald s 
Campbell Robt, potter, 108 Jack- 
son w 
Campbell Robt, iii Main w 
Campbell Robert, carpenter, 6 
Picton w 



Campbell Robt W, potter, 190 
Main w 

Campbell Sewer Pipe Co, Henry 
New, secy-treas, end Jackson 

Campbell Mrs Susan (wid Wm) 
154 Main w 

Campbell Thomas, moulder, 49 
Wellington n 

Campbell Walter P, foreman 
Times office, 78 John n 

Campbell William, mason, bds 
30 Wellington s 

Campbell William, car checker, 
256 Bay n 

Campbell Wm, laborer, bds 7^ 

Campbell W R, clerk, 78 John n 

Canada Business College, 
R E Gallagher, principal and 
proprietor, arcade, 31 James n 

Canada Clock Co, Adam Ruther- 
ford, manager, 26, 28 and 30 
Lower Cathcart 

Canada Felt Hat Co, n e cor 
Wellington anM G T R 

Canada Glass House, J C 
Smyth, manager, 59 King e 

Canada Guarantee Co, Sen- 
eca Jones, agent, 59 James n 

Canada Life Assurance Co, 
A G Ramsay, managing direc- 
tor and president, R Hills, 
secretary, King cor James s 

Canada Mutual Telegraph 
Co, C J Jones, manager, 8 
James s 

Canada Ready Print Co, 3 
Hughson n 

Canada Transit Co, W J Grant, 
agent, 33 James n 

Canadian Bank of Com- 
merce, E Mitchell, manager. 
King cor Hughson 

Canadian Express Co, J P 
Johnson, agent, 18 James s 

Canada Millers' Mutual Fire 
Insurance Co, Seneca Jones, 
sec, 59 James n 

Canadian Oil Co, C J Williams, 
propr, office, 18 Macnab n, 
refinery, Wentworth n 

Canadian Pacific Railway, 

W J Grant, city ticket agent, 

arcade, 33 Jamts n 
Canadian Pacific Railway, (On- 
tario division) And Frew, agent, 

31 King e 
Canadian Piano Stool Co, 

Thomas Wavell, manager, 12- 

14 Hughson s 
Canary James, laborer, r 69 

Canary Michael, laborer, 84 Sim- 

coe e 
Canary & O'Brien, hotel, 157 

James n 
Canary Patrick, laborer, 67 Strac- 

han e 
Canary Thomas, (Canary & 

O'Brien) 157 James n 
Canary Thomas, cab driver, 57 

Canham Alfred, laborer, bds 143 

Bay n 
Cann Ferdinand, clerk, bds 20 

Cann Mrs Samuel, 77 Hughson n 
Canning George, plasterer, 128 

Jackson e 
Canning George sr, builder, 49 

Cannon George M, plater, 225 

Barton e 
Cannon James, hairdresser, 83 

James n 
Cannon John, fitter, Barton w 
Cant Joseph, clerk bank of BNA, 

John cor Robert 
Canty John, laborer, 36 Ferguson 

Canute Joseph, 163 Macnab n 
Capes John, tailor, 46 Maria 
Capes Thomas, fireman, 81 John 

Capes Mrs Thomas, 46 Maria 
Capherne Charles, marble cutter, 

251 John n 




Carpets and House Furnishings. 

Capped?, Oil Clotj^, LaGe Cui'taiii? 


Corner King and Tohn Sts. HAMILTON. 


Bye and Bar ?uRGE0Na 



Exclusive attention given to the treatment of Eye and Ear Diseases. 




Opposite the Wesley an Ladies' College, 

82 King Street East. Hamilton, Ont. 



Carberry Right Rev James 
Joseph, U D, O P, S T M, 

Bishop of Hamilton, the palace, 

25 Sheaffe 
Cardwell John, plasterer, Carol- 
ine s 
Cardwell John, laborer, Greig 
Cardwell Wm J, laborer, bds 82 

Caroline n 
Carey Chas, confectioner, 99I York 
Carey Lincoln, waiter, bds 159 

James n 
Carey Miss Mary, 26 Young 
Carey William, ice dealer, Went- 

worth n 
Carey William, (South am & 

Carey) Bay cor Markland 
Carle Peter, bender, bds 122^ 

James n 
Carless Edmund, laborer, 132 

Wood e 
Carless William E, carter, 136 

Macauley e 
Carlisle Geo, refrigerator manfr, 

44-46 Caroline n 
Carlson Carl, bds 106 Robinson 
Carlson C G, tailor, 44 York, 

h 106 Robinson 
Carlyon Walter, blacksmith, 21 

Queen n 
Carlyon Wm M, painter, bds 21 

Queen n 
Carmichael George, cab driver, 

180 Hughson n 
Carmichael Rev Hartley, 

rector ch of Ascension, 7 1 

Plan n ah w^ 
Carmichael John, laborer, 151 

Carmichael John H, shoemaker, 

9 York 
Carnahan John, brushmaker, 60 

Hannah e 
Carnegie Peter, merchant 

tailor, 77 James n 
Carney John, moulder, bds 124 

Carney — , shoemaker, bds 55 


Carnochan William, tinsmith, bds 

103 York 
Carnotta Julia, 229 JameS n 
Carpenter A E, contractor, 11 1 

Hughson n 
Carpenter Bros, (John O and 

Thos B) family grocers, 9 Mar- 
ket sq, h 157 Napier 
Carpenter C & Co, hardware, 53 

Carpenter Charles (C Carpenter 
• & Co) 12 Hess s 
Carpenter Chas, Main e 
Carr Aaron, messenger Meriden 

Britannia Co, 89 Napier 
Carr Edward and Daniel, 

flour and feed, 91-93 King w 
Carr Geo, plater, 46 Steven 
Carr John, shipper, 94 Robinson 
Carr Mrs MAE (wid Samuel) i 

Hunter e 
Carr Robert, laborer, 48 Peter 
Carr Robert, laborer, 25 Strachan 

Carr's Direct Hamburg 

Steamship, Wm Herman 

agent, 16 James s 
Carrier Nicholas, shoemaker, 150 

Welhngton n 
Carroll I) T, proprietor Carroll's 

American Watch House, 31 

James n, h Rebecca 
Carroll James, bricklayer, New 
Carroll James, r 103 Hunter w 
Carroll John, moulder, 224 Hugh- 
son n 
Carroll John, engineer, 112 

Queen n 
Carroll Joseph, laborer, 158 

Hughson n 
Carroll Matthew T, bricklayer, 

128 Bold 
Carroll Maurice, 80 Young 
Carroll Michael, shoemaker, 80 

Carroll Nicholas, laborer, 31 

Wellington n 
Carroll Mrs Nicholas, 109 King 




Carroll Patrick, laborer, 243 

Hughson n 
.Carroll Peter, carpenter, 276 

Carroll T J, watchmaker, 104 

Carroll Wm, polisher, 93 Elgin 
Carroll Wm, tobacconist 92^ 

James n 
Carruthers John, flour and feed, 

15 King Wm, h 76 Mary 
Carscallen & Cahill (Henry 

Carscallen, Edwin D Cahill) 

barristers, 7 King w 
Carscallen Henry (Carscallen 

& Cahill, 243 Main e 
Carse P D, gents' furnisher. King 

cor Mary, h 38 Wett ave n 
Carson Albert, tailor, 49 Steven 
Carson A, carpenter, 115 King 

Carson Charles, cigarmaker, 259 

King Wm 
Carson George, laborer, 9 Devon- 
Carson Henry, shoemaker, 230 

Carson Henry, cigarmaker, bds 

39 Tisdale 
Carson James, moulder, Maple 

Carson John, laborer, 70 Tisdale 
Carson Joseph, bus driver, Amer- 
ican hotel 
Carson Joseph, grocer, 331 

James n 
Carson Martin, 39 Tisdale 
Carson Rice, stonemason, 17 

Carson Rev W W, pastor 

Centenary Church, 1 07 James s 
Carter Charles, laborer, 133}^ 

Ferrie e 
Carter Charles, laborer, 3 1 Peter 
Carter Esau, harness maker, 194 

King Wm 
Carter James, bricklayer, 53 

Lower Cathcart 
Carter James, plasterer. South w 

Carter Stephen, blacksmith, 56 

Carter Thomas, engineer, Ferrie e 
Carter William, plasterer, 82 

Macnab n 
Carter W H, clerk G T R, bds 

97 James n 
Cartmell Henry, tailor, 1 1 Went- 

worth n 
Cartney John, blacksmith, 203 

Hughson n 
Cart Wright Charles, laborer, 27 

Ferrie e 
Cartwright George, blacksmith, 

44 Tisdale 
Case A C, farmer, King e, nr 

toll gate 
Case Albert, engineer, 23 Liber- 
Case Egbert J, milk pedler, 183 

King e 
Case George, blacksmith, 13 

Case H N, postmaster, res 

Case H Spencer, druggist, 50 

King w 
Case Mrs Mary (wid George) 13 

Case Wm H, M D, 113 

King e 
Case Wm I A, M D, 113 

King e 
Casey James B (Casey & 

Sons) 86 Main e 
Casey M E (Casey & Sons) 

86 Main e 
Casey & Sons (W J P, J B 

and M E) sash, doors and 

blinds, etc, and lumber mer- 
chants, 72 Main e 
Casey Wm (Casey & Sons) 86 

Main e 
Cash & Co, mantles, 8 James n 
Cash John, laborer, 127 Napier 
Cash ion David, moulder, 70 Lo- 

Cashmere Timothy, laborer, 66 

Hannah e 



Castell Jas, policeman, 73 Duke 
Cassell Levi, manager Burhngton 

Glass Co, 288^ James n 
Cassels Thos, coachman, Queen s 
Cassidy Hugh, laborer, 31 

Strachan e 
Catch pole Arthur, laborer, 114 

East ave n 
Catch pole George, umbrella 

maker, i^ Rebecca 
Catchpole George, salesman. 

Catchpole Mrs Hannah (wid 

Wm) 35 Florence 
Catchpole John, clerk P O, 82 

Bay s 
Catchpole Richard, fancy goods, 

etc, 3 Arcade, h 99 King w 
Catchpole Samuel, bookkeeper, 

99 King w 
Catchpole Wm, machinist, 33 

Catharine Owen, melter, 67 Cath- 
arine n 
Cathcart Thomas, baker, 28 Wel- 
lington n 
Catlin James, laborer, 41 Little 

Catton Walter, car repairer, 123 

Ferguson ave 
Cauley Brian, tobacconist, 112 

King 6 
Cauley John, 77 Young 
Cauley Thos, laborer, 93 Hugh- 
son n 
Causewell Alfred, painter, 284 

King w 
Centenary Meth'st Church, 

Rev W W Carson, pastor, 10 

Main w 
Central Drug Store (J Philp, 

MD, prop) cor Hess and York 
Central Fire Station, A W 

Aitchison, chief, 34 Hughson n 
Central School, Hunter w 
Cesar John, laborer, 7 Sophia 
Chadvvick, John A, manf spun 

sheet metal ware, 173 James n, 

h 202 John n 

engine driver. 

Chagnon Emery, turner, 147 
West ave n 

Chamberlain J F, foreman R M 
VVanzer, 136 Mary 

Chambers Mrs Elizabeth (wid 
David) 173 Bay n 

Chaaibers Mrs Elizabeth, dress- 
maker, 202 King w 

Chambers James, conductor G 
T R, 193 Bay n 

Chambers ---, dyer, 234 Barton e 

Champ Wm S, paymaster G T 
R, 36 Wellington s 

Champagne Joseph, harness mak- 
er, 102 Catharine n 

Chancery Chambers, 8, 10 
Hughson s 

Chanter Robert, 
91 Robinson 

Chanter Robert W, carpenter, 91 

Channell Wm, bartender, 4 King 

Chapman Charles, clerk, Herki- 

Chapman Mrs Fanny, 18 Herki- 

Chapman George L, moulder, 
bds 10 Locomotive 

Chapman Jesse (Wm Chap- 
man's Sons) h 49 King w 

Chapman John, laborer, 130 Re- 

Chapman John, laborer, 107 
King Wm 

Chapman Joseph, plasterer, 17 
Upper Cathcart 

Chapman Joshua, engraver, 10 

Chapman Samuel, druggist, 108 
James n 

Chapman's Sons Wm, funeral 
emporium, 49 King w 

Chapman Stephen, laborer, 123 
Catharine n 

Chapman Walter, moulder, 60 
Pearl n 

Chappel H C, tinsmith, 186, 188 
James n 



Chappel John, tinsmith, 154 

Chester Mrs Sarah (vvid Arthur) 

James n 

181 King Wm 

Chappell Mrs Sarah (wid Henry) 

Cheyne James, carpenter, 9 Hun- 

69 Queen n 

ter e 

Chappell Wm, bricklayer, 131 

Chidley Alfred, machinist, 24 

Cannon e 


Chappie Thomas, foreman, 170 

Chidley Thomas, bds 281 King 



Charlesvvorth Alfred, shoemaker, 

Child Wm, bookkeeper, 36 Bay n 

57 Emerald n 

Children's In'tiustrial School 

Charlesvvorth Alfred, engineer, i 

77 George 

Caroline s 

Childs Frederick, brickmaker, 

Charlesvvorth Franklin, clerk, i 

Garth, li^2o Hughson n 

Caroline s 

Childs George, carpenter, 18 

Charlesvvorth Martin, i Caroline 



Childs George, moulder, 137 

Charlesvvorth VV G, clerk G T R, 


I Caroline s 

Childs John W, laborer, 82 Mul- 

Chariton B E, president Ham- 


ilton Vinegar Works Co, limit- 

Childs Wm H, machinist, 7 Mill 

ed, h 52 John n 

Chilman I C, baker and confec- 

Charlton Joseph, glassblovver, 274 

tioner, 1T9 King w 

Bay n 

Chilman Mrs M (wid Tsaac C) 

Charters James, fitter, 68 West 

35 Bold 

ave n 

Chilman Wm H, baker, 17 Mar- 

Charters Thomas, laborer, 320 


King w 

China Arcade, 182 King e 

Chatley Mrs Elizabeth (wid Jesse) 

China Palace, 46 King e 

32 Crooks 

Chisholm James, B A, (Jones 

Chatto RobLTt, teamster, 5 Vine 

McQuesten & Chisholm) 107 

Cheesman Alfred, laborer, Bread- 

Hughson n 

alba ne 

Chisholm James, builder, 114 

Cheesman Jas, brickmaker, 330 

Macnab n 

King w 

Chisholm Mrs Janet (wid Wm) 

Cheeseman John, brickmaker. 

80 Caroline s 

303 King w 

Chisholm Robert, 113 Macnab n. 

Cheesman Samuel, brickmaker, 

h 20 Ray s 

West st, King vv 

Chisnel Robert, 1 1 Hunter vv 

Cheesman Thos, brickmaker, 330 

Chisnel Roderick, cooper, 15 

King vv 

Hunter vv 

Cherrier Emile, butcher, 305 

Chisvvell Wm, moulder, 125 

James n 

Emerald n 

Cherrier F L, grocer, 15 Market 

Chittenden C S, D D S, dentist, 

sq, h Mary cor Barton 

S}4 King e, h 69 Bay s 

Cherrier J R, grocer, iosj4 York 

Choate Z B, carpenter, 32 Hugh- 

Chesnut Mrs Jane (vvid T (j) 143 

son s 

James s 

Christ Church Cathedral, 

Chesnut T H, clerk, bds 143 

Rev C H Mockridge, D D, 68 

James s 

James n 



Christian Isaac, printer, 2,4 Erie 

Christian Mrs Jane (wid John) 
187 Main e 

Christian John, porter, 9 Upper 

Christie James, carpenter, 151 

Christie John, b^icksmith, 225 
Catharine n 

Christie Robert, superintendent 
L D Sawyer, 54 East ave n 

Christopher OUver, laborer, 194 
Robert e 

Church of Ascension, Rev 
cor Maria 

Church of the Ascension ceme- 
tery, York 

Church of Ascension Mis- 
sion, 114 WeUington s 

Church of the Evangelical 
Association, 98 Market 

Church Samuel, laborer, 221 
Macnab n 

Church Thos, moulder, 173 Mary 

Churchill Hugh, laborer, 77 
Macauley e 

Citizen's Insurance Co (Ac- 
cident Branch) Richard 
Bull, agent, 55 James n 

City Hall, James n 

City Hospital, Barton cor 
Victoria ave 

City Laundry, Joseph Jeffrey, 
proprietor, 60 Main w 

City of London Fire Insur- 

' ance Co, Richard Bull, agent, 
James cor Merrick 

Clapham John, plasterer, 157 
Hunter w 

Clapham Samuel, plasterer, bds 
Commercial hotel 

Clappison Thomas C, book- 
seller and stationer, 92 James 
n, h 69 Herkimer 

Claringbowl Fred, watch- 
maker and jeweler, Copp's 
Block, King e see advt 

Claringbowl William, gardener; 

77 Wellington s 
Claringbowl Wm jr, laborer, 77 

Clark Adam, plumber, 36 James 

s, 142 Main w 
Clarke Adam, machinist, 50 Hess 

Clark Adam, steam fitter, 262 

James n 
Clark Alex, stonecutter, 80 

Emerald n 
Clark Charles, clerk, 44 Main vv 
Clarke Chas, laborer, Herkimer 
Clark Christopher, hatter, 215 

Hughson n 
Clark Mrs David, 46 Victoria 

ave s 
Clark Mrs Elizabeth (wid Hutch- 
inson) 77 Hughson n 
Clark Frank, laborer, 47 Young 
Clark Fred, galvanizer, 108 Maria 
Clark George, machinist, 5 Hess 

Clarke Fred, boots and shoes, 

260 King e, h 157 Duke 
Clark George, car driver, 238 

Bay n 
Clark Henry, publisher, no Bold 
Clark James, stove mounter, 109 

Park n 
Clarke James, carpenter, 284 

Hughson n 
Clark James, bds 87 Lower 

Clark John, butcher, 75 Park n 
Clark John A, druggist, 34 King 

e, h 46 Victoria ave s 
Clark John B, puddler, Greig 
Clarke John D, editor Times^ 

104 Jackson w 
Clarke Joseph, salesman, 73 

Cannon w 
Clark Joseph, mason, bds 55 

Clarke Joseph M, tailor, 128^^ 

King e, h 72 Maria 
Clark Miss Mary, dressmaker, 

127 King e 



Clark Nelson, laborer, 198 Rob- 
ert e 

Clarke O S, clerk Bank of Ham- 

Clark Peter, laborer, 131 Simcoee 

Clark Richard, moulder, 22 

Clark Thos, laborer, 46 Ferrie w 

Clarke Thomas, butcher, 212 
James n 

Clark Wm, machinist, bds 93 
Caroline n 

Clarke Wm, laborer, Hess s 

Clark Wm, painter, 138 Rebecca 

Clarke W H, manager Troy 
laundry, 7 Market Square, h 
151 Duke 

Clarke William H. machinist, Wel- 
lington n 

Clarke — ,machinist,part 145 Main 

Clarkson Mrs Grace (wid Wm) 
28 Strachan e 

Clayton Mrs Harriet (wid Wm) 
56 Ray s 

Clayton Henry, lithographer, 108 

Clayton John, painter, 18 Hugh- 
son n, h 23 Crook 

Clear Wm, machinist, 126^ Can- 
non e 

Cleary Edward, shoemaker, 82 
Hughson n 

Oeary Hiram, shoemaker, 18^ 

Cleary James, laborer, 50 Jack- 
son e 

Cleary Rev M J (Roman 
Catholic) 25 Sheaffe 

Cleary Stephen, searcher cus- 
toms, 284 James n 

Clegg John, laborer, 17 Tom 

Cleghorn Mrs Sarah (wid Wil- 
liam) 34 Walnut s 

Clelland Mrs C, 280 Mary 

Clement Miss Katie, 76 Napier 

Clement Miss Mary, 76 Napier 

Clement Miss Rebecca, bds 76 

Cliff Wm H, printer, 52 Pearl n 

Clifford John, machinist, 34 
Queen n 

Clifton John W, engine driver, G 
T R, 32 Locomotive 

Clifton Joseph, laborer, 326 
James n 

Cline John J, salesman, loi 
Emerald n 

Cline R M, fish dealer, 194 King 

Climie J D, boots and shoes, 
28 King e, h 33 East ave s 

Climie Robert H, 91 Market 

Cline Arthur, hackman, 1 35 Locke 

Cline John J, grocer, 103 Emer- 
ald n • 

Cline J P, marble works, 16 
Cherry, h 10 Baillie 

Cline Thomas, fireman, 99 Emer- 
ald n 

Clinton Joseph, printer, 153 
Macnab n 

Clinton Wm, pattern fitter, 153 
Macnab n 

Clohecy Robert, carpenter, 18 
Emerald n 

Clohecy Thomas, harness maker, 
59 Merrick, h 112 Macnab n 

Cloke John G (John Eastwood 
& Co) h 79 Mary 

Cloney James, laborer, 177 Bay n 

Close F R, clerk, 169 King 

Close John, carpenter, 169 King 

Clough Charles, brakeman, bds 
73 Stuart w 

Cloughley John, melter, 132 Bay 

Clucas Charles, builder, 123 
Cannon w 

Clucas John, builder, 123 Can- 
non w 

Clucas Wm, builder, 125 Cannon 

Clunas Wm, machinist, 68 Loco- 



Clushman John, moulder, 57 

Coadey Mitchell, bus driver, 
Franklin house 

Coates H M, letter carrier, 142 
Hughson n 

Coates John, milkman, 78 Young 

Cobb David, laborer, 120 Mac- 
nab n 

Coburn Henry P (L D Sawyer 
& Co) s e corner Park and 

Cochner Francis, laborer, 53 Lo- 

Cochner Mrs, 53 Locomotive 

Cochrane J M, M D, resi- 
dent physician. City Hospital 

Cockburn Thos, wireworker, 19 

Coddington Wm H, hatter, bds 
Victoria hotel 

Code James R, law student 36 
Bay s 

Coffer Robert, machinist, bds 168 
West ave n 

Coffey JohnW, lather, 37 Railway 

Cogon Rev Solomon, 65 Cath- 
arine n 

Cohen Mark, insurance agent, 50 
Victoria ave s 

Coiley William, lithographer, 86 
Park n 

Colbeck Heny, assistant post- 
master, res mountain top 

Colbeck Joseph, provisions, 66 
Hess n 

Cole A H, billiardist. Royal 

Cole John, 67 Bold 

Cole Joseph, laborer, 16 Chisolm 

Cole Mrs Susan (wid George) 8 

Coleman Alex, laborer, Sheaffe 

Coleman Alfred, carpenter, 135 
Emerald n 

Coleman Andrew, teamster, 53 

Coleman Chas, laborer, 108 

Coleman Rev Francis, Methodist, 

1 2 1 Napier 
Coleman George, pamter, 126 

East ave n 
Coleman James, tabacco worker, 

bds 95 King e 
Coleman Richard, moulder, 12 1 

Park n 
Coleman Richard, com traveler, 

90 Jackson w 
Coles Robert I), com traveler, 

189 Macnab n 
Coles W B, ledger keeper, Stin- 

son's Bank, 189 Macnab n 
Collegiate Institue, Main cor 

Collett George, machinist, 10 

Collier Mrs Mary A (wid Thos) 

115 Bay n 
Collingwood Henry, laborer, ti6 

Macnab n 
Collins Edward, painter, 317 

Collins E S & Co, sign painters, 9 

James n 
Collins E S (E S Collins & Co) 

bdj 48 James n 
ColHns E W, com traveler, 12 

John n 
Collins E W & Co, painters, 8 

John n 
Collins Frank (E S Collins & Co) 

bds Franklin House 
Collins George, carpenter, 154 

Collins Geo W, bricklayer, Her- 
kimer nr Locke 
Collins James, carpenter, 63 

Collins John, foreman Thomp- 
son's lumher'^yard,i46 Queen n 
Collins Rev J H, pastor 

Emerald st Methodist Church, 

45 Emerald n 
Collins Joseph, glassblower, bds 

97 Strachan e 
Collins Matthew, carder, 77 

Emerald n 



Collins Thos, potter, 70 Cana 
Collins William, 120 Queen n 
Collins Mrs, Wentworth n 
Collis Geo,coppersmith, 76 Mark- 
Colquhoun E A, cashier 

Bank of Hamilton, Barton 

Cottage, h mountain crest 
Colville Charles (Bain & Col- 

ville) h 6 Wilson 
Colvin John, grocer, 138 James n 
Colvin Patrick, 340 Hughson n 
Colvin Peter, grocer, York 
Colville W, clerk G T R, 22 

Hess s 
Colville William G, salesman, 22 

Hess s 
Colvvell George, machinist, 21 

CoUyer A T, hat manf, 176 King 

e, h mountain top 
Collyer Samuel, grocer, 337 York 
Comfort Daniel, paper bag manf, 

7 1 Hunter w 
Commercial Chambers, 20 

James s 
Commercial Hotel, Luke 

Dovle, prop, cor York and 


Commercial Union Assur- 
ance Co (London. Eng) Payne 
& McMeekin, agents, 97 Jas n 

Commerford Peter, 259 James n 

Complin George W, bookkeeper, 
24 Queen s 

Conbrough Malcolm, laborer, 341 
John n 

Conder Alfred, fireman, bds 50 

Confederation Life Associa- 
tion, Seneca Jones, agent, 59 
James n 

Congdon Richard, bricklayer, 76 
Main W 

Congo David, porter, 57 Lower 

Congregational Church, Rev 
John Morton, pastor, Hughson 
cor Cannon 

Congregational Sunday School, 

119 Hunter w 
Conian Joseph, conductor, 18 

Walnut s 
Conklin Mrs Thos, 125 Hunter w 
Conley Bernard, teamster, 13 

Conley Charles, printer, 10 West 

ave n 
Conley James, grocer, 13 Kelly 
Conley Michael, r 22 Kelly 
Conlon Patrick, laborer, 93 Mac- 

auley e 
Conley Philip, varnisher, 13 Kelly 
Conley William, laborer, bds 93 

Murray e 
Connell & Cross, dressmakers, 

78, 80 John s 
Connell D C, gardener, 98 Cherry 
Connell James, dairyman, 130 

Catharine n 
ConnellJohn,bricklayer,Clark ave 
Connell Louisa (Connell & Cross) 

h 78 John s 
Connell Owen, laborer, 117 Wal- 
nut s 
Connell Patrick, laborer, 67 Han- 
nah e 
Connell Wm, finisher, to Wel- 
lington n 
Connolly Bernard, brakeman, bds 

49 Stuart w 
Connolly Christopher, boiler 

maker, 282 Mary 
Connolly James, grocer, 13 Elgin 
Connolly John, r no Young 
Connolly Lawrence, teamster, 25 

Connor Frank, carriage maker, 

146 Duke 
Connor James, machinist, 97 

Hess n 
Connor Jeremiah, laborer, foot 

Caroline n 
Connor John, sawyer, 9 Chisholm 
Connor Kennedy, shoemaker, 31 

Picton e 
Connor Mrs Mary A (wid Wm) 

123 Cannon w 



Connor Patrick, laborer, bds ft 

Caroline n 
Connor Peter, teamster, 233 

Connor Thomas, printer, 123 

Cannon w 
Connor William Henry, laborer, 

9 Mill 
Connors Dennis, gardener, 88 

East ave n 
Connor? Ed, baggage master G 

T R, 24J Inchbury n 
Connors James, tobacco roller, 

bds 56 Park n 
Connors James, burnisher, 62 

Connors Jeremiah, laborer, 30 

Connors John, carter, 50 Jack- 
son \v 
Connors John, dairyman, 50 

Jackson w 
Connors John, conductor GTR, 

124 Hess n 
Connors John,laborer,55 Erie ave 
Connors John, laborer, 213 Mary 
Connors Patrick, laborer, 37 

Strachan e 
Connors Patrick, laborer, 325 

John n 
Connors Patrick, boat builder, 

354 John n 
Connors Thomas, carpenter, 56 

Convent Mount St Mary, 

King cor Ray 
Conway Bartholomew J, excise 

officer, 14 Colborne 
Conway James, machinist, 259 

Wellington n 
Conway Michael, glassblower, 80 

Macauley e 
Cook Adam (Ennis & Cook) 

mountain brow 
Cooke Andrew A, trimmer, 34 

Bay n 
Cooke Charles, 34 Bay n 
Cook Charles, hotel keeper, 29 

Main e 

Cook David (Cook & Mitchell) 

Franklin House 
Cook Edward, painter, bds 168 

Cook Mrs Eliza (wid Edward) 

Cook George, potter, bds 5 1 Park 
Cook Geo, carpenter, 81 Locke n 
Cook George, watchman, 22 

Cook Henry, baker, 53 Peter 
Cook Henry, baker, 50 Ray n 
Cook James, painter, Duke 
Cook John, hotel keeper, 118 

Cook Joseph, butcher,j222 Jas n 
Cook Louis, moulder, 17 Sheaffe 
Cook & Mitchell, (David 

Cook, Mrs L Mitchell) proprs 

Frankiin House, King cor Park 
Cook Richard, civil engineer, 21 

Cook Samuel, carpenter, 92 Sim- 

coe e 
Cook Thos, (James Stewart & 

Co) h 40 Main w 
Cook Thomas, fireman, 49 Sheaffe 
Cook Wm, plumber, bds 54 

Queen s 
Cooke William, caretaker market, 

126 Hunter w 
Cook Wm, coachman, Concession 
Cook Wm, (J M Williams & Co) 

h cor Main and Park 
Cook W^inyim, painter, 168 York 
Cook Wn^'machinist, 11 

ave n 


63 West 

Cookson Thomas, machinist, 107 

Coombs Benjamin, laborer, 27 

Macnab s 
Cooinbes George, builder, 119 

Coombes George, moulder, 56 

Coombs Isaac, pattern maker, 53 

Caroline s 
Coombs James, shoemaker, 55 




Coombes Jesse, laborer, 191 

Main w 
Coombes Wm, moulder, 138 

Jackson w 
Cooney Ehvood, laborer, 25 Elgin 
Cooper Alfred, clerk, 173 John n 
Cooper A B, 20 James s 
Cooper Albert R, printer, 41 

Cooper Chris, carriage painter, 

41 George 
Cooper Geo, laborer. Garth 
Cooper G W, blacksmith, 39 

Cooper H G & Co, carriage 

builders, 6 Park s 
Cooper Hamilton (H G Cooper 

& Co) h 84 Main w 
Cooper Henry, laborer. Garth 
Cooper James, hair dresser, S2j4 

King w, h 25 Augusta 
Cooper John C, manf baby car- 
riages, 4 Magill 
Cooper J T, salesman, bds 34 

Bay n 
Cooper Miss Mary, seamstress, 

85 King w 
Cooper R C, grocer, 31 Macnab 

n, h II ILast ave n 
Cooper Richard, salesman, 11 

, East ave n 
Cooper Wesley, laborer, 5 1 Little 

Cooper Wm, laborer, 5 1 Stuart e 
Cooper Wm H (H G Cooper & 

Co) h 6 Park s 
Cooper Mrs — ,73 Victoria ave n 
Co-Operative Printing Co, 

92 King e 
Copeland George S, rope manfr, 

204 Wellington n 
Copeland John, carpenter, 6 

Copeland Thos, carpenter, 48 

Copeland Wm, cabinet maker, 

48 Robinson 
Copp Anthony jr, clerk, West 

Lawn, York 

Copp Anthony sr, (Copp Bros) 

h West Lawn, York 
Copp Bros, founders, York cor 

Copp Samuel, clerk, bds West 

Lawn, York 
Copp Wm J, (Copp Bros) h 

Copperdale — , brewer, 46 Market 
Coppins John, tailor, 13 Harriet 
Coppley George C, bookkeeper, 

90 Hess n 
Corbett Patrick, hat finisher, 107 

Strachan e 
Corbett Timothy, Greig 
Corcoran Denis, carpenter, 51 

Corcoran E J, bookkeeper, bds 

21 Hunter w 
Cormack Mrs Kate (wid John) 

20 Ray s 
Cornell Fred, plasterer, 1 2 Cherry 
Cornell S W, (Hyslop, Cornell & 

Co) h 96 James s 
Cornell Mrs Thomas, Robinson 
Corner Robert, shoemaker, 182 

King e 
Cornish Morr's, salesman, 14 

Cornley Wm, laborer, 49 Loco- 
Corporation Weigh Houses, 

366 John n, Macnab cor Stuart 

and Market sq 
Corridi Mrs Mary A (wid Caesar) 

102 Robinson 
Corridi Peter, bookkeeper, 102 

Corrigan John, laborer, 249 John n 
Corrigle John, carpenter, 175 

Cannon e , 

Corey Benjamin R, 18 Herkimer 
Corey Mrs Catherine (wid John) 

boarding, 9 Park s 
Cosgrave Patrick, laborer, 29 

Simcoe e 
Cosgrove Mrs Margaret (wid Wm) 

bds 199 Bay n 
Cosgrove Patrick, 103 Ferrie e 



Cosgro ve Wiiliam, sewing machine 

agent, 50 Hunter e 
Costello Edward, laborer, 67 

Costello Patrick, baker, 56 

Queen s 
Costie William, carpenter, 3 

Cotter James, tailor, 171 Mac- 
nab n 
Cotter John, carter, Head 
Cotton Herbert, plasterer, 67 

Cotton John, builder, 2 West 

ave n 
Cottrell Samuel, bricklayer, 41 

Hannah w 
Cottrell Samuel, gardener, 9 

Coughlin Daniel, carpenter, 79 

Cannon w 
Coughlin Michael, laborer, Vic- 
toria ave n 
Coughlin Patrick, laborer, 249 

Ca'^harine n 
Coughlin Thomas, laborer, no 

Walnut s 
Coulson Geo S, grain dealer, 46 

Catharine n 
Coulson Wm, bookeeeper, bds 

127 John n 
Coulter David, policeman, 385 

John n 
Coulter Mrs Henry, 193 Cannon 

Coulter Robert, shoemaker, 87 

Coulter Robert, gardener, bds 

103 King w 
Coulter Samuel, shoemaker, 109 

Counihan Gerald W, barber, 4^ 

King William, h 95 Wellington 

Counsell C M, banker, 14 James 

s, h I Herkimer 
Counsell George S, county clerk, 

Court House, h 89 Jackson w 
Court House, Main cor John 

Court House Hotel, Wm 

Gowland, prop, 55-57 John s 
Coutts Archibald, saloon and 

livery, 30-32 Cannon w 
Coutts John, pattern maker, 39 

Stuart e 
Coutts Wm, laborer, 10 Mill 
Cousins John, carpenter. 140 

Hess n 
Cousins John, messenger Bank 

Commerce, 8 Ferguson ave 
Couturie Elyeor, shoemaker, 33 

Couturie John, shoemaker, 33 

Coventry Mrs E M, 15 Barton w 
Coville Mrs Jane (wid Robert) 

39 Bold 
Cowan Andrew, clerk, 91 East 

ave n 
Cowan Charles, 44 Cannon w 
Cowan James S, clerk, 85 Cherry 
Cowan John, carpenter, 34 Fer- 
ric w 
Cowan Mrs Lucy (wid Peter) 278 

King w 
Cowan Robert D, 44 Cannon w 
Cowan William, platelayer, 234 

Bay n 
Cowil Peter G, salesman, 87 

Cowil Robert, carpenter, 275 

Macnab n 
Cowie Mrs, bds 50 Hess n 
Cowing Henry, machinist, 150^ 

Cox Alfred, cork manufacturer, 

157 Wellington n 
Cox Alfred J, cork manufacturer, 

157 Wellington n, h Murray e 
Cox Andrew J, 78 Caroline s 
Cox Mrs Ann (wid James) dress- 
maker, 147 King Wm 
Cox Barnet,shoemaker,Smith ave 
Cox James, salesman, 44 King w 
Cox James, baker, bds 105 

Cox James A, salesman, 6 

Macnab s 



Cox John, coffee and spice manu- 
facturer, 25 Pearl s 

Cox John, carpenter, 168 Wilson 

Cox Thomas, cutter, 147 King 

Cox Wm, pork curer, James st 
market and 139 King w 

Cox Wm, laborer, bds 168 Park n 

Cox Wm, laborer, bds 3 Inch- 
bury s 

Cox — , laborer, bds 2 1 Locomo- 

Coy Charles, harness maker, 52 
Stuart e 

Coyne John, laborer, 116 Bold 

Craft H W, salesman, 126 Jack- 
son w 

Craft Wm, pork butcher, 50 York 

Craig Alex, caretaker Burlington 
Cemetery, York 

Craig David, machinist, 8 Kin- 

Craig Mrs Francis (wid Andrew) 
3 Little Peel 

Craig John, carpenter, 108 Flor- 

Craig Joseph, vet surgeon, 22 
Market, h 34 Market 

Craig Robi, tool keeper, G T R, 
3 Little Peel 

Craigie George, clerk, h moun- 
tain top 

Craigie W, clerk G T R, moun- 
tain top 

Crane Jasper G, bds 29 Robin- 

Crankshaw Wm John, book- 
keeper, 180 John n 

Craven Geo, blacksmith, Duke 
cor Locke 

Craven John, blacksmith, Duke 
cor Locke 

Craven Rev J J, Roman 
Catholic, 244 King e 

Crawford A B, clerk, 38 King w 

Crawford Mrs Elizabeth (wid 
Patrick) 27 Elgin 

Crawford George, candy maker, 
38 King w 

Crawford Henry, carpenter, 27 

Crawtord Henry, candy maker, 

38 King w 
Crawford James, confectioner, 38 

King w and 20 Market Square 
Crawford John, moulder, 43 Pearl 

Crawford Samuel, grocer, 132 

King w, h 42 Pearl n 
Crawford Wm, bridge inspector, 

92 Park n 
Crawford Wm, bricklayer, 131 

Crawford W P, excise officer, 93 

Wellington n 
Crawford — , shoemaker, bds 55 

Crawford — , bookkeeper, bds 15 

Main w 
Crawley Fitzowen sr, machinist, 

40 East ave n 
Crawley Fitzowen jr, machinist, 

40 East ave n 
Crear Donald, tailor, 140 John n 
Crerar A H, clerk, head Mac- 
nab s 
Crerar John (Crerar, Muir & 

Crerar) county attorney, Merks- 

worth, h Macnab s 
Crerar Peter, carpenter, South w 
Crerar P D, M A (Crerar, 

Muir & Crerar) h 149 James s 
Crerar, Muir & Crerar (John 

Crerar, John Muir, MA, P D 

Crerar, MA) barristers, Hamil- 

Prov Chambers, i Hughson s 
Crites G A, Star Augur Manf Co, 

68 Mary, h 1 2 Erie ave 
Creel Henry, 169 Macnab n 
Creighton Mrs (wid David) 255 

Hughson n 
Cresswell Miss Rebecca, 164 

Jackson w 
Crews Rev Albert C, pastor 

Hannah St Methodist church, 

100 Caroline s 
Crilly Patrick, merchant tailor, 

James cor Gore 



Cripps Charles, bricklayer, 52 

Cripps Daniel, bricklayer, 25 

Cripps Joseph, laborer, 228 Can- 
non e 

Crisp Alfred, clerk P O 

Crisp Mrs Elizabeth (wid Alfred) 
Erie ave 

Crisp Mrs Elizabeth (wid Thos) 
92 Bold 

Crist Alfred, glassblower, 67^ 
Barton w 

Crist Samuel, glassblower, 245 
James n 

Cntchley William, teamster, 70 
Hughson n 

Croal George, blacksmith, 67 
Emerald n 

Crockford George, jeweler 4 

Crockett William, ruler, Rebecca 

Croft John, laborer, 50 Markland 

Crofton Edward, grocer, 265 
John n 

Crofton Edward, painter, 24 Elgin 

Crofton Walter, moulder, 73 Rob- 

Crombie Mrs Elspit (wid Fran- 
cis) 16 Wellington n 

Crombie William, barber, 33 
Park n, h 16 Wellington 

Crombie Wm, cutter, 37 Park s 

Cronk John, moulder, 44 Cath- 
arine n 

Cronn John, teamster, 102 Jack- 
son e 

Cronyn Daniel, carter, 249james n 

Crook John, bookkeeper, 113 
Wellington n 

Crook John, tobacco roller, bds 
7 Park s 

Crooker W H, 150 York 

Crooks Alex, dairyman, 60 Han- 
nah w 

Crooks John, laborer, .116 Queen 

Crooks Mrs Mary (wid Richard) 
Barton w 

Crooks Mrs M C, 35 Hughson 
Crooks Richard, bartender, 96 

King , William 
Crooks R W, teamster, 219 Bar- 
ton e 
Crooks Thomas, hotel, 96 King w 
Cross Arthur, tea deal^, 152 J 

Cross Miss Harriet, bds 78 John s 
Cross Moses, teamster, 105)^ 

Jackson e 
Cross Mrs Thomas, 16 Guise 
Cross Thomas, wrecker, bds 352 

John n 
Cross William, laborer, 16 Guise 
Crossland Edward F, laborer, bds 

93 Cherry 
Crossland Geo, laborer, 131 Mac- 

auley e 
Crossland Walter, cigar maker, 

93 Cherry 
Crossley Irving, dry goods, 4 

Felson ave 
Crossley James, dry goods, 147 

James s 
Crossley John, dry goods, James 

cor King Wm, h 73 Herkimer 
Crossley William, dry goods, 73 

Grossman Adam, butcher, 124 

Bay n 
Grotty Patrick, carpenter, 247)^ 

Crowe Alfred, machinist, 161 

Crowe Thomas, machinist, 122 

Crowe Robert, machinist, 113 

Crowley Wm J, dealer, 7 Mac- 
nab s 
Crowser C, buckle manf, 64 John 

s, h 43 Queen s 
Crowther Wm T M, music teach- 
er, 172 Macnab n 
Crozier Richard, laborer, 108 

Jackson e 
Croy Wm B, com traveler, 109 

Bay n 



Gruikshank A S, teacher, no 
Cannon w 

Cruickshanks John, policeman, 
134 Cannon e 

Cruicksharks John, stonemason, 
167 Hunter w ^ 

Cruicl^hank Robert, builder 
and contractor, 47 Maria 

Crystal Palace View Hotel, 
Harry Bawden, prop 

Cuckow Edwin, packer, 15 Grove 

Cuff, Robert C, butcher, 309 

Culchin John, hostler Franklin 

Culham Joseph A, M A, 
(Bruce, Burton & Culham) h 
55 East ave s 

Culhane P J, bill poster, 42 Can- 
non e 

Culhane Stephen, bill poster, 42 
Canngn e 

CuUen Arthur, laborer, 28 Fer- 
rie e 

Cullen Mrs Mary, laundress, 98 

Cullen Michael, laborer, 82 Mac- 
auley e 

CuUinan Nicholas, laborer, 99 
Caroline n 

CuUinan Nicholas, laborer, bds 
215 Hughson n 

Cullum Alby, moulder, 2 Fer- 
guson ave 

Cullum David, carpenter, 2 Fer- 
guson ave 

Cullum David, plumber, 93 West 
ave n 

Cullum William, laborer, 126 
Picton e 

Culp Isaac H, machinist, 183^ 
VValnut s 

Culp Jacob, wheelmaker, 229 

Cumbers Wm, 174 Hughson n 

Cummer C H, traveler, 89 Wel- 
lington n 

Cummer E S, Supreme sec I O 
F, 3 Ferguson ave 

Cummer John H (P Grant & 

Sons) h 89 Wellington n 
Cummer Wm L (P Grant & 

Sons) h 123 Bay n 
Cumming Bros, grocers, 108 

James n 
Cumming John, cutter, 121 King 

Cumming Wm (Cumming 

Bros) 108 James n 
Cummings James, tax collector, 

158 Main e 
Cummings John, laborer, 74 

Cummings Maurice, laborer, r 

183 Bay n 
Cummings Maurice, laborer, 33 

Simcoe e 
Cu Timings, Patrick, laborer, 245 

Cunard Steampship Line, 

W J Grant, city ticket agent, 

Arcade, 33 James n 
Cunningham Arthur, fireman, 

42^ Cannon w 
Cunningham E B, 87 Cannon e 
Cunningham Samuel, conductor, 

120 Cannon e 
Cunningham Wm, teamster, 39 

Burlington n 
Cunnington W^m, hatter, 232 

Barton e 
Cunnison James, 77 Wellington 

Curell Daniel, blacksmith, 74 

Curell J G, barrister, 34 James 

n, h 140 Cannon e 
Curno Joseph, carpenter, 183 

Victoria ave n 
Curran John, ytovemounter, 328 

King William 
Curran John, printer, 39 Tom 
Curran Michael, laborer. King e 
Curran Patrick, laborer, 33 Wood 

Curran Robert, dyer, 85 John n 
Curran Rev Wm, rector St 

Thomas' Church, 91 James 



Currie Donald, carpenter, 93 

Curry George, laborer, 76 Bold 

Curry Wm, laborer, 47 Cannon e 

Curry Wm 1), engine driver, G 
T R, 123 Queen n 

Curtain Wm, laborer, 134 King e 

Curtis Thomas, tailor, 28 

Curtis Wm, 87 Park n 

Curtis — , 42 James n 

Cusack Mrs Elizabeth (wid Pat- 
trick) 79 Elgin 

Cusack Mrs Jane (wid Wm) 11 

Cuseck Wm, laborer, 105 Caro- 
line n 

Cusha Mrs Mary, 71 Hannah e 

Cussen Michael, laborer, Fergu- 
son ave n 

Custom House, 35 Stuart e 

Cuthbertson Alex, grocer, 210 
King w 

Cutler Charles, carpenter, 277 
King e 

Cutler F A, cabinet maker, 126 
Main e 

Cutt James, cutter, 87 Hunter w 

Cuttriss Edward W, carpenter, 
59}^ East ave n 

Cuttriss George, wood engraver, 
138 Main e 

Cuttriss Mrs Mary Ann, dress- 
maker, bds 138 Main e 

Cuzner Mrs James, tailoress, 68 
King Wm 

Cuzner John, shoemaker, 15 

Cuzner Luke, tinsmith, 13 Lower 

Dabb Mrs Christina, 29 Peter 

Dabbs Mrs Mary (wid Charles) 
r 5 1 Young 

Dack E& Son, boots and shoes, 
23 Arcade 

Dack Samuel, laborer, bds 35 

Dake Michael, hotel keeper, 228 
James n 

Dallis Donald, polisher, 44 Vine 
Dallas Mrs E, 5 West ave s 
Dallas Harry, com traveler, 94 

Victoria Ave s 
Dalley E A (F F Dalley & Co) 

h 34 ^gin 
Dalley F F & Co (F F, E 

A and M) patent medicines, 99 

James n 
Dalley F F (F F Dalley & 

Co) h 42 Jackson w 
Dalley W R G, bookkeeper, 8 

Dallyn Mrs Ann, 170^^ James n 
Dallyn Charles, hair dresser, 33^ 

James n, h 90 Elgin 
Dallyn F E, bookkeeper, h 90 

Dairy m pie James S, salesman, 

132 Main e 
Dalton Andrew, moulder, 15 

Hess s 
Dalton James, laborer, 199 

Dalton Patrick, laborer, 261 

Hughson n 
Dalton Thomas S, boat builder, 

59 Robert 
Daly Edward, laborer, 13 Macau- 
ley w 
Daly Hugh, whip maker, 8 

Daly James, 87 Murray e 
Daly John, yardsman, G T R, 

Barton w 
Daly John J, grocer, 72 Napier 
Daly Nicholas, laborer, 346 James . 

Daly Timothy, engme turner, G 

T R, 32 Inchbury n 
Daly William, laborer, 27 Simcoe 
Daly Wm, tailor, 52 Wood e 
Dame Paul, fish pedler, 216 

James n 
Dampier Miss Mary, 189 York 
Danahy Edward, shoemaker, 

215 James n 
Danforth Benjamin M, nailer, 51 

Caroline n 



Danger John, hostler, 67 John s 
Daniels Benoni, merchant, i 

Daniels Geo, fireman G T R, 35 

Inchbury n 
Daniels Mrs Jane, r 128 Mac- 
nab n 
Darby Alfred W, laborer, 39 

Little William 
Darby Richard G, machinist, 25 

Little William 
Darche R, conductor, 145 Rob- 
ert e 
Darling — , 105 King w 
Darling Albert G, brickmaker, 

Darlington Mrs Thomas, 142 

Daubreville Fred, scale maker, 

Daubreville Ferdinand, hostler. 

Court House hotel 
Davey Wm, 36 W>st ave n 
Davey Wm M, laborer, 119 Park n 
Davey — , laborer, 29 Queen s 
Davidson Alexander, gardener, 

99 Hannah e 
Davidson Charles A, finisher, 17 

Davidson Duncan, laborer, St 

Mary's Lane 
Davidson Mrs Elizabeth (wid 

James) 60 James s 
Davidson Enos, bookkeeper, bds 

Davidson Mrs Isabella (wid John) 

66 Caroline s 
Davidson James, jeweler, 5 James 

n, 62 Herkimer 
Davidson James H, com traveler, 

32 Main w 
Davidson John, salesman, 26 

Main w 
Davidson John, collector, 166 

Bay n 
Davidson Mrs Margaret (wid 

Robt) teacher, 66 Duke 
Davidson T L, bookkeeper, h 78 


Davidson Thos, clerk, 45 Duke 
Davies Benjamin, confectioner, 

25 Arcade, h 25 Young 
Davies Chas, salesman, 2 5 Young 
Davies Edmund, music teacher, 

40 Barton e 
Davis Alex T, train despatcher, 

G T R, 2 1 Bay n 
Davis Alfred J, brickmaker, 193 

Main w 
Davis Mrs Ann (wid William) 7 

Davis Archd, printer, 124 Main e 
Davis Calvin, reporter Spectator, 

124 Main e 
Davis C A, Dentist, 68 King e, 

h 44 Emerald s 
Davis Frank, bds Aikman's ave 
Davis Fred, watchmaker, Main e 
Davis George, confectioner, 77 

Cannon w 
Davis H H, bookkeper, Went- 

worth s 
Davis Hy, carpenter, 190 Wilson 
Davis Horace K, clerk, bds 44 

East ave s 
Davis Isaac, helper, 76^ East 

ave n 
Davis J H (J H Davis & Co) h 

Wentworth s 
Davis J H & Co, wool, grain,etc, 

9 John n 
Davis James, market clerk, bds 

44 East ave s 
Davis James G, 239 Main e 
Davis Mrs Jane (wid Joseph) 194 

King w 
Davis Mrs Jane (wid James) bds 

68 Jackson w 
Davis Mrs Jane (wid Evan) 25 

Davis J M, machinist, 19 West 

ave n 
Davis John, crockery, 51 Mac- 
nab n and 6a York 
Davis John, fish and game. Arcade, 

h Aikman's ave 
Davis John, brickmaker, 193 

Main w 



Davis John A, 8i John n 
Davis John E, machinist, 102 

Barton e 
Davis Jonathan, 194 Main e 
Davis Joseph, butcher, 41 Stuart e 
Davis Mrs M, 20 Maria 
Davis & McCullough (W R 

Davis, J D McCuUough) 

watchmakers and jewelers, 12 

King w 
Davis Nicholas, waiter, bds 125 

Davis Nicholas H, 64 Jackson w 
Davis Peter, master mariner, 41 

Maculey w 
Davis Robert, freight checker, 

bds 156 Mary 
Davis Samuel jr, market clerk, 60 

Catharine s 
Davis Samuel, 44 East ave s 
Davis Sewing Machine, W 

S Lumgair, agent, 115 James n 
Davis Mrs Susan (wid John) 44 

Main w 
Davis Thomas, agent, bds 25 

Davis Thomas E, clerk, Went- 

worth s 
Davis T E, bricklayer, 90 Wilson 
Davis T M, com traveler, 73 

Wellington s 
Davis Walter, laborer, Aikman's 

Davis Walter, clerk, bds 44 

East ave s 
Davis Warren, stonecutter, 8t 

John n 
Davis William, laborer, 266 

Davis William, blacksmith, 76^ 

East ave n 
Davis William, barber, bds 16 

Wellington n 
Davis William, clerk, 16 Wel- 
lington n 
Davis W R (Davis & McCul- 

lough) h 68 Jackson w 
Daville Mrs Charlotte 53 Mac- 
nab s 

Davison Alfred, cigar maker, bds 

98 West ave n 
Davison Charles (Davison & 

Modlin) h 12 Lower Cathcart 
Davison Mrs Clara (wid Thomas) 

music teacher, 6 Kelly 
Davison & Modlin (Chas Davi- 
son, John Modlin) 98 James n 
Davison Wm, tailor, 26 Locke s 
Dawdy Luther, porter, bds 

American hotel 
Dawe Geo, blacksmith, 35 Magill 
Dawe Wm, letter carrier, P O 
Dawes Thomas, forgeman, no 

Dawson Donald, tax collector, 

144 Hunter e 
Dawson George, finisher, 24 

Hunter e 
Dawson John, laborer, 121 Caro- 
line n 
DawsQn Meredith, letter carrier, 

8 Concession 
Dawson — , pedlar, 6 Tisdale 
Day Mrs Charlotte (wid F T) 

51 Wellington s 
Day Edward, laborer, i29PiGton 
Day Frank, clerk, 5 1 Wellington s 
Day John, shoemaker, 280 James 

Day Joseph, porter, 66 West 

ave n 
Dayfoot P W, 219 Main e 
Day R J, 74 Murray e 
Dean Francis, brickraaker, King w 
Dean Henry, dyer, 280 Macnab n 
Dean John, laborer, 7 Little 

Dean Wm, shoemaker, 58 Peter 
Dean W H, com traveler, 3 Caro- 
line s 
Debus Mrs Annie (wid Wm) 183 

Defour Alfred, provisions, 133^^ 

James n 
Degan Joseph, shoemaker, 156 

Victoria ave n 
Degarmo Mrs Martha (widElias) 

128 Cannon e 



beLacey Frederick, saloon, 19 

Hughson n 
Delaney James, laborer, 7 

Strachan w 
Delorme C, carriage maker, 31 

John n, h 5-^ Catharine n 
Delorme Cyprian, carriage maker, 

130 Macnab n 
Dempsey George, washaline 

manufacturer, 47 King Wm, 

h 112 Main w 
Dempsey John C, clerk, P O, 

bds 112 Main w 
Dempster C H (Brayley & 

Dempster, h 13 Young 
Demun Hiram, plasterer, 34 

Dennis Chas, laborer, bds 16 

Dennis George H, carter, 72 

Jackson e 
Dennis James, boots and shoes, 

212 King e 
Dennis John, painter, 52 Canada 
Dennis VV H, teacher Canada 

Business College 
Dennison G H, clerk, 78 Hugh- 
son n 
Denroche Edward, carpenter, 15 

Lower Cathcart 
Dent Joseph, upholsterer, 10 1 

Hannah e 
Depew Edward, salesman, bds 

99 Emerald n 
Derby Henry, bookkeeper, 5 

Derby Joseph, grain buyer, 113 

West ave n 
Derby Wm, buffer, 5^ Chisholm 
Dermody Mrs Ann (wid Patrick) 

151 Main e 
Dermody Frank, bread pedler, 

151 Main e 
Dermody John, baker, 151 Main 

Dermody Wm, laborer, 300 John 

Derrick T J, tobacco roller, 46 

John n 

Des Brisay Rev Le$tock 

rector All Saints Church, 126 

Desmond John,laborer, 181 Bay n 

Destiveler Edward, telegraphist, 
Royal hotel 

Deutscher Paul, hotel, 23 John s 

Devine James, carpenter, Fergu- 
son ave n 

Devine Mrs Jane (wid Edward) 
182 Catharme n 

Devine John, moulder,' 102 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Devine Morris, moulder, 207 
Hughson n 

Devonport Thomas, gardener, 1 1 
Bay n 

Dew Charles, laborer, bds 73 
Stuart w 

Dew George, laborer, 76 Bay n 

Dewar Mrs Emily (wid Plumer) 
31 Jackson w 

Dewart Wm, laborer, 30 Wel- 
lington n 

Dewey Daniel (D Dewey & 
Son) 15 George, h 11 Caro- 
line s 

Dewey D R, manager Canada 
Ready Printing Co, 11 Caro- 

Dewey I) R & Co, coal dealers, 
12 James s 

Dewey D & Son (Daniel and 
John) ice dealers, 15 George 

Dewey John (D Dewey & Son) 
bds Franklin House 

DeWitt E A, butcher, 183 Can- 
non e 

Dexter David, managing di- 
rector Federal Life Assurance, 
h 31 East ave s 

Dexter George M, canvasser, 
150 John n 

Diamond Andrew, machinist, 208 
Victoria ave n 

Dick David, fireman, 132 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Dick George, laborer, 80 Can- 
non w 



Dick John, laborer, bds i8o 

Dicker Mrs Frances, 59 Young 
Dicker William, shoemaker, 83 

King e 
Dickie Thomas, salesman, res 

Dickinson Benj, laborer, 89 Hun- 
ter w 
Dickinson Mrs Mary (wid Chas) 

4 Ferguson ave 
Dickinsorv Thomas, 252 James n 
Dickson Edgar H, porter, G T R, 


Dickson George, prmcipal 

Collegiate Institute, 33 Bold 

Dickson John, laborer, 7 Park s 

Dickson Robert, carpenter, in 

Hess n 
Dickson M C, ass't general 
freight and passenger agent N 
&NWR R, h 78 Ferguson 
Dickson William, carpenter, 62 

Dill Mrs Julia (wid Wm) Queen s 
Dillabough E H, M D, 18 Gore 
Dillabough Josef, journalist, 30 

Dillon Andrew, hotel, 2 1 John n 
Dillon James, hotel, 262 Macnab 

Dillon James, grocer, 201 John^t^ 
Dillon John, grocer, 159 Bay n 
Dillon John, machinist, 36 Fer- 
ric w 
Dillon Michael J, hotel, 162 and 

164 Bay n 
Dillon Patrick, laborer, 17 Mur- 
ray e 
Dillon Patrick, laborer, 93 Han- 
nah e 
Dillon Wm, laborer, 167 Bay n 
Dillon Wm, moulder, 66 John n 
Dilworth James, laborer, 39 

Wood w 
Dingle J A, butcher James street 

market, h mountain top 
Dingle Jas, butcher, 135 John s 

Dingle Wm, machinist, 88 Wel- 
lington n 
Dingle Wm, potter, bds King w 
Dingwall Alex, stonecutter, 162 

Hughson n 
Dingman Norman J, excise offi- 
cer, 6 Mulberry 
Dingman Peter, shoemaker, 71 

Locke n 
Dingwall James M, fitter, 93 

Dinsse Henry, clerk P O 
Disher Mrs Amy, 24 Hunter e 
Dittrick Fred, bender, 167 East 

ave n 
Ditty James, tinner, 60 Steven 
Dixon Bros (Wm and James) wh 

fruiterers, 33 King e 
Dixon Charles J, clerk, 68 Queen 

Dixon Herbert, customs officer, 

4 Hess s 
Dixon James (Dixon Bros) h 37 

East ave s 
Dixon John (Dixon & Morton) h 

58 Emerald n 
Dixon John, druggist, 9 Park s 
Dixon John, carpenter, 23 Napier 
Dixon John, knitted goods, 115 

Dixon & Morton (John Dixon, 
Wm Morton) fruiterers, 52 
King w and 28 James s 
Dixon Thomas, 59 Napier 
Dixon Wm, machinist, 27 Can- 
non e 
Dixon Mrs Wm, sr, 58 Emerald n 
Dixon Wm (Dixon Bros) h 35 

East ave s 
Doak Simeral, blacksmith, 34 

Hunter e, h 22 Young 
Dobie John, 25 Hannah e 
Dobson John, stovemounter, 213 

Bay n 
Dodd Mrs, 1 1 1 King Wm 
Dodd George, piano finisher, 

48^ Yoik, h 49 George 
Dodd Mrs George, dressmaker, 
48^ York 



Dodd Mrs Jane (wid Wm) 107 

Dodd Robert F, valuator, 82 
Hunter e 

Dodd Wm, bds Maple Leaf hotel 

Dodd Wm, feather dyer, 74 Mer- 

Dodds Wm, stonemason, 51 

Dodman Frederick, bookkeeper, 
bds 38 Caroline s 

Dodman James, grocer, 69 Hun- 
ter w 

Dodson Bros (T & R Dodson) 
brassfounders, 92 Macnab n 

Dodson Fred, painter, 61 Victo- 
ria ave n 

Dodson Hector, lashmaker, 183 
Bay n 

Dodson! James, brassfounder, 55 
Victoria ave n 

Dodson Joseph, printer, 118 
Catharine n 

Dodson J R, brassfinisher, 16 1 
West ave n 

Dodson Wm, painter, 29 John n 

Dodson Wm, jr, painter, 65 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Dodson Wm, sr, carpenter, 65 
Victoria ave n 

Doherty Arthur, grocer, 245 King 

Doherty Burnet, carpenter,8 West 
ave n 

Doherty Mrs Esther (wid George) 
2 Park s 

Doherty Hugh, mariner, 294 
Macnab n 

Doherty James, printer, 8 West 
ave n 

Doherty John, laborer, 58 Locke s 

Doherty Michael, laborer, 72 

Doherty Patrick, moulder, 119 
Victoria ave n 

Doherty Peter, laborer, 108 Sim- 
coe e 

Doherty Thomas, coffee and 
spice mills, 63 Cannon e 

Doherty Thomas Daniel, bds 
63 Cannon e 

Dolan John, teamster, 109 Fer- 
rie e 

Dolman David, laborer, Herki- 

Dolman John, mariner, 45 Bur- 
lington w 

Dolmheirn — , laborer, 15 Harriet 

Domestic Sewing Machine, 
Hargrove & Sons, agents, 118 
King e 

Dominion Hat Co, John Tun- 
stead, manager, 210, 212 King 

Dominion Hotel, Armstrcmg 
& Haw, proprietors, 80, 84 
King w 

Dominion License Office, Rich- 
ard Mackay, inspector, 14 
Hughson s, h 100 James s 

Dominion Plate Glass Ins 
Office, David McLellan, agent, 
84 James n 

Dominion Shirt Factory, S 
G Treble, proprietor, 2 King e 

Dominion Steamship Line, 
David McLellan, agent, 84 
James n 

Dominion Suspender Manuf Co, 
W L Doran, prop, 28 John n 

Domville A E, clerk, bds 121 
John n 

Domville C K, mech supt GTR, 
121 John n 

Domville Frederick J, mech 
engineer GTR, 114 Rebecca 

Donahue Dennis, laborer, 296 
Macnab n 

Donahue Stephen, laborer, r 61 
Jackson e 

Donald Alexander, bottler, 65 

Donald James, engineer, bds 228 

Donaldson Hugh, carpenter, bds 
60 James s 

Donaldson J G, laborer, bds 146 



Donaldson John, engineer, 19 

Caroline 3 
Donaldson John, engineer, 51 

Donaldson Mrs M (wid William) 

27 Young 
Dondero Joseph, fruiterer, 85 

James n 
Donnelly Luke, cabinetmaker, 47 

Ray n 
Donnelly Mrs Jane (wid John) 

49 Cherry 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, 277 

Hughson n 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, 245 

John n 
Ponohue A, shoemaker, 10 Went- 

worth n 
Donohue Jeremiah, moulder, 190 

King Wm 
Donohue Michael, tinsmith, 116 

West ave n 
Donovan Andrew, laborer, 63 

Burlington w 
Donovan Cornelius, inspector 

separate schools, 74 Maria 
Donovan Cornelius, moulder, 1 33 

Donovan Jeremiah, shoemaker, 

97 Young 
Dovovan Michael, hackraan, 13 

Plunter w 
Doody Mrs Mary, 271 Macnab n 
Doolittle Chas, vice-pres Ontario 

rolling mill, 46 Bay s 
Dora James, laborer, 20 Little 

Doran Bros (M & W) vinegar 

manfrs, 31 Stuart w 
Doran Mrs Mary (wid Peter) 11 

Hess n 
Doran Michael (Doran Bros) bds 

cor James and Stuart 
Doran William (Doran Bros) 203 

James n 
Doran W L (Dominion Suspender 

manuf Co) h 59 John n 
Dormer Carl, Concession cor 


Dornan Joseph, machinist, 29^ 

James n " 

Doming Geo, laborer, 8 Little 

Doming Wm, carter, 154 Napier 
Dossett Joshua, polisher, Fer- 
guson ave, n of track 
Dossett Wm, polisher, 35 Peter 
Doston Alex, tobacco roller, 1 1 1 

Doubeville Fred, polisher, 14 

Dougall Andrew, machinist, 135 

Dougherty Michael, shipper, 75 

Douglas Robt, moulder, 15 Dev- 

Douglas Stewart, cigar maker, 

bds 4 Duke 
Dowrie David C, letter carrier, 4 

Dow David, plasterer, 31 Bold 
Dow George, plater, 155 West 

ave n 
Dow Henry (H & J Dow) h 18 

Dow Henry & John, wood and 

coal dealers, 45 Main w 
Dow John, laborer, 75 Emerald n 
Dow John (H & J Dow) h 41 

Hess s 
Dow Moses, plasterer, iS Canada 
Dow Robt, plasterer, 36 Ray s 
Dow Wm, moulder. Garth 
Dow Wm, bookbinder, 18 Canada 
Dowd John, laborer, 87 Simcoee 
Dowd Wm, laborer, 145 Bay n 
Dowden James, whitewasher, 42 

Jackson e 
Dowden James, whitewasher, 28a 

Dowe John, cooper, bds Victoria 

Dowie David, builder, 61 Queen s 
Dowle Frank, clerk G T R, 320 

Macnab n 
Dowle Richard, clerk G T R, 

230 Macnab n 




Dowler Mrs Ellen (wid Wm) 

groceries, 223 James n 
Dowley Ed, boilermaker, 5 Sophia 
Dowling — , salesman, bds 34 

Bay n 
Dowling Albert, machinist, 239 

Cannon e 
Dowling Mrs Mary, fancy goods, 

85 John s 
Downing Edward, carpenter, 176 

Jackson w 
Downing P J, whitewasher, 148 

Hughson n 
Downs Charles, stationer, bds 17 

Downs Daniel, blacksmith, 17 

Downs Wm, photographer, 17 

Dowrie David C, letter carrier, 4 

Dowrie John, carpenter, 84 Bold 
Dowrie William, carpenter, 59 

Queen s 
Doyle Anthony, laborer, iii 

Doyle Brian, detective, 165 Mary 
Doyle Cornelius, moulder, 102 

Wellinf;ton s 
Doyle Daniel, carriage maker, 57 

Merrick, h 58 Duke 
Doyle Daniel, wagon maker, 58 

Doyle Mrs Ellen (wid John) 23 

Wood w 
Doyle James, mariner, 287 Bay n 
Doyle J E, grocer, 220 James n 
Doyle John, laborer, 29 Rail- 
Doyle Luke, Commercial 

hotel, York cor Park 
Doyle Mrs Mary (wid Patrick) 73 

Doyle Mallick, baggage master, 

91 Strachan e 
Doyle Owen, carpenter, 131 

Jackson w 
Doyle Patrick, tailor, 24 Little 


Doyle Thomas, laborer, 369 
Hughson n 

Doyle William, laborer, 1 5 Wood 

Doyle Mrs William, 54 Stuart e 

Drake A E, foreman cottoh 
mills, 190 Macnab n 

Drake Henry, laborer, 106 Flor- 

Drake R F, gunsmith, 50 Tisdale 

Drake Wm, shoemaker, 208 
John n 

Drayton Wm (W Drayton & Co) 
h 51 Hunter e 

Drayton W & Co, fruiterers, 6 
King w 

Drenin Mrs Ann (wid Wm) 42 
Hughson n 

Dressel John A, hotel, 41 Mac- 
nab n 

Drever Thomas, carpenter, 351 
John n 

Drever ^Thomas, laborer, 308 
Macnab n 

Drew Alfred F, carpenter, Herki- 

Drew Charles, tinsmith, 30 Na- 

Drew Mrs Lydia (wid Thomas) 
30 Napier 

DriscoU John, laborer, 46 Robin- 

Drope Henry T, printer, 129 

Drope Mrs Jane, 74 Napier 

Drummond George, accountant 
Bank of Montreal, 48 Hunter w 

Dryden James, laborer, bds 9 
Hess n 

DrydenWm, teamster, 355 John n 

Dryland Albert E, lithographer, 
15 Mill 

Dryland Mrs Margaret (wid 
John) 15 Mill 

Drysdale Alex, agent Chicago & 
Alton Railway, 181 Main e 

Drysdale Mrs Sarah, 182 Napier 

Dublin Joshua, whitewasher, 28 



Duclos Charles, laborer, 12 Sim- 
coe (E 

Duff Charles (J Duff & Son) 142 

Duff John (J Duff & Son) 142 

Duff John & Son, grocers (J 
Duff, Charles Duff) 144 York 

Duff Mrs, 22 Mulberry 

Duff W A H, barrister, Vic- 
toria Chambers, 31 James s, h 
mountain top See card 

Duffield Alfred, plasterer, 176 

Duffield Mrs Jane (wid Samuel) 
bds 92 Bay s 

Duffield Mrs Mary A (wid AVil- 
liam) 141 York 

Duffield W S, bookkeeper, 141 

Duffy Mrs Bridget (wid Thomas) 
128 York 

Duffy Edward, 12 Locke n 

Duffy Mrs E, fancy goods, 53 
Macnab n 

Duffy Fred, clerk Dufferin house 

Duffy James, machinist, 87 West 

Duffy James, dyer, bds 23 Mur- 
ray w 

Duffy Mrs Jane (wid John) 83 

Duffy John, laborer, 187 Hugh- 
son n 

Duffy John, clerk, St Nicholas 

Duffy John, 38 East ave n 

Dufty John, gardener, Wentworth 

Duffy John, hatter, 68 Ray n 

Duffy Michael, moulder, 252 
Hughson n ' 

Duffy Patrick, 72 Locke n 

Duffy Patrick, blacksmith, 70 
Ray n 

Duffy Peter, Dufferin hotel, 55 
Macnab n 

Duffy Thomas, moulder, Greig 

Duffy Thomas, carpenter, 48 
Stuart e 

Dufton James, bricklayer, 138 
Barton e 

Dugal Alfred, shoemaker, 116 
Catharine n 

Duggan Arthur, brickmaker, 14 

Duggan Jas C, tailor, 26 Ferrie e 

Duggan James E, clerk, bds 125 

Duggan Mrs Margaret (wid John) 
64 Robert 

Duggan Mrs Margaret (wid John) 
laundress, 81 Hunter w 

Duggan Mrs Mary, Aikman's ave 

Duggan R J, barrister, Canada 
Life Building, i James s, h 
Wentworth, cor Stinson 

Duggan Thos A, clerk, 125 Mar- 

Dumfrie James, laborer, 38 Can- 
non w 

Dummer Harry F, fireman, 14 
Simcoe e 

Dummer Mrs Phoebe (wid Henry) 
182 Macnab n 

Dummer William, laborer, 182 
Macnab n 

Dun, Wiman & Co, mercan- 
tile agency, Geo J Williams, 
manager, Hamilton Provident 
Chambers, 3 Hughson s 

Dunbar Alex, moulder, bds 
Court House hotel 

Dunbar Charles, moulder, 75 
Hunter e 

Dunbar Charles E, moulder, 44 

Dunbar John, porter, 65 Can- 
non e 

Dunbar Michael, carpenter, 4 

Dunbar Patrick, carpenter, 3 

Duncan Mrs Alice (wid Charles) 
39 Charles 

Duncan Bros (Henry and Chas) 
wh teas and coffees, 71 King e 

Duncan Charles (Duncan Bros) 
h 16 Wilson 



Duncan David, machinist, Maple 
Duncan Edward, laborer i Dun- 

Duncan George, merchant, 155 

Main e 
Duncan Henry (Duncan Bros) h 

25 Wellington s 
Duncan Lithographing Co, 

R Duncan, prop, James cor 

Market sq 
Duncan Mrs Margaret (wid Alex) 

25 Jackson w 
.Duncan Robert (R Duncan & 

Co) h Charles cor Jackson 
Duncan Robert & Co, book- 
sellers and stationers, James 

cor Market sq 
Duncan Thomas, machinist, 62 

Hess n 
Duncan William, gardener, 147 

Dundin Wm, laborer, 43 Inch- 
bury n 
Dundun Mrs Day, 62 Maria 
Dundun John, 54 Robert 
Dunford Thomas, laborer. Maple 
Dunkerley John, driller,69 Queen 

Dunlop D ivid, saddler, 95^' 

Park n 

Edson Mrs A E, 151 James n 

Edwards Benjamin, confec- 
tioner, 100 and 102 King vv 

Edwards Charles, clerk, 136 Bar- 
ton e 

Dunn Alex, prop sr iMcnuiaj) 

hotel, 35 James n 

Dunn George J, laborer, 69 Pearl 

Dunn John, glassblower, bds 23 
Murray w 

Dunn John, laborer. Barton w nr 

Dunn John, traveler, 190 Hugh- 
son n 

Dunn John, laborer, 13 Wood w 

Dunn John (Russell & Dunn) 
190 Hughson n 

Dunn J S, tea and sugar broker, 
Ham Prov Chamber?, i Hugh- 
son s, h 1 1 West ave s 

Dunn Lawrence, laborer, 366 
James n 

Dunn Mrs Mary, 86 Macnab n 

Dunn Matthew, stonecutter, 58 
Hess n 

Dunn Stephen, foreman R 
Mackay, 394 James n 

Dunn Thomas, laborer, r 256 
Macnab n 

Dunn Wm G (W G Dunn & Co) 
merchant, h Queen s cor Main 

Dunn W G & Co, Canada coffee 
and spice mills, 57 Main w 

Dunnett A W, brakeman, 135 
Ferguson ave 

Dunnett EH clerk PO,io3 Elgin 

Dunnet George, moulder, 97 

Dunnett Henry, painter, 117 
Hughson n 

Dunsmoor Wm, porter, 149 Duke 

Dunstan Kenneth J, city agt 
Bell Telephone Co, i Hugh- 
son s, h 159 James s 

Dunstan R J, com traveler, 165 
James n 

Durand Alex, carpenter, 122 
Wellington n 

Durant Mrs Sarah (wid Daniel) 
54 Florence 

Durdan William, engineer, 270 
Bay n 

Durfey John A, laborer, 50 Em- 
erald n 

Durham Daniel, axemaker, Mill 

Durham Joseph, bds 44 Mulberry 

Durphey Dyer, carpenter, 38 
Bay n 

Durphey John," carpenter, 76 
Locke n 

Durrand Alex, carpenter 119 
Wellington n 

Durward John M, marbleized 
slate manr, 15 Vine 

Duston William, weaver, 38 Pic- 
ton e 



Duval H C, barber, 20 John s, h 
73 Jackson e 

Dwyer Mrs Harriet (wid Alex), 
4 Jackson e 

Dwyer James, undertaker, 124 

: James n 

Dwyer John, laborer, 22 O'Reilly 

Dwyer John, moulder, bds 105 
James n 

Dwyer Michael, shoemaker, 130 

Dwyer Michael, machinist, 98 

Dwyer Michael, moulder,4i John 

Dwyer Michael, 63 Hannah e 

Dwyer Patrick, undertaker, 63 
Hannah e 

Dwyer C E, traveler, 1 1 1 Victo- 
ria ave n 

Dyer E L, salesman, 214 King e 

Dyer Wm, laborer, 7 J Florence 

Dyer William J, bookkeeper, 62 

Dyke John, laborer, 7 Little Peel 

Dynes Alex, salesman, 49 Fer- 
guson ave 

Dynes J V, clothier, 64 King e 

Dynes Richard, moulder, 49 Fer- 
guson ave 

Eadie Miss Ann, 3 Wilson 

Eager Henry A, clerk P O, 80 
Jackson w 

Eager Henry T, salesman, 80 
Jackson w 

Eager Morley P, clerk, 80 Jack- 
son w 

Eager Mrs Sarah (wid Joseph B) 
25 Hunter w 

Eaglesham James, porter, 19 
Cannon w 

Eaglesham William, gardener, 
Wentworth n 

Eardley E, bookkeeper, bds 13 

Earl Wm, laborer, 57 Canada 

Earle Mrs M A (wid Charles) 45 

Earles Patrick, laborer, 44 Guise 

Early Edward, huckster, Argo . 

Early John, laborer, 38 Charles 

Easson John, broom maker, 73 

East Henry, bricklayer, Wilson e 

Easter Fred (Easter & Purrott) 
res mountain top 

Easter & Purrott, paper hangers, 
81 James s 

Easter Samuel, saloonkeeper, 23 
James n 

Easterbrook Elias, steward, City 
Hospital, Barton e 

Easterbrook Mrs Elias^ matron, 
City Hospital, Barton e 

Eastwood Frederick, laborer, bds 
II Picton w 

Eastwood John (John East- 
wood & Co) Main e Hamilton 

Eastwood John & Co, book- 
sellers and stationers, 16 King 

Ecclestone E A, foreman, On- 
tario Cotton Mills 

Ecclestone Eugene, grocer, 169 
Wellington n 

Ecclestone James, tailor, 80 Vic- 
toria ave n 

""manager, Hamilton Providenn 

Chambers, 3 Hughson s 
Dunbar Alex, moulder, bds 

Court House hotel 
Dunbar Charles, moulder, 75 
Hunter e 

Eckerson & Millman (J J 
Millman, proprietor) 76 King w 

Eckerson N G, photographer, 
124 King e, h 70 Stinson 

Economical Mutual Fire 
Insurance Co (Wm Strong, 
agent. Arcade, 33 James n 

Ede Mrs Louisa (wid Wm) bds 
37 Queen s 

Ede Wm, clerk, 127 Cannon w 

Ede William, clerk, 68 Catharine 

Eden John, laborer, 102 Hannah 



Edgar David, lumber merchant, 
8 Locomotive 

Edgar Francis, carpenter, 129 
Macnab n 

Edgar John, mail driver, bds 79 
Main e 

Edgar Robert, laborer, 8 Little 

Edgar Wm, lumber merchant, 43 
Victoria ave s 

Edgar William, carpenter, 63 
Park n 

Edgecombe Mrs (wid Orlonda) 
139 East ave n 

Edick Alonzo, laborer, 232 James 

Edick L A, foreman Ontario 
Cotton Mills Co 

Edison Electric Light Co, A J 
Lawson, manager Canada Life 
Building, i James s 

Edison Lamp Factory, C F Still- 
well, superintendent, 26 King 

Edmondson George, butcher, 157 
York, h 124 Napier 

Edmonstone John, conductor, G 
T R, 58. Napier 

Edmund E, bookkeper, 95 Bay s 

Edmunds John, hostler, 170 
Park n 

Edson Mrs A E, 151 James n 

Edwards Benjamin, confec- 
tioner, 100 and 102 King vv 

Edwards Charles, clerk, 136 Bar- 
ton e 

Edwards Charles P, boots and 
shoes, 104 King w and 24 
James n 

Edwards Miss Esther, milliner, 
122 James n 

Edwards John, hatter, 143 Wel- 
lington n 

Edwards Miss Mary, Murray e 

Edwards Robert, tinsmith, 18 

Edwards Thomas, laborer, 35 

tdwardsVincent, baker, 52 Pearl s 


Edwards W A, architect, 9 
James n, h 142 Hunter e 

Edwards W J, carpenter, 32 West 
ave n 

Edwards Mrs 250 Barton e 

Edworthy Frederick, butcher, 83 
Bay n 

Edworth y Lewis, pattern maker, 
13 Park s 

Egan Edward, machinist, 34 Lo- 

Egan James, com traveler, 171 

Egan S F, 39 Mulberry 

Egan Thomas, fitter, 120 Can- 
non w 

Egener Adolph, excise officer, in 

Egener Charles, machinist, 45 
Cannon e 

Egener Erederick, Wellington nr 

Egg Charles H, clerk G T R, 63 

Egg John, butcher. Barton e 

Eickoff Chas, cigarmaker, 4 Lit- 
tle Peel 

Eisenberg Isaac, tailor, 49 Cath- 
arine s 

Eland Henry, laborer, 113 Rob- 

Elden Alex, machinist, 19 Crooks 

Elder Francis, tailor, 81 Lower 

Elder Geo, clerk, 19 Crooks 

Elder William, shoemaker, 227 
Cannon e 

Elfving J, basket maker, 196 
East ave n 

Ellen Henry, bricklayer, bds 23 

Ellsworth Jacob F, grocer, Her- 
kimer cor Caroline, h 59 Cath- 
cart n 

Ellsworth James, carpenter, 59 
Lower Cathcart * 

Ellicott John M, com traveler, 17 
Walnut s 

Ellicott R, assessor, 17 Walnut s 



Elliott George, teamster, io6 

Elliott Henry, butcher, bds Kinge 
Elliott Henry E, cutter, Burling- 
ton s 
Elliott James, agent, i East ave s 
Elliott J, barber, 65 King w 
Elliott John, 90 Caroline n 
Elliott Robert, photographer, bds 

56 Gore 
Elliott R H, furniture, 1 7 y^ York 
Elliott Samuel, watchman, 92^ 

Victoria ave n 
Elliott Simon, watchman, 943^ 

Victoria ave n 
Elliott Thomas, engineer, 37 

Macauley w 
Elliott William,butcher, 106 Elgin 
Elliott Wm, moulder, 8 Bay s 
Elliott Mrs, ft Caroline n 
Ellis Mrs Caroline (wid James) 7 

Ellis D G, broker, 8, to Hugh- 
son s, h 64 Wellington s 
Ellis George, 263 York 
Ellis George D, salesman, bds 

263 York 
Ellis Henry E, salesman, 263 

Ellis John, laborer, Burlington n 
Ellis Thomas, laborer, 186 Jack- 
son w 
Elmslie Geo S, bookkeeper, 40 

Elrington H J, printer, 44 Hugh- 
son n 
Elrington William, laborer, 44 

Hughson n 
Elvin William, com traveler, 74 

Elwell John, moulder, 63 Ray s 
El well Thomas, laborer, 14 Rail- 
Elwell Joseph, laborer, 14 Rail- 
way • 
Elz Mrs Magdalene (wid Philip) 

106 Walnut s 
Emberson Alfred, coal oil dealer, 
r 192 King Wm 

Emberson Joseph, carter, 192 

King Wm 
Embling Joseph, laborer, 136 

Jackson w 
Emboden Charles, laborer, 75 

Emerald Street Methodist 

Church, Rev J H Collins, 

pastor, 41 Emerald n 
Emerson Wm, 63 Jackson e 
Emery John W, scalemaker, 5 

Emory C VanNorman,homoe- 

pathic physician, 18 Main w 
Empey C P, com traveler, bds 

St. Nicholas hotel 
England Frank, hairdresser, 45 

James n, h 19 Spring. 
England Richard, grocer, 63 

Stuart w 
England Robert, second hand 

dealer, 87 York * 
England Walter, barber, 138 

King Wm 
English John, carpenter, 137 

English Richard, nail cutter, bds 

23 Murray w 

Ennis Charles, piano tuner, 59 

Walnut s 
Ennis & Cook (James Ennis and 

Adam Cook) printers, 24 Main 

Ennis George, cabinet maker, 24 

Ennis James (Ennis & Cook) h 

206 King Wm 
Ennis James, laborer, 13 Bur- 
lington e 
Ennis Wm, shoemaker, bds 56 

Erie ave 
Enwright George,' moulder, bds 

24 Caroline n 

Enright Miss Maggie, dressmak- 
er, 174 Bay n 

Enright Maurice, laborer, 25 
S'mcoe w 

Enright P J, clerk G T R, "70 
Bay n 



Equity Chambers, 12, 14 

Hughson s 
Erdman Charles, milk pedler, 

153 Wellington 

Erly Thomas A, agent, 1 1 1 Park n 

Erskine Presbyterian 

Church, Rev Thomas Scou- 

lar, pastor, 71 Pearl n 

Erskine — , student, bds 105 

King w 
Erwood Joseph, teamster, 28 

South e 
Estress Miss Sarah, 67 John n 
Etherington Walter, carpenter, 

79 Canada 
Elthier Joseph H, hairdresser, 13 

Eustiice James, brakeman, bds 

103 King w 

Evans Mrs Ann, 103 W^est ave n 

Evangelical Lutheran 

Church, Gore cor Hughson 

Evans Charles, lamplighter, 65 

Evans & Co, merchant tailors, 

6 John n 
Evans Danford, com traveler, 84 

Hess n 
Evans Edward, boarding, 17 

Main w 
Evans Francis, blacksmith, 112 

Locke n 
Evans Jas, hostler, Court House 

Evans Jonn D (P Grant &: 

Son) 12 r Bay n 
Evans L, salesman, 137 Hnntere 
Evans M T, brewer, 64 Maria 
Evans O C, window shades, 113 

James n 
Evans Rees, printer, 28 Caroline 

Evans Robert (Robert Evans & 

Co) h 50 Charles 
Evans Robert & Co (Robert Ev- 
ans, Andrew Angus) seedsmen, 
Macnab cor York 
Evans Robert (Evans & Co) h 
37 James s 

Evans Mrs Sarah (wid Robert) 

139 Macnab n 
Evans Thomas, laborer, 100 Park 

Evans Thomas, varieties, 91 King 

Evans Wm, foreman Bell Tele- 
phone Co, 29 Park s 

Evans Wm, planing mill, 72 Car- 
oline n, h 34 Picton w 

Evans Wm B, gas meter maker, 
154 Bay n 

Evans Wm, bricklayer, George 

Evans Wm, marble ciltter, 17 
Sophia n 

Evel James (Semmens Bros) h 
100 Cannon w 

Everton Nathan, laborer, 175 

Ewing Mrs Jane R (wid Alex) 60 
Bay s 

Exley Thomas, printer, 171 Hun- 
ter w 

Eyres Levi, laborer, bds 230 Bay 

Eyatt John, teamster, 295 King w 

Fagan Mrs Eliza (wid Wm) 67 
Ray s 

Fagan Francis, rope maker, 134 
Ferrie e 

Fahey John, shoemaker, 47 Hess s 

Fahey Johnston, bartender, Rob 
Roy Hotel 

Fair — , laborer. Maple 

Fair Thomas, laborer, 187 Wel- 
lington n 

Fairbairn Mrs Sarah, grocer, 319 
James n 

Fairbank Henry, York, w of toll- 

Fairchild Theodore B, hotel, 
128 and 130 King w 

Fairchild's Hotel, T B Fair- 
child, proprietor, 1 28-1 30 King 

Fairclough D J, printer, 158 

Fairclough James, carpenter, 158 



Fairclough Wm E, musician, 158 

Fairgrieve Hugh, consulting 
engineer, bds 40 Market 

Fairgrieve J B, coal merchant 
and ship engineer, 59 James n, 
h 61 Macnab s 

Fairgrieve J C, clerk, 23 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Fairhurst Richard, wire weaver, 
138 Hunter w 

Fairley Joseph, carpenter, 210 

Fairley & Stewart, (Wm Fair- 
ley and James Stewart) plumb- 
ers and gasfitters, 18 John n 

Fairley Wm (Fairley & Stewart) 
h 210 Mary 

Fairweather W G, grocer, 2633^ 
Macnab n 

Falls James,switchman,24i Bay n 

Falconer James, carpenter, 85 
Hunter w 

Fallahee Thomas, laborer, 230 
Catharine n 

Fallahee James, laborer, 60 
Strachan e 

Fallahey James, gardener, 21 

Fallis William, watchman, 21 

Fanagh John, laborer, r 61 Jack- 
son e 

Fanning Michael, 70 Locke s 

Fanning Thomas, grocer, Robin- 
son, cor Locke 

Fardy Wm, printer, 30 Murray w 

Farish Frank, whipmaker, 38 

Farmer Arthur, pedler, bds 139 
King w 

Farmer Bros, photographers, 
8-10 King w 

Farmer ¥ N, hay and straw 
dealer, 56 Jackson e 

Farmer T D J, law student, bds 
178 Kingw 

Farmer James F, blacksmith, 125 
John s 

Farmer J H (Farmer Bros) 

h hd Queen's 
Farmer Thomas, photographer, 

27 Florence 
Farmer Thos, law student, 178 

King w 
Farmers' & Traders' Loan 

Association ^E Jarvis, man- 
ager, 36 King e 
Farmer William, F, watchniaker, 

56 York 
Farmer Mrs William, j8 Hunter e 
Farmer William, plumber and 

gasfitter, no James n 
Farmer William, photographer, 

35 King w, h 124 Victoria ave 

Farmer William, watchmaker, 87 

Farr E, plasterer, 45 Steven 
Farr Charles, nickle plater, bds 

173 East ave n 
Farr James, bricklayer, 80 Mary 
Farr John, carter, 165 Mary 
Farral Benjamin, lithographer, 

bds 23 Barton e 
Farrar David, policeman, 11 

Strachan e 
Farrar Wm, manager Oak 

Hall, 89 Mary 
Farrell Charles, salesman, 103 

Farrell James, laborer, 328 James 

Farrell Joseph, fireman, 76 Mary 
Farrell Thos, laborer, 64 Market 
Farrell Thomas, glassblower, 325 

James n 
Farrow E H, clerk, 89 Hess n 
Farrow Thos, carpenter, 89 Hess 

Farthing John, laborer, 100 Vic- 
toria ave s 
Faulkner J H, mason, 33 Queen 

Faulkner John B, bricklayer, 8 

Faulknor Geo, builder, 157 




Faulknor Joseph, brickmaker, 

Hunter w, near Garth, 157 

Faulknor Joseph, builder, 157 

Faulknor Robert J, bricklayer, 

57 Queen s 
Faulknor Thos, builder, 157 Na- 
Faulks Robert, carpenter, 190 

East ave n 
Faustman Charles, cooper, 45 

John n 
Faustman Ernest, cooper, 45 

John n 
Fawkes Mrs Elizabeth K (wid 

Wm) 79 King w 
Fearman Edward, plasterer, 172 

Fearman F C, pork dealer, 72 

East ave s 
Fearman F W, pork packer, 17 

Macnab n, h 58 Stinson 
Fearman R C, pork packer, 58 

Fearman W J, bookkeeper, 58 

Fearnside Edward, gardener, 302 

King William 
Fearnside John H, letter carrier, 

48 Main w 
Fearnside Thomas, 302 King 

Fearnside Wm, 302 King Wil- 

1U3 IVltllll w 

Fish R, spinner, 85 Simcoe e 

Fisher George, harnessmaker, 207 

King e 

Fisher George F, harnessmaker, 
r easel ueorge, gardener, 95 

Hunter w 
Feast Henry, car driver, 184 

James n 
Feast Mrs Mary (wid Alfred) I14 

Cannon w 
Feast Mrs Mary (wid Samuel) 73 

Main w 
Fyast Miss Sarah A, dressmaker, 

73 Main w 

Featherstone R, butcher, 227 
James n 

Feaver Miss Susan, hotel, 12, 13 
wood market sq 

Feaver Thomas, butcher, r iii 
West ave n 

Feaver W J, bartender, 1 9 Queen 

Federal Life Insurance Co, 
David Dexter, managing di- 
rector, James cor Vine 

Fee Thomas, hackman, 9 Mar- 

Feidenheimer Philip, baker, Ray s 

Fell Arthur, machinist, 104 Hun- 
ter w 

Fell Henry K, foreman, 13 Re- 

Fell James, teacher, bds 67 Hun- 
ter w 

Fell John, machinist, 47 Macau- 
ley w f 

Fell John H, laborer, 6 Spring 

Fell Mrs Martha (wid Joseph) 67 
Hunter w 

Fell William, engraver, 4 Mar- 
ket sq 

Fell Wm F, machinist, 46 Pearl s 

Fenton C J, dry goods, 83john s 

Fenton David, clerk, 77 Walnuts 

Fenwick Edward J, com traveler, 
bds 32 George 

Fenton James, bailiff, r 62 Han- 
nah e 

Fenton P J, policeman, 152 Wel- 
lington n 

Fenton Philip, grocer, 52 Young 

Fenton Philip, jr, clerk, h 62 

Fenton Mrs Mary (wid James) 
103 Rebecca 

Fenton Samuel, shipper, 15 So- 
phia n 

Ferguson Alex, messenger cus- 
toms, 33 Stuart e 

Ferguson H, chemist, 178 King w 

Ferguson J D, bookkeeper, 55 
King e 

Ferguson John, shoemaker, 56 
Erie ave 



Ferguson John M, dyer, Mary 
Ferguson Mrs Margaret (wid 

James) 92 Bay s 
Ferguson Richard, tailor, 43 Rob- 
Ferguson Robert, printer, 38 

Ferguson Thomas, , shoemaker, i 

Walnut s 
Ferguson Wm, teamster, 167 

Macnab n 
Ferguson Wm, cigar maker, 22 

Simcoe e 
Ferguson Wm, fitter, 123 Picton e 
Ferguson Wm, tailor, 7 Walnut s 
Fernihough Henry, packer, 127 

Macnab n 
Ferres & Co, hardware, 38 Jas n 
Ferres James, hardware, 78 Jas s 
Ferrie Campbell, accountant, 12 

Queen s 
Ferrie Mrs Emily (wid John) 12 

Queen s 
Ferrie Mrs Harriet (wid Robert) 

14 Ray s 
Ferrie Hughan, 12 Queen s 
Ferrie Robert, 1 2 Queen n 
Ferrie R B, clerk, 14 Ray s 
Ferris Peter, policeman, 55 Wel- 
lington s 
Fickle Augustus, packer, 60 Wood 

Fickley Gottlieb, shoemaker, 35 

Fickley Wm, moulder, 36 Canada 
Fiddler Samuel, sailor, 33 Tom 
Field Frank, 69 Victoria ave s 
Field John, crockery, 176, 174 

James n 
Field Mrs John, Main e 
Field Mrs Mary J (wid Richard) 

17 Caroline s 
Field Wm J, 9 Caroline s 
Fielding Chas W W, letter carrier. 

77 Kmg w 

.^ George, 

warper, 133 

Wood e 

Fielding James, laborer, 37 Rob- 

Fielding John, fireman, bds 25 

Murray e 
Fielding John S, draughtsman, 

77 King w 
Fielding Joseph, hatter, 77 King 
Fielding Joseph M, moulder, 77 

King w 
Fielding Wm M, com traveler, 

77 King w 
Fields Mrs Ellen, 59 Catharine n 
Fields Miss Hattie, 69 Victoria 

ave s 
Fields Charles H, barber, 234 

James n 
Filgiano Frederick, clerk G T R, 

115 Bay n 
Filgiano Henry E J, clerk, P O, 

195 Cannon e 
Filgiano T Le P, dentist, 4 James 

n, h 286 James n 
Filiatrault javide, tobacco roller, 

10 Upper Cathcart 
Filiatrault Poutien, foreman Tuck- 
et t's, 14 Napier 
Finagin Edward, painter, bds 

160^ Macnab n 
Finagin Frederick, clerk, 160 j4 

Macnab n 
Finagin John, merchant tailor, 

Copp's block, King e, h 160^ 

Macnab n 
Finagin Patrick, hack driver, 62 

Wellington n 
Finch Bros (Wm H & T S) 
•^aPi^^udjy..^?£ds,, 1,8 Kino jv,.h„^ ^ 

Farrell Thos, laborer, 64 Market 

Farrell Thomas, glassblower, 325 
j8 James n 

Farrow E H, clerk, 89 Hess n 

Macau ley e 
Finch W H, sr, foreman Copp's 

foundry, 225 Victoria ave ri 
Finchamp Wm, moulder, 10 

Locke s 
Findlay David, moulder, 338 

Hughson n 
Findlay G S, salesman, 23 Young 
Findlay H H, com traveler, 32 

East ave s 



Findlay James, slate roofer, 

Findlay James, shoeiiaker, 59 

Jackson e 
Findlay Patrick, laborer, bds 6 

Findlay W F, accountant and 

insurance agent, VVentworth 

chambers, 25 James s, h 132 

John s 
Findlay Mrs Wm, 66 Victoria 

ave n 
Finlayson Alex, salesman, 117 

Fmlayson George, salesman, 72 

Bay s 
Finlayson George, baker, 7 Hunt- 
er w 
Finlayson John, saddler, 134 

Cannon e 
Finn Thomas, laborer, 73 Bar- 
ton e 
Finton Samuel, laborer, 105 

Fire Insurance Association, 

J T Routh, agent, 16 James s 
First Methodist Church, Rev 

A Langford, M A, pastor. King 

cor Wellington 
Firth James, blacksmith, 172 Em- 
• erald n 
Fisett Miss M B, milliner, 47 

Macnab n 
Fischer Harris, button hole manf, 

103 Main w 
Fish R, spinner, 85 Simcoe e 
Fisher George, harnessmaker, 207 

Fisher George F, harnessmaker, 

26 Blythe 
Fisher Horace, machinist, 71 

Fisher James, stovemounter, 57 

Fisher Jas, laborer, bds 50 Flor- 
Fisher Mrs Julia (wid James) 1 1 
- Bold 
Fisher Mrs, Main e 

Fisher Mrs Mary (wid Fred) 

Fisher Robt, painter, 50 Florence 
Fisher Samuel, laborer, 28 Chis- 
Fitch Wm, boilermaker, bds Vic- 
toria hotel 
Fitt Henry, cabinet maker, 10 

Fitzgerald Duncan, sheriffs bailiff, 

Court house 
Fitzgerald Mrs Ellen (wid John) 

105 Walnut s 
Fitzgerald Francis, barrister, 

10 King w, bds 29 Bay n see card 
Fitzgerald George, laborer, 190 

Hunter w 
Fitzgerald James, laborer, 179 

Bay n 
Fitzgerald Lawrence, boilermaker, 

317 Macnab n 
FitzgeKald Miss Mary, 37 James s 
Fitzgerald Mrs, 215 Cannon e 
Fitzgerald Patrick, 72 Tisdale 
Fitzgerald Robt, clerk P O, bds 

29 Bay n 
Fitzgerald Thomas, laborer, 

Fitzgerald Wm, flour mills, Mar- 
ket, h 29 Bay n 
Fitzgerald Wm jun, clerk, 29 

Bay n 
Fitzgerald William J, finisher, 45 

Fitzgerald Mrs Julia (wid Patrick) 

19 Aurora 
Fitzmorris Robert, moulder, 42 

Fitzpatrick Mrs Catharine (wid 

Martin) 17 Napier 
Fitzpatrick John, clerk, 77 James 
Fitzpatrick John J, painter, 112 

Macnab n 
Fitzpatrick M & Co, i)ainters, 33 

Fitzpatrick Mrs Mary (wid Hugh) 

17 Pearl 
Fitzpatrick Peter, carpenter, 121 




.Fitzpatrick P E J, bookkeeper, 

77 James s 
Fitzsimmons Henry, coachman, 

Inglewood, James s 
Flack Mrs Lucy (wid Thos) 63 

Caroline s 
Flagley Mrs Geo, r 104 Macnabn 
Flahaven John, painter, 225 

Catharine n 
Flaherty Francis, laborer, 129 

Jackson \v 
Flaherty James, laborer, 115 

Flanagan — , stove polisher, bds 

60 Bay n 
Flanagan Michael, laborer, 22 

Little William 
Flanders C W, brakcman, 96 

East ave n 
Flanery Edward, moulder, 136 

West ave n 
Flanigan James, blacksmith, bds 

39 James s 
Flatt & Bradley, lumber mer- 
chants, cor Wellington and 

Flatt J I, (Flatt & Bradley) res 

Fleck Alexander, painter, 6 
. O'Reilly 

Fleck Geo, laborer, 64 Pearl s 
Fleming Burnett, laborer, 25 

Stuart e 
Fleming Hunter, stonecutter, bds 

56 Gore 
Fleming John, laborer, no Young 
Fleming John, grocer, Barton e, 

cor Emerald 
Flemming Mrs Susan (wid Wm) 

bds 123 Queen n 
Fletcher Mrs Catherine (wid 

Joseph) 112 Napier 
Fletcher Rev Donald H, 

pastor Macnab st Presbyterian 

ch, 58 Macnab s 
Fletcher Mrs Eliza, 303 Mac- 
nab n 
Fletcher George, moulder, bds 

189 York 

Fletcher George, bds 57 Wilson 
Fletcher Geo, moulder, bds 7^ 

Fletcher James, manf jeweler, 22 

Macnab s, h 65 Steven 
Fletcher John, fitter, 30 Simcoe 
fletcher Joseph, shoemaker, 53 

Ray n 
Fletcher Joseph, carpenter, 9 

Fletcher Mrs Mary Ann (wid 

Chas) Barton w 
Fletcher Peter, laborer. King w 
Fletcher Wm, laborer, New 
Flett George, tailor, 30 Catharine 

Flett Mrs Margaret A (wid 

James) 102 Market . 

Flight James, stonecutter, 82 | 

Emerald n 
Flitcroft David, teamster, 95 

Caroline n 
Flitcroft Wm, blacksmith, Hess s 
Flock Mrs Catharine (wid Wm) 

24 Magill 
Flockton John, fireman, 23 Sim- 
coe w 
Flood W, clerk, 60^ Tisdale 
Flooks William G, letter carrier, 

48 Wellington s 
Flowers Albert, moulder, bds 

Victoria hotel 
Flowers Henry, hostler, 49 Mac- 
nab n 
Fluke Hugh, salesman, bds 57 

Flynn Daniel, laborer, 336 

Hugh son n 
Flynn Daniel, stove mounter, 23 

Stuart e 
Flynn Edward, laborer, Greig 
Flynn James, laborer, 32 Magill 
Flynn Mrs Jane (wid James) 40 

Flynn John, baker, 1 1 2 Cannon w 
Flynn John, laborer, 53 Walrtut s 
Flynn Matthew, engineer, 260 

Flynn Michael, 50 Walnut s 



Flynn William, clerk P O, 128 

Fobert Peter, tinsmith, 49 Young 
Forster A C, tailor, 75 Merrick 
Fogvvell Mrs Mary (wid William) 

45 Cannon 
Fokt Louis, presser, bds 167 

Catharine n 
Foley Daniel, laborer, 114 Cher- 
Foley Maurice, moulder, 107 

Walnut s 
Foley Michael, car driver, bds 49 

Stuart w 
Foley John, cooper, 34 Aurora 
Foley Timothy, laborer, 119 Han- 
nah e 
Foote Charles C, superintendent 

Meriden Works, lo Victoria 

ave n * 

Foquet Mrs Mary Ann (wid 

Richard) 34 Charles 
Foquett Charles, laborer, 17 Bar- 
ton e 
Forbes A F, stock and share 

broker and insurance agent, 2 

Merrick See card 

Forbes Alex, hatter, bds Walker 

Forbes Alex, potash manf, 181 

W^ellington n 
Forbes David, laborer, 47 Little 

Forbes George, teamster, 3 Kelly 
Forbes George, fireman, 186 

King W^illiam 
Forbes John, cigar box manuf, 

78 Mary 
Forbes Robert, 80 Maria 
Ford Mrs Henrietta (wid Joseph) 

145 Main e 
Ford James, health inspector, 

269 John n 
Ford John, 79 Barton e 
Ford Joseph, clerk, bds 145 

Main e 
Ford Nehemiah, painter, bds 233 

Ford T Ajhair cutter,68^ James n 

Ford Thomas^ baker, 2»^ Bay n 
Ford Thomas, machinist, 75 Can- 
non w 
Ford Wm, salesman, 34 Canada 
Ford Wm, hair dresser, 117 

James n 
Ford — , whitewasher, 95 King e 
Foreman George, moulder, 49 

Foreman James, brakeman, 98 

Victoria ave n 
Foreman John, bookkeeper, 197 

Cannon e 
Foreman John, laborer, Dundurn 
Foreman Mrs Mary (wid Wm) 16 

Foreman Peter, shoemaker, 197 

Cannon e 
Foresters* Hall, 108 James n 
Forester James, laborer, 243 Bay 

Forrest Mrs Amanda (wid Wil- 
liam, 128 John s 
Forrest James, porter G T R, 

243 Bay n 
Forrest James, locksmith, 139 

John s 
Forster A M, brass founder, 173 

James n, h 91 Murray e 
Forster Clarence, wood turner, 

97 East ave n 
Forster John H, farmer, 44 Wel- 
lington s 
Forster Sydney, wood turner, 

Smith ave 
Forster Wm, wood turner, 128 

Emerald n 
Forster Wm C, artist, bds 42 

Jackson w 
Fortier Charles G, collector 

Inland revenue, i Vine, h 237 

King w 
Fortier Wilson, com traveler, 237 

King w 
Forsyth Wm, tinsmith, 29 Mur 

ray e 
Fossett Mrs, t68 Hughsonn 
Foster Arthur H, clerk, bds 7 

Caroline n 



Foster C H, merchant, 79 East 
ave s 

Foster Chas, food inspector, 38 

Foster C P, photographer, bds 
Franklin House 

Foster Mrs Elizabeth (wid Ed- 
ware) 127 Picton e 

Foster Mrs Ellen (wid James) 
72}^ Elgin 

Foster Frederick G, florist, 53 

Foster George, fireman, bds 72}^ 

Foster George, glassblower, bds 
43 Macauley w 

Foster Henry, mechanic, bds 169 
King e 

Foster James, cutter, 7 Caroline n 

Foster James G, plater, 6 Wel- 
lington n 

Foster J F, plumber, 61 Strachan 

Foster John, fishmonger, 100 
James n 

Foster Joseph, engine driver G 
T R, 118 Locke n 

Foster Leonard, potter. Main w 

Foster Martin, laborer, 8 Mill 

Foster Matthew J, carpenter, 1 1 1 
Walnut s 

Foster O H, clerk, 7 Caroline n 

Foster Thomas, foreman clock 
works, 138 Wellington n 

Foster T K, merchant tailor, 
62 James n, h 32 Queen n 

Foster Wm, moulder, 85 Cherry 

Foster W W, manager Young 
Bros, 43 Lower Cathcart 

Fotheringham John, wood work- 
er, 38 Wilson 

Foulis Wm, packer, 152 Duke 

Foulkes Thomas J, barber, 91 

Fox Andrew, millwright, 36 Lo- 

Fox Mrs Ann, 26 West ave s 

Fox, Caleb, laborer, bds 19 Flor- 

Fox Mrs Eleanor (wid George) 18 

Ray n 
Fox George, purser, bds 26 West 

ave s 
Fox James, tinsmith, 149 Main e 
Fox John, 19 Florence 
Fox John S, cabinet maker, 81 

West ave n 
Foxton John, carpenter, bds 9 

Park s 
Foxton John, laborer, 9 Ontario 
Fowel Mrs Isabel, 35 Burlington 
Fowkes Thomas, dry goods, 1 1 

King Wm 
Fowler Benj, laborer, 8 Ontario 
Fowler Henry, shoemaker, 142 

King Wm 
Fowler John, tailor. King e 
Fowler Walter, moulder, 180 Vic- 
toria ^ve n 
Fowler Wm, foreman H S R R, 

225 Hughson n 
Fowles Thomas, teamster, 326 

Macnab n 
Foyster Fred, tobacco roller, 39 

Frainor Frank, gardener, Main e 
Francis Wm, pedler, 30 Young 
Franey Thos, blacksmith, Duke 
Frank Emil, letter carrier P O 
Frank George E, carpenter, 306 

Macnab n 
Franklin House (Cook & 

Mitchell, props) King cor Park 
Franklin Richard, machinist, 114 

Wood e 
Franklin Thomas, 8 Erie ave 
Franks Charles, glue manf, 329 

Catharine n 
Franks C B, engineer G T R, 

Franks James, painter, 137 East 

ave n 
Franks James G, bookkeeper, 45 

Catharine n 
Franks & O'Neil, painters, 114 

King Wm 
Franz Henry, presser, bds 167 

Catharine n 



Franz Henry C, tailor, h 167 
Catharine n 

Fraser Abner, bookkeeper, 80 

Fraser Alex, salesman, 145 Hugh- 
son n 

Fraser Alexander (Fraser & John- 
ston) Burlington s 

Fraser Mrs Ann (wid John) 81 
Hunter e 

Fraser Donald, tailor, 9 Little 

Fraser George, 24 Strachan w 

Fraser James, moulder, 75 Duke 

Fraser & Johnston (A Fraser, F 
Johnston) wholesale saddlery, 
( 18 John n 

Fraser Louis, shipper, 145 Hugh- 
son n 

Fraser Robert S, cutter, 81 Hun- 
ter e 

Fraser Peter, spring bed manf, r 
63 King Wm 

Fraser Thomas, laborer, bds 59 

Fraser Thomas, butcher, 69 Na- 

Fraser Wm (Fraser & Inches) h 
2 T I King Wm 

Fraser William G, laborer, 36 
Jackson e 

Fraser & Inches, grocers, 18 John 

Frazer John A, machinist, 211 
King Wm 

Frawley Michael, laborer, Jones 

Frawley Thomas, laborer, Jones 

P>azer Thos, butcher, 67 Napier 

Frazer William, grocer, 211 King 

Free Henry, engineer, 302 Hugh- 
son n 

Freeborn Edward, bds 42 Wilson 

Freeborn George, laborer, 370 
Catharine n 

Freeborn John, laborer, Clark 

Freeborn Joseph, lal)orer, 40 
Barton w 

Freeborn Thomas, laborer, Clark 

Freeborn Thomas, shoemaker, 
22 Napier 

Freed Augustus T, editor 
Spectator^ 14 Hannah w 

Freed James, gardener, Aikman 

Freed John B, traveler, 24 South e 

Freel Thomas, laborer, 126 Fer- 
ric e 

Freeman Elijah, land and insu- 
rance age nt, 7 Caroline s 

Freeman Mrs Grace (wid Chas) 
96 Bay s 

Freeman Moss, laborer, 30 Gore 

Freeman P W, wood dealer, i 
Ferguson ave, h 13 Grove 

Freeman Mrs S B, Maplehurst, 
161 James s 

Freeman Steven, laborer, 53 

Freeman W H, wood and coal 
and builders' supplies, 169 
James n, h 80 Elgin 

Freeth John jr, teamster, 99 
Catharine n 

Freeth John sr, 99 Catharine n 

French George, gardener, 23 

French George S, bookbinder, 23 

Frenton I E, tailor, bds 150 
Wellington n 

Fretman Joseph, glassblower, 311 
Macnab n 

Frew Arch, agent C PR, 31 
King e 

Frewing Fred, plasterer, 288 

Fricker Walter, stove driller, 137 
West ave n 

Frid Geo, brickmaker, 221 Main 

Frid Mrs Sarah (wid Wm)2 Rob- 

Friday Geo, laborer, 40 Sheaffe 

Frier Wm, dry goods, 61 Catha- 
rine n 



Froelich Nicholas, bricklayer, 77 

Frost W S O, clerk Bank of Brit- 
ish North America, bds 54 
Hunter w 
Froud John, coachman, 88 Hugh- 
son n 
Fudge Geo, engineer, 308 King w 
Froud Wm, bds 126 Queen n 
Fuere Richard, laborer, r 256 

Macnab n 
Fuerd Thos, laborer, 14 Guise 
Fullen Frank, laborer, 227 King e 
Fuller Albert A, 54 Hunter w 
Fuller Andrew,heater,73 Stuart w 
Fuller, Edward, lamplighter, 173 

Wood e 
Fuller Henry, tailor, r 74 Emer- 
ald n 
Fuller Henry H, barrister, 98 Bay 


Fuller John, gardener, Mam e 

Fuller, Nesbitt & Bicknell (V E 

Fuller, J VV Nesbitt, James 

Bicknell) barristers, 20 James s 

P'uller Richard, contractor, 73 

Emerald s 
Fuller Samuel B, policeman, 120 

Fuller Mrs Thos B, 75 Jackson w 
Fuller V E (Fuller, Nesbitt & 

Bicknell) h 34 Queen s 
Fulton Thos, laborer, r 79 Pearl n 
Fulton William, laborer, 103 York 
Furey Thos, nailcutter,89 Ferrie e 
Furlong Edward, barrister, 1 1 
Main e, h 46 Duke see card 
Furlong Moses, hack driver, 295 

Macnab n 
Furlong Thos, laborer, 286 Hugh- 
son n 
Furmidge Peter, butcher, 180 

James n 
Furmidge Samuel, moulder, 180 

James n 
Furmidge Thos, carriage builder, 

180 James n 
Furneaux Edwin, carpenter, 21 
Emerald n 

Furniss Edmund (Furniss & Son) 
51 York 

Furniss & Son (Edmund it Spen- 
cer) marble cutters, 49 York 

Furniss Spencer (Furniss & Son) 
51 York 

FurnissWm, marble cutter, 9 Tom 

Furnivall Thos G, tailor, 25 
Pearl n 

Fursdon Charles, moulder, 94 

Fursdon Thomas, laborer, 109 
Simcoe e 

Gadsby Francis E, shoemaker, 

37 Markland 

Gadsby James, bookbinder, 37 

Gage Andrew, butcher, 37 Queen 

Gage A W (A W Gage & Co) h 

38 East ave s 

Gage A W & Co, wh jewelers,. 5 7 

King e 
Gage Mrs Catharine, 2^ Chis- 

Gage George, boots and shoes, 

58 King e 
Gage & Jelfs, barristers, 55 

John s 
Gage R R (Gage&Jelfs) Main e 
Gage Samuel, laborer, 18 Crooks 
Gage Mrs, bds 122 Market 
Gagnier Mrs Oliver, hotel, 390 

James n 
Gahagan Henry, laborer, 40 

Gahagen John, machinist, 33 

Gahagen M C, whip maker, 33 

Gahagen Michael, shoemaker, 33 

Gain Mrs Annie (wid John) 62 

Gair Matthew, piano finisher, 114 

Caroline s 
Gainy Mrs, 19 Steven 
Galbreaith David B, customs 

officer, 116 Main e 



Galbreaith Newton D, grocer, 
104 King e, h 17 Main e 

Gale Mrs Mary Ann (wid Ed- 
ward) 77 Cherry 

Gales Richard, barber, bds 63 

Galicio Wm, bds 85 Hughson 

Gallaghan John, carpenter, 281 
John n 

Gallagher Charles F, com trav- 
eler, 74 Mary 

Gallagher George, boiler maker, 
37 Inchbury n 

Gallagher James, watchman, J 13 
Walnut s 

Gallagher Michael, shoenaker, 
74 Lower Cathcart 

Gallagher R E, principal and 
proprietor Canada business col- 
lege, Arcade,3i James n, h 120 

Gallagher Robert, tailor, 1 24 John s 

Gallivan Daniel, tanner, 137 
Main e 

Gallivan Dennis, laborer, 33 

Gallivan Michael, laborer 33 

Galtrey John, laborer, 33 Stuart e 

Galvin John, machinist, 282^ 
King e 

Galvm Patrick, porter, 282^ 
King e 

Gant Jesse, barber, 282 James n 

Gardener Alex, carter, Caroline s 

Gardener Mrs Eeuphcmia (wid 
Andrew) Maple 

Gardiner John, letter carrier, 290 
King William 

Gardiner Herbert F, editor 
Times ^ 4 Bold 

Gardner D W, salesman, 290 
King William 

Gardner George, conductor, 192 
John n 

Gardner James, bookkeeper, bds 
42 Vine 

Gardner J P, shoe cutter, 17 

Gardner, Wm, scale maker, Bold 

Gardner Wm, musician, 365 
James n 

Garland James, painter, 291^ 
Park n 

Garland Louis (Garland & Ruth- 
erford) h 14 Park s 

Garland &: Rutherford (Louis 
Garland, Andrew Rutherford) 
druggists, 6 King e 

Garner Geo, 18 Hunter e 

Garner James, finisher, 178 Jack- 
son w 

Garner Mrs Mary, dressmaker, 
T II John s 

Garner Wm, fruit dealer, 168 
King w 

Garratt James, timber inspector, 
22 James s, bds Allison House 

Garrett James, moulder, 22 Dev- 

Garrett John & Co, boot and 
shoe dealers and n^anufactur- 
ers, 55-57 King w 

Garrett Thomas, moulder, 138 
Macauley e 

Garrick Mrs Ann (wid David) 146 
King w 

Garrick David J, novelty empor- 
ium, 146 King w 

Garriock James, mason, 189 

Garriock Mrs James, confectioner, 
189 King e 

Garrison John, engine driver, 114 
Cannon e 

Garriety Samuel, porter, customs, 
58 Ray n 

Garrow 'Thomas, 60 Ray n 

Garty John, 18 Hannah w 

Girson James, engineer, John s 

Garson James, carpenter, 126 
John s 

Garson David, brushmaker, 70 
Main w 

Gartland James, laborer, 23 Rail- 

Garton William, shoemaker, Her- 



Gartshore Alex, iron founder, 
Stuart w, h 43 Charles 

Garvey Mrs Mary (wid Michael) 
48^ Augusta 

Garvin William, machinist, 5 Lit- 
tle William 

Gaskell Mrs Isabella, 256 Barton 

Gaskin James, engine turner, 

Gaston Thomas G, wire weaver, 
16 Inchbury s 

Gas Works Office, 91 Parkn 

Gataman Henry, moulder, bds 
32 John n 

Gatenby William, tailor, 128 Bay s 

Gates A R, accountant, 121 Bay 

Gates Frederick W, presi- 
dent Hamilton Gas Co, 7 Her- 

Gates F W jr, injector and rail- 
road velocipede manuf, 22 
James s, h 148 Bay s 

Gates George E, clerk, 7 Herki- 

Gates H E, clerk, 7 Herkimer 

Gates Joseph, detective, 30 Elgin 

Gauld Rev John, Presbyterian, 
64 Duke 

Gauld John J, law student, 64 

Gausby John D (Mackelcan, 
Gibson & Gausby) h 23 Main w 

Gavey James, scale maker, 149 
Jackson w 

Gavey James, laborer, 204 Cath- 
arine n 

Gaviller Alex, 21 Herkimer 

Gaviller Edwin A, M D, 8 
Park s 

Gavin Mrs Margaret (wid Pat- 
rick) 40 Mulberry 

Gay Mrs Catharine (wid James) 
bds 40 Pearl n 

Gay James, bookkeeper, 66, 
Hughson s 

Gay James P, clerk G T R, 40 
Pearl n 

Gay John B, bookseller and sta- 
tioner, 78 King e, h 98 Can- 
non w 

Gay Mrs Walter, 98 Cannon w 

Gayfer Harry, manager A 
Murray & Co, 79 Wellington s 

Geary John, gardener, 58 Young 

Geary Michael, gardener, King e 

Gebhard Jacob, shoemaker, 76 

Geddes James, car checker, 67 
Ferrie e 

Geddes J G, general ticket agent, 
205 Main e 

Geddes Mrs Mary, 290 John n 

Gee Arthur, tailor, t8 Mary 

Gee James, fitter, Greig 

Gee John, laborer, 64 Steven 

Gee Philip, laborer, 104 West ave 

Geiger Albert, baker, 218 King w 

Geiger E A, sec Hamilton Com- 
mercial College, 216 King w 

Geiger Henry H, hotel, 216 King 

Geiger Wm, flour and feed, 220 
King w 

Geiser Frank, brewer, bds 63 

Geiss Ennis, machinist, bds 98 
Bay n 

Geiss Henry, wood turner, 4 Elgin 

Geiss Wm, machinist, 98, 100 
Bay n 

Geiss Wm, woodturner, 4 Elgin 

Geldart Geo H, picture frames, 
131 King w, h 42 Barton w 

Geldart Wm, brassfinisher, 42 
Barton w 

Gell Wm, second hand dealer, 17 
King Wm 

Gelson Robert, ass sec Y M C A, 
bds 16 Wellington n 

Germania Hall, Jobert Jahn 
lessee, 33 John s 

Germania Hotel, Robert Jahn 
prop, 22 John s 

Generou Anthony, shoecutter, 37 
King w 



Gentle John, 20 Margaret 

George Mrs Eliza (wid Wm) 

George Richard, shoemaker, 55 
Emerald n 

George Robert, tailor, 102 Johns 

George Mrs Robert, fancy goods, 
102 John s 

Georgian Bay Transporta- 
tion Co, VV J Grant, agent, 
33 James n 

Gernflau George VV, miller, bds 
287 York 

Gerrie John W, chemist and 
druggist, 30 James n, h 5 Car- 
oline s 

Gerrie VVm, moulder, 253 Cath- 
arine n 

Gerry Elbridge, hatter, 159 West 
ave n 

Ghent Frederick, clerk, bds 89 
Main e 

Ghent S H, clerk county court, 
deputy clerk of the crown, 
court house, h 89 Main e 

Gibb Albert, paper box manf, 
120, 122 King Wm 

Gibbons James, gardener, 90 

Gibbs Mrs Elizabeth (wid Rev 
Samuel Y) 56 Jackson w 

Gibson David R, mason. 64 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Gibson Hamilton, printer, 23 

Gibson John, carpenter, Garth 

Gibson J G, conductor, 5 Fer- 
guson ave 

Gibson J M, M A, L L B, 
M P P (Mackelcan, Gibson & 
Gausby) h 102 Main w 

Gidley Mrs Sarah (wid John) 23 
Ferguson ave 

Gilchrist Mrs Agnes (wid James) 
86 Market 

Gilchrist James, carpenter, 72 El- 

Gilbert Alfred, machinist, 32 Wil- 

Gilbert David, laborer, 166 Hugh- 
son n 

Gilbert Ed, laborer, 27 Markland 

Gilbert E S, laborer, 88 Florence 

Gilbert Mrs Harriet (wid Ros- 
well) 87^ Jackson w 

Gilbert H J, clerk, 31 Gore 

Gilbert John T, machinist, 56 
Pearl s 

Gilbert Thomas,bds 27 Markland 

Gilbert Thomas, laborer, bds 103 

Gildon Henry, grocer, 51 Wel- 
lington n 

Gill Matthew, boiler maker, 102 
Ferrie e 

Gill Robert, boiler maker, 247 
John n 

Gill Mrs (wid Joseph) 232 King 

Gillam Henry, laborer, 367 Hugh- 
son n 

Gilland Wm, moulder. Garth 

Gillard Henry H, i34Hughsonn 

Gillard John (W H Gillard & 
Co) h 26 George 

Gilliard Mrs Maria (wid Henry) 
12 Liberty 

Gillard W H (W H Gillard & 
Co) h Concession 

Gillard W H & Co, wh grocers, 

5 Hughson s 

Gillesby William, grain and wool 

merchant, 6 John s, h Went- 

worth s 
Gillesby William F, clerk, bds 

Wentworth s 
Gillespie Alex, clerk, 9 Emerald s 
Gillespie Mrs Ann (wid Thc/mas) 

139 York 
Gillespie David, second hand 

dealer, 160 York, h 6 Greig 
Gillespie George H (Gillespie 

6 Powis) h 9 Emerald s 
Gillespie Hugh, grocer, 263 Mac- 
nab n 

Gillespie Hugh, 31 Ferrie w 
Gillespie John, machinist, 195 
Hughson n 



Gillespie John, clerk, bds 9 Em- 

.^ erald s 

Gillespie & Powis (George H 

Gillespie, Alfred Powis) insu- 
rance agents, tea and coffee 

brokers, 3 1 King e. See adv^ 

page 2 
Gillespie Samuel, contractor, 247 

King William 
Gillespie William, whipmaker, 27 
, Mary 

Gillespie William, pattern maker, 
, 8 Simcoe e 

Gillett Edward, cashier, Welling- 
ton cor Stinson 
Gillies Alex, com traveler, 40 

Gillies Mrs Catharine (wid Geo) 

66 Charles 
Gillies David (Buntin, Gillies 

& Co) h 66 Charles 
Gillis Edward, clerk, bds 33 Wel- 
^ lington s 
Gillies George, printer, bds 71 

Gillies H N, com traveler, bds 

temperance dining rooms 
Gillies William (W Gillies ^ Co) 

159 York 
Gillies William, steward house of 

refuge, 71 Vine 
Gillies W & Co, grocers, 159 

Gilligan Joseph, glassblower, 64 

Wood e 
Gilmer Oliver, clerk, 22 Hess 

Gilmore John, cabinet maker, 90 

Hunter w 
Gilmore John, organ builder, 88 

Gilmore Mrs Louisiana (wid Dan) 

123 Park n 
Gilmore Mrs Sarah (wid Robert) 

141- Main e 
Gilmore Thos H, cabinet maker, 

54 Queen s 
Gilmore Wm, auctioneer, bds 

90 Hunter w 

Gilmore Wm, shoemaker, 92 
Rebecca, h Wellington n 

Gilmore Wm, butcher, 140 Main 

Gilmore Wm, shoemaker, 65 
Wellington n 

Gilmore Wm J (Johnston & Gil- 
more) 90 Hunter w 

Gimblett Robert, shoemaker, 107 
Jackson e 

Girls' Home, Mrs Scott, 
matron, 77 George 

Girouard Mrs Margaret (wid 
Candid) Barton w 

Girouard Wm, laborer. Barton w 

Gitchell D W, 73 East ave s 

Givin Wm, accountant, 35 Rob- 
ert e 

Glackin Thomas, cutter, 155 
John n 

Glasgow Major John, 65 Vine 

Glasgow & London Insur- 
surance Co, Wm Strong, 
agent, Arcade, 33 James n 

Glass Galbreith, shoemaker, bds 
63 Wellington n 

Glass George, shoemaker,6 Evans 

Glass James, shoemaker, 136 
Hunter w 

Glass Mrs Sarah (wid George) 
164 Rebecca 

Glass Thomas, moulder, 87 Elgin 

Glass W^allace, moulder, 40 Wel- 
lington n 

Glassco A W, com traveler, 120 
Hughson s 

Glassco Charles merchant, 102 
Hughson s 

Glassco Frank, clerk, 102 Hugh- 
son s 

Glassco G T (W H Glassco & 
Sons) h Park cor Robinson 

Glassco H W (W H Glassco & 
Sons) h 109 Bay s 

Glassco John T (Macpher- 
son, Glassco & Co) Macnab 
cor Markland 

Glassco W H (W H Glassco & 
Sons) h 102 Hughson s 



Glassco W H & Sons, wholesale 

hatters, 1 1 King e 
Glassford John, fireman, ii8 

Cannon e 
Glassy Edward, miller, bds 156 

Glazier Edward, porter. Bank of 

Gleason Dennis, agent, 80 Mar- 
Gleason Miss Mary, dressmaker, 

202 James n, h 45 Murray 
Glebe Henry, tailor, Wilson 
Gleeson Mrs Mary (wid John) 

bds 83 Pesrl n 
Gleeson Mrs Mary, 189 Bay n 
Gleeson Michael, boiler maker, 

26 Inchbury n 
Gleeson Patrick, carpenter, 83 

Pearl n 
Gleeson Wm, laborer, 139 Ferrie 

Glendon Wm, bookkeeper, 81 

Catharine s 
Glenn Richard, carter, 129 Wood 

e • 

Glenn Mrs Robert, 29 Stuart e 
Glennie ; W^m, com traveler, 54 

Victoria ave s 
Globe Newspaper, J H Mat- 

tice correspondent and agent, 

70 James n 
Glover Alexander, dairyman, 

King e 
Glover Daniel, bricklayer, 84 

Queen s 
Goddard Andrew, engineer, 60 

Hughson n 
Goddard Mrs P'/mma, 119 Hess n 
Goddard John, laborer, 33 Crooks 
Goddard Nathaniel, fish dealer, 

204 King w 
Godfrey William, baggageman, 

133 Rebecca 
Godard William W, com traveler, 

107 Market 
Goering George, hotel, 1 7 John s 
Goermg Henry, hotel, 61-63 York 
Goering Mrs J W, 54 West ave 

Goering Wm (Reid, Goering 
& Co) h West ave cor Stinson 

Goff Edward, traveler, 254 Bar- 
ton e 

Golden Miss Mary, 22 Wilson 

Goldsmith Rev Thomas 
pastor St John's Church, 19 
West ave s 

Gold F M, clerk, G T R, 62 

Gold J A, piano maker, Aik- 
man's ave 

Gompf John, brewer, 360 
John n 

Gompf William, teamster. Brew- 
ery Lane, John n 

Gonell T S, excise officer, bds 
American hotel 

Good John, clerk, bdsi 13 Main w 

Good Martin, cabinetmaker, 153 

Goodale James, laborer, 82 Bold 

Gooddall George, laborer, 7 
Wood Market Square 

Goodfellow John, painter, 116 

Goodfellow Walter, pattern fitter, 
179 Cannon e 

Goodfellow Wm, stovemounter, 
181 Cannon e 

Goodman Abe, carpenter, Went- 
worth n 

Goodman Frank, stove mounter, 
84 Caroline n 

Goold Henry J, Maple Leaf 
hotel, 13 Market Square 

Goold Roland, printer, bds Ma- 
ple Leaf hotel 

Goodram Wm, harness maker, 1 2 
Little Market 

Goodwin Alfred J, porter, 5 

Goodwin Richardson A, porter 
G T R, bds Temperance hotel, 
Stuart e 

Goodwin W D, mouWSPpCl^it 

Goodwin Wright M, telegraph in- 
spector G T R, 41 Jackson w 



Goodwin Wm, watchmaker 
and jeweler, 77 John s 

Goodyer Wm, maltster, 103 Mul- 

Gordon Edwin, butcher, James 
St, res mountain top 

Gordon James, clerk P O 

Gordon J S, clerk Bank of Ham- 

Gordon Peter, moulder, 20 Mul- 

Gordon Robert, clerk, 227 Mary 

Gordon Robert, carpenter, .72 
Wellington s 

Gordon Robert, clerk, 221 Mary 

Gordon Thomas, shipper, 87 
Locke n 

Gordon Walter, moulder, i Little 

Gordon Wm, cooper, 82 Re- 
becca, h 32 Catharine n 

Gordon W J F, builders' supplies 
and coal, 108 James n, h 32 
Catharine n 

Gore John, letter carrier, 122 
Cannon w 

Gore Coffee Tavern, 1 1 Hugh- 
son n and Alexandra Arcade, 
31 James n 

Gore St Methodist Church, 
Rev James Vanwyck, pastor, 
John cor Gore 

Goring Charles, carpenter, 141 

' Wellington n 

Goj"man Hugh, porter G T R, 
76 Hannan w 

Gorman John, laborer, 244 Mary 

Gorman John, teamster, 339 John 

Gorman Mrs Mary (wid Patrick) 
121 Hunter e 

Gorman Peter, blacksmith, 162 
King w, h 164 Market 

Gorman Philip, moulder, bds 129 

Gormley Joseph, glassblower, 282 
John n 

Gorvin John, sewing machines, 
99 James n 

Gosnay Jaj, filesmith,i39 Main e 
Gottorft F, marble cutter, 118 

Gough Fred, foreman, 164 Fer- 
guson ave 
Gould D H, shoemaker, 162 

James n 
Gould Jacob, joiner, 11 Grove 
Gould James, foreman Hurd & 

Roberts 41^ Pearl n 
Goulding Arthur, caretaker Hess 

St school, 83 Hess n 
Goulier Trifler, tobacco roller, 

bds 95 York 
Gourlay Miss Helena, 156 Napier 
Govier Mrs (wid James) 16 West 

ave n 
Gow James N, salesman, 98 

James s 
Gow Mrs Whilelmina (wid Wm) 

134 Hunter e 
Gowanlock Robert, engine driver 

G T R, 90 Locke n 
Gowland Wm, propr Court 

House hotel, 55 and 57 Johns 
Graban John, laborer, bds 119 

Gracie Charles H, laborer, 108 

Grace James, woodworker, 217 

Barton e 
Grace Mrs Mary (wid Lawrence) 

203 Mary 
Grace Pierce, melter, 156 Bay n 
Grace Thomas, wood dealer, 258 

Hughson n 
Graham Alexander, grocer, 292 

John n 
Graham C W,salesman, 39 George 
Graham D, fireman, 59 Victoria 

ave n 
Graham Daniel, carpenter, 64 

Graham David, laborer, bds 11 

Strachan e 
Graham David, gents' furnish- 
ings, 3 James n, h 53 Hunter w 
Graham Donald, fireman, 127 

Cannon e 



Graham Duncan, laborer, 66 
Emerald n 

Graham Mrs Ellen (vvid Robert) 
44 Burlington w 

Graham George, tailor, loi Hess 

Graham Henry, bartender Amer- 
ican hotel 

Graham James, shoemaker, 123 
East ave n 

Graham John, grocer, 317 Bar- 
ton e 

Graham John, cigar maker, Wilr 
son e of Wentworth 

Graham John, 13 Little William 

Graham John H, clerk, bds 26 
East ave n 

Graham Misses, hairworkers, 42 
James n 

Graham Richard, dyer, Herki- 
mer cor Queen 

Graham Robert, laborer, bds 173 
Macnab n 

Graham Wm, grocer, 107 Can- 
non w 

Graham Wm, barber, bds 178 
James n 

Graham Wm, teller Bank of 
British North America, Bur- 

<^ranci Trunk, City Passen- 
ger Agency, Chas E. Mor- 
gan, agent, 1 1 James n 

Grand Trunk Station, Stuart 

Granger Harry, agent, 71 Caro- 
line n 

Granger J C, pedler, Ashley 

Grant Mrs Annie (vvid Thomas) 
7 Hunter w 

Grant A R, water inspector, 47 

Grant Mrs Augusta, 284 Bay n 

Grant Col C C, 151 John s 

Grant Mrs David, 25 Simcoe e 

Grant John, moulder, bds 41 
John n 

Grant Mrs John, no, 112 Jack- 
son e 

Grant P & Sons (James M 
Lottridge, John H Cummer, 
Wm L Cummer) brewers. Bay 
cor Mulberry 

Grant Mrs Peter, King cor Went- 

Grant P H, salesman. King cor 

Grant R C, agent, 276 King e 

Grant S W, bookkeeper, 284 Bay 

Grant William, printer, 288 John n 

Grant W J, city ticket agt N & 
N W, M C and C P R R's, Ar- 
cade, 33 James n, h 13 West 
ave s 

Grant Mrs George, 25 Simcoe e 

Gray Mrs Elizabeth (wid Daniel) 
T04 Macnab n 

Gray Henry, locker customs, 37 
Strachan w 

Gray Mrs Janet (wid James) 9 
Hess n 

Gray John, laborer, 134 Picton e 

Gray John, laborer, 57 Stuart e 

Gray Patrick, laborer, 23 Loco- 

Graj^.^ichard, 64 Emerald n 

Gray Robert, laborer, 288 Hugh- 
son n 

Gray Robert, conductor G T R, 
105 Bay n 

Gray Wm, mason, 19 Sheaffe 

Grey W J, com traveler, 143 
Catharine n 

Grey Wm, foreman G T R, 134 
Cannon w 

Grayson George, spring maker, 
26 Caroline n 

Gray — , salesman, bds 34 Bay n 

Grayson Waller, clerk, bds 78 

Greasley — , gardener, 92 East 
ave n 

Great North-Western Tele- 
graph Co, George Black, 
manager, 18 James s 

Green Mrs A (wid Richard) 66 
East ave s 



Green Edward, laborer, bds 78 

Green Edwin, furniture, 86 King 

w, h 124 York 
Green Fred A, (Storm & Green) 

31 Elgin 
Green George, butcher, 78 Bold 
Green George, laborer. Oak 
Green George, laborer, 123 

Hess n 
Green Harry, merchant, 63 Hugh- 
son s 
Green Horace, millwright, 1^2 

Robert e 
Green James, laborer, 174 Vic- 
toria ave n 
Green Joseph, bookkeeper, 66 

East ave s 
Green Mrs John, 145 Main w 
Green Mrs Richard, 289 James n 
Green Richard, trader, 30 Guise 
Green R H (John McPherson & 

Co) h 89 Hughson s 
Green Thomas A, mariner, 168 

Ferguson ave 
Greene T J C, barrister, 31 

James s ^,* 

Green William, laborer, 108 

Strachan e 
Greenaway James T, sailor, bds 

170 Ferguson ave 
Greenaway Job, foreman vinegar 

works, Wilson e of Wentworth 
Greenaway Mrs Susan (wid 

Thomas) 170 Ferguson ave 
Greenaway Thomas, moulder, 66 

Hughson n 
Greenhill Mrs Isabella (wid 

David) bds 50 Hunter w 
Greenhill Walter W, saddler, 92 

Queen s 
Greening B & Co, wire mills, 

41-3 Queen n 
Greening John, agent, 73 Vine 
Greenfield Joseph, bailiff, 77 Elgin 
Greening Samuel 0,(B Green- 
ing Si Co) h 63 Queen n 
Greening T B (T B Greening & 

Co) h 17 Hess s 

Greening T B & Co, teas and 

coffees, 23 King w 
Greening Thomas, moulder, 89 

Hughson n 
Greenless Malcolm, tinsmith, bds 

9 Park s 
Greenles James, moulder 35 

Stuart e 
Greenley James, carpenter, 66 

Pearl n 
Greenway Francis J, ornamenter, 

54 Pearl n 
Greenway Henry, laborer, 105 

Hess n 
Greenwood James R, hatter, 161 

East ave n 
Greer D Geo, real estate agent, 

20 James s, h 13 Duke 
Greer Mrs John H, teacher, 9 

Murray w 
Gregg Jeremiah, laborer, 191 

Gregg Miss Mary, 13 East ave n 
Gregory S E, commission mer- 
chant, 55 Catharine s 
Greig Geo, gardener, Burling- 
ton n 
Greig Henry G, 149 John s 
Greig John, stationer, 2 York, h 

119 Queen n 
Greig John jr, salesman, 119 

Queen n 
Grey Andrew, checker G T R, 

86 Caroline n 
Grey Henry, customs officer, 37 

Strachan w 
Grey Robert, laborer, bds 350 

James n 
Grey Mrs S F (wid James) 7 

Cannon w 
Greig W, machinist, bds Victoria 

Gribbon Thomas, carpenter, 157 

Macnab n 
Griffin Andrew,letter carrier, P O 
Griffin Dennis, machinist, bds 

198 James n 
Griffin Mrs Harriet (wid Absalom) 

bds 7 Caroline s 



Griffin Henry, 38 Jackson e 
Griffin H S, M D, 15 Walnut s 
Griffin Mrs Julia (vvid Michael) 

48 Jackson e 
Griffin Justus A, (Griffin & 

Kidner) h 106 Barton e 
Griffin & Kidner, (Justus A 

Griffin, Frank Kidner) printers, 

47 King Wm 

Griffin Miss Maggie, dressmaker, 

48 Jackson e 

Griffin Michael, machinist, bds 
161 Catharine n 

Griffin Patrick, laborer, 1 2 i Can- 
non w 

Griffin Mrs Thos, 28 West av e n 

Griffin William, mariner, 55 Bur- 
lington w 

Griffin Mrs, 34 Wilson 

Griffiths Edwin, laborer, 104 
Queen n 

Griffith Mrs Elizabeth, 228 Hugh- 
son n 

Griffith Robert, com traveler, 143 
John s 

Griffith Samuel, porter, 59 Emer- 
ald n 

Griffith Mrs Margaret (wid Evan) 
1 2 Upper Cathcart 

Gi-lffith Wm (Wm Griffith & Co) 
139 James s 

Griffith W & Co (W Griffith, 
Henry Griffith and John Len- 
nox) wh boots and shoes, 53 
King w 

Griffith — , eng'neer, bds 208 
Macnab n 

Griffiths Thos, laborer. Tiffany 

Griffiths Tunis B, ticket agent G 
T R, 6 Ray s 

Grigg Alfred, clerk. Concession 

Grigg Mrs Janet (wid Edwin) 24 
Catharine s 

Griggs Chris S, policeman, 37 

Grill Lawrence, laborer, foot 
Caroline n 

Grimes Miss Bridget, dressmaker, 
73 Merrick 

Grimes Joseph, laborer, Conces- 

Griner W B, glassblower, 42 
Macauley w 

Gross James, carpenter, 221 Bar- 
ton e 

Grossman Augustus, music 
dealer, 24 West ave s 

Grossman Julius, music deal- 
er, 22 West ave s 

Grossman P, music dealer, 49 
James n, h 168 Main e 

Grotz Adam, nailer, 66 Locomo- 

Grover G A, supt American 
Express Co, 18 James s 

Grover Joseph, gardener, bds i 
Wood Market Square 

Groves James, blacksmith, 138 
West ave n 

Groves John, laborer, bds 17 
Barton e 

Groves John, brakeman, 19 
Lower Cathcart 

Groves Samuel, blacksmith, 37 
York, h 125 East ave n 

Grundy C J,gardener,5 Clark ave 

Guarantee Company of 
North America, Seneca 
Jones agent, 59 James n 

Guardian Fire and Life As- 
surance Co of London, 
(En.2;) Gillespie & Powis, ag% 
31 Kinge 

Guenther George F, tailor, bds 
31 Bay n 

Guerin Michael, laborer, 128 
Queen n 

Guerin R C, clerk G T R, 257 
Macnab s 

Gugel Wm, shoemaker, 122 Re- 

GuiUet Nap, tobacco roller, 87 
King w 

Gully Joshua, Woodbine hotel, 
28 Merrick 

Gully J T, grocer, Wentworth n 

Gully Thomas G, soda water 
manf, 41 Sheaffe 




Gully W S, hotel, 39 Mary 

Gundy F, traveler, bds 62 Can- 
Cannon e 

Gunn Donald, painter, 143 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Gunn Edmund, bookkeeper, 70 
Bay s 

Gunn R L, accountant, clerk 
Ninth Division Court, Court 
House, h 28 Hannah e 

Gunner Wm, tea dealer, 71 
Catharine n 

Gurner Henry, bricklayer, 1^0 
Jackson e 

Gurney Charles (E & C Gur- 
ney & Co) h John s 

Gurney E & C Co (Limited) 
(Charles Gurney, John H Til- 
den, E Gurney jr) stove manu- 
factures, 36-42 John n 

Gurney Mrs E, hd John s 

Gurney & Ware, scale manfs, 
cor James and Colborne 

Guthrie Thomas, poulterer, 125 

Guttridge Joseph, boarding, 304 
James n 

Guy Hugh, brewer, 10 Guise 

Guyette Joseph, porter,65 Cherry 

Gwyder Richard, whitewasher, 
84 Macnab n 

Haas Gottlieb, nurseryman, 104 
Catharine s 

Hacker George G, manager W 
J Waugh, 30 George 

Hackett John, polisher, 95 Hun- 
ter e 

Hackett Michael, polisher, bds 
95 Hunter e 

Hadley Mrs L, 256 Hughson n 

Hafner John, glassblower, 270 
James n 

Hahnau John, bricklayer, 80 

Haigh Richard, bookbinder 
and paper boxes, 60 King w, 
h 3 Canada 

Haight H B, yard master N & N 
W R, 45 Ferguson ave 

Haines Alfred, potter, 25 Mar- 
Haines Mrs Harriet (wid Amos) 

173 Napier 
Haines James B, conductor, 126 

West ave n 
Haines Mrs Sarah (wid John) 179 

Haines Thomas P, machinist, 58 

Wilson, h 23 Wellington 
Halcrow James, gauger customs, 

235 James n 
Halcrow Wm, mason, 235 James 

Hale Henry, laborer, 251 Macnab 

Halford Hardy J, barber, 55 

John s, h 90 John n 
Hall David, blacksmith, 3 Locke 

Hall Edward, hatter, 91 Locke n 
Hall Mrs Edward, music teacher, 

91 Locke h 
Hall Mrs Harriet, 178 Napier 
Hall Henry, teamster, 231 Main 

Hall Herbert, fireman, 93 Mur- 
ray e 
Hall James, moulder, 5 t John n 
Hall John, locomotive foreman 

G T R, 176 Bay n 
Hall John, cabinet maker, 178 

Hall John, laborer, 78 Main w 
Hall John, pattern maker, 167 

John n 
Hall John, 40 Wilson 
Hall John T (McCallum & 

Hall)h 178 Napier 
Hall Mrs, 69 Hannah w 
Hall Mrs Margaret (wid James) 

231 Main w 
Hall Mrs Mary, 181 King e 
Hall Robert, inspector Landed 

Banking & Loan Co, e s 

Wentworth nr Main 
Hall Robt jr, burnisher, Went- 
worth s 
Hall Thos, fitter, 13 Inchbury n 



Hall Thomas, 93 Locke n 

Hall Thomas, engine driver, 89 

Hall Wm, wood turner, Beulah 
Hall Wm, dairyman, 39 Wood e 
Hall Wm G, traveler, 21 West 

ave n 
Hall — , moulder, bds 55 York 
Hallett Fred, bds 46 Magill 
Hailiday Christopher, laborer, 

134 Macnab n 
Hailiday Frank B, com. traveler, 

109 Catharine s 
Hailiday John, laborer, 82 Wal- 
nut s 
Hailiday Wm (Reid & Hailiday) 

131)4 Main e 
Hallisy Wm, policeman, 117 

Jackson e 
Halloran J E, livery, 68 John n 
Halloran James W, grocer, 48 

Halloran Timothy, laborer. Brock 

Halm Rev M S (Roman Cath- 
olic) 25 Sheaffe 
Halson Mrs Robert, 39 Robert 
Halter Joseph, butcher, 21 Little 

Ham Thomas (Ham & Wil- 
son) 64 Lower Cathcart 
Ham & Wilson (T Ham, J 
Wilson) stoves and tinware, 33 
Hamburgh Frank, weaver, 223 

Catharine n 
Hamburgh William, carpenter, 

254 James n 
Hameti Gerty, laborer, bds 104 

Hamill John, laborer, 138 Locke 

Hamill Henry, gardener,69 Duke 
Hamill Henry, gardener, Wilson 
Hamilton Mrs A E, 37 Rebecca 
Hamilton, Alex, clerk, 64 Fer- 
guson ave 
Hamilton A & Co, druggists. 
King cor James 

Hamilton Alex (A Hamilton & 

Co) h 104 Main w 
Hamilton Alex, jr, bookkeeper, 

104 Main w 

Hamilton Andrew, ledger keeper ^ 

Ham Prov & Loan society, 41 

Bay s 
Hamilton Mrs Ann (wid Francis) 

134 Locke n 
Hamilton Branch Bible So- 
ciety Depository, Donald 

McLellan, 28 King w 
Hamilton Bridge and Tool 

Co, C Teiper, manager, foot 

Caroline n 
Hamilton Charles, foreman Thos 

Mcllwraith, foot Macnab 
Hamilton Cigar Co, Reid, 

Goering & Co, proprietors, 

102 King e 
Hamilton Club, J B Young, 

sec, 2 Main e 
Hamilton Commercial Col- 
lege, M L Rattray, principal, 

James s cor King w 
Hamilton Cotton Co, J M . 

Young, manager, 184, 204 

Hamilton and Dundas Express 

Office, P E Webber, manager, 

Hamilton and Dundas St 

Railway, A A Anderson, 

manager, 16 Main e 
Hamilton Ebenezer, clerk, 104 

Main w 
Hamilton Mrs Emily (wid Jos) 

105 James s 

Hamilton Mrs Frances (wid John) 
32 Breadalbane 

Hamilton Gaslight Co, Thos 
Littlehales, engineer and man- 
ager, 91 Park n 

Hamilton Glass Works, 306 
Hughson n 

Hamilton George, stonecutter, 30 

Hamilton George E, com trav- 
eler, 10 1 King w 




Hamilton Gun Works, J 

Holman, proprietor, 79 James 

Hamilton Homestead Loan and 

Savmgs Society, I A Studdart, 

sec, court house 
Hamilton Hopkin, moulder, 71 

Hamilton House Building 

Co, R L Gunn, sec. Court 

Hamilton Industrial Works 

Co, J no Kinleyside, manager, 

Bay n cor Murray 
Hamilton Iron Forging Co, foot 

Queen n 
Hamilton James, druggist, 104 

Main w 
Hamilton James, laborer, Jones 
Hamilton James, tobacco presser, 

140 Jackson w 
Hamilton James, agent The 

Shedden Co, 9 King w, h 64 

Ferguson ave 
Hamilton James H, , carpenter, 

81 East ave n 
Hamilton John H, clerk, 10 1 

King w 
Hamilton John J, clerk G T R, 

64 Robinson 
Hamilton John M, porter, 51 

Stuart w 
Hamilton Laundry, Miss Annie 

Callaghan, propr, 36 Merrick 
Hamilton Michael, laborer, 17 

Burlington w 
Hamilton Mrs Martin, 69 Wal- 
nut s 
Hamilton and Northwest- 
ern Railway, Maitland Young 

sec, 1 15 Main e 
Hamilton Orphan Asylum, 

115 Wellington s 
Hamilton Packing House, 

Thomas Lawiy, propr, 14, 16 

Macnab s 
Hamilton Pottery, Robert 

Campbell, propr, 46, 48 Locke 

Hamilton Powder Co, James 
Watson, resident director, 69 
James n 

Hamilton Provident and 
Loan Society, H D Cam- 
eron, treas. King cor Hughson 

Hamilton Protective Col- 
lecting Association, F R 
Ghent, sec, room 9, court house 

Hamilton Robert, 258 Bay n 

Hamilton Robert, stonecutter, 
bds 56 Gore 

Hamilton Robert J, 10 1 King w 

Hamilton Straw Works, John 
McArthur, propr, Ferguson 
ave n 

Hamilton Street Railway, 41 
Stuart w 

Hamilton Universal Labor Agen- 
cy, J B Dayfoot, 182 King e 

Hamilton Vinegar Works 
Co (limited) B E Charlton, 
pres, Wm Marshall, sec-treas 
and manager, 5, 7 Wellington 
n and 85, 87 James s 

Hamilton ^X/'hip Co (limited) 
W J Lavery, pres, T D Mur- 
phy, vice-pres, sec-treas and 
manager, 81 Mary 

Hamilton William, carpenter, 81 

Hamilton Mrs, 4 O'Reilly 

Hammel Samuel, bds Dominion 

Hammill Charles, teamster, bds 
94 Hunter e 

Hammill Henry, teamster, 94 
Hunter e 

Hammill S R, teamster, 94 Hun- 
ter e 

Hammon Mrs Matilda (wid Hen- 
ry) boarding, 51 Park n 

Hammond Mrs B, 43 Stuart e 

Hammond D N, carpenter, 50 
West ave n 

Hammond James, grocer, 209 
John n 

Hammond John, laborer, 57 



Hammond R, whitewasher, 51 

Hammond Samuel R, coachman, 

75 Jackson w 
Hammond Wm F, shoemaker, 

46 Young 
Hampson Charles, hatter, bds 

130 Cannon e 
Hampson James, pattern fitter, 

126^ Emerald n 
Hampson John, shoemaker, 161 

King William 
Hampson John E, com traveler, 

7 1 Victoria ave n 
Hampson Mrs Mary (wid James) 

2 1 Lower Cathcart 
Hampton Harry J, machinist, 56 

Hughson s 
Hancock Edward, carpenter, r 

241 Bay n 
Hancock James, whipmaker, 61 

Hancock John, bricklayer, 24 

Wellington n 
Hancock Joseph, 22 Hannah e 
Hancock Oliver, tobacconist, no 

King w 
Hancock Samuel R, laborer, 107 

Hancock Wm, builder, 27 Loco- 
Hand & Co, firework manf (Prof 

W Hand, pres, H P Breay, sec) 

20 Head 
Hand Michael, moulder, bds 32 

John n 
Hand William, firework manf, 20 

Haney Mrs J H, confectioner, 

149 York 
Hanlan Mrs Margaret (wid 

Edward) 25 Macauley e 
Hanley Martin, blacksmith, 37 

Hannah e 
Hanley Patrick, bricklayer, 34 

Simcoe e 
Hanley Mrs Rosanna,294 John n 
Hanley Timothy, laborer, 188 

Robert e 

Hanley William, laborer, 275 
John n 

Hanley William, blacksmith, 32 
Bay s 

Hanlon Mrs Ann M (wid Dan- 
iel) 81 Hunter w 

Hanlon Patrick, grocer, Market 
cor Hess 

Hann J W, printer, 56 Barton e 

Hanna Mrs Sarah, nurse, 17 

Hannaford Alfred (Hanna- 
ford Bros) 100 Robinson 

Hannaford Bros (R Hanna- 
ford, A Hannaford) ornamen- 
tal plasterers, 76 Merrick See 
adi\ page J 

Hannaford Robert (Hanna- 
ford Bros) 76 Merrick 

Hannah Alexander, bricklayer, 
57 York 

Hannah Elijah, laborer, 51 Can- 

Hannah James, contractor, 125 
James n 

Hannah James, shoemaker, 151 
John n 

Hannah Street Methodist 
Church, Rev A C Crewes, 
pastor, Hannah nr Queen 

Hannah Wm, 20 Stuart e 

Hannam A W, clerk, bds 54 
Hunter w 

Hannon Emerson, 62 John n 

Hannon John, laborer, 272 

Hannon Mrs John, 231 Hughson 

Hanning Mrs Robert, 15 Murray 

Hapbush John, 47 Caroline s 

Harbin Mrs Alice (wid Edward) 
193 John n 

Harcourt James, clerk. Bank of 
Commerce, bds 45 Charles 

Hardiker George A, clerk G T 
R, 35 Bold 

Hardikin Peter, laborer, bds 215 
James n 




Hardiman James, baker, 79 Hun- 
ter w 

Hardiman Thomas, confectioner, 
84 Market 

Harding Henry, steam plumb- 
ing and gas fitting, 119 James 
cor Cannon 

Hardman Mrs Alice (wid John) 
10 Tiffany 

Hardstaff Mrs Annie, 161 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Hardy David, moulder, 24 Sim- 
coe e 

Hardy Edward, laborer, 13 Pic- 
ton w 

Hardy W R, sewing machines, 
154 Mary 

Hargrove & Sons (Joseph, W 
L and Henry) sewing machines 
and Domestic paper patterns, 
118 King e, h 105 Emerald n 

Harlow Thomas, grocer, 69 

Harman James, laborer 
Jackson w 

Harney M J, manager Ontario 
Sewing Machine Co, 44 Vic- 
toria ave s 

Harney — , porter, 44 King e 

Harold John, glassblower, 348 
James n 

Harper A, butcher, 14 John s, h 
Main e 

Harper Arthur J, plater, bds 116 

Harper Mrs Elizabeth (wid Rich- 
ard) 16 O'Reilly 

Harper George, laborer, 3 Flor- 

Harper Geo, printer, 20^ Ray n 

Harper James, mail clerk G T R, 
156 Market 

Harper John, gardener, bds Argo 

Harper Miss M, teacher, Main 
cor Burlington 

Harper Richard, stove polisher, 
113 Caroline s 

Harper Robert, florist, 18-20 
Wellington n 

Harper Robert, carpenter, 66 

Harper Thomas, gardener, Bur- 
lington s 
Harper Thomas J, plater, bds 116 

Harper William, printer, 128 

Harper Wm, 70^^ Lower Cath- 

Harper Wm, fireman, 156 Mar- 
Harper William, shoemaker, 113 

King William 
Harper William, laborer, 210 

John n 
Harrigan John, glassblower, 297 

James n 
Harris Benjamin, watchmaker, 

drill sheds, James n 
Harris Duncan, clerk, 29 Hess n 
Harris Edward, boarding, 140 

Bay n 
Harris Elliott, tobacco roller, 60 

Bay n 
Harris Fred J, clerk, bds 55 Park 

Harris George, com traveler, 2 1 5 

King e 
Harris George, 22 Strachan w 
Harris Miss Henrietta, 53 Mary 
Harris James, policeman, 39 Lo- 
Harris James, engine driver G T 

R, 47 Magill 
Harris James, machinist, 20 

Strachan w 
Harris J M, clerk, 1 1 Cannon w 
Harris John, laborer, 250 Jas n 
Harris John, whitewasher, 69 

John n 
Harris John M, bookkeeper, 11 

Cannon w 
Harris Joseph, teamster, 250 

James n 
Harris Mrs Maggie E (wid Thos 

B) 40 Jackson w 
Harris Mrs, bds 97 Hunter e 
Harris R B, clerk, 1 1 Cannon w 



Harris Mrs Susan (vvid Alfred J) 

92 Bold 
Harris Thomas, stonecutter, 33 

Strachan e 
Harris William, messenger, 6 

Harris William, laborer, 250 Jas n 
Harris Mrs Wm, 139^2 John s 
Harris Wm, baker, 14 Market sq, 

h 55 Park n 
Harris Wm, laborer, 182 King 

Harris Wm H, painter, 36 Can- 
non w 
Harris Wm J, carter, 3 Inchbury s 
Harris Wm J, clerk, bds 55 Park 

Harris W J, manager Wm Harris, 

14 Market sq 
Harris W J, caretaker drill shed, 

144 James n 
Harrison Mrs Amelia (vvid Frank) 

dressmaker, 94 Hunter w 
Harrison Mrs Anna (wid Henry) 

84 Rebecca 
Harrison Bros (F T and Jas) 

druggists, 36 James n and 274 

James n 
Harrison Charles W, teacher, 133 

John n 
Harrison Edward, hackman, 44 

Locke s 
Harrison F T (Harrison Bros) 

bds 133 John n 
Harrison Geo, machinist, Garth 
Harrison George P, manager 

Mason & Risch, 56 Wellington 

Harrison Henry, butcher, 51 

James s 
Harrison James, hackman, 40 

Pearl s 
Harrison James (Harrison 

Bros) bds 133 John n 
Harrison J G, clerk, 37 Steven 
Harrison John, plasterer, 107 

Harrison John (Osier, Teetzel 

& Harrison) h 78 Bay s 

Harrison John, screwcutter. Pine 
Harrison John, plumber, bds 270 

King e 
Harrison Misses L & E, milliners, 

178 King e 
Harrison Luke, gymnast, 115 

Hunter e 
Harrison W H C, herbalist, 71 

Harrison W S, painter, 2 70 King e 
Llarron Andrew, cab driver, 205 

James n 
Harron Wm, laborer, 205 James n 
Hart Emery Wheel Co (lim- 
ited) Samuel Briggs, manager, 

19 Hunter w 
Hart Machine Co, Samuel C 

Rogers, manager, 19 Hunter w 
Harte Patrick, bookkeeper, 248 

Hughson n 
Hart Robert, hatter, 169 Mary 
Harte R R, clerk, bds 7 Bold 
Hart Solomon, teamster, 87 King 

Harter Joseph, moulder, 206 

Cannon e 
Hartford Fire Insurance Co, 

George McKeand, agent, 57 

James n 
Hartley Joseph T, laborer, 21 

Hartley Mrs Sarah (wid John) 

fancy goods, 131 James n 
Hartnett Daniel, laborer, 215 

Bay n 
Hartnet Mrs Elizabeth (wid John) 

148 King Wm 
Harvey Allan, laborer, 127 Na- 
Harvey Alex (Alex Harvey & 

Co) h 226 King w 
Harvey Alex & Co, wholesale 

grocers, 2 1 King e 
Harvey Alex, jr, clerk, 226 King 

Harvey Miss Annie, 43 Jackson e 
Harvey A T, clerk, 34 Bay s 
Har\ey Mrs Ellen (wid James) 

nurse, Murray e 



Harvey F L, journalist, bds 158 

King Wm 
Harvey G A, bds 59 John n 
Harvey Henry, plumber, 44 

Harvey Horace, carpenter, 64 

Wellington n 
Harvey James, laborer, 250 Jas n 
Harvey James A, Excelsior 

Printing House, 26 Merrick, h 

25^ Spring See advt 

Harvey James S, clerk, bds 226 

King w 
Harvey John (John Harvey & 

Co) h Robinson cor Macnab 
Harvey John & Co, wool mer- 
chants, 69 James n, warehouse 

8, 10 Rebecca 
Harvey Joseph, hotel, 350 Jas n 
Harvey J S, clerk, 226 King w 
Harvey Mrs Margaret (wid Wm) 

34 Bay s 
Harvey & Morgan, auctioneers, 

13 Arcade 
Harvey Samuel, auctioneer, 7 

Harvey Wm, stonecutter, Aik- 

man's ave 
Harvey Wm, com traveler, Her- 
Harvey Wm C (Orr, Harvey & 

Co) h 7 Main w 
Harvey Wm R, com traveler, 17 

Barton w 
Haskins G M, clerk, 226 King e 
Haskins Wm, city engineer, 

226 King e 
Haskins Raymond L, manager 

Barton wine co, 226 King e 
Haskin Robt, tobacco roller, 7 

Park s 
Haskins Robt, carpenter, 55 York 
Haslem Charles, car driver, 266 

James n 
Haslett Thomas C, (Haslett 

& Washington) h 27 Hannah w 
Haslett & Washington (T 

C Haslett, S F Washington) 

barristers, 20 James s see card 

Hass Henry, hatter, bds 169 

King e 
Hastie Samuel, 41 East ave n 
Hastings James, trunkmaker, 45 

West ave n 
Hastings James R, bookkeeper, 

bds I Main w 
Hastings Philip, carpenter, 84 

Hastings Wm, cabinet maker, 

171 King Wm 
Hatchard Wm, cabinet maker, 13 

Hatt — , laborer, 183 Main w 
Hatt Mrs Oliver, 164 James n 
Hattersley Mi.^s Isabella, 109 

Main e 
Hatton Wm, laborer, 107 Car- 
oline n 
Hatts Mrs Sarah (wid John) r 13 

Barton w 
Ha«:zfeld L E, bookkeeper, 78 

Hughson s 
Havens James, ornamenter, 5 

Cannon e 
Havens Wm, painter, 3 2 Walnut s 
Havers James, glassblower, 328 

Macnab n 
Havercroft William, messenger, 

Federal bank, King cor James 
Haw Lawrence (Ajpgstrong & 

Haw)' 80 King w '^^^^ V v v , 
Hawkes Edward, colfector, i54/4 

John n 
Hawkes Walter, machinist, part 

22 Inchbury n 
Hawkins David - (G D Hawkins 

& Co) 6 Bay s 
Hawkins George D (G D Haw- 
kins & Co) h 4 Bay s 
Hawkins G D & Co (Geo D and 

David Hawkins) shirt manfs, 2 

Hawkins Henry, plasterer, 10 

Hawkins James, turnkey, h Bar- 
ton e 
Hawkins R J, carpenter, 283 

Kmg William 



Hawkins Thomas, i8 O'Reilly 

Hawkins William, policeman, 3 
Wentworth n 

Hawkins Wm, laborer, 11 Inch- 
bury n 

Hawthorn Hugh, spoke maker, 
no Strachan e 

Hawthorn Mrs Rebecca (wid 
Robert) no Strachan e 

Hawthorfi Robert, finisher. Mill 

Hay Alex,' carpenter, 32 Canada 

Hay Andrew, carpenter, 240 Jas 

Haydon James, tinsmith, York 

Hayes Alexander, grocer, 44 Vic- 
toria a've n 

Hayes John, 145 John n 

Hayes John, machinist, 167 

Hayes John, scalemaker, 297 
John n 

Hayes Matthew, hackman, 13 
Sophia s 

Hayes Michael, laborer, 13 So- 
phia s 

Hayes Patrick, laborer, 1 1 2 Maria 

Hayes Thomas, stonemason, 

Hayes Thomas, shoemaker, 303 
John n 

Hazet H J, butcher, 237 King e 

Hayhoe Cornelius, fruiterer, 
204, 208 King e 

Hay garth Jacob, machinist, 102 
Emerald n 

Haygarth John, machinist, 102 
Emerald n 

Haygarth Thomas, machinist, 4 

Haygarth W F, carpenter, 102 
Emerald n 

Haynes George, bookkeeper, 16 
Murray e 

Haynes Price, sawmaker, 129 
West ave n 

Haystead John, street car driver, 
16)^ James n 

Hazell Wm, engineer, 44 Cath- 
arine s 

Hazell Wm, porter, 8 Grove 

Hazelton Hon John T, Con- 
sul of United States, G T R 
station, h 42 Murray w 

Hazelwood Samuel, cabinet mak- 
er, Aikman's ave 

Hazen George, tailor, 98 Wilson 

Headland Harry, laborer, 92 Em- 
erald n 

Healey Egerton, grocer, Duke 
cor Bay 

Healey J W, com traveler, 58 
Emerald s 

Healey M D, dry goods, 14 Mac- 
nab n, h III Bay n 

Healey Thomas, 88 Hunter e 

Hearne M S, manager A C 
Quimby & Co, h 87 Welling- 
ton n 

Hearne Richard J, ^lesman, 87 
Wellington n 

Hearn Wm, watchman, 12 Mar- 

Heath A J, dairyman, 293 King e 

Heath Fred G, printer, 5 1 Pearl 

Heath James, blacksmith, 51 
Pearl n 

Heath James, clerk, 8 Pearl s 

Heath Louis, bds 293 King e 

Heath Samuel, blacksmith, 21 
Florence n 

Hebden Mrs Kate (wid John) 
Macnab cor Herkimer 

Hebner Fred, laborer, 128 Jack- 
son w 

Heddle David, mason, 68 Maria 

Hebden Thomas, blacksmith, 191 

Hedley Thomas, upholsterer, 19 
Macnab s, h no Herkimer 

Heenan Very Rev E I, 
Vicar General diocese of Ham- 
ilton, the palace, 25 [Sheaffe 

Heeney Wm, bookkeeper, 36 
Ferguson ave 

Heilig George, builder, 95 John n 

Heilig George Wm, bricklayer, 
95 John n 



Heim Mrs Jessie (wid Walter) 55 

Heime Samuel, tailor, 48 Walnut 

Heimbecker Henry, photographic 

stock dealer, 7)^ Victoria ave n 
Heins Mrs Kate, tailoress, 184 

King e 
Heitzmann J F, bartender Com- 
mercial hotel, t6 Sheaffe 
Heitzman Joseph F, cigarmaker, 

16 Sheaffe 
Held Fred, laborer, 50 Magill 
Heming G E, clerk, mountain 

Heming H P, clerk, mountain 

Heming Percy G, clerk, mountain 

Hemphili Z, manager A & S 

Nordheimer, h loi Market 
Hemsley Perry, second-hand 

dealer, 42 King Wm 
Hempstock Andrew, brickmaker, 

Robinson w Locke 
Hemyjstock Geo, laborer, 199 

Main w 
Hempstock Mrs Mary A (wid 

William, bds 156 Jackson w 
Henderberry Andrew, laborer, 74 

Locke n 
Hendershot Morris, laborer, 81 

Hendershot Oscar, laborer, 66 

Henderson Alex, carpenter, i 

Hess n 
Henderson A S, boots and 

shoes, 184 Kinge 
Henderson Dougald, clerk, 59 

Henderson Miss Ellinor, 

mantle maker, Thomas C Wat- 
kins, 30 King e, h 29 Gore 
Henderson George, boots 

and shoes, 45 Macnab n. See 

Henderson George, printer, 25 

Cannon e 

Henderson James, laborer, 243 

King e 
Henderson James, 33 EVnerald n 
Henderson James, machinist, r 

206 Catharine n 
Henderson Mrs Janet (wid 

Andrew) bds 68 Bay s 
Henderson John, laborer, 268 

James n 
Henderson John, laborer, King w 
Henderson John, blacksmith, 17 

Henderson John, baker, 116 

John s 
Henderson John A, tobacco 

presser, 113 Cannon w 
Henderson J M (J M Hen- 
derson & Co) Robinson cor 

Henderson J M & Co (J 

M Henderson & Co) tailors 

20 King w 
Henderson Mrs Margaret (wid 

David) 58 Napier 
Henderson Mrs Mary, 26 

Strachan e 
Henderson Mrs Mary (wid 

George) 117 King Wm 
Henderson Robeit, carpenter, 

50 Steven 
Henderson Wm, laborer, 159 

Catharine n 
Henderson Wm, tinsmith, 5 Mar- 
Henderson W S, clerk, 68 Bay s 
Hendrican James, moulder, 7 

Simcoe e 
Hendricks Frank, cigarmaker, 

bds Commercial hotel 
Hendrie Alex, city foreman, 67 

Pearl n 
Hendrie & Co (Wm and Geo) 

cartage agents, 33 King w 
Hendrie James, 23 Bold 
Hendrie John, contractor, 23 

Hendrie Wm (Hendne & Co) 

h 23 Bold 
Hendrie Wm jr, clerk, 23 Bold 



Hendry A F, accountant, 19 

Hendry Mrs Elizabeth (wid 
David) bds 72 Catharine s 

Hendry John, i)attern maker, i 
Rebecca, h Concession nr 

Henery John, governor jail. Bar- 
ton e 

Henery John, carpenter, 49 West 
ave n 

Henigan James,gents' furnish- 
ings,hats, caps, etc, 108 King e 

Hennessy Cornelius, tinsmith, 
bds 24 King Wm 

Hennessey James, carpenter, 102 

Hennessey Hugh, blacksmith, 19 

Hennessy Patrick, locksmith, 20 
John n 

Hennessy John, safe agent, 22 
Hughson n, h 64 Macnab s 

Henniger Mrs Mary (wid Geo) 
50 Napier 

Henning Mrs Janet (wid John) 
71 Hunter w 

Henmngs Damartine, second- 
hand dealer, 102 James n 

Henri Mrs Bridget (wid Corne- 
lius) Dundurn 

Henry Albert H, parcel express, 
Alexandria Arcade, h 87 Mac- 
nab n 

Henry Daniel, grocer, Hannah 
cor Caroline 

Henry Jas, fitter, 45 Magill 

Henry James, boots and shoes, 
22 York 

Henry John, 235 King w 

Henry John, laborer, 39 Florence 

Henry John C, teamster, 47 
Wellington n 

Henry Michael, carpenter, 134 
Emerald n 

Henry Patrick, carpenter, 131 
West ave n 

Henry Philip, laborer, r 109 
West ave n 

Henry R, butcher, 121 James n 

Henshaw^ William, hatter, 164 

Henstridge Alfred, painter, 34 
Lower Cathcart 

Henwood Thomas, grinder, 1 1 1 
East ave n 

Hepkins Lewis, blacksmith, bds 
49 Stuart w 

Herald Mrs Anna (wid Wm) 61 
Queen n 

Herald Chas, manager Green- 
ing's wire works, 59 Queen n 

Herald Joseph, pianomaker, 9 

Herbert Thos H, stonecutter, 70 

Herbert William, laborer, 88 Sim- 
coe e 

Heritage John, tailor, 132 Can- 
non w 

Herman John, butcher, 142 
Emerald n 

Herman William, accountant 
and general agent, 16 James s, 
h 68 Main w 

Herod Richard, bricklayer, bds 
60 James s 

Herriman Jeptha, mail contractor, 
8 Bay s' 

Herring John H, com traveler, 
28 George 

Herrington Mrs Mary, 94 Walnut 

Herron G S, watchman, 21 Went- 
worth n 

Herron Joseph, merchant tail- 
or, 82 King e, h 67 Wellington 
s See advt 

Herron Robert, bookkeeper, 205 
James n 

Hess Jacob, Hannah e 

Hesse J R, grocer, 4 Liberty 

Hetherington William. 70 Fergu- 
son ave 

Hewitt Alfred, pedler, r 79 Caro- 
line n 
Hewitt Chas J, brickmaker, 170 
Jackson w 



Hewitt John, bds lo Stuart e 
Hewitt Mrs Sarah (wid Henry) 

150 Rebecca 
Hewson George, carpenter, 20 

Hunter e 
Hewson George, cabinetmaker, 

55 /^a Walnut s 
Heyburn George, lithograjjher, 

45 Jackson e 
Heydeman Robert, blacksmith, 

17 Locke s 
Hickey John, brakesman, 253 

Hughson n 
Hickok H C, St Charles res- 
taurant, 64 James n 
Hicks Richard, carpenter, 168 

James n 
Hicks W S, carver, 34 James s, 

h 79 Stinson 
Hibbard Mrs Ann (wid Orvill) 

125 Dundurn 
Hiby Charles, saloon, 90 James 

Hiesrodt C N, picture framer, 72 

King e, h 33 Walnut 
Higby Mrs Julia, 59 John n 
Higgins Andrew, confectioner, 

83 George 
Higgins Edward M, M D, 

74 Park n 
Higgins James, machinist, 73 

Locke n 
Higgins Moore A, solicitor, 78 

Higgins William, laborer. Pearl s 
High Matthew, hotel keeper, 

65-67 John s 
Higham James, engine turner, G 

T R, 40 Locomotive 
Higham Thomas, blacksmith, 131 

Queen n 
Highsted John, laborer, 160 

Hughson n 
Higley F H, salesman, bds Vic- 
toria hotel 
Higley John, clerk, bds Victoria 

Hignell Albert R, printer, 62 

Lower Cathcart 

Hipkins Alfred, printer, 42 Hess s 
Hildebrand Gottleib, laborer, 1 17 

Hilder Edwin, shoemaker, 39 

Inch bury n 
Hiles, Louis, collector. Gore 
Hiles W C, clerk, 5 Pearl n 
Mill Mrs Ann (wid Henry) 178 

Hughson n 
Hill A S, saloon, 24 Hughson n 
Hill Baldwin, com traveler, 102 

James n 
Hill Charles (Miller c<: Hill) h 15 

Hunter e 
Hill Edmund, grocer, 81 John, 

h 8 East ave n 
Hill George H, butcher, 192 

King w 
Hill Henry, butcher, 98 Rebecca 
Hill Henry, clerk P O, 15 Hun- 
ter e 
Hill Henry, laborer, bds 56 Gore 
Hill Harvey H, cabinet maker, r 

3 Queen s 
Hill James, blacksmith, 300 

Macnab n 
Hill Jasper, grocer, 86 Ferguson 

Hill John, laborer. Jones 
Hill Mark, baker and confec 

tioner, 102 James n 
Hill Richard, tobacconist, 172 

King e and 26)^ King w 
Hill Richard A, cigarmaker, bds 

Victoria hotel 
Hill R M, com traveler, bds 102 

James n 
Hill Robert, cabinetmaker, r 3 

Queen s 
Hill Rowland, dealer, 46 Ray n 
Hill Mrs Sophia (wid John) 34 

Hill Thomas, furniture, 21 Mac- 
nab n, bds Franklin House 
Hill T S, watchmaker, 90 John s 
Hill Miss Eunice, 126 York 
Hill Mrs Wm, 28 Emerald n 
Hill Wm, clerk, 15 Hunter e 
Hill Walter, butcher, 104 James n 



Hill Wm, butcher, 202 King e 
Hillier Robert, salesman, hd 

Caroline s 
Milliard Mrs Mary (wid John) 

106 Florence 
Milliard Thos, 2 O'Reilly 
Hillman O S, 23 Jackson w 
Hill man Peter, carpenter, 109 

Millman T E, enginneer G T R 
Mills C M, grocer, 142 Mary 
Mills Jacob, insurance agent, 5 

Pearl n 
Mills J M, Mary cor Robert 
Mills Lucian, architect, 12 King 

Wm, h 278 King w 
Mills Mrs M, fancy goods, 8 

Macnab n 
Hills Roland, sec Canada Lite 
Assurance Co, h 30 [ackson w 
Millyer Edward S, M D, 10 

Main e 
Hinchey Edward, moulder, bds 

20 r Mary 
Minchey Michael, laborer, 161 

Catharine n 
Minchcliffe James, grocer, 299 

Minchcliffe Jas, machinist, Garth 
Minchcliffe Robert, machinist, 305 

York, h 8 Inchbury s 
Minckley Chas, brakeman, bds 

124 Cannon e 
Mincks Menry, machinist, 156 

Mindman Mrs, 9 Macnab s 
Minds John R, accountant, 30 

Nelson ave 
Mines Otis O, butcher, 229 York 
Minds Rudolphus, printer, 289 

King Wm 
Minman Mrs Charles, milliner, 4 

King Wm, h 12 King Wm 
Mipkins Alfred, printer, 120 

Mirst Jas, manf pain extermin- 
ator, 35 Park s 
Miscox James, chimney sweep, 
138 Hunter e 

Hislop Frank, laborer, 30 

Strachan w 
Hislop John, blacksmith. Park 

cor Merrick 
HitzrothChafles, shoemaker, loi 

John s 
Hoag Mrs (wid Thomas) 238 

King Wm 
Hobbs Alfred, tinsmith, 248^ 

Barton e 
Hobbs James, carpenter, 170 

Emerald n 
Hobbs James, bricklayer, 5 9 Gore 
Hobson Abram, glassblower, 61 

Lower Cathcart 
Hobson John S, engineer, 126 

Hobson Joseph, civil engineer 

G T R, Concession cor Bay 
Hobson Robert, chief clerk G T 

R, cor Bay and Concession 
Hobson T Dudley, law student, 

6 1 Lower Cathcart 
Hockaday Joseph, cabinetmaker, 

40 Maria 
Hockbush John, laborer, 74 

Locke s 
Hodd George, salesman, 55 Tis- 

Hodd Wm, moulder, bds 55 Tis- 

Hodge George, teamster 105 

John s 
Hodge Miss, 98 Emerald n 
Hodge T H, salesman, 17 

Hodges — , moulder, bds 55 York 
Hodges Humphrey, r 184 Mac- 
nab n 
Hodges Wm, tobacco roller, r 

213 King e 
Hodgins Isaac, foreman rolling 

mills, 164 Catharine n 
Hodgson Jeremiah, laborer, 331 

Hughson n 
Hodgins Mrs Maria (wid Alex) 

50 Hughson s 
Hodgson Wm, butcher, 327 Bar- 
ton e 



Haffer Fred, traveler, 13 Mur- 

lay w 
Hofsass VVm, jeweler, bds 169 

King Wm 
Hogan J H, 47 Park n 
Hogarth George, carpenter, r 

50^ Young 
Holcomb Mrs Harriet (vvid Wm 

H) 65 Caroline s 
Holden George C, clerk, 241 

King Wm 
Holden Miss Margaret, 42 Can- 
non w 
Holden Wm W, bottler, 209 

King Wm 
Holdsworth Charles, packer, 63 J 

Holdsworth Joseph, second-hand 

dealer, 221 James n 
Holland Chas, agent, 126 Mary 
Holland C J, machinist, bds 255 

James n 
Holland James, baker, 82 Maria 
Holland James, boiler maker, 175 

Bay n 
Holland Jas, grocer, 48 Peter 
Holland Jas, locksmith, 27 John 

n, h 36 Dundurn 
Holland Thos J, hay and straw 

dealer, Mary, h 47 Mary 
HoUeran James, moulder, 49 

Holleran John, traveler, 61 Bar- 
ton e 
Holleran Mrs Kate, 219 Cath- 
arine n 
Holleran Patrick, grocer. Barton 

e cor Catharine 
Holloran Patrick, glassblower, 

bds 219 Catharine n 
Hollinrake Wm, laborer, bds 205 

John n 
Holman John, prop Hamilton 

Gun Works, 79 James n 
Holman John, brickmaker, bds 

West, King w, nr limits 
Holmes A B, shoemaker, 34 

Emerald n 
Holmes Alex, painter, 4 Poulette 

Holmes Alonzo, com trav, 200 

East ave n 
Holmes Asher, machinist, 10 

West ave n 
Holmes James, shoemaker, 140)^ 

Main e 
Holmes John, painter, 189 Main 

Holmes John, laborer, 107 Sim- 

coe e 
Holmes John, carter, 37 Wood w 
Holmes Robert, 198 Cannon e 
Holmes Wm, moulder, 48 Tis- 

Holmes Wm, bookkeeper, bds 

Bawden's hotel 
Holmes Wm, laborer, 283 King 

Holmes Wm, brushmaker, 134 

West ave n 
Holt Frank, 80 Murray e 
Holt John, carder, 206 Mary 
Holt John, engineer, 276 James 
Holt Samuel, laborer, 2 5 Murray e 
Holtham George, tinner, 134 

Macauley e 
Holton Warren, gardener, Main e 
Home of the Friendless, 

72 Caroline s 
Home John, tinsmith, 73 Bay n 
Home John, market gardener, 

Homer Mrs Mary, r Garth 
Homer Wm, confectioner, 127 

John s 
Homiston Willis, burnisher, bds 

62 Cannon e 
Homewood John, carriage trim- 
mer, 106 Bay n 
Honeybourn George, carpenter, 

36 O'Reilly 
Honeycomb John, 28 Locomotive 
Honeycomb Thos R, bricklayer, 

24 Locomotive 
Honeyford James, fitter, 41 Inch- 
bury n 
Honey W F, discount clerk Bank 

of British North America, 13 




— v— 

Hood & Bro (Thomas and 
John) props Royal hotel, 63 
James n 

Hoodless John (J Hoodless 
A: Son) h 43 Jackson w 

Hoodless J & Son (Joseph 
and John) furniture manufac- 
turers, 5 1 King w, factory 
Catharine cor Main 

Hoodless Joseph (J Hoodless 
& Son) Catharine cor Jackson 

Hoodless J, fireman, 34 Hugh- 
son n 

Hooker Joseph, gardener, 41 

Hooper Frederick, insurance agt, 
50 Gore 

Hooper F L (F L Hooper <k Co) 
50 Gore 

Hooper F L d'^ Co. ins brokers, 
Alexandra Arcade 

Hooher George, shoemaker, 130 
John n 

Hooper George, blacksmith, 198 
King Wm 

Hooper George, shoemaker, 132 
John n 

Hooper H S, confectioner, 200 
King e 

Hooper James, com trav, 35 
Victoria ave n 

Hooper Wm C, printer, 56 Wil 

Hooper John, com trav, 350 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Hope Adam & Co (C J ct R 
K Hope) iron and hardware 
merchants, 102 King e 

Hope A H (L D Sawyer ct Co) 
h hd Macnab s 

Hope Charles James (Adam 
Hope ct Co) h 15 Duke 

Hope George, book agent, 116 

Hope Geo, hardware merchant, 
15 IXike 

Hope Mrs Hannah wid Adam) 
95 Macnab s 

Hope John,tanner, 182 East aven 

Hope Mrs Margaret (wid John) 

35 Ray n 
Hope Mrs Martha (wid John) 65 

Hope Robert Knight (Adam 

Hope & Co) h 15 Duke 
Hope Robert J, printer,35 Ray n 
Hopgood E H, butcher, 69 Bar- 
ton w, h cor Bay and Barton 
Hopkin George H, boot and 

shoe dealer, 10 King Wm, h 

202 Victoria ave n 
Hopkin Joseph, carpet weaver, 

166 Mary 
Hopkin Robert, carpet weaver, 

213 King e 
Hopkins Israel, pedler, 28 Ciuise 
Hopkins Jas, 100 Catharine n 
Hopkins James, moulder,bds 134 

Queen n 
Hopkins Mrs Margaret (wid Pat- 
rick) 105 Macnab n 
Hopkins Robt, bds King c 
Hopkins S D, 104 Cannon w 
Hopkins S F\ pickle manf, 185 

King Wm, rrg Victoria ave n 
Hopper John, clerk, 64 Hunter e 
Hopwood Edward H, pork curer, 

160 Bay n 
Hore F W, jr, (F W Hore c'l^ Son) 

h 147 Victoria ave n 
Hore F W, sr, (F W Hore & Son) 

h 155 Victoria ave n 
Hore F W & Son, Hamilton 

Wheel Works, Elgin 
Hore John R, painter, 1 93 Mary 
Horn George, carpenter, 241 

Hughson n 
Horn Thomas, carpenter, 239 

Hughson n 
Horn Wm, messenger G 1' R, 

153 Bay n 
Hornby Thomas, brick maker, bds 

288 King w 
Hornby Wm, machmist, 25 Magill 
Home Mrs Mary Ann (wid Jas) 

laundress, 73 Caroline n 
Home Thomas, engineer, 148^ 




Horning Edward, clerk, 47 Han" 

nah e 
Horning Joseph, clerk, 47 Han- 
nah e 
Horning — , finisher, Dundurn 
Horsburg iMrs Helen (wid Jas) 

124 Market 
Horsfield William, laborer, 133 

Jackson e 
Horton Henry, laborer, 139 

Locke n 
Horspoole Wm, clerk, 45 Hess 

Horton Henry, laborer, r 183 

Bay n 
Horton Joseph, rag dealer, 95 

King VVm, h 2 i Wilson 
Hoskins Frederick, fireman, 10 1 

Simcoe e 
Hossack James S, builder, 43 

Hannah vv 
Hossock John, carjjcnter, 149 

Macnab n, h Hannah w 
Hotrum John, carpenter, 7 Mur- 
ray e 
Houghton — , prof hygiene, coll 

inst, bds 17 Main w 
Houlden James, contractor, 156 

John n 
Houlden Mrs Margaret (wid Jef- 
ferson) 160 Catharine n 
House J B, III Catharine s 
House of Refuge, John cor 

Housden Charles, malster, 203 

Catharine n 
Housego Edward, fireman, 14 

Houseman Louis, cooper, bds 

39 John n 
Houser David F, insurance agent, 

I r 9 Napier 
Hover John, boilermaker, 29 

Pearl s 
Hover William, tailor, 29 York, 

h T79 Main w 
How Edward J (How i^^ Braid) 

h 204 King w I 

How & Braid (Edward J How, \ 

Alex Braid) pork butchers, 204 

Kmg w 
Howard Charles, carpenter, 5 1 

Victoria ave n 
Howard Fred B, butcher, 208 

King w 
Howard James, bricklayer, 30 

Howard John, bricklayer, 32 

Emerald n 
Howard tfe McVittie(R J Howard, 

A McVittie) blacksmiths, 16 

Jackson e 
Howard Mrs Mary (wid James) 

54 Hunter w 
Howard R J (Howard tfc McVittie) 

99 Hunter e 
Howard Samuel, carpenter, 80 

Howard Thomas, bricklayer, 155 

James n 
Howard Wm, bricklayer, 155 

James n 
Howard W H, tailor, 1 7 Rebecca 
Howard J J, laborer, 128 Mac- 

auley e 
Howden J E, (Brethour c\: Co) 

h 190 Kmg e 
Howden John, carpenter, 83 

Locke n 
Howden Wm, laborer. 71 Market 
Howe John, cigarmaker, bds 

Maple Leaf hotel 
Howe Richard, gardener, Main e 
Howell Fred J, lithographer, 112 

Jackson w 
Howell Lithographing Co, 18 

James s 
Howell William A, chemist, i 

Hunter w, h 62 Macnab s 
Howells Mrs Victoria (wid Thos) 

152 Macnab n 
Howick Wm, grocer and butcher, 

285 King w 
Howitt Robert, butcher, 3 1 1 

Hows James, luitcher, King e, nr 

Hoyle Jas, tailor, 45 Cathaine s 



HubbardArthur,packer,i i4Maria 
Hubbard Mrs E, milliner, 56 

James n 
Hubbard W L, tobacconist, King 

cor Mar}' 
Hudson Edward, moulder, 96 

Simcoe e 
Hudson Edmund, clerk, 1 1 

Hudson Geo, marble polisher, 

152 Napier 
Hudson Ormsby, cabinetmaker, 

161 Mam w 
Hudson Wm, bds 83 Hess n 
Hudson Wm, carpenter, 113 

Park n 
Hughes Charles, carpenter, 89 

Lower Cathcart 
Hughes Edward, springmaker, 

25 Hess n 
Hughes George, waiter, bds 159 

James n 
Hughes Wm, carpenter, 187 Mary 
Hughes George, laborer, 3 1 Park s 
Hughes James, 46 Wellington n 
Hughes John, laborer, Caroline s 
Hughes Patrick, laborer, 222 

J&mes n 
Hughes Wm, machinist, r 14 

Hull Chas, switchman, 49 Stuart w 
Hull Charles, shoemaker, 327 

Macnab n 
Hull George, butcher, 146 Main 

e, h 20 Pearl s 
Hull William, com traveler, 20 

Pearl s 
Hume Miss Isabella, 207 Main w 
Hummel John, builder, 109 Rob- 

Humphrey N, tanner, 1 84 John n 
Humphrey & Newberry, tanners, 

125 Jackson e 
Humphrey George, moulder, 147 

Ferguson ave 
Humphrey Joseph, laborer, 138 

Picton e 
Humphreys Thomas, tinsmith, 

66 West ave n 

Hunt A E, stovemounter, io6\4 
Simcoe e 

Hunt B, wagonmaker, bds 105 
John s 

Hunt Charles F, salesman, loi 

Hunt, Charles R, tinsmith, loi 

Hunt Daniel, 120 Main e 

Hunt David, shoemaker, bds 55 

Hunt Edmund, wagon maker, 
105 John s 

Hunt George, broom maker, 1 1 2 
Caroline s 

Hunt George M, Sun Life 
Association of Canada, Alex- 
andra xArcade, 31 James n, h 
69 Georaje 

Hunt James, brakeman, bds 10 1 

Hunt James, whipmaker, bds 126 
Macnab n 

Hunt Richard, moulder, 147 
Robert e 

Hunt William, butcher, 126 Mac- 
nab n 

Hunt Wm, moulder, 12 Young 

Hunt William, gardener, Ingle- 
wood, James s 

Hunt Wm H, wood turner, 69 
East ave n 

Hunter Adam, bookseller and 
stationer, 52 James n, h 130 

Hunter Alexander, laborer, 252 

Hunter George, tailor, 64 Tisdale 

Hunter George C, tinsmith, 93 
John s 

Hunter George S (Hunter cS: 
Hunter) 79 Bold 

Hunter Hugh, porter, 40 Ray 

Hunter & Hunter, auction- 
eers, 24 Merrick 

Hunter James, shipper, 75 Mary 

Hunter John, grocer, 194 
James n 



Hunter John, policeman, 134 

Cannon e 
Hunter John jr, laborer, 105 

Ferguson ave n 
Hunter John sr, laborer, 103 

Ferguson ave n 
Hunter Mrs Joseph, 14 Steven 
Hunter Mrs Mary (wid Laurence) 

caretaker, 46 Charles 
Hunter Matthew, carpenter, bds 

60 James s 
Hunter Peter, carpenter, 272 

Hughson n 
Hunter Robert, packer, 65 Maria 
Hunter Robert, (Hunter c^- 

Hunter) 129 Cannon w 
Hunter Samuel, 162 King Wil- 
Hunter Rev W J, pastor 

Wesley Church, 56 Hughson 

Hunter Walter, B A, B C L, law 

student, mountain top 
Hunter Wm, policeman, bds 134 

Cannon e 
Hunter Wm, brass founder, 38 

Wellington n, h 19 Wellington 

Hunter Wm, porter, 56^ Lower 

Hunter William, collector, 27 

Hunting Henry, fireman, 67 

Main w 
Hunting Miles, contractor, bds 

123 Main e 
Hurd Mrs Alice (wid Wilkins) 

113 Catharine n 
Hurd Hiram H (Hurd & 

Roberts) 10 Bay n 
Hurd John, laborer. Main e 
Hurd & Roberts (H H Hurd, 

D E Roberts) marble and gran- 
ite, cor Bay and York 
Hurley David, engineer, 109 

Macnab n 
Hurley Jas, moulder, 285 John n 
Hurley John, bartender, 73 

Stuart w 

Hurley Peter, laborer, 73 Stuart w 
Hurly James, moulder, 152 

Emerald n 
Hurrell Jasper, i)rinter, 61 Rob- 
Hurst A R, carpenter, 153 Wilson 
Hurton Chas, janitor Collegiate 

Institute, 69 Main w 
Husband George E, M D, 

75 Main w 
Husband R J (l)rs R J and T 

H Husband) h 62 East ave 

Husband Drs R J and T H, 

dentists, 10 King w 
Husband T H (Drs R J and T H 

Husband) h 42 Vine 
Hussel Mrs Mary (wid John) 

fancy goods, 128 James n 
Husted Daniel, glassblower, 261 

Macnab n 
Hutcheson James Happle, mer- 
chant tailor, 118 King e 
Hutchings John E, clerk, 93 

Hunter e 
Hutchinson George, painter, 44 

West ave s 
Hutchinson Henry, nr toll gate, 

Hutchinson Thomas, laborer, 142 

Hutchison Alex, gardener. 17 

Cannon w 
Hutchison Daniel, laborer, 176 

Hughson n 
Hutchison James, merchant, 61 

Hutchison & Pilkey (R A 

Hutchison, Joseph B Pilkey) 

organs, pianos, etc, 10 King 

Hutchison Robert A (Hutchi- 
son & Pilkey) h 61 Herkimer 
Hutchison Thomas, painter, 37 

Hutchison Thomas, engineer, 196 

Hughson n 
Hutchison Thomas, laborer, 290 

Macnab n 



Huton Charles, merchant 
tailor, 80 King e, h 103 Mar- 

Hutton Amos, machinist, 31 

Hutton David, laborer, 201 Wel- 
Hngton n 

Hutton Francis R, builder, 5 

Hutton Gilbert, machinist, 4 

Hutton Mrs Mary Jane, tailoress 
248 Barton e 

Hutton Wm, laborer. Maple 

Hutty Frederick, gardener, 40 
Hannah w 

Huxtable John, shoemaker, 200 

Hyatt Henry, shoe laster, 131 
Wellington n 

Hyde E W, commission mer- 
chant, 38 Lower Cathcart 

Hyde James, loom fixer, 151 
Wellington n 

Hyde James, section hand, 352 
Hughson n 

Hyde John,laborer,276 Macnabn 

Hyndman Mrs Hannah (wid 
James) 9 Macnab s 

Hyndman Wm, blacksmith, 173 
Park n 

Hyndman Wm, blacksmith 10 

Hyslop Cornell & Co (Wm 
Hyslop and S W Cornell) 
wholesale gents' furnishings 
and fancy goods, 7 James s 
and 6)4 King William 

Hyslop Robert, traveler, 36 
Emerald n 

Hyslop Wm (Hyslop, Cornell & 
Co) 27 Wellington s 

Ibbetson Wm, tailor, 19 Railway 

Ibbetson Wm jr, painter, 2 1 Rail- 

Ide Frank, laborer, 41 Alanson 

Immigration Sheds (Domin- 
ion) John Smith, agent, 71 
Stuart w 

Immigration Sheds (Ontario) 

Stuart w 
Imperial Mineral Water Co, J S 

Pearson, manager, 9 Jackson e 
Inches James (Eraser & Inches) 

141 John s 
Ing Henry, watchmaker, 106 

James n, h 68 Steven 
Ing Mrs, 51 Tisdale 
Ingleheart H F, 60 Vine 
Ingles Wm, clerk, bds 36 Bay s 
Ingles Wm, beamer, 90 Simcoe e 
Ingram George, laborer, bds 81 

Stuart w 
Inkson Joseph, finisher, Dundurn 
Inkson William, com traveler, 

Dundurn cor York 
Inland Revenue Office, i Vine 
Inman Steamship Line, Geo 

McKeand, agent, 57 James n 
Insch James, fitter, no Bay n 
Insch William V, moulder, 27 

Insole James G, com traveler, 

1 14 Catharine s 
Inspector of Weights and 

Measures, Thomas H Mc- 

Kenzie, inspector, office James 

cor Vine 
Insurance Co of North 

America ( The Marine ) 

Gillespie & Powis, agents, 31 

King e 
Iredale Miss Grace, 13 Bold 
Iredale James, blacksmith, Main e 
Iredale Walter, foreman rolling 

mills, 103 Locke n 
Ireland Frank B, engraver, 24 

Macnab n 
Ireland Henry, fruit dealer, 127 

King Wm 
Irish Charles, shoemaker, 38 

Emerald n 
Ironside Alex, stonecutter, 309 

King w 
Ironside Bemus, painter, Dun- 
Irvine Mrs Helen (wid Alex) 66 




Irvine James, teamster, 23 Guise 

Irvine James, laborer, Ferrie e 

Irvine John, mariner, bds 239 
James n 

Irvine Lendrum, com traveler, 
73 John s 

Irvine Mrs L L, milliner, 73 
John s 

Irvme Miss Sarah, 14 Markland 

Irving Adam, picture dealer, 172 
James n 

Irving iEmilius, Q C, 137 
James s 

Irving Archibald, mariner, 293 
Macnab n 

Irving Franklin, clock maker, 
bds 4 Barton terrace, Welling- 
ton n 

Irving John, mariner, 330 Jas n 

Irving John, laborer, 210 Hugh- 
son n 

Irving Mrs Sarah (wid Edward) 
4 Barton terrace, Wellington 

Irving Wm, carpenter, Hess s 

Irving Wm, machinist, 252 Bay n 

Irwin John T (Thomas Irwin 
& Son) h 53 Herkimer 

Irwin Richard, propr Victoria 
hotel, 79 King e 

Irwin Richard, jr, clerk Victoria 

Irwin Robert, customs broker, 
84 James n, h w side York nr 
Carolme See card 

Irwin Robert, plater, bds 13}^ 

Irwin Thomas, watchman, 211^ 

Irwin Thomas, laborer, 44 Chis- 

Irwin Thomas (Thomas Irwin 
& Son) h 53 Herkimer 

Irwin Thomas & Son (Thos 
and John T) galvanized iron, 
felt roofing, tinware, etc, 12 
Macnab s See advt 

Irwin W H (W H Irwin & Co) 
h 53 Herkimer 

Irwin W H & Co, directory 
publishers and publishers' agts, 
14 Merrick and 12 Macnab s 
See advt 

Irwin Wm H, tinsmith, 72 Ray s 

Isbister John, contractor, 81 Wel- 
lington s 

Israel Charles, confectioner, 187 J 
King e, h 154 King e 

Israel Mrs Charles, confectioner, 
154 King e 

Issell George, shoemaker, bds 
196 King w 

Ives George, bank messenger,bds 
28 King Wm 

Ivory Mrs Nora (wid James) 105 
Park n 

Izzard Girdlestone B, com trav- 
eler, 80 Queen s 

Jack Daniel, engineer, 19 Magill 

Jack Wm, switchman, 7 1 Barton 

Jackman Thomas, fitter, 1 1 2 

Jacques Robert S, machinist, 35 

Jackson Mrs Catharine (wid Syd- 
ney) 85 Wellington n 

Jackson David, retinner, 9 Wood 
Market sq 

Jackson David, laborer, 15 Sim- 
coe w 

Jackson Mrs Elizabeth (wid John) 
65 Barton w 

Jackson George, shipper, 90 Main 

Jackson George, salesman, 97 

Jackson George, laborer, Mark- 

Jackson George, watchmaker, 134 
King w 

Jackson George N, shipper, 90 
Main e 

Jackson George W, salesman, 97 

Jackson Henry, painter, Duke 

Jackson Henry, grinder, r 22 



Jackson James, sailmaker, 91 

Hughson n 
Jackson James, carpenter, 170 

East ave n 
Jackson James R, carpenter, 72 

Victoria hve n 
Jackson John, laborer, 73 Em- 
erald n 
Jackson John, laborer, 93 Picton 

Jackson John, tailor, 100 West 

ave n 
Jackson John, plater, 134 King w 
Jackson John, shipper, 145 Locke 

Jackson Joseph, laborer, 96 Pic- 
ton e 
Jackson Joseph, brickmaker, 

Main w 
Jackson Joshua, fireman G T R, 

Barton w 
Jackson Mrs Mary (wid Joseph) 

Barton w 
Jackson Mrs Mary (wid Joseph) 

64 Peter 
Jackson Richard, brakesman, 

bds 73 Stuart w 
Jackson Robt, plasterer, 139 

James n 
Jackson Robert, carpet weaver, 

23 Ferrie e 
Jackson Thomas, contractor, 207 

Main e 
Jackson Thomas, foreman, 16 

Ray n 
Jackson Thos C, laborer, 99 

Jackson Thos E, cabinet maker, 

16 Rayn 
Jacobson Joseph, rabbi, 78^ 

Hughson s 
Jacobs Louis, cigarmaker, 104 

John s 
Jacobs Richard, cook, 91 King 

Jag^ard Charles, polisher, r 22 

Jaggard Edward, fish dealer, 

James st market 

Jaggard Edward, polisher, 83 
John n 

Jago John F, customs broker, 30 
John n, h 81 Elgin 

Jahn Robert, proprietor Ger- 
mania hotel, 22 John s 

James Alonzo T, fireman, 28 
King William 

James Alfred Thos, shipper, 58 

James A T, hotel and restaur- 
ant, 28 King Wm 

James Charles, machinist, r 63 
King Wm, h 37 Walnut s 

James Rev C J, curate, Church 
of the Ascension, 37 James s 

James Edward, laborer, 146 Re- 

James Edwin, printer, bds 54 
Ferguson ave 

James George, staple dry goods, 
8 King e, h 53 East ave s 

James Henry, porter, 7 West ave 

James Rev John, D D, 49 Vic- 
toria ave s 

James Mrs Sarah (wid Wm) 54 
Ferguson ave 

James Mrs Stephen, 7 West ave n 

James Joseph, blacksmith, 259 
Macnab n 

James J W, bookkeeper, 149 

James St Baptist Church, 
James cor Jackson 

James Thomas, roller, in Locke 

James Thomas, saddler, 22 Cath- 
arine s 

James Thomas, saddler, 4 Wal- 
nut n 

James William, bricklayer, 29 

James William, com traveler, 78 
East ave s 

James W H, letter carrier, 145 
Wellington n 

James Wallace T, fireman, 28 
King William 



Jamieson Archibald jr, clerk, 93 
James s 

Jamieson Mrs Archibald, 93 
James s 

Jamieson Charles, lineman, 152 
Park n 

Jamieson Mrs Isabella (wid Wm) 
50 Caroline s 

Jamieson Mrs Elizabeth, 243 
Barton e 

Jamieson James (Bowes, 
Jamieson & Co) h 284 King e 

Jamieson James, pressman, Caro- 
line s 

Jamieson John, painter, 55 Loco- 

Jamieson John, telegraphist, 243 
Barton e 

Jamieson Samuel, stonecutter, 63 

Jamieson Wm, hat finisher, 243 
Barton e 

Jamieson Wm, moulder, 242 
Hughson n 

Jamieson Wm L, watchman, 162 
East ave n 

Jardine James, clerk, 98 Cannon 

Jardine James B, clerk, 98 Can- 
non w 

Jariott Wm, York w 

Jarrett Robert, engineer, 124 
Queen n 

Jarvis JE,j manager Farmers' & 
Traders' Loan Association, 
room 30 Canada Life Chamb- 

Jarvis Bold, clerk, 38 Ferrie w 

Jarvis Bold, clerk G T R, 270 
Bay n 

Jarvis Frederick S, 71 Jackson e 

Jarvis James, engineer, 257 York 

Jarvis Mrs Jane (wid Chas) 70 

Jarvis Mrs John, fancy goods, 
186-8 King e 

Jarvis John, laborer, 102 Strachan 

Jarvis R H,traveler,6o East ave s 

Jarvis Samuel, caretaker, 2 

Jarvis Samuel, brickmaker, 70 

Jarvis Thomas, furniture,- 21 
Macnab n, and 99)^ King w, h 
81 Bayn 

Jarvis Wm, confectioner, 262 
King e 

Jarvis William, cab proprietor, 13 

Jarvis William, baker, etc, 262 
King e 

Jeffery Mrs Ann (wid Wm) 57 
Park n 

Jeffery Joseph, prop city 
laundry, 60 Main w, h 57 Park 

Jeffrey Ephraim, plasterer, 8 

Jeffrey George, laborer, 33 Wel- 
lington n 

Jeffrey John, laborer, 2 Markland 

Jeffrey John,carpenter, 39 Cherry 

Jeffs John, shipper, 99 East ave n 

Jeffs Joseph B, machinist, 118 
Jackson e 

Jelfs G F (Gage & Jelfs) h 60 

Jenkins Alfred, machinist, 140 
Wellington n 

Jenkins Charles, engineer, 34 

Jenkins Chas, machinist, 84 Mar- 

Jenkins George, new and 
second-hand furniture store, 
140 King w 

Jenkins John, carpenter, 133 Fer- 
rie e 

Jenkins J C N, machinist, 39 

Jenkins Mary A (wid Geo) 26 

Jenkins Stephen, machinist, 102 
Queen n 

Jenkins Thomas, lather, 30 Bay s 

Jenkins Wm, laborer, 54 Loco- 



Jennings David J, wood carver, 

293 King w 
Jennings John, moulder, 236 

Cannon e 
Jessop William, clerk G T R, 

277 Bay n 
Jewell Mrs Elizabeth (wid Thos) 

107 West ave n 

Jewell Wm, 107 West ave n 
Jinks John, heater, 37^ Ray n 
Job Wm J, shoemaker, Markland 
Jobber Mrs Caroline, 315 James n 
Jobson James, pork curer, 97 

Caroline s 
Jocelyn Joseph, plasterer, 37 

Johnson Alfred, fireman G T R, 

93 Caroline n 
Johnson Allen W, clerk, Canada 

Life chambers 
Johnston Amos, provision dealer, 

49 Mary 
Johnston Brent, carpenter, 199 

Wellington n 
Johnston Charles, bookbinder, 

bds Dominion hotel 
Johnston Charles, brushmaker, 

181 Main e 
Johnson Rev Charles A, scientist, 

lecturer and journalist, 54 Her- 
Johnstone Miss Emma, millinery, 

108 King w 

Johnston Fred (Fraser & John- 
ston) h Burlington s 
Johnson Frederick G, wheelwright, 

245 Mary 
Johnston Fred W, moulder, 126 

Cannon e 
Johnson Freeman, laborer, 96 

Ferrie e 
Johnson George, carpenter, 238 

Hughson n 
Johnston & Gilmore (J Johnston 

and W J Gilmore) auctioneers 

22 Merrick 
Johnson G W, teacher, 167 

John s 
Johnson Henry, laborer, Greig 

Johnston Henry, tender maker, 

87 Victoria ave n 
Johnston Jacob, tailor, 121 

Hunter w 
Johnston James, helper, 159 Wel- 
lington n 
Johnson James, laborer, 19 

Johnston James, messenger 

Merchants Bank, 83 Victoria 

ave n 
Johnston James (Johnston & Gil- 
more) 3 1 Victoria ave n 
Johnson James, Capt Salvation 

Army, 164 KingWm 
Johnson James, machinist, bds 

267 King w 
Johnson James, mariner, 201 j4 

John n 
Johnston James,laborer, 174 Cath- 
arine n 
Johnston James, machinist, 89 

Johnson James, music teacher, 14 

Johnston J H, furniture dealer, 

128 King e, bds 46 Catharine 

Johnston John, moulder, 160 

Victoria ave n 
Johnson John, shoemaker, 174 

John n 
Johnston John, machinist, 47 

Ferguson ave 
Johnston John, engineer, 91 Tif- 
Johnson Mrs John, 16 Grove 
Johnstone John, china store, 182 

King William 
Johnston Joseph, tinsmith, 58 

Robert e 
Johnson J P, agent American 

Express Co, h 7 Bold 
Johnston Lewis, blacksmith, 180 

Catharine n . 
Johnston Mrs Mary (wid Wm) 

I [7 Catharine n 
Johnson Peter, cigarmaker, 255 

Macnab n 



Johnson Peter, cigarmaker, 277 

John n 
Johnston Robert, carpenter, 160 

Victoria ave n 
Johnston Robert, mariner, 37 

Ferrie w 
Johnston Thomas J, policeman, 

bds 36 Barton e 
Johnston Thos, blacksmith, Aik- 

man's ave 
Johnston Thos, marble cutter, 29 

Queen n 
Johnston Thos, boiler maker, 

Johnson Walter, nailer, bds 140 

Hess n 
Johnson Wm, brushmaker, 99 

John n 
Johnston Wm, laborer, 203 Emer- 
ald n 
Johnston Wm, painter, bds 117 

Johnson Wm, painter, 103 Hess n 
Johnston Wm, blacksmith, Aik- 

man's ave 
Johnston Mrs Wm, 114 Cathar- 
ine n 
Johnston William, carpenter, 76 

John n 
Johnstone Wm L, blacksmith, 

124 Bold 
Joiner Thaddeus, laborer, 81 

Caroline n 
Jolly Chas, supt American nail 

works, 56 George 
JoUey Chas Joseph (James 

Jolley & Sons) 1 7 Hunter e 
JoUey James (James Jolley & 

Sons) 17 Hunter e 
JoUey James & Sons, sad- 
dlers, 45 and 47 John s 
JoUey W D (James Jolley & 

Sons) 17 Hunter e 
Jones Albert, laborer, 28 Bay s 
Jones Mrs Alexander, Ferguson 

ave n 
Jones Chas J, steamship ticket 

agent, James cor Merrick, h 

80 Ferguson ave 

Jones C J, manager Can Mu- 
tual Telegraph Co, h 144 Bay s 

Jones C K, roof painter, 76 East 
ave n 

Jones Edward C, agent, 83 King 

Jones F V, hatter, 127 Welling- 
ton n 

Jones George, carpenter Mark- 

Jones Hiram, bricklayer, 81 Mac- 
auley e 

Jones James, moulder, 77 Cath- 
arine n 

Jones James, 174 East ave n 

Jones John, laborer, 235 John n 

Jones John, bricklayer, 73 Mac- 
auley e 

Jones John, laborer, bds 32 Ray n 

Jones John, builder, n e cor Mary 
and Macauley 

Jones John T, laborer, 53 Pearl n 

Jones John W, LL B (Jones, 
McQuesten & Chisholm) h 
Maria cor Hughson 

Jones Mrs Martha (wid John) 63 
Ferguson ave 

Jones Mrs Mary (wid Thomas)45 

Jones, McQuesten & Chis- 
holm (J W Jones, I B Mc- 
Questen, MA, Jas Chisholm, 
MA) barristers, Victoria Cham- 
bers, 31 James s 

Jones Miss Minerva, 65 Hunter e 

Jones Miss Nellie, 187 Wilson 

Jones Patrick, quarryman,34 Lib- 

Jones Robert, whitewasher, 7 
Hunter e 

Jones Seneca, insurance agt, 
59 James n, h 116 Main e 
See card 

Jones Silas E, laborer, Went- 
worth s 

Jones Stephen, laborer, 29 Alan- 

Jones Thoma?, quarryman, r 126 
Hannah e 



Jones Thomas, glassblower, 37 

Burlington w 
Jones Walter, moulder, bds 77 

Catharine n 
Jones Walter, laborer, 125 Napier 
Jones Wm, moulder, 105 Cath- 
arine n 
Jones Wm, laborer, 1 1 Stuart w 
Jones Wm, car driver, bds 13 

Strachao n 
Jones W F, painter, 76 East ave 
Jones Wm H, agent sewing ma- 
chine, bds 9 Crooks 
Jones W H, clerk, 26 Victoria 

ave n 
Jones W J, toUgate keeper, Bar- 
ton e 
Jones \ym J, laborer, bds 45 

Jones Mrs, 13 Strachan e 
Jones — , laborer, 235 John n 
Jordan Mrs E B, 87 Macauley e 
Jost Mrs Mary, hair works, 206 

King w 
Joy Edward, laborer, 35 Canada 
Joy Wm, shoemaker, 67 Barton w 
Joyce Edward, painter, 89 Car- 
oline n 
Joyce James, carpenter, bds 55 

Joyce Philip, riveter, bds 36 York 
Joyce Thomas, tobacco roller, 23 

Queen n 
Joyce Mrs (wid Michael) 10 Lit- 
tle Market 
Judd Charles, clerk P O 
Judd Hamilton W, manager Can- 
ada Fruit Preserving Co, 47 
King Wm, h 138 Main w 
Judd James P (W H Judd & 

Bro) 95 Florence 
Judd Robert, painter, 24 Cherry 
Judd Thomas, laborer, 117 Can- 
non e 
Judd Wm Henry (W H Judd & 

Bro) h 72 Bay n 
Judd W H & Bro (Wm H and 
James P) soap manufacturers, 
71 Bay n 

Julian Wm, laborer, 107 Huiiter* 

Jutten Thos W, carpenter, 95 

Picton e 
Kahn Ferd, salesmain, 20 Stinson 
Kane John, carpenter,257 John n 
Kane Wm, laborer, Aikman's 

Kappelle Daniel, tailor, 54 West 

ave n 
Kappelle George V/, clerk, 50 

Victoria ave n 
Kartzmark Martin, blacksmith, 

40 Robinson 
Kavanagh Charles, laborer, 47 

Kavanagh, Dennis, 16 Wood w ' 
Kavanagh Edward, laborer, 41 

Kavanagh Frank, 17 Mulberry 
Kavanagh John, watchman, 13 

Kavanagh John, laborer, 6 Tif- 
Kavanagh John F, grocer, 39 

York, h 64 Bay s 
Kavanagh Joseph, 64 Bay s 
Kavanagh Matthew, boiler mak-. 

er, 329 Catharine n 
Kavanagh Thomas, laborer, 15 

Burlington e 
Kavanagh Terrence, moulder, 

100 Barton e 
Kavanagh Wm, 233 King w 
Kay, Alex, machinist, 11 Canada 
Kay Thos L, electrical works, 28 

Bay n, h 1 1 Canada 
Kaye Wm, laborer, 5 1 Markland 
Keanan Michael, laborer, 162 

Jackson w 
Keale Mrs, bds 47 Walnut s 
Keane Mark, laborer, 55 Main w 
Kearney James, tobacco roller, 

bds Robinson 
Kearney Mrs Johanna (wid John) 

Kearley H J, 156 King e 
Keating James, machinist, bds 28 




Keating William, confectioner, 

59 Ferrie e 
Keays Robert, laborer, 93 Young 
Keays R S, real estate agent, 57 

James n, h 1 7 West ave s 
Keays Wm, machinist, 12 Ray n 
Kee Sing, laundry, 87 King w 
Keeble Arthur, teamster, 22 

Keefe Alex, laborer, bds 350 

James n 
Keefer Rev B B, 1 1 West ave s 
Keefer Robert, salesman, 30 Lib- 
Keenan Andrew, laborer, 139 

Keenan Mrs (Campbell) 49 Lit- 
tle William 
Keewatin Lumbering and Manu- 
facturing Co, R Fuller, Canada 
Life building, i James s 
Kegan Wm, laborer, 94 Mac- 

auley e 
Kehoe Lawrence, livery, 176 

John n 
Keith James, laborer, 304 King w 
Kelk Frank G, tailor, 73 Lower 

Kelk Frederick, salesman, Maria 
Kelk James, tinsmith, 207 John n 
Kelk John G, paper bag manf, 

72 Queen s 
Kelk Wm, music teacher, 70 Ma- 
Kell Robert H, laborer, 57 Maria 
Kell Wm, jr. hack drievr, 57 

Kell Wm, 57 Maria 
Kellar Francis, laborer, 42 Locke 

Keller Thos, agent, 6 Margaret 
Kellar Wesley, 208 King w 
Kellner John, tailor, 167 Rob- 
ert e 
Kellond Frederick, bookbinder, 

2 Grove 
Kellond George, shoemaker, 196 

King w 
Kelly Daniel, 198 Main e 

Kelly Dennis, r 295 King Wm 

Kelly Dennis, machinist, 47 

Kelly D J, wood and coal, 135 
James n, h 44 Cannon e 

Kelly D, jr, bricklayer, 13 Steven 

Kelly Mrs Frances (wid Robert) 
77 Main e 

Kelly Harry, laborer, bds 181 
Main w 

Kelly James, cigar maker, bds 
Commercial hotel 

Kelly James, laborer, 324 Mac- 
nab n 

Kelly Jas, shoemaker, 95 Lower 

Kelly Jas, laborer, 31 Macauley e 

Kelly Mrs Johanna (wid John) 
29 Lower Cathcart 

Kelly John, hotel keeper, 198 
James n 

Kelly John, laborer, 334 John n 

Kelly J P, shoemaker, 13 Macnab 
n, h 38 Railway 

Kelly Lawrence, laborer, 299 
Macnab n 

Kelly & Lockwood, British Amer- 
ican laundry, 162 York 

Kelly Mrs Maria (wid Bernard) 
581^ Robert 

Kelly Mrs Mary (wid Thomas) 
83 Flunter w 

Kelly Michael, moulder, bds 73 
Stuart w 

Kelly Patrick, laborer, 273 John n 

Kelly P J, tailor, 138 Catharine n 

Kelly Thomas, shoemaker, 247 

Kelly Thomas, tailor, 138 Cath- 
arine n 

Kelly Timothy, stovemounter, 92 

Kelly T M, grocer, 50 John s 

Kemp Charles, fireman, 1163^ 
Locke n 

Kemp David, painter, 29 Bar- 
ton e 

Kemp George, tinsmith, 114 
Queen n 



Kemp George, grocer, 120 
King e, h 71 Herkimer 

Kemp John, laborer, r 142 King 

Kemp Mrs Mary (wid Rev Alex) 
113 Jackson \v 

Kemp Richard, laborer, r 198 
King Wm 

Kemp Samuel,traveler,6^ Robert 

Kemp Wm, painter, 120 Young 

Kench William, fruiterer, 253 

Kendall James, gardener. Con- 
cession, Highfield 

Kendall Joseph, bds58 Hunter e 

Kendall Joseph T, butcher, 58 
Hunter e 

Kennard Edward, cabinet mak- 
er, 168 Emerald n 

Kennard Henry, laborer, bds 27 
Simcoe e 

Kennedy Andrew, laborer, 33 
Picton e 

Kennedy Mrs Catharine (wid 
Owen) 76 Hughson s 

Kennedy Donald, whipmaker, 13 
Cannon w 

Kennedy George, carpenter, 132 
Jackson w 

Kennedy Jas, blacksmith, Bowen, 
h 7 Canada 

Kennedy Mrs Jessie (wid Don- 
ald) 80 George 

Kennedy John, laborer, 132 Pic- 
ton e 

Kennedy John, boiler maker, 30 
Macauley e 

Kennedy John, car checker, 147 
Hughson n 

Kennedy John, foreman, 94 Bar- 
ton e 

Kennedy John, carpenter, 31 
Queen n 

Kennedy Mrs Margaret (widow 
Benj) 53 Strachan e 

Kennedy Matthew, cooper, 138 
Ferrie e 

Kennedy Michael, hatter, 91 

Kennedy Pat, laborer, 91 Mary 

Kennedy Patrick, moulder, 116 

Kennedy Reginald &^ Times 
Printing Co, 8 Rae s 

Kennedy R D, architect, pro- 
vincial land surveyor and civil 
engineer, 42 James n, h 85 
Main w 

Kennedy T C, salesman, 48 Jas n 

Kennedy W, clerk Bank British 
North America, 33 Bold 

Kenny, David, seedsman, 13 
York, h 73 Bay n 

Kenny James, carpenter, 53 

Kenny James, mail clerk, 211 

Kenney S M, insurance agent, 
78)^ King e, h 9 }^ West ave s 

Kenny S M, 78^^ King e 

Kenny Thomas, laborer, 24 Fer- 
guson ave 

Kenny Thomas, laborer, 232 
Catharine n 

Kenrick John, 159 John n 

Kenrick John, grocer, 67 West 
ave n 

Kent Mrs Elizabeth (wid George) 
51 Elgin 

Kent Geo T, city foreman 32 
Queen s 

Kent Henry, clerk, 34 Peter 

Kent John, laborer, 120 Wood e 

Kent John, moulder, 73 Stuart w 

Kent Joseph, contractor, York w 

Kent Joseph, clerk, bds 127 John 

Kent S ^, assistant city clerk, 76 
Bay s 

Keough Rev John, chancel- 
lor diocese of Hamilton, 244 
King e 

Kerby Mrs M (w'"d And T) bds 
114 Main w 

Kern David W, grocer, 31 Can- 

Kernan George, agent, 127 Mar- 

J I 12 


Kerner Christian, hotel, 7 York 

Kerner John, 48 Hunter w 

Kern Mrs M (wid Jacob) 39 
James s 

Kerner Wm, agent, 18 Florence 
.Kerr Alexander, 81 Wellington n 
/Kerr Alfred, salesman, 8t Wel- 
lington n 

Kerr A R (A R Kerr & Co) h 
41 Charles 

I Kerr A R & Co, dry goods, 
34 King w 

.Kerr C J, machinist, 264 Mary 

Kerr George, caretaker Crystal 
Palace, Locke n 

Kerr John, moulder, 265 Macnab 

Kerr John, 374 Hughson n 

Kerr Murray A, Burlington Glass 
Works, h 63 East ave s 

Kerr Robert, chemist, Winer & 

Kerr Robert, salesman, 26 Main 

Kerr Thomas, moulder. Nightin- 

Kerr W A, clerk, 81 Wellington n 

Kerr Wm H, moulder, 123 Caro- 
line n 

Kerr Wm J, moulder, 123 Caro- 
line n 

Kerran John, carpenter, r 62 
Locke n 

Kerrigan Dennis, merchant tailor, 
170 King e 

Kerrigan John, druggist, bds 42 

Kerrigan John, merchant tailor, 
98 King w 

Kerruish Mrs Ellen (wid Thomas) 
119 Maria 

Kerslake Joseph F, cabinet 
maker, 263 James n 

Ketcheson Byron, moulder, 78 
Lower Cathcart 

Keyses James, 3 Emerald s 

Keymer Harry, boiler maker, 2 1 7 
James n 

Kiah D A, mariner, 83 Park n 

Kidd David, general agent Can- 
ada Life Assurance Co, 57 

Kidd Samuel, fruit dealer, 65 

Kidner Charles, printer, 99 Cher- 

Kidner Edward, printer, 99 Cher- 

Kidner Frank (Griffin & Kid- 
ner, 99 Cherry 

Kidney Mrs Bridget (wid Wm) 
r 5 1 Young 

Kievell Wesley, baker, bds 13 
Cannon e 

Kilgour Chas, laborer, no 

Kilgour James (J & R Kilgour) 
83 Catharine s 

Kilgour J & R, organ manfs, 64 
John s 

Kilgour Mrs Robert, Si Cathar- 
ine s 

Killey J H (Osborne, Killcy 
Manf Co) h 4 Hess s 

Killey Wm, machinist, 4 Hess s 

Kilroy Mrs John, second-hand 
dealer, 21 King Wm 

Kilvert Francis E, M P, barrister, 
Canada Life Building, i James 
s, h 10 West ave s 

Kilvington Thomas jr, florist, 
254 King e 

Kilvington Thomas sr, florist, 30 
East ave n 

Kime Wm H, laborer, 7 Park n 

King Alfred, painter, e s Welling- 
n, n of G T R R 

King Cyrus, grocer, 10 Market 
sq, h 122 Market 

King Elias, porter, 16 Catharine n 

King Mrs Elsie (wid Anthony) 
74 Vine 

King Francis E, rope maker, 
245 14 Mary 

King George, painter, 145 Picton 

King George, 150 Emerald n 

King George, carpenter, 179 Re- 



King George T, road master, 73 

King Harry, hostler Dominion 

King Hiram, 156 King Wm 
King James, traveling agent, 42 

Barton e 
Kng John A, sewer pipe maker, 

213 Main \v 
King Joseph, boot finisher, 96 

Hunter w 
King Mark, mason, 28 Spring 
King Mrs Mary (wid Francis) 75 

King Robert, laborer, 140 King 

King Robert sr, laborer, 36 East 

ave n 
King Robert, jr, cigar maker, 36 

East ave n 
King Samuel S, building mover, 

Dundurn, h 2 Jones 
King S V, moulder, 14 Elgin 
King Thomas, engineer, 28 Tom 
King Thomas, laborer, bds 77 

Caroline s 
King Thomas, laborer, Herkimer 
King Thomas, stonemason, 33 

Ray n 
King Thos, machinist, 47 East 

ave n 
King William, merchant tailor,3o 

Main \v 
King Wm, engineer, 167 Jack- 
son w 
King Mrs, 77 Napier 
King — , core maker, 9 Caroline 

Kingdon Mrs E, 177 King e 
Kingdon J;imes, tailor, 128 Mary 
Kingdon James, blacksmith, 171 

King e 
Kingdon Wm J, printer, 36 Rob- 
Kinleyside John, manager 

Hamilton Industrial Works Co, 

3 Hess s 
Kinrade Thomas, school teacher. 

Barton e 


Kinsler Edward, grocer, 103 John 

Kinsler Wm, laborer, bds 175 

Catharine n 
Kinsella John, laborer, 89 Sim- 

coe e 
Kirby Thomas, painter, bds 379 

John n 
Kirk James, barber, 31 York 
Kirk William, baker, 72 Vine 
Kirk Wm, jr (Kirk & Truman)72 

Kirk & Truman (Wm Kirk and 

A E Truman) hairdressers, 18 

Market sq 
Kirkam Mrs John, 157 Catharine 

Kirkendall Mrs Euphemia (wid 

Samuel) 16^ Pearl s 
Kirkendall Marshall,painter, 16^ 

Pearl s 
Kirkendall Wesley, painter, 16^ 

Pearl s 
Kirkham Luke, carder, 20 Pic- 
ton e 
Kirkness James, carpenter, 124 

Cannon w 
Kirkness John, cooper, 237 Bar- 
ton e 
Kirkpatrick John, hatter, bds 

42^ West ave n 
Kirkpatrick Henry, laborer, 256 

James n 
Kirkpatrick Joseph, grocer, 92 

Emerald n 
Kirkpatrick Neil, engineer, 355 

James n 
Kirkpdtrick William, carpenter, 

19 Simcoe w 
Kirkwood John, laborer, 94 Fer- 

rie e 
Kirwin John P, shipper, 314 

King William 
Kilchtn J B, photographer, 18 

Kite Harry, com traveler, 21 Mul- 
Kitten John, laborer, 102 Picton e 
Kitts James, shoemaker, 5 Hilton 



Kittson E C (Martin & Kitt- 
son) 1 6 Hughson s 

Kittson H N, bookkeeper, 29 
Wellington s 

Kittyle Francis, collector Times^ 
44 Stuart e 

Klager Michael, bricklayer, 54 
Jackson w 

Kleinstiber Hugo, cabinet mak- 
er, 103 Robinson 

Klinger Herman, machinist, 108 
James n 

Klock John, packer, 53 Emerald 

Klock Rozell, cigar maker, 2 

Klotz E W, buyer, 80 Robert e 

Knags William, machinist, 99 
Catharine s 

Knapman Mrs A (wid John) 14 
Emerald n 

Knapman John, laborer, 108 
Locke s 

Knapman Wm, laborer, 2 Main w 

Knapp Ethelbert, laborer, 42 

. Wellington n 

Kneeshaw Joseph, lithographer, 
46 Lower Cathcart 

Knetsch August, tailor, 1 74 Can- 
non e 

Knight Mrs Ellen, 232 Barton e 

Knight Henry, car repairer, 45 

Knights of Labor Co-operative 
Store (grocers) James Ailes, 
manager, 12 John n 

Knott George, laborer, 99 Mac- 
nab n 

Knott & Sons (John H and Chas) 
piano manfs, 98 James n h 49 
Walnut s 

Knott Thomas, clerk,58 Bay n 

Knotts Augustus, laborer, Herki- 

Knotts Mrs Sophia, Herkimer 

Knowles E , laborer, 33 Macauley e 

Knowles Mrs Caroline (wid Rain- 
ault) 7 Hess n 

Knowles Henry,clerk,i94 Kingw 

Knox Church (Presbyterian) 

James cor Cannon 
Knox George, engine driver G T 

R, 93 Hess n 
Knox John, policeman, 351 Jas 

Knox John (Knox, Morgan & 

Co) 7 King e 
Knox, Morgan & Co (John 

Knox and Alfred Morgan) 

wholesale dry goods, 7 King e 
Knox Mrs, toUgate keeper, King 

Koch Nicholas, moulder, 169 

John n 
Korn Wm, furrier, Markland nr 

Kouber Matthew, furrier, 15 

Locke s 
Kraft A A (E L Kraft & Son) 

Wentworth s of Mam 
Kraft E L (E L Kraft & Son) 

Wentworth s of Main 
Kraft E L & Son (E L Kraft, 

A A Kraft) saddlery, 8-10 York 
Kramer Mrs Barbara, Flamboro 

House, 53 Merrick 
Kramer George, Eureka Hotel, 

36 York 
Krause Chas, buckle maker, 43 

Queen s 
Kronsbein Henry, tailor, 77 Jack- 
son e 
Kuntz Ilenry, brewer, 15 Bay n 
Kuntz Jacob, brewer, 39 Bay n 
Kuntz James, fireman, bds 122 

Cannon e 
Kurpieski Miss Agatha, 121 

Jackson w 
Kuskie William, machinist, bds 

Blaase hotel 
Kyle Thos, laborer, 66 Locke s 
Labatt John Agency, J H 

Linfoot agent, 35 King e 
LabitzKy Sebastien (Blumenstiel 

& Labitzky) bds 34 King Wil- 
La Chance Wm E, com traveler, 

79 Main w 



Lockie Thos, laborer, 1 1 2 Bold 

Ladd Edward, baker, Ferguson 
ave n 

Lafarelle James, fireman, bds 10 
Stuart e 

Lafferty James, M D, 27 Re- 

Lagarie John, blacksmith, 130 
Emerald n 

Lagarie Octave, blacksmith, 186 
Emerald n 

Lahey Michael, bricklayer, 128 
Hannah e 

Lahey Thomas, messenger, 41 
Catharine n 

Lahey Wm, telegraphist, 41 
Catharine n 

Lahiff John, laborer, 144 Bay n 

Laidlaw Adam (Laidlaw Manf 
Co) h 17 Wilson 

Laidlaw George, brushmaker, 8 

Laidlaw James, carpenter, Ashley 

Laidlaw James, machinist, bds 
49 Stuart w 

Laidlaw James, bookkeeper, 17 

Laidlaw Manuf Co, A Laidlaw 
managing director, 84 to 90 

Laidlaw Thomas, clerk, 82 Mary 

Laidlaw Robert, agent, 51 Wal- 
nut s 

Laidlaw Rev R J, pastor St 
Paul's Church, 85 Hughson s 

Laidman Richard, laborer, 9 Wal- 
nut n 

I^aing Edward, upholsterer, bds 
79 Bay n 

Laing Mrs Elizabeth (wid James 
S) 40 George 

Laing H Hargreave, merchant, 
70 Cannon w 

Laing Mrs Isabella (wid George) 
79 Bay n 

Laing Jas B, bookkeeper, 7 3 Bay n 

Laing John, bricklayer, 1 10 Caro- 
line s 

Laing John, machinist, Maple 

Laing Wm, brakesman G T R» 

19 Mill 
Laing Wm J, grocer, Hannah w, 

cor Caroline, 47 Merrick 
Laird Mrs Isabella (wid Joseph) 

bds 84 Queen s 
Laird Thomas W, machinist, 245 

Hughson n 
Lake Albert, broommaker, 22 

Barton w 
Lakeland James F, artist, 34 Col- 
Lake & River Steamship 

Co, John Harvey & Co, 69 

James n 
Lalor Simon, hotel keeper 

(Thompson's hotel) 12 Market 
Lalley Dominic, rougher, bds 73 

Stuart w 
Lalley Thomas, laborer, 270 

Hughson n 
Lamb F H, accountant, Ham 

Prov Chambers 
Lam be Harold, com merchant, 

24 Main e, h 87 Hughson s 
Lam be T H, accountant, 58 

Jackson w 
Lambe W G, clerk, 6r George 
Lambert Arthur, watchman, 18^ 

Simcoe e 
Lambert Charles, manager 

Gore Coflee Tavern, 13 Hugh- 
son n 
Lambert Fred ericlf/ pork packer, 

140 Jackson e V 
Lambert George, teamster, 62 

Robinson / 
Lambert Jos©f;h, teamster, 62 

Lamont Alexander, lithographer, 

140^ Mary 
Lamont Miss Isabella, dress- 
maker, 1 40 J Mary 
Lamont John, gardener, Main e 
Lamonte — , laborer, Maple 
Lamoreux Emile, shoemaker, 22 

Upper Cathcart 
Lamplough Jeremiah, watchman, 

8 Inchbury n 



Lampman Joseph, laborer, 69 

Lampman William, laborer,, 69 

Lampman Wm H, farmer, 20 

Walnut s 
Lampshire Mark, laborer, 106 

Strachan e 
Lamrock Mrs Nancy, 50 Chish- 

Lanaway R B, machinist, in 

West ave n 
Lancashire Fire & Life In- 
surance Co, George A Young 

agent, 2 Merrick 
Lancefield Mrs Agnes (wid Chas) 

105 York 
Lancefield C J, carriage trimmer, 

105 York 
Lancely Wm, engineer, 67 Han- 
nah w 
Land Allan, bookkeeper, 136 

Hughson n 
Land Mrs Helen (wid Wm) 159 

Main w 
Land Col John, Wentworth n 
Land J H, sec Royal Templars, 

296 Barton e 
Land Peter, Wentworth n 
Land Stephen, machinist, Smith 

Landon Frederick, com traveler, 

121 John s 
Landed Banking & Loan 

Co, Samuel Slater treasurer, 

Canada Life Building, 3 James 

Lane Edmund, carpenter, 62 

Lane Eaward, produce dealer, 

154 Catharine n 
Lane Wm, bricklayer, Hess s 
Lane William, jr, bricklayer, bds 

Hess s 
Laney James, 149 Ferguson ave 
Lang Mrs Grace (wid William) 

126 Catharine n 
Lang Thomas, carpenter, 182 

Robert e 

Langberg Fred, cabinet maker, 

85 King e 
Langdon Daniel, 18 Stuart e 
Langdon Joseph, engineer, 74 

Langford Rev Alex, pastor 

King Sreet Methodist Church, 

104 Main e 
Langford John, carpenter, 74 

Queen s 
Langley Philip, watchman, 20 

South e 
Langlois Mrs Margaret (widow 

Thos) 59 Hunter w 
Langlois Richard A, millwright, 

19 Sophia n 
Lans;ton Mrs Julia (wid John) 

134 Jackson e 
Lanigan George, bookbinder, 68 

Ferguson ave 
Lannon Thomas, laborer, 97 

Ferrie e 
Lanton Rev Henry, 22 Sheaffe 
Lappan Joseph, brakesman, 107 ^^ 

Simcoe e 
Large F W, agent Mail^ 119 

Catharine s 
Lark W B, salesman, bds 17 

Main w 
Larkin Andrew, weaver, too Sim- 
coe e 
Larkin Francis, carpet weaver, 95 

King w 
Larkin Hall, 8 John n 
Larkin Wm, moulder, 9 Elgin 
Larkin Wm, moulder, loij^ El- 
Larmer James, laborer, 59 Bar- 
ton e 
Larman William, brickmaker, 3 

Sophia s 
Larmer Wm, brickmaker, Jones 
Larson J A, laborer, 31 Murray e 
Larocn Lavis, shoemaker, 216 

John n 
Laskie Mrs Jeannette (wid Wm) 

62 Ray n 
Latham John, wagon maker, 137 

Ferguson ave 



Latham Shephard, machinist, 1 1 

Lathrop J M, manager Opera 
House, office lo Gore 

Latimer James, machinist 72 Lo- 

Lattimore Mrs Mary, 281 James n 

Latimore Wm, blacksmith, 90 
Bay n 

Latremouille John, confectioner, 
33 Sheaffe 

Lauder Mrs Elizabeth (wid John) 
146 Bay s 

Lauder George, fireman, bds 
Court House Hotel 

Laughlin Andrew, moulder, 47 

LaVallee Charles, machinist, 293 
James n 

LaVallee D P, 297 James n 

La veil John, cigar maker, 24 Mac- 
nab n, h 22 Aurora 

Lavell Mrs Kate (wid Michael) 
172 Jackson w 

Lavelle Mrs Ann (wid Owen) 63 

Lavelle Anthony, laborer, bds 158 

Lavelle John, laborer, 30 Fer- 
guson ave 

Lavelle Owen, laborer, 90 Maria 

Lavelle Patrick, baker, 63 Maria 

Lavelle Robert, tinsmith, 19 John, 
n, h 63 Maria 

Lavelle VVm, tinsmith, 63 Maria 

Lavery Henry, accountant, bds 
Royal hotel 

Lavery James, carpenter, 31 East 
ave n 

Lavery W J, solicitor, 4 Main, 
h 41 Hannah e 

Lavin Mrs Eilen, 146 Catharine n 

Laven J G, Canadian passenger 
agt M C R R, bds Royal hotel 

Lavis Edward, carpenter, 105 Re- 

La vis Edward, 204 King Wm 

Lavis Mrs Fanny (wid Wm) 37 
Ferguson ave 

Lavis James, carpenter, 2 Pine 

Lawlor Mrs Ann, 20 Wood w 

Lawlor John, cabinet maker, 69 
Strachan e 

Lawlor Patrick, carter, 16 Rail- 

Lawlor Thomas, machmist, 97 

Lawrason Mrs Hannah ( wid 
Douglas) 162 Napier 

Lawrence John, druggist's as- 
sistant, 21 Tom 

Lawrence John, painter, 9 Wood 

Lawrence Mrs Sarah (wid John) 
185 Napier 

Lawrence Thomas, laborer, 356 
John n 

Lawrence Thomas, carpenter, 8 
Emerald n 

Lawrence Thomas, druggist, 81 
James n 

Lawrence Wm, polisher, 39 Em- 
erald n 

Lawrie James, salesman, 66 Ray s 

Lawrie James, laborer, 66 Ray s 

Lawrie John, clerk, bds 78 Mar- 

Lawrie John, laborer, 143 Mac- 
au ley e 

Lawrie John S, clerk, bds 78 Mar- 

Lawrie Robert, laborer, bds 99 
Hunter w 

La wry Mrs A, 25 Augusta 

La wry Charles, hides and skins, 
26 Merrick, res Dundas 

Lawry Plenry, butcher James st 
Market, h 13 Charles 

Lawry Simon, advertising agent, 
55 Young 

Lawry Thomas & Son (Thos 
and Thos H) prop Hamilton 
Packing House, 14, 16 Mac- 
nab s and James st market, h 
136 James s 

Laws on A & Co, printers, 5 York 

Lawson A J, manager Edison 
Electric Light Co, h 1 1 Park s 



Lawson Alexander (A Lawson & 
Co) h 55 Macnab s 

Lawson John, salesman, 78 John 

Lawson John, laborer, bds 55 

Lawson Mrs Mary (wid Abraham) 
55 Magill 

Lawson Thomas, laborer, 18 

Lawson William, traveler bds 37 

Lawson VVm, carpenter, 33 Wel- 
lington s 

Lay Andrew, saloonkeeper, 21 
James n 

Laycock Charles, blacksmith, 15 
Wellington n 

Layland Edwin, upholsterer, Rob- 

Lazarus Geo J, wood turner, 14 

Lazier, Dingwall & Monck 
(S F Lazier, M A, LL B, 
Kenneth Dingwall, B A, LL B, 
J F Monck) barristers, 42 
James n See card 

Lazier S F, M A, LL B 
(Lazier, Dingwall & Monck) 
barrister, h 67 Charles 

Leary Wm, 1 7 Vine 

Leask A R, 8 Maria 

Leask R P, gents' furnishings, 24 
King e, h 8 Maria 

Leask Wm, watchman, 152 Bayn 

Leather A T, clerk G T R, res 

Leather Henry R, fitter, 82 Han- 
nah w 

Leather Thomas E, com traveler, 
97 Market 

Leaver Uriah, 52 Strachan e 

Leavers Geo, painter, 147 Jack- 
son w 

LeBarre Miss Fathama,96 John n 

Le Blanc Isaac, lineman, 32 
Macauley w 

jLe Blanc Nil, lineman, 32 Ma- 
cauley w 

Lech Mrs Eliza (wid And) bds 
41 Peter 

Leckenby Francis J, com traveler, 
9>^ Park s 

Leckie Campbell, machinist. South 

Leckie W R, bookkeper, 79 East 
ave n 

Ledgerwood Mrs Myra (wid 
James) 45 Robert 

Lee Charles, 373 Hughson 

Lee Christopher, porter, 78 Jack- 
son e 

Lee Mrs Ellen (wid John) 77 
Hunter e 

Lee Miss Emma, 185 Catharine n 

Lee George, 68 King w 

Lee Harry, clerk, 1 1 Brock w 

Lee Jacob, laborer, 21 Burlington 

Lee Joel, cabinet maker, 22 Em- 
erald n 

Lee Joseph, wood dealer, 176 
York, h Burlington s 

Lee Joseph, piano tuner, 138^ 
Main e ^ 

Lee Joseph, cabinet maker, 52 
Gore -^ 

Lee Lyman, law student, 109 
Macnab n 

Lee Robert, fireman G T R, 20 

Lee Thomas, glass blower, s w 
cor John n and Picton 

Lee Wesley, mariner, 380 Hugh- 
son n 

Lee Wm, pedler, 152 Hughson n 

Lee Wm, bricklayer, 191 Welling- 
ton n 

Lee Wm G, 68 King w 

Leegrice Mrs Charlotte, 68 John 

Leegrice Thomas, cabinet maker, 
r 77 Jackson e 

Lees G H (G H Lees & Co) 
h 78 Napier 

Lees G H & Co, watch- 
makers and jewelers, 114 King 



Lees Mrs Jane (wid George) 74 
James s 

Lees Thomas, watchmaker, 
jeweler and optician, 5 James 
n, h 143 Main w 

Lees Wm (Walker & Scott) 
barrister, h 31 Main e 

LeesWilliam,baker, 31 Main e 

Lefevre Robt, carpet weaver, 1 1 

Legarie John, wagon shop, 41 
James s, h Emerald n 

Legg James, pedler, 86 Bay n 

Leggat John, clerk, 5 Duke 

Leggat John, cabinet maker, bds 
31 Gore 

Leggat Matthew (Wood & 
Reggat) h 5 Duke 

Legault Jacques, Smith ave 

Legault Phoenix, shoemaker, 
Smith ave 

Lehan Daniel, laborer, r 258 
King w 

Leighton Mrs A, temperance 
laundry) 6 Upper Cathcart 

Leighton Augustus, laborer, 6 
Upper Cathcart 

Leishman Mrs Mary (wid Mal- 
colm) 280 King e 

Leister Charles, laborer. Garth 

Leister Henry, laborer, Garth 

Leitch Andrew (Leitch & Turn- 
bull) h 18 Barton w 

Leitch David G, clerk, 50 Hugh- 
son n 

Leitch John, machinist,^ 50 Hugh- 
son n 

Leitch John, machinist, 59 East 
ave n 

Leitch & TurnbuU (Andrew 
Leitch, Michael Turnbull) 
manfs hoisting machinery, 29 

Leitch William, machinist, bds 
50 Hughson n 

Leith A, teller Stinson's Bank, 7 1 
Mam w 

Leith Wm, clerk, David McLel- 
lan, 71 Main w 

Le Messurier Daniel, painter, 59 
Hunter w 

Lemon Charles, barrister, 14 
Hughson s, h 5 Young 

Lemon Mrs Margaret (wid Wil- 
son, dressmaker, 30 Wilson 

Lemond George, laborer, 150 
Jackson w 

Lendon Mrs Mary Ann (wid 
John) 18 Sheaffe 

Lendon Henry, machinist, 29 

Lendon Henry, machinist, 14 

Lennard Mrs George, 31 Stuart 

Lennon Fred W, bartender Do- 
minion Hotel 

Lennon Rev James (Roman 
Catholic) 25 Sheaffe 

Lennox John (W Griffith & Co) 
h 17 Pearl s 

Lennox Wm, grocer, 53 Mark- 

Lentz August, laborer,47 Tisdale 

Lentz Fred, butcher, 47 Steven 

Leonard, caretaker GTR offices, 
Stuart w 

Leonard James, laborer, 67 Wal- 
nut s 

Leonard Patrick, laborer, i Eliza 

Le Page Pierre, shoemaker, 25 

Le Patourel Elias, shoemaker, 
117 Main e 

Le Riche George (J Winer & Co) 
h 102 Catharine s 

Leslie James, MD, 37 Main w 

Leslie Robert, shoemaker, 29 

Leslie Robert, laborer, 97 Mary 

Leslie Robert, bookkeeper, 44 
Macauley w 

Leslie Robert, fruiterer, 142 Re- 

Leslie W L, clerk, 37 Main w 

Lester B, Exchange Hotel, 12 
Market sq 

Lester J M, Canada Clock Co, h 
75 East ave s 



Lester Thomas VV, real estate^^nd 
insurance agent, 80 Emerald s 

Level Wm, laborer, 61 Mary 

Leveratt S, accountant, 2 ^ Jas n 

Levi Abraham, rag dealer, 79 
Macnab n 

Levis John, laborer, 145 Cath- 
arine n 

Levis William, carpenter, 241 
King e 

Leveque John, shoemaker, 34 

Levy Abraham (Levy Bros & 
Scheuer) h 89 James s 

Levy Bros & Scheuer (H & 
A Levy, E Scheuer) wholesale 
jewelers, 27 King e 

Levy Herman (Levy Bros & 
Scheuer) h 89 James s 

Levy Lsaac, tailor, 99 Jackson e 

Lewis Andrew, laborer, Burling- 

Lewis Benjamin, 48 Cannon w 

Lewis Benjamin, wool sorter, 36 
Catharine n 

Lewis David, laborer, Jones 

Lewis Edward, plasterer, 62 Wal- 
nut s 

Lewis Mrs Ellen (wid Robert) 15 
Main w 

Lewis Jas, machinist, 57 Young 

Lewis Jas, carpenter, 61 Steven 

Lewis J H, bartender Empire 

Lewis J H, bandmaster, 87 Park 

Lewis John, shoemaker, 89 King 

Lewis John, 95 Napier 

Lewis John B, spring bed manf, 
8 Wellington n 

Lewis J L, city editor Spectator^ 
103 James s 

Lewis Marvin, polisher, 2 Em- 
erald n 

Lewis Mrs Susan (wid Daniel) 
^l Peter 

Lewis Thomas, roller, 147 Locke 

Lewis Thomas, teamster, 118 
West ave n 

Lewis Thomas, cigar manf, -^i 

Lewis Thos S, machinist, 129 
Simcoe e 

Lewis William, plasterer, 43 Au- 

Lewis Wm J, carpenter, 120 East 
ave n 

Leyden Charles, manager Dun- 
can Lithographing Co, 13 Col- 

License Commissioners' 
Office, John I McKenzie, in- 
spector, 4 James s 

Life Association of Canada, 
John Cameron, manager, Went- 
worth Chambers, 25 James s 

Life Association of Scot- 
land, A F Forbes, agent, 2 

Lightfoot J L, shoemaker, 159 
James n 

Lillis J S, cigar manf, Centre, h 
9 Cannon 

Limin Charles, meat and pro- 
vision dealer, 26 Jackson w 

Limin William, bookkeeper, 26 
Jackson w 

Lindsay Wm, laborer, 116 Pic- 
toh e 

Lindsay W J, paying teller Bank 
of Hamilton, 114 Main .w 

Linfoot J H, agent John La- 
batt, 3^ King e, h Victoria 
ave, cor Robert 

Linfoot Leonard, salesman, 95 
West ave n 

Ling James, carpenter, 58 Chis- 

Ling John, 57 King Wm 

Linger Jesse,sexton Chri^t church 
166 James n 

Linklater Andrew, 73 Peter 

Linton Robert, carpenter, 49 
Stuart w 

Lipck Charles, brushmaker, 59 


12 I 

Lipkie Frank, laborer, 46 Hess s 

Lister Jas, carpenter, 195 John 

Lister Joseph, office 42 James n, 
h 75 Victoria ave s 

Lister W L B, law student, Stin- 
son cor Victoria ave 

Lithgow Jas, laborer, 210 King w 

Little David, barber, 61 John s 

Little Hector, grocer, 80 Barton e 

Little Jas, laborer, bds 56 Bur- 
lington w 

Little John, carpenter. King c 

Little John M, bookkeeper, 5 
Victoria ave n 

Little M H, plumber, 240 Can- 
non e 

Little Robert, laborer, 52 Loco- 

Little William, glassworker, 56 
Burlington w 

Little William, laborer, 145 
Macauley e 

Littlehales Mrs John, 234 Can- 
non e 

Littlehales Thomas, engineer 
and manager gas works, 99 

Littlejohn Chas, wood inspector 
G T R, 140 Queen n 

Littlejohn Mrs M W (wid Alex) 
90 Jackson e 

Littlejohn Wm, bricklayer, 123 
Emerald n 

Littlewood George, machinist, 9 
Murray € 

Littlewood Thomas, brakesman, 
227 Hughson n 

Livernois Joseph, fruit dealer, 24 

Livings Frank, grocer, 307 York 

Livingston Stuart, law student, 
ICQ Main w 

Livingston T C sr. Dominion 
Land Surveyor, 18 James s, h 
100 Main w 

Livingston W Churchill 

• (Staunton & Livingston) h 100 
Main w 

Lloyd Griffith, clerk, 116 Can- 
non w 

Llyod H H, shipper, 45 Murray 

Lloyd James, laborer, Greig 

Lloyd Joseph, bookkeeper, 116 
Cannon w 

Llyod Samuel, cabinet maker, 
55 ^'ork 

Lloyd's Plate Glass Insur- 
ance Co, Seneca Jones agent, 

59 James n 

Locke Charles, stovemounter, 84 

Hannah e 
Locke Mrs Margaret (wid Chas) 

109 Jackson w 
Locke Mrs Mary (wid Joseph) 

109 Jackson w 
Locke Wm J, clerk, MarklancJ 

cor Caroline 
Locke W J, clerk, 129 Ferguson 

Lockhart James, 44 Victoria ave 

Lockhart Octaf, tobacco roller, 

60 Hess n 

Lockie Alex, printer, 36 Market 
Lockie Mrs Isabella (wid Alex) 

36 Market 
Lockman Christopher F, 324 

Lockman Wm, joiner, 36 Flor- 
Lockman Wm H, bridge builder, 

40 Florence 
Lockwood Miss Eliza (British 

American Laundry) 50 Robert 
Lockwood Mrs Sarah, 50 Robert 
Loemans Alex F, artist, 14^ 

King e, h 151 King w 
Loftus James, laborer, 7 Harriet 
Loftus James, laborer, 233 Mac- 

nab n 
Logan J, excise officer, 198 Bay n 
Logan John, coachman, Main w 

cor Hess 
Logan Mrs Margaret (wid Adam) 

8 Margaret 
Logie James, 333 York 



Logie Mrs M R (wid Alex) Mark- 
Lomas Joseph, laborer, Tiffany 
London China House, 7 

Market Square 
London Guarantee & Acci 

dent Co, George A Young 

agent, 2 Merrick 
London & Lancashire Fire 

Insurance, W J Findlay 

agent, 25 James s 
London & Lancashire Life 

Insurance Co, J T Routh 

agent, 16 James s 
Loney Alfred, shoemaker, 120 

Loney Christopher, shoemaker, 

107)^ John s 
Loney Thomas H, letter carrier, 

42 Catharine s 
Long & Bisby, wool merchants, 

58 Macnab n 
Long George, wood dealer, 32 

Long Horace J, bookkeeper, 60 

Cannon e 
Long Joseph, laborer, Evans 
Long Philip, r 174 John n 
Long Robeit, blacksmith, 15 Park 

Long Thomas, engine driver, 255 

King Wm 
Long Walter, carriage painter, r 

174 John n 
Long Wm, laborer, 2 Chisholm 
Long Wm D (Long & Bisby) 54 

John n 
Longhurst Henry (H Long- 
= hurst & Co) h 26 York 
Longhurst Henry & Co, 

Stained Glass Works, 26 York 
Longon Mrs Ellen (wid Wm) 134 

King w 
Lonsdale Frank, sec Young 

Men's Christian Association, 

Concession cor Queen 
Loos Eugene, barber, 63 York 
Loosley Edward, cutter, 20 Lib- 

Lord Robert, tailor, 55 Gore 
Lord Wm, dairyman. Queen s 
Loretto Convent, Mount St 

Mary, King cor Ray 
Lornie Thomas, machinist, 118 

Lorris Nathaniel, hay dealer, 40 

Jackson e 
Lottridge James M (P Grant 

& Sons) *' Blackauton," Bay 

cor Herkimer 
Lottridge Lewis, dairyman, 182 

Emerald n 
Lottridge Robt, 126 Bay s 
Loucks Hilton, harness maker, 

186 Main w 
Loughrey S B, com traveler, 107 

Victoria ave n 
Love David, carpenter, 285 King 

Love Henry G, contractor, 108 

Catharine s 
Lovejoy James laborer, 66 Locke 

Lovejoy Thomas, builder 63 

Loveland Mrs Mary (wid Nathan) 

37 Market 
Lovell A R, clerk, 134 Mary 
Lovell Henry, fireman G T R 

43 Florence 
Lovell Thomas, marble cutter, 

14 Inchbury n 
Lovering W J, proprietor Club 

Chambers, 16 Hughson s 
Low Wm, carpenter, 23 Caroline 

Love David, wire weaver, 140 

Lowe George, fireman, 23 Car- 
oline n 
Lowe Harry, clerk, 104 Hess n 
Lowe William, machinist, 208 

Macnab n 
Lowe Mrs Thomas, 183 Main e 
Lowes John W, traveler, 278 

King e ' 
Lowrey Charles, machinist, 94 




Lowrey Jacob, 94 Market 
Lowrey James, policeman, 124 

Lowrey John, policeman, 143 

Bay n 
Lowrey Matthew, carpenter, 

Smith ave 
Lucas Chas H, bookkeeper, 10 

Lucas J, restaurant, 1 1 Market sq 
Lucas Luke, moulder, 85 Cath- 
arine n 
Lucas, Park & Co(R A Lucas, 
John H Park, Geo E Bristol, 
Robert Steele) wholesale gro- 
cers, 59 Macnab n 
Lucas R A (Lucas, Park & Co) 

h 23 Duke 
Lucas Robert, moulder, 35 Tis- 

Lucas Robert, foreman E & C 

Gurney, 112 Rebecca 
Lucas Robert N, moulder, bds 

112 Rebecca 
Lucas Thomas, laborer, 125 Pic- 
ton e 
Lucas Thos, farmer, 130 Picton e 
Lucas Thomas O, butcher, 40 

Catharine n 
Lumgair W S,sewing machines 
and organs, 115 James n, h 
175 Main w 
Lumsden Bros (J A, W G & F A) 
wh grocers, 64 Macnab n, h 43 
Cannon w 
Lumsden Mrs Francis, 43^ Can- 
non w 
Lumsden Paul, shipper, Welling- 
ton n 
Lumsden William, 14 West ave n 
Lunt Wm, blacksmith, 39 Rob- 
Lutes Alonzo, salesman, 147 

John s 
Lutz John, teamster, 65 Pearl s 
Luxton George, flour and feed, 

12 York, h Barton to\\4iship 
Lyall Thomas F, teacher, 178 
King w 

Lydiatt John, gardener, Went- 

worth s 
Lyght Joseph, pattern maker, 96 

Jackson e 
Lyle Mrs Andrew, 80 West ave n 
Lyle John, plumber, 82 West ave 

Lyle Rev Samuel, pastor Cen- 
tral Presbyterian Church, 20 

Jackson w 
Lyle W J, machinist, bds 80 

West ave n 
Lynch Francis, teamster, 113 

Barton e 
Lynch James, printer, 132 Fer- 

rie e 
Lynch James, laborer, 132 Fer- 

rie e 
Lynch John, laborer, 254 Mary 
Lynch John, brakesman G T R, 

no Locke n 
Lynch John, laborer, 132 Ferric e 
Lynch Mrs Mary, 167 Wilson 
Lynch Michael, laborer, 132 Fer- 
ric e 
Lynch Patrick, section foreman, 

Aikman's ave 
Lynch Patrick, gardener, 167 Wil- 
Lynch Mrs Patrick, 132 Ferrie e 
Lynch Timothy, switchman, 214 

John n 
Lynch William, brakeman, 73 

Stuart w 
Lynd Mrs Eleanor (wid Wm) 79 

Pearl n 
Lyne John, shoemaker, 59 Little 

Lyne Wm, salesman, 59 Little 

Lyon Anthony, machinist, 115 

Hess n 
Lyon Mrs Isabella, 211 John n 
Lyon Thomas, marmer, 9 Spring 
Lyon Wm, carpenter, 9 Spring 
Lyons Calvin, agent, 136 Robert 

Lyons Frederick, laborer, 8 Locke 



Lyorts James, mariner, 9 Spring 
Lyons John, shipper, Head 
Lyons Townsend, laborer, 10 1 

Lyons William, laborer, 125 Sim- 

coe e 
McAdam Low, stonemason. 

Queen s 
Macadams A H (Parkes & 

Macadams) barrister, h 130 

Hughson n 
Macadams Louis, quarryman,bds 

70 Hughson s 
McAdams Ninian, broommaker, 

50 Young 
McAdams William, teamster, 10 

Stuart e 
McAlden Mrs Harriet (wid Geo) 

121 Market 
McAllister Harmon J, grocer, 128 

Macnab n 
McAllister John, groceri23 York, 

h 118 Macnab n 
McAllister, John, laborer, 87 

McAllister John, blacksmith, 250 

James n 
McAllister D, sewing machine 

agent. Pearl s 
McAllister W J, lumber merchant, 

232 Macnab n 
Macallum Mrs Mary (wid Arch) 

61 Bold 
Mc Andrew Louis, finisher, 168 

Mc Andrew William, printer, 153 

King Wm 
McAndrew Wm, cabinet maker, 

bds 158 Mary 
Mc Andrews Patrick, laborer, 50 

Stuart e 
Macartney Mrs Eliza (wid Wm) 

92^ Hess n 
Macartney David, fruit dealer, 

158 James n 
Macartney Patrick, watchman, 85 

Strachan e 
McArthur Alex, switchman, bds 

49 Caroline n 

McArthur James (J McArthur & 

Co) 28 Wellington s 
McArthur James & Co, hats and 

furs, 29 King w 
McArthur John, prop Hamilton 

Straw work, 138 Hughson n 
McArthur John, bookkeeper, 138 

Hughson n 
McArthur Robert, machinist, bds 

49 Caroline n 
Macaulay J A, fruiterer, 166 

King e, h 191 King e 
McAulay John, millwright, Greig 
McAuley John, engiaver, 160 

King Wm 
McAuliffe Denis, laborer, 17 

Wood W 
McAuliffe Jeremiah, saloon, 6 

Hughson n 
McAuliffe Mrs Julia (wid Patrick) 

105 Market 
McAvay Robert, gilder, 143 Fer- 
guson ave 
McBean John, pattern maker, 14 

McBeth Peter, carpenter, 80 Na- 
McBeth Sinclair, laborer, 118 

McBeth Wm, machinist, 47 Han- 
nah w 
McBriar Mrs Alice, nurse, 379 

John n 
McBride Daniel, coal oil dealer, 

227 Catharine n 
McBride Denis, 218 John n 
McBride John, moulder, 181 

Catharine n 
McBride John, policeman, 197 

Wellington n 
McBride Patrick, grocer, 220 

John n 
McBride Rich, packer, George 
McBride Thomas, foreman Hen- 

drie& Co, 30 Garolme n 
McBride William, clerk, bds 60 

James s 
McBrien David, painter, 25 Cher^ 

^^^mv^^^'Q^i^.XZJi:^^Z^. '^5 

' ? »-* 

McBrien David (Barker & Mc- 

McCann , Thomas, moulder, 83 

Brien) h Mountain top 

Lower Cathcart 

McBrier Henry, laborer^ 79 Caro- 

McCann Thomas, vinegar manuf, 

line n 

132 Cannon e 

Macabe Mrs Agnes (wid James) 

McCardell John, machinist, bds 

131 Market 

25 Stuart w 

McCabe Chas J, teacher, bds 33 

McCardle Mrs Martha (wid Pat- 


rick) 130 John n 

McCabe John, com traveler, 32 

McCargow, Wm, M D, 16 Gore 


McCarrol Robert, plumber, Wal- 

McCabe Patrick laborer, 108 

nut n 

Queen n 

McCarter Mrs Mary (wid Arthur) 

McCabe S, boots and shoes, 48 

1 1 Walnut s 


McCarthy Calahan, hackman) 20 

McCabe Thomas, engijieer. Main 


e /\.^ ^ 

McCarthy Chas, laborer) 2 Dun- 

McCaffery, clerk, bds Dominion 


hotel * x 

McCarthy Daniel, yardsman, 226 

McCaffery Rob^t, laborer^ <,i 10 

John n 


McCarthy Daniel, boilermaker, 

McCaghey Miss Elizabeth, ^hftil- 

^^^ 119 Locke n 

liner, 152 James n 

McCarthy Dennis, gardener, 216 

McCallum Alexander, moulder, 

Victoria ave n 

42 Picton w 

McCarthy James, foreman, 77 

McCallum Mrs Caroline (wid 

Hannah e 

Daniel) 46 Duke 

McCarthy J E, express messen- 

McCallum & Hall (Thos 

ger, 96 Wilson 

McCallum and John T Hall) 

McCarthy John, hackman, 57 

cabinet makers and upholster- 

Wood e 

ers, T6Macnabn 

McCarthy John, laborer, 2oi 

McCallum John, moulder, 228 

Hughson n 

Macnab n 

McCarthy Michael, laborer, 124 

McCallum Mrs Margaret (wid 

Hunter e 

Wm) 113 Napier 

McCarthy Michael, moulder, 164 

McCallum Thomas jr (Mc- 


Callum & Hall) h 1 1 1 Welling- 

McCarthy Patrick, laborer, 26 

ton n 


McCamis Arthur, laborer, 236 

McCarthy Patrick, laborer, 3^ 

Macnab n 


McCandlish Peter, shipper, 112 

McCarthy Richard, laborer, 156 

Wellington s 


McCann Mrs Ann (wid Henry) 

McCarthy Thomas, carter, 31 

9 Ferrie e 

Burlington e 

McCann Dennis, stove mounter, 

McCarty William, weaver, 284 

bds 8-^ Lower Cathcart 

John n 

McCann Henry, confectioner, 62 

McCaul John, blacksmith, bds 

West ave n 

71 Colborne 

McCann John, shoemaker, loi 

McCaul Thomas, laborer, 79 

James n 




McCauley William, ornamenter, 

86 Wilson 
McCauley Wm, buyer, e Hamil- 
McClean John, boots and shoes, 

2 2 King w, h Hess s 
McClelland John, laborer, 229 

Hughson n 
McClelland Peter, printer, 31 

Lower Cathcart 
McClelland William, spice mer- 
chant, 26 Spring 
McCloy Mrs Agnes, 54 Emerald 

McClure John, mason, bds 186 

Catharine n 
McClure Mrs Margaret, 46 Jack- 
son w 
McClure William, carpenter, 250 

Bay n 
McClusker Frank, provisions, 

James St market, h Napier nr 

McClusky — , laborer, 302 King 

McColl Hugh, driver American 

Express Co 
McColl Mrs Jessie(wid Hugh) 17 

McCollum James, laborer, 120 

Simcoe e 
McComb Mrs Eliza (wid Thos) 

126 Hess n 
McComb John, tailor, 56 West 

ave n 
McComb Wm, moulder, 7 Chis- 

McComb Louis, carpenter, 5 

McComb Wm H, laborer, iii 

Catharine n 
McConnell John, caretaker St 

Mary's Cathedral, 44 Mulberry 
McCowell Mrs Ann (wid John) 

63 Ray n 
McCowell Bernard, laborer, 12 

McCowell Bernhard, baggage 

master G T R, 63 Ray n 

McCowell John, grocer, 85 Hess 

McCoy Alexander, lithographer, 

146 Cannon e 
McCoy Archibald, laborer, 24 

McCoy James, salesman, 97 Wel- 
lington n 
McCoy Jeremiah, carpenter, 24 

Bay n 
McCoy John, asst inspector Ham- 

Prov and Loan Society, 15 

West ave n 
McCoy Wm, machinist, bds 97 

Wellington n 
McCormick Robert, teamster, 55 

Hannah e 
McCracken John, tailor, 218 

Hughson n 
McCracken John, moulder, 46 

McCrae Mrs Mary A, grocer, 

241 John n 
McCreath James, blacksmith, 12 

Hunter e 
McCue James, engine driver, no 

Locke n 
McCuUoch D W, clerk James 

Turner & Co 
McCulloch Mrs Harriet (widow 

Robert) 122 Hughson n 
McCulloch James, engine driver 

G T R, 18 Locomotive 
McCulloch Matthew, clerk, 109 

McCullough Mrs David, 162 Main 

McCullough Fred, clerk, 269 

King w 
McCullough George, blacksmith, 

Walnut n, h 120 Bold 
McCullough J D (Davis & Mc- 
Cullough) h 70 Jackson w 
McCullough John, carpenter, 70 

Jackson w 
McCullough Jo'm, salesman, 70 

Jackson w 
McCullough Peter, laborer, 165 

Bay n 



McCullough Peter, com traveler, 

70 Jackson w 
McCullough Wm, bds 54 Hannah 
McCully Alex, shoemaker, 144 

Hughson n 
McCully B, machinist, 15 Steven 
McCully G A, custom boot- 
maker, 93 James n 
McCurdy Wm, carpenter, 208 

King Wm 
McCurly Frank, 200 Main e 
McCusker, Francis, dealer, iii 

McCusker Wm, produce dealer, 

131 Cannon vv 
McCutcheon Wm, carpenter, 107 

McDaide William, laborer, 132 

Locke n 
McDearmid Mrs Bertha, 61 

McDermott Miss Catharine, 32 

Wellington n 
McDermott Daniel, painter, 123 

Hunter vv 
McDonagh Frank, laborer, bds 

106 Maria 
McDonagh William, laborer, 106 

McDonald Alex, traveler, loi 

McDonald Alex, com traveler, 

5 Erie ave 
McDonald (A & J W McDonald) 

h 4 Wellington n 
McDonald Angus, metal spinner, 

bds 100 Park n 
McDonald Arch, shipper, 140 

West ave n 
McDonald A & W J, builders, 

T 16 King Wm 
Macdonald Charles, com traveler, 

93 James s 
McDonald David, grocer, 77 

McDonald D B, com traveler, 93 

James s 
McDonald Mrs Ellen, 43 Bur- 
lington w 

McDonald Mrs Esther (widow 

Patrick) 26 Aurora 
McDonald Francis, machinist, 24 

Locke s 
Macdonald Frederick, moulder, 

10 Railway 
McDonald Mrs Grace (wid Dun- 
can) 6 Florence 
Mac Donald Hugh, laborer, 368 

James n 
McDonald James, foreman J Mc- 

Pherson & Co, 79 Wellington s 
McDonald Jas, 209 Hughson n 
McDonald Mrs Janet, bds 78 

Caroline n 
McDonald John, shoemaker, 133 

Hunter e 
McDonald John, inspr weights 

and measures, 9 Simcoe e 
Macdonald John, laborer, 58 Ma- 
McDonald John R, ticket agent, 

63 Victoria ave n 
Macdonald John D, M D, 

TO Duke 
McDonald Lewis, laborer, Tiffany 
McDonald John D, clerk P O 
Macdonald Mrs Mary, 292 Jas n 
McDonald Nicholas A,carpenter, 

88 Caroline n 
McDonald Roderick, salesman, 

18 King e 
McDonald Mrs Sarah (wid Ber- 
nard) 89 Strachan e 
McDonald W H (McDonald 

& Co) h 23 Augusta 
McDonald W H & Co, do 

thiers, 20 James n 
Macdonald Wm, laborer, 161 York 
McDonald W J (A & W J 

McDonald) h 8 Emerald s 
Macdonald W R, barrister, 13 

Main e, h 12 Herkimer 
McDonald Wm, timekeeper, 180 

McDonnell Chas, basket maker, 

271 King w 
McDonnell John, flour and feed, 

156 King w 



Macdonnell Wm, asst inspector 

weights and measures, 42 Bur- 
lington w 
McDonough James S, news agt 

GTR, 62 Cannon e 
McDonough John, teamster, 48 

McDonough Michael, rougher, 

60 Locomotive 
McDougall Albert, blacksmith, 

30 Inchbury n 
McDougall Duncan, railway con- 
tractor, 39 Main w 
McDougall Hugh, mason, 63 

Walnut s 
McDougal Mrs J, coal oil and 

lamps, 10 Macnab n 
McDougall John, car checker, 

270 Macnab n 
McDougall William, fitter, 133 

Locke n 
McDowell Alex, laborer, 92 

Hess n 
McDuff Daniel, music teacher, 

134 Park n 
McEachern A, teller Ham Prov 

& Loan Society, 131 Macnab n 
McEachern Malcolm, boilermkr, 

59 Locomotive 
McElcheran W H, ornamenter, 

56 Barton e 
McEwen John, laborer, Duke 
McFadden John, 329 John n 
McFadden W J, grocer, 342 

Hugh son n 
McFarland Arthur, laborer, 4 

Little Market 
McFarland Armour, tobacco 

manf, 64 Canada 
McFarlane Alex, flour and feed, 

196 King e, h 61 Wellington s 
McFarlane David, jeweler, bds 

Victoria hotel 
McFarlane Miss Jane, matron 

Orphan asylum, Wellington s 
McFarlane John, laborer, Fer- 
guson ave n 
McFarlane John A, laborer, 168 


McFarlane Miss Margaret, matron 

Aged Women's Home, hd 

Wellington s 
McFarlane Mark, machinist, 31 

West ave n 
Macfarlane Robt, dairyman. Con- 
Macfarlane William, machinist, 

79 Walnut s 
McFarlane Wm, teamster, hd 

Queen s 
McFedries Wm, salesman, Si^^ 

Bay n 
McFerran Mrs M, teacher, 96 

Victoria ave n 
McGarell James, hairdresser, 7 

Macnab n 
McGargle Ann (wid Francis) 35 

Strachan e 
McGargle Henry, r 109 West 

ave n 
McGee Matthew, carpenter, Rob- 
McGibbon Frank, clerk, 121 

McGibbon Wm, baker, 121 Re- 
McGibney Andrew, painter, bds 

55 York 
McGill John, blacksmith, bds 39 

James s 
McGillicuddy B, laborer, foot 

Caroline n 
McGilvray Alex, cleaner, 75 

McGilvery George, conductor, 75 

Lower Cathcart 
McGilvary John, clerk, 48 East 

ave n 
McGilvary Kenneth, carpenter, 

194 Emerald n 
McGilvary W J, clerk, 46 East 

ave n 
McGinley John, laborer, 86 Sim- 

coe e 
McGinnis John, stovemounter, 

12 Jackson e 
McGinnis Wm, saloonkeeper, 29 
James n 



McGinty James, laborer, 337 

John n 
McGiverin Emma (wid Wm S) 

100 Queen n 
McGiverin Walter, laborer, 30 

McGiverin Wm F, sec-treas 

Hamilton Industrial Works Co, 

1 1 5 Macnab s 
McGoff John, machinist, 23 Fer- 
guson ave 
McGorlick Henry, malster, 71 

Barton e 
McGorman David, laborer, bds 

25 Stuart w 
McGorman Ogilvie, laborer,23o^ 

James n 
McGovern John, laborer, 68 Fer- 

rie e 
McGovern Patrick, woodworker, 

55 Steven 
McGovern Wilham, laborer, 87 

Hess n 
McGowan Arch, machinist, 77 

McGowan Francis M, artist, 22 

Macnab s 
McGowan Hugh, butcher, 33 

McGowan P, clerk G T R, 307 

James n 
McGowan Manus, butcher, 22 

McGowan William, laborer, 58 

Burlington w 
McGrath Edward, wagonmaker, 

2^ Cherry 
McGrath James, laborer, 91 

McGrath James, laborer, 66 

McGrath Joanna (wid Michael) 

72 Canada 
McGrath John, porter, bds 42 J^^ 

West ave n 
McGrath John, porter, 75 Vic- 
toria ave n 
McGrath Patrick, laborer, 15 

Burlington w 

McGrath Patrick, laborer, 42 

McGrath Thomas, porter, bds 7J 

Victoria ave n 
McGrath William, cabinetmakeii, 

McGregor Chas K (McGregor & 

Parke) h 32 Victoria ave n 
McGregor D G, manager Bank 

of BNA, 5 King e 
McGregor Duncan, carriage 

builder, 215 King w 
McGregor John, boilermaker, bds 

1 1 Barton e 
McGregor & Parke (Chas R Mc- 

gor and Walter Parke) drug- 
gists. Market sq 
McGregor Thomas, moulder, 87 

Catharine n 
McGrogan Mrs, 282 Hughson n 
McGrogin John, laborer, 91 

Lower Cathcart 
McGuigan Mrs Catharine (wid 

Felix) 74 Caroline n 
McGuire Francis, second-hand 

store, 95 King w 
McGuire James, moulder, bds 41 

John n 
McGuire John, bookbinder, 134 

Ferguson ave n 
McGuire Patrick, 63 Chsrles 
McGuirk John, carpenter, 44 

Jackson e 
McHaffie John (J Winer & Co) 

h 91 Cannon e 
McHaffie Robert, traveler, 115 

McHaffie Wm, com traveler, 43 

Nelson ave 
McHarg James, tree agent, 285 

McHattie Thomas, engine driver 

GT R, 13 Mill 
McHendrie James, carpenter, 7 

Stuart w 
McHendrie John,hotelkeeper, 

239 James n 
McHendry Emily (wid Ephraim) 

249 Hughson n 



McHendry Mary Ann (wid Peter 

S) 21 Hunter w 
McHugh F J J, excise officer, 

bds 2 1 Macnab s 
Mcllroy Catharine (wid John) 4 

Mcllroy David, machinist, 17 

Simcoe w 
Mcllroy James, watchman G T 

R, Barton w 
Mcllroy Mrs, Barton w 
Mcllroy Robert, bds Franklin 

Mcllroy W H, clerk, res Barton- 

Mcllwraith Elizabeth (wid Alex) 

48 Lower Cathcart 
Mcllwraith J G (Mcllwraith 

& McMaster) h 16 Augusta 
Mcllwraith & McMaster (J 

G Mcllwraith, John McMaster) 

dry goods, millinery, mantles 

and dressmaking See advt p 3 
Mcllwraith Thomas, coal 

merchant, 54 Main e, h Cairn- 
brae, Macnab n 
Mc II wraith's Wharf, foot 

Macnab n 
Mcllwraith T F, clerk. Cairn- 
brae, Macnab n 
Mclnerney John, laborer, 29 
. Devonport 
Mclnerey John, moulder, 133 

Catharine n 
Mclnerey Michael, moulder, 133 

Catharine n 
Mclnnes Alexander, 173 John s 
Mclnnes Hon Donald, Dundurn, 

Mclnnes Donald, com traveler, 

37 Jackson w 
Mclnnes Margaret A (wid Hugh) 

37 Jackson w 
Mcintosh James, 27 East ave n 
Mcintosh John, merchant tailor, 

3 Market sq, h Main e 
Mackintosh R M, clerk, bds 125 

John s 

Mclntyre E, clerk, 59 Charles 

Mclntyre J G, foreman boiler 
maker G T R, 46 Murray w 

Mclntyre John, tailor, 12 Hugh- 
son n, h 95 Wellington n 

Mclntyre William, silver plater, 
59 Charles 

Mclsaac Alex, laborer, r 177 
Bay n 

McKay — , laborer, 13 Harriet 

McKay Bros (Robert and Jas 
D) dry goods and carpets, 70 
King e See advt 

McKay A D, laborer, 145 Fer- 
guson ave 

Mackay Mrs M D, 379 James n 

Mackay M D (estate of) wharf- 
ingers, coal, etc, R O Mackay, 
manager, ft James n, res 17 
Wood e 

Mackay A H, clerk, 80 King e 

McKay Alexander, flour and feed, 
4 John s, h 24 Grove 

McKay Alex, clerk, 138 Murray 

McKay Angus, machinist, 169^^ 
John n 

Mackay Augusta (wid James D) 
music teacher, 45 Duke 

Mackay Miss Christina, bds 146 
Bay s 

McKay Daniel, painter, 83 Lo- 

McKay George, carpenter, 5 

Mackay George, W, inland rev- 
enue, 174 Macnab n 

McKay Grant, merchant, 84 Can- 
non e 

McKay J B, foreman Flatt & 
Bradley, 3 Barton Terrace, 
Wellington n 

McKay James, cutter, 45 Han- 
nah w 

McKay James, grocer, 118 Main 

McKay James D (McKay 
Bros) h 8 Maria 

Mackay James, engraver, 2 King 
William, h 138 Mary 



McKay John, conductor G T R, 
38 Magill 

McKay John, street inspector, 
bds 68 Hunter e 

Mackay John, 232 Bay n 

McKay John R, harness maker, 
17 Queen n 

Mackay Hugh A, bds 178 King w 

Mackay Neil, vintner, 84 Hun- 
ter e 

McKay Peter, packer, 80 Hunter 

Mackay Richard, Dominion Li- 
cense Inspector, 100 James s 

Mackay R O (^ Mackay) for- 
warders, etc, 17 Wood e 

McKay Mrs Robert, 8 Maria 

McKay Robert, plasterer, 82 
Carolme s 

McKay Samuel, livery, 4 Jack- 
son, h 73 Main e 

Mackay Thomas, grocer, 48 King 
w, h 29 Victor'a ave s 

Mackay's Whafr, ft James n 

Mackay Wm H, sewer inspector, 
12 Grove 

McKay Wm, conductor G T R, 
95 Hess n 

McKean David, accountant, 105 
Hughson n 

McKean Edward, machinist, bds 
105 Hughson n 

McKean John, clerk, 42 George 

McKean John, law student, 42 

McKeand George, insurance 
and steamship ticket agent, 57 
James n, h 72 Hannah e See 

McKeand J C, issuer of marriage 
licenseSjRegistrar's office,Court 
House, h 88 Bay s 

McKeand James, Concession, 
West Cottage 

McKee Eliza (wid Wm T) bds 
32 Caroline n 

McKee Henry, laborer^ 125 
Catharme n 

McKee T J, liveryman, bds 
Commercial hotel 

McKee Wm, moulder, 73 Hun- 
ter e 

McKee Wm W, nailer, 32 Caro- 
line n 

McKeegan Nicholas, plasterer, 12 
West ave n 

McKeever Bros (Wm and Rob- 
ert) flour and feed, 91 James n 

McKeever Eliza (wid P) 142 
Wood e 

McKeever James, laborer, 266 
Bay n 

McKeever Robert, butcher, 196 
James n 

McKeever Robert ( McKeever 
Bros) James cor Barton 

McKeever Wm, baker, 138 James 

McKeever Wm (McKeever Bros) 
91 James n 

Mackelcan Frank, QC (Mac- 
kelcan, Gibson & Gausby) h 
52 Catharine n 

Mackelcan, Gibson & Gaus- 
by (F Mackelcan, QC, J M 
Gibson, MA, LL B, J D Gaus- 
by) barristers, 16 James s See 

Mackelcan George L, MD, 
coroner, 14 Gore 

Mackelcan H A, barrister, 20 
Main e, h 54 Catharine n See 

Mackelcan John, MD, 38 
Catharine- n 

McKellar Arch, sheriff. Court 
House, h 105 James s 

McKellar Hugh (Mills & Mc- 
Kellar) h 9 Ontario 

McKellar L, com traveler, 17 
Victoria ave n 

McK'jlvie Samuel, laborer, 95 

McKcnna George, fireman, bds- 
79 Peter 

McKenna James, engineer, 79 

McKenna John, yardman, 17 



McKenna John, machinist, bds 

183 Mary 
McKenna John, broom maker, 

47 Queen s 
McKenna Mary Ann (wid Rob- 
ert) bds 30 Caroline n 
McKenna Morris, laborer, 148}^ 

McKenna Thos, 55 Charles 
Mackenzie A I, surveyor and 

acting collector customs, res 

Burlington village 
McKenzie Alex, bds 7 Inchbury n 
McKenzie Archibald, carpenter, 

112 Emerald n 
McKenzie Arch, painter, 84 

Locke n 
McKenzie A S, shoemaker, 94 

King e 
McKenzie Donald, burnisher, 

bds 205 Wellington n 
McKenzie. Donald, express agt 

G T R, 84 Hannah w 
Mackenzie Dougall S, engineer, 

43 George 
McKenzie Duncan, wood yard, 

Wellington, h 205 Wellington n 
Mackenzie Mrs Hester, 108^ 

Jackson e 
Mackenzie Ian, detective, 79 

John n 
Mackenzie James, machinist, 46 

Mackenzie J F, salesman, 196 

Macnab n 
McKenzie John, carpenter, 7 

Inchbury n 
McKenzie John, coal and 

wood, 149 Macnab, h i Sheaffe 
McKenzie John I, license in- 
spector, 61 George 
McKenzie Kenneth, laborer, 128 

John n 
McKenzie Kenneth, engineer, 1 1 

McKenzie Kenneth, painter, 10 1 

Bay n 
McKenie Kenneth, grocer, 1 1 

East ave n 

McKenzie Malcolm, laborer, 184 
Victoria ave 

McKenzie T H, general in- 
surance agent, 3 Market 

McKenzie Thos H, inspector 
weights and measures, res Dun- 

Mackenzie Robert, laborer, 79 
Macauley e 

McKenzie Wm, salesman, bds 
32 Ray n 

McKeown Mrs Ann, 233 Hugh- 
son n 

McKeown Arthur H, tinsmith, 
47 Robinson 

McKeown Hugh, harness maker 
and grocer, 72 John s 

McKeown Arthur (McKeown 
& Reddall) 112 King w 

McKeown James, bartender, 4 
King w 

McKeown James, carriage mak- 
er, 61 Robinson 

McKeown John, moulder, 7 

McKeown Joseph, prop Met- 
ropolitan hotel, 49 Stuart w 

McKeown Neil, moulder, 120 

McKerlie Alex, com traveler, 81 

McKernan Peter, laborer, 74 

McKichan F R, paper bagmanf, 
8, 10 John s, h 53 West ave n 

McKillop Alex, bds 52 Victoria 
ave s 

McKillop David, machinist, 8 
Upj)er Cathcart 

McKillop Jane (wid John) con- 
fectionery, 218 James n 

McKinty John, hinding waiter 
customs, 21 Barton e 

McKinty Mrs M (wid Thomas) 
groceries, 244 James n 

McKittrick Samuel, laborer, 96 
Park n 

McKitirick William, moulder, 146 
Victoria ave n 



McKnrght John, fireman, 155 

McLagan Alex, 182 Main e 

McLaren Daniel, machinist, 231 
Macnab n 

McLaren Miss Harriet, ac- 
countant Thos C Watkins, 30 
King e, h 47 Peter 

McLaren Captain Henry, 
Balquhidder, 153 James s 

McLaren James A, com traveler, 
bds 35 East ave n 

Maclaren Mrs R G, 122 John s 

McLaren Mrs W B, Oak 
Bank, 155 James s 

McLaren W H, grocer, 6 King 
William, h 35 East ave n 

McLaren Wm, shoemaker, 99 
West ave n 

McLaren Wm, dry goods, 226 
James n 

McLauchlan Alex, bds 68 Loco- 

McLaughlin Alexander, salesman, 
140 Hunter e 

McLaughlin Edward, civil en- 
gineer, 38 Hunter w 

McLaughlin, Edward, clerk Pub- 
lic works, 38 Hunter w 

McLaughlin David, laborer, 163 

McLaughlin Garret, laborer, 163 

McLaughlin Hugh, horse trainer, 
144 Market 

McLaughlin James, moulder, 149 
Bay n 

McLaughlin John, bookbinder, 
41 John n 

McLaughlin John, painter, 63 

McLaughlin Miss M, dressmaker, 
I Evans 

McLaughlin Matthew, black- 
smith, 61 Ray n 

McLaughlin Morgan, moulder, 
163 Wilson 

McLaughlin — , laborer, 191 
Victoria ave n 

Maclean A A, bookkeeper, 61 

Hunter w 
McLean Alex, clerk, 88 Peter 
Maclean Arch, 61 Hunter w 
Maclean Mrs F, fancy goods, 

4 King e, h 61 Hunter w 
McLean George, moulder, bids 24 

Caroline n 
McLean Geo, shoeiiaker, i 1 1 1 

Maclean Hugh, baker, 76 Queen 

Maclean James B, cabinet maker, 

70 Queen s 
McLean John, tailor, 13 Head 
McLean John, boilermaker, Aik- 

man's ave 
McLean John, blacksmith, Aik- 

man's ave 
McLean Neil, saloon keeper, 51 

McLean Mrs Samuel, 166 John n 
McLean Mrs Sarah (wid John) 

Simcoe e 
McLellan David, agent Royal 

Insurance Co, 84 James, h 55 

Herkimer See advt, back cover 
McLellan Donald, book and 

stationery, Bible society and 

track de|)Ository, 28 King w 
McLennan Kenneth, 165 Locke s 
McLelland Andrew, laborer, 359 

James n 
McLelland Thoma J, engine 

driver, 18^ Elgin 
McLelland Wm, collar maker, 34 

McLennan Alex, gardener, York 

McLennan Andrew, laborer, 190 

Robert e 
McLennan George, laborer, 191 

Bay n 
McLennan Robert, 132 Young 
McLeod Colin, cutter, 84 Mer- 
McLeodColin, porter, too Cherry 
McLeod Charles, dyer, 123 James 



McLeod David, moulder, 3 

McLeod Mrs Eborah (wid 
Angus) music teacher, 34 
Caroline n 

McLeod Mrs Elizabeth (wid 
Archibald) dyer, 123 James n 

McLeod Geo H, salesman, 42 

McLeod John, printer, 9 Napier 

McLeod John, salesman, 36 Bay 

McLeod Mrs (wid Alex) 99 Wil- 

McLeod Oliver, blacksmith, 26 

McLeod Robert, salesman, 70 

McLeod William, printer, 79 WiU 

McLerrie James, local freight 
agent G T R, cor Bay and 

McMahon Bernard, policeman, 
71 Strachan e 

McMahon Daniel, laborer, Rob- 

McMahon H G, carpenter, 154 
Hunter e 

McMahon James, laborer, 6 Tif- 

McMahon John, laborer, 63 
Wood e 

McMahon John, dairyman, 27 

McMahon John, baker, 20 Can- 
non w 

McMahon J S (J S McMahon 
& Co) h 46 Emerald 

McMahon J 3 & Co ( J S 
McMahon, George E Broad- 
field) crockery, glassware, lamp 
goods, wholesale only)45 Kingw 

McMahon Jeremiah, moulder, 53 

McMahon Thomas, clerk, 44 
Walnut s 

McMahon William, melter, 28 
Ferguson ave 

McMann John, nailer, 109 Flor- 
McManus James, shoemaker, 

82^ Wellington n 
McManus John, laborer, 334 

Hughson n 
McManus John, laborer, bds 143 

Bay n 
McManus John, traveler, 87 

John n 
McManus Robert, laborer, 10 

Wood w 
McMaster Daniel, mason, 100 

Victoria ave n 
McMaster John (Mcllwraith 

& McMaster, h 14 Caroline s 
McMaster John, carpenter, 16 

East ave n 
McMaster Mrs, 35 Wellington n 
McMeekin John (Payne & 

McMeekin) 141 Robert 
McMeekin William, carpenter, 

54 <^ore 
McMenemy Edward, carpenter, 

132 West ave n 
McMenemy Hannah (wid Alex) 

59 Florence 
McMenemy James, painter, 132 

West ave n 
McMenemy James E, carpenter, 

132 West ave n 
McMenemy Wm, policeman, 39 

McMenemy William, laborer, 237 

Wellinfj;ton n 
McMichael Calista (wid Isaac) 

57 Catharine n 
McMichael Chas N, bookkeeper, 

bds 54 Napier 
McMichael C P, dairyman, 47 

Jackson e 
McMichael Isaac, wliipmaker, 54 

McMichael Judson, dairyman, 81 

Jackson e 
McMirken John, glassblovver, 10 

Wood e 
McMicking Mrs (wid Thomas) 

189 Cannon e 



McMillan Alex, teacher, bds 178 

King w 
McMillan Charles, laborer, 158 

Victoria ave n 
McMillan James, carriage builder, 

39 Catharine s 
McMillan John, grocer, 210 King e 
McMillan John, mason, 189 

Hughson n 
McMillan John, shoemaker, 202 J 

King w, h Robinson 
McMillan Norman, plasterer, bds 

Commercial hotel 
McMillan Roderick, carpenter, 

27 Chisholm 
McMonies & Ryan (James 

McMonies, James C Ryan) 

auctioneers, 7^ Market 
McMullen Daniel, cooper, 228 

John n 
McMullen Daniel, cooper, 186 

Victoria ave n 
McMullen John, cooper, 142 

McMullen Louis, mason, 209 

McMurray James, machinist, bds 

107 Hunter e 
McMurray John, laborer, 82 

• Bay n 
McMurtrie A B, salesman, bds 

Franklin House 
McMurtrie David, com traveler, 

67 Victoria ave n 
McNab Alex, stonecutter, 202 

Catharine n 
McNab Charles, machinist, 178 

John n 
McNab Duncan, blind maker, 

178 John n 
McNabb Duncan A, 67 Elgin 
McNab George, blacksmith, 178 

John n 
McNabb Peter, 67 Elgin 
Macnab Street Presbyterian 

Church, Rev D H Fletcher, 

pastor. Hunter cor Macnab 
McNab William, laborer, 42 Bur- 
lington w 

McNab — , farmer. Concession 
McNair Albert E, clerk, 26 East 

ave n 
McNair & Bell, (Samuel 

McNair, Samuel Bell) con- 
stables, 4 Stinson's chambers, 

I King Wm 
McNair Samuel, (McNair & 

Bell) h 89 West ave n 
McNamara Daniel, prop Station 

hotel, 73 Stuart w 
McNamara Luke, laborer, 27 

Wood e 
McNamee Peter, section boss, 

125 Ferguson ave 
McNaught Robt, pedler, 6'jj4 

Main w 
McNeill Mrs Charlotte (wid 

Robert) 98 Hess n 
McNeil James, wood carver, bds 

31 Gore 
McNeil John, laborer, 57 West 

ave n 
McNeil Smith, laborer, 20 Elgin 
McNeilly George, teamster, 119 

Barton e 
McNeilly Henry, salesman, bds 

31 Bayn 
McNeilly John, teamster, 119 

Barton e 
McNeilly Robert, teamster, 119 

Barton e 
McNeany Michael, laborer, Rob- 

McNider Stanley, (R Spence 

& Co) h 225 Main e 
McNichol Charles, glassblower, 

320 John n 
McNichol D, carpenter, 31 Bar- 
ton e 
McNichol John,laborer,3 1 2 John n 
McNichol Nichol, machinist, 211 

Hughson n 
McNire John D, cigarmaker, 135 

McNoah Thomas, boarding, 209 

Bay n 
McPhail Miss Annie, dressmaker, 

8 Macnab s 



McPhail Hugh, bookkeeper, 294 

King VVm 
McPhail Hugh sr, agent, 294 

King Wm 
McPhail James, boots and 

shoes, 6 Market sq 
McPhail Robert, clerk, bds 294 

King Wm 
McPherson A, book and job 

printer, 51 James n, h 140^ 

John n 
McPherson Alexander, teamster, 

69 Hunter e 
Macpherson Edward, shoe cutter, 

16 Pearl s 
McPherson Elizabeth (wid And) 

125 James n 
Macpherson, Glassco & Co 

(V H Macpherson, John T 

Glassco) wh grocers, 67-9 

McPherson James (John McPher- 
son & Co) h 45 East ave s 
MacPherson J C, saloon keeper, 

7-9 King Wm 
McPher.son John & Co, (James 

McPherson and R H Greene) 

manfrs boots and shoes, 51-3 

McPherson Malcolm, salesman, 

bds 97 Robert 
Macpherson T H, (Macpher- 
son, Glasscoe & Co)h 1 1 Duke 
McPherson W O, com trav, 59 

Macnab n 
McPhie Donald, plumber, etc. 

King e, h 57 East ave s 
McQuaid Mary Ann (wid John) 

McQueen James, carpenter, bds 

154 Market 
McQueen William, laborer, 128 

Catharine n 
McQuestenCalvin,MD,Jackson w 
McQuesten I B, M A, (]ones, 

McQuesten & Chisholm) h i 

McQuillan Robert sr, carter, no 

West ave n 

McQuillan Robert jr, carter, no 

West ave n 
McQumn Daniel, bookkeeper, 

bds I Sheaffe 
McRae Colin, boots and shoes, 

30-2 King w 
McRae Colin, bookkeeper, 15 

Cannon w 
McRae Donald, salesman, 104 

Barton e 
McRae Joseph, farmer, bds 20 

Hunter e 
McRae Ronald, clerk, bds 104 

Barton e 
McRoberts Peter, contractor, bds 

49 Stuart w 
McSherry Margaret (wid Thomas) 

10814 Jackson e 
McStravick Grace (wid Henry) 

135 Catharine n 
McStravick Henry, laborer,, 62 

Wellington n 
McSwain Peter, carpenter, 19 Tis- 

McVeigh Hugh, moulder, 38 

McVicar Jane (wid Angus) 23 

McWilliams Robert, machmist, 

29 Macauley w 
McViney Robert, laborer, 21 

South e 
McVittie Andrew (Howard & Mc- 

Vittie) h mountain 
McVittie John, laborer, 157 East 

ave n 
McVittie John, cooper, 128 Re- 
McVittie George, coachman, 79 

Caroline s 
Mack Mrs Ann, 27 Burlingion w 
Mack George, teamster, bds 27 

Burlington w 
Mack John S, druggist, 92 Mer- 

Mack Patrick, laborer, 27 Bur- 
lington w 
Mackie Andrew, moulder, 47 

John n 



Mackie James, carpenter, 17 

Hughson n 
Mackie John A, salesman, 3 West 

ave s 
Mackie Robert,engineer, 10 Greig 
Macklem Miss Margaret, Locke s 
Madden Mary (wid John) Lower 

27 Cathcart 
Madden Thomas, laborer, 149 

Wellington n 
Maddigan James, laborer, 102 

Simcoe e 
Maddigan J W, foreman tool 

works, 18 Mulberry 
Maddock James, cabinet maker, 

178 Catharine n 
Maddock Samuel, shoemaker, 144 

Maddocks George, blacksmith, 

25 Tom 
Maddocks William, blacksmith, 

15 Locomotive 
Maden John, spinner, 105 Mary 
Madgett Clark, machinist, 122 

Catharine n 
Madgett John, machinist, 126 

Macauley e 
Madsen Peter, laborer, 336 John 

Maear Theodore, laborer, 281 

King w 
Magee Frank, flour and feed, 206 

James n 
Magee Henry, harness maker, 4 

York, h 79 Jackson e 
Magee James, coal dealer, 25 

Burlington w 
Magee VVm jr, ice and coal dealer, 

206 James n, h 40 Barton w 
Magee Wm, sr, flour and feed, 

206 James n 
Magee Christopher, butcher, Jas 

St market, h Main e 
Mageurs Matthias, dairyman, 206 

Catharine n 
Magen Richard, butcher, 19 John 

s, h Main e 
Magill Charles, 5 Jackson w 
Magill Mrs Charles, 12 Main w 

Magill Frederick, laborer, 87 Re- 

Magill George, moulder, 5 1 West 
ave n 

Magill Samuel, woodworker, 19 

Magnus Robert, machinist, 5 O'- 

Maguire John, painter, r 38 Can- 
non w 

Mahaffey James, machinist, 4 

Mahoney Andrew, stovemounter, 
132 King Wm 

Mahoney Dennis, shoemaker, 5 

Mahony Dan, laborer, 58 Cherry 

Mahony James, laborer, 17 Mac- 
auley w 

Mahony J C, boots and shoes, 26 
King e, res Saltfleet tp 

Mahony Martin, mariner, 12 
VVood w 

Maidment & Co, tea dealers, 
128)^ King e 

Mail, Toronto, F W Large, agt, 
72 James n 

Main Alex, rope manufacturer, 
Mary cor Strachan 

Main James, grocer, cor John 
and Barton 

Main William, rope maker, cor 
Mary and Strachan 

Mair Miss Helen, matron Home 
for the Friendless, 72 Caroline 

Mair Henrietta (wid David) 77 
Jackson w 

Maitland Margaret (wid James) 
200 King Wm 

Maitland S, painter, 33 Spring 

Makins Edward, boiler maker, 47 

Makins Edward, machinist, 22 
Little Market 

Malamjjhy Susan (wid Thomas) 
82 Hess n 

Malcolm James, accountant, 38 



Malcolm James, stonecutter, 120 
Caroline s 

Malcolm James A (Malloy & 
Malcolm) h 246 York 

Malcolm W, trustee Reid es- 
tate, 70 Hannah w 

Malcolm Andrew, carpenter, 13 
Ferrie e 

Malcolmson Mrs E (wid George) 

26 Ferrie w 

Malcolmson Mrs George, 206 

Macnab n 
Malcolmson Hugh, carpenter, 27 

Queen n 
Malcolmson James, sailor, 49 

Robert e 
Malcolmson James, wire weaver, 

27 Queen n 

Malcolmson James, 140 Macnab 

Malcolmson J C, foreman Ham 

Glass Works, 21 Picton e 
Malcomson John, carpenter, 27 

Queen n 
Malcolmson Samuel, mariner, 16 

Ferrie w 
Malcolmson Samuel E, mariner, 

115 Macnab n 
Male Charles, laborer, 5 1 Hess 

Male William, laborer, 129 Hun- 
ter w 
Malins Wm, carter, 18 Tisdale 
Malley Patrick, laborer, 73 Stuart 

Mallin John, general dealer, 185 

Malloch A E, M D, 70 James 

Malloch Elizabeth (wid George) 

68 James s 
Malloch Francis S, 72 James 
Malloch Margaret (wid John) 57 

Jackson w 
Mallory Eli, hatter, 161 East ave 

Mallory Wm, broker, 107 John s 
Malloy John (Malloy and Mal- 
colm) h 39 Bold 

Malloy & Malcolm (John Malloy, 

James A Malcolm) carriage 

builders, 9 Park n 
Malloy Patrick, laborer, 290 Mary 
Malone Martin (Martin & 

Malone) h 61 Colborne 
Malone Michael, 124 Catharine n 
Malone Michael jr, traveler, 124 

Catharine n 
Malone Michael, porter customs, 

56 Catharine n 
Malone Thomas, confectioner, -^5 

Maloney Edward, laborer, 243 

John n 
Maney William, laborer, 55 

Stuart e 
Mann Aaron, express messenger, 

31 Gore 
Mann Chas, mason, 30 Florence 
Mann Henry H, laborer, 20 Pearl 

Mann Samuel, grocer, 256 and 

258 King e 
Mann William, carpenter, 29 Lo- 
Manning Catharine (wid John) 

5 Devonport 
Manning Fred, moulder, 90 Bay n 
Mansergh Henry, salesman, 9 

Mansfield Alex, cabinet maker, 

137 Park n 
Mansfield George, engineer, 137 

Park n 
Manson Donald, bookkeeper, 24 

Hannah e 
Mantle Richard, laborer, 144 

Picton e 
Maplebeck John, laborer, 148 

Jackson w 
Mapplebeck William, engineer, 

220 Macnab n 
Marcham William, laborer, 144 

Catharine n 
Marchum John, moulder, 123 

Marck Joseph, barber, 214 James 




Maria James, laborer, 37 Napier 
Maricle John A, toll gate keeper, 

Marie James, laborer, 146 Jack- 
son w 
Marintee James, bookkeeper, 76 

Markle David, agent, 10 King e 

Markle Hiram, wheelwright, 243 

Markle James, bender, 139 Wel- 
lington n 

Marks Edward, moulder, 189 
John n 

Marlatt Rebecca (wid George) 5 1 
Hunter w 

Marriott Henry, machinist, 132 
Emerald n 

Marriott John, porter, 75 Market 

Marriott Wm, carpenter, 64 Mul- 

Marris Henry, shoe cutter, 12 
Queen n 

Mars Alexander, bookbinder, 14 
Hughson n 

Marsden & Son (Thomas and 
Wm) manufacturers of mould- 
ings and picture frames, agent 
Bulterick's patterns, 46 James n 

Marsden Thomas (Marsden 
& Son) 92 Jackson w 

Marsden Wm (Marsden & 
Son) 48 Hannah w 

Marsh Wm, blacksmith, Mark- 

Marshall Bros, tea dealers, Alex- 
andra Arcade 

Marshall Christian (wid Butler) 
72 Locke s 

Marshall David, mason, 39 Park s 

Marshall D G, law student, 70 
Park n 

Marshall Mrs George, 98 James s 

Marshall Geo & Co, tea dealers, 
56 Macnab n 

Marshall Harry, gardener, Aik- 
man's ave 

Marshall Hubert machinist bds 
39 Caroline 

Marshall Jeannette (wid Henry) 

20 Rayn 
Marshall John, wire worker, 39 

Caroline n 
Marshall John, hemp dresser, 207 

Marshall John, laborer, Went- 

worth n 
Marshall Joseph, carpenter, 54 

Ray n 
Marshall Patrick, laborer, Stuart 

Marshall Thomas, tailor, 2 King 

William, h 95 Concession 
Marshall Thomas, laborer, 278 

James n 
Marshall Thomas,laborer, Main e 
Marshall Wm, sec-treas and 

manager Hamilton Vinegar 

Works Co, 10 Erie ave 
Marshall Wm, salesman, 22 Vic- 
toria ave n 
Marsten Samuel, machinist, 15 

Martin Alex, laborer, 84 Peter 
Martin Andrew C (P and A Mar- 
tin) h 43 Young 
Martin Archibald, moulder, 176 

Robert e 
Martin Benjamin, cabinet maker, 

82 Main w 
Martin Bernard, cabinet maker, 

1 143^ King w, h 82 Main w 
Martin Charles, tinsmith, 134 

James s 
Martin Charles H, foreman, 56 

Hannah e 
Martin Edward, QC (Martin 

& Kittson; h Ballynahinch, 

James s 
Martin George E, law student, 5 8 

Hunter w 
Martin H, leather mrrchant, 3 

King Wm, h 134 James s 
Martin H A, printer, 13 John n 
Martin Henry, Station hotel, 156 

King e 
Martin Henry, artist, 10 Hannah 




Martin H H, 12 Wellington n 

Martin Mrs H H, dress and 
mantle maker, 12 Wellington n 

Martin James, scalemaker, r 166 

Martin Jas, laborer, 203 John n 

Martin James, shoemaker, 92 
Bay n 

Martin James, baker, 96 Robin- 

Martin J E, manager Adams 
Manufacturing Co, 114 Jas n 

Martin John, bricklayer, 60 Tis- 

Martin John, upholsterer, 96 

Martin John, laborer, 123 Dun- 

Martin & Kittson (Edward 
Martin, QC, E E Kittson) bar- 
risters, Wentworth Chambers, 
25 James s See card 

Martin & Malone (Richard 
Martin, QC, Martin Malone) 
barristers, 2^ James s 

Martin P & A, props Bordeaux 
packing house, cor John and 
King Wm and James st market 

Martin Philip (P & A Martin) 
54 King Wm 

Martin Philip, sr, 31 Wellington s 

Martin Richard, QC (Martin 
& Malone) hd John s 

Martin Richard S,clerk, hd John s 

Martin Robert, engine driver G 
TR, isMagiU 

Martin Stephen, 29 Elgin 

Martin Thomas, mail clerk, 29 

Martin Thomas, enameler, r 22 

Martin Wm, clerk, 134 James s 

Martin William H, machinist, 46 

Marygold Mrs Harriet, 217 John 

Maslin George, sexton, 29 Steven 

Maslin Richard, machinist, 84 

Maslin Samuel, 84 Stinson 
Mason Charles, gardener, 116 

Mason Christopher, fireman, 35 

Emerald n 
Mason G E, accountant G T R, 

166 Main w 
Mason Hadley, clerk, 21 Sprmg 
Mason Jas, confectioner,65 York 
Mason J J, accountant, 86 

James n, h 63 Hunter w 
Mason Joseph, caretaker Masonic 

Hall, 90 Market 
Mason Margaret (wid Ed) 114 

Locke n 
Mason & Risch, piano manfs 

(Hamilton branch) George P 

Harrison, manager, res 56 

Wellington n 
Mason Thomas, hats and furs, 13 

James n, h 23 East ave n 
Masonic Hall, 82 James n 
Mass Wm, laborer, 16 Locke s 
Massey Rev William, M A, 

St. Luke's Church, 305 John n 
Massie Alexander, boatbuilder, 

209 Macnab n 
Massie Arch, timekeeper G T R, 

Barton w 
Massie William, jr, machinist, 

209 Macnab n 
Matches Mrs John, 251 KingWm 
Matchett Wm, laborer, 98 Ferrie e 
Mathie Walter, tailor, 60 James s 
Mathieson "Donald, laborer, 4 

Mathieson George, wool buyer, 

28 Railway 
Mathieson John, porter, 75 Vine 
Mathieson William, moulder, 71 

Ray n 
Mathesins Rudolph, artist, 118 

Mathews Augustus, carpenter, 

107 Ferrie 
Matthews Fred C, caretaker 

cricket ground, Idlewild, Bold 
Mathews George, mail clerk G T 

R, 74 Hunter e 



Mathews George H, livery, 33 
Market, h 37 Market 

Matthews Henry, moulder, 149 

Mathews James (James Mathews 
& Son) h 37 Victoria ave s 

Mathews James E (James Math- 
ews & Son) h 95 Victoria ave n 

Mathews James & Son (James 
and James E) painters, 15 
Hughson n 

Mathews John, clerk, 18 Elgin 

Matthews Joseph, carpenter, 188 
Emerald n 

Mathews The Misses, 35 Market 

Mathews Oscar, carpenter, 107 
Ferrie e 

Mathews R V, assistant tax col- 
lector, 37 Victoria ave n 

Mathews Walter, tailor James s 

Mathews W C, student, 6 Au- 

Mathews William, clerk, 37 Vic- 
toria ave s 

Matcom Peter, laborer, 336 John 

Matthewson Alex, moulder, 8 
Locke s 

Mattice James, nailer, 108 Mar- 

Mattice J H,correspondent and 
business agent Globe, Alexan- 
dra Arcade buildings, 31 James 
n, h 70 Catharine n 

Mattice Wm, porter, 108 Market 

Mattice Wm H, 98 Locke s 

Mawson Josiah, gas metre maker, 
81 Cannon w 

Max William, carpenter, 99 Rob- 

Maxey Jackson, agent, 84 Re- 

Maxham George, laborer, 91 
Macauley e 

Maxwell Francis, blacksmith, 124 
Picton e 

Maxwell James, engineer, 120 
Macauley e 

Maxwell John, machinist, Duke 

Maxwell John, painter, 163 Main 

Maxwell Maggie (wid Wm) 3 

Maxwell Robert, bookkeeper, 34 

Bay n 
Maxwell Samuel P, moulder, 136 

Macnab n 
Maxwell Thomas G, policeman, 

94 East ave n 
May James E, carpenter, 34 

May Richard, laborer, 219 York 
May Thomas, laborer, 26 Queen s 
May Wm, finisher, bds 24 Caro- 
line n 
May Mrs, dressmaker, 10 Main e 
May — , 208 Macnab n 
Mayhew John, knitter, 152 King 

Mays Wm, fireman G T R, 126}^ 

Queen n 
Mead Joseph R & Co, 

shirt manfs, io}4 Market 

Mead Joseph R Joseph R Mead 

& Co) h 18 Nelson ave 
Meade Miss Annie, 45 Charles 
Meade Thomas, builder, lo}^ 

Meadows Hugh, spinner, 71 

Simcoe e 
Meadows Mary (wid Samuel) 120 

Hess n 
Mengher Thomas, engineer, 213 

Hughson n 
Meakin Carry (wid James) gents' 

furnishings, 190 James n 
Meakins C W {Meakins cSc 

Sons) h 170 Main e 
Meakins G H, machmist, i r 

Erie ave 
Meakins & Sons, brush manufs, 

King e, opp West ave 
Meal John, laborer, 124 Hunter w 
Maney Thomas, bookkeeper, ne 

w cor Vine and James 
Mearce Joseph, teamster, 50 

West ave n 



Medley Samuel, stone cutter, 58 
Victoria ave n 

Medlock Annie (wid Wm) 16 

Meegan Patrick, laborer, 119 
Jackson e 

Meegan Peter, hotel, 14 John n 

Meegen Thomas, moulder, 29 

Meehan John, laborer, 329 Hugh- 
son n 

Meek Matthew G, grocer, 88 
Macnab n 

Meekison Andrew (Suther- 
land & Meekison) bds Noble's 

Megg Wm, pedler, bds 12 Mar- 

Meikle Hannah (wid James) 25 

Meiler John, tailor, 87 Florence 

Mellon George, 98 Catharine s 

Mellon Herbert, brakesman 49 
Stuart w 

Mellon John, builder, 6 Nightin- 

Mellon Robert, bricklayer, 56 

Mellon Thomas, machinist, 19 

Melody James, laborer, 38Sheaffe 

Melody Wm, carter, 58 Canada 

Memory James, bds 60 Hughson 

Memory John, machinist, 164 

Menard Peter, glassblower, 303 
James n 

Menary Robert, milk dealer, 29 

Menorgon Margaret (wid John) 
130 Cannon e 

Menzie Mrs John, 61 Emerald n 

Menzies Andrew, carpenter, 663^ 
King Wm 

Mepham Thomas, plasterer, 203 
Main w 

Mepham Wm, laborer, [03 Caro- 
line n 

Mercer James, builder, 40 Fer- 
guson ave 

Mercer John, machinist, r 52 
Hunter w 

Merchants' Bank, J S Mere- 
dith manager. King cor John 

Meredith Miss Elizabeth, music 
teacher, 46 Main w 

Meredith J S, manager Mer- 
chants' Bank, bds 16 Hughson s 

Merin Patrick, coal inspector, 
Stuart cor Macnab, h 242 Bay 

Meriden Britannia Co, J E 
Parker, manager, Wellington 
cor Cannon 

Merrick Miss Catharine, 96 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Merriman James, laborer, 124 
Locke n 

Merryman Miss Ann, 29 O'Reilly 

Mesle Frank, brushmaker, 23 
Went worth n 

Meston Thomas, bookkeeper, 62 
Cannon e 

Messer W J, salesman, 88 Park n 

Messmore — , tailor. Maple 

Metcalf Arthur, carpenter, bds 
Queen s 

Metcalfe George, painter, 65 

Metcalfe Joseph, gardener. Main 
e, near tollgate 

Metcalfe Mary (wid Wm) grocer, 
26 Ray n 

Mewburn L T, manager J 
Turner & Co, 60 Macnab s 

Mewburn S C, law student, 148 
Main w 

Mewburn Thos C, inspector cus- 
toms, 148 Main w 

Meyers William E, slioemaker, 48 

Michael Wm, laborer, 189 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Michael Wm jr, teamster, 6 

Michigan Central Railway, 
W J Grant, city ticket agent, 
Arcade, 33 James n 



Midford Thirza (wid Wm) 3 

Caroline s 
Middleton Arthur, bookkeeper, 

138 John n 
Middleton John, moulder, bds 53 

Middleton J T, wh marble dealer, 

138-140 John n, h East Ham- 
Middleton Walter S, com trav- 
eler, bds 48 James n 
Midgley Geo, shoenker, 172^ 

James n 
Midgley George jr, printer, 172}^ 

James n 
Midgley Peter, laborer, 119 Sim- 

coe e 
Midgley W H, japanner, i7i>^ 

James n 
Midwinter Job, carpenter, 153 

Park n 
Midwinter Joseph, machinist, 131 

Park n 
Milburn John, scalemaker, 15 

Little William 
Miles Alexander G, plumber, 72 

Miles Mrs Mary, 16 Ray s 
Miles John, carpenter, 57 East 

ave n 
Miles Thomas W, laborer, 27 

Macauley e 
Miller A, harness maker, 63 John 

Miller Adam J, stovemounter, 

134 Jackson w 
Miller Adolf, glassblower, 12 

Ferrie e 
Miller Alex, butcher. Went worth n 
Miller Alfred, shoemaker, 124 

Jackson w 
Miller A J, porter, 109 Walnut s 
Miller Andrew, laborer, 201 Main 

Miller Rev And E, Church of 

England, 66 Bay s 
Miller Arthur, laborer, 8 Wood e 
Miller August, machinist, 202 

East ave n 

Miller Catharine (wid Andrew) 
58 Ferguson ave 

Miller Frank (Miller & Hill) 
h Hannah cor Wellington 

Miller Fred, butcher, 64 West 
ave n 

Miller George, policeman, 42 
East ave n 

Miller George, bellman, 5 Hun- 
ter e 

Miller Henry, glassblower, 7 Mac- 
auley w 

Miller & Hill (F Miller, C 
Hill) carpenters, 81 James s 

Miller James, grocer, 7 1 Elgin 

Mitchell James, stovemounter, 
208 Cannon e 

Miller James, laborer, 176 Re- 

Miller Mrs Jane, 58 Ferguson 

Miller John, spicemaker, 143 
James n 

Miller John, laborer, 246 Cath- 
arine n 

Miller John, plasterer, 85 Young 

Miller John, cigar maker, 13 
Market sq 

Miller John E, moulder, 105 
Wood e 

Miller Louisa (wid William) Wal- 
nut n 

Miller Miss M B, Markland 

Miller Nichol, moulder, 32 John n 

Miller Peter, machinist, 59 Young 

Miller Robert, 56 Park n 

Miller Thomas M D, 181 
King w 

Miller Wm, tinsmith, 218 King 

Miller Wm, switchman, 146 Rob- 
ert e 

Miller Wm, shoemaker, 3 Hilton 

Miller — , carpenter, bds 166 
Bay n 

Miller — , 194 East ave n 

Miller — , machinist, bds 44 Vine 

Milliard J W, cashier, 128 Hugh- 
son n 






No. 33 Stuart Street "West (Next Door to Custom House), 


IE*. O- Bo2r 2SS- 


The following are now ready, an 

City_of Hamilton $2 50 

City of Kingston, including Fron- 

tenac county 2 00 

City of St. Catharines, including 

Lincoln and Welland 2 00 

City of Brantford, including Brant 

county 2 00 

County of Simcoe 2 00 

County of Wentworth 2 00 


d will be sent on receipt of price ; 


City of Guelph $2 00 

Ci)unty of Wellington 3 00 

County of Waterloo 3 00 

City of Quebec 2 50 

City of Ottawa 2 50 

City of Montreal 3 00 

All books are recent editions. 

. X3:. XTI-^7^X1<T dc CO., 


PETER BRASS, Architect. 

Furnishes Plans and Specifications for every description of buildings, 
and having been a Mechanic and Contractor for a number of years, 
all work wall be superintended in a practical and proper manner. 
Also measurement and Valuation of every description of buildings, 
either new or old, or of any works connected with buildings, made up 
in a correct and reliable manner. 

Residence. 49 Bay St South, HAMILTON, ONT 



Millican W J, law student, 11 

West ave s 
Milligan Ed, laborer, 22^ Little 

Milligan John, driller, 8 Poulette 
Milligan John, laborer, 276 

Hughson n 
Milliga» Mrs Samuel, 63 Merrick 
Milligan Thomas, dealer, 122 

Locke n 
Milligan Thomas J, laborer, 115 

Cannon w 
Milligan William, laborer, 6;^ 

Milligan W, barrister, ii W^est 

ave s 
Milligan Wm J, baker, 21 Pearl n 
MiUman James, carpenter, 31 

MiUman John, clerk, 34 Bay n 
Millman J J, photographer, 76 

King w, h 145 John s 
Millman — , salesman, bds 34 

Bay n 
Millmine Charles, gardener, 9 

Wentworth n 
Mills Mrs A, dressmaker, 114 

Mills Mrs Ann, 349 John n 
Mills Mrs Anson, 12 O'Reilly 
Mills Mrs Aurora (wid Samuel) 

20 Charles 
Mills Charles, com traveler, 89 

Macnab n 
Mills Charles, grocer, 142 Maine 
Mills Chas, 106 Jackson w 
Mills E J, law student, 286 

King e 
Mills Francis H, 35 Main w 
Mills F W, salesman, bds 286 

Mills F W, telegraph operator, 

286 King e 
Mills George, 292 King e 
Mills George, grocer, 26 Stuart e 
Mills Geo, packer, 62 Peter 
Mills Geo A, salesman, 7 James n 
Mills George E, bricklayer, 8 


Mills George H, barrister, 

Wentworth chambers, 25 James 

s, h 73 George 
Mills Lsaac, electrician, 320 York 
Mills James, laborer, 42 Ray n 
Mills Jas B, com traveler, 12 

Sophia n 
Mills Jas D, fireman G T R, 115 

Locke n 
Mills J D (J D Mills & Co) h 

139 York 
Mills J D & Co, paper boxes, 4 

Macnab n 
Mills James H, 113 Main w 
Mills John, builder, 3 1 Crooks 
Mills John, box maker, bds 139 

Mills Joseph & Son, hatters 

and furriers, 7 James n 
Mills & McKellar (John Mills, 

Hugh McKellar) builders, 2 

Mills Miss, 42 Queen s 
Mills William, carpenter, 286 

King e 
Mills Wm H, 151 Main w 
Mills W R (Joseph Mills & 

Son) 76 Jackson w 
Milne Alex, builder, 28 Victoria 

ave s 
Milne G H, builder, 45 Mary 
Milne James, gardener, Caroline 

Milne John (Burrow, Stewart & 

Milne) 45 Elgin 
Milne Robert A, carpenter, 28 

Victoria ave s 
Milne Thomas, laborer, 121 

Locke n 
Milne W, manf native wine, 

Wentwofth n 
Milne William, packer, 123 Locke 

Miner Cyrus E, cabinet maker, 37 

Magi 11 
Mines Fred, laborer. Main e 
Mines James, moulder, 197 Mary 
Minke Frederick, stovemounter, 

I Grove 



Minnes James, blacksmith, 132 

Minnes John, hammersmith, 126 
Locke n 

Minty Francis C, cashier, 47 
Wellington s 

Minty Henry T, clerk, 47 Wel- 
lington s 

Mitchell Alfred, harnessmaker, 
41 Catharine s 

Mitchell Bradfield, fireman, bds 
24 Hunter e 

Mitchell Chas, broom manf, 25 
Inchbury n 

Mitchell Chas A, clerk, 28 Caro- 
line n 

Mitchell Chas W, laborer, 64 
Locke s 

Mitchell David, shoemaker, 9 
King w, res Burhngton 

Mitchell D A, bookkeeper, 17 
West ave s 

Mitchell Daniel, plumber, 28 
Caroline n 

Mitchell E, manager Canadian 
Bank of Commerce, res Main, 
East Hamilton 

Mitchell Geo, machinist, 117 
Locke n 

Mitchell George, cabinet maker, 
49 Maria 

Mitchell James, stove fitter, 25 
Walnut s 

Mitchell James, teamster, 91 

Mitchell James, laborer, 78 Han- 
nah w 

Mitchell Capt James, 40 Ferrie w 

Mitchell James, bailiff, 37 East 
ave n 

Mitchell John, stonemason, 100 
Bay s 

Mitchell John, 27 Main w 

Mitchell John, cigar maker, 209 
Main w 

Mitchel John, shoemaker, 31 

Mitchell John, laborer, 142 Jack- 
son w 

Mitchell Joseph, plasterer, 48 

Ferguson ave 
Mitchell Joseph R, salesman, 90 

Hunter e 
Mitchell Mrs L (Cook & 

Mitchell) Franklin House 
Mitchell Mrs S A, nurse, bds 34 

Hughson s 
Mitchell Thomas, brooms and 

woodenware, 31 King w, h 37 

Queen s 
Mitchell Thomas, plasterer, 141 

Hunter w 
Mitchell William, machinist, 265 

Mitchell Wm, stonecutter, 61 

Pearl n 
Mitchell W B, tailor, 64 John s, 

h 48 Hunter e 
Mitchell — , moulder, 226 Hugh- 
son n 
Mitchell — , yardsman G T R, 

226 Hughson n 
Mitchenor Chas, laborer, 3 Pou- 

Mitchkum Marks, com traveler, 

1 2 1 Macnab n 
Mittiff Joseph, whipmaker, 43 

Hannah e 
Mockridge Rev Chas, D D, 

rector Christ Church Cathe- 
dral, 156 Macnab n 
Modlin John (Davison & Mod- 

lin) 26 Margaret 
Moffat John A, machinist, 118 

Bay n 
Moffat Sophia (wid Robert) 118 

Bay n 
Moffatt Thomas, mail carrier, 77 

Moffat Willoughby, marble cut- 
ter, 118 Bay n 
Moffat Wm, laborer, 7 Florence 
Moir William, painter, 72 Market 
Molsons Bank, J M Burns, 

manager, James s, cor King w 
Monger David, porter, 59 Chish- 

Monks Jas, tailor, bds 48 James n 



Monck J F (Lazier, Dingwall 

& Monck) h 25^ Eastave n 
Monk William, clerk waterworks, 

89 Locke n 
Monro Hugh, grocer, 269 James 

Montague Michael, laborer, 34 

Ferguson ave 
Monteith John, moulder, 104 

Emerald n 
Montgomery Edgar, blacksmith, 

bds 12 Market 
Montgomery Gabriel, pedler, 28 

Montgomery J W, M D, 

assistant medical supt Asylum 

for Insane 
Montgomery John, salesman, hd 

Locke s 
Montgomery Mary (wid Wm) 1 16 

Montgomery Robert, boardmg, 5 1 

Hughson s 
Moodie James R (J Moodie 

& Son) h 63 George 
Moodie John (John Moodie 

& Sons) h 65 George 
Moodie John, jr (John Moodie 

& Sons) h 65 George 
Moodie John & Sons (John, 

James R and John, jr) wh and 

retail fancy goods, 16 Kmg w 
Moody Charles, carpet weaver, 

25 Wood w 
Moody Christopher, jeweler, 27 

Moody Miss F E, fancy goods, 

162 King e 
Moody R W, accountant, 162 

King e 
Mooney Albert J, glassblower, 

43 Burlington w 
Moody Charles, laborer, 126 

Emerald n 
Mooney Luke,laborer, 15 Railway 
Moore Alex H, manager Stin- 

son's Bank, h 126 Hughson n 
Moore Alfred, policeman, 56 

East ave n 

Moore Ar*:hur, watchman, 48 

Wellington n 
Moore Charles, file maker, 190 

Victoria ave n 
Moore & Davis, real estate 

agents, 2 King Wm 
Moore D & Co, iron founders, 
manufacturers and importers, 
98, 100 King e, foundry Cath- 
arme cor Robert 
Moore Dennis (D Moore & 

Co) h 12 Hannah e 
Moore Edward, salesman, 50 

Hannah w 
Moore E E W, clerk, 61 Napier 
Moore E J, bookkeeper, 24 Vic- 
toria ave n 
Moore Elizabeth (wid William) 

134 Main e 
Moore Emma (wid Hugh) dress- 
maker, 7 Murray w 
Moore Frederick, bricklayer, 15 

Moore George, 197 John n 
Moore George, carpenter, 37 

Catharine n 
Moore Geo, refreshment rooms 

G T R, 14 Murray w 
Moore George, 123 Macnab n 
Moore George, laborer, 117 Fer- 
ric e 
Moore G H, 134 Hughson n 
Moore James, dver, bds 88 Rob- 
Moore John, laborer, Dundurn 
Moore Mrs John, 61 Napier 
Moore John, potter, 163 Locke s 
Moore John, laborer, 65 Locke s 
Moore J H, clerk, 160 Majy 
Moore J H (Bowman & Moore) 

h 238 King e 
Moore Lawrence, 8 Florence 
Moore Lyman, 33 Jackson w 
Moore Louis, cabinetmaker, 167 

Catharine n 
Moore I'eter, shipper, 26 Hun- 
ter e 
Moore Robert, tailor, 129 Hun- 
ter e 



Moore S G, bookkeeper, 3 Wel- 
lington Terrace, Wellington n 

Moore Samuel J, machinist, 43 
Victoria ave n 

Moore Thomas, laborer, 124 
Wood e 

Moore Thomas, engineer, bds 30 

Moore Wm, bookkeeper,bds 134 
Main e 

Moore Wm, laborer, 76 Ferguson 

Moore W G (Moore & Davis) 
h 7 1 Victoria ave s 

Moore W J, painter, i Chisholm 

Moore W P (Moore & Davis) 
h 241 Main e 

Moore Wm R, clerk, h Main e 

Moore W S, salesman, 41 East 
ave s 

Moran Antoine, hotel keeper, 
134 James n 

Moran Mrs Catharine, 274 Jas n 

Moran Edward, japanner, 230 
Bay n 

Moran Michael, laborer, 103 
Picton e 

Moran Nap, shoemaker, bds 9 

Moran Patrick, laborer, 77 Car- 
oline n 

Morin Joseph, shoedealer, 224 
James n 

Moran Mrs, Aikman's ave 

Mordan Jacob, 21 Sheaffe 

Mordan John, 21 Sheaffe 

Mordan John D, 17 Magill 

Morden J W (W & J Morden) 
h 27 West ave s 

Morcfen W J (W & J Morden) 
h 8 Crooks 

Morden W & J, commission 
merchants, 7 Market sq 

Morgan Alfred (Knox, Mor- 
gan & Co) h 3 West ave s 

Morgan B J (Morgan Bros) h 51 
East ave s 

Morgan Bros, grain merchants, 
27, 29 John s 

Morgan Charles E, exchange 
office and general railway and 
steamship ticket agency, 11 
James n, h 191 Macnab n 

Morgan E P, teacher phono- 
graphy, 158 King Wm 

Morgan Richard, carriage trim- 
mer, 134 York 

Morgan R R (Morgan Bros) 77 
Emerald s 

Morgan Thomas, fireman GTR, 
88 Hess n 

Morgan Thomas, tanner, 14 Vic- 
toria ave s 

Morgan Wm S (Morgan Bros) 
227 Main e 

Morgan William, machinist, 44 
Barton w 

Moriarty John, laborer, 108 Sim- 
coe e 

Moriarty Michael, laborer, 134 
Bay n 

Morley Jonn, blacksmith, 19 

Morley Jonathan, carpenter, 133 
Wood e 

Morley Thomas, laborer, 16 

Moroney Michael, laborer, foot 
Caroline n 

Morphy Wm, machinist, 69^ 
Main w 

Morris Charles, machinist, 27 
Inchbury n 

Morrris Chas F, clerk Bank of 
Commerce, bds 6t George 

Morris George, butcher, 1 8 Locke 

Morris George, grocer, 270 York 

Morris H H, accountant Bank of 
Commerce, King cor Hughson 

Morris Isaac, tailor, 12 Macnab 
n, h 123 Market 

Morris James, grocer, 225 Mac- 
nab n 

Morris Jas, cutter, 129 James n 

Morris John, bds 28 Market 

Morris John, boat builder, Went- 
worth n 



Morris John, fruiterer, 25 James 

Morris John M, engineer, Duke 

Morris Joseph, clerk, 41 Robert 

Morris Louis, butcher, King e 

Morris M, second-hand dealer, 
12}^ King Wm 

Morris Moses, laborer, 124 Ma- 
cauley e 

Morris Philip, grocer, 129 John n 

Morris Thomas, flour and feed, 
2 1 Wellington n, h 26 Welling- 
ton n 

Morris Thomas, baker, 178 James 

Morris Wm, market gardener, 
Wentworth n 

Morris Wm, baggage expressman, 
26 and 28 Market 

Morris Wm, brass founder and 
pattern maker, 64 Ray n 

Morris William, grocer, 122 Mac- 
nab n 

Morrissey Mrs Michael, 12 Vic- 
toria ave s 

Morrison Alex, grocer, 86-88 
John s 

Morrison Alexander, grocer, 14 
Wood Market square 

Morrison Alex, fireman, 141 
Catharine n 

Morrison A R, agent, 132 Hugh- 
son n 

Morrison Fred, temperance hotel, 
end York 

Morrison Francis, shoemaker, 6^ 

Morison Fred S, bookkeeper, 2 

Morrison George C, engine and 
boiler works, foot Caroline n, h 
35 Picton w 

Morrison John, grocer, 66 Main w 

Morrison J A, wood turner, 183 
East ave n 

Morrison Mrs J M, 97 Hughson 

Morrison Patrick, shoemaker, 
Burlington n 

Morrison Samuel, agent, S^ 

Morrison Thomas, 98 John s 

Morron Charles, mason, 58 Wil- 

Morrow John, policeman, 170 
James n 

Morrow Maria (wid James) con- 
fectioner, 170 James n 

Morrow Wm, laborer, 1 7 Lower 

Morse Fred, officer Salvation 
Army, bds 164 King Williarn 

Morson Alfred, M D, 90 Bay s 

Morson Alfred E, bookkeeper, 90 
Bay s 

Mortimer Edgar, teamster, 45 

Mortimer James, moulder, 57 

Mortimer Joseph, stovemounter, 
126 Maria 

Morton Ann (wid Andrew) 56 

Morton Crooker, teamster, 13 
Cannon e 

Morton David sr, soap manuf, 
186 Main e 

Morton David jr, traveler, 186 
Main e 

Morton David, 36 Markland 

Morton Edward, painter, 49 
Hunter e 

Morton George, barber, 87 John s 

Morton George, laborer, 52 Her- 

Morton James, grocer, 54 Han- 
nah w, h 52 King w 

Morton Rev John, 66 Victoria 
ave s 

Morton John, shipper, 35 Rail- 

Morton John, soap manf, 12 
Emerald s 

Morton John, grocer, 1 1 Lower 

Morton John,salesman,52 Kingw 

Morton John, grocer, Wilson co^ 



Morton John G, machinist, 42 

Morton Robert, clerk, 186 Main e 
Morton Wm (Dixon & Morton) 

h 52 King w 
Morton Wm, 13 Cannon e 
Morton Wm, teacher, bds 7 Bold 
Morty John, laborer, 68 Market 
Moses Mrs M, second-hand 

dealer, 5 1 John s 
Moshier Edward, laborer, 107 

Hunter e 
Moss Charles, shoemaker, York 
Mossman Mark, shoemaker, 23 

Mostyn John, tinsmith, 150 Hun- 
ter w 
Mottashed Charles, builder, 17 

West ave n 
Mottashed Lezetta (wid Joseph) 

18 East ave n 
Moyes George, 19 Walnut s 
MoylenThos, shoemaker, 3 7 Napier 
Moynahan Cornelius, broom- 
maker, 250 Hughson n 
M.owat Andrew, mason, 57 Erie 

Mowat Mary (wid Wm) 85 Mary 
Mugford Richard, painter, Fer- 
guson ave n , ' " 
Muir Andrew, bookkeeper',' 48 

Muir D A, contractor, 158 Mary 
Muir James, baggageman, 177 

Emerald n 
Muir J G, bricklayer, 170 West 

ave n 
Muir John, MA (Crerar, Muir 

& Crerar) h 37 Duke 
Muir J P, bookkeeper, Mountain 

Muirhead Walter, butcher, James 

St market, h Mountain 
Mulcahy Daniel, laborer, 45 

Strachan e 
Mulcahy Dennis, stovemounter, 

59 Wood e 
Mulholland Henry (J S.i H 

Mulholland) h 17 Barton e 

Mulholland J & H, props 

Union wood and coal yard. 

Cannon cor Cathcart 
Mulholland James, boxmaker, 73 

Mulholland John (J & H 

Mulholland, h 259 Bay n 
Mulholland Mrs Margaret, 162 

Catharine n 
Mulholland Peter, laborer, 103 

Hunter e 
Mulholland Samuel, laborer, r 

51 Young 
Mulhurn James, moulder, bds 

41 John n 
MuUaney John, filecutter, bds 

153 Kinge 
Mullen Miss Sarah, 82 Jackson e 
Mullen Thomas, carpenter, 13 

Mulligan C W, architect. Court 

House, h 17 Main w 
Mullin David, bds 123 Main e 
MuUin Henry, carpenter, 75 Ray 

Mullin John A, MD, 124 Jas 

Mullin Mrs Mary, 123 Main e 
Mullin Mrs Peter, 382 James n 
Mullings Mrs E (wid Abraham) 

grocer, Locke s cor Robinson 
MuUins Thomas, carpenter, 278 

Mullins Wm, laborer, 65 Parle n 
Mulroy Michael, laborer, 116 

Mulvale Wm, laborer, Clark ave 
Mulvihill Thomas, engineer, 135 

Wellington n 
Munc Mrs Louisa (wid Jake) 52 

Main w 
Munday Miss M P, 147 James s 
Mundell E D H, com traveler, 

i5>^ Elgin 
Mundie Margaret (wid William) 

I Robinson 
Mundy Angus, grocer, 1 25 Park n 
Munday Henry, machinist, 72 

Ray n 



Mundy Israel, 6 Hess s 

Mundy Mark,druggist,i64 Kinge 

Mundy William, letter carrier, 6 
Hess s 
' Munn James, laborer, 10 1 John n 

Munn Mrs William, 79 Maria 

Mundt Adolphus, laborer, 68 
Locke s 

Mundt Charles, laborer, tii 

Munro Alex, com traveler, 61 
Caroline s 

Munro Colin, tinsmith, 89 Can- 
non e 

Munro Eliza (wid Henry) Robin- 

Munro Isaac, stovemounter, bds 
250 James n 

Munro James, foreman W E 
Sanford & Co, 33 East ave n 

Munro Mary (wid John) 26 Guise 

Munroe Alex, com traveler, Knox, 
Morgan & Co 

Munro Emma (wid Malcolm) 53 

Munroe James, laborer, 60 Ray s 

Munsie Herbert, mechanical ac- 
countant G T R, 210 Victoria 
ave n 

Munson Guy, fireman, 122 Can- 
non e 

Munson Sarah (wid Ephraim)i34 
King Wm 

Muntz Robert, laborer, 44^ 

Munzinger John M, bookbinder, 
23 York 

Muidock Andrew, com traveler, 
29 Victoria ave n 

Murdoch James, porter G T R, 
14 Florence 

Murison George, health mspect- 
or, Herkimer 

Murphy Ann (wid John) 26 Pic- 
ton w 

Murphy Catharine (wid John) 53 

Murphy Catharine (wid William) 
72 Rebecca 

Murphy Cornelius, laborer, 130 
Bay n 

Murphy Edward, laborer, 293 
John n 

Murphy Edward, laborer, 5 Mac- 
auley w 

Murphy Edmund, tailor, 32 Au- 

Murphy Edward, sign painter, 
106 James n, h 57 York 

Murphy James, cigar maker, 10 

Murphy John, supt letter carriers, 

Murphy John, laborer, 130 Bay n 

Murphy Mrs Joseph, fancy goods, 
74 King w, h 129 John s 

Murphy Lawrence, laborer, 217 
Bay n 

Murphy Matthew, teamster, 43 
East ave n 

Murphy Matthew, marble pol- 
isher, 223 Main w 

Murphy Maurice, blacksmith, 68 
Caroline n 

Murphy Michael, shoemaker, 122 
Emerald n 

Murphy Michael, laborer, 72 

Murphy Michael, saloon,35 Jack- 
son e 

Murphy & Murray (Wm Mur- 
phy, Hugh Murray) grocers, 
66 King e 

Murphy Patrick, laborer, r 185 
Bay n ^^ 

Murphy Patrick H, glassblower, 
38 Macauley w 

Murphy T D, manager Ham 
Whip Co, h 31 Wellington s 

Murphy Timothy, moulder, 34 
Macauley e 

Murphy Wm, carpenter, 142 Duke 

Murphy Wm (Murphy & Mur- 
ray) h 53 Ferguson ave 

Murray A & Co, im of staple 
and fancy dry goods, manfs of 
millinery, mantles and dresses 
18, 20 King e 




Murray Alex (A Murray & Co) 

Arlo House, Main w 
Murray Andrew, cigar maker, 148 

King w 
Murray Anthony, 188 King Wm 
Murray David, blacksmith, 139 

West ave n 
Murray Miss Ellen, 2 South e 
Murray David, gardener, 76 Em- 
erald n 
Murray Duncan, flour and feed, 

t6 York 
Murray Mrs Eliza, 92 Maria 
Murray Mrs Elizabeth, 139 York 
Murray Hugh, clerk customs, 88 

Main e 
Murray James, tailor, 121 Fer- 
guson ave 
Murray Ja-nes, clerk. Main cor 

Murray Jas H, cigar dealer, 81 

Murray J H, tobacconist, 36 

Murray John, rag carpet weaver, 

148 King w 
Murray John, salesman, Arlo 

house, Main w 
Murray John, printer, 139 York 
Murray Miss Kate, 102 John n 
Murray R B, whip mounter manf, 

47 King Wm, h 26 Rebecca 
Murray Robt, shoemaker, 41 

Murray Thomas, contractor, 23 

Murray Thomas, salesman, 39 

Macnab n 
Murray Walter, saddler, 121 

Queen n 
Murray William, paper bag maker, 

71 Merrick 
Murray Wm, 49 Caroline n 
Murray Wm, collecter, 115 Jack- 
son w 
Murray Wm, paper bag manuf, 

35 Park n 
Murray Wm, accountant, Athol 

Bank, Queen cor Herkimer 

Murton Miss Alice, private school, 

182 John n 
Murton J W, (Murton & Reid) 

h East Hamilton 
Murton & Reid, (J W Murton, 

W Reid) coal dealers, 44 

John n 
Murton Wm A, bookkeeper, 182 

John n 
Musgrove Mrs Caroline, 55 York 
Muskoka Lakes Steamship 

Line, W J Grant, agent, 33 

James n 
Myers Adolph, grocer, 68 Hess n 
Myers Benjamm, engineer, 47 

Caroline n 
Myers Mrs Catherine (wid Geo) 

18 Devonport 
Myers Charles, 48 Victoria ave n 
Myers Edgar, cooper, 9 Macnab s 
Myers Henry, engineer, 1 1 Chis- 

Myers John, laborer, 1 1 1 Can- 
non w 
Myers Joseph, laborer, 306 King e 
MyerF I W, 48 Victoria ave n 
Myers Wm, tobacco roller, 33 

Queen s 
Myers Wm, tinsmith, 84^ West 

ave n 
Myers Wm J, undertaker, 51 

Macnab s 
Myles x-Mfred, coal dealer, 146 

John n 
Myles C J (Thomas Myles & 

Son) 7 Elgin 
Myles John, laborer, 61 Walnut s 
Myles Thomas (Thomas Myles & 

Son) h Victoria ave cor Hunter 
Myles Thomas & Son (Thomas 

and C J) coal merchants, 

Hughson cor Main 
Myles William, laborer, 96 Wal- 
nut s 
Myles Wm, laborer, 54 Caroline s 
Myrick J H, picture framer, 107 

James n 
Nadin Samuel, bookkeeper, 116 

Catharine s 



Nail Susan (wid Thomas) 61 

Nangle Edward, plumber, 176 
Catharine n 

Napier James, machinist, 82 

Nash Alfred, expressman, 260 
James n 

Nash Arthur, laborer, 60 Bar- 
ton vv 

Nash David, laborer, 183 Hugh- 
son n 

Nash Elvin, fireman, 162 Fer- 
guson ave 

Nash George, pattern maker, 166 
King Wm 

Nash William, bricklayer, 122 

Nash Wm, engineer, 54 Barton e 

National Assurance Co, (of 
Ireland) Richard Bull, agent, 
55 James n 

National Fire Insurance Co 
of Ireland, Forbes & Brown, 
agents, 2 Merrick 

National Steamship Line, 
Charles E Morgan, agent, 1 1 
James n 

National Hotel, S & J Wilson, 
proprs, 248 York 

Na}lor y, fancy goods, 147 York 

Neal Edward, brickmaker, 151 
Jackson w 

Neal Fred, salesman, 50 James s 

Neal Robert, laborer. New 

Nealin Mary Ann (wid Thos) 100 

Neelon Helen (wid John) board- 
ing, 172 Bay n. 

Neelon Wm, tinsmith, bds 155 
John n 

Neff Helena (wid Abram) 126 
Wellington n 

Negle Miss Ellen, boarding house, 
234^ James n 

Neill Andrew, asst tax collector, 
room 28, Canada Life chmbrs 

Neilson Eliza (wid James) bds 
83 Main w 

Neilson George, bookkeeper, 83 
Main w 

Neilson John, shipper, bds 9 

Neilson John E, salesman, Mark- 

Neilson Wm, baker, bds 83 
Main w 

Nelles W P, com traveler, 67 
King e 

Nelligan Bartley (G & B Nelligan) 
bds 192 James n 

Nelligan Catherine (wid Patrick) 
fancy goods, 192 James n 

Nelligan George (G & B Nelli- 
gan) 192 James n 

Nelligan G & B, gents' furnish- 
ings, 230^ James n 

Nelligan John, machinist, bds 
192 James n 

Nelligan JB,clerk, 234 Macnab n 

Nelligan Mrs Margaret, 265 
Hughson n 

Nelligan Michael, wagonmaker, 
263 Hughson n 

Nelligan M D, wagon maker, 
James n, h Hughson n 

Nelligan Thos, laborer, Breadal- 

Nelson Douglas, 53 Barton e 

Nelson Edward, traveler, 64 Can- 
non w 

Nelson Frank J, reporter Titnes^ 
bds 64 Cannon w 

Nelson Ira, laborer, Herkimer nr 

Nelson Mrs Jane, 223 King e 

Nelson Joseph, car driver, 10 4 
Murray e 

Nelson Patrick, track master, 
cor South and Victoria ave 

Nelson S U, salesman, bds Com- 
mercial hotel • 

Nelson Wm, lumber measurer, 
177 Rebecca 

Nelson William, waiter Royal, 
13 Cannon e 

Nelson William, laborer, 10 1 
Hunter e 



Nep Schaun, presser, bds 167 

Catharine n 
Nesbitt J W (Fuller, Nesbitt & 

Bicknell) 16 Hughson s 
Neville Joseph, machinist, 24 

Inchbury n 
New Edward, brickmaker, 307 

King w 
New Eliza (wid Dan) 228 Main w 
New Henry, sec-treas Campbell 

Sewer Pipe Co) 250 Main w 
New James, brickmaker, 106 

Newbigging William, 104 Cherry 
Newberry C E (Humphrey & 

Newberry) h 80 Robert 
Newcomb William, laborer, 30 

Newcomb Wm, engine driver G 
, T R, 51 Magill 
Newcombe Wm, machinist, i 

Devon port 
Newcombe Wm, iron finisher, 

Newell Charles, clerk, 70 Wilson 
Newington Daniel, gunsmith, 114 

Simcoe e 
Newlands Jas, machinist, Robin- 
Newman Charles J, organist, loi 

Main e 
Newman Edward, carpenter, 133 

Macauley e 
Newman Frederick, laborer, 83 

Ferrie e 
Newman Maitland, com traveler, 

55 Hunter w 
Newman Margaret (wid Tim J) 

boarding, 105 King w 
Newport Wm, confectioner, 180 

King e 
New Raymond Sewing Ma- 
chine, Hargrove & Sons, agts, 

118 King e 
Newsom Wm, trunk maker, 14 

Pearl n 
Newton David, a^ent Canada 

Sugar Refining Co (limited) 9 

Main e, h 38 Nelson ave 

New York Central & Hud- 
son River Railroad, W J 

Grant, 33 James n 

New York Mutual Marine 
Insurance Co, A F Forbes, 
agent, 2 Merrick 

New Williams Sewing Ma- 
chine, W S Lumgair, agent, 
115 James n 

Nex — , laborer, bds 100 Robin- 

Nex Wm, laborer, 99 Hunter w 

Niblock George, teamster, Mur- 
ray e 

Niblock Moses, laborer, 1 6 George 

Niblock Wm, teamster, Murray e 

Nichol Mrs C J (wid R) bds 90 
Catharine s 

Nichol George, agent. King e 

Nichol James, porter, 129 King 

Nichol James, woodworker, end 
King e 

Nichol Mrs James, 67 Jackson e 

Nichol Mrs Margaret, 70 Ray s 

NichoU George, laborer, bds 34 

Nichol Walter C, reporter Spec- 
tator^ 90 CatharinX s 

Nicholls John R, clerk G T R, 
94 Catharine s 

Nicholls Wm, brickmaker, King 
w nr limits 

Nichols Thos E, wire and iron 
works, 59 York, h 117 Hess n 

Nichols W H, butcher, 267 King 

Nicholson Edward, hide buyer, 
89 Rebecca 

Nicholson Mrs Elizabeth, 25 Inch- 
bury s 

Nicholson George, pedler, bds 
182 Hughson n 

Nicholson George (J & G Nichol- 
son) 47 George 

Nicholson Mrs H (wid Donald) 

Nicholson H, driver, bds Do-. 
minion hotel <* 



Nicholson John (J & G Nichol- 
son) h 17 Florence 

Nicholson J & G, wood yard, 
no York 

Nicholson Richard, laborer, 205 
Catharine n 

Nicholson Robert, cutter, bds 89 

Nicholson Thomas, butcher, 113 
King w, h 15 Caroline s 

Nicholson Wm, coal and wood 
dealer, in King w, h George 
cor Ray 

Nickling James, machinist, 13 

Nichol James, laborer, 12 Mar- 

Nicol Peter, machinist, 70 Hun- 
ter e 

Nicolls Frank, coal and wood 
dealer, Main cor Lock, h Garth 
s of Concession 

Nicolls Willoughby H, farmer, 

Nie Arthur J, machinist,3i Inch- 
bury n 

Nieghorn Albert, clerk, 96 Flor- 

Nieghorn Charles, marble cutter, 
96 Florence 

Nieghorn Wm, music teacher, 
103 Bay n 

Nimmo Susan (wid James) 103 
James s 

Nisbet Mathew, gents' fur- 
nishings, King cor Walnut and 
6 James n 

Nixon Edward, saloon, 20 King 

Nixon George S, 47 Catharine n 

Nixon John, laborer, 187 James n 

Nixon Thomas, policeman, 345 
James n 

Nixon William, quarryman, 120 
Catharine s 

Nixon William A, laborer, 75 

Nixon W S, bailiff ist Divis- 
ion Court, 72 Wellington n 

Noble A W, chair caner, 130 
James n 

Noble James, machinist, 9 Mac- 
nab s 

Noble John, express messenger, 
bds 49 Stuart w 

Noble John, bricklayer, 86 Stin- 

Noble Wm, prop Noble's 
hotel, James cor Cannon 

Noblett Robert, dyer, 48 Victoria 
ave s 

Nolan James, laborer, 235 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Nolan John, laborer, bds 73 
Stuart w 

Nolan John, machinist, 3 Little 

Nolan Michael, 3 LittleWellington 

Nolan Michael Oliver, bds 26 

Nolan S, laborer, Mary 

Noonan Patrick, shoemaker, 327 
Macnab n 

Noonan Patrick, laborer, 245 
Wellington n 

Nordheimer A & S, piano 
manfs, 80 James n 

Norman Henry, 93 Lower Cath- 

Norman John W, laborer, i 

Norris Margaret (wid Patrick) 1 5 1 
Macnab n 

North British and Mercan- 
tile Fire and Life Co, J T 
Routh agent, 16 James s 

North Chas, stonemason, Eliza- 

North John, teamster, 35 Spring 

North J W, letter carrier, 93 
John n 

Northern Fire Assurance Co 
(London Eng) Seneca Jones 
agent, 59 James n 

Northern and Northwestern 
Railways, W J, Grant, city 
ticket agent, Arcade, 33 James 



Northern & Northwestern 
Passenger Station, King 
cor Cherry 

Northern & Northwestern 
R R Co, offices Ferguson 
ave, cor Cannon 

Northey Diggory, engineer, Han- 
nah e 

Northey Henry, 46 Hannah w 

Norwich & London Acci- 
dent Insurance Associa- 
tion, Payne & McMeekin 
agents, 97 James n 

Norwood Geo, laborer, Duke 

Nottle J T, Wentworth s 

Nowlan Owen, livery, 12 Re- 
becca, h 35 Rebecca 

Nowlan John, laborer, 140 Re- 

Noyes E F, bookkeeper, 12 Han- 
nah w 

Noyes Francis, salesman, 18 

Noyes George W, hair dresser, 
122 King e 

Noyes James, hair works, 116 
King e 

Nugent Thomas, laborer, 292 
James n 

Nunn James, teamster, 26 Elgin 

Nurden J H, driver, 55 John n 

O'Brien Charles, cigarmaker, 55 
Walnut s 

O'Brien Charles, blacksmith, bds 
136 Jackson e 

O'Brien D J, professor of music, 
28 Sheaffe 

O'Brien Edward, laborer, Bur- 
lington n 

O'Brien Ed, laborer, bds 80 
Locke n 

O'Brien Henry, gunsmith, 57 

O'Brien Hugh, fancy goods, 8 

O'Brien James, laborer, 50}^ 

O'Brien James, flour and feed, 

, 127 James n 

O'Brien James, moulder, 37^ 

East ave n 
O'Brien John, machinist, 247 

James n 
O'Brien John, laborer, bds 97 

Strachan e 
O'Brien John, cigarmaker, 55 

Walnut s 
O'Brien J F, excise officer, 21 

O'Brien Michael, laborer, 168 

John n 
O'Brien Michael, laborer, 97 

Strachan e 
O'Brien Malcolm, laborer, bds 

97 Strachan e 
O'Brien Margaret (wid John) 55 

Walnut s 
O'Brien Mary Ann (wid Eugene) 

4 Stuart e 
O'Brien Patrick, laborer, 87 

O'Brien R, caretaker Loretto 

Convent, Ray n 
O'Brien Samuel, printer, 57 Gore 
O'Brien Thos, hair dresser, 202 

King e 
O'Brien Thomas (Canary & 

O'Brien) 157 James n 
O'Brien Thomas, machinist, bds 

4 Stuart e 
O'Brien Wm, scale maker, 109 

O'Brien Wm, moulder, 21 Evans 
O'Brien Wm, clerk, bds 168 

John n 
O'Callaghan Frank, inspector, 

179 Park n 
O'Connell Daniel, laborer, 9 Lo- 
O'Connell John,laborer,63 Marke 
O'Connell Patrick, laborer, 94 

O'Connell Thomas, riveter, 36 

Barton e 
O'Connor Bridget (wid John) 160 

King w 
O'Connor Daniel, laborer, 104 




O'Connor Francis, wagon maker, 
160 King w, h 146 Duke 

O'Connor Jas, painter, 17 Devon- 

O'Connor Jas, dairyman, 149 
Locke n 

O'Connor Jobn,painter,i47 Mary 

O'Connor John, freight tracer, 
278 Hughson n 

O'Connor Martin, engine driver, 
bds 17 Devonport 

O'Connor Michael, moulder, 55 
Strachan e 

O'Connor Patrick, laborer, Her- 

O'Connor Thomas, glassblower, 
61 Wood e 

O'Connor Thos, carriage painter, 
160 King w 

O'Dea Michael, blacksmith, Bur- 
lington n 

O'Donnell Dennis, gardener, 57 
Little William 

O'Donnell James, glassblower, 16 
Stuart w 

O'Donnell J E, bookkeeper, 161 
Hunter e 

O'Donnell P J, clerk P O, 161 
Hunter e 

O'DriscoU Martin, 82 Welling- 
ton n 

O'Grady Catherine (wid John) 
26 O'Reilly 

O'Grady James, moulder, 178 
Robert e 

O'Grady John, moulder, 139 
Robert e 

O'Grady Martin, laborer, 140 
Picton e 

O'Grady Michael, Hamilton Mar- 
ble works, Hess n, cor York 

O'Grady Thomas, moulder, 165 
Wellington n 

O'Heyr Arthur, barrister, 4 Main 
e, h 54 Wellington s 

O'Heir James, machinist, 124 
Catharine s 

O'Heir Peter, landing waiter, 54 
Wellington s 

O'Holleran Patrick, grocer, 155 
Catharine n 

O'Hara John,laborer, 180 Wilson 

O'Keefe David C, laftd surveyor, 
117 Maria 

O'Lachlan Jas, baker, 14 Ray n 

O'Leary Elizabeth (wid James) 
136 Locke n 

O'Malley Honora (wid Timothy) 
66 Maria 

O'Mara Martin, laborer, 370 
James n 

O'Neil Arthur, tailor, 95 Han- 
nah e 

O'Neil Daniel, painter, r 206 
Catharine n 

O'Neil Denis, laborer, r 61 Jack- 
son e 

O'Neil Felix, hackman, 54 Hunt- 
er e 

O'Neil James, wagonmaker, 179, 

O'Neil Jas, painter, bds Dundurn 

O'Neil John, manager Spectator 
job department, 122 Jackson e 

O'Neil John, tinsmith, 58 Han- 
nah e 

O'Neil John, cutter, bds 95 Han- 
nah e 

O'Neill John, laborer, 88 Jack- 
son e 

O'Neill John, laborer, 122 Young 

O'Neil John, engineer, 175 Cath- 
arine n 

O'Neil Martin, moulder, bd$ 

O'Neil Mrs Mary, 35 Wood e 

O'Neil Matthew, bds 56 Park rt 

O'Neil Patrick, bricklayer, Clark 

O'Neil Patrick, 150 Market 

O'Neil Patrick, teamster, 327 
Catharine n 

O'Neil Robert, laborer, 55 Woode 

O'Neil Thos, blacksmith, Dun- 

O^Neil Thomas, laborer, 33I 
Hughson n 

O'Neill Mrs Bridget, 287 John n 



O'Neil Wm, mason, 147 Cathar- 
ine n 

O'Neill Michael, moulder, 291 
John n 

O'Neill Michael, glassblower, 315 
Macnab n 

O'Neill Patrick, laborer, 199 
Bay n 

O'Neill Thos, baker, 68 Bold 

O'Regan Mrs Mary, grocer, 230 
Hughson n 

O'Reilly Catherine (wid Wm) bds 
64 Macnab s 

O'Reilly Frank, plumber, 117 
Macnab n 

O'Reilly J E, master in chan- 
cery, court house, h 53 Cath- 
arine s 

O'Reilly Miles, local master 
supreme court at Hamilton, 
court house, h 73 Catharine s 

O'Reilly Patrick, laborer, 4 

O'Reilly Peter J, brushmaker, 
179 Macnab n 

O'Rourke Mrs James, 46 Jack- 
son e 

O'Sullivan Francis J, gardener, 
bds Burlington s 

O'Sullivan Maurice, moulder, 
Burlington s 

O'Toole John scalemaker, 103 
Strachan e 

O'Toole Stephen, laborer, 13 

O'Toole William, cigarmaker, bds 
36 York 

Oak Hall, Wm Farrar, man- 
ager, 10 James n 

Oakes Edward, tailor, 57 Barton e 

Oakes Fred, butcher, 126 Wilson 

Oaten Walter, salesman, 45 Wel- 
lington s 

Obermeyer Henry M, printer, t8 
Pearl s 

Obermeyer Mattern, piano maker, 
18 Pearl s 

Oddfellows' Hall, 24 John n 

Oddy Joseph, carpenter, 113 
Wood e 

Odell E W, bread pedler, 138 

Jackson e 
Odell John, laborer, 1 80 Hunter w 
Odell Robert S, machinist, 50- 

Oder Hugo, 61 Wellington n 
Odery Rev Joseph, pastor 

Simcoe street Methodist ch, 

131 John n 
Ogilvie James, station master 

N & N W R, 55 Ferguson ave 
Ogilvie Robert, tailor, 20 King w 

simcoe w 
Old Albert, bricklayer, Murray e 
Old Thomas, laborer, 132 Hun- 
ter e 
Old Wm, laborer, 25 Lower 

Olde Horace, hatter, bds 159 

West ave n 
Oliver Cyrus, cutter, Markland 
Oliver D M, mariner, 95 Hugh- 
son n 
Oliver Edward, shoemaker, 231 

James n 
Oliver Hamilton, clerk, 125 

King Wm 
Oliver Jas M, com traveler, 20 

Erie ave 
Oliver Mrs John, 80 Jackson e 
Oliver Thos, tailor, 122 Bold 
Oliver Thomas, shoemaker, 158 

Bay n 
Oliver Mrs Thos, 280 King w 
Oliver Thomas, buyer for San- 
ford, 79 Emerald s 
Olmsted Bros, founders, cor 

York and Queen 
Olmsted Charles, engineer, bds 

93 King Wm 
Olmsted Russell G (Olmsted 

Bros) 41 Bay s 
Olmsted Sarah (wid Sam.uel) 1 1 

Hess s 
Olmsted W H (Olmsted Bros) 

bds Hunter c, nr John 
Olsen Charles, shipper, i Cherry 
Olsen Michael, shoemaker, Tis- 




Omand James, bds 140 Hughson 

Gmand James A, fireman, 140 
Hughson n 

Omand Joseph, mariner, 11 
Wood e 

Omand William, 140 Hughson n 

Omand William, machinist, 28 
Murray e 

Omand W O S, machinist, 28 
Murray w 

Omnium Securities Co, John F 
Wood, manager, 20 James s 

Ontario Brewery, J Gomph, 
proprietor, 360 John n 

Ontario Broom Factory, 
Walter Woods, proprietor, 62 
Macnab n 

Ontario Canning Co, J N 
Waddell, manager, office 
Court House, factory. Young 
cor Liberty 

Ontario Cotton Mills Co, Mac- 
nab cor Simcoe 

Ontario Havana Cigar 
Manufactory, John Lavell, 
Macnab cor Market square 

Ontario Pharmacy, C G War- 
ren, manager, G Wheeler, 
assistant. King cor Ferguson 

Ontario Rolling Mill Co, foot 
Queen n 

Ontario Sewing Machine 
Co, F M Wilson, pres, James 
Lockhart, sec treas, Wm Vas- 
sie, mechanical supt, James 
cor Hunter 

Orange James, laborer, 117 

Orme Ernest V, clerk, 43 Mar- 

Orr Annie (wid Wm) 45 Cath- 
arine n 

Orr Chas E, cagemaker, bds 116 

Orr James, yarn dresser, 209 

Orr James, laborer, 59 Maria 

Orr John, laborer, 149 Catharine 

Orr John A (Orr, Harvey & Co) 
h 82 James s • 

Orr, Harvey & Co (John A Orr, 
Wm C Harvey)wholesale boots 
and shoes, 21 King w 

Orr William, carpenter, 102 Main 

Orton Ann (wid Henry) Beulah 

Orton Thos, glassblower, bds 365 

Orttopin Capier, tailor, 47 Hun- 
ter e 

Osborne A G, bookkeeper, 10 

Osborne R Bryson (Osborne, 
Killey Manf Co) bds cor Mac- 
nab and Robinson 

Osborne C, machinist, 62 Robert 

Osborne Francis, laborer, 72 
Main w 

Osborne James (Jas Osborne 
& Son) h 10 Herkimer 

Osborne James, engineer, 41 

Osborne James & Son 
(James and John Y) grocers, 4 
James s 

Osborne John, bds 168 Mary 

Osborne John, grocer, bds 10 

Osborne John T (James 
Oiiborne & Son) h 10 Herki- 

Osborne-Killey Manf Co, suc- 
cessors to J H Killey & Co, 
117 Barton e 

Osborne Sarah (wid Friel) bds 
169 Bay n 

Osborne William, Osborne, Kil- 
ley Manf Co, h cor Macnab 
and Robinson 

Osborne W W, law student, 89 
Macnab s 

Osier Stanislas, telephone builder, 
167^ East ave n 

Osier A E, accountant, 5 West 
ave s 



Steam Dje Works, 


Ladies' and Gents' Outside Wearing Apparel, Ostrich Plumes, 
Damask Curtains, Kid G-loves, Cleaned and Dyed. 

Robert Parker and Co. are prepared to do the very best work, employing 
only first-class artizans, using the most approved dyes and chemicals, and having 
the latest and most approved machinery for finishing goods. 

Head Hamilton Office: 

4 John St. N., Larkin Hall Block, 

I3Ia,miltca:i, On.ta,rio. 

Toronto Offices: 

203 Yonge St., and 339 and 225 Queen St. West. 

Osier Frank, file cutter, 25^ 

Osier, Teetzel & Harrison 
(B B Osier Q C, J V Teetzel, 
John Harrison) barristers, etc, 
Canada Life Building, i James 

Otter John, laborer, bds 208 
Macnab n 

Otto Albert H, carver, 205 Mary 

Otto A (wid George) 153 Johnn 

Ouimet Francis, shoemaker, 26 

Overell Edward (E Overell & 
Co) 24j4 King w 

Overell E & Co, booksellers 
and stationers, 241^ King w 

Overend Miles, deputy registrar, 
57 Jackson w 

Overend Miles A, clerk, i Queen 

Overholt Jerome, cutter, 44 
West ave s 

Overholt Moses, tailor, 41 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Owen Henry, laborer, 134 Queen 

Owen James, laborer, 49 Ray n 
Owen James, plate polisher, 43 

Ray n 
Oxley Elizabeth (wid Philip) 18 

Lower Cathcart 
Oxley Frederick, grocer, etc, 69 

Packham Thos, laborer. Garth 
Padden Michael, cellarman, bds 

143 Bay n 
Paddon Patrick, laborer, 86-88 

Padfield Herbert, watchmaker, 

119 King 
Page James, 36 Steven 
Page Sarah A {wid Isaac) 192 

Main w 
Page Mrs S, 30 Catharine s 
Pain Albert (Powering & Pain) 

21 Main w 
Paine Thos B, bookkeeper, 166 

James n 



Painter Jas E, fireman G T R, 9 

Painter John M, pedler, Robin- 
Palladium The, of Labor, 

Co-operative Printing Co, 

props, 92 King e 
Palm VVm, 94 Bay s 
Palmer Benjamin, moulder, 99 

Locke n 
Palmer John, tobacco roller, bds 

20 Napier 
Palmer Josiah, teacher, 48 Flor- 
Palmer J C, machinist, 56 Gore 
Palmer Wm B, com traveler, 157 

Main w 
Panter Benjamin, stonecutter, 

bds 103 Catharine n 
Panter George, stonecutter, 103 

Catharine n 
Panter Joseph, pattern maker, 

1 19 Caroline n 
Papps George S, barrister, 13 

Main e, h 3 Robinson 
Papps L L (wid Henry) 178 

King w 
Paquin Joseph, grocer, 287 Mac- 
nab n 
Paradile Thomas, sexton, 82 

Catharine s 
Park Mrs Elizabeth, Markland 

cor Ontario 
Park J D, asst inspector weights 

and measures, 155 Wellington 

Park John H (Lucas Park & 

Co) h Markland cor Park 
Park Margaret (wid Wm) 38 

Ferguson ave 
Park Robert H (John Garrett 

& Co) h s s Hannah w, nr 

Parke Walter(McGregor & Parke) 

bds 42 Vine 
Parker Charlotte (wid Francis) 

28 Elgin 
Parker David, carpenter, 106 

Emerald n 

Parker Edward, coachman, bds 
96 Main e 

Parker James, laborer, Eliza 

Parker J E, manager Meriden 
Britannia Co, cor Herkimer 
and Macnab 

Parker L H, professor of music, 
bds 1 1 Charles 

Parker Robert & Co, steam 
dyers and cleaners, 4 John n 
See advt 

Parker Robert (Robert Par- 
ker & Co) res 32 Louther ave 
n, Toronto 

Parker William, laborer, 20 
Strachan w 

Parkes James (Parkes & 
Macadams) bds Royal hotel 

Parkes & Macadams (James 
Parkes, A H, Macadams) bar- 
risters, Hamilton Provident & 
Loan Building, i Hughson s 
See card 

Parkhill Andrew, porter, 84 West 
ave n 

Parkhill Thomas, carpenter, 84 
West ave n 

Parkinson Irene (wid John) 28 
Ray n 

Parks David, shoemaker, 146 
King Wm 

Parks Nelson, sergeant police, 94 
Victoria ave n 

Parks — , machinist, 127 Fer- 
guson ave 

Parmenter Amos W, agent, i 
Main w 

Parmenter Charles, baker, 249 
King Wm 

Parnell George, clerk, 45 Park n 

Parnell Samuel, painter, 120 

. Hughson n 

Parrott Benjamin, carter, 24 

Parry John, laborer, bds 23 Bar- 
ton e . 

Parry Thomas, carpenter, 70 
Park n 

Parslow Mrs, Burlington n 



Parsons Stephen, foreman, 88 

Park n 
Partridge John, moulder, 146 

Emerald n 
Partridge Richard, engineer, 83 

Simcoe e 
Partridge Thos, pattern maker, 

147 Ferrie e 
Paskey Wm H, machinist, 78 

Passmore Edward, bds 215 John 

Passmore Francis W, painter, 105 

Catharine s 
Pastine August, fruit dealer, 150 

King w 
Patten L H, law student, 34 Bay 

Patterson Agnes (wid Peter) 72 

Park n 
Paterson Andrew, teacher, end 

King e 
Patterson A B, ledger keeper. 

Merchants' Bank, 2 Hess s 
Patterson Bros (John and 

Thos) lumber merchants and 

builders, foot Lower Cathcart 
Patterson Donald, laborer, 46 

Caroline s 
Paterson George, laborer, foot 

Ferguson ave 
Patterson H C, clerk, bds 44 

Main w 
Patterson James, carpenter, 123 

John s 
Paterson James, woolgrader, 100 

Paterson James S, bookkeeper, 

74 Bay s 
Patterson John (PatterFon 

Bros) bds 88 Ferguson ave 
Patterson John, cutter, 29 Inch- 
bury n 
Patterson John sr, merchant 

tailor, 41 John s, h 105 Cherry 
Patterson John jr, cutter, h 76 

Patterson John, moulder, bds 

7^ Florence 

Patterson John, cutter, 1 1 Magill 

Patterson John, 2 Hess s 

Patterson John, machinisc, 30)^ 

Patterson John B, foreman shirt 
factory, Duke 

Paterson Mark, landing waiter, 
4 Kelly 

Patterson Peter, carpenter, 48 

Patterson Robert, laborer, 372 
Catharine n 

Patterson Thomas (Patterson 
Bros) h 1 1 2 East ave n 

Patterson Thomas, blacksmith, 
74 Macnab n, h 33 Catharine n 

Patterson Thos, salesman, 48 
James n 

Patterson ThoTias, watchman, 
2 2 1 Victoria ave n 

Patterson T R, accountant Farm- 
ers & Traders Loan Association 
2 Hess s 

Patterson Walter, brakesman 
N & NWR, 43 Main w 

Patterson — , com traveler, 33 

Paterson — , laborer, 56 Locke s 

Patrick Robert, laborer, 100 

Patten Andrew, moulder, 57 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Pattison Zaccheus, manufac- 
turing confectioner, 71 and 73 
King w and 65 Cannon w 

Pattle VVm, 144 King w 

Patton Andrew J, deputy inspect- 
or j)ost office dept, hd Queen s 

Patton Mrs Geo, 23 West ave s 

Patton James, carpenter, 276 

Patton James, machinist, 24oMary 

Patton Robert, laborer, 46 
Strachan e 

Paull John, laborer, 224 John n 

Paulley Joseph, carpenter, 328 
Hughson n 

Pawling Thomas, laborer, hd 



Pawson Daniel, gardener Under- 

mount, John s 
Payne Charles, painter, 135 Pic- 
ton e 
Payne Elford G, (Payne & 

McMeekin) h 49 East ave n 
Payne John, gardener, Ferguson 

ave n 
Payne & McMeekin, (Elford 

G Payne, John McMeekin) 

agents Commercial Union 

Assurance Co, 97 James n; 

see card 
Payne Wm, canvasser, bds 146 

Payne Wm, wood and coal dealer, 

cor Mary and Cannon, h 119 

Cannon e 
Payne Wm, engine driver GTR, 

23 Pearl n 
Payne — . laborer, 84 Lower 

Pazius Alex, upholsterer, 34 

Stuart e 
Peace Daniel, tobacconist, 72 

James n, h 67 Vine 
Peace D J, tobacconist, 88 King 

e, h 67 Vme 
Peace Daniel J, 43 Picton w 
Peace John, iron worker, 103 

Locke n 
Peace Wm, mariner, 39 Ferrie w 
Peace Wm, carpenter, 10 1 East 

aye n 
Peacock Arthur, butcher, 304 

Peacock Mrs Eliza, dry goods, 

75 John s 
Peacock John, inspector, 148 

Cannon e 
Pearce Edward, organist, bds 86 

Pearce Fred, clerk, bds 86 

Pearce Geo, laborer, 32 Locke n 
Pearce John, laborer, 44 Wel- 
lington n 
Pearce Joseph, laborer, hd 

Queen s 

Pearce Louis, laborer, Ferguson 

ave n 
Pearce Samuel, clerk, bds 86 

Pearce Wm, engine driver GTR, 

86 George 
Pearman Wm, cook, 163 Mary 
Pearson George, carter, 10 Vic- 
toria ave s 
Pearson G L, agent, 212 Victoria 

ave n 
Pearson Charles, glassblower, 327 

James n 
Pearson Frederick, laborer, 23 

Burlington w 
Pearson Henry, cutter, 136 

Hunter e 
Pearson Henry, saloonkeeper, 

1 1 3 York 
Pearson James, manager Im.perial 

Mineral Water Co, 65 Hunter w 
Pearson James, 33 Napier 
Pearson John, accountant, real 

estate, rent, insurance and com- 
mission agent, 8-10 Hughsons, 

h Concession cor Queen 

See card 
Pearson John, cab driver, 260 

Hughson n 
Pearson Joseph, laborer, r 124 

Wood e 
Pearson Thoiixas, laborer, 237 

John n 
Reason Thomas, glassblower, bds 

327 James n 
Pearson William, fish dealer, 

James St market,h Wentworthn 
Peart Albert, machinist, 1 1 Pine 
Peart Joseph, machinist, bds 11 

Pease Walter R, bookkeeper, 46 

Pease Wm, barber, 4 Hughson n 

h 34 John n 
Peat Thos G, 108 Hess n 
Pecover F C, salesman, Copp's 

Block, King e 
Pecover H J, upholsterer, Copp's 

Block, King e 



Pecover Joseph, cabinet maker' 

Copp's Block, King e 
Peden John, fruit dealer, 291 

King Wm 
Peden J, fruiterer, Steven cor 

King Wm 
Peden Thomas, baggageman G 

T R, 126 Queen n 
Pedlar Edward, clerk, bds 12 

Peebles C H, family grocer, 39 

Macnab n 
Peebles & Hamilton, carpenters, 

220 King Wm 
Peebles John, watchmaker, 192 

King e, h 113 Hunter e 
Peebles Robert, carpenter, 113 

Hunter e 
Peebles Robert jr, salesman, 1 1 3 

Hunter e 
Peebles Wm, carpenter, 85 East 

ave n 
Peel William, machinist, 9 Inch- 
bury n 
Peeler Edward, painter, 178 Re- 
Peene Alfred S, contractor, 24 

Peene Mrs F M, milliner, etc, 1 1 

York, h 24 Sheaffe 
Peer Philip, laborer, 32 Murray w 
Pegler Emma (wid Thos) laun- 
dress, 18 George 
Pegler William, shirt ironer, 18 

Pegram Nathaniel, boot 

and shoe maker, 137 James n, 

h 38 Jackson e 
Peirce Chas E, manager clothing 

department Pratt & Watkins, 

bds Dominion hotel 
Peirce Henry, painter, 17 Park 

Peirce Jane M (wid Wm) 27 

Jackson w 
Peirce Julia P (wid George) 27 

Jackson w 
Pellon Thomas, brakesman, bds 

73 Stuart w 

Penfold Fred, bar tender. Walker 

Penney William, machinist, 

Pennell William jr, laborer, Bruce 
Pennell William, soap maker 

Pennington J D (J D Pennington 

& Co) h 1 1 Upper Cathcart 
Pennington J D & Co, window 

and door screen manuf, 1 1 

Upper Cathcart 
Pennington M A, insurance 

and real estate agent, 30 James 

s, h 37 Hannah w 
Pennington Printing Co, 30 

James s 
Pentecost Albert L (Camp- 
bell & Pentecost) h 142 Can- 
non e 
Pentecost Richard, painter, 296 

Pentecost Robert, com traveler, 

9 Bold 
Penzer Alfred, brakesman, bds 

49 Stuart w 
Peppitt John, dairyman, 113 

Perkins C R (F E Skelly & Co) 

bds 215 York 
Perkins Mrs (wid Wm) 133 West 

ave n 
Perrin James, laborer, i Margaret 
Perry Arthur, silver solder, 145 

West ave n 
Perry George, foreman, 41 Ferric 

Perry William, hostler, bds 45 

Perry W H, solder, 152 Wilson 
Perry W H A, polisher, bds 84 

Park n 
Pesel William, laborer, 118 Caro- 
line s 
Pessell William, watchman, 105 

Jackson e 
Peters Andrew S, basket maker, 

Peters Charles, clerk, 5 8 Barton w 



Peters George, salesman, 5 Up- 
per Cathcart 

Peters Rudolph, machinist, etc, 
76 Macnab n 

Peterson G A, laborer, 20 East 
ave n 

Pett James, mat manuf, Murray 
e, h 65 Lower Cathcart 

Pett Jojeph, tanner, 93 Mary 

Pettigrew Ellen (wid Henry) Re- 

Pettigrew John, carter, 7 1 West 
ave n 

Pettinger George, 97 Bay n 

Pew Walter, teamster, 98 
Strachan e 

Pfann George, cabinet maker, 96 
Caroline s 

Pfeifer Frederick, laborer, 9 Har- 

Pfeifer John, laborer, Duke 

Phelan James P, steward Royal 
hotel, 66 Catharine n 

PhcenJx Insurance Co (Ma- 
rine) J B Fairgrieve, agent, 59 
James n 

Phibbs George B, wheelwright, 
99 Elgin 

Philip David, machinist, 49 Mark- 

Phillips Alexander, blacksmith, 
T I Cherry 

Phillips Charles, blacksmith, bds 
39 James s 

Phillips David, carpenter, 20 
Ferguson ave 

Phillips Ellen (wid Joseph) 54 
Ferrie e 

Phillips Miss Esther, 134 Cath- 
arine n 

Phillips George, merchant tailor, 
192 King e, h 159 West ave n 

Phillips Henry, shoemaker, 57 
Ray n 

Phillips James, carpenter, 11 
West ave n 

Phillips John, laborer, Garth 

Phillips John, sail maker, 33 
Macauley w 

Phillips Joshua A, contractor, 
124 King Wm 

Phillips Martin, laborer, 231 
Wellington n 

Phillips Samuel, laborer, bds 146 

Phillips William, butcher, 256 

Philp Frank, salesman, bds 15 
Barton e 

Philp F W (J Philp & Son) 40 

Philp Harry, bookkeeper, 15 
Barton e 

Philp Harry, tinsmith, 12 Mac- 
nab s 

Philp James (J Philp & Son) 40 

Philp James & Son (James and F 
W) saddlers, etc., 3 York 

Philp Joseph, salesman, 15 Bar- 
ton e 

Philp T Frank, salesman, 15 
Barton e 

Philp William, M D, cor 
York and Hess 

Philps John, stovemounter, no 
Wood e 

Phelps William, laborer, 136 Pic- 
ton e 

Phoenix Fire Insurance Co, 
Gillespie & Powis, agents, 31 
King e 

Phoenix William, pattern -maker, 
120 Ferrie e 

Pierce James, laborer, 44 Wilson 

Pierce James, laborer, 44 Kelly 

Piercy Charles, printer, 27 Steven 

Piercy Christopher, carpenter, 35 

Piercy Mrs James, bds 92 Wel- 
lington s 

Piesel Ernst, laborer, 2 Poulette 

Piggott Charles, cabinet maker, 
bds 17 Hunter e 

Pigot Michael H, com traveler, 
95 Macnab n 

Pilgrim Bros (R A )& S F) soda 
water, i Spring 

1 66 


Pilkey A, agent, 37 East ave n 
Pilkey Joseph B (Hutchison 

& Pilkey) 127 Bay s 
Pillman Tliomas, butcher, 75 

Pilton William, laborer, r 241 

Bay n 
Pirn Mrs Hannah (wid Wm H) 

10 Bav s 
Pinch Edmund, machinist, 23 

Wellington s 
Pinch James, policeman, 85 West 

ave n 
Pinch John, machinist, 18 Sheaffe 
Pinkett James, laborer, 159 Hun- 
ter w 
Pirie John, laborer, 121 Jackson 

Pitcher — , carpenter, bds 60 

James s 
Pitt Clarissa (wid William) 130^ 

Macnab n 
Plair James, train despatcher G 

T R, 120 Jackson \v 
Plank John, grocer, 314 Macnab 

Plant John, wood dealer, 15 

Plant Richard, carpenter, 118 

Wellington n 
Plastow Charles A, carpenter, 

205 Main w 
Plastow Joseph, caretaker Court 

House, h 34 Hughson s 
Pater Charles, shoemaker, 163 

Bay n 
Piatt Thomas, fancy goods, 73 

Platts Michael, 7 Kelly 
Pocock John, stonecutter, 15 

Pocock Stephen A, saw manf, 

129 West ave n 
Pointer James, E, com traveler, 

42 West ave s 
Poland William, fitter G T R, 

39 West ave n 
Poland Wm, jr, civil engineer, 

39 West ave n 

Police Court, James Cahill, 
police magistrate, Thos Beas- 
ley, clerk, King Wm cor Mary 

Police Stations, No. i. City 
Hall,James n; N0.2, 243 Jas n; 
No. 3, King Wm, cor Mary 

Pollard Lawrence, laborer, 129 
Queen n 

Pollett John, draughtsman, bds 
Exchange hotel 

Pollington Noah, laborer, 154 
Jackson w 

Pollitt John B, designer, 244 
Hughson n 

Poluke Antoine, cabinet maker, 
14 Pearl s 

Pomfret John, Mary nr Simcoe 

Pope George, cabinetmaker, 160 
James n 

Pope Wm, laborer, bds 102 Han- 
nah w 

Porteous James, machinist, 228 

Porteous John, 50 Murray w 

Porteous Thomas, butcher, 40 
Bay n 

Porter Edward, collar maker, 91 
West ave n 

Porter George, machinist, 84 

Porter Samuel, baker, 83 Cherry 

Porter Wm, laborer, 94 Simcoe e 

Porter Wm, machinist, 99 Rob- 

Posal Theodore, laborer, 42 Can- 

Post Charles, laborer, 96 Cath- 
arine s 

Post Chas, carpenter, 24 Young 

Post Francis, 133 John s 

Post Justus, boiler tender, 128)4 
John n 

Postoffice, 68 James n 

Pothier William, burnisher, 63 J^ 
East ave n 

Potter Bessie (wid Wm) 205 
John n 

Potter Frederick, laborer, bds 90 
Bay n 



Potter James, moulder, 185 Jasn 

Potter James, brickmaker, 27 
Wellington n 

Potter John, farmer, 8 Wood w 

Potter John, market gardener, 
208 Main e 

Potter John, 154 King Wm 

Potter Walter, r 205 Catharine n 

Potter Wm, ropemaker, 11 Can- 
non e 

Potter Wm, machinist, 26 Locke 

Pottruff Jonathan, salesman, 97 J 
Hunter e 

Pottruff Levi, porter,42 Hunter e 

Poulter Alfred, bookkeeper, 136 
Wellington n 

Pounden Mrs John W, 24 Main w 

Povey Wm H, painter, 33 Bar- 
ton e 

Powell Charles, machinist, 54 
Erie ave 

Powell C W, window shades, 
1761^ King e 

Powell Richard, machinist, 68 
Lower Cathcart 

Powell Robert, butcher. Main e 

Powell R T S, florist, Hughson 
cor Hunter, h Mountain 

Powell Wm, machinist, bds Rob- 
inson nr Macnab 

Powell William, laborer, bds 16 

Powell W R, builder, 68 Welling- 
ton n 

Powers Ann (wid John) 97 Hun- 
ter e 

Power Nicholas, 71 Markland 

Powers Mrs Mary, 27 Strachan e 

Powis Alfred (Gillespie & 
Powis) h Hess cor Concession 

Powis Charles, ledger keeper, 118 
Catharine s 

Powis F A, accountant, 118 
Catharine s 

Poynton Joseph, painter, 43 Can- 

Poyton Joseph, packer, loi Pic- 
ton e 

Pratt T H (Pratt & Watkins) 

h 6 East ave n 
Pratt & Watkins (T H Pratt 

and F W Watkins) dry goods 

and clothing, 16-18 James n 
Pratt Wm J, barber, 3 John n, h 

10 Macnab s 
Pray Richard (Pray & Son) h 80 

Pray & Son (Richard W R) 

undertakers, 9 Macnab n 
Pray W R (Pray & Son) h 9 

Macnab n 
Precore Joseph (Ten Eyck & 

Precore) 97 James s 
Preddie Henry, watchmaker, 93 

James n 
Prentice Joseph, sergeant police, 

81 George 
Presnell Alfred, blacksmith, end 

Barton w 
Press Richard, builder, 95 Elgin 
Preston Joseph, watchman, 14-^ 

Bay n 
Preston William, laborer, 41 Park 

Price John, carpenter, Hess s w s 
Price Wm, bricklayer, bds 192 

Kmg Wm 
Priestland Henry, 139 Park n 
Priddis Mrs John, 122 East ave n 
Priestland Thomas, second-hand 

dealer, 82 John s 
Priestman James, butcher, 164 

Macnab n 
Prince Wm, laborer, 32 Peter 
Prindiville John, carpenter, 69 

Prindiville Sarah (wid John) 47 

Pringle A, teller Merchants' 

Bank, 4 Hannah e 
Pringle Mrs Phoebe, 4 Hannah e 
Pringle Robert, broommaker, 

end Emerald n 
Pringle Robert, bookkeeper, 158 

Pringle R A, barrister, 16 

James s, h Hannah e See card 



Prior Joseph, laborer, 44 Gore 

Pritchard Charles J, shoemaker, 

; 152 York 

Proctor Henry, 36 Wellington n 

Proctor James, boilermaker, 1 38 
Robert e 

Proctor John, merchant, Cedar 
Grove, King e 

Proctor John & Co, hardware, 

, 4 James s 

Proctor Mrs, 88 Ferguson ave 

Proctor Wm J, manufacturer, h 
179 Main e 

Pronguey John C, carriage manf, 
96 James n 

Prout Mrs J C, confectioner, 58 
James n, h 42 Catharine n 

Provan David (Allen & Proven) 
h 54 Walnut s 

Providence Washington In- 
surance Co, David McLel- 
lan, agent, 84 James n 

Provost Andrew, barber, 47 ^/^ 

Prowse Henry J, carpenter, 42 
Emerald n 

Pryke John, shoemaker, 124 
Wellington s 

Pugh Thos, carter. 90 Bold 

Pugh Wm H, shoemaker, 134 
Barton e 

Pulkina;ham A (wid James) 152 
King Wm 

Pulling Mark, clerk, 21 Napier 

Pumfrey Thomas, moulder, 7 
Inchbury s 

Purdy R J, carpenter, 91 Ferrie e 

Purrott Geo, painter, 148 Duke 

Purvis James, carpenter, 229 Vic- 
toria ave n 

IPyle David, 89 York 

Pyle David, clerk, 44 Market 

Pyle George, machinist, 44 Mar- 

Qua James, 28 East ave n 

Quarrier John, millers' agent, 20 

Quarry Joseph H, com traveler, 
39 Market 

Queen (Fire and Life) In- 
surance Co, George A Young 
agent, 2 Merrick 

Quigley Matthew, laborer, Wel- 
lington n 

Quilter Thomas, laborer, r 185 
Bay n 

Quimby Mrs A, 16 Vine 

Quimby C & Co, tobacconists, 
27 James n 

Quinlan Jeremiah, laborer, 204 
Hughson n 

Quinlan Michael, foreman G T 
R, 113 Simcoe e 

Quinlan William, laborer, 128 
Picton e 

Quinn Alex, moulder, 63 West 
ave n 

Quinn Charles, moulder, 189 
John n 

Quinn Frank, pattern maker, 268 
King e 

Quinn John sr, pattern maker, 
Barton w 

Quinn Joseph, machinist, 61 
Stuart w 

Quinn Mary (wid Patrick) 315 

Quinn Mrs, laundress, r 104 Bay 

Quinn Richard, hotel, 307 Jas n 

Quinn Thomas, storekeeper Asy- 
lum, 7 Nelson ave 

Quintar Thomas, laborer, r 185 
Bay n 

Quirk John, varnisher. Barton w 

Robitoy Mrs Cary, 16 Napier 

Rackley John, laborer, 1 03 George 

Radford Henry, baker, 50*^ 
Hunter e 

Radford Wm, baker, 19 Stuart vv 

Radigan John, tinsmith, 44 WiU 

Rae Carus, turnkey jail. Barton e 

Rake James, shoemaker, 21 Sim- 
coe w 

Ralph Richard, stonecutter, 55 

Ralph Robert, clerk, 135 Roberta 



Ralph Wm, Wentworth n 

Rals<:on Thomas, caretaker Cen- 
tral School, 40 Bold 

Ram Alfred, carpenter, 162 Hun- 
ter w 

Ram Alfred G, printer, 162 Hun- 
ter w 

Ramage W G, salesman, 85 Main 

Ramsay A G, F I A, president 
and managing director Canada 
Life Assurance Co, h Dunedin, 
157 James s 

Ramsay Alex, supt Canada 
Life Ass Co, h 134 Bay s 

Ramsden George, machinist, 12 
Little Market 

Randall James, farmer, 45 Wel- 
lington s 

Randall James, com traveler, 17 

Randall J W, 45 Wellington s 

Randall Ralph W, carpenter, 42 

Ranger Charles, carpenter, 215 
James n 

Rankin James J, clerk Bank of 
Montreal, cor Bay and Jackson 

Rankin John, tobacco manf, 
West, King w 

Rankine John, teller Bank of 
Montreal, 19 Nelson ave 

Raphael Isaac, tailor, 96 John s 

Rastrick F J, architect, 22 Maria 

Ratfield Charles, laborer, r 109 
Macnab n 

Rattenbury John, carpenter, 112 
John s 

Rattray M L, principal Ham- 
.ilton Commercial College, 48 
James n 

Raw Robert A, bookkeeper, 23 
Bay s 

Raw Robert, jr (R Raw & Co) 
h 94 Park n 

Raw Robert & Co, book and 
job printers, 30 John n 

Ray Arthur, laborer, 43 Hunter e 

Ray Peter, city fireman 

Ray croft Richard, grocer, 233 
Barton e 

Rayment James, gardener, Caro- 
line s, w s 

Raynor J G, grocer, 9 Steven 

Raynor Mrs, 282 King e 

Rayson Thomas, porter, bds 
Commercial Hotel 

Rea Joseph, buffer,i55 Eastaven 

Read Geo, carpenter, 115 King w 

Read George, hackman, 10 Main 

Read Mrs Mary (wid Robert R) 
115 King w 

Read Robert, machinist, 33 Peter 

Read S, jr, asst accountant Bank 
of Commerce, 45 Charles 

Reader Robert, moulder, 202 
Wellington n 

Reardon Mrs Catharine (wid Cor- 
nelius) 29 Sheaffe 

Reardon Dennis, carpenter, 82 

Reardon John, boiler maker, 356 
Hughson n 

Reardon John, moulder, 49 Can- 
non w 

Reardon Michael, baker,5i Inch- 
bury n 

Reardon Michael,356 Hughson n 

Reardon Terence, mariner, 48 

Reaston John, laborer, 166 Bay n 

Reche J A (R N Taylor & Co) h 
119 Mary 

Reche Thomas, carpenter, 119 

Reddall & McKeown, stoves, 
tinware, etc, 112 King w 

Reddall Thomas (Reddall & 
McKeown) h 51 Hunter e 

Redden Matthew, laborer, St. 
Mary's Lane 

Redfield James E, silver plater, 
84 Wellington n 

Redman Mrs Mary Ann (wid 
Robert) r 79 Caroline n 

Reece Mrs Richard, 21 Tisdale 

Reed James, hotel, 32 John n 



Reed Nathaniel, carpenter, 22 
Hunter e 

Reeves Arthur L, baker, 190 King 

Reeves Arthur L, jr, groceries 
and liquors, 212 King w 

Reeves Charles, engineer, 130 
Cannon e 

Reeves Richard, baker, 190 King 

Reeves Samuel, baker, bds 13 
Cannon e 

Reeves Samuel, pedler, 181 Main 

Reeves Wm, baker, 12 Charles 

Regan Miss Emma R, 170 Bay n 

Registry Office, Court House 

Registry office for servants, 
Edward Britt, propr, 109^ 
King w 

Rehder Christian, plater, 34 Lit- 
tle Wm 

Reid A C, MD, 55 Hughson n 

Reid Alex, bookkeeper,! 71 Main 

Reid Alex, gardener, hd York 

Reid Alex, machinist, 85 Locke 

Reid Alex E, cutter, 169 Main w 

Reid & Barr Manuf Co of On- 
tarin (limited) steam engines 
and boilers, 64 Rebecca 

Reid|[| Charles, whipmaker, 26 

Reid Donald, gardener, hd York 

Reid Eliza (wid James) 107 Re- 

Reid Eliza (wid John) 82 Jack- 
son e 

Reid Estate of, W Malcolm, 
trustee, furniture and carpets, 
67-69 King w 

Reid Fletcher, laborer, 37 Young 

Reid George, teamster, 52 Hugh- 
son s 

Reid George, wood worker, 45 
Hughson n 

Reid George, express messenger, 
66 Vine 

Reid, Goering & Co (W J 

Reid, Wm Goering, G F 
Bireley) cigar manfs and deal- 
ers in wines and liquors, 104 
King e 

Reid & Halliday (W J Reid, W 
Halliday) carpenters, 131 Main 

Reid Henry, machinist, 149 
King Wm 

Reid Lsabella (wid Peter) 8 Lib- 

Reid James, carpenter, 100 Caro- 
line s 

Reid James, shipper, 51 Hunter e 

Reid James, butcher, 41 Welling- 
ton n 

Reid Mrs Jane (wid Robert) 143 
Robert e 

Reid John, glassblower, 44 Pic- 
ton w 

Reid Joseph, 2011^ John n 

Reid Joseph, conductor, bds 8 

Reid Joseph W, carpenter, 116 
Locke n 

Reid Robert, bds 38 Ferrie w 

Reid Thomas, carpenter, 8 Cher- 

Reid W G (Reid, Goering & 
Co) h 31 Victoria ave s 

Reid William, teamster, 60 Hugh- 
son s 

Reid William, carpenter, 43 
Macauley w 

Reid William, policeman, 46 
Emerald n 

Reid Wm, clerk, bds 223 James 

Reid William, engineer, 75 Can- 
non e 

Reid William (Murton & 
Reid) h 75 Cannon e 

Reid Wm, 206 East ave n 

Reid Mrs William W, 46 West 
ave n 

Reid W J, compositor, 107 Re- 

Reid W J (Reid & Halliday) 131 
Main e 



The Alaska Spectacles and Eyeglasses are specially adapted to 
remedy defective sight. For sale in this city by 


Also, a Fine Stock of Watches and Jewelry on hand. 

Remember the address is 



k\m Mer, hmik aid Siiipper, 


Chicago, B[ilwau\BB \ ^i pauI I('wg. 

To all points in Manitoba and the Northwest 




Reilly Denis, nailer, bds 49 

Stuart w 
Reilly James, laborer, 92 Walnut 

Reilly John, moulder, 84 Jackson 

Reinholt Mrs Christiana (wid 

Henry) 85 Maikland 
Reinholt Herman, carpenter, 85 

Reinholt Robert, presser, 48 Ray 

Reliance Hall, i Rebecca 
Relph Walter, fitter, 11 j Robin- 
Rendell W H, blacksmith, 92 

John s 
Renner Charles, carder, bds 106 

Walnut s 
Rennie Mrs Gertrude (wid Alex) 

71 George 
Rennie Robert, carpenter, 173 

East ave n 
Rennie William, letter carrier, 247 

Bay n 
Renton Thomas, semaphore in- 
spector, 239 Bay n 
Ren wick Mrs Elizabeth, 62 

Locke n 
Ren wick Thomas, engineer, 133 

Wellington n 
Ren wick Wm, porter G T R, 147 

Hunter w 
Resner W R, salesman. Main cor 

Reuben Louis, button hole 

maker, bds 56 Gore 
Reuben L, pedler, 45 Cherry 
Reuben Nelson, cigar maker, 

bds 21 Gore 
Rewbury Wm, checker, 20 Tis- 

Reynolds Geo, butcher, Robin- 
Reynolds Mrs Helena, 45 Chas 
Reynolds Isaac, polisher, bds 14 

Reynolds James, laborer, 35 


Reynolds James D, painter, 175 

Hunter w 
Reynolds John, lumberman, 14 

Reynolds M A, canvasser, bds 

Dominion hotel 
Reynolds T W, M D, 122^ 

James n 
Reynolds Robert, baker, 31 Tis- 

Reynolds William, broom maker, 

14 Young 
Rhynd James, fireman G T R, 

142 Hess n 
Riach George, printer, 115 

Riache James, clerk. Main, e 

Riach John, general dealer, 54 

James n and 62 King w, h 61 

Park n 
Riach Wm, clerk, 61 Park n 
Rjce Frederick, laborer, 82 Caro- 
line n 
Rice James, caretaker, James cor 

Rice William, teamster, 32 Stuart 

Rich Charles F, harness maker, 

30 Merrick 
Richards E T, packer, 13 Park n 
Richards Fred J, coffin maker, 

28 Locke n 
Richards G H, painter, 160 

Macnab n 
Richards Geo W, sec-treas Reid 

& Barr Manuf Co, bds Ameri- 
can hotel 
Richardson Byron, carpenter, 140 

Main w 
Richardson Mrs Amelia S (wid 

Arthur) 56 Jackson w 
Richardson Andrew, foreman G 

T R, 37 Picton e 
Richardson George, second- 
hand dealer, 36-40 King Wil- 
Richardson Mrs Jessie (wid Wm) 

58 George 



Richardson John, machinist, bds 

91 Rebecca 
Richardson Mrs Mary (wid Wm) 

28 Hess n 
Richardson Matthew, boots 

and shoes, Copp's Block, 

Richardson Robt, heater, 69 

Richardson Theophilus H, com 

traveler, bds 54 Pearl s 
Richardson Thomas, boilermaker, 

13 Burlington \v 
Richardson William, bricklayer, 

353 Hughson n 
Richardson William, patent 

medicines, 2 Catharine s 
Richardson Wm, laborer, 13 

Macnab s 
Richelieu & Ontario Navig- 
ation Co, George McKeand, 

^gtint, 57 James n 
Richmond Alfred,grocer,72 Duke 
Richmond George, moulder, 177 

Cannon e 
Richmond George H, printer, 63 

Wellington n 
Richmond John, butcher, bds 72 

Richmond Thomas, grocer, s w 

cor James and Burlington 
Richter T, propr Richter's 

saloon, 43 James n 
Richards Joseph, com traveler, 

63 East ave n 
Ricketts Frederick, painter, 72 

Main w 
Riddel Mrs Catharine, 164 Hugh- 
son n 
Riddel James, laborer, 312 King 

Riddel John, stockbroker, 4 

Main e, h 141 James s 
Riddel John E, tinsmith, 170 

King e, h 26 East ave n 
Riddell Joseph, tinsmith, 28^ 

East ave n 
Riddel Thos, moulder, 164 

Hughson n 

Riddell Thomas, carpenter, 9 

Clark ave 
Riddel Thomas, carpenter, 74 

Victoria ave n 
Riddell Thomas, merchant, bds 

51 Hunter e 
Riddel Wm, moulder, no Vic- 
toria ave n 
Riddle Mrs Ann, r 5 1 Young 
Riddle Mrs Ellen, grocer, 146 

Bay n 
Rideout Arthur, . grocer, 146 Bay 
Rideout Arthur, clerk, bds King e 
Rideout — , clerk, 36 Bay s 
Ridler Wm, shoemaker, 156 

Jackson w 
Ridley Henry T, M D, 31 

Main w 
Rieger Alfred, blacksmith, 32 

Hess n 
Rieger Charles, bartender, 26 

Rieger Henry W, laborer, 122 

Hess n 
Rigg William, car inspector, 196 

Macnab n 
Riggs John & Co, dry goods, 40 

James n 
Riggs Stanley, salesman, bds 91 

Rigsby John, builder, 133 King 

Riley Thomas, laborer, 29 Mar- 
Ringer Ephraim, melter, 170 

Catharine n 
Ringrose Horace, stovemounter, 

9 Mulberry 
Ripley Abraham, moulder, 128 

Victoria ave n 
Ripley James, moulder, 128 Vic- 
toria ave n 
Ripley John, carpenter, 20 Locke 

Rissman Rudolph, emigration 

agent, i Barton Terrace 
Ritchie Mrs McKercher (wid 

James) registry office, 26 




Ritchie Thomas, laborer, 35 

Roach Andrew P, Roach's hotel, 
67 Stuart w 

Roach Benjamim, moulder, bds 
53 Gore 

Roach David, blacksmith, 42 
Hughson s 

Roach Mrs Ellen, 109 Catharine 

Roach George, 43 Barton w 

Roach John, mariner, 40 Bur- 
lington w 

Roach John, laborer, 312 Hugh- 
son n 

Roach Michael, laborer, 104 
Picton e 

Roach Patrick, laborer, 2 Brock 

Roach Richard, blacksmith, bds 
328 Macnab n 

Roach Thomas, porter, 34 King 

Roantree Charles, broom maker, 
107 Macnab n 

Robb Andrew, engineer, Hess 
s nr Robinson 

Robb Louis, carder, 275 Hugh- 
son n 

Robb William, printer, 135 Jack- 
son e 

Robins Alfred, engine driver, 123 
Wellington n 

Robbins Harry, polisher, 187 
King e 

Robins James, butcher, 72 Lower 

Robins John, tinsmith, bds 95 

Robbins Jo3eph, shoemaker, 
bds 13 Florence 

Robbins Joseph, compositor, 15 
Little Peel 

Robbins N B, grate manuf, 68 
Mary, h 38 Wellington s 

Robbins Samuel, tinsmith, 24 

Robbins Mrs Sarah, Royal 
Laundry, 187 King e 

Robbins William, carpenter, 28 

Robins Wm, tailor, 95 Robert 

Roberton Alexander, carpenter, 
10 Augusta 

Roberts David E (Hurd & 
Roberts) 172 Main e 

Roberts George R, " Canadian 
Baptist," 3 Young 

Roberts Rev J B, minister A M 
E Church, 82 John n 

Roberts Capt John, 106 Catha- 
rine s 

Roberts Mrs Robert, 7 Wilson 

Roberts Sidney, fireman G T R, 
26 Locomotive 

Roberts William, laborer, 3 Wal- 
nut s 

Lobertson Mrs Agnes (wid 
James) 69 Wellington n 

Robertson Alex, stonecutter, 28 

Robertson Archibald, shipbldr, 
23 Brock w 

Robertson A W, bookkeeper, 
135^2 Park n 

Robertson Charles, t'eacher Col- 
legiate Inst'tute 

Robertson Donald, bds 84 Mer- 

Robertson Duncan, carpenter, 1 2 
Barton w 

Robertson Duncan, machinist, 
19 Pearl s 

Robertson & Henderson (P 
T Robertson, Alex Henderson) 
wholesale commission merchts, 
Merrick cor Macnab 

Robertson H H (Robertson & 
Robertson) barrister, h Ran- 
noch Lodge, hd John s 

Robertson Hugh, brass moulder, 
35 Little Wm 

Robertson James, moulder, 124 

Robertson John G, journalist, 3 

Robertson Malcolm, teamster, 14 



Robertson Mrs Margaret (wid 

James) 25 O'Reilly 
Robertson P T (Robertson & 

Henderson) h 20 Victoria ave n 
Robertson R A, clerk, 127 King 

kobertson Robert, watchmaker, 

69 Wellington n 
Robertson Robert, engineer, 86 

Robertson & Robertson 

(Thomas, Q C, and H H) bar- 
risters, Court House See card 
Robertson Seath, com traveler, 

79 Wellington n 
Robertson Thomas, Q C, M 

P (Robertson & Robertson) 

Rannach Lodge, hd John s 
Robertson VVm, ship builder, 50 

Builington w 
Robertson William, bookkeeper, 

183 Macnab n 
Robertson William, tailor, r 87 

Hughson n 
Robertson Wm, birch beer manf, 

44 Hess n 
Robertson William, salesman, 96 

Queen s 
Robinson Miss Annie, matron 

jail, Barton e 
Robinson Chas, laborer, Pme 
Robinson Edward, broomrnaker, 

92 Elgin 
Robinson Elwood, com traveler, 

23 West ave n 
Robinson George, bandmaster, 

'33/4 P'^irk n 
Robinson I A, discount clerk. 

Merchants' Bank, 10 Main e 
Robinson James, moulder, 200 

Barton e 
Robinson James, brickmaker, 20 

Inch bury s 
Robinson John, tinsmith, bds 64 
» Main w 
Robinson John, insurance agent, 

1 68 West ave n 
Robinson Mrs Julia, 282 Mac- 
nab n 

Robinson Mrs Mary (wid Ghas) 

Robinson R G, cutter, 1 1 Wilsoii 
Robinson Robert, bricklayer, 91 

Robinson Samuel, butcher, 37 

Wellington n 
Robinson Thos, 47 Merrick 
Robinson W A, 6 Hannah e 
Robinson W H, clerk, 133^^ 

Park n 
Robinson Wm, sr, laborer, 72 

Catharine s 
Robinson Wm, jr, laborer, 70 

Catharine s 
Robinson Wm, mechanical supt 

N & N W R, 53 Wilson 
Robinson Wm, shoemaker, 58 

John s 
Robinson Wm, brakeman, io6j^ 

Emerald n 
Robinson Wm, policeman, 116 

Emerald n 
Robinson Wm, bricklayer, 46 

Walnut s 
Robinson Wm, woodworker, bds 

Court House hotel 
Robinson W W, manager D 

Moore k Co, h 39 East ave s 
Robson Andrew, bricklayer, 148 

John n , 

Robson James, brakeman, 7^ 

Robson Mrs James, 39 Picton w 
Robson Robert, laborer, ^-^ Mar- 
Robson Robert E, painter, 170 

Bay n 
Robson Wm, carpenter, 166 Vic- 
toria ave n 
Robitaille Frederick, laborer, 291 

James n 
Rock Thomas, druggist, 124 Wil- 
Rock Michael, harness maker, 

76 Caroline n 
Roderick John, tailor, 136 John n 
Rodgers Alex, boiler maker, 




Rodgers James H, baker, 117 

Rodgers John, blacksmith, 26 
f Bay n, h 48 Market 
Rodgers Patrick, laborer, 168 
• Catharine n 

Rodgers Samuel, laborer, Ferriee 
Rod way, VVm, bds 5 1 Ray s 
Rod well VVm, painter, 41 Hunt- 
; ' er e 
Roe George, tailor and clothes 

cleaner, 185 King e 
Roehni Lawrence, tailor, no 
. John s 
Roehmer Mrs Amelia (wid Louis) 

70 Cherry 
Ro,L:;ers Charles, laborer, no 

Queen n 
Rogers Henry, gardener, Wilson, 

e Wentworth 
Rogers James, plasterer, 128}^ 

Emerald n 
Rogers Joseph, nail cutter, bds 
, 8 r Stuart w 
Rogers Robt, blacksmith, 46 

Rogers Samuel C, manager 

Hart Machine Co, 75 Hunter 

Rogers Mrs Sarah, 92 West ave n 
Rogers^Mrs Sarah, 137 John s 
Rogers Wm, 17 Elgin 
Rohr Mrs K (wid Fred) 28 

Rolls Samuel S, carriage trim- 
mer, 130 Hunter e 
Roils W T, laborer, 237 Hugh 

son n 
Rolston Alexander, bds 18 Gore 
Rolston Joseph, collector, bds 50 

West ave n 
Rolston Wm, Bell Telephone 

Roman Catholic Bishop's 

Palace, 25 Sheaffe 
Roman Henry, brickmaker. King 

Roman James, broom maker, 63 


Rome George, cabinet maker, 
bds Court House hotel 

Ronald John W, carpenter, 150 

Rotiald William, grocer, 20 York, 
h 37 Bay n 

Ronald William, engineer, 127 
Cannon e 

Ronan John, grocer, Cannon cor 

Ronan Patrick, flour and feed, ^ 
Market Square, h 136 Cannon e 

Roney Albeit E, tailor, 52 Wal- 
nut s 

Rooks David, melter, 99 Welling- 
ton n 

Rooney John, hostler, Dufferin 
, House 

Roos Louis, com traveler, 53 
James s 

Roper Mrs Elizabeth Ann (wid 
Joiin H) 130 Bay s 

Rose Christian, furrier, bds 24 
Hunter e 

Rose Miss F A M, agent Park- 
er's steam dye works, 4 John n 

Rose James, toll gate keeper. 
Main e 

Rose Silas, hair dresser, 7 Mac- 
nab n 

Rose Solomon, traveler, 30 E st 
ave s 

Rosebrugh J W, M D, 52 
James s 

Rosenstadt Mrs T, second-hand 
dealer, 32 King Wm 

Rosenthal Barnard, button hole 
oi^erator, bds 103 Main w 

Ross Alex (Ross Bros) h 68 

Ross Andrew, com traveler, 143 
Main e 

Ross Andrew, carriage maker, 
167 King e, h 39 Victoria aven 

Ross Bros (Alex, James W 
and Joseph T) decorative and 
plain painters) i Main w 

Ross C H, clerk, 16 Ray s 

Ross David, 67 Queen n 



Ross David, bricklayer, 42 West 
ave n 

Ross David, compositor, 42 
West ave n 

Ross Mrs E, dressmaker, 9 Can- 
non e 

Ross E D, salesman, 83 Welling- 
ton n 

Ross Fred, shoemaker, 73^ 
Wesi ave n 

Ross Fred B, student, bds 16 
Ray s 

Ross Fred H, bookkeeper, 83 
Wellington n 

Ross Frederick L V, shoemaker, 
73 West ave n 

Ross George, clerk P O, 24 
Emerald n 

Ross James, laborer, 282 King w 

Ross James W (Ross Bros) 
h Bartonville 

Ross John, laborer, 39 Victoria 
ave n 

Ross John, head master Victoria 
school, 83 Wellington n 

Ross John, blacksmith, 14 Inch- 
bury s 

Ross Joseph, blacksmith, 173 

Ross Joseph T (Ross Bros) h 
King, e Hamilton 

Ross R M, painter, 66 Welling- 
ton n 

Ross Mrs Sarah (wid Louis) 34 
Barton e 

Ross S F, deputy collector In- 
land Revenue, 16 Ray s 

Ross Wm L, law student, bds t6 
Ray s 

Rosseaux J B, bookkeeper, 42 

Rosseaux John B, detective, 42 

Rousseaux J M (J M Rousseaux 
Si Co) h 101 James s 

Rousseaux J M & Co, grocers, 
76 King e 

Rostadt Edward, com traveler, 
bds 53 John s 

Roth George, caljinet maker, gj 
• Kin^e - '■'- '" -'J" ^ ' 
Roth Mrs Kate, 147 Wellington 
Rothwell Benjamin, m'ould€i*|» 

1 12 Victoria ave n 
Rotterdam Steamship Line^ 

Wm Herffta'n, agferit?, >i6 JafWes 

Roupell Lawrence, laborer, 227 
Main W "' 

Rous James, boiler maker, bds 
133 VVest ave n 

Rouse Alfred, fireman, 37^ 

Rouse John, porter, 44 King e 

Rouse John, shipper, 37 Steven 

Routh Mrs E R, ^5/4 Mary 

Routh John T, insurance ag't, 
16 James s, h 194 Macnab n 

Rowan Anthony, laborer, 64 

Rowan Mrs Catharine (wid Thos) 
bds 26 Hess n 

Rowan John, pedlet, 28 Charlei 

Rowan John, barber, 6 Merrick, 
h 25 Catharine n 

Rowan Martin, laborer, 101 Ma- 

Rowan Robert, laborer, 62J 

Rowe Mrs Elizabeth (wid Morton) 
135 Park n 

Rowe Frank, polisher, 143 Mary 

Rowe James, tlorist, bds 65 Han- 
nah w 

Rowe Jeremiah, mason, Ashley 

Rowe John N, stonecutter, Locke 

Rowe Miss L, milliner, 90 King 
e, h 5 I Catharine n 

Rowe Mrs Mary, (wid Ricltard) 
florist, 65 Hannah w 

Rowe Richard, grocer, cor Fer- 
gusoij and Ferrie 

Rowe Mrs Sarah (wid William) 
51 Catharine n 

Rowe W H, manager Co-oper- 
ative Printing Co, 92 Kinge, h 
23 Steven 



Rowe William, stonecutter, bds 

Locke s 
Rowland Wm, lumber measurer, 

12 1 Wellington n 
Rowlin Francis, sausage casing 

manf, 261 Barton e 
Roy Alex W, accountant Ham 
Prov and Loan Society, 7 Duke 
Roy Mrs Annie (wid Robert) 7 
, Duke 

Roy Ormiston G, clerk, 7 Duke 
Royal Canadian Fire Insur- 
ance Co, Seneca Jones, agent, 
59 James n 
Royal Canadian Insurance 
Co (Marine)* J B Fairgrieve, 
. agent, 59 James n 
Royal Hotel, Hood & Bro, 

props, 63 James n 
Royal Insurance Co, David 
McLellan, agent, 84 James n, 
See advi back cover 
Royal Mrs Jane (wid Edward) 

bds 52 Ray n 
Royal Laundry, 14 Arcade 
Royal Wm, carriage maker, 52 

Ray n 
Royal Templars of Temperance, 
Dominion Council, J H Land, 
sec, head office, James corner 
Royal Templars of Temperance, 
Ontario, J H, Land, sec, head 
office, James cor Vine 
Rubin Louis, button hole maker, 

56 Gore 
Rule John R, cutter, 172 York 
Rumple Ernest G, carpenter, 16 

Sophia n 
Rumsey Thomaj, polisher, 119 

Catharine n 
Rush Mrs Elizabeth (wid John) 
' 38 Pearl n 
Rush Thomas, laborer, 298 

Hugh son n 
Russ Ami, ragman, bds Robinson 
Russ Levi, ragdealer, Robinson 

w of Locke 
Russell A G, jeweler, 94 Wilson 

Russell k Dunn (Wm Russell, 
John Dunn) general agents, 9 

Russell Miss Ellen, organist, bds 
60 James s 

Russell Felix, laborer, 172 Hunt- 
er w 

Russell George E, saddler, 73 

Rnssell George, foreman Walk- 
er's soap works, 2 Wilson 

Russell Henry C, saddler, 74 

Russell James, bookkeeper, 2 

Russell James, laborer, 86 Mac- 
auley e 

Russell James, stonecutter, 75 
Pearl n 

Russell James, bookkeeper, Mary 
cor Wilson 

Russell John, laborer, West, 
King w 

Russell John,laborer, 127 Hunter 

Russell Mrs Mary (wid Moses) 

Russell Richard, manf jeweler, 
15 King w, h hd James s 

Russell Richard, jr, com traveler, 
hd James s 

Rushcll S M, polisher, 10 1 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Russell Victor, carpenter, 20 Bar- 
ton w 

Russell Westlake, glassblower, 
bds 365 James n 
• Russell Wjn, laborer, Robinson 

Russell Wm, tobacco manf, King 

Russell Wm, laborer, 86 Caro- 
line n 

Russell Wm, (Russell t .Dunn) 
general agent, 188 HughUSh n 

Ruliierfurd Adam (Rutherford k 
Lester) h 80 Emerald s 

Rutherford Adam, laborer, York 

Rutherford Mrs Alex, 12 (a) 

Rutherford Andrew (Garland & 
Rutherford) h 144 James s 



Rutherford George (J Winer & 
Co) h Main, e Hamilton 

Rutherford James, barber, 69 
Stuart vv, h 281 James n 

Rutherford James A, clerk, bds 
12 (a) Grove 

Rutherford James B, moulder. 54 
Hess n 

Rutherford J R, clerk G T R, 
East Hamilton 

Rutherford & Lester (Adam 
Rutherford, Thos VV Le.ster) 
insurance agents, 80 King e 

Ruthven Andrew, proj)r At- 
lantic House, 29 Macnab n 

Rutley John, stovemounter,^ ft 
Wellington n, w s 

Rutredge John, cellarman, bds 
143 Bay n 

Rutter Theodore, stovemounter, 
■74 Main w 

kyall Isaac, MD, 71 Main e 

Ryan Albert, shoemaker, 131 

Ryan Dennis, laborer, Burlington 

Ryan James, tailor, Greig 

Ryan James, laborer, 163 Cath- 
arine n 

Ryan James C, agent, bds 51 
Park n 

Ryan Jno. librarian Court House, 
bds 158 Rebecca 

Ryan Mrs Mary Ann (wid John) 
55 Barton e 

Ryan Michael, bricklayer, Bur- 
lington n 

Ryan Michael, laborer, 65 East 
ave n 

Ryan Mrs, 32 Young 

Ryan Philip, shoemaker, 298 
John n 

Ryan Wm, shoemaker, 71 Peter 

Rvan VVm, porter, John n 

Ryan — , 23 Elgin 

Ryckmart .David, moulder, 86 
West ave n 

Ryckman Ed, laborer, 10 Devon- 

Ryckman F S, contractor, 35 

Walnut s 
Ryckman Samuel, conductor 

G T R, 125 Locke n 
Ryckman S S (W H Ryckman 

& Co) cor Hughson and 

Ryckman W H (W H Ryckman 

& Co) h 20 Hess s 
Ryckman W H & Co, grocers, 

62 John s 
Ryerson James, carpenter, 46 

Rykert Henry, clerk, Kinge 
Rymal Ed, bds 63 Wellington s 
Rymal John, con traveler, 60 

Bay n 
Rymal Miss Margaret,«5 1 Hess n 
Rymal M B, manager Trade 

association, 24 Macnab n, h 

6 Crooks 
Rymal Milton, checker G T R, 

28 Strachan w 
Rymal Mrs Nelson, 67, Welling- 
ton s 
Rymal Stephen, cooper, bds 

Court House hotel 
St Charles Restaurant, H C 

Hickok, pro]jr, 64 James n 
St James' Reformed Epis- 
copal Church, Hunter cor 

St John's Presbyterian 

Church, Rev Thomas ^Gold- 
smith, pastor. Emerald cor King 
St Joseph's Church, (Roman 

C:ith()lic) Jackson cor Charles 
St Luke's Church, Rev Wm 

Massey, M A,. curate, John cor 

S Mark's Church, (Episcopal) 

Rev R G Sutherland, rector 

Bay cor Hunter 
St Mary's Church, (Roman 

Catholic) Park cor Sheaffe 
St Mary's Orphan Asylum, 

Park cor Colborne 
St Nicholas Hotel, Alex Dunn, 

propr, 33-41 James n 



St Patrick's Church, King 

cor Victoria ave 
St Paul's Presbyterian Ch, 

Rev R J Laidlaw, pastor, James 
cor Jackson 

St Thomas' Church, Rev W 
B Curran, rector, Main cor 
West ave 

Sachs Adam, grocer, 55 Locke s 

Sadleir C A, barrister, 8 Main e 

Sage James, carpenter, 18 Blythe 

Sala Claude, draughtsman, 127 
Locke n 

Sallaway George, telegraph oper- 
ator, 39 Ray n 

Salisbury Benjamin, saddler, 2 

Salisbury Benjamin, saddler, 61 

Salmon George, caretaker Canada 
Life building 

Salter Francis, laborer, 62 Loco- 

Salter George, laborer, 9 Hunt- 
er w 

Salvation Army barracks, i Fer- 
guson ave 

Sammons Martin, gardener, 45 
Hess n 

Sandercock John, tinsmith, 21 

Sandercock Thomas, machinist, 
8 Magill 

Sandercock Wm, boilermaker, 28 
Inchbury n 

Sanders Brownlow, organist, 286 
Bay n 

Sanders James W, japanner, 47 

Sanders John, laborer, Nightin- 

Sanders Mrs Sarah (wid Henry) 
286 Bay n 

Sanders Wm A, baker, 73 East 
ave n 

Sandyford Place, s s Duke, 
bet Macnab and Park 

Sanford W E, (W E Sanford 
& Co) h Jackson cor Caroline 

Sanford W E & Co, man- 
ufacturers of clothing, 45-9 
King e 

Sanger Eli, laborer, 53 Stuart e 

Sangster J W, com traveler, 118 
James n 

Sangster Mrs Mary (wid Wm) 
130 Wellington n 

Santee E B,tinsmith,87 King Wm 

Santry Mrs Margaret, 12 Aurora 

Santzburg Charles, 147 John n 

Sarginson Mrs Elizabeth (wid 
John) 66 Walnut s 

Saunders John, painter, 151 
Bay n 

Saunders J H, cook, 50 Can- 
non w 

Saunders Mrs Kate, 230 Can- 
non e 

Saunders Philip, laborer, 217 
Main w 

Saunders Samuel, traveler, 9 Car- 
oline n 

Saunders W C, saloon keeper, 14 
King w 

Saunders — , carpenter, 144 

Savage Edmund, bookkeeper, 95 
Bay s 

Savage John, machinist, 117 
Wellington n 

Sawyer Mrs Jane (vvid Samuel) 
30 Jackson w 

Sawyer L D (L D Sawyer & Co) 
114 Macnab s 

Sawyer L D & Co (L D Sawyer, 
Henry P Coburn, Jonathan 
Ames and A H Hope) n e cor 
Wellington and G T R 

Sawyers Elzer, shoemaker, 242 
Cannon e 

Sayman Aaron, umbrella maker, 
147 James n 

Sayers Albert, musician, 141 
John n 

Sayman Charles, carpenter, 186 
King Wm 

Sayers Charles, shipper, Hannah 



Sayers Chas H, stove polish 

and extracts manfr, 32 Ray n 
Sayers E A, clerk, cor King and 

Sayers H R, bookkeeper, King 

cor Emerald 
Sayers Jas, laborer, i Jones 
Sayers Mrs — , 282 King e 
Sayley Stephen, laborer, 35 Pic- 
ton e 
Sayers Wm. laborer, Oxford 
Sayers Wm, laborer, 220 York 
Sayers — , laborer bds 167 Mac- 
nab n 
Saxby Stephen, laborer, 118 

Wood e 
Saxton Francis, l(Tborer, cor Fer- 
guson ave and Simcoe 
Seadding Mrs Marianne, 27 Main 

Scantlon Patrick, laborer, bds 250 

James n 
Scarlett David, tobacco roller, 58 

Ray n 
Schadel Fred, blacksmith, 188 

Main w 
Schadel Henry, tobacco roller, 

r 81 Caroline n 
Schaer H F, machinist, 85 Jas n, 

h 59 Ray n 
Schaffer Miss Louisa, 83 Rebecca 
Schf ck August, piano maker, bds 

26 Devonport 
Scheck Louis, carpenter, 26 

Schelling Bernhardt, machinist, 

126 Rebecca 
Schelter Frederick, grocer, cor 

Ferguson ave n and Picton 
Scheuer Benno, bookkeeper, 21 

Scheuer Edmund (Levy Bros 

& Scheuer) h 88 James s 
Schierstein Mrs Catharine M 

(wid John F) 66 Robinson 
Schlessing Carl, machinist, 255 

James n 
Schneider Peter, broommaker, 

71 Vine 

Schrader Frederick J, tobacco- 
nist, 91 Bay n 

Schrader J C, cigar maker, 95 
Cannon w, h 95 Bay n 

Scragg George, moulder,2 2 Inch- 
bury s 

Scragg John, moulder, 22 Inch- 
bury s 

Schram John, com traveler, 114 

Scriven P L, engraver, 2 ^ James 
s, h III Jackson w 

Scriven Mrs Mary J (wid Benja- 
min) 117 Market 

Scriver Robert, boiler maker, 26 

Schou Andrew, laborer, 43 Tis- 

Schuler Christian, whip maker, 
51 Robert 

Schwab Jacob, laborer, Bruce 

Schwarz & Co, tobacconists, 4 
James n 

Schwarz Edward, shoemaker, 36 
Walnut s 

Schwarz Ernst L (Frederick 
Schwarz & Son) h 82 Market 

Schwarz Frederick ( Frederick 
Schwarz & Son) h 82 Market 

Schwarz Frederick & Son (Fred- 
erick and Ernst L) cigar manfs, 
3 Bay n 

Schwarz John, com traveler, 43 
Bay n 

Schwarz Louis, tobacconist, 48 
James n, h 50 Catharine n 

Schwarz Wm, cutter, 36 Walnut 5 

Schevling Henry, laborer, bds 
230 Bay n 

Schwendau A J, clerk, 14 East 
ave n 

Schwendau Alphons, trimmer, 
bds 14 East ave n 

Scofield Julius, bookkeeper, 109 
John s 

Scollard John, butcher, lo West 
ave n, h i WentwOrth n 

Scott Mrs Agnes (wid Robert) 75 
Hunter w 



Scott Alfred, clerk, bds 184 Rob- 
ert e 
Scott Mrs Christina (wid John) 

75 Market 
Scott C S (John Stuart, Son & 

Co) 104 Park s 
Scott Ephraim, civil engineer, 

bds 127 John n 
Scott George, porter, 54 Hannah 

Scott Isaac, horse trainer, bds 

Bawden's hotel 
Scott James, painter, 127 Eme- 
rald n 
Scott James, fancy goods, 54 

King e, h 50 Ferguson ave 
Scott Jolm, porter, bds 70 Duke 
Scott John J (Walker & Scott) 

barrister, h 35 Jackson w 
Scott Richard, miller, 118 Hun- 
ter w 
Scott Richard, teamster,3i Guise 
Scott Robert, machinist, Robin- 
Scott Samuel, grocer, 184 Rob- 
ert e ^ 
Scott Somner, 105 Park s 
Scott S R, grocer, 184 Robert e 
Scott Thos L, clerk, 73 Hunter w 
Scott Terence, teamster, Jones 
Scott T W, Empire House, 16 

Market sq 
Scott Walter, engineer, 261 Bay n 
Scott W, shoemaker, 32 James s 
Scott Wm, porter, 44 Hess s 
Scott Wm, porter, 89 Hannah w 
Scott Wm, shirt cutter, 65 Ray s 
Scott Wm, bartender, bds 158 

King w 
Scottish Union National 
Insurance Cojames Walker, 
20 Miin e 
Scoular Rev Thos, pastor Ers- 

kine Church, 160 Main w 
Scully Kenneth, bds 81 Park n 
Schultz Ernest, tinsmith, 16 

Lower Cathcart 
Schultz Maximilian, engmeer, 84 
Macau ley e 

Schumacher Geo, cabinet maker. 

78 Macnab n 
Sealey W A, carpenter, 25 Bar- 
ton w 
Sealey Wm, laborer, Maple 
Seaman John, mason, bds 259 

King Wm 
Seaman Shadrick, 29 West ave n 
Searle Henry, machinist, 219 

John n 
Searle Stephen, carpenter, 159 

Searles George, laborer, Clark 

Searles Henry, laborer, Ferrie e 
Searles Thos C. wood turner, 

127 Queen s* 
Seaton Wm, machinist, 20 Hugh- 
son n, h 22 Little Market 
Seavey J R, artist, 7 King w 
Scddon James, dyer, Picton e 
Seelbech Mrs B (wid Wm) 82 

Murray e 
Sehwenger Chas, carpenter, bds 

2 16 King w 

Seh winger John, baker, 44 Ray s 
Seitz John, telegraph operator, 

138 Macnab n 
Selback Louis, biscuit maker, 132 

Catharine n 
Seldon R W, grocer, 86 Cannon 

Sellar James, laborer, r 7 1 Wel- 
lington s 
Selvin Mrs Jane, 202 Barton e 
Selwood Thomas W, machinist, 

36 Charles 
Semmens Arthur W (Semmens 

Bros) h 44 Markland 
Semmens Bros, coffin manfrs, 

Sophia n 
Semmens Jas (Semmens Bros) h 

3 Tom 

Semmens Mrs Mary (wid John) 

86 Florence 
Semmens Thos, painter, 7 Peari 

Sendell Wm S, carpenter, 10 

Charles, h 31 Napier 



Senn George, foreman, 52 Park n 
Serbert Charles, cigar maker, bds 

37 Robert 
Service Joseph R, fireman, 120 

Emerald n 
Servos Ethelbert, bailiff, 127 

Main w 
Servos Joseph, fireman, ' 120 

Enierald n 
Servos Miss Mary, 92 Robert e 
Servos Wm, 115 Main e 
Servos W G, brakeman, 75 East 

ave n 
Setzkorn Frederick, engineer, 

1 16 Caroline s 
Sevier Edward, letter carrier, 93 

Jackson e ■; ^ k V 

Sewell Bros (Henty, ^\^oi 'xn^ 1 

John A) grocers, 32 James n 
Sewell Henry W (Sewell Bros) h 

47 Bay s 
Sewell John A (Sewell Bros) 47 

Bay s 
Sexsmith George S, cutter, 50 

Emerald s 
Sexton Matthew, laborer, 37 

Strachan e 
Seymour Mrs Isabella (wid Robt) 

12 Colborne 
Shadbolt John, cabinet maker, 48 

Queen s 
Shadbolt Thomas, carpenter,. 48 

Queen s 
Shackle Thomas, conductor, 236 

Bay n 
Shackleton Freeman, laborer, 95 

Ferrie e 
Shaldrick Richard, carter, r 68 

Caroline n 
Sham brook George, bookkeeper, 

9 Erie ave 
Sharkey Geo. caretaker R C 

cemetery, Head 
Sharp Arthur, cabinet maker, 99 

Lower Cathcart 
Sharpe F H, machinist, 22 Erie 

Sharp George, builder, 147 Park 

Sharp George, carpenter, 49)^ 

Hunter e 
Sharp Henry, carpenter, 46 Cher- 
Sharp John W, carpenter, 144^ 

Bay n 
Sharp Mrs Martha (wid William) 

43 Lower Cathcart 
Sharp William, baker, 106 John s 
Sharp William, assessor, 5 Queen 

Sharpies James, yardsman, 134 

Robert e 
Shaughnessy iSLnrtin, machinist, 

loi Strachan e 
Shaughnessy Wm, laborer, 177 
. ,wSson 
Siiaver'W H (W H Tallman & 

& Co) res An^aster 
Shaw Andrew, laborer, 296 John 

Shaw Mrs Elizabeth (wid James) 

18 Grove 
Shaw George, M D, 122 

James n 
Shaw George, gardener, 99 Caro- 
line s 
Shaw James, machinist, 59 Chis- 

Shaw Mrs John, 13 Gore 
Shaw Joseph W, plasterer, 219 

Main vv 
Shaw Mrs; matron Boys' Home, 

Shaw Wm, bds 20 Hunter e 
Shawcross Wm, tea merchant, 1 

KingWm, h Garth 
Shea Mrs Ann (wid John) 36 

Strachan e 
Shea James, staple and fancy 

dry goods. 42 King e, h 124 

Hughson n 
Shea James, shoe cutter, 6 Fer- 
guson ave 
Shea John, machinist, io9>4 

John s 
Shea John, laborer, bds 95 

Shea Mrs, 74 West ave n 



Shea John F, boots and shoes, 
40 King e, h 124 Hughson n 

Shea Michael, laborer, bds 146 
Bay n 

Shea Patrick, blacksmith, 48 
Emerald n 

Shea Patrick, grocer, 258 York 

Shea Thomas, laborer, 95 George 

Shearer James, carpenter, 117 

Shearer J H, file grinder, 163 
Wellington n 

Shearer Samuel, laborer, 273 
Macnab n 

Shearsmith F G, carpenter, 77 

Shearsmith Wm, com traveler, 
275 Kinge 

Shedden Co (The) James 
Hamilton, agent, 9 King w 

Sheehan John, com traveler, 5 
Little Peel 

Sheehan John, 124 Young 

Sheehan John, teamster, 306 
John n 

Sheehan Patrick, machinist, 5 
Little Peel 

Sheehan Timothy, laborer, 96 

Sheen Miss Mary, 1 15 Caroline n 

Sheet George, moulder, 74 Em- 
erald n 

Sheppard Alfred, bds 133 Park n 

Shepard Mrs Catharine (wid Wm 
L) bds 99 Market 

Sheppard Edward, bds 82 Hugh- 
son n 

Sheppard Edward, ,carpenter,i37 
Carh irine n 

Sheppard Francis, custom officer, 
133 Park n 

Shepard Mrs Harriet E (wid Gid- 
eon R) boarding, 49 Caroline n 

Shepard H C, salesman, 99 Mar- 

Shepherd Mrs Jane (wid Ralph) 
40 Bay n 

Sheppard Mrs John, Barton w 
nr Caroline 

Sheperley Joseph, potter, 48 
Pearl s 

Sheppard Mrs Mary, 132 Mac- 
nab n 

Sheridan Mrs Ann (wid Patrick) 
boarding, 185 Bay n 

Sheridan John, laborer, 183 Mary 

Sheridan T J, spring beds and 
sewing machines, 184 King e 

Sheriff Mrs Margaret (wid Alex) 

96 Bay n 

Sheriff VVm, grocery, 96 Bay n 
Sherman Jas, 160 Rebecca 
Shetman Knighton, button hole 

maker, 104 Jackson e 
Sherren Robert, coachman, 107 

Jackson w 
Sherring John C, plasterer, 97 

Caroline n 
Shibley Mrs Emily (wid Edwin) 

35 Catharine n 
Shields Mrs Charles, 52 Cath- 
arine s 
Shields Charles, pedlar,! I George 
Shields James, com traveler, 273 

King e 
Shields John, 97 West ave n 
Shields John, laborer, 41 Caro- 
line n 
Shields J W, com traveler, h 

King e 
Shields Thomas, blacksmith, 86 

Shields William, laborer, r 44 

Jackson e 
Shine Patrick, hai; dresser, 7 

Macnab^n ^ ^, 
Shij)ton Mrs Maggie (Avid John) 

7 Cherry " •*- ^ 

Shiphry Vincent, laborer, Duke 
Shoots George, carriage painter, 

67 Merrick, h 153 Cannon e 
Shoots James, carriage trimmer, 

97 Lower Cathcart 

Short Mrs M A, 45 Macauley w 
Short William, machinist, 31 

Catharine n 
Shouldice J H, hotel, 99 John 



Shuttle James, fitter, 132 Mac- 

auley e 
Shuttleworth William, salesman, 

16 Grove 
Shuttleworth Wm, upholsterer, 

bds Walker House 
Siddell Hiram, laborer, 304 

Hughson n 
Siddell Hiram, laborer, 135 Mac- 

auley e 
Siddel James, joiner, 104 East 

ave n 
Sievert Augustus W, cabinet 

maker, 58 Pearl n 
Sillett George, cooper, 70 Rebecca 
Sillett Jasper, 70 Rebecca 
Silver Charles J, bookkeeper, 124 

John n 
Silver Creek Brewery, C A Bur- 
don, agent, 11 Jackson e 
Silver William, manf boots and 

shoes, 83 Macnab n, h 27 Mur- 
ray e 
Simcoe Street Methodist 

Church, Rev Joseph Oderey, 

pastoi, John cor Simcoe 
Sime James, plater, 167 West 

ave n 
Simkins George, painter, Southjir 
Simmnnds John, laborer, 22^ 

John n 
Simmons Oliver, moulder, 10 

Simmons — , 7 Wood e 
Simms David, laborer, 67 East 

ave n 
Simon Abram, confectioner, 210 

James n 
Simon Henry, cigar manf, 36 

Merrick, h 12 Augusta 
Simon Mrs M, grocer,62 James s 
Simonds Mrs H C (wid Harry) 

151 Main w 
Simons Charles, laborer, i South 
Simons Charles, tailor, 242 York 
Simons Mis Charles, confection- 
er, 242 York 
Simons Richard, laborer, 235 

John n 

Simons Thomas, 1 15 Wellington 

Simple William, laborer, 32 Mac- 

auley e 
Sims Samuel, shoemaker, 12 

West ave n 
Simpson Arch T, clerk, 62 Mer- 
Sim])son Charles W, carpenter 8 

Simpson Frank, clerk G T R, 20 

Simpson Mrs Francis (wid Rev 

M) 29 Jackson w 
Simpson George, moulder, 70 

Emerald n 
Simpson James, porter. Maple 

Leaf hotel 
Simpson James & Son (James 

and James, jr) brokers and 

com merchants, 22 Main e, h 

62 Merrick 
Simpson Mrs Jeannette (wid Wm) 

part of Bawden's house,Canada 
Simpson John, baker, 68 Lower 

Simpson John, cigar maker, 84 

Simpson John, laborer, bds 49 

Caroline n 
Simpson John, salesman,3o King 

Simpson Joseph B, conductor G 

T R, 2 Canada 
Simj^son J W, com merchant, 

4 Hughson n, h 55 Hughson n 
Simpson M, bookkeeper, h 

Simj)son Malty ward, accountant, 

Simpson Philip H, law student, 

29 Jackson w 
Simj.son Samuel, engineer, 96 

Catharine n 
Simpson Thomas, moulder, Duke 

w Locke 
Simpson Thos, 171 Park n 
Simpson W G, salesman, 30 King 


1 86 


Simpson Wm, checker GTR, loo 

Hunter w 
Simpson Wm, moulder, 37 

Stuart e 
Simpson — , laborer, 41 Tisdale 
Sinage Wm, shoe cutter, 43 

Sinclair Alex,painter,bds 1 2 Little 

Sinclair Duncan, clerk Bank of 

Montreal, 33 Hannah e 
Sinclair David, janitor Hamilton 

Provident & Loan Society, i 

Hughson n 
Sinclair Duncan, student, 54 

Hannah w 
Sinclair Edward, brakesman, 106 

Hess n 
Sinclair George, carpenter, r 51 

Hunter e 
Sinclair James S, county judge. 

Court House, h 23 Herkimer 
Sinclair J G, D D S, dentist, 22 

King e, h 19 Maria 
Sinclair J Herbert, law student, 

23 Herkimer 
Sinclair Jas W, grocer, 59 Can- 
Sinclair J W, painter, 124 East 

Sinclair John, caretaker, 12 Lit- 
tle William 
Sinclair Mrs Maria (wid Joseph) 

115 Catharine n 
Sinclair Mrs Mary (wid George) 

51 Hunter e 
Sinclair Peter, laborer, 14 Grove 
Sinclair Peter G, gardener, 55 

Sinclair William, laborer, 8 Dev- 

Singer Manufacturing Co, 

10 John n 
Sinker John, laborer, 127 Queen 

Sinnott James, moulder, 81 Main 

Sint^el John, tailor, 12 John s, h 

18 Liberty 

Sintzel Thomas, 49^ Augusta 
Sieuter Anderew, bds Franklin 

Skelly Dennis, 59 Ferguson ave 
Shaftesbury Boys' Home, Robert 

Ward, supt, King e near toll 

Skelly E J, clerk, 61 Ferguson 

Skelly Frank E (F E Skelly & 

Co) 215 York 
Skelly F E & Co (F E Skelly, C 

R Perkins, J E Skelly) dry 

goods, 2 T 5 York 
Skerritt John, boots and shoes, 

64 King w, h 226 Main w 
Skilling John, carpenter, bds 60 

James s 
Skimin James, iron founder, 

Queen n, h 57 Queen n 
Skinner Mrs A F, Fairleigh Park, 

Main e 
Skinner Edward, laborer, 71 

Skinner Hugh, clerk, Fairleigh 

Park, Main e 
Skinner James A & Co, 

wholesale crockery, 9 Kmg e 
Skinner John, watchmaker 

and jeweler, 79 King w 
Skinner R B (Jas A Skinner 

& Co) h Fairleigh Park, Main 

Skinner R H, clerk, Fairleigh 

Park, Main e 
Skinner Seymour, laborer, 14 

Skinner Thomas, laborer, 112 

Skirrow Frederick, laborer, 100 

Ferrie e 
Skolv Mrs Francis (wid Anthony) 

151 Catharine n 
Skuce Geo, laborer, 6 Kinnell 
Slaght Charles, teamster, 51 

Slaght Freeman, agent, 136 Main 
Slater James, merchant tailor, 

54 King w, h 78 George 



Slater John, carpenter, 320 Mac- 
nab n 

Slater John S, inspector sewers, 
no Wellington s 

Slater Mrs Robert, 52 Victoria 
ave s 

Slater Robert, tailor, bds 84 

Slater Samuel, treasurer 
Landed Banking & Loan Co, 
h 129 Bay s 

Slatterie James, machinist, bds 
109 Bold 

Slaughter John, 38 Mulberry 

Slee William, carpenter, Ferguson 
ave n 

Slider George, porter. Wood & 

Sloen James, laborer, 28 Magill 

Slone Thomas, 36 Elgin 

Smale John, 166 Ferguson ave 

Smale Wm sr, 86 Elgin 

Smale Wm jr, 86 Elgin 

Small Alex, shipper, 33^ Tis- 

Small Alex, clerk, mountain top 

Small A W, porter, Knox, Mor- 
gan & Co 

Small Mrs Eliza (wid James) 288 
King w 

Small Jas, butcher, 320 King w 

Small J D, carpenter, Clark ave 

Small Thomas, butcher, King e 

Small Wm, laborer. King \v nr 

Small wood George, tobacconist, 
1 18 James n 

Smart W L, 114 Park s 

Smee Edmund, shoemaker, 44 

Smethurst William G, Markland 

Smiley Miss Rebecca, Conces- 
sion cor Queen 

Smith A B, telegraph operator, 
21 Walnut s 

Smith Albert N, printer, 2 Wel- 
lington n 

Smith Alex, police sergeant No 
2 Station 

Smith Alex K, teamster, 314 
King w 

Smith Alfred E, bricklayer, 18 

Smith Alfred W, bookkeeper, 15 
East ave n 

Smith Alonzo, blacksmith, 2 Lit- 
tle William 

Smith Arthur, laborer, 68 Tisdale 

Smith Beverley, student, 31 Bay 

Smith Charles, blacksmith, 13 
Cannon w 

Sjiiith Charles city messenger, 2 
Wellington n 

Smith Charles, lithographer, 68 
AValnut s 

Smith Charles, moulder, 46 Mar- 

Smith Charles, stove polisher, 32 

Smith Charles, tailor, 39 Cath- 
arine n 

Smith Charles, jr, paper boxes, 5 
King w, h 2 Wellington n 

Smith Mrs Charles, 176 East ave 

Smith C L, builder, 84 Elgin 

Smith C R, commission "mer- 
chant, 8 John n, h 25 West 
ave s 

Smith Chas W, 30 Magill 

Smith Mrs Charlotte (wid James) 
66 Ray n 

Smith I) B, tailor, 116 Rebecca 

Smith D Day, MI), druggist, 214 
King e 

Smith Donald, mercht tailor, 
14 James n, h Avon Cottage, 
Main e 

Smith Mrs E, 16 Steven 

Smith Edward, whip maker, 109 
Cannon w 

Smith Edward, 2 Wellington n 

Smith Edwin J, carpenter, 162 
Macnab n 

Smith Mrs Eliza, 172 Hughson n 

Smith Mrs Eliza (wid David A) 
48 West ave s 



Smith Miss Elizabeth, MD, 

physician and surgeon, 1 6 Main 

Smith E P, com traveler, 14 

Emerald s 
Smith Erskine, bricklayer, 5 Chis- 

Smith Mrs Esther (wid Joseph) 

159 King Wm 
Smith Francis, moulder, 18 Sim- 

coe e 
Smith Frank W, clerk Ham Prov 

and Loan Society, 14 Emerald s 
Smith Frank, glassblower, 311 

John n 
Smith Frank, laborer, 95 King e 
Smith Frank, porter, 37 Kelly 
Smith Fred J, packer, 196 Main w 
Smith & Findlay (W G Smith, 

John Findlay) saloon keepers, 

James cor Merrick 
Smith G A, bricklayer, 56 Lower 
. Cathcart 
Smith George B, wood and 

coal dealer, 6 Mary, h 297 

Barton e 
Smith George, carpenter, 1 1 Col- 
Smith George, dealer,6i Rebecca, 

h 15 East ave n 
Smith George, cigar maker, 142 

West ave n 
Smith George, cigar maker, 62 

Cannon e 
Smith George, laborer, Wilson e 

Smith George, laborer, 76 Mur- 
ray e 
Smith Geo, laborer, 26 Tom 
Smith George, painter, 144 King 

Smith George, shoe cutter, 45 

Smith George, tinsmith, bds 105 

King w 
Smith George, 15 East ave n 
Smith H, crockery, end King e 
Smith H, stove dealer, 66 John s, 

h 57 Robert e 

Smith H E, laborer, 196 Robert e 
Smith Mrs Helen (wid James) 81 

Smith Henry, laborer, 36 Stuart e 
Smith Henry, shoemaker, Went- 
worth n 
Smith Henry, tinsmith,57 Robert 
Smith Mrs Hugh, 35 Burlington 

Smith Jacob, engine driver, 65 

Smith Jacob J, foreman W G 

Reid & Co, 34 East ave n 
Smith James, blacksmith, 279 

Hughson n 
Smith James, boot crimper, 27 

Smith James, carpenter, Beulah 
Smith James, carpenter, 59 Pearl 

Smith James, gilder, 66 Hannah 

Smith James, machinist, 25 Can- 
non w 
Smith James, moulder, 43 Peter 
Smith Jas, moulder, 163 John n 
Smith Mrs James, Turkish baths, 

145 James n 
Smith Mrs James, 74 Wilson 
Smith James Blois, day and even- 
ing school, I Rebecca 
Smith James B, laborer, 326 

Smith James O, blacksmith, 65 

Emerald n 
Smith Mrs Jane (wid Samuel) 40 

Smith John, baker, 75 Jackson e 
Smith John, blacksmith, bds 90 

Bay n 
Smith John, bricklayer, 20 Chis- 

Smith John, immigration agt, 

Stuart w, h 131 Bay s 
Smith John, laborer, 31 Wood e 
Smith John, laborer, 230 Bay n 
Smith John, tailor. Concession 
Smith John, teamster, 69 Lower 




Smith John, tinsmith, 43 Hugh- 
son n 
Smith John J, laborer,_ Herkimer 

Smith Mrs J L, 23 Main w 
Smith John M, carpenter, 308 

James n 
Smith John S, laborer, York w 

of toll gate 
Smith John W, foreman Imperial 

Mineral Water Co, 54 Pearl s 
Smith Joseph, confectioner, 97 

Emerald n 
Smith Joseph, cabinet maker, 30 

Smith Levis, stovemounter, 86 

Hannah e 
Smith Mrs Louisa, 204 Barton e 
Smith L C, barrister, 34 James n, 

h 8 Nelson ave 
Smith Mrs Margaret (wid David) 

27 Peter 
Smith Mark, confectioner, 154 

Smith Mrs, 51 Macnab s 
Smith Mrs, caretaker. Went worth 

Chambers, 25 James s 
Smith Mrs Martha (wid John) 

variety dealer, 225 James n 
Smith Mrs Mary (wid George) 25 

Cannon w 
Smith Mrs Mary (wid John) 191 

James n 
Smith Mrs Mary (wid John) 154 

Smith Mrs Mary (wid Peter) 9o|- 

Hess n 
Smith Philip, barber, 172 Hugh- 
son n 
Smith Richard, whip maker, 

112^ East ave n 
Smith R J, com tr avele r, 27 

Smith Robert, baker, 60 John s 
Smith Robt,carpenter,43Ferrie w 
Smith Robert, laborer, 109 West 

ave n 
Smith Robert, laborer, 28 Macau- 
ley e 

Smith Robert, polisher, 281 King 

Smith R T, baggageman, i68 

Smith Samuel, glassblower, 310 

John n 
Smith Samuel, laborer. Main e, 

opp toll gate 
Smith Stephen, laborer, 9 Picton 

Smith Mrs Sarah M (wid Geo) 

60 Jackson w 
Smith Mrs Sarah (wid Wm) 230 

King w 
Smith Sylvester, bds 16 Main w 
Smith Mrs Susan (wid Thomas) 

85 Rebecca 
Smith Theodore, fireman, 30 

Bay n 
Smith Thomas, bookkeeper, bds 

cor Mary and Robert 
Smith Thos, brakesman G T R, r 

124 Queen n 
Smith Thomas, builder, 74 Cath- 
arine n 
Smith Thomas, feather dyer, no 

King William, h 93 King 

Smith Thomas, laborer, Garth 
Smith Thomas, laborer, 278 

Macnat5 n 
Smith Thos, r 164 Wilson 
Smith Mrs Thomas, 61 West ave 

Smith V, clerk Bank of Com- 
merce, bds 61 George 
Smith Vincent, broker, 95 Kinge 
Smith William, accountant, 42 

Emerald s 
Smith William, clerk, bds 74 

Catharine n 
Smith William, dyer, 95 Robin- 
Smith William, laborer, 105 

. Nai^ier 
Smith William, laborer, bds 21 

Smith William, laborer, 275 (b) 

Hughson n 



Smith William, laborer, 25 Rail- 
Smith William, moulder, 80 Caro- 
line n 
Smith William, rope maker, 148 

Victoria ave n 
Smith William, stonemason, 54 

Lower Cathcart 
Smith William, stovemounter,io2 

Smith William, teamster, 177 

Smith William, traveler, 173 

King Wm 
Smith VVm, 31 Margaret 
Smith Mrs William, 142 West 

ave n 
Smith Wm A, high constable, 10 

Little Peel 
Smith W B, planer, 190 Emerald 
Smith Williamm G, laborer, 32 

Smith W L, M D, druggist, 

1 16 James n 
Smith William P, packer, 133 

Smith Wm S, com traveler, 220 

Catharine n 
Smith Wright, harness maker, 143 

Smye Joseph, wagon maker, 34 

Hunter e, h 56 Catharine s 
Smye William, collar maker, 99 

Smyth J C, manager Canada 

Glass House, h 182 King e 
• Smyth J S, polisher, 39 Steven 
Smyth Robert, tinsmith, 24 King 

Snaith William, butcher, 172 

King e 
Snaudee James, printer, 20)^ 

Locke s 
Snaudee Mrs Jane (wid James) 

20}^ Locke s 
Snaudee David, plumber, 151. 

King Wm 
Snider George H (G H Snider 

&Co) h 9 Kennell 

Snider G H and J A, millers, 278 

Snider George R, laborer, 113 

Locke n 
Snider James A (G H Snider & 

Co) h 12 Crooks 
Snider Peter, laborer, 12 George 
Snider Miss Sarah, 84 Merrick 
Snider Thomas H, baker, 16^ 

Snodgrass Mrs Jeannette (wid 

Wm) 72 Peter 
Snodgrass Mrs, 70 Locke n 
Snodgrass Robert, 99 York 
Snow C B, manager Ontario 

Cotton Mills, 17 Robert 
Snow David, burnisher, bds 32 

John n 
Snowden John W, bookkeeper, 

48 Hess n 
Snowdon Lemuel, cabinet maker, 

66 Steven 

Snowden Mrs Mary (wid Wm) 48 

Hess n 
Snowdon Thomas, blacksmith, 

foot Macnab n, h 19 Burlington 

Sodon Mrs Mary (wid Samuel) 

65 Jackson e 
Solvisburg John, laborer, Aik- 

man's ave 
Solvisburg Nicholas, Aikman's 

Somers John, laborer, 106 Young 
Somerset George, shoemaker, bds 

67 Duke 

Somerville Francis, laborer, 66 

Somerville James, salesman, 158 
Main w 

Somerville James, painter, King e 

Somerville James H, com trav- 
eler, 6r Bay s 

Somerville Robert, carpenter, 
6 1 y2 East ave n 

Somerville William, bookkeeper, 
158 Main w 

Somerville William, jr, commis- 
sion merchant, 158 Main w 



Somerville Wm & Co, commis- 
sion merchants, 8 Hughson n 

Somerville Wm H, com traveler, 
6 1 Bay s 

Soper Robert, sail maker, 5 4 Bur- 
lington w 

Souter Alex, cabinet maker, 80 
Hannah w 

Souter David, carpenter, 80 Han- 
nah w 

Souter William, cabinet maker, 
80 Hannah w 

South Daniel, laborer, 32 Hess n 

Southam & Carey (William 
Southam, William Carey) man- 
aging directors Spectator Co, 
18 James s 

Southam William (Southam 
& Carey) h Bold 

Southwell William, machinist, 154 
West ave n 

Spackman J R, 52 Cannon w 

Spackman S G, 79 John n 

Spanton Mrs Mary (wid John) 34 

Spectator (daily and weekly) 
Southam & Carey, managing 
directors, 18 James s 

Speight Charles, carpenter, 9 
Park s 

Speirs Hamilton, laborer, cor 
Ferguson ave and Strachan 

Spellecy Thomas, broker, 168 
King e 

Spence Mrs Elizabeth (wid Peter) 
grocer, ^11 John n 

Spence George, shoemaker, 46 
Hunter e 

Spence James, machinist, 131 
King Wm 

Spence John, bds 29 Gore 

Spence Joseph, mariner, 143 East 
ave n 

Spence Matthew, stonecutter, 79 
Ferrie e 

Spence T (R Spence & Co) h 
176^ King e 

Spence R & Co, file manfs, 
176)^ King e 

Spence Thomas B, mariner, 20 

Spencer E V, com traveler, 44 
Catharine n 

Spencer James, tinsmith, 80 Wal- 
nut s 

Spencer Josiah, stonecutter, 64 
Hunter e 

Spencer Robert, laborer, 7 1 Mar- 

Spencer Samuel, laborer, 36 

Spencer Walter, organ builder, 
13 Bay n, h 87 Main w 

Spera R B, fancy goods, 198 
King e 

Spera Wm, grain buyer, 28 Lib- 

Spera William, grain buyer, 115 
Victoria ave n 

Spies Rev Chas A, evangelical, 
98 Market 

Spittle Robert, carpenter, 43 Ste- 

Spone Warren, tailor, 3 Cherry 

Sporr George, 35 Hughson n 

Spriggs Charles, laborer, 34 O'- 

Spriggs John, shoemaker,67 York 

Spring Brewery, Bay cor Mul- 

Spring James, engine cleaner, 37 
Caroline n 

Springate George, letter carrier, 
61 Ray s 

Springate John, laborer,2T5 Main 

Springer Lewis, manager street 
railway, h East Hamilton 

Springer Mrs Oliver, 52 John n 

Springstead Mrs Ellen, laundress, 
124 Macnab n 

Springstead Jacob, engineer, 98 
West ave n 

Springstead S, carpenter 105 El- 

Springstead Wm, gardener, Bur- 
lington n 

Squibb Frank, plumber, 39 John s. 



Stacey John, sawyer, 44 Magill 
Stacy James B P, upholsterer, 82 

Hunter w 
Stacy John C, upholsterer, 99 

Hess s 
Stacy Mrs M J, 31 Catharine n 
Stafford Mrs Catharine (widow 

Philip) 52 Feme 
Stafford Mrs Theodore, 32 Jack- 
son e 
Stamp Wm, painter, 116 King 

Standard Life Assurance 

Co, David McLellan, agent, 

84 fames n 
Standard Whip Co, H D Baker, 

175 James 
Stanfield Samuel, laborer, Mark- 
Stanley George, stovemounter, 

121 Hannah e 
Stannard William, carpenter, 193 

Hughson n 
Stanton Green A, tobacco roller, 

King e 
Stanton Thomas, painter, 43 

Stapleton George, laborer, 141^ 

Stark John, stovemounter, 36 

Stark John, stovemounter, 208 

Cannon e 
Stark Wm G, M D, 149 

King w 
State Steamship Line, Chas 

E Morgan, agent, i r James n 
Staunton C F Lynch, clerk, Main 

cor Wentworth 
Staunton F H Lynch, P L S, C 

E, surveyor, 18 James s, h 

Wentworth cor Main 
Staunton & Livingston 

(Geo Lynch Staunton, W 
, Churchill Livingston) barrist- 
ers, [8 James s 
Staunton Geo Lynch (Staun- 
ton & Livingston) h Wentworth 

cor Main 

Staunton John, hotel keeper, 106 

King e 
Staunton Louis, blacksmith, bds 

63 Rebecca 
Steanger James, Temperance 

House, 79 Stuart w 
Stebbins John, gardener. Barton 

Steedman James, machinist, 47 

Steedman J P, bookkeeper, h 78 

West ave n 
Steele David, barrister, King 

cor James, over Federal Bank, 

h 51 Jackson w 
Steele Mrs David, 54 Hunter w 
Steele George, music teacher, 77 

Park n 
Steele George, dry goods, etc, 

291 York 
Steele James, laborer,96 Strachan 

Steele John T, clerk, 80 Hugh- 
son n 
Steele Robt T (Lucas, Park 

& Co) h 5 r Jackson w 
Steele Thos, teacher of vocal 

music, 105 Main w 
Steele Wm, accountant, 67 Vic- 
toria ave n 
Steer Edward, butcher, 23 South 

Stein James, laborer, Wentworth 

Stein M, jeweler, 68 King e, h 

1 13 Catharine s 
Steinberg Max, rag dea-ler, 106 

York ^ 
Steinberg Nathan, rag dealer, 167 

Main w 
Steinmetz Valentine, tailor, 25 

Emerald n 
Stephens Henry, public ac- 
countant, Court House, h 5 

West ave s 

Stephens Isaac, r 104 Macnab 

Stephens James, moulder, 131 

Ferguson ave 



Stephens John, machinist, 85 

Stephens Samuel, moulder, 88 

Stephens Mrs Sarah (wid Jeffer- 
son) 94 Elgin 
Stephens Thos, machinist, 105 

Hunter w 
Stephens T L, tailor, 88 Elgin 
Stephenson C D, bther, 86 Hun- 
ter e 
Ste[)henson Isaac, moulder, 58 

Stephenson John M, laborer, 139 

Ferguson ave 
Stephenson Robert, tinsmith, 

Ferguson ave n 
Stephenson Thomas, harness 

maker, 58 Hughson s 
Sterling Daniel, 7 Bold 
Sterling George, 10 1 Main \v 
Sterling George A, cashier, 7 

Sterling R N (Alex Harvey & 

Co) h 34 Jackson w 
Sterling \Vm, salesman. Bold 
Stern VVm, com traveler, 31 

Walnut s 
Sterratt \Vm, policeman G T R, 

90 Hess n 
Steven H S,assistant cashier Bank 

of Hamilton, 28 West ave s 
Steven Robert, salesman, 15 

Upper Cathcart 
Stevens Mrs Ann, 126 Young 
Stevens C A, i)orter, 15 Upper 

Stevens Mrs Eliza (wid John W) 

2 Margaret 
Stevens Jefferson, carpenter, 267 

King w 
Stevens Isaac, gardener, 120 

James n 
Stevens James, 126 Wood e 
Stevens James, laborer, 109 Her- 
Stevens John, painter, 13 Sophia 

Stevens John, baker, 148 Mary 

Stevens Nelson, tobacco roller, 

125 Mary 
Stevens Philip, machinist, 32 

Stevens Mrs Sarah, fancy goods, 

120 James n 
Stevens Silas, hotel, 352 John n 
Stevens Thomas, porter, 7 Evans 
Stevens Wm, engineer, 120 James 

Stevenson Alex, plumber, 60 

James s 
Stevenson Charles H, builder, 46 

Wellington s 
Stevenson George, baker, etc, 4 

Hunter e 
Stevenson Gervase, shoemaker, 

9 Park s 
Stevenson Hugh, salesman, 

Hughson s 
Stevenson James, hay dealer, 

Stevenson James, 241 York 
Stevenson Mrs Mary (wid And) 

12 T Market 
Stevenson R C, bookkeeper, 15 

Stevenson Thomas, cabinet 

maker, 58 Hughson s 
Stevenson Thomas, carpenter, 86 

Stevenson William, carpenter, 59 

Hunter e 
Steward Thomas, salesman, 191 

Main e 
Stewart A A, bookkeeperr, 221 

Main e 
Stewart Alexander, tailor, 79 

Main e 
Stewart Albert A, student, 31 

Bay n 
Stewart A D, chief of police, 43 

Stewart Charles (Burrow, Stewart 

& Milne) h 122 John n 
Stewart Charles, carpenter, 124 

Cannon e 
Stewart Charles, printer, 150 

King Wm 



Stewart Chas E, clerk, 25 Hunt- 
er w 

Stewart David, moulder, 295 
King William 

Stewart Mrs E, millinery, 156 

Stewart Edward, hatter, 7 Grove 

Stewart Frank, machinist, 21 
East ave n 

Stewart Gavin, tinsmith, bds 122 
John n 

Stewart George, laborer, 48 

Stewart Hugh, grocer, 16 Fer- 
guson ave 

Stewart Jas, clerk, 81 Catharine s 

Stewart James, com traveler, 130 

Stewart James, (Fairley & 
Stewart) h 130 Market 

Stewart James (James Stewart 
cSc Co) bds Royal hotel 

Stewart James & Co, (James 
Stewart, J F Stewart, VV C 
Stewart, Thos Cook) ironfound- 
ers, 65-73 Macnab n 

Stewart J D, com traveler, Lucas 
Park & Co 

Stewart Mrs Jenny H, 75 Wel- 
lington n 

Stewart John, accountant, 47 

Stewart John, bookkeeper, 132 

Stewart John, carpenter, 54 Han- 
nah w 

Stewart John, clerk G T R, 139 
Ferguson ave 

Stewart John, 70 Bay s 

Stewart John F, (James Stew- 
art & Co) 55 Victoria ave s 

Stewart John M, clerk, 88 Vic- 
toria ave s 

Stewart Rev Joseph W A, 
Baptist, 107 Main w 

Stewart, N L, com traveler, bds 
55 Victoria ave s 

Stewart Norman, packer, 12 

Stewart Robert, bottler, 27 West 

ave n 
Stewart Robert, (R Stewart & 

Co) h 186 King e 
Stewart Robert, laborer, bds 134 

Cannon e 
Stewart Robert & Co, grocers, 

186 King e 
Stewart Robert C, civil engineer, 

1 1 West ave s 
Stewart Thomas, 3 East ave n 
Stewart Thomas C, com traveler, 

7 West ave s 
Stewart W F, clerk, 55 Victoria 

ave s 
Stewart W H, clerk, 33 East 

ave s 
Stewart William jr, brushmaker, 

7 Grove 
Stewart Wm, carpenter, 51 Steven 
Stewart Wm, laborer, 57 Pearl n 
Stewart William, watchman, 7 

Stewart Wm, watchman, 88 Fer- 
guson ave 
Stewart W C, (James Stewart 

& Co) 25 Hunter w 
Stibbs Jesse, laborer, 59^ Woode 
Stickle C H, letter carrier, 50 

Welhngton n 
Stier George, engraver, bds Vic- 
toria hotel 
Stiff Charles, supt G T R, 140 

James s 
Stiff George W, clerk, 155 Park n 
Stiff James, bookkeeper, 155 

Park n 
Slillman Charles, machinist, bds 

23 Barton e 
Stilwell C F, supt Edison Lamp 

factory, 26 King Wm, h 34 

East ave s 
Stilwell — , Concession 
Stinder Wm, moulder, 25 Chis- 

Stinson's Bank, A H Moore, 

manager, 10 Hnghson n 
Stinson's Chambers, King 

William cor James 



Stinson Frank, porter, 86 Vic- 
toria ave n 
Stinson James, banker, 100 

Queen n 
Stinson S C, 195 King e 
Stinson T H, solicitor, Stinson's 
Ciiambers, i King Wm, h 5 
Herkimer and 100 Queen n 
Stinson Mrs, 116 Macnab s 
Stirling Thomas, farmer, 135 

Main e 
Stirton Thomas, stonecutter, 221 

John n 
Stirton John, printer, 221 John n 
Stits James, moulder, bds 1 1 2 

Bay n 
Stock David, foreman city yard, 

16 Emerald n 
Stockdale Arthur, tanner, Went- 

worth n 
Stock well Edward, dyer, 81 King 

Stockwell Mrs Mary (wid Caleb) 

81 King w 
Stodler Peter, carpet weaver, 53 

Stokes Henry, 55 Pearl n 
Stokes Thos, carpenter, i Hess n 
Stokes Thos, carpenter, 5 Mar- 
Stokes William, laborer, r no 

Stokes William, mail clerk, 3 
Barton Terrace, Wellington n 
Stokinger Karl, 105 King Wm 
Stone Charles, car cleaner, 56 

Ferrie w 
Stone Henry H, japanner, 166 

West ave n 
Stone J C, traveler, 26 Emerald n 
Stone J H, manufacturer, h 12 

East ave n 
Stone Peter, bds 39 John n 
Stoneham Job, plasterer, 78 

Hunter e 
Stoneham Joseph, machmist, 241 

Cannon e 
Stoneham William, plasterer, 78 
Hunter e 

Stonehouse Andrew, blacksmith, 

36 Lower Cathcart 
Stonehouse Michael, shoemaker, 

25 Ferguson ave 
Stoneman Charles, stonecutter, 

35 Queen s 
Stoneman Charles P, printer, 59 

Stoneman John, com traveler, 42 

Victoria ave n 
Stoneman Robert R, moulder, 

59 Young 
Stoner Frank, laborer, 2 Main w 
Stoney John L, insurance agent, 

44 Herkimer 
Storm Edmond A (Storm & 

Green) 31 Elgin 
Storm & Green (Edmond A 

Storm, Fred A Green) tea 

merchants, 128^ King e 
Storm Mrs Jane (wid Jacob) 31 

Storror Mrs Ann (wid Wm) 21 

Macnab s 
Stott Peter, fireman, 184 Cath-- 

arine n 
Stout Thomas, engineer, 7)^ 

Strachan Alexander, agent, 167 

King Wm • 
Strachan Thomas, switchman, 

bds 124 Cannon e 
Strachan Thomas, grocer, 119 

James n, h r9 Barton e 
Strathdee John, salesman, 69 

King Wm" 
Strathroy Knitting Co, Jas 

Watson, pres; Rupert Watson, 

sec, 69 James n 
Strain George, laborer, 173 Mac- 
nab n 
Strampel George, laborer, 32 

Stratton Albert H, carpenter, 52 

Ferguson ave 
Stratton Robert, letter carrier, 52 

Ferguson ave 
Stratton S J, clerk, 55 Lower 




Strauss Henry, grocer, 101 j4 

John s 
Straws James, machinist, 68 Hun- 
ter e 
Street John, bricklayer, Wilson e 

Strickland Arthur, carriage bldr, 

19 NajMer 
Strickland W P, machinist, 31 

Emerald n 
Stringer — , plater, bds Victoria 

Strom Charles, tailor,93 James n 
Strong" Wm, insurance agent, 

Arcade, James n, h 149)^ John 

n See card 

Strongman Wm, policeman, 76 

Hunter e 
Strongman Wm, carpenter, 127 

Stroud Alfred, hotel,37 Macnab n 
Stroud Alfred (Alfred Stroud & 

Son) h 7 Cannon w 
Stroud George, tanner, 214 Vic- 
toria ave n 
Stroud John, bartender, 37 Mac- 
nab n 
Stroud Mrs Mary Ann, 288 York 
Stroud's Tannery, Alfred Stroud 

& Son, props, Ferrie e 
Stroud Wm, hide buyer, 62 Vine 
Stuart A A, bookkeeper, 221 

Main e 
Stuart Alex, city chamberlain, 56 

Victoria ave s 
Stuart Alex, jr, asst treas, city 

43 Alanson 
Stuart Andrew, ornamenter, r 55 

Catharine n 
Stuart Mrs Catharine (wid Wm) 

92 Wellington s 
Stuart Mrs Donald, 90 Hunter e 
Stuart James (John Stuart, 

Son & Co) 9 West ave s 
Stuart James M (J M Stuart & 

Co) 92 James s 
Stuart James M & Co, wholesale 

grocers, 23 Macnab n 
Stuart Mrs Jane (wid Peter) Pine 

Stuart John (John Stuart, Son 
& Co, res Inglewood, James s 

Stuart John, com traveler, Hun- 
ter cor Victoria ave 

Stuart John, moulder. Concession 

Stuart J H, accountant Bank of 
Hamilton, 5 Bold 

Stuart J J (John Stuart, Son & 
Co) Ravenswood, 8 Hannah e 

Stuart John, Son & Co 
(limited) wholesale grocers, 37 
John s 

Stuart Lewis, salesman, 56 Vic- 
toria ave s 

Stuart Mrs Mary (wid And) 5 

Stuart Paul, wood inspector, 120 
Hunter e 

Stuart PH, accountant, 5 Bold 

Stuart Robert, sexton Knox Ch, 
128 West ave n 

Stuart W R, grocer, 60 Emerald 

Studdart I A, sec Ham Home- 
stead Loan and Savings So- 
ciety, Court House 

Studholme Allen, stove mounter, 
42 Wilson 

Suill Mrs jane (wid George) 6SV 
Park n * ^ 

Sturdy Frank, machinist, 215 
James n 

Sturdy James, laborer, 40 Barton 

Sturdy 'J1)omas, tinsmith, 26 
Catharine s 

Start Miss Margaret, 58 Welling- 
ton s 

Sturt W P, coin traveler, 64 Stin- 

Sluitz Richard, hatter, 169 King 

Suhl Peter, In borer, 92 Picton e 

Sullivan Mrs Catharine (wid Pat) 
1 1 Caroline n 

Sullivan Daniel, grocer, 7 1 Wal- 
nut s 

Sullivan Daniel, livery, 5 Charles, 
h 1 1 Caroline n 



Sullivan Daniel, laborer, 6 Locke 

Sullivan Edward T, cooper, 18 

Sullivan Mrs Ellen (wid Michael) 
25 Aurora 

Sullivan Mrs Ellen (wid John) 81 

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, 7 7 Pearl 

Sullivan Dennis D, laborer, 99 

Sullivan James, laborer, 37 Wood 

Sullivan James, laborer, Aik- 
nian's ave 

Sullivan James, laborer, 5 5 Cherry 

Sullivan John, liverv, 52 Main e, 
h Caroline n 

Sullivan John, brakeman, 32 
Lower Cathcart 

Sullivan John, laborer, Burling- 
ton e 

Sullivan John, helper, 129 Cath- 
arine n 

Sullivan John laborer, 342 John n 

Sullivan John, laborer, 114 Em- 
erald n 

Sullivan John, cigar maker, bds 
Maple Leaf hotel 

Sullivan Joseph, blacksmth, 131 
Catharine n 

Sullivan Mrs Kate (wid John) 
1 17 Hunter e 

Sullivan Mrs M, King e of limits 

Sullivan Mrs Margaret ,286 John 

Sullivan Mrs Mary (wid John) 
1 10 Cherry 

Sullivan Michael, melter, 29 O'- 

Sullivan Michael, laborer, 61 

Sullivan Michael, hotel keeper, 
186 King e 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, Greig 

Sullivan Mrs Sarah (wid Michael) 
99 Maria 

Sullivan Tate, laborer, 9 Cherry 

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, 106 

Wellington s 
Sullivan Thomas, J, laborer, 132 

Queen n 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, 216 

Hughson n 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, 73 

Stuart vv 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, 217 

Cannon e 
Sullivan Timothy, moulder, 11 

Caroline n 
Sullivan Wm, laborer, 71 John n 
Sullivan Wm, laborer, 108 Cherry 
Summers Mrs Eliza, r 126 Cath- 
arine n 
Semmers Stephen, porter, 28 

Hughson s 
Summers Mrs W, 50 Main w 
Sun Accident Assurance Coj 

David McLellan, agent, 84 Jas 

Sun Life Association of 

Canada, George M Hunt, 

agent, Arcade, 31 Jamesn 
Sunderland, Michael, polisher, 

99 Strachan e 
Suter David, clerk, 80 Hannah vf. 
Suter R W, ins agent, 20 James 

s, res Dundas 
Sutherland Alexander, turnkey 

jail, Barton e 
Sutherland A F, insuector Ham 

Prov and Loan Society, 141 

Victoria ave n 
Sutherland Angus, family grocer, 

56 King w, h 8r Jackson w ' 
Sutherland Charles H, chief 

draughtsman G T R, 168 Main 
Sutherland I), grocer, too Re- 
Sutherland J B, salesman, 81 

Jackson w 
Sutherland John, brakesman G 

T R, 20 Railway 
Sutherland John, stove polisher, 

21 Gore ■ ikit)::> 

Sutherland John W, lut^ei" nii^r- 

chant, 113 Hughson n 



Sutherland J W, chemist and 
druggist, 180 King w 

Sutherland J S, clerk, 141 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Sutherland The J W Man- 
ufacturing Co, patent med- 
icines, J W Sutherland, mgr, 
180 King w 

Sutherland & Meekison (W 
J Sutherland, And Meekison) 
grocers, James cor Cannon 

Sutherland Rev Robert G, 
rector S. Mark's Church, 49 
Hunter w 

Sutherland Wm, blacksmith, 29 
Strachan w 

Sutherland William, carpenter, 
Wentworth n 

Sutherland W J (Sutherland 
& Meekison) h 20 Railway 

Sutherland W M, teacher, bds 60 
Emerald s 

Sutterby John, gardener, Went- 
worth n 

Sutton Henry, conductor, 30 East 
ave n 

Sutton John, laborer, 129 Queen 

Sutton Philip, laborer, 213 York 

Sutton William, carpenter, 129 
Queen s 

Sutton William, collar maker,. 71 
Emerald n 

Swab Peter, teamster, 10 Fer- 
guson ave 

Swain Mrs Mary (wid John) 109 
Hughson n 

Swallow Isaac, mason, 105 Sim- 
coe e 

Swallow John, stonecutter, 235 
King e 

Swallow William, carpenter, 157 
King Wm 

Swales Michael, carpenter, 135 
Robert e 

Swan Edward, stovemounter, bds 
York w of tollgate 

Swannell Frederick, mgr Globe 
Straw Works, 44 Hannah w 

Swartzenburg George,shoemaker, 

3 Elgin 

Swartzenburg W J, whipmaker, 

283^^ King Wm 
Swayzie Abram, 43 John n 
Swayze Andrew, laborer, 51 Han- 
nah e 
Swayzie Albert, flour and feed, 

174 King e 
Sweeny Hugh, moulder,55 John n 
Sweeney James, tinsmith, 13 King 

Sweeney John, conductor, 74 

Cannon w 
Sweeney John M, burnisher, 113 

Bay n 
Sweeney Michael, com traveler, 

113 Bay n 
Sweeney Thos,moulder,59 Mary 
Sweet Geo, com traveler, Main e 
Sweet O C, manf, 72 Catharine n 
Sweet Walter, grain dealer, 81 

Emerald n 
Sweet Wm, boiler maker, 301 

Sweetlove George, watchman, 56 

Sweetlove James, carpenter, 137 

Macauley e 
Sweetman Harry, saloon keeper, 

4 King w 

Swift Wm, machinist, 88 John n 
Swinton Charles, teamster, 34 

Ray n 
Swinton Jas, salesman, 56 Ray n 
Swinton Wm, carpenter,56 Ray n 
Swinyard Leon, clerk, hd Bay s 
Swinyard Thos, hd Bay s 
Syer Harry (W Gillies & Co) 159 

Syme Gibson, laborer, 22 South e 
Syme Henry, laborer, 134 Vic- 
toria ave n 
Symington John, laborer, 10 

Symington Robert, telegraph 

engineer, 42 George 
Symmers James, clerk, 41 Flor- 



Sabb Silas W, laborer, 1 7 1 Emer- 
ald n 

Taafe Francis, butcher, 40 Cath- 
arine s 

Taafe Thomas, butcher, 117 
King e 

Taffe Joseph, moulder, 109 
Strachan e 

Taft William, engine packer, 22 
Inchbury n 

Taggart Alex, carpenter, 13 Can- 
non w 

Taggart Samuel, laborer, 33 Lit- 
tle William 

Tait John E W, tailor, 52 Vic- 
toria ave s 

Tait Mrs Mary (wid David) 50 

Tait William, butcher, Burlington 

Talbot Arthur, teamster, 274 
Macnab n 

Talbot James, 56 Robert 

Talbot John, plumber, 279 John 

Tallman Edward, porter, 131 
Ferrie e 

Tallman Mrs Elizabeth (wid 
Enoch) 145 Mary 

Tallman Nelson, moulder, 54 
Wellington n 

Tallman William, carpenter, 90 
John n 

Tallman W H (W H Tail- 
man & Co) h 98 John n 

Tallman W H & Co (W H Tall- 
man, W H Shaver) wood and 
coal dealers, 43 Cannon e 

Tandy Thos, general freight ag't 
G T R, 47 Charles 

Tansley Henry, turner, 68 Jack- 
son e 

Tansley Mrs M (wid Robert) 68 
Jackson e 

Tarbox Edward, white metal 
smith, 30 Victoria ave n 

Tarbox Mrs, 30 Victoria ave n 

Tarrant Harry, tailor, bds Court 
House Hotel 

Tarrant Thomas, second hand 
store, 289^ King w 

Tate Frederick, hatter, 145 East 
ave n 

Taufkirch Augustus, clerk, 68 
Hughson n 

Taulty Michael, laborer, end Fer- 
rie e 

Taverner Joseph, tinsmith, bds 
79 John n 

Taylor Alfred, stonecutter, hd 
Hess s 

Taylor Alfred H, painter, 130 

Taylor Alfred J, shirt manf and 
gents' furnishing, 40 King w, 
h 185 King w 

Taylor C H, bookkeeper, 37 

Taylor Dixon, shoemaker, bds 
147 Main e 

Taylor Edward D, carriagesmith, 
bds 73 Caroline n 

Taylor Enoch, polisher, 133 Bar- 
ton e 

Taylor E B, laborer, 313 Macnab 

Taylor Francis H, laborer, 41 
Wood e 

Taylor Frederick; moulder, bds 4 
Main w 

Taylor F G, polisher, 46 Fergu- 
son ave 

Taylor Geo, laborer, 31 Locomo- 

Taylor George, laborer, bds 7^ 

Taylor George, 4 Duke 

Taylor Henry, grocer, 284 King 

Taylor James, bricklayer, 35 
Caroline n 

Taylor James, polisher, bds 133 
Barton e 

Taylor Mrs Jane (wid Wm) 2 1 5 
Cannon e 

Taylor J C, coal oil and lamp 
goods, wholesale and retail, 27 
King w, h 36 Markland 



Taylor John, checker GTR, 133 

Picton e 
Taylor John E, baker, 129 James 

Tavlor John, flour and feed, 40 

Taylor John, huckster, 14 

Taylor John, machinist, 4 Main w 
Taylor John, blacksmith, 105 

Emerald n 
Taylor John, laborer,322 King w 
Taylor Josiah, laborer, 4 Nelson 
Taylor Joseph, livery, 11 Market 
Taylor Joseph, machinist, 10 

Taylor Joseph, bartender. Court 

House Hotel ■ 
Taylor Joseph, watchmaker, 42 

King w, h 6 Hughson n 
Taylor Lachlan, emery worker, 

Taylor S E, carpenter, 57 Steven 
Taylor Mrs Maria (wid Thos) r 

I Queen s 
Taylor Mrs Mary (wid Daniel) 

295 John n 
Taylor Mrs Mary Ann (wid 

John) 274 Plughson n 
Taylor Mrs Mary J (wid Thos) 

300 King w 
Taylor Mrs, 6 Stuart e 
Taylor Peter, baker, 56 Cherry 
Taylor Robert, shoemaker, 147 

Main e 
Taylor R N & Co, druggists, 35 

and 95 John s 
Taylor Mrs R N, 26 Hannah e 
Taylor Samuel, hotel, 21 Stuart w 
Taylor Sellar, teamster, 119 Can- 
non w 
Taylor & Simpson (A J Taylor, 

John Simpson) suspender 

manfs, 4 Macnab n 
Taylor Thomas, laborer, 32 

Taylor Thomas, carpenter, 34 

Taylor Thomas, 192 Wilson 

Taylor Thos H, bookkeeper, 6 

Taylor Wm H, teamster, 112 
King Wm 

Taylor W J, inspector, 37 Mul- 

Tebbs C, collector, bds W^alker 

Teene Mrs Denis, 113 Cherry 

Teeter William E, dairyman, 
269 Macnab n 

Teetzel J V, (Osier, Teetzel & 
Harrison) h 106 Park s 

Teiper Charles, manager Ham- 
ilton P>ridge and Tool Co, h 15 
Col borne 

Temperance Dining Rooms, 
Mrs Wm Tocher, proprietress, 
48 James n 

Temple John, livery, 20 Cathar 
ine n, h 60 Gore 

Temple Wm, machinist, 70 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Tem pieman Peter, foreman, 126 
John n 

TenEyck Arthur, fireman, 196 
King Wm 

TenEyck J W (TenEyck & 
Precore) h 64 Catharine s 

TenEyck Martin, 64 Catharine s 

TenEyck M H, V S, livery, etc, 
24 Jackson e, h 64 Catharines 

TenEyck & Precore, grocers, 97 
James s 

Terryberry Mrs Angelon, 68 
Catharine s 

Terryberry David, 5 Simcoe e 

Terryberry Edward, weaver, 5 
Simcoe e 

Terryberry Heman, weaver, 5 
Simcoe e 

Terryberry Wellington, book- 
keeper, 105 West ave n 

Terryberry William, bartender, 
32 Hunter e 

Tew Mark L, 104 Robinson 

Tew Richard (James A Skinner 
& Co) h Woodiiount hd John 



Thatcher Geo, tobacco worker, 

155 Hunter w 
Thatcher Rudolph, laborer, 39 

Theal A M, sewing machine agt, 

83 King w, h hd Queen s 
Therrier Peter, shoemaker, 51 

Thorn John, tobacconist, 72 

King w, h 74 Jackson w 
Thomas Arthur, moulder, bds 

S^/4 Hunter e 
Thomas Cliarles, salesman, bds 

Court House hotel 
Thomas Charles, law student, 29 

Thomas Charles, com traveler, 

bds 52 Park n 
Thomas C L, piano manfr, 92 

King w, h 303 King w 
Thomas Edward, bricklayer, 55 

Thomas Edward, clerk, 95 Jack- 
son e 
Thomas Geo H, messenger, 95 

Jackson e 
Thomas H N, marble work, hd 

York, h 29 Tom 
Thomas Jas, stonecutter,45 Ray n 
Thomas John J, piano manfr, 

243 King w 
Thomas Mrs, 47 Augusta 
Thomas Phliip J, contractor, 46 

Thompson Alex, cabinetmaker, 

29 Gore 
Thompson Alex, plumber, bds 

24 Hunter e 
Thompson Amos, laborer, 24 

Strachan e 
Thompson Archibald, laborer, 

1 1 7 Cannon w 
Thompson Charles, machinist, 

293 King VVm 
Thompson David, watchmaker 

and jeweler, 78 King e, h 123 

Bay s 
Thompson E J, com traveler, 57 

King e 

Thompson Geo, 118 Florence 
Thompson George R, pedler, bds 

93 Caroline n 
Thompson Geo S, salesman, 98 

Thompson Gregor, shoemaker, 

53 Duke 
Thompson Mrs H E (wid Han- 
nibal) boarding, 93 Caroline 

Thompson Mrs Harriet (wid 

Richard) 10 Macnab s 
Thompson Isaac, laborer, 246 ^^ 

Thompson James, bookkeeper, 

106 Hunter w 
Thompson James, ironworker, 63 

Thompson James, shoemaker, 

106 Hunter w 
Thompson James C, printer, 93 

Caroline n 
Thompson James R, wood carver, 

95 Jackson w , 

Thompson John, laborer, b(^s 59 

Thompson John, clerk, bds 127 

Thompson John, grocer, 370 

Hughson n 
Thompson John H, boat builder, 

368 Hughson n 
Thompson John R, gilder, bds 

4 Market sq 
Thompson Joseph, laborer, 193 

Emerald n 
Thompson Mark, carpenter, 154 

Victoria ave n 
Thompson Matthew, boat builder, 

222 Macriab n 
Thompsoti Mrs, 302 Macnab n 
Thompson Peter, grocer, loi 

Emerald n 
Thompson Robert, laborer, cor 

York and Queen 
Thompson Thos, news agent^ 

King cor Walnut s . " 

Thompson Thomas, 42 Janies'n 
Thompson Wm, clerk, 30 Peter 


Thompson William, engineer, 58 

Thomson R M, clerk Merchants* 

Ferrie w 

Bank, 127 John n 

Thompson William, blacksmith, 

Thomson Thomas, shoemaker, 

246 Mary 

143 Hunter w 

Thompson Wm H, nailer, 91 

Thomson William C, pattern- 

Hess n 

maker, 254 Bay n 

Thorns Mrs Elizabeth (wid John) 

Thomson & Wright (James 

214 Hughson n 

Thomson, Robert Wright) 107 

Thomson Alexander, proofreader. 


40 Emerald n 

Thorne Frederick, moulder, 104 

Thomson Alfred H, elerk, bds 7 


Bay s 

Thoip Henry, cigar maker, 37 

Thomson Chas, laborer, 126 

West ave n 

Bay n 

Thorley Horse & Cattle Feed 

Thomson Chas, carpenter, 18 

Co (Thomas Shaw, prop) 48 


John s 

Thomson Charles A, com trav- 

Thorne S (S Thorne & Co) h 

eler, 7 Bay s 

160 King e 

Thomson Ed W, carpenter, 40 

Thorne S & Co, dry goods, 


gents' furnishings, mantles and 

Thomson Frederick, laborer, 6 

dressmaking, 160 King e 


Thornton Mrs Delia (wid James) 

Thomson George, law student. 

129 Napier 

16 Herkimer 

Thornton James, switchman, 17 

Thomson Geo, bookkeeper, Ida 

Pearl n 

Thomson Mrs Helen (wid Alex) 

Thornton James, musical instru- 

bds 7 Bay s 

ments, 19 Market square,h 123 

Thomson James (Thomson 

King w 

& Wright) 70 George 

Thornton John, engineer, bds 13 

Thomson James, moulder, 82 

Cannon w 


Thornton Thomas F, mariner. 

Thomson James, laborer,, 253 

bds 123 King w 

James n 

Thorbe Alfred, pedler, 182 Hugh- 

Thomson James, hotel, 12 Mar- 

son n 


Thresher W J, baker, 35 West 

Thomson John, appraiser cus- 

ave n 

toms, cor Cannon and Elgin 

Thurling Mrs Agnes (wid Geo) 

Thomson John W^, com traveler, 

137 Napier 

46 Hess n 

Thurling James, laborer, 237 

Thotnson Miss Martha, 28 



Tice J W, laborer, 136 Young 

Thomson Peter, grocer, 190 King 

Tice Wellington, teamster, 34 

Thonison Mrs Richard, 16 

Hunter e 


Tidenngton Ralph, bolt maker, 

Thomson Richard, clerk, 12 

157 Bay n 


Tidswell W O, engineer G T R, 

Thomson Robert, lumber 

10 Main 

dealer, 89 Stuart w, r Burling- 

Tilbury Christopher, butcher, 58 

ton village 




Tilden John H (E & C Gur- 

ney Co, limited) h 81 Cath- 
arine n 
Tilley David, bookkeeper, 79 

Hunter e 
Tilley George, pattern maker, 38 

Tilley George jr, clerk, 107 

Catharine s 
Tilley Geo sr, patternmaker, 107 

Catherine s 
Tilley John Henry, clerk, 39 

Tilley Jesse, clerk, 79 Hunter e 
Times Printing Co (R JE 

Kennedy, John Eastwood, 

Lyman Moore) 1-3 Hughson n 
Tinimons Robert, brakeman, bds 

140 Mary 
Timson John, policeman, 81 

Tindall Robert, moulder, bds 75 

Cannon w 
Tindill Mrs James, 127 John n 
Tindill Wm, tavern keeper, 328 

King e 
Tinling Charles W (Archdale 

Wilson & Co) 66 Stinson 
Tinsley Edwin, engineer, i 

Tinsley Joseph, compositor, 58 

Walnut s 
Tisdale V H, 8>^ King e 
Tichener Walter, coachman, 

" Ballynachinch," James s 
Tobin John, cabdriver, bds 42 

Hughson s 
Tocher Wm, clerk, 48 James 

Todd Israel, whitewasher, 90 

Tolmie Chas, station master, 

Harrisburg, G T R, 54 George 
Toll Clemence, laborer, 108 

Caroline s 
Tomes Mrs Annie (wid Wm) 

seamstress, 4 Florence 
Tomkins Joseph, shoemaker, 134 

Hunter w 

Tomlinson Charles T, saddler, 
89 King e 

Tomlinson Harry, fireman G T 
R, 44 Locomotive 

Tomlinson Richard, clerk, 88 
Queen s 

Tompkins George D, plumber, 
199 East ave n 

Tompkins Riddel, laborer, 169 
Hunter w 

Tompkins Thos, cigarmaker, 76 
Lower Cathcart 

Toner Hugh, laborer, 61 Canada 

Toner John, teamster, n s Duke 
nr Hess 

Toomey Mrs Mary (wid James) 
123 Hunter e 

Tope Richard, bricklayer, 73 

Tope Samuel, fireman, 142 Pic- 
ton e 

Topping Robert, engineer, 39 
Hannah w 

Toronto " News" Office, W H 
Bews, agent, 2 Gore 

Toronto Safe Works, C F Bush, 
agent, 17 Arcade 

Torrance Hugh, 2 Simcoe e 

Torrance Thos, 58 Wellington n 

Torrance William, moulder, 12 
Ferrie w 

Tory Alfred, clerk, 115 West ave 

Tout William, machinist, Went- 
wortn n 

Tout William, machinist, 313 
Barton e 

Tovel John E, gardener, Burling- 
ton n 

Tovel Samuel A, gardener, Bur- 
lington n 

Tower David, laborer, 62 Han- 
nah e 

Towers David, carpenter, 175 
East ave n 

Towers George, sailor, 206 Hugh- 
son n 

Towers John J, furnace fitter, z 



Towers Thomas, carpenter, bds 

Towers Mrs (wid William) 173 

East ave n 
Towersey Joseph, watchmaker, 

120 King e 
Towersey Mrs J, milliner, 120 

Tovvler William, broommaker, 60 

Townsend E J, florist, 62 Park n 
Townsend John, tragedian, 130 

West ave n 
Townsend Samuel W, clerk cus- 
toms, 27 Bay n 
Townsend Sherman E, ac- 
countant, 65^ James s, h 77 

East ave s See card 

Townsend W G, custom 

house broker, 3 1 ^ Stuart w, h 

27 Bayn See card 

Townsend William J, clerk, 27 

Bay n 
Toye W C, porter, 137 Robert e 
Tracey Daniel, teamster, 185 

Tracey John, clerk, bds 17 Elgin 
Tracey J H, salesman, bds Elgin 

cor Kelly 
Tracie Edward, 86 Locke n 
Tracie Thomas, brakesman, 2 66 J 

Bay n 
Trade Association (Toronto) M 

B Rymal, manager, 24 Macnab 
Trafford John T, laborer, 69 

Hunter e 
Traill Allan, porter, 65 West ave 
Traill James, 32 Liberty 
Traill Mrs William, 94 Sackson e 
Tramskosker Mrs Laura (wid 

John) 127 Rebecca 
Traub Adam, glassblower, 32 

Picton w 
Travelers' Life & Accident 

Co, J T Routh, agent, 16 

James s 
Travers J N, manager Bank 

of Montreal, res bank, Jaimes 

cor Main 

Traynor John, tailor, 53 Robert 
Treble S G, gents' furnishings, 

2 King e, h 43 Main w 
Tregenza Charles, salesman, 20 

Tregenza Edward, laborer, 197 

Bay n 
Tremble Jacob, teamster, 54 

Wood e 
Tremble John, bridge repairer, 

149 West ave n 
Tremlett John, shoemaker, 219 

James n 
Tremlett William, boots and 

shoes, 25 Macnab n 
Trenwith George, blacksmith, 2 

Locke s 
Trevaskis George, wagon maker, 

Trevaskis John, wagon maker, 

258 King w 
Trevaskis William, blacksmith, 

315 King w 
Tribbeck Wm, packer, 118 Queen 

Tribute Fred, cutter, 152 Mainw 
Tribute Mrs Mary (wid Thos)57 

Tribute Thomas, machinist, 5 

Inchbury n 
Tristram George, bookkeeper, 41 

Pearl n 
Trotman John, polisher, t Tom 
Troup Mrs Elizabeth (wid Rev 

Wm) 46 Hunter w 
Troy Laundry, W H Glarke 

manger, 7 Market square 
Truman A E (Kirk & Truman) 

h 178 King e 
Truman Frank, hair dresser, 180 

King e 
Truman Fred, hair dresser, 178 

King e 
Truman Mrs J H, confectioner, 

178 King e 
Truman Samuel, printer, 60^ 

Hunter e 
Truman William, printer, 60^ 

Hunter e 



l^ruman William, bookkeeper, 

60^ Hunter e 
Trumbull Mrs Eliza (wid Geo) 

57 John n 
Truscott Charles, carpenter, 109 

Wellington n 
Truscott James, machinist, 66 

Lower Cathcart 
Truscott Mrs Jane (wid William) 

109 Wellington n 
Truscott John, carpenter, 78 East 

ave n 
Truscott John, painter, 172 East 

ave n 
Truscott Mrs Mary (wid James) 

35^ Lower Cathcart 
Trusdale Watson, bookkeeper. 

Main e 
Truse William, laborer, bds 140 

King Wm 
Tryter Benjamin, cigarmaker, 39 

Hunter e 
Tshann Antoine, butcher, 79 

John s 
Tucker Henry, laborer, 20 Na- 
Tuckett George, 207 King w 
Tuckett GeoE (Geo E Tuckett & 

Son) tobacco manfrj 118 King 

w, h 217 King w 
Tuckett Geo E & Son, tobacco 

manfrs, 118 King w 
Tuckett George T (George E 

Tuckett & Son) tobbacco 

manfrs, 118 King w, h King 

Tuckett John E (George E 

Tuckett & Son) tobacco manfs, 

118 King w, h 61 Hunter e 
Tufford Isaac, carter, 18 Sophia 

Tufford Lemuel, tinsmith, 53 

Hess n 
Tufford Washington, laborer, 62 

Tiilk Alfred, moulder, 234 King 

Tulk John G, moulder, 5 Hun- 
ter w 

Tunstead John, manager Do- 
minion Hat works, 310 King e,. 
h 48 Emerald s 

Turk William, laborer, 310 Mac- 
nab n 

Turkish Baths, Mrs James Smith 
145 James n 

Turnbull Adam, machinist G T 
R, 56 Pearl n 

Turnbull A C, bookkeeper, bds 
10 Wilson 

Turnbull Henry, sexton Central. 
Presbyterian Church, 78 Hun- 
ter w 

Turnbull James, bds 31 Gore 

Turnbull James, laborer, 122 

Turnbull J D, clerk, 10 Wilson 

Turnbull Michael (Leitch & 
Turnbull) h 78 Elgin 

Turnbull Walter C, printer, 91' 
Jackson w 

Turnbull William, assessor, 10 

Turnbull William H, cabinet 
maker, bds 78 Hunter w 

Turner Alex (James Turner & 
Co) h 86 Hughson s 

Turner Alfred, Wickham Villa, 
Mountain top 

Turner Alfred, gardener, Moun- 
tain top 

Turner A D (James Turner & 
Co) h Highfield, Concession 

Turner Duke, salesman, 135 
Main e 

Turner George T, carpenter, 40 
Lower Cathcart 

Turner Henry, gardener, 9 Hun- 
ter w 

Turner James (James Turner 
& Co) h Highfield, Concession 

Turner James, laborer, Sinicoe e 

Turner James,laborer, 108 VVoo($ 

Turner James & Co (James, 
Alex and A D) wholesale gro^ 
cers, 3 Hughson s 

Turner John, salesman, bds i 
Main w 




Turner Joseph, boiler maker, bds 
1 1 2 Bay n 

Turner Richard, laborer, 91 
Simcoe e 

Turner Thomas, bricklayer, 43 

Turner ThosVV,engineer, Ferrie e 

Turner W J, clerk. Mountain 

Turpin James, com traveler, 38 
Jackson w 

Turpitt Mrs Susannah (wid Wm) 
22 Devon port 

Tuttle Lyman P, agent, 7 Spring 

Twohy H D, assistant water- 
works, 150 Macnab n 

Tyler O H, butcher, 2 1 2 James n 

Tyson Adam, feather and mat- 
trass renovator, 8 Main w 

Tyson George, timekeeper, G T 
R, 47 Macnab n 

Tyson William, stonemason, 5 
Little Wellington 

Underbill John, laborer, 162 

Underwood Charles, engraver, 
1 14^ East ave n 

Union Wood & Coal Yard, 
J and H Mulholland, props, 
cor Cannon and Cathcart 

United States Consulate, 
Hon John F Hazelton, con- 
sul, office GTR station 

United Workman's Hall, 
12 Macnab s 

Unsworth A (E S Collins & Co) 
bds 53 Merrick 

Unsworth George, painter, bds 
203 John n 

Upfield J J, corn-traveler, 44 

Upsdell Mrs Amelia A (wid 
Wm J) 4 Robinson 

tJrquhart John, carpenter, 211 
Main w 

Urry Walter, barber, 67 James n, 
h II Murray w 

Usher C E E, bookkeeper, bds 
Royal hotel 

Vail A S (A S Vail & Co) 88 
Hughson n 

Vail A S & Co, wholesale 
manfr ready-made clothing, 16- 
18 James n 

Vail Lemanuel N, spring mat- 
trasses, 17 York, h 48 Loco- 

Vail L N (Vail & Morris) 48 Lo- 

Vail & Morris, roof paint, 270 

Vale William J, printer, i Elgin 

Valentine Charles, laborer, 121 
Ferrie e 

Vallance George, cashier. Wood 
& Leggat, 50 Hunger w 

Vallance James, carpenter, 14 
Picton e 

Vallance Wm (Wood & Leg- 
gat) 46 Hannah w 

Vallee Francis X, broommaker, 
87 King w 

VanAllen Edwin, carpenter, 93 
Bay s 

VanAllen Eli, builder, Hannah 
w, h 5 Bay s 

Vanatter John, policeman, 45 
Hunter e 

Vanderburgh Walter, asst bag- 
gage master, G T R, 125 
Queen n 

Vandusen Joseph, carpenter, 170 

Van every Chas W, painter, 313 
King w 

VanNorman Clara B, shipper, 
Wentworth s 

VanNorman & Co, sewing ma- 
chine agents, King cor Cath- 

VanNorman Mrs E, 67 Cannon 

VanNorman W P, 67 Cannon e 

VanOrder George R, conductor, 
5 Barton Terrace, Wellington 

Vanstone Fred, cutter, 30 Emer- 
ald n 



Vant David, laborer, 103 Hunter 

ter \v 
Vant Mrs Mary (wid Wm) 103 

Hunier w 
Vanwyck Gilbert, tailor, 91 Elgin 
Van Wyck Rev Jas, pastor 

Gore St Methodist Church, 33 

Vassie George, machinist, bds 79 

James s 
Vassie Wm jr, mec supt Ont 

Sewing Machine Co, bds 79 

James s 
Vassie William sr, foreman Ont 

Sewing Machine Co, 79 James 
Vaughan Albert, laborer, 56 Can- 
Veal T O, gardener, 33 Steven 
Vedder George, painter, 65 Mer- 
Veidenheimer Philip, baker, Ray 

s cor Bold 
Veiger Mrs Mary (wid John) 322 

King w 
Venard James, laborer, bds 143 

Bay n 
Venator Albert, wood turner, bds 

54 Main w 
Venator P'rederick, wood turner, 

69 Colborne 
Venator Jacob, wood turner, bds 

54 Main w 
Venator Wm, wood turner, 91 

Venator Wm A, wood and ivory 

turner, 56 Main w, h 54 Main w 
Yenes Daniel, carpenter, bds 

Verner Andrew, moulder, bds 

75^ Florence 
Vernon Elias, MD, 80 James s 
Vernon Henry, manager W H 

Irwin & Co, 136 Park n 
Vernon Walter, com traveler, bds 

80 James s 
Verral William, butcher, 168 

Macnab n 
Vert John R, com traveler, 8 

Hess n 

Victoria Chambers, 3 1 Jamess 

Victoria Hotel, Richard Irwin, 
propr, 79 King e 

Victoria Mutual Fire Insur- 
ance Co, W D Booker, sec- 
treas, Wentworth chambers, 25 
James s 

Vila Mrs Ann, grocer, 253 Bay n 

Vila Augustine, chandler, 255 
Bay n 

Villiers Frederick, 64 Catharine'n 

Vmcent Arthur (A Vincent & 
Co) druggist, 230 James n 

Vincent A & Co, druggists, 2;^ 
James n 

Viner Thomas, clerk, 56 Cathar- 
ine s 

Vint Chas, shoecutter, bds 31 

Vint James, stonecutter, 45 Car- 
oline n 

Vint Wm, tobacco caser, 31 

Vipond Eli, carpenter, bds 127 

Virgint John D, laborer, 146 
Hunter w 

Virt A R, com traveler, Market 

Voegele Charles, hatter, 169 
East ave n 

Voelker Jacob, tailor, 66 Hunter 

Veolk Joseph, moulder, 64 Wal- 
nut s 

Volkeir Charles, packer, bds 122 

Volkeir G, laborer, 122 Mary 

VoU John, glassblower, 85 Mac- 
aulay e 

Vollick John, wood turner, 76 

VonHoxar Alexander, printer, 

VonHoxar Henry G, teacher of 
languages, Jones 

Vosper Charles, butcher, James 
St market, h Mountain top 

Waddell Mrs Mary (wid Thos) 
31 Hunter w 



Waddell Mrs Mary (vvid William) 

122 John s 
Waddell & Waddell, (R R, 
J N and F R) barristers, Court 
House, h 31 Hunter vv 
Waddleton VVm, tailor, Duke 
Wade James, carpenter, 75 
* Locke n 

Wade Robt, laborer, 23 Margaret 

Wade Robt, laborer, 115 Bold 

Wadland Thomas H, supt 

construction Bell Telephone 

Co, I Hughson s, h 1 1 Vic- 

• toria ave n 

Wagner James, tailor, 73 John n 
Wagner Mrs Sarah A (wid Wm) 

77 Bay n 
Wagstaff Weaker, tinsmith, 23 

Magi 11 
Wah Lee, laundry, 87 James n 
Wah Sing, laundry, 81 King e 
Waite George, painter, 7 Can- 
non e 
Wakeham Alfred, cabinetmaker, 

86 Caroline n 
Wakeham John, carpenter, 52 

Burlington \v 
Wakelin Frederick, pensioner, 

1 19 Hunter e 
Wakiey Richard, carter, 31 Lower 

Waldhof Wm, hay and straw 

dealer, 28 Rebecca 
Waldren Wm, laborer, 66 Market 
Waldron Mrs Harriet (wid Thos) 

58 Barton e 
Walford John, packer, Markland 
Walker Alfred E, 68 Cannon w 
Walker Miss Alice, 79 West ave n 
tValker Charles L, confectioner, 

40 Victoria ave n 
Walker Edward, machinist, 102 

West ave n 
Walker F, com traveler, 62 Can- 
non e 
Walker Frank E, carpets, 

stoves and furniture, Copp's 

• Block, King cor Walnut h 63 
Hunter e 

Walker George, grocer, 75 King w 
Walker George, machinist, 240 

King William 
Walker George, shoemaker, 92^ 

JacKson e 
Walker* George J, painter, 119 

Walker House, J M Bauer, 

propr. King cor Ferguson ave 
Walker Hugh, gardener, 62 Han- 
nah w 
Walker James, insurance agt, 

20 Main e, h 58 Hunter w 
Walker James, chandler, 19 Bays 
Walker Mrs Jane (wid James) 

137 Hunter e 
Walker John, blacksmith, 65 

Walker John, moulder, 41 Steven 
Walker J P, clerk, 58 Hunter w 
Walker Joseph, dairyman, King 

w, nr limits 
Walker Miss, 236 King William 
Walker Raymond, cashier E & C 

Gurney, 65 Wellington s 
Walker Robt, laborer, 169 Bay n 
Walker Robt, laborer, 177 Mary 
Walker Robert, grocer, 257 York 
Walker Mrs Sophia (wid Robert) 

5 Walnut s 
Walker T F, saloon keeper, 15 

James n 
Walker Thos D, tie inspector 

G T R, 62 Jackson w 
Walker Thomas R, salesman, 

20(^ York 
Walker & Scott (W F Walker, 

M A, LL B, John J Scott, 

Wm Lees, B C L) barristers, 

10 James s, See card 

Walker W F, MA, LLB^ 

(Walker & Scott) barrister, h 

140 Bay n 
Walker Mrs Wm, dairy, 69 Han- 
nah w 
Walker William, poulterer, Jan^es 

st market, h 146 Hughson n 
Walker Wm, brakeman' G T R. 




Walkinshaw John, moulder, 173 

East ave n 
Walkinshaw Wm, moulder, 173 

East ave n 
Wall Charles, engineer, 135 Ftir- 

rie e 
Wall James, blacksmith, 22 Jack- 
son e, h 136 Jackson e 
Wall James, hatter, 126 Park n 
Wall James, jr, blacksmith, 136 

Jackson e 
Wall Morgan, laborer, 10 Ferrie w 
Wall Robert, bookkeeper, 136 

Jackson e 
Wallace Hugh S (J Wallace & 

Son) 31 Gore 
Wallace James, moulder, 49 Can- 
non e 
Wallace J McL, MD, med 

supt Asylum for Insane 
Wallace John (J Wallace & Son) 

82 George 
Wallace Joseph, chief clerk G T 

R, 66 Jackson w 
Wallace J & Son (John and Hugh 

S) tinsmiths, 15 John n 
Wallace Robert, com merchant, 

77 John n 
Wallace Robert, MD, 8 Canhon 

Wallace Robert S, clerk, 102 

Wallace Wm, Markland 

Wallace Wm, machinist, Fergus- 
on ave n 

Wallace William J, moulder, 180 
King Wm 

Walling James, Brock e 

Wallington Thomas, painter, 207 
Wellington n 

Wallman Mrs Harriet (wid And- 
rew) 138*^ Hunter e 

Walls George, laborer, Dundurn 

Walsh David, messenger P O, 
143 John n 

Walsh E A, gents' furnishings, 
70 King w, h 15 Margaret 

Walsh George, porter, 15 Mar- 

Walsh Hiram, policeman, 350 
Hughson n 

Walsh John, 198 King vr 

Walsh John, shoemaker, 127 

Walsh John, shoemaker, 43^ 
York . 

Walsh Mrs Martha (wid James) 
15 Margaret 

Walsh Robert, cigar maker, bds 
Commercial Hotel 

Walsh Samuel, tobacco roller, iS 

Walsh Thomas,, com traveler, 
236 James n 

Walih Thomas, shuttle maker, 
189 James n 

Walsh Thomas, tinsmith, 144 
King William 

Walsh Thomas, grocer, 2 1 ^ York 

Walsh Wm, nailer, 49 Stuart w 

Walsh William, plumber, 44 West 
ave n 

Walsh William, machinist, loi 
Locke n 

Walter Elijah, master mariner, 
280 Hughson n 

Walterhouse James, millwright, 
49 Tisdale 

Walters Augustus, laboter, Rob- 
ert w 

Walters Chris, laborer, Duke 

Walters Frank, laborer, Robinson 

Walters John J, tinsmith, 2 Mar- 

Walton Mrs Elizabeth (wid Wm) 
121 Hess n 

Walon Joseph, salesrtfian, 52 
Lower Cathcart 

Walton Wallace, laborer, 83 Car- 
oline n 

Walton Watson G, milk ahd itts 
dealer, 54 Napier 

Walton William^ laborer, 13& 
Wood e 

Wand Neil, laborer, 115 Robin- 

Wands Eben H, carpenter, 184 
Main w 



Wanzer Frank (R M Wanzer 
& Co) h 82 Victoria ave s 

Wanzer R M (R M Wanzer & 
Co) h 47 West ave s 

Wanzer ^Hfcig Machine 
Co (R a^M^er & Co) 91 
Barton e^^^B 

Wanzer ThoiS5j| (R M Wan- 
zer & Co) h 73 Victoria ave s 

Ward Alfred, carpenter, 50 Fer- 
ric e 

Ward Mrs Ann (wid Joseph) 1 7 
Hunter w 

Ward George, machinist, 17 
Hunter w 

Ward John A, asst paymaster G 
T R, 16 Colborne 

Ward Joseph, laborer, 3 7 Picton e 

Ward Mrs Margaret (wid James) 
29 Mary 

Ward Mrs Mary Ann (wid Wm) 
181 Napier 

Ward Patrick, laborer, 12 Lower 

Ward Patrick, coachman, 14 
Lower Cathcart' 

Ward Richard B, laborer, 135 
West ave n 

Ward Robert, supt Shaftesbury 
Boys' Home, King e nr toll 

Ward Thos,";laborer, 1 1 Wood w 

Warden Joseph, loborer, 3 Mill 

Wardlaw Mrs Amelia (wid John) 
6 Ontario 

Ware E W (Gurney & Ware) 
h 9 Vine 

Waring George, blacksmith, 123 
Hess n 

Wark David, policeman, 87 Em- 
erald n 

Wark John, salesman, 185 Mac- 
nab n 

Warmington H G, carpenter, 154 

Warmington George, pluniber,8i 

Warner John M, wood worker ,r 
173 Bayn 

Warner Mrs Mary Jane (wid 

Francis) laundress, 80 Macnab 
Warnick Wm, 104 Young 
Warnke Peter, tailor, 25 Canada 
Warren C J, manager Ontario 

Pharmacy, King cor Ferguson 

Warren Donald, packer, 47 West 

ave n 
Warren Edward, 52 Cherry 
Warren Edward, 5 1 Catharine s 
Warren George H, puddler, 212 

Hughson n 
Warren H R, clerk, 52 Cannon e 
Warren Mrs Mary (wid James) 

68 Strachan e 
Warren Mrs M J, 93 King Wm 
Warren Patrick, laborer, 83 

Strachan e 
Warren Robert, butcher, 16 Tis- 

Warren W H, bookkeeper, 62 

Cannon e 
Warron William, machinist, 77 

Warwick William, carpenter, 51 

Hunter e 
Washington S F, (Haslett & 

Washington) h 1 1 West ave s 
Waterloo Mutual Fire In- 
surance Co, Seneca Jones, 

^gcnt, 59 James n 
Waterman Ezra, upholsterer, 196 

John n 
Waterman Walter L, clerk, 196 

John n 
Waters A M, marble dealer, 39 

West ave n 
Waters Francis, teamster, 35 

Catharine s 
Waters Mrs Harriet, milliner, 58 

Watkins Edgar H, merchant, 64 

East ave s 
Watkins F W, (Pratt & Wat- 
kins) h King e nr Burlington 
Watkins Thomas C, dry 

goods, carpets, etc, 30-32 

King e, h King cor Emerald 



Watkins VVm T, merchant, 71 

Emerald s 
Watson Andrew, baker, 30 Wal- 
nut s 
Watson Charles, hackdriver, 62 

Watson D A, druggist, 76 Napier 
Watson Edward, cattle doctor, 25 

Watson George, shoemaker, 77 

Victoria ave n 
Watson Geo, cabinetmaker, 108 

Emerald n 
Watson George, engineer, 10 

Picton w 
Watson Gordon, clerk, 9 Duke 
Watson James, pres Strathroy 

Knitting Co, Sandyford Place, 

9 Duke 
Watson James, moulder, 71 Lo- 
Watson Jas, moulder, 16 Pearl n 
Watson James, carpenter, 22 

Locke s 
Watson John W, porter G T R, 

31 Simcoe e 
Watson Rupert, sec Strathroy 

Knitting Co, 9 Duke 
Watson Thomas, tinsmith, 136 

Catharine n 
Watson Thos J, policeman, 53 

Wellington s 
Watson Wm, hatter, 42^ West 

ave n 
Watson Mrs Wm, 42^ West 

ave n 
Watt John & Son, (John and 

Alex) merchant tailors, 15 

Macnab n, h 112 West ave n 
Watt John J, salesman, bds Vic- 
toria hotel 
Watt P J, com traveler, Lucas, 

Park & Co 
Watt Robert, packer, 19 Macnab 
Watt Robt, porter, 67 Duke 
Watts C W G, bookkeeper, 136 

John s 
Watts Mrs Elizabeth (wid Thos)>C' 

269 York 

Watts John, laborer, 169 Bay n 

Watts Thos, machinist, Markland 

Waugh James, hatmaker, 230^ 
Bay n .^^^. 

Waugh John, ^|^^^7S Bay n 

Waugh W J, gG^HHhisher and 
hatter, 60 Jajjjn 

Wavell Th#nas, assignee and 
commissioner for the Province 
of Quebec, 12-14 Hughson s, 
h 26 Sheaffe 

Way Bidwell, bursar Asylum 
for the Insane, Mountain top 

Way Harry, butcher, 82 Emerald n 

Way James, agent, 26 Mary 

Way John, blacksmith, 1 5 Crooks 

Waybrant Henry H, machinist, 
84 Caroline n 

Weager John W, laborer, 90 
West ave n 

Weakley Jacob, tinsmith, 39 
Barton e 

Weatherston Jas, carpenter, 21 

Weatherstone John, 33 Victoria 
ave n 

Weaver Cyrus, laborer, 1 1 Picton 

Weaver Fred, switchman G T R, 
21 Crooks 

Weaver Mrs Elizabeth (wid John) 
92 Elgin 

Webb George, laborer, 150 Cath- 
arine n 

Webb Geo N, shoemaker, 185 
Main w 

Webb Isaac, shoecutter, 76 Can- 

Webb Jas W, shoemaker, 145 
Jackson w 

Webb John, carpenter, 99 Sim- 
coe e 

Webb John, contractor, Murray e 

Webb John, engineer, 150 Cath- 
arine n 

Webber Charles, bricklayer, 42 

Webber B H, (Winslow & 
Webber) 106 Bold 



Webber Emerson, liveryman, 28 

: Catharine s 

Webber Frederick C, builder, 97 

Catharine s 
Webber Geo H, bricklayer, 103 
; Catharine s 
Webber H C, 134 Johns 
Webber Henry, teacher, 42 

Webber H S, clerk Bank of 

Webber J M, hardware, 27 Mac- 
nab n, h 66 James s 
Webber John, clerk, 42 Maria 
Webber Mrs John, 134 John s 
Webber Joseph B, com traveler, 

66 James s 
Webber Mrs Maria A (wid Till- 
man C) dressmaker, 79 Napier 
Webber O H, clerk, 121 East 

ave n 
Webber P E,livery,28 Catharine s 
Webber Walter B, 13 Hess s 
Webber W G, bricklayer, 42 

Webster Archibald, machinist, 

210 Catharine n 
Webster Edmund, machinist, 46 

Cannon e 
Webster George, tailor, 26 John 

n, h 57 Walnut s 
Webster Geo, machmist, 128^ 

King e, h Wentworth n 
Webster James, florist, Went- 
worth n 
Webster James, mason, 23 Lower 

Webster John, engine driver G T 

R, 22 Locomotive 
Webster Joseph, flour and feed,8 

Market sq 
Webster Robert, 142 Cannon e 
Webster, William, flour and grain, 

8 Market sq, h 53 Park n 
Wedge J as, carter, 200 Robert e 
Weeks Mrs J A (wid George) 

Markland cor Caroline 
Weeks William, whipmaker, 198 

East ave n 

Weights and Measures 
Office, cor James and Vine 

Weir Frederick, stont cuttcrf 
^York w of tollgate 

Weir James, boatbuilder, Went^ 
worth n 

Weir James, baker, 75 Napier 

Weir John, porter, 48 Strachan e 

Weir Peter, lodging house, 49 
Hnghson n '■ 

Weir Robert, baker, 55 York 

Weir William, Nightingale ■ 

Wei bey George, pattern maker, 
94 West ave n 

Welch Henry, machinist, 19 Bar- 
ton w 

Weller James, potter, 21 Little 

Weller William, potter, i Poulette 

Wellinger Thomas T, machinst,- 
258 James n 

Wellmgton Thomas, porter, York 

Wells Alfred, porter, 264 James n 

Welsh J, machinist, 88 Ferguson 

Welsh James A, emigration agt, 
Stuart w, h 97 Jackson e 

Welsh Mrs Louisa (A-id Walter) 
33 Park s 

Welsh Thomas, com traveler, 
236 James n 

Welsher Harvey B, carpenter, 173 

Wennesheimer Mrs Mary, seam- 
stress, 91 Caroline n 

Wentworth Chambers, 25 
James s 

Wesleyan Ladies' College, 
Rev A Burns, DD, LLD, gov- 
ernor, 57 King e 

Wesley Methodist Church, 
John cor Rebecca 

West Charles, baker, 97 Cannon 

West David,laborer,37 Catharines 

West David, laborer, 74 Hughson 

West Mrs E (wid William) 90 
Victoria ave n 



West George, planer, 129 Ferriee 

West John, baker, 76 Maria 

West Robert, laborer, Markland 

Westaway John,' fireman, 72 Bar- 
•- ton e 

Wesiborough Cornelius, laborer, 
V 28 Ferguson ave 

Westbrook Mrs Nellie (wid O G) 
' 7 Robert 

West End Music Store, T 
J Baine, prop, 84 King w 

Western Building Associa- 
tion, Seneca Jones, agent, 59 
James n 

Westfall John, laborer, 104 Mar- 

Wes-tfall William, laborer, 104 

Western Assurance Co'y 
(Ocean and Inland Marine) 
Toronto, W F Findlay, agent, 
25 James s 

Western Assurance Co'y 
(Fire) Toronto, Geo A Young, 
agent, 2 Merrick 

Western Assurance Co'y 
(marine) J B Fairgrieve, agt, 
59 James n 

Western Henry B W, clerk, 67 
.Hughson s 

Western John, shoemaker, 183 
Main w 

Westmore Albert, laborer, Locke s 

Weston Mis Eliza (wid John) 21 
Inchbury s 

Weston George, watchman, 29 
Little William 

Weston John, shoemaker, 183 
Main w 

Weston W, shoemaker, 106 John 

Westphall Mrs — ,14 Florence 

Westphal Franklin, laborer, 40 
Ray n 

Mestphal Mrs Minnie (widow 
August) 221 York 

Wetherall Alex, dry goods.Copp's 
Block, 1 34 King e,h 354 Hugh- 
son n 

Wetherall Heni<y, salesman, 35*1' 

Hughson n 
Whalen James, laborer, 37 Stu^' 

art e 
Whalen John, laborer, 376 Cath- 
arine n. *' 
Whalen Sylvester, silver smithy 

183 Emerald n 
Whalen Thomas, shoemaker, 1 1 1 

Park n ' 

Wharry Wm, blacksmith, Greig 
Whateley Henry, barrister, 35 

Hannah e 
Whatley F L, bookkeeper, 98 

Wheaton Edward, conductor^ 79 
WPark n 

heaton William, laborer, 36 

Wheeler George, engine driver, 

228 Catharine n 
Wheeler Mrs H, 89 Macauley e 
Wheeler Mrs Jane (wid Robin> 

165 John n 
Wheeler J S, carpenter, 93 Robert 

Wheeler Judson, asst man'gr 
Ontario Pharmacy, Victoria 
ave cor Barton 

Wheeler Mrs M M (wid Samuel) 
York w of tollgate 

Wheeler R N, grocer, 215 Bar- 
ton e 

Whelan James, shoemaker, 129 
Main e 

Whelan John, laborer,367 John n 

Whelan Michael, laborer, 55 Ma- 

Whipple E S, land agent andl 
issuer of marriage licenses, 
y8^ King e, h 5 Walnut s 

Whipple Herbert B, clerk, 55 
Wellington n 

Whitby John, fitter, 245 Bay n 

White — , laborer, 25 Stuart w 

White Alfred, bookkeeper, 3 Erie 

White Charles, com traveler, 25 



White David, 109 Robert 

White Frank A, laborer, Bruce 

White George A, furnace builder, 
311 King w 

White H A, tinsmith, 44 Murray 

White James, MD, coroner, 
8 Cannon w 

White Mrs Jane, matron old city 
. hospital, Guise 

White J C, fancy goods and re- 
galia, 86 King e 

White John, bricklayer, 98 Car- 
oline s 

White John, collector,3r Queens 

White Mrs John, 15 Mulberry 

White John, laborer, 155 King 

White John E, carpenter, 107 
Emerald n 

White J T, bookkeeper, 109 

White Joseph, carpenter, Strachan 

' e nr Wellington 

White Mrs Maria (wid Eli) 11 

; Tom 

White Michael, tailor, 73 Car- 
oline n 

White Nicholas, laborer, 250 
James n 

White Richard, carpenter, 144 
Cannon e 

White Samuel, 'bus driver. Do- 
minion hotel 

White Samuel, shoemaker, 94 
John s 

White Sewing Machine Co, 
H D Bassett, agent, 99 King e 

White Mrs S G, 3 Erie ave 

White Thos W, 83 Hess n 

White W C, builder, 10 Burling- 
ton n 

White Wm, blacksmith, 151 Wil- 

Whitelock Frank, clerk, 228 Bar- 
ton e 

Whitehead Charles, gardener, 

, Wentworth n 

Whitehead E S, watchmaker, 161 
John n 

Whitehead Seth J, supt Ontario 

rolling mills, 7 Peter 
Whitelock Wm John, bricklayer, 

147 East ave n 
Whiteside VVilliam, machinist, 82 

Lower Cathcart 
Whiting Benjamin, laborer, 207 

James n 
Whitmarsh James, laborer, 2 

Little Market 
Whitmore Daniel, porter, 7 2 Bay s 
Whitney George, moulder, 16 

Barton w 
Whitney John, laborer, 115 Caro- 
line n 
Whitney Joseph, 235 Cannon e 
Whitney Matthew, teamster, 22 

Whitney Thomas, hackman, 16 

Barton w 
Whittaker James, glassblower, 

13 Wood e 
Whittaker Thomas, clerk Wood 

& Leagatt 
Whit well C A, clerk, 25 East ave 

Wholton George, tinsmith, 158 

West ave n 
Wholton William, tinsmith, 158 

West ave n 
Whyte Arch, foreman Hendrie 

& Co, 73 Market 
Whyte Andrew, baker, 1 1 Ferrie 

Whyte A R, bookkeeper, 1 2 West 

ave s 
Whyte Geo. builder, 131 King e 
Whyte Ralph L, chief clerk cus- 
toms, 1 2 West ave s 
Wickham James, stovemounter, 

43 Wood e 
Wickham John, laborer, 96 Mac- 

auley e 
Wickham Michael, laborer, 1x3 

Hannah e 
Wickham Michael, foreman Jas 

Stewart & Co 
Wickham Patrick, stovemounter, 

S^}4 Macauley e 



Wickham Wm, stovemounter,284 

Widger Mrs James, 43 East ave s 
Widgery — , shoemaker, bds 55 

Wilcock W P, butcher, 7 2 Wilson 
Wilcox Charles A, piano agent, 

31 Bay n 
Wilcox George, cabinet maker, 

5 1 Hunter e 
Wilcox Mrs Nancy (wid William) 

31 Bay n 
Wilcox Richard, laborer, 25 Fer- 

rie e 
Wild Edward, laborer, Robert w 
Wilde Edwin, valuator, Markland 
Wild M B, clerk G T R 
Wild Richard, laborer, 56 Chis- 

Wilde W C, printer, 95 Voung 
Wildman Edward, stonecutter, 

211 King e 
Wilds James, gardener, Barton e 
Wilds George, gardener. Smith 

Wiles Mrs (wid James) Went- 

s nr King 
Wilkes Charles, laborer, 156 Re- 
Wilkes William, confectioner, 38 

Wilkie John, engine driver, 46 

Wilkins H A, sculptor, 154 Park 

Wilkins Miss Harriet Ann, music 

teacher, 64 Main w 
Wilkinson Frank, grain buyer, 98 

Wilkinson Geo R, com traveler,8 

Hess n 
Wilkinson John, engine driver, 

82 Elgin 
Wilkinson Samuel, porter St 

Nicholas hotel 
Wilkinson Wm, butcher, 202 

King Wm 
Will Mrs Eliza (wid Geo) 122 

Cannon e 

Will Joseph, bookkeeper, 151 
Hunter w 

Will Ramsay, machinist, 151 
Hunter w 

Will Smith, clerk, 83 Hnnter e 

Willard Henry H, Ontario Roll- 
ing Mills Co, 89 Jackson w 

Willard L H, machinist, 109 Re- 

Wilier Samuel, butcher, 109 
John s 

William Henry, porter, 59 Han- 
nah e 

Williams Askett, gardener, Barton 

Williams Charles, plasterer, 51 

Williams Charles H, cierk, 318 
King Wm 

Williams C J, prop Canadian 
Oil Co, 18 Macnab n, h 42 
Catharine n 

Williams Daniel, laborer, 78 
Cannon w 

Williams Daniel, hotel, 211 
James n 

William E, 92 King e 

Williams Edward, iron roller, 327 

Williams Edward, laborer, 8 
Macnab s 

Williams Edward, engine driver, 
164 West ave n 

Williams George, stove polisher, 
66 Robert 

Williams George, carpenter, 16 

Williams Geo J, manager 
Dunn, Wiman & Co, mercan- 
tile agency, h Markland w of 

Williams Harry, laborer, 14 

Williams Henry D, teamster, 210 
King Wm 

Williams H R (J M Williams & 
Co) h hd Queen s 

Williams H S, bookseller ari(i 
stationer, Copp's block, King e 



WiHiams Hughj carpenter, 107 
Bay n 

\Villiams James, labored, 268 
Catharine n 

Williams James, teamster, 20 

Williams James, heater, 33 Loco- 

Williams Mrs Jane (wid Van- 

. dol[)h) Queen s 

Williams John. 87 Hughson n 

Williams John, carpenter, 26 
West ave n 

Williams John, laborer,, 118 
John s 

Williams John^ confectioner, 
Copp's Block, King e 

Williams John, brakeman GTR, 
87 Bay n 

Williams John, policeman, 20 
Main w 

Williams John B, hotel, 7 Mar- 

Williams John C, gardener, 40 

i^ Walnut s 

Williams J M, county regis- 
trar. Court House, h hd Queen 

Williams J M& Co (J M Wil- 
liams jr, H R Williams, Wm 
Cook) stove manf, 59-63 
Hui^hsbn n 

Williams J M jr (J M Williams 
& Co) h hd Hess s 

Williams Mrs Julia (wid Patk) 18 

- Mill 

Williams Lenton, millwright, 43 

Williams Mrs Mary, 117 King 

- w 

Williams Mrs Mary (wid Patrick) 

Williams Matthew, harnessmaker, 

iiS/4 Rebecca 
Williams Michael, Clyde hotel, 

49 Macnab n 
Williams Patrick, laborer, Greig 
Williams Robert, com traveler, 

23 Bay n, cor Market 

Williams Robert E, salesmanj 

Copp's block. King e 
Williamson A P, bookseller, 204 

James n 
Williamson Mrs Eliza (wid Peter) 

16 Young 
Williamson Miss Nofah , 32^ 

James n 
Williamson Richard, ice dealer^ 

306 James n 
Willianlson Richard, 296 James rt 
Williamson Richard B, painter, 

314 James n 
Williamson Robert, laborer, 25 

Ferrie w 
Williamson Robert, mariner, 268 

Hughson n 
Williamson Thomas, laborer, 266 

Hughson n 
Williamson W B, ice dealer, 312 

Janies n 
Williamson William, carpenter, 

23 Strachan w 
Williamson William, teamster, 35 

Willis Frederick, moulder, 64 

Locke n 
Willman Mrs Annie (wid Fred) 

103 Caroline s 
Willmore Alfred, machinist, li 

Wilmott Fred, photographer, 68 

King e 
Wilmot John, scale maker, 76 

Willoughby Frederick, dyer, 313 

Janies n 
wills Charles, machinist, 124 

Wfllis J, boot and shoe dealer, 

54 John s 
Wills R S, porter. Walnut 
Wilson A McD, druggist, 44 

Main w 
Wilson Andrew, 27^ Tisdale 
Wilson Archdale & Co 

(Archdale Wilson and Chas W 

Tniling) wh druggists, 19 Mac^ 

nab n 



Wilson Archdale (Archdale 

Wilson & Co) h 45 Bay s 
Wilson Arch, hotel, 238 King w 
Wilson Archibald, moulder, 33 

West ave n 
Wilson Mrs C, 54 Strachan e 
Wilson Cliarles jr, bookbinder, 

165 John n 
Wilson Charles sr, contractor, 

165 John n 
Wilson Edwin, salesman, 27^ 

Wilson Mrs Elizabeth, dress- 
maker, 81 Main w 
Wilson Mrs Emma (vvid George) 

26 Ferguson ave 
Willson F J, sewing machines 

and organs, 24 John n, h 8 

Hannah w 
Willson F M, pres Ontario 

Sewing Machine Co, 6t East 

ave s 
Wilson Geo, engine driver, 49 

Wilson George, file cutter, 156 

King e 
Wilson Geo E, provrsiori dealer, 

6 York 
Wilson Mrs Isabella, 61 Locke s 
Wilson J, painter, 128^ King e 
Wilson James, dyer, 8 Chisholm 
Wilson Jas, painter, Crooks 
Wilson James, National hotel 250 

Wilson James, moulder, 183 

Wilson James D (Wm Wilson 

cS: Son) h 9 Hess s 
Wilson James I, clerk, 67 Hun- 
ter e 
Wilson John, 122 Queen ri 
Wilson Johh, laborer, 35 Barton 

Wilson John, carpenter, 1 1 Bay S 
Wilson John, carpenter, 3 Devbn- 

Wilson John, salesman, 18 King e 
Wilson John (Ham & Wilson) 

49 Ray s 

Wilson John, dyer, Ferguson ave 

Wilson John, sectionman, Bur- 
lington n 
Wilson John, painter, 83 Hunter 

Wilson John, stovemounter, 63 

Wilson John, fireman city hospi- 
tal. Barton e 
Wilson John, grocer, 31^ West 

ave n 
Wilson John, traveler, 287 King 

Wilson Joseph, provisions, James 

St market, h 122 Queen n 
Wilson Joseph, letter carrier, 54 

Wilson Joseph H, pork packer, 

99 Hess n 
Wilson M & Co, hay tool manfs, 

Caroline, cor Barton 
Wilson Matthew, manufacturer, 

187 Macnab n 
Wilson Miss Mary, 65 Hiighsons 
Wilson Peter, porter, 11 Strachan 

Wilson Robert, boots and shoes, 

60 King e, h 118 Rebecca 
Wilsoft Robert, fireman, 103 

Wilson Robert, laborer, Brock e 
Wilson Robert, laborer, 281 

Hughson n 
Wilson Ross, com traveler, 66 

Queen s 
Wi .-on Samuel, bds 250 York 
Wilson Samuel, 98 Wellington 5 
Wilson T H, M Di tS4M^iti 

Wilson Thotitasi provisions. 

James st market 
Wilson Thomas, hotel keeper; 

101 Wellington n 
Wilson Thorrlas, foreman Bay 

St fire station, 116 Napier 
Wilson Thomas, laborer, 93 

Wilson Thomas, carpenter, Soiith 



Wilson Thomas, 24 Walnut s 
Wilson Thomas, saloon keeper, 

135-137 Cannon e 
Wilson Thos, messenger Bank 

of British North America, 5 

King e 
Wilson Thomas, laborer, i [ i 

Wood e 
Wilson William, laborer, 178 

Wilson William, cloth inspector, 

201 East ave n 
Wilson William, moulder, 100 

Emerald n 
Wilson William, carpenter, 83 

Main e 
Wilson William, porter,44 King^ 
Wilson William, spinner, 85 Fer- 

Wilson William L, boarding, 103 

King w 
Wilson William & Son, 

merchant tailor, 44 King w 
Wilston Joseph D, carpenter, 

Winckler Adolph, cooper, 120 

Winckler Chas H, cutler, 97 

King w 
Winckler Julius, faucet maker, 

68 Hughson s 
Winer John, 96 Main e 
Winer J & Co, wholesale druggists, 

23-25 King e 
Winfield Thomas, carpenter, 92 

Caroline n 
Winfield Thos, grocer, 142 Hunt- 
er w 
Wing George, loom fixer, 23 

Barton e 
Wing John E, machinist, 128 

Hunter w 
Wingfield Alex, landing waiter, 8 

Queen n 
Winn Geo, shoemaker, 10 Elgin 
Winn George, shoemaker, 137 

Wellington n 
Winn J H, dyer, Ontario Cotton 


Winn Richmond, laborer, 40 

Winnifrith B, grocer, 246 King 

Winniscroft Geo, laborer, Fer- 
guson ave n 

Winslow Mrs A, (Winslow & 
Webber) h 3 1 Hess n 

Winslow & Webber, carriage 
hardware, 56 King e 

Winstone Daniel, laborer, r 61 
Jackson e 

Winter Edward, blacksmith, cor 
York and Dundurn 

Winter Timothy, fireman G T R^ 
9 Inch bury s 

Wise John, laborer, 152 Emer- 
ald n 

Wise John, machinist, 105 
Locke n 

Wishart James, blacksmith, 63 
King Wm, h 13 Tiffany 

Witherby H F, watchmaker, 60 
Jackson w 

Witherspoon Mrs Elizabeth, (wid 
Harry) 152 Catharine n 

Witherspoon R W (Cameron 
& Witherspoon) 152 Cathar- 
ine n 

Witton H B, canal inspector, 12 
Murray w 

Wodehouse Arthur, Wentworth s 

Wodehouse T F, clerk, 31 West 
ave s 

Wodell F W, night editor Spec- 
tator, 136 York 

Wolfe Mrs E, 257 James n 

Wolf Joseph R, pawnbroker, 53 
John s 

Wolfe Michael, Tremont House, 
65 Stuart w 

Wolfe Mose, cigarmaker, 257 
James n 

Wolfe Nathan, varieties, 78 King 
w, h 257 James n 

Wolf Patrick, watchman, 32 Sim- 
coe e 

Wolfe Patrick, bartender, 65 
Stuart w 



Wood A T, (Wood & Leggat) 
15 T James s 

Wood Cornelius, carter, 46 Can- 

Wood Fred L, bookkeeper, 18 
Erie ave 

Wood James, clerk, t8i Mac- 
nab n 

Wood John, brakesman, 124 
Cannon e 

Wood John F, manager Omnium 
Securities Co, res Copetown 

Wood & Leggat (A T Wood, 
Matthew Leggat, W A Wood, 
William Vallance) wh hard- 
ware, 44 King e 

Wood Mrs Margaret (wid Wm) 
boarding, 41 Bay n 

Wood Thomas, builder, 72 Can- 
non w 

Wood Capt William, mariner, 
181 Macnab n 

Wood William A (Wood & 
Leggat) 151 James s 

Woodall Wm, builder, 2 Nightin- 

Woodbine John, laborer, Greig 

Woodcroft Levi, Hannah w 

Woodhall Wm, builder, 12 Chis- 

Woodhouse W^m H, timekeeper, 
85 George 

Woodley Samuel, bootsand shoes, 
22 James n, h 49 Jackson w 

Woodley William, laborer, 34 
Strachan e 

Woodman John, machinist, 98 
Hess n 

Woodman John, baggageman, 80 
Lower Cathcart 

Woodman Thomas, clerk, 140 
Robert e 

Woodruff R E, piano tuner, 45 
Hess n 

Woods George, laborer, 185 Vic- 
toria ave n 

Woods Henry, laborer, 107 Bay 

Woods John, tinsmith, 36 York 

Woods Joseph, carpenter, 35 

Hughson n 
Woods Robt, furniture finisher, 

10 Napier 
Woods Walter, broom manfr, 

60-2 Macnab n, h 154 Mac- 
nab n 
Woods William, manager Walter 

Woods, 48 Cannon w 
Woodson Washington, laborer, 

115 Catharine n 
Woodward Frederick, upholster, 

18 Cherry 
Woodward Henry, accountant, 

242 King e 
Woodward H W, clerk customs, 

242 King e 
Woolcot Charles, enginedriver 

G T R, 45 Queen s 
Wooley Wm, stave factory. Little 

William, h South 
WooUey Mrs M (wid Wm) 105 

Bay n 
Wooley Robert, spinner, 130 

Macaulay e 
Woolverton Algernon, M D, 

coroner, 153 James n 
Woolverton Mrs Eunice W (wid 

Allen) homeopathic pharmacy, 

85 King w 
Woolverton F E, M D, 119 

King e 
Worth ington George, brakeman, 

22 Kelly 
Work Donald, 9 Grove 
Work John, laborer, 21 Magill 
Work Thomas, salesman, 35 Bar- 
ton e 
Worrall William, carpenter, 6 

Hunter e 
Worril Walter, stove polisher, ij 

Queen s 
Wragg Alfred G, laborer, 146 

Picton e 
Wren Alfred, blacksmith,7i Mar- 
Wren John, porter, 118 Cherry 
Wren Maurice, tinsmith, 122 

Wellington s 



Wren Morris, tinsmith, 34 Aurora 
Wright Mrs Clara (wid Charles) 

7 Peter 
Wright Mrs Alex, 7 Mulberry 
Wright Alfred, locksmith, 38 

Wright Alfred W, second hand 

dealer 18 King VVm 
Wright Elijah, 306 King w 
Wright Mrs Eliza (wid Thomas) 

75 Bay n 
Wright Emerson, supt Bridge and 

Tool works, 16 Mulberry 
Wright E T, manufacturer, 92 

Catharine s 
Wright E T & Co, japanners, 68 

Wright Henry G, com traveler, 

75 Bay n 
Wright James, mariner, 4 Tisdale 
Wright John, blacksmith, Wilson 

e Wentworth 
Weight John, butcher, 286 York 
Wright John, stove dealer, 48 

King Wm, Little Wellington 
Wright John, weaver, s w cor 

Mary and Picton 
Weight Leslie, baggage master, 

10 Grove 
Wright Lewis, pedler, Locke s 
Wright Matthew, cotton broker, 

2 Duke 
Wright Mrs James,279 King Wm 
Wright Peter, stove driller, 52 

Wright Robert (Thomson & 

Wright) h 42 Main w 
Wright Robert, laborer, 154 Mar- 
Wright Robert, spinner, 90 Mac- 

auley e 
Wright Samuel, whipmaker, 140 

Robert e 
Wright Mrs S McB (wid D) 19 
' Augusta 
Wright Thomas O, gunsmith, 25 

Wright William, moulder, 65 Col- 

Wright Wm, laborer, 36 Crooks 

Wright William, machinist, 60 
Locke s 

Wright William, machinist, 2 

Wright Wm G, machinist, 5 West 
ave n 

Wurst Frederick, carpenter, 145 
King William 

Wurst John, bricklayer, 145 King 

Wurst William, machinist, 145 
Kmg Wm 

Wyatt Thomas, laborer, Robin- 

Wylie James, 36 Main w 

Wyllie A A, asst appraiser cus- 
toms, 158 Macnab n 

Wyllie Allison, foreman Ontario 
Cotton Mills, 227 Macnab n 

Wyndham Wm, packer. King e 

Wynn Hugh, saloon, 165 Mac- 
nab n 

Wynn John, heater, 36 Colborne 

Wynn Michael, laborer, 238 
Catharine n 

Wynn Percy A, shoemaker, 262 

Wynn Thomas, 61 Maria 

Wyth Eleazar, carpenter, 261 

Yaldon Mrs Margaret (wid Rich 
ard) 16 Cannon w 

Yaldon R W, hotel keeper, 105 
James n 

Yaldon Wm, City Arms Hotel, 
23 Murray w 

Yarl Thomas, laborer, 23 Little 

Yates Albert, stove mounter, bds 
251 Macnab n 

Yates Charles R, bds 37 Tisdale 

Yates George H, laborer, 169 
Bay n 

Yates Thomas, shoemaker, bds 
251 Macnab n 

Yates Walter, laborer, 37 Tisdale 

Yates Wm, bricklayer, 68 Em- 
erald n 



Yates Wm H, laborer, bds 169 
Bay n 

Yearsley Samuel F, painter, bds 
293 King w 

Yeomans John W, druggist, 40 

York Frank, clerk, 80 Robert 

Young Miss Agnes, 184 Macnab 

Young Albert, machinist, bds 
204 Macnab n 

Young Albert, salesman, bds 34 
Bay n 

Young Alexander, laborer, bds 81 

. Stuart w 

Young Mrs Ann (wid John) Fer- 
guson ave n 

Young Miss Annie, dressmaker, 
84 Bay n 

Young & Bro (Robert and 
William) chandelier manufac- 
turers, dealers in lamp goods, 
17 John n and 135 King Wm 

Young Albert H, clerk, loi Low- 
er Cathcart 

Young Charles, agent, 116 Can- 
non e 

Young David, bds Locke s 

Young Edward, salesman R Ev- 
ans & Co 

Young Edward, plasterer, 86 
Ferrie e 

Young Frederick, laborer, bds 
204 Macnab n 

Young Geo, clerk, 45 Jackson w 

Young George A, insurance 
agent, 2 Merrick, h 11 Young 

Young George A, clerk, bds 45 
Jackson w 

Young Hamilton, manager 
Ham Cotton Mills, h 41 Duke 

Young Henry, carpenter, 62 Em- 
erald n 

Young Jacob, painter, 186 Cath- 
arine n 

Young James, carpenter, 272 
James n 

Young James, veterinary sur- 
geon, bds 139 York 

Young James, bookkeeper, 88 

Young James, laborer, 168 East 
ave n 

Young James D, plumber, Can- 
non e nr Wentworth 

Young James M, Hamilton 
Cotton Co, 91 Macnab s 

Young John, gardener, bds 103 
King w 

Young John, engineer, 56 Wel- 
lington s 

Young J H H, clerk, res Burling- 

Young John B, bookkeeper, 33 
Hannah w 

Young John B, accountant and 
marriage licenses, 20 Charles 

Young Jno H, architect, 26 Mer- 
rick, h 145 Park n 

Young Maitland, sec N & N 
W By, res Burlington 

Young Mrs Margaret (wid Hugh) 
16 Locomotive 

Young Mrs Margaret (wid Henry) 
107 Catharine n 

Young Men's Christian As- 
sociation, 38 King e 

Young P F, law student, 77 Mary 

Young Miss Mary, dressmaker, 
bds 84 Bay n 

Young Robert (Young & Bra) 
h 3 East ave f 

Young Robert, brassfinisher, 98 
Park n 

Young Samuel, timekeeper, 204 
Macnab n 

Young Thomas, saloon, 7 Gore, 
h 64 John n 

Young Thomas, porter, 137 Hun- 
ter w 

Young Thos, heater, 129 Locke n 

Young Wallace, foreman 
Young & Bro, 55 East ave n 

Young Wm (Young & Bro) h 
45 Jackson w 

Young Wm, bookkeeper, bds 33 
Hannah w 

Young W A, plater, 141^ King ^ 



Yuker C, com traveler, 26 Liberty 
Yule James, clerk American hotel 
Yunganger George, sausage mkr, 

118 East ave n 
Zachau Frederick A, furrier, 37 

Wellington s 
Zalinsky Maregin, laborer, bds 

121 Jackson vv 
Zealand Mrs Edwd, 16 Murray w 
Zealand E G, deputy sheriff, 

court house, h 16 Murray w 
Zealand's Wharf, E Zealand, 

propr, Brock w 
Zealand Capt Wm, 257 Bay n 
Zimmerman A, merchant tail- 
or, 50 James n, h 3 1 Caroline n 

Zimmerman J, dentist, 38 King e, 

h 75 Emerald s 
Zimmerman S, MD, DDS, 

dentist, cor King and Macnab 
Zimmerman W E, salesman, 22 

Zingsheim Jacob, furniture manf, 

225 Mary, h 33 Murray e 
Zion Tabernacle, Rev Mr. 

Snider, pastor. Pearl cor Napier 
Zoeller John, sr, tailor, 47 Cath- 
arine s 
Zoller John, cigar maker, 230^ 

Bay n 
Zwick W H, accountant and real 

estate agency, 26 Merrick 


The following will Ids sent on reoaipt of prioe. 

City of Hamilton $2 50 

City of Kingston, including Frontenac county 2 00 

City of St. Catharines, including Lincoln and Welland.... 2 00 

City of Brantford, including Brant county 2 00 

County of Simcoe 2 00 

County of Wentworth 2 00 


City of Guelph 2 00 

County of Wellington 3 00 

County of Waterloo 3 00 

City of Quebec 250 

City of Ottawa 2 50 

City of Montreal 3 00 


W.H. IRWIN & CO., 

12 MACNAB ST. SOUTH. Hamilton, Ontario. 


Aikman's Avenue,from Went- 
wcrth south, runs east 

James Freed, gardener 
Patrick Lynch, sectionman 
' Mrs Mary Duggan 
Wni Kane, laborer 
John McLean, boilermaker 
Nicholas Solvesburg 
James Sullivan, laborer 
John Davis, fishmonger 
John Solvisburg, laborer 
Walter Davis, laborer 
M Begley, conductor 
Thos Johnston, blacksmith 
J A Gold, piano maker 
Wm Johnston, blacksmith 
S Hazelwood, carpenter 
Burlington-st intersects 
John McLean, blacksmith 
Harry Marshall, gardener 
Mrs Morin 

Wentworth-st intersects 
Wm Harvey, stonecutter 
Chas Anderson, stonecutter 

Alanson-st from west of Erie 
ave east to Wentworth 

Blythe-st intersects 

30 Jeremiah O'Connors, laborer 

Erie-ave intersects 
29 Stephen Jones, laborer 

31 Charles Anstey, letter carrier 
33 Alex Stuart, clerk 

35 Vacant 

37 Thomas Hutchinson, painter 

39 G W Cooper, blacksmith 

41 Frank Ide, laborer 

43 James Barle, lamplighter 

45 Edgar Mortimer, teamster 
47 Alex R Grant, carpenter 

Ardvolich-st, from Dundurn 

No houses 

Argo Street, from end Main 

Wm McGrath, cabinetmaker 
Edward Earley, pedler 

Ashley-st, from end King east 
north to Barton 

John Home, dealer 
J C Granger, pedler 
Jeremiah Rowe, mason 
James Laidlaw, carpenter 

Augusta-st, north side, from 
85 James south to Cathar- 

5 F R Hutton, builder 
Vacant lots 
15 Vacant 

Hughson-st intersects 
19 Mrs Sarah Wright 
2 1 Benno Scheuer, bookkeeper 
23 W H McDonald, merchant 
25 James Cooper, barber 

John st ifitersects 
39-41 Ballentine Bros, grocers 
43 Wm Lewis, plasterer 
47 Mrs Thomas 

49 Joseph Barry, artist 1 

493^ Thomas Sinzel I 

Catharine-st intersects 



Augusta-st, south side 

2 Samuel Jarvis, caretaker 
6 Wm Mitchell, jr, teamster 
8 Hugh Daley, whipmaker 
io Alex Robertson, carpenter 
12 Henry Simon, manf 
14 P F Barber, P O clerk 
i6 J G Mcllwraith, merchant 
1 6^ Thos H Snider, baker 
i8 J B Kitchen, photographer 
2o R S Ambrose, music teacher 

Hughson-st intersects 
28 J Dublin, whitewasher 
30 Wm Newcomb, laborer 
32 Wm G Smith, laborer 
34 Hiram Denum, whitewasher 

John-st Intersects 
38 Frank Farrish, whipmaker 
46 James McKenzie, machinist 
48 John McDonough, laborer 
^48| Mrs Michael Garvey 
Catharine-st intersects 

Aurora-st, east side, from 116 
Young to Hannali 

12 Mrs Margaret Santry 
Young-st intersects 
22 John Lavelle, cigar manf 

24 Wm Berry, harnessmaker 
24^ Daniel Sheen, baker 
26 Mrs Patrick McDonald 

Maria-st intersects 
32 Edmund Murphy, tailor 
34 John Foley, cooper 
38 Thomas Mahony, laborer 

Hannah-st intersects 

Aurora Street, west side 

19 Mrs Julia Fitzrhaurice 

25 Mrs Michael Sullivan 

Maria-st intersects 
41 Joseph Hooker, gardener 
43 Thomas Turner, bricklayer 
Hannah-st intersects 

Baillie-st, from 72 Hunter 

4 Samuel Harvy, auctioneer 

10 John Cline, marble cutter 

16 George Williams, carpenter 

Barton-st east,north side from 
196 James north to City 

1 1 David Brown, carpenter 
13 Vacant 

15 Joseph Philp, salesman 

17 Joseph Foquett, laborer 

19 Thomas Strachan, merchant 
21 John McKinty, customs 
23 Mrs Alex Boyd 

Hughson-st intersects 
25 Mrs Thos Gallon 
29 David Kemp, painter 
31 Daniel McNicol, carpenter 
33 Wm H Povey, painter 
35 Thomas Work, laborer 
39 Jacob Weakley, tinsmith 

John-st intersects 
53 Douglas Nelson 
55 Mrs John Ryan 
57 Edward Cakes, tailor, 
59 James Larmer, laborer 
61 John Holleran, traveler 
65 Patrick Holloran, grocer 

Catharine-st intersects 
7 1 Henry McGolrick 
73 Thomas Finn, laborer 
75 Mrs Mary King 
79 John Ford 

Mary-st intersects 
91 Wanzer Sewing Machine Co 
Elgin-st intersects 
County jail 
Ferguson-ave intersects 
113 Frank Lynch, teamster 
117 Osborne, Killey manf Co 
119 George McNeilly, laborer 
131 John Brennan, machinist 
1 33 Enoch Taylor, polisher 



Wellington-st intersects 
Flatt & Bradley, lumber 
City hospital 
Victor ia-ave intersects 
215 R N Wheeler, grocer 
217 Vacant 

219 R W Crooks, teamster 
221 James Gross, carpenter 
223 Mrs Mary Burt 
225 G M Cannon, mechanic 
233 Richard Raycroft, grocer 

East-ave intersects 
237 John Kirkness, cooper 
239 James Bews, clerk 
243 Mrs Elizabeth Jamieson 
Emerald-st intersects 
Vacant lots 
261 F Rowlm, butcher 
297 G B Smith, wood dealer 
309 Vacant 
311 Vacant 
313 VVm Tout, engineer 

Little William-st intersects 
319 John Graham, grocer 
327 VVm Hodgson, butcher 
329 David Buick, watchman 
Wentworth-st intersects 
Wm J Jones, tollkeeper 
Askett Williams, gardener 

Barton Street east, south side 

6 John Cahill, blacksmith 
32 Vacant 

Hughson-st intersects 
34 Mrs S Ross 
36 Thos O'Connoll, laborer 
38 Isaiah Audett, blacksmith 
40 Ednmnd Davis, teacher 
42 James King, agent 

John-st intersects 
54 Wm Nash, engineer 
56 VV H McElcheran, painter 
58 Mrs Harriet Waldren 

Catharine-st intersects 
70 Vacant 

72 John West way, fireman 

74 Thomas Adams, sailor 
80 H Little, grocer 

Mary-st intersects 
Private grounds 
92 Wm C Barnfather, engineer 
94 John Kennedy, foreman 

Elgin-st intersects 
98 Martin Burns, machinist 
100 T Kavanagh, moulder 
102 John E Davis, machinist 
104 Mis G Allan 
106 J A Griffin, printer 

Ferguson-ave intersects 

Round house 
134 W H Pugh, shoemaker 
136 Charles Edwards, clerk 
138 James Dufton, bricklayer 
140 Alex Campbell, policeman 
142 Wm Blackburn, wheelwright 

Wellington-st intersects 
Vacant lots 

IVest-ave intersects 
198 Fred Beaumert, hatter 
200 James Robinson, moulder 
202 Mrs Jane Selvin 
204 Mrs Louisa Smith 

Victoria-ave intersects 
226 Vacant 

228 Frank Whitelock, clerk 
230 Mrs Ellen Knight 
232 Wm Cunnington, hatter 
234 — Chambers, dyer 
236 Vacant 

East-ave intersects 
John Fleming, grocer 

Emerald-st intersects 
248 Mrs M J Hutton, tailoress 
248^ Alfred Hobbs, tinsmith 
250 Mrs Edwards 

Chisholm-st intersects 
254 Edward Goff, traveler 
Mrs Isabella l^ewis 

Smith-ave intersects 
296 John H Land 
298 Vacant 



Wentworth-st intersects 

Barton Street west, north 
side, from 125 James north 
to Locke 

12 D Robertson, carpenter 

14 Wm Allan, contractor 

16 Thos Whitney, hackman 

18 Andrew Leitch, machinist 
20 Victor Russell, carpenter 
22 Albert Lake, broom maker 

Macnab-st intet'sects 
40 Wm Magee, ice dealer 

42 Wm Geldhart, finisher 
44 Wm Morgan, machinist 
52 John Black, butcher 

Park-st intersects 
58 Charles Peters, clerk 
60 Arthur Nash, laborer 
Bay-st intersects 
Vacant lots to Locomotive 

A Massie, time keeper 
Vacant lots to end 

Barton Street west, south side 

13 Mrs Blake 

ri3 Mrs John Hatts 

15 Mrs Edwin M Coventry 

17 Wm R Harvey, traveler 

19 Henry Welch, machinist 
25 W A Sealey, carpenter 

Macnab-st intersects 
35 Horace Brown, teamster 

43 George Roach 

Park-st intersects 
65 Mrs John Jackson 
67 Wm Joy, shoemaker 
67 ^Alfred Crist, glassblower 
69 E H Hopgood, butcher 
71 Wm Jack, laborer 

Bay-st intersects 
Caroline-st intersects 
Mrs Jennie Sheppard 
Vacant lots 

Greig-st intersects 

Alfred Presnell, ■ blacksmith 
John Cannon, fitter 
Mrs Margaret Girouard 
Miss M A Fletcher 
John Dunn, laborer 
Locomotive-st intersects 

Magill-st intersects 
James Mcllory, watchman 
Joshua Jackson, fireman 
John Daly, yardsman 
Mrs Richard Crooks 
James Black, conductor 

Crook-st intersects 
John Quinn, pattern maker 
John Quinn, varnisher 
John Qnirk, varnisher 
V Byrne, laborer 
Locke-st intersects 

Bay-st north, east side, from 
128 King west to Macnab 

8 R Buskard, carriagemaker 
10 Hiram Hurd, marble dealer 

Market-st intersects 
26 John Rodgers, blacksmith 
28 Thos L Kay, machinist 
30 George W Alderson, plasterer 
34 Andrew A Cook, trimmer 
36 John Armstrong 
38 Dyer Durphey, car))enter 
40-44 Thos Porteous, butcher 
50 David McDonald, grocer 
York-st intersects and Merrtck-st 

58 Thomas Knott, clerk 
60 John Rymal, traveler 
62 Craven & Son, blacksmiths 
Hurd & Roberts, marble-y'd 
Vine-st ends 
72 Wm H ]udd, soap manfr 
76 George Dew, soap boiler 
78 John Waugh, carpenter 
80 James Ailles, salesman 
82 John McMurray, teamster 



84 Miss A Young, dressmakei- 
86 James Legg^ teamster 
88 Thomas Ford, baket 
90 Wm Lattimore, blacksmith 
92 James Martin, shoemaker 

. Cannon-'st interseds 
94-96 Wm Sheriff, grocer 
98-100 Wm Geiss, machinist 
104 Mrs Thomas Btadfield 
r 104 Mrs Quinn, launfress 
106 John Homewood, carriage 

108 William Ashby, foreman 
1 10 James Insch, fitterj 
IT 2 John Aligns, pattern maker 
1 14-1 i 6 Gas works 

Mulhen^y-st intersects 
tt8 Mrs Robert Moffiitt 
124 Adam Grossman, butcher 
126 Ghailes Thomsonj laborer 
130 Gornehus Murphy, laborer 
\7,2 John Gloughley, melter 
134 Michael Moriarty, laborer 
136 Thomas Bowden, laborer 

Sheaffe-st uiterseds 
.140-142 Edwin Harris, boarding 
144 John Lab iff, laborer 
i44j^ John W Sharp, carpenter 
146 Mrs James Riddle, grocer 
150 Wm Aikins, machinist 

Colbofne-st interseds 
152 Wm Leask, watchman 
154 Wm B Evans, meter maker 
156 Pierce Grace, melter 
158 Thos Oliver, shoemaker 
160 Ed W Hopwood, pork curer 

Jlarton-si interseds 
162 M J Dillon, hotel keeper 
166 John Davidson, collector 
1 68 Vacant 
170 Miss G R Regan 
170 Robert E Robson, painter 
172 Mrs John Neelon, boarding 
174 Miss M Enwright. dressmkr 
176 John Hall, foreman G T R 

Murray-st interseds 

ttanliltoh Industrial VVksCtJ 
196 Wm Baker, supt Street k It 
198 John Logahj inland revenue 
io\ James McKeown, hotel 
Studri ■&> StrachuH-sts interred 
Vacant lots 

Simcot-st interseds 
630 Edward Moran, ja[)anner 
23°/^ John Zoller, cigar ma keif 
232 John Mackay 
234 Wni) Cowan, platelayer 
236 Thos Shackell, conductor 
238 George Glark, driver 
240 Jeremiah McCoy, carpenter 
242 Patrick Mefrin, inspector 

Perrii-st tnterUdt 
250 Wm McClure, carpenter 
252 Wm Irving, niachinist 
254 Wm C Thomson patrn mki* 
256 Wm Campbell, checker 
258 Capt Robert Hamilton 
260 Captain John E Burrows 

Fidon-st interseds 
266 James McKeever, laborer 
266 J4 Thos TraciC} brakeman 
268 Samuel Bennett, brassfinishef 
270 Wm Durdon, engineer 
274 Jos Charlton, glassblowet 

Macauley-st interseds 
284 Mrs Augusta Grant 
286 Mrs Henry Sanders 
Burlington 6^ Brock-sts ifitersed 

Bay-st north, v^est side 

1 T B f'airchilds, hotel 

3 F Schwarz, cigarmaker 

5 Vacant 

7 Vacant 

9 Vacant 
II Thos Devenport, gardener 
13 Walter Spencer, tuner 
15 Henry Kuntz, brewer 
17 Vacant 
19 Vacant 

2 1 A T Davis, G T R 
23 Robert VVilliams, traveler 
Market-st interseds 



25 Vacant 

27 Sam W Townsend, customs 
29 Wra Fitzgerald, miller 
31 Chas A Wilcox, agent 
33 T D Boyes, checker G T R 
35 Mrs Wm Armitage, dressmkr 
37 Wm Ronald, grocer 
39 Jacob Kuntz, brewer 
41 Mrs Wm Wood, boarding 
43 John Schwarz, traveler 
Napier-st commences 
51 Vacant 

York-st intersects 
Copp Bros foundry 
71 W H Judd & Bro, soap mfr 
73 John Home, tinsmith 
75 H G Wright, com traveler 
77 Mrs Wm Wagner 
79 Mrs George Laing 

81 Thos Jarvis, furniture dealer 
8134^ Wm McFedries, salesman 

82 Fred Edworthy, butcher 

85 Robert Ackland, patrn mkr 
87 John Williams, brakeman 
89 Mrs Margt Byrne, dressmkr 
Cannon-st intersects 

92 F J Schrader, tobacconist 

93 Wm Aitchison, hotel 

95 John C Schrader, cigar mkr 

97 George Pettinger 
10 1 Kenneth McKenzie, painter 
103 Wm Nieghorn, music teacher 
105 Robert Gray, conductor 
107 Hugh Williams, carpenter 
109 Wm B Croy, com traveler 
1 1 1 M D Healey,dry goods merch 
113 Michael Sweeney, traveler 
115 Fred Filgiano, clerk 
117 Vacant 
119 Michael Arland 
121 John D Evans, brewer 
123 Wm L Cummer, brewer 
Mulberry-st intersects 
Spring Brewery 

Sheaffe-st intersects 
143 Joseph Preston, watchman 
145 Wm Dowd, laborer 

147 A Berry man, telegraphist 
149 James McLaughlin, moulder 
151 John Saunders, painter 
153 Wm Horn, messenger GTR 
155 Robert Amos, salesman 
157 Ralph Tiderington, boltmkr 
1 59-1 6 1 John Dillon, grocer 

Barton-st intersects 
163 Charles Plater, shoemaker 
165 Peter McCullough, laborer 
169 Wm Dillon, laborer 
169 George H Yates, laborer 
173 Mrs Elizabeth Chambers 
ri73 John M Warner, woodwkr 
175 James Holland, boiler mkr 
177 Alex Mclsaac, laborer 
179 James Fitzgerald, laborer 
1 01 John Desmond, laborer 
183 Hector Dodson, whipmaker 
ri83 Henry Horton, laborer 
ri83 Maurice Cummings, laborer 
185 Mrs M Sheridan 
ri85 Patrick Murphy, laborer 
ri85 Thos Quinton, laborer 
187 Matthew Burns, teamster 
189 Mrs Mary Gleason 
191 George McLennan, laborer 
193 James Chambers, conductor 
195 Jas Berryman, shoemaker 
197 Ed Tregenza, laborer 
199 Patrick O'Neil, laborer 

Alison House 

Siuart-st intersects 
207 GTR engineer's office 

Gillesby's grain warehouse 

Strachan-st intersects 
209 Thos McNoah, boarding 
213 John Dobson, stovemounter 
215 Daniel Hartnett, laborer 
217 Lawrence Murphy, laborer 

Simcoe-st intersects 
239 Thos Renton, carpenter 
241 James Falls, switchman 
r24i Wm Pilton, laborer 
243 James Forest, laborer 
245 John Whitby, fitter 
247 Wm Rennie, letter carrier 



FerrU-st intersects 
J Massie's boathouse 
253 Mrs Ann Vila, grocer 
255 Augustin Vila, chandler 
257 Capt Wm Zealand 
259 John MulhoUand, fireman 
261 Walter Scott, engineer 

Picton-st intersects 
265 L H Bastien, boatbuilder 

Macaulay-st intersects 
277 Edward Brunt, stovemonnter 
285 Robert Soper, sail loft 
287 James Doyle, mariner 

Wood-st intersects 
Sweet's warehouse 

Brock-st intersects 

Bay-st soutli, east side, from 
98 King west to the moun- 

I G C Briggs, drugs, etc 
3 Wm Atkinson 
5 Eli VanAUen, builder 
7 Chas A Thomson, com trav 
iy2 Wm Birkett, manf 
9 David Aitchison 
1 1 John Wilson, cabinetmaker 

Main-st intersects 
19-21 J Walker, soap manf 
23 R N Raw, bookkeeper 
25 Hose reel house 

Jackson-st intersects 
39 C H Bamfylde, clerk 
41 R G Olmsted, founder 
43 A D Stewart, chief of police 
45 A Wilson, druggist 
47 H W Sewell, grocer 
49 Peter Brass, architect 
5 1 George Bristol, grocer 
Hunter-st intersects 
Central school grounds 
Bold-st intersects 
61 J H Somerville, com trav 
69 C S Chittenden, dentist 
Duke-st tntersects 

Vacant lots 
Rahinson-st intersects 
93 Edwin VanAUen, carpentei 
95 Edmund Savage, bookkeepet 

Hannah-st intersects 
109 Henry W Glassco, hatter 
121 A R Gates, bookkeeper 

Herkimer-st intersect 
123 David Thompson, jeweler 
127 J B Pilkey, merchant 
129 Samuel Slater, banker 
131 John Smith, emigration agt 
Markland and Concession-sts in- 
Thomas Swinyard 

Bay-st south, west side 

4 G D Hawkins, shirt manf 
6 David Hawkins, shirt manf 

George-st commences 
8 J Heriman, stage driver 
10 Mrs Wm H Pim 

Main-st intersects 
24 Walker's soap factory 
28 Albert Jones, laborer 
30 Thos Jenkins, lather 
32 Wm Hanley, blacksmith 

yackson-st intersects 
34 Mrs Wm Harvey 
36 John McLeod, clerk 
46 Chas Doolittle, msnf 
Hunter-st intersects 
St Mark's.Church of England 
Bold-st intersects 
60 Mrs Alex Ewing 
64 Joseph Kavanagh 
66 Rev A E Miller 
68 Wm Henderson, bookkeeper 
70 John Stewart 
72 Daniel Whitmore, porter 
Duke-st intersects 
E Healey, grocer 
John Duff 
74 James Paterson, bookkeepe» 
76 S H Kent, clerk 


_i : 

78 John Harrison barrister 

80 Vacant 

82 John Catch pole, clerk P O 

^4 Vacant t^ 

36 Vacant m^ 

88 J C McKeand, merchant 

Robinson-st intersects 
90 Alfred Morson, M D 
92 Walter Ambrose, clerk 
94 VVm Palm 
96 Mrs Ch js Freeman 
98 Henry H Fuller 
100 John Mitchell, mason 
104 Vacant 

Hannah-st intersects 
James M L^ttridge, brewer 
Herkimer st intersects 
126 Robert Loitridge 
128 Wm Gateiiby, tailor 
13d Mrs Eliza Roper 
132 Wm Carty, publisher 

Mark/an i-st intersects 
134 Alex Rams:iy 
140 W F Walker, barrister 
144 C J Jones. telegra{ih co 
146 Mrs Elizabeth Lauder 
148 F Wm Ciate-, manf 

Concession st intersects 

Bauer's Lans, irom 360 John n 

6 Wm G )ini f, teamster 
8 John 13 fovvn, laborfr 
Ontario Brewery 

Blyth-3t, from 72 Stinson 
south to Alanson 

14 Josiah B iker, carpenter, 
.16 John BiiUerworth, carpenter 
13 Ju'mes SiJge, carpenter 
26 George F Fisher, harness mkr 

Bold-st, north side, from 78 
James south to Queen 

2 F^lias Vernr)!!, M 1) 
4 H F" G;jrdinci, journalist 
Macnab-sf intersects 


Vacant grounds 
Charles &> Park-sts intersect 
Central school grounds 
40 Thos Ralston, janitor 

Bay-st intersects 
66 Oscar Hendershot, laborer 
68 Thos O'Neii, baker 

Caroline-st intersects 
76 George Curry, laborer 
78 George (ireen, butcher 
■ 80 Sanmel Howard, carpenter 
^2 James Goodale, laborer 
84 John Dowrie, carpenter 
86 Vacant 

88 Thos Butler, blacksmith 
90 Thos Pugh, carter 
92 Mrs Susan Harris 
96 James Baxter, teamster 
98 Mrs Mary Cullen 
100 Mrs Mary Ann Nealin 
I02 VVm Ballantine, laborer 

Hess st intersects 
104 Fred 'ihorne, moulder 
106 B H Webber, merchant 
no Henry Clark, publisher 
112 Thos Lackie, laborer 
114 Kenneth Campbell, laborer 
116 John Coyne, laborer 
1 18 Vacant 

120 G McCullough, blacksmith 
122 Thos Oliver, tailor 
124 Wm L Johnstone, blacksmith 

Queen-st inteisects 
128 Matt T Carroll, bricklayer 

A H Taylor, painter 
130 James Mmnes, blacksmith 
Ray-st intersects 
Wm Gardner, scalemaker 
I I B McQuesten, barrister 
3 Rev Thos Baker 
5 P H Stuart, clerk 
7 Daniel Sterling, traveler 
9 Robert Pentecost, com trav 
II Mrs James Fisher 
13 Mrs Gracie Iredale 
Macnab-st intersects 



23 Wm Hendrie, contractor 

Park-st intersects 
31 David Dow, plasterer 
33 George Dickson, principal 

33/^ Wm Southam, publisher 
35 George Hardiker, clerk 

37 John W Bickle, broker 

,39 John Malloy, carriage maker 

Bay-st intersects 
57 D Kidd, cashier Can Life 
61 Mrs A Macallum 
65 Mrs John Hope 
67 John Cole 

Caroline-st intersects 
E B Feast, grocer 
77 N Frolich, bricklayer 
79 Geo S Hunter, auctioneer 
81 John Timson, policeman 
83 Geo Baxter, teamster 
85 John Stevens, machinist 
87 John McAllister, laborer 
95 Samuel McKelvie, laborer 

Hess-st intersects 
100 Samuel Coulter, shoemaker 

Queen-st intersects 
1 1 1 G McLean, shoemaker 
115 Robt Wade, baker 

F C Matthevvs, caretaker 

Bowen-st from 48 Main east 
to Jackson 

James Kennedy, blacksmith 
P E Webber, livery 
Joseph Hoodless & Son, 

Breadlebane, from Jones to 

Thos Nelligan, laborer 
Geo Trevaskis, wagonmaker 
Charles Smith, laborer 
Alfred Cheesman, laborer 

Brock-st east, north side, from 
foot of Bay to Maonab 

Robertson's shipyard . 
Zealand's wharf 
J Anderson, teamster 
Patrick Roach, laborer 

Brook-st, south side 

23 Arch Robertson, shipbuilder 
II H Lee, clerk 

Brook-st west, fromHnghson 
to Mary 

46 Robert Wilson, laborer 
51 James Walling, laborer 
Timothy Holland, laborer 

Bruce-st, from Markland bet 
Bay and Caroline, south to 

Jacob Schwab, machinist 
Frank A White, laborer 
Sam Bailey, carpenter 
Wm Pennell, jr, laborer 
Wm Pennell, sr, laborer 
Concession-st intersects 

Bnrlington-st north, Tp of 
Barton, east side 

John S Beer, butcher 
George Greig, gardener 
W C White, builder 

Wilson st intersects 
Wm Springstead, gardener 
Harry At well, porter 
Mrs Patrick O'Dea 
Joseph Wilson, laborer 
Michael O'Dea, blacksmith 
Wm I'ait, butcher 
Andrew Lewis, laborer 
Michael Ryan, bricklayer 
Dennis Ryan, laborer 
Edward O'Brien, laborer 
Robert Bow, tinsmith 
Mrs Parslow 
John Ellis, laborer ' 
Patrick Morrison, shoemaker 



Burlington-st, west side 

Samuel A Tovel, gardener 
John E Tovel, gardener 

Burlington-st south, Tp of 
Barton, east side 

Henry E Elliott, cutter 
Thos Harper, gardener 
M O'Sullivan, moulder 
E S Whipple, real estate agt 

Burlington-st south, west side 

Fred Johnston, merchant 
Alex Eraser, merchant 

Burlington-st east side from 
368 James n to John 


13 James Ennis, laborer 
15 Thos Kavanagh, machmist 
Hughson-st intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

Surlington-st east, south side 

Hughson-st intersects 
32 Thos McCarthy, carter 
John-st intersects 
John Sullivan, laborer 

Burlington-st west, north side 
from 317 James n to Bay 

Private grounds 
Macnab-st intersects 

Burlington Glass works 
40 John Roach, sailor 
42 Wm McNab, laborer 
44 Mrs Robert Graham 
46 Mrs Ellen Macdonald 
48 Fred Bootham, mariner 
50 Wm Robertson, shipbuilder 

Wood-st intersects 
52 John Wakeham, carpenter 
54 Robert Soper, sailmaker 
56 Wm Little, glossblower 
58 Wm McGowan, laborer 
Bay-st intersects 

Burlington stw, south side 

C13 Thos Richardson, boilermkr 
15 P McGrath, laborer 

17 M Hamilton, laborer 

19 Thos Snowdon, blacksmith 
21 Jacob Lee, laborer 

23 Fred Pearson, laborer 

25 James McGee, carter 

27 Mrs A Mack 

Macnab-st intersects 

33 Vacant 

35 Mrs Hugh Smith 

37 Thos Jones, glassblower 
39 Wm Cunningham teamster 

41 A J Mooncy, laborer 

43 John Dolman, sailor 

Wood-st intersects 
53 Wm Griffin, sailor 

57 D Barker, carpenter 

63 Andrew Donovan, laborer 

Bay-st intersects 

Canada-st, north side, from 
Queen south to western 

2 J B Simpson, conductor 
4 George Crockford, jeweler 
8 John B Faulkner, bricklayer 
Ray-st Intersects 

18 Moses Dow, plasterer 

20 John D Campbell, enameler 

24 Geo Ennis, cabinetmaker 

26 Robert Scriver, boilermaker 

28 Mrs Fred Rohr 

Pearl-st intersects 

34 Wm Ford, salesman 

36 Wm Fickley, moulder 

42 Theo Posal, laborer 

44 Geo A Burke, varnisher 
46 Cornelius Wood, carter 

Locke-si intersects 
52 John Dennis, painter 
56 Albert Vaughan, laborer 

58 Wm Melody, carter 

62 Wm J Dyer, bookkeeper 
Poulette-st intersects 

64 A McFarlane, tobacconist 
70 Thos Collins, potter 

72 Mrs Michael McGrath 
74 Joseph Langdon, engineer 



76 Isaac Webb, shoe cutter 
78 John Bawden, brickmaker 
82 Alex Hay, carpenter 
86 Aaron Bawden, brickmaker 
Garih-st intei sects 

Ca&ada-st south side 

3 Richard Haigh, bookbinder 

4 Jas Kennedy, blacksmith 
II Alex Kay, machinist 

Ray-st intersects 
25 Peter Warnke, tailor 
29-31 David VV Kern, grocer 

Pearlst intersects 
35 Edward Joy, carpenter 
39 Rudolph Thatcher, laborer 
43 Joseph Poynton, painter 

Locke-st intersects 
49 Vacant 

51 Elijah Hannah, laborer 
57 VVm l^arU brickmajcer 
59 Jas VV Sinclair, grocer 
61 Hugh Toner, laborer 
63 Thos Brown, teamster 
63 /^ Chas Holdsworth, packer 
65 George Metcalfe, painter 
Poulette-st intersects 
Vacant lots 
7 9 Walter Etherington,carpenter 
B>;^ Robert Budge, laborer ' 
89 Vacant 

Garth-st intersects 

Cannon-st east, north side, 
from 118 James north to 
Went worth 

Knox Church 
Cannon street school 

Hughson-st intersects 


Malleable Iron Works 

John-st intersects 
42 P J Cnlhane, bill poster . 
44 Daniel Kelly, coal dealer 
46 Ed Webster, niachinist 
48 Mrs Ann Black 

Catharine-st intersects 

62 G Bilton & Co, pop manfs 
84 G McKay, merchant 
86 R VV Seldon, grocer 

Mary-st intersects 

John Thomson, customs 
Elgin- st intersects 

N & N W Railway offices 
Ferguson-ave intersects 
114 John Garrison, engineer 
116 Charles Young, agent 
118 John Glassford, fireman 
120 S Cunningham, conductor 
122 Mrs George Will 
124 Chas Stewart, carpenter 
126 F VV Johnston, moulder 
1 26 J^ VVm Clear, machinist 
128 Mrs E Degarmo 
130 Mrs John Menorgan 
132 Thos McCann, vinegar manf 
134 John Finlayson, saddler 

Cat heart- st intei sects 
136 P Ronan, flour dealer 
138 Geo Allan, telegraphist 
T40 J G Currell, barrister 
142 Albert Pentecost, merchant 
142 'Robert Webster 
144 R White, carpenter 
146 Alex McCoy, lithographer 
148 John Peacock, inspector 
152 John Ronah, gi-ocer 

IVellington-st intersects 
158 Walter Bastedb/ furrier " 
IVest'-ave intersects 

1 74 Augustus Knetsch, tailor 

Victoria-ave intersects 

198 Robert Holmes 

East-aye Intersects 
204 Vacant 

206 Joseph Harter, moulder 
208 John' Stark, stovemounter 

Emerald-st intersects 
226 J Burton, cabinet mak^r 
228 Joseph Cripps, laborer 

Chisholm-st cornmences 
234 Mrs John Littlehales 
236 John Jennings, moulder 



240 M H Little, plumber 
242 Elzer Sawyers, shoemaker 
Smith-ave intersects 
James D Young, plumber 
Wentworth-st intersects 

Cannon-st east, south side 

I Albert Armstrong, bartender 
3 Wm Nelson, waiter 
5 James Haven, ornamentor 
7 George Waite, painter 
9 Mrs E RosF, dressmaker 
II Wm Potter, ropemaker 
13 Wm Morton 

Htighson-st intersects 
Congregational Church 
25 George Henderson, printer 
27 Wm Dixon, needlemaker 

Johnst intersects 
43 W H Tallman & Co, wood 
45 Charles Egener, nickel plater 
47 Wm Curry, laborer 
49 James Wallace, moulder 
Catharine-st intersects 

57-63 Thomas Doherty, coffee 

65 John Dunbar, porter 
67 W P VanNorman, agent 
75 Wm Reid, machinist 
Mary-st intersects 
87 E B Cunningham 
89 C Mnnroe, tinsmith 
91 John McHaffie, merchant 
Elgin-st intersects 
N & N W premises 
Ferguson-ave intersects 
117 Thos Judd, laborer 
119 Wi;n Payne, wood dealer 
123 Union wood and coal yard 

Cathcart-st intersects 
127 Wm Ronald, engineer 
127 Ddnald Graham, fireman 
131 Wm Chappell, builder 
137 Thomas Wilson, saloon 
Wellington-st intersects 
153 Get) Shoots, painter 

155 Alex Boyd, painter 

West-ave intersects 
175 John Corigle, carpenter 
177 George Richmond, moulder 
179 W Goodfellow, patternfitter 
181 Wm Goodfellow, stovemritr. 
183 E A DeWitt, butcher 

Victor ia-ave intersects 
189 Mrs M McMicking 
191 George Broadbent, engineer 
193 Mrs Henry Coulter 
195 Henry Filgiano, clerk 
197 Peter Foreman, shoemaker 

East-ave intersects 
215 Mrs Wm Taylor 

Emerald-st intersects 
217 Timothy Sullivan, laborer 
221 Mrs Patrick Fitzgerald 
223 Vacant 

225 George Blake, laborer 
227 William Elder, shoemaker 

Tisdale-st intersects 
235 Joseph Whitney 
239 Albert Dowling, machinist 
241 Joseph Stoneham, machinist 
243 Vacant 

Steven-st intersects 

Cannon-st west, north side, 
from 119 James north to Hess 

8 James White, M D 
16 Mrs M Yaldon 
20 John McMahon, baker 
22 A Bell, tailor 

Macnab-st intersects 
30 Bay Horse Hotel 
32 Arch Coutts, livery 
36 Wm H Harris, painter 
38 James Dumirie, laborer 
r38 John McGuire, painter 
40 Miss Margaret Holden 
42 A Cunningham, fireman 
44 Robt D Cowan 
46 Vacant 

48 Benj Lewis, foreman 
50 J H Saunders, cook 
52 J R Spackman 



Park-st intersects 
64 Edward Nelson, traveler 
68 A E Walker 
70 Henry H Laing, merchant 
72 Thomas Wood, builder 
74 John Sweeney, conductor 
78 Daniel Williams, laborer 
80 Geo Dick, j^ainter 

Bay-st intersects 
90 J C Schrader, tobacconist 
98 Mrs Helen Gay 
98 James Evel, foreman 

Railway-st intersects 
104 S D Hopkins 
Vacant lots 
Caroline-st intersects 
108 J Burns, grocer 
no A S Cruickshanks, teacher 
112 John Flynn, baker 
114 Mrs Alfred Feast 
116 Joseph Lloyd, bookkeeper 
120 Thos Egan, fitter 
122 John Gore, letter carrier 
124 James Kirkness, carpenter 
126 Vacant 

132 John Heritage, tailor 
134 Wm Grey, foreman GTR 

Cannon-st west, south side 

I Wm Noble, hotel 
7 Mrs Sarah Gray 
9 J S Eillis, cigar manf 
1 1 John M Harris, clerk 
13 Alex Taggart, carpenter 
15 Colin McRae, bookkeeper 
17 Alex Hutchison, gardener 
19 Jas Eagleshan, porter 
25 Mrs George Smith 

Maaiab-st intersects 
41 J M Byrens, buiJder 
43 W G Lumsden, grocer 
43 J Mrs P>ancis Lumsden 
45 Mrs Wm Fog we 11 

Geo Sharp, car|)enter 
47 George Callahan, butcher 
49 John Reardon, moulder 
Park-st ifitersects 

65-71 Z Pattison, confectioner 
73 Joseph Clark, salesman 
75 Thos Ford, machinist 
77 Geo Davis, confectioner 
79 Daniel Coughlin, carpenter 
81 Jos Mawson, gasmeter mkr 

Bay-st intersects 
95 J C Schrader, cigar manf 
97 Charles West, baker 
Caroline-st intersects 
107 Wm Grahman, grocer 
109 E Smith, whipmaker 
1 1 1 John Myers, laborer 
113 J A Henderson, tobacconist 
115 Thos J Milligan, laborer 
117 Arch Thompson, laborer 
119 Sellar Taylor, teamster 
12 1 Patrick Grifhn, laborer 
123 Mrs Wm Connor 
125 Wm Clucas, builder 
127 Wm Ede, clerk | 

129 Robert Hunter, auctioneer 
131 Wm McCusker, speculator 
Hess-st intersects 

Caroline-st north, east side, 
from 168 King west to 

2 Mills & McKellar, builders 
Alarket-st intersects 
24 John x\nderson 
26 George Grayson, spring mkr 
28 Rees Evans, printer 
30 Thos McBride 
32 Wm VV McKee, nailer 

Mrs Angus McLeod, teacher 
Napier-st intersects 
46 George Carlislie, carpenter 
Yo'rk-st intersects 
Fred Gottoroff, marble cut'r 
68 John Brown, blacksmith 
r68 Richard Shaldrick, carter 
70-2 Wm Evans, planing mill 
74 Mrs C McGuigan 
76 Michael Rock, harnes 
78 Robert Boles, laborersmkr 



50 Wm Smith, moulder 
82 Fred Rice, laborer 

84 H H Waybrant, machinist 
86 Andrew Grey, checker 
Cafition-st intersects 

88 N A McDonald, carpenter 

90 John Elliott 

92 Thomas Winfield, carpenter 
Vacant lots 

G C Morrison, engine works 
Hamilton Bridge & Tool Co 
Stuart-st intersects 

Caroline-st north, west side 

7 James Foster, cutter 
9 Samuel Saunders, traveler 
II Mrs P Sullivan 

Market-st intersects 
2^3 ^Wm Low, carpenter 
31 Adam Zinmierman, tailor 
I ^^ 33 Wm Aitchison, manf 
Napier-st intersects 

36 James Taylor, bricklayer 

37 James Spring, laborer 

39 J Marshall, wire rope maker 
41 John Shields, laborer 
43 J Brundle, letter collector 
45 James Vint, stonecutter 
47 Benj Myers, enginner 
49 Mrs Shepard 

51 B M Danforth, nailer 

York-st intersects 
71 H Granger, agent 
73 Michael White, tailor 
r 73 Mrs James Horan 

Patrick Moran, laborer 
79 Mrs James McBrier 
r79 Alfred Hewitt, clerk 
r 79 Mrs Mary Redman 

81 Thaddeus Joiner, laborer 
r8i H M Arthur 
r8i H Schadel, tobacconist 
83 Wallace Walton, laborer 

Cannon-st intersects 
89 Edward Joyce, pamter 

89 Wm Russell, laborer 

91 Mrs Mary Wenneshimer, 

93 Mrs H E Thompson 
95 David Flintoft, teamster 
97 John G Sherring, plasterer 

Mill-st intersects 
99 Nicholas Cullinan, laborer 
101 Vacant 

103 Wm Mepham, bricklayer 
105 Wm Cuseck, laborer 
107 Wm Hatton, laborer 
109 Richard Bolton, laborer 
III Vacant 
113 Vacant 
115 Miss Mary Sheen 
115 John Whitney, laborer 
Harriet-st intersects 
119 Joseph Panter, carpenter 
121 John Dawson, laborer 
123 W J Kerr, moulder 
Elleti-st intersects 
■ M Wilson & Co, manfrs 
Bartoti-st intersects 
B McGillicuddy, laborer 
Mrs Elliott 

Laurence Grill, laborer 
Michael Moroney, laborer 
Jeremiah Connor, laborer 
Eliza-st i7itersects 

Caroline-st sontli, east side, 
from 141 King west to Con- 

M Charlesworth 
3 W H Dean, com traveler 
5 J W Gerrie, druggist 
7 E Freeman, ins agent 
W J Field, merchant 
II D R Dewey, publisher 
II D Dewey, ice dealer 
George-st intersects 
Collegiate Institute 
Maiti-st intersects 
15 Thomas Nicholson, salesman 
17 Mrs Richard Field 
19 John Donaldson, engineer 
Jackson-st intersects 
W E Sanford, merchant " 



Hunter-st intersects 

47 John Hapbush 

51 Mrs P Butler 

Bold-st intersects 

53 Isaac Coombs, patternmaker 
61 Alex Munro, com traveler 
63 Mrs Thos Flack 

65 Mrs Wm Holcomb 

Duke-st tnter sects 

77 Samuel Aylett, gardener 
79 Geo McVittie, coachman 
81 Anthony Belau, tailor 

Robinson-st intersects 
97 James Jobson, pork curer 
99 George Shaw, gardener 
10 1 Geo Brettingham, fitter 
Mrs F Willman 
Hannah-st intersects 
113 Rich Harper, machinist 
Herkimer and Marklmid-sts in- 
John Hughes, laborer 
Alex Gardener, carter 
Concession-st intersects 

Caroline-st south, west side 

American Bracket Works 
George and Main-sts intersect 
14 John McMaster, merchant 
Jackson-st intersects 
Private grounds 
Hunter-st intersects 
38 James Dodman, grocer 
46 Donald Paterson, laborer 

48 Robert Bulley, tailor 
50 Mrs Wm Jamieson 

52 Mrs Samuel Blair 

54 Wm Myles, laborer 
56 A B Baxter, butcher 

Bold-st intersects 
58 Edwin B Feast, grocer 

66 Mrs J F Davidson 

72 Home of the Friendless 
Duke-st intersects 

78 Rev A C Crews 

78 Andrew J Cox 
80 Mrs Wm Chisholm 
82 Robt McKay, plasterer 
Robinson-st intersects 
96 Geo Pfann, cabinetmaker 
98 John VVhite, bricklayer 
100 Jas Reid, carpenter 

Hunter-st intersects 
108 C Toll, laborer 
no John Lang, bricklayer 
112 Geo Hunt, broommaker 
114 Mathew Gair, pianomaker 
116 Fred Setzkorn, laborer 
118 Wm Pesel, laborer 
120 Jas Malcolm, mason 
Herkimer-st intersects 
Jacob F EUsurerth, grocer 
John Cardwell, plasterer 
James Milne, gardener 

Market-st intersects 
James Rayment, gardener 
Robert Hillier, clerk 
Concession-st intersects 

Catharina-st, now called 
Young, north side, from 105 
James s to Wellington 

1 Bennbi Daniels, merchant 
3 G D Roberts, printer 
5 Chas Lemon, barrister 
Hughson-st intersects 
1 1 Geo A Young, ins agent 
13 Chas Dempster, manf 
John-st intersects 
•21 David Barton, bookkeeper 
23 Geo S Findlay, com trav 
25 Mrs Evan Davis 

Catharinest intersects 
37 Fletcher Reid, laborer 
39 Patrick Booth, shoemaker 
41 Vacant 

43 Andrew C Martin, merchant 
45 Wm J Fitzgerald, carpenter 
47 Mrs John Prinderville 
mYz Andrew Proost, barber 



49 Peter Fobert, tinsmith 
51 Dennis Corcoran, carpenter 
r " Mrs Ann Riddle 
r *' Mrs Bridget Kidney 
r *' Mrs Charles Dabbs 
r " Samuel Mulholland, laborer 
r " James Brown, carpenter 
r " Charles Williams, plasterer 
53 Mrs Catharine Murphy 
55 Simon Laury, agent 
57 James Lewi^, machinist 
59 Mrs Wm Dicker 
61 Michael Sullivan, laborer 
63 Charles Evans, lamplighter 
67 Herbert Cotton, plasterer 

Walnut-st intersects 
69 Thos Harlow, grocer 
.7 I James Cailan, laborer 
73 Peter Mulholland, box maker 
75 Wm Burgess, laborer 
7,7 John Cauley 
79 Mrs C Campbell 
81 George Warmington, plumber 
d>T^ Robert Barrett, laborer 
85 John Miller, plasterer 
87 Patrick O'Brien, laborer 
^ 89 Mrs John Anketell 
91 James McGraw, laborer 
93 Robert Keays, laborer 
95 W C Wilde, printer 

Cherry-st intersects 
97 J Donovan, shoemaker 
99 Dennis D Sullivan, laborer 
Ontario Canning Co 
Liberty-st intersects 
Vacant Iocs 

Aurora-st intersects 
117 Alex Finlayson, salesman 
127 John Walsh, shoemaker 
129 Addison & Sons, builders 
Wellim^tonst intersects 

Catharina-sb, south side 

Vac int fots 

Hughson-st intersects 
' 8 Mrs xM.iria D ;lley 
10 Vacant 
12 Thos Mead, builder 

12 J Wm Hunt, moulder 

14 John Reynolds, lumberman 

16 Mrs Elizabeth Williamson 

John-st Intersects 
18 J G Buchanan, editor 
20 David Dunlop, harnessmak'r 
22 Simon Doak, blacksmith 
24 Charles Post, carpenter 
26 Miss Mary A Carry 
28 Miss Martha Thompson 
30 Wm Francis, pedler 
32 Mrs Ryan 

Catharine-st intersects 
40 James Philp, saddler 
44 Edmund Smee, shoemaker 
46 Wm F Hammond, shoemkr 
48 Wm E Myres, shoemaker 
50 N Mc Adams, broom maker 

r " George Hogarth, carpenter 
50^ James O'Brien, laborer 
52 Philip Fenton, grocer 
54 Mrs Adam Allan 
56 Vacant 

58 John Geary, gardener 
60 Wm Towler, broom mkr 
62 Chas Watson, hackman 
62)^ Robert Rowan, laborer 

Walnut- st intersects 
64 Anthony Rowan, laborer 
76 Vacant 

78 John Coates, dairyman 
80 Michael Carroll, shoemaker 
Cherry-st intersects 

100 Robert Patrick, laborer 

102 Wm Smith, stovemounter 

104 Wm Warnick 

106 John Somers, laborer 

108 Clias H Gracie, laborer 

no John Flemming laborer 

r " Wm Stokes, laborer 

r " John Connelly 

ri6 Mrs Wm Montgomery 
Aurora 6^ Liber ty-sts intersect 

120 Wm Kemp, painter 

122 John O'Neil, laborer 

124 John Sheehan 

126 Mrs Ann Stevens 



128 Wm Flynn, clerk P O 
130 Michael Dwyer, shoemaker 
132 Robt McLennan 
136 J W Tice, laborer 

Wellington-st itttersects 

Catharine-st n, east side, from 
104 King east to the Bay 

King Wm-st intersects 

16 Elias King, porter 

20 John Temple, livery 

22 Peter Armstrong, carriage 

24 Vacant 

26 Vacant 

Rebecca-st intersects 

30 Vacant 

32 Wm Gordon, cooper 

34 Geo Barr, engineer 

36 Benj Lewis, wool sorter 

38 John MacKelcan, M 1) 

40 T O Lucas, butcher 

42 C J Williams, oil manfr 

44 Mrs John Atkinson 

46 Geo S Coulson, grain dealer 

48 James S Amos 

50 Louis Schwarz, tobacconist 

52 Frank MacKelcan, barrister 

54 H A MacKelcan, barrister 

56 Vacant 

58 Vacant 

581^ Vacant 

60 Vacant 

62 Vacant 

64 F Villiers 

66 James Phelan 

70 J H Mattice, agent Globe 

72 O C Sweet, manfr 

74 Thos Smith, carpenter 
Cannon-st intersects 

94 A C Anderson, jeweler 

94>^ T E Brown, checker 

96 Samuel Simpson, engineer 
100 James Hopkins 
102 Joseph Champagne, harness 

no D Moore, & Co, founders 

Robert-st intersects 
114 Mrs Wm Johnston 
116 Fred Daugal, shoemaker 
118 Joseph Dodson, printer 
120 Vacant 

122 Clark Madgett, machmist 
124 Michael Malone 
126 Mrs Wm Lang 
r " Mrs Eliza Summers 
128 Wm McQueen, laborer 
130 James Connell, milk dealer 
132 Louis Selback, biscuit baker 
134 Miss Esther Phillips 
136 Thos Watson, tinsmith 
138 Patrick J Kelly, tailor 
144 Wm Marcham, laborer 
146 Mrs Ellen Laven 
150 Geo Webb, laborer 
152 Mrs Hy Witherspoon 
154 Edward Lane, produce dealer 
160 Mrs Margaret Houlden 

Jiarton-st intersects 
162 Mrs M Mulholland 
164 Isaac Hodgins, engineer 
166 Robert Bennett, moulder 
168 Patrick Rodgers, laborer 
170 E Ringer, melter 
172 James Buntin, painter 
174 James Johnston, laborer 
176 Ed Nagel, machinist 
178 Jas Maddock, cabinet maker 
180 Lewis Johnson, blacksmith 
182 Mrs Edward Devine 
184 Peter Scott, engineer 
186 Jacob Young, painter 
Murray-st itttersects 
202 Alex McNab, stonecutter 
204 James Govey, laborer 
206 M Mageurs, dairyman 
r " Daniel O'Neill, machinist 
r " J Henderson, painter 

G T R track intersects 
210 Arch Webster, machinist 

Strachan-st intersects 
220 Wm S Smith, traveler 
Simcoe-st intersects 
228 George Wheeler, engineer 

2m , 


Thomas Faljhee, car checker 
Thomas Kenny, car exam'er 
Ferne-st intersects 
238 Michael VVynn, laborer 

Picton-st intersects 
246 John Miller, laborer 

Macaulay-st intersects 
268 Jas Williams, teamster 

Wood-st intersects 
329 Chas Frank, glue manf 

Brock-st intersects 
370 Geo Freeborn, laborer 
372 Robt Patterson, laborer 
374 James Black, laborer 
376 John Whalen, laborer 
Vacant lots to end 

Catharine-st n, west side 

1-5 Adam Hope & Co, hard- 
King Wm-st intersects 

19 Gurney's warehouse 
Rebecca-st intersects 

25 John Rowan, barber 

27 David Boyd, cooper 

29 Vacant 

31 Mrs M J Stacy 

33 T Patterson, blacksmith 

35 Mrs Ellen Shibley 

37 George Moore, carpenter 

39 Charles Smith, tailor 

41 Thos Lahey, messenger 

43 H T Boyle, clerk 

45 Mrs VVm Orr 

49 Geo S Nixon 

Gore-st ends 

51 Mrs Wm Rowe 

53 C Delorme, carriage maker 

55 Henry Beare, laborer 

55^ A Stewart, ornamenter 

57 Mrs C T McMichael 

59 Mrs Ellen Fields 

61 Wm Frier, dry goods 

63 Ed Bethune, bookkeeper 

65 Rev Solomon Leogon 

67 Owen Catharine, smelter 

69 James Babb, iron me,lterv' • 

7 1 Wm Gunner, tea dealer 

75 Patr'ck Allen, laborer 

77 James Jones, moulder 
Cannon-st intersects 

79 James M Byrens, builder 

81 W H Belnap, tinsmith 

85 Luke Lucas, moulder 

87 Thos McGregor, moulder 

89 Nicholas Buck, tailor 

95 Wm Bowsted, machinist 

99 John Freeth, sr 
103 George Panter, stonecutter r. 
r " John Appleyard, machinist 
105 Wm Jones, moulder 
107 Mrs M Young 
109 Mrs Fallen Roach 
1 1 1 Wm H McCornus, laborer. 
113 Mrs W Hurd 
115 Washington Woodson, laborer 
1 1 7 Mrs Wm Johnson 

Robert-st intersects 
119 Thos Rumsey, polisher 
123 Steven Chapman 
125. Henry McKee, laborer 
129 Joseph Sullivan, blacksmith,,! 
131 Joseph Sullivan, blacksmitb^J 
133 Michael Mclnerney^mouldpr^ - 
135 Mrs Henry McStravick 
137 Edward Sheppard, carpenter, * 
141 Alex Morison, fireman 
143 Patrick Barrett, tinsmith 
145 John Levis, laborer 
147 VVm O'Neil, mason 
149 John Orr, laborer j 

151 Mrs Francis Skoly 
153 Wm Cameron, hotel 
Bartm-st intersects 
155 P Holleran, grocer 
157 Mrs John Kirkham 
159 Wm Henderson, laborer i 
16 r Michael Hinchey, laborer 
163 James Ryan, laborer 
165 Mrs John Burns 
167 Louis Moore, cabinetmakfer 
175 John O'Neil, engineer 
181 Mrs Ann McBridc 
185 Mrs Emma Lee 



Murray-st intersects 
199 Vacant 

Stuart-st ends 
201 James Barry, laborer 
203 Charles Honsden, malster 
205 Richard Nicholson, laborer 
r " VVm Bolton, carpenter 
r " Thomas Best, laborer 
Walter Potter 
G T Railway bridge 
Strachan-st intersects 
219 Mrs Kate Holleran 

Wm Bragg, yardsman 
223 Francis Hamburg, loom fixer 
225 John Flahaven, painter 
227 Daniel McBride, pedler 
Simcoe-si intersects 
John Callaghan, driver 
225 John Christie, blacksmith 

Ferrie-st intersects 
249 Patrick Coughlin, laborer 
Picton and Macauley-sts intersect 
253 Wm Gerrie, moulder 
Wood-st intersects 
327 Patrick O'Neil. teamster 
329 M Kavanagh, boilermaker 
331 H Becker, laborer 

Gompf s brewery 
Burlington and Brock-sts tntersect 
367 J H Ainsborough,mouIder 
Gtdse-st intersects 

Catharine-st s, east side, from 
73 King e to the Mountain 

Main-st intersects 

Joseph Hoodless' factory 

Lumber yard 
jFackson-st intersects 
27 J Hoodless, cabinet maker 
32 Vacant 

2il James Bridge wood, fruit 
35 Francis Waters, teamster 
37 David West, laborer 
39 J McMillan, carriage maker 
41 A Mitchell, harness maker 
45 Jas Hoyle, tailor 


45^ Michael Allan, shoemaker 

Hunter-st intersects 
47 John Zoeller, tailor 
47^ John Almas, farmer 
49 Isaac Eisenberg, tailor 
51 Edward Warren 
53 J E O'Reilly, barrister 
65 S E Gregory 
73 Miles O'Reilly, Q C 
77 Henry Braid, foreman 
79 Vacant 

81 Mrs Robert Kilgour 
%T^ James Kilgour, music dealer 
Vacant lots 

Young-st intersects 
97 F C Webber, builder 
99 Wm Knags, machinist 
loi Vacant 

1 03 Geo H Webber, bricklayer 
105 FW Passmore, painter 
107 Geo lllley, pattern maker 
109 Frank B Halliday, com trav 
1 1 T J B House 
113 Simon Stein, jeweler 
115 W A Bellhouse, clerk 
Maria-st intersects 
117 H C Bliss, patent medicines 
Han7iah-st intersects 

Catharine-st s, west side 

2 W Richardson 

Wanzer & Go's foundry 

Main-st intersects 
Mcllwraith's coal yard 
20 Vacant 

22 Thos James, saddler 
24 Edwin Grigg 
26 Thos Sturdy, tinsmith 
28 E Webber, livery 
30 yeo Flette, tailor 

Jackson-st intersects 
30 James Dowden, whitewasher 
30 Mrs S Page 
40 Francis Taafe, butcher 
42 Thos H Loney, tiiail carrier 
44 Wm Hazell, engineer 
Hunter-st intersects 



52 Mrs Charles Shields 

54 Vacant 

56 Joseph Smye, wheelwright 

58 Mrs H Beaton 

60 S Davis, jr, clerk 

62 A W Andrews, laborer 

64 Martin TenEyck 

68 Mrs A Terryberry 

70 Wm Robinson, jr, laborer 

72 Wm Robinson, laborer 
Augusta-st intersects 

76 Charles Barlow, carpenter 

80 Mrs Hannah Bell 

82 Thos Paradine, sexton 

88 John Burkholder, ens;ineer 

90 Mrs C Nichol 

92 Edward T Wright, japanner 
Young-st intersects 

94 John R NichoUs, clerk 

96 Charles Post, laborer 

98 George Mellon 
102 George LeRiche, druggist 
104 G Haas, nurseryman 
106 Capt John Roberts 
108 H G Love, contractor 
no H Barnard 
112 F W Large, agent Mail 
114 Jas G Insole, com traveler 
116 Samuel Nadin, bookkeeper 

Maria-st intersects 
118 Charles Powis, bank clerk 
120 Wm Nixon, quarryman 
122 Robert Berryman, merchant 
124 James O'Heir, machinist 

Cathcart Lower-st, east side, 
from 166 Eebecca to Barton 

Wilson-st intersects 
1 2 Patrick Ward, laborer 
14 Vacant % 

16 Ernest Schultz, tinsmith 
18 Mrs Philip Oxley 
20 Joseph Acheson, machinist 
Hamilton clock works 
Kelly-st intersects 
32 John Sullivan, brakeman 
34 A Henstridge, painter 

36 Andrew Stonehouse,blksmith 

38 E W Hyde, news agent 
40 G Turner, carpenter 
46 Jossph Kneeshaw 

48 Mrs E Mcllwraith 

Cannon-st intersects 
52 Joseph Walton, clerk 
54 Wm Smith, stonemason 
56 G A Smith, bricklayer 
561^ Wm Hunter, porter 
58 Peter Boniface, tinsmith 
60 Fred Aldridge, printer 
62 A R Highnell, printer 
64 Thomas Ham, printer 
66 James Truscott, machinist 
68 Wm Simpson, baker 
70 Wm Bay lie, laborer 
70^ Wm Harper 
72 James Robins, butcher 
74 Michael Gallagher, shoemkr 
76 Thos Tompkins, cigarmkr 
78 B Ketch eson, moulder 
80 J no Woodman, baggageman 
82 Wm Whiteside, machinist 
84 — Payne, laborer 
Patterson Bros, lumber 

Cathcart Lower, west side 

I Vacant 

IVilson-st intersects 
II John Morton, grocer 
13 Luke Cuzner, tinsmith 
15 Edward Denroche, carpenter 
15 Wm Morrow, laborer 
19 John Groves, brakeman 
21 Mrs James Hampson 
23 James Webster, mason 
25 Wm Old, laborer 
27 Mrs John Madden 
Kelly-st intersects 
29 Mrs John Kelly 
31 Richard Wakely, teamster 
33 Thos Anderson, machinist 
35 John Barnes, livery 
2>S/2 Mrs James Truscott 

37 A D Parks, inspector 

39 Mrs Mary Bennetto 
Mrs Wm Sharp 

Union wood and coal yard 



Cannon-st intersects 
53 James Carter, bricklayer 
55 S J Stratton, clerk 

'55 J<^^" Booth, signalman 
57 David Congo, porter 
59 Jas Eltsworth, carpenter 
61 Abe Hobson, glassblower 
69 John Smith, teamster 
71 Jas Pett, tanner 
73 Frank G Kelk, tailor 
75 Geo McGilvrey, conductor 
81 Francis Elder, tailor 

, ^T^ Thus McCann, m ••ilder 
85 Walter Butler, turner 
87 Stanley Arnold, upholsterer 
89 Charles Hughes, carpenter 
91 John McGarrigle, laborer 
93 Henry Norman 
95 Jas Shoots, carriage trimmer 
97 James Kelly, shoemaker 
99 Arthur Sharp, cabinetmaker 

10 1 Albert H Young, clerk 
Barton-st intersects 

Oathcart, Upper, east side 
from 198 King e to King 

2-4 Vacant 

6 A Leighton, laborer 

8 David McKillop, machinist 

10 Jovide Filiatrault, laborer 
1 2 Mrs Evans Griffiths 

16 Vacant 

20 Lawrence Beltz, tailor 
22 Amale Lamoreaux, shoerakr 
Brennen's lumber yard 
King Wm-st intersects 

Cathcart, Upper, west side 

I Mrs Jarvis 

5 George Peters, clerk 

7 Thos Bogges, brokef 

9 John Christian, porter 

1 1 J D Pennington & Co, manfs 
15 C A Stevens, porter 

17 Joseph Chapman, laborer 

King Wm-st intersects 

Centre-st, from 11 Colborne-st 

I Edwin Tinsley, engineer 
J S Lillis, cigar maker 

Charles-st east side, from 57 
King-st w, south to Bold 

3 Vacant 

5 Daniel Sullivan, livery 
7 Mills & McKellar, carpters 
Thos Lawry's warehouse 

1 1 Edmund Hudson, clerk 

13 Henry Lawry, butcher 

15 Robert Addison, carpenter 
17 Dan LeMessurier, painter 
23 Murton & Reid, coal dealers 

Main-st intersects 
Vacant grounds 
Jackson-st intersects 
39 Robert Duncan, merchant 
41 A R Kerr, merchant 
43 Alex Gartshore, manf 
45 Miss Ann Meade 
47 Thomas Tandy, G T R 
53 Fred G Foster, florist 
55 Mrs Jane Page 
" Thos McKenna 
" Peter G Sinclair, gardener 

Hunter-st intersects 
57 Lewis D Birely 
59 Mrs Peter Mclntyre 
63 Patrick Maguire 
67 S F Lazier, barrister 

Bold-st intersects 

Charles-st, west tide 

American hotel 
10 Wm S Sendall, carpenter 

12 Wm Reeves, baker 

14 C F Abraham, grain dealer 

Main-st intersects 
20 John B Youug, accountant 
26 Mrs James Ritchie 
28 John Rowan, pedler 
30 Joseph Smith, cabinetmaker 
32 Philip Stevens, laborer 
34 Mrs Richard Foquet 
36 Thos W Sellwood, machinist 



38 John Early, laborer 
40 Mrs James Flynn 

83 Samuel Porter, baker 
85 Wm Foster, moulder 
87 P G Cowil, salesman 

Jackson-st intersects 

46 Mrs Mary Hunter 

93 Walter Crossland, cigarmaker 

48 Vacant 

Maria-st intersects 

50 Robert Evans, seedsman 
54 Nursery 

Hunter-st intersects 

97 Thomas Lawlor, machinist 
99 Chas Kidner, printer 
loi T Lyons, laborer 

66 David Gillies, merchant 

103 Chas Farrell, clerk 

Bold-st intersects 

105 John Patterson, tailor 

113 Mrs Dennis Teene 

Clierry-st, east side, from 116 

115 James Flaherty, laborer 

High level pumping station 

" Main east to Mountain 

I Charles Olsen, shipper 

Cherry-st, west side 

3 Warren Spone, tailor 

N & N W station 

5 John Bradley, contractor 

Aaifi-st intersects 

7 Mrs John Shipton 

8 Thos W Reid, carpenter 

7^ Thos Stout, engineer 

10 Henry Hawkins, plasterer 

II T Sullivan, laborer 

12 Fred Cornell, plasterer 

II Alex Phillips, blacksmith 

14 Henry Williams, laborer 

Jackson-st intersects 

t6 John P Cline, marble cutter 

15 John Plant, wood dealer 

Jackso7i-st intei'sects 

23 Edwd McGrath, wagonmakr 

18 Fred Woodward, upholsterer 

25 David McBrien, painter 

20 Vacant 

Hunter-st intersects 

22 Thos Brick, carter 

35 G Fickley, shoemaker 

24 Robert J udd, pamter 

39 John Jeffrey, carpenter 

Hunter-st intersects 

41 James Osborne, engineer 

32 George Long, wood dealer 

43 Thos Stanton, painter 

34 James E May, carpenter 

45 L Reuben, pedler 

38 Alfred Wright, locksmith 

47 Dennis Kelly, machinist 

42 Robert Fitzmorris, moulder 

49 Mr^^John Donnelly 

44 Chas E Dunbar, moulder 

51 Wm Dodds, mason 

46 Hy Sharpe, carpenter 

53 J McMahon, moulder 

48 John Campbell, watchman 

55 Jas Sullivan, laborer 

52 E Warren 

QReilly-st intersects 

54 Miss B Burke, tailoress 

65 Joseph Gayette, porter 

56 P Taylor, baker 

67 fed Costello, laborer 

58 Dan Mahony, laborer 

69 John Prindiville, carpenter 

60 T H Baine, hotel 

r " James Canary, laborer 

Reilly-st intersects 

71 Edward Skinner, laborer 

66 James McGraw, laborer 
68 Robt C Bland, mschinist 

73 Mrs Patrick Doyle 

Young-st intersects 

70 Mrs Louis Rohmer 

11 Mrs Edward Gale 

72 Michael Murphy, laborer 

79 Thos Burns, laborer 

74 Peter McKernan, laborer 

81 Mrs E Sullivan 

Young-st intersects 



84 John Simpson, cigarmaker 

86 Vacant 

88 Vacant 

Maria-st intersects 

98 D C Connell, gardener 
109 James Patterson 
104 Wm Newbigging 
108 Wm Sullivan, laborer 
no Mrs Mary Sullivan 
112 Thomas Skinner, laborer 
114 Donald Foley, laborer 
116 John Goodfellow, painter 
118 John Wren, laborer 
Hannah-st intersects 

Chisliolm-st, east side, from 
225 Cannon e, north to Bar- 

2 Wm Long, laborer 
2^ Mrs Catharine Gage 

4 Michael Dunbar, carpenter 

8 James Wilson, dyer 

10 Oliver Simmons, moulder 
12 Wm Woodall, builder 
14 Arthur Duggan, brickmaker 
16 Joseph Cole, laborer 
18 Fred Arnat, tailor 
20 John Smith, bricklayer 
24 James Howard, bricklayer 
28 Samuel Fisher, laborer 
34 James Ling, carpenter 
36 Vacant 

40 Richard Winn, laborer 
44 Thomas Irwin, laborer 
48 George Miller 
50 Mrs James Lamrock 
56 Richard Wild, laborer 
58 James Ling, carpenter 
74 Frank Campaign, laborer 
Barton-st intereects 

Chisholm-st, west side 

1 W J Moore, painter 

3 P Dunbar, carpenter 

5 Erskine Smith, bricklayer 
5^ Wm Derby, buffer 

^ 7 Wm McCombe, moulder 

9 John Connor, sawyer 

IT Henry Myers, engineer 
21 Thomas Mullens, carpenter 
23 B Boreham, carpenter 
25 Wm Stinder, moulder 
27 R McMillan, carpenter 
29 Robeit Menary, dairyman 
31 James Millman, carpenter 
33 James Brock, whipniaker 
37 T Beardmore, hrassfinisher 
39 Chas Berry, pattern maker 
4( James Allan, moulder 
47 Andrew Laughlin, moulder 
51 Richard Hammond, laborer 
53 S Freeman, laborer 
57 James Fisher, polisher 
59 D Monger, porter 

Barton-st intersects 

Clark ave, east side, between 
Wellington and Victoria- 
ave, off Simcoe 

John Connell, bricklayer 
John Freeborn, laborer 
Wm Barclay, pattern fitter 
Patrick O'Neil, bricklayer 
J D Small, carpenter 
George Searles, laborer 

Clark-ave, west side 

Wm D Goodman, moulder 
G Grundy, gardener 
Thomas Riddeil, carpenter 
Thomas Freeborn, laborer 
Wm Mull vale, laborer 

Colborne-st, north side, from 
185 James n, west to Bay 

2 Gurneys & Ware, scale nifs 
12 Mrs R Seymour 
14 B J Conway, excise officer 
16 John A Ward, accountant 

Macnab-st intersects 
30 Walter McGiverin, laborer 
32 Vacant 

34 James F Lakeland, artist 
36 John Wynn, iron worker 



Park-st intersects 

John Smith, tailor 

64 Daniel Graham, carpenter 

Alfred Grigg, clerk 

66 Robert Harper, carpenter 

Garth-st intersects 

68 Alex M Ross, painter 

— Stillwell 

Bay-st intersects 

Colborns-st, south side 

Concession-st south side 

John Stuart, merchant 

ti George Smith, carpenter 

Wm Hunt, gardener 

Center-st imersects 

James Turner, merchant 

13 Chas Ley den, lithographer 

Wm J Copy, manfr 

. 15 Casper Teiper, manfr 

Thos Marshall, tailor : 

17 C M Belknap, lumber dealer 

Hess-st intersects 

Macnab or'Park-sts intersect 

A Powis, com traveler 

61 Martin Malone, barrister 

Queen-st intersects 

63 John McLaughlin, painter 

Joseph Grimes, laborer 

63 Charles H Egg, clerk 

James Findlay, roofer 

i, 65 Wm Wright, moulder 

Mountain-ave intersects 

67 Mrs N Bell 

James Keand 

Locke-st intersects 

69 Fred Venator, turner 

71 Hopkin Hamilton, moulder 

73 James Robson, brakeman 

Garth-st intersects 

Bay-st intersects 

Capt Nichol's farm 

Concession-st, north side,froin 

— McNab, farmer 
John Stuart, moulder 

Jamss to city limits 

J ' 

Wm Wright, machinist 

Crooks-st, east side, from York 

David C Dowrie, letter car'r 

to Barton 

M Dawson, letter carrier 

2 John Binkley, farmer 

" Wm Cook, coachman 

4 G Hutton, machinist 

George Catchpole, salesman 

6 Alex E Davis, telegraphist 

W H Gillard, merchant 

8 W J Morden, com agent 

Bay-st intersects 

10 Chas H Lucas, bookkeeper 

Joseph Hobson, C E 

12 James A Snider, miller 

John Alexander, merchant 

12^ Vacant 

Hilton 6^ Caroline-sts intersect 

14 E Housego, laborer 

Carl Dormer 

16 Thos Morley, laborer 


18 Samuel Gage, laborer 

20 Robert Lee, fireman 

Bruce 6^ Hess-sts intersect 

22 George Cook, watchman 

F Wilkinson, grain dealer 

26 Oliver McLeod, blacksmith 

John Hendry, pattern mkr 

32 James Wilson, painter 

Frank Lonsdale 

36 Wm Wright, laborer 

' Queen-st intersects 

Crooks-st, west side 

John Pearson, accountant 

9 James E Painter, fireman 

ICent and Lockc-sts intersect 

1 1 Shephard Latham, machinist 

Robt McFarlane, dairyman 

15 John Way, blacksmith 



17 Mrs J McColl 
19 Alex Elder, fitter 
21 Fred Weaver, switchman 
23 John Clayton, painter 
29 Henry Lendon, machinist 
31 John Mills, builder 
33 John Goddard, laborer 
35 Thos Ritchie, laborer 
37 Jas Badger, shoemaker 
39 Wm McMenemy, policeman 
Bar ion- st intersects 

Bevcnport-st, east side, from 
337 York to Tom 

6 John Copeland, carpenter 

8 Wm Sinclair, laborer 

10 Edward Ryckman, laborer 

18 Mrs Geo Myers 

22 James Garrett, moulder 
26 Louis Scheck, cabinetmaker 
Tom-st intersects 

Devonport-st, west side 

I Wm Newcombe, machinist 

3 John Wilson, carpenter 
5 Mrs John Manning 

7 Frank Baker, laborer 

9 George Carson, laborer 
15 Robert Douglas, moulder 
17 James O'Connor, painter 

19 Jarvis Abey, boilermakcr 
21 Jas Weatherston, carpenter 
29 John Mclnerney, laborer 

Tom-st interseas 

Duke-st. north side, from 100 
James s to western limits 

M Wright, cotton broker 

4 Geo Taylor, bookkeeper 
10 Dr J D Macdonald 

, Macnab 6^ Park-sts intersect 
36 Alex Bruce, barrister 
40 St Clair Balfour, merchant 
42 James Angus, sr 
44 James Angus, jr, hatter 
46 Mrs C McCallum 
46 Ed Furlong, barrister 

Bay-st intersects 
58 D Doyle, wagonmaker 
62 Wm Dickson, carpenter 
64 Rev John Gauld 
66 Mrs M J Davidson 
68 Vacant 

70 Robert McLeod, clerk 
72 Alfred Richmond, grocer 
Caroline-st intersects 
John Toner, teamster 
86 Thos Stevenson, carpenter 
Hess-st intersects 
John M Morris, engineer 
Queen-st intersects 
T40 Alfred Best, gardener 
142 Wm Murphy, carpenter 
144 Levi Buckingham, moulder 
146 Frank Connor, carriagemaky 
148 George Purrott, painter 
148^ Thos Home, laborer 
150 Richard McCarthy, laborer 
152 Wm Foulis, packer 
154 Henry Blankstein, carpente* 
Ray-st Intersects 
Cricket grounds 

Locke-st intersects 
Daniel Buckley, laborer 
Thos Franey, blacksmith 
Charles Burgess, laborer 
Mis Eliza George 
Jas Stevenson, hay dealer 
Vincent Shipley, laborer 
John Pfeiffer, laborer 
Garth -st intei sects 

Duke-st, south side 

I Vacant 

5 Matthew Leggat, merchant 
7 Alex W Roy, accountant 

Macnah-st intersects 

6 James Watson, president / ^ 

knitting company I g 
1 1 T H Macphcrson, mer- I 

chant < g 

13 D G Greer, estate agent I *^ 
15 Charles J Hope, mer- ■ "^ 




23 R A Lucas, merchant 

Park-st ifitersecfs 
37 John Muir, barrister 
41 Hamilton Young, manfr 
43 R Dunlop, manfr 
45 Mrs A Mackay, teacher 
47 John Stewart, accountant 
Bay-st intersects 
Egerton Healey, grocer 
53 Gregor Thompson, shoemkr 
67 Robert Watt, porter 
69 Henry Hamill, gardener 
73 James Castell, policeman 

Carotine-st intersects 
75 Jas Fraser, moulder 
John B Pattison 
Hess &> Queen-sts intersect 
143 Wright Smith, harness mkr 
145 Louis Banks, laborer ' 
147 Wm Duncan, gardener 
149 Wm Dunsmore, porter 
151 W H Clarke 

Ray 6^ Locke-sts intersect 
Jas Cook, painter 
Henry Jackson, painter 
John Maxwell, machinist 
John A Craven, blacksmith 
Thos Simpson, moulder 
Geo Norwood, brickmaker 
John McEwen, laborer 
Christopher Walters, laborer 
Wm Waddleton, tailor 
Garth-st intersects 

Dundurn-st, east side, from 
end of King west to York 

Tom-st intersects 
Ben Ironside, painter 
John Foreman, laborer 
Thos O'Neil, blacksmith 

3Dundurn-st, west side 

2 Edward Duncan, laborer 
George Walls, laborer 
12 Bernard McCoWell, laborer 
Ardavolich-st intersects 

22 M McGowan, butcher 
Florences t intersects 
John Martin, laborer 
Mrs Ann Hibbard 
Wm Strongman, carpenter 

Tom-st intersects 
Wm HBusCombe, bricklayer 
Wm Newcombe, finisher 
John Moore, laborer 
Chas McCarthy, laborer 
Samuel King, building re- 
W Inkson, traveler 
James Holland, locksmith 
Jones-st Intersects 
York-st intersects 

East-ave north, east side, from 
258 King east to South 

6 Thos H Pratt, merchant 
King Wtn-st intersects 

8 Edmund Hill, grocer 
1 2 J H Stone, manfr 
14 John Sch'wendau, tailor 
16 John McMaster, carpenter 
18 Mrs Joseph Mottashed 
20 G A Peterson, laborer ' 
22 Gustave Brizzie, moulder 
24 J E Riddell, tinsmith 
26 Albert E McNaii, clerk 
28 James Qua, G T R 
28>^ J Riddell, tinsmith 
30 Henry Sutton, conductor 
32 Thos Kilvington, sr, florist 
34 J J S mith, foreman 

Wilson-st intersects 
36 Robert King, laborer 
38 John Duffy ; 

40 F Crawley, machinist 
42 George Miller, policehian 
44 Thomas Bailey, carpenter 
46 J McGilvray, clerk 
48 John Black, brushmaker 
50 E Bezanson, photographer 
54 Robert Christie, supt '" 
56 Alfred Moore, policeman 



58 Mrs Samuel Anderson 

60 Hy Bennett, printer 

66 Henry Angold, machinist 

Evans-st intersects 
70 Mrs John Burk 
76 C K Jones, roofer 
76^ Wm Davis, blacksmith 

Catmon-st intersects 
78 John Truscott, carpenter 
88 Dennis Connors, gardener 
90 Wm D Broach, engineer 
92 — Greasley, gardener 
94 Thos G Maxwell, policeman 
96 C W Flanden, brakeman 
104 Jas Siddell, carpenter 
108 Wm Burgess, machinist 

Robert-st intersects 
112 Thomas Patterson, manf 
112^ Richard Smith, whipmaker 
114 Arthur Catchpole, laborer 
ii4^Chas Underwood, en- 
116 Vacant 
ii6| Vacant 
118 George Yunganger, sausage 

120 W J Lewis, carpenter 
122 Mrs John Priddis 
124 Jolin \V Sinclair, painter 
126 Geo Coleman, painter 
128 Martin Allen, laborer 
Jlarton-st intersects 
130-2 Vacant 

162 W L Jamieson, watchman 
168 James Young, laborer 
170 James Jackson, carpenter 
172 John Truscott, painter 
174 Jas Jones 
176 Mrs Charles Smith 
182 John Hope, tanner 
182 Robert F'aulks, carpenter 
194 — Miller 

196 J Elfving, basket maker 
198 Wm Weeks, whipmaker 
200 Alonzo Holmes traveler 
202 August Miller, machinist 
204 Thomas Brydgcs, laborer 

206 Wm Reid 

South -st intersects 

East-ave north, west side 

I John Cameron, clerk 

3 Thomas Stewart 

9 Jas Brown, hide inspector 

King IVm-st intersects 
1 1 K McKenzie, grocer 
13 Miss Mary Gregg 
15 Geo Smith 
17 Mrs Jane Burns 
2 1 PVancis Stewart, machinist ' 
23 Thos Mason, hatter 
25 C A Whitman, clerk 
25 >^ J F Monck, barrister 
27 James Mcintosh 
29 Samuel Bell, constable 
31 James Lavery, carpenter 
33 James Munroe 
35 W H McLaren, grocer 
37 Alfred Pilkey, agent 
37 James Mitchell, bailiff 
IVilson-st intersects 
37^ James O'Brien, moulder 
41 S Hastie, stovemounter 
43 Matthew Murphy, teamster 
45 Thos King, machinist 
49 E G Payne, ins agent 
55 Wallace Young, manf 
57 John Miles, carpenter 
59 John Leitch, machinist 
63 Ed W Cuttriss, carpenter 
65 John W Blakely, policeman 
67 Robert Somerville, carpenter 
69 J Richards, traveler 

Evans-st intersects 
63a Wm Pothiea, burnisher 
65a M Ryan, laborer 
67a David Simms, laborer 
69a Wm H Hunt, turner 
73 Wm A Sanders, baker 
Cannon-st intersects 
75 W G Servos, brakeman 
77 Napoleon Badean, shoemkr 
79 W R Leckie, bookkeeper 
81 J H Hamilton, builder 



83 Andrew Begg, laborer 
85 Wm Peebles, carpenter 
89 H C Breckm, spinner 
91 Andrew Cowan, clerk 
97 Clarence Forester, turner 
99 John Jeffs, snipper 
101 Wm Peace, carpenter 
105 John Alexander, moulder 
107 George Adams, stove fitter 
in Thos HenwooU, laborer 

Robert-st intersects 
121 O H Webber, bookkeeper 
123 J Graham, shoemaker 
125 Samuel Groves, blacksmith 
137 James Franks, painter 
129 Mrs O Edgebombe 
143 Joseph Spence, sailor 
145 Fred Tate, hatter 
147 Wm J Whitelock, mason 

Barton-st intersects 
155 Joseph Ray, buffer 
157 John McVittie, laborer 
161 James R Greenwood, hatter 
167 Fred Dittrick, bender 
167^ Tanis Osier 
169 Chas Voegeler, hatter 
173 Mrs Wm Towers, boarding 
179 John Booth 
183 J A Morrison, turner 
195 Wm Albins, machinist 
197 Vacant 

199 Geo D Tompkins, plumber 
201 Vacant 

South-st intersects 

East-ave s, east side, from end 
of King e to Stinson 

I J as Elliott, agent 
3 Robert Young, mant 
Mam-st intersects 
31 David Dexter 
33 J L) Ctimie, merchant 
35 Wm Dixon, fruiterer 
37 James Dixon, fruit dealer 
39 W W Robinson, manager D 

Moore &: Co 
41 George Black, Northwestern 
Tel Co 

43 Mrs James Widger 

45 James McPherson 

5 1 B J Morgan, flour dealer 

Hunter-st intersects 
53 George James, merchant 
55 Joseph Culham, barrister 
57 Donald McPhie, plumber 

61 F'red W Wilson, manfr 

63 M A Kerr, manfr 
73 D W Giichell 

75 J M Lester 

77 S E Townsend, accountant 
79 Chas H Foster, merchant 

Stinson-st intersects 

East-ave south, west side 

St Patrick's Church 
iVlain-st intersects 
30 S Rose, traveler 
32 H H Findlay, traveler 
34 C F Stillwell 
38 Andrew W Gage, merchant 
40 John G Bowes, manf 
42 Wm S Moore, merchant 
44 Samuel Davis, sr 

Hunter-st intersects 
60 R H Jurvis, ins inspector 

62 R J Husband, dentist 

64 Edgar Watkins, merchant 
66 Mr:> Richard Greene 

72 F C Fearman 

78 Wm James, traveler 
80 Vacant 

Elgin-st, east side, from 16 
Wilson north to Barton 

2 Benj Saiisiniry, sacid^er 

4 H Gt:iss, 
, 6 Caleb Buchaii.ui, |.ri?Uer 

8 Mrs S Cu!e 
10 George Winn. siu/ein..)ker 
12 Alfred Wiilinon.', machinist 
14 S V King, moalder 

Kelly-st intersects 
16 Samuel Ailliur, builder 
18 J Mathews, clerk post office 
18^ T McLelland, engineer 



20 S McNeil, laborer 

22 Richard Clark, moulder 

24 Ed Crofton, painter 

26 James Vlunn, teamster 
28 Mrs Charles Parker 
30 Joseph Gates 

32 John Macabe, traveler 
34 E A. Dalley, druggist 
36 Thos Sloan 

Cannon-st intersects 

Vacant grounds 
Robert-st intersects 
68 Vacant 

70 John Wilmot, scalemaker 
72 James Gilchrist, carpenter 
72)^ Mrs James Foster 
74 Dan Curell jr, machinist 
76 Thos Beasley, conductor 
78 M Turnbull, machinist 
80. W Freeman, coal dealer 
82 John Wilkinson, engineer 
84 C L Smith, builder 
86 VVm Smale. sr 
^'^ Samuel Stephens, moulder 
90 C Dallyn, barber 
92 Mrs John Weaver 
94 Mrs Jeff Stephens 
96 John Burns, printer 
98 M Dwyer, machinist 

George Elliot, expressman 
Bartons t intersects 

County jail 

Hamilton Wheel Works 

Elgin street, west side 

I Wm J Vale, j)rinter 
3 G Swartzenburg, whip maker 
7 Charles Myles, coal dealer 
9 Wm Larkin, moulder 
II Joseph Bcddoe, shoemaker 
13 James Connolly, grocer 

Kelly-st intersects 
15 R C Steven-^on, bookkeeper 
15!/^ E I) H Mundell, traveler 
17 Wm Rogers 

23 — Ryan 

25 Elwood Cooney, laborer 

27 Mrs Elizabeth Crawford 

29 Thos Martrh, mail clerk 

31 Mrs Jacob Storm 

33 Hugh McGowan, butcher 

Cannon-st intersects 
45 John Milne, manfr 
47 J W Sanders, japanncr 
49 James Holleran, moulder 
5 I Mrs G Kent 
63 D A MacNabb 

Robert-st intersects 
69 71 James Mills, grocer 
73 Geo T King, roadmaster 
75 Mrs Donald McGillivray 
77 Joseph Greenfield 
79 Mrs E 1 Cusrck 
81 John F Jagoe, broker 
^T^ S Morrison, agent 
87 Thomas Glass, moulder 
89 T Hall, engine driver 
91 Gilbert Vanwyck, tailor 
93 Wm Carroll, polisher 
95 R Press, builder 
97 Ed Burniston, carpenter 
99 G B Phibbs, wheelwright 
10 1 Chas R Hunt, tinsmith 
loi^ Wm Larkin, moulder 
103 E H Dunnett, clerk 
105 Simon Springstead, grocer 
Barton-st intersects 
R M Wanzer & Go's factory 

Elizabeth-st, from New to 

Charles North, mason 

Eliza-st, commencing on the 
west side of Caroline north 
of Stuart 

Patrick Leonard, laborer 
James Parker, laborer 

EUen-st, from 133 Caroline n, 
west to Hess 
Not built upon 



Emerald-st n, west side 

Vacant lots 
King IVm-st intersects 
23 E Furneaux, carpenter 
25 V Steinmetz, tailor 
31 Wm P Strickland, machinist 
33 James Henderson 
35 Christopher Mason, enginr 
39 Wm Lawrence, laborer 
Emerald Street Methodist 
45 Rev J H Collins 

Wilson-st intersects 
53 J Klock, cigar maker 
55 Richard George, shoemaker 
57 Alfred Charlesworth, shoemr 
59 Samuel Griffith, porter 
61 Mrs John Menzie 
63 Thos Lovejoy, mason 
65 James D Smith, biacasmith 
67 George Croal, blacksmith 
71 Wm Sutton, collar maker 
73 John Jackson, laborer 
75 John Dow, laborer 

Evans st intersects 
77 Matthew Collins, wool carder 
79 Vacant 

8 1 Walter Sweet, grain dealer 
83 Thos Bale, com traveler 

Cannon-st intersects 
87 David Wark, constable 
97 Joseph Smith, confectioner 
99 Thomas Cline 
loi P Thompson, grocer 
103 John J Cline, grocer 
105 John Taylor, blacksmith 
107 John E White, builder 
119 Jos Hargrove, agent 

Robert-st intersects 
123 Wm Littlejohns, builder 
125 Wm Chiswell, moulder 
127 James Scott, painter 
129 Thos Armitage, machinist 
133 Chas Britt, laborer 
135 Alfred Coleman, carpenter 

Barton-st intersects 

171 Silas W Tabb, carpenter 
177 James Muir, baggageman 
179 Wm Ayers, carpenter 
183 Sylvester Whalen, silversmith 
185 John Ba*^stone, baker 
193 Joseph Thompson, laborer 
203 W Johnston, laborer 
South-st intersects 

Emerald-st n, east side, from 
258 King e to the Bay 

St. John's Church 
2 M Lewis, polisher 
4 James Anderson, stonecutter 
8 Thos Lawrence, carpenter 

King Wm-st intersects 
14 Mrs John Knapman 
t6 David Stock, city foreman 
18 Robert Clohecy, carpenter 
20 Wm Brown, shoemaker 
22 Joel Lee, cabinet maker 
24 George Ross, clerk P O 
26 John C Stone, traveler 
28 Mrs Wm Hill 
30 PVed Vanstone, cutter 
32 John Howard, bricklayer 
34 A B Holmes, shoemaker 
36 Robert Hyslop, com trav 
38 Charles Lish, shoemaker 
40 Alex Thomson, reporter 
42 H J Prowse, patternmaker 
44 Wm Reid, policeman 
Wilson-st intersects 

48 Patrick Shea, blacksmith 

50 J A Durfey, laborer 

52 Hy Way, butcher 

54 Mrs Agnes McCloy 

58 Mrs Wm Dixon 

60 VV R Stuart, grocer 

62 Henry Young, carpenter 

64 Richird (^ray 

66 Duncan Graham, laborer 

68 Wm Yates, bricklayer 

70 George Simpson, moulder 

74 George Sheet, moulder 
r 74 Henry Fuller, tailor 
r 74 Thos Aldridge, shoemaker 

76 David Murray, gardener 



' 80 Alex Clark, mason 
82 James Flight, mason 
84 Thos B S Austin, letter car'r 
90 George Bailey, lamplighter 
92 Henry Headland, miller 

Cannon-st intersects 
92 Jos Kirkpatrick, grocer 
94 Robt Ashbaugh, hotelkeeper 
96 H Braid, jr, shoemaker 
98 Miss Hodge 
100 Wm Wilson, moulder 
102 Jacob Haygarth, machinist 
104 John Monteith, moulder 
106 Geo Parker, carpenter 
106^ Wm Robinson, brakeman 
108 Geo Watson, cabinetmaker 
112 Arch McKenzie, carpenter 
114 John Sullivan, laborer 
116 Wm Robinson, constable 
118 Eric Bowers, shoemaker 
120 Joseph Servos, fireman 
122 Michael Murphy, shoemaker 
126 Charles Mooney, laborer 
1 26 J James Hampson 
128 Wm Forster, turner 
128^ James Rogers, plasterer 
130 John Legarie, blacksmith 
132 Henry Marricott, machinist 
134 Michael Henry, carpenter 
136 Thos Caiji, shoemaker 
142 John Herman, butcher 
146 John Partridge, moulder 
150 Geo King 
152 John Wise, carpenter 
154 Wm Baddams. mason 
148 J^mes Hurley, moulder 

Bartons t intersects 
168 Edward Kennard, cabinet 

170 James Hobbs, carpenter 
172 James Frith, blacksmith 
174 Simon Buchanan, carpenter 
182 Lewis Lottridge, dairyman 
186 O Lagarie, blacksmith 
188 Joseph Mathews, carpenter 
190 W B Smith, planer 
192 Burton Smith, carpenter 
194 K McGilvray, carpenter 

196 Vacant 

198 E H Austin, carpenter 
Southst intersects 

Emerald-st s, east side, from 
King e to Stinson 

3 James Heyes 
9 Geo H Gillespie, merchant 
Main-st intersects 

43 David Morton, soap factory 
55 A N Barber 

57 Vacant 

7 1 Wm T Watkins, merchant 
73 R Fuller, contractor 
75 J Zimmerman, dentist 
77 R R Morgan, flour and feed 
79 Thomas Oliver, buyer 
Siinson-st intersects 

Emerald-st s, west side 

Vacant grounds 
8 W J McDonald, builder 
10 Jpsias Bray, ins agent 
12 John Morton, soap manf 
E P Smith, traveler 
Main-st intersects 
40 P S Campbell, teacher 
42 Wm Smith, accountant 

44 C A Davis, dentist 

46 J S McMahon, merchant 

48 John Tunstead manf 

50 G S Sexsmith, cutter 

52 Vacant 

54 E H Watkins 

56 Vacant 

58 John W Healey, traveler 

Hunter-st intersects 
60 Geo E Bradfield, merchant 
74 H D Cameron, Ham Prov 

and Loan Society 
80 Adam Rutherford 

Stinson-st intersects 

Erie-ave, east side, from end 
of lilain south to Alanson 

8 Thomas Franklin 
10 Wm Marshall manf 



12 Geo C rites, manf 
1 8 Fred L Wood, bookkeeper 
22 F H Sharpe, machinist 
24 Isaac Christian, printer 
J M Ohver, trav 
Stinson-st intersects 
55 John Connors, laborer 
57 Andrew Mowat, mason 
Alanson-st intersects 

Erie-ave, west side 

Vacant lots 
3 Mrs S J White 
5 A McDonald, com trav 
9 Geo Sham brook, bookkeeper 
1 1 Geo H Meakins, machinist 

Stinson-st intersects 
54, Charles Powell, machinist 
56 J no Ferguson, shoemaker 
Alanson-st intersects 

Evans-st, north side, from 87 
Wellington north, east to 

1 Miss M McLaughlin, dress- 


West-ave intersects 
3 Samuel Bowes, machinist 

5 — Brandon, broon) maker 
7 Thomas Stevens, porter 

Victoria-ave intersects 
James Jiickson, carpenter 
21 Wm O'Brien, moulder 
East-ave intersects 
Joseph Long, laborer 
Emerald-st intersects 

Evans-st, south side 

2 J J Towers, fitter • 

VVcst-ave intersects 

6 Geo Glass, shoemaker 

Victotia-ave intersects 

Mission Sabbath School 

East-ave intersects 

Pcrguson-ave, east side, from 
164 King e to the Bay 

2 David CuUum, carpenter 
4 Mrs Charles Dickinson 
6 Jas Shea, cutter 
8 John Cousins, messenger 
10 Peter S*vab, teamster 

King IVm-st intersects 
16 Hugh Stewart, grocer 
22 David Phillips 
24 Thomas Kenny 
26 Mrs Geo Wilson 
28 Wm McMann, melter 
30 John Lavelle, laborer 
32 Mrs A McGofif 
34 Michael Montague, laborer 
36 John Canty, laborer 

Rebecca-st intersects 
36^ Wm Heene)', accountant 
38 Mrs Wm Park 
40 James Mercer, builder 
40)^ J R Camboden, butcher 

Wilson-st ititersects 
44 R Blair, grocer 
46 F G Taylor, polisher 
48 Joseph Mitchell, plasterer 
50 James Scott, merchant 
52 Robert Stratton, letter carrier 
54 Mrs Sarah James 
58 Mrs Andrew Millar 

Kelly-st intersects 
64 James Hamilton, agent 
68 George Lanigan, bookbinder 
70 Mrs Ruth Armstrong 
76 Wm Moore, laborer 
78 M C Dickson, freight agent 
80 Chas T Jones, broker 

Cannon-st intersects 
86 Jasper Hill, grocer 
90 Mrs M Proctor 
100 Vacant 

N & N W R shops and 
Barton-st intercects 
162 Elvin Nash, fireman 
164 Fred Gough, fioreman 



166 John Smale 

168 'I'hos A Green, mariner 

170 Mrs Susan Greenaway 

Railway Crossing 
Hamilton Straw Hat works 

Strachan-st intersects 
Hamilton Speer, laborer 
Joshua Dossett, polisher 
John McFarlane, laborer 

Simcoe-si intersects 
F Saxton, laborer 
Mrs Jane Miller 
Thos Allison, machinist 
Mrs John Young 
104 John Payne, gardener 
106 Alfred Anson, cigarmaker 
Richard Mugford, painter 
Richard Rovve, grocer 

Ferrie-st intersects 
Louis Pearce, laborer 
R Stephenson, tinsmith 
Ficton-st intersects 
. Fred Schelter, grocer 
Edward Ladd, baker 
Macaulay &> Wood-sts intersect 
J as Devine, carpenter 
Burlington-st intersects 

Ferguson-ave, west side 

I P W Freeman, coal dealer 

Salvation Army Barracks 
3 E S Cummer 
5 J G Gibson, conductor 
7 James Aldridge, shoemaker 

King Wm-st intersects 
23 Mrs John Gidley 
25 Michael Stonehouse 
25 Charles Carey, dealer 
John R Camben, butcher 
. Rebecca-st intersects 
37 Mrs Wm Lavis 

Wilson- st intersects 
45 H B Haight, yardmaster 
47 John Johnston, machinist 
49 Richard Dynes, moulder 

51 Mrs Mary Byrne 
53 Wm Murphy, grocer 
55 Jas Ogilvie, station master 
59 Dennis Skelly 
61 E J Skelly, clerk 
63 Mrs John Jones 
Kelly 6^ Cannon-sts intersect 
N & N W R offices 
Robert-st intersects 
121 James Murray, tailor 
123 Walter Catton, car builder 
125 Peter McNamee, sectionman 
127 — Parks, machinist 
129 W J Locke, clerk 
131 James Stephens, moulder 
133 Mrs Peter Barr 
T35 A W Dunnett, brakeman 
137 John Latham, wagonmaker 
139 John M Stephenson, laborer 
141 Wm Beatty, engineer 
143 Robert McAvay, gilder 
145 A D McKay, laborer 
147 Geo E Humphrey, moulder 
149 James Laney 

Barton-st intersects 
G T Railway 

Strachafi-st intersects 
Mrs Alex Jones 

Simcoe-st intersects 
John Wilson, dyer 
John Hunter, sr, laborer 
John Hunter, jr, laborer 
Michael Cussen, laborer 
Ferrie and Picton-sts intersect 
Geo Winnisrroft, laborer 
Wm Slee, carpenter 
John McGuire, bookbinder 
Macauley 6^ Wood-sts intersect 
George Patterson, laborer 

Ferrie-st e, north side, from 
298 James north to Victoria 

5 David Audette, clerk 

7 Jeremiah Behan, glassblower 

9 Mrs Henry McCann 



II Andrew White, baker 

13 Andrew Malcolmson, carp'r 

Hughson-st intersects 
23 Robert Jackson, carpet wvr 
25 Richard Wilcox, laborer 
27 Charles Cartwright, laborer 
yohn-st intersecis 
Patrick Burns, glassblower 
Catharine-st intersects 
59 Wm Keating, confectioner 
67 James Geddes, clerk G T R 

Mary-st intersects 
79 Matthew Spence, stonecutter 
83 P>ed Newman, laborer 
85 Wm Wilson, sjjinner 
89 Thos Furey, nail cutter 
91 R J Purdy, carpenter 
513 Edward Bodden, painter 
95 Freeman Shackelton, laborer 
97 Thomas Lennon, laborer 
99 Vacant 

10 1 Josej/h Badeau, shoemaker 
103 Patrick Cosgrove 
105 J Buskard, blacksmith 
107 Oscar Mathews, carpenter 
109 John Dolan, carter 

Ferguson-ave intersects 

117 Geo Moore, laborer 
121 Chas Valentine, laborer 
125 Michael Cahill, glassblower 
129 Ceo Wtsf, carpenter 
131 Ed Talhnan, porter 
133 John Jenkins, carpenter 
133^ Charles Carter, laborer 
135 Chas W^all, engineer 
139 Wm Gleason, laborer 
143 Solomon Butler, tinsmith 
147' Tiios Partridge, pattern mkr 
Wdlinglon-st intersects 
Stroud's Tannery 
Victor ia-ave intersects 
,,. James Irving, laborer 
Thos W Turner, engineer 
Samuel Rodgers, laborer 
^ Thomas Carter, engineer 
'/Henry Searles, laborer 

Clark-ave intersects 

Perrie-st e, south side 

12 Adolph Miller, glassblower 

Hughson-st intersects 
26 James C Duggan, tailor 
28 Arthur Cullen, laborer 
30 Vacant 
32 Vacant 

John-st intersects 
Wm Blaine, laborer 
48 Vacant 

50 Alfred Ward, carpenter 
52 Mrs Philip Stafford 
54 Mrs Joseph Philips 

Catharine-st intersects 
60 Michael Taulty, laborer 
68 John McGovern, laborer 

Mary-st intersects 
86 Edward Young, plasterer 
94 John Kirkwood, laborer 
96 Freeman Johnson, laborer 
98 Wm Matchett, laborer 
100 Fred Skirrow, weaver 
102 M Gill, boilermaker 
104 Vacant 

Ferguson-ave intersects 
114 Richard Rowe, grocer 
120 Wm Phenix, pattern mkr 
126 Thos Freel, laborer 
132 Mrs Patrick Lynch 
134 Francis Fagan, ropemaker 
138 Matthew Kennedy, cooper 
Wellington- st intersects 
John Pomfret, foreman 
229 John Beveridge, laborer 
231 Isaac Bernard, tanner 
Vict'iriaave intersects 

Ferrie-st w, north side, from 
281 James north to the Bay 

10 Morgan Wall, laborer 
12 Wm Torrance, moulder 
16 Samuel Malcolson, sailor 
26 Mrs Elizabeth Malcomson 



Macnab-st intersects 
34 John Cowan, laborer 

36 John D'llon, machinist 

38 Bold Jarvis, clerk 

40 Capt James Mitchell 
42 Vacant 

44 VVm Blake, butcher 
46 Thomas Clark, laborer 

Bay-st intersects 
56 Charles Stone, laborer 
58 Wm Thompson, engineer 
Burlington yacht club 
Massie's boat house 

Perrie-st w, south side 

Ontario Cotton Mills Co 
25 Robt Williamson, laborer 

Macnab-st intersects 
31 Hugh Gillespie 

37 Robt Johnson, mariner 

39 Wm Peace, sailor 

41 Geo Perry, foreman 
41 Robt Smith, carpenter 

Bay-st intersects 

riorence-st, north side, from 
72 Ray north to west of 

4 Mrs A Tomes 

6 Mrs D McDonald 

8 LawTcnce Moore 
14 James Murdoch, porter 
16 Wm Kerner, com trav 
20 Wm Armstrong, laborer 

Pearl-st intersects 
30 Chas Mann, mason 
36 W Lockman, carpenter 
40 Wm H Lockman, builder 
44 Wm Brenston 
46 Mrs Eliza Braund 
48 Josiah Palmer, teacher 
50 Robert Fisher, painter 
52 Peter Wright, driller 
54 Mrs 1) Durant 

Locke-st intersects 
56 Stephen Carter, blacksmith 

Inchbuiy-st intersects 
Semmens' factory 
Sophia-st intersect^ 
86 Mrs John Semmens 
88 E S Gilbert, laborer 
90 John Attle, tinsmith 
94 Wm Bateman, laborer 
96 Charles Neighorn, marble 

98 Geo S Thompson, salesman 
102 James Hennesy, carpenter 
104 Henry Fisher, laborer 
106 Mrs John Hilliard 
no John Craig, carpenter 
1 1 2 Thos Jackman, fitter 
118 George Thompson 
120 Neil McKeown, moulder 
Diindurn-st intersects 

riorence-st, soutih side 

I J W Norman, laborer 
3 Geo Harper, laborer 
5 Geo McKay, carpenter 
7 VVm Mofifiit, laborer 
7 ^ VVm Dyer, laborer 
9 Joseph Fletcher 
II Vacant 

13 Wm Hatchard, cabipetrnkr 
15 John Pocock, mason 
17 John Nicholson, wopd dealer 
19 John Fox 
21 S Heath, blacksmih 
Pear Is t intersects 
25 Alex Anderson, blacksniit|i 
27 Thos Farmer, photographer 
29 Robt Leslie, shoemaker 
31 James Gavey, salemaker 
33 Wm Cathchpole, machinist 
35 Mrs Hannah Catchpole 
37 Joseph Jocelyn, plasterer 
39 Robt Henry, laborer 
41 Janies Symmers, salesman 
,43 Henry Lovell, fireman 
45 Geo Kerr, watchman 
47 Vacant 

49 George Wilson, engineer 
51 George Brand, laborer 
Locke and Sophia-sts intersect 



86 John Meiler, tailor 
95 J^s Judd, soap manf 
107 Samuel R Hancock, laborer 
John McMahon, salesman 
Dundurn-st intersects 

Garth-st. east side, from end 
of Zing w to Mountain 

Thomas Smith, laborer 
Henry Cooper, laborer 
Geo Cooper, laborer 
Thos Packham, laborer 
Main and Robinson-sts intersect 
John Philips, laborer 
Concession-st intersects 
• Wm Shawcross, traveler 

Gartli-st, west side 

Charles Leister, laborer 
James Hinchcliff, machinist 
Geo Harrison, machinist 

Main-st intersects 
Fred Childs, brickmaker 

Robinson-st intersects 
Wm Burke, dairyman 

Concession-st intersects 
Wm Gillard, moulder 
Mrs A W Addock 
Wm Dow, moulder 
John Gibson, carpenter 
W H NicoUs, farmer 

George-st, north side, from 6 
Bay s to Looke 

2 G D Hawkins & Co, shirt 

12 Peter Snider, laborer 
14 M G Cornish, porter 
16 Moses Niblock, laborer 
18 Wm Pegler, laborer 

Caroline-st intersects 
26 John Gillard, merchant 
28 John H Herring, traveler 
30 G G Hacker, clerk 
32 Wm Armstrong, com trav 
38 Chas Foster, inspector 

40 Mrs Elizabeth Laing 

42 John McKean, clerk 

44 Vacant 

Hess-st intersects 
54 Chas Tolmie. agent 
56 Chas JoUey, manf 

58 Mrs Wm Richardson 

Queen-st intersects 

70 John Thomson 

— Nicholson, merchant 
Ray-st Intersects 
78 Jas Slater, merchant 
80 Mrs Donald Kennedy 
82 John Wallace, tinsmith 
86 Wm Pearce, engine driver 

Pearl-st intersects 
92 David Bates, teamster 
Richard Mc Bride, packer 
Wm Evans, bricklayer 
108 Charles Coleman, laborer 
no Charles Kilgour, laborer 
Locke-st intersects 

George-st, south side 

3 Samuel Bennett, turner 
5 A J Goodwin, porter 
7 Samuel Brunt, laborer 

1 1 Charles Shields, pedler 

13 Mrs Mary Case 
13)^ Arthur S Brunt, barber 

15 Dewey & Sons, ice dealers 
Caroline-st intersects 

35 Henry Blue, laborer 

39 F C Bruce, seedsman 

41 C Co()j)er, carriage painter 

43 D S McKenzie, engmeer 

45 Edmund Browne, builder 
47 G Nicholson, wood dealer 
49 Geo Dodd, piano finisher 

Hess-st intersects 

59 Vacant 

61 Mrs B McDearmid 

63 Robert Moodie, merchant 

65 John Moodie, merchant 

Queen-st intersects 
69 Geo M Hunt, ins agent 

7 1 Mrs A Rennie 



73 Geo H Mills, barrister 
Ray-st intersects 

77 Industrial school 

79 Vacant 

81 Jos Prentice, serj police 

83 And Higgins, confectioner 

85 Wm Woodhouse, timekeeper 
Pearl-st intersects 

95 Thos Shea, laborer 

99 Thomas C Jackson, laborer 
103 John Rackley, laborer 
109 Wm O'Brien, scalemaker 
Locke-st intersects 

Qore-st, north side, from 90 
James n, east to Catharine 

2 C Hiby, billiard room 

4 Toronto " News" office 

6 Grand Opera House 
8 Garrick Club 

10 J M Lathrop, manager 

14 G LMacKelcan, M D 

16 Wm McCargavv, M D 

18 E H Dilliabough, M D 

ffughson-st intersects 
Lutheran Church 
28 Mrs Mary Bates 
30 Moss Freeman, laborer 

[ohn-st intersects 
44 Joseph Prior, laborer , 
50 F L Hooper, ins agent 
52 Joseph Lee, cabinet maker 
54 Wm McMeekin, carpenter 
56 J C Palmer, machinist 
60 John Temple, livery keeper 
Catharinest intersects 

Gore-st, south side 

5 Hamilton Bottling Co 

7 Thos Young, saloon 

13 Mrs John Shaw, boarding 

15 Vacant 

17 Vacant 

19 Samuel, Magill, woodworker 
21 George Col well, machinist 

Husrhson-st intersects 

23 Mark Mossman, shoemaker 
29 Alex Thompson, cabinet mkr 
31 Aaron Mann, clerk 
33 Rev James VanWyck 
Methodist Church 

John-st intersects 
51 Neil McLean, saloon keeper 
53 Malcolm Munroe 
55 Robert Lord, tailor 
57 Henry O'Brien, machinist 
59 James Hobbs, bricklayer 
Catharine-st intersects 

Greig-st, east side, from Queen 

Robert Mackie, engineer 
Joseph Taylor, machinist 
Edward Flynn, laborer 
Edgar H Dickson, porter 
David Gillespie, furniture 
James Ryan, tailor 

Greig-st, west side 

I Patrick Williams, laborer 
3 Thomas Duffy, moulder 
5 Patrick Snllivan, laborer 
7 James Gee, fitter 
9 Henry Johnson, laborer 
1 1 John B Clark, puddler 
13 James Lloyd, puddler 
15 John Cardwell, laborer 
19 Thomas Hayes, shearsman 
John McAulay, millwright 
Timothy Corbett 
Wm Wharry, blacksmith 

Grove-st. north side, from 3 
Liberty east to Wellington 

I Fred Meinke, stove mounter 

3 Vacant 

7 Wm Stewart, watchman 

9 Donald Work, laborer 
1 1 Jacob Gould, joiner 
13 Peter Freeman, wood dealer 
15 Ed Cuckow, packer 
17 Mrs L Hanna, nurse 
19 D W Abell, machinist 



Wellington st intersects 

Grove-st, south side 

2 Fred Kellond, bookbinder 
4 Thos Haygarth, machinist 
8 Wm Hazell, porter 
lo Leslie Wright, baggage mast 
12 Wm H McKay, inspector 
1 2a Mrs Alex Rutherford 
12b Norman Stewart, machinist 
14 Peter Sinclair, laborer 
16 Wm Shuttleworth, salesman 
18 Mrs E Shaw 
24 Alex McKay, merchant 
Wellington-si inta-sects 

Guise-st north side, from 383 
James north to the Bay 

23 James Irvine, teamster 

25 Laurence Connelly, teamster 

31 Richard Scott, teamster 

John-st intersects 
Myles' coal yard 
Murton & Reid's coal yard 

Guise-st, south side 

18 Hugh Guy, brewer 

12 Vacant 

14 Thos Fuerd, laborer 

16 Mrs Nancy Cross 

18 Thos La wson, laborer 

20 Vacant 

22 Mrs John Amor 

24 Arch McCoy, watchman 

26 Mrs J Munro 

28 Israel Hopkins, pedler 
30 Richard Green 

32 G Strampel, laborer 

Hughson-st intersects 
34 James Berry, grocer 
38 Hugh McNeigh, moulder 
40 Henry Fahagan, laborer 
42 Mrs Daniel Callaham 
44 Patrick Earles, laborer 
46 Vacant 

48 T Reardon, laborer 
50 Vacant 

56 John Berry, teamster 
yohn-st intersects 

58 Vacant 

House of Refuge 

Hannah-st e, north side, from 
137 James south to Wel- 

Hughson-st ends 
Ch of Ascension S school 

John-st intersects 
25 John Dobie, bookbinder 

Catharine-st ends 
29 Rev H Birkenthal 
31 Vacant 
33 I) Sinclair, clerk 
35 Henry Whately, barrister 
37 Mai tin Hanley, blacksmith 
39 George Campbell 
41 W J Lavery, solicitor 
43 Joseph Mittiff, whipmaker 
45 Mrs Ann Barclay 
47 Edward Horning, clerk 
5 1 Andrew Swayzie, laborer 
53 John Barry, painter 
55 Ralph McCormick, teamster 
59 Henry William 
61 A Blakemore, brass finisher 
63 Michael Dwyer, laborer 

Walnut-st ends 
67 Patrick Connell, laborer 
71 Mrs Mary Cusha 
77 Jas McCarty, laborer 
79 James Adams, laborer 
81 Leo Bintz, tailor 

Cherry-st intersects 
93 Patrick Dillon, laborer 
95 Arthur O'Neil, tailor 
99 Alex Davidson, gardener 
loi Joseph Dent, u|:)holsterer 

Anrora-st intersects 
113 Michael Wickham, laborer 
119 Timothy Foley, laborer 
121 George Stanley, stovemountr 

Wellington-st intersects 

Hannah-st e, south side 

4 R A Pringle, barrister 



6 W A Robinson 
8 John J Stuart, merchant 
12 Dennis Moore, founder 

John-st intersects 
22 Joseph Hancock 
24 Donald Manson, bookkeeper 
26 Mrs R N Taylor 
28 R L Gunn,clerk 9th division 

Catharine-st intersects 
46 John Baylis, gardener 
56 Chas H Martin, teamster 
58 John O'Neil, tinsmith 

John Carnahan, brushmaker 
62 David Tower, laborer 
r 62 James Fenton, bailiff 
Walnut-st ends 

64 Vacant 

66 Timothy Cashmere, laborer 
84 Charles Locke, stove fitter 
86 Lewis Smith, stovemounter 

Cherry-st intersects 
120 D Northey, engineer 
122 Vacant 

126 Thos Byron, broommaker 
r " Fred Clark, laborer 
r " Thos Jones, laborer 
Frank Miller, carpenter 
Welliugton-st intersects 

Hannah-st west, north side, 
from James south to Locke 

8 Fred J Willson, manf 

10 Henry Martin, artist 

12 P2dward Noyes 

14 A T Freed, journalist 

16 Adam Burns 

18 John Garry, bookkeeper 
Macnab &'Park-sts intersect 
Fred Swannel, manf 
Wm Vallance, merchant 
James Balfour, architect 
E Van Allen, builder 

Bay-st intersects 
Peter Balfour 

44 A Boyle, shoemaker 

46 Henry Northey 

48 Wm Marsden, merchant 
50 George Barr, salesman 

Caroline- st intersects 
54 James Morton, grocer 
54 George Scott, porter 
60 Alex Crooks, dairyman 
62 Hugh Walker, gardener 
64 John Broadley, carpenter 
66 James Smith, gilder 
68 T A Aitchison, bookkeeper 
70 Wm Malcolm, clerk 
72 George McKeand, ins agent 

Hess-st intersects 
76 Hugh Gorman, porter 
78 James Mitchell, laborer 
80 David Souter, carpenter 
84 H R Leather, fitter 
Queen-st intersects 
Levi Woodcroft, gardener 
John Woodcroft, piano mkr 
Locke 6^ Garth-sts intersect 

Hannah-st west, south sidd 

Private grounds 

Macnab-st intersects 

Rev Hartley Carmichael 

Robt H Park, merchant 

Thos C Haslett, barrister 

H P Coburn, manfr 

Park-st intersects 

35 John B Young, bookkeeper 

37 M A Pennington, real estate 

39 Robert Topping, engineer 
James McKay, cutter 
Robert Brackenbury 
Bay-si intersects 

Chas Sayers, shipper 
Ed Appleby, stovemounter 
41 Samuel Cottrell 
43 James Hossack, builder 
45 James McKay, cutter 
47 Wm McBeth, machinist 

49 Fred Hutty, gardener 
Daniel Henry, grocer 

Caroline-st intersects 
Mrs Richard Rowe, florist 



VVm Lancely, engineer 
VVni Walker, dairyman 

Hess-st intersects 
Methodist Church 

Queen-st intersects 
Wm Scott, porter 
Locke 6^ Garth-sts intersect 

Harriet-st, north side, from 
115 Caroline n, west to Hess 

14 Vacant 

I4>2 George Stapleton, laborer 

16 Mrs Wm Medlock 

18 George Childs, carpenter 
20 C McCarthy, hackman 
Hess st intersects 

Harriet-st south side, 

I Vacant 

3 Vacant 

5 Wm Alderman, helper 

7 Jame.>> Loftus, laborer 

9 Fred Pfeifer, laborer 
II Vacant 

13 — McKay, laborer 
13 John Coppins, tailor 

15 Francis Brohman, brewer 
15 X Dolmheirn, laborer 

17 Jno Henderson, blacksmith 

Hess-st intersects 

Eead-st, from Sophia 

Hand & Co, fireworks 
John Lyons, sliipper 
John McLean, tailor 

Dimdurn-st intersects 
John Cotter, carter 
George Sharkey, caretaker 

Herkimer, st, north side, from 
James west to Queen 

10 James Osborne, grocer 
12 W R Macdonald, barrister 
^ « I J M Burns, banker 
^t < Mrs Kate Thomson 
'^■'^ ( Mrs Fanny Chapman 

Park -st intersects 
44 John L Stoney, ins agent 
46 J B Brown, manf 

Bay-st intersects 
52 Geo Morton, white was her 
54 Rev C A Johnson 
60 Geo Jelts, barrister 
62 James Davidson, jeweller 
64 A H Baker, watchmaker 

Caroline-st intersects 
70-72 Vacant 

Chas Bremner, grocer 
Hess-st intersects 
no Thos Hedley, upholsterer 
Queen-st intersects 
Ira Nelson, laborer 
John Bond, laborer 
Kent 6^ Locke-sts intersect 
G W Collins, mason 
Baptist Mission Church 
A F Drew, carpenter 
P O'Connor, laborer 
D Dolman, teamster 
Thos King, laborer 
C Clark, laborer 

Garth-si intei sects 

Herkimer-st. south side, 
James west to Sueen 

c i I Chas M Counsell 

|g )3 HC Baker 

I s ) 5 Thos H Stinson, solicitor 

^H (^ y Y \N Gates, pres Gas Co 

Macnab-st intersects 
II John E Parker, manf 
13 Adam Brown, merchant 
21 A Caviller 

Park st ijttcrsectsn. ^ f 

^ intersect^ . , 
lair ^/^; 

^3 Judge Sinclair ^l/lff^, 

Bay-st intersects " 
53 Thos Irwin, manfr 
55 David McLellan, ins agent 
57 Vacant 

59 D Henderson, salesman 
61 Robt A Hutchison 



Caroline-st intersects 
Jacob Ellsworth, grocer 
69 Thos Clappison, bookseU'r 
71 George Kemp, grocer 
73 J Crossley, dry goods 
75 John Barry, barrister 
77 Vacant 
79 Vacant 

Hess-st intersects 
107 John Harrison, plasterer 
109 James Stevens, laborer 
III Alex Boston, tobacco roller 
Queen st intersects 
G Murison, health inspector 
Kent 6^ Locke-sts i?itersect 
Wm Harvey, traveler 
Henry Anderson, machinist 
Wm Garton, shoemaker 
Mrs Sophia Knotts 
Joseph D Wilson, carpenter 
John J Smith, laborer 

Garth-st intersects 
Wm Bos well, gardener 

Hess-st n, east side, fr6m 183 
Zing w to Stuart 

8 John R Vert, traveler 
Market-st intersects 
26 P.^McCarthy, teamster 
28 Mrs Mary Richardson 
30 Thomas Addison, laborer 
32 Alfred Rieger, blacksmith 
34 Daniel South, laborer 

Napier- st intersects 
44 Wm Robertson, birch beer 

46 John W Thomson, traveler 
48 John Snowden, clerk 
50 Adam Clarke, machinist 
52 Wm Brooks, bookkeeper 
54 Jas B Rutherford, moulder 

York-st intersects 
Central Drug Store 
56 Wm Philp, M D 
58 Matthew Dunn, stonecutter 

60 O Lockhart, tobacco roller 
62 Thos Djncan, machinist 
64 Wm Angus, tinsmith 
66 Mrs Mary Colbeck, grocer 

Cannons t intersects 
68 Adolphus Myers, grocer 
70 Vacant 

72 James Brugger, carpenter 
82 Mrs Thos Melampy 
Mill-st intersects 
84 Danford Evans, agent 
86 James Bowen, tobacco roller 
88 Thomas Morgan, fireman 
90 Wm Sterrett, policeman 
92 Alex McDowell, laborer 
92 J Mrs Wm McCartney 
98 Mrs Charlotte McNeil 
Harriet-st ends 
104 H Lowe, salesman 
106 Edward Sinclair, brakeman 
108 Thos G Peat 
120 Mrs Samuel Meadows 
122 H VV Rieger, laborer 
124 John Connors, conductor 
126 Mrs T McComb 
140 John Cousans, carpenter 
142 James Rhynd, fireman 
Stuart-st intersects 

Hess-st n, west side 

I Thomas Stokes, carpenter 
5 George Clark, machinist 
7 Mrs R Knowles 
9 Mrs James Gray 
1 1 Mrs Mary Doran 
13 Patrick Hanlon, grocer 

Market-st intersects 
25 Edward Hughes, spring mkr 
29 D Harris, salesman 
Mrs A Winslow 
Napier-st intersects 
43 J J Daley, grocer 
45 Martin Sammons, gardener 
51 Miss Margaret Rymal 
Peter-st comtneuces 
53 Samuel Tufibrd, tinsmith 
55 Elijah Beckerson, laborer 



York-st intersuts 
Public school 
75 Vacant 

77 Arch McGowan, machinist 
79 Robert T Brown, merchant 
8 1 John Brown, machinist 
83 Arthur Goulding, caretaker 
85 John McCowell, grocer 
87 VVm McGovern, laborer 
89 Thos Farrow, carpenter 
89^ George Copley, clerk 
91 Mrs Mary Smith 
91)^ W H Thompson, nailer 
93 Geo Knox, engineer 
95 VVm McKay, conductor 
97 James Connor, machinist 
99 J H Wilson, pork dealer 
103 VVm Johnson, painter 
105 Henry Green way, laborer 
107 Vacant 

109 Andrew Cameron, G T R 
1091^ Mrs James Butler 
1 1 1 Robert Dickson, carpenter 
113 John F Anderson, moulder 
115 Anthony Lyon, machinist 
117 Thos E Nichols, wireworker 
119 Mrs Emma Goddard 
121 Mrs Wm Walton 
123 George Green, laborer 
127 James Brass, laborer 
Stuart-st intersects 

Hess-st s. east side, from 185 
King w to Mountain 

I Vacant 

3 John Kinleyside, manfr 
5 Joseph H Killey, manfr 
9 James Wilson, merchant 
II Mrs S M Olmstead 

Geor^e-st intersects 
13 W B Webber 
15 And Dnlton, moulder 
17 Thos B Greening, merchant 
Main ^ Jackson-sts intersect 
41 John Dow, wood dealer 

Hunter-st intersects 
45 Wm Horspoole, clerk 
47 John Fahe}', shoemaker 

49 Vacant 

5 1 Chas Male, laborer 
53 Vacant 

Bold-st intersects 
Vacant lots 
Duke 6^ Robinson-sts intersut 
99 J C Stacey, upholsterer 
10 1 George Graham, tailor 
Hannah-st intersects 
Wm Flitcroft, blacksmith 

Herkimer-st intersects 
John Hislop, blacksmith 
Markland and Coucesiion-sts in- 
James M Williams, manfr 

He&s-st s west side 

2 John Patterson 
4 Herbert Dixon, customs 
6 VV^m Mundy, letter carrier 
12 C Carpenter, merchant 

George-st intersects 
14 Vacant 
16 Vacant 

Main-st intersects 
20 W^m Ryckman, grocer 
22 VVm Colville, clerk 
Jackson-st intersects 
W D Booker,sec Vic ins.Co 
42 Alfred Hipkins, printer 
44 VV^m Scott, packer 
46 Frank Lipkie, laborer 
Hunter-st intersects 

50 Felix Russell, laborer 
Vacant lots 

Bold^ Duke. Robinson^ Hannah^ 
Herkimer-sts intei'sect 
Alfred 1 aylor, stonecutter 
Markland'St intersects 
Wm Irving, carpenter 
Wm Clark, laborer 
Wm Lane, bricklayer 
John Price, carpenter 
Concession-st intersects 
John McLean, merchant 



Hilton-st, east side, from 
Markland s to Concession 

2 Daniel A Bedwell, cutter 
. 6 Vacant 

8 Mrs Peter Brass 

Concession-st i7iter sects 

Hiltcn-st, west side 

3 Wm Miller, shoemaker 

5 James Kitts, shoemaker 

Concession-st intersects 

Hughson-st n, east side, from 
31 Zing e to Guise 

Wm Pease, barber 

6 Jeremiah McAuliffe, saloon 
8 Wm Somerville & Co, com 

10 Stinson's bank 
12 John Mclntyre, tailor 
14 Alex Mars, bookbinder 
16 J H Bland, barber 
18 John Clayton, painter 
20 Wm Seaton, machinist 
22 John Hennessy 
22 W C Barnes & Son, stained 

22 J Adam, plumber 
24 A S Hill, saloon 

King Wm-st intersects 
34 Central fire stacion 
42 Mrs Ann Drenin 
44 Wm Elrington, printer 
46 Joseph Taylor, jeweler 
48 S F Hopkins, pickle manfr 
50 John Leitch, machinist 

Rebecca-st intersects 
52 Vacant 

56 Rev W J Hunter 
58 Thos Bale, sexton 
60 Andrew Goddard, engineer 
64 J W Simpson, com agent 
66 Thos Greenaway, moulder 
68 A Taupkirch, clerk 
70 Wm Critchley, teamster 
72 Thos Bale, machinist 

G&re-st intersects 

74 David West, laborer 
78 George Dennison, clerk 
80 John T Steel, clerk 
82 Edward Clary, shoemaker 
84 Thos Bottle 
88 Albert S Vail, merchant 
Congregational church 
Camion-st intersects 
20 Samuel Parnell, painter 
22 Mrs Robert McCulloch 
24 J Shea, merchant 
26 A H Moore, banker 
28 J W Millard, clerk 
30 Alex Macadams, banker 
32 A R Morris6n, agent 
34 G H Moore 
36 Allen Land, bookkeeper 

Robert-st intersects 
38 J W McArthur 
40 Wm Omand 
42 H M Coates, letter carrier 
44 A McCully, shoemaker 
46 Wm Walker, poultry dealer 
48 P J Downing, whitewasher 
50 Vacant 
52 Wm Lee, })edler 
54 John Baker, laborer 
56 Thos x\pplegate, laborer 
58 Joseph Carroll, laborer 
60 John Highsted, laborer 
62 Alex Dingwall, mason 
64 Mrs Catharine Riddle 
66 David Gilbert, polisher 
68 Mrs Fossett 
70 Thos Applegate, hackman 
72 Mrs Eliza Smith 
74 Wm Cumbers 
76 Daniel Hutchinson, laborer 
78 Mrs Ann Hill 
80 Geo Cirmichael, cab driver 

Barton-st intereccts 
82 Alfred Thorpe, pedler 
88 Wm Russell, traveler 
90 John Dunn, traveler 
96 Thos Hutchinson, engineer 
Miirray-st intersects 
202 John McCarthy, laborer 
204 Jeremiah Quinlan, laborer 



206 George Towers, sailor 
208 John Brennan, carpenter 
210 John Irving, laborer 
212 Geo H Warren, puddler 
214 Mrs John Thomas 
216 Timothy Sullivan, laborer 

Stuart-st i filer sects 
218 Thos McCracken, tailor 
220 Fred Childs, brickmaker 
222 Mrs J Bowers 
224 John Carroll, moulder 
226 — Mitchell, yardsman 
228 Mrs E Griffiths 
230 Mrs O'Regan, grocer 

Strachan-st intersects 
238 Geo Johnson, carpenter 
242 Wm Jamieson, moulder 
242 John Politt, designer 
Simcoe-st ititer sects 
248 Patrick Harte, clerk 
250 Cornelius Moynahan broom- 
252 Michael Duffy, moulder 
256 Mrs L Hadley 
258 Thos Grace, wood dealer 
260 John Pearson, hackman 
266 Thos Williamson, teamster 
268 Robert Williamson, laborer 

Ferrie-st intersects 
270 Thos Lally, laborer 
272 Peter Hunter, carpenter 
274 Mrs Mary A Taylor 
274^ Geo W Belling, carpenter 
276 John Milligan, laborer 
278 John O'Connor, clerk 
280 Elijah Walter, mariner 
282 Mrs McGrogan 
284 James Clarke, carpenter 
286 Thos Furlong, laborer 
288 Robert Gray, laborer 
Picton-st intersects 
298 Thomas Rush, laborer 
300 Thos Beatty, boilermaker 
302 Henry Free, engineer 
304 Hiram Siddell, laborer 
306 Joseph Cahill, glassblower 
310 Robert Ball, laborer 

312 John Roach, laborer 

Macauley-st intersects 
326 Vacant 

328 Joseph Paulley, carpenter 
330 Mrs E Bowles 
332 Patrick Bennett, laborer 
334 John JVTcManus, laborer 
336 Daniel Flynn, laborer 
338 David Findlay, moulder 

Wood-st intersects 
342 W J McFadden, grocer 
348 Wm Bolton, teamster 
350 H Walsh, policeman 
352 James Hyde, section hand 
354 Mrs S Wetherall 
356 John Reardon, boiler mkr 
360 Michael Reardon, laborer 

Burlington-st intersects 
368 J H Thompson, boatbuilder 
370 John Thompson, grocer 
374 John Kerr 
380 W^esley Lee, mariner 

Giiise-st intersects 

Hughson-st north, west side 

J A Clark, druggist 
I Times editorial rooms 
3 Times Printing Company 
13 Gore Coffee Tavern 
15 J Matthews <& Sons, painters 
17 James Mackie, carpenter 
19 Fred De Lacy, saloon 
21 John Barnes, livery 

Ki?ig IVm-st intersects 
31 James' hotel 
33 Robert Allan, broker 
35 Mrs McCrooks 
43 John Smitii, tinsmith 
45 (jeorge Reid, cairiage maker 
49 Peter Weir, coffee rooms 

Rebecca-st intersects 
55 Dr Alex C Reid 
55 J W Sim[)son, com agent 
J M Williams & Co, manfs 
Gore-st intersects 
77 Mrs Samuel Cann 



85 Robert Bow, tinsmith 
87 John Williams 
87 Wm Robertson, tailor 
89 Thos Greening, moulder 
91 James JacKson, sailmaker 
93 Thos Cauley, laborer 
95 D M Oliver, mariner 
97 Mrs J M Morrison 

Cannon-st mtersects 

Public school 
105 David McKean, accountant 
107 James Chisholm, barrister 
109 Mrs J Swain 
1 1 1 A E Carpenter, contractor 
1 13 J W Sutherland, lumber mer- 
117 Henry Dunnett, painter 

Roberts t intersects 

143 E Bissonnette, moulder 
145 Louis Eraser, clerk 
147 John Kennedy, clerk 

Barton-st intersects 

183 David Nash, laborer 
185 Jas Bartholomow, moulder 
187 John Duffy, laborer 
189 John McMillan, mason 
193 Jas Stannard, carpenter 
195 John Gillespie, machinist 
197 Wm Burrow, founder 
199 Mrs Wm Ambrose 

Murray-st intersects 
203 John Cartney, blacksmith 
205 Louis Burnett, laborer 
207 Morris Devine, laborer 
209 James McDonald 
2 1 1 N McNichol, boilermaker 
213 Thos xMeagher, engineer 
215 Chris Clark, hatter 

Stuart-st ends 

G T R bridge 
225 Wm Fowler, foreman 
227 Thomas Littlewood, brake- 
229 John McClelland, laborer 

Strachan-st intersects 
231 Mrs John Hannon 
233 Mrs T McKeown 
235 Thomas Brady, coal inspec'r 
237 Wm T Rolls, laborer 
239 T Horn, carpenter 
241 George Horn, carpenter 
243 Patrick Carroll, laborer 
245 Thos W Laird, machinist 
249 Mrs E McHendry 

Simcoe-st intersects 
251 Chas Blackburn, carder 
253 John Hickey, brakeman 
255 Mrs David Creighotn 

Primary school 
261 Patrick Dalton, laborer 
263 M Nelligan, wagonmaker 
265 Mrs M Nelligan 

Ferrie-st intersects 

275 Wm Smith, laborer 
r " Louis Robb, carder 
277 Patrick Donnelly, laborer 
279 James Smith, blacksmith 
281 Bobert Wilson, laborer 
283 John Anderson, laborer 
285 James Valance, carpenter 

Picton-st intersects 
305 Hamilton Glass Works 
Alacauley-st intersects 
315 Mrs George Andrews 
317 Vacant 

329 John Meehan, laborer 
33 I J Hodson, laborer 
335 Thos O'Neil, laborer 
Vacant lots 

Woods t intersects 
351 Moses Blondin, engineer 
353 Wm Richardson, bricklayer 

Jlurlingtonst intersects 

367 Henry Gillam, laborer 
369 Thos Doyle, laborer 
373 Chas Lee 
381 Vacant 

Guisest intersects 



Eughson-st s, east side, from 
117 King e to Hannali 

g [ Bell Telephone Co 

I Cameron & Witherspoon 

I Crerar, Muir & Crerar, 
F H Lamb, accountant 
Parkes & Macadams, bar- 
J Dunn, tea and sugar 
3 Dun Wiman & Co, mer- 
cantile agency 
5 W H Gillard & Co, grocers 
7 Vacant 
Thos Myles & Son, coal 
Main-si intersects 
Court House 
Prince's Square 
Registry office 

Jackson-st intersects 
J & R Kilgour, organ manfr 
R T S Powell, florist 
Himter-st i?itersects 
51 R Montgomery, 

Wood market 
63 Harry Green merchant 

Miss Mary Wilson 
67 H B W Western, clerk 
69 Vacant 

71 S S Ryckman, grocer 
Angus ta-st intersects 
83 Alex Turner, merchant 

Young-st intersects 
85 Rev R J Laidlaw 
87 Harold Lambe, broker 
89 Richard Green, merchant 
Vacant lots 

Maria and Hannah-sts intersect 

Hughson-st south, west side 

Bank of Commerce 
James Turner & Co, whole- 
sale grocers 

Main-st intersects 


5 rt 

i 10 John Pearson, account- 
< ant and ins agent 

cju ( D G Ellis, broker 

.^ ( 12 Charles Lemon, bar- 
.^1 J rister 

H J j 14 T Wavell, offi'l assignee 
" \ Dom license office 

16 Club Chambers 
28 Stephen Summers, shoemkr 

Jackson-st intersects 
30 Z B Choate, carpenter 
34 Joseph Plastow, caretaker 
42 David Roach, blacksmith 

Huntcr-st intersects 
50 Mrs Maria Hodgins 
52 George Reid, teamster 
54 John Burns, laborer 
56 H J Hampton, machinist 
58 'I'homas Stevenson, finisher 
60 Wm Reid, teamster 
66 James Gay, bookkeeper 
68 Juiius Winckler, niachinist 
70 John Brundle, tinsmith 
Aiigusta-st intersects 
76 Mrs Owen Kennedy 
78 Wm Birnie, miller 
78^ Rev Jusejjth Jacobson 
80 Richard Pray, undertaker 
Youjig c?* Maria-sts intersect 
98 John Calder, merchant 
102 W H Ginssco, merchant 
Hannah- st intersects 

Hunter-st e, ncrth side, from 
61 James s to Emerald 

I Mrs Mary Carr 
3 Vacant 

5 George Miller, bellman 
7 R Jones, whitewasher 
9-1 1 James Cheyne, builder 
15 Charles Hill, carpenter 
19 James Jolley, merchant 
Hughsonst intersects 
Hotel stables 

John-st intersects 



30 Benj Tryter, cigarmaker 
41 VVm Rod well, painter 
43 Arthur Ray, laborer 
45 John Vanatter, policeman 
47 C Orltopin, tailor 
49 Ed Morton, painter 
4gl4 George Sharp, builder 
51 Wm Warrick, carpenter 
53 Mrs George Sinclair 
53 John Allan, grocer 

Catharine-st intersects 
55 Michael Allen, grocer 
59 Wm Stevenson, carpenter 
61 John Tuckett, tobacconist 
63 Frank E Walker 
65 Mrs M Jones 
67 James Uunlop, merchant 
69 Alex McPherson, teamster 
73 Wm McKee, moulder 
75 Charles Dunbar, moulder 
77 Mrs John Lee, grocer 
79 David Tilley, bookkeeper 
81 Mrs John PVaser 
83 Smith Will, clerk 

Walnut-st intersects, 
93 J E Hutchings, bookkeeper 
95 John Hachett, polisher 
97 Mrs John Powers 
97^ J Pottruff, salesman 
99 R J Howard, blacksmith 
10 1 Wm T Nelson, laborer 
103 Peter MulhoUand, laborer 
105 Mrs Sarah Brick, grocer 

Cherry-st intersects 
107 Edw Moshier^ miller 
113 Robert Peebles, carpenter 
115 Luke Harrison 
117 Mrs Kate Sullivan 
119 Fred Wakelin, pensioner 
121 Mrs Patrick Gorman 
123 Mrs James Toomey 
127 Vacant 

Spring-st e?ids 
129 Robert Moore, tailor 
131 Vacant 

^33 John McDonald, shoemaker 
135 Peter Adams, tailor 

137 Mrs James Walker 

Wellington-st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Wcst-ave intersects 

161 P J O'Donnell, clerk P O 
Vacant grounds 

Victor ia-ave intersects 
Vacant grounds to Emerald 

Hnnter-st e, south side 

4 G Stevenson, baker 
6 Wm Worrall, carpenter 
8 James Atkins, barber 

12 James McCreath, blacksmith 

14 Richard Piull, ins agent 

16 Mrs M Adams 

18 George Garner 

20 George Hewson, carpenter 
Hughson-st intersects 

22 N Reed, carpenter 

24 Mrs Amy Disher 

26 PMoore, shipper 

28 Wm Terry berry, bartender 

30 Joseph Smye, wagon maker 

34 Simeral Doak 

34 W Tyce, clerk 

John-st intersects 
40 Vacant 

42 Levi Potru ff, porter 
44 Mrs Levi Pottruff 
46 George Spence, shoemaker 
48 W B Mitchell, tailor 
50 Wm Gosgrove, agent 
50}^ Adam Almas, laborer 
52 William Bcws 

Catharine-st intersects 
54 Felix O'Neil, hackman 
58 Joseph T Kendall, butcher 
60 Vacant 

60 5^ Wm Truman, bookmaker 
64 Josiah Spencer, stonecutter 
66 Jacob Voelker, tailor 
68 James Straus, carpenter 
70 Peter Nicol, laborer 
Baillie-st intersects 



74 Geo Matthews, clerk 

76 Wm Strongman, policeman 

78 Wm Stoneham, mason 

80 Peter McKay, packer 

82 R F Dodd, valuator 

84 Neil McKay, wine maker 

86 C D Stephenson, lather 

88 Thomas Healey 

Walnut-si intersects 
90 Mrs Donald Stuart 
90 J R Mitchell, salesman 
94 S R HamiU, teamster 
104 Long's wood yard 

Cherry-st imersects 
St Patrick's school 
Liberty-st intersects 
120 P Stuart, wood inspector 
124 Michael McCarthy, laborer 
126 Henry Burrows, laborer 
130 S S Rolls, carriage trimmer 
132 Thos Old, laborer 
134 Mrs Wm Gow 
136 Henry Pearson, cutter 
138 James Hiscox 
138^^ Mrs Andrew Wallman 
140 Alex McLaughlin, salesman 
142 W A Edwards, architect 
144 Donald Dawson, tax col 

Wellington-st intersects 
154 H G McMahon, carpenter 

Primary school 
West, Victoria and East-aves 

Hunter-st w, north side, to 

Private grounds 
Park -st intersects 

St James R E Church 
36 J C Burrows, builder 
38 E McLaughlin, civil engineer 
40 Alex Gillies, com trav 
42 Alex Anderson 
44 Wm Acres, furrier 
46 Mrs Wm Troup 
48 John Kerner 
50 George Val lance, cashier 

50 Peter Brass, architect 

Bay-st intersects 
52 Wm G Bailey, miller 
r " J Mercer, cabinet maker 
54 Mrs M Howard 
56 VV^m Bowman, merchant 
58 James Walker, agent 

Caroline-st intersects 
78 Henry Turnbull, sexton 
80 D D Campbell, clerk P O 
82 James B P Stacey, cabinet- 
90 John Gilmore, cabinetmaker 
94 Mrs Frank Harrison, dresser 
96 Joseph King, tinsmith 
98 Vacant 

Hess st intersects 
100 Wm Simpson, checker 
104 Arthur Fell, machmist 
106 James Thompson 

Queen-st intersects 
118 Richard Scott, nnller 
124 John Meal, laborer 
126 Wm Cooke, laborer 
128 John E Wing, machinist 
Ray-st intersects 

134 Jos Tompkins, shoemaker 
136 James Glass, shoemaker 
138 Richd Fairhurst, wire weaver 
142 Thomas Winfield, grocer 
146 John D Virgint, laborer 
150 John Mostyn, tinsmith 

Pearl-st intersects 
160 Fred Bateman, laborer 
162 Alfred Ram, carpenter 

Locke-st intersects 
180 John Odell, laborer 
182 Vacant 
190 George Fitzgerald, laborer 

Hunter-st w, south side 

I Wm A Howell, druggist 
5 J G Tulk, moulder 
7 George Finlayson, baker 
9 George Salter, laborer 
9 Henry Turner 
I T Robert Chisnell 



13 Michael Donovan, hackman 
15 R Chisnell, cooper 
17 Mrs Joseph Ward 
19 Hart Emery Wheel Co 
21 Mrs P S McHenry 
25 Wm C Stewart, founder 
Macnab-st intersects 
Presbyterian Church 
Charles-st intersects 
31 R R Waddell, barrister 
Park-st intersects 
Central School 

Bay-st ifiter sects 
49 Rev R G Sutherland 
51 Mrs R Marlatt 
, 53 David Graham, hatter 
55 M Newman, com traveler 
59 Daniel Le Messurier, painter 
61 A Maclean, merchant 
63 J J Mason, accountant 
65 James Pearson, manfr 
67 Mrs Martha Fell 

Caroline-st intersects 
69 James Dodman, grocer 
7 1 Daniel Comfort, paper bag 

71 Mrs John Henning 
73 T L Scott, clerk 
75 S C Rogers, manfr 
77 Wm Bromley, barber 
79 James Hardiman, baker 
81 Mrs John Duggan, laundress 
83 Mrs Thos Kelly 
85 James Falconer, carpenter 
87 James Cutt, cutter 
89 B Dickinson, laborer 
91 George Beach, traveler 
95 George Feasel, gardener 

Hess-st intersects 
99 Wm Nex, laborer 
103 Mrs Wm Vant 
r 103 James Carrol 
105 Thomas Stevens, machinist 
107 Wm Julian, laborer 

Queen-st intersects 
1x9 Congr'l Sabbath School 

121 Jacob Johnson, tailor 
123 Daniel McDermott, painter 
125 Mrs Thos Conklin 
129 Wm Male, laborer 

Ray-st intersects 
137 Thos Young, porter 
139 Vacant 

141 Thomas Mitchell, plasterer 
143 Thomas Thomson, shoemkr 
145 A C Best, clerk 
147 Wm Ren wick, porter 
151 Ramsay Will, laborer 

Pearl-st intersects 
155 G Thatcher, tobacco worker 
157 John Clapham, plasterer 
159 James Pinkett, laborer 
167 John Cruickshanks, mason , 
169 Riddel Tompkins, laborer 
171 Thos Exley, printer 
175 James D Reynolds, painter 

Locke-st inte7'sccts 

Ida-st, commences at Went- 
worth south and runs east 

Geo Thomi)son, bookkeeper 

Inchbury-st n, east side, from 
296 Tork to St Mary 

6 Robt Binnington, laborer 

8 J Lam plough, watchman 
14 Mrs Thos Lovell 

18 Thos Adams, carpenter 
22 Wm Taft, engineer 
24 Joseph Neville, machinist 
24J Ed Connors, baggage master 
26 Michael Gleason,boilermaker 
28 VVm Sandercock, boilermaker 
30 A McDougall, blacksmith 
32 T Daley, turner 
50 Thos Blackburn, engineer 
52 Ed Buscombc, bricklayer 
St Marys Lane intersects 

Inchbury-st n, west side 

5 T Tribute, machinist 

7 John McKenzie, carpenter 

9 Wm Peel, machinist 
II Wm Hawkins, laborer 



.13 Thos Hall, fitter 

15 Wm Bankes, artist 

Kennel- st intersects 
25 C Mitchell, broommaker 
27 Chas Morris, machinist 
29 John Patterson, tailor 
31 A J Nie, machinist 
33 Richard Buscombe, brick- 
35 George Daniels, fireman 
37 Geo Gallagher, boilermaker 
39 E Hilder, shoemaker 
41 James Honeyford, fitter 
43 Wm Dundin, laborer 
51 M Reardon, baker 

St Mary's Lane intersects 

Inchbury-st s, east side, from 
305 York to Tlorence 

8 Robt Hinchcliffe, machinist 
14 John Ross, blacksmith 

16 Thos G Gaston, wireweaver 
18 Wm Broughton, fireman 

20 James Robinson, brickmaker 

22 George Scragg, moulder 

Florence-st intersects 

Inchbury-st south, west side 

3 Wm J Harris, laborer 
5 John Bickell, carpenter 
7 Thos Pumfrey, moulder 

9 Timothy Winter, fireman 

21 Mrs E Weston 

23 Joshua Audette, laborer 
25 Mrs Elizabeth Nicholson 

Jaokson-st e, north side, from 
James s to Wellington 

7 Henry Kronsbein, tailor 
7 Imperial Mineral W^ater works 
1 1 Silver Creek Brewery 
Ilughson-st intersects 
Court House 
John and Bowen-sts intersect 
37 Michael Murphy, hotel 

Catharine-st intersects 
43 Miss Annie Harvey 
45 Geo Heyburn, lithographer 

47 C P Michael, milk dealer 

55-57 Robt Cruickshank & Co, 
planing mills 

59 James Findlay, shoemaker 
r 6 [ Daniel Winstone, laborer 
r " Dennis O'Neil, laborer 
r " Mrs M Burns 
r " Stephen Donohue, laborer 
John Fanagh, laborer 

61 George Brooks, boxmaker 

63 Wm Emerson 

65 Mrs Samuel Sodon 

69 Mrs James Nichol 

71 F S Jarvis 

73 Henry C Duval, barber 

75 John Smith, baker 

77 George Bartman, tailor 
r 77 Thomas Leegrice, cabinet 

79 Henry Magee, saddler 

81 Hamilton Dairy Co 

Z-^ Vacant 

Walnut' st intersects 
91 John Callaghan, laborer 
93 Edward Sevier, letter carrier 
95 G H Thomas, messenger 
97 James A Welsh 
99 Isaac Levy, tailor 
105 Wm Pessell, watchman 
105}^ Moses Cross, carter 

. Chefry-st intersects 
107 Robert Gimblett, shoemaker 
1 1 1 Thos Beatty, laborer 
113 Simeon Beedom, laborer 
117 Wm Hallisey, policeman 
T 1 9 Patrick Meegan, laborer 
125 Humphrey & Newberry, tan- 

Spring-st intersects . 
133 Wm Horsefield, laborer 
135 Wm Robb, printer 

Wellington-si intersects 

Jackson-st e, south side 

4 Mrs Alex Dvvyer 
12 John McGinnis, stovemntr 

Hughs6n-st intersects 



14 Burkholder & Co 

16 Howard & McVittie, horse 

18 Bell Telephone Go's store- 

20 Vacant 

22 Jas Wall, blacksmith 
24 M H TenEyck, V S 
[ohn-st ifiterseds 
32 Theo Stafford, inspector 
34 Charles Caldwell, moulder 
36 D J Fraser, laborer 
38 Henry Griffin 
40 Nathaniel Norris, haydealer 
42 James Douden, whitewasber 

Catharine-st intersects 
44 John McGuirk, carpenter 

r *• Wm Shields, laborer 
46 Mrs M O'Rourke 
48 Miss M Griffin, dressmaker 
50 James Cleary, laborer 
52 Colin Campbell, tailor 
54 John Burns, laborer 
56 F N Farner, hny dealer 
58-60 Cruikshank's lumber yd 
68 Mrs Robert Tansley 
70 Mrs S McCullough 
72 Geo H Dennis, teamster 
78 Christopher Lee, porter 
80 Mrs John Oliver, candies 
82 Mrs Eliza Reid 
84 John Reiley, moulder 
86 Vacant 

Walnut-st intersects 
88 John O'Neil, laborer 
90 Mrs Alex Littlejohn 
92 Vacant 
94 Mrs Wm Trail 
94>^ George Walker,shoemaker 
96 Joseph Lyght, pattern mkr 
98 Robert Brick, machinist 

100 John Brick, lithographer 

102 John Cronn, laborer 

104 Knighton Sherman, button- 
hole maker 

106 John Brehany, shoemaker 

108 Richard Crozier, laborer 4 

108J Mrs H Mackenzie 

io8>^ Mrs M McSherry 

I lo-i 12 Mrs J Grant, grocer 

Cherry-st intersects 
118 Joseph Jeff, laborer 
120 Henry Gurner, bricklayer 
122 John O'Neil, printer 
124 Miss Eliza Barr 
126 Henry Callowhill, tinsmith 
128 George Canning, plasterer 

Spring-st intersects 
134 Mrs J Langton 
136 Jamel Wall, blacksmith 
138 E W Odell, pedler 
140 Fred Lambert, porkpacker 
IVellington-st intersects 

Jackson-st w, north side, 
from James s to Gairfch 

St Paul's Church 
4 Samuel McKay, livery 

Wood yard 

Macnab-st ifttersects 

Central Presbyterian Church 
20 Rev Samuel Lyle 

Charles &* Park-sts intersect 
28 Charles Limin, butcher 
30 R Hills, sec Canada Life 
30)4 Ford Brownfield, clerk 
32 W E Brown, bookkeeper 
34 Robert Sterling 
36 Robert Angus 
38 Jas Turpin, com trav 
40 Mrs Thomas B Harris 
42 F F Dalley, manfr 
44 J W Bowman, merchant 
46 Mrs Margaret McClure 

Bay-st intersects 
50 John Connors, dairyman 
52 Vacant 

54 Michael Klager, bricklayer 
56 Mrs A S Richardson 
58 T H Lan^.be, accountant 
60 H F Witherby, jeweler 
62 T I) Walker, inspector 
64 N H Davis 
66 Joseph Wallace, clerk 
68 W R Davis, jeweler 

2 74 


70 John McCullough, cafpenter 
74 John Thorn, tobacconist 

Caroline-st intersects 
76 Mrs L H Brooks 
80 Henry A Eager, clerk P O 

Hess-st intersects 
88 W D Booker, sec Vic Mut 

Ins Co 
90 Richard Coleman, traveler 
92 Thos Marsden, merchant 

Queen-st intersects 
100 Samuel Ecclestone 
102 Wm Bremer, com traveler 
104 John D Clarke, editor 

" Times" 
106 Charles Mills 
ip8 Robert Campbell, potter 

Fred J Howell, lithographer 
120 James Blair, train despatcher 
122 Vacant 

Ray-st intersects 
124 Alfred Miller, shoemaker 
126 H W Craft, -salesman 
128 Fred Hebner, laborer 
130 Geo S Board, blacksmih 
132 George Kennedy, cabinet 

134 Adam J Miller, stovemounter 
136 Joseph Embling, laborer 
Pearl-si intersecls 

138 Wm Combes, moulder 

140 James Hamilton, tobacco 

142 John Mitchell, laborer 
144 Wm R Baker, fireman 
146 James Marie, laborer 
148 — Maplebeck, laborer 
150 George Lamond, laborer 
154 Noah Pollington, laborer 

Locke-st intersects 
156 Wm Ridler. shoemaker 
160 Vacant 

162 Michael Keagan, laborer 
164 Miss R Cresswell 

Poulette-st intersects 
170 Chas J Hewett, brickmaker 
172 Mrs Michael Lavelle 

176 Ed Downing, carpenter 
178 James Garner, finisher 
184 Wm Auld, watchman 
186 Thos Ellis, laborer 

Campbell Sewer Pipe Co 

Garth-st intersects 

Jackson-st w, south side 

3 John Billings 
5 Charles Magill 

Macnab-st intersects 
Dr Calvin McQuesten 
Charles-st intersects 
German Roman Catholic 
21 Mrs A Bunlin 
23 Oliver Hillman, merchant 
25 Mrs Alex Duncan 

Park st intersects 
27 Mrs George Pierce 
29 Mrs F Simpson 
31 Mrs E Dewar 
33 Lyman Moore 
35 John J Scott, barrister 
37 Mrs Hugh Mclnnes 
39 Mrs Christina Aitken 
41 W M Goodwin, telegraphist 
43 John Hoodless, manfr 
45 Wm Yourg 
49 Samuel Woodley, shoemaker 

Bay-st intersects 
51 Robert T Steele, merchant 
5 T David Steele jr, barrister 
53 Mrs Daniel Campbell 
55 John Campbell, merchant 
57 Miles Overend, depuly regis- 
65 W E Sanford, merchant 

Caroline-st intersects 
75 Mrs T B Fuller 
77 Geo H Bull, clerk P O 
79 John Armour, C E 
81 Angus Sutherland, grocer 
83 Richard Brierley, druggist 
85 Vacant 
87 Vacant 

Hess-st intersects 
871^ Miss Mary Ann Briggs 



89 G S Counsell, Co clerk 

89 H H Willard 

91 W C Turnbull, printer 

95 J R Thompson, carver 

Queenst intersects 
109 Mrs M Locke 
1 1 1 P L Scriven, engraver 
113 Mrs Alex Kemp 
115 Wm Murray, collector 

Ray-st intersects 
121 Mrs Agatha Kurpieski 
129 F Flaherty, laborer 
131 Owen Doyle, carpenter 

Pearl-st intersects 
145 James W Webb, shoemaker 
147 Geo Leavers, painter 
149 James Gavey, scalemaker 
151 Ed Neal, brickmaker 
Locke-st intersects 
165 James Harman, laborer 
167 Wm King, engineer 


James-st n, east side, 
King to the Bay 

2 Geo M Barton, barrister 
T LeP Filgiano, dentist 

4 E L Schwaitz, tobacconist 

6 M Nisbet, hatter 

8 Vacant 

10 Oak Hall, clothing 
12 Mcll wraith & McMastcr, 
dry goods and millinery 
14 Donald Smith, mercht tailor 
14 Caledonian Hall 
16 Pratt & Watkins, dry goods 
18 A S Vail & Co, clothiers 
20 W H McDonald & Co, 

22 S Woodley, boots and shoes 
24 C P Edwards, boots & shoes 
26 Vacant 

King Win-st intersects 
28 John Crossley, dry goods 
30 John W Gerrie, druggist 
32 Sewell Bros, grocers 
34 J G Curell, barrister 

Anderson & Bates, oculists 

and aurists 
34 Josias Bray, ins agent 
34 J C Smith, barrister 
36 Harrison Bros, druggists 
38 Ferres & Co, hardware 
40 John Riggs & Co, dry goods 
42 Lazier, Dingwall ife Monck, 

" R D Kennedy, architect 
" E Bezanson, photographer 
*' Joseph Lister 
" Misses Graham, hair jewelry 
44 Vacant 

46 Thos Marsden & Son, gilders 
48 Temperance dining rooms 
" Louis Schwarz, tobacconist 
50 A Zimmerman, tailor 
52 A Hunter, bookseller 
54 John Riach, general dealer 
56 Mrs E Hubbard, millinery 
58 Mrs Wm Prout, fruits, etc 
60 W J Waugh, gents' furnish'gs 

Rebecca -st intersects 
62 T K Foster, tailor 
64 St Charles restaurant 
66 Atkinson Bros, news dealers 
68 John Peden, fruiterer 
68>^ F A Ford, barber 
70 Post office 
" Vacant 

" E Burns, lumber dealer 
72 Daniel Peace, tobacconist 
*' Mail (Toronto) agency 
74 Vacant 

78 Thos Burrows, auctioneer 
80 Nordheimer & Co, pianos . 
82 Vacant 

84 David McLellan, ins agent 
84 Robert Irwin, custom broker 
86 Masonic Hall 
88 J J Mason, grand sec grand 

lodge A F & A M 
88 Vacant 
90 Vacant 

Gore-st commences 
92 Thomas Clappison, bookscrp 
Grand Opera House 



J Chapman, hotel 
Wm Carroll, barber 
94 Vacant 

96 J C Pronguey, coachmaker 
IOC Davison & Modlin, agents 
100 John Foster, fishmonger 
102 Mark Hill, baker 
104 Walter Hill, butcher 
106 Henry Ing, watchmaker 
rb6 Edward Murphy, painter 
108 VV J F Gordon, coal and lime 
108 P^oresters' Hall 
108 Samuel Chapman, druggist 
1 08b Cumming Bros, grocers 
112 C Blaase, hotel 
110 Wm Farmer, plumber 
1 1 2 Richard Brochelsbey, con- 
114 American Wgriner Co 
116 W L Smith, M D, druggist 
118 George Small wood, tobacco- 
120 Mrs Sarah Stevens, fancy 

122 Miss Esther Edwards, rnillin- 

124 James Dwyer, undertaker 
126 Sutherland & Meekinson, 

Cannon-st intersects 

Knox Church 
122 GM Shaw, M D 
1221^ T W Reynolds, MD 
124 Dr John A Mullin 
126 W Barrett, painter 
128 Mrs M Hussell, fancy goods 
130-32 A W Noble, caner 
134 Anthony Moran, hotel 
136 J Colvin, grocer 
138 Wm McKeever, baker 

W J Harris, caretaker 
146 Drill Shed 

Rohert-st intersects 
152 Miss McCaghe)', milliner 
154 John Chappel, tinsmith 
156 Vacant 
158 J McCartney, confectioner 

60 Geo Pope, cabinetmaker 
62 D H Gould, boots and shoes 
64 Mrs John Hatt 
64 Mrs Francis Arnold 
64)^ John Haystead, driver 
66 T B Paine, bookkeeper 
Christ Church Cathedral 
Jesse Linger, sexton 
68 Mrs R Hicks, fancy goods 
70 Mrs M Morrow, confectioner 
70)^ Mrs Ann Dallyn 
72 Adam Irving, fancy goods 
72^^ Geo Midgely, shoemaker 
74-6 John Field, crockery 
78 Thos Morris, baker 
80 Peter Furnidge, butcher 
[82 L Hemmings, broker 
184 Mrs H Feast, confectioner 
186-188 H C Chappie, tinsmith 
190 Mrs Jas Meakins, dry goods 
192 Mrs Nelligan, fancy goods 

Barton-st intersects 
194 John Hunter, grocer 
196 Robert McKeever, butcher 
198 John Kelly, saloon 
200 John Huxtable, shoemaker 
202 Miss \lary Gleason, dressm^r 
204 A P Williamson, stationer 
206 Wm McGee, flour dealer 
208-10 A Simon, confectioner 
212 Thos Clarke, butcher 
214 Joseph Marck, barber 
216 Paul Dame, fishmonger 
218 Mrs Jane McKillop, confr 
220 Jas E Doyle, grocer 
222 Joseph Cook, butcher 
224 Jos Morin, boots & shoes 
226 Wm McLaren, dry goods 
228 Dake's hotel 

Murray-st intersects 
230 A Vincent & Co., druggists 
230^ G & B Nelligan, gents* 

232 Mrs Hugh Moore, dressmkr 

O M Gorman, laborer 
232 L A Edick, spinner 
234 C H Fields, barber 
234)^ Mrs Ellen Negle, boarding 



236 Thos Welch, com traveler 
240 Andrew Hay, carpenter 
244 Mrs Thos McKinty, grocer 

Stuart-st intersects 
248 M D Nelligan, wagon mkr 

G T Railway bridge 
250 John Harris, boarding 
Strachan-st intersects 
252 Thos Dickinson 
254 Wm Hamburg, carpenter 
256 Henrv Kirkpatrick, laborer 
258 Thos T Wellinger, fitter 
260 Alfred Nash, expressman 
262 Adam Clark, fitter 
264 Alfred Wells, laborer 
266 Chas Haslam, driver 
268 John Henderson, laborer 
270 John Hafner, glassblower 
272 James Young, carpenter 
274 Mrs Catharine Moran 
274^ John Holt, engineer 
274 Harrison Bros, druggists 

Simcoe-st intersects 
276 Wm Buckingham, butcher 
278 Thos Marshall, laborer 
280 John Day, shoemaker 
282 J Gant, barber 
284 Stephen Cleary, porter 
286 Theo Le P Filgiano, dentist 
288 Vacant 
288^ Levi Cassell 
290 Vacant 

292 Thos Nugent, laborer 
266 R Williamson, ice dealer 

Ferrie-st intersects 
298 Joseph Dorman, machinist 
300 Oliver Beatty, hotel 
304 Joseph Guttridge, boarding 
306 Richard Williamson 
308 John Smith, carpenter 
312 Wm B Williamson,ice dealer 
314 R B Williamson, laborer 
Picton-st intersects 
Hamilton Glass Works 
Macauley-st intereects 
326 Joseph Clinton, laborer 

328 James Farrell, laborer 
330 John Irving, laborer 
342 Geo M Brown, laborer 
344 Isaac Blowes, laborer 
346 Nicholas Daly, laborer 
348 John Harold, glassblower 
348^ Wm Burnett, glassblower 
350 Joseph Harvey, hotel 
Wood-st intersects 
364 Mrs Catharine Blowes 
366 Lawrence Dunn, laborer 
368 Hugh Macdonald, laborer 
370 Martin O'Mara, laborer 
Burlington-st intersects 

376 Vacant 

378 John Campbell, packer 

382 Mrs Peter Mullin 

390 Mrs Oliver Gagnier, grocer 

Guise-st intersects 
394 Stephen Dunn, foreman 
McKay's wharf 

James-st n, west side 

I A Hamilton & Co, druggists 
3 David Graham, hatter 
5 Thos Lees, watchmaker 
James Davidson, manfr 
7 Joseph Mills & Son, hatters 
9 J Bowes, dentist 
" W A Edwards, architect 
" E S Collins & Co, painters 
" E Crockford & Son, jewelers 
1 1 C E Morgan, broker 
13 Thos Mason, hatter 
15 Thos Fred Walker, saloon 
17 Robt Duncan & Co, books, 
Market Square 

City Hall 
21 Andrew Lay, saloon 
23 Samuel Easter, saloon 
25 John Morris, oyster parlors 
27 A C Quimby & Co, tobac- 

29 Wm McGinnis, saloonkeeper 
31 Carroll's American watch 




Canada Business College 
Alexandra Arcade 
Globe (Toronto) Agency 
31 Wm J Grant, ticket agent 
32-41 St Nicholas Hotel 
43 T Richter, saloon 
45 Frank England, barber 
47 Vacant 

49 P Grossman, music dealer 
51 Alex McPherson, printer 
53 Alhambra Saloon 

Merrick-st commences 
55 Richard Bull, ins agent 
55 C T Jones, ticket agent 
57 G McKeand, ins agent 
57 R F Keayes, real estate agn't 
57 Ontario Mutual Life Associa- 
59 J B Fairgrieve, coal dealer 
" Senecca Jones, ins agent 
61-63 Royal Hotel 
65 Vacant 

67 Walter Urry, barber 
69 John Hirvey & Co, wool 

69 Strathroy Knitting Co 

• 7 1 W Armstrong 
73 Geo A McCully, shoemaker 

■ 75 Vacant 
77 Peter Carnegie, tailor 
79 John Hoi man, gunsmith 
81 Thos Lawrence, druggist 
83 James Cannon, barber 
85 Joseph Bonders, fruiterer 
87 Chinese Laundry 
89 Thos Appleton, pawnbroker 
91-93 McKeever Bros, flour & 

95 Inland revenue office 
Gas inspector 
Weights and measures 

Vine-st commences 
" 97 Federal Life Association 

Payne & McMeekin, insur- 
ance agents 
\ Royal Templars of Temper- 
"■ an re 

99 John Gorvin, sewing machi's 

99 F F Dalley & Co, patent 
H F Schafer, machinist • 
TGI John McCann, shoemaker 
103 R W Yaldon, hotel 
107 J H Myrick, picture framer 
109 Queen's Laundry 
113 O C Evans, window shades 
115 Wm S Lumgair, sewing ma- 
117 Wm Ford, barber 
1 1 9 Thos Strachan, grocer 
Wm Noble, hotel 

Cannon-st intersects 
119 Henry Harding, plumber 
121 R Henry, butcher 
123 Mrs Chas McLeod, dyer 
125 Mrs Andrew McPherson 
127 James O'Brien, flour and feed 
129 John E Taylor, confectioner 
131 MrsS Hartley, knitter 
1315^ Alfred Defour, provisions 
133 James Hannah, contractor 
1335^ James Morris, cutter 
135 D J Kelly, wood dealer 
137 Horace Brown, laborer 
137^ Nath'l Pegran, shoemaker 

Mulberry-st connnences 
139 Robt Jackson, plasterer 
141 Vacant 

143 John Miller, foreman 
145 Turkish Baths 
147 Aaron Sayman, umbrella 

151 Mrs A E Edson 
153 Dr A Woolverton, coroner 
155 Mrs Wm Howard, fancy 

157 Wm McKay, hotelkeeper 
159 J L Lighifoot, shoemaker 
165 R J Dunstan, com trav 
167 Mrs Jane McKillop 
169 W A Freeman, coal and 

173-5 ^ I^ Baker, whip manfr 
175 John A Chadwick, metal 

173 A M Forster, brass founder 



Colborne-st commences 
177-183 Gurneys & Ware, scale 

185 James Potter, moulder 
187 John Nixon, laborer 
189 Thos Walsh, machinist 
191 Mrs Mary Smith 

Bartoji-st intersects 
203 W Doran, vinegnr manfr 
205 Andrew Herron, hackman 
207 Benj Whiting, laborer 
211 Daniel Williams, hotelkeeper 

Murray-st inte7'sects 
213 Vacant 

215 Frank Sturdy, machinist 
217 Henry Keymer, boilermaker 
■219 John Tremlet, shoemaker 
221 Joseph Holdsworth, broker 
223 Mrs Ellen Dowler, grocer 
225 Mrs John Smith, varieties 
227 R Featherstone, butcher 
229 Julia Carnotta 
231 Edward Oliver, shoemaker 
235 Wm Halcrow, mason 
239 John McHendrie, hotel 

Stuart-st intersects 
243 Police Station, No 2 
245 Samuel Crist, glassblower 
247 John O'Brien, machinist 

Strachan-st intersects 
249 Daniel Cronyn, carter 
253 Jas Thomson, laborer 
255 Carl Schlessing, machinist 
257 Mrs C Wolfe 
259 Peter Commerford 
461 Wm Beare, dairyman 
263 Joseph F Kerslake, cabinet 

265 Owen Budgen, dairyman 
267-9 Hugh Monro, grocer 
Simcoest intersects 
Ontario Cotton Mills 
Ferrie-st intersects 
281 Mrs Mary Lattimore 
283 Thos Bard, glassblower 
289 Mrs Richard Green 

291 Fred Robitaille, laborer 
293 Chas Lavalle, machinist 
297 John Harrington, glassblower 
297 D P Le Valle, dry goods 
303 P Menard, glassblower 
305 E Cherrier, butcher 

Picton-st intersects 
307-9 R Quinn, hotel 
311 Vacant 

313 Fred Willoughby, dyer 
315 Mrs Caroline Jobber 
317 Mrs M Barr 

319 Mrs Sarah Fairbairn, grocer 
321 M Bracken, glassblower 
323 Miss Norah Williamson 
325 Thonjas Farrell, glassblower 
327 Thomas Pearson, glassblower 
331 Joseph Carson, grocer 

Macauley-st intersects 
345 Thos Nixon, policeman 
347 Mrs John Arthur 

Wood-st intersects 
351 John Knox, policeman 
355 Neil Kirkpatrick, engineer 
357 Holden Barker, carter 
359 Andrew McLellan, laborer 
363 Vacant 

365 Wm Gardener, musician 
369 Thos Richmond, grocer 
J'iurlin^ton-st intersects 
379 Mrs N^ D Mackay 
381 RO MacKay, wharfinger 
Mac Kay's wharf 

James-st s, east side, from 
King to 2t£oiintain 

I Canada Life Assurance Co 
Osier, Teetzel & Harrison, 
*^ ■ F E Kilvert, barrister 

Edison Electric Light Co 
^ ' Keewatin Lumbering and 
Manfr Co 
Bruce, Burton & Culham, 

Duggan & Anibrose, bar- 



3 Landed Banking & Loan Co 
5 Brown, Balfour & Co, whole- 
sale grocers 
7 Hyslop, Cornell & Co, fancy 
g /^Victoria Mutual Fire Ins Co 
I I Life Association of Canada 
J I W F Findlay, ins agent 
^< Martin & Kittson, barristers 

ames Balfour, architect 
Wm Bell, barrister 
George H Mills, barrister 
Main-st intersects 




McQuesten & Chis- 

J ) W A H Duff, barrister 
^ ' T J C Greene, barrister 
33 Barker & McBrien, painters 
37 Miss Mary Fitzgerald 
39 Miss M Kern 

Jackson-st intersects 
41 John Legarie, wagonmaker 

52 Henry Harrison, butcher 

53 Louis Roos, traveler 

Hunter-st intersects 
61-73 Ontario Sewing Mach Co 
75 Wm A Nixon, laborer 
77 PE J Fitzpatrick, bookkeeper 
79 Wm Vassie, machinist 
81 Easter & Purrott, painters 
81 Miller & Hill, carpenters 
85-87 Hamilton Vinegar Works 
89 Herman Levy, merchant 
9 1 Rev Wm Curran 
93 Mrs Archibald Jameson 
95 Mrs Agnes Buchanan 

August a -st commences 
97 TenEyck & Precore, grocers 
10 1 J M Rousseaux, grocer 
103 Mrs S E Nimmo 
105 Mrs E Hamilton 
107 Rev W W Carson, Methodist 
Youno-st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Mg^a-st intersects 
135 Vacant 
137 2^milius Irving, Q C 

Hannah-st intersects 

139 Wm Griffith, merchant 

141 John Riddle, broker 

143 Mrs Thos J Chestnut 

147 Miss M L Munday 

149 P D Crerar, solicitor 

151 A T Wood, merchant 

153 Henry McLaren 

155 Mrs McLaren, Oak Bank 

157 A G Ramsay, Canada Life 

159 K J Dunstan, Telephone Co 

161 Mrs S B Freeman 

James-st s, west side 

2 Molson's Bank 

2^ Hamilton CommercialCol- 

" Martin & Malone, barristers 
" D Steele, barrister 
"PL Scriven, wood engraver 
" S Leveratt, accountant 
4 License Commissioners' of- 

4 John Proctor & Co, hard- 
4 James Osborne & Son, gro- 
6 Vacant 

65^ S E Townsend,accountant 
8 Canada Mutual Telegraph 

10 Walker & Scott, barristers 
12 H T Bunbury, clerk ist Div 

1 2 D R Dewey, coal dealer 
14 C M Counsell, banker 
16 J T Routh, ins agent 
*' Wm Herman, com agent 
" MacKelcan,Gibson&Gausby 

" R A Pringle, barrister 
18 Great Northwestern Tel Co 
" American Express Co 
" Canadian Express Co 
" Spectator Printing Co 
" Staunton & Livingston, bar- 
*' T C Livingston, Dom Land 
. surveyor 



20 Haslett & Washington, bar- 

m Securities Co 
Nesbitt & Bicknell, 


E s< barristers 

j I R W Suter, ins agent 

\D G Greer, real estate agent 
22 F VV Gates, nianfr 
26 W C Baker, commission 
28 Morton & Dixon, fruiterers 
30 M A Pennington, real est agt 
32 Wm Scott, shoemaker 
34 W S Hicks, carver 
36 Adam Clark, plumber 

Main-st intersects 
Bank of Montreal 
Wm Angus, letter carrier 
St Paul's church 

Jackson-st intersects 
Baptist church 
52 Dr John W Rosebrugh 

Hunter-st intersects 
Wm A Howell, druggist 
60 Mrs E H Davis 
62 Mrs M Simon, grocer 
66 J M Webber, merchant 
68 Mrs E Malloch 
70 Dr A E Malloch 
72 F S Malloch 
74 Mrs Geo Lees 
78 James Ferres, merchant 
80 Dr Elias Vernon 

Bold-st intersects 
82 John A Orr, merchant 
84 J E P Aldous, B A 
86 Vacant 

88 Edmund Scheuer, merchant 
90 Mrs Wm Bellhouse 
02 J M Stuart, merchant 
94 Vacant 

96 S VV^ Cornell, merchant 
98 Mrs George Marshall 
100 Richard Mackay 

Dtike-st commences 
Robinsonst commences 


134 Hubert Martin, merchant 
136 Thos Lawry, merchant 

Hannah-st intersects 
140 C Stiff, supt G T R 
144 A Rutherford, druggist 

Herkimer-st intersects and Mark- 
land commences 
Edward Martin, barrister 
Concession-st intersects 
John Stuart, merchant 
Richard Russell, manfr 

John-st north, east side, from 
70 King east to the Bay 

McKay Bros, dry goods 
4 Robt Parker & Co, dye wks 
6 Evans & Co, tailors 
8LarkinHall • 
8 C R Smith, grain dealer 
8 Collins & Leigh, collectors 
12 Co-operative grocery store 
14 Peter Meegan, saloon 
18 Fairley,Stewart & Go, plumb- 
ers ' ' 
20 P Hennessy, safes 
22 Vacant 

24 F J Willson, sewing mach's 
24 Odd Fellows' Hall 
26 George Webster, tailor 
28 Dominion Suspender manf 

30 Robert Raw & Co, printers 
30 J F Jago, custom bourse bro- 
Kin£[ IVm-st intersects 
32 Jjlmes Reed, hotelkeeper 
34 Wm Pease, dealer 
36-42 E & C Gurney, founders 

Rebecca-st intersects 
44 Murton & Reid, coal dealers 
46 T J Derrick, laborer 
48 Chas Faustman, cooper 
50 Mrs Wm Boice 
52 Mrs O Springer 
54 J H Bisby, wool dealer 
56 Vacant 



58 B E Charlton 

Gore-st intersects 
62 Emerson Hannon 
64 Thos Young, saloonkeeper 
66 VVm Dillon, moulder 
68 J E Halloran, livery 
76 Wm Johnston, carpenter 
78 W P Campbell, printer 
80 B M E Church 
82 Rev J B Roberts 
84 Mrs George Allen 
88 Mrs W R Swift 
90 Wm Tallman, carpenter 
96 Miss F Le Barre 
98 VV H Tallman, wood dealer 
100 Wm W Anstey, plumber 

Cannon-st intersects 
102 Miss Kate Murray 
106 W Weston, shoemaker 
116 Fred Brown, laborer 
122 Chas Stewart, founder 
124 Charles Silver, bookkeeper 
126 Peter Templeman, foreman 
128 K McKenzie, laborer 
128^ Justus Post, boiler tender 
130 Mrs M McCardle 

Robert-st intersects 
132 George Hooper, shoemaker 
136 John Roderick, tailor 
138 Arthur Middleton, bookkpr 
140 Donald Crerar, tailor 
140 J T Middleton, marble dealer 
140)^ Alex McPherson, printer 
142 John McMullan, cooper 
144 Vacant 

146 Alfred Myles, coal merchant 
148 Hy Robson, bricklayer 
150 George M Dexter, canvasser 
152 F Cameron, shoemaker 
154 Mrs Mary Burns 
154^ Edwd Hawkes, collector 
156-8 James Houlden, carpenter 

Barton-st intersects 
164 M A Broderick, grocer 
166 Mrs Samuel McLean 
168 Michael O'Brien, watchman 
174 John Johnson, shoemaker 

174 Philip Long 

176 Lawrence Kehoe, hackman 

178 Duncan McNab, painter 

180 W J Crankshaw, bookkeeper 

182 Wm A Murton, clerk 

184 Nelson Humphrey, manfr 

186 Vacant 

188 George Bible 

190 Vacant 

192 Geo Gardner, conductor 

194 Walter Armstrong, painter 

196 Ezra Waterman, upholsterer 

Murray-st intersects 
202 J A Chadwick, manfr 
208 Wm Drake, shoemaker 

Stuart-st intersects 
210 Wm Harper, laborer 
214 Timothy Lynch, laborer 

G T R bridge 
216 L Larsen, shoemaker 
218 Dennis McBride 
220 Patrick McBride, grocer 

Strachan-st intersects 
224 John Paull, laborer 
226 Daniel McCarthy, yardsman 
228 Daniel McMuliin, cooper 

Simcoe-st intersects 
Simcoe St Methodist Church 
260 St Lawrence Catholic School 

Ferrie-st intersects 
280 Peter Johnson, cigannaker 
282 Joseph Gormley, cigannaker 
284 Wm McCarthy, Nveaver 
286 Mrs Margaret Sullivan 
288 Wm Grant, printer 
290 Mrs M Geddes 

Picton-st intersects 
292 Alex Graham, grocer 
294 Mrs Rosanna Hanley 
296 Andrew Shasv, laborer 
298 Philip Ryan, shoemaker 
300 Wm Dermody, laborer 
302 St Luke's Church 

Macauley-st intersects 
306 John Sheehan, teamster 
310 Samuel Smith, glassbiowcr 



314 John McNichol, laborer 

316 Vacant 

320 Chas McNichol, glassblower 

l^Vood-si ititer sects 
324 John Campbell, machinist 
334 John Kelly, laborer 
336 Peter Matson 
342 John Sullivan, laborer 

Burlington-st intersects 
350-2 S Stevens, hotel 
354 Patrick Connors, boatbuilder 
356 Thos Lawrence, laborer 
358 Henry Bond, teamster 
360 John Gompf, brewer 
Brock-st intersects 

Corporation weighing house 
370 Samuel Berry, carpenter 

Old City Hospital 
Guise-st intersects 

Murton & Reid's wharf 

Myles' wharf 

John-st n, west side 

3 W J Pratt, barber 
5-7 Vacant 

9 Fraser & Johnson, saddlery 
1 1 Vacant 

13 H A Martin, printer 
15 J Wallace & Son, tinsmiths 
17 Young & Bro, plumbers 
19 Robert Lavelle, stoves, tins 
21 Andrew Dillon, hotel 

King IVm-st intersects 
23 Martin Bros, |)ork packers 
27 J H Holland, locksmith 
29 Wm Dodson, painter 
31 C Delorme, carriage maker 
37 E & C Gurney's pattern shop 
39 Alex Anderson, laborer 
4r Michael Dwyer, moulder 
43 Abram Swazie 

Rebecca-st intersects 
Wesley Church 
45 Ernest Faustman, cooper 
47 Andrew Mackie, moulder 
49 George Foreman, moulder 
51 James Hall, moulder 

"55 Hugh Sweeney, machinist 
57 Mrs George Trumbull 
59 Mrs Julia Higby 

Methodist Episcopal churth 
Gore-st intersects 
65 John Walker, blacksmith 
67 Mrs Sarah Estress 
69 J Harris, whitewasher 
71 Wm Sullivan, laborer 
73 Mrs Benjamin Wagner 
75 Mrs James Brennan 
77 Robert Wallace 
79 S G Spackman 
81 Warren Davis, stonecutter 
79 James Barron, policeman 
79^ R O Biglow, carpenter 
81 John A Davis 
83 Edward Jaggard, polisher 
85 Robert Curran, dyer 
87 John McManus, com trav 
89 George Brown, livery 
91 Wm Venator, turner 
93 W North, letter carrier 
95 George Keilifj, livery 
97 Edwd Kinsler, grocer 
99 Wm Johnson, brushmaker 
1 01 James Munn, laborer 
103 Amos Cassidy, carpenter 
103 Edward Kinsler, grocer 
Cannon-st intersects 
Malleable Iron Works 
121 C K Domville, GT R 
127 Mrs James Tindill 

Roberts t intersects 
129 Philip Morris, grocer 
131 Rev Joseph Odery 
133 Chas W Harrison 
135 Andrew Dougall, machinist 
137 Geo Childs, moulder 
139 John Bird, machinist 
141 Albert Sayers, musician 
143 D Walsh, messenger P O 
£45 John Hayes 
147 Charles Santzburg 
1473^ Wm Strong, ins agent 
151 James Hannah, shoemaker 
153 Mrs George Otto 
155 Thomas Glackin, cutter 



157 Wm Albery, shoemaker 
159 John Kendrick 
( 161 E S Whitehead, watchmaker 
163 James Smith, moulder 
165 Charles Wilson, contractor 
167 Wm Hall, patternmaker 
169 Nicholas Koch, moulder 
163a Dennis Buckley, laborer 
165a Mrs Jane Wheeler 

Barton-st intersects 
167a James Main, grocer 
169a Vacant 
1691^ Angus McKay, machinist 

173a Mrs Edward Harbin 
189 Chas Quinn, moulder 
189 Edward Marks, moulder 
* 9 1-3-3 >^ Vacant 

Murray-st intersects 
195 James. Lister, carpenter 
. 197 Geo Moore 
199 Chas Bolton, carpenter 
201 Henry Bleeze, machinist 
201^ James Johnson, sailor 
203 James Martin, laborer 
205 Mrs Wm Potter 
207 James Kelk, tinsmith 
209 James Hammond, grocer 

Stuart'St intersects 
211 Mrs Elizabeth Spence, grocer 
215 Sydney Brenton, polisher 

G T bridge 
217 Mrs H Marigold 
219 Henry Searle, machinist 
221 Thos Stirton, stonecutter 

Strachan-st intersects 
223 John Simmonds, laborer 
235 John Jones, laborer 

" Richard Simons, laborer 
237 Thos Pearson, laborer 
241 Mrs MA McCrae, grocer 

Simcoe-st intersects 
243 Edward Malone, laborer 
245 Patrick Donnelly, laborer 
247 Robert Gill, boilermaker 

249 John Corrigan, laborer 

25 1 Chas Capperne, marble cutter 

257 John Kane, carpenter 

259 Vacant 

261 J S Dillon, grocer 

Ferrie-st intersects 
265 Edward Crofton, grocer 
267 John Kane, carpenter 
269 James Ford, health inspector 
273 Patrick Kelly, laborer 
275 Wm Hanley, laborer 
277 Peter Johnson, cigarmaker 
279 John Talbot, plumber 
281 John Gallaghan, carjienter 
285 James Hurley, moulder 
Thos Lee, glassblower 

Pic ton st intersects 
287 Mrs Bridget O'Neil 
291 Michael O'Neil, moulder 
293 Ed Murj)hy, laborer 
295 Mrs Daniel Taylor 
297 John Hayes, scaiemaker 
303 Thos Hayes, shoemaker 

Alacauley-st intersects 
305 Rev Wm Massey, M A 
311 Frank Smith, glassblower 

IVood-st intersects 
325 Patrick Connors, laborer 
329 John McFadden, 
337 James McGinty, laborer 
339 John Gorman, teamster 
341 Malcolm Conbrough, laborer 

Burlington-st intersects 
349 Mrs Ann Mills 
35 1 Thomas Drever, carpenter 
353 ^^^^^ Alexander, laborer 
353 ^^"^ Dryden, teamster 
367 John Whelan, laborer 

Brock-st intersects 
375 Mrs John Boyd 
379 Mrs Alice McBriar, nurse 
383 Chas Blackburn, weaver 
385 David Coulter, policeman 

Guise-st intersects 



John-st s, east side, from 43 
King east to Mountain. 

Merchants' Bank 
13-15 W E Sanford & Co 
17 George Goering, hotel 
19 Richard Magen, butcher 
21 Jacob Burges, fruit dealer 
23 Paul Deutschur, hotelkeeper 
25 Vacant 

27-29 Morgan Bros, millers 
31 Vacant 

33 Henry Belz, tailor 
35 R N Taylor & Co, druggists 

. Main-si intersects 
37 John Stuart, Son & Co 
39 Frank Squibb, plumber 

42 John Patterson, tailor 

43 Vacant 

45-47 Jas Joliey&Sons,saddlers 
49 I Blumensleil, broker 
51 Mrs M Moses, clothing 
53 J R VV^olf, pawnbroker 
55 Gage & Jelfs, barristers 
55)^ H J Hal ford, barber 
57 Court House Plotel 
61 David Little, hairdresser 
63 A Miller, harness maker 
65 Matthew High, hotel 

Jackson-st intersects 
67 Vacant 
69 Vacant 

73 Lendrum Irvine, traveler 
75 Mrs Eliza Peacock, fancy gds 
77 VVni Goodwin, watchmaker 
79 A Tshann, butcher 
81 Edmund Hill, grocer 
83 C J Fenton, dry goods 
83^ James Barker, fruiterer 
85 Mrs P Dowling, dry goods 
87 George Morton, barber 
89 Daniel Barry, hotel 

Hunters t intersects 
91 James Dunlop, flour & feed 
93 George C Hunter, tinsmith 
95 R N Taylor & Co, chemists 
95/4 David Dunlop, saddler 
97.Thos Backus, shoemaker 

99 James H Shouldice, hotel 
101 Chas Hitzroth, shbedealer 
loi^ H Strauss, grocer 
103 Mrs H Arless, confectioner 
103^ Ed Hunt, blacksmith 
105 George Hodge, teamster 
107 Wm Mallory, broker 
1073^ Chris Loney, shoemaker 
109 S Wilier, pork butcher 
109^ John Shea, machinist 
1 1 1 Mrs Geo Garner, dressmaker 
115 George Ashby, furniture 
1 17-1 1 9 Ballentine Bros, grocers 

August a-st intersects 
131 Fred Landau, traveler 
123 James Patterson, carpenter 
125 James F, blacksmith 
127 Wm Homer, confectioner 
129 Mrs Sarah Murphy 
133 Bryant & Post, grocers 
Yoiing'St intersects 

135 James Dingle, butcher 
137 Mrs Sarah Rogers 
139 James Forrest, locksmith 
1391^ Mrs William Harris 
141 James Inches, merchant 
143 Robert Griffith, com traveler 
145 J J Millman, photographer 
147 Alonzo Lutes, clerk 
149 H G Greig 

Maria-st intersects 
Col C C Grant 
153 Mrs Isabella Alexander 

Hanfiah-st intersects 
167 G W Johnson, teacher 
169 Alex Mclnnes, merchant 
Richard Martin, Q C 
Richard Tew, merchant 
Thos Robertson, barrister 
Chas Gurney, manfr 
Mrs Edward Gurney 
Samuel Barker 

John-st south, west side 

2 New postoffice 

4 Alex McKay, flour dealer 

6 Wm Gillesby, grain dealer 



8-IO J R McKichan, paper bags 
12 John Sintzel, tailor 
14 A Harper, butcher 
16 Leo Platz, tailor 
18 Frazer & Inches, grocers 
20 H C Duval, barber 
42 Robert ]ahn, hotel 
Mam-st intersects 
Court House 
Jackson-st intersects 
48 Thorley Cattle Food Co 
50 T M Kelly, grocer 
52 J T Bronson, hotelkeeper 
54 James Wills, shoemaker 
56 John Caddocks, harnessmkr 
56J George Allan, moulder 
58 VVm Robinson, shoemaker 
60 Robert Smith, baker 
62 VV H Ryckman & Co,grocers 
64 J & R Kilgour, o^gan manfs 
64 VV B Mitchell, tailor 
66 H Smith, stove dealer 
6'^ Mrs Leegrice, baker 
70-72 Hugh McKeown, saddler 
74 James Burges, hotel 

Hunter-st intersects 
76 Vacant 

78 Connell & Cross, dressmkrs 
82 1 hos Priestland, furniture 
84 John Buckingham, laborer 
S6-C38 Alex Morri-son, grocer 
5 . / 12 Miss Susan Feaver,hotel 
J I ) 9 1-) Jackson, retinner 
'ctE ) 7 ^^*^^ Goodale, laborer 
^ V R Montg()mery,boarding 
90 Thus S Hill, butcher 
92 W H Rendell, blacksmith 
94 Samuel White, shoemaker 
96 Isaac Rapiiaei, tailor 
98 Thus Morrison 
102 Robert Geoige, tailor 

Aiigi/sta-st intersects 
104 Louis Jacobs, cigarmaker 
106 Wm Shar[;, baker 
110 Lawrence Roehin, tailor 
ii2jolin Raitenburg, carpenter 
114 L Biumenstcil, cigar manf 

116 John Henderson, baker 
1 18 John Williams, laborer 
122 Mrs Wm Waddell 

Young-st intersects 
124 Robert Gallagher, tailor 
126 James Garson, carpenter 
128 Mrs Amanda Forrest 
130 Vacant 

132 W F Findlay, accountant 
134 Mrs John Webber 
136 C W Watts, bookkeeper 
Mariast intersects 

Church of Ascension 
Hannah-st intersects 

Edward Browne, wharfinger 

Jones-st, north side, from Dun- 
durn west to city limits 

S S Kmg, mover 
Mrs J McElroy 
David Lewis, laborer 
H G Von Hoxar, linguist 
John Hill, laborer 
Thomas Frawley, laborer 
Michael Frawley, laborer 
Terrence Scott, teamster 
Thos Johnstone, laborer 
James Hamilton, laborer 

Jones-st, south side 

James Sayers, ruffler 
James Gaskin, laborer 

Kelly-st, north side, from 82 
Mary east to Wellington 

Laidlaw Manuf Co, founders 
4 M Paterson, custom officer 
6 Mrs Thos Davison, teacher 
8 Geo E Mills, bricklayer 
Elgin- st intersects 
20 James Williams, teamster 
22 George Woithington. brake- 
r 2 2 Charles Jaggard, laborer 
r22 Henry Jackson, laborer 
r22 Michael Conley 

Ferguson-ave intersects 



42 John B Rousseaux 
44 James Pierce, laborer 
46 John Wilkie, engineer 
48 Robert Bennet, blacksmith 
Cathcart-st intersects 

56 Mrs Andrew Morton 
58 A T James, shipper 

Wellifigton-st intersects 

Kelly-st, south side 

* 3 George Forbes, teamster 
5 John W Emery, scalemaker 
7 Michael Platts 
13 James Conley, grocer 
Elgin-st iutersects 
17 Daniel Downs, carriagemaker 

FergMson-ave intersects 
31 Samuel Beeston, laborer 
33 M Gahagen, shoemaker 
35 Thos Edwards, laborer 
37 Frank Smith, porter 
39 J C N Jenkins, machinits 

Cathcart-st iutersects 
53 Canada Clock Co 
55 Mrs Walter Heim 

57 Thomas Canary, driver 

Wellington-st intersects 

Kent-st, from Hannah w, to 

No houses 

King-st e, north side, from 
James to Delta 

2 S G Treble, gents' furnishings 
4 Mrs F McLean, fancy goods 
6 Garland & Rutherford, drugs 
8 George James, dry goods 
8| S C Chittenden, dentist 
" Thomas Farmer 
"CO Oddfellows' hall 

10 Hutchison & Pilkey, pianos 

12 Wm Acres, hatter 

14 Richard Bnerley, druggist 

14^ Wm Bruce, patent agent 

*' A F Yoemans 

*' W A Young, plater 

16 J Eastwood & Co, books &c 

18-20 A Murray & Co,dry goods 

22 I O F hall 

22 J G Sinclair, dentist 

24 R P Leask, gents' furnishings. 

26 J C Mahony,bootsand shoes 

28 J D Climie, boots and shoes 

30-32 Thomas C Watkins, dry 

34 John A Clark, druggist 

Hughson-st intersects 
36 Farmers' and Traders' Loaix 

36 J Zimmerman, dentist 
38 Y M C Associaticn 
40 J F Shea, boots and shoes- 
42 James Shea, dry goods 
44 Wood & Leggat, hardware 
46 China Palace 
48 Simon McCabe, boots 
50 Henry Blandford, gilder 
52 Canada Glass House 
54 Bowman & Moore, hardware 
56 Winslow & Webber, hardw're 
58 Geo Gage, boots and shoes 
60 Robert Wilson, boots & shoes 
62 H Arland & Bro, boots and 

shoes , ' 

64 J V Dynes, clothier 
66 Murphy & Murray, grocers 
68 C A Davis, dentist 
68 Fred Wilmott, photographer 
68 M. Stein, jeweler 

John-st intersects 
70 McKay Bros, dry goods 
72 C N Hiesrodt, picture framer 
74 Bews Bros, tailors 
76 J M Rosseau & Co, grocers 
78 John B Gay, stationer 
78 D Thompson, jeweler 
781^ E S Whipple, land agent 
" Richard Hill, cigar manfr 
" Rutherford & Lester, ins 
80 Charles Huton, tailor 
82 Jos Herron, merchant tailof 
84 Globe Hotel 
86 J C White, fancy goods 


^8 D J Peace, tobacconist 
90 Miss L Rowe, milliner 
90 Palladium of Labor office 
92 Vacant 

94 A S McKenzie. shoemaker 
96 Mrs Eliza Burns, fancy gds 
98-100 D Moore & Co, tmware, 

stoves, etc 
102 Adam Hope & Co, hardware 

Catharinest intersects 

Reid, Goering & Co,general 
104 N D Galbreath, grocer 
106 John Staunton, hotel 
108 James Henigan, hatter 
112 B Cauley, tobacconist 
114 G H Lees & Co, watchmkrs 
ii8Josej>h Hargrove & Son, 

sewing machine dealers 
120 George Kemj), grocer 
116 J Noyes, hair worker 
118 J Happle Hutcheson, tailor 

Mrs Joseph Towersey 
120^ Geo W Noyes, barber 
122 E Battram 

124 N G Eckerson, photographer 
124 W L Hubbard, tobacconist 

Mary-st intersects 

126 P D Carse, gents' fur- 
128 J H Johnston, furniture 
128^ Maidment &: Co, teas 
" Jos M Clark, tailor 
*' Geo Webster, machin't 
" R B Burt, dentist 
" Storm & Green, tea 
J Wilson, painter 
130 Alex Wetherall, dry goods 
130 Vacant 
132 Vacant 
134 Vacant 

J Pecover, cabinetmaker 


J Finagin, merch't tailor 

H S Williams, stationer 

Charles Black, hardware 

Alfred Bavlis, grocer 


John Williams, confec- 
134 M Richardson, bootsand 

136-8 J Scott, fancy goods 
140 Mrs E Stewart, milliner 
F Claringbowl, jeweler 
SThorne &: Co, dry goods 
F P^ Moody, fancy goods 
M Mundy, druggist 
Frank E Walker, hous« 
V furnishings 

Walnut-st north intersects 

M Nesbit, hatter 
170 Dennis Kerrigan, tailor 
172 R Hill, cigar manuf 
174 W T Bell, confectioner 
176 A T Collyer, hat manfr 
178 Misses L & E Harrison, 

180 Mrs E Newport, confectioner 
182 J C Smyth, merchant 
184 Vacant 

186 Robert Stewart & Co, grocers 
188-190 Brethour&Co,merchants 
T92 J Peebles, watchmaker 
194 Mrs Chas Israel, confectioner 
196 Henry Martin, hotel 
198 Robert B Spera, dry goods 
200 H S Hooper, confectioner 
202 Thos O'Brien, barber 
204 Ontario Pharmacy 
204 G S Bincjham, M D 

Fe7'guson-ave intersects 

164 Walker House 

166 J A Macaulay, fruiterer 

168 Thos Spellacy, broker 

180 J E Riddell, 'stoves 

17,2 Wm Snath, butcher 

174 A Swnzie, flour and feed 

^14/4 C W Powell, windowshades 

174 E Taylor, grinder 

176 Vacant 

R Spence & Co, file workers 
178 Vacant 

178 Mrs J H Truman, confec- 
180 Frank Truman, barber 



182 Hamilton Universal Agency 
184 -T J Sheridan, spring beds 
186 MichaelSuilivan, hotelkeeper 
184 Miss Kate Heins 
188 Mrs John Jdrvis, furniture 
Upper Cathcart-st commences 
190 Peter Thompson, grocer 
192 (jCo Phillips, tailor 
194 R M McCiine, fish dealer 
198 Alex McFarlane, flour and 

20b E \V Rateman, baker 
202 Wm Hill, butcher 
204 C Hayhoe, confectioner 
204 j4 Geo Biggar, M D 
210-212 Dominion Hat Co 

R Leslie, fruiterer 
210 John McMillan, grocer 
212 James Dennis, bootmaker 
214 D D Smith, M D, druggist 
IVeilington-st intersects 
Corporation lumber yard 
226 Wm Haskins, city engineer 

West-ave intersects 
238 J H Moore, merchant 
240 VV F Burton, barrister 
242 Menry Wood ware, customs 
244 Rev John Keough 

Victoria-ave intersects 
246 B Winnifrith, grocer 
250 T Arthur, carpenter 
254 Thos Kilvington, jr, florist 

East-ave intersects 
256 Samuel Mann, fancy goods 
260 Fred Clarke, boots and shoes 
262 W Javis, confectioner 
262-280 New houses 
280 Samuel Chapman, druggist 
282 James Jameson, founder 
Emerald-st intersects 
La id law, Bowes & Co, 
^ Ttsdale-st intersects 
268 Frank Quinn, pattern-worker 
270 W S Harrison, painter 
274 Arthur Awty, clerk 

276 R C Grant, agertt 
278 John W Lowes, com trav 
280 Mrs Mary Leishman 
282 Mrs P Raynor 
182^ John Galvin, machinist 
284 Henry Taylor, grocer 
Steven-st intersects 
286 Wm Mills, carpenter 
288 Fred P'rewing, plasterer 
292 George Mills 

Ashley-st intersects 
304 Arthur Peacock, laborer 
306 Joseph Myers, laborer 
308 H P Bonny, clerk 
324 Job Angle, laborer 
326 Samuel Angle, laborer 
Wentworth-st intersects 
Wm Tindill, tavern 
Green A Stanton, cigarmakr 
H Smith, crockery 
Thos Fitzgerald, laborer 

— Howard, laborer 
Mrs M Sullivan, rag dealer 
Michael Curran, laborer 
Jlurlington-st intersects 
Thos Small, butcher 
Louis Morris, butcher 
Samuel Burner, gardener 
Wm J Anderson, butcher 
Joseph Ross, painter 
Alex Glove, dairyman 
Andrew Patterson, teacher 
Robert Hopkins, merchant 
Toll Gate 

A C Case, farmer 
George (jage 
Delta, Simon James 

Zing-st east, south side 

1-3 Canada Life Assurance Co 
5 Bank British North America 
7 Knox, Morgan & Co, v^h 

dry goods 
9 J A Skinner & Co, crockery 

1 1 W H Glassco& Sons, hats, etc 

13 Vacant 



15 Canadian Bank of Commerce 
Hughson-st intersects 

17-19 Hamilton Provident and 
Loan Society 

21 Alex Harvey & Co, whole- 
sale grocers 

23-25 J Winer & Co, wholesale 

27 Levy Brothers & Scheuer, 
wholesale jewelers 

29 Vacant 

31 Gillespie & Powis, brokers 
and ins agts 

31 Canadian Pacific Railway 

33 Dixon Bros, wh fruiterers 

35 Atkinson Bros, stationers 

35 J H Linfoot, agent 

John-st intersects 

45 Merchants' Bank 

47-9 W E Sanford & Co, whole- 
sale clothiers 
51-53 J McPherson k Co, whole- 
sale boots and shoes 

55 A C Anderson & Co, whole- 

57 A W Gage & Co, wholesale 

57 Wesleyan Ladies College 

67-69 Macpherson, Glassco & 
Co, wholesale groceis 

71 Duncan Bros, wholesale 

73 Vacant 

Catharine-st intersects 
•75 VanNorman & Co, agents 
79 Victoria hotel 
81 Wah Sing, laundry 
81^ Wm Dicker, shoemaker 
83 Fred Langberg, cabineimkr 
87 Robt Coulter, shoemaker 
89 Chas T Tomlinson, saddler 
91 Thos Evans, varieties 
93 D McPhie & Co, plumbers 
95 Vincent Smith, broker 
97 George Routii, furniture 
99 H D Bassett, machinist 

10 1 James Cahill, police magis- 
13 Wm I A Case, MD 
13 Wm H Case, MD 

Walnut-st intersects 
15 Chas Brennan, grocer 
17 Thos Taafe, butcher 
19 F E Woolverton, M D 
21 Vacant 

23 Francis Beer, butcher 
25 James Amess, carpenter 
27 Miss Mary Clark, dressmaker 
31 George Whyte, carpenter 
35 R R Ashbaugh, hotel 

N & N W station 
43 D J Burkholder, wood dealer 
51 Vacant 

53 Jos J Aynsley, green grocer 
55 Edward Breheny, shoemaker 
67 A Ross, carriage maker 
69 Thos Baxter, wire worker 
71 James Kingdon, blacksmith 
75 Joseph Ross, blacksmith 
77 Mrs A Kingdon 
79 James O'Neil, wagonmaker 
81 Mrs Mary Hall 
83 E J Case, pedler 

Spring-st commences 
85 George Roe, clothes cleaner 
87 Mrs Sarah Robbins, laun- 
87^ Chas Israel, confectioner 
89 James Garrioch, mason 
91 John McCauley, fruiterer 
95 S C Stinson 

\VdlifV{lon -st intersects 
First Methodist Church 
207 Geo Fisher, harness maker 
209 L McMuUen, mason 
21 1 Edwd Wildman, stonecutter 
213 Robert Hopkins, weaver 
r2i3 Wm Hodgers, tobacco wrkr 
215 Geo Harris, traveler 
221 Vacant 

223 Mrs Jane Nelson * 

Meakins & Sons, brush mfrs 
225 Geo Buckingham, laborer 
227 Frank Fullen, laborer 



235 John Swallow, mason 
237 H J Hazet, butcher 
241 WmLevvis, carpenter 
243 James Henderson, laborer 
245 Patrick Cummings, laborer 
Vict ria-ave intersects 
St. Patrick's Catholic church 
East-ave intersects 
267 W H Nichols, butcher 
271 Thomas C VVatkins, merch't 

Emerald-st intersects 
273 James Shields, com traveler 
275 VVm Shearsmith, traveler 
277 Chas Cutler, carj)enter 
293 A J Heath, dairyman 
295 Vacant 
297 Mrs Peter Grant 

Wentworth st intersects 
John Little, carpenter 
George Nichol, agent 
James Nichol 
James Somerville, painter 
Wm VVyndham, packer 
John Fowler, tailor 
Burlington-st intersects 
Henry Rykert, clerk 
Michael Geary, gardener 
Colin Arthur, butcher 
F W Watkins, merchant 
John Proctor, merchant 
Robert Ward, Boys' Home 
Mrs Knox 

Zing-st west, north side, from 
James to city limits 

2 A Hamilton & Co, druggists 
4 Ha.ry Sweetman, restaurant 
6 Wm Drayton & Co, fruits, 
8-10 Farmer Bros, photographers 
" Francis Fitzgerald, barrister 
" Drs R J & T H Husband, 
12 Davis iS: McCul!ough,jewelers 
14 W C Saunders, saloon 
16 John Moodie, fancy goods 
18 Finch Bros, dry goods 

20 J M Henderson & Co, tailors 
22 J McLean, boots and shoes 
24 James Angus, jr, hatter 
24^ E Overell G Co, booksel- 
26 Vacant 

26)^ Richard Hill, tobacconist 
28 Donald McLellan, bookseller 
30-32 Colin McRae, boots and 

34 A R Kerr & Co, dry goods 
36 P B Barnard, dry goods 
38 J Crawford, confectioner 
40 A J Taylor, gents' furnishings 
42 Joseph Taylor, jeweler 
44 Wm Wilson & Son, tailors 

Macnab-st intersects 

48 Thos MacKay, grocer 

50 H S Case, druggist 

52 Dixon & Morton, fruiterers 

54 James Slater, tailor 

56-58 A Sutherland, grocer 

60 Richard Haigh, bookbinder 

62 John Riach, fancy goods 

64 A S Henderson, boots and 

66 Geo Lee 

70 George A Mills, gents fur- 
72 John Thom, tobacconist 
74 Mrs Joseph Murphy, fancy 

76 Eckerson & Millman, pho- 
78 N Wolfe, varities 
82 Dominion Hotel 
82^ James Cooper, barber 
84 T J Baine, West end muoic 

86 Edward Green, furniture 
88 M W Attwood & Son, watch- 
90 Hamilton House Furnishing 

92 C L Thomas, piano manfr 
94 Franklin House 

Park-st intersects 
96 Thos Crooks, hotel 



98 John Kerrigan, tailor 
100-2 B Edwards, confectioner 
104 Chas P Edwards, boots 
io6 Vacant 

108 Miss E Johnstone, millinery 
108 Vacant 

1091^ E Britt, labor agency 
no Oliver Hancock, tobacconist 
112 Reddall & McKeown, hard- 
114 Vacant 

114^ B Martin, cabinetmaker 
116 Richard Allen, bootmaker 
118 Tucket & Sons, tobacco 

124 R Buskard, carriage maker 

Bay-st intersects 
130 T B Fairchild, hotel 
132 Samuel Crawford, grocer 
134 T H Beveridge& Co, plumbers 
136 Ed Bates, upholsterer 
140 George Jenkins, broker 
142 Vacant 

144 Wm Pattle, fruiterer 
146 D J Garrick, varities 
148 J Murray, rag carpet weaver 
150 A Pastine, fruiterer 
152 John May hew, knitter 
156 J McDonnell, flour and feed 
158 Vacant 

160 T O'Connor, carriage painter 
162 Peter Gorman, blacksmith 
164 T & G Broadbent, machinery 

Caroline-st intersects 
168 Wm Garner, fruit dealer 
178 Mrs Laura Papps, boarding 
180 Jas W Sutherland, druggist 
182 John Johnstone, china, etc 
202 Mrs J Chambers, dressmakr 
202 j^ John McMillan,shoemaker 
204 Nathaniel Goddard, fish- 
208 Fred B Howard, butcher 
210 Alex Cuthbertson, grocer 

Hess-st intersects 
190 A L Reeves, baker 
192 G H Hill, butcher 

194 H Knowles, clerk 

196 G Kellond, shoemaker 

198 John Walsh 

200 Mrs David Almond, dairy 

204 Ho.w & Braid, butchers 

206 Mrs Mary Jost, hairworker 

208 Wesley Kellar 

210 James Lithgow, laborer 

212 A L Reeves, jr, grocer 

Queen-st intersects 
216 John H Geiger, saloon 
218 Albert Geiger, baker 
220 Wm Gtiger, flour aud feed 
226 Alex Harvey, merchant 
230 Mrs Sarah Smith 

Ray-st intersects 
238-242 Loretto Convent 
246 Vacant 

Pearl-si intersects 
248 Jas Bremner, grocer 
258 John Trevaskis, wagonmaker 
r258 Daniel Lehan, laborer 
278 Lucian Hills, architect 
280 Mrs Thos Oliver 
292 James Ross, laborer 
284 Alfred Causewell, painter 
282 Stephen Bull, laborer 
288 Arch Wilson, hoteikeeper 

Locke-st intersects 
Crystal Palace and grounds 
Sophia-st intersects 
298 Wm Bradley, blacksmith 
300 Mrs Mary J Taylor 
302 — McCki^key, laborer 
304 James Keiih, laborer 
306 Elijah Wright 
308 George Fudge, engineer 
310 Hand & Co, fireworks 
314 A K Smith, teamster 
318 Wra Baker, laborer 
320 Thos Charters, laborer 
322 Mrs Mary Veiger 

Dundurn-st intersects 
330 John Cheesman 
336 Vacant 



Samuel Cheesman, brick- 
Wm Nichols, bricklayer 
John Rankin, tobacco manf 
John Russell, laborer 
Francis Dean, brickmaker 
Peter Fletcher, laborer 
Wm Small, laborer 
Henry Roman, laborer 
Wm Russell, tobacco manfr 
John Henderson, laborer 

Kingt-st w, south side 

5 Star Box factory 
5 J R Seavey, artist 
, 7 Carscallen & Cahill, barris- 
9 David Mitchell, shoemaker 
9 The Shedden Co 
13 John Alexander, leather 
15 Rich Russell, manf jeweler 
17-19 Bank of Hamilton 
21 Orr, Harvey & Co, boot and 

shoe manfs 
23 T B Greening & Co, teas 
25 G C Briggs & Sons, patent 

27 James C Taylor, coal oil, etc 
29 J McArthur & Co, hatters 
31 Thos Mitchell, wooden ware 
33 Hendrie & Co, cartage agts 
35 Wm Farmer, photographer 

Macnab-st intersects 
37-9 J A Bruce & Co, seeds 
41-3 Buntin, Gillies & Co, 

wholesale stationers 
45 McMahon, Broadfield & Co, 

47 Blachford & Son, under- 
49 Jesse Chapman, funeral em- 
5 1 Joseph Hoodless & Son, fur- 
53 Wm Grififith, wholesale boots 

and shoes 
55-7 Jo^" Garrett & Co, shoe 
Charles-st intersects 

59-63 American Hotel 

65 J Elliott, barber 

67-69 James Rid estate 
Park-st intersects 

71-73 Z Pattison, confectioner 

75 George Walker, grocer 

77 J Fielding, hatter 

79 John Skinner, watchmaker 

81 Ed Stock well, dye works 

83 E C Jones, agent 

83 A M Theal 

85 Mrs E Woolverton, homoeo- 

87 N Guillet, tobacco roller 

87 Sing Kee, laundry 

89 Bowering & Pain, butchers 

91-3 E & 1) Carr, flour and feed 

95 F McGuire, broker 

97 Chas H Winckler, cutler 

99 Richard Catchpole, china 
103 Thos Jarvis, furniture dealer 

95 Francis Larkin, weaver 
loi R J Hamilton 

Bay-st intersects 
103 Wm L Wilson, boarding 
105 Mrs Margaret Newman 
1 1 1 Wm Nicholson, wood dealer 
113 Thos Nicholson, butcher 
1 1 5 Geo Read, carpenter 
117 Mrs James Williams 
119 I C Chilman, baker 
121 John Gumming, cutter 
123 James Thornton, manfr 
131 Geo H Geldart, gilder 
139 Wm Cox, pork curer 

Caroline-st intersects 
141 T & G Broad bent, machii> 

ery brokers 
141 Hiram Broadbent. agent 
145 American Bracket Co 
149 Wm G Stark, M D 
151 Alex T Loemans, artist 
181 Thomas Miller, M D 
185 Alfred Taylor, merchant 
Hess-st intersects 
All Saints Church 
Queen-st intersects 



207 George Tuckett, manfr 
415 D McGregor, carriagemaker 
217 G E Tuckelt, manfr 
Ray-st intersects 
229 P B Barnard, merchant 
233 Wm Kavanagh 
235 John Henry 
237 C Fortier, col vw revenue 
241 VV H Ballard, school insp'r 
243 John J Thomas, piano mkr 
245 Arthur Doherty, grocer 

Pearl-st intersects 
267 Jefferson Stevens, carpenter 
269 Fred McCullough, clerk 
271 C McDonnell, basketmaker 
277 Edward Winter, blacksmith 
281 Theo Macar, laborer 
283 Wm Holmes, laborer 
r283 John Beckman, laborer 
2*85 William Howick, butcher and 

Locke-st intersects 
289 Vacant 

289)^ Thomas Tarrant, broker 
291 George Budgewood 
«93 David J Jennings, carver 

Margaret-st commences 
295 John Eydt teamster 
303 C L Thorn IS, piano manfr 
307 Edward New, brickmaker 
309 Alex Ironside, stonecutter 
311 Geo A White, bricklayer 

JVciu-st intersects 
313 Chas W Vanevery, painter 
315 Wm Trcvaskis, blacksmith 
317 Bristol Barber, brickmaker 

Garth-st intersects 
337 John Bridges, laborer 

Samuel Cheesman, laborer 
Joseph Walker, dairyman 

Zing William-st, north side, 
from 28 James north, to 

2 Moore & Davis, estate agts 
2 Jas G McKay, engraver 

2 Chas G Booker, merchant 

2 Thos Marshall, tailor 
2 Chas Sylvester, tailor 
4 Mrs Chas Hinman, milliner 
4/^ G W Counihan, barber 
6 W H McLaren, grocer 
6>^ Hyslop, Cornell & Go's 

shirt factory 
8 R C Burkholder, printer 

10 Hopkin & Son, boots and 

1 2 D B Bowman, law office 

12 J M Morris, broker 

14-16 Allen & Proven, second- 
hand dealers 

18 A W Wright, broker 

20 E Nixon, saloon 

24 Robert Smyth, tinsmith 

26 Edison Lamp Co 

28 A T James, hotel 

Hughson-st intersects 
30 James B Bishop, tinsmith 
34 Mrs T Rosenstadt, broker 
36-40 Geo Richardson, broker 
42 P Hemsley, furniture 
44-46 Fire engine station 
48 John Wright, gunsmith 
54 Martin Bros, pork packers 

John-st intersects 
56 James Reed, hotel 
66 E & C Gurnc}', pattern shop 
66^ And Menzies, carpenter 
68 Mrs Mary Ann Cuzner 

Cathat'ine-st intersects 

A Hope & Co, store houses 

Police station 

Mary-st intersects 
1 10 Thomas Smith, dyer 
112 Wm H Taylor, laborer 
114 Franks & O'Neil, painters , 
1 16 A & W J McDonald, carptrs 
ir6 Wm Stamj), painter 
122 Alex Gibb, paper boxes 
124 Joshua A Phillips, carpenter 
126-8 Vacant 
130 George Begg, clerk 



132 And Mahoney, stovemounter 

134 Mrs E Munson 

136 Wm Allan, carpenter 

138 Walter England, barber 

140 Robert King, laborer 

142 Henry Fowler, shoemaker 

r*i42 John Kemp, laborer 

144 Creorge Smith, painter 

146 David Parks, shoemaker 

148 Mrs E Hartnett 

150 Charles Stewart, printer 

152 Mrs Jas Pulkingham 

154 John Potter 

156 Hiram King 

158 E P Morgan 

160 John McAuley, engraver 

162 Samuel Hunter 

Ferguson-ave intersects 

164 James Johnston 

166 George Nash, carpenter 

168 Vacant 

170 Brennen's lumber yard 

178 Mrs Osborne Allen 

180 Wm J Wallace, moulder 

182 Wm Harris, laborer 

184 Robert Alder, teamster 

186 Charles Sayman, carpenter 

188 Anthony Murray 

f 90 Jeremiah Donohue, moulder 

192 Alfred Emberson, coal oil 

194 Esau Carter, harness maker 

196 Arthur Teneyck, fireman 

198 George Hooper, blacksmith 

198 Richard Kemp, laborer 

?oo Mrs M Maitland 

202 Wm Wilkinson, butcher 

204 Edward La vis 

^06 James Ennis, printer 

208 Wm McCurdy, carpenter 

210 H D Williams, laborer 

IVellington-st intersects 
218 Wm Miller, tinsmith 
226 Peebles & Hamilton, car- 
228 Vacant 

Wesi-ave intersects 
230 James Ainslie, tanner 

232 Mrs Joseph Gill 
234 Alfred Tu Ik, moulder 
236 Miss Walker 
238 Mrs Thos Hoag 
240 Geo Walker, machinist 
Victor ia-am intersects 
Public School 

East-ave Intersects 
Vacant grounds 

Emerald-st intersects 
Johnson Bros, carpenters 
Tisdale-st intersects 
290 John Gardiner, postman 

Steven-st intersects 
294 Hugh McPhail, sr, agent 
302 E Fearnside, gardener 

A <ihley-st intersects 
310 Alfred Burgess, laborer 
3 1 2 James Riddle, laborer 
314 John P Kirwin, shipper 
318 Chas H Williams, clerk 
328 John Curran, stovemounter 
330 Andrew Barr, butcher 

Wentmorth-st intersects ' 

King Wm-st, south side : 

T H Stinson, solicitor 
I McNair & Bell, constables 
I Wm Shawcross, teadealer 
3 H Martin, leather dealer 
9 J C Macj)herson, saloon 

1 1 Thos Fowkes, dry goods 

13 Jas Sweeney, tinware 

15 John Carrulhers, flour and 

17 Wm Gell, broker 

19 T Bogges, broker 

21 Mrs John Kilroy, second- 
hand dealer 

23 Wm Gell, broker 

25 TBoggess, broker 

Hughson-st intersects 
41 Wood & Leggatt, warehouse 
47 R B Murray, whip mounter 
47 George Dempsey, manf 
47 Griffin & Kidner, printers 



Canada Fruit Canning Co 
49 Brayley & Dempster, machin- 
ist , ^ .^^ .,-.., 
55 Andrew Dillon, saloon 

[ohn-st intersects 

57 John Ling 

63-7 M Brennen & Sons 
r " P Fraser, spring beds 
r " C James, machinist 

69 John Strathdee, salesman 
Catharine-st intersects 

85 G T R stables 

87 E B Santee, tinsmith 

89 John Lewis, shoemaker 

93 Mrs M J Warren 

95 Josepli Horton, rag dealer 

Mary-st intersects 

10 1 C W Attwood, saloon 

105 Karl Stokinger 

f07 John Chapman, laborer 

109 Mrs Nicholas Carroll 

1 1 1 Mrs t)<^dd 

113 \Vm Harper, shoepiaker 

115 A Carson, carpenter 

1 1 7 Mrs Geo Henderson 

Walnut-st intersects 
125 Hamilton Oliver, clerk 
127 H Ireland, fruiterer 
129 Jas Nicol, porter 
131 Jas Spence, machinist 
133 juhn Rigshy, builder 
135 Voung & Bros, manfs 
'145 Fred VVurst, carpenter 
147 Mrs James Cox, dressmaker 
149 Hi^iry Reid, machinist 

Ferguson-ave intersects 

151 D.)vid Snoddy, plumber 

^^53 '^V^n McAndrew, printer 

155 John White, la!)orer 

157 Wm Swallon, carpenter 

159 Mrs Jose})h Smith 

161 John Hampson, shoemaker 

1*63 Mrs Jane Allan 

165 Vacant , 

167 Alex Strachan, agent 

169 John Close, carpenter 
171 Wm Hastings, cabinetmakel 
173 Wm Smith, traveler 
175 James Briar, lather 
181 Mrs S Chester 
185-189 SFHopkms, pickle manf 
Wetlington-st intersects 
Robert Harper, florist 
209 VV^m W Holden 
2 1 1 Wm Fraser, grocer 
231 S Battram, shoemaker 
241 Geo C Holden, clerk 
Victoria-ave intersects 
247 Samuel Gillespie, corttrictoir 
249 Charles Parmenter, baker 
251 Mrs John Matches 
255 Thonias Long, engineer 

East-ave intersects 

259 Charles Carson, cigarmakeir 
261 John Armstrong, printer 

Emerald and Tisdalc-sts intersect 
279 Mrs James Wright 
281 Robert Smith, i)olisher 
283 Robert J Hawkins, carpenter 
283^ W J Swartzenburg, whipmlor 
285 David Love, carpenter 
287 John Wilson, traveler 
289 Rudolphus Hinds, printer 
291 John Peden, fruiterer 
Steven-st intersects 
293 Charles Thompson, machiniirt 
r 293 Dennis Kelly, laborer 
295 David Stewart, moulder 
Ashley 6^ Wentworth-sts intersect 

Kinnel-st, north side, from 

6 Geo Skuice, laborer 
8 David Craig, machinist 

10 Wm Hyndman, blacksmith 
14 Jno McBean, patternmaker 

Kinnell-st, south side 

8 G H Snider, miller 

1 1 Robt Allen, carter 



Liberty-st, east side, from 
120 Hunter east, south t^o 

3 VVm Costie, carpenter 

Grove-si intersects 

17 Wm Anderson, pumpmaker 

19 Thos Mellon, machinist 

21 VVm Fa His, watchman 
23 Albert Case, engineer 

23 Vacant 

25 Peter LePage, shoemaker 

Young-st intersects 

Liberty-st, west side 

Grove-st commences 

4 J R Hesse, grocer 

6 James Armstrong, painter 
8 Mrs I Reid, dressmaker 

10 Mrs VVm Allison 

12 Mrs Harry Gillard 

14 J Johnson, music teacher 

16 Mrs Wm Foreman 

18 John Sintzel, tailor 

20 Edward Loosley, cutter 

22 VV Zimmerman, salesman 

24 Alex Cam[)bell, druggist 

26 C Tuker, traveler 

28 Wm Spera, grain buyer 
30 Robt Keefer, clerk 
32 James Traill, clerk 
34 Patrick Jones, laborer 
36 Michael Lahey, mason 
38 Wm Bramford, plasterer 
Young-st intersects 
Ontario Canning Co 

Little Market-st, north side, 
from Pearl north west to 

2 James Whitmarsh, laborer 
4 Arthur McFarland, laborer 
Litte IVellin^ton-st intersects 
8 George Doming, laborer 
10 Mrs Michael Joyce 
12 Wm Cioodram, harnessmkr 
20 James Dora, laborer 
Littie Peel-st itiUrsects 

22 Ed Makms, machinist 
2 2^^ Ed Milligan, laborer 
24 Patrick Doyle, tailor 
Locke-st intersects 

Little Market-st, south side 

2 1 James Weller, laborer 
Lockf-st intersects 

Little Peel-st, east side, from. 
20 Little Market to Napier 

4 Chas Eicoff, cigarmaker 

8 Robert Edgar, laborer 

10 VV^m A Smith, high constable 
Napier-st intersects 

Little Peel-st, west side 

3 John Craig, tool keeper 

5 John Sheehan, com agent 
7 John Dyke, laborer 

9 Donald Fraser, tailor 

15 Jos Robbins, compositor 
Napier-st intersects 

Little Wellington-st, from 
Little Market to Napier 

I weaker Gordon, moulder 
3 Michael Nolan, laborer 
5 VVm Tyson, builder 
7 John Dean, laborer 
Napier-st intersects 

Little William-st, east side, 
from Barton e north to Q T 
H track 

2 Alonzo Smith, blacksmith 

12 J Sinclair, caretaker 

14 Christian Reahder, plater 
22 Michael Flannigan, laborer 
32 Vacant 

Wm WooUey, cooper 

South-st intersects 

Little William-st, west side 

5 Wm Garvin, machinist 

13 John Graham 



15 John Milburn, scalemaker 
21 Joseph Halter, butcher 
25 R G Darby, machinist 
27 Herbert Brown, machinist 
29 George Weston, watchman 
33 Samuel Taggart, laborer 
35 Hugh Robertson, moulder 
37 John Burns, laborer 
39 A W Darby, laborer 
41 James Catlin, laborer 
43 Edward Beckingham, laborer 
45 Thos Bradley, butcher 
47 David Forbes, laborer 
49 Mrs Mary Keenan 
51 Wesley Cooper, laborer 
53 Thos Yarl, laborer 
55 Mrs C Bradley 
57 Dennis O'Donnell, gardener 
59 John Lyne, shoemaker 
South-st intersects 

Lookearne-st, runs from Dun- 
dnm to Breadalbane 

Mrs E Burns 

Locke-st n, east side, from 
288 King w to G- T H work- 

6 Vacant 

8 Fred Lyons, laborer 
12 Edwad Duffy 

Little Market-st ends 
26 Wm Potter, machinist 
28 Fred J Richards, coffin mkr 
32 George Pearce, laborer 

Napier-st ends 
42 F Kellar, tobacco worker 
Crystal Palace View Hotel 
Peter-st ends 
62 Mrs Elizabeth Renwick 
r62 John Kerran, carpenter 
64 Fred Willis, moulder 
Vacant lots 
Florence-st intersects 
70 Mrs Snodgrass 
72 Patrick Duffy 

74 Andrew Henebery, laborer 

76 John Durphey, carpenter 

78 Charles Blackman, porter 

80 Mrs John Bentis 

82 Fred Ball, moulder 

84 Arch McKenzie, painter 

86 Edward Tracie 

88 Vacant 

90 Robt Gowanlock, engineer 

York-st intersects 
no Jas McCue, engine driver 
112 Frank Evans, blacksmith 
114 Mrs Margaret Mason 
114^ Vacant 

116 Joseph Wm Reid, carpenter 
116^ Chas J Kemp, fireman 
118 Joseph Foster, engine driver 
120 Donald Campbell, carpenter 
122 Thomas Milligan, dairyman 
124 Jas Merriman, laborer 
126 John Minnes, blacksmith 
130 Sidney Brown, laborer 
132 Wm McDade, laborer 
134 Mrs Francis Hamilton 
136 Mrs Elizabeth O'Leary 
138 W J Hamill, laborer 

Barton-st ends 
152 Patrick O'Reilly, laborer 

Looke-st n, west side 

Crystal Palace and grounds 
George Kerr, caretaker 
Engine house 

Florence-st intersects 
71 Peter Dingman, shoemaker 
73 James Higgins, machinist 
75 James Wade, carpenter 
8r G Cook, machinist 
83 John Howden, carpenter 
85 Alex Reid, machinist 
87 Thos Gordon, shipper 
89 Wm Monk, bookkeeper 
91 Mrs Edward Hall, music 

93 Thos Hall 

York-st intersects 
99 Benj Palmer, moulder 



10 1 Wm Walsh, machinist 
103 Walter Iredale, machinist 
105 John Wise, machinist 
1 1 1 Thomas James, roller 
113 George R Snider, laborer 
115 James D Mills, fireman 
117 Geo Mitchell, machinist 
119 Daniel McCarthy, boiler- 
^ maker 

121 Thos Milne, laborer 

123 Wm Milne, packer 

125 Saml Ryckman, conductor 

127 C Sala, draughtsman 

129 Thos Young, heater 

133 Wm McDougall, machinist 

135 Arthur Cline, hackman 

139 Henry Horton, laborer 

143 John Peace, iron worker 

145 John Jackson, shipper 

147 Thos Lewis, roller 

149 Jas O'Connor, dairyman 

153 Chas Booth, heater 

155 Vacant 

Looke-st s, east side, from 287 
King w to the Mountain 

3 David Hall, blacksmith 

George-st ends 

15 Matthew Kouber, furrier 

17 Robert Heydeman, helper 

19 John Barnard, manufacturer 

Nelson^ Main, Jacksofi aud Can- 

ada-sts intersect 

55 Adam Sachs 
61 Mrs Isabella Wilson 
Hunters t intersects 
Vacant lots 

Bold-st intersects 
John N Rowe, stonecutter 
65 John Moore, laborer 

John Montgomery, salesman 
163 John Moore, potter 

Herkimer-st intersects 
165 K McLaren, builder 

Locke-st s, west side 

2 Geo Trenwith, blacksmith 

8 Alex Matthewson, moulder 
10 Wm Finchamp, moulder 
16 Wm Mass, laborer 
18 G Morris, laborer 
18 G Morris, butcher 
20 John Ripley, carpenter 
20^ Jas Snaudee, printer 
22 James Watson, carpenter 
24 Francis McDonald,machinist 
26 Wm Davidson, tailor 
Main-st intersects 
J C Boligan, grocer 
44 Edw Harrison, hackman 

Jackson-st intersects 
46-52 R Campbell's pottery 

Canada-st intersects 
58 John Doherty, laborer 
60 Wm Wright, machinist 
62 Vacant 

64 Chas W Mitchell, laborer 
Hunter and Duke-sts intersect 
66 James Lovejoy, laborer 
66 Thomas Kule, laborer 
68 Adolphus Mundt, laborer 
70 Michael Fanning 
72 Mrs Christian Marshall 
74 John Hockbush, laborer 
T Fanning, grocer 

Robinson-st intersects 
Mas A Mullings 
John W Blasdell, carpenter 
Miss Margaret Macklem 
Maple-st intersects 
98 Wm H Mattice 

Herkimer-st intersects 
108 John Knapman, laborer 

Locomotive-st, east side, from 
230 York north to Barton 

2 John Kavanagh, laborer 
4 Patrick O'Reilly, laborer 
6 Richard Batterton, laborer 
8 1) Edgar, lumber merchant 

10 Josh Chapman, actor 

16 Mrs Hugh Young 

18 J McCulloch, engine driver 



.20 F Simpson, clerk 
^22 John Webster, laborer 

24 T R Honeycomb, bricklayer 

26 Sidney Roberts, fireman 

28 John Honeycomb 

32 J W Clifton, engineer 
34 Edward Egan, fitter 

36 Andrew Fox, millwright 

38 Geo Tilley, pattern maker 
40 J Higham, turner 

44 Harry Tomlinson, fireman 

46 James Ryerson, carpenter 

48 S N Vail, painter 

50 Wm Byer, fitter 

52 Robert Little, laborer 

54 VVm Jenkins, laborer 

56 Vacant 

58 Isaac Stephenson, moulder 

60 Michael McDonough, laborer 
62 Francis Salter, laborer 

64 John Brace, nailer 
66 Adam Grotz, nailer 

65 Wm Clunas, machinist 
70 David Cashion, moulder 
72 James Latimer, machinist 

Barton-st intersects 

Looomotive-st, west side 

Vacant lots 
D O'Connell, laborer 
K McKenzie, foreman 
W Maddocks, blacksmith 
Thos Cock burn, wire worker 
John Sandicock, tinsmith 
23 Patrick Gray, laborer 

27 Wm Hancock, builder 

29 Wm Mann, carpenter 
3 r Geo Taylor, laborer 

33 Jas Williams, heater 
37 C S Griggs, policeman 

39 Jas Harris, policeman 

47 Edward Makins, boilermkr 

49 Wm Conley, laborer 

51 Joseph Campbell, laborer 

53 Francis Cochner, laborer 

55 John Jamieson, painter 

57 Mrs Mary Tribute 

59 M McEachern, boilermaker 

61 B Salisbury, saddler 



63 Wm R Allan, blacksmith ^ = 
69 Robert Richardson, heatefr 
7 1 Mrs Charlotte Bridgewood • 

73 Vacant 

75 Vacant 

81 Wm Hamilton, carpenter 

83 David McKay, painter • 

Barton-st intersects ' 

Macnab-st n, east side, from 
40 King w to the Bay 

6 J D Mills, paper box maker 
6 American Suspender Co 
8 Mrs Mary Hills, fancy goods 
10 Mrs James McDougall, oil 

and lamps 
12 Isaac Morris, tailor 
14 M D Healey, dry goods 
16 McCalium & Hall, cabinet 

18 Canadian Oil Co 
20 G M Bell, machinist 
22 T & J Beckett, flour and 

24 John Lavell, cigar manf 
Market Square 
Merrick-st intersects 
56 Geo Marshall & Co, tea 

58 Long & Bisby, wool dealers 
60-62 Ontario Broom Factory 

64 Lumsden Bros, grocers 

74 T Patterson, blacksmith 

Vine-st intersects 

76 R Peters, machinist 

78 G Schumacher, cabinet mkr 
80 Mrs Francis Warner 
82 Wm Carter, plasterer 

84 R Gwyder, whitewasher 
86 Mrs Mary Dunn 

88 Matthew G Meek, grocer 

92 Dodson Bros, brass founders 

94 H E Bucklen & Co 
Cannon-st intersects 
104 Mrs Daniel Gray 
r " Mrs George Flagley 

" Isaac Stephens 



106 Baptist Church 
r " Mrs Jacob Arnick 
108 Isaac Buchanan, plasterer 
no Wm Britt, shoemaker 
112 J J F'itzpatrick, painter 
114 James Chisholm, builder 
116 H Collingwood, laborer 
120 David Cobb, laborer 
122 Vacant 

Alulberry-st intersects 
124 Mrs Ellen Springstead, laun- 
126 Wm Hunt, butcher 
128 John J McAllister, builder 
r " Mrs Jane Daniels 
130 C Delorme, carriage maker 
130^ Mrs Wm Pitt 
132 British American Dying Co 
134 Chris Halliday, laborer 
136 S P Maxwell, moulder 
138 John Seity, telegraphist 
140 Capt J Malcomson 
150 H Twohy, collector 
152 Mrs V Hovvells 
154 W Woods, manf 
156 Rev C H Mockridge, DD 
158 A A Wyllie, customs clerk 
160 G H Richards, painter 
160^ John Finagin, merchant 

Colbome-st intersects 
162 Edwin J Smith, carpenter 
164 James Priestman, butcher 
168 Wm Verral, butcher 
170 Thos Anderson, baker 
172 V/m T M Crowther, music 

174 Geo W Mackay, excise offi'r 
176 Vacant 

Barton-st intersects 

182 Mrs Phoebe Dummer 
184 Miss Agnes Young 
r " Humj)hrey Hodges 
186 Vacant 
188 Vacant 

190 A D Drake, foreman 
192 James Anderson, M D 
194 J T Routh, ins agent 
196 Wm Rigg, car inspector 

198 Wm Yaldon, tavern 

Miirray-st intersects 
204 Samuel Young, bookkeepa; ' 
206 Vacant 

208 Wm Lowe, machinist 
Stuart-st intersects 

Vacant lots 
218 H March, baggageman GTR 

G T R track 
210 Wm Maplebeck, engineer 
222 Matt Thompson, boat blch- 

Strachan-st intersects 
226 Robt Archibald, brakeman 
228 John McCallum, moulder 
230 Richard Dowle, clerk 
232 W J McAllister, lumber 
234 John B Nelligan, clerk 
236 Arthur McCan)is, laborer 
244 Joseph Donderi, fruiterer 

Simcoe-st intersects 
250 Ontario Cotton Mills Co 
256 Lawrence Dunn, laborer 
r " Thos Dunn, laborer 
r " R Fuerd, laborer 
r " Robert Baker, laborer 
r " Mrs Nora Backus 
James Dillon, hotel 

Ferrie-st intersects 
264 James Andress, carpenter 
266 Mrs Geo Malcolmson 
268 W Brenton, mould maker 
270 John McDougall, clerk 
272 John Blain, painter 
274 Arthur Talbot, teamster 
276 John Hyde, laborer 
278 Thos Smith, laborer 
280 Henry Dean, dryer 
282 Mrs Julia Robinson 
286 James Begley, laborer 

Picton-st intersects 
288 Wm Betzner, laborer 
290 Thos Hutchison, laborer 
294 Hugh Doherty, mariner 
296 Dennis Donahue, laborer 
300 James Hill, blacksmith 
Alacauley-st intersects 



302 Mrs Thompson 
304 Henry Booker, machinist 
306 Geo Frank, carpenter 
308 Thomas Drever, laborer 
310 VVm Turk, laborer 
312 James Blizzard, laborer 
314 John Plank, grocer 

Wood-st iftiersects 
320 John Slater, carpenter 
324 James Kelly, laborer 
326 Thomas Fowles, teamster 
328 James Havers, glassblower 

Burlington-st intersects 
332 Vacant 

Thos Mcllwraith, Cairnbrae 

Macnab'St n, west side 

1-3 Thos McKay, grocer 
5 S Zimmerman, M D, dentist 
7 Patrick Shine, barber 
9 R Pray & Son, undertakers 
1 1 Wm Alford, crockery 
13 J P Kelly, shoemaker 
15 Jno Watt (^ Son, mcht tailors 
17 F VV Fearman, provisions 
19 Archdale Wilson & Co, wh 

^ druggists 
21 Thos Jarvis, furniture 
23 James M Stuart & Co, wh 

25 Wm Tremlett, shoemaker 
27 J M Webber, paints, oils, etc 
29 Andrew Ruthven, hotel 

Market-st commences 
21 R C Cooper, grocer 
II Robert Evans & Co, seed 

York-st intersects 
35 John A Barr & Co, druggists 
37 Alfred Stroud, hocel 
39 C H Peebles, grocer 
41 John A Dresser, hotel 
43 Campbell & Pentecost, dry 

45 Geo Henderson, boots and 

47 Miss M B Fiset 

49 Michael Williams, hotel 
51 John Davis, china and glass 
53 Mrs E Duffy, fancy goods 
55 Peter Duffy, hotel 

Merrick-st intersects 
57 John Calder & Co, wholesale 

59 Lucas, Park & Co, wholesale 

61 Vacant 
75 Jas Stewart & Co, foundry 

Vines t intersects 
77-79 Abraham Levy, rag dealer 
83 VVm Silver, boot and shoe 

85 Vacant 

87 A H Henry, expressman 
89 C D Mills, traveler 
95 M A Pigott, builder 

Cannon- St intersects 
97 Arch Coutts, livery stable 
99 George Knott, laborer 
10 1-3 Francis Burdett, brush- 
105 Mrs Patrick Hopkins 
107 Charles Roantree, broom- 
109 David Hurley, engineer 
r 109 Charles Ratfield, laborer 
I r I Arthur Arkeli, miller 
113 Robert Chisholm, builder 
115 James Chisholm, builder 
117 Frank O'Reilly, plumber 

Mulberry-st intersects 
I r9 Vacant 
1 2 I Vacant 
123 Geo Moore 

127 Henry Fernihough, shipper 
129 Francis Edgar, carpenter 
131 Arch McEachern, teller 
139 Mrs S J Evans 
14 1-7 R C Model school 
149 Jno McKenzie, wood dealer 
'• J S Hossack, carpenter 
151 Mrs Margaret Morris 
153 Wm Clinton, pattern fitter 
155 Mrs M Browne 



157 Thomas Gribbon, carpenter 

Colbome-st intersects 
163 Joseph Canute 
165 Hugh VVynn, saloon 
167 VVm Ferguson, teamster 
169 Henry Creel 
171 James Cotter, tailor 
173 George Strain, laborer 
Bar tons t intersects 
179 Peter J O'Reilly, brushmkr 
181 Capt Wm Wood, mariner 
183 Wm Robertson, bookkeeper 
185 John Wark, clerk 
187 Matthew Wilson, manf 
189 R D Coles, traveler 
191 C E Morgan, ticket agent 

Murray-st intersects 
209 Mrs Wm Massie 

Stuart-st intersects 

G T R bridge 
221 Samuel Church, laborer 

Strachan-st intersects 
225 James Morris, grocer 
227 Allison Wyllie, foreman 
231 Daniel McLaren, machinist 
233 Vacant 
235 Chas Beatty, broker. 

Simcoe-st intersects 
251 Henry Hale, laborer. 
253 Thos Nugent, laborer 
255 Peter JoAnson, cigarmaker 
247 R C Guerin, clerk 
259 Joseph James, blacksmith 
261 Daniel Husted, glassblower 
263 Hugh (iillespie, grocer 

Ferrie-st intersects 
263^ Wm G Fairweather, grocer 
265 John Kerr, butcher 
267 Wm Teeter, dairyman 
269 Wm Teeter, dairyman 
271 Mrs Mary Moody 
273 Samuel Shearer, laborer 
275 Robert Cowit, carpenter 
279 Patrick Burke, laf)orer 

Picton st intersects 
287 Joseph Paquin, grocer 

293 Aich Irving, sailor 

295 Moses Furlong, hackman 

299 Lawrence Kelly 

303 Mrs Wm Fletcher 

r " Miss E Adamson 

Macauley-st intersects 
309 James Arrol, moulder 
311 Joseph Fretman, glassblower 
313 E B Taylor, laborer 

Wood-st intersects 
315 Michael O'Neill, glassblower 
317 L Fitzgerald, boilermaker 
319 Mrs Mary Armstrong 
321 Vacant 
323 Vacant 
327 Patrick Noonan, shoemaker 

Burlington-st intersects 
Burlington glass works 

Brock- st intersects 
Charles Hamilton, "foremjm 
Browne's wharf 

Macnab-st s. east side, from 
King w to Markland 

7 Wm G Crowley, dealer 
9 James Noble, machmist 
13 Wm Richardson, laborer 
15 Edgar Myers, cooper 
19 Thos Hedley, upholsterer 
21 Mrs Wm Storror 

Main-st intersects 
27 Benj Coombs, laborer 

29 John Bower, lithographer 
Jackson and Hunter-sts intersect 
51 Mrs Smith 
5 1 Wm J Myers 
53 Mrs Charlotte Daville 
55 Alex Lawson, printer 
61 John Fairgrieve, coal mer- 
Bold-st intersects 

63 Vacant 

65 J D Macdonald, M D 
Duke 6^ Robinson- sts intersect 
91 James M Young, manf 



93 George Grover, supt Ameri- 
can Express Co 
95 Mrs Adam Hope 

Hannah-st intersects 

John Crerar, barrister 

Herkimerst intersects 

113 John Bradley, cabinetmaker 

i"i5 Wm F McGivern, bookkeeper 

117 Cameron Bartlett,accountant 

Macnab-st s, w side 

John A Bruce h Co, seeds- 
6 Vacant 

8 Edward Williams, laborer 
,£o Mrs H Thompson 
12 Thos Irwin & Son, tinsmiths 
14-20 Thos Lawry & Son, pork 

22 David Bewick, printer 
*^F M McGowan, artist 
*' James Fletcher, jeweler 

Main-st intersects 
24 Mrs Horace Aylwin 
Central Presbyterian ch 

Jacksoji-st i?iter sects 

Calvin McQuesten, MD 

Hunier-st intersects 

^acnab st Presbyterian ch 
58 Rev D H Fletcher 
60 IJoyd Mewburn 
dz Wm A Howe!, druggist 
64 John Henessey, safe dealer 
Bold^ Diike^ Robinson <5^» Han- 
?iah-sts intersect 
Mrs John Hebden 

Ilerkimer-st intersects 
Luther Sawyer, manfr 
Johjn T Glassco, merchant 
Markland-st intersects 

Macauley-st e, north si(ie,from 
Glass Works, James n, to 

Hughson-st ifUersect^ 

25 Mrs Edward Hanlan 
27 Thos W Miles, laborer 
31 James Kelly, laborer 
2^2^ Emanuel Knowles, weaver 
35 James Burn, laborer 
John, Catharine and Mary-sts in- 
73 John Jones, bricklayer 
75 R Finch, bricklayer 
77 Hugh Churchill, laborer 
79 Robert Mackenzie, laborer 
81 H Jones, bricklayer 
85 John Voll, glassblower 
87 Mrs Ellen Jordan 
89 Mrs H Wheeler 
91 George Maxham, laborer 
93 Pat Conlon, laborer 

Fe7-guson-ave intersects 
129 W H Bodden, bricklayer 
131 George Crossland, laborer 
133 Edw Newman, carpenter 
135 Hiram Siddell, laborer 
137 James Sweetlove, carpenter 
143 John Laurie, carpenter 
145 Wm Little, laborer 

Wellington-st intersects 

Macauley-st e, south side 

Hamilton glassworks 
Hughson-st intersects 
28 Robert Smith, laborer 
30 John Kennedy, boilermaker 
32 Wm Simple, laborer 
34 Timothy Murphy, laborer 
John, Catharine and Mary-sts 
80 Michael Conway, gla.^sblower 
82 Michael Cullen, laborer 
84 M Schultz, enginter 
84I/2 Patrick Wi<:!<ham,stovemtr 
86 James Russell, watchman 
90 Vacant 

92 Wm Keegan, laborer 
96 John Wick ham, laboifer 
Ferguson -ave intersects 
120 James Maxwell, engmeer 
124 Moses Morris, laborer 



126 John Madgett, machinist 
128 J J Hovvarth, boilermaker 
130 Robert Wooley, spinner 
132 James Shuttle, machinist 
134 George Holtham, tinner 
136 Wm E Carless, carter 
138 Thomas Garrett, moulder 
Wellington-st intpsects 

Macaulay-st w, north side, 
from 331 James n to Bay 

13 Ed Daley, laborer 

15 Robert Barker, laborer 

17 J Mahoney, laborer 

Macnab-st intersects 
29 Robt McWilliams, m.achinist 
33 John Phillips, sailmaker 

35 Wm Batzmer, teamster 

37 Thos Elliott, engineer 

41 Peter Davis, sailor 

43 Wm Reid, carpenter 
45 Mrs Richard Short 
47 John Fell, machinist 
49 Thos Booth man, sailor 

Bay-st intersects 

Macaulay-st w, south side 

5 Edward Murphy, laborer 
7 Henry Miller, glassblower 
Macnab-st intersects 
32 Isaac Leblanc, laborer 

36 Mrs John Brown 

38 P H Murphy, glasiblower 
40 Thos Beavers, laborer 

42 Wm B Griner, glassblower 

44 Robt Leslie, bookkeeper 

Bay-st intersects 

Magill-st, east side, from 250 
York north to Barton 

4 John C Cooper, blacksmith 

6 Fred Thomson, laborer 

8 'I'hos Sandercock, fitter 

10 George Tollett, machinist 

14 George J I^zarus, turner 

18 Chas Thomson, carpenter 


22 Vacant 

24 Mrs Wm Flock 

28 James Sloan, laborer 

30 C W Smith 

30^ John Patterson, machinist 

32 James Flynn, laborer 

36 George C Byerns 

38 John McKay, conductor 

40 James Baines, fitter 

42 John G Morton, fitter 

44 John Stacey, laborer 

46 Robert Roojers, blacksmith 

50 Fred Held, policeman 

52 Donald Campbell, policeman 
Barton-st intersects 

Magill-st, west side 

Arthur Boyle, chemist 
1 1 John Patterson, cutter 
13 James Nickling, machinist 
15 Robert Martin, engineer 
17 John D Morden 
19 Daniel Jack, engineer 
2 1 John Work, laborer 
23 W Wagstaff, tinsmith 
25 Wm Hornby, machinist 
27 Wm Hunter, collector 
35 Geo Da we, blacksmith 
37 C E Miner, cabinetmaker 
39 Jas R Allan 
45 James Hendry, fitter 
47 James Harris, engineer 

51 Wm Newcomb, engineer 
53 Wm Walker, brakeman 
55 Mrs Abraham Lawson 

Barton-st intersects 

Main-st e, north side, from 26 
James s to city limits 

9 R Benner, com agent 
9 David Newton, agent 
1 1 John W Bickle, grocery 

1 1 Edward F"urlong, barrister 
1 1 David Blackley, accountant 
13 W R Macdonald, barrister 
" G S Papps, barrister 

J Turner & Go's warehouse 



Hughson-st intersects 
Thos Myles & Son, coal 

J Winer & Co 
29 Chas Cook, shades saloon 
3 1 Wm Lees, baker 
33 Vacant 

yohn-st intersects 
43 N Taylor & Co, druggists 
49 Morgan Bros, flour mills 

Catharine-st intersects 

71 Isaac Ryall, MD 

73 Samuel McKay, livery 

77 Mrs R Kelly 

79 Alex Stewart, tailor 

81 James Sinnott 

83 Wm K Wilson, carpenter 

85 Wm Ramage, salesman 

89 S H Ghent, dep clerk crown 

Walnut-st intersects 
10 1 Charles J Newman, organist 
103 R S Beasley 
107 Chas Black, merchant 
109 Miss Isabella Hattersley 
115 Wm Servos 
115 Secretary's office H & N W 

R R 

Chefry-st intersects 

117 E Lepatourel, engineer 
123 Mrs Mary MuUin 
129 James Whelen, shoemaker 
131 Wm J Reid, carpenter 
1313^ Wm Halliday, carpenter 
133 Vacant 
135 Thomas Sterling 
137 Daniel Gallivan, laborer 
139 James Gosnay, filesmith 
141 Mrs Robert Gilmore 
143 Andrew Ross, grain buyer 
145 Mrs Joseph Ford, dressmkr 
147 R Taylor, shoemaker 
149 James Fox, tinsmith 
151 Mrs Patrick Dermody 
153 Arthur Boond, filecutter 
155 George Duncan, merchant 
Spring-st intersects 

163 to 177 Vacant 
179 Wm J Proctor, manf 
Wellington-st intersects 
First Methodist Church 
181 Alex Drysdale, com trav 
183 Mrs Patrick Bain 
185 Mrs Margaret Baine 
187 Mrs Jane Christian 
191 Thomas Steward, salesman 
205 J G Geddes, agent 
207 Thos Jackson, contractor 

Victor ia-ave intersects 
St. Patrick's Church 
East-ave intersects 
219 P W Dayfoot 
221 A A Stewart, bookkeeper 

Emerald-st intersects 
225 Stanley McNider, manf 
227 Wm Morgan, merchant 
239 J G D ivis 

241 W P Moore, estate agent 
243 Henry Carscallen, barrister 
245 John Campbell, pork packer 
Wentworth-st intersects 
Chris Magen, butcher 
Jas M Iredale, blacksmith 
Burlington-st intersects 
Samuel Smith, laborer 
Richard Howe, gardener 
Frank Rainor, gardener' 

Toll Gate 
Warren Holton, nursery 
Mrs John Field 
Thos Beasley, city clerk 
Donald Smith, tailor 
Thos Barnes 
Mountaifi-a-de intersects 
J A Bruce & Co, seed farm 

Main-st e, south side 

2 Hamilton club house 

4 John Riddell, stock broker 

" A O'Heir, barrister 

" Wm J Lavery, solicitor 

6 R Benner, broxer 

8 C A Sadlier, barrister 



10 Dr Hillyer 

12 Albert Bauer, artist 

14 Mrs Henr)' Bauer, wine mcht 

16 Hamilton & Dundas Railway 

20 H A Mackelcan, barrister 
20 James Walker, ins agent 
22 James Simpson& Son, brokers 
24 Ennis & Cook, printers 
24 Hafold Lam be, broker 

Hughson-st intersects 

Prince's Square 

Registry office 

Hamilton Protective Collec- 
tion Association 

Court House 

Miles O'Reilly, Q C, xMas- 
ter's office 

J E O'Reilly 

G S Counsell, county clerk 

John Stock, Co treasurer 

Hon A McKellar, sheriff 

S H Ghent, dep clerk of the 

Waddell & Waddell, barris 

H Stephens, accountant 

M Irving, barrister 

C W Mulligan, architect 

Ninth Div Court 

Hamilton Homestead Loan 
and Savings society 

Matthew Broadbent, engin'r 

John-st intersects 
John Stuart, Son & Co 
Bowen-st intersects 
52 John Sullivan, livery 
54 T Mcllwraith, coal dealer 

Catharine-st intersects 
62-64 Joseph Hoodless & Son, 

mattress shop 
72 Casey & Sons, planing mill 
76 Stables 

80 Fred Beam, tailor 
86 Wm Casey, sr, manfr 
88 Hugh Murray, customs 
90 Geo Jackson, shipper 

96 John Winer 

Walnuts t intersects 
102 Wm Orr, carpenter 
104 Rev A Langford, Methodist 
106 Vacant 
116 DB Galbreaith, customs 

Cherry-st intersects 
1 18 Jas McKay, grocer 
120 Daniel Hunt 
124 Arch Davis, printer 
126 F A Cutler, cabinetmaker 
132 Jas S Dalrymple, clerk 
134 Mrs Wm Moore 
136 Freeman Slaght, agent 
138 Geo Cuttriss, engraver 
1 38 J Joseph Lee, tuner 
140 VVm Gilmore, butcher 
1401^ Jas Holmes, shoemaker 
142-4 Chas Mills, grocer 

Spring-st intersects 
146 Vacant 

156 T H Wilson, M D 
158 J Cummings, tax coUeetor 
Wellington-st intersects 
St Thomas* Church 
West-ave intersects 
168 P Grossman, music dealer 
170 C W Meakins, brush mant 

Victoria-ave intersects 
172 D E Roberts, marble dealer 
178 N D Galbraith, grocer 

East-ave intersects 
182 Alex McLagan 
184 Mrs N F Birely 

Emerald-st intersects 
186 David Morton, soap manf 
188 Wm Barr 
192 M Brennen, merchant 
194 Jonathan Davis 
196 W R Reasnor, clerk 

Erie-ave intersects 
198 Daniel Kelly 
200 Frank McCurly 
208 John Potter, gardener 
214 Alex Bain, cabinetmaker 



2 20 Wm Blair 

224 Henry Blandford, gilder 

Wentivorth-st intersects 
Thos McCabe, engineer 
John Fuller, gardener 
D Lament, gardener 

Jmrlington-st intersects 
Mrs Andrew Harper 
John Fisher, fireman 
Thos Marshall, laborer 
Fred Mines, laborer 

Argo-st intersects 

John Mcintosh, tailor 
John Hurd, laborer 
Robert Powell, butcher 
James Rose, toll-keeper 
Mrs Andrew Skinner 
Geo Rutherford, druggist 
Edward Mitchell, banker 
John Eastwood, bookseller 
J W Murton, coal dealer 
Lewis Springer 
J'T Middleton, marble de'lr 
George Sweet, traveler 
Watson Trusdale, bookkeepr 
Chas Carpenter 
R R Gage, barrister 
Simon James, Delta hotel 

Main-st w, north side, from 
36 James south to city 

2 Mrs Butler 

4 John Taylor, machinist 

6 Vacant 

Adam Tyson, renovator 
Centenary Church 
10 George Read, hackman 
1 2 Mrs Chas Magill 
14 Vacant 
16 Miss Elizabeth Smith 

Macnab-st intersects 
18 C VanNorman Emory, M D 
20 John Williams, policeman 
22 John H Caddy 
24 Mrs; John W Pounden 

26 Wm P Bruce 
28 Alfred Bowditch, clerk 
30 Wm King, merchant tailor 
32 James H Davidson, trav 
Murton & Reid's coal yard 

Charles-st intersects 
36 James Wylie 

Park-st intersects 
40 Thos Cook, fimnder » 
42 Robert Wright, lumber mcht 
44 Mrs John Davis 
46 Vacant 

48 John H Fernside, clerk P O 
50 W W Summers 
52 Mrs Jake Mune 
54 Wm A Venator, turner 
56-58 Aitchison & Co, planing 

60 Joseph Jeffery, citv laundry 
62 Chas H Bamfylde 
62 Miss H A Wilkins, teacher 
66 John Morrison, grocer 

Bayst intersects 
66 Wm Herman, merchant 
70 David (iarson, brushmaker 
72 Fred Ricketts, painter 
74 Theo Rutter, stovemounter 
76 Richard Congdon, bricklayer 
78 John Hall, laborer 
82 B Martin, cabinetmaker 
84 Hamilton Cooper, carriage 

Collegiate institute 
Caroline-st intersects 
100 Thos C Livingstone,surveyor 
102 John M Gibson, barrister 
104 Alex Hamilton, druggist 
108 Peter Biaicher, druggist 
112 George Dempsey, ins agent 
114 W J Lindsey, clerk 

Hess-st intersects 
116 Alex Murray, merchant 
138 H W judd, manfr 
140 Miss Botts 
142 Adam Clark, plumber 
144 Vacant 
148 T C Mewburn, insp customs 



150 Vacant 

43 Walter Patterson, brakeman 

152 Fred Tribute, cutter 

45 Dow Bros, wood, etc 

Ray-st intersects 

55 Mark Keane, laborer 

154 Mrs VVm Campbell 

57 W G Dunn & Co, spice mills 

156 Vacant 

Bay-st intersects 

158 Wm Somerville, agent 
160 Rev Thos Scoular 

67 Henry Hunting, fireman 
" Robt McNaught, pedler. 

162 Mrs D McCuUoch 

69 Wm Morphy, machinist 
" Chas Hurton, caretaker 

164 Thos D Beddoe, manf 

166 George E Mason, accountant 

71 Mrs Wm Leith 

73 Miss Sarah A Feast 

168 Charles H Sutherland 

174 Nathan Sternberg, rag dealer 

75 Dr Geo E Husband 

Pearl-st intersects 

79 Wm E LaChance, traveler 

Vacant lots 

8 1 Mrs E Wilson, dressmaker 

Frank Nicolls, coal dealer 

83 G Nielson, clerk 

Locke-st intersects 

85 R D Kennedy, architect 

184 E H Wands, carj:)enter 
186 Hilton Loucks, harnessmkr 

87 Walter Spencer, piano tuner 
89 Alex Aitchison, chief fire 

91 Vacant 
93 Robert Burns 

188 Fred Schadel, blacksmith 

190 R W Campbell, potter 
192 Mrs Isaac Page 

196 F J Smith, packer 

Caroline-st ijitersects 

Margaret St intersects 

lOT George Sterling 

226 John Skerritt, shoe dealer 

103 Harris Fischer, button hole 

228 Mrs Eliza New 

X05 Thos Steele, music teacher 

New-st intersects 

107 Rev Joseph W A Stewart 
109 Mrs H A Armstrong 

250 Henry New, manufacturer 

III Robert Campbell, manfr 

Garth-si tntcj sects 

113 Jas H Mills 

Main-Bt w, south side 

Hess-st intersects 

127 Ethel bert Servos 

I RoiiS Bros, painters 
I Amos VV Parmenter 

Primary School 

7 Wm C Harvey, merchant 

Queen-si intersects 

15 Mrs Ellen Lewis 

141 Walter Bailey 

17 Ed Evans, laborer 

" Joseph, Best, porter 

Macnab-st intersects 

143 Thos Lees, merchant 

2 1 Albert Pain, merchant 

145 Mrs John Green 

23 Mrs J L Smith 

147 Vacant 

27 John Mitchell 

149 Byron Richardson, carpenter 

31 Dr Henry T Ridley 

151 Wm H Mills 

Charles-st intersects 

Ray-st intersects 

35 F H xMills. 

37 J as Leslie, MD 

155 John Cameron, editor Spec- 

Park St intersects 

157 W B Palmer, com trav 

39 D McDougall, contractor 

159 Mrs Wm Land 

41 Vacant 

161 Hudson, cabinet maker 



€63 John Maxwell, painter 

Mrs B Holmes 
167 Nathan Stanberg, rag dealer 

Pearl-st intersects 

169 A E Reid, cutter 

171 Alex Reid, bookkeeper 

175 W S Lumgair, agent 

177 VVm Brend, fitter 

179 Wm Hover, tailor 

181 Alfrrd Barnard, bookkeeper 

*' Samuel Reeves, pedler 
183 John Western, shoemaker 
185 Geo N Webb, shoemaker 
Locke-st intersects 
John C Bolegan, grocer 
189 John Holmes, painter 
191 Jesse Coombes, laborer 
193 John Davis, brickmaker 
197 Henry Allcock, laborer 
203 Thos Mepham, plasterer 
205 Chas A Plastow, carpenter 
207 Miss I Hume, seamstress 
209 J Mitchell, cigarmaker 
211 John Urquhart, carpenter 
213 H P Breay, manf 

Poulette-st intersects 

213 J A King, potter 
215 John Springate, laborer 
217 Philip Saunders, laborer 
219 Joseph W Shaw, plasterer 
221 Geo Frid, brickmaker 
221 Geo Bray, carriage trimmer 
223 Matthew Murphy, polisher 
227 Lawrence Roupelle, laborer 
229 Geo R Alladice, stonecutter 
231 Henry Hall, teamster 
Garth-st intersects 
Leonard Foster, potter 
Joseph Jackson, brickmaker 
— Brannigan, brickmaker 

Maple-st, south side 

John Bell, machinist 
Thos Dunford, laborer 
Wm Hutton, laborer 
David Duncan, machinist 

— Fair, laborer 

— Merimore, tailor 
Charles Bevan, laborer 

Maple-st, north side 

Public sehool 

— Lamonte, laborer 
Wm Penney, machinist 
Alex Rodgers, boiler maker 
Alber E Darling, brickmkr 
John T Laing, fitter 
Andrew S Peters, basketmkr 
Mrs And Gardner, laundress 
Mrs Mary Fisher, laundress 

I£aple-ave, from Stinson 

James Carson, moulder 
W L Billings, M D 


Margaret-st, east side, from 
293 King w to Main 

1 James Perrin, laborer 

3 Miss M Maxwell, dressmkr 

5 Thos Stokes, carpenter 
9 Thos Fee, hackman 

15 Mrs James Walsh 

17 Wm H Chilman, confec'r 

19 John Morley, blacksmith 
23 Robert Wade, laborer 

25 Alfred Haines, potter 

27 Vacant 

2Q Thomas Riley, laborer 

31 Wm Smith, laborer 

I2i Michael Gallivan, laborer 

35 Robert S Jacques 

Main-st intersects 

Margaret-st, west side 

2 Mrs John Stevens 

4 Donald Mathieson, laborer 

6 Thomas Keller, agent 
8 Mrs Adam Logan 

12 Wm Hearn, watchman 
14 Seymour Skinner, laborer 

16 Isaac Atkins, sailor 

18 A E Smith, mason 

20 John Gentle 



2 2 Matthew Whitney, teamster 
24 Vacant 
26 John Modlin 
28 Mrs John Campbell 
Main-st intersects 

Maria-st, north side, from 
James s, east to Wellington 

Vacant lot 

Hughson-st intersects 
19 J ^ Jones, barrister 
23 George French, gardener 
25 Mrs James Meikle 
27 Mrs Charles Ambrose 

John-st intersects 
31 Thos Lewis, manfr 

Catharine-st intersects 
47 Robt Cruickshank, manfr 
49 Geo Mitchell, cabinetmaker 
51 John Donaldson, engineer 
55 Michael VVhelan, laborer 
.57 Wm Kell, sr 
59 James Orr, laborer 
61 James Hancock, whipmaker 
63 Mrs Ann Lavel 
65 Robert Hunter, packer 
Walnut'St intersects 
75 John Patterson, tailor 
77 VVm Warren, machinist 
79 Mrs C Munn 
8r Mrs James Smith 

Cherry-st intersects 
99 Mrs John Benton 
10 [ Martin Rowan, laborer 
103 John Bingham, laborer 
105 Thos Archibald, laborer 

Aurora-st intersects 
III A Doyle, laborer 
115 Geo D Rioch, printer 
117 D C O'Keefe, surgeon 
119 Mrs Thos Kerruish 

IVellington-st intersects 

Maria-st, south side 

8 Mrs Robert McKay 
Hughson-st intersects 

20 Mrs M Davis 

22 F J Rastrick, architect 
Church of Ascension 

John-st intersects 

Thos Lewis, cigar manf 

Catharine-st intersects 

40 Joseph Hockaday, cabinet- 

42 Wm G Webber, bricklayer 

44 J J UpfieTd, traveler 

46 Mrs Thos Capes 

56 Geo Coombs, moulder 

58 John McDonald, stonecutter 

60 John Beal, baker 

62 Mrs Day Dundon 

64 M T Evans, brewer 

66 Mrs H O'Malley \ 

68 David Heddle, mason 

70 Wm Kelk, music teacher 
Walnut-st intersects 

72 Josiah Beare, moulder 

74 C Donovan, inspector 

76 Mrs John West 

78 Wm H Paskey, machinist 

80 Robert Forbes 

82 Mrs Jas Holland 

Cherry-st intersects 

86-88 Patrick Padden, laborer 

90 Owen Lavelle, laborer 

92 Mrs Eliza Murray 

94 Patrick O'Connell, laborer 

96 Timothy Sheehan, laborer 
104 D O'Connor, laborer 
106 Wm McDonagh, laborer 
108 Fred Clark, galvanizer 
no Robert McCaffrey, laborer 

Aurora-st intersects 
1 12 P Hayes, laborer 
114 Arthur Hubbard, packer 
116 Patrick Kennedy, moulder 
1 18 Wm Aspell, clerk 
120 A Loney, shoemaker 
122 Wm Nash, bricklayer 
124 Daniel Barrett, laborer 
126 Joseph Mortimer, stovem'ter 
Wellington-st intersects 



Market-st, north side, from 
31 Macnab n to Bay 

2 Philp & Son, saddlers 
4 A Lawson & Co, printers 
6 C Kerner, saloon 
12-14 Simon Lalor, hotel 
16 Hiram E Bush, pumpmaker 
18 Market stables 
22 J Craig, V S 
24 Vacant • 

26-28 Wm Morris, grocer 
Park-st intersects 
, 34 J Craig, vet surgeon 
36 Alex Lockie, printer 
38 Robert F'erguson, printer 
40 Mrs Jane Smith 
42 H E Bush, pump manfr 
44 George Pyle, machinist 
46 \V R Pease, bookkeeper 
48-54 John Rodgers, blacksmith 

Bay-st intersects 
58 Vacant 

62 Washington Tufford, laborer 
64 Thos Farreil, laborer 
66 Wm Waldren, teamster 
d'^ John Morty, teamster 
70 Hendrie & Co, shops 
72 Wm Moir, ornamenter 
74 John Cummings, laborer 
76 John Vol lick, wood turner 
78 'J^hos N Best 
80 Dennis Gleason, agent 
82 Fred Schwartz, tobacconist 
84 'Phos Hardiman,confectioner 
86 Mrs Jas Gilchrist 
88 John Gil more, organ builder 

Caroline-st intersects 
90 Joseph Mason, caretaker 
92 Wm Brass, carpenter 
94 Jacob Lowery 
96 Primary School 
98 Rev Charles Spiers 
luan,ue;icai Church 
100 T S Beil. civil engineer 
102 Mrs James Klelt 
104 John Wtsllali, laborer 
106 Jimies New, brickmaker 

108 Wm Mattice, porter 
no Thomas Dawe, forgeman 
Hess-st intersects 

114 Walter Anderson, bookkeeper 
116 Vacant 
118 John Cook 

120 R E Gallagher, principal 
Canada Business College 
122 Cyrus King, grocer 
124 Mrs James Horsburg 
126 Rev L DesBrisay 
128 Wm Harper, printer 
130 James Stewart, traveler 
132 John Stewart, bookkeeper 

Queen-st intersects 
140 David Lowe, wire weaver 
142 T Hutchinson, teamster 
144 Hugh McLaughlin, horse- 
150 — O'Neil, gardener 
154 Robert Wright, laborer 
156 Wm Harper, fireman 
158 James Fairclough, carpenter 
160 James Burns, ])orter 
162 Mrs Ann Bailey 
164 Peter Gorman, blacksmith 
Ray-st intersects 

Market-st, south side 

I Robt Berryman, wool dealer 
3 T H McKenzie, wool dealer 
5-7 J B Williams, hotel 
7^ McMonies & Ryan, auc- 
II Russell & Dunn, gen agents 
13 Joseph Taylor, livery 
Wm Fitzgerald, flour mill 
Park-st intersects 

33-35 Mathews' livery stable 

The Misses Mathews 
37 George H Mathews, livery 
39 Joseph H Quarry, com trav 
41 Tuckett's warehouse 
43 E V Orme, clerk 

Bay-st intersects 
63 John O'Connell, laborer 
69 Hendrie & Co.'s stables 



71 Robert Spencer, laborer 

73 Arch Whyte, foreman 

75 John Mariott, porter 

7 7 Thomas Moffatt, mail carrier 

79 Morris Hendershott, laborer 

81 Robert Robson, laborer 

Caroline-st intersects 
91 Robt H Climie, merchant 
93 John Billington, shoemaker 
95 i Armstrong, grain buyer 
97 Thos E Leather, traveler 
99 H C Sheppard, clerk 
10 1 Z Hemphill, agent 
103 Charles Huton, tailor 
105 Mrs Patrick McAuliffe 
107 VVm W Godard, traveler 
109 M McCulloch, bookkeeper 
1 1 1 Adolph Evgener, excise office 

Hess-st ends 
117 Mrs Benjamin Scriver 
119 G J Walker, painter 
121 Mrs Andrew Stevenson 
123 Isaac Morris, tailor 
125 Thos A FJuggan, clerk 
127 George Kerner, agent 
129 H T Drope, printer 
131 Mrs James Macabe 
133 Wm P Smith, packer 
Queen-st intersects 

Market Square, from 17 James 
n to Macnab 

1 McGregor & Parke, druggists 

2 P Ronan, flour and feed 

3 John Mcintosh, tailor 

4 VV'm Felf, engfaver 

5 J & C J Brennan, grocers 

6 James McPhail, boots and 


7 London China House 
7 VV H Clarke, laundry 

7 W & J Morden,produce and 


8 Joseph Webster, flour and' 


9 Carpenter Bros, grocers 
10 Cyrus King, grocer 


ioj4 Joseph R >Jeade U, Co»i 

shirt manf . V 

1 1 J Lucas, restaurant ' 

12 Benj Lester, hotel 

13 Henry Goold, ho{el 

14 Wm Harril, baker 

15 F L Cherrier, grocer 

16 Thos W.Scott, EmpireHouse 

1 7 Patrick Crilly, ^if or 

1 8 Kirk & Truman, haVrdress'rs 

19 Jas Thornton, musical instru- 


20 J Crawford, confectioner 

Macnal^st intersects 

Markland-st, soiith side 

Macnab-st intersects 
Mrs D Nicholson 

Ontario-st intersects 
J H Park, merchant 
Mrs M R Logic 

Bay-st intersects 
Wm Ainslie, trunk maker 
Edmund Gilbert, laborer 
Benj Brass, carpenter 

Hillon-st intersects 
W R Job, shoemaker 
F E Gadsby, shoemaker 
Ed Wilde, valuator 

Caroline-st intersects 
W J Locke, salesman 
Geo Jones, carpentei* 
Thos Briers, painter 

Bruce-st intersects 
David Phillips, machinist 
Wm Kay, laborer 
Wm jLennOx, grocer 

Hess^ Queen and Kent-sts in- 
Lock^-st intersects 
Richard Graham, dyer 
Cyrus Oliver, cutter. 
Thos Watts, machinist 
Geo J^jyi^sfj^ll, harnesj^maker 
H t Riassell, saddler 



Geo Collis, coppersmith 
John Hahan, mason 
Chas Bishop, carpenter 
Wm Marsh, blacksmith 
J W Korn, furrier 

Markland-st, north side 

John Jeffrey, laborer 
Macnab-st intersects 
Thos Irvine 

Park-si intersects 
Wm Wallace 

Bay-st intersects 
John Walford, packer 
Jas C Taylor, merchant 

Caroline-st intersects 
David Morton 
Geo Jackson, laborer 
P J Thomas, contractor 
Andrew Muir, bookkeeper 
John Croft, laborer 
Miss Mary Miller 

Hess-st intersects 
Robt West, laborer 

Queen st intersects 
G J Williams 
Vacant lots 

Kent and Locke-sis intersect 
Wm Knapman, laborer 
Sidney Brown, laborer 
N Power 

H Reinholt, carpenter 
Mrs C Reinholt 
Vacant house 

Mary-st, east side, from 12^ 
King e to the Bay 

8GB Smith, wood yard 
lo Burn & Robinson Manf Co 
1 6 Vacant 

1 8 Arthur Gee, tailor 
2o James Arthurs, laborer 
King Wm-st intersests 
26 James Way 

34 Wm McLelland, collarmaker 
38 Wm Smye, collarmaker 

Rebeccas t intersects 
46 Vacant 

Public school 

Wilson- st commences 
68 N B Robbins, grate manf 
68 Star Augur Co 
70 Thos H Herbert, stonecutter 
74 M A Gallagher, traveler 
76 J Carruthers, flour dealer 
78 John Forbes, boxmaker 
80 Jas Farr, bricklayer 
82 Thos Laidlaw, clerk 

Kelly-st intersects 
84-88 Laidlaw ManfrCo 
V/ Payne, coal and wood 
Bain & Colville. machinists 

Cannons t intersects 

108 Vacant 

118 Rudolph Mathesins, artist 

122 Ginder Volkeir, laborer 

124 Chas Holland, agent 

128 Jas Kingdon, tailor 

134 A R Lovell, clerk 

136 Jas F Chamberlain,machinist 

138 Alex McKay, clerk 

140 J W Brown 

1401^ Miss Lsabella Lamont 

142 Chas H Hills, grocer 

Rohert-st intersects 
148 John Stevens, baker 
148;!'^ Morris McKenna, laborer 
152 A P Boam, cabinetmaker 
154 WR Hardy 
156 H Hincks, machinist 
158 D A Mair, contractor 
160 J H Moore, clerk 
162 Michael McCarthy, moulder 
166 Joseph Hopkins, weaver 
r 166 Jas Martin, scalemaker 
168 R S Smith, baggageman 
170 Wm Rymal 
172 Ed Fearman, plasterer 
172 F L Cherrier, grocer 

Barton st intersects 



180 Wm McDonald, timekeeper 
184-204 Hamilton Cotton Co 
206 John Holt, carder 
208 Wm Fairley, plumber 
210 Joseph Fairley, carpenter 

G T R bridge 
238 Alex Main, rope manfr 
Strachan-st intersects 
240 Jas Patton, machinist 
242 T H Buckingham, mechanic 
244 John Gorman, laborer 
246 Wm Thompson, blacksmith 
2463^ Isaac Thompson, laborer 
252 Alex Hunter, laborer 
Simcoe-st intersects 
254 John Lynch, laborer 
Ferrie-st intersects 
264 C J Kerr, machinist 
266 Wm Davis, laborer 
270 Alfred Bates, carpenter 
272 John Hannon, laborer 

Picton-st intersects 
276 Peter Carroll, carpenter 
278 Thos MuUins, carpenter 
280 Mrs John Clellan 
282 Chi is Connoly, boilermaker 
284 Wm Wickham, stovefitter 
288 Vacant 

290 Patrick Malloy, laborer 
292 Vacant 

Alacauley-st intersects 

John Jones, builder 
Wood-st intersects 

Mary-st, wes: &ide 

15 John Burt, caretaker 

King Wm-st intersects 
25 John Watson, cattle doctor 
27 Wm Gillespie, whipmaker 
29 Mrs Jas Ward 
31 Mrs Thos Barnes 
33 P Armstrong, carriagemaker 
W S Gully, hotel keeper 
Rebecca-st intersects 
* H Hill, butcher 
43 Wm Linage, shoe cutter 

45 Geo H Milne, builder 

47 Thos J Holland, hay and 

49 Amos Johnston, huckster 
51 Louis Bennett, waiter 
53 Miss Henritta Harris 
55 Ira Buchner, tailor 
55^ Mrs Ed R Routh 
57 John Hammond, laborer 
59 Mrs Susan Sweeney 
61 Wm Level, laborer 
63 Thos J Holland, hay and 

73 Vacant 

75 James Hunter, salesman 
77 P Young 

79 J G Cloke, bookseller 
81 Hamilton Whip Co (limited) 
83 James Adams, packer 
85 Mrs Wm Mowat 
87 Geo Bilton, soda water manf 
89 Wm Farrar, merchant 
91 Patrick Kennedy 
93 Joseph Pett, tanner 
95 Vacant 

97 Robert Leslie, laborer 
99 Vacant 

Cannon-st intersects 
III Richard Seldon, grocer 
117 James Orange, laborer 
119 John Riche, druggist 
12 1 Peter Fitzpatrick, carpenter 
123 John Marchum, moulder 
125 Nelson Stevens, tobacco 


Robert-st intersects 
143 Frank Rowe, polisher 
145 Mrs E Tallman 
147 John Connor, painter 
149 Henry Mathews, moulder 
151 John Carmichael, laborer 
153 Martin Good, cabinetmaker 
157 Duncan Brown, bookkeeper 
159 Stephen Searle, carpenter 
161 Alfred Crowe, machinist 
163 Wm Pearman, cook 
T65 John Farr, teamster 
167 John Hayes, machinist 



169 Robt Hart, hatter 
47 1 Vacant ' 
173 Thos Church, moulder 
175 Ed Armstrong, laborer 
177 Robert Walker, laborer 
179 H Little, grocer 

Barton-st intersects 
183 John Sheridan, laborer 
185 Dan Tracy, teamster 
187 Wm Hughes, carpenter 
193 John R Hore, painter 
195 John Maden, spinner 
197 James Mines, moulder 
199 James Dalton, laborer 
201 John Baine, laborer 
203 Mrs Mary Grace 
205 A H Otto, wood carver 
207 J Marshall, ropemaker 
209 J Orr, yarn dresser 
211 James Kenny, mail clerk 
211^ Thos Irwin, watchman 
213 John Connors, laborer 

Murray-st intersects 
225 J Zingsheim, cabinet manfr 
227 Robert Gordon, clerk 
229 Jacob Culp, wheelmaker 
233 Peter O'Connor, teamster 
G T R bridge 

Strachan-st intersects 
243 H Markle, ropemaker 
245 Fred G Johnson,wheelwright 
245^ Francis E King, ropemkr 
247 Thos Kelly, shoemaker 
249 P Croty, carpenter 

Simcoe-st ifttersects 
255 Jas Blake, grocer 
257 Geo Askew, shoemaker 
— Nolan, laborer 

Ferrie-st intersects 
John M Ferguson, dyer 

John Wright, weaver 
Picton and Macauley-sts intersect 
Vacant lots 

Wood-st intersects 

Merriok-st, north side, from 
55 James n to Bay 

2 A F Forbes, ins agt 
2 G A Young, ins agt 
2 Walter Brown, ins agt 
6 John Roweh, barber 
8-12 Royal hotel 

14 City Directory office 

16 Vacant 

18 Vacant 

20-22 Johnson & Gilmore, auc- 

24 Hunter & Hunter, actioneers 

26 W H Zwick, collector 

26 John H Young, architect 

26 Jas A Harvey, printer 
Chas Lawry, hide dealer 

28 Woodbine saloon, J Gully 

30 C F Rich, harnessmaker 

32 Geo M Bailey, restaurant 

34 Vacant 

36 Henry Simon, cigarmaker 
Gospel Hall 

36 Hamilton Laundry 

38 Vacant 

38 Robertson & Henderson, 

Macnab-st intersects 
62 Jas Simpson 

Park-st intersects 

72 A G Miles, plumber 

74 Wm Dodd, feather dyer 

76 Hannaford Bros, plasterers 

78 Vacant 

80 Abner Eraser, bookkeeper 

82 John Baillie, bookkeeper 

84 Miss Sarah Snider 

86 R A Allardice & Co, fur- 

90 Vacant 

92 A Galder, druggist 

94 Vacant 

96-98 Hurd k Roberts, marble 
Bay-st intersects 



Merrick-st, south side 

1-7 Billiard rooms 

Mdfket square 

Macnab-st intersects 
49 Thos Robinson, hotel 
53 Flamboro house 
57 Daniel Doyle, blacksmith 
59 Thos Clohecy, harnessmkr 
61 Mrs Nail 
63 Mrs Samuel Milligan 
65 George Vedder, painter 
67 George Shoots, painter 

Park-st intersects 

71 Wm Murray, paper bag mkr 

73 Miss Bridget Grimes, dress- 

75 A C Foster, tailor 

77 Vacant 

79 Vacant 

83-85 Alex Campbell, grocer 

87 W F P'armer, watchmaker 

89 A Calder, d.uggist 
York-st intersects 

Mill-st, nortli side, from 95 
Caroline n, west to Hess 

8 Vacant 

20 VVm Coutts, laborer 

14 Vacant 

16 Richard Beckerson 

18 Sam Walsh, tobacco roller 

Hess-st intersects 

Mill-st, south side 

1 Robert Hawthorne, finisher 
3 Joseph Warden, laborer 
7 Wm H Childs, machinist 

9 Wm H Connor, laborer 
IT Vacant 

13 Thos McHdttie, engineer 

15 Mrs John Dryland 

17 Wm Butler, brakeman 

19 Wm Laing, brakeman 

Hess-st intersects 

Mulberr7-st, north side, from 
159 James n to Caroline 

6 M J Dingman, excise 
16 E Wright, supt 
18 J W Madigan, foreman 
i8jj^ Hiram Cleary, shoemake? 
20 Peter Gordon, moulder 
22 Mrs Duff 
24 John Banrick, laborer 
26 Francis Ouimette, shoemaker 

Macnab-st intersects 
30 P Hennessey, locksmith 
32 Chas Jenkins, engineer 
34 John Levique, shoemaker 
38 John Slaughter 
40 Mrs Patrick Gavin ^ 

44 John McConnell, caretaker 

Park-st intersects 
62 Edmund Lane, carpenter 
64 Wm Marrott, carpenter 
66 Francis Somerville, laborer 

New gasometer 
82 John W Childs, laborer 
84 Vacant 

Bay-st intersects 
P Grant & Son's brewery 
Railway-st intersects 

Mulberry-st, south side 

7 Mrs Alex Wright 

9 Horace Ringrose, stove- 
1 1 Mrs M J Cusick 
13 Chas Bennett 
15 Mrs John White 
17 Frank Kavanagh 
19 Alex Hendry, accountant 
21 H Kite, com trav 

Mdcnab-st inter seds 
25 Thos Meegan, moulder 
33 John Cowturie 
35 Thos Malone, confectioner 
37 W J Taylor, inspector 
39 S F Egan 

41 Edward Kavanagh, laborer 
Park st intersects 



€6-67 Hamilton Gas Light Co 

Bayst intersects 
103 Wm Goodyer, malster 
Railway-st intersects 

Jfurray-st east, north side, 
from 228 James north to 

7 John Hotrum, carpenter 

9 George Littlewood,machinist 

15 Geo Anderson, carpenter 
17 Patrick Dillon, laborer 

Hughson-st intersects 
25 Samuel Holt, laborer 
27 Wm Silver, manf 
29 Wm Forsyth, tinsmith 
3 1 ] A Laroon, laborer 
33 J Zingsheim, manfr 
35 Isaiah Beer, builder 
yohn-st intersects 
Vacant lots 
Catharine-st intersects 

87 Jas Danley, brass founder 

91 Arch Forster 

93 Herbert Hall, fireman 
Maiy-st intersects 
Mrs Ellen Harvey 
Miss Mary Edwards 
John Webb, bricklayer 
Albert Old, bricklayer 
A J Cox, cork cutter 
Wellington-st intersects 

M-array-st east, south side 

10 Joseph Nelson, driver 
Mrs Edward Andrews 

16 Geo Hayness, bookkeeper 

Hughson-st intersects 
20 Geo Burton, engraver 
John-st intersects 
74 R J Day, inspector G T R 
76 Georjie Smith, laborer 
80 Frank Holt 
82 Mrs Wm Seelbeck, tailoress 

Catharine^ Mary and Ferguson- 

ave intersects 

J Pett, sheepskins 

Wm Niblock, teamster 

Peter Austin, carpenter 

Wellington-st intersects 

Mcrray-st west, north side 
from 213 James north to 

12 H B Witton 

16 Mrs Capt Edward Zealand 
Macnab-st intersects 

28 Wm Omand, machinist 
30 Wm Fardy 

32 Philip Peer, laborer 

Primary school 
42 J F Hazelton, U S Consul 

44 H Lee, bookkeeper 
"HA White, tinsmith 

46 J G Mclntyre, boilermaker 
48 Robt Archibald, mschinist 
50 John Porteous 

Bay-st intersects 

Murray-st w, south side 

I D Williams, hotel 
7 Mrs Emma Moore, dressmkr 
9 Mrs John H Greer 
1 1 Walter Urry, barber 

13 Fred Haffer, traveler 
15 Mrs Robert Hanning 
23 Wm Yaldon, hotel 

Macnab-st intersects 

29 Vacant 

41 Geo Moore, restaurant 

45 Vacant 

Park-st intersects 

Napier-st, north side, from 
43 Bay north, west to Locke 

2-8 Vacant 
10 Robt Woods, finisher 
14 Poutien Filliatrault,tobacon't 
16 Mrs Jas Rabitoy 
18 Robt Edwards, tinsmith 



20 Henry Bennett, foreman 
22 Thos Freeborn, shoemaker 
30 Mrs Thos Drew, tinsmith 

Caroline-st intersects 
48 Geo Stewart, teamster 
50 Mrs David Tait 
52 Vacant 

54 I McMichael, whipmaker 
54 W G Walton 

58 John Edmonston, conductor 
Hess-st intersects 
John J Daly, grocer 
74 Wm Elvin, traveler 
76 Miss Mary Clement 
78 Geo H Lees, merchant 
80 Peter McBeth, contractor 
82 Jas Thomson, moulder 
88 Jas Young, bookkeeper 
Queen-si intersects 
1 1 2 Mrs Joseph Fletcher 
114 Julius Breternitz, tailor 
116 Thos Wilson, fireman 
118 Sinclair McBeth, laborer 
120 Alfred Hipkins, printer 
122 Jas Turnbull, laborer 
124 Geo Edmondson, butcher 
126 John S Hobson, engineer 

jRay-st intersects 
150 John W Ronald, carpenter 
152 G Hudson, marble polisher 
154 Wm Doming, carter 
156 Miss Helena Gourlay 
158 John Bayne, moulder 
160 Jas Brennan, grocer 
162 Mrs Douglas Lawrason 
164 John Memory, machinist 

Pearl-st intersects 
172 Zion Sunday School 
174 Mrs M Bauer 
178 Mrs Harriet Hall 
180 Mrs Gilbert Anderson 
180 Mrs Sarah Drysdale 

Locke-st intersects 

Napier-3t, south side 

9 John McLeod, printer 
1 1 Fire engine house 

17 Mrs Martin Fitzpatrick 

19 Arthur Strickland, carriage 

2 1 Mark Pulling, salesman 
23 John Dixon, carpenter 
31 Wm S Sendall, carpenter 
33 James Peason 
35 Jdmes Reynolds, laborer 
37 Thos Moylan, shoemaker 

Caroline-st intersects 
45 George Smith, shoemaker 
47 James Steedman, machinist 
53-55 James Baker 
59 Thos Dixon 
61 Mrs John Moore 
63 James I'hompson, ironworker 
65 Jacob Smith, engineer 
67 Thos Frazer, butcher 
69 Thos Eraser, butcher 

Hess-st intersects 

71 H Fisher, machinist 
73 John Easson, broommaker 
■ 75 James Weir, baker 
77 Mrs King 

79 Mrs Webber, dressmakei 
89 Aaron Carr, messenger 
91 JFred h. Ashbaugh, traveler 
93 J M Dingwall, fitter 
95 John Lewis 

Queen-st intersects 
103 Robert Wilson, fireman 
105 Wm Smith, laborer 
107 Thos Cookson, machinist 
III Francis McCusker, dealer 
113 Mrs Margaret iVlcCailum 
117 G Hilderbrandt, laborer 
119 David F Houser, agent 
12 1 Rev F Coleman 
125 Walter Jones, laborer 
127 John Cash, Inborer 
129 Mrs James Thornton 
131 Wm CraA'ford, bricklayer 
135 Vacant 

137 Mrs Agnes Thurling 
139 Andrew Keenon 

Ray-st intersects 

157 Joseph Faulknor, builder 



Pearl and Little Wellington-sts 

■ ■ inttrseci^^dl f-r ■ 

173 H B Wel^hdr, ciarpenter 

tj% Nathan Everton, laborer 

179 Mrs John Haines 

18 [ Mrs Mary Ward 

183 Mrs Wm Debus 

185 Mrs John Laurence 

Little Peel aud Locke-sts intersect 

ITelson-ave, north side, com- 
mences at dneen s, and 
runs west to Locke 

4 Irving Crossley, merchant 
8 L C Smith, barrister 

1 8 Joseph R Mead, manfr 

Kent-st intersects - 

30 John R Hinds, accountant 
38 David Newton, agent , 

Locke-st inters^ts 

Nelson-ave, south side 

7 Thos Quinn, storekeeper 

19 John Rankin, teller 

Kent-st intersects 

31 James Bicknell, accountant 
43 VVm McHarifie, com. traveler 

Locke-st intersects 

Nelson-st, commences at Pearl 
north of George, and runs 
west to Locke 

2 Fred S Morrison, bookkeeper 
4 j Taylor, bookkeeper . 
6 Thos H Taylor 

New-st, east side, from Ifing 
w, to Main 

Robert Neal, laborer 
VVm Fletcher, laborer 
Charles Beveridge, carpenter 
Thos Alexander 

New-st, west side 

James Carroll, bricklayer 

Nightingale-st, from 31 Ste- 
ven to Wentworth 

2 Wm Woodall, sen, builder 

5 Louis ;^GComb% carpenter 

6 John Mellon, builder 
Thos Kerr, moulder 
John Landers, laborer 
Wm Weir 
Wentworth-st intersects 

Oak-st, from Locke south to 

Geo Green, laborer 

Ontario-st, from Concession to 
Markland, west to James 

5 Henry Derby, accpuntant 

6 Mrs John Wardlaw 

7 John McEwen, moulder 

8 Benj Fowler, laborer 

9 Hugh McKellar, carpenter 

Oxford-st, from York, between 
Queen and Locomotive 

Wm Sayers 

G E Tuckett & Son's ware- 

O'Eeilly-st, north side, from 
west of Walnut to Cherry 

I Leo Blatz, tailor 
3 Adam Bartman, tailor 
5 Robt Magnesfj, machinist 
7 Wm Anderson, boot crimper 
Walnut-st intersects 
17 Thos Baker, baker 
19 Jas Johnson, laborer 
21 Joseph T Hartley, laborer 

24 Thos Murray, contractor 

25 Mrs Jas Robertson 
29 Miss Ann Merryman 

29 Michael Sullivan, melter 
Chetry-st intersects 



O'Reilly-st, scutli side 

2 Thos Hilliard 

4 Mrs Haniilton 

6 Alex Fleck, painter 

8 C VV Simpson, carpenter 
10 Jas Murphy, cigarmaker 
12 Mrs Anson Mills 

Wulntit-st intersects 
14 John Taylor, huckster 
16 Mrs Richard Harper 
18 Thos Hawkins 
20 Patrick Brady, laborer 
22 John Dvvyer, laborer 
26 Mrs Catharine O'Grady 
28 Thos Curtis, tailor 
32 Thos Taylor, teamster 
34 C Spriggs, laborer 
36 Geo Honeybourne, carpenter 
Cherry-st iniersects 

Park-st north, cast side, from 
94 King w to Murray 

Franklin house 
10 Wm Fitzgerald, miller 
Market-st intersects 
28 Samuel Groves, blacksmith 
York-st intersects 
36 John Hislop, blacksmith 
Merrick-st intersects 
50 Jas Stewart & Co, warehouse 
52 Geo Senn, foreman 
54 Vacant 
56 Robt Miller 

Vine-st intersects 
64 E J Townsend, florist 
68 Mrs George Stull 
70 Thos Parry, builder 
72 Mrs Peter Patterson 
74 E M Higgins, M D 

Cannon-st intersects 
84 Wm Ball, baker 
86 Wm Coiley, lithographer 
88 Stephen Parsons, foreman 
90 Edward Baker, foreman 
, 93 Wm Crawford, bridge ins 

94 Robt Raw, jr, printer 
96 Samuel McKitrick, laborer 
98 Robt Young, brassfinisher 
100 Thomas Evans, laborer 
Mulberry-st intersects 
St Mary's school 
Roman Catholic Cathedral 

Sheaffe-st intersects 
125 Jas Wall, hatter 
128 John Beaufort, carpenter 
1 30 Miss Sarah Armstrong 
132 Vacant 

234 D McDuff, music teacher 
136 Henry Vernon, manager W 

H Irwin & Co 
138 St Joseph's Orphan Asylum 

Colborne-st intersects 
152 Chas Jamieson, operator 
154 H A Wilkins, sculptor 

Bartpn-st intersects 
162 John Black, butcher 
164 Vacant 

168 John A McFarlane, laborer 
170 John Edmunds, laborer 

Murray-st intersects 

Park-st n, west side 

7 Wm H Kime, laborer 
9 Dominion Carriage Factory 
13 E T Richards, packer 
1 5 Robert Long, carriage black- 
17 Henry Pierce, painter 
Market-st intersects 

2 1 J B Bagwell 
29 David Cook, hotelkeeper 
29^ James Garland, painter 
31 Commercial Hotel 

York-st intersects 
33 Wm Crombie, barber 
35 Wm Murray, paper bag manf 

Merrick-st intersects 
45 Mrs Robt Wm Blanney 
47 J H Hogan 
49 Vacant 
51 Mrs H Harrison, boarding 



53 Wm Webster, flour and feed 
55 Wm Harris, baker 

Vine-st intersects 
57 Joseph Jeffery 
6i J Riach, general dealer 
63 Wm Edgar, carpenter 
65 Wm Mullins, laborer 
67 Henry Arland, shoemaker 
69 Henry Bradford, laborer 
73 Geo Brown 
75 John Clark, butcher 

Cannon-st intersects 
77 George Steele, mu^ic teacher 
79 Edward Wheaton, conductor 
81 Mrs Mary Scully 
83 David Kiah, mariner 
87 Wm Curtis 
89 Miss M L Bruce 
91 Gas Works office 
99 T Littlehales, manager gas 

Mulberry-st intersects 
105 Mrs James Ivory 
109 James Clark, stovemounter 
1 1 1 Thos A Erly, agent 
113 Wm Hudson, carpenter 
119 Wm M Davey, laborer 
121 Richard Coleman, moulder 
123 Mrs Daniel Gilmore 
125 Angus Mundy, grocer 
Sheaffe-st intersects 
129 John Allan, machinist 
131 Joseph Midwinter, machinist 
133 Francis Sheppard, customs 
133^ George Robinson, band- 
135 Mrs Morton Rowe 
135^ Arthur Robertson, book- 
137 George Mansfield, engineer 
139 Henry Priestland 
141 Vacant 

143 Mrs Edward Boyle 
145 J H Young, architect 
Colborne-st intersects 
147 George Sharp, builder 
153 J Midwinter, carpenter 

155 James Stiff, accountant 
157 Vacant 
159 Vacant 
161 Vacant 

Barton-st intersects 
171 James Egan, traveler 
173 Wm Hyndman, blacksmith 
179 Frank O'Callanhan, inspector 

Murray-st ititersects 

Park-st s, east side, from 69 
King w to Concession 

1-5 Vacant 

7 Geo Board man 
9 Mrs John Corey 

9^ FJ Leckenby, traveler 

1 1 A J Lawson, engineer 

13 Louis Edworthy, patternmkr 
17 Chas F Abraham, merchant 

Mainst intersects 
29 Wm Evans, foreman 
31 Geo Hughes, sawyer 
33 Mrs Waiter Welsh 
35 Jas Hirst 
37 Wm Crombie, cutter 
39 David Marshall, mason 
41 Wm Preston, laborer 
43 Calvin Campbell, cook 
Jacks on-st intei' sects 
Vacant lots 
Hunter and Concession-sts ijitcr- 

Park-st s, west side 

2 Z Pattison, confectioner 
6 H G Cooper & Co, coach 

8 Edwin A Caviller, M D 
TO John Bowes, dentist 

12 Mrs M W Brown 

14 L Garland, druggist 

i6 F Armstrong, station agent 

Main-st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Jackson-st intersects 
Reformed Episcopal Church 



HunUr-st intersects 
Central school 
Bold &" Duke- sts intersect 
Samuel Briggs, mant 
Geo F Glassco, furrier 
Robitison-st intersects 
Skating rink 
Hannah-st intersects 
102 Robt Wallace, clerk 
104 Somer Scott 
106 J V Teetzel, barrister 
Herkimer-st intersects 
Henry Bunbury 
W L Smart, barrister 

Pearl-st n, east side, from 264 
Zing w to York 

14 Wm Newson, trunk maker 

16 Jas VVat.^on, moulder 
18 Wm Brown, tailor 

20 Jas H Mann, laborer 

Napier-st intersects 
38 Mrs John Rush 
40 Jas P Gay, clerk 
42 Samuel Crawford, grocer 
Primary school 

Peier-st intersects 

52 W H Cliffe, printer 
54 F J Green way, ornamenter 
56 Adam Turnbuil, machinist 
58 A W Sievert, joiner 

Florence-st intersects 
68 Jas Greenley, carpenter 
York-st intersects 

Pearl-§t n, west side 

Jas Bremner, grocer 
5 Jacob Hills, agent 
7 Thos Semmens, painter 
Little Market-st commences 

17 Jas Thornton, switchman 
r '* Mrs H Fitzpatrick 

2 1 Wm J Miiligan, baker 
23 Wm Payne, engineer 

25 Thos G Furnivall, tailor 
Napier-st intersects 
Zion Tabernacle 
41 Geo Tristam, clerk 
41^ Jas Gould, stone cutter 
43 John Crawford, moulder 

Peter-st intersects 
51 Jas Heath, blacksmith 
53 John T Jones, laborer 
55 H Stokes 
57 Wm Stewart, laborer 
59 Jas Smith, carpenter 
61 Wm Mitchell, mason 

Florence-st intersects 
65 Alex Barron, grocer 
67 Alex Hendrie, foreman 
69 Walter Chapman, moulder 
7 1 Erskine Presbyterian Church 
75 Jas Russell, stonecutter 
77 Dennis Sullivan, laborer 
79 Mrs Wm Lynd 
r "■ Thos Fulton, laborer 
83 Patrick Gleason 

York-st intersects 

Pearl-st south, east side, from 
241 King w to Hunter 

George-st intersects 
17 John Lennox, traveler 
19 Duncan Robertson,machinist 
23 Vacant 

25 John Cox, spice manf 
29 John Hover, boilermkr 
35 Nathan Steanberg, dealer 

Main-st intersects 
41 W J Blackbrough, carpenter 
Jackson-st intersects 
Geo P Dunn, laborer 
Eli Allins, whitewasher 
65 John Lutz, teamster 
Canada-st intersects 
Vacant lots 
Hunter-st intersects 

Pearl-st, south, west side 

6 Wm Higgins, laborer 



8 Jas Heath, clerk 

George-st intersects 

14 A Polucco, coffin maker 
16 E Macpherson, cutter 
16^ Mrs Samuel Kirkendall 
18 M Obermeyer, pianomaker 
20 Wm Hull, traveler 
Nelson and Main-sts intersect 
40 Jas Harrison, hackman 
44 M W Atiwood, watchmaker 

Jackson-st intersects 
46 Wm T Fell, machinist 
48 Joseph Sheperley, potter 
52 Vincent Edwards, baker 
54 John W Smith, foreman 
56 John T Gilbert, machinist 

Canada-st intersects 
66 Geo Fleck, laborer 

Hiinter-st intersects 
L D McAllister, agent 

Bold-st intersects 

Peter-st, n side, from 53 Hess 
n to Looke 

Queen-st intersects 
26 Chas Rieger, bartender 
28 G Montgomery, pedler 
30 Wm Thompson, clerk 
32 Wm Prince, laborer 
34 Henry Kent, clerk 
36 J H Murray, tobacco dealer 
40 C W Thomson, carpenter 
42 Jas Belling, jeweler 
44 Henry Harvey, plumber 
46 Robert Burns, heater 
48 J W Halloran, grocer 

Ray-st intersects 
58 Wm Dean, shoemaker 
62 Geo Mills, shipper 
64 Mrs Mary Jackson 
68 Jas Branston, bricklayer 
72 Mrs Janet Snodgrass 
74 Mrs Henry Bailey 

Pearl-st intersects 
82 Dennis Reardon, carpenter 

84 Alex Martin, laborer 

86 John Robertson, engineer 
88 Alex McLean, clerk 
Locke-st intersects 

Peter-st, south side 

7 Seth J Whitehead, supt 
9 Joseph Herald, pianomaker 
Dunlop & Feast, sewing 
machine mfrs 
Queen-st intersects 
27 Jas Smith, laborer 
29 Mrs Christina Da.,/i 
31 Charles Carter, lai)prer 
33 Robert Read, machinist 
35 Wm Dossett, polisher 
37 ArtTiur Buggy, tobacco roller 
39 Fred Foyster^ tobacconist 
41 Stephen Baimer, laborer 
43 James Smith, moulder 
45 Henry Knight, car repairer 
47 Mrs C V3ailey 
53 Henry Cook, baker 
Ray-st intersects 
59 Vacant 

61 Mrs Samuel Burchill 
Pearl-st i?itersects 
71 Wm Ryan, shoemaker 
r7i Alfred Boult, fitter 
73 Andrew Linklater 
75 Mrs John Andrews 
79 James McKenna, engineer 
81 Alex McKerlie, traveler 
83 Mrs John Duffy 

85 Harry Bawden, hotel 

Picton-st e, north side, from 
314 James north, to "Wel- 

21 J C Malcolmson, foreman 

Hughson-st intersects 
31 Kennedy Connor, shoemaker 
33 Andrew Kennedy, laborer 
35 Stephen Say ley, laborer 
37 Andrew Richardson, checker 

John-st intersects 
Vacant lots 



Catharine and Mary-sts intersect 

92 Peter Surl. laborer 

94 Vacant 

96 Joseph Jackson, laborer 

102 John kitton, laborer 
104 Michael Roach, laborer 
114 John Bayley, blacksmith 
116 Wm Lindsay, laborer 

Fergtison-ave intersects 
124 Francis Maxwell, blacksmith 

126 Wm Culm, laborer 

128 Wm Quinlan, laborer 
130 Thos Lucas, farmer 
132 John Kennedy, laborer 
134 John Gray, laborer 
136 Wm Phelps, laborer 

138 Joseph Humphreys, laborer 
140 Martin O'Grady, laborer 
142 S Topp, engineer 
144 Richard Mantle, laborer 
146 A G Wragg, laborer 

Wellington-st intersects 

Picton-st e, south side 

10 James Burnet, laborer 
14 James Vallance, carpenter 
20 Luke Kirkham, carder 

Htighson-st intr.rsects 
34 A Bloomer, laborer 
36 John Cahill, blacksmith 
38 Wm Duston, weaver 
John ^ Catharine-sts intersect 
James Seddon, dyer 
Mary-st intersects 

89 Vacant 

91 Henry Alexander, sawyer 

93 John Jackson, laborer 

95 ^ "^ Jutton, carpenter 

97 Edward Bodden, painter 
99 Robert Andrew, spinner 

10 1 Joseph Poynton, packer 

103 Michael Moran, laborer 

Ferguson-ave intersects 
123 Wm Ferguson, fitter 
125 Thos Lucas, laborer 

127 Mrs Edwd Forster, laundress 

129 Ed Day, laborer 

133 John Taylor, laborer 
135 Charles Payne, painter 
139 A J Anthony, plasterer 
143 George King 

Wellington-st intersects 

Picton-st w, north side, from 
307 James n to Bay 

6 Robt Campbell, carpenter 

10 George Watson, engineer 

12 Peter Callaghan, laborer 

Macnab-st intersects 
26 Mrs Ann Murphy 
32 Adam Traub, glassblower 

34 Wm Evans, carpenter 

42 Alex JMcCallum, moulder 
44 John Reid, glassblower 

Bay-st intersects 
Bastien's Boat House 

Pioton-st w, south side 

3 Michael Bracken, bricklayer 
5 Thos Balch, fitter 

7 Edward Brown, rhariner 
r " Michael Burke 

9 Stephen Smith, laborer 

1 1 Cyrus Weaver, laborer 

13 Edward Hardy, laborer 

Macnab-st intersects 

35 Geo C Morrison, machinist 
37 Joseph Ward, laborer 

39 Mrs Jas Robinson, laundress 

43 Daniel J Peace, tobacconist 

Bay-st intersects 

Pine-st,ncrth side, from Locke 
s to Cricket Ground 

Jas Lavis, carpenter 
J Bertram, tobacconist 

Pine-st, south side 

II Albert Peart, machinist 
Chas Robinson, brickmkr 
John Harrison 



Poulette-st, east side, from 
end of Main e to Hunter 

1 Wm Weller, potter 

3 Chas Mitchenor, laborer 

^ Poulette-st, west side 

2 Ernest Piesel, laborer 

4 Alex Holmes, painter 
6 E Belleville, laborer 

8 John Milligan, driller 
to John Symington, laborer 

Queen-st n, east side, from 212 
King w to Stuart 

8 Alexander Wingfield,customs 
lo John Malcomson, carpenter 
12 Henry Morris, cutter 
Market-st intersects 
32 Thos K Foster, tailor 
34 John Clifford, machinist 
Napier-st intersects 
Dunlop & Feast, sewing 
Peter-st intersects 
Jas Skimn, foundry 

York-st intersects 
100 Mrs Col McGivern 
102 Stephen Jenkins, machinist 
104 Edwin Griffiths, laborer 
106 Mrs John Brown 
108 Patrick McCabe, laborer 
no Chas Rogers, laborer 
1 12 John Carroll, engineer 
114 George Kemp, tinsmith 
1x6 John Crooks, laborer 
118 VVm Tribbeck, packer 
120 Wm Collins, laborer 
122 Joseph VV^ilson, pork dealer 
122^ Vacant 
124 Robt J arrett, engineer 
r " Thos Smith, brakeman 
126 Thos Peden, baggageman 
126^ Wm Mayo, fireman 
128 Michael Guerin, laborer 
130 Chas Littlejohn, inspector 

132 Thos J Sullivan, laborer 
134 Henry Owen 

Barton-st intersects 
Hamilton Forging Co 
146 John Collins, culler 

Stuart-st intersects 

Q,ueen-st n, west side 

9 Wm Amor, clerk 

Market-st intersects 
17 John R Mackay, harness 
19 VVm J Feaver, bartender 
21 W Carlyon, blacksmith 
23 Thos Joyce, tobacco roller 
25 Peter Bayne, carpenter 
27 John Malcolmson, carpenter 
29 Thos Johnson, marble cutter 
31 John Kennedy, carpenter 
33 J H Faulkner, mason 
35-7 Andrew Gage, butcher 

Napier-st intersects 
41-43 Greening's wire mill 
45 Jas Alexander, carpenter 
47 Mrs Agnes Ailen 

Peter-st intersects 
57 Jas Skimin, founder 
59 Chas Herald, manager 
61 Mrs Wm Herald 
63 S Greening, wire manfr 
67 David Ross 
69 Geo Anderson, carpenter 
York-st intersects 
West Lawn 

Greig-st intersects 
119 John Greig, bookseller 
1 2 r W Murray, harnessmaker 
123 Wm I) Curry, engineer 
125 W Vandeburgh, baggageman 
127 John Sinker, laborer 
129 L Pollard, blacksmith 
131 Thos Higham, blacksmith 

133 Vacant 

Barton-st intersects 
Rolling mills 

Stuart-st intersects 



Queen-st s, east side, from 207 
King w to Mountain 

All Saints Church 
M A Overend 
i>^ Mrs M Taylor 
15^ Walter Worrij, polisher 
3 Jas Amor 
r " Robert Hill, cabinetmaker 
5 Wm Sharp, assessor 

George and Main-sts intersect 
29 — Davey, laborer 
31 Vacant 

33 Wm Myers, tobacdo roller 
35 Chas Stoneman, stonecutter 

Jackson-st intersects 
37 T Mitchell, merchant 
43 Chas Krause, bucklemaker 
45 Chas Woolcott, engineer 
47 John McKenna 

Hunter-st intersects 
57 R J Faulknor, bricklayer 
59 Wm Dowrie 
61 David Dowrie, contractor 
Boldy Duke aud Robinson-sts in- 
127 Thos C Searles, turner 
129 John Sutton, upholsterer 
Hannah-st intersects 
Wm Murray, bookkeeper 

Herkimer-st intersects 
Wm Lord, dairy 
Asylum engine house 

Markland-st intersects 
Thos Cassells, coachman 
Joseph Pearce, carpenter 
Concession-st intersects 
A A Anderson, H & D S R 
Andrew Patton 
J H Farmer, photographer 
H Williams, foundryman 
J M Williams,county regist'r 
Henry Boothby, engraver 

Queen-st s, west side 

Private grounds 

George-st intersects 
12 Mrs John Ferrie 
Wm G Dunn, manfr 

Main-st intersects \- 

24 Geo W Complin, bookkeeper 

26 Thos May, laborer 

28 Vacant 

30 Vacant 

32 G T Kent, city foreman " 

Jackson-st intersects 
34 V E Fuller, barrister 
42 Miss Mills 

Canada-st commences 
46 David Bowman, barrister 
48 Thos Shadbolt, cabinetmkr 
54 T H Gilmore, cabinetmaker 

Hunter-st intersects 
56 P Costello, baker 
. Vacant lots 

Bold-st intersects 
64 Mrs Thos S Allan 

66 Ross Wilson, traveler 
68 Charles J Dixon, clerk 
70 J B Maclean, cabinetmaker 
72 J G Kelk, paper bag manfr 
74 John Langford, carpenter 
76 Hugh McLean, baker 
78 Wm Bateman, baker 
Duke St interects 
80 G B Izzard, traveler 
82 Vacant 

84 Daniel Glover, bricklayer 
88 Richard Tomilson, clerk 
90 Wm Barber, gardener 

93 W Greenhill, harnessmaker 

94 Wm Robertson, salesman 

Robinson-st intersects 
Low McAdams, laborer 
Rich Avis, laborer 
Hannah-st^ Ne/sou-ave and Her- 
kimer-st intersect 
Vacant lots 
Markland-st intersects 
A Theal, agent 



Concession-si intersects 
Wm McFarlane, teamster 

Eailway-st, east side, from 38 
Cannon w, nortli to Barton 

lo Fred Macdonald, moulder 

12 Robert Bryce 

14 Thos El well, laborer 

f 6 Patrick Lawlor, carter 

18 Edward T Sullivan, cooper 

20 John Sutherland, brakeman 

28 Geo Mathieson, wool sorter 

30 Joseph Kelly, shoemaker 

32 Samuel Astle, machinist 

Mulberry-st intersects 

Eailway-st, west side 

13 John Kavanagh, watchman 

15 Luke Mooney, laborer 
1 7 Rice Carson, mason 

19 Wm Ibbetson, tailor 

21 Wm Ibbetson, painter 
23 James Gartland, laborer 
25 VVm, Smith, laborer 

29 John Doyle, laborer 

31 Wm Vint, tobaccoworker 

33 John M Brown, machinist 
35 John Morton, shipper 

37 John W Coffee, lather 
M^ilberrv-st intersects 

Eay-st n, east side, from 234 
King w to York 

Private grounds 
Market-st intersects 

12 Wm Keays, machinist 

14 James O'Lachlan, baker 

1 6 Vacant 

18 Mrs George Fox 

20 Capt L B Barr 

22 Mrs E Beck 

Napier-st intersects 

26 Mrs M Metcalf, grocer 

28 Mrs I Parkinson 

32 Chas H Sayers, manfr 

34 Charles Swihton, teamster 

40 Franklin Westphall, laborer 

42 James Mills, laborer 

46 Rowland Hill, dealer 

48 James Branston, bricklayer 

50 Henry Cook, baker 

Peter-st intersects 
50 James Holland, grocer 
52 Wm Garner, dealer 
52 Wm Royal, carriagemaker 
54 Joseph Marshall, carpenter 
56 Wm Swinton, carpenter 
58 David Scarlet 
" Samuel Gariety, customs 
60 Thos Garrow 
62 Mrs J Laskie 
64 Wm Morris, patternmaker 
66 Mrs James Smith 
dZ John Duffy, hatter 
70 Patrick Duffy, blacksmith 
72 Henry Mundy, machinist 
York-st intersects 

Eay-st n, west side 

Loretto Convent 
Napier-st intersects 
33 Thos King, mason 
35 R J Hope, printer 
37 Vacant 

37/^ John Jmks, heater 
39 George Sall'away, operator 
41 Wm Boylan, laborer 
43 Jas Owen, plater 
45 Jas Thomas, stonecutter 
47 Luke Donlay, cabinetmaker 
49 Jas Owen, laborer 

Feter-st intersects 
53 Joseph Fletcher, shoemaker 
55 Vacant 

57 Henry Phillips, shoemaker 
59 Henry Schaefer, agent 
61 M Mcl>aughlin, blacksmith 
63 B J McCowell, baggageman 

Fiorence-st intersects 
71 Wm Mathieson, moulder 
75 Henry Mulleii; carpenter 
York st intersects 



Hay-st s, east side, from 217 
Zing w to Hunter 

49 John Wilson, tinsmith 
51 Jas Bardwell, machinist 

Canada-st tnUrsects 
63 John Springate, laborer 

65 John Elwell, moulder 

67 Mrs Wm Fagan 

Hunter-st intersects 
Wm Scott, cutter 

Ray-st s, west side 

6 T B Gritlfith, ticket agent 
8 R ^: Kennedy 
14 Robert B Ferrie 

George-st intersects 
16 S F Ross, dep col in rev 
20 Robert Chisholm, builder 

Main st intersects 
34 Robt Bible 
36 Robt Dow, plasterer 
40 Hugh Hunter, fitter 
42 Chas Burns, laborer 

Jackson-st intersects 
44 John Schwinger, baker 
48 Robt Reinholt, presser 
50 Vacant 

56 Wm Clayton, laborer 
60 Jas Munroe 

Canada-st intersects 

66 Jas Lowrie, laborer 

68 Thos Brooks, laborer 
70 Mrs Margaret Nichol 
72 Wm H Irwin, tinsmith 
74 Wm Bridgewood, laborer 

F£unter-st intersects 
86 Vacant 

^^ Charles Bagot, traveler 
Bold-st intersects 
Philip Veidenhcimer 

Eebecca-st, north side, from 
62 James n to Wellington 

8-10 J Harvey & Co, wool 

12 Owen Nolan, livery 

Hughson-st intersects 
26 Robert Murray, plater 
28 Wm Waldhoff, hay dealer 
40 Wesley Church lecture room 

John-st intersects 
64-68 Reid & Barr manfr Co 
70 Geo Sillett, cooper 
Mrs Wm Murphy 
Catharine-st intersects 
82 Wm Gordon, cooper 
84 Mrs Harrison, boarding 
86 Wm Barringer 
88 Wilson Barr, clerk 
90 Israel Todd, whitewasher 
" John Anderson, waiter 
92 Wm Gilmore, shoemaker 
98 Henry Hill, butcher 
Mary-st intersects 
100-2 D Sutherland, grocer 
104 T J Carroll, jeweler 
108 Harry Clayton, lithographer 
1 1 2 Robert Lucas, machinist 
T14 Fred Domville 
116 D B Smith, tailor 
118 Robert Wilson, shoemaker 
120 A Winckler, cooper 
122 Wm Gugel, shoemaker 
124 James Robertson, moulder 
126 Bernhardt Schelling,machin't 
128 John McVittie, cooper 
130 John Chapman, laborer 
136 Vacant 

138 Wm Clark, packer 
140 John Nowlan, laborer 
142 Mrs Thos Darlington 
142 Robert Leslie, fruiterer 
144 Samuel Maddocks, shoemkr 
146 Edward James, laborer 
Ferguson-ave intersects 
148 Joseph Horton, rag dealer 
150 Mis Henry Hewitt 
150^ Henry Cowing, machinist 
152 Henry Campbell, porter 
152^ Arthur Cross tea dealer 
154 Mrs J Smith 
156 Chas Wilkes, laborer 



158 Robert Pringle, bookkeeper 
160 James Sherman 
162 Wm Burrows, tailor 
164 Mrs Geo Glass 

Cathcatt-si intersects 
166 Chas Mason, gardener 
170 Thos Chappell, butcher 
172 Mrs H Pettigrew, dressmkr 
174 John Basquel, tobacco roller 
176 James Miller, laborer 
178 Edward Peeler, painter 

Eebecca-st, south side 

I Reliance Hall, I O G T 

" J B Smith, teacher 

" John Hendry, patent agent 

3 Vacant 

5 Vacant 

7 Vacant 

9 Vacant 

II R H Lefevre, weaver 
13 Henry Fell, fireman 
15 George Catch pole, umbrellas 
17 W H Howard, tailor 
Hughson-st tnfef'sects 

27 Dr Lafferty 
29 Gentral Iron Works 
33 Philip Martin, sr 
35 O Nowlan, livery keeper 
37 Mrs A E Hamilton 
39 John H Tilly, clerk 
John-st intersects 
61 George Smith, fancy dealer 
63 James Roman, broommaker 
65 S Kidd, fruiterer 

Catharine-st intersects 

73-75 Vacant 

83 Miss Louisa Schaffer 

85 Mrs Susan Smith 

87 Fred Magill, laborer 

89 E Nicholson, hide dealer 

91 Mrs Thomas Richardson 
Mary-st intersects 

97 Wm Smye, collarmaker 
10 1 Alex McDonald, traveler 
103 Mrs Mary Fenton 
105 Edward Lavis, carpenter 

107 Mrs James Reid 

109 L H Willard, machinist 

1 1 1 T Boggess, broker 

1 13 Mrs John Addison 

115 Robert McHaffie, traveler 

115^ M Williams, harnessmaker 

1 17 James Shearer, joiner 

119 George Combes, bricklayer 

121 Wm McGibbon, baker 

123 Thos Amey, carpenter 

125 Thos Guthrie, poultry dealer 

127 Mrs John Tramskos^ee 

127 Stephen Baker, laborer 

129 Mrs Rebecca Bur.-^haw 

131 Albert Ryan, shoemaker 

133 Wm Godfrey, baggageman 

135 J I) McNire, cigarmaker 

137 John Cambden, butcher 

Ferguson-ave intersects 
Pork factory 
177 Wm Nelson, lumber measurer 
179 Geo King, painter 

Wellington-st intersects 

Eobert-st e, north side, from 
James n to East ave 

7 Mrs O G Westbrook 
9 J as Austin, blacksmith 
17 C B Snow, manfr 

Hughsoti-st intersects 
35 Wm Givin, accountant 
37 Mrs Josiah Blanchard 
39 Mrs Mary Hal son 
41 Philip Morris, grocer 
John-st ifitersecis 
45 Mrs M Ledgerwood 
47 Chas Kavanagh, laborer 
49 Jas Malcolmson, sailor 
51 Christian Schuler, whipmkr 
53 John Traynor, tailor 
57 Henry Smith, tinsmith 
59 Thos S Dalton, boat builder 
61 J Hurrell, printer 
63 Samuel Kemj>, com traveler 
69 Joseph Lampman, foreman 



Catharine-st intersects 
73 Walter Crofton, moulder 
75 Geo Brock, soda water manf 
77 Vacant 
79 Vacant 

85 Thos Barrett, laborer 
Mary-st intersects 
89 Jas Johnston, machinist 
91 Jas Mitchell, teamster 
93 J S Wheeler, carpenter 
95 Wm Robins, tailor 
97 Geo Jackson, salesman 
Elgin-st intersects 
109 David White 
Fergusun-ave and Cathcart-sts 

135 Michael Swales, carpenter 
137 W C Toye, clerk 
139 John O'Grady, moulder 

Wellington-st intersects 
141 J McMeekin, agent 
143 Mrs R Reid 
145 Albert Darche, conductor 
147 Richard Hunt, moulder 

West-ave intersects 
167 John Kellner, tailor 

Victoria-ave intersects 

Eobert-st e, south side 

Drill Shed 
Hughson-st intersects 

Private grounds 
Johns t intersects 
50 Mrs Sarah Lock wood 
52 Mrs Wm Barrett 
54 John Dundon 
56 Jas Talbot 

58 Jose|^)h Johnston, tinsmith 
581^ Mrs Maria Kelly 
60 Vacant 

62 C Osborne, machinist 
64 Mrs John Duggan 
66 Geo Williams, laborer 

Catharine-st intersects 

Moore's foundry 

80 C E Newbery, tanner 
Mary-st in ter sects 
90 Jas Gibbons, gardener 
92 Miss Mary Servos 
94 Chas Fursdon, moulder 
Elgin-st intersects 
H & N W Sheds 
Ferguson-ave intersects 
134 Jas Sharpies 
136 Calvin Lyons, agent 

Cathcart-st intersects 
138 Jas Proctor, boilermaker 
140 Thos Woodman, clerk 
Wellington-st intersects 

Vacant lots 
146 Wm Miller, switchman 

S R Scott, grocer 
West-ave intersects 
176 Arch Martin, moulder 
178 Jas O'Grady, moulder 
182 Thos Laing, carpenter 
184 Samuel Scott, hotel 

Victoria-ave intersects 
186 Vacant 

188 Timothy Hanley, laborer 
190 Andrew McLellan, laborer 
192 Horace Green, millwright 
194 Oliver Christopher, laborer 
196 H E Smith, laborer 
198 Nelson Clark, laborer 
200 Jas Wedge, carter 
204 Joseph Brown, stonemason 
East-ave intersects 

Robert-st w, from Locke to 
Garth, between Hunter and 

I Benj Brown, laborer 

3 Edward Wild, laborer 

4 A Walters, laborer 

Robinson-st, north side, from 
James s west to limits 

Private grounds 



Macnab-st inUrsects 

Robert Scott, laborer 

John Harvey, merchant 

Garth-st tntet sects 

J M Henderson, merchant 

Bobinson-st, south side 

Park-st intersects 

Vacant lots 

I Mrs W Mundie 

3 Geo S Papps, barrister 

Bay-st intersects 

5 Wm Osborne, founder 

36 Wm J Kingdon, printer 

Macnab-st intersects 

38 Jas Malcolmson, accountant 


40 M Kartzmark, blacksmith 

42 Patrick McGrath, laborer 

Park-st intersects 

44 Edw Burdett, brushmaker 

Curling rink 

44^ Robt Muntz, laborer 

29 Geo M Bagwell, printer 

46 John DriscoU, laborer 

31 John A Beattie, clerk 

48 Thos Copeland, carpenter 

Bay-st intersects 

50 Robt S Odell, machinist 

39 Wm Lunt, blacksmith 

Caroline-st ittiersects 

41 Robert Murray, shoemaker 

52 Robert Burns, laborer 

43 Richard Ferguson, tailor 

54 Daniel McMahon, laborer 

45 Mrs Thos Jones 

56 Thos Connors, carpenter 

47 Arthur H McKeown, tin 

58 Jas Armstrong, plumber 


62 Joseph Lambert, teamster 

49 Matthew Armstrong, clerk 

64 John J Lambert, clerk 

Caroline-st intersects 

66 Mrs Catharine Schrerstein 

5 1 Peter Therrier, shoemaker 

Jless and Queen-sts intersect 

53 Wm Burrosvs, carpenter 

Mrs Henry Munro 

55 Edward Thomas, bricklayer 

John M Painter 

57 Andrew Cox 

John Carr, clerk 

59 Vacant 

Fred L Whately, clerk 

61 Jas McKeown, carriage mkr 

Alfred Hannaford, plasterer 

63 Francis Morris, shoemaker 

Jas Fletcher, jeweler 

Bess-st intersects 

Mark L Tew 

Andrew Robb, engineer 
nx Richard Tope, mason 

G C Carlson, tailor 

Cricket grounds 

10 1 ' 

75 ChasEmboden, laborer 

Locke-st itttersects 

Michael Fanning, grocer 

Qtieen-st intersects 

Wm Rolph 

Edwin Layland 

P A V/ynn, shoemaker 

Wm Porter, lab(.)rer 

Geo Reynolds, butcher 

Henry Busiin, cabinetuikr 

Robert Chanter, laborer 

Vacant lot.^ 

Thos Wilson, laborer 

H Kleinsleiber, cj^binei mkr 

Wm Smith, dyer 

Lockc-st intersects 

Matthew McGee, carpenter 

W Blaisdell, grocer 

Mrs J Hempstock 

Mrs Mary Cornell, laundress 

George Porter, machinist 

Wm M;i\, carpenter 

Owen McMenemy, pedler 

Levi Russ, rag gatiierer 

Jas Napier, machinist 

Jas Newlands, machinist 

Thos Wyatt, laborer 

Mrs John Kearney 



James Fielding, blacksmith 
109 John Hummell, bricklayer 
1 1 1 Chas Mundt, laborer 
113 Henry Eland, barber 
115 Robt Crowe, machinist 
115 John Rackley, laborer 
115 James Vent, carpenter 
117 Wm Bell, machinist 
121 Wm S Russell, teamster 
Garih-st intersects 

St. Mary's Lane, from end of 
Locke n to Inchbury 

D Davidson, gardener 
Matthew Redden, laborer 

Sheafe-st, north side, from 
St. Mary's Cathedral, Park 
n, west to Caroline 

Dewey's ice house 
Park-st intersects 

16 Joseph Heitzman, cigarmkr 
18 John Pinch, fitter 

20 Thos B Spence, mariner 
22 Rev Henry Langton 

24 Alfred S Peene, contractor 

26 Thomas Wavell, accountant 

28 D J O'Brien, music teacher 

Bay-st intersects 
34 Mrs John Spanton 
36 Samuel Spencer, laborer 
38 James Melody, laborer 
40 George Friday, laborer 
42 Wm Boyd, fireman 

Sheaffe-st, soath side 

I John McKenzie, wood dealr 
3 David McLeod, moulder 
St. Mary's Cathedral 
Park-st intersects 

17 Louis Cook, moulder 
10 Wm Gray, stonemason 

21 Jacob Morden, laborer 

25 Bishop's Palace 

27 Albert Campbell, moulder 

29 Mrs C Reardon 

31 John Mitchell, shoemaker 

33 John Latremouille, confr , 
35 Wm Williamson, teamster 
37 David Nutley, laborer 
39 Patrick McCarthy, laborer 

Bay-st intersects 

41 T G Gully, soda water manf 

47 Vacant 

49 Thos Cook, fireman 

51 Chas Slaght, teamster 

53 Andrew Coleman, teamster 

55 Alex Donald, bottler 

Simcoe-st e," north side, from 
276 James n to Wellington 

5 David Terryberry 
7 James Hendrican, moulder 
9 John McDonald, inspector 
Hughson-st intersects 
25 Mrs David Grant 
27 Daniel Butler, carpenter 
29 Patrick Cosgrove, laborer 
31 John W Watson, car checker 
33 Maurice Cummings, laborer 
Simcoe-st Church 
Mrs John McLean 
Jas Turner, laborer 
71 Hugh Meadows, spinner 

Mary-st intersects 
83 R Partridge, engineer 

85 R Fish, spinner 

87 John Dowd, laborer 

86 John Kinsella, laborer 
91 Richard Turner 

95 Jas Bigley, fireman 
99 John Webb, carpenter 
10 1 Fred Hoskins, fireman 
103 Thos Biggs, laborer 
105 Isaac Swallow, mason 
107 John Holmes, pensioner 
1075^ Joseph Lappan, brakeman 
109 Thos Fursdon, laborer 
113 M Quinlan, trackman 
Ferguson-ave intersects 

119 Peter Midgley, laborer 
121 Jas McCollum, laborer 
125 Wm Lyones, laborer 
I2Q ThosS Lewis, machinist 



131 Peter Clark, laborer 

Wellington-st intersects 

Simcoe-st e, south side 

2 Hugh Torrance, grocer 
8 VVm Gillespie, patternmaker 
10 Thos Allan, machinist 
12 Charles Ducklos, laborer 
14 H F Dummer, fireman 
16 Vacant 
1 8 Francis Smith, moulder 

Hiighsonst intersects 
i8| Arthur Lambert, watchman 
18 Wm Julian, laborer 
22 VVm Ferguson, cigarmaker 
24 David Hardy, moulder 
28 Henry Allen, boilermaker 
30 John Fletcher, machinist 
32 Patrick Wolfe, watchman 
34 Patrick Hanlev, bricklayer 
John-st intersects 
Vacant lots 
Catharine and Mary-sts intersect 
84 Michael Canary, laborer 
86 John McGinley, laborer 
88 VVm Herbert, laborer 
90 Wm Inglis, laborer 
92 Samuel Cook, carpenter 
94 Wm Porter, laborer 
96 Ed Hudson, moulder 
100 Andrew Larkin, weaver 
102 Jas Madigan, laborer 
102 Robert Batty, moulder 
106 J J AUiss, laborer 
io6j^ A E Hunt, stovemounter 
108 Peter Doherty, mason 

Ferguson-ave intersects 

114 Daniel Newington, gunsmith 

Wellifigion-st intersects 

Siiioos-st w, n side, from 261 
James n to Bay 

Ontario Cotton Mills Co 
Macnab &* Bay-sts intersect 

Simcoe-st w, south side 

13 Stephen O'Toole, laborer 

15 David Jackson, laborer 
17 David Mcllroy, machinist 
19 Wm Kirkpalrick, carpenter 
21 Jas Rake, shoemaker 
23 John P'lockton, fireman 
25 Morse Enwrighi, laborer 
27 Wm Daly, laborer 
29 Jas Campaign, laborer 
Bay-st intersects 

Smith-ave, e side,from Barton 
to Cannon, becween Emerald 
and "Wentworth 

Matthew Lowery, carpenter 

Phenix Legault, shoemaker 


Sydney Forster, wood turner 

Steven Land, machinist' 

George Wild, gardener 

Smith-ave, west side 

B Cox, shoemaker 

Sophia-st n, east side, from 
319 York 

12 James B Mills, traveler 

14 Robt Britton, machinsst 

16 Ernest G Rumple, cabntmkr 

18 Isaac Tufford, carter 
Ontario Planing Mill 

Florence-st intersects 

Sophia-st n, west side 

13 John Stevens, painter 

15 Samuel Fenton, shipper 

17 VVm Evans, marble cutter 

19 Richard Langlois, carpenter 

Tom-st intersects 
Private grounds 

Florence-st intersects 

Sophia-st s, from 298 King w, 
north to Palace Grounds 

3 Wrn Larmer, brickmaker 
5 Edw Dowler, boilermkr 
7 John Ceaser, laborer 
9 Frank Blackwith, laborer 



13 Michael Hayes, carter 

5outh-st, from Locke to Cjarth 

James Carter, mason 
Peter Crerar, carpenter 
John Mackintosh, machinist 
George Simpkins, painter 
Thos Wilson, carpenter 

South-st e, from 199 "Welling- 
ton n, east to Wentworth 

1 Chas Simons, laborer 

2 Miss E Murray 

Victoria-ave intersects 

20 Philip Langley, watchman 

21 Robert McVvey, laborer 

22 Gibson Syme, laborer 

23 Edward Steer, butcher 

24 John H Freed, traveler 
28 Joseph Erwood, carter 

East-ave intersects 
Emcrald-st intersects 

Campbell Leckie, machinist 
Wentworth- st intersects 

Spring-st, east side, from 183 
King e, south to Hunter 

I Pilgrim Bros, soda water mfs 

Main-st intersects 
7 L P Tuttle, agent 
9 James Lyons, mariner 
1 1 Mrs Harriet Armitage 
13 Wm Jarvis, hackman 
15 Fred Moore, bricklayer 
17 Chas Davidson, finisher 
19 F(ank Eigland, barber 

Jacksonst intersects 
21 Hedley Mason, hatter 
23 H D Baker, whip manfr 
25 Jas A. Harvey, printer 
27 Vacant 
*33 Stuart Maitland, painter 
35 John North, teamster 
37 Vacant 

Hunter-st intersects 

Spring-st, west side 

2 Chas Mills, grocer 
6 John H P'ell, laborer 
8 Robert Ahem, polisher 
Jackson-sts intersects 
22 Alex Campbell, ins agent 
24 Jos Livernois, fruit dealer 
26 Wm McClelland, spice manf 
28 Mark King, bricklayer 
Hunter-st intersects 

Steven-st, east side, from 286 
King east to Cannon 

6 Wm Harris, messenger 

8 E Jeffrey, plasterer 

12 John Anders, brushmaker 

King Wm-st intersects 

14 Mrs Joseph Hunter 

16 Mrs E Smith 

24 Benj Parrott, carter 

Nightingale-st intersects ^ 
34 Thos Taylor, carpenter 
36 James Page 

Witsofi-st intersects 
46 George Carr, plater 
48 Peter Patterson, carpenter 
50 R Henderson, carpenter 
52 Chas Cripps, bricklayer , 

54 Wm Bevis, machinist 
56 Robert Mellon, bricklayer 
58 Chris Tilbury, butcher 
60 James Ditty, tinsmith 
64 John Gee, laborer 
66 L Snowden, cabinet maker 
68 Henry Ing, watchmaker 
Cannon st intersects 

9 J G Rayner 

Steven-st, west side 

King IVm st intersects 

13 D Kelly, bricklayer 

15 B McCuUey, machinist 

17 John P Gardner, cutter 
19 Mrs Ann Gaing 

21 James Fallahey, gardener 
23 W H Rowe, printer 



25 Daniel Cripps, bricklayer 
27 C Piercy, printer 
29 Geo Maslin, laborer 
31 Amos Hutton, tool maker 
33 Thos O Veale, gardener 
35 C Piercy, carpenter 

Wt/soH-s/ intersects 

37 John Rouse, shipper 
39)^ Alfrod Rouse, fireman 
39 J S Smyth, polisher 
41 John Walker, moulder 
43 Robert Spittal, carpenter 
45 Chas C Farr, plasterer 
47 Fred Lentz, butcher 
49 Albert Carson, tailor 
51 Wm Stewart, carpenter 
53 James Kenny, carpenter 
55 Patrick McGovern, carriage 

57 L E Taylor, carpenter 
59 Chas Lipek, brushmaker 
61 James Lewis, carpenter 
63 James Collins, carpenter 
65 James Fletcher, jeweler 

Cannon-st intersects 

Btinson-st, north side, from 81 
Wellington south, east to 

9 Samuel Cottrell, gardener 
iVest-ave intersects 
75 Michael Dougherty, shipper 
77 Vacant 

79 W S Hicks, carver 
Boys' Home 

IVentworth-st intersects 

Stinson-st, south side 

20 Chas Tregenza, clerk 
Victoria-ave iutersects 
Joseph Lister 
58 F VV Fearman, pork dealer 

/ Maple-ave intersects 

64 Walter Sturt, com traveler 

66 Chas Tinling, druggist 

70 L Eckerson, photographei 

Enter ald-st intersects 
72 Michael Doherty, laborer 

Blyth-st intersects 
84 Samuel Maslen 
86 John Noble, bricklayer 
Erie-ave intersects 
F E Dallyn 
Wentworth-st ititersects 

Straohan-st e, north side, from 
252 James north to Wel- 

9 Mrs Andrew Begley 
1 1 David Farrar,constable GTR 
13 Mrs Jones 

Hughson-st intersects 
31 Hugh Cassidy. laborer 
33 Thos Harris, stonecutter 
35 Mrs Frank McGargle 
39 Patrick Connors, laborer 

John-st intersects 
45 D Mulcahy, laborer 
47 Hiram Markle, wheelsman 
53 Benj Kennedy, ropemaker 
55 Michael O'Connor, moulder 
61 John Fred Foster, plumber 

Catharine-st intersects 
Vacant lots 
67 Pat Canary, engineer 
69 John Lawlor, cabinetmaker 
71 B McMahon, policeman 

Mary-st intersects 
83 Patrick Warren, laborer 
85 Patrick Macartney, watchmn 
89 Mrs Barnard McDonald 
91 M Doyle, baggageman 
97 Michael O'Brien, laborer 
99 Michael Sunderland,polisher 
10 1 M Shaughnessy, machinist 
103 John O'Toole, scalemaker 
107 Patrick Corbett, hatter 
109 jGsej)h Taffe, moulder 
Ferguson-ave intersects 



Strachan-st e, south side 

Hughson-st intersects 

24 Amos Thompson, laborer 
26 Mrs Mary Anderson 
28 Mrs Wm Clarkson 
32 Peter Anderson, laborer 
34 Wm Woodley, laborer 
36 Mrs John Shea 
38 Mrs Ann Armitage 
40 Michael Brady, laborer 

John-st intersects 

46 Robert Patton, laborer 
48 John Weir, clerk 
52 Uriah Leaver 
54 Mrs Charlotte Wilson 
60 Jas Faliahee, laborer 

Caiharine-sts intersect 
68 Mrs Mary Warren 

Maiy-st intersects 

96 James Steele, laborer 
98 Waiter Pew, teamster 
102 John Jarvis, laborer 
106 Mark Lampshire, laborer 
108 Wm Green, laborer 
no Mrs Robert Hawthorne 
112 Louis Boneny, laborer 
114 Stephen Boney, laborer 
Fcrguson-ave intersects 
Joseph Whyte, carpenter 
Wellington-st intersects 

Strachan-st w, north side, 
from 243 James n to Bay 

16 Chas Cameron, laborer 
18 Thos Allen, dyer 
20 James Harris, machinist 
r2o Wm Parker, laborer 
22 George Harrfs 
24 George Fras^r 

Macnab-st ititersects 
28 Milton Rymal 
30 Francis Hislop, laborer 

Bay-st intersects 
Thompson's boat house 

Strachan-st w, south side 

5 Mrs Ellen Boyd 
7 James Delaney, laborer 
23 Wm Williamson, carpenter 
25 Robert Carr, laborer 
27 Mrs Powers 
29 Wm* Sutherland, blacksmith 

Macnab-st intersects 
37 Henry Gray, customs officer 
39 James McClere, freight agt 
Bay-st intersects 
Gillesby's warehouse 

Stuart-st e, north side, from 
244 James n, to Catharine 

Vacant lots 
23 Daniel Flynn, stovemounter 
25 B Flemming, laborer 

Hughson-st intersects 
27 James Whalen, laborer 
29 Mrs Robert Clen 
31 Mrs George Lennard 
2,-^ John Galtrey 
35 J Greenless, moulder- 
37 Wm Simpson, moulder 
'39 John Coutts, patternmaker 
41 Joseph Davis, butcher 
43 Mrs B Hammond 

John-st intersects 
51 Wm Cooper, laborer 
53 Eli Sanger, laborer 
55 Wm Maney, laborer 
57 John Gray, laborer 

Catharine-st intersects 

Stuart-st e, south side 

4 Mrs Mary Ann O'Brien 

6 Mrs Taylor 

10 Wm Mc Adams, teamster 
12 John Callaghan, cigarmaker 
t6 Vacant 
18 Daniel l^angdon 
20 Wm Hannah, porter 
24.26 Geo Mills, grocer 

Hughson-st intersects 
30 Vacant 
32 Wm Rice, teamster 



34 Alex Pazius, upholsterer 
36 Henry Smith, laborer 

38 Robert Aikins, scalemaker 
42 Ed Bolus, patternmaker 
44 F Kittyle, collector 
John-st intersects 

48 Thos Duffy, carpenter 

50 Patrick McAndrews, laborer 
52 Chas Coy, harnessmaker 

54 Mrs Wm Doyle 

Catharine-st commences 

Stuart-st w, north side, from 
239 James n, to Queen 

14 Jeremiah McCoy, carpenter 
16 James O'Donnell, glassmkr 
City Weigh Scales 

Macnab-st intersects 
G T R general offices 

Bay-st intersects 
G T R station 
J B Fairgrieve, coal office 

Stnart-st w, south side ' 

John McHendrie, tavern 
7 James McHendrie, carpenter 
9 VVm Jones, laborer 
II H Fuller, tailor 
19 Wm Radford, baker 
21 Mrs E Riddle, boarding 
23-25 S Taylor, hotel 

Macnab-st intersects 
31 Doran Bros, vinegar works 
33 W G Townsend, custom 

35 Custom House 
Street Railway office 

49 Metropolitan hotel 

Bay-st intersects 

51 Allison House 

61 Joseph Quinn, machinist 
161 James Marshall, laborer 
63 R England, fruiterer 
63 M J Wolf, hotel 
67 Ontario Emigration Agency 
69 Roach's hotel 
69^ Mrs Bent, refreshments 
73 Dan McNamara, hotel 

Tiffany-st intersects 

79 J Steanger, temperance hotel 

81 Immigrant sheds 

89 Robt Thomson, lumber dlr 

Caroline-st intersects 

A Gartshore & Co 

Hess cr' Queen-sts intersect 

Tiffany-st, from 73 Stnart w 
to Barton 

Dan McNamara, hotel 
Mrs John Hardman 
4^ Jas McMahon, laborer 

6 John Kavanagh, laborer 
6^ Josejjh Lomas, laborer 
8 Lewis McDonald, laborer 

Jas Beardwell, carpenter 

7 Wm Burniston, carpenter 
Wm J Berryman, laborer 
John Johnston, engineer 

Bartons t intersects 

Tisdale-st, east side, from 272 
King e, north to. Barton 

2 R Klock, cigarmaker 

4 Jas Wright, mariner 

6 — Dawson, pedler 
King IVm-st intersects 
16 Robert Warren, butcher 
18 Wm Malins, carter 
20 Wm Revvl)ury, checker 
22 Arthur Keeble, teamster 
24 Alf Chidley, machinist 
26 H Andrup, tinsmith 
28 Alex Roberison, stonecutter 
30 (ieo Hamilton, stonecutter 
42 R W Randal, carpenter 
44 Geo Cartwright. blacksmith 
46 Wm H Mai tin, machinist 
48 Wm Holme's, moulder 
50 Robert F Drake, gunsmith 
54 Frank Booth, bookkeeper 
56 Geo Sweetlove, watchman 

Wilsan-st intersects 
58 Samuel Buscombe,siioemakr 



60 John Martin, bricklayer 
60 >^ W Flood, clerk 
62 Jas Connor, burnisher 
64 Geo Hunter, tailor 
68 Arthur Smith, laborer 
70 John Carson, laborer 
72 Patrick Fitzgerald 

Canno7i-st intersects 

Tisdale-st, west side 

Vacant lots 

King Wm-st intersects 
17 John McKenna, yardsman 
19 Peter McSwean, carpenter 
21 Mrs Richard Reece 
25 John Butterfield, stonecutter 
255^ Frank Osier, filecutter 
27 R J Smith, traveler 
275^ Andrew Wilson 
29 Wm James, builder 
31 Robert Reynolds, baker 
33 — Patterson, traveler 
33 7^2 Alex Small, shipper 
35 Robert Lucas, moul:'er 
37 Walter Yates, laborer 
39 Martin Carson 
41 — Simpson, laborer 
43 Andrew Schon, laborer 
47 A Lentz, laborer 

Wilson-st intersects 
49 Jas Walterhouse, millwright 
51 Mrs Ing 

53 Peter Stodler, weaver 
55 Mrs Jas Hodd 
57 John Clushman, moulder 
Cannon-st intersects 

Tom-st,nortli side,froin5ophia 
to Dundnrn 

10 Henry Fitt, cabinetmaker 
Devenport-st intersects 

26 Geo Smith, laborer 

28 Thos King, engineer 
Dundurn-st intersects 

56 Wm Ashburn, laborer 

Tom-st, west side 

I John Trotman, polisher 
3 J Semmens, carpenter 
5 Dennis Mahoney, shoemaker 
9 Wm Furniss, marble cutter 
1 1 Thos Burrell, fireman 
r " Mrs Eli White 
15 Samuel Marsten, machinist 
17 John Clegg, laborer 
2 1 John Lawrence, clerk 
25 Geo Maddox, blacksmith 
29 Henry Thomas, marble dk 
33 Samuel Fiddler, sailor 
37 Jos T Hartley, laborer 
39 John Curran, printer 

Dundurn-st intersects 
57 James Mortimer, moulder 
59 Vacant 

Victoria-ave n, east side, from 
244 Zing e to the Bay 

Vacant lots 
10 Chas C Foote, plater 
King- Wm-st intersects 

Public school 
20 P S Robertson, merchant 
22 Wm Marshall, salesman 
24 E J Moore, bookkeeper 
26 W H Jones, bookkeeper 
28 Samuel Atkin, clerk 
30 Mrs Tar box 
32 Chas McGregor, druggist 
34 Joseph S Brennen, carpenter 
36 Daniel Blackley, accountant 
38 John P Bampfylde,ale bottlr 
40 C L Walker, confectioner 
42 John Stoneman, traveler 

Wilson-st intersects 
44 Alex Hayes, grocer 
48 I W Myers 

50 Geo Kappele, bookkeeper 
58 Samnel Medley, stonecutter 
60 John Arthur, polisher 
64 David R Gibson, mason 
66 Mrs Wm Findlay 
70 Wm Temple, machinist 
Evans-st intersects 



72 J R Jackson, carpenter 
74 Thos Riddell, carpenter 
74/4 VVm Blair, carpenter 
78 Mrs Samuel Bradt 

Cannon-st intersects 
86 Frank Stinson, porter 
90 Mrs Wm West 
92 Nelson Parks, policeman 
92^ Samuel Elliott, watchman 
94 Simon Elliott, watchman 
96 Miss Catharine Merrick 
96 Miss M McFerran, teacher 
98 James Foreman, brakeman 
100 Daniel Mc Master, mason 
104 Robert Blake, watchman 

Robert-st intersects 
no Benj Rothwell, moulder 
114 Walter Bale, bookkeeper 
it8 James Farmer 
124 Wm Farmer, photographer 
128 Abraham Ripley, moulder 
130 Joseph Bale, shipper 
132 David Dick, fireman 
134 Henry Syme, laborer 
Barton-st irJersects 
146 Wm McKittrick, moulder 
148 Wm Smith, ropemaker 
154 Mark Thompson, carpenter 
156 Jos Degan, shoemaker 
158 Chas McMillen, laborer 
160 Robt Johnson, carpenter 
166 Wm Robson, planer 
170 Jas Green, laborer 
178 Walter Fowler, moulder 
180 Vacant 

184 M McKenzie, laborer 
186 Daniel McMullen, cooper 
190 C P Moore, file cutter 

South-st intersects 
200 G H Hopkins, merchant 
202 Vacant 

Barton-st intersects 

208 Andrew Diamond, machmist 
210 H Munsie, bookkeeper 
212 G L Pearson, agent 
214 George Stroud, tanner 
Ferrie-st intersects 

220 Dennis McCarthy, gardener 
H & N W Ry wharf 

Victoria-ave n, west side 

3 Hy Bedlington, traveler 
5 J M Little, bookkeeper 
5 5^ Jas Brown, hide inspector 
7 Henry Humbecker 
9 L Hopkins, pickle manfr 
II Thos Wadland, inspector 
telephone Co 
Kiti^ Wm-st interects 
S J Moore, manufacturer 
17 L McKellar, traveler 
19 Engine house 
21 A D Cameron, barrister 
25 W D Bews, merchant 
23 Jas C Fairgrieve, merchant 
27 E W Bate man, baker 
29 A Murdock, com traveler 
31 Jas Johnson, auctioneer 
33 John VVeatherstone 
35 John Hooper, com traveler 
39 John Ross, laborer 
41 "M Overholt, tailor 
43 S J Moore, manfr 

Wilson-st intersects 
51 Chas Howard, carpenter 
53 B D Bowron, tinsmith 
55 Jas Dodson, brassfounder 
57 Andrew Patton, moulder 
59 D Graham, fireman 
61 Fred Dod^.on, painter 
63 John R McDonald 
65 Wm Dodson, ])ainter 
67 Dan Mc.Murtrie, traveler 
69 John E Hampson, traveler 
71 Vacant 
73 Mrs Cooper 
75 Jas Brock, whipmaker 
77 Geo Watson, shoemaker 

Evafis-st intersects 
83 Jas Johnston, caretaker 
85 Jas F Bryant, plasterer 
87 Henry Johnson, laborer 

Cannofi-st i?irersects 
91 Vacant 



95 Jas Matthews, painter 
97 Wm Anderson, machinist 
99 Jas Anderson, laborer 
loi Stephen M Russell, polisher 
103 VVm Anstey, shoemaker 
107 S B Longhrey, traveler 
1 1 1 C E Dyer, traveler 
1 15 Wm Spera, grain buyer 

Rohert-st intersects 
131 JohnLinfoot, agent 
139 VVm Burns, tailor 
141 J S Sutherland, clerk 
143 Donald Gunn, painter 
147 F W Hore, jr, manfr 
155 F W Hore, manfr 
159 Geo Brad, lather 
161 Mrs A Hardstaff 

City Hospital 
183 Jos Curno, carpenter 

Barton-st intersects 
185 Geo Woods, laborer 
189 Wm Michael, laborer 
191 Wm McLaughlin, laborer 
South-st intersects 
G T R track intersects 
221 Thomas Patterson, watch- 
225 Wm H. Finch, iron founder 

Ferrie-st intersects 
229 James Pur\'is, carpenter 
235 Jas Nolan 

Jas Walker, soap factory 
Michael Coughlin, laborer 
Geo Russell, soap boiler 

Victoria-ave south, east side, 
from 246 King east to the 

St Patrick's church 
Main-st intersects 
29 Thos McKay, grocer 
31 Wm G Reid, merchant 
37 Jas Matthews, painter 
43 Wm Edgar, lumber dealer 
49 Rev John James, D D 
55 J F Stewart, manfr 

Hunter-st intersects 

57 Thos Myles, coal dealer 

65 Rev John Morton 
69 Miss Hattie Fields 

71 Wm G Moore, land agent 
73 Thos D Wanzer, manfr 
Stinson-st intersects 
Joseph Lister, Wood Lawn 

Victoria-ave south, west side 

10 Geo Pearson, carter 
12 Mrs Michael Morrisey 
14 Thomas Morgan, tanner 

Main-st intersects 
28 Alex Milne, builder 
30 Vacant 

38 John A Barr, druggist 
44 James Lockhart 
46 John A Clark, druggist 
48 Robert Moblett, dyer 
50 M Cohen, ins agent 
52 Mrs Mary Slater 
54 W Glennie, traveler 
56 Alex Stuart, chamberlain 
Hunter and Stinson-sts intersect 
82 Francis Wanzer, manfr 
88 J M Stewart, clerk 
90 Vacant 

94 Harry Dallas, traveler 
96 Thos Burns, P O 
100 John Farthing, sectionman 

Vine-st, north side, from 95 
James north to Bay 

Standard Ins building 
16 Mrs A Quimby 
18 Vacant 
24 Rudolph Peters, machinist 

Mdcnab-st intersects 
34 Mrs Sophia Hill 
42 J B Rousseau X, bookkeeper 
44 Donald Dallas, polisher 
Park-st intersects 

58 Thos Wilson, fireman 
60 Hiram F Inglehart 

62 W Stroud, hide dealer 

66 George Reid, messenger 



68 Mrs Richard Barrett 

70 Wm Birrell, foreman 
*' Farmers Dairy Co 

" Walton Ice Co 

72 Wm Kirk, baker 

74 Anthony King 

Bay-st intersects 

Vine-st, south side 

I Inland revenue office 
5 Robt Chatto, teamster 
9 E A Ware, scale manfr 
15 John M Durward, marbleized 

slate manfr 
17 Wm Leary 

Macnab-st intersects 
Stewart's foundry 
43 Lenton Williams, millwright 

Fark-st intersects 
65 John Glasgow 
67 D J Peace, tobacconist 

69 James Anderson, carpenter 

71 Wm Gillies, steward 

73 John Greening, agent 

75 John Mathieson, porter 

Bay-st intersects 

Walnut-st north, east side, 
from King to King William 

Charles Almas, barber 
Robert McCarroU, plumber 
George McCuUough, black 

4 Thos James, saddler 

"Walnnt-st north, west side 

Mrs Louisa Miller 
The J H Stone Manf Co 
7 John Armstrong, carpenter 
9 Richard Ivaidman, laborer 

Walnut-st south, east side, 
from 113 King e, south to 

George Bartman, tailor 
I Thos Ferguson, shoemaker 
3 Wm Roberts, laborer 

5 Mrs Robt Walker 

7 VV'm Ferguson, tailor 

7^ Wm Breheny, shoemaker 

9 Vacant 

II Mrs Mary McCarter 
Main-st intersects 
15 H D Griffin, M D 
17 Richard Ellicott, assessor 
19 George Moyes 
2 1 A B Smith, tel operator 
23 Fire engine house 
25 Jas Mitchell, stove fitter 

Jackson-st intersects 
31 Wm Stern, traveler 
33 C N Heisrodt, gilder 
35 F S Ryckman, contractor 
37 Chas James, machinist 
AlYi Mrs F Bush, grocer 
Hunter-st intersects 
45 Wm Betcone 
47 Miss E Ambrose 
49 Miss Louisa Knott 
51 Robert Laidlaw, agent 
53 John Flynn, laborer 
55 Mrs Margaret O'Brien 
55^ M Birrell, porter 

'" Geo Hewson, cabinetmkr 
57 George Webster, tailor 
59 Chas L Ennis, tuner 
61 John Myles, laborer 
63 Hugh McDougall, mason 
65 Joseph Burns, laborer 
67 James Leonard, laborer 
69 Mrs M Hamilton 
7 I D Sullivan, grocer 

OReiily-st intersects 

77 James Fenton, bailiff 

79 Wm Macfarlane, machmist 

81 Mrs James Butier 

Young-st intersects 
Jos Brace, shoemaker 
Maria-st intersects 
103 Vacant 

105 Mrs John Fitzgerald 
107 M Foley, moulder 
109 A J Miller, porter 
1 1 1 M J Forster, maltster 
113 Jas Gallagher, watchman 
117 Owen O'Connell, laborer 



121 Vacant 

Hannah-st intersects 

Walnut-st s, west side, 

Wm I Case, M D 
Main st intersects 

John Winer 
1 8 Joseph Conian, conductor 
i8^ I H Gulp, machinist 
2o VVm H Lampman, farmer 
24 Thos Wilson 

Jackson-st intersects 
30 Andrew Watson, painter 
32 VVm Havens, painter 
34 Mrs Sarah Cleghorn 
36 Edward Schwarz, shoemaker 
38 Thos Bolton, laborer 
40 John C Williams, gardener 

Hunter-st ifitersects 
44 Thos McMahon, clerk 
46 Wm Robinson, bricklayer 
48 Samuel Heim, tailor 
483^ Matt Beckerson, teamster 
50 Michael Flynn 
52 Albert Rooney, tailor 
54 Samuel Provan, merchant 
56 John BalUie, salesman 
58 Josej^h Tinsley, printer 
62 Edward Lewis, jilasterer 
64 Joseph Volk, moulder 
66 Mrs E Sarginson, tailoress 
68 Chas Smith, lithographer 

G Reillv-st intersects . 
80 James Spencer, tinsmith 
82 John Halliday, laborer 
84 Samuel White, bus driver 

y^ojin^s^-st intersects 
92 James Reilly, laborer 
94 Mrs Mary Herrington 
96 Wm Myles, laborer 
Mana-st intersects 
106 Mrs M Elz 
110 Thos Coughlin, laborer 
Hannah-st intersects 

Wellington-st n, east side, 
from 216 King e to Burling- 
ton Bay 

2 Chas Smith, messenger 
4 Alex McDonald, carpenter 
6 Jas G Foster, laborer 
8 John B Lewis, manfr • 

10 Wm Gonnell, finisher 
1 2 Hector H Martin 
14 Vacant ^ 

16 Mrs Francis Croombie 
18 Robt Harper, gardener 

King IVm-st intersects 
24 John Hancock, builder 
26 Thos Morris, flour and it^d 
28 Thos Gathcart, baker 
30 Wm Dewart, laborer 
32 Miss Catharine McDermott 
34 Wm Aiken, blacksmith 
36 Alex Campbell, laborer 
38 W Hunter, brass founder 
40 W Glass, moulder 
42 E Knapp, laborer 
44 John Pearce, teamster 
46 Jas Hughes 
48 Arthur Moore, watchman 
50 John Bull, laborer 
52 A Bowron, tinsmith 
54 N Tallman, moulder 
56 George P Harrison, traveler 

WilsoJi-st intersects 
54 W P Willcock, butcher 
56 Henry Proctor 
58 Thos Torrance 
60 Geo Broad, cari)enter 
62 Henry McStravick, laborer 
64 Horace Harvey, carpenter 
66 R M Ross, painter 
68 W R Powell, builder 
70 Vacant 

72 Wm S Nixon, bailiff 
74 H S Battram, clerk 
80 Martin O'Dnscoll, finisher 
80^ Jas McManus, shoemaker 
84 Jas E Redfield, burnisher 
88 Wm Dingle, machinist 
Evans-st intersects 



Meriden Britannia Co 
Cannon-st intersects 
122 Alex Durand, car[)enter 
124 Jas Bovaird, carriagemaker 
126 Mrs Abe Neff 
128 R Bagnall 
130 Mrs M Sangster 
Lumber yard 

Rabert-st intersects 
136 Jas Poulter, bookkeeper 
138 Thos Foster, clockmaker 
140 A Jenkins, machinist 
142 Mrs S Bowes 
144 T P Bates, clerk 
X50 Nicholas Carrier, shoemaker 
152 P J Fenton, policeman 

\ ( Rudolph Rissrnan, agent 
I I 2 C Brown, laborer 
» I 3 J B McKay, foreman 
g j 4 Mrs E Irving; 
fe j 5 George R VanOrder, con- 
^J ductor 

Jlarton-st ititersects 
202 Robt Reader, moulder 
204 G S Copeland, ropemaker 
South-si intersects 
G T R Crossing 
Canada Felt Hat Works 
L f ) Sawyer & Co, agr im- 

Alfred King. ])ainter 
Ferrie^ . Wood and Macauley-sts 

"Wellington-st n, west side 

I Hamilton vinegar works 
Swinmiing Baths 
15 Chas Laycock, l)lacksmith 
19 Vacant 

A7//J,'' Wm-st intersect'^ 
21 Thos Morris, flour and feed 

27 James Potter, brickmaker 

29 Ed Beard, laborer 

31 Nicholas Carroll, laborer 

33 (jeorge Jeffrey, laborer 

35 Mrs Mc Master 

37 Samuel Robinson, butcher 

Rebecca -st intersects 
39 C C Baird, grocei: 
41 James Reid, butcher 
45 John R Burt, moulder 
47 John C Henry, teamster 
49 Thomas Campbell, moulder 
5 1 H Gildon, general store 

IVilson-st intersects 
53 T B Haines, machinist 
55 Herbert Whipple, agent 
57 Vacant 

59 John Campbell, moulder 
61 Hugh Oder 

63 George Richmond, printer 
65 Wm Gilmore, shoemaker 
69 Mrs James Robertson 
71 John Ronan, grocer 
Kelly-st intersects 
75 Mrs J H Stewart 
77 James Cumison 
79 Seath Robinson, com traveler 
81 Alex Kerr 
83 John Ross, teacher 
85 Mrs Sidney Jackson 
87 Matthew Hearne, tobacconist 
89 H Cummer, brewer 
91 John Acheson 
93 W P Crawford, excise officer 
95 John Mclntyre 
97 James C McCoy, clerk 
99 David Rooks, melter 
99I Richard Atkinson, shoemkr 
10 1 Thos Wilson, hotel keeper 

Cannon-st intersects 
103 J Ronan, grocer 
Primary School 
109 Charles Truscott, carpenter 
1 1 1 Thos McCallum, cabinetmkr 
113 John Cook, bookkeeper 
115 Thomas Simons 
117 John Savage, machinist 
119 Alex Durrand, carpenter 
121 Wm Rowland, lumber meas- 
123 Alfred Robbins, engineer 
127 F V Jones, hatter 
131 Henry Hyatt, shoelaster 
Robert'St intersects 



133 Thos Renwick, engineer 
135 C H Brooks, brakeman 
137 George Winn, shoemaker 
139 James Markle, binder 
141 Chas Goring, carpenter 
143 John Edwards, hatter 
145 W H James, mail carrier 
147 Miss K Roth 
149 Thos Madden, laborer 
151 James Hyde, laborer 
153 C Erdmen, laborer 
155 J D Park, inspector 
157 Alfred Cox, cork cutter 
159 James Johnston, blacksmith 
161 Fred Bell, shoemaker 
163 J H Shearer, file grinder 
165 Thos O'Grady, moulder 
169 E Ecclestone, grocer 
Barton st intersects 
181 Alex Forbes, potash manf 
187 Thos Fair, laborer 
189 John Brodie, clerk 
191 Wm Lee, mason 
193 John A Cameron, fitter 
195 Robert Barker, carriagemkr 
197 John McBride, policeman 
1 99 Brent Johnston, carpenter 
201 David Hutton, laborer 
203 Vacant 
205 I) McKenzie wood dealer 

Murray-st intersects 
207 Thos VVallington, painter 
209 Henry Busby, morticer 
219 John Cameron, laborer 
221 Duncan McKenzie 

D R Dewey & Co, coal 

Railway crossing 
231 Martin Philips, laborer 
Strachan-st intersects 
237 Wm McMenemy, laborer 
239 John Convvay, machinist 
245 Patrick Noonan, laborer 
F<irrie 6^ Picton-sts intersect 

Matthew Quigley, laborer 
Macaulcy-st intersects 

Wm H Clarke, machinist 
Wood-st intersects 


John Rutley, stovemounter 

Wellington-st s, east side> 
from 191 King e to the 

First Methodist Church 
Main-st intersects 
19 Wm Hunter, brass moulder 
23 Edmund Pinch, machinist 
25 Harry Duncan, merchant 
27 Wm Hyslop, merchant 
29 H N Kittson, bookkeeper 
31 T D Murphy, manager whip 

33 Wm I^wson, carpenter 
37 Fred A Zachau, furrier 
45 J W Randall 
47 F C Minty, bank teller 
49 Geo Canning, plasterer 
51 Mrs Charlotte Day 
53 T G Watson, policeman 
55 Peter Ferres, policeman 

Hunter-st intersects 
61 A McFarlane, flour dealer 
63 Mrs Nelson Rymal 
65 Raymond Walker, bookke'r 
67 Joseph Herron, tailor 
7 1 P S Bateman, blacksmith 
r " Jas Sellar, laborer 
73 Thos Davis, com trav 
75 Wm Barclay, piano maker 
77 Wm Claringbowl, gardener 
79 Henry Gayfer, manager A 

Murray & Co 
81 John Isbister, contractor 
Stinson-st intersects 

Edward Gillett 
Railway crossing 
Aged Woman's Home 
Hamilton Orphan Asylum 
Hannah-st intersects 

Welling cn-st s, west side 

Private grounds 
Main-st intersects 
28 Jas McArthur, furrier 
30 John Campbell, merchant 
36 vv S Champ, paymaster GTR 



Jackson-st intersects 
38 J E Bull, salesman 
44 John H Foster 
46 Chas H Stephenson, builder 
48 Wm G Flooks, letter carrier 

Hunter-st intersects 
54 Peter 0'Heir,customs officer 
56 Vacant 

58 Miss M Sturt, dressmaker 
64 D G Ellis, broker 

Grove-st intersects 
72 Robert Gordon, carpenter 
84 Geo Wm Bartman, tailor 
86 Jas Burgess, bookkeeper 
90 Wm Addison, jr, builder 
92 Mrs C Stuart 
94 Wm Addison, sr, builder 
Young-st intersects 

98 Samuel Wilson 
102 C Doyle, moulder 
104 J J Armstrong, foreman 
106 Thomas Sullivan, laborer 
no John S Slater, inspector 
112 Peter McCandlish, shipper 
Mission room 

Maria-st intersects 
118 Richard Plant, carpenter 
122 Maurice Wren, tinsmith 
124 John Prike, shoemaker 
Hannah-st intersects 

Wentworth-st n, east , side, 
from King east to the Bay 

Street Car Inn 
John Sutterby, gardener 
A Donohue, shoem.aker 
Nightingale-st intersects 
John T Gully, groceries 

Wilson-st intersects 
Wm Ralph 

Robert Acklan, carpenter 
A Goodman, carpenter 
Henry Smith, shoemaker 
M B Burkholder 
Cannon-st intersects 

Wm Milne, wine manfr 
Mrs E Brown 
Alfred Brown 
Arthur Brown 
C Whitehead, gardener 

Barton-st intersects 
Col John Land 
Peter Land 
James Aikin, butcher 
Mrs Collins 

Railway Crossing 
Thos Lawry, pork factory 
John Egg, butcher 
John Duffy, gardener 
Wm Carry, ice dealer 
P D Bates, fishmonger 
George Webster, machinist 
James Weir, boat builder 
John Morris, boat builder 

Wentworth-st n, west side 

John Scollard, butcher 

Wm Hawkins, policeman 

King Wm-st intersects 

Babtist Mission Church 

5 Arthur Stockdale, tanner 

Wm Sutherland, carpenter 
9 Chas Millmine, gardener 
ri Henry Cartmell, tailor 
Nightiingaie-st intersects 
21 Geo S Herron, watchman 
23 Frank Mesle, brush maker 

Wilson^ Cannon and Barton-sts 
Rev R Miller 
John Marshall, laborer 
Mission Sabbath School 
John Arthur, porter 
Alex Miller, butcher 

Wm 7'out, machinist 
South st commences 
James Stein, laborer 
Ed Cain, laborer 
Jno Bailey, market gardener 



Wm Eaglesham, gardener 
Wm Morris, gardener 

Wentworth-st s, east side 

Mrs George Wilds 
S E Jones, laborer 
James PVeed, gardener 
Aikmaiis' -ave intersects 
C E VanNorman, packer 
Chas Armstrong, N W R 
F Lynch Staunton, surveyor 

Main-st intersects 
E Kraft, harnessmaker 
Jacob T Nottle 

Ida-st intersects 
Wm Bell, barrister 
J H Davis, merchant 
G T Billington, farmer 

Wentworth-st s, west side 

Robert Hall, inspector 

Main-st intersects 
Arthur Woodhouse 
AVm Gilleshy 
R J Duggan, barrister 
Sti/ison-st intersects 
Andrew Alexander 

West-ave n, east side, from 
238 King east to Barton 

2 John Cotton, carpenter 
8 Burnet l)t)herty, carpenter 
lo Asher Holmes, machinist 
12 Nicholas McKeegan,plaster'r 

14 Mrs Etha Lumsden 

15 Mrs James (jovitT 

18 Sylvester BaUram, grocer 

JCif/^ IVmst intersects 
20 John Scollard, butcher 
26 John Williams, shipwright 
2^ Mrs I'homas Griffin 
32 W J Edwards, car[)enter 
36 Wm Divey 
2i>^ Peter Carse 
40 James Callan, laborer 
42 David Ross, bricklayer 

42^ Mrs William Ross 

44 Wm Walsh, plumber 

46 Mrs Wm \V Reid 

48 Thos Burrows, auctioneer 

50 Joseph Mearce, teamster 

52 Geo Barr, carpenter 

54 D Kapelle, tailor 

56 John McComb, tailor 

62 Henry McCann, confectioner 

PVilson-st intersects 
64 Fred Miller, butcher 
66 Joseph Day, porter 
68 James Charters, filler 
70 John Beatty, melter 
74 Mrs Shea 
78 J P Steedman, clerk 
80 Mrs Andrew Lyle 
82 John Lyle, plumber 
84 I'homas Parkhill, carpenter 
84)^ Wm Myers, tinsmith 
86 David Ryckman, moulder 
90 John W Yeager, laborer 
90 Mrs S Rodgers 
94 Geo VVelby, patternmaker 
98 Jacob Springstead, laborer 

Evans-st intersects 
100 John Jackson, tailor 
102 Ed Walker, machinist 
104 Philip Gee, laborer 
1 10 Robt McQuillan, jr, teamster 
112 John Watt, merchant 

Cannon-st intersects 
T16 Michael Donohue, tinsmith 
118 Thos Lewis, carter 
124 Richard Atkinson, shoem'kr 
124 J B Haines, conductor ' 
128 Robert Stuart, sexton 
130 John Townsend 
132 James McMenemy, painter 
134 Wm Holmes, brushmaker 
136 Edward Flanery, moulder. 
138 James Groves, blacksmith; 
140 Arch McDonald, shipper 
142 Mrs Wm Smith 
S R Scott, grocer 

Robertst intersects 
154 Wm C Southwell, fitter 



156 Alex Beddie, mason 
158 Wm WhoUon, tinsmith 
164 Edward Williams, engineer 
166 H G Stone, japanner 
168 John Robinson, ins agent 
190 J G Muir, bricklayer 
Barton-st intersects 

West-ave n, west side 

I Andrew Boyd, laborer 
3 James Boyd, plasterer 
5 Wm G Wright, machinist 
7 Mrs Stephen James 
II James Phillips, builder 
13 Samuel Sims, shoemaker 
15 John McCoy, bank inspector 
17 Charles Mottashed, builder 
19 James M Davis, machinist 
21 W G Hall, com traveler 
23 Elwood Robinson, traveler 

Kin^ Wm-st intersects 
27 Robert Stewart, bottler 
29 Shadwick Seamen 
31 M McFarlane, machinist 
33 Joseph Wilson, grocer 
35 "^ J Thresher, baker 
37 Henry Thorp, cigarmaker 
39 A M Waters, marble dealer 
43 James Anderson, blacksmith 
45 Jas Hastings, trunkmaker 
57 Daniel Warren, packer 
49 John Henry, carpenter 
51 Geo Magill, moulder 
53 John R McKichan, manfr 
57 John McNeal, laborer 
61 Mrs M E Smith 
63 Alex Quinn, moulder 
67 John Kendrick, grocer 
Wilson-st intersects 
71 John Pettigrew, carpenter 
73 Vacant 

73/^ Fred W Ross, shoemaker 
75 Fred Burrows, clerk 
77 L H Buttrey, cabinetmkr 
79 Miss Alice Walker 
81 John S Fox, cabinetmaker 
85 Jas Pinch, sergt police 
87 Jas Duffy, machinist 

89 Sam McNalr, constable 
91 Edw Potter, collarmaker 
93 David Cullum, plumber 
95 Leonard Lintoot, saloon 
97 John Shields 
99 Wm McLaren, shoemaker 

Evans-st intersects 
10 1 W V Ecclestone, salesman 
103 Mrs Ann Evans 
105 W Terryberry, barkeeper 
107 Mrs Elizabeth Jewell 
109 Robert Smith, laborer 
109 Philip Henry, laborer 
III R B Lanaway, machinist 
r " Thos Feaver, butcher 
113 Jos Derby, grain buyer 
115 Alfred Torry, clerk 

Cannon-st iiiiersects 
129 Stephen H Pocock, sawmkr 
131 Patrick Henry, carpenter 
133 Mrs Wm Perkins 
135 R B Ward, laborer 
137 Walter Fricker, machinist 
139 David Murray, blacksmith 

Robert-st intersects 
143 Thos Alien, contractor 
145 Arthur Perry, mechanic 
147 Emory Chagnon, turner 
149 J no Trimble, bridge repairer 
151 J \) Baine, machinist 
153 R Armstrong 
155 George Dow. plater 
157 Geotge Phillips, tailor 
159 Eldridge Gerry, hatter 
161 J R Dodson, brassfinisher 
163 Wm Cook, machinist 
165 J J Bennett, engineer 
167 James Sime, plater 

Barton-st intersects 

"West-ave s, east side, from St 
Thomas' Church, Main east 
to Stinson 

I James T Barnard, manfr 
3 Alfred Morgan 
5 Mrs E Dallas 



7 Thos C Stewart, traveler 
9 James Stewart, clerk 
g}4 S M Kenney, ins agent 

1 1 Rev B B Keefer 

13 W J Grant, ticket agent 

15 Vacant 

17 R F Keayes, land agent 
19 Rev Thos Goldsmith 

21 A L Burns 

23 Mrs Mary Patton 

25 C R Smith 

27 J W Morden 
31 Vacant 

Hunter-st intersects 
47 R M V/anzer, manfr 
Stinson-st intersects 

West-avs s, west side 

Main-st intersects 
St. Thomas' Church 
6 Jonathan Ames, manf 
10 F E Kilvert, M P, barrister 

12 R L Whyte, customs officer 

22 Julius Grossman, merchant 

24 A Grossman, merchant 

26 Mrs Ann Fox 

28 Hugh H Stevens, bank in- 


Hunter-st intersects 
42 Jas E Pointer, traveler 
44 G Hutchison, painter 
46 Thos Beckett, merchant 
,48 Mrs David A. Smith 
50 Mrs Jas Campbell 
54 Mrs J W Goering 
54 Wm Goering, merchant 

Stinson-sts intersects 

Wilscn-st, north side, from 56 
Mary to east of Burlington 

2 George Russell, foreman 
4 Jas Mahaffey, machinist 
6 Chas Colville, machinist 
10 Wm Turnbull, assessor 
Elgin-st intersects 

16 Chas Duncan, merchant 

18 T H Butler, clerk 

20 John Quarrier, agent 

22 Miss Mary Golden, milliner 

24 Samuel Robbins, tinsmith 

26 Chas Reid, whipmaker 

28 Wm Robbins, carpenter 

30 Mrs M Lemon, dressmaker 

32 Joseph Atkinson, painter 

Ferguson- ave intersects 

R Blair, grocer 
32 Alfred Gilbert, machinist 
34 Mrs Griffin 

36 John Stark, stovemounter 
38 J Fotheringham, wagonmfcr 
40 John Hall 

42 A Studhohiie, stovefitter 
44 Jas Pierce, laborer 
44 John Radigan, tinsmith 
50 Fred Abraham, tailor 
52 Vacant 

John Morton, grocer 

Cathcart-st intersects 
54 Joseph Wilson, letter carrier 
56 Wm C Hooper, printer 
58 Chas Morrow, bricklayer 
r 58 Thos P Haines, machinist 

Wellington-st intersects 
68 Wm Arnold, polisher 
70 Chas Newell, clerk 
72 W P Wilcox, butcher 
74 Mrs Jas Smith 
76 Jacob Gebhard, shoemaker 

IVest-ave intersects 
84 Philip Hasting, carpenter 
86 Wm McCauley, japanner 
88 Thos Appleton, gardener 
90 T E Davis, bricklayer 
92 Timothy Kelly, stovemtr 
94 R G Russell, jeweler 
96 J E McCarthy, messenger 
98 George Hazen, tailor 
Victoria-aite intersects 
Henry Glebe, tailor 
East-aiye intersects 
118 Thos Lornie, machinist 
120 Saml B Fuller, policeman 



122 Thos Crow, machinist 
124 Thos Rock, druggist 
ii26 Fred Oakes, butcher 
Emerald-st inteisects 
Vacant lots 

Tisdale-st intersects 
148 Samuel Buscomb, shoemaker 
152 W H Perry, solderer 
154 Geo Collins, carpenter 
Steven-st intersects 
162 John Underbill, laborer 
164 Win Henshaw, hatter 
t *' Thos Smith 
166 John Cox, carpenter 
170 Joseph Vandusen, carpenter 
174 Chas Bourque, brushmaker 

Ashley-st intersects 
176 Alfred Duffield, plasterer 
178 Wm Wilson, laborer 
180 John O'Hara, laborer 
190 Henry Davis, carpenter 
.192 Thos Taylor 

Wentworth-st intersects 
John Booker, traveler 
Henry Rogers, gardener 
Burlington-st intersects 
Ernest Barrow, surveyor 
Job Greenaway, foreman 
John Street, bricklayer 
Henry Hamill, gardener 

Wilson-sc, south side 

3 Miss Ann Eadie 
7 Mrs Esther Roberts 
9 Henry Mansergh, clerk 
II R G Robinson, cutler 
17 Adam Laidlaw, founder 
19 Hugh Hennessy, blacksmith 
2r |ose|)h Horton, rag dealer 
23 Mrs Angus McVicar 
27 John McMahon, dairy 
Ferguson-ave and Cathcatt-sts 

53 Wm Robinson, foreman 
57 Mrs Mathew Bell 

\Vellingto7i-st intersects 

77 F G Shearsmith, carpenter 

West-ave intersects 
91 Robert Robinson, bricklayer 
93 Donald Currie, carpenter ' 
Victoria-ave intersects \ 
97 Geo Dunnett, moulder i 
99 Mrs Alex McLeod i 

East-ave intersects ■ 

118 Vacant 

Emerald and Tisdale-sts intersect 
149 Geo Axford, butcher 
151 Wm White, blacksmith 
153 A R Hurst, carpenter 
155 John McKnight, engineer 

Steven-st intersects 
163 G McLaughlin, laborer 
167 Mrs Mary Lynch 

Ashley-st intersects 
177 W O'Shaughnessy, laborer 
T85 John Mallin, dealer 
T87 Miss Nellie Jones 
191 Jeremiah Gregg, laborer ' 
Weniworth-st intersects 
George Smith, laborer 
John Wright, locksmith 
Henrv East, bricklayer 
Burlington-st intersects 
John Graham, cigarmaker 

Wood-st e, north side, from 
foot James n to Wellington 

7 — Simmons 

9 John Lawrence, painter - 
II Joseph Omand, sailor * 
13 J as Wliittaker, glas^blower 
15 William Doyle, laborer 
17 R O Mackav 

Hiighson st in ter sects 
27 Luke McNamara, lal)orer 
29 John Blake, teamster 
31 John Smith, laborer 
33 Patrick Curran, laborer 
35 Mrs Mary O'Neil 
37 James Sullivan, laborer 
39 Wm Hall, dairyman i 



41 F H Taylor, laborer 
43 Jas Wickham, stovemounter 
John-st intersects 

55 Robert O'Neill, laborer 
59 John McCarthy, driver 

59 Dennis Mulrahy, stovemntr 
59J Jesse Stibbs, laborer 

61 Thos O'Connor, glassblower 

63 John McMahon, laborer 
Catharine and Mary-sts i?itersect 
105 John E Miller, moulder 

107 Thos Butler, laborer 
.III Thos Wilson, laborer 

113 Joseph Oddy, carpenter 

Fergusoh-ave intersects 

129 Richard Glen, carter 
133 George Fielding, warper 

135 Edward Allen, blacksmith 
137 Edward Fuller, laborer 
141 Wm Aldrich, laborer 

Weilington-st intersects 

Wood-st e, south side 

6 Samuel Blowes, glassblower 
8 Arthur Miller, laborer 
10 John McMicken, glassblower 

Hiighson-st intersects 
24 Patrick Colvin 

John-st intersects 
52 Wm Daly, tailor 
54 Jacob Tremble, teamster 

56 Patrick Burns, laborer 

60 Augustus Fickle, packer 

64 Joseph Gilligan, glassblower 
Catharine and Mary-sts intersect 

108 Jas Turner, laborer 

no John Philips, stovemounter 

114 Richard Franklin, machinist 
118 Stephen Saxby, laborer 

120 John Kent, laborer 

Ferguson-ave intersects 
124 Thomas Moore, laborer 
r 124 Joseph Pearson, laborer 
126 James Stevens 

130 Wm Walton, laborer 
132 Edward Carless, laborer 

136 Vacant 

142 Mrs P McKeever 

Wellingtofi-st intersects 

"Wood-st w, north side, from 
239 James n to Maonab 

8 John Potter, farmer 

10 Robert McManus, grocer 

12 Martin Mahony, sailor 

16 Dennis Kavanagh, fireman 
20 Mrs Mary Eawler 

Macnab-st intersects 
Jacob Burlinghoff, laborer 

Wood-st w, south side 

1 1 Thos W^ard, laborer 

13 John Dunn, laborer 

15 Wm Braidswood, laborer 

17 Dennis McAuliffe, laborer 
23 Mrs John Doyle 

25 Chas Moody, weaver 
Macnab-st intersects 
37 John Holm, carter 
39 Jas Dilworth, laborer 
Burlington-st i?itersecfs 

York-st, north side, from Mac- 
nab n to city limits 

2 John Greig, stationer 
4 Henry Magee, harness 
6 Geo E Wilson, provisions 
6a John Davis, crockery 
6^ H O'Brien, varieties 
8-10 Kraft & Son, saddlery, 
22 Geo Luxton, flour, fe<?d, etc 
14 Wm Bangarth, confectioner 
i6-r8 D Murray, flour and feed 
20 Wm Ronald, grocer 
22 J Henry, boots and shoes 
24 Vacant 

26 Hy Longhurst & Co,glasswks 
28 Jas H Boggess, broker 
30-32 Albert Brunke, furrier 
34 Star Laundry 
36 George Kramer, hotel 
38 Mrs T Wilkes, fruiterer 



40 John Taylor, flour and feed 
42 Vacant 

Park-st intersects 
p /Chas G Carlson, tailor 
^ I Vacant 
*|. J Vacant 

" I Thos Bowker, confectioner 
« I J J Bigelow 
g- ^George Dodd, finisher 
50 VVni Craft, pork butcher 
52 Tnos Ballantyne, plumber 
54 Alex Canijibell, grocer 
56 Wm F Farmer, watchmaker 
58 Mrs H Waters, milliner 
60 A Calder & Co, druggists 
Bay st intersects 
Copp Bros, founders 
X02 Vacant 
104 Vacant 

106 Max Steinberg, rag dealer 
110 J & G Nicholson, wood dlrs 
1 14 John Schram, carpenter 
116 John Browne, blacksmith 
118 Fred Gottorff, marble dealer 

CaroUne-st intersects 
124 Ed Green, furniture dealer 
126 Miss Eunice Hill 
128 Mrs Bridget Duffy 
130 Adam Hunter, stationer 
132 Chas Brown, machinist 
134 R Morgan, carriage trimmer 
136 F W Wodell, journalist 
144 146 John Duff, grocer 
148 Vacant 
1 50 Vacant 

152 C J Prichard, shoemaker 
154 Mark Smith, baker 
156 J Phil p. druggist 

H ess-si inter see's 
160 David Gillesi)ic, looker 
162 B iiis'i American Laundry 
166 M O'Cir.idy, maible works 
168 Wm Cook, pninter 
172 John R Rule, « utter 
174-76 Joseph ly-e, Wood dealer 
178 Richard Beckerson, laborer 
180 Hamiit n Ornamental Iron 

Queen-st intersects 
West Lawn, A Copp 
Oxford-st intersects 
220 Wm Sayers, laborer 
226 Jas Haydon, tinsmith 
228 Jas Porteous, machinist 
230 Henry Carson, shoemaker 

Loco7?wtive-st commences 
240 Vacant 

242 Mrs Charles Simon, confec- 
244 Edward Beatty, laborer 
246 J A Malcolm, carriage mkr 
250 National hotel 

Magill-stcom fnences 
254 Arthur Boyle, druggist 
256 Wm Phillips, butcher 
258 Patrick Shea, laborer 
260 Matthew Flynn, engineer 
262-4 Percy A Wynn 

Crook-st commences 
270 Geo Morris, grocer 
270 Vail & Morris, roofers 
276 Mrs Jas Patton 
278 Dundurn Flour Mills 

Locke-st intn-sects 

286 John Wright, butcher 
Mrs Mary Ann Stroud 

290 Wm Armstrong, tailor 

296 Richard Pentecost, painter 
Inchbury-st intersects 

320 Isaac Mills 

324 C F Lock man 

326 j B Smith, laborer 
Dundurn Castle 
Joseph Kent, contractor 
Henry Hutchison 
J A Maracle, toll keeper 
Henry Fairbank 
Fred Weir, stonecutter 
John S Smith, laborer 

York-st,'^outh side 

I R Evans & Co, seedsmen 
3 James Philp & Son, saddlers 
5 A Lawson & C'^^ printers 



7 C Kerner, hotel 

9 J H Carmichael, shoemaker 
1 1 Mrs F M Peene, millinery 
13 David Kenny, seedsman 
15 Jas Cuzner, shoemaker 
17 L M Vail, spring mattras 
17}^ R H Elliott, furniture 
19 H Brazier, barber 
21 J Belling, watchmaker 
23 J M Munzinger, bookbinder 
23^ Thos Ballantyne, plumber 
25 Thos A Wright, locksmith 
27 Chris Moody, watchmaker 
29 Wm Hover, tailor 
31 Jas Kirk, barber 
33 P S Bateman, blacksmith 
33/4 M Fitzpatrick&Cojpaint's 
37 S Groves, blacksmith 
39 John F Kavanagh, grocer 

Park-st intersects 
41 Commercial hotel 
43 John Walsh, shoemaker 
45 Mrs M A Earle 
47 R ArroU, broker 
5 1 E M Furniss & Son, marble 

53 C Carpenter & Co, hardware 
55 Mrs Musgrove, boarding 
57 Edward Murphy, painter 
57 V^ Alex Hannah, bricklayer 
5 7 j^ Vacant 
59 Thos E Nichols, iron fence 

61-63 tl Goering, hotel keeper 
65 Jas Mason, fruiterer 
67 John Spriggs, shoemaker 
69 F Oxley, grocer 
71 W H C Harrison, herbalist 
73 Thos Piatt, fancy goods 
75 Thos Pillman, butcher 
77 David McDonald, grocer 

Bay-st intersects 
79-83 Vacant 
85 Vacant 

87 Robert England, barber 
91 Thos J Foulkes, barber 
93-95 Geo Bradshaw 

97 John Billington, shoemaker 

99 Robert Snodgrass 

99 J Chas Carey, confectioner 
10 1 Vacant 

103 Wm Fulton, laborer 
105 Mrs Agnes Lancefield 
105^ Vacant 
107 Thomson & Wright, lumber 

113 H Pearson, hotel 
115 John Dixon, knitter 
I r 7 Jas H Rodgers, baker 
1 1 9 Mrs Laura Hedden, dress- 
123 John McAllister, grooer 
Carolin^-st intersects 
Robert Irwin,customs brok'r 
127 Vacant 
129 Vacant 
131 Vacant 

133 Corneluis Donovan, moulder 
137 John English, carpenter 
139 Mrs Ann Gillespie 
141 Mrs W H Duffield 
147 jas Nay lor, fancy goods 
149 Mrs J H Haney, confectioner 
151 Jas Christie, carpenter 
153 Duncan Cameron, com trav 
157 George Edmondson, butcher 
159 W Gillies & Co, grocers 

Hess-st intersects 
161 Wm McDonald, laborer 
183 Jas Wilson, moulder 

Queen-st intersects 
189 Miss Mary Dampier 
207 Robt Walker, grocer 
209 John Burrows, laborer 
213 Philip Sutton 
215 F E Skelly & Co, dry goods 
2 1 7 Thos Walsh, grocer 
219 Richard May, laborer 
221 Mrs August Westphal 
227 G Beaver, hotel 

Ray-st intersects 
226 O O Hinds, butcher 
237 Jas Thurling, laborer 
241 Jas Stevenson 



245 John Barlow, laborer 
253 VVm Kench, confectioner 

Pearl-st intersects 
255 Jas Bain, grocer 
257 Jas Jarvis, engineer 
261 E Wyth, carpenter 
263 Geo Ellis, machinist 
265 VVm Mitchell, machinist 
267 Alex Bell, laborer 
269 Mrs Thos Watts 
271 Vacant 

285 Jas McHarg, agent 
289 Dundurn]^hotel 

Locke-st intersects 
291-3 Geo Steele, dry goods 
299 Jas Hinchcliffe, grocer 
301 Wm Sweet, boilermaker 
305 R Hinchcliffe, machine shop 

Itichbury-st intersects 
307 Frank Livings, grocer 
309 R C Cuff, butcher 
311 Robert Howitt, butcher 
315 Mrs Patrick Quinn 
317 Edward Collins, painter 
319 Mrs Johanna Boyle 
Sophia-si intersects 

327 Edward Williams, iron roller 

333 J^i^ Logie 

335 Vacant 

337 Samuel Collyer, grocer 
Devenport-st intersects 
Thos Pawline, rag picker 
Ed Winter, blacksmith 

Dimdurn-st intersects 
Burlington Cemetery 
James Brown 
C Myss, shoemaker 
H N Thomas, marble works 
Wm Jarriott 
Thos Wellington, porter 
F Morrison, hotel 
Peter Colvin, grocer 
Burlington Cemetery 
Alex Craig, caretaker ceme- 
Adam Rutherford, laborer 
Donald Reid, gardener 
Alex Reid, gardener 
Mrs M M Wheeler, hotel 

Young-st, formerly Catharina, 
X See Page 237. 







Special Attention to Fine Commercial and Society Printing. 




Blackley David, 1 1 Main e 
Find lay W P\ 25 James s 
Herman William, 16 James s 
Mason J J, Masonic hall 
Moody R W, 162 King e 
Pearson John, 8-10 Hughson s 
Townsend S E, 6^ James s 
Wavell Thos L, 12 Hughson s 


Hamilton Protective Collecting 

Agency, F R Ghent, Sec, room 

9, Court House 
McNair & Bell, constables, i 

King William 
Moore & Davis, 2 King Wm 
Pearson John Hughson s 
Trade Association, M B Rymal, 

24 Macnah n 
Whipple, E S, 78^ King e 
Zwick W H, 26 Merrick 


Hamilton Universal Agency, 182 

King e 
Moore & Davis, 2 King Wm 
Pearson John, 10 Hughson s 
Whipple E S, 78)^ King e 


Balfour J, 25 James s 
Brass Peter, 50 Hunter w 
Edwards W A, 9 James n 
Hills Lucian, 278 King w 
Kennedy R D, 42 James n 

Mulligan C W^, court house 
Rastrick F J, 22 Maria 


Burrows Thos, 78 James n 
Hunter & Hunter, 24 Merrick 


Bateman E W, 200 King e 
Chilman I C, 119 King w 
Dermody John, 151 Main e 
Geiger H, 214 King w 
Harris Wm, 14 Market Square 
Hill Mark. 102 James n 
Lees Wm, 31 Main e 


Bank of British North America, 

5 King e 
Bank of Hamilton, 17 King w 
Bank of Montreal, cor James and 

Canadian Bank of Commerce, 

cor King and Hughson 
Merchants' Bank, King cor John 
Molsons Bank, cor James and 

Stinson's Bank, 10 Hughson n 


Forbes A F, 2 Merrick 
Morgan Chas E, 1 1 James n 


Barton George M, 4 James n 




Barristers and Solicitors, 


31. James St. Soiatli, 

J. W. Jones. LL.B., I. B. McQuesten, M. A., 
James Chisholm, M. A. 

LazieP, DiqgWall \ Moqc^, 

Barristers & Solicitors, 


S. F. Lazier, M.A., LL.B.; K. Dingwall.B.A., 
LL. B.; J. F. Monck. 


Bawi^tep^ and ^olicitop^, 

In the Supreme Court 

Offices— Hamilton Provident Building, ist 
flat ; entrance on Hughson street. 

J. Parkes, 

A. H. Macadams. 

MacMcaii, Gibson & Gaiisliy, 

Solicitors of the Supreme 
Court of Ontario, 

1© Ta, St. SoMtla., 


F. Mackelcan, Q. C; J. M. Gibson, M. A., 
LLB.; J. D. Gausby. 



^olicitoi'^, Jotarie^, Etc., 

Have re.Tioved to the 


Hamilton, - - Canada. 

Thomas Robertson, Q, C; H. H. Robertson. 

Money to lend at lowest rates of interest. 


Hamilton, - - Ontario. 

Sluiiey to Lend. 



Accountant, Auditor, Assignee and General Attorney* 



Alex. Turner, Esq., of Messrs. James Turner & Co. Wholesale Grocers ; A. T. Wood, Esq , 
of Messrs. Wood & Leggat, Wholesale Hardware Merchants ; Adam Hrown, Esq., of Messrs. 
Brown, Balfour & Co., Wholesale Grocers ; John W. Murton, Esq., of Messrs. Murton & Reid, 
Coal Merchants ; Reid, Goering & Co., Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchants ; E. & C. Guri.ey 
& Co., Wholesale Stove Manufacturers, etc.; Fuller, Nesbitt dr» Bicknell, Barri.sters, etc.; John 
Winer & Co., Wholesale Druggists ; Jas Watson, Esq., F'resident Strathroy Knitting Company; 
Geo- H. Gillespie, Esq., President Hamilton Provident and Loan Society; A. G. Ramsay, Esq., 
President Canada Life Assurance Company ; Edward Mitchell, Esq., Manager Canadian Bank of 
Commerce ; Waterous Engine Works Company, Brantford. 



Barristers and Solicitors, 

25 Jsizxies St. Sovttli, 


Edward Martin, Q. C 

E. E. Kittson. 



Solicitors, Conveyancers, Etc. 

26 James Street South, 


So/icitors in Supreme Court of Ontario, 

Offices— Hamilton Provident Building, 1st flat, 
entrance on Hughson street 

A. D. Cameron,LL,B. R .W, Witherspoon. 


10 James Street South, 

Thos. C. Haslett. 

S. F. Washington. 


Barrister, Qtc, 

Hamilton. Ontario. 

w. A. H. Durr, 



31 James Street South, 

W, F. Walker, M.A., LL.B., John J. Scott 
Wm. Lees, B. C. L. 


Jajiiii$t$r unit ^olbiJar^ 


X3Ca.zxa.iltczi, Ont, 

garrtsteK auxl SaXlclt^t^ 


Money to Loan on Real Estate 

Collection of Accounts and Agency promptly 
attended to. 

Office, Mo): 14 Hughson Street Sou^h 




Bell Wm, Wentworth Chambers, 

25 James s 
Bruce, Burton & Culham, Can- 
ada Life Chamber^,, i James s 
Cameron & Witherspoon, i Hugh- 
son s 
Carscallen cS: Cahill, 7 King w 
Haslett & Washington, 20 James s 
Crerar, Muir & Crerar, i Hui^h- 

son s 
Curell J G, 34 James n 
Duff W A H, 3 I James s 
Duggan & Ambrose, Canada Life 

Buildings, i James s 
Fitzgerald Francis, 10 King w 
Ful er, Nesbitt & Bicknell, 20 

James s 
Furlong Edward, it Main e 
Oage ik Jelfs, 55 John s 
Irving ^2melius,Q C, court house 
Jones, McQuesten i& Chisholm, 

31 James s 
Lavery W J, 4 Main e 
Lazier, Dingwall & Monck, 42 

James n 
Lemon Chas, 112 Hughson s 
Macdonald Walter R, 13 Main e 
MacKelcan, Gibson & Gausby, 

16 James s 
MacKelcan H A, 20 Main e 
Martin tS: Malone, cor James and 

Martin & Kittson, 25 James s 
Mills Geo H, 25 James s 
O'Heir Arthur. 4 Main e 
Osier, Teetzel & Harrison, Can- 
ada Life Chambers, 3 James s 
Papps Geo S, 13 Main e 
Parkes Cv: Macadams, i Hughson s 
Pringle R A, 16 James s 
Robertson &; Robertson, Court 

Sadleir C A, 8 Main e 
Staunton & Livingston, 18 Jas s 
Steele D, 2 5^ James s 
Stinson T H, cor James and 

King William 
Waddell & VVa:dell, court house 
Walker & Scott, 10 James s 


Atkinson Bros, wh and retail, 66 
James n and 35 King e 

Buntin, Gillies & Co, wholesale 

Claj)pison Thos C, James cor 
stationers, 41 King w 

Duncan Robert »S: Co, cor Mar- 
ket Square and James 

Eastwood John & Co, 16 King e 

Hunter A, 52 James n 

McLellan D, Bible depository, 
28 King w 

Overell E& Co, 24^/^ King w 

Williams H S, Copp's Block, 
King e 


Duncan Robert & Co, cor James 

and Market Square 
Eastwood J & Co, 60 King e 
Haigh Richard, 16 King w 
Mars Alex, 14 Hughson n 


Arland H Sl Bro, 62 King e 
Cliinie J 1), 28 King e 
Edvvards C P, 104 King w 
Garrett John & Co, wholesale, 

Griffith William, wholesale, 53 

King w 
Henderson A S, 64 King w 
Henderson George, 45 Macnab n 
McCully G A, 73 James n 
McPherson John & Co, wholesale, 

51-3 King e 
McPhail James, 6 Market Square 
Mahony John C, 26 King e 
Peirram Nathaniel. 137 James n 
Richardson Matthew, Copp's 

Block. King e 
Wilson Robert, 60 King e 


Gomph John, 360 John n 
Labatt John, office, 35 King e 




Solicitor of Supreme Court of Ontario, 




Money to Loan on Lami at Lo^vest Rates. 


Law, Chancery, and Conveyanc- 
ing Office. 

Ccr. James and Xing Streets, 

I3:a.m.iltcrL, Cut, 

WlbblAJVI Bf^UeE 

Solicitor of Canadian and Foreign 

p» ^ rr E ]sr T S , 

Draughtsman and Engrosser. 

14^2 Ring St. East, opposite the Gore, 



ETC., ETC., 
le Ta-zxies St. S^\a.tla^ 

Hamilton. Ontario. 



Chancery Cambers, - Prince's Square, 

8-10 Hughson-st. south. 

Accountant, Collector, 

House, Real Estate and 

Ooarxiiaaissioaa. -<^gfeaa.t» 

MONEY TO loan. 



Provincial Land Surveyor and Civil 

No. 42 James Street North, 







Spring Brewery, P Grant & Sons, 
119 Bay n 


Dunn J Sy teas and sugars 
Gillespie & Powis, teas, sugars, 

etc, 31 King e 
Irwin Robert,custonis, 84 James n 
Townsend W G, customs, 33 

Stuart w 
Wavell Thos, teas, etc, 12 Hugh- 
son s 


Mitchell Thos, 31 King w 
Woods Walter, 62 Macnab n 


Meakins & Sons, 225-9 King e 
Mitchell Thos, 31 King w 


Addison Wm & Sons, Wellington 

cor Young 
Beer Isaiah, 35 Murray e 
Chisholm Robert, 174 Macnab n 
Clucas Wm, 123 Cannon w 
Cruickshank Robt, 55 Jackson e 
Hancock VVm, 27 Locomotive 
Hannaford Bros, plasterers, 76 

Isbister John, 81 Wellington s 
Meade Thos, 8 Young 
Miller & Hill, 81 James s 
Pigott M A, 95 Macnab n 
Sharp Geo, 147 Park n 
VanAllen Eli, 5 Bay s 
Whyte Geo, 131 King e 

builders' SUPPLIES. 

Freeman W A, 169 James n 
Gordon W J F, 108 James n 


Bowering & Pain, 89 King w 
Harrison Henry, 51 James s 

Hill Walter, 104 James n 

How & Braid, 204 King w 

La wry Thos & Son, James-st 

Limin Chas, 26 Jackson w 


Allardice R A & Co, Merrick 
Hoodless & Son, 51 King w 
Jenkins Geo, 140 King w 
Johnson J H, 128 King e 
McCallum & Hall, 16 Macnab n 
Pecover Joseph, Copp's Block, 

Keid estate of. King cor Park 
Richardson George, 36 King 

Zingsheim Jacob, Mary nr Mur- 


Walker Frank E, King cor Wal- 
nut n 


Brunt Samuel, 7 George 


Armstrong Chas, (N & N W R) 

33 lames n 
Hendrie & Co (G W R), 35 

King w 
Shedden Co (G T R), 9 King w 


Canada Glass House, 52 King e 
London China House, 9 Market 

McMahon, Broadfield & Co, 45 

King w 
Skinner J A & Co, 9 King e 


Ontario Havana Cigar manufac- 
tory, office 12-4 Hughson s 



Pattison Z, 65 Cannon w 

Reid, Goering & Co, cor King 

and Catharine 
Schrader J C, cor Bay and Can- 


Calder John & Co, Macnab cor 

Sanford W E & Co, 47 King e 
Vail A S cfe Co, 18 James n 


Canada Glass House, 52 King . 
Farmer Wni, 114 Jahies ri 

Taylor J C, 27 King w 
Williams J C, manf, 18 Macnab n 
Young & Bro, 17 John n 


Browne E & Son, ft Macnab n 
Dewey D R & Co, 12 James s 
Dow Bros, 45 Main w 
Fairgrieve J B, 59 James n 
Freeman VV A, 169 James n 
Kelly D J, 135 James n 
Mcllwraith Thos, cor Main and 

McKenzie John, 149 Macnab n 
Mulholland J & H, Union wood 

and coal, yard. Cannon cor 

Murton & Reid, cor John and 

Rebecca, and Main cor Charles 
Myles 'I'homas & Son, cor Main 

and Hughson 
Nicholson Wm, 11 1 King w 
Nicholls Frank, Main cor Locke 
Payne \\\ Mary cor Cannon 
Smith G B, 8 Mary 


Canada — W G Dunn, 59 Main w 


Benner Richard, 9 Main e 
Gillespie & Powis, 3 1 King e 


Hamilton Unive'isal Agency, 182' 

Morden W & J, 7 Market sq 
Robertson & Henderson, Merrick 

cor Macnab 


Chilman I C, 117 King w 
Edwards Benjamin, 102 King w' 
Pattison Z, wholesale, cor King 
and Park s 


Hawaii Kingdom, Adam Brown, 

5 James s 
Norway & Sweden, S E Gregory 

55 Catharine s 
United States, J F Hazelton, 

G T R station 


Hamilton Cotton Factory, Mary 
Ontario Cotton Mills Co, 250 
Macnab n 


Bowes John, 9 James n 
Chittenden G S, 8^ King e 
Husband Drs R J & T H, 10 

King w , 

Zimmerman S, M D, King cor~ 



Arcade Coffee Room, Alexaiiara 
Arcade, James n ^ 

Gore Coffee Tavern, 13 Hugti- 
son n 

Temperance Dining Rooms, 48 
James n 


Barr John A & Co, 33 Macnab n 
Boyle Arthur, York cor Magill, 
Brierley. Richard, 14 King e 
Case H Spencer, 50 King w 



Calder A & Co, 58 York 

Central Drug Store, York cor 

Doherty Arthur, 245 King w 

Gerrie John, 30 James n 

Hamilton A & Co, cor King and 

Harrison Bros, 36 James n 

Ontario Pharmacy, King cor Fer- 
guson ave 

Smith W L, 116 James n 

Sutherland James W, 180 King w 

Taylor R N & Co, 35 and 95 
John s 

Vincent A & Co, 230 James n 

Wilson Archdale & Co, wholesale, 
19 Macnab n 

Winer J & Co, wh, 25 King e 


Barnard P B, 36 King w 
Campbell & Pentecost, 43 Mac- 
nab n 
Crossley John, cor James and 

King Wm 
Finch Bros, 18 King w 
Kerr A R & Co, 34 King w 
Knox, Morgan & Co, wh, 7 King e 
James George, 8 King e 
Mcllwraith & McMaster, 12 

James n 
McKay Bros, cor King and John 
Mann Samuel, 258 King e 
Murray A & Co, 18-20 King e 
Pratt & Watkins, 16 James n 
Shea James, 42 King e 
Thorne & Co, 160 King e 
Watkins Thomas C, 30-32 Kinge 


Howard W H, 17 Rebecca 
Parker Robt & Co, 4 John n 
RoeG, 185 King e 


Britt E, 109^ King w 
Hamilton Universal agency, 182 
King e 


Bruce Wm, 14^^ King e 


American & Canadian Express 
Cos, 18 James s 


Levy Bros & Scheuer, 1 7 King e 
Maclean Mrs F, 4 King e 
Moodie John & Sons, 16 King w 
Moody Miss F E, 162 King e 


Irwin Thos & Son, 1 2 Macnab s 


Spence R & Co, 176}^ King e 


Cline R M, 194 King e 


Hamilton Nursery, VV Holton, 

Main e 
Harper Robert, 18 Wellington n 
Townsend E J, cor Park and 



Carr E & D, 91-93 King w 
Dunlop James, 91 John s 
Geiger Wm, 220 Kmg w 
McFarlane Alex, ig6-8 King e 
Morris Thomas, 2 1 Wellington n 


American Nail Works, foot 

Queen n 
Bowes, Jamieson & Co, King cor 

Brayley & Dempster (wrought 

iron, etc), 47 King Wm 



Burrow, Stewart & Milne, corner 

Cannon and John 
Copp Bros, Empire Foundry, cor 

York and Bay 
Gartshore Alex, Sluart w 
Gurney E «k C Co, 36-42 John n 
Hamilton Bridge & Tool Co, foot 

Caroline n 
Hamilton Iron Forging Co, cor 

Barton & Queen 
Hart Emery Wheel Co, Samuel 

Briggs, manager, 19 Hunter w 
Hart Machine Co, S E Rogers, 

manager, 19 Hunter w 
Killey, Osborne tfe Co, Barton e 
Laidlaw Manfr Co, Mary cor 

Moore Dennis & Co, Catharine n 
Morrison George, foot Caroline n 
Ontario Rolling Mills, Queen n 
Olmsted Bros, ornamental, cor 

York and Queen 
Ontario Rolling Mills, Queen n 
Sawyer L D & Co, foot Welling- 
ton n 
Stewart J & Co, cor Macnab and 



Browne Edw & Son, Biowne's 

Mackay R O, Mackay's wharf 


Dixon & Morton, 52 King w 
Drayton & Co, 6 King w 
Hayhoe C, 204 King e 


Brunke Albert, 30 York 


Henigan Jas, 108 King e 
Hyslop, Cornell & Co, wh, 7 

James s 
Leask RtP, 24 King e 
Taylor A J, 40 King w 

Treble S G, 2 King e 


Blandford Henry, 50 King e 
Marsden T & Son, 46 James n 


Blake Jas, 254 Mary 
Bremner Jas, 248 King w 
Brennan J & C J, 5 Market sq 
Brown, Balfour & Co, wholesale, 

5 James s 
Carpenter Bros, 9 Market square 
Cherrier F L, 15 Market square 
Cooper Robt C, 31 Macnab n 
Cumming Bros, 108 James n 
Doherty Arthur, 245 King w 
Duff John & Son, 144 York 
Duncan Bros, 71 King e 
Feast Edwin B, 58 Caroline s 
Galbreaith N D, 104 King e 
Gillard W H & Co, wholesale, 5 

Hughson s 
Harvey A & Co, wholesale, 21 

King e 
Hunter John, 194 James n 
Kemp Geo, 120 King e 
King Cyrus, 10 Market square 
Lucas, Park & Co, wholesale, 59 

Macnab n 
Lumsden Bros, wh, 64 Macnab n 
Macpherson, Glassco & Co, 

wh, 67 9 King e 
McMillan John, 210 King e 
Mann Samuel, 256 King e 
Meekison Andrew, James cor 

Morrison Alex, 86-8 John s. 
Murphy & Murray, 66 King e 
Osborne Jas <fe Son, 4 James s 
Peebles C H, 39 Macnab n 
Reeves A L, jr, 212 King w 
Stuart John Son & Co, wh, cor 

John and Main 
Sutherland Angus, 56-58 King w 
Thomson Peter, 190 King e 
Turner Jas & Co, wh, 3 Hughson 

s • 



Winnifrith B, King cor Victoria 


Hamilton Gun Works, J Hol- 
man, 79 James n 


Rutherford James, 69 Stuart w 


Hope Adam & Co, wholesale, 102 

Kraft E & Son, saddlery, 8-10 

Wmslow & Webber, carriage, 56 

King e 
Wood & Leggat, 44 King e 


Jolley Jas & Sons, 47 John s 
Kraft E & Son, 8-10 York 
thilp Jas tk Son, 3 York 


Dominion Hat Co, John Tun- 
stead, 210 King e 


Acres Wm, 1 2 King e 
Leask R P, 24 King e 
Mills Joseph & Son, 7 James n 
Nisbet Matthew, King cor Wal- 
nut and 6 James n 
Taylor A J, 40 King w 
Treble S G, 2 King e 


Copp Bros, cor York and Bay 
Gurney E & C Co, 36-42 John n 
Irwin Thos & Son, 12 Macnab s 
Stewart Jas & Co, cor Macnab 
'" and Vine 


Allison, Wm T Allison, 5 1 Stuart 

American, F W Bearman, corner 

King and Charles 
Atlantic House, Andrew Ruth- 

ven, 29 Macnab n 
Blaase Chas, 1 12 James n 
Brunswick, James C Macpherson, 

7-9 King Wm 
Central, R R Ashbaugh, 135 

King e 
Columbia Thos Crooks, King w 
Commercial, cor York and Park 
Continental, J McHenry, cor 

Stuart and James 
Court House, Wm Gowland, 55-9 

John s 
Crystal Palace View, Harry Baw- 

den. cor Peter and Locke 
Dominion, Armstrong & Haw, 

prop^, 80 King w 
Fairchild T B, cor King and Bay 
Franklin, Cook & Mitchell, King 

cor Park 
Goering, Henry, 61-3 York 
Grand Opera House Restaurant 
Germania, J Jahn, 33 John s 
High Matthew, 65 John s 
James A T, 28 King William 
Lay Andrew, 21 James n 
Noble W, cor James and Cannon 
Office Restaurant, Harry Sweet- 
man, 4 King w' 
Richter T, 43 James n 
Royal, Hood & Bro, 61-63 James 

St Charles Restaurant, 11 C 

Hicock, 64 James n 
St James Restaurant, Fred De- 

Lacy, propr, 19 Hughson n 
St Nicholas, Alex l)unn, 37 

James n 
Victoria, Richard Irwin, 79 Kinge 
Walker House, M Bauer, 166 

King e 
Western, John Callane, 81 Stuart 



Dewey D & Son, 15 Gectrge 
Walton Ice Co, 70 Vine 




Accident of North America, Sen- 
eca Jones, 59 James n 
JEinn of Hartford, fire, W F 

Findlay, Wentworth Chambers, 

25 James s 
Agricultural fire (Watertown, NY) 

Payne&McMeekin, 97 James n 
British America Assurance Co, 

fire and marine, A F Forbes, 2 

British & Foreign Marine Insur- 

surance Co, (Liverpool), W F 

Findlay, 25 James s 
British Empire Life Assurance, 

M A Pennington, 30 James s 
Caledonian Fire, (Edingburgh), 

M A Pennington, 30 James s 
Canada Guarantee Co, Seneca 

Jones, 59 James n 
Canada Life, A G Ramsay, F I 

A, manager, head office, cor, 

I^ing and James 
Canadian Millers' Mutual Fire 

Co, Seneca Jones, 59 James n 
Citizens Insurance Co, James 

Walker, 20 Main e 
Citzens Insurance Co (Accident 

branch) Richard Bull, 55 

James n 
City of London Fire Co, Rich- 
ard Bull, 55 James n 
Commercial Union Assurance Co 

(London, Eng,) Payne tfe Mc- 

Meekin, 97 James n 
Confederation Life Association, 

Seneca Jones, 59 Ja.nes n 
Dominion Plate Glass Insurance 

Co, David McLellan, 84 James 

Economical Mutual Fire, Wm 

Strong, Arcade 
Fire Insurance Association, J T 

Routh, 16 James s 
Qlasgow & London Insurance 

Co, Wm Strong, Arcade 
Guarantee Co of North America^ 

Seneca Jones, 59 James n 

Guardian Fire and Life Assur- 
ance of London, (Eng) Gilles- 
pie & Powis, 31 King e 

Hartford Fire, Geo McKeand^ 
57 James n 

Insurance Co of North America, 
(the) Marine, Gillespie ifePowis, 
31 King e 

London & Lancashire Fire In- 
surance Co, W F Findlay, 25 
James s 

London & Lancashire Life Co, J 
T Routh, 16 James s 

Lancashire, fire and life, Geo A 
Young, 2 Merrick 

Life Association of Canada, Johri 
Cameron, manager, 25 James s 

Life Association of Scotland, A 
F Forbes, 2 Merrick 

Lloyd's Plate Glass Insurance 
Co, Seneca Jones, 59 James n 

London Guarantee & Accident 
Co, Geo A Young, 2 Merrick 

National Assurance Co, (Ireland) 
Richard Bull, 55 James n 

National Fire Insurance Co, 
Forbes & Brown, 2 Merrick 

New York Mutual Marine insure 
ance Co, A F Forbes, 2 Mer- 

Northern Fire Assurance Co, 
Seneca Jones, 59 James n 

North British & Mercantile, fire 
and life, J T Routh, 16 James 

Norwich & London Accident Ins 
Association, Payne & McMee- 
kin, 97 James n 

Pearson John, general agent, 10 
Hughson s 

Phoenix Ins Co, marine, J ft 
Fairgrieve, 59 James n . 

Phoenix Fire, of London (Eng) 
Gillespie & Powis, 31 King e 

Providence Washington Insur- 
ance, David McLellan, 84 
James n 

Queen, Fire and Life, R Benner, 
9 Main e 



Insurance and Shipping Directory 

The following are among the Principal Companies represented in 
the City. See also Insurance and Steamship agents. 


coMPANiKs represented: 

Fire— Northern Assurance Co. of London, Eng. 
" Royal Canadian Insurance Co. of Mon- 
" Waterloo Mutual Ins. Co. of Waterloo. 
" Canadian Millers' Mutual InsuranceCo. 
Ufe — Confederation Life Association of To- 
Accident— Accident Insurance Co. of North 

America, of Montreal. 
Gu;ir«Mlce— Guarantee Co. of North Amer- 
ica, of Montreal. 
Piute tilasii -The "Lloyds" of New York. 


59 James St. North, Hamilton. 

" W. p. FINDLAY, 

Financial and Estate Agent 


iCtna Insnrnnce €o. (Fire). 

IioiMion and Laneasiiiie Fire Insur- 
ance i'o. 

BritiHli and Foreign Marine Insur- 
ance €u. 

Western Assurance €«. (Marine). 

Wentworth Chambers, 
25 James Street South, - Hamilton. 



So, 55 James St. \,^ Hamilton 


Fire Insurance— For short periods, or for 
one or three years. 

Life Assurance— On ordinary plan, or on 
TONTINE, Endowment or Partnership, 
or for a special number of years. 

Accident insurance— For the trip, one 
day, week, month or year, with weekly 
compensation in case of being disabled by 
an accident. 

Fidelity Insurance— Guarantee Bonds is- 
sued at Idwest rates. 

A share of public patronage respectfully 


I^Ia^goW \ Londoi] 


Of 0-rea,t Brita-ian. 

Hamilton Dist. Agency, 15 Alexandra Arcade 

WM. STRONG, Agent. 
Commerc'lUnion Assurance Co 

of London, England. 

Agricultural Insurance Co., 

of Watertown. N. Y, 

Norwich and London Accident 
Insurance Association, 

of Norwich, England. 

Payne & McMeekin,Agents 

Office 97 James St. North. 


57 James-st N., Royal Hotel Buildings 


Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Co., to 

Montreal, Quebec and Intermediate Ports. 
Anchor Line, to Glasgow, via Londonderry. 
Hartford Fire Insurance Company, 
Inman Line, to Liverpool, via Queenstown, 
R. &' O. Steamers, run in connection with In- 
tercolonial Railway to Maritime Provinces. 

57 James St N., Royal Hotel Buildings. 



Queen, Fire and Life, George A 

Young, 2 Merrick 
Royal Canadian, fire, life, Seneca 

Jones, 59 James n 
Royal Canadian, Marine, J B 

Fairgrieve, 59 James n 
Royal, Fire and Life, David 

McLejlan, 84 James n 
Scottish Imperial Fire Ins Co, 

M A Pennington, 30 James s 
Scottish Union and National Ins 

Co, James Walker, 20 Main e 
Standard Life Assurance Co, 

David McLellan, 84 James n 
Sun Accident Assurance Co, 

David McLellan, 84 James n 
Sun Life Association of Canada, 

Geo M Hunt, Arcade, 31 Jasn 
Traveler's Life and Accident, J 

T Route, 16 James s 
Victoria Mutual, Fire, W D 

Booker, sectreas, 25 James s 
Waterloo Mutual, Fire, Seneca 

Jones, 59 James n 
Western Assurance Co, (ocean 

and inland marine, Toronto,) 

W F Findlay, 25 James s 
Western, Fire, George A Young, 

2 Merrick 
Western, Marine, J B Fairgrieve, 

59 James n 


Hamilton House Building Co, 
R L Gunn, Court House 

Western Building Association, 
Seneca Jones, 59 James n 


Burn & Robinson Manf Co, 12 


City, J Jeffery, 60 Main w 
Royal, MrsSRobbins, 187 Kinge 
Troy, W H Clarke, manager, 7 
Market sq 


Alexander John, 13 King w 


Craig Joseph, 24 Market 
Coutts A, cor Macnab and Can- 
Matthews G H, 33 'Market 
Temple John, 20 Catharine n 


Brennen & Sons, 63-67 King 

Flatt & Bradley, Barton cor Wel- 
Patterson Bros, ft Lower Cathcart 
Thomson Robert, 89 Stuart w 
Thomson & Wright, 107 York 


Gottorff Fred, 118 York 

Hurd & Robert, wholesale, 86- 

100 Merrick 
Victoria Marble Works, E M 

Furniss & Son, 5 1 York 


McKeand J C, 88 Bay s 
McLellan David, 84 James n, h 

55 Herkimer 
Whipple E S, 78^^ King e 


Barimann George, i Walnut s 
Bews Bros, 74 King e 
Booker Chas G, 2 King Wm 
Carlson G C, 44 York 
Carnegie Peter, 77 James n 
Finagin John, 140 King e 
Foster T K, 62 James n 
Henderson J M & Co, 20 King w 
Herron Joseph, 82 King e 
Hutcheson James Happle, ii8 
King e 



Huton Charles, 80 King- e 
McDonald W H & Co, 20 James 

Mcintosh John, 3 Market sq 
Oak Hall, 10 James n 
Roe G, 185 Kinge 
Slater James, 54 King w 
Smith Donald, 14 James n 
Watt John & Son, 15 Macnab n 
Webster George, 26 John n 
Wilson Wm & Son, 44 King w 


Stewart Mrs £,156 King e 


Moody D W & Co, 176 King e 


Canadian Royal Templar, month- 
ly, VV W Buchanan, managing 
editor, James cor Vine 

Globe (daily and weekly) J H 
Mattice, correspondent and 
agent, 31 James n 

Mail (daily and weekly) F W 
Large, 72 James n 

Palladium of Labor (weekly) 92 
King e 

Spectator (daily and weekly) 18 
James s 

Times (daily and weekly) 3 
Hughson n 


Lees Thos, 5 James n 


Baine T J, west end music store, 

84 King w 
Bell Organs, Hutchison & Pilkey, 

to King e 
Canadian Piano Stool Co, T 

Wavell, manager, 12 Hughson s 
Dominion Organ & Piano Co, 

Hutchison Pilkey, ro Ring e 
Grossman Peter, 49 James n 
Heintzman Piano Co, Hutchison^ 

& Pilkey 10 King e 
Liimgair W S, 92 James n 
Mason&Risch (Hamilton Branch) , 

Geo P Harrison, manager, 56^ 

Wellington n 
Nordheimer A & S, 80 James n" 
Rainer Piano Co, Hutchison* & 

Pilkey, 10 King e 
Thomas C L, manfr, 92 King-w 


Hamilton A & Co, cor James iand 


LeMessurier Daniel, 17 Charles 
Matthews James & Son, 15 

Hughson n 
Ross Bros, i Main w 


Sutherland the J W Co, J W 
Sutherland, manager, 180 King 


Bruce Wm, 14}^ King e 


Eckerson & Millman, 70 King w 
Eckerson N G, 124 Kinge 
Farmer Bros, 10 King w 


Anderson James, 192 Macnab n 
Anderson & Bates, 34 James n 
Bigger G W, 204^ Kn.< e 
Bingham G S, King cor Ferguson 

Case Wm 1 A^ 1 13 King e 
Case W H, 113 Kinge 
Cochrane J M, City hospital;^' - 



Emory C VanNorman, i8 Main w 
Caviller E A, 8 Paak s 
Griffin H S, Walnut cor Main 
Higgins Edward M, 74 Park n 
Hillyer E S, 10 Main e 
Husband Geo E, 75 Main w 
Macdonald John D, 10 Duke 
MacKelcan G L, Coroner, 14 

MacKelcan John, 38 Catharine n 
Malloch A E, 70 James s 
Miller Thos, coroner, 181 King w 
Mullin John A, 124 James n 
Philp VV, coroner, cor York and 

Reid Alex C, 55 Hughson n 
Ridley H T, 3 1 Main w 
Rosebrugh John W, 52 James s 
Ryall Isaac, 7 1 Main e 
Smith Daniel Day, cor King and 

Smith Miss Elizabeth, 16 Main w 
Shaw Ceo M, 122 James n 
Stark W C, 149 King w 
Vernon Elias, cor James and 

White James, coroner, 8 Can- 
non w 
Wilson T H, 156 Main e 
Wbolverton Algernon, coroner, 
153 James n 


Aitchison <fe Co, 56 58 Main w 
Allardice R A & Co,. 86, Merrick 
Brennen M & Sons, 63-67 King 
Wm, and cor Mary and Can- 
Ca^cy & Sons, 72 Main e 
Cruickshank Robert, 55 Jackson 


Mobdie & Sons, 16 King w ' 

Mefidan Britanrria Co, cor Wel- 
lington and Cannon 


Adam James, 22 Hughson n 
Clark Adam, 36 James s ' 

Fairley, Stewart & Co, 18 John fi 
Farmer Wm, 1 10 James n '^ '^j 
Harding Henry, cor James an<l" 

Squibb Frank,^ 39 John s 
Young & Bro, 17 John n 


Fearman F W, 17 Macnab n 
Lawry Thos, 14 Macnab s 


Campbell Robt, cor Locke and 
Canada ; /^ 

Campbell Sewer Pipe Co, Henry ' 
New, sec-treas, end Jackson w 


(See also IS ews^apers) 

Caxton Printing House, 22 Mac*- 
nab s 

Co-operative Printing Co, 92,, , 
King e - /ft ^r 

Griffin & Kidner, 47 King Wil- 

Harvey Jas, 26 Merrick 

Lawson A, 5 York 

McPherson Alex, 51 James n 

Martin H. A, \ 3 John n v^<^ 

Pennington. Printing Co, 30 
Jauies & i. 

Rovve W H, 92 King c 


Canadian Pacific, W J Grant, 33 , 

James n ' 

Chicago, Milwaukee 5^ St Patil, "^ 
i Robert Irwin, freight agent, 84 
i James n >: ?v .. < 
Grand Trunk ticket agency, C E 
Morgan, 1 1 James n 



Hamilton & Northwestern Rail- 
way, 1 1 3 Main e 

Michigan Central, W J Grant,33 
James n 

New York Central & Hudson 
River Railroad, W J Grant, 33 
James n 

Northern & Northwestern, W J 
Grant, 33 James n 


Gurneys & Ware, cor James and 
and Colborne 


Bruce J A & Co, 37 King w 
Evans Robt «S: Co, cor Macnab 
and York 


Davis, W S Lumgair, agent, 92 

James n 
Domestic, Hargrove & Sons, 

agents, 118 King e 
Dun lop &. Feast, Queen cor 

New Raymond, Hargrove & Sons, 

agents, 1 18 King e 
New Williams, W S Lumgair, 

agent, 92 James n 
Ontario Sewing Machine Co, 

James cor Hunter 
Singer Mfg Co, 10 John n 
Wanzer R M & Co, 91 Barton e 
White, H D BasseU, 99 King e 
Van Norman & Co, King cor 



Mead Joseph R Co, 10)^ Mar- 

■ ket so 
Treble SG, 2 King e 


Findlay J, 1 2 Macnab s 

Irwm Thos & Son, 12 Macnab s 


Judd ik Bro, 73 Bay n 
Walker Jas, 19 Bays 


Allan Line, J B Fairgrieve, 59 

James n 
Anchor Lme, Geo McKeand, 57 

James n 
Bremen Line, Wm Herman, 16 

James s 
Canada Transit Co, W J Grant, 

33 James n 
Carr's direct Hamburg Line,Wm 

Herman, t6 James s 
Dominion Steamship Line, Da- 
vid McLclian, 84 James n 
Georgian Bay Transportation Co, 

W J Grant, 33 James n 
Inraan Line, G McKeand, 57 

James n 
Lake and River Steamsliip Co, 

John Harvey & Co, 69 James 

Muskoka Lakes, W J Grant, 33 

James n 
National Steamshij) Line, Cbas 

E Morgan, i r James n 
Richelieu & Ontario Navigation 

Co, Geo McKeand, 57 James 

Rotterdam Line, Wm Herman, 

16 James s 


Longhurst H & Co, 26 York 


Saycrs Chas LI, 32 Ray n 


Canada Sugar Refining Co 
(Limited) David Newton, 9 
Main e 




Kennedy R D, 42 James n 
Livinghton T C, 18 James s 
Staunton F H Lynch, 18 James s 


Brown John E, 9 East ave n 


Storm & Green, 128^ King e 


Canada Mutual Telegraph Co, 8 

James s 
Great North-Western Telegraph 

Co, 18 James s. 
Bell Telephone Co, i Hughsons 


Bowes, Jamieson & Co, cor King 

and Tisdale 
Gurney E & C Co, .^5-42 John n 
Ham Sz Wilson, 35 York 
Irwin Thos & San, 12 Macnab s 
Laidlaw Manufacturing Co, Mary 
Moore Dennis & Co, 98-100 

Reddall & McKeown, 112 King 

Stewart Jas & Co, cor Macnab 

and Vine 
Williams J M ct Co, Hughson n 


Tuckett Geo it Son, 118-124 
King w 


Blachford & Son, 47 King w 
Chapman's Sons, 49 King w 
Pray & Son, 1 1 Macnab n 


Doran Bros, Stuart w 

Hamilton Vinegar Works Co, 
(limited) Wellington n and 
James s 


Belling James, 21 York 

Carroll T J & Co, 31 James n 

Claringbowl F, King e 

Davis & McCuUough, 12 Kingw 

Goodwin Wm, 77 John s 

Lees G H & Co, 1 14 King e 

Lees Thos, 5 James n 

Levy Bros & Scheuer, importers, 

27 King e 
Russell Richard, manfg, 15 King 

Skinner John, 79 King w 


Brown John E, whip lashes, 9 

East ave n 
Hamilton Whip Co, 81 Mary st 


Greening B & Co, 41 Queen n 
Nichols Thos E, 59 York 


Hamilton Wooden Ware Co, 107 

Mitchell Thos, 31 King w 
Woods Walter, 60-62 Macnab n 


Harvey John & Co, 69 James n 
McKenzie T H, 3 Market 


Adams Manfr Co, J E Martin, 

manager, 114 James n 
Hamilton Industrial Works, cor 

Bay and Murray 


i^*County of Wentworth Gazetteer and Directory, including postal addresses 
and numbers of lots and concessions of the farmers. Price, $2.00. Sent to any 
address on receipt of price. W. H. Irwin & Co., publishers, 12 Macnab sireel 
south, Hamilton, Ont. 


J S Sinclair, Judge ; Hon A 
McKellar, Sheriff; John Crersr, 
Clerk of Peace and County At- 
torney; G S Counsell, Clerk ; 
John T Stock, Treasurer ; S H 
Gh^nt, Clerk of Court, Deputy 
Clerk of the Crown and Registrar 
Surrogate Court ; J M Williams, 
Registrar ; T H A Begue, War- 

ALBERTON— A village in 
the Township of Ancaster, 14 
miles from Hamilton 
Kerr James A, P M, merchant 
Muirhead Wm. blacksmith 
Odell Henry, carpenter 
Passmoie Ed, butcher 
Peer Nelson, wagon maker 

., ALDERSHOT— (Waterdown 
Station, G T R), 5 miles from 

Brown Alex W, P M, coal 
Dickson H B, station agent 

ANCASTER— A village in the 
township of Ancaster. Stage 
twice each day between here and 
Hanxilton. Distance from Dun- 
das 3 miles, and from Hamilton 
7 miles. Population about 400 
Ancaster Carriage Co 

Brandon James, M D 
Bristol 1 Rev E, Methodist 
Cameron Mrs John, grocer 
Chapman Alex, miller 
Clarey Thos, store keeper 
Clark Edwin, P M, grocer 
Clark Rev W R, Episcopal 
Donnelly Bolton W, druggist 
Daniels J A, sawmills 
Dyer Rev J as E, Methodist 
Egleston E F, foundry 
Farr John, blacksmith 
Findlay Samuel A, merchant 
Forsyth Robert, tailor 
Gurnett L A, Division Court 

Gurnett L A & Son, merchants 
Henderson Edward, hotel 
Heslop John, township clerk 
Hyslop & Garroch, merciiants 
Irwin Jas S, blacksmith 
Jackson John, butcher 
Johnston Rev T T, Presbyterian 
Kenrick Edward, barrister 
Lowry Morris, hotel 
Moore Geo, cabinetmaker 
O'Neil Henry, tinsmith 
Orr Joseph, harnessmaker 
Richardson Henry, M D 
Smith J H, public school inspec- 
Thompson Geo, shoemaker 
Tilman J, hotel keeper 
Wilson Jas, shoemaker 



in the Towr>ship of Barton, four 
miles from Hamilton 

Condy VV. blacksmith 
Durrand George, hotel 
P^erguson Rev Geo, Methodist 
Gage W J, postmaster 
Oliver John, innkeeper 
Skinner Geo, blacksmith 
Webb Rev Jas, Methodist 

BINPtlOOK — A village in 
the Townshih of Binbrook, ii 
miles from Hamilton. 

Alway Enoch, M D 

Bailey Edward, saw mills 

Barlow A, waggons 

Bush Geo, harness 

Gawley Jas, P M, blacksmith 

Hall Wm W, grocer 

Harris Rev S G, Baptist 

McGann John, blacksmith 

McKenzie ] J, blacksmith 

Russell Jasj M D 

Taylor Jas T, clerk 8th Division 

Wickett Robert, hotel 
Wright Wm, tailor 

Office in the Township of Bin- 

Bain Alexander, postmaster 
Gowland W G, merchant 
Grassie Bros, wagon makers 
Rees Rev W D, Presbyterian 

A village in the Township of 
West Flamboro', near Dundas 

Bullock Wm, sr, grocer 
Clark A «& J, woollen manfrs 
Cochenour Jacob, saddler 
Davidson A T, blacksmith 
Frazcr Morden, P M, merchant 

Frederick & Bain, hotel 
Geoghegan Rev T, ch of Eng'd 
Hourigan John T, tavern 
Lyons J, hotel 

Morden W J, sr, P M, merchant 
Webster Joseph, flour mills 

CARLISLE— A small village 
in the Township of East Flam- 
boro', 6 miles from Waterdown ^ 

Campbell Wm, miller 

Cranston Geo, cooper 

Duffy Michael, butcher 

Galloway C E, butcher 

Green F, woolens 

Haws John, grocer 

Koella Mrs, P M, general store 

Wilden John, shoemaker 

Zimmerman Peter, hotel 

CARLUKE — A Post office 
situated in the Townshij) of An^ 
caster, ii miles from Hamilton 

Calder John B, postmaster 
Chisholm T C, merchant 
l^onald Thos, weaver 
May hew R, merchant 
Somerville Adam, miller 
Wilson Wm, blacksmith 

Office in the township of East 

Barrett Robert, blacksmith 
Curtis Wm, grocer 
Clappison H, postmaster 
Hunter Wm, hotel* 

CLYDE— A village in tl^l 
Township of Beverly, 5 miles ' 
from Gait and 24 from Hamiltor> 

Sippeel E M, P M, gen store 

COPETOWN— A village andv 
station on the G T R, 10 miles 
from Hamilton 

Bowman Joseph, sawmill 



Flannigan Wm, blacksmith 
Horning John E, blacksmith 
Howell G W, P M, storekeeper 
McCarty Mrs C, hotel 
Williams Wm, shoemaker 

DUNDAS— A town and sta- 
tion on the Grand Trunk Rail- 
way, in the township of West 
Flamboro', in the centre of a rich 
agricultural region. A number 
of extensive mills and manufac- 
tories are in full operation. Dis- 
tance from Hamilton, 5 miles ; 
from Suspension Bridge, 45 
miles. Population about 4,000. 

Allen James, watchmaker 
Babcock Wilder, hotel 
Ball Geo, conductor H & D R 
Barton G M, barrister 
Batty Benj, watchmaker 
Begue T H A, barrister 
Bell T J, prop Standard 
Bennett Alfred, restaurant 
Bickell G, grocer 
Billington J P, manufacturer 
Biggs R L, drover 
Black J, builder 
Black Mrs J, fancy goods 
Bowman Joseph, lumber 
Boyd Mrs Geo, confectioner 
Brady Patrick, tinsmith 
Brady Peter, tinsmith 
Brinkworih Wm, watchmaker 
Brooke R S, photographer 
Brown W G, barber 
Brown John, basketmaker 
Burns Mrs Mary, boots and shoes 
Burrows Geo F, screw works 
Burton J F, cabinetmaker 
;6yrns Thomas, saddler 
Cain A S, grocer 
Cain Patrick, hotel 
' Caldwell Thomas, nurseryman 
Campbell Wm F, butcher 
Canada Screw Co, G F Burrows 
Canadian Bank of Commerce 
Canadian Gas Light Co 

Cantwell James, dry goods 

Clarke Edward, boots and shoes 

Cody Richard, cooper 

Conley Bernard, shoemaker 

Cowper VVilloughby, coal dealer 

Davis John H, boots and shoes 

Dingle R, butcher 

Dixon J C & Bros, woolens 

Dodds Miss, fancy goods 

Doherty James, tobaccofiist 

Doidge Bros, grocers 

Dominion Card Clothing Co 

Dundas Drug Co 

Dundas Foundry, T Wilson 

Dundas Manuf Co 

Dundas Stove Co 

Dundas Standard, T J Bell, 

Dundas True Banner, James 

Somerville, editor 
Elliott Mrs, hotel keeper 
En right John k Bro, livery 
Feeny Rev J, Roman CalhoHc 
Fisher John & Sons, pii|)er mills 
Fitzgerald Duncan, chief police 
Forneret Rev George-, Episcopal 
Freeman Mrs A, confectioner 
Fry & Wright, wagonuiakers 
Gillesby VV, collector customs 
Grafton J B & J S, dry goods 
Graham Rev J as, Methodist 
Graham VV^m, grocer 
Grant Donald, clerk P O 
Greening k Sons, wire weavers 
Gray Wm R k Sons, card <'lothing 
Gurney E k C, agri imj)lt:Mncnts 
Gwyn H C, barrister 
Hardy Wm, saddler 
Hefferaian John, grocer 
Henderson Mary E, hairworker 
Kerwin John, grocer 
Laing Rtv John, Presbyterian 
Laing P & R, grocers 
Latshaw Fied A, cabinetmnker 
La wry Chas, tanner 
Lawson James, blacksmith 
Lees Geo, baker 

Lennard k Sons, hosiery manfrs 
Lennie Rev Robt, Baptist 



Lightfoot G A, butcher 
Lucas Benj, boots and shoes 
Lumsden W VV, baker 
Lyon James D, tinsmith 
McAdel C A, shoemaker 
McArdle James, hotelkeeper 
McKechnie & Bertram, tools 
McMahon James, M D, MPP 
McMillan L), photographer 
McQueen James jr, postmaster 
Mallet Wm, hotel 
Mason Wm & Sons, tanners 
Maw & McFarlane, machmists 
Meacham J B, druggist 
Millington Wm, pedler 
Mitson Wm, painter 
Morrish & Durrant, grocers 
Morton James, butcher 
Moss Joseph, baker 
Mountain Thos, painter 
Nelson Bros, blacksmiths 
Nevvitt Wm, butcher 
Niblett W C, druggist 
O'Connor Patrick, blacksmith 
Osier Rev F L, Ch of England 
Palmer & Hicke'y, bricklayers 
Parmenter A VV 
Patterson Charles, painter 
Perry John R, supt Cotton Mills 
Powell H F, grocer 
Rnmsey Miss Mary, dry goods 
Riach George, tailor 
Ross James, M D 
Ross Miss J A, fancy goods 
Seaman Thos, clothier 
Shaw & Wilson, boilermaker 
Smith J F, hardware 
Smith Robert, butcher 
Smyth Wm G, grocer 
Somerville James, M P, True 

Somerville Roy, True Banner 
Spittal L k Co, boots and shoes 
Suter F D, clerk 2nd Div Court 
Siiter R W, ins agent 
Swiinson Mrs, confectioner 
Tai)p Philij), carpenter 
Taylor E, cutter 
Thayer & Judd, Paraffine Co 

Vanevery Hugh, agent 

Walker & Perks, M D 

Warden & Wyld, barristers 

Webster James, flour and feed 

Wheeler John, mason 

White J B, hotel 

Williams D, brewer 

Williams Wm, blacksmith 

Wilson J, mill owner 

Wilson Mathew S, malster 

Wilson R T, axe manfr 

Wilson Thos, founder . 

Witherspoon David, boots k shoes » 

Woods worth Rev R W, Methodist ' 

Woodhouse Edwin, town clerk . 

ELFRIDA— A village in the • 
Township of Saltfleet, 10 miles ' 
from Hamilton < 

Edmonds E, blacksmith ! 

Quance Richard, miller 

Staples John, butcher 

Swayze H, P M, merchant [ 

Walker Rev W P, Presbyterian ' 

A post office in the township of 
East Plamboro'. 

George Church, postmaster 

FREELTON— A village in ; 
the township of West Flamborg', 
16 miles from Hamilton 

Brady John, waggon maker 

Burkholder Isaac C, blacksmith 

Burns Samuel, hotel 

Currie Geo, blacksmith ; 

Duffy Chris, hotel 

Hickson Wm, butcher 

Hurst Edward, merchant 

Johnston John J, waggonmaker 

Metherall Geo, M D 

Muirhead Walter, miller 

O'Leary Rev J S 

Ross John, P M, gen merchant ' 



GLANFORD— (Formerly Ut 
Hope) — A post office in the town- 
ship of the same name, 7 miles 
from Hamilton 

Armstrong Bros, blacksmiths 

Atkinson T, P M, grocer 

Carroll N, hotel 

Case D G, storekeeper 

Dingwall A M, M D 

Elliott Rev Robert, Methodist 

Farewell A, M D 

Finch Elijah, agent 

Gillan D, blacksmith 

Jerome Joel, agent 

Livingston Rev H G, Methodist 

McAllister Wm, painter 

McClement J,clerk 7th Div court 

Murphy R, blacksmith 

Neal & Son, wagon makers 

Smith Joel, undertaker 

Smith W L, UD 

GREENSVILLE — A village 
in the township of West FUm- 
boro', 2 miles from Dundas, and 
7 from Hamilton 

Ballantyne Thos, cooper 

B^ar Fred, tailor 

Black And, P M, gen merchant 

Brennan John, gen storekeeper 

Creen Wm, blacksmith 

Humphrey Richard, music teachr 

Morden J, miller 

Snasdell Joseph, township clerk 

Sqper Geo, carpenter 

Steele Jas, malster 

Williamson P, shoemaker 

HANNON (Rymal Station) - 
township of Glanford, adjoining 
Rymal Station, 6)4 miles from 

Cowie Mrs.Thos, P M, rnerchant 

HAYESLAND— A village in 
the township nf West Flamlborp',, 
1 1 miles from Han^ilton 

Hayes Michael, P M, tavern 

JERSEYVILLE ^ A village 
in the township of Ancaster, 4^ 
miles from Lynden and 15 from 
Hamilton, Population 250 

Bishop Wm, planing mill 
Bristol Rev B, Methodist 
Cooley Hey J W, Methodist 
Grant Rev W, Baptist 
Hendershot A, P M, merchant 
Howell Levi, merchant 
HoweU O, saw mill 
Miller A K, blacksmith 
Petrie Geo, blacksmith 
Miller & Bigger, millers 
Pitcher Chas, MI) 
Stenabaugh Harman, storekeeper' 
Stewart Rev S, Methodist 
Swartz John, ])umps 
Vansickle J F, cheese 

KIRKWALL — A village in 
the township of Beverly, 8 miles 
from Gait and 20 from Hamilton 

Christie Geo, P M, storekeeper 
Lapsley David, shoemaker 
McQueen Wm, blacksmith 
Tennant David, sawmills 

LYNDEN— A village and 
station on the G T R, in the 
township of Beverly, 16 njiles 
from Hamilton. Population 400 

Baker John, hotel 

Berrington John, station master 

G T R 
Burbank J, merchant 
Chapman Geo. shoemaker 
Doherty S, blacksmith 
Hanes Rinear, postaiaster 
Johnston Joseph, tinsmith 
Lemon Wm, watch luaker 
Moore Rev C A, Methodist 
Pitton John, hotel 
Rouse Henry W, harnessmakcr 
Thompson R, saw mill 
Vansickle B, gen store 
Wales Fred, butcher 



MILLGROVE— A village in 
the township of West Flamboro', 
8 miles fronri Hamilton 

Berney Wm H, P M, gen store 
Flatt John Ira, lumber merchant 
Markle J R, blacksmith 
Miller Thos, blacksmith 
Ryckman Abe, fruitdrier 
Shapland John, vvagonmaker 


Township of Saltfleet, 7 miles 
from Hamilton 
Cook J R, miller 
Davis Herbert, merchant 
Gnlloway Andrew, wagonmaker 
(jtassie Chas, blacksmith 
Martin Henry, merchant 
Pott ruff J as, hotel keeper 
Turner D, carpenter 


Conneil John, blacksmith 
Foster VVm, wagonmaker 
Lakins Wm, sawmills 
Revell Charles, P M 


village in the township of Glan- 
ford, 6 miles from Hamilton! 

Choate Thos, tp clerk 
Dickenson Ed ctSons, brickmkrs 
Dickenson John, P M 
Terryberry Bros, hotel keepers 

ORKNEY— (Thompson's cor- 
ners) — Township of Beverley, 3 
miles from Copetown 

Anderson C, P M, gen store 
Robinson R, hotel 
Thompson Robert, lumber 

RENFORTH-A post office 
in the township of Ancaster 

Gritman Jacob, blacksmith 
Mavhew R, P M, gen store 

Township of Glanford 

Thomas Wilkinson, P M 

ROCKTON— A village in the 
township of Beverley, 15 niiles 
from Hamilton ' 

Atkins W & Sons, blacksmiths" 

Bannen Richard, bailiff 

Bell David, organs 

Cornell Benoni, P M, merchant 

Jackson Daniel, w-agonmaker 

McDonald Wallace, J P, tp apd 

div court clerk 
McLane A, miller 
Moss Wm, carpenter 
Patrick Geo, hotel 
Plastow J B, general merchant 
Robinson Wm, blacksmith 
Stuart John, wagons 
Stockwell Wm, lime burner 
Wood Wm, general merchant 

A village in the Township .of 
Barton, 3^ miles from Hamiltpn 

Allison Isaac, blacksmith 
Bond John T, cattle dealer 
Carr John, hotel keeper 
Dawson Geo, wagons 
Dawson Jonathan, wheelwright 
Gillan John, blacksmith 
Hess Samuel, butcher 
McConnell Thos, blacksmith 
Wells W^m, contractor 

SHEFFIELD— A village in 
the township of Beverly, 19 miles 
from Hamilton 

Bond Edwin & Son, P M, and 

produce dealers 
Henning B, hotel 
Laing C W cfe Co, storekeepers 
Main Henry, wagonmaker 
Reaman Chas, agr implements 
Smith JohnW, M D 
Steele W, blacksmith 
Voadea Rev Thos, Methodist 



office in the township of Bin- 

Crawford R, grocer 
Hewit Robert, sawmills 
Hewitt John, blacksmith 
Parker Joshua, blacksmith 
Wilson James R, P M, gen store 

STONEY CREEK— A village 
in the township of Saltfleet, 7 
miles from Hamilton 

Campbell D W, M D 

Carpenter C, tinsmith 

Clark Walter, carpenter 

Gould Fred, mason 

Hopkins Mrs T W 

Howitt Rev F E, ch of England 

Hull Fred, hotel 

Jones Alva G, P M, clerk 5th 

div court, township clerk 
Lee & Hamilton, blacksmiths 
Mooney Rev James, Methodist 
Moore J Charles, grocer 
Springstead A C, wasjon maker 
Springstead John, shoemaker 
Squire Rowland, mason 
Thornton Wm, M D 
Wallace Frank, fruitgrower 
VVhitcombe Rev C E, ch of Eng 
Woodhouse W H, merchant 
Woodhouse S C, hotelkeeper 

STRABANE— A village in the 
township of Flamboro* West, 12 
miles from Hamilton 

Arthur Samuel, store keeper 
Ballison Richard, carpenter 
Fernally Fred, merchant 
Hicks John, wagon maker 
Lakins W, saw mills 
Peebles Mathew, postmaster 

TAPLEYTOWN— A village 
in the township of Saltfleet, 11 
miles from Hamilton 

Dewitt C W, agent 

Duff Rev Robert, Methodist 

Graham John, blacksmith 
Harris John C, P M, dry goods 
Harris & Miller, merchants 
Petlit Wm, blacksmith 
Smith Rev Thos, ch of England 
White Wm, store keeper 

TROY— A village in the town- 
shsp of Beverley, 18 miles from 
Hamilton, and 3 from Lynden 

Clark George, P M, merchant 
Methers David, blacksmith 
Misener Sidney, store keeper 
Neff Samuel, carpenter 
O'Reilly D, blacksmith 
Parks Robert, blacksmith 
Vinton H W, shoemaker 
Webb Rev J as, Methodist 

TWEEDSIDE— A post office 
in the township of Saltfleet, 3 
miles from Winona station 

Buckbee James, store keeper 
Johnson Thos S, P M, black- 

porated village and station on 
the Grand Trunk Railway, in the 
township of East Flauiboro', 6 
miles from Hamilton and 35 
from Toronto. Population about 

Attridge Thomas, sawmills 
Baker Henry, butcher 
Baker John, undertaker 
Balfour Bru'^, general store 
Bemrose Joseph, wagon maker 
Bremer John, towship clerk 
Brown & Baker, cradles, rakes, 

Clark Henry, tailor 
Cook Samuel, hotelkeeper 
Crooker Fred, grocer 
Davis David, cooper 
Docking W, agric implements 



Doyle Michael, hotel 
Eager J C tfe Co, gen merchants 
Forstner John, grist mill 
Foster Joseph, blacksmith 
Francis Rev John, Episcopal 
Garvin Thomas, shoemaker 
Gilmore Wm, blacksmith 
Goodson John, shoemaker 
Green Samuel, blacksmith 
Gross H, merchant 
Hazelton Rev W P, Baptist 
Rowland W P, flour mills 
Hunter D H, prin High School 
Jarvis C M, agent 
McGregor J O, M D 
McMonies James jr, auctioneer 
Misener VV D, wagons 
Robertson Rev W, Presbyterian 
Robson VVm, man W P Rowland 
Rogers James, baker 
Rymal Geo W 
Rymal J W, agent 
Seeley C 

Simmons J, blacksmith 
Stewart James, tailor 
Stock John T, general merchant 
Thompson Hugh, saddler 
Thompson J B, postmaster 
Trusdell Hiel, wagonmaker 
Vanfleet A P, harness 
Watson Rev W C, Methodist 
Wilson W R, tinsmith 
Yenny Rev John, Lutheran 

lage in township of same name, 
distant from Hamilton, 8 miles 

Clark Wm, woolen mills 
Fisher Rev S, Presbyterian 
Durrant J A, P M, merchant 
Gibney A D & Co, merchant 
Jackson Rev Thos W, Methodist 
Jones Alfred, wagon maker 

Peters John, merchant 
Shaver A W, M D 
Simmons John, tinsmith 
Stutt James & Son, paper manfs 
Taylor J W, blacksmith 

WESTOVER— A village in 
the township of Beverley, 15 
miles from Hamilton 

Fletcher & Hanes, shingles 
Law Thos, shoemaker 
McDonald Jas, blacksmith 
McDonough Jas, saw mills 
Mcintosh Benj, postmaster 
Mills Jas, merchant 
Skoyles B H, miller 

WINONA— A station on the 
G T R, township of Saltfleet, 12 
miles from Hamilton 

Cline G W, fruit grower 
Carpenter Joseph, P M 
McNeiliy John, shoemaker 
Oakes George, blacksmith 
Secord W K, merchant 
Smith E D, fruit grower 
Smith Wm H, scrap iron 
Smith R R, township clerk 
Smith &, VanDuzen, nurserymen 
Wilson J H, grain dealers 

WOODBURN— A village in 
the township of Binbrook, 15 
miles from Hamilton 

Edmonds John, miller 
Jarvis James E, merchant 
McEvoy Wm, P M 
Ptolemy Henry M, merchant 
Roberts John, blacksmith 



Regular meetings every alternate 
Monday, at 7:30 p. m. 

J J Mason, Mayor. 

Ward No I — Wm Morgan, H Cars- 
callen, James Addison. Ward 2 — P C 
Blaicher, Alex McKay, Geo S Papps. 
Ward 3— F C Bruce, J V Teetzel, C L 
Thomas. Ward 4 — Jas Stevenson, W 
J Morden, W II Judd. Ward 5— John 
Glasgow, Wm Doran, Wm Kavanagh. 
Ward 6 — John Carruthers, J G Bowes, 
A 11 xMoore. W^ard 7— Thomas Allen, 
James Dixon, John Kenrick. 


Board of Works — Aid Glasgow, 
chairman ; McKay, Morden, Moore, 
Thomas, Allen and Addison. 

Market, Fire and Police — Aid Mc- 
Kay, chairman ; Carruthers, Stevenson, 
Morgan, Kenrick, Bruce and Kavanagh. 

Hospital and House of Refuge — Aid 
Moore, chairman ; Blaicher, Allen, Ad- 
dison, Thomas, Judd and Doran. 

Jail and Court House — Aid Morden, 
chairman ; Carscallen,Blaicher,Thomas, 
M6ore, Glasgow and Allen. 

IVaterworks — Aid Stevenson, chair- 
man ; Carruthers, Morgan, Papps, 
Teetzel, Kenrick and Kavanagh. 

Board of Health — Aid Morgan, chair- 
man ; McKay, Bruce, Judd, Kerr, 
Carruthers and Allen. 

Parks and Crystal Palace — Aid Bruce, 
chairman ; Carscallen, Bowes, Papps, 
Dixon, Stevenson and Kavanagh. 

Dixon, chairman ; 
Bowes, Addison, 

Sewers — Aid 
Papps, Morden, 
Teetzel and Doran. 

Finance — Aid Blaicher, chairman ; 
Carscallen, Bruce, Judd, Bowes, Dixon, 
and Doran. 

Assessors — Peter Balfour, head super- 
visor. Wards I, Richard Ellicoll : 2, 
Jos Kent ; 3, Wm Sharp ; 4, Lician 
Hills ; 5, ] B Neiligan ; 6, John Bvrne; 
7, Wm Turnbull, 

Auditors — R L (iunn and S E Town- 


Public Srhools — B J Morgan, chair- 
man ; W H BallartI, inspector ; Titos 
Beasley, secretary ; A Stuart, trea.surtr ; 
Charles Smith, mes.senger. 

Watd I — Jas. Cummings, B J Nlor- 
gan. Ward 2 — I B MiQuesien, M 
McLaren. Ward s — Moland Hills, An- 
gus Sutherland. Ward 4 — Joseph 
Fielding, Wm Clucas. Ward J- V F 
Dal ley, A M Ross. Ward (^—titrorge 
Coumhe, H S Brennen. Ward 7 — 
Thos Morris, W F Burton. 


David McLellan, Louis Ciarland, 
Alex Turner, Wm Young, C R .Smitii, . 
Wm Bell. 


Finance — David McLellaa. 
Internal Managemtnt~I B McQaes- 

Building — Angus Sutherlan<l. 


Very Rev E I Heenan, Chairman; 
James O'Brien, .secretary ; P R', 
"treasurer; Rev J Lennon, superiiat-nd- 
ent ; Messrs A C Best, Rev Km i her 
Craven, M J Forster, Rev Fatiier 
Cleary, Rev Father Bergmann, P J 
Kel;y, J Duffy, J O'Brien, John Byrne, 
Charles Leyden. 




Jas Cahill, police magistrate ; Thos 
Beasley, clerk ; S H Kent, asst clerk ; 
Alex Stuart, treasurer ; Alex Stuart, jr, 
asst treasurer; William Haskins, cily 
engineer and manager of the water 
works ; Jam^s Cummings, tax collect- 
or ; Dc)nald Dawson, Andrew Neill, 
R V Mathews, asst collectors ; Edward 
McLaughlin, clerk public woiks ; Chas 
Foster, food inspector ; John McKay, 
inspector streets ; P Merin and Thos 
Brady, coal inspector ; Charles Smith, 
messenger ; J M Smith, M D, hospital 
physician ; E Easterbrook, hospital 
steward ; George Murison, health in- 
spector; J Ford, asst health inspector ; 
Isaac Ryall, M D, physician board of 
health ; Paul Stuart, wood inspector. 


The force consists of 45 men all told: 
One chief, three sergeants, four acting 
sergeants, two detectives, 35 constables. 
There are four stations : No I at City 
hall ; No 2, corner James and Stuart 
streets; No 3, corner King William 
and Miiry streets ; and patrol wagon 
staiion at the central fire station. The 
department is governed by A D Stew- 
art, chief, under the direction of the 
])oard of conimissioners, which consists 
of mayor, police magistrate and county 


Wi Ham Haskins, Manager. 
William Monk 
Henry D Twohy 
W A Kerr 
W R Cam pel I 

William Anstey, foreman mechanical 


A W Aitchison, chief; Thos Wilson, 


2 Corner Catharine and Jackson 

3 " I^i'ig and John 

4 " Park and King 

5 " I less and King 

6 " Locke and King 

7 *' M«.cnab and Picton 

8 •' Inchbury and York 

9 '* Queen and York 


12 Corner Bay and York 

13 •' Bay and Mulberry 

14 " James and Mulberry 

15 *' James and Gore 

16 '* Hughson and Barton 

17 *' Stuart and Macnab 

18 '* (iuise and John 

19 " Barton and Mary 

21 " Catharine and Cannon 

23 " Cathcart and Cannon 

24 " Wilson and East Ave 

25 " King and Steven 

26 *' Stinson and Victoria Ave 

27 *' I^ing and Wellington 

28 " O'Keilly and Cherry 

29 " Catharine and Young 

31 " Jam* s and Hannah 

32 " James and Hunter 

34 " Park and Hunter 

35 " Bay and Robinson 

36 *' Hunter and Queen 
'^y " Pearl and Jackson 
T,'6 " Main and Caroline 

42 Brennen's planing mill 

43 Central Fire Station 

45 Corner Rebecca and Ferguson Ave 

46 " Emerald and Cannon 

47 " Siuart and Caroline 

51 City Hall Police Station 

52 Corner John and Simcoe 

53 " Ferguson ave and Ferrie 

John W Murton, John Proctor, Nel- 
son Humphrey ; John I Mackenzie, 
inspector. Office, 4 James street south. 


Postmaster — H N Case ; assistant 
postmaster, H Colbeck 

Registration and foreign mail branch 
— H A Eager, P J O'Donnell, R M^ 
Fitzgerald ' *" 

Money order and savings bank branch 
— Thomas Burns, G H Bull, Miss R A 

Accountant's office — George Ross, 
Henry Dinsse. 

Clerks — Alfred C Crisp, John C 
Dempsey, John S Mathews, ¥A H Dun- 
nett, Benjamin F l^rber, W R Ecc'e- 
stone, Wm Smith, W Flynn, DonalJ' 
D Campbell, V'alter L Waterman,' 
Harry Hill, John A Webber, Henry Ed' 
J Filgiano, John D McDonald, Charlea' 
Judd, Oliver Beatty, J R Morden. 

Letter Carrier's Branch — John Mur- 
phy, superintendent ; John Catchpole, 
John H Fearnside, asst superintendents;,. 



Thomas B S Austin, John Gore, Wm 
G Flooks, Henry M Coates, Chas W 
W Fielding, Josh Wilson, John Gard- 
ner, Robert Stratton, Wm Angus, John 
E S Baillie, Wm Rennie, Chas Anstey, 
David C Dowrie, Thomas H Loney, 
Andrew Griffin, Wm Dawe, Wm H 
Tames, Emil Frank, J W North, C H 
Stickle, Geo Springate, Meredith Daw- 
son, Ed Sevier, Wm A Mundy. 

Messengers— David Walsh, James 

Street Letter-box Collector— Joshua 
, Brundle. 

Letter-boxes are placed at the cor- 
ners of the following streets : James and 
Market, York and Macnab, opp. East- 
wood's, King east; Main and James, 
Macnab and King, Bay and York, John 
and King, Court House, John and 
Cannon, James and Hunter, Park and 
Mulberry, opp William's, Copp's block, 
Hess and York,Jamesand Murray, John 
and Hunter,Carolineand King, Bay and 
Mam, King and Ferguson ave, Cannon 
. and Ferguson ave, Wilson and West 
ave, Mary and Barton, James and Han- 
nah, Bay and Bold, King and Welling- 
ton, Pearl and York, John and Young, 
Cannon and Wellington, Queen and 
Main, James and Picton, King and 
Pearl, \Vilson and Emerald, Park and 
Herkimer, Cherry and O'Reilly, Caro- 
line and Hannah, Stinson and Victoria 
ave, Canada and Locke, Emerald and 
Hunter, Mary opp Kelly. 


,T H McPherson. president ; R Ben- 
ner, secretary. 

Custom House Stuart street. 

John Thompson, appraiser ; A A 
Wylie, assistant ; A I Mackenzie, sur- 
veyor ; R L Whyte, chief clerk ; F 
Shephard, H W Woodward, Andrew 
^lexan ler, Hugh Murray, S W Town- 
send, D B Galbreaith, clerks ; H L 
Dixon, chief landing waiter ; T M Pat- 
terson, J McKindy, P O'Heir, A H 
Wingfield, landing waiters ; Stephen 
Cleary, searcher ; James Halcrow, 
locker and guager ; H Gray, locker ; 
Michael Malone and Samuel Garrity, 
porters ; Alex Ferguson, messenger. 


Corner James and Vine. 

C G For tier, collector ; S F Ross, 
deputy collector ; B J Conway, book- 
keeper, John Logan, James B Blair, 
Francis J J McHugh, D W McKay, T 
S Gosnell, W P Crawford, William 
Amos, Joseph F O'Brien, W J Ding- 
man, F J Barrett, A Egener, excise 


Diocese of Niagara — Right Rev Chas 
Hamilton, M A, Lord Bishop. 

Christ Church Cathedral, Rev Chas 
H Mockridge. D D, rector. Divine 
service on Sundays at nam and 7 p 
m, and on Wednesday evenings at 8 p 
m. Sunday school at 3 p m. Baptism 
second Sunday in every month at 2.30 
p m. Holy communion every Sunday ; 
Hrst and third Sundays at ii o'clock 
service, and secontl, fourth and fifth 
(when occurring) at 8 a m. 

St. Luke's Church, cor John and 
Macauley streets. Rev Wm Massey, 
M A, curate in charge. Services on 
Siuidays at 1 1 a m and 7pm 

Church of Ascension, John street 
south— Rev Haitley Carmichael, M A; 
Rev Charles J James, B A. Divine 
service each Sunday at 1 1 am and 7 p 
m. Litany, 4 pm. Holy communion 

isl Sunday in each month, il am. 

3rd " *' II a m. 

Last " " 7 V "'• 

Sunday school, 3 p m. Divine service 
every Wednesday night at 7 30. 

All Saints' Church, corner Queen 
and King streets. Rev l.estock Des 
Brisay, M A, rector. Services at 1 1 a 
m and 7 pm. 

St. Thomas' Church,corncr Main and 
West ave — Rev W B Curran, rector. 
Services at 1 1 a m and 7 p m. 

S. Mark's Church, corner Bay and 
Rev Hunter stts—Rev R G Suthi-rland, 
B A, rector. Services at 8 a m, nam, 
4 p m and 7 p m. 


St. James', cor Hunter and Park sis. 



Bishop Edward Wilson, D D, in charge. 
Sunday services are held at 1 1 a m and 
7 pm. Communion, first Sunday in 
every month after morning service. 
Sunday school at 3 p m ; weekly ser- 
vice, Wednesday at 7.30 p m. 


Hours of service nam and 7 p m. 

Central Church, corner Jackson and 
Macnab streets. Pastor — Rev Samuel 

Macnab Street Church, corner Hun- 
ter and Macnab streets. Pastor — Rev 
Donald H Fletcher. 

St. Paul's Church, corner James and 
Jackson streets. Pastor — Rev R J 
Laid law. 

Knox Church, corner Cannon and 
James streets. 

St. John's Church, corner King and 
Emerald streets. Pastor — Rev Thos 

Erskine Church, Pearl street north. 
Pastor — Rev Thos Scoular. 


Hours of service, nam and 7 pm, 
except*otherwise slated. Sunday school 
at 2.30 p m. 

Centenary Church, Main street west. 
Rev W W Carson, pastor 

Wesley Church, John street, corner 
of Rebecca. Rev W J Hunter, pastor. 

First Methodist Church, corner of 
King and Wellington streets. Rev A 
Langford, pastor. 

Zion Tabernacle, Pearl street north. 
Rev Mr Snider, pastor. 

Simcoe Street Church. Rev Joseph 
Odery, pastor. 

Hannah Street Church. Rev Albert 
C Crews, pastor. 

Gore Strel Church, corner John and 
Gore streets. Rev James Vanwyck, 

Emerald Street Church. Rev J I^ 
Collins, pastor. 

American M E Church, Rev J^ B 
Roberts, So John street north. 


James Street Baptist Church, Rev J 
W A Stewart. Hours of service 11 a n> 
and 7 p m. Weekly prayer meetings 
every Thursday evening at a quarter to 
8 o'clock. Sabbath school a» 2.30 p m. 

Baptist Church ( colored ) Macnab 
street north. Houts of service, 10.30 
a m and 6.30 p m. 

Baptist Mission, Wentworth street 
north. Sabbath school, 2.30 p m. 
Preaching service every Sumlay at 7 
p m. Weekly prayer meetings every 
Wednesday evening at a quarter to S 


Rev J W A Stewart, president ; Rey 
J W Hunter, D D, vice president ; 
Rev D H Fletcher, recording sec ; J as 
Walker, treasurer. 


Congregational Church. Hours of 
service, nam and 7 p m. Rev J Mor- 
ton, Hughson street north. 

Brethren of the One Faith, corner of 
James and Rebecba. Each first day at 
nam. Lecture on Bible subject at 
7 p m. 

Believers, cor Merrick and Macnab. 
Hours of service, li a m, 3 p m, and 
7 pm. 

Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, 
Rev D Dippel, pastor, Market street. 
Hours of service, 10.30 a m and 7 p m. 
Sabbath school at 3 p m. 

Plymouth Brethren meet at their hall, 
Macnab street south. Services at ii a 
m and 6. 30 p m. Sabbath school at 3 
p m. 

Mountain Mission. Meeting at 2 p 
m. Supplied by the pastors of the city. 



Jewish Synagogue — Hughson street 
south. Services, Friday evening and 
Saturday at lo a m. Rev Dr H Birk 
enthal, rabbi 


St Mary's Church — Pro Cathedral. 
Right Rev J T Carbery, D D, Bishop, 
O P, S T M *; Very Rev E I Heenan, 
Vicar-General of Hamilton ; Rev Fath- 
ers M J Cleary, James Lennon and M 
S Halm. Hours of service : 1st mass, 
7.30 a m, 9 am; high mass, 10.30 a 
m, vespers, 7 p m. \I.iss every day at 
7 a m in summer, 7.30 a m in winter. 
Corner Park and Sheafife streets. 

St. Patrick's Church, King street 
east. Revs John Keough and J Craven. 
Mass 7.30 a m and 10 30 a m ; vespers, 
7 pm. 

St. Joseph's Church, Rev Father R 
Bergman. Mass 10.30 a m, Sundays; 
vespers 7 p m. Corner Charles and 
Jackson streets. Mass every day, 7.30 
a m. 



Hamilton Collegiate Institute — Geo 
Dickson, M A, principal. 


For school purposes the city is di- 
vided into four districts, in each of 
which there is a central school. Over 
each cisirict is placed a head master, 
who has supervision not only of his own 
school, hut also of the primary schools 
attached to the central school of the 

District I includes Wards I and 7 ; 
head master, John Ross. 

District H includes Wards 2 and 3 ; 
head master, G W Johnson. 

District III includes Ward 4 ; head 
master, j S Cruickshank. 

District IV includes Wards 5 and 6 ; 
head master, VV C Morton. 

Inspector of the four districts, W H 


Geo Dickson, M A, Principal ; O J 
Brown, M A, mathematical master ; 

Chas Robertson, M A, modern lan- 
guages ; P S Campbell, M A, classical 
master ; A Paterson, English master ; 
W M. Sutherland, B A, commercial 
master ; A McMillan, master lower sec- 
ond form, boys ; Mrs M Davidson, 
upper second form, girls ; T F Lyall, 
B A, lower first form, boys ; Miss L 
Bell, upper first form, girls ; E Byfield, 
lower first form, girls ; W C Forster, 
drawing master ; James Johnson, music 
master; E Houghton, drill master. 


King street east, incorporated i86i, 
Rev A Burns, D D, LL D, governor. 
Prof C W Harrison, M A, natural 
science and latin ; Prof Henry Martin, 
O S A, drawing and painting ; Prof R 
S Ambrose, music ; Prof L H Parker, 
singing and vocal culture, and eleven 
lady teachers. 


Established 1861, Arcade building, 
31-33 James street north. R E (Gal- 
lagher, principal and jjroprietor ; VV II 
Dennis, first assistant ; S F Lazier, M 
A, LL B, commercial law ; F W Wo- 
dell, phonography. 


2^2 Jinnies street south, M. L.Rattray, 
Principal ; E A C>eiger, .Secretary; 
David Steele, commercial law; Edward 
Morgan, phonography. 


Rev Father J Lennon, superintendent 

St M.iry's Mo<lel School, Sheaffe 
street — Charles J Macabe, |«rincipal ; 
number of pupils on the roll 180. 

St Mary's Centrnl and St Mary's 
Training .Schools, Mulberry street. 

St Patrick's School, Hunter street ; 
St Lawrence School. John >treer, ^nd 
St Charles School, King street west — 
conducted by the sisters of St Joseph. 

The number of pupils attending these 
schools (not including the Model School) 
is about 1,900. 

Convent of Mount St Mary, King 



street west — under the tlirection of the 
Ladies of Loretto ; M Francis, lady 


Hamilton Association. Instituted 
1857, incorporated 1883. Meets first 
and third Thursdays of the month. 
—President, J D Macdonald, M D ; 
1st vice-president, H B *Witton ; 
2nd vice president, Rev C H Mock- 
ridge, D D ; cor secretary, Geo Dick- 
son, M A ; rec secretary, Andrew Alex- 
ander ; treasurer, Richard Bull ; libra- 
rian and curator, Wm Turnbull. 

Hamilton Law Association, 70 mem- 
bers — JE Irving, Q C, president ; Thos 
Robertson, Q C, vice-president ; A 
Bruce, treasurer ; R R Waddell, sec- 

Hamilton Athletic Park Company 
(late Hamilton Cricket Club Company) 
— E Martin, president; F H Mills, sec- 

Hamilton Medical and Surgical So- 
ciety, meets 2nd Tuesday of the month 
at Royal hotel — ^James White, presi- 
dent ; W G Stark, vice-president ; T 
W Reynolds, sec-treas. 

Collegiate Institute Literary Society 
— WJ Fortune, president; F Langford, 

St Thomas' Church Literary Society 
— Rev W B Curran, president ; Rich- 
ard Bull, secretary. 

Young Men's Christian Association, 
38 King street east— James Watson, 
president ; Frank Lonsdale, secretary. 
A free reading room. Meetings Sun- 
days at 4. 1 5 and 8 30 p m 

Women's Christian Association— Mrs 
James Watson, president ; Mrs J D 
McDonald, ist vice-presidant ; Mrs D 
McLellan, 2nd vice-president ; Miss J 
M Stewart, secretary ; Mrs J M Burns, 

Garrick Club, Gore street— F Mac- 
kelcan, president ; Campbell Ferrie, 

Grand Opera House Co— 
sell, president ; James H 


C M Coun- 
Mills, sec- 


City Hospital, cor Barton and Vic- 
toria avenue — J M Cochrane, resident 
physician ; E Easterbrook, steward. 

Asylum for the Insane, mountain top 
— J McL Wallace, medical supt ; J W 
Montgomery, M D, assistant supt ; 
Bidwell Way, bursar. 

House of Providence, Dundas- 
ters of St. Joseph. 


House of Refuge, foot of John street 
north — Under the patronage of the City 

Boys' Home — ^Jane McFarlane, mat- 
ron, 59 Stinson street. 

St. Mary's Orphan Asylum, Park 
street north — Under the supervision of 
the Sisters of St Joseph. 

Hamilton Orphan Asylum and Ladies' 
Benevolent Society, Wellington street 
south — Misses M and J McFarlane, 

Home of the Friendless, Caroline 
street south. Miss Matherson, matron. 

Children's Industrial School, 77 
George street — Incorporated by Act of 
Parliament. Miss Annie Raynor, mat- 

Ladies' Benevolent Society, Roman 
Catholic — Mrs J T Routh, president ; 
Mrs J Egan, secretary ; Miss A Hogan, 


St. George's Society — F Mackelcan, 
president ; C H Egg, secretary. 

St. Andrew's Society — Instituted 
December 29, 1835. James Angus, jr, 
president ; D. McLellan, treasurer ; 
John McMaster, secretary. 

Caledonia Society— Ian McKenzie, 
chief; Wm Murray, secretary; Colin 
McRae, treasurer ; meets 1st and 2nd 
Friday in Caledonia Hall, Arcade. 

Irish Protestant Benevolent Society 
—Established jn 1869. John Alex- 



ander, president ; Geo Ross, secretary; 
H A Eager, treasurer ; meets in I O 
O F Hall, John north, 2n(l Thursday 
of each month. 

Catholic Mutual Benefit Association 
No 3 — Meets at 74 James n. John 
Ronan, president ; John Byrne, sec- 

Emerald Beneficial Association, Sars- 
field Branch No 1, Ont — George Nelli- 
gan, president ; J Flahaven, secretary. 
Stated meetings, ist and 3rd Wednes- 
days of each month. 

Sarsfield Branch No. 16 — ^John Smith, 
president ; John Nelligan, secretary; 
meets ist and 3rd Monday. 

St Vincent de Paul's Society — H 
Arland, president ; A C Best, secretary. 


Britannia Lodge No 8 — ^J B Buck- 
ingham, president ; R Realf, secretary. 

Acorn Lodge No 29 — ^John Clayton, 
prersident ; W S Harrison, secretary. 


Hamilton Field Battery — Major H P 
Van Wagner, commanding ; Capt J S 
Hendrie, Lieuts Bankier and Copp. 

Thirteenth Battalion A M— Lt-Col J 
A Skinner, commanding ; Majors : Bt 
Lt-Col J M Gibson, M P P, and A H 
Moore ; Adjutant, Capt J J Stuart ; 
Captains : H McLaren, P B Barnard, 
James Adam, John Stoneman, W G 
Reid, E G Zealand ; Lieutenants: W 
J Coulson, G McL Brown, E G W 
Moore, B R Osborne, J C Gillespie, S 
G Mewburn ; 2nd Lieutenants : J W G 
Watson and H G Marquis ; Paymaster, 
Hon Major C Armstrong ; Quartermas- 
ter, Hon Major J J Mason ; Surgeon, 
J Ryall ; Asst Surgeon, H S Griffin. 


Hamilton Temperance Reform Club 
— Robert Stratton, president ; Edward 
Shepherd, secretary. Meetings at the 
Foresters' Hall every Saturday at 8 p 
m, and Sundays at 9 a m and 4 pm. 

Woman's Christian Temperance 
Union — Mrs Pratt, secretary. 


Excelsior Lodge No 6 — George Lam- 
bert, L D ; meets Tuesday, 9 King 

Rescue Temple No 222 — Wm Wil- 
son, L D ; meets every Monday even- 
ing, James cor King William. 

Burlington Lodge No 470 — Mrs A 
M Cummer, L D ; meets Monday 
evening in the hall, 22 King street east. 

Reliance Lodge No 518 — George 
Turner, L D j meets Wednesday even- 
ing in Reliance Hall, corner James and 
Rebecca streets. 

Ambitious City Lodge No 586 — 
Peter Armstrong, L D ; meets Mon- 
day evening, James corner King Wm. 

Under the jurisdiction of the Right 
Worthy Grand Lodge of the World 

International Lodge No. i — F S 
Morison, D R W G T ; meets every 
Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock in the In- 
ternational hall, 60 King street west. 

Unity Lodge No 5 — G Stanton, D R 
W G T; meets every Wednesday 
evening at 8 o'clock in International 
hall, 60 King street west. 

Beaver Lodge No 6 — J S Brend, D 
R W G T ; meets every Monday 
evening at 8 o'clock in International 
hall, 60 King street west. 

Pioneer Temple No 2 (Juvenile) — 
Mrs E James, superintendent ; meets 
every, Friday evening from 7 to 8 in 
International hall, 60 King street west. 

Public meeting under the auspices of 
the city lodges held every Sunday after- 
noon at 4 o'clock in International hall, 
60 King street west. 


Hall 97 James street north. 

Imperial Council No 5 — C Smith, jr, 
S C. ; J S Knapman, sec ; meets 2nd 
and 4th Thursdays in hall, 97 James 

Sovereign Council No 9 — Dr E Em» 



ory, S C ; C H Sljfckle, sec ; meets 1st 
and 3rd Thursdays. 

Regina Council No 67— W J Kerr, 
S C ; J Burns, R S ; meets 2nd and 4th 

VVentworth Council No 149 — James 
Catlin, sec ; meets Wednesdays in 
Mission Church, Wentworth north. 


Hamilton Division, No 25 — R Mc- 
Bride, D G W P ; meets Thursday at 
22 King street east. 


Hamilton District — Gavin Stewart, 
D D G M. 

Barton Lodge No 6— H S Griffin, W 
M ; W J Grant, sec ; meets second 

Strict Observance No 27 — W C Mor- 
ton, W M ; T W Lester, sec ; meets 
3rd Tuesday. 

St John's Lodge No. 40— E Hill, W 
M ; Thos McCallum, sec ; meets 3rd 

Acacia Lodge No 61 — A Whyte, W 
M ; A Poulter, sec ; meets 4th Friday. 

Temple Lodge No 324 — ^John W 
Murton, W M ; E H Browne, s<jc ; 
meets 2nd Tuesday. 


Doric Lodge No 382 — Thos Irwin, 
W M ; J C Cheyne, sec ; meets 3rd 

Hamilton Masonic Hall Association 
— Edward Mitchell, president ; James 
Robertson, treasurer ; J J Mason, sec. 

Hamilton Masonic Mutual Benefit 
Association — R Brierley, president ; J 
J Mason, sec-treas. 

The Hiram R A C, No 2 — E Comp 
C W Mulligan, Z ; W J Grant, Scribe 
E ; meets first Monday in each month. 

St John's R A M, No 6~E Comp 
James A Malcolm, Z ; C W W Field- 

ing, S C ; meets second Thursday in 
each month. 

Harrington Conclave, No. 22, Kts 
R C R and C— Sir Kt H A Mackay, 
MPS; Sir Kt W Gibson, recorder ; 
meets February. May, August and No- 

The Godfrey de Bouillon Preceptory 
— Em Comp Thomas Hood ; C N 
McMichael, registrar; meets ist Friday. 

Murton Lodge of Perfection, No i — 
111 Bro John W Murton, 33 <^ , T G P 
M . Sov Pr W H Ballard, 32 ° , sec- 
retary ; meets ist Tuesday. 

Hamilton Sovereign Chapter Rose 
Croix No I— 111 Bro R K Hope, 32® , 
M W S ; 111 Bro W H Ballard, 32 ° , 
registrar. Meets 4th Tuesday. 

Moore Sovereign Consistory, S P R S, 
32 o —111 Bro John M Gibson, 33 ° , HI 
Bro David McLellan, 33 "=* , grand sec- 
retary ; meets 2nd Friday. 

Royal Order of Scotland, for the 
Provinces of Ontario and Quebec — 111 
Bro H A Mackay, 33° , Prov G M; 111 
Bro T W Murton, 33 ° , Sr Gr Warden 
111 Bro W Reid. 33"^, Jr Gr Warden ; 
111 Bro Hugh Murray, 33 ^ , Prov Gr 



Hamilton U D Camp No 2 — ^John H 
McCabe, commander ; P E Fitzpat- 
rick, secretary. 

Burlington Encampment No 7 — P 
McCandlish, C P ; W Hastings, R S. 

Royal Encampment No 36 — G E 
Wilson, C P ; G E Heming, R S. 

Excelsior Lodge, No 44 — W Bur- 
rowes, N G ; P Hastings, R S. 

Unity Lodge, No 47 — ^J M Iredale, 
N G ; Robert Stewart, R S. 

Victoria Lodge, No 64— George E 
Wilson, N G ; Geo E Henning, R S. 

Crescent Lodge, No 104— Fred Van- 
natter, N G ; T Raycroft, R S. 



Oak Leaf Lodge, No. 159 — Frank 
Hutton, N G ; T McBride, R S. 

Minerva Lodge, No 197 — D Robert- 
son, N G ; W Brooks, R S. 


Loyal Hamilton Lodge, No 7— Chas 
Blackman, N G ; Thos Parry, P S ; 
meets every other Wednesday. 

Loyal Commercial Lodge, No 9 — 
James McCulloch, N G ; J Philp, P S; 
meets every second Wednesday. 

Loyal Strict Observance, No 48 — E 
A P Cook, N G; C H Bampfylde, P S; 
meets every other Monday each month. 

Royal Purple Encampment, No i — 
C H Bampfylde, N G ; Thomas Parry, 
P S ; meets last Friday. 


Red Cross Lodge., No 3— William 
Massie, C C ; W H Tribute, K of R 
& S ; meets at the Odd Fellow's hall, 
John street north, Mondays at 8 p m. 

Alpha Division, No i- D J Peace, 
Sir Kt Commander ; Thos Knott, rec ; 
meets Wednesdays at 8 p m for drill, 
and first Monday at 8 p m, at 33 James 
street north. 

Grand Orient, No i — D J Peace, I 
S ; Alex W Aitchison, H S ; meets 
last Monday at Odd Fellows' hall, John 
street north. 


Hall 14 Macnab south. 

Hamilton Lodge, No 49— H McK 
Donaldson, M W ; A McPherson, re- 
corder ; meets alternate Fridays. 

Gore Lodge, No 88— A McLean, W 
E Hawkes, recorder ; meets alter- 
Fridays. it 

Wentworth Legion, So 3, Select 
Knights of A O U W— Robert Irwin, 
S R ; W H Woodhouse, S C ; meets 
alternate Tuesdays. 

HOME Circle 

Pioneer Council, No 66 ; meets in I 
OOF hall, John street north, 2nd and 
4th Thursdays. John Wallace, L : 
John A Morrison, secretary. 


Hall James corner King William. 

Parthenon Lodge, No i — G F N 
Birely, commander ; P Corridi, sec. 

Monarch Lodge, No 2 — W L Hub- 
bard, commander ; H A Mackelcan, 
secretary ; meets alternate Wednesdays. 


Maple Leaf Council — ^Jas Summers, 
C C ; Charles Martin, secretary. 


J M Byrens, D S R for Hamilton. 

Kanawha Council, No 681 — John 
McClean, regent ; W S Duffiield, sec- 
retary ; meets first and third Thursdays 
in Odd Fellows hall, John street north. 

Regina Council, No 757 — W E 
Brown, regent ; Alex Pinlayson, sec ; 
meets second and fourth Thursdays, in 
A O U W hall. 

Barton Council No 861— J F Monck, 
regent ; A T Neill, sec ; meets first and 
third Tuesdays in Odd Fellows hall, 
John street. 


Hall no James north. 

Court Pride of Ontario, No 5,640 — 
W J Emery, C R ; J B Buckingham, 
secretary. Alternate Thursdays. 

Excelsior Court, No 5,743 — C J 
McMillan, C R ; W J Vale, secretary. 
Alternate Thursdays. 

Court Maple Leaf, No 5,690 — H 
Martin, C R ; W Davis, secretary. 
Alternate Thursdays. 

Marquis of Lome, No. 6,490 — Thom- 
as Ramsay, C R ; Jas Barry, secretary. 



Sanctuary, A O S—F W Hughes, 
P ; Thomas Rumsey, scribe. 


Pioneeer Conclave, No. 21 — J B 
Buckingham, commander ; Thomas 
Rumsey, Ad ; meets Wednesday. 


Court Oronhyateka, No 23 - W 
Griffith, C R ; John Anderson, R S ; E 
S Cummer, C D H C R. Meets first 
and third Fridays in each month, at 22 
King street east. 

Court Amity, No -- W Taylor, C D 
H C R ; E Easter brook, C R ; D Glee- 
son, secretary. Meets first and second 



George Watson, D M ; Wm James, 

Royal Black Preceptory, No 148, G 
R I Encampment — Richard Ailles, W 
Sir Kt i't command , Wm Aspel, regis- 
trar. Meets on the third and fourth 
Monday in the month, in the Orange 
Hall, King street east. 


No 71— John Philips, W M ; R Law- 
son, R S. Meets on the first and third 
Tuesday in each month. 

No. 286— John Tulk, W M ; Robert 
Steven, R S. First Wednesday. 

No 312 — ^John W Hotram, W M ; 
Wm Hay, R S. First Monday. 

No 554— James H Smith, W M ; J 
Krug, R S. Second Monday. 

No 779 — Wm Richardson, W M ; E 
T Richards, R S. First Friday. 

No 1,019 -Hugh Hunter, W M ; 
Richard Smale, secretary. Fourth 
Thursday . 


Bank of British North America — 
D G McGregor, manager ; F. Brown 

field, accountant ; Wm (rraham, teller ; 
W T Ilony, discount clerk ; T Wil- 
I son, messenger. 

j Bank of Hamilton — E A Colquhoun, 

j cashier ; H S Steven, assistant cashier : 

C Bartlett, accountant ; J H Stuart, 

assistant accountant ; W" J Lindsay, 

teller ; E S Ambrose, W Butler, O S 

! Clarke, J C Brown, J S Gordon, H S 

I Webber, clerks. F Bennett, messenger. 

1 Canadian Bank of Commerce — E 

I Mitchell, manager ; O G Roy, teller ; 

H H Morris, accountant ; S Read, jr, 

assistant accountant ; John Cousins, 

j messenger. 

I Bank of Montreal — ] N Travers, 
i manager ; George Drummond. account- 
ant : John Rankin, teiler ; G Thomas, 
i messenger. 

i Mercliants' Bank of Canada — J S 
; Meredith, manager ; A Pringle, teller ; 
W A Bellhouse, accountant ; A B Pat- 
terson, ledger keeper ; J Johnston, 

Molson's Bank — J M Burns, mana- 
ger ; H A Ambridge, accountant ; A 
; O N Beatty^ teller ; W E Plant, ledger 
keeper ; W. Haverscroft, messenger. 

I Stinson's Bank, 10 Hughson street 
i north — A H Moore, manager ; A Leitb, 
I teller ; W B Coles, ledger keeper 


Farmers' and Traders' Loan Associa- 
tion — AL Jarvis, manager ; Thos R 
Patterson, teller ; L Lambert, ledger 
keeper. 36 King street east 

Omnium Securities Co — John F 
Wood, manager. 20 James street south. 

Hamilton Plouse Building Co — R L 
Gunn, sec. Court House. 

Hamilton Provident and Loan S^ 
ciety, corner King and Hughson 
corporated in 1871 — H 1> Camer 
treasurer ; A F Sutherland, inspe 
A W Roy, accountant ; A McEac 

Landed Banking and Loan Co — 
Samuel Slater, secretary - treasurer, 
3 James street south. 




Went worth — ist, H T Bunbury, 
Hamilton ; 2nd, F D Suter, Dundas ; 
3rd, J McMonies, jr, Waterdown ; 4th, 
W McDonald, Rock ton ; 5th, Alva G 
Jones, Stoney Creek ; 6th, L A Gurnett, 
Ancaster ; 7th, John McClemont, Glan- 
ford ; 8th, J S Taylor, Binbrook ; 9th, 
R L Gunn, Hamilton. 


Grand Trunk Railway. — General 
Offices, Montreal — Joseph Hickson, 
general manager ; L J Seargeant, traffic 
manager ; Wm Wainwright, assistant 
manager ; J Burton, general manager's 
assistant ; J Stephenson, superintendent ; 
E P Hannaford, chief engineer ; Herbt 
Wallis, mechanical superintendent ; R 
Wright, treasurer ; John Porteous, gen- 
eral freight agent ; W Edgar, general 
passenger agent ; T B Hawson, auditor ; 

H W Walker, accountant ; John Taylor, 
general storekeeper. 

Great Western Division, G T R. — 
Offices, Hamilton — Charles Stiff, sup- 
erintendent ; Joseph Hobson, chief 
engineer ; Thos Tandy, general freight 
agent ; C K Domville, mechanical sup- 
erintendent ; F J Domville, mechanical 
engineer ; W S Champ, paymaster. 

Hamilton and Northwestern Rail- 
way — ^John Stuart, president ; John 
Proctor, vice - president ; Maitland 
Young, secretary. 

. Northern and Northwestern Railway. 
— Head Office, Toronto — S Barker, 
general manager ; James Webster, sup- 
erintendent , Robert Quinn, general 
passenger agent ; M C Dickson, agent, 
Hamilton ; W C Schreiber, purchasing 
agent, Toronto. 


The following will be sent on rec3ipt of price. 

City of Hamilton $2 50 

City of Kingston, including Frontenac county 2 00 

City of St. Catharines, including Lincoln and Welland .... 2 00 

City of Brantford, including Brant county 2 00 

County of Simcoe 2 00 

County of Wentworth 2 00 


City of Guelph 2 00 

County of Wellington 3 00 

County of Waterloo 3 00 

City of Quebec 250 

City of Ottawa 2 50 

City of Montreal 3 00 


W. H. IRWIN &CO., 

12 MACNAB ST. SOUTH. Hamilton, Ontario 



Ambridge H A, accountant Mol- 
son-s Bank, 31 West ave s 

Ambrose A W (Duggan & 
Ambrose) h 199 Hughson n 

Becker <&. Hughes, manfr jewel- 
ers, 130 King e 

Bell W T, confectioner, 174 

Beveridge V H (T H Beveridge 
& Co) 134 King w, h 17 Bar- 
ton w 

Beveridge T H & Co, plumbers^ 
134 King w 

Black H J, 48 Cannon e 

Bowes Joseph, bookkeeper, 142 
Wellington n 

Brass Benjamin, 27 Markland 

Ball Rev G A, rector Holy Trin- 
ity, Barton, res The Cliff, 
Mountain top 

Clappison Thomas, book- 
seller and stationer, James cor 

Collins and Leigh (E W Collins, 
Jabez Leigh) general agents, 8 

Crockford C & Son, manf jewel- 
ers, 9 James n 

Dermody John, baker, 151 
Main e 

Duggan & Ambrose, barris- 
ters, Canada Life Chambers, i 
James s See card 

Duggan R J (Duggan k 
Ambrose) Wentworth cor Stin- 

reeman W H, wood and 
coal and builders' supplies, 169 
James n, h 80 Elgin 

Grant & Furmidge, carriage 
builders, 100 James n 

Henderson Alex (Robertson 
it Henderson) h 20 Victoria 
ave n 

Henderson A S, boots and 
shoes, 64 King w 

Hinman Mrs C A, milliner, 8 

James n 
Leigh Jabez (Collins k Leigh) 8 

John n 
Leslie R, fruiterer, 208 King e 
LumgairW S, sewing machines 

and organs, 92 James n 
Limin Frederick, policeman 
McKay Wm, hotel, 157 James n 
McMahon, Broadfield & Co 
(J S McMahon, G E Broad- 
field) crockery, glassware, lamp 
goods ; wholesale only, 45 
King w 
Meekison Andrew, grocer, 

James cor Cannon 
Mills George A, gents' furnish- 
ings, hats and caps, etc, 70 
King w 
Moody D W & Co, dress- 
maker school and Moody's 
tailors' system of cutting, 176 
King e 
Morrison E W, 132 Hughson n 
Murphy Mrs, laundress, 34 York 
Olmsted W H (Olmsted Bros) 

h 1 1 Hess s 
Plante W E, ledger keeper Mol- 

sons Bank, Duke cor Bay 

Queen's Laundry, 107 James n 

Reinholt Robert, manager D 

W Moody k Co, 176 King e 

Rutherford k Lester, real estate 

agents, 65^ James s 
Sawyer L D & Co (L D 
Sawyer, Henry P Coburn, 
Jonathan Ames and A H 
Hope) n e cor Wellington and 
G T R track 
Snider Rev D W, pastor Zion 

Church, 270 York 
StarLaundry, Mrs Murphy, 34York 
Taylor P^, grinder, 174 King e 
Trade Association, (Toronto) 
M B Rymal, manager, 24 
Macnab n 


City of Ein^ston d M] of Fro&tonao 


Including the Postal Addresses, Number of Lots and Concessions, 
Freeholder and Tenant of the farmers of the county. This book 
will be published and orders received, July ist, 1885. PRICE, $2. 

W. H. IRWIN •& CO., 



Directories of the city of St. Catharines (including Lincoln and Welland) and 
the county of Simcoe. Price, $2 each. Most recent pubHcations. 



THOS. IRWIN & SON, Proprietors, 

12 Macnab Street South, 




Iron, Tin and Gravel Roofing a Specialty, Also, sole manufacturers of the 
celebrated Acme Chimney Top, which has proved such a grand success — 
warranted to cure any smoky chimney. 



Dry Goods, Carpets, 


We beg to announce to the trade, that having every facility afforded us for 
purchasing which cai>h payments can command, we are in a position to offer in 
every department goods at prices that will prove profitable to close buyers. 

Our permanent representatives, who are always on the alert to supplement our 
slock for the assorting trade, together with our staff of departmental buyers, who 
visit the British and Foreign Markets semi-annually, enables us to offer a 
very varied and complete stock, not only during the regular but also during the 
assorting season, giving the purchasers the advantages of filling in their stocks with 
the most seasonable goods required. 

Believing that our true interests are identical with those of our customers, we 
carefully and continuously study the various changes of fashion, so that our clients 
may be in a position to place before their customers the latest choice novelties as 
they appear. 



Staples. — Manchester Goods, 

Flannels and Blankets, Linens 

and Jute Goods. 
Dress Goods. — Hosiery and 

(jloves, Ribbons and Corsets, 

Gents' Furnishings. 

Mantles and Shawls. — Laces, 
Muslins, Embroideries, Silks, 
Satins, Crapes, British and 
German Knitted Goods. 

Woollens. — Canadian Tweeds, 
Imported Woolens, Rubber 

i Haberdashery. — Wools and 

I Wool Work, British and Fo- 

! reign Fancy Goods, 

I and Papier Mache Goods. 

Carpets and Oil Cloths.— 

Brussels and Tapestries, Supers 
and Three-Ply Carpets, Dutch 
and Hemp Carpets. 

Upholsterers* Goods.— Raw 

Silk and Jute Coverings, Da- 
masks, Reps, Terries, Plushes, 
Piano and Furniture Felts, tfec. 

21, 23, 25, 27 Wellington Street East, 1 TnDnMxn 

28, 30, 32, 34 Front Street East, j ' ^K^'N I U, 

31 Major Street, Manchester, England. 


iniI?,E A-InTD life. 



The Royal Insurance Company h^ the Largei 
Surplus of Assets over Liabilities of any 
Fire Insurance Co'y in the world. 

Standard Life Assurance Co 

Total Risks, - "4 " 

Invested Funds, - i - - ■ 

Investments in Canada, -'^ 

Rates Liberal and Losses Promptly Settled. 






Insurance on Plate Qlass "Windows, Show Cases, etc. Stock held on^ 
hand for immediate replacemer in case of breakage. 


Oi^^^^*^ S^©e QQ'< 

Insures ag; 


all classes of Accident. 


Front Quebec or Portland every week. 


For City of Hamilton and County of Wentworth. Good for 
part of the Province of Ontario. 

Money to Loan on R^al Bstal 

At Liberal Rates of Interest and Easy Terms of Payment. 


House, 55 Hen-- imer street. Office, 81 James street nort