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M3«cUsV*r. V.-g.-- . Bo-^ .\ t«d. 

Jk su*r»ma*-V 'A ^ 

iyar ipas 


^ witU a S^a-*^ 

JUL 2S 189 







T. II. PATTESC)N, PresiMent 

\RENCE YADEN, Secretary 

E. H. WELLS, Treasurer. 








By trfiT»f«^«=*^ 

City of Manchester. 

A Brief Summary of Her Past: Some Facts 

and Figures about Her Present, with 

a Glance at Her Prospects 

for the Future. 

The cit}^ of Manchester, Va., is situated on the James River, 
opposite the city of Richmond, and, while a separate corporation,- 
is, in its business rehitions, practically part of that city. Man-- 
chester is bordered on the north and east by the James River,- 
which almost entirely hugs it in, with .its romantic falls and 
splendid and unsurpassed water-povrer, and lower down with its 
line wharfage and shipping facilities. It is bordered on the 
south and west by the county of Chesterfield,, with its fine 
farming and trucking lands, beautiful suburban residential sites, 
healthfiil and life-giving mineral springs, splendid railway facili- 
ties, magnificent granite quarries, excellent manufacturing loca- 
tions, and beautiful parks. This part of the county embraces 
Manchester in its loveliness and beauty ; and is, for all busine^sj 
purposes, a part and parcel of the city. Manchester is situated 
on a series of high and gently sloping hills, which originally 
formed natural terraces, extending from the crests of these ridges 
to the river. These hills have now been graded and arranged 
for the purpose of one of the most thrifty and progressive little 
cities of the State. It was established in Colonial days by an 
act of the House of Burgesses of the Colony. For many years 
it was one of the most beautiful and influential villages of Vir- 
ginia, retaining much of the sim.plicity and attractiveness of an 
English village. It kept these characteristics, in the main, until 
a short period before the late war, and after that date rapidly 
altered its conditions and evirons to meet the demands of the 
new order of things. Beautifully and niost advantageously lo- 

catea, it has attracted much attention in the past and is dt5stined 
to a!;tract more in the future. 


Manchester's population, jrroper', is about eleven thousand. 
Besides this large collection of her orderly and hard-working- 
people, the out-lying suburbs, Embracing Swansboro', and other 
immediately adjacent territories, but not including beautiful 
Woodland Heights, West Manchester, Forest-Hill Park, Home- 
stead, &c., contain about three thousand more people. These 
people, are characterised by industry and good sense, and dis- 
tinguished for their orderly conduct and sterling qualities of 
character and disposition. Men of all conditions of life can find 
a home and associations in Manchester, and locations to suit the 
rich or the poor, as all sorts of lots, admirably situated and in 
easy access to business and work centres, can be bought cheap 
and on good terms. The people are intelligent, genial, polite 
and sociable, and are prompted by fine impulses. 


The city limits embraces 687 acres, and are irregular in tbrm, 
the river lorming tlie corporate lines on two sides, and lines be- 
ing drawn from the same on the other two sides. Along the 
lines of the river front there is the most superb water-power in 
the State, and it is creditably stated, and we believe can be 
demonstrated, that this water-power is equal to any in extent, 
location, accessibility to shippin^^ by water and rail, and facility 
of management, to any in the United States: 


The climate of the city is the beautiful and healthful climate 
of Tide-water Virginia. Being situated high and dry on the 
slopes ot hills, and naturally well drained, with the southern 
winds blowing from an unpolluted country territorv, the city is 
cool and healthy. 


Manchester is reputed one of the healthiest cities of the State. 
Until recently she did not have a complete system of sewerage ; 
but without such she could boast of better health among her peo- 
ple than her sister cities, and notably her near sister city of 
Richmond, in which, notwithstanding lier vast sewerage system, 
which has been established and maintained at immense cost, the 
mortality is greater than in this city. This is attributable, to 
some extent, to the fact that Manchester is situated on the 
Southern side of the James River, and consequently has the 
summer winds from the south blowing nothing from the river 
into her midst, but all from her ; and also because all the winds 
hat she enjoys during the summer are from the country — pure 
and untainted by any corrupting sources or substances. Within 
the last year a most improved and excellent sewerage system 
has been placed in the cit}', which will soon be in operation. It 

•is natural to tliink that the health and sanitation of the citv art- 
bound to be vastly improved and promoted by these admirable and 
extensive improvements, and that Manchester is destined to rank 
as one of, if not the most healthy, city in the State. Within half 
ii mile of the city is the splendid spring at Fonticello, which is 
one of the finest health-giving springs in Virginia. Within one 
mile of the city is the beautiful, romantic and unique Forest- 
Ilill Park, a freak of nature, that has placed in the very heart of 
the populations of two cities a miniature mountain-pass, with all 
of its wild beauties, embowered dells, towering boulders, spark- 
ling brooks, and lovely springs of pure water, one of which, at 
least, being a spring of fine medicinal properties. Within four 
miles of the city is one of the boldest and most beautiful springs 
in the State, appropriately named Beaufont, a spring of the most 
•crystal clearness and of splendid mineral and medicinal proper- 
ties. Then, there are the finest of springs at " Holy Springs," 
■" Campfield,"' and many others of equal excellence and potency, 
■with their health-giving and refreshing waters. The bulk of 
these water resorts are near the city and of easy and quick ac- 
cess by street-railways or railways. There are many beautiful 
drives around the city that lead to these springs and other places 
of equal beauty and attractiveness. The water from these 
springs is furnished by daily delivery at cheap rates at our very 


The city has a fine court-house situated in the heart of tht- 
'business part of the city in a lovely public square, and the same 
is well equipped for the business of the court. 


x\ll laws are rigidly and impartially enforced, and the city is 
•considered and praised as being one of the most orderly and 
well-conducted in the country. 


Maury Cemetery, the public burying-place of the citv, is 
•owned by thi' city. It is a beautiful spot, and under proper 
management is becoming more beautiful each vear. 


The public scht)ol system of tlie city is good and well con- 
ducted. There are two large school buildino-s. One on Bain- 
bridge street is tor the white children, and the other, on Maury 
street, is for the colored children. There are twelve separate 
schools, under the management of a principal, in the wiiite school 
building: and eight schools, under the management of a princi- 
pal, in the colored school building. 68 1 white children were en- 
rolled in the white schools last session, and 439 children in the 
colored schools. The children are taught from the primary 
grades up to a fine course in the Iligh-Schools. The schools are 
well arranged, located, ventilated and equipped with suitable 


apparatus. Important improvements are contemplated .in the 
schools, which will be carried out from time to time, and in- 
crease their efficiency. 


The church tacilities of the cit}'" are most excellent. There 
are churches, distributed among the various denominations, as 
follows: One Episcopal Church, three Baptist Churches, four 
Methodist Churches, one Christian Church, and one Presby- 
terian Church. Some of these church buildings are marked by 
great architectural beauty, and are gems of convenience and 
comfort. The denominations are bretheren in work and good- 


The cit}^ has a most excellent S3'stem of water- works. A full 
supply of water is furnished to the citizens, and all the water for 
tires and street purposes is well supplied to the cit}" b}^ its own 
works. The city has a system of water plugs, »fcc., that afford 
great facilities in cases of fire. 


The city is lighted b}^ electricity. There is an arrangement 
on foot to furnish the entire people with gas or electricity bv the 
citv itself. 


There are two rail\va3^s that pass through and stop in the cit}-,. 
the Southern and the Atlantic Coast Line. .Each have shops in 
the cit}'. The Southern has large and extensive shops here. 
They are finely and elaborately equipped. Many hands are- 
employed at them, while a goodly number are employed at the 
Richmond and Petersburg shops. There is a connection of the 
R. F. & P. Railroad and the Atlantic Coast Line, called the 
Belt Line, which passes a short distance outside of the citv, in 
the county of Chesterfield, along all of which railroads are the 
most admirable and convenient sites lor all sorts and kinds of 
manufactories, shops and mills. The Southern connects with 
the wharfs on the James River below the city, and thence has 
an out-let to the sea. An inspection of these roads will demon- 
strate to all that the shipping facilities and conveniences of Man- 
chester are as great as that of any city in the South. She has 
the most accessible transportation to all points North and South, 
and to foreign countries. 


Manchester is traversed bv two street railways. Each extend 
from Richmond, and connect with all of the street railways of 
that city imder the management of the Richmond Railway and 
Electric Co, ; and transfers are given to all these connections. 
and vice v^ersa. These roads extend out into the county, and 
centre at Forest-Hill Park. One begins at the corner of 14th 
and Main streets, Richmond, and passes across Mayo's Bridge. 

through Manchester, up Hull street, through Swansboro'. and 
West ' Manchester to Woodland Heights, and through that 
lovely part of the cit}'' to Forest-Hill Park. The other branch 
commences at Broad and 7th streets, Richmond, and extends 
across the Free ]5ridge, througli Manchester, on 7th and Perr}', 
Cowardin avenue, and Semmes avenue, through Woodland 
Heights, to Forest-Hill Park. Thus Manchester enjoys four 
miles of street railway, and most excellent facilities in this line. 
All parts of the city are brought in close communication with 
the other parts, with all parts of Richmond and its out-lying 
■pleasure resorts, and all the beautiful country and parks around 
Manchester. Other extensive improvements in the street rail- 
ways, and the establishment of others, are in contemplation. 


The falls of the James River extend from BDsher's Dam, 
Avhich is about eight miles above the city, to Mayo's Bridge, 
Avhich is at the foot of Hull street, in the very heart of the place. 
All along the river, for this great distance, the water-power is 
unexcelled by that in any other spot of the United States. The 
water of the river, which is abundant, could be collected and hus- 
banded all along, and used to propel thousands of wheels ; and, 
thus employed, afford an inexhaustible motive power for manu 
factories, mills, &c. The water could thus be used over and 
over. The value of the water-power is enhanced by the fact 
that the river is bordered, the greater part of the way from 
Bosher's Dam to the termination of the falls, by the Southern 
Railway. When it is not in actual contact with the same, and 
other railroads, it is very near and of easy access to them. 
This vast and splendid water-power needs but the " Enchanter's 
wand" of wealth to make it the most powerful and far-reaching 
in this country. 


It goes with saying that there are magniticient manufacturing 
sites all along the river, w^here the water-power, just described, 
can be utilized. But in addition to these admirable sites, there 
are equallv as fine ones, (where steam could be used), all along 
the railroads, in the city, and in the county. The Southern, the 
Atlantic Coast Line, and the Beit-Line being notably advan- 
tageous in this respect. Miles of splendid and admirable sites 
are here presented, which can be procured at reasonable rates 
of cost, and which ofter the best advantages of transportation, 
climate, and facility of access, &c. 


With all the fine opportunities offered here for sites, &c., it is 
natural that the people of the cit\' are solicitous of building up 
her advantages in this respect. Investments in this line and the 
establishment of works and factories of all kinds are wanted. To 
a considerable extent these things are new and undeveloped in 


this cit}^ and they are solicited. All information will be readily 
furnished and all enquiries answered b}'^ the Board of Trj\de. 


We have here now, which employ a large number of hands , 
the Southern Railway Shops, the Richmond and Petersburg^ 
Railway Shops, Marshall Mills Manufacturing Co. (cotton)^ 
Manchester Spike Plant, The Old Dominion Iron and Nail 
Works, Old Dominion Cotton Mills, Manchester Paper Twine- 
Co., Manchester Standard Oil Co., Dunlop Mills, (flour), Man- 
chester Mills, (meal, &c.), Stacy's Shuck Factor}^, Johnson's 
Car Axle Works, Toler & Sons' Furniture Factor}^ Richmond 
Wood Working Co. A. D. Shotwell & Co. (tannery), J. C. 
Hogan & Co. (tannery), Virginia Leather Co. (tannery), Chemi- 
cal Works, Transparent Ice Co. 


Owing to the cheapness and accessibility of the lands of the- 
city, for such purposes, most admirable sites for warehouses can 
be found here. The parts of Manchester suited for these pur- 
poses are adjacent to the river and the railroads, and are ver}- 
easy of access to Richmond ; and therefore afford splendid op- 
portunities for the merchants and business men of that city to 
erect and equip them here. This advantage has been percei'/ed 
by some enterprising Richmond business men, and several ware- 
houses are being erected here, and others are in contemplation. 
All should investi^;ate this matter and invest where thev find it 

Manchester's board of trade. 

The Board of Trade of the city is a bod}' of active and ener- 
getic gentlemen, who take deep interest in all that pertains to 
the advancement of the business and welfare of the cit}^ 

All information desired can be procured from and through 
the Board. 



Without saying much about it, we are trying each 
day to show what we think a good Dry-Goods 
store should be. 

Our intelligent shopping pubhc includes the wisest 
retail buyers in the country. They are keen to 
detect humbug ; quick to encourage worthy en- 

The career of this lousiness has been co-operative. 
We have shown the public the grand possibili- 
ties of retailing. The public has rewarded us 
with the appreciation that makes success. 

Clear knowledge on these points underlies our policy. 
You have a right to expect both the service and 
• the merchandise to improve constantly; and 
you'll not be disappointed. 

Ivcspectfull}' yours, 

509-511-513 East Broad Street, 

Richmond, Va. 




»'•'«-*»»«»«» •«»(«W(KBl 1 

200 farms for sale in sizes from ten to two thou- 
sand acres each. Prices from $3 per acre up. 

Several sites suitable for manufactories, some with water- 
power and railroad connections. City and suburban real 
estate for sale and rent. Pine and white oak timber lands. 
Coal lands and granite quarries. 

For further particulars, apply to 
911 Hull Street, Manchester, Ya. 



Manchester, Virginia, 

At Close o£ Business July i, 1S96. 


Capital stock', 
Surplus Fund, 
Individual Deposits, 
Certificates of Deposit, 
Dividend Unpaid, 
Undivided Profits — Net, 


Bills receivable, 




Furniture and Fixtures, 



Due from National Bank- 




Due from State Bank of 

Virginia, Richmond, \' 




CVash on hand, 



Real Estate owned, 







45,000 00 

10,000 00 

122,706 89 

22,854 21 
1,470 00 

530 99 


$202,562 09 


*)13 Hull Street, Manchester, Ya. 

Commenced Business April 15, i88g. 

CAPITAL, - - - $4.1.000. 

SURPLU;^, - - - 10,000. 

i'ividends paid annually, since commencement of business, of 7 per cent. Busi 
ness solicited and accommodation given as fully as possible, consistent with safe 


A. L. ADAMSON, President. 
J. H. PATTESON, Cashier. 




Augustine Royall& Company, Real Estate and 
Insurance Agents and Auctioneers. Office No. 
19 Tenth street, Leader Building, Manchester, 

Va. — The above tirm has, with the exception of a tew years 
(from 1883 to 1887), been in existance since 1872. They are 
tuUy equipped to do the real estate and insurance business in 
all of its branches. They have a large quanity of improved and 
unimproved real estate in this city for sale and rent on the most 
favorable terms ; also a large number of farms in the counties of 
Powhatan and Chesterfield for sale at low figures, some exceed- 
ingly desirable farms, with good improvements, mills, &c. 
Manufacturers, wholesale merchants and others doing large 
amount of shipping, will find it greatly to their advantage to in- 
spect the valuable locations this firm represents, lying on the 
various railroads passing through the cit\'. Sites for warehouses, 
&c., can be gotten for very low figures, and thousand of dollars can 
be saved annually in drayage and extra labor by having ware- 
houses situated on the line of the railroad, where goods can be 
liandled at the ver}- lowest possible cost. Consult Messrs. Ste- 
phen Putney & Co., wholesale dealers in shoes, boots, «S:c., and 
J. R. Johnson & Co., car axle manufacturers, what they think of 
saving in doing business in this city, having their places of busi- 
ness immediately on the line of the railroad. Those who de- 
sire similar situations will find it to their interest to call on the 
above firms. 


Go to R. A. GibbS — Where you can buy fresh meats at 
lowest prices — such as beef, pork, veal, mutton, etc. No. 151 2 
Mull street, between i^th and i6th. 


Friend Bros., Druggist and Seedsmen.— Drug 

store corner Hull street and Cowardin avenue, where can always 
be found a very complete stock or pure drugs and medicines, fine 
stationary, toilet articles, soaps, smokers' goods, etc. Physicians' 
prescriptions are carefull}^ compounded day or night b}' registered 
clerks. Seed ware-rooms 1803 Hull street, field and garden 
seeds, seed oats, seed potatoes, German and red clover, and all 
useful seeds of tried and known merit. When in want of field 
or garden seeds, call upon us, and we will gladly show you 
through our seed ware-room. All orders by mail promptly at- 
tended to. 

EstaMislied 1880— J. P. Robinson.— Dealer in choice 

Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Tobacco. This stock of wines and 
liquors is specially selected and recommended for medicinal and 
family use. They are guaranteed free of adulterations and 
chemically pure. Sixteen 3'ears experience in this special line 
is sufficient guarantee that the qualtiy is the best, and the pricey 
the lowest. For the convenience of families, the store will be 
open from 6 A. M. to 10 P. M. ; during those hours my personal 
attention will be given to those who may desire to sample every 
brand known to the trade. Being the agent for Peter Stumpfs 
Brewing Co,, I can offer their special beer bottled and packed 
in cases containing one and two dozen, delivered, without addi- 
tional cost, at any residence south of the, James, at short notice. 
J. P. Robinson, 1437 Hull street cor. 15th, Manchester, Va. 

M. B. Staples, Baker and Confectioner.- Dm i n g 

his four 3'ears business career in our cit}^ has been popularly 
known in business circles as an able representative of the bakery 
and confectioner}^ business, whose proficiency is generally 
acknowledged. ]Mr. Staples, as a manufacturer of his own goods, 
can guarantee their ingredients to be free from adulteration, and 
always fresh. Free delivery to all parts of the city. Mr. Sta- 
ples is a wholesale and retail dealer in all latest novelties in 

Toney & Brown, Coal and Wood.— This firm name 

is well-known to commercial centres as a highly honorable and 
safe firm ; its proprietors are natives of our city, Mr. Toney be- 
ing our postmaster. The excellent facilities possessed by the 
firm enables them to furnish our factories and homes with the 
highest grades of coal, and all kinds wood — long, sawed and 
split, at lowest market prices. Their winter's supply of fuel is 
always ample, while their means of deliver}' is prompt, and you 
will always receive good weight without dust. 

Pioneer Meat Market, M. Stein, Proprietor. 

Thirtv vears airo ]Mr, M. Stein, when Manchester was a mere 



village, established this business which still bears his name, 
though' is now conducted by Mr. Geo. Stein, son of IMr. M. 
Stein, who has prosecuted the business affairs of the '• Pioneer' 
since July, 1895, with great success, and to-day this pioneer es- 
tablishment ranks as the leading market in ^Manchester, where 
we procure our best meats at lowest prices. Free delivery to all 
parts of the city. 

Mrs. J. H. Nichols, 1202 Hull Street.— About aine 

years ago Mrs. Nichols, who is well known to our people, suc- 
cessfully conducted a 5 and 10 cent store, though her business 
has branched out in other directions, adding new departments — 
the 5 and 10 cent department remains a prominent teature,.and 
man}^ good 5 and 10 cent bargains are to be had, and notions, 
confectioneries, school books, stationery, crockery, glass and 
tinware are alwa^^s in stock. Mrs. Nichols has always a genial 
flow of humor and welcome for all. 

J. C. Snellings, Pharmacist, 1226 Hull Street.- 

The citizens of Mannhester should congratulate themselves upon 
having in their midst such a thoroughly appointed pharmac}', 
one in wdiich every confidence can be placed, equalh* as regards 
goods, proficienc}^ and fair charges, as that of J. C. Snelling's, 
W'ho has been identified with the drug trade of our city for the 
past twent}^ years, and by long experience has acquired high 
qualifications as one of our oldest and ablest druggist. The 
Doctor's Julian Chill Pills and Chapped Skin Cure are, indeed, 
messengers of relief to the suffering. A large stock of drugs, 
medicine and toilet articles are always on hand. 

J. S. Sykes. — Wholesale and retail dealer in best grades of 
wood and coal, also, laths and lumber cut to order. It would 
only be carrying coals to New Castle to tell the people of this or 
adjoinining States anything about the extent or character of this 
business establishment, as it stands for progress in the general 
development of Manchester, and the activity which characterizes 
every department is due to that initiative energy and enterprise 
of the proprietor, Mr. J. S. Sykes, which he daily displays in the 
management of his business. The yards cover about a square 
and a half, aftbrding every facility for the receipt and reship- 
ment of the heavy consignments which are being continually re- 
ceived of best classes of anthracite and bituminous coal of all 
sizes and kinds ; also coke. These products are purchased direct 
from mines and are sold at wholesale and retail in car lots or 
quantities to suit purchasers. The business has prospered for 
seven years, being extensively patronized by both Manchester 
and Richmond people. The lowest market quotations are given 
in coal and wood to consumers and jobbers by Mr. Sykes. ^ Local 
orders and foreign correspondence invited. Yard and otlice cor- 
ner Seventh and Semmes streets. 


Nunnally & BrO. — Dealers in Groceries and Liquors at the 
corner of Eighth and Hull streets, have a two story place, and a 
-warehouse besides for heavy goods, also a branch house at nth 
and Hull streets of equal facilities. Thev are leading grocers of 
Manchester and are natives of the city, having been merchants 
since '72, and are men of substantial resources, owning conside- 
rable Manchester propert}^ and country lands. 

R. C. Petzolcl, Pharmacist, 12th and Hull Sts.— 

Mr. Petzold honorably sustained himself in his examination be- 
fore the Virginia State Board of Pharmac}^ and ranks now as 
one of our best known young druggist, having been a resident 
of our city for seven years, whose store is well fitted up, while 
the prescription labrator}^ is equipped with ever}- modern facility 
for compounding medicines. 

D. D. Harrison, Druggist and Apothecary, 1510 

Hull St. — This is Manchester's popular local pharmacy, en- 
joying an excellent reputation, which has always been liberally 
patronized. D. D. Harrison, the proprietor, creditably acquitted 
himself before our State Board of Pharmacy, who presides over 
his prescription labratory. Physicians' prescriptions and family 
recips are compounded in an accurate and prompt manner. 
The line of drugs and chemicals carried are of the purest phar- 
macopial strength. Toilet and fancy articles are also in stock 
in profusion, while courteous attention is extended all. 

Bowen & Bradley, General Merchandise, 1301 

and 1303 Hull St. — ^t would be superfluous to tell a citizen 
of Manchester an3'thing about the extent or character of the busi- 
ness done by this up-to-date house, as we all know the iirm 
stands for progress in mercantile methods in Manchester. 
Twenty years ago the firm was organized, and from its very 
inception the names of Messrs. Bowen and Bradley have been 
suggestive of the blessing the patron receives from the upright 
dealing's of the firm. Be sure and remember their two cardinal 
rules : their stock is the most perfect and varied in Manchester, 
and such goods cannot be bought in Richmond for j same 
mone}'. Give them a trial order. 

Manchester Oil & Paint Co., 1102 Hull Street.-- 

In the interest of truth and justice it becomes our ' duty to call 
particular attention to the Manchester Oil & Paint Co., whose 
products are of the highest standard. Their goods are not only 
handled by the local trade, but are shipped throughout the State 
and many points in the South. It is hardly necessary to mention 
all their different brands, as thev are well known. The com- 
pany manufactures all their goods, and can guarantee their in- 
gredients to be pure. 


H. V. Des Fortes, D. D. S., 91U Hull St.— Amono 

the able representative dentists of this section of country there 
are none more highly regarded for professional skill than Dr. 
H. V. Des Portes, a graduate of the IJaltimore College of Den- 
tal Surgery, class 1880. Dr. Des Portes practices all branches 
of modern Dental Surgery, making a specialty in gold crown 
and bridge work, in which branch his proficiency is recognized. 
Teeth are extracted and natural teeth are filled with gold or 
plastic fillings in a most durable and skillful manner. Dr. Des 
Portes is the only resident dentist of our city whose skill and 
prices will favorably compare with any Richmond dentist. 
We should go to him for professional services and not to Rich- 

Central Meat Market, I. H. Reynolds, Prop.— 

Such a well regulated meat market as that of the Central is well 
recognized by us all, not only to be a convenience, but an abso- 
lute necessity to our city, where we can go an}' hour of the day 
and procure the freshest meats from refrigerators kept scrupu- 
lously clean. Mr. Reynolds has been with us as a merchant 
about eighteen months, and our people freel_y give him his much 
merited reputation of furnishing us with the best meats reqinred 
bv the trade — also excellent groceries. 

The Toney Steam Laundry, 1022 Hull Street.— 

The citizens of Manchester may be congratulated upon having 
in the Toney Steam Laundry such ample and excellent facilities 
for procuring ihe best possible service in that line. The S3'stem 
w^iich pervades tlie entire establishment leaves nothing to be de- 
sired, and the firm has deservedly secured the patronage of our 
people, as we all appreciate the luxury of clean, well laundered 
linen, either for wear or our beds and our tables. Messrs. To- 
ney & Davis, proprietors, invite a trial prder to convince the 
most fastidious that they can do up an article in just as good 
st3de as any Richmond laundr}'. 

Mrs. D. E. Lipscomb, 1204 and 1206 Hull St.- 

Having been established in the Dry Goods and Milliner}- busi- 
ness for twenty years, carries a large and tastefully selected 
stock. jNIrs. Lipscomb has acquired a thorough knowledge ot* 
her line, and handles it with skill and ability — is popular with 
the trade, commanding a large patronage. 

Vaden & Company, Hardware, 1502 Hull St.— 

The hardware trade necessarily forms an important feature in 
the general commerce of Manchester, while Messrs. Vaden & 
Company is recognized as our representative hardware establish- 
ment. A very large and comprehensive stock is carried, which 
embraces shelf and heaw hardware, farminir implements, un- 


dertakers' supplies, carriage and wagon materials, builders' and 
contractors' supplies, sash, blinds and doors. This firm always 
sell their goods for prices as low as Richmond merchants. 
Messrs. Vaden & Weisiger, the proprietors, have always resided 
in Manchester. In 1890 they embarked in business, and, as 
Manchester citizens, deserve our patronage. 

H. C. Beattie,— Successor to H. C. & D. D. Beattie, Beat- 
tie Block, — Mr. H. C. Beattie has been familiarly known in 
business circles during the past twenty-four years as an able 
representative of the dry goods and shoe business, as a member 
of the old firm of H. C. & D. D. Beattie, which has recently 
been dissolved, and is now known as H. C. Beattie, in whose 
management is combined an experience in the business and a 
familiarity with the wants of the trade, which makes his stock 
diversified, handsome and complete, in boots, shoes, dry goods, 
notions, etc. You will always find here excellent grades of goods, 
at bottom prices, to select from, and it will be to your interest to 
deal here. 

F. U. Moxley, Grocer, Fourth and Hull Sts.— 

Mr. Moxley is popularly known to our people as a reliable 
groceryman, who has been a resident of Manchester since 1876. 
He can at all times furnish you with all kinds of groceries at 
prices that defy competition, and as regards fine wines, liquors, 
also tobacco and cigars, he is prepared to give 3'ou the best, for 
he is an excellent judge of these goods. We heartily recom- 
mend you to patronize him, knowing his proficiency to serve you. 

J. E. Trevillian, Baker and Confectioner.— Mr. 

Trevillian is one of Manchester's youngest merchants, whose 
keen business ability has brought him to the front, clearly de- 
monstrated by his now flourishing business. He has a high re- 
putation for manufacturing a class of goods noted for purety and 
excellence, as well as for reasonable prices. Mr. Trevillian 
is a native of Manchester, who well deserves the signal success 
which has attended his three years business career. Give him 
your patronage. He can serve vou better than Richmond. 

R. D. Walker, Carpenter and Builder, 7th and 

Perry Streets. — -^^ a carpenter and builder we know of no 
firm better qualified to meet the demands of our city than Mr. 
R. D. Walker, who, as a skilled mechanic in his department of 
trade, has no superior in Manchester. Mr. Walker established 
himself here in 1881, since which period he has erected many 
substantial buildings in our midst, which are monumental to his 
ability as a reliable contractor. Mr. Walker supervises all his 
work, guaranteeing' satisfaction. 


The firm of A. J. DaffrOll — Is one of the best known in 
the State, though Mv. DatTron is a young man, being only 32 j-ears 
old, he is old in the business. lie is thoroughly a furniture man, 
being descended from furniture people. ]Mr. Daftron commenced 
bvisiness here in a small way about seven years ago. Prior to that 
he was book-keeper for his father, Wm. Daflron, of Richmond, 
Va., for over nine years, making in all about sixteen years ex- 
perience in the furniture busines. Possessed of a thorough 
knowledge of the business, long experience, ample capital and 
unlimited credit, no house is better fixed to know the wants of 
the people or in a better position to fill them. Mr. Datiron draws 
his stock from the great furniture markets all over the country, 
and can therefore give you better value for your money. His 
business has continually increased in the face of the general 
business depression, and each year has been an increase over 

the proceeding 
one. The cut ac- 
companying this 
article is taken of 
Mr. Daffron's es- 
tablishment some 
four or five years 
ago, to which 
he has since ad- 
ded many im- 
provements. His 
stock consists 
generally of all 
kinds of fur n i- 
ture, such as par- 
lor, chamber, 
dining-room and 

hall — carpets, mattings, oil cloths, refrigerators, babv carriages, 
stoves, clocks, curtains, etc., etc. In fact, IVIr. DafiVon 
can furnish your house from top to bottom, with neatness 
and taste, and, the beauty of it, at a less cost to you than others 
will do it for. He will also let you have them on very liberal 
terms, if 3'ou have not all the money. Go and see him ; he will 
credit you, at cash figures. We advise all who are thinking of 
investing in his line to call on A. J. Daflron, Sixteenth and Hull 
streets, Manchester, Va. Mr. Dafiron is a member of the Board 
of Trade, and chairman of its committee on New Business. In 
all movements and public gatherings, which have for their ob 
ject the advancement of any industrial or commercial interest of 
Manchester, he is alwa3's found in the front with a liberal hand 
and clear head, cognizant of the fact that Manchester's latent 
facilities must be developed through the efforts of her own people. 

J. J. Barker & Co., Plumbers and Tinners —The 

plumber, steam and gas-fitter is every day becoming more im- 
portant m Manchester, as she gradually assumes the characteris- 
tic features of a city ; from this fact J. J. Barker six months ago 
located m our city. The plumber's profession is of vital in- 
portance to the public health, and no bungling or imperfect work 
can be tolerated without great danger. Messrs. Barker & Co. 
come well recommended as plumbers, who use utmost care and 
skill m their work. Their good work in our city is alreadv 
beginning to advertise them, for our people recognize their pro- 


Charles H. Berry, 


Wholesale and Retail 

"^.i^ -iC;^ Nil? .cd. 




Tea^s sirLd. Coffee a, speci^lt37". 
Eighth and Hull Sts., Berry's Corner. 



Commissioner in Chancery of Circuit Court Chesterfield, and Hustings Court 
Manchester. Special attention to the examination of Titles. Tractices in all the 
courts of Manchester, Chesterfield, Richmond and Henrico. P. O. Lock Box in. 

OFFICE : Leader Building, Rooms Nos. 1 and 2, 

Corner Hull and Tenth Sts., Manchester, Ya. 



y^ 525 East 
W >^ Broad street, 



Portraits in 




Moderate Prices! ^\^ 




r ■ 

E, H. CLOWES k CO., Agents, 

713 East Main Street, 

'Phone 133. RICHMOND, \ A. 


Rambler Bicycle in tep models, four colors, ... ^lOO 00 
Fast Flying Yankee liicycle in five nioflelB, three colors, - 100 00 
Zenith Bicycle in five models, three colore - - - - 100 00 
Swell Newport Bicycle in five models, three colors, - - 100 00 
Shelby Ideals Bicycle, with linnihler running ji-oar, - l-'iy to 75 00 
Chicago Ideals, $30 to 50 00 

All the above 1896 Wheels reduced 15 per cent, 
balance of the season. 

Kow's the tiiiK! to buy your Wheels ; 97 patterns will be found at $100. 




lEElS \\m W \\l mX BAI, lEfl Ai iONIH, 

Typewriting and Duplicating- a specialty. 

Repair Shop Complete. Prices Low ! 

Rambler 189C Bicycle, in ten models, - . . . $100 00 
Reduced to $85, balance of season. 

Nos. 1 and 3 Shelby Ideals, Rambler running gear, - - 75 00 
Reduced to $65, balance of season. 
Fast Flying Yankee, $100, reduced to 
Zenith, $100, reduced to $85.