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25 .yryv '^Z ^ 

Satiiacli College littarj 

oiasa of lasa 









Call on or Communicate with 


401-402-403-404 Tremont Building, Boston 

Telephone, 1308 Haymarket 

•mih OffiM, 100 fLEASART SHEET, lARBlEHaO, ippositi 1 1. STATIOI 

1490 WASHIIiaTOiy ST. manes, i DORCBESTER AV. 





Club Directory 



West End, Back Bay, South Ejid, Roxbury, South Boston 

Chailestown, Jamaica Plain, Dorchester 

Brookline and Cambridge 

Contaimng the Names of Over Twenty Thousand Householders 

West End, Back Bay, Jamaica Plain 
Brookline and Cambridge 

Alphabetically Arranged 


Member AmdatiaQ American Directory Publuheit 


Copyright 1908 by Sampwo & Muidock Co. 





• • 

• • 

• • 


• • 

• • 



• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 




li 2 


1 2 


























15 16 




19 20 







2122 23 24 1 



26 27 28 






28 29 30131 1 



• • 

• • 


• • 

• • 


• • 


• • 


• • 




• • 


• • 


• • 


• • 


• • 


• • 













12 13114 1 












19 20 



22 23 









26 27 



• • 

• ■ 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• » 


30 31 

• ■ 

• • 

• • 

• • 


• • 








■ • 

• • • • 



















































• • 

• • 

• • 







• • 


• • 

• ■ 

• • 

• • 






• • 

• • 

« • 

• • 







































18 19 

20 21 





27 28 



• • 


25 26 

27 28 




• • 

• • 

■ • 

• • 

• • 

• ■ 



• • 

• • 

• • > • • 

• • 

• • 









• • 



3 4 













10 11 


























24! 25 





• • 

• t 

• • 

• • 

• ■ 





• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 


• • 

• • 







■ • 

• • 

• • 





















16 16 



























• • 



• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 


• • 



• * 


• • 


• • 


■ ■ 

• • 

• • 

«^ ^ 




Algonquin ClAb 617 

Apollo Club 626 

Back Bay and West End Alpha- 
betically Arranged 149 

Back Bay and West End Residents 

by Streets , 65 

Back Bay and West End Street 

Index 15 

Back Bay and West End Hotel 

Residents 39 to 62 

Boston Art Club 628 

Boston Athletic Association 634 

Boston Press Club 669 

Brandon Hall Residents 483 

Brookline Alphabetically Arranged 547 

Brookline Hotel Residents 476 

Brookline Residents by Streets . . . 469 

Brookline Street Index 22 

Calendar 1909 2 

Cambridge Alphabetically Ar- 
ranged 434 

Cambridge Residents by Streets.. . 391 

Cambridge Street Index 21 

Card Etiquette 36 

Charlestown Residents by Streets . 387 

Charlestown Street Index 21 

Churches and Ministers 31 

Clubs 617 

Coolidge The Residents 527 

Country Club 664 

Deceased during publication 244 

Dorchester Residents by Streets . . 324 


Hotel Residents 39 to 62 

Hotels and Apartments' 26 - 

Jamaica Plain Alphabetically Ar- 
ranged 313 

Jamaica Plain Residents by Streets 299 

Jamaica Plain Street Index 18 

Miscellaneous Addresses 245 

Names too late for Entry 244 

Norfolk House 275 

Number of Names in the Blue 

Book 1909 25 

Number of Names in the Boston 

Club Directory 25 

Post Office Regulations : 753 

Puritan Club 676 

Railroad Stations 751 

Riverbank Court Residents 399 

Roxbury Residents by Streets. . . . 268 

Roxbury Street Index 17 

St Botolph Club 680 

Shopping Guide 5 to 14 

Somerset Club 688 

South Boston Residents by Streets 380 

South Boston Street Index 21 

South End Residents by Streets. 257 

South End Street Index 17 

Tavern Club 695 

Technology Club. . 698 

Tennis and Ractiuet Club 707 

Theatre Diagrams 756 to 801 

Union Club 713 

University Club v 724 

Dorchester Street Index 19 United States Array Officers 380 

Fire Alarm Boxes 734 

Foreign Postage 754 

Hampton Court Residents 478 

Holidays in New England 765 

United States Navy Officers 389 

United States Weather Bureau . . . 752 
United States Postal Rates 753 




Adams E& Co 30 

Armenian Rug & Carpet Renovat- 
ing Works 98 

Bay State Trust C5o 82 

Boston Budget and Beacon . . .opp 38 

Boston Storage Warehouse Oo 148 

Boston Young Men's Christian 

Association 546 

Boston Young Men's Christian 

Union 41 

Bureau of Social Requirements. . . 645 

Bureau of University Travel 785 

Burleigh & Martin 765 


Hotel Beaconsfield opp 547 

Hotel Bellevue 179 

Hotel Lenox. 103 

Hotel Oxford 53 

Hotel Westminster 81 

Lewandos 64 

Locke Isaac & Oo 148 

Mason & Hamlin Co front cover 

McClellan J B 180 

Metcalf Theodore Oo 97 

Nobscot Mountain Spring Oo 120 

Noyes Bros opp inside back cover 

Oriental Rug & Carpet Renovat- 
ing Works 472 

ClarkEdwardE 16 Qhnsted H J 472 

Cobb-Eastman Co 104 

Cook T D & Oo . . . opp inside back cover 

Oonant J S Oo opp 298 

Cook-Vivian Oo 81 Pauly Rudolph P 104 

Philadelphia Ice Cream Oo 472 

Dill George A opp inside front cover ^^^ Jq^^^^ jj & Sons Oo 

DriscoU Inc opp 546 ba^j^ ^0^^^ j^n^ 72 

IJyre & Oo 472 

Field & Cowles 42 

Fuller Seth W Oo inside back cover 

Sampson & Murdock Co 63, 386 

Scamman E 472 

School of the Museum of Fine Arts. 180 
State Street Safe Deposit Vaults. . 147 

State Street Trust Oo 119 

Stebbins N L 42 

Steinert M & Sons Oo 796 

Oear J Frank 120 

<3ihnan School for Girls 180 

iSoodman Frederic T 766-774 

Guild Henry A Son 180 Warren F C Oo opp title 

Waterman J S <k Sons 76 

Haniott John 468 Wells-Burrage Oo 179 

fiewias&HolUs inside front cover Whitney's Linen Store 75 

Hooper, Lewis & Oo . .inside back cover Widmer FT 180 


^Ijo^jptng (^wiht 




SAMPSON & MTJRDOCK CO 246 Smmner— See pages 63 aod 386 


M STEINERT & SONS CO 162 Boylston— See page 795 


SETH W FULLER CO 100 Bedford— See inside back cover 


THEODORE METCALF CO 39 Tremont— See page 97 

Art School 



HENRY GUILD & SON 31 West— See page 180 
JOHN HARRIOTT 3 Winter— See page 468 


ADAMS EPHRAIM & CO 289 Congress — See page 30 


W B Clarke Co 26-28 Tremont 
De Wolfe & Fiske Co 20 Franklin 
Charles E Lauriat Co 385 Washington 
Little, Brown A Co 254 Washington 
Old Corner Book Store Inc 27 Bromfield 

Boots A Shoes 

Thayer, McNeil & Hodgkins 47 Temple place 

Bureau of Travel 

BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL, Trinity place— See page 785 

Cab Oompanies 

Boston Cab Company 108 Massachusetts av 
Taxi Motor Gab Company 87 Church 


Garpenters - 

J B McCLELLAN 665 Boylston— See page 180 

Carpet Oleansers 


— ^See page 08 
LEWANDOS 286 Boylston— See page 64 

See page 472 


JOHN H PRAY & SONS CO 658 Washington— See back cover and 
page 72 


BURLEIGH & MARTIN 200 Berkeley— See page 766 

T D COOK & CO 88 Boylston — See page opp inside back cover 

PHILADELPHIA ICE CREAM CO 38 West— See page 472 


THEODORE METCALF CO 39 Tremont— See page 97 

Class Pins 

JOHN HARRIOTT 3 Winter— See page 468 


EYRE & CO 101 Massachusetts av— See page 472 
Hallanday Co 388 Boylston 
LEWANDOS 286 Boylston— See page 64 

Cloaks & Suits 

Meyer Jonasson & Co Ino, Tremont corner Boylston 


Macullar Parker Co 400 Washington 


F C WARREN CO 6 Post Office square— See page opp title 

Commercial Photographers 

N L STEBBINS 132 Boylston— See page 42 


T D COOK & CO 88 Boylston — See page opp inside back cover 
Huyler's 146 Tremont 
Page & Shaw 9 West 



J B McCLELLAN 665 Boylston— See page 180 


DRISCOLL Inc 715 Boylston— See opp page 546 


Joneu, McDuffee & Stratton 25-30 Franklin 

Richard Briggs & Co 116 Boylston 

WELLS-BURR AGE CO 314 Boylston— See page 179 

Decorators, Interior 

Gregory & Brown Ck) 6 Hamilton place 
Irving & Casson 150 Boylston 
Pennell, Gibbs & Quiring Co 601 Boylston 
James I Wingate A Son 338 Boylston 


Harold W Estey 159 Newbury 
Robert T Moflfatt 85 Newbury 


HENRY GUILD & SON 31 West— See page 180 

Distilled Water 

Pureoxia Co, Whipple street 


COBB-EASTMAN CO 372 Boylston— See page 104 

JOHN H PRAY A SONS CO 658 Washington— See back cover and 
page 72 


DRISCOLL Inc 715 Boylston— See page opp 546 
Mrs Minnie French 364a Boylston 


John G Godding & Co 278 Dartmouth 

Melvin A Badger 43 Temple place 

THEODORE METCALF CO 39 Tremont— See page 97 

Dry Goods 

Chandler A Co Inc 151 Tremont 

James A Houston Co 467 Washington 

C F Hovey & Co 33 Summer 

Jordan Marsh Co 450 Washington 

Shepard, Norwell Co 26 to 42 Winter 

R H Stearns & Co 140 Tremont 

WHITNEY'S LINEN STORE 39 Temple place— See page 76 



EYRE & CO 101 Massachusetts av— See page 472 
LEWANDOS 286 Boylston— See page 64 


SETH W FULLER CO 100 Bedford— See inside back cover 


J S WATERMAN & SONS 2326 Washington— See page 76 


Edwin C Fobs 200 Boylston 

Employment Offices 

BOSTON YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSN 458 Boylston— See page 646 

BUREAU OF SOCIAL REQUIREMENTS 601 Boylston— See page 546 


JAMES S CONANT CO 125 Summer— See page opp 298 • 


Thomas F Galvin Inc 124 Tremont and 799 Boylston 

Sidney Hoffman 61 Massachusetts av 

Houghton & Clark 396 Boylston 

Henry Penn 43 Bromfield 

W Rosenthal 14 Bromfield 

Julius A Zinn 2 Beacon 

Fraternity Pins 

HENRY GUILD & SON 31 West— See page 180 

French Ohina 

WELLS-BURRAGE CO 314 Boylston— See page 179 

Fruit Dealers 

ISAAC LOCKE & CO 97. 99 and 101 Faneuil Hall Market— See page 148 


COBB-EASTMAN CO 372 Boylston— See page 104 

Jordan Marsh Co 46 Bedford 

Koopman & Co 18 Beacon 

Morris & Butler 07 Summer 

RUDOLPH P PAULY 100 Boylston— See page 104 

William C Saflf ord 73 Newbury 


Fumitare Polish 

RUDOLPH P PAULY 100 Boylaton— See page 104 

Furniture Storage 

BOSTON STORAGE WAREHOUSE CO, Massachusetts av corner West- 
land av — ^See page 148 

Fur Dealers & Furriers 

Collins & Fairbanks Co 3S3 Washington 
Kakas Bros Inc 179 Tremont 
Otto J Piehler 356 Boylston 


WELLS-BURRAGE CO 314 Boylston— See page 179 


S S Pierce Co, Tremont cor Beacon, Huntington av cor Dartmouth and 

Coolidge Corner, Brookline 
Rhodes Bros Co 440 Tremont and 170 Massachusetts av 


BOSTON YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSN 458 Boylston— See page 646 


Buckminster The 645 Beacon 

Commonwealth, Bowdoin cor Allston 

Copley Square, Huntington av cor Exeter 

HOTEL BEACONSFIELD, Beacon street Brookline— See page opp 547 

HOTEL BELLEVUE 23 Beacon— See page 179 

Hotel Carlton 1138 Boylston 

HOTEL LENOX, Exeter cor Boylston— See page 103 

HOTEL OXFORD 40 Huntington av— See page 63 

Hotel Touraine, Boylston cor Tremont 

Hotel Victoria, Dartmouth cor Newbury 

HOTEL WESTMINSTER, Copley Square— See page 81 

Parker House, School and Tremont 

Somerset, Commonwealth av cor Charlesgate East 

Vendome, Commonwealth av cor Dartmouth 

Young's, Court Square and 20 Court 

House Gleaners 

Sanitary Dust Removing Co 6 Beacon 


Household Requirements 

BUREAU OF SOCIAL REQUIREMENTS 601 Boylston— See page 545 

Ice Oream 

BURLEIGH & MARTIN 200 Newbury— See page 765 

T D COOK & CO 88 Boylston — See page opp inside back cover 

PHILADELPHIA ICE CREAM CO 38 West— See page 472 

Ice Dealers 

Boston Ice Co 110 State 

Infants' & Ohildren*s Glothingf 

Byron E Bailey Co 31 Winter 

Insurance Agents 

FIELD & COWLES 85 Water— See page 42 

Invalids' Supplies 

J FRANK GEAR 19 Temple place— See page 120 

Japanese Goods 

A A Vantine & Co 360 Boylston 


Bigelow, Kennard & Co 511 Washington 

Foster & Co 32 West 

HENRY GUILD & SON 31 West— See page 180 

JOHN HARRIOTT 3 Winter— See page 468 

Maynard & Potter Co Inc 416 Boylston 

Shreve, Crump & Low Co 147 Tremont 

A Stowell & Co Inc 24 Winter 

Kitchen Fumishinsfs 

Graham & Streeter 709 Boylston 

Lace Ourtains 

WHITNEY'S LINEN STORE 39 Temple place— See page 75 

Ladies' Fumishingf Goods 

Conrad & Co 27 Winter 

Ladies' Garments 

E T Slattery Co 155 Tremont 

Ladies' Suits 

DRISCOLL Inc 715 Boylston— See page opp 546 


Ladies' Tailors 

Hurwitch Bros 10 Arlington 

FREDERIC T GOODMAN 739 Boylston— See pages 766. 774 

Leather Goods 

Biark Gross Co 20 Summer 

Linen Goods 

WHITNEY'S LINEN STORE 39 Temple place— See page 75 


Boston Mailing Co 394 Atlantic av 

Men's Furnishings 

HEWINS & HOLLIS 4 Hamilton place — See inside front cover 
NO YES BROS 426 Washington — See page opp inside back cover 
Wm H Richardson Co 388 Washington 

Milk Dealers 

Boston White Cross Milk Co 160 Commercial 


Wm C Kean 426 Boylston 

Music Publishers 

Boston Music Co 26 and 28 West 


BOSTON BUDGET AND BEACON 62-64 Summer— See page opp 38 

Opticians ' 

Andrew J Lloyd Co 315 Washington and 310 Boylston 
Pinkham & Smith Co 288 Boylston 

Organ Builders 

MASON & HAMLIN CO 492-494 Boylston— See front cover 
M STEINERT & SONS CO 162 Boylston— See page 795 


H J OLMSTED 100 Boylston— See page 472 
E SCAM MAN 100 Boylston— See page 472 

Outfitters, Men's 

HEWINS & HOLLIS 4 Hamilton place— See inside front cover 
NOYES BROS 426 Washington — See page opp inside back cover 



N L STEBBINS 132 Boylston— See page 42 

Physicians' Supplies 

THEODORE METCALF CO 39 Tremont— See page 97 


MASON & HAMLIN CO 492-494 Boylston— See front cover 
M STEINERT & SONS CO 162 Boylston— See page 795 

Picture Store 

Doll & Richards Inc 71 Newbury 

Polish Manufacturer 

RUDOLPH P PAULY 100 Boylston— See page 104 

Private Schools 

OILMAN SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 36 Court av Cambridge— See page 180 


ISAAC LOCKE A CO 97, 99 and 101 Faneuil Hall Market— See page 14S 


BOSTON BUDGET AND BEACON 62-64 Summer— See page opp 38 
SAMPSON A MURDOCK CO 246 Summer— See pages 63 and 386 

Real Estate 

Herbert Clark 28 State 

GEORGE A DILL 401 Tremont Building— See opp inside front cover 

J Murray Howe 28 State 

Meredith & Grew 15 Congress 

E K Newhall 79 Milk 

Ridingf Habits 

FREDERIC T GOODMAN 739 Boylston— See pages 766, 774 

Kag Cleansers & Repairers 

Adalian Oriental Rug Renovating Co 2 St James av 


— See page 98 
LEWANDOS 286 Boylston— See page 64 

See page 472 


H F Estabrook 9 Park 

JOHN H PRAY & SONS CO 658 Washington— See back cover and page 72 


Safe Deposit Companies 

BAY STATE TRUST CO 222 Boylston— See page 82 
Security Safe Deposit Co, Equitable Building 

STATE STREET TRUST CO 38 State aud 130 Maasachusetts av— See 
page 119 


BOSTON YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSN 458 Boylston— See page 546 

OILMAN SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 36 Concord av Cambridge— See page 180 
Mass Institute of Technology 491 Boylston 
N E College of Languages 162 Boylston 

See page 180 

Shirt Makers 

NOYES BROS 426 Washington — See page opp inside back cover 

Silk Goods 

Mrs A P Garrett 373 Boylston 

Spring Water 



M T Bird & Co 5-7 West 

EDWARD E CLARK 33 West— See page 15 

COOK- VI VI AN CO 187-195 Congress— See page 81 

HOOPER & LEWIS CO 107 Federal— See inside back cover 

Samuel Ward Co 57-63 Franklin 


BOSTON STORAGE WAREHOUSE CO, Massachusetts av cor Westland 
av — See page 148 

Suburban Real Estate 

GEORGE A DILL 401 Tremont Building— See page opp inside front 

Surgical Instruments 

J FRANK GEAR 19 Temple place— See page 120 
Sampson-Soch Co 731 Boylston 




D W Edwards Jr 420 Boylston 
A H Rosenbaum 307 Boylston 

Talking Machines 

M STEINERT A SONS CO 162 Boylston— See page 795 

Travel Agency 

BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL, Trinity place— See page 785 

Trust Oompanies 

BAY STATE TRUST CO 222 Boylston— See page 82 
Old Colony Trust Co 1 Court and 52 Temple p^ 

STATE STREET TRUST CO 38 State and 130 Massachusetts av— See page 


J S WATERMAN & SONS 2326 Washington— See page 76 * 


COBB-EASTMAN CO 372 Boylston— See page 104 

Wall Paper 

JOHN H PRAY & SONS CO 658 Washington— See back cover and page 72 

Water Coolers 


Wedding Stationery 

EDWARD E CLARK 33 Wegt— Ses page 15 

HOOPER, LEWIS & CO 107 Federal— See inside back cover 

Women's Wearing Apparel 

Wm Filene Sons Co 453 Washington 

Wood Dealers 

F C WARREN A CO 6 Post Office sq— See page opp title 

Edward E. Clark 

Clark a loBtnn llu^ look 




Coats of Armst Crests, Monograms and Ciphers » 

(plain and illuminated) also Street Dies and 

Engraved Seals, in all the latest styles 


Ltaen and Shiooth Papers in all width borders 
Special Bordering of Cards and Papers Done to Order 

33 West Street 

rroo pt aitenticn to Mail and Telephone Orders 





Acorn Street 65 

Arlington Street 65 

Audubon Road 66 

Autumn Street 66 

Bay State Road 66 

Beacon Street 69 

Bellevue Street 86 

Berkeley Street 87 

Blagden Street 88 

Boylston Street 89 

Brimmer Street 9? 

Caiarles Street 93 

Gharlesgate East 93 

Gharlesgate West 94 

Chestnut Street 94 

Clarendon Street 95 

Commonwealth Avenue 96 

Dartmouth Street 108 

Deerfield Street 108 

Exeter Street 109 

Fairfield Street 109 

Fenway 110 

Fenway Court 1 10 

Gloucester Street 110 

Granby Street Ill 

Hancock Avenue Ill 

Hereford Street '. . . Ill 

Huntington Avenue 112 

Ivy Street 110 


Joy Street 116 

Keswick Street 116 

Lime Street 117 

Longwood Avenue 117 

Louisburg Square 117 

Marlborough Street 117 

Massachusetts Avenue \ . . . 127 

Miner Street 128 

Mountfort Street 128 

Mount Vernon Place 130 

Mount Vernon Square 130 

Mount Vernon Street 130 

Newbury Street 133 

Otis Place 138 

Peterborough Street 139 

Pinckney Street 139 

Plymouth Street 140 

Queensberry Street 140 

Raleigh Street 140 

River Street 140 

St James Avenue 141 

Rt Mary's Street 141 

St Stephen Street 141 

Spruce Street 142 

Walnut Street 143 

West Cedar^treet 143 

Westland Avenue 144 

Willow Street 145 


American House 39 

Hotel Bellevue 39 

Hotel Bristol 40 

Hotel Brunswick 40 

The Buckminster 4 < 

Hotel Cant^'rbury 44 

Hotel Carlton 45 

The Charlesgate 45 

Hotel Cluny 46 

Commonwealth Hotel 46 

The Copley 47 

Copley Square Hotel 47 

The Eastgate 48 

The Empire 49 

Hemenway Chambers 49 

The Lenox , 51 

The Mountfort 51 

Hotel Nottingham 52 





The Oxford 62 

Parker House 55 

Revere House 55 

Hotel Somerset 56 

The Thorndike 58 

Hotel Touraine 57 

Trinity Court .' 57 


The TuilericR 59 

United States Hotel 59 

The Vendome 59 

The Victoria ^60 

The Wadsworth 61 

The Westminster 62 


Appleton Street 257 

Berwick Park 257 

€k>lumbus Avenue 257 

Columbus Square 258 

Concord Square 258 

Cumberland Street 259 

Garrison Street 259 

Greenwich Park 259 

Massachussetts Avenue 260 

Pembroke Street 262 

Rutland Street 262 

Rutland Square 263 

St Botolph Street 263 

Tremont Street 264 

Union Park 264 

Warren Avenue 265 

West Brookline Street 266 

West Canton Street 265 

West Concord Street 266 

West Newton Street 266 

Worcester Street 267 


Abbotsf ord Street 268 

Akron Street 268 

Alaska Street 268 

Alpine Street 268 

Aspen Street 269 

Bainbridge Street 269 

Beech-Glen Street 269 

Blue Hill Avenue 269 

Brookledge Street 270 

Brunswick Street 270 

Buena Vista Street 270 

CSarlisle Street 270 

Cedar Street 270 

Cedar Sqiiare 271 

Centre Street 271 

Circuit Street 271 

Cleveland Street 271 

Cleveland Park 271 

aifford Street 271 

Cobden Street 272 

Copeland Street 272 

Crawford Street 272 

Crestwood Park 273 

Dale Street 273 

Devon Street 274 

Dudley Street 274 

Eliot Square 275 

Elm Hill Avenue 276 

Elm Hill Park 276 

Elmore Street 276 

Fairland Street 277 

Fountain Street 277 

Gannett Street 277 

Gaston Street 277 

Georgia Strlfet 277 

Greenville Street 278 

Haley Street 279 

Harold Street 279 

Harrishof Street 279 

Hartwell Street 279 

Hawthorn Street 279 

Hazelwood Street 279 

Highland Avenue 279 

Highland Street 279 

Holborn Park 279 

Holborn Street 280 




Homestead Street 280 

Rowland Street 280 

Humboldt Avenue 281 

Hutchings Street 282 

Kalada Park 282 

Kearsarge Avenue 282 

Kenilworth Street 282 

Lambert Avenue 282 

Laurel Street 282 

Linwood Square 283 

Linwood Street 2&i 

Maple Street 283 

Millmont Street ' 283 

Montrose Street 283 

Moreland Street 284 

Mount Pleasant Avenue 285 

Munroe Street 285 

Otisfield Street 285 

Park View Street 286 

Perrin Street 286 

^utnam Street 286 

Regent Street 286 

Rockland Street 287 

Rockville Park 287 


Ruthven Street 287 

St James Street 289 

Savin Street 288 

Schuyler Street 288 

Seaver Street 289 

Townsend Street 289 

Wabeno Street 290 

Wabon Street 290 

Walnut Avenue 290 

Walnut Park 292 

Warren Street 292 

Washington Street ^ 294 

Waumbeck Street 294 

Waverley Street 295 

Wayne Street 296 

Wenonah Street 296 

West Cottage Street 296 

Westminster Avenue 296 

Whiting Street 297 

Winthrop Street 297 

Woodbine Street 297 

Woodville Street 298 

Wyoming Street 298 


Adelaide Street 299 

Agassiz Park 299 

Allandale Street 299 

Alveston Street 299. 

Arborway 299 

Bishop Street 300 

Boylston Street 300 

Brewer Street * 300 

Burr Street 300 

Burroughs Street 301 

Centre Street 301 

Chestnut Avenue 302 

Chestnut Place 302 

Clive Street. . 303 

Eliot Street 303 

Elm Street 303. 

Enfield Street 303 

Everett Street 303 

Forest Hills Street 304 

Glade Avemie 304 

Glen Road 304 

Gordon Street 304 

Green Street 304 

Greenough Avenue 304 

Greenough Place 305 

Grovenor Road 305 

Harris Avenue 305 

Hathaway Street 305 

Holbrook Street 305 

Lakeville Place 306 

Lamartine Street 306 

Lochstead Avenue 306 

Louder's Lane 306 

Maple Place 306 

May Street 306 

Montebello Road 306 

Morton Street 306 

Myrtle Street 307 




Oakdale Square 307 

Oakdale Street 307 

Olmstead Street 307 

Orchard Avenue 307 

Orchard Street 307 

Park Lane 307 

Park Place 308 

Parley Vale 308 

Perkins Street 308 

Peter Parley Road 308 

Pond Street 308 

Prince Street 309 

Revere Street 309 

Roanoke Avenue 309 


Robeson Street 309 

Robinwood Avenue 310 

Rockview Street 310 

Rockwood Street 310 

St John Street 312 

Seaverns Avenue 310 

Sedgwick Street 311 

Sigourney Street 311 

South Street 311 

South Huntington Avenue 311 

Stbry Place 312 

Walnut Avenue 312 

Warren Square 312 

Zamora Street 312 


Adams Street 324 

Alban Street 325 

Algonquin Street 326 

Allston Street 326 

Alpha Road 326 

Arundel Park 327 

Arundel Street; 327 

Ashland Street 327 

Ashmont Street 327 

Aspinwall Road 329 

Athelwold Street 329 

Beaumont Street 329 

Bellevue Street 330 

Berkshire Street 330 

Bicknell Street 330 

Blanche Street 330 

Bloomfield Street 331 

Boston Street 331 

Boutwell Street 332 

Bowdoin Avenue 332 

Bowdoin Street 332 

Bradlee Street 333 

Bradshaw Street 333 

Bruce Street 333 

Bullard Street 334 

Bushnell Street 334 

Butler Street ., 334 

Carruth Street 334 

Centre Street 335 

Chamblet Street 33 5 

Charlott3 Street 335 

Codman Street 336 

Columbia Road 336 

Cushing Avenue 336 

Dudley Street 338 

Elm Lawn 338 

Elmdale Street 339 

Englewood Str-eet 339 

Esmond Street 339 

Evandale Te-race 339 

Everett Street 340 

Everton Street 340 

Fairfax Street 340 

Florida Street 340 

Frost Avenue 340 

Gleason Street 341 

Glenarm Street 341 

Glenway Street 341 

Grampian Way 342 

Granville Street 342 

Greenbrier Street 343 

Half Moon Street , 343 

Harley Street. .' 343 

Hartford Street 344 

•Harvard Street 344 

Hawes Avenue 345 

Hewins Street 345 

Hillsdale Street 346 




Hooper Avenue 346 

Hopestill Street 346 

Howard Avenue 347 

Humphreys Place 347 


Rosedale Street 362 

Rosemont Street 363 

Roslin Street 363 

Rosseter Street 363 

Humphreys Street 347 Rowena Street 363 

Intervale Park 347 

Kenwood Street 348 

King Street 348 

Larchmont Street 349 

Lawrence Avenue 349 

Lindsey Street 360 

Lombard Street 351 

Lyndhurst Street 351 

Magnolia Street 351 

Mather Street! 352 

May Street 353 

Mellen Street 353 

Melville Avenue 353 

Merlin Street 354 

Mill Street 354 

Milwood Street 355 

Monadnock Street 355 

Morse Street 356 

Moultrie Street 356 

Mount Bowdoin Terrace 357 

Mount Everett Street 357 

Mount Ida Road 357 

Nixon Street 357 

Normandie Street 358 

North Munroe Terrace 358 

Nottingham Street 358 

Ocean Street 358 

Paisley Park 359 

Park Street 359 

Pearl Street 360 

Percival Street 360 

Peverell Street 360 

Pinckney Road 361 

Pleasant Street 361 

Richview Street 361 

Ridge Road 361 

Robin Hood Street 362. 

Rockland Avenue 362 

Rocky Hill Avenue 362 

Roxella Street 364 

Salcombe Street 364 

Sargent Street 364 

Savin Hill Avenue 365 

Sawyer Avenue 366 

Sayward Street 367 

School Street. 367 

Seaborn Street 367 

Seaver Street 367 

Shenandoah Street 368 ' 

South Munroe Terrace 368 

Stanley Street 368 

Stanton Street 368 

Stockton Street 369 

Sumner Street 369 

Talbot Avenue 369 

Thane Street 370 

Thornley Street 370 

Tonawanda Street 370 

Tremlett Street 371 

Trull Street 372 

Upland Avenue 372 

Van Winkle Street 372 

Victoria Street 373 

Virginia Street 373 

Waldeck Street 374 

Waldorf Street 375 

Wales Street 375 

Walton Street 375 

Ware Street 375 

Washington Street 376 

Wayland Street 377 

Welles Avenue 377 

Wellesley Park 377 

Westmoreland Street 378 

Wheatland Avenue 378 

Whitman Street 379 

Windermere Road 379 

Woodland Avenue 379 





Broadway 380 

Dorchester Street 382 

Fourth Street 382 

G Street 383 


K Street 384 

M Street 385 

N Street 385 

Thomas Park 385 


Adams Street 387 

Barracks U S M C 389 

Dexter Row 387 

PrankJin Street 387 

High Street 387 

Main Street 388 

Monument Avenue 388 

Monument Square 388 

Navy Yard 339 

Naval Hospital 389 

Receiving Ship " Wabash" 389 


Acacia Street 391 

Agassiz Street 391 

Appian Way 391 

Appleton Street 391 

Arlington Street 392 

Arrow Street 392 

Arsenal Lquare 392 

Ash Street 3S2 

Austin Street 392 

Avon Place 393 

Avon Street 393 

Avon Hill Street 393 

Bates Street 393 

Bellevue Avenue 394 

Berkeley Place 394 

Berkeley Street 394 

Bigelow Street 394 

Charles River Road 399 

Chatham Street 401 

Chauncy Street 401 

Church Street 401 

Clement Circle 402 

Cleveland Street 402 

Clinton Street 402 

Concord Avenue 402 

Coolidge Avenue 403 

Craigie Street 403 

Cutler Avenue 403 

Dana Street 403 

Day Street 404 

Divinity Avenue 404 

Ellery Street 404 

Ellsworth Avenue 405 

Elmwood Avenue 405 

Bond Street . . 395 Everett Street. 

Bowdoin Street 395 

Brattle Street 395 

Brewster Street 396 

Broadway 397 

Bryant Street 397 

Buckingham Place 397 

Buckingham Street 398 

Cambridge Street 398 

Centre Street 398 

Channing Place 399 

Channing Strtet 399 


Exeter Park 406 

Farrar Street 406 

Fayerweather Street 408 

Fayette Street 407 

Felton Street 407 

FoUen S^treet 407 

Forest Street 407 

Francis Avenue 408 

Frisbie Place 408 

Frost Street 408 

Fuller Place. .• 408 




Garden Street 408 

Garden Terrace 409 

Garfield Street 409 

Gorham Street 410 

Gray Street 410 

Greenough Avenue 410 

Hammond Street 410 

Hancock Park 410 

Harvard Street 411 

Hawthorn Avenue 412 

Hawthorn Street 412 

Highland Avenue 413 

Highland Street 413 

Hilliard Street 413 

Hillside Avenue 413 

Hubbard Park 414 

Humboldt Street 414 

Hurlburt Street 414 

Huron Avenue 414 

Inman Street 414 

Irving Street 41 5 

Kennedy Road 415 

Kirkland Place 41 5 

Kirkland Road 415 

Kirkland Street 416 

Lake View Avenue . . 416 

Lancaster Street 416 

Langdon Square ,. 417 

Langdon Street 41 7 

Larch Road 417 

Lee Street 417 

Lexington Avenue 418 

Linnean Street 418 

Longfellow Park 418 

Lowell Street 419 

Maple Avenue 419 

Martin Street 419 


Mason Street 419 

Massachusetts Avenue 41 9 

Mellen Street 423 

Mercer Circle 423 

Mount Auburn Street 423 

Mount Vernon Street 424 

Nutting Place 424 

Oxford Street 424 

Phillips Place 425 

Potter Park 425 

Prentiss Street 425 

Prescott Street 426 

Prospect Street 426 

Quincy Street 426 

Raymond Street 427 

Remington Street 427 

Reservoir Street 427 

Riedesel Avenue 427 

Riverbank Court 399 

Roseland Street 427 

Rutland Street 428 

Sacramento Street 428 

Scott Street 428 

Shepard Street 428 

Sparks Street 429 

Traill Street 429 

Trowbridge Place 429 

Trowbridge Street 430 

Upland Road 430 

Walker Street 431 

Walnut Avenue 432 

Ware Street 432 

Washington Avenue 432 

Waterhouse Street 433 

Wendell Street 433 

Willard Street 433 


Abbotsford Road 469 Amory Street (Longwood) 470 

Addington Road 469 Aspinwall Avenue 470 

Algonquin Road (Chestnut Hill). . 470 Auburn Court 471 

Allerton Street 470 Auburn Place 473 

Alton Place 470 Avon Street 473 

Alwington Road (Chestnut Hill). . 470 Ayer Road 473 




Babcock Street 474 

Bartlett Crescent 475 

Beacon Street 475 

Beacon Street (Chestnut Hill) 486 

Beals Street 486 

Beech Road (Longwood) 487 

Borland Street (Longwood) 487 

Boylston Street 487 

Boylston Street (Chestnut Hill).. . 487 

Braemore Road (Aberdeen) 488 

Bringtou Road 488 

Brook Street 488 

Browne Street 488 

Buckminster Road 489 

Carlton Street (Longwood) 489 

Centre Street 489 

Charles Street. 490 

Chatham Street (Longwood) 490 

Chesham Road 490 

Chestnut Place 490 

Chestnut Street 490 

Chestnut Hill Avenue (Aberdeen). 491 

Chestnut Hill Avenue (Reservoir). 491 

Chestnut Hill Road (Chestnut Hill) 491 

Chiswick Road (Aberdeen) 491 

Cireuit Road (Chestnut Hill) 491 

Claflin Road 492 

Clark Road 492 

Clinton Path 492 

Clinton Road ^ 492 

Clyde Street ! 493 

Colbourne Crescent 493 

Colchester Street (Longwood) 493 

Colliston Road (Aberdeen) 493 

Columbia Street 493 

Columbia Terrace 493 

Commonwealth Avenue 494 

Commonwealth Avenue 

(Brighton) 495 

Commonwealth Avenue 

(Chestnut Hill) 495 

Coolidge Street 496 

Copley Street 496 

Corey Road 496 

Cottage Street 496 


Crafts Road (Chestnut Hill) 497 

Crowninshield Road 497 

Cummings Road (Aberdeen) 497 

Cypress Place 497 

Cypress Street 497 

Davis Avenue 498 

Dean Road 499 

Devon Street (Chestnut Hill) 499 

Druce Street 500 

Dudley Street 500 

Dummer (Longwood) 500 

Dunster Road (Chestnut Hill) 500 

Dwight Street 500 

Edge Hill Road 500 

Egmont Street (Longwood) 501 

Elba Street 501 

Elm Place 501 

Elm Street 501 

Emerson Street 501 

Englewood Av (Aberdeen) 501 

Essex Road (Chestnut Hill) 502 

Essex Street (Longwood) 502 

Euston Street (Longwood) 502 

Evans Road 502 

Fairbanks Street 502 

Fairmont Street 502 

Fisher Avenue 503 

Foster Street 503 

Francis Street (Longwood) 503 

Freeman Street (Longwood) 504 

Fuller Street 504 

Gardner Road 504 

Garrison Road 505 

Gibbs Street 505 

Goddard Avenue 505 

Goodwin Place 505 

Gorham Avenue 505 

Green Street 506 

Greenough Street 506 

Griggs Road 506 

Hammond Street (Chestnut Hill). 507 

Harris Street 508 

Harrison Street (Longwood) 508 

Harvard Avenue. 508 

Harvard Street 509 




Hawes Street (Longwood) 511 

HAwthorn Road 511 

Heath Hill 511 

Heath Street 511 

Hedge Road 511 

High Street 512 

Holden Street 512 

Holland Street 512 

Hyslop Road 512 

Irving Street 512 

Ivy Street (Longwood) 512 

John Street 513 

KeiflFer Street 513 

Kennard Road 513 

Kent Street 513 

Kent Street (Longwood) 514 

Kent Square (Longwood) 514 

Kenwood Street 514 

Kilsyth Road 515 

Kingsbury Road (Chestnut Hill).. 515 

Kinross Road (Aberdeen) 515 

Lanark Road (Aberdeen) 516 

Lancaster Terrace 516 

Lawrence Road (Chestnut Hill).. . 516 

Leamington Road (Aberdeen). ... 516 

Lee Avenue (Chestnut Hill) 516 

Leicester Street 517 

Linden Street 517 

Littell Road 517 

Longwood Avenue (Longwood). . . 517 

Manchester Road 518 

Maple Street 518 

Marion Street 518 

Mason Terrace 519 

Middlesex Circle 519 

Middlesex Road (Chestnut Hill) . . 519 

Milton Road 520 

Monmouth Court (Longwood). . . . 520 

Monmouth Street (Longwood). . . . 520 

Mountfort Street (Longwood) 520 

Naples Road 521 

Netherlands Road 521 

Newton Street 522 

Norfolk Road (Chestnut Hill) 522 

Oakland Road 522 


Old England Road (Chestnut Hill) 522 

Old Orchard Road 522 

Orkney Road (Aberdeen) 522 

Osborne Road 523 

Park Street 523 

Park Vale 524 

Perrin Road 624 

Perry Street (Longwood) 524 

Philbrick Road 525 

Pleasant Street 525 

Powell Street (Longwood) 525 

Prescott Street (Longwood) 525 

Rawson Road 526 

Regent Circle 526 

Reservoir Avenue (Chestnut Hill). 526 

Rockwood Street 526 

St Mary's Street 530 

St Paul's Street 530 

Salisburj' Road (Aberdeen'^ . 526 

Seaver Street 527 

Selkirk Road (Aberdeen) 527 

Sewall Avenue 527 

Shailer Street 528 

Sidlaw Road (Aberdeen) 528 

South Street 529 

Stearns Road 529 

Stedman Street 529 

Stetson Street 529 

Still Street (Longwood) 530 

Strathmore Road (Aberdeen) 530 

Suffolk Road (Chestnut Hill) 531 

Summit Avenue 532 

Sumner Road 532 

Sutherland Road (Aberdeen).. . . 532 

Tappan Street 533 

Thayer Street 533 

Thorndike Street 533 

Toxteth Street (Longwood) 534 

University Road 535 

Upland Road 535 

Verndale Street 536 

Vernon Street 536 

Waban Hill Road (Chestnut Hill). 537 

Waldo Street 537 

Walnut Place 537 




Walnut Street 537 

Warren Street 538 

Warwick Road 519 

Washburn Place 539 

Washington Street 539 

Waverly Street 540 

Webster Place 541 

Webster Street 541 

Welch Road 541 

Wellington Road (Aberdeen) 542 

Wellington Terrace 542 


Wellman Street 542 

Westbourne Terrace 542 

Williams Street 543 

WUliston Road 543 

Winchester Street 543 

Windsor Road 544 

Winslow Road 544 

Winthrop Road 544 

Woodland Road 545 

Woodman Road (Chestnut Hill). . 545 
York Terrace 545 


Back Bay and West End 6676 South Boston 340 

South End 719 Charlestown 140 

Roxbury 1970 Cambridge 2718 

Jamaica Plain 812 Brookline 4749 

Dorchester 3548 


Algonquin Club 661 St Botolph Club 566 

Apollo Club 80 

Boston Art Club 526 

Boston Athletic Association 2008 

Boston Press Club 347 

Country Club 1019 

Puritan Club 263 

Somerset Qub 602 

Tavern Club 191 

Technology Club 687 

The Tennis and Racquet Club. . . 497 

Union Club 802 

University Club 752 




Abbotsford The 186 Commonwealth Av 

Adelaide Hotel 17 High . . 

Agassiz Hotel 191 Commonwealth Av 

Algoma The 1589 Beacon 

Alma Hotel 782-7^8 Massachusetts Av 

Ambleside The 5 Park* 

American House 66 Hanover 

Argyle Hotel 394 Massachusetts Av 

Arlington Chambers 4 Arlington 

Arlington The 15 Trowbridge 

Aspinwall The 465 Washington 

Aubry The 149 Newbury 

Audubon Circle The 879 Beacon 

Austerfield The 9 Massachusetts Av 

Babcock The 48 Babcock 

Beacon Annex 1 Mountfort 

Beacon Chambers 19 Myrtle 

Beacon The 784 Beacon 

Beaconsfield The 1727 Beacon 

Bellevue Hotel 23 Beacon 

Belvoir The 636-638 Beacon 

Benedict Chambers 3 Spruce 

Beresford The 845 Boylston 

Blagden The 24r-26 Blagden 

Blenheim The 93 Perry 

BonairThe 1477 Beacon . 

Boulevard The 41 Commonwealth Av 

Brandon Hall, Beacon cor Griggs Rd 

Brentford The 1137 Massachusetts Av 

Brewster 17 Boylston 

Brimmer Chambers 112 Pinckney 

Bristol The 541 fioylston 

Brunswick Hotel, Boylston cor Clarendon • 

Buckingham The 39-41 Huntington Av 

Buckminster The, Beacon cor Brookline Av 

Back Bay 
Back Bay 
West End 
South End 

Back Bay 

Back Bay 

West End 
Back Bay 
West End 
Back Bay 



Chestnut Hill 
Back Bay 
West End 
Back Bay 





Broadway 380 

Dorchester Street 382 

Fourth Street 382 

G Street 383 


K Street 384 

^f Street 385 

N Street 385 

Thomas Park 385 


Adams Street 387 

Barracks U S M C 389 

Dexter Row 387 

Franklin Street 387 

High Street 387 

Main Street 388 

Monument Avenue 388 

Monument Square 388 

Navy Yard 339 

Naval Hospital 339 

Receiving Ship "Wabash" 389 


Acacia Street 391 

Agassis Street 391 

Appian Way 391 

Appleton Street 391 

Arlington Street 392 

Arrow Street 392 

Arsenal Lquare 392 

Ash Street 3C2 

Austin Street 392 

Avon Place 393 

Avon Street 393 

Avon Hill Street 393 

Bates Street 393 

Bellevue Avenue 394 

Berkeley Place 394 

Berkeley Street 394 

Bigelow Street 394 

Charles River Road 399 

Chatham Street 401 

Chauncy Street 401 

Church Street 401 

Clement Circle 402 

Cleveland Street 402 

Clinton Street 402 

Concord Avenue 402 

Coolidge Avenue 403 

Craigie Street 403 

Cutler Avenue 403 

Dana Stree.t 403 

Day Street 404 

Divinity Avenue 404 

Ellery Street 404 

Ellsworth Avenue 405 

Elmwood Avenue 405 

Bond Street 395 Everett Street. 

Bowdoin Street 395 

Brattle Street 395 

Brewster Street 396 

Broadway 397 

Bryant Street 397 

Buckingham Place 397 

Buckingham Street 398 

Cambridge Street 398 

Centre Street 398 

Channing Place 399 

Channing Street 399 


Exeter Park 406 

Farrar Street 406 

Fayerweather Street 408 

Fayette Street 407 

Felton Street 407 

FoUen Street 407 

Forest Street 407 

Francis Avenue 408 

Frisbie Place 408 

Frost Street 408 

Fuller Place..- 408 



Granville The 19 Strathmore Rd 
Gray Chambers 20 Mt Vernon . 
GroBvenor The 259 Beacon 
Guelph The 657 Boylston 
Guilford Hotel 220 Clarendon . . 

Haddon Hall 282 Berkeley 

Hamilton Hotel 260 Clarendon 

Hampton Court, Beacon cor St Paul 

Hemenway Chambers, Westland Av cor Hemenway St 

Hermitage The 3 Willow .... 

Hifi^hland The 64 Highland Av . 

Hofifman House 214 Coliunbus Av 

Holland The 50 Commonwealth Av 

Ilkley Annex 180 Huntington Av 

Ilkley Hotel, Huntington Av cor Cumberland 

Imperial The 308-^10 Commonwealth Av . 

Imperial The 1459 Beacon 

Inverness The 857 Beacon 

Jarvis The 27 Everett 

Kempsford Hotel 168 Walnut . 
Kempton Hotel 237 Berkeley 
Kenmoir The 1481-1483 Beacon 
Kenwood The 40 Inman . 

Langham Apartments 22 Blagden 
Larchmont The 1 19 Park . 
Lenox The, Exeter cor Boylston 
Lester The 185 Davis Av 
Littlefield The 1253 Beacon 
Louisburg The 72 Pinckney 
Lowell The 33 Lexington Av 
Lucerne The 465 Audubon Rd . 
Ludlow The, St James Av 

McLcod Mansion 14 Davis Av 

Magnolia 112 Magnolia 

Majestic The 888 Massachusetts Av 

Majestic The 1569 Beacon 

Marlborough The 416 Marlborough 

Massachusetts Chambers 146 Massachusetts^ Av 

Metropole The 1455 Beacon 

Montrose The 1648 Massachusetts Av 

West End 
Back Bay 

Back Bay 

Back Bay 
West End 
South End 
Back Bay 

Back Bay 

Back Bay 


Back Bay 

Back Bay 
Back Bay 



West End 
Back Bay 

Back Bay 





Mountfort The 5 Mouutfort 
Mt Monadoock 3 Monadnock 
Mt Vernon The 108 Mt Vernon . 

Newbury The 121 Newbury 
NiKhtingaJe HotW 637 Dudley . 
Norfolk House. Eliot Sq . 
Nurman Court 217-221 Harvard 
North wood Hotel 587 Columbia Rd 
Nottingham Hotel 2q. Huntington Av 

Oxford The 40 Huntington Av 
Oxford The 14ft-148 Oxford 

Palmerston Hotel, 408 Maasaohusetts Av 
Parker Houae, School St . . 

Peabody The, Ashmont St 
•Ehoenix The 229 Harvsrd 

Raleigh The, Beacon St . 
Regent Hotel 780 Beacon 
Revere House, Bowdoin Sq cor Bulfinch 
Richmond Court 1213 Beacon St 
Riverbank Court, Charles River Rd . 
Robert The 9 Park Vale . 
Rossmore The 426 Massachusetts Av 
Royal Hotel 295-297 Beacon 
Royal The 1467 Beacon . 

Stanstead The 19 Ware 

Somerset Hotel, Commonwealth Av cor Charlesgate^lSast 

Templeton The 367 Harvard 

Thorndike The 240 Boylston 

Torrington The 384-386 Commonwealth Av 

Touraine Hotel 70 Boylston 

Trinity Court 175 Dartmouth 

Trinity The 233 Harvard 

Trowbridge The 19 Trowbridge 

Tudor The 35 Beacon cor Joy . 

Tudor The 1834 Beacon . 

Tuileries The 270 Commonwealth Av 

Back Bay 
West End 

Back Bay 





Back Bay 

Back Bay 

South End 
West End 

Back Bay 
West End 
South End 
Back Bay 

Back Bay 

Back Bay 

West End 
Back Bay 

United States Hotel, Beach corner Kingston 

University The 1039 Massachusetts Av 




Vendome The 160 Commonwealth Av cor Dartmouth 
Verona The 647 Beacon .... 
Victoria The, Dartmouth cor Newbury 

Wadsworth The, Newbury cor Kenmore 

Wales The 19 Exeter 

Warren The 149 Warren junction Regent 

Wedgemere Chambers 820 Beacon 

Wenaimiet The 1595 Beacon 

Wessex The 1203 Beacon 

Westgate The 541 Commonwealth Av 

Westland Hotel 2 Westland Av 

Westminster The, Copley Sq . " . 

Wickfield The 1651 Beacon 

Willard Hotel 1359 Beacon 

Windermere The 1069 Boylston 

Wollaton The 1070 Beacon . . . 

Back Bay 
Back Bay 

Back Bay 

Back Bay 

Back Bay 

• t 




Back Bay 




School and Coniinercial Work 
■ Specialty. Edition Work 





Clarendon Street Baptist Church, Clarendon corner Montgomery Street. 

Rev. William C. Minifib, D. D., 85 Cliff Av., Winthrop. 

Dorchester Temple Baptist Church, Washington Street corner Welles Avenue. 

Rev. Edward Braislin, 30 Walton Street, Dorchester. 

Dudley Street Baptist Church, Roxbury. 

,Rev. William W. Bttstabd, 104 Crawford Street, Roxbury. 

First Baptist Church, Commonwealth Avenue corner Clarendon Street. 

Rev. Francis H. Rowley, D. D., 80 Mason Terrace, Brookline. 

First Baptist Church, Beacon corner Park Street, Brookline. 

Rev. O. p. Giffqrd,' 44 Marion Street, Brookline. 

North Avenue Baptist Church, Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge. 

Rev. F. E. Marble, 2 Arlington Street, Cambridge. 

Ruggles Street Baptist Church, corner Ruggles and Tremont Streets. 

Rev. Charles C. Earle, D. D., 39 Whiting Street, Roxbury. 

Tremont Temple Baptist Church, 82 Tremont Street. 

Warren Avenue Baptist Church, Warren Avenue corner W. Canton Street. 

Rev. Herbert S. Johnson, 69 Bay State Road. 


First Church of Christ, Falmouth corner Norway Street. 

First Church of Christ, Roxbury, Fauntleroy Hall, Wenonah Street, Roxbury. 


Aliston Congregational Church, Quint Avenue, Allston. 

Rev. John O. Haarviq. 25 Quint Avenue, Allston. 

Central Church, Tonawanda corner Waldeck Street, Dorchester. 

Rev. George H. Flint, 101 Tonawanda St., Dorchester. ^ 

Central Church, Jamaica Plain. 

Rev. Chauncst J. Hawkins, 105 Sedgwick St., Jamaica Plain, 

Central Church, Newbury corner Berkeley Street. 

Rev. John Hopkins Denison, 8 Newbury Street* 

Dorchester Second Church, Codman Square. 

Rev. Arthur Little, D. D., 6 Melville Av., Dorchester. 


Eliot Church, Kenilworth Street, Roxbury. 

Rev. Winfrbd Chesnet RnoADEfs, 52 Moreland Street, Roxbury. 

Harvard Church, Harvard corner Marion Street, Brookline. 

Ren. Ambrose W. Vbrncw. 

Immanuel-Walnut Avenue Congregational Church, Walnut Av., cor. Dale, Rox. 

Rev. Clarence A. Vincent, 107 Munroe St., Roxbury. 

Leyden Congregation&l Church, Beacon opposite Englewood Av., Brookline. 

Rev. Harris G. Hale, 95 Kilsyth Road, Brookline. 

Mount Vernon Church, Beacon corner Massachusetts Avenue. 

Rev. Albert Parker Fitch, 383 Marlboro Street. 
Assistant Minister, Rev. Wblunqi'on H. Tinker. 

North Avenue Church, Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge. 

Rev. Daniel Evans, 105 Raymond Street, Cambridge. 

Old South Church, Boylston corner Dartmouth Street. 

Rev. George A. Gordon, D. D., 645 Boylston Street. 
Asst. Minister, Rev. A. E. Cross, 38 Stedman Street, Brookline. 

Park Street Chm-ch, Tremont corner Park Street. 

Rev. a. Z. Conrad, D. D., Hotel Westminster, Copley Square. 
Pastor Emeritus, Rev. J6hn L. Withrow, 1569 Beacon Street, Brookline. 

Pilgrim Church, Columbia Road junction Hancock Street, Dorchester. 

Rev. George Luther Cadt, D. D., 7 Ware Street, Dorchester. 

Shawmut Church, Tremont corner West Brookline Street. 

Rev. a. a. Berle, 1471 Beacon Street, Brookline. 

Shepard Memorial Church, First Congregational, near Harvard Sq., Cambridge. 

Rev. Alex. McKenzie, 12 Garden Street, Cambridge. 

Union Church, Columbus Avenue corner West Newton Street. 

Rev. Allen A. Stockdale, 65 St. Botolph Street. 
Asst. Pastor, Rev. Frederick N. Rutan, 70 Robinwood Av., ,T. P. 


All Saints Church, Dean Road corner Beacon Street, Brookline. 

Rev. Daniel Dulaney Addison, 47 Garrison Road, Brookline. 

Christ Church (Old North), Salem Street. 

Rev. C. W. Duane, 191 Salem Street. 

Christ Church, Garden Street, Cambridge. 

Rev. Prescott Evarts, 19 Follen Street, Cambridge. 

Church of the Advent, Brimmer corner Mt. Vernon Street. 

Rev. Wm. Harman van Allen, 28 Brimmer Street. 
Assistant Ministers. Rev. Lewis A. Lampher, Rev. Glenn Tilley Morse. 

Rev. H. a. METCALFand Rev. John H. Cabot. 

Church of the Messiah, St. Stephen corner Gainsborough Street. 

Rev. John McG. Foster, 198 Bay State Road. 


Church of St. John Evangelist, Bowdoin Street. i 

Mission Priests of the Fociety of St. John Evanf^elist. 
Superior, Rev. Charles N. Field, 33 Bowdoin Street. | 

Church of Our Saviour, Longwood. 

Rev. Reginald H. Howe, D. D., 23 Monmouth Street, Brookline. 

Emmanuel Church, Newbdry Street. 

Rev. Elwood Worcester, 80 Marlborough Street. 

St. James Church, St. James Street, Roxbury. 

Rev. M. W. Dew art, 16 Rock\'iilc Park, Roxbury. 

St. John's Church, Roanoke Avenue corner Revere Street, Jamaica Plain. 

Rev. Sumner U. Shearman, 3 Hathaway Street, Jamaica Plain. 

St. John's Church, 1262 Tremont Street. 

Rev Frederic Whitney Fitts, 40 Linwood Street, Roxbury. 

St. Paul's Church, Tremont Street between Temple Place and Winter Street. 

Rev. William Howard Falkner, 282 Marlbor9Ugh Street. 
Assistant Minister, Rev. Frank P. Johnson, Hotel Belle vue. 

St. Paul's Church, Aspinwall Avenue, Brookline. 

Rev. Leonard K. Storrs. 130 Aspinwall Avenue. 

St. Peter's Church, opposite City Hall, Cambridge. 

Rev. Edward L. Eustis, 391 Harvard Street, Cambridge. 

St. Stephen's Church, Florence Street. 

Acting Rector, Rev. Richard E. Armstrong, 2 Decatur Street. 

Trinity Church, Copley Square. 

Rev. Alex. Mann, D. D., 233 Clarendon Street. 

Curate, Rev. Appleton Grannis, 3 Spruce Street. 

Curate, Rev. Reuben Ktdner, 16 Brimmer Street. 


Friends' Church, Townsend Street, Roxbury. 

David M. Edwards, 120 Regent Street, Roxbury. 


Ohabei Sholom, Union Park Street. 

Rev. M. M. Eichler. 16o Harold Street, Roxbury. 

Temple Adath Israel, Commonwealth Avenue corner Blandford Street. 

Rev. Charles Fleischer, 40 Concord Av., Cambridge. 


Epworth M. E. Church, Mass. Avenue opposite Waterhouse Street, Cambridge. 

First M. E. Church, Temple Street, rear of State House. 

Rev. Fred B. Fisher, 77 Pinckney Street. 

People's Temple, Columbus Avenue corner Berkeley Street. 

Rev. George W. King, 143 Berkeley Street. 



St. Mark's M. E. Church, Park Street, Brookline. 

Rev. Lucius H. Buobee, 33 Longwood Avenue. 

Triemont Street M. E. Church, Tremont corner West Concord Street. 

Rev. Henry L. Wriston, 57 Rutland Street. 


Church of the New Jerusalem, Quincy Street, Cambridge. 

Rev. J. E. Werren. 17 Leonard Avenue, Cambridge. 

Church of the New Jerusalem, Hig^ Street, Brookline. 

Rev. Charles W. Harvey, 58 Irving Street, Brookline. 

Church of the New Jerusalem, Bowdoin Street. 

Rev. James Reed, 12 Louisburg Square. 
Associate Minister, Rev. H. Clinton Hay, 26 Coolidge Street, Brookline. 


First Presbyterian Church, Berkeley Street corner Columbus Avenue. 

Rev. James Alexander, 71 Gainsborough Street. 

First United Presbj^erlan Church, West Brookline St. corner Warren Avei^ue. 

Rev. a. K. MacLennan, 15 Faxon Street, Dorchester. 

Roxbury Presbyterian Church, Warren corner Woodbine Street. 

Rev. James J. Dunlop, D. 1?., 7 Wabon St., Roxbury. 


Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Washington Street. 

Most Rev. Georqb J. Patterson, 75 Union Park Street. 

Church of the Immaculate Conception, Harrison Avenue corner E Concord St, 

Rev. Thomas I. Gasson, 761 Harrison Avenue. 

St. Mary's Church of the Assumption, Harvard St., corner Linden St., Brookline. 

Rev. M. T. McManus, 774 Boylaton Street. 


First Spiritual Temple, Exeter corner Newbury Street. 


All Souls Church, Warren Street corner Elm Hill Avenue, Roxbury. 

Rev. H. T. Secrist, 3 Abbotsford Street, Roxbury 

Arlington Street Church, Arlington corner Boylston Street. 

Rev. Paul Revere Frothingham, 294 Beacon Street. 

Bulfinch Place Church, Bui finch Street. 

Rev. Christopher R. Eliot, 2 West Cedar Street. 

Oheetnut Hill Chapel, Hammond Street, Chestnut Hill. 

Rev. Edward Hale, 4 Circuit Road, Brookline. 
Church of the Disciples, Peterborough Street corner Jersey. 

Rev. Charles G. Ames, 12 Chestnut Street. 


First Charch, Marlborough corner Berkeley Street. 

Rev. Charles E. Park. 405 Marlborough Street. 

First Congregational Society, Centre corner Eliot Street, Jamaica Plain. 

Rev. Charles F. Dole, 14 Roanoke Avenue, Jamaica Plain. 

First Parish Church, Meeting House Hill, Dorchester. 

Rev. Roqer S. Forbes, 60 Virginia Street, Dorchester. 

First Parish of Brighton, Chestnat Hill Avenue. 

Rev. Charles W. Wendte, 7 Leamington Road, Brighton. 

First Parish Church. Walnut -Street; D roo kline. -^ 

Rev. W. H. Lyon, D. D., 353 Walnut Street, Brookline. 

First Parish and Church in Cambridge, Harvard Square. 

Rev. Samuel M. Crothers, 20 Oxford Street, Cambridge. 

First Religious Society. Eliot Square, Roxbury. 

Rev. James DeNormandib, 45 Lambert Avenue, Roxbury. 

Hawes Unitarian Congregational Church, Broadway near G St., South Boston. 

Rev. James Huxtable, 568 East Fifth Street, South Boston. 

King's Chapel, Tremont corner School Street. 

Rev. Howard N. Brown, The Royal 297 Beacon Street. 

Second Church, Copley Square near Dartmouth Street. 

Rev. Thomas VanNess, 21 Garrison Road, Brookline. 

Second Unitarian Society in Brookline, Colchester Street, Brookline. 

Rev. Arthur W. Littlefield, 87 Francis Street, Longwood. 

South Congregational, Newbury corner Exeter Street. 

Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Edward Everett Hale, D. D., 39 Highland Street, 

Associate Minister. Rev. Edward Cumminqs. 104 Irving Street, Cambridge. 


Beacon Universalist Church, Harvard Street, Brookline. 

Rev. George L. Perin, 23 Naples Road, Brookline. 

First Church, Inman near Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge. 

Rev. G. W. Bicknell, 330 Harvard Street, Cambridge. 

Roxbury Universalist Church, Buena Vista Street. 

Rev. James Harrt Hold en, 2 Crestwood Pk., Roxbury. 

Second Universalist Church, Columbus Avenue corner Clarendon Street. 

Rev. S. H. Roblin, 178 Huntington Avenue. 

Virginia Street Universalist Church, Virginia Street, Dorchester. 

Rev. Howabd C. Gale, 68 Hancock Street, Dorchester. 



The significance of a card is always considered by well bred men and women, 
and its fitness to the occasion is an expression of its owner's individuality; in 
fact, the card is the beginning and the end of etiquette — the introduction and 
the farewell. 

A written name should never be used unless the bearer's formal cards are 
beyond reach. 

Ladies' visiting cards should be nearly square, fine in texture, flexible and 
of a soft white. Changes in form of course occur, but these are the character- 
istics for those who respect good form. 

It is imperative that Mrs. or Miss should be placed before the name upon the 
engraved card. 

It is proper to use the husband's complete name. Initials are seldom seen. 

During a young girl's first season in society her name is engraved upon her 
mother's card. If she is the eldest unmarried daughter she is appended as 
Miss Smith, otherwise her full name is given with the prefix of Miss. 

When two daughters enter society together it is proper for them to be men- 
tioned upon their mother's card together, thus : 

Mbs. James Smith. 
Thb Misses Smith. 

Afternoon tea cards are sent a week or ten days in advance of the date upon 

To send a card without calling signifies inability to call in person. 

Acceptances or regrets should be sent as soon as possible after receiving in- 

"Party Calls" should be made within one week after date of the party. 

Invitations in your city can be sent either by mail or messenger as preferred. 

The visiting cards of gentlemen are short«r and slightly narrower than those 
at present used by ladies. "Mr." should be prefixed to the name. 


Any lady wishing to inform her friends of the presence of a lady visiting her 
family should enclose her visitor's card with her own, in the same envelope. 

When cards of introduction are given, the name o&the bearer should be written 
above that of the giver, pre^^xed by the word "Introducing," and the card placed 
in an envelope addressed to the person to whom the introduction is made. 

An invitation to dine should be answered on the day received. 

It is always courteous to acknowledge the receipt of an "At Home" card. 

A visiting card should always be left when attending an "At Home." 

Any invitation requesting your presence requires an answer. 


Cards to a church or home wedding, followed by a reception, need no written 
answer if the recipient proposes to attend, unless bearing the letters R. S. V. P. 

When attendance at a church wedding is impossible, cards must be sent the 
day of the marriage directed to those from whom the invitation comes. 

If present at the church it is polite to send a card or cards to those who invite- 


Questions are asked concerning the requirements that the official element 
demands in Washington, and some knowledge of the etiquette of that city is 

The President has absolute precedence. He receives visits — returns none. 

He is addressed as Mr. President. 

His receptions are open to all. 

Upon entrance you give your name to an usher and are announced. You 
are then introduced to the President and members of the Presidential family. 

It is proper to leave your card before your departure from the " White House." 

Any invitation extended by the President is equivalent to a command. 

There was a question as to who should pay the first visit, the Cabinet officer 
or the Senator. 

Many yield this point to the Senate. The families of Senators are^in Wash- 
ington for a short time, while the residence of the Cabinet is fixed. 

The wives of the United States Senators will hereafter call upon the wives of 
Foreign Ambabsadors, while the wives of Foreign Ministbbs will make the 
first call upon the wives of Senators. 

In all society, official or otherwise, the clergy take a signal position, and 
should always be accorded the place of honor, when present. 



Note sheets are used for private balls, and the engraved invitation is in the 
same form as for any eveniag party. 

Cards of ceremony must be left within a week. 

If a lady is "at home" on a certainjday /cards must be left on that day and 
no other. 

Exceptional occasions, of course,^require exceptional cards; for such there 
can be no fixed rules. 

whenJto drop the jr. 

When a father dies leaving a*8on of the same name the son should omit the 
Jr. from his visiting card. To be correct his wife should do likewise, but as con- 
fusion sometimes arises because of the mother and wife having the same^name 
the wife often prefers to keep the Jr. 


It is a pleasing custom to_send a small card announcing the birth of a child. 

The full name is on the card, also the date of its birth in the lower left hand 

It is enclosed with its parents' card, to which it is daintily ribboned. 

A visit of acknowledgment is usual. If not possible a card is sent.^with 
''Congratulations" written upon the upper left hand comer. 


Wooden — ^Five years married. Linen — Twenty years married. 

Tin — ^Ten years married. Silybb — ^Twenty-five years married. 

Crtbtal — Fifteen years married. Golden — Fifty years married. 

Diamond — Seventy-five years married. 

Elach week there is printed in the 

SoBton Hv^Qtt anln Sharon 

much of interest and value to the musician. 
It is the purpose of the publisher to 
further the interests of all those artists 
who patronize the BOSTON 

DIRECTORY. To this end all items of 
news, advance dates, important engage- 
ments sent into the BUDGET 
BEACON office. 58-62 Summer Street 
(elevator at number fifty-eight), by any 
musician of this city wiD be inserted in 
that paper, gladly and without expense. 




56 Hanover Street 

Mr Wendal E Baker 

Mr George D Doane 

Mr J W Higbee 

Mr & Mrs Allen C Jones 

Mr Charles A Jones 

Mr K J Lowry 

Mr P T Nickerson 

Mr George H Oliver 
Major A Sanderson 
Mr George E Stearns 
Mr F Sutter 
Mr W F Wills 
Mr C A Wilson 

23 Beacon Street 

Mr Samuel Alland 

Miss Elizabeth Allen 

Mr Charles H Atwood 

Mr Alfred Barker 

Mr & Mrs Francis E Blake 

Mrs George Bosson 

Miss Emma Burrage 

Mr William E Colley 

Miss Caroline A Crosby 

Mr George C Drouin 

Miss Martha Gassett 

Mr John D Griswold 

Mr J F Harvey 

Mrs William Haskins 

Mr J M Hawkins 

Mr Alfred Hemenway 

Mr James W Hill 

Miss Laura M Hill 

Miss Annie Hoxie 

Rev F P Johnson 

Mr Warren Locke 

Mr A N Luchs 

Miss Ellen Marston 

Mr F B Maynard 

Mr F D Maynard 

Mr & Mrs Marshall B Mead 

Miss Mead 

Mr Mead 

Mrs Frederic H Moore 

Mr & Mrs John K Norwood 

Miss Norwood 

Mrs W Parmelee 

Mr John Pettigrew 

Mr & Mrs James J Reigel 

Mr & Mrs Albert J Rowe 

Miss Alice Sanborn 

Mr Harry R Stanley 

Mrs Stanley 

Mr & Mrs Eben Stevens 

Mr & Mrs F E Weeden 

Mr Charles A Wood 





Boylston comer 

Dr Clara J Alexander 
Mr Walter Atherton 
Mr William Atherton 
Mr & Mrs Charles Chester 
Mrs G E Cox 
Dr Blanche A Denig 
Col & Mrs E H Eldridge 
Dr S J Ermentrout 
Miss M F Fiske 
Mrs R B Grinnell 
Mrs Eliza Hall 
Mrs C R Hartwell 
Miss Sarah H Hooker 
Mr Charles Hume 

Clarendon Street 

Mrs Mary Hume 

Dr Richard Kennedy 

Mrs Rachel Lewis 

Mrs K A Mead 

Miss Hope W Narey 

Miss Florence T Nickerson 

Miss Grace E Nickerson 

Miss Isabel J Nickerson 

Mrs E F Pratt 

Dr Harry E Rice 

Dr H R Roberts 

Miss M C Sawyer 

Mrs W W Warren 


Boylston Street 

Mrs Munroe Ayer 

Mrs M M Ballou 

Mrs Amos Barnes 

Mr & Mrs Herbert H Barnes 

Gen & Mrs Thomas F Barr 

Mrs F H Barton 

Mrs Bates 

Mr & Mrs F M Bird 

Miss Susan T Blake 

Miss Blake 

Mrs Benjamin Brewster 

Miss Cornelia L Coyle 

Miss Emily B Coyle 

Mrs George N Culver 

Mrs J H Davis 

Mr W C Davis 

Mrs W J Dodge 

Miss M E Dowse 

Mr J W Dunklee 

Miss M J Eaton 

Mr F W Emery 

Miss Mary Gould 

Mrs A E Haskell 

Mrs J E Henry 

Mr & Mrs Louis Higginson 

Mrs C H Hill 

corner Clarendon 

Mr & Mrs C F Hittinger 
Mrs A W Hobart 
Miss Grace H HoUoway 
Mrs W H Holloway 
Miss E A Kendall 
Mrs C J Lee 
Mr & Mrs G H Leonard 
Miss Leonard 
Mrs O J Lewis 
Miss A deF Lockwood • 
Miss Lockwood 
Mrs C D McDuffie 
Mr Harry McDuffie 
Mr & Mrs W B Mayo 
Mr & Mrs A L Merriam 
Mr & Mrs George A Miner 
Mr Charles Moseley 
Miss Laura Nelson 
Miss Nott 
Mr Ernst Perabo 
Mrs (^ E Perkins 
.Miss Perkins 
Mr & Mrs C B Presson 
Mr Dwight Prouty 
Miss Purbeck 
Miss H B Randlet 

Boston Young Mon's Christian Union 

48 BOYLSTON STREET (Near Tremont) 

Lectures, Evening Classes 

Entertainments, Practical 
Talks, Religious Services 


Library; over 18,000 volumes 

Rooms for Games 


Popular Classes In Heatth-giTiDg Eiercfses, Etc. 

Terms: |S and $8 per Year, accordingr to Hours of Exercise 


WM. H. BALD WIN, Pres. Emeritus 















Hotel Brunswick — Con 

Miss E A Redway 
Miss Grace L Redway 
Miss. Roberts 
Mrs F M Robinson 
Mr B Sanford 
Miss Sanford 
Mrs F H Shapleigh 
Mr Justin H Smith 
Miss L W Smith 
Mrs E C Spaulding 
Miss Spaulding 
Mrs E L Stoddard 
Miss Mary K Taber 

Miss Sallie G Taber 

Miss C B TilUnghast 

Mr & Mrs A S Tucker 

Mrs G Twitchell 

Miss Twitchell 

Mr C A Vialle 

Miss Mary L Walker 

Miss E M Ward 

Mr B H Warner 

Mrs John D Washbume 

Miss Weiss 

Miss Lillian Whiting 

Mrs T D Whitney 

Miss S C Williams 

Beacon Street comer Brookline Avenue 

Mrs Sarah T Bacon 

Mrs E F Baker 

Mrs L A Baldwin 

Mr D Austin Brown 

Mr & Mrs Edwin W Brown 

Dr & Mrs Francis H Brown 

Miss Cora A Bums 

Mrs T B Casey 

Mr & Mrs T R Coates 

Mrs A W Coes 

Miss V D Collamore 

Dr Frank A Davis 

Mr Ambrose Dawes 

Mr & Mrs W R DeGmchy 

Mr & Mrs E R DeLong 

Mr & Mrs C A Drost 

Mrs J J Eaton 

Mrs J W Farrar 

Miss Hazel Farrar 

Mrs Robert Ferguson 

Miss Ida J Ferris 

Mr Alexander G Fisk 

Miss B Gilmore 

Mrs S D Gilmore 

Miss S H Gilmore 

Miss A M Greeley 

Miss Helen Greeley 

Mr & Mrs Lincoln Greene. 

Mrs M C Greene 

Miss Greene 

Miss Adeline W Gross 

Miss H A Gross 

Mrs H S Harris 

Mr & Mrs S C Harris 

Miss Rae Harris 

Mrs H Hodgdon 

Miss Margaret Hodgdon 

Mrs George W F Holman 

Mr & Mrs Charles D Holmes 

Mrs A C Jackson 

Mr & Mrs Fred E Jones 

Mrs J M Keith 

Miss Keith 

Mr & Mrs E W Keyes 

Mrs C B Kimball 

Mrs B F Larrabee 

Miss Mary Mack 

Mr & Mrs Frederick L Mahn^ 

Mr & Mrs George F Meacham 

Mrs G H Meeker 

Mrs William H Merrill 

Mrs D T Mills 

Mrs Ezra P Mills 

Miss Grace Minniss 

Mr James R Murphy 

Miss Mary L Murphy 

Miss M Randall Murphy 

Mr & Mrs J L Nichols 



The Buckminster — Con 

Mr & Mrs W H North 

Mr G F D Paine 

Miss Margaret Paine 

Mr & Mrs E S Pepper 

Mrs F K Piper 

Mr B F Pooe 

Mr & Mrs W C Pope 

Mrs John A Pray 

Mr B B Prince 

Gen & Mrs Philip Reade 

Mrs Mary M Richardson 

Mrs J H Robinson 

Miss C L Rogers 

Miss Simons 

Mrs A R Smith 

Miss S R Stapfer 

Miss Alice K Steams 

Mrs S F Steams 

Miss Steams 

Mrs Emeline Sutherland 

Mr & Mrs E A Taft 

Mrs William H Talbot 

Miss Talbot 

Mr & Mrs C B Taylor 

Miss Marcia Taylor 

Mrs M M Underwood 

Mr & Mrs H G Waite 

Mr H S Waite 

Miss M B West 

Mrs H Whittington 

Mr H Parker Whittington 

Miss Eleanor E Wilbur 

Mrs M E Wiseman 

Mrs E C Wilkinson 

Miss A O Williams 

Mrs G F Wood 

Charlesgate West corner Newbury Street 

Miss Cora L Adamson 

Mr & Mrs W H Aldrich 

Mr A E Angier 

Mr Louis A Armistead 

Mrs W Keith Armistead 

Mr David Bamber 

Mr R L Barstow 

Miss Alice Barstow 

Mrs Agnes G Curtis 

Mr & Mrs Thos P Curtis 

Miss Harriet D Danforth 

Miss Anna F Dowse 

Mr & Mrs H C Gibbs 

Mrs Halma 

Miss-Edna Halma 

Mr & Mrs J F Hathaway 

Mr & Mrs H Heathfield 

Mr & Mrs Spencer R Hill 

Miss Helen Hood 

Mr & Mrs (.harlcs H Hooke 

Mr James M Hudson 

Mrs Annie Jackson 

Mr & Mrs Wm Grant James 

Mr- & Mrs Chas P Jaynes 

Mrs M E LeClair 

Miss M R Lord 

Mr & Mrs H P Lynch 

Mrs George McClure 

Mr & Mrs Lester H Monks 

Mr Frederick A Norris 

Mr & Mrs Philip O Peirce 

Mr & Mrs Walter T Phipps 

Mr & Mrs E S Randall 

Mrs E F C Richardson 

Mr & Mrs H H Robertson 

Mrs Edward B Russell 

Dr Clara C Simmons 

Mr & Mrs C B Smith 

Mr & Mrs William Anthony 

Mrs Sprague 
Mrs N G Stearns 
Mr & Mrs William H Torrey ^ 
Mr & Mrs Geo Town send 
Mr & Mrs A B Turner 
Mr & Mrs Geo Ho ward! Wood 
Mrs L L Wuhl 



Boylston Street 
Mr & Mrs H J Adams 
Mr & Mrs Walter C Arens 

Mrs K C Baxter 
Mr G F Bro^Ti 
Miss Susan A Brown 
Miss Mabel Bnrner 
Mr & Mrs A R Gushing 
Mr & Mrs C R Cutter 
Mrs James T Davis 
Mr H E Decatur 
Mr James Fortescue 
Mr R C DeNormandie 
Mr & Mrs G H Desmond 
Mr & Mrs W H Francis 
Mr & Mrs A D Hall 
Mr T C Hamilton 
Mrs J M Hammond 
Mr Richard A Harrington 
Mr W Hayward 
Mr & Mrs Julius Hollander 
Mr & Mrs C F Hunting 
Mr James P Hunting 
Mr & Mrs Eugene Ireland 
Mr & Mrs Joseph W Jackson 
Mr & Mrs Morgan B Kent 
Mr & Mrs A S I<Jiight 
Mr Oswald Kunhardt 
Mr Henry Lewis 
Mr & Mrs Weston Lewis 

comer Hemenway 

Miss Lewis 

Mr & Mrs Walter L Little 

Mr J H McCarthy 

Mr Guy B Mc Kinney 

Miss L P Min shall 

Mrs George E Myrick 

Mr C R Peirce 

Mr W E Peirce 

Mrs L H Potter 

Mr R H Putnam 

Mr W E Putnam 

Mrs A E Richardson 

Mr & Mrs J H Ringot 

Mr Edmund A Rothwell 

Mrs G F Seavey 

Miss Seavey 

Mr C J Shaw 

Mr Gardner H Shaw 

Mr J C Slater 

Mr F S Snow 

Lieut J C Sticht, U S N 

Miss C M Thier 

Mr Henry Thornton 

Mrs E J Trull 

Mr Albn cht vonSchroedcr 

Miss M J White 

Mr T D Whitney 

Mr C H Williams 

Mr ife Mrs F W Wood 

5*^5 Beacon Street corner Charlesgate East 

Mr Charles Allen 

Mr & Mrs Henry N Arnold 

Mr & Mrs Francis D Balder- 

Mr & Mrs George Pritchard 

Mrs I Chapman Bates 

Dr Fanny Berlin (office) 

Miss Elsie Bird 

Miss Marion Bird 

Mr & Mrs Wm Barnard Bird 


Mrs C A Boylston 
The Misses Brewster * 
Mrs E A Carney 
Miss L F Carney 
Capt Charles Carroll 

Mrs James Cheever 
Mr & Mrs (^harles E F Clarke 
Miss F E Converse 
Mrs J H Converse 
Dr Marion Coon 



The Charlesgate — Con 

Mrs John W Cummings 

Mr & Mrs Charles S Davis 

Miss E M DePuy 

Dr A R Emerson 

Mrs Mary Fearing 

Miss Ernestine Foster 

Mr Nathaniel Foster Jr 

Miss L Gedge 

Miss Alice B Gould 

Miss Elizabeth F Gray 

Mr Albert C Hagar 

Dr & Mrs Gardner Wells Hall 

Mr & Mrs James W Hazen 

Miss Katherine C Ireson 

Mr Eric Jewett 

Mr & Mrs Henry Jewett 

Mr & Mrs Francis M Johnson 

Dr & Mrs Philip Coombs 

Miss Adelaide M Lecompte 
Dr Arthur T Lcgg 
Miss A Loring 
Mr James Mahoney 
Miss Elizabeth Marshall 
Mrs Mary B Marshall 
Mr & Mrs H H Mawhinnev 
Miss Mabel R Mawhinney 
Miss C Lillian Moore 
Miss Carrie G Neal 

Mr Frederick A Neal 

Mrs W H Newell 

Mrs G H Newman 

Mrs Henry G Nichols 

Dr Walter F Nolen 

Mr & Mrs John Pickering 

Miss Elsa Putnam 
Miss Sarah G Putnam 
Mr Harrison A Royce 
Dr Grace G Savage 
Mr & Mrs Henry H Sherman 
Mr & Mrs J H Shipley 
Mr & Mrs Joaquin K Souther 
Dr Henry E Spalding (office) 
Miss Florence Sturdivant 
Mrs Ruth A Sturdivant 
Mr & Mrs S Lothrop Thorn - 

Mr Sturgis H Thorndike 
Miss Frances M Tremlett 
Mrs Harriette H Trowbridge 
Miss Anne Whitney 
Mies Elizabeth A Williams 
Mr E F Williams 
Mr & Mrs Francis H Williams 
Miss Kate Win dram 
Mr William J Windram 
Mrs W T Windram 
Mr & Mrs Richard B Young 

543 Boylston 
Dr & Mrs Arthur F Amadou Dr G C Moore 
Dr Alfred M Amadon 
Mr & Mrs Wm Tildcn Clark 
Mr & Mrs Otto B Cole 
Miss Ellicott 
Dr John W B Laxton 
The Misses Lombard 
Mr & Mrs A J Lovett 

Miss Adelia P Morgridge 

Dr & Mrs H Sterling Pome- 

Dr & Mrs A K Stone 
Dr & Mrs Leon E White 
Mrs Addie Whit comb 
Dr Helen I Wood worth 

Bowdoin Street opposite State House 
Mr Robert G Barker Mr R W H Bradley 

Mr George W Barren Mr E Butt erfi eld 

Mr H C Bradfield Mr George W (^apen 



Commonwealth Hotel — Con 

Mr A Colby 

Mr W H Eberhard 

Mr F C Fairbanks 

Mr L A Fletcher 

Mr E W Foster 

Dr T F Goulding 

Mr G J Hickman 

Mr & Mrs Arthur Hubbard 

Mr R B Hughes 

Mr Charles Lamerd 

Mr Benjamin O Lord 

Mr W H Lothrop 

Mr William Loving Jr 

Mr Clinton J Mills 

Mr E F Parmalee 

Mr W S Powell 

Mr H W Pratt 

Mr James Rankin 

Mr John Allen Sweet Sr 

Mr E T Wells 

Mr R Arthur Leeds 


18 Huntington 
Mr Edgar W Allen 
Mr & Mrs F E Allen 
Miss L J Brown 
Miss I L Eaton 
Miss Gertrude Edmands 
Mrs Edwards 
Miss M L Everett 
Miss A Ferguson 
Mrs Frances Ford 
Miss Irene Foster 
Miss M George 
Miss Helen Greenleaf 
Miss S J Hatch 
Mrs E L Hatton 
Miss Hatton 
Miss Eleanor Healey 
Dr N L Lawrence 
Miss Agnes Leavitt 
Mrs M C Leavitt 
Mr George E Leighton 
Mme Leonie 
Mrs R B McKinstry 


Miss J H McNickol 

Mr C Mailey 

Mr George Mull 

Miss New comb 

Mr J H North 

Miss B Olsen 

Mrs Mary Patey 

Mrs A M Perry 

Mr G Perry 

Miss Amelia Peterson 

Miss N L Raftor 

Mrs Elizabeth Reed 

Dr & Mrs Eustis P Reid 

Mr John Russell 

Miss Stowe 

Mr & Mrs Thaxter 

Mr & Mrs Vaille 

Mrs Wagnere 

Miss Wheeler 

Dr M O Wilcox 

Miss Helene Willhelmy 

Miss H Williams 

Huntington Avenue, Exeter and Blagden Streets 
Mrs M B Adams Miss Bacon 

Miss E M Alexander Mr P J Baird 

Mr B L Ames ■ Mr W E Baker 

Mrs T H Ames Mrs S E Bartlett 

Mr & Mrs Homer Ashley Mr & Mrs L A Belknap 

Miss E M Ashley Mrs S E Bent 

Mr Francis E Bacon Miss Marion E Besse 



Copley Square Hotel — Con 

Dr Heber Bishop 
Miss E J Brown 
Dr P E Burtchaell 
Mr & Mrs E Chapman 
Miss Edith Childs 
Mr A Chu 'chwprd 
Mrs E A Clark 
Mrs W J Clark 
Mr C D Coffin 
Mrs G E Curwen 
Capt & Mrs J Stearns Cash- 
Miss Cushing 
Miss E W Cushman 
Mr G W Cushman 
Mrs A P Cuttc r 
Mr & Mrs Daniel Dewey 
Mr Arthur Dixwell 
Mr E W Gilbert 
Mr James M Gleason 
Mrs C H Greme 
Mr T A Hanlon 
Mrs Thomas H Harris 
Mr Frank Hartley 
Miss Elizabeth Hatlow 
Mr & Mrs R H Hirshfield 
Miss N G Holland 
Mr & Mrs G H Huse 
Miss Huse 

Miss Annette M Joyce 
Mr T G Joyce 
Mr E P Kennedy 
Mr James H Kennedy 
Mr J F Kennedy 
Mr J G Knowles 
Mr Arthur Lewis 
Mrs H L Lewis 
Miss S O Libbey 

Mr & Mrs C I Litchfield 

Miss Litchfield 

Mr H L Littlefield 

Mr T H Lord 

Mr J T McDonald 

Mr WiUiam R McDonald 

Mr M F Maher 

Mrs H F May hew 

Mr & Mrs J C Melvin 

Mr C D Moore 

Mr George E Noyes 

Mr & Mrs C D Palmer 

Mr C A Parker ' 

Mr M L Pratt 

Miss S J Richardson 

Miss A B Roberts 

Miss Mabel Sawin 

Mr James Seaman 

Mrs E F Sias 

Mr & Mrs C B Smith 

Mr & Mrs W H Smythe 

Miss V Stockwell 

Mrs H N Sylvester 

Miss H Teele 

Dr George L Vogei 

Mrs E Washburn 

Miss Washburn 

Mr & Mis G H Waterman 

Mr G H Waterman Jr 

Mr C C Waterman 

Miss Waterman 

Dr A L Watts 

Mr & Mrs J W Wharff 

Mr Amos H Whipple 

Mr Albert White 

Mrs D P White 

Mr & Mrs William White 

Mr Frederick Whitney 

Mrs F W Wood worth 

440 Newbury Street corner Charlesgate East 
Mr & Mrs Albert H Beck Mrs B Brooks 

Mrs Robert Bowman Miss Alice Bryant 

Mrs M A Boynton Mr & Mrs Chauncy Coon 

Miss S L Boynton Dr & Mrs Isadore Coriat 



The Eastgate — Continued 

Miss Jane A Crick 

Miss S Lucretia Crick 

Mr E F Damon 

Mrs H T Damon 

Mrs Ellen Eastman 

Mr & Mrs Fiander 

Mr & Mrs L A Guillemet 

Miss Elizabeth Hynds 

Miss Mary Johnson 

Miss Grace Keith 

Miss Katharine MacCormick 

Mr George MacGregor 

Miss Mary Martin 

Mrs Minnie Morton 

Mr Nathan Margolies 

Mr H N Naughton 

Mis Mary Pinkham 

Dr Allen Poe 

Mr & Mrs Charles A Rounds 

Mrs liydia W Sargent 

MisiS Adaline Thomas 

Mr H E Todd 

Mr VanOker 

Mt & Mrs George A Watson 

Mr & Mrs Otis Wiley 

333 Commonwealth Avenu 

Mr & Mrs Robert Anderson 
Mrs M S Bolles 
Mr Matthew Bolles 
Mr Reginald Bolles 
Mr & Mrs E H Brock 
Mr & Mrs E R Grabow 
Mr J W Gummey 
Miss Margaret P Gummey 
Mrs W A Haskell 
Mr & Mrs Lew C Hill 
Miss J M Kimball 
Mr & Mrs G M Lougee 
DrGurdon R MacKay 
Miss Ellen F Moseley 
Mr & Mrs William Dana 

Mrs Thomas P Proctor 

Mr & Mrs Charles J Prince 

Mr A C Reggio 

Mr A N Reggio 

Mr William Reggio 

Miss Reggio 

Mrs S A Reed 

The Misses Reed 

Miss Sarah V Rice 

Mr & Mrs Harry Richards 

Mr & Mrs W H Rothwell 

Miss Rothwell 

Mr & Mrs R H Stearns Jr 

Mrs J Reed Whipple 

Mr & Mrs John Woodbury 

Westland Avenue corner Hemenway Stroc t 

Mr P A Atherton 
Mr & Mrs J F Barley 
Mr & Mrs Carl Barth 
Mr & Mrs Geo E Bartlett 
Miss L W Baxter 
Mrs Robert V Bean 
Mr & Mrs E M Burn ham 
Mrs A E Beckwith 
Miss Theodora Beckwith 
Mrs G F Bement 
Miss Florence Bement 
Mrs John E Bishop 

Judge J Albert Brackett 
Mr C S Bragg 
Mrs Edna Brenton 
Mr & Mrs C E Bright 
Mr Win field Brown 
Mr & Mrs S W Burgess 
Mr & Mrs Edward W Cate 
Miss Marion W Cate 
Miss Eva Channing 
Mrs Josephine A Chappelle 
Mr & Mrs Chatfield 
Miss Alice Chevalier 



Hbmenwai Chambers — Con 

Mr & Mrs G E Crampton 

Mrs A W Coote 

Mr C H Cox 

Mrs George Davis 

Miss Sarah R Davis 

Mr Edward W Dean 

Mr Tileston Dorr 

Miss Edith Dunn 

Mr Henry Eichheim 

Mr & Mrs Wm A Eldridge 

Mr & Mrs Frank D EUison 

Dr & Mrs Robert L Emerson 

Mr & Mrs Max Fiedler 

Miss Lillian Fletcher 

Mr Fred C Floyd 

Mr Arthur D Forbush 

Mr & Mrs Edw A Fordyce 

Mr W G Forsyth 

Mr & Mrs George E Foster 

Mr & Mrs William S Foster 

Mr C M Frothingham 

Mr John N Gannon 

Rev & Mrs Bradley Gilman 

Miss Dorothy Gilman 

Mr Elisha Goodwin 

Mrs J Theodore Gumey 

Miss Florence Hall 

Mr & Mrs Frank R Hall 

Miss Florence I Harrington 

Mr & Mrs Geo S Harrington 

Miss Edith Harvey 

Mr B T Henry 

Prof Willy Hess 

Mr & Mrs Edward P Hicks 

Mr Bigelow Hills 

Mr & Mrs J Edward Hills 

Mr Robert E Hofer 

Miss Mary A HoUings 

Mr W F Hollings Jr 

Miss Elizabeth H Hook 

Mr E W Howe 

Mr Irving B Howe 

Miss M Louise Howland 

Mrs Carolyn King Hunt 

Miss Louise Ide 

Mr Ernest Jacoby 

Miss M A Johnson 

Mr & Mrs O W Jordan 

Mr & Mrs J F Lancaster 

Mr H Ellerton P Lodge 

Mrs Jeanette Love 11 

Mrs Helen T Manville 

Mrs E M Marsh 

Mr & Mrs A McMillan 

Mr & Mrs Chas A Morey 

Mrs A C Morrill 

Miss M P Mott-Smith • 

Mr & Mrs H W Munn 

Miss June Munn 

Mrs Clara T Nelson 

Miss Nelson 

Mr & Mrs Charles N Noyes 

Mrs F L Olmsted 

Mr Horace Orr 

Mr Samuel Orr 

Mrs C M Osborne 

Miss Osborne 

Mr & Mrs Isaac Porter 

Mrs E W Pratt 

Mr Gilbert Quirk 

Mr & Mrs T Meyers Richards 

Mrs A R Richardson 
Mr Charles W Robie 
Mrs Rudd 

Mr Heinrich Schuecker 
Mr & Mrs H C Shaw 
Mr John V Sloan 
Mrs C E L Smith 
Mr Henry M Soule 
Mr W P Soule 
Mr Alfred Spiegel 
Mrs Harriet S Stevens 
Mr & Mrs George Tallman 
Mr William C Thairlwall 
Mrs E M Thorpe 
Mrs James A VanVoast 
Mr & Mrs A R Wadsworth 
Dr & Mrs Oscar E Wasgatt 
Mr Barton Wheelwright 
Mrs Grace Whittemore 



Exeter Street comer Boylston 

Miss L M Barr 

Mr & Mrs G R Barrett 

Mr S A Bennett 

Mr & Mrs E H Bonelli 

Mrs L M Boomer 

Mrs F S Brown 

Mr & Mrs G M Brown 

Mr .& Mrs L S Brown 

Mr & Mrs J H BuflFord 

The Misses Buflford 

]\Ir & Mrs M Burke 

Mr & Mrs S P Burton Jr 

Mr & Mrs E T Bynner 

Mr H B Clark 

Mr F S Cleghorn 

Mr & Mrs E A Cow^an 

Mr & Mrs H Cowan 

Miss Cowan 

Mr Chester L Dane & family 

Mr & Mrs Sam'l F Dickinson 

Mr & Mrs A Dow 

Mr P M Edmunds 

Mr A Folkenberg 

Mrs J A Folsom 

Miss Folsom 

Mr A B Gilmore 

Mr C S Glidden 

Mr F C Goddard 

Miss Helen Harris 

Mr & Mrs B W Hobart 

Mr A W Hooper 

Mr & Mrs George B Inches 

Mrs Ireson 

Miss Ireson 

Mr F H Kidder 

Mr John Lawrence & family 

Mrs Louise Levy 

Rev Samut'l McComb 

Mr E A Millette 

Mr & Mrs G Morse 

Mrs William Howard Neilson 

Com N J K Patch 

Mrs J W Perkins 

Mr & Mrs F S Pratt 

Dr E L Saunders 

Mr C W Shaw 

Mr & Mrs G H Simonds 

Mr F Skinner 

Mr & Mrs W H Stacy 

Mrs Stahl 

Miss Stahl 

Miss Frances H Steams 

Mr W E Toppin 

Mrs W O Trowbridge 

Miss Trowbridge 

Mr George Van Dyke 

Mr & Mrs F W Walker 

Mr J D Weld 

Mr G B White 

Mr & Mrs Albert N Wo(5d 

3 and 5 Mountfort Street 

Mr & Mrs L M Arey 

Mr Matthew O Byrne 

Mr & Mrs O D Clark 

Mr & Mrs G W Donnell 

Mrs H H Fitch 

Miss Fitch 

Mr H M Harrison 

Mr & Mrs Daniel Higgins 

Miss A L La Vers 

Mrs M G Love joy 

Miss Love joy 

Miss Annie Maine 

Mr & Mrs F H Montgomery 

Mr Wilson B Naugler 

Mr & Mrs Samuel Phillips 

Mr & Mrs Chas Ottenwalder 

Mr A L Smith 

Mr Ralph Stebbins 



The Mountfort — Cont'd 

Mrs T E Thomnson 

Mr Charles H Watkins 

Mr & Mrs Herbert ^.ummers 

Mrs J H Wheeler 
Miss Wheeler 
Miss Winter 

Huntington Avenuecorner Blagden Street 

Mrs G A Alden 

Miss J M Alden 

Mr & Mrs A S Bartlett 

Mr W L Birely 

Mr & Mrs John Brooks 

Mr Luther P Call 

Mr E S Cave 

Miss Jennie M Colby 

Mr & Mrs John G Crowley 

Mr & Mrs C L Currier 

Mr & Mrs R B Dudley 

Mr George B Elliot 

Miss L B Ellison 

Mr T H Emmons 

Mr & Mrs W C Fairbanks 

Mrs S B Field 

Mr & Mrs M B Gilbert 

Mr & Mrs Alfred Hennequin 

Mr Andrew Hetherston 

Mr & Mrs F R Hollister 

Mr Charles N Holmes 

Mr & Mrs Francis Howe 

Mrs Eben Howes 

Mr S W Hunt 

Mr & Mrs Wm S Johnson 

Miss G S Kellogg 

Mrs George E Leighton 

Miss M E Long 

Mr & Mrs S F Low 

Mr & Mrs John W Lufkin 

Dr Herbert E Mace 

Mr & Mrs E F Macey 

Miss Clare E Munger 

Mr & Mrs L A Norman 

Mr James T O'Brien 

Dr T B Owens 

Mrs H M Perry 

Miss Id'^ Phillips 

Miss Mary Phillips 

Mrs Anna C Rice 

Mrs H W Robinson 

Mr George W Seavey 

Miss M L Seavey 

Mr R C Sibley 

Mrs S B P Snell 

Miss C E Watson 

Dr Francis J Weller 

Miss Priscilla White 


40 Huntingt 

Miss Jean Anthony 

Mr George W Avery 

Mr & Mrs H L Bagley 

Mr & Mrs E Day Baker 

Mrs G P Baldwin 

Mr & Mrs J D Batchelder 

Miss M B Bentley 

Mr W N Bixby 

Dr H Blosse 

Miss M H Brazier 

on Avenue 

Mrs J J Brennan 
Mr Bakeman Brown 
Dr F L S Brown 
Mrs J B Callender 
Miss M H CaUender 
Mr R B Callender 
Mrs B L Chadboume 
Miss Rose C Chadbourne 
Mr & Mrs F M Chandler 
Mrs Edward E Clark 



JVew Lobby, Qffive, Seceiiti'in Sooms, Dining Room, Billiard 
Room, Cafe. Wine Ro'tm, Prirate Dininy Rooms, Electric 
Elevator, Electriv Liijhts, Long Distance Teleplwne, i 

Single Room vjith Bath, Suite of Tico, Three and Four Rno 
with Balk, Furnished or I'lifurnished, S'ly, Week, 
Month or Year. 


1/ point in the State. 



The Oxford — Continued 

Miss C F Colburn 
Miss Ada E Corey 
Miss E Crewe 
Miss M A Dailey 
Miss M J Dailey 
Mrs Dennison 
Miss Lida T Draper 
Miss L Anna Dudley 
Mr & Mrs W Eccles 
Mr E M English 
Miss Ella A Fairbanks 
Mr Joseph E Farrar 
Miss H A Folsom 
Miss Alice Fulton 
Miss E L Gaffney 
Miss M L Gaffney 
Mr & Mrs W N Hall 
Mr & Mrs C A Harrington , 
Miss Hattie Harvie 
Mr J W Hasey 
Mrs F M Heath 
Mr & Mrs D P Henry 
Miss Antoinette Holbrook 
Mrs A C Holbrook 
Miss A L Holbrook 
Miss Grace Hooper 
Mrs W M Home 
Miss C Horter 
Mr & Mrs H F Hosley 
Miss Howland 
Mr B E Hughes 
Mr & Mrs R K Hunt 
Mr & Mrs W Jackman 
Mr & Mrs A H Jesse 
Mme V Johnson 
Mrs I O Judkins 
Mr H E Kebbon 
Miss M Kinnan • 
Mr A Kirk 
Mr M E Kivelin 
Miss A M Ladd 
Mrs J F Lloyd 
Mr S E Lowry 
_ Mr Thomas Lyford 

Mr Clay McCauley 

Mr J A McDonald 

Mr & Mrs B E Mallory 

Mile M M Masse 

Mr Albert Matthews 

Mr J N Meins 

Mr & Mrs M S Myers 

Mrs P B Nichols 

Mrs Kate Ryan Nolan 

Mrs I H Paige 

Miss Bertha A Patten 

Mr & Mrs F Pettis 

Miss Mabel A Pierce 

Miss E H Finer 

Mrs Grace Poore 

Mr H J Pritchard 

Miss C Richards 

Mr & Mrs L P Salazar 

Mrs J V Sampson 

Miss Mary Saxon 

Mr & Mrs E F Smith 

Mr & Mrs W H Smith 

Mr F P Son 

Mr A H Sow. rs 

Mr C C Sp r 

Mr & Mrs G E Stearns 

Miss H G Sullivan 

Mr John A Sullivan 

Miss A J Swain e 

Mr & Mrs W M Tenney 

Mrs M E Thayer 

Mr & Mrs C S Thompson 

Mrs Annie M Trundy 

Mr David Tuska 

Mr & Mrs Aaron Victorson 

Mrs M E Weir 

Mr & Mrs E N West 

Mr J T Whelan 

Mrs Emma J White 

Mr H F Whitmarsh 

Mr & Mrs P A Williams 

Mrs W R Williams 

Mr Charles E A Winsloit 

Mr & Mrs Erving Winslow 

Mr Lewis Young 




School Street 
Mr George H Allen 
Miss Allen 
Mr G A Amsden 
Mr & Mrs L D Baker 
Miss Martha A Baker 
Mr William H Baker 
Mrs F L Bradley 
Mr W H Brennon 
Mr M J Brosman 
Mr & Mrs Kingsley A Burn- 
Mr & Mrs B P Cheney 
Mr C E Cowan 
Mrs J E Cushman 
Mr & Mrs W S Dana 
Mr & Mrs N H Daniels 
Mr N H Daniels Jr 
Mr F G Dort 
Mr F H Dowse 
Mr & Mrs B Eldridge 
Mr & Mrs William Foster 
Rev & Mrs Roland C Grant 
Mr & Mrs A H Harmon 
Mrs A S Harwood 
Mr Henry Hastings 
Mr & Mrs F L Hiller 
Mr T W Holmes 
Mr & Mrs Fisher Howe 
Mr & Mrs E S Hoyt 
Mr & Mrs J Frank Hubbard 
Mr & Mrs A Huntress 
Mrs Sarah L Kendrick 
Mr Paul H Kendricken 
Mr & Mrs H C Litchfield 

Bowdoin Square corner Bulfinch Street 
Mr F W Blair Mr H J Kennedy 

Col R H Boykin Mr G A Lloyd 

Mrs Agnes Champney Mr Wm Norton 

Mr A T Fitzgerald Mr Saiman Sirk 

Mr P R Flaherty Mr C Steinheimcr 

Mr C F Gerrish Mr John A Stewart 

Mr J Hallett Mr S H Wentworth 

Mr R S Harrison Mr A F Whittredge 

corner Tremont 

Mr & Mrs Howard Marston 

Mr & Mrs George C Morrill 

Mr & Mrs F W Neal 

Mr & Mrs Samuel W Parker 

Mr Gunther H Petrie 

Mr & Mrs H A Phinney 

Mr Fred M Purmort 

Miss Lucy S Russ 

Mr & Mrs H M Sabine 

Mrs M J Sabine 

Mr & Mrs R J Salter 

Mr & Mrs E W Sampson 

Mr Warren Sawyer 

Miss Sawyer 

Mr & Mrs J H Sears 

Mr & Mrs J W Seaver / 

Miss Seaver 

Mr & Mrs O A Shepherd 

Mr J H Sherburne 

Mr Paul H Sherwin 

Mr D Roy Smith 

Mr & Mrs George. E Smith 

Mrs Manville Sommerville 

Mr & Mrs Frank O Squire 

Mi- A H Stone 

Miss Eva S Stone 

Mr & Mrs F W Storey 

Mr George E Tebbetts 

Mr & Mrs F L Washburne 

Miss Washburne 

Miss O A Welch 

Mr & Mrs J H Wiles 

Mr H G Woodworth 



Commonwealth Avenue corner Charlesgate East 

Mr & Mrs A T Baldwin 

Miss Baldwin 

Miss Elizabeth Ballard 

Mr & Mrs E E Bennett 

Mr & Mrs G H Bradford 

Mr & Mrs R L Brown 

Mr & Mrs Chas A Browning 

Mr & Mrs Wm M Bunting 

Mrs L G Burn ham 

Mr & Mrs H P Cannon 

Mr & Mrs Edgar R Champlin 

Mr & Mrs Elisha W Cobb 

Mrs D H Coolidge 

Mr & Mrs J W Cotton 

Mr & Mrs Edmund B Cowles 

Mr & Mrs Roscoe G Davis 

Mr M M Diamond 

Mrs A G Duncan 

Mr & Mrs Willard Emery 

Mr & Mrs H C Everett 

Mr J M Fairbank 

Mrs L G Fairbank 

Mrs D B Flint 

Mr & Mrs C J Glidden 

Mr & Mrs J M Gould 

Mr & Mrs M S Greenough 

Miss Greenough 

Mrs S C Griggs 

Mrs H N Hale 

Mr & Mrs Frank C Hall 

Mrs Mira Hall 

Mr & Mrs George L Hamilton 

Mr & Mrs W E Haskell 

Mr Charles Hayden 

Mr & Mrs Josiah W Hayden 

Mr & Mrs F L Hayward 

Mrs H L Hayward 

Dr & Mrs T C Hill 

Mr & Mrs Joshua B Holden 

The Misses Holden 

The Misses Holmes 

Mr & Mrs Geo B Johnson 

Mrs Frank Jones 

Mrs Helena M Kent 

Mrs William H Lord 

Mr M A McBride 

Mrs L G McMichael 

Mr & Mrs J Warren Merrill 

Gen Nelson A Miles 

Mr & Mrs Oliver W Mink • 

The Misses Paul 

Mr & Mrs James T Phelps 

Mr & Mrs Thomas G Plant 

Mr & Mrs C H Rice 

Mrs Augustus Richardson 

The Misses Richardson 

Mr & Mrs Aubrey Robinson 

Mrs A Seeley 

Miss F B Seeley 

Mrs Roland Seger 

Miss Mary E Simonds 

JVIr & Mrs G W Simpson 

Mrs C A Sinclair 

Miss Marie Sinclair 

Mr & Mrs R H Stearns 

Mr & Mrs Ferdinand Strauss 

Mr & Mrs George H Swift 

Mrs Charles E Tilton 

Mr & Mrs E R Tolfree 

Mrs O H Underhill 

Mr John Wallace 

Mr & Mrs Arthur Warren 

Mr & Mrs C A West 

Mr & Mrs Z L White 

Miss White 

Mr & Mrs G H Williams 

Mrs W A Wood 


Boylston corner Church Street 
Mr J L Damon Mr E L Rawson 

Mr J L Damon Jr Mr S P Urner 

Miss E J Hartnett 



Boylston Street corner Tremont 

Mr & Mrs G B Balch 

Mr G C Bossom Jr 

Mr George W Brown 

Mr & Mrs T E Byrnes 

Miss M E Carter 

Miss Nellie Carter 

Mr Samuel Colburn 

Miss Colburn 

Mr Amos Cotting 

Mr & Mrs Thos Cunningham 

Mr & Mrs H B Endicott 

Mr F W Estabrook 

Mr James Bennett Forsyth 

Mr Thomas Alex Forsyth 

Mr & Mrs Charles J Glidden 

Mr Claude M Hart 

Mr George D Low 

Mrs T J Marsh 

Mr & Mrs C H Myers 

Mr & Mrs Richard Olney 

Mr & Mrs Geo F Paraschos 

Mr Edmund Pratt 

Mr & Mrs E T Pratt 

Mr & Mrs Andrew W Preston 

Mr & Mrs A C Ratshesky 

Mrs Edwin Rice 

Mr Edwin B Rice 

Mr & Mrs W J Riley 

Miss Clara Sawyer 

Mr & Mrs William G Sharp 

Mr & Mrs W B Valentine 

Mr & Mrs F R Webber 

Dartmouth Street 

Dr J Warren Aghom 

Mr Clifford G Alexander 

Mr H D Alexander 

Miss Grace Allen 

Mrs O T Allen 

Mr & Mrs William A Allen 

Miss Abbey W Baldwin 

Dr Alice H Bassett 

Miss Sara W Bassett 

Mr David A Belden 

Miss Mabel A Bennett 

Mrs Mary A Bertrand 

Mr Edward M Blake 

Mrs E A Botsford 

Mrs G P Bowler 

Miss Margaret Brascoell 

Miss Eleanor Brigham 

Mrs N S Brunton 

Mr P P Caproni 

Mrs A H Clark 

Dr & Mrs E P Colby 

Mr Dwight T Cortis 

Mr & Mrs Irving Curtis 

Miss Helen G Gushing 

Mr & Mrs E P Dana 

Miss S Daniels 

Mr & Mrs Sidney H Davis 

Miss J D Deery 

Dr E Z Derr 

Miss Norman Derr 

Mr & Mrs George C Dobson 

Mr A W Doe 

Miss Mary A Doe 

Mrs Mary W Doe 

Mr & Mrs Harrison EUery 

Miss M Ellery 

Mr William Ellery 

Mrs E D Ellsworth 

Mrs G M Endicott 

The Misses Endicott 

Miss Elsie Eriche 

Mr & Mrs J M Everett 

Miss Florence M Ewell 

Mr & Mrs W D Flagg 

Miss C N Fogg 

Mrs J M Fogg 



Trinity Court — Continued 

Mrs J H Foster 

Miss C H Garrett 

Mrs H H Garrett 

Mr & Mrs Harry S Gilman 

Mrs Thatcher Goddard 

Miss Amy E L Goodrich 

Mrs A P Goodrich 

Miss Constance Goodrich 

Mrs J J Goodrich 

Miss M Gorham 

Mr & Mrs James Greenwood 

Mr & Mrs Frank O Guild 

Miss Alice L Hart 

Miss Edyth Haskell 

Mr Walter Hobbs 

The Misses Holmes 

Miss F A Hosmer ^ 

Miss Jessie M Hosmer 

Miss Wylina B H Hudson 

Miss Josephine Jenkins 

Mr J A Jennings 

Miss Mary A Jones 

Mr Myron W Joslyn 

Miss Delia T Kane 

Mr & Mrs B C King 

Mrs Lake 

Miss Lake 

Miss Letty Launder 

Mr E C Lewis 

Mr & Mrs A V Losea 

Mrs Mary Lucas 

Miss Anna Maar 

Mrs Andrew Mack 

Mr & Mrs Carl Mellows 

Miss E A Moor 

Miss Ruth Moor 

Mr W J Moor 

Mr John W Morrison 

Mrs Morrison 

Mr William A Murray 

Mrs Grace Myers 

Miss Harriot B Newhall 

Dr Ezra Palmer 

Dr & Mrs L G Paul 

Miss Grace Phillips 

Miss Lillian Pierce 

Mrs Alice M Porter 

Mr Rudolph Porter 

Miss Lucia Privett 

Miss Martha Prescott 

Dr & Mrs Alex Quackenboss 

Mr & Mrs A G Reynolds 

Miss Helen Reynolds 

Miss Majory Reynolds 

Dr C M Richards 

Miss E Richie 

Mr & Mrs W F Richie 

Miss Katherine M Ricker 

Mr Charles L Robbins 

Mr & Mrs P W Royce 

Mrs H H Sacker 

Miss Sacker 

Mr & Mrs E H Sampson 

Miss L B Sanford 

Mr Philip L Schuyler 

Miss M L Sears 

Miss Flora M Shackley 

Mr & Mrs Thornton H Sim- 

Mrs A M Shaw 
Mr & Mrs Alfred R Shrigley 
Mr A K Simpson 
Miss Simpson 
Miss Helen S Smith 
Miss Alice M Stanaway 
Mrs Annie I Stanaway 
Mrs A B Stuart 
Miss Bertha Swift 
Miss Edith Swift 
Miss Lucy Swift 
Mr & Mrs G E Taylor 
Mr & Mrs J Alden Trott 
Mr & Mrs J C Trott 
Miss Jane R Tweed 
Mr & Mrs H M Up ham 
Dr Agnes C Victor 
Mr & Mrs L H Vincent 
Dr Ralph Warden 
Mrs A A Warner 
Mr & Mrs W H Warren 
Mr & Mrs Charles L Way 



Trinity Court — Continued 

Mr Amory Wheeler 
Mr Paul Wheeler 
Mrs C B Whiting 
Miss Helen A Whittier 

Miss Flora Williams 
Dr Spencer T Williams 
Mr & Mrs L F Woodruflf 
Miss Maud E Woodrufif 

270 Commonwealth Avenue 

Mr & Mrs Allen Ainslie 

Miss Helen V Ainslie 

Miss Mary H Bartlett 

Mr & Mrs S N Blackwood 

Mr C S Carryl 

Miss M C Dana 

Dr & Mrs L S Dixon 

Mr & Mrs H W Estabrook 

Mr Fred'k Reed Estabrook 

Mr Benjamin W Estabrook 

Mr & Mrs B B Glenny 

Miss Glenny 

Mr H F Hanson 

Mr D B Hallett 

Mr D E HaUett 

Mr & Mrs R O Lamb . 

Mr & Mrs A C Lawrence 

Mr & Mrs H L Merry 

Mr & Mrs C L Parker 

Judge & Mrs H N Sheldon 

Mr A Blakeley Smith 

Beach Street comer Kingston 

Mr W H Bain 

Miss Dorothy Bedford 

Mr George T Cutler 

Mr & Mrs J G Hickey 
Mr F T Horgan 
Mr E K Turner 

Commonwealth Avenue corner Dartmouth Street 

Mrs George E Adams 
Mrs George A Alden 
Mr & Mrs G Edwin Alden 
Miss Priscilla Alden 
Mrs Stillman B Allen 
Mr Willis B Allen 
The Misses Allen 
Dr W T Bailey 
Miss Helen G Bailey 
Mr Edw S Batchelder 
Mr C H Bayley 
Miss M F Bishop 
Mrs Alonzo Boothby 
Mr N Willis Bumstead 

Mrs S A Carlton 

Mr & Mrs F L Carter 

Miss Ellen Cary 

Mr E D Chamberlain 

Mr & Mrs F S Chick 

Mr H A Church 

Mr Joseph H Clark 

Miss Clark 

Mrs E S Clarke 

Mrs C C Corbin 

Mrs C P Crosby 

Miss Crosby 

Mrs B C Cummings 

Mr S W Cummings 



Thb Vendome — Continued 

Mrs Daniel Dewey 

Mr Percy Dewey 

Mr & Mrs B H pickson 

Mrs John C Dore 

Mrs George A Farlow 

Miss A Farns worth 

Mr & Mrs Elliot W Fiske 

Mr Henry W French 

Miss Caroline Fuller 

Miss Helen Gile 

Mr & Mrs W H Gile 

Mr A W Godfrey 

Mr,& Mrs Lester N Godfrey 

The Misses Goodnow 

Mr & Mrs C H Green leaf 

Mrs Chester Guild 

Dr H F Hamilton 

Mr W F Harding 

Mr & Mrs C B Holman 

Miss Flora E Horton 

Mrs T C Horton 

Mrs Thomas W Hyde 

Mrs John R Jones 

Mrs C W Kennard 

Mr H M Kimball 

Mr E W Knight 

Mrs J W LeJ'avour 

Mrs J G Loring 

Miss A D Mills 

Miss S L Mills 

Mr & Mrs C E Morrison 

Mr P G Morrison 

Mr & Mrs William E Murdock 

Prof & Mrs W H Niles 

Mr & Mrs J N Parker 

Mrs H L Perry 

Miss Addie Pierce 

Judge & Mrs W L Putnam 

Miss Frances A Raymond 

Mr & Mrs H E Raymond 

Mr M W Richardson 

Mr R H Rines 

Mt William A Rust 

Miss Irene Shuman 

Mr & Mrs Samuel Shuman 

Mrs Franklin Smith 

Miss Spinney 

Mr W B Stevens 

Mr & Mrs E A Strong 

Mrs Edward Sullivan 

Miss Frances Sutton 

Miss Alice P Tapley 

Mrs A P Tapley 

Mrs E B Taylor 

Mr E E Taylor 

Mr & Mrs G A Torrey 

Mr J A Tower 

Miss K TuUy 

Mrs J F Twombly 

Mr George A Viles 

Mr & Mrs J Albert Walker 

Miss M P Walker 

Mrs Irving O Whiting 

Mr & Mrs George Wilcomb 

Mr & Mrs Gardner Williams 

Mrs John F Winch 

Dartmouth Street comer Newbury 

Mrs W Alanson Abbe 
Miss A B Andrews 
Mr Allen Arnold 
The Misses Arnold 
Mr & Mrs L A Benachi 
Miss I E Bennett 
Miss M A Bigelow 
Mr Harry L Brown 

Mr Arthur G Chase 
Mr & Mrs William H Claflin 
Mr William H Claflin Jr 
Mrs Channing Clapp 
Maj & Mrs David Crocker 
Mr John D Crosby. 
Miss M E Crosby 
Miss S P Cushing 



The VicTORiA-^Coritinued 

Mr John Damon 

Mr & Mrs Charles Davis Jr 

Miss H F Dwight 

Miss C A Fairbanks 

Miss C L Fairbanks 

Mr & Mrs J B Forsyth 

Mr William Frank 

Miss French 

Mrs Joel Goldthwait 

Mrs R F Greeley 

Miss Greeley 

Mr & Mrs J E Harlow 

Mrs J H Hecht 

Mr & Mrs W W Hodges 

Miss Louise Hooper 

Mrs E M MacKillop 
Mr & Mrs G N McMillan 
Mr & Mrs Robt S Minot 
Mr & Mrs George M Nowell 
Mr & Mrs Thomas O Paige 
Miss Harriet L Potter 
Miss Mary E Potter 
Miss Helen M Robinson 
Miss Anna Ruhl 
Mr & Mrs A T Sinadino 
The Misses Snow 
Mrs Orlando Tompkins 
Gen & Mrs L H Warren 
Mr A W Wheelwright 
Mr & Mrs Albert Winslow 
Mrs John H Wright 


Ken more Street 

Mrs Mary A Barney 

Dr Mary Bates 

Mrs Bennett 

Mr & Mrs Albert Bernard 

Miss Helen Bernard 

Mr Paul Bernard 

Mr & Mrs C B Bigelow 

Mr & Mrs H M Butler 

Mr & Mrs E B Carleton 

Mr & Mrs George Collerd 

Mr Horace Cook 

Miss M A Crane 

Mr & Mrs George B Drake 

Mr Ferdinand Emerson 

Mrs George Eustis 

Mrs George A Fales 

Mr & Mrs Ira L Fish 

Mr & Mrs George R Fiske 

Mr James O Foss 

Miss Mildred Foss 

Mr Wallace H Foss 

Miss Meda Gillis 

Mrs M L Haven 

Mr Alfred Jones 

Miss Helen Jones 

Master Howard Jones 

Miss Marie Jones 

Mr & Mrs RoUin Jones 

Mr Fred W Langford 

Mr Henri Langles 

Mrs H C Mclnnes 

Mr William M Mclnnes 

Mr & Mrs C B Martin 

Miss Frances Martin 

Miss Alice O Miller 

Mrs Frances C Miller 

Mr William Miller 

Mr R W Milne 

Mr & Mrs Fred E Nason 

Mrs Harriet Neal 

Mr & Mrs W G Payson 

Dr & Mrs L D Shepard 

Mr & Mrs George A Sherman 

Miss Sherman 

Mr & Mrs Carl Skinner 

Dr & Mrs L M Spear 

Mr & Mrs Clinton J Warren 

Miss Edith Waters 

Miss Elizabeth Waters 




Copley Square 

Mr Robert Adamson 

Mr & Mrs C P Andersen 

Mr & Mrs George T Angell 

Mr Ballard 

Mr J M Beckley 

Mr S A Bigelow 

Mr & Mrs Oswell M Boutwell 

Mr & Mrs Henry H Butler 

Dr E B Cahill 

Mrs William B Gapron 

Mr D Allen Carrick 

Miss A Clapp 

Mr Amos Clark 

Mrs M C Cleary- 

Mr & Mrs S P Clemens 

Mr A L Comstock 

Rev & Mrs A Z Conrad 

Mr Guy Wilbur Cox 

Mr H B Curtis 

Mr Theo C Curtis 

Miss E Dalton 

Mr R P Dalton 

Miss M M Damon 

Mr & Mrs H C Delano 

Mr Raymond Fowle 

Mr & Mrs W P Fowle 

Mr R C Freeman 

Mr William Gilmore 

Mrs B Green 

Miss Gregory 

Mr & Mrs H H Harper 

Miss Harper 

Mr & Mrs Wm H Hart 

H M Haynes D M D 

Mr Louis Hecht Jr 

Mr Summit L Hecht 

Mrs E Hunter 

Miss I Hunter 

Mr E L Janes 
Miss M D Jones 
Mr George W Keates 
Mr J C Kennedy 
Mr & Mrs F G King 
Mr H D Kirkland 
Mr J B MacSwain 
Mr <& Mrs Chas E Macullar 
Dr Miles Martin 
Mrs J W Masury 
Mrs A B* Newman 
Miss Newman 
Mr W R Noone 
Mr A C J Pope 
Mr C H Pope 
Mr Charles H Pratt 
Mr & Mrs C J Post 
Mr & Mrs D S Rich 
Mr C B Roepper 
Mrs C W Roepper 
Dr & Mrs M Woodbury Saw- 
Dr & Mrs George C Smith 
Mrs G G Snow 
Mr & Mrs H W Spaulding 
The Misses Spooner 
Miss Jennie Sprague 
Miss Julia Sprague 
Mr George S Stockwell 
Mrs Edward Payson Thayer 
Miss Helen Thomas 
Mr Jesse B Thomas 
Mr W A Trull 
Mr Lewis R Tucker 
Mrs Arthur W Tufta 
Dr David W Wells 
Mr & Mrs S Zinberg 

Boston Directory Office 


MBsba AindilioD ol Amaicsll Diwlmy Publi^Kn 

"\ 246 Summer Street, Boston / 


BOSTON DIRECTORY umuaUy for 64 ytm 



TutnUi RocticMT 

MMa " Onw " 

Ncwu " PmridBKC. R. 

Worwucf "' Provkteoce, Houk ' 

A^.N:,y! ' EulPnvidau 

RoutJuf " Newpori ' 

Troy. WusvlKt Piwlucket 

Gna liUnd Wwdr 

Cab».W>iaf«d Wo«»ckct 

Mhp« <J dbe »bov« oamed Cibet tot Stit 



FEiTIEB lEiL UCES GUrTKNG Of all kllll lOT ■■■ 




17 Temple Place 284 Boylston Street 


Delivery SjsUm in BoHou 

nd Subqrba 

TalepJiono eicbtmeM 

( Ijsn Oxford 

Wwhlast" Provldenc. 
Worcealcr HaTlla 




New Mb van 



Boston Blue Book 


{The names of intersecting streets are in italics and enclosed 
in parentheses) 

1 Miss Grace W Minns 6 Mr & Mrs Allen H Cox 

1 Miss Elizabeth W Minns 
3 Mrs William B Stevens 
5 Miss Louisa Ward 

8 Mr & Mrs Eliot N Jones 

5 Miss Olivia S Ward 


2 Miss L T Colby 

2 Dr Robert G Loring 

2 Dr M P Smithwick 

3 Mr Frank W Boles 

5 Dr & Mrs C B Porter 

6 Mrs M E Goldsmith 

7 Mr Charles C Walker 

{Marlbororigh Street) 

8 Mrs M F Wright 

8 Mr & Mrs Geo J Dockray 

9 . Mrs J W Austin 
10 Mrs CharlesL Lane 
10 Mr Samuel E Allen 
10 Mr Otto Roth 

10 Dr Arthur C Jelly 

11 The Misses Morrill 

12 Mrs J M Sears 
12 Miss Sears 

(Commonwealth Avenue) 


14 Mr & Mrs Peter E Strauss 
14 Mr & Mrs Harry J Mc- 

14 Mrs William LeBrun 

15 Mr & Mrs W E Blan chard 

15 Mr & Mrs George W Terrill 

{Newbury Street) 

16 Mass New Church Union 

16 Dr WilUam H Potter 
Dr C C Patten 

Dr A J Oldham 

17 Mrs A Forbes Con ant 

17 Miss Helen B MacNichol 

18 Dr & Mrs R H Fitz 
Arlington Street Ch 

Rev Paul Revere 
294 Beacon St 

{Boylston Street) 





107 Laurens School 

455 Mr & Mrs W H MilUken 
Mr & Mrs L A Mooar 
Dr & Mrs E M Montgomery 

457 Rev & Mrs Edw A Horton 
The Misses Conery 
Miss Florence E Davis 

459 The Misses Murdoch 

Mr & Mrs George M Bahan 
Mr & Mrs Burton F Reed 

461 Mr & Mrs John Burns Jr 
Mr & Mrs Charles W Porter 
Mr & Mrs M A Johnson 

465 The Lucerne 

Mr & Mrs G H Converse 
Mr & Mrs H C Waters 
Mr & Mrs John R Ainsley 
Miss S W Smith 
The Misses Fabyan 

499 & 503 Strathcona Ter- 

499 Mr & Mrs Henry A Sher- 
Mr& Mrs Bertram B Conrad 
Continued opposite column 

{Medfield Street) 

456 Mr & Mrs W L Mont- 
458 Mr Frank Ferdinand 
460 Mr & Mrs J Payson Bradley 
464 Mr & Mrs Gelston Whitte- 

466 Mr & Mrs John D Adams 
468 Mr & Mrs Louis Baer 

(Beacon Street) 

500 & 504 Audubon Terrace 
500 The Misses Wetherbee 

Mrs A H Smith 
504 Mr & Mrs Eugene Brey- 
Mr & Mrs F C Heney 
Mr & Mrs T J Holton 


Odd numbers continued 
Mr & Mrs Jas M Rothwell 
Mr A Ward Perkins 
Mr & Mrs John P Knight 
Mr & Mrs Philip W Carter 


1 Mr & Mrs Geo F Clarke 18 Mr Carlton A Gifford 
15 Mr & Mrs Francis B Patten Miss S S Perkins 

21 Mr & Mrs Oliver B Coe Miss A D Munro 


7 Mr & Mrs George C Brooks 

7 Miss M F Brooks 

9 Mr & Mrs Edward C Rich- 
11 Mr G F D Paine 
1 1 Miss Margaret E Paine 
13 Mr & Mrs David Loring 
13 Miss Alice Loring 
15 Mr & Mrs John Alles 
17 Mrs E L Giddings 
17 Dr & Mrs L B Boutwell 
21 Mr & Mrs R W Hopkins 

{Raleigh Street) 

56 Mr WilUam C Bramhall 
56 Miss Eleanor Bramhall 
56 Miss Elizabeth Bramhall 
58 Mr & Mrs Philip K Du- 

58 Miss Jiilian S Dumaresq 
58 Miss Colette Dumaresq 
60 Mr & Mrs Willis Litchfield 
62 Mr & Mrs J W Cumnock 
64 Mr & Mrs G K Richardson 
64 Miss Ruth K Richardson 



Bay State Road — Cont'd 

23 Mrs George H Ball 

25 Mr & Mrs A W Preston 

27 Mrs John C Hayncs 

29 Mr & Mrs George B Wilbur 

31 Mrs M L Coolidge 

31 Mrs R J Hall 

31 Miss E R Hall 

33 Mrs E P Stuart Clark 

35 Dr & Mrs C F Withington 

37 The Misses Spalding 

39 Mr & Mrs Chas H Fiske Jr 

41 Mr & Mrs D C Brewer 

43 Mr Benjamin C Clark 

43 Mr & Mrs Winthrop Weth- 

47 Mr & Mrs Wm A Tucker 

(Raleigh Street) 

59 Mr & Mrs Ralph W Curtis 
61 Mr & Mrs John E Devlin 
63 Mr & Mrs F H Curtiss 
65 Mr & Mrs Geo H Windeler 
67 Miss Emily L Osgood 
69 Rev & Mrs Herbert S John- 
73 Rev & Mrs Daniel Merri- 

75 Mr & Mrs Alfred Bowditch 
77 Mr & Mrs Ezra Ripley 

79 Mr & Mrs Charles W Hub- 
81 Dr & Mrs ElUott P Joslin 
83 Mrs Joseph H Tyler 
83 Mr Charles H Tyler 
97 Mr & Mrs W A Gaston 
99 Mr & Mrs R M Saltonstall 

(Deerfield Street) 

111 Mr & Mrs Thomas S Lock- 
115 Mr & Mrs Charles D Sias 
117 Mr & Mrs F E Snow 
119 Mr & Mrs E W Burdett 
121 Mr & Mrs Arthur E Childs 
125 Miss Moen 

64 Miss Sarah Pichardson 

66 Mrs T A McKinnon 

66 Miss Mary McKinnon 

68 Mr & Mrs John H D Smith 

68 Miss Harriet S Smith 

70 Dr & Mrs John L Morse 

72 Mr Fletcher Ranney 

72 The Misses Ranney 

74 Mr & Mrs Sidney Hosmer 

76 Mr Frederic Guild 

76 Mr Frederic Guild Jr 

76 Mr Samuel Guild 

78 Dr & Mrs W T Councilman 

80 Mr & Mrs M B L Bradford 

80 Miss Alice Bradford 

82 Mr & Mrs Robert G Dodge 

84 Dr & Mrs J C Hubbard 

88 Dr & Mrs J J Thomas 

90 Mr Edward S Hawes 

90 The Misses Hawes 

92 Mr & Mrs Frederick H 

92 Miss E S Warner ' 
92 Mr Frederick H Warner Jr 
92 Mr William S Warner 
94 Mr & Mrs B A Ball 
96 Mr & Mrs John A Haskell 
Mr & Mrs F R Tibbetts 
Mrs William J Leckie 
Mr & Mrs N N Thayer 
Mr & Mrs Geo M Sherman 
Mrs Charles E Barney 
Mrs A R Morgan 
Mr & Mrs Junius Beebe 

(Deerfield Street) 
(Sherborn Street) 

152 Mr & Mrs Albert Stone 

152 Mr Albert Stone Jr 

152 Miss Mary Stone 

154 Mrs W A Rust 

156 Mr & Mrs G F Bosworth 

156 Miss Sybilla Orth 

158 Mr & Mrs Chas H Baldwin 

162 Mr & Mrs A H Vinal 

164 Mr & Mrs F W Smith 







State Road— Cont'd 

Dr & Mrs J W Farlow 
Mr John S Farlow 
Mr & Mrs Edwin U Curtis 
Mr & Mrs Robert Shaw 

Mr James M Prendergast 
Mrs Jeffrey Prendergast 
Miss J C Prendergast 
Mr & Mrs G N Swallow 
Mrs Rebecca P Swallow 
Mr & Mrs William A Hayes JgJJ 
Mrs Charles D wight 1°2 

Mr & Mrs W Y Peters |°^ 

Mr G G Peters Jg^ 

Dr & Mrs C G Weld 1^8 




{Sherhorn Street) 

53 Mr Harold A Pitman 
55 Mr & Mrs Emor H Harding 
57 Mr & Mrs William Rotch 
57 Miss Edith E Rotch 
57 Mr William Rotch Jr 
57 Mr Charles M Rotch 
59 Mr & Mrs Chas F Bancroft 
61 Mr & Mrs Theo M Clark 
65 Mr & Mrs J F Webster 
65 Mr Frederick D Webster 
67 Mr & Mrs A Lincoln Filene 
69 Mr William A Miller 
71 Dr & Mrs Fritz B Talbot 
75 Mr & Mrs Albert E Pills- 
79 Mr & Mrs W L Shearer 
79 Miss Shearer 
81 Mr & Mrs W F Watters 
83 Mr & Mrs C B Morrill 
83 Mrs W V Hutchings 
85 Mr & Mrs George P Hamlin 
89 Mrs Arthur G Stanwood 
89 Mr Richard R Stanwood 
91 Mr & Mrs James Means 
93 Mr & Mrs S A Morse 
95 Mr & Mrs J C Watson 
95 Mr Ashley Watson 
97 Mrs W Kennard 





Mr & Mrs Francis J Moors 
Mr & Mrs Abraham Kosh- 

Mr & Mrs Augustus F 

Rev & Mrs Charles J Ket- 

Mr Phillips Ketchum 
Mr Quintard Ketchum 
Mr & Mrs E H Talbot 
Mr & Mrs W H Carey 
Mr & Mrs J W Tewksbury 
Mr & Mrs J Koshland 
Mr & Mrs Charles H Wood 
Mr & Mrs James B Noyes 
Mr & Mrs Henry Lowell 

Mr & Mrs Wellington Wells 
Mr John S Stone 
Mrs C P Stone 
Mrs E A Ordway 
Rev & Mrs John McGaw 

Miss Kathleen Foster 
Mr & Mrs Wilbur P Rice 
Mr & Mrs M Friedman 
Mrs Edward E Howe 
Mr George E Howe 
Mr Eugene B Hagar 
Mr & Mrs C P Wright 
Mr & Mrs C P Sampson 

{Granby Street) 
{Ashby Street) 

Mr & Mrs G H Mackay 
Miss Pauline Mackay 
Mr R Langdon Mackay 
Mr & Mrs W W Darling 
Miss C Irene Darling 
Mr W Roy Darling 
Mr & Mrs Sidney E Shu- 
Dr EUzabeth A Riley 
Mr & Mrs Alfred W Carr 
Mr & Mrs C B Gookin 
Miss Gookin 



Bay State Road— Cont'd 330 

197 Mr Victor Parry Kennard '^^2 
201 Mrs C S Tuckerman 334 

201 Mr John A Tuckerman 336 

205 Mrs Hamilton A Hill 
205 Mr & Mrs Hamilton Hill 338 
207 Mr & Mrs R L Pond 
207 Mr & Mrs R L Pond Jr 
209 Dr Robert Means Law- 225 
rcnce 231 

209 Miss Madeleine Lawrence 233 
211 Judge & Mrs Robert Grant 

{Granhy Street) 
Continued opposite column 

Mr & Mrs F L Dunne 
Mr & Mrs V R Evans > 
Mr & Mrs W R Dupee 
Mr & Mrs Langdon Froth- 

Mrs Uriel H Crocker 

Odd numbers continued 

Mr & Mrs W L Lindsay 
Mrs N H Miller * 
Mr & Mrs George Baxter 


3 Boston Press Club 


14 Congregational House 
16 Mr & Mrs H C Angell 
20 Claflin Building 

Mr Edwin D Mead (office) 
Mr Chas A Walker (office) 
23 Hotel Bellevue 

For names of guests see page 39 

25 American Unitarian 

{Bowdoin Street) 

(Park Street) 

(Mt Vernon Street) 

State House 

{Hancock Avenue) 

30 Miss Emily B Beebe 
30 Mr E Pierson Beebe 
30 Mr FrankUn H Beebe 
32 Mr William Endicott 
32 Mr & Mrs Albert Debuchy 

(Joy Street) 
The Tudor 

Mr & Mrs Geo F Babbitt 
Mr T H Brown 
Dr Henry B Chandler (of- 

The Tudor — Continued 
Mr & Mrs W F Morgan 
Mr & Mrs Henry Hopkins 

Mr J T Gilbert 
Mrs J Holland 
Miss M Holland 
Col & Mrs Sidney M Hed- 
Dr & Mrs F M Johnson 
Rev & Mrs T R Kimball 
Mr & Mrs J P C Marshall 
Mrs A W Spencer 

35 Mrs Franklin Haven 

36 Mr & Mrs Melvin O Adams 

37 Mr & Mrs John A Lowell 

37iMrs J F Emmons 
37iMrs Hobart Moore 
37JMr Roger Blake Emmons 

38 Mr & Mrs Thomas Lindall 


(WalniU Street) 

39 Mr Arthur T Lyman 
39 The Misses Lyman 

41 &*43 Somerset Club 
44 Mr & Mrs Richard C Dixey 
44 Miss Rosamond Dixey 
44 Miss Mary A Tappan 



Beacon St — Continuu^d 

45 Mr & Mrs William Austin 


46 Mr & Mrs Eben D Jordan 
46 Miss Dorothy Jordan 

46 Mr Robert Jordan 

47 Mrs James A Garland 

48 Mr Thomas H Austin 
Mr William A Mehaflfey 
Mr Edward V Henderson 
Mr F G Henderson 

Mr Charles G Collins 

Mr Charles Batchelder 

Mr J Howard Leman 

Mr William S Eaton 

Mr P F Drew 

Mr Joseph Wentworth 

Mr Arthur G Newmyer 

Mr W L Walker 

Mr Foster Gilroy 

Mr Edward C Foss 

Mr R E Binger 

Mr Arthur W Stevens 

Mr A H Dyer 

Dr H R Stedman 

Mr F N Perkins 

Mr E Whittier 

Mr F G Whittier 

Mr W A Moffitt 

Mr Wm Lincoln Crosby 

Mr J S Proctor 

49 Mr & Mrs Wm L Putnam 

(Spruce Street) 

50 Puritan Club 

51 Mrs F R Sears 

52 Mr & Mrs Geo Abbot James 

53 Mr & Mrs W O Underwood 

54 Mr & Mrs F J Stimson 

55 Mr & Mrs Gordon Dexter 

56 Dr W S Bigelow 

57 Mr George N Black 

57 Mr Charles B Pitman 

58 Dr & Mrs J C Warren 

58 Dr John Warren 

59 Mr & Mrs Frank A Robart 

59 Mr Charles Gibson 

61 Mrs E B Bryant 

62 Mr & Mrs Wm S Nixon 
Mr Charles H Cole Jr 
Mrs Mary L Cole 

Mr F W Peabody 
Mr B W Wells 
Miss Mary I Wells 

63 Mrs J H Sturgis 

63 Mr Charles R Sturgis. 

64 Dr & Mrs L Vernon Briggs 

66 Mr R B Sewall 
Mr L deP Cole 

Mr Park man B Haven 

Mr A S Pier 

Mr Charles E Bacon 

Mr Winthrop Ames 

Mr A J C Sowdon 

Mr George T Dexter 

Mr H W C Brown 

Mr C P Shelton 

Mr B H Shelton 

Mr Clarence H Denny 

Mr E P Howe 

Mr George V Leverett 

Mr Fred Whitney 

Mr Frank Whitney 

Dr Channing C Simmons 

(Charles Street) 

67 Mrs Dominic Tov 

68 Miss G L Putnam 

69 Mrs C C Chadwick 

(River Street) 

70 Miss Veronica Dwight 

71 Mr & Mrs James A Hawkes 
71 Mr S Romney Spring 

71 Miss K Carder 

72 Miss Mary A P Russell 

73 Mr & Mrs Charles E^Loud 

74 Dr & Mrs Wm Appleton 

75 Mrs W S Fitz 

76 Mrs Oscar lasigi 

77 Mrs H Sigourney 

78 Mr & Mrs George G Hal) 

79 Mr & Mrs W D Sohier 



Beacon St — Continued 

79 Mies Sohier 

80 Mrs Charles R Hayden 

80 Miss F M Faulkner 

81 Mrs Henry Pickering 
"82 Mr Henry G Dorr - 

82 Miss Mary R Bangs 
82 Mr George H Ellis 
82 Mr Charles A Ellis 

82 Miss Louisa L Sargent 
8:^ Mr & Mrs James Ruby 

84 Mr & Mrs Chas H Taylor Jr 

(Brimmer Street) 

85 Mrs William C Otis 

86 Private School 

86 Mr C W Stone 

87 Mr & Mrs W A Bumham 

88 Mrs John C Palfrey 

88 Mr & Mrs John Gorham 

88 Miss H Palfrey 

88 Dr F W Palfrey 

89 Mr & Mrs H S Grew 

90 Miss Sarah E Read 

91 Mr & Mrs R W Emmons 2d 

(Beaver Street) 

92 Mr & Mrs Shepherd Brooks 

92 Mr Gorham Brooks 

9i Mr & Mrs Henry B Burn- 

93 Miss Nina Burnham 

94 Miss Sarah M Fay 

95 Private School Miss Win- 


97 Mr E P Motley 

98 Mr & Mrs D L Pickman 

99 Mr William S Spaulding 
99 Mr John T Spaulding 

{Otter Street) 

{Arlington Street) 

101 Mrs S J Lothrop 
101 Dr H A Lothrop 
101 Mr Oliver A Lothrop 
103 Mrs Robert B Potter 

100 Private School 

100 Mr G W C Nc ble & Mr J J 

102 Mr & Mrs Samuel E Guild 
104 Mrs James H Beal 
106 Mrs Jiu'ob Pfaff 
108 Mrr, Peoinald Gray 
110 The Misses Niles 
112 Mrs Josiah Bradlee 
112 Miss Sarah Bradlee 
114 Mr J Templeman Coolidge 

114 Miss Coolidge 
116 Miss Rebecca Warren 

118 Mr & Mrs Henry P King 
120 Mr & Mrs Charles A Kidder 
122 Mr & Mrs F R Sears Jr 
124 Dr & Mrs J W Elliot 
126 Mr & Mrs H A Lamb 
128 Mr & Mrs Frank B Bemis 
130 Mr & Mrs J Randolph 


{Berkeley Street) 

132 Mrs Knyvet W Sears 
132 Miss Clara E Sears 
134 Mr & Mrs O Kimball 
136 Mr & Mrs Frederick Brooks 
138 Mr & Mrs Ronald T Lyman 
140 Mr George Atkinson Jr 
Mr Russell G Fessenden 
Mr Lesly Augustin Johnson 
Mr Bradley W Palmer 
Mr Louis A Frothingham 
142 Mr & Mrs Chas H Bingham 
144 Mr & Mrs F S Moseley 
144 Mr Benj P P Moseley 
146 Mr & Mrs H S Hunnewell 
148 Mr John T Coolidge 
150 Mr & Mrs Eben S Draper 
154 Mrs Joseph E Davis 
160 Mr John Parkinson 
160 Mr & Mrs John Parkinson 

164 Mrs John Homans 

John H.Pray 
AND Sons Ca 

Wall E\pers 

Washington St 

Opr Boylston St. 





Bbacon St — Continued 

05 Mr & Mrs Chas E Hellier 
05 Miss Louise Hellier 
07 Mr F W Bradlee 
07 Mr & Mrs T S Bradlee 
09 Mrs R H Weld 
09 Mr R H Weld Jr 
11 Mr & Mrs William Sheaf e 
13 Mrs J T Bradlee 
13 Miss S F Bradlee 
13 Miss M E Bradlee 
13 Miss J S Bradlee 
13 Mr Charles W Bradlee 
15 Mr & Mrs J A Bellows 
17 Mr & Mrs Wm C Thomas 
19 Mr Edward R Andrews 
19 The Misses Andrews 
21 Dr Richard Dexter (office) 
21 Dr Geo A McEvoy (office) 
21 Miss M L Spaulding 
25 Mr & Mrs J Lowell Putnam 
27 Mrs W C Wharton 
29 Mr J W Wheelwright 
31 Mr William Brewster 
35 Mrs Charles F .Perry 
37 Mr & Mrs C H Gibson 
37 The Misses Gibson 
39 Mr Ralph S Bartlett 
39 Dr John T Sullivan 
39 Dr F T Beatty 
39 Mr N W Dean 
39 Dr P F Kelleher 
41 Mr & Mrs Edmund D Cod- 
43 Mrs George P King 
43 Miss King 

{Berkeley Street) 

49 Mr & Mrs Charles Wilson 

Tain tor 

51 Mrs George G Lowell 

53 Mr & Mrs R C Sturgis 

55 Mrs George C Crehore 

55 Miss Crehore 

55 Mr Charles L Crehore 

57 Mr & Mrs Wm Famsworth 

164 Dr John Homans 

166 Mr & Mrs E W Hutchins 

170 Mr E H Gay 

170 Mrs Ebenezer Gay 

172 Mrs G G Hammond 

174 Miss Emma Rodman 

176 Mr & Mrs John Chipman 

178 Miss Harriet Gray 
180 Mr & Mrs Wm Endicott Jr 

(Clarendon Street) 

182 Mr Francis B Greene 

184 Mr & Mrs T Jefferson Coo- 

lidge Jr 
186 Mr & Mrs G P Gardner 
188 Mrs Edward Wigglesworth 
190 Mr Francis Shaw 
190 Miss Miriam Shaw 
192 Mrs Alexander Whiteside 
192 Mr Alexander Whiteside 
194 Mr & Mrs Sam'l Hammond 
196 Mr & Mrs James Means 
196 Mr J Howard Means 
198 Miss H E Prescott 
202 Mr & Mrs F T Pf aelzer 
204 Miss M H Jewell 
206 Mr & Mrs Eliot Hubbard 
208 Mr & Mrs William Tudor 
210 Mr Gorham Hubbard 
212 Dr J G Blake 
212 Dr Gerald Blake 
214 Dr & Mrs E G Cutler 
216 Mr & Mrs Joseph B Warner 
218 Mrs Charles F Bradford 
220 Dr & Mrs Edward H Brad- 
224 Dr & Mrs M H Richardson 
226 Mrs J M Haskell 
228 Mrs Waldo O Ross 
230 Dr & Mrs James M Jackson 
232 Mr & Mrs R D Sears 
234 Mr & Mrs Charles A Stone 

{Dartmouth Street) 

236 Mr Francis Bartlett 

238 Mr & Mrs L Carteret Fenno 



Beacon St — Continued 240 

159 Mr & Mrs F C Lowell 242 

161 Dr & Mrs John Bapst Blake 242 

163 Mr & Mrs Roger N Allen 244 
163 Miss Rosamond Allen 

165 Dr & Mrs John T Bottom- 246 


167 Dr & Mrs W A Brooks Jr 252 

169 Miss Myra B Ross 254 
169 Miss Emma R Ross 
169 Mr Frederick B Briggs 

169 Mr Charles W Adams 215 

171 Mr & Mrs J B Moors 217 

171 Mr Arthur W Moors 219 

171 Mr John F Moors 219 

171 Miss Moors 221 

173 Dr & Mrs John C Munro 221 

175 Mr & Mrs Wm C Safford 221 

177 Mrs H C Weston 223 

179 Mr A B Hall 223 

181 Mr & Mrs Henry R Dalton 225 

181 The Misses Dalton 227 

183 Dr & Mrs G B Shattuck ' 227 

185 Mr & Mrs B W Warren 229 

187 Mr & Mrs Wm Otis Gay 231 
189 Dr & Mrs Chas L Scudder 

191 Mr & Mrs Allen Curtis 233 

191 Miss Evelyn Curtis 235 

193 Mrs William Chadbourne 237 

193 Dr A P Chadbourne 239 

195 Dr F I Knight 239 

197 Mr & Mrs G H Stoddard 241 

199 Mrs J T Eldredge 243 

199 Miss Elizabeth E Eldredge 245 

199 Mr & Mrs H Hooper Law- 247 

rence -^4" 
201 Dr & Mrs F B Harrington 

201 The Misses Harrington 249 

{Clarendon Street) 255 

203 Mr F W Hunnewell 

205 Mr C F Choate 

213 CoJ & Mrs C Kenny 259 

215 Mrs L B Jack 

215 Dr Edwin E Jack 

Continued opposite column 

Mr & Mrs Gordon Abbott 
Mrs C P Hemenway 
Miss Hemenway 
Mr & Mrs Charles P Curtis 

Mr & Mrs Frederick O 

Mrs B H Nash 
Dr & Mrs C A Porter 

Odd numbers continued 
Dr Frederick L Jack 
Dr & Mrs Lincoln Davis 
Mr George Mixter 
Miss Mary A Mixter 
Mr & Mrs E L Osgood 
Miss Fanny C Osgood 
Miss Hannah D Osgood 
Mr Theophilus Parsons 
Miss Parsons 
Dr & Mrs James Dwight 
Dr & Mrs E A Codman 
Dr G Cheever Shattuck 
Mr & Mrs Brooks Adams 
General & Mrs S M Mans- 
Miss L S Brewer 
Dr & Mrs Thomas Dwight 
Phi Beta Epsilon 
Mr Henry W Haynes 
Miss Sarah H Blan chard 
Mrs Julia Ward Howe 
Mr & Mrs Wm R Castle Jr 
Mr & Mrs Louis B Thacher 
Mr & Mrs Thos Motley Jr 
Mr & Mrs Robert H Ban- 
Miss E Bancroft 
Miss Charlotte H Guild 
Mr & Mrs Bryce J Allan 

{Dartmouth Street) 

The Grosvenor 

Dr & Mrs Henry S Warren 

Mrs A M Whitwell 

Mrs S H liCeds 



Table Linens 

White Goods 


Down Puffs 



Sheets and Cases 



Ladies' Neckwear 


Trimming Laces 






Temple Place and West Street 

Established in 1859 

Geo. H. Waterman 

Frank S. Waterman 

I ncorporated 



2326 and 2328 WASHINGTON ST. 


Adjoining Dudley Street Terminal 

Telephones Cable or Marconi Address 

Roxbury 72 and 73 **Undertaker Boston" 




Beacon St — Continued J258 

259 The Grosvbnor — Con 260 

Mr & Mrs C H Peabody 262 

Dr & Mrs Thomas E 264 

Chandler 266 

Dr L G Mead 270 

Miss L H Newell 274 

Mr & Mrs Bertram G 276 

Waters 278 

Dr Rodger I Lee 278 

Mr & Mrs Joseph F Mosser 280 

Dr N K Wood 

Dr & Mrs William G Adams 

Dr Chandler Bobbins 282 

Dr Wyman Whittemore 284 

261 Mr & Mrs H P Chelius 286 

Dr & Mrs William P Coues 288 

Dr J H Stevens 290 

Mr Henry M Clarke 290 

Mrs R M Pulsif er • 292 

263 Dr & Mrs H F Vickery 294 

265 Mr William P Blake 

265 Miss A D Blake 296 

267 Dr & Mrs W J Otis 

267 The Misses Otis 298 

271 Mr & Mrs L C Kimball 300 

275 Mr WilUam G Shillaber 300 

275 Miss K B Shillaber 302 

277 Mr & Mrs William Pratt 304 

Lyman 306 

279 Dr & Mrs Robert Amory 306 

281 Mr & Mrs George Lewis 310 

283 Miss E T Bush 310 

283 Miss M L Bush 312 

283 Miss Margaret S Bush 314 

285 Mrs Benjamin L Young 316 

285 Miss Margaret Young 320 

287 Mr & Mrs D B Fay 320 

289 Mr & Mrs James F Hunne- 

well 322 

289 Mr J Melville Hunnewell 
291 Mr & Mrs D H Lane 324 

293 Mr & Mrs Harcourt Amory 326 
295 & 297 Hotel Royal 326 

Rev & Mrs Howard N 
Brown 328 

Dr & Mrs J L Goo dale 

Miss Evelyn Ames 

Mr & Mrs J H Hut chins 

Mr <k Mrs George C Lee 

Mr Robert J Edwards 

University Club 

Mr & Mrs F L Higginson 

Mr & Mrs William O Taylor 

Mr & Mrs C W Amory 

Mr George G Amory 

Mr Frederic Winthrop 

{Exeter Street) 

Mr & Mrs T J Bowlker 
Mr & Mrs L N Kettle 
Mr & Mrs John H Storer 
Mr & Mrs Thos C Thacher 
Mrs Gordon Prince 
Mr Gordon C Prince 
Mrs J L Stackpole 
Rev & Mrs Paul Revere 

Mr & Mrs Edward Jackson 

Mr & Mrs F L Dabney 
Mrs Thomas Riley 
Mr Charles F Smith 
Dr & Mrs J P Sutherland 
Mrs C E Fuller 
Mrs Henry L Richardson 
Mr W K Richardson 
Mr & Mrs J B Richmond 
Mr Ralph S Richmond 
Mr & Mrs E B Haven 
Mrs G Foster Williams 
Mr & Mrs G G Davis 
Mr Henry A Hildreth 
Mr & Mrs Julian D doCor- 

Mr & Mrs Robert H Gardi- 
Mrs Edgar Harding 
Miss Knowles 
Mr Henry Appleton 

Mr Ellis L Dresel 



Beacon St — Continued 

295 & 297 Hotel Royal — Con 
Miss Brown 

Mr & Mrs Chas G Burgess 
Mr Robert S Burgess 
Mr James A Burgess 
Mrs Evelyn Daggett 
Miss E W Daggett 
Mrs Alfred B Ely 
Miss Ely 
Mrs J H Hale 
Dr John B Hawes 2d 
Mr & Mrs Henry B Jackson 
Mr Henrv D Jackson 
Dr & Mrs George S Hill 
Mr & Mrs Stanley King 
Mr Henry S Mann 
Miss Abbie S Metcalf 
Miss Elizabeth B Porter 
Rev & Mrs Geo J Prescott 
Miss Prescott 
Mr & Mrs John Reding 
Mr & Mrs F H Swan 
Dr Beth Vincent 
Mr & Mrs F F Woods 

{Exeter Street) 

299 Mr & Mrs John B Smith 
301 Dr Hugh Williams 
301 Mr F S Goodwin 
303 Dr & Mrs Walter C Howe 
305 Dr & Mrs Frederick T Lord 
307 Miss M E Torrey 
307 Miss F T Sturgis 
309 Mr & Mrs H M Rogers 
311 Dr Edwin A Lock 
311 Dr Wilder Tileston 
313 ftjr & Mrs Wilbur D Hamil- 
317 Mr & Mrs Robert F Clark 
319 Mrs Elliott W Pratt 
319 Mr & Mrs Steohen Bo wen 
321 Mrs Edward Tatum 
323 Dr & Mrs Richard G Wads- 
327 Mr & Mrs C F Hutchins 

328 Miss Dresel 
330 Mr & Mrs Grant Walker 
332 Mr & Mrs Charles H Taylor 
332 Mr & Mrs John I Taylor 

(Fairfield Street) 

334 Mr & Mrs Clarence W 

334 The Misses Waldron-Bar- 

336 Mrs J H Sleeper 
336 Mr Henry D Sleeper 
336 Mr Stephen W Sleeper 
340 Mr & Mrs Henry Stackpole 
342 Mrs Miles Washburn 
342 Mr & Mrs Paul Washburn 
344 Mr E D Barbour 
346 Mr & Mrs Sidney Chase 
348 Mr & Mrs C C Converse 
350 Mr & Mrs Wallace L Pierce 
352 Dr & Mrs Hasket Derby 
354 Mr & Mrs W W Vaughan 
356 Mr F H Manning 
386 Dr & Mrs Charles E Inches 
388 Mr & Mrs S B Pearmaln 
390 Mrs William H McElwain 
392 Mr & Mrs J F Rhodes 
394 Mrs C A Richards 
394 Miss Richards 
396 Mr & Mrs A O Smith 
396 Mr Albert. P Smith 
396 Mr Stanley W Smith 
396 Miss H L Pratt 
398 Miss Elizabeth Parsons ' 
398 Miss Charlotte Parsons 
398 Miss Lucy Parsons 
400 Mrs A G Weeks 

{Gloucester Street) 

406 Mrs Jeremiah Abbott 
408 Mr & Mrs Edward L White 
410 Mr & Mrs Albert I CroU 
412 Mr & Mrs Charles Head 
414 Mrs Charles Blake 
416 Mrs John L Bremer 
416 Miss Sarah F Bremer 
418 Mr & Mrs Henry H Fay 



Beacon St — Continued 

327 Mr Constantine Hut chins 

327 Mr Davis Hutchins 

329 Mr & Mrs F E Wamer 

331 Mrs Walter Dabney 

331 Miss S R Dabney 

333 Dr & Mrs G H Powers Jr 

335 The Misses Dalton 

337 Mr & Mrs Albert Thom- 

341 Mr & Mrs Wm Amory 2d 
343 Mr & Mrs M M Kimball 
347 Mr I W Chick 
347 Miss Mabel Chick 
347 Mr William C Chick 

(Fairfield Street) 

351 Mr & Mrs Solomon P Strat- 

351 Miss Stratton 
353 Mrs Edward Foote ' 
355 Mr & Mrs Irvin McDowell 

357 Mr & Mrs Robert H Ste- 
357 Mr Thomas G Stevenson 
357 MrR H Stevenson Jr 
359 Mr & Mrs E P Stone 
361 Mrs George W Amory 
363 Mr & Mrs Edwin A Hills 
363 Mr George E Hills 
365 Mr & Mrs O C Stevens 
367 Mrs S E Sprague 
367 Miss Mary G Hooper 
369 Mr & Mrs Francis Storer 

369 Miss Olive T Foster 
371 Mr Augustus H Ellis 
371 Mrs A S Josselyn 
375 Mrs C B Wells 
377 Dr & Mrs R B Greenough 
377 Dr William H Smith 
379 Dr & Mrs R F O'Neil 
379 Dr F S Newell 
381 Dr & Mrs E O Otis 
383 Miss Jackson 

420 Mr William H WelUngton 
420 Miss Wellington 
422 Mr & Mrs Lester Leland 
424 Mrs Thomas B Williams 
424 Mr & Mrs R B Williams 
426 Dr & Mrs George G Sears 

(Hereford Street) 

448 Miss Helen Hooper 
450 Mr & Mrs E N Fenno 
452 Mrs Henry P Quincy 
454 Miss Fanny Young 
456 Mr & Mrs Nathan Mat- 
458 Dr & Mrs Morton Prince 
460 Mr & Mrs G H Davenport 
462 Mr & Mrs Chas C Jackson 
462 Miss Jackson 
462 Mr Charles Jackson 
464 Mr & Mrs Louis Curtis 
468 Mrs J B Case 
470 Mr & Mrs J G Freeman 
472 Mr & Mrs H S Hall 
474 Mr & Mrs N Hugh Cotton 
476 Mrs Edward Frothingham 
476 Miss Frothinjrham 
476 Mr Charles M Frothingham 
478 Mr & Mrs James R Hooper 
480 Mrs Atherton T Brown 
482 Mr & Mrs Alonzo G Van 

482 Mr Wm T Van Nostrand 
484 Dr & Mrs Francis P Emer- 
484 Dr C R C Borden (office) 
486 Mr & Mrs William M Butler 
488 vonMach ScHooii 
490 Mrs Eugene H Clapp 
490 Miss Lillian Clapp 
490 Mr E H Clapn 

Mt Vernon Church 
Rev Albert Parker ) 
383 Marlboro St 

(Massachusetts Avenue) 



Beacon St — Continued ' 

383 Prof Charles L Jackson 
383 Mr Eraest Jackson 
385 Dr & Mrs W F Gay 
387 Mrs C B Perkins 
387 Mr George B Perkins 
387 Mr & Mrs Herbert H Hol- 

389 Mr & Mrs Davenport Brown 
391 Mrs Emma B Vermyne 
391 Miss Charlotte Ellis 
391 Miss Mary Ellis 
393 Mrs Amos H Johnson 
395 Dr & Mrs W P Graves 
397 Mr & Mrs Edwin A Shuman 

(Gloucester Street) 

401 Miss Mary Elizabeth 

401 Miss Miriam A Bytel 
403 Miss Elizabeth S Gregerson 
405 Mr & Mrs S Richard Fuller 
407 Mr & Mrs F Stone 
407 Mr Philip B Stone 
411 Mr & Mrs A S Dabney 
411 Mr AS Dabney Jr 
413 Mrs Ian zee Prescott 
415 The Misses Ward 
417 Mr <fe Mrs J J Storrow 
417 Mr James J Storrow Jr 
419 Mr & Mrs Harry E Con- 
421 Dr & Mrs J F Young 
423 Mr Michael Freeman Jr 
423 Miss Katharine A Freeman 
425 Dr & Mrs Charles Sewall 

427 Dr & Mrs H D Arnold 
429 Dr H J Barnes 
429 Miss Barnes 

(Hereford Street) 

435 Dr & Mrs Edw C Streeter 
441 Mrs Charles Frost Aldrich 
443 Mr & Mrs Charles Eustis 

445 Mr & Mrs A H Hardv 

502 The Austerfield 
Dr E W Dwight 
Miss Fanny A Dwight 
Mr & Mrs W H Burlen 
Mr Gamaliel Bradford 
Miss S H Bi-adford 
Miss Annie R Anthony 
Dr John W Cummin 
Mrs H H Cummin 
Mrs W W Clapp 
Mr & Mrs D D Dexter 
Mrs Avery Plumer 
Mr & Mrs James M Hub- 
Mr Delano Wight 
Mrs R C Scudder 
Mr J S Blatchford 
506 Dr Vincent Y Bowditch 
506 Miss Olivia Y Bowditch 
506 Dr Henry I Bowditch 
506 Miss M A Yardley 
508 Mr & Mrs Charles C Wheel- 
512 Mrs George S Silsbee 
518 Dr & Mrs James B Ayer 
526 Dr & Mrs O F Wadsworth 
528 Dr & Mrs Harold Williams 
532 Mr & Mrs F W Kittredge 


(Bay State Road) 

(Raleigh Street) 

636 & 638 The Belvoir 
Mr & Mrs F C Spinney 
Dr & Mrs H J Perry 
Mr & Mrs E C Gaffield 
Mr & Mrs G A Carpenter 
Mr & Mrs Daniel Frank 
Mr & Mrs J L Grandin Jr 
Dr H A Barnes 
Dr & Mrs Henry D Lloyd 

(Commonwealth Avenue) 

(Deer field Street) 

776 Mr & Mrs Karl Langenbeck 

^aM mtettameisr 

€ii|ibg i^iptar?. Voaton 






(81 » 

Bay State Trust Co. 





A General Banklug Baslness Tra ntacted 
Intereftt Allowed on Deposits 



NEW YORK: National City Bank LONDON: Messrs. Brown, Shipley & Co. 


This Department is arranged for the convenience of Lady 
Depositors and is provided with separate windows for the trans- 
action of business with each banking department. 


Safes to Rent from $10 a year upwards. 

Sliver and other valuables Stored. 



Gordon Abbott 

C. W. Amory 

Samubl Carr 

T. Jefferson Coolidge 

Charles E. Cottino 

Thomas K. Cummins 

George P. Gardner 

Francis B. Hart 
Francis W. Hunneweli* 
Walter Hunnewell 
Henry S. Howe 
Alfred Rodman 
Nathaniel Thayer 
Stephen M. Weld 

Alfred Rodman, Vice-President 
Charles E. Cotting, Vice-President 
William Atherton, Asst. Treasurer and Secretary 
Curtis Chipman, Assistant Secretary 
Robert £. Clark, Superintendent of Safe Deposit Vaults 




Beacon St — Continucid 

447 Mr & Mrs A W Kennard 

449 Mr O L Briggs 

449 Mr & Mrs F H Briggs 

451 Mrs R B Fairbaim 

453 Mrs A R Weld 

455 Mr & Mrs Charles W Jones 

455 Miss Eleanor H Jones 

455 Mr Arthur M Jonfes 

457 Mr & Mrs John Whitte- 

more Farwell 
461 Miss S P Baker 
463 Mr & Mrs F G Macomber 
465 Dr & Mrs J B Swift 
469 Mr & Mrs W W Jacques 
471 Mr & Mrs Benj M Jones 
473 Mrs J C Balderston 
473 Mr J A Balderston 
473 Mr Wilson Balderston 
473 Miss Balderston 
475 Mr & Mrs Richard A 

477 Mr & Mrs G Irving Pevear 
479 Mr & Mrs G D Clapp 
Dr & Mrs E C Hixon 
Mr & Mrs H E Ross 
Dr Lucy Appleton 
481 Dr Edith R Meek 
Mr Wallace C Sabine 
Dr Jane D Kelly Sabine 
Mr & Mrs P B Moulton 
485 The Cambridge 
Mrs M W Anderson 
Mr Frank H Briggs 
Miss M Batcheller 
Dr Horace K Boutwell 
Dr J H Brown 
Mr & Mrs Arthur B Chapin 
Miss Matilda H Crocker 
Mrs Wm Howard Chase 
Mrs J H Clapp 
Mr C M Croll 
Mr & Mrs C F Day 
Dr Eliza J Dadmun 
Mr & Mrs Charles Dennison 
Mrs George Dickman 

780 HoTEi, Regent 

Mr & Mrs C S Knowles 
Mr & Mrs J W Adams 
Mrs M Levy 
Mr & Mrs J E Fallon 
Mr William T Chase 
Mrs H M Miller 
Mrs E McGregor 
Mr & Mrs M Bruce 
Mrs Eugene McDonald 
Mrs A P JViarble 
Mr N Lothian 
Mr & Mrs Nicholas J Mea- 

784 The Beacon 

Mr & Mrs Harry Huckins 
Mr & Mrs John Koren 
Mrs John Fleming 
Miss Payson 

Mr & Mrs Dalton Fallon 
Mrs Lawrence W Piper 
Mr & Mrs Julius Haas 
Mr & Mrs J Homer Edgerly 

{Mountfort Street) 

820 Wedgemere Chambers 
822 Mr & Mrs C F Cutler 
824 Mr & Mrs F A Webster 
826 Mr Spencer W Richardson 
828 Dr Harris P Mosher 
828 Mr & Mrs A J Mosher 
830 Mrs M A Drinan 
830 Miss Adelaide Drinan 
832 Mr & Mrs W M Hill 
832 Mrs H M Carney 
834 Mr & Mrs Wm G Titcomb 
836 Mrs Frances Cawley 
838 Mrs C D Ra3mer 
838 Mr & Mrs T Tremlett 
Mr Henry F Rayner 
840 Mr S Barnard 
840 Mr & Mrs S K Casson 

{Arundel Street) 

848 Mrs George H Laskey 
850 Mr W F Whittemore 



Beacon St — Continued 

485 The Cambridge — Con 

Dr Florence W Duckering 854 
Dr & Mrs Arthur M Dodge 

Dr Elizabeth T Gray 856 

Dr D Crosby Greene Jr 856 

Dr F E Garland 856 

Mrs J B Goodrich 856 

Mrs H L Goodrich 858 

Mr Shirley Goddard 860 

Dr Augustine C Haub 860 

Mrs W L Horton 862 
Dr <fe Mrs G L Hagenburger 864 
Dr Charles H Hare 

Dr & Mrs Henry T Hutchin 866 
Dr & Mrs Henry T Hut- 868 

chins 868 

Mr C H Johnson 868 

Miss Mary E Kimball 870 

Mr & Mrs Otis E Little 872 

Mr & Mrs A Longley 872 

Mrs M E Leeds 874 

Dr & Mrs L S Medalia 876 

Mr ife Mrs J H Moulder 876 
Dr Nathaniel R Mason 
Mr & Mrs R T McKeever 

Miss C E Nowell 896 

Mr & Mrs Edward Peirce 896 

Mr H S Potter 896 

Mrs J S Potter 896 

Miss Emily Potter 896 

Dr Sarah E Palmer 896 

Mr Frederick E Robbins 900 

Dr Florence E Rice 900 
Mr & Mrs C A Ruggles 

Dr Stephen H Rushmore 902 

Miss M D Stow 902 

Mr W M Stockbridgc 904 

Mr & Mrs Rufus Bates 904 

Sprague 906 

Mr Harry G Simmons 906 

Mr James F Sweeney 908 

Dr Edward L Twombly 908 

Miss Cora Tuxbury 910 

Miss Annie Turner 910 

Dr Kenneth Van Allen 912 

852 Mr & Mrs Harrison W 
Dr & Mrs Edward B Kel- 
Mr E B Badger 
Mrs N F T Hayden 
Miss Fannie B Hayden 
Mr Lowell T Hayden 
Mr & Mrs J R Morse 
Mr & Mrs L P Hollander 
Mrs Robert K Dickerman 
Mr & Mrs W M Paul 
Dr & Mrs Francis D Donog> 

Mr Lawrence Tucker 
Mr & Mrs P D Burke 
Miss Anna T Burke 
Miss Ella S Burke 
Mrs Alexander Martin 
Mr & Mrs A W Russy 
Miss Russy 
Mrs N F Alfreds 
Mrs C W Holden 
Miss "E S Holden 

{Audubon Road) 

Mr Henry S Dewey 
Mr F O Dewey 
Mrs I O Dewey 
Miss Dewey 

Mr & Mrs John Shepard 
Mr & Mrs N B Wales 
Mr & Mrs S M Shapleigh 
Mr & Mrs W Eugene Mc- 
Mrs J R Clark 
Mrs Eugene L Clark 
Mr & Mrs M M Moise 
Mr Jacob Dreyfus 
Mrs J F Rogers 
Miss I G Lovejoy 
Mrs E F Packard 
Miss Packard 
Mrs S E Herrick 
Miss Herrick 
Mr Mclvah Larrabee 



Beacon St — Continued 

485 The Cambridge — Con 
Mr G G Williams 
Dr John T Williams 
Dr & Mrs Gustave F 

{Massachusetts Avenue) 

491 The Misses Fisher 
Mrs M T Lovett 
Miss Fay 
497 Dr Walter S Burt 
Mr F R But man 
Miss A R But man 
Mrs George E Atherton 
Mr & Mrs John P Marshall 
499 Mrs J H Grelaud 
Miss Marie Grelaud 
Mr & Mrs W H Atkins 
Mr & Mrs James Ayres 
Dr Mary D Dakin 
501 Mrs Charles P Stetson 
601 Mr Charles Stetson 
503 Mr & Mrs L B Greenleaf 
505 Dr & Mrs F H Williams 
507 Curtis-Peabody School 
Miss Elizabeth E Curtis 
Miss Lucy G Peabody 
511 Mrs Herbert C Mason 
511 The Misses Mason 
513 Mr C W Sherburne 
513 Mr & Mrs C H Sherburne 
515 Mr & Mrs I H Meserve 
517 Mr & Mrs A L Joslin 
519 The Misses Cummings 
521 Mrs S H Savage 
523 Mrs G H Eager 
523 Mr & Mrs Franklin F Ray- 
525 Rev & Mrs William Copley 

Win slow 
525 Miss Marv Win slow 
527 Dr Homer B Smith 
Dr Thomas F Leen 
Dr William P Lucas 
Continued opposite column 

912 Dr & Mrs R C Larrabee 
916 Mrs Joseph P Flatley 
916 Mr Thomas W Flatley 
918 Mr & Mrs Gustavus C Holt 
920 Mr & Mrs Horatio Newhall 
920 Miss Gertrude E Newhall 
920 Mr Elbridge K Newhall 
922 Miss E L Sohier 
922 Miss M D Sohier 

(St Mary's Street) 

Odd numbers continued 
529 Dr & Mrs F B Lund 
531 Dr & Mrs Edgar M Holmes 
, The Charlesgate 

For names of guests see page 45 

{Charlesgate East) 

{Charlesgate West) 

583 Dr & Mrs Wm A Morrison 

585 Mr & Mrs Stephen O'Meara 

587 Mrs John Wales 

587 The Misses Rogers 

591 Dr & Mrs F B Granger 

591 Dr A W Fairbanks 

601 Dr Augustus Thomdike 

613 Dr Algernon (^oolidge Jr 


{Commonwealth Avenue) 

{Brookline Avenue) 

The Buckminster 

For names of guests see page 4 S 

{Maitland Street) 

811 The Cecil 

Mr & Mrs L C Elson 

Mr Arthur Elson 

Mr & Mrs E R Peckerman 

Mr & Mrs F J Reynolds 

813 The Misses Burke 

Mrs Katherine A Coney 
Mr & Mrs Albert Kennedy 

815 Miss M H Stark 
Continued next page 



Bbacon St — Continued 
819 Mr & Mrs Hermon W 
Mrs G L Carbone 
Mr & Mrs Francis H Ha- 

{Miner Street) 

847 Mr & Mrs C Jenkins 

849 Mr & Mrs Chas Leighton 

851 Mrs Charles R Gilchrist 

863 Dr G W Ryan 

853 Dr J D Snyder 

855 Mr & Mrs C E Clifford 

857 The Inverness 

Mr & Mrs L E Demelman 
Mrs F A Bradt 
Miss Eleanor G May 
Mr & Mrs C D Noyes 
Mr Robert Fuller 
Miss Anna Fuller 
Mr & Mrs E N Kimball 
Mr & Mrs C D Smith 
Mr & Mrs H M Hartshorn 
Mr & Mrs C T Keller 
Mr Joseph B Sharland 
Mrs Mabel White 
Mrs Jennie Rowell 
Mrs J M Manning 
Miss Anna F Manning 

{Aberdeen Street) 

869 Mr & Mrs B F Bennett 
869 Mr H H Bennett 
869 Mrs William Filene 
869 Mrs Emma F Hilbum 
871 Dr & Mrs Chas G Cumston 

871 Mr & Mrs J S Cumston 
871 Miss Janet M Cumston 
873 Mr & Mrs D L Winchester 
873 Mr & Mrs W H C Copeland 
873 The Misses Cutter 
873 Mrs C M Hoyt 
875 Mrs Jacob Morse 
877 Mr & Mrs M S P Pollard 
879 The Audubon Circle 
Col & Mrs Albert Clarke 
Mr & Mrs J F Hale 
Mr & Mrs T F Boyle 
Mr & Mrs Alex Marr 
Mr William M Mason 

{Audubon Road) 

899 Mr & Mrs C R Noyes 
901 Mr & Mrs A W Bragg 
903 Mrs H W Wellington 
903 The Misses Wellington 
905 Mr & Mrs Frank W Webb 
907 Mrs S Friedman 
907 Mr Albert Friedman 
909 Mrs C H Remick 
909 Mr & Mrs Ervin D Remick 

{Keswick Street) 

915 The Misses Hughes 

917 Mr & Mrs Constant Q Rmg 

917 Mr Henry C Ring 

917 Miss Ann T Blodgett 

919 Mrs E J Gleason 

921 Miss M Elizabeth Lombard 

921 Miss Annie S Lombard 

921 Miss Emeline H Lombard 

923 Mrs Channing Clapp 

{St Mary's Street) 


(P Fenway) 

23 Mr & Mrs Wm D Austin 46 Mr & Mrs Henry Ricker 
31 Mr & Mrs Howard Whit- 78 Mr Edwm DeMerntt 

comb 1^8 Channing Home 

47 Miss Lucy E Dewey 



Bellevue St — Continued 

79 Mr George C Johnson 
89 Mr John H Foster 
89 Mr & Mrs Louis F Foster 
165 Dr «fe Mrs F P Gay 

171 Dr & Mrs S Brock 
175 N E Deaconess Hospital 
193 Dr & Mrs Alexander Gaert- 


{Boylston Street) 

229 Woodbury Building 

237 Hotel Kempton 
Mrs M E Adams 
Miss Ellen Andrews 
Mr Charles F Allen 
Miss C Elizabeth Allen 
Mr Frank D Allen 
Mrs Emma H Bountheau 
Miss C L Cushing 
Mr & Mrs Thos P Currier 
Miss Myra Child 
Miss Eliza P Craig 
Mrs A Q Emery 
Miss Gertrude Emery 
Mrs Harold Fairfield 
Mrs John S Fogg 
Mr Charles G Green 
Mr Eugene Greenleaf 
Mrs M L Quincy 
Miss Amelia W Stockwell 
Mrs Frederick U Tracy 
Mr & Mrs Edward Warren 
Miss Philena Wright 
Miss Marian Webster 
Miss F E Wellman 
Mr & Mrs Alfred E Wolf en - 

247 Mrs F H Peabody 

249 Mr & Mrs Frederick S 

249 Mrs Henry A Clapp 

249 Mr Roger Clapp 

249 Miss E M Taylor 

249 Prof George A Osborne 

249 Mr Alfred S Osborne 

{Commonwealth Avenue) 

299 Mrs John C Phillips cor 
Marlborough St 

{Boylston Street) 

Boston Society of Nat- 
ural History 

{Newbury Street) 

Central Church cor New- 
bury St 

Rev John Hopkins ) 

Denison > 

8 Newbury St ) 

{Commonwealth Avenue) 

282 Haddon Hail 

Mr & Mrs A D F Adams 

Judge & Mrs H W Bragg 

Mr A A Butterfield 

Mrs J F Caldwell 

Mr & Mrs A B Clough 

Mr F D Cobb 

Miss L F Cobb 

Miss E A Curtis 

Mr & Mrs A N Edwards 

Mr G H .Goodwin 

Dr J B Hartwell 

Mrs George Ironside 

Judge & Mrs Frederick 

Mr G B Lombard 
Miss Fanny L Lombard 
Mr J M Olmstead 
Miss E S Parker 
Mr & Mrs C N Shaw 
Miss S L Stephenson 
Mrs Thomas Talbot 
Mrs Charles R Train 
Mr & Mrs Geo E Warren 
Mrs H W Warren 
Mr Henry Dexter Warren 
Mr & Mrs A G Webster 



Berime LEY St — Continued 

299 Dr & Mrs John C PhilUps 
299 Miss Phillips 

{Marlborough Street) 

301 Mr & Mrs George B Leigh- 

303 Mr & Mrs Harold J Coo- 

First Church in Boston 
( Rev Charles E Park / 
\ 405 Marlboro' St ( 

(Marlborough Street) 

300 Mr & Mrs C S Dana 
302 Mrs Henry Winsor 
304 Mr & Mrs S V R Crosby 

(Beacon Street) 


15 Mrs Charles W Baxter 
Mr C Sherman Baxter 
Mr & Mrs G H Bell 
Miss M A Bradley 
Mrs Henry P Coffin 
Miss Coffin 
Miss M A Coleman 
Miss B M Dix 
Miss L Emery 
Mrs B W Hapgood 
Mrs Carolyn M Hittinger 
Mr & Mrs Edward Holden 
Miss Emma S Hosford 
Mrs Carrie E Jenkins 
Mr & Mrs Newell Keith 
Miss M E Lawton 
Mrs E Littlefield 
Mr S P Negus 
Miss M A Orr 
Mrs E P Payson 
Miss A J Reed 
Mr J S Rusk 
Dr Elizabeth M Stickney 
Miss C E Tuttle 
Miss Mary E Ward 
Mrs M P Ware 
Miss K A West 
Miss M G Woodman 

17 Mr & Mrs C F Butler 

19 Mr & Mrs W H A Parks 

19 Miss Marjorie E Parks 

21 Miss A E Barker 

21 Miss C E Barker 

21 Miss A R Curtis 

Continued opposite column 

22 Langham Apartments 
Dr Charles Bartlett 
Mr & Mrs Richard W Cone 
Mrs A M Ingoldsby 
Mr & Mrs F I Pratt 
Miss C M Post 
Mrs S P Shepard 
Mr & Mrs John W Denny 
Mr & Mrs J Emory Tippett 
Miss Constance Tippett 
Mr & Mrs John Mack 
Mr & Mrs Henry R W 

24 & 26 The Blagden 

Mr & Mrs W H Tenney Jr 
Miss E G McLeav 
Mr Ferdinand Hutchins 
Mr & Mrs Geo S In man 
Mr Ferd P vonOlker 
Dr & Mrs H A Souther 
Mrs M V Shepard 
Miss F A Newhall 
Mr Charles Dove 
Mr Henry E Hendley 
Mr & Mrs George L Hyde 
Mr & Mrs Fred A Walker 

28 The Devon 
The Misses Snow 
Mrs George L Chase 
Mr & Mrs D M Goodridge 

Odd numbers continued 
21 Mrs A C MiUiken 
23 Mr & Mrs J Francis Driscoll 
23 The Misses Devhn 








48 Young Men's Christian 
Hotel Touraine 

For names of guests see page 67 

(Tremont Street) 

74 Hotel Pelham 
88 Pelham Studios 
88 T D Cook & Co 

Colonial Theatre 

{Boylston Place) 

162 M Steinert & Sons Co 

(Carver Street) 

(Park Square) 

222 Bay State Trust Co 
230-240 The Thorndike 

For names of guests see page 66 

(Church Street) 557 

264 Woman's Educational ^^7 

AND Industrial Union 
278 Mr & Mrs Daniel J Strain 
288-290 Pinkham & Smith Co 
314 Wells-Burrage Co 
320 Robert C & Nat'l M Vose 
364 Edward Kakas & Sons 
420 Berkeley Building 
420 The CoUver Tours Co 

(Berkeley Street) 

458 Young Men's Christian 545 
Association 651 

472 Miss Harriet O Cruft 557 

476 The Misses Storer 
476 Dr Malcolm Storer (oflBce) 
Hotel Brunswick 

For names of guests see page 40 

(Clarendon Street) 

Trinity Church 
( Rev Alex Mann D D ) 
] 233 Clarendon St J 

(Copley Square) 

(Charles Street) 

(Arlington Street) 

Arlington Street Ch 
Warren Chambers 

(Berkeley Street) 

Institute of Technol- 

(Clarendon Street) 

Hotel Bristol 

names of guests see pa^e 4O 

Mr William T Shepherd 

opp Trinity Church 
Hotel Cluny 

names of guests see page 4^ 

Back Bay Post Office 

Dr & Mrs D W Cheever 

The Misses Cheever 

Second Church 
( Rev Thomas Van Ness ) 
I 1878 Beacon Brookline j 

(Dartmouth Street) 

Old South Church 

j Rev George A Gordon ( 

] 645 Boylston St J 

i Rev Allen E Cross Asst i 

] 38 Stedman St Br'Une S 

Rev & Mrs G A Gordon 

Dr & Mrs J Foster Bush 

The Guelph 

Miss C P Atkinson 

Miss A M Nicholson 

Dr Hilbert F Day 

Dr Mary F Hobart 

Dr & Mrs W R P Emerson 


Dr Annie L Hamilton 

Dr E B Nielson 

Dr Mabel D Ordway 

Dr Luther G Paul 



BoYLSTON St — Continued 
Public Library 

{Exeter Street) 
The Lenox 
For names of guests see page 51 
{Massachusetts Avenue) 

1070 Dr Mary S Jones 
1074 Dr F L Richardson 
1078 Mrs H B Morse 
1080 Dr Stanley W Blanchard 
1084 Dr & Mrs G W Soule 
1088 Mrs Carrie J Jenkins 
1094 Mr & Mrs Jas Donaldson 
1096 Mr & Mrs George H Mc- 

1100 Mrs N A Alley 
1106 Mr & Mrs William A Mc- 
1108 Mr & Mrs Ernest Pearson 
1116 Dr & Mrs Earle E Bessey 
1120 Mr & Mrs Wm C French 
1120 Mr Jorge Vargas 
1126 Mr & Mrs John Barth- 

1126 Miss A M Barthlome 
1128 Miss Margaret Rogers 

{Hemenway Street) 

Hotel Carlton 

For names of guests see page 1^.5 

Mass Historical Society 


Odd numbers continued 
755 Dr & Mrs F L D Rust 
Dr & Mrs W S Shrigley 
Dr K K Smith 
Dr Kathcrine G Tallant 
Mr William Welch 
761 Mass Automobile Club 
79.S Walker-Gordon Labora- 
tory Co 

{Fairfield Street) 
Continued next page 

661 Mrs Conrad Wesselhoeft 

Mr & Mrs Geo B Glidden 


Dr C T Howard 

Dr F W Colburn 

Dr Howard Moore 

Dr Albert S Briggs 
661 Dr Wallace Snow 
665 Offices 

Dr G W Gay ' 

Dr W T Bailey 

Dr R A Kingman 

Dr F W Pearl 
675 Dr E M Carroll 
675 Miss Carroll 
675 Mr Edward A Carroll 
687 Kensington Building 

{Exeter Street) 

Stone Building 
711 Mr & Mrs Jean Paul Se- 

715 DriscoU Incorporated 
719 Mr & Mrs Wm A Babcock 
719 Offices 

Dr S J McDonald 
Dr C L Pearson 
Dr George H Ryder 
739 BoYLSTON Chambers 
755 Dr & Mrs Wm E Baxter 
Mrs William F Beal 
Dr Walter W Cadwell 
Dr E Heath (Mark 
Mr & Mrs J G Coop<^ r 
Mr & Mrs T C ('ummings 
Mr & Mrs Stephen S Fitz- 

Mr A A Haserick 
Mrs Jane M Howard 
Dr H (■ Kennington 
Mr & Mrs Charles T Lov- 

ering Jr 
Dr George E Perkins 
Mr & Mrs A J Richmond 
Dr W A Rolfe 
Continued opposite column 




BoYLSTON St — Continued 

803 The Earlscourt 
Mr A Henderson 
Mr & Mrs T S Conant 
Dr & Mrs G H Earl 
Dr & Mrs F K Byrkit 
Dr Frances M Morris 
Dr Mary R Mulliner 
Dr Alice H Bassett 
Dr Caroline E Hastings 
Dr Frank M Vaughan 
827 Dr Edith F Child 
827 Mr & Mrs E M Gilpatrick 
827 Dr Roy H Gilpatrick 
827 Dr Frank H Lahey 
829 Dr & Mrs H H Smith 
Dr Daniel F Mahoney 
Mr & Mrs Geo W Wake- 
Miss Mary A Shorten 
Dr J H Cunningham Jr 
839 Mr WilUam D Strong 
Mr & Mrs Wm Johnston 
Mr Henry J Thayer 
Mrs Charles F Thayer 
Miss Grace Thayer 
841 Mr & Mrs J P S Churchill 
Mrs O H Cole 
Miss Alice Robbins Cole 
Dr & Mrs F H Wallace 
Mr & Mrs Horace Stetson 

'Mr Charles H Kip 
Mr George B Morison 
845 The Beresford 

Dr Henry T Barstow 

Miss A D Barstow 

Mr & Mrs Lewis C Strang 

Miss Sarah H Adams 

Mrs F K Adams 

Dr & Mrs Channing 

Frothingham Jr 
Dr & Mrs W H Grant 
Dr & Mrs Henry Tolman 
Mr & Mrs Frederick R 

855 Offices 

Miss M E Farley 
Dr S A Bond 
859 Mr & Mrs Fred Reed 
859 Miss Reed 
863 Mrs Francis J Wenner- 

871 Dr & Mrs El wood 

{Gloucester Street) 

903 The Gloucester 

915 Mr & Mrs Reuben Colton 
Mr & Mrs Chas P Scott 

925 Mr George McC Sargent 
Mr T F Meany 
Mr Chester C Rumrill 
Mr S Hooper Hooper 
Mr Louis Bacon 
Mr John L Hall 
Mr Charles G Win slow 
Mr Robert S Hale 

939 Tennis & Racquet Club 

{Hereford Street) 
{Massachusetts Avenue) 

1069 The Windermere 

Mr & Mrs C Lawrence 

Mr Jonathan Bates 
Dr Dale E Brown 
Mrs J M Churchill 
Mrs E A McFarland 
Mr Louis Rosenfield 
Mr M Rosenfield 
Miss R Rosenfield 
Mr Joseph G Stearns 
Miss Margaret E Stearns 
Miss Mildred B Steams 
Dr George C Taplin 
Dr Grace B Taplin 
Mrs E A White 
Dr Charles H Williams 
Dr Edward R Williams 
Mrs May-Winsor 

1075 Dr George V Buehler 
Mr Charles Bishop 



BoYLSTON St — Continued 

1075 Miss Helen Bishop 
Mr & Mrs J L Walker 
Dr & Mrs C F MacDonald 
Dr P S McAdams 
Mrs Hans P Wennerberg 
Mr Stanley Bishop 
Mr Richard Bishop 
Dr & Mrs Charles C Cole 
Mr & Mrs T Noonan 
Mr & Mrs O H Osgood 

1077 Mr & Mrs M B Fanning 
Dr & Mrs Frederic Brush 
Dr & Mrs J H Bufford 
Mr & Mrs B J Woods 
Mr & Mrs James Purdon 

1079 Dr F H Whipple 

Mr & Mrs W W Whipple 
Mr & Mrs G W Mehaffey 
Prof & Mrs F C de Sumi- 

1081 Dr & Mrs I D Carl 
Miss CAP Talbot 
Mrs L D Raymond 
Mrs Mary A Cushing 

1083 Mr & Mrs T H Mathews 
Mr & Mrs John W 

Dr & Mrs F W Page 
Mrs Isabella M Stewart 
Mr W T Stewart 

1085 Dr & Mrs Olin M Drake 
Mr& Mrs Howard F Butler 
Mr & Mrs J W Jackson 
Mrs Hall McAllister 

1087 Mr & Mrs E B Abbott 
Dr H S Gay 
Mr F V Edgell 
Mr & Mrs Philip Eale 
Mr James F Ormond 

1089 Mr & Mrs S Gryzmish 
Mr & Mrs B D Sweet 
Mr & Mrs George Clymer 

1091 Mr & Mrs C J Shriner 

Mr & Mrs Moses W 

Miss Edith Thompson 
Mr & Mrs Archibald 

Blan chard 
Miss M Norman 

(Ipswich Street) 


5 Dr & Mrs Malcolm Storer 
Dr & Mrs Farrar Cobb 
Mr & Mrs Robert H Harris 
Mr & Mrs Francis H Bacon 
7 Miss S H Wainwright 
7 Miss Mary R Parkman 
11 The Misses Wheelwright 
15 Mr Eliot C Clarke 
17 Mr & Mrs James S Lee 
19 Mrs T F Edmands 
21 The Misses Paine 
23 Miss C S Whitney 
25 Mr Charles B Brooks 
25 Mr Frederick Brooks 
27 Mrs F E Oliver 
27 Mr Edward P Oliver 
27 Mr Charles E Oliver 
27 Prof Arthur Michael 

2 Mr Charles P Gage 
2 Mr D Ripley Gage 
2 Mr Harry F Thurber 
2 Rev Glenn Tilley Morse 
2 Capt & Mrs Wm Winder 
6 Mr & Mrs James Madden 
8 Mr & Mrs B J Lang 
8 Miss Rosamond Lang 
8 Mr Malcolm Lang 
8 Miss Margaret R Lang 

10 Mr & Mrs F H Viaux 

10 Mr Victor Viaux 

10 Mr Frederic Viaux 

10 Miss Viaux 

12 Mr Samuel B Dana 

12 Dr Harold W Dana 

14 Mrs T J Gargan 

16 Rev & Mrs Reuben Kidner 




Bbimmer St — Continued 

29 Mr & Mrs H B Stanton 

31 Mr Arthur P Tarbell 

31 Miss Tarbell 

33 Miss C A Barstow 

37 Mr & Mrs Edward Jewell 

39 Mrs S P Blake 

39 Miss M L Blake 

41 Miss Mary L Ware 


Even numbers continued 
Rev Henry A Metcalf 
Rev Lewis A Lanpher 
Rev Glenn Tilley Morse 
Rev John Higginson Cabot 
Mr & Mrs J H Morison 
Mr Samuel Eliot Morison 

16 Dr Fred CHnton Kidner 

16 Miss M A Clarke 

18 Mr & Mrs F W Thayer 

20 Mrs Leverett Bradley 

20 Miss M H Bradley 

20 Mr Leverett Bradley 

20 Mr Walter H Bradley 

22 Mr & Mrs A S Porter 

22 The Misses Porter 

24 Miss MAO Elder 

26 Mr & Mrs M A DeW Howe 

28 Prof D D vanAllen 

28 .Rev William Harman van-" 

28 Miss Sarah Anne vanAllen 
Church of the Advent 
i Rev William Harman ) 
"I vanAllen Rector J 
Continued opposite column 


9 Mr & Mrs James E Chater 
15 Dr David D Brough 
Dr Minot F Davis 
{Chestnut Street) 
{Mt Vernon Street) 
71 Miss R R Joslin 

(Pinckney Street) 
{Revere Street) 

155 Mr James A Penfield 
155 Miss Annie S Penfield 

Even numbers continued 
102 Mr C W Chapman 
108 Dr & Mrs G F Grant 
148 Mrs James T Fields 
148 Miss Sarah Orne Jewett 

10 Mr M R Ballou 
• Mr John P Beach 
Mr George S Selfridge 
Mr Frank E Gibbs 
Mr Benj H Ticknor Jr 

10 Mr Howard Maynadier 

10 Mr W F B Smith 

{Chestnut Street) 

{Mt Vernon Street) 

82 Mr Josiah P Quincy 

82 Miss Mary E Huntington 

92 Mrs M L Casse 

96 Mr John W Lin zee 

98 Mr William Codman 

98 Dr|Katherine A Fenelon 

{Pinckney Street) 
Continued opposite column 

1 Mr Thomas W Lawson 
1 The Misses Lawson 


24 Mr & Mrs James Longley 




Hotel Canterbury cor 
Newbury St 

For names of guests see page 44 


1 Dr & Mrs John W Bartol 
3 Mrs C L Lewando 
5 Mr & Mrs P A Field 
The Misses Leonard 
Miss I E Gray 
Mrs J H Mann 
Mr & Mrs H F Askenasy 
Mr & Mrs C E Parmelee 
7 Mr & Mrs Wm C Codman Jr 
9 Mrs Ellen T Windom 
1 1 Mr & Mrs Harry H Gay 
13 Mr & Mrs L B Wellington 
13 Mr & Mrs A W Wellington 
15 Dr B Joy Jeffries 
17 Miss E H Bartol 
19 Mrs J H Stannard 
21 Mr S B Whitney 
23 Mr & Mrs Timothee Ada- 

25 Mrs E W CluflF 
29 Mr & Mrs Wm B Kehew 
31 Mrs Annie B Olcott 
33 Miss Ellen G Parker 
33 Mr C H Parker Jr 
33 Mr S D Parker 
35 Mr & Mrs C F Stanwood 
37 Mrs Hamilton A Hill 
37 Miss J W Frothingham 
37 Miss L D Atkinson 

\Willow Street) 

39 Mr & Mrs Joseph L Froth- 
41 Mr & Mrs Charles W Allen 
43 Mr & Mrs E F Attleton 
45 Dr & Mrs E M Greene 
47 Mr & Mrs Geo S Winslow 
49 Mr & Mrs Joseph Warren 
51 The Misses Woodberry 

2 Mr & Mrs J W Woods 

4 Mrs N E Chase 

6 Mr & Mrs Edwin Famham 

8 Mr & Mrs J L Graves 
10 Mr B W Nichols 
10 Miss M P Nichols 
12 Rev & Mrs C G Ames 
14 Mr & Mrs Charles Evans 
14 Mr G H Richards 
16 Mr & Mrs Emile F Wil- 
18 Mr & Mrs Arthur Winslow 
18 Miss Charlotte Winslow 
20 Mr Grafton D Gushing 
22 Mr H A Wheelwright 
24 Mrs Helen C Bell 
24 Mrs A E Wheatland 
26 Mrs W S H Lothrop 
28 Mr & Mrs J M Seaver 
30 Mrs Charles W Kennard 
30 Miss Kennard 
32 Mr Henry A Johnson 
32 The Misses Johnson 

{Spruce Street) 

38 Mr Charles F Atkinson 

38 Miss S P Atkinson 

40 Capt W H Jackson 

42 Miss Perkins 

44 Mrs L P Story 

46 Miss Fannie Ruth Robin- 
son . ' 

48 Mr & Mrs Joseph F Woods 

50 The Misses Cordner 

52 Mr & Mrs Ralph Adams 

54 Mrs C J Milliken 

56 Miss M F Hooper 



Chestnut St — Continued 

51 Miss J D Robinson 
53 Mr & Mrs B T Morrison 
55 Mr & Mrs L Loring Brooks 
55 Miss Katharine Brooks 
57 Mr & Mrs Jacob Fottler 

(West Cedar Street) 

57aHarvard Musical Assn 
59 Mr & Mrs Andrew G Weeks 
63 Dr M G Hackett 

{Charles Street) 

Even numbers continued 

100 Mr Francis H B Byrne 
102 Mr & Mrs Thomas M Shaw 

(Brimmer Street) 

58 Mr & Mrs James M Bugbee 
60 Mr & Mrs Joseph Curtis 
62 Mrs E J Pattison 
64 Mr & Mrs Jas B F Thomas 
66 Miss Laura C Hills 
68 Mr & Mrs John Colby Ab- 
68 Miss Sarah E Wentworth 
68 Dr Dela E Howe 
68 Miss Mary M Brooks 
70 Dr & Mrs J L Ames 
72 Mr Frederick P Cabot 
72 Miss Amy W Cabot 
74 Mr & Mrs Thomas G 

(Charles Street) 
Continued opposite column 



201 Mr & Mrs Chas G Annesley 
Dr Alpheus R Brown 
Mr & Mrs J B Brown 
Dr & Mrs Benjamin How 
Mr <fe Mrs Algernon S 

Mr & Mrs Daniel Madda- 

Miss Abbie B P Walley 
Dr Helen L F Wright 
. Mr William J Watson 
Hotel Brunswick 

(Copley Square) 

(Newbury Street) 

233 Rev & Mrs Alex Mann D D 

(Commonwealth Avenue) 

261 Mr & Mrs Gardiner G Ham- 

261 Rev George S Fiske 

263 Dr & Mrs F S Watson 

265 Dr A L Mason 

265 Mr F S Harridan 230 

267 Dr & Mrs Walter C Bailey 230 
(Marlborough Street) 232 

Trinity Church 

(Copley Square) 

Hotel Bristol 

Hotel Guilford 

Mr Charles E Dennison 

Mr Carlton L Reed 


Dr E P Colby 

Dr C E Tuttle 

Dr Samuel T Elliott 

Dr S C Saville 

Dr W F Knowles 

Dr B T Loring 

Dr J L Coffin 

Dr George C Ainsworth 

Dr E R Johnson 

Dr G A Suffa 

Dr G B Rice 

Dr H P Bellows 

Dr N H Houghton 

Dr H Norwood 

(Newbury Street) 4 

Mrs Charles A Cummings 

Miss Cummings 

Dr & Mrs R B Dixon 



Cla-rendon St — Continued 

273 Mr & Mrs Augustus Hem- 

275 Dr & Mrs Fred'k Winslow 
277 Dr & Mrs G W W Brewster 
279 Dr & Mrs F G Balch 

Even numbera contintied 

260 Hotel Hamilton — Con 
Mr Wm Stanley Parker 
Miss S E Witherell 
Miss A H Ames 
Miss E A Ames 
Mrs C N Tumbull 
Miss Andrews 

270 Dr & Mrs Maynard Ladd 

(Marlborough Street) 
274 Mrs Augustus Fiagg 

232 Dr Lewis S Dixon (office) 
234 Dr J W Farlow (office) 
234 Dr R A Coffin 
234 Mr Harry H Walker 
236 Dr D Wayland Jones 
236 Dr & Mrs J Henry Stuart 
First Baptist Church 
\ Rev Francis H Rowley J 
) 80 Mason Ter Brookiine J 

(Commonwealth Aventte) 

260 Hotel Hamilton 

Dr & Mrs R L Thurston 
Miss E W Perkins 
Mr & Mrs R L Sewall 
Mr & Mrs G Wyman 
Mrs Charles E Parker 
Miss Alice E Parker 
Mr Charles H Parker 

Continued opposite column 


3 Mrs William S Bullard 

3 Mr Stephen Bullard 

3 Mr Frank Bullard 

3 Miss Katherine Bullard 

3 Miss Ellen Bullard 

5 Mr & Mrs WalteriC Baylies 

7 Mr & Mrs Wolcott Howe 

9 Mrs Otis Norcross 
9 Mr Grenville H Norcross 
11 Mr & Mrs Wm L Morrison 
13 Mr & Mrs Geo M Nowell 
15 Mr & Mrs Oliver Ames 
17 Mr & Mrs F S Clark 
19 Dr & Mrs Henry L Shaw 
21 Mr Charles Fry 
23 Mrs G H Shaw 
25 Mrs O W Peabody 
27 Mr & Mrs T K Lothrop 

(Berkeley Street) 

29 Haddon Hall 

31 The Misses Stockton 

2 Mrs M L Mills 

Mr & Mrs Alden A Mills 
Mr & Mrs Chester A Law- 
Offices * 

Dr E M Montgomery 
Dr James R Taylor Jr 
Dr Dana J Edmonds 
Dr Evangeline W Young 
Dr G D Richmond 
Dr William Walker 
Dr Isabelle D Kerr 
Dr Maude G Fumess 
Dr J S Shaw 
Dr George Hipkiss 
Dr Martha E Mann 
Dr Edward W Branigan 
Dr H C Rietz 
Dr Felix Levy 
Dr Marion L Woodward 
Dr J A Tenney 
Dr H S Draper 
Dr W H Davis 

A Drug Store for Seventy Years! 


1837— T. Mbtcalf 

1861— T. Metcalf & Co. 

1891— Theodore Metcalf Co. 

Three-quarters of a Century the Pharmacy 
of Boston's best physicians. 

In 1839 Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes established his first 
oflSce in a small room near our store. This store was then the 
pharmacy of all the leading families and physicians of the city 
To this store came such eminent practitioners as Jackson, Bige- 
low, Warren and their confreres. There is scarcely an old Boston 
family of distinction whose name does not appear on our books 
of these earlier years. 

To day we are supplying the needs of their grand-children 
and great-grand-children. T6 day this store is still the phar- 
macy of the leading medical men of the city. If your name does 
not appear on our ledgers we solicit the privilege of opening an 
account with you. 

Telephone your prescriptions to 



270 Haymarket. 196 Back Bay 

4 ' (97) 


Cleansed, Repaired, Straightened, Remodeled, Disin- 
fected and Packed Moth Proof at the 




Office, 15 Temple Place Works, 16 Waltham St 

Telephone, Oxford 121 1-2 

We are the original firm that introduced into New England 
the ORIENTAL PROCESS. When properly carrried out it can 
not be improved upon. The aim of our firm has always been to 
excel in workmanship. You will make no mistake in entrusting 
your goods to our care. 

RUGS MADE TO ORDER. We call the special attention 
of Architects, Interior Decorators, Clubs, and of those who are 
planning to build, to our manufacturing department. 

We take orders from designs and colors submitted by us or 
from those submitted by the customer. Orders are taken for a 
single rug or for sets, in measurements varying in size from the 
smallest door mat to rugs as large as fifty feet long and thirty-five 
feet wide. The work of this department is executed in Turkey. 

The colors in the rugs made by us are fast and pure — not 
*' treated" or "doctored" as are so many of those in the market 
nowadays. We use only vegetable dyes, and guarantee harmoni- 
ous blending of distinctly oriental colors and accuracy in the ex- 
ecution of designs. 

The time required for the filling of orders will depend on the 
sizes of the rugs. A rug containing about two hundred square 
feet can be delivered in the course of four months. No longer 
time will be necessary, however, when an order consists of a 
number of rugs, as they will be woven on separate looms. 

The prices differ, not according to material and color — as the 
same quality of wool and dye is used in all our rugs — but accord- 
ing to the simplicity or intricacy of design, also according to the 
number of knots per square inch, which determines the degree of 

(98) ' 



Commonwealth Av — Con 

31 Mr Howard Stockton 
31 Mr Lawrence Mason Stock- 
33 Mrs C H Dalton 
37 Mr & Mrs John M Graham 
37 Mr Edward H Graham 
39 Mr & Mrs George Dexter 
41 Mr & Mrs Charles A King 
43 Mr & Mrs Ashton Rollins 

45 Mr & Mrs Ellerton L Dorr 
47 Mrs Anna P Peabody 
49 Mrs Gardner Blan chard 
51 Mr George A Gardner 
51 Mr John L Gardner 
57 Mr & Mrs J A Bumham 
57 The Misses Bumham 
57 Mr J Appleton Biirnham Jr 
59 Mrs George D Howe 
61 Mr Amory A Lawrence 
63 Mr & Mrs Francis B Rice 

(Clarendon Street) 

107 Mr & Mrs J M Forbes 

109 Mrs Samuel (-abot 

111 Mr & Mrs James M Crafts 

1 1 1 Miss E C (Vaf ts 

111 Miss C Crafts 

113 Mr & Mrs 8 R Anthony 

115 Miss Isabella Hazcn Dana 

117 Mrs Ezra H Baker 

117 Mr & Mrs John Hitchcock 

119 Mr & Mrs Samuel N Brown 

119 Mr Harold H Brown 

119 Miss Grace Haskell 

121 Mrs J N Fiskc 

123 Mrs G H Perkins 

127 Mr & Mrs Charles F Ayer 

129 The Misses Manning 

131 Mrs Gideon Scull 

133 Mrs H R Shaw 

135 Mr & Mrs Kodolphe L 

Agassi z 
151 Mr & Mrs R G Shaw 

{Dartmouth Street) 

4 Mr & Mrs John DeForest 

6 Mrs William G Weld 

8 Mr & Mrs G J Parker 

8 Miss P S Nickerson 
10 Mrs Daniel Ahl 
10 Mr Leonard D Ahl 
10 Mr & Mrs Alan son L 

12 Mr & Mrs Thomas Allen 
14 Mrs John Harvey Wright 
16 Mr & Mrs A R Whittier 
18 Mr George B Dorr 
20 Mrs C P Curtis 
20 Mrs R S Russell 
22 Mr <fe Mrs Thomas Motley 
24 Mr & Mrs John Lowell 
26 Mr & Mrs Roger F Sturgis 
28 Dr & Mrs H H A Beach - 
30 Mr & Mrs Henry Parkman 
32 Mrs G H Preston 
32 Miss Preston 
32 Mr & Mrs Geo M Preston • 
34 Dr & Mrs H H Haskell 
38 The Eliot Hospital 

Miss Nettie J West 
40 The College Club 

42 Miss C L W French 
44 Miss Phyllis Bobbins 
44 Miss Frances E Horton 
46 Mr & Mrs A L Hopkins 
48 Mr & Mrs D P Kimball 

(Berkeley Street) 

50 The Holland 
50 Mrs F R Going 
50 Mrs Martha Nash 
50 Mr & Mrs W C Wyman 
54 Mrs J C Sharp 
54 Mr & Mrs Frank Brewster 
56 Mr Henry Sayles 
56 Mr & Mrs GTappan Francis 
58 Mr & Mrs Henry S Rowe 
60 Mr & Mrs David CroweD 



Commonwealth Av — Con 

161 Mr & Mrs Henry S Fitzroy 

163 Mrs Henry P Kidder 

165 Mrs George B Clapp 

165 Mr & Mrs Geo W Vaillant 

167 Mr & Mrs F G Webster 

169 Mr & Mrs J S Fay Jr 

169 Mr A M Fay 

171 Mrs F Gordon Dexter 

173 Mrs Roger Wolcott 

175 Mr & Mrs Stephen L Bart- 

177 Mrs John Quincy Adams 
179 Mr & Mrs D Webster King 
179 Miss Caroline W King 
179 Miss Anne P King 
179 Miss Grace W King 
181 Miss Adele G Thayer 
181 Miss Helen Webster 
183 Mr & Mrs Frank Merriam 
183 The Misses Merriam 
191 Hotel Agassiz 

Mr & Mrs H L Higginson 

Miss E G Houghton 

Mr & Mrs George Putnam 

Miss Elizabeth Putnam 

Mr & Mrs M A Potter 

Mr C L Peirson 

Mr & Mrs Augustus 

Miss Thorndike 

(Exeter Street) 

197 Dr & Mrs Thomas Morgan 

199 Mr & Mrs J Arthur Beebe 
199 Miss Beebe 
203 Mrs Leopold Morse 
207 Mr & Mrs W Sargent 
211 Miss F P Mason 
211 Miss Alice Thevin 
213 Mrs Charles T White 
213 Miss White 
217 Algonquin Club 
223 Mrs Charles E Perkins 
Miss Mary R Perkins 

60 Mr & Mrs Herman Parker 

62 Miss G G Eaton 

64 Dr William J Daly 

64 Mr & Mrs E R Spencer 

66 Miss Eleanor J Clark 

68 Mr David R Whitney 

68 Mrs F E Burgess 

70 Dr & Mrs H W Gushing 

72 Mrs W W Blackmar 

72 Miss Fannie R Brewer 

76 Dr T J Reardon 

76 Dr John S Phelps 

78 Mr & Mrs Wm K Porter 

80 Mr W E L Dillaway 

82 Mr & Mrs H Stf^ples Potter 

82 Dr A C Potter 

84 Mr & Mrs S Arthur Bent 

84 Miss Mildred Bent 

86 Mrs C A Bradstreet 

88 Mrs Henry Keyes 

88 Miss Isabella F Keyes 

88 Mr Ezra H Baker 

90 Mr A Shumail 

90 Mr & Mrs Carl Dreyfus 

{Clarendon Street) 

114 Mrs Francis B Forbes 

116 Mr & Mrs William A L 

118 Dr & Mrs G H Payne 
118 Dr C E B Chase 
120 Mr & Mrs F E Peaboodv 
122 Rt Rev Bishop & Mrs Wm 

124 Mrs Frederic Cunningham 
126 Dr & Mrs H C Baldwin 
126 Dr Frederick E Cheney 
132 Mr & Mrs John J Martin 
144 Mrs William Atherton 
146 Mr & Mrs Francis Wright 

150 Mrs Frank Morison 
152 Mr & Mrs Wm B Rogers 

{Dartmouth Street) 

The Vendome 

For names of guests see page 69 



Commonwealth Av — Con 

225 Dr W L Richardson 

227 Mrs Matthew Bartlett 

227 Miss Mary Bartlett 

227 Miss Fannie Bartlett 

229 Dr F P Sprague 

229 Miss Lucy S Sampson 

231 Mrs JC Rogers 

233 Mrs Burr Porter 

235 Mr & Mrs Abbott Lawrence 

(Fairfield Street) 

245 Mr N H Emmons 

245 Miss Emmons 

247 Mr & Mrs George S Mandell 

249 Mr Francis J Cot ting 

249 Miss Cotting 

251 Mr & Mrs John E Thayer 

253 Mr & Mrs Arthur S Johnson 

255 Mr & Mrs J Brooks Fenno 

257 Mr & Mrs Alex Cochrane 

257 Mr F Douglas Cochrane 

257 Mr A Lynde Cochrane 

261 Mr Walter Hunnewell 

263 Mr & Mrs C T Lovering 

265 Mr & Mrs E C Fitch 

267 Mr & Mrs William H Ames 

269 Mrs Thomas Mack 

273 Mrs T E Proctor 

273 Mr Thomas E Proctor 

{Gloucester Street) 

283 Mr & Mrs Thomas R Whee- 

285 Mr & Mrs Frederick T 

285 Mr George R White 
287 Mr Herbert M Sears 
291 Mrs W Henry Allen 
293 Dr & Mrs D L Hunt 
Mr Charles E Stratton 
Mr & Mrs Geo H Billings 
Mr & Mrs P W Abbott 
Mrs A W Pope 
Mr & Mrs M Barth 

172 Dr & Mrs Henry Ehrlich 

172 Dr C S Bartlett 

172 Dr J G W Werner 

174 Mr & Mrs Winthrop 
Church Winslow 

176 Dr WiUiam P Wesselhoeft 

178 Dr.& Mrs J B Bell 

180 Dr & Mrs H O Marcy 

180 Dr H O Marcy Jr 

182 Mr & Mrs O M Went worth 

184, 186 & 188 The Abbots- 
Miss F L Abbott 
Miss Isabel Batchelder 
Mrs H Beech 
Miss Ellen Brown 
Mr H M Burr 
Miss M Burr 
Mr & Mrs S A Choate 
Mr & Mrs E E Cole 
Miss E C Dulaney 
Signora A Fossi 
Mrs C G Francis 
Mr Russell Dean Francis 
Mr & Mrs Wm Faxon Jr 
Mr & Mrs Edwards J Gale 
Dr C W Galloupe 
Mr & Mrs W A Hamilton 
Miss E Holbrook 
Miss Hunt 
Miss Fannie Hunt 
Mrs S A Judd 
Miss M H Judd 
Mr & Mrs E L Motte • 
Miss C F Neal 
Dr A Carleton Potter (of- 
Mr & Mrs J Russell Reed 
Mrs Isaac Baker Rich 
Mr Ralph- Rich 
Mrs Louisa W Rogers 
Miss Harriet A Shaw 
Miss Ellen V Smith 
Mr Isaac H Stauflfer 
Mr & Mrs I S Tolman 
Miss Annie Warren 



Commonwealth Av — Con 

295 Miss Denny 

Mrs F W Brewer 
Mrs Fanny Ratshesky 
Mr Harry F Ratshesky 
Mr & Mrs C O Whitten 
Mrs A M Hebbard . 
Mrs T C Wales 
297 Mr & Mrs George A Draper 
303 Mr & Mrs Isaac R Thomas 
306 Mrs Joseph S Kendall 
305 Mr & Mrs R F BoUes 
311 Mr & Mrs J A Ropes 
311 Mr & Mrs W D Hobbs 

{Hereford Street) 

315 Mr & Mrs John B Thomas 
317 Miss Helen CoUamore 
319 Miss S H Crocker 
321 Mrs Francis Dane 
323 Mr George B French 
323 Mr & Mrs Frank R Thomas 
325 Mr & Mrs Eugene Tomp- 
327 Mr & Mrs Herbert Du- 

329 Mr & Mrs S H Bennett 
333 The Empire 
Fcr names of guests see page 4^ 

341 Mr & Mrs N W Rice 

341 Miss Rice 

343 Mr & Mrs G G Crocker 

347 Mr M B Mason 

349 Mr & Mrs B Lombard Jr 

351 Mr & Mrs George H Lyman 

353 Mrs Elizabeth She?i 

353 Mr Francis A Shea 

353 The Misses Shea 

355 Mrs Oliver Ames 

{Massachusetts Avenue) 

371 The Chesterfield 

Dr Walter F Winchester 

Mrs George T Bigelow 
Miss E S Bangs 

190 Mrs George Flagg 
190 Dr Elisha Flagg 
192 Mr & Mrs F B Fay 

{Exeter Street) 

198 Mrs William Matthews 

198 Mr Edward C Matthews 

198 Mr William A Matthews 

200 Mrs John J French 

200 Mr Philip French 

202 Mr & Mrs W V Kellen 

204 Mr & Mrs A S Woodworth 

206 Mr Henry D Flagg 

206 Mrs E F Simmons 

208 Mr Henry C Jackson 

212 Mr & Mrs George A Gibson 

214 Mrs G H Quincy 

214 Mrs Ella G Pease 

216 Mr & Mrs Andrew Fiske 

218 Mr & Mrs W H Reed 

220 Mrs J F Tarbell 

220 Mrs I H Tower 

222 Mrs Benjamin F Guild 

222 Miss Mary Guild 

222 Miss Helen Guild 

224 Mrs Charles Boyden 

226 The Misses Carter 

228 Mr & Mrs Chas W Parker 

228 Mr Charles S Parker 

228 Mr Ross Parker 

230 Mr & Mrs Charles Boyden 

232 Mr & Mrs I A Ratshesky 

234 Mr & Mrs H W Wadleigh 

236 Mr & Mrs D J Lord J^ 

240 Mr & Mrs Rollin H Allen 

{Fairfield Street) 

246 Mr F E Simpson 

248 Miss A M Means 

250 Mr & Mrs T O Rogers 

252 Mrs G R Richardson 

252 Mr & Mrs G O Richardson 

254 Mrs Charles F Cruft 

254 Miss l^unice M Cruft 

254 Miss Frances C Cruft 

256 Mr <fe Mrs George H Phelps 

258 Mr Gcorso T Cruft 


Boylston and Exeter Streets 

The Palm Room and Pergola are the most popular 
restaurants in Boston 

Afternoon Tea is served in the Colonial Tea Room 
from four to five thirty 


Wete Manag»mtnl 



Under New Management 






372-378 Boylston Street 

Boston, Massachusetts 


An Honest Furniture Polish and Cleaner 


Fifteen Years Trial in our own Shop 



$1.25 Quart 75 Cents Pint 50 Cents 



Telephone Connection BOSTON 




Commonwealth Av — Con 

371 The Chesterfield — Con 

Mr & Mrs J L Con able 

Mrs P G V Ely 

Mr & Mrs Joseph Koshland 

Mrs J G Walker 
373 The Erickson 

Dr Frank E Allard 

Mr & Mrs T Quincy Browne 

Col & Mrs J H Cunningham 

The Misses Eaton 

Mrs William R Gray 

Miss E S Grew 

Miss MacMillan 

Dr E T Ransom 

Mr & Mrs William B Rice 

Miss Susan S Rogers 

Mrs A B Sampson 

The Misses Shepard 

Miss A Stan dish 

Mr & Mrs Samuel D Ste- 

Mrs Elizabeth Woodman 
375 Dr & Mrs H M Jernegan 
377 Mrs A lOiowltbn 
377 Mr Walter M Knowlton 
379 Mr & Mrs E H Woods 
381 Mr & Mrs Alanson Tucker 
383 Miss C T Fitch 
385 Mr & Mrs Clifford P Smith 
389 Mr & Mrs Fred'k Kendall 
393 Mrs Wirt Dexter 
395 Mr & Mrs Frederick Ayer 
395 Miss Beatrice Ayer 
401 Mr & Mrs Alex Steinert 
403 Mr & Mrs Samuel Carr 
405 Mr & Mrs L G DuBois 
409 Mr & Mrs William A Paine 
411 Mr & Mrs R S Bradley 
413 Mr & Mrs F I Amory 
415 Mr & Mrs Hamilton Perkins 


461 Mr & Mrs J L Grandin 
461 Mr & Mrs Norman Frost 

260 Mr & Mrs George N Dana 

262 Mrs C H Dill 2d 

264 & 266 Academy of the 

Sacred Heart 
270 The Tuileries 
For names of guests see page 69 

274 Mr Eben Kimball 

274 Miss Kimball 

276 Mr & Mrs F S Hapgood 

276 Mr C W Hapgood 

278 Mr & Mrs Samuel G Adams 

278 Miss Louise F Adams 

280 Mr & Mrs Charles P Searle 

280 Mr John Hogg 

282 Mr & Mrs Henry H Proctor 

{Gloucester Street) 

284 Mr & Mrs William L McKee 
284 Miss Marjorie R van- 

288 Mr & Mrs Andreas Blume 
290 Mrs A F Cochran 
Miss S C Cochran 
Miss F A Cochran 
Mr & Mrs Albert Geiger 
Mrs George R Harris 
Miss M Harris 
Mr & Mrs R H White 
Mr & Mrs R A Leeson 
Mr & Mrs E A Coffin 
294 Mrs Sylvester Tower 
294 Mr H W Tower 
294 The Misses Tower 
296 Mr & Mrs W F Robinson 
296 Mr Harry E Robinson 
298 Mr T N Hart 
298 Mr & Mrs C W Ernst 
300 Mrs J P Brown 
302 Mr & Mrs S P Mandell 
304 Mr & Mrs L A Crossett 
306 Mr & Mrs David C Percival 

308 & 310 The Imperial 
Miss M E Crafts 
Mr & Mrs William Herbert 



Commonwealth Av — Con 

46S Mrs W H Sherman 

463 Miss Edith Sherman 

465 Mr & Mrs Frank W Hunt 

465 Mr Merrill Hunt 

467 Mr & Mrs W B P Weeks 

469 Mr & Mrs W O Blaney 

469 Miss Huston 

471 Mr & Mrs Phineas W 

479 Mr & Mrs George M Morgan 
481 Dr & Mrs Augustus Thorn- 
483 Mr & Mrs Chas Thomdike 
485 Mr & Mrs Alex E Little 
491 Mr & Mrs Richard S Rus- 
493 Mrs Thos G Frothingham 
493 Mr Henry Adams Froth- 
495 Mrs Frederick B Carpenter 
497 Mr Charles H Rollins 
497 Miss Helen M Rollins 

{Beacon Street) 

541 The Westgate 

Mr & Mrs H H Young 
Mr & Mrs Eugene Fellner 
Dr & Mrs Fredericks 

Mr & Mrs C H Huflf 
Mr & Mrs Henry E McEl- 

Miss E B Brown 

(Deer field Street) 
(Sherborn Street) 

609 Mr & Mrs Stephen G Allen 
611 Mr & Mrs Reuben Ring 
615 Mrs J N Laden sack 
617 Mrs A S Covel 
621 Mr & Mrs Henry F Hurl- 

Mr W N Fisher 

Mr & Mrs (^hr.s P Hold( n 


M.s E I.( u". V' Cu nminps 

308 & 310 The Imperial— Con 
Mr & Mrs W H Dyer 
Mr & Mrs W H Sullivan 
Dr & Mrs P H Thompson 
Dr & Mrs F F Harrington 
Mips K B Spooner 
Mrs Elizabeth B Hardy 
Mrs E F Clark 
Dr & Mrs John H Payne 
Mrs H Whittemore 
Mrs G M Winslow 

(Hereford Street) 

314 Mr & Mrs A C Burrage 
318 Mr & Mrs Conrad Hobbs 
320 Mr & Mrs J Frank How- 
322 Mrs William H Sands 
322 Miss Gertrude Sands 
324 Miss Julia R Gilman 
324 Miss F C Guild 
324 Miss Louise R Gilman 
326 Mrs G H Tinkham 
326 Mr George H Tinkham 
328 Mr Edward Hatch 
328 The Misses Hatch 
330 Mr & Mrs F N Stackpole 
332 Mr & Mrs Thomas Upham 
334 Dr & Mrs H C Clapp 
334 The Misses Clapp 
336 Mrs F Warren 
338 Mrs J B Lincoln 
340 Mr & Mrs Charies F Dowse 
340 Miss Raymah Dowse 
340 Mr Gran ton H Dowse 
344 Dr & Mrs J H Payne 
344 Miss Payne 
346 Mr & Mrs A F Estabrook 
348 Mr J P Woodbury 
348 Mrs M E Parsons 
350 Mr & Mrs George E Hale 
352 Mrs O N Jones 
354 Dr & Mrs G A Leland 
354 Miss Leland 
354 Mr G A Loland Jr 
3 3() Mr J 1) P>rytint 



Commonwealth Av — Con 

358 Dr & Mrs Orren B Sanders 
360 Dr & Mrs J D Robertson 
362-366 The Commonwealth 
362 Dr & Mrs Chas O Kepler 
Dr S Martel 

Mr & Mrs Fred E Libby 
Mr & Mrs Patrick Carr 
Mr & Mrs Walter Nash 
366 Mr & Mrs Irving Wood 
Dr D D Scannell 
Dr & Mrs W E Fay 
Mr & Mrs Leonard Fowle 
Miss M E Hayden 
Dr Mary Parks Putnam 
Dr L R G Crandon 
Mr & Mrs Arnold A Rand 
Mr & Mrs Louis R Gould- 

Dr & Mrs E Winfield Egan 
Dr & Mrs A K Paine 
Dr & Mrs Henry F Libby 

(Massachusetts Avenue) 

378 Col & Mrs A A Pope 

380 Mrs H D Hyde 

380 Mr Benjamin D Hyde 

382 The Colonial 
Mr Waldron Bates 
Mr Samuel W Bates 
Mr Charles T How 
Dr & Mrs J E Briggs 
Miss Caroline Borden 
Mr & Mrs William Lawrie 
Mr & Mrs E Everett Hol- 

Miss Mary Holbrook 
Mrs H G Nichols 
Mr & Mrs Gino Perera 
Mr & Mrs Edwin A Rogers 
Mr & Mrs Winthrop Dahl- 

Mr & Mrs D Despradelle 
Dr & Mrs F W Sherburne 

Contintted opposite column 

384 & 386 The Torrington 
Dr & Mrs F A Higgins 
Dr & Mrs T F Aiken 
Mr & Mrs Charles P Green- 

ough 2d 
Mr & Mrs Mark T Dowling 
Dr & Mrs James D Barney 
Dr & Mrs W B Robbins 

386 Mr & Mrs T F Boyle 
Mr & Mrs Arthur Cook 
Dr & Mrs Daniel H Craig 
Mr & Mrs H E Dickerson 
Mr & Mrs Howard Turner 
Mr & Mrs E Kramer 
Hotel Somerset 

For names of guests see page 6jS 


468 Mr & Mrs Edward H Mason 
468 Miss Edna S Mason 
468 Miss Ella S Mason 
468 Miss Florence J Mason 
470 Dr & Mrs Horace Packard 
472 Mr & Mrs Alden A Thorn- 
474 Mr & Mrs R E Traiser 
476 Mr & Mrs Louis Leviseur 
478 Mr & Mrs C N Wallace 
480 Mrs E C Stanwood 
480 Miss Audrey W Stanwood 
482 Mrs L A Wright 
484 Mr C S Eaton 
486 Dr & Mrs W M Conant 
486 Miss Ruth Conant 
488 Mr & Mrs Nath'l J Rust 
488 Mr Edgar C Rust 
490 Mr & Mrs Horace Chenery 

(Kenmore Street) 

504 Mr & Mrs S Vorenberg 
506 Mr Frederick Adelbert 

508 Dr & Mrs W M Boothby 
508 Mr & Mrs Frank F Stanley 
510 Mr & Mrs George Strong 
510 Mr Cyrus W Strong 
510 Miss May B Strong 



Commonwealth Av — Con 

512 Mr John F Brooks 
512 Miss Brooks 
514 Mr & Mrs Kelsoy M Gil- 
516 Mr & Mrs H O Cushman 
516 Miss Isabelle P Rankin 
520 Dr & Mrs J Herbert Moore 

522 Mr & Mrs Max Brummel 
524 Mr & Mrs Horace W Bax- 
524 Mrs T L Jenks 

Temple Adath Israel 
Rev Charles Fleischer 
40 Concord Av 


The Victoria cor New- 
bury Street 
For names of guests see pvge 60 

277 to 281 Mrs M A Estes 
277 Dr S W Langmaid (office) 
277 Dr Alex Quackenboss (of- 
277 Mr & Mrs Thomas Hooper 
277 Miss Gould 
279 Dr Conrad Smith 
283 Dr & Mrs E H Smith 
283 Dr Henry W Haley (office) 
283 Dr Walter A Davis (office) 

{Commonwealth Avenue) 

303 Mrs Arthur Hunnewell 
315 Mr T Jefferson Coolidge 
315 Mrs L M Sargent 

{Marlborough Street) 

317 Mr & Mrs John M Little 
319 Mr & Mrs Clifford D Saw- 

Even numbers continued 

330 The Graffam — Con 
Dr T J Eastman 
Dr Wilham C Quinby 
Dr L D Shepard 
Dr L D Shepard Jr 
Dr William P Cooke 

Public Library 
{Boylston Street) 

Old South Church 

j Rev George A Gordon I 

\ 645 Boylston St S 

Boston Art Club 

{Newbury Street) 

282 Phi Sigma Kappa Fra- 
ternity House 
284 Mrs H Augusta Shaw 
Hotel Vendome 

{Commonwealth Avenue) 

306 Miss Mary S Ames 
Mr John S Ames 
Mr & Mrs Wm L Parker 
Mrs George Tyson 

{Marlborough Street) 

Mr Charles F Wright 
Mr & Mrs J G Beals 

328 Mr Sidney L Beals 

328 Mr Gardner Beals 
The Graffam 
Mrs Laura D Frost 
Mrs Preston C F West 
Mr & Mrs Cabot J Morse 
Miss E J Fitz 
Mr & Mrs J F Brown 
Mr & Mrs Walter A Tufts 
Continued opposite column 





2 Mr & Mrs Peter C Brooks 58 Mr Edward S Welch 
58 Mr & Mrs F C Welch 




1 Mr & Mrs H J Jaquith 
3 Dr & Mrs Cecil P Wilson 
5 Mrs Harleston Parker 
7 Miss C C Thomas 
11 Mr & Mrs Quincy A Shaw 

{Marlborough Street) 

19 The Wales 

Dr & Mrs M L Chamber- 
Mr & Mrs J F Kesseler 
Dr J F Hovestadt (office) 
Mr & Mrs Scott Mansfield 

(Commonwealth Avenue) 

25 Mr & Mrs Charles E Mason 

(Newbury Street) 

(Boylston Street) 

The Lenox 
For names of guests see page 6 1 

10 Dr Sarah Sweet Windsor 
10 Mr Guido Costarelli de 

(Marlborough Street) 

16 Mr & Mrs Theodore Rus- 
18 Miss R L Dexter 

(Comm,onwealth Avenue) 

First Spiritual Temple 

(Newbury Street) 

South Cong Church 
Rev Edward Everett Hale ^ 
39 Highland St Roxbury I 

Rev Edward Cummings ,[ 
104 Irving St Cambridge J 

(Boylston Street) 

Boston Athletic Assn 

(Blagden Street) 



1 Mr & Mrs A L Daniels 

3 Mrs Charles Lowell 

5 Mrs Sumner HoUingsworth 

(Marlborough Street) 

7 Dr & Mrs Rob't W Lovett 
9 Miss Adeline Bigelow 
21 Mr & Mrs W M Wood 

(Commonwealth Avenue) • 

29 Mr & Mrs C H Paine 
31 Mrs H L Perry 
33 Mr & Mrs H H Sprague 
35 Dr & Mrs J A Lamson 
37 Mr & Mrs J M E Drake 

(Newbury Street) 

39 Dr & Mrs F L Marshall 
39 Dr.C E Smith 
39 Dr A E Hodgdon 
41 Mr Mellen N Bray 

8 Mrs James Jackson 
10 Dr & Mrs John Lewis 

12 Miss Georgina Lowell 

(Marlborough Street) 

16 Mr & Mrs J T Morse Jr 
16 Mr J Torrey Morse 3d 
38 Miss K A Whitney 
20 Mr & Mrs F R Allen 
22 Mr & Mrs Nath'l Thayer 

(Commonwealth Avenue) 

30 Mr & Mrs Neal Rantoul 

30 Mr John L Saltonstall 

32 Mr & Mrs Charles I Thayer 

The Misses Thayer 
34 Mr & Mrs Chas M Sherman 
36 Mr & Mrs Charles P Wash- 
36 The Misses Washburn 



Fairfield St — Continued 

38 Mr.& Mrs Ellis Hollings- 

{Newbury Street) 

40 Mrs Russell Sturgis Jr 
42 Mr & Mrs F R Banjis 
44 Mrs Dwight Foster 
44 Miss E S Foster 


8 Boston Medicaii Library 

22 Mr & Mrs R S Peabody 

22 Miss Peabody 

24 Mr & Mrs Moorfield Storey 

24 Mr Chas Moorfield Storey 

26 Miss Fanny Foster 

26 Mrs Geo Andrews Moriarty 

26 Mr Geo Andrews Moriarty 

28 Miss C J Chamberlayne 

30 Mrs S V R Thayer 
Mrs E B Everett 
Miss Everett 
Mr Edward Everett 
Mr & Mrs li Rosenbaum 

38 Mr & Mrs H Rosenbaum 

40 Mr & Mrs S Endicott Pea- 

42 Mrs Lewis Coleman 

42 Miss Coleman 


42 Miss C Alice Baker 

44 Navajo Ci/UB 

46 Mr & Mrs Wm D Mandell 

48 Mr & Mrs Reginald Foster 

50 Mr & Mrs Jas T Wetherald 

52 Mr & Mrs R C Storey 

54 Mr & Mrs W N Hartshorn 

{Fenway Gate) 

56 Mr & Mrs Henry Bigelow 

Mr & Mrs Arthur N Milli- 

Mr Roland C Nickerson 
Mrs Roland C Nickerson 
Mrs John F Perry 
Miss Harriett e D P Perry 
Mr & Mrs Bellamy Storer 
(Entrance Hemeuway Street) 

Mrs John L Gardner 


3 Mr & Mrs Thomas Russell 
5 Mr & Mrs Geo deB Greene 
7 Mrs E R Haskell 
7 Miss S A Haskell 

{Marlborough Street) 

9 Mr & Mrs Donald Gordon 
11 Dr & Mrs G E Richards 
13 Mr & Mrs Joseph Sargent 

15 Mr & Mrs W T Sears 
17 Mr & Mrs R D Evans 
17 Mrs David Hunt 
17 The Misses Hunt 

{Commonwealth Avenue) 

2 Mr & Mrs W V Loring 

{Beacon Street) 

4 Mr & Mrs Jos S Sylvester 
8 Mr & Mrs George A P Dun- 

{Marlborough Street) 

10 Judge John Lathrop 

12 Mr & Mrs Edmund K 

14 Mrs Hugh Whitney 
20 Mr & Mrs W B Thomas 

{Commonwealth Avenue) 
30 Mr & Mrs A S Bigelow 



Gloucester St — Continued 

29 Df & Mrs Franz Pfaff 
:U Mr & Mrs Ralph B Wil- 
33 Dr & Mrs W L Edwards 

{Newbury Street) 

49 Miss Bertha Carroll 
51 Mrs A L Congdon 

32 Mr & Mrs Paul M Hanileii 
34 Mrs John C Howe 
34 Mr & Mrs Walter Yates 
36 Mr & Mrs T P Beal 

(Newbury Street) 

42 Mr & Mrs Chas A Proctor 
44 Mrs Bertha Torrey 
46 Mrs Horace Loring 
46 Mrs Gardner G Tufts 
48 Dr & Mrs T A DeBlois 
50 The Misses Drew 

Archbishop O' Conn ell 


2 Mrs George HoUingsworth 4 Mr & Mrs Wesley A Rand 

2 Miss Rose HoUingsworth 5 Mrs Alice E Archambeau 

3 Mr & Mrs John Ritchie 




7 Dr & Mrs George S Derby 
9 Mr & Mrs Leverett S 
The Misses Hurd 
Mr & Mrs Winthrop T 

Miss M G Bancroft 
Mrs E H Burr 

17 Col & Mrs W R Livermore 

(Marlborough Street) 

27 Mr & Mrs Albert D Bosson 

29 Mrs H W Bellows 

31 Mr & Mrs Russell Applet on 

(Commonwealth Avenue) 

45 Mr & Mrs C J Lynch 
47 Mr & Mrs Geo Burroughs 
49 Mr & Mrs G W Harrington 
51 Dr & Mrs Robert Soutter 
51 Dr Robert H Vose 

(Newbury Street) 

12 Mr & Mrs Dan'l A Dwight 

14 Mrs A F Freeman 

16 Dr & Mrs Frank Wells 

18 Dr & Mrs George A Craigin 

20 Dr & Mrs David Cheever 

(Marlborough Street) 

32 Mr & Mrs J Dudley Clark 

(Commonwealth Avenue) 

40 Mr & Mrs F W Sargent 
46 Dr & Mrs G A Sargent 
Mr Charles H Porter 
Dr & Mrs George W Porter 
Mr & Mrs E M Porter 
Miss Frances Hay ward 
48 Dr & Mrs Geo S C Badger 
50 Mrs A B Farley 
50 The Misses Pitcher 
52 Mr & Mrs W H Sweet 
Miss Maud Scott 
Mr & Mrs Newton Swift 
Miss Elsa Brehm 
Mrs William Faxon 
Miss Henrietta Faxon 

{Newbury Street) 




{Blagden Street) 

Hotel Nottingham 
For names of guests see page 6 . 

Pierce Buil'ding 
18 The Copley 
For names of guests see page 47 

39 & 41 The Buckingham 30 
39 Mr & Mrs James H Lamb 30 

Mr & Mrs Edwin P Foss 

Dr & Mrs John Morgan 

Dr John A MacDonald 

Dr Ada M Bearse 

Mrs L P Thomson For 

Miss A M Thompson 
41 Miss Mary J Capen 

Miss Alice R Capen 

Mr John L Hodsdon 54 

Mr Joseph Lavoie 

Mrs E L Atherton 

Copley Square Hotel 
For names of guests see page 47 66 

{Exeter Street) 
Mechanics' Building 
(West Newton Street) gg 

151 Dr & Mrs J H Sparling 72 

Mr & Mrs George F F 

Mr William F Laurence 
Mr L M Jackson 74 

153 Mrs & Mrs W L Flanders 
Dr Henry Harrison 
Miss Norcross 76 

155 Dr & Mrs F A Dennette 
Mr & Mrs A T Sweet ser 
Mrs Frank E Chase 78 

Mr & Mrs Samuel Lamson 
Mr & Mrs Ralph B Lamson 

157 Mrs J M Grant 80 

Mrs B E Currier 
Mrs M E Bassett 82 

159 Mr & Mrs Wm H Evarts . 
Mrs Barton 
Miss K M McKenney 

165 Dr Clara C Austin 
Mr Elmer Goudy 
Miss Jennie M Goudy 84 

Huntington Chambers 
Ladies' Schubert Quar- 
Miss Anna L Whitcomb 
Oxford Terrace 
The Oxford 
names of guests see pa^e 52 

{Irvington Street) 

Mr & Mrs D C Kelley 

Dr George D Wheeler 

Dr Aubrey W Hart 

Dr Frederick M Mayo 

Dr J E Waitt 

Dr W C Miner 

Mrs M A Fuller 

Mr & Mrs H A Rice Jr 

Dr & Mrs E S Taylor 

Mrs (> A Can a van 

Mrs P Atwell 

Mrs S S Campbell 

Mrs M A Baker 

Mrs H M Denny 

Mrs Sarah Fitzhugh Phil- 

Mr & Mrs Harry Lee 

Miss M E Hall 

Mrs William F Hoes 

Miss N C Black 

Mrs A M Drury 

Mrs Ellen L Day 

Dr & Mrs F A Davis 

Mrs I H Jarvis 

Mr & Mrs William Dineen 

Mrs N S Goodale 

Mrs Daisy Williams 

Mrs E W Bennett 

Mr Oliver Phnerson Ben- 

Mr & Mrs Edwin F Webber 



Huntington Av — Cont'd 

177 New Century Building 

181 Dr Walter Sherwood 

183 Mr & Mrs E A Holtoii 
Mr & Mrs T L Ferris 
Dr Erica Ericson 

185 Mr & Mrs Chas H Capitain 
Mr & Mrs George C Leach 

187 Mr & Mrs Albert Davis 

Mr & Mrs Sidney F Squires 
Mr & Mrs John W Cochrane 
Mr & Mrs L H Howard 

189 Mr & Mrs E Mollenhauer 
Mr & Mrs C P Roberts 
Dr Noble H Hill 
Mr & Mrs Chas E Blake 

191 Dr & Mrs J W Dewis 

Mr & Mrs Franklin K 

Mrs Florence E Shaal 
Mr & Mrs Jefferson W 

193 Mrs E A Whitmore 
Dr C W Hiltbold 

195 Dr A S K Patch Lindquist 
Miss H S Tolman 
Mr Osmon B Gil man 

(Norway Street) 

207 Dr & Mrs Francis W Reid 

Mrs E D Prescott 
211 Mr & Mrs Howard Good- 

Mr & Mrs E G Bossom 

Mrs D S Parker 

Miss Margaret E Peterson 
213 Mrs Caroline Wolff 

The Misses Wolff 

Dr G W Spears 

Miss Mary Sanders 

Miss Evelyn Stanton 
215 Mr & Mrs Rein hold Fael- 

Mrs Charles S Dewing 

Dr L A Dewing 

Mrs Wm F Humphreys 

86 Mrs I L Whittelsey 
90 Dr & Mrs W J Currier 
92 Dr Jonathan R Powell 

Mr & Mrs Bradford Patten 
94 Mr D J Duggan 
96 Dr W E Fallon 

Mrs James Ritchie White 
Mr & Mrs S R Gaines 
Mrs F W Richardson 
Miss E B Tivnin 
98 Mrs D W Kilbum 
Dr Laura A C Hughes 
Miss C E Beaumont 
100 Dr & Mrs L W Roberts 
Mrs S C Lancaster 
Dr Frank E Roberts 
Mrs E M Melendy 
102 Dr & Mrs Philip E Robin- 
Mrs F M Robbins 
Mr & Mrs J F Freeto 
Mrs T M Philpotts 
Mrs F J Farnum 
Mrs A W Moran 
Mr Louis Weissbein 

{Garrison Street) 

106 Dr G M Katsainos 

Mrs E M Bacon 

Dr & Mrs J M Thompson 
108 Dr & Mrs J S Cunard 

Dr F J Miller 

Mr (/larence W Rowley 

Mrs Ella Robbins 
110 Mr & Mrs J H Houghton 
114 Dr & Mrs L H Birmingham 

Dr & Mrs Samuel J Harris 

Mrs E G Mason 

Mr & Mrs J Arthur Ritchie 
116-118 Hotel Radcliffe 
116 Dr Everett M Brown 
120 Mr & Mrs C H Gay 

Miss Eleanor Brooks 
122 Dr & Mrs E C Hebbard 

Mrs Henry C Foster 

Mrs Adalyn Henderson 



Huntington Av — Cont'd 

215 Mr & Mrs Abraham John- 
Mrs F E Webber 

217 Mr Isaiah DeWolf 
The Misses DeWolf 
Dr & Mrs F E Carroll 
Mr & Mrs Wade Keyes 
Mrs George Bingham 
Mr D T Montague 
Chickering Hali/ 
Horticultural Hall 

(Massachusetts Avenue) 

Symphony Haij/ 

The Children's Hospital 

{Gainsborough Street) 

309 Dr W Arthur Smith 
Boston Opera House 

Even numbers ccninued 
168 Mr & Mrs A O Norton 
Miss M Helen Norton 
Mr H A Norton 
Dr & Mrs J B Thornton 
Mr & Mrs John J Shea 
170 Mr & Mrs J D DesMarais 
Mrs P E Lawrence 
Mr & Mrs Harry H Whit- 
Mr & Mrs C H Schofield 
172 Mr & Mrs Fred Fairbanks 
176 & 178 Hotel Ilkley 
Dr & Mrs T M Strong 
Dr & Mrs H T Crawford 
Mr & Mrs William Haskell 
Dr H V Dunsmoor 
Dr A A Achorn 
Dr C E Achorn 
Dr Kendall L Achorn 
Mrs M H Chamberlain 
Mr & Mrs F M Farmer 
Mr & Mrs E H Darmand 
Mrs E K Ray 
Continued next page 

124 Mrs A F Nash 

Dr Ella G Stone 

Mrs A E Mattson 
132 Mr & Mrs F B Mitchell 

Mr & Mrs W H Wilson 

Mr Joseph Edwin Still 
134 Dr F E Haskins 

Mrs Cora P L Walker 
136 Mrs George C. Lincoln 

The Misses Murdock 

Miss E F Baxter 

Mrs M E Reed 

Mr & Mrs Elmer E Staples 
138 Mrs H L Learned 

Mr & Mrs J M Bassett 

Mrs H E Hastings 

Mr & Mrs W H Durkee 
142 Mrs Margaret A Hale 

Mrs Mary Hale Murphy 

{West Newton Street) 

150 The Washington 

Dr & Mrs Arthur M Lane 
Dr W B Thompson (office) 
Mrs Clara Thompson 
Dr V Multer 
152 Mme E Descombes 
154 Dr Herman E Kahn 
154 Mrs G R Armstrong 
156 Mrs C E Wilson 
156 Mr M N Cottle 
158 Mr & Mrs M C Taylor 
162 Mrs Esther A Eggar 
164 Miss Edith E Torrey 
Mr Robert Torrey 
Mr Fred L Torrey 
Mrs Sabra O Dobson 
Miss Ellen Bird Nott 
Miss Millicent Saxby 
Mr & Mrs Geo E Morehouse 
166 Mr & Mrs G E Skinner 
Miss Skinner 
Dr C L Watson 
Dr Franklin Welles 
Mr & Mrs Morris J Collins 
Mrs Marie Foster 

Continu/ed opposite column 



Huntington Av — Cont'd 202 

176 & 178 HoTFL Ilkley — Con 

Mr & Mrs W H Rollins 

Dr J H Leiter (office) 

Mrs Maud Goodwin 

(Entrance 8 Cumberland Street) 


Dr Clarence B Vaughan 
Dr & Mrs H D Boyd 
Dr W J Johnstone 
Mr & Mrs Charles B New- 
Mr & Mrs Fred'k Verplast 206 
Miss Mary A Stowell 
Dr W L Mac Don aid 
Mr Sidney A Wilbur 2O8 

Miss Grace W Conant 
Mr & Mrs J A Bryant 
Mr & Mrs I H Eldridge 2 10 
Mr & Mrs F T Wilkins 
Mr George R Batcheller 212 
Mr George R Batcheller Jr 218 


Dr Arthur H Mcintosh 
Dr A H Powers 
Dr George A Porter 
Mr & Mrs J Alexander 
Mr & Mrs S A Lincoln 
Ilkley Annex 
Mr <fe Mrs Benj A Harris 
Mrs D C Griswold 
Dr Susan E Crocker 
Mr & Mrs H D Umb- 

{Cumberland Street) 

194 Mr & Mrs J C Haynes 
Mr & Mrs G C Yeaton 
Miss Anna F Major 

196 Mr & Mrs F S Ryan 
Mr & Mrs A W Hixon 
Mr Arthur Phinney 
Mr Donald Brian 
Mr Oscar L Figman 
Miss McAlpine 
Aldwych, Beckton & ' 
Court Halls 








Miss L D White 
Mr & Mrs William Ridlon 
Mr & Mrs Thomas Barker 
Dr & Mrs Walter R Man- 
Mrs Mary J Lincoln 
Mr & Mrs E D Cox 
Mr & Mrs Gustave Lind- 

Miss Clyda Kendall 
Mr & Mrs Charles H Hitch- 
Mr & Mrs George W Waite 
Mrs J C Sandholzer 
Dr Ethel E Grant 
Mr L M Griffin 
Mrs M E Crawford 
Mrs George Flanagan 
Dr & Mrs A S Hudson 
Dr Margaret A Willey 
Mrs Martha Green 
Elysium Club 
Mr & Mrs G C Bates 
Dr & Mrs W E Chenery 
Dr Mary L Swain 
Mrs An«5on Rogers 
Dr Clarence Crane 
Dr Stella H Oane 
Dr & Mrs H H Hartung 
Mr & Mrs H I Pulsifer 
Dr & Mrs I-. B Fenderson 
Dr & Mrs A A Cliff 
Mr & Mrs Frank E Granger 
Mr & Mrs C O Lawton 
Mr & Mrs A J Hathaway • 
Miss Clara Randall 
Miss Mary T Randall 
Dr & Mrs C W Farrington 
Mrs M Goodheart 
Mr JG Redfcrn 
Miss Blaisdell 
Miss Charlotte M Frost 
Mr & Mrs George Hutchins 
Mr & Mrs J H Green 
Mr & Mrs J Kaufman 
Mr & Mrs F W Seitz 



Huntington Av — Cont'd 

•236 Mr George B Seitz 
238 Mr Austin T Jenness 
240 Dr & Mrs W F Temple 

(Massachusetts Avenue) 

252 Boston Opera Co (office) 
254 Dr Anna M Lucy 

{Gainsborough Street) 

New England Conserva- 
tory OF Music 



1 The Langford 
I^The Melbourne 

3 Mr & Mrs Thos W Pelham 

5 Mr & Mrs G J Bicknell 

7 Mr & Mrs T S Woods 

7 Miss Gladys Olmstead 

9 Mr & Mrs H W Heath 

1 1 Mr & Mrs C F Stodder 

13 Mr & Mrs W A Elliott 

15 Mr & Mrs Louis Auerbpch 

17 Mr & Mrs W S Barnes 

17 Dr Harry A Barnes 

17 .Miss Florence Barnes 

(Audubon Road) 


The Tudor 

1 The Diocesan House 

2 Mrs H H Eustis 

3 Twentieth C e n t r r 

Apollo Club 
5 Miss A P Rogers 
5 Miss A E Fisher 

(Mount Vernon Street) 
11 Miss Annie Jewett 

Continued opposite column 


29 Mr & Mrs John Sutherland 
Mr Joseph B Spiller 
Mr & Mrs Wm F Merrirf 
Mrs R H Tompson 
Mr N W Tompson 
Mrs C L Barron 
Mr & Mrs E T Wills 
Mr & Mrs Stanley Sin- 

Mr & Mrs Walter Buckley 
Mrs William H Treworgy 
Miss Marion C Treworgy 
Greyton Chambers 



(St Mary's Street) 


6 Mr Robert Treat Paine 
6 Miss Ethel L Paine 

(Mount Vernon Street) 
Y 1 2 Mr & Mrs J C Brooks 
24 Miss L E Boyden 
24 Mr Herbert E Boyden 

(Myrtle Street) 
Beacon Chambers 

Odd numbers continued 

17 Miss Prince 


(P Fenway) 

5 Mr & Mrs M J Ferry 6 Mr & Mrs Demosthenes 

7 Mr & Mrs Leander Sprague Timayenis 

7 Mr Timothy W Sprague 8 Mr & Mrs Albert Murdock 

7 Miss Frances W Sprague 10 Mr & Mrs Lucius P Leon- 

9 Miss Mary Hale ard ^ 



Keswick St — Cjntinued 

9 Miss Marcer Halo 
* 1 1 Mr& Mrs Ludwig Eisemann 
15 Miss E R Storrow 
15 Miss M Debogery 

Continued opposite column 

12 Mr & Mrs David A Ellis 
14 Mr & Mrs F M Tuppcr 
16 Mr «fe Mrs Simon E Hocht 

Odd numbers continued 

1 7 Mr & Mrs John B Osborn 



Miss R L Wells 6 Mr Dawes Furness 

5 Miss R L Greeley 6 Miss Laura Furness 

11-15 Crafts Studios 6 Miss Rebi^cca Furness 

10 Mrs (Vdric Leighton 
10 M^ss Leighton 


(P O Fenway) 

Harvard Medical School 380 Prof & Mrs Borden P 
372 Judge Wm J Forsaith Bowne 

372 Mr WiUiam V Forsaith 382 Mr William S Davis 

372 Miss Marian B Forsaith 382 Miss L E Davis 

372 Miss Annie S Forsaith 386 Mr & Mrs Geo G Endicott 


1 Miss Marian Russell 
3 Mr & Mrs Horace Morison 
5 Mrs A F Wadsworth 
7 Miss Elizabeth Reed 
9 Mr & Mrs Charles K Cum- 

11 Rev & Mrs S H Winkley 

1 1 Mr&Mrs Hobart W Winkley 

13 Mr Rober M Pratt 

17 St Margaret's Convent 

Even numbers continued 
20 Mr & Mrs Henry R Heard 
22 Mr & Mrs J E Whitney 

4 Mr E B Robins 
6 St Anthony Club 
8 Mrs G C Powers 
10 Miss F B Bradlee 
12 Rev & Mrs James Reed 
14 Mr Thomas Minns 
14 Miss Susan Minns 
16 Mrs Storrow Higsinson 
18 Miss Harriet L Pichborn 
18 Miss Fdith Ccdman 
18 Miss Roselle Wyllys 
18 Mrs R M Staigg 
20 Mrs J Theodore Heard 
Continued opposite column 

1 Dr A T Cabot (office) 

1 Mr Horatio Davis 

1 Mr J V Davis 

1 Mr Aaron Da\is 


2 Mr William R Richards 
2 Miss Richards 
4 Mr & Mrs Edward Burlin- 
game Fill 



Marlborough St — Cont'd 

1 Mr Francis Staniford 
1 Dr Horace Binney 
1 Mr Robert G McClung 
1 Mr William Danner 
1 Mr A LeBaron Russell 
3 Dr & Mrs T A Cabot 
5 Mrs George R Minot 
7 Mr & Mrs S Henry Hooper 
9 Mrs E A Kelly 
11 MrsC K Cobb 
11 Dr Frederick C Cobb 
13 Mrs H A Rice 
15 Mrs C F Folsom 
17 Mr & Mrs S G King 
17 Mr Clark King 
19 Mr & Mrs Henry B Chapin 
25 Dr &* Mrs C D Ebann 
27 Mr & Mrs Homer B Rich- 
29 Dr John Dane 
29 Mr Charles J Means 
31 Mr & Mrs F W Wildes 
31 Mr Theodore B Wildes 
33 Mr & Mrs S Parker Bremer 
35 Mr & Mrs Thacher Loring 
37 Miss S I Williams 
37 Miss Anna B Thomas 
37 Mr Rufus K Thomas 
39 Mr & Mrs Russell Gray 
41 Mr & Mrs J R Brackett 

{Berkeley Street) 

53 Mr & Mrs Gardiner Martin 

57 Mr & Mrs Arthur Lyman 
59 Mr & Mrs Russell S Cod- 
61 Mrs Matthew Luce 
63 Dr & Mrs C P Putnam 
63 Mr Charles W Putnam 
63 Miss Annie C Putnfim 
65 Dr Edw Reynolds (office) 
87 Dr & Mrs G H Monks 
71 Dr J Payson Clark 
71 Dr H W Goodall 

6 Mass Woman Suffrage 

6 Boston Equal Suffrage 

10 Mr & Mrs Arthur Perry 
10 Mr Arthur Perry Jr 
10 Mr Henry Haines Perry 
12 Mrs S T Morse 
12 Miss Frances R Morse 
14 Dr J T Bowen 
14 Mr J W Bowen 
16 Mr & Mrs Prescott Bigelow 
20 Miss Elizabeth linzee 
20 Miss A D Torrey 
22 Dr & Mrs Paul Thomdike 
24 Dr Louis T Wilson 
26 Mr & Mrs Herbert Lyman 
28 Mrs Benjamin S Shaw 
30 Mrs Henry F Durant 
32 Mrs B P Cheney 

(Berkeley Street) 
First Church 
66 Miss S Alice Brown 
68 Dr & Mrs Howard T Swain 
70 Mr & Mrs Bernard C Weld 
72 Mrs A S Wheeler 
72 Miss Helen Wheeler 
76 Dr & Mrs C W Townsend 
78 Dr & Mrs C M Green 
80 Rev & Mrs Elwood Wor- 

82 Mr & Mrs Chas A Coolidge 
86 Mrs C H Joy 
86 Mr Benjamin Joy 
88 Mr Frank Jackhon 
88 Miss M C Jackson 
90 Mr & Mrs I Tucker Burr 
90 Miss Barbrra Burr 
90 Mr I Tuck( r Burr Jr 
92 Mr & Mrs F H Robie 
92 Miss M H Ketell 
92 Mr & Mrs Samuel E Gideon 
92 Mr Frederick R Kneeland 
92 Dr V C Pond (office) 
92 Dr F S Watson (office) 
{Clarendon Street) 



State Street Trust Co. 

State Street Trust Co» Building 


Offers Every Convenience 
To Persons Residing in or 
near the Back Bay . . . 

Safe Deposit Vaults and Storage Vaults of 
the Most Modern Construction 


Interest allowed on deposits of $300 and over 
Main Office, 38 STATE STREET 



JVofrixeof Mountain SptHng Water 

flows from the granite heart of Nobscot 
Mountain. It isoottled at the Spring and 
delivered in glass carboys as pure as it 
comes from the depths of the mountain. 
It is always a safe and delightful drink. 
When you haTe it on your table or in your 
butler's pantry you need never fear the 
contamination of the Public Water supply. 
A Pebfection Cooler furnishes the 

I best way of keeping a supply ever ready in 
your pantry. We deliver the water to any 
part of New England. There is always 
danger from the Town or City supply. 
There is always safety when you drink 
from the Nobscot Mountain Spring. Let 
us put it on your table. 

IUDjOiI Biimil'AH 5P HIHG COIPHT I' .r.f.-j-!',!;. «.?''' 

Invalid Articles or Sick Room Supplies 



19 Temple Place, Bos' 
Bed Rests. 
Bed Pans, 
Douche Pans, 


Elastic Hose, 



Shoulder Braces 



Marlborough St — Cont'd 

73 Dr & Mrs F J Keany 

73 Dr F X Crawford 

75 Mrs Francis C Barlow 

75 Mr Robert Shaw Barlow 

75 Mr Chas Lowell Barlow 

77 Mr & Mrs Richard S Dow 

77 Miss Dow 

79 Mr John P Reynolds 3d 

79 Miss Priscilla Reynolds 

79 Mr & Mrs John P Reynolds 

81 Dr & Mrs A Coolidge 
81 Miss Coolidge 
83 Mr & Mrs Roland Gray 
85 Mr & Mrs G H Mifflin 
85 Mr G Harrison Mifflin Jr 
87 Dr & Mrs Hugh Cabot 
89 Dr & Mrs W N Bullard 

{Clarendon Street) 

03 Mr & Mrs H N Richards 

05 Mrs John A Jeffries 

07 Prof William Watson 

09 Mrs R E Demmon 

09 Miss Ruth B Delano 

11 Mr C B Barnes 

11 Miss Mary P Barnes 

11 Miss Ellen Page 

13 Mr & Mrs F A Whitwell 

13 Miss Natalie S Whitwell 

15 Mrs J B Silsbee 

15 Miss Silsbee 

15 Mr Arthur B Silsbee 

15 Mr Thomas Silsbee 

17 Mrs William B Rogers 

17 Miss M O Porter 

19 Mr & Mrs George P Clark 

21 Miss Georgina S Cary 

23 Mr Edward C Johnson 

23 Mr & Mrs Vittorio Orlan- 

25 Dr H F Hamilton 
25 Mr Robert W Hamilton 
25 Dr Amos I Hadley (office) 
25 Dr H F Hewes 

04 Dr W E Paul 
04 Miss Elizabeth Cabot Put- 
04 Mr Herman Livingston Jr 
06 Dr & Mrs J J Putnam 
06 Miss Elizabeth C Putnam 

08 Mrs F L Wesson 
08 Mr & Mrs John Tucker 

12 Dr & Mrs H L Morse 
12 Miss Gwendolen Morse 
14 Dr & Mrs Daniel F Jones 
16 Mr & Mrs Wm H- Pitkin 
18 Mr & Mrs Brooks Froth- 

20 Mr & Mrs Stanton D Loring 
20 Miss Elizabeth Loring 
22 Mr & Mrs Edward Carring- 

ton Bates 
24 Mr & Mrs Curtis Guild Jr 
26 Mr & Mrs C D Tumbull 
28 Dr & Mrs Calvin G Page 
30 The Misses Hamlen 
32 Rev & Mrs F B Allen 
32 Miss Allen 
34 Mr & Mrs E B Bayley 
36 Mrs H B Houghton 
36 Mr Harry Houghton 
38 Mr & Mrs Richard D Ware 
38 Mr & Mrs Edwin Westby 
Mr & Mrs B Devereux 

Mrs E M Binney 
Mr G H Binney Jr 
140 Miss J W Forbes 
142 Mr & Mrs Henry M Chan- 

142 Mrs Henry Up ham 
144 Mr Laurence Minot 
144 Mr & Mrs William Minot 
146 Mr Walter T Win slow 
146 The Misses Win slow 
148 Admiral & Mrs Francis T 

{Dartmovth Street) 



Marlborough St — Cont'd 

127 Mrs David Buck 
127 Mr Henry H Buck 
127 Dr Howard M Buck 
129 Offices 

Dr W C Dort 
Dr Edward C Briggs 
Dr Charles P Briggs 
Dr H W Harding 
Dr Fred G Robbins 
Dr H K Hatfield 
Dr E H Caswell 
131 Mr & Mrs Henry Endicott 
131 Mr Thorndike H Endicott 
131 Mr Laurence Endicott 
131 Miss Marion D Endicott 
133 Mr A Amory 
133 Mr Ingersoll Amory 
135 Dr <Sc Mrs F C Shattuck 

{Dartmouth Street) 

135 Mr Henry L Shattuck 
135 Miss Shattuck 
163 Mrs William C Endicott 
163 Mr & Mrs WilUam C Endi- 
cott Jr 
167 Mrs Charles Gordon 
169 Mr & Mrs Geo Edw Cabot 
171 Mr & Mrs A L Lowell 
173 Mr & Mrs W A Donald 
173 Mr Gordon Donald 
175 Mrs G Quincy Thorndike 
177 Miss Sarah H Gaston 
179 Mr & Mrs H G Curtis 
181 Mr & Mrs J L Thorndike 
183 Mr & Mrs Henry Wheeler 
185 Mr & Mrs Edward S Grew 
189 Mr & Mrs Alex S Porter Jr 
191 Mr & Mrs B S Ladd 
191 The Misses Ladd 
193 Mrs O H Sampson 
193 Miss Gertrude Sampson 
195 Mr & Mrs F W Chandler 
195 Miss Helen Chandler 
195 Mr H Daland Chandler 
197 Mr Laurence Curtis 

64 Mr & Mrs E V R Thayer Jr 
66 Mr & Mrs Frederick S 

68 Mrs Theodore Chase 
70 Mr & Mrs James C Hop- 
72 Mrs A T Baker 
72 Mrs H L Jordan 
72 Miss Marion Jordan 
74 Miss Mary Linzee Dexter 
76 Miss Effie Ellis 
78 Mr & Mrs A B Foster 
80 Dr & Mrs S J Mixter 
80 Dr William Jason Mixter 
80 Dr Charles G Mixter 
80 Mr George Mixter 2d 
82 Dr J Orne Green 
82 Dr Hasket Derby (office) 
84 Mr & Mrs S Parkman Shaw 
84 Mr S P Shaw Jr 
84 Mr Herbert B Shaw 
86 Mr & Mrs J Williams 
86 Mr Malcolm Williams 
88 Dr J J Minot 
88 Mr George Richard Minot 
90 Dr & Mrs Richard C Cabot 
92 Dr H W Kilburn 
94 Mr & Mrs D T Hanners 
94 Dr C M Keep (office) 
94 Dr J Austin Furfey (office) 
94 Dr M E Peters (office) 
96 Dr T O Loveland (office) 
96 Dr Horace L Howe (office) 
96 Dr Henry S Parsons (office) 

{Exeter Street) 

220 Dr & Mrs W H White 
Dr Charles H Dunn 
Miss L W Burr 
Mr & Mrs F L Smith 
Mr & Mrs F J Moore 
Dr & Mrs Harry F Hart- 

222 Dr Edmund W Clap (of- 
Mrs L Hodge 



Marlborough St — Cont'd 

199 Mrs G A Plummer 
Mr & Mrs J C Bailey 
Mr & Mrs William Wisner 

Mrs Harris Met calf 
Mrs A L Boardman 
Dr G L Walton (office) 
The Misses Larkin 

(Exeter Street) 

225 Prof & Mrs J O Sumner 
227 Dr & Mrs Charles S Minot 
229 Mr & Mrs J T Linzee 
231 Mr & Mrs W Endicott Dex- 
235 Offices 

Dr OS Smith 

Dr Samuel A Hopkins 

Dr J A Furbish 
235 Dr R S Catheron 
237 Mrs D E Ware 
239 Mr George Whitney 
239 Mrs George Whitney 
241 Miss Madaline C Mixter 
245 The Misses Minot 
247 Dr ife Mrs Franklin Dexter 
249 Mr & Mrs O Norcross 
249 Miss M L Plympton 
251 Mr & Mrs F H Appleton 
251 Miss Appleton 
251 Mr & Mrs F H Appleton Jr 
253 Mrs James F Curtis 
253 Mr Francis Gardner Curtis 
253 Miss Curtis 
255 Mr & Mrs Wm S Townsend 
257 Mr & Mrs Eugene Battelle 
257 Miss Battelle 
259 Dr James C White 
259 Dr & Mrs Charles J White 
261 Mr & Mrs S D Warren 
275 Mr & Mrs Samuel Appleton 
275 Miss Appleton 
277 Mr & Mrs Augustus P Lor- 

{Fairfield Street) 

222 Miss Hodge 

Dr L W Mansur (office) 

Miss Littell 

Miss Lucy Littell 

Miss Harriette Anne Littell 

Miss Alice F Whitney 

Miss M L O'Brien 

Mrs J S Lindsay 

Miss Nanny Lindsay 
224 Mr & Mrs Claude L Kettle 

Dr & Mrs Frederick S 

Mr & Mrs J C Rice 

Mrs H H Freeman 

Miss Mary Whitney 

Mrs Albert Leighton Coo- 

Mis3 Bertha Coolidge 

Miss Alice Clarke 
226 Dr & Mrs C J Blake 
226 Miss Houghton 
228 Dr & Mrs W F Whitney 
230 Miss C A French 
232 Mr & Mrs J C Whitney 
234 Dr Robert W Lovett (of- 
234 Dr 'James W Sever (office) 
234 Dr James S Stone (office) 
234 Dr A W George (office) 
236 Mr & Mrs William Angus- 

tus Jeffries 
238 Mr & Mrs Edward W Grew 
240 The Misses Hutchins 
242 Mrs Frederick H Tappan 
242 Mr Robert M Tappan 
244 Mr & Mrs T P Lindsay 
248 Dr & Mrs W B Parker 
250 Dr W B Parker (office) 
250 Dr W H Rollins (office) 
252 Dr James R Torbert 
252 Dr Henry A Christian 
254 Mr & Mrs H S Grew 2d 
256 Mr I H Sweetser 
256 Miss Sweetser 
258 Mrs H C Ahlborn 
272 Mr Nelson S Hartlott 



Marlborough St — Cont'd 

279 Dr & Mrs Walter G Chase 
285 Dr & Mrs W H Prescott 
287 Mr & Mrs J Lewis Stack- 
pole Jr 
289 Mr & Mrs John Harleston 

291 Mrs William W Goddard 
293 Mr & Mrs Edward M Wins- 
295 Mr & Mrs C A Snow 
295 Mrs F S Richardson 
297 Mr & xMrs Charles M Cabot 
299 Mr & Mrs Isaac Jackson 
299 The Misses Jackson 
301 Mr & Mrs Francis R Jones 
303 Mr & Mrs Everett Morss 
309 Dr Fred T Murphy 
311 Mrs Preston Player 
311 Mr Preston Player 
313 Dr & Mrs Arthur W 

315 Dr & Mrs Fran cis C Murphy 
317 Mrs Charles Dolan 
317 Dr Farrar Cobb (office) 
317 Mr Ernest Gay 
317 Dr Philip Hammond (of- 
319 Miss EHzabeth J Wood- 
321 Mr & Mrs W R Driver 
323 Mrs C A Morss 
323 Mr John Wells Morss 
323 Mr Henry A Morss 
323 Miss M E Wells 

{Gloucester Street) 

339 Miss Mary C S May 
341 Miss Susan M L Wales ^ 
341 Miss Alice S Wales 
343 Mr & Mrs E P Merritt 
345 Mrs E T Russell 
347 Dr & Mrs R B Osgood 
349 The Misses lasigi 
351 Mr & Mrs Henry W Cun- 

272 Mr M Bartlett 
272 Mr Nelson S Bartlett Jr 
272 Mr & Mrs E A Boardman 
274 Dr & Mrs W W Gannett 

{Fairfield Street) 

282 Rev Dr & Mrs W H 

284 Mr & Mrs Francis Bacon 

286 Mr & Mrs C C Smith 
288 Mrs S B Wrenshall 
288 Miss Marion Wrenshall 
288 Dr E W Warren 
290 Dr & Mrs W E Faulkner 
292 Dr Grace Wolcott 
292 Miss Laura Fisher 
294 Dr & Mrs E H Nichols 
296 Mr & Mrs Francis L Coo- 

298 Mr & Mrs Eugene A 

300 Mr & Mrs J A Remick 
300 Mr John A Remick Jr 
300 Mr & Mrs Herbert E Yerxa 
302 Mrs Arthur Lincoln 
302 Miss Serita Lincoln 
304 Miss Annie Norton Ward 
306 Mr G A Sawyer 
306 Mrs G A Sawyer 
308 Dr & Mrs Benj Tenney 
310 Mr & Mrs Henry D Tudor 
312 Mr & Mrs L M Keeler 
314 Miss M E Haskell 
320 Miss M D Brewer 
320 Mr & Mrs David Rice 
322 Mrs C W Seabury 
322 Miss E S Seabury 
322 Mr W H Seabury 

{Gloucester Street) 

334 Mrs J E Hudson 

336 Mr & Mrs W G Brooks 

336 The Misses Brooks 

338 Mr & Mrs George F Put- 

338 Miss Putnam 



Marlborough St — Cont'd 

353 Mrs John Lavalle 
355 Miss E D Putnam 
357 Dr & Mrs Robert L De- 

{Hereford Street) 

363 Mr & Mrs F S Shorbume 
363 Mr Kenneth Sherburne 
365 Mr & Mrs Richard Stone 
365 Miss Stone 
365 Mr Ingersoll Stone 
365 Mr Robert Stone 
369 Mr & Mrs F T Vose 
371 Mr & Mrs Arthur H Dakin 
373 Miss H P Emmons 
373 Mr G W Wheeler 
375 Miss A F Odin 
377 Dr & Mrs George H Wash- 
377 Mr & Mrs Geo Washburn 
379 Miss Susan Up ham 
379 Miss S W Vincent 
381 Mr & Mrs Robert Stone 
383 Rev & Mrs Albert Parker 

385 Mrs J J Clark 
385 Mr Frank M Clark 
385 Mr Herbert Clark 
387 Mr & Mrs Morton Dexter 
387 Miss Marjorie M Dexter 
387 Miss Mary Dexter 
389 Miss A M Brown 
391 Miss S D Mason 
393 Mr & Mrs Charles G Fall 
393 Mrs Joseph Worthington 
393 Mr Fabian Fall 
395 Dr George A Waterman 
395 Mr William Waterman 
395 Mr & Mrs Frank Thayer 
397 Dr & Mrs Edgar Garceau 
397 Dr F I Proctor 
399 Dr & Mrs W H Rollins 
401 Mr & Mrs A F Christian 
403 Mrs James Murphy 
403 The Misses Murphy 

340 Mr & Mrs F A Turner 
340 Mrs Charles T Powell 
340 Mr Frederick A Turner Jr 
342 Dr & Mrs E M Buckingham 
344 Mr & Mrs Richard J Monks 
344 Mrs William W Page 
344 Miss Monks 
346 Mr & Mrs George L DeBlois 
348 Mr Nathaniel Heath 
348 Mr & Mrs John A Heath 
350 Dr & Mrs A L Chute 
352 Dr & Mrs Arthur Howard 

Went worth 
354 Mrs J S Copley Greene 
356 Dr Samuel Robinson 
358 Mr & Mrs Barrett Wendell 
358 Mr Barrett Wendell Jr 
360 Mr & Mrs G W Chadwick 
362 Mr & Mrs F A Peters 
362 Mr Morris A Peters 
362 Mr Lucien H Peters 

{Hereford Street) 

364 Mr S M Crosby 
364 Miss G E Hayden 
370 Mrs W C Williamson 
372 Dr Joel E Goldthwait (of- 
372 Dr Chas F Painter (office) 
37^ Dr Robert B Osgood (of- 
374 The Misses Bradley 
374 Dr Samuel Robinson (of- 
374 Dr P W Goldsbury 
376 Miss Emily Sever 
378 Mr & Mrs G U Crocker 
380 Dr & Mrs Henry Jackson 
380 Miss Adelaide Jackson 
384 Miss Frances Simes 
384 Mr & Mrs William Simes 
386 Mrs William Quirin 
388 Dr & Mrs W E Boardman 
388 Dr William P Boardman 
388 Miss Alice H Boardman 
390 Mrs George W Coleman 



Marlborough St — Cont'd 392 

405 Dr & Mrs Malcolm Sey- 394 
mour 394 

Dr & Mrs David Townsend 396 
Mr & Mrs Chas H Stebbins 398 
Dr Oscar Richardson 
Dr Anna G Richardson 400 
Mr & Mrs Edwin G An- 402 
drews 404 

Miss Fannie Fern Andrews 406 
Dr E Lawrence Oliver 416 

Rev & Mrs Charles E Park 

407 Miss M H Ladd 
Miss E J Ladd 
Mr & Mrs George E Claflin 
Mr & Mrs Lyman Rogers 
Dr Freeman W MacDonald 
Miss Rena S Bumgras 
Mr & Mrs Francis Hurtu- 

bis Jr 
Dr H R Bolan (office) 
Mr & Mrs Davis W Howard 
The Misses Shipman 
Mr Francis A Howard 

409 Mrs ElUott Russell 
Miss Russell 
Miss A F Bellows 
Miss Carew 

409 Miss A S Raymond 

Dr & Mrs John N Coolidge 
Dr & Mrs F Drew 
Dr & Mrs Albert Evans 
Mr & Mrs Frank Washburn 

Dr & Mrs H N Chase 
Mr & Mrs Wm N Goodnow 
Mr & Mrs Horace C Jealous 
Mr & Mrs Henry Fay 
Mr G F Manning 
. Mr George A Moriarty 
Mrs A Low 

411 Miss E 1) Reynolds 
Miss A T Reynolds 
Mrs Frank W Reynolds 
Miss Madeline Reynolds 
Mrs George F Gill 

Mrs William G Benedict 

Mrs M P Dunlop ' 

Dr R P Fair (office) 

Mrs S C Davis 

Dr & Mrs WilUam F Wes- 

Mrs Arthur Cheney 
Mrs F D Key 
Mr & Mrs C E Cotting 
Mr & Mrs Alfred Codman 
The Marlborough 
Dr Warren F Gay (office) 
Dr & Mrs Z B Adams 
Mrs T J Lee 
Miss C G Lee 
Dr Wm Dudley Hall 
Dr & Mrs G A Wheeler 
Mrs Margaret Smith 
Dr Austin E St Clair 
Dr T C Beebc Jr 
Miss E D Boardman 
Dr & Mrs J P Reynolds 
Mr & Mrs Edw P Payson 
Mr William M Payson 
Dr & Mrs Harry H Ger- 
Dr Edward M Plummer 

Dr & Mrs CAM Howland 
Dr & Mrs George L Toby Jr 
Mrs Nicholas P T Burke 
Mrs Louisa A Freeman 
Mrs Lucy F Frothingham 
Dr (Uara E Gary 
Dr Alice G Bryant 
Mrs A M Sheldon 
Dr & Mrs J D Clarke 
Mrs L H Browne 
Mr & Mrs E E Pecker 
Mrs W H Hastings 
Miss Maria D Hastings 
Dr L P O'Donnell (office) 
Dr Louisa Paine Tingley 
Mr Frank Foster Tingley 
Mr & Mrs Richard W 



Marlboi^ough St — Cont'd 

Mr & Mrs Jesse P Lyman 
Mr <fe Mrs John Dearborn 
Dr W Russell MacAusland 
Dr F L Bogan 

(Massachusetts Avenue) 

421 Mrs F D Stackpole 
Mrs F A French 
Miss Harriet Procter 
Dr Arthur Wevsse 
Dr Almon G Morse 
Mr & Mrs Thomas H Cum- 

Mr R B Miller 
Miss Florence Miller 
423 Mr & Mrs H H Chandler 
Mr & Mrs Franklin F 

Mrs George E Roundy 
Mr & Mrs W R Ehot 
Mr Samuel H Hudson 
425 Dr & Mrs F J Cotton 
427 Dr & Mrs Eugene E Everett 
429 Mrs Thorn dike Nourse 
429 Miss Annie Endicott 

431 Prof & Mrs Justus Erhardt 
433 Mr & Mrs J J Souther 
435 Prpf & Mrs G F Swain 
437 Dr & Mrs C Morton Smith 
437 Dr J S Howe 
439 Mrs John Heard Jr 
439 Mr John Heard Jr 
441 Dr & Mrs D C Greene Jr 
443 Mr & Mrs Channing Lilly 

445 Mr G N Whipple 

446 Mrs E A Whipple 

447 Mr F J Parker 

Continued opposite column 

416 The Marl'^orouqh — Con 
Dr M P O V Tyrode 
Dr & Mrs FrankHn W 

Mr & Mrs O A Tarbox 
Dr Herbert Wright (office) 
Dr Henry L Deering (of- 
Dr & Mrs H V Weaver 
Dr John J Hurley 
Dr & Mrs L V Friedman 

{Massachusetts Avenue) 

424 Mr & Mrs JosefJh M Her- 
424 Miss Herman 
426 Mr & Mrs E D Blake 
426 Mr Dehon Blake 
428 Mrs A H Morse 
428 Mr & Mrs A H Morse Jr 
430 Mrs H V Freeman 
430 The Misses Freeman 

432 Dr&MrsHCLow 

434 Dr & Mrs Ernest B Young 
434 Dr F A Stanwood (office) 
436 Dr & Mrs J W Courtney 

433 Mrs C W May 
438 The Misses May 
440 Miss Pickering 
440 Miss Howard 

Odd numbers continued 
447 Miss Parker 
449 Mr & Mrs H G O Colby 
449 Mr Francis T Colby 
453 Dr & Mrs H P Towle 
455 Mrs Cyrus T Clark 
455 Mr Arthur T Clark 
455 Mr & Mrs William A Nye 
457 Dr & Mrs Edw W Taylor 

(P Fenway) 
27 Dr & Mrs A R Perry {Boylston Street) 

Miss B Frances Glynn 124 Farragut Building 

29 Mr & Mrs Philip Dexter 130 State Street Trust Co 


Massachusetts Av — Cont'd 132 Fenway Station Post 

31 The Stratford , Office 

Mr & Mrs T Russell Sulli- 1^6 Massachusetts Chambers 

van (St Germain Street) 

Dr & Mrs F M Briggs 

Mrs Richard Briggs Sr Odd numbers continued 
Dr & Mrs George R South- 143 Mr & Mrs Franklin A Rob- 
wick bins 
Miss M S Shattuck Mr Charles B Earle 
Dr Amelia Burroughs Mr Richard B Earle 
Mrs J W Pryde Mr Arthur M Morse 
Miss Pryde Mr William Nelson 
Mr & Mrs Peter Milestone 149 Mr & Mrs Alexis Torrey 
Miss Milestone Mr & Mrs Marcellus C 
Mr H B Hubbard Cloudman 
Miss Marjorie C Appleton The Misses Whitney 
Miss Katharine Cox Mr Jean de Peiffer 
Mr & Mrs F G Davis Mr & Mrs Edward W Boyd 
Dr Herman M Adler 155 The Renaissance 
The Misses Dodd Dr & Mrs H H Sawyer 
(Marlborough Street) gj; & M^«/^ ^ Ada^^^ ^ 

47 Dr & Mrs C O Thompson Dr Carlisle Reed 

49 Mrs James H Blake Mr & Mrs J T Large 

51 Dr Albert N Blodgett Mr & Mrs A B Norris 

(Commonwealth Avenue) Mr & Mrs Chas W H San- 

(Boylston Street) Mr^^'utchfield 

143 Dr & Mrs A W Hadley Renaissance Annex 

Miss Carrie J Kendall Mr & Mrs P M Carpenter 

Dr Frances Clarke West- Mr & Mrs Harry W Brown 

ergren Mr & Mrs E P Knight 

Continued opposite column Mrs C M Starrett 

(P O Fenway) 
Mr William Hutchinson 
The Misses Hutchinson ^ 


(P O Fenway) 

1 The Beacon Annex 1 The Beacon Annex — Con 

Dr & Mrs Douglas Lithgow Mrs L W Raymond 

Mrs C E Seger Mr & Mrs Charles S Lee 



MouNTFORT St — Continued 

5 The Mountfokt 
For names of guests see page 5 1 

11 The Ranelegh 
Miss Irene F Boone 
Mr & Mrs W H xMcFarland 
Miss McQuade 
Mr & Mrs J F Crane 
Miss Mildred Bradbury 
Miss D M Roberts 
Mrs R Turk 
The Misses Larrabee 
Mr & Mrs G D Smith 
Mrs C Beard 
Mr F E Norris 
Mr & Mrs H Peck 
Mrs Fannie H Curtis 
Mr & Mrs W L Davis 
Mr & Mrs Win Hayden 
Mrs L H Sawyer 
Mr George O Walton 
37 Mrs Richard Dudley Peters 
Mr G Quiney Peters 
Mr & Mrs John C Stone- 
met z 
Mr & Mrs (k'orgc^ Gossman 
39 Mr & Mrs Frank B Wash- 
Mrs Blanche M Christy 
Mrs E H Alexander 
43 Mr & Mrs T J Fuller 
Mr & Mrs Walter G 

Mrs G L Everett 
Mr Arthur Bradlee 
45 Mr & Mrs Thomas F Pye 
Mr & Mrs D Jan ion Mac- 

Mr & Mrs Ralph Crack- 

Mrs Ella W Mack 
Mr & Mrs K<'nneth M 

Mr & Mrs Frank L Clark 
Miss Alice HolUster Clark 

51 Mrs JT E liobb. 
Mrs \i M Bowen 
Mr & Mrs Wm II Vannevar 
53 Mr & Mrs C II Worster 
Mr & MrsF W dieney 
^S Mr & Mrs Charles Jacobs 
55 Mr PhiUo W Jacobs 
55 Mr Joseph B Jacobs 
57 Mr <fe Mrs B M Wolf 
59 Mr & Mrs V D AMoleton 
61 Mr & Mrs W B ElHs 
63 Mr & Mrs R B Richardson 
63 Mr & Mrs Ben S Jacobs 
65 Mr <fe Mrs Geo W Watson 
69 Mr & Mrs A T Kimball 
69 Miss Lottie V Kimball 
73 Mr & Mrs Bordman Hall 
75 Mr & Mrs J A Ginty 
77 Mr & Mrs John A Sullivan 
79 Mr & Mrs John II Shaw 
79 Dr Albert J Shaw 
79 Dr Arthur J Shaw 
79 Mr (Carlton L Shaw 
81 Mr & Mrs S J Donovan 
93 Mr k Mrs Lyman K lOddy 
Mr & Mrs Sigmund Weiss 
Mr John L Snow" 
95 Dr & Mrs J II Wright 

Dr & Mrs Frederick H 
97 Mr tt Mrs Elias Grossman 
Mrs A E Harding 
Mr Albert E Harding 
Mr Lester W Harding 
Mr Richard B Harding 
Mr& Mrs John Alcix Dawson 
99 Mrs E G Fisher 

Mr k Mrs J J Crowley 
101 Mrs M M Putnam 
Mrs Byron E Bailev 
Mr & Mrs Frederic *G (^his- 
103 Mr & xMrs Arthur E Burr 
Mr & Mrs Gus Brown 
Mr & Mrs WilHani Henry 
Brewster 3d 



MouNTFORT St— Continued 109 Mr & Mrs Franklin T Kurt 
105 Mr & Mrs Frank H Potter Mrs Dar\<'in E Dudley 

Mr & Mrs William H Potter Mr & Mrs A W Cox 

107 Mr & Mrs Nathan S Kelly 111 Mr & Mrs Richard F Barry 
Mr & Mrs S H Mitchell Mr Leo Jamesoii Daly 

Mr & Mrs Charles H Fowle Miss Margaret I Daly 



Mr & Mrs G A Goddard 
Mr & Mrs John A Ramsay 
Mr H R Grant 
Mr Arthur C Anthony 
Mr Nathan Anthony 
Mr Clayton Johns 
Mr Henry M Goodrich 
Mr Cecil Caverly 
Mr James C Barr 

Mr J Wells Farley 
Mr P L Stackpole 
Mr J D Smith 
Mr H W Swift 
Mr J E Lodge 

7 Miss Mary C Gray 

8 Mr & Mrs Fiske Warren 
8 Mrs Hamilton Osgood 


3 Mr Philip Cabot 2 Mr & Mrs Arthur V Wood- 




{Hancock Street) 

31 Mrs Anna F Conant 
Mr John E Chapman 
Mr Henry P Frank 
Miss Alice M Brooks 

33 Dr & Mrs L A O Goddu 

35 Mrs Margaret L Aber- 
Miss A P Loring 
Miss M P Loring 

37 Miss H Loring 

41 The Otis 

{Joy Street) 

43 Society for the Preven- 
tion OF Cruelty to 
45 & 47 The Curtis 
Mrs M E Stearns 
Judge & Mrs Moffett 
Mr & Mrs T J Loring 

12 Mr W R Trask 
12 Mr Charles E W Grinnell 
12 Mr R K Longfellow 
12 Mr A W Longfellow 
14 Mr E D wight FuUerton 
16 Mrs Arthur A Gilpatrick 
16 Mr Charles E Alexander 

(Joy Street) 

20 Gray Chambers 
Mr Darwin Barnard 
Mrs S Burroughs 
Mr Henry Greenleaf 
Col & Mrs Wm Curtis 

Mr John Hopkins 
Mr William Hopkins 
Mr & Mrs Edward H 

Miss McClelland 
Mr H G Pickering 



Mount Vernon St — Con 

45 & 47 The Curtis— Con 

Mr Worcester Putnam 

Mr O D Tuttle 

Mr R W Walker 

Mr & Mrs William Warren 
49 Mr Samuel S Shaw 
51 Mrs H C Thacher 
53 Theological Library 
53 Miss Mary M Pillsburv 
53 Mr John H Weston 
53 Miss Alice R Weston 
53 Society op Mayflower 

53 Miss Ella Macomber 
53 Mrs Mary Macomber 
55 Dr & Mrs A H Nichols 
57 Mr & Mrs J T Kelley 
59 Mrs T B Aldrich 
63 Dr & Mrs W S Boardman 

Mr He*nry N Sweet 

Mr William F Doncwan 

Mr Richard Watt^rman 

Mr W S Archibald 

Miss Leota C Jellison 

Miss M E Jellison 
65 The Cabot 

Miss Flora AycM* 

Mr & Mrt> Robert Rantoul 

Mr & Mrs Henry W Wel- 

Mr & Mrs John 11 Cheever 

Miss L D Jiaker 

Mr <fc Mrs J F McElwain 

Mr & Mrs Roy S Aldrich 

Mr & Mrs Tyiidale 
67 Mr ifc Mrs Edw H Crosby 

Mrs E F Everett 

Miss M R Everett 

Mr & Mrs (ieorge T3der 

Mrs Mary Hay 

Miss Susan C 11 ay 

Mr Albert Parlin 

Mr & Mrs T H Tindale 
69 Mrs Henry Woods 
69 Mr & Mrs D R Vvaig 

20 Gray Chambers — Con 
Mr & Mrs Frederick Rob- 
Rev & Mrs Chas Southgate 
Mr W S B Stevens 
The Misses Stevenson 
Mr Horace Taylor 
Mr Sydney A WilUams 
Mr & Mrs Arthur Whit- 

22 Dr W H Baker (.office) 

26 Mr Curtis Guild 

26 Mr Courtenay Guild 

26 Miss S L Guild 

26 Miss Marianna C Guild 

26 Miss Agnes H Johnson 

28 Mrs C; S (Mrtis 

28 Mr Wm Sumner Appleton 

32 Miss I P Curtis 

32 Miss M G Curtis 

34 Mr & Mrs Ellery Sedgwick 

[Walnut Street) 

42 Mrs E R iMtchett 
44 Mr t& Mrs Thomas Hunt 
46 Mrs William C Paine 
48 Mr & Mrs Albert Garceau 
50 Mr & Mrs Rob't W Chand- 
62 Miss Grace Nichols 
64 Mrs M J Barton 
64 Mr & Mrs Louis ('urtis 

6() Miss Adelaide Smith 
66 Mr R A Bullock 
68 Mr & Mrs C H Turner 
72 Boston University 

School of Theology 
74 Mr & Mrs Robert A Ware 
76 Mr & Mrs Roger Sherman 

78 Miss Heloise E Hersey 
80 Mr & Mrs WiUiam C Low 
82 Mr & Mrs Dwighl Blaney 

{Willoio Street) 



Mount Vernon St — Con 

71 Mrs A M Fairbanks 
73 Mrs A C Wheelwright 
73 Miss Wheelwright 
75 Mr Theodore Hoague 
75 Mrs Thomas Hockley 
77 Mr & Mrs Josiah B Millet 
77 Miss E T Millet 
77 Miss Hilda Millet 
79 Mrs Horace Gray 
83 Mr & Mrs Arthur D Hill 
85 Mrs Philip H Sears 
85 Mr Richard Sears 
85 Mr Francis P Sears 
87 Mr Charles J Paine 
89 Mrs A W Macy 

{Louisburg Square) 

91 Miss L F Clarke 
91 Miss C H Clarke 
93 Mrs Daniel MacDonald 
95 Mr & Mrs J D Lovett 
Miss J G Robins 
Miss Susan B P Robins 
Mrs C G Betton 
Mr & Mrs Walter H Collins 
Mr Edward B Adams 
Miss Katharine F Adams 

{West Cedar Street) 

97 Mrs John Pierpont 

97 Miss Mary Haven 

99 Rev & Mrs Theo Chicker- 

ing Williams 
101 Mrs Henry Sargent 
The Misses Sargent 
Mr & Mrs Ernest G A 

Mrs E W Donald 
Mr Graeme Donald 
Mr & Mrs James C Gray 

(Mount Vernon Avenue) 
103 Dr & Mrs H H Colburn 
105 Mrs A G Roeth 
109 Mr & Mrs Frank S Murphy 

{Charles Stveet) 

88 Miss Sarah B Fay 
90 Mr & Mrs Chas F Bradley 
92 Mr & Mrs Oliver E Wil- 
94 Mr & Mrs Hollis French 
96 Mr & Mrs Josei)h Lee 
98 The Misses Palmer 
98 Miss Light 

100 Mr Weld Allen Rollins 

102 Mrs A C Wilmarth 

{West Cedar Street) 

108 The Mount Vernon 
Mr Tay Edwards 
Mr & Mrs Harold Edwards 
Miss M P Taylor 
Miss S Bush 
Miss M B Brown 
Miss M I Tessier 
Mr & Mrs John C Rand 
Miss Cook 
Dr John Bryant 
Miss C M Kingman 
Dr & Mrs George Sheldon 
Dr & Mrs W G Trull 
Miss Ada C Williamson 
Miss S E Macdonald 
Dr & Mrs Malcom D Miller 
Mr Owen Bryant 
Mr Edward Bryant 
Mr & Mrs Myron E Pierce 
Miss Dunton 

{Malcolm Street) 

112 Mr & Mrs Lloyd Briggs 
112 Miss Velma Briggs 
114 Mrs L O Garret 
116 Miss J E Hilliard 
116 Miss S M Hilliard 
116 Miss M C Frisbie 

{Charles Street) 

122 Mr & Mrs F H Capper 
122 Mr & Mrs Tennant Lee 
124 Mr Frederick W Bancroft 



Mount Vernon St — Con 

129 Miss Rose Lamb 
131 Mrs E G Gardiner 
133 Miss Mary C Peabody 
133 Miss Anita Wheelwright 
185 Rev & Mrs Lewis A Lan- 

{Brimmer Street) 

130 Mr & Mrs Frank Augustus 

{River Street) 

156 Mr & Mrs Joseph S Fay 3d 
158 Mr & Mrs Robert Homans 
160 Miss Annie J Pecker 
160 Miss Mary L Pecker 

{Brimmer Street) 


3 Mrs Arthur Macey 
7 Mr & Mrs C G Bird 
7 Mr WiUiam T Teagan 
9 Miss M H deW^olfe 

1 1 Mrs Augusta J Danf orth 
Emmanuel Church 
( Rev Elwood Worcester ) 
} 80 Marlboro St ) 

27 Mrs J H Chase 

27 Mrs B H Bill 

29 Mrs S M Crooker 

31 Mrs A N Haskell 

33 Dr Emma B Culbertson 

33 Dr Mary A Smith 

35 Mr & Mrs Lorin F Deland 

37 Mr & Mrs A P Baker 

39 Dr Samuel Delano 
Mr & Mrs L Little 
Mrs D P McKenney 
Mr & Mrs E D Mead 
Mr & Mrs L L Scaife 

{Berkeley Street) 

69 Dr & Mrs G F Jelly 

69 Dr Arthur C Jelly 

75 Mr & Mrs C W Dexter 

77 Miss E L Henshaw 

77 Mr J P B Henshaw 

79 Dr Edw S Niles (office) 

81 Miss S P Gushing 

83 Technology Club 

85 Dr W A Bradford (office) 

85 Dr G F Keenan (office) 

85 Dr F A Keyes (office) 

2 St Botoi,ph Club 

6 B J Lang Studios 

8 Rev & Mrs John H Deni- 

10 Mrs J H Lochrin 
10 Dr P Somers Smyth (of- 
10 Dr D A Heffeman (office) 
12 Phi Gamma Delta 
14 Mr T S Manahan 
14 Dr T J Manahan 
14 Mr John H Manahan 
14 Mr Edward W Manahan 
14 Mr Paul Manahan 
14 Miss Marie Manahan 
14 Mr George A Manahan 
16 Dr & Mrs Abner Post 
20 Dr & Mrs Townsend W 

22 Dr & Mrs H L Burrell 
24 Miss Mary F Lee 
26 A T O Fraternity 
28 Dr F M Spalding (office) 
28 Dr D Harold Walker (of- 
28 Dr William F Boos (office) 
30 Modern School of Lan- 
guages and Literature 
30 Mr & Mrs C P King 
30 Mr Frank E Hatch 
30 Miss E P Hatch , 

32 Mr & Mrs E A Studley 
32 Miss Studley 
34 Miss Annie A Sullivan 



Newbury St — Continned 

85 Dr R T Moffatt (office) 
91 & 95 Mr & Mrs H W Keyes 
91 Dr H V McLaughlin (office) 
97 Mr & Mrs F C Warren 
99 Dr & Mrs C F Stacey 
99 Dr L F Cusick 
99 Miss K M Knudsen 
99 Miss Lillian A Smith 
99 Miss P:isie M Robbins 
101 Miss C A Partridge 

Mr Allen A Roberts 


Dr F H Verhoeff 

Dr P C Proctor 

Dr Allen Greenwood 

Dr D W Drury 

Dr C B Faunce 

Dr W Holbrook Lowell 

Dr Edward K Kllis 

(Clarendon Street) 

113 Mr & Mrs George R Shaw 
115 Mrs George McQuesten 
117 Mr & Mrs W R Wilson 
119 Mrs C J Underwood 
119 The Misses Underwood 
119 Mr William Lawrence Un- 
121 Tmt: Newbuky 

Mif^s Clara A Nelson 
Mr Charles C Kurtz 
Miss Florence 11 Kurtz 
123 Miss F D M(jrse 
125 Mr WiUiam Bcals 
127 Mr Joseph B Tarney 
Mr David M Glaghorn 
Miss Kstelle K Potter 
Dr C L Overlander 
Dr Andrew F Downing 
Dr Fred L (lood 
Mrs Mary K Patten 
Miss Marjorie K Patten 
Miss Nathalie K Patten 
129 Mrs H C Richards 
129 Mr Francis H Richards 

34 American Library Assn 
36, 38 & 40 Miss L I Des- 

42 Dr Emma L Call 
42 Dr Hannah G Myrick (of- 
44 Mrs E A Knox 
44 Mrs Ruth L Stuber 

(Berkeley Street) 

Institute of Technology 

{Clarendon Street) 

110 Mrs E Elkins 

112 Mr & Mrs William G Ward 

112 Mr Nathaniel George 

114 Boston Lihrary Society 

116 Mr & Mrs T Remick 

116 Mr Davison Remick 

118 Mrs Alphonso Ross 

120 Mr Phineas Pierce 

120 Mr & Mrs F A Pierce 

124 Dr Louis Nelson (office) 

126 Mrs H A Rogers 

126 Miss Gretchen Rogers 

126 Mrs WiUiam P Brigham 

128 Mrs W B Garritt 

128 Miss EHzabeth Garritt 

130 Mrs J H Lombard 

132 Mr & Mrs F H Smith 

132 The Mitoses Smith 

134 Miss Lucy Wheelock 

136 Miss M E Ford 

138 Mrs M E Buckingham 

140 Mr & Mrs M A Smith 

(Dartmouth Street) 

Boston Art Club 

154 Mrs L T Barnes 

Mrs D wight L Clapp 
Dr Alfred P Rogers (oflBce) 
Miss Mabel G Smith 
Mr ct Mrs C L Staats 

156 Mrs Donald Black 
Th(^ Misses Black 
Mr ct Mrs George W Davis 
Mrs Emily J Burr 



Newbury St — Continued 

129 Miss Richards 
131 Miss M W Bragdon 
131 Dr H B Shuman (office) 
131 Dr E D Hurley (office) 
131 Dr T J Shanahan (office) 
133 Dr E H Bradford (office) 
133 Dr Robert Soutter (office") 
135 Mr Z T Hollingsworth 
135 Mrs E M Small 
137 Miss Virginia B Dailev 
137 Dr Charles D Jones 
137 Mr Stephen Pascoe 
137 Dr C S Wright 
137 Dr H H Harrisor 
139 Miss Marj" T, Williams 
139 Miss Kathenne H Holden 
139 Mrs Helen L Russell 
141 Miss Katherine A Pinner 
141 Mrs William B Fisher 
141 Mr & Mrs Charles Hodg- 

141 Mr S K Humphrey 
143 Dr J H Pratt 
143 Dr Hyman Morrison 
143 Dr Charles S Millet 

(Dartmouth Street) 

149 The Aubrey 

Dr J E Stanton (office) 
Mr F S Sturgis 
Mr C W Sturgis 
Dr S D Weber 
Dr W Y Allen (office) 
Dr F E Banfield (office) 
Dr George H Wright (of- 
Mrs S T Hooper 
Mr & Mrs H Howland 
153 Miss Frances Reid 
155 Dr & Mrs Percy Brown 
155 Rev Herbert D Gallaudet 
157 Dr Percy R Howe 

Mrs Samuel W Creech 
Mr & Mrs Walter F I^mball 
Mrs Virginia Magoun 

158 Mrs Henry W Chapin 
Dr & Mrs W H Bowman 
Mr & Mrs C F McClure 
Miss Belle McClure 
Miss L M Welch 
Miss Frances H Stone 

160 r»r & Mrs J W Ball 
Dr & Mrs T W Wood Jr 
Mr & Mrs T J Murphy 
Dr & Mrs W C Hough- 

Dr C D Underhill 

162 Mr & Mrs H H Coolidge 

164 Offices 

Dr F A Delabarre 
Dr J D Dickinson 
Dr J W, Dickinson 

166 Dr & Mrs E G Brackett 
Miss Minnie M Brackett 

168 Dr & Mrs E W Cushing 

170 Mr & Mrs Herbert B Cush- 

170 Miss Josephine MacC Shaw 

172 Miss Annie McDowell 

174 Mr & Mrs J L Wesson 

176 Miss H M Blake 

Horace Mann School 
South Congregational 

{Exeter Street) 

Mass State Normal Art 
206 Mr & Mrs J J ColUns 
206 Miss Mary E ColUns 
210 The Misses Ide 
212 Dr & Mrs Edw A Kimball 
214 Mr & Mrs W M Barry 
216 Mrs E F Welden 
216 Mr Edward Devlin 
218 Mrs Jennie A Parker * 
218 Miss Hattie S Parker 
218 Mrs Hattie O H Frasse 
220 Dr & Mrs G E Foss Jr 
220 Mrs G H Simonds 
222 Mr & Mrs J C Gray 



Newbury St — Continued 

159 Dr H W Estey 
Mrs J Levy 
Mrs Emily M Meader 
Miss Hester Cunningham 
161 Mr & Mrs L G Frost 
161 Mr & Mrs Lawrence J 
Dr Charles G Pike 
Dr,F S Hopkins 
The Misses Hay den 

168 Emily F Pope M D 
163 C Augusta Pope M D 
163 Miss A Leonora Pope 
163 Miss Luella F Pope 

165 Dr & Mrs G G Hayward 
167 Dr & Mrs F W Johnson 

169 Mr G F Bradley 

171 Mr & Mrs H W Wheeler 
173 Dr & Mrs W H Tobey 
175 Dr Robert Whitehill (of- 
Dr E E Hopkins (office) 
Dr Frederick Tower 
Dr W R Woodbury 
177 Mr & Mrs C H Crump 
179 Offices 

Dr Lyman F Bigelow 
Dr Arthur H Stoddard 
Dr James R Piper 
Dr W D Squarebrigs 
Dr Charles M Hardon 
First Spiritual Temple 

{Exeter Street) 

Prince School 
205 Mrs C E Thayer 
207 Mrs E L Kingsley 
209 Mrs C B Clark 
211 Mr & Mrs John A Robinson 
211 Mr John J Robinson 
211 Miss Julia Robinson 
213 Mr & Mrs Joseph Nicholson 
215 Delta Kappa Epsilon 

217 Dr W P Snow 

224 Mr O J Oliver 
226 Dr & Mrs H E Dennett 
228 Mr Harry M Aldrich 
230 Mr & Mrs A P Green 
230 The Misses Green 
232 Mr & Mrs T H Cabot 
234 Delta Tau Delta Fraternity 
236 Dr James C Donoghue 
236 Dr & Mrs W A Reynolds 
238 Dr Samuel Breck (office) 
238 Dr Howard Clapp 
238 Miss Abbie C Proctor 
240 Miss Lilliiin E Bassett 

{Fairfield Street) 

242 Mrs M E Weymouth 
242 The Misses Weymouth 
244 Dr Frank C Richardson 

244 Dr & Mrs Nathaniel W 

246 Mrs E J Fennelly 
248 Mr & Mrs Thomas Gould 
250 Mrs David Scudder 
250 Miss Scudder 
250 Dr Julia M Dutton 
252 Dr & Mrs F L Abbott 
254 Mr & Mrs Fitzroy Kelly 
254 The Misses Kelly 
256 Dr & Mrs Myles Standish 
256 Miss Barbara Standish 
258 Lambda Phi Fraternity 
260 Mrs N D Eldredge 
262 Theta Delta Chi Fra- 
264 Kappa Theta Fraternity 
266 Mr & Mrs Alden E Viles 
266 Mr Jiertram S Viles 
268 Mrs Ernest Mieusset 
270 Mr & Mrs C W Smith 
270 Mr Whi])ple Smith 
270 Miss Helen Smith 
272 Dr ct Mrs F W Halsey 
274 Mr it Mrs Edward Farmer 
27G Mr 6c Mrs John B Mactag- 



Newbury St — Continued 

217 Mr & Mrs Horace P Snow 

219 Miss Richards 

219 Mrs S E Ireson 

221 Miss M T Hersey 

221 Mrs A E Thompson 

223 Dr Harriet J Lovell 

225 Mr J J Grady 

225 School of Music-Educa- 

225 Mr Calvin B Cady 

Miss Helen Howard Whit- 

227 Dr & Mrs G M Garland 

227 Miss Alice Garland 

229 Dr & Mrs S A Kimball 

231 Mr & Mrs J B Richardson 

{Fairfield Street) 

245 Mr & Mrs Herbert Nash 

245 The Misses Nash 

245 Mr Chauncy Nash 

247 Mr & Mrs F P Vinton 

247 Mrs George Peirce 

249 Dr George F Eames 

251 Mr Keith McLeod 

251 Mrs Norman McLeod 

253 Mr & Mrs Hus;h Bancroft 

255 Mrs Josenh B Tilton 

255 Mr J B Tilton 

255 The Misses Tilton 

257 Mrs Elizabeth N Biftler 

257 Dr & Mrs Charles S Butler 

259 Mrs Albert H Rhodes 

259 Miss Rhodes 

259 Miss Mary Niebuhr 

259 Miss E valine McKenzie 

261 Mrs Anna Knight 

263 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

265 Mr & Mrs J H Benton Jr 
267 Miss Lillian M Lewis 
269 Mr Edward F Baker 
271 Mr & Mrs H W Daniell 
271 Miss Maria E Daniell 
273 Mrs K O Higgins 

278 Mrs K E Chase 
280 Mrs Moses H Day 
280 Mr Nathan B Day 
280 Miss Annie F Day 
280 Miss Carrie E Day 
280 Miss Sarah L Day 
282 Dr & Mrs Walter L Bur- 

{Gloucester Street) 

284 Mr & Mrs T P Gooding 
286 Dr & Mrs W Alvan Hitch- 
cock Jr 
288 Mrs Eugene A Kayser 
290 Mr & Mrs Jas L Johnston 
292 Mrs E Cutter King 
294 Mr & Mrs W S Hills 
296 Mr & Mrs Geo R Leghorn 
298 Mr & Mrs Guy W Currier 
302 Dr & Mrs E A Daniels 
302 Mr Richard H Daniels 
304 Mrs Mary E Pridham 
306 Mrs George Hutchinson 
306 Mr Carl H Richardson 
308 & 314 Stuart Club 

{Hereford Street) 
{Massachusetts Avenue) 

376 Mrs H W Batchelder 

Dr & Mrs Thomas Irving 

Mr & Mrs Gabriel Heller 
Miss Annie Footman 
Miss May Footman 
Mrs Margaret Wilbur 

378 Mr & Mrs G A Gray 
Mrs Emma M Davis 
Mr & Mrs Charles C Bailey 
Mrs John J Fox 
Dr Samuel B Pratt 
Mrs Clara B Pratt 

380 Dr & Mrs George Stedman 
Mrs A L Stuart 
Mrs F E Bradlee 
Dr & Mrs A P Cornwall 



Newbury St — Continued 

275 Miss C M Fowler 

279 Mr & Mrs Jos H Goodspeed 

{Gloucester Street) 

281 Mr & Mrs H W Patterson 
283 Miss M B Webber 
285 Theta Xi Fraternity 
287 Mrs Alfred Henry Hersey 
287 Mr G B Bullard 
289 Mrs M Colby Little 
289 Mr Harold Mitchell 
291 Mr & Mrs F W Dyer 
295 Mr & Mrs N W Jordan 
297 Dr & Mrs H F Leonard 
297 Mr Edward H Leonard 
297 Mrs H C Ammidown 
299 Mr & Mrs J W Deering 
301 Mr & Mrs Robert Blakie 

{Hereford Street) 

{Massachusetts Avenue) 

399 Mr & Mrs Henry Stormer 
401 Dr & Mrs Joseph M Neall 
403 Mrs R R Pettes 
405 Mr & Mrs G D Choate 

{Charlesgate East) 

{Charlesgate West) 

523 Mrs T C Berry 

531 Mr & Mrs William Bloom 

533 Mrs D E Smith 

535 Mr Martin Heinemann 

535 Mr J Keller 

535 Mr N A Thompson 

Even numbers continued 

564 Mr & Mrs A Addison Bray 
566 Mr & Mrs Harrison M 

568 Mr Edward G Tobin 
568 Mrs Elizabeth Tobin 

382 Dr Belle S Barnard 

Mr & Mrs Frank L Fair- 
Mrs Samuel C Lawrence 
Mr & Mrs H D Huggan 
Mrs H M St owe 
Dr & Mrs Wm H Stowe 
Mrs Frances Lawrence 

Mrs L E Bergstrom 
Miss Sarah McGail 
386 Mr & Mrs Charles C Clapp 
Mr & Mrs Edward C Clapp 
Mr William F Clapp 
Mrs J S Gill 
Mr & Mrs J M Ward 
Miss E M Don kin 
412 Miss E J Mackay 
414 Mr & Mrs P J Daly 
416 Mr & Mrs Walter H Snow 
418 Mr Edward S S Glover 
418 Miss Georgine W Glover 
418 Mrs P A Glover 
420 Mrs M J Blair 

The Misses Blair 
422 P K S Fraternity 
424 Mr & Mrs Thomas V Coyle 
424 Mr H M Dougherty 
426 Mrs Walter L Keith 
426 Mr Arthur McA Keith 
428 Mrs A A Bryant 
440 The Eastgate 

{Charlesgate East) 

{Charlesgate West) 

540 Mr & Mrs S F Somers 
548 Mr & Mrs John Fagan 
550 Dr Evelyn Wyman Nagle 
560 Mr & Mrs Elmer E Casneau 
562 Mr & Mrs Edw F Warner 
Continued opposite column 


1 Mr & Mrs Adams S Hill 

2 Miss Harriet J Guild 

4 Mr Arlo Bates 
4 Mr Oric Bates 



Otis Place — Continued 

5 Miss Isobel L Briggs 

5 Miss Mary P Follett 

5 Mr Ignaz M Gaugengigl 

6 Mr & Mrs Louis D Bran- 


7 Mrs Samuel Weils 

7 Miss Louisa A Wells 

8 Mrs Chas Perkins Gardner 
12 Mrs Glendower Evans 

14 Mrs William Windom 
14 Miss Florence Windom 

(P O Fenway) 


22 Miss Fannie E Ellis 

22 Miss Caroline B Ellis 

22 Mrs Susan M Allen 

24 to 30 Peterborough 
House, Simmons Col- 
lege Dormitories 

32 Mrs William Maynadier 


32 The Misses Browne 
32 Mr Causten Browne 3d 
Dr David Kilburn Stevens 
Church of the Disciples 

cor Jersey St 
(Rev Charles G Ames ) 
I 12 Chestnut St ) 

11 Miss Katharine J Everts 
11 Miss Maria G Reed 
11 Miss Alice Brown 
1 1 Dr & Mrs F H MacCarthy 
23 The Mystic 
25 Mr Henry A Nurse 
27 Mr & Mrs Herbert W Day- 
31 Mr Frank O Small 
47 Mrs E C Ban field 
55 Miss Ellen E Snell 
61 Mr & Mrs F E LeClair 
63 Mr Wilham H Baldwin 
63 Mrs James D Rawles 

{Anderson Street) 

83 Mr & Mrs Edward A Smith 
91 Mrs B F Stevens 
93 Mr & Mrs H A Wyman 
105 Mr G P Hayward 

{West Cedar Street) 

111 Miss Lilian Bowen 
113 Mrs W W Codman 

{Charles Street) 

127 Mrs Caroline Pierce 

127 Dr & Mrs Lewis J Pierce 

129 Mr & Mrs C W Parker 

10 Mr & Mrs J E Lynch 
14 Mrs Annie W Rossier 
16 Mr & Mrs E M Bacon 
22 Mr & Mrs William Brooks 
24 Mr W S Richardson 
30 Mr & Mrs Allen Chamber- 
30 Mr & Mrs Leon Massonnat 
36 Prof & Mrs Hinckley G 

36 Mr & Mrs R L Scales 
40 Mr & Mrs Chas G Forristall 
42 Mr & Mrs C L Teasdale 
44 Mr & Mrs F A Waterman 
50 Miss M F Kimball 
50 Mrs James B Brown 
52 Mr & Mrs C H Robinson 
58 Mrs M G Stacy 
60 Mr & Mrs H M Kenney 
62 Mrs A E F Lord 
62 Mr George E Bowman 
62 Mr James T Morse 
62 Mr Charles R Saunders 
62 Mr Edward A Trowbridge 

{Louisburg Square) 

82 Mr & Mrs J Prince Loud 

• {West Cedar Street) 



PiNCKNEY St — Continued 


Miss Helen A Brooks 
Mrs A B Hatch 
Mr R W Page 
Mr A M Con St an tine 
Miss E W Crocker 
Miss E L Jones 
Miss Mary G Trask 
Mrs Mary H Merrill 
Miss Enid Merrill 
Mr Roger Merrill 
Mr J Hudson Merrill 
Miss Elizabeth E Hudson 

{Charles Street) 

94 Mr & Mrs G F Hathaway 
96 Mrs H T Spooner 
96 Dr & Mrs H G Spooner 
98 Mr & Mrs W A Niles 
100 Mr & Mrs Gieorge O Sears 
100 Mr William R Sears 
100 Miss Sears 

(Brimmer Street) 

112 Brimmer Chambers 

Mr Dan'l Berkeley Updike 

112 Brimmer Chambers — Con 

Mr Henry Lefavour 
Mr J P Lyman 
Mr Moses Stevens 
Mr W S Gales 
Mr T B Ledger 
Mr Moses Stevens 
Mr William E Walter 
Mr Joseph Lund 
Mr I S Adams 
Mr J B Sturgis 
Mr Edwin Pu^'sley 
Mr Fred'k A Godley 
Mr Newton Edwards 
Mr F S Kingsley 
Mr F S Brown 
Mr E A Northey 
Mr Philip C Lockwood 
Mr David Coolidge Jr 
Mr Prescott F Hall 
Mr Guy Cunningham 
Mr S N Bond 
Mr R G Lockwood 
Mr F W Rollins 
Mr E W Rollins 
Mr Douglas Rollins 


(P Fenway) 

1 Mr & Mrs Wm P Fowler 4 Mr Harry S Allen 

2 Mr & Mrs Rob't G Morse 4 Mrs W^ashington Allen 

3 Mr & Mrs Robert E Town- 4 Miss M F Allen 



(P Fenway) 

Mr & Mrs Robert Treat Paine Jr 

(P Fenway) 
1 Mrs E V R Thayer 2 Mr & Mrs C S HamUn 


85 Mr & Mrs Ernest E Smith 50 Mr & Mrs Matthew Hale 

52 Mr & Mrs Edward D Dens- 




3 Mr T H Russell 

3 Mr T H Russell 2d 

3 Mrs Charles F Russell 

3 Mr & Mrs Edward Wallev 

3 The Misses Walley 

4 Mr B Heber Richardson 

5 Mrs J L Stearns 

6 Dr Myles Standish (office) 

7 Mrs P W Pen hallow 

10 Mr & Mrs N Morton 

11 Mrs C Andrew 

25 Capt & Mrs Miles Hillary 

27 & 29 Mrs Frances M Paul 

31 Mrs J H Cunningham 

33 & 35 Miss E P Craig 

37 Mr & Mrs Jarvis Blume 

(Clarendon Street) 

The Ludlow 

Mrs Edward L Adams 
Mrs Waldo Adams 
Mrs E D Bangs 
Mrs Lucia Gale Barber 
Mr Franklin Barnard 
Mrs M F Blake 
Mrs J B Bradt 
Mrs Edward Brooks 
Mr Edward Brooks Jr 
Miss E H Brooks 
Miss I J Butler 
Mr H H Carter 
Mrs John Dean 
Miss C A Derby 
The Misses Farnham 
Mr & Mrs C H W Foster 
Miss Fanny Hall 
Mrs C D Homans 
Mrs C F Huidekoper 
Mrs J A Jackson 
Miss Jackson 
Miss Katharine Knapp 
Mrs N P Lovering 
Continued opposite column 

14 Mr Edward G Nowell 
14 The Misses Nowell 
14 Mrs Charles Badlan 
22 Mrs Martha E Tin k ham 
24 Mr Fnmk P Priest 
24 Mr Herbert G Priest 
24 Mr Henry L Priest 
24 Miss Priest 
28 The Althea 

(Clarendon Street) 

The Ludlow — Continued 
Miss Lucy Lowell 
Miss B H Lyman 
Mrs E D H Moody 
Miss Mary G Morrison 
Mr Wilson Olney 
Mrs C M Parker 
Miss M A Patterson 
Miss M L Reynolds 
Mrs M P Rice 
Mr & Mrs George P Sanger 
Miss M T Sawyer 
Mr & Mrs Henry F Smith 
Mr & Mrs Joseph Linden 

Miss R Stackpole 
Mr & Mrs Daniel Staniford 
Mr Walter R Stedman 
Miss Taylor 
Miss Mary Thomas 
Mrs Katharine Tilton 
Miss A C Wade 
Mrs C J Whitmore 
Miss A L Whitmore 
The Westminster 

For names of guests see page 62 
{Trinity Place) 
Art Museum 

{Dartmouth Street) 




(P Fenway) 

90 The Lawrence 124 Mr & Mrs Arthur R Jones 

Mr & Mrs Andrew C Spring 126 Mr & Mrs H L M Tower 

Mr & Mrs Parry C Wiggin 130 Mrs Fben Dale 

Mr & Mrs John P Tucker 132 Mrs W H Brewster 

Mr & Mrs Wm A Mitchell 132 Mrs M F Sweetser 

Mr & Mrs Henry N Clark 134 Mr & Mrs W H M Austin 




The Misses Morton 
Miss Lena M Stevens 
Mrs Edward A Harrison 
Mr Frank C Dee ring 
Mr & Mrs F B Went worth 
Mr & Mrs John Griffin 
45 Mrs Mary M Braid 
49 Mrs L M Clark 
51 Mr & Mrs E A Kellogg 
53 Mr & Mrs Frank Dodge 
55 Mrs Margaret Hutcheson 

{Gainsborough Street) 

Church of the Messiah 
j Rev John McG Foster ) 
] 198 Bay State Rd j 
83 Mr & Mrs Joseph A Grant 

Even numbers continued 
74 Mr E P Kennard 
74 Mrs M V De Wolfe 
78 Mr & Mrs J W Co^den 
80 Mr & Mrs J H Pierce 
82 The Misses Symonds 
84 Mr & Mrs Wm O Gilman 
86 Mrs Ida S Lane 

18 Mrs Charles B Putnam 

20 Mr <fe Mrs George A Wilson 

22 Mr & Mrs S Hathaway 

24 Mr & Mrs A H Read 

26 Mrs Clara J Gill 

28 Mr & Mrs J W Littlefield 

30 Mr & Mrs Nathan Gardner 

32 Mr & Mrs William Lloyd 

34 Mr Frederick Mann 

36 Mr & Mrs Walter W Watson 

40 The Misses Faxon 

42 Mrs H B Mackintosh 

44 Mr & Mrs P J Fleming 

46 Mr & Mrs ('harles H Innes 

46 Mrs Charles E Innes 

48 Miss Margaret F Porteous 

50 Mr & Mrs P J Vaughan 

52 Mrs Isabelle Holbrook 

54 Mr & Mrs C H Whittier 

56 Mrs A L Wilbur 

{Gainsborough Street) 

68 Mr & Mrs C E MacCorry 

70 Dr & Mrs E M Currier 

72 & 76 Mrs Mary E Pomeroy 

Continued opposite column 


1 Mrs Robert C Heaton 
3 Benedict Chambers 
Mr Charles H Johnson 
Mr Frederic R Galacar 
Mr John T Arms Jr 
Mr A E Prescott 

Continued opposite column 

2 Mrs Hall Curtis 

{Branch Street) 

Benedict Chambers — Con 

Mr N G Reed 

Prof Robert P Bigelow 

Continued next page 



Spruce St — Continued 

3 Benedict Chambers — Con 
Mr Lewis G Flagg 
Mr Leslie Hastings 
Mr Frederick H Cunning- 


I The Misses Mason 

3 Mrs R S Wells 

^ Mr C LothroD Higgins 

£ Mrs E S Wilkinson 

5 Mr William Parsons Lunt 

7 Mrs N M Todd 

11 Mr & Mrs Charles Howard 

13 Mr & Mrs C Howard 

Even numbera continued 
12 Grand Lodge A O U W 
14 Miss Annie Lyman 

3 Benedict Chambers — Con 
Mr John R Perry 
Mr Edward K Perry 
Mr George A Hopkins 


2 Mr Wilbert S Bartlett 
Miss Holbrook 
Mr Robert W Jackson 
Mr William E Putnam Jr 
Mr Clayton O Dewey 
Mr Richard A Fisher 
Mr William A Tracy 
Mr Albert L Farwell 

4 Dr F A Merrill 

4 Mrs Lyman Merrill 

6 Rev & Mrs Josenh S David 

8 Miss Florence M Cushng 
10 Mrs Robert C Winthrop 
10 Miss Clara Winthrop 

Continued opposite column 


3 Mr & Mrs H C Merwin 

5 Miss Annie Evans 

7 Mr & Mrs Arthur A Shurt- 

9 Mr & Mrs Asahel M Shurt- 

9 Mr Howard L Shurtleflf 

9 Miss Gertrude H Shurtleflf 
11 Mr & Mrs Percival Lowell 
13 Mr & Mrs Francis G Shaw 
15 Miss Eugenia Gardner 
17 Mr Walter T Willey 
17 Mrs L P Willey 
19 Mr & Mrs Henry Ward 

21 Mrs C E Hannis 
23 Mr & Mrs Frederick H 

25 Mr & Mrs J L SteflFens 
27 Miss Ellen Baird 
29 St Paula Hospital 

2 Rev & Mrs Christopher R 

4 Prof & Mrs Arthur Fair- 

6 Mr & Mrs Geo W Beals 

8 Mrs T F Nutter 

8 Mr George Read Nutter 

8 Mr Charles Read Nutter 
10 Miss Adelaide E Wads- 
12 Mr & Mrs Vere Royse 
14 Mrs E K Alden 
16 Mr Edward Everett 
18 The Mount Vernon 
20 Mrs Etta K Gay 
22 Prof & Mrs Gaetano L^nza 
24 Mr & Mrs Perris Green slet 
26 Mr & Mrs John B Potter 
28 The Misses Thompson 
28 Mi?s Ruth Eldridge 
30 Miss S D Barrett 



West Cedar St — Cont'd 

31 Rev & Mrs Davis W Clark 

31 Mr Davis W Clark Jr 

31 Mr Wm Armstrong Clark 

31 Mr Robert R Clark 

31 Mr Jesse R Clark 

31 Miss Mary P Jones 

31 Miss Mary A Mullikin 

33 Mrs Robert Marsh 

35 Mr & Mrs Frederic Allen 

37 Mr & Mrs Wm B Smith 
41 Mrs Benjamin F Brown 

Continued opposite column 

32 Mr & ^[rs Henry Wat- 

moue.h Mcntague 
44 Mr William Walsh 
46 Miss Elizabeth Watson 
48 Mrs Mary Mo ran 
50 Mrs L E Dohin 
52 Dr & Mrs John Dixwell 

Odd numbers continued 
41 Miss Abbie F Brown 
41 Miss Ethel C Brown 
43 Mr H A Winship 
73 Mr Francis R Rcberts 
73 Miss Sarah E Roberts 


45 The Strasburg 

Dr & Mrs Samuel Appleton 
Mrs SEA Soring 
Dr & Mrs A B Morong 
Mr R M Bishop 
The Misses Bishop 
Mrs Blanche K Wheeler 
Mr Robert J Crooks 
Mr & Mrs W E Dennis 
Miss H E Wise 
Mrs V A Stephens 

57 Mr & Mrs Chas F Warner 

69 Mr & Mrs E H Tardivel 
Mr & Mrs C M Hapgood 
Miss S E Merrill 
Miss Elizabeth F Dickie 
Mr & Mrs R L Keller 

71 Mr & Mrs I F Paul 
Mrs M C Johnson 
Mrs Dorothy Harris 

73 Mr & Mrs E F Caldwell 
Mrs Minnette A Truax 
Mr & Mrs A J Fogg 
Mrs E A Mansfield 

75 Mrs N W Hodgkins 
Mrs J W Bliss 
Mr & Mrs Wm F Currier 

77 Mrs Mary E Jordan 

Mr & Mrs John Dix Allen 
Mr <fe Mrs Frank Hain 

2 Hotel Westland 

14 Mr W B Turner 
The Misses Brown 
Mr & Mrs G E Tirrell 
Mr E H Mahoney 
Mrs A D Allison 

32 The Massasoit 

64 Mrs L D Phelps 
Mrs S B Dayton 
Miss Dayton 
Mr & Mrs Wm H Partridge 

66 Mr & Mrs H E Warren 
Mrs E S Wells 
Mrs H J Morrill 

68 Mr John W Hawkins 
Mr John T Hawkins 
Mr & Mrs F M Wemple 
Mr & Mrs E K Chapman 
Miss Sarah J O'Brien 

70 Mr & Mrs M D Clark 
Mrs K Fea 
Mrs Stella Bartlett 

72 Mr & Mrs C W Perkins 
Mr & Mrs F P Spear 
Mrs Matilda T Boynton 
Miss Ruby Mae Boynton 
Mr Pearl H Boynton 
Mr J F Dunham 

74 Mr & Mrs J B Phipps 
Mr & Mrs W E Eastman- 



Westland Av — ^Onilinued 

77 Mr & Mrs John H Hildroth 
Mr F M Jordan 

79 Mr & Mn^ H F Macombc r 
Mr & Mrs William Carrick 
Miss R S Co voile 
Miss Mf»y C Zick^ndrath 
Mr & Mrs T IT M.-rshUuid 

81 Mrs William E Noyc s 

Mr & Mrs Wm E Johnston 

Mr George P Dennett 

Dr & Mrs Albert E Garland 

83 Dr Albert E Rogers 
Dr Philip S Sumner 
Mrs Chas W Higgin bottom 

85 Mrs Margaret S Smith 
The Misses Tombs 
Mrs Eugene R Knnpj) 

91 Hemenwav Chambers 

(Hemenway Street) 

74 Mr & Mrs F C Newell 
Mr it Mrs S F Levy 
Dr & Mrs H B Jcffer on 
Mr & Mrs T Schneider 

76 Mr & Mrs Henry Andrews 
Mr & Mrs G E Plimr.ton 
Mr F F PlhiP^ton 
Mr David ^^uitekan 
Mrs Mi ry liuitekan 
Mr <fe Mrs I eon VnnVUet 
Mr & Mrs W^ J Anderson 
Mr & Mrs F W Hcustis 
Mr Rand Heustis 
The Misses HeUvStis 

78 Mr & Mrs William H Mertz 
Mr Hollis Mertz 
Prof A A Noyes 
Mr & Mrs A W Gilbert 
Mr Clayton D Gilbert 
Mr Royce Gilbert 
Miss F L VanDyke 


3 The Hermitage 
Mr Oscar F Adams 
Mr Patrick Grant 
Mr Theodore S Harris 
Mr Rodney Lowe 
Mr Wm Samuel Rowland 
Mr Arthur Fa rns worth 
Mr Willianri Rutherford 
Mr James Collins 
Mr Maurice Owen 
Mr Arthur P Howard 
Mr Ralph Lee 
Mr Shoji Kawasaki 
Rev James B Brady 

The Hermitagv — Con 
Mr Alfred Bartlett 
Dr William Lord Smith 
Mr Hirold D Stebbins 
Mr Rex Hen eg an 
Mr Th(,ma:i Sealy 
Mr Kenneth Hill 
Mr James J McGinnes 
Mr David Harrington 
Mr Daniel Cronan 
Mr J McVov 
Mr Lewis Fwald 
Mr Fred Bancroft 
Mr I'rank Kirk» atrick 

HE Publishers of the City 
Directory wish to call the 
attention of Bostonians 
to the fact that of the 
29 1 ,02 2 names in last year's Direc- 
tory, seventy-two and one half 
per cent w^ere changed in some 
respect from the preceeding year. 
While this figure is slightly high- 
er than usual, it explains the fact 
that the use of any but the latest 
Directory is apt to lead one into 
error. ^ ^ ^ ^ 

state Street 
Safe Deposit Vaults 


Safety for Valuables of all kinds 
Storage for Silverware ttc* 



Large and convenient rooms for examina- 

tion of papers 





97, 99 and 10) Funeuil Hall Market 


Hothouaa Product b ana Cann»d Oooda 
Special ittenUoo given to Hotel. Club and Pamtly Orden 
Careful atlCQltoa eiveo to orders by Mail, Telepbooe or TeUgrapb 
Orders taken «t lestdeoce li desired 


Massachusetts and Westland AveQues 

TeleplionelSOS Baok Bay 

Also Huntington Avenue Division: 
Hnntington Aveane and Bryant Street 

TeleplioDS, Back Bay IGSO-lGSt 
JK Jt Jt Jt 

Receives on Storage: Furniture, Piawos, Pictures, 
Works of Art, Carriages, Trunks. Etc. 

Storagre Rooms from $1.50 per mouth upwards 
jt jt jt jt 
Vaults for Silverwear and Valuables 

Cold Rooms for Furs, Tapestries and Woolens 
,« j« j« j» 





AbW Mrs W A, The Victoria Adams Dr & Mrs J T 155 Mass Av 

Abbotsford The 184 186 188 Common- Adams Mr & Mrs J W 7^0 Beacon 

wealth Av Adams Miss Kathaiine F 95 Mt Vernon 

Abbott Mr & Mrs E B 1087 Boylston Adams Miss Louise F 278 Common- 
Abbott Dr & Mrs F L 252 Newbury wealth Av 

Abbott Miss F L 186 Commonwealth Adams Mr & Mrs Mclvin O 36 Beacon 

Avenue Adams Mrs M B, Copley l^'q Hotel 

Abbott Mr & Mrs Gordan 240 Beaton Adams Mrs M E 237 Berkeley 

Abbott Mrs Jere 406 Beacon Adams Mr Oscar F 3 Willow 

Abbott Mr & Mrs John Colby 68 Chest- Adams Mr & Mrs Samuel G 278 Com- 

nut monwealth Av 

Abbott Mr & Mrs P W 2S3 Common- Adams Miss Sarah H 845 Boylston 

wealth Av Adams Mrs Waldo, The Ludlow 

Abercrombie Mrs Margaret L 35 Mt Adarrts Dr & Mrs W G 259 Beacon 

Vernon Adams Dr & Mrs Z B 416 Marlborough 

Aborn Mr & Mrs Hermon W 819 Bea- Adamson Miss Cora L, Hotel Canter- 
con bury 

Academy of The Sacred Heart 264 Adamton Mr Robert, The Westminster 

Commonwealth Av Adler Dr Herman M 31 Mass Av 

Achorn Dr A A 178 Huntington Av Agassiz Hotel 191 Commonwealth Av 

Achorn Dr C E 178 Huntington Av Aga.-siz Mr & Mrs Rudolphe L 135 
Achorn Dr J W^arren, Trinity Court Commonwealth Av 

Achorn Dr Kendall L 178 Huntington Ahl Mrs Daniel 10 Commonwealth Av 

Avenue Ahl Mr Leonard D 10 Commonwealth 
Adamowski Mr & Mrs T 23 Chestnut Avenue 

Adams Mr & Mrs A D F 2^ 2 Berkeley Ahlborn Mrs H C 258 Marlborough 

Adams Mr & Mrs Brooks 229 Beacon Aiken Dr & Mrs T F 384 Common- 
Adams Mr Charles W^ 169 Beacon wealth Av 

Adams Mr Edward B 95 Mt Vernon Ainsley Mr & Mrs John R 465 Audubon 
Adams Mrs Edward L, The Ludlow Road 

Adams Mrs F K 845 Boylston Ainslie Mr & Mrs Allen, The Tuileries 

Adams Mrs George E, The Vendome Ainslie Miss Helen V. The Tuileries 

Adams Mr & Mrs H J, Hotel Carlton Ainsworth Dr G C 220 Clarendon 

Adams Mr I S 112 Pinckney Alden Mrs E K l4 West Cedar 

Adams Mr & Mrs John D 466 Audubon Alden Mrs (ieorge A, The Vendome 

Road Alden Mrs G A, Hotel Nottingham 

Adams Mrs John Q 177 Commonwealth Alden Mr & Mrs G Edwin, The Ven- 

Avenue dome 



Alden Miss J M,- Hotel Nottingham 
Alden Miss Priscilla, The Vendome 
Aldrich Mrs Charles Frost 441 Beacon 
Aldrich Mr Harry M 228 Newbury 
Aldrich Mr & Mrs Roy S 65 Mt Vernon 
Aldrich Mrs T B 59 Mt Vernon 
Aldrich Mr & Mrs W H, Hotel Canter- 

Aldwych, Beckton & Court Halls 200 

Huntington Av 
Alexander Dr Clara J, Hotel Bristol 
Alexander Mr Clifford G, Trinity Court 
Alexander Mr C E 16 Mt Vernon 
Alexander Mrs E H 39 Mountfort 
Alexander Miss E M, Copley Sq Hotel 
Alexander Mr H D, Trinity Court 
Alexander Mr & Mrs J, Hotel Ilkley 
Alfreds Mrs M F 874 Beacon 
Algonquin Club, 217 Commonwealth 

Allan Mr & Mrs Bryce J 255 Beacon 
Alland Mr Samuel, Hotel Bellevue 
Allard Dr Frank E 373 Commonwealth 

Allen Mr Charles, The Charlesgate 
Allen Mrs Charles F 237 Berkeley 
Allen Mr & Mrs Charles W 41 Chestnut 
Allen Miss C Elizabeth 237 Berkeley 
Allen Mr Edgir W, The Copley 
Allen Miss Elizabeth, Hotel Bellevue 
Allen Mr Fiank D 237 Berkeley 
Allen Rev & Mrs F B 132 Marlborough 
Allen Mr & Mrs F E, The Copley 
Allen Mr & Mrs F R 20 Fairfield 
Allen Mr George H, Parker House 
Allen Miss Grace, Trinity Court 
Allen Mr Harry S 4 Plymouth 
Allen Mr & Mrs John D 77 Westland Av 
Allen Miss M F 4 Plymouth 
Allen Mrs O T, Trinity Court 
Allen Mr & Mrs Roger N 163 Beacon 
Allen Mr & Mrs Rollin H 240 Common- 
wealth Av 
Allen Miss Rosamond 163 Beacon 
Allen Mr Samuel E 10 Arlington 
Allen Mrs Stillman B, The Vendome 

Allen Mrs Susan M 22 Peterborough 
Allen Mr & Mrs S G 609 Commonwealth 

Allen Mr & Mrs Thomas 12 Common- 
wealth Av 
Allen Mr & Mrs William A 477 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Allen Mr & Mrs William A, Trinity 

Allen Mr W B, The Vendome 
Allen Mrs W Henry 291 Commonwealth 

Allen Mrs Washington 4 Plymouth 
Allen Dr W Y 149 Newbury 
Allen Miss 132 Marlborough 
Allen Miss, Parker House 
Allen The Misses, The Vendome 
Alles Mr & Mrs John 15 Bay State Rd 
Alley Mrs N A 1100 Boylston 
AUine Mr A Mrs W H 113 Gainsbo- 
Allison Mrs A D 14 Westland Av 
Althea The 28 St James Av 
Amadon Dr Alfred M, Hotel Cluny 
Amadon Dr & Mrs Arthur F, Hotel 

American House 50 Hanover 
American Library Assn 34 Newbury 
American Unitarian Association 25 

Ames Miss A H, Hotel Hamilton 
Ames Mr B L, Copley Sq Hotel 
Ames Rev & Mrs C G 12 Chestnut 
Ames Miss Evelyn 260 Beacon 
Ames Miss E A, Hotel Hamilton 
Ames Mr John S 306 Dartmouth 
Ames Dr & Mrs J L 70 Chestnut 
Ames Miss Mary S 306 Dartmouth 
Ames Mrs Oliver 355 Commonwealth 

Ames Mr & Mrs Oliver 15 Common- 
wealth Av 
Ames Mrs T H, Copley Sq Hotel 
Ames Mr & Mrs William H 267 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Ames Mr Winthrop 66 Beacon 



Ammidown Mrs H C 297 Newbury 
Amory Mr A 133 Marlborough 
Amory Mr & Mrs C W 278 Beacon 
Amory Mr & Mrs F I 413 Common- 
wealth Av 
Amory Mr George G 278 Beacon 
Amory Mrs George W 361 Beacon 
Amory Mr & Mrs Harcourt 293 Beacon 
Amory Mr Ingersoll 133 Marlborough 
Amory Dr & Mrs Robert 279 Beacon 
Amory Mr & Mrs William 2d 341 Bea- 
Amsden Mr G A, Parker House 
Andersen Mr & Mrs C P, The Westmin- 
Anderson Mrs M W 485 Beacon 
Anderson Mr & Mrs Robert, The Em- 
Anderson Mr & Mrs W J 76 Westland 

Andrew Mrs C 11 St James Av 
Andrews Mr Edward R 119 Beacon 
Andrews Mr & Mrs Edwin G 405 Marl- 
Andrews Miss EUen, Hotel Kempton 
Andrews Miss Fannie F 405 Marlbor- 
Andrews Mr & Mrs Henry 76 Westland 

Andrews Miss 260 Clarendon 
Andrews The Misses 119 Beacon 
Angell Mr & Mrs George T, The West- 
Angell Dr & Mrs H C 16 Beacon 
Angler Mr A E, Hotel Canterbury 
Annesley Mr & Mrs Charles G 201 Clar- 
Anthony Miss Annie R, The Auster- 

field 502 Beacon 
Anthony Mr Arthur C 5 Mt Vernon PI 
Anthony Miss Jean, The Oxford 
Anthony Mr N 5 Mt Vernon PI 
Anthony Mr & Mrs S R 113 Common- 
wealth Av 
Apollo Club 3 Joy 
Appleton Mr & Mrs C D 59 Mountfort 

Appleton Mr & Mrs F H 251 Marlbor- 
Appleton Mr & Mrs F H Jr 251 Marlbor- 
Appleton Dr Lucy 479 Beacon 
Appleton Miss Marjorie C 31 Mass Av 
Appleton Mr & Mrs Russell 31 Hereford 
Appleton Dr & Mrs Samuel 45 West- 
land Av 
Appleton Mr & Mrs Samuel 275 Marl- 
Appleton Dr & Mrs William 74 Beacon 
Appleton Mr William S 28 Mt Vernon 
Appleton Miss 251 Marlborough 
Appleton Miss 275 Marlborough 
Archambeau Mrs Alice E 5 Hancock Av 
Archibald Mr W S 63 Mt Vernon 
Arensberg Mr <fe Mrs Walter C, Hotel 

Arey Mr & Mrs L M, The Mountfort 
Armistead Mr Louis A, Hotel Canter- 
Armistead Mrs W Keith, Hotel Canter- 
Arms Mr John T Jr 3 Spruce 
Armstrong Mrs G R 154 Huntington Av 
Arnold Mr Allen, The Victoria 
Arnold Mr & Mrs Edmund K 12 Glou- 
Arnold Dr & Mrs H D 427 Beacon 
Arnold Mr & Mrs H H, The Charlesgate 
Arnold The Misses, The Victoria 
Art Museum, Copley Sq cor Dartmouth 
Ashley Miss E M, Copley Sq Hotel 
Ashley Mr & Mrs Homer, Copley Sq 

Askenasy Mr & Mrs H F 5 Chestnut 
AthenaBum The 10 i Beacon 
Atherton Mrs E L 41 Huntington Av 
Atherton Mrs Geo'ge E 497 Beacon 
Atherton Mr P A, Hemenway Chambers 
Atherton Mr Walter, Hotel Bristol 
Atherton Mrs William 144 Common- 
wealth Av 
Atherton Mr William, Hotel Bristol 
Atkins Mr & Mrs W H 499 Beacon 



Atkinson Mr Charles F 38 Chestnut 
Atkinson Miss C P 657 Boylston 
Atkinson Mr George Jr 140 Beacon 
Atkinson Miss L D 37 Chestnut 
Atkinson Miss S P 38 Chestnut 
Attleton Mr & Mrs E F 43 Chestnut 
Atwell Mr P 72 Huntington Av 
Atwood Mr Charles H, Hotel Bellevue 
Aubry The 149 Newbury 
Audubon Circle The 879 Beacon 
Audubon Terrace 500 & 504 Audubon 

Auerbach Mr & Mrs Ix>uis 15 Ivy 
Austerfield The 502 Beacon 
Austin Dr Clara C 165 Huntington Av 
Austin Mrs J W 9 Arlington 
Austin Mr Thomas H 48 Beacon 
Austin Mr & Mrs William D 23 Bellevue 
Austin Mr & Mrs W H M 134 St Mary's 
Avery Mr George W, The Oxford 
Ayer Miss B 395 Commonwealth Av 
Ayer Mr & Mrs C F 127 Commonwealth 

Ayer Miss Flora 65 Mt Vernon 
Ayer. Mr & Mrs F 395 Commonwealth 

Ayer Dr & Mrs James B 518 Beacon 
Ayer Mrs Munroe, Hotel Brunswick 
Ayres Mr & Mrs James 499 Beacon 

Babbitt Mr & Mrs George F, The Tudor 
Babcock Mr & Mrs W A 719 Boylston 
Bacon Mr Charles E 66 Beacon 
Bacon Mr & Mrs E M 16 Pinrkney 
Bacon Mrs E M 106 Huntington Av 
Bacon Mr Francis E, Copley Sq Hotel 
Bacon Mr & Mrs Francis H 5 Brimmer 
Bacon Mr Louis 925 Boylston 
Bacon Mrs Sarah T, The Buckminster 
Bacon Miss, Copley Sq Hotel 
Badger Mr E B 856 Beacon 
Badger Dr & Mrs George S C 48 Here- 
Badlan Mrs Charles 14 St James Av 
Baer Mr & Mrs Louis 468 Audubon Rd 
Bagley Mr & Mrs H L, The Oxford 

Bahan Mr & Mrs George M 459 Audu- 
bon Rd 
Bailey Mrs Byron E 101 Mountfort 
Bailey Mr & Mrs C C 378 Newbury 
Bailey Miss Helen G, The Vendonae 
Bailey Mr <k Mrs J C 199 Marlborough 
Bailey Dr & Mrs Walter C 267 Claren- 
Bailey Dr Walter T, The Vendome 

office 665 Boylston 
Bain Mr W H, U S Hotel 
Baird Miss Ellen 27 West Cedar 
Baird Mr P J, Copley Sq Hotel 
Baker Mr & Mrs A P 37 Newbury 
Baker Mrs A T 172 Marlborough 
Baker Miss C Alice 42 Fenway 
Baker Mr Edward F 269 Newbury 
Baker Mr Ezra H ^ 8 Commonwealth Av 
Baker Mr & Mrs E Day, The Oxford 
Baker Mrs E F, The Buckminster 
Baker Mrs E H 117 Commonwealth Av 
Baker Mr & Mrs L D. Parker House 
Baker Miss L D 65 Mt Vernon 
Baker Miss Martha A, Parker House 
Baker Mrs M A 72 Huntington Av 
Baker Miss S P 461 Beacon 
Baker Mr Wendal E, American House 
Baker Mr William H, Parker House 
Baker Mr W E, Copley Sq Hotel 
Baker Dr W H 22 Mt Vernon . 
Balch Dr & Mrs F G 279 Clarendon 
Balch Mr & Mrs G B, Hotel Touraine 
Balderson Mr & Mrs Francis D, The 

Balderston Mrs John C 473 Beacon 
Balderston Mr J A 473 Beacon 
Balderston Mr Wilson 473 Beacon 
Balderston Miss 473 Beacon 
Baldwin Miss Abbey W, Tiiri'y Court 
Baldwin Mr & Mrs A T, Hotel Somerset 
Baldwin Dr & Mrs H C 126 Common- 
wealth Av 
Baldwin Mr & Mrs Charles H 158 Bay 

State Rd 
Baldwin Mrs G P, The Oxford 
Baldwin Mrs L A, The Buckminster 


1 n.i 

Baldwin Mr William H 63 Pinckney 
Baldwin Miss, Hotel Somerset 
Ball Mr & Mrs B A 94 Bay State Rd 
Ball Mrs George H 23 Bay State Rd 
Ball Dr & Mrs J W 160 Newbury 
Ballard Miss Elizabeth, Hotel Somerset 
Ballard Mr, The Westminster 
Ballou Mrs M M,. Hotel Brunswick 
Ballou Mr M R 10 Charles 
Bamber Mr David, Hotel Canterbury 
Bancroft Mr & Mrs C F 159 Bay State 

Bancroft Miss E 249 Beacon 
Bancroft Mr Fred 3 Willow 
Bancroft Mr Frederick W 124 Mt Ver- 
Bancroft Mr '& Mrs Hugh 253 Newbury 
Bancroft Miss M G 15 Hereford 
Bancroft Mr & Mrs R H 249 Beaton 
Banfield Mrs E C 47 Pinckney 
Ban field Dr F E 149 Newbury 
Bangs Mr E A 553 Huntington Av 
Bangs Mrs E D, The Ludlow 
Bangs Miss E S 371 Commonwealth Av 
Bangs Mr & Mrs F R 42 Fairfield 
Bangs Miss Mary R 82 Beacon 
Bangs Mr Outram 555 Huntington Av 
Barber Mrs L G, The Ludlow 
Barbour Mr E D 344 Beacon 
Barker Mr Alfred, Hotel Bellevue 
Barker Miss A E 21 Blagden 
Barker Mr & Mrs B Devereux 138 Marl- 
Barker Miss C E 21 Blagden 
Barker Mr Robert G, Commonwealth 

Barker Mr & Mrs Thomas 202 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Barley Mr & Mrs J F, Hemenway 

Barlow Mr Charles L 75 Marlborough 
Barlow Mrs Francis. C 75 Marlborough 
Barlow Mr Robert S 75 Marlborough 
Barnard Dr Belle S 382 Newbury 
Barnard Mr Darwin 20 Mt \'ernon 
Barnard Mr Franklin, The Ludlow 

Barnard Mr S 840 Beacon 

Barnes Mrs Amos, Hotel Brunswick 

Barnes Mr C B 111 Marlborough 

Barnes Miss Florence 17 Ivy 

Barnes Mr & Mrs Herbert H, Hotel 

Barnes Dr H A 17 Ivy office 636 Bea- 
Barnes Dr H J 429 Beacon 
Barnes Mrs L T 154 Newbury 
Barnes Miss Mary Pill Marlborough 
Barnes Mr & Mrs W S 17 Ivy 
Barnes Miss 429 Beacon 
Barney Mrs Charles E 96 Bay State Rd 
Barney Dr & Mrs James D 384 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Barney Mrs Mary A, The Wadsworth 
Barr Mr James C 5 Mt Vernon PI 
Barr Miss I^ura M, The Lenox 
Barr (len'l & Mrs Thomas F, Hotel 

Barrell Dr & Mrs Charles S 425 Beacon 
Barrett Mr & Mrs George R, The Lenox 
Barrett Miss S D 30 West Cedar 
Barrock Mrs A F, the Oxford 
Barroek Miss, The Oxford 
Barron Mrs C L 37 Ivy 
Barron Mr & Mrs C W 334 Beaion 
Barron Mr (Jeorge W, Commonwealth 

Barry Mr *S: Mrs C Lawrence 1069 Boyl- 

Barry Mr & Mrs Richard Fill Mount- 
Barry Mr & Mrs W M 214 Newbury 
Barstow Miss Alice R, Hotel Canter- 
Barstow Miss A I) 845 Boylston 
Barstow Miss (' A 33 Brimmer 
Barstow Dr Henry T 845 Boylston 
Barstow Mr H L, Hotel Canterbury 
Barth Mr & Mrs Carl, Hemenway 

Barth Mr & Mrs M 293 Commonwealth 

Barthlonie Miss A M 1126 Boylston 



Barthlome Mr & Mrs John 1126 Boyls- 

Bartlett Mr Alfred 3 Willow 
Bartlett Mr & Mrs A S, Hotel Notting- 
Bartlett Dr Charles 22 Blagden 
Bartlett Dr C S 172 Commonwealth Av 
Bartlett Miss Fannie 227 Common- 
wealth Av 
Bartlett Mr Francis 236 Beacon 
Bartlett Mr & Mrs G E, Hemenway 

Bartlett Miss Mary 227 Commonwealth 

Bartlett Mrs Matthew 227 Common- 
wealth Av 
Bartlett Mr M 272 Marlborough 
Bartlett Miss Mary H, The Tuileries 
Bartlett Mr N S 272 Marlborough 
Bartlett Mr N S Jr 272 Marlborough 
Bartlett Mr Ralph S 139 Beacon 
Bartlett Mrs Stella 70 Westland Av 
Bartlett Mr & Mrs Stephen L 176 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Bartlett Mrs S E, Copley Sq Hotel 
Bartlett Mr Wilbert S 2 Walnut 
Bartol Miss E H 17 Chestnut 
Bartol Dr & Mrs John W 1 Chestnut 
Barton Mrs F H, Hotel Brunswick 
Barton Mrs M J 64 Mt Vernon 
Barton Mrs 159 Huntington Av 
Bassett Dr Alice H, Trinity Court of- 
fice 803 Boylston 
Bassett Mr & Mrs J M 138 Huntington 

Bassett Miss Lillian E 240 Newbury 
Bassett Mrs M E 157 Huntington Av 
Bassett Miss Sara W, Trinity Court 
Batchelder Mr Charles 48 Beacon 
Batchelder Mr Edward S, The Vendome 
Batchelder Mrs H W 376 Newbury 
Batchelder Miss I, The Abbotsford 
Batchelder Mr ^ Mrs J D, The Oxford 
Bateheller Mr George R, Hotel Ilkley 
Batcheller Mr George R Jr, Hotel Ilkley 
Bateheller Miss M 485 Beacon 

Bates Mr Arlo 4 Otis PI 

Bates Mr & Mrs Edward Carrington 

122 Marlborough 
Bates Mr A Mrs George P, The Charles- 
Bates Mr & Mrs G C 222 Huntington 

Bates Mrs I Chapman, The Charlesgate 
Bates Mr J 1069 Boylston 
Bates Dr Mary, The Wadsworth 
Bates Mr Oric 4 Otis PI 
Bates Mr Samuel - W 3^2 Common- 
wealth Av 
Bates Mr Waldron 382 Commonwealth 

Bates Mrs, Hotel Brunswick 
Battelle Mr & Mrs Eugene 257 Marlboro 
Battelle Miss 257 Marlborough 
Baxter Mrs Charles W 15 Blagden 
Baxter Mr C Sherman 15 Blagden 
Baxter Miss E F 136 Huntington Av 
Baxter Mr & Mrs Horace W 524 Com- 

monweatlh Av 
Baxter Mrs K C, Hotel Carlton 
Baxter Miss L W, Hemenway Cham- 
Baxter Dr & Mrs W E 755 Boylston 
Bayley Mr C H, The Vendome 
Bayley Mr & Mrs E B 134 Marlborough 
Baylies Mr & Mrs W C 6 Common- 
wealth Av 
Bay State Trust Co 222 Boylston 
Bazeley Mr & Mrs W A L 1 16 Common- 
wealth Av 
Beach Dr & Mrs H H A 28 Common- 
wealth Av 
Beach Mr John P 10 Charles 
Beacon The Annex 1 Mountfort 
Beacon The 784 Beacon 
Beal Mrs James H 104 Deacon 
Beal Mr & Mrs T P 36 Gloucester 
Beal Mrs William F 755 Boylston 
Beals Mr Gardner 328 Dartmouth 
Beals Mr & Mrs George W 6 West Cedar 
Beals Mr & Mrs J G 328 Dartmouth 
Beals Mr Sidney L 328 Dartmouth 



Beals Mr William 125 Newbury 
Bean Mrs Robert V, Hemenway Cham- 
Beard Mrs C 11 Mountfort 
Bearse Dr Ada M 39 Huntington Av 
Beatty Dr F T 139 Beacon 
Beaumont Miss C E 98 Huntin^jton Av 
Beck Mr & Mrs Albert H, The Eastgate 
Beckley Mr J M, The Westminster 
Beckwith Mrs A E, Hemenway Cham- 
Beekwith Miss Theodora, Hemenway 

Bedford Miss Dorothy, United States 

Beebe Miss Emily B 30 Beacon 
Beebe Mr E Pierson 30 Beacon 
Beebe Mr Franklin H 30 Beacon 
Beebe Mr & Mrs Junius 96 Bay State 

Beebe Mr & Mrs J Arthur 199 Common- 
wealth Av 
Beebe Dr T C Jr 416 Marlborough 
Beebe Miss 199 Commonwealth Av 
Beech Mrs H, The Abbotsford 
Belden Mr David A, Trinity Court 
Belknap Mr & Mrs L A, Copley Square 

Bell Mr & Mrs G H 16 Blagden 
Bell Mrs Helen C 24 Chestnut 
Bell Dr & Mrs J B 178 Commonwealth 

Bellevue Hotel 23 Beacon 
Bellows Miss A F 409 Marlborough 
Bellows Dr H P 220 Clarendon 
Bellows Mrs H W 29 Hereford 
Bellows Mr & Mrs J A 1 1 5 Beacon 
Belvoir The 636 & 638 Beacon 
Bement Miss Florence, Hemenway 

Bement Mrs G F, Hemenway Chambers 
Bemis Mr & Mrs Frank B 128 Beacon 
Benachi Mr & Mrs L A, The Victoria 
Benedict Mrs William Ci 392 Marlbor- 
Bennett Mr & Mrs B F 869 Beacon 

Bennett Mr & Mrs E E, Hotel Somerset 
Bennett Mrs E W 82 Huntington Av 
Bennett Mr H H 869 Beacon 
Bennett Miss I E, The Victoria 
Bennett Miss Mabel A, Trinity Court 
Bennett Mr Oliver E 82 Huntington Av 
Bennett Mr S A, The Lenox 
Bennett Mr & Mrs S H 329 Common- 
wealth Av 
Bennett Mrs, The Wadsworth 
Bent Miss Mildred 84 Commonwealth 

Bent Mr &«Mrs S Arthur 84 Common- 
wealth 'Av 
Bent Mrs S E, Copley Sq Hotel 
Bentley Miss M B, The Oxford 
Benton Mr & Mrs J H Jr 265 Newbury 
Beresford The 845 Boylston 
Bergstrom Mrs L E 382 Newbury 
Berkeley Building 42 Boylston 
Berlin Dr Fanny office The Charles- 
Bernard Mr & Mrs Albert, The Wads- 
Bernard Miss Helen, The Wadsworth 
Bernard Mr Paul, The Wadsworth 
Bernhardt Mrs Frances L 382 Newbury 
Berry Mrs T C 523 Newbury 
Bertrand Mrs Mary A, Trinity Court 
Besse Miss Marion E, Copley S(i Hotel 
Bessey Dr & Mrs Earle E 1116 Boylston 
Bet ton Mns C G 95 Mt Vernon 
Bicknell Mr & Mrs G J 5 Ivy 
Bigelow Miss Adeline 9 Fairfield 
Bigelow Mr <fe Mrs A S 30 (Jloucester 
Bigelow Mr & Mrs C B, The Wadsworth 
Bigelow Mrs George T 371 Common- 
wealth Av 
Bigelow Dr Lyman F 179 Newbury 
Bigelow Miss M A, The \'ic'toria 
Bigelow Mr & Mrs Prescott 16 Marl- 
Bigelow Prof Robert P 3 Spruce 
Bigelow Mr S A, The Westminster 
Bigelow Dr W S 56 Beacon 
Bill Mrs B H 27 Newbury 



Billings Mr & Mrs George H 293 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Binger Mr R E 48 Beacon 
Bingham Mr & Mrs Charles H 142 Bea- 
Bingham Mr Charles W 169 Beacon 
Bingham Mrs George 217 Huntington 

Binney Mrs E M 13S Marlborough 
Binney Mr G H jr 13S Marlborough 
Binney Dr Horace 1 Marlborough 
Bird Mr & Mrs C G 7 Newbury 
Bird Miss Elsie, The Charlesgate 
Bird Mr & Mrs F M, Hotel Brunswick 
Bird Mr & Mrs Henry W 19 West C^dar 
Bird Miss Marion, The Charlesgate 
Bird Mr & MrsWUliam B,The Charles- 
Birely Mr W L, Hotel Nottingham 
Birmingham Dr & Mrs L H 114 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Bishop Mr C 1075 Boylston 
Bishop Dr Heber, Copley Sq Hotel 
Bishop Miss Helen 1075 Boylston 
Bishop Mrs J E, Hemenway Chambers 
Bishop Miss M F, The Vendome 
Bishop Mr R 1075 Boylston 
Bishop Mr R M 45 Westland At 
Bishop Mr S 1075 Boylston 
Bishop The Misses 45 Westland Av 
Bixby Mr W N, The Oxford 
Black Mrs Donald 156 Newbury 
Black Mr George N 57 Beacon 
Black Miss N C 78 Huntington Av 
Black The Misses 156 Newbury 
Blackmar Mrs W W^ 72 Commonwealth 

Blackwood Mr & Mrs S N, The Tuiler- 

Blagden The 24 & 26 Blagden 
Blair Mr F W, Revere House 
Blair Mrs M J 420 Newbury 
Blair The Misses 420 Newbury 
Blaisdell Miss 230 Huntington Av 
Blake Miss A D 265 Beacon 
Blake Mrs Charles 414 Beacon 

Blake Mr & Mrs Charles E 189 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Blake Dr & Mrs Clarence J 226 Marlbor- 
Blake Mr Dehon 426 Marlborough 
Blake Mr Edward M, Trinity Court 
Blake Mr & Mrs E D 426 Marlborough 
Blake Mr&Mrs Francis E, Hotel Bellevue 
Blake Dr Gerald 212 Bacon 
Blake Miss H M 176 Newbury 
Blake Mrs James H 49 Massachusetts 

Blake Mr & Mrs John A Lowell 37 Bea- 
Blake Dr & Mrs John Bapst 161 Beacon 
Blake Dr J G 212 Beacon 
Blake Mr & Mrs Kenneth M 49 Mount- 
Blake Mrs M F, The Ludlow 
Blake Miss M L 39 Brimmer 
Blake Miss Susan I, Hotel Brunswick 
Blake Mrs S P 39 Biimmer 
Blake Mr William P 265 Beacon 
Blake Miss, Hotel Brunswick 
Blakie Mr & Mrs Robert 301 Newbury 
Blanchard Mr & Mrs A 1091 Boylston 
Blanchard Miss Sarah H 239 Beacon 
Blanchard Dr Stanley W 1080 Boylston 
Blanchard Mr & Mrs W E 13, 14 & 15 

Blaney Mr & Mrs Dwight 82 Mt Vemon 
Blaney Mr & Mrs W O 469 Common- 
wealth Av 
Blatchford Mr J S, The Austerfield 502 

Bliss Mrs J W 75 Westland Av 
Blodgett Dr Albert N 51 Massachusetts 

Blodgett Miss A T 917 Beacon 
Bloom Mr & Mrs William 531 Newbury 
Blosae Dr H, The Oxford 
Blume Mr & Mrs Andreas 288 Common- 
wealth Av 
Blume Mr & Mrs Jarvis 37 St James Av 
Boardman Miss Alice H 388 Maq. 



Boardman Mrs A L 199 Marlborough 
Boardman Mr & Mrs E A 272 Marl- 
Boardman Miss E I) 416 Marlborough 
Boardman Dr William P 388 Marl- 
Boardman Dr & Mrs W E 388 Marl- 
Boardman Dr & Mrs W S 63 Mt Vernon 
Bogan Dr F L 411 Marlborough 
Bolan Dr H R office 407 Marlborough 
Boles Mr Frank W 3 Arlington 
BoUes Mr & Mrs H E, The Charlesgate 
BoUes Mr Matthew, The Empire 
BoUes Mrs M S, The Empire 
Boiler Mr Reginald, The Empire 
Bolles Mr & Mrs R F 305 Common- 
wealth Av 
Bond Dr S A 865 Boylston 
Bond Mr S N 112 Pinckney 
BonelU Mr & Mrs E H, The Lenox 
Bonner Mr William T, Garrison Hall, 

Garrison St 
Boomer Mrs L M, The Lenox 
Boone Miss Irene F 11 Mountfort 
Boos Dr William F 28 Newbury 
Boothby Mrs AJonzo, Hotel Vendome 
Boothby Dr & Mrs W M 508 Common- 
wealth Av 
Borden Miss Caroline 382 Common- 
wealth Av 
Borden Dr Charles R C office 484 Bea- 
Bossom Mr & Mrs E G 211 Huntington 

Bossom Mr G C Jr, Hotel Touraine 
Bosson Mr & Mrs Albert D 27 Hereford 
Bosson Mrs George, Hotel Bellevne 
Boston Art Qub, Dartmouth cor New- 
Boston Athletic Assn, Exeter cor Blag- 
Boston City Club 9 Beacon 
Boston Equal Suffrage Assn 6 Marl- 
Boston Library Society 114 Newbury 

Boston Medical Library 8 Fenway 

Boston Press Club 3 Beacon 

Boston Opera House 309 Huntington 

Av office 252 Huntington Av 
Boston Society of Natural History, 

Berkeley St cor Boylston 
Boston University School of Theology 

72 Mt Vernon 
Bosworth Mr & Mrs G F 156 Bay State 

Bottomley Dr & Mrs John T 165 Bea- 
Botsford Mrs E A, Trinity Court 
Bountheau Mrs Emma H, Hotel Kemp- 
Bourne Mr & Mrs Frank A 130 Mt Ver- 
Boutwell Dr Horace K 485 Boylston 
Bout well Dr & Mrs L B 17 Bay State 

Boutwell Mr & Mrs Roswell M, The 

Bowditch Mr & Mrs Alfred 75 Bay 
State Rd summer residence Pond 
St J P 
Bowditch Dr Henry I 506 Beacon 
Bowditch Miss Olivia Y 506 Beacon 
Bowditch Dr Vincent Y 506 Beacon 
Bowen Dr J T 14 Marlborough 
Bo wen Mt J W 14 Marlborough 
■Bowen Miss Lillian 111 Pinckney 
Bowen Mrs M M 51 Mountfort 
Bowen Mr & Mrs Stephen 319 Beacon 
Bowler Mrs G P, Trinity Court 
Bowles Adm'l & Mrs Francis T 148 

Bowlker Mr & Mrs T J 282 Beacon 
Bowman Mr George E 62 Pinckney 
Bowman Mrs Robert, The Eastgate 
Bowman Dr & Mrs W H 158 New- 
Bowne Prof & Mrs Borden P 380 Long- 
wood Av 
Boyd Mr & Mrs Edward W 149 Mass 

Boyd Dr & Mrs H D, Hotel Ilkley 



Boyden Mrs Charles 224 Common- 
wealth Av 
Boyden Mr & Mrs Charles 230 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Boyden Mr Herbert E 24 Joy 
Boyden Miss L E 24 Joy 
Boykin Col R H, Revere House 
Boyle Mr & Mrs T F 879 Beacon 
Boyle Mr & Mrs T F 386 Common- 
wealth Av 
Boylston Mrs C A. The Charlesgate 
Boynton Mrs Matilda T 72 Westland 

Boynton Mrs M A, The Eastgate 
Boynton Mr Pearl H 72 Westland Av 
Boynton Miss Ruby Mae 72 Westland 

Boynton Miss S L, The Eastgate 
Brackett Dr & Mrs E G 166 Newbury 
Brackett Judge J A, Hemenway Cham- 
Brackett Miss Minnie M 166 Newbury 
Brackett Mr & Mrs J R 41 Marlborough 
Bradbury Mr & Mrs Frederick T 285 

Commonwealth Av 
Bradbury Miss Mildred 11 Mountfort 
Bradfield Mr H C, Commonwealth 

Bradford Miss Alice 80 Bay ritate Rd 
Bradford Mrs Charles F 218 Beacon 
Bradford Dr & Mrs E H 220 Beacon 

oflice 133 Newbury 
Bradford Mr Gamaliel, The Au.sterfield 

502 Beacon 
Bradford Mr & Mrs G H, Hotel Somer- 
Bradford Mr & Mrs M B L 80 Bay State 

Bradford Mis8 S H, The Austerfield 502 

Bradford Dr W A office No Nowljiiry 
Bradlee Mr Arthur 43 Mountfort 
Bradlee Mr Charles W 113 Hciuoh 
Bradlee Miss F B 10 Tx)uisburtr Sq 
Bradlee Mrs F E 380 Newlniry 
Bradlee Mr F W 107 Beacon 

Bradlee Mrs Josiah 112 Beacon 
Bradlee Miss J S 113 Beacon 
Bradlee Mrs J T 113 Beacon 
Bradlee Miss M E 113 Beacon 
Bradlee Miss S 112 Beacon 
Bradlee Miss S F 113 Beacon 
Bradlee Mr & Mrs T S 107 Beacon 
Bradley Mr & Mrs Charles F 90 Mt Ver- 
Bradley Mrs F L, Parker House 
Bradley Mr G F 169 Newbury 
Bradley Mr & Mrs J Payson 460 Audu- 
bon Rd 
Bradley Mrs Leverett 20 Brimmer 
Bradley Mr Leverett 20 Brimmer 
Bradley Miss M A 15 Blagden 
Bradley Miss M H 20 Brimmer 
Bradley Mr & Mrs R S 411 Common- 
wealth Av 
Bradley Mr R W H, Commonwealth 

Bradley Mr Walter 20 Brimmer 
Bradley The Misses 374 Marlborough 
Bradstreet Mrs C A 86 Commonwealth 

Bradt Mrs F A 857 Beacon 
Bradt Mrs J B, The Ludlow 
Brady Rev James B 3 Willow 
Bragdon Miss M W 131 Newbury 
Bragg Mr & Mrs A W 901 Beacon 
Bragg Mr C S, Hemenway Chambers 
Bragg Judge & Mrs H W, Haddon Hall 

29 Commonwealth Av 
Braid Mrs Mary M 45 St Stephen 
Bramhall Miss Eleanor 56 Bay State 

Bramhall Miss Elizabeth 56 Bay State 

Bramhall Mr William C 56 Bay State 

Brandcis Mr & Mrs L D 6 Otis PI 
Branigan Dr lOdward W office 2 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Bras(X)cll Miss Margaret, Trinity Court 
Jiray Mr & Mrs A Addison 564 New- 



Bray Mr M N 41 Fairfield 

Brazier Miss M H, The Oxford 

Breck Dr & Mrs S 171 Bellevue office 

238 Newbury 
Brehm Miss E 52 Hereford 
Bremer Dr & Mrs John L 10 Fairfield 
Bremer Mrs John L 416 Beacon 
Bremer Miss Sarah F 416 Beacon 
Bremer Mr & Mrs S Parker 33 Marl- 
Brennan Mrs J J, The Oxford 
Brennon Mr W H, Parker House 
Brenton Mrs Edna, Hemenway Cham- 
Brewer Mr & Mrs D C 41 Bay State Rd 
Brewer Miss Fannie R 72 Common- 
wealth Av 
Brewer Mrs F W 295 Commonwealth 

Brewer Miss M D 320 Marlborough 
Brewer Miss L S 233 Beacon 
Brewster Mrs Benjamin, Hotel Bruns- 
Brewster Mr & Mrs Frank 54 Common- 
wealth Av 
Brewster Dr & Mrs G W W 277 Claren- 
Brewster Mr William 131 Beacon 
Brewster Mrs William H 132 St Mary's 
Brewster Mr & Mrs W H 3d 103 Mount- 
Brewster The Misses, The Charlesgate 
Breymann Mr & Mrs Eugene 504 Audu- 
bon Rd 
Brian Mr Donald 196 Huntington Av 
Briggs Dr Albert S 661 Boylston 
Briggs Dr Charles P 129 Marlborough 
Briggs Dr Edward C 129 Marlborough 
Briggs Mr Frank H 485 Beacon 
Briggs Mr Frederick B 169 Beacon 
Briggs Mr & Mrs F H 449 Beacon 
Briggs Dr & Mrs F M 31 Massachusetts 

Briggs Miss Isobel L 5 Otis PI 
Briggs Dr & Mrs J E 382 Common- 
wealth Av 

Briggs Dr & Mrs L Vernon 64 Beacon 
Briggs Mr O L 449 Beacon 
Briggs Mrs Richard Sr 31 Massachu- 
setts Av 
Briggs Miss Velma 112 Mt Vernon 
Brigham Miss Eleanor, Trinity Court 
Brigham Mrs William P 126 Newbury 
Bright Mr & Mrs C E, Hemenway 

Bristol Hotel, Boylston St cor Claren- 
Brock Mr & Mrs E H, The Empire 
Brooks Miss Alice M 31 Mt Vernon 
Brooks Mrs B, The Eastgate 
Brooks Mr Charles B 25 Brimmer 
Brooks Mrs Edward, The Ludlow 
Brooks Mr Edward Jr, The Ludlow 
Brooks Miss Eleanor 120 Huntington 

Brooks Miss E H, The Ludlow 
Brooks Mr & Mrs Frederick 136 Beacon 
Brooks Mr Frederick 25 Brimmer 
Brooks Mr & Mrs F William 22 Pinck- 

Brooks Mr & Mrs George C 7 Bay State 

Brooks Mr Gorham 92 Beacon 
Brooks Miss Helen A 92 a Pinckney 
Brooks Mr & Mrs John, Hotel Notting- 
Brooks Mr John F 512 Commonwealth 

Brooks Mr & Mrs J C 12 Joy 
Brooks Miss Katherine 55 Chestnut 
Brooks Mr & Mrs L Loring 55 Chest- 
Brooks Miss Mary M 68 Chestnut 
Brooks Miss M F 7 Bay State Rd 
Brooks Mr & Mrs Peter C 2 Deerfield 
Brooks Mr & Mrs Shepard 92 Beacon 
Brooks Dr & Mrs W A Jr 167 Beacon 
Brooks Mr & Mrs W G 336 Mariborough 
Brooks Miss 512 Commonwealth Av 
Brooks The Misses 336 Marlborough 
Brosman Mr M J, Parker House 
Brough Mr David 1) 15 Charles 



Brown Mrs Alice 11 Pinckney 
Brown Mrs Atherton T 480 Beacon 
Brown Miss A F 41 West Cedar 
Brown Miss A M 389 Marlborough 
Brown Dr A R 201 Clarendon 
Brown Mr Bakeman, The Oxford 
Brown Mrs B F 41 West Cedar 
Brown Mr & Mrs Davenport 389 Bea- 
Brown Mr D Austin, The Buckniinster 
Brown Dr D E 1069 Boylston 
Brown Mr & Mrs Edwin W, The Buck- 

Brown Miss Ellen 186 Commonwealth 

Brown Miss Ethel C 41 West Cedar 
Brown Dr Everett M 116 Huntington 

Brown Miss E B 541 Conmionwealth 

Brown Miss E J, Copley Sq Hotel 
Brown Dr & Mrs Francis H, The Buck- 
Brown Dr F L S, The Oxford 
Brown Mr F S 112 Pinckney 
Brown Mrs F S, The Ix?nox 
Brown Mr George W, Hotel Touraino 
Brown Mr & Mrs G 103 Mountfort 
Brown Mr G F, Hotel Carlton 
Brown Mr & Mrs G M, The Lenox 
Brown Mr Harold H 119 Common- 
wealth Av 
Brown Mr Harry L, The Victoria 
Brown Mr & Mrs Harry W 155 Mass Av 
Brown Rev & Mrs Howard N, Hotel 

Brown Mr H W C 66 Beacon 
Brown Mrs James B 50 Pinckney 
Brown Mr & Mrs J B 201 Clarendon 
Brown Mr <fe Mrs J F 330 Dartmouth 
Brown Dr J H 485 Beacon 
Brown Mrs J P 300 Commonwealth Av 
Brown Miss L J, The Copk»y 
Brown Mr & Mrs I. S, The Lenox 
Brown Miss M B 108 Mt Vernon 
Brown Dr & Mrs Percy 155 Nowl)iiry 

Brown Miss Rebecca W 1 16 Beacon 
Brow^n Mr & Mrs R L, Hotel Somerset 
Brown Mr & Mrs Samuel N 119 Com- 

monwesUth Av 
Brown Miss Susan A, Hotel Carlton 
Brown Miss S Alice 66 Marlborough 
Brown Mr T H, The Tudor 
Brown Mr Winfield, Hemenway Cham- 
Brown The Misses 14 Westland Av 
Brown Miss, Hotel Royal 
Browne Mr Causten 3d 32 Peterborough 
Browne Mr & Mrs Henry R W 22 Blag- 
Browne Mrs Ij H 416 Marlborough 
Browne Mr & Mrs T Quincy 373 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Browne Mrs William M 32 Peter- 
Browne The Misses 32 Peterborough 
Browning Mr & Mrs Charles A, Hotel 

Bruce Mr & Mrs M 780 Beacon 
Brummel Mr & Mrs Max 522 Common- 
wealth Av 
Bruner Miss Mabel, Hotel Carlton 
Brunswick Hotel, Boylston St cor Clar- 
Brunton Mrs N S, Trinity Court 
Brush Dr & Mrs Frederic 1077 Boylston 
Bryant Miss Alice, The Eastgate 
Bryant Dr Alice G 416 Marlborougli 
Bryant Mrs A A 428 Newbury 
Bryant Mr Edward 108 Mt Vernon 
Bryant Mrs E B 61 Beacon 
Byrant Dr John 108 Mt Vernon 
Bryant Mr & Mrs J A, Hotel Ilkley 
Jiryant Mr J D 356 Commonwealth 

Bryant Mr Owen 108 Mt Vernon 
Buck Mrs David 127 Marlborough 
Buck Mr Henry H 127 Marlborough 
Buck Dr Howard M 127 Marlborough 
Buckingham Dr & Mrs E M 342 Marl- 
Buckingham Mrs M E 138 Newbury 



Buckingham The 39 & 41 Huntington 

Buckley Mr & Mra Walter 43 Ivy 
Buckminster, The Beacon St cor Brook 

line Av 
Buehler Dr George V 1075 Boylston 
Buflford Dr & Mrs J H 1077 Boylston 
Bufford Mr & Mrs J H, The Lenox 
BuiTord The Misses, The Lenox 
Bugbee Mr & Mrs J M 58 Chestnut 
Buitekan Mr David 76 Westland Av 
Biiitekan Mrs Mary 76 Westland Av 
Bullard Miss Ellen 3 Commonwealth 

Bullard Mr Frank 3 Commonwealth Av 
Bullard Mr G B 287 Newbury 
Bullard Miss Katherine 3 Common- 
wealth Av 
Bullard Mr Stephen 3 Commonwealth 

Bullard Mrs William S 3 Common- 
wealth Av 
Bullard Dr & Mrs W N 89 Marlborough 
Bullock Mr R A 66 Mt Vernon 
Bumgras Miss R S 407 Marlborough 
BuiDfitead Mr N Willis, The Vendome 
Bunting Mr & Mrs William M, Hotel 

Burdett Mr & Mrs E WM19 Bay State 

Burgess Mr & Mrs Charles G, Hotel 

Burgess Mrs F E 68 Commonwealth Av 
Burgess Mr James A, Hotel Royal 
Burgess Mr Robert S, Hotel Royal 
Burgess Mr & Mrs S W, Hemenway 

Burk The Misses 813 Beacon 
Burke Miss Anna T 868 Beacon 
Burke Miss Ella S 868 Beacon 
Burke Mr & Mrs M, The Lenox 
Burke Mrs Nicholas P T 416 Marlbo- 
Burke Mr & Mrs P D 868 Beacon 
Burlen Mr & Mrs W H, The Austerfield 
502 Beacon 


Burnham Mr & Mrs E M, Hemenway 

Burnham Mr & Mrs Henry D 93 Bea- 
Burnham Mr & Mrs John A 57 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Burnham Mr J Appleton Jr 57 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Burnham Mr & Mrs Kingsley A. Parker 

> Burnham Mrs L G, Hotel Somerset 
Burnham Miss Nina 93 Beacon 
Burnham Mr & Mrs W A 87 Beacon 
Burnham The Misses 57 Common- 
wealth Av 
Burns Miss Cora A, The Buckminster 
Burns Dr & Mrs Frederick S 224 Marl- 
Burns Mr & Mrs John Jr 461 Audubon 

Burr Mr & Mrs Arthur E 103 Mount- 
Burr Miss Barbara 90 Marlborough 
Burr Mrs E H 15 Hereford 
Burr Mrs Emily J 156 Newbury 
Burr Mr H M 186 Commonwealth Av 
Burr Mr & Mrs I Tucker 90 Marlbo- 
Burr Miss L W 220 Marlborough 
Burr Miss M 186 Commonwealth Av 
Burrage Mr & Mrs A C 314 Conunon- 

wealth Av 
Burrage Miss Emma, Hotel Bellevue 
Burrage Dr & Mrs Walter L 2^2 New- 
Burrell Dr & Mrs H L 22 Newbury 
Burroughs Dr Amelia 31 Massachusetts 

Burroughs Mr & Mrs George 47 Here- 
Burroughs Mrs S 20 Mt Vernon 
Burt Dr Walter S 497 Beacon 
Burtchaell Dr P E, Copley Sq Hotel 
Burton Mr & Mr S P Jr, The Lenox 
Bush Miss E T 283 Beacon 
Bush Dr & Mrs J F 661 Boylston 



Call Dr Emma L 42 Newbwy 
Call Mr Luther P, Hotel Nottingham 
Callender Mrs J B. The Oxford 
Callender Miss M H, The Oxford 
Callender Mr R B, The Oxford 
Cambridge The 485 Beacon 

Bush Miss Margaret S 283 Beacon 

Bush Miss M L 283 Beacon 

Bush Miss S 108 Mt Vernon 

Butler Dr & Mrs Charles S 257 New- 

Butler Mr & Mrs C F 17 Blagden 

Butler Mrs Elizabeth N 257 Newbury Campbell Mrs S S 72 Huntington Av 

Butler Mr & Mrs Henry H, The West- Canadian Club 3 Joy 

minster Canavan Mrs C A 72 Huntington Av 

Butler Mr & Mrs H F 1085 Boylston Cannon Mr & Mrs H P, Hotel Somerset 

Butler Mr & Mrs H M, The Wadsworth^ Canterbury Hotel, Charlesgate West 

Butler Miss I J, The Ludlow cor Newbury 

Butler Mr & Mrs William M 486 Beacon Capelle Col & Mrs William C 20 Mt Ver- 

Butman Miss A R 497 Beacon 

Butman Mr F R 497 Beacon 

Butterfield Mr A A 282 Berkeley 

Butterfield Mr E, Conmionwealth Hotel 

Bynner Mr <fe Mrs E T, The Lenox 

Byrkit Dr & Mrs F K 803 Boylston 

Byrne Mr F H B 100 Chestnut 

Byrne Mr Matthew O, The Mountfort 

Capen Miss Alice R 41 Huntington Av 
Capen Mr George W, Commonwealth 

Capen Miss Mary J 41 Huntington Av 
Capitain Mr & Mrs C H 185 Huntington 

Capper Mr & Mrs F H 122 Mt Vernon 

Bsrrnes Mr & Mrs T E, Hotel Touraine Capron Mrs William B, The Westminster 

Bytel Miss Miriam A 401 Beacon 

Cabot Dr & Mrs A T 3 Marlborough 
office 1 Marlborough 

Cabot Miss Amy W 72 Chestnut 

Cabot Mr <fe Mrs Charles M 297 Marl- 

Cabot Mr Frederick P 72 Chestnut 

Cabot Mr & Mrs George E 169 Marl- Carlton Mrs S A, The Vendome 
borough Carney Mrs E A, The Charlesgate 

Cabot Dr & Mrs Hugh 87 Marlborough Carney Mrs H M 832 Beacon 

Caproni Mr P P, Trinity Court 
Carbone Mrs G L 819 Beacon 
Carder Miss K 71 Beacon 
Carew Miss 409 Marlborough 
Carey Mr & Mrs W H 178 Bay State Rd 
Carl Dr & Mrs I D 1081 Boylston 
Carleton Mr & Mrs E B, The Wads- 

Cabot Mr Philip 3 Mt Vernon Sq 
Cabot Dr & Mrs Richard C 190 Marl- 
Cabot Mrs Samuel 109 Commonwealth 

Cabot Mr & Mrs T H 232 Newbury 
Cabot The 65 Mt Vernon 
Cad well Dr Walter W 755 Boylston 
Cady Mr Calvin B 225 Newbury 
Cahill Dr E B, The Westminster 
Caldwell Mr & Mrs E F 73 Weatland Av 
Caldwell Mrs J F, Haddon Hall 29 Com- 
monwealth Av 

Carney Miss L F, The Charlesgate 
Carpenter Capt Charles C, The Charles- 
Carpenter Mrs Frederick B 495 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Carpenter Mr & Mrs G A 636 Beacon 
Carpenter Mr & Mrs P M 155 Mass Av 
Carr Mr & Mrs Alfred W 326 Bay State 

Carr Mr & Mrs Patrick 362 Comnion- 

wealth Av 
Carr Mr & Mrs Samuel 403 Common- 
wealth Av 



Carrick Mr D Allen, The Westminster 
Carrick Mr & Mrs W 79 Westland Av 
Carroll Miss Bertha 49 Gloucester 
Carroll Mr Edward A 675 Boylston 
Carroll Dr E M 675 Boylston 
Carroll Dr & Mrs F E 217 Huntington 

Carroll Dr Thomas F 155 Mass Av 
Carroll Miss 675 Boylston 
Carryl Mr C H, The Tuileries 
Carter Mr & Mrs F L, The Vendome 
Carter Mr H H, The Ludlow 
Carter Miss M E, Hotel Touraine 
Carter Miss Nellie, Hotel Touraine 
Carter Mr & Mrs Philip W 503 Audubon 

Carter The Misses 226 Commonwealth 

Cary Miss Ellen, The Vendome 
Gary Miss Georgina 121 Marlborough 
Case Mrs J B 468 Beacon 
Casey Mrs T B, The Buckminster 
Casneau Mr & Mrs Elmer E 560 New- 
Casse Mrs M L 92 Charles 
Casson Mr & Mrs S K 840 Beacon 
Castle Mr & Mrs Wm R Jr 243 Beacon 
Caswell Dr E H 129 Marlborough 
Gate Mr & Mrs E W, Hemenway Cham- 
Gate Miss Marion W, Hemenway Cham- 
Catheron Dr R S 235 Marlborough 
Cave Mr E S, Hotel Nottingham 
Caverly Mr Cecil 5 Mt Vernon PI 
Cawley Mrs Frances 836 Beacon 
Cecil The 811 Beacon 
Ghadbourne Dr A P 193 Beacon 
Ghadbourne Mrs B L, The Oxford 
Chadbourne Miss Rase C, The Oxford 
Ghadbourne Mrs Wm 193 Beacon 
Chadwick Mrs C C 69 Beacon 
Chadwick Mr & Mrs G W 360 Marlbor- 
Chaxnberlain Mr & Mrs Allen 30 Pinck- 

Chamberlain Mr E D, The Vendome 
Chamberlain Mrs M H 176 Huntington 

Chamberlain Dr & Mrs M L. The Wales 

19 Exeter St 
Chamberlayne Miss C J 2S Fenway 
Chambers Beacon, Joy St 
Cliambers Benedict 3 Spruce 
Chambers Boylston 739 Boylston 
Chambers Brimmer 112 Pinckney 
Chambers Gray 20 Mt Vernon 
Chambers Hemenway 91 Westland Av 
Chambers Huntington 30 Huntington 

Chambers Massachusetts 146 Mass Av 
Chambers Warren 419 Boylston 
Chambers Wedgemere 820 Beacon 
Champlin Mr & Mrs Edgar R, Hotel 

Champ ney Mrs Agnes, Revere House 
Chandler Mr & Mrs Frank W 195 Marl- 
Chandler Mr & Mrs F M, The Oxford 
Chandler Miss Helen 195 Marlboi'SuKii 
Chandler Dr Heriry B office The Tudor 
Chandler Mr H D 195 Marlborough 
Chandler Mr & Mrs H H 423 Marlbor- 
Chandler Mr & Mrs Robert W 50 Mt 

Chandler Dr & Mrs Thomas E 259 Bea- 
Channing Miss Eva, Hemenway Cham- 
Channing Mr & Mrs Henry M 142 Marl- 
Channing Home 198 Bellevue 
Chapin Mr & Mrs Arthur B 485 Bea- 
Chapin Mr & Mrs Henry B 19 Marlbor- 
Chapin Mrs Henry W 158 Newbury 
Chapin Miss Mae, The Buckminster 
Chapin Mrs Mary E 158 Newbury 
Chapman Mr C W 102 Charles 
Chapman Mr & Mrs E, Copley Sq Hotel 



Chapman Mr & Mrs E K 68 Westland 

Chapman Mr J E 31 Mt Vernon 
Chappelle Mrs Josephine A, Hemenway 

Charlesgate The 535 Beacon cor Charl- 

esgate East 
Chase Mr Arthur G, The Victoria 
Chase Dr C E B 118 Commonwealth Av 
Chase Mrs Frank E 155 Huntington Av 
Chase Mrs George L 28 Blagden 
Chase Dr & Mrs H N 409 Marlborough 
Chase Mrs J H 27 Newbury 
Chase Mrs K E 278 Newbury 
Chase Mrs N E 4 Chestnut 
Chase Mr & Mrs Sidney 346 Beacon 
Chase Mrs Theo 168 Marlborough 
Chase Dr & Mrs Walter G 279 Marl- 
Chase Mrs William Howard 485 Beacon 
Chase Mr William T 780 Beacon 
Chater Mr & Mrs James E 9 Charles 
Chatfield Mr & Mrs, Hemenway Cham- 

Cheever Dr & Mrs David 20 Hereford 
Cheever Dr & Mrs D W 557 Boylston 
Cheever Mrs James, The Charlesgate 
Cheever Mr & Mrs John H 65 Mt Ver- 
Cheever The Misses 657 Boylston 
Chelius Mr & Mrs H P 261 Beacon 
Chenery Mr & Mrs Horace 490 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Chenery Dr <fe Mrs W E 222 Huntington 

Cheney Mrs Arthur 400 Marlborough 
Cheney Mrs B P 32 Marlborough 
Cheney Mr & Mrs B P, Parker House 
Cheney Dr F E 126 Commonwealth Av 
Cheney Mr <fe Mrs F W 53 Mountfort 
Chester Mr & Mrs Charles, Hotel Bristol 
Chesterfield The 371 Commonwealth 

Chevalier Miss Alice, Hemenway Cham- 
Chick Mr & Mrs F S, The Vendome 

Chick Mr I W 347 Beacon 
Chick Miss Mabel 347 Beacon 
Chick Mr William C 347 Beacon 
Chickering Hall, Huntington Av 
Child Dr Edith F 827 Boylston 
Child Miss M3^a, Hotel Kempton 
Childs Mr & Mrs Arthur E 121 Bay 

State Rd 
Childs Miss Edith, Copley Sq Hotel 
Chisholm Mr & Mrs Frederick G 101 

Choate Mr C F 205 Beacon 
Choate Mr & Mrs G D 405 Newbury 
Choate Mr & Mrs S A, The Abbotsford 
Christian Dr & Mrs A F 401 Marl-^ 

Christian Dr Henry A 252 Marlborough 
Christy Mrs Blanche M 39 Mountfort 
Church Arlington St, Arlington comer 

Church Central, Berkeley cor Newbury 
Church Emanuel, Newbury near Ar- 
Church First Baptist, Clarendon cor 

Commonwealth Av 
Church First in Boston, Berkeley cor 

Church Mr H A, The Vendome 
Church Miss Mary E 401 Beacon 
Church of the Disciples, Peterborough 

cor Jersey 
Church of the Messiah, St Stephen 
Church Mt Vernon, Beacon cor Mass 

Church Old South, Boylston cor Dart- 
Church Second, Copley Sq 
Church South Cong, Exeter cor New- 
Church Trinity, Copley Square 
ChurchiU Mrs J M B 1069 Boylston 
Churchill Mr & Mrs J P S 841 Boylston 
Churchward Mr A, Copley Sq Hotd 
Chute Dr & Mrs A L 350 Marlborough 
Claflin Building, 20 Beacon 
Claflin Mr & Mrs G E 407 Marlborough 



Claflin Mr & Mrs WUUam H, The Vic- 
Claflin Mr William H Jr The Victoria 
Claghorii Mr David M 127 Newbury 
Clap Dr E W office 222 Marlborough 
Clapp Miss A, The Westminster 
Clapp Mrs Channing, The Victoria 
Clapp Mrs Chamiing 923 Beacou 
Clapp Mr & Mrs Charies C 386 Newbury 
Clapp Mrs Dwight L 154 Newbury 
Clapp Mr & Mrs Edward C 386 New- 
Clapp Mrs Eugene H 490 Beacon 
Clapp Mr E H 490 Beacon 
Clapp Mrs George B 165 Common- 
wealth Av 
Qapp Mr & Mrs G D 479 Beacon 
Clapp Mrs Henry A 249 Berkeley 
Clapp Dr Howard 238 Newbury 
Clapp Dr & Mrs H C 334 Common- 
wealth Av 
Clapp Mrs J H 485 Beacon 
Clapp Miss Lillian 490 Beacon 
Clapp Mr Roger 249 Berkeley 
aapp Mr WiUiam F 386 Newbury 
Clapp Mrs W W, The Austerfield 502 

Clapp The Misses 334 Commonwealth 

Qark Miss Alice H 49 Mountfort 
Clark Mr Amos, The Westminster 
Clark Mr Arthur T 455 Marlborough 
Qark Mrs A H. Trinity Court 
aark Mr Benjamin C 43 Bay State Rd 
dark Mrs Cyrus T 455 Marlborough 
Qark Mrs C B 209 Newbury 
Qark Rev & Mrs Davis W 31 W Cedar 
Clark Mr Davis W Jr 31 Weft Cedar 
Clark Mrs Edward E, The Oxford 
Clark Miss Eleanor J 66 Commonwealth 

Clark Mrs Eugene L 902 Beacon 
Clark Mrs E A, Copley Square Hotel 
Clark Mrs E F 308 Commonwealth Av 
Clark Dr E H 755 Boylston 
Clark Mrs E P Stuart 33 Bay State Rd 

Clark Mr & Mrs Frank L 49 Mountfort 
Clark Mr Frank M 385 Marlborough 
Clark Mr & Mrs F S 17 Commonwealth 

Clark Mr & Mrs George L 119 Marlbor- 
Clark Mr Henry N 90 St Mary's 
Clark Mr Herbert 385 Marlborough 
Clark Mr H B, The Lenox 
Qark Mr Jesse R 31 West Cedar 
Clark Mr Joseph H, The Vendome 
Clark Mr & Mrs J Dudley 32 Hereford 
Clark Mrs J J 385 Marlborough 
Clark Mrs J R 902 Beacon 
Clark Mrs L M 49 St Stephen 
Clark Miss Mary C 146 Mass Av 
Clark Mr & Mrs M D 70 Westland Av 
Clark Mr & Mrs O D, The Mountfort 
Clark Dr Payson 71 Marlborough 
Clark Mr & Mrs Robert F 317 Beacon 
Clark Mr Robert R 31 West Cedar 
Clark Mr & Mrs Theodore M 161 Bay 

State Road 
Qark Mr & Mrs William A 31 West 

Clark Mrs W J, Copley Square Hotel 
Clark Mr & Mrs William Tilden, Hotel 

Clark Miss, The Vendome 
Qarke Col & Mrs Albert 879 Beacon 
Clarke Miss AUce 224 Huntington Av 
Clarke Mr & Mrs Charles E F, The 

Qarke Miss C H 91 Mt Vernon 
Clarke Mr Eliot C 15 Brimmer 
Clarke Mrs E S, The Vendome 
Clarke Mr & Mrs George F 1 Autumn 
Clarke Mr Henry Martyn 261 Beacon 
Clarke Dr & Mrs J D 416 Marlborough 
Clarke Miss L F 91 Mt Vernon 
Clarke Miss M A 16 Brimmer 
Clary Mrs M C, The Westminster 
Cleghom Mr F S, The Lenox 
Qemens Mr & Mrs S P, The Westmin- 
Cliflf Dr & Mrs A A 226 Huntington Av 



Clifford Mr & Mrs C E 855 Beacon 

Cloudman Mr & Mrs Marcellus C 149 
Mass Av 

Clough Mr & Mrs A B 282 Berkeley 

Cluff Mrs E W 25 Chestnut 

Cluny Hotel 643 Boylston 

Clymer Mr & Mrs George 1089 Boylston 

Coates Mr & Mrs T R, The Buckmin- 

Cobb Mrs C K 11 Marlborough 

Cobb Mr & Mrs Elisha W, Hotel Som- 

Cobb Dr & Mrs Farrar 5 Brimmer office 
317 Marlborough 

Cobb Dr Frederick C 11 Marlborough 

Cobb Mr F D 282 Berkeley 

Cobb Miss F L 282 Berkeley 

Cochran Mrs A F 290 Commonwealth 

Cochran Miss F A 290 Commonwealth 

Cochran Miss S C 290 Commonwealth 

Cochrane Mr & Mrs Alexander 257 
Commonwealth Av 

Cochrane Mr A Lynde 257 Common- 
wealth Av 

Cochrane Mr F Douglass 257 Common- 
wealth Av 

Cochrane Mr & Mrs John W 187 Hunt- 
ington Av 

Codman Mr & Mrs Alfred 406 Marl- 

Codman Miss Edith 18 Louisburg Sq 

Codman Mr & Mrs Edmund D 141 Bea- 

Codman Dr & Mrs E A 227 Beacon 

Codman Mr & Mrs Russell S 59 Marl- 

Codman Mr William 98 Charles 

Codman Mr & Mrs William C Jr 7 Chest- 

Codman Mrs W W 113 Pinckney 

Coe Mr & Mrs Oliver B 21 Autumn 

Coes Mrs A W, The Buckminster 

Coffin Mr C D, Copley Square Hotel 

Coffin Mr & Mrs E A 290 Common- 
wealth Av 
Coffin Mrs Henry P 15 Blag Jen 
Coffin Dr J L 220 Clarendon 
Coffin Dr R A 234 Oarendon 
Coggeshall Dr & Mrs Frederick 641 

Commonwealth Av 
Colburn Miss C F, The Oxford 
Colbum Dr F W 661 Boylston 
Colburn Dr & Mrs H H 103 Mt Vernon 
Colburn Mr Samuel, Hotel Touraine 
Colburn Mias, Hotel Touraine 
Colby Mr A, Commonwealth Hotel 
Colby Dr E P 220 Clarendon 
Colby Dr & Mrs E P, Trinity Court 
Colby Mr Francis T 449 Marlborough 
Colby Mr & Mrs H G O 449 Marlbor- 
Colby Miss Jennie M, Hotel Notting- 
Colby Miss L T 2 Arlington 
Cole Miss Alice R 841 Boylston 
Cole Mr Charles H Jr 62 Beacon 
Cole Dr «& Mrs C C 1075 Boylston 
Cole Mr & Mrs E E, The Abbotsford 
Cole Mr L de P 66 Beacon 
Cole Mrs Mary L 62 Beacon 
Cole Mr & Mrs Otto B, Hotel Ouny 
Cole Mrs O H 841 Boylston 
Coleman Mrs George W 390 Marlbor- 
Coleman Mrs I^ewis 42 Fenway 
Coleman Miss M A 15 Blagden 
Coleman Miss 42 Fenway 
Collamore Miss Helen 317 Common- 
wealth Avenue 
Collamore Miss V D, The Buckminster 
College Club (Women's) 40 Common- 
wealth Av 
CoUerd Mr & Mrs George, The Wads- 
Colley Mr Win E, Hotel Bellevue 
Collins Mr diaries G 48 Beacon 
Collins Mr James 3 Willow 
Collins Mr & Mrs J J 206 Newbury 
Collins Miss Mary E 206 Newbury 



Collins Mr & Mrs Morris J 166 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Collins Mr & Mrs Walter H 95 Mt Ver- 
Collver Tours The 420 Boylston 
Colonial The 382 Commonwealth Av 
Colonial Theatre 100 Boylston 
Col ton Mr & Mrs Reuben 915 Boylston 
Comstock Mr A L, The Westminster 
Conable Mr & Mrs J L 371 Common- 
wealth Av 
Conant Mrs Anna F 31 Mt Vernon 
Conant Mrs A F Forbes 17 Arlington 
Conant Miss Grace W, Hotel Ukley 
Conant Miss Ruth 486 Commonwealth 

Conant Mr & Mrs T S 803 Boylston 
Conant Dr & Mrs W M 486 Conmion- 

wealth Av 
Cone Mr & Mrs Richard W22 Blagden 
Conery The Misses 457 Audubon Road 
Coney Mrs Katherine A 813 Beacon 
Congdon Mrs A L 51 Gloucester 
Congregational House 14 Beacon 
Conrad Rev & Mrs A Z, The Westmin- 
t!k)nrad Mr & Mrs B B 499 Audubon 

Conservatory of Music N E, Hunting- 
ton Av 
Constantine Mr A M 92a. Pinckney 
Converse Mr & Mrs C C 348 Beacon 
Converse Miss F E, The Charlesgate 
Converse Mr & Mrs G H 465 Audubon 

Converse Mr & Mrs Harry E 419 Bea- 
Converse Mrs J H, The Charlesgate 
Cook Mr & Mrs Arthur 386 Common- 
wealth Av 
Cook Mr Horace, The Wadsworth 
Cook T D & Co 88 Boylston 
Cook Miss 108 Mount Vernon 
Cooke Dr William P 330 Dartmouth 
Coolidge Mrs Albert Leighton 224 Marl- 

Coolidge Dr & Mrs Algernon 81 Marl- 
Coolidge Dr & Mrs Algernon Jr office 

613 Beacon 
Coolidge Miss Bertha 224 Marlborough 
Coolidge Mr & Mrs Charles A 82 Marl- 
Coolidge Mr David Jr 112 Pinckney 
Coolidge Mrs David H, Hotel Somerset 
Coolidge Mr & Mrs Francis L 296 Marl- 
Coolidge Mr & Mrs Harold J 303 Berk- 
Coojidge Mr & Mrs Horace H 162 New* 

Coolidge Dr & Mrs John N 409 Marl- 
Coolidge Mr John T 148 Beacon 
Coolidge Mr & Mrs J Randolph 130 Bea- 
Coolidge Mr J Templeman Jr 1T4 Bea- 
Coolidge Mrs M L 31 Bay State Road 
Coolidge Mr T Jefferson 315 Dartmouth 
Coolidge Mr & Mrs T J Jr 184 Beacon 
Coolidge Miss 114 Beacon 
Coolidge Miss 81 Marlborough 
Coon Mr & Mrs Chauncy, The Eastgate 
Coon Dr Marion, The Charlesgate 
Cooper Mr & Mrs J G 756 Boylston 
Coote Mrs A W, Hemenway Chambers 
Copeland Mr & Mrs W H C 873 Beacon 
Copley Sq Hotel, Huntington Av, Ex- 
eter & Blagden 
Copley The, 18 Huntington Av 
Corbin Mrs C C, The Vendome 
Cordner The Misses 50 Chestnut 
Corey Miss Ada E, The Oxford 
Coriat Dr & Mrs Isadore, The Eastgate 
Cornwall Dr & Mrs A P 380 Newbury 
Cortis Mr Dwight T, Trinity Court 
Cosden Mr & Mrs J W 78 St Stephen 
Cotting Mr Amos, Hotel Touraine 
Cotting Mr & Mrs C E 404 Mariborough 
Cotting Mr Francis J 249 Common- 
wealth Av 



Cotting Mis3 249 Commonwealth Av 
Cottle Mr M N 156 Huntington Av 
Cotton Dr & Mrs F J 425 Marlborough 
Cotton Mr & Mrs J W, Hotel Somerset 
Cotton Dr & Mrs N Hugh 474 Beacon 
Coues Dr & Mrs WilUam P 261 Beacon 
Councilman Dr & Mrs W T 78 Bay 

State lload 
Courtney Dr & Mrs J W 436 Marlbor- 
Covel Mrs A S 617 Commonwealth Av 
Covell Mrs R S 394 Marlborough 
Covelle Miss R S 79 Westland Av 
Cowan Mr C E, Parker House 
Cowan Mr & Mrs E A, The Lenox 
Cowan Mr & Mrs H, The Lenox 
Cowan Miss, The Lenox 
Cowles Mr & Mrs Edmund B, Hotel 

Cox Mr & Mrs A H 6 Acorn 
Cox Mr & Mrs A W 109 Mountfort 
Cox Mr C H, Hemenway Chambers 
Cox Mr & Mrs E D 204 Huntington Av 
Cox Mr Guy W, The Westminster 
Cox Mrs G E, Hotel Bristol 
Cox Miss Katharine 31 Mass Av 
Coyle Miss Cornelia L, Hotel Brunswick 
Coyle Miss Emily B, Hotel Brunswick 
Coyle Mr & Mrs T V 424 Newbury 
Crackuell Mr & Mrs Ralph 45 Mount- 
Crafts Miss C 111 Commonwealth Av 
Crafts Miss E C 1 1 1 Commonwealth Av 
Crafts Mr & Mrs James Mill Common- 
wealth Av 
Crafts Miss M E 308 Commonwealth Av 
Craig Dr & Mrs Daniel H 386 Common- 
wealth Av 
Craig Mr & Mrs D R 69 Mt Vernon 
Craig Miss Eliza P 237 Berkeley 
Craig Miss E P 33 & 35 St James Av 
Craigin Dr & Mrs George A 18 Here- 
Cram Mr & Mrs Ralph A 52 Chestnut 
Crampton Mr & Mrs G E, Hemenway 

Crandon Dr & Mrs L K G office 366 

Commonwealth Av 
Crane Dr Clarence 224 Huntington Av 
Crane Mr & Mrs J F 1 1 Mountfort 
Crane Miss M A, The Wadsworth 
Crane Dr Stella H 224 Huntington Av 
Crawford Dr F X 73 Marlborough 
Crawford Dr & Mrs H T 176 Huntings 

ton Av 
Crawford Mrs M £ 208 Huntington Av 
Creech Mrs Samuel W 157 Newbury 
Crehore Mr Charles L 155 Beacon 
Crehore Mrs George C 155 Beacon 
Crehore Miss 155 Beacon 
Crewe Miss E, The Oxford 
Crick Miss Jane A, The Eastgate 
Crick Miss S Lucretia, The Eajstgate 
Crocker Maj & Mrs David, The Victoria 
Crocker Miss E W 92a Pinckney 
Crocker Mr & Mrs George G 343 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Crocker Mr & Mrs G U 378 Marlborough 
Crocker Mi&s Matilda H 485 Beacon 
Crocker Dr S E 180 Huntington Av 
Crocker Miss S H 319 Commonwealth 

Crocker Mrs Uriel H 338 Bay State Rd 
Crockett Dr & Mrs Eugene A 298 Marl- 
Croll Mr & Mrs Albert I 410 Beacon 
CroU Mr C M 485 Beacon 
. Cronan Mr Daniel 3 Willow 
Crooker Mrs S M 29 Newbury 
Crooks Mr Robert J 45 Westand Av 
Crosby Miss Caroline A, Hotel Bellevue 
Crosby Mrs C P, The Vendome 
Crosby Mr & Mrs Edward H 67 Mt 

Crosby Mr John D, The Victoria 
Crodby Miss M E, The Victoria 
Crosby Mr S M 364 Marlborough 
Crosby Mr & Mrs S V R 304 Berkeley 
Crosby Mr William Lincoln 48 Beacon 
Crosby Miss, The N'endome 
Crossett Mr & Mrs L A 304 Common- 
wealth Av 



Crowley Mr & Mrs John G, Hotel Not- 
Crowley Mr & Mrs J J 99 Mountfort 
Cruft Mrs Charles F 254 Common- 
wealth Av 
Criift Miss Eunice M 254 Common- 
wealth Av 
Cruft Miss Frances C 254 Common- 
wealth Av 
Cruft Mr George T 258 Commonwealth 

Cruft Miss Harriet O 472 Boylston 
Crump Mr & Mrs C H 177 Newbury 
Culbertson Dr Emma B 33 Newbury 
Culver Mrs George N, Hotel Bruns- 
Cummin Mrs H H, The Austerfield 502 

Cummin Dr John W, The Austerfield 

502 Beacon 
Cummings Mrs B C, The Vendome 
Cummings Mrs Charles A 230 Clarendon 
Cummings Mr & Mrs C K 9 Louisburg 

Cummings Mrs John W, The Charles- 
Cummings Mr S W, The Vendome 
Cummings Mr & Mrs Thomas H 421 

Cummings Mr <fe Mrs T C 755 Boylston 
Cummings Miss 230 Clarendon 
Cummings The Misses 519 Beacon 
Cumnock Mr & Mrs J W 62 Bay State 

Cumston Dr & Mrs C G 871 Beacon 
Cumston Miss Janet M 871 Beacon 
Cumston Mr & Mrs J S 871 Beacon 
Cunard Dr & Mrs J S 108 Huntington 

Cunningham Mrs Frederic 124 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Cunningham Mr Frederick H 3 Spruce 
Cunningham Mr Guy 112 Pinckney 
Cunningham Mr & Mrs Henry W 351 

Cunningham Miss Hester 159 Newbury 

Cunningham Col & Mrs J H 373 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Cunningham Mrs J H 31 St James Av 
Cunningham Dr J H Jr 829 Boylston 
Cunningham Mr & Mrs Thomas, Hotel 

Ciu-rier Mr & Mrs C L, Hotel Notting- 
Currier Dr A Mrs E M 70 St Stephen 
Currier Mr <fe Mrs Guy W 298 New ury 
Currier Mr <fe Mrs T P, Hotel Kempton 
Currier Mr & Mrs William F 75 West- 
land Av 
Cmrier Dr & Mrs W J 90 Huntington 

Curtis Mrs Agnes G, Hotel Canterbury 
Curtis Mrs & Mr Allen 191 Beacon 
Curtis Miss A R 21 Blagden 
Curtis Mrs Charles P 20 Commonwealth 

Curtis Mr & Mrs Charles P Jr 244 Bea- 
Curtis Mr & Mrs Edwin U 131 Bay 

State Road 
Curtis Miss Elizabeth E 507 Beacon 
Curtis Miss Evelyn 191 Beacon 
Curtis Miss E A, Haddon Hall 29 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Curtis Mrs Fannie H 1 1 Mountfort 
Curtis Mr Francis G 253 Marlborough 
Curtis Mrs G S 28 Mt Vernon 
Curtis Mrs Hall 2 Spruce 
Curtis Mr & Mrs Horatio G 179 Marl- 
Curtis Mr H B, The Westminster 
Curtis Mr & Mrs Irving, Trinity Court 
Curtis Miss I P 32 Mt Vernon 
Curtis Mrs James F 253 Marlborough 
Curtis Mr & Mrs Joseph 60 Chestnut 
Curtis Mr Laurence 197 Marlborough 
Curtis Mr & Mrs Louis 464 Beacon 
Curtis Miss M G 32 Mt Vernon 
Curtis Mr Theo C, The Westminster 
Curtis Mr & Mrs Ralph W 59 Bay State 



Curtis Mr & Mrs Thomas P, Hotel Can- 
Curtis Miss 253 Marlborough 
Curtis The 45 & 47 Mt Vernon 
Curtiss Mr & Mrs Frederic H 63 Bay 

State Road 
Curwen Mrs George E, Copley Sq Hotel 
Cushing Mr & Mrs A R, Hotel Carlton 
Cushing Miss C L, Hotel Kempton 
Gushing Dr & Mrs E W 168 Newbury 
Cushing Miss Florence M 8 Walnut 
Cushing Mr Grafton D 20 Chestnut 
Cushing Miss Helen G, Trinity Court 
Cushing Mr & Mrs Herbert B 170 New- 
Cushing Dr & Mrs H W 70 Common- 
wealth Av 
Cushing Capt & Mrs J Stearns, Copley 

Square Hotel 
Cushing Mrs Mary A 1081 Boylston 
Cushing Miss S P 81 Newbury 
Cushing Miss, Copley Square Hotel 
Cushman Miss E W, Copley Square 

Cushman Mr G W, Copley Square Hotel 
Cushman Mr & Mrs H O 516 Common- 
wealth Av 
Cushman Mrs J E, Parker House 
Cusick Dr L F 99 Newbury 
Cutler Mr & Mrs C F 822 Beacon 
Cutler Dr & Mrs E G 214 Beacon 
Cutler Mr George T, U S Hotel 
Cutter Mrs A P, Copley Sq Hotel 
Cutter Mr & Mrs C R, Hotel Carlton 
Cutter The Misses 873 Beacon 

Dabney Mr & Mrs A S 411 Beacon 
Dabney Mr A S Jr 411 Beacon 
Dabney Mr & Mrs F L 298 Beacon 
Dabney Miss S R 331 Beacon 
Dabney Mrs Walter 331 Beacon 
Dadmun Dr Eliza J 485 Beacon 
Daggett Mrs Evelyn, Hotel Royal 
Daggett Miss E W, Hotel Royal 
Dahlgren Mr & Mrs Winthrop 382 Com- 
monwealth Av 

Dailey Miss M A. The Oxford 
Dailey Miss M J, The Oxford 
Dailey Miss Virginia B 137 Newbury 
Dakin Mr & Mrs Arthur H 371 Marl- 
Dakin Dr Mary D 499 Beacon 
Dale Mrs Eben 130 St Mary's 
Dalton Mr C H 33 Commonwealth Av 
Dal ton Miss E, The Westminster 
Dalton Mr & Mrs Henry R 181 Beacon 
Dalton Mr R O. The Westminster 
Dalton Mrs Samuel, The Westminster 
Dalton The Misses 181 Beacon 
Dalton The Misses 335 Beacon 
Daly Mr Leo Jameson 111 Mountfort 
Daly Miss Margaret 111 Mountfort 
Daly Mr & Mrs P J 414 Newbiu-y 
Daly Dr William J 64 Commonwealth 

Damon Mr E F, The Eastgate 
Damon Mrs H T, The Eastgate 
Damon Mr John, The The Victoria 
Damon Mr J L, The Thorndike 
Damon Mr J L Jr, The Thorndike 
Damon Miss M M, The Westminster 
Dana Mr & Mrs C S 300 Berkeley 
Dana Mr & Mrs E P, Trinity Court 
Dana Mr & Mrs George N 260 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Dana Dr Harold W 12 Brimmer 
Dana Miss Isabella H 115 Common- 
wealth Av 
Dana Miss M C, The Tuileries 
Dana Mr Samuel B 12 Brimmer 
Dana Mr & Mrs W S, Parker House 
Dane Mr & Mrs Chester L, The Lenox 
Dane Mrs Francis 321 Commonwealth 

Dane Dr John 29 Marlborough 
Danforth Mrs Augusta J 11 Newbury 
Danforth Miss Harriet D, Hotel Canter- 
Daniell Mr & Mrs H W 271 Newbury 
Daniell Miss Maria E 271 Newbury 
Daniels Mr & Mrs Alanson L 1 Fairfield 
Daniels Dr & Mrs E A 302 Newbury 



Daniels Mr & Mrs N H, Parker House 
Daniels Mr N H Jr, Parker House 
Daniels Mr Richard H 302 Newbury 
Daniels Miss S, Trinity Court 
Danielson Mr & Mrs John De Forest 4 

Commonwealth Av 
Danner Mr William 1 Marlborough 
Darling Miss C Irene 306 Bay State Rd 
Darling Mr W Roy 306 Bay State Rd 
Darling Mr & Mrs W W 306 Bay State 

■ Road 
Darlington Mrs N K, The Charlesgate 
Darmand Mr & Mrs E H, Hotel Ilkley 
Davenport Mr & Mrs G H 460 Beacon 
Davis Rev & Mrs Joseph S 6 Walnut 
Davis Mr Aaron 1 Marlborough 
Davis Mr & Mrs Albert 187 Huntington 

Davis Mr & Mrs Charles S, The Charles- 
Davis Mr A Mrs C Jr The Victoria 
Davis Mrs Emma M 378 Newbury 
Davis Miss Florence E 457 Audubon 

Davis Dr Frank A, TheBuckminster 
Davis Mr & Mrs Frederick G 31 Massa- 
chusetts Av 
Davis Dr & Mrs F A 80 Huntington Av 
Davis Mrs George, Hemenway Cham- 
Davis Mr & Mrs G G 316 Beacon 
Davis Mr & Mrs G W 166 Newbury 
Davis Mr Horatio 1 Marlborough 
Davis Mrs James T, Hotel Carlton 
Davis Mrs Joseph E 154 Beacon 
Davis Mrs J H, Hotel Brunswick 
Davis Mr J V 1 Marlborough 
Davis Dr & Mrs Lincoln 217 Beacon 
Davis Miss L E 382 Longwood Av 
Davis Dr Minot F 15 Charles 
Davis Mr & Mrs Roscoe G, Hotel Som- 
Davis Miss Sarah R, Hemenway Cham- 
Davis Mr & Mrs Sidney H, Trinity Court 
Davis Mrs S C 396 Marlborough 

Davis Dr Walter A 283 Dartmouth 
Davis Mr William S 382 Longwood Av 
Davis Mr W C, Hotel Brunswick 
Davis Dr W H 2 Common^fealth Av 
Davis Mr & Mrs W L 11 Mountfort 
Day Miss Annie F 280 Newbury 
Dawes Mr Ambrose, The Buekminster 
Dawson Mr <& Mrs John Alex 97 Mount- 
Day Miss Carrie F 280 Newbury 
Day Mr & Mrs C F 485 Beacon 
Day Mrs Ellen L 78 Huntington Av 
Day Dr Hilbert F 657 Boylston 
Day Mrs Moses H 280 Newbury 
Day Mr Nathan B 280 Newbury 
Day Miss Sarah L 280 Newbury 
Dayton Mr & Mrs Herbert W 27 Pinck- 

Dayton Mrs S B 64 Westland Av 
Dayton Miss 64 Westland Av 
Deacon Dr & Mrs Thomas Irving 376 

Dean Mr E W, Hemenway Chambers 
Dean Mrs John, The Ludlow 
Dean Mr N W 139 Beacon 
Dearborn Mr & Mrs John 411 Marl- 
DeBlois Mr & Mrs G L 346 Marlborough 
DeBlois Dr & Mrs T A 48 Gloucester 
Debogory Miss M 15 Keswick 
Debuchy Mr & Mrs Albert 32 Beacon 
Decatur Mr H E, Hotel Carlton 
deCordova Mr & Mrs Julian D 320 

Deering Mr Frank C 23 St Stephen 
Deering Dr Henry L 416 Marlborough 
Deering Mr & Mrs J W 299 Newbury 
Deery Miss J D, Trinity Court 
deGregorio Mr Guido Costarelli 10 

DeGruchy Mr & Mrs W R, The Buck- 
Delabarre Dr F A 164 Newbury 
Deland Mr & Mrs Lorin F 35 Newbury 
Delano Mr & Mrs H C, The Westminster 
Delano Miss Ruth B 109 Marlborough 



Delano Dr Samuel 39 Newbury 
Delvong Mr & Mrs E R, The Buck- 
Delta Kappa Epsilon Club 215 Newbury 
Demelman Mr & Mrs L E 857 Beacon 
De Merritte Mr Edwin 78 Bellevue 
Demmon Mrs R E 109 Marlborough 
Denig Dr Blanche A, Hotel Bristol 
Denison Rev & Mrs John H 8 Newbury 
Dennett Mr George P 81 Westland Av 
Dennett Dr & Mrs H E 226 Newbury 
Dennette Dr & Mrs F A 165 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Denning Mr & Mrs Lawrence J 161 

Dennis Mr & Mrs W E 46 Westland Av 
Dennison Mr & Mrs Charles 485 Beacon 
Dennison Mr Charles E 220 Clarendon 
Dennison Mrs, The Oxford 
Denny Mr Clarence H 66 Beacon 
Denny Mrs H M 74 Huntington Av 
Denny Mr & Mrs John W 22 Blagden 
Denijy Miss 295 Commonwealth Av 
Densmore Mr & Mrs Edward D 52 

DeNormandie Mr R C, Hotel Carlton 
DeNormandie Dr & Mrs R L 357 Marl- 
dePeiffer Mr Jean 1 49 Mass Av 
DePuy Miss E M, The Charlesgate 
Derby Miss C A, The Ludlow 
Derby Dr& Mrs George S 7 Hereford 
Derby Dr & Mrs Hasket 352 Beacon 

office 182 Marlborough 
Derr Dr E Z, Trinity Court 
Derr Miss Norman, Trinity Court 
Des Brisay Miss L I 36, 38 & 40 New- 
Descorabea Mme E 152 Huntington Av 
Des Marais Mr & Mrs J D 170 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Desmond Mr & Mrs G H, Hotel Carlton 
Despradelle Mi & Mrs D 382 Common- 
wealth Av 
deSumichrast Prof & Mrs F C 1079 

Devlin Mr Edward 216 Newbury 
Devlin Mr & Mrs John E 61 Bay State 

Devlin The Misses 23 Blagden 
Devon The 28 Blagden 
Dewey Mr Clayton O 2 Walnut 
Dewey Mr & Mrs Daniel, Copley Square 

Dewey Mrs Daniel, The Vendome 
Dewey Mr F O 896 Beacon 
Dewey Mr Henry S 896 Beacon 
Dewey Mrs I O 896 Beacon 
Dewey Miss Lucy E 47 Bellevue 
Dewey Mr Percy, The Vendome 
Dewey Miss 896 Beacon 
Dewing Mrs C S 215 Huntington Av 
Dewing Dr L A 216 Huntington Av 
Dewis Dr & Mrs J W 191 Huntington 

DeWolf Mr I 217 Huntington Av 
DeWolf The Misses 217 Huntington Av 
de Wolfe Miss M H 9 Newbury • 
DeWolfe Mrs M V 74 St Stephen 
Dexter Mr & Mrs C W 75 Newbury 
Dexter Mr & Mrs D D, The Austerfield 

502 Beacon 
Dexter Dr.& Mrs Franklin 24 Marl- 
Dexter Mrs F Gordon 171 Common- 
wealth Av 
Dexter Mr & Mrs George 39 Common- 
wealth Av 
Dexter Mr George T 66 Beacon 
Dexter Mr & Mrs Gordon 55 Beacon 
Dexter Miss R L 18 Exeter 
Dexter Miss Marjorie M 387 Marlbor- 
Dexter Miss Mary 387 Marlborough 
Dexter Miss Mary h 1 74 Marlborou^ 
Dexter Mr & Mrs Morton 387 Marl- 
Dexter Mr & Mrs Philip 29 Massach- 
usetts Av 
Dexter Dr Richard 121 Beacon 
Dexter Mrs Wirt 393 Commonwealth 



Dexter Mr & Mrs W Endicott 231 

Diamond Mr M M, Hotel Somerset 
Dickerman Mrs Robert K 860 Beacon 
Dickerson Mr & Mrs H E 386 Common- 
wealth Av 
Dickie Miss Elizabeth F 69 Westland 

Dickinson Dr J D 164 Newbury 
Dickinson Dr J W 164 Newbury 
Dickinson Mr & Mrs Samuel F, The 

Dickman Mrs George 485 Beacon 
Dickson Mr & Mrs B H, The Ven- 

Dill Mrs C H 2d, 262 Commonwealth 

Avenue \ 

Dillaway Mr W E L 80 Commonwealth 

Dineen Mr <fe Mrs W 82 Huntington Av 
Diocesan House, 1 Joy 
Dix Miss B M 15 Blagden 
Dixey Mr & Mrs Richard C 44 Beacon 
Dixey Miss Rosamond 44 Beacon 
Dixon Dr & Mrs Lewis S, The Tuileries 

office 232 Clarendon 
Dixon Dr & Mrs R B 232 Clarendon 
Dixwell Mr Arthur, Copley Square Ho- 

Dixwell Dr & Mrs John 52 West Cedar 
Doane Mr George D, American House 
Dobson Mr & Mrs George C, Trinity 

Dobson Mrs Sabra O 164 Huntington 

Dockray Mr & Mrs George J 8 Arling- 

• ton 
Dodd The Misses 31 Massachusetts Av 
Dodge Dr & Mrs Arthur M 485 Beacon 
Dodge Mr & Mrs Frank 53 St Stephen 
Dodge Mr & Mrs Robert G 82 Bay State 

Dodge Mrs W J, Hotel Brunswick 
Doe Mr A W, Trinity Court 
Doe Miss Mary A, Tnnity Court 
Doe Miss Mary W, Trinity Court 

Doherty Mr & Mrs William Wisner 199 

Dolan Mrs Charles 317 Marlborough 
Dolan Mrs L E 50 West Cedar 
Donald Mrs E W 101 Mt Vernon 
Donald Mr Gordon 1 73 Marlborough 
Donald Mr Graeme 101 Mt Vernon 
Donald Mr & Mrs W A 173 Marlbor- 
Donaldson Mr & Mrs James 1094 

Donkin Miss E M 336 Newbury 
Donnell Mr & Mrs G W, The Mountfort 
Donoghue Dr & Mrs Francis D 864 

Donoghue Dr James C 236 Newbury 
Donovan Mr & Mrs S J 81 Mountfort 
Donovan Mr William F 63 Mt Vernon 
Dore Mrs John C, The Vendome . 
Dorr Mr & Mrs Ellerton L 45 Common- 
wealth Av 
Dorr Mr George B 18 Commonwealth 

Dorr Mr H G 82 Beacon 
Dorr Mr Tileston, Hemenway Cham- 
Dort Mr F G, Parker House 
Dort Dr W C 129 Marlborough 
Doubleday Dr & Mrs A W 313 Marl- 
Dougherty Mr H M 424 Newbury 
Dove Mr Charles 26 Bladgen 
Dow Mr & Mrs A, The Lenox 
Dow Mr & Mrs Richard S 77 Ma I- 

Dow Miss 77 Marlborough 
Dowling Mr & Mrs Mark T 3R4 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Downing Dr Andrew F 127 Newbu.y 
Dowse Miss Anna F, Hotel Canterbury 
Dowse Mr & Mrs Charles F 340 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Dowse Mr F H, Parker House 
Dowse Mr Granton H 340 Common- 
wealth Avenue 
Dowse Miss M E, Hotel Brunswick 



Dowse Mies Raymah 340 Common- 
wealth Av 
Drake Mr & Mrs George B, The Wads- 
Drake Mr & Mrs J M E 37 Fairfield 
Drake Dr Sc Mrs Olin M 10^ 5 BoyLston 
Draper Mr & Mrs Eben S 15() Beacon 
Draper Mr & Mrs G A 297 Common- 
wealth Av 
Draper Dr H S 2 Commonwealth Av 
Draper Miss Lida T, The Oxfonl 
Dresel Mr Ellis L 328 Beacon 
Dresel Miss 328 Beacon 
Drew Dr & Mrs F 409 Marlboiough 
Drew Mr P F 48 Beacon 
Drew The Misses 50 Gloucester 
Dreyfus Mr & Mrs Carl 90 Common- 
wealth Av 
Dreyfus Mr Jacob 904 Beacon 
Drinan Miss Adelaide 830 Beacon 
Drinan Mrs M A ^ 30 Beacon 
DriscoU Mr & Mrs J Francis 23 Blagden 
Driscoll Incorporated 717 Boylston 
Driver Mr & Mrs W R 321 Marlborough 
Drost Mr & Mrs C A, The Buckmin- 

Drouin Mr George C, Hotel Bcllevue 
Drury Mrs A M 78 Huntington Av 
Drury Dr D W 101 Newbury 
DuBois Mr & Mrs L G 405 Common- 
wealth Av 
Duckering Dr Florence W 45 5 Beacon 
Dudley Mrs Darwin E 109 Mountfort 
Dudley Miss L Anna, The Oxford 
Dudley Mr & Mrs R B, Hotel Notting- 
Duffill Mr & Mrs Harrison M 566 New- 
Duggan Mr D J 94 Huntington Av 
Dulaney Miss E C, The Abbotsford 
Dumaresq Miss Colette 58 Bay State 

Dimiaresq Mr & Mrs Herbert 327 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Dumaresq Miss Lillian S 58 Bay State 

Dumaresq Mr & Mrs Philip K 58 Bay 

State Road 
Duncan Mrs A G, Hotel Somerset 
Duncan Mr & Mrs George A P 8 Glou- 
Dunham Mr J F 72 West land Av 
Dunham Mr & Mrs William H 308 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Dunklee Mr J W, Hotel Brunswick 
Dunlop Mrs M P 394 Marlborough 
Dunn Dr Charles H 220 Marlborougji 
Dunn Miss Edith, Hemenway Cham- 
Dunne Mr & Mrs F L 330 Bay State Rd 
Dunsmoor Dr H V 176 Huntington Av 
Dunton Miss 108 Mt Vernon 
Dupee Mr & Mrs William R 334 Bay 

State Road 
Durant Mrs Henry F 30 Marlborough 
Durkee Mr & Mrs W H 138 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Dutton Dr Julia M 250 Newbury 
Dwight Mrs Charles 141 Bay State Rd 
Dwight Mr & Mrs Daniel A 12 Hereford 
Dwight Dr Edwin W, The Austerfield 

502 Beacon 
Dwight Miss Fannie, The Austerfield 

502 Beacon 
Dwight Miss H F. The Victoria 
Dwight Dr & Mrs James 225 Beacon 
Dwight Dr & Mrs Thomas 235 Beacon 
Dwight Miss Veronica 70 Beacon 
Dyer Mr A H 48 Beacon 
Dyer Mr & Mrs F W 291 Newbury 
Dyer Mr & Mrs W H 308 Common- 
wealth Av 

Eager Mrs G H 523 Beacon 
Eames Dr George F 249 Newbury 
Earl Dr & Mrs G H 803 Boylston 
Earle Mr Charles B 143 Massachusetts 

Earle Mr Richard B 143 Massachusetts 

Earlscourt The 803 Boylston 
East gate The 440 Newbury 



Sastman Mrs Helen, The Eastgate 
Eastman Dr T J 330 Dartmouth 
Eastman Mr & Mrs W E 74 Westland 

Easton Dr & Mrs El wood T 871 Boyls- 

Eaton Mr C S 484 Commonwealth Av 
Eaton Mr & Mrs Francis Storer 369 

Eaton Miss G G 62 Commonwealth Av 
Eaton Miss I L, The Copley 
Eaton Mrs J J, The Buckminster 
Eaton Miss M J, Hotel Brunswick 
Eaton Mr William S 48 Beacon 
Eaton The Misses 373 Commonwealth 

Ebann Dr & Mrs C D 25 Marlborough 
Eberhard Mr W H, Commonwealth 

Eccles Mr & Mrs W, The Oxford 
Eddy Mr & Mrs L K 93 Mountfort 
Edgell M F V 1087 Boylston 
Edgerly Mr & Mrs J H 784 Beacon 
Edmands Miss Gertrude, The Copley 
Edmands Mrs T F 19 Brimmer 
Edmonds Dr Dana J 2 Commonwealth 

Edmunds Mr P M, The Lenox 
Edwards Mr & Mrs A M, Haddon Hall 

29 Commonwealth Av 
Edwards Mr & Mrs Harold 108 Mt 

Edwards Mr Newton 112 Pinckney 
Edwards Mr Robert J 266 Beacon 
Edwards Mr Tay 108 Mt Vernon 
Edwards Dr & Mrs W L 33 Gloucester 
Edwards Mrs, The Copley 
Egan Dr & Mrs E Winfield 366 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Eggar Mrs Esther A 162 Huntington 

Ehrlich Dr & Mrs Henry 172 Common- 
wealth Av 
Eichheim Mr Henry, Hemenway Cham- 
Elsemaim Mr & Mrs Ludwig 1 1 Keswick 

Elder Miss M A O 24 Brimmer 
Eldredge Miss Elizabeth E 199 Beacon 
Eldredge Mrs N D 260 Newbury 
Eldredge Mrs J T 199 Beacon 
Eldridge Mr & Mrs B, Parker House 
Eldridge Col & Mrs E H, Hotel Bristol 
Eldridge Mr & Mrs 1 H. Hotel Ilkley 
Eldridge Miss Ruth 2S We.xt Cedar 
Eldridge Mr & Mrs W A, Hemenway 

Eliot Rev & Mrs C R 2 West Cedar 
Eliot Mr & Mrs W R 423 Marlborough 
Elkins Mrs E 112 Newbury 
EUery Mr & Mrs Harrison, Trinity 

EUery Miss M, Trinity Court 
EUery Mr William, Trinity Court 
ElUcott Miss, Hotel Cluny 
Elliot Mr George B, Hotel Nottingham 
Elliot Dr & Mrs J W 124 Beacon 
EUiot Dr Samuel T 220 Clarendon 
EUiott Mr & Mrs W A 13 Ivy 
Ellis Mr Augustus H 371 Beacon 
Ellis Miss Caroline B 22 Peterborough 
Ellis Mr Charles A i 2 Beacon 
Ellis Mis^ Charlotte 391 Beacon 
Ellis Mr & Mrs David A 12 Keswick 
Ellis Dr Edward K 101 Newbury 
ElUs Miss Effie 176 Marlborough 
Ellis Miss Fannie E 22 Peterborough 
Ellis Mr George H S2 Beacon 
EUis Miss Mary 391 Beacon 
Ellis Mr & Mrs W B 61 Mountfort 
Ellison Mr & Mrs Frank D, Hemenway 

Ellison Miss L B, Hotel Nottingham 
Ellsworth Mrs E I), Trinity Court 
Elson Mr Arthur 811 Beacon 
Elson Mr & Mrs L C 811 Beacon 
Ely Mrs Alfred B, Hotel Royal 
Ely Mrs P G V 371 Commonwealth 

p]ly Miss, Hotel Royal 
Emerson Dr A R, The Charlesgate 
Emerson Mr Ferdinand, The Wads- 



Emerson Dr & Mrs Francis P 464 Bea- 
Emerson Dr & Mrs N W 244 Newbury 
Emerson Dr & Mrs Robert L, Hemen- 

way Chambers 
Emerson Dr & Mrs W R P 657 Boylston 
Emery Mrs A D 237 Berkeley 
Emery Mr F W, Hotel Brunswick 
Emery Miss Gertrude 237 Berkeley 
Emery Miss L 15 Blagden 
Emery Mr & Mrs Willard, Hotel Som- 
Emmons Miss H P 373 Marlborough 
Emmons Mr J F 37i Beacon 
Emmons Mr N H 245 Commonwealth 

Emmons Mr Roger Blake 37 i Beacon 
Emmons Mr & Mrs R W 2d, 91 Beacon 
Emmons Mr T H Hotel Nottingham 
Emmons Miss 245 Commonwealth Av 
Empire The 333 Commonwealth Av 
Endicott Mr & Mrs George G 316 

wood Av 
Endicott Mrs G M, Trinity Court 
Endicott Mr & Mrs H 131 Marlborough 
Efidicott Mr & Mrs H B, Hotel Touraine 
Endicott Mr liaurence 131 Marlborough 
Endicott Miss Marion 131 Marlborough 
Endicott Mr T H 131 Marlborough 
Endicott Mr William 32 Beacon 
Endicott Mr & Mrs W Jr 1€0 Beacon 
Endicott Mrs William C 163 Marlbor- 
Endicott Mr & Mrs William C Jr 163 

Endicott The Misses 131 Marlborough 
Endicott The Misses, Trinity Court 
English Mr E M, The Oxford 
Erhardt Prof & Mrs Justus 431 Marl- 
Eriche Miss Elsie, Trinity Court 
Ericson Dr Erica 183 Huntington Av 
Ericson The 373 Commonwealth Av 
Ermentrout Dr S J, Hotel Bristol 
Ernst Mr & Mrs C W 298 Common- 
wealth Av 

Estabrook Mr & Mrs A F 346 Common- 
wealth Av ^ 
Etsabrook Mr Benjamin W, The Tui!- 

EMtabrook Mr Frederick R. The Tuil- 

Estabrook Mr F W, Hotel Touraine 
Estabrook Mr & Mrs H W, The Tuil- 

Estabrook & Eaton, Masonic Temple 

Boylston St 
Estes Mrs M A 277 to 281 Dartmouth 
Estey Dr H W 159 Newbury 
Eustes Mrs H H 2 Joy 
Eustis Mrs George, The Wadsworth 
Evans Dr & Mrs Albert 409 Marlbor- 
Evans Miss Annie 5 West Cedar 
Evans Mr & Mrs Charles 14 Chestnut 
Evans Mr & Mrs C R 332 Bay State Rd 
Evans Mrs Glendower 12 Otis Place 
Evans Mr & Mrs R D 17 Gloucester 
Evarts Mr & Mrs William H 159 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Everett Mr Edward 32 Fenway 
Everett Mr Edward 16 West Cedar 
Everett Dr & Mrs Eugene E 427 Marl- 
Everett Mrs E B 32 Fenway 
Everett Mrs E F 67 Mt Vernon 
I']verett Mrs G L 43 Mountfort 
Everett Mr & Mrs H C, Hotel Somerset 
Everett Mr & Mrs J M, Trinity Court 
Everett Miss M L, The Copley 
P^verett Miss M R 67 Mt Vernon 
Everett Miss 32 Fenway 
Everts Miss Katharine J 1 1 Pinckney 
Ewald Mr I^wis 3 Willow 
Ewell Miss F M, Trinity Court 

Fabyan Mr & Mrs Francis Wright 146 
Commonwealth Av 

Fabyan The Misses 465 Audubon Road 

Faelten Mr & Mrs Reinhold 215 Hunt- 
ington Av 

Fagan Mr & Mrs John 548 Newbury 



Pair Dr R P 394 Marlborough 
Fairbaim Mrs R B 451 Beacoa 
Fairbank Mr J M, Hotel Somerset 
Fairbank Mrs L G, Hotel Somerset 
Fairbanks Prof & Mrs Arthur 4 West 

Fairbanks Mrs A M 71 Mt Vernon 
Fairbanks Dr A W 591 Beacon 
Fairbanks Miss C A, The Victoria 
Fairbanks Miss C L, The Victoria 
Fairbanks Miss Ella A, The Oxford 
Fairbanks Mr & Mrs Frank L 382 New- 
Fairbanks Mr & Mrs Fred 172 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Fairbanks Mr F C, Commonwealth 

Fairbanks Mr & Mrs W C, Hotel Not- 
Fairfield Mrs Harold 237 Berkeley 
Fales Mrs George A, The Wadsworth 
Falkner Rev Dr & Mrs W H 282 Marl- 
Fall Mr & Mrs Charles G 393 Marl- 
Fall Mr Fabian 393 Marlborough 
Fallon Mr & Mrs Dalton 784 Beacon 
Fallon Mr & Mrs J E 780 Beacon 
Fallon Dr W E 96 Huntington Av 
Fanning Mr & Mrs M B 1077 Boylston 
Farley Mrs A B 50 Hereford 
Farley Mr J Wells 2 Mt Vernon PI 
Farley Miss M E 856 Boylston 
Farlow Mrs George A, The Vendome 
Farlow Mr John S 127 Bay State Road 
Farlow Dr & Mrs J W 127 Bay State 

Road office 234 Clarendon 
Farmer Mr & Mrs Edward 274 New- 
Farmer Mr & Mrs F M 176 Huntington 

Famham The Misses, The Ludlow 
Famsworth Mr Arthur 3 Willow 
Famsworth Miss A, The Vendome 
Famsworth Mr & Mrs William 157 Boa- 

Famum Mrs F J 102 Huntington Av 
Farragut Building 124 Massachusetts 

Farrar Miss Hazel, The Buckminster 
Farrar Mr Joseph E, The Oxford 
Farrar Mrs J W, The Buckminster 
Farrelly Mr & Mrs Richard A 475 Bea- 
Farrington Dr & Mrs C W 228 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Farwell Mr Albert L 2 Walnut 
Farwell Mr & Mrs John Whittemore 

457 Beacon 
Faulkner Miss F M 80 Beacon 
Faulkner Dr & Mrs W E 290 Marl- 
Faunce Dr C B 101 Newbury 
Faxon Miss Henrietta 52 Hereford 
Faxon Mrs William 52 Hereford 
Faxon Mr & Mrs William Jr 186 Com- 
monwealth Av & Cohasset Mass 
Faxon The Misses 40 St Stephen 
Fay Mr A M 169 Commonwealth Av 
Fay Mr & Mrs D B 287 Beacon 
Fay Mr & Mrs Frank B 192 Common- 
wealth Av 
Fay Mr & Mrs Henry 409 Marlborough 
Fay Mr & Mrs Henry H 418 Beacon 
Fay Mr & Mrs Joseph S3d, 156 Mt Ver- 
Fay Mr & Mrs J S Jr 169 Common- 
wealth Avenue 
Fay Miss Sarah B 88 Mt Vernon 
Fay Miss Sarah M 94 Beacon 
Fay Dr & Mrs W E 366 Commonwealth 

Fay Miss 491 Beacon 
Fea Mrs K 70 Westland Av 
Fearing Mrs Mary, The Charlesgate 
Fellner Mr & Mrs Eugene 541 Common- 
wealth Av 
Fenderson Dr & Mrs L B 226 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Fenelon Dr Katherine A 98 Charles 
Fennelly Mrs E J 246 Newbury 
Fenno Mr & Mrs E N 450 Beacon 



Fenno Mr & Mrs J Brooks 253 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Femio Mr & Mrs L Carteret 238 Beacon 
Fenway Gate 56 Fenway 
Ferdinand Mr Frank 458 Audubon Rd 
Ferguson Miss A, The Copley 
Ferguson Mrs Robert, The Buckminster 
Ferriis Miss Ida J, The Buckminster 
Ferris Mr & Mrs T L 183 Huntington 

Ferry Mr & Mrs M J 5 Keswick 
Fessendei Mr Russell G 140 Beacon 
Fiander Mr c'c Mr., The Eastgate 
Fiedler Mr <fc ^ith Max, Jlemenway 

Field Mr & Mrs P A 5 Chestnut 
Field Mry S B, Hotel Nottingham 
Fields Mrs Jame.s T 148 Charles 
Figman Mr Oscar L 196 Huntington Av 
Filene Mr & Mrs A Lincoln 167 Bay 

State Rd 
Filene Mrs William 869 Beacon 
Fish Mr & Mrs Ira L, The Wadsworth 
Fisher Miss A 10 5 Joy 
Fisher Mrs E G 99 Mount fort 
Fisher Miss Laura 292 Marlborough 
Fisher Mr Richard A 2 Walnut 
Fisher Mrs Frederick L, The Warren 

Fisher Miss Harriet L, The Warren Rox 
Fisher Mrs William B 141 Newbury 
Fisher Mr W N 623 Commonwealth 

Fisher The Misses 491 Beacon 
Fisk Mr Alex G, The Buckminster 
Fiske Mr & Mrs Andrew 216 Common- 
wealth Av 
Fiske Mr & Mrs Charles H Jr 39 Bay 

State Road 
Fiske Mr & Mrs Elliot W, The Ven- 

Fiske Mr & Mrs George R, The Wads- 
Fiske Rev George S 261 Clarendon 
Fiske Mrs J N 121 Commonwealth Av 
Fiske Miss M F, Hotel Bristol 

Fitch Rev & Mrs Albert P 383 Mari- 

Fitch Miss C T 38:i Commonwealth Av 
Fitch Mr & Mrs E C 265 Common- 
wealth Av 
Fitch Mrs H H, The Mountfort 
Fitch Miss, The Mountfort 
Fitchett Mrs E R 42 Mt Vernon 
Fitz Miss E J 330 Dartmouth 
Fitz Dr & Mrs R H 18 Arlington 
Fitz Mrs W S 75 Beacon 
FitzGerald Mr & Mrs Stephen S 755 

Fitzgerald Mr A T, Revere House 
Fitzroy Mr & Mrs Henry S 161 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Flagg Mrs Augustus 274 Clarendon 
Flagg Dr E 190 Commonwealth Av 
Flagg Mrs George 190 Commonwealth 

Flagg Mr Henry D 206 Common- 
wealth Av 
Flagg Mr Lewis G 3 Spruce 
Flagg Mr & Mrs W D, Trinity Court 
Flaherty Mr P R, Revere House 
Flanagan Mrs George 208 Huntington 

Flanders Mr & Mrs W L 153 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Flatley Mrs Joseph P 916 Beacon 
Flatley Mr Thomas W 916 Beacon 
Fleming Mrs John 784 Beacon 
Fleming Mr & Mrs P J 44 St Stephen 
Fletcher Miss Lillian, Hemenway Cham- 
Fletcher Mr L A, Commonwealth 

Flint Mrs D B, Hotel Somerset 
Floyd Mr Fred C, Hemenway Cham- 
Fogg Mr & Mrs A J 73 WesUand Av 
Fogg Miss C N, Trinity Court 
Fogg Mrs John S 237 Berkeley 
Fogg Mrs J M, Trinity Court 
Folkenberg Mr A, The Lenox 
Follett Miss Mary P 5 Otis PI 

Wells-Burrage Co. 





Opposite Arlington 


Hotel Bel lev ue 

Beacost St., near Tremont, Boston 


Tak* El«vatad R, R. from Either North or 
South Stations to Park Street 

Cuisine unexcelled Excellent Music 





Successor to HBNRY GUILD & SON 

31 WEST STREET (Over Whitney's Linen Store) 

DIAMONDS and other PRECIOUS STONES Reset ia Artistic Designs 
Jewelry and Silverware of all kinds Repaired 

College, Class and Society Pins a Specialty 



School of the Museum of Fine Arts 


E. C. Tarbell \ Drawing Paige and Cummings Traveling 

^jW. Benson^ ( ^^ Scholarships 

W. ff. Paxton * ) Painting Helen Hamblen, Gardner, Blake 

B. L. Pratt Modeling and Ten Free Scholarships 

PhUip L. Hale Anatomy Prizes in money awarded in each 

A. K. Cross Ferapecttve i «^„-+w> ^4- 


C. Howard Walker, Director ^'or Circular and Terma 
Katherine B. Child, Aanstant Address the Manager 


^MV ^^•1 School for Girls at No. 36 Con- 

I nO CflllfVlAH cord AvtnuL, Cambridge, Mass. 
M Am%^ ^^AAimaiAAm Xwonty-thtrd year. Boarding 
and Day School. Corporation controlU d by Harvard professors 
who instruct in Radcliffc College. Many teachers, mostly Radcliffe 
graduates. Classes small. Courses of study planned for each 
pupil. Primary, Intermediate?, Academic and College Prepara- 
tory departments. Teaching thorough. Examinations required 
only of girls going to college. Schoolhouse and residence 
separate, built to be full of sunshine and good air. Basket- 
ball, tennis, Radcliffe gymnasium and swimming pool. 

MISS RUTH COIT, Head Mistress 



Remodelling and Repairing personally attended to 

665 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. 




FolsDm Mrs C F 15 Marlborough 
Folsom Miss H A, The Oxford 
Folsom Miss I O, The lienox 
Folsom Mrs J A, The Lenox 
Foote Mrs Edward 353 Beacon 
Footman Miss Annie 376 Newbury 
Footman Miss May 376 Newbury 
Forbes Mrs Francis B 114 Common- 

iwealth Av 
Forbes Mr & Mrs J M 107 Common- 
wealth, Av 
Forbes Miss J W 140 Marlborough 
Forbush Mr Arthur D, Hemenway 

Ford Mrs Frances, The Copley 
Ford Miss M E 136 Newbury 
Fordyce Mr & Mrs E A, Hemenway 

ForristaU Mr & Mrs Charles G 40 Pinck- 

Forsaith Miss Annie S 372 Longwood 

Avenue • 

Forsaith Miss Marion B 372 Ix)ngwood 

Forsaith Judge William J 372 Long- 
wood Avenue 
Forsaith Mr William V 372 liongwood 

Forsyth Mr James B, Hotel Touraine 
Forsyth Mr & Mrs J B, The Victoria 
Forsyth Mr Thomas A, Hotel Touraine 
Forsyth Mr W G, Hemenway Chambers 
Fortescue Mr James, Hotel Carlton 
Foss Mr Edward C 48 Beacon 
Foss Mr & Mrs Edwin P 39 Huntington 

Foss Mr & Mrs G E Jr 220 Newbury 
Foss Mr James O, The Wadsworth 
Foss Miss Mildred, The Wadsworth 
Foss Mr Wallace H, The Wadsworth 
Fossi Signora A, The Abbotsford 
Foster Mr A Mrs A D 178 Marlborough 
Foster Mr «& Mrs C H W, The Ludlow 
Foster Mrs Dwight 44 Fairfield 
Foster Miss Ernestine, The Charles- 

Foster Miss E S 44 Fairfield 

Foster Mr E W, Commonwealth Hotel 

Foster Miss Fanny 26 Fenway 

Foster Mr & Mrs G E, Hemenway 

Foster Mrs Henry C 122 Huntington 

Foster Mr & Mrs Henry Hopkins, The 

Foster Miss Irene, The Copley 
Foster Mr John H 89 Bellevue 
Foster Mrs J H, Trinity Court 
Foster Rev & Mrs J McG 198 Bay 

State Road 
Foster Miss Kathleen 198 Bay State Rd 
Foster Mr & Mrs Louis F 89 Bellevue 
Foster Mrs Marie 166 Huntington Av 
Foster Mr Nathtmiel Jr, The Charles- 
Foster Miss OH ve T 369 Beacon 
Foster Mr & Mrs Reglniild 48 Fenway 
Foster Mr & Mrs William, Parker House 
Foster Mr & Mrs W S, Hemenway 

Fottler Mr & Mrs Jacob 57 Chestnut 
Fowle Mr & Mrs Charles H 107 Mount- 
Fowle Mr & Mrs I^eonard 366 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Fowle Mr Raymond, The Westminster 
Fowle Mr & Mrs W P, The Westminster 
Fowler Miss C M 275 Newbury 
Fowler Mr & Mrs WilUam P 1 Ply- 
Fox Mrs John J 378 Newbury 
Francis Mrs C (J, The Abbotsford 
Francis Mr & Mrs G T 56 Common- 
wealth Av 
Francis Mr Russell I)e:m 188 Common- 
wealth Av 
Francis Mr & Mrs W H, Hotel Carlton 
Frank Mr & Mrs Daniel 6'i8 Beacon 
Frank Mr H P 31 Mt Venion 
Frank Mr Willia!ii, The Victoria 
Frasse Mrs Hattie () H 218 Newbury 
Fraternity A T () 26 Newbury 



Fraternity Delta Tau Delta 234 New- 
Fraternity Kappa 264 Newbury 
Fraternity liambda Phi 258 Newbury 
Fraternity P K S 422 Newbury 
Fraternity Theta Chi Iota 285 New- 
Freeman Mrs A F 14 Hereford 
Freeman Mrs H H 224 Marlborough 
Freeman Mrs H V 430 Marlborough 
Freeman Mr & Mrs J G 490 Beacon 
Freeman Miss Katharine A 423 Beacon 
Freeman Mrs Louisa A 416 Marlbor- 
Freeman Mr Michael Jr 423 Beacon 
Freeman Mr R C, The Westminster 
Freeman The Misses 430 Marlborough 
Freeto Mr & Mrs J F 102 Huntington 

French Mr & Mrs William C 1120 Boyls- 

French Miss C A 230 Marlborough 
French Miss C L W 42 Commonwealth 

French Mrs E A 421 Marlborough 
French Mr George B 323 Common- 
wealth Av 
French Mr Henry W, The Vendome 
French Mr & Mrs HoUis 94 Mt Vernon 
French Mrs John J 200 Commonwealth 

French Mr Philip 200 Commonwealth 

French Mr & Mrs WiUiam C 1120 Boyls- 

French Miss, The Victoria 
Friedman Mr Albert 907 Beacon 
Friedman Dr & Mrs L V 416 Marlbor- 
Friedman Mr & Mrs M 206 Bay State 

Friedman Mrs S 907 Beacon 
Frisbie Miss M C 116 Mt Vernon 
Frost Miss Charlotte M 230 Huntington 

Frost Mrs Laura D 330 Dartmouth 

Frost Mr & Mrs L G 161 Newbury 
Frothingham Mr & Mrs Brooks 118 

Frothingham Dr & Mrs Channing Jr 

845 Boylston 
Frothingham Mr Charles M 476 Beacon 
Frothingham Mr C M, Hemenway 

Frothingham Mrs Edward 476 Be{ioon 
Frothingham Mr Henry A 493 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Frothingham Mr Joseph L 39 Chestnut 
Frothingham Miss J W 37 Chestnut 
Frothingham Mr & Mrs Langdon 336 

Bay State Rd 
Frothingham Mr Louis A 140 Beacon 
Frothingham Mrs Lucy F 416. Marl- 
Frothingham Rev & Mrs Paul Revere 

294 Beacon 
Frothingham Mrs Thomas G 493 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Frothingham Mr & Mrs Thomas G 74 

Frothingham Miss 476 Beacon 
Fry Mr Charles 21 Commonwealth Av 
Fuller Miss Anna 857 Beacon 
Fuller Miss Caroline, The Vendome 
Fuller Mrs C E 304 Beacon 
Fuller Mrs M A 66 Huntington Av 
Fuller Mr Robert 857 Beacon 
Fuller Mr & Mrs S Richard 405 Beacon 
Fuller Mr & Mrs T J 43 Mountfort 
FuUerton Mr E D 14 Mt Vernon 
Fulton Miss Alice, The Oxford 
Furbish Dr J A 235 Jlarlborough 
Furfey Dr J A 194 Marlborough 
Fumess Mr Dawes 6 Lime 
Furness Miss Laura 6 lAme 
Fumess Miss Rebecca 6 Lime 
Fumiss Dr Maude G 2 Commonwealth 

Gaertner Dr & Mrs Alexander 193 Belle- 

Gaffield Mr & Mrs E C 636 Beacon 



Gaffney Miss E L, The Oxford 
Gaffney Miss M L, The Oxford 
Gage Mr Charles P 2 Brimmer 
Gage Mr D Hipley 2 Brimmer 
Gaines Mr & Mrs S R 96 Huntington Av 
Galacar Mr Frederic R 3 Spruce 
Gale Mr & Mrs Edwards J 186 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Gales Mr W S 112 Hnckney 
Gallaudet Rev Herbert D 165 Newbury 
Galloupe Dr C W, The Abbotsford 
Galpa trick Mrs Arthur A 16 Mt Vernon 
Gannett Dr & Mrs W W 274 Marlbor- 
Gannon Mr John N, Hemenway Cham- 
Garceau Mr & Mrs Albert 48 Mt Ver- 
Garceau Dr & Mrs Edgar 397 Mari- 

Gardiner Miss Eugenia 15 West Cedar 
Gardiner Mrs E G 131 Mt Vernon 
Gardiner Mr & Mrs R H 322 Beacon 
Gardner Mrs Charles Perkins 8 Otis PI 
Gardner Mr George A 51 Common- 
wealth Av 
Gardner Mr & Mrs G P 186 Beacon 
Gardner Mrs John L, Fenway Court 
summer residence Green Hill 
Gardner Mr J L 51 Commonwealth Av 
Gardner Mr & Mrs N 30 St Stephen 
Garfield Mr & Mrs Irvin McD 355 Bea- 
Gargan Mrs T J 14 Brimmer 
Garland Miss A 227 Newbury 
Garland Dr & Mrs Albert E 81 West- 
land Av 
Garland Dr F E 4^5 Beacon 
Garland Dr & Mrs G M 227 Newbury 
Garland Mrs James A 47 Beacon 
Garret Mrs L O 114 Mt Vernon 
Garrett Miss C H, Trinity Court 
Garrett Mrs H H, Trinity Court 
Garritt Miss Elizabeth 128 Newbury 
Garritt Mrs William B 128 Newbury 

Gary Dr Clara E 416 Marlborough 
Gassett Miss Martha, Hotel Bellevue 
Gaston Miss Sarah H 177 Marlborough 
Gaston Mr & Mrs W A 97 Bay State Rd 
Gaugengigl Mr Ignaz M 5 Otis PI 
Gay Mr & Mrs C H 120 Huntington Av 
Gay Mr Ernest L 317 Marlborough 
Gay Miss Etta K 20 West Cedar 
Gay Mrs E 170 Beacon 
Gay Mr E H 170 Beacon 
Gay Dr & Mrs F P 165 Bellevue. 
Gay Dr G W 655 Boylston (office) 
Gay Mr & Mrs Harry H 11 Chestnut 
Gay Dr H S 1087 Boylston 
Gay Dr & Mrs Warren F 385 Beacon 
Gay Mr & Mrs William O 187 Beacon 
Gedge Miss L, The Charlesgate 
Geiger Mr & Mrs Albert 290 Common- 
wealth Av 
George Dr A W 234 Marlborough 
George Miss M, The Copley 
George Mr Nathaniel 112 Newbury 
Germain Dr & Mrs Harry H 416 Marl- 
Gerrish Mr C F, Revere House 
Gibbs Mr Frank E 10 Charles 
Gibbs Mr & Mrs H C, Hotel Canterbury 
Gibson Mr Charles 59 Beacon 
Gibson Mr & Mrs C H 137 Beacon 
Gibson Mr & Mrs George A 212 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Gibson The Misses 137 Beacon 
Giddings Mrs E L 17 Bay State Rd 
Gideon Mr & Mrs Samuel E 92 Marl- 
Gifford Mr Carlton A 18 Autumn 
Gilbert Mr & Mrs A W 78 Westland Av 
Gilbert Mr Clayton D 78 Westland Av 
Gilbert Mr E W, Copley Sq Hotel 
Gilbert Mr Joseph T, The Tudor 
Gilbert Mr & Mrs M B, Hotel Notting- 
Gilbert Mr Royce 78 Westland Av 
Gilchrist Mrs Ciiarlea R 851 Beacon 
Gile Miss Helen, The Vendome 
Gile Mr & Mrs W H. The Vendome 



Gill Mrs Clara J 26 St Stephen 

Gill Mrs George F 411 Marlborough 

Gill Mrs J S 386 Newbury 

Gillis Miss Meda, The Wadsworth 

Gilman Rev & Mrs Bradley, Hemenway 

Gilman Miss Dorothy, Hemenway 

Gilman Dr & Mrs Harry S, Trinity 

Gilman Miss Julia R 324 Common- 
wealth Av 
Gilman Miss Louise R 324 Common- 
wealth Av 
Gilman Mr O B 195 Huntington Av 
Gilman Mr & Mrs WiUiam O 84 St 

Gilmore Mr A B, The Lenox 
Gibnore Miss B, The Buckminster 
Gilmore Mr & Mrs Kelsey M 514 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Gilmore Mrs S D, The Buckminster 
Gilmore Miss S H, The Buckminster 
Gilmore Mr William, The Westminster 
Gilpatrick Mr & Mrs E M 827 Boylston 
Gilpatrick Dr Ray H 827 Boylston 
Gilroy Mr Foster 48 Beacon 
Ginty Mr & Mrs J A 75 Mountfort 
Gleason Mrs E J 919 Beacon 
Gleason Mr James M, Copley Sq Hotel 
Glenny Mr & Mrs B B, The Tuileries 
Glenny Miss, The Tuileries 
Glidden Mr & Mrs Charles J, Hotel 

Ghdden Mr & Mrs C J, Hotel Somerset 
GUdden Mr C S, The Lenox 
Glidden Mr & Mrs George B 661 Boyls- 
Gloucester The 903 Boylston 
Glover Mr Edward S S 418 Newbury 
Glover Miss Georgine W 418 Newbury 
Glover Mrs P A 418 Newbury 
Glynn Miss B Frances 27 Mass Av 
Goddard Mr F C, The Lenox 
Goddard Mr & Mrs G A 1 Mt Vernon PI 
Goddard Mr Shirley 485 Beacon 

Goddard Mrs Thatcher, Trinity Court 
Goddard Mr William 291 Marlborough 
Goddu Dr & Mrs L A O 33 Mt Vernon 
Godfrey Mr A W, The Vendome 
Godfrey Mr A Mrs L N, The Vendome 
Godley Mr Frederick A 112 Pinckney 
Going Mrs F R 50 Commonwealth Av 
Goldsbury Dr P W 374 Marlborough 
Goldsmith Mrs M E 6 Arlington 
Goldthwait Mrs Joel, The Victoria 
Goldthwait Dr J E 372 Marlborough 
Good Dr Fred L 127 Newbury 
Goodale Dr & Mrs J L 258 Beacon 
Goodale Mrs N S ^2 Huntington Av 
Goodall Dr H W 71 Marlborough 
Goodheart Mrs M 230 Huntington Av 
Gooding Mr & Mrs T P 284 Newbury 
Goodnow Mr & Mrs William N 409 

Goodnow The Misses, The Vendome 
Goodrich Miss Amy E L, .Trinity Court 
Goodrich Mrs A P, Trinity Court 
Goodrich Miss Constance, Trinity Court 
Goodrich Mr Henry M 5 Mt Vernon PI 
Goodrich Mrs H L 485 Beacon 
Goodrich Mrs J B 4F5 Beacon 
Goodrich Mrs J J, Trinity Court 
Goodridge Mr & Mrs, D M 28 Blagden 
Goodspeed Mr & Mrs Joseph H 279 

Goodwin Mr & Mrs Augustus F 172 Bay 

State Rd 
Goodwin Mr Elisha, Hemenway Cham- 
Goodwin Mr F S 301 Beacon 
Goodwin Mr G H 2_ 2 Berkeley 
Goodwin Mr & Mrs Howard 211 Hunt- 

ingtbn Av 
Goodwin Mrs Maud. Hotel Ilkley 
Gookin Mr & Mrs C B 323 Bay State Rd 
Gookin Miss 328 Bay State Rd 
Gordon Mrs Charles 167 Marlborough 
Gordon Mr & Mrs Donald 1 1 Gloucester 
Gordon Rev <fe Mrs George A 645 Boyls- 
Gorham Miss M, Trinity Court 



Goes Dr & Mrs Francis W 217 Warren 

Gossman Mr & Mrs George 37 Mount- 
Goudy Mr Elmer 165 Huntington Av 
Goudy Miss Jennie M 165 Huntington 

Gould Miss Alice B, The Charlesgate 
Gould Mr & Mrs J M,' Hotel Somerset 
Gould Miss Mary, Hotel Brunswick 
Gould Mr & Mrs Thomas 248 Newbury 
Gould Miss 277 Dartmouth 
Goulding Mr & Mrs Liouis R 366 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Goulding Dr T F, Commonwealth 

Grabow Mr & Mrs E R, The Empire 
Grady Mr J J 225 Newbury 
Graffam The 330 Dartmouth 
Graham Mr E H 37 Conmionwealth Av 
Graham Mr & Mrs John M 37 Common- 
wealth Av 
Grand Lodge A O U W 12 Walnut 
Grandin Mr & Mrs J L 461 Common- 
wealth Av 
Grandin Mr & Mrs J L Jr 636 Beacon 
Granger Dr & Mrs F B 591 Beacon 
Granger Mr & Mrs Prank E 226 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Grannis Rev Appleton 3 Spruce 
Grant Dr Ethel E 206 Huntington Av 
Grant Dr A Mrs G F 108 Charles 
Grant Mr H R 5 Mt Vernon PI 
Grant Mr <fe Mrs Joseph A 83 St Ste- 
Grant Mrs J M 157 Huntington Av 
Grant Mr Patrick 3 Willow 
Grant Judge & Mrs Robert 211 Bay 

State Rd 
Grant Rev & Mrs Roland C, Parker 

Grant Dr & Mrs W H 846 Boylston 
Graves Mr <fe Mrs J L 8 Chestnut 
Graves Dr & Mrs W P 395 Beacon 
Gray Miss Elizabeth F, The Charlesgate 
Gray Dr Elieabeth T 485 Beacon 

Gray Mr & Mrs G A 378 Newbury 
Gray Miss Harriet 178 Beacon 
Gray Mrs Horace 79 Mt Vernon 
Gray Miss I E 5 Chestnut 
Gray Mr & Mrs James C 101 Mt Ver- 
Gray Mr & Mrs John Chipman 1 76 Bea- 
ton spring and autumn address 
Brattle St cor Larch Rd Cambridge 
Gray Mr A Mrs J C 222 Newbury 
Gray Miss Mary C 7 I^t Vernon PI 
Gray Mrs Reginald 108 Beacon 
Gray Mr & Mrs Roland 83 Marlborough 
Gray Mr & Mrs Russell 39 Marlborough 
Gray Mrs William R 373 Common- 
wealth Av 
Greeley Miss A M, The Buckminster 
Greeley Miss Helen, The Buckminster 
Greeley Mr & Mrs Norman F 461 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Greeley Mrs R F, The Victoria 
Greeley Miss R L 5 Lime 
Greeley Miss, The Victoria 
Green Mr & Mrs A P 230 Newbury 
Green Mrs B, The Westminster 
Green Mr Charles G 237 Berkeley 
Green Dr & Mrs C M 78 Marlborough 
Green Mr & Mrs J H 232 Huntington 

Green Dr J Orne 182 Marlborough 
Green Mrs Martha 212 Huntington Av 
Green The Misses 230 Newbury 
Greene Dr D Crosby Jr 485 Beacon 
Greene Dr & Mrs D C Jr 441 Marlbor- 
Greene Mr & Mrs Edwin Farnham 6 

Greene Dr & Mrs E M 45 Chestnut 
Greene Mr Francis B 182 Beacon 
Greene Mr & Mrs George de B 5 Glou- 
Greene Mr & Mrs Henry Copley 111 

Greene Mrs J S Copley 354 Marlborough 
Greene Mr & Mrs Lincoln, The Buck- 



Greene Mrs M C, The Buckminster 
Greene Miss, The Buckminster 
Greenleaf Mr & Mrs C H, The Vendome 
Greenleaf Mr Exigene, Hotel Kempton 
Greenleaf Miss Helen, The Copley 
Greenleaf Mr Henry 20 Mt Vernon 
Greenleaf Mr & Mrs L B 5()3 Beacon 
Greenough Mr & Mrs Charles P 2d 384 

Commonwealth Av 
Greenough Mr J J 100 Beacon 
Greenough Mr & Mrs M S, Hotel Som- 
Greenough Dr & Mrs R B 377 Beacon 
Greenough Miss, Hotel Somerset 
Greenslet Mr & Mrs F 24 West Cedar 
Greenwood Dr Allen 101 Newbury 
Greenwood Mr & Mrs James, Trinity 

Gregerson Miss Elizabeth S 403 Beacon 
Gregory Miss, The Westminster 
Grelaud Mrs J H 4G0 Beacon 
Grelaud Miss Marie 499 Beacon 
Grew Mr & Mrs Edward S 185 Marl- 
Grew Miss E S 373 Commonwealth Av 
Grew Mr & Mrs E W 238 Marlborough 
Grew Mr & Mrs H S 89 Beacon 
Grew Mr & Mrs H S 2d 254 Marlbor- 
Grewe Mrs C H, Copley Sq Hotel 
Griffin Mr & Mrs John 41 St Stephen 
Griffin Mr L M 208 Huntington Av 
Griggs Mrs S C, Hotel Somerset 
Grinnell Mr C E W 12 Mt Vernon 
Grinnell Mr & Mrs Frank W 409 Marl- 
Grinnell Mrs R B, Hotel Bristol 
Griswold Mrs D C 180 Huntington Av 
Griswold Mr John D, Hotel Bellevue 
Gross Miss Adeline W, The Buckminster 
Gross Miss H A, The Buckminster 
Grossman Mr & Mrs Elias 97 Mount- 
Grosvenor The 259 Beacon 
Grover Mr & Mrs Jefferson W 191 
Huntington Av 

Grynnish Mr & Mrs S 1089 Boylston 

Guelph The 667 Boylston 

Guidi Mr & Mrs Vittorio Orlandini 123 

Guild Mrs Benjamin F 222 Common- 
wealth Av 
Guild Mrs Chester, The Vendome 
Guild Mr Courtenay 26 Mt Vernon 
Guild Mr Curtis 26 Mt Vernon 
Guild Mr & Mrs Curtis Jr 124 Marl- 
Guild Miss C H 261 Beacon 
Guild Mr & Mrs Frank O, Trinity Court 
Guild Mr Frederic 76 Bay State Rd 
Guild Mr F Jr 76 Bay State Rd 
Guild Miss F C 324 Commonwealth Av 
Gmld Miss Harriet J 2 Otis PI 
Guild Miss Helen 222 Commonwealth 

Guild Miss Marianna C 26 Mt Vernon 
Guild Miss Mary 222 Commonwealth 

Guild Mr Samuel 76 Bay State Rd 
Guild Mr & Mrs Samuel E 102 Beacon 
Guild Miss S L 26 Mt Vernon 
Guildford Hotel 220 Qarendon 
Guillemet Mr & Mrs Louis A, The East- 
Gimimey Mr J W, The Empire 
Gummey Miss Margaret P, The Empire 
Gurney Mrs J T, Hemenway Chambers 

Haas Mr & Mrs Julius 784 Beacon 
Hackett Dr M G 63 Chestnut 
Hadley Dr Amos I 126 Marlborough 
Hadley Dr & Mrs A W 143 Mass Av 
Haddon Hall 282 Berkeley & 29 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Hagar Mr Albert C, The Charlesgate 
Hagar Mr Eugene B 208 Bay State Rd 
Hagenburger Dr & Mrs G L 486 Bea- 
Hain Mr & Mrs Frank 77 Westland Av 
Hale Mr & Mrs George E 350 Common- 
wealth Av 
liale Mrs H N, Hotel Somerset 



Hale Mr & Mrs J F 879 Beacon 

Hale Mrs J H, Hotel Royal 

Hale Miss Marcer 9 Keswick 

Hale Mrs Margaret A 142 Huntington 

Hale Miss Mary 9 Keswick 
Hale Mr & Mrs Matthew 50 River 
Hale Mr <fe Mrs P 1087 Boylston 
Hale Mr Robert Sever 925 Boylston 
Haley Dr Henry W 283 Dartmouth 
Hall Mr A B 179 Beacon 
Hall Mr & Mrs A D, Hotel Carlton 
Hall Mr & Mrs Bordman 73 Mountfort 
Hall Mrs Eliza. Hotel Bristol 
Hall Miss E R 31 Bay State Rd 
Hall Miss Fanny, The Ludlow 
Hall Miss Florence, Hemenway Cham- 
Hall Mr & Mrs Frank C, Hotel Somerset 
Hall Mr & Mrs Frank R, Hemenway 

Hall Dr & Mrs Gardner W, The Charles- 
Hall lAr & Mrs George G 78 Beacon 
Hall Mr & Mrs H S 472 Beacon 
Hall Mr John L 925 Boylston 
Hall Mrs Mira, Hotel Somerset 
Hall Miss M E 76 Huntington Av 
Hall Mr & Mrs Prescott F 112 Pinckney 
Hall Mrs R J 31 Bay State Rd 
HaU Mr & Mrs W N, The Oxford 
EEailett Mr D B, The Tuileries 
Hallett Mr D E, The Tuileries 
Hallett Mr J, Revere House 
Halma Miss Edna, Hotel Canterbury 
Hsdma Mrs, Hotel Canterbury 
Halsey Dr & Mrs F W 272 Newbury 
Hamilton Dr Annie L 657 Boylston 
Hamilton Mr & Mrs George L, Hotel 

Hamilton Hotel 260 Clarendon 
Hamilton Dr H F, The Vendome office 

125 Marlborough 
Hamilton Mr T C, Hotel Carlton 
Hamilton Mr & Mrs William D 313 Bea- 

Hamilton Mr <fe Mrs W A, The Abbots- 
Hamlen Mr & Mrs Paul M 32 Glou- 
Hamlen The Misses 130 Marlborough 
Hamlin Mr & Mrs C S 2 Raleigh 
Hamlin Mr & Mrs George P 185 Bay 

State road 
Hammond Mr & Mrs G G 261 Claren- 

Hammond Mrs G G 172 Beacon 
Hammond Mrs J M, Hotel Carlton 
Hammond Dr Philip 317 Marlborough 
Hammond Mr & Mrs Samuel 194 Bea- 
Hanlon Mr T A, Copley Sq Hotel 
Hanners Mr & Mrs D T 194 Marlbor- 
Hannis Mrs C E 21 West Cedar 
Hanson Mr H F, The Tuileries 
Hapgood Mrs B W 15 Blagden 
Hapgood Mr & Mrs C M 69 Westland 

Hapgood Mr & Mrs C S 276 Common- 

weiJth Av 
Hapgood Mr C W 276 Commonwealth 

Harding Mr Albert E 97 Mountfort 
Harding Mrs A E 97 Mountfort 
Harding Mrs Edgar 324 Beacon 
Harding Mr & Mrs Emor H 155 Bay 

State Road 
Harding Dr G F 419 Boylston (office) 
Harding Mr Lester W 97 Mountfort 
Harding Mr Richard B 97 Mountfort 
Harding Mr W F, The Vendome 
Hardon Dr Charles M 179 Newbury 
Hardy Mr & Mrs A H 445 Beacon 
Hardy Mrs Elizabeth B 308 Common- 
wealth Av 
Hardy Dr H W 129 Marlborough 
Hare Dr Charles H 485 Beacon 
Harlow Mr & Mrs J E, The Victoria 
Harmon Mr & Mrs A H, Parker House 
Harper Mr & Mrs H H, The West- 



Harper Miss, The Westminster 
Harridan Mr F S 205 Clarendon 
Harrington Mr & Mrs C A. The Oxford 
Harrington Mr Da\'id 3 Willow 
Harrington Miss Florence I, Hemen- 

way Chambers 
Harrington Dr & Mrs F B 201 Beacon 
Harrington Dr & Mrs F F 308 Common- 
wealth Av 
Harrington Dr & Mrs George S, Hem- 

enway Chambers 
Harringon Mr & Mrs George W 49 

Harrington Mr Richard A, Hotel Carl- 
Harrington The Misses 201 Beacon 
Harris Mr & Mrs Benj A 180 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Harris Mrs Dorothy 71 Westland Av 
Harris Mrs George R 290 Common- 
wealth Av 
Harris Miss Helen, The Lenox 
Harris Mrs H S, The Buckminster 
Harris Miss M 290 Commonwealth Av 
Harris Miss Rae, The Buckminster 
Harris Mr & Mrs Robert H 5 Brimmer 
Harris Mr & Mrs S C, The Buckminster 
Harris Dr & Mrs S J 1 14 Huntington Av 
Harris Mr Theodore S 3 Willow 
Harris Mrs Thomas H, Copley Square 

Harrison Mrs Edward A 23 St Stephen 
Harrison Dr Henry 153 Huntington Av 
Harrison Dr H H 137 Newbury 
Harrison Mr H M, The Mountfort 
Harrison Mr R S, Revere House 
Hart Miss Alice L, Trinity Court 
Hart Dr Aubrey W 64 Huntington Av 
Hart Mr Claude M, Hotel Touraine 
Hart Mr T N 298 Commonwealth Av 
Hart Mr & Mrs William H, The West- 
Hartley Mr Frank, Copley Sq Hotel 
Hartnett Miss E J, The Thorndike 
Hartshorn Mr & Mrs H M 857 Beacon 
Hartshorn Mr & Mrs W N 54 Fenway 

Hartung Dr & Mrs H H 224 Hunting- 

ton Av 
Hartwell Mrs C R. Hotel Bristol 
Hartwell Dr & Mrs Harry F 220 Marl- 
Hartwell Dr J B 282 Berkeley 
Harvard Medical School, Longwood Av 
Harvard Musical Association 57a 

Harvey Miss Edith, Hemenway Cham- 
Harvey Mr J F, Hotel Bellevue 
Harvie Miss Hattie, The Oxford 
Harwood Mr & Mrs A S, Parker House 
Haserick Mr A A 756 Boylston 
Hasey Mr J W, The Oxford 
Haskell Mrs A E, Hotel Brunswick 
Haskell Mrs A N 31 Newbury 
Haskell Miss Edyth, Trinity Court 
Haskell Mrs E R 7 Gloucester 
Haskell Miss Grace 119 Common- 
wealth Av 
Haskell Dr & Mrs H H 34 Common- 
wealth Av 
Haskell Mr & Mrs John A 96 Bay 

State Road 
Hafikell Mrs J M 226 Beacon 
Haskell Miss M E 314 Marlborough 
Haskell Miss S A 7 Gloucester 
Haskell Mr & Mrs WiUiam 176 Hunt- 
ington Av 
HaskeU Mrs W A, The Empire 
Haskell Mr & Mrs W E, Hotel Somerset 
Haskins Mrs C G 5 Walnut 
Haskins Dr F E 134 Huntington Av 
Haskins Mrs William, Hotel Bellevue 
Hastings Dr Caroline E 803 Boylston 
Hastings Mr Henry, Parker House 
Hastings Mrs H E 138 Huntington Av 
Hastings Mr Leslie 3 Spruce 
Hastings Mrs Maria D 416 Marlborough 
Hastings Mrs W H 416 Marlborough 
Hatch Mrs A B 92a Pinckney 
Hatch Mr Edward 328 Commonwealth 

Hatch Miss E P 30 Newbury 



Hatch Mr Frank E 30 Newbury 

Hatch Miss 8 J, The Copley 

Hatch The Misses 328 Commonwealth 

Hatfield Dr H K 129 Marlborough 
Hathaway Mr & Mrs A J 228 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Hathaway Mr & Mrs G F 94 Pinckney 
Hathaway Mr & Mrs J F, Hotel Can- 
Hathaway Mr & Mrs Samuel 22 St 

Hatlow Miss Elizabeth, Copley Square 

Hatton Mrs E L, The Copley 
Hatton Miss, The Copley 
Haub Dr Augustine C 485 Beacon. 
Haven Mr & Mrs E B 312 Beacon 
Haven Mrs Franklin 35 Beacon 
Haven Miss Mary 97 Mt Vernon 
Haven Mrs M L, The Wadsworth 
Haven Mr P B 66 Beacoti 
Hawes Mr Edward S 90 Bay State Rd 
Hawes Dr John B 2d, Hotel Royal 
Hawes The Misses 90 Bay State Road 
Hawkes Mr & Mrs James A 71 Beacon 
Hawkins Mr John T 68 Westland Av 
Hawkins Mr John W 68 Westland Av 
Hawkins Mr J M, Hotel Bellevue 
Hawthorne Mr & Mrs Francis H 819 

Hay Mrs Mary 67 Mt Vernon 
Hay Miss Susan C 67 Mt Vernon 
Hayden Mr Charles, Hotel Somerset 
Hayden Mrs Charles R 80 Beacon 
Hayden Miss Fannie B 856 Beacon 
Hayden Miss G E 364 Marlborough 
Hayden Mr & Mrs Josiah W, Hotel 

Hayden Mr Lowell T 856 Beacon 
Hayden Miss M E 366 Commonwealth 

Hayden Mrs N F T 856 Beacon 
Hayden Mr & Mrs William 11 Mount- 
Hayden The Misses 161 Newbury 

Hayes Mr & Mrs William Allen 139 

Bay State Road 
Haynes H M, D M D, The Westminster 
Haynes Mr Henry W 239 Beacon 
Haynes Mrs John C 27 Bay State Road 
Haynes Mr & Mrs J C 194 Huntington 

Hayward Miss Francis 46 Hereford 
Hayward Mr & Mrs F L, Hotel Somer- 
Hayward Mr George P 105 Pinckney 
Hayward Dr & Mrs G G 165 Newbury 
Hayward Mrs H L, Hotel Somerset 
Hayward Mr W, Hotel Carlton 
Haaen Mr & Mrs J W, The Charlesgate 
Head Mr & Mrs Charles 412 Beacon 
Healey Miss Eleanor, The Copley 
Heard Mr & Mrs Henry R 20 Louis- 
burg Square 
Heard Mrs John Jr 439 Marlborough 
Heard Mr John Jr 439 Marlborough 
Heard Mrs J Theodore 20 Ix)uisburg 

Heath Mrs F M, The Oxford 
Heath Mr & Mrs H W 9 Ivy 
Heath Mr & Mrs J A 348 Marlborough 
Heath Mr N 348 Marlborough 
Heathfield Mr & Mrs H, Hotel Cimter- 

Heaton Mrs R C 1 Spruce 
Hebbard Mrs A M 295 Commonwealth 

Hebbard Dr & Mrs E C 122 Huntington 

Hecht Mrs J H, The Victoria 
Hecht Mr Louis Jr, The Westminster 
Hecht Mr & Mrs S E 16 Keswick 
Hecht Mr Summit L, The Westmin- 
Hedges Col & Mrs Sidney M, The Tudor 
Heffeman Dr D A 10 Newbury 
Heinemann Mr Martin 535 Newbury 
Heller Mr & Mrs Gabriel 376 Newbury 
Hellier Mr & Mrs Charles E 105 Beacon 
Hellier Miss LoUise 105 Beacon 
Hemenway Mr Alfred, Hotel Bellevue 



Hemenway Mr & Mrs Augustus 273 

Hemenway Mrs Charles P 242 Beacon 
Hemenway Miss 242 Beacon 
Henderson Mrs Adalyn 122 Huntington 

Henderson Mr A 803 Boylston 
Henderson Mr Edward V 48 Beacon 
Henderson Mr F G 48 Beacon 
Hendley Mr Henry E 26 Blagden 
Henegan Mr Rex 3 Willow 
Heney Mr & Mrs F C 504 Audubon Rd 
Hennequin Mr & Mrs Alfred, Hotel 

Henry Mr B T, Hemenway Chambers 
Henry Mr & Mrs D P, The Oxford 
Henry Mrs J E, Hotel Brunswick 
Henshaw Miss E L 77 Newburj' 
Henshaw Mr J P B 77 Newburj- 
Herman Mr & Mrs J M 424 Marl- 
Herman Miss 424 Marlborough 
Hermitage The 3 Willow 
Herrick Mrs S E 910 Beacon 
Herrick Miss 910 Beacon 
Hersey Mrs Alfred Henry 287 Newbury 
Hersey Miss Heloise E 78 Mt Vernon 
Hersey Miss M T 221 Newbury 
Hess Prof Willy, Hemenway Chambers 
Hetherston Mr Andre'w, Hotel Notting- 
Heustis Mr & Mrs F W 76 Westland Av 
Heustis Mr Rand 76 Westland Av 
Heustis The Misses 76 Westland Av 
Hewes Dr H F 125 Marlborough 
Hichbom Miss Harriet L 18 Louis- 
burg Square 
Hickey Mr & Mrs J G, United States 

Hickman Mr (i J, Commonwealth Ho- 
Hicka Mr & Mrs Edward P, Hemenway 

Higbee Mr J W, American House 
Higginbottom Mrs Charles W .H3 West- 
land Av 

Higgins Mr C Ix)throp 3 Walnut 
Higgins Mr & Mrs Daniel, The Mount- 
Higgins Dr & Mrs F A 384 Common- 
wealth Av 
Higgins Mrs K O 273 Newbury 
Higginson Mr & Mrs F L 274 Beacon 
Higginson Mr & Mrs H L 191 Common- 
wealth Av 
Higginson Mr & Mrs Louis, Hotel 

Higginson Mr Storrow 16 Louisburg Sq 
Hilbum Mrs Emma F 869 Beacon 
Hildreth Mr Henry A 320 Beacon 
HUdreth Mr & Mrs John H 77 West- 
land Av 
Hill Mr & Mrs Adams S 1 Otis Place 
HUl Mr & Mrs Arthur D 83 Mt Vernon 
Hill Mrs C H, Hotel Brunswick 
Hill Mr & Mrs Edward B 4 Marlborough 
HiU Dr & Mrs George S, Hotel Boya) 
Hill Mr & Mrs HamDton 205 Bay State 

Hill Mrs Hamilton A 205 Bay State 

Hill Mrs Hamilton A 37 Chestnut 
Hill Mr James W, Hotel Bellevue 
Hill Mr Kenneth 3 WiUow 
Hill Miss Laura M, Hotel Bellevue 
HiU Mr & Mrs Lew C, The Empire 
Hill Dr N H 189 Huntington Av 
Hill Mr & Mrs Spencer R, Hotel Can- 
Hill Dr & Mrs T C, Hotel Somerset 
Hill Mr & Mrs W M 832 Beacon 
Hillary Capt & Mi-s Miles 25 St Jamee 

Hiller Mr & Mrs F L, Parker House 
HilUard Miss J E 116 Mt Vemon 
Hilliard Miss S M 116 Mt Vemon 
Hills Mr Bigelow, Hemenway Chambers 
Hills Mr & Mrs Edwin A 363 Beacon 
Hills Mr George E 363 Beacon 
Hills Mr & Mrs J Edward, Hemenway 

Hills Miss Laura C 66 Chestnut 



Hills Mr & Mrs W S 294 Newbury 
HUtbold Dr C W 193 Huntington Av 
Hipkiss Dr George 2 Commonwealth 

Hirshfield Mr & Mrs R H, Copley Sq 

Hitchcock Mr & Mrs Charles H 204 

Huntington Av 
Hitchcock Mr & Mrs John 117 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Hitchcock Dr & Mrs W Alvan Jr 286 

Hittinger Mrs Carolyn M 15 Blagden 
Hittinger Mr & Mrs C F, Hotel Bruns- 
Hixon Mr & Mrs A W 196 Himtingtoh 

Hixon Dr & Mrs E C 479 Beacon 
Hoague Mr Theo 75 Mt Vernon 
Hobart Mrs A W, Hotel Brunswick 
Hobart Mr & Mrs B W, The Lenox 
Hobart Dr Mary F 657 Boylston 
Hobbs Mr & Mrs Conrad 318 Common- 
wealth Av 
Hobbs Mrs H E 51 Mountfort 
Hobbs Mr Walter, Trinity Court 
Hobbs Mr & Mrs Warren D 313 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Hockley Mrs Thomas 75 Mt Vernon 
Hodgdon Dr A E 39 Fairfield 
Hodgdon Mrs H, The Buckminster 
Hodgdon Miss Margaret, The Buck- 
Hodge Mrs L 222 Marlborough 
Hodge Miss 222 Marlborough 
Hodges Mr & Mrs Wihthrop T 13 Here- 
Hodges Mr & Mrs W W, The Victoria 
Hodgkins Mrs N W 75 Westland Av 
Hodgkinson Mr & Mrs Charles 141 

Hodsdon Mr John L 41 Himtington Av 
Hoes Mrs W F 76 Huntington Av 
Hofer Mr Robert E, Hemenway Cham- 
Hoffman Mr & Mrs J 90 Gainsborough 

Hogg Mr John 280 Commonwealth Av 
Holbrook Miss Antoinette, The Oxford 
Holbrook Mrs A C, The Oxford 
Holbrook Miss A L, The Oxford 
Holbrook Mr & Mrs E Everett 382 

Commonwealth Av 
Holbrook Mr E M, The Abbotsford 
Holbrook Mrs Isabelle 52 St Stephen 
Holbrook Miss Mary 382 Common- 
wealth Av 
Holbrook Miss 2 Walnut 
Holden Mr & Mrs Charles P 625 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Holden Mrs C W 876 Beacon 
Holden Mr & Mrs Edward 15 Blagden 
Holden Miss E S 876 Beacon 
Holden Mr «fe Mrs Joshua B, Hotel 

Holden Miss K H 139 Newbury 
Holden The Misses, Hotel Somerset 
Holland Mrs J, The Tudor 
Holland Miss M, The Tudor 
Holland Miss N G, Copley Square Ho- 
Holland The 50 Commonwealth Av 
Hollander Mr & Mrs Julius, Hotel 

HoUander Mr A Mrs L P 860 Beacon 
Holloway Miss Grace H, Hotel Bruns- 
Holloway Mrs W H, Hotel Brunswick 
Hollings Miss Mary A, Hemenway 

Hollings Mr W F Jr, Hemenway Cham- 
Hollingsworth Mr & Mrs EUis 38 Fair- 
Hollingsworth Mrs George 2 Hancock 

Hollingsworth Mrs Sumner 5 Fairfield 
Hollingsworth Miss Rose 2 Hancock 

Holiingworth Mr Z T 135 Newbury 
HoUister Mr & Mrs F R, Hotel Not- 
Holman Mr & Mrs C B, The Vendome 



Holman Mrs George W F, The Buck- 

Holmes Mr & Mrs Charles D, The Buck- 
Holmes Mr Charles N, Hotel Notting- 
Holmes Dr & Mrs Edgar M 531 Bencon 
Holmes Mr & Mrs Edward J 296 Beacon 
Holmes Mr T W, Parker House 
Holmes The Misses, Hotel Somerset 
Holmes The Misses, Trinity Court 
Holt Mr & Mrs Gustavus C 918 Beacon 
Holton Mr & Mrs E A 183 Huntington 

Holton Mr & Mrs Herbert H 387 Bea- 
Holton Mr <fe Mrs T J 504 Audubon Rd 
Homans Mrs C D, The Ludlow 
Homans Mrs John 164 Beacon 
Homans Dr John 164 Beacon 
Homans Mr & Mrs Robert 158 Mt 

Homer Miss Florence, Hotel Notting- 
Homer Mr & Mrs O D, Hotel Notting- 
Hood Miss Helen, Hotel Canterbury 
Hook Miss Elizabeth H, Hemenway 

Hooke Mr & Mrs Charles H, Hotel Can- 
Hooker Miss Sarah H, Hotel Bristol 
Hooper Mr A W, The Ijcnox 
Hooper Dr Everett 419 Boylston 
Hooper Miss Grace, The Oxford 
Hooper Miss Helen 448 Beacon 
Hooper Mr & Mrs J R 478 Beacon 
Hooper Miss Louise, The Victoria 
Hooper Miss Mary G 367 Beacon 
Hooper Miss M F 56 Chestnut 
Hooper Mr & Mrs S Henry 7 Marl- 
Hooper Mr S H 925 Boylston 
Hooper Mrs S T 149 Newbury 
Hooper Mr & Mrs Thomas 277 Dart- 

Hopkins Mr & Mrci A L 48 Common- 

we.ilth Av 
Hopkins Dr E E 175 Newbury 
Hopkins Dr F S 161 Newbury 
Hopkins Mr George E 3 Spruce 
Hopkins Mr & Mrs James C 172 Marl- 
Hopkins Mr John 20 Mt Vernon 
Hopkins Mr & Mrs R W 21 Bay State 

Hopkins Dr Samuel A 235 Marlborough 

Hopkins Mr William 20 Mt Vernon 
Horgan Mr F T, U S Hotel 
Home Mrs W M, The Oxford 
Horter Miss C, The Oxford 
Horticultural Hall, Massachusetts Av 

corner Huntington Av 
Horton Rev & Mrs Edward A 457 Au- 
dubon Road 
Horton Miss Flora E, The Vendome 
Horton Miss Frances E 44 Comnion- 

wealth Av 
Horton Mrs T C, The Vendome 
Horton Mrs W L 485 Beacon 
Hosford Miss Emma S 15 Blagden 
Hosley Mr & Mrs H F, The Oxford 
Hosmer Miss F A, Trinity Court 
Hosmer Miss Jessie M, Trinity Court 
Hosmer Mr & Mrs Sidney 74 Bay State 

Houghtaling Dr & Mrs W C 160 New- 
Houghton Miss E G 191 Commonwealth 

Houghton Mr & Mrs Frederick O 246 

Hougliton Mr Harry 136 Marlbor- 
Houghton Mrs H B 136 Marlborough 
Houghton Mr & Mrs J H 110 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Houghton Or N H 220 Clarendon 

Houghton Miss 226 Marlborough 
Hovestadt Dr J F 19 Exeter (office) 



How I)r ^ Mrs Benjamin V 201 Claren- 
How Mr C T 382 Commonwealth Av 
Howard Mr Arthur P 3 Willow 
Howard Dr C T 661 Boylston 
Howard Mr & Mrs Davis W 407 Marl- 
Howard Mr Francis A 407 Marlborough 
Howard Mrs Jane M 755 Boylston 
Howard Mr & Mrs L H 187 Huntington 

Howard Miss 440 Marlborough 
Howe Dr Dela E 68 Chestnut 
Howe Mrs Edward E 208 Bay State Rd 
Howe Mr E P 66 Beacon 
Howe Mr E W, Hemenway Chambers 
Howe Mr & Mrs Fisher, Parker House 
Howe Mr & Mrs Francis, Hotel Not- 
Howe Mr George E 20» Bay State Rd 
Howe Mrs G D 59 Commonwealth Av 
Howe Dr H L 196 Marlborough 
Howe Mr Irving B, Hemenway Cham- 
Howe Mrs Julia Ward 241 Beacon 
Howe MA J C 34 Gloucester 
Howe Dr J S 437 Marlborough 
Howe Mr & Mrs M A DeW 26 Brimmer 
Howe Dr Percy R 157 Newbury 
Howe Dr & Mrs Walter C 303 Beacon 
Howes Mrs Eben, Hotel Nottingham 
Howland Dr & Mrs C A M 416 Marl- 
Howland Mr & Mrs H 149 Newbury 
Howland Mr & Mrs J F 320 Common- 
wealth Av 
Howland Miss M Louise, Hemenway 

Howland Miss, The Oxford 
Hoxie Miss Annie, Hotel Bellevue 
Hoyt Mrs C M 873 Beacon 
Hoyt Mr & Mrs E S, Parker House 
Hubbard Mr «fe Mrs Arthur, Common- 
wealth Hotel 
Hubbard Mr & Mrs Charles E 443 

Hubbard Mr i& Mrs C W 79 Bay State 

Hubbard Mr & Mrs Eliot 206 Beacon 
Hubbard Mr Gardiner G 443 Beacon 
Hubbard Miss Gertrude 443 Beacon 
Hubbard Mr Gorham 210 Beacon 
Hubbard Mr H B 31 Massachusetts Av 
Hubbard Dr & Mrs J C 84 Bay S;,cite 

Hubbard Mr & Mrs James M £02 Bea- 
Hubbard Mr <fe Mrs J Frank, Parker 

Huckins Mr & Mrs Harry 784 Beacon 
Hudson Dr & Mrs A S 210 Huntington 

Hudson Miss Elizabeth E 92a Pinckney 
Hudson Mr James M, Hotel Canter- 
Hudson Mrs J E 334 Marlborough 
Hudson Mr Samuel H 423 Marlborough 
Hudson Miss Wylina B, Trinity Court 
Huff Mr & Mrs C H 541 Common wetUth 

Huggan Mr & Mrs H D 382 Newbury 
Hughes Mr B E, The Oxford 
Hughes Dr Laura A C 98 Huntington 

Hughes Mr R B, Commonwealth Hotel 
Hughes The Misses 915 Beacon 
Huguley Mr & Mrs Harrison W 852 

Huidekoper Mrs F C, The Ludlow 
Hume Mr Charles, Hotel Bristol 
Hume Mrs Mary, Hotel Bristol 
Humphrey Mr S K 141 Newbury 
Humphreys Mrs William F 215 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Hunnewell Mrs Arthur 303 Dartmouth 
Hunnewell Mr F W 203 Beacon 
Hunnewell Mr & Mrs H S 146 Beacon 
Hunnewell Mr & Mrs James F 289 Bea- 
Hunnewell Mr J Melvilte 289 Beacon 
Hunnewell Mr Walter 261 Common- 
wealth Av 



HuQt Mrs Carolyn King, Hemenway 

Hunt Mrs David 17 Gloucester 
Hunt Dr & Mrs D L 293 Common- 
wealth Av 
Hunt Miss Fannie, The Abbotaford 
Hunt Mr & Mrs Frank W 465 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Hunt Mr Merrill 465 Commonwealth 

Hunt Mr & Mrs R !K, The Oxford 
Hunt Mr S W, Hotel Nottingham 
Hunt Mr & Mrs Thomas 44 Mt Vernon 
Hunt The Misses 17 Gloucester 
Hunt Miss, The Abbotsford 
Hunter Mrs E, The Westminster 
Hunter Miss I, The Westminster 
Hunting Mr A Mrs C F, Hotel Carlton 
Hunting Mr James P, Hotel Carlton 
Huntington Miss Mary E 82 Boylston 
Huntress Mr & Mrs A, Parker House 
Hurd The Misses 11 Hereford 
Hurlburt M & Mrs H F 621 Common- 
wealth Av 
Hurlburt Mr & Mrs H L 382 Newbury 
Hurley Dr E D 131 Newbury 
Hurley Dr J J 416 Marlborough 
Hurtubis Mr & Mrs F Jr 407 Marl- 
Huse Mr & Mrs G H, Copley Square 

Huse Miss, Copley Square Hotel 
Huston Miss 469 Commonwealth Av 
Hutcheson Mrs Margaret 55 St Stephen 
Hutchings Mrs W V 183 Bay State Rd 
Hutchins Mr Constantine 327 Beacon 
Hutchins Mr & Mrs C F 327 Beacon 
Hutchins Mr Davis 327 Beacon 
Hutchins Mr & Mrs E W 166 Beacon 
Hutchins Mr F 24 Blagden 
Hutchins Mr & Mrs George 230 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Hutchins Dr & Mrs Henry T 485 Bea- 
Hutchins Mr & Mrs J H 262 Beacon 
Hutchins The Misses 240 Marlborough 

Hutchinson Mrs George 30^ Newbury 
Hutchinson Mr William, Miner St 
Hutchinson The Misses, Miner St 
Hyde Mr Benjamin D 380 Conunon- 

wealth Av 
Hyde Mr & Mrs G L 26 Blagden 
Hyde Mrs H D 380 Commonwealth Av 
Hyde Mrs Thomas W, Hotel Vendome 
Hynds Miss Elisabeth, The Eastgate 

lasigi Mrs Oscar 76 Beacon 

laaigi The Misses 349 Marlborough 

Ide Miss Louise, Hemenway Chambers 

Ide The Misses 210 Newbury 

Ilkley Hotel 176-180 Huntington Av 

Imperial The 308-310 Commonwealth 

Inches Dr & Mrs Chas E 386 Beacon 
Inches Mr & Mrs George B, The Lenox 
Ingoldsby Mrs A M 22 Blagden 
Inman Mr & Mrs George S 24 Blagden 
Innes Mrs Charles E 46 St Stephen 
Innes Mr & Mrs Charles H 46 St 

Institute of Technology, Boylston cor 

Clarendon * 

Inverness The 857 Beacon 
Ireland Mr & Mrs Eugene, Hotel Carl* 

Ireson Miss Katherine C, The Charles- 
' Ireson Mrs S E 219 Newbury 
Ireson Mrs, The Lenox 
Ireson Miss, The Lenox 
Ironside Mrs George 29 Commonwealth 

Isenbeck Mr & Mrs Ernest G A 101 Mt 

Jack Dr Edwin E 215 Bea(X)n 
Jack Dr F L 215 Beacon 
Jack Mrs L B 215 Beacon 
Jackman Mr & Mrs W, The Oxford 
Jackson Mrs Annie, Hotel Canterbury 
Jackson Miss Adelaide 380 Marlborou^ 
Jackson Mrs A C, The Buckminster 



Jackson Mr Charles 462 Beacon 
Jackson Mr & Mrs Charles C 462 Bea- 
Jackson Prof Charles L 383 Beacon 
Jackson Mr Ernest 383 Beacon 
Jackson Mr Frank 88 Marlborough 
Jackson Dr & Mrs Henry 380 Marl- 
Jackson Mr & Mrs Henry B, Hotel 

Jackson Mr Henry C 208 Common- 
wealth Av 
Jackson Mr Henry D, Hotel Royal 
Jackson Mr & Mrs Isaac 299 Marl- 
Jackson Mrs James 8 Fairfield 
Jackson Dr & Mrs James M 230 Beacon 
Jackson Mr & Mrs Joseph W, Hotel 

Jackson Mrs J A, The Ludlow 
Jackson Mr L M 151 Huntington Av 
Jackson Miss M C 88 Marlborough 
Jackson Mr Robert W 2 Walnut 
Jackson Capt W H 40 Chestnut 
Jackson Miss 383 Beacon 
Jackson Miss, The Ludlow 
Jackson Miss 462 Beacon 
Jackson The Misses 299 Marlborough 
Jacobs Mr & Mrs Ben S 63 Mountfort 
Jacobs Mr & Mrs Charles 55 Mountfort 
Jacobs Mr Joseph B 55 Mountfort 
Jacobs Mr Philip W 55 Mountfort 
Jacoby Mr Ernest, Hemenway Cham- 
Jacques Mr & Mrs W W 469 Beacon 
Jaques Mr & Mrs Louis C 64 Mt Vernon 
Jaquith Mr & Mrs H J 1 Exeter 
James Mr & Mrs George Abbot 52 Bea- 
con summer residence Lowland 
House, Nahant Mass 
James Mr & Mrs William G, Hotel Can- 
Janes Mr E L, The Westminster 
Jarvis Mr I H 80 Huntington Av 
Jaynes Mr & Mrs Charles P, Hotel Can- 

Jealous Mr & Mrs Horace C 409 Marl- 
Jefferson Dr A Mrs H B 74 Westland 

Jeffries Dr B Joy 15 Chestnut 
Jeffries Mrs John A 105 Marlborough 
Jeffries Mr & Mrs William Augustus 

236 Marlborough 
Jellison Miss Leota C 63 Mt Vernon 
Jellison Miss M E 63 Mt Vernon 
Jelly Dr Arthur C 69 Newbury office 

10 Arlington 
Jelly Dr & Mrs G F 69 Newbury 
Jenkins Mrs Carrie E 15 Blagden 
Jenkins Mrs Carrie J 1088 Boylston 
Jenkins Mr & Mrs C 847 Beacon 
Jenkins Miss Josephine, Trinity Court 
Jenks Mr T L 524 Commonwealth Av 
Jenness Mr Austin T 238 Huntington 

Jennings Mr J A, Trinity Court 
Jernegan Dr & Mrs H M 375 Common- 
wealth Av 
Jessee Mr & Mrs AH, The Oxford 
Jewell Mr & Mrs Edward 37 Brimmer 
Jewell Miss M H 204 Beacon 
Jewett Miss Annie 11 Joy 
Jewett Mr Eric, The Charlasgate 
Jewett Mr & Mrs Henry, The Charles- 
Jewett Miss Sarah O 148 Charles 
Johns Mr Clayton 5 Mt \'^ernon Place 
Johnson Miss Agnes H 26 Mt Vernon 
Johnson Mrs Amos H 393 Beacon 
Johnson Mr & Mrs Arthur S 253 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Johnson Mr & Mrs A 215 Huntington 

Johnson Mr Charles H 3 Spruce 
Johnson Mr C5 H 485 Beacon 
Johnson Mrs Edward 178 Marlborough 
Johnson Mr Edward C 123 Marlborough 
Johnson Dr E R 220 Claiendon 
Johnson Mr & Mrs Francis M, The 

Johnson Dr & Mrs F M, Tlie Tudor 



Johnson Rev F P, Hotel Bellevue 
Johnson Dr & Mrs F W 167 Newbury 
Johnson Mr & Mrs George B, Hotel 

Johnson Mr George C 79 Bellevue 
Johnson Mr Henry A 32 Chestnut 
Johnson Rev & Mrs H S 69 Bay State 

Johnson Mr Lesly Augustin 140 Beacon 
Johnson Miss Mary, The Eastgate 
Johnson Mr & Mrs M A 461 Audubon 

Johnson Miss M A, Hemenway Cham- 
Johnson Mrs M C 71 Westland Av 
Johnson Mme V, The Oxford 
Johnson Mr & Mrs William S, Hotel 

Johnson Mr & Mrs Wolcott H 7 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Johnson The Misses 32 Chestnut 
Johnston Mr & Mrs James L 290 New- 
Johnston Mr & Mrs William 839 Boyls- 

Johnston Mr & Mrs William E 81 West- 
land Av 
Johnstone Dr W J, Hotel Ilkley 
Jones Mr Alfred, The Wads worth 
Jones Mr & Mrs Allen C, American 

Jones Mr Arthur M 455 Beacon 
Jones Mr & Mrs A R 124 St Mary's 
Jones Mr & Mrs Benjamin M 471 Beacon 
Jones Mr Charles A, American House 
Jones Dr Charles D 137 Newbury 
Jones Mr & Mrs Charles W 465 Beacon 
Jones Dr & Mrs Daniel F 114 Marl- 
Jones Dr D Wayland 236 Clarendon 
Jones Miss Eleanor H 455 Beacon 
Jones Miss E L 92a Pinckney 
Jones Mr & Mrs ENS Acorn 
Jones Mrs Frank, Hotel Somerset 
Jones Mr & Mrs Fred E, The Buck- 

Jones Mr & Mrs F R 301 Marlborough 
Jones Miss Helen, The Wadsworth 
Jones Master Howard, The Wadsworth 
Jones Mrs John R, The Vendome 
Jones Miss Marie, The Wadsworth 
Jones Miss Mary A, Trinity Court 
Jones Miss Mary P 31 West Cedar 
Jones Dr Mary S 1070 Boylston 
Jones Miss M D, The Westminster 
Jones Mrs Otis N 352 Commonwealth 

Jones Mr & Mrs RoUin, The Wadsworth 
Jordan Miss Dorothy 46 Beacon 
Jordan Mr & Mrs Eben D 46 Beacon 
Jordan Mr F M 77 Westland Av 
Jordan Mrs H L 172 Marlborough 
Jordan Miss Marion 172 Marlborou^ 
Jordan Mrs Mary E.77 Westland Av 
Jordan Mr & Mrs N W 295 Newbury 
Jordan Mr & Mrs O W, Hemenway 

Jordan Mr Robert 46 Beacon 
Jo^lin Mr & Mrs A L 517 Beacon 
Joslin Dr & Mrs Elliott P 81 Bay State 

Joslin Miss R R 71 Charles 
Joslin Mr Myron W, Trinity Court 
Josselyn Mrs A S 371 Beacon 
Joy Mr Benjamin 86 Marlborough 
Joy Mrs C H 86 Marlborough 
Joyce Miss Annette M, Copley Sq Hotel 
Joyce Mr T G, Copley Sq Hotel 
Judd Miss M H, The Abbotsford 
Judd Mrs S A, The Abbotsford 
Judkins Mrs I O, The Oxford 

Kahn Dr Herman E 154 Huntington 

Kakas Edward & Sons 364 Boylston 
Kane Miss Delia T, Trinity Court 
Katsainos Dr G M 106 Huptington Av 
Kaufman Mr & Mrs J 234 Huntington 

Kawasaki Mr Shoji 3 Willow 
Kayser Mrs Eugene A 288 Newbury 
Keany Dr & Mrs F J 73 Marlborough 



Keates Mr George W, The Westminster 
Kebbon Mr H E, The Oxford 
Keeler Mr & Mrs I^ M 312 Marlborough 
Keenan Dr G F 86 Newbury 
Keep Dr C M 194 Marlborough 
Kehew Mr & Mrs William B 29 Chest- 
Keith Mr Arthur McA 426 'Newbury 
Keith Miss Grace, The Eastgate 
Keith Mrs J M, The Buckminster 
Keith Mr & Mrs Newell 15 Blagden 
Keith Mrs W L 426 Newbury 
Keith Miss, The Buckminster 
Kelleher Dr P F 139 Beacon 
KeUen Mr & Mrs W V 202 Common- 
wealth Av 
Keller Mr & Mrs C T 857 Beacon 
Keller Mr J 535 Newbury 
Keller Mr & Mrs R L 69 Westland Av 
Kelley Mr & Mrs D C 64 Huntington Av 
Kelley Mr & Mrs J T 57 Mt Vernon 
Kellogg Mr & Mrs E A 51 St Stephen 
Kellogg Dr & Mrs E B 854 Beacon 
Kellogg Miss G S, Hotel Nottingham 
Kelly Mrs E A 9 Marlborough 
KeUy Mr <fe Mrs Fitzroy 254 Newbury 
Kelly Mr & Mrs N S 107 Mountfort 
Kelly The Misses 254 Newbury 
Kempton Hotel 237 Berkeley 
Kendall Miss Carrie J 143 Mass Av 
Kendall Miss Clyda 204 Huntington Av 
Kendall Miss E A, Hotel Brunswick 
Kendall Mr & Mrs Frederick 389 Com- 

nfbnwealth Av 
Kendall Mrs J S 305 Commonwealth Av 
Kendrick Mrs Sarah L, Parker House 
Kendricken Mr Paul H, Parker House 
Kennard Mr & Mrs A W 447 Beacon 
Kennard Mrs Charles W 30 Chestnut 
Kennard Mrs C W, The Vendome 
Kennard Mr E P 74 St Stephen 
Kennard Mr Victor P 197 Bay State Rd 
Kennard Mrs W 197 Bay State Rd 
Kennard Miss 30 Chestnut 
Kennedy Mr & Mrs Albert 813 Beacon 
Kennedy Mr E P, Copley Sq Hotel 

Kennedy Mr H J, Revere House 
Kennedy Mr James H, Copley Sq Hotel 
Kennedy Mr J C, The Westminster 
Kennedy Mr J F, Copley Sq Hotel 
Kennedy Dr Richard, Hotel Bristol 
Kenney Mr & Mrs H M 60 Pinckney 
Kennington Dr H C 755 Boylston 
Kenny Col & Mrs Charles 213 Beacon 
Kensington Building 687 Boylston 
Kent Mrs Helena M, Hotel Somerset 
Kent Mr & Mrs Morgan B, Hotel Carl- 
Kepler Dr & Mrs Charles O 362 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Kerr Dr Isabelle D 2 Commonwealth 

Kesseler Mr & Mrs J F 19 Exeter 
Ketch um Rev & Mrs Charles J 174 

Bay State Road 
Ketchum Mr PhiUips 174 Bay State Rd 
Ketchum Mr Quintard 174 Bay State 

Kettell Miss M H 92 Marlborough 
Kettle Mr & Mrs Claude L 224 Marl- 
Kettle Mr & Mrs Lorenzo N 284 Beacon 
Key Mrs F D 402 Marlborough 
Keyes Mr & Mrs E W, The Buckminster 
Keyes Dr F A 85 Newbury 
Keyes Mrs Henry 88 Commonwealth 

Keyes Mr & Mrs H W 91 & 95 Newbury 
Keyes Miss Isabella F 88 Common- 
wealth Av 
Keyes Mr & Mrs Wade 217 Huntington 

Kidder Mr & Mrs C A 120 Beacon 
Kidder Mr F H, The Lenox 
Kidder Mrs Henry P 163 Common- 
wealth Av 
Kidner Dr Fred C 16 Brimmer 
Kidner Rev & Mrs Reuben 16 Brimmer 
Kilburn Mrs D W 98 Huntington Av 
Kilburn Dr H W 192 Marlborough 
Kunball Mr & Mrs A T 69 Mountfort 
Kimball Mrs C B, The Buckminster 



Kimball Mr & Mrs D P 48 Common- 
wealth Av 
Kimball Mr £ben 274 Commonwealth 

Kimball Dr & Mrs Edward A 212 New- 

Kimball Mr & Mrs E N 867 Beacon 
Kimball Mr H M, The Vendome 
Kimball Miss J M, The Empire 
Kimball Miss Lottie C 69 Mountfort 
Kimball Mr & Mrs L Cushing 271 Bea- 
Kimball Miss Mary E 485 Beacon 
Kimball Miss M F 50 Pinckney 
Kimball Mr & Mrs M M 343 Beacon 
Kimball Mr & Mrs O 134 Beacon 
Kimball Dr & Mrs S A 229 Newbury 
Kimball Rev & Mrs T R, The Tudor 
Kimball Mr & Mrs Walter F 157 New- 
Kimball Miss 274 Commonwealth Av 
King Miss Annie P 179 Commonwealth 

King Mr & M« B C, Trinity Court 
King Mr & Mrs Charles A 41 Common- 
wealth Av 
King Mr Clark 17 Marlborough' 
King Mr & Mrs C P 30 Newbury 
King Miss C W 179 Commonwealth 

King Mr & Mrs D Webster 179 Com- 
monwealth Av 
King Mrs E Cutter 292 Newbury 
King Mr & Mrs F G, The Westminster 
King Mrs George P 143 Beacon 
King Miss Grace W 170 Commonwealth 

King Mr & Mrs Henry P 118 Beacon 
King Mr & Mrs Stanley, Hotel Royal 
King Mr & Mrs S G 17 Marlborough 
King Miss 143 Beacon 
Kingman Miss CM 108 Mt \'ernon 
Kingman Dr R A 665 Boylston 
Kingsley Mrs E L 207 Newbury 
Kingsley Mr F S 112 Pinckney 
Rinnan Miss M, The Oxford 

Kip Mr Charles H 841 Boylston 
Kirk Mr A, The Oxford 
Kirkland Mr H D, The Westminster 
Kirkpatrick Mr Frank 3 Willow . 
Kittredge Mr & Mrs F W 532 Beacon 
Kivelin Mr M E, The Oxford 
Knapp Mrs Eugene R 85 Westlanfl Av 
Knapp Miss Katharine, The Ludlow 
Knapp Dr & Mrs Philip C, The Charles- 
Kneeland Mr Frederick R 92 Marl> 

Knight Mrs Anna 261 Newbury 
Knight Mr & Mrs A S, Hotel Carlton 
Knight Mr & Mrs E P 155 Mass Av 
Knight Mr E W, The Vendome 
Knight Dr F I 195 Beacon 
Knight Mr & Mrs J P 603 Audubon Rd 
Knowles Mr & Mrs C S 780 Beacon 
Knowles Mr Henry A 326 Beacon 
Knowles Mrs Henry M 326 Beacon 
Knowles Mr J G, Copley Sq Hotel 
Knowles Dr W F 220 Clarendon 
Knowles Miss 326 Beacon 
Knowlton Mrs A 377 Commonwealth 

Knowlton Mr Walter M 377 Common- 
wealth Av 
Knox Mrs E A 44 Newbury 
Knudsen Miss K M 99 Newbury 
Koren Mr & Mrs John 784 Beacon 
Koshland Mr & Mrs A 168 Bay State 

Koshland Mr & Mrs Joseph 371*Com- 

monwealth Av 
Koshland Mr & Mrs J 182 Bay State Rd 
Kramer Mr & Mrs E 386 Common- 
wealth Av 
Kunhardt Mr Oswald, Hotel Carlton 
Kurt Mr & Mrs Franklin T 109 Mount- 
Kurtz Mr Charles C 121 Newbury 
Kurtz Miss Florence H 121 Newbury 

Lmld Miss A M, The Oxford 

Ladd Mr & Mrs B S 191 Marlborough 



Lcuid Miss Emily J 407 Marlborouc^ 
Ladd Miss Mary H 407 Marlborough 
Ladd Dr & Mrs Maynard 270 Clarendon 
Ladd The Misses 191 Marlborough 
Ladensack Mrs J N 615 Commonwealth 

Ladies' Schubert Quartette 30 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Lahey Dr Frahk H 827 Boybton 
Lake Mrs, Trinity Court 
Lake Miss, Trinity Court 
Lamb Mr & Mrs H A 126 Beacon 
Lamb Mr d; Mrs James H 39 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Lamb Miss Rose 129 Mt Vernon 
Lamb Mr <& Mrs R O. The Tuileries 
Lamson Dr &. Mrs J A 35 Fairfield 
Lamson Mr & Mrs Ralph B 155 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Lamson Mr & Mrs Samuel 155 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Lancaster Mr & Mrs J F, Hemenway 

Lancaster Mrs S C 100 Huntington Av 
Lane Dr & Mrs Arthur M 150 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Lane Mrs Charles L 10 Arlington 
Lane Mr & Mrs Daniel H 291 Beacon 
Lane Mr d; Mrs Gardiner M 53 Marl- 
Lane Mrs Ida S 86 St Stephen 
Lang Mr A Mrs B J 8 Brimmer 
Lang Mr Malcolm 8 Brimmer 
Lang Miss Margaret R 8 Brimmer 
Lang Miss Rosamond 8 Brimmer 
Langenbeck Mr & Mrs Karl 776 Beacon 
Langford Mr Fred W, The Wadsworth 
Langham Apartments 22 Blagden 
Langles Mr Henri, The Wadsworth 
Langmaid Dr A Mrs S W office 277 

Lanpher Rev & Mrs Lewis A 135 Mt 

Lanza Prof & Mrs Gaetano 22 West Ce- 
Large Mr & Mrs J T 155 Mass Av 

Larkin The Misses 199 Marlborough 
Larnerd Mr Charles, Commonwealth 

Larrabee Mrs B F, The Buckminster 
Larrabee Mr Melvah 912 Beacon 
Larrabee Dr & Mrs R C 912 Beacon 
Larrabee The Misses 11 Mountfort 
Laskey Mrs George H 848 Beacon 
Lathrop Judge John 10 Gloucester 
Laugles Mr Henri, The Wadsworth 
Launder Miss Letty,, Trinity Court 
Laurence Mr William F 151 Huntington 

Laurens School 107 Audubon Road 
Lavalle Mr John 353 Marlborough 
La Vers Miss A L, The Mountfort 
Lav<»e Mr Joseph 41 Huntington Av 
Lawrence Mr Amory A 61 Common- 
wealth Av 
Lawrence^Mr & Mrs A C, The Tuileries 
Lawrence Mr db Mrs Chester A 2 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Lawrence Mr &, Mrs H Hooper 199 Bea- 
Lawrence Mr db Mrs John, The Lenox 
Lawrence Miss Madeleine 209 Bay State 

Lawrence Dr N L, The Copley 
Lawrence Dr Robert Means 209 Bay 

State Road 
Lawrence Mrs S C 382 Newbury 
Lawrence Rt Rev Bishop & Mrs Will- 
iam 122 Commonwealth Av 
Lawrie Mr A Mrs William 382 Common- 
wealth Av 
Lawson Mr Thomas W 1 Charlesgate 

Lawson The Misses 1 Charlesgate East 
Lawton Mr A l&xa C O 226 Huntington 

Lawton Judge & Mrs Frederick 282 

Lawton Miss M E 15 Blagden 
Laxton Dr John W B, Hotel Cluny 
Leach Mr & Mrs George C 185 Hunt- 
ington Av 



Learned Mrs H L 13&|Huntington Av 
Leavitt Mi s Agnes, The Copley 
Leavitt Mrs M C, The C!opley 
LeBrun Mrs William 14 Arlington 
Leckie Mrs William J 96 Bay State Rd 
LeClair Mr & Mrs F E 61 Pinckney 
LeClair Mrs M E, Hotel Canterbury 
Lecompte Miss Adelaide M, The 

Ledger Mr T B 112 Pinckney 
Lee Miss C G 416 Marlborough 
Lee Mrs C J, Hotel Brunswick 
Lee Mr & Mrs C S J Mountfort 
Lee Mr & Mrs George C 264 Beacon 
Lee Mr & Mrs Harry 76 Huntington Av 
Lee Mr <fe Mrs James 8 17 Brimmer 
Lee Mr & Mrs Joseph 96 Mt Vernon 
Lee Miss Mary F 24 Newbury 
Lee Mr Ralph 3 Willow 
Lee Dr Rodger I 259 Beacon' 
Lee Mr & Mrs Tenant 122 Mt Vernon 
Lee Mrs T J 416 Marlborough 
Leeds Mrs M E 485 Beacon 
Leeds Mr R Arthur, Commonwealth 

Leeds Mrs S H 259 Beacon 
Leen Dr Thomas F 527 Beacon 
Leeson Mr & Mrs R A 290 Common- 
wealth Av 
Lefavour Mr Henry 112 Rnckney 
Lefavour Mrs J W, The Vendome 
r^egg Dr Arthur T, The Charlesgate 
Leghorn Mr & Mrs G R 296 Newbury 
Leighton Mrs Cedric 10 Lime 
Leighton Mr & Mrs Charles 849 Beacon 
Leighton Mr & Mrs George B 301 

Leighton Mr George E, The Copley 
Leighton Mrs George E, Hotel Notting- 
Leighton Miss 10 Lime 
Leiter Dr J H, Hotel Ilkley 
Leland Dr & Mrs G A 354 Common- 
wealth Av 
Leland Mr G A Jr 354 Commonwealth 

Leland Mr & Mrs Lester 422 Beacon 
Leland Miss 354 Commonwealth Av 
Leman Mr J Howard 48 Beacon 
Lenox The, Exeter cor Boylston 
Leonard Mr & Mrs C H, Hotel Bruns- 
Leonard Mr Edward H 297 Newbury 
Leonard Mr & Mrs F S 249 Berkeley 
Leonard Dr & Mrs H F 297 Newbury 
Leonard Mr & Mrs Lucius P 10 Kes- 
Leonard Miss, Hotel Brunswick 
Leonard The Misses 5 Chestnut 
Leonie Mme, The Copley 
Leveret^ Mr George V 66 Beacon 
Leviseur Mr & Mrs Louis 476 Common- 
wealth Av 
Levy Dr Felix 2 Commonwealth Av 
Levy Mrs J 159 Newbury 
Levy Mrs Louise, The Lenox 
Levy Mrs M 780 Beacon 
Levy Mr & Mrs S E 74 Westland Av 
Lewando Mrs jC L 3 Chestnut 
Lewis Mr Arthur, Copley Sq Hotel 
Lewis Mr E C, Trinity Court 
Lewis Mr & Mrs George 218 Beacon 
Lewis Mr Henry, Hotel Carlton 
Lewis Mrs H L, Copley Sq Hotel 
Lewis Miss Lillian M 267 Newbury 
Lewis Mrs O J, Hotel Brunswick 
Lewis Mrs Rachel, Hotel Bristol 
Lewis Mr & Mrs Weston, Hotel Carlton 
Lewis Miss, Hotel Carlton 
Libbey Miss S O, Copley Sq Hotel 
Libby Mr & Mrs Fred E 362 Common- 
wealth Av 
Libby Dr & Mrs Henry F 366 Common- 
wealth Av 
Liebsch Mme M R 727 Boylston 
Light Miss 98 Mt Vernon 
Lilly Mr & Mrs C 443 Marlborough 
Lincoln Mrs Arthur 302 Marlborough 
Lincoln Mrs George C 136 Huntington 

Lincoln Mrs J B 338 Commonwealth Av 
Lincoln Mrs Mary J 204 Huntington Av 


Lincoln Miss Serita 302 Marlborough Lockwood Mr Philip 112 Pinckney 

Lincoln Mr & Mrs S A, Hotel Ilkley Lockwood Mr R G 112 Pinckney 

Lindbladh Mr & Mrs Gustave 204 Lockwood Mr & Mrs Thomas S 111 Bay 

Huntington Av State Road 

Ldndquist Dr A S K Patch 195 Hunts- Lockwood Miss, Hotel Brunswick 

ington Av Lodge Mr H Ellerton P, Hemenway 
Lindsay Mrs J S 222 Marlborough Chambers 

Lindsay Miss Nanny 222 Marlborough Lodge Mr J E 5 Mt Vernon Place 

Lindsay Mr & Mrs T P 244 Marlbor- Lombard Miss Annie S 921 Beacon 

ough Lombard Mr & Mrs B Jr 349 Common- 
Lindsey Mr & Mrs W L 225 Bay State wealth Av 

Road Lombard Miss Emeline H 921 Beacon 

Lithgow Dr & Mrs Douglas 1 Mountfort Lombard Miss Fanny' L, Haddon Hall 
Linzee Miss Elizabeth 20 Marlborough 29 Commonwealth Av 

Linzee Mr John W 96 Charles Lombard Mr G B, Haddon Hall 29 
Linzee Mr & Mrs J T 229 Marlborough Commonwealth Av 

Litchfield Mr <fe Mrs C I, Copley Sq Ho- Lombard Mrs J H 130 Newbury 

tel Lombard Miss M Elizabeth 921 Beacon 

Litchfield Mr & Mrs Willis 60 Bay State Lombard The Misses, Hotel Quny 

Road Long Miss M E, Hotel Nottingham 

Litchfield Mrs 165 Mass Av Longfellow Mr A W 12 Mt Vernon 

Litchfield Miss, Copley Sq Hotel Longfellow Mr R K 12 Mt Vernon 

Little Mr & Mrs Alex E 4fi5 Common- Longley Mr & Mrs Arthur 485 Beacon 

wealth Av Longley Mr & Mrs James 24 Charles- 
Little Mr & Mrs John M 317 Dart- gate East 

mouth Lord Mrs A E F 62 Pinckney 

Little Mr & Mrs L 39 Newbury Lord Mr Brnj^min O, Commonwealth 
Little Mrs M Colby 289 Newbury Hotel 

Little Mr & Mrs Otis E 485 Beacon Lord Mr & Mrs D J 236 Commonwealth 
Little Mr & Mrs Walter L, Hotel Carlton Avenue • 

Little The Misses 222 Marlborough Lord Dr & Mrs Frederick T 305 Beacon 

Littlefield Mrs E 15 Blagden Lord Miss M R, Hotel Canterbiu*y 

Littlefield Mr H L, Copley Sq Hotel Lord Mr T H, Copley Sq Hotel 

Littlefield Mr & Mrs J W 2 St Stephen Lord Mrs William H, Hotel Somerset 

Livermore Col & Mrs W R 17 Hereford Loring Miss Alice 13 Bay State Road 

Livingston Mr Herman Jr 104 Marl- Loring Miss A, The Charlesgate 

borough Loring Mr & Mrs Augustus P 277 Marl- 
Lloyd Mr G A, Revere House borough 

Lloyd Dr & Mrs Henry D 636 Beacon Loring Miss A P 37 Mt Vernon 

Lloyd Mrs J F, The Oxford Loring Dr B T 220 Clarendon 

Lloyd Mr & Mrs William 32 St Stephen Loring Mr & Mrs David 13 Bay State 
Lochrin Mrs J H 10 Newbury Road 

Locke Dr Edwin A 311 Beacon Loring Miss Elizabeth 120 Marlborough 

Locke Mr Warren, Hotel Bellevue Loring Mrs Horace 46 Gloucester 

Lockwood Miss A deF, Hotel Bruns- Loring Miss H 37 Mt Vernon 

wick Loring Mrs J G, The Vendome 



Loring Miss M P 37 Mt Vernon 
Loring Dr Robert G 2 Arlington 
Loring Mr & Mrs Stanton D 120 Marl- 
Loring Mr & Mrs Thacher 35 Marlbor- 
Loring Mr & Mrs T J 45 Mt Vernon 
Loring Mr William Jr, Commonwealth 

Loring Mr & Mrs W C 2 Gloucester 
Losea Mr & Mrs A V, Trinity Court 
Lothian Mr N 780, Beacon 
Lothrop Dr H A 101 Beacon 
Lothrop Mr O A 101 Beacon 
Lothrop Mrs S J 101 Beacon 
Lothrop Mr & Mrs T K 27 Common- 
wealth Av 
Lothrop Mr W H, Commonwealth 

Lothrop Mrs W S H 26 Chestnut 
Loud Mr & Mrs Charles E 73 Beacon 
Loud Mr & Mrs J Prince 82 Pinckney 
Lougee Mr & Mrs G M, The Empire 
Lovejoy Miss I G 906 Beacon 
Lovejoy Mrs M G, The Mountfort 
Lovejoy Miss, The Mountfort 
Lovell Dr Harriet J 223 Newbury 
Lovell Mrs Jeanette, Hemenway Cham- 
Lovell Di* L S 903 Boylston 
Loveland Dr T O 196 Marlborough 
Lovering Mr & Mrs Charles T 263 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Lovering Mr & Mrs Charles T Jr 755 

Lovering Mrs N P, The Ludlow 
Lovett Mr & Mrs A J, Hotel Cluny 
Lovett Mr & Mrs John D 95 Mt Vernon 
Lovett Mrs M T 491 Beacon 
Lovett Dr & Mrs Robert W 7 Fairfield 

office 234 Marlborough 
Low Mrs A 409 Marlborough 
Low Mr George D, Hotel Touraine 
Low Dr & Mrs H C 432 Marlborough 
Low Mr & Mrs S F, Hotel Nottingham 
Low Mr & Mrs William C 80 Mt Vernon 

Lowe Mr Rodney 3 Willow 
Lowell Mr A Mrs A L 171 Marlborou^ 
Lowell Mrs Charles 3 Fairfield 
Lowell Mr & Mrs F C 159 Beacon 
Lowell Mrs Greorge G 151 Beacon 
Lowell Miss Georgina 12 Fairfield 
Lowell Mr & Mrs John 42 Common- 
wealth Av 
Lowell Miss Lucy, The Ludlow 
Lowell Mr & Mrs Percival 11 West Ce- 
Lowell Dr W Holbrook 101 Newbury 

Lowry Mr K J, American House 
Lowry Mr S E, The Oxford 
Lucas Mrs Mary, Trinity Court 
Lucas Dr William P 527 Beacon 
Luce Mrs Matthews 61 Marlborou^ 
Lucerne The 465 Audubon Road 
Luchs Mr A N, Hotel Bellevue 
Lucy Dr Anna M 254 Huntington Av 
Ludlow The, St James Av 
Lufkin Mr & Mrs John W, Hotel Not- 
Lund Dr <fe Mrs F B 529 Beacon 
Lund Mr Joseph 112 Pinckney 
Lunt Mr WUliam P 6 Walnut 
Lyford Mr Thomas, Hotel Oxford 
Lyman Miss Annie 14 Walnut 
Lsrman Mr & Mrs Arthur 57 Marlbor- 
Lyman Mr Arthur T 39 Beacon 
Lyman Miss B H, The Ludlow 
Lyman Mr & Mrs George H 351 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Lyman Mr & Mrs Herbert 26 Marlbor- 
Lyman Mr & Mrs Jesse P 411 Marlbor- 
Lyman Mr J P 112 Pinckney 
Lyman Mr & Mrs Ronald T 138 Beacon 
Lyman The Misses 39 Beacon 
Lyman Mr & Mrs William P 277 Beacon 
Lynch Mr & Mrs C J 45 Hereford 
Lynch Mr & Mrs H P, Hotel Canter- 



Lynch Mr & Mrs J E 10 Pinckney 
Lyons Mr & Mrs Edward H 20 Mount 

Maar Miss Anna, Trinity Court 
McAdams Dr P S 1075 Boylston 
McAllister Mrs Hall 1085 Boylston 
McAlpine Miss 196 Huntington Av 
MacAusland Dr W R 411 Marlborough 
McBride Mr M A, Hotel Somerset 
McCandless Mr & Mrs George H 1096 

MacCarthy Dr & Mrs F H 11 Pinckney 
McCarthy Mr J H, Hotel Carlton 
McCarthy Mr <fe Mrs W A 1106 Boyls- 
McCauley Mr Gi&y, The Oxford 
McClung Mr Robert G 1 Marlborough 
McClure Miss Belle 158 Newbury 
Mcaure Mr & Mrs C F 158 Newbury 
McClure Mrs George, Hotel Canterbiwy 
McCombe Rev Samuel, The Lenox 
MacCormick Miss Katherine, The East- 
MacCorry Mr & Mrs C E 68 St Stephen 
MacDonald Dr & Mrs C F 1075 Boyls- 
MacDonald Mrs Daniel 93 Mt Vernon 
MacDonald Mrs Eugenie 780 Beacon 
MacDonald Dr Freeman W 407 Marl- 
MacDonald Dr John A 39 Huntington 

McDonald Mr J A, The Oxford 
McDonald' Mr J T, Copley Square Hotel 
Macdonald Miss S E 108 Mt Vernon 
McDonald Dr S J 719 Boylston 
McDonald Mr William R, Copley Sq 

Macdonald Dr W L, Hotel Ilkley 
McDowell Miss Annie 172 Newbury 
McDuffie Mrs C D, Hotel Brunswicjc 
McDuffie Mr Harry, Hotel Brunswick 
McElwain Mr & Mrs Henry E 541 Com- 
monwealth Av 
McElwain Mr & Mrs J F 65 Mt Vernon 

McElwain Mrs WiUiam H 390 Beacon 
Mace Dr Herbert £, Hotel Nottingham 
McEvoy Dr George A 121 Beacon 
Macey Mrs Arthur 3 Newbury 
Macey Mr & Mrs E F, Hotel Notting- 
McFarland Mrs £ A 1069 Boylston 
McFarland Mr & Mrs W H 11 Mount- 
McGail Miss Sarah 382 Newbury 
McGinnes Mr James J 3 Willow 
McGlenen Mr & Mrs Harry J 14 Arling- 
McGregor Mrs E 780 Beacon 
MacGregor Mr George, The Eastgate 
McGregor Mr & Mrs W Eugene 900 

Mclnnes Mrs H C, The Wadsworth 
Mclnnes Mr W M, The Wadsworth 
Mcintosh Dr Arthur H, Hotel Ilkley 
Mack Mrs Andrew, Trinity Court 
Mack Mrs Ella W 49 Mountlort 
Mack Mr & Mrs John 22 Blagden 
Mack Miss Mary, The Buckminster 
Mack Mrs Thomas 269 Commonwealth 

MacKay Miss E J 412 Newbury 
MacKay Dr A Mrs Gurdon R, The Em- 
Mackay Mr & Mrs G H 304 Bay State 

Mackay Miss Pauline 304 Bay State Rd 
Mackay Mr R Langdon 304 Bay State 

McKee Mr & Mrs W L 284 Common- 
wealth Av 
McKeever Mr & Mrs R T 485 Beacon 
McKenney Mrs D P 39 Newbury 
McKenney Miss K M 159 Huntington 

McKenzie Miss Eveline 259 Newbury 
MacKUlop Mrs E M, The Victoria 
McKinney Mr Guy B, Hotel Carlton 
McKinnon Miss Mary 66 Bay State 

McKinnon Mrs T A 66 Bay State Road 



McKinstry Mrs R B, The Copley 
Mackintosh Mrs H B 42 St Stephen 
McLaughlin Dr H V 91 Newbury 
Mcl^ay Miss E G 24 Blagden 
McLeod Mr Keith 251 Newbury 
McLeod Mrs Norman 251 Newbury 
McMichael Mrs L G, Hotel Somerset 
McMillan Mr & Mrs A, Hcmenway 

McMillan Mr & Mrs G N, The Victoria 
MacMillan Miss 373 Commonwealth Av 
MacNichol Mr & Mrs D Janion 45 

MacNichol Miss Helen B 17 Arlington 
McNickol Miss J H, The Copley 
Macomber Miss Ella 53 Mt Vernon 
Macomber Mr & Mrs F G 463 Beacon 
Macomber Mr & Mrs H E 79 Westland 

Macomber Mrs Mary 53 Mt Vernon 
McQuade Miss 11 Mountfort 
McQuesten Mrs George 115 Newbury 
McSwain Mr J B, The Westminster 
Mactaggart Mr & Mrs J B 276 Newbury 
Macullar Mr & Mrs Charles E, The 

McVay Mr J 3 Willow 
Macy Mrs A W 89 Mt Vernon 
Maddalena Mr & Mrs Daniel 201 Clar- 
Madden Mr & Mrs J 6 Brimmer 
Magoun Mrs Virginia 157 Newbury 
Maher Mr M F, Copley Sq Hotel 
Mahn Mr & Mrs Frederick L, The Buck- 
Mahoney Dr D F 829 Boylston 
Mahoney Mr E H 14 Westland Av 
Mahoney Mr James, The Charlesgate 
Mailey Mr C, The Copley 
Maine Miss Annie, The Mountfort 
Major Miss Anna F 194 Huntington Av 
Mallory Mr & Mrs B E, The Oxford 
Manahan Mr Edward W 14 Newbury 
Manahan Mr George A 14 Newbury 
Manahan Mr John H 14 Newbury 
Manahan Miss Marie 14 Newbury 

Manahan Mr Paul 14 Newbury 
Manahan Dr T J 14 Newbury 
Manahan Mr T S 14 Newbury 
Mandell Mr & Mrs George S 247 Cjm- 

monwealth Av 
Mandell Mr & Mrs S P 302 Common- 
wealth Av 
Mandell Mr & Mrs William D 46 Fenway 
Mann Rev & Mrs Alex, D D 233 Clar- 
Mann Mr Frederick 34 St Stephen 
Mann Mrs Henry S, Hotel Royal 
Mann Mrs J H 5 Chestnut 
Mann Dr Martha E 2 Commonwealth 

Manning Miss Anna F 857 Beacon 
Manning Mr Francis H 358 Beacon 
Manning Mr G F 409 Marlborough 
Manning Mrs J M 857 Beacon 
Manning The Misses 129 Common- 
wealth Av 
Mansfield Mrs E A 73 Westland Av 
Mansfield Mr & Mrs Scott 19 Exeter 
Mansfield General & Mrs S M 231 Bea- 
Mansfield Dr & Mrs W R 202 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Mansur Dr L W 222 Marlborough 
Manville Mrs Helen T, Hemenway 

Marble Mrs A P 780 Beacon 
Marcy Dr & Mrs H O 180 Common- 
wealth Av 
Marcy Dr H O Jr 180 Commonwealth 

Avenue (office) 
Margolies Mr Nathan, The Eastgate 
Marlborough The 416 Marlborough 
Marr Mr & Mrs Alex 879 Beacon 
Marsh Mrs E M, Hemenway Chambers 
Marsh Mrs Robert 33 West Cedar 
Marsh Mrs T J, Hotel Touraine 
Marshall Miss Elizabeth, The Charles- 

Marshall Dr «& Mrs F L 39 Fairfield 
Marshall Mr & Mrs John P 497 Ben con 
Marshall Mr & Mrs J P C, The Tudor 



Marshall Mra Mary B, The Charlesgate 
Marshland Mr & Mrs T H 79 Westland 

Marstan Miss Ellen, Hotel Bellevue 
Marston Mr & Mrs Howard, Parker 

Martel Dr S 362 Commonwealth Av 
Martin Mrs Alex 870 Beacon 
Martin Mr & Mrs C B, The Wadaworth 
Martin Miss Frances, The Wadsworth 
Martin Mr & Mrs John J 132 Common- 
wealth Av 
Martin Miss Mary, The Eastgate 
Martin Dr Miles, The Westminster 
Mason Mr A L 265 Clarendon 
Mason Mr & Mrs C E 25 Exeter 
Mason Miss Edna S 468 Commonwealth 

Mason Mr & Mrs Edward H 468 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Mason Miss Ella S 468 Commonwealth 

Mason Mrs EG 114 Huntington Av 
Mason Miss Florence J 468 Common- 
wealth Av 
Mason Mr & Mrs Frederick R 845 Boyl- 

Mason Miss F P 211 Commonwealth 

Mason Mrs H C 511 Beacon 
Mason Mr <fe Mrs Henry Lowell 188 

Bay State Road 
Mason Mr M B 347 Commonwealth Av 
Mason Dr N R 485 Beacon 
Mason Miss S D 391 Marlborough 
Mason Mr William M 879 Beacon 
Mason The Misses 511 Beacon 
Mason The Misses 1 Walnut 
Massachusetts Historical Society 

Boylston near the Fenway 
Massachusetts New Church Union 16 

Massachusetts StAte Normal Art School 

Newbury corner Exeter 
Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Asso- 
ciation 6 MarH)orough 

Massasoit The 32 Westland Av 
Masse Mile M M, The Oxford 
Massonnat Mr & Mrs Leon 30 Pinckncy 
Masury Mrs J W, The Westminster 
Mathews Mr & Mrs T H 1083 Boylston 
Matthews Mr Albert, The Oxford 
Matthews Mr Edward C 198 Common- 
wealth Av 
Matthews Mr & Mrs N 456 Beacon 
Matthews Mrs William 198 Common- 
wealth Av • 
Matthews Mr William A 198 Common- 
wealth Av 
Mattson Mrs A E 124 Huntington Av 
Mawhinney Mr & Mrs H H, The 

Mawhinney Miss Mabel R, The Charles- 
May Mrs C W 438 Marlborough 
May Miss Eleanor G 857 Beacon 
May Miss Mary C S 339 Marlborough 
May The Misses 438 Ma^lb^rouQ:h 
Mayhew Mrs H F, Copley Sq Hotel 
Maynadier Mrs Howard 10 Charles 
Maynard Mr F B, Hotel Bellevue 
Maynard Mr F D, Hotel Bellevue 
Mayo Dr Frederick M 64 Huntingtm 

Mayo Mr & Mrs W B, Hotel Brunswick 
Meacham Mr & Mrs George F, The 

Mead Mr & Mrs Edwin D 39 Newbury 

office 20 Beacon 
Mead Mrs K A, Hotel Bristol 
Mead Dr L G 259 Beacon 
Mead Mr & Mrs Marshall B. HoteJ 

Mead Miss, Hotel Bellevue 
Mead Mr, Hotel Bellevue 
Meader Mrs Emily M 159 Newoury 
Means Miss A M 24S Commonwealth 

Means Mr Charles J 29 Marlborough 
Means Mr & Mrs James 191 Bay State 

Means Mr & Mrs .James H 196 Beacon 



Means Mr J Howard 196 Beacon 
Meany Mr T F 925 Boylston 
Mechanics' Building, Huntington Av 

comer West Newton 
Medalia Dr & Mrs L S 4S5 Beacon 
Meehan Mr & Mrs Nicholas J 780 Bea- 
Meek Dr Edith R 481 Beacon 
Meeker Mrs G H, The Buckminster 
Mehaflfey Mr & Mrs G W 1079 Boylston 
Mehafifey Mr William A 48 Beacon 
Meins Mr J N, The Oxfovd 
Melendy Mrs E M 100 Huntington Av 
Mellows Mr & Mrs Carl, Trinity Court 
Melvin Mr & Mrs J C, Copley Square 

Merriam Mr & Mrs A L, Hotel Bruns- 
Merriam Mr & Mrs Frank 183 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Merriam The Misses 183 Common- 
wealth Av 
Merrill Miss Enid 92a Pinckney 
MerriU Dr F A 4 Walnut 
Merrill Mr J Hudson 92a Pinckney 
Merrill Mr & Mrs J Warren, Hotel Som- 
Merrill Mrs Lyman 4 Walnut 
Merrill Miss Mary H 92a Pinckney 
Merrill Mr Roger 92a Pinckney 
Merrill Miss S E 69 Westland Av 
Merrill Mr & Mrs William F 33 Ivy 
Merrill Mrs William H, The Buckmin- 

Merriman Rev & Mrs D 73 Bay State 

Merritt Mr & Mrs E P 343 Marlborough 
Merry Mr & Mrs H L, The Tuileries 
Mertz Mr HoUis 78 Westland Av 
Mertz Mr & Mrs Wm H 78 Westland Av 
Merwin Mr & Mrs H C 3 West Cedar 
Meserve Mr & Mrs I H 515 Beacon 
Metcalf Miss Abbie S, Hotel Royal 
Metcalf Mrs Harris 199 Marlborough 
Michael Prof Arthur 27 Brimmer 
Michener Mr & Mrs A S 201 Clarendon 

Mieusset Mrs Ernest 268 Newbury 
Mifflin Mr & Mrs George H 85 Marlbor- 
Mifflin Mr Gearge Harrison Jr 85 Marl- 
Miles General Nelson A, Hotel Somerset 
Milestone Mr & Mrs P 31 Massachusetts 

Milestone Miss 31 Masachusetts Av 
Miller Miss Alice O, The Wadsworth 
Miller Miss Florence 421 Marlborough 
Miller Mrs Prances C, The Wadaworth 
Miller Dr F J 108 Huntington Av 
Miller Mrs H M 780 Beacon 
^filler Mrs N H 231 Bay State Road 
Miller Dr & Mrs Malcolm D 102 Mt 

Miller Mrs R B 421 Mariborough 
Miller Mr William, The Wadsworth 
Miller Mr William A 69 Bay State Road 
Millet Dr Charles S 143 Newbury 
Millet Miss E T 77 Mount Vernon 
Millet Miss Hilda 77 'Mount Vernon 
Millet Mr & Mrs Josiah B 77 Mount 

Millette Mr E A, The Lenox 
Milliken Mrs A C 21 Blagden 
Milliken Mr & Mrs Arthur N 56 Fen- 
way (entrance Hemenway Street) 
Milliken Mrs C J 54 Chestnut 
Milliken Mr & Mrs W H 455 Audubon 

Mills Mr & Mrs Alden A 2 Common- 
wealth Av 
Mills Miss A D, The Vendome 
Mills Mr Clinton J, Commonwealth 

Mills Mrs D T, The Buckminster 
Mills Mrs Ezra P, The Buckminster 
Mills Mrs M L 2 Commonwealth Av 
Mills Miss S L, The Vendome 
Milne Mr R W,.The Wadsworth 
Miner Mr & Mrs G A, Hotel Brunswick 
Miner Dr W C 66 Huntington Av 
Mink Mr & Mrs Oliver W, Hotel Som- 



Minniss Miss Grace, The Buckminfiter 
Mixms Miss Elizabeth W 1 Acorn 
Minns Miss Grace W 1 Acorn 
Minns Miss Svisan 14 Louisburg Square 
Minns Mr Thomas 14 Louisburg Square 
Minot Dr & Mrs Charles S 227 Marl- 
Minot Mr George Richard 188 Marl- 
Minot Mrs George R 5 Marlborough 
Minot Dr J J 188 Marlborough 
Minot Mr Laurence 144 Miurlborough 
Minot Mr & Mrs Robert S, The Victoria 
Minot Mr & Mrs William 144 Marlbor- 
Minot The Misses 245 Marlborough 
Minshall Miss L P, Hotel Carlton 
Mitchell Mr & Mrs F B 132 Huntington 

ton Av 
Mitchell Mr Harold 289 Newbury 
Mitchell Prof AMrs Hinckley G 36 

Mitchell Mr & Mrs S H 107 Mountfort 
Mitchell Mr & Mrs William A go St 

Mixter Dr C G 180 Marlborough 
Mixter Mr George 219 Beacon 
Mixter Mr George 2d, 180 Marlborough 
]!iiixter Miss Mary A 219 Beacon 
Mixter Miss M C 241 Marlborough 
Mixter Dr & Mrs S J 180 Marlborough 
Mixter Dr WiUiam J 180 Marlborough 
Modern School of Languages and Lit- 
erature 30 Newbury 
Moen Miss 125 Bay State Road 
MoflFatt Dr R T 85 Newbury 
Moffett Judge & Mrs 45 Mt Vernon 
Moffitt Mr W A 48 Beacon 
Mollenhauer Mr & Mrs E 189 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Monks Dr & Mrs G H 67 Marlborough 
Monks Mr & Mrs Lester it, Hotel Can- 
Monks Mr & Mrs R J 344 Marlborough 
Itfooks Miss 344 Marlborough 
Montague Mr D T 217 Huntington Av 

Montague Mr & Mrs Henry W 32 West 

Montgomery Dr & Mrs E M 455 Audu- 
bon Road office 2 Commonwealth 
Montgomery Mr & Mrs F H, The 

Montgomery Mr & Mrs W L 456 Audu- 
bon Road 
Mooar Mr & Mrs L A 455 Audubon 

Moody Mrs E D H, The Ludlow 
Moor Miss E A, Trinity Court 
Moor Miss Ruth, Trinity Court 
Moor Mr W J, Trinity Court 
Moore Mr C D, Copley Square Hotel 
Mqore Miss C Lillian, The Charleagate * 
Moore Mrs Frederic H, Hotel Bellevu* 
Moore Mr & Mrs F J 220 Marlborough 
Moore Dr G C, Hotel Quny 
Moore Mrs Hobart 37i Beacon 
Moore Dr Howard 661 Boylston 
Moore Dr & Mrs J Herbert 520 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Moors Mr Arthur W 171 Beacon 
Moors Mr & Mrs Francis J 166 Bay 

State Road 
Moors Mr John F 171 Beacon 
Moors Mr & Mrs J B 171 Beacon 
Moors Miss 171 Beacon 
Moran Mrs A W 102 Huntington Av 
Moran Mrs Mary 48 West Cedar 
Morehouse Mr 4 Mrs G E 164 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Morey Mr & Mrs Charles A, Hemenway 

Morgan Mrs A R 96 Bay State Road 
Morgan Mr & Mrs George M 479 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Morgan Dr & Mrs John 39 Huntington 

Morgan Mr.& Mrs W F, The Tudor 
Morgridge Miss Adelia P, Hotel Cluny 
Moriarty Mr George 409 Marlborough 
Moriarty Mrs George A 26 Fenway 
Moriarty Mr George A Jr 26 Fenway 



Morison Mrs Frank 150 Commonwealth 

Morison Mr GeorK© B 841 Boylston 
Morison Mr & Mrs Horace 3 LouishiirK 

Morison Mr & Mrs J H 44 Brimmer 
Morison Mr S E 44 Brimmer 
MoronR Dr & Mrs A B 45 Westland Av 
Morrijl Mrs A C, Hemenway Chambers 
Morrill Mr & Mrs C B 183 Bay State Rd 
Mo.rill Mr & Mrs George C, Parker 

Morrill Mrs H J 66 Westland Av 
Morrill The Misses 1 1 Arlington 
Morris Dr Frances M J 03 Boylston 
Morrison Mr & Mrs B T 53 Chestnut 
•Morrison Mr <fe Mrs C E, The Vendome 
Mo.Tison Dr Hyman 143 Newbury 
Morrison Mr John W, Trinity Court 
Morrison Miss Mary G, The Ludlow 
Morrison Mr P G, The Vendome 
Morrison Dr & Mrs William A 583 

Morrison Mr & Mrs William L 1 1 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Morrison Mrs, Trinity Court 
Morse Dr Almon G 421 Marlborough 
Morse Mrs A. H 428 Marlborough 
Morse Mr & Mrs A H Jr 428 Marlbor- 
Morse Mr & Mrs Cabot J 330 Dart- 
Morse Miss Frances R 12 Marlborough 
Morse Miss F D 123 Newbury 
Morse Rev Glenn Tilley 2 Brimmer 
Morse Miss Gwendolen 112 Marlbor- 
Morse Mr <fe Mrs G, The Lenox 
Morse Mrs H B 1078 Boylston 
Morse Dr & Mrs H L 112 Marlborough 
Morse Mrs Jacob 875 Beacon 
Morse Mr James T 62 Pinckney 
Morse Dr & Mrs John L 70 Bay State 

Morse Mr & Mrs J R 858 Beacon 
Morse Mr J Torrey 3d, 16 Fairfield 

Morse Mr & Mrs J T Jr 16 Fairfield 
Morse Mrs Leopold 203 Commonwealth 

Morse Mr & Mrs M M 904 Beacon 
Morse Mr <fe Mrs R G 2 Plymouth 
Morse Mr & Mrs S A 193 Bay State Rd 
Morse Mrs S T 12 Marlborough 
Moras Mrs C A 323 Marlborough 
Morss Mr & Mrs Everett 303 Marl- 
Morss Mr Henry A 323 Marlborough 
Morss Mr John W 323 Marlborough 
Morton Mrs Minnie, The Eastgate 
Morton Mr & Mrs Newton 10 St James 

Morton The Misses 23 St Stephen 
Moseley Mr Benjamin P P 144 Beacon 
Moseley Mr Charles, Hotel Brunswick 
Moseley Miss Ellen F, The Empire 
Moseley Mr & Mrs F S 144 Beacon 
Mosher Mr & Mrs A J 828 Beacon 
Mosher Dr Harris P 8 23 Beacon 
Mosser Mr & Mrs Joseph F 259 Beacon 
Motley Mrs E P 97 Beacon 
Motley Mr & Mrs Thomas 22 Common- 
wealth Av 
Motley Mr & Mrs Thora&s Jr 247 Beacon 
Mott-Smith Miss M P, Hemenway 

Motte Mr & Mrs E L 186 Common- 
wealth Av 
Moulder Mr & Mrs J H 485 Beacon 
Moulton Mr & Mrs P B 481 Beacon 
Mountfort The 3 & 5 Mountfort 
Mount Vernon The 18 West Ceilar and 

108 Mount Vernon 
Mull Mr George, The Copley 
Mulliken Miss Mary A 31 West Cedar 
MuUiner Dr Mary R 803 Boylston 
Multer Dr V 150 Huntington Av 
Mumford Dr & Mrs J G 29 Common- 
wealth Av 
Munger Miss Clare E, Hotel Notting- 
Munn Mr & Mrs H W, Hemenway 



Munn Miss June, Hemenway Chambers 
Muoro Miss A D 18 Autumn 
Munro Dr & Mrs John C 173 Beacon 
Murdoch The Misses ^59 Audubon Rd 
Murdock Mr & Mrs Albert 8 Keswick 
Murdock Mr & Mrs WiUiam E, The 

Miirdoek The Misses 136 Huntington 

Murphy Dr & Mrs Francis C 315 Marl- 
Murphy Mr & Mrs Frank S 109 Mount 

Murphy Dr Fred T 309 Marlborough 
Murphy Mrs James 403 Marlborough 
Murphy Mr James R, The Buckminster 
Murphy Mrs Mary Hale 142 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Murphy Miss Mary L, The Buckminster 
Murphy Miss M Randall, The Buck- 
Murphy Mr & Mrs T J 160 Newbury 
Murphy The Misses 403 Marlborough 
Murray Mr & Mrs John Tucker 108 

Murray Mr William A, Trinity Court 
Myers Mr & Mrs C H, Hotel Touraine 
Myers Mrs Grace, Trinity Court 
Myers Mr & Mrs M S, The Oxford 
Myrick Mrs George E, Hotel Carlton 
Myrick Dr Hannah G 42 Newbury 
Mystic The 23 Pinckney 

Nagle Dr Evelyn W 550 Newbury 
Narey Miss Hope W, Hotel Bristol 
Naah Mrs A F 124 Huntington Av 
Nash Mrs B H 252 Beacon 
Nash Mr Chauncy 24$ Newbury 
Nash Mr 4 Mrs H 245 Newbury 
Nash Mrs Martha 50 Commonwealth 

Nash Mr & Mrs Walter 362 Common- 
wealth Av 
Nash The Misses 245 Newbury 
Nason Mr 4 Mrs Fred E, The Wads- 

Naughton Mr H N, The Eastgate 
Naugler Mr Wilson B, The Mountfort 
Neal Miss C F. The Abbotsford 
Neal Miss Carrie G, The Charlesgate 
Neal Mr Frederick A, The Charlesgate 
Neal Mr & Mrs F W, Parker House 
Neal Mrs Harriet A, The Wadswo th 
Neall Dr & Mrs J M 401 Newbury 
Negus Mr S P 15 Blagden 
Neilson Mrs William Howard, The Len- 
Nelson Miss Clara A 121 Newbury 
Nelson Mrs Clara T, Hemenway Cham- 
Nelson Miss Laura, Hotel Brunswick 
Nelson Dr Louis 124 Newbury 
Nelson Mr William 143 Massachusetts 

Nelson Miss, Hemenway Chambers 
Newbury The 121 Newbury 
New Century Building 177 Huntington 

Newcomb Mr & Mrs C B, Hotel Ilkley 
Newcomb Miss, The Copley 
Newell Mr & Mrs E C 74 Westland Av 
Newell Dr F S 379 Beacon 
Newell Miss L H 259 Beacon 
Newell Mrs W H, The Charlesgate 
Newhall Mr Elbridge K 920 Beacon 
Newhall Miss F A 26 Blagden 
Newhall Miss Gertrude E 920 Beacon 
Newhall Miss Harriet B, Trinity Court 
Newhall Mr & Mrs H 920 Beacon 
Newman Mrs A B, The Westminster 
Newman Mrs G H, The Charlesgate 
Newman Miss, The Westminster 
Newmyer Mr Arthur G 48 Beaco 
Nichols Dr & Mrs A H 55 Mt Vernon 
Nichols Mr B W 10 Chestnut 
Nichols DrCF Hotel Pelham (office) 
Nichols Dr & Mrs Edward H 294 Marl- 
Nichols Miss Grace 62 Mt Vernon 
Nichols Mrs Henry G, The Charlesgate 
Nichols Mrs H G 382 Commonwealth 



Nichols Mr & Mrs J L, The Buckmin- 

Nichols Miss M P 10 Cheetuut 
Nichols Mrs P B, The Oxford 
Nicholson Miss A M 037 Boylston 
Nicholson Mr Sc Mrs Joseph 213 New- 
Nickerson Miss Florence T, Hotel Bris- 
Nickerson Miss Grace E, Hotel Bristol 
Nickerson Miss Isabel J, Hotel Bristol 
Nickerson M;-*^ P S 8 Commonwealth 

Nickerson M.* P T, American House 
Nickerson Mas Roland C 56 Fenway 

(entrance Hemenway Street) 
Nickerson Mr Roland C 56 Fenway 

(entrance Hemenway Street) 
Niebuhr Miss Mary 259 Newbury 
Nielsen Dr E B 657 Boylston 
Niles Dr Edward S 79 Newbury 
Niles Mr & Mrs W A 98 Pinckney 
Niles Prof A Mrs W H, The Vendome 
Niles The Misses 110 Beacon 
Nixon Mr & Mrs William S 62 Beacon 
Noble Mr G W C 100 Beacon 
Nolan Mrs Kate Ryan, The Oxford 
Nolen Dr Walter F, The Charlesgate 
Noonan Mr A Mrs T 1075 Boylston 
Noone Mr W R, The Westminster 
Norcross Mr G H 9 Commonwealth Av 
Norcross Mrs Otis 9 Commonwealth Av 
Norcross Mr & Mrs Otis 249 Marlbor- 
Norcross Miss 153 Huntington Av 
Norman Mr & Mrs L A, Hotel Notting- 
Norman Miss M 1091 Bolyston 
Norris Mr & Mrs A B 155 Massachusetts 

Norris Mr Frederick A, Hotel Canter- 
Norris Mr F E 11 Mountfort 
North Mr J H, The Copley 
North Mr & Mrs W H, The Buckmin- 

Northey Mr E A 112 Pinckney 
Norton Mr & Mrs A O 168 Huntington 

Norton Mr H A 168 Huntington Av 
Norton Miss M Helen 168 Huntington 

Norton Mr William, Revere House 
Norwood Dr H 220 Clarendon 
Norwood Mr & Mrs John K, Hotel 

Norwood Miss, Hotel Bellevue 
Nott Miss Ellen Bird, D O 164 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Nott Miss, Hotel Brunswick 
Nottingham Hotel, Huntington Av cor- 
ner Blagden 
Nourse Miss Annie Endicott 429 Marl- 
Nourse Mrs Thorndike 429 Marlbo- 
Nowell Miss C E 486 Beacon 
Nowell Mr Edward G 14 St James Av 
Nowell Mr & Mrs George M, The Vic- 
Nowell The Misses 14 St James Av 
Noyes Prof A A 78 Westland Av 
Noyes Mr <fe Mrs Charles N, Hemen- 
way Chambers 
Noyes Mr A Mrs C D 857 Beacon 
Noyes Mr A Mrs R 899 Beacon 
Noyes Mr George E, Copley Square 

Noyes Mr A Mrs James B 186 Bay 

State Road 
Noyes Mrs William E 81 Westland Av 
Nurse Mr Henry A 25 Pinckney 
Nutter Mr Charles R 8 West Cedar 
Nutter Mr (3eorge«R 8 West Cedar 
Nutter Mrs T F 8 West Cedar 
Nye Mr A Mrs William A 455 Marlbo- 

O'Brien Mr A Mrs J J, Hotel Somerset 
O'Brieo Mr James T, Hotel Notting- 
O'Brien Miss M L 222 Marlborough 



O'Connell Ai'chbishop, Granby Street 
Odin Miss A F 375 Marlborough 
O'Donnell Dr L P 416 Marlborough 
Olcott Mrs Annie B 31 Chestnut 
Oldham Dr A J 10 Arlington 
Oliver Mr Charles E 27 Brimmer 
Oliver Mr Edward P 27 Brimmer 
Oliver Dr E Lawrence 405 Marlborough 
Oliver Mrs Fitch E 27 Brimmer 
Oliver Mr George H, American House 
Oliver Mr O J 224 Newbury 
Olmstead Miss Gladys 7 Ivy 
Obnstead Mr J M, Haddon Hall 29 

Commonwealth Av 
Olmsted Mrs F L, Hemenway Cham- 
Olney Mr & Mrs Richard, Hotel Tou- 

Olney Mr Wilson, The Ludlow 
Olsen Miss B, The Copley 
O'Mealey Mr & Mrs John W 1083 

O'Meara Mr & Mrs Stephen 585 Beacon 
O'Neil Dr & Mrs R F 379 Beacon 
Orcutt Mr & Mrs W D, The Empire 
Ordway Mrs E A 196 Bay State Road 
Ordway Dr Mabel D 657 Boylston 
Ormond Mr James F 1087 Boylston 
Orr Mr Horace, Hemenway Chambers 
Orr Miss M A 15 Blagden 
Orr Mr Samuel, Hemenway Chambers 
Orth Miss S 156 Bay State Road 
Osborn Mr & Mrs John B 17 Keswick 
Osborne Mr Alfred S 249 Berkeley 
Osborne Mrs C M, Hemenway Cham- 
Osborne Prof G A 249 Berkeley 
Osborne Miss, Hemenway Chambers 
Osgood Miss Emily L 67 Bay State Rd 
Osgood Mr & Mrs E L 221 Beacon 
Osgood Miss Fanny C 221 Beacon 
Osgood Mrs Hamilton S Mt Vernon PI 
Osgood Miss Hannah D 221 Beacon 
Osgood Mr & Mrs O H 1075 Boylston 
Osgood Dr A Mrs Robert H 347 Marl- 
borough office 372 

Otis Dr A Mrs E O 381 Beacjn 

Otis The 41 Mount Vernon 

Otis Mrs WilUam C 85 Beacon 

Otis Dr & Mrs W J 267 Beacon 

Otis The Mis-jea 267 Beacon 

Ottenw.'ilder Mr <fe Mrs Charles, The 

Overlander Dr C L 127 Newbury 

Owen Mr Maurice 3 Willow 

Owens Dr & Mrs T B, Hotel Notting- 

Oxford The 40 Huntington Av 

Oxford Terrace, Huntington Av 

Packard Mrs £ F 908 Beacon 

Packard Dr <fe Mrs Horace 470 Com- 
monwealth Av 

Packard Miss 908 Beacon 

Page Dr & Mrs Calvin G 128 Mari- 

Page Miss Ellen 111 Marlborough 

Page Dr & Mrs F W 1083 Boylston 

Page Mr R W 92a Pinckney 

Page Mrs William W 344 Marlborough 

Paige Mrs I H, The Oxford 

Paige Mr & Mrs Thomas O, The Vic- 

Paine Dr & Mrs A K 366 Common- 
weath Av 

Paine Mr & Mrs C H 29 Fairfield 

Paine Mr Charles J 87 Mount Vernon 

Paine Miss Ethel L 6 Joy 

Paine Mr G F D 11 Bay State Road 

Paine Miss Margaret E 11 Bay State 

Paine Mr Robert. Treat 6 Joy 

Paine Mr & Mrs Robert Treat Jr 
Queensberry Street 

Paine Mr & Mrs W A 409 Common- 
wealth Av 

Paine Mrs William C 46 Mt Vernon 

Paine The Misses 21 Brimmer 

Painter Dr Charles F 372 Marlborough 

Palfrey Dr F W 88 Beacon 

Palfrey Miss H 88 Beacon 

Palfrey Mrs John C 88 Beacon 



Palfrey Mr & Mrs John Gorham 88 

Palmer Mr Bradley W 140 Beacon 
Palmer Mr & Mrs C D, Copley Square 

Palmer Dr Ezra, Trinity Court 
Palmer Dr Sarah E 485 Beacon 
Palmer The Misses 98 Mount Vernon 
Paraschos Mr & Mrs George F, Hotel 

Park Rev & Mrs Charles E 405 Marl- 
Parker Mi?s Alice E, Hot«l Hamilton 
Parker Mr C.iarles A, Copley Square 

Parker Mrj Cliarles H, Hotel Hamilton 
Parker Mr Charles H, Hotel Hamilton 
Parker Mr Charles S 228 Common- 
wealth Av 
Parker Mr & Mrs Charles W 228 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Parker Mr C H Jr 33 Chestnut 
Parker Mr & Mrs C I., The Tuileries 
Parker Mrs C M, The Ludlow 
Parker Mr & Mrs C W 129 Pinckney 
Parker Mrs D S 211 Huntington Av 
Parker Miss Ellen G 33 Chestnut 
Parker Miss E S, Haddon Hall 29 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Parker Mr F J 447 Marlborough 
Parker Mrs F V 601 lieacon 
Parker Mr & Mrs G J 8 Coinminwealth 

Parker Mrs Harleston 5 Exeter 
Parker Miss Hattie S 218 Newbury 
Parker Mr & Mrs Herman 60 Common- 
wealth Av 
Parker House, School Street 
Parker Mrs Jennie A 218 Newbury 
Parker Mr & Mrs John Harleston 289 

Parker Mr & Mrs J N, The Vendome 
Parker Mr Ross 228 Commonwealth 

Parker Mr & Mrs Samuel W, Parker 

Parker Mr S D 33 Chestnut 
Parker Mr & Mrs William L 312 Dart- 
Parker Mr William S, Hotel Hamilton 
Parker Dr & Mrs W B 248 MarlborouKh 

office 250 
Parker Miss 447 Marlborough 
Parkinson Mr John 160 Beacon 
Parkinson Mr & Mrs John Jr 160 Bea- 
Parkman Mr & Mrs Henry 30 Common- 
wealth Av 
Parkman Miss Mary R 7 Brimmer 
Parks Miss Marjorie E 19 Blagden 
Parks Mr A Mrs W H A 19 Bladgen 
Parlin Mr Albert 67 Mt Vernon 
Parmelee Mr & Mrs C E 5 Chestnut 
Parmelee Mr E F, Commonwealth 

Parmelee Mrs W, Hotel Bellevue 
Parsons Miss Charlotte 398 Beacon 
Parsons Miss Elizabeth 398 Beacon 
Parsons Dr Henry S 196 Marlborough 
Parsons Miss Lucy 398 Beacon 
Parsons Mrs M E 348 Commonwealth 

Parsons Mr Theophilus 223 Beacon 
Parsons Miss' 223 Beacon 
Partridge Miss C A 101 Newbury 
Partridge Mr & Mrs William H 64 West- 
land Av 
Pascoe Mr Stephen 137 Newbury 
Patch Com N J K, The lienox 
Patey Mrs Mary, The Copley 
Patten Miss Bertha A, The Oxford 
Patten Mr & Mrs Bradford 92 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Patten Dr C C 16 Arlington 
Patten Mr & Mrs Francis B 15 Autumn 
Patten Miss Marjorie E 127 Newbury 
Patten Mrs Mary E 127 Newbury - 
Patten Miss Nathalie E 127 Newbury 
Patterson Mr & Mrs H W 281 New- 
Patterson Miss M A, The Ludlow. 
Pattison Mrs E J 62 Chestnut 



Paul Mrs Frances M 27 & 29 St James 

Paul Mr& Mrs I F 71 Westland Av 
Paul Dr & Mrs L G, Trinity Court office 

657 Boylston 
Paul Dr W E 104 Marlborough 
Paul Mr & Mrs W M 862 Beacon 
Paul The Misses, Hotel Somerset 
Payne Dr & Mrs G H 118 Common- 
wealth Av 
Payne Dr & Mrs James H 344 Common- 
wealth Av 
Payne Dr & Mrs John H 308 Common- 
wealth Av 
Payne Miss 344 Commonwealth Av 
Payson Mr & Mrs Edward P 416 Marl- 
Payson Mrs E P 15 Blagden 
Payson Mr & Mrs W G, The Wads- 
Payson Mr William M 416 Marlborough 
Payson Miss 784 Beacon 
Peabody Mrs Anna P 47 Common- 
wealth Av 
Peabody Mr & Mrs F E 120 Common- 
wealth Av 
Peabody Mr & Mrs C H 259 Beacon 
Peabody Mrs F H 247 Berkeley 
Peabody Mr F W 62 Beacon 
Peabody Miss Lucy G 507 Beacon 
Peabody Miss Mary C 133 Mt Vernon 
Peabody Mrs O W 25 Commonwealth 

Peabody Mr & Mrs R S 22 Fenway 
Peabody Mr & Mrs S Endicott 40 Fen- 
Peabody Miss 22 Fenway 
Pearl Dr Frederick W 665 Boylston 
Pearmain Mr & Mrs S B 388 Beacon 
Pearson Dr C L 719 Boylston 
Pearson Mr & Mrs Ernest 1108 Boyl- 

Pease Mrs Ella G 214 Commonwealth 

Peck Mr «k Mrs H 11 Mountfort 
Pecker Miss Annie J 160 Mt Vernon 

Pecker Mr & Mrs E E 416 Marlborough 
Pecker Miss Mary L 160 Mt Vernon 
Peckerman Mr & Mrs E R 801 Beacon 
Pelrce Mr & Mrs Edward 485 Beacon 
Peirce Mrs George 247 Newbury 
Peirce Mr & Mrs Philip O, Hotel Can- 
Peirson Mr C L 191 Commonwealth Av 
Pelham Studios 88 Boylston 
Pelhan Mr & Mrs Thomas W 3 Ivy 
Penfleld Miss Annie S 155 Charles 
Penfield Mr J A 155 Charles 
Penhallow Mrs P W 7 St James Av 
Pepper Mr & Mrs E S, The Buckmin- 

Perabo Mr Ernst, Hotel Brunswick 
Percival Mr & Sirs David C 60 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Percival Mr & Mrs Da\'id C Jr 306 

Commonwealth Av 
Perera Mr & Mrs Gino 382 Common- 
wealth Av 
Perkins Mr A Ward 503 Audubon Rd 
Perkins Mrs C B 387 Beacon 
Perkins Mrs Charles E 223 Common- 
wealth Av 
Perkins Mrs C E, Hotel Brunswick 
Perkins Mr & Mrs C W 72 Westland 

Perkins Miss E W, Hotel Hamilton 
Perkins Mr F N 48 Beacon 
Perkins Mr George B 387 Beacon 
Perkins Dr George E 755 Boylston 
Perkins Mrs Geo H 223 Commonwealth 

Perkins Mr & Mrs Hamilton 415 Com- 

monwc-ilth Av 
Perkins Miss Mary R 223 Common- 
wealth Av 
Perkins Mrs J W, The Lenox 
Perkins Mss S S 18 Autumn 
Perkins Miss, Hotel Brunswick 
Perkins Miss 42 Chestnut 
Perry Mr & Mrs Arthur 10 Marlborough 
Perry Mr A Jr 10 Marlborough 
Perry Mrs A M, The Copley 



Perry Dr & Mrs A R 27 Massachusetts 

Perry Mrs Charles F 135 Beaoon 
Perry Mr Edward K 3 Spruce 
Perry Mr G, The Copley 
Perry Mrs Gardner Blanchard 49 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Perry Miss .Harriette D P 56 Fenway 

(entrance Hemenway St) 
Perry Mr Henry H 10 Marlborough 
Perry Mrs Herbert L 31 Fairfield 
Perry Mrs H L, The Vendome 
Perry Dr & Mrs H J 636 Beacon 
Perry Mrs H N, Hotel Nottingham 
Perry Mrs John F 56 Fenway (entrance 

Hemenway St) 
Perry Mr John R 3 Spruce 
Peterborough Hou^ 24 to 30 Peter- 
Peters Mr & Mrs F A 362 Marlborough 
Peters Mr G G 146 Bay State Road 
Peters Mr G Q 37 Mountfort 
Peters Mr L H 362 Marlborough 
Peters Mr M A 362 Marlborough 
Peters Dr Maurice E office 194 Marl- 
Peters Mrs Richard D 37 Mountfort 
Peters Mr & Mrs W Y 143 Bay State 

Peterson Miss Amelia, The Copley 
Peterson Miss Margaret E 211 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Petrie Mr Gunther H, Parker House 
Pettes Mrs R R 403 Newbury 
Pettigrew Mr John, Hotel Bellevue 
Pettis Mr & A*rs F, The Oxford 
Pevear Mr & Mrs G Irving 477 Beacon 
Pfaelzer Mr & Mrs F T 202 Beacon 
Pfaflf Dr & Mrs F 29 Gloucester 
PfafT Mrs Jacob 106 Beacon 
Phelps Mr & Mrs George H 256 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Phelps Mr & Mrs James T, Hotel Som- 
Phelps Dr John S 76 Ck)mmonwealth 

Phelps Mrs L D 64 Westland Av 
Phi Beta Epsilon 237 Beacon 
Phi Gamma Delta 12 Newbury 
Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity House 

282 Dartmouth 
Phillips Miss Grace, Trinity Court 
Phillips Miss Ida, Hotel Nottin|^m 
Phillips Mrs John C 299 Berkeley 
Phillips Dr & Mrs John C 299 Berkeley 
Phillips Miss Mary, Hotel Nottingham 
Phillips Mr & Mrs Samuel, The Mount- 
Phillips Mrs Sarah Fitzhugh 74 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Phillips Miss 299 Berkeley 
Philpotts Mrs T M 102 Huntington Av 
Phinney Mr Arthur 196 Huntington Av 
Phinney Mr & Mrs H A, Parker House 
Phipps Mr & Mrs J B 74 Westland Av 
Phipps Mr & Mrs Walter T, Hotel Can- 
Pickering Mrs Henry 81 Beacon 
Pickering Mr H G 20 Mt Vernon 
Pickering Miss 440 Marlborough 
Pickman Mr & Mrs D L 98 Beacon 
Pier Mr A S 66 Beacon 
Pierce Miss Addie F, The Vendome 
Pierce Bldg, Huntington Av cor Dart- 
mouth St 
Pierce Mrs Caroline 127 Pinckney 
Pierce Mr C R, Hotel Carlton 
Pierce Mr & Mrs F A 120 Newbury 
Pierce Mr & Mrs J H 80 St Stephen 
Pierce Dr & Mrs Lewis J 127 Pinckney 
Pierce Miss lillian, Trinity Court 
Pierce Miss Mabel A, The Oxford 
Pierce Mr & Mrs Myron E 108 Mt Ver- 
Pierce Mr P 120 Newbury 
Pierce Mr & Mrs Wallace L 350 Beacon 
Pierce Mr W E, Hotel Carlton 
Pierpont Mrs John 97 Mt Vernon 
Pike Dr Charles G 161 Newbury 
Pillsbury Mr & Mrs Albert E 175 Bay 

State Road 
Pillsbury Miss Mary M 53 Mt Vernon 



Pinckney The 92a Pinckney 
Pinkham Mrs Mary, The Eastgate 
Pinkham <fe Snaith Co 288 & 290 Boyl- 

Pinner Miss Katherine A 141 Newbury 
Piper Miss E H, The Oxford 
Piper Mrs F K, The Buckminster 
Piper Dr James R 179 Newbury 
Piper Mrs Lawrence W 784 Beacon 
Pitcher The Misses 50 Hereford 
Pitkin Mr & Mrs WiUiam H 116 Marl- 
Pitman Mr Charles B 57 Beacon 
Pitman Mr Harold A 153 Bay State Rd 
Plant Mr & Mrs Thomas G, Hotel 

Player Mr Preston 311 Marlborough 
Player Mrs Preston 311 Marlborough 
Plimpton Mr E E 76 Westland Av 
Plimpton Mr & Mrs G E 76 Westland 

Plumer Mrs Avery, The Austerfield 

502 Beacon 
Pummer Dr Edward M 416 Marl- 
Plummer Mrs G A 199 Marlborough 
Plympton Miss M L 249 Marlborough 
Poe Dr Allen, The Eastgate 
Pollard Mr & Mrs Frederick H 23 West 

Pollard Mr & Mrs M S P 877 Beacon 
Pomeroy Dr & Mrs H Sterling, Hotel 

Pomeroy Mrs Mary E 72 & 76 St Ste- 
Pond Mr & Mrs R L 207 Bay State Rd 
Pond Mr & Mrs R L Jr 207 Bay State 

Pond Dr V C 92 Marlborough 
Poore Mrs Grace, The Oxford 
Pope Col & Mrs A A 378 Common- 
wealth Av 
Pope Mr A C J, The Westminster 
Pope Miss A L 163 Newbury 
Pope Mrs A W 293 Commonwealth Av 
Pope Mr B F, The Buckminster 

Pope C Augusta, M D 163 Newbury 
Pope Mr C H, The Westminster 
Pope Emily F, M D 163 Newbury 
Pope Miss Luella F 163 Newbury 
Pope Mr & Mrs W C, The Buckminster 
Porteous Miss Margaret F 48 St Stephen 
Porter Mrs Alice M, Trinity Court 
Porter Mr & Mrs Alex S Jr 189 Marl- 
Porter Mr <fe Mrs A S 22 Brimmer 
Porter Mrs Burr 233 Commonwealth 

Porter Mr Charles H 46 Hereford 
Porter Mr & Mils Charles W 481 Audu- 
bon Road 
Porter Dr A Mrs C A 254 Beacon 
Porter Dr & Mrs C B 5 Arlington 
Porter Miss Elizabeth B, Hotel Royal 
Porter Mr & Mrs E M 46 Hereford 
Porter Dr George A, Hotel Ilkley 
Porter Dr & Mrs George W 46 Here- 
Porter Mr & Mrs Isaac, Hemenway 

Porter Miss M O 117 Marlborough 
Porter Mr Rudolph, Trinity Court 
Porter Mr & Mrs William K 78 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Porter The Misses 22 Brimmer 
Post Dr & Mrs Abner 16 Newbury 
Post Mr & Mrs C J, The Westminster 
Post Miss C M 22 Blagden 
Post Office, Back Bay, Copley Square 
Post Office, Fenway Station 132 Mass- 
achusetts Av 
Potter Dr A Carletoh 82 Common- 
wealth Av office 185 
Potter Miss Emily 485 Beacon 
Potter Miss Estelle E 127 Newbury 
Potter Mr & Mrs Frank H 105 Mount- 
Potter Miss Harriet L, The Victoria 
Potter Mr & Mrs H Staples 82 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Potter Mr H S 485 Beacon 
Potter Mr & Mrs John B 26 West Cedar 



Potter Mrs J S 485 Beacon 
Potter Mrs L H, Hotel Carlton 
Potter Miss Mary E, The, Victoria 
Potter Mr & Mrs M A 191 Common- 
wealth Av 
Potter Mrs Robert B 103 Beacon 
Potter Mr & Mrs William H 105 Mount- 
Potter Dr W H 16 Arlington 
Powell Mrs Charles T 340 Marlborough 
Powell Dr Jonathan R 92 Huntington 

Powell Mr W S, Commonwealth Hotel 
Powers Dr A H, Hotel Ilkley 
Powers Mrs G C 8 Louisburg Square 
Powers Dr & Mrs G H Jr 333 Beacon 
Pratt Mr Charles H, The Westminster 
Pratt Mrs Clara B 378 Newbury 
Pratt Mrs Edmund, Hotel .Touraine 
Pratt Mrs Elliott W 319 Beacon 
Pratt Mrs E F, Hotel Bristol 
Pratt Mr & Mrs E T, Hotel Touraine 
Pratt Mrs E W, Heraenway Chambers 
Pratt Mr & Mrs F I 22 Blagden 
Pratt Mr & Mrs F S, The Lenox 
Pratt Miss H L 396 Beacon 
Pratt Mr H W, Commonwealth Hotel 
Pratt Dr J H 143 Newbury 
Pratt Mr M L, Copley Square Hotel 
Pratt Mr R M 13 Louisburg Square 
Pratt Dr Samuel B 378 Newbury 
Pray Mrs John A, The Buckminster 
Preble Miss 500 Audubon Road 
Prendergast Mr James M 135 Bay State 

Prendergast Mrs Jeffrey 135 Bay State 

Prendergast Miss J C 135 Bay State 

Prescott Mr A E 3 Spruce 
Prescott Miss p]mma A, The Vendome 
Prescott Mrs E D 207 Huntington Av 
Prescott Rev & Mrs George J, Hotel 

Prescott Miss H E 198 Beacon 
Prescott Mrs Linzee 413 Beacon 

Prescott Miss Martha, Trinity Court 
Prescott Dr & Mrs W H 285 Marl- 
Prescott Miss, Hotel Royal 
Presson Mr & Mra C B, Hotel Bruns- 
Preston Mr & Mrs A W 25 Bay State 

Preston Mr & Mrs Andrew W, Hotel 

Preston Mrs G H 32 Commonwealth 

Preston Mr «fe Mrs G M 32 Common- 
wealth Av 
Preston Miss 32 Commonwealth Av 
Pridham Mrs Mary E 304 Newbury 
Priest Mr Frank P 24 St James Av 
Priest Miss 24 St James Av 
Prince Mr B B, The Buckminster 
Prince Mr & Mrs Charles J, The Em- 
Prince Mrs Gordon 290 Be icon 
Prince Mr Gordon C 290 Beacon 
Prince Mr Henry L 24 St James Av 
Prince Mr Herbert G 24 St Jamas Av 
Prince Dr & Mrs Morton 458 Beacon 
Prince Miss 17 Joy 
Pritchard Mr H J, The Oxford 
Privett Miss Lucia, Trinity Court 
Procter Miss Harriet 421 Marlborough 
Proctor Miss Abbie C 238 Newbury 
Proctor Mr & Mrs Chariej A 42 

Proctor Dr F I 397 Marlborough 
Proctor Mr & Mrs H H 282 Common- 
wealth Av 
Proctor Mr J S 48 Beacon 
Proctor Dr P C 101 Newbury 
Proctor Mrs Thomas E 273 Common- 
wealth Av 
Proctor Mrs Thomas P, The Empire 
Proctor Mr T E 273 Commonwealth Av 
Prouty Mr Dwight, Hotel Brunswick 
Pryde Mrs J W 31 Massachusetts Av 
Pryde Miss 31 Massachusetts Av 
Public Library, Copley Square 



Pugsley Mr Edwin 112 Pinckney 
Pulsifer Mr & Mrs H I 224 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Pulsifer Mrs R M 261 Beacon 
Purbeck Miss, Hotel Brunswick 
Purdon Mr & Mrs James 1077 Boylston 
Puritan Qub 50 Beacon 
Purmort Mr Fred M, Parker House 
Putnam Miss Annie C 63 Marlboro 
Putnam Mrs Charles B 18 St Stephen 
Putnam Mr Charles W 63 Marlborough 
Putnam Dr & Mrs C P 63 Marlborough 
Putnam Miss Elizabeth 191 Common- 
wealth Av 
Putnam Miss Elsa, The Charlesgate 
Putnam Miss Elizabeth Cabot 104 

Putnam Miss Elizabeth C 2d, 106 

Putnam Miss E D 355 Marlborough 
Putnam Mr & Mrs George 191 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Putnam Mr & Mrs George F 338 Marl- 
Putnam Miss G L 68 Beacon 
Putnam Dr & Mrs James J 106 Marl- 
Putnam Mr & Mrs James Lowell 125 

Putnam Mr & Mrs John P, The Charles- 

Putnam Mrs M M 101 Mountfort 
Putnam Dr Mary P 366 Common- 
wealth Av 
Putnam Mr R H, Hotel Carlton 
Putnam Miss Sarah G, The Charles - 

Putnam Mr William E Jr 2 Walnut 
Putnam Mr & Mrs William L 49 Bea- 
Putnam Mr Worcester 45 Mt Vernon 
Putnam Mr W E, Hotel Carlton 
Putnam Judge & Mrs W L, The Ven- 

Putnam Miss 338 Marlborough 
Pye Mr & Mrs Thomas F 45 Mountfort 

Quackenboss Dr & Mrs Alex, Trinity 

Court office 277 Dartmouth 
Quinby Dr William C 330 Dartmouth 
Quincy Mrs George H 214 Common- 
wealth Av 
Quincy Mrs Henry P 462 Beacon 
Quincy Mr J P 82 Charles 
Quincy Mrs M L 237 Berkeley 
Quirin Mrs William 386 Marlborough 
Quirk Mr Gilbert, Hemenway Cham- 

Radcliflfe Hotel 116-118 Huntington 

Raftor Miss N L, The Copley 

Ramsay Mr & Mrs John A 2 Mount 
Vernon Place 

Rand Mr & Mrs Arnold A 366 Com- 
monwealth Av 

Rand Mr & Mrs J C 108 Mt Vernon 

Rand Mr & Mrs W A 4 Hancock Av 

Randall Miss Clara 228 Huntington 

Randall Mr & Mrs E S, Hotel Canter- 

Randall Miss Mary T 228 Huntington 

Randlet Miss H B, Hotel Brunswick 

Ranelegh The 11 Mountfort 

Rankin Miss Isabelle P 516 Common- 
wealth Av 

Rankin Mr James, Commonwealth 

Ranney Mr Fletcher 72 Bay State Rd 

Ranney The Misses 72 Bay State Road 

Ransom Dr E T 373 Commonwealth 

Rantoul Mr & Mrs Neal 30 Fairfield 

Rantoul Mr & Mrs Robert 65 Mt Ver- 

Ratshesky Mr & Mrs A C, Hotel Tou- 

Ratshesky Mrs Fanny 295 Common- 
wealth Av 

Ratshesky Mr Harry F 295 Common- 
wealth Av 



Ratshesky Mr & Mrs I A 232 Common- 
wealth Av 
Rawlcs Mrs James D 63 Pinckney 
Rawson Mr E L, The Thomdike 
Ray Mrs E K, Hotel Ilkley 
Raymond Miss A S 400 Marlborough 
Raymond Miss Frances A, The Ven- 

Raymond Mr & Mrs Franklin F 523 

Raymond Mr & Mrs H E, The Vendome 
Raymond Mrs Lillian W 1 Mountfort 
Raymond Mrs L D 1081 Boylston 
Rayner Mrs C D 838 Beacon 
Rayner Mr Henry F 838 Beacon 
Rayner Mr & Mrs T Tremlett 838 Bea- 
Read Mr & M^ A H 24 St Stephen 
Read Miss Sarah E 90 Beacon 
Reade Gen & Mrs Philip, The Buck- 
Reaxdon Dr T J 76 (Commonwealth Av 
Redfem Mr J G 230 Huntington Av 
Reding Mr & Mrs John, Hotel Royal 
Redway Miss E A, Hotel Brunswick 
Redway Miss Grace L, Hotel Bruns- 
Reed Miss A J 15 Blagden 
Reed Mr & Mrs Burton F 459 Audubon 

Reed Dr Carlisle 155 Mass Av 
Reed Mr Carlton L 220 Clarendon 
Reed Miss Elizabeth 7 Louisburg Sq 
Reed Mrs EUzabeth, The Copley 
Reed Mr & Mrs Fred 859 Boylston 
Reed Rev & Mrs J 12 Louisburg Sq 
Reed Mr & Mrs J R, The Abbotsford 
Reed Miss Maria Gil Pinckney 
Reed Mrs M E 136 Huntington Av 
Reed Mr N G 3 Spruce 
Reed Mrs S A, The Empire 
Reed Mr & Mrs W H 218 Common- 
wealth Av 
Reed Miss 859 Boylston 
Reed The Misses, The Empire 
Regent Hotel 780 Beacon 

Reggio Mr A C, The Empire 
Reggio Mr A N, The Empire 
Reggio Mr W, The Empire 
Reggio Miss, The Empire 
Reid Dr & Mrs Eustis P, The Copley 
Reid Miss Frances 153 Newbury 
Reid Dr & Mrs Francis W 207 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Reigel Mr & Mrs James J, Hotel Belle- 

Remick Mrs C H 909 Beacon 
Remick Mr Davison 116 Newbury 
Remick Mr & Mrs Ervin D 909 Beacon 
Remick Mr & Mrs John A 300 Marl- 
Remick Mr J A Jr 300 Marlborough 
Remick Mr <fe Mrs T 116 Newbury 
Revere House, Bowdoin Square 
Reynolds Mr & Mrs A G, Trinity Court 
Reynolds Miss A T 411 Marlborough 
Reynolds Dr Edw 65 Marlborough 
Reynolds Miss E D 411 Marlborough 
Reynolds Mrs Frank W 411 Marl- 
Reynolds Mr & Mrs F J 811 Beacon 
Reynolds Miss Helen, Trinity Court 
Reynolds Dr & Mrs J P 416 Marl- 
Reynolds Mr & Mrs John P Jr 79 Marl- 
Reynolds Mr John P 3rd 79 Marl- 
Reynolds Miss Madeline 411 Marlboro 
Reynolds Miss Marjorie, Trinity Court 
Reynolds Miss M L, The Ludlow 
Rejaiolds Miss Priscilla 79 Marlborough 
Reynolds Dr & Mrs W A 236 Newbury 
Rhodes Mrs Albert H 259 Newbury 
Rhodes Mr & Mrs J F 392 Beacon 
Rhodes Miss 259 Newbury 
Rice Mrs Anna C, Hotel Nottingham 
Rice M & Mrs C H, Hotel Somerset 
Rice Mr & Mrs David 320 Marlborough 
Rice Mrs Edwin, Hotel Touraine 
Rice Mr Edwin B, Hotel Touraine 
Rice Dr Florence K 485 Beacon 



Rice Mr & Mrs F B 63 Commonwealth 

Rice Dr G B 220 Clarendon 
Rice Dr Harry E, Hotel Bristol 
Rice Mrs H A 13 Marlborough 
Rice M & Mrs H A Jr 66 Huntington 

Rice Mr & Mrs J C 224 Marlborough 
Rice Mrs M P, The Ludlow 
Rioe Mr & Mrs N W 341 Common- 
wealth Av 
Rice Miss Sarah V, The Empire 
Rice Mr & Mrs Wilbur P 200 Bay State 

Rice Mr & Mrs W B 373 Common- 
wealth Av 
Rice Miss 341 Commonwealth Av 
Rich Mr A Mrs D S, The Westminster 
Rich Mrs Isaac B, The Abbotsford 
Rich Mr J Rogers, University Club 
Rich Mr Ralph, The Abbotsford 
Richards Mrs Calvin A 394 Beacon 
Richards Miss C. The Oxford 
Richards Dr C M, Trinity Court 
Richards Mr Francis H 129 Newbury 
Richards Dr&Mrs G E 11 Gloucester 
Richards Mr G H 14 Chestnut 
Richards Mr & Mrs Harry, The Em- 
Richards Mrs Henry C 129 Newbury 
Richards Mr & Mrs H N 103 Mari- 

Richards Mr & Mrs T Meyers Jr, Hem- 

enway Chambers 
Richards Mr William R 2 Marlborough 
Richards Miss 2 Marlborough 
Richafds Miss 394 Beacon 
Richards Miss 219 Newbury 
Richards Miss 129 Newbury 
Richardson Dr Anna G 405 Marl- 
Richardson Mrs Augustus, Hotel Som- 
Richardson Mrs A E, Hotel Carlton 
Richardson Mrs A R, Hemenway 

Richardson Mr B H 4 St James Av 
Richardson Mr Carl H 306 Newbury 
Richardson Mr & Mrs Edward C 9 Bay 

State Road 
Richardson Mrs E F C. Hotel Canter- 

Richardson Dr Frank C office 244 New- 
Richardson Dr F L 1074 Boylston 
Richardson Mrs F S 295 Marlborough 
Richardson Mrs F W 96 Huntington Av 
Richardson Mr & Mrs G K 64 Bay 

State Road 
Richardson Mr & Mrs G O 252 Com- 
monwealth Av • 
Richardson Mrs G R 252 Common- 
wealth Av 
Richardson Mr A Mrs H B 27 Marl- 
borough summer residence Ded- 
Richardson Mrs Henry L 306 Beacon 
Richardson Mr & Mrs James B 231 

Richardson Mrs Mary M, The Buck- 
Richardson Dr <& Mrs M H 224 Beacon 
Richardson Mr M W, The Vendome 
Richardson Dr O 405 Marlborough 
Richardson Mr & Mrs R B 63 Mount- 
Richardson Miss Ruth K 64 Bay State 

Richardson Miss Sarah 64 Bay State 

Richardson Miss S J, Copley Square 

Richardson Mr Spencer W 826 Beacon 
Richardson Mr W K 306 Beacon 
Richardson Dr William L 225 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Richardson Mr W S 24 Pinckney 
Richardson The Misses, Hotel Somer- 
Richie Miss E. Trinity Court 
Richie Mr & Mrs AV F. Trinity Court 
Richmond Mr & Mrs A J 755 Bovlston 



Richmond Dr G D 2 Commonwealth 

Richmond Mr & Mrs Joshua B 310 

Richmond Mr Ralph S 310 Beacon 
Ricker Mr & Mrs Henry 46 Bellevue 
Ricker Miss Katherine M, Trinity Court 
Ridlon Mr & Mrs W 202 Huntington 

Rietz Dr Hugo C 2 Commonwealth Av 
Riley Dr Elizabeth A 310 Bay State 

Riley Mrs Thomas 300 Beacon 
Riley Mr & Mrs W J, Hotel Touraine 
Rines Mr R H, The Vendome 
Ring Mr & Mrs Constant Q 91 7 Beacon 
Ring Mr Henry C 917 Beacon 
Ring Mr & Mrs Reuben 611 Common- 
wealth Av 
Ringot Mr & Mrs J H, Hotel Carlton 
Ritchie Mr & Mrs John 3 Hancock Av 
Ritchie Mr & Mrs John Jr 8 Arlington 
Ritchie Mr & Mrs J Arthur 114 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Robart Mr & Mrs F A 59 Beacon 
Robbins Dr Chandler 259 Beacon 
Robbins Mr Charles L, Trinity Court 
Robbins Mrs Ella 108 Huntington Av 
Robbins Miss Elsie M, 99 Newbury 
Robbins Mr & Mrs Franklin A 143 

Massachusetts Av 
Robbins Dr Fred G 129 Marlborough 
Robbins Mr Frederick E 485 Beacon 
Robbins Mrs F M 102 Huntington Av 
Robbins Miss Phyllis 44 Common- 
wealth Av 
Robbins Dr & Mrs W B, 384 Common- 
wealth Av 
Roberts Mr Allen A 101 Newbury 
Roberts Miss A B. Copley Square Hotel 
Roberts Mr & Mrs C P 189 Huntington 

Roberts Miss D M 11 Mountfort 
Roberts Mr Francis R 73 West Cedar 
Roberts Dr Frank E 100 Huntington 

Roberts Mr & Mrs George F F 151 

Huntington Av 
Roberts Dr H R, Hotel Bristol 
Roberts Dr & Mrs L W 100 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Roberts Miss Sarah E 73 West Cedar 
Roberts Miss, Hotel Brunswick 
Robertson Mr & Mrs Frederick 20 Mt 

Robertson Mr & Mrs H H, Hotel Can- 
Robertson Dr & Mrs J D 360 Common- 
wealth Av 
Robie Mr Charles W, Hemenway 

Robie Mr & Mrs F H 92 Marlborough 
Robins Mr E B 4 Louilsburg Square 
Robins Miss J G 95 Mt Vernon 
Robins Miss Susan P B 95 Mt Vernon 
Robinson Mr & Mrs Aubrey, Hotel 

Robinson Mr & Mrs C H 52 Pinckney 
Robinson Miss Fannie R 46 Chestnut 
Robinson Mrs F M, Hotel Brunswick 
Robinson Mr Harry E 296 Common- 
wealth Av 
Robinson Miss Helen M, The Victoria 
Robinson Mrs H W, Hotel Nottingham 
Robinson Mr & Mrs John A 211 New- 

Robinson Mr John J 211 Newbury 
Robinson Miss Julia 211 Newbury 
Robinson Miss J D 51 Chestnut 
Robinson Mrs J H, The Buckminster 
Robinson Dr & Mrs Philip E 102 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Robinson Dr Samuel 356 Marlborough 

office 374 Marlborough 
Robinson Mr & Mrs W F 296 Common- 
wealth Av 
Rodman Miss Emma 174 Beacon 
Roepper Mr C B, The Westminster 
Roepper Mrs C W, The Westminster 
Roeth Mrs A G 105 Mt Vernon 
Rogers Dr Albert E 83 Westland Av 
Rogers Dr Alfred P 154 Newbury 



Rogers Mrs Anson 224 Huntington Av 
Rogers Miss A P 5 Joy 
Rogers Miss C L, The Buckminster 
Rogers Mr & Mrs Edwin A 382 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Rogers Miss Gretchen 126 Newbury 
Rogers Mrs H A 126 Newbury 
Rogers Mr & Mrs H M 309 Beacon 
Rogers Mrs J C 231 Commonwealth Av 
Rogers Mrs J F 906 Beacon 
Rogers Mrs Louisa W 186 Common- 
wealth Av 
Rogers Mr & M 153 Lyman 407 Marl- 
Rogers Miss Margaret 1128 Boylston 
Rogers Miss S S 373 Commonwealth 

Rogers Mr & Mrs T O 250 Common- 
wealth Av 
Rogers Mr & Mrs William B 152 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Rogers Mrs W B 117 Marlborough 
Rogers The Misses 587 Beacon 
Rolfe Dr W A 755 Boylston 
Rollins Mr Charles H 497 Common- 
wealth Av 
Rollins Mr Douglas 112 Pinekney 
Rollins Mr E W 112 Pinekney 
Rollins Mr F W 112 Pinekney 
Rollins Miss Helen M 497 Conmion- 

wealth Av 
Rollins Mr Weld Allen 100 Mt Vernon 
RoUins Dr & Mrs W H 399 Marl- 
borough office 250 
RoUins Mr & Mrs W H, Hotel Ilkley 
Ropes Mr & Mrs J A 311 Common- 
wealth Av 
Rosenbaum Mr & Mrs H 38 Fenway 
Rosenbaum Mr & Mrs L 36 Fenway 
Rosenfield Mr Louis 1069 Boylston 
Rosenfield Mr M 1069 Boybton 
Rosenfield Miss R 1069 Boylston 
Rosenthal Mr & Mrs Wolf 32 McLean 
Ross Mrs Alphonso 118 Newbury 
Ross Miss Emma R 169 Beacon 
Ross Mr & Mrs H E 479 Beacon 

Ross Miss Myra B 169 Beacon 
Ross Mrs Waldo O 228 Beacon 
Rossier Mrs Annie W 14 Pinekney 
Rotch Mr Charles M 157 Bay State Rd 
Rotch Miss Edith E 157 Bay State Rd 
Rotch Mr & Mrs Lawrence A 235 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Rotch Dr & Mrs Thomas M 197 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Rotch Mr & Mrs William 157 Bay 

State Road 
Rotch Mr William Jr 157 Bay State Rd 
Roth Mr Otto 10 Arlington 
Rothwell Mr Edmund A, Hotel Carl- 
Rothwell Mr & Mrs James M 499 Audu- 
bon Road 
Rothwell Mr & Mrs W H, The Empire 
Rothwell Miss, The Empire 
Rounds Mr & Mrs Charles A, The 

Roundy Mr & Mrs Franklin F 423 

Roundy Mrs George E 423 Marl- 
Rowe Mr & Mrs Albert J, Hotel Belle- 

vue * 

Rowe Mr & Mrs Henry S 58 Common- 
wealth Av 
Rowell Mrs J 857 Beacon 
Rowland Mr William S 3 Willow 
Rowley Mr Clarence W 108 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Royal Hotel 295, 297 Beacon 
Royce Mr Harrison A, The Charles- 
Royce Mr & Mrs P W, Trinity Court 
Rovce Mr«& Mrs Vere 12 West Cedar 
Ruby Mr & Mrs James 83 Beacon 
Rudd Mrs, Hemenway Chambers 
Ruggles Mr & Mrs C A 485 Beacon 
Ruhl Miss Anna, The Victoria 
Rumrill Mr Chester C 925 Boylston 
Rushmore Dr Stephen H 485 Beacon 
Rusk Mr J S 15 Blagden 
Russ Mis8 Lucy S. Parker House 



Russell Mr A LeB 1 Marlborough 
Russell Mrs Charles F 3 St James Av 
Russell Mrs Edward B, Hotel Canter- 
Russell Mrs Elliott 409 Marlborough 
Russell Mrs E T 345 Marlborough 
Russell Mrs Helen S 139 Newbury 
Russell Mr John, The Copley 
Russell Miss Marian 1 Louisburg Sq 
Russell Miss Mary A P 72 Beacon 
Russell Mrs R S 20 Commonwealth Av 
Russell Mr <fe Mrs R S 491 Common- 
Russell Mr & Mrs Theodore 16 Exeter 
Russell Mr & Mrs Thomas 3 Gloucester 
Russell Mr T H 3 St James Av 
Russell Mr T H 2d 3 St James Av 
Russell Miss 409 Marlborough 
Russy Mr & Mrs A W 872 Beacon 
Russy Miss 872 Beacon 
Rust Mr Edgar C 488 Commonwealth 

Rust Dr & Mrs F L D 755 Boylston 
Rust Mr <fc Mrs N J 488 Commonweath 

Rust Mr William A, The Vendome 
Rust Mrs W A 154 Bay State Road 
Rutherford Mr William 3 Willow 
Ryan Mr & Mrs F S 196 Huntington 

Ryan Dr G W 853 Beacon 
Ryder Dr George H 719 Bojlston 

Sabine Mr & Mrs H M, Parker House 
Sabine Dr J D K 481 Beacon 
Sabine Mrs M J, Parker House 
Sabine Mr Wallace C 481 Beacon 
Sacker Mrs H H, Trinity CoAt 
Sacker Miss, Trinity Court 
Safford Mr & Mrs William C 175 Bea- 
St Botolph Chib 2 Newbury 
St Clair Dr Austin E 416 Marlborough 
St Margaret's Convent 17 Louisburg 

Salazar Mr & Mrs L P, The Oxford 

Salter Mr & Mrs Richard J, Parker 

Saltonstall Mr John L 30 Fairfield 
Saltonstall & Mrs R M 99 Bay State 

Sampson Mrs A B 373 Commonwealth 

Sampson Mr &Mrs C P 214 Bay State 

Sampson Mr * Mrs E H, Trinity Court 
Sampson Mr & Mrs E W, Parker House 
Sampson Miss Gertrude 193 Marlbor- 
Sampson Mrs J V, The Oxford 
Sampson Miss Lucy S 229 Common- 
wealth Av 
Sampson Mrs Oscar H 193 Marlborough 
Sanborn Miss Alice, Hotel Bellevue 
Sanborn Mr & Mrs Charles W H 155 

Massachusetts Avenue 
Sanders Miss Mary 213 Huntington Av 
Sanders Dr & Mrs Orren B 368 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Sanderson Maj A, American House 
Sandholzer Mrs J C 206 Huntington Av 
Sands Miss Gertrude 322 Common- 
wealth Av 
Sands Mrs William H 322 Common- 
wealth Av 
Sanford Mr B, Hotel Brunswick 
Sanford Miss L B, Trinity Court 
Sanford Miss, Hotel Brunswick 
Sanger Mr & Mrs George P, The Lud- 
Sargent Dr & Mrs G A 46 Hereford 
Sargent Mr George McC 925 Boylston 
Sargent Mrs Henry 101 Mt Vernon 
Sargent Mr & Mrs Joseph Jr 13 Glouces- 
Sargent Miss Louisa 1j 82 Beacon 
Sargent Mrs Lydia W, The Eastgate 
Sargent Mrs Ij M 315 Dartmouth 
Sargent Mr <feMrs Winthrop 207 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Sargent The Misses 101 Mt Vernon 
Saunders Mr Charles R 62 Pinckney 



Saunders Dr E L, The Lenox 
Savage Dr Grace G, The Charlesgate 
Savage Mrs S H 521 Beacon 
Saville Dr S C 220 Clarendon 
Sawin Miss Mabel, Copley Sq Hotel 
Sawyer Misa Clara, Hotel Touraine 
Sawyer Mr & Mrs aifford D 319 Dart- 
Sawyer Mr G A 306 Marlborough 
Sawyer Mrs G A 306 Marlborough 
Sawyer Dr & Mrs H H 155 Mass Av 
Sawyer Mrs L H 11 Mountfort 
Sawyer Miss M C, Hotel Bristol 
Sawyer Miss M T, The Ludlow 
Sawyer Dr & Mrs M Woodbury, The 

Sawyer Mr Warren, Parker House 
Sawyer Miss, Parker House 
Saxby Miss Millicent 164 Huntington 

Saxon Miss Mary, The Oxford 
Sayles Mr Henry 56 Commonwealth 

Scaife Mr & Mrs L L 39 Newbury 
Scales Mr & Mrs R L 36 Pinckney 
Scannell Dr D D 366 Commonwealth 

Schmunk Mr <& Mrs Walter G 43 

Schneider Mr & Mrs T 74 Westland Av 
Schoaeld Mr & Mrs C H 170 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Schuecker Mr Heiniich, Hemenway 

Schuyler Mr Philip L, Trinity Court 
Soott Mr & Mrs Charles P 915 Boylston 
Scott Miss Maud 52 Hereford 
Scudder Dr & Mrs C L 189 Beacon 
Scudder Mrs David 250 Newbury 
Scudder Mrs R C, The Austerfield 502 

Scudder Miss 250 Newbury 
Scull Mrs Gideon 131 Commonwealth 

Seabury Mrs C W 322 Marlborough 
Seabury Miss E S 322 Marlborough 

Seabury Mr W H 322 Marlborough 
Sealy Mr Thomas 3 Willow 
Seaman Mr James, Copley Sq Hotel 
Searle Mr & Mrs Charles P 280 Com- 
monwealth Av 
■ Sears Miss Clara E 132 Beacon 
Sears Mr <& Mrs Francis B 284 Marl- 
Sears Mr Francis P 85 Mt Vernon 
Sears Mrs Frederick R 51 Beacon 
Sears Mr & Mrs F R Jr 122 Beacon 
Sears Dr & Mrs George G 426 Beacon 
Sears Mr & Mrs George O 100 Pinckney 
Sears Mr H M 287 Commonwealth Av 
Sears Mr & Mrs J H, Parker House 
Sears Mrs J Montgomery 12 Arlington 
Sears Mrs Knyvet W 132 Beacon 
Sears Miss M L« Trinity Court 
Sears Mrs Philip H 85 Mt Vernon 
Sears Mr Richard 85 Mt Vernon 
Sears Mr & Mrs R D 232 Beacon 
Sears Mr & Mrs Willard T 15 Gloucester 
Sears Mr William R 100 Pinckney 
Sears Miss, 12 Arlington 
Sears Miss 100 Pinckney 
Seavef Mr & Mrs J M 28 Chestnut 
Seaver Mr & Mrs J W, Parker House 
Seaver Miss, Parker House 
Seavey Mr George W, Hotel Notting- 
Seavey Mrs G F, Hotel Carlton 
Seavey Miss M L, Hotel Nottingham 
Seavey Miss, Hotel Carlton 
Sedgwick Mr & Mrs EUery 34 Mt Ver- 
Seeley Mrs A, Hotel Somerset 
Seeley Miss F B, Hotel Somerset 
Seger Mrs C E 1 Mountfort 
Seger Mrs Roland, Hotel Somerset 
Seitz Mr & Mrs F W 236 Huntington 

Seitz Mr George B 236 Huntington Av 
Selfridge Mr George S 10 Charles 
Selinger Mr & Mrs Jean P 711 Boylston 
Sever Miss Emily 376 Marlborough 
Sever Dr James W 234 Marlborough 



Sewall Mr R B 66 Beacon 
Sewall Mr & Mrs R L 260 Clarendon 
Seymour Dr & Mrs Malcolm 405 Marl- 
Shaal Mrs Florence E 191 Huntington 

Shackley Miss Flora M, Trinity Court 
Shanahan Dr T J 131 Newbury (office) 
Shapleigh Mrs F H, Hotel Brunswick 
Shapleigh Mr & Mrs S M 900 Beacon 
Sharland Mr J B 857 Beacon 
Sharp Mrs J C 54 Commonwealth Av 
Sharp Mr & Mrs William G, Hotel Tou- 

Shattuck Dr & Mrs F C 135 Marlbo- 
Shattuck Dr & Mrs G B 183 Beacon 
Shattuck Dr G Cheevers 227 Beacon 
Shattuck Mr Henry L 135 Marlborough 
Shattuck Miss M S 31 Massachusetts Av 
Shattuck Miss 135 Marlborough 
Shaw Dr Albert J 79 Mountfort 
Shaw Dr Arthur J 79 Mountfort 
Shaw Mrs A M, Trinity Court 
Shaw Mrs Benjamin S 28 Marlborough 
Shaw Mr Carlton L 79 Mountfort 
Shaw Mr Charles W, The Lenox 
Shaw Mr Chester J, Hotel Carlton 
Shaw Mr & Mrs C N, Haddon Hall 29 

Commonwealth Av 
Shaw Mr Francis 190 Beacon 
Shaw Mr & Mrs Francis G 13 W Cedar 
Shaw Mr Gardner H, Hotel Carlton 
Shaw Mr & Mrs George R 113 Newbury 
Shaw Mrs G H 23 Commonwealth Av 
Shaw Miss Harriet A, The Abbotsford 
Shaw Dr & Mrs Henry L 19 Common- 
wealth Av 
Shaw Mr Herbert B 184 Marlborough 
Shaw Mrs H Augusta 284 Dartmouth 
Shaw Mr & Mrs H C, Hemenway 

Shaw Mrs H R 133 Commonwealth Av 
Shaw Mr & Mrs John H 79 Mountfort 
Shaw Miss Josephine MacC 170 New- 

Shaw Dr J S 2 Commonwealth Av 
Shaw Miss Miriam 190 Beacon 
Shaw Mr & Mrs Quincy A Jr 11 Exeter 
Shaw Mr & Mrs R G 151 Common- 
wealth Av 
Shaw Mr Samuel S 49 Mt Vernon 
Shaw Mr & Mrs S P 184 Marlborough 
Shaw Mr S P Jr 184 Marlborough 
Shaw Mr & Mrs Thomas M 102 Chest- 
Shea Mrs Elizabeth 353 Common- 
wealth Av 
Shea Mr Francis A 353 Common- 
wealth Av 
Shea Mr & Mrs John J 168 Huntington 

Shea The Misses 353 Commonwealth Av 
Sheaf e Mr & Mrs William 111 Beacon 
Shearer Mr & Mrs William L 179 Bay 

State Road 
Shearer Miss 179 Bay State Road 
Sheldon Mrs A M 416 Marlborough 
Sheldon Dr & Mrs George 108 Mt Ver- 
Sheldon Judge & Mrs H N, The Tuil- 

Shelton Mr B H 66 Beacon 
Shelton Mr C P 66 Beacon 
Shepard Mr & Mrs John 896 Beacon 
Shepard Dr & Mrs L D, The Wads- 
worth, office 330 Dartmouth 
Shepard Dr L D Jr 330 Dartmouth 
Shepard Mrs M V 24 Blagden 
Shepard Mr & Mrs Oscar A, Parker 

Shepard Mrs S P 22 Blagden 
Shepard The Misses 373 Common- 
wealth Av 
Shepherd Mr William T 643 Boylston 

opp Trinity Church 
Sherburne Mr & Mrs C H 513 Beacon 
Sherburne Mr C W 513 Beacon 
Sherburne Mr & Mrs F S 363 Marlbor- 
Sherburne Dr & Mrs F W 382 Com- 
monwealth Av 



Sherburne Mr & Mrs Henry A 499 Au- 
dubon Road 
Sherburne Mr J H, Parker House 
Sherburne Mr Kenneth 363 Marlbor- 
Sherman Mr & Mrs Charles M 34 Fair- 
Sherman Miss Edith 463 Common- 
wealth Av 
Sherman Mr & Mrs George A, The 

Sherman Mr& Mrs George M 96 Bay 

State Road 
Sherman Mr & Mrs Henry H, The 

Sherman Mrs W H 463 Commonwealth 

Sherman Miss, The Wadswo^^h 
Sherwin Mr Paul H, Parker House 
Sherwood Dr Walter 181 Huntington 

Shillaber Miss K B 275 Beacon 
Shillaber Mr William G 275 Beacon 
Shipley Mr & Mrs J H, The Charles- 
Shipman The Misses 407 Marlborough 
Shorten Miss Mary A 829 Boylston 
Shrigley Mr & Mrs Alfred R, Trinity 

Shrigley Dr & Mrs W S 755 Boylston 
Shriner Mr & Mrs C J 1091 Boylston 
Shuman Mr A 90 Commonwealth Av 
Shuman Mr & Mrs Edwin A 397 Beacon 
Shuman Dr H B 131 Newbury 
Shuman Miss Irene, The Vendome 
Shuman Mr & Mrs Samuel, The Ven- 
Shuman Mr & Mrs Sidney E 308 Bay 

State Road 
Shurtleff Mr & Mrs Arthur A 7 West 

Shurtleff Mr & Mrs Asahel M 9 West 

Shurtleff Miss Gertrude H 9 West Cedar 
Shurtleff Mr Howard L 9 West Cedar 
Bias Mr A Mrs C D 115 Bay State Rd 


Sias Mrs E F, Copley Sq Hotel 
Sibley Mr R C, Hotel Nottingham 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Club 263 New- 
Sigoumey Mrs H 77 Beacon 
Silsbee Mr Arthur B 115 Marlborough 
Silsbee Mrs George S 512 Beacon 
Silsbee Mrs J B 115 Marlborough 
Silsbee Mr Thomas 115 Marlborough 
Silsbee Miss 115 Marlborough 
Simes Miss Frances 384 Marlborough 
Simes Mr & Mrs William 384 Marl- 
SimmondsMr& Mrs Thornton H.Trin- 
ity Court 
Simmons Dr Channing C 66 Beacon 
Simmons Dr Clara C, Hotel Canter- 
Simmons College, The Fenway cor Av 

L Pasteur 
Simmons Mrs E F, 206 Commonwealth 

Simmons Mr Harry G 485 Beacon 
Simonds Mrs G H 220 Newbury 
Simonds M & Mrs G H, The Lenox 
Simonds Miss Mary E, Hotel Somerset 
Simons Miss, The Buckminster 
Simpson Mr A K, Trinity Court 
Simpson Mr F E 246 Commonwealth 

Simpson Mr & Mrs G W, Hotel Somer- 
Simpson Miss, Trinity Court 
Sinadino Mr & Mrs A T, The Victoria 
Sinclair Mrs C A, Hotel Somerset 
Sinclair Miss Marie, Hotel Somerset 
Sinsheimer Mr & Mrs Stanley 41 Ivy 
Sirk Mr Saiman, Revere House 
Skinner Mr & Mrs Carl, The Wadr 

Skinner Mr F, The Lenox 
Skinner Mr & Mrs G E 166 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Skinner Miss 166 Huntington Av 
Slater Mr J C, Hotel Carlton 
Sleeper Mr H D 336 Beacon 



Sleeper Mrs J H 336 Beacon 
Sleeper Mr S W 336 Beacon 
Sloan Mr J V, Hemenway Chambers 
Small Mrs E M 135 Newbury 
Small Mr Frank O 31 Pinckney 
Smith Miss Adelaide 66 Mt Vernon 
Smith Mr Albert P 396 Beacon 
Smith Mr A Blakeley, The Tuileries 
Smith Mrs A H 500 Audubon Road 
Smith Mr A L, The Mountfort 
Smith Mr & Mrs A O 396 Beacon 
Smith Mrs A R, The Buckminst«r 
Smith Mr Charles F 300 Beacon 
Smith Mr <fe Mrs Clififord P 385 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Smith Dr Conrad 279 Dartmouth 
Smith M & Mrs C Brewer, Hotel Can- 
Smith Mr & Mrs C B, Copley Square 

Smith Mr & Mrs C C 286 Marlborough 
Smith Mr & Mrs C D 857 Beacon 
Smith Dr C E 39 Fairfield 
Smith Mrs C E L, Hemenway Cham- 
Smith Dr & Mrs C Morton 437 Marl- 
Smith Mr & Mrs C W 270 Newbury 
Smith Mrs D E 533 Newbury 
Smith Mr D Roy, Parker House 
Smith Mr & Mrs Edward A 83 Pinck- 
Smith Miss Ellen V, The Abbotsford 
Smith Mr & Mrs Ernest E 85 River 
Smith Mr & Mrs E F, The Oxford 
Smith Dr & Mrs E H 283 Dartmouth 
Smith Mrs Franklin, The Vendome 
Smith Mr & Mrs F H 132 Newbury 
-^Shiith Mr & Mrs F L 226 Marlborough 
Smith Mr & Mrs F W 164 Bay State Rd 
Smith Dr & Mrs George C, The West- 
Smith Mr & Mrs George E, Parker 

Smith Mr & Mrs G D 11 Mountfort 
Smith Miss Harriet S 68 Bay State Rd 

Smith Miss Helen 270 Newbury 
Smith Miss Helen S, Trinity Court 
Smith Dr Homer B 527 Beacon 
Smith Mr & Mrs H F, The Ludlow 
Smith Dr & Mrs H H 829 Boylston 
Smith Mr & Mrs John B 299 Beacon 
Smith Mr & Mrs John H D 68 Bay 

State Road 
Smith Mr & Mrs Joseph L, The Ludlow 
Smith Mr Justin H, Hotel Brunswick 
Smith Mr J D 5 Mt Vernon Place 
Smith Miss Lillian A 99 Newbury 
Smith Miss L W, Hotel Brunswick 
Smith Miss Mable G 154 Newbury 
Smith Mrs Margaret 416 Marlborough 
Smith Mrs Margaret S 85 Westland Av 
Smith Dr Mary A 33 Newbury 
Smith Mr & Mrs M A 140 Newbury 
Smith Dr O S 235 Marlborough 
Smith Dr R K 756 Boylston 
Smith Mr & Mrs R P. Hotel Ciurlton 
Smith Mr & Mrs R W 416 Marlborough 
Smith Mr Stanley W 396 Beacon 
Smith Miss S W 465 Audubon Road 
Smith Mr Whipple 270 Newbury 
Smith Mr & Mrs William B 37 West 

Smith Dr William H 377 Beacon 
Smith Dr William Lord 3 Willow 
Smith Dr W Arthur 309 Huntington 

Smith Mr W F B 10 Charles 
Smith Mr & Mrs W H, The Oxford 
Smith The Misses 132 Newbury 
Smithwick Dr M P 2 Arlington 
Smyth Dr P Somers 10 Newbury 
Smythe Mr & Mrs W H, Copley Sq 

Snell Miss Elled E 55 Pinckney 
Snell Mrs S B P, Hotel Nottingham 
Snow Mr & Mrs C A 295 Marlborough 
Snow Mr Francis S, Hotel Carlton 
Snow Mr & Mrs F E 117 Bay State Rd 
Snow MrS G G, The Westminster 
Snow Mr & Mrs Horace P 217 New- 



Snow Mr John L 93 Mountfort 
Snow Dr Wallace 661 Boylston 
Snow Mr & Mrs Walter H 416 New- 
Snow Dr W P 217 Newbury 
Snow The Misses, The Victoria 
Snyder Dr J D 853 Beacon 
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty 

to Children 43 Mt Vernon 
Society of Mayflower Descendants 53 

Mt Vernon 
Sohier Miss E L 922 Beacon 
Sohier Miss M D 922 Beacon 
Sohier Mr & Mrs W D 79 Beacon 
Sohier Miss 79 Beacon 
Somers Mr & Mrs S F 540 Newbury 
Somerset Club 42 Beacon 
Somerset Hotel, Commonwealth Av 

comer Charlesgate East 
Sommeryille Mrs Manville, Parker 

Son Mr Frank P, The Oxford 
Soule Dr & Mrs G W 1084 Boylston 
Soule Mr Henry M, Hemenway Cham- 
Soule Mr W P, Hemenway Chambers 
Souther Dr & Mrs H A 24 Blagdcn 
Souther Mr & Mrs J J 433 Marlborough 
Souther Mr & Mrs J K, The Charles- 
gate [Vernon 
Southgate Rev & Mrs Charles 20 Mt 
South wick Dr & Mrs G R 31 Massachu- 
setts Av 
Soutter Dr & Mrs Robert 51 Hereford 

office 133 Newbury 
Sowdon Mr A J C 66 Beacon 
Sowers Mr A H, The Oxford 
Spalding Dr F M 28 Newbury (office) 
Spalding Dr Henry E, The Charles- 
gate (office) 
Spalding The Misses 37 Bay State Road 
Sparhng Dr & Mrs J H 151 Huntington 

Spaulding Mrs E C, Hotel Brunswick 
Spaulding Mr & Mrs H W, The West- 

Spaulding Mr John T 99 Beacon 
Spaulding Miss M L 121 Beacon 
Spaulding Mr William S 99 Beacon 
Spaulding Miss, Hotel Brunswick 
Spear Mr C C, The Oxford 
Spear Mr & Mrs F P 72 Westland Av 
Spear Dr & Mrs L M, The Wadsworth 
Spears Dr G W 213 Huntington Av 
Spencer Mrs A W, The Tudor 
Spencer Mr & Mrs E R 64 Common- 
wealth Av 
Spiegel Mr Alfred, Hemenway Cham- 
Spiller Mr Joseph B 31 Ivy 
Spinney Mr & Mrs F C 636 Beacon 
Spinney Mr & Mrs William A, Hotel 

Spinney Miss, The Vendome 
Spooner Dr & Mrs H G 96 Pinckney 
Spooner Mrs H T (Florence) 96 Pinck- 
Spooner Miss K B 308 Commonwealth 

Spooner The Misses, The Westminster 
Sprague Miss Francis W 7 Keswick 
Sprague Dr F P 229 Commonwealth Av 
Sprague Mr & Mrs H H 33 Fairfield 
Sprague Miss Jennie, The Westminster 
Sprague Miss Julia, The Westminster 
Sprague Mr & Mrs L 7 Keswick 
Sprague Mr & Mrs P W 471 Common- 
wealth Av 
Sprague Mr & Mrs R B 485 Beacon 

simimer residence Somerville N J 
Sprague Mrs S E 367 Beacon 
Sprague Mr T W 7 Keswick 
Sprague Mrs, Hotel Canterbury 
Spring Mr & Mrs A C 90 St Mary's 
Spring Mrs S A E 46 Westland Av 
Spring Mr S Romney 71 Beacon 
Squarebrigs Dr W D 179 Newbury 
Squire Mr & Mrs Frank O, Parke 

Squires Mr & Mrs Sidney F 187 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Staats Mr & Mrs C L 154 Newbury 



Stacey Dr & Mrs C F 99 Newbury 
Stackpole Mrs F D 421 Marlborough 
Stackpole Mr & Mrs F N 330 Common- 
wealth Av 
Stackpole Mr & Mrs Henry 340 Beacon 
Stackploe Mrs J L 292 Beacon 
Stackpole Mr A Mrs J L Jr 287 Marl- 
Stackpole Mr P L 5 Mt Vernon Place 
Stackpole Miss R, The Ludlow 
Stacy Mrs M G 58 Pinckney 
Stacy Mr & Mrs William H, The Lenox 
Stahl Mrs, The Lenox 
Stahl Miss, The Lenox 
Staigg Mrs R M 18 Louisburg Square 
Stanaway Miss Alice M, Trinity Court 
Stanaway Mrs Annie I, Trinity Court 
Standish Miss A 373 Commonwealth 

Standish Miss Barbara 256 Newbury 
Standish Dr & Mrs Myles 256 Newbury 

office 6 St James Av 
Staniford Mr & Mrs Daniel, The Lud- 
Staniford Mr Francis 1 Marlborough 
Stanley Mr & Mrs Frank F 508 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Stanley Mr Harry R, Hotel Bellevue 
Stanley Mrs, Hotel Bellevue 
Stannard Mrs J H 19 Chestnut 
Stanton Miss Evelyn 213 Huntington 

Stanton Mr & Mrs H B 29 Brimmer 
Stanton Dr J E 149 Newbury 
Stanwood Mrs Arthur G 189 Bay State 

Stanwood Miss Audrey R 480 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Stanwood Mrs E C 480 Commonwealth 

Stanwood Dr F A 434 Marlborough 

Stanwood Mr & Mrs F C 35 Chestnut 
Stanwood Mr Richard R 189 Bay 

State Road 
Stapfer Miss S R, The Buckminster 

Staples Mr & Mrs Elmer E 136 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Stark Miss M H 815 Beacon 
Starrett MrsC M 155 Massachusetts Ay 
State House, Beacon cor Mt Vernon 
State Street Trust Co 130 Massachu- 
setts Av 
Stauffer Mr Isaac H, The Abbotsford 
Stearns Miss Alice K, The Buckminster 
Stearns Miss Frances H, The Lenox 
Stearns Mr George E, American House 
Stearns Mr & Mrs G E, The Oxford 
Stearns Mr Joseph G 1069 Boylston 
Stearns Mrs J L 5 St James Av 
Stearns Miss Margaret E 1069 Boylston 
Stearns Miss Mildred B 1069 Boylston 
Stearns ^rs M E 45 Mount Vernon 
Stearns Mrs N G, Hotel Canterbury 
Stearns Mr & Mrs R H, Hotel Somerset 
Stearns Mr & Mrs R H Jr, The Empire 
Stearns Mrs S F, The Buckminster 
Stearns Miss, The Buckminster 
Stebbins Mr & Mrs Charles H 405 Marl- 
Stebbins Mr Harold D 3 Willow 
Stebbins Mr Ralph, The Mountfort 
Stedman Dr & Mrs George 380 New- 
Stedman Dr H R 48 Beacon 
Stedman Mr Walter R, The Ludlow 
SteflFens Mr A Mrs J L 25 West Cedar 
Steinert Mr & Mrs Alex 401 Common- 
wealth Av 
Steinert M & Sons C5o 162 Boylston 
Steinheimer Mr C, Revere House 
Stephens Mrs V A 45 Westland Av 
Stephenson Miss S L, Haddon Hall 29 

Commonwealth Av 
Stetson Mr Charles 501 Beacon 
Stetson Mrs Charles P 501 Beacon 
Stetson Mr & Mrs Horace Jr 839 Boyl- 
Stevens Mr Arthur W 48 Beacon 
Stevens Mrs Benjamin F 91 Pinckney 
Stevens Mr David K 32 Peterborough 
Stevens Mr & Mrs Eben, Hotel Bellevue 



Stervens Mrs Harriet S, Hemenway 

Stevens Dr J H 261 Beacon 
Stevens Miss L M 23 St Stephen 
Stevens Mr Moses 112 Pinckney 
Stevens Mr & Mrs O C 365 Beacon 
Stevens Mr & Mrs Samuel D 373 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Stevens Mrs William B 3 Acorn 
Stevens Mr W B. The Vendome 
Stevens Mr W S B 20 Mt Vernon 
Stevenson Mr & Mrs Robert H 357 

Stevenson Mr R H Jr 357 Beacon 
Stevenson Mr Thomas G 357 Beacon 
Stevenson The Misses 20 Mt Vernon 
Stewart Mrs Isabella M 1083 Boylston 
Stewart Mr John A, Revere House 
Stewart Mr W T 1083 Boylston 
Sticht Lieut J C, U S N, Hotel Carlton 
Stickney Dr Elizabeth M 15 Blagden 
Still Mr Joseph Edwin 132 Huntington 

Stimson Mr & Mrs F J 54 Beacon 
Stockbridge Mr W M 485 Beacon 
Stockton Mr Howard 31 Common- 
wealth Av 
Stockton Mr Lawrence Mason 31 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Stockton The Misses 31 Common- 
wealth Av 
Stockwell Miss A W, Hotel Kempton 
Stockwell Mr George S, The Westmin- 
Stockwell Miss V, Copley Square Hotel 
Stoddard Dr A H 179 Newbury 
Stoddard Mrs E L, Hotel Brunswick 
Stoddard Mr & Mrs G H 197 Beacon 
Stodder Mr & Mrs C F 1 1 Ivy 
Stohl Miss Gay, Hotel Nottingham 
Stokes Miss Madge, The Lenox 
Stokes Mr & Mrs Sylvanus S, The 

Stokes Mr Sylvanus S Jr, The Lenox 
Stone Mr & Mrs Albert 152 Bay State 

Stone Mr Albert Jr 152 Bay State Road 
Stone Mr A H, Parker House 
Stone Dr & Mrs A K, Hotel Cluny 
Stone Bldg, Boylston corner Exeter 
Stone Mr & Mrs Charles A 234 Beacon 
Stone Mrs C P 192 Bay State Road 
Stone Mr C W 86 Beacon 
Stone Dr Ella G 124 Huntington Av 
Stone Miss Eva S, Parker House 
Stone Mr & Mrs E P 359 Beacon 
Stone Miss Frances H 158 Newbury 
Stone Mr & Mrs F 407 Beacon 
Stone Mr Ingersoll 365 Marlborough 
Stone Dr James S 234 Marlborough 
Stone Mr John S 192 Bay State Road 
Stone Miss Mary 152 Bay State Road 
Stone Mr Philip B 407 Beacon 
Stone Mr & Mrs Richard 365 Marlbor- 
Stone Mr & Mrs Robert 381 Marlbor- 
Stone Mr Robert 365 Marlborough 
Stone Miss 365 Marlborough 
Stonemetz Mr & Mrs John C 37 Mount- 
Storer Mr & Mrs Bellamy 56 Fenway 
Storer Mr & Mrs John H 286 Beacon 
Storer Dr & Mrs Malcolm 5 Brimmer 

office 476 Boylston 
Storer The Misses 476 Boylston 
Storey Mr Charles Moorfield 24 Fenway 
Storey Mr & Mrs F W, Parker House 
Storey Mr & Mrs Moorfield 24 Fenway 
Storey Mr & Mrs R C 52 Fenway 
Stormer Mr & Mrs Henry 399 Newbury 
Storrow Miss E R 15 Keswick 
Storrow Mr James J Jr 417 Beacon 
Storrow Mr & Mrs J J 417 Beacon 
Story Mrs L P 44 Chestnut 
Stow Miss M D 485 Beacon 
Stowe Mrs H M 382 Newbury 
Stowe Dr & Mrs William H, 382 New- 
Stowe Miss, The Copley 
Stowell Miss Mary A, Hotel Ilkley 
Strain Mr & Mrs D J 278 Boylston 



Strang Mr & Mrs Lewis C 845 Boyl- 

Strasburg The 45 Weatland Av 

Stratford The 31 Massachusetts Av 

Strathcona Terrace 499 & 603 Audu- 
bon Road 

Stratton Mr Charles E 293 Common- 
wealth Av 

Stratton Mr & Mrs Solomon P 351 

Stratton Miss 351 Beacon 

Strauss Mr & Mrs Ferdinand, Hotel 

Strauss Mr & Mrs Peter E 14 Arlington 

Streeter Dr & Mrs Edward C 435 Bea- 

Strong Mr Cyrus W 510 Common- 
wealth Av 

Strong Mr & Mrs E A, The Vendome 

Strong Mr & Mrs George 510 Common- 
wealth Av 

Strong Miss May B 510 Commonwealth 

Strong Dr & Mrs T M 176 Huntington 

Strong Mr W D 839 Boylston 

Stuart Mrs A B, Trinity Court 

Stuart Mrs A L 380 Newbury 

Stuart Dr & Mrs J H 236 Clarendon 

Stuber Mrs Ruth L 44 Newbury 

Studley Mr & Mrs Edw A 32 Newbury 

Studley Miss 32 Newbury 

Sturdivant Miss Florence, The Charlea- 

Sturdivant Mrs Ruth A, The Charles- 

Sturgis Mr Charles R 63 Beacon 

Sturgis Mr C W 149 Newbury 

Sturgis Mr F S 149 Newbury 

Sturgis Miss F T 307 Beacon 

Sturgis Mr J B 112 Pinckney 

Sturgis Mrs J 11 63 Beacon 

Sturgis Mr & Mrs Robert S 133 Bay 
State Road 

Sturgis Mr & Mrs Roger F 26 Common- 
wealth Av 

Sturgis Mrs Russell Jr 40 Fairfield 
Sturgis Mr & Mrs R C 153 Beacon 
Suffa Dr G A 220 Clarendon 
Sullivan Miss Annie A 34 Newbury 
Sullivan Mrs Edward, The Vendome 
Sullivan Miss H G, The Oxford 
Sullivan Mr & Mrs John A 77 Mount- 
Sullivan Mr John A, The Oxford 
Sullivan Dr John T 139 Beacon 
Sullivan Mr & Mrs T R 31 Massachu- 
setts Av 
Sullivan Mr & Mrs W H 308 Common- 
wealth Av 
Summers Mr & Mrs Herbert, The 

Sumner Mr Charles P, New Algonquin 

Sumner Prof & Mrs J O 225 Marlbor- 
Sumner Dr Philip S 83 Westland Av 
Sutherland Mrs Emeline, The Buckmin- 

Sutherland Mr & Mrs John 29 Ivy 
Sutherland Dr & Mrs J P 302 Beacon 
Sutter Mr F, American House 
Sutton Miss F'rances, The Vendome 
Swain Prof & Mrs G F 435 Marlborough 
Swain Dr & Mrs Howard T 68 Marl- 
Swain Dr Mary L 222 Huntington Av 
Swaine Miss A J, The Oxford 
Swallow Mr & Mrs G N 137 Bay State 

Swallow Mrs R P 137 Bay State Road 
Swan Mr & Mrs F H, Hotel Royal 
Sweeney Mr James F 485 Beacon 
Sweet Mr & Mrs B D 1089 Boylston 
Sweet Mr Henry N 63 Mt Vernon 
Sweet Mr John Allen, Commonwealth 

Sweet Mr & Mrs W H 52 Hereford 
Sweetser Mr & Mrs A T 155 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Sweetser Mr I H 256 Marlborough 
Sweetser Mrs M F 132 St Maty's 



Sweetser Miss 256 Marlborough 
Swift Miss Bertha, Trinity Court 
Swift Miss Edith, Trinity Conrt 
Swift Mr & Mrs George H, Hotel Som- 
Swift Mr H W 6 Mt Vernon Place 
Swift Dr & Mrs J B 465 Beacon 
Swift Miss Lucy, Trinity Court 
Swift Mr & Mrs Newton 52 Hereford 
Sylvaster Mrs H N, Copley Square 

Sylvester Mr & Mrs Joseph S 4 Glou- 
Symonds The Misses 82 St Stephen 
Symphony Hall, Huntington Av cor- 
ner Massachusetts Av 

Taber Miss Mary K, Hotel Brunswick 
Taber Miss Sallie G, Hotel Brunswick 
Taft Mr & Mrs E A, The Buckminster 
Taggart Miss Bertha Davette 11 Belvi- 

Taintor Mr & Mrs Charles W 149 Bea- 
Talbot Miss C A P 1081 Boylston 
Talbot Mr & Mrs E H 176 Bay State 

Talbot Dr & Mrs Fritz B 171 Bay State 

Talbot Mrs Thomas, Haddon Hall 29 

Commonwealth Av 
Talbot Mrs William H, The Buckmin- 
Talbot Miss, The Buckminster 
Tallant Dr Katherine G 755 Boylston 
Tallman Mr & Mrs George, Hemenway 

Tapley Miss Alice P, The Vendome 
•Tapley Mrs A P, The Vendome 
Taplin Dr George C 1069 Boylston 
Taplin Dr Grace B 1069 Boylston 
Tappan Mrs Fretierick H 242 Marl- 
Tappan Miss Mary A 44 Beacon 
Tappan Mr Robert M 242 Marlborough 
Tarbell Mr Arthur P 31 Brimmer 

Tarbell Mrs J F 220 Commonwealth Av 
Tarbell Miss 31 Brimmer 
Tarbox Mr & Mrs O A 416 Marlborough 
Tardivel Mr & Mrs E H 69 Westland 

Tamey Mr Joseph B 127 Newbury 
Tatum Mrs Edward 321 Beacon 
Tavern Club 4 Boylston Place 
Taylor Mr & Mrs Charies H 332 Beacon * 
Taylor Mr & Mrs Charles H Jr 84 Bea- 
Taylor Mr & Mrs C B, The Buckminster 
Taylor Dr & Mrs Edward W 457 Marl- 
Taylor Mrs E B, The Vendome 
Taylor Mr E E, The Vendome 
Taylor Miss E M 249 Berkeley 
Taylor Dr & Mrs E S 68 Huntington. Av 
Taylor Mr & Mrs G E, Trinity Court ' 
Taylor Mr Horace 20 Mt Vernon 
Taylor Dr James R Jr 2 Commonwealth 

Taylor Mr «& Mrs John I 332 Beacon 
Taylor Miss Marcia, The Buckminster 
Taylor Mr & Mrs M C 158 Huntington " 

Taylor Miss M P 108 Mt Vernon 
Taylor Mr & Mrs W O 276 Beacon 
Taylor Miss, The Ludlow 
Teagan Mr William T 7 Newbury 
Teasdale Mr & Mrs C L 42 Pinckney 
Tebbetts Mr George E, Parker House 
Technology Club, 83 Newbury 
Teele Miss H, Copley Square Hotel 
Temple Adath Israel, Commonwealth 

Av corner Blandford 
Temple Dr & Mrs W F 240 Huntington 

Tenney Dr & Mrs Benjamin 308 Marl- 
Tenney Dr J A 2 Commonwealth Av 
Tenney Mr & Mrs W H Jr 24 Hhigden " 
Tenney Mr & Mrs W M, The Oxford 
Tennis and Racquet Club 929 Boylston 
Terrill Mr & Mrs George W 15 Arlington ' 
Tcf^sior Miss M I 108 Mt Vernon 



Tewksbury Mr & Mrs J W 180 Bay 

State Road 
Thacher Mrs H C 51 Mt Vernon 
Thacher Mr & Mrs Louis B 245 Beacon 
Thacher Mr & Mrs Thomas C 288 Bea- 
Thairwall Mr William C, Hemenway 

Thaxter Mr & Mrs, The Copley 
Thayer Mis.^j Adele G 181 Common- 
wealth Av 
Thayer Mr & Mrs Bayard 205 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Thayer Mrs Charles E 205 Newbury 
Thayer Mrs Charles F 839 Boylston 
Thayer Mr & Mrs Charles I 32 Fairfield 
Thayer Mrs Edward Payson, The 

Thayer Mr & Mrs Ezra Ripley 77 Bay 

State Road 
Thayer Mrs E V R 1 Raleigh & Lancas- 
ter Mass 
Thayer Mr & Mrs E V R Jr 164 Marl- 
Thayer Mr & Mrs Frank 395 Marlbor- 
Thayer Mr & Mrs F W 18 Brimmer 
Thayer Miss Grace 839 Boylston 
Thayer Mr Henry J 839 Boylston 
Thayer Mr & Mrs John E J 215 Com- 
mon wealth Av 
Thayer Mrs M E, The Oxford 
Thayer Mr & Mrs Nathaniel 22 Fair- 
Thayei Mr & Mrs N N 96 Bay State 

Thayer Mrs S V R 30 Fenwliy 
Thayer The Misses 32 Fairfield 
Theological Library 53 Mount Vernon 
Theta Delta Chi Fraternity 262 New- 
Theta Xi Fraternity 285 Newbury 
Thevin Miss Alice 211 Commonwealth 

Thier Miss C M, Hotel Carlton 
Thomas Miss Adaline, The Kastgate 

Thomas Miss Anna B 37 Marlborouf^ 
Thomas Miss C C 7 Exeter 
Thomas Mr & Mrs Frank R 323 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Thomas Miss Helen, The Westminster 
Thomas Mr & Mrs Isaac R 303 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Thomas Mr Jesse B, The Westminster 
Thomas Mr & Mrs John B 315 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Thomas Mr & Mrs J B F 64 Chestnut 
Thomas Dr & Mrs J J 88 Bay State Rd 
Thomas Miss Mary, The Ludlow 
Thomas Mr Rufus K 37 Marlborough 
Thomas Mr «k Mrs William C 117 Bea- 
Thomas Mr & Mrs W B 20 Gloucester 
Thompson Mrs A E 221 Newbury 
Thompson Miss A M 39 Huntington Av 
Thompson Mrs Clara 150 Huntington 

Thompson Dr & Mrs C O 47 Massachu- 
setts Av 
Thompson Mr & Mrs C S, The Oxford 
Thompson Miss Edith 1091 Boylston 
Thompson Dr & Mrs J M 108 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Thompson Mr & Mrs Moses W 1091 

Thompson Mr N A 535 Newbury 
Thompson Dr & Mrs P H 308 Common- 
wealth Av (office) 
Thompson Mrs T E, The Mountfort 
Thompson Dr W B 150 Huntington 

Av (office) 
Thompson The Misses 28 West Cedar 
Thomson Mrs L P 39 Huntington Av 
Thorndike Mr & Mrs Albert 337 Beacon 
Thorndike Mr & Mrs Alden A 472 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Thorndike Dr & Mrs A 481 Common- 
wealth Av office 601 Beacon 
Thorndike Mr & Mrs A L 191 Common- 
wealth Av 
Thorndike Mr & Mrs Charles 483 Com- 
monwealth Av 



Thomdike Mrs G Quincy 175 Marlbor- 
Thomdike Mr & Mrs J L 181 Marl- 
Thomdike Dr & Mrs Paul 22 Marl- 
Thomdike Mr Sturgls H, The Charles- 
Thomdike Mr & Mrs S Lothrop, The 

Thomdike The 230-240 Boylston 
Thomdike Dr & Mrs Townsend W 22 

T^orndike Miss 191 Commonwealth Av 
Thornton Mr Henry, Hotel Carlton 
Thomton Dr & Mrs J B 168 Hunting- 
ton Av 
Thorpe Mrs E M, Hemenway Chambers 
Thurber Mr Harry F 2 Brimmer 
Thtirston Dr R L, Hotel Hamilton 
Tibbetts Mr & Mrs F R 96 Bay State 

Ticknor Mr Benjamin H 10 Charles 
Tileston Dr Wilder 311 Beacon 
Tillinghast Miss C B, Hotel Brunswick 
Tilton Mrs Charles E, Hotel Somerset 
Tilton Mrs Joseph B 255 Newbury 
Tilton Mr J B 255 Newbury 
Tilton Mrs Katharine, The Ludlow 
Tilton The Misses 255 Newbury 
Timayenis Mr & Mrs DemDsthenes T 

6 Keswick 
Tindale Mr & Mrs T H 67 Mt Vernon 
Tingley Mr Frank F 416 Marlborough 
Tingley Dr Louisa P 416 Marlborough 
Tinkham Mr George H 326 Common- 
wealth Av 
Tinkham Mrs G H 326 Commonwealth 

Tinkham Mrs Martha E 22 St James Av 
Tippett Miss Constance 22 Blagden 
Tippett Mr & Mrs J Emory 22 Blagden 
Tirrell Mr & Mrs G E 14 Westland Av 
Titcomb Mr & Mrs William G 834 Bea- 
Tivnin Miss E B 96 Huntington Av 

Tobey Dr & Mrs W H 173 Newbury 
Tobin Mr Edward G 568 Newbury 
Tobin Mrs Elizabeth 568 Newbury 
Toby Dr & Mrs George L Jr 416 Marl- 
Todd Mr H E, The Eastgate 
Todd Mrs N M 7 Walnut 
Tolfree Mr & Mrs E R, Hotel Somerset 
Tolman Dr & Mrs H 845 Boylston ' 
Tolman Mr & Mrs I S, The Abbotsford 
TomV»«» The Misses 85 Westland Av 
Tompkins Mr & Mrs Eugene 325 Com- 
monwealth Av ♦ 
Tompkins Mrs Orlando, The Victoria 
Tompson Mr N W 35 Ivy 
Tompson Mrs R H 35 Ivy 
Toppin Mr W E, The Lenox 
Torbert Dr James R 252 Marlborough 
Torrey Mr & Mrs Alexis 149 Mass Av 
Torrey Miss A D 20 Marlborough 
Torrey Mrs Bertha 44 Gloucester 
Torrey Miss Edith E 164 Huntington 

Torrey Mr Fred L 164 Huntington Av 
Tosrey Mr & Mrs G A, The Vendome 
Torrey Miss M E 307 Beacon 
Torrey Mr Robert 164 Huntington Av 
Torrey Mr & Mrs William H, Hotel 

Torrington The 384-388 Common- 
wealth Av 
Tosti Chev & Mme G 186 Common- 
wealth Av (Italian Consul) 
Touraine Hotel, Boylston comer Tre- 

Tower Mr & Mrs B L M 126 St Mary's 
Tower Dr Frederick 175 Newbury 
Tower Mr H W 294 Commonwealth Av 
Tower Mrs I H 220 Commonwealth Av 
Tower Mr J A, The Vendome 
Tower Mrs S 294 Commonwealth Av 
Tower The Misses 294 Commonwealth 

Towle Dr & Mrs H P 453 Marlborough 
Townsend Dr & Mrs C W 76 Marlbor- 



Townee ad Dr & Mrs David 405 Marl- 
Townsead Mr & Mrs George, Hotel 

Townsend Mr & Mrs Robert E 3 Ply- 
Townsend Mr & Mrs William S 255 

Toy Mrs Dominic 67 Beacon 
Tracy Mrs Frederick U, Hotel Kemp- 
Tracy Mr William A 2 Walnut 
Train Mrs Cjiirles R, Haddon Hall 29 

Commonwealth Av 
Traiser Mr & Mrs R E 474 Common- 
wealth Av 
Trask Miss Mary G 92a Pinckney 
Trask Mr W R 12 Mt Vernon 
Tremlett Miss Frances M, The Charles- 
Treworgy Miss Marion C 45 Ivy 
Treworgy Mrs William H 45 Ivy 
Trinity Court 175 Dartmouth 
Trptt Mr & Mrs J Alden, Trinity Court 
Trott Mr & Mrs J C. Trinity Court 
Trowbridge Mr E A 62 Pinckney 
Trowbridge Mrs Harriet te H, The 

Trowbridge Mrs W O, The Ix?nox 
Trowbridge Miss, The Lenox 
Truax Mrs Minnette A 73 Westland Av 
Trull Mrs E J, Hotel Carlton 
Trull Mr W A, The Westminster 
Trull Dr & Mrs W B 108 Mt Vernon 
Trundy Mrs Annie M, The Oxford 
Tucker Mr & Mrs Alanson 381 Common- 
wealth Av 
Tucker Mr & Mrs A S, Hotel Brunswick 
Tucker Mr & Mrs John P 90 St Mary's 
Tucker Mr Lawrence 866 Beacon 
Tucker Mr Lewis R, The Westminster 
Tucker Mr & Mrs William A 47 Bay 

State Road 
Tuckerman Mrs C S 201 Bay State Rd 
Tuckerman Mr John A 201 Bay State 

Tuckerman Mr & Mrs Leverett S 9 

Tudor Mr & Mrs H D 310 Marlborough 
Tudor The, Joy corner Beacon 
Tudor Mr & Mrs William 208 Beacon 
Tufts Mrs Arthur W, The Westminster 
Tufts Mrs Gardner G 4A Gloucester 
Tufts Mr & Mrs Walter A 330 Dart- 
Tuileries The 270 Commonwealth Av 
Tully Miss Katherine, The Vendome 
Tupper Mr & Mrs F M 14 Keswick 
Turk Mrs R 11 Mountfort 
TurnbuU Mr & Mrs C D 126 Marlbor- 
Turnbull Mrs C N, Hotel Hamilton 
Turner Miss Annie 485 Beacon 
Turner Mr & Mrs A B, Hotel Canter- 
Turner Mr & Mrs C H 68 Mount Vernon 
Turner Mr E K, United States Hotel 
Turner Mr & Mrs F A 340 Marlborough 
Turner Mr Frederick A Jr 340 Marlbor- 
Turner Mr & Mrs Howard 386 Common- 
wealth Av 
Turner Mr W B 14 Westland Av 
Tuska Mr David, The Oxford 
Tut tie Dr C E 220 Clarendon 
Tuttle Miss C E 15 Blagden 
Tuttle Mr & Mrs Lucius 318 Common- 
wealth Av 
Tuttle Mr O D 45 Mount Vernon 
Tuxbury Miss Cora 485 Beacon 
Tweed Miss Jane R, Trinity Court 
Twentieth Century Club 3 Joy 
Twitchell Mrs G, Hotel Brunswick 
TwitcheU Miss, Hotel Brunswick 
Twombly Dr Edward L 485 Beacon 
Twombly Mrs J F, The Vendome 
Tyler Mr Charles H 83 Bay State Road 
Tyler Mr & Mrs George 67 Mount Ver- 
Tyler Mrs Joseph H 83 Bay State Ro^d 
Tyndale Mr & Mrs 65 Mount Vernon 
Tyrode Dr M P O V 416 Marlborough 



Tyson Mrs George 314 Dartmouth 

Uhl Mrs L L, Hotel Canterbury 
Umbstaetter Mr & Mrs H D 180 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Utiderhill Dr C D 160 Newbury 
Underhill Mrs O JI, Hotel Somerset 
Underwood Mrs C J 119 Newbury 
Underwood Mrs M M, The Buckmin- 

Underwood Mr William L 119 Newbury 
Underwood Mr & Mrs W O 53 Beacon 
Underwood The Misses 119 Newbury 
Union Club 8 Park 
United States Hotel, Beach comer 

University Club 270 Beacon 
Updike Mr Daniel Berkeley 112 Pinck- 

Upham Mr & Mrs George B 233 Bay 

State Road 
Upham Mrs Henry 142 Marlborough 
Upham Mr & Mrs H M, Trinity Court 
Upham Miss S 379 Marlborough 
Upham Mr & Mrs Thomas 332 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Urner Mr S P, The Thorndike 

Vaille Mr & Mrs, The Copley 
Vaillant Mr & Mrs G W 165 Common- 
wealth Av 
Valentine Mr & Mrs W B V, Hotel 

van Allan Prof D D 28 Brimmer 
van Allen Dr Kenneth 485 Beacon 
van Allen Miss Sarah Anne 28 Brimmer 
van Allen Rev William Harman 28 

Van Dyke Miss E L 78 Westland Av 
Van Dyke Mr George, The Lenox 
Vannevar Mr & Mrs William H 51 

Van Nostrand Mr & Mrs Alonzo G 482 

Van Nostrand Mr William T 482 Bea- 

Van Oker Mr, The Eastgate 

Van Vliet Mr & Mrs Leon 76 Westland 

Van Voaat Mrs James A, Hemenway 

Van Wickle Miss Marjorie R 284 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Vargas Mr Jorge 1120 Boylston 
Vaughan Dr Clarence B, Hotel llkley 
Vaughan Dr Frank M 803 Boylston 
Vaughan Mr & Mrs P J 50 St Stephen 
Vaughan Mr & Mrs W W 354 Beacon 
Vendame Hotel, Commonwealth Av 

corner Dartmouth 
Verhoeff Dr & Mrs F H 95 Moimtfort 

office 101 Newbury 
Vermyne Mrs Emma B 391 Beacon 
Verplaat Mr & Mrs F, Hotel llkley 
Vialle Mr C A, Hotel Brunswick 
Viaux Mr Frederic 10 Brimmer 
Viaux Mr & Mrs F H 10 Brimmer 
Viaux Mr Victor 10 Brimmer 
Viaux Miss 10 Brimmer 
Vickery Dr & Mrs H F 263 Beacon 
Victoria The, Dartmouth corner New- 
Victorson Mr & Mrs Aaron, The Oxford 
Victor Dr Agnes C, Trinity Court 
Viles Mr & Mrs Alden E 266 Newbury 
Viles Mrs Bertram S 266 Newbury 
Viles Mr George A, The Vendome 
Vinal Mr & Mrs A H 162 Bay State Rd 
Vincent Dr Beth, Hotel Royal 
Vincent Mr & Mrs L H, Trinity Court 
Vincent Miss S W 379 Marlborough 
Vinton Mr & Mrs F P 247 Newbury 
Vogel Dr George L, Copley Square 

von Olker Mr Ferd P 24 Blagden 
Von Schroeder Mr Albrecht, Hotel 

Vorenberg Mr & Mrs S 504 Common* 

wealth Av 
Vose Mr & Mrs F T 369 Marlborough 
Vose Dr Robert H 51 Hereford 
Vose R C & N M 320 Boylston 



Wade Miss A C, The Ludlow 
Wadleigh Mr & Mrs H W 234 Common- 
wealth Av 
WadleiRh Mrs W H 124 Newbury 
Wadsworth Miss A E 10 West Cedar 
Wadsworth Mrs A F 5 Louisburg Sq 
Wadsworth Mr A Mrs A R, Hemenway 

Wadsworth Dr & Mrs Oliver F 626 

Wadsworth Dr & Mrs R G 323 BeAoon 
Wadsworth The, Kenmore Street 
Wadsworth Mr & Mrs William Austin 

45 Beacon 
Wagnere Mrs, The Copley 
Wainwright Miss S H 7 Brimmer 
Waite Mr & Mrs G W 206 Huntington 

Waite Mr & Mrs H G, The Buckmin- 

Waite Mr H S, The Buckminster 
Waitt Dr J E 66 Huntington Av 
Wakefield Mr & Mrs G W 829 Boylston 
Waldron-Barron The Misses 253 New- 
bury and 334 Beacon 
Wales Miss Alice S 341 Marlborough 
Wales Mrs John 587 Beacon 
Wales Mr & Mrs N B 896 Beacon 
Wales Miss Susan M L 341 Marlborough 
Wales Mrs Thomas C 295 Common- 
wealth Av 
Wales The 19 Exeter 
Walker Mr Charles A 20 Beacon (office) 
Walker Mr Charles C 7 Arlington 
Walker Mrs Cora P L 134 Huntington 

Walker Mr & Mrs C Howard 13 Wal- 
Walker Dr D Harold 28 Newbury 
Walker Mr & Mrs Fred A 24 Blagden 
Walker Mr & Mrs F W, The Lenox 
Walker-Gordon Laboratory Co 793 

Walker Mr & Mrs Grant 330 Beacon 
Walker Dr & Mrs Gustave F 485 Bea- 

Walker Mr Harry H 234 aarendon 
Walker Mr & Mrs J Albert, The Vcn- 

Walker Mrs J E, Hotel Brunswick 
Walker Mrs J G 371 Commonwealth 

Walker Mr A Mrs J L J075 Boylston 
Walker Miss Mary L, Hotel Brunswick 
Walker Miss M P, The Vendome 
Walker Mr R W 45 Mount Vernon 
Walker Dr William 2 Commonwealth 

Walker Mr W L 48 Beacon 
Wallace Mr & Mrs C N 478 Common- 
wealth Av 
Wallace Dr & Mrs F H 841 Boylston 
Wallace Mr John, Hotel Somerset 
Walley Miss Abbie B P 201 aarendon 
Walley Mr & Mrs Edward 3 St James 

Walley The Misses 3 St James Av 
Walsh Mr William 44 West Cedar 
Walter Mr William E 112 Pinckney 
Walton Mr George Oil Mountfort 
Walton Dr G L 199 Marlborough 
Ward Miss Annie Norton 304 Marlbo- 
Ward Miss A Louisa 5 Acorn 
Ward Miss E M, Hotel Brunswick 
Ward Mr & Mrs J M 388 Newbury 
Ward Miss Mary E 15 Blagden 
Ward Miss Olivia 8 5 Acorn 
Ward Mr & Mrs William G 112 New- 
Ward The Misses 415 Beacon 
Warden Dr Ralph, Trinity Court 
Ware Mrs D E 237 Marlborough 
Ware Miss Mary L 41 Brimmer 
Ware Mr & Mrs Richard D 138 Marl- 
Ware Mr & Mrs Robert A 74 Mt Ver- 
Ware Mr & Mrs R E 15 Blagden 
Warner Mrs A A, Trinity Court 
Warner Mr B H, Hot«l Brunswick 
Warner Mr & Mrs C F 57 Westland Av 



Warner Mr & Mrs Edward F 562 New- 
Warner Miss E S 92 Bay State Road 
Warner Mr & Mrs Frederick H 92 Bay 

State Road 
Warner Mr Frederick H Jr 92 Bay 

State Road 
Warner Mr «fe Mrs F E 329 Beacon 
Warner Mr & Mrs Joseph B 816 Beacon 
Warner Mr & Mrs Roger S 76 Mount 

Warner MrWUliam S 92 Bay State Rd 
Warren Miss Annie, The Abbotsford 
Warren M & Mrs Arthur, Hotel Som- 
Warren Mr & Mrs B W 185 Beacon 
Warren Mr & Mrs Clinton J, The Wads- 
Warren Mr & Mrs Edward, Hotel 

Warren Dr E W 288 Marlborough 
Warren Mr & Mrs Fiske 8 Mount Ver- 
non Place 
Warren Mrs F 336 Commonwealth Av 
Warren Mr & Mrs F C 97 Newbury 
Warren Mr & Mrs George E 282 Berk- 
Warren Mr Henry Dexter, Haddon 

Hall 29 Commonwealth Av 
Warren Dr & Mrs Henry S 259 Beacon 
Warren Mr & Mrs H E 66 Westland Av 
Warren Mrs H W, Haddon HaJl 29 

Commonwealth Av 
Warren Dr John 58 Beacon 
Warren Mr & Mrs Joseph 49 Chestnut 
Warren Dr & Mrs J C 58 Beacon 
Warren General & Mrs L H, The Vic- 
Warren Mr & Mrs S D 261 Marlbor- 
Warren Mr & Mrs William 45 Mount 

Warren Mr & Mrs W H, Trinity Court 
Warren Mrs W W, Hotel Bristol 
Wasgatt Dr & Mrs Oscar E, Hemen- 
way Chambers 

Washburn Mr & Mrs C P 36 Fairfield 
Washburn Mrs E, Copley Square Hotel 
Washburn Mr & Mrs Frank B 39 

Washburn Mr & Mrs George 377 Marl- 
Washburn Dr & Mrs George H 377 

Washburn Mrs John D, Hot«l Bruns- 
Washburn Mrs Miles 342 Beacon 
Washburn Mr & Mrs Paul 342 Beacon 
Washburn Miss, Copley Square Hotel 
Washburn The Misses 36 Fairfield 
Washburne Mr & Mrs F L, Parker 

Washburne Miss, Parker House 
Washington The 150 Huntington Av 
Waterman Mr C C, Copley Sq Hotel 
Waterman Mr & Mrs F A 44 Pinckney 
Waterman Dr George A 395 Marlbo- 
Waterman Mr & Mrs G H, Copley Sq 

Waterman Mr G H Jr, Copley Square 

Waterman Mr Richard 63 Mt Vernon 
Waterman Mr William 395 Marlbor- 
Waterman Miss, Copley Square Hotel 
Waters Mr Bertram G 259 Beacon 
Waters Miss Edith, The Wadsworth 
Waters Miss Elizabeth, The Wads- 
Waters Mr & Mrs H C 465 Audubon Rd 
Watkins Mr Charles H, The Mountfort 
Watson Mr Ashley 195 Bay State Rd 
Watson Miss C E, Hotel Nottingham 
Watson Dr C L 166 Huntington Av 
Watson Miss Elizabeth 46 West Cedar 
Watson Dr & Mrs F S 263 Clarendon 

office 92 Marlborough 
Watson Mr & Mrs George A, The East- 
Watson M" & Mrs George W 65 Mount- 



Watson Mr & Mrs J C 195 Bay State 

Watson Mr & Mrs Walter W 36 St Ste- 
Watson Prof William 107 Marlborough 
Watson Mr William J 201 Clarendon 
Watters Mr & Mrs W F 181 Bay State 

Watts Dr A L, Copley Square Hotel 
Way Mr <& Mrs Charles L, Trinity 

Weaver Dr & Mrs H V 416 Marlborough 
Webb Mr & Mrs Frank W 905 Beacon 
Webber Mr & Mrs Edwin F 84 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Webber Mrs F E 215 Huntington Av 
Webber Mr & Mrs F R, Hotel Tour- 

Webber Miss M B 283 Newbury 
Weber Dr S D 149 Newbury 
Webster Mr & Mrs A G 282 Berkeley 
Webster Mr Frederick D 165 Bay State 

Webster Mr & Mrs F A 824 Beacon 
Webster Mr & Mrs F G 167 Common- 
wealth Av 
Webster Miss Helen 181 Common- 
wealth Av 
Webster Mr & Mrs J F 166 Bay State 

Webster Miss Marion, Hotel Kempton 
Weed Miss 107 Audubon Road 
Weeden Mr & Mrs F E, Hotel Bellevue 
Weeks Mrs A G 400 Beacon 
Weeks Mr & Mrs W B P 467 Common- 
wealth Av 
Weir Mrs M E, The Oxford 
Weiss Mr & Mrs Sigmund 93 Mount- 
Weiss Miss, Hotel Brunswick 
Weissbein Mr Ix)uis 102 Huntington Av 
Welch Mr Edward S 58 Deerfield 
Welch Mr & Mrs Francis C 58 Deer- 
Welch Miss O A, Parker House 
Welch Mr William 755 Boylston 

Welch Miss L M 158 Newbury 
Weld Mrs A R 453 lieacon 
Weld Mr & Mrs Beriiard C 70 Marlbo- 
Weld Dr & Mrs C G 147 Bay State Rd 
WeM Mr J D, The Lenox 
Weld Mrs R H 109 Beacon 
Weld Mr R H Jr 109 Beacon 
Weld Mrs William G 6 Commbnwealth 

Welden Mrs E F 216 Newbury 
Weller Dr Francis J, Hotel Nottingham 
Welles Dr Franklin 166 Huntington Av 
Wellington Mr & Mrs A W 13 Chestnut 
Wellington Mr & Mrs Henry W 65 Mt 

Wellington Mrs H W 903 Beacon 
Wellington Mr A Mrs L B 13 Chestnut 
Wellington Mr William H 420 Beacon 
Wellington Miss 420 Beacon 
Wellington The Misses 903 Beacon 
Wellman Miss F E 237 Berkeley 
Wells-Burrage Co 314 Boylston 
Wells Mr.B W 62 Beacon 
Wells Mrs C B 375 Beacon 
Wells Dr David W, The Westminster 
Wells Mrs E S 66 Westland Av 
Wells Mr E T, Commonwealth Hotel 
Wells Dr & Mrs Frank 16 Hereford 
Wells Miss Louisa A 7 Otis Place 
Wells Miss M E 323 Marlborough 
Wells Miss Mary I 62 Beacon 
Wells Miss R L 5 lime 
Wells Mrs R S 3 Walnut 
Wells Mrs Samuel 7 Otis Place 
Wells Mr & Mrs Wellington 190 Bay 

State Road 
Wemple Mr & Mrs F M 68 Westland Av 
Wendell Mr & Mrs Barrett 358 Mari- 

Wendell Mr Barrett Jr 358 Marlborough 
Wennerberg Mrs Francis J 863 Boyl- 
Wennerberg Mrs H P 1075 Boylston 
Wentworth Dr & Mrs Arthur H 352 



Wentworth Mr & Mrs F B 25 St Ste- 
Wentworth Mr Joseph 48 Beacon 
Wentworth Mr & Mrs O M 182 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Wentworth Miss Sarah E 68 Chestnut 
Wentworth Mr S H, Revere House 
Werner Dr J G W 172 Commonwealth 

Wesselhoeft Mrs Conrad 661 Boylston 
Wesselhoeft Dr WUliam P 176 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Wesselhoeft Dr & Mrs W F 398 Marl- 
Wesson Mrs F L 108 Marlborough 
Wesson Mr & Mrs J L 174 Newbury 
West Mr & Mrs C A, Hotel Somerset 
West Mr & Mrs Edward N, The Ox- 
West Miss K A 15 Blagden 
West Miss M B, The Buckminster 
West Miss Nettie J 38 Commonwealth 

West Mrs P C F 330 Dartmouth 
Westby Mr & Mrs Edwin 138 Marl- 
Westergren Dr Frances C 143 Massa- 
chusetts Av 
Westgate The 541 Commonwealth Av 
Westland Hotel 2 Weetland Av 
Westminster The, Copley Square cor- 
ner St James Av 
Weston Miss Alice R 53 Mt Vernon 
Weston Mr & Mrs Charles H 11 Wal- 
Weston Mrs H C 177 Beacon 
Weston Mr John H 53 Mt Vernon 
Wetherald Mr & Mrs J T 60 Fenway 
Wetherbee Mr & Mrs Winthrop 43 Bay 

State Road 
Wetherbee The Misses 500 Audubon Rd 
Weymouth Mrs M £ 242 Newbury 
Weymouth The Miasms 242 Newbury 
Weysse Dr Arthur 421 Marlborough 
Wharflf Mr & Mrs J W, Copley Square 

Wharton Mrs W C 127 Beacon 
Wheatland Mrs A E 24 Chestnut 
Wheeler Mrs Alex S 72 Marlborough 
Wheeler Mr Amory, Trinity Court 
Wheeler Mrs Blanche' K 45 Westland 

Wheeler Dr George D 64 Huntington 

Wheeler Dr & Mrs G A 416 Marlbor- 
Wheeler Mr G W 373 Marlborough 
Wheeler Miss Helen 72 Marlborough 
Wheeler Mr & Mrs Henry 183 Marl- 
Wheeler Mr & Mrs H W 171 Newbury 
Wheeler Mrs J H, The Mountfort 
Wheeler Mr Paul, Trinity Court 
Wheeler Miss, The Copley 
Wheeler Miss, The Mountfort 
Wheelock Miss Lucy 134 Newbury 
Wheelock Mr & Mrs Thomas R 283 

Commonwealth Av 
Wheelwright Miss Anita 133 Mount 

Wheelwright Mrs A C 73 Mt Vernon 
Wheelwright Mr A W, The Victoria 
Wheelwright Mr Barton, Hemenway 

Wheelwright Mr & Mrs Charies C 508 

Wheelwright Mr H A 22 Chestnut 
Wheelwright Mr J W 129 Beacon 
Wheelwright Miss 73 Mount Vernon 
Wheelwright The Misses 11 Brimmer 
Whelan Mr J T, The Oxford 
Whipple Mr Amos H, Copley Square 

Whipple Mrs E A 445 Marlborough 
Whipple Dr F H 1079 Boylston 
Whipple Mr G N 445 Marlborough 
Whipple Mrs J Reed, The Empire 
Whipple Mr & Mrs W W 1079 Boyls- 
Whitcomb Mrs Addie, Hotel Cluny 
Whitcomb Mr & Mrs Arthur 20 Mt 



Whitcomb Dr & Mrs C R 225 Newbury 
Whitcomb Mr & Mrs Howard 31 Belle- 

Whitcambe Miss Anna L 30 Huntington 

White Mr Albert, Copley Square Hotel 
White Dr & Mrs Charles J 259 Marl- 
White Mrs Charles T 213 Common- 
wealth Av 
White Mrs D P, Copley Sq Hotel 
White Mr & Mrs Edward L 408 Beacon 
White Mrs Emma J, The Oxford 
White Mrs E A 1069 Boylston 
White Mr & Mrs Franklin K 191 Hunt- 
ington Av 
White Dr & Mrs Franklin W 416 Marl- 
White Mr George R 285 Common- 
wealth Av 
White Mr G B, The Lenox 
White Dr James C 259 Marlbo ough 
White Mrs James R 96 Huntington Av 
White Dr & Mrs Leon E, Hotel Cluny 
White Miss li D 202 Huntington Av 
White Mrs Mabel 857 Beacon 
White Miss M J, Hotel Carlton 
White Miss Priscilla, Hotel Nottingham 
White Mr & Mrs R H 290 Common- 
wealth Av 
White Mr & Mrs William, Copley 

Square Hotel 
White Dr & Mrs W H 220 Marlborough 
White Mr & Mrs Z li. Hotel Somerset 
White Miss 213 Commonwealth Av 
White Miss, Hotel Somerset 
Whitehill Dr Robert 175 Newbury 

Whiteside Mrs Alexander 92 Beacon 
Whiteside Mr Alexander 192 Beacon 
A\Tiiting Mrs C B, Trinity Court 
Whiting Mr & Mrs Frederic A 35 West 

Whiting Miss Helen H 225 Newbary 
Whiting Mrs Irving O, The Vendome 
Whiting Miss Lillian, Hotel Brunswick 

Whitmarsh Mr H F, The Oxford 
Whitmore Miss A L, The Ludlow 
Whitmore Mrs C J, The Ludlow 
Whitmore Mrs E A 193 Huntington Av 
Whitney Miss Alice F 222 Marlborough 
Whitney Miss Anne, The Charlesgate 
Whitney Miss C S 23 Brimmer 
Whitney Mr David R 68 Common- 
wealth Av 
Whitney Mr Frank 66 Beacon 
Whitney Mr Fred 66 Beacon 
Whitney Mr Frederick, Copley Square 

Whitney Mr Frederick A 506 Common- 
wealth Av 
Whitney Mrs George 239 Marlborough 
Whitney Mr George 239 Marlborough 
Whitney Mr & Mrs Harry H 170 Hunt- 
ington Av 
Whitney Mrs Hugh 14 Gloucester 
Whitney Mr & Mrs Joseph C 232 Marl- 
Whitney Mr & Mrs J E 22 Louisburg 

Whitney Miss K A 18 Fairfield 
Whitney Miss Mary 224 Marlborough 
Whitney Mr S B 21 Chestnut 
Whitney Mr T D, Hotel Carltdn 
Whitney Mrs T D, Hotel Brunswick 
Whitney Dr & Mrs W F 228 Marlbo- 
Whitney The Misses 149 Massachusetts 

WTiittelsey Mrs I L 86 Huntington Av 
Whittemore Mr & Mrs Gelston 464 Au- 

dobon Road 
Whittemore Mrs Grace, Hemenway 

Whittemore Mrs H 308 Commonwealth 

Whittemore Dr Wyman 259 Beacon 
Whittemore Mr W F 850 Beacon 
Whitten Mr & Mrs C O 295 Common- 
wealth Av 
Wliittier Mr & Mrs A R 16 Common- 
wealth Av 



Whittier Mr & Mrs C H 54 St Stephen • 
Whittier Mr £ 48 Beacon 
Whittier Mr F G 48 Beacon 
Whittier Miss Helen A. Trinity Court 
Whittington Mrs H, The Buckminster 
Whittington Mr H Parker, The Buck- 
Whittredge Mr A F, Revere House 
Whitwell Mrs A M 259 Beacon 
Whitwell Mr & Mrs F A 113 Marlbor- 
Whitwell Mr & Mrs Frederick S 166 

Whitwell Miss Natalie S 113 Marl- 
Wiggin Mr & Mrs P C 90 St Mary's 
Wigglesworth Mrs Edward 188 Beacon 
Wight Mr Delano, The Austerfield 502 

Wight Mrs D P, Copley Sq Hotel 
Wilbur Mrs A L 56 St Stephen 
Wilbur Miss Eleanor E, The Buckmin- 
Wilbur Mr & Mrs George B 29 Bay 

State Road 
Wilbur Mrs Margaret 376 Newbury 
Wilbur Mr 'Sidney A, Hotel Ilkley 
Wilcox Dr M O, The Copley 
Wildes Mr & Mrs F W 31 Marlborough 
Wildee Mr Theodore B 31 Marlborough 
Wiles Mr & Mrs J H, Parker House 
Wiley Mr & Mrs Otis, The Westgate 
Wilkins Mr & Mrs F T, Hotel Ilkley 
Wilkinson Mr & Mrs E C, The Buck- 
Wilkinson Mrs E S 5 Walnut 
Willard Mr & Mrs Ashton R 43 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Willcomb Mr & Mrs George,. The Ven- 

Willey Dr Margaret A 210 Huntington 

Willey Mrs P H7 West Cedar 
W:.: -/ Mr W T 17 West Cedar 
Willhelmy Miss Heleno, The Copley 
Williams Miss A O, The Buckniioater . 

Williams Dr Charles H 1069 Boylston 
Williams Mr C H, Hotel Carlton 
Williams Mrs Daisy 82 Huntington Av 
WiUiams Dr Edward R 1069 Boylston 
Williams Miss Elizabeth A, The Charles- 
Williams Mr & Mrs Emile F 16 Chest- 
Williams Mr E E, The Charlesgate 
Williams Miss Flora, Trinity Court 
Williams Mr & Mrs Francois H, The 

Williams Dr & Mrs F H 505 Beacon 
Williams Mr & Mrs Gardner, The Ven- 

Williams Mrs G Foster 314 Beacon 
Williams Mr G G 485 Beacon 
Williams Mr & Mrs G H, Hotel Somer- 
Williams Dr & Mrs Harold 528 Beacon 
Williams Mr & Mrs Henry Bigelow 66 
Fenway (entrance Hemenway St) 
Williams Dr Hugh 301 Beacon 
Williamj Miss H, The Copley 
Williams Dr John T 485 Beacon 
Williams Mr & Mrs J 186 Marlborough 
Williams Mr Malcolm 186 Marlborough 
Williams Miss Mary L 139 Newbury 
Williams Mr & Mrs Oliver E 92 Mount 

WiUiams Mr & Mrs P A, The Oxford 
Williams Mr & Mrs Ralph B 31 Glou- 
Williams Mr & Mrs R B 424 Beacon 
Williams Mr Sidney A 20 Mt Vernon 
Williams Dr Si)encer F, Trinity Court 
Williams Miss S C, Hotel Brunswick 
Williams Miss S I 37 Marlborough 
Williams Rev & Mrs Theodore C 99 Mt 

Williams Mrs Thomas B 424 Beacon 
TTiUinms Mrs W R, The Oxford 
Williamson Miss Ada C 108 Mount Ver- 
WiUiamson Mrs W C 370 Marlborough 
Wills Mr & Mrs E T 39 Ivy 



Wills Mr W F, American House 
Wilmarth Mrs A G 102 Mt Vernon 
Wilson Dr A Janette 207 Huntington 

Wilson Mr C A, American House 
Wilson Mrs C E 156 Huntington Av 
T^lson Mr & Mrs George A 20 St Ste- 
Wilson Dr Louis T 24 Marlborough 
Wilson Mr&MrsWH 132 Huntington 

Wilson Mr & Mrs W R 117 Newbury 
Winch Mrs John F, The Vendome 
Winchester Mr Jk Mrs D L 873 Beacon 
Winchester Dr Walter F, 371 Com- 
monwealth Av (office) 
Wlndeler Mr & Mrs George H 65 Bay 

State Road 
Winder Gapt A Mrs l^illiam 2 Brirtuner 
Windermere The 1069 Boylston 
Windom Mrs Ellen T 9 Chestnut 
Windom Miss Florence 14 Otis Place 
Windom Mrs William 14 Otis Plaoe 
Windram Miss Kate, The Charlesgate 
Windram Mr William J, The Charles- 
Windram Mrs W T, The Charlbsgate 
Windsor Dr Sarah Sweet 10 Exeter 
Winkley Mr & Mrs Hobart W 11 Louis- 
burg Sq 
Winkley Rev & Mrs Saknuel H 11 

Louisburg Sq 
Winship Mr H A 43 West Cedar 
Winslow Mr & Mrs Albert, The Victoria 
Winslow Mr & Mrs Arthur 18 Ohestnut 
Winslow Mr Charles E A, The Oxford 
Winslow Miss Charlotte 18 Chestnut 
Winslow Mr C G 925 Boylston 
Winslow Mr & Mrs Edward M 293 Mart- 
Winslow Mr & Mrs Erving, The Oxford 
Winslow Dr & Mrs Frederick 275 Clar- 
Winslow Mr & Mrs George S 47 Chestnut 
Winslow Mrs G M 308 Cammonwealth 

Winslow Miss Mary 525 Beacon 
l^nslow Mr Walter T 146 Marlborough 
Winslow Rev & Mrs William Copley 525 

Winslow Mr & Mrs Winthrop Church 

174 Commonwealth Av 
Winslow The Misses 146 Marlborough 
Wlnsor Mrs Henry 302 Berkeley 
Winsor Mrs May 1069 Boylston 
Winsor Miss 95 Beacon 
Winter Miss, The Mountfort 
Winthrop Miss Clara 10 Walnut 
Winthrop Mr Frederick 280 Beacon 
Winthrop Mrs Robert C 10 Walnut 
Winthrop Mr & Mrs Thomas L 38 Bea- 
Wise Miss H E 45 Westland Av *< 
Wiseman Mrs M E, The Buckminster 
Witherell Miss S E, Hotel Hamilton 
Withington Dr & Mrs C F 35 Bay State 

Wolcott Dr Grace 292 Marlborough 
Wolcott Mrs Roger 173 Ccnnmonwealth 

Wolf Mr & Mrs B M 57 Mountfort 
Wolfendale Mr & Mrs Alfred E 237 

Wolff Mrs Caroline 213 Huntington Av 
Wolff The Misses 213 Huntington Av 
Women's Educational & Industrial 

Union 264 Boylston 
Wood Mr & Mrs Albert N, The Lenox 
Wood'Mr Charles A, Hotel Bellevue 
Wood Mr & Mrs Charies H 184 Bay 

State Road 
Wood Mr A Mrs F W, Hotel Carlton 
Wood Mr 4; Mrs George Howard, Hotel 

Wood Mrs G F, The Buckminster 
Wood Mr & Mrs Irving 366 Common- 
wealth Av 
Wood Dr N K 259 Beacon 
Wood Dr & Mrs T W Jr 160 Newbury 
Wood Mrs W A, Hotel Somerset 
Wood Mr & Mrs W M 21 Fairfield 
Woodberry The Misses 51 Chestnut 



Woodbury Bitilding 229 Berkeley 
Woodbury Mr & Mrs John, The Empire 
Woodbury Mr J P 348 Goinmonwealth 

Woodbury Dr W R 175 Newbury 
Woodman Mrs Elizabeth 373 Common- 
wealth Av 
Woodman Mies M Q 15 Blagden 
Woodruff Mr & Mrs F L, Trinity Court 
Woodruff Miss Maud E, Trinity Court 
Woods Mr & Mrs B J 1077 Boylston 
Woods Mr & Mrs E H 379 Common- 
wealth Av 
Woods Mr & Mrs F F, Hotel Royal 
Woods Mrs Henry 69 Mt Vernon 
Woods Mr & Mrs J F 48 Chestnut 
Woods Mr A Mrs J W 2 Chestnut 
Woods Mr A Mrs T S 7 Ivy 
Woodward Miss Elisabeth J 319 Marl- 
Woodward Dr Marion L 2 Common- 
wealth Av 
Woodworth Mr & Mrs A S 204 Com- 
monwealth Av 
Woodworth Mr A Mrs A V 2 Mt Vernon 

Woodworth Mrs F W, Copley Sq Hotel 
Woodworth Dr Helen I, Hotel Cluny 
Woodworth Mr H G, Parker House 
Worcester Rev & Mrs Elwood 80 Marl- 
Worster Mr A Mrs C H 53 Mountfort 
Worthington Mrs Joseph 393 Marlbor- 
Wrenshall Miss Marion 288 Marlbo- 
Wrenshall Mr:» S B 288 Marlborough 
Wright Mr Charles F 326 Dartmouth 
Wright Mr A Mrs C P 212 Bay State Rd 
Wright Dr C S 137 Newbury 
Wright Dr George H 149 Newbury 
Wright Dr Helen L F 201 Clarendon 
Wright Dr Herbert 416 Marlborough 

Wrii^t Mr John Harvey 14 Common- 
wealth Av 
Wright Mrs John H, The Victoria 
Wright Dr A Mrs J H 95 Mountfort 
Wright Mrs L A 482 Commonwealth 

Wright Mrs M F 8 Arlington 
Wright Miss Phllena, Hotel Kempton 
Wuhl Mrs L L, Hotel Canterbury 
Wyllys Miss Roeelle 18 Louisburg Sq 
Wyman Mr & Mrs Gerald, Hotel Ham- 
Wyman Mr A Mrs H A 93 Pinckney 
Wyman Mr A Mrs W C 50 Common- 
wealth Av 

Yardley Miss M A 506 Beacon 
Yates Mr A Mrs Walter 34 Gloucester 
Yeaton Mr A Mrs G C 194 Huntington 

Yerxa Mr A Mrs H E 300 Marlborough 
Young Mrs Benjamin L 285 Beacon 
Young Dr A Mrs Ernest B 434 Blarl- 

Young Dr Evangeline W 2 Common- 
wealth Av 
Young Miss Fanny 454 Beacon 
Young Mr A Mrs H H 541 Common- 
wealth Av 
Young Dr A Mrs J F 421 Beacon 
Young Mr Lewis, The Oxford 
Young Miss Margaret 285 Beacon 
Young Men's Christian Association 458 

Young Men's Christian Union 48 Boyl- 
Young Mr A Mrs Richard B, The Chari- 

Zickendrath Miss May C 79 Westland 

Zinberg Mr A Mr« S, The WestmiuBte 




Fisher Mrs Frederick L 
Fisher Miss Harriet L . 
Greene Mr & Mrs Henry Copley 
Lea Mrs M C 
Lovering Miss C . . . . 

The Warren, Roxbury 
The Warren, Roxbury 
111 Chestnut, West End 
38 Kirkland, C^mbridKe 
38 Kirkland. Cambridge 


The following persons have died durin 

Aechtler Mrs John G 
Bresee Mr Oscar H 
Covell Mrs Robert S 
Currier Mrs B E 
Dyer Mr Freeman M 
Harwood Mr A S 
Hawes Mrs Charles E 
Hayden Mrs James F 
Heaton Mr Robert C 
Holland Mrs RS . 
Jacobs Mrs C A 
Lewis Mrs William H 
Lovering Mr James Clark 
Parker Mr Alonzo B 
Richardson Mr William T 

Z the progress of publication. 

380 Washington Brookline 

7 Bullard 

15 Arlington 

157 Huntington Av 

55 Bicknell 

Parker House 

872 Massachusetts Av Cambridge 

Back Bay 
Back Bay 

15 Wendell 

1 Spruce 

21 Avon 

45 Auburn 

624 Warren 

52 Davis Av 

18 Greenwich Park 

887 Adams 

West End 
South End 




Adams Mr & Mrs Charies Francis' 

South Lincoln Mass 
Alsop Mr & Mrs Francis J O, Milton 

Auchincloss Mr A Mrs Charles Crooke 

24 'East 48th St, New York 

Baltzell Dr &, Mrs, Baltimore Md 

Beal Mr & Mrs Boylston A, In Europe 

Benson Mr & Mrs A Emerson, South- 
borough Mass 

Bigelow Mr Henry F (Milton) P O 
Readville Mass 

Bigelow Mr & Mrs Joseph S, Cohasset 

Billings Rev Sherrard, Groton Mass 

Blake Mr & Mrs Benjamin S (Weston) 
P O, Aubumdale Mass 

Blake Mr & Mrs Robert P, Dover Mass 

Bowditch Mr & Mrs Ernest W, Adams 
St, East Milton Mass 

Brewer Mr & Mrs Robert E 1078 Mad- 
ison Av, New York 

Brigham Mr & Mrs Clifford (Milton) 
P O Readville Mass 

Brooks aiiis Fanny (Milton) P O Hyde 
Park Mass 

Brooks Mr & Mrs Henry Gilbert, Milton 

Brooks Mr & Mrs John Edward 229 
Adams St Milton Mass 

Brooks Miss Louise W (Milton) P O 
Hyde Park Mass 

Bryant Mr & Mrs Lincoln 39 Brook 
Hill Road MUton 

Burgess Mr & Mrs William Starling, 
Marblehead Mass 

Burnett Mr & Mrs Edward, South- 
borough Mass 

Burrage Mr & Mrs Clarence, Walpole 

Bush Mr & Mrs S Dacre, Hamilton Mass 

Carter Sir Gilbert 6c Lady, Ciovemment 

House, Bridgetown, Barbados 

West Indies 
Cary Mrs Edward M, East Milton Mass 
Catlin Mr & Mrs Daniel K, St Louis Mo 
Channing Mr & Mrs Walter Jr, Dover 

Clough Mr 6c Mrs C Henry 46 Hastings 

West Roxbury 
Codwan Mr 6c Mrs Ogden 15 East 51st 

St, New York 
Cornish Rev & Mrs Louis Craig, Hing- 

ham Mass 
Crane Mr & Mrs Joshua, Westwood 

Cunningham Mr 6c Mrs Edward, West- 
wood Mass 
Curtis Mr & Mrs Greeley S, Rye N Y 
Cushin gMr & Mrs George M, Milton 

Gushing Mr & Mrs Howard G 143 W 

37th St New York 

Dalton Mr 6c Mrs Philip S, MUton 

Dana Mr 6c Mrs Allston, Missoula Mont 
Davis Mr & Mrs Arthur E, Dover Mass 



de GersdorfF Mr & Mrs George Bruno 
(Miss Isabel Qeaveland Lawrence) 
101 East 79th St New York 

De Laittre Mr & Mrs Karl 202 Clifton 
Av, Minneapolis Minn 

Denny Mr & Mrs C B (MUton) P O 
Hyde Park Mass 

Devens Mr & Mrs A L Jr, Bri^s Av 
Milton Mass 

Dewart Rev A Mrs W H, Hyde Park 

Donald Mr & Mrs Malcolm, cor Cliff 
Rd & Eliot St, Milton Mass 

Dow Mr & Mrs Abbot Low 146 Rem- 
sen St Brooklyn N Y and Wake- 
field N H 

Dunn Mr & Mrs Wilson Shannon 127 
West 68th St New York 

Emmons Mr & Mrs Nathaniel F, Con- 
cord Mass 

Endicott Mr & Mrs Henry Jr, Weston 

Fairchild Mr & Mrs Blair 129 East 35th 
St, New York 

Fairchild M & Mrs J C, Dedham Mass 

Fay Mr & Mrs Harry F, Eliot Rd Lex- 
ington Mass 

Fay Miss Helen B, Eliot Rd Lexing- 
ton Mass 

Fiske Mr & Mrs Howard C 94 Corey St 
West Roxbury Mass 

Forbes Mr & Mrs Francis Murray, Need- 
ham Mass, P O Wellesley 

Forbes Mrs J Malcolm, Milton Mass 

Foster Dr & Mrs Michael George, (Villa 
San Giovani) San Remo Italy 

Goldthwaite Dr & Mrs J E (Milton) P O 

Hyde Park Mass 
Gray Mr & Mrs Austen 63 East 74th St 

New York 
Gray Mr & Mrs Francis, Milton Mass 
Guild Mr & Mrs Charles E (Milton) P 

O Hyde Park Mass 

Hale Rev ft Mrs Edward Everett 1748 

N St, N W, Washington D C 
Hale Miss Ellen D 1748 N St, N W 

Washington D C 
Hall Mr & Mrs George D, Dover Mass 
HaU Miss Maria H (MUton) P Read- 

ville Mass 
HaUoweU Mr ft Mrs John W, My9^c 

St West Medford Mass 
Hallowell Mr ft Mn N P Jr, RuMpU St 

Milton Mass - 
'Hallowell Mr ft Mrs Robert 5, West 

Medford Mass 
Hamlin Mr ft Mrs B Nason, ^eedham 

Haviland Mr ft Mrs Willing D. lim- 

oges France 
Heard Mrs John, Ipswich fAaaa 
Higginson Mr ft Mrs A Henry, South 

Lincoln Mass 
Higginson Mr ft Mrs f'rancis LeQ Jr 

London England 
Holmes Justice ft Mip O W 1720 I St 

Washington D Q 
Hooper Mr ft Mrs lif ilham. In Europe 
Horton Mrs N G, MiUia Mass 
Howe Mr ft Mrs J Murray (Milton) P O 

Hyde Park ^ass 
Howe Mr ft Mr| Reginald H Jr, Mid- 
dlesex Schpol, Concord Mass 

Inches Mr ft Mrs George Brimmer 
(Edgewood) North Grafton Mass 

Jackson Mr ft Mrs James, Hydfe Park 

James Mr & Mrs Edward H, Seattle 

James Mr ft Mrs Ellertpn, Milton 

Jay Mr ft Mrs Pierre (Milton) P O 

Hyde Park Mass 
Johnson Mr ft Mrs Regmald M (Milton) 

P O Hyde Park Mass 

King Mr ft Mrs Tarrant P, Milton Mass 

laecEUANEonB addresses 247 

KnoopBaniD ABuonflgsLudwic.Tuil- Paul Mr A Mn Ogleaby, Villa Novh 

bridge. WsIIb Kent. Eogluid Peon, winter address 3 South 2Ist 

EnoHlu Mr & Mrs John A, Dedham St Philadelphia Pa 

Mssa Fesbody Mr & Mrs Fraocis Jr (Milton)' 

P O Hyde Pwk Msw 
LaddMrAMnWiUiam J, Hilton Man Peabody Mr <t Mrs Harold (Milton) P 
Lawrence Mr A Mrs Junn Jr, Milton O Hyde Park Mass 

MuH Perkin9 Mr & Mrs Jsmes H, Albany N Y 

Lee-Wanier Mr * Mrs Philip Henry 26 Perldns Mr * Mre John ForbM, Milton 

Motoomb St, London 8 W, Eng- Mass 

land ISerce Mr & Mra Cbarlee Sumner, Ban- 

ledyard Mr & Mre Lewie Caw Jr M dolph Av Milltm Mass 

East 73d St New York Potter Mr & Mn Austin, Welleetey 

Lewis Ml A Mrs W W, Cohuset Mass ^laas 

Llndsley Mr i Mis John, £40 Adams 

St Milton Maaa RaokemaoQ Mr * Mra Chsiles S (Mil- 

Little Mr & MiB David Mason 27 Chest- ton) F O Readville Mass 

nut Salem Mass Rsckemaun Mr & Mrs FeUi (MUtAn) 

Little Mr A Mn PhiUp, Salem Mass P O Readville Mew 

Lloyd Mr & Mn Franoa Vemon Reincke Mr & Mia Wm Theodore. Mil- 
Philadelphia Fetm lie Mass 
Ludlam Mia H S. Conoord Man Reynolds Dr & Mre Edward (Milton)) 

P O ReadviUe Maaa 
Madean Col £ Mre J B 13 Quean's Park Rice Mr & Mrs George T, Weetnood 

Toronto Canada Mass 

Meyer Mr & Mre George von L. Wash- Robbins Mr & Mrs R C, Hamilton Mass 

ingtonDC Roosevelt Miss Katharirie L, Millis 

Minot Mr & Mrs J Grafton, Groton Mass 

Mass Rusedl Mr & Mrs Bowland S. Ballard 

Murchle Mr A Un Guy, Ipswich Mass Santa Barbara Co. Cal 

Neilson Mr & Mrs Robert H 27 Wash- Saltonatall Mr di Mra Philip L, Hyde 

ington Sq north. New York Qty Park Mass 

Nickei»)n Mra Albert W, Dedhsjn SaHonstall Mr dt Mrs Robert, Read- 
Mass ville Maae 
NiokersoQ Ur & Mrs William G, Ded- Sawyer Mr k Mn Edward, Strawberry 

bam Mate Hill. Stamford Conn 

Norman Mr ft Mrs Guy, Washington Scaife Mr <t Mrs Roger L. Brook Hill 

D C Road Milton Mass 

Ssara Mr & Mre Edmund H 2d, Way- 
Palmer Mr * Mra B S IS King St Lyon land Maaa 

Mass Soott Mr ft Mrs Donald. New York 

Parker Ut & Mrs Augustm H, Charles Scott Mr ft Mra Hugh D. Needham 

River Ma» Mass 

Patten Mi ft Mrs Wllham S. Weliesley Selfridge Rear Admiral, Kalorama Av 

Maw Washington D C 



Shaw Miss Eleanor, Milton Mass 
Shaw Mr & Mrs Henry S. Milton Mass 
Shaw Mr Henry S Jr, Milton Mass 
Shaw Miss Margaret, Milton Mass 
Sheafe Mr & Mrs Charles M Jr 635 Park 

Av New York 
Slade Mr & Mrs Edward, Black Lake 

P Q, Canada 
Slater Mrs Horatio Nelson (Milton) P 

O Readville Mass 
Snelling Mr & Mrs Howard, South Lin- 
coln Mass 
Sn^ng Mr Sc Mrs Rodman Paul 

Needham Mass 
Soutter Mr & Mrs James Taylor 2d 

616 4th Av Cedar Rapids la 
Standen Major & Mrs Robert H F 

Steams M & Mrs Wm B Central Av 

Milton Mass 
Stedman Mr & Mrs John Weiss 1 1 West 

8th St New York 
Storer Mr & Mrs Bellamy, Washington 

Storrs Mr & Mrs Lucius S, Springfield 

Tilden Mrs C Linzee, Brush Hill Road 

Hyde Park Mass 
Tillotson Rev & Mrs Edward, Swamp- 

scott Mass 
Tyler Mr E Royall (Villa Marguerite) 

Avenue Liserb Qmiez, Nice 


Van Brunt Mrs Charles (Milton) P O 
Readville Mass 

Wadsworth Mr & Mrs Alexander Philip 
(Milton) P O Hyde Park Mass 

Warren Mr A Mrs Samuel D, "Karl- 

stein" Dedham Mass 
Watson Mr & Mrs Paul B, Randolph 

Av Milton Mass 
Watson Mrs R Clifford, Milton Mass 
Weld Mr & Mrs C Minot (Milton) P O 

Readville Mass 
Weld Mr & Mrs Stephen M, Dedham 

Weld Mr PhiUp B, Dedham Mass 
Weld Mr & Mrs Rudolph, Houston 

Wheelwright Mr A Mrs H M, Ware 

Whiteside Dr & Mrs George S, North- 

rup St, Portland Oregon 
Whitmore Miss Martha, Russell House 

Lexington Mass 
Whitmore Miss Charlotte R, Russell 

House, Lexington Mass 
Whitney Mr & Mrs EUerton P (Milton) 

P O Mattapan Mass 
Wigglesworth Mr & Mrs Norton, Milton 

Williams Mr & Mrs Edward Cary, Mil- 
ton Mass 
Williams Mr & Mrs Moses Jr, Needhaia 

Wolcott Mr & Mrs Samuel H, Read- 
ville Mass 
Wood Mr & Mrs William B 215 Canton 

Av Milton Mass 
Woods Mr & Mrs James H, Bombay 


Zerrahn Mr & Mrs Carl, Milton Mass 
Zerrahn Mr A Mrs Franz E (Milton) 
P O Mattapan Mass 

^aitth €nli 






13 Mr & Mrs R B Kenerson 
19 Mr F W Dickinson 
21 Mrs S G Stevens 
23 Mr & Mrs Walter Webb 
29 Mrs Samuel M Plummer 
69 Miss E Quimby 
81 Mr & Mrs P K Taylor 
83 Mrs H W Sargent 
89 Mr Orin Sherman 
97 Mr George H Foster 
137 Mr & Mrs George H Dean 

14 Mr A L Greeley 

16 Mr & Mrs Wm A Littlefield 

18 Mrs B R Ambrose 

24 Mrs Rhoda S Whitney 

46 Mr John A Waters 

88 Mr & Mrs G A Soule 

98 Mrs C W Calkins 
104 Miss' L W Bird 
108 Mrs M I Norris 
112 Mrs L A Allen 
114 Miss Ann Bradlee 
118 Miss Emma F Givens 


Al Mr & Mrs J Wallace Jordan 4 Miss Mary E Holt 
1 Mrs A H Wheeler 
3 Mr & Mrs A R Abbott 
7 Mrs Julius Rosenthal 
17 Mr & Mrs D H Freedman 

8 Mrs Alice H Perry 
10 Dr Anna Dorr Bryant 
26 Miss Amy M Homans 


People's Temple 
( Rev Geo W King ) 
\ 143 Berkeley J 

387 Mrs Enoch Paige 

387 Mr & Mrs Arthur E Guild 

387 Mr John Malcorab 

399 Hotel Falmouth 

407 Mr & Mrs J A Bell 

415 Hotel Columbus 

419 Hotel Plaza 

455 Th» Navarre 

473 Mr & Mrs Wrii T Faunce 

473 Mr & Mrs Edward Faunce 
Union Cong Church 
( Rev Allen A Stockdale ) 
i 65 St Botolph St J 

200 Hotel La Fayette 
First Pres Church 
j Rev James Alexander I 
I 70 Westland Av ( 

212 & 214 Hoffman Housb 
Miss V S Lowden 
Dr Benedict Donovan 
Mr Albert Snow 
Mr Thomas Connolly 
Mrs Harriet A BroWn 
Dr T A Hoadley 
Mr William H Pelton 
Mr E M Perkins 
Mr & Mrs Harry Choatu 
Mr & Mrs Chas F Robinson 
Mrs L F Whitney 



Columbus Av — Continued 

495 Mrs Edmund F Leland 
495 Miss Ella A Leland 
501 Mr J M Fairfield 
551 Dr & Mrs Starr A Moult on 
555 Mr John G Moseley 
555 Miss Helen G Moseley 
557 Wellington Chambers 
561 Hotel Aldine 
565 Mr & Mrs A Ceppi 
567 Dr & Mrs M Green 

424 Mrs D P Butler 
426 Dr Alice L Root 
434 Dr J H Urich 
436 Miss Elizabeth Proctor 
440 Dr R C Jamieson 
440 Dr Fred Klngsley 


486 Mrs Ammi Brown 

500 Mrs J Thomas Baldwin 

526 Mr Joseph Mcrienry 

526 Miss Isabel McHenry 

528 Mrs Joseph Lee 

534 Hotel Anqelo 

556 Mrs Kate Mead 

558 Mrs H M Federhen 

560 Rev & Mrs Jas P Stoddard 

Hoffman House — Continued 

Dr Frank MacFarlane 
Mr & Mrs Chas H Handley 
Dr J Wales Brown 
Dr J P Chamberlin 
Mr & Mrs J C Chadwick 
Mr Miron Freest 
Mr Frank Freest 
Mr William Dingwell 
Miss Gertrude Webber 
Mr & Mrs Albert Spaulding 
Mrs S B Howard 
Mr & Mrs J S Parsons 
Mr E M Carpenter 
Miss M G Cooledge 
Mrs A A Walker 
218 HowLAND House 

Second Universalisti Ch 
Rev S H Roblin D D 
Garrison Hall 
Garrison St 
282 Hotel Albermarle 
286aHoTEL Powell 
402 Dr & Mrs F E Bundy 
404 Miss Annie G Merrill 
404 Mr George W Merrill 
406 Dr James H Gettings 
408 Miss Eva A Clarke 
416 Mr & Mrs Fred'k Krause 


1 Dr P H Brigham 2 Mrs Laura Huff 

5 Miss Elizabeth B Myrer 4 Mrs Charles M Glover 

7 Mr & Mrs Wm F Smith 6 Mr Lucius K Marsh 

11 Dr D L MacKinnon 6 Miss E L Marsh 

8 Mrs Garrett H Rheutan 


7 Mrs E A Stone 
17 Mr & Mrs B L Longley 
19 Mrs Annie Young 
21 Mrs M J Flint 
25 Mr & Mrs Stephen Kenton 
27 Mrs Sophie Stein 
27 The Misses Stein 
29 Mr & Mrs Thos M Murnane 


18 & 20 HazeldenChambers 
20 Mrs Kathleen Neill 
24 Dr & Mrs Wilbert Soule 
26 Mr & Mrs Geo E Whiting 
30 Mr & Mrs L P Femald 
32 Miss Mary A Lorden 
34 Mrs Mary E Knight 
36 Mr & Mrs Edwin I Morrison 



Concord Square — Continued 

31 Mr & Mrs Geo J Walther 

33 Miss A H Hamilton 

39 Mr & Mrs Albert I Mc- 

41 Capt & Mrs C N Forbes 
43 Mr & Mrs Otto Gebel 
45 Mrs Nellie E Vosburg 
47 Mr & Mrs Fred'k P Oxnard 

36 Mr Ralph E Morrison 

38 Mr & Mrs Geo F Richardson 

40 Judge & Mrs Oscar Marden 

42 Mrs J I Boelen 

44 Capt & Mrs Henry Dawson 

46 Mr Matthew A Horgan 

46 The Misses Horgan 


1 Mr & Mrs J A C Norris 
Mrs Jennie M Babcock 
Mr & Mrs M L Mance 
Mr & Mrs L M Abbott 

23 Mrs M W Tufts 

25 Mr & Mrs Geo P Anderson 

27 Mrs N I Newton 

22 Mr & Mrs Sidney L Smith 
24 Miss Carrie A McLeod 
26 Miss* M E Manning 
28 Mrs M A Leavitt 
30 Mrs George Doherty 

10 Hotel LovEjoY 

Mr & Mrs Chas R Sargent 
Mr & Mrs Carl A Osterberg 
Mr & Mrs Samuel Brown 
Miss Mabel Weid 
12 Hotel Far well 
Miss G E Bigelow 
Mrs Albert B Dresser 
Mr Charles Paine 
Miss M A Brown 
14 Mr & Mrs Wm H Moore 
16 Mr & Mrs John W Smith 
18 Mr & Mrs J A Lyons 
20 Mrs Gilbert P Converse 


13 Mrs M A Reed 

Miss Katharine Hines 
Mr & Mrs Langdon L Ward 
Miss Joan F Tilton 
Miss Josephine S Tilton 

15 Mrs Samuel C Peck 
Miss Mabel F Merrill 
Miss Helen M DeRocher 

15 Miss Alice C Merrill 
Mrs U G Staub 

17 Mr & Mrs W I Jackson 
Miss S J Adams 
Mrs J M McLean 
Mrs C Edgar Whitney 

19 Mrs E M Gardner 


9 Mrs John E Durgin 14 

11 Mrs E B Horn 16 

17 Mrs P E Spike 18 

21 Mrs Rosa M Wright 20 

25 Mr Henry L Fay 22 

27 Mr Thomas J Olys 28 

31 Mrs M W Atherton 28 

33 Mr & Mrs C E Spaulding 32 



Mrs L W Parker 

Capt & Mrs Egbert Hyatt 

Mr & Mrs Alonzo B Parker 

Mrs N J EUis 

Mr & Mrs Warren C Nickles 

Dr G A Webster 

Mr Frank B Webster 

Mr & Mrs Geo B Davis 

Mr & Mrs John F Doyle 




(^Huntington Avenue) 

329 Mr & Mrs J H St Leger 
331 Dr & Mrs J W Winkley 
333 Mr & Mrs Nathan Waxman 
335 Mrs Charles H Robinson 
337 Dr & Mrs Chas Rosenthal 
339 Dr & Mrs A K Page 
351 Dr Mary J Blake 

Mrs A S Clay 

Miss Genevieve Hawkes 

Miss Ida G TuUy 
353 Miss Alice Derby 

Miss Mabel Derby 

Mrs M J Derby 

Miss C W Baker 

Mrs Gerard Kelsey 
355 Dr Lewis P Felch 

Dr Carrie I Felch 

Mr & Mrs H L Dale 

Mrs Salia Bent 

Mr Robert S WilUams 
357 Mrs J Brigham 

Dr Gertrude T Bodfish 
359 Mile E Loubris 

Mr & Mrs J Z Albee 
361 Miss Z A Gardiner 

Miss M J Walsh 

Mrs Adelaide S Gay 

Mr & Mrs Carl V Lucas 
363 Mrs E L Whiting 

Mr & Mrs W G Stewart 

Mr & Mrs Murdock Mac- 

Mr & Mrs Jas A MacQueen 
365 Dr & Mrs WilUam F Gay 

Miss M E Falis 
367 Dr & Mrs T L Stanton 
397- Dr John Therrien (office) 
'409 ; Mrs James Delehanty 
411 Dr F P Batchelder 
423 Dr & Mrs J H Grimes 
425 Mr J P Heustis 
429 Mrs F E Prince 
431 Dr & Mrs T Hanrahan 
433 Miss S E White 

{Huntington Avenue) 

328 Dr Richard Hogner 
328 Dr O Reutersward 
330 The Misses Sewall . 
334 Dr & Mrs P W Moriarty 
336 Dr & Mrs Walter ET Rice 
338 Mr Francis F Stockwell 
340 Mr William E Smith 
352 Mr M E Thompson 
Mrs M MacConnell 
354 Miss I F Barnes 
Mme V F Flinn 
356 Mrs E J Saunders 
Mrs S M Thompson 
Mrs L Ellani 
358 Mr Arthur Fuller 
Mrs A J Ferrell 
Mr & Mrs Harold H Colpitt 
360 Mrs W B Plummer 
Mrs NelUe Clifford 
Mrs Catharine Rutherford 
362 Dr A W Turner 

Mr & Mrs Albert F Conant 
Mr & Mrs C Garland 
364 Mr & Mrs John W Snelling 
Miss Florence V Snelling 
Mrs E W Thayer 
Mr Henry V Thayer 
Mr & Mrs Oscar Weder- 
394 Hotel Argyle 

Mr & Mrs Frank O Garvin 
Miss Ida L Cook 
Dr & Mrs O Slettengren 
Miss Julia A Greior 
Mr Henry B Jones 
Mrs Isabel Clark 
Mr & Mrs T W Mack 
Mrs Therese Dubuc 
Mrs Helen G Kenfield 
Capt & Mrs E B Wads- 
Mrs Lue Stuart Wads- 
Miss M A Riley 



Mass Av — Continued 

(Columbus Avenue) 

455 Mrs Ohas J Elliot 

467 Mr & Mrs Winfield S Parks 

457 Mrs L A Stanley 

467 Mr Hiram Johnson 

467 Mr & Mrs Harry J Russell 

475 Mr & Mrs Arthur L Holmes 

491 Dr & Mrs H S Dearing 

495 Dr P F Gardiner 

{Tremont Street) 

505 Mr & Mrs George L Swain 
Mr & Mrs M J Mc In tire 
Mrs John M Maguire 

511 Dr William H Trayes jr 

515 Mrs N L Hawkes 

545 The Elim 

551 Mr & Mrs E J Lyons 

555 Mr & Mrs P L Connor 

565 Mrs M J Cotter 

565 Miss Catherine M Deasy 

569 Dr & Mrs C F Caverley 

{Shawmut Avenue) 
613 Mrs H N Randall 

(Washington Street) 
653 Mrs M E DooHttle 
655 Mr Thos P McNamara 
663 Mr George L Parmelee 
663 Mrs Lorin G Parmelee 
665 Mrs L O Williams 
665 Mr George W Williams 
667 Mr & Mrs Chas H Gulliver 
669 Mr & Mrs Daniel Madden 
669 Dr William D Madden 
677 Mr George C Dickson 
679 Mr James J Sullivan 
685 Mr & Mrs Pedro L Siske 
687 Mr Samuel Dorety 
693 New Eng Deaconess Home 
695 Mr & Mrs Chas S Johnson 
697 Mr Martin Van Nason 
703 Mrs William J Parker 
705 The Bernard 

(Harrison Avenue) 

406 Hotel Palmerston 
Mrs Emily McKay Beal 
Miss Helen M Jordan 
Mrs Randolph R Clarke 
Mrs Mabel F Tenney 
Mr & Mrs George W Ross 

414 Mr & Mrs F H Hilton 

418 Dr A C Deckman 

420 Dr C W Bush 

422 The Radcliffe 

424 Miss A B Ayer 

426 Hotel Rossmore 
Dr C P Bean 
Miss E A Holbrook 
Mr & Mrs A E Cleveland 
Mr & Mrs P Turner 

434 Dr W J Barrett 

Mrs Catharine Crocker 
Mr E F Osborne 
Mrs W H Fairfield 
Mr & Mrs Harry T Cush- 

(Columbus Avenue) 

454 Dr Flora S Russell 
454 Miss A B Leland 
462 Mrs L A Nicholson 
464 Dr & Mrs A C Sherwin 
468 Mr & Mrs George T Daly 
470 Mrs M E Longfellow 
478 Mr George W Lord 
484 Mr & Mrs Melvin G Fuller 
484 Dr George L Howland 
496 The Bretagne 
Mr Julian Seriack 
Mr & Mrs Wm O Morin 
Prof & Mrs E F Chesley 
Mrs L A Haskell 
Mr & Mrs John J Cook 
Mrs Martha Green 
Mrs A L Franklin 
Mr & Mrs George Priest 
Miss Jennie Le May 
Mr David F Tilley 
Mr Thomas F Devine 

(Tremont Street) 



Mass Av — Continutd 

504 Miss M M Wood 

508 Mrs J Edmester 

512 Mr & Mrs Angus Douglas 

526 Mrs M E Anderson 

528 Dr F L Burt 

530 Miss Priscilla Holmes 

530 Miss Isabelle Holmes 

532 Mr & Mrs Wm S Marion 

534 Mr D S Campion 

550 Mr John Eichom 

554 Mrs Lewis B Purmort 

556 Mrs Lillian B Benson 

558 Miss E A Farwell 

560 Mr & Mrs Albert Arnold 

574 Mr & Mrs W H Crapo 

578 Mr & Mrs J F Travers 

(Shawmut Avenue) 

628 Mr F L Curtis 

Margaret A Brown 
Mr John R Kelliher 
Miss S M Felton 

{Washington Street) 

652 Dr & Mrs John J Dowling 
654 Mr John B Babcock 
658 Mr & Mrs Trueworthy 

666 Mrs Earl W Johnson 
668 Mrs Jane Clark 
672 Mr & Mrs G H Russell 
680 Mrs H E Aldrich 
682 Mr & Mrs George W Dick- 

684 Mr & Mrs John F Collins 

{Harrison Avenue) 


89 Mr & Mrs John A Bradford 

93 Mr & Mrs Louis N Conners 

95 Mr & Mrs H M Babcock 

97 MrsEBuUard 

99 Mr George W Taylor 

101 Mr & Mrs Max Weiss 

103 Mr & Mrs John Long 

109 Mr & Mrs John J Kane 

111 Mr & Mrs T F Donovan 

115 Mr & Mrs Charles Barnard 

117 Mrs M Goudey 

123 Mrs C B Price 

125 Miss Annie E Power 

127 Mrs W E Upham 

129 Mrs A S Kenfield 

131 Mr & Mrs Wm A Hardwick 

133 Mr William P Dean 

133 Miss I C Gilbreth 

135 Miss A V M Ingham 

137 Mr & Mrs Geo J Bleakley 

139 Mr & Mrs Geo E Osgood 

94 Mr & Mrs Geo W Dennett 
96 Mrs Susan E Fowler 
102 Mr & Mrs W C Cimninghain 
104 Mr & Mrs Max Frank 
106 Mrs C C Pickett 
108 Mrs G Noury Abbot 
108 The Misses Abbot 
108 Mile Leon tine Noury 
110 Mr George Thompson 
112 Miss K F McDonnell 
114 Mr & Mrs Lewis C Porter 
116 Mr & Mrs Chas F Ray 
118 Mrs H S Andrews 
120 Mrs George Vogel 
120 The Misses Vogel 
122 Mr & Mrs B F Haley 
126 Mrs John Miller 

141 Miss Mary E Leyland 
141 Mrs E M Leyland 
141 Dr Geo M Smith 


33 Mr & Mrs Henry G Eich 32 Penitent Females' Ref- 
55 Mr & Mrs Antoine Lambert uqe 



Rutland St — Continued 

57 Rev <fe Mrs H L Wriston 

59 Apartments 

63 Miss M C Crowley 

65 Mr George D Ide 

65 The Misses Ide 

67 Mr & Mrs Henry E Fales 

77 Mr & Mrs A E Bowen 


3 Mr & Mrs John A Aitken 

5 Mrs C K Vary 

7 Mr & Mrs John J Sullivan 
19 Mr & Mrs Chas E Leavitt 
19 Mrs E Everett Webster 
25 Mr & Mrs Frank B Sever- 
27 Miss S H Hamblet 
33 Mrs Joseph Ward 
37 Mrs N B Ryder 
39 Mrs Nathaniel G Wood 
41 Mr & Mrs Geo W Young 
43 Mrs Walbridge A Field 
45 Mrs E H Wiggin 
47 Miss R J Perrott 
49 Mr & Mrs Johnson Knight 
51 Mrs E B Hine 
53 Miss Emma Messinger 
55 Miss E J Moulton 

48 Children's Friend Soc 

58 The Misses Geary 

74 Mr & Mrs Frank A Burgess 

78 Miss Emma Mullen 

80 Mr Thomas KeUher 

80 Mr John A Keliher 

80 Miss Keliher 


6 Judge Henderson J Ed- 
10 Miss A E Browne 
14 Miss Ada Appleby 
24 Mrs Augusta B Hosmer 
26 Mrs A C Bosworth 
26 Mrs Augustus W Withing- 

30 Mr C F Blackwell 
30 Mr & Mrs William S Little 
36 Mrs J W Andrews 
40 Mr & Mrs Geo Chapman 
46 Mr & Mrs Wm D Hubbard 
48 Mr & Mrs Charles Fiske 
54 Mr & Mrs Chas H Nason 
56 Mrs E S Shedd 

57 Mrs Martha J Sawyer 
59 Mrs Milford J Cole 


65 Rev & Mrs Allen A Stock- 

79 Miss Alice M Carter 

81 Mrs Winslow Delano 

87 Mrs M E Monnell 

.89 Mr & Mrs N C Goodwin 

91 Mrs T Bolton 

93 Mr & Mrs J Wesley Howard 

95 Mr & Mrs Isaac A Blake 
101 Dr & Mrs A H Flower 
107 Dr John Perrins 
107 Dr A Caroline Cox 
109 Mrs A Lawrence 
111 Mr John A Emery 
HI Mr & Mrs Alvin H Emery 

6 Mr & Mrs B F Harmon 

St Botolph Studios 
16 Mr Audubon Tyler 
16 Mr Andrew Dasburg 
38 The Harcourt 
44 Allen Gymnasium 
Mass College of Pharmacy 
96 Mr George D Cox 
96 Mrs R I Rowland 
102 Dr & Mrs J W Baird 
114 Mr & Mrs F P Davis 
116 Mr & Mrs G Loot z 
124 Mr & Mrs John F Hawley 
128 Mrs C S Pemberton 
134 Mrs Elizabeth Eustace 



St. Botolph St — Continued 

115 Mrs A E Ramsden 

125 Mr & Mrs Harry L Clarke 

Mr & Mrs Will A Onthank 

Mr Charles P Coveney 

Mrs A H Goell 
127 Mr & Mrs Harry N Tucker 

Mr & Mrs Quincy Kilby 

Mrs M E Dexter 

Mrs L M Ingalsbe 

Miss M E Gilligan 
129 Mr & Mrs David E Par- 

Miss Isabella M Hurlbert 
131 Mr Richard Rodgers 

Mr & Mrs Geo H Smith 

Mr & Mrs R D Cushing 

Miss M S Cushing 

Miss B B Grammer 

Mrs E L Haynes 

Mr & Mrs H G Cross 
133 Mr & Mrs L M Bartlett 

136 Mrs H Hildreth 

138 Mr <& Mrs T McC Babson 

150 The Longfellow 

158 Mrs M A Bachelder 

162 Mr & Mrs John C Spry 

164 Mr F D Bums 

196 & 198 Apartments 

200 Mr & Mrs Osgood F Stiles 

133 Mr & Mrs Rodney S Willard 
Mr & Mrs Herbert W 

Mrs William A Packard 
159 Dr&MrsTCErb 
161 Mrs Lewis D Jackson 
189 Miss Julia S Bartlett 
199 Mr Marcellus Mimroe 
201 Mrs Anna Denn^e 
203 Dr Edward F Gleason 
205 Mrs Oscar L Stillings 
207 Mr C J Groves 
207 Mrs William Groves 


567 St Cloud 

585 Mrs Wheelwright Hoyt 

591 Dr C M Whitney 

599 Dr J F Brady 

675 Dr <fe Mrs W B Mackie 

675 Miss Lucy M Blaney 

697 Mr Bradford Perry 

697 Mr Thomas B Perry 

727 Mr A D Peck 

741 Hotel Worcester 

745 Mrs Ira Hiland 

749 Mrs N Oilman 

757 Miss Sarah E Robinson 

752 Dr & Mrs Chas S Stone 

560 Mr & Mrs Warren T Currier 
Shawmut Conq Church 
( Rev A A Berle, DD ) 
I 1471 Beacon st J 

656 Dr Francis H Barnes 
656 Mr & Mrs C M Charter 
658 Dr & Mrs W H MitcheU 
666 Dr J Arthur Jones 
672 Dr J A MacCormick 
674 Mercantile Lib'ry Assn 
676 Dr & Mrs H S Card 
676 Dr W F Nichols 

Tremont St M E Church 
Rev Henry L Wriston ) 
D D 
57 Rutland St 


1 The Roy 

5 Mr Henry H C Smith 
17 Mr James M Dennen 
21 Mr Henry A Doherty 


2 Mr & Mrs Henry C Morse 

10 Mrs Theo Parsons 

14 Mrs Samuel Rice 

18 Dr db Mrs A S Whitmore 



Union Park — Continuid 

37 Miss H E Freeman 
41 Rev & Mrs C W Morehouse 
47 Dr & Mrs Alfred Frazer 
47 Miss Margaret Coyle 

20 South End House 

30 Dr Elizabeth A Carleton 

32 Mrs M J Simmons 


23 Mr & Mrs James P Car- 
Dr & Mrs Henry J Cot6 
Mr & Mrs L J Barwood 
89 Mrs Caroline I Rendall 
95 Mr & Mrs W F Brady 
109 Dr H A Fick 
121 Dr & Mrs F H WiUiams 
137 Mrs G J Lee 


142 Hotel Anthony 
144 Mr & Mrs J L Plimpton 
Warren Av Baptist Church 
( Rev Herbert S Johnson ) 
I 69 Bay State Road J 

169 Miss S E Crocker 
171 Mr & Mrs C W Dyer 
185 Mr Jesse W Browne 


163 Mr John E Curry Jr 
169 Mr & Mrs George L Bray 
171 South End House 

173 Mrs Benj H Folger 
175 Mr & Mrs N H Taylor 
177 Mr & Mrs Geo W Coleman 
189 Mr James F Bliss 
193 Mr & Mrs J Frank Russ 
195 Dr & Mrs Chas E Buck 
First United Pres Ch 
( Rev A K MacLennan ) 
I 15 Faxon St Dor . J 


147 Mr & Mrs C C Ryder 142 

149 Mr & Mrs Sylvester Tyler 144 

151 Miss S W Adams 146 

159 Miss O S Pingrey 148 

183 Miss Minnie Davis 148 

185 Mrs Joseph Ireson 150 

189 Miss Flora A Swan 162 

189 Mr Ernest Coats 166 

197 Mrs P R Cochrane 174 

225 Mr <& Mrs Horace Dodd 176 

227 Mr & Mrs P J Allston 196 

162 Mrs A A Cooley 

172 Miss M A Longfellow 

174 Mr & Mrs Wm W Dwyer 

176 Dr & Mrs F W Norton 

182 Mrs A J Gordon 

188 Mr & Mrs Geo A Martin 

196 Mrs John Hassam 

200 Mr & Mrs James Maguire 

206 Talitha Cumi Home 


Mrs E R Frost 

Mr & Mrs Milo Whitney 

Miss S A Baker 

Mr & Mrs Peter Barsuglia 

Miss Virginia Barsuglia 

Mr Lawrence Duffy 

Mr & Mrs Asher White 

Mrs George W Young 

Mr & Mrs Owen Russell 

Miss Susan Hall 

Mrs John H Dampf 



West Canton St — Continued 

229 Mr <& Mrs Julius Littauer 
233 Mr & Mrs W J Doyle 

210 Mr Henry S Pearce 
220 Mr J B McAloon 
222 Mr & Mrs Patrick Finn 
228 Mr & Mrs Saul Weiss 
230 Mr & Mrs M Isaacs 


131 Mr <fe Mrs S Buxbaum 108 

151 Mrs I M Hardy 114 


130 Mr & Mrs Edw C Beazley 116 

138 Mrs D W Rudy 124 

144 Mr & Mrs Brown S Fland- 124 

ers 126 

162 Mrs John E Fay 128 

162 Dr & Mrs W J Moroney 128 


Mr Jos B Neagle 
Mrs Annie Brown 
Miss C M Walker 
.Mrs Augustus N Sampson 
Dr A Macdonald 
Dr A B Morrison 
Mrs Joseph Southwick 
Mr Wm H Powers 
Miss Margaret Powers 


ZiON EvANQ Luth Church 
( Rev Henry Birkner \ 
\ 85 West Newton Street f 
85 Rev & Mrs Henry Birkner 
119 Mrs George C Thurston 
137 Mr & Mrs Edw G Storer 
141 Miss M C Benson 
149 Mrs Esther W Davis 
161 Mr & Mrs Jeremiah Leavitt 
169 Mrs V R Peirce 
205 Mr & Mrs Thos P Bagley 
209 Mr & Mrs Charles M Obst 
231 Mr & Mrs Granville E 

235 Mrs Herbert Johnson 
237 Mrs Charles Sawyer 
237 Mr Alfred H Sawyer 
239 Mr & Mrs John McCandlish 
241 Mr & Mrs Daniel C Robin- 
243 Mrs M S Keyes 
245 Mr & Mrs John Mills 
247 Mrs Jane M Pray 
247 Mr & Mrs L D Lasselle 
247 Mr & Mrs M S Rice 
249 Mrs M E Newcomb 
251 Mr & Mrs Albert O Wyman 
257 Dr & Mrs D F Willis 

41 Mr A F LeClaire 
46 Dr Thomas Hall 
66 Mr & Mrs Otto F C Heine- 

72 Mr Franklin P Hyde 
74 Mr & Mrs T M Roast 
86 Mr & Mrs Edson E Chick 
90 Mrs John Keen an 
96 Miss L M Alexander 
102 Mr & Mrs Willis H Free- 
102 Mr Walter H Freeman 
114 Mrs Mary E Jackman 
118 Mr Henry Anthony 
120 Miss Flora M Knowlton 
126 Mr & Mrs I L Wyzanski 
130 Mr & Mrs Walter C Giles 
134 Mrs M E Morse 
136 Mr Daniel C Linscott 
138 Mr & Mrs Samuel A Neill 
140 Mr & Mrs James C Mc- 
142 Mr & Mrs John W Storer 
152 Mrs William C Reeves 
164 Mrs L A Pierce 
166 Mrs John Sullivan 
168 Mrs Clarissa Dadd 
170 Mrs WilUam H Whitaker 



Wist Newton St — Cont'd 

259 Mr & Mrs M E Philbrick 
259 Mrs Ellen N Philbrick 
261 Mrs S G Knowlton 
263 Mrs M H Bancroft 

Dr & Mrs W H Bowman 
Mr & Mrs Jos H Beckman 

256 Dr John H Leiter 

256 Mr & Mrs Frank Seaward 

258 Mr & Mrs Wm A Prescott 

202 Home for Little Wan- 
212 French Women's Chris- 
tian ASSN 
230 Mr William W Rhoades 
234 Miss Elizabeth Storer 
238 Mr & Mrs M P Murphy 
240 Miss Flora A Docteur 
240 Dr B W Pond 
244 Mr & Mrs W S Aldrich 
248 Mr & Mrs F C Herrick 
254 Dr & Mrs Geo W Galvin 


17 St Rose Hall 

51 Mr A J Benfield 

53 Miss Emily A Buckingham 

55 Mrs David W Foster 

55 Miss H W Foster 

55 Miss S E Foster 

61 Mrs A A Chickering 

63 Dr & Mrs E S Sloan 

65 Miss N Jeane Tayler 

69 Mr Albert T Whiting 

91 Mr & Mrs John P Reynolds 141 Mr & Mrs William P Far 

147 Mrs L Edna Martin 

20 Dr & Mrs J W Johnson 
22 Mr & Mrs Wm J Byrnes 
42 Miss A A Hutchins 
46 GwYNNE Temporary 

Home for Children 
50 Mr & Mrs S C Hunter 
54 Mrs G R Buttrick 
56 Mrs John J Newcomb 
84 Miss J I Sumner 





1 Mr & Mrs John H Ailman 
3 Rev & Mrs H T Secrist 
5 Mr Joseph Isaacson • 

7 Mr John J Hanley 
9 Mrs Ellen L Leonard 
9 Mr & Mrs Bernard L Watson 
11 Mr &>Mrs F W Rugg 
15 Mr & Mrs Wm McCarthy 







Mr James J Phelan 

Mr Patrick Finneran 

Mr & Mrs Julius Rottenberg 

Mr & Mrs John C Kelly 

Mr Felix Smith 

17 Mr & Mrs Arthur L Foster 


1 Mrs C Higgins 
5 Mrs" Joseph W Win slow 
7 Mr & Mrs Edward B Daily 
15 Mr & Mrs Henry J Bartlett 
19 Mr John J Redding 

28 Mr F W Anderson 
28 Mr & Mrs W S Walker 
30 Mr & Mrs Henry B White 
32 Mr & Mrs Frank M Leavitt 
36 Mr & Mrs John P McGee 


19 Mrs Thomas H Heam 
21 Mr <& Mrs Greo A Staples 
23 Mr & Mrs Millard F Ring 
25 Mr & Mrs Arthur P Mills 
27 Mr & Mrs Wesley W Chand- 
29 Mr & Mrs Olias Kamber 
31 Miss Jennie M Merritt 

4 Mrs Albert Cooper 
18 Mr & Mrs Wm A Rockwell 
20 Mrs James H Cutten 
22 Mr & Mrs Joseph L Brown 
24 Dr WiUis H Weinz 
24 Mr & Mrs Henry L Weinz 
26 & 28 Apartments 
26 Mrs C C Wiggins 

Mr & Mrs Linwood Pierce 

Miss Sarah Fifield 

Mr & Mrs Joseph E Sawyer 
28 Mr & Mrs F Sweetser 


24 Mr & Mrs John S Richard- 
32 Mrs M E Keeler 

33 Mr & Mrs Louis Cohen 
35 Mr & Mrs James A Frazer 
37 Mrs H L Coffin 
39 Mr & Mrs Joseph W Moore 


5 Mr & Mrs Kenneth Mackay 

19 Mr & Mrs Thos C Hadley 23 Mr & Mrs W H Baker 

21 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Joslin 25 Mr Charles T Barry 




3 Mr Joseph E Everett 

6 Mr & Mrs D Silverman 
10 Mr & Mrs John W Webb 
10 Mr & Mrs Rob't J Rodday 
Mr & Mrs F M Glazier 

2 Mr & Mrs Henry A Smith 

2 Mrs David Smith 

2 Mrs H L Keith 

Mrs Oliver March Knight 
Miss Anne Shaw Femald 

4 Mrs Emily S Hunt 


21 Mrs C Berran , 

25 Mr & Mrs Alf red A Glasier 

27 Miss H Harvey 

27 Mr & Mrs Edwin R Mc- 

29 Mrs John O'Driscoll 
47 Mr & Mrs T M Watson 
59 Mr & Mrs G W Wescott 

61 Mr & Mrs Lindsay S Jones 
Mr & Mrs Wm D Wanzer 
63 Mr & Mrs Jos Navison 
65 Mr <fe Mrs John J Johnston 
65 Mr Frederic E Johnston 
69 Mrs Andrew J Browne 
73 Mr & Mrs J R Nichols 
81 Miss M H Bean 


1 Miss C T Gardner 
21 The Van Dyck 

Mr & Mrs F Ernst Zimmer- 

Mr & Mrs Waiter H Wright 
Mme Pierre Triurwanger 
27 Mr & Mrs Samuel Hellewell 
55 Mr & Mrs August Schoefer 
55 Mr & Mrs Edgar E Gould 

2 Home for Destitute 
Hebrew Children 

57 Mr <fe Mrs Chas E Barber 

59 Mrs Joseph CcUeton 

61 Mr Max Richter 

63 Mrs F L Gould 

63 Miss A L Gou d 

65 Mr Walter E Thwing 


123 Dr & Mrs A A Klein 
125 Dr A A Macdonald 
133 Mr & Mrs W J Welch 
135 Mrs Samuel Woods 
137 Mr & Mrs Charles D Perry 
139 Mr & Mrs John B Maker 
147 Mr & Mrs James W Maekay 
151 Mrs B G Gavett . 
177 Mr & Mrs G Angelo 
179 Dr & Mrs L H Guptill 
343 Mr & Mrs Frederick Small 
343 Mr & Mrs Percy Loring 
397 Jewish Synagogue cor 

421 Mrs William McNamara 

74 Miss Mary Pigeon 
92 Mr & Mrs John E Walsh 
94 Mr Charles W Quhin 
102 Mr & Mrs Henry W Kelly 
118 Mr & Mrs S G Cottrell 
120 Dr J A Horgan 
136 Mr J W Tobey 
136 Mr & Mrs Geo W Perkins 
144 Mr & Mrs Rufus T Tobey 
144 Mr & Mrs F U Beale 
188 Hotel, Marguerite 
216 Mr & Mrs John Suhl 

St Hugh's Catholic Ch 
I Rev David J Supple } 
I 26 Lawrence Av ) 



28 Mr Henry C Sears 

28 Mr & Mrs George W Fuller 


12 Mr & Mrs Geo C Morton 
20 Mr & Mrs Frank Meehan 
24 Mr & Mrs William H Shea 


43 Mr & Mrs H P Nawn 

47 Mrs B Killman 

55 Mr & Mrs A S Amrhein 

81 Mr & Mrs Sidney L Sterne 

85 Mr & Mrs George A Lowe 

89 Mr & Mrs Phillip B Marks 

93 Mr B O Wetmore 

93 Mr& Mrs Willard V Fletcher 

84 Mr & Mrs Chester H Whit- 



Mr & Mrs J Clarence Wal- 
90 Mr & Mrs I E Williams 
94 Mr & Mrs Daniel E Bryan 
100 Mr & Mrs H H Dresser 


1 Mrs Isaac Fenno First Universalist Ch 

( Rev Jas Harry Holden 
1 2 Crestwood Park 

1 Mr Charles M Blake 



1 The Misses Harkins 
3 The Misses Dennis 
5 Mrs Isaac Hatch 
7 Mr William A Bonney 
9 Mr & Mrs Joseph Halstrick 
Mr & Mrs Leo Campbell 

11 Mrs F N Amo 

15 Mr & Mrs Geo H Hennessy 

2 Miss Anna M Fries 

2 Miss Louisa H Fries 

4 Mr Rodney S Lakin 

6 Mr & Mrs Augustus G 

8 Mr F J Bonnelle 
10 Mr & Mrs Thos J Lodge 


29 The Misses Hough 
49 Mr Lyman Gibbs 
71 The Misses Emery 
71 Mrs John B F Emery 
73 Mrs Emil Heidenreich 
81 Mr & Mrs Jas L Kingston 
85 Mr & Mrs Bernard J Mc- 

89 Mr William M Casey 

88 Mr & Mrs Josiah S Tappan 
102 Mr & Mrs Joseph Sondheim 

16 Mrs Jas A Fitzsimmons 
18 Mr & Mrs John McHugh 
30 Mr & Mrs Benj F Jones 
32 Mr & Mrs Wm W Mclntyre 
42 Mr & Mrs Domenico Val- 
entin elli 
56 Mrs George A Carter 
56 Mrs Freeman D Osgood 
58 Mr & Mrs Charles Biewald 
60 Mr & Mrs Samuel F Bauer 
70 Mr & Mrs Max Cramer 
74 Miss N Mabel Christie 
82 Mrs Isabella Jenks 




Mrs Austin Sumner 

29 Mrs T P Baker 
31 Dr & Mrs C E Williams 
45 Mr & Mrs Karl F Heinzen 
47 Mr & Mrs John Roessle 
63 Dr M Sturnick 


16 Mr & Mrs Chas F Donnelly 

Mr & Mrs William J Quinn 
18 Mr & Mrs Jas W Dunphy 
26 Miss Emily B Hall 
48 Mr & Mrs George Hill 


1 Mr & Mrs Wm E Bryant 

3 Mr & Mrs H P Whitcomb 

3 Mr C M Faunce 

7 Mrs C G Beal 
21 Mr & Mrs William Quinn 
35 Mrs Mary G Burns 
41 Mrs Thomas G Folger 


8 Mrs MAM Newell 
10 Miss Florence I W Tenney 
12 Mr & Mrs Joseph H Herman 
16 Mr & Mrs Abbott L Hatch 
18 Mrs James Jones 
20 Mr & Mrs James M Morrill 
22 Mr & Mrs O H Abbott 
24 Mrs H M Barrows 
26 Mr & Mrs C T Mooar 

1 Mr John C C'ogswell 2 Mr <& Mrs Joseph Ferdinand 


2 Miss Helen A Gardner 

6 The Misses Littlefield Miss Lucretia M Gardner 

4 Mr & Mrs Frank S Water- 


19 Mrs Margaret Peirce 
21 Mr & Mrs Solomon Ehrlich 
27 Mr & Mrs WilUam J Lally 
31 Mr & Mrs Michael J GibUn 
35 Mr & Mrs John E Roman 
37 Mr & Mrs Earl S Dudley 
39 Mr & Mrs Alden Warren 
41 Mr & Mrs Jas C Smith 
43 Dr & Mrs Everett M Taylor 
55 Mr Benjamin F James 
59 Mr & Mrs E E Rowell 
The Misses McManus 
61 Mrs W H Templet on 
65 Mr Samuel Jackson 

16 Mr & Mrs Geo Howe Davis 

16 Miss Virginia C Davis 

18 Mr & Mrs Wm Gordon 

20 Mr & Mrs Hosea D Davis 
22 Mr & Mrs Henry E Starr 
26 Mr & Mrs Charles A Jones 
36 Mrs R G Morse 
40 Mr & Mrs P Silverstein 
46 Mr & Mrs M O Kunze 
48 Mr & Mrs Harry A Smith 
50 Mr & Mrs Elisha Baker 
52 Mrs John E Hodge 



Clifford St — Continued 
67 The Mozart 
69 Mr Jas A WilUams 
71 Mr & Mrs E T R Greaves 
73 Mr & Mrs C A Baitler 

1 Mr & Mrs T Rothe 
3 Mr William Crowley 
17 Mr Samuel A Corbitt 
19 Mr & Mrs Timothy Murphy 
21 Mr & Mrs J E Doherty 

22 Mr & Mrs Clarence H Bell 

54 Mr & Mrs Andrew F Mc- 

58 Mr S Sodekson 
62 Mr & Mrs I Sirk 


4 Mr & Mrs M W Quinlan 
6 Mr & Mrs Geo Butcher 
8 Mr & Mrs Cornelius F Dris- 

10 Mrs S A Bolster 

16 Mr & Mrs John Kahlmeyer 

18 Mr & Mrs William Mclnnes 

20 Mr Edwin A Bell 


63 Mr & Mrs John Ballantyne 
65 Mr & Mrs Henry Stahl 
69 Mr & Mrs Robert A Elliott 
77 Mr Valentine Bower 

76 Mrs Walter S Frost 
80 Mrs E M Woodward 


20 Mr & Mrs John S Cave 
22 Mr Benjamin R Bryant 
28 Mr Walter H Knight 
30 Mr & Mrs J M Walters 
32 The Wheeler Sanita- 
68 Mr & Mrs Carl Eberhard 
72 Mrs J S Brickett 


9 Mr George S Haddock 

9 Mr & Mrs Charles H Porter 

Miss M M Holly 
11 Dr & Mrs T Delap Smith 
13 Mrs A Parkhurst 

Mr & Mrs W B Phillips 
15 Mr Charles S Howard 

Mr & Mrs Jos W Terhune 
17 Mr & Mrs David H ShaUt 
21 Mr & Mrs Chas W Trainer 
23 Mr & Mrs Carl Stasny 
25 Mr & Mrs Fred L Howard 
29 Mr & Mrs W B Van Am- 

31 Mr <& Mrs John H Meader 
31 Mrs Olney T Meader 
33 Mr & Mrs Robert. Gallagher 
43 Mr & Mrs William O Curtis 

2 Mrs S H Tarbell 
4 Mrs M E Tiemay 
6 Mrs William H Jones 

Mrs H F C Parker 
8 Mr & Mrs Chas S Johnson 
Elm Hill Baptist Church 
20 Dr & Mrs J Tucker Cutler 
24 Mr & Mrs C R Wiggin 
26 Mrs Charles Mann 
32 Mr & Mrs G M Wethem 
36 Mr & Mrs Pierce J Grace 
40 Mr & Mrs M Grant Daniell 
42 Mr & Mrs Isaac Washburn 
42 Mrs George D Townshend 
44 Rev & Mrs E D MaUory 
50 Mr & Mrs Samuel R Hall 
52 Mr A B H Chapin 
56 Mr & Mrs Charles P Goreiy 



Cbawford St — Continued 

45 Mr James A Dorsey 
47 Mr & Mrs C E Wyman 
49 Mr & Mrs William Killion 
53 Mr & Mrs Edmund H 

55 Mr & Mrs I B Vose 
57 Mr & Mrs Dennis Donovan 
59 Mr & Mrs W A French 
61 Mrs Albert A Libby 
63 Mrs S P Hibabrd 
65 Mrs Benjamin P Lane 
67 Mr & Mrs Robert W Mc- 

69 Mr & Mrs Emil Mahr 
71 Mr & Mrs Carl Faelten 
73 Mrs Chauncey Thomas 
97 Mr Henry B Thayer 
99 Mr Edward P Clancy 

101 Mr & Mrs J J Grace 

127 Mr & Mrs John S Boyd 

127 The Misses Boyd 

129 Mr & Mrs Charles B Mc- 

131 Mr & Mrs N S Wakefield 

58 Mr & Mrs Joseph P Whelan 
60 Mr Nicholas Schaaf 
62 Mrs William E Shay 
64 Mr & Mrs Geo E Curtis 
66 Mr & Mrs Joseph P Man- 
68 Mr & Mrs Joseph F Mc- 

84 Mr & Mrs C A Siegemund 
90 Mr & Mrs Seth A Fowle 
94 Mr & Mrs J E Lynch 
96 Mr & Mrs Eliab Parker 
98 Mr & Mrs Hiram H Rich 
98 Mr & Mrs David W Ed- 
wards Jr 
100 Mrs F W Gibby 
102 Mr & Mrs Frank M Bab- 

104 Rev & Mrs Wm W Bustard 
108 Mr & Mrs R I Edwards 
110 Mr & Mrs Jas H Carney 
124 Mr & Mrs Chas A Kelley 

139 Mr & Mrs Harrison Loring 
153 Mr & Mrs Wm Helmer 


7 Mr & Mrs Henry M Stevens 
7 Mr & Mrs Man son G Lar- 

2 Rev & Mrs James Harry 

4 Mr & Mrs Arthur L Wing 
6 Mr & Mrs D H Gross 


3 Mrs David B Flint 
7 Mr & Mrs Isaac H Frost 
19 Mrs John F Good 
43 Mrs Geo A Upham 
45 Mr & Mrs Fred Sawyer 
47 Mrs E M Cooley 
47 Mr & Mrs W J Gaffey 
49 Mr & Mrs Jeremiah G Hag- 

51 Mr & Mrs Joseph Baxter 

8 Mr & Mrs Spurgeon 

10 Mr & Mrs F W Low 
38 Mr & Mrs F K Lovejoy 
40 Mrs Cornelius O'Leary 
42 Mrs John B Currier 
46 Rev & Mrs Wm A Wood 
48 Mr Fred D Davenport 
50 Mr & Mrs P H Carroll 
52 Mr & Mrs W A Sherry 




Eliot Sq — Continued 

Miss Swasey 
Mr & Mrs A T Waite 
Mr Courtland F B Waite 
Miss A L Watson 

Norfolk House — Continued 

Mrs Allen S Weeks 
Mr F O White 
Mr C A Withey 


1 Dr Louis Arkin 
5 Dr & Mrs M J Cronin 
15 Dr & Mrs L Houghton 

21 Mr & Mrs Andrew J Legg 
27 Dr & Mrs J C D Pigeon 
33 Mr & Mrs George H Water- 
33 Mrs A P Cutter 
45 Mr & Mrs Timothy Smith 
51 Mr & Mrs Nathan G Smith 
55 Mrs John F Blinn 
89 Mr & Mrs Jacob Mosser 

26 Mr & Mrs W H Cundy 

34 The Misses Jackson 

36 Dr & Mrs P O'Meara Edson 

42 Mr & Mrs Franklin L Joy 

68 Mr & Mrs Eugene Lynch 

80 Mr John Carr 

86 Mr & Mrs Thos J Clexton 

90 Mr & Mrs Sidney L Smith 

96 Mr & Mrs Henry D Forbes 

95 Mrs Daniel Shea 
107 Mr & Mrs Charles F King 


5 Mr & Mrs Freeland Putnam 
11 Mr William P Mullins 
11 The Misses Mullins 
19 Mrs E S Osgood 
19 Mrs F G Peterson 
23 Mr & Mrs Louis H Park- 
25 Mr & Mrs H L Hinrichsen 
27 Mr & Mrs G M Ingalls 
29 Mr & Mrs D Feeney 
31 Mr & Mrs Charles Driver 
35 Mr & Mrs Geo E Farmer 
37 Mr & Mrs Jas H Fitzpatrick 

38 Mr & Mrs George P Flinn 

4 Mr & Mrs F L Eccles 
6 Mrs George W Dean 
8 Mr & Mrs James B Hill 
10 Mr & Mrs W C Pree 
12 Mr & Mrs D F Murphy 
14 Mr & Mrs William Comer 
18 Mr & Mrs Stuart P Wood- 
20 Mr & Mrs Geo W Brown 
20 Mr & Mrs Harry L Johnson 
28 Mr & Mrs George O Mooney 
30 Miss E F Winchester 
32 Mr & Mrs Michael Laflfee 
34 Mr & Mrs John Driver 
36 Mr Joseph R Hewes 


39 Mr & Mrs Samuel H L'heu- 24 Mr & Mrs Sam'l W Rork 

reux . 50 The Misses Chapman 

41 Mr & Mrs N P Beaman 
43 Mrs F W Todd 
45 Mr & Mrs John H Foster 
47 Mr & Mrs Sam'l S Atwood 

49 Mr & Mrs Arthur C Wads- 



9 Mr & Mrs J Edward Mc- 

Michael 11 Mrs C K Brown 
Mr & Mrs H N Mooers Mr & Mrs M N Sibley 

Mr E C Graves Mrs C E Tappan 

Mr & Mrs F H Town send 15 Mr & Mrs F A Moseley 


15 Mr & Mrs Wm H Guinan 26 Mr & Mrs Guy H HoUiday 
27 Mr Joseph G Shed 28 Mr Alton G Read 


3 Mr & Mrs Chas H Herzig 6 Mr & Mrs H R Coiman 

5 Mr & Mrs H Goldstein 8 Mr & Mrs Walter A Parcelle 

7 Mr & Mrs Benj J Kaplan 10 Mr & Mrs Darius N Payson 
9 Mr & Mrs J H Goodman 12 Mr & Mrs Howard E Norton 

11 Mr Hugh Mack 14 Mr Chas H Domback 

16 Mr & Mrs Jos Rudnick 


9 Mr & Mrs P B Heintz 10 Mrs George W Mason 

11 Mr & Mrs Adam Archibald 12 Mr & Mrs H M P Stone 

13 Mr & Mrs G H Morrill 16 Mr & Mrs James H Ring 

15 Mr & ^Ts Alfred J Neal 18 Mr & Mrs John Harding 

17 Mr & Mrs W J Dooley 20 Mr & Mrs Boyd W Allen 

19 Mr & Mrs Mayer I Bornstein 22 Mr & Mrs Geo Wyner 

21 Mr Maurice Wyzanski 26 Mr & Mrs W H Lord 

23 Mr & Mrs H M Kinports 30 Mr & Mrs Aaron White 

25 Mrs E S Goulston 32 Dr & Mrs Antonio De Ro- 
27 Mr & Mrs H M Mason bertis 

31 Mr & Mrs Jacob Edelstein 34 Mr & Mrs Thos H Maguire 

35 Mr & Mrs Abraham Berk- 36 Mr & Mrs N S Wax 

man 38 Mr & Mrs E W Nickerson 

39 Mr & Mrs Theo F Kase 40 Mr & Mrs Louis S Rosen- 
41 Mr & Mrs John Kiley wald 


41 Mrs James H Lange 42 Mr & Mrs Louis Segel 

43 Mr & Mrs Erastus K Hutch- 72 Mr & Mrs Jas J Hughes 

ins 74 Mr & Mrs Conray P Hall 

43 Mr & Mrs Harry P Getchell 76 Mr George B Smith 

49 The Misses Clark 

53 Mr & Mrs Hugh P McNally 73 Mr Isaac Y Chubbuck 
59 Mr & Mrs Nathaniel F 75 Mr & Mrs M M Packer 

Thayer 87 Mr & Mrs Judson Baldwin 

65 Mr & Mrs Foster M Hooper 99 Mrs John Shea 




1 Mr & Mrs Fred L Mitchell 

3 The Estheria 
Dr Julian D Lucas 

5 Mr & Mrs Thomas Mc- 

7 Mr M T Clarke 
15 Mr & Mrs Thomas J Fay 
19 Mr John H Soren 
25 Mr Arthur S Webster 
27 Mr & Mrs Lewis Whitaker 

42 Mr & Mrs Otis N Reichardt 

10 Mr & Mrs Alfred C Steeves 
12 Mr & Mrs Nathaniel B 

14 Mr & Mrs Henry J Small 
16 Mr & Mrs Henry G Williams 
20 Col & Mrs J P Jordan 
2 Mr & Mrs M W Reed 
2 Mr & Mrs L G Moulton 
28 Mr & Mrs B F Blodgett 
30 Mr John M Marston 
32 Mr & Mrs John G Gibson 
40 Mr & Mrs Glenn R Merri- 


7 Mr & Mrs Arthur E Wright 6 Mr & Mrs P M Phelan 
9 Mr & Mrs Wm E Fitz- 8 Mr & Mrs George J Murphy 


5 Mr J J Crotty 68 Mr & Mrs Geo B Haskell 

The Misses Coakley 76 Mr & Mrs Isaac Levy 

7 Mr & Mrs E T Lans 78 Mr & Mrs John K M L 

9 Mr Jeremiah J Downey Farquhar 

177 Mr & Mrs John J O'Shea 162 Mr & Mrs James J Heam 

201 Mr & Mrs Laurence Gard- 164 Mr & Mrs J J McHugh 

ner 198 Mr & Mrs Henry S Fisher 

203 Mr & Mrs Wm H Murray 202 Mrs J E Austin 

257 Mr & Mrs J A Creagh 

257 Mr & Mrs Edgar F White 259 Mr & Mrs Charles H D 



139 Mr & Mrs John Anderson 136 Mr & Mrs Calvin B Smith 
Mr & Mrs M A Cavanaugh 


35 Mr & Mrs John T Mahoney 32 Mrs R W Rice 
39 Mr W H Gerrish 

40 Mr & Mrs Herman Vogel 
42 Mr Dennis Connell 

Dr & Mrs C D Titcomb 
Mrs James M Morrison 
34 Mr <& Mrs Frank Johnson 
Mr & Mrs Wm T Coveney 
Mr & Mrs John B Kelley 




7 Mr & Mrs Wm Armstrong 
11 Mr & Mrs Benjamin Levy 

18 Mr &Mrs Frank W Wood- 
20 Mr & Mrs Henry Wessling 
28 Mr & Mrs John McElaney 

4 Mr Franklin C Hatch 

6 Mr John Prince 

14 Mr & Mrs Geo W Saunders 

16 Miss E G Whitehome 

18 Mr & Mrs A T Barrett 


3 Miss Kennedy 

Mr & Mrs E A Towne 
5 Mr <fe Mrs William Hack 
9 Mr & Mrs A W Femald 
Mr & Mrs R B Pearson 
11 Mr & Mrs George S Child 

2 Mr Thomas F McKenna 
4 Mrs Angie K Trask 
The Misses Trask 

17 Mr &Mrs| William C Weinz 


11 Mrs John M Williams 
13 Mr & Mrs C F Femald 
19 Mr & Mrs C F Morrill 
21 Mii&Mrs FredeiickBulear 
25 Mr & Mrs Patrick J Carroll 
27 Mr & Mrs Frank Tucker 

1 Mr & Mrs Walter S Tower 
3 Dr & Mrs Edwin L Farr 
5 Mr & Mrs John F Muldoon 
9 Mr B L Randall 
39 Rev & Mrs E E Hale 
125 St Monica's Home 
139 Mr & Mrs P C Barr 
141 Mr & Mrs Charles H Cephas 
143 Mr Morris Dorr 
165 Mr Charles L Hayward 

26 Mr & Mrs F J Gage 
28 Miss Fannie M Cushing 
32 Mr & Mrs P J Gleason 
38 Mr & Mrs Alfred Porter 

108 Dr T J McCormick 
120 Mr & Mrs S G Davis 
130 Mr & Mrs Henry W Put- 
140 Mr Gprham Rogers 


2 The Misses White 
4 Mr & Mrs John Kit son 
14 Mr & Mrs Louis Burkhardt 
22 Mr & Mrs Fred J Bradford 
30 Mr & Mrs Henry Wyzanski 
36 Mrs M C WiUiams 
44 Mr & Mrs Duncan C Rood 
74 Dr & Mrs George H Payne 
76 Mr & Mrs James Segal 
82 Mrs M E Gaddis 
84 Mr & Mrs Philip J Sond- 

86 Mr & Mrs Amidec Mathieu 
106 Mr & Mrs Patrick Darcy 
108 Mr & Mrs Andrew McCor- 

1 Mr & Mrs George V Burr 2 Mrs S S H Smith 

3 Mr & Mrs J V Jenkins 4 Mr & Mrs Wm J Stoddard 

5 Mr & Mrs Stephen Booth 6 Mr William Moore 

Mr & Mrs D W Moore 




5 Mr & Mrs T H Smelt 

Mrs Ella M Engle 
7 Mr & Mrs G W Sleeper 
9 Mr & Mrs J W Newton 
9 Mr & Mrs Silas Sanborn 

{Holborn Terrace) 
17 Mr & Mrs W J Hennessey 
21 Mr & Mrs Morris Bornstein 
23 Mr & Mrs t)avid Jacobs 
25 Mrs J L Bornstein 
27 Mr & Mrs J S Kuhns 
31 Mr & Mrs Charles O Ray- 
33 Mr & Mrs Gershom S Files 
35 Mr Wm A Whalen 
37 Mrs Michael H Reddish 
39 Mr & Mrs J Mode 
41 Mr & Mrs Patrick J Ducey 
43 Mrs Ida Cohen 
45 Mr & Mrs E M Poulin 
47 Mr & Mrs George G Drew 

8 Mr & Mrs Augustus Bedford 
8 Laurence F Bedford 
14 Mrs A A Sanford 
Miss Isabelle Thacher 
Mr & Mrs Wm H Tobey 
Mr & Mrs E L Buffinton 
14 Dr Annie Lee Hamilton 

Mr & Mrs Chas C Livingston 
16 Mr & Mrs J A Theall 
20 Mr & Mrs Herbert LPurdy 

Mr & Mrs Wm H Lincoln 
30 Mr & Mrs Addison W Rich- 
32 Mr & Mrs WmE Cunning- 
44 Mr & Mrs Walter E Briggs 
46 Mrs Matilda A Horan 
46 Mr&Mrs James K Thomson 

49 Mr & Mrs W M Bmmmett 
51 Mrs Michael Donovan 


15 Mr & Mrs L Harris 

Mr & Mrs William J Hurd 
21 Mr & Mrs Adam W Klopot 
23 Mr & Mrs David L Siskind 

Mr & Mrs Joseph Rivitz 
29 Mr & Mrs John S Dooley 

Mr & Mrs Eugene J O'Con- 
nor , 
35 Mrs J W Howe 
39 Mr & Mrs Charles E Briggs 

Mr & Mrs Philip Shaffer 
49 Mr & Mrs Thos F Carey 
51 Mr & Mrs Jas C Peabody 
57 Mr & Mrs James Misochi 

Mrs O Reinstein 
67 Mr William B Watts 
75 Mr & Mrs M Goldberg 

12 Miss Martha Seaver 

16 Mr & Mrs L D Seaver 

26 Mr & Mrs J M Foley 

38 Mrs J J Driscoll 

62 Mr & Mrs Arthur Dreyfus 

62 Mr & Mrs E A Dreyfus 

64 Mr M Walter Hart 

64 Mr & Mrs Maurice Hart 

68 Mr & Mrs William J Day 

72 Mr & Mrs Geo F Wilde Jr 

76 Mr & Mrs John T Priest 

108 Mr & Mrs Fred M Smith 

112 Mr & Mrs Wm G Cousens 

107 Mr & Mrs Fred'k W Clapp 
111 Mr & Mrs Edwin A Merrill 


1 Mr & Mrs S W Keene 2 Mr & Mrs Antonio F Rico 

5 Mrs Amos Foster 4 Mr ife Mrs W S Pelletier 

7 Mr & Mrs James L Baker 6 Mr & Mrs Edwin L Gould 


HowLAND St— Continued lo Mr & Mrs Frank O Otto 

9 Mr & Mrs Duane White 12 Mr & Mrs Willard Lincoln 

11 Mr & Mrs Joseph P Vogel 14 Mrs S W Sharp 

13 Mr & Mrs Oscar G Rankine 16 Mr Henry M Prescott 

15 Mr & Mrs Wm L RusseU 18 Mr & Mrs WilUam J Dolan 

29 Mr & Mrs Julius J Cohen 20 Mr Charles E Hunt 

31 Dr & Mrs K M Davidson 22 Miss C L Power 

33 Mr & Mrs Sani'l C Keene 32 Mr & Mrs E Van Noorden 

35 Mr & Mrs Gardner F Pack- 34 Mr & Mrs Michael A Sul- 

ard livan 

37 Mr & Mrs John W Kenney 36 Mr Edward P Legg 

39 Mr & Mrs James J Killilea 38 Mr & Mrs John J McGreen- 
41 Mr D E Croft ery 

43 Mr & Mrs Peter C Crowley 40 Mrs John P Dore 

69 Mr & Mrs Cornelius H To- 42 Mr & Mrs Patrick J Dinn 

land ' 70 Mr & Mrs Chas A Rowell 

71 Mrs George A Polsey 74 Mr Frank G Turner 

79 Mr & Mrs Maurice Casey 78 Mrs William E Decrow 

83 Mr & Mrs Geo F Woodley 82 Mrs Phineas B Smith 

87 Mr & Mrs Edward A Smith 86 Mr & Mrs George Eddy 

87 Mrs E C Gardner 92 Mr & Mrs James F Thomas 

91 Mr & Mrs F W Allen 104 Mrs M Doherty 

93 Mr & Mrs D Henry Sulli- 106 Mr & Mrs Wm W Howe 

van ' 

105 Mr James J O'Brien 107 Mr & Mrs George F Mosher 


151 Dr & Mrs H W White 152 Mr Max Wyganski 

157 Mr & Mrs Fred'k McGrath 154 Mr & Mrs Gustavus E 

171 Mrs Walter R Meins Kurtz 

173 Mr & Mrs John P Shea 156 Mr & Mrs N Osgood Whit- 

175 Mr & Mrs F O Whitney comb 

201 Mr & Mrs John F Murphy 156 Miss Marion O Whit comb 

215 Mr & Mrs Henry V Cun- 156 Miss Edith B Whitcomb 

ningham 162 Mr & Mrs Geo S Harris 

225 Mrs L Foster Morse 164 Mr George R Flint 

271 Mr & Mrs Jos Richmond 164 Mr & Mrs Elmer D FUnt 

271 Dr A Mrs Simon Richmond 168 Dr & Mrs John W Sanborn 

176 Mr John F Fitzgerald 

244 Mr & Mrs Chas Austin 178 Mr & Mrs James F Smith 

Morse 194 Mr & Mrs F E Wilbur 

244 Mrs William Davidson 214 Mr & Mrs Wm H Mclner- 
246 Mrs H V Sanborn ney 

268 Mrs John D Morton 240 Dr & Mrs A H Osgood 



11 Mr & Mrs Julius Spring 2 Mr & Mrs Horace W Vin- 

19 Mr & Mrs Alonzo B Drisko son 

25 Mr & Mrs Fred H Drisko 100 Mrs S F Rand 

31 Mr & Mrs Thomas P Talbot 100 Mr & Mrs Samuel L Crap- 

35 Mr & Mrs Walter S Little- son 

field 104 Rev & Mrs Clarence A 

43 Mr & Mrs Jas G Ferguson Bickford 

99 Mr & Mrs Patrick McGov- 112 Mr & Mrs Frank P Walker 

em 112 Miss L D Walker 

111 Mr & Mrs John B Fitz- 116 Mr & Mrs John H Mahony 

Patrick 116 Mrs Julia Eyges 

115 Mr & Mrs John H Forde 118 Mr & Mrs Thos O Parker 

118 Mrs Sarah M Lunt 

126 Mr & Mrs Marcus M Smith 120 Mr & Mrs Geo A Wilson 


1 Mr & Mrs Walter C Goulding 2 Mr & Mrs T J Clark 


2 Mr & Mrs Leon A Thomas Roxbury Latin School 
• 3 Mr & Mrs H C Norberg 

4 Mr & Mrs Walter Babcock 15 Miss C M Alexander 

5 Mr & Mrs J I Hatfield 23 Mr& Mrs Horace A Decatur 
11 Mrs Frances M Ide 


13 The Misses Reynolds 22 Miss E A Foster 

15 Mr & Mrs Benj F Davis 22 Mrs J A Wheelock 


25 Dudley Associates 22 Mrs S E Woodman 

Eliot Cong Church 
j Rev W C Rhoades 
I 52 Moreland St 


45 Rev & Mrs James DeNor- 18 Miss A S Everett 

man die 18 Miss C F Everett 

• 80 Miss Susanna Wyman 

88 Mr Benjamin Leeds 80 Miss Isabelle M Treat 

80 Miss Charlotte Dickinson 


3 Mr & Mrs George E Triggs 4 Mr John A Brett 
9 Mr & Mrs Chas McDermott 




5 Mrs James McMann 

7 Mr Charles J Riley 

9 Mr & Mrs Thos J Culverwell 

22 Mr & Mrs Dan'l F Sennott 
24 Mr & Mrs Thomas Stuart 

2 Mr & Mrs Albert DeSilva 
6 Mr & Mrs Richard N Davis 
8 Mr Joseph R Perkins 
12 Mr & Mrs Nathan Tobias 
14 Mr & Mrs John W Kilday 
16 Mr & Mrs Edwin J Price 
20 Miss Anna J Thomassin 


1 Mrs Augustus G Thompson 
23 Mrs Stephen M Allen 
27 Mrs Pierpont P Flint 
45 Mr & Mrs Lorenzo Cowan 

54 Mr & Mrs Jos P Collins 
56 Mr & Mrs Charles T Marsh 

24 Rev & Mrs Benjamin F 

26 Mr & Mrs Geo F Jewett 
32 Mrs Albert Sanger 
34 Miss Georgiana Merrill 
40 Rev Charles J H Mockridge 
46 Miss C E Por6e 
50 Mr Charles J McCarthy 


1 Mr 

5 Mr 

5 Mr 

9 Mr 

21 Mr 

43 Mr 

49 Mr 

75 Mr 

& Mrs John J Donnelly 
& Mrs Thos J Griffin 
& Mrs Wm F Griffin 
& Mrs Edgar N Lord 
& Mrs Geo Z Adams 
& Mrs C Louis Berger 
& Mrs Theo G Strater 
Paul H Kendricken 

92 Mrs Albert O Morgan 
106 Mr <& Mrs James H Morton 

2 Mr & Mrs M F Farrell 
6 Mr & MrsllThos J Hughes 
6 Mr & Mrs Dan'l M Lanigan 
8 Mr M J McKenna 
28 Mr & Mrs J Arthur Jacobs 
34 Mrs E Noyes Whitcomb 
44 Mr George W Parkfer 

Mr & Mrs Ralph E Parker 
74 Mr James A Houston 
74 Mr Ernest Houston 
84 Rev & Mrs A J Patterson 
92 Mr & Mrs E H Samson 


15 Mr & Mrs Chas E Grinnell 

23 Mr James B Faunce 

25 Mr & Mrs Romanus Emer- 


29 Mrs Catherine F McGlynn 
29 Miss L A McGlynn 
31 Mr & Mrs George H Hersey 
39 Mr & Mrs Harris Pearlstein 

10 Mr & Mrs Sidney J Vaughan 

12 Mrs Mary E Aiken 

24 Mrs Neil Kenney 

30 Mr & Mrs Isidor Rosen- 

36 Mrs John D Stirfipson 
Fellowes Athenaeum 


9 Mr & Mrs George H Blair 2 Mrs G W P Reed 
11 Mrs A L Crofoot 2 Mr & Mrs George A Bath 



MoNTROSB St — Continued 

13 Mr & Mrs Edward Learned 
15 Mr & Mrs Edward M Fox 
17 Mr & Mrs A I Fiske 
19 Mr & Mrs Siegmund Leip- 

21 Mr & Mrs Fred E Cruff 
23 Mr & Mrs Wimam|H Wash- 
25 Mrs E L Jordan 
29 Mr & Mrs Alfred A Powell 
33 Mr & Mrs T F Mather 

4 Mrs Francis J Freese 
6 Mr & Mrs Walter A Clement 
8 The Misses Patterson 
10 Mr & Mrs Geo A Brackett 
20 Mr & Mrs Hiram V Gould 
22 Mrs A H Thaxter 
24 Mr & Mrs Barnard Ginzberg 
26 Mrs John W Strieder 

33 Mr & Mrs H F Miller 
33 Mrs A A Shaw 


11 Mr & Mrs Edward H 

15 Mr & Mrs John A Thomp- 
19 Mr & Mrs John H Simpson 
25 Mr & Mrs W S Gerry 
27 Mr & Mrs Michael F Shay 
31 Mr & Mrs Thos Crosby 
33 Mr & Mrs Geo W Wads- 
35 Mr Joseph O McMullen 
39 Mr & Mrs John Hart 
51 Mr & Mrs Edward F Dun- 
51 Mr & Mrs George A Pratt 
53 Mr & Mrs E W Sawyer 
55 Mr A M Scanlan 
57 Miss Eunice Cobb 
57 Mr <fe Mrs Herman B Cook 
61 Mr & Mrs Jos C Richards 
63 Mrs F J Crosby 

Temple Congregation 


75 Mrs Herman M Nelson 
81 Mr & Mrs Chas D Costello 
85 Mr & Mrs Lester K Husted 
87 Mr & Mrs Francis S Smith 
93 Mrs Howard Clapp 
97 Mr & Mrs Lewis Kalesky 
99 Mr & Mrs W E C Rich 

8 Mrs Gilman E Lewis 
14 Mr & Mrs F P Bacon 
16 Mr & Mrs Louis Jeselsohn 
22 Mr & Mrs Albert B Chick 
24 Mrs E B Bryant 
28 Mr John F Newton 
32 Mrs John H Reed 
34 Mr & Mrs John E Gregg 
36 Mr & Mrs F Rich 
38 Mr & Mrs P W Fay 
40 Mr & Mrs M M Simmon 
42 Mrs J A Finn 
44 Mrs M A Ferguson 
46 Mr & Mrs Max E Wyzanski 
48 Mrs M J Hillman 
50 Mr & Mrs George H Street 
52 Rev & Mrs N F Van Horsen 
52 Rev W C Rhoades 
56 Mr J P Manning 
68 Mr & Mrs Edw L Twombly 
78 Mrs Paul Willard 
78 Mr & Mrs C R Weld (Rock 

88 Mr & Mrs J W Forgarty 
92 Mr & Mrs Rufus G Brown 
94 Mrs P H Foley 
96 Mrs T F Dockham 

101 Mr & Mrs George A Pike 
103 Mr & Mrs Malachi J Rourke 




11 Mrs S W Hunneman 
51' Mr & Mrs T L Connolly 
61 Carmelite Convent 
81 Mr & Mrs T W Byrnes 
85 Mr J M B Reynolds 
85 Mr & Mrs Geo W Wallace 
123 Mr & Mrs J Teehan 

96 Mrs C Gallagher 

98 Mr Daniel Gillen 
100 Mr Walter E Barclay 
102 Miss Elizabeth R Wallis 
104 Mrs Alfred M Small 
106 Mrs M A Connor 
108 Mr & Mrs John Towle 
110 Mr & Mrs Ebenezer Adams 
128 Mr & Mrs Peter P Fee 
130 Miss M F Slattery 

26 Mr Charles E Mills 
30 Mr & Mrs Geo L Spencer 
32 Mr & Mrs L Schlegelmilch 
40 Mr & Mrs R N Wiswall 
52 Mr & Mrs John Ruddy 
54 Mrs Margaret Kelley 
56 Mr & Mrs John F Dever 
58 Mr John J Sullivan 
60 Mr & Mrs Philip McCarthy 
72 Mr & Mrs John E Barry 
74 Mr & Mrs Patrick Harring- 
80 Mrs D J Flanagan 
84 Mrs P Cunningham 
86 Mr John M Foley 
88 Mrs R H Scannell 
90 Miss Lizzie Ginty 
92 Mr & Mrs Wm M Connell 
94 Mr Dennis Mahoney 


39 Mrs Walter P Beck 

43 Mr & Mrs H DeForrest 

45 Miss Ella M Drury 

Mr & Mrs Louis Rosenberg 
47 Mr James W Carpenter 
49 Mr & Mrs Jacob Saunders 
51 Mr & Mrs I Israel 
65 Mr & Mrs Jas W Boleman 
67 Mrs E A Loud 
69 Mr & Mrs Albert L Knox 
71 Mr & Mrs Chas S Jones 
73 Mr & Mrs Wm A Pembroke 
75 Mr & ^TS John D Willard 
75 Mr & Mrs Edwin H Ohver 
77 Mrs John Oliver 
81 Mr & Mrs Wm R Ross 
83 Mrs E E Cook 
85 Mr & Mrs Hamilton A Mc- 

18 Mrs Wm A Spoon er 
20 Mr & Mrs Geo C Haven 
28 Mr Charles B Keith 
30 Mr & Mrs Edwin W Beal 
32 Mr James R Hamm 
48 Mr & Mrs Aaron Slutski 
50 Mr & Mrs Abram Abraham 
52 Mr & Mrs Myer Dana 
80 Mr & Mrs Chas J Johnston 
82 Mr & Mrs Jas D Driscol 
84 Mr & Mrs Theo Menadier 
86 Mr & Mrs Chas J Mansfield 
88 Mr & Mrs Bernard J Gately 

99 Mr Benjamin M Lovell 
103 Mr & Mrs Edw S Cooke 
Mr & Mrs Lorenzo Vose 
Rev & Mrs Wm W Everts 
Rev & Mrs Clarence A 



1 Mr & Mrs G H Washburn 2 Mr & Mrs Michael H Cud- 
3 Mr & Mrs F N Dunbar dihy 



Otisfibld St— Continued 4 Mr & Mrs John J McNamara 

5 Mr <& Mrs Edward O How- 6 Mr & Mrs Charles A Savery 
ard 8 Mr & Mrs James Mouncey 

7 Mr & Mrs Charles E Ball 

9 Mr & Mrs Chas D Redmond 15 Mr & Mrs Louis Novinsky 

11 Mr & Mrs J J Henry 


15 Mr & Mrs Chas L Williams 

26 Mr & Mrs Chas W Gillette 
26 Mr & Mrs Herbert V Mit- 

10 Mr & Mrs A W Sawyer 

10 Mr & Mrs M Vamum Swift 

14 Mr & Mrs Wm L Bates 

18 Mr & Mrs Edw H Belden 

18 Mr & Mrs Milton Gale 

20 Mr & Mrs Irving H Upton 


7 Mrs S H Hunneman 
9 St Patrick's Convent 
1 1 Mr & Mrs James Conlon 

Mr & Mrs Charles H Tisdale 
23 Mr & Mrs Geo J Sinnett 
37 Mr & Mrs Robert B Wil- 
39 Mr & Mrs Louis F Abbott 
41 Mr & Mrs Reuben Carver . 

36 Mrs M E Falvey 

38 Mrs George C Applet on 

40 Miss C A Potter 

48 Dr & Mrs F E Greene 

2 Mrs Walter Ross 

4 Miss L A Jackson 

6 Mrs John S Badger 

8 Mr & Mrs Ira D VanDuzee 
10 Mr & Mrs John F Kelley 
12 Mr & Mrs James E Martin 
14 Mrs Frank B Ingalls 
16 Mr & Mrs Andrew L West 
18 Mr & Mrs Jos Houghton 
24 Mrs Charles Regan 
24 Mr & Mrs Walter F Higgins 
26 Mrs D C Hodges 
30 Mrs M G Knight 
34 Mr & Mrs Chas C Barney 


13 Miss A J Parker ; 

15 Mr & Mrs Geo E Simpson 25 Mrs S M Weston 


1 Miss Ednah C Silver 
Church of New Jerusalem 
1 1 Mr Alfred G Gray 
29 Mr & Mrs G F (bnklin 
31 Mr & Mrs Geo O Boynton 
45 Mr & Mrs Arthur J Duffy 

34 Miss Lucy G M Card 
36 The Bissell 
38 The Leigh 
120 Hotel Regent 

47 Mr & Mrs James M Paige 




1 Dr & Mrs F J Macfarlane 
3 Dr & Mrs Eugene T Gal- 

5 Mr & Mrs George S Carter 
7 Mr & Mrs John J Purcell 
9 Mrs Mary L Wat kins 
11 Mrs Samuel Tompson 

28 Miss E G Lynch 
Miss E M Green man 
Mr & Mrs Geo H Galger 

30 Miss Flora Williamson 
Mrs Estelle L Brown 
Mr & Mrs D Kurtz 

2 Mr & Mrs Hale Mason 
Mr & Mrs W S Melcher 
Mr & Mrs Sydney L Curry 
4 Mrs Charles A Rand 
Mrs S Bowen 
Mr Seranus H Bowen 
Mr C H Williams 
Mrs Louisa L Williams 
6 Mr & Mrs APT Hicks 
8 Mrs Rosa E Baldwin 
10 Mr & Mrs Horace P Williams 
10 Mrs Stokeloy Morgan 
14 Mr Henry P Murphy 
28 Mr & Mrs G S Jones 


1 Mr & Mrs Donald M Blair 
3 Mr & Mrs W J Brennan 
5 Mrs L B Hiscock 
13 The Misses Clark 
19 Mr H F Morse 
21 Mr & Mrs H W Wesson 
23 Mrs James T Baxter 
25 Mr & Mrs John D Bruce 
27 Dr & Mrs C B Darling 

22 Mr Richard Morse 

24 Mr & Mrs Thomas Hennessy 

10 Mr & Mrs Charles H Fox 
12 Mr & Mrs John C Cook 
12 Mr Sherwin L Cook 
14 Mr & Mrs Geo E Perkins 
16 Rev & Mrs Murray W De- 
16aMr & Mrs W A Beckert 
18 Mr & Mrs Job E Gaskin 
18aMr&Mrs Walter M Payson 
Mr & Mrs I P Gammon 
Mr & Mrs Edward R Kings- 
20 Mrs Sarah C McLood 


7 Mr & Mrs George H Brown 

Mrs E Dewey 
11 Mr & Mrs Chas T Carrot 
15 Mr & Mrs James Lynch 
17 Mr & Mrs F C Bruning 

Mr & Mrs Wm F Tilley 

Mr & Mrs Andrew O'Dowd 
19 Mr & Mrs George W Reed 

Mrs I P Holway 

Mr & Mrs Rich'd J Burton 
25 Mr Peter Norton 
71 The Ruthven 
73 Mr & Mrs F L Austin 

4 Mr & Mrs Edw J Erwin 
6 Rev & Mrs A D MacKin- 
8 Mr & Mrs John F Morrill 
10 Mr & Mrs Addis W Demp- 

12 Mr & Mrs W H Gleason 
14 Mr & Mrs Chas W Heath 
16 Mrs W K Wright 
78 Mr John B O'Brien 
78 Miss Katherine A O'Brien 
78 Miss Elizabeth M O'Brien 
82 Mr & Mrs Ed H Atherton 



Ruth YEN St — Continued 

75 Mr & Mrs Geo A Kingsbury 
Mr <fe Mrs Henry P Murray 
Mr & Mrs John M Robie 
77 Mr & Mrs John Finn 
81 Mr & Mrs Martin J Finn 
95 Mr & Mrs W H Byrnes 
99 Mr & Mrs Rob't A Wh3rte 
Mr & Mrs Rich'd J McLean 
133 Mr & Mrs Homer Goodwin 
137 Mr & Mrs Wilfred A Bolster 
147 Mrs E M Bacon 
153 Mr& Mrs A Nathan Williams 
155 Mrs H T Rockwell 
161 Mr & Mrs Israel Shapira 

86 Mr Edwin T Grant 
92 Mr & Mrs Wm J Vennell 
96 Mr & Mrs Walter E Collins 
100 Mr & Mrs Geo H Mctcalf 
136 Mrs E M Cutler 
144 Miss E S Badger 
144 Mrs C L Swift 
148 Mr & Mrs Max Rubin 
152 Mr & Mrs Dan4 P Nichols 
160 Mr & Mrs Tileston Dorr 
164 Mr & Mrs Wesley Jones 
168 Mr & Mrs John Noble 
176 Mr & Mrs D Frank Eddy 
182 Mrs E A Hunt 


1 Hotel Alton 
11 Mr & Mrs Morris Fishel 
15 Mr & Mrs Webster A Saig- 

17 Mrs Daniel Kelley 
19 Mr & Mrs William Burns 
27 Miss E B Ferguson 
31 Mr & Mrs Geo S Tarbell 
37 Mr & Mrs Robt H Lovering 

28 Mr & Mrs A B Shaw 
30 Swedish Cong Home 

1 Dr D J Johnson 
3 Mr & Mrs M Gennaro 
5 Mrs Wm M Todd 
5 Mr Wm N Todd 
7 Miss Clara Hackett 
9 Mrs Emma S Peterson 
11 Mr & Mrs Geo Medberry 
13 Mr & Mrs John E Gilman 
15 Mr & Mrs F S Williams 
17 Mr & Mrs John B Whelton 
19 Miss Mary Healy 
21 The Misses Reynolds 
23 Mr & Mrs Alfred Ewer 
33 Mrs Cyius V Bacon 
33 Mrs Amasa J Whiting 
35 Mr & Mrs Henry E Johnson 

2 Hotel Andrew 
4 Mr & Mrs Wm Mcintosh 
6 Mr & Mrs C C Wharflf 
8 Mr & Mrs Emory BuUard 
10 Mr & Mrs Mark Wolf 
12 Mr & Mrs John A McCarty 
14 Mr & Mrs John D Fogarty 
16 Mr & Mrs Edw T Curley 
18 Mr & Mrs John B Wilson 
20 Rev Francis S Wilson 
20 Dr John D Wilson 
26 Mr & Mrs F J Riley 


2 Dr & Mrs W A Naylor 

2 Mr & Mrs Frank V Layton 

4 Mr Byron Groce 

10 Mr & Mrs Alex C Chisholm 

12 Mr & Mrs Theodore G 
Strat(*r Ti* 

14 Mr & Mrs Theo H Keith 

16 Mrs Thomas Fay 

18 Mr&Mrs CI ester B Kenfield 

37 Dr & Mrs Chas E Hale 

39 Mr&Mrs Wm Henry Brack- 

39 Miss C F Fish 
39 Mr Howard Brackett 
39 Miss S Louise Brackett 




12 Mr & Mrs Wm J Carlin 

234 Mr & Mrs James W Kenny 108 Mr & Mrs Simon Goldsmith 

246 Mr & Mrs Louis A Ginsburg 122 Mr & Mrs Joseph H O'Neil 

254 Mr & Mrs Albert M Wil- 168 Mr & Mrs James F Morse 

liams 176 Mr & Mrs Martin L Gate 

274 Mr & Mrs Herbert M Whit- 184 Mr & Mrs W M W Spring 

ing 218 Mrs Augustus Parker 

218 Mr W Prentiss Parker 


7 Mrs Calvin Bigelow 
9 Miss L M Peabody 
13 Miss Margaret Dillon 
15 Mr & Mrs Marshall W Davis 
27 Miss Julia Messer 
29 Mrs Edwin Read 
29 Mr Edwin R Olin 
29 Mr WilHam M Olin 
35 Mr <fe Mrs G W Morrison 
43 Weston School, 

( Mrs Mathews-Richard- ) 
I son Principal ) 

Rev S Sherburne Mathews 

D D 
Mr Hugh Carey 



14 Mr Edward Lang 

16 Mrs J S Eaton 

16 Mr Louis A Hudson 
St James St Christian Ch 
i Rev D L Martin ) 
I 45 W Newton J 

18 Mrs Mary S Davis 

40 Mr & Mrs G L Rowell 

42 Mrs C S Blackmer 

44 Mrs M J Tern an 

46 Mr & Mrs David S Godfrey 
St James Episcopal Ch 
( Rev M W Dewart ) 
I 16 Rockville Park S 


11 Miss A M Scholl 
45 Mr Henry B Dennison 
45 Mr & Mrs W P Howe 
47 Mr John C Daly 
67 Mr & Mrs H Green, 
71 Dr & Mrs J A Reilly 

169 Dr & Mrs Sam'l Goodman 

171 Mrs A D Cairns 

173 Mr & Mrs Owen McCusker 

203 Mr & Mrs George L Dodd 

168 Mr Robert Levi 

174 Mr & Mrs Jere W 0'('onnor 

178 Mr & Mrs Louis Mazur 
Friends' Meeting House 
{ Rev David M Edwards ) 
I Hotel Regent J 

216 Mr & Mrs Goo J Kennedy 


28 Mrs Mulford M Dunn 
28 Mrs Charles E Spencer ~ 
30 Mr & Mrs George L Mead 
30 Mr & Mrs Frank S Mead 
44 Mr & Mrs O W Farrar 
46 Mr & Mrs Frank C Hender- 
50 Mrs WilUam F Basto 
52 Mr & Mrs Thos R Appleton 
58 Mr & Mrs John A Gardner 
124 Mr & Mrs J Frank Hubbard 
136 Mr & Mrs Chas E Aldrich 
140 Mr & Mrs Norman Plass 
142 Mr & Mrs Thomas Jackson 
144 Mr & Mrs Wm J Wilcox 
146 Mr & Mrs Robert J Todd 
148 Mr & Mrs David C Wyman 
166 Mr & Mrs Fred H Lucas 



TowNSEND St — Continued 

244 House of Mercy 
252 The Misses Everett 

224 Mr & Mrs Edward J An- 

228 Mr & Mrs Harvey N Shep- 

232 Mr Richard D Goodwin 


1 Mrs Philip Prager 

5 Mr Fred C Estabrook 
Miss A M Macintyre 
7 Mr Ira C Miner 
11 Mr & Mrs James E Odell 

17 Mr & Mrs J M Hardy 
19 Mr & Mrs Robert Eager 
23 Mr & Mrs Wm Mulligan 


1 Mr & Mrs Joseph Philbrick 
3 Mrs Ebenezer Alexander 
7 Rev & Mrs J J Dunlop 
9 Mr & Mrs Robert G Molineux 
11 Mr & Mrs James A Beatley 
13 Mr & Mrs J A MacDonald 
17 Mr & Mrs Robert L Barrett 
19 Mr & Mrs Harris Wingersky 
21 Mrs John Hamilton 
23 Mr & Mrs Samuel Butter 
25 Mrs Caroline C Swan 
27 Mr & Mrs Thomas Hahir 
29 Mrs H F Knowles 

Mr & Mrs Meyer Frank 

Mrs A P Freed 

Mr & Mrs C F Koop 

Dr & Mrs W H Winslow 

Mr & Mrs A Kimball Kent 


2 Mr & Mrs James C C Fries 
6 Mr & Mrs Edwin E Chesley 
8 Mr & Mrs Henry C Hunne- 

10 Mr & Mrs Z T French 
12 Dr & Mrs A F Booth 
14 Mrs Austin Cannon 
16 Mr & Mrs Thos Ferguson 
18 Mr & Mrs Bernard Birn- 

20 Mr & Mrs A Johnson Dodge 
22 Mrs Isaac H Dinner 
24 Mrs Caroline M S Fox 
26 Mr & Mrs S Wingersky 
28 Mr & Mrs H L Goldstein 
30 Mr & Mrs J M Hodgate 
30 Mr Howard B Hodgate 


21 Mr & Mrs Wm B Stacey 

23 Mrs I J Thurston 

39 Mrs M E Leach 

39 Mr & Mrs Clarence W 

45 The Misses Aldrich 

53 Mrs William S Leland 

65 Mr & Mrs Everett R Jack- 

67 Mrs R C Nichols 

69 Mr & Mrs Edward W Ray- 

54 Mr & Mrs PhiUp Raphael 

76 Miss C A Baker 

76 Mr & Mrs L Stevens 

78 Mr & Mrs E S Woodaman 

Miss Helen M Wood 

Mrs H C Nichols 
80 Dr Richard F Daly 
86 Mr & Mrs E A McLaughUn 
88 Mr & Mrs Frederick M Wil- 
90 Mr & Mrs Abraham K 



Walnut Av — Continutd 

71 Dr & Mrs C S Bradley 
73 Mr & Mrs John W Fraser 
81 Miss S D Messinger 
81 Mr William S Messinger 
81 Mr Wm Howell Reed Jr 
89 Mr & Mrs Thos McCorraick 
99 Mrs E W Starratt 
101 Mr James A Berrill 
103 Prof & Mrs Henri M F 

105 Mr & Mrs Robert F Ford 
109 Mr & Mrs Kilbom Whitman 
115 Mr J W Patch 

Mr D J Coven ey 
115 Mr & Mrs H B Gooding 
117 Mrs John J Fannon 
119 Mr & Mrs E R Jenness 

Mr <fe Mrs Frederick G 
137 Mr & Mrs W T A Fitzgerald 
145 Mr & Mrs John McKoever 
171 Mr & Mrs HG Hunt 
205 Mr & Mrs W H Pearson 
205 Mr Arthur E Pearson 
209 Miss Rose Nawn 
209 Mrs Susan S Epan 
213 Mr & Mrs Denni.s F Sbechan 
215 Mr William P Kittrodge 
215 Mr & Mrs Wm R Kittredgc 
237 Mrs G W Gregory 
241 Miss Marie E Rudiger 
255 Mr & Mrs Leander B Ab- 
273 Mr & Mrs Charics D White 
275 Mrs C W Coffin 
275 Mr & Mrs Frank H Folsom 
277 Mr T H Perkins 
277 Mr & Mrs Daniel E Nyen 
279 Mr & Mrs Henry W Copp 
279 Mr & Mrs Walter H Copp 
283 Mr & Mrs Jeremiah Driscoll 
285 Mr & Mrs Chas Gallagher 
287 Mr & Mrs Louis J Fitz- 

289 Mrs Mary E Burt 

92 Dr Joseph I McI aughlin 
Immanubl Walnut Av Cong 

Rev Clarence A Vin- 
cent D D 
107 Munroe st 
134 Mr & Mrs W F Stetson 

Miss F L Fisher 
136 Mr & Mrs E J Ryan 

Mr & Mrs L Morgan 
138 Mr & Mrs E T McKnight 
140 Mrs C A Neill 
142 Mr & Mrs F P Davis 
176 Miss E F Reilly 
176 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Joslin 
182 Mr & Mrs Charles Mason 

Mr & Mrs Geo W Janvrin 
184 Mr & Mrs D A Bouley 
192 Mr & Mrs F H Kennedy 

Mr & Mrs O M Famham 

Mr & Mrs E R Gregory 
194 Mr & Mrs Peter Stevenson 
196 Mrs Mary A Dacey 
198 Mrs A A Rockwood 
198 Mrs A A Hazelwood 
274 Mr & Mrs Geo A Callahan 
300 Mr & Mrs Jas M F Morrison 
330 Mr & Mrs Elisha Green- 
340 Mr & Mrs John W Home 
346 Mr & Mrs Chas T Gallagher 
348 Mrs Isabel G Burnham 
352 Mr & Mrs Karl Adams 
352 Mr & Mrs J E Rousmanicre 
354 Mrs William A Johnson 
360 Mrs Peter T Magee 
366 Mrs CLP Stephenson 

291 Mr & Mrs Peter McBreen 
297 Mr & Mrs Leonard Ware 
315 Mr & Mrs Charles H Here^oy 
317 Mr & Mrs John B Pearse 
331 The Misses Richardson 
367 Mrs C J Spenceley 
377 Rev D J SuUivan 
409 Home for Aged Couples 




19 Mrs Mary E Kahurl 

23 Mr Allen Haskell 

25 Mrs Henry Dahl 

39 Mr & Mrs Wm I Corthell 

41 Miss Elizabeth A Lufkin 

51 Mr & Mrs Robert Gray 

57 Mr & Mrs Oscar Jacobi 

67 Mr & Mrs Edward B Rey- 60 Miss LilUan G Clapp 

nolds • 

67 Miss Ella Reynolds 77 Mr W Dudley Cotton Jr 

77 Mr W Dudley Cotton 77 Mr John P Cotton 


10 Mr & Mrs Jere Murphy 
12 Mr & Mrs C Bolton Plumer 
14 Mr & Mrs Frederick W 

20 Mrs J E Billings 
46 Mr Walter J GilHs 
46 Mrs H Daley 

73 Hotel Grant 
79 The Glenwood 
93 Hotel Putnam 

109 Dr & Mrs S A Callanan 

117 Mrs B S Farrington 

The Warren 

Dr A D Hodges 

Mrs L W Morse 

Mrs M A Amsden 

Mr & Mrs Chas R Howard 

Mr & Mrs Geo M Scates 

Dr & Mrs J W Forbes 

Mr & Mrs Sam'l M Wood- 

Miss E L Merrill 
Miss S T Hammond 
Mr & Mrs Wm M Garfield 
Miss I M Vose 
Mrs L M Kemp 
The Misses Brainard 
Mrs J A Sargent 
Mr & Mrs Benj B Clay 
Mr Newton W Macintosh 
Dr & Mrs J S McLeod 
Mrs Emerson 
Dr John F Lindsay 

i Mrs Carrie Lathrop 
Mrs C H Hovey 
Mr & Mrs W M Farwell 
Mr F S Hodges 
Mr & Mrs Frank E Nicker- 

84 Dr E T Galligan (office) 
86 Dr R J McCormack 
88 Dr & Mrs T M Shay 
96 Dr Charles S Capelle 
104 Mr & Mrs Andrew H Mc- 
106 Dr & Mrs A H Thomasson 
108 Dr & Mrs J L Lockary 
124 Dr & Mrs L B Dutton 
124 Dr & Mrs A H Fisher 
126 Dr & Mrs C Edwin Miles 
130 The Warrenhurst 
132 Dr T B Shea 
136 Dr J W Shay 
136 Dr C E Shay 
140 Dr I H Small 
150 Dr J L Wells 
152 Dr & Mrs A L Wells Jr 
Advent Christian Church 
188 Dr W O Bartlett 
190 Mr & Mrs Chas H Currier 
196 Dr & Mrs W T Patch 
198 Dr & Mrs A P Beardsley 
202 Mr & Mrs G H Scott 
206 Mrs W G Tyler 
210 The Misses McGowan 
216 Progress Club 

RoxBURY High School 
238 to 248 Van Ness Terracb 
238 Dr J M Martin 

Mr & Mrs Louis James 
238 Miss Rose I Byrne 



Warren St — Continued 

The Warren — Continued 
Mr & Mrs F C Griffith 
Miss Rebecca Carey 
Mrs Starkweather 
Dr & Mrs W H Milliken 
Dr Fred'k A Bardwell 
Mr & Mrs M J Stanley 
Mrs L W Coolidge 
Mr & Mrs J E Mansur 
Mr & Mrs H C Knight 
Mrs C F Waugh 
Mr A H Baker 
Mr John C Haynes 
Mr Abraham Bieringer 
Mrs James E Nason 
Miss Sarah E Haskins 
Mr & Mrs W H Daniels 
Miss J F Emery 
Miss Susan Wood 
Mr & Mrs C J French 
Mrs H P Hall 
Mr Prosper W Smith 
Mr & Mrs Henry L Hiscock 
Mrs Mary Hubbard 
Mr & Mrs C M Clay 
Miss M C House 
Mr S G Chickering 
Mrs E A Morrill 
Dr & Mrs S H Littlefield 
Mrs John J Stevens 
Mr W N Mackintosh 

165iMr C F Munroe 

171 RoxBURY Masonic Tbm- 


217 Dr & Mrs Francis W Goss 

219 Mrs Augusta Vogel 

219 Mr & Mrs Arthur L Sweet- 

221 Dr & 
223 Dr & 
231 Dr& 
235 Mr& 
237 Mr & 
249 Dr & 
255 Dr<fe 

Mrs S H Calderwood 
Mrs John Wallace 
Mrs John B Moran 
Mrs M S Mitchell 
Mrs J F Paige 
Mrs W A White 
Mrs D N Blakely 

240 Dr Fred'k S Fogg (office) 
242 Mr & Mrs S C Hovey 
244 Dr & Mrs E S Calderwood 
244 Mr & Mrs Jos E Sternberg 

Mrs Adelaide M Allen 
246 Rev & Mrs J G Nickerson 
246 Dr & Mrs Clarence M 

246 Dr C B Hopkins 
248 Mr & Mrs J L Hillard 

Dr Mary A Heard 
248 Mr & Mrs Thomas Doyle 
250 Mrs M A Brown 
252 Mr & Mrs Chas W Huse 
252 Dr E E Myers (office) 
258 Mr & Mrs Leonard H 
Mr & Mrs D W Smith 
Mr & Mrs Ulysses G Jame- 
258 Mr & Mrs Edwin M Litch- 
284 Dr & Mrs Geo G Kennedy 
310 Mrs Mary E Dodge 
312 Hotel Vera 

Mrs Henry B Means 
Mr & Mrs D E Page 
Mrs Charles H Senter 
Mr & Mrs F W Stiles 
Mrs Susan C Blagden 
Mr Clarence C Minard 
322 Dr W H Greene 
322 Dr T F Greene 
322 Mrs Margaret Greene 
RoxBURY Presbyterian Ch 
j Rev James J Dun lop ) 
\ 7 Wabon St J 

386 Hotel Harold 
388 Hotel Maud 
428 Mr & Mrs Walter F Bald- 
436 Mr & Mrs Thomas Parker 
440 Mr George E Clarkson 
442 Dr & Mrs Wm H Robey Jr 
444 Dr & Mrs G B Stevens 
466 Dr & Mrs Wm P BoUes 


Wabrbn St— Continued 470 Mr George R Emerson 
257 Mr Geo Hinman Dr & Mrs Wm B Keeler 

257 Mrs Halsey Boardman Mrs Albert Gates Jr 

275 Dr & Mrs Geo W Clement 472 Mr & Mrs F C Nichols 

277 Dr & Mrs Walter B Guy , Mrs M L Newton 
285 Mr John C Mooney Mr & Mrs W F Spear 

287 Mrs J E CooUdge 476 Mr & Mrs Wm S Kimball 

295 Mr & Mrs Alfred Dutton 486 Mr & Mrs Frank LeCain 

303 Dr Charles E Wilhams 504 Dr & Mrs F W Stetson 

415 Mrs E B Marshall 516 Dr & Mrs Wm W Harvey 

445 Mr D W WilUams 524 Walter.Baker Sanita- 
445 Mr John D Wilhams rium 

445 Miss A C WilUams Dr Frederick L Taylor 

First Free Baptist Ch 538 Dr Henry N Longfellow 

( Rev J Stanley Durkee { 548 Dr & Mrs Joseph Shohan 

] 92 Harrishof St ( 574 Dr & Mrs C D Knowlton 

489 Dr & Mrs S K Patten 576 Dr M J Konikow 

493 Dr & Mrs Maurice Gerstein 578 Mr Alonzo S Drisko 

495 Dr J S May 580 Mrs W S Cordingley 

497 Mr & Mrs Augustus F 620 Mr & Mrs William L Kean 

Caldwell 622 Mr & Mrs Andrew G Paul 

501 Mr James Fitzgerald 624 Dr & Mrs D H Judd 

507 Dr Fred'k E Jones (office) 624 Mr & Mrs Wm H Lewis 

All Souls Unitarian Ch 630 Dr & Mrs Edward G West 

j Rev H T Secrist ) 

1 3 Abbotsford St J 617 Mr Ashton H Bartlet 

615 Mr & Mrs Lewis J Bird 625 Mr J C J Brown 
617 Mr & Mrs W W Bartlet 


Hotel Dunbar 2702 Miss Beatrice L Hadcock 

2817 Mr & Mrs Luther W 2842 Mrs Robert Bell 

Bixby 3042 Dr & Mrs E F Spaulding 

2849 Dr & Mrs John Skinner 3094 Mr & Mrs Lewis Brewster 
2849 Vernon V Skinner Egleston Sq M E Ch 

2859 Miss Jennie Mcintosh ( Rev T C Martin ) 

Notre Dame Academy \ 7 Beethoven St ) 


7 Mr & Mrs G H Rimbach 10 Mr & Mrs James H Smith 

^ Mr & Mrs A T Rowe 12 Mrs Augustine Dunyon 

13 Mrs S E Deland 14 Mr & Mrs Geo A Clouston 

15 Mr & Mrs Wm P Taylor 16 Mr & Mrs Henry J Levy 

1.7 Mr & Mrs Ernest B Grant 18 Mr & Mrs C D Richards 

19 Mr & Mrs Harry C Philbrick 20aMr & Mrs David Banash 

21 Mr & Mrs John T Kennedy 22 Mr & Mrs Lawrence Cain 



Waumbeck St — Continued 

23 Mr & Mrs Isaac Klous 

25 Mr & Mrs Charles H Stewart 

27 Mr & Mrs M W Burlen 

29 Mrs Edward Everett 

31 Mr Joseph Arnold 

33 Mr & Mrs IJ Vail 

39 Mr & Mrs Alpine McLean 

41 Mr & Mrs D S Waterman 

41 Mr Walter B Waterman 

43 Miss H E Davenport 

43 Mrs Warren Davenport 

45 Mrs S B King 

63 Mr & Mrs Milton M Jacobs 

65 Mr & Mrs A S Cohen 

69 Mr & Mrs Charles Wagner 

73 Mr & Mrs Antonio Repetto 

75 Mr & Mfs Forrest Bean 

77 Mr & Mrs James Solomont 

77 Mr & Mrs Jacob Wachtel 

79 Mr & Mrs Ignatz Klein 

81 Mrs Benj Spinoza 

83 Mr & Mrs Frank A Epstein 

Mr & Mrs D D McCarthy 
85 Mr & Mrs Julius Winkler 
89 Mr & Mrs Abe Broude 

24 Miss A E Batchelder 

26 Mr & Mrs William Hogarty 

28 Mr & Mrs Isaac S Fishel 

30 Mrs Frank M Stevens 

32 Mr & Mrs A L Fishel 

38 Mr Fred M Kingsbury 

40 Mr & Mrs Morris Dean 

42 Mr & Mrs C P LeBon 

44 Mrs J R Lomasney 

46 Mr & Mrs Walter P Ruis- 

64 Rev & Mrs Maneham A 

Mrs H F Coolidge 
68 Mr & Mrs Jos Y Schooner 
68 Mr & Mrs William Mann 
72 Mr & Mrs Hyman Phillips 
74 Mr & Mrs Jason Weiler 
76 Mr & Mrs J Silverman 
78 Mrs Henry J Harding 
80 Mr & Mrs Simeon Adams 
82 Mr & Mrs Hugh H Mclnnes 
84 Mr & Mrs C L Baine 

71 Mr & Mrs G A Kelley 

93 Mr & Mrs Edwin G Dobbins 


31 Mrs Mark Peirce 

31 Mr William Peirce 

33 Mrs L S James 

33 Miss C S James 

35 Mrs C H Plimpton 

37 Mr & Mrs Henry S Bean 

41 The Misses Huntington 

43 Mr & Mrs Robert B Walsh 

45 Mr & Mrs Thos E Kennedy 

47 Mrs Samuel Levy 

49 Mrs G S Perkins 

53 Mr & Mrs Morris Gordon 

55 Mr & Mrs Alfred H Wardle 

57 Mr H H Souther 

59 Mr & Mrs Charles Follen 

61 Mrs Jane Robinson 
63 Mr & Mrs Jas E Hanrahan 

20 Mr & Mrs O H Davenport 

26 Mrs W N Potter 

30 Mr & Mrs H A Hodge 

36 Mr & Mrs W G Tibbetts 

58 Mr & Mrs A F Andrews 

58 Mr & Mrs Adolf H Acker- 

60 Mrs A H Satterlee 
62 Mrs Joanna B Mclnnis 
64 Mrs Aaron Slater 
72 Mr & Mrs Jeremiah Dono- 
76 Mr & Mrs David Jamieson 

65 Mrs H Estes Wright 

67 Miss S J Horan 

69 Mrs S Hazen 

71 Mr & Mrs Arthur F Bond 



Waveblby St — Continued 

73 Mr & Mrs R H White 

76 Mr W F Merrill 

Mr & Mrs Justus P Weston 

77 Mr Geo F Dunham 

Mr & Mrs Chas W Restarick 


6 Mr Thomas M Guiney 

7 Mrs F A Davenport 
7 Mr & Mrs E T Kelly 

9 Mr & Mrs Wm G Bums 
9 Mr & Mrs Robt H Stewart 
11 Mr & Mrs Albert F Hayden 
19 Mr & Mrs Walter D Adams 

77 Mr & Mrs Charles T Crosby 
Mr & Mrs Joseph Gilpatrick 
81 Mrs Eva M Stevenson 
83 The Misses Bradford 


2 Mr & Mrs Freeman A Mac- 
4 Mr & Mrs Chas D French 
6 Mr <& Mrs L M Chase 
8 Mr & Mrs Wm H Faunce 
10 Mr & Mrs E W Howe 
12 Mr & Mrs Willard Burr 


29 Mr & Mrs Julius F Gage 
31 Mrs Jane F Keenan 
31 Mrs Malcolm McLoud 
33 Mr & Mrs John W Dole 
33 Miss Marion Dole 
35 Mr Timothy J Kelleher 
43 Mr & Mrs Henry P Cole Jr 
Mr & Mrs Frederic M Dean 

30 Mrs Callaghan McCarthy 
32 Mrs Genevieve C Brincker- 

34 Mr WilUam J Porter 
36 Mr B M Wachtel 
40 Mr & Mrs Fred H Whiting 
Fauntleroy Hall 


Hotel Sherwood 32 

Hotel Alison 38 
49 Mr & Mrs P H FitzGerald 

53 Mr & Mrs James B Backup 72 

69 Mr & Mrs Alex C Pitman 74 

71 Mrs J H Cook 76 

73 Mrs C F Field 78 

75 Mr & Mrs Jeremiah M Swett 80 

77 Mrs A MacMahon 84 

79 Mr & Mrs Frederick A Reeve 90 
81 Mrs Albert C Hetschel 

87 Mr & Mrs Arthur Gordon 95 

Hotel Westbrook 

Mr & Mrs Seymour V Rice 

Bethany Baptist Ch 

Miss Clara E Browning 

Mr & Mrs George H Lloyd 

Mr & Mrs John Bonython 

Mrs Kate Mclntyre 

Mr & Mrs Stephen Brennan 

Mr & Mrs F E Blanchard 

Mr & Mrs Jay B Crawford 

Mr & Mrs William Milman 


13 Mr Samuel Thurber 

18 Miss H E Bowdlear 

22 Mr & Mrs Edward Seaver 

24 Mr E J Babcock 

4 Mr & Mrs R F Andrews 

8 Mr & Mrs Nathan Fishelson 

10 Miss K C Lef Strom 

12 Mr & Mrs Thomas Ginn 

16 Mrs F G Curtis 




6 Mr & Mrs Colin C Clarke 

7 Mr & Mrs Wm Charak 

9 Mr & Mrs Geo F W Rich- 
11 Mr & Mrs W J Brady 
17 Mr & Mrs Chas A Plumer 
19 Mr & Mrs R Mann Jr 
21 Mrs A M Oakes 
27 Mrs Frank F Tripp 
29 Mr & Mrs Frank F Tripp 
39 Rev & Mrs Charles C Earle 
41 Mrs M E Stinson 
43 Mr & Mrs Harry L Whipple 

2 Mr & Mrs M Hollander 

4 Mr & Mrs Geo Rimbach 

36 Mr & Mrs S Finkelstein 

38 Mr & Mrs Geo B Adams 

65 Mr & Mrs A M Rawson 

60 Mr & Mrs Walter C Blodgett 

66 Miss Rosilla Butler 

45 Mr & Mrs L D Drury 
59 Mr <& Mrs Julius A Chelius 
61 Mr & Mrs Charles I Quirk 
65 Mr & Mrs Felix H Mundy 
67 Mr & Mrs Herbert A Austin 


5 Mrs S M Hatch 
7 Mr & Mrs Charies E Pratt 
9 Mrs George H Loring 
11 Mr & Mrs P Keevan 
15 Mr George S Hill 
17 Mr & Mrs J S Bibas 
19 Mr & Mrs Joseph Waxman 
21 Tlie Misses Rhoades 
23 Miss Mary A Torrey 

St Mark's Lutheran Ch 
j Rev E L Miller ) 
I 93 Warren St J 
31 Mr & Mrs John Kneeland 
31 Mrs George Sampson 
37 Mr & Mrs Francis J Ward 
41 Mr & Mrs Albert J Foster 
43 Mr & Mrs C R Dane 
45 Dr John F Dowsley 
59 Mr & Mrs Geo W Setchell 
85 Mr & Mrs Abraham G Dan- 

6 Mr & Mrs Jonas R Laws 
10 Mr & Mrs Henry Prentiss 
14 Mrs Emma Edgerly 
18 Mr «fc Mrs G W Billings 


j Rev W A Wood 

I 46 Dale St 
38 Mrs James McCormick 
40 Mr & Mrs John R MagulUon 
48 Mr & Mrs Matthew Binney 
50 Mr & Mrs Joseph DeVoto 
52 Mr William Barton 
56 Mr & Mrs John W Alden 
66 Mr & Mrs C H Duriand 
66 Mr & Mrs J E Gammon Jr 

87 Mrs John B Burke 
91 Mr & Mrs Samuel B Dean 
93 Mrs James D Hutchinson 
95 Mr & Mrs Edward L Leon- 

9 Mr & Mrs James C Mont- 2 Dr & Mrs Lemuel J Hunt 

1 1 Mr & Mrs T G Hawlor 
15 Mr N F Clark 
17 Mr & Mrs Foster E Beaman 
19 Mr & Mrs J E Stevens 
21 Mr & Mrs Alex Martell 

4 Mr & Mrs George F Moses 
6 Mr & Mrs J J Walters 
8 Mr & Mrs George F Squire 
12 Mrs E H Tetlow 
14 Mr & Mrs George W Hunt 
18 Mr & Mrs B B Moulton 



Woodbine St — Continued 

23 The Misses Coleman 

25 The Misses McDonald 

27 Miss Frances N Brooks 

29 Mr M E Todd 

33 Miss Delia Cunningham 

35 Mr & Mrs T J Good 

37 Mr & Mrs H L Boutwell 

Mr & Mrs H R Boutwell 
39aTHE Dakota 

Mr & Mrs Geo G Bampton 
39aMr & Mrs M E Brooks 
39aMr & Mrs M L Wixon 
41 Mr & Mrs Andrew P Cram 
47 Mr & Mrs Neil J Tolan 
49 Miss Martha E Cleary 
51 Mr M W Murphy 
53 Mr & Mrs Wm E Wellings 
57 Mr & Mrs Charles J CliflFord 

20 Mrs Samuel A Brackett 

22 Mr & Mrs Thomas A Gray 

24 Mr & Mrs Geo O Corthell 

26 Mr & Mrs Chas T Johnston 

28 Mr & Mrs Octavius Cate 

30 Mr H E Roberts 

32 Mr & Mrs S E Smith 

34 Mrs T E Emery 

36 Miss E M Ewer 

38 Mrs C A Damon 

40 Mr & Mrs I Mason 

42 The Misses Jacob 

46 Mr & Mrs Hugh F Sheran 

48 Mr & Mrs George P Gale 

50 Mr & Mrs A S Adams 

52 Mr & Mrs S R Kozminsky 

54 Mrs Patrick Maloney 

59 Mr & Mrs Frank R Dietz 
































& Mrs John W Mitten 
& Mrs Frank LaPlant 
R W Walsh 
Charles B Wiggin 
& Mrs John E Fuller 
& Mrs Matthias Brock 
& Mrs Chas E Wiggin 

2 Mr & Mrs Charles A Mooar 
22 Mr & Mrs Frank W Mendum 
38 Mr & Mrs Martin L Curley 
42 Mr & Mrs C Bauckman 
46 Mr & Mrs Schuyler E Wright 

23 Mr <& Mrs Jeremiah F Sculley 


& Mrs Charles A Shaw 
Geo W Brooks 
& Mrs John N Tearle 
& Mrs William C Remy 
& Mrs Howard W Morse 
& Mrs Harry Silbert 
& Mrs Edgar N Smith 
& Mrs Louis Levinson 

24 Mrs Frank H Carruth 
26 Mr & Mrs Leroy S Boulter 
30 Mrs K L Smith 
34 Mr & Mrs Levi Herman 

2 Mr & Mrs Selig Lipsky 
4 Mr & Mrs Morris Covitz 
6 Mr & Mrs Isaac Simons 
8 Mr & Mrs Thomas H Holo- 

10 Mr & Mrs C F Roberts 
12 Mr John T Baylies 
14 Mr & Mrs Richard L Casey 
16 Mr & Mrs Maurice J O'Con- 

18 Mr & Mrs Llewellyn Wildes 
20 Mr & Mrs Wm J Denver 
22 Mr & Mrs Chas A Jewell 





5 Mr & Mrs John M L Ram- 4 Mrs S S Bowes 

seyer 6 Mr & Mrs A W Zoebisch 

11 Mr & Mrs B Proctor Jr 12 Mrs A Zoebisch 

11 Mr & Mrs W D Rich 14 Mr & Mrs W L Hassoldt 

21 Mr & Mrs F W Listemann 16 Mr & Mrs Frank W Ram- 
27 Mr & Mrs M E Nawn sever 

Mr & Mrs J J Lyons 20 Mr & Mrs Donald MacDon- 


32 Mr & Mrs William LeClair 24 Mr & Mrs George B Clark 

26 Mr & Mrs F S Lovis 


3 Miss Mary B Proctor 
5 Mrs D E Foster 
5 The Misses Foster 
5 Mr Paul H Foster 

2 Mr & Mrs Edwin R Sheak 
4 Mrs Abel Hutchins 
6 Mr & Mrs Auguste M L 

Mr & Mrs Edward D Brandegee (Faulkner Farm) 


3 Mr & Mrs W C French 
5 Mr & Mrs M Fredricson 
7 Mr Charles E Lee 
7 Miss Ellen M Lee 
7 Miss Emma W Lee 
17 Mr & Mrs T G Hiler 
23 Miss Ethel M Beaumont 
23 Miss Lillian A Beaumont 
23 Miss Adaline Andrews 
31 Mr J H Dickerman 
31 Miss G A Ballard 
33 Mr & Mrs E F Oliver 

2 MrBailyLPage 

6 Mr & Mrs H C Rice 

8 Mrs L Woodworth 

8 The Misses Gilman 
16 Mr & Mrs Franklin D Field 
20 Mr & Mrs D B Ruggles 
24 Rev & Mrs J L Jenkins 
28 Mr Edward May 
28 Miss Rosamond May 
34 Mr Thomas L Liver more 
34 Mr & Mrs Harris Livermore 

23 The Misses Engel 

23 Mr Joseph Engel 

23 Mr Albert W Engel 

61 Mr & Mrs Thos W Carter 


54 Mrs AUce W Willard 
78 Mr & Mrs Fred'k C Russell 
62 Mr & Mrs Joseph P Lyons 
66 Mr & Mrs Henry W Nutt 



Arborwat— Continued 350 Mr & Mrs James J Morgan 

352 Mr & Mrs Francis J Horgan 

370 Mr & Mrs Ralph W Chainey 356 Mr & Mrs Wm H Blake 
376 Mr & Mrs Abram Sydeman 358 Mr & Mrs Eugene F 
384 Mr & Mrs William CamfUl O'Brien 

388 Mr & Mrs Geo W Harvey 362 Mr & Mrs Thomas Downey 
392 Dr & Mrs John S H Leard 366 Mr & Mrs Wm G Gibson 


4 Mr & Mrs Emil Bernhardt 

3 Mr & Mrs Edward L Rand 

7 Mr & Mrs N J Marshall 

13 Mr & Mrs Henry Schreiber 15 Mr <& Mrs H Francis Keyes 
15 Mr & Mrs C G Keyes 


23 Mr & Mrs George H Elson 
25 Dr & Mrs W J Faunce 
25 Mrs John F Mock 
27 Mr & Mrs A G Corbett 
27 Mr & Mrs Harry G Pierce 
31 Mr John E Boyle 

30 Mrs R A Graham 

Miss Graham 
40 Mr & Mrs J B Comerford 

4 Mr F B Seiberlich 
8 Mr & Mrs Alex Daymond 
10 Mr & Mrs F E Weltch 
10 Mr & Mrs Arthur G Brown 
14 Mr & Mrs A A Koch 
16 Mr & Mrs Anthony Weber 
18 Mrs John W Boyd 
20 Mr & Mrs A C Lieber 
20 Mr& Mrs WmH Kingsbury 
24 Mr & Mrs Ira C Hersey 
30 Mr & Mrs Thomas Kelly 


3 Dr & Mrs Arthur W May 
5 Mr & Mrs Warren R Ben- 
9 Mr & Mrs Benjamin May 

12 Mr Joseph E Hertig 

4 Mr & Mrs G C Emerson 
4 Miss Fanny E Coe 
8 Mrs M A Clough 
8 Mrs E F Poole 
8 Miss Louella C Poole 
10 Mr & Mrs Alexander B 


5 Mrs A H Costello 

7 Mr & Mrs Joseph Hankey 
11 Mr & Mrs W F Miller 
13 Mr & Mrs I M Jordan 
17 Mr & Mrs Emil Reichen- 
' bach , 

4 Mr Charles E Dow 
6 Mr & Mrs Nathan Harris 
10 Mr & Mrs Charles J Williams 
14 Mrs W L Blanchard 

25 Mr & Mrs Dan4 Breivogel 




19 Mr <& Mrs H J Marmein 
19aMr J Henry Champney 
27 Mr & Mrs J W Goodnow 
31 Mr «fe Mrs John D Fallon 
35 Mrs G R Fowler 
43 Mr & Mrs John L Gebhardt 
45 Mr & Mrs William Rooney 
49 Mr & Mrs Geo W Anderson 
55 Mrs Louise C Loomis 
61 . Mr <fe Mrs Conrad J Rueter 

50 Miss B F Haigh 
50 Miss Edith G Haigh 
54 Mr Charles Sidney Waldo 
60 Mr & Mrs R M Morse 

20 Mr & Mrs C T Bauer 
22 Mr & Mrs G B Billings 
24 Mr & Mrs P M Tucker 
28 Mr & Mrs Philip A Mock 
32 Mr R S Barrows 
32 Miss Cecelia A Barrows 
36 Mrs> Frederick Slader 
40 Mrs M S Welhngton 
44 Mr & Mrs Morris Schaflf 
44 Miss Sarah S Schaff 
44 Mr Harrison Hale Schaflf 
46 Mr & Mrs WilUam B Joslin 
48 Mr & Mrs John P Campbell 
50 Mr Charles Haigh 
50 Mr Charles A Haigh 


335 Dr A Carohne Cox 
339 Mrs H Popp 

Church op the Blessed 

(Rev A T Connolly) 
365 Rev A T Connolly 
409 Dr & Mrs A D Yorke 
463 Mr & Mrs W M Pitman 
493 Mr & Mrs Charles F Curtis 
509 Mr & Mrs Charles H Curtis 
541 Mr & Mrs Chas H Adams 
541 Miss Ethelind Adams 
541 Mr Winthrop C Adams 
Jamaica Plain Baptist* 
629 Rev & Mrs Jas E Norcross 
759 Mr & Mrs George P Trott 
777 Dr & Mrs James P Broid- 
First Congregational 

Society (Unitarian) 
( Rev C F Dole ) . 
(14 Roanoke Av ) 
793 Dr & Mrs Orville R Chad- 
801 Mr & Mrs Jacob Chany 
801 Mrs J A Marvin 
803 Mrs E F Nolte 

328 Dr William H McMann 
336 Mrs O M Sheridan 
338 Dr & Mrs W H Robinson 
382 Dr & Mrs F P McKenna 
418 Dr & Mrs W A Perrins 
420 Dr John F Maguire 
428 Mr & Mrs James H Getchell 
428 Dr & Mrs H M Emmons 
430 Mr & Mrs J H Harrigan 
434 Mr & Mrs W C Eraser 
450 German Baptist Church 
464 Dr & Mrs Clifton E Wing 
464 Miss E Wing 
480 Mr & Mrs John Burrows • 
490 Mr Michael Johnson 
492 Mrs S H Rogers 
494 Mr & Mrs Oscar Lefevre 
512 Mr & Mrs Michael J Keane 
530 Mr Daniel J Shea 
580 Dr&MrsWmGMacdonald 
600 Mrs Gabriel Boos 
602 Mr & Mrs Arthur M Boos 
630 Dr & Mrs Walter E Farris 
636 Mr & Mrs G W Green 
754 Mr & Mrs J A Fratus 
Mr & Mrs H S Haines 
796 Dr & Mrs M W Richardson 
800 Mrs Edith M Odlin 


Centre St— Continued 802 Mr & Mrs F R Perkins 

821 Mr & Mrs John Conness 804 Mr & Mrs Robert Keddie 

821 Mrs N R Davis 806 Mr & Mrs George S Blair 

857 Mr & Mrs Frank C Weeks 814 Mrs James W Allen 

891 Mrs Louis H Sanders 902 Mr F W Homes 

927 Mr & Mrs George W Wheel- 902 Miss Homes 

Wright Jr 920 Mrs W H Goodwin 

991 Mr & Mrs Victor Schmidt 938 Mrs E K Butler 

1029 Mrs G J Cross 990 Adams Nervine Asylum 

1067 Mr & Mrs E P Winchester 1020 Dr Daniel H Fuller 

1071 Mr & Mrs George H Ware 1020 Mrs Mary I Fuller 

1085 Mr & Mrs Artemas Win- 1090 Mr Jackson T Dawson 


1 125 Mrs Joseph Gahm Faulk n br Hospital, 

1129 Mr & Mrs Joseph A Gahm cor Allandale 

1133 Mrs Austin F Whitcomb Mr & Mrs Winthrop L 

Mrs Charles Manning Wallis 

1133 Miss A R Manning The Misses Wallis 


195 Mrs Gottlieb Rau Mass Infant Asylum 

207 Mrs Mary A Leach 138 Mr & Mrs Louis Schumann 

213 Mr & Mrs P W Finigan 150 Mr & Mrs C A Walther 

221 Mr Robert W Morville Jr 196 Mr & Mrs Wm VonBergen 

221 Miss Morville 206 Mr & Mrs Julius Hyneman 

223 Mr & Mrs Geo O Currier 212 Mr & Mrs Sam'l R Bennett 

233 Mr & Mrs Louis F Buff 214 Mr G W Fowle 

243 Mr & Mrs A A Heyl 226 Mr & Mrs John F Brown 

263 Mr Joseph R Scott 236 Mr Harris M Stephenson 

271 Dr & Mrs W D Ball 216 Mr Arthur H Stephenson 

273 Mr & Mrs E H Morse 236 Mr H Walter Stephenson 

287 Mr & Mrs George P Wood 236 Miss A B Stephenson 
289 Mr & Mrs Edw B Hale 244 Mrs J C Gilbert 

289 Mr & Mrs J Herbert Dodge 252 Mr & Mrs George R Rich- 

301 Mr & Mrs G T Jaques ardson 

305 Mrs Ellis Peterson 258 Mr & Mrs T J Edwards 

268 Rev & Mrs Thomas C 

286 Mr & Mrs Alonzo C Harlow Campbell 

288 Mr & Mrs A R Houghton 274 Dr Sarah A Bond 

294 Mr S Q Currier 280 Mr & Mrs Robert M Pick 


14 Mr& Mrs Robert A Currier 
Mr & Mrs Arthur W Mudge 




7 Mr & Mrs Samuel Medley 14 Dr & Mrs William F Nolan 

7 Mrs Andrew Lorey 

1 1 Mr & Mrs I^ouis L Jacobs 23 Mr & Mrs G B Kelly 


7 Mrs Daniel H Barnard 
15 Mrs E M Adams 
21 Mr & Mrs B D James 
23 Mr & Mrs J S Williams 
25 Mr & Mrs James Phillips 

27 Mrs Jean White 
39 Miss Mary Boyle O'Reilly 
45 Dr Mary Morey Pearson 
47 Mr & Mrs L E Knott 
49 Mr & Mrs Wm L Barnard 
51 Mr & Mrs Henry L Rand 
57 Mr A Mrs Nelson Curtis 

28 Mrs R E Jameson 

32 Prof & Mrs Robert H 

34 Mr & Mrs P M Keating 
42 , Mr & Mrs Wm C Appleton 
46 Mrs William D Rowland 
48 Dr & Mrs Daniel D Lee 
50 Miss Seeger's School 
52 Mr & Mrs Francis N Balch 
54 Mr J S English 
56 Mr C S Penhallow 
58 Mr & Mrs Geo F Chapman 


Central Cong Church 
Rev Chauncey J Haw- 

34 Elm St 
67 Mrs J S Holmes 
73 Mr & Mrs A T Jenkins 
83 Mr & Mrs Edw H Gleason 

80 Mrs J S Lord 

86 Mr & Mrs W G Kimball 

4 Mr & Mrs G N BUss 
30 Dr & Mrs R K Smith 
30 Mrs Caroline Evans 
34 Rev & Mrs Chauncey J 

First M E Church 

(Rev H C Slater) 
60 Mr & Mrs P M Ford 
64 Mr M W Powers 

Eliot High School 


20 Mr & Mrs James Ghipman 
26 Mr & Mrs Henry Nolte 

4 Mr & Mrs Augustus Wies- 

16 Mr & Mrs G A Hirschauer 


7 Mr Thomas Mayo 
11 Mr & Mrs Herbert E Smith 
15 Miss Florence B Call 

2 Dr & Mrs E Peabody Gerry 
6 Mr & Mrs Russell F Hyde 
8 Mr & Mrs George E Foss 
22 Mr & Mrs Louis E Yorke 
32 Mr & Mrs G C Russell 



37 Mr & Mrs Bremen E Sin- 106 Mrs James C Davis 

clair 118 Mrs A Davis Weld 

71 Mr & Mrs E L Perkins 146 Mr & Mrs John H Ross 

83 Mr & Mrs Louis T WalUs 146 Mr H F Ross 

03 Mr & Mrs Horace P Chan- 146 Mrs M Denman Ross 

dler 156 Mr & Mrs John J Fee 

101 Mr & Mrs Arthur Nazro 

101 Mr <fe Mrs Wm B Wheel- 155 Mr B R Weld 

Wright 191 Mr & Mrs J C Robinson 

105 Mr & Mrs W K Browne 235 Miss S E Gary 
117 Mr & Mrs John G Jack 

(Oflf Glen Road) 
Mrs William F Hastings 


5 Dr & Mrs Charles Malone 28 Dr & Mrs D T O'Keefe 

31 Mrs E H M Huntington 60 Mr & Mrs H DeF Lockwood 

31 The Misses Huntington 70 Mr & Mrs GW Wheelwright 

31 Miss A A'Quincy 

47 Mr Arthur M Brown 71 Mrs G F Ordway 
53 Mrs W T Barker Dr Mabel D Ordway 

59 Mrs H A Johnson 79 Mr & Mrs W M Gustin 

65 Mr & MrsBernhard F List- 91 Mr & Mrs Nathan H Dole 

emann 91 Mrs F E Bennett 


13 Mr & Mrs Otto Sharp 

15 Mrs J H Eayrs 15 Dr & Mrs H H Eayrs 

17 Dr & Mrs Edwin T Rollins 


33 Mr & Mrs J Conway 24 Mr & Mrs John T Collins 

55 Mr & Mrs S D Balkam 26 Mr & Mrs Henry Mayer 

87 Mr John J FoUan 


7 Judge & Mrs John Duflf 2 Dr Helen S Childs 

9 Dr & Mrs J D R Woodworth Mr & Mrs Henry W Balders- 

15 Mr & Mrs Henry F Colwell ton 

21 Mrs G W Rice Mr & Mrs WmC Waterman 

21 Mr Arthur W Rice Miss Annie M Fay 

21 Miss Rice Mrs B W Field 



Greenough Av — Continued 

25 Mrs Louise J Tibbitts 

29 Dr George Faulkner 

36 Mrs F T Wendell 

37 Mrs M R Wendell 
37 Mr B T Wendell 

36 Col & Mrs Edward Burr 
38 Mr & Mrs Samuel B Capen 
40 Miss Gertrude Cumings 

2 Mr & Mrs George C Mann 

4 Dr & Mrs B N Bridgman 
6 Mr Stephen F Woodman 

5 Dr & Mrs H C Ernst 

14 Mr & Mrs Edw J Wood worth 
16 Mrs Nathan Stone 
18 Mr & Mrs A W Martin 
22 Mr J Franklin Gammell 
24 Mr & Mrs Russell S Hyde 
26 Mr & Mrs P H Downes 


1 Mr & Mrs R G Laird 

2 Mr <fe Mrs A J Lewis 

3 Mr & Mrs S W Andrew 

4 Mr & Mrs H M Shaw 

5 Mr & Mrs W F Moller 


1 1 Mr & Mrs Bert E Holland 20 Mr & Mrs John N Jackson 
21 Mr & Mrs George E Pratt 24 Mr & Mrs Joseph S Ridlon 


7 Mr Frank F Downes 

7 Miss Mary C Downes 

9 Mr John A Seavems 

11 Mr <fe Mrs Robert Seaver 

13 Mr & Mrs B H Ticknor 

4 Mr & Mrs C C Chase Jr 

6 Mrs Matthew Johnson 

6 Mr & Mrs Albert H Clark 

8 Mr & Mrs M T Wallace 

12 Mr & Mrs H J Edwards 

14 Mr & Mrs W Henry Winslow 

18 Mr & Mrs Arthur B Glover 14 Dr & Mrs J A Denkinger 

16 Mr & Mrs Fred Seaver 


1 Mr & Mrs John A McKlm 

2 Mr Charles F Ogilby 

3 Rev & Mrs S U Shearman 

4 Mr & Mrs George S Sumner 


15 Mr & Mrs Peter G Post 
21 Mr Albert W Brown 
21 Miss Marion E Brown 
25 Mr <fe Mrs Joseph B Kava- 

27 Mr & Mrs J A Durning 
43 Mr & Mrs John H Chadwick 49 Mr & Mrs Wilbur A Morse 
47 Mr.& Mrs Albert A Ayers 

34 Mr & Mrs Ernest G Lewis 

44 Mrs Francis Colbum 

50 Mr & Mrs Wm A Hopkins 

62 Mrs A S Baker 

62 Mr Harry S Baker 



27 Dr Lucia F Vickery 2 Miss Kate Folsom 

33 Mr & Mrs Wm A French 2 Dr&MrsHenry W Brough- 
The Misses Spaulding ' ton 

30 Mr & Mrs Bela Lyon Pratt 
Mrs Alvin Carl 


311 Mr & Mrs Jas H Smythe 240 Mr & Mrs Roliin A Fiske 
317 Mr & Mrs Melbourne Felch 252 Dr J F McCormick 
325 Mr & Mrs R LippoW 252 Mrs E V McCormick 

260 Mr & Mrs George Sauer 

304 Mr & Mrs A H Spencer 268 Mr & Mrs Alfred A Ziegler 
320 Mr Thomas W Evans 300 Mrs George E Haines 


39 Mr & Mrs Edric Eldridge 24 Mr & Mrs J W Brown 

43 Mr & Mrs Merrill K Green 

Mr Merrill H Green 61 Miss Minna L Ramseyer 

55 Mr & Mrs Chas T Ramseyer 61 Mr Edward C Ramseyer 


Miss H E Wilkins Mr Benjamin W Nichols 

Miss S M Granville Miss Mary P Nichols 

Mr & Mrs H B Chaoin 
Mr & Mrs Robert W Nason 


1 Miss Emma P McIOm 2 Mr & Mrs Elmer E Hudson 

1 Mr Ernest B McKim 4 Mrs Samuel Gist 

3 Mr & Mrs John W Freeman 4 Miss Gist 
5 The Misses Smith 

Mrs Benjamin May 

27 Mr & Mrs Lewis G Kaufman 

45 Mr & Mrs F G Lamson 65 Mrs H E Newell 

55 Mr & Mrs Armund N Jaas- 71 Mr Charles G Wells 

tad 71 Miss Emily F Wells 
65 Mr & Mrs E E Forbes 


113 Mrs M A Monroe 

131 Mr & Mrs John J Meeham 




11 Mr & Mrs Charles M Law- 
rence" 8 
13 Mr & Mrs Henry T Schaefer 8 
15 Mrs Charles Emmel 
15 Mr <fe Mrs Walter Kenniston 10 
17 Mr J T Gibson 14 
17 Mr & Mrs Charles A S Troup 1 6 
19 Mr & Mrs Henry G Hogg 18 
21 Mr & Mrs C F Adams 22 
23 Mrs E G Norcross 24 
23 Mr & Mrs F M Smith 26 


8 Mr & Mrs James Hay 

Mr & Mrs James Hay jr 
Mr & Mrs Herbert H Good- 
Rev & Mrs Hiram K Pervear 
Mr George W Pierce 
Mr & Mrs Henry H Nelson 
Mr & Mrs E B Sampson 
The Misses Miller 
Mr & Mrs Julius M Swain 
Mr & Mrs J Curtis Swain 


1 Mr & Mrs L H Vogel 10 Mr & Mrs Isaac McMillen 

3 Mr Edmund C Burke 


3 Mr & Mrs Henry Mais 
5 Mr & Mrs W C Elliott 
21 The Oakdale 

18 Mrs J Driscoll 

24 Mr & Mrs M Meehan 

4 Mr & Mrs F L Hatch 

6 Mr & Mrs D H Suck 

8 Mr & Mrs L Wood 

8 Mr & Mrs D Grant 

12 Mr H B Lincoln 

16 Mr «fe Mrs Wm O Smith 


15 Mr John J Tobin 14 Mr & Mrs James N Muldoon 

19 Mr & Mrs John F Elston 16 Mr & Mrs F J Parker 
23 Dr & Mrs Jos T Mooney 18 Mrs S R Wood 

24 Mr Alan Burke 

Mr & Mrs John MMinton Mr Thomas Minton 


45 Mr & Mrs A F Brenmer 22 Mr & Mrs Frederick A Seav- 

51 Mr & Mrs T G Rees erns 

57 Mrs Charles Harrington 74 Mr William F Jones 


7 Mr & Mrs W R Russ 4 Mr & Mrs T J Stearns 

9 Mr & Mrs Wm O Crosby 6 Mr & Mrs Walter S Mayo 

15 Mr Charles E Faxon 8 Mr & Mrs Henry S Ormsby 

14 Miss Justine Ingersoll 




1 Mr & Mrs Sidney WooUett 2 Mr & Mrs Jas F Atherton 
The Misses Woollett 


1 Mr & Mrs Sam'l T Harris 
3 Mrs John T Clark 
3 Mr & Mrs M R Wendell Jr 
5 Mr & Mrs W L Ratcliflfe 
15 Mr & Mrs Harry D Evans 


Kindergarten for the 
71 Mr & Mrs Sinclair Grant 
111 Mrs Joseph Nickerson 
115 Mr & Mrs Ernest L M Rue- 

119 Mr & Mrs Henry A Rueter 
119 Mr Fred T Rueter 

Mr & Mrs Chas B Perkins 
Miss E C Cleveland 
241 Mrs Quincy A Shaw 

2 Mr & Mrs W M Wheeler 
4 Dr & Mrs E M Hartwell 
10 Mr & Mrs LedruJ Brackett 

Mr & Mrs Fred'k G Boynton 
Mr & Mrs John Wood 
14 Mrs R K Deland 

Mr & Mrs S H Kimball 


32 Mr & Mrs WilUain Tobin 
44 Mr & Mrs A Tomfohrde 
56 Mr & Mrs William Jacobs 
60 Miss C E Spooner 
60 Miss K C Handerson 
66 Mr & Mrs John F McLaugh- 
68 Mr & Mrs C W F Hamilton 
70 Mr & Mrs P F Connolly 


25 Mr & Mrs Clarence W Mc- 

43 Mr & Mrs F W Miller 
45 Mr F R Emmart 
49 Mr & Mrs S L Dana 
53 Mrs George Smith 
57 Mrs M E Robinson 
63 Mrs Francis Watts Lee 
67 Mr & Mrs J H Leary 
71 Mrs Michael J Quinn 
75 Miss Margaret F Magee 

2 Dr J P McCue 

4 Mrs E B Palmer 

.6 Mr Christel Orvis 

6 Miss Helen D Orvis 
32 Mr & Mrs William Parlon 
34 Mr & Mrs M McPherson 
42 Mr & Mrs Arnet Taylor 
44 Mr & Mrs Jos A Cummings 
48 Mrs P W Ford 
56 Mr & Mrs John F Towle 
64 Mr Daniel E Kelly 
70 Dr David D Scannell 
70 Mr & Mrs J M SuUinan 


11 Mr & Mrs C G Lawrence 12 Mr & Mrs J B Henry 

The Winthrop 12 Mr & Mrs J W Greenhalgh 

21 Mr & Mrs Arthur P Schmidt 12 Mr & Mrs Arthur C Stewart 



Pond St — Continued 

49 Miss Carrie E Smith 
61 Dr & Mrs J C Stedman 
233 Mr & Mrs Edward D Rice 
263 Mr & Mrs Edw W Brewer 

Mr & Mrs H T Colton 
Mr & Mrs W H Sloeum 
Mr & Mrs Francis B Austin 
Mr & Mrs J H Whittemore 

Dr & Mrs H P Bowditch 
Mr William P Warner 
Mr & Mrs Alfred Bowditch 
Mr & Mrs Chas P Bowditch 

14 Mr & Mrs Rossell Drisko 
18 Miss Elmira Johnson 
28 Mr & Mrs J Kennedy 
44 Mr & Mrs Neil J Tracy 
60 Mr & Mrs James Roughan 
80 Miss Lenore B Warner 
180 Mr & Mrs Charles S Gill 
242 Mrs John F Payson 
258 Mrs John W Leatherbee 

Miss Laura Sloeum 
Miss Anna D Sloeum 
Mr & Mrs Herb't L Hard- 
Mrs Francis B Austin 


The Misses Balch 
Miss Ellen S Bacon 


3 Mrs Violet D Maxwell 
7 Mr & Mrs F S Curtis 
9 Dr & Mrs Herbert D Boyd 
11 Mr & Mrs Eugene N Foss 
13 Mrs C E Jackson 
15 Dr & Mrs L W Scott 

10 Mr & Mrs Thos Sherwin 
16 Dr & Mrs A P Perry 
Miss M M Perry 

St John's Episcopal Ch 
( Rev Thos C Campbell { 
I 268 Chestnut Av J 


15 Mr & Mrs C W Riddle 

16 Mr & Mrs H C Brewer 

6 Mr & Mrs Alex V Phillips 
10 Dr & Mrs Arthur N Brough- 

14 Rev & Mrs C F Dole 


1 Mr & Mrs Wm J Gurley 
11 Mrs Eliot B Mayo 
31 Mr Arthur D Foss 
31 Mr Charles W Foss 
53 Mrs M M Atkins 
69 Mr & Mrs H C Wheeler 

18 Mr & Mrs Wellington P 

32 Mrs G M Kirk 
44 Mr & Mrs Ephraim Lombard 
48 Mr & Mrs Geo A O Ernst 
54 Mr Henry Sherwin 




9 Mr <fe Mrs Benj F Appleby 
9 Mr & Mrs Chas W Wheelock 
11 Mr & Mrs A M Robertson 
15 Mr & Mrs Charles T Iron- 
19 Mr & Mrs Ludwig Bayer 
37 Mr & Mrs Henry W Beck- 

43 Mr & Mrs Alfred C Grover 
61 Mr William J Kelly 
87 Mr & Mrs W J McHale 
91 Mr & Mrs Michael Murray 
95 Prof & Mrs Frank Vogel 
101 Dr & Mrs J S Scott 
107 The Misses Comins 

20 Mr & Mrs A T Rogers 
24 Mr & Mrs A W Goodnow 
28 Mr & Mrs E J Whelpley 
54 Mr & Mrs F W Shackley 
60 Rev J P L Bodfish 
66 Mr & Mrs W M Campbell 
70 Rev & Mrs Frederick N 

72 Mr & Mrs A F Moulton 
78 Mr & Mrs E S Davis 
88 Prof & Mrs H O Hof man 
100 Mr & Mrs E Wilson 
104 Mr & Mrs Wm J Beatty 


9 Mr & Mrs George Behr 
15 Mr Jacob Gerlach 
17 Mr & Mrs E Strasser 
19 Mr & Mrs Wm S Sumner 
51 Mr & Mrs T E Turnbull 
85 Mr & Mrs T C Hatch 
Jamaica Club 

92 Mrs H J Hilliard 
94 Mr J T Foster 
94 Dr Elizabeth C Keller 
St Paul's Univ Church 
Rev Florence KoUock ) 

820 South St Ros 
Mr & Mrs Albert T Mc 


34 Mr Albert Leavens 
38 Mr & Mrs Edwin W Pierce 
42 Mr & Mrs Wm R Curtis 
42 Mr & Mrs A P Gardner 
44 Mr Edward G Rowen 
54 Miss Mary E Thompson 
56 Mr & Mrs E H Maloney 
58 Mr & Mrs Thomas Lynch 
60 Mr David H Daniels 
60 Mr & Mrs Leonard J Tab- 

62 Mr Henry W Hart 
78 Mr & Mrs Herbert C Locke 
80 Mr & Mrs John F Warren 
86 Mr & Mrs J Edwin Jones 
86 Miss Adele W Jones 
92 Rev S H Hilliard 
92 Miss L B Johnstone 


Mr & Mrs R S Stearns 
Mr & Mrs Edw A Clark 

Mr & Mrs Simpson C Heald 


21 Dr & Mrs H B Cross 20 Dr & Mrs A H Tompkins 

29 Mrs George B Spaulding 34 Mrs Warren G Hills 



Sbaterns Av — Continued 
29 Miss F M Bixby 
31 Mr & Mrs Geo M Barrett 
33 Mrs Lewis J Clapp 
33 The Misses Clapp 
59 Mr & Mrs George H Haven 

34 Mr Samuel L Hills 
34 Mrs S E Hills 
38 Miss C A Chipman 
38 Mr & Mrs F E Margot 


23 Mrs T J Lyons 
57 Mr & Mrs J F Spellman 
75 Mr & Mrs Obed Baker 
Mr & Mrs A W Shepherd 
Mrs Benjamin Blackburn 

116 Mr & Mrs F B Williams 

93 Mr & Mrs R J Dunkle 
99 Mrs Thomas W Tucker 
105 Mr & Mrs Xavier Lehmann 
81 Mr & Mrs Winthrop C Dur- 109 Mr & Mrs H H Richards 

fee 115 Mrs John D Webster 

87 Mr & Mrs F H McDonough 119 Mr & Mrs Albert H Chap- 
87 Mr & Mrs John Perrins Jr man 

93 Mr O C R Dunkle 


25 Mr & Mrs John F F Brew- Mr & Mrs John T Wheel- 

ster Wright 

24 Mrs Samuel G Thaxter 
26 Mr & Mrs Geo W Hastings 


21 The Misses Weld comer 

Centre St 
57 Mrs Margaret Haskins 
57 Mr George M Haskins 
61 Mr & Mrs Fred W Beering 
61 Dr & Mrs F W Beering Jr 
67 Dr & Mrs F P Broderick 
75 Mr & Mrs Geo J Knapp 
97 Rt Rev Thomas Magennis 
St Thomas R C Church 
( Rt Rev Thomas Ma- ) 
1 gennis ) 

163 Mrs John Gormley 
171 Mrs Patrick McMorrow 

12 Mr & Mrs David S Green- 

12 Miss Anna P Green ough 
44 Dr & Mrs W J Rogers 
44 Mr & Mrs J B R Lyons 
52 Mrs Augusta Spiegel 
290 Mr & Mrs John L Gleason 
294 Mr & Mrs G F Murphy 

The Bussey Institute 

Prof B M Watson 
383 Mr & Mrs Julian F Home 
391 Prof & Mrs Theobold 

363 Mr & Mrs Wm J McGaffee 

405 Mr & Mrs Walter H Robert 445 Mrs Joseph Curtis 




3 Mrs Arthur W Barr 
5 Mr & Mrs C A Haskin 
7 Mrs Edward Tracy 
9 Mr & Mrs Edw L Cutting 
11 Mr & Mrs Richard S Mat- 
15 Mr & Mrs Jos W Cowles 
17 Mr & Mrs Geo R Brackett 
23 Mr & Mrs Charles L Hill 
29 Mr & Mrs E N Hill 
35 Mr & Mrs Robert Brown 
37 Mr & Mrs Frank L Gibson 
37 Mrs Elizabeth Kling 
39 Mrs Albert Lewis 

2 Mrs C F Guild 
4 Mrs T C Hughes 
6 Dr & Mrs W F Boos 
8 Mr & Mrs F L Adams 
12 Mrs Robert C Inslee 
18 Mr A Mrs Geo L TuUoch 
20 Mr & Mrs E W Clark 
20 Miss C D Putnam 
22 Mr & Mrs James E Knott 
22 Mrs James R Knott 
28 Mrs Henry C Noyes 
30 Mr A Mrs E E Gillett 
40 Mr & Mrs Edmund Billings 
42 Rev & Mrs Carroll Perry 
48 Mr & Mrs G F Partridge 

1 Mr & Mrs Lyman Delano 2 Mr David Weld 

3 Mrs Elizabeth Kirby 

2 The Misses Weld 


461 Mr & Mrs Chas Newhall 

461 Mr Cheever Newhall Dr & Mrs Austin Peters cor 

489 Mrs J B Fallon Sigourney 

493 Mr Theodore Hastings 
495 Mr & Mrs T J Mitchell 


3 Mr & Mrs Geo E Brigham 
5 Mr & Mrs S C Brackett 
7 Mr & Mrs C F Sturtevant 
9 Mr & Mrs F N Eisenman 
11 Mr & Mrs W H Mitchell 

14 Miss Mary F Bigelow 


4 Mr & Mrs George B Dilling- 
6 Mr & Mrs Geo W Kenyon 
8 Mr & Mrs W P Holcombe 
10 Mr & Mrs Edwin C Parker 
12 Mr J J Emerson 
14 Mrs George F Bigelow 
14 Dr Alice H Bigelow 


15 Mr & Mrs Carl Brandt 4 Mr & Mrs G A Rothfuss 

8 Mrs H F Daly 
12 Mr & Mrs George B Hugo 

Jamaira plain 





Aohom Mr & Mrs Edgar O 30 Beau- 
fort Road 
Adams Mr A Mrs C F 21 Myrtle 
Adams Mr & Mrs Charles H 541 Centre 
Adams Miss £ 541 CeDtreJ^j jm 
Adams Mrs E M 15 Eliot^ ^ ^ 
Adams Mr & Mrs F L 8 St John 
Adams Mr W C 541 Centre 
Adams Nervine Asylum 990 Centre 
Allen Mrs James W 814 Centre 
Anderscm Mr G W 49 Burroughs 
Andrew Mr and Mrs S W 3 Greenough 

Andrews Miss A 23 Alveston 
Appleby Mr A, Mrs Benj F 9 Robin- 
wood Av 
Appleton Mr «fe Mrs Wm C 42 Eliot 
Atherton Mr & Mrs James F 2 Park PI 
Atkins Mrs M M 53 Robeson 
Austin Mrs Francis B, Pond St 
Austin Mr & Mrs F B, Pond St 
Ayers Mr & Mrs Albert A 47 Holbrook 

Bacon Miss Ellen S, Prince st 
Baker Mrs A S 62 Holbrook 
Baker Mr H S 62 Holbrook 
Baker Mr & Mrs O 76 Sedgwick 
Balch Mr & Mrs Francis N 52 Eliot 
Balch The Misses, Prince St 
Balderston Mr & Mrs Henry W 2 Green- 
ough Av 
Balkam Mr & Mrs S D 55 Green 
Ball Dr & Mrs W D 271 Chestnut Av 
Ballard Miss G A 31 Alveston 
Barker Mrs W T 53 Glen Rd 

Barnard Mrs Daniel H 7 Eliot 
Barnard Mr & Mrs Wm L 49 Eliot 
Barr Mrs Arthur W 3 St John 
Barrett Mr A Mrs Geo M 31 Seavenw 

Barrows Mias C A 32 Burroughs 
Barrows Mr R S 32 Burroughs 
Bauer Mr & Mrs C T 20 Burroughs 
Bayer Mr & Mrs Ludwig 19 Robinwood 

Beatty Mr & Mrs Wm J 104 Robin- 
wood Av 
Beaumont Miss E M 23 Alveston 
Beaumont Miss L A 23 Alveston 
Beckwith Mr & Mrs H W 37 Robin- 
wood Av 
Beering Mr & Mrs F W 61 South 
Beering Dr & Mrs F W Jr 61 South 
Behr Mr & Mrs George 9 Rockview 
Bennett Mrs F E 91 Glen Rd 
Bennett Mr & Mrs S R 212 Chestnut Av 
Bennett Mr & Mrs W R 5 Brewer 
Bernhardt Mr & Mrs Emil 4 Bishop 
Bigelow Dr A H 14 Warren Sq 
Bigelow Mrs George F 14 Warren Sq 
Bigelow Miss M F 14 Warren Sq 
Billings Mr & Mrs E 40 St John 
Billings Mr & Mrs G B 22 Burroughs 
Bixby Miss F M 29 Seavems Av 
Blackburn Mrs Benj 75 Sedgwick 
Blair Mr & Mrs Geo S 806 Centre 
Blake Mr & Mrs Wm H 356 Arborway 
Blan chard Mrs W L 14 Burr 
Bliss Mr & Mrs G N 4 Elm 
Bodfish Rev J P L 60 Robinwood Av 



Bond Dr Sarah A 274 Chestnut Av 
'Boos Mr & Mrs Arthiir M 602 Centre 
Boos Mrs Gabriel 600 Centre 
Boos Dr & Mrs W F 6 St John 
Bowditch Mr & Mrs Alfred, Pond St, 
Winter residence 75 Bay State 
Rd Boston 
Bowditch Mr & Mrs Charles P, Pond St 
Bowditch Dr & Mrs H P, Pond St 
Bowes Mrs S S 4 Adelaide 
Boyd Dr & Mrs H D 9 Revere 
Boyd Mrs J W 18 Boylston 
Boyle Mr John E 31 Boylston 
Boynton Mr & Mrs Frederick G, Parley 

Vale St 
Brackett Mr & Mrs G R 17 St John 
Brackett Mr & Mrs L J 10 Parley Vale 
Brackett Mr & Mrs S C 5 Warren Sq 
Brandegee Mr & Mrs Edw D (Faulkner 

Farm) Allan dale 
Brandt Mr & Mrs Carl 15 Zamora 
Breivogel Mr & Mrs Daniel 25 Burr 
Bremner Mr & Mrs A F 45 Orchard 
Brewer Mr & Mrs Edward W 263 Pond 
Brewer Mr & Mrs H C 16 Roanaoke Av 
Brewster Mr & Mrs John F F 25 Sig- 

Bridgman Dr «fe Mrs B N 4 Greenough 

Brigham Mr & Mrs George E 3 War- 
ren Square 
Brigham Mrs W E 7 Brewer 
Broderick Dr «fe Mrs F P 67 South 
Broidrick Dr & Mrs J P 777 Centre 
Broughton Dr & Mrs Arthur N 10 

Roanoke Av 
Broughton Dr & Mrs H W 2 Lakeville 

Brown Mr Albert W 21 Holbrook 
Brown Mr & Mrs A G 10 Boylston 
Brown Mr A M 47 Glen Rd 
Brown Mr & Mrs John F 226 Chest- 
nut Av 
Brown Miss Marion* E 21 Holbrook 
Brown Mr & Mrs J W 24 Lochstead Av 
Brown Mr & Mrs Robert 35 St John 

Browne Mr & Mrs W K 105 Forest 

Buff Mr & Mrs Louis F 233 Chestnut Av 
Burke Mr Alan 24 Olmstead 
Burke Mr Edmimd C 3 Oakdale Sq 
Burr Col & Mrs Edward 36 Greenough 

Burrows Mr & Mrs John 480 Centre 
Bussey Institute, South St 
Butler Mrs E K 938 Centre 

Call Miss Florence B 15 Everett 
CamfiU Mr & Mrs William 384 Arbor- 
Campbell Mr & Mrs John P 48 Bur- 
Campbell Rev & Mrs T C 268 Chest- 
nut Av 
Campbell Mr & Mrs W M 66 Robiawood 

Capen Mr & Mrs Samuel B 38 Green- 
ough Av 
Carl Mrs Alvin, Lakeville Place 
Carter Mr & Mrs T W 61 Arborway 
Cary Miss S E 235 Forest Hills 
Chadwell Dr & Mrs O R 793 Centre 
Chadwick Mr & Mrs John H 43 Hol- 
Chainey Mr Ralph W 370 Arborway 
Champney Mr J Henry 19a Burroughs 
Chandler Mr & Mrs Horace P 93 Forest 

Chany Mr A Mrs J 801 Centre 
Chapin Mr & Mrs Henry B, Louder's 

Chapman Mr & Mrs A H 119 Sedgwick 
Chapman Mr & Mrs G F 58 Eliot 
Chase Mr & Mrs C C Jr 4 Harris Av 
Childs Dr Helen S 2 Greenough Av 
Chipman Miss C A 38 Seaverns Av 
Chipman Mr & Mrs J 20 Enfield 
Church of the Blessed Sacrament, 

Centre St 
Church, Central Cong, Elm St 
Church, First Cong (Unit), Centre St 
Church, First M E, Elm St 



Chureh, J P Baptist, Centre St 
Church, St John's Episcopal, Revere St 
Church, St Paul's Universaliat, Rock- 
view St 
Church, St Thomas R C, South St 
Oapp Mrs Lewis J 33 Seavems Av 
Clapp The Misses 33 Seavems Av 
Clark Mr & Mrs A H 6 Harris Av 
dark Mr & Mrs Edward A, Rockwood 

Qark Mr & Mrs E W 20 St John 
aark Mr & Mrs G B 24 Adelaide 
Clark Mrs John T 3 Parley Vale 
Cleveland Miss E C, Perkins St 
Ciough Mr & Mrs A B 10 Brewer 
dough Mrs MAS Brewer 
Coe Miss F E 4 Brewer 
Colbum Mrs Francis 44 Holbrook 
Collins Mr & Mrs John T 24 Green 
Colton Mr & Mrs H T, Pond St 
Colwell Mr & Mrs H F 15 Greenough 

Comerford Mr & Mrs J B 40 Boylston 
Comins The Misses 107 Robinwood Av 
Conness Mr & Mrs John 821 Centre 
Connolly Rev A T 366 Centre 
Connolly Mr & Mrs P F 70 Perkins 
Conway Mr A Mrs J 33 Green 
Corbett Mr & Mrs A G 27 Boylston 
Costello Mrs A H 5 Burr 
Cowlea Mr & Mrs J W 15 St John 
Cox Dr A Caroline 336 Centre 
Crooker Rev Mrs F K 820 South 
Crosby Mr «Sc Mrs W O 9 Park Lane 
Cross Mrs G J 1029 Centre 
Cross Dr & Mrs H B 21 Seaverns Av 
Cumings Miss G 40 Greenough Av 
Cummings Mr & Mrs J A 44 Peter Par- 
ley Road 
Currier Mr «& Mrs Geo O 223 Chestnut 

Currier Mr & Mrs R M 14 Chestnut PI 
Currier Mr S Q 294 Chestnut Av 
Curtis Mr & Mrs Charles F 493 Centre 
Curtis Mr & Mrs Charles H 509 Centre 
Curtis Mr & Mrs F S 7 Revere 

Curtis Mrs Joseph 446 S Huntington Av 
Curtis Mr & Mrs Nelson 67 Eliot 
Curtis Mr & Mrs Wm R 42 Rockview 
Cutting Mr «Sc Mrs Edward L 9 St John 

Daly Mrs H F 8 Zamora 
Dana Mr & Mrs S L 49 Peter Parley Rd 
Daniels Mr David H 60 Rockview 
Davis Mr & Mrs E S 78 Robinwood Av 
Davis Mrs James C 106 Forest Hills 
Davis Mrs N R 821 Centre 
Dawson Mr J T 1090 Centre 
Daymond Mr & Mrs A 8 Boylston 
Deland Mrs R K 14 Parley Vale 
Delano Mr & Mrs Lyman 1 Story PI 
Denkinger Dr & Mrs J A 14 Harris Av 
Dickerman Mr J H 31 Alveston 
Dillingham Mr & Mrs Geo B 4 Warren 

Dodge Mr db Mrs J H 289 Chestnut Av 
Dole Rev & Mrs C F 14 Roanoke Av 
Dole Mr & Mrs Nathan H 91 Glen Rd 
Dow Mr Charles E 4 Burr 
Downes Mr Frank F 7 Harris Av 
Downes Miss Mary C 7 Harris Av 
Downes Mr & Mrs P H 26 Greenough 

Downey Mr & Mrs Thomas 362 Arbor- 
DriscoU Mr & Mrs J 18 Oakdale 
Drisko Mr & Mrs Rossell 14 Pond 
Dufif Judge & Mrs John 7 Greenough 

Dunkle Mr O C R 93 Sedgwick 
Dunkle Mr & Mrs R J 93 Sedgwick 
Durfee Mr «fe Mrs Winthrop C 81 Sedg- 
Duming Mr & Mrs J A 27 Holbrook 

Eayrs Dr & Mrs H H 15 Gordon 
Eayrs Mrs J H 15 Gordon 
Edwards Mr & Mrs H J 12 Harris Av 
Edwards Mr & Mrs T J 258 Chestnut Av 
Eisenman Mr & Mrs F N 9 Warren Sq 
Eldridge Mr & Mrs Edric 39 Lochstead 



Elliott Mr & Mrs W C 5 Oakdale 

Elson Mr db Mrs George H 23 Boylston 

Elston Mr & Mrs John F 19 Olmstead 

Emerson Mr & Mrs G G 4 Brewer 

Emerson Mr J J 12 Warren Sq 

Emmart Mr F R 45 Peter Parley Rd 

Emmel Mrs C 15 Myrtle 

Emmons Dr & Mrs H M 428 Centre 

Engel Mr A W 23 Arborway 

Engel Mr J 23 Arborway 

Engel The Misses 23 Arborway 

English Mr J S 54 Eliot 

Erast Mr <fe Mrs G A O 48 Robeson 

Erast Dr & Mrs H C 8 Greenough Av 

Evans Mrs Caroline 30 Elm 

Evans Mrs & Mr Harry D 15 Parley 

Evans Mr Thomas W 320 Lamartine 

Fallon Mr & Mrs John D 31 Burroughs 
Fallon Mrs J B 489 Wabiut Av 
Farris Dr & Mrs W E 630 Centre 
Faulkner Dr George 29 Greenough Av 
Faulkner Hospital, Centre St 
Faunce Dr «fc Mrs W J 25 Boylston 
Faxon Mr C E 15 Park Lane 
Fay Miss A M 2 Greenough Av 
Fee Mr & Mrs John J 156 Forest Hills 
Felch Mr Sc Mrs M 317 Lamartine 
Field Mrs B W 2 Greenough Av 
Field Mr & Mrs Franklin D 16 Alveston 
Finigan Mr & Mrs P W 213 Chestnut 

Fiske Mr & Mrs R A 240 Lamartine 
FoUan Mr J J 87 Green 
Folsom Miss K 2 Lakeville PI 
Forbes Mr & Mrs E E 65 Montebello Rd 
Ford Mr & Mrs P M 60 Elm 
Ford Mrs P W 48 Peter Parley Rd 
Foss Mr A D 31 Robeson 
Fobs Mr C W 31 Robeson 
Foss Mr & Mrs Eugene N 11 Revere 
Foss Mr & Mrs G E 8 Everett 
Foster Mrs D E 5 Agassis Park 
Foster Mr J T 94 Rockview 
Fofter Mr P H 5 Agassis Park 

Foster The Misses 5 Agassis Park 
Fowle Mr G W 214 Chestnut Av 
Fowler Mrs G R 35 Burroughs 
Fraser Mr & Mrs W C 434 Centre 
Fratus Mr & Mrs J A 754 Centre 
Fredricson Mr & Mrs M 5 Alveston 
Freeman Mr & Mrs J W 3 Maple PI 
French Mr & Mrs William A 33 Lake- 
ville Pi 
French Mr <fe Mrs W C 3 Alveston 
Fuller Dr Daniel H 1020 Centre 
Fuller Mrs Mary I 1020 Centre 

Gahm Mrs Joseph 1125 Centre 
Gahm Mr & Mrs Joseph A 1129 Centre 
Gammell Mr J F^22 Greenough Av 
Gardner Mr & Mrs A P 42 Rockview 
Gebhardt Mr & Mrs J L 43 Burroughs 
Gerlach Mr Jacob 15 Rockview 
Gerry Dr & Mrs E Peabody 2 Everett 
Getchell Mr & Mrs J H 428 Centre 
Gibson Mr & Mrs Frank L 37 St John 
Gibson Mr J T 17 Myrtle 
Gibson Mr & Mrs Wm G 366 Arborway 
Gilbert Mrs J C 244 Chestnut Av 
Gill Mr & Mrs Charles S 180 Pond 
Gillette Mr & Mrs E E 30 St John 
Gilman The Misses 8 Alveston 
Gist Miss 4 MapI^ PI 
Gist Mrs Samuel 4 Maple PI 
Gleason Mr & Mrs E H 83 Ehn 
Gleason Mr & Mrs J L 290 South 
Glover Mr & Mrs Arthur B 18 Harris Av 
Goodnow Mr Sc Mrs A W 24 Robin- 
wood Av 
Goodnow Mr & Mrs J W 27 Burroughs 
Goodwin Mr & Mrs H H 8 Myrtle 
Goodwin Mrs W H 920 Centre 
Grormley Mrs John 163 South 
Graham Mrs R A 30 Boylston 
Graham Miss 30 Boylston 
Grant Mr & Mrs D 8 Oakdale 
Grant Mr & Mrs S 71 Perkins 
Granville Miss S M, Louder's Lane 
Green Mrs & Mr G W 636 Centre 
Green Mr Merrill H 43 Lochstead Av 



Green Mr A Mrs Merrill K 43 Loch- 
stead Av 
Greenhalge Mr & Mis J W 12 Pond 
Greenough Miss Annie P 12 South 
Greenough Mr db Mrs David S 12 South 
Grover Mr & Mrs Alfred C 43 Robin- 
wood Av 
Guild Mrs C F 2 St John 
C^urley Mr & Mrs Wm J 1 Robeson 
Gustin Mr & Mrs W M 7».Glen Rd 

Haigh B F Miss 50 Burroughs 
Haigh Mr Charles 50 Burroughs 
Haigh Mr C A 50 Burroughs 
Haigh Miss E G 50 Burroughs 
Haines Mrs George E 300 Lamartine 
Haines Mr d; Mrs H S 754 Centre 
Hale Mr & Mrs £ B 289 Chestnut Av 
Hamilton Mr & Mrs C W F 68 Perkins 
Handerson Miss K C 00 Perkins 
Hankey Mr & Mrs J 7 Bun- 
Harding Mr & Mrs Herbert L, Pond St 
Harlow Mr & Mrs A C 286 Chestnut 

Harrigan Mr & Mrs J H 430 Centre 
Harrington Mrs Charles 57 Orchard 
Harris Mr & Mrs N 6 Bun- 
Harris Mr A Mrs S T 1 Parley Vale 
Hart Mr Henry W 62 Rockview 
Hartwell Dr & Mrs E M 4 Parley Vale 
Harvey Mr & Mrs Geo W 388 Arbor- 
Haskin Mr & Mrs C A 5 St John 
Haskins Mr G«iorge M 57 South 
Haskins Mrs Margaret 57 South 
Hassoldt Mr <fe Mrs W L 14 Adelaide 
Hastings Mr & Mrs George W 26 Sig- 

Hastings Mr T 493 Walnut Av 
Hastings Mrs W F, Glade Av (off Glen 

Hatch Mr & Mrs F L 4 Oakdale 
Hatch Mr A Mrs T C 85 Rockview 
Haven Mr A Mrs G H 59 Seavems Av 
Hawkins Rev & Mrs C J 34 Ehn 
Hay Mr A Mrs James 8 Myrtle 

Hay Mr A Mrs J Jr 8 Myrtle 
Heald Mr & Mrs S C, Rockwood St 
Henry Mr A Mrs J B 12 Pond 
Hersey Mr A Mrs Ira C 24 Boylston 
Hertig Mr A Mrs Joseph E 12 Brewer 
Heyl Mr A Mrs A A 243 Chestnut 
Hiler Mr & Mrs T G 17 Alveston 
Hill Mr A Mrs Charles L 23 St John 
Hill Mr & Mrs E N 29 St John 
Hilliard Mr H J 92 Rockview 
Hilliard Rev S H 92 Rockview 
Hills Mrs S E 34 Seavems Av 
Hills Mr S L 34 Seavems Av 
Hills Mr Warren G 34 Seavems Av 
Hirschauer Mr A Mrs G A 16 Enfield 
Hofman Prof & Mrs H O 88 Robin- 
wood Av 
Hogg Mr A Mrs Henry G 19 Myrtle 
Holcombe Mr A Mrs W P 8 Warren Sq 
HoUand Mr & Mrs Bert Ell Grovcnor 

Holmes Mrs J S 67 Elm 
Homes Mr F W 902 Centre 
Homes Miss 902 Centre 
Hopkins Mr A Mrs Wm A 50 Holbrook 
Horgan Mr A Mrs F J 352 Arborway 
Home Mr A Mrs J F 383 South 
Houghton Mr A Mrs A R 288 Chestnut 

Rowland Mr W D 46 Eliot 
Hudson Mr A Mrs E E 2 Maple Place 
Hughes Mrs T C 4 St John 
Hugo Mr A Mrs Geo 3 12 Zamora 
Huntington Mrs E H M 31 Glen Road 
Huntington The Misses 31 Glen Road 
Hutchins Mrs Abel 4 Agassis Park 
Hyde Mr A Mrs Russell F 6 Everett 
Hyde Mr A Mrs Russell S 24 Green- 
ough Av 
Hjmeman Mr A Mrs Julius 206 Chest- 
nut Av 

Ingersoll Miss J H 14 Park Lane 
Inslee Mrs Robert C 12 St John 
Ironmonger Mr A Mrs C T 15 Robin- 
wood Av 



Jaastad Mr & Mrs A U 55 Montebello 

Jack Mr & Mrs John G 117 Forest Hill 
Jackson Mrs C £ 13 Revere 
Jackson Mr & Mrs John N 20 Grovenor 

Jacobs Mr <fe Mrs Louis L 1 1 Clive 
Jacobs Mr & Mrs Wm 66 I^efkins 
Jaques Mr & Mrs G T 301 Chestnut Av 
Jamaica Club, Rockview St 
James Mr & Mrs B D 21 Eliot 
Jameson Mrs R E 28 Eliot 
Jenkins Mr & Mrs A T 73 Elm 
Jenkins Rev & Mrs J L 24 Alveston 
Johnson Miss Elmira 18 Pond 
Johnson Mrs H A $9 Glen Road 
Johnson Mr Michael 490 Centre 
Johnson Mrs M 6 Harris Av 
Johnstone Miss L B 92 Rockview 
Jones Miss A W 86 Rockview 
Jones Mr & Mrs J E 86 Rockview 
Jones Mr W F 74 Orchard 
Jordan Mr & Mrs I M 13 Burr 
Joslin Mr & Mrs Wm B 46 Burroughs 

Kaufman Mr ife Mrs Lewis P 27 Monte- 
bello Rd 
Kavanaugh Mr & Mrs Joseph B 25 

Keane Mr & Mrs Michael J 512 Centre 
Keating Mr & Mrs Patrick M 34 Eliot 
Keddie Mr & Mrs R 804 Centre 
Keller Dr Elizabeth C 96 Rockview 
Kelly Mr Daniel B 64 Peter Parley Rd 
Kelly Mr & Mrs G B 23 Clive 
Kelly Mr & Mrs Thomas 30 Boylston 
Kelly Mr W J 61 Robinwood Av 
Kennedy Mr & Mrs J 28 Pond 
Kenniston Mr & Mrs W 15 Myrtle 
Kenyon Mr & Mrs Geo W 6 Warren S(i 
Keyes Mr & Mrs C G 15 Bishop 
Keyes Mr & Mrs H F 15 Bishop 
Kidder Mr & Mrs Wellington P 18 

Kimball Mr & Mrs S H, Parley Vale St 
Kimball Mr & Mrs W G 86 Elm 

Kindergarten for the Blind, Perkins St 
Kingsbury Mr & Mrs W H 20 Boylston 
Kirby Mrs Elizabeth 3 Story Place 
Kirk Mrs G M 32 Robeson 
Kling Mrs E 37 St John 
Knapp Mr & Mrs George J 75 South 
Knott Mr & Mrs J E 22 St John 
Knott Mrs James R 22 St John 
Knott Mr & Mrs L E 47 Eliot 
Koch Mr & Mrs A A 14 Boylston 

Laird Mr & Mrs R G 1 Greenough PI 
Lamson Mr & Mrs F ti 45 Montebello 

Lawrence Mr & Mrs C G 11 Pond 
Lawrence Mr & Mrs C M 11 Myrtle 
Leach Mrs M A 207 Chestnut Av 
Leard Dr «k Mrs J S H 392 Arborway 
Leary Mr & Mrs J H 67 Peter Parley Rd 
Leatherbee Mrs John W 258 Pond 
Leavens Mr A 32 Rockview 
LeClair Mr & Mrs WiUiam 32 Adelaide 
Lee Mr Charles E 7 Alveston 
Lee Dr & Mrs Daniel D 48 Eliot 
Lee Miss E M 7 Alveston 
Lee Miss E W 7 Alveston 
Lee Mrs Frances W 63 Peter Parley Rd 
Lefevre Mr & Mrs O 494 Centre 
Lehman Mr & Mrs Xavier 105 Sedg- 
I>ewis Mrs Albert 39 St John 
Lewis Mr & Mrs A J 2 Greenough PI 
Lewis Mr <fe Mrs Ernest G 34 Hol- 
Lieber Mr <fe Mrs A C 20 Boylston 
Lincoln Mr H B 12 Oakdale 
Lippold Mr & Mrs R 325 Lamartine 
Listematm Mr & Mrs B F 65 Glen Rd 
Listemann Mr & Mrs F W 21 Adelaide 
Livermore Mr & Mrrf Harris 34 Alves- 
Livermore Mr Thomas L 34 Alveston 
Locke Mr & Mrs Herbert C 78 Rock- 
Lockwood Mr & Mrs H DeF 60 Gl«i 



Lombard Mr & Mrs Ephraim 44 Robe- 
Loomis Mrs L C 55 Burroughs 
Lord Mrs J S 80 Elm 
Lorey Mrs Andrew 7 Clive 
Lovis Mr & Mrs F S 26 Adelaide 
Lynch Mr & Mrs T 58 Rockview 
Lyons Mr & Mrs Joseph P 62 Arborway 
Lyons Mr & Mrs J B R 44 South 
Lyons Mr & Mrs J J 27 Adelaide 
Lyons Mrs T J 23 Sedgwick 

McCue Dr J P 2 Peter Parley Road 
Macdonald Dr & Mrs Wm G 580 Centre 
MacDonald Mr & Mrs Donald 20 Ade- 
McMann Dr William H 328 Centre 
McMillen Mr & Mrs Isaac 10 Oakdale 

Magee Miss M F 75 Peter Parley Road 
Magennis Rt Rev Thomas 97 South 
Maguire Dr John F 420 Centre 
Mais Mr & Mrs Henry 3 Oakdale 
Malone Dr & Mrs Charles 5 Glen Rd 
Maloney Mr & Mrs E H 56 Rockview 
Mann Mr & Mrs G C 2 Greenough Av 
Manning Miss A R 1133 Centre 
Manning Mrs Charles 1133 Centre 
Margot Mr & Mrs F E 38 Seavems Av 
Marmein Mr & Mrs H J 19 Burroughs 
Marshall Mr & Mrs N J 7 Bishop 
Martin Mrs & Mr A W 18 Greenough 

Marvin Mrs J A 801 Centre 
Mass Infant Asylum, Chestnut Av 
Matthews Mr & Mrs Richard H 9 St 

Maxwell Mrs Violet D 3 Revere 
May Dr «k Mrs A W 3 Brewer 
May Mrs Benjamin, May St 
May Mr <fe Mrs Benjamin 9 Brewer 
May Mr Edward 28 Alveston 
May Miss R 28 Alveston 
Mayer Mr & Mrs H 26 Green 
Mayo Mrs Eliot B 11 Robeson 
Mayo Mr T 7 Everett 

Mayo Mr & Mrs W S 6 Park lane 
McCIure Mr & Mrs A T 102 Rockview 
McCormick Mrs E V 252 Lamartine 
McCormick Dr J F 252 Lamartine 
McDonough Mr & Mrs F H 87 Sedg- 
McGafTee Mr & Mrs W J 363 South 

Huntington Av 
McGuire Mr & Mrs C W 25 Peter Par- 
ley Ro&d 
McHale Mr & Mrs W J 87 Robinwood 

McKenna Dr & Mrs F P 382 Centre 
McKim Mr E B 1 Maple Place 
McKim Miss E P 1 Maple Place 
McKim Mr & Mrs J A 1 Hathaway 
McLaughlin Mr & Mrs J F 66 Perkins 
McMorrow Mrs Patrick 171 South 
McPherson Mr <& Mrs M 34 Peter Par- 
ley Road 
Medley Mr * Mrs S 7 Clive 
Meehan Mr & Mrs John J 131 Morton 
Meehan Mr & Mrs M 24 Oakdale 
Miller Mr & Mrs F W 43 Peter Parley 

Miller Mr & Mrs W F 11 Burr 
Miller The Misses 22 Myrtle 
Minton Mr & Mrs John M, Orchard Av 
Minton Mr Thomas, Orchard Av 
Mitchell Mr & Mrs T J 495 Walnut Av 
Mitchell Mr & Mrs W H 11 Warren Sq 
Mock Mrs John F 25 Boylston 
Mock Mrs & Mr P A 28 Burroughs 
Moller Mr & Mrs W F 5 Greenough PI 
Monroe Mrs M A 113 Morton 
Mooney Dr & Mrs J T 23 Olmstead 
Morgan Mr & Mrs J J 350 Arborway 
Morse Mr & Mrs E H 273 Chestnut Av 
Morse Mr & Mrs R M 60 Burroughs 
Morse Mr & Mrs W A 49 Holbrook 
Morville Mr R W Jr 221 Chestnut Av 
Morville Miss 221 Chestnut Av 
Moulton Mr & Mrs A F 72 Robinwood 

Mutlge Mr & Mrs Arthur W, Chestnut PI 
Muldoon Mr & Mrs J N 14 Olmstead 



Murphy Mr & Mrs G F 294 South 
Murray Mr & Mrs M 91 Robin wood Av 

Nason Mr «Sc Mrs Robert W, Louder's 

Nawn Mr <fe Mrs M E 27 Adelaide 
Nazro Mr & Mrs Arthur 101 Forest 

Nelson Mr <fe Mrs Henry H 16 Myrtle 
Newell Mrs H E 65 Montebello Road 
Newhall Mr <fe Mrs Charles 461 Walnut 

Newhall Mr Cheever 461 Walnut Av 
Nichols Mr Benjamin W, Louder's Lane 
Nichols Miss M P^ Louder's Lane 
Nickerson Mrs Joseph 111 Perkins 
Nolan Dr «k Mrs W F 14 Clive 
Nolte E F 803 Centre 
Nolte Mr & Mrs H 26 Enfield 
Norcross Mrs E G 23 Myrtle 
Norcross Rev & Mrs J E 629 Centre 
Noyes Mrs Henry C 28 St John 
Nutt Mr & Mrs Henry W 66 Arborway 

Oakdale The 21 Oakdale 
O'Brien Mr & Mrs E F 358 Arborway 
Odlin Mrs E M 800 Centre 
Ogilby Mr Chas F 2 Hathaway 
O'Keefe Dr & Mrs D T 28 Glen Road 
Oliver Mr & Mrs E F 33 Alveston 
Ordway Mrs G F 71 Glen Road 
Ordway Dr Mabel D 71 Glen Road 
O'Reilly Miss M B 39 Eliot 
Ormsby Mr & Mrs H S 8 Park Lane 
Orvis Miss H D 6 Peter Parley Road 
Orvis Mr Christel 6 Peter Parley Road 

Partridge Mr & Mrs G F 48 St John 
Payson Mrs John F 242 Pond 
Pearson Dr Mary M 45 Eliot 
Penhallow Mr C S 56 Eliot 
Perkins Mr & Mra C B, Perkins St 
Perkins Mr & Mra E L 71 Forest Hills 
Perkins Mr & Mra F R 802 Centre 
Perrins Mr & Mrs J Jr 87 Sedgwick 
Perrins Dr & Mra W A 418 Centre 
Perry Dr A Mra A P 16 Revere 
Perry Rev & Mrs CarroU 42 St John 
Perry Miss M M 16 Revere 
Pervear Rev & Mra Hiram K 10 Myrtle 
Peters Dr & Mrs Austin, Walnut Av 

comer Sigoumey 
Peteraon Mra Ellis 305 Chestnut Av 
Phillips Mr & Mrs A V 6 Roanoke Av 
Pick Mr & Mra Robert A 280 Chestnut 

Pierce Mr & Mra E W 38 Rockview 
Pierce Mr George W 14 Myrtle 
Pierce Mr & Mra Harry G 27 Boylston 
Pitman Mr & Mrs W M 463 Centre 
Poole Mrs E F 8 Brewer 
Poole Miss Louella C 8 Brewer 
Popp Mrs H 339 Centre 
Post Mr & Mra Peter G 15 Holbrook 
Powers Mr M W 64 Elm 
Pratt Mr & Mrs B L 30 Lakeville PI 
Pratt Mr & Mrs G E 21 Grovenor Rd 
Proctor Mr & Mrs B Jr 11 Adelaide 
Proctor Miss M B 3 Agassiz Park 
Putnam Mrs C D 20 St John 

Quincy Miss A A 31 Glen Road 
Quinn Mrs M J 71 Peter Parley Rd 

Page Mr B L 2 Alveston 

Palmer Mrs Edtaund B 4 Peter Parley 

Parker Mr & Mra Edwin C 10 Warren 

Parker Mr & Mra F J 16 Olmstead 
Parker Mr & Mrs James P 25 Eliot 
Parlon Mr & Mre William 32 Peter 

Parley Road 

Ramseyer Mr & Mrs C T 55 Lochstead 

Ramseyer Mr Edward C 61 Lochstead 

Ramseyer Mr & Mrs F W 16 Adelaide 

Ramseyer Mr & Mrs John M L 5 Ade- 

Ramseyer Miss Minnie L 61 Lochstead 



Rand Mr & Mrs Edward L 3 Bishop 
Rand Mr & Mrs H L 51 Eliot 
Ratdiffe Mr & Mrs W L 5 Parley Vale 
Rau Mrs G 105 Chestnut Av 
Rees Mr & Mrs T G 51 Orchard 
Reichenbach Mr A Mrs Emil 17 Burr 
Rice Mr A W 21 Greenough Av 
Rice Mr & Mrs Edw D 233 Pond 
Rice Mrs G W 21 Greenough Av 
Rice Mr A Mrs H C 6 Alveston 
Rice Miss 21 Greenough Av 
Rich Mr & Mrs W D 11 Adelaide 
Richards Mr & Mrs H H 109 Sedgwick 
Richards Prof & Mrs Robert H 32 Eliot 
Richardson Mr & Mrs G T 252 Chest- 
nut Av 
Richardson Dr & Mrs M W 796 Centre 
Riddle Mr & Mrs C W 15 Roanoke Av 
Ridlon Mr & Mrs Joseph S 24 Grovenor 

Roberts Mr & Mrs Walter H 405 South 

Huntington Av 
Robertson Mr & Mrs Archibald M 11 

Robinwood Av 
Robinson Mr & Mrs J C 191 Forest 

Robinson Mrs M E 57 Peter Parley Rd 
Robinson Dr & Mrs W H 338 Centre 
Rogers Mr & Mrs A T 20 Robinwood 

Rogers Mrs S H 492 Centre 
Rogers Dr & Mrs W J 44 South 
Rollins Dr & Mrs E T 17 Gordon 
Hooney Mr & Mrs Wm 45 Burroughs 
Ross Mr H F 146 Forest Hills 
Ross Mr & Mrs John H 146 Forest Hills 
Ross Mrs M D 146 Forest Hills 
Rothfuss Mr & Mrs G A 4 Zamora 
Roughan Mr & Mrs J 60 Pond 
Rowen Mr E G 44 Rockview 
Rueter Mr & Mrs C J 61 Burroughs 
Rueter Mr & Mrs E L M 115 Perkins 
Rueter Fred T 119 Perkins 
Rueter Mr A Mrs H A 119 Perkins 
Ruggles Mr & Mrs D B 20 Alveston 
Russ Mr & Mrs W R 7 Park Lane 


Russell Mr & Mrs Frederick C 58 Ar- 

Russell Mr & Mrs G C 32 Everett 
Rutan Rev & Mrs F N 70 Robinwood 


Sampson Mr & Mrs E B 18 Myrtle 
Sanders Mrs L H 891 Centre 
Sauer Mr Sc Mrs George 260 Lamartine 
Sautet Mr & Mrs A M L 6 Agassis Pk 
Scannell Dr D D 70 Peter Parley Rd 
Schaefer Mr Sc Mrs Henry T 13 Myrtle 
Schaff Mr H H 44 Burroughs 
SchaflT Mr & Mrs M 44 Burroughs 
Schaff Miss S S 44 Burroughs 
Schmidt Mr Sc Mrs Arthur P 21 Pond 
Schmidt Mr & Mrs Victor 991 Centre 
School, Eliot High, Ehn 
School, Miss Seeger's 50 Eliot 
Schreiber Mr & Mrs Henry 13 Bishop 
Schumann Mr A Mrs Louis 138 Chest- 
nut Av 
Scott Mr J R 263 Chestnut Av 
Scott Dr & Mrs J S 101 Robinwood Av 
Scott Dr & Mrs L W 15 Revere 
Seaver Mr <k Mrs Fred 16 Harris Av 
Seaver Mr & Mrs Robert 1 1 Harris Av 
Seaverns Mr & Mrs Frederick A 22 Or- 
Seavems Mr John A 9 Harris Av 
Seeger Miss 50 Eliot 
Seiberlich Mr & Mrs F B 4 Boylston 
Shackley Mr & Mrs F W 52 Robinwood 

Sharp Mr & Mrs Otto 13 Gordon 
Shaw Mr & Mrs H M 4 Greenough PI 
Shaw Mrs Quincy A, Perkins St 
Shea Mr D J 530 Centre 
Sheak Mr & Mrs Edwin R 2 Agassiz Pk 
Shearman Rev & Mrs S U 3 Hathaway 
Shepherd Mr A Mrs A W 75 Sedgwick 
Sheridan Mrs O M 336 Centre 
Sherwin Mr Henry 54 Robeson 
Sherwin Mr A Mrs Thomas 10 Revere 
Sinclair Mr A Mrs B E 37 Forest Hills 
Slader Mrs Frederick 36 Burroughs 



Slocum Miss Anna D, Pond St 
Slocum Miss Laura S, Pond St 
81o3um Mr & Mrs W H, Pond St 
Smith Mias C £ 49 Pond 
Smith Mr dk Mrs F M 23 Myrtle 
Smith Mrs G 53 Peter Parley Road 
Smith Mr & Mrs H E 11 Everett 
Smith Dr & Mrs R K 30 Elm 
Smith Prof & Mrs Theobald 391 South 
Smith Mr & Mrs W O 16 Oakdale 
Smith The Misses 5 Maple Place 
Smyths Mr A Mrs J H 311 Lamartine 
Spaulding Mrs G B 29 Seavems Ar 
Spaulding The Missses, Lakeville Place 
Spellman Mr & Mrs J F 57 Sedgwick 
Spencer Mr & Mrs A H 304 Lamartine 
Spiegel Mrs A S 52 South 
Spooner Miss C E 00 Perkins 
Steams Mr <fc Mrs R S, Rockwood St 
Stearns Mr & Mrs T J 4 Park Lane 
Stedman Dr & Mrs J C 61 Pond 
Stephenson Miss A B 236 Chestnut Av 
Stephenson Mr A H 236 Chestnut Av 
Stephenson Mr H M 236 Chestnut Av 
Stephenson Mr H W 236 Chestnut Av 
Stewart Mr & Mrs Arthur C 12 Pond 
Stone Mrs N 16 Green ough Av 
Strasser Mr & Mrs E 17 Rockview 
Sturtevan^ Mr & Mrs C F 7 Warren Sq 
Suck Mr & Mrs D 11 6 Oakdale 
Sullivan Mr & Mrs J M 70 Peter Par- 
ley Rd 
Sumner Mr & Mrs Geo S 4 Hathaway 
Sumner Mr & Mrs Wm S 19 Rockview 
Swain Mr & Mrs Julius M 24 Myrtle 
Swain Mr & Mrs J Curtis 26 Myrtle 
Sydeinan Mr & ^hs ALiuiii 376 Arbor- 

Tabraham Mr & Mrs L J 60 Rockview 
Taylor Mr & Mrs A 42 Peter Parley Rd 
Thaxter Mrs Sam'l G 24 Sigourney 
Thompson Miss M E 54 Rockview 
Tibbitts Mrs L J 25 Greenough Av 
Ticknor Mr & Mrs B H 13 Harris Av 
Tobin Mr J J 15 Olmstead 

Tobin Mr & Mrs Wm 32 Perkins 
Tomfohrde Mr & Mrs A 44 Perkins 
Tompkins Dr & Mrs A H 20 Seavc 

Towle Mr & Mrs J F 56 Peter Parley 
Tracy Mrs E 7 St John 
Tracy Mr A Mrs Neil J 44 Pond 
Trott Mr & Mrs Geo P 759 Centre 
Troup Mr & Mrs C A S 17 Myrtle 
Tucker Mr & Mrs P M 24 Burrou 
Tucker Mrs Thos W 99 Sedgwick 
Tulloch Dr & Mrs Geo L 18 St Johi 
TurnbuU Mr & Mrs T E 51 Rockv 

Vickery Dr Lucia F 27 LakeviUe PI 
Vogel Prof A Mrs F 95 Robinwood 
Vogel Mr & Mrs L H 1 Oakdale Sq 
Von Bergen Mr & Mrs Wm 196 Cb 
nut Av 

Waldo Mrs C S 54 Burroughs 
Wallace Mr & Mrs M T 8 Harris Ai 
Wallis Mr & Mrs L T 83 Forest Hil 
Wallis Mr Winthrop L, Centre coi 

Wallis The Misses, Centre cor Allan< 
Walther Mr & Mrs C A 150 Chestnut 
Ware Mr & Mrs G H 1071 Centre 
Warner Miss Lenore B 80 Pond 
Warner Mr W P, Pond St 
Warren Mr & Mrs John F 80 Rock\ 
Waterman Mr & Mrs Wm C 2 Or* 

ough Av 
Watson Prof B M, South St 
Weber Mr & Mrs Anthony 16 Boyls 
Weeks Mr & Mrs Frank C 857 Cei 
Weiscopf Mr & Mrs Augustus 4 Eni 
Weld Mrs A Davis 118 Forest Hills 
Weld Mr B R 155 Forest Hills 
Weld Mr David 2 Story PI 
Weld The Misses 2 Story PI 
Weld The Misses 21 South cor Cei 
Wellington Mrs M S 40 Burroughs 
Wells Mr C G 71 Montebello Road 
Wells Miss E F 71 Montebello Rd 
Wekch Mr & Mrs F E 10 Boylston 



Wend«sU Mr B T 37 Greenough Av 
Wendell Mrs F T 35 Greenough Av' 
Weodell Mrs M R 37 Greenough Av 
Wendell Mr & Mra M R Jr 3 Parley Vale 
Wester Mrs J D 115 Sedgwick 
Wheeler Mr & Mrs H C 69 Robeson 
Wheeler Mr & Mrs W M 2 Parley Vale 
Wheelock Mr & Mrs Chas W 9 Robin- 
wood Av 
Wheelwright Mr& Mrs G W 70 Glen Rd 
Whedwiight Mr & Mrs G W Jr 927 

Wheelwright Mr & Mrs J T, Sigoumey 

Wheelwright Mr & Mrs Wm B 101 

Forest Hills 
Whdpley Mr & Mrs E J 28 Robin wood 

Whitoomb Mrs Austin F 1133 Centre 
White Mrs Jean 27 Eliot 
Whittcmore Mr «k Mrs J H, Pond St 
WUkins Miss H E, Louder 's Lane 
WiUard Mrs Alice W 54 Arborway 
Williams Mr & Mrs Charles J 10 Burr 
Williams Mr & Mrs F B 116 Sedgwick 
Williams Mr & Mrs J S 23 Eliot 
Wilson Mr & Mrs E 100 Robinwood Av 

Winchester Mr & Mrs Artemas 1085 

Winchester Mr & Mrs E P 1067 Centre 
Wing Dr & Mrs Clifton E 464 Centre 
Wing Miss E 464 Centre 
Winslow Mr & Mrs W H 14 Harris Av 
Winthrop The, Pond St 
Wood Mr ife Mrs G P 287 Chestnut Av 
Wood Mr «k Mrs John, Parley Vale 
Wood Mr & Mrs L 8 Oakdale 
Wood Mrs.S R 18 Olmstead 
Woodman Mr S F 6 Greenough Av 
Woodworth Mr4& MrsE J 14 Greenough 

Woodworth Dr & Mrs J D R 9 Green- 
ough Av 
Woodworth L Mrs 8 Alveston 
Woollett Mr & Mrs Sidney 1 Park PI 
Woollett The Misses 1 Park PI 

Yorke Dr & Mrs A D 409 Centre 
Yorke Mr & Mrs L E 22 Everett 

Ziegler Mr & Mrs Alfred A 268 Lamar- 

Zoebisch Mr & Mrs A 12 Adelaide 
Zoebisch Mr & Mrs A W 6 Adelaide 






15 Dr & Mrs R M Merrick 
29 Mr & Mrs Thos J Hatch 
29 Miss Mary Coilyer 
33 Mr & Mrs J H Giblin 
33 Mr & Mrs Arthur Rich 
33 Dr & Mrs F J Giblin 
39 Mr & Mrs Timothy F Clapp 
45 Mrs Solomon Hall 
151 Dr G D BUss 
151 Mr Frederick W Bliss 
151 Mrs Hannah T Bliss 
161 The Misses Seavey . 
177 Miss I H Robinson 
177 Mrs Charles L Brigham 
Immanuel Baptist Ch 
Rev Wm W Everts | 
105 Munroe St Rox J 
367 Dr & Mrs F S Parsons 
373 Mrs Warren N Pettee 
381 Mrs Robert W light 
391 Mr & Mrs Albert Potter 
393 Mr & Mrs James F Carey 
473 Mr Charles D Ohver 
597 Mr Edwin J Lewis Jr 
597 Mrs Sarah Lewis 
615 Mr & Mrs Thos H Meade 
691 Mr & Mrs Harrison P 

(P Dorchester Center) 

699 Mr & Mrs J P O'Connell 
761 Mrs George P Pierce 
827 Mr Fr«d'fc F L Pierce 
835 Mr & Mrs George F Pierce 
845 Mr & Mrs Wm A Roundy 
875 Mr & Mrs James McGovem 

34 Mr & Mrs Fred'k G May 
50 Mr & Mrs W H Cavanagh 
66 Mr C F Skelley 
68 Mr Simon P Dillon 
88 Mr 4c Mrs Henry Hall 
158 Mrs Dennis O'Connell 
174 Mr James D Harrington 
176 Mr Walter J Sheridan 
178 Miss Annie J Bacon 
180 Mr & Mrs N W Nutting 
196 Mr James W Dolan 
354 Mrs M A King 
384 Mr George W Femald 
388 Mr & Mrs C F Hildreth 
392 Mr & Mrs Louis B Good- 

396 Mrs J W Hildreth 
416 Mr & Mrs Wendell P Lee 
488 Mrs Elmer Gray 
494 Mr & Mrs Thos E Kemp 
496 Mrs W R Noone 
498 Mr & Mrs Wm J Sheridan 
500 Mrs George W Disney 
500 Mr John T Disney 
502 Mr & Mrs James A Cook 
502 Mr George L Cook 
532 Mr & Mrs CUnton D Weeks 
532 Mr Edwin A Weeks 
576 Mr Henry Jacobs 
580 Mr & Mrs Chas T Phipps 
592 Mrs Charles B Whitney 
592 Mr George A Whitney 
644 Mr & Mrs Otis Eddy 
644 Mr Henry Willard 
664 Mr & Mrs Edw L Knapp 
690 Mr & Mrs E W Jordan 





Adams St — Continued 

883 Mr & Mrs S D Anderson 
885 Mr & Mrs Arthur H Gorm- 

887 Mr & Mrs Wm T Richard- 
Mrs Ellen F Harrington 
Mr & Mrs Jas T Ingraham 
Mr & Mrs Edw G Walsh 
Mr & Mrs Willard E 

Mr & Mrs Carey H Chute 
Mr & Mrs Henry D Nott 
Mrs Mary P Estey 
Mr Atherton H Tucker 
Mr & Mrs Albert A Perry 
Mr & Mrs Edson H Boody 
Mr & Mrs Fred'k Prince 
Dr & Mrs James M Daly 
Dr & Mrs M Ordway Daly 
Mr W Howard Pope 
Mr Edgar Pope 
Mr & Mrs J E Swan 






1066 Rev & Mrs S P Fay 
1076 Mr & Mrs Wendell P Mur- 
1076 Mr & Mrs Norman N Nye 
1078 Mr & Mrs John E Daniels 

(P O Dorchester Center) 

802 Mr <Sc Mrs Daniel Bersig 
802 Mr & Mrs Amos Lefavour 
844 Mr & Mrs Wm H Vamey 
844 Mr George D Vamey 
848 Mr & Mrs Daniel D Scott 
848 Mrs Minnie Scott Reaves 
852 Mrs James F Jones 
874 Mr & Mrs David L Ross 
884 Mr & Mrs Henry Wagner 
894 Mr & Mrs George James 
894 Miss Harriet M James 
898 Mr & Mrs Edw F Murphy 
898 Mr & Mrs David A Eraser 
.902 Mrs William H Dunlap 
902 Mr & Mrs Frank A Merrill 
Cedar Grove Cemetery 
1016 Mr & Mrs Fred'k S'Gore 
1022 Mr & Mrs Thos R Collins 
1022 Mr & Mrs Herman D Col- 
1040 Mrs L V Wood 
1040 Miss JuKa E Wood 
1044 Mr & Mrs Edwin A Baker 
1050 Mrs Henry D Pope 
1050 Mr Henry H Allen 
1050 Mr & Mrs Lothrop Hedge 
1058 Mr Charies F Swan 
1058 The Misses Swan 


1 1 Mr & Mrs John P Gillespie 
25 Dr & Mrs E T Twitchell 
35 Mr & Mrs Thomas A Dolan 
45 The Misses Caldwell 
53 Mr & Mrs F A Wyman 
61 Mr & Mrs Harrison H At- 

65 Mr & Mrs E W Furbush 
71 Mr & Mrs Chas P Blinn Jr 
71 Mr Charles P Blinn 
77 Mr A Mrs E J Norris 
87 Mr & Mrs Winfield S 

93 Mr & Mrs Elmer E Power 
95 Mr & Mrs John M Delano 

12 Dr & Mrs C H Keene 
12 Mr & Mrs H N Keene 
14 Mr & Mrs John T Bowers 
24 Mr <fe Mrs E C Andres 
34 Mr & Mrs Frank Wood 
44 Mr & Mrs A W Learnard 
52 Mr & Mrs D Frank Hart- 
60 Mr & Mrs J Edmund Burke 
76 Mr & Mrs Dan'l O S Lowell 
82 Mr & Mrs Chas O Danf orth 
88 Mr & Mrs Edward L Baker 
92 Dr Charles Wilson 
108 Mr & Mrs Frank G White 
114 Mr & Mrs John P Leahy 




(P Dorchester Center) 

13 Mr & Mrs Jsrael E Decrow 22 Mr & Mrs Horace H Jacobs 
17 Mr & Mrs Geo H Hunneman 24 Mr & Mrs John F D wight 

21 Mrs Mary E Paige 

25 Mr & Mrs Walter L Hen- 

29 Mr & Mrs Fred'k R Hill 
33 Mr & Mrs Loren D Robinson 

24 Miss Edith M Dwight 
24 Mr John F Dwight Jr 
28 Mr & Mrs V J VanNeste 
30 Mr & Mrs George W Brown 
34 Mr & Mrs F A Newlin 

35 Mr & Mrs Clarence F El- 36 Mr & Mrs Frank T Hull 


Mr & Mrs Fred'k W Shat- 

Mr & Mrs Frank W Alex- 
43 Dr & Mrs Everett VHardwick 



38 Mr & Mrs Henry S Bean 
40 Mr & Mrs J Myles Standish 
42 Mr & Mrs Chas D Buckner 

45 Mr & Mrs GeoJBFrey B Lehy 

(P Dorchester Center) 

1 Mr & Mrs Geo W Wilbur 
1 Mr & Mrs Fred'k P Hawes 
9 Mr <& Mrs Everett H Sharp 
9 Miss Elizabeth B Sharp 
11 Mr & Mrs Wm B Smart 
13 Mr & Mrs D D Russell 
17 Mr WilUam F Stecher 
19 Mrs H T Todd 
21 Mr & Mrs Ed w E Cutter 
23 Mrs L C Purington 
23 Miss Ella G Ives 
29 Mrs S S Vinal 
31 Mr & Mrs L G Stone 
35 Mr & Mrs Fred'k J Libbie 
37 Dr & Mrs Eben Methot 
39 Mr & Mrs Latimer S Seaver 

2 Mr & Mrs George E Bates 

2 Miss Ella F Carr 

4 Mr & Mrs Wm F Lewis 

6 Mr & Mrs Frank E Bennett 

8 Mrs William Everett 

10 Mr & Mrs Paul W Zimmer- 

12 Mr & Mrs James Curtis 

14 Mr James H Rose 

16 Mr John Lally 

20 Mr & Mrs C T Ellis 

22 Mrs Louisa J West 

38 Mr & Mrs W Herbert Boyn- 


(P Dorchester Center) 

3 Mr & Mrs James L Bernard 10 Mrs Martha Dana Shepard 
11 Mr & Mrs Donald Mac Kenzie 14 Mr & Mrs Joseph G Lloyd 
11 Mr & Mrs Archie E Bump 18 Mr & Mrs Alfred H Whitney 
17 Mr & Mrs Jos A McDonald 26 Mr & Mrs B K Tice 
17 Mrs Margaret McDonald 50 Mr & Mrs Thos Breene 
25 Mr & Mrs Ashley K Hayden 
61 Mr & Mrs John H Williams 




(P O Dorchester Center) 

3 Mrs Cornelius T Dunham 6 Mr & Mrs Chas Taft Chapin 
3 Mrs M D Seaborn 

(P Dorchester Center) 
Mr & Mrs George E Ficken 18 Mr & Mrs Josiah B Scott 


1 Mrs John Preston 

1 Mr Joseph T Preston 

1 Miss Myra C Preston 

3 Miss M A Dolan 

5 Mrs H H Chandler 

5 Miss Mary D Chandler 

9 Mrs Thomas J Allen 

9 Mr Stephen P Perrin 

9 Mr Fred'k H Perrin 

9 Lady Robert Boak 


4 Mrs W C B Fifield 
4 Mr & Mrs H S King 

11 Mr & Mrs William S Mace 
11 Miss Alice Mace 
15 Mr & Mrs Oscar S Staples 
17 Mr & Mrs George S Barnes 
19 Mr & Mrs William Small 
39 Mr & Mrs C A Nordgren 
41 Mr & Mrs J E M Sanford 

{P Dorchester Center) 

5 Mr & Mrs Alex W Bradford 
7 Mr & Mrs William H Lowd 
9 Mr & Mrs Harold I Dyer 
11 Mr & Mrs Henry C Wilcox 
15 Mr & Mrs M G Nelson 
17 Mr & Mrs Albert E West 
17 Mr & Mrs Rollin Farquhar 
19 Mr & Mrs A L Kinsley 
19 Mr & Mrs George Downey 
21 Mr George H McCloud 
Mr & Mrs E C Judd 
Mrs M J Peircc 
Mrs Philip F Dennehy 
Mr & Mrs Edw C Thomp- 
Mr & Mrs Chas A Stetson 
Mr & Mrs Henry Karle 
27 Mrs Julia E Webster 
29:Mr & Mrs Granville D Hill 
293Mr & Mrs James C White 
33 Mr & Mrs Hiram A Morse 
33 Mr & Mrs Wm H Sprague 



10 Mr J J McBride 
12 Mrs Catharine E Cooney 
12 Mrs Charles C White 
14 Mr & Mrs John McCloskey 
16 Mr & Mrs Geo F Hadlock 
18 Mr & Mrs E J S Halvorsen 
18 Mr & Mrs Lewis C Briggs 
18 Mr & Mrs Lewis C Briggs Jr 
20 Mr & Mrs Gustaf Kammer- 

20 Mr & Mrs WilHam Gooch 
86 Mr & Mrs Harry W Jacobs 
86 Mr Joshua Jacobs 
88 Mrs Chas D Foster 
90 Mr & Mrs Fred'k D Bates 
90 Mrs Benjamin F Bates 
92 Mr & Mrs Wm R Cameron 
94 Mr & Mrs Clarence H Rich- 
96 Mr & Mrs Edw J Welch 
98 Mr & Mrs John J Ward 
100 Mr & Mrs James Thompson 


AsHMONT St — Continued i24 Mrs T E Currier 

37 Mrs Beatrice E Cox 128 Mr & Mrs Jerome C Hosmer 

37 Mr & Mrs Frank P Carey 156 Mr Samuel P Curtis 
41 Mr & Mrs Samuel Downing 158 Miss Nancy K Witherell 

Jr 164 The Ashmont 

41 Mr & Mrs Chas L Shackford 208 Mr & Mrs George S Jones 
91 Mr & Mrs George F Dyar 212 Mr & Mr John W Kirk- 
91 Miss Nora F Malley patrick 

93 Mrs Annie E Riley 218 Mr & Mrs Luther T Allen 

95 Mrs Henry E Eraser 220 Mrs James E Mansfield 

101 Mr & Mrs Lawrence A 222 Mr & Mrs Frank S Fleming 
Shorten 224 Mr & Mrs Charles B Alden 

121 Mr & Mrs Wilbur Ryder 224 Mrs George R Spurr 
123 Mrs Daniel Doherty 250 Mr Eben Denton 

131 Mr & Mrs William Wolfe 250 Miss Susan E Denton 
139 Mr & Mrs Henry B Peters 250 Mr JuUus Pratt 
145 Mr & Mrs Edward W Mc- 256 Mr & Mrs George M Reed 

Glenen 294 Mr & Mrs Frank L Young 

147 Mr & Mrs Howard M 296 Mr & Mrs. Edwin W Lord 

Stephens 298 Mr & Mrs James Brophy 

175 Mrs C A Mair 300 Mrs Justin Decatur Litch- 

The Peabody field 

Dr Walter J Graves (office) 302 Mrs M A Crowley 
Mr & Mrs Henry F Knight 324 Dr & Mrs J H Sullivan 
Mr & Mrs R Douglas Greet 328 Mr & Mrs George C Gilbert 
Mrs John F Hart 328 Mr & Mrs Harry Sagar 

Mr & Mrs Charles F Dodge 374 Mr George H Gilmore 
Mr George N Haines 388 Dr Frank Perry 

Mr H F Davis 

Mr Daniel L Smith 287 Mr & Mrs LoveU S Snow 

Dr & Mrs Frank J Barker 383 Mr & Mrs John Regnier 
Mrs F W Carrouth 385 Mr James B Gardner 

Mr & Mrs Geo H Townsend 385 Mrs James Harlow 
Dr & Mrs C H Miller 387 Mr & Mrs F J Lally 

Dr R M Miller 389 Mrs Harry B Wall 

A.LL Saints' Episcopal Ch 391 Mr & Mrs J W Estabrook 
j Rev Chas E Mockridge ) 391 Mr Edward Everett Esta- 
I 6 Fairfax St J brook 

231 Mr & Mrs F H Woodward 391 Mr Cleon W Estabrook 
239 Mr & Mrs Adin V Chipman 393 Mr & Mrs Chas E Jackson 
281 Mr & Mrs Chas D'W Marcy 395 Mrs E M Briel 
281 Mr Grosvenor D'W Marcy Mr & Mrs Fred'k C Briel 

283 Dr Maude E Stowell 397 Mr & Mrs Benj F Brown 

283 Mrs H L Myrick First Baptist Chuhch 

283 Dr Hannah H Crowell j Rev Arthur V Dimock ) 

285 Mr & Mrs C F Kittredge { 92 Templeton St f 




(P Dorchester 

3 Mt Pleasant Home 
21 Mr & Mrs Geo E Coleman 
25 Mr & Mrs Harry L Folsom 
25 Mr & Mrs Arthur E Dorr 
29 Mr & Mrs Charles F Jordan 
31 Mr & Mrs Harris F Lane 
33 Dr & Mrs W R Sawyer 
41 Mr & Mrs Warren W Cobb 

40 Mr & Mrs Chas H Mae Lean 
40 Mrs Lind Gould Page 




Mr & Mrs F M Doyle 
Mr & Mrs Oceola Cahill 
Miss Laura Morse 
Mr & Mrs Geo H Brigham 
Mr & Mrs Frank W Thayer 
Mr & Mrs Jonathan Whita- 

Mr & Mrs William R Morse 
Mrs R F Alger 
Mr & Mrs Willis S Kellogg 
Mr Frank H Bowers 

21 Mr 
23 Mr 
25 Mr 

27 Mr 

29 Mr 

31 Mr 
33 Mr 

28 Mr 

30 Mr 

32 Mr 


{P O Dorchester Center) 

6 Mr & Mrs Edwin D Miller 
8 Mr & Mrs Francis E Robin- 

& Mrs E A Abbott 
& Mrs Cleary 
& Mrs Ernest B Fletcher 
& Mrs C J Erickson 
& Mrs Jos F Willett 
& Mrs Geo D O'Brien 
& Mrs Jos A Campbell 

& Mrs F B Conlin 

A Mrs Virgil Ghirardini 

& Mrs Leopold Fisher 

12 Mr & Mrs Francis M Carroll 
14 Mr & Mrs E C Borhek 
16 Mr & Mrs D J Green 
20 Mr & Mrs Chas H Waldron 
22 Mr & Mrs H B Griffin 
24 Mr & Mrs P J A Murphy 
24 Mr Frederick W Murphy 
26 Mr & Mrs W G Seymour 
26 Mrs S J Borden 


(P Dorchester 

11 Mr & Mrs Charles M Reade 10 

17 Mr & Mrs Gideon B Abbott 16 

23 Dr & Mrs Wm H Davis 24 

35 Mr & Mrs Geo A Hibbard 30 

35 Mrs George B Ford 52 
43 Mr & Mrs Frank J Tuttle 
53 Mr S H L Pierce 

53 Miss Alice J Pierce 52 

59 Mr & Mrs A H Stearns 52 

79 Mr & Mrs S M Bolster 112 

99 Mr & Mrs Morton Alden 116 

103 Mr & Mrs Herbert M Law- 

107 Mr & Mrs Adna C Denison 


Mr & Mrs Fred'k M Wood 
Mr & Mrs Chas B Moseley 
Mr & Mrs Smith W Nichols 
Mr & Mrs John N Jowett 
Mrs Nathan Carruth 
Mr & Mrs Herbert S Car- 
Miss Ellen Carruth 
Mr Nathan Carruth 
Mr & Mrs Joseph S Wood 
Mr & Mrs Arthur C Mac- 




(P Upham*8 

11 Mr & Mrs H C Noble 10 

17 Mr & Mrs W D Verder 14 

23 Mr & Mrs Max Lebowich 14 

25 Mr & Mrs Samuel D James 20 

27 Mr & Mrs John A Parker 26 

27 Mrs Emery Cleaves 28 

29 Mr Frank E Paige 30 

31 Mr. Joseph A Butler 40 

37 Mr & Mrs Thomas J Fox 42 
37 Mr & Mrs Chas H Crockett 

41 Mr & Mrs Wm T McKechnie 42 
43 Mr George H ElHs 

(P Dorchester Center) 
1 Mr & Mrs Eugene McDonald 2 Mrs Susan A Garrett 

(P Dorchester Center) 


Mr & Mrs Henry L Hall 
Mr & Mrs J H Pierce 
Miss Louisa Q Pierce 
Mr & Mrs Frank Huckins 
Mrs B C Piper 
Mrs Albert H Hoit 
Mr & Mrs L S Wight 
Mrs George G Baker 
Mr & Mrs Edmund S Brig- 
Mr Allen R Hunter 

7 Mr & Mrs John F Morse 
7 Mr & Mrs Jacob Karcher* 
11 Mr & Mrs John H Farley 
15 Mr & Mrs Park P Allen 
15 Mr Horace P Allen 
15 Mr Isaac Willard 
15 Miss Jean Willard 
21 Mr & Mrs Herbert Taylor 
27 Mr & Mrs Edw Freigany 
31 Mr John R Morse 
33 Mr & Mrs W L Murphy 
41 Mr & Mrs W W Collins 
41 Mr Henry T Buffington Jr 
41 Miss H B Buffington 
43 Mrs A F Murch 

11 Mr & Mrs Frank W Cutter 
11 Mr Edward L Cutter 
11 Miss Jennie L Gilbert 
15 Mr Dexter J Cutter 
15 Mr & Mrs Walter H Cutter 

12 Mrs C D Smith 

20 Mr & Mrs Charles C Taft 

28 Mr Daniel J Regan 

28 Miss Mary Ashton 

34 Mr & Mrs Joseph 0*Kane 

46 Mr & Mrs G W Simonds 

48 Mr & Mrs Walter Webling , 

50 Mr & Mrs James Cavanagh 

54 Mr & Mrs J P Buntin 

20 Mr & Mrs Nicholas Rowell 
20 Mr & Mrs Andrew Todd 

47 Mrs Philip H Quinn 
51 Mr & Mrs Raymond L 
Royce ' 

55 Mr & Mrs Freeman M Dyer 
57 Mr & Mrs Jos C Batchelder 


2 Mr <& Mrs Walter A Bemis 
4 Mr & Mrs Henry B Anthony 
6 Mr & Mrs Rudolph C Schil- 

8 Mr & Mrs Edwin E Haseltine 
10 Mr & Mrs Chas Needham 
12 Mr & Mrs M E Schaller 
14 Mrs M A McKeon 



(P Dorchester Center) 

9 Mr George G Stillman 
9 Mr & Mrs C V Russell 
11 Dr & Mrs H R Norton 
17 Mr & Mrs Henry E Bowden 
21 Mr & Mrs Charles C Doten 
25 Mr & Mrs Henry H Marden 

29 Mr & Mrs Michael F Jones 
33 Mr & Mrs George E Smith 
37 Mrs Charles Huckle 
41 Mrs A M Boynton 
45 Mr & Mrs Joseph I Stewart 
51 Mr & Mrs Geo E Alexander 
55 Mr & Mrs Francis LeFray 
59 Mr & Mrs Geo T Hartford 
63 Mr & Mrs George H Chapin 
67 Mr & Mrs Francis H Mac- 

71 Mr & Mrs J L Ecker 
75 Mr & Mrs Frank L Handy 
79 Mr & Mrs Walter Shepard 
83 Mr & Mrs W B Merrill 
91 Mrs R Abemethy 
95 Mrs David J Fogg 
95 Mr David H Fogg 
97 Mr & Mrs Josiah S Crapon 
99 Mr & Mrs John Price 
99 Mr James M Burke 

103 Mr & Mrs Leonard T John- 

105 Mrs Walter S Tolman 

107 .Mr & Mrs Thomas Mason 

107 Mrs Maria S Jones 

107 Mr Herbert Jones 

8 Mr & Mrs Jas W Wickwire 
10 Mrs E W Cummings 
12 Dr Joseph Williams 
12 Mr & Mrs Walter S Hali- 

14 Mr & Mrs Edwin R Brack- 

18 Dr & Mrs Myron Barlow 
18 Mr & Mrs A S Storm 
22 Mr & Mrs George H Briggs 
26 Mr C R Tripp 
26 Mrs C H Tripp 
30 Mr & Mrs James A Treanor 
34 Mr & Mrs Morris Solomon 
38 Mr & Mrs Thomas W Curtis 
42 Mr & Mrs Alden L Deles- 
42 Mr Fred A Delesdemier 
46 Mr & Mrs George C Spear 
50 Mr & Mrs Alfred Sears 
54 Mrs Emma Weston 
58 Mr & Mrs Arthur F Camp- 
60 Mr & Mrs Frank B Lynch 
62 Mr & Mrs A L Sedley 
66 Mr & Mrs Frederic L Win- 
70 Mr & Mrs James J Kelley 
74 Mr & Mrs Chas J ScheflPreen 
78 Mr & Mrs James F Dooley 
82 Mr & Mrs A H Thomson 
84 Mr & Mrs James E Brett 
86 Mr & Mrs Harry T Bolton 
90 Mr & Mrs F G PhiUips 
108 Mr & Mrs Thos R Hughes 
112 Mr & Mrs Martin L Farrow 


(P Upham^s Corner) 

169 Mr Edward B Clapp 246 Dr & Mrs David Mclntire 

179 Mr & Mrs Wm Channing 

Clapp 195 Mr James H Clapp 




11 Mr & Mrs Geo R Richards 8 Mr & Mrs George R Clark 
45 Mr Henry B Blackwell 54 Mr & Mrs Laban Pratt 

45 Miss Alice Stone Blackwell 


(P Dorchester 

1 Mr & Mrs Joseph T Hersey 4 

3 Mr J L Harbour 6 

5 Mr & Mrs John L Barry 8 

7 Mr & Mrs Frederic L Owen 14 

9 Mr & Mrs George O Ladd 14 

11 Mr & Mrs H L Kelly 16 

11 Miss Anna U Kelly 50 

17 Mr & Mrs WilUam Bellamy 

17 Dr W W Bellamy 54 

19 Mr & Mrs Wm H Gallison 56 

35 Mr S A Randall 58 

47 Mrs G A Valentine 62 

49 Mr & Mrs Henry L Dodge 

51 Mr Alex W Kent 66 

53 Mr & Mrs Henry W Smith 68 

55 Mr & Mrs David Shikes 

59 Mr & Mrs John F Dinand 61 

59 Mr & Mrs Tho A Sheehan 61 

61 Mr Edward P G Hall 67 


Mr & Mrs Michael H Curley 

Miss N T Barrett 

Mr Hazard Stevens 

Mr & Mrs Edwin A Harris 

Dr Robert W Cram 

Mr James A Fitton 

Mr & Mrs Thomas O'Cal- 

Mr & Mrs A C Kendall 

Mrs Larra W Munroe 

Miss Mary B McCreight 

Mr & Mrs Herbert J Little- 

Mr & Mrs Oscar G Lane 

Capt & Mrs J G Park 

Miss Grace Hall 

Mr & Mrs Jos A McManus 

Mr James W Mclndoe 


















(P O Dorchester 

Mrs Patrick J Cussen 46 

Mr & Mrs Patrick O'Brien 48 

Mr & Mrs Charles H Pf eflfer 54 

Mrs Daniel O Wight 56 
Mr David M Hughes 

Mr & Mrs Charles W Ford 64 

Mrs Josephine F Sullivan 64 

Mr & Mrs Jos Harriman 70 

Mr & Mrs Fred'k T Merry 52 

Dr Wm J Meagher (office) 74 

Mr & Mrs Frank A Marron 76 

Mr & Mrs John Barry 78 

Mr & Mrs Asa H Porter 80 

Dr J T Kendricken 110 
Mr & Mrs W J Paul 
Mrs Nora Keohane 


Mr & Mrs Patrick Troy 
Mr & Mrs Chas E Giles Jr 
Mr & Mrs Reuben Gleason 
Mr & Mrs James M Mc- 
Mrs Mary E Nichols 
Miss Anna B Badlam 
Mr & Mrs George Murphy 
The Misses Hearn 
Mr & Mrs William Hirsch 
Mr & Mrs Sam'l E Amadon 
Mr & Mrs D P Toomey 
Mr & Mrs Robert Duncan 
Dr Wm J Walton 



BowDOiN St — Continued (P Dorchester) 

(P Dorchester) 182 Dr John M Kelly 
St Peter's R fJ CnnncH ^^^ ^^ Barnard Kelly 

Afo^fL,.t^T>Lo^^ 190 Mr & Mrs John J ConneU 

^Oft Rpv PpTpr «nn«n ^ 222 Mrs James Quinn 

309 Rev Peter Ronan ^^^ j^^ ^ ^^^ ^^^^,j^ j g^j^y 

348 Dr & Mrs E H Ferguson 

370 Dr Joseph B Rockett 348 Mr & Mrs D F Rcardon 

{P O Dorchester Center) 

15 Mr & Mrs George J Tufts 12 
23 Mr & Mrs Albert W Briggs 

25 Mr & Mrs Arthur T Lovell 20 

29 Rev & Mrs David B Jutten 22 

D D 26 

31 Mr & Mrs Harry C Grafton 30 

33 Mr & Mrs C Robert Beach 32 

35 Mr <fe Mrs WilUam E Marsh 34 

37 Mrs Charles Kavanaugh 36 
37 Mr & MrsJas F Kavanaugh 

Mr& Mrs Marcus M Hutch- 
Mr & Mrs J A Scott 
Mr & Mrs Hay ward C Dodge 
Mr & Mrs Wm H Wood 
Mr & Mrs Wm E Clemmer 
Mr & Mrs George H Davis 
Mr Willard H Dresser 
Mr & Mrs Robert A Moore 

(P Dorchester Center) 

1 Mr & Mrs Walter L Doten 
9 Mr & Mrs Victor Wolmer 
11 Mr & Mrs Stephen S Bruen 
15 Mr & Mrs Curtis J Ormsby 
15 Mr & Mrs Frank S Cooke 
19 Mr & Mrs I M Kontoff 
23 Mr & Mrs Maynard D Hazen 
23 Mr & Mrs C F Hastings 
31 Mrs C S Vinson 

24 Mr & Mrs John J SulUvan 
50 Mr & Mrs Myer L Lourie 
64 Mr & Mrs Joseph H Cody 
68 Mr Edward L Byrne 
68 Mrs Elizabeth Byrne 
68 Mr & Mrs Jas P Harrington 

35 Mr & Mrs Wm A Borger 


(P Dorchester 

3 Mr & Mrs George R Whit- 8 

temore 8 

5 Mr & Mrs Harrison Clement 10 

7 Mr & Mrs Moses M Cohen 

9 Mr & Mrs W H H Sloan 15 

11 Mr & Mrs George L Perkins 17 

13 Mr & Mrs Harry Genaske 19 

15 Mr & Mrs Joseph H Gould 


Mr & Mrs Ehsha Moseley 
Mr & Mrs Henry D Hooke 
Mr & Mrs Gordon Eaton 

Mr & Mrs John M G Goiild 
Mr & Mrs Joseph Adams 
Mr & Mrs. Wm H Laming 



{P O Dorchester Center) 

7 Mr & Mrs O H Bresee 
21 Mr & Mrs Francis Carr 

16 Mr & Mrs George Y Berry 

8 Miss Sarah E Gould 
8 Mr Samuel N Gould 
10 Mr & Mrs Walter B Leach 
12 The Misses Hamilton 
14 Mr William H Hardy 

(P Dorchester Center) 

11 Mr Thomas W McCabe 

15 Mr & Mrs Charles W Beal 

19 Mr & Mrs Hugh C Cormack 

23 Mr & Mrs F M Kng 

23 Miss Grace E King 

27 Mr Alexander Gunn 

27 Miss Kate S Gunn 

35 Mr & Mrs Watson C Mayo 

43 Mr & Mrs John R Rablin 

47 Mr & Mrs Geo E Dudley 

51 Mr & Mrs Wm H Burnham 

AsHMONT Univ Church 
54 Mrs Elizabeth Mackay 

69 Mr John P J Kidney 
73 Mr & Mrs Llewellyn Mills 
77 Mrs C L T Stedman 
77 Mrs Thomas H Brackett 
81 Mr & Mrs David Sutton 
87 Mr Horace G Wilhams 
91 Mr & Mrs Richard C Wheel- 


(P Dorchester Center) 

5 Mr Thomas G Stoddard 2 Dr Alexis L Draper 

7 Dr & Mrs James H Daly 

9 Mr & Mrs F P Kinney 11 Mr & Mrs Walter H Brock 

(P Dorchester Center) 

13 Mrs E M Bethmann 

15 Mr & Mrs Robert E Sargent 

19 Mr & Mrs John F Shapleigh 

21 Mr & Mrs Joseph W Swan 

25 Mr & Mrs G PhiUp Wardner 

27 Mrs Thomas Houghton 

27 Miss Marie Houghton 

29 The Misses Humphrey 

33 Mr & Mrs Donald C Mac- 

41 Mr & Mrs Henry E Whitte- 

41 Mr <& Mrs Arthur H Tripp 

8 Mr & Mrs Adna T Denison 
10 Mr & Mrs Thos T Goodale 
16 Mr & Mrs James L Russell 
22 Mr & Mrs F H Mills 
24 Mr & Mrs Greenleaf C 

26 Mr & Mrs Frank Percival 
30 Mr & Mrs F P Jacques 
30 Mr & Mrs R H Swan 
34 Mr & Mrs Walter P Rankin 
40 Mr & Mrs H H Pierce 
48 Mr & Mrs Lincoln P Rice 
Mr & Mrs James Sheppard 
Mr & Mrs John J Ayers 



Garruth St — Continm d 

52 Mr & Mrs John H (favin 

56 Mr & Mrs Clarence E Foss 

58 Mr & Mrs J Lorinier Cook 

76 Mr & Mrs T J Morriasey 
76 Mr & Mrs Harry C Harding 66 Mr & Mrs Joseph J Miller 
78 Mr & Mrs Harry D Heath 68 Mr & Mrs Frank D Heath 
78 Mr & Mrs Thos Cavanaugh 74 Mr & Mrs H W Stratton 

{P O Dorchester Center) 

235 Mr & Mrs Chas F Campbell 
237 Mr & Mrs Joseph Lewis 
239 Mr & Mrs Conrad J Her- 
321 Dr & Mrs Chas J Douglas 

192 Miss S A Nixon 

232 Industrial School 

282 Mr & Mrs Wm H Emery 

308 Mr & Mrs Joseph P Emond 170 Mr & Mrs George E Fuller 

30 Mr & Mrs Marshall C Haz- 
34 Mr & Mrs Christopher J 
Dorchester Woman's Club 
46 Mrs A N Bronsdon 
46 Mr & Mrs H C Bronsdon 
58 Mr & Mrs Edwin H Wright 
168 Mr & Mrs Wendell Jones 

(P Upham's Corner) 

3 Mr & Mrs J C Robinson 

5 Mr & Mrs E F Brady 

9 Mr & Mrs Jas D McLellan 

11 Mr & Mrs Fred L Bardwell 

13 Mr & Mrs Frank M Frost 

16 Mr <fe Mrs Geo B Phi^pen 

2 Mr & Mrs Thoo H Best 
4 Mr & Mrs S D Washburn 
6 Mr & Mrs Edw H Best 
8 Mr & Mrs Edw Kelley Jr 
10 Mr& Mrs John H O'Connor 
12 Mr & Mrs George A Mitten 
14 Mr & Mrs J E McConnell 

(P O Dorchester Center) 
23 Mr & Mrs Martin J Hannon 20 Mr Edward McHugh 

25 Mr & Mrs John E Breslin 

29 Mr & Mrs Thomas Conncll 

35 Mr & Mrs Austin H Conn ell 

35 Dr Grover J Conn ell 

37 Mr & Mrs Geo S McKonna 

41 Miss Mary A Navin 

45 Mr& Mrs Fred'k W Eaton 

51 Mr & Mrs A Kurinsky 

63 Mr & Mrs Wm K Wood 

57 Mrs Mary Sullivan 

61 Mr & Mrs Dennis Farley 

62 Miss Ethel Clouston 

20 Mr James McHugh 
20 The Misses McHugh 
24 Mr <fe Mrs Edward Murphy 
24 The Misses Murphy 
28 Mr & Mrs Wm H Pinkham 
32 Mr & Mrs Horatio B Baker 
38 Mr & Mrs Charles A Smith 
40 Mr & Mrs Caspar Isham 
44 Mr & Mrs Patrick J Bench 
48 Mr & Mrs I B Jacobsen 
52 Mr <fe Mrs Edgar L Rhodes 
56 Mr & Mrs Davis W Howdrd 
62 Mr & Mrs Charles T Hall 




(P O Dorchester Center) 

425 Mr George M Hannan 402 Mr & Mrs Eugene E Mur- 

429 Mr & Mrs Morton Hannum phy 

404 Mr Patrick Tiemey 

408 Mr Thomas Mills 406 Mr & Mrs Owen J Mc- 

410 Mr & Mrs Jos H Patterson Laughlin 


(P Dorchester 

21 Mr & Mrs J T Powers 
21 Mr & Mrs F E Hanson 
25 Mr & Mrs E Percy Davis 
25 Mr & Mrs W S Lloyd 
37 Mrs Katharine Whelan 
39 Mr & Mrs Wm F Baldwin 
43 Mr & Mrs C A Richardson 
43 Mrs Mary A Coakley 
47 Mr & Mrs A W Belden 
47 Dr & Mrs Fred'k F Fogg 
61* Mrs Frank M Linnell 
67 Mr & Mrs Timothy B Ma- 

69 Mrs Susan Conquest 
St Mark's Epis Mission 

I Rev F D Budlong ) 

\ 11 Fenelon St f 
81 Mr & Mrs Patrick J Bergin 
83 Rev John Galbraith 

(P Upham^s Corner) 

179 Mr & Mrs Patrick Welch 
367 Mr & Mrs Lemuel H Lane 
369 Capt Charles Boyer 
371 Mr & Mrs Edward W Noyes 

375 Mr & Mrs Fred'k W Elliot 144 

377 Mr & Mrs Edw S Jewell 166 

409 Mrs Arthur H O'Neill 186 

409 Mrs Katharine L Herlihy 186 

413 Mr & Mrs Chas J Upham 186 

419 Miss E A Upham 186 

419 Miss Lydia E Sumner 410 

487 Mr & Mrs A H Langille 422 

Mr & Mrs G M Brigham 428 

489 Mr & Mrs Albert D Evans 430 

Mr & Mrs John Campbell 432 



Mr T F Curran 
Mrs Alice Smith 
Mr & Mrs J F Mungovan 
Mr & Mrs Vincent Percival 
Mr & Mrs Geo W Pettengill 
Mrs Walter S Whitney 
Mrs H McDonald 
Miss M E Kenney 
Dr & Mrs Walter C Miner 
Mr & Mrs Edw H Palmer 
Mr & Mrs T A Murray 
Mr & Mrs Isaac Heilbronher 
Mr & Mrs Daniel J Buckley 
Mr & Mrs Richard King 
Mr & Mrs Rob't W Puffer 
Mr & Mrs Daniel Shedd 
Mr & Mrs John F Whelan 
Mr & Mrs William H Field 
Mr WilUam H Field Jr 
Mr Thomas J Flynn 
Mr & Mrs Charles J Lavis 
Mrs Margaret E DriscoU 
Mr & Mrs Edward B Wilder 

(P O Upham' s Corner) 

Mrs William A Ham 

Mrs B Read Wales 

Mrs J S Reed 

Mr & Mrs Beverly S Reed 

Miss B C Reed 

The Misses Wales 

Mr James H Abercrombie 

Mrs John A Sutherland 

Mr & Mrs Jos C Walker 

Mr & Mrs Jos C Clossey 

Dr & Mrs W E Barnes 



Columbia Road — Continued 

493 Mr & Mrs WilUam B Lewis 
Miss E S Tilton 
Mr & Mrs T R Clark 
Mrs S M Lamson 
495 Mr & Mrs Wm H Buckley 
497 Mr & Mrs Henry Curtis 
Mr & Mrs Frank Hill 
Mr & Mrs James L Taylor 
Mrs W A Witham 
555 Mr & Mrs Walter R Dyer 
Baker Memorial, M E Ch 
Rev Arthur Page 

50 Virginia St 
579 Hotel Dorchester 
587 Hotel Northwood 
629 The Misses Bird 

468 Mrs C H Washburn 
468 Miss Mary L Hall 
478 Mr & Mrs Ralph Butler 
490 Mr & Mrs Walter Adlard 

Municipal Building 
524 Mr B P C Clapp 
524 Mrs Josephine L Poor 
Pilgrim Cong Church 
{ Rev Geo L Cady ( 
1 7 Ware St J 

Mr Joseph H Elliott 
Mr & Mrs Samuel R Field 
Mr <fe Mrs John A Fowle 
656 Mr & Mrs Wm J Parker Jr 
666 Mr & Mrs James Holland 
670 Mrs Mary E Denney 


653 Mrs Mary E Cronan 

(P O Upham's Corner) 

7 Mr (feMrs B F Litchfield 
7 Mrs Lucy A Litchfield 
7 Mrs M A Foster 
7 Mr Harry L Foster 
15 Mrs H R Hoadley 
1 7 Mr& Mrs Sylvester Parshley 
19 Mr & Mrs Geo J Warren 
21 Mr & Mrs W H L Odell 
29 Mrs Martha J Harris 
35 Mrs N A Ferry 
61 Mr & Mrs Edward J Ball 
63 Mr & Mrs Gilbert Bennett 
95 Mr & Mrs A F Delano 
95 Mr <fe Mrs F L West 
99 Mrs William F West 
105 Mr & Mrs George Gane 
105 Mr & Mrs Andrew C West 
113 Mr & Mrs Linus Darling 
119 Mr & Mrs John H Nichols 
119 Mr Chester W Nichols 
119 Mrs Francis S Dyer 
Mrs J E S Damrell 

2 Mr & Mrs Fay H- Martin 
2 Mr & Mrs William Morris 
4 Mr & Mrs F H Pitt 
6 Mr & Mrs John Christie 
6 Mr John B Christie 
6 Mrs E P Clark 
St Mary's Episcopal Ch 
) Rev Geo L Paine } 
1 38 Sumner St \ 
14 Mr & Mrs J F GaUier 
14 Mr & Mrs Rhodes G Tucker 
20 The Misses Linscott 
36 Mr & Mrs Rob't Bampton 

40 Mrs James H Upham 
58 Mrs Michael Curran 
60 Mr & Mrs James O Jordan 
102 Mr James S Murphy 
106 Mr & Mrs R S Prosser 
106 Mrs Martha Aldrich 
108 Mr & Mrs F P Stearns 
114 Miss Josephine A Jones 


123 Mr & Mrs Patrick Callahan 118 Mr & Mrs WiUiam Shaw 

125 Mr & Mrs Geo H Sallaway 

129 Mr & Mrs Daniel J Daly 131 Mr & Mrs Phihp Grcely 



(P Upham^a Corner) 

565 Mr & Mrs Wm Gibbs Jr 
573 Mr & Mrs John C Clark 
579 Mr & Mrs E E Chapman 
597 Dr & Mrs M H A Evans 
599 Mrs Mary E Gamer 
637 Hotel Nightingale 

Mrs S S Drake 

The Misses Tapley 

Dr P F Butler 

Miss Nason 

Miss Katherine M Eager 

Mr & Mrs Whitehead 

Miss Bossert 

The Misses Curtis 

Mrs Charles York 

Mr H W Femald 

Mr & Mrs James T Fitz- 

Mr & Mrs Harry G Webb 

Mr Sanf ord K Goldsmith 

Mr & Mrs George A Mead 

Mr & Mrs Hubert J Mc- 

Mr & Mrs Fred M Stucklen 

Mr & Mrs J H Colbum 

Mr W A Tapley 

Mrs Samuel Stillings 

Mrs J W Nason 

Mrs Ruth Brockway 

Miss Brockway 

634 Dr F D Lyon 
638 Mr & Mrs J T Powers 
640 Mr & Mrs John G Harriman 
642 Mrs E J SkiUin 
644 Mr & Mrs John H Mc- 
744 Dr H W Adams (office) 
748 Dr & Mrs F W Sleeper 
758 Dr H J Baker 
782 Hotel St Botolph 

677 Hotel Gladstone 
Dr F A Crossman 
Dr Daniel D Gilbert 
Mr & Mrs T C Snow 
Dr Lucy A Kirk 
Mr & Mrs Edwin A Ramsay 
Mr & Mrs John S Doane 
Mrs James Ellis 
Mrs C F Smith 
Miss A J Smith 
Miss C S Callender 
Mrs E A Carpenter 
Mr & Mrs Fred G Petti- 
Mrs Lewis B Noyes 
Mr & Mrs J M Wheaton 
Mr & Mrs Thomas J Eagan 
Mrs E D Ingraham 
Mr C E Dunham 
Dr C P Sylvester 

713 Hotel Denmark 

771 Hotel Melita 

(P Dorchester) 

1 Mr & Mrs Albert S West 
5 Mr & Mrs Chas H Streeter 
9 Mrs Adelaide P Pabodie 
9 Mr & Mrs Eliphalet I Arm- 

2 Mr & Mrs Frank N Robinson 
8 Mr & Mrs Irwin C Cromack 
10 Mr & Mrs J P Cavanagh 

1 1 Mr & Mrs James L McCabe 



(P Dorchester) 

7 Mr & Mrs Albert S Bass —. 

11 Mr & Mrs John J Maguire 19 Mr & Mrs Irwin Merritt 
15 Mr & Mrs Ernest F Rich 23 Mr & Mrs P F Tracy 

(P O Dorchester Center) 
11 Rev & Mrs G Wolcott 

Brooks 19 Mr & Mrs Chas S Barker 

15 Mr & Mrs Edgar Hearty 23 Mr & Mrs W S Batchelder 


(P O Dorchester Center) 

25 Mr & Mrs Patrick J Barry 10 Dr & Mrs Chas C Carroll 

29 Mr & Mrs John G Joyce 10 Mr & Mrs James P Collins 

35 Mr & Mrs P J Bonner 14 Mr & Mrs P F Hennigan 

39 Mr & Mrs Charles J Bateman 18 Mr & Mrs Michael J Hogan 

47 Mr & Mrs Wm J Downing 22 Mr & Mrs J B Doherty 

51 Mr & Mrs J H Davidson 26 Mr & Mrs Paul Stucklen 

55 Mr & Mrs Sam'l Marzynski 30 Mr & Mrs Chas E Folsom 

59 Mr & Mrs John A DeVito 34 Mr & Mrs Frederick Lovis 

63 Mr James A Ryan 38 Mr & Mrs Wm C Morey 

67 Mr & Mrs Wm W Towle 42 Mr & Mrs Irving M Norcross 

71 Mr & Mrs Abram H Nelson 46 Mrs Amos L Swindlehurst 

83 Mr & Mrs Jas H McClellan 50 Mr & Mrs T F Brannan 

91 Mr & Mrs Wm J Bicknell 54 Mr & Mrs Eugene Dorethy 

95 Mrs F M Norton 58 Mr & Mrs James Campbell 

99 Mr & Mrs John K Berry 72 Mr & Mrs B F Underbill 

76 Miss M J Welsh 

St Leo's Catholic Ch 80 Mr & Mrs John J Connolly 

i Rev Francis J Butler { 84 Mrs J J Costello 

) 177 Harvard St J 88 Mr & Mrs Maurice J Walsh 

92 Miss M G Gillon 


(P Upham^s Corner) 

3 Mr & Mrs Amasa W B Fos- 2 Mr & Mrs John H Ricker 

ter 4 Mr & Mrs Fred A Lovejoy 

7 Mr & Mrs Ernest M Skinner 8 Mr & Mrs Frank B Hare 



7 Mr August G Roedel 2 Dr & Mrs E P McKenna 

13 The Misses Carr 8 Mrs T Frank Hinkley 

13 Mr Charles L Carr 8 Mr Ralph G Hinkley 

23 Mr Theodore W King 8 Mr Louis F Hinkley 
23 Mr & Mrs Frank K Nash 


{P Dorchester Center) 

1 Mr & Mrs Wm H Turner 40 Mrs K Lombard 
31 Mr & Mrs John R Campbell 40 Mr Edward F Blake 
35 Mr Henry G Grush 42 Mr & Mrs Allen W Cole 

35 Mr & Mrs Joseph G Grush 42 Mr & Mrs Clinton Churchill 
39 Mr & Mrs William L Glavin 


(P Dorchester Center) 

1 Mr & Mrs C O L Dillaway 2 Mr & Mrs C F W Dillaway 

3 Mr & Mrs Wm H Grueby 4 Mrs Adelaide M Eraser 

5 Mr & Mrs Fred'k H Pope 4 Mr & Mrs Charles Hight 
7 Mr & Mrs Henry D Hutch- Con ant 

inson 6 Rev & Mrs Charles E Mock- 
9 Mr & Mrs Jos J Oldfield ridge 

13 Mr & Mrs A C Davies 


{P Dorchester Center) 

3 Mr & Mrs Wm H Pearson 4 Mr & Mrs Dan'l P Sullivan 

7 Mr & Mrs Wm A Wood 8 Mr & Mrs Thomas J Harper 

23 Mr & Mrs C E Hodgkins 12 Mr & Mrs George B Grant 

27 Mr & Mrs McHenry Robin- 12 Miss Mary Polk 

son 16 Mr & Mrs Joseph Weeks 

31 Mr & Mrs Charles Howard 22 Mr & Mrs Oliver S Hajrward 

35 Mr & Mrs Frederick S Eg- 26 Mr & Mrs Will C Paine 

gleston 30 Mr & Mrs Albert F Ripley 

39 Dr & Mrs J A Devenny 34 Mr & Mrs Alex C Corkum 


7 Mr & Mrs E A Kijmball 2 Mr & Mrs George E Frost 

7 Mr & Mrs Leonard C Nicker- 20 Mr & Mrs W Q Hunter 

son 26 Mr & Mrs Chas H Forsaith 

11 Mr & Mrs H A Frost 30 Mr & Mrs F A Hodge 

11 Mrs Charles W Kimball 

19 Mr & Mrs H W Burr 




(P Dorchester 

Harvard Cong Church 
i Rev Wm T Beale \ 
\ 77 Greenwood St j 
3 Mr & Mrs Edw B Gallagher 
5 Mr & Mrs Walter M Bacon 
11 Mr & Mrs Tilton S Bell 
13 Mr & Mrs Horace G Holmes 
15 Mr & Mrs Charles Duncan 
17 Mr & Mrs F K Kingman 
17 Mr Henry C Kingman 
19 Mr & Mrs Thomas CBachel- 

21 Mrife Mrs Charles F Kidder 

22 Mr & Mrs Joseph N Terry 
24 Mr & Mrs Oscar M Angier 






Mr & Mrs W H J Fitzgerald 
Mr & Mrs Thomas Wood 
Mr & Mrs Albert Horton 
Mr & Mrs N F Morse 
Mr & Mrs Bennett S Fergu- 
Mr & Mrs W A Lombard 
Mr & Mrs F M Edwards 
Mr & Mrs Frank F Stone 
Mr & Mrs Clarence B Saw- 
Mr & Mrs Charles T Nowell 
Mr & Mrs Josiah Cummings 
Mr & Mrs John M Deane 
Mr & Mrs C B Gilbert 
Mr & Mrs J S Clark 

(P Dorchester Center) 

25 Mr & Mrs W H Stocker 
25 Mr & Mrs J Myers 
27 Mr & Mrs R B Plummer 
31 Mr & Mrs H B Woodward 
33 Mr &, Mrs John J Leonard 
35 Mr & Mrs Charles H Jenkins 

10 Mr John F Ann able 

10 Mr & Mrs Wm C Bowditch 

16 Mr & Mrs Alden B Weston 

26 Mr & Mrs J W Mace 

26 Mr J H Moore 


{P Dorchester 

103 Mr & Mrs Charles Morse 120 

105 Mr & Mrs W H Schell 120 

105 Mr George B Lewis 124 

109 Mr & Mrs Michael F Daly 124 
109 Mr & Mrs Patrick H Welsh 

111 Mr & Mrs Henry A Rich 128 

115 Mr & Mrs Charles A Rogers 128 

115 Mr & Mrs Dwight B Rich 132 

119 Mr & Mrs Herbert A 140 

Faulkner 140 

119 Mr & Mrs Archibald G 142 

Blair 144 

121 Mr & Mrs Frank S Somerby 146 

123 Mr & Mrs Harry L Heartz 150 


Mr & Mrs A M Taylor 
Mr & Mrs A R Baker 
Mr & Mrs Albert F Gould 
Mr & Mrs Clement L Pol- 
Mr Ernest Schirmer 
Mr & Mrs Charles Wing 
Mr & Mrs George A May 
Mr & Mrs Edgar C Lane 
Mr & Mrs Alfred E Haskell 
Mr & Mrs A L Brett 
Mr & Mrs William Gill 
Mr & Mrs John J Woods 
Mr & Mrs StClair Ruggler 



Glbnway St — Continued 

131 Mr & Mrs H L Doten 
137 Mrs Francis M Wilson 
141 Mrs Mary J Clough 
141 Mr George A Clough 
145 Mr & Mrs Julius Weiss 
149 Mr & Mrs M T Cook 
153 Mr John E Jacobs 
157 Mr & Mrs Frank C Skinner 
161 Mr & Mrs William J Van- 

165 Mr & Mrs Adrian J lorio 
169 Mr & Mrs Geo B McMaster 
171 Mr & Mrs John J Cadigan 
175 Mr R G Larsen 

150 Mr ife Mrs PhiUp JI Robin- 
158 Mr & Mrs I Mendelsohn 
162 Mr & Mrs Bertram J Wat- 


164 Mr & Mrs L A Waterhouse 

164 Mrs Annie E Johnson 

166 Mr & Mrs Daniel J Shea 

168 Mr & Mrs Bruno O Haas 

179 Greenwood Hall 
185 Mr & Mrs Gilman B Hough- 
187 Mr & Mrs H E W Cutter 


9 Mr & Mrs N A Sandell 
9 Mr & Mrs James Howell 
1 1 Mr & Mrs James A Boyd 
15 Mr & Mrs George Berry 
23 Mr & Mrs Hugh F Treanor 
27 Mrs Sabina F Berry 
29 Rev & Mrs Frank L Luce 
33 Mr & Mrs Geo S Sherman 
43 Mr & Mrs Henry W Davis 
49 Mr & Mrs Jesse G Jewett 
49 Mr & Mrs George H French 
57 Mrs W S Wilson 
61'Mr & Mrs B W Robinson 
65 Mr & Mrs Fred H Borden 
71 Miss E S Chadboume 
7iPMiss Lucille H Martinvale 
71 Mr & Mrs A E Coleman 
147 Mr & Mrs A P Hawes 
193 Mr & Mrs Harry S Kaul- 

193 Mrs C M Warren 

24 Mr & Mrs George Wright 
42. Mr & Mrs George Thorley 

Mr & Mrs Frank H Lee 
44 Mr & Mrs John E Nolan 
46 Mr & Mrs Charles S Rand 
50 Mr & Mrs Henry D W Mor- 
54 Mr & Mrs J F Turner 
56 Mr Fred D Davenport 
60 Mr & Mrs George. F Mc- 

78 Mr ife Mrs Linwood Lewis 
86 Mr & Mrs Edgar B Guyer 
92 Mr & Mrs Henry T Wash- 
96 Mr & Mrs Edward E Vinal 
174 Mr & Mrs Ernest H Wash- 
bum ' 
174 Mr & Mrs Sam'l W Frazer 

(P Dorchester Center) 

1 1 Mrs S F Jewett 
19 Mr & Mrs Wm P Willard 
27 Mr & Mrs Geo M Daniels 
Mr & Mrs Benj C WilUs 

12 Mr & Mrs Roderick A Pep- 
18 Mr & Mrs Horace J Taylor 
26 Mr & Mrs Chas P Bullard 





7 Mr & Mrs Edw Quinn 
11 Mr & Mrs Lawrence De- 

11 Mr & Mrs Wm L Freese 26 

15 Mr & Mrs L P Rounds 28 

25 Mr & Mrs George F Hill 28 

25 Miss Beatrice C Hill 34 

25 Mr & Mrs Albert E Balcom 34 
27 Mr & Mrs A W Markham 

27 Mr John L Brennan 38 

33 Mr & Mrs Louis P Gitto 38 

33 Mr Frank Gitto 42 

37 Mr & Mrs Thos H Atwood 42 

37 Mrs M P Leslie 46 

37 Miss Mabelle Leslie 46 

37 Mr & Mrs Chas F Devine 50 

41 Mrs James Calhoun 50 

45 Mr & Mrs Geo C Sanborn 82 
45 Mrs John C Lander 

45 Mr John H Lander 55 

49 Mrs A C Green 55 

49 Mr & Mrs C B Robinson 59 

51 Mr & Mrs Charles F Wash- 87 

bum 107 
51 Mr & Mrs Wm G Washburn 

53 Mr & Mrs James E Dingley 107 

53 Mrs E E Jennings 107 

55 Mrs Horace C Lee 109 

55 Mrs J H Paine 109 

{P O Dorchester Center) 

Mr & Mrs Thos Howard 
Mr & Mrs Edward F Wood- 

Mr & Mrs Geo W Vamey 
Mr & Mrs John F McGloan 
Mr & Mrs John O' Conn ell 
Mr & Mrs George D Morgan 
Mr & Mrs Chester T Green- 
Mr & Mrs Lewis J Dreiss 
Mr & Mrs Benj L Walker 
Mr & Mrs P B Runyan 
Mr William H Edwards 
Mr & Mrs Philip H Wall 
Mr <fe Mrs Henry M Condon 
Mr & Mrs Archibald Nettles 
Mr & Mrs Chas E Bellatty 
Mr & Mrs Thos D Taylor 

Miss L L Paine 
Mr & Mrs Harry S Lee 
Mrs R Birnbaum 
Mr & Mrs Henry T Bartow 
Mr & Mrs Edwin F Kim- 
Mr Sidney F Kimball 
Miss Theodora Kimball 
Mr & Mrs L O Hamlet 
Mrs E H Thompson 


(P Upham^s Corner) 

3 Mr & Mrs Thurlow S Chand- 

ler 7 Mr & Mrs Isaac T Snow 

5 Mr & Mrs Clarence N Gow- 9 Mr Simon E Reardon 

{P Dorchester Center) 

9 Mr & Mrs Geo A Linscott 
17 Mr & Mrs Frank A Edwards 
17 Mr Ashton F Edwards 
21 Mr & Mrs Augustus Nicker- 

22 Mr & Mrs Francis A Dewick 
26 Mr & Mrs Ariel M Cain 
26 Mr & Mrs Wm N Goodwin 

25 Mr & Mrs T T Hartford 



1 Mr & Mrs John O'Connor 2 
3 Mr & Mrs Chas F Dalton 

5 Mr & Mrs I N Goldsmith 4 

9 Mr & Mrs Jas Humphrey 4 

11 Mr John Koen 6 

13 Mr & Mrs John H Sum van 6 

15 Mr & Mrs Elam P Small 8 

15 Mr & Mrs Webster E Peirce 10 

17 Mrs Joseph S O' Gorman 10 

19 Mr & Mrs Harry Connett 12 

2 1 Mr & Mrs Charles D Wright 1 4 

23 Mr & Mrs John J McCarthy 14 

25 Mr & Mrs Seth Mendell 32 

27 Mr & Mrs Wm F Palmer 32 

29 Mr & Mrs Edward H Whorf 32 

29 Miss Dora L Cutler 32 

29 Mr Robert N Cutler 34 

31 Mr & Mrs Geo C Hutchinson 36 

33 Mr & Mrs Herbert L Kelley 38 

35 Mr & Mrs Carlton W Baxter 44 

39 Mr Frank J McGrath 48 

39 Mr & Mrs M J Cannon 50 

41 Mr & Mrs Joseph Bennett 32 

43 Mr & Mrs Isaac G Hamilton 52 

45 Mr& Mrs Albert CManson 54 

47 Mr & Mrs Richard Moore 56 

49 The Misses Hill 60 

51 Mr Humphrey L Sowle 62 

53 Mr & Mrs Chancellor C Allen 64 

63 Mrs W H Allbright 66 

63 Mr & Mrs Eugene Bissell 66 

(P Upham's Corner) 

2 Mr & Mrs Ambrose S Dowl- 

Mr&Mrs Addison C Getchell 
Mr Albert R Getchell 
Mrs David Hefifeman 
Dr David A Heffeman 
Mr & Mrs Wm Jamieson 
Mr & Mrs W H H Parcher 
Miss B L Webber 
Mr & Mrs James W Locke 
Mrs John C Gilman 
Mr & Mrs J A Tighe 
Mr Arthur Luby 
Mr & Mrs Walter A Buckley 
Mr James E Luby 
Mr Henry J Luby 
Mr R G Tobey 
Mrs Charles F Wood 
Mr & Mrs Clinton A Spencer 
Mrs Julia Daly 
Mr & Mrs Chas M Cashin 
Mrs Andrew A Burgoyne 
Mr & Mrs John B Clapp 
Dr Ida D Clapp 
Mrs Elizabeth Flannery 
Mrs T J Caine 
Mr & Mrs W Fred'k Murray 
Mr & Mrs EdwMc Hugh Jr 
Mr & Mrs John J Boyle 
Mr & Mrs William F Spurr 
Mr James L Lyon 

(P Dorchester Center) 

69 Mr & Mrs Arthur Eldridge 
71 Mr & Mrs John P McNa- 

75 Mr & Mrs R P Lyon 
129 Mr C H Greenwood 
147 Mr & Mrs Walter P Hewins 
147 Mr & Mrs J C Clark 
153 Mrs Thomas J Griffin 
157 Dr & Mrs Willard A Paul 

36 Dr & Mrs W T Fuller 
38 Mr W J Forbes 
38 Mr & Mrs John F Wilson 
40 Mr William Irwin 
42 The Misses Lluf rio 
66 Mrs Charlotte M Pitman 
66 Mr & Mrs Geo H Rexford 
96 Mrs S Levy 
152 Mr & Mrs Henry N Marr 


Harvard St— Continued 158 Mr & Mrs John Nolan 

161 Mr & Mrs Edwin M Hahn 162 Miss Manr A B Maher 

161 Mr & Mrs Alvah F Clark 162 Mr J A E Moroney 

165 Dr & Mrs Chas W Rodgers 172 Mr & Mrs Daniel J Nolan 

173 Mr & Mrs Charles Ripley 174 Mrs H Foster Thayer 

177 Rev Francis J Butler 176 Mr & Mrs Frank W Oilman 

177 Rev John J Crpnin 176 Dr & Mrs Peter J Dervin 

183 Dr & Mrs John M Connolly 180 Mr & Mrs Paschal E Torrey 

215 The Misses Cashman 182 Mr & Mrs G Edw Loring 

219 Mr & Mrs Wilbur H Cole 186 Mr & Mrs W W McNaught 
225 Mrs Helen Hendrie 188 Mr & Mrs Dan'l M Driscoll 
239 Mr & Mrs John T Simpson 188 Mr & Mrs Wm F Turner 

190 Mr & Mrs James P Magenis 

214 Mr & Mrs Frank S Goodwin 192 Mr & Mrs Donald G Mc- 

220 Mr & Mrs Frank E Bacon Lean 

222 Mr & Mrs Joseph G Luf kin 206 Mr & Mrs Wm E Elton 

224 Mr & Mrs C H Lindsay 208 Mr & Mrs Gains Sampson 

230 Miss A J McNaught 210 Mr & Mrs Edwin I James 

232 Mr & Mrs Joseph Coffin 210 Mr & Mrs Albert B Taylor 


(P O Dorchester Center) 

4 Mr & Mrs N Sallinger 9 Mr & Mrs Daniel Mullen 

6 Mr & Mrs J P O'Donohue 17 Mr & Mrs Robert Murray 

6 Mr & Mrs Edw D Morgan 19 Mr & Mrs F Harry Van- 

6 Mr & Mrs Thos McLaughlin Gelder 

8 Mrs Louise E Bartlett 19 Mr & Mrs Leo Robinson 

10 Mr & Mrs Louis Spiegel 21 Mr & Mrs John E Sullivan 

16 Mr & Mrs George Philbrick 27 Mr & Mrs Sidney Oberf elder 

18 Mr & Mrs Alfred Anderson 27 Mr & Mrs W E Wetherell 

20 Mr & Mrs Frank Halke 27 Mr & Mrs L G Grossman 

29 Mr & Mrs S J Neugroschl 

7 Miss Mary E Hamilton 29 Mr & Mrs D M Healy 

7 Mrs John Moses 

{P O Dorchester Center) 

15 Mr ife Mrs M S Wallace 2 Mr & Mrs F G Powell 

19 Mr & Mrs H L Tannenholz 8 Mr & Mrs Geo R South wick 
19 Mr & Mrs James J Delaney 8 Mr & Mrs Joseph C Cotter 

21 Mr & Mrs Charles L Stiles 12 Mr & Mrs John S Lowell 
21 Mr & Mrs Clement Spang 12 Mr & Mrs Lewis Frost 

27 Mr & Mrs Charles E Martin 16 Mr & Mrs Albert F Merrill 
27 Mr & Mrs John A Reilly 16 Mr & Mrs Frank E Wood- 

31 Mr & Mrs W M Magee worth 


Hbwins St — Continued le Mrs C A Merrill 

31 Mr & Mrs A B Thacher 16 Mr & Mrs C ^ Ellison 

31 Mrs George L Thacher 20 Mr & Mrs W T Clarkson 

35 Mr & Mrs W B Hennigan 20 Mr & Mrs F G Hausman 

35 Mr & Mrs Harry E Stevens 24 Mr & Mrs F W McGrail 

39 Mr & Mrs Alexander Chal- 24 Mr & Mrs Chas H Landers 

mers 28 Mr & Mrs William Pett 

39 Mr & Mrs L Tewhart 28 Mr William V Pett 

43 Mr & Mrs C C Hollidge 28 Mr & Mrs Almarin Trow- 
43 Mr & Mrs B C Pratt bridge 

47 Mr & Mrs Albert D Price 32 Mrs Mary Fallon 

47 Mr & Mrs W J Horan 36 Mr and Mrs Harry E Trow- 


48 Mr & Mrs Thomas G Creed 36 Mr & Mrs Chas A Robinson 
48- Mr & Mrs M H SulUvan 40 Mr & Mrs M F Carney 

52 Mr & Mrs L T Barrows 40 Mr & Mrs Peter Sheehan 

44 Mr & Mrs Ernest L Adams 
44 Mr & Mrs Harry N Farren 

(P Dorchester Center) 

41 Mr & Mrs Walter J Burke 34 Mr & Mrs Charles Reed 

49 Mr & Mrs Elmer E Newell 64 Mr & Mrs A H Donahey 
59 Mr & Mrs Wm C Hall 

75 Mr & Mrs Charies F Hall 


(P Upham's Corner) 
The Oaklands 
Mrs S E Bennett 
2 Mr & Mrs George A Paul 

4 Mr & Mrs Wm T Abbott 

(P P Dorchester Center) 

5 Mr & Mrs R G Fessenden 4 Mr & Mrs B W Parker 
7 Mr & Mrs Fred'k C Fitts 4 Mrs AUce M WilUams 

9 Mr E F Brown 4 Mr Llewellyn A Williams 

9 The Misses Brown 6 Mr & Mrs Edwin L Booth 

8 Mrs C L Dittmer 
8 Mr & Mrs Louis Shales 



(P UpharrCa Corner) 

45 Mr & Mrs George A Dean 32 Mr & Mrs Jas McFarland 

75 Mrs William H Murch 86 Mr & Mrs A F Edgecomb 

75 Mr & Mrs C R Brown 86 Miss Orfie Morse 

77 Mr & Mrs R A Atwood 86 Miss Ethel Edgecomb 

79 Mr & Mrs T A Haggerty 88 Mr & Mrs Chas J Quinn 

81 Mr Frank J Dowling 94 Mr & Mrs C M Litchfield 

81 Mr Mark T Dowling 98 Mr & Mrs Daniel J Carney 

83 Mrs Mary E O'Connor 100 Mr & Mrs N H Macquarrie 

85 Mr & Mrs John J Coveney 100 Miss G A Burrell 

87 Mr & Mrs T J Hanlon 100 Miss S S Burrell 

93 Mr & Mrs Joseph H Young 100 Miss E A Burrell 

189 Mrs Peter McNally 100 Miss M L Burrell 

102 Mr & Mrs I Howard Burrell 

176 Mr & Mrs John J Mundo 102 Mr & Mrs Abraham L Ful- 

(P Upham^e Corner) 

19 Mrs E J Burch 2 Mr & Mrs Edw P Upham 

4 Mr & Mrs Edward T Jame- 

14 Mr & Mrs Lyman F Hewit- son 

son 4 Mr & Mrs Herbert S Frost 

18 Mr & Mrs Merlin A Hodges 8 Mr & Mrs Edw F Freeman 

10 Mr & Mrs William H Lewis 


(P Upham*8 Corner) 

29 Mr & Mrs John N Matthews 30 Mr & Mrs J J Shanahan 

41 Prof & Mrs Chas W Sawyer 32 Mrs Michael Jennings 

45 Mr James Bulman 36 Mr & Mrs Frederic O Wil- 
47 Mr & Mrs Henry Seigle liams 

49 Mr & Mrs R C Humphreys 40 Mr & Mrs John Bossi 

59 Mr & Mrs James H Hum- 40 Mr & Mrs Tebaldo Travo 


{P Dorchester Center) 

1 Mr Oscar Riedel 2 Mr & Mrs Isaac H Eddy 

3 Mr & Mrs Robert Riedel 6 Mr & Mrs Elmer L Shurtlefif 

11 Mr & Mrs Chas B Tolford 6 Mr Timothy W Sanford 

15 Mr & Mrs James Kelley 10 Mr & Mrs Sanford R Cook 




(P Dorchester 

15 Mrs P J Peterson 14 

15 Mrs Ella A Brown 20 

15 Miss Izora A Peterson 24 
17 Dr & Mrs Russell B Miller 

17 Miss H N Hinckley 36 

17 Mr & Mrs Fred^k H Osgood 36 

25 Mrs R L Bullard 40 

27 Mr & Mrs Wm Parker Bui- 54 

lard ^4 

31 Mr & Mrs Calvin A Rowe 58 
31 Miss Bertha F Rowe 

39 Mrs Daniel E Owen 62 

43 Mr & Mrs Joseph P Morse 66 
45 Mr & Mrs D F Knight 

65 Mr & Mrs M E Tucker 68 

65 Mr & Mrs Albert E Crank- 74 


67 Mr & Mrs Sherburne N Mil- 78 

ler 78 
67 Miss H E Gillette 

71 Mr & Mrs E N Thacher 82 

79 Mrs George M Carr 86 

79 Mr & Mrs John Lamb 90 

83 Mr & Mrs Harry A Spiller 94 
91 Mr & Mrs Charles E Spiller 


Mr & Mrs Wm J HoUoway 
Mr & Mrs William J Coogan 
Mr & Mrs Wallace B Phin- 

The Misses Wood 
Miss E M Bray 
Mr & Mrs Arthur M Graham 
Mr & Mrs Arthur M Wright 
Mrs A M Gove 
Mr Alfred H Cunningham 
Mrs Gertrude Cunningham 
Mr & Mrs M C Hallett 
Mr & Mrs Arthur E Blan- 

Mr & Mrs L F Johnson 
Mr & Mrs Edgar F Hatha- 
Mr & Mrs Otis F Kimball 
Mr & Mrs Alexander L 

Mr & Mrs W H Drown 
Mr & Mrs Chas G Campbell 
Mrs L D Berry 
Mr & Mrs Wm A Morrill 


(P Dorchester 

9 Mr & Mrs F A Lawler 2 

1 1 Mr & Mrs Perkins F Smith 4 

13 Mr «fe Mrs Harold K Thomas 6 

15 Mr & Mrs B W Goldthwait 6 

17 Mrs A R Vinal 8 
19 Mr & Mrs Henry F Brack- 

ett 18 

77 Dr & Mrs Walter J Graves 18 

87 Miss McKutchen 22 

91 Mr & Mrs Jeremiah J Hur- 22 

ley 26 

93 Mr & Mrs G W Carlson 28 

95 Mr & Mrs Herbert M Manks 42 

97 Mr «fe Mrs Fred A Frizell 46 

99 Mr & Mrs Uriah R Harding 50 


Mr & Mrs Frank F Farwell 
Mr & Mrs John F Hanly 
Mr Daniel Judge 
Mr & Mrs M Jos Morrison 
Mr & Mrs Thomas F Fitz- 

Mr & Mrs John H Hobbs 
Mr & Mrs T W Phinney 
Mr & Mrs Cyrus H Elwell 
Mr & Mrs Dexter H Elwell 
Mr Nicholas Harlan 
Miss M A Farrar 
Mr John J Hoar 
Mr & Mrs Charles F Hale 
Mr & Mrs Wm A Grant 



Kino St — Continued 

101 Mr & Mrs James Sutliff 
105 Mr & Mrs Phineas Elton 
107 Mr & Mrs Cornelius P Flynn 

54 Mr & Mrs I H Gaskin 
66 Mr & Mrs J L Spaulding 
68 Mr & Mrs Timothy Cahalan 
70 Mr & Mrs Bryan J Sweeney 
72 Mr & Mrs Anthony Hol- 

{P O Dorchester Center) 

1 Mr & Mrs Fred C In galls 
3 Mr & Mrs J J Delaney 
5 Mr & Mrs Moy Loy 
7 Mr & Mrs Edwin A Da\ds 
9 Mr & Mrs Harry A Vinal 
11 Mr «fe Mrs Wm L Everett 
15 Mr & Mrs Winfield S Locke 
19 Mr & Mrs Gilbert H Cum- 

21 Mr & Mrs Samuel B Smyth 
21 Mr & Mrs David Dunn 
25 Mr & Mrs Fletcher Hough- 
25 Mr & Mrs Irving Sparks 
27 Mr & Mrs A T Stohlbom 
27 Mr & Mrs Myer Cobe 
29 Mrs Jane Weeks 
29 Mrs Jane W Kendall 

4 Mrs William F Keams 
6 Mr Warren Fletcher 
6 Mr & Mrs Walter V Fletcher 
6 Mr & Mrs John C Lowd 
8 Mr & Mrs Guy A Ham 

10 Mr & Mrs John A Goodrich 

12 Mr & Mrs R W A Scott 

12 Mr H F Pelton 

14 Mrs C C Lyons 

1 4 Mr & Mrs E Wasserman 

18 Mrs A M Sommers 


Mrs Emma K Spencer 

Mr & Mrs Theodric J Far- 

Mr & Mrs John K Pierce 
47 Mr & Mrs Edgar C Page 
47 Mr & Mrs Frank E Webber 


(P O Upham'a Corner) 

25 Mr <fe Mrs Philip S Aronson 
29 Mr & Mrs Isaac Goldberg 
31 Mr & Mrs Simon Lewis 
33 Mr & Mrs Benjamin Pettee 
37 Mr & Mrs Wm A E Henrici 
39 Mrs Cornelius E Masten 
43 Mr Mark Mason 
45 Mr & Mrs Simon Flash man 
47 Mr & Mrs Himan Bloom- 
59 Mr & Mrs Bernard Wise 
79 Mrs Hobart S Hussey 
85 Mr & Mrs Alfred Self 

20 Mr James Coffey 

24 Mr & Mrs Kelman Cauman 

26 Rev P J Supple D D 

28 Mr Charles H Tighe 

28 Mr & Mrs Wm H Tighe 

30 Mr & Mrs William E Smith 

36 Mr & Mrs J A McKown 

36 Mr & Mrs Percivai B Met- 

38 Mr & Mrs Henry R Wil- 
44 Mrs James P Draper 
48 Mrs Mary Kleh 



Lawrence Av — Continued 

95 Mrs Alonzo Hamilton 
95 Miss S T Hamilton 

105 Mr & Mrs Lincoln D Rob- 

105 Mr Charles Robbins 

102 Mr & Mrs John J Harley 
104 Mr & Mrs H B Thayer 
104 Miss Katharine Salter 

50 Mr & Mrs Israel Goldstein 
52 Mr & Mrs Frank E Drayton 
52 Mrs J S Waterman 
54 Mr & Mrs Frank B Snow 
54 Mr & Mrs James P Snow 
56 Mr & Mrs Francis P Ewing 
80 Mr & Mrs George B James 
96 Mr & Mrs Philip Shurdut 
98 Mr & Mrs Wm L Greene 
100 Mr & Mrs Nathan Pinanski 

(P Dorchester Center) 

1 Mr & Mrs C G Flynn 

3 Mr Henry Baker 

5 Mr & Mrs Edward E Hardy 

7 Mr & Mrs Henry E Wood- 

9 Mr E L Dolbeare 
11 Mr & Mrs Frank I Wilkins 
15 Mr & Mrs T Parker Colby 
17 Mr& Mrs Charles H Bracken 
19 Mr & Mrs Edw B Muldown 
21 Mr & Mrs Henry D Childs 
23 Mr & Mrs John L Manson 
25 Mr & Mrs Marshall L Ab- 
27 Mr & Mrs Fred'k J Leonard 
27aMr & Mrs Alfred Zaiss 
27aThe Misses Allen 
29 Mr & Mrs Walter S Chase 
29 Mr & Mrs George R Gray 
29 Mr Percival C Gray 
31 Mr & Mrs Joseph L Rankin 
31 Mr & Mrs George T Butter- 
33 Mr & Mrs George A Jones 
33 Mr & Mrs Chas P Powers 
37 Mr & Mrs Herbert W Pike 
37 Mr & Mrs Thos H Watson 
39 Mr & Mrs C F Simmons 
39 Mr & Mrs Geo H Sargent 
41 Mr & Mrs William Lampie 
41 Mrs Sarah Boas 

6 Mr & Mrs N E Tougas 
8 Mr & Mrs J Richard Larkin 
10 Mr & Mrs Frank Pettitt 
12 Mr & Mrs David Terry 
14 Mr & Mrs John B Donovan 
16 Mr & Mrs Frank A Foster 
18 Mr & Mrs Geo W Chandler 
26 Mr & Mrs Leroy Ford 
26 Mr & Mrs J V Steele 
28 Mr & Mrs J C Tobey 
28 Mr & Mrs Frank FitzGibbon 
32 Mr & Mrs John G Church 
32 Mr & Mrs Edw E Palmer 
34 Mr & Mrs Wm F Scholpp 
34 Mr «fe Mrs L L Cheney 
38 Mr & Mrs Charles W Shipp 
38 Mr&Mrs Hartwell B Spauld- 

40 Mr & Mrs Nathaniel W 

40 Mr & Mrs Arthur T Smith 
42 Mr & Mrs Wm H Edmond- 

46 Mr & Mrs Patrick Healy 
46 Mrs John G Lanning 
48 Mr & Mrs Geo W MacBride 
50 Mr & Mrs Wm G W Hollo- 

45 Mr & Mrs Nathan S Taylor 
45 Mr & Mrs Harold C French 



(P Dorchester Center) 

3 Mrs L S Berry 
5 Mr & Mrs William H Ellis 
7 Mr & Mrs Edward Meloy 
9 Mr & Mrs John A Heam 
11 Mr & Mrs Robert Cleaves 

4 Mr Hugh L Bogan 

6 Mrs Montgomery Olmstead 

8 Mr & Mrs George R Todd 

10 Mr & Mrs Herman M Met- 

12 Mr Edward P Comins 


(P Dorchester 

7 Mr & Mrs WiUiam E Clark 18 

25 Mr & Mrs WiUiam V Tripp 18 

31 Mr & Mrs W P Creamer 22 

35 Mr & Mrs Charles F Pease 44 

54 Mrs Harley H Danforth 48 
51 Mr & Mrs Edw A Osgood 

55 Mr & Mrs Francis B Perkins 48 
55 Miss Bessie F Potter 52 
61 Mrs R H Nickerson 56 
65 Mr & Mrs Albert W Tucker- 62 

man 66 
69 Mr & Mrs Frank H Chamr 

berlain 70 

69 Mr Roy F Chamberlain 74 

73 Mr & Mrs John E Barry 80 

77 Mr & Mrs WilUam T Abbott 86 

83 Mr & Mrs Lester C Keith 90 

93 Mr & Mrs Wm F Armstrong 92 


Mr & Mrs W U Sherman 
Mr & Mrs A B Sherman 
Mr & Mrs G F Bartlett 
Mr & Mrs Dean C French 
Mr & Mrs Leonard B Mar- 
Miss L M Blake 
Mrs E A Moult on 
Mr Charles A Pastene 
Mr & Mrs Chas H Spaulding 
Mr & Mrs Warren W Love- 
Mr & Mrs Albert S Perkins 
Mr & Mrs Fred A Wright 
Mr & Mrs Proctor Fisher 
Mr & Mrs Henry Thacher 
Mr& Mrs Clarence H Knight 
Mr Cornelius E Crowley 


(P O Upham's 

45 Mr Gustavus Glover 30 

45 Mr & Mrs Chas H Moseley 
45 Miss Jennie G Moseley 
57 Mr B J A Serres 
65 Mr & Mrs Wm A Murtfeldt 
85 Mr & Mrs Arthur J Hub- 
149 Mr & Mrs David Scott 
149 Mr & Mrs Peter Marshall 
151 Mr & Mrs J N Friel 46 

151 Mr N W Thornton 48 

167 Mr & Mrs Charles W Spurr 50 
201 Mr & Mrs William H Drew 


The Lebanon 
Dr Hornby Frost (office) 
Mr & Mrs Robert D Carter 
Mr & Mrs J N Taylor 
Mr & Mrs Walter F Baker 
Mr & Mrs Frank W Arms- 
Miss Forsaith 
Mrs M M Monroe 
Mr & Mrs James V Chase 
Mr & Mrs Edw F Pfeiffer 
Mr & Mrs William P Stone 
Mr Marshall Stone 



Magnolia St — Continued 

233 Mr & Mrs John W Saladine 
235 Mr & Mrs Henry Wyner 

88 Mr & Mrs Harry E Wright 
90 Mrs H P Bailey 
94 Mr & Mrs Thomas H Tape 
98 Mr & Mrs Horace E Sher- 
98 Mr & Mrs Harry Clough 
98 Mrs L Barnes 
236 Mr & Mrs Geo H McCaig 

50 Mr & Mrs Caleb H Dol- 

52 Mr & Mrs E A Stevens 
54 Mr & Mrs Leace W Eddy 
56 Mrs Charles N Cllne 
58 Mr & Mrs William F Bache 
72 Mr & Mrs John F Wilson 
76 Mrs Edwin Hebblethwaite 
76 Mr & Mrs Joseph E Cornish 
80 Mr & Mrs Bernard Corr 
80 The Misses Corr 
82 Mr & Mrs Patrick V Foley 
88 Mrs William R Cooke 

(P O Dorchester Center) 

5 Mr & Mrs Alfred W Mac- 
5 Mr & Mrs T G BresUn 
7 Mr & Mrs W Prescott 

9 Mr George W F Thomson 
9 Mr & Mrs James C Crane 
1 1 Mr & Mrs Gilbert Elliott 
11 Mr & Mrs Bert Gill 
15 Mr & Mrs F H Downing 
19 Mr & Mrs Charles F Dewick 
23 Mr & Mrs John Campbell 
25 Mr & Mrs Daniel L Wey- 
27 Mr & Mrs W H Tweed 
29 Mr & Mrs Herbert W Mar- 
31 Mrs Robert Todd 
33 Mr Charles D Lanning 
33 Mr James K Lanning 
35 Mr & Mrs Walter J Bates 
37 Mr & Mrs H Frank Rice 
39 Mr & Mrs Roscoe Storer 
41 Mr & Mrs T E Chase 
43 Mr Warren Studley 
45 Mrs Sadie A Blan chard 
47 Mrs Marion B Babcock 
47 Miss Claire K Alden 
47 Mrs K C Patten 

10 Mr John. J Nelligan 

16 Mr & Mrs Daniel F Doher- 


18 Mr & Mrs David B Maclary 
22 Mr & Mrs John J Croke 
24 Mr & Mrs Joseph J WaU 
26 Mr & Mrs Richard H Jen- 

28 Mr & Mrs N H Whittemore 
28 Mr Murray Whittemore 
32 Mrs Henry L Shumway 
32 Mr & Mrs Everett W Shum- 
36 Mr Theodore N Snow 
38 Mr & Mrs D Joseph Dan- 

38aMr Michael J Murphy 
40 Mrs L H Thomas 
42 Mrs Isabelle A Newton 
44 Mr & Mrs Edwin A HaUett 
48 Mr & Mrs Hilliard Taylor 
50 Mr & Mrs John B Gordon 
52 Mr & Mrs Alex McKinnon 
54 Mr & Mrs Frank E Perkins 
56 Mr & Mrs Daniel W Knight 
56 Mr & Mrs Walter W Knight 
56 Mr & Mrs Howard V 

60 Mr & Mrs Charles A Vinal 



Mather St — Continued 

49 Mr & Mrs F F Hotchkiss 
51 Mr & Mrs Bernard Martin 
53 Mr & Mrs John Ryan 

55 Mr & Mrs Albert O Wigley 
59 Mr & Mrs Chas B Sherman 

(P O Dorchester Center) 

3 Mr 

3 Mr 

7 Mr 

9 Mr 

11 Mr 

15 Mr 

15 Mr 

& Mrs W S Spalding 
& Mrs Alexander Towns 
& Mrs Morton D Saff ord 
& Mrs N H Armington 
& Mrs Jules M Drevet 
& Mrs William A LaSor 
& Mrs Fred'k Phillips 

4 Mr & Mrs James D Bennett 

6 Mr & Mrs George E Fisher 

6 Mrs E P Wilber 

8 Mr & Mrs Clarence M Hunt 

10 Mr & Mrs Daniel R Knight 


(P Dorchester 

15 Mrs C L Long 2 

19 Mr & Mrs Geo F Reinhardt 6 

19 Mr & Mrs Chas Patterson 10 

21 Mr & Mrs Elliot L Towns 14 

21 Mr & Mrs Albert C J Linne- 18 

mann 22 

25 Mr & Mrs John Haynes 26 
25 Mr&MrsEmilOJDanielson 

29 Mr & Mrs Rufus B Galusha 30 

29 Mr & Mrs Ernest E Brangs 42 

39 Mr & Mrs John F GibUn 46 

39 Dr & Mrs I G Rosenberg 50 

41 Mr & Mrs Augustus F 54 


47 Mr & Mrs Dana R Johnson 51 

51 Capt & Mrs A P Bartow 55 


Mrs Louis Pfingst 

Mr & Mrs Davis T Keever 

The Belledeu 

Mr & Mrs John F O'Leary 

The Mellen 

Mr & Mrs Harlan P Ford 

Mr & Mrs Harry W F 

Mr & Mrs Isaac C Nelson 
Mrs D C Freeman 
Mr & Mrs Thos J Gimning 
Mr & Mrs Edw E MacLeod 
Mr & Mrs Edw A Terhune 

Miss E A Bartow 

Mr & Mrs John Traynor 

(P O Dorchester Center) 
1 Mr & Mrs Elbridge Torrey 2 Mrs James Smith 

3 Mr & Mrs. Ben j W O'Neil 

5 Mr & Mrs Edw C Wheeler 

17 Mr & Mrs Frank W Whit- 

27 Mr WilUam G Pierce 
29 Mr & Mrs Lyman Spalding 
31 Mr & Mrs George B Watson 


2 Mr & Mrs Milf ord F Power 

4 Mr & Mrs Fred'k J Brand 

6 Rev & Mrs Arthur Little 

10 Mr & Mrs J W Field 

12 Mrs Benjamin B Whitte- 

18 Mr & Mrs Wm L Terhune 



Melville Av — Continued 

33 Mr & Mrs J Frank Gear 
37 Mrs C Sullivan 
37 Mrs Lewis S Adams 
39 Mr & Mrs Chas F Riordan 
41 Mr & Mrs D J Holland 
59 Mr & Mrs William R Curtis 
59 Mr & Mrs Charles M Hall 
91 Mr & Mrs Frank M Wey- 
101 Mr & Mrs Mansel H Bush 
101 Miss Winifred A Bush 
103 Mr & Mrs George A Loring 
103 Mr & Mrs George P Hall 
105 Mr & Mrs T G Washburn 
115 Mr John J Hagerty 

120 Mr & Mrs Augustus E Pol- 
120 Miss Ernestine Pollex 
122 Mr & Mrs Frank J Enos 

20 Mr & Mrs Geo O Lanphear 
24 Mr & Mrs Gideon M Mans- 
28 Mr & Mrs George E Gale 
30 Mr & Mrs E S Farwell 
30 Miss C W Rogers 
32 Mr & Mrs Ziba A Norris 
34 Mr & Mrs H B Alden 
36 Mr & Mrs Royal Whiton 
38 Mr & Mrs S A Faunce 
40 Mr & Mrs Frank E Shedd 
44 Mr & Mrs Michael Murphy 
44 Mr Thomas H Young 
56 Mr & Mrs George H Green- 
84 Mr & Mrs N C Harrison 
84 Mr Rupert A Fairbaim 
92 Mr & Mrs Frank T Fuller 
98 Mr & Mrs John W Emmons 
100 Mrs Alexander Margesson 
110 Mr & Mrs Fred'k L Walker 
114 Mr & Mrs Cornelius J Sul- 


(P Dorchester Center) 

Mr & Mrs John L Cates 4 

7 Mr & Mrs F A Chandler 6 

7 Miss Grace E Chandler 8 
9 Mr & Mrs Peter F Gartland 

11 Mr & Mrs WilHam B King 10 

11 Mr & Mrs Harvey King 12 

13 Mr & Mrs John J Morton 14 
15 Mr & Mrs W N Swain 
15 Mr Allen N Swain 

Mr & Mrs Jos M Bradley 
Mr & Mrs William M Smith 
Mr & Mrs Albert H Hans- 

Mr & Mrs Chandler Jordan 
Mr & Mrs Chas W Jordan 
Mr & Mrs Henry A Fuller 


21 Mr & Mrs Charles E Dicker- 14 

erman 16 

29 Mr & Mrs Thos F McMrnus 18 

29 Mrs J Frank Quinlan 20 

33 Mr Herman Dierkes 26 

33 Miss Mary A Dierkes 28 

37 Mr & Mrs J G Arbecam 30 

41 Mr & Mrs Joseph Maysles 32 

Mr & Mrs James E Warren 
Mr & Mrs Andrew A Young 
Mr & Mrs Wm A Rumpf 
Mr & Mrs John J Carr 
Miss S E Hearsey 
Miss M E Noyes 
Mr & Mrs George J Adams 
Mrs Catharine Driscoll 



Mill St— Continued 

43 Rev & Mrs George F Pratt 
43 Mr Charles A Chamberlain 
95 Shawmut Club 

40 Mr & Mrs B J Crowley 
42 Mr & Mrs Jas H Howell 
44 Mrs A C Clark 
44 Mr & Mrs Louis M Clark 


{P O Dorchester 

11 Mr <& Mrs Henry A Blasser 12 

15 Mr & Mrs E McG Tukes- 20 

bury 24 
17 Mr & Mrs Robert H Hunter 

17 Mr & Mrs Norman Gunder- 28 

son 32 

21 Mr & Mrs Sam'l N Burbank 36 

29 Mr & Mrs Frank S Drown 42 


50 Mr & Mrs Benj F Drown 

56 Mr & Mrs George H Jarvis 46 


Mr & Mrs E F B Bodley 
Mr & Mrs W R Lapham 
Mr <fe Mrs Harrison H 

Mr & Mrs Ernest E Nielsen 
Mr & Mrs Wm E Hannan 
Mr & Mrs Henry N Allen < 
Mr & Mrs Chas E Tileston 
Mr & Mrs Louis F Lam- 
bert Jr 
Mrs A M Brown 


1 The Mt Monadnock 
Mr & Mrs J B Hill 
Mr & Mrs Chas W Newhall 
Mrs S E Gregg 
Rev C A Humphreys 
Miss Juliette Smith 
Mr F B Briggs 
The Misses Austin 
Miss Inis Arnold 
Miss Florence Cahill 
Mr WilUam E Skillings 
Mrs Dorothy Skillings 
Mrs Irene Inman 
Mr & Mrs Wm T Coggans 
Mr C F Moore 
Mrs M J Moore 
Mr & Mrs E L Heath 
Mr Harold Heath 
Mr William J Troy 
Mr & Mrs Geo A Wilbur 
Mr & Mrs Geo A Webb 
Mrs Higgins 

Mr & Mrs Chester B Chap- 
Mr & Mrs Geo V Sammett 

6 Dr «fe Mrs Henry F R Watts 
8 Dr & Mrs Samuel Crowell 
12 Mr & Mrs Henry D Dupee 
12 Mr James A Dupee 
18 Mrs Luke P WiUard 
20 Dr Harriet L Harrington 
22 Mr & Mrs Charles F Baker 
24 Mr & Mrs Leonard L Elden 
64 Dr John E Butler 
66 Miss S E Teulon 
68 Mr & Mrs A P Underbill 

1 The Mt Monadnock — Can 
Mr W S Keeser 
Mr Harry VanZant 
Mr Ernest Keepers 
Mrs Elsie Keepers 
Miss Mary Liliquist 
Mr & Mrs Oliver Hamilton 
Mr & Mrs A W Robinson 
Mr & Mrs Geo F Kingman 
Mr Walter M Giflford 
Miss E G Messinger 
Mr & Mrs J J Allen 
Mr J S Keeler 


B03T0N BLUE BOOK 1909 

MoNADNOCK St — Continued 

5 Mr & Mrs Nath'l D Silsbee 
9 Dr & Mrs E P Starbird 
15 Dr & Mrs D G Eldridge 
17 Mrs Martha Spinney 
17 Mr <fe Mrs Casper Hill 
19 Mrs H B Arnold 
19 Mrs M P Dow 
19 Miss Grace E Lingham 
19 Miss Elizabeth Donaldson 
21 Mr & Mrs E T Coweil 
25 Mr& Mrs William H Dyer 

25 Mrs H W Hubbard 
29 Dr & Mrs H V Reynolds 
31 Mrs Isabel Dunlap Austin 
31 Mr & Mrs Russell E Austin 
33 Mr & Mrs William L Tuttle 
37 Mr & Mrs John H Keyes 
41 Mr & Mrs E A Hemenway 
45 Mr & Mrs H J Hollings 
65 Mr & Mrs H A Greene 
69 Mr & Mrs Wm H Sayward 

{P Dorchester Center) 

15 Mr ife Mrs Richard B Has- 

15 Mr & Mrs William H Frye 
23 Mr & Mrs J H LeFavor 
23 Mr & Mrs Henry Currier 

10 Mrs Elizabeth A Kramer 
10 Mr & Mrs Louis Henlein 
16 Mr & Mrs John J Johnston 

20 Mrs H G Naber 
20 Mr & Mrs H L F Naber 


{P Dorchester Center) 

3 Mr & Mrs Simon Gold- 

5 Mr & Mrs George A Beale 

7 Miss Anna Chelius 

7 Miss Rose Chelius 

9 Mr <& Mrs Herman L 

11 Mr & Mrs Melville H Bar- 

13 Mr & Mrs Alfred Pierce 
15 Mr & Mrs Arthur C Hayes 
15 Mr & Mrs Orlando Lailer 
15 Mr & Mrs Walter F Lord 
17 Mr & Mrs Wm L Anderson 
19 Mr ife Mrs Winslow H 

Chad wick 
23 Mr & Mrs C E Gooding 
25 Mrs Fred'k K Ballou 
25 Miss Jennie F Ballou 
29 Mr & Mrs Edward C Morse 
3 1 Mr & Mrs Arthur E Hersom 

2 Mr & Mrs Harold C Everett 
4 Mrs Luther M Lee 
4 Mr Luther W Lee 
6 Mr & Mrs C B Douglass 
6 Mrs J M Porter 
8 Mr & Mrs H T Stifif 
8aMr & Mrs Charles A Day 
10 Mr & Mrs Edward Colbeth 
10 Mr &, Mrs Bayard T Perry 
12 Mr & Mrs Albert Richards 
12 Mrs S R Dorr 
14 Mr & Mrs Sprague H Per- 
14 Mr & Mrs Rob't W Perham 
16 Mr & Mrs J R Marshall 
16 Mr & Mrs L J McKenzie 
18 Dr & Mrs A Lincoln Lane 
18aMr & Mrs Noyes G Stanley 
20 Mr & Mrs Silas S Bradford 
24 Mr & Mrs Mark P Campbell 
26 Mr & Mrs Wm S Wheeler 



Moultrie St — Continued 

33 Mr & Mrs E A Hanly 
35 Mr & Mrs H W KimbaU 

36 Mr Charles H WilUams 
36 The Misses Williams 

28 Mrs Mary E Spencer 
30 Mr & Mrs T L Southack 
32 Dorchester Cottage Hospi- 
34 Mr Michael C Quinlan 
34 Mr & Mrs John S Martin 
36 Mr Gardner H WilUams 


(P O Dorchester Center) 

9 Mr Thornton F Stone 16 Mr & Mrs Robert P Boss 

9 The Misses Stone 20 Mr & Mrs Benjamin N Up- 

15 Mr & Mrs D Willard Leavitt ham 

19 Dr & Mrs Daniel P Doyle 


7 Mr & Mrs Isaac H Ripley 

9 Mr G W L Smith 

9 Mr & Mrs George B Darling 
21 Mr & Mrs Chas W Webster 
31 Mr & Mrs W Irving At- 

31 Mr W Elmer Atwood 

56 Mr Frank L Cobb 

14 Mr & Mrs C M Fuller 

24 Mr & Mrs Charles E Nott 

24 Mrs Richard A Heath 

34 Mrs F H Hewins 

44 Mr & Mrs Wm R Clark Jr 

54 Mr & Mrs N D Freeman 

54 Mr & Mrs Harrison G 

56 Mr & Mrs S T Cobb 


19 Mr Edward A McSweeney 16 Mr & Mrs Wm F Kelley 

21 Mr & Mrs Luke J Doogue 

35 Mr Michael J Brennick 37 Mrs M O Drain 

3 Mr & Mrs Wm S Luther 
3 Miss Rebecca Howland 
3 Rev J P Chadbourne 
19 Mr & Mrs Wm H Getchell 
23 Mr & Mrs Ira F Libby 
31 Mr & Mrs A S Wheeler 
31 Mrs Caroline Bicknell 
37 Mr & Mrs Shepard W Snow 
41 Mr Edmund F Snow 
47 Mr & Mrs Clarence R Snow 
49 Mr • & Mrs John H Bur- 


{P O Dorchester Center) 

12 Mr & Mrs Wm H Davidson 
16 Mr & Mrs Richard Hollings 
20 Mr & Mrs Maxwell Copelof 
24 Mr & Mrs Orris L Beverage 
24 Mr & Mrs Francis J Gra- 
Mr & Mrs Wm F Attwood 



Mr & Mrs Chas W Warnock 
Mr & Mrs Oris Kenyon 
Mrs J A Schallenbach 
Mr & Mrs Wm J Parritt 



(P Dorchester Center) 

267 Mr & Mrs Herbert A Reed 266 Mr & Mrs Edward C Carr 
267 Mr & Mrs Wm B McGrath 268 Mr Ezra H Wheeler 
271 Mr & Mrs John W Eraser Jr 268 Mrs J E Jones 
271 Mr & Mrs G A Towne 268 Miss Bessie C Jones 

275 Mr George D Conway 
275 Mr & Mrs Augustus M 


7 Mr & Mrs Samuel G Wood — 

11 Mrs Charles W Donahoe 21 Col Bowdoin S Parker 

17 Mr & Mrs J Hubert Turner 29 Mr & Mrs Joseph J Feely 
21 Dr & Mrs C W McConnell 


(P Dorchester Center) 

1 Mr «fe Mrs Victor R F Wal- 6 Mr & Mrs John Cadigan 

ker 10 Mr & Mrs Edmund F Mc- 
3 Mr & Mrs Emory H Talbot Carty 

5 Mr & Mrs Henry M Levine 12 Mr & Mrs Chas P Renfrew 

7 Mr & Mrs E F MadeUne 

9 Mr & Mrs Francis W Ben- 19 Dr & Mrs G A Suflfa 

nett 21 Mr & Mrs Harry C Graff 

11 Mr & Mrs C H Mclntyre 21 Mr & Mrs Mart Hinkley 

15 Mr & Mrs I A H Peabody 23 Mr & Mrs George Howard 
17 Mr & Mrs Thomas Hibbard 


{P Dorchester Center) 

3 Mrs Timothy J Leary 4 Mr & Mrs F H Young 

11 Mr Walter R Marsh 14 Mr & Mrs John C Mullaly 

17 Mr & Mrs Charles V Dasey 32 Mr& Mrs Francis HWillcutt 

47 Mr & Mrs Charles R Piper 42 Mr E Frank Eastman 

53 Mrs Henry L Bates 60 Mr George E Eastman 

57 Mr & Mrs Edward F Jarvis 86 Mr & Mrg J C Dearborn 

57 Mr & Mrs Henry W B Ar- 94 Mr & Mrs Edgar W Cottle 

nold 94 Mrs M F Cobb 

67 Mr & Mrs Victor Harrie 102 Mr & Mrs Edward Lynch 

67 Mrs L S Harrie 112 Mr & Mrs A J Mahoney 

69 Mr & Mrs George S Mills 

75 Mr & Mrs M J Murray 103 Rev & Mrs J Webb Brigham 

85 Mr & Mrs William T Eaton 107 Mr & Mrs Frank W Carter 

85 Mr & Mrs H W Eaton 111 Mr & Mrs G B Rowbotham 

97 Mrs James B potter 113 Mr & Mrs Vance M Smith 



{P O Dorchester Center) 

12 Mr & Mrs Chas H Buxton 
14 Mr & Mrs Geo G Lazzaro 
16 Mr & Mrs Maurice H Maney 
18 Mr & Mrs William H Dillon 
20 Mr & Mrs Victor Brusen- 

4 Mr & Mrs Jacob Serber 

4 Mr & Mrs Samuel Alexan- 

6 Mr & Mrs Patrick A Dona- 

8 Mr & Mrs Wm D Morrill 
10 Mr & Mrs Wm Hurwitz 


(P O Dorchester 

249 Mrs J A McQuade 246 

249aMr & Mrs Luther C Green- 248 
leaf 250 

249aMrs Augusta MacCabe 280 

253 Mr & Mrs S J Hallett 284 

255 Dr & Mrs Wm M Smith 284 
257 Mr & Mrs George E Homer 300 
259 Mrs Margaret Scholtes 340 

261 Mr & Mrs L C Small 340 

263 Mr & Mrs William Stirling 342 
265 Mrs George H Bullard 342 

265 Mr & Mrs Percy C Parker 344 
331 Mrs Margaret A Meyer 344 

333 Mr & Mrs George O Wood 
335 Mr & Mrs A J Waterman 360 
335 Mrs J J Lane . 362 

337 Mr & Mrs Henry A Dodge 362 
337 Mr Arthur A Dodge 364 

339 Mr & Mrs Chas P Daniels .'^72 
341 Mrs Ida J Dolbeare 3^0 

343 Mr & Mrs Henry S Rickett 380 
343 Mr & Mrs Geo F Wellington 
345 Mr & Mrs Geo H Brayton 384 
501 Mr & Mrs Samuel Neil 
501 Mr & Mrs Samuel T Neil 384 
501 The Misses Neil 
501 Mr Frederick Neil 388 

521 Mr & Mrs Chas H Doggott 504 
521 Mr & Mrs John A McCaig 514 
523 Mr <fe Mrs H R Chubbuck 516 
525 Mrs Mary E Austin 518 

533 Mr & Mrs Charles W Hall 5 20 
533 Mrs George W Loring o22 


Mr & Mrs P J Malley 
Mr & Mrs JSnowdon Smith 
Mr & Mrs C F Freigang 
Mr & Mrs George G Ormon 
Mr & Mrs John P O'Connell 
Mr & Mrs Wm J McArdle 
Mr & Mrs John F Connery 
Mr & Mrs Gavin HoUiday 
Mr & Mrs Edw O Skelton 
Mr & Mrs Paul F Burke 
Mr & Mrs WiUiam E Welch 
Mr & Mrs Amos Doe 
Mr & Mrs Frederick L Mc- 

Mr & Mrs Clarence H Ochs 
Mrs Charles A Burke 
Mrs Joseph Miller 
Mr & Mrs John A Faulkner 
Mr & Mrs James Reid 
Mr & Mrs Chester S Aldrich 
Mr & Mrs Irving M Wake- 
Mr & Mrs James A Arm- 
Mr & Mrs Frederic B 

Mr & Mrs A B Caldwell 
Mr & Mrs Frank L Wells 
Mr John McCrillis 
Mr & Mrs James H Elwell 
Mr & Mrs John T Duffy 
Mrs Sarah Brigham 
Mr & Mrs W F Dierkes 



Park St— Continued 522 Mr & Mrs John Keenan 

537 Mr & Mrs Henry H Greene 536 Mr & Mrs D A Sullivan 
545 Mr & Mrs Thos S Copeland 540 Mr Woodbury Emery 

549 Mrs Joseph W Cahalan 
551 Mr & Mrs Arthur Jacobs 

542 Mr & Mrs Chas E Stumcke 
546 Mr & Mrs Emory O Hersey 
548 Mrs Abbie B Heywood 
552 Mr & Mrs R W Greenleaif 
554 Mr & Mrs A J Kohler 

586 Miss Fannie L Evans 

586 Miss Carrie H Evans 

588 Mr & Mrs Maurice P Shaw 556 Mrs E F LaveUe 

590 Mr & Mrs H Buchner 558 Mrs Charles H Jewett 

592 Mr & Mrs George I Evans 560 Mrs Delia G Perkins 

(P O Upham's Corner) 

7 Mr & Mrs Edw C Healey 
9 Mr & Mrs William Gilman 
11 Mr S B Holman 
13 Mr & Mrs John P May 

16 The Misses Furlong 
16 Mr Charles L Davis 
16 Mrs Esther P Davis 
16 Miss Corinne Davis 
16 Miss Katharine K Davis 

2 Miss Mary E Devlin 
4 Mr & Mrs Mich'l J Corcoran 
6 Miss Minnie Buckley 
8 Mr Jeremiah Cronin 
10 Mr & Mrs John Scarr 
12 Mr & Mrs James H GriflSn 
14 Mrs J G Leman 
14 Mr J Howard Leman 
14 Dr Elizabeth M Stickney 
16 Mr & Mrs Lawrence P 


29 Mr & Mrs Arthur A Lincoln 
33 Mr George C Thacher 
33 Mrs Alfred C Thacher 
37 Mr Edward N Capen 
37 Mrs Shelton Barry 

42 Mr & Mrs J F Robinson 

6 Mr William H McGinty 
10 Mrs C H Hurd 
20 Mr & Mrs Pinckney Hol- 

26 Mr <& Mrs Guild A Copeland 
32 Mr & Mrs J R Churchill 
38 Mr & Mrs Edw D Peters 

(P O Upham's Corner) 

15 Mr & Mrs Francis 

M Hoi- 8 Mr & Mrs R M Miller 

8 Mr & Mrs Reid G Porter 
14 Mrs Edwin A Burbank 
14 Mr Ralph Burbank 



(P Dorchester Center) 


16 Mr & Mrs Alexander A 

16 Miss Katharine L Moore 
16 Mr & Mrs Hugh H Duflfy 

2 Mrs Melina Stevens 
8 Mr & Mrs John F Suckling 
10 Mr & Mrs Frank C Daven- 
14 Mr & Mrs Wm T Dowling 
14 Mr & Mrs James P Fallon 

(P Upham's Corner) 

19 Mr & Mrs J B O'Rourke 
19 Mr <& Mrs Joseph L Green 
25 Mrs Thomas S Weeks 
35 Mr & Mrs E G Foster 
51 Mrs Louise A Cook 
51 Mrs Frank H Cook 
65 Mr & Mrs John Bluhm 
69 Mr & Mrs Charles^H Chase 

68 Mr & Mrs W H Baker 
70 Mr & Mrs J Lewis Johnson 
70 Mr & Mrs Seth Good 
72 Mr & Mrs David M Sned- 
72 Mr «fe Mrs Christian H Han- 
74 Mr & Mrs Marcus M Whip- 
78 Mr & Mrs Otis Bramhall 
80 Mrs James Finnegan 

8 Mr & Mrs James J Murphy 
12 Mr Peter B Corbett 
16 Mr & Mrs Harry H Hale 
16 Mrs C P Steele 
18 Mr & Mrs Charles E Howe 
20 Mr & Mrs John J Kennedy 
24 Mr & Mrs Rudolph J 

30 Mr & Mrs Adolph G Pearce 
38 The Burxap Home fob 

Aged Women 
42 Mr & Mrs Geo H Hobson 
50 The Columbus Club 
54 Mr & Mrs Frank W Darrah 
60 Mr & Mrs W Herbert Ab- 
64 Mr & Mrs Francis G Powell 
66 Mrs Mary Cahill 
66 Mr & Mrs John J Gillespie 
68 Capt & Mrs Albert Rand 
68 Mr & Mrs H R Rupprecht 


(P O Dorchester Center) 

5 Mr & Mrs Fred'k W Archer 24 Mr & Mrs Walter H Bow- 
11 Mr & Mrs Wm B Brooks ker 


(P O Dorchester Center) i 

101 Mr & Mrs Chas Athon Hall 86 Mrs W F Whitcomb 

92 Mr & Mrs E B Gushing 




(P Upham*8 Corner) 

1 Mr & Mrs John J Stammers 

3 Mr & Mrs Perley Miller 21 

5 Mr & Mrs James N Spear 21 

7 Mr Pierce Powers 23 

9 Mr & Mrs James T Tighe 23 

1 1 Mrs Simeon K Stubbs 23 

13 Mr & Mrs Malachi L Jen- 25 

nings 27 

15 Mr & Mrs Albert H Hough- 29 

ton 29 

17 Mr & Mrs C P F Kellogg 29 

Mrs Thomas P Frost 
Miss Emma B Frost 
Mr & Mrs Adam Giflford 
Miss Myrtle Nungesser 
Mrs Mary Adams 
Mr & Mrs John R Forgie 
Mr & Mrs Wm F Hosmer 
Mr & Mrs M A Carpell 
Mr & Mrs A R Miller 
Mrs Samuel N Merrill 


1 1 Mr & Mrs Charles F White 
15 Mrs Marietta L Harrigan 

20 Mr & Mrs John W Robbins 

6 Mr & Mrs Frank W Merrick 

6 Mrs M A Merrick 

6 Mrs J C Campbell 
14 Mr Sydney E Perkins 
14 Mr & Mrs Waldo Chase 


3 Mr & Mrs Harry M White 6 Mr & Mrs Wm C B Taylor 
5 Mrs M J Wheelock 8 Mrs Samuel S S Crosby 


(P O Dorchester 

11 Mrs A W Williams 4 

15 Mr & Mrs Norman Clarke 
19 Dr & Mrs Carl W Moffitt 
23 Mr Hugh A Madden 
27 Mr & Mrs M Grishaver 
31 Mr & Mrs Everett G Priest 
35 Mr & Mrs Joseph G Pickard 
39 Mr & Mrs James T Ball 
41 Mrs C B Childs 

34 Mr WilUam Jardine 

38 Mr & Mrs Frank C Good- 

40 Mr & Mrs W H Crosby 
42 Mr & Mrs Walter S Brewer 
44 Mr & Mrs Arthur B Smith 
46 Mr & Mrs Wesley Day 




Mr & Mrs Frank O Thissell 
Mr & Mrs Chester F Gibbon 
Mr & Mrs William P Briggs 
Mr & Mrs Wm B Seignious 
Mr & Mrs Fred'k F Bryant 
Mr & Mrs Harry M Hope 
Mr & Mrs R J Sheehan 
Miss A P Allen 
Mr & Mrs Wm T Coogan 
Mr & Mrs W R DeLong 
The Misses Baker 
Dr & Mrs Arthur B Coffin 
Mr & Mrs Wm H Bursley 
Mr & Mrs Louis T Howard 
Mr & Mrs William Penn 
Mr & Mrs Warner R Butler 
Mr & Mrs Jos T F Burrell 



27 Mr & Mrs Henry B Rankin 26 Mr & Mrs Royal H Abbott 


{P Dorchester 

15 Mr & Mrs Walter E New- 

17 Mr John T Hourihan 
19 Mr & Mrs T Edward Gush- 
31 . Mr & Mrs C P linnehan 
35 Mrs Margaret McNamara 
39 Mr & Mrs Wm N Hughes 
49 Mr & Mrs Charles Hunt 

70 Mr & Mrs Chas H Belledeu 



Mr & Mrs John A Patrom 
Mrs Mary C Gartland 
Mr & Mrs W C Stevens 
Mrs, Daniel G Tilton 
Mr & Mrs G F Davenport 
Mr & Mrs Thomas A Scott 
Mr & Mrs Robert H Clark 
Mr & Mrs Geo W Palmer Jr 
Mr & Mrs Geo W Wise Jr 
Mr & Mrs Henry C Mildram 
Mr & Mrs Chas P George 

(P O Dorchester Center) 

13 Miss J E Kean 
15 Mr & Mrs H W Freeman 
23 Mr & Mrs Frank H Haynes 
29 Mr & Mrs B W Putnam 
39 Mrs & Mr Richard M Hatch 
39 Mr & Mrs John W Crowley 
41 Mrs M C Ayers 
43 Mrs B G Fairbrother 
47 Mrs F M Blanchard 
75 Mr & Mrs C A Dudley 
75 Mr & Mrs G W Wardner 
97 Mr & Mrs Jas L Macdonald 
97 Mr & Mrs Chas H Hoyt 

101 Mr & Mrs Marshall E Wil- 

103 Miss Lillian J MacRae 

136 Mr & Mrs C R Brown 

20 Mr & Mrs Hugh McDevitt 

38 Mr C H Knight 

42 Mr & Mrs Clarence A Swan 

44 Mr & Mrs B E Whitten 

54 Mrs B S Osborne 

54 Mrs A R Leslie 

56 Mr & Mrs Frank F Mea- 

58 Mrs C H Whiting * 

60 Mr & Mrs George H Adams 

72 Mr & Mrs Fred C Severance 
120 Mr & Mrs Matthew E 

122 Mr & Mrs Alva C Peck 
124 Mr & Mrs Roderick G Ma- 

126 Mr & Mrs W B Robinson 
130 Mr & Mrs George A Long 
132 Mr & Mrs George A Hall 

{P Dorchester Center) 
11 Mr & Mrs Paul C Kellogg 20 Mr & Mrs John Driscoll 

1 1 Mrs F K Cruzen 

22 Mr & Mrs Edw E Crandall 



RowENA St — ContinuLd 

1 5 Mr & Mrs Eugene K Dun bar 

17 Mr G W Thompson 

19 Mr & Mrs Chas P Bracket! 

23 Mrs Henry M Snell 

23 Mr & Mrs Joseph D Snell 

25 Mrs Richard J Lang 


(P Dorchester) 

5 Mr & Mrs Chas M Est a- 6 Mr Hugh Timmins 

brook 8 Mr <& Mrs Gilbert O Goudey 

7 Mr & Mrs Chas F Gettemy 
9 Mr & Mrs Albert Abrahams 


(P Upham 

15 Mr & Mrs Benj A Ham 
19 Mr & Mrs George A Chase 
23 Mr & Mrs F A Mclnnes 
23 Mrs G G Yerxa 
27 Mr & Mrs Leonard L Street 
27 Mrs J B Balson 
41 Mr S N Chittenden 
41 Mr & Mrs Roger C Chitten- 
45 Mr & Mrs Albert A Chitten- 

'a Corner) 

22 Mr William J Flanagan 

22 Mrs Mary D Flanagan 

24 The Misses Clapp 

24 Mr David C Clapp 

42 Mr & Mrs John C Clapp 

42 Mr & Mrs John C Clapp Jr 

45 Mr George H Chittenden 
45 Miss Charlotte E Chitten- 



(P Upham 

Mr & Mrs Daniel D Morss 
Mr & Mrs W M Cameron 
Mr & Mrs Philip Pearlstein 
Mr & Mrs S Rudnick 
Mr & Mrs Daniel J M^urray 
13 Miss Mary J Farrell 
13 Mr & Mrs H E Minton 
15 Mr & Mrs C I Fitzgerald 
17 Mr & Mrs Jas O'Halloran 
19 Mr & Mrs Edmund Fortier 
21 Mr & Mrs Wm O Childs 
23 Mr & Mrs Albert Wein 
25 Mrs John P Maher 
27 Mr & Mrs John A Bruen 
29 Mr & Mrs T J Lane 
31 Mr <fe Mrs Chas H Smith 
33 Mrs B Lane 

'« Corner) 

2 Mr & Mrs R W Devonshire 
6 Mr & Mrs George E Saxton 
8 Mr & Mrs Francis J Mc- 
10 Mr James J McNamee 
10 The Misses McNamee 
12 Mr & Mrs Augustus An- 
14 Mr & Mrs WilHam S Potter 
16 Mr & Mrs David P Power 
18 Mr & Mrs Abraham Ep- 
20 Mr & Mrs James Hockins 
22 Mr & Mrs George B Darrow 
22 Miss Helen Darrow 
24 Mr & Mrs H N Tolman 
26 Mr & Mrs Fred*k H Newton 



Sargent St — Continued 

37 Mr & Mrs Patrick B Collins 
37 Mr William Kenah 
39 Mr & Mrs Andrew M Tyner 
43 Mr & Mrs H T Hollings- 

43 Mr & Mrs Geo F Hennessey 
45 Mr & Mrs Garrett W Scol- 


28 Mrs James B Alden 
30 Mrs Laban M T Hill 
34 Mr & Mrs Geo B Lawrence 
38 Mr & Mrs Theo H Stead- 

45 Mr & Mrs John H Freeman 
47 Mr & Mrs A M Gordon 
49 Mr & Mrs Andrew P Lane 


85 Dr & Mrs M T Thurber 
109 Mr & Mrs F W Wood 
127 Mr & Mrs Lars Lawson 
131 Mr & Mrs H F Thompson 
135 Mr & Mrs Frank H Rice 
135 Mrs C A Beetle 
153 Mr & Mrs Arthur E Cox 
155 Mr & Mrs Herbert Bent 
159 Mr & Mrs I Z Steinbarger 
161 Mr & Mrs Willard W Jack- 
165 Mr .& Mrs William H D 

167 Mr & Mrs F F Plummer 
170 Mr & Mrs Charles H Conant 
173 Mr & Mrs Willard Noyes 
191 Mr James Lyons 
199 Miss Laura Tolman 
199 Mr <& Mrs Carl Blaha 
201 Mr & Mrs Jas D Ellsworth 
203 Mrs Mary D Patten 
203 The Misses Patten 
205 Mr & Mrs Henry G Patten 
205 Mr Harry C Patten 
207 Mr & Mrs Lewis A Horton 
211 Miss Mary M Morse 
211 Mr Bigelow C Morse 
211 Mr Henry H Morse 
211 Miss E W Cushing 
213 Mr & Mrs Edgar S Dorr 
219 Miss E T MacGregor 
219 Miss E H Pearson 
223 Mr & Mrs J D McBeath 
225 Mr & Mrs John J Sheehan 

12 Dr & Mrs A E Beaton 
18 Dr & Mrs E J Brearton 
52 Dr & Mrs F D Carter 
58 Mr & Mrs Walter L Hayes 
136 Miss Frances Wood 
140 Mr & Mrs Wm P Hunt 
140 Miss Mary E Hunt 
154 Mrs Adolphus R Coombs 
160 Mrs Ella J Bowker 
160 Mr & Mrs Harrie M Rich- 
180 Mr & Mrs Rubric G Balcom 
182 Mr & Mrs Chas A J Smith 
184 Mr & Mrs John P Rich 
184 Mr & Mrs Henry DeWitt 

Smith Jr 
186 Mr & Mrs William P Tripp 
186aMr & Mrs John Worley 
188 Mr & Mrs W Herb't Bacon 
190 Mr & Mrs Wm H Van Vliet 
190aMr & Mrs George M Robie 
192 Mr & Mrs E G Eldredge 
192aMr & Mrs Augustus M 

194 Mr & Mrs Thos F Martin 
194aMr & Mrs Rollin Abell 
196 Mrs J E Benchley 
196aMr & Mrs James Hunter 
198 Mr & Mrs Clarence A 

198aMr & Mrs Charies R Ehler 
202 Mr & Mrs Chas E Howe 
206 Mr & Mrs Willard F Scot 
210 Mi^ & Mrs William Hoag 



Savin Hill Av — Continued 

227 Mr & Mrs George D Silsbee 
231 Mr & Mrs'H A Andrews 
231aMr John Ross 
233 Dr & Mrs Melville F Rogers 
235 Mr Thomas F Christian 
235 Mr Thomas Christian 
235 Mr & Mrs Daniel P Miner 
237 Mr & Mrs Parke Snow 
245 Mr & Mrs B C Burnham 
257 Mrs A C Hawes 
257 Miss Hazel M Hawes 

212 Mr & Mrs Herbert N Cheney 
216 Mr & Mrs D B Closson 
220 Mrs Edward M Dennie 
240 Mr & Mrs Joseph H Ware 
242 Mr & Mrs Nathan T Rob- 
244 Mrs George C Scott 
252 Mr & Mrs Fred'k J Stark 
254 Mr & Mrs James H Stark 

259 Rev & Mrs Willard H 

259 Miss Meta G Hinkley 

(P Upham'a Corner) 

31 Mr & Mrs Benj A Plumley 
33 Mr William A Neilson 
33 The Misses Neilson 
45 Mr Patrick Curley 
51 Mr William L Rowell 
55 Mr & Mrs Nicholas J Terry 
59 Mr & Mrs John Barnes 
63 Mr & Mrs W F Turner 
63 Mr & Mrs H A Benedict 
65 Mr & Mrs William F Kakas 
67 Mr & Mrs Jas Eisenhauer 
69 Mr & Mrs Martin Ford 
71 Mr & Mrs James J Cahill 
71 Mr Thomas R Barry 
73 Mrs C F Danker 
87 Mr & Mrs James A Towle 
91 Mr & Mrs Fred M Lord 
91 Mr & Mrs John M Temple 
93 Mr & Mrs Albert L Darling 
93 Mr & Mrs Dwight Allen 
95 Mr & Mrs Angus A Mclnnes 
95 Mr & Mrs C H Walker 
97 Mr & Mrs Henry West 

101 Mr & Mrs Francis White 

101 Mrs C M Pray 

107 Mr & Mrs Harvey G Dickey 

107 Mr & 'Mrs Arthur B Reed 

8 Mr & Mrs Albert J Parke 
8 Mrs Kate E Parke 
8 Mr WilUam W Parke 
30 Mr & Mrs Leander E H 

40 Mr & Mrs William Ceppi 
42 Mr & Mrs J H Costello 
42 Dr John H Costello Jr 
42 Mr & Mrs H M Sartoris 
46 Mr & Mrs James Aherin 
48 Mr & Mrs Kent Perkins 
54 Mrs Geo W Spaulding 
54 Miss Elsie W Spaulding 
56 Mr & Mrs John Hall 
56aMr & Mrs Charles E Mc- 
58 Mr & Mrs Caleb D Dunham 
58 Mr & Mrs Charles A Badger 
60 Mr & Mrs Harry C Dunbar 
60 Mr & Mrs W A Whittemore 
62 Mr & Mrs William Kelly 
62 Mr & Mrs H D ApoUonio 
Mr & Mrs W A Lally cor 
Downer Av 

109 Mr & Mrs Raymond P Del- 



(P Upharn's Corner) 

9 Mr & Mrs Alfred B Neal 16 Mr H W Anderson 

11 Mr & Mrs William Ware 

13 Mr & Mrs Jas F Andrews. 17 Mr & Mrs William G Heed 
15 Dr & Mrs Fred'k R Abbe 


{P O Dorchester Center) 

1 Miss G Ball- Hughes 6 Mrs Winthrop Miller 

9 Mr & Mrs Henry P Boutelle 8 Mr & Mrs I A Jonas 

11 Mrs M E Merrick 10 Mrs W H Fenton 

15 Mrs Charles M Mandell 10 Mr & Mrs Herbert Grant 

19 Mr & Mrs Conrad Ross 12 Mr & Mrs F M Shiverick 

39 Mr & Mrs F H Robinson 12 Mr & Mrs James Hewitson 

41 Mr & Mrs Augustine L 14 Mrs Mary A Lynch 

Rafter 16 Mr & Mrs John M Brown 

16 Mrs L W Blish 

22 Mr & Mrs Andrew J Vose 20 Mr Henry C Whitcomb 

{P O Dorchester Center) 

7 Mr & Mrs Edward N Gray 6 Mr & Mrs Frederick G 

9 Mr & Mrs Chas E Beatty Jackson 

8 Mr ife Mrs Isaac B Hersey 
8 Mr & Mrs C A Sullivan 


(P Dorchester Center) 

357 Mr & Mrs E J Shaughnes 346 Miss Josephine Newmarch 

357 Mr & Mrs Jas C Coleman 350 Mr & Mrs Ralph W Welch 

389 Mrs Eliza D Bradford 350 Mr & Mrs John J Moore 

391 Mr & Mrs Charles H Allen 354 Mr & Mrs T J Brinnin 

391 Mr C Herbert Allen 354 Mr & Mrs Francis P Turn- 
393 Mr & Mrs T L Podbury bull 

393 Mrs J Willard Denny 356 Mr&Mrs Amasa Harrington 

397 Mr & Mrs W H Chase 356 Mr & Mrs James A Gookin 

401 Mr & Mrs Edward A Hall 358 Mr & Mrs J Louis Taylor 

401 Mr James P Miller 358 Mr & Mrs J J Crosby 

407 Mr & Mrs Edwin S Davis 388 Mr E H Cutler 

411 Mr & Mrs John J Smullen 388 Mr & Mrs R W Hendrie 

415 Mr & Mrs J Arthur Ross 392 Mrs Margaret C Moore 

392 Mr & Mrs Thomas CoUins 

420 Mr & Mrs J H Hicks 396 Mr & Mrs J A Wilson 

422 The Misses McMahon 418 Mr & Mrs A F Ford 



(P O Dorchester Center) 

1 Mr & Mrs Geo F Quinby 
1 Mrs B H Quinby 
5 Mrs Benjamin T Manson 
7 Mr & Mrs Edw H Ensign 
9 Mr <& Mrs Jos S Bourne 
1 1 Mr & Mrs Fred B Emery 

4 Mr & Mrs Wm J Keenaa 
10 Mr & Mrs Carl J Homer 
12 Mr & Mrs Charles P Marks 

11 Mr George W Marquis 

(P Dorchester) 

9 Mrs Charles M Bugbee 
11 Rev & Mrs C H Washburn 

20 Mr & Mrs Frank V Libby 
24 Mr & Mrs Joseph T Chase 

14 Mr & Mrs Chas Keveney 
16 Mr & Mrs William G Lash 
18 Mr & Mrs James E Lord 
20 Mr & Mrs Frederick Cham- 

(P O Dorchester Center) 

7 Mrs William Knowles 
7 Miss Adehne Eastman 
9 Mr & Mrs Herbert N Stone 
9 Mr & Mrs R E SulUvan 

39 Mr & Mrs W H Prescott 

43 Mr & Mrs Jeremiah T 

59 Mr Neil McNeil 

71 Mr & Mrs Murray H Ballou 

14 Mrs W W Bailey 
16 Mr & Mrs P P Ray 
44 Mr & Mrs J J Mullane 
54 Mr & Mrs Vinton Earle 
66 Mr & Mrs D F Holmes 
68 Mr Patrick A Lyons 
70 Mr & Mrs Henry S Porter 


43 Mr & Mrs Wm C Adams 
45 Mr WilUam A Giles 
45 Mrs Emerentina C Gillis 
45 Mr & Mrs Henry C Short 
49 Mr & Mrs John A Buckley 
51 Mr & Mrs Samuel S Smith 
53 Mr & Mrs James A Weegar 
65 Mr & Mrs James Stanton 

63 Mr & Mrs Edwin M Ran- 
63 Mr M R Croke 
65 Mr & Mrs Leon Gosselin 
65 Mr & Mrs Hans H M Borg- 

10 Mr & Mrs Orange M Pickett 
12 Mr & Mrs William Edson 
14 Mr & Mrs B B Maddocks 
18 Mr Michael Kearns 
22 Mr & Mrs John D Wayne 
22 Mr Herbert W Wayne 
24 Mr & Mrs George H Witt 
28 Mrs Leon Gosselin Sr 
28 Mr Clarence Gosselin 
42 Mr & Mrs Edward Cussen 
42 Mr Frederic A Cussen 
44 Mr & Mrs Richard F Jones 
46 Mr ^ Mrs E O Blanchard 
52 Mr John M Cummings 



Stanton St — Contmued 

67 Mr & Mrs Abraham L Pot- 

69 Mr & Mrs C C Robbins 
71 Mr & Mrs Wm A Mason 
73 Mr & Mrs J S Rankin 
Stanton Street M E Ch 
( Rev Leo A Nies ) 
I 97 Evans St S 

80 Mr & Mrs E J Olsen 

52 Mr & Mrs Porter E Cum- 
min gs 
68 Mrs L A Boothby 
70 Mrs Charles S Champney 
70 Mr & Mrs Harry F Stimp- 

72 Mr & Mrs H P Keating 
72 Mr & Mrs T I Stedfast 
74 Mr & Mrs Robert Lothrop 
74 Mr & Mrs WilUam Smith 
78 Mr & Mrs Wm M Corcoran 

{P O Dorchester Center) 

11 Mr & Mrs Thos J O'Daly 
13 Mr & Mrj3 Augustus F 

15 Mr <& Mrs Albert Berenson 
17 Mr & Mrs WilUam E Gale 

18 Mr & Mrs Chas H Cobum 

10 Mr & Mrs John A Williams 
12 Mr & Mrs Matthew A 

14 Mr & Mrs Andrew Dey 
16 Mr & Mrs Eli Perry 
16 Mrs Mary Follansbee 
18 Mr William H Thomas 


(P Upham'8 

1 Mrs T W Tuttle 

5 Mr <& Mrs I H Feinberg 
27 Mr & Mrs Oliver Gay 
29 Mr & Mrs James Dillon 
29 The Misses Dillon 
33 Mr & Mrs Edwin S Wood- 
37 Miss A E Clapp 

38 Rev & Mrs George L Paine 
42 Mr & Mrs John Reynolds 
42 Mr & Mrs Henry R Rey- 








Mr & Mrs Wm L McMorrow 
Mr & Mrs Lewis T Lunt 
Mr & Mrs W J Sartell 
Mr & Mrs John Homer 
Mr & Mrs Edward J Fitz- 
Mr & Mrs James H Myrick 
Dr Hannah G Myrick 
The Misses Johnson 
Mr William H Lawrence 
Mrs I M Lawrence 
Mr Ralph R Lawrence 
Miss Madeleine Restieaux 


(P Dorchester Center) 

443 Mr & Mrs Andrew A Bur- 438 Mr & Mrs F W Emery 

goyne 442 Mr & Mrs Victor H Ober 

447 Mr & Mrs W W Morse 5p2 Mr & Mrs Frank R Barrows 

451 Mr & Mrs CUfford F An- Mrs Henry C Short 

drews Mr & Mrs Fred'k C Mea<^ 



Talbot Av — ContinuLd 

477 Mr H E Stuart 

481 Mr & Mrs John B Dunbar 

515 Mr & Mrs C C Haines 

521 Mr & Mrs R B Fisher 

537 Mr James E Dolan 

537 Miss Julia S Dolan 

537 Mr & Mrs Richard A Lynch 

539 Dr & Mrs Chas G Dewey 

547 Mrs Crawford Nightingale 

516 Mr & Mrs P B Sanford 
Mr Thomas M Scan Ian 
Mr & Mrs Jos A Costello 

504 Mr & Mrs George J Myers 
Mr & Mrs George H Perry 
Mr & Mrs James F Costello 

510 Mr & Mrs Frank S Scho- 
Mr & Mrs W H Spline 
Mr & Mrs Edw E Williams 

512 Mr & Mrs P E Walker 
Mrs Henry Richardson 
Mr & Mrs Hamilton • L 

514 Mr & Mrs Wm H Gale 
Mrs Ella V Haskell 

(P O Dorchester Center) 

1 Mr & Mrs Wm P Ryder 

7 Mr & Mrs Alfred R Frank 

9 Mr & Mrs Joseph S Knower 

11 Mr & Mrs Henry J Clark 

6 Mr & Mrs John F Cooney 
8 Mr & Mrs Charles T Grilley . 
10 Mr & Mrs Daniel Fisher 
12 Mr & Mrs Arthur F Gra- 
22 Mr & Mrs Edw F Draper 


(P O Upham's 

7 Mrs John Divver 
9 Mr Edward J O'Brien 
11 Mr & Mrs John J Looney 
13 Mr & Mrs Joseph F Carew 
17 Mr Patrick H Dillon 

22 The Misses Reid 
24 Mr & Mrs Michael J Grady 
26 Mr & Mrs Philip J Murphy 
28aMr & Mrs H A Johnson 
28 Mr & Mrs Chas I Johnson 
30 Mr & Mrs Geo C Swallow 




Mr & Mrs Joseph J Casey 
Miss F M Bertie 
Mr & Mrs C J Coughlin 
Mrs W F Wilkins 
Mr & Mrs Rob't F Wilkins 
Mr & Mrs Charles M Ward 
Mrs Grace Ward 
Mr D J Leary 
Mr & Mrs John F Loughlin 
Mr & Mrs Michael Mc- 
Mr & Mrs John A Glavin 


{P Dorchester Center) 

11 Mr & Mrs William Nichols 34 Mr & Mrs W T Every 

11 Mrs M E Clarke 34 Mrs L M Gleason 

27 Mr George B Veasey 38 Mr & Mrs Daniel Lewis 



ToNAWANDA St — Continued 

27 Mr & Mrs Melzar D Smith 
27 Mrs Elvira F Veasey 
31 Mrs L A Johnson 
43 Mr & Mrs Roscoe G Caverly 
43 Mr & Mrs Geo A Yeaton 
47 Mr & Mrs Harris Goldstein 
47 Dr & Mrs Henry E Cohen 
61 Mr & Mrs Walter H Collins 
55 Mr & Mrs JustinjF Hastings 
55 Mrs Leonard T Armstrong 
59 Mr & Mrs Arthur Kay 
59 Mr & Mrs Frank N Phelps 
63 Mr & Mrs George L Starks 
67 Mr & Mrs Samuel Morse 
67 Mr & Mrs C W Alexander 
71 Mrs Catherine Veazie 
73 Mr & Mrs C W Fletcher 
75 Mr & Mrs J P Morgan 
79 Mr & Mrs John J Dunigan 
79 Mr & Mrs James T Connor 
83 Mr & Mrs C E Laechler 
83 Mr & Mrs Austin F South- 

87 Mr & Mrs Thos E Young 
87 Mr & Mrs Harry L Ackley 
95 Mr & Mrs William I Wood 
95 Mrs H W Chase 
99 Mr & Mrs George W Ross 
95 Miss H L Chase 
101 Rev & Mrs George H Flint 
103 Mr & Mrs Walter L Tougas 
107 Mr & Mrs Sam'l Meadows 
111 Mr & Mrs Harry Wright 
111 Mr & Mrs W W Wilson 
137 Mr & Mrs Albert A Beal 
137 Mr & Mrs Thomas Lep,vitt 

38 Mr & Mrs Clement G Lewis 
42 Mr & Mrs Rob't Sutherland 
42 Mr & Mrs Chas F Graham 
46 Mr John R Sibley 
50 Mr & Mrs John F Barry 
50 Mr & Mrs Joseph P Mackin* 

54 Mr <fe Mrs Josiah F McKim 
58 Mr & Mrs Wilson Ourish 
58 Mr & Mrs T T Timayenis 
62 Mr & Mrs C B Luther 
62 Miss Grace Brett 
66 Mr & Mrs Z H Cronkhite 
66 Mr & Mrs H L Taylor 
70 Mr & Mrs Fred R E Dean 
74 Mr & Mrs Edward B Stem 
74 Mr & Mrs Levi Wickwire 
90 Mr&MrsWCBrien 
96 Mr & Mrs Edw W Rand 
98 Mr & Mrs Fred!k F Dowd 
100 Mr & Mrs Fred'k A Klank 
100 Mr & Mrs A J Alberts 
102 Mr & Mrs Paul C Klein 
110 Mr & Mrs Franklin J Wight 
112 Mr & Mrs Maurice R Smith 
116 Mr & Mrs Willard C Tan- 

116 Mr & Mrs Wm J Follen 
118 Mr & Mrs Jos P Barron 
118 Mr & Mrs John P Hansen 
122 Mr & Mrs Augustus W 

122 Mr & Mrs Melvin F Mc- 

126 Mr & Mrs George B Doane 
126 Mr & Mrs Frederic Bo- 

(P O Dorchester Center) 

11 Mr & Mrs Elmer L Gibbs 
11 Mrs M F Gibbs 
13 Mr & Mrs George E Rich- 
15 Mr & Mrs Chas H Collins 

12 Mrs Edward H Spaulding 
16 Mr & Mrs Frank T Merrill 
18 Mr & Mrs F H Mansfield 
20 Mr & Mrs Augustus G Per- 



Tremlbtt St — Continued 

17 Mr & Mrs Henry Kenney 
17 Mr & Mrs Melvin W Ken- 
19 Mr & Mrs W A Morris 
21 Mr & Mrs W S Leavitt 
25 Mr & Mrs Joseph H Pea- 

31 Mr & Mrs C S Bradley 
35 Mr & Mrs Wm H Dudley 
37 Mr & Mrs Chas G Brazier 
41 Mr & Mrs E S Sullivan 
43 Mr & Mrs Wm E Fay 

Mr & Mrs W A MacLeod 
Mr & Mrs John W Pearson 
Mr & Mrs Chas F Randall 
Mr & Mrs Thos B Murch 
Mrs H Arthur Wallingford 
38 Mr & Mrs H M Sanders 
44 Mr & Mrs George S Morrill 
46 Mr & Mrs Geo H Richter 
48 Mr & Mrs Frank A Kidder 


45 Mr & Mrs Lucian S Crosley 
47 Mr & Mrs Louis S Dicker 


(P O Upham's 

7 Mr & Mrs Wm W Carter 
9 Mr James F Marston 
9 Mr & Mrs Terrance Dunn 
11 Mr & Mrs Charles M Little 
15 Mr & Mrs Edgemont A 

17 Mr & Mrs Wm G Grundy 
19 Mr & Mrs Edw B O'Connor 
21 Mrs W H Ring 
23 Miss C F Stoddard 
25 Mr & Mrs John A Fox 
29 Mrs Edward A Levian 




Mr & Mrs George L Smith 
Mr & Mrs Herbert F Dwel- 

Mr & Mrs L A Wliite 
Mr & Mrs J W McMahon 
Mr & Mrs John H Griffin 
Miss Elizabeth Powers 
Mr & Mrs Geo H Mitchell 
Mr & Mrs Walter S Fox 
Mr & Mrs Chas E Bokus 

29 Miss Beatrice M Levian 


(P O Dorchester Center) 

13 Mr & Mrs Jos A Brain erd 4 Mrs L A Johnson 

21 Mr & Mrs Robert W Milli- 4 Mr James E Johnson 

gan 4 Mr & Mrs Arthur A Chase 

25 Mr <^ Mrs Henry Howard 10 Mr & Mrs Francis Meisel 


9 Mr & Mrs Jaflfrey J Prend- 

23 Mr & Mrs Robert A Lauria 
23 Mr & Mrs S Manganelli 
29 Mr & Mrs Alfred B Sill 
35 Mr Geo W Giddings 
41 Mr James B Ramsay 
47 Mr & Mrs W H Glennan 

8 Mrs C O Bennett 
10 Mrs C W Gould 
14 Mr & Mrs Matthew C Har- 
18 Mr & Mrs George Gibson 
24 Mr & Mrs Wm B Doggett 
30 Mr & Mrs Jeremiah Bum- 



Van Winkle St — Continued 

51 Mr & Mrs Horace R Crane 
63 Mr & Mrs Wm H Aborn 
69 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Sus- 

75 Mr & Mrs Henry E Pond 
79 Mr & Mrs Harry O Forbush 
Mr &Mrs Lloyd Smith 
Mr Frank L Robinson 
83 Mr & Mrs J C Finegan 
Mr & Mrs Henry L Seaver 
Mr & Mrs George M Gait 


(P O Upham 

1 Mrs Agnes Quigley 
3 Mr & Mrs G A Denham 
5 Mrs Frances McManus 
7 Mr & Mrs WilUam Ward 
9 Mr & Mrs William Ross 
11 Mr & Mrs Harry A Ander- 

30 Mr Morton Bumstead 

30 Mrs Jeremiah Bumstead Sr 

36 Mrs Nathaniel Tarr 

36 Mr Edwin A Leonard 

42 Mrs William Burleigh 

48 Mr & Mrs Fred W Gowell 

52 Mr & Mrs John A Hall 

64 Dr & Mrs Knut J Luttropp 

68 Mr & Mrs F R Jewett 

80 Mr & Mrs Chas F Bennett 

80 Mr & Mrs OHver P Ricker 

22 Mr & Mrs John J Hart 
24 Mr & Mrs F O Downes 


*8 Corner) 

4 Mr & Mrs Arthur F Powers 
8 Mr & Mrs Wm T Hender- 

10 Mr & Mrs John Lyons 

12 Mrs T F Ring 

14 Mr & Mrs Cornelius E 

16 Mr George B Dyer 

18 Mr & Mrs Henry E Hagan 

20 Mr & Mrs John J Mahoney 

(P Upham' 8 Corner) 

9 Dr & Mrs M P Wheeler 
11 Mrs Andrew Sunmer 
15 Mr Samuel C Rowell 
21 Mr & Mrs Chandler Wright 
21 Mr & Mrs Albert L Ireland 
25 Mr & Mrs Bryant G Smith 
?9 Dr & Mrs J T Sherman 
35 Mr <& Mrs Wm A Copeland 
41 Mr & Mrs David H Sumner 
43 Mr & Mrs M E Minard 
47 Mr & Mrs George A Rich- 

' ardson 
47 Mrs Sarah R Robinson 
51 Mr & Mrs Frank A Ruggles 
55 Mr A Mrs Cornelius A 

Virginia St Univ Ch 
J Rev Howard C Gale ) 
I 68 Hancock St ) 
10 Mr & Mrs J L Miller, 
14 Mr & Mrs Almon L Smith 
16 Mr <& Mrs George M Nay 
16 Mrs L A Pike 
20 Mr & Mrs Sam'l A Merrill 
28 Mr & Mrs Lucian J Fosdick 
32 Mrs Rose Forgie 
32 Mrs J W Doolittle 
36 Mr & Mrs J N Smith 
40 Mr & Mrs W H Robey 
40 Miss Annie Smith 
44 Mr & Mrs Geo F Milliken 
48 Mr & Mrs John L Goss 



Virginia St — Continued 

57 Mr & Mrs Eliot E Sayward 
57 Mr E Tucker Sayward 
59 Mr Henry A Gordon 
59 Mr James D Gordon 

50 Rev & Mrs A P Sharp 
54 Mr John Fennell 
54 Miss Mary Fennell 
56 Mrs Henry Krey 
60 Rev & Mrs R S Forbes 

(P O Dorchester Center) 

7 Mr & Mrs Dan'l C Buckley 
9 Mr & Mrs James F Cotter 
11 Mrs George H Gustin 
17 Mr & Mrs Jas J McDonald 
25 Mr & Mrs Wm F Hennessy 
27 Mr & Mrs Wm P Kingman 
31 Mr & Mrs Ezra Malloch 
35 Mr & Mrs John C Potter 
35 Mr & Mrs Fred'k G Rozelle 
37 Mr & Mrs Sheffield Arnold 
39 Dr & Mrs Jas Patterson 
41 Mr & Mrs Arthur Watson 
41 Mr & Mrs Chas A Bumham 
47 Mr & Mrs John W Ells- 
47 Mr & Mrs Wm R McKenzie 
51 Dr <fe Mrs Joseph Massell 
51 Mr & Mrs Jos Michelman 
55 Dr & Mrs P E Deehan 
59 Mr & Mrs Carroll Thayer 
61 Mr & Mrs Mclntyre 
63 Mr & Mrs James Lorimer 
65 Mr & Mrs Walter U Earle 
67 Mr & Mrs J Pierpont Col- 
69 Miss Nellie F Shaw 
71 Mr & Mrs Charles Henry 

73 Mr & Mrs Geo A R^nolds 
75 Mr & Mrs Wm M Russell 
77 Mrs M H Vaughn 
77 Mrs E B Wheeler 
79 Mr & Mrs George A Riley 
81 Mr & Mrs John D Reed 
83 Mr & Mrs Edwin H Keene 
85 Mr & Mrs I E Wagner 

12 Mr & Mrs Patrick M Dona- 
32 Mrs Ida M McGiflfert 
52 Mr Guy C HoUiday 
52 Mr & Mrs Edwin Barnes 
62 Mr & Mrs John Lindall 
82 Dr & Mrs E J Fitzgibbon 
Central Cong Church 
j Rev George H Flint ) 
I 101 Tonawanda St ( 

87 Mr & Mrs James D Moore 
87 Mr & Mrs Jacob Pearson 
89 Mr Robert A Vesper 
89 Dr B G Carlson 
89 Mr & Mrs C E Carlson 
91 Mr & Mrs Henry L Pratt 
Mr Edward K Whitmore 
Mr & Mrs Walter B C Fox 
93 Mr & Mrs Harry E Hasty 
Mr & Mrs David F Choate 
Mr & Mrs Eugene H Allen 
95 Mr & Mrs Clarence M Parry 
Mr <fe Mrs James R Arm- 

Mr & Mrs Wm F Babbitt 
97 Mr & Mrs Robert S Beck 
Mr & Mrs Walter B Ripley 
Mr & Mrs H C Potter 
99 Mr & Mrs Hyman Solomon 
Mr & Mrs Wm P Brigham 
Mr & Mrs Charles H Baker 
101 Mr & Mrs Henry J Palmer 
Mr H C Newton 
Mr Hiram Wilde 
The Misses Stevenson 



(P O Dorchester Center) 

1 Mr & Mrs Robert M Mac- 
1 Mrs H N Macintosh 
3 Mr & Mrs Edwin H Coffin 

5 Mr & Mrs Herbert C Ellms 
7 Mr & Mrs Wm C Brooks 


(P O Dorchester Center) 

9 Mr & Mrs John Frederick- 
11 Mrs S J Tuttle 
15 Mr & Mrs John H Casey 
21 Mr & Mrs Thomas Bibbey 
23 Mr Patrick C Crowley 
25 Mr & Mrs James J Burke 
27 Mr Charles F Kelly 
31 Mr & Mrs Amos M Chace 
37 Mr & Mrs Albert E Leon 
41 Mr & Mrs Francis L La- 

6 Mr & Mrs Ambrose Dawes 
14 Mr C G Hutchinson 
16 Mrs Raphael McCormack 
20 Mr & Mrs John A O'Shea 
24 Mr & Mrs Wm D Forbes 
26 Mr S M Hyams 
32 Mr & Mrs Chas A Donovan 
34 Mr & Mrs James M Allen 
38 Mrs J B O'Brien 
40 Mrs John H Whitney 

(P O Dorchester Center) 

3 & 5 Walton Hall 
Mr & Mrs J J Rundlet 
Mr &, Mrs Henry R Barry 
5 Mrs S E Wilcox 
Mrs M J Weed 
Mr & Mrs W H Sprague 
9 Mr & Mrs Charles S Burr 
15 Mr & Mrs John T Wogan 
21 Mr & Mrs Jas H Lombard 

26 Mrs W B Cutter 
26 Mr & Mrs Geo O Cutter 
30 Rev & Mrs Edw BraisUn 
32 Mr & Mrs John S Kemp 
36 Mrs James Sullivan 

25 Mrs Peter H Schoonmaker 
31 Mr & Mrs Wm B Willcutt 


3 Mr & Mrs Wm B Crocker 
5 Mr & Mrs Chas T Hough 
7 Rev & Mrs Geo L Cady 
9 Mr & Mrs J Gardner Bart- 

6 Mr & Mrs Francis McBrine 
8 Mr & Mrs Frederic G Perine 
10 Mrs Edward Frinsdorff 
12 Mr & Mrs Geo E Warren 



{P O Dorchester Center) 

99 Miss Grace S Wilder 
99 Miss Jemima R Wilder 
143 Dr & Mrs F M Kennison 
157 Mrs Chas A Alexander 
157 Mr George H Alexander 
157 Mrs Andrew Alexander 
389 Mr & Mrs John Fottler Jr 
405 Dr & Mrs J F Worcester 
411 Dr & Mrs Wm J Hammond 
415 Mr & Mrs Edward A King 
419 Mr & Mrs R N Smith 
419 Mr & Mrs W H Tweed 
439 Mr & Mrs Chas B Warren 

Mr & Mrs Wm S Lord 
441 Mr & Mrs Henry A Vialle 

Mr Albert C Orcutt 
445 Mr Michael J Collins 
461 Dr Marion Nute 
461 Miss Marietta Nute 
465 Dr O F Rogers 
477 Dr L Mendelsohn 
493 Mr & Mrs Sam'l Williams 
501 Dr F B Brown 
503 Mr & Mrs Eben H Snow 
511 Mr & Mrs J M Galvin 
533 Dr & Mrs Nicholas Drum- 

557 Mr & Mrs Ephraim B Wood 
571 Dr & Mrs H A Sibley 
571 Mrs Juliet W Murray 
575 Mr & Mrs A H Field 
585 Dr & Mrs M L Marr 


706 & 708 Walton Hall 
Miss Emily E Hawley 
Mrs A L Yorke 
Mr & Mrs E F Boothby 

708 Mrs Edward Howard 
Mr & Mrs Albert Towle 
Mr & Mrs George Pixley 

740 Dr & Mrs R B Scales 

740 Mr & Mrs Ross T Bower 

Grove Hall Univ Ch 
( Rev George W Colson 
' ] 95 Geneva Av 
98 Mr & Mrs I W Adams 
120 Mrs Albert Morse 
120 Mr & Mrs Albert G Morse 
146 Mr & Mrs F S Barrett 
268 Miss M A Metcalfe 
272 Mr & Mrs Jas F Gleason 
276 Mrs Helen M Tucker 
282 Mr & Mrs John S Mann 
288 Mr WilUam H Swift 
294 Mr & Mrs Eben S Hinckley 
296 Mrs Peter L Willcutt 
Highlands M E Ch 
(Rev Charles E Davis) 
380 Rev <& Mrs Chas E Davis 
386 Mr & Mrs Sam4 W Wotton 
394 Dr & Mrs A T Davison 
420 Dr & Mrs E P Ruggles 
424 Dr & Mrs A E Rogers 
434 Mr & Mrs Wm Vandervoort 
Colonial Club 
Cor Park St 
484 Mr B C Hardwick 
484 Mrs M J Hall ' 
484 Miss Mary H HaU 
506 Dr & Mrs W H Sawyer 
508 Mrs E P Soule 
510 Mr & Mrs Chas S Devens 
512 Mrs Emma F Rogers 
564 Mr & Mrs Henry C Kendall 
564 Mr & Mrs Richard W 

576 Miss Miriam B Means 
Second Cong Church 
( Rev Arthur Little D D ) 
I 6 Melville Av J 

Dor Temple Baptist Ch 
( Rev Edw BraisUn D D ) 
] 30 Walton St J 



(P O Upham*8 Corner) 

35 Mr & Mrs Eugene F Don- 
49 Mr & Mrs Jas J Kenney 
55 Mr <fe Mrs Martin Kenney 
65 Mr & Mrs Peter F Welch 
69 Mr & Mrs Daniel T Cass 
75 Mr & Mrs Geo D Bennett 

48 Mr & Mrs Morris Bahn 
54 Mr & Mrs Timothy Mortarty 
64 Mr & Mrs Simon Miller 
70 Mr & Mrs Thos A Davin 
76 Mr & Mrs Ehas Harris 

77 Mrs Ellen Dillworth 

{P Dorchester Center) 

29 Mrs Thomas McEnany 
31 Mr & Mrs Douglas Forbes 
39 Mr & Mrs John F Fitz- 
51 Mr John J Nolan 
55 Mr & Mrs W E A Legg 
65 Mr & Mrs J J Arakclyan 
81 Mrs M T Shumway 
81 Miss Ethel N Shumway 

66 Mr & Mrs Wm Fred Hickey 
68 Mr & Mrs Jacob Went- 

70 Mr & Mrs Elias Clark 
72 Mr & Mrs Albion J Tuttle 
74 Mr & Mrs W Ashf ord Lent 

14 Mr & Mrs Leonard G Rob- 

14 Mr & Mrs OUver B Can well 
18 Mr & Mrs Albert H Curtis 
22 Mr Clifford M Mowatt 
22 Mr C Willis Prescott 
22 Mr & Mrs Benj H Tobin 
26 Mr &.Mrs J H Blan chard 
28 Mrs Joseph Graham 
30 Mr & Mrs Wm B Phelps 
30 Mrs A Edwards Torrey 
36 Mr O D Myrick 
36 Miss Fanny Myrick 
40 Mr & Mrs Geo E Kimball 
48 Mr & Mrs Henry T Brown 
62 Mr & Mrs Rob't Campbell 

{P O Dorchester Center) 

5 Mr & Mrs Frank T Knowles 

11 Mr & Mrs Cornelius Dacey 

11 Mr John F Dacey 

15 Mr & Mrs Frank W Thurs- 

17 Mr & Mrs Clarence Weston 

21 Dr & Mrs A H Woodcock 

23 Mrs Ellen Murphy 

27 Mr & Mrs Solomon Weis- 

29 Mr Henry H Green 

31 Mr & Mrs Eliott D Jaques 

4 Mr & Mrs William H Hills 
6 Mr & Mrs Frank E Sullivan 
10 Mr & Mrs Charles Brandt 
14 Mr & Mrs Ernest Auerbach 
18 Mr & Mrs Howard G Salis- 
22 Mr & Mrs Dan'l J Sullivan 
26 Mr Harvey Waitt 
26 Mr Charles H Waitt 
26 Mrs Lucy J Harlow 
28 Mr William Housman 
32 Mr & Mrs Edwin H Buzzell 



Wellesley Park — Continued 

37 Mr & Mrs John L Farrell 
41 Mrs R M Nickerson 
49 Mr Hosea Harden 
57 Mrs Andrew Erickson 
57 Mr Andrew G Erickson 
57 Mr Ernest E Erickson 

38 Mr & Mrs G Carlton Rus- 
40 Mr & Mrs Charles S Went- 

42 Mr & Mrs George Cohen 
42 Mr George LeRoy Cohen 
50 Mr & Mrs Isaiah Hinckley 
56 Mr & Mrs Jas M Robertson 

{P O Dorchester Center) 

5 Mr & Mrs Samuel H Mil- 
7 Mr & Mrs John E Martin 
9 Mr & Mrs Walter M Evatt 

12 Mr & Mrs F R S McDewell 

2 Mr & Mrs Thos Hannan 
4 Mr & Mrs Clendenning 

6 Mr & Mrs Edmund T 

8 Mr & Mrs Joseph Clench 

(P O Dorchester Center) 

2 r Mr & Mrs Edwin J Dyer 
25 Mrs M W Eastman 
25 Mr & Mrs G E Bruce 
29 Mr & Mrs W G Waitt 
37 Mr Joseph B Horton 
37 Mrs Lorrin B Horton 
41 Mr & Mrs W D Brigham 
Mrs C L Willis 
Miss Edna Willis 
Mr Sumner C Willis 
Mr & Mrs George L Swett 
51 Mr & Mrs Edward M Dav- 
57 Mr & Mrs W J Flynn 
71 Mr & Mrs A C H Laws 
81 Mr & Mrs Fred Williams 


58 Mr N Thomas Merritt 
58 Mr William F Merritt 

18 Mrs George Hanson 
22 Mr Norman A Kinnicutt 
22 Mr & Mrs Geo A Lapham 
26 Mr & Mrs Henry D Castle 
26 Mr & Mrs Henry A Howard 
30 Mr & Mrs Morrill L Perkins 
30 Mr & Mrs Chas O Bowker 
34 Mr & Mrs Frank S Whit- 
34 Mr & Mrs Howard O 

38 Mr & Mrs Henry D Nunn 
38 Mr & Mrs Harry H Witte 
42 Mr & Mrs G Frederick 

42 Mrs Agnes Saxton 
46 Mr & Mrs Jas R Lambirth 
46 Mrs Cynthia Wait 
46 Mrs Adelia C Page 
58 Mrs N Thomas Merritt Sr 



{P Dorchester Center) 

3 Dr & Mrs Arthur W Blair 
7 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Banis- 
11 Mr & Mrs Geo R Murdock 
11 Miss Carrie H Murdock 
lliMr.& Mrs ElHot J White 
15 Mr <& Mrs John P Barker 
17 Mrs George H Walker 
19 Mr & Mrs Amasa H Gros- 

21 Mr & Mrs Anthony J Con- 
23 Mr & Mrs R L Moxon 

2 Mrs J Manning 
6 Mr <& Mrs Jas R Nickerson 
8 Mr <& Mrs Geo E Masters 
10 Mr & Mrs Wm M Whitten 
12 Mr & Mrs William H Askin 
12iMrs Julia G Jordan 
14 Mr & Mrs William E Gill 
16 Mr & Mrs Chas S Prescott 
18 Mr & Mrs Frank S Boyd 
18 Mrs Adella S Miller 
20 Mr & Mrs George J Mulhall 
22 Mr Joseph D Schauer 
24 Mr & Mrs Charles D Baker 

(P O Upham'a Corner) 

9 Mr & Mrs Louis K Brown 

9 Mr Edgar L Raub 
11 Dr & Mrs Frank B Sharpe 
15 Rev & Mrs Clifton D Gray 
15 Mrs Alida M Gray 
17 Mr & Mrs Frank H Spinney 
19 Mr & Mrs Lawrence Norton 
21 Mr & Mrs Frank K Moore 
23 Mr & Mrs Wm N Carroll 
25 Mr & Mrs Harry M Mur- 

27 Mr & Mrs Oliver F Daven- 
29 Mr & Mrs SamU H Clarke 
29 Mr & Mrs H C Willey 
31 Mr & Mrs John E Lewis 

4 Capt & Mrs T C Evans 
4 Mr & Mrs M J Aylward 
14 Mr & Mrs Thos W O'Rourk 
14 Mr & Mrs Thomas W 

16 Mr & Mrs Melker C Adelof 
18 Mr & Mrs Walter Biggar 
22 Mr & Mrs B L Frederic 
24 Mr & Mrs L R Hovey 
26 Mr & Mrs Geo H Robinson 
28 Mr & Mrs Michael H Cox 
28 Mr & Mrs Roy E Moulton 
30 Mr & Mrs Albert Kent 
32 Mr Frank E Evans 

31 Mr & Mrs James L Miller 

(P Upham's Corner) 

5 Mr & Mrs Chas A Gridley 
9 Mr & Mrs Ivar Reenstiema 

22 Mr & Mrs Warren Stetson 
22 Mr & Mrs Geo McCurdy 
26 Mr & Mrs A J Berge 
26 Mr & Mrs Geo E Knowltnn 




{Dorchester Street) 

487 Dr & Mrs P J Timmins 

489 Dr H Ferguson 

491 Dr W P Cross 

503 Mr Robert E Morris 

505 Mr & Mrs John W Reardon 

507 Mrs Robert McDevitt 

{G Street) 

509 Dr & Mrs E A Tracy 
511 Di- & Mrs E V Bulger 
513 Mrs Gilbert Manson 
515 Mrs J G Cassidy 
517 Mr H J Bowen 

Hawes Cong (Unit) Ch 
( Rev James Huxtable ) 
i 568 Fifth St J 

525 Mr Bernard Jenney 
527 Mr & Mrs Thos A Crawford 
553 Institution for the 

553 Director & Mrs Edward 
Ellis Allen 

368 South Boston Savings 

372 South Boston Branch 
Public Library 
St Matthew's Epis Ch 
{ Rev Ernest N Bullock ) 
I 530 Broadway J 

St John's M E Church 
Rev Ernest Ljrman 
548 Broadway 
Hawes Hall 
456 Dr & Mrs R M Cole 
Phillips Church 
Rev Fred'k B Richards I 
49 M Street ) 

{Dorchester Street) 

496 Dr & Mrs John G Lane 
502 Dr & Mrs Wm H Ruddick 
504 Miss A B Taylor 
504 Mrs Arthur H Wilson 


{H Street) 

569 Mrs J R Wilson 
571 Mr & Mrs Charles A Dailey 
575 Dr & Mrs Edward J Den- 
577 Mr & Mrs Joseph J Murray 
579 Mr & Mrs F J Hannon 
581 Dr Grace E Cross 
583 Mr & Mrs J T Power 
595 Dr & Mrs Wra H Devine 
597 Dr & Mrs W B Bancroft 

{K Street) 

701 Mr & Mrs Guilford D 

70*^ Mr & Mrs J E Ness 
74^ Dr & Mrs W J Gallivan 
745 Mr Thomas Courtney 
747 Mr & Mrs B J A Carr 

{G Street) 

508 Dr & Mrs Geo O Jenkins 

512 Dr & Mrs J W Redmond 

514 Mrs M A Fitzgerald 

516 Mrs F T Rankin 

518 Mr & Mrs George Proctor 

520 Dr J R Slattery 

520 Mr Charles H Slattery 

528 Miss A M Brooks 

530 Rev & Mrs Ernest N Bul- 

532 Mrs Andrew F Means 

534 Dr J H Sherman 

536 Dr & Mrs John MacDonnell 

538 Mrs L D Packard 

Church of Our Father 
Rev E L Houghton \ 
776 Broadway j 

546 Dr & Mrs M F Gavin 


#0ittl| Bnatnn 





Bboadwa y — Continued 
749 Dr & Mrs J E Mayers 

(L Street) 

753 Mr & Mrs J W Collins 

757 Mr Jacob Thaxter 

759 Mrs S M Pentland 

761 Mr & Mrs Asa M Hussey 

763 Miss M E Patterson 

765 Mrs Josephine White 

767 Mrs W H Warner 

769 Mr & Mrs C H Buchanan 

771 Mr & Mrs Patrick Rafferty 

773 Mr & Mrs Thos H Bames 

775 Mr & Mrs William Kelly 

777 Mr & Mrs N F McCarthy 

779 Mr & Mrs Arthur H Jaines 

78 f Mr & Mrs Herman Bencks 

783 Dr & Mrs R W Fletcher 

787 Mrs Albert C Paige 

787 Mr & Mrs Edw S Bennett 

(M Street) 

789 Judge & Mrs Jos D Fallon 
797 Mr & Mrs Samuel Hayward 
799 Mr & Mrs S M Paul 
801 Mr Patrick Fallon 
803 Mrs V A Howe 
805 Dr & Mrs F F Doggett 
805 Mr Arthur L Doggett 
807 Mrs Ellen F Moloney 
809 Dr & Mrs E S Boland 
811 Mr Michael A Bowen 
813 Mr Theodore L Kelly 
815 Mr & Mrs Aaron Van Em- 
819 Dr & Mrs R F Barrett 
821 Mr & Mrs Andrew J Adams 
823 Mr & Mrs Charles H Adams 
823 Miss Mabel E Adams 
825 Rev M E Toomey 
Rev John Callahan 
827 Mr & Mrs M H A Evans 
827 The Misses Evans 

(N Street) 

{O Street) 

548 Rev <& Mrs Ernest L Mills 
550 Dr & Mrs F W Stuart 
552 Dr E D Hurley 
552 Mr & Mrs Timothy Hurley 
554 Mr & Mrs Amos T White 
556 Mr & Mrs Frank B Willson 
558 Mr & Mrs J C Storey 
560 Mr Edward L Logan 
560 Mr & Mrs L J Logan 
562 Dr & Mrs J S MacDonald 

(H Street) 

568 Mr & Mrs Clarence Hallett 
570 Mrs John McGrath 
572 Mrs Mary E Abbott 
576 Mr & Mrs P F Ryder 
578 Mrs Geo H Colby 
580 Dr & Mrs F J Weller 

(/ Street) 

Lincoln School 

(K Street) 

702 Dr & Mrs G P Morris 

(L Street) 

754 Mr & Mrs Chas E Johnson 
756 Mrs A C Wilson 
758 Mr James T Powers 
760 Mr & Mrs Thos H Harding 
760 Dr & Mrs Marcellus Reeves 
762 Mr & Mrs Rob't E Harrison 
764 Mr & Mrs R F Ritchie 
764 Mr & Mrs C R Locke 
766 Mrs Eva M Bailey 
768 Mr & Mrs Lewis E Keenan 
770 Mr & Mrs Dennis Long 
774 Mr & Mrs Ralph W Gloag 
776 Rev & Mrs E L Houghton 
780 Mr & Mrs Patrick Kelly 
788 Mr «fe Mrs James Duffy 
838 Mrs Henry Stone 

873 Dr & Mrs E T Harrington 

(P Street) 
935 Mr William J Higgins 




163 Mrs George G Joyce 

169 Mrs L A Hamor ,^_ 

187 Mr & Mrs John F McMor- ]^^ 

(Fifth Street) 145 

195 Dr & Mrs B L Bernard 154 

197 Mr & Mrs Michael J Creed 156 

186 Dr & Mrs R N Daley 
194 Mr & Mrs Melvin Adams 
196 Mr & Mrs John H Toland 
198 Mrs John Donohoe 
198 Mr B F Donohoe 
200 Mr & Mrs Daniel E Barry 
204 Mr E H Gill 

{Old Harbor Street) 

Mr & Mrs James H Rush 

Mr James E Rush 

Mrs N J Elms 

Mr & Mrs C J Connelly 

Mrs M B Skeele 

Mr & Mrs Wm K Taylor 

{Gate's Street) 

162 Mr & Mrs J T Murphy 
164 Mr & Mrs A E Chamberlin 
166 Mr & Mrs Wm Devenny 
170 Mr Thomas Callahan 

{Mercer Street) 


{E Street) 

{E Street) 

^Ib Rev Jonas Zillinskis 368 

381 The Misses Moore 382 

383 Mrs H Curry 386 

385 Mrs John H Havey 392^ 

385 Mr & Mrs Orrin E Linscott 394 

389 Mrs Horace Smith 396 
391 Mr & Mrs Geo J Conners 
395 Mr & Mrs James Fennell 

399 Miss Mary M Walsh 448 

{F Street) 

429 Mrs F Williamson 

433 Mrs Michael H Hughes 472 

437 Mr & Mrs George N Parker 474 

439 Mr & Mrs B F Tombs 480 

{Dorchester Street) ^qq 

469 Dr & Mrs W T Simmons 504 
471 Mr & Mrs John A Mullen 

{G Street) 

523 Mrs John Leahy 

525 Mrs Philip Greeley 

525 Mr & Mrs Benjamin James 534 


Mr & Mrs F E Amsden 
Mr & Mrs Thomas Connors 
Mr & Mrs T J Sullivan 
Mr & Mrs Thos McMahan 
Mr & Mrs W F Griffin 
Mr John J Hobbs 

{F Street) 

Mr & Mrs John G Clemin- 

{Dorchester Street) 

Mr & Mrs Nicholas Berlo 
Mr & Mrs John Berlo 
Miss Katharine S Haskell 
Mrs Jacob W Haskell 
Mrs William P Pierce 
Mr & Mrs Ivory P Bean 

{G Street) 

Mr & Mrs Charles E Hull 
Miss Lillian M Hall 
Miss Nettie E Hall 
Mr & Mrs B Capen 



PouRTH St — Continued 
527 Mr & Mrs J E Donely 

{H Street) 

{K Street) 

717 Mr & Mrs Chas Van Stone 
725 Mr & Mrs J A Davis 

Church of the Redeemer 

( Rev Albert B Shields \ 
I 928 Fourth St j 

(E Street) 

913 Mr & Mrs Geo F Lockhart 
919 Mr & Mrs J F Gott 
921 Mr & Mrs Mills D Barber 
929 Mrs P J Reynolds 

776 Mrs C A Connor 

778 Mr & Mrs Wilder F Hall 

782 Mr & Mrs Otis W Rumery 

790 Mrs DeWitt C Hebberd 

792 Mr John Murphy 

794 Mr & Mrs Frank E Wilson 

796 Mr & Mrs James A Mitchell 

(N Street) 

918 Mr & Mrs James E Bowe 
920 Miss Katharine Connor 
928 Rev & Mrs Albert B Shields 

536 Mrs Horace Manson 
538 Miss Martha L Holbrook 
538 Miss Susan J Holbrook 

{H Street) 

596 Mr & Mrs W A Cutting 
598 Mr & Mrs Timothy J 

600 Mr & Mrs J F O'Hare 
606 Rev R J Johnson 
606 Rev Joseph V Connolly 
606 Rev Charles J Sullivan 
606 Rev John E O'Connell 
606 Rev Charles A Ullrich 
Church of the Gate of 
Heaven (R C) 
( Rev R J Johnson ) 
I 606 Broadway ) 

(L Street) 

South Baptist Church 
( Rev Fred'k M Gardner ) 
] 311 Emerson St ) 

756 Mrs John Ring 
758 Mr Warren F Hall 
760 Mr & Mrs Frank S Aubens 
760 Mr & Mrs Wm F Aubens 
762 Mr J B Martin 
770 Mr & Mrs Seth K Cushing 
772 Miss Agnes G Gilfether 
772 Miss Mary A Gilfether 
774 Mr & Mrs John S Grant 


27 Mrs W C Nicholson 

{Silver Street) 

31 Mr Charies C Littleficld 
33 Mr & Mrs John E Hughes 
35 Mrs A B Drake M D 
37 Mr & Mrs F L Donnellv 
39 Mrs P J Moran 

{Fourth Street) 

51 Mr & Mrs A F Amadon 

82 Mrs Thomas Sherlock 
34 Mr & Mrs Richard T Wil- 
36 Mr & Mrs Edward Sherlock 
40 Mr & Mrs F E Slattery 
42 Rev & Mrs James Todd 
44 Mr & Mrs Cassius A Hig- 

{Fourth Street) 

52 Mr & Mrs Mamort P Kar- 
bowski * 



G St — Continued 

53 Mr & Mrs Desmond 
55 Mr & Mrs Walter Jenney 
57 Mr & Mrs Nathan Gray 
59 Mr & Mrs N T Howard 
61 Mr & Mrs J F Walsh 
63 Mrs Robert Murray 
65 Mr & Mrs Hamilton Smith 
South Boston High School 

{Thomas Park) 

94 Mr & Mrs J C Tibbetts 
96 Mrs John Casey 
102 Mr & Mrs John Beck 

52 Mrs A A Barron 

58 Mr & Mrs Wm H Murphy 

62 Mr & Mrs George P Rich 

{Fifth Street) 

66 Mr & Mrs Martin Southard 

68 Mr & Mrs S A Pfeffer 

70 Mrs Ira Hayford 

74 Mr & Mrs Patrick Trainor 

74 Mr D W Hickey 

76 Mr & Mrs Wm F Watson 

{Story Street) 

82 Mr & Mrs Cornelius O'Neill 
88 Mr & Mrs William Kirby 
92 Mrs Catharine Barrett 


271 Mrs J F Forster 
271 Mr George S Forster 
271 Mr & Mrs John T Slade 
271 Mr & Mrs George L White- 

{Fifth Street) 

285 Mrs Peter McGlinchey 
289 Mr William E Willson 
289 Mr Frederick H Willson 
293 Mr & Mrs Edw A Church 
301 Mr & Mrs J W Murphy 
303 Mr & Mrs J R Burrill 

{Sixth Street) 

317 Mrs Lawrence Callaghan 
323 Mr & Mrs Thomas Hills 
325 Mr & Mrs J C Nichols 
331 Mr & Mrs F L Keay 

{Seventh Street) 

335 Mr & Mrs Wm S McNary 
337 Mr A Mahoney 
339 Dr Alfred T Dalrymple 
339 Dr Addie B Dalrymple 

282 Miss Mary L H Gerry 
282 Mrs Julia Gerry 
284 Miss Elizabeth Laughton 
290 Miss Mary J Curran 
292 Mr & Mrs C J Collins 

{Beckler Avenue) 

306 Mr & Mrs Timothy F Shea 

{Sixth Street) 

314 Mr & Mrs J H White 
318 Mr & Mrs Samuel E Paige 
322 Mr Henry C Reardon 
324 Miss Susan Frizzell 
332 Mr & Mrs John Farren 

{Seventh Street) 

338 Miss Jennie F McKenna 
340 Miss S C Laforme 
340 Mr F P Laforme 
354 Mr Thomas Furlong • 
368 Mr & Mrs Charles E Pierce 

357 Mr & Mrs Edw J Sullivan 




35 Mrs John J Reddick 

37 Mr & Mrs William Moore 

39 Mr & Mrs iGrUstave A Solo- 

41 Mt & Mrs Ernest Hormel 
43 Mr & Mrs Walter E Baker 
45 Mr & Mrs D J Driscoll 
47 Mr & Mrs Geo F Lawley 

86 Mr & Mrs Edw F Mitchell 
88 Mr & Mrs Joseph J Norton 

49 Rev & Mrs Frederick B 

51 Mr & Mrs Maurice D Connor 
53 Mr A M Mattice 
85 Mr & Mrs Chas P Mooney 


91 Mr & Mrs James Mitchell 56 Mrs E F Sullivan 

91 Mr & Mrs Arthur Y Mitchell 58 Mr & Mrs Edward W Kelly 

93 Mr & Mrs Henry C Mitchell 60 Mr & Mrs E A Lawley 

62 Mr & Mrs Chas H Mitchell 

66 Mr & Mrs W H Falvey 64 Mr Austin P Clapp 


7 Mr & Mrs Nathan Beck 

9 Mr Joseph A Ring 
11 Mr & Mrs M J Mahoney 
13 Rev WilUam J Dixon 
15 Mr & Mrs W F Holbrook 
17 Mrs A B Bray 
23 Mrs A A Stewart 
25 Mrs E R Phillips 
57 Mr & Mrs John A Reardon 
59 Mr & Mrs Edward P Barry 
61 Mrs Thomas S Moffatt 
69 Mr & Mrs S W Johnson 
69 Mr Oliver Ames Johnson 

12 Mr & Mrs WiUiam Kennedy 
14 Mr & Mrs Dennis V O'Reilly 
16 Mr & Mrs Edward Conners 
22 Mr & Mrs Columbus Moul- 

24 Mr & Mrs Henry C Robbins 
26 Mr & Mrs Jas J McNamara 
26 Dr F B McNamara 
46 Mr & Mrs A Schlichte 
50 Mr & Mrs John J Greene 
56 Mrs W S Milligan 
58 Mr & Mrs P J Caffrey 
60 Mr & Mrs John A McDonnell 



The Boston Register 

Business Directory 

Containing Alpliabeticai and Classi' 
fhdLists of all Business Houses; City, 
State and U. S. Officiais, Societies, 
Institutions^ etc Witii Street Direo 
tory, showing Wards, Postal Districts 
and Street Car Connections. 

PXUCC23, sa.oo 

Sampson & Murdock Co. 

246 Summer St., Boston, Mass. 



1 1 




1 Mr & Mrs John Rennison 26 Mr John Hagerty 

2 Mr & Mrs Edward Doherty 28 Miss S F Leach 

5 Dt & Mrs Edward M Plum- 28 Miss E P Leach 

mer 32 Mrs Annie Moran 

6 Mr & Mrs James J O'Dowd 34 Mrs B NeviUe 
13 Mr & Mrs A S Putnam 

25 Mr & Mrs John E Hayes 29 Mr & Mrs Edward J Moore 
27 Mr & Mrs Geo A Sanderson Mr & Mrs Chas P Maguire 
29 Miss Elizabeth CO'Flanagan 


1 Dr & Mrs J B Lyons 2 Mr & Mrs)Michael C Leen 

1 Dr & Mrs R W Southwell 6 Dr & MrsVGeorge W Day 

5 Dr & Mrs John Duflf 

2 Mr Joseph H Caldwell 


29 Miss Elizabeth F Stowell 30 Mrs H E Noyes 

31 Mr & Mrs Everett Torrey 30 Miss Mary C Crawford 

33 Mrs B F Stacey 30 Mr & Mrs T W little 

33 Dr & Mrs W D Stacey 32 Mr & Mrs F L Brown 

36 Rev & Mrs A M Osgood 36 Mr & Mrs William H Breen 

37 Mr & Mrs C F Byam 38 Mr James Towler 

49 Mr & Mrs Wm J Cummings Trinity M E Church 

51 Mrs Charles Doane i Rev A M Osgood ) 

57 Mr & Mrs Thomas H Hall | 35 High St ) 

61 Mr & Mrs Francis W Towle 50 Dr & Mrs John J Fitzpatrick 
65 Dr & Mrs Wilfred G Grand- 58 Mr & Mrs Francis H Dillon 
ison 72 Dr & Mrs N M Wood 

74 Mr & Mrs John J Coleman 



112 Dr 

337 Mrs F A Hall 
349 Dr & Mrs T R McMahon 112 Dr 
385 Dr «fe Mrs J E McDermott 114 Dr 
393 Mr & Mrs John H Rogers 116 Dr 
399 Miss E M Sullivan 116 Dr 

401 Dr W F Patterson (office) 198 Dr 

198 Dr 

374 Mr & Mrs W S Philbrook 204 Mr 
378 Mr & Mrs J G Jones 208 Dr 

308 Dr 

Francis Magum 

J M Blagdon (office) 

T J Broderick 

& Mrs J A McDonald 

W J McDonald (office) 

H M Clifford 

N F CUflFord 

& Mrs J J Keeley 

F P Silva 

& Mrs M A Morris 


17 Mr & Mrs C H W Pope 

19 Mr & Mrs Daniel Breslin 

21 Mr & Mrs Thomas Keams 

23 Mrs Hiram W Grant 

27 Mrs William H Smith 

29 Mrs John McNamara 

33 Mr & Mrs Michael J Rogan 

41 Mr & Mrs Patrick W Hernan 

43 Mr & Mrs Henry W Lane 

47 Mr D P McCarthy 

49 Mr J B Wilson 

51 Mr William H Maguire 

59 Dr John A Allendorf 




Mr & Mrs Jeremiah 


4 Miss Marg3.ret Gilbrfde 

5 Catholic Literary Union 

6 Mrs K E Mackeen 

8 Mr & Mrs John J Mahoney 

9 The Lincoln 

12 Mrs George A Murphy 

13 Mrs Anthony Waterman 

14 Judge James J Corbett 
14 Miss Mary E Corbett 

17 Mr <fe Mrs Henry W B 

19 Mr & Mrs John S Parker 
22 Miss F A Ricker 
25 Mr & Mrs Stanton H King 

24 Mr & Mrs John Hurley 
26 Mr & Mrs George F Mona- 
Mr G W Garland 
Mr & Mrs John S Flannigan 
Mr & Mrs James Wilkie 
Mr & Mrs Edw J Jennings 
Mr & Mrs Arthur Stem- 
Mr & Mrs George H Gam- 
50 Mr & Mrs W F Murphy 
54 Mrs Nelson Bartlett 
56 Dr & Mrs Horace Harding 
58 Mr William W Griffin 


28 Mr. & Mrs H H Chandler 
High School 

31 Dr W^ J McNally 

32 Dr & Mrs Edward E Allen 

37 Mr & Mrs M V Webster 

38 Mr & Mrs Henry Dwight 

39 Mr & Mrs James Y Taylor 

40 Mr & Mrs Edward Russell 

41 Rev & Mrs P W Sprague 

42 Mr & Mrs John F Coleman 

43 Mr Daniel O'Riorden 

43 Mr Michael S O'Riorden 

47 Dr W P Hammond 

48 Mr & Mrs Thos F Strange 

49 Mr Michael Barr 



Rear Admiral Wm Swift 
The Misses Swift 
Mrs Frederick A Asserson 
Capt Herbert Winslow 
Miss Winslow 
Comdr & Mrs Geo E Burd 
Miss Burd 

Surgeon & Mrs John M Ed- 
Miss Peteiaon 
Comdr & Mrs John F Luby 


Mrs Geo W Mentz 

Comdr & Mrs Henry E 
Parmenter retired 

Nav Constr & Mrs Elliot 

Civ Eng & Mrs Fred Thomp- 

Pay Director & Mrs Charles 
S WilUams 

Postmaster Mr Arthur F 


Col & Mrs Thos N Wood 
Capt James T But trick 

Capt <& Mrs Alexander S 

1st Lieut Emile P Moses 


Medical Inspector Howard 

E Ames 
Miss Ames 

Asst Surgeon Alfred J Tou- 


Capt & Mrs Arthur P Nazro 

Lieut H P Perrill 

Pay Master Geo P Auld 

Surgeon Geo B Wilson 
Chaplain Arthur W Stone 




Headquarters of the Artillery District of Boston 
Ool R H Patterson, Com- Major P M Ashburn, Snr- 


Capt G H McManus, Dis- 
trict Artillery Engineer 

1st Lieut G Bartlett, Dis- 
trict Ordinance Officer 

1st lieut G M Morrow Jr, 
District Quartermaster 

Captain Louis E Bennett 
Captain John Storck 
1st Lieut Earl M Biscoe 
1st Lieut G L Gearhart 


Lieut Col Samuel E Allen, 
Coast Artillery Corps 

Captain William Forse, 
Coast Artillery Corps 

Captain Adna G Clarke, 
Coast Artillery Corps 

1st Lieut Francis M Hin- 

kle, Coast Artillery 

Ist Lieut Allen Kimberly, 

Coast Artillery Corps 
1st Lieut Isaac W Brewer, 

Medical Reserve Corps 


1st Lieut Perry M Gallup, 

Coast Artillery Corps 
1st Lieut James W Lyon, 

Coast Artillery Corps 
1st Lieut Elmer S Tenney, 

Medical Reserve Corps, 

U S Army 

Major Oscar I Straub, 
Coast Artillery Corps 

Capt Philip Yost, Coast 
Artillery Corps 

1st Lieut Alexander G Gil- 
lespie, Coast Artillery 

1st Lieut Richard H Som- 
ers, Coast Artillery 


(Telephone Hingham 407) 

Major Henry C Davis Capt F H Lomax 

Capt Harry T Matthews Lieut C P Harris Jr 

Contract Surgeon Luke B Lieut J Pierce 



Major William C Davis, 

Coast Artillery Corps 
Capt Frank S Long, Cfoast 

Artillery Corps 
Capt Charles O Zollars, 

Coast Artillery Corps 
1st Lieut Thomas A Clark, 

Coast Artillery Corps 


1st Lieut WilUam P WU- 

son, Coast Artillery 

1st Lieut James K Stock- 

ard. Medical Reserve 

2d Lieut George R Norton, 

Coast Artillery Corps 





3 Mr <fe Mrs Charles Harris 6 Prof <jc Mrs I N Hollis 

,5 Dr A Mrs A C Walker &^ Mrs WiUiam B Holt 

5 Mr Robert T Walker 8 'J^ Misses Holt 

7 Mr d; Mrs W K Blodgett 8 Miss Carrie Bixby 

7 Miss Isabelle G Steenstra 8 Mrs Susie E Downe 
9 Prof & Mrs Henry S Nash 


(P Station B) 

27 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Black- 18 Mrs Edwin L Sargent 

man 24 Mr & Mrs Harry A Norton 

33 Mr & Mrs H P Blackman 30 Mr <& Mrs David T Dickin- 


5 Dr & Mrs Fred J Goodridge 6 Mrs J F Carret 
15 Miss Agnes G Balch 8 Mrs William Bowie 

10 Rev <fe Mrs S H Noon 

18 Mrs F J Pinkham 10 Mr S Atkinson Noon 

22 Dr & Mrs Wallace Preble 14 Prof & Mrs Robert M John- 


7 Mrs Horatio S Smith 2 Mrs Estes Howe 

7 Miss Susan E Smith 2 The Misses Howe 

7 Miss Alice D Smith 10 Mr A McF Davis 

25 Miss J L Lane 10 Mr B G Davis 

43 Mr & Mrs F Lowell Kennedy 10 Miss Davis 

ob Mr & Mrs John Read 40 The Misses Peabody 

71 Mrs William Cook 88 Mr Charles C Read 

89 Mr WilUam Read 1 J2 The Misses Kent 

89 Mrs Frederick Jenkins 106 Prof & Mrs Charles Palache 



(P Station B) 

11 Mr & Mrs John B McPher- 2 Rev & Mrs F E Marble 

son 4 Arlington Chambers 

13 Mr & Mrs A E Denison 8 Mr & Mrs Benj H Steele 

15 Mr & Mrs C W Gerould 10 Mr & Mrs F S Rogers 

17 Mr & Mrs Charles D Rice 12 Mr & Mrs Henry W Swett 

19 Mr & Mrs Adolph H Grau- 14 Mr & Mrs Josiah K Burrage 

stein 16 Miss Ada R Kinsman 

25 Mr & Mrs A S Eustis 22 Mr & Mrs Frank B Eastman 

25 Mr & Mrs J W Eustis 24 Mr & Mrs Wellington Fill- 

35 Mr & Mrs H B Adams more 

37 Mr & Mrs J H Wilson 26 Mr & Mrs W C English . 

28 Mr & Mrs J L Drew 

36 Mr Warren Sanger 30 Mr & Mrs W P Dustin 

38 Mrs M A Walker 30 The Misses Dustin 
38 Mr & Mrs Wm H Walker 32 Mrs P F Bonney 

40 Mr & Mrs Augustus C Swain 32 Mr & Mrs Hugh Montgom- 
42 Mr & Mrs Phineas Hubbard ery 


4 Mr John Brainard 

6 Miss C C Riddle 4 The Misses Brainard 

24 Sisters of St Joseph 6 Mr George Riddle 

Mr & Mrs Franklin Perrin 


5 Mr & Mrs John Brooks 6 Mrs H A Mitchell Keays 
13 Dr & Mrs Walter Ela 10 Mi'ss Mary Whitney 
13 Mr Richard Ela 12 The Misses Hayden 
19 Mr & Mrs K G T Webster 14 Rev & Mrs H A Parker 
16 Miss C J Carroll 

18 Mr & Mrs John Ware 16 Mr Henry R Gardner 


{P Station A) 

133 Mr & Mrs I J Goodhue 152 Mr & Mrs Carl Fletcher 

141 Mr A Osbom 

149 Mr & Mrs Rob't Dickson 151 Dr Jane H Bowker 



(P Station B) 

1 Mr & Mrs Theodore H Taft 

14 Mr & Mrs D J Monroe 

6 Mr & Mrs John Nolen 
8 Mr & Mrs H W Rand 
10 Mr & Mrs H M Tyler 
12 Mrs Estelle Owen 


3 Mr & Mrs G D Wildes 
3 Miss Marjorie Wildes 
5 Prof & Mrs Charles Leonard 

7 Mr & Mrs E H Cobb 
9 Mr & Mrs John F Murray 
9 Mr J Frederick Murray 

11 Mr & Mrs Wendell D Rock- 

13 Mrs T W Paine 

15 Mrs Robert B Hall 

17 Mr & Mrs G F Piper 

21 Mrs S S Holland 

6 Mr & Mrs Harry N Steams 
8 Mr & Mrs John Cotter 
10 Mrs J W Black 
10 Miss Olive Black 
14 Mr & Mrs John T Wood 
14 Mr & Mrs J G Thurlow 
16 Mr Arthur H Sampson 
16 Miss Amelia E Wiltberger 
18 Mr James Morrison 
18 Mr Harlan P Morrison 
22 Mr & Mrs Frank E Sands 

21 Miss H R Holland 

(P O Station B) 

51 Mr & Mrs G E Mackintire 
57 Mr & Mrs Almon E Norris 
63 Mr & Mrs WilHam H Hill 
77 Mr & Mrs E G Parker 
95 Mr & Mrs J Newton Cole 
103 Mr & Mrs Albert H Ranlet 
109 Mr & Mrs S N Holden 
117 Mrs H T Fellows 

104 Mr & Mrs John A Downing 

112 Mrs Mary I Dow 

120 Mr & Mrs Henry B Cram 

20 Mr & Mrs A P Marrett 
24 Mrs Sanford H Dudley 
32 Dr & Mrs Ezra F Taft 
40 Prof & Mrs Wm L Mowll 
44 Mr & Mrs Clinton A Ricker 
46 Mr & Mrs William J Greene 
74 Prof & Mrs WilHam Osgood 
96 Mr & Mrs James A Gass 
98 Mrs Herman Schlesiiiger 
100 Mrs Julius F Neumann 
100 Miss Minette D Neumann 
102 Mrs James H Ross 

(P O Station B) 

5 Miss J H Dorr 

5 Mr & Mrs Harry J Wood 

32 Mr & Mrs S E Young 
34 Mr & Mrs A S Apsey 


(P Station B) 
5 Mr & Mrs Charles E Boyd 6 Mr Walter S Penniman 
9 Mr & Mrs J Rowe Webster 10 Mrs William R Mackay 
11 Mr & Mrs T H Griffin lOaMr & Mrs Henry W Holmes 

15 Mr & Mrs Wm H McLean 20 Mrs Jlenry L D Jennings 
19 Mr & Mrs Robert H Tread- 30 Mr ft Ursrftefbfert ^ mitm 

well 4*8 Mr & Mrs Chas B Seagrave 

23 Mr & Mrs Rufus G Loud 
45 Mr Samuel Merrill 

1 Mrs Holmes Hinkley 2 Mrs Robert Willard 

3 Prof & Mrs Kuno Francke 2 Miss Theodora Willard 
5 Mr & Mrs Henry Bartlett 2 Miss Susanna Willard 

1 Prof & Mrs Max L Kellner 4 Prof Jeremiah Smith 
3 Mr & Mrs J Doddridge Bran- 6 Mrs Frank Bolles 

nan 8 Mr & Mrs Wm R Thayer 

3 Mr Frank Doddridge Bran- 12 The Misses Bumstead 

nan 16 Mr & Mrs George H Parker 

3 Miss Elizabeth H Brannan 16 Mrs Martha Parker 
5 Prof & Mrs G L Goodale 20 Mr & Mrs Geo Waymouth 
11 Mr & Mrs John Allyn 22 Prof & Mrs Eugene Wam- 

13 Mrs Agnes G Fuller baugh 

13 Miss B M Howland 

15 Mrs Lyman R Williston 21 Miss Ethel Vaughan 
15 The Misses WilUston 21 Miss S R Barker 

15 Mrs Henry S Colton 21 Miss F W Pike 

17 The Berkblet St School 23 Mr William A Everett 
19 Mr & Mrs W S Booth Miss Marion Abbot 

19aMr & Mrs Henry W Savage 

(P Station A) 
5 Mr Henry J Wells 4 Mr & Mrs Dwight W Ensign 

7 Mrs A T Marden 8 Mrs H E Hadfock 

9 Mr & Mrs E M Beyiqs 8 Mr & Mrs Eben Jordan 

11 Mr & Mrs J E Wallis 14 Mr & Mrs C A Gay 

13 Mr & Mrs B F Gardner 16 Mrs E F Swett 

15 Mr & Mrs Samuel Noyes 18 Mr & Mrs C G Dole 

17 Mrs Benj B Whittemore 22 Mr & Mrs Albin M Richards 

19 Mr & Mrs Patrick Crowley 34 Mr & Mrs M J Donovan 

21 Mr & Mrs F Hibbard 40 Mrs Frank T Nay 

28 Mr & Mrs W B Clark 

25 Mrs Joseph H Jessop 29 The Adams 




2 Miss Margaret Flatley 
6 Mr & Mrs F S' Kershaw 


19 Mr & Mrs W A Graustein 
21 Mrs M F Tracy 
31 Mr & Mrs Halley T Waller 
35 Mr & Mrs Austin B Tobey 
41 Mr & Mrs G L Winlock 

42 Mrs Edith L Wilson 
44 Miss E L Paine 
44 Mrs C R Jones 

14 Mr Zebah Haydcn 
16 Mr & Mrs M S Decker 
18 Mr & Mrs Geo R Mansfield 
24 Mr & Mrs Ghas S Teague 
30 Mr & Mrs E H Downing 
32 Mrs Arthur L Bowker 
32 Mrs Winslow L Bowker 
36 Mr & Mrs Edwin SCrandon 
38 Miss Eva H Norcross 


39 Mrs F W Whittemore 
45 Mrs E A Bates 
45 The Misses Bates 
51 Washington Court 

Dr E B Wyman 

Dr Albert August 
55 Dr & Mrs S W Driver 
57 Mr & Mrs H A Nichols 
59 Mrs J L White 
61 Mr & Mrs Roger Sherman 
63 Dr & Mrs John T G Nichols 
67 Dr & Mrs F J Barnes 
69 Mr & Mrs W H Graves 
73 Mr & Mrs Moses M Sawin 
77 Mr G H Chamberlin 
77 Mr & Mrs Emil A Erickson 


81 Mr & Mrs Arthur A Ballan- 

81 Miss M A Warland 
81 Mr A W McClure 
83 Wadsworth Chambers 
83 Dr Allen Foster Barnes 
85 Mr & Mrs Jas W Hajrward 
St John's Memorial Ch 
j Rev George Hodges ) 


3 Mason St 

48 Rev & Mrs Geo W Patten 
52 The Misses Withey 
62 Mrs Sarah Clifford 
64 Prof & Mrs Robert W Will- 
90 Mrs John Fiske 
90 Miss Fiske 
92 Miss Emma F Gary 
94 Mr & Mrs E P Sargent 
94 Mr & Mrs H H Gallison 
96 Mr & Mrs S M deGozzaldi 
96 Miss Amy F deGozzaldi 
100 Mr & Mrs H M WilUams 
108 Mrs Josiah P Cooke 
112 Mr & Mrs CliflFord H Moore 
114 Mr & Mrs Clarence S Fiske 
116 Mr & Mrs H B McDowell 
118 Rev & Mrs Henry B Wash- 
120 Mr & Mrs Giles Taintor 
126 Mr & Mrs W I Badger 
128 Mrs H C Stetson 
138 Dr & Mrs E A Darling 
140 Prof & Mrs LeBaron R 

144 Mr & Mrs Edgar Pierce 
154 Mr & Mrs John H Sturgis 


Brattle St— Continued 155 Miss M E Blatcl ford 

Episcopal Theological 156 Mr Samuel H Scudder 

School 158 Mr & Mrs Charles E Went- 

101 Prof & Mrs W H Schofield worth 

105 Miss Alice M Longfellow 158 Miss Elizabeth Wentworth 
113 Mr & Mrs R H Dana 160 Mr & Mrs Woodward Em- 

115 Mr & Mrs J G Thorp ery 

121 Mrs Chauncey Smith 160 Mr Frederick IngerjjoU Em- 

145 Mr & Mrs Wm Brewster ery 

147 Mr & Mrs Charles Almy 160 Miss Helen Prince Emery 
149 Mr W McMichael Wood- 164 Mrs ADS Bell 

worth 164 Mr & Mrs Stoughton Bell 

151 Mr & Mrs Henry Endicott 168 Mr & Mrs E A Grozier 
153 Mr & Mrs Charles Fairchild Studio House rear 168 

155 Mrs Arthur L Devens Mrs Ole Bull 

157 Mrs Coolidge S Roberts Mr & Mrs Morris D Stevens 

157 Miss Cecile Roberts 174 Mr & Mrs C Claflin Davis 

159 Mrs Charles R Lamb Sr 174 Mrs Allen M Sumner 
159 Mr & Mrs Charles R Lamb 180 Mr & Mrs William M Rich- 
161 Mr & Mrs C M Thompson ardson 

163 Mr & Mrs Lucien Carr 182 Mr & Mrs Arthur I Nash 

165 Mr & Mrs Elmer H Bright 190 Rev & Mrs Joseph S Swaim 
167 Dr William D Swan 190 Mr Roger D Swaim 

167 Mrs S H Swan 190 Mr Loring T Swaim 

175 Mr & Mrs Roger Merriman 200 Mr & Mrs Melville M Bige- 
179 Mr & Mrs William Taggard low 

Piper 200 Miss EUzabeth LeB Wood- 

195 Prof & Mrs Geo P Baker man 

197 Mr & Mrs Charles Peabody 202 Mr & Mrs Allen W Jackson 
213 Mr & Mrs William J Wiley 202 The Misses Jackson 
213 Mr Arthur M Wiley 220 Mr & Mrs E J Sheffield 

215 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Haines 228 Mr & Mrs James C Scorgie 
219 Mr James H Wyeth Mt Auburn Cemetery 


17 Prof & Mrs A O Norton 46 Mr & Mrs J M Mare an - 

19 Rev F S Thacher 48 Mr & Mrs H M Spelman 

19 The Misses Thacher • 

19 Mr Stephen Thacher 33 Mrs George Sheffield 

23 Rev & Mrs Geo A Strong 33 Mrs Edward Wymaii 

25 Miss Ellen Hammond 35 Mrs Daniel M Bates 

29 Mr & Mrs Walter Deane 45 Mrs Frederic D Allen 

31 Rev & Mrs James IT 57 Mr & Mrs J D M Ford 

Coolidge 59 Mr & Mrs Jos -P Livermore 




(P O Station A) 
309 Mr Jeremiah Moynahan 314 Dr & Mrs T J Leahy 
315 Dr & Mrs Thos H Heaton 
321 Mr A Mrs E T Sennott 
321 Dr & Mrs J R Sennott 
323 Mr & Mrs H J Bushway 
329 Mr & Mrs Wm P O'Connor 
331 Dr & Mrs J A Wolcott 
335 Mr Lucas B Grover 

322 Dr & Mrs Chas W Adams 

326 Mrs Fred Dow 

326 Mr Frank R Dow 

328 Mr & Mrs Wm G Fairow 

330 Mr W H Foid 

332 Mrs James MeWhinnie 

334 Mr & Mrs Chas W Tapley 

335 Mr & Mrs Walter C Grover 336 Mr & Mrs Edwin P Hoggs 
343aMr & Mrs T M Monteith 378 Mrs Sarah M Smith 
345 Mr & Mrs John Lynch 380 Mr George Close 

381 Mr & Mrs John MacFarlane 384 Mr & Mrs W W Dallinger 

385 Mr & Mrs John J Bright 

393 Mrs L S Goodwin 

393 Mrs N S Rice 

393 Mrs Alma H Child 

393 Miss H E Hall 

393 Mr & Mrs J M Wheeler 

395 Mr & Mrs Wm H Emerson 

399 The Heidelberg 

401 The Ellsworth 

405 Mr William J Rolfe 

405 Mr & Mrs Charles J Rolfe 

(P Cambridge) 

390 Mr & Mrs Wm A Forbes 
390 Dr Adeline F Dunham 
398 Mr & Mrs Michael Fitz- 

400 Mr & Mrs H E Lombard 

(P Cambridge) 

434 Mr & Mrs C M Thomas 
436 Mr & Mrs Robert, Harris 
Prescott Hall 

Cambridge Manual 
Training School 
407 Mr & Mrs John P Lawrence 465 Mr & Mrs Walter C Ward- 

409 Mrs WiUiam Holy 
411 Mr & Mrs W C Hall 
419 Mr & Mrs Caleb P Fox 
423 Mr & Mrs Rob't B Adams 
425 Mrs C A Hurlbut 
425 Mrs M C Shaw 
427 Mrs Mary F Colton 

High School 

Public Library 

465 Mr Austin K Jones 
467 Mr & Mrs John Tyler 
469 Mr & Mrs Chas H Dewing 
469 Dr Arthur S Dewing 
471 Mrs H A Allyn 
473 Mrs Mary A Perkins 
479 Mr & Mrs W P P Long- 



4 Mrs Andrew In graham 

5 Mrs Caroline B Howard 4 Mr Paul H. Kelsey 

5 Miss Carolyn H Heston 
5 Miss M W Howard 
7 Mr & Mrs David Greene 
Haskins Jr 

4 Miss Laura Kelsey 

6 Mr <& Mrs Arthur Pope 

7 Mrs C W Field 




9 Prof & Mrs H L Smyth 
13 The Misses Smith 
15 Miss M A Green 
15 Miss Cornelia W Green 
15 Mr Henry D Green 
17 Mrs Horace E Scudder 
19 Mr & Mrs Ingersoll Bow- 
21 Mr & Mrs E T Barker 
23 Mr & Mrs C H Poor 
25 Mrs K S Fletcher 
25 Miss Grace Henshaw 
29 Col & Mrs T W Higginson 
31 Rev E Moriarty 

4 Mr & Mrs HolUs R Bailey 
28 Mr & Mrs C A Powers 
34 Miss J E C Chapman 
48 Prof & Mrs Maxime Bocher 
48 Miss Margaret Bocher 
48 Miss Little 
50 Mrs Julia E Drinkwater 
54 Mr J S Sheridan 
54 Mr & Mrs Wm H Sheridan 
62 Mr & Mrs Henry H Edes 
74 Mr & Mrs Theron J Cum- 

74 Miss Lydia F Lincoln 
80 Mr & Mrs Solon I Bailey 
86 Mr & Mrs C D Tenney 

(P Station A) 


1481 Mr & Mrs Carl A Weitz 
1481 Mr & Mrs Christian Kohl- 

1491 Mr & Mrs D Proudfoot 
1501 Mr & Mrs Wm E Doyle 
1531 Mrs H L Hoffman 
1537 Mr <fe Mrs Wm B White 
1539 Mr & Mrs Richard Ayl- 

1541 Mr <& Mrs J Carmichael 
1541 Dr & Mrs E C Simpson 

Holy Ghost Hospital 

(P Cambridge) 

1643 Mr & Mrs Ernest H 

1671 Dr George G Averill 
1707 Mr & Mrs T F O'Neil 
1709 Mr & Mrs i W Ousler 
1715 Mrs J R Richards 
1715 Miss Louisa B Richards 
1717 Dr & Mrs F A Higgin- 


1436 Dr & Mrs F F McGirr 
1480 Mrs Charles Linehan 
1520 Mr & Mrs M F Fitzsim- 

1520 Mr & Mrs S Grunberg 
1522 Mr & Mrs John C McGirr 
1556 Mr ife Mrs J E WilUams 

(P Cambridge) 

1590 The Ellert 

Felton Hall 
1680 Mr E M Nutting 
1682 Mr & Mrs F G Hoedtke 
1686 Mrs Isaac R Snow 
1686 Miss May I Snow 
1716 Mr & Mrs F C Becker 
1734 Mrs Mary Galvin 
1734 Mrs E F Hickey 
1746 Mrs Timothy D Sullivan 
1750 Mr & Mrs J B Carter 
FoQG Museum of Art 

1727 Sumner Hall 
Memorial Hall 




(P O 

15 Miss S C Clark 
17 Miss I K Cross 


The Louisburo — Con 
Mr tk Mrs W F Steams 
Dr L Sauveur 
The Misses Sauveur 
Mrs C H Bauer 
22 Miss Louisa D BuUard 

Station A) ' 

12 Mr & Mrs Alex H Bill 
14 Mr A Mrs Henry Monk 
16 Mr <& Mrs J B Williamson 
18 The Louibburg 
Mra E R Woodnmn . 
Mr & Mrs Sam'l R Knights 
Mr & Mrs Arthur H Smith 
Mr & Mrs Charles B Swift 
Mr & Mrs C A Evans 


3 Mr & Mrs Thos B Gannett 6 Mrs J Bertram Williams 

10 Mr & Mrs Gordon Wood- 


3 Mr & Mrs Edgar Crocker 4 Mr Francis H Bigelow 

9 The Misses Kelly ^ Mr Hammond V Hayes 

15 Mrs R T Howes 6 Miss Mary A Vinton 

10 Mr & Mrs Willard S Martin 



Mrs Cora H Aldrich 
• Mrs Helen Aldrich 

Mr & Mrs Julius Andrews 

Miss Minnie Andrews 

Mr & Mrs Geo P Anderson 

Mr & Mrs Jas E Alexander 

Mr & Mrs Walter D Allen 

Mr & Mrs Wm D Andreas 

Mr & Mrs W R Babcock 

Mr &; Mrs R A Ballou 

Mr & Mrs Wm P Bamhardt 

Mr A ^ Mrs Franklin ' Berwin 

Mrs C P Bigelow 

Mr Winslow Blanchard 

Mr & Mrs F E Bradish 

Mr & Mrs William H Bush 

Mrs H W Barry 

Mr & Mrs George W Brown 

Mr & Mrs Jacob Berwin 

RiVERBANK Court — Con 
Mrs V G Bragg 
Mr & Mrs Edw F Blanding 
Mr & Mrs W H Bryant 
Mr & Mrs H B Campbell 
Mr & Mrs Edmund P Cas- 

sell Jr 
Mr Fred A Caton 
Mr & Mrs W C Chatman 
Miss Grace Chipman 
Mr & Mrs F O Clark 
Mr & Mrs G H Clark 
Mr -& 'Mrs George F Cowee 
Mr L S Chase 
Mr & Mrs B R Clarke 
Mr & Mrs Merrick Cowles 
Mrs Elizabeth F Cuddihy 
Mrs J B Copp 
Mr Joseph S Chipman 
Mr & Mrs Isaac W Crosby 



Charles River Road — Con Rivbrbank Court — Con 

RiVERBANK Court — Con 

Mr & Mrs James H Cleaves 
Mr Gilbert E Chandler 
Miss Helen A Clark 
Mr & Mrs P C Clark 
Mr & Mrs G H Cox 
Mr & Mrs Joseph Cowan 
Mr & Mrs Edwin A Daven- 
Miss Dorothy Davis 
Miss Margaret Davis 
Mr & Mrs William W Davis 
Mr & Mrs C H Dexter 
Mr & Mrs J D Daum 
Mr & Mrs J Frank Dunbar 
Mr Hugh Dysart 
Dr & Mrs W A Earle 
Mr & Mrs Rob't H Eaton 
Mr & Mrs Ayres M Ed- 
The Misses Eliot 
Mrs S E Ford ; 
Gen & Mrs James A Frye 
Mrs E F FenoUosa 
Miss Mary E Foster 
Dr John S Flagg 
Mr Frederick D Fisk 
Mr Otis D Fisk 
Mr & Mrs Hoskinson Gates 
Mr & Mrs J B Gordon 
Mrs Ella J Green 
Miss Daisy Green 
Miss Lucille Gilmer 
Mr R Goodenow 
Mrs Amelia Greenbaum 
Mr & Mrs Walter C Hagar 
Mr & Mrs H W Haskins 
Mr Arthur M Hazard 
Miss Anna H Holmes 
Mrs Adelaide E HolUs 
Mr & Mrs E V Harrington 
Mr & Mrs George E Hunt 
Mr & Mrs W B Hunt 
Mr & Mrs E B Hutchinson 
Mr & Mrs H J Hill 

Miss Fanny Heard 
Mrs C A Jones 
Mrs Howard M Johnson 
Mr & Mrs M M Johns6n 
Mr & Mrs Henry F King 
Mrs A D Kingman 
Mr & Mrs F E -Knight 
Mr & Mrs Geo W Knowlton 
Mr & Mrs George H Kaiser 
Miss A Gertrude Lyford 
Mr & Mrs James Landy 
Mr & Mrs Charles Liffler 
Mr & Mrs E L Morandi 
Mr & Mrs A C Nichols 
Mrs Isabella G Nichols 
Mr & Mrs Edward C North 
Mr & Mrs Charles E North 
Mr & Mrs G Warren Nelson 
Mr & Mrs Frank Paul 
Mr & Mrs Chas G Pickett 
Mrs L McG Pierce 
Mr Starr McG Pierce 
Mr & Mrs T A Pine 
Mr William F Poole 
Mr & Mrs O N Purdy 
Mr & Mrs George S Potter 
Miss Agnes L Phillips 
Mr & Mrs John T Prince 
Miss Charlotte Porter 
Mr & Mrs Wilder D Quint 
Dr & Mrs E T Ransom 
Dr & Mrs Guilford S Reed 
Miss Helen L Reed 
Mr & Mrs Wm E Reed 
Mr & Mrs J J Rome 
Mr & Mrs W A Rugg 
Mr & Mrs Francis A Rus- 

Mr & Mrs Albert W Ran- 
Mr & Mrs H E Russell 
Mr & Mrs A H Sawyer 
Mrs E C Sherburne 
Mr & Mrs F D Sterritt 
Mr & Mrs Walter B Swan 



Charles River Road — Con Rivbrbank Court — Con 


Mr & Mrs B Famham 

Mr & Mrs E C Smith 
Mr Andrew Stewart 
Mr & Mrs E B Stevens 
Mr Eugene C Sherry- 
Mr & Mrs G F Stebbins 
Mr & Mrs A E Steer 
Mr Arthur M Strong 
Mrs E F Sweet 
Mr & Mrs S L Symonds 
Mrs H Taylor 
Dr & Mrs J R Taylor 
Mr & Mrs D P Thomas 
Mr & Mrs Charles H Tilton 
311 Mr & Mrs E O Lundin 
315 Mr & Mrs Stephen Jennings 
317 Mr & Mrs James J Scully 

Mr Charles H Tilton Jr 

Mr A H VanPelt 

Mr & Mrs Robert Vickery 

Mr & Mrs William Walker 

Mr & Mrs Geo N Warwick 

Dr F A Washburn 

Mr & Mrs William E Weld 

Mrs J H White 

Mr & Mrs E H Whitman 

Mrs Frances S Woodman 

Mr Frank B Watts 

Mr PhiUp Young 

Mr W E Yoimg 
312 Mr & Mrs Chas J Prescott 
314 Mr & Mrs T W Kelty 
318 Miss Mary A Dyer 

Charlesgate Hospital 
350 Dr & Mrs Albert H Tuttle 


33 Mr & Mrs H S Whittemore 
33 Mr & Mrs Collins B Taylor 


1 Mr & Mrs Fred'k M Smith 

1 Miss Caroline H Smith 

1 Mr Roland L Smith 

1 Mr Harold H Smith 

7 Miss C F Abbott 

9 Dr Lena H Diemar 

9 Mr & Mrs John I Phinney 

9 Miss E C Hodges 
11 Mr & Mrs C W Spencer 
13 Mr E B Holt 
13 Mrs N W C Holt 
15 Miss Cora H Smith 
15 Miss Marion F Smith 
17 Mr & Mrs John W Freese 
19 Prof & Mrs Ephraim Emer- 


53 Mr William E Coale 

53 Mr & Mrs Geo O G Coale 


4 Mr Francis E Saunders 

4 Mrs Harry Ellis 

6 Mr & Mrs H Pennypacker 

8 Mr & Mrs Francis Flint 
12 Mr & Mrs George A Wood 
14 Mr Charles H Bumham 
14 Miss E M Virgin 
16 Mr & Mrs C H Blackall 

19 Miss Clara B Emerton 

21 Margaret Winthrop 

23 Mr & Mrs Geo H Browne 
29 Prof & Mrs J H Beale Jr 



3 Frof & Mrs B L Robinson 
5 Mr & Mrs Bliss Perry 


6 Prof & Mrs H J Hughes 


1 Mr A Mrs C N Bentley 
3 Mrs E E Morgan 
7 Mrs Harriet L Dudley 
9 Mr & Mrs F P Cole 
1 1 Mr 4k Mrs R Woolway 
13 Mrs George B Wilcox 

2 Mr & Mrs Alex F Scott 
6 Mr & Mrs C E Braniball 
6 Mr & Mrs O H Bramhall 
10 Mr & Mrs E D Sawyer 

(P Station A) 

3 Mr & Mrs B W Woodard 
Mr & Mrs F L Cheney 
Mrs H T Skelton 
Mrs Alexander Crawford 
Mr & Mrs Henry I Tinkham 
Mrs A P Kelley 
Mr & Mrs Geo W Wheeler 
Mrs M S Lamson 
5 Mr & Mrs Edgar F Hunt 
7 Mrs E D Sawyer 
9 Mr & Mrs Alfred A Wright 
9 Mr & Mrs H Pierce 
15 Mr & Mrs E W Redpath 
17 Mr & Mrs Albert W Kidder 
19 Mr & Mrs Harris Ginsburg 
21 Mr & Mrs J A Furfey 

2 Mr W C Whitcomb 
8 Mr & Mrs Henry B Davis 
10 Mr & Mrs Sam'l J Kelley 
12 Mr & Mrs C E McKinnon 
14 Mr & Mrs C B Cade 
16 Mr & Mrs W F Alley 
18 Mr & Mrs John P Winlock 
22 Mr Sereno D Nickerson 
24 The Misses Birtwell 
26 Mr & Mrs Charles James 
28 Mr B T Soule 
28 Mr & Mrs Thomas C Smith 

23 Mr & Mrs H N Cotton 

26 Mr & Mrs A A Tutin 

27 Mr & Mrs W E Chamberlin 


5 Mr & Mrs Geo E Saunders 
9 Mr George S Saunders 
21 Mr 4s Mrs Geo W C Noble 
29 Mr & Mrs Cyrus Sargeant 
33 Mr & Mrs M VanRensse- 


35 Mr & Mrs Chas R Woods 
37 Mrs William L Jackson 
37 Miss Margaret T Jackson 
41 Prof & Mrs Arthur Searle 


12 The Misses Nor cross 

14 Mrs A P Howe 

18 Prof & Mrs John W White 

22 Prof & Mrs Stephen P 

22 Mr PhiHp P Sharpies 
24 Mrs Charles P Strong 
24 Mr Bryant Strong 
24 Mr Ernest Bembaum 
30 Mr & Mrs F D Nowell 



Concord Av — Continued 

St Peter's Church (Cath- 
{ Rev E Moriarty ) 
I 31 Buckingham St J 

38 Miss Margaret C Fuller 
38 Mrs George Minot 
40 Mrs J F DeMerritt 
40 Rev Charles Fleischer 
48 Mrs George H Hull Jr 
48 Mr G Harvey Hull 
48 Mr Reginald Mott Hull 


14 Mr & Mrs Arthur F Cool- 

34 Miss Abbie D Coolidge idge 

16 Mr & Mrs Alfred M Goodale 


3 Miss Margaret C Wyman 
5 Mr & Mrs F W Rogers 
15 Mass College of Oste- 

19 Prof & Mrs Albert B Hart 
21 Mrs John B Bout on 
23 Mr & Mrs J Andrew Hen- 

23 Miss Mabel W Henshaw 
25 Mrs W M Griswold 
25 Miss Margaret Griswold 
27 The Misses Horsford 

24 Miss L M Nathurst 

2 Mrs W C Spencer 
2 Mr Henry G Spencer 
2 Miss Catherine Spencer 
8 The Misses Bent 
10 Mr & Mrs Henry C Sibley 
10 Miss E A Sibley 
14 Rev Edward H Hall 
16 Mrs A D Swain 
16 Miss E D Swain 
20 Mr & Mrs Geo B Roberts 
20 Mr Daniel C Roberts 
22 Mr & Mrs John P Hopkin- 

24 Dr Den man W Ross 


(P O Station B) 

5 Mr & Mrs Herbert C Ewing 6 Mr & Mrs Charles H Cutler 
9 Mr & Mrs Louis R Wells 


3 Mr & Mrs Warren H Dun- 
5 Dr George F Mclntire 
7 Mrs George W Colbum 
9 Mr & Mrs F J Whiting 
11 Mrs Edw Abbott 
17 Mrs O H Durrell 
25 Mr & Mrs W E Burrage 
25 Mr & Mrs Frederick S An- 


14 Mr & Mrs Francis H Johnson 
26 Mr & Mrs Arthur N Hast- 
26 Mr & Mrs L M Hastings 
28 Mr & Mrs Nathan Cheney 
30 Mr & Mrs L J Miles 
32 Mrs H D Currie 
34 The Misses Baldwin 
36 Rev & Mrs Edward D 



Dana St — Continued 

27 Mr & Mrs A T Robinson 
27 Mr & Mrs Arthur S Ben- 

29 Mr & Mrs L F Hanson 
37 Rev & Mrs Henry A Cooke 
39 Miss Ariadne Blish 
41 Mr & Mrs H Porter Smith 
45 Mr & Mrs T J Daly 
47 Mrs M Leonard • 
49 Mr & Mrs J A Lansing 
49 Miss Marion Lansing 
51 Mrs James Noyes 
53 Mr & Mrs Chas A Peterson 
55 Mr & Mrs L Waldo Rogers 
57 Mr & Mrs Geo F Morgan 
57 Miss Anna L P Collins 
65 Mr & Mrs George S Merrill 
65 Mr & Mrs H F Sawtelle 
67 Mr & Mrs Roland Clough 
69 Mr & Mrs T MacLamie 
71 Mrs E H Thompson 
71 Miss E M Ward 
73 Mr & Mrs Frederic Morton 
75 Mr & Mrs E E Davis 
77 Mrs P H Moriarty 
79 Mr & Mrs Willard E Good- 



38 Mr & Mrs Joseph E Holmes 
40 Rev & Mrs Samuel Mc^ 
Mr & Mrs N A Moynahan 
Mr & Mrs W H Harding 
Mrs Julia H Hadley 
Mr & Mrs Chas E Gilbert 
Mr & Mrs C A Dean 
Mrs Otis V Litchfield 
46aDr & Mrs C E Hadcock 
48 Mr & Mrs Franois F Hodge& 
50 Mr & Mrs J S Bell 
56 Mr & Mrs Charles Bates 
56 The Misses Bates 
58 Mr & Mrs James A Lewis 
60 Mr & Mrs Geo F Eldredge 
62 Mr & Mrs James S Cassedy 
64 Mr G F Bourne 
64 Mrs Caroline E Pratt 
64 Mrs Ellen M Plummer 
66 Mr & Mrs James Mackenzie 
68 Mr Simeon H Fuller 
70 Mr & Mrs F A Anderson 
82 Mr & Mrs C Crowley 

81 Mr Patrick G McDermott 


(P Station B) 

5 Mr & Mrs J C Irvine 4 Mr & Mrs Edw O Glidden 

15 Dr & Mrs Wm P DeWitt 6 Mrs R B Hines 

6 Mr & Mrs Edw B Hines 

12 Mr & Mrs F E Viano 10 Mr & Mrs Geo R Henderson 


Randall Hall 
2 Miss Maria Whitney 

2 Mr James L Whitney 
Semitic Museum 

3 Prof & Mrs Geo F Moore 

Peabody Museum 
Agassiz Museum 

Mr Albert H Moore 
Divinity Hall 

5 Mrs George W Howard 6 Rev & Mrs H H Haynes 

9 Mrs M K McCarter 

8 Mrs E B O'Brien 



Ellery St — Continued 

15 Mr & Mrs Geo K Tinker 

Miss Mary P Blair 

Mr & Mrs Sam'l D Elmore 

Mrs L D Jones 

Mr & Mrs Wm W Pierce 

Mr N Henry Black 
21 Mr & Mrs Leslie L Camp- 

Dr & Mrs Edward W White 

Mrs J A Fulton 

Mrs George F Crook 

The Misses Brigham 
27 The Dover 
103 Mr & Mrs Dennis J Sulli- 

Dr Abbie C SulUvan 

10 Mrs Fletcher Bates 

12 Mr & Mrs Henry F Gilbert 

14 Mr & Mrs C S Wilson 

26 Mr & Mrs John R Giles 

74 Mr Charles W Adams 

80 Mrs R H Currie 

82 Mr & Mrs E W Wade 

84 Mr & Mrs Thos C Raymond 

86 Mr & Mrs F E Britten 

88 Mr & Mrs F H Whitman 

104 Mr & Mrs John Ome 

106 Mr & Mrs H C Ireland 

107 Mrs Ellen Power 
107 Miss Theresa Power 
109 Mr Charles McHugh 


(P Station 

3 Rev & Mrs Frederick E 8 

Heath 10 

5 Mr & Mrs James W Bean 14 

7 Mrs Levi Tower 

9 Mr & Mrs George Lamb 14 
11 Mr C F Whittemore 14 
13 Mr & Mrs Edward D Mc- 14 
Sweeney 16 
17 Mr & Mrs Daniel J Keefe 16 
19 Mr & Mrs D L Watson 18 
19 Mrs Jannette L Farwell 20 
25 Mr & Mrs William Balmer 
27 Mr & Mrs N A Hallett 22 
29 Mr & Mrs J McGrath 22 

32 Mr & Mrs Carl Nordstrom 30 


Mr & Mrs Jerome F Dewing 

Mrs M M Rogers 

Mr & Mrs Alfred Hastings 

Mrs Caroline L Edgerly 

Miss Caroline M Edgerly 

Miss Rockwell 

Mr & Mrs C A Foss 

Mr & Mrs L S Cabot 

Mrs Lillian B Edwards 

Mr & Mrs Sidney I B 

Mrs George E Sherman 

Mrs James Seaman 

Mr & Mrs Alexander Ellis 

Mr & Mrs Michael I O' Con- 


9 Mr & Mrs Jas J Greenough 
11 Mr & Mrs Arnold E Dol- 

33 Mr Joseph Burnett 

8 Dr Charles C Foster 

8 Miss AHce R Wells 
14 Mr & Mrs John B Kempton 
20 Mr & Mrs Albert Sauveur 
26 Mr Robert Lee Hale 
26 The Misses Hale 




5 Mr & Mrs William Gay 
7 Mrs Levi Perkins 
7 Mr George A Perkins 
11 Mr & Mrs George F Cutter 
19 Mr S J Fowler 
23 Mr & Mrs E A Whitman 
27 The Jarvis 

Mr & Mrs John D Wells 
Mrs Edward W Stevens 
, Mr & Mrs W H Tillinghast 
' Miss Marion Richardson 
Miss Belle S Richardson 

6 Mrs E W Gage 

6 Miss Frances G Gage 

27 The Jarvis — Continued 
Mr & Mrs Fred'k Leroy 

Dr Dudley F Sargent 
Mr & Mrs Davis Rich 

Mr & Mrs E A Peterson 

29 Mrs Alonzo Lesley 

29 The Misses Lesley 

31 Mr & Mrs James J Culhane 

(P Station B) 

1 Mr & Mrs H F Russell 
1 Mr & Mrs George H Dyer 
3 Mr J W Emerson 
3 Mr <fe Mrs P D Shepard 
5 Mr & Mrs F J Lightbody 
5 Mr & Mrs John F Peterson 
7 Miss Alice W Hovey 
7 Mr Richard W Hovey 
7 Mr & Mrs Fred'k C Howe 

2 Mr <& Mrs Francis T Hawes 

4 Miss Alice Raymond 

6 Miss Jennie Chamberlain 

6 Miss Laura B Qiamberlain 
6 Miss Jane E Chamberlain 

7 Mr F Stanley Howe 


9 Prof & Mrs C R Lanman 
13 Mr & Mrs C A Adams 

17 Rev & Mrs Rob't S Morison 


1 Mr John G Morrison 4 

1 Mr & Mrs George E Close 6 

3 Mr A Mrs A M Howe 

5 Mr & Mrs Fitch Gilbert 8 

5 Miss Gladys Gilbert 50 

5 Mr Fitch Gilbert Jr 

7 Mr dc Mrs Jiilian Lowell 

Coolidge 45 

9 Mr <& Mrs R T Jackson 55 

11 Prof & Mrs R DeC Ward 59 


Mr & Mrs Chas T Carruth 
Mr <fe Mrs Robert D Wes- 
Mr Samuel Henshaw 
Mr & Mrs Arthur Astor 

Miss Carrie W Smith 
Mr & Mrs A C Potter 
Mr & Mrs Charles B Gulick 



(P O Station A) 

3 Mr & Mrs E A Perkins 
17 Mr & Mrs Charles L Soule 
21 Mr <fe Mrs WilUam E Mann 
23 Mr A Mrs John P Wyman 
29 Mr John JU&ton 

42 Mr & Mrs Jeremiah J De- 

46 Mr & Mrs Thos Leighton 
48 Mr k Mrs J A Rice 
52 Mr <fe Mrs C L Stebbins 

6 Mr & Mrs M F Hanifen 
10 Mr J J Harrington 
12 Mr & Mrs C J Peters 
16 Mr George F Fiske 
18 Mr & Mrs Nathan F Lin- 
18 Miss Mary E Lincoln 
18 Miss Martha Lincoln 
26 Mr & Mrs Charles H Mon- 
28 Mr & Mrs James Flynn 
32 Mr & Mrs A C Curtis 

5 Mr & Mrs Henry H Pierce 

7 Mrs Asa Worcester 


1 Mr & Mrs Edwin H Abbot 
5 Prof & Mrs W W Goodwin 
9 Mrs Francis Bowen 
13 Prof & Mrs J H Ropes 
15 Prof & Mrs T W Richards 
19 Rev & Mrs Prescott Evarts 
21 Mrs Henrietta Page 
25 Mr & Mrs P T Jackson 
25 Mr Frederick G Jackson 
25 Miss Emily Gray 
25 Mrs Marion P Gray 

9 Mr & Mrs Wm A Little 


6 Mr WilUam S Hall 
6 Miss Sarah Hall 
8 Mr Hersey B Goodwin 
8 Mr & Mrs Reginald John- 
10 Miss A M Goodwin 
24 Mr & Mrs A A White 

29 Prof & Mrs Chas H Moore 
29 Miss E H Moore 
29 Miss Mary Coes 

(P Station B) 

1 Mrs George Bird 
3 Mr & Mrs J Frederick Hill 
5 Mr & Mrs Joseph P Tufts 
7 Mrs John A Hinsdale 
9 Miss Katherine Gass 
11 Mr & Mrs S B Hubbard 
11 Mr WilKam O Hubbard 
13 Mr & Mrs W C Bates 
15 Mr & Mrs H F Sparrow 
17 Mr & Mrs CR Shaw 
19 Miss Hattie M Murphy 

4 Mr & Mrs A W Estabrook 
6 Mr & Mrs James P Bacon 
8 Miss Olive L Gardiner 
10 Mrs Catharine M White 
12 Mr & Mrs Joseph F Noera 
18 Mr William Marble 
18 Mrs- Mary E Whitney 
22 Mr & Mrs Steams R Ellis 

19 The Misses Silsby 
21 Mrs Isaac W Jouett 




7 Mr & Mrs Warren A Locke 

9 The Misses Harris 
11 Prof & Mrs E S Sheldon 
17 Prof & Mrs W M Davis 
23 Mr & Mrs William H Pear 

8 Mr & Mrs John G Brooks 
10 Mr & Mrs E B Drew 
16 Prof & Mrs James L Love 
24 Mr & Mrs G F Whiting 
30 Mr & Mrs Chas F Cushman 


11 Prof & Mrs James B Ames 8 Miss A P Henchman 

10 Mr & Mrs John H Arnold 

12 Mr F W Sever 12 Mrs Charles W Sever 

(P Station B) 

1 Mrs Hattie C Livesey 
3 Mr 4& Mrs Edwin P Longley 
5 Mr George G Smith 
5 Mr Arthur K Smith 
5 Mrs A J Smith 
7 Miss Emma E Mizner 
7 Mr & Mrs Geo Richardson 
17 Mr & Mrs P Schuyler 

51 Mrs George B Wilder 
51 Mr & Mrs Geo D Merrill 
55 Mr & Mrs John G Shea 
57 Mr & Mrs R N Stevens 
59 Mrs Nina I Young 
61 Mr 4fe Mrs Turner Hodgdon 
65 Mr & Mrs Frank Lynes 

4 Mrs C B Muller 
6 Mr & Mrs Wesley L Page 
6 Mr & Mrs H D Foss 
10 Mr & Mrs Charles S Moore 
10 The Misses Moore 
18 Mr & Mrs Wm P Wiggin 
24 Mr & Mrs John A Blevins 
50 Mr & Mrs G Harry Marston 
56 Mr T J Deacon 
56 Miss A F Deacon 
56 Mr & Mrs R I Underhili 
64 Mrs J M Marsters 

73 Mr & Mrs C M Rogers 
75 Miss Lizzie S Jackson 


1 Mr & Mrs Charles B Weth- 

1 Mr G H Wetherell 
1 Mr C B Wetherell Jr 

3 Prof & Mrs Bruce Wyman 
5 Prof & Mrs Henry A Tor- 


33 Mr E D Leavitt 

33 Miss Margaret A Leavitt 

39 Dr & Mrs Walter Wessel- 

39 Mr Conrad Wesselhoeft 

Christ Church (Episcopal) 
( Rev Prescott Evarts (^ 
] 19 FoUen St ) 

Rev Allen Jacobs curate 

1 Mrs Mary Pinkham 



Garden St — Continued 

45 Prof & Mrs M H Morgan 

47 Mr & Mrs William Y Allen 

51 The Misses Storer 

53* Mrs Henry O Houghton 

55 Mrs Henry N Wheeler 

55 Mrs Norton Folsom 

57 Mr & Mrs Benj Vaughan 

57 Mr Henry Vaughan 

57 Miss Bertha Vaughan 

61 Mr J Rayner Edmands 

63 Miss E H Storer 

Botanic Garden 

79 Mrs Asa Gray 

50 Mr B S Pray 
54 Miss K Parsons 
54 Miss M S Parsons 
54 Miss C L Parsons 
58 The Misses Houghton 

Prof Edw Chas Pickering 


2 Miss Sarah R Howe 

3 Dr Fred R Jouett 

4 Dr & Mrs H B Mclntire 

5 Miss Mary W Allen 
10 Radcliffe College 

Shepard Cong Church 
(Rev Alex McKenzie D D) 
12 Rev & Mrs Alex McKenzie 
14 Dr & Mrs J L Hildreth 
14 Mr & Mrs Henry W Hil- 
16 Dr & Mrs L S Hapgood 
18 Dr & Mrs G P Cogswell 
22 Mrs Hugh F Kendall 
22 Mrs James Brown 
24 Dr & Mrs J Arnold Rock- 
26 Rev & Mrs Philip M Rhine- 
42 Miss Emily I Odiome 
44 Mr & Mrs Frank G Cook 
48 Miss Elizabeth H Clark 
50 Mr & Mrs J S Pray 

(P O Station C) 
Prof & Mrs H L Warren 

(P Station B) 

19 Mr & Mrs Chas H Spencer 
27 Mr & Mrs D Sturtevant 
33 Mr & Mrs H M Shepherk 
39 Mr & Mrs Edw A Shepherd 
45 Rev & Mrs S G Babcock 
49 Mr & Mrs T D Foster 
49 Mr G T Littlefield 
49 Mr Harry L Foster 
55 Mr & Mrs J S Burton 
67 Mr & Mrs Geo H Conant 
75 Mr & Mrs H C Long 

76 Mr & Mrs C F Woodman 
80 Mrs Ruth S Clay 

16 Mr & Mrs Henry W King 

16 Mr Geo Adams King 

20 Mrs Alvin Hayes 

28 Mr & Mrs George W Cobb 

34 Mr & Mrs Robert Farquhar 

36 Mr & Mrs Thomas J Marble 

44 Mrs Bertha Thayer 

44 Mr & Mrs F Edw Thayer 

54 Mr & Mrs R T Green 

54 Mr & Mrs E H Green 

54 Mr A E Green 

58 Mr & Mrs C W Doten 

64 Mr & Mrs Chas W Dailey 

74 Mr & Mrs C H Famsworth 




37 Prof & Mrs J E WqIAT 2 Mr & Mrs H W Dresser 

4 Mr & Mrs George M Joll 

64 Mr ^ Mrs A K Sweet 60 Mr & Mrs D G Alden 

62 Mr <& Mrs G W Ladd 


21 Mr 
23 Mr 
31 Mr 

31 Mr 

36 Mr 
36 X>r 

& Mrs John B Warren 
& Mrs Ghas E Stratton 
& Mrs P J McElroy 
George H McElroy 

&. BCrs John.C Hanson 
William G lianson 

16 Mr & Mrs Albert H Hall 
18 Mr & Mrs F W Odiome 
22 Miss G A Symonds 
22 Mrs S E Symonds 
26 Mr & Mrs A S K Glark 
32 Mr . & Mrs Her^bert 

(P O Station A) 

3 Mr & Mrs Henry Kane 
7 Mr & Mrs Edward R Mark- 
9 Mr d; Mrs J F Donovan 
13 Miss Myra I ElUs 
17 Mr & Mrs G Edw Merrill 
23 Mr & Mrs P F Mabille 
23 Mr Edward J Welch 


3 Mr & Mrs Geo M Andrews 
Mrs T A Nichols 
Mr & Mrs Charles Lewis 
17 Mrs H B Hill 
23 Mrs Kate Woodbridge 

23 The Misses Michaelis 
27 Mr & Mrs Franklin F Phil- 
29 Miss Emma A Parsons 

2 Mr & Mrs Augustine Cun- 
4 Mr & Mrs M H Munhall 
14 Mr John L Chapman 
14 Mr & Mrs Chas H Fradd 
20 Mr & Mrs Edward M Fes- 

24 Mr & Mrs Albert P Briggs 
24 Mrs Ellen N Leighton 


54 Mr & Mrs Howard F Peak 
58 Mrs Elmer E Wood 
98 Mr & Mrs F L Lamkin 

29 Mr Roger Derby 
39 Prof & Mrs W E Byerly 
55 Mr & Mrs Thomas F Myles 
65 Mr & Mrs J A Johnson 
67 Mr & Mrs John McDuffie 
83 Mr & Mrs Henry A Doherty 
93 Mr Robert Fawcett 


(P Station A) 
1 Mr & Mrs N J Wadden 2 Mr & Mrs J A Cushman 

I Mr & Mrs H S Cutting Mrs Jane F Cushman 

3 Mr & Mrs Howard E Gates Mr & Mrs F C Chamberlain 

Mrs H M Phelps 4 Mr & Mrs F W Dallinger 




(P Station 

85 Mr Albert A Spencer 88 

91 Miss H M Greely 98 

91 Miss E T Greely 104 

129 Mr & Mrs J J Coffey 116 

171 Mrs Dana W Hyde 118 

171 Mr Dana C Hyde 148 

177 The Misses Crawford 156 

177 Mr & Mrs F W Brown 160 

185 Mr & Mrs Frank L Cole 160 

. 162 

176 Mr & Mrs J Henry Russell 162 




The Chocorua 

Mr Charles A Alden 

Mr & Mrs H J DuflFy 

Rev Hibbert Lockhart 

Mr Stuart C Miller 

Mr & Mrs James I Ayer 

Mrs B F Brown 

Mr George E Brown 

Mr & Mrs George S Boyer 

Miss Mabelle L Boyer 

Mr & Mrs John Amee 


(P Station 

259 Mr & Mrs J F Aylward 276 

263 Mr & Mrs Frank A Allen 278 

265 Mr & Mrs Herbert M Allen 278 

269 Mr & Mrs Chas H Chandler 278 

273 Dr & Mrs H E Cutter 280 

273 Mrs Louisa Cutter 280 

277 Mr & Mrs Charles F F 284 

Campbell 288 
First Free Baptist Ch 

( Rev Hibbert Lockhart ) 290 

\ 118 Hancock St ( 294 

281 The Royal 298 

285 Mrs Henry E Jones 306 
285 Miss M A Jones 

285 Mr H W Jones 314 

287 Mrs Frederic Odiome 318 
287 Miss Mary C Livermore 

289 Mr & Mrs L H Phillips 320 

293 Mr Chas U Chamberlin 322 

299 Mr & Mrs A F Harlow 324 

303 Mrs W R Jones 326 

303 Mr R H Manson 326 

303 Mr & Mrs N M Jones 328 

307 Mr & Mrs N Douglass 330 
325 Mr & Mrs Wm M Wadden 

329 Rev George H Whittemore 336 

333 Mr & Mrs L M Hannum 338 

333 Miss Hannum 338 


The Elmhurst 
Dr Frank F Davis 
Mrs Dora Hemmings 
Mrs M A McAdoo 
Mr M Sylvester Marshall 
Mrs Moses M Marshall 
Mrs Leander Greely 
Mr & Mrs Nathaniel K 

Miss E J Somers 
Mr & Mrs George W Abbot 
Mr & Mrs William H Wood 
Mr & Mrs Daniel A Mc- 

Mr & Mrs John F Osbom 
Mr & Mrs Freeman C 

Mr & Mrs E L Gurney 
Mr & Mrs A W Boesche 
Mr & Mrs F W Macdonald 
Mrs H A Sparrow 
Dr & Mrs E H Sparrow 
Mr Charles H Morse 
Rev & Mrs George W Bick- 

nell D D 
Mr Mason G Parker 
Mr I E Noyes 
Mr & Mrs C E Noyes 



Harvard St — Continued 

335 Dr & Mrs J M Crocker 
337 Mr John W Hammond 

(P Cambridge) 

341 Mr & Mrs Nehemiah P 

345 Mr & Mrs F E Dogherty 
347 Mr & Mrs N F Bechtel 
349 Mr George M Taylor 
351 Mr & Mrs Mason Henry 
353 Mr & Mrs InglisM Egan 
357 Mifis Nellie F Walsh 
361 Appleton Court 

Mr & Mrs George Lincoln 
367 The Templeton 

Mr & Mrs J W Wood Jr 
Mr & Mrs E G Greenleaf 
Mr A Hale 

Mr & Mrs Alfred E Baker 
Mr & Mrs Ray M McConnel 
Miss F Elizabeth Wilder 
Mr & Mrs P L Carbone 
Mrs B J Comstock 
369 Mr & Mrs Wm F Bradbury 
371 The Misses Dennie 
375 Miss Mary Moulton 
379 Mr & Mrs Warren Ivers 
381 Mr & Mrs Joseph Dobinson 
Ware Hall 

340 Mr & Mrs William Goepper 
342 Mr & Mrs J R Stuart 
342 Mrs M C Daggett 
342 Mr S Daggett 

(P O Cambridge) 

352 Miss M B Foote 

354 Mr & Mrs Hiram L Simpson 

356 Mr & Mrs C K Corsaut 

356aMr & Mrs H W Beal 

358 Mr O H Brock 

362 Mr & Mrs Gilbert H HamH- 

364 Miss A P Barnes 
376 Mr & Mrs Abram Y Currie 
378 Miss E C BuUard 
378 Miss M L Bullard 
380 Mrs Joseph H Bancroft 
380 Mr Jacob Bancroft 
382 Mr & Mrs H D Brock 
392 Mr & Mrs Charles Pike 
Old Cambridge Baptist Ch 

Rev Woodman Brad- 

127 Upland Road 
Beck Hall 

387 Mr E B Hale 
391 Mrs Cyrus Peaslee 
391 Rev Edward L Eustis 
Harvard Union 

Mr & Mrs Geo B Ketchum 


15 Mr & Mrs William E Stone 
23 Mr & Mrs Reginald A Daly 
31 Miss Mary M Wyman 
49 Mrs B M Cady 

40 Mrs M W Springer 

42 Mr Samuel Elder 

42 Miss Annie Moore 

48 Mr & Mrs J W McClusky 

14 Mrs John K Paine 

18 Mr & Mrs Robert Walcott 

28 Mrs Elias Cornelius 

28 Miss Frances Gray 

36 Mrs Elbridge C Comey 

36 Mr & Mrs John O DeWolf 

36 Mr & Mrs W H Kirk- 

40 Mr & Mrs Humphrey P 





15 Mr & Mrs J F Hilton 

19 Mr & Mrs W B Saul 

25 Mr William F Hurter 

63 The Marion 

73 Mr & Mrs John Goepper 

81 Mr & Mrs J H Dillaway Jr 

48 Mr & Mrs I W Cotton 
48 Mrs Albert Babbitt 
48 Miss Martha L Babbitt 
64 The Highland 

16 Mr & Mrs Geo H Howard 
20 Mrs Albert E Lockhart 
20 Mr & Mrs Ralph Smith 
24 Mr & Mrs Casper Berry 
24 The Misses Berry 
36 Mr & Mrs Charles S Lewis 
40 Mr & Mrs Louis R Cobb 
40 Mr & Mrs Wm D Carpenter 
40 Miss Bertha C Carpenter 
46 Mr & Mrs C W Aver 
46 Mr & Mrs W.P Marble 
48 Mr & Mrs G W Crocker 


1 Mr James Atkins Noyes 

1 Mrs Justin Winsbr 
11 Mr & Mrs M P White 
17 Mr & Mrs Frank I Eustis 
23 Mf & Mrs Wm B Lambert 
45 Mrs Henry N Tilton 
45 Miss Annie E Tilton 
51 Mr & Mrs Henry A Ware 
61 Mr & Mrs Alvin F Sortwell 

58 Prof & Mrs E F Gay 

'64 Mr & Mrs Wm H Dunbar 


5 Dr & Mrs Edwin Farnham 
1 1 The Misses Tiffany 
13 Mr & Mrs Arthur R Marsh 
13 Mr John B Marsh 
13 Mr & Mrs Oscar J Camp- 
bell Jr 
13^Mr & Mrs John A Walz 
17 Mr & Mrs William A Mower 

8 Prof & Mrs William H 

8 Miss Esther Pickering 
8 Mr William Thurston Pick- 
16 Mr & Mrs Godfrey L Cabot 
18 Mr & Mrs Thos B Ticknor 
24 Mr & Mrs Edward Read 
32 Mr G F Kendall 
32 Miss Kendall 
54 Mrs Robert N Toppan 
54 Mr Cushing Toppan 


6 Dr & Mrs David C Dow 
8 Prof & Mrs G L Kittredge 
10 Mrs James C Houghton 
10 Mr Edward R Houghton 
10 Miss Grace M Houghton 


Mrs Franklin Hunnewell 
Mrs Adelaide R Balmer 


(P O Station B) 

1 1 Mr Samuel Usher 30 Mr & Mrs B T Thayer 

11 Mr Kenneth Usher 

19 Mr Herbert M Fears 19 Mr Francis W Fears 

19 Mrs H M F Dunn 25 Mr & Mrs Frank Foxcroft 

19 Mr Francis A Fears 




Mrs J P Melledge 
Mr R J Melledge 
Miss Melledge 

Mr & Mrs Joseph Dorr 

Dr & Mrs Walter Wood- 
Mr & Mrs Manning Emery 
Dr & Mrs Jas E Gardner 
Prof & Mrs I L Winter 


(P Station B) 

9 The Misses Allison 10 Mrs C E- Johnson 

11 Mrs F A Fiske 10 Miss Alice F Blood 

11 Miss M L Parker 12 Mrs L T Price 

15 Mr & Mrs C H S Mixer 
17 Miss Elizabeth M Davis 


3 Mr Rufus C Chishman 

3 Mr Rufus C Cushman Jr 

9 Miss A J Blodgett 

9 Miss E F Blodgett 
17 Mr R G Huling 
17 Miss Ellen P Huling 
17 Miss Elizabeth L Huling 
27 Mr & Mrs Chester M Bliss 
33 Mrs Mary L Reed 
39 Mrs T B Towne 

4 Mrs John E Davis 
6 Mrs Isabel Abel 
8 Mr & Mrs Albert P Babson 
8 Miss Hester T Babson 
26 Mr & Mrs Henry A Bangs 
Mr Arthur R Bangs 
Mr & Mrs C O Lovell 
28 Mr & Mrs Hugh Cheyne Jr 
Mrs Charles H Hooper 
Mrs Nellie M Harrington 
28 Mr & Mrs G W Pierce 

(P O Station B) 

11 Mr & Mrs A S Kendall 
11 Mr L Jarvis Kendall 
15 Mr & Mrs C R Sewell 
19 Mr & Mrs Benj F Bailey 
19 Mr & Mrs Martin Mower 
25 The Misses Wyeth 

28 Mr & Mrs Alfred Allcock 
42 Mr & Mrs R D Gardner 
42 Mrs Jane Anderson 

97 Mr & Mrs C F Hathaway 
195 Mr & Mrs John F O'Brien 


(P O Station A) 

15 Mr & Mrs L B Chandler 
23 Mr & Mrs John Copp 
27 Mr & Mrs E H Jose 
39 Mr & Mrs A Baxter 
41 Mr & Mrs Albert E Cahill 

First Univebsalist Ch 
j Rev G W Bicknell D D ) 
\ 330 Harvard St J 

22 Mr & Mrs S W Bailey 
24 Mr & Mrs Wm V Thompson 



Inmax St — Continued 

28 The Victoria — Cont'd 
Mr & Mrs Thomas Wilson 
Mr & Mrs F L Ward 

30 Mr & Mrs Jeremiah J Sul- 

40 The Kenwood 

26 Mr Charles L Russell 

26 Miss A L Rhoades 

28 The Victoria 

Mr & Mrs George D Bourcy 
Mr Charles LeFrancis 
Mrs L A LeFrancis 
Mr & Mrs I B Brady 
Mrs J F Doherty 


19 Mrs E F Arnold 

19 The Misses Arnold 

21 Mr A H Clark 

23 Mr & Mrs S C Davis 

23 Mrs H C McMath 

S7 Mr & Mrs Leonard D Gar- 

39 Mr & Mrs G M Clukas 

41 Prof & Mrs Chas J Bullock 

43 Mr & Mrs Charles Cornell 

47 Mrs A E Flint 

47 Miss H F Milligan 

49 Mrs Ella D Puffer 

49 The Misses Puffer 

49 Miss C G Dench 

95 Prof & Mrs William James 

99 Mr & Mrs Jabez Fox 
103 Prof & Mrs Josiah Royce 
.105 Mrs Minton Warren 

24 Mrs John C Gardner 
26 Mr & Mrs George D Ford 
30 Mr & Mrs William D Gay 
32 Mr & Mrs Chas F Randall 
36 Mr & Mrs W R Whitte- 

40 Mr & Mrs H H Turner 
42 Mrs C L Raymond 
44 Mr <fe Mrs F S Cutter 
46 Mr & Mrs Merton S Keith 
48 Mrs C W Morse 
50 Mr & Mrs Harry E Dupee 
52 Mr & Mrs C E EfUsbree 
104 Rev & Mrs Edw Cummings 
110 Mr Philip W Davis 
110 The Misses Robinson 
The Misses Norton 

107 Mrs E P Gibbcns 

109 Mr & Mrs Edward L Mark 


1 Prof & Mrs Arthur E Ken- 

3 Mr & Mrs F W Hastings 

9 Miss Mary Woodman 10 Mr Edward S Shaw 

13 Mr & Mrs Horace Van- 

12 Miss Sarah T Palmer 
14 Mr & Mrs Benj I Gilman 


7 Mr & Mrs Elbridge G S 6 Mr & Mrs Irving Babbitt 

Ricker 10 Mr&Mrs Henry E Worcester 

11 Mr & Mrs George H Chase 14 Mr & Mrs Chas L French 

15 Rev & Mrs A D Gring 16 Mr & Mrs Thomas N Carver 




Scientific School 
7 Mr & Mrs Charles F Batch- 

13 Prof & Mrs Francis G Pea- 

21 Prof & Mrs Edw C Moore 

25 Mr F R Appleton 

33 Mr & Mrs E H Nichols 

43 Mrs M H F Wood 

43 Miss H A Francis 

49 Mrs J L Rand 

49 Miss Margaret A Rand 

59 Miss Grace Norton 

61 Dr Edward R Cogswell 

61 Mr Charles N Cogswell 

38 Mrs M Cary Lee 

38 Miss Eva Lovering 

40 Mr & Mrs Wm A Brewster 

42 The Misses Brewster 

44 Miss Edith Bradford 

50 Mr & Mrs E Charlton 

62 Mr & Mrs Chas W Whiting 
64 Mr & Mrs W W Hamlin 
70 Prof & Mrs H W Magoun 

61 Miss Margaret E Cogswell 
67 Mrs Francis J Child 
67 Miss H E Child 
71 Miss Theodora Sedgwick 


15 Prof & Mrs Walter S Burke 
47 Prof & Mrs E C Jeff rey 
57 Mr & Mrs Charles Walcott 
67 Mr & Mrs WiUiam B Berry 
67 Mr & Mrs Jabez L Robinson 
77 Rev & Mrs M Angelo 

77 The Misses Dougherty 
87 Mr & Mrs Winthrop Slade 
97 Mr & Mrs Edw S Chapin 

107 Prof & Mrs E K Rand 

109 Mr John Kinnear 

111 Mr & Mrs Albert W Ran- 

159 Mr & Mrs Geo H Carrick 

159 Mr & Mrs Bernard A Rice 

162 Mr Russell D Crane 

38 Mr & Mrs George W Cram 

48 The Misses Albee 

58 Mr & Mrs Geo W Beaman 

68 Mr & Mrs Claude E Davis 

70 Mr & Mrs Frank E Cawley 

78 Mrs Franz H Krebs 

88 Mr & Mrs L S Marks 

94 Mrs Thomas G Newgent 

94 Mr & Mrs Frederick A 

104 Prof & Mrs R B Perry 
112 Mr & Mrs E H Baker 
112 Mr E H Baker Jr 
128 Mr & Mrs Jos H WilHams 
128 Mrs Joseph Williams 
136 Mr & Mrs L N Brock 
160 Mr & Mrs Robert R Truitt 
162 Rev & Mrs C B Crane D D 

(P Station B) 

9 Mr & Mrs Geo P Johnson 
13 Mr & Mrs C D Wilder 
13 Mr & Mrs F A Andrews 
15 Mr & Mrs Chas H Cushman 
17 Mr & Mrs Albert M Barnes 

16 Mrs Freeman Hunt 

18 Mr & Mrs Sumner A 

30 Mr & Mrs Martin W Sands 
36 Mr & Mrs George K Clarke 



Lancaster St — Continued 

19 Mr & Mrs George S Chase 
21 Mr & Mrs M L Walton 
23 Miss Laura Wilkins 
25 Mr Charles H Salter 
25 The Misses Salter 

27 Mr & Mrs Walter S Barker 
27 Mrs William S Barker 
29 Mr & Mrs W B Hovey 
37 Mr H D Yerxa 


Mr & Mrs Harry W Morse 
Mr & Mrs F H Thomas 


15 Mr & Mrs Geo A Massure 

15 Mr & Mrs N A Stratton 

35 Prof & Mrs Wm M Cole 

37 Mrs Frank W Gaskill 

41 Mr & Mrs G L Greenwood 

43 Miss Helen E Day 

45 Mrs E S Fiske 

45 Miss Cornelia B Fiske 

47 Mr & Mrs C C Lane 

49 Mr & Mrs David Brewer 

51 Mrs Martha C Robinson 

55 Mr & Mrs Henry A Piper 

59 Mrs Joseph Winlock 

65 Miss Helen W Aubin 


20 Mr & Mrs F S Harlow 
20 Mr & Mrs E Raymond 
Riegel ' 

Mr & Mrs Chas L Whittle 1 
Mr & Mrs Wm P Harding % 
Prof & Mrs Edwin H HaU 
Mr William T Campbell 
38 Mr Francis Campbell 
44 Mr & Mrs Henry C Lahee 
46 Mrs Alice Pippette 
54 Miss Mary W Robinson 
54 Miss E N Robinson 


65 Miss Margaret H Aubin 


15 Mr & Mrs J Murray Bacon 
15 Mr George B Bacon 
37 Mr ^ Mrs W Gordon Jones 
43 Mr & Mrs James Field 


71 Mr & Mrs Geo Muhlfeld 
77 Mr & Mrs Robert W Saw- 
yer Jr 

9 Dr & Mrs F O Webber 
15 Mrs Charles Clarke 
17 Mr & Mrs Elmer E Collins 
23 Mr & Mrs Albert T Greene 
35 & 37 Colonial Court 

32 Mr & Mrs John F Crocker 
34 Mr J M Murray 
38 Mr & Mrs E F Bragg 
40 Mrs M E Cashman 
46 Mr & Mrs Bartholomew 


12 Mrs Lawrence J Ducey 
14 Mr & Mrs J L Gilbert 
16 Prof Edwin B Wilson 
18 Miss Ella Davis 
18 Mrs E B Foster 
18 Miss E A Phelps 
20 Mr George H Towne 
22 Mrs Malachi Mullin 
24 Mrs Margaret J Wilson 
28 Mrs Aaron R Willey 
28 Mrs E A Woodbury 
30 Mr & Mrs Geo A Kimball 




33 The Lowell 

Mr & Mrs F Stanhope Hill 
Mrs M E Brown 
Mrs A L Cheney- 
Mr & Mrs E L Beard 
Mr Leonard Beard 
The Misses Beard 
Mr & Mrs WiUiam Hollo- 

way Stafford 
Mr & Mrs Chas W Solomon 
Mr & Mrs Harold W Read 

43 Mr & Mrs H J Weber 

51 Mrs Robert Cowen 

Gl Mr & Mrs WiUiam B Reid 

16 Mr & Mrs George H Barton 

18 Rev & Mrs Elmer S Forbes 

30 Mr & Mrs A A Barker 

30 Miss Cora A Barker 

50 Mr & Mrs John H Corcoran 

168 Mr & Mrs Edward L Marsh 

168 Mr & Mrs Thomas H Casey 

105 Mr & Mrs Clifford T Switz- 

147 Mrs Jessie Wight 
153 Mrs Elizabeth M Miller 
153 Mr & Mrs John B Sweet- 


7 Dr Edward A Carpenter 
15 Mr & Mrs N C Skilton 
21 Mrs Walter Weir 
21 Miss Irene Weir 
25 Mr & Mrs Benj Osgood 
25 Miss F A Osgood 
25 Miss B V Osgocd 
33 Mr & Mrs F Shirley Boyd 
33 Miss Louise S Fisher 
37 Mr & Mrs Watson G Cutter 
37 Mr Frank B Cutter 
39 Mr Thomas B Ewell 
39 Miss C A Ewell 
49 Mr & Mrs J Q Bennett 
49 Mr Edward L Bennett 
49 Mr Holland Bennett 
49 Miss Malvina M Bennett 

38 Mr & Mrs W F Stark 

Peabody School 
58 Prof John Trowbridge 

6 Mrs Edwin A Hildreth 
10 Mr & Mrs H T Upham 
10 Mr Harold C Upham 
12 Miss Gertrude Beard 
1 2 Mrs W W Curtis 
14 Mr & Mrs J W Pierce 
16 Mr Charles A Phelps 
16 Mr George Turner Phelps 
16 Miss Irene Letitia Phelps 
22 Mr & Mrs E W Metcalf 
24 Mr & Mrs E B Stratton 
24 Mr G F Stratton 
24 Miss Bessie W Howard 
26 Mr & Mrs Chaa F Stratton 
26 Miss Annie F Stratton 
28 Mr & Mrs Chas Lane Han- 
30 Mrs Edward M Chamberlin 
32 Mr & Mrs Emile J Grenier 
32 Miss Julia E Berube 
34 Mr & Mrs WiUiam B Smith 
36 Mr & Mrs Frank I Whitte- 

Mr & Mrs F N Robinson 




7 Prof & Mrs C H Toy 

7 Mrs R'M Saunders 

9 Mr & Mrs Wm B Durant 

15 Dr & Mrs Edw R Williams 

17 Dr & Mrs C H Taft 

17 Dr George L Taft 

17 Mrs Charles Hinklcy 


16 The Misses Farley 


Mrs C C Vinal 
The Misses Vinal 
Mrs Wimam P Ray 
Mr & Mrs James E Rice 

17 Miss Grace Hinkley 

(P Station A) 

15 Mr & Mrs Eugene R Luke 
17 Mr F C Bill 
17 Miss CaroUne E Bill 
19 Mr & Mrs J J Quinlan 
23 Mr & Mrs David Hum- 
27 Mr & Mrs J W Chamberlain 
27iMrs Mary E Hartwell 


31 Mr & Mrs S M Johnson 
39 Mr & Mrs O F Allen 
43 Mr & Mrs C F Willard 
51 Mr & Mrs A J Daly 
65 Mrs Ella M Lawrence 
71 Mr & Mrs Harry E Good- 

6 Mr & Mrs Geo H Lawrence 

8 Mr & Mrs J B Ford 
20 Mr & Mrs Wm Hanlon 
24 Mr & Mrs George F Lawton 
26 Mr & Mrs Isaac P Gragg 

60 Mrs M A Hutchinson 

29 Mr & Mrs Archibald R Gove 
31 Mr & Mrs John A Schultz 


16 Mr & Mrs J D Graham 
18 Mr & Mrs Wm H Eveleth 
18 Miss Constance Eveleth 
18 Miss A L Rapson 
20 Mr & Mrs Jos A Coolidge 
44 Mrs Lyman Wheeler 
Mrs J W Estabrook 
Mrs Anson B Hobbs 
52 Mr & Mrs Henry Zwahlen 


3 Rev & Mrs George Hodges 4 Miss C A Benneson 
11 Miss Elizabeth Hewes 
11 Miss Agnes Irwin 

10 Mr R W Coues 

6 Prof & Mrs George Van N 

8 Miss A M Baldwin 
10 Dr S F Coues U S N 

(P Station A) 

City Hall 
825 Dr A P Clarke 
825 Dr Genevieve Clarke 

760 Dr & Mrs A L Norris 
760 Dr A P Norris 
770 Dr James Cleary 



Massachusetts Av — Con 

825 Dr Inez L Clarke 
837 Dr & Mrs Jos S Lockhart 
843 Mr & Mrs A C Lamson 
847 Dr & Mrs T E Cunningham 
859 Dr «fe Mrs Francis D Magee 
863 Mr & Mrs Chas A Raiche 
Mr & Mrs A H Bissell 
Mr & Mrs E L Raiche 
863 Mrs Annie E Prescott 
Dr W H Bowman 
Mr & Mrs Frank A Marvin 
Mr & Mrs Henry Jennings 
Mr & Mrs George F But- 
87 1 Mrs A C Wellington 
881 The Amsterdam 
885 The Waumbeck 
.891 Dr & Mrs N V Shannon 
Mr & Mrs Harry R Cusliing 
The Misses Alger 
897 Dr & Mrs J R McKenzie 
901 Mr & Mrs CI as F Howes 
Mrs Mary E Mitchell 
Mr & Mrs W C Prouty 
Mr & Mrs S E Parker 
Mr & Mrs Carl R Parker 
Mr & Mrs Richard J Ne- 
Mrs I H B Ellsworth 
Miss Annie P Ellsworth 
907 Dr & Mrs John Z Currie 
923 Dr & Ur§ W A Putnam 
9^29 Dr & Mrs W A Bullard 
935 Miss A F Cook 
943 Mr & Mrs E J Ferris 
943 The Misses Conley 
959 Dr & Mrs Jos H Cunning- 
991 The Dana 

(P O Cambridge) 

997 Mr Charles A Cushman 
997 Miss E W Cushman 
1009 Mr & Mrs Charles H Ward 
1033 Mr & Mrs J J Connell 

770 Mr & Mrs Thos M Tippett 
Mrs James T Wyman 
Dr & Mrs F J Lanigan 
Mr & Mrs E S Dexter 
Mr & Mrs W J Reilly 
782-788 Hotel Alma 
782 Dr & Mrs Willard A Currie 
Dr C H Gray 
Mrs T B Evans 
Mr & Mrs Wm W Hicks 
788 Mr «fe Mts Sunmer E Swa- 
Mr & Mrs H Barton Allison 
Mr & Mrs Baron S Walker 
Dr Fred P W Walker 
Mrs N P Hodge 
Mr & Mrs Thomas L'Es- 

Mr & Mrs Geo E Whitney 
Dr F G McCoUum (office) 
798 Dr & Mrs R Wetherbee 
800 Dr & Mrs H E Knowlton 
826 Young Men's Christian 
St Peter's Church (Epis) 
( Rev Edw L Eustis ^ 
\ 391 Harvard St S 
860 Dr H O Marcy (office) 
872 Mr Marshall H Gould 
872 Mrs Charles E Hawes 
878 Dr & Mrs John E Dwyer 
878 Mr John E Dwyer Jr 
884 The Regent 
888 The Majestic 

Dr Helen G F Mack 
896 Dr J Willett Pease 
900 Mr & Mrs T A Malone 

Mr & Mrs George Saunders 
Miss Harden 
The Misses Bishop 
900 Dr & Mrs A D Shea 
908 Mr & Mrs Jas H Foster 
910 Mr & Mrs Ernest M Love- 
922 Miss C Dallinger 
924 Dr ife Mrs H L Chase 



Massachusbtts Av — Con 

























The University 

Mr & Mrs Anthony W 

Dr & Mrs P S McAdams 
Mr & Mrs F E Johnson 
Dr H W Conant (office) 
Mr & Mrs F L Carter 
Mr & Mrs F G Roby 
Mrs A L Pond 
Mr & Mrs George T Cobb 
Miss E C Church 
Mr & Mrs Jphn A Laird 
Mr & Mrs A H Potter 
Mr & Mrs R N Chamberlin 
Dr C P Feeley (office) 
Mr Isaac S Pear 
Mrs David G Haskins 
Prof & Mrs Charles P 

Miss C F Ramsay 
The Brentford 
Harvard College 
Epworth M E Church 
Mr & Mrs N L Macdonald 
Mr Wm V Macdonald 
Mr James F Macdonald 
Mr O F Kendall 
Dr & Mrs M H Bailey 
Miss Keene 

Mr & Mrs N H Harriman 
Mr & Mrs Edw Ordway 
Miss S E Colby 
Miss N M Colby 
Dr C Parker Holt 
Mr Henry S Phelps 
Miss E A Phelps 
Mrs E S Spyvee 
Mr & Mrs Carl Behr 
Dr & Mrs J J McLaughlin 
Mrs Julia A Arnold 
Mrs Charles H Saunders 
Miss Carrie H Saunders 
Mr & Mrs Geo A Sawyer 
Mr & Mrs Gustavus Goep- 

930 Dr & Mrs L L Bryant 
938 Mr John B Emery 
942 Miss M Berntsen 
944 Dr & Mrs John W Ryan 
944 Mr & Mrs Fred'k Wolff 
946 Mr & Mrs Thos B Corrie 
950 Dr & Mrs H A Chase 
950 Mrs W A Bunton 
988 Mr & Mrs T J Phelps 
988 Dr WilUam D Phelps 
988 Mr John T Phelps 
988 Mr & Mrs H W Leonard 

f (P O Cambridge) 

1000 Mr & Mrs O H Fellowes 
1010 The Cantabrigia 
1038 Dr & Mrs W J LaMarche 
1044 Dr & Mrs Robert R An- 
1044 Dr H L Andrews 

First Unitarian Church 
( Rev Sam'l M Crothers ) 
] 20 Oxford St J 

1558 Mr & Mrs M M Holmes 
1564 Mrs A K Fiske 
1572 Mr Thornton M Ware 
1582 Prof & Mrs F W Putnam 
1590 Mr & Mrs Edwin D Mellen 
1600 Mr & Mrs Chas J Mclntire 
1626 Dr Harriet H Cobb 
1636 Dr & Mrs P F Kelleher 
1642 Mr & Mrs Otis N Howland 
1348 The Montrose 

Mr & Mrs C B Locke 
Mr & Mrs C H Lake 
Dr & Mrs F B Lake 
Mrs A D Elkins 
Mr C Henry StJohn 
Mrs M Appleton 
Mr & Mrs E B Wood- 
Mrs T Grout 
Mrs L E Eaton 
1654 The Dunveqan 

Mr & Mrs Henry W Rus- 



Massachusetts Av — Con 

1653 Mr E L B Howard 
1663 Mrs Robert Douglass 
1679 Mr & Mrs Chas S Bishop 
1691 Mr & Mrs James A Wood 
1699 Mr & Mrs Horace G Kemp 
1705 Mrs Chas F Goodridge 
1705 Dr F J Goodridge (office) 

(P O Station B) 

1713 Mr «fe Mrs G A A Pevey 
1725 Mr & Mrs Otis S Bro^n 
1725 Mrs D D Lawrence 
1735 Dr & Mrs F W Taylor 
1741 Mr & Mrs F L Cunningham 
1749 Mr & Mrs J Oscar Hat^ 

1749 Mr & Mrs Thos L Pierce 
1751 Mr & Mrs D Edgar 

1753 Mr & Mrs E Lin wood 

1753 Mr & Mrs J Arnold Farrer 
1759 Miss Emma C Campbell 
1775 Mr & Mrs A W Burke 
1783 Mrs Frank H Sleeper 
1791 Miss H T Frost 
1791 Mr George E Frost 
1791 Miss Helen E Wyeth. 
1797 Mr & Mrs A E Long 

North Avenue Congre- 
gational Church 
( Rev Daniel Evans ) 
\ 105 Raymond St S 
1815 Mrs Mason D Benson 
2131 Mr & Mrs Robert Hen- 
2131 Mr Frank R Henderson 
2141 Mr & Mrs J P Brainerd 
2161 Mrs H N Plummer 
2175 Mr & Mrs W R Milton 
2179 Mr & Mrs Sam'l J Parkhill 
2179 Mr Charles L B Parkhill 
2187 Mr & Mrs Cornelius Dorr 
2203 Mrs H A Hovey 
2203 Miss Sarah J Janes 

1654 The Dun vegan — Con 

' Mr & Mrs Wm E Daniels 
Miss Kathryn Tyler Read 
Mr & Mrs W G Macleod 
Mrs William P Boyd 
Mrs Davies Wilson 
Mr & Mrs Wm P Church 
Dr & Mrs Edw P White 
Mr & Mrs Frank H Sher- 
Miss Philbrick 
Mr Frank Carney 
Mr W L Church 
Mr & Mrs Everett G Dill 
Mrs Mason W Morse 
Mr & Mrs C E Lawrence 
1664 Miss L P Brown 
1676 Mr <fe Mrs J M Fiske 
1676 Miss Martha T Fiske 
1680 Mr Henry L Morse 
1682 Mr & Mrs Rob't H Slack 
1682 Mr R H Slack Jr 
1684 Mrs C B Dana 
1688 Dr & Mrs N S Bacon 
1692 Mr & Mrs E R Ellis 
1696 Mr & Mrs H E Mason 
1702 Mr & Mrs Thos A Dewire 
1712 Mr & Mrs Henry R Val- 


1718 Dr & Mrs C H Thomas 

Dr W K S Thomas 
1722 Mr & Mrs W E Nickerson 
1728 Mr & Mrs F H Dow 

(P Station B) 

1734 Mr & Mrs Frede»rick 

1740 Mr & Mrs Edwin L Shaw 
1764 Mrs Sumner J Brooks 
1776 Dr Isaac Adams 
1780 Mr G M Stevens 
1784 Dr H A Hands 
1784 Dr Anna C Hands 
1800 & 1802 Commonwealth 

1810 Mr Francis X Fitzpatrick 



Massachusetts Av — Con 




Mr & Mrs David J Nelligan 
Mr & Mrs Daniel Coakley 
Dr & Mrs John P Nelligan 
Mr & Mrs Warren L 

Mr Elbridge E Knight 
Dr & Mrs Wm F Donahue 
Mr & Mrs F A Keniston 
Mr G M McCallar 
Miss Louise F McCallar 
Mr Howard B McCallar 
Mr & Mrs J B Dayfoot 
Mr & Mrs Walter H 

Mr Walter H Lerned Jr 

1826 Mrs Moses G Howe 
1840 The Misses Sawyer 
North Av Baptist Ch 
( Rev F E Marble 1^ 
I 2 Arlington St S 
2162 Mrs Ellen R Stimpson 
2162 Miss Emma A Rocco 
2162 Miss Lillian Rocco 
2192 Mr & Mrs Benj F Janes 
2200 Mr WilHam A Quinn 
2200 The Misses Quinn 
2210 Mrs E A Wellington 
2218 Mr <!^ Mrs Isaac A McLean 
2222 Dr Wm G Brousseau 
2222 Mr & Mrs G Brousseau 
2224 Mr & Mrs R T Bailey 
2236 Mr & Mrs Josiah Fowler 


7 Mr & Mrs Chas E Pierce 
9 Mr & Mrs Lewis E Taplin 
1 1 Mr & Mrs James J Daly 
13 Mr & Mrs Fred'k G Allnutt 
27 Mrs J M Thurston 
33 Mr & Mrs Elmer A Russell 
37 Mrs Margaret A Peters 

28 Mr & Mrs Geo E Farmer 
30 Miss Etta W Folsom 
32 Mr & Mrs Harry B Durant 
34 Mrs A M Whitmore 

8 Mr & Mrs O H Smith 
10 Mr & Mrs Whitman R 

10 Mr & Mrs Jesse W Morton 
10 Mrs William B Woodruff 
12 Mr & Mrs J A White 
14 Mr & Mrs J Croke 
16 Mr & Mrs Geo G Edwards 
18 Mrs Ellen H Ferris 
20 Mr George G Wright 
20 Miss Helen A Wright 
24 Mrs Edward R Moore 
26 Mr & Mrs C W Green 



Mr & Mrs Ernest F Hen- 
Mrs S A Freund 
Miss Camille E Freund 
Mr Sanford H E Freund 
Mrs John Storer Cobb 
Miss E W Fuller 

2 Mr & Mrs Wm R Peabody 

4 Mr & Mrs W A Green 

6 Mrs M B Morgan 

6 Miss A M Morgan 

8 Prof &MrsWmF Harrison 

115 Waverley Hall 2 Dr H L Langnecker 

137 Mr & Mrs Geo E Hennan 
147 Mr & Mrs Florestan Fish 

2 Mrs J G Gooch 
2 Mrs S E Wyman 



Mount Auburn St — Con 

147 Miss Hazel I Stubbs 
151 Mr & Mrs John Delaney 
153 Mr & Mrs Thos J O'Hara 
153 The Misses O'Hara 
157 Miss Marcella Durgin 
159 Mr & Mrs John H Moreland 
165 Mr & Mrs Richard Walker 
173 Mr & Mrs Otto Grote 
175 Mrs M E Easton 
175 Mrs H L Cummings 
309 The Avon Home 

400 Mr & Mrs A M Watson 

Trinity Hall. 
132 Mr & Mrs George A Moore 
144 Miss Fanny H Prescott 
148 Mrs S E Lippincott 
150 Mrs William Evans 
260 Stillman Infirmary 
360 Home for Aged People 
Rev & Mrs Jas F Bullitt 
**Havenhurst" opp Elm- 
wood Av 
Mr Wm A Hayes opp Elm- 
wood Av 
The Misses Hayes 
400 Mrs J Watson Taylor 
400 Mr J W Taylor 


(P Station 

29 Mr & Mrs Stanley B Hil- 24 

dreth 26 
37 Mr & Mrs W E Hutchins 

45 Mrs E A Jameson 36 

47 Mr & Mrs William H Hid- 40 

den Jr 42 

63 Mr & Mrs C S Hursh 46 

65 Mr & Mrs Wm B McCoy 48 

67 Mr & Mrs F U Lamson 50 

69 Mr & Mrs F W Lovell 64 



Mr & Mrs Edward C Grant 
Dr & Mrs Herman G Rich- 
Mr & Mrs Frank H Ivers 
Mr & Mrs E L Mason 
Mr & Mrs W S Verity 
Mr & Mrs Harry L Bent 
The Misses Sawyer 
Mr & Mrs Enoch Beane 
Mr & Mrs Max Benshimol 
Mr & Mrs Clarence J Bod- 


2 Mr & Mrs Emerson W Law 


15 Mr & Mrs Francis C Foster 
15 Mr F Apthorp Foster 
19 Mr & Mrs William C Lane 
19 Mrs C M Lane 
Pierce Hall 
45 Mr & Mrs J W Irwin 
47 Mrs James M Hilton 
49 Mr & Mrs E H Thompson 
31 Mr & Mrs Chas R Hazen 
1 Mrs A M Conant 


The Foxcroft Club 
10 Mr & Mrs John Fairbanks 
12 Mr & Mrs J C McLellan 
14 Mrs L E Mitchell 
16 Mr & Mrs S B Hutchins 
20 Rev & Mrs S M Crothers 

AoAssiz Museum 
30 Miss S H Palfrey 
30 Miss M G Palfrey 
64 Mr J B Kelty 



Oxford St — Continued 

61 Mr E Roscoe Hazen 
63 The Misses Hutchison 
65 Mr J Herbert Low 
67 Mr E T P Graham 
81 Rev & Mrs Cyrus P Os- 

(P O Station B) 

121 Dr & Mrs N L Allen 
121 Mr & Mrs Chas E 

121 Mrs Agnes E Fisher 
125 Mr & Mrs E A Pone 
135 Mr & Mrs Geo A Garratt 
137 Mrs John S Way 


128 Mr & Mrs John Waugh 
130 Mrs W W Boynton 
146 k 148 The Oxford 
146 Dr L T Myles 

66 Mr & Mrs Walter C Claflin 
68 Mrs A M Moore 
76 Mr & Mrs Herbert F Hart- 
Mrs E A Chase 
Miss Chase 
78 Mr & Mrs Joseph Tryon 
80 Mr & Mrs John Anderson 
82 Mrs Cornelius Sullivan 
86 Mr & Mrs WilHam J Cun- 
94 Mr & Mrs T J Breen 
100 Mr & Mrs Chas E Wheeler 

(P Station B) 

114 Mr & Mrs S T BilHngs 

116 Mrs A D Haworth 

122 Mrs Silas S Drew 

122 Mr Bertrand L Drew 

124 The Greenacre 

126 Mr Frederick E Chapman 


5 Mrs James B Thayer 
5 Miss E R Simmons 
5 Miss Edith M Johnson 
5 Mrs Fannie Howland 
7 Mr & Mrs John W Ames 
7 Mrs John W Ames Sr 
9 Mrs T L Manson Sr 

2 Mrs A V G Allen 
2 Mrs Robert D Smith 

12 Prof Edward S Drown 

\^ Miss A A Drown 

9 Miss Elizabeth E Manson 
15 Prof & Mrs Paul H Hanus 

1 Mr Elisha P Coleman 2 Miss Augusta M Houghton 

1 The Misses Coleman 

2 Mrs Francis Houghton 

3 Mr & Mrs James Metivier 

4 Mr A L Howard 

(P O Station B) 

7 Mrs William Cushing 
17 Mrs C F Moulton 
17 Mr & Mrs W G Parsons 
19 Miss Lucy E White 
29 Mr & Mrs Raymond S Coon 
35 Mr & Mrs F W Channing 

10 Mr & Mrs Francis A Barbey 
10 Miss Mary A Lewis 
12 Mr & Mrs P O Woodbury 
12 Miss Gertrude Woodbury 
14 Mr & Mrs H O Cutter 
16 Mr & Mrs'Hollis Webster 
18 Mr J Henry Blake 



Prentiss St — Continued 

37 Mr & Mrs E L Grueby 

37 Mr & Mrs Wm H Grueby 

37 Mr & Mrs Harry H Bates 

41 Mrs L P Darrow 

41 Mr & Mrs Alfred L Darrow 

41 Miss F G Darrow 

47 Mr & Mrs Irving Herr 

47 Mrs A R Chase 


Bromley Court — Cont^d 

Mr & Mrs Percy A Goodale 
Miss C I Forbes 
Mr & Mrs William J Pelo 
Rev & Mrs George C Cox 
Miss Helen Newell 

94 Mr & Mrs George P O'Brien 

96 Mr & Mrs I F Row 

28 Mrs Louisa M Barnes 
28 Mr Albert E Barnes 
34 Mr & Mrs D H Dean 
40 Mr & Mrs John Mitchell 
40 Dr & Mrs Jos R Webster 
40 ftfiss Mary P Webster 
42 Mrs R C Sherman 


8 Mr & Mrs George A Beane 
20 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Bromley Court 
Mr & Mrs F M Babson 
Mr & Mrs Percy E Gove 
Mrs Adolph Vogel 
Dr Ralph C Wiggin 
Mrs J T Boyd 
Mr & Mrs Ernest A Crocker 

(P Station A) 

71 Mrs Perkins C Page 
77 The Lancaster 
83 Mr & Mrs David E Taylor 
First Evangelical Con- 
gregational Church 
125 Mrs Robert O Fuller 
125 Mr Howland Dudley 

88 Mrs Timothy Crowell 
88 Miss Alice J Crowell 
96 Mr & Mrs J U Wcscott 
98 Mr & Mrs Kenneth Mac- 

112 Mrs D B Merrill 
112 Mr & Mrs C H Ackers 
114 Mr & Mrs P H Moran 

141 Mrs Samuel Nash 

149 Mr & Mrs Alphonse Valine 180 Mrs Thomas T Jones 

175 Mr & Mrs Frank W Cram 

177 Miss Ada H Wellington 191 Mr Frederick E Burrage 
177 Miss Margaret V Welling- 191 Miss M A Burrage 

ton 199 Cambridge Relief Hos- 

179 Mr & Mrs C A Crown pital 


11 Prof George H Palmer 

17 President & Mrs Charles W 

25 Prof & Mrs Wm W Fenn 

28 Miss Mary Batchelder 

16 Prof & Mrs W S Ferguson 
20 The Colonial Club 
24 Prof & Mrs Wm G Farlow 
26 Mr & Mrs Demarest Lloyd 
28 Mrs Samuel Batchelder 
28 Mr S F Batchelder 



QuiNCY St — Continued 

40 Miss G E Corson 
42 Mrs Theodore F Wright 
Church of the New Jeru- 

32 Prof <fe Mrs B S Hurlbut 

32 Mrs J A Wooison 

36 Prof Alexander Agassiz 

38 Prof & Mrs John H Wright 

40 Mr C R Huson 

40 Mrs A Corson 


(P Station B) 

29 Mr & Mrs Herbert B 

47 Prof & Mrs J Y Bergen 

79 Dr & Mrs Edmund H Ste- 

87 Mr Charles A Mason 

87 The Misses Mason 

95 Mr & Mrs William C Holt 
103 Mr & Mrs Chas H Bonney 
105 Rev & Mrs Dan'l Evans D D 


32 Mr Robert Cameron 
60 Mr Edwin Dresser 
60 Miss Louise C Dresser 
84 Rev & Mrs John A Hamil- 
90 Mr & Mrs L J Johnson 
98 Mr & Mrs J B Palmer 
106 Mr & Mrs Chas H Fosgate 

121 Mr & Mrs W H Wentworth 


15 Mr & Mrs C A Garey 
Miss Pauline M Garey 


1 Mr & Mrs N C Nash 

25 Rev & Mrs S A Eliot 29 Prof & Mrs H S White 


5 Prof & Mrs S S Currie 2 Prof & Mrs Wm A Neilson 

7 The Misses Chapman 4 Mr & Mrs Howard L 

9 Mrs J B Greenough Blackwell 

6 Mr & Mrs J F Muirhead 

(P Station B) 

7 Mr & Mrs J A Williams 
9 Mrs Julia Kane 
9JMr James B Vallely 
1 1 Mr & Mrs E G Moody 
13 Mr & Mrs Frank L Slade 
13 Miss Adah N Bowles 
15 Mr & Mrs Chas F Shourds 

8 Mr D Frank Ellis 
10 Mr & Mrs Geo J Raymond 
20 Mr & Mrs A C Sturtevant 

22 Mrs James B Rice 




1 Mr Charles Moore 
1 Mrs E Reddington 
5 Dr <fe Mrs E G Martin 
7 Mr & Mrs A F LaLond 
9 Mr & Mrs Benj F Wyeth 
9 Miss Marion B Wyeth 
9 Mr Henry D Wyeth 
9 Mr Benjamin F Wyeth Jr 

12 Mr & Mrs Weldon W Sea- 

14 Mr & Mrs C A Perkins 
14 Mr & Mrs J A M^r^y 
16 Mr & Mrs W J Taylor 

19 Mr & Mrs Thomas F Tracy 


5 Mr & Mrs John C Dow 
9 Mr <fe Mrs W P Cole 
9 Mr W G G Cole 
11 Mr & Mrs Oscar S Randall 
13 Mrs Francis Loring 
13 Miss Ruth D Loring 
17 Mr & Mrs F W Noxon 
21 Mr S S Crosby 
23 Mr & Mrs Edw J Comerf ord 
25 Mr & Mrs Frederick W 

29 Mrs M A Marshall 
29 Mr <fe Mrs W L Achom 
33 Mr & Mrs A J Littlefield 
33 The Misses Littlefield 
33 Mr & Mrs W F Edgell 

6 Mr & Mrs J Porter Russell 
6 Mr & Mrs F W Breed 
6 Mr & Mrs G F Field 
6 Mr & Mrs B T King 
6 Mr & Mrs Oliver Rodgers 
6 Mrs N G Greene 
10 Mr & Mrs Geo O Whipple 
10 Mr ife Mrs W H O'Keefe 
12 Mr & Mrs D J McCormack 
16 Mr &'Mrs A B Shaw 
20' Mr & Mrs O G Petterson 
22 The Misses Clark 
24 Mr & Mrs Peter Roos 
26 Mr & Mrs C W Hart 
Agassiz School 


7 Mr & Mrs Roland Thaxter 
11 Mr & Mrs Franklin T Ham- 


5 The Misses Van Rensselaer 
7 Mr <fe Mrs A McKay 
1 1 Mr <fe Mrs A J Brown 
13 Mr Patrick J Sheehan 
13 Mr Francis P Sheehan 
17 Mr & Mrs Edmimd Dooley 
21 Mr A Mrs Stephen Baciga- 

27 Mr & Mrs Jere Crowley 

2 Prof & Mrs F W Tausag 
8 Rev & Mrs Charles H 

12 Mr & Mrs William H 



4 Mr & Mrs William F Oburg 
6 Mr & Mrs S M Reed 
8 Mrs Lucy L C Billings 
10 Mrs F W Lister 
10 Miss Elizabeth A Lister 
12 Mr & Mrs G B Adams 
20 Mrs Leonard Shackf ord 
22 Mr Henry Hayes 
28 Mr & Mrs Dennis J Sheehan 



Shepard St — Continued 

29 Mr & Mrs Edwin E Waite 

31 Mrs Annie E Shorey 

41 Grace Eliot Hopkinson 

51 Bertram Hall 
57 Mrs H M Saville 

&2 Mr & Mrs Huntington Sa- 
56 Mr & Mrs F Waldo 
58 Mr & Mrs Ernest H Wilkins 
58 Mr & Mrs S F Wilkins 
60 Mr & Mrs J D Greene 

30 Mr & Mrs W A Lister 
30iMrs H B Cooper 
32 Mrs J F Alderman 
34 Mrs Henry R Brighani 
34 Mr Henry R Brigham 
34*Mr & Mrs E S Burns 
36 Mrs Hastings D Wrie;ht 
40 Mr & Mrs Hylas Sabine 
42 Mrs S Alice OSbonie 
44 Mr & Mrs H B Dakin 
46 Mr & Mrs William H Mac- 
48 Pro^ & Mrs Edmund R 

O vonMach 
50 Mr & Mrs E W Hamlen 


61 Miss Bishop 

Mrs T C Pease 

Mr A S Pease 
63 Mr & Mrs Edmund M 

65 Dr & Mrs Charles B Bates 
67 Mrs J H Thayer 
69 Mr & Mrs Joseph Ballister 

69 Mr Joseph B Russell Jr 
69 Miss J K Russell 
75 Mr & Mrs John J Spalding 
75 Mr Thomdike Spalding 
77 Mr Morrill Wyman 
85 Mrs Charles F Walcott 

62 Mrs I M Spelman 

64 Prof <fe Mrs Clement L 

66 Mr & Mrs John Noble Jr 
68 Mrs S P Knowles 
68 Mrs A V Knowles 
68 Miss Knowles 
70 Mr & Mrs Edward S Dodge 
76 Mrs George Dexter 
80 Mr George C Deane 
80 Miss Mary H Deane 
86 Mr & Mrs Fred'k W Tilton 
88 Miss M E O'Brien 


11 Rev & Mrs Geo Batchelor 16 Mr ^ Mrs Austin T White 

11 Mr Chauncy C Bat«4i«lor 

15 Mr & Mrs John B Read 17 Miss Munroe 


1 The Misses Valentine 
7 Mr H T Burrage 

4 Mr & Mrs Melville H Reed 
8 Mr & Mrs John H Thurston 




1 1 Mrs B T Tupper 
15 The Arlington 
Mrs E W Smith 
Mr & Mr^ C F Whitmarsh 
Mr & Mrs WilUam C Hicks 
Miss M T Penney 
Mrs John Tatlock 
Mr & Mrs Otis F Black 
19 The Trowbridge 

Mr & Mrs Geo F Cazmay 
Mr & Mrs Josiah M Kagan 
Mr & Mrs Elijah W Carlton 
Mrs William Blake 
'' Mr & Mrs J S Browning 
Miss Louisa P Parker 
21 Mr & Mrs D J Casey 
23 Mrs Cassius M Douglas 
25 Mr & Mrs T J Kiernan 
27 Mr & Mrs A F Shepherd 
27 Mr & Mrs Chas F Shepherd 
33 Mr & Mrs George S Eddy 
35 Mr & Mrs P W Long 
35 Miss Bertha E Wilson 
37 Dr & Mrs E E Southard 
45 Mrs J P Harwood 
47 Mr Isaac Chase 
49 Mrs Wm A French 
49 Mr Herman P French 
51 Mr & Mrs C A Stover 
53 Mr & Mrs J Emmons 

10 Mr & Mrs A G Keith 
12 Mr & Mrs Chas T Derry 
12 Mrs Joshua P Thayer 
14 Mr & Mrs Joseph J Bedlow 
16 Mr & Mrs Chas H Thurston 
18 Mrs A S Stokes 
20 Mrs E J Angell 
26 Mrs Elizabeth Lint 
36 Mr & Mrs Atwood S Fader 
42 Rev & Mrs R J Adams 
46 Mr & Mrs John A Hasty 
46aRev '& Mrs H Hinckley 
48 Mr & Mrs Henry C Mc- 

50 Mr & Mrs C S Stiles 
58 Mr & Mrs E L Hadley 
62 Miss Annie Campbell 
98 Mrs Walter S Whiting 
104 Miss E E Bright 

55 Mr & Mrs Lothrop J Cloyes 
101 Mr & Mrs Eugene M Dow 
101 Mr & Mrs Edward J Vinni- 

111 Mr & Mrs Thos H Sharkey 
117 Mr & Mrs C E Davis 
117 Mrs Lucinda B Sullivan 
117 Mr James J Sullivan 
117 Mr & Mrs John P Sullivan 


(P Station 

43 Mr & Mrs Harry Halladay 62 

43 Mr & Mrs Henry E Sears 80 

51 Mr & Mrs Chas F Raymond 80 

55 Mr M F Burke 112 

61 Mr & Mrs Frank Cutter 114 

63 The- Misses Bird 114 

67 Dr & Mrs Thos B Hayden 116 

69 Mr & Mrs L F Partridge 140 

73 Mr Alfred Brigham 146 

73 Mr&Mrs Arthur W Brigham 150 
79 Mr & Mrs Woodford Yerxa 


Mr & Mrs Samuel Rindge 
Mr & Mrs C W Parmenter 
Miss Parmenter 
Mr & Mrs L S M GHdden 
Mr & Mrs Andrew J Lovell 
Mr Andrew J Lovell Jr 
Mr & Mrs Frank H Davis 
Mr & Mrs L G Hathaway 
Mr & Mrs Daniel W Gage 
Mr & Mrs L Marchant El- 



Upland Road — Continued 

85 Mrs Oliver H Hall 

85 Miss Virginia Hall 

85 Mr & Mrs John H Haley 

89 Mr & Mrs Stephen B 

93 Mrs Charles P Vinal 
93 Miss Carrie Vinal 
95 Mr & Mrs Orrin E Sands 
95 Miss Marion Sands 
101 Mr & Mrs Leshc Ty4er 
105 Mr Joseph Cogan 
107 Mr & Mrs Harry L ElUott 
115 Mrs L M Sort well 
127 Rev & Mrs Woodman 

131 Mr & Mrs George W Claflin 
141 Mr & Mrs C B Smith 
145 Mr & Mrs George Deane 
149 Mr & Mrs Geo F Simpson 
153 Mr & Mrs G W Apsey 
159 Mr & Mrs Marshall F Blan- 
ch ard 
159 Mr Arthur Blan chard 
165 Mr & Mrs John S Cranston 
167 Mr & Mrs John P Stearns 
169 Mr John H Leighton 
169 Mr & Mrs Damon E Hall 

150 Mr Samuel W Eldridpe 
150 Mr Carl McK Eldridge 
150 Miss Marie C Eldridge 
152 Major & Mrs C H In j: alls 
160 Mrs AHce D Hall 
160 Mr & Mrs Albert D Hall 
176 Mr & Mrs Frank F Rogers 

182 Mr & Mrs Arthur T Hop- 
186 Rev &Mrs W E Gardner 
188 Mr & Mrs F R Bun ten 
192 Mr & Mrs Henry P Grant 
212 Mr James E McNulty 
212 Miss Margaret C McNulty 
216 Mr & Mrs James J Mullen 
226 Mr & Mrs Wm H Lewis 
230 Mr & Mrs Emanuel Oster- 

230 Mr & Mrs Walter J Risley 

169 The Misses Leighton 
189 Mr & Mrs B N Merrill 
189 Mr & Mrs Hugh D McLel- 

195 Mr Frederick G Storey 
195 Mrs Caroline E Briggs 
259 Mr & Mrs James T White 


13 Dr & Mrs E O Kinsman 

15 Mr & Mrs Edward S King 

21 Mr & Mrs Chas W Turner 

25 Mrs H M Lombard 

25 Mr C C Lombard 

25 Mrs B L Wilson 

27 Mrs Florence Embree 

33 Mr & Mrs G W Todd 

35 Prof & Mrs Merritt L Fer- 

37 Mr & Mrs Hallett S Clark 
39 Mr & Mrs A L Millan 
41 Mrs G S Croswell 
41 Mr R H Croswell 
41 Mrs G C Simonds 

12 Prof & Mrs A A Howard 
18 Mr & Mrs Charles F Pous- 

20 Mr & Mrs Chas W Killam 
26 Rev & Mrs Willard Reed 
30 Mr & Mrs Henry Champion 

42 Mr & Mrs Nathaniel Mun- 

44 Mr & Mrs^E R Hanscom 
60 Mr & Mrs R M Derick 
64 Mr & Mrs Frederick Wilkey 
68 Mr Charles H Reed 
68 Miss Rebecca Reed 
70 Mrs M E Hastings 



Walker St— Continued ng The Misses Frothingham 

45 The Misses Wier 124 Mr & Mrs Geo H Holmes 

47 Mr & Mrs Chas S Hawkins 

49 Mr & Mrs J J Sullivan 91 Prof & Mrs H W Smyth 

51 Mr & Mrs Harvey G Hat- 103 Prof C R Sanger 


51 Mr & Mrs Wm A Taylor 
57 Mr & Mrs J W Emery 
57 Mr & Mrs H F Grant 
59 Mr & Mrs J G Bacon 
67 Mrs Erwin S Carr 

107 Prof & Mrs Charles H 

113 Prof & Mrs H C G von- 

117 Mrs H B Walcott 
119 Mrs Emily C Platner 

69 Mr & Mrs Thomas H Clark 119 Mr John Winthrop Platner 

69 Mr William Lyon 123 Mrs Minna Wesselhoeft 

69 Mr Henry Hale 123 Miss Salina WesselhcBft 
71 Mr & Mrs J T Pugh 

(P Station B) 

3 Mr & Mrs George F Tarbell 
7 Mr George B Wason 
9 Mr & Mrs E M Niles 

4 Mr & Mrs Wm J Mandell 
6 Mr & Mrs J H Niles 
8 Mrs M M Cummings 
8 Mr Charles P Cummings 
8 Mr Arthur S Cummings 


7 Prof & Mrs Hugo Munster- 

11 Mr «fc Mrs S B Whiting 
15 Mrs Anna A Walker 
15 Mr AUiston Dudley Walker 
17 Prof & Mrs Walter B Can- 
19 The Stanstead 

Mr & Mrs John H Hubbard 
Mrs John D Martin 
Mr James M Hall 

12 Mr <fe Mrs W A Bancroft 

19 The Stanstead — Con 
Mr & Mrs George E Wright 
Mrs Frank A Hill 
Mr & Mrs J O BuUard 
23 Dr & Mrs George M Palmer 
25 Mrs Sarah H Crosse 
27 Mr Thomas N Cook 
27 Miss Ruth V Cook 
29 Mr & Mrs Wm O Sawtell 


(P Station B) 

21 Mrs John G Brown 26 Mr & Mrs David A Ritchie 

21 Miss Elizabeth G Brown 58 Mr Charles Boardman 

33 Mr Parker F Soule 78 Mrs Henry J Warren 

49 Mr & Mrs Stillman F Kelley 78 Mrs Mary K Lowry 



Washington Av — Continued 

63 Mr & Mrs Geo W Bunton 
63 The Misses Bunton 
71 Mr Charles G Green 
71 The Misses Green 

86 Mr & Mrs Rufus P Wil- 
92 Mr & Mrs F C Rivinius 
92 Mr George A Rivinius 
92 Mrs A C Ambrose 

81 Mr & Mrs William Quimby 114 Mr & Mrs George E Howe 
91 Mr & Mrs Sullivan Niles 114 Mrs A H Wright 
101 Mrs Joseph D Estabrook 
Miss Rena Estabrook 
Mr Angus D Estabrook 
107 Mr & Mrs George A Nash 

115 Mr & Mrs William A Parry 
115 Mr W Alden Parry 
115 Mrs Lea 


1 Dr Charles B Tower 

5 Mr & Mrs Herbert C Joyner 

7 Mr & Mrs John G Hart 
9 Mr & Mrs James L Paine 

1 1 Dr Henry P Walcott 
13 Mrs Henry R Glover 
13 Miss Emily C Robbins 


3 Mr & Mrs Joseph Greene 

5 Mrs C E Adams 

5 Mr F L Gookin 
13 Mr Alexander Hut chins 
Mrs E A Hutchins 
Miss Lucy C Hutchins 
15 Mr & Mrs James F Hayden 
31 Mr & Mrs Melville C Beedle 
41 Mr & Mrs G E Bridges 
47 Mr <fe Mrs M H Goodwin 
47 Mrs Charles Walker 
65 Mr & Mrs W B Ruggles 

54 Rev & Mrs L DeCormis 
56 Prof & Mrs D W Johnson 

8 Mr & Mrs A W Adams 
10 Mrs Rufus Hatch 
12 Mr & Mrs J Edwin Bryant 
14 Mr & Mrs Henry McGahey 
14 Miss Delia M Stickney 
14 Mr & Mrs F B Clark 
16 Mr & Mrs F B Shaw 
20 Mr & Mrs H H Bates 
22 Mrs E M Marshall 
24 Miss Harriet Mitchell 
28 Mr & Mrs F L Bumham 
30 Mr & Mrs Parker Banks 
42 Mrs A J Nute 
50 The Misses Carpenter 
52 Mrs A E TumbuU 



4 Mr <& Mrs Isaac T Wood 
4 Mr I Trumbull Wood 





Abbot Mr & Mrs E H 1 FoUen 
Abbot Mr & Mrs George W 294 Har- 
Abbot Mint* Marion 23 Berkeley 
Abbott Miss C F 7 Chauncy 
Abbott Mrs Edw 11 Dana 
Abel Mrs I 6 Hurlburt 
Achorn Mr & Mrs W L 29 Sacramento 
Ackers Mr & Mrs C H 112 Prospect 
Adams Mr & Mrs A W 8 Wendell 
Adams Mr Charles W 74 Ellery 
Adams Dr A Mrs Charles W 322 Broad- 
Adams Mr & Mrs C A 13 Farrar 
Adams Mr & Mrs C E 5 Wendell 
Adams Mr & Mrs G B 12 Shepard 
Adams Mr & Mrs H B 35 Arlington 
Adams Dr Isaac 1776 Mass Av 
Adams Mr & Mrs Robert B 423 B'way 
Adams Rev & Mrs R J 42 Trowbridge 
Adams The 29 Bigelow 
Agassiz Prof Alexander 36 Quincy 
Agassiz Museum, Divinity Av & 2Ct 

Albee The Misses 48 Lake View Av 
Alden Mrs Charles A 104 Hancock 
Alden Mr & Mrs D G 60 Gorham 
Alderman Mrs J F 32 Shepard 
Aldrich Mrs C H, Riverbank Court 
Aldrich Mrs Helen, Riverbank Court 
Alexander Mr & Mrs J E, Riverbank 

Alger The Misses 891 Mass Av 
Allcook Mr & Mrs Alfred 28 Huron Av 
Allen Mrs A V G 2 Phillips PI 

Allen Mr & Mrs Frank A 263 Harvard 
Allen Mrs Frederic D 45 Brewster 
Allen Mr & Mrs Herbert M 265 Harvard 
Allen Miss Mary W 5 Garden 
Allen Dr & Mrs N L 121 Oxford 
Allen Mr & Mrs O F 39 Martin 
Allen Mr & Mrs Wm Y 47 Garden 
Allen Mr & Mrs W D, Riverbank Court 
Alley Mr & Mrs W F 16 Clinton 
Allison Mr & Mrs H Berton 788 Mass 

Allison The Misses 9 Humboldt 
AUnutt Mr & Mrs F G 13 Mellen 
Allyn Mrs H A 471 Broadway 
Allyn Mr & Mrs John 1 1 Berkeley 
Alma Hotel 782-788 Mass Av 
Almy Mr & Mrs Charles 147 Brattle 
Ambrose Mrs A C 92 Washington Av^ 
Amee Mr & Mrs John 172 Hancock 
Ames Prof & Mrs James B 1 1 Frisbie PI 
Ames Mr & Mrs John W 7 Phillips PI 
Ames Mrs John W Sr 7 Phillips PI 
Amsterdam The 881 Mass Av 
Anderson Mr & Mrs F A 70 Dana 
Anderson Mr A Mrs G P, Riverbank 

Anderson Mrs Jane 42 Huron Av 
Anderson Mr & Mrs John 80 Oxford 
Andreas Mr & Mrs W D, Riverbank 

Andrew Mr & Mrs Frederick R 25 Dana 
Andrews Mr & Mrs F A 13 liancaster 
Andrews Mr & Mrs George M 3 Ham- 
Andrews Dr H L 1044 Mass Av 



Andrews Mr & Mrs J, Riverbank Court 
Andrews Miss M, Riverbank Court 
Andrews Dr & Mrs Robert R 1044 

Mass Av 
Angell Mrs E J 20 Trowbridge 
Appleton Mr F R 25 Kirkland 
Appieton Mrs M 1648 Mass Av 
Apsey Mr <fe Mrs A S 34 Bates 
Apsey Mr & Mrs G W 153 Upland Road 
Arlington The 15 Trowbridge 
Arnold Mrs E F 19 Irving 
Arnold Mr & Mrs John H 10 Frisbie Pi 
Arnold Sirs Julia A 1611 Mass Av 
Arnold The Misses 19 Irving 
Aubin Miss Helen W 65 Langdon 
Aufain Miss Margaret H 65 Langdon 
August Dr Albert 51 Brattle 
Averill Dr G G 1673 Cambridge 
Ayer Mr A Mrs C W 46 Highland Av 
Ayer Mr & Mrs J I 156 Hancock 
Aylward Mr & Mrs J F 259 Harvard 
Aylward Mr & Mrs R 1539 Cambridge 

Babbitt Mrs A 48 Highland Av 
Babbitt Mr & Mrs Irving 6 Kirkland Rd 
Babbitt Miss M L 48 Highland Av 
Baboock Rev & Mrs S G 45 Garfield 
Baboock Mr & Mrs W R, Riverbank 

Babeon Mr & Mr& APS Hurlburt 
Babeon Mr & Mrs F M, Bromley Court 
Babeon Miss Hester T 8 Hurlburt 
Bacigulupo Mr & Mrs Stephen 21 Shep- 

Bacon Mr George B 15 Larch Road 
Bacon Mr & Mrs J G 59 Walker 
Bacon Mr & Mrs J M 15 Larch Road 
Bacon Mr & Mrs J P 6 Forest 
Bacon Dr & Mrs N S 1688 Mass Av 
Badger Mr & Mrs W I 126 Brattle 
Bailey Mr & Mrs B F 19 Huron Av 
Bailey Mr & Mrs H R 4 Buckingham 
Bailey Dr & Mrs M H 1569 Mass Av 
Bailey Mr & Mrs R T 2224 Mass Av 
Bailey Mr & Mrs S I 80 Buckingham 
Bailey Mr db Mrs S W 22 Inman 

Baker Mr & Mrs" Alfred E 361 Harvard 
Baker Mr & Mrs E H 112 Lake View Av 
Baker Mr E H Jr 112 Lake View Av 
Baker Prof & Mrs George P 195 Brattle 
Balch Miss A G 15 Appian Way 
Baldwin Miss A M 8 Mason 
Baldwin The Misses 34 Dana 
Ballantine Mr & Mrs Arthur A 81 

Ballou Mr & Mrs R A, Riverbank Court 
Balmer Mrs Adelaide R 19 Hilliard 
Balmer Mr & Mrs Wm 25 Ellsworth Av 
Bancroft Mr Jacob 380 Harvard 
Bancroft Mrs Joseph H 38t) Har>'ard 
Bancroft Mr & Mrs W A 12 Ware 
Bangs Mr Arthur R 26 Hurlburt 
Bangs Mr & Mrs Henry A 26 Hurlburt 
Banks Mr & Mrs Parker 30 Wendell 
Barbey Mr & Mrs Francis A 10 Prentiss 
Barker Mr <k Mrs A A 30 Lexington Av 
Barker Miss Cora A 30 Lexington Av 
Barker Mr & Mrs E T 21 Buckingham 
Barker Miss S R 21 Berkeley 
Barker Mr & Mrs Walter S 27 I^n cas- 
Barker Mrs William S 27 Lancaster 
Barnes Mr Albert E 28 Prentiss 
Barnes Dr & Mrs Allen Foster 83 

Barnes Mr & Mrs A M 17 Lancaster 
Barnes Miss A P 364 Harvard 
Barnes Dr & Mrs F J 67 Brattle 
Barnes Mrs Louisa M 28 Prentisi* 
Barnhardt Mr & Mrs William P, Riv- 
erbank Court 
Barry Mrs H W, Riverbank Court 
Bartlett Mr & Mrs Henry 5 Berkeley PI 
Barton Mr & Mrs G H 16 Lexington Av 
Batchelder Mr & Mrs C F 7 Kirkland 
Batchelder Miss M 28 Quincy 
Batchelder Mrs Samuel 28 Quincy 
Batchelder Mr S F 28 Quincy 
Batchelor Mr C C 11 Traill 
Batchelor Rev & Mrs George 1 1 Traill 
Bates Mr <fe Mrs Charles 56 Dana 
Bates Dr & Mrs Charles B 65 Sparks 



Bates Mrs Daniel M 35 Brewster 

Bates Mrs E A 45 Brattle 

Bates Mrs Fletcher 10 EUery 

Bates Mr & Mrs Harry H 37 Prentiss 

Bates Mr & Mrs H H 20 Wendell 

Bates The Misses 45 Brattle 

Bates The Misses 56 Dana 

Bates Mr & Mrs W C 13 Forest , 

Bauer Mrs C H 18 Centre 

Baxter Mr & Mrs A 39 Inman 

Beal Mr & Mrs H W 356a Harvard 

Beale Prof & Mrs J H Jr 29 Chauncy 

Beaman Mr & Mrs G W 58 Lake View 

Bean Mr & Mrs James W 5 Ellsworth 

Beane Mr dc Mrs Enoch 50 Mt Vernon 
Beane Mr & Mrs G A 8 Prescott 
Beard Mr & Mrs E L 33 Lexington Av 
Beard Miss Gertrude 12 Linnsean 
Beard Mr Leonard 33 Lexington Ay 
Beard The Misses 33 Lexington Av 
Bechtel Mr & Mrs N F 347 Harvard 
Beck Hall, Harvard St 
Becker Mr & Mrs F C 1716 Cambridge 
Bedlow Mr & Mrs Joseph J 14 Trow- 
Beedle Mr & Mrs M C 31 Wendell 
Behr Mr & Mrs Carl 1599 Mass Av 
Bell Mrs A D S 164 Brattle 
Bell Mr & Mrs J S 50 Dana 
Bell Mr & Mrs Stoughton 164 Brattle 
Benneson Miss C A 4 Mason 
Bennett Mr Edward L 49 Linnsean 
Bennett Mr HolUmd 49 Linnsean 
Bennett Mr &, Mrs J Q 49 Linnsean 
Bennett Miss Malvina M 49 Linnsean 
Bennink Mr & Mrs A S 27 Dana 
Bensnimol Mr & Mrs M 64 Mt Vernon - 
Benson Mrs M D 1815 Mass Av 
Bent Mr Sc Mrs Harry L 46 Mt Vernon 
Bent The Misses 8 Craigie 
Bentley Mr dc Mrs C N 1 Cleveland 
Bergen Prof A Mrs J Y 47 Raymond 
Berkeley St School 17 Berkeley 
Bembaum Mr E 24 Concord Av 

Bemtsen Miss M 942 Mass Av 

Berry Mr & Mrs Caspar 24 Highland Av 

Berry The Misses 24 Highland Av 

Berry Mr & Mrs W B 67 Lake View Ay 

Berube Miss Julia E 32 Linnsean 

Bertram Hall 51 Shepard 

Berwin Mr & Mrs Franklin, Riverbank 

Berwin Mr & Mrs J, Riverbank Court 
BeviQs Mr Sc Mrs E M 9 Bigelow 
Bicknell Rev & Mrs G W, D D 330 

Bigelow Mrs C P, Riverbank Court 
Bigelow Mr F H 4 Channing 
Bigelow Mr & Mrs Melville M 200 Brat- 
Bill Mr & Mrs A H 12 Centre 
Bill Miss C E 17 Maple Av 
Bill Mr F C 17 Maple Av 
BiUi igs Mrs L L C 8 Shepard 
BiUings Mr & Mrs S T 114 Oxford 
Bird Mrs George 1 Forest 
Bird The Misses 63 Upland Rd 
Birtwell The Misses 24 Clinton 
Bishop Mr & Mrs C S 1679 Mass Av 
Bishop Miss 61 Sparks 
Bishop The Misses 900 Mass Av 
Bissell Mr & Mrs A H 863 Mass Av 
Bixb^ Miss Carrie 8 Acacia 
Black Mr & Mrs E Charlton 50 Kirk- 
Black Mrs J W 10 Avon 
Black Mrs N H 15 EUery 
Black Miss Olive 10 Avon 
Black Mr & Mrs Otis F 15 Trowbridge 
Blackall Mr & Mrs C H 16 Chauncy 
Blackman Mr & Mrs A W 27 Agassi z 
Blackman Mr & Mrs H P 33 Agassiz 
Blackwell Mr & Mrs Howard L 4 Ried- 

esel Av 
Blair Miss M P 15 EUery 
Blake Mr J H 18 Prentiss 
Blake Mrs WiUiam 19 Trowbridge 
Blanchard Mr A 159 Upland Rd 
Blanchard Mr & Mrs M F 159 Upland 



Blanchard Mr Winslow, Riverbank 

Blanding Mr & Mrs E F, Rirerbank 

Blatchford Miss M £ 156 Brattle 
Blevips Mr & Mrs John A 24 Frost 
Blish Miss Ariadne ;^ DAna 
Bliss Mr & Mrs Chester M 27 Hurlburt 
Blodgett Miss E F 9 Hurlburt 
Blodgett Mr & Mrs W K 7 Acacia 
Blood Miss Alice F 10 Humboldt 
Boardman Mr Chas 58 Washington Av 
Bocher Miss Margaret 48 Buckingham 
Booher Prof & Mrs M 48 Buckingham 
Bodfish Mr & Mrs C J 70 Mt Vernon 
Boesche Mr & Mrs A W 322 Harvard 
BoggB Mr & Mrs E P 336 Broadway 
Boles Mrs Frank 6, Berkeley 
Bonney Mr A Mrs Chas H 103 Ray- 
Bonney Mrs P F 32 Arlington 
Booth Mr & Mrs W S 19 Berkeley 
Bordley Miss Ocella 9 Hancock F( 
Bordley Mr & Mrs Thomas A P 9 

Hancock PI 
Botanic Garden, Garden St 
Bourcy Mr & Mrs G D 29 Inman 
Bourne Mr G F 64 Dana 
Bouton Prof & Mrs Charles L 5 Avon 
Bouton Mrs J B 21 Craigie 
Bowditch Mr & Mrs I 19 Buckingham 
Bowen Mrs Flrands 9 Follen 
Bowie Mrs William 8 Appian Way 
Bowker Mrs Arthur 32 Bowdoin 
Bowker Dr James 151 Austin 
Bowles Miss Adah N 13 Roseland 
Bowman Dr W H 863 Mass Av 
Boyd Mr & Mrs C E 5 Bellevue Av 
Boyd Mr & Mrs F S 33 Linnsean 
Boyd Mrs J T, Bromley Court 
Boyd Mrs William P 1654 Mass Av 
Boyer Mr & Mrs G S 162 Hancock 
Boyer Miss M L 162 Hancock 
Boynton Mrs W W 130 Oxford 
Bradbury Rev & Mrs Woodman 127 
Upland Road 

Bradbury Mr & Mrs W F 369 Harv^ard 

Bradford Mis8 E 44 Kirkland 

Bradish Mr & Mrs F E, Riverbank 

Brady Mr & Mrs I B 28 Inman 
Bragg Mr & Mrs E F 38 Lee 
Bragg Mrs.V G, Riverbank Court 
Brainard Mr John 4 Arrow 
Brainard Mr & Mrs J P 2141 Mass Av 
Brainard The Misses 4 Arrow 
Bramhall Mr & Mrs L E 6 Cleveland 
Bramhall Mr & Mrs O H 6 Cleveland 
Brannan Miss Elisabeth H 3 Berkeley 
Brannan Mr Frank Doddridge 3 Berke- 
Brannan Mr A Mrs J Doddridge 3 

Breed Mr & Mrs F W 6 Sacramento 
Breen Mr & Mrs T J 94 Oxford 
Brentford The 1137 Mass Av 
Brewer Mr & Mrs David 49 Langdon 
Brewster Mr & Mrs Wm 145 Brattle 
Brewster Mr & Mrs W A 40 Kirkland 
Brewster The Misses 42 Kirkland 
Bridges Mr A Mrs G E 41 Wendell 
Briggs Mr & Mrs A P 24 Greenough Av 
Briggs Mrs C E 195 Upland Rd 
Briggs Prof & Mrs LeB R 140 Brattle 
Brigham Mr Alfred 73 Upland Rd 
Brigham Mr & Mrs Arthur W 73 Up- 
land Road 
Brigham Mrs H R 34 Shepard 
Brigham Mr H R 34 Shepard 
Brigham The Misses 21 Ellery 
Bright Miss E E 104 Trowbridge 
Bright Mr & Mrs E H 165 Brattle 
Bright Mr & Mrs J J 385 Broadway 
Britteri Mt A Mrs F E 86 Ellery 
Brock Mrs A Mr H D 382 Harvard 
Brock Mr A Mrs L N 136 Lake View Av 
Brock Mr O H 358 Harvard 
Brooks Mr A Mrs John 5 Ash 
Brooks Mr A Mrs J G 8 Francis Av 
Brooks Mr A Mrs J R, Riverbank Ct 
Brooks Mr A Mrs S A 18 Lsncastei* 
Brooks Mrs Sumner J 1764 Mass Av 


Brousseau Mr & Mrs G 2222 Mas8 Av Barrage Mr d& Mrs Josiah K 14 Arling- 
Brousseau Dr W G 2222 Mass Av ton 

Brown Mr & Mrs A J, Shepard St Burrage Miss M A l&l Prospect 

Brown Mrs B F 160 Hancock Burrage Mr & Mrs W E 25 E^ana 

Brown Mr & Mrs C L 3 Hammond Burton Mr & Mrs J S 55 Garfield 

Brown Miss Elizabeth G 21 Washing- Bush Mr & Mrs W H, Riverbank Court 

ton Av Bushway Mr & Mrs H J 323 Broadway 

Brown Mr & Mrs F W 177 Hancock Buttcrfield Mr & Mrs Geo F 863 Mass 
Brown Mr Geo E 160 Hancock Avenue 

Brown Mr & Mrs G W, Riverbank Court Byerly Prof & Mrs W E 39 Hammond 
Brown Mrs James 22 Garden 

Brown Mrs John G 21 Washington Av Cabot Mr & Mrs Godfrey L 16 Highland 

Brown Misa L P 1664 Mass Av Cabot Mr & Mrs L S 16 Ellsworth Av 

Brown Mrs M E 33 Lexington Av Cade Mr & Mrs C B 14 ainton 

Brown Mr & Mrs O S 1725 Mass Av Cady Mrs B M 49 Hawthorn 

Browne Mr & Mrs G H 23 Chauncy Cahill Mr & Mrs A E 41 Inman 

Browning Mr & Mrs J S 19 Trowbridge Cambridge Relief Hospital 199 Prospect 

Bryant Mr & Mrs J E 12 Wendell Cameron Mr Robert 32 Raymond 

Byrant Dr & Mrs L L 930 Mass Av Campbell Mi^ A 62 Trowbridge 

Bryant Mr & Mrs W H, Riverbank Campbell Mr & Mrs Charles F F 277 

Court Harvard 

Bull Mrs Ole. Studio House rear 168 Campbell Miss E C 1759 Mass Av 

Brattle Campbell Mr Francis 38 Langdon 

BuUard Miss E C 378 Harvard Campbell Mr & Mrs H B, Riverbank 
Bullard Mr «fe Mrs J O 19 Ware Court 

BuUard Miss L D 22 Centre Campbell Mr & Mrs Leslie L 21 EUery 

Bullard Mias M L 378 Harvard CampbeU Mr & Mrs Oscar J W 13 Hill- 
Bullard Mr & Mrs W A 929 Mass Av iard 

Bullitt Rev A Mrs J F, ** Haven hurst" Campbell Mr Wm T 38 Langdon 

Mt Auburn St opp Elm wood Av Cannon Prof & Mrs Walter B 17 Ware 

Bullock Prof & Mrs C J 41 Irving Cantabrigia The 1010 Mass Av 

Burastead The Misses 12 Berkeley Carbone Mr & Mrs P L 367 Harvard 

Bunten Mr & Mrs F R 188 Upland Rd Carey Mr & Mrs Arthur Astor 50 Fay- 
Bunton Mr <& Mrs G W 63 Washington erweather 

Avenue Carlton Mr & Mrs E W 19 Trowbridge 

Bunton Mrs W A 950 Mass Av Carmichael Mr & Mrs J 1541 Cam- 
Bunton The Misses 63 Washington Av bridge 

Burke Mr & Mrs A W 1775 Mass Av Carney Mr Frank 1654 Mass Av 

Burke Mr M F 66 Upland Rd Carpenter Miss B C 40 Highland Av 

Burke Prof & Mrs W S 15 I^akeview Av Carpenter Dr E A 7 Linnaean 

Burnett Mr Joseph 33 Elm wood Av Carpenter Mr & Mrs W D 40 Highland 
Bumham Mr C H 14 Chauncy Avenue 

Burnham Mr & Mrs F L 28 Wendell Carpenter The Misses 50 Wendell 

Burns Mr dc Mrs E S 34^ Shepard Carr Mrs Erwin S 67 Walker 

Burrage Mr F E 191 Prospect Carr Mr & Mrs Lucien 163 Brattle 

Burrage Mr H T 7 Trowbridge PI Carret Mrs J F 6 AppiaQ Way 



Carrick Mr ft Mrs G H 159 Lake View 

Carroll Miss C J 16 Ash 
Carruth Mr & Mrs C T 4 Fayerweather 
Cirter Mr & Mrs F L 1039 Mass Av 
Carter Mr & Mrs J B 1750 Cambridge 
Carver Mr ft Mrs T N* 16 Kirkland 

Cary Miss Emma F 92 Brattle 
Casey Mr ft Mrs D J 21 Trowbridge 
Casey Mr ft Mrs T H 168 Lexington Av 
Cashman Mrs M E 40 Lee 
Cassedy Mr ft Mrs James S 62 Dana 
Cassell Mr ft Mrs Edmund P Jr, River- 
bank Court 
Caton Mr F A, Riverbank Court 
Cawley Mr ft Mrs Frank E 70 Lake 

View Av 
Caunay Mr ft Mrs G F 19 Trowbridge 
Chamberlain Mr ft Mrs F C 2 Hancock 

Chamberlain Miss J E 6 Exeter Park 
Chamberlain Mr ft Mrs J W 27 Maple 

Chamberlain Miss L B 6 Exeter Park 
Chamberlin Mr C U 293 Harvard 
Chamberlin Mrs E M 30 LinnsBan 
Chamberlin Mr G H 77 Brattle 
Chamberlin Mr ft Mrs R N 1039 Mass 

Chamberlin Mr ft Mrs W E 27 Clinton 
Chambers Arlington 4 Arlington 
Chambers Commonwealth 1800 ft 1802 

Bfass Av 
Chandler Mr ft Mrs C H 269 Harvard 
Chandler Mr G E, Riverbank Court 
Chandler Mr ft Mrs L B 15 Inman 
Chandler Mr ft Mrs S B 89 Upland Rd 
Chapin Mr ft Mrs Edward S 97 liake 

View Av 
Chapman Mr F E 126 Oxford 
Chapman Miss J E C 34 Buckingham 
Chapman Mr J L 14 Greenough Av 
Chapman The Misses 7 Riedesel Av 
Chase Mrs A R 47 Prentiss 
Chase Bfrs E A 76 Oxford 

Chase Mr ft Mrs George H 11 Kirkland 

Chase Mr ft Mrs George S 19 I^ncaster 
Chase Dr ft Mrs H A 950 Mass Av 
Chase Dr ft Mrs H E 185 Hancock 
Chase Dr ft Mrs H L 924 Mass Av 
Chase Mr Isaac 47 Trowbridge 
Chase Mr L S, Riverbank Court 
Chase Miss 76 Oxfo/d 
Chatman Mr & Mrs W C, Riverbank 

Cheney Mrs A L 33 Lexington Av 
Cheney Mr ft Mrs E L 3 aiiton ' 

Cheney Mr ft Mrs N 28 Dana 
Cheyne Mr ft Mrs Hugh Jr 28 Hurlburt 
Child Mrs Alma H 393 Broadway 
Child Mrs Francis J 67 Kirkland 
Child Miss H E 67 Kirkland 
Chipman Miss Grace, Riverbank Court 
Chipman Mr J S, Riverbank Court 
Chooorua The 98 Hancock 
Church (Christ) Episcopal, Garden St 
Church Epworth M E, Mass Av 
Church Miss E C 1039 Mass Av 
Church First Evangelical Cong. Pros- 
pect St 
Church First Free Baptist, Harvard St 
Church First Unitarian, Mass Av 
Church First Universalist, Inman St 
Church North Av Baptist, Ma8» Av 
Church North Av Cong, Mass Av 
Church Old Cambridge Baptist, Har- 
vard St 
Church of the New Jerusalem, Quincy 

Church St John's Memorial, Brattle St 
Church St Peter's (Catholic) Concord 

Church St Peter's (Episcopal) Mass Av 
Church Shepard Cong, Garden St 
Church Mr W L 1654 Mass Av 
Church Mr ft Mrs W P 1654 Mass Av 
City Hall, Mass Av 

Claflin Mr ft Mrs G W 131 Upland Rd 
Claflin Mr ft Mrs W A 66 Oxford 
Clark Mr A H 21 Irving 



Clark Mr & Mrs A S K 26 Gray 
Clark Mr & Mrs D C, Riverbank Court 
Clark Miss B H 48 Garden 
aark Mr & Mrs F B 14 Wendell 
Clark Mr & Mrs F O, Riverbank Court 
Clark Mr & Mrs G H, Riverbank Court 
Clark Mr & Mrs Hallett S 37 Walker 
Clark Miss H A, Riverbank Court 
Clark Mr & Mrs Thos H 69 Walker 
Clark Miss S C 15 Centre 
Clark Mr & Mrs W B 23 Bigelow 
Clark The Aiisses 22 Sacramento 
Clarke Dr A P 825 Mass Av 
Clarke Mr A Mrs B R, Riverbank 

Clarke Mrs Charles 15 Lee 
Clarke Dr Genevieve 825 Mass Av 
Clarke Mr & Mrs G K 36 Lancaster 
Chirke Dr Ines L 825 Mass Av 
Clay Mrs Ruth S 80 Garfield 
Cleary Dr James 770 Mass Av 
Cleaves Mr. & Mrs J H, Riverbank 

Clifford Mrs S 62 Brattle 
Close Mr George 380 Broadway 
dose Mr A Mis G E 1 Fayerweather 
Clough Mr Sc Mrs Roland 67 Dana 
Cloyes Mr A Mrs L J 55 Trowbridge 
Club Colonial 20 Quincy 
dub The Foxcroft, Oxford St 
dukas Mr & Mrs G M 39 Irving 
Coakley Mr & Mrs Daniel 2280 Mass Av 
Coale Mr & Mrs G O G 53 Church 
Coale Mr W E 53 Church 
Cobb Mr & Mrs E H 7 Avon 
Cobb Mr & Mrs George T 1039 Mass Av 
Cobb Mr & Mrs George W 28 Garfield 
Cobb Dr Harriet H 1626 Mass Av 
Cobb Mrs J S 9 Mercer drcle 
Cobb Mr & Bfrs L R 40 Highland Av 
Coee Miss M 29 Follen 
Coffey Mr A Mrs J J 129 Hancock 
Cogan Mr Jpseph 105 Upland Road 
Cogswell Mr Charles N 61 Kirkland 
CogHwdl Dr Edward R 61 Kirkland 
Cogswell Dr & Mrs G P 18 Garden 

CbffBwell Miss Margaret E 61 Kirkland 
Colbum Mrs G W 7 Dana 
Colby Miss N M 1593 Mass Av 
Colby Miss S E 1593 Mass Av 
Cole Mr & Mrs Frank L 185 Hancock 
Cole Mr A Mrs F P 9 Cleveland 
Cole Mr A Mrs J Newton 95 Avon Hill 
Cole Prof A Mrs William M 35 Langdou 
Cole Mr W G G 9 Sacramento 
Cole Mr A Mrs W P 9 Sacramento 
Coleman Mr E P 1 Potter Park 
Coleman The Misses 1 Potter Park 
Collins Miss A L P 57 Dana 
CoUins Mr & Mrs Ebner E 17 Lee 
Colton Mrs H S 15 Berkeley 
Colton Mrs M F 427 Broadway 
Comerford Mr A Mrs Edward J 23 

Comey Mrs £ C 36 Hawthorn 
Commonwealth Chambers 1800-1802 

Mass Av 
Comstock Mr B J 367 Harvard 
Conant Mrs A M 61 Oxford 
Conant Mr A Mrs G H 67 Garfield 
Conant Dr H W (office) 139 Mass Av 
Conley The Misses 943 Mass Av 
Connell Mr A Mrs J J 1033 Mass Av 
Cook Miss A F 935 Mass Av 
Cook Mr & Mrs F G 44 Garden 
Cook MisB Ruth V 27 Ware 
Cook Mr Thomas N 27 Ware 
Cook Mrs William 71 Appleton 
Cooke Rev A Mrs H A 37 Dana 
Cooke Mrs J P 108 Brattle 
Coolidge Miss Abbie D 34 Coolidge Av 
Coolidge Mr & Mrs A F 14 Coolidge 
Coolidge Mr A Mrs J A 20 Martin 
Coolidge Rev A Mrs J I T 31 Brewster 
Coolidge Mr A Mrs J L 7 Fayerweather 
Coon Mr A Mrs Raymond S 29 Prentisa 
Cooper Mrs H B 30^ Shepard 
Copp Mr A Mrs J 23 Inman 
Copp Mrs J B, Riverbank Court 
Corcoran Mr A Mrs J H 50 Lexington 

Cornelius Mrs Elias 28 Hawthorn 



Corrie Mr & Mrs Thos B 946 Mass Av 

Oorsaut Mr & Mrs C K 356 Harvard 

Corson Mrs A 40 Quincy 

Corson Miss G E 40 Quincy 

Cotter Mr & Mrs John 8 Avon 

Cotton Mr & Mrs H N 23 Clinton 

Cotton Mr & Mrs I W 48 Highland Av 

Coues Mr R W 10 Mason 

Coues Mr S F. U S N 10 Mason 

Court Appleton 361 Harvard 

Court Bromley 84 Prescott 

Court Colonial 35 & 37 Lee 

Court Riverbank, Charles River Road 

Cowan Mr & Mrs J, Riverbank Court 

Cowee Mr & Mrs George F, Riverbank 

Co wen Mrs R 51 Lexington Av 
Cowles Mr & Mrs Merrick, Riverbank 

Cox Rev & Mrs George C, Bromley 

Cox Mr & Mrs G H, Riverbank Court 
Cram Mr & Mrs F W 175 Prospect 
Cram Mr & Mrs G W 38 Lake View Av 
Cram Mr & Mrs H B 120 Avon Hill 
Crandon Mr & Mrs E S 36 Bowdoin 
Crane Rev & Mrs C B. D D 162 Lake 

View Av 
Crane Mr R D 162 Lake View Av 
Cranston Mr & Mrs J S 165 Upland Rd 
Crawford Mrs Alex 3 Clinton 
Crawford The Misses 177 Hancock 
Crocker Mr & Mrs Ernest A, Bromley 

Crocker Mr & Mrs E 3 Channing 
Crocker Mr & Mrs G W 48 Highland Av 
Crocker Mr & Mrs J F 32 Lee 
Crocker Dr & Mrs J M*335 Harvard 
Croke Mr & Mrs J 14 Mellen 
Crook Mrs G F 21 EUery 
Crosby Mr & Mrs I W, Riverbank 

Crosby Mr S S 21 Sacramento 
Cross Miss I K 17 Centre 
Crosse Mrs S H 25 Ware 
Croswell Mrs G S 41 Water 

Croswell Mr R H 41 Walker 
Crothers Rev & Mrs S M 20 Oxford 
Crowell Miss A J 88 Prospect 
Crowell Mrs Timothy 88 Prospect 
Crowley Mr & Mrs C 82 Dana 
Crowley Mr & Mrs Jere 27 Shepard 
Crowley Mr A Mrs P 19 Bigelow 
Crown Mr & Mrs C A 179 Prospect 
Ciiddihy Mrs E F, Riverbank Court 
Culhane Mr & Mrs James J 31 Everett 
Cummings Mr A S 8 Walnut Av 
Cummings Mr C P 8 Walnut Av 
Ciumnings Rev & Mrs Edw 104 Irving 
Cummings Mrs H L 175 Mt Auburn 
Cummings Mrs M M 8 Walnut Av 
Cunmiings Mr & Mrs T J 74 Bucking- 
Cunningham Mr & Mrs Augustine 2 

Greenough Av 
Cunningham Mr & Mrs F L 1741 Mass 

Cunningham Dr & Mrs J H 969 Mass Av 
Cunningham Dr & Mrs T F 847 Mass Av 
Cunningham Mr & Mrs W J 86 Oxford 
Currie Mr A Mrs A Y 376 Harvard 
Currie Mrs H D 32 Dana 
Cunde Dr & Mrs J Z 907 Mass Av 
Currie Mrs R H 80 EUery 
Currie Prof & Mrs S S 5 Riedesel Av 
Currie Dr & Mrs W A 782 Mass Av 
Curtis Mr & Mrs A C 32 Fayette 
Curtis Mrs W W 12 Linns^an 
Cushing Mr & Mrs H R 891 Mass Av 
Cushing Mrs William 7 Prentiss 
Cushman Mr & Mrs Charles H 15 Lan 

Cushman Mr C A 997 Mass Av 
Cushman Mr & Mrs C F 30 Francis Av 
Cushman Miss E W 997 Mass Av 
Cushman Mrs Jane F 2 Hancock Pk 
Cushman Mr & Mrs J A 2 Hancock Pk 
Cushman Mr R C 3 Hurlburt 
Cutler Mr & Mrs Charles H 6 Cutler Av 
Cutter Mr & Mrs Frank 61 Upland Rd 
Cutter Mr Frank B 37 Linnsean 
Cutter Mr & Mrs F S 44 Irving 





Cutter Mr A Mrs G F 11 Everett 
Cutter Dr & Mrs H E 273 Harvard 
Cutter Mr & Mrs H O 14 Prentias 
Outter Mrs L 273 Harvard 
Cutter Mr & Mrs W G 37 Linnsean 
Cutting Mr & Mrs H S 1 Hancock Park 

Daggett Mrs M C 342 Harvard 

Daggett Mr S 342 Harvard 

Dailey Mr & Mrs Charles W 64 Garfield 

Dakin Mr & Mrs H B 44 Shepard 

Daley Mr & Mrs Reginald 23 Hawthorn 

Dallinger Miss C 922 Mass Av 

Dallinger Mr & Mrs F W 4 Hancock Pk 

Dallinger Mr & Mrs W W 384 Broadway 

Daly Mr & Mrs A J 51 Martin 

Daly Mr & Mrs J J 11 Mellen 

Daly Mr & Mrs Thomas J 45 Dana 

Dana Mrs C B 1684 Mass Av 

Dana Mr & Mrs R H 113 Brattle 

Dana The 991 Mass Av 

Daniels Mr & Mrs William E 1654 Maes 

Darling Dr & Mrs E A 138 Brattle 
Darrow Mr & Mrs Alfred L 41 Prentiss 
Darrow Miss F G 41 Prentiss 
Darrow Mrs L P 41 Prentiss 
Daum Mr & Mrs J D, Riverbank Court 
Davenport Mr & Mrs E A, Riverbank 

Davis Mr A McF 10 Appleton 
Davis Mr B G 10 Appleton 
Davis Mr & Mrs Claude E 68 Lake 

View Av 
Davis Mr & Mrs C Claflin 174 Brattle 
Davis Mr & Mrs C E 117 Trowbridge 
Davis Miss Dorothy, Riverbank Court 
Davis Miss Ella 18 Lee 
Davis Mr & Mrs E E 75 Dana 
Davis Miss E M 17 Humboldt 
Davis Dr Frank F 278 Harvard 
Davis Mr & Mrs Frank H 116 Uplan-d 

Davis Mr & Mrs H B 8 Clinton 
Davis Mrs John E 4 Hurlbuft 
Davis Miss Margareft, Riverbank Court 

Davis Mr P W 110 Irving 

Davis Mr & Mrs S C 23 Irving 

Davis Mr & Mrs Wm W, Riverbank 

Davis Prof & Mrs W M 17 Francis Av 
Davis Miss 10 Appleton 
Day Miss H E 43 Langdon 
Dayfoot Mr & Mrs J B 2336 Mass Av 
Deacon Miss A F 56 Frost 
Deacon Mr T J 56 Frost 
Dean Mr & Mrs C A 44 Dana 
Dean Mr & Mrs D H 34 Prentiss 
Deane Mr & Mrs George 145 Upland Rd 
Deane Mr G C 80 Sparks 
Deane Miss M H 80 Sparks 
Deane Mr & Mrs Walter 29 Brewster 
Dearborn Prof & Mrs G Van N 6 Mason 
Decker Mr & Mrs M S 16 Bowdoin 
DeCormis Rev & Mrs L 54 Wendell 
deGozzaldi Miss A F 96 Brattle 
deGozzaldi Mr & Mrs S M 96 Brattle 
Delaney Mr & Mrs J 151 Mt Auburn 
Delany Mr & Mrs J J 42 Fayette 
DeMerritt Mrs J F 40 Concord Av 
Dench Miss C G 49 Irving 
Denison Mr & Mrs A E 13 Arlington 
Dennie The Misses 371 Harvard 
Derby Mr Roger 29 Hammond 
Derick Mr & Mrs R M 60 Walker 
Derry Mr & Mrs C T 12 Trowbridge 
Devens Mrs Arthur L 155 Brattle 
Dewey Mr & Mrs Davis Rich 27 Everett 
Dewing Dr A S 469 Broadway 
Dewing Mr & Mrs C H 469 Broadway 
Dewing Mr & Mrs Jerome F 8 Ells- 
worth Av 
Dewire Mr & Mrs T A 1702 Mass Av 
DeWitt Dr & Mrs W P 15 Day 
DeWolf Mr & Mrs J O 36 Hawthorn 
Dexter Mr & Mrs C H, Riverbank Court 
Dexter Mr & Mrs E S 770 Mass Av 
Dexter Mrs George 76 Sparks 
Dickinson Mr & Mrs David T 30 Ag- 
assi z 
Dickson Mr & Mrs R 149 Austin 
Diemar Dr Lena H 9 Chauncy 



Dill Mr & Mrs Everett G 1654 Mass Av 
Dillaway Mr & Mrs J H Jr 81 High- 
land Av 
Divinity Hall, Divinity Av 
Dobinson Mp & Mrs Joseph 381 Har- 
Dodge Mr & Mrs E S 70 Sparks 
Dogherty Mr & Mrs F E 345 Harvard 
Doherty Mr & Mrs H A 83 Hammond 
Doherty Mrs J F 28 Inman 
Dole Mr & Mrs C G 18 Bigelow 
Dolmetsch Mr & Mrs Arnold Ell Elm- 
wood Av 
Donahue Dr & Mrs W F 2294 Mass Av 
Donovan Mr & Mrs J F 9 Greenough Av 
Donovan Mr & Mrs M J 34 Bigelow 
Dooley Mr & Mrs Edmund 17 Shepard 
Dorr Mr & Mrs C 2187 Mass Av 
Dorr Mr & Mrs Joseph, Hubbard Pk . 
Dorr Miss J H 5 Bates 
Doten Mr & Mrs C W 58 Garfield 
Dougherty Rev & Mrs M Angelo 77 

Lake View Av 
Dougherty The Misses 77 Lake View Av 
Douglas Mrs C M 23 Trowbridge 
Douglass Mr & Mrs N 307 Harvard 
Douglass Mrs Robert 1663 Mass Av 
Dover The 27 EUery 
Dow Dr & Mrs David C 6 HUliard 
Dow Mr & Mrs Eugene M 101 Trow- 
Dow Mr & Mrs F H 1728 Mass Av 
Dow Mrs Fred 326 Broadway 
Dow Mr F R 326 Broadway 
Dow Mr & Mrs George L 361 Harvard 
Dow Mr & Mrs J C 5 Sacramento 
Dow Mrs M I 112 Avon Hill 
Downe Miss Susie F 8 Acacia 
Downing Mr & Mrs E H 30 Bowdoin 
Downing Mr & Mrs John A 104 Avon 

Doyle Mr & Mrs WE 1501 Cambridge 
Dresser Mr Edwin 60 Raymond 
Dresser Mr A Mrs H W 2 Gorham 
Dresser Miss L C 60 Raymond 
Drew Mr B L 122 Oxford 

Drew Mr & Mrs E B 10 Francis Av 
Drew Mr & Mrs Herbert S 30 Bellevue 

Drew Mr & Mrs J L 28 Arlington 
Drew Mrs S S 122 Oxford 
Drinkwater Mrs J E 50 Buckingham 
Driver Dr & Mrs S W 55 Brattle 
Drown Miss A A 12 PhilUps PI 
Drown Prof E S 12 Phillips PI 
Ducey Mrs L J 12 Lee 
Dudley Mrs Harritt L 7 Cleveland 
Dudley Mr H 125 Prospect 
Dudley Mrs S H 24 Avon Hill 
Duflfy Mr «fe Mrs H J 116 Hancock 
Dunbar Mr & Mrs J E, Riverbank Court 
Dunbar Mr & Mrs W H 64 Highland 
Dunham Dr Adeline F 390 Broadway 
Dunn Mrs H M F 19 Hillside Av 
Dunning Mr & Mrs Warren H 3 Dana 
Dunvegan The 1654 Mass Av 
Dupee Mr & Mrs Harry E 50 Irving 
Durant Mr & Mrs H B 32 Mellen 
Durant Mr & Mrs W B 9 Lowell 
Durgin Miss M 157 Mt Auburn 
Durrell Mrs O H 17 Dana 
Dustin Mr & Mrs W P 30 Arlington 
Dustin The Misses 30 Arlington 
Dwyer Mr John E Jr 878 Mass Av 
Dwyer Dr «fe Mrs J E 878 Mass Av 
Dyer Mr & Mrs George H 1 Exeter Pk 
Dyer Miss Mary A 318 Charles River 

Dysart Mr Hugh, Riverbank Court 

Earle Dr & Mrs W A, Riverbank Court 
Eastman Mr & Mrs Frank B 22 Arling- 
Easton Mrs ME 175 Mt Auburn 
Eaton Mrs L E 1648 Mass Av 
Eaton Mr & Mrs R H, Riverbank Court 
Eddy Mr A Mrs G S 33 Trowbridge 
Edee Mr A Mrs Henry H 62 Bucking- 
Edgell Mr & Mrs W F 33 Sacramento 
Edgerly Mr A Mrs Alfred Hastings 14 
Ellsworth Av 



Edgerly Mrs Ca];(>line L 14 Ellsworth 

Edgerly Miss Caroline M 14 Ellsworth 

Edmands Mr J Rayner 61 Garden 
Edwards Mr & Mr A M, Riverbank 

Edwards Mr & Mrs G G 36 Mellen 
Edwards Mrs Lillian B 18 Ells worth Av 
Egan Mr <lc Mrs I M 353 Harvard 
Ela Mr Richard 13 Ash 
Ela Dr & Mrs Walter 13 Ash 
Eldredise Mr & Mrs G F 60 Dana 
Eldridge Mr Carl McK 150 Upland Rd 
Eldridge Mr & Mrs L M 150 Upland Rd 
Eldridge Miss Maria C 150 Upland Rd 
Eldridge Mr Samuel W 160 Upland Rd 
Elder Mr Samuel 42 Hawthorn 
Eliot Pres & Mrs Charles W 17 Quincy 
Eliot Rev & Mrs S A 25 Reservoir 
Eliot The Misses, Riverbank Court 
Elkins Mrs A D 1648 Mass Av 
EUery The 1690 Cambridge 
Elliott Mr <& Mrs H L 107 Upland Rd 
Ellis Mr & Mrs A 28 Ellsworth Av 
Ellis Mr D F 8 Roseland 
Ellis Mr & Mrs E R 1692 Mass Av 
Ellis Mrs H 4 Chauncy 
Ellis Miss Myra I 13 Greenough Av 
Ellis Mr & Mrs S R 22 Forest 
EUsbree Mr <& Mrs C E 52 Irving 
Ellsworth Miss A P 901 Mass Av 
Ellsworth Mrs I H B 901 Mass Av 
Ellsworth The 401 Broadway 
Elmhurst The 276 Harvard 
Elmore Mr & Mrs S D 15 EUery 
Elston Mr J 29 Fayette 
Embree Mrs Florence 27 Walker 
Emerson Mr J W 3 Exeter Park 
Emerson Mr A Mrs W H 395 Broadway 
Emerton Miss Clara B 19 Chauncy 
Emerton Prof & Mrs Ephraim 19 

Emery Mr Frederick Ingersoll 160 

Emery Miss Helen Prince 160 Brattle 

Emery Mr John B 938 Mass Av 
Emery Mr & Mrs J W 57 Walker 
Emery Mr& Mrs Manning, Hubbard Pk 
Emery Mr & Mrs Woodward 160 Brat- 
Endicott Mr & Mrs Heary 151 Brattle 
English Mr & Mrs W C 26 Arlington 
Ensign Mr & Mrs D W 6 Bigelow 
Erickson Mr & Mrs E A 77 Brattle 
Estabrook Mr Acgus D 101 Washing- 
ton Av 
Estabrook Mr A Mrs A W 4 Forest 
Estabrook Mr & Mrs J D 101 Wash- 
ington Av 
Estabrook Mrs J W 44 Martin 
Estabrook Miss Rena 101 Washington 

Eustis Mr & Mrs A S 25 Arlington 
Eustis Rev Edward L 391 Harvard 
Eustis Mr & Mrs F I 17 Highland 
Eustis Mr & Mrs J W 25 Arlington 
Evans Mr <k Mrs C A 18 Centre 
Evans Rev & Mrs Daniel, D D 105 

Evans Mrs T B 782 Mass Av 
Evans Mrs William 150 Mt Auburn 
Evarts Rev & Mrs Prescott 19 Follen 
Everett Mr W A 23 Berkeley 
Eveleth Miss C 18 Martin 
Eveleth Mr A Mrs Wm H 18 Martin 
Ewell Miss C A 39 Linnstan . 
Ewell Mr T B 39 Linnsean 
Ewirg Mr & Mrs Herbert C 5 Cutler Av- 

Fader Mr & Mrs Atwood S 36 Trow- 
Fairbanks Mr & Mrs J 10 Oxford 
Fairchilds Mr & Mrs Charles 153 Brattle 
Farley The Misses 16 Lowell 
Fariow Prof & Mrs Wm G 24 Quincy 
Farmer Mr & Mrs George E 28 Mellen 
Famham Dr & Mrs Edwin 5 Hilliard 
Famsworth Mr A Mrs C H 74 Garfield 
Farquhar Mr A Mrs Robert- 34 Garfield 
Farrer Mr A Mrs J Arnold 1753 Mass Av 
Farrow Mr A Mrs W G 328 Broadway 



Fanrell Mrs J L 19 Ellsworth Av 
Fawoett Mr Robert 93 Hammond 
FeaiB Mr F A 19 Hillside Av 
Fears Mr F W 19 Hillside Av 
Fears Mr H M 19 Hillside Av 
Feeley Dr C P (office) 1039 Mass Av 
Fellows Mrs H T 117 Avon Hill 
Fellows Mr <Sc Mrs O H 1000 Mass Av 
Felton Hall, Cambridge St 
Fenn Prof A Mrs William W 25 Quincy 
FenoUosa Mrs E F, Riverbank Court 
Ferguson Prof & Mrs W S 16 Quincy 
Femald Prof & Mrs Merritt 35 Walker 
Ferris Mrs Ellen H 18 Mellen 
Ferris Mr & Mrs E J 943 Mass Av 
Fessenden Mr & Mrs E M 20 Greenough 
Field Mrs C W 7 Buckingham Place 
Field Mr & Mrs G F 6 Sacramento 
Filmore Mr & Mrs Wellington 24 Ar- 
Fish Mr & Mrs Florestan 147 Mt Au- 
Fisher Mrs Agnes E 121 Oxford 
Fisher Miss Louise S 33 Linnaean 
Fisk Mr F D, Riverbank Court 
Fisk Mr Otis D, Riverbank Court 
Fiske Mrs A K 1564 Mass Av 
Fiske Miss C B 45 Langdon 
Fiske Mr & Mrs C S 114 Brattle 
Fiske Mrs E S 45 Langdon 
Fiske Mrs F A 11 Humboldt 
Fiske Mr G F 16 Fayette 
Fiske Mrs John 90 Brattle 
Fiake Mr & Mrs J M 2d 1676 Mass Av 
Fiske Miss M T 1676 Mass Av 
Fiske Miss 90 Brattle 
Fitzpatrick Mr F X 1810 Mass Av 
Fitzpatrick Mr & Mrs Michael 398 

. Broadway 
Fitssimmons Mr & Mrs M F 1520 Cam- 
Flagg Dr John S, Riyerbank Court 
Flatley Miss M 2 Bond 
Fleischer Rev Charles 40 Concord Av 
Flentje Mr & Mrs E H 1643 Cambridge 
Hetcher Mr 4c Mrs C 152 Austin 

Fletcher Mrs K S 25 Buckingham 
Flint Mrs A E 47 Irving 
Flint Mr & Mrs Francis 8 Chauncy 
Flynn Mr & Mrs Bartholomew 46 Lee 
Flynn Mr -A Mrs James 28 Fayette 
Fogg Museum of Art, Cambridge St 
Folsom Miss E W 30 Mellen 
Foote Miss M B 352 Harvard 
Forbes Miss C A, Bromley Court 
Forbes Rev & Mrs Elmer S 18 Lexing- 
ton Av 
Forbes Mr & Mrs WUliam A 390 B'way 
Ford Mr & Mrs George D 26 Irving 
Ford Mr & Mr* J B 8 Maple Av 
Ford Prof & Mrs J D M 57 Brewster 
Ford Mrs S E, Riverbank Court 
Ford Mr W H 330 Broadway 
Fosgate Mr & Mrs C H 106 Raymond 
Foss Mr & Mrs C A 16 Ellsworth 
Foss Mr & Mrs H D 6 Frost 
Foster Dr Charles C 8 Elmwood Av 
Foster Mrs E B 18 I^e 
Foster Mr F A 15 Oxford 
Foster Mr & Mrs F C 15 Oxford 
Foster Mr Harry L 49 Garfield 
Foster Mr & Mrs James H 908 Mass Av 
Foster Miss M E, Riverbank Court 
Foster Mr & Mrs T D 49 Garfield 
Fowler Mr & Mrs Josiah 2236 Mass Av 
Fowler Mr S J 19 Everett 
Fox Mr & Mrs C P 419 Broadway 
Fox Mr & Mrs Jabez 99 Irving 
Foxcroft Mr & Mrs Frank 25 Hillside 

Fradd Mr & Mrs Charles H 14 Green- 
ough Av 
Francis Miss H A 43 Kirkland 
Fran eke Prof & Mrs Kuno 3 Berkeley 

Freese Mr & Mrs J W 17 Chauncy 
French Mr & Mrs C L 14 Kirkland Rd 
French Mr H P 49 Trowbridge 
French Mrs Wm A 49 Trowbridge 
Freund Miss C E 3 Mercer Circle 
Freund Mrs S A 3 Mercer Circle 
Freund Mr S H E 3 Mercer Circle 


Frost Mr George E 1791 Mass Av Gilbert Mr & Mrs Henry P 12 EUery 

Frost Miss H T 1791 Mass Av Gilbert Mr & Mrs J L 14 Lee 

Frothingham The Misses 118 Walker Giles Mr & Mrs J R 26 EUery 

Frye Gen & Mrs James A, Riverbank Gilman Mr & Mrs Benjamin I 14 Kirk- 
Court land Place 

Fuller Mrs A G 13 Berkeley Gilmer Miss L, Riverbank Court 

Fuller Miss E W 9 Mercer Circle Ginsburg Mr & Mrs H 19 Clinton 

Fuller Miss Margaret C 38 Concord Av Glidden Mr & Mrs E O 4 Day 

Fuller Mrs R O 125 Prospect Glidden Mr & Mrs L S M 112 Upland 
Fuller Mr S H 68 Dana Road 

Fulton Mrs J A 21 Ellery Glover Mrs Henry R 13 Waterhouse 

Furfey Mr & Mrs J A 21 Clinton Goepper Mr & Mrs Gustavus 1645 Mass 


Gage Mr & Mrs D W 146 Upland Road Goepper Mr & Mrs John 73 Highland 
Gage Mrs E W 6 Everett Avenue 

Gage Miss Francis 6 Everett Goepper Mr & Mrs Wm 340 Harvard 

Gallison Mr & Mrs H H 94 Brattle Gooch Mrs J G 2 Mt Auburn 

Galvin Mrs Mary 1734 Cambridge Goodalft Mr & Mrs A M 16 Coolidge Av 

Gamwell Mrs Mary 1734 Cambridge Goodale Prof & Mrs G L 5 Berkeley 

Gannett Mr & Mrs T B 3 Channing PI Goodale Mr & Mrs Percy A, Bromley 
Gardiner Miss Olive L 8 Forest Court 

Gardner Mr & Mrs B F 13 Bigelow Goodenow Mr R, Riverbank Court 

Gardner Mr H R 16 Ash Goodhue Mr & Mrs H E 71 Martin 

Gardner Dr & Mrs James E, Hubbard Goodhue Mr & Mrs I J 133 Austin 

Park ' Goodnow Mr & Mrs F C 318 Harvard 

Gardner Mrs J C 24 Irving Goodridge Mrs C F 1705 Mass Av 

Gardner Mr & Mrs R D 42 Huron Av Goodridge Dr & Mrs F J 5 Appian Way 
Gardner Rev & Mrs W E 186 Upland office, 1705 Mass Av 

Road Goodridge Mr & Mrs W H 12 Scott 

Garfield Mr & Mrs L D 37 Irving Goodwin Miss A M 10 Follen 

Garratt Mr & Mrs G A 135 Oxford Goodwin Mr H B 8 Follen 

Gaskill Mrs Frank W 37 Langdon Goodwin Mrs L S 393 Broadway 

Gass Mr & Mrs James A 96 Avon Hill Goodwin Mr & Mrs M H 47 Wendell 

Gass Miss K 9 Forest Goodwin Mr & Mrs W E 79 Dana 

Gates Mr & Mrs H, Riverbank Court Goodwin Prof & Mrs W W 5 Follen 

Gates Mr & Mrs H E 3 Hancock Pk Gookin Mr F L 5 Wendell 

Gay Mr & Mrs C A 14 Bigelow Gordon Mr & Mrs J B, Riverbank 
Gay Prof & Mrs E F 58 Highland Court 

Gay Mr & Mrs William 5 Everett Gould Mr & Mrs Marshall H 872 Mass 
Gay Mr & Mrs William D 30 Irving Avenue 

Gerould Mr & Mrs C W 15 Arlington Gove Mr & Mrs A R 29 Maple Av 

Gibbens Mrs E P 107 Irving Gove Mr & Mrs Percy E, Bromley Ct 

Gilbert Mr & Mrs C E 44 Dana Grseme The 88 Hancock 
Gilbert Mr & Mrs Fitch 5 Fayerweather Gragg Mr & Mrs I P 26 Maple Av 

Gilbert Mr F Jr 5 Fayerweather Graham Mr E T P 67 Oxford 

Gilbert Miss G 5 Fayerweather Graham Mr & Mrs J D 16 Martin 




(irandcent Prof & Mrs C H 107 Walker 
Grant Mr & Mrs Edward C 24 Mt Ver- 
Grant Mr & Mrs Henry P 192 Upland 

Grant Mr & Mrs H F 57 Walker 
Graustein Mr & Mrs A H 19 Arlington 
Grauatein Mr & Mrs W A 19 Bowdoin 
Graves Mr & Mrs W H 69 Brattle 
Gray Mrs Asa 79 Garden 
Gray Dr C H 782 Mass Av 
Gray Miss Emily 25 Follen 
Gray Miss F 28 Hawthorn 
Gray Miss Marion P 25 Follen 
Greely Miss Eliza T 91 Hancock 
Greely Miss H M 91 Hancock 
Greely Mrs Leander 284 Harvard 
Green Mr A E 54 Garfield 
Green Mr C G 71 Washington Av 
Green Mr & Mrs C W 26 Mellen 
Green Miss C W 15 Buckingham 
(jreen Miss Daisy, Riverbank Court 
Green Mrs Ella J, Riverbank Court 
Green Mr & Mrs E H 54 Garfield 
Green Mr H D 15 Buckingham 
Green Miss M A 15 Buckingham 
Green The Misses 71 Washington Av 
Green Mr & Mrs R T 54 Garfield 
Green Mr & Mrs W A 4 Mercer Circle 
Greenacre The 124 Oxford 
Greenbaum Mrs A, Riverbank Court 
Greene Mrs & Mr A T 23 I>ee 
Greene Mr & Mrs Joseph 3 Wendell 
Greene Mr & Mrs J D 60 Shepard 
Greene Mrs N G 6 Sacramento 
Greene Mr & Mrs Wm J 46 Avon Hill 
Greenleaf Mr & Mrs E G 367 Harvard 
GreenoMgh Mrs J B 9 Riedesel Av 
Greenough Mr & Mrs J J 9 Elmwood Av 
Greenwood Mr & Mrs G L 41 Langdon 
Grenier Mr & Mrs E J 32 Linnecan 
Griffin Mr A Mrs T H 11 Bellevue Av 
Gring Rev & Mrs A D 15 Kirkland Rd 
Griflwold Miss Margaret 25 Craigie 
Griswold Mrs W M 25 Cragie 
Grote Mr & Mrs Otto 173 Mt Auburn 

Grout Mrs T 1648 Mass Av 
Grover Mr L Q 335 Broadway 
Grover Mr & Mrs W C 335 Broadway 
Grozier Mr & Mrs E A 168 Brattle 
Grueby Mr & Mrs E L 37 Prentiss 
Grueby Mr & Mrs William H 37 Pren- 
Grunberg Mr & Mrs S 1520 Cambridge 
Gulick Mr & Mrs Charles B 59 Fayer- 

Gumey Mr & ^Ts E L 320 Harvard 

Hadcock Dr & Mrs C E 46a Dana 

Hadley Mr & Mrs E L 58 Trowbridge 

Hadley Mrs Julia H 42 Dana 

Hadlock Mrs H E 8 Bigelow 

Hagar Mr & Mrs W C, Riverbank 

Haines Mr & Mrs Arthur W 215 Brattle 

Hale Mr A 861 Harvard 

Hale Mr E B 387 Harvard 

Hale Mr Henry 69 Walker 

Hale Mr Robert Lee 26 Elmwood Av 

Hale The Misses 26 Elmwood Av 

Haley Mr & Mrs J H 85 Upland Rd 

Hall Mrs Alice D 160 Upland Rd 

Hall Mr & Mrs Albert D 160 Upland Rd 

Hall Mr & Mrs Albert H 16 Gray 

Hall Mrs A C 35 Brewster 

Hall Mr & Mrs Damon E 169 Upland 

Hall Prof & Mrs E H 30 Langdon 

Hall Rev E H 14 Craigie 

Hall-Hopkinson Grace Eliot 41 Shep- 

Hall Miss H E 393 Broadway 

Hall Mr James M 19 Ware 

Hall Mrs O H 85 Upland Rd 

Hall Mrs Robert B 15 Avon 

Hall Miss S 6 Follen 

Hall Miss Virginia 85 Upland Rd 

Hall Mr & Mrs W C 411 Broadway 

Hall Mr W S 6 Follen 

Halladay Mr & Mrs Harry 43 Upland 

Hallett Mr «fe Mrs N A 27 Ellsworth Av 



Hamilton Mr & Mrs Gilbert H 362 

Haniilton Rev & Mrs J A 84 Raymond 
Hamlen Mr & Mrs E W 50 Shepard 
Hamlin Mr «fe Mrs W W 64 Kirkland 
Hammond Miss E 25 Brewster 
Hammond Mr & Mrs Franklin T 11 

Hammond Mr J W 337»Harvard 
Hands Dr Anna C 1784 Mass Av 
Hands Dr H A 1784 Mass Av 
Hanifen Mr & Mrs M F 6 Fayette 
Hanlon Mr & Mrs WilUam 21 Maple Av 
Hannimi Mr & Mrs L M 333 Harvard 
Hannum Miss 333 Harvard 
Hanscom Mr & Mrs E R 44 Walker 
Hansom Mr & Mrs Charles Lane 28 

Hanson Mr & Mrs J C 36 Gray 
Hanson Mr & Mrs L F 29 Dana 
Hanson Dr William C 36 Gray 
Hanus Prof & Mrs P H 15 Phillips PI 
Hapgood Dr & Mrs L S 16 Garden 
Harden Miss 900 Massachusetts Av 
Harding Mr & Mrs Nathaniel K 288 

Harding Mr & Mrs William P 24 Lang- 
Harding Mr & Mrs W H 42 Dana 
Harlow Mr & Mrs A F 299 Harvard 
Harlow Mr & Mrs F S 20 Langdon 
Harriman Mr & Mrs N H 1583 Maas Av 
Harrington Mr & Mrs E V, Riverbank 

Harrington Mr J J 10 Fayette 
Harrington Mrs Nellie M 28 Hurlburt 
Harris Mr & Mrs Charles N 5 Acacia 
Harris Mr & Mrs Robert 436 Broadway 
Harris Prof A Mrs W F 8 Mercer Circle 
Harris The Misses 9 Francis 
Hart Prof & Mrs A B 19 Craigie 
Hart Mr & Mrs C W 26 Sacramento 
Hart Mr & Mrs J G 7 Waterhouse 
Hartwell Mr & Mrs Herbert F 76 Ox- 
Hartwell Mrs M E 27^ Maple Av 

Harvard College, Harvard Sq, Mass Av 
Harvard Union, Harvard St 
Harwood Mrs J P 45 Trowbridge 
Haskins Mrs David G 1075 Mass Av 
Haskins Mr & Mrs David G Jr 7 Buck- 
ingham PI 
Haskins Mr & Mrs H W, Riverbank 

Hastings Mr & Mrs Arthur N 26 Dana 
Hastings Mr & Mrs F W 3 Kennedy 

Hastings Mr & Mrs L M 26 Dana 
Hastings Mrs M E 70 Walker 
Hasty Mr & Mrs J A 46 Trowbridge 
Hatch Mrs R 10 Wendell 
Hatfield Mr & Mrs Harvey C 51 Walker 
Hatfield Mr & Mrs J O 1749 Mass Av 
Hathaway Mr & Mrs C F 97 Huron Av 
Hathaway Mr & Mrs L G 140 Uplan<t 

Hawes Mrs Charles E 872 Mass Av 
Hawes Mr & Mrs F T 2 Exeter Pk 
Hawkins Mr & Mrs Charles S 47 Wal- 
Haworth Mrs A D 116 Oxford 
Hayden Mr & Mrs J F 15 Wendell 
Hayden Dr & Mrs T B 67 Upland Rd 
Hayden The Misses 12 Ash 
Hayden Mr Zebah 14 Bowdoin 
Hayes Mrs Alvin 20 Garfield 
Hayes Mr Henry 22 Shepard 
Hayes Mr H V 6 Channing 
Hayes Mr William A, Mt Auburn opp 

Elmwood Av 
Hayes The Misses, Mt Auburn opposite 

Elmwood Av 
Haynes Rev & Mrs H H 6 EUery 
Hayward Mr & Mrs J W 86 Brattle 
Hazard Mr A M, Riverbank Court 
Hazen Mr & Mrs C R 61 Oxford 
Hazen Mr E R 61 Oxford 
Heard Miss F, Riverbank Court 
Heath Rev & Mrs Frederick E 3 Ella- 
worth Av 
Heaton Dr & Mrs T H 315 Broadway 
Heidelberg The 399 Broadway 



HemmingB Mrs Dora 278 Harvard 
Henchman Miss APS Frisbie PI 
Henderson Mr & Mrs Ernest F 1 Mer- 
cer Gbde 
Henderson Mr Frank R 2131 Mass Av 
Henderson Mr & Mrs G R 10 Day 
Henderson Mr & Mrs R 2131 Mass Av 
Hennan Mr & Mrs G E 137 Mt Auburn 
Henry Mr & Mrs Mason 351 Harvard 
Henahaw Miss G 25 Buckingham 
Henshaw Mr & Mrs J A 23 Craigie 
Henshaw Miss M W 23 Craigie 
Henshaw Mr Samuel 8 Fayerweather 
' Herr Mr <k Mrs Irving 47 Prentiss 
Hersum Mr & Mrs E L 1753 Mass Av 
Heston Miss Carolyn H 5 Buckingham 

Hewes Miss Ell Maaon 
Hibbard Mr & Mrs F 21 Bigelow 
Hichbom Dr & Mrs H G 26 Mt Vernon 
Hickey Mrs E F 1734 Cambridge 
Hicks Mr & Mrs William W 782 Mass 

Hicks Mr & Mrs W C 15 Trowbridge 
Hidden Mr & Mrs W H Jr 47 Mt Vernon 
Higginbotham Dr A; Mrs F A 1717 

Higginson Col & Mrs T W 29 Bucking- 
Highland The 64 Highland Av 
Hildreth Mrs E A 6 lannasan 
Hildreth Mr A Mrs Henry W 14 Gar- 
Hildreth Dr & Mm J L 14 Garden 
Hildreth Mr <fe Mrs S B 29 Mt Vernon 
Hill Mrs Frank A 19 Ware 
Hill Mrs G W 888 Massachusetts Av 
Hill Mrs H B 17 Hammon 
Hill Mr & Mrs H J. Riverbank Court 
mil Mr & Mrs J Frederick 3 Forest 
Hill Mr & Mrs Stanhope 33 Lexington 

Hill Mr A Mrs W H 63 Avon Hill 
Hilton Mr & Mrs J F 15 Highland At 
miton Mrs J M 47 Oxford 
Hinckley Rev & Mrs H 46a Trowbridge 


liines Mr & Mrs E B 6 Day 
Hines Mrs R 6 Day 
Hinkley Mrs Charles 17 Lowell 
Hinkley Miss Grace 17 Lowell 
Hinkley Mrs Hohnes 1 Berkeley PI 
Hinsdale Mrs John A 7 Forest 
Hobbs Mrs Anson B 44 Martin 
Hodgdon Mr & Mrs T 61 Frost 
Hodge Mrs N P 788 Massachusetts Av 
Hodges Miss C E 9 Chauncy 
Hodges Mr & Mrs F F 48 Dana 
Hodges Rev Sc Mrs George 3 Mason 
Hoedtke Mr & Mrs F G 1682 Cambridge 
Hoffman Mrs H L 1531 Cambridge 
Holden Mr & Mrs S N 109 Avon Hill 
Holland Miss H R 21 Avon 
Holland Mrs S S 21 Avon 
HoUis Mrs A E, Riverbank Court 
HoUis Prof & Mrs I N 6 Acacia 
Holmes Miss A H, Riverbank Court 
Holmes Mr & Mrs G H 124 Walker 
Holmes Mr & Mrs Hem-y W 10a Belle- 

vue Av 
Holmes Mr & Mrs J E 38 Dana 
Holmes Mr & Mrs M M 1558 Mass Av 
Holt Dr C P 1595 Massachusetts Av 
Holt Mr E B 13 Chaimcy 
Holt Mrs N W C 13 Chauncy 
Holt Mrs W B 8 Acacia 
Holt Mr & Mrs W C 95 Raymond' 
Holt The Misses 8 Acacia 
Holy Ghost Hospital 1541 Cambridge- 
Holy Mrs William 409 Broadway 
Home for Aged People 360 Mt Auburn. 
Home The Avon 309 Mt Auburn 
Hooper Mrs Charles H 28 Hurlburt 
Hooper Mr A Mrs W L 2286 Mass Av 
Hopkins Mr & Mrs Arthur T 182 Up- 
land Rd 
Hopkinson Mr A Mrs J P 22 Craigie 
Horsford The Misses 27 Craigie 
Hospital Cambridge Relief 199 Pros- 
Hospital Charlesgate 350 Charles Riv- 
er Road 
Houghton Miss A M 2 Potter Park 



Houghton Mr E R 10 HiUiard 
Houghton Mrs Francis 2 Potter Park 
Houghton Miss G M 10 Hilliard 
Houghton Mrs Henry O 53 Garden 
Houghton Mrs J C 10 Hilliard 
Houghton The Misses 58 Garden 
Hovey Miss A W 7 Exeter Park 
Hovey Mrs H A 2203 Massachusetts Av 
Hovey Mr R W 7 Exeter Park 
HovJey Mr & Mrs W B 29 Lancaster 
/Howard Prof & Mrs A A 12 Walker 
Howard Mr A L 4 Potter Park 
Howard Miss Bessie W 24 linnsean 
Howard Mrs G B 5 Buckingham Place 
Howard Mr E L B 1653 Mass Av 
Howard Mr & Mrs G H 16 Highland 

Howard Mrs G W 5 EUery 
Howard Miss M W 5 Buckingham PI 
Howe Mr & Mrs A M 3 Fayerweather 
Howe Mrs A P 14 Concord Av 
Howe Mrs Estes 2 Appletoa 
Howe Mr & Mrs F C 7 Exeter Park 
Howe Mr F Stanley 7 Exeter Pk 
Howe Mr & Mrs G E 114 Washington 

Howe Mrs Moses G 1826 Mass Av 
Howe Miss Sarah ^ 2 Garden 
Howe The Misses 2 Appleton 
Howes Mr & Mrs C F 901 Mass Av 
Howes Mrs R T 15 Channing 
Howland Miss B M 13 Berkeley 
Howland Miss Fannie 5 Phillips Place 
Howland Mr & Mrs O N 1642 Mass Av 
Hubbard Mr & Mrs J H 19 Ware 
Hubbard Mr & Mrs Phlneas 42 Arling- 
Hubbard Mr & Mrs S B 11 Forest 
Hubbard Mr W O 11 Forest 
Huckins Mr & Mrs Humphrey P 40 

Hughes Prof & Mrs H J 6 Clement 
Huling Mr R G 17 Hurlburt 
Hull Mr G H 48 Concord Av 
Hull Mrs G H Jr 48 Concord Av 
Hull Mr R M 48 Concord Av 

Humphrey Mr & Mrs David 23 Maple 

Hunnewell Mrs Franklin 17 HiUiard 
Hunt Mr & Mrs E F 5 Clinton 
Hunt Mrs Freeman 16 Lancaster 
Hunt Mr & Mrs G E, Riverbank Court- 
Hunt Mr & Mrs W B. Riverbank Court 
Hunter Mr & Mrs B E 1751 Mass Av 
Hurlbut Prof & Mrs B S 32 Quincy 
Hurlbut Mrs C A 425 Broadway 
Hursh Mr & Mrs C S 63 Mt Vernon 
Hurter Mr W F 25 Hii^daad Av 
Huson Mrs C R 40 Quinoy 
Hutchins Mr Alexander 13 Wendell 
Hutchins Mrs E A 13 Wendell 
Hutchins Miss L G 13 Wendell 
Hutchins Mr & Mrs S B 16 Oxford 
Hutchins Mr & Mrs W E 37 Mt Vernon 
Hutchinson Mr ifeMrs E B, Riverbank 

Hutchinson Mrs M A 60 Martin 
Hutchinson The Misses 63 Oxford ^ 
Hyde Mrs Dana W 171 Hancock 
Hyde Mr D C 171 Hancock 

Ingalls Maj & Mrs C H 152 Upland Rd 
Ingraham Mrs A 4 Bryant 
Ireland Mr & Mrs H C 104 Ellery 
Irvine Mr & Mrs J C 5 Day 
Irwin Miss Agnes 11 Mason 
Irwin Mr & Mrs J W 45 Oxford 
Ivers Mr & Mrs F H 36 Mt Vernon 
Ivers Mr & Mrs Warren 379 Harvard 

Jackson Mr & Mrs A W 202 Brattle 

Jackson Mr F G 25 Follen 

Jackson Miss L S 75 Frost 

Jackson Miss Margaret T 37 Concord 

Jackson Mr & Mrs P T 25 Follen 
Jackson Mr & Mrs R T 9 Fayerweathor 
Jackson Mrs W L 37 Concord Av 
Jackson The Misses 202 Brattle 
James Mr & Mrs Charles 26 Cli'^ton 
James Prof & Mrs William 95 I-virg 
Jameson Mrs E A 45 Mt Ver::oi 



Janes Mr <lc Mrs B F 2192 Mas» Av 
Janes Miss S J 2203 Mass Av 
Jarvis The 27 Everett 
Jeflfrey Prof A Mrs E C 47 Lake View 

Jenkins Mrs Frederick 89 Appleton 
Jennings Mr <Sc Mrs Henry 863 Mass Av 
Jennings Mrs H L D 20 Bellevue Av 
Jennings Mr & Mrs S 315 Charles River 

Jessop Mrs Joseph H 25 Bigelow 
Johnson Mrs G E 10 Humboldt 
Johnson Prof & Mrs D W 56 Wendell 
Johnson Miss Edith M 5 Phillips PI 
Johnson Mr & Mrs F E 1039 Mass Av 
Johnson Mr & Mrs F H 14 Dana 
Johnson Mr & Mrs G P 9 Lancaster 
Johnson Mrs Howard M, Riverbank 

Johnson Mr & Mrs J A 65 Hammond 
Johnson Mr & Mrs L J 90 Raymond 
Johnson Mr & Mrs M M, Riverbank 

Johnson Mr & Mrs Reginald 8 Follen 
Johnson Mr & Mrs S M 31 Martin 
Johnston Prof & Mrs Robert M 14 

Appian Way 
Joll Mr & Mrs G M 4 Gorham 
Jones Mr A K 465 Broadway 
Jones Mrs C A, Riverbank Court 
Jones Mrs C R 44 Bowdoin 
Jones Mr A Mrs Henry Champion 30 

Jones Mrs Henry E 285 Harvard 
Jones Mrs L D 15 EUery / 
Jones Miss M A 285 Harvard 
Jones Mr & Mrs N M 303 Harvard 
Jones Mrs Thomas T 180 Prospect 
Jones Mr & Mrs W Gordon 37 Larch 

Jones Mrs W R 303 Harvard 
Jordan Mr & Mrs E 8 Bigelow 
Jose Mr & Mrs E H 27 Inman 
Jouett Dr F R 3 Garden 
Jouett Mrs I W 20 Forest 
Joyner Herbert C 5 Waterhouse 

Kagan Mr & Mrs J M 19 Trowbridge 
Kaiser Mr & Mrs G H, Riverbank 

Kane Mr & Mrs Henry 3 Greenough Av 
Kane Mrs J 9 Roseland 
Keays Mrs H A M 6 Ash 
Keefe Mr & Mrs D J 17 Ellsworth Av 
Keene Miss 1581 Mass Av 
Keith Mr & Mrs A G 10 Trowbridge 
Keith Mr & Mrs M S 46 Irving 
Kelleher Dr & Mrs P F 1636 Mass Av 
Kelley Mrs A P 3 Qinton ' 
Kelley Mr & Mrs S F 49 Washington 

Kelley Mr & Mrs S J 10 Clinton 
Kellner Prof & Mrs Max L 1 Berkeley 
Kelly The Misses 9 Channihg 
Kelsey Miss L 4 Buckingham Place 
Kelsey Mr P H 4 Buckingham Place 
Kelty Mrs J B 64 Oxford 
Kelty Mr & Mrs T W 314 Charles River 

Kemp Mr & Mrs H G 1699 Mass Av 
Kempton Mr & Mrs J B 14 Elmwood 

Kendall Mr & Mrs ASH Huron Av 
Kendall Mr G F 32 Highland 
Kendall Mrs Hugh F 22 Garden 
Kendall Mr L J 11 Huron Av 
Kendall Mr O F 1563 Mass Av * 
Kendall Miss 32 Highland 
Keniston Mr & Mrs F A 2322 Mass Av 
Kennelly Prof & Mrs A E 1 Kennedy 

Kent The Misses 102 Appleton 
Kenwood The 40 Inman 
Kershaw Mr & Mrs F S 6 Bond 
Ketchum Mr & Mrs George B, Haw« 

thorn Av 
Kidder Mr & Mrs A W 15 Clinton 
Kieman Mr & Mrs T J 25 Trowbridge 
Killam Mr & Mrs Charles W 20 Walker 
Kimball Mr & Mrs G A 30 Lee 
IQng Mr & Mrs B T 6 Sacramento 
Kng Mr & Mrs Edward S 15 Walker 
King Mr George Adams 16 Garfield 



King Mr <Sc Mrs Henry W 16 Garfield 
King Mr & Mrs H F, Riverbank Court 
Kingman Mrs A D, Riverbank Court 
Kinnear Mr John 109 Lake View Av 
Kinsman Miss Ada R 16 Arlington 
Kinsman Dr & Mrs E O 13 Walker 
Kirkpatrick Mr A Mrs W H 36 Haw- 
Kittredge Prof & Mrs G L 8 Hilliard 
Knight Mr Elbridge E 2290 Mass Av 
Knight Mr & Mrs F E, Riverbank 

Knights Mr & Mrs S R 18 Centre 
Knowles Mrs A V 68 Sparks 
Knowles Mrs S P 68 Sparks 
Knowles Miss 68 Sparks 
Knowlton Mr & Mrs G W, Riverbank 

Knowlton Dr & Mrs H E 800 Mass Av 
Kohlhepp Mr & Mrs C 1481 Cambridge 
Krebs Mrs F H 78 Lake View Av 

Ladd Mr & Mrs G W 62 Gorham 
Lahee Mr & Mrs H C 44 Langdon 
Laird Mr & Mrs John A 1139 Mass Av 
Lake Mr & Mrs C H 1648 Mass Av 
Lake Mr & Mrs F B 1648 Mass Av 
LaLond Mr & Mrs A F 7 Rutland 
LaMarche Dr & Mrs W J 1038 Mass Av 
Lamb Mrs Charles R Sr 159 Brattle 
Lamb Mr & Mrs C R 159 Brattle 
Lamb Mr & Mrs George 9 Ellsworth 

Lambert Mr & Mrs W V 23 Highland 
Lamkin Mr & Mrs F L 98 Hammond 
Lamson Mr & Mrs A C 843 Mass Av 
Lamson Mr & Mrs F U 67 Mt Vernon 
Lamson Mrs M S 3 Clinton 
Lancaster The 77 Prospect 
Landy Mr & Mrs J, Riverbank Court 
Lane Mr & Mrs C C 47 Langdon 
Lane Mrs C M 19 Oxford 
Lane Miss J L 25 Applet on 
Lane Mr & Mrs W C 19 Oxford 
Langnecker Dr H L 2 Mt Auburn 
Lanigan Dr & Mrs F J 770 Mass Av 

Lanman Prof & Mrs C R 9 Farrar 
Lansing Mr & Mrs J A 49 Dana 
Lansing Miss M 49 Dana 
Law Mr & Mrs E W 2 Nutting PI 
Lawrence Mr & Mrs C E 1654 Mass Av 
Lawrence Mrs D D 1725 Mass Av 
Lawrence Mrs E M 65 Martin 
Lawrence Mr & Mrs G P 12 Mason 
Lawrence Mr & Mrs J P 407 Broadway 
Lawtoin Mr & Mrs Geo F 24 Maple Av 
Lea Mrs 115 Washington 
Leahy Dr & Mrs T J 314 Broadway 
Leavitt Mr E D 33 Garden 
Leavitt Miss M A 33 Garden 
Lee Mrs M C 38 Kirkland 
LeFrancis Mr C 28 Inman 
LeFrancis Mrs L A 28 Inman . 
Leighton Mrs E N 24 Greenough Av 
Leighton Mr J H 169 Upland Road 
leighton Mr & Mrs Thomas 46 Fayette 
Leighton The Misses 169 Upland Rd 
Leonard Mr & Mrs H W 988 Mass Av 
Leonard Miss M 47 Dana 
Lemed Mr & Mrs W H 2350 Mass Av 
Lerned Mr W H Jr 2350 Mass Av 
Lesley Mrs Alonzo 29 Everett 
Lesley The Misses 29 Everett 
L'Estrange Mr & Mrs Thomas 788 Mass 

Lewis Mr & Mrs C S 36 Highland Av 
Lewis Mr & Mrs James A 58 Dana 
Lewis Miss M A 10 Prentiss 
Lewis Mr & Mrs William H 226 Upland 

Lewis Mr & Mrs 58 Dana 
Library Public, Broadway 
Liffler Mr & Mrs Charles Jr, River- 
bank Court 
Lightbody Mr & Mrs F J 5 Exeter Pk 
Lincoln Miss L F 74 Buckirgham 
Lincoln Miss Martha 18 Fa^ ette 
Lincoln Miss Mary E 18 Fa? ette 
Lincoln Mr & Mrs Nathan F 18 Fayette 
Linehan Mrs Chas 1480 Cambridge 
Lint Mrs Elizabeth 26 Trowbridge 
Lippincott Mrs S E 148 Mt Auburn 



Lister Miss E A 10 Shepard 
Lister Miss F W 10 Shepard 
Lister Mr A Mrs W A 30 Shepard 
Litchfield Mrs O V 46 Dana 
Little Mr & Mrs William A 9 Felton 
Little Miss 48 Buddngham 
Littlefield Mr & Mrs A J 33 Sacramento 
Littlefield Mr G T 49 Garfield 
Littlefield The Misses 33 Sacramento 
livermore Mr 4c Mrs J P 59 Brewster 
Livermore Miss M C 287 Harvard 
Livesey Mrs Hattie C 1 Frost 
Lloyd Mr A Mrs Demarest 26 Quincy 
Locke Mr & Mrs C B 1648 Mass Av 
Locke Mr & Mrs W A 7 Francis Av 
Lockhart Mrs A E 20 Highland Av 
Lockhart Rev Hibbert 118 Hancock 
Lockhart Dr Sc Mrs Jos S 837 Mass Av 
Lombard Mr G C 25 Walker 
Lombard Mr A Mrs H E 400 Broadway 
Lombard Mrs H M 25 Walker 
Long Mr & Mrs A B 1797 Mass Av 
Long Mr & Mre H C 75 Garfield 
Long Mr A Mrs P W 35 Trowbridge 
Longfellow Miss Alice M 105 Brattle 
Longfellow Mr & Mrs W P P 479 Broad- 
Longley Mr & Mrs EPS Frost 
Loring Mrs Francis 13 Sacramento 
Loring Dr & Mrs R G 51 Brattle 
Loiing Miss R D 13 Sacramento 
Loud Mr & Mrs R G 23 Bellevue Av 
Louisburg The 18 Centre 
Love Prof & Mrs James L 16 Francis Av 
Lovell Mr & Mrs Andrew J 114 Up- 
land Rd 
LoveUMr Andrew J Jr 114 Upland Rd 
Lovell Mr & Mrs C O 26 Hurlburt 
Lovell Mr & Mrs F W 69 Mt Vernon 
Loveland Mr & Mrs Ernest M 910 Mass 

Lovering Miss E 38 Kirkland 
Low Mr J Herbert 65 Oxford 
Lowell The 33 Lexington Av 
Lowry Mrs Mary K 78 Washington Av 
Luke Mr & Mrs E R 15 Maple Av 

Lundin Mr <lc Mrs E O 311 Charles Riv- 
er Rd 
Lyford Miss A G, Riverbank Court 
Lynch Mr & Mrs John 345 Broadway 
Lynes Mr & Mrs Frank 65 Frost 
Lyon Mr Wm 69 Walker 

Mabille Mr & Mrs P F 23 Greenough 

MoAdams Dr & Mrs P S 1039 Mass Av 
McAdoo Mrs M A 278 Harvard 
McCallar Mr G M 2326 Mass Av 
McCallar Mr H B 2326 Mass Av 
McCallar Miss L F 2326 Mass Av 
McCarter Mrs M K 9 Ellery 
McClure Mr A W 81 Brattle 
McCluskey Mr & Mrs J W 48 Hawthorn 
McCoUum Dr & Mrs F G (office) 788 

Mass Av 
McComas Mr & Mrs Henry C 48 Trow- 
McConnell Mr & Mrs Ray M 361 Har- 
McCormack Mr & Mrs D J 12 Sacra- 
McCoy Mr & Mrs W B 65 Mt Vernon 
McDermott Mr P G 81 Dana 
Macdonald Mr & Mrs F W 324 Harvard 
Macdonald Mr J F 1557 Mass Av 
Macdonald Mr & Mrs N L 1557 Maf^s 

Macdonald Mr Wm V 1557 Mass Av 
McDowell Mr & Mrs H B 116 Brattle 
McDuffie Mr & Mrs John 67 Hammond 
McElroy Mr Geo H 31 Gray 
McEbt)y Mr & Mrs P J 31 Gray 
MacFarlane Mr db Mrs John 381 Broad- 
McGahey Mr <Sc Mrs H 14 Wendell 
McGirr Dr & Mrs F F 1436 Cambridge 
McGirr Mr & Mrs J C 1522 Cambridge 
McGrath Mr & Mrs J 29 Ellsworth Av 
McHugh Mr Charles 109 Ellery 
Mclntire Mr & Mrs C J 1600 Mass Av 
Mclntire Dr G F 5 Dana 
Mclntire Dr & Mrs H B 4 Garden 



Mack Dr Helen G F 888 Mass Av 
Mackay Mrs W R 10 Bellevue Av 
McKay Mr & Mrs A 7 Shepard 
Mackenzie Mr & Mrs James 66 Dana 
McKenzie Rev & Mrs Alex 12 Garden 
McKenzie Dr & Mrs J R 897 Mass Av 
MacKillop Mr & Mrs Kenneth 98 Pros- 
McKinnon Mr & Mrs C E 12 Clinton 
McKinnon Mr & Mrs Daniel A 306 

MacKinnon Mr <fe Mrs Wm H 46 Shep- 
Mackintire Mr & Mrs G E 51 Avon Hill 
McKusick Mr & Mrs Charles E 121 

MacLamie Mr & Mrs T 69 Dana 
McLaughlin Dr & Mrs J J 1601 Mass Av 
McLean Mr & Mrs I A 2218 Mass Av 
McLean Mr & Mrs William H 15 Belle- 
vue Avenue 
McLellan Mr A Mrs Hugh D 189 Up- 
land Rd 
McLellan Mr & Mrs J C 12 Oxford 
Madeod Mr & Mrs W G 1654 Mass Av 
McMath Mrs H C 23 Irving 
McNaugher Rev & Mrs S 40 Dana 
McNulty Mr James E 212 Upland Rd 
McNulty Miss Margaret 212 Upland Rd 
McPherson Mr & Mrs J B 11 Arlington 
McSweeney Mr & Mrs E D 13 Ellsworth 

McWhinnie Mrs Jas 332 Broadway 
Magee Dr A Mrs Francis D 859 Mass Av 
Magoun Prof & Mrs H W 70 Kirkland 
Majestic The 888 Mass Av 
Malone Mr & Mrs T A 900 Mass Av 
Mandell Mr & Mrs W J 4 Walnut Av 
Mann Mr & Mrs N P 341 Harvard 
Mann Mr & Mrs W E 21 Fayette 
Mansfield Mr & Mrs G R 18 Bowdoin 
MaziBon Miss Elisabeth £ 9 Phillips PI 
Manson Mr R H 303 Harvard 
Manson Mrs T L Sr 9 Phillips PI 
Marble Rev & Mrs F E 2 Arlington 
Marble Mr & Mrs T J 36 Garfield 

Marble Mr Wm 18 Forest 

Marble Mr & Mrs W P 46 Highland Av 

Marcy Dr H O (office) 860 Mass Av 

Marden Mrs A T 7 Bigelow 

Marean Mr A Mrs J M 46 Brewster 

Margaret Winthrop Hall 21 Chauncy 

Marion The 63 Highland Av 

Mark Mr & Mrs Edward L 109 Irving 

Markham Mr & Mrs Edward R 7 

Greenough Av 
Marks Mr & Mrs L S 88 Lake View Av 
Marrett Mr A Mrs A P 20 Avon Hill 
Marsh Mr A Mrs Arthur R 13 Hilliard 
Marsh Mr A Mrs E L 168 Lexington Av 
Marsh Mr John B 13 Hilliard 
Marshall Mrs E M 22 Wendell 
Marshall Mrs M A 29 Sacramento 
MarshaU Mrs M M 280 Harvard 
Marshall Mr M S 280 Harvard 
Marsters Mrs J M 64 Frost 
Marston Mr A Mrs G H 50 Frost 
Martin Dr & Mrs E G 5 Rutland 
Martin Mrs J D 19 Ware 
Martin Mr A Mrs W S 10 Channing 
Marvin Mr A Mrs Frank A 863 Mass Av 
Mason Mr C A 87 Raymond 
Mason Rev A Mrs Edward D 36 Dana 
Mason Mr A Mrs E L 40 Mt Vernon 
Mason Mr A Mrs H E 1696 Mass Av 
Mass College of Osteopathy 15 Craigie 
Massure Mr A Mrs G A 15 Langdon 
Mathews Mr & Mrs F S 17 Frost 
Melledge Mrs J P. Hubbard Pk 
Melledge Mr R J, Hubbard Pk 
Melledge Miss, Hubbard Pk 
Mellen Mr & Mrs E D 1590 Mass Av 
Memorial HaU, Cambridge St 
Merrill Mr <& Mrs B N 189 Upland Rd 
Merrill Mrs D G 112 Prospect 
Merrill Mr A Mrs G D 51 Frost 
Merrill Mr A Mrs G E 17 Greenough 

Merrill Mr A Mrs G S 65 Dana 
Merrill Mr Samuel 45 Bellevue Av 
Merriman Mr A Mrs Roger 175 Brattle 
Merry^Mr A Mrs J A 14 Rutland 



Messer Mr &. Mrs G'F 144 Austin 
Metcalf Mr & Mrs E W 22 Unnsean 
Metivier Ifr A Mrs James 3 Potter Pk 
Michaelis Mrs K W 23 Hammond 
Michaelis The Misses 23 Hammond 
Miles Mr & Mrs L J 30 Dana 
MiUan Mr & Mis A L 39 Walker 
Miller Mrs E M 153 Lexington Av 
MiUer Mr S C 148 Hancock 
Milligan Miss H F 47 Irving: 
Milton Mr & Mrs W R 2175 Mass Av 
Minot BftiB George 38 Concord Av 
MitcheU Miss H 24 WendeU 
Mitchell Mr & Mrs John 40 Prentiss 
Mitchell Mrs L E 14 Oxford 
MitcheU Mrs Mary E 001 Mass Av 
Mixer Mr & Mrs C H S 15 Humboldt 
Misner Miss Emma E 7 Frost 
Monk Mr & Mrs H 14 Centre 
Montague Mr & Mrs Charles H 26 

Monteith Mr & Mrs T M 343a Broadway 
Montgomery Mr & Mrs Hugh 32 Arling- 
Montrose The 1648 Mass Av 
Moody Mr & Mrs E G 11 Roseland 
Moore Miss Annie 42 Hawthorn 
Moore Mr A H 3 Divinity Av 
Moore Mrs A M 68 Oxford 
Moore Mr Charles 1 Rutland 
Moore Prof & Mrs Charles H 29 Follen 
Moore Mr & Mrs Clifford H 112 Brattle 
Moore Mr A Mrs C S 10 Frost 
Moore Prof A Mrs E C 21 Kirkland 
Moore Miss E H 29 Follen 
Moore Mrs E R 24 Mellen 
Moore Mr Sc Mrs G A 132 Mt Auburn 
Moore Prof & Mrs G F 3 Divinity Av 
Moore The Misses 10 Frost 
Moran Mr & Mrs P H 114 Prospect 
Morandi Mr & Mrs E L, Riverbank 

Moreland Mr & Mrs J H 159 Mt Auburn 
Morgan Miss A M 6 Merger Circle 
Morgan Mrs E E 3 Cleveland 
Morgan Mr & Mrs G F 57 Dana 

Morgan Mrs M B 6 Mercer Cirde 
Morgan Prof & Mrs M H 45 Garden 
Moriarty Rev E 31 Buckingham 
Moriarty Mrs P H 77 Dana 
Morison Rev & Mrs R S 17 Farrar 
Morrison Mr H P 18 Avon 
Morrison Mr James 18 Avon 
Morrison Mr J G 1 Fayerweather 
Morse Bfrs Charles H 328 Harvard 
Morse Mrs C W 48 Irving 
Morse Mr H L 1680 Mass Av 
Morse Mr /& Mrs Harry W 1 Langdon Sq 
Morse Mrs M W 1654 Mass Av 
Morton Mr & Mrs F C 73 Dana 
Morton Mr A Mrs Jesse W 10 Mellen 
Morton Mr & Mrs W R 10 MeUen 
Moulton Mrs C F 17 Prentiss 
Moulton Miss M 375 Harvard 
Mount Auburn, Brattle St 
Mower Mr & Mrs M 19 Huron Av 
Mower Mr & Mrs Wm A 17 Hilliard 
MowU Prof & Mrs William L 40 Avon 

Moynahan Mr Jeremiah 309 Broadway 
Moynahan Mr A Mrs N A 42 Dana 
Muhlfeld Mr A Mrs George 71 Larch Rd 
Muirhead Mr A Mrs J F 6 Riedesel Av 
Mullen Mr A Mrs James J 216 Upland 

Muller Mrs C B 4 Frost 
Mullin Mrs Malachi 22 Lee 
Munhall Mr A Mrs M H 4 Greenough Av 
Munroe Mr A Mrs Nathaniel 42 Walker 
Munroe Miss 17 Traill 
Munsterberg Prof A Mrs Hugo 7 Ware 
Murphy Miss Hattie M 19 Forest 
Murray Mr A Mrs John F 9 Avon 
Murray Mr J F 9 Avon 
Murray Mr A Mrs J M 34 Lee 
Myles DrL T 146 Oxford 
Myles Mr A Mrs Thos F 55 Hammond 

Nash Mr A Mrs Arthur I 182 Brattle 
Nash Mr & Mrs G A 107 Washington Av 
Nash Prof A Mrs Henry S 9 Acacia 
Nash Mr & Mrs N C 1 Reservoir 



Nash Mrb Samuel 141 Prospect 
Nathurst Miss L M 24 Craigie 
Nay Mrs Frank T 40 Bigelow 
Neilson Prof & Mrs WUliam A 2 Ried- 

esel Av 
Nelligan Mr & Mrs David J 2254 Mass 

Nelligan Dr J P 2280 Mass Av 
Nelson Mr & Mrs G Warren, River- 
bank Court 
Neumann Mrs J F 100 Avon Hill 
Neumann Miss M D 100 Avon Hill 
Neville Mr & Mrs R J 901 Mass Av 
Newell Miss Helen, Bromley Ck)urt 
Newgent Mrs T G 94 Lake View Av 
Nichols Mr & Mrs A C, Riverbank 

Nichols Mr A Mrs E H 33 Eirkland 
Nichols Mr & Mrs H A 57 Brattle 
Nichols Mrs I G, Riverbank Court 
Nichols Dr & Mrs John T G 63 Brattle 
Nichols Mrs T A 3 Hammond 
Nickerson Mr Sereno D 22 Clinton 
Nickerson Mr & Mrs W E 1722 Mass Av 
Niles Mr & Mrs E M 9 Walnut Av 
Niles Mr & Mrs J H 6 Walnut Av 
Niles Mr & Mrs Sullivan 91 Washing- 
ton Av 
Noble Mr & Mrs G W C 21 Concord Av 
Noble Mr & Mrs John Jr 06 Sparks 
Noera Mr & Mrs Joseph F 12 Forest 
Nolen Mr & Mrs John 6 Avon PI 
Noon Mr S A 10 Appian Way 
Noon Rev & Mrs S H 10 Appian Way 
Norcrofls Miss Eva H 38 Bowdoin 
Norcross The Misses 12 Concord Av 
Nordstrom Mr & Mrs Carl 32 Ellsworth 

Norris Mr & Mrs A E 67 Avon Hill 
Norris Dr & Mrs A L 780 Mass Av 
Norris Dr A P 760 Mass Av 
North Mr & Mrs C E, Riverbank Court 
North Mr & Mrs E C, Riverbank Court 
Norton Prof & Mrs A O 17 Brewster 
Norton Miss Grace 59 Kirkland 
Norton Mr & Mrs Harry A 24 Agassis 

Norton The Misses, Irving St 

Nowell Mr & Mrs F D 30 Concord Av 

Noxon Mr & Mrs F.W 17 Sacrameato 

Noyes Mr & Mrs C E 338 Harvard 

Noyee Mr I E 338 Harvard 

Noyes Mrs James 51 Dana 

Noyes Mr James Atkins 1 Highland 

Noyes Mr & Mrs Samuel 15 Bigelow 

Nute Mrs A J 42 Wendell 

Nutting Mr E M 1680 Cambridge 

O'Brien Mrs E B 8 Ellery 
O'Brien Mr & Mrs George P 94 Prescott 
O'Brien Mr & Mrs J F 195 Huron Av 
O'Brien Miss M E 88 Sparks 
Observatory, Garden St 
Oburg Mr & Mrs W F 4 Shepard 
O'Connor Mr & Mrs Michael I 30 Ells- 
worth Av 
O'Cohnor Mr ic Mrs W P 329 Broadway 
Odiome Miss E I 42 Garden 
Odiome Mrs Frederic 287 Harvard 
Odiome Mr & Mrs F W 18 Gray 
O'Hara Mr & Mrs T J 153 Mt Auburn 
O'Hara The Misses 153 Mt Auburn 
O'Keefe Mr & Mrs W H 10 Sacramento 
O'Neil Mr & Mrs T F 1707 Cambridge 
Ordway Mr & Mrs Edw 1587 Mass Av 
Ome Mr & Mrs John 104 Ellery 
Osbom Mr A 141 Austin 
Osbom Mr & Mrs John F 314 Harvard 
Osborne Rev & Mrs Cyrus P 81 Oxford 
Osborne Mrs S A 42 Shepard 
Osgood Mr & Mrs Benj 25 linneean 
Osgood Miss B V 25 linnsean 
Osgood Miss F A 25 lannaean 
Osgood Prof & Mrs William 74 Avon 

Osterlind Mr & Mrs Emanuel 230 Up- 
land Rd 
Ousler Mr & Mrs J W 1709 Cambridge 
Owen Mrs Estelle 12 Avon PI 
Oxford The 146 & 148 Oxford 

Page Miss D B, Riverbuik Court 
Page Mrs H 21 FoUen 



Page Mrs i*erkins C 71 Prospect 
Page Mr & Mrs W L 6 Frost 
Paine Miss E L 44 Bowdoin 
Paine Mr & Mrs James L 9 Waterhouse 
Pfline Mrs John K 14 Hawthorn 
Paine Mrs T W 13 Avon 
Palache Mr & Mrs Charles 106 Appleton 
Palfrey Miss M G 30 Oxford 
Palfrey Miss S H 30 Oxford 
Pahner Prof G H 11 Quincy 
Pahner Dr & Mrs G M 23 Ware 
Palmer Mr & Mrs J B 98 Raymond 
Pahner Miss Sarah T 12 Kirkiand PI 
Parker Prof & Mrs Charles P 1075 Mass 

Parker Mr & Mrs C R 901 Mass Av 
Parker Mf <k Mrs E G 77 Avon HUl 
Parker Mr & Mrs Edmund M 63 Sparks 
Parker Mr & Mrs George H 16 Berkeley 
Parker Rev & Mrs H A 14 Ash 
Parker Miss L P 19 Trowbridge 
Parker Mrs Martha 16 Berkeley 
Parker Mr Mason G 336 Harvard 
Parker Miss M L 11 Humboldt 
Parker Mr & Mrs S E 901 Mass Av 
ParkhiU Mr Charles L B 2179 Mass Av 
Parkhill Mr & Mrs S J 2179 Mass Av 
Parks Mr W D 104 Avon HiU 
Pannenter Mr & Mrs C W 80 Upland 

Parmenter Miss 80 Upland Road 
Parry Mr W A 116 Washington Av 
Parry Mr & Mrs W A 115 Washington 

Parsons Miss C L 54 Garden 
Parsons Miss Emma A 29 Hammond 
Parsons Miss K 54 Garden 
Parsons Miss M S 54 Garden 
Parsons Mr & Mrs W G 17 Prentiss 
Partridge Mr & Mrs L F 69 Upland Rd 
Patten Rev & Mrs G W 48 Brattle 
Paul Mr & Mrs Frank, Riverbank 

Peabody Mr & Mrs Charles 197 Brattle 
Peabody Prof & Mrs Francis G 13 


Peabody Museum, Divinity Av 
Peabody Mr & Mrs William R 2 Mercer 

Peabody The Misses 40 Appleton 
Peak Mr & Mrs H F 54 Hammond 
Pear Mr Isaac S 1039 Mass Av 
Pear Mr <k Mrs W H 23 Francis Av 
Pease Mr A S 61 Sparks 
Pease Dr J Willett 896 Mass Av 
Pease Mrs T C 61 Sparks 
Peaslee Mrs Cyrus 391 Harvard 
Pelo Mr & Mrs Wm J, Bromley Court 
Penney Miss M T 15 Trowbridge 
Penniman Mr W S 6 Bellevue Av 
Pennypacker Mr & Mrs H 6 Chauncy 
Perkms Mr & Mrs C A 14 RutUind 
Perkins Mr & Mrs E A 3 Fayette 
Perkins Mr G A 7 Everett 
Perkins Mrs Levi 7 Everett 
Perkins Mrs Mary A 473 Broadway 
Perrin Mr & Mrs F, Arsenal Sq 
Perry Mr A; Mrs Bliss 5. Cleveland Cir- 
Perry Prof <fe Mrs R B 104 Lake View 

Peters Mr & Mrs C J 12 Fayette 
Peters Mrs Margaret A 37 Mellen 
Peterson Mr & Mrs C A 53 Dana 
Peterson Mr & Mrs E A 27 Everett 
Peterson Mr <fc Mrs John F 5 Exeter Pk 
Petterson Mr &Mrs O G 20 Sacramento 
Pevey Mr & Mrs G A A 1713 Mass Av 
Phelps Mr Charles A 16 Linnsan 
Phelps Miss E A 1505 Mass Av 
Phelps Mr George T 16 Linnsean 
Phelps Mr Henry S 1595 Mass Av 
Phelps Mrs H M 3 Hancock Pk 
Phelps Miss Irene L 16 Linnsean 
Phelps Mr John T 988 Mass Av 
Phelps Mr & Mrs T J 988 Mass Av 
Phelps Dr W D 988 Mass Av 
Philbrick Miss 1654 Mass Av 
Phillips Mr & Mrs Franklin F 27 Ham- 
Phillips Miss A L, Riverbank Court 
Phillips Mr & Mrs L H 289 Harvard 



Phinney Mr & Mrs John I 9 Chauncy 
Pickering Prof £dw Charles, Garden St 
Pickering Miss Esther 8 Highland 
Pickering Prof & Mrs WUUam H 8 

Pickering Mr William Thurston 8 

Pickett Mr & Mrs Charles, Riverbank 

Pierce Mr & Mrs C E 7 Mellen 
Pierce Mr A Mrs Edgar 144 Brattle 
Pierce Mr & Mrs G W 28 Hurlburt 
Pierce Hall. Oxford St 
Pierce Mr A Mrs Henry H 5 Felton 
Pierce Mr & Mrs H 9 Ointon 
Pierce Mr & Mrs J W 14 T^innfftan 
Pierce Mrs L McG, Riverbank Court 
Pierce Mr Starr McG, Riverbank Court 
Pierce Mr & Mrs Thomas L 1749 Mass 

Pierce Mr & Mrs W W 15 Ellery 
Pike Mr & Mrs C 392 Harvard 
Pike Miss F W 21 Berkeley 
Pine Mr & Mrs T A, Riverbank Court 
Pinkham Mrs E J 18 Appian Way 
Pinkham Mrs M 1 Garden 
Piper Mr & Mrs G F 17 Avon 
Piper Mr & Mrs H A 55 Langdon 
Piper Mr & Mrs William Taggard 179 

Pippette Mrs Alice 46 Langdon 
Platner Mrs Emily C 119 Walker 
Platner Mr John Winthrop 119 Walker 
Plummer Mrs EUen M 64 Dana 
Plummer Mrs H N 2161 Mass Av 
Pond Mrs A L 1039 Mass Av 
Poole Mr William F, Riverbank Court 
Poor Mr & Mrs C H 23 Buckingham 
Pope Mr & Mrs Arthur 6 Buckingham 

Pope Mr A Mrs E A 125 Oxford 
Porter Miss C, Riverbank Court 
Potter Mr & Mrs A C 55 Fayerweather 
Potter Mr & Mrs A H 1039 Mass Av 
Potter Mr & Mrs G S. Biverbank Court 
Pousland Mr & Mrs Chas F 18 Walker 

Power Mrs E 107 Ellery 

Power Miss Theresa 107 Ellery 

Powers Mr & Mrs C A 28 Buckingham 

Pratt Mr^ Caroline E 64 Dana * 

Pray Mr B S 50 Garden 

Pray Mr & Mrs J S 50 Garden 

Preble Dr & Mrs Wallace 22 Appian 

Prescott Mrs Annie E 863 Mass Av 
Prescott Mr Sc Mrs C J 312 Charles 

River Rd 
Prescott Miss F H 144 Mt Auburn 
Prescott Hall, Broadway 
Price Mrs L T 12 Humboldt 
Prince Mr & Mrs J T, Riverbank Court 
Proudfoot Mr & Mrs D 1491 Cambridge 
Prouty Mr & Mrs W C 901 Mass Av 
Puffer Mrs Ella D 49 Irving 
Puffer The Misses 49 Irving 
Pugh Mr & Mrs J T 71 Walker 
Purdy Mr & Mrs O K. Riverbank 

Putnam Miss A E 1582 Mass Av 
Putnam Prof & Mrs F W 1582 Mass Ar 
Putnam Dr & Mrs W A 923 Mass Av 

Quinby Mr & Mrs William 81 Washing- 
ton Av 
Quinlan Mr & Mrs J J 19 Maple Av 
Quinn Mr W A 3200 Mass At 
Quinn The Misses 2200 Mass Av 
Quint Mr & Mrs W D, Riverbank Court 

Raddiffe College, Brattle St and 10 

Raiche Mr A Mrs C A 863 Mass Av 
Raiche Mr & Mrs E L 863 Mass Av 
Ramsay Mr & Mrs Charles C 43 Irving 
Ramsay Miss C F 1116 Mass Av 
Rand Prof & Mrs E K 107 Lake View 

Rand Mr & Mrs H W 8 Avon PI 
Rand Mrs J L 49 Eirkland 
Rand Mrs M A 49 Kirkland 
Randall' Mr & Mrs A W, Riverbank 




Randall Mr A Mrs Charles F 32 Irving 

Randall Hall, Divinity Av 

Randall Mr & Mrs Oscar S 11 Sacra- 

Ranlet Mr & Mrs Albert H 103 Avon 

Ransom Dr & Mrs E T, Riverbank 

Rantoul Mr & Mrs Albert W 111 Lake 

View Av 
Ri4>8on Miss A L 18 Martin 
Ray Mrs W P 22 Lowell 
Raymond Miss A 4 Exeter Pk 
Raymond Mr & Mrs C F 61 Upland Rd 
Raymond Mrs C L 42 Irving 
Raymond Mr & Mrs George J 10 Rose- 
Ra3rmond Mr & Mrs T C 84 Ellery 
Read Mr C C 88 Appleton 
Read Mr & Mrs Edw 24 Highland 
Read Mr <fe Mrs Harold W 33 Lexing- 
ton Av 
Read Mr & Mrs John 55 Appleton 
Read Mr & Mrs J B 15 TraiU 
Read Miss K T 1654 Mass Av 
Read Mr William 89 Appleton 
Reddington Mrs £ 1 Rutland 
Redpath Mr <fe Mrs E W 15 Clinton 
Reed Mr Charles H 68 Walker 
Reed Dr & Mrs G S, Riverbank Court 
Reed Miss H L, Riverbank Court 
Reed Mr & Mra MelviUe H 4 Trow- 
bridge PI 
Reed Mrs M L 33 Hurlburt 
Reed Miss Rebecca 68 Walker 
Reed Mr & Mrs S M 6 Shepard 
Reed Rev & Mrs WiUard 26 Walker 
Reed Mr & Mrs William E, Riverbank 

Reeves Mr Sc Mrs F W 25 Sacramento 
Regent The 884 Mass Av 
Reid Mr A Mrs B 61 Lexington Av 
ReUly Mr & Mrs W J 770 Mass Av 
Rhinelander Rev & Mrs Philip M 26 

Rhoades Miss A L 26 Inman 

Rice Mr <b Mrs B A 159 Lake View Av 
Rice Mr A Mrs Charles D 17 Arlington 
Rice Mrs James B 22 Roseland 
Rice Mr & Mrs James E 26 Lowell 
Rice Mr & Mrs J A 48 Fayette 
Rice Mrs X S 393 Broadway 
Richards UtAMx4 Albin M 22 Bigelow 
Richards Mrs J R 1715 Cambridge 
Richards Miss L B 1715 Cambridge 
Richards Prof ifc Mis T W 15 FoUen 
Richardson Miss B S 27 Everett 
Richardson Mr A Mrs George 7 Frost 
Richardson Miss M 27 Everett 
Richardson Mr & Mrs W M 180 Brattle 
Ricker Mr <& Mra C A 44 Avon Hill 
Ricker Mr & Mra Elbridge G S 7 Kirk- 
land Rd 
Riddle Miss C C 6 Arrow 
Riddle Mr George 6 Arrow 
Riegel Mr & Mra E Raymond 20 Lang- 
Rindge Mr & Mra Samuel 62 Upland Rd , 
Risley Mr & Mra Walter J 230 Up- 
land Rd 
Ritchie Mr A Mra David A 26 Wash- 
ington Av 
Rivinius Mr A Mra F C 92 Washington 

. Avenue 
Rivinius Mr Q A 92 Washington Av 
Robbins Mies Emily C 13 Waterhouse 
Roberts Miss CeoUe 157 Brattle 
Roberts Mra C S 157 Brattle 
Roberts Mr D C 20 Craigie 
Roberts Mr A Mra G B 20 Craigie 
Robinson Mr A Bira A T 27 Dana 
Robinson Prof A Mra B L 3 Clement 

Robinson Miss E N* 54 Langdon 
Robinson Mr A Mra F N, Longfellow Pk 
Robinson Mr A Mra Jabes L 67 Lake 

View Av 
Robinson Mra Martha C 51 Langdon 
Robinson Miss Mary W 54 Langdon 
Robinson The Misses 110 Irving 
Roby Mr A Mra F G 1039 Mass Av 
Rocco Miss Emma A 2162 Mass Av 



Rocco Miss Lillian 2162 Mass Av 
Rockwell Dr & Mrs J A 24 Garden 
Rockwell Miss 14 Ellsworth Av 
Rockwood Mr & Mrs Wendell D 11 

Rodgers Mr &, Mrs Oliver 6 Sacramento 
Rogers Mr & Mrs C M 73 Frost 
Rogers Mr & Mrs Frank F Jr 176 Up- 
land Rd 
Rogers Mr A Mrs F S 10 Arlington 
Rogers Mr db Mrs F W 5 Craigie 
Rogers Mr & Mrs L Waldo 55 Dana 
Rogers Mrs M M 10 Ellsworth Av 
Rolfe Mr & Mrs C J 406 Broadway 
Rolfe Mr W J 406 Broadway 
Rome Mr & Mrs J J, Riverbank Court 
Roos Mr & Mrs Peter 24 Sacramento 
Ropes Prof & Mrs J H 13 Follen 
Ross Dr Denman W 24 Craigie 
Ross Mrs James H 102 Avon Hill 
Row Mr & Mrs I F 96 Prescott 
Royal The 281 Harvard 
Royce Prof & Mrs Josiah 103 Irving 
Rugg Mr & Mrs W A, Riverbank Court 
Ruggles Mr & Mrs W B 65 Wendall 
Russegue Mr & Mrs F A, Riverbank 

Russell Mr Charles L 26 Inman 
Russell Mr & Mrs Elmer A 33 Mellen 
Russell Mr db Mrs H E, Riverbank Ct 
Russell Mr <fe Mrs H F 1 Exeter Pk 
Russell Mr & Mrs H W 1654 Mass Av 
Russell Mr & Mrs Joseph B 69 Sparks 
Russell Mr J B Jr 69 Sparks 
Russell Mr & Mrs J Henry 176 Hancock 
Russell Miss J K 69 Sparks 
Russell Mr & Mrs J P 6 Sacramento 
Ryan Dr A Mrs John W 944 Mass Av 

Sabine Mr & Mrs Hylas 40 Shepard 
St John Mr C H 1648 Mass Av 
Baiter Mr C H 25 Lancaster 
Salter The Misses 25 Lancaster 
Sampson Mr Arthur H 16 Avon 
Sands Mr & Mrs Frank E 22 Avon 
Sands Miss Marion 95 Upland Road 

Sands Mr & Mrs Martin W 30 Luneas- 

Sands Mr & Mrs Orrin E 95 Upland Rd 
Sanger Prof C R 103 Walker 
Sanger Mr Warren 36 Arlington 
Sargeant Mr & Mrs Cyrua 29 Concord 

Sargent Dr Dudley A 27 Everett 
Sargent Mrs Edwin 1 18 Agassis 
Sargent Mr & Mrs E P 94 Brattle 
Sargent Mr & Mrs Frederick LeR 27. 

Saul Mr & Mrs W B 19 Highland Av 
Saunders Miss Carrie H 1627 Mass Av 
Saunders Mrs Charles 1627 Mass Av 
Saunders Mr Francis £ 4 Chauncy 
Saunders Mr & Mrs George 900 Mass 

Saunders Mr &, Mrs George £ 5 Con- 
cord Av 
Saunders Mr George S 9 Concord Av 
Saunders Mr & Mrs H A 32 Gray 
Saunders Mrs R M 7 LoweU 
Sauveur Mr &, Mrs A 20 Elmwood At 
Sauveur Dr L 18 Centre 
Sauveur The Misses 18 Centre 
Savage Mr & Mrs Heniy W 19a Berke- 
Saville Mr & Mrs Huntington 52 Shep- 
Saville Mrs H M 57 Shepard 
Sawin Mr & Mrs Moses M 73 Brattle 
Sawtelle Mr & Mrs H F 65 Dana 
Sawtelle Mr & Mrs W O 29 Ware 
Sawyer Mr &, Mrs A H, Riverbank 

Sawyer Mrs E D 7 Clinton 
Sawyer Mr db Mrs E D 10 Oeveland 
Sawyer Mr &, Mrs George A 1637 Mass 

Sawyer Mr & Mrs Robert W Jr 77 

Larch Road 
Sawyer The Misses 48 Mt Vernon 
Sawyer The Misses 1840 Mass Av 
Schlesinger Mrs Herman 98 Avon Hill 
Sohofield Prof & Mrs 101 Brattle 



School Agassis, Sacramento St 
School Cambridge Manual Training, 

School £pisc3pal Theol, Brattle St 
School High, Broadway 
School Peabody, Linnaean St 
School Scientific, Kirkland St 
Schultz Mr & Mrs John A 31 Maple Av 
Scorgie Mr & Mrs J C 228 Brattle 
Scott Mr & Mrs Alex F 2 aeveland 
Seudder Mrs Horace E 17 Buckingham 
Scudder Mr Samuel H 156 Brattle 
Scully Mr A Mrs J J 317 Charles River 

Seagrave Mr & Mrs C B 48 Bellevue Av 
Searle Prof A Mrs Arthur 41 Concord 

Seaman Mrs J 22 Ellsworth Av 
Sears Mr & Mrs Henry E 43 Upland Rd 
Seavey Mr & Mrs Weldon W 12 Rut- 
Sedgwick Miss Theodora 71 Kirkland 
Semitic Museum, Divinity Av 
Scnnott Mr A Mrs E T 321 Broadway 
Sennott Dr A Mrs J R 321 Broadway 
Sever Mrs Charles W 12 Frisbie Place 
Sever Mr F W 12 Frisbie PI • 
Sewell Mr A Mrs C R 15 Huron Av 
Shackford Mrs l^eonard 20 Shepard 
Shannon Dr A Mrs N V 891 Mass Av 
Sharkey Mr A Mrs T H 111 Trowbridge 
Sharpies Mr Philip P 22 Concord Av 
Sharpies Prof A Mrs S P 22 Concord Av 
Shaw Mr A Mrs A B 16 Sacramento 
Shaw Mr A Mrs C R 17 Forest 
Shaw Mr A Mrs Edwin L 1740 Mass Av 
Shaw Mr E S 10 Kirkland Place 
Shaw Mr A Mrs F B 16 Wendell 
Shaw Mrs M C 425 Broadway 
Shea Dr A Mrs A D 900 Mass Av 
Shea- Mr A Mrs John G 55 Frost 
Sheehan Mr A Mrs Dennis J 28 Shep- 
Sheehan Mr Francis P 13 Shepard 
Sheehan Mr Patrick J 13 Shepard 
Sheffield Mr A Mrs E J 220 Brattle 

Sheffield Mrs G 33 Brewster 
Sheldon Prof A Mrs E S 11 Francis Av 
Shepard Mr A Mrs P D 3 Exeter Park 
Shepherd Mr A Mrs A F 27 Trowbridge 
Shepherd Mr A Mrs C F 27 Trowbridge 
Shepherd Mr A Mrs Edw A 39 Garfield 
Shepherd Mr A Mrs H M 33 Garfield 
Sherburne Mrs E C, Riverbank Court 
Sheridan Mr J S 54 Buckin^am 
Sheriian Mr A Mrs William H 54 Buck- 
Sherman Mrs Geo E 22 Ellsworth Av 
Sherman Mr A Mrs Roger 61 Brattle 
Sherman Mrs R C 42 Prentiss 
Sherry Mr E C, Riverbank Court 
Sherwood Mr A Mrs Frank H 1654 

Mass Av 
Shorey Mrs A E E 31 Shepard 
Shourds Mr A Mrs Chas F 15 Roseland 
Sibley Miss E A 10 Craigie 
Sibley Mr A Mrs H C 10 Craigie 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 20 Prescott 
Silsby The Misses 19 Forest 
Simmons Miss E R 5 Phillips Place 
Simonds Mrs G C 41 Walker 
Simpson Dr A Mrs E C 1541 Cambridge 
Simpson Mr A Mrs George F 149 Up- 
land Road 
Simpson Mr A Mrs Hiram L 354 Har- 
Sisters of St Joseph 24 Arrow 
Skelton Mrs H T 3 Qinton 
Skilton Mr A Mrs N C 15 IJnniean 
Slack Mr A Mre R H 1682 Mass Av 
Slack Mr R H Jr 1682 Mass Av 
Slade Mr A Mrs F L 13 Roseland 
Slade M A Mrs W 87 Lake View Av 
Sleeper Mrs Frank H 1783 Mass Av 
Smith Mr A Mrs Arthur H 18 Centre 
Smith Mr Arthur K 5 Frost 
Smith Miss A D 7 Appleton 
Smith Mrs A J 5 Frost 
Smith Mr A Mrs B Famham, River- 
bank Court 
Smith Miss Caroline H 1 Chauncy 
Smith Mrs Chaunoey 121 Brattle 


Smith Prof & Mrs Clement L 64 Sparks Spe man Mr & Mrs Henry M 48 Brew 

Smith Mr & Mrs C B 141 Upland Rd ster 

Smith Miss C H 15 Chauncy Spelman Mrs I M 62 Sparks 

Smith Miss C W 45 Fayerweather Spencer Mr Albert A 85 Hancock 

Smith Bir & Mrs E C, Riverbank Court Spencer Miss Catharine 2 Craigie 

Smith Mrs £ W 15 Trowbridge Spencer Mr & Mrs Chas H 19 Garfield 

Smith Mr & Mrs F M 1 Chauncy Spencer Mr & Mrs C W 11 Chauncy 

Smith Mr George G 5 Frost Spencer Mr Henry G 2 Craigie 

Smith Mr & Mrs G L 177 Lexington Av Spencer Mrs W C 2 Craigie 

Smith Bir Harold H 1 Chauncy Springer Mrs M W 40 Hawthorn 

Smith Mrs Horatio S 7 Appleton Spsrvee Mrs £ S 1599 Mass Av 

Smith Mr & Mrs H Porter 41 Dana Stafford Mr & Mrs William Holloway 

Smith Prof Jere 4 Berkeley 33 Lexington Av 

Smith Miss M F 15 Chauncy Stanstead The 19 Ware 

Smith Mr & Mrs O H 8 Mellen Stark Mr & Mrs W F 38 linniean 

Smith Mr & Mrs Ralph 20 Highland Steams Mr & Mrs Harry N 6 Avon 

Avenue Steams Mr & Mrs John P 167 Upland 
Smith Mrs Robert D 2 Phillips Place Road 

Smith Mr Roland L 1 Chauncy Steams Mr & Mrs W F 18 Centre 

Smith Mrs Sarah M 378 Broadway Stebbins Mi; & Mrs C L 52 Fayette 

Smith S £ 7 Appleton Stebbins Mr & Mrs G F, Riverbank 
Smith Bir & Mrs Thos C 28 Clinton Coiui; 

Smith Mr & Mrs Wm B 34 Linniean Steele Mr & Mrs B H 8 Arlington 

Smith The Misses 13 Buckingham Steenstra Miss Isabella G 7 Acacia 

Smyth Prof & Mrs H L 9 Buckingham Steer Bfr & Birs A £, Riverbank Court 

Smyth Prof & Bfrs H W 91 Walker Sterritt Mr & Birs F D, Riverbank 
Snow Birs Isaac R 1686 Cam- Court 

bridge Stetson Mrs Henry C 128 Brattle 

Snow Miss M 1 1686 Cambridge Stevens Dr & Mrs Edmund H 79 Ray- 
Solomon Mr & Mrs Chas W 33 Lex- mond 

ingtonAv Stevens Mr & Mrs E B, Riverbank 
Somers Bliss £ J 290 Harvard Court 

Sortwell Mr & Birs Alvin F 61 Highland Stevens Birs E W 27 Everett 

SortweU Bfrs L M 115 Upfand Rd Stevens Mr G M 1780 Mass Av 

Soule Mr B T 28 Clinton Stevens Mr A Mrs Morris D, Studio 
Soule Mr & Mrs C L 17 Fayette House near 168 Brattle 

Soule Bir Parker F 33 Washington Av Stevens Mr & Mrs R N 57 Frost 

Southard Dr & Mrs E £ 37 Trowbridge Stewart Mr A, Riverbank Court 

Spalding Rev & Birs Chas H 8 Scott Stickney Miss D M 14 Wendell 

Spalding Mr & Birs James Field 43 Stiles Mr & Mrs C S 50 Trowbridge 

Larch Road StiUman Infirmary 260 Mt Auburn 

Spalding Mr A Mrs John J 75 Sparks Stimpson Mrs £ R 2162 Mass Av 

Spalding Bir Thomdike 75 Sparks Stodder Mr & Mrs S I B 20 EllswoHh 
Sparrow Dr & Mrs £ H 326 Harvard Avenue 

Sparrow Birs H A 326 Harvard Stokes Mrs A S 18 Trowbridge 

Sparrow Mr A Mrs H F 15' Forest Stone Mr A Mrs W E 15 Hawthorn 



Storer Miss E H 63 Garden 
Storer The Misses 51 Garden 
Storey Mr F G 195 Upland Rd 
Stover Mr A Mrs C A 51 Trowbridge 
Stxatton Miss Annie F 26 Linnaean 
Stratton Mr & Mrs Charles F 26 Lin- 

Stratton Mr & Mrs £ B 24 LinnsBan 
Stratton Mr G F 24 Idnxnean 
•Stratto n Mr A Mm N A 15 Langdon 
Strauss Mr & Mrs A W 1039 Mas.? Av 
Strong Mr Arthur M, Riverbank Court 
Strong Mr B 24 Concord Av 
Strong Mrs C P 24 Concord Av 
Strong Rev & Mrs George A 23 Brew- 
Stuart Mr & Mrs J R 342 Harvard 
Stubbs Misd Hazel I 147 Mt Auburn 
Sturgis Mr & Mrs C E 888 Mass Av 
Sturgis Mr & Mrs John H 154 Brattle 
Sturtevant Mr & Mrs A C Jr 20 Rose- 
Sturtevant Mr & Mrs D 27 Garfie d 
Sullivan Dr Abbie C 103 EUery 
Sullivan Mrs Cornelius 82 Oxford 
Sullivan Mr & Mrs D J 103 EUery 
Sullivan Mr & Mrs J J 49 Walker 
Sullivan Mr J J 117 Trowbridge 
Sullivan Mr & Mrs J J 30 Inman 
Sullivan Mr & Mrs J P 117 Trowbridge 
Sullivan Mrs L B 117 Trowbridge 
Sullivan Mrs T D 1746 Cambridge 
Sumner Mrs Allen M 174 Brattle 
Sumner Hall 1727 Cambridge 
Swaim Mrs A D 16 Craigie 
Swaim Miss £ D 16 Craigie 
Swaim Rev & Mrs J S 190 Brattle 
Swaim Mr L T 190 Brattle 
Swaim Mr R D 190 Brattle 
Swdin Mr & Mrs A C 40 Aiiing«bn 
Swan Mrs S H 167 BratUe 
Swan Dr William D 167 Brattle 
Swan Mr & Mrs W B, Riverbank Court 
Swasey Mr & Mrs Sumner £ 788 Mas- 
sachusetts Av 
Sweet Mr & Mrs A K 64 Gorham 

Sweet Mrs E F, Riverbank Court 
Sweetman Mr & Mrs J B 153 Lexing- 
ton Av 
Swett Mrs E F 16 Bigelow 
Swett Mr & Mrs H W 12 Arlington 
Swift Mr & Mrs C B 18 Centre 
Switasler Mr & Mrs Clififord T 105 Lex- 
ington Av 
Symonds Miss C A 22 Gray 
Symonds Mrs S £ 22 Gray 
Symonds Mr & Mrs S L, Riverbank 

Taft Dr & Mrs C H 17 Lowell 
Taft Dr & Mrs Ezra F 32 Avon Hill 
Taft Dr George L 17 Lowell 
Taft Mr & Mrs Theodore H 1 Avon PI 
Taintor Mr & Mrs Giles 120 Brattle 
Tapley Mr & Mrs C W 334 Broadway 
Taplin Mr & Mrs L E 9 Mellen 
Tarbell Mr & Mrs G F 3 Walnut Av 
Tatlock Mrs John 15 Trowbridge 
Taussig Prof & Mrs F W 2 Scott 
Taylor Mr & Mrs Collins B 33 Chatham 
Taylor Mr & Mrs Dav d E 83 Prospect 
Taylor Dr & Mrs F W 1735 Mass Av 
Taylor Mr George M 349 Harvard 
Taylor Mrs H, Riverbank Court 
Taylor Dr & Mrs J R, Riverbank 

Taylor Mrs J Watson 400 Mt Auburn 
Taylor Mr J W 400 Mt Auburn 
Taylor Mr & Mrs WiUiam A 51 Walker 
Taylor Mr & Mrs W J 16 Rutland 
Teague Mr & Mrs Charles S 24 Bowdoin 
Templeton The 367 Harvard 
Tenney Mr & Mrs C D 86 Buckingham 
Thacher Rev F S 19 Brewster 
Thacher Mr S Id Brewster 
Tiiacher The Misses 19 Brewster 
Thaxter Mr & Mrs Roland 7 Soott 
Thayer Mrs Bertha 44 Garfield 
Thayer Mr & Mrs B T 30 Hillside Av 
Thayer Mr & Mrs F £ 44 Garfield 
Thayer Mrs James B 5 Phillips PI 
Thayer Mrs Joshua P 12 Trowbridge 



Thayer Mrs J H 67 Sparks 
Thayer Mr & Mrs Wm R 8 Berkeley 
Thomas Dr & Mrs C H 1718 Mass Av 
Thomas Mr Sc Mrs C M 434 Broadway 
Thomas Mr & Mrs D P, Riverbank 

Thomas Mr & Mrs Frederick A 94 Lake 

View Av 
Thomas Mr & Mrs F H 3 Langdon Sq 
Thomas Dr W K S 1718 Mass Av 
Thompson Mr & Mrs C M 161 Brattle 
Thompson Mrs E H 71 Dana 
Thompson Mr & Mrs E H 49 Oxford 
Thompson Mr & Mrs W V 24 Inman 
Thorp Mr & Mrs J G 115 Brattle 
Thurlow Mr & Mrs J G 14 Avon 
Thurston Mr & Mrs Charles H 16 Trow- 
Thurston Mr & Mrs John H 8 Trow- 
bridge PI 
Thurston Mrs J M 27 Mellen 
Ticknor Mr & Mrs Thomas B 18 High- 
Tiffany Rev Francis 11 Hilliard 
Tiffany The Misses 11 Hilliard 
Tillinghast Mr & Mrs W H 27 Everett 
TUton Miss A E 45 Highland 
Tilton Mr & Mrs C H, Riverbank Court 
Tilton Mr C H Jr, Riverbank Court 
Tilton Mr & Mrs F W 86 Sparks 
Tilton Mrs Henry N 45 Highland 
Tinker Mr & Mrs George K 15 Ellery 
Tinkham Mr & Mrs Henry I 3 Clinton 
Tippett Mr & Mrs Thos M 770 Mass Av 
Tobey Mr & Mrs Austin B 35 Bowdoin 
Todd Mr & Mrs G W 33 Walker 
Topham Mr Cushing ^ Highland 
Toppan Mrs Robert N 54 Highland 
Torrey Prof & Mrs H A 5 Fuller PI 
Tower Dr Charles B 1 Waterhouse 
Tower Mrs Levi 7 Ellsworth Av 
Towne Mr George H 20 Lee 
Towne Mrs T B 39 Hurlburt 
Toy Prof & Mrs C H 7 LoweU 
Tracey Mr & Mrs Thomas F 19 Rutland 
Tracy Mrs M F 21 Bowdoin 

Treadwell Mr & Mrs R H 19 Bellevue 

Trinity Hall, Mt Auburn St 
Trowbridge Prof John 58 Linnsean 
Trowbridge The 19 Trowbridge 
Truitt Mr & Mrs Robert R 160 Lake 

View Av 
Tryon Mr & Mrs Joseph 78 Oxford 
Tufts Mr & Mrs Joseph P 5 Forest 
Tupper Mrs B T 11 Trowbridge 
Tumbull Mrs A E 52 Wendell 
Turner Mr & Mrs Charles W 21 Walker 
Turner Mr & Mrs H H 40 Irving 
Turner Mr & Mrs J E 53 Trowbridge 
Tutin Mr & Mrs A A 25 Clinton 
Tuttle Dr & Mrs Albert H 350 Charles 

River Rd 
Tyler Mr & Mrs H M 10 Avon PI 
Tyler Mr & Mrs J 467 Broadway 
Tyler Mr & Mrs Leslie 101 Upland Rd 

UnderhiU Mr & Mrs R I 56 Frost 
University The 1039 Massachusetts Av 
Upham Mr Harold C 10 Linnffian 
Upham Mr & Mrs H T 10 Linnsean 
Usher Mr K 11 Hillside Av 
Usher Mr Samuel 11 Hillside Av 

Valentine The Misses 1 Trowbridge PI 
Vallee Mr & Mrs Alphonse C 149 Pros- 
Vallely Mr James B 9^ Roseland 
Valpey Mr & Mrs Henry R 1712 Mass- 
achusetts Av 
Van Everen Mr & Mrs H 13 Kirkland 

Van Pelt Mr A H, Riverbank Court 
Van Rensselaer Mr & Mrs M 33 Concord 

Van Rensselaer The Misses 5 Shepard 
Vaughan -Mr & Mrs Benj 57 Garden 
Vaughan Miss Bertha 57 Garden 
Vaughan Miss Ethel 21 Berkeley 
Vaughan Mr Henry 57 Garden 
Verity Mr & Mrs W S 42 Mt Vernon 
Viano Mr & Mrs F E 12 Day 



Vickery Mr & Mrs R, Riverbank Court 

Victoria The 28 Inman 

Vioal Mifls Carrie 93 Upland Rd 

Vinal Mrs Charles P 93 Upland Rd 

Vinal Mra C C 20 LoweU 

Vinal The Misses 20 Lowell 

Vinnloombe Mr & Mrs Edward J 101 

Vinton Miss Mary A 6 Channing 
Virgin Miss £ M 14 Chauncy 
Vogel Mrs Adolph, Bromley Court, 

Preeoott St 
vonJagemann Prof & Mrs H C G 113 

vonMach Prof & Mrs Edmund R O 48 


Wadden Mr & Mrs N J 1 Hancock Pk 
Wadden Mr & Mrs William M 325 Har- 
Wade Mr & Mrs E W 82 EUery , 
Wadsworth Chambers 83 Brattle 
Waite Mr & Mrs Edwin E 29 Shepard 
Waloott Mr & Mrs Charles 57 Lake 

View Av 
Waloott Mrs Charles F 85 Sparks 
Waloott Mrs H B 117 Walker 
Waloott Dr Henry P. 11 Waterhouse 
Waloott Mr & Mrs Robert 18 Haw- 
Waldo Mr & Mrs F*65 Shepard 
Walker Mr Alliston Dudley 15 Ware 
Walker Mrs Anna A 15 Ware 
Walker Dr A Mrs A C 5 Acacia 
Walker Mr & Mrs Baron S 788 Mass Av 
Walker Mrs Charles 47 Wendell 
Walker Dr Fred P W 788 Mass Av 
Walker Mr & Mrs Halley T 31 Bowdoin 
Walker Mrs M A 38 Arlington 
Walker Mr A Mrs Richard 165 Mount 

Walker Mr Robert T 5 Acacia 
Walker Mr A Mrs William, Riverbank 

Walker Mr A Mrs WUliam H 38 Arling- 

Wallis Mr A Mrs J E 11 Bigelow 
Walsh Miss Nellie F 357 Harvard 
Waltpn Mr & Mrs M L 21 Lancaster 
Wals Mr A Mrs John A 13i Hilliard 
Wambaugh Prof A Mrs Eugene 22 Ber- 
Ward Mr A Mrs Charles H 1009 Mas- 
sachusetts Av 
Ward Miss E M 71 Dana 
Ward Mr A Mrs F L 28 Inman 
Ward Prof A Mrs R DeC 11 Fayer^ 

Wardwell Mr A Mi^ Walter C 465 

Ware Hall, Harvard St 
Ware Mr A Mrs H A 51 Highland 
Ware Mr A Mrs John 18 Ash 
Ware Mr T M 1572 Massiichusetts Av 
Warland Miss M A 81 Brattle 
Warner Mr A Mrs J B 21 Gray 
Warren Mrs Henry J 78 Wash Av 
Warren Prof A Mrs H L, Garden Ter- 
Warr^i Mrs Minton 105 Irving 
Warwick Mr A Mrs George W, River- 
bank Court 
Washburn Dr F A, Riverbank Court 
Washburn Rev A Mrs Henry B 118 

Wason Mr George B 7 Walnut Av 
Watson Mr A Mrs A M 400 Mt Auburn 
Watson Mr A Mrs D L 19 Ellsworth Av 
Watts Mr F B, Riverbank Court 
Watts Miss J C 6 Exeter Park 
Waugh Mr A Mrs John 128 Oxford 
Waumbeck The 885 Massachusetts Av 
Waverly Hall 116 Mt Auburn ' 

Way Mrs John S 137 Oxford 
Waymouth Mr A Mrs George 20 Berk- 
Webb Miss 436 Broadway 
Webber Dr A Mrs F O 9 Lee 
Weber Mr A Mrs H J 43 Lexington Av 
Webster Mr A Mrs H 16 Prentiss 
Webster Dr A Mrs Jos R 40 Prentiss 
Webster Mr A Mrs K G T 19 Ash 



Webster Miss Mary P 40 Prentiss 
Webster Mr & Mrs R J 9 Bellevue Av 
Weir Miss Irene 21 Linniean 
Weir Mrs Walter 21 Tiinninan 
Weitz Mr & Mrs C A 1481 Cambridge 
Welch Mr E J 23 Greenough Av 
Weld Mr & Mrs W E, Riverbank Ck>urt 
Wellington Miss AC 871 Mass Av 
Wellington Miss A H 177 Prospect 
WellingtoA Mrs E A 2210 Mass Av 
Wellington Miss M V 177 Prospect 
Wells Miss A R 8 Elmwood Av 
Wells Mr Henry J 6 Bigelow 
WeUs Mr & Mrs J D 27 Everett 
Wells Mr & Mrs Louis R 9 Cutler Av 
Wentworth Mr & Mrs C E 158 Brattle 
Wentworth Miss E 158 Brattle 
Wentworth Mr & Mrs W H 121 Ray- 
Wesoott Mr & Mrs J U 96 Prospect 
Wesselhoeft Mr Conrad 30 Garden 
Wesselhoeft Mrs Minna 123 Walker 
Wesselhoeft Miss Selina 123 Walker 
Wesselhoeft Dr & Mrs Walter 39 Gar- 
Weston Mr & Mrs Robert D 6 Fayer- 

Wetherbee Dr & Mrs R 798 Mass Av 
Wetherell Mr & Mrs C B 1 Fuller Place 
Wetherell Mr C B Jr 1 Fuller Place 
Wetherell Mr G H 1 Fuller Place 
Weymouth Maior & Mrs H G O 15 

Wheeler Mr & Mrs Chas E 100 Oxford 
Wheeler Mr & Mrs George W 3 Qinton 
Wheeler Mrs Henry N 55 Garden 
Wheeler Mr & Mrs J M 393 Broadway 
Wheeler Mrs Lyman 44 Martin 
Whipple Mr & Mrs George O 10 Sac- 
Whitcomb Mr W C 2 Clinton 
White Mr & Mrs Austin T 16 Traill 
White Mr & Mrs A A 24 Follen 
White Mrs C M 10 Forest 
White I>r & Mrs Edward W 21 E»»ery 
White Dr & Mrs E P 1654 Mass Av 

White Prof & Mrs H S 29 Reservoir 
White Mr & Mrs James 259 Upland RcL 
White Prof & Mrs John W 18 Concord 

White Mr & Mrs J A 2 Mellen 
White Mrs J L 59 Brattle 
White Miss Lucy E 19 Prentiss 
White Mr & Mrs M P 11 Highland 
White Mr & Mra W B 1537 Cambridge 
Whiting Mr & Mrs C F MFiaacia Av 
Whitmg Mr & Mrs C W 62 Kirkland 
Whiting Mr & Mrs F J 22 Dana 
Whitmg Mr & Mrs S B 11 Ware 
Whiting Mrs Walter S 98 Trowbridge 
Whitman Mr & Mrs E A 23 Everett 
Whitman Mr & Mrs E H, Riverbank 

Whitman Mr & Mrs F H 88 EUery 
Whitmarsh Mr & Mrs C F 15 Trow- 
Whitmore Mrs A M 34 Mellen 
Whitney Mr & Mrs George £ 788 Mas- 
sachusetts Av 
Whitney Mr J L 2 Divinity Av 
Whitney Miss Maria 2 Divinity Av 
Whitney Miss Mary 10 A£^ 
Whitney Mrs M E 18 Forest 
Whittemore Mrs Benj B 17 Bigelow 
Whittemore Mr C F 11 Ellsworth Av 
Whittemore Mr & Mrs Frank I 36 Lin- 

Whittemore Mrs F W 39 Brattle 
Whittemore Rev Geo H 329 Harvard 
Whittemore Mr & Mrs H S 33 Chatham 
Whittemore Mr & Mrs W R 3Q Irving 
Whittle Mr & Mrs C L 24 Langdon 
Wier The Misses 45 Walker 
Wiggin Dr Ralph C« Bromley Court 
Wiggin Mr & Mrs W P 18 Frost 
Wifi^t Mrs J 147 Lexington Av 
Wilcox Mrs George B 13 Cleveland 
Wilder Mr & Mrs C D 13 Lancaster 
Wilder Miss F E 367 Harvard 
Wflder Mrs Geo B 51 Frost 
Wildes Mr & Mre G D 3 Avon 
Wildes Miss Marjorie 3 Avon 



WOey Mr Arthur M 213 Brattle 
Wiley Mr & Mrs William J 213 Brattle 
Wilkey Mr & Mis Frederick 64 Walker 
WiUdns Mr & Mrs Ernest H 58 Shepard 
Wilkins Miss L 23 LancastRr 
Wilkins Mr & Mrs S F 58 Shepard 
Willard Mr & Mrs C F 43 Martin 
Willard Mrs Robert 2 Berkeley PI 
Willard Miss Susanna 2 Berkeley PI 
WOlard Miss Theodora 2 Berkeley PI 
Willey Mrs Aaron R 28 Lee 
Williams Dr & Mrs Edward R 15 Lowell 
Williams Mr & Mrs H M 100 Brattle 
Williams Mrs Joseph 128 Lake View Av 
Williams Mr & Mrs Joseph H 128 Lake 

View Av 
Williams Mr & Mrs J A 7 Roseland 
Williams Mrs J Bertram 6 Channing PI 
Williams Mr & Mrs J E 1556 Cambridge 
Williams Mr & Mrs Rufus P 86 Wash- 
ington Av 
Williamson Mr & Mrs J B 16 Centre 
Williston Mrs Lyman R 15 Berkeley 
Williston The Misses 15 Berkeley 
Willson Prof & Mrs Robert W 64 Brat- 
Wilson Miss Bertha E 35 Trowbridge 
Wilson Mrs B L 25 Walker 
Wilson Mr & Mrs C S 14 EUery 
Wilson Mrs Davies 1654 Mass Av 
Wilson Mrs Edith L 42 Bowdoin 
Wilson Prof Edwin B 16 Lee 
Wilson Mr <fe Mrs J H 37 Arlington 
Wilson Mrs M J 24 Lee 
Wilson Mr & Mrs Thomas 28 Inman 
Wiltberger Miss Amelia E 16 Avon 
Winlook Mr & Mrs G L 41 Bowdoin 
Winlock Mr & Mrs John P 18 Clinton 
Winlock Mrs Joseph 59 Langdon 
Wiosor Mrs Justin 1 Highland 
Winter Prof & Mrs I L Hubbard Pk 
Withee The Misses 52 Brattle 
Wolcott Dr & Mrs J A 331 Broadway 
Wolff Mr & Mrs Frederick 944 Massa- 
chusetts Avenue 
Wolff Prof & Mrs J E 37 Gorham 

Wood Mrs Elmer E 58 Hammond 
Wood Mr & Mrs F W C 35 Prentiss 
Wood Mr & Mrs George A 12 Chauncy 
Wood Mr & Mrs Harry J 5 Bates 
Wood Mr & Mrs Isaac T 4 Willard 
Wood Mr I Trumbull 4 Willard 
Wood Mr & Mrs James A 1691 Massa- 
chusetts Av 
Wood Mr & Mrs John T 14 Avon 
Wood Mr & Mrs J W Jr 367 Harvard 
Wood Mrs M H F 43 Kirkland 
Wood Mr & Mrs William H 298 Har- 

Woodard Mr & Mrs B W 3 Clinton 
Woodbury Mrs E A 28 Lee 
Woodbury Mr & Mrs Gordon 10 Chan- 
ning Place 
Woodbury Miss G 12 Prentiss 
Woodbury Mr & Mrs P O 12 Prentiss 
Woodman Mr & Mrs C F 76 Garfield 
Woodman Mrs E LeB 200 Brattie 
Woodman Mrs E R 18 Centre 
Woodman Mrs F S, Riverbank Court 
Woodman Miss Mary 9 Kirkland PI 
Woodman Dr & Mrs Walter, Hubbard 

Woodruff Mrs W B 10 MeUen 
Woods Mr & Mrs Charles R 35 Con- 
cord Av 
Woodworth Mr & Mrs E B 1648 Mas- 
sachusetts Av 
Woodworth Mr W McMichael 149 Brat- 
Woolson Mrs J A 32 Quincy 
Woolway Mr & Mrs R 11 Cleveland 
Worcester Mrs Asa 7 Felton 
Worcester Mr & Mrs Frederick 1734 

Massachusetts Av 
Worcester Mr & Mrs Henry E 10 Kirk- 
land Rd 
Wright Mr & Mrs Alfred A 9 Clinton 
Wright Mrs A H 114 Washington Av 
Wright Mr Geo G 20 Mellen 
Wright Mr & Mrs G E 19 Ware 
Wright Miss H A 20 MeUen 
Wright Mrs H D 36 Shepard 


Wri^t Prof A Mn J H 3S Quincy Wymsn Mr Morrill 77 Spai^u 

Wright Hn Theodore F 42 Quincy Wyman Mi» M M 31 Havthom 

WyeUi Mr Benjamin F Jr S Rutland Wyman Un S E 2 Mt Aubuis 

Wyeth Mi 1 Mis B F 9 Rutland 

Wyeth Mr Harry D a Rutland Ymn Mi H D 37 LancMtar 

Wyeth Min H E 1791 Mau Av Yena Mr A Mra Woodford 79 Upland 

Wyeth Mr Jamea H 319 Brattle Road 

Wyeth Mi« Mviou B 9 Rutl^d Young Men's ChriatiAn Ano«ation Sae 

Wyeth The Mieeee 26 Huron Av ManuihuBetta Av 

Wyman Prof A Mn B 3 Fuller PI Young Mn Nina I 59 Fixiit 

Wyman Mn £dw 33 Biswner Younii Mr Philip, Riverbenk Court 

Wyman Dr E B 51 Brattle Young Mr & Mis S E 32 Bates 

Wyman Mn Jame* T 770 Maw Av Young Mr W E, Riverbank Court 

WymoD Ml & Mre John F 33 Fayette 

Wyman Mins Margaret C 3 Craigie Zirablen Hr ft Hn Henry S2 HartJu 

E. B. BIRD ^Wf> 27 School St. 


book: i=Xjj9l.tes 


' Dedgnlni Ola Blnklus . Carrlng 

EiuniTTng RwalilnE FlatlDg 

; ChatlDK Enamel 1 lie ElcMng 


3 WINTER ST., Room 34, 4th FLOOR 

B08T0X, MASS. 

'f . I" 












(P Boulevard Station) 

11 Mr & Mrs Simon Davis 12 

19 Mr & Mrs F Eugene Beldep 12 

19 Mr Stanton P Belden 12 

25 Mrs.R A Stranahan 20 

25 Miss Anna R Stranahar 20 

29^ Mr & Mrs T A Brook 26 

33 Mr & Mrs James M Head 34 

43 Mr & Mrs MeUen T Bird 34 

43 Mrs L B Parkhurst 40 

51 Mr & Mrs Chas E Osgood 46 

Mr Henry A Locke 
Mr H A G Locke 
Miss Hattie Locke 
Mr Lawrence J McOarty 
Mrs Sarah E McCarty 
Mr & Mrs E W Pierce 
Mr D W Gushing 
Miss Esther Gushing 
Mr & Mrs A J Bamfard 
Mr & Mrs Greorge Inston 


17 Mr & Mrs "Warren D Vinal 
17 Mr Herbert W Vinal 
17 Mrs Edwin Bruce 
17 Mr & Mrs P B Bruce 
21 Mr & Mrs Wm J Freeman 
35 Mr & Mrs Alvah Wiswall 
37 Mr William R Ghaflfee 
37 Mrs Lua A Sheldon 
"9 Mr & Mrs H J Jemegan 
41 Mr & Mrs Willard N Gale 
43 Mr & Mrs Henry Hatch 
45 Mr & Mrs Francis W Bacon 
47 Mrs James G Tucker 
47 Miss D B Walker 
49 Mr & Mrs Wm E Perry 
51 Mr & Mrs Ghas G Kellogg 
53 Gol & Mrs E M Oilman 
55 Mr & Mrs Edwin F Cook Jr 

Mr Howard B Lent 

Mrs James Lent 

Mr & Mrs George M Gonant 

Mr & Mrs Thomas I Mc- 

16 Mr & Mrs Wm J Emerson 
56 Mr & Mrs John J Lyons 
86 Mr & Mrs Wm B Sprout 
90 Miss Mary E Wood 
90 Mr Henry A Wood 
94 Mr & Mrs Henry McDewell 
98 Mr & Mrs Henry W Ed- 
128 Miss Louise Bigelow 


57 Mr &«Mrs Edw Saunders 
59 Mr & Mrs H B Waters 
Mrs Edwin S Smith 
Mr & Mrs Henry I Gorme- 

Mrs G W Walker 
71 Mr & Mrs Herb't J Blodgett 
97 Mr & Mrs Clarence H Esty 
99 Mr Albert H Esty 
125 Mr & Mrs Fred'k E Hall 
129 Mr & Mrs J P Mackey 
135 Mrs F H Holton 




(P Chestnut Hm) 

91 Commonwealth Country 48 Mr & Mrs B R Felton 

Club 52 Mr & Mrs Charles G Magee 

78 Mr & Mrs Sidney S Harvey 

106 Mrs Mary A Cole 106 Mr & Mrs Ludwig Gerhard 


31 Mr & Mrs George A Bugbee 

36 Mrs William Parker 

41 Mrs James Dana 

41 Mr James Dana 

41 Miss Dana 

43 Mr John H Cabot 

43 Miss Cabot 

52 Mr <fe Mrs Charles P Ware 


10 Mrs Henry P Briggs 

14 Mr & Mrs Clifford C Payson 

28 Miss M A Flagg 

28 Miss H G Flagg 

32 Mr & Mrs Walter Gierasch 

36 Mr & Mrs Carleton Hunne- 

36 Mrs E S Ingle 
44 Mr & Mrs A H Latham 
48 Mr & Mrs Charles K Bolton 


33 Mrs Mortimer C Ferris 
33 Miss Mary E Ferris 

64 Mrs William L Chase 
64 Mr WilUam H Chase 
64 Miss Chase 

28 Mr & Mrs A F Gordon 

36 Mr & Mrs F M Seam^s 

36 Mr F F Seamans 

36 Mr & Mrs Ernest L Lyon 

36 Mrs Harriet L Chapin 

42 Mr & Mrs Emery B Gibbs 

42 Mrs Martha M Gibbs 

(P O Chestnut HiU) 
3 Mr & Mrs Francis W Tulley 4 Mrs William H Coffin 


20 Mr & 

44 Mr E Y Stimpson 

50 Mrs Harrison Gardner 30 

60 Mr & Mrs J Howard Duer 36 

68 Mr & Mrs Curtis B Downer 44 

Mrs A W Kaffen- 
Mr & Mrs Sydney Dreyfus 
Mr & Mrs Henry Howard 
Mr H W Cotton 


57 Mr & Mrs F T Sullivan St Paul's Church 

65 Mr A Mrs H S Hatch (Rev Leonard K Storrs) 



AspiNWALir Av — Continued 

71 Mr & Mrs J Everett Brown 
71 Mrs Mary W Brown 
79 Mrs Michael MuUowney 
89 Mr & Mrs Charles W Smith 
89 Miss Carrie M Smith 
97 Mr Henry L Eustis 
105 Dr & Mrs H M Cutts 
123 Mr & Mrs J George Rick 
135 Mr & Mrs Archie D Friend 
145 Mr & Mrs Benj O Flower 
155 Mr & Mrs L F Baldwin 
157 Mr William Lloyd 
157 Miss D E Lloyd 
159 Mr & Mrs Wm Atkinson 
165 Capt & Mrs William F 

177 Dr & Mrs Douglas Graham 
177 Miss Marion N Graham 
179 Mr & Mrs Mark J Mackey 
179 Mrs Caroline Mackey 
183 Mr Peter Keiser 
.189 Mr & Mrs George Hawley 
X99 Mr & Mrs Thomas J Creig 
207 Mr & Mrs Marshall Put- 
nam Thompson 
207 Miss Madilane Southworth 
213 Mr F G Holden 
219 Mr & Mrs D W Northrop 
223 Mr & Mrs Lincoln Grant 

130 Rev & Mrs Leonard K 

150 Mrs Alfred Kenrick 
152 Mr Oliver Hagan 
160 Mr & Mrs Charies E Blan- 

ch ard 
162 Dr & Mrs George W Kaan 
172 Mr & Mrs J A Hickey 
184 Mr & Mrs A W Bliss 
194 Dr & Mrs Fred B Percy 
198 Mrs T S Winslow 
198 Miss A Isabel Winslow 
198 Miss Elizabeth E Munroe 
204 Mrs P B Howard 
204 Miss M Howard 
208 Mr & Mrs F H Burkhardt 
212 Mr & Mrs John J Richards 
220 Mr & Mrs Leslie C Wead 
220 Mr Frederick C Wead 
220 Mr Harold W Wead 
224 Mr & Mrs W H Bowker 
224 Mr & Mrs E P Bowker 
232 Mr & Mrs A H Higgins 

227 Mrs G F Williams 

227 Mr & Mrs Armstrong T 

233 Mr & Mrs S W Reynolds 
233 The Misses Reynolds 


1 Mr & Mrs Wm G Anderson 
Mr & Mrs Francis S Cobb 
Mr & Mrs Howard W 

3 Mr & Mrs Charles B Sloat 
Mr & Mrs Edw C Sherman 
Mr & Mrs John W Dodd 

5 Mr A; Mrs Gerhard M W 
Mr & Mrs S C Elliott 
Mrs David F Hinckley 

7 Mrs Lucy W Wilson 

Mr--A Mrs Harry E Marvel 
Mr & Mrs. Francis P Adams 

2 Mr & Mrs Edgar H Smith 
Mrs Emeline H Ewer 
Mr & Mrs Clarence S Pres- 
4 Mr & Mrs Ernest J H 

Mr & Mrs Elbert K Sher- 
Mr & Mrs Thos P Harrison 
6 Mr & Mrs David A Weir 
Mrs Samuel Emmes 
Mrs F S Bobbins 
8 Mr & Mrs J E Wortken 


Philadelphia Ice Cream Co/s 


Orders deliyered in BrookllD«, Roxbnry and South Boston. 
Two deUveries daily TELEPHONE OXFORD 58^ 

Telephone 478-3 Oxford Work Gaaranteed 

Oriental Rug and Carpet 
Renovating Works 

D. F. CHUTJIAN, Manifer 

We Clean, Stretch and Repair all Kinds of Bugs and Needle 

Art Work by Armenian experts 

too BOYLSTON ST . Room 527> BOSTON, MASS. 

H. J. OLMSTED, D. 0. E. SCAMMAN, D. 0. 

Hoars 9 to 5 

Colonial Theatre Building., lOO Boylston Street 

ROOMS 715-16 
Telephone 93 Oxford BOSTOIST, 2mCA.SS. 



Siik and Lace Robes, Waists, Qloves, Feathers, Etc., Etc. 


Officet 101 Mass. Ave. tel. sen b.b. BosIod, Mass. 
Works, 69 FloroDce Ave. tkl. j2i mslbom Helroset Mass. 




Auburn Court — Continued 

9 Mr & Mrs Ralph A Shepard 
Mr & Mrs Fred'k H Clark- 
Mr & Mrs Henry F Sim- 

Mr & Mrs Frank C Howe 
Mr & Mrs J Atherton Moli- 

10 Capt & Mrs Melville W 

Mr & Mrs John S White 
Mr & Mrs Frederick W 


9 Mr & Mrs C R Edwards 10 Mr & Mrs Edward W Wal- 

15 Mrs John Ferguson 
15 Mr William J Ferguson 

14 Mr Thomas F Hunt 

10 Miss Elsie E Walker 
10 Miss Isabell Parker 
14 Mrs W E Himt 


15 Mrs M T Blake 

15 Mr John F Daley 

15 Miss A L Daley 

17 Miss Anna S Withington 

17 Miss Susan Withington 

21 Mrs John N Chapman 

21 Mrs John S Miles 

23 Mr & Mrs Jacob Nathan 

39 Mrs James M Burgess 

39 Mr & Mrs Rufus A Flanders 

39 Mr & Mrs Myron W Short 

39 Miss Flanders 

39 Miss Constance Flanders 

39 Miss Rosamond Flanders 

45 Mr & Mrs C A Jacobs 

51 Mrs C A Goodale 

Mr & Mrs H A Brown 
Mr Harry L Brown 
Miss Inez B McCollom 
Mrs A J McCollom 
Mr & Mrs Charles L Rich- 
Mr & Mrs S Irving Rich- 
Mr & Mrs Rowland S H 
48 Mr & Mrs William E Frost 
48 Miss Frost 
54 Mrs T C Edgerly 
56 Mrs Charles H Richardson 








51 Dr & Mrs F P Williams 

Mr & Mrs Larz Anderson 

(P O Boulevard Station) 

3 Mr & Mrs Emory S Ensign 
3 Mr & Mrs Benj Webster 

5 Mr & Mrs Jas E Fitzwilson 
5 Mr & Mrs Park N Condit 




(P Botdevard Station) 

28 Mr & Mrs C P Smith 
34 Mr & Mrs Irwin L Smith 
38 Mrs Bertha Gushing Child 
40 Mr & Mrs Frank L Fish 
Mrs S B Thing 
Mr & Mrs Walter G Morey 
46 Mrs K M Jones 
46 Mr & Mrs William Otis 

46 Mrs Paul Caine 
46 Miss Keyes 
48 The Babcock 

Mr & Mrs Wilbur T Chollar 
Mr & Mrs Thos K Cory 
Mr & Mrs Ralph L Pope 
Mrs George G Manning 
Mr & Mrs D Morgan Crosby 
Mr George A Souther 
60 Mr & Mrs Elmer M Dunn 
64 Mr & Mrs Wm Bunting Jr 
64 Mr Ralph V Bunting 
82 Mr & Mrs Samuel D Goode- 

86 Mrs H C Nutt 
86 Mr Frank A Nutt 
86 Miss Mary G Nutt 
90 Mr & Mrs Osmon C Bailey 
90 Miss Ethel A Bailey 
112 Mr & Mrs A W Chesterton 
134 Mr & Mrs W A McKenney 
150 Mrs S C Pulsifer 
150 Miss Mary G Pulsifer 
156 Mr & Mrs Albion F Bemis 
162 Mr & Mrs Walter H Woods 
170 Dr P E Burtchaell 
182 Mr & Mrs F A Hubbard 
190 Mr & Mrs Chas E Aldrich 
227 Mr & Mrs Josiah A Thomas 198 Mr & Mrs G F Daniels 
231 Mr & Mrs F W Richards 204 Mr & Mrs T A Crimmins 

210 Mr & Mrs J H Proctor 

240 Mr & Mrs Edw C Beasley 222 Mrs Swain P Chick 

Mr & Mrs Almeron B 226 Mr & Mrs G M Barnum Jr 
Bacon 226 Mr & Mrs J A Gale 

240 Mr & Mrs Wm D Jamie son 

15 The Gables 

Mr & Mrs Causten Browne 
The Misses Morrill 
Mr & Mrs Geo A Chapman 
Mrs Gardiner H Shaw 
Mr & Mrs Chas S Kendall 
Mr & Mrs Port B Elkins 
23 Mr & Mrs Edward J Feeley 
27 Mrs Matthew McNeilly 
27 Mr Frank J McNeilly 
29 Mr & Mrs Robert Whigham 
29 Mr J Douglas Whigham 
43 Mr & Mrs John G Brady 
51 Mr & Mrs M N Smith 
51 Mr Nelson H Smith 
51 Miss Miriam Smith 
57 Mr & Mrs Chas E Adams 
63 Mr & Mrs Walter A Went- 

91 Mr & Mrs R S Swan 
95 Mr & Mrs Charles A Brown 
99 Mr & Mrs John A Kreiger 
105 Mr & Mrs W M Howard 
109 Mr & Mrs Daniel Tyler 
117 Mr & Mrs Samuel White 
123 Mr & Mrs H K Blan chard 
163 Mr & Mrs George Adams 
167 Mr & Mrs W W Brooks 
173 Dr & Mrs W T Holland 
189 Mr & Mrs Charles H Mead 
189 Mrs Carl H F Proeschold 
195 Mr & Mrs Geo M Bonney 
199 Mrs F W Sargent 
199 Mr W H Kimball 
205 Mr & Mrs Wm L Henry 
209 Mr & Mrs C B Wheelock 
217 Mrs George Chandler 



(P Boulevard Station) 

19 Mrs A L Duke 
19 Mr Allen H Duke 
19 Miss Mabel C Duke 
25 Mr & Mrs Robert E Gregg 
29 Mr & Mrs V F Holmes 
33 Mr & Mrs Benj K Hough 
37 Mr & Mrs Wilton E Drake 
37 Mr & Mrs WilUam Frank- 
lin Lamb 
41 Mr & Mrs Arthur C Stem 
41 Mr & Mrs Morris F Bronner 

45 Mr & Mrs F A Arnold 
45 Mr & Mrs F E Muzzey 
49 Mr & Mrs Ohver C Faust 
49 Mr & Mrs C F Monk 
53 Mr Charles H Bailey 
53 Mrs R T Baker 
53 Mr & Mrs John F Freese 
57 Mr & Mrs Aaron Mendel- 
57 Mr & Mrs Warren C Hallett 

{P Boulevard Station) 

{St Mary' 8 Street) 

(Si Mary's Street) 

1011 Mr & Mrs H H Stevens 1002 Mr & Mrs Clarence W 
1013 Mr & Mrs Alexander Pope Jones 

1013 Mr Samuel Downer Pope 1004 Mr & Mrs A S Balch 

1013 Miss Charlotte DeW Pope 1006 Dr F A Woods 

1015 Mrs Robert T Swan 1006 Miss Woods 

1017 Mr & Mrs Edwin Wilcock 1008 Mrs W F Carleton 

1019 Mrs F B Jones 1008 Mr Fred G Carleton 

1021 Mr & Mrs Francis Leeds 1010 Mr & Mrs Nathan Eise- 
1023 Mrs Charles Darrow mann 

1025 Mr & Mrs Thos Strahan 1010 Miss L C Eisemann 

1027 Mr & Mrs Thomas S Dee 1012 Mr & Mrs J N North 

1029 Mr George A Bruce 1012 Mr Norman H North 

1029 Miss Clara A Bruce 1014 Mr & Mrs S H Skilton 

1043 Mrs Gertrude B Newell 1014 Mr Henry Skilton 

1043 Mrs Mark Hollingsworth 1018 Mr & Mrs W N Janvier 

1043 Mrs George H Richards Jr 1018 Mr & Mrs G P Porter 

1045 Mr & Mrs W H A Clark 1020 Mr Henry D Eustis 

1045 Mr & Mrs Geo M Young 1020 The Misses Eustis 

1047 Mr & Mrs H M Howard 1020 Mrs F H Pattee 

1049 Mr & Mrs C E Lauriat 
1049 Mr C E Lauriat Jr 
1051 Mr Hartley F Atwood 
1051 Miss Ella C Atwood 
1051 Mr David E Atwood 
1051 Mr Rufus H Atwood 

(Carlton Street) 

1032 Mr & Mrs M M Cxmniff 

1048 Mrs S Wadsworth 

1048 Mr & Mrs Wm H Andrews 

(Carlton Street) 

1056 Mrs William F Almy 

Mr & Mrs Lucius W Or- 




Beacon St — Continued 

1053 Mr & Mrs Frank Moseley 

1053 Mr C A Hawes 

1055 Mr & Mrs E K Thayer 

1055 Miss Ethel Robinson 

1055 Mr Harold A Robinson 

1057 Mr George A Kettell 

1059 Mr William T Ulman 

1059 Mr Harry A Ulman 

1059 The Misses Ulman 

1061 Mr & Mrs George R Alley 

1063 Mr & Mrs Wm G Preston 

1063 Mrs Evans Preston 

1065 Mr & Mrs Walter L Frost 

1065 Miss Katharine S Frost 

1065 Mrs David Kimball 

1069 Kappa Fraternity 

1071 Mrs Louis I Levy 

1073 Mrs H M LaughUn 

1073 Miss Dupee 

1075 Mr Isaac Gross 

1079 Mr & Mrs Rob't Richey 

1081 Mrs J D Scudder 

1081 Mr & Mrs Geo B Glidden 

1085 Dr & Mrs J H Anderson 

1085 Miss Anderson 

1087 Mr & Mrs Alfred J Knight 

1087 The Misses Knight 

1089 Miss Angela Cobum 

1089 Mr & Mrs Carl E Steere 

{Hawea Street) 

(^Borland Street) 

(Kent Street) 

1203 The Wessex 

Dr & Mrs W P Sugatt 

Mrs James L Nichols 
1213 Richmond Court 

Grafton Hall 

Mr & Mrs McAllaster 

Mr & Mrs Philip E Coyle 

Mr & Mrs I Rowland 

Mr & Mrs J C Bolan 

1056 Mr & Mrs Albert T 
Mr & Mrs WilHam H Cook 
Mr & Mrs George A Cronin 
Mr & Mrs G F Steele 
Mrs Edward H Hawes 
Mr & Mrs Frank B Thayer 
1060 Mr & Mrs Charles H Bum- 
Mrs WilHam H Swift 
Mr & Mrs B Howard 

Mr & Mrs H S Maffitt 
Mr J H Taylor 
Mr & Mrs F A C Hill 
Miss Bowker 
Mr Arthur T Reed 
1064 Mr & Mrs Jos F Conant 
Mr & Mrs John Sullivan 
Mr & Mrs Rowland B 

Dr & Mrs J R Waggener 
Mr & Mrs Otis W Rich- 
Mr & Mrs Eben B Stan- 
Mr & Mrs Richard P 

Mr & Mrs George C Wales 
1070 The Wollaton 

Maj & Mrs Thomas Cruse 

Mrs L J Page 

Miss Mary Curtis 

Dr 4c Mrs Winfield S 

Mr & Mrs G W Foster 
Mr & Mrs Jos H Bridge 
Mr & Mrs W Ashley Priest 
Mr & Mrs Wm Dwelley 
Mrs Osborne Howes 
Miss Edith Howes 
Mrs Samuel McDonald 
Mr & Mrs Greenleaf K 

Adm & Mrs C I Bar- 



Beacon St — Continued 

Grafton Hall — Con 

Dr Harry Bolan 

Mr & Mrs Thos Galvin Jr 

Mr & Mrs F N Williams 

Mr & Mrs Wm Bottger 

Mrs O T Knight 

The Misses Knight 

Gobdan Hall 

Mr &, Mrs Jas Harrison 

Mr & Mrs R D Hall Jr 

Mr Edward C Hovey Jr 

Mrs L A Hovey 

Mr <fe Mrs Geo R Winsor 

Mrs Mark C Clark 

Mr & Mrs W W Roney 

Mr & Mrs H P Clark 

Mrs Carrie Weinberg 

Mr Alfred Weinberg 

Portsmouth Hall 

Mr & Mrs Prescott Bige- 

Mr & Mrs S S Campbell 
Mr & Mrs L F Lyon 
Mr & Mrs Elmer Leiioy 

Mr & Mrs E Russell An- 
Mrs G Procter 
Mr George Proctor 
Mr Frank Proctor 
The Misses Knight 
Mr TG Hunt 
Miss Edith Hunt 
Mr & Mrs Benjamin F 

St Albans Hall 
Mr & Mrs J L Valentine 
Mr John G Moore 
Mr Henry W Moore 
Mr & Mrs Walter B Ward 
Mr & Mrs Van H King 
Mrs Frances A Hopkins 
Mr & Mrs Wm Williams 
Miss N H Warfield 
Mrs Bailey 

1090 Mrs M R Thayer 

Mr <& Mrs James B Marsh 
Mr & Mrs Frank Hardy 
Mr & Mrs W B Hosmer 
Mrs H Hosmer 
Mr & Mrs Dexter A Hall 
Mrs L J Snow 
1100 Mr James Doherty 
Miss Julia Doherty 
Mrs Louise McGrath 
Mrs Charles Nichols 
The Misses Nichols 
Mr & Mrs Henry Burbeck 
Mr J H Sawyer 
Mrs Mary A Cross 
Mr & Mrs Frank W Wy- 

Mr William Bassett 
1110 Mr & Mrs C A Hyde 
Mrs J A Habirshaw 
Miss Habirshaw 
Mr & Mrs Frank T Part- 
Mr & Mrs John W Belches 
Mr & Mrs Theodore L 

Mr & Mrs Walter D Mid- 

Mr & Mrs Edw S Booth 
Mrs Edwin L Sanborn 
1120 Mr & Mrs John R Poor 
Mr & Mrs Charles Lincoln 

Mr & Mrs Lucius Tuttle 
Mr & Mrs Stephen Ricker 

Mrs Bannen Coleman 
Mrs Sarah Deupont 
Mr & Mrs Chas F Simes 

(^Powell Street) 

(St Paul Street) 

{Pleasant Street) 

{Harvard Street) 

1330 Whitney Hall 



Beacon St — Continued 

St Albans Hall — Con 
Mr & Mrs G E Hendee 

Lennox Hall 
Mr David FuUam 
Miss Emma Fullam 
Mr & Mrs James Monks 
Mrs S C Barr 
Miss E Ethel Powers 
Mrs Longfellow O'Dono- 

Miss Longfellow 
Mr Franklin Rolf e 
The Misses Rolfe 
Mrs A S Sheafe 
Mr J C L Sheafe 
1221 Mrs C A Kebler 
1221 Mrs J A Kebler 
1221 Mrs E S Abbott 
1223 Hampton Court 

Mr & Mrs H F Amsden 

Mr E C Baugher 

Mr <Sr Mrs E S Beck 

Mrs Charlotte T Bradford 

Mr & Mrs Anthony Blum 

Mr H V Bisbee 

Capt & Mrs C J Boush U 

S A 
Mr & Mrs Geo H Bond 
Mr & Mrs C C Case 
Major W M Clarke 
Mrs D H Crosby 
Mr & Mrs F M Crosby 
Mr & Mrs Wilkinson Cross- 
Mr & Mrs Ernest W Diehl 
Mr & Mrs Benj F Elson 
Maj & Mrs Eugene 

Fech6t USA 
Mr & Mrs J D Gill 
Mr R G Hunter 
Mr & Mrs I Lloyd Greene 
Mrs Ida J Isburgh 
Mr & Mrs Freeland Jewett 
Mrs William Parker Jones 

1334 Boulevard Station Post 

1362 Mrs Jesse H Freeman 
1362 Mr Charles W Swett 

{Centre Street) 

1372 Dr & Mrs Frank P Hud- 
1378 The Windsor 

Dr Arthur B Emmons 

Mr H N Emmons 

Dr Cleaveland Floyd 

Mr & Mrs Emmet 

Mr & Mrs B Robert Scan- 

The Misses Scannell 
Mr & Mrs J Alexander 

Mr & Mrs Bernard H 

Mr & Mrs A Konrad John- 
1382 The Wrexham 

Dr & Mrs N K Tracy- 
Mr & Mrs S A Dicker- 
Dr & Mrs Richard Wynne 
Mr Henry S Cushing 
Mr & Mrs J P C Batch- 

Mr & Mrs J P Hawes 
Mr & Mrs C A Gladwin 
1386 The Tamworth 

Mr & Mrs G D Morse 
Mrs Ellen M Cutter 
Mr & Mrs Jesse B Hub- 
Mrs Louisa Woolrich j 
Mr J H Woolrich 
Dr & Mrs Almon Coop 
Mr & Mrs J J Weber 
Mr & Mrs Clarence R 

Mr & Mrs Geo H Moseman: 



Beacon St — Continued 

1223 Hampton Court — Con 
Mr & Mrs Jasper N Keller 
Mr & Mrs J Q Lowell 
Mr & Mrs George W May- 
Mr & Mrs Wm N Mears 
Mrs J C Moorhead 
Mr Harry Peterson 
Mr & Mrs B D Peterson Jr 
Mr C A Philbrick 
Mrs F T Pope 
Mr & Mrs A K Pope 
Mrs Ignatius Sargent 
Mr & Mrs E E Stone 
Mr G Frederick Schwarz 
Mr L M Tuttle 
Mrs F W Stokes 
Mr & Mrs Alfred S Wil- 
Mr & Mrs S B Willett 
Mr & Mrs C E Wheeler 
Mrs W H Wadleigh 
Mrs J D Young 

{St Paul Street) 

1243 Mrs J A Sawtell 

1253 The Littlefield 

Mrs Frances A Thompson 
Mr & Mrs C E Else 
Mrs Sarah C Libbey 
Mr & Mrs Wm A Bedford 
Mr W C OTonnor 
Mrs Frank P Moss 
Mr & Mrs W T Clark 
Mr & Mrs John A Stetson 
Mrs W C Ulman 
Mr & Mrs Franklin H Jef- 
Mr & Mrs W O Cutter 
Mr William E Atwood 
Mr & Mrs W B Jackson 
Miss E A Eliot 
Miss Florence Kiff 
Miss Hastings 
Mr & Mrs C W Parker 
Miss Dorothy Parker 

1390 The Wedgemoir 

Mr & Mrs Henry Little- 

Dr & Mrs William H 

Mr & Mrs Geo W Russell 

Mr & Mrs Walter C Martin 

Mr & Mrs Ernest R Gay- 

Mrs Ella Young 

Mr& Mrs Fred'k R Comee 

{Winchester Street) 

1396 Mr & Mrs A W Pollard 

1400 Mr & Mrs William Owen 

1402 Mrs Selden Gilbert 

1402 Dr L W Gilbert 

1404 Mr Arthur O Pierce 

1406 Mrs B A Pierson 

1412 Mr & Mrs Wirt X Fuller 

{Summit Avenue) 

1440 Mr & Mrs E J Mitton 
1464 Miss M G Schwarz 
1464 Miss A G Schwarz 
1470 The Colchester 

Mr & Mrs C H Converse 

Mrs George Cutler 

Col W S Stanton 

Mr & Mrs J H Prince 

Mrs W H Cowing 

Rev & Mrs Henry G 

Mr & Mrs F E Huntress 

Mrs J G Stetson 

Miss Stetson 

Mr & Mrs J C Blagdon 

Miss Victoria Sanderson 
1478 Mrs James Stevenson 
1478 Mr Eben J Stevenson 
1478 The Misses Stevenson 
1514 The Stoneholm 
1530 Mr & Mrs J P Webber 
1532 Mr & Mrs John A Curtin 

{Lancaster Terrace) 



Bbacon St — Continued 

1253 The Littlefibld — Con 
Mr & Mrs Dorothy Parker 
Mr & Mrs A R Gray 
Mr A R Mayer 
Mrs Eva F Loukes 
Mr & Mrs C W Wilkins 
Mrs M E Miller 

1265 Mr & Mrs G E Carter 

{Charles Street) 
{Harvard Street) 

1339 Mr & Mrs Herbert Lum- 

1343aMr Joseph C O'Brien 
Mr James J O'Brien 
Mrs James J Costello 
Mr & Mrs A E Morrison 

1345aMr & Mrs Geo B Young 
Mr & Mrs W P Montgom- 
Mr & Mrs Owen Connolly 

1347 Miss L R Mooney 
Mrs E G Wright 
Mrs Catharine McCuUy 

1363 Mr & Mrs R W Emerson 
Mr Fred'k M Emerson 
Mr & Mrs Arthur N Bru- 

Mr & Mrs H E Gleason 
Mr & Mrs W P Wilder 
Mr & Mrs Samuel N Neat 
Mr & Mrs Fred E A 

Mr John H Weeks 
Mr J H Weeks Jr 
Mr Warren C Weeks 

1359 Hotel Willard 

Mr & Mrs J D Ronimus 
Mrs Francis Ware 
Miss Caroline Jones 
Mrs S Denison Hurlbut 
Miss Grace M Gay 
Mrs Marshall Evans 
Miss Evans 
Mr Harry Swett 

1546 Mr & Mrs Caleb Chase 
1560 Mr & Mrs Fred McQuesten 
1566 Mr & Mrs King C Gillette 
1572 Mr ife Mrs Frank H Apple- 
1574 Maj & Mrs John W Heard 

1600 Mr & Mrs P B Wadsworth 
Mr & Mrs F R Gammon 
Mr & Mrs John C Meyer 
Mr & Mrs Frederick 

Mr & Mrs Percy V Bald- 

{Westhourne Terrace) 

1614 Mr & Mrs Fred Brown 
1616 Mr & Mrs Wm L Miller 
1618 Mrs L M E Blackbome 
16^0 Mr & Mrs Richard H Ed- 
1622 Mr & Mrs Alfred DiPesa 

{Washington Street) 

1658 Dr Everett Jones 
1668 Mr & Mrs J W Dutton 
1668 Mr E W Dutton 
1674 Mr & Mrs Edw L Fuller 
1676 Mr & Mrs A M Clement 
1678 Mr & Mrs David B Seara 
1678 Miss Sears 
1678 Mr & Mrs C D Barton 
1680 Mr & Mrs Geo Marshall Lee 
1682 Mr & Mrs J R Pearl 
1682 Mrs Blanche Pearl JeSery 
1684 Dr & Mrs Edward Allen 

1702 Mr & Mrs E D Hautha- 


{Williston Road) 

1710 Mr & Mrs C Herbert Wat- 

1712 Mr & Mrs Henry W 

1714 Mr & Mrs H C Nickersoa 



BsACON St — Continued 

( Webster Street) 

First Baptist Church 
j Rev O P Gifford | 
I 44 Marion St f 

(Park Street) 

1381 Mrs Samuel Hutchinson 
1381 Miss Hutchinson 
1406 Mrs G W Armstrong 
1426 Mr & Mrs Jos T Leonard 
1425 Miss Mildred Leonard 
1437 Mrs Arthur O Pierce 

(Marion Street) 

1443 Mr & Mrs Ward B Hollo- 

1453 Mr & Mrs J B Schoeffel 

1455 The METROPOiiE 

Mr & Mrs H J Potter 
Mr & Mrs T Brigham 
Dr & Mrs Chas B Purvis 
Mr & Mrs G S Downs 
Mr & Mrs M A Freeman 
Mr & Mrs C F Conner 
Mr & Mrs J E McShane 
Mr & Mrs Charles Holt 
Miss Ida C Allen 
Miss M S Anthony 

1459 The Imperial 

Mr & Mrs Jas Macmahon 
Mr & Mrs Philip S Abbott 
Dr & Mrs O S Juda 
Dr & Mrs Frank C Rich- 
Mr & Mrs Wm W Power 
Mrs M H Mitchell 
Mr Byron R Mitchell 
Mr & Mrs G A Dodge 
Mrs H A Braime 
Mr & Mrs Harry Godden 

1463 The Pembroke 

Mrs Henry F Moore 

Mr & Mrs John B Bugbee 

Mrs C A Littlefield 


716 Mr & Mrs C F Cross 

718 Mr & Mrs C F Smith 

720 Mr & Mrs J P Squire 

722 Mrs A G Wyman 

724 Mr & Mrs Geo A Clough 

724 Mr & Mrs Wm P Clough 

724 Miss Clough 

726 Mr & Mrs D L Prender- 

728 Mr & Mrs J Warren Bailey 
730 Mr & Mrs H F livermore 
732 Mr & Mrs Geo G Qapp 
732 Mrs John M Ford 
732 Miss Annie E Moses 
732 Miss Mary G Moses 
734 Mr & Mrs T H Sherman 
734 Mr & Mrs John C Sherman 
736 Mr & Mrs B B Story 
738 Mr & Mrs H E Smith 
740 Dr & Mrs L E Morgan 
742 Mr & Mrs Israel Nesson 
748 Miss Margaret Miller 
748 Mr & Mrs Henry F Miller 
750 Mr & Mrs Chas P Gaither 
750 Miss Frances W Gaither 
752 Mrs William T Shapleigh 
756 Mr & Mrs F M Hautha- 

758 Mr & Mrs E L Barker 
760 Mr & Mrs George S Mann 
762 Mr & Mrs Louis Hyneman 

{Corey Road) ,^ 

776 Mrs S E Rogers ' 

778 Mr & Mrs Leonard A Day 

{Warvnck Road) 

796 Mr & Mrs C F Lancaster 
798 Mr & Mrs Boardman J 

800 Mr & Mrs Leland T 

802 Mrs K M Gillett 
804 Mr & Mrs Harold W 

1806 Mr & Mrs Lewis I Prouty 



Beacon St — Continued 

1463 The Pembroke — Con 
Mr & Mrs F G Farquhar 
Mrs Charles S Richardson 
Mr & Mrs Robert Lee 

Mrs George W Starr 
Mr & Mrs Alexander T 

1469 The Royal 

Mrs S M Spaulding 
Mr & Mrs G W Sanford 
Mr & Mrs Simon Goldberg 
Mrs Theodore Spitz 
Mr & Mrs Isaac Dreyfus 
Mr & Mrs Wm F Howe 
Mrs Henry Turner 
Mr & Mrs Edw K Munch 

1471 The Empire 

Mr & Mrs G W Bowman 
Dr Ehzabeth E Shaw 
Mrs N B Comstock 
Dr Marion R Horton 
Mr & Mrs C B Smith 
Rev & Mrs A A Berle D D 
Mr Jeremiah J McCarthy 
Mrs Jesse L Nason 
Mr Daniel F Comstock 
Miss Emilie E Burkhardt 
Mr Alexander B Comstock 

1477 The Bonair 
Mrs J G Curtis 
Mr & Mrs Arthur P Chish- 

Mr & Mrs Mark A An- 
Mrs Lois A Dane 
Mr John M Dane 
Mr & Mrs John L Har- 

Mr & Mrs John Cronan 
Mr & Mrs Abraham Ab- 

Miss Abranis 
Mr & Mrs (' E McFidd 
Mr & Mrs J A Darling 

1808 Mr & Mrs Wallace D Wil- 
1808 Mr & Mrs Albert E Hentz 

1808 Mr A Gordon Hentz 
1808 Mrs Laura B Piatt 
1810 Mr & Mrs F A Gunnasdon 
1812 Mr & Mrs Geo E Rogers 
1812 Mr Harlow H Rogers 
1812 Mr Bradlee Rogers 
1812 Mr Foster Rogers 

(Kilsyth Road) 

1834 The Tudor 

Mr & Mrs John Wylde 
Mr & Mrs Bunkio Matsuki 
Mr & Mrs Theo Clark 

Mr & Mrs W J Fitzpatrick 
Mr John C Fl3mn 
Mr James K Flynn 
Mr & Mrs Robert Em- 
mons Lee 
The Raleigh 
Mrs K V Kent 
Mr & Mrs Bushrod Morse 
Mr & Mrs H E Bums 
Mr John F Burt 
Mrs F P Burt 
Miss Emma C Burt 
Miss Agnes L Bobbins 
Mr & Mrs Carl B Marshall 
Mr S St John Morgan 
Miss ElizaU th Morgan 
Miss Hale 

(Englewood Avenue) 

1842 Mrs Ehzabeth StJohn 
1850 Mr & Mrs Thomas B Fer- 
1856 Mr & Mrs John T Connor 

(Reservoir Court) 

1876 Dr & Mrs Jos Slattcry 
1876 Dr Mary Slattery 
1878 Mrs A K Hervcy 



Bbacon St — Continued 

1477 The Bonair — Con 
The Misses Killilea 
Mr Charles M Dane 
Mr & Mrs J Callaghan 
Mr & Mrs I M Strauss 
Mr & Mrs M H Meyer 
1481 The Kenmoir 

Mr & Mrs H W Tilton 
Mr & Mrs Abram Hof- 

Mr & Mrs Abraham Asher 
Mrs Elizabeth O'Brien 
Mr Harry O'Brien 
Mr & Mrs Webster Dorr 
Mr & Mrs J W Adams 
Miss Eliza MacQuarrie 
Mrs M Rosenf eld 
Mrs Charlotte Jacobs 
Brig Gen & Mrs J McE 

Mrs Krogman 
Mr & Mrs C A Alexander 
Mr G D Braman 
1485 Mr & Mrs A J Walker 
1487 Miss Mary E A McAleer 
1489 Mrs Henry W Jackson 
1489 Mr Malcolm N Jackson 
1493 Dr N J Hall 
1493 Mrs H R Robinson 
1501 Brandon Hall 

Mrs Lucy B Adams 
Miss Blanche G Allen 
Mrs E J Allen 
Mr Benjamin C Andrew 
Mr & Mrs Geo T Andrew 
Mr & Mrs Frank C Ayres 
Mr B L Brown 
Mrs Mary Coe 
Mrs B E Crosby 
Mr & Mrs Henry M Dim- 
Mr & Mrs L L Embree 
Mrs Charles O Gage 
Mr & Mrs W Gocfdenough 
Mr & Mrs Ellsworth Hicks 

1501 Brandon Hall — Con 
Mr & Mrs Elisha James 
Mr & Mrs T V L Johnson 
Mr & Mrs Fred'k E Jones 
Mr & Mrs C H Martin 
Mr Sidney B Mead 
Miss Mary Mead 
Miss Henrietta Mead 
Rev J A Mc El wain 
Miss Helen McElwain 
Miss Ida McElwain 
Mr & Mrs A L Race 
Miss Ada Rankin 
Mr & Mrs O Gordon Ran- 
Mr Frederick E Rice 
Mr & Mrs L F Rice 
Mr & Mrs W H Rideing 
Prof J B Sewali 
Miss Caroline Sias 
Miss Martha Sias 
Mrs Samuel S Sias 
Mr & Mrs Frank D Somers 
Miss Sarah M Stetson 
Mr & Mrs Robert Sweet Jr 
Mr & Mrs James Tent 
Mrs J Pickering Thomas 
Mr John P Thomas 
Miss A M Ware 

1533 Mr & Mrs Willard N 

{Fairbanks Street) 

1547 Mr & Mrs Edw R Smith 
1553 Mr & Mrs S Hirshberg 

Mrs Charles J Southwick 

Mrs R L Marston 

Mr & Mrs George L For- 
1569 The Majestic 

Mr & Mrs M H Gold- 

Rev J L Withrow 

Mr & Mrs J D Dwyer 

Mr W A Sargent 



Beacon St — Continued 

1569 The MAjESTic-^Con 
Mrs M A Sargent 
Mr & Mrs A O Chartier 
Mr & Mrs Levi F Edwards 
Mr & Mrs W C Bucklin 
Mrs J A Rudolph 
Mr & Mrs Frank A Mars< 

Mr & Mrs R H Soule 
Mr Augustus W Soule 
Mr & Mrs Charles Bishop 
The Misses Bishop 
1575 Mr & Mrs J S Murphy 
1577 Mrs Joseph W Cushing 
1577 Mr & Mrs Wm L Snow 
1581 Mrs John W Shapleigh 
1581 Mr & Mrs B E Carlson 
1589 The Algoma 

Mr & Mrs A R Kerr 
Mr & Mrs Lawrence Neebe 
Mrs Emma S Lovejoy 
Mr & Mrs Thomas Priest 
Mr & Mrs M C Hayes 
Mrs A M Perdriaux 
Mr Charles B Slater 
Mrs Lucy A Smith 
Miss Martha Neebe 
1595 The Wenaumet 

Mr & Mrs Edw H Wiggin 
Dr & Mrs Benj E Sibley 
Mrs Charles Field Jr 
Mr & Mrs H L Hurlbut 
Mr Edward L Bedell 
Mrs Florence E Lothrop 
Mr & Mrs Oran McCor- 

Mrs Augustus W Blazo 

(Washington Street) 
( University Road) 

1647 The Verona 

Mrs John A Nowell 
Mr & Mrs I B Spofford 
Mrs E J Ed^^ards 
Mrs Charles H Webster 

1647 The Verona — Con 

Mr Hanson H Webster 
Miss Ann A Bradford 
Miss ^ary G Bradford 
Mr & Mrs Frank W Wil- 

Mr & Mrs L Waldo Smith 
Mr & Mrs C F Bearse 
Mr & Mrs Walter Hart- 
Miss Nelson 
Mr & Mrs A L Bearse 
1651 The Wickfield 

General Samuel Breck 
Mr & Mrs G I Gilcreas 
Mrs C A E Ewing 
Mr & Mrs Ralph N C 

Mr & Mrs Frank S Corlew 
Mrs Edward W Dale 
Miss N S Gregerson 
Mr & Mrs Winsor Soule 
Miss Feltbn 
Mrs A Fields Vila 
Mrs Edward C Nash 
Mr & Mrs George Howard 
1657 Mr & Mrs J L Murray 

(Winthrop Road) 

1683 Dr M E Rencurrel 
1685 Mr & Mrs R A Jordan 
1689 Miss Helen Turner 
1689 Miss Martha E Searle 
1691 Mr & Mrs Geo W Johnston 
1693 Mr & Mrs H W Tenney 

( Tappan Street) 

1727 The Beaconsfield 

(Regent Circle) 

1751 to 1763 Richter Terrace 
1751 Mr & Mrs H W Cumner 
1753 Mr & Mrs O J Piehler 
1755 Mr & Mrs W P wShreve 



Beacon St — Continued 

1757 Mr & Mrs Jas F Jackson 
1759 Mr & Mrs Joseph B Ames 
1761 Mr & Mrs Henry G Pown- 

1763 Mr & Mrs Arthur W Pope 

(Dean Road) 

All Saints Church 
( Rev Daniel D Addison I 
I 47 Garrison Road J 
1791 Mr & Mrs Walter A Put- 
Mr & Mrs Frank J Coakley 
Mr & Mrs Charles N Wood 
1793 Mr & Mrs Chas I Lindsey 
Mrs John B Stowell 
Mr & Mrs Oscar Hoppe 
1795 Mr & Mrs Felix J AVood- 
Mr & Mrs Geo A Butman 
Mr & Mrs Waldron H 
1797 Mr & Mrs Cyrus Brewer 
Mr & Mrs Geo W States 
Dr & Mrs Joseph W Post- 

1799 Mr & Mrs Charles Morton 

Mr Arthur H Smitli 

The Misses Smith 

Mrs J F Dibble 
1801 Dr & Mrs Owen Copp 

Mr & Mrs Melvin A Cush- 

Mr & Mrs Clarence B 

1803 Mr & Mrs Jas D Carhart 
Mr & Mrs Russell S Fenn 
Mr & Mrs John S C Dovey 

1805 Mr & Mrs H D Gibson 
Mr & Mrs Ryerson Ritchie 
Mr & Mrs John F Davis 

1807 Mr & Mrs Joseph M Cox 
Mr & Mrs Edw Skid more 
Dr & Mra Freeman W 

1809 Mr & Mrs J C Jenkins 
Mr & Mrs L H A Schwartz 
Mr & Mrs Charles Piers 
1811 Mrs Mary C Eaton 

Mr Thomas W Eaton 
1815 Mr & Mrs Alanson C Ed- 
Mr & Mrs Edwin P Weber 
Mr & Mrs James V Dig- 
nowity Jr 
1817 Mrs E C Kimball 

Mr & Mrs Sidney N Moon 
Mr & Mrs Wm P Harris 
1819 Mr & Mrs John T Boyd 
Mr & Mrs Charles H Carter 
Dr & Mrs John W Achom 
Mrs Melville Sawyer 
1821 Mrs Edwin Morey 

Mr & Mrs Wm Munroe 
Mr & Mrs Jas T O'Brien 
Leyden Cong Church 
Rev Harris G Hale 
95 Kilsyth Road 

(Clinton Path) 

1853 Mr & Mrs William F 
Dearborn Jr 
Mr & Mrs Alfred J Paul 
Mr & Mrs Franklin V 
1855 Mr & Mrs Rob't C Fenner 
Mr & Mrs. Albert P Simp- 

Mr & Mrs Clarence B 
1857 Mr & Mrs Louis W Britt 

Mr & Mrs H G Stephenson 

Mrs M A Leckie 
1 859 Mrs John S O'Shea 

Miss M Seaver 
18G1 Mr & Mrs Walter R Crip- 

Mr & Mrs C A Laubham 

Mrs C F Somorville 



Bbacon St — Continued 

1863 Mr & Mrs Alonzo Coy 

Mr & Mrs Chas H Wilson 
1865 Mr & Mrs Geo W Gilbert 
1867 Mr & Mrs Geo E Parker 
1871 Mr Levi Diamond 
Mrs McDonald 
Mrs Elizabeth Blackie 

{Strathmore Road) 

{Chestnut Hill Avenue) 

1892 Mr & Mrs Arthur H Doble 
Dr & Mrs H C LuU 
Mr & Mrs Arthur C Morey 

1894 Mr & Mrs John S Farlow 
Mr & Mrs Robert G Jones 
Mr & Mrs Jas D Hutchins 
Mr& Mrs Clarence L Clark 

1896 Mr & Mrs Wm E Howe 
Mr & Mrs A B Bradstreet 
Miss Johnston 

{Chestnut Hill Avenue) 

{P Chestnut Hill) 

377 Mrs Lorenzo Sitgreaves 
377 Miss Mary J Sitgreaves 

1878 Mrs L F Hervey 

1880 Mr & Mrs E J Hammond 

1880 Mr Harold W Hammond 

{Strathmore Road) 

1888 Mr & Mrs Arthur R An- 
Dr & Mrs Warren W C 

Mr& MrsWm H Wightman 

1890 Mr Edson C Bapon 

Mr & Mrs H R Thompson 
Rev J C F Grumbine 
Miss Beatrice Grumbine 
Miss EUzabeth Grumbine 

( P Chestnut HtU) 

34 Miss R C Whitman 
40 Mr & Mrs R H Jones 
214 Mr & Mrs Henry S Bush 
214 Mr Henry K Bush 
262 Mrs Elizabeth S Bangs 
262 Mr Clarence Bangs 
262 Mr Harold S Bangs 
262 Mrs Ella D Crocker 
384 Mrs Mary Baker G Eddy 
384 Mr Calvin A Frye 
384 Mrs Laura E Sargent 

{P Boulevard Station) 

6 Mrs M K Pushee 

Mr & Mrs Clarence M Ry- 
Mr & Mrs W C Pessels 

7 Mr & Mrs Frederick W 

Mr & Mrs Edgar H Whit- 

Mr & Mrs Edwin J Skill- 
15 Mrs O D Abbott 
15 Miss Ann Abbott 
19 Mr & Mrs J F Williamson 
25 Mr & Mrs I Warshauer 

6 Mr & Mrs Theo D Lord 
Miss Mabel Kemp 
Miss C W Annable 
Mrs C W Osbom 
10 Mr & Mrs H F Hurlburt 
Mr & Mrs S N Hopkins 
Mrs Lillian Doyle 
Mr & Mrs Geo N Proctor 
Mr & Mrs William Reed 
Ward well 
Mr & Mrs Wm Edmunds 
16 Mrs Emma E Swain 
22 Mr & Mrs Meyer Reinhart 



Beals St — Continued 

29 Mr & Mrs Mark Abrahams 
35 Mr & Mrs H L Hildreth 
35 Mr & Mrs H A Hildreth 
39 Mrs J W Chamberlin 
39 Mr John B Chamberlin 
39 Mrs Linda C Rogers 
43 Mr & Mrs George H Cava- 

nagh Jr 
43 Mr John E FitzGerald 
43 Miss FitzGerald 
49 Mr & Mrs F H Whitney 
51 Mr & Mrs Rob't S Whalen 
51 Mrs Helen A Knight 
55 Mr & Mrs Heniy Joski 
57 Mr & Mrs Mark Reinhart 
67 Mr & Mrs H N Haven 
73 Mr & Mrs Geo O Willey 
73 Mr & Mrs C J Fleckenstein 

26 Mrs Charles F Barton 

26 Miss Clara Barton 

26 Mr H S Hazen Jr 

30 Mr & Mrs H N Lathrop 

34 Mr & Mrs M W Feldman 

36 Mr & Mrs Henry H Landes- 

38 Mr & Mrs Charles Morey 
40 Mr & Mrs C C Payne 
44 Mr & Mrs David P Ehrlich 
54 Mr & Mrs R J Beckhard 
56 Mr & Mrs M N Myers 
58 Mr & Mrs Louis Rosenberg 
60 Dr & Mrs Alvah M Dam 
66 Mrs P W Conroy 
70 Mr & Mrs E D Whitford 

77 Mr & Mrs Charles A Blan- 

48 Mr & Mrs S C Payson 

60 Mr & Mrs William Henry 

60 Mr Alex Lincoln 


10 Mr & Mrs Walter Kimball 
16 Mrs A A Burrage 
26 Mr <& Mrs Joseph A Gahm 
34 Mr & Mrs E J Dreyfus 
42 Mr & Mrs Adolph Ehrlich 


32 Mr & Mrs Edwin G Mclnnes 


363 The Gerard 

391 Mr & Mrs Wm E Cotton 

391 Miss Lovis 

531 Mr & Mrs George J Putnam 

535 Mr & Mrs Joseph H White 

617 Mr & Mrs George Lee 

(P Chestnut Hill) 

1051 Mr & Mrs Arthur B 

1083 Mr & Mrs William R 


404 Mr & Mrs A L Brown 
440 Mr Frederick H Hedge 
440 Miss C A Hedge 

(P O Chestnut Hill) 

Mr & Mrs J R Coolidge 
1 106 Mr & Mrs J H Reed 
1 140 Mr & Mrs A W Sparrow 


Mr & Mrs E N Vallandig- 

1117 Mr & Mrs G A Page 
1121 Mr & Mrs E M Dodd 




(Aberdeen, P O Boulevard Station) 

15 Mr & Mrs H S Crowell 12 Mr & Mrs Gardner E Mur- 
19 Dr & Mrs Wm H Potter phy 

16 Mrs Gardner Murphy 

26 Mr & Mrs Wm L GiflFord 16 Miss Grace E Murphy 


41 Mr & Mrs T H EUiott 
41 Mme Felicia 
53 Mr & Mrs Herbert Baker 
77 Mr & Mrs J L McCormick 

78 Mr W W HunneweU 

26 Mr & Mrs W Ross Bum- 

42 Lieut & Mrs Ulysses S 
Grant 3d 

64 Mr & Mrs Geo P Hitchcock 

58 Mr & Mrs C A Bowditch 


19 Mr & Mrs Ralph L Flan- 
25 Mr & Mrs R H Kelly 
27 Rev & Mrs F A Wiggin 
31 Mr & Mrs Fred'k Barton 
31 Mr Newell A Thompson Jr 
33 Mrs J C DalzeU 
33 Mr & Mrs Andrew Creel- 

37 Mr & Mrs 
37 Mr & Mrs 
41 Mr & Mrs 
41 Mr & Mrs 
47 Mr & Mrs 
53 Mr & Mrs 
53 Mr Lester 
53 Mr & Mrs 
55 Mr & Mrs 
59 Mr & Mrs 
65 Mr & Mrs 
77 Mr & Mrs 
77 Mr & Mrs 


Chas E Watson 
John S Bonner 
H A Peters 
Z R Forbes 
John Donovan 
A P Carver 
W Carver 
Albert M Carver 
Thos W Preston 
Stephen E Drew 
H W Askenasy 
Henry A Carroll 
Arthur A Small- 

24 Mr & Mrs A O Lemeris 

26 Mr & Mrs Walter A De- 

28 Mr & Mrs W W Swoms- 

30 Capt & Mrs A W Seaholm 
32 Mrs E H Potter 
34 Mr & Mrs Samuel R Nason 
34 Miss Euby Belle Nason 
40 Mr & Mrs E H Thielscher 
42 Mr & Mrs Charles A Evans 
44 Mr & Mrs Robert W Farren 
46 Mr & Mrs Sam'l R Phillips 
48 Mr & Mrs Edward H Simp- 
48 Miss Carrie M Simpson 
48 Mr & Mrs Michael Kerrigan 
50 Mr & Mrs J G McDonald 
52 Mr & Mrs J F Hutchins 
52 Mr Frank R Hutchins 
54 Mr FeHx R King 
58 Mr & Mrs John J Nyhan 
64 Mr & Mrs W D Peebles 
76 Mr & Mrs Ira F PhilUps 


17 Mr & Mrs Ernest G Howes 36 Mr & Mrs Richards M 

23 Mr & Mrs Jeffrey Richard- Bradley 

son 52 Mr & Mrs Charles L James 




25 Mr & Mrs Nath'I U Walker 
33 Mr & Mrs Frank E James 
43 Dr & Mrs Otto Folin 
59 Mr & Mrs Galen L Stone 
71 Mr & Mrs Henry B Dillen- 

71 Mrs David R Gifford 
71 Miss Phebe P Wheeler 
79 Mr & Mrs Edwin B Cox 
95 Mrs George L Andrews 
159 Mr & Mrs H T Mann 
201 Mrs S Parkman Oliver 
201 Mr & Mrs James R Poor 

40 Mr & Mrs Edward H Clem- 
82 Mr & Mrs Anson M Lyman 
92 Mrs William S Whiting 
104 Mr & Mrs William Bacon 
124 Mr & Mrs Burdett L Arms 
158 Mr & Mrs E S Townsend 
180 Mr & Mrs Charles R Talbot 
204 Mr & Mrs Arthur K Hunt 

219 Mr & Mrs Henry Rich 
223 Mr & Mrs George L Rob- 



11 Mr & Mrs P M Hubbard 

15 LoNGWooD Club 

21 Mrs Augustus Whittemore 

21 Miss Whittemore 

21 Mrs Charles F Went worth 

37 Mrs T D Blake 

39 Mr & Mrs Hammond M 

39 Miss Margaret Whitney 
39 Mr William H Reed 
39 Mr John Reed 
41 Mr & Mrs C L Gagnebin 

22 Mr & Mrs Royal Robbin 
22 Mr Royal E Robbins 
22 Miss Theresa R Rabbins 
122 Mr & Mrs Clarence A 

71 Mr & Mrs Walter A Under- 
79 Mr Marquis F Dickinson 
79 Mr Charles Dickinson 
89 Mr & Mrs A P Emmons 

121 Mr & Mrs Benj F Pitman 
43 Mr & Mrs Geo P Bingham 131 Mr & Mrs Francis B Dana j 
45 Mr & Mrs Charles P Green- 132 . Mr & Mrs Bernard Jenney 

ough Jr 

45 Miss Ruth Green ough 


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